Sample records for base analog fret-pair

  1. Nucleic Acid Base Analog FRET-Pair Facilitating Detailed Structural Measurements in Nucleic Acid Containing Systems

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Börjesson, Karl; Preus, Søren; El-Sagheer, Afaf;


    toward detailed studies of the inherent dynamics of nucleic acid structures. Moreover, the placement of FRET-pair chromophores inside the base stack will be a great advantage in studies where other (biomacro)molecules interact with the nucleic acid. Lastly, our study gives possibly the first truly solid...... distances covering up to more than one turn of the DNA duplex. Importantly, we show that the rigid stacking of the two base analogs, and consequently excellent control of their exact positions and orientations, results in a high control of the orientation factor and hence very distinct FRET changes...... as the number of bases separating tCO and tC(nitro) is varied. A set of DNA strands containing the FRET-pair at wisely chosen locations will, thus, make it possible to accurately distinguish distance- from orientation-changes using FRET. In combination with the good nucleobase analog properties, this points...

  2. Fluorescent Protein Based FRET Pairs with Improved Dynamic Range for Fluorescence Lifetime Measurements.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bobin George Abraham

    Full Text Available Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET using fluorescent protein variants is widely used to study biochemical processes in living cells. FRET detection by fluorescence lifetime measurements is the most direct and robust method to measure FRET. The traditional cyan-yellow fluorescent protein based FRET pairs are getting replaced by green-red fluorescent protein variants. The green-red pair enables excitation at a longer wavelength which reduces cellular autofluorescence and phototoxicity while monitoring FRET. Despite the advances in FRET based sensors, the low FRET efficiency and dynamic range still complicates their use in cell biology and high throughput screening. In this paper, we utilized the higher lifetime of NowGFP and screened red fluorescent protein variants to develop FRET pairs with high dynamic range and FRET efficiency. The FRET variations were analyzed by proteolytic activity and detected by steady-state and time-resolved measurements. Based on the results, NowGFP-tdTomato and NowGFP-mRuby2 have shown high potentials as FRET pairs with large fluorescence lifetime dynamic range. The in vitro measurements revealed that the NowGFP-tdTomato has the highest Förster radius for any fluorescent protein based FRET pairs yet used in biological studies. The developed FRET pairs will be useful for designing FRET based sensors and studies employing Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM.

  3. A Guide to Fluorescent Protein FRET Pairs (United States)

    Bajar, Bryce T.; Wang, Emily S.; Zhang, Shu; Lin, Michael Z.; Chu, Jun


    Förster or fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) technology and genetically encoded FRET biosensors provide a powerful tool for visualizing signaling molecules in live cells with high spatiotemporal resolution. Fluorescent proteins (FPs) are most commonly used as both donor and acceptor fluorophores in FRET biosensors, especially since FPs are genetically encodable and live-cell compatible. In this review, we will provide an overview of methods to measure FRET changes in biological contexts, discuss the palette of FP FRET pairs developed and their relative strengths and weaknesses, and note important factors to consider when using FPs for FRET studies. PMID:27649177

  4. Studying Z-DNA and B- to Z-DNA transitions using a cytosine analogue FRET-pair. (United States)

    Dumat, Blaise; Larsen, Anders Foller; Wilhelmsson, L Marcus


    Herein, we report on the use of a tricyclic cytosine FRET pair, incorporated into DNA with different base pair separations, to study Z-DNA and B-Z DNA junctions. With its position inside the DNA structure, the FRET pair responds to a B- to Z-DNA transition with a distinct change in FRET efficiency for each donor/acceptor configuration allowing reliable structural probing. Moreover, we show how fluorescence spectroscopy and our cytosine analogues can be used to determine rate constants for the B- to Z-DNA transition mechanism. The modified cytosines have little influence on the transition and the FRET pair is thus an easily implemented and virtually non-perturbing fluorescence tool to study Z-DNA. This nucleobase analogue FRET pair represents a valuable addition to the limited number of fluorescence methods available to study Z-DNA and we suggest it will facilitate, for example, deciphering the B- to Z-DNA transition mechanism and investigating the interaction of DNA with Z-DNA binding proteins.

  5. A novel FRET pair for detection of parallel DNA triplexes by the LightCycler

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Schneider, Uffe V.; Severinsen, Jette K.; Géci, Imrich;


    BACKGROUND: Melting temperature of DNA structures can be determined on the LightCycler using quenching of FAM. This method is very suitable for pH independent melting point (Tm) determination performed at basic or neutral pH, as a high throughput alternative to UV absorbance measurements. At acidic....... The variance on Tm determinations was significant lower on the LightCycler platform compared to UV absorbance measurements, which enable discrimination of DNA structures with very similar Tm. Labelling of DNA probes with ATTO fluorophore increased Tm of antiparallel duplexes significantly, but not Tm...... and are stable only at acidic pH. This led us to establish a new pH independent fluorophore based measuring system on the LightCycler for thermal stability studies of parallel triplexes. RESULTS: A novel LightCycler FRET pair labelled with ATTO495 and ATTO647N was established for parallel triplex detection...

  6. Branched DNA nanostructures efficiently stabilised and monitored by novel pyrene-perylene 2'-α-l-amino-LNA FRET pairs

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Astakhova, I Kira; Santhosh Kumar, T; Campbell, Meghan A;


    Novel pyrene-perylene α-l-LNA FRET pairs described herein effectively detect assembly of 2- and 3-way branched DNA nanostructures prepared by postsynthetic microwave-assisted CuAAC click chemistry. The fluorescent signalling of assembly by internally positioned FRET pairs is achieved with low to ...

  7. Analogies: Explanatory Tools in Web-Based Science Instruction (United States)

    Glynn, Shawn M.; Taasoobshirazi, Gita; Fowler, Shawn


    This article helps designers of Web-based science instruction construct analogies that are as effective as those used in classrooms by exemplary science teachers. First, the authors explain what analogies are, how analogies foster learning, and what form analogies should take. Second, they discuss science teachers' use of analogies. Third, they…

  8. Single cell FRET analysis for the identification of optimal FRET-pairs in Bacillus subtilis using a prototype MEM-FLIM system.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ruud G J Detert Oude Weme

    Full Text Available Protein-protein interactions can be studied in vitro, e.g. with bacterial or yeast two-hybrid systems or surface plasmon resonance. In contrast to in vitro techniques, in vivo studies of protein-protein interactions allow examination of spatial and temporal behavior of such interactions in their native environment. One approach to study protein-protein interactions in vivo is via Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET. Here, FRET efficiency of selected FRET-pairs was studied at the single cell level using sensitized emission and Frequency Domain-Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FD-FLIM. For FRET-FLIM, a prototype Modulated Electron-Multiplied FLIM system was used, which is, to the best of our knowledge, the first account of Frequency Domain FLIM to analyze FRET in single bacterial cells. To perform FRET-FLIM, we first determined and benchmarked the best fluorescent protein-pair for FRET in Bacillus subtilis using a novel BglBrick-compatible integration vector. We show that GFP-tagRFP is an excellent donor-acceptor pair for B. subtilis in vivo FRET studies. As a proof of concept, selected donor and acceptor fluorescent proteins were fused using a linker that contained a tobacco etch virus (TEV-protease recognition sequence. Induction of TEV-protease results in loss of FRET efficiency and increase in fluorescence lifetime. The loss of FRET efficiency after TEV induction can be followed in time in single cells via time-lapse microscopy. This work will facilitate future studies of in vivo dynamics of protein complexes in single B. subtilis cells.

  9. A gravito-electromagnetic analogy based on tidal tensors

    CERN Document Server

    Costa, L F; Herdeiro, Carlos A. R.


    We propose a new approach to a physical analogy between General Relativity and Electromagnetism, based on comparing tidal tensors of both theories. Using this approach we write a covariant form for the gravitational analogues of the Maxwell equations, from which the regime of validity of the analogy becomes manifest. Two explicit realisations of the analogy are given. The first one matches linearised gravitational tidal tensors to exact electromagnetic tidal tensors in Minkwoski spacetime. The second one matches exact magnetic gravitational tidal tensors for ultra-stationary metrics to exact magnetic tidal tensors of electromagnetism in curved spaces. We then establish a new proof for a class of tensor identities that define invariants of the type $\\vec{E}^2-\\vec{B}^2$ and $\\vec{E}\\cdot\\vec{B}$, and we exhibit the invariants built from tidal tensors in both gravity and electromagnetism. We contrast our approach with the two gravito-electromagnetic analogies commonly found in the literature, which are reviewed...

  10. An Optimized Analogy-Based Project Effort Estimation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohammad Azzeh


    Full Text Available despite the predictive performance of Analogy-Based Estimation (ABE in generating better effort estimates, there is no consensus on: (1 how to predetermine the appropriate number of analogies, (2 which adjustment technique produces better estimates. Yet, there is no prior works attempted to optimize both number of analogies and feature distance weights for each test project. Perhaps rather than using fixed number, it is better to optimize this value for each project individually and then adjust the retrieved analogies by optimizing and approximating complex relationships between features and reflects that approximation on the final estimate. The Artificial Bees Algorithm is utilized to find, for each test project, the appropriate number of closest projects and features distance weights that is used to adjust those analogies’ efforts. The proposed technique has been applied and validated to 8 publically datasets from PROMISE repository. Results obtained show that: (1 the predictive performance of ABE has noticeably been improved, (2 the number of analogies was remarkably variable for each test project. While there are many techniques to adjust ABE, Using optimization algorithm provides two solutions in one technique and appeared useful for datasets with complex structure.

  11. Analog Group Delay Equalizers Design Based on Evolutionary Algorithm

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. Laipert


    Full Text Available This paper deals with a design method of the analog all-pass filter designated for equalization of the group delay frequency response of the analog filter. This method is based on usage of evolutionary algorithm, the Differential Evolution algorithm in particular. We are able to design such equalizers to be obtained equal-ripple group delay frequency response in the pass-band of the low-pass filter. The procedure works automatically without an input estimation. The method is presented on solving practical examples.

  12. Analog Circuit Design Optimization Based on Evolutionary Algorithms

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mansour Barari


    Full Text Available This paper investigates an evolutionary-based designing system for automated sizing of analog integrated circuits (ICs. Two evolutionary algorithms, genetic algorithm and PSO (Parswal particle swarm optimization algorithm, are proposed to design analog ICs with practical user-defined specifications. On the basis of the combination of HSPICE and MATLAB, the system links circuit performances, evaluated through specific electrical simulation, to the optimization system in the MATLAB environment, for the selected topology. The system has been tested by typical and hard-to-design cases, such as complex analog blocks with stringent design requirements. The results show that the design specifications are closely met. Comparisons with available methods like genetic algorithms show that the proposed algorithm offers important advantages in terms of optimization quality and robustness. Moreover, the algorithm is shown to be efficient.

  13. Analogy between gambling and measurement-based work extraction (United States)

    Vinkler, Dror A.; Permuter, Haim H.; Merhav, Neri


    In information theory, one area of interest is gambling, where mutual information characterizes the maximal gain in wealth growth rate due to knowledge of side information; the betting strategy that achieves this maximum is named the Kelly strategy. In the field of physics, it was recently shown that mutual information can characterize the maximal amount of work that can be extracted from a single heat bath using measurement-based control protocols, i.e. using ‘information engines’. However, to the best of our knowledge, no relation between gambling and information engines has been presented before. In this paper, we briefly review the two concepts and then demonstrate an analogy between gambling, where bits are converted into wealth, and information engines, where bits representing measurements are converted into energy. From this analogy follows an extension of gambling to the continuous-valued case, which is shown to be useful for investments in currency exchange rates or in the stock market using options. Moreover, the analogy enables us to use well-known methods and results from one field to solve problems in the other. We present three such cases: maximum work extraction when the probability distributions governing the system and measurements are unknown, work extraction when some energy is lost in each cycle, e.g. due to friction, and an analysis of systems with memory. In all three cases, the analogy enables us to use known results in order to obtain new ones.

  14. Improvements of Analog Neural Networks Based on Kalman Filter

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Z. Raida


    Full Text Available In the paper, original improvements of recurrent analog neuralnetworks, which are based on Kalman filter, are presented. Theseimprovements eliminate some disadvantages of the classical Kalmanneural network and enable a real time processing of quickly changingsignals, which appear in adaptive antennas and similar applications.This goal is reached using such circuit elements, which increase theconvergence rate of the network and decrease the dependence ofconvergence rate on the ratio of eigenvalues of the correlation matrixof input signals.

  15. Wavelet neural network based fault diagnosis in nonlinear analog circuits

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Yin Shirong; Chen Guangju; Xie Yongle


    The theories of diagnosing nonlinear analog circuits by means of the transient response testing are studied. Wavelet analysis is made to extract the transient response signature of nonlinear circuits and compress the signature dada. The best wavelet function is selected based on the between-category total scatter of signature. The fault dictionary of nonlinear circuits is constructed based on improved back-propagation(BP) neural network. Experimental results demonstrate that the method proposed has high diagnostic sensitivity and fast fault identification and deducibility.

  16. Hamiltonian system for orthotropic plate bending based on analogy theory

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Based on analogy between plane elasticity and plate bending as well as variational principles of mixed energy, Hamiltonian system is further led to orthotropic plate bending problems in this paper. Thus many effective methods of mathematical physics such as separation of variables and eigenfunction expansion can be employed in orthotropic plate bending problems as they are used in plane elasticity. Analytical solutions of rectangular plate are presented directly, which expands the range of analytical solutions. There is an essential distinction between this method and traditional semi-inverse method. Numerical results of orthotropic plate with two lateral sides fixed are included to demonstrate the effectiveness and accuracy of this method.

  17. Lunar Analog (United States)

    Cromwell, Ronita L.


    In this viewgraph presentation, a ground-based lunar analog is developed for the return of manned space flight to the Moon. The contents include: 1) Digital Astronaut; 2) Bed Design; 3) Lunar Analog Feasibility Study; 4) Preliminary Data; 5) Pre-pilot Study; 6) Selection of Stockings; 7) Lunar Analog Pilot Study; 8) Bed Design for Lunar Analog Pilot.

  18. Analog Optical Computing Based on Dielectric Meta-reflect-array

    CERN Document Server

    Chizari, Ata; Jamali, Mohammad Vahid; Salehi, Jawad A


    In this paper, we realize the concept of analog computing using an array of engineered gradient dielectric meta-reflect-array. The proposed configuration consists of individual subwavelength silicon nanobricks in combination with fused silica spacer and silver ground plane realizing a reflection beam with full phase coverage $2\\pi$ degrees as well as amplitude range $0$ to $1$. Spectrally overlapping electric and magnetic dipole resonances, such high-index dielectric metasurfaces can locally and independently manipulate the amplitude and phase of the incident electromagnetic wave. This practically feasible structure overcomes substantial limitations imposed by plasmonic metasurfaces such as absorption losses and low polarization conversion efficiency in the visible range. Using such CMOS-compatible and easily integrable platforms promises highly efficient ultrathin planar wave-based computing systems which circumvent the drawbacks of conventional bulky lens-based signal processors. Based on these key properti...

  19. Visualizing Uncertainty for Probabilistic Weather Forecasting based on Reforecast Analogs (United States)

    Pelorosso, Leandro; Diehl, Alexandra; Matković, Krešimir; Delrieux, Claudio; Ruiz, Juan; Gröeller, M. Eduard; Bruckner, Stefan


    Numerical weather forecasts are prone to uncertainty coming from inaccuracies in the initial and boundary conditions and lack of precision in numerical models. Ensemble of forecasts partially addresses these problems by considering several runs of the numerical model. Each forecast is generated with different initial and boundary conditions and different model configurations [GR05]. The ensembles can be expressed as probabilistic forecasts, which have proven to be very effective in the decision-making processes [DE06]. The ensemble of forecasts represents only some of the possible future atmospheric states, usually underestimating the degree of uncertainty in the predictions [KAL03, PH06]. Hamill and Whitaker [HW06] introduced the "Reforecast Analog Regression" (RAR) technique to overcome the limitations of ensemble forecasting. This technique produces probabilistic predictions based on the analysis of historical forecasts and observations. Visual analytics provides tools for processing, visualizing, and exploring data to get new insights and discover hidden information patterns in an interactive exchange between the user and the application [KMS08]. In this work, we introduce Albero, a visual analytics solution for probabilistic weather forecasting based on the RAR technique. Albero targets at least two different type of users: "forecasters", who are meteorologists working in operational weather forecasting and "researchers", who work in the construction of numerical prediction models. Albero is an efficient tool for analyzing precipitation forecasts, allowing forecasters to make and communicate quick decisions. Our solution facilitates the analysis of a set of probabilistic forecasts, associated statistical data, observations and uncertainty. A dashboard with small-multiples of probabilistic forecasts allows the forecasters to analyze at a glance the distribution of probabilities as a function of time, space, and magnitude. It provides the user with a more

  20. Grobner Bases for Nonlinear DAE Systems of Analog Circuits

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Silke J. Spang


    Full Text Available Systems of differential equations play an important role in modelling and analysis of many complex systems e.g. in electronics and mechanics. The following article is concerned with a symbolic analysis approach for reduction of the differential index of nonlinear differential algebraic equation (DAE systems, which occur in the modelling and simulation of analog circuits.

  1. Secure Analog Data Transmission Based on Rössler Chaotic System Behavior


    Daniel CURIAC; Ioan FILIP; Florin DRĂGAN


    This paper describes a new methodology for increasing the security of analog data transmission based on a mixture of the original analog signal with one of the state variables of Rössler chaotic system. The method is described emphasizing on the practical implementation aspects.

  2. Secure Analog Data Transmission Based on Rössler Chaotic System Behavior

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniel CURIAC


    Full Text Available This paper describes a new methodology for increasing the security of analog data transmission based on a mixture of the original analog signal with one of the state variables of Rössler chaotic system. The method is described emphasizing on the practical implementation aspects.

  3. Synthesis and evaluation of indazole based analog sensitive Akt inhibitors. (United States)

    Okuzumi, Tatsuya; Ducker, Gregory S; Zhang, Chao; Aizenstein, Brian; Hoffman, Randy; Shokat, Kevan M


    The kinase Akt is a key signaling node in regulating cellular growth and survival. It is implicated in cancer by mutation and its role in the downstream transmission of aberrant PI3K signaling. For these reasons, Akt has become an increasingly important target of drug development efforts and several inhibitors are now reaching clinical trials. Paradoxically it has been observed that active site kinase inhibitors of Akt lead to hyperphosphorylation of Akt itself. To investigate this phenomenon we here describe the application of a chemical genetics strategy that replaces native Akt with a mutant version containing an active site substitution that allows for the binding of an engineered inhibitor. This analog sensitive strategy allows for the selective inhibition of a single kinase. In order to create the inhibitor selective for the analog sensitive kinase, a diversity of synthetic approaches was required, finally resulting in the compound PrINZ, a 7-substituted version of the Abbott Labs Akt inhibitor A-443654.

  4. Inviting Argument by Analogy: Analogical-Mapping-Based Comparison Activities as a Scaffold for Small-Group Argumentation (United States)

    Emig, Brandon R.; McDonald, Scott; Zembal-Saul, Carla; Strauss, Susan G.


    This study invited small groups to make several arguments by analogy about simple machines. Groups were first provided training on analogical (structure) mapping and were then invited to use analogical mapping as a scaffold to make arguments. In making these arguments, groups were asked to consider three simple machines: two machines that they had…

  5. Doubling-resolution analog-to-digital conversion based on PIC18F45K80

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yueyang Yuan


    Full Text Available Aiming at the analog signal being converted into the digital with a higher precision, a method to improve the analog-to-digital converter (ADC resolution is proposed and described. Based on the microcomputer PIC18F45K80 in which the internal ADC modules are embedded, a circuit is designed for doubling the resolution of ADC. According to the circuit diagram, the mathematical formula for calculating this resolution is derived. The corresponding software and print circuit board assembly is also prepared. With the experiment, a 13 bit ADC is achieved based on the 12 bit ADC module predesigned in the PIC18F45K80.

  6. Feature evaluation and extraction based on neural network in analog circuit fault diagnosis

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Yuan Haiying; Chen Guangju; Xie Yongle


    Choosing the right characteristic parameter is the key to fault diagnosis in analog circuit.The feature evaluation and extraction methods based on neural network are presented.Parameter evaluation of circuit features is realized by training results from neural network; the superior nonlinear mapping capability is competent for extracting fault features which are normalized and compressed subsequently.The complex classification problem on fault pattern recognition in analog circuit is transferred into feature processing stage by feature extraction based on neural network effectively, which improves the diagnosis efficiency.A fault diagnosis illustration validated this method.

  7. Larger bases and mixed analog/digital neural nets

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Beiu, V.


    The paper overviews results dealing with the approximation capabilities of neural networks, and bounds on the size of threshold gate circuits. Based on an explicit numerical algorithm for Kolmogorov`s superpositions the authors show that minimum size neural networks--for implementing any Boolean function--have the identity function as the activation function. Conclusions and several comments on the required precision are ending the paper.

  8. Model atmospheres for Mercury based on a lunar analogy (United States)

    Hodges, R. R., Jr.


    Similarities in daytime spectral reflectivities and nighttime infrared emission from Mercury and the moon are shown to imply that the atmosphere of Mercury must be tenuous, like that of the moon. The theory of formation, transport, and loss in the lunar atmosphere is applied to Mercury. Models of the Hermian atmosphere at perihelion and aphelion are presented, based on the solar wind as the dominant source of gases. Only the noncondensable species - hydrogen, helium and neon - are considered. Of these, helium is the most abundant atmospheric gas, with maximum concentration of about 40,000,000 per cu cm at the nighttime surface. The maximum concentration of H2 is 6,000,000 per cu cm, and that of neon is 700,000 per cu cm.

  9. A novel prediction method about single components of analog circuits based on complex field modeling. (United States)

    Zhou, Jingyu; Tian, Shulin; Yang, Chenglin


    Few researches pay attention to prediction about analog circuits. The few methods lack the correlation with circuit analysis during extracting and calculating features so that FI (fault indicator) calculation often lack rationality, thus affecting prognostic performance. To solve the above problem, this paper proposes a novel prediction method about single components of analog circuits based on complex field modeling. Aiming at the feature that faults of single components hold the largest number in analog circuits, the method starts with circuit structure, analyzes transfer function of circuits, and implements complex field modeling. Then, by an established parameter scanning model related to complex field, it analyzes the relationship between parameter variation and degeneration of single components in the model in order to obtain a more reasonable FI feature set via calculation. According to the obtained FI feature set, it establishes a novel model about degeneration trend of analog circuits' single components. At last, it uses particle filter (PF) to update parameters for the model and predicts remaining useful performance (RUP) of analog circuits' single components. Since calculation about the FI feature set is more reasonable, accuracy of prediction is improved to some extent. Finally, the foregoing conclusions are verified by experiments.

  10. A Novel Prediction Method about Single Components of Analog Circuits Based on Complex Field Modeling

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jingyu Zhou


    Full Text Available Few researches pay attention to prediction about analog circuits. The few methods lack the correlation with circuit analysis during extracting and calculating features so that FI (fault indicator calculation often lack rationality, thus affecting prognostic performance. To solve the above problem, this paper proposes a novel prediction method about single components of analog circuits based on complex field modeling. Aiming at the feature that faults of single components hold the largest number in analog circuits, the method starts with circuit structure, analyzes transfer function of circuits, and implements complex field modeling. Then, by an established parameter scanning model related to complex field, it analyzes the relationship between parameter variation and degeneration of single components in the model in order to obtain a more reasonable FI feature set via calculation. According to the obtained FI feature set, it establishes a novel model about degeneration trend of analog circuits’ single components. At last, it uses particle filter (PF to update parameters for the model and predicts remaining useful performance (RUP of analog circuits’ single components. Since calculation about the FI feature set is more reasonable, accuracy of prediction is improved to some extent. Finally, the foregoing conclusions are verified by experiments.

  11. Diagnosis of soft faults in analog integrated circuits based on fractional correlation

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Deng Yong; Shi Yibing; Zhang Wei


    Aiming at the problem of diagnosing soft faults in analog integrated circuits,an approach based on fractional correlation is proposed.First,the Volterra series of the circuit under test (CUT) decomposed by the fractional wavelet packet are used to calculate the fractional correlation functions.Then,the calculated fractional correlation functions are used to form the fault signatures of the CUT.By comparing the fault signatures,the different soft faulty conditions of the CUT are identified and the faults are located.Simulations of benchmark circuits illustrate the proposed method and validate its effectiveness in diagnosing soft faults in analog integrated circuits.

  12. A MEMS-Based Power-Scalable Hearing Aid Analog Front End. (United States)

    Deligoz, I; Naqvi, S R; Copani, T; Kiaei, S; Bakkaloglu, B; Sang-Soo Je; Junseok Chae


    A dual-channel directional digital hearing aid front end using microelectromechanical-systems microphones, and an adaptive-power analog processing signal chain are presented. The analog front end consists of a double differential amplifier-based capacitance-to-voltage conversion circuit, 40-dB variable gain amplifier (VGA) and a power-scalable continuous time sigma delta analog-to-digital converter (ADC), with 68-dB signal-to-noise ratio dissipating 67 μ W from a 1.2-V supply. The MEMS microphones are fabricated using a standard surface micromachining technology. The VGA and power-scalable ADC are fabricated on a 0.25-μ m complementary metal-oxide semciconductor TSMC process.

  13. Analogical and Category-Based Inference: A Theoretical Integration with Bayesian Causal Models (United States)

    Holyoak, Keith J.; Lee, Hee Seung; Lu, Hongjing


    A fundamental issue for theories of human induction is to specify constraints on potential inferences. For inferences based on shared category membership, an analogy, and/or a relational schema, it appears that the basic goal of induction is to make accurate and goal-relevant inferences that are sensitive to uncertainty. People can use source…

  14. Property-Based Monitoring of Analog and Mixed-Signal Systems (United States)

    Havlicek, John; Little, Scott; Maler, Oded; Nickovic, Dejan

    In the recent past, there has been a steady growth of the market for consumer embedded devices such as cell phones, GPS and portable multimedia systems. In embedded systems, digital, analog and software components are combined on a single chip, resulting in increasingly complex designs that introduce richer functionality on smaller devices. As a consequence, the potential insertion of errors into a design becomes higher, yielding an increasing need for automated analog and mixed-signal validation tools. In the purely digital setting, formal verification based on properties expressed in industrial specification languages such as PSL and SVA is nowadays successfully integrated in the design flow. On the other hand, the validation of analog and mixed-signal systems still largely depends on simulation-based, ad-hoc methods. In this tutorial, we consider some ingredients of the standard verification methodology that can be successfully exported from digital to analog and mixed-signal setting, in particular property-based monitoring techniques. Property-based monitoring is a lighter approach to the formal verification, where the system is seen as a "black-box" that generates sets of traces, whose correctness is checked against a property, that is its high-level specification. Although incomplete, monitoring is effectively used to catch faults in systems, without guaranteeing their full correctness.

  15. Mixing Problem Based Learning And Conventional Teaching Methods In An Analog Electronics Course

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Podges, J.M.; Kommers, P.A.M.; Winnips, K.; Joolingen, van W.R.


    This study, undertaken at the Walter Sisulu University of Technology (WSU) in South Africa, describes how problem-based learning (PBL) affects the first year ‘analog electronics course’, when PBL and the lecturing mode is compared. Problems were designed to match real-life situations. Data betwee

  16. Communication disruption of guava moth (Coscinoptycha improbana) using a pheromone analog based on chain length. (United States)

    Suckling, D M; Dymock, J J; Park, K C; Wakelin, R H; Jamieson, L E


    The guava moth, Coscinoptycha improbana, an Australian species that infests fruit crops in commercial and home orchards, was first detected in New Zealand in 1997. A four-component pheromone blend was identified but is not yet commercially available. Using single sensillum recordings from male antennae, we established that the same olfactory receptor neurons responded to two guava moth sex pheromone components, (Z)-11-octadecen-8-one and (Z)-12-nonadecen-9-one, and to a chain length analog, (Z)-13-eicosen-10-one, the sex pheromone of the related peach fruit moth, Carposina sasakii. We then field tested whether this non-specificity of the olfactory neurons might enable disruption of sexual communication by the commercially available analog, using male catch to synthetic lures in traps in single-tree, nine-tree and 2-ha plots. A disruptive pheromone analog, based on chain length, is reported for the first time. Trap catches for guava moth were disrupted by three polyethylene tubing dispensers releasing the analog in single-tree plots (86% disruption of control catches) and in a plots of nine trees (99% disruption). Where peach fruit moth pheromone dispensers were deployed at a density of 1000/ha in two 2-ha areas, pheromone traps for guava moth were completely disrupted for an extended period (up to 470 days in peri-urban gardens in Mangonui and 422 days in macadamia nut orchards in Kerikeri). In contrast, traps in untreated areas over 100 m away caught 302.8 ± 128.1 moths/trap in Mangonui and 327.5 ± 78.5 moths/ trap in Kerikeri. The longer chain length in the pheromone analog has greater longevity than the natural pheromone due to its lower volatility. Chain length analogs may warrant further investigation for mating disruption in Lepidoptera, and screening using single-sensillum recording is recommended.

  17. A Case Study Analysing the Process of Analogy-Based Learning in a Teaching Unit about Simple Electric Circuits (United States)

    Paatz, Roland; Ryder, James; Schwedes, Hannelore; Scott, Philip


    The purpose of this case study is to analyse the learning processes of a 16-year-old student as she learns about simple electric circuits in response to an analogy-based teaching sequence. Analogical thinking processes are modelled by a sequence of four steps according to Gentner's structure mapping theory (activate base domain, postulate local…


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Analog input (ADC) and output (DAC) modules play a substantial role in device level control of accelerator and large experiment physics control system. In order to get the best performance some features of analog modules including linearity, accuracy, crosstalk, thermal drift and so on have to be evaluated during the preliminary design phase. Gain and offset error calibration and thermal drift compensation (if needed) may have to be done in the implementation phase as well. A natural technique for performing these tasks is to interface the analog VO modules and GPIB interface programmable test instruments with a computer, which can complete measurements or calibration automatically. A difficulty is that drivers of analog modules and test instruments usually work on totally different platforms (vxworks VS Windows). Developing new test routines and drivers for testing instruments under VxWorks (or any other RTOS) platform is not a good solution because such systems have relatively poor user interface and developing such software requires substantial effort. EPICS CA protocol and ActiveX CA interface provide another choice, a PC and LabVIEW based test system. Analog 110 module can be interfaced from LabVIEW test routines via ActiveX CA interface. Test instruments can be controlled via LabVIEW drivers, most of which are provided by instrument vendors or by National Instruments. Labview also provides extensive data analysis and process functions. Using these functions, users can generate powerful test routines very easily. Several applications built for Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) Beam Loss Monitor (BLM) system are described in this paper.

  19. Wideband Analog Transmission System Based on the External Intensity Electro-Optic Modulator

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jiri Svarny


    Full Text Available The work deals with design and integration of an analog electro-optic transmission system suitable for some specialized tasks of diagnostics and measurements. The system is based on principle of external intensity modulation of fiber guided laser radiation. Besides wideband and almost lossless transmission the system tolerates extreme length of the transmitting medium and ensures ultimate galvanic barrier between the input and output.

  20. Low Voltage Analog Circuit Design Based on the Flipped Voltage Follower

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Neeraj Yadav


    Full Text Available The desire for portability of electronics equipment generated a need for low power system in battery products like hearing aids, implantable cardiac pacemakers, cell phones and hand held multimedia terminals. Low voltage analog circuit design differs considerably from those of high voltage analog circuit design. This paper present the basic cell knows as “flipped voltage follower” for low voltage/ low power operation. The detailed classification of basic topologies derived from the FVF cell is presented and there is a low voltage current mirror based on FVF cell has been presented. All the Circuit has been simulated using Hspice tool 0.18µm CMOS Technology. Different quality factors such as frequency response, power consumption are considered. A compression also made between previous current mirror and new designed current mirror. The layout of the current mirror has been also designed using Cadence tool.

  1. A language based on analogy to communicate cultural concepts in SETI (United States)

    Musso, Paolo


    The present paper is a synthesis of three presentation given by myself at the Toulouse IAC 2001 ( Analogy as a tool to communicate abstract concepts in SETI), the Bremen IAC 2003 ( From maths to culture: towards an effective message), and the Vancouver IAC 2004 ( Philosophical and religious implications of extraterrestrial intelligent life). Its aim is to find a way to make our cultural concepts understandable to hypothetical extraterrestrials (ETs) in a SETI communication. First of all, I expose the reasons why I think that analogy could be a good tool for this purpose. Then, I try to show that this is possible only in the context of an integrated language, using both abstract symbols and pictures, also sketching two practical examples about some basic concepts of our moral and religious tradition. Further studies are required to determine whether this method could be extended to the higher-level abstract concepts in the other fields of our culture. Finally, I discuss the possible role of mathematics, logic and natural science in the construction of an analogy-based language for interstellar messages with a cultural content and a possible way of managing this matter from a social point of view.

  2. Analog series-based scaffolds: computational design and exploration of a new type of molecular scaffolds for medicinal chemistry (United States)

    Dimova, Dilyana; Stumpfe, Dagmar; Hu, Ye; Bajorath, Jürgen


    Aim: Computational design of and systematic search for a new type of molecular scaffolds termed analog series-based scaffolds. Materials & methods: From currently available bioactive compounds, analog series were systematically extracted, key compounds identified and new scaffolds isolated from them. Results: Using our computational approach, more than 12,000 scaffolds were extracted from bioactive compounds. Conclusion: A new scaffold definition is introduced and a computational methodology developed to systematically identify such scaffolds, yielding a large freely available scaffold knowledge base.

  3. An analog integrated signal processing circuit for on-chip diffusion-based gas analysis (United States)

    Sadeghi, Hesam; Ghafarinia, Vahid


    In diffusion-based gas analysis, the transient of gas diffusion process is recorded by a generic gas sensor to serve as a fingerprint for qualitative and quantitative analysis of gaseous samples. Following the acquisition of these specific signals, any standalone gas analyzer requires a pattern recognition system for pattern classification. The classic digital pattern recognition methods require computing hardware of adequate computational throughput. In this paper, we have followed a straightforward mathematical procedure to relate the signals to their associated target gases. We have shown that the procedure can be implemented by a set of analog functions. Based on the results, we have designed an analog integrated circuit, in 0.18 µm standard CMOS process, for processing the diffusion-based transient signals. The main circuit components are a low-pass filter, the differentiator, the feature extractor and an artificial neural network. The output of the circuit is a 2-bit binary code that specifies the target gas. The circuit successfully classified four alcoholic vapors by processing the experimentally obtained response patterns. The proposed signal processing circuit, the semiconductor gas sensor and the diffusion channel can all be implemented on a single substrate to fabricate an integrated micro gas analyzer.

  4. Effective Low-Power Wearable Wireless Surface EMG Sensor Design Based on Analog-Compressed Sensing

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohammadreza Balouchestani


    Full Text Available Surface Electromyography (sEMG is a non-invasive measurement process that does not involve tools and instruments to break the skin or physically enter the body to investigate and evaluate the muscular activities produced by skeletal muscles. The main drawbacks of existing sEMG systems are: (1 they are not able to provide real-time monitoring; (2 they suffer from long processing time and low speed; (3 they are not effective for wireless healthcare systems because they consume huge power. In this work, we present an analog-based Compressed Sensing (CS architecture, which consists of three novel algorithms for design and implementation of wearable wireless sEMG bio-sensor. At the transmitter side, two new algorithms are presented in order to apply the analog-CS theory before Analog to Digital Converter (ADC. At the receiver side, a robust reconstruction algorithm based on a combination of ℓ1-ℓ1-optimization and Block Sparse Bayesian Learning (BSBL framework is presented to reconstruct the original bio-signals from the compressed bio-signals. The proposed architecture allows reducing the sampling rate to 25% of Nyquist Rate (NR. In addition, the proposed architecture reduces the power consumption to 40%, Percentage Residual Difference (PRD to 24%, Root Mean Squared Error (RMSE to 2%, and the computation time from 22 s to 9.01 s, which provide good background for establishing wearable wireless healthcare systems. The proposed architecture achieves robust performance in low Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR for the reconstruction process.

  5. Effective low-power wearable wireless surface EMG sensor design based on analog-compressed sensing. (United States)

    Balouchestani, Mohammadreza; Krishnan, Sridhar


    Surface Electromyography (sEMG) is a non-invasive measurement process that does not involve tools and instruments to break the skin or physically enter the body to investigate and evaluate the muscular activities produced by skeletal muscles. The main drawbacks of existing sEMG systems are: (1) they are not able to provide real-time monitoring; (2) they suffer from long processing time and low speed; (3) they are not effective for wireless healthcare systems because they consume huge power. In this work, we present an analog-based Compressed Sensing (CS) architecture, which consists of three novel algorithms for design and implementation of wearable wireless sEMG bio-sensor. At the transmitter side, two new algorithms are presented in order to apply the analog-CS theory before Analog to Digital Converter (ADC). At the receiver side, a robust reconstruction algorithm based on a combination of ℓ1-ℓ1-optimization and Block Sparse Bayesian Learning (BSBL) framework is presented to reconstruct the original bio-signals from the compressed bio-signals. The proposed architecture allows reducing the sampling rate to 25% of Nyquist Rate (NR). In addition, the proposed architecture reduces the power consumption to 40%, Percentage Residual Difference (PRD) to 24%, Root Mean Squared Error (RMSE) to 2%, and the computation time from 22 s to 9.01 s, which provide good background for establishing wearable wireless healthcare systems. The proposed architecture achieves robust performance in low Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) for the reconstruction process.

  6. Effective Low-Power Wearable Wireless Surface EMG Sensor Design Based on Analog-Compressed Sensing (United States)

    Balouchestani, Mohammadreza; Krishnan, Sridhar


    Surface Electromyography (sEMG) is a non-invasive measurement process that does not involve tools and instruments to break the skin or physically enter the body to investigate and evaluate the muscular activities produced by skeletal muscles. The main drawbacks of existing sEMG systems are: (1) they are not able to provide real-time monitoring; (2) they suffer from long processing time and low speed; (3) they are not effective for wireless healthcare systems because they consume huge power. In this work, we present an analog-based Compressed Sensing (CS) architecture, which consists of three novel algorithms for design and implementation of wearable wireless sEMG bio-sensor. At the transmitter side, two new algorithms are presented in order to apply the analog-CS theory before Analog to Digital Converter (ADC). At the receiver side, a robust reconstruction algorithm based on a combination of ℓ1-ℓ1-optimization and Block Sparse Bayesian Learning (BSBL) framework is presented to reconstruct the original bio-signals from the compressed bio-signals. The proposed architecture allows reducing the sampling rate to 25% of Nyquist Rate (NR). In addition, the proposed architecture reduces the power consumption to 40%, Percentage Residual Difference (PRD) to 24%, Root Mean Squared Error (RMSE) to 2%, and the computation time from 22 s to 9.01 s, which provide good background for establishing wearable wireless healthcare systems. The proposed architecture achieves robust performance in low Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) for the reconstruction process. PMID:25526357

  7. The Effects of Analogies and Mathematics Ability on Students' Programming Learning Using Computer-Based Learning. (United States)

    Lai, Shu-Ling; Repman, Judith L.


    Purposes of this study were to determine: (1) if analogies and elaboration and placement of the analogies help novices learning a computer-programming language; (2) if students' mathematics ability influences programming learning; and (3) the interaction effects between analogy and mathematics ability. Subjects were 156 college students. Results…

  8. A New Automated Design Method Based on Machine Learning for CMOS Analog Circuits (United States)

    Moradi, Behzad; Mirzaei, Abdolreza


    A new simulation based automated CMOS analog circuit design method which applies a multi-objective non-Darwinian-type evolutionary algorithm based on Learnable Evolution Model (LEM) is proposed in this article. The multi-objective property of this automated design of CMOS analog circuits is governed by a modified Strength Pareto Evolutionary Algorithm (SPEA) incorporated in the LEM algorithm presented here. LEM includes a machine learning method such as the decision trees that makes a distinction between high- and low-fitness areas in the design space. The learning process can detect the right directions of the evolution and lead to high steps in the evolution of the individuals. The learning phase shortens the evolution process and makes remarkable reduction in the number of individual evaluations. The expert designer's knowledge on circuit is applied in the design process in order to reduce the design space as well as the design time. The circuit evaluation is made by HSPICE simulator. In order to improve the design accuracy, bsim3v3 CMOS transistor model is adopted in this proposed design method. This proposed design method is tested on three different operational amplifier circuits. The performance of this proposed design method is verified by comparing it with the evolutionary strategy algorithm and other similar methods.

  9. Structured Analog CMOS Design

    CERN Document Server

    Stefanovic, Danica


    Structured Analog CMOS Design describes a structured analog design approach that makes it possible to simplify complex analog design problems and develop a design strategy that can be used for the design of large number of analog cells. It intentionally avoids treating the analog design as a mathematical problem, developing a design procedure based on the understanding of device physics and approximations that give insight into parameter interdependences. The proposed transistor-level design procedure is based on the EKV modeling approach and relies on the device inversion level as a fundament

  10. Design of Multi-Valued Quaternary Based Analog-to-Digital Converter

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. H.M.Z. Alam


    Full Text Available Problem statement: The design of multi-valued quaternary based Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC circuit was presented. The ADC generates multi-valued logic outputs rather than the conventional binary output system to overall reduction in circuit complexity and size. Approach: Design was implemented using pipeline ADC architecture and was simulated using model parameters based on standard 0.13 µm CMOS process. Results: Performance analysis of the design showed desirable performance parameters in terms of response, low power consumption, and a sampling rate of 10 MHz at a supply voltage of 1.3V was achieved. Conclusion/Recommendations: The ADC design was suitable for the needs of mixed-signal integrated circuit design and can be implemented as a conversion circuit for systems based on multiple-valued logic design.

  11. Novel CCII-based Field Programmable Analog Array and its Application to a Sixth-Order Butterworth LPF


    S. A. Mahmoud; Soliman, E. A.


    In this paper, a field programmable analog array (FPAA) is proposed. The proposed FPAA consists of seven configurable analog blocks (CABs) arranged in a hexagonal lattice such that the CABs are directly connected to each other. This structure improves the overall frequency response of the chip by decreasing the parasitic capacitances in the signal path. The CABS of the FPAA is based on a novel fully differential digitally programmable current conveyor (DPCCII). The programmability of the DPCC...

  12. Multisensor transducer based on a parallel fiber optic digital-to-analog converter

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Grechishnikov Vladimir


    Full Text Available Considered possibility of creating a multisensory information converter (MSPI based on new fiber-optic functional element-digital-to-analog (DAC fiber optic converter. The use of DAC fiber-optic provides jamming immunity combined with low weight and cost of indicators .Because of that MSPI scheme was developed based on parallel DAC fiber-optic (Russian Federation Patent 157416. We came up with an equation for parallel DAC fiber-optic. An eleborate general mathematical model of the proposed converter. Developed a method for reducing conversion errors by placing the DAC transfer function between i and i + 1 ADC quantization levels. By using this model it allows you to obtain reliable information about the technical capabilities of a converter without the need for costly experiments.

  13. Modulation of DNA methylation and gene expression in cultured sycamore cells treated by hypomethylating base analog. (United States)

    Ngernprasirtsiri, J; Akazawa, T


    The selective suppression of photosynthetic genes in both the nuclear and plastid genomes of the nonphotosynthetic white wild-type cell line of sycamore (Acer pseudoplatanus) has been found to be inversely related to the presence of a variety of methylated bases, especially 5-methylcytosine (5-MeCyt) and N6-methyladenine (N6-MeAde), localized in regions of the plastid genome containing silent genes. We used hypomethylating base analogs to manipulate the level of cytosine and adenine methylation in the white cells of sycamore, and examined the effects of changes in methylation on gene expression. Treatment with 5-azacytidine (5-AzaCyd) and N6-benzyladenine (N6-BzlAde) decreased cytosine and adenine methylation. This was accompanied by restoration of transcriptional activity in photosynthetic genes which are usually suppressed. Both 5-MeCyt and N6-MeAde suppressed nuclear gene expression, but only 5-MeCyt suppressed plastid gene expression.

  14. Small Molecule AngIV-based Analogs to Treat Alzheimers Disease

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    John W Wright


    Full Text Available Alzheimer’s disease (AD patients are presently without adequate treatment thus new therapeutic approaches are needed to slow and hopefully reverse disease progression. Neurotrophic agents such as nerve growth factor and brain-derived neurotrophic factor have received research attention concerning their potential to treat AD but have not progressed to clinical trials due to their large size, inability to penetrate the blood-brain barrier (BBB, and the high cost of synthesis. This review focuses on one over looked neurotrophin, hepatocyte growth factor (HGF that acts via the Type 1 tyrosine kinase receptor Met to mediate stem cell differentiation, synaptogenesis, neurogenesis, and protect against tissue insults in a wide range of cell types including neurons. We have determined that the brain angiotensin and HGF/c-Met systems interact in such a way that angiotensin IV (AngIV-based analogs including Nle1-AngIV, Norleual-AngIV, Dihexa, and others influence HGF dimerization which is a prerequisite to binding at the Met receptor. Several of these analogs have shown the ability to facilitate the formation of new functional synaptic connections in hippocampal slices, promote neurogenesis, and augment memory consolidation and retrieval in animal models of AD. This family of compounds represents a new class of drugs with lead candidates that are orally active, penetrate the BBB sufficiently to reach therapeutic concentrations, and reverse memory deficits seen in animal models of dementia.

  15. Is neoclassical microeconomics formally valid? An approach based on an analogy with equilibrium thermodynamics

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sousa, Tania; Domingos, Tiago [Environment and Energy Section, DEM, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Avenida Rovisco Pais, 1, 1049-001 Lisboa (Portugal)


    The relation between Thermodynamics and Economics is a paramount issue in Ecological Economics. Two different levels can be distinguished when discussing it: formal and substantive. At the formal level, a mathematical framework is used to describe both thermodynamic and economic systems. At the substantive level, thermodynamic laws are applied to economic processes. In Ecological Economics, there is a widespread claim that neoclassical economics has the same mathematical formulation as classical mechanics and is therefore fundamentally flawed because: (1) utility does not obey a conservation law as energy does; (2) an equilibrium theory cannot be used to study irreversible processes. Here, we show that neoclassical economics is based on a wrong formulation of classical mechanics, being in fact formally analogous to equilibrium thermodynamics. The similarity between both formalisms, namely that they are both cases of constrained optimisation, is easily perceived when thermodynamics is looked upon using the Tisza-Callen axiomatisation. In this paper, we take the formal analogy between equilibrium thermodynamics and economic systems far enough to answer the formal criticisms, proving that the formalism of neoclassical economics has irreversibility embedded in it. However, the formal similarity between equilibrium thermodynamics and neoclassical microeconomics does not mean that economic models are in accordance with mass, energy and entropy balance equations. In fact, neoclassical theory suffers from flaws in the substantive integration with thermodynamic laws as has already been fully demonstrated by valuable work done by ecological economists in this field. (author)

  16. Noise-shaping gradient descent-based online adaptation algorithms for digital calibration of analog circuits. (United States)

    Chakrabartty, Shantanu; Shaga, Ravi K; Aono, Kenji


    Analog circuits that are calibrated using digital-to-analog converters (DACs) use a digital signal processor-based algorithm for real-time adaptation and programming of system parameters. In this paper, we first show that this conventional framework for adaptation yields suboptimal calibration properties because of artifacts introduced by quantization noise. We then propose a novel online stochastic optimization algorithm called noise-shaping or ΣΔ gradient descent, which can shape the quantization noise out of the frequency regions spanning the parameter adaptation trajectories. As a result, the proposed algorithms demonstrate superior parameter search properties compared to floating-point gradient methods and better convergence properties than conventional quantized gradient-methods. In the second part of this paper, we apply the ΣΔ gradient descent algorithm to two examples of real-time digital calibration: 1) balancing and tracking of bias currents, and 2) frequency calibration of a band-pass Gm-C biquad filter biased in weak inversion. For each of these examples, the circuits have been prototyped in a 0.5-μm complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor process, and we demonstrate that the proposed algorithm is able to find the optimal solution even in the presence of spurious local minima, which are introduced by the nonlinear and non-monotonic response of calibration DACs.

  17. Synthesis and structure-activity relationship of p-carborane-based non-secosteroidal vitamin D analogs. (United States)

    Fujii, Shinya; Kano, Atsushi; Songkram, Chalermkiat; Masuno, Hiroyuki; Taoda, Yoshiyuki; Kawachi, Emiko; Hirano, Tomoya; Tanatani, Aya; Kagechika, Hiroyuki


    1α,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 [1α,25(OH)₂D₃: 1] is a specific modulator of nuclear vitamin D receptor (VDR), and novel vitamin D analogs are therapeutic candidates for multiple clinical applications. We recently developed non-secosteroidal VDR agonists bearing a p-carborane cage (a carbon-containing boron cluster) as a hydrophobic core structure. These carborane derivatives are structurally quite different from classical secosteroidal vitamin D analogs. Here, we report systematic synthesis and activity evaluation of carborane-based non-secosteroidal vitamin D analogs. The structure-activity relationships of carborane derivatives are different from those of secosteroidal vitamin D derivatives, and in particular, the length and the substituent position of the dihydroxylated side chain are rather flexible in carborane derivatives. The structure-activity relationships presented here should be helpful in development of non-secosteroidal vitamin D analogs for clinical applications.

  18. A dynamic CMOS multiplier for analog VLSI based on exponential pulse-decay modulation (United States)

    Massengill, Lloyd W.


    A clocked, charge-based, CMOS modulator circuit is presented. The circuit, which performs a semilinear multiplication function, has applications in arrayed analog VLSI architectures such as parallel filters and neural network systems. The design presented is simple in structure, uses no operational amplifiers for the actual multiplication function, and uses no power in the static mode. Two-quadrant weighting of an input signal is accomplished by control of the magnitude and decay time of an exponential current pulse, resulting in the delivery of charge packets to a shared capacitive summing bus. The cell is modular in structure and can be fabricated in a standard CMOS process. An analytical derivation of the operation of the circuit, SPICE simulations, and MOSIS fabrication results are presented. The simulation studies indicate that the circuit is inherently tolerant to temperature effects, absolute device sizing errors, and clock-feedthrough transients.

  19. Photonic Beamformer Model Based on Analog Fiber-Optic Links’ Components (United States)

    Volkov, V. A.; Gordeev, D. A.; Ivanov, S. I.; Lavrov, A. P.; Saenko, I. I.


    The model of photonic beamformer for wideband microwave phased array antenna is investigated. The main features of the photonic beamformer model based on true-time-delay technique, DWDM technology and fiber chromatic dispersion are briefly analyzed. The performance characteristics of the key components of photonic beamformer for phased array antenna in the receive mode are examined. The beamformer model composed of the components available on the market of fiber-optic analog communication links is designed and tentatively investigated. Experimental demonstration of the designed model beamforming features includes actual measurement of 5-element microwave linear array antenna far-field patterns in 6-16 GHz frequency range for antenna pattern steering up to 40°. The results of experimental testing show good accordance with the calculation estimates.

  20. Analog optical computing based on a dielectric meta-reflect array. (United States)

    Chizari, Ata; Abdollahramezani, Sajjad; Jamali, Mohammad Vahid; Salehi, Jawad A


    In this Letter, we realize the concept of analog computing using an engineered gradient dielectric meta-reflect-array. The proposed configuration consists of individual subwavelength silicon nanobricks, in combination with a fused silica spacer and silver ground plane, realizing a reflection beam with full phase coverage of 2π degrees, as well as an amplitude range of 0 to 1. Spectrally overlapping electric and magnetic dipole resonances, such high-index dielectric metasurfaces can locally and independently manipulate the amplitude and phase of the incident electromagnetic wave. This practically feasible structure overcomes substantial limitations imposed by plasmonic metasurfaces such as absorption losses and low polarization conversion efficiency in the visible range. Using such CMOS-compatible and easily integrable platforms promises highly efficient ultrathin planar wave-based computing systems that circumvent the drawbacks of conventional bulky lens-based signal processors. Based on these key properties and the general concept of spatial Fourier transformation, we design and realize broadband mathematical operators such as the differentiator and integrator in the telecommunication wavelengths.

  1. Modular Hybrid Energy Concept Employing a Novel Control Structure Based on a Simple Analog System

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available This paper proposes a novel control topology which enables the setup of a low cost analog system leading to the implementation of a modular energy conversion system. The modular concept is based on hybrid renewable energy (solar and wind and uses high voltage inverters already available on the market. An important feature of the proposed topology is a permanently active current loop, which assures short circuit protection and simplifies the control loops compensation. The innovative analogue solution of the control structure is based on a dedicated integrated circuit (IC for power factor correction (PFC circuits, used in a new configuration, to assure an efficient inverter start-up. The energy conversion system (control structure and maximum power point tracking algorithm is simulated using a new macromodel-based concept, which reduces the usual computational burden of the simulator and achieves high processing speed. The proposed novel system is presented in this article from concept, through the design and implementation stages, is verified through simulation and is validated by experimental results.

  2. Synthesis of Novel Homo-N-Nucleoside Analogs Composed of a Homo-1,4-Dioxane Sugar Analog and Substituted 1,3,5-Triazine Base Equivalents

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Qiang Yu


    Full Text Available Enantioselective syntheses from dimethyl tartrate of 1,3,5-triazine homo-N-nucleoside analogs, containing a 1,4-dioxane moiety replacing the sugar unit in natural nucleosides, were accomplished. The triazine heterocycle in the nucleoside analogs was further substituted with combinations of NH2, OH and Cl in the 2,4-triazine positions.

  3. Supporting Analogy-based Effort Estimation with the Use of Ontologies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Joanna Kowalska


    Full Text Available The paper concerns effort estimation of software development projects, in particular, at the level of product delivery stages. It proposes a new approach to model project data to support expert-supervised analogy-based effort estimation. The data is modeled using Semantic Web technologies, such as Resource Description Framework (RDF and Ontology Language for the Web (OWL. Moreover, in the paper, we define a method of supervised case-based reasoning. The method enables to search for similar projects’ tasks at different levels of abstraction. For instance, instead of searching for a task performed by a specific person, one could look for tasks performed by people with similar capabilities. The proposed method relies on ontology that defines the core concepts and relationships. However, it is possible to introduce new classes and relationships, without the need of altering the search mechanisms. Finally, we implemented a prototype tool that was used to preliminary validate the proposed approach. We observed that the proposed approach could potentially help experts in estimating non-trivial tasks that are often underestimated.

  4. A Vague Decision Method for Analog Circuit Fault Diagnosis Based on Description Sphere

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LUO Hui; WANG Youren; CUI Jiang


    This paper proposes a vague decision method for analog circuit fault diagnosis based on description sphere.Firstly,the proposed method uses the wavelet transform as the preprocessor to extract fault features from the output voltages of the circuit under test (CUT).And then,each class sample is trained to produce a minimum description sphere.Finally,the test samples are detected by a defined vague decision rule,which is based on the vague weight distance between the test data and the center of description sphere.The defined decision rule fuses the truth and false membership degrees of the test sample and the weight of the description sphere,and it can effectively deal with the uncertain information.The reliability of the defined decision rule is proved theoretically.This new diagnostic method is first applied to testing two actual circuits,and then it is compared with other two diagnostic methods.The experimental results show that the proposed technique can achieve good performance and reduce the diagnostic time.

  5. VHDL-based programming environment for Floating-Gate analog memory cell

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carlos Alberto dos Reis Filho


    Full Text Available An implementation in CMOS technology of a Floating-Gate Analog Memory Cell and Programming Environment is presented. A digital closed-loop control compares a reference value set by user and the memory output and after cycling, the memory output is updated and the new value stored. The circuit can be used as analog trimming for VLSI applications where mechanical trimming associated with postprocessing chip is prohibitive due to high costs.

  6. Analog computing

    CERN Document Server

    Ulmann, Bernd


    This book is a comprehensive introduction to analog computing. As most textbooks about this powerful computing paradigm date back to the 1960s and 1970s, it fills a void and forges a bridge from the early days of analog computing to future applications. The idea of analog computing is not new. In fact, this computing paradigm is nearly forgotten, although it offers a path to both high-speed and low-power computing, which are in even more demand now than they were back in the heyday of electronic analog computers.

  7. Empirical source strength correlations for rans-based acoustic analogy methods (United States)

    Kube-McDowell, Matthew Tyndall

    JeNo is a jet noise prediction code based on an acoustic analogy method developed by Mani, Gliebe, Balsa, and Khavaran. Using the flow predictions from a standard Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes computational fluid dynamics solver, JeNo predicts the overall sound pressure level and angular spectra for high-speed hot jets over a range of observer angles, with a processing time suitable for rapid design purposes. JeNo models the noise from hot jets as a combination of two types of noise sources; quadrupole sources dependent on velocity fluctuations, which represent the major noise of turbulent mixing, and dipole sources dependent on enthalpy fluctuations, which represent the effects of thermal variation. These two sources are modeled by JeNo as propagating independently into the far-field, with no cross-correlation at the observer location. However, high-fidelity computational fluid dynamics solutions demonstrate that this assumption is false. In this thesis, the theory, assumptions, and limitations of the JeNo code are briefly discussed, and a modification to the acoustic analogy method is proposed in which the cross-correlation of the two primary noise sources is allowed to vary with the speed of the jet and the observer location. As a proof-of-concept implementation, an empirical correlation correction function is derived from comparisons between JeNo's noise predictions and a set of experimental measurements taken for the Air Force Aero-Propulsion Laboratory. The empirical correlation correction is then applied to JeNo's predictions of a separate data set of hot jets tested at NASA's Glenn Research Center. Metrics are derived to measure the qualitative and quantitative performance of JeNo's acoustic predictions, and the empirical correction is shown to provide a quantitative improvement in the noise prediction at low observer angles with no freestream flow, and a qualitative improvement in the presence of freestream flow. However, the results also demonstrate

  8. Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of 2-Aminobenzothiazole and Benzimidazole Analogs Based on the Clathrodin Structure. (United States)

    Montalvão, Sofia; Leino, Teppo O; Kiuru, Paula S; Lillsunde, Katja-Emilia; Yli-Kauhaluoma, Jari; Tammela, Päivi


    A series of 2-aminobenzothiazole and benzimidazole analogs based on the clathrodin scaffold was synthesized and investigated for their antimicrobial and antiproliferative activities as well as for their effects in hepatitis C virus (HCV) replicon model. Compound 7, derived from 2-aminobenzothiazole, exhibited moderate antimicrobial activity only against the Gram-positive bacterium, Enterococcus faecalis. In the antiviral assay, compounds 4d and 7 were found to suppress the HCV replicon by >70%, but also to exhibit cytotoxicity against the host cells (35 and 44%, respectively). Compounds 4a and 7 demonstrated good activity in the antiproliferative assays on the human melanoma cell line A-375. To assess the selectivity of the effects between cancerous and noncancerous cells, a mouse fibroblast cell line was used. The IC50 values for compound 7 against the melanoma cell line A-375 and the fibroblast cell line BALB/c 3T3 were 16 and 71 µM, respectively, yielding fourfold selectivity toward the cancer cell line. These results suggest that compound 7 should be studied further in order to fully explore its potential for drug development.

  9. A Fault Dictionary-Based Fault Diagnosis Approach for CMOS Analog Integrated Circuits

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mouna Karmani


    Full Text Available In this paper, we propose a simulation-before-test (SBT fault diagnosis methodology based on the use of a fault dictionary approach. This technique allows the detection and localization of the most likely defects of open-circuit type occurring in Complementary Metal–Oxide–Semiconductor (CMOS analog integrated circuits (ICs interconnects. The fault dictionary is built by simulating the most likely defects causing the faults to be detected at the layout level. Then, for each injected fault, the spectre’s frequency responses and the power consumption obtained by simulation are stored in a table which constitutes the fault dictionary.In fact, each line in the fault dictionary constitutes a fault signature used to identify and locate a considered defect. When testing, the circuit under test is excited with the same stimulus, and the responses obtained are compared to the stored ones. To prove the efficiency of the proposed technique, a full custom CMOS operational amplifier is implemented in 0.25 μm technology and the most likely faults of open circuit type are deliberately injected and simulated at the layout level.

  10. Phase-unwrapping approach based on dual-frequency analog structured light (United States)

    Wang, Beiyi; Yu, Xiaoyang; Wu, Haibin; Zhang, Jixun; Meng, Xiaoliang


    Among the structured light 3-D measurement approaches, the multi-period analog encoded structured light (AESL) has advantages such as high resolution and high sampling rate owing to its point-to-point calculation method. However, phase unwrapping is always a problem when employing the multi-period AESL. Therefore, we propose a novel phase unwrapping approach based on dual-frequency AESL. We demonstrate the principle of the proposed phase unwrapping approach through theoretical analysis and the applicable condition for the proposed approach is determined through error analysis. We perform experiments using the proposed and classical heterodyne approaches and compare the results. The experimental results for the standard plane show that the average value of the root mean square error with the heterodyne approach is 1.08 mm, and that with the proposed approach is 0.62 mm, which is a reduction by 43%. Further, the experimental results for the complicated surfaces show that the reconstructed object obtained using the proposed approach is fine and smooth, and the detailed features are clearly displayed. The experiments verify both the accuracy and the suitability of the proposed approach.

  11. A New Digital to Analog Converter Based on Low-Offset Bandgap Reference

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jinpeng Qiu


    Full Text Available This paper presents a new 12-bit digital to analog converter (DAC circuit based on a low-offset bandgap reference (BGR circuit with two cascade transistor structure and two self-contained feedback low-offset operational amplifiers to reduce the effects of offset operational amplifier voltage effect on the reference voltage, PMOS current-mirror mismatch, and its channel modulation. A Start-Up circuit with self-bias current architecture and multipoint voltage monitoring is employed to keep the BGR circuit working properly. Finally, a dual-resistor ladder DAC-Core circuit is used to generate an accuracy DAC output signal to the buffer operational amplifier. The proposed circuit was fabricated in CSMC 0.5 μm 5 V 1P4M process. The measured differential nonlinearity (DNL of the output voltages is less than 0.45 LSB and integral nonlinearity (INL less than 1.5 LSB at room temperature, consuming only 3.5 mW from a 5 V supply voltage. The DNL and INL at −55°C and 125°C are presented as well together with the discussion of possibility of improving the DNL and INL accuracy in future design.

  12. A combined noise analysis and power supply current based testing of CMOS analog integrated circuits (United States)

    Srivastava, Ashok; Pulendra, Vani K.; Yellampalli, Siva


    A technique integrating the noise analysis based testing and the conventional power supply current testing of CMOS analog integrated circuits is presented for bridging type faults due to manufacturing defects. The circuit under test (CUT) is a CMOS amplifier designed for operation at +/- 2.5 V and implemented in 1.5 μm CMOS process. The faults simulating possible manufacturing defects have been introduced using the fault injection transistors. The amplifier circuit is analyzed and simulated in SPICE for its performance with and without fault injections. The faults in the CUT are identified by observing the variation in the equivalent noise voltage at the output of CUT. In power supply current testing, the current (IPS) through the power supply voltage, VDD is measured under the application of an AC input stimulus. The effect of parametric variation is taken into consideration by determining the tolerance limit using the Monte-Carlo analysis. The fault is identified if the power supply current, IPS lies outside the deviation given by Monte-Carlo analysis. Simulation results are in close agreement with the corresponding experimental values.

  13. A Fault Dictionary-Based Fault Diagnosis Approach for CMOS Analog Integrated Circuits

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mouna Karmani


    Full Text Available In this paper, we propose a simulation-before-test (SBT fault diagnosis methodology based on the use of afault dictionary approach. This technique allows the detection and localization of the most likely defects ofopen-circuit type occurring in Complementary Metal–Oxide–Semiconductor (CMOS analog integratedcircuits (ICs interconnects. The fault dictionary is built by simulating the most likely defects causing thefaults to be detected at the layout level. Then, for each injected fault, the spectre’s frequency responses andthe power consumption obtained by simulation are stored in a table which constitutes the fault dictionary.In fact, each line in the fault dictionary constitutes a fault signature used to identify and locate aconsidered defect. When testing, the circuit under test is excited with the same stimulus, and the responsesobtained are compared to the stored ones. To prove the efficiency of the proposed technique, a full customCMOS operational amplifier is implemented in 0.25 μm technology and the most likely faults of opencircuittype are deliberately injected and simulated at the layout level.

  14. Multichannel analog-to-digital converters based on current mirrors for the optical systems (United States)

    Krasilenko, Vladimir G.; Nikolskyy, A. I.; Nikolska, M. A.; Lobodzinska, R. F.


    The paper considers results of designing and modeling analogue-digital converters (ADC) based on current mirrors for the optical systems and neural networks with parallel inputs-outputs. Such ADC, named us multichannel analog-todigital converters based on current mirrors (M ADC CM). Compared with usual converters, for example, reading, a bitby- bit equilibration, and so forth, have a number of advantages: high speed and reliability, simplicity, small power consumption, the big degree of integration in linear and matrix structures. The considered aspects of designing of M_ADC CM in binary codes. Base digit cells (ABC) of such M_ADC CM, series-pipelined are connected in structures, consist from 20-30 CMOS the transistors, one photodiode, have low (1,5-3,5) supply voltage, work in current modes with the maximum values of currents (10-40)μA. Therefore such new principles of realization high-speed low-discharge M_ADC CM have allowed, as have shown modeling experiments, to reach time of transformation less than 20-30 nS at 5-6 bits of a binary code and the general power 1-5 mW. The quantity easily cascadable ABC depends on wordlength ADC, and makes n, and provides quantity of levels of quantization equal N=2n. Such simple enough on structure M ADC CM, having low power consumption CMOS-technologies has made 40 MHz, and can be increased 10 times) and accuracy (Δquantization 156,25nA for I max10μA) characteristics is show. The range can be transformed optical signals, taking into account sensitivity of modern photodetectors makes 20-200 μW in such ADC. M_ADC CM open new prospects for realization linear and matrix (with picture operands) micro photoelectronic structures which are necessary for neural networks, digital optoelectronic processors, neurofuzzy controllers, and so forth.

  15. Model, analysis, and evaluation of the effects of analog VLSI arithmetic on linear subspace-based image recognition. (United States)

    Carvajal, Gonzalo; Figueroa, Miguel


    Typical image recognition systems operate in two stages: feature extraction to reduce the dimensionality of the input space, and classification based on the extracted features. Analog Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) is an attractive technology to achieve compact and low-power implementations of these computationally intensive tasks for portable embedded devices. However, device mismatch limits the resolution of the circuits fabricated with this technology. Traditional layout techniques to reduce the mismatch aim to increase the resolution at the transistor level, without considering the intended application. Relating mismatch parameters to specific effects in the application level would allow designers to apply focalized mismatch compensation techniques according to predefined performance/cost tradeoffs. This paper models, analyzes, and evaluates the effects of mismatched analog arithmetic in both feature extraction and classification circuits. For the feature extraction, we propose analog adaptive linear combiners with on-chip learning for both Least Mean Square (LMS) and Generalized Hebbian Algorithm (GHA). Using mathematical abstractions of analog circuits, we identify mismatch parameters that are naturally compensated during the learning process, and propose cost-effective guidelines to reduce the effect of the rest. For the classification, we derive analog models for the circuits necessary to implement Nearest Neighbor (NN) approach and Radial Basis Function (RBF) networks, and use them to emulate analog classifiers with standard databases of face and hand-writing digits. Formal analysis and experiments show how we can exploit adaptive structures and properties of the input space to compensate the effects of device mismatch at the application level, thus reducing the design overhead of traditional layout techniques. Results are also directly extensible to multiple application domains using linear subspace methods.

  16. A reuse-based framework for the design of analog and mixed-signal ICs (United States)

    Castro-Lopez, Rafael; Fernandez, Francisco V.; Rodriguez Vazquez, Angel


    Despite the spectacular breakthroughs of the semiconductor industry, the ability to design integrated circuits (ICs) under stringent time-to-market (TTM) requirements is lagging behind integration capacity, so far keeping pace with still valid Moore"s Law. The resulting gap is threatening with slowing down such a phenomenal growth. The design community believes that it is only by means of powerful CAD tools and design methodologies - and, possibly, a design paradigm shift - that this design gap can be bridged. In this sense, reuse-based design is seen as a promising solution, and concepts such as IP Block, Virtual Component, and Design Reuse have become commonplace thanks to the significant advances in the digital arena. Unfortunately, the very nature of analog and mixed-signal (AMS) design has hindered a similar level of consensus and development. This paper presents a framework for the reuse-based design of AMS circuits. The framework is founded on three key elements: (1) a CAD-supported hierarchical design flow that facilitates the incorporation of AMS reusable blocks, reduces the overall design time, and expedites the management of increasing AMS design complexity; (2) a complete, clear definition of the AMS reusable block, structured into three separate facets or views: the behavioral, structural, and layout facets, the two first for top-down electrical synthesis and bottom-up verification, the latter used during bottom-up physical synthesis; (3) the design for reusability set of tools, methods, and guidelines that, relying on intensive parameterization as well as on design knowledge capture and encapsulation, allows to produce fully reusable AMS blocks. A case study and a functional silicon prototype demonstrate the validity of the paper"s proposals.

  17. Optical Flow in a Smart Sensor Based on Hybrid Analog-Digital Architecture

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pablo Guzmán


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study is to develop a motion sensor (delivering optical flow estimations using a platform that includes the sensor itself, focal plane processing resources, and co-processing resources on a general purpose embedded processor. All this is implemented on a single device as a SoC (System-on-a-Chip. Optical flow is the 2-D projection into the camera plane of the 3-D motion information presented at the world scenario. This motion representation is widespread well-known and applied in the science community to solve a wide variety of problems. Most applications based on motion estimation require work in real-time; hence, this restriction must be taken into account. In this paper, we show an efficient approach to estimate the motion velocity vectors with an architecture based on a focal plane processor combined on-chip with a 32 bits NIOS II processor. Our approach relies on the simplification of the original optical flow model and its efficient implementation in a platform that combines an analog (focal-plane and digital (NIOS II processor. The system is fully functional and is organized in different stages where the early processing (focal plane stage is mainly focus to pre-process the input image stream to reduce the computational cost in the post-processing (NIOS II stage. We present the employed co-design techniques and analyze this novel architecture. We evaluate the system’s performance and accuracy with respect to the different proposed approaches described in the literature. We also discuss the advantages of the proposed approach as well as the degree of efficiency which can be obtained from the focal plane processing capabilities of the system. The final outcome is a low cost smart sensor for optical flow computation with real-time performance and reduced power consumption that can be used for very diverse application domains.

  18. Optical flow in a smart sensor based on hybrid analog-digital architecture. (United States)

    Guzmán, Pablo; Díaz, Javier; Agís, Rodrigo; Ros, Eduardo


    The purpose of this study is to develop a motion sensor (delivering optical flow estimations) using a platform that includes the sensor itself, focal plane processing resources, and co-processing resources on a general purpose embedded processor. All this is implemented on a single device as a SoC (System-on-a-Chip). Optical flow is the 2-D projection into the camera plane of the 3-D motion information presented at the world scenario. This motion representation is widespread well-known and applied in the science community to solve a wide variety of problems. Most applications based on motion estimation require work in real-time; hence, this restriction must be taken into account. In this paper, we show an efficient approach to estimate the motion velocity vectors with an architecture based on a focal plane processor combined on-chip with a 32 bits NIOS II processor. Our approach relies on the simplification of the original optical flow model and its efficient implementation in a platform that combines an analog (focal-plane) and digital (NIOS II) processor. The system is fully functional and is organized in different stages where the early processing (focal plane) stage is mainly focus to pre-process the input image stream to reduce the computational cost in the post-processing (NIOS II) stage. We present the employed co-design techniques and analyze this novel architecture. We evaluate the system's performance and accuracy with respect to the different proposed approaches described in the literature. We also discuss the advantages of the proposed approach as well as the degree of efficiency which can be obtained from the focal plane processing capabilities of the system. The final outcome is a low cost smart sensor for optical flow computation with real-time performance and reduced power consumption that can be used for very diverse application domains.

  19. A Novel Approach To Diagnosis Of Analog Circuit Incipient Faults Based On KECA And OAO LSSVM

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zhang Chaolong


    Full Text Available Correct incipient identification of an analog circuit fault is conducive to the health of the analog circuit, yet very difficult. In this paper, a novel approach to analog circuit incipient fault identification is presented. Time responses are acquired by sampling outputs of the circuits under test, and then the responses are decomposed by the wavelet transform in order to generate energy features. Afterwards, lower-dimensional features are produced through the kernel entropy component analysis as samples for training and testing a one-against-one least squares support vector machine. Simulations of the incipient fault diagnosis for a Sallen-Key band-pass filter and a two-stage four-op-amp bi-quad low-pass filter demonstrate the diagnosing procedure of the proposed approach, and also reveal that the proposed approach has higher diagnosis accuracy than the referenced methods.

  20. Zero-Gravity Locomotion Simulators: New Ground-Based Analogs for Microgravity Exercise Simulation (United States)

    Perusek, Gail P.; DeWitt, John K.; Cavanagh, Peter R.; Grodsinsky, Carlos M.; Gilkey, Kelly M.


    Maintaining health and fitness in crewmembers during space missions is essential for preserving performance for mission-critical tasks. NASA's Exercise Countermeasures Project (ECP) provides space exploration exercise hardware and monitoring requirements that lead to devices that are reliable, meet medical, vehicle, and habitat constraints, and use minimal vehicle and crew resources. ECP will also develop and validate efficient exercise prescriptions that minimize daily time needed for completion of exercise yet maximize performance for mission activities. In meeting these mission goals, NASA Glenn Research Center (Cleveland, OH, USA), in collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic (Cleveland, Ohio, USA), has developed a suite of zero-gravity locomotion simulators and associated technologies to address the need for ground-based test analog capability for simulating in-flight (microgravity) and surface (partial-gravity) exercise to advance the health and safety of astronaut crews and the next generation of space explorers. Various research areas can be explored. These include improving crew comfort during exercise, and understanding joint kinematics and muscle activation pattern differences relative to external loading mechanisms. In addition, exercise protocol and hardware optimization can be investigated, along with characterizing system dynamic response and the physiological demand associated with advanced exercise device concepts and performance of critical mission tasks for Exploration class missions. Three zero-gravity locomotion simulators are currently in use and the research focus for each will be presented. All of the devices are based on a supine subject suspension system, which simulates a reduced gravity environment by completely or partially offloading the weight of the exercising test subject s body. A platform for mounting treadmill is positioned perpendicularly to the test subject. The Cleveland Clinic Zero-g Locomotion Simulator (ZLS) utilizes a

  1. Design and Synthesis of an Inositol Phosphate Analog Based on Computational Docking Studies. (United States)

    Peng, Zhenghong; Maxwell, David; Sun, Duoli; Ying, Yunming; Schuber, Paul T; Bhanu Prasad, Basvoju A; Gelovani, Juri; Yung, Wai-Kwan Alfred; Bornmann, William G


    A virtual library of 54 inositol analog mimics of In(1,4,5)P3 has been docked, scored, and ranked within the binding site of human inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate 3-kinase A (IP3-3KA). Chemical synthesis of the best scoring structure that also met distance criteria for 3'-OH to -P in Phosphate has been attempted along with the synthesis of (1S,2R,3S,4S)-3-fluoro-2,4-dihydroxycyclohexanecarboxylic acid as an inositol analog, useful for non-invasive visualization and quantitation of IP3-3KA enzymatic activity.

  2. How Science Students Can Learn about Unobservable Phenomena Using Computer-Based Analogies (United States)

    Trey, L.; Khan, S.


    A novel instructional computer simulation that incorporates a dynamic analogy to represent Le Chatelier's Principle was designed to investigate the contribution of this feature to students' understanding. Two groups of 12th grade Chemistry students (n=15) interacted with the computer simulation during the study. Both groups did the same…

  3. Detecting lung cancer symptoms with analogic CNN algorithms based on a constrained diffusion template

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hirakawa, Satoshi; Nishio, Yoshifumi; Ushida, Akio; Ueno, Junji; Kasem, I.; Nishitani, Hiromu [Tokushima Univ. (Japan); Rekeczky, C.; Roska, T.


    In this article, a new type of diffusion template and an analogic CNN algorithm using this diffusion template for detecting some lung cancer symptoms in X-ray films are proposed. The performance of the diffusion template is investigated and our CNN algorithm is verified to detect some key lung cancer symptoms, successfully. (author)

  4. Genome-wide screening for genes whose deletions confer sensitivity to mutagenic purine base analogs in yeast

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kozmin Stanislav G


    Full Text Available Abstract Background N-hydroxylated base analogs, such as 6-hydroxylaminopurine (HAP and 2-amino-6-hydroxylaminopurine (AHA, are strong mutagens in various organisms due to their ambiguous base-pairing properties. The systems protecting cells from HAP and related noncanonical purines in Escherichia coli include specialized deoxyribonucleoside triphosphatase RdgB, DNA repair endonuclease V, and a molybdenum cofactor-dependent system. Fewer HAP-detoxification systems have been identified in yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae and other eukaryotes. Cellular systems protecting from AHA are unknown. In the present study, we performed a genome-wide search for genes whose deletions confer sensitivity to HAP and AHA in yeast. Results We screened the library of yeast deletion mutants for sensitivity to the toxic and mutagenic action of HAP and AHA. We identified novel genes involved in the genetic control of base analogs sensitivity, including genes controlling purine metabolism, cytoskeleton organization, and amino acid metabolism. Conclusion We developed a method for screening the yeast deletion library for sensitivity to the mutagenic and toxic action of base analogs and identified 16 novel genes controlling pathways of protection from HAP. Three of them also protect from AHA.

  5. Distributed Episodic and Analogical Reasoning (DEAR) (United States)


    ends analysis Carbonell 1983 Modeling of Analogy Making Structure Mapping Theory (SMT) Gentner 1984 Agent based approach to analogy making...Mapping Engine (SME) Forbus 1990 Learning by analogy with larger domains Prodigy/Analogy Veloso and Carbonell 1991 Analogical Retrieval Engine MAC/FAC

  6. Inductive, Analogical, and Communicative Generalization

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adri Smaling


    Full Text Available Three forms of inductive generalization - statistical generalization, variation-based generalization and theory-carried generalization - are insufficient concerning case-to-case generalization, which is a form of analogical generalization. The quality of case-to-case generalization needs to be reinforced by setting up explicit analogical argumentation. To evaluate analogical argumentation six criteria are discussed. Good analogical reasoning is an indispensable support to forms of communicative generalization - receptive and responsive (participative generalization — as well as exemplary generalization.

  7. BPM Analog front-end electronics based on the AD8307 log amplifier (United States)

    Shurter, R. B.; Gilpatrick, J. D.; Power, J.


    Beam position monitor (BPM) signal-processing electronics utilizing the Analog Devices AD8307 logarithmic amplifier has been developed for the Low Energy Demonstration Accelerator (LEDA), part of the Accelerator Production of Tritium (APT) project at Los Alamos. The low-pass filtered 350 MHz fundamental signal from each of the four microstrip electrodes in a BPM is "detected" by an AD8307 log amp, amplified and scaled to accommodate the 0 to +5 V input of an analog-to-digital (A/D) converter. The resultant four digitized signals represent a linear power relationship to the electrode signals, which are in turn related to beam current and position. As the AD8307 has a potential dynamic range of approximately 92 dB, much attention must be given to noise reduction, sources of which can be digital signals on the same board, power supplies, inter-channel coupling, stray RF and others. This paper will describe the operational experience of this particular analog front-end electronic circuit design.

  8. Analysis of the resolution-bandwidth-noise trade-off in wavelength-based photonic analog-to-digital converters. (United States)

    Stigwall, Johan; Galt, Sheila


    The performance of wavelength-based photonic analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) is theoretically analyzed in terms of resolution and bandwidth as well as of noise tolerance. The analysis applies to any photonic ADC in which the analog input signal is converted into the wavelength of an optical carrier, but special emphasis is put on the spectrometerlike setup in which the wavelength is mapped to a spatial spot position. The binary output signals are then retrieved by an array of fan-out diffractive optical elements that redirect the beam onto the correct detectors. In particular, the case when the input signal controls the wavelength directly such that it will chirp in frequency during each sampling pulse or interval is studied. This chirping obviously broadens the spot on the diffractive optical element array; the effect of this broadening on noise tolerance and comparator accuracy is analytically analyzed, and accurate numerical calculations of the probability of error are presented.

  9. Analog earthquakes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hofmann, R.B. [Center for Nuclear Waste Regulatory Analyses, San Antonio, TX (United States)


    Analogs are used to understand complex or poorly understood phenomena for which little data may be available at the actual repository site. Earthquakes are complex phenomena, and they can have a large number of effects on the natural system, as well as on engineered structures. Instrumental data close to the source of large earthquakes are rarely obtained. The rare events for which measurements are available may be used, with modfications, as analogs for potential large earthquakes at sites where no earthquake data are available. In the following, several examples of nuclear reactor and liquified natural gas facility siting are discussed. A potential use of analog earthquakes is proposed for a high-level nuclear waste (HLW) repository.

  10. Novel CCII-based Field Programmable Analog Array and its Application to a Sixth-Order Butterworth LPF

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. A. Mahmoud


    Full Text Available In this paper, a field programmable analog array (FPAA is proposed. The proposed FPAA consists of seven configurable analog blocks (CABs arranged in a hexagonal lattice such that the CABs are directly connected to each other. This structure improves the overall frequency response of the chip by decreasing the parasitic capacitances in the signal path. The CABS of the FPAA is based on a novel fully differential digitally programmable current conveyor (DPCCII. The programmability of the DPCCII is achieved using digitally controlled three-bit MOS ladder current division network. No extra biasing circuit is required to generate specific analog control voltage signals. The DPCCII has constant standby power consumption, offset voltage, bandwidth and harmonic distortions over all its programming range. A sixth-order Butterworth tunable LPF suitable for WLAN/WiMAX receivers is realized on the proposed FPAA. The filter power consumption is 5.4mW from 1V supply; it’s cutoff frequency is tuned from 5.2 MHz to 16.9 MHz. All the circuits are realized using 90nm CMOS technology from TSMC. All simulations are carried out using Cadence.

  11. Graph-Based Symbolic Technique and Its Application in the Frequency Response Bound Analysis of Analog Integrated Circuits

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    E. Tlelo-Cuautle


    Full Text Available A new graph-based symbolic technique (GBST for deriving exact analytical expressions like the transfer function H(s of an analog integrated circuit (IC, is introduced herein. The derived H(s of a given analog IC is used to compute the frequency response bounds (maximum and minimum associated to the magnitude and phase of H(s, subject to some ranges of process variational parameters, and by performing nonlinear constrained optimization. Our simulations demonstrate the usefulness of the new GBST for deriving the exact symbolic expression for H(s, and the last section highlights the good agreement between the frequency response bounds computed by our variational analysis approach versus traditional Monte Carlo simulations. As a conclusion, performing variational analysis using our proposed GBST for computing the frequency response bounds of analog ICs, shows a gain in computing time of 100x for a differential circuit topology and 50x for a 3-stage amplifier, compared to traditional Monte Carlo simulations.

  12. Comparison of two analog-based downscaling methods for regional reference evapotranspiration forecasts (United States)

    Tian, Di; Martinez, Christopher J.


    SummaryThe objective of this study was to compare the performance of natural analog (NA) and constructed analog (CA) methods to produce both probabilistic and deterministic downscaled daily reference evapotranspiration (ETo) forecasts in the southeastern United States. The 1-15 day, 15-member ETo forecasts were produced from 1979 to 2009 using the Penman-Monteith equation and a forecast analog approach with a combination of the Global Forecast System (GFS) reforecasts and NCEP-DOE Reanalysis 2 climatology, and were downscaled using the North American Regional Reanalysis (NARR). The Pearson correlation coefficient (R), mean squared error skill score (MSESS), and Bias were used to evaluate the skill of downscaled deterministic forecasts. The Linear Error in Probability Space (LEPS) skill score, Brier Skill Score (BSS), relative operating characteristic, and reliability diagrams were used to evaluate the skill of downscaled probabilistic forecasts. Overall, CA showed slightly higher skill than NA in terms of the metrics for deterministic forecasts, while for probabilistic forecasts NA showed higher skill than CA regarding the BSS in five categories (terciles, and 10th and 90th percentiles) and lower skill than CA regarding the LEPS skill score. Both CA and NA produced skillful deterministic results in the first 3 lead days, while the skill was higher for CA than for NA. Probabilistic NA forecasts exhibited higher resolution and reliability than CA, likely due to a larger ensemble size. Forecasts by both methods showed the lowest skill in the Florida peninsula and in mountainous areas, likely due to the fact that these features were not well-resolved in the model forecast.

  13. Slow-light plasmonic metamaterial based on dressed-state analog of electromagnetically-induced transparency

    CERN Document Server

    Raza, Søren


    We consider a simple configuration for realizing one-dimensional slow-light metamaterials with large bandwidth-delay products using stub-shaped Fabry-Perot resonators as building blocks. Each metaatom gives rise to large group indices due to a classical analog of the dressed-state picture of electromagnetically-induced transparency. By connecting up to eight metaatoms, we find bandwidth-delay products over unity and group indices approaching 100. Our approach is quite general and can be applied to any type of Fabry-Perot resonators and tuned to different operating wavelengths.

  14. Theoretical models of pentamidine analogs activity based on their DNA minor groove complexes. (United States)

    Zołek, Teresa; Maciejewska, Dorota


    The B-DNA binding property of pentamidine analogs was analyzed employing molecular dynamic simulations and UV-vis absorption spectroscopy. Their AATT and ATAT sequence preferences were also examined. In theoretical energy computations, we considered two solvation models: the implicit model I, where the solvent is characterized by a dielectric constant and the explicit model E, where water molecules are treated as discrete entities. The binding energy correlates well with the increase of melting temperature of the 5'-d(CGCGAATTCGCG)(2)-3' and 5'-d(CGCGATATCGCG)(2)-3' dodecamers after complexation with ligands (DeltaTm), and deduced models predicted adequately the DNA affinities of the studied diamidines.

  15. Novel acridine-based N-acyl-homoserine lactone analogs induce endoreduplication in the human oral squamous carcinoma cell line SAS. (United States)

    Chai, Hongbo; Hazawa, Masaharu; Hosokawa, Yoichiro; Igarashi, Jun; Suga, Hiroaki; Kashiwakura, Ikuo


    The cytotoxicity of novel acridine-based N-acyl-homoserine lactone (AHL) analogs was investigated on the human oral squamous carcinoma cell line SAS. One analog induced G2/M phase arrest at 5.3-10.6 µM and induced polyploidy at a higher dose (21.2 µM). Importantly, treatment of SAS cells with a combination of the AHL analog and the Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK) inhibitor, SP600125, prevented mitosis and induced polyploidy. The AHL analog synergized with X-irradiation to inhibit clonogenic survival of SAS cells; however, its radiosensitizing effects were relative to not X-irradiation-induced apoptosis but mitotic failure following enhanced expression of Aurora A and B. These results suggest that the active AHL analog showed growth-suppressive and radiosensitizing effects, which involve polyploidy followed by G2/M accumulation and atypical cell death in the SAS cell line.

  16. A Mars Analog for Wet-Based Glacial Alteration of Volcanic Terrains: Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing at Three Sisters, Oregon, U.S.A. (United States)

    Rutledge, A. M.; Scudder, N. A.; Horgan, B.; Rampe, E. B.


    This study characterizes wet-based glacial weathering products at a volcanic Mars analog site using thermal infrared remote sensing. Decorrelation stretches are used to examine the geographic relationships between compositional units.

  17. Challenges in Analogical Reasoning

    CERN Document Server

    Lin, Shih-Yin


    Learning physics requires understanding the applicability of fundamental principles in a variety of contexts that share deep features. One way to help students learn physics is via analogical reasoning. Students can be taught to make an analogy between situations that are more familiar or easier to understand and another situation where the same physics principle is involved but that is more difficult to handle. Here, we examine introductory physics students' ability to use analogies in solving problems involving Newton's second law. Students enrolled in an algebra-based introductory physics course were given a solved problem involving tension in a rope and were then asked to solve another problem for which the physics is very similar but involved a frictional force. They were asked to point out the similarities between the two problems and then use the analogy to solve the friction problem.

  18. Alternate source term models for Yucca Mountain performance assessment based on natural analog data and secondary mineral solubility

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Murphy, W.M.; Codell, R.B.


    Performance assessment calculations for the proposed high level radioactive waste repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada, were conducted using the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Total-System Performance Assessment (TPA 3.2) code to test conceptual models and parameter values for the source term based on data from the Pena Blanca, Mexico, natural analog site and based on a model for coprecipitation and solubility of secondary schoepite. In previous studies the value for the maximum constant oxidative alteration rate of uraninite at the Nopal I uranium body at Pena Blanca was estimated. Scaling this rate to the mass of uranium for the proposed Yucca Mountain repository yields an oxidative alteration rate of 22 kg/y, which was assumed to be an upper limit on the release rate from the proposed repository. A second model was developed assuming releases of radionuclides are based on the solubility of secondary schoepite as a function of temperature and solution chemistry. Releases of uranium are given by the product of uranium concentrations at equilibrium with schoepite and the flow of water through the waste packages. For both models, radionuclides other than uranium and those in the cladding and gap fraction were modeled to be released at a rate proportional to the uranium release rate, with additional elemental solubility limits applied. Performance assessment results using the Pena Blanca oxidation rate and schoepite solubility models for Yucca Mountain were compared to the TPA 3.2 base case model, in which release was based on laboratory studies of spent fuel dissolution, cladding and gap release, and solubility limits. Doses calculated using the release rate based on natural analog data and the schoepite solubility models were smaller than doses generated using the base case model. These results provide a degree of confidence in safety predictions using the base case model and an indication of how conservatism in the base case model may be reduced in future analyses.

  19. A Sub Threshold Source Coupled Logic Based Design of Low Power CMOS Analog Multiplexer

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available A novel approach for designing Ultra Low Power and wide dynamic range circuit for multiplexing analog signals is presented. The design operates in weak inversion (Sub threshold region and uses Source - Coupled Logic ( SCL circuit. The bias current of the SCL gates is varied to scale down linearly the power consumption and the operating frequency. The multiplexer design employs CMOS transistors as transmission gate with dynamic threshold voltage. The design exhibits low power dissipation, high dynamic range and good linearity. The design was implemented in 180 nm technology and was operated at a supply voltage of 400 mV with a bias current ranging in the order of few Pico-amperes. The ON and OFF resistance of the transmission gate achieved were 27 ohms and 10 M ohms respectively. The power dissipation achieved is around 0.79 µW for a dynamic range of 1µV to 0.4 V.

  20. Optical Analog-to-digital Conversion Scheme Based on Tunable Fabry-Perot Resonator

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LI Zheng


    Proposed is an interference type of optical analog-to-digital conversion(ADC). The refractive index of Fabry-Perot cavity changes with different voltages. The Fabry-Perot resonator converts electronic intensity into light wavelength through selecting lights of different wavelengthes. The parameters of the scheme are acquired with the transmission matrix of optical element and the time of steady-state light field. The maximum sampling speedes of 4-bit, 6-bit, 7-bit, 8-bit and 9-bit(ADC) are 1.695×1010 count/s, 4.33×109 count/s, 2.38×109 count/s, 1.24×109 count/s and 5.9×108 count/s, respectively.

  1. Design of A 5-Bit Fully Parallel Analog to Digital Converter Using Common Gate Differrential Mos Pair-Based Comparator (United States)

    Aytar, Oktay


    This paper presents a novel comparator structure based on the common gate differential MOS pair. The proposed comparator has been applied to fully parallel analog to digital converter (A/D converter). Furthermore, this article presents 5 bit fully parallel A/D Converter design using the cadence IC5141 design platform and NCSU(North Carolina State University) design kit with 0.18 μm CMOS technology library. The proposed fully parallel A/D converter consist of resistor array block, comparator block, 1-n decoder block and programmable logic array. The 1-n decoder block includes latch block and thermometer code circuit that is implemented using transmission gate based multiplexer circuit. Thus, sampling frequency and analog bandwidth are increased. The INL and DNL of the proposed fully parallel A/D converter are (0/ + 0.63) LSB and (-0.26/ + 0.31) LSB at a sampling frequency of 5 GS/s with an input signal of 50 MHz, respectively. The proposed fully parallel A/D Converter consumes 340 mW from 1.8 V supply.

  2. High-Precision CMOS Analog Computational Circuits Based on a New Linearly Tunable OTA

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. Naderi Saatlo


    Full Text Available Implementation of CMOS current-mode analog computational circuits are presented in this paper. A new Linearly Tunable OTA is employed in a modified structure as a basic building block for implementation of the circuits either linear or nonlinear functions. The proposed trans-conductance amplifier provides a constant Gm over a wide range of input voltage which allows the implementation of high precision computational circuits including square rooting, squaring, multiplication and division functions. Layout pattern of the proposed circuit confirms that the circuit can be implemented in 102μm*69μm active area. In order to verify the performance of the circuits, the post layout simulation results are presented through the use of HSPICE and Cadence with TSMC level 49 (BSIM3v3 parameters for 0.18 μm CMOS technology, where under supply voltage of 1.8 V, the maximum relative error of the circuits within 500 µA of input range is about 11 μA (2.2 % error and the THD remains as low as 1.2 % for the worst case. Moreover, the power dissipation of the complete structure is found to be 0.66 mW.

  3. A Sub Threshold Source Coupled Logic Based Design of Low Power CMOS Analog Multiplexer

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available A novel approach for designing Ultra Low Power and wide dynamic range circuit for multiplexing analog signals is presented. The design operates in weak i nversion (Sub threshold region and uses Source - Coupled Logic ( SCL circuit. The bias current of t he SCL gates is varied to scale down linearly the p ower consumption and the operating frequency. The multip lexer design employs CMOS transistors as transmission gate with dynamic threshold voltage. T he design exhibits low power dissipation, high dynamic range and good linearity. The design was im plemented in 180 nm technology and was operated at a supply voltage of 400 mV with a bias current rang ing in the order of few Pico-amperes. The ON and OFF resistance of the transmission gate achieved we re 27 ohms and 10 M ohms respectively. The power dissipation achieved is around 0.79 μ W for a dynami c range of 1μ V to 0.4 V.

  4. Fault Modeling and Testing for Analog Circuits in Complex Space Based on Supply Current and Output Voltage

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hongzhi Hu


    Full Text Available This paper deals with the modeling of fault for analog circuits. A two-dimensional (2D fault model is first proposed based on collaborative analysis of supply current and output voltage. This model is a family of circle loci on the complex plane, and it simplifies greatly the algorithms for test point selection and potential fault simulations, which are primary difficulties in fault diagnosis of analog circuits. Furthermore, in order to reduce the difficulty of fault location, an improved fault model in three-dimensional (3D complex space is proposed, which achieves a far better fault detection ratio (FDR against measurement error and parametric tolerance. To address the problem of fault masking in both 2D and 3D fault models, this paper proposes an effective design for testability (DFT method. By adding redundant bypassing-components in the circuit under test (CUT, this method achieves excellent fault isolation ratio (FIR in ambiguity group isolation. The efficacy of the proposed model and testing method is validated through experimental results provided in this paper.

  5. A Study of an Architecture Design Learning Process Based on Social Learning, Course Teaching, Interaction, and Analogical Thinking

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yun-Wu Wu


    Full Text Available The students in the vocational education of architecture design in Taiwan often face many learning obstacles, such as no problem solving ability and lack of creativity. Therefore, this study used a social learning model as a learning strategy in the architecture design learning process to solve related learning difficulties. Firstly, this study used cognitive development teaching activities and a learning process based on analogical thinking and analogical reasoning to build the social learning model. Secondly, the social learning model of this study was implemented in the teaching of a required course of architecture design for 120 freshmen in China University of Technology. The questionnaire survey results were then statically analyzed and compared to measure the differences in the students’ knowledge about architecture designs before and after the teaching in this study. In this study, the social learning model is proven helpful in inspiring the students’ creativity by converting new knowledge of architecture design into schemas and hence retaining the new knowledge for future application. The social learning model can be applied in the teaching of architecture design in other schools, while more research can be conducted in the future to further confirm its feasibility to promote effective learning.

  6. Performance investigation of InAs based dual electrode tunnel FET on the analog/RF platform (United States)

    Anand, Sunny; Sarin, R. K.


    In this paper for the first time, InAs based doping-less Tunnel FET is proposed and investigated. This paper also demonstrates and discusses the impact of gate stacking (SiO2 + HfO2) with equivalent oxide thickness EOT = 0.8 for analog/RF performance. The charge plasma technique is used to form source/drain region on an intrinsic InAs body by selecting proper work function of metal electrode. The paper compares different combinations of gate stacking (SiO2 and HfO2) on the basis of different analog and RF parameters such as transconductance (gm), transconductance to drive current ratio (gm/ID), output conductance (gd), intrinsic gain (AV), total gate capacitance (Cgg) and unity-gain cutoff frequency (fT). The proposed device produces an ON state current of ION ∼6 mA along with ION/IOFF ∼1012, point subthreshold slope (SS ∼ 1.9 mV/dec), average subthreshold slope (AV-SS ∼ 14.2 mV/dec) and cut-off frequency in Terahertz. The focus of this work is to eliminate the fabrication issues and providing the enhanced performance compared to doped device.

  7. A Comparison between Physics-based and Polytropic MHD Models for Stellar Coronae and Stellar Winds of Solar Analogs (United States)

    Cohen, O.


    The development of the Zeeman–Doppler Imaging (ZDI) technique has provided synoptic observations of surface magnetic fields of low-mass stars. This led the stellar astrophysics community to adopt modeling techniques that have been used in solar physics using solar magnetograms. However, many of these techniques have been neglected by the solar community due to their failure to reproduce solar observations. Nevertheless, some of these techniques are still used to simulate the coronae and winds of solar analogs. Here we present a comparative study between two MHD models for the solar corona and solar wind. The first type of model is a polytropic wind model, and the second is the physics-based AWSOM model. We show that while the AWSOM model consistently reproduces many solar observations, the polytropic model fails to reproduce many of them, and in the cases where it does, its solutions are unphysical. Our recommendation is that polytropic models, which are used to estimate mass-loss rates and other parameters of solar analogs, must first be calibrated with solar observations. Alternatively, these models can be calibrated with models that capture more detailed physics of the solar corona (such as the AWSOM model) and that can reproduce solar observations in a consistent manner. Without such a calibration, the results of the polytropic models cannot be validated, but they can be wrongly used by others.

  8. The Effects of Spaceflight and a Spaceflight Analog on Neurocognitive Perfonnance: Extent, Longevity, and Neural Bases (United States)

    Seidler, R. D.; Mulavara, A. P.; Koppelmans, V.; Erdeniz, B.; Kofman, I. S.; DeDios, Y. E.; Szecsy, D. L.; Riascos-Castaneda, R. F.; Wood, S. J.; Bloomberg, J. J.


    We are conducting ongoing experiments in which we are performing structural and functional magnetic resonance brain imaging to identify the relationships between changes in neurocognitive function and neural structural alterations following a six month International Space Station mission and following 70 days exposure to a spaceflight analog, head down tilt bedrest. Our central hypothesis is that measures of brain structure, function, and network integrity will change from pre to post intervention (spaceflight, bedrest). Moreover, we predict that these changes will correlate with indices of cognitive, sensory, and motor function in a neuroanatomically selective fashion. Our interdisciplinary approach utilizes cutting edge neuroimaging techniques and a broad ranging battery of sensory, motor, and cognitive assessments that will be conducted pre flight, during flight, and post flight to investigate potential neuroplastic and maladaptive brain changes in crewmembers following long-duration spaceflight. Success in this endeavor would 1) result in identification of the underlying neural mechanisms and operational risks of spaceflight-induced changes in behavior, and 2) identify whether a return to normative behavioral function following re-adaptation to Earth's gravitational environment is associated with a restitution of brain structure and function or instead is supported by substitution with compensatory brain processes. With the bedrest study, we will be able to determine the neural and neurocognitive effects of extended duration unloading, reduced sensory inputs, and increased cephalic fluid distribution. This will enable us to parse out the multiple mechanisms contributing to any spaceflight-induced neural structural and behavioral changes that we observe in the flight study. In this presentation I will discuss preliminary results from six participants who have undergone the bed rest protocol. These individuals show decrements in balance and functional mobility

  9. Relationship between Aldose reductase and superoxide dismutase inhibition capacities of indole-based analogs of melatonin derivatives

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daş-Evcimen N.


    Full Text Available Aldose reductase (AR has been implicated in the etiology of diabetic complications. Under diabetic conditions, the elevated vascular glucose level causes an increased flux through the polyol pathway, which induces functional and morphological changes associated with secondary diabetic complications such as cataract, neuropathy, and nephrop­athy. Oxidative stress, antioxidants, and the polyol pathway have recently been found to be linked in pathological states. A large number of structurally different compounds have been studied as potent in vitro AR inhibitors (ARIs. However, with few exceptions, these compounds did not show clinical benefit, and some even produced serious side effects. In view of the ARI activity of certain indole derivative compounds and antioxidant properties of melatonin, we investigated some indole-based analogs of melatonin derivatives. Antioxidant and ARI activity tests were applied to nine indole derivatives that are substituted at the third and fifth positions. Also, the relationship between ARI and antioxidant enzyme activity is discussed.

  10. Low power analog front-end electronics in deep submicrometer CMOS technology based on gain enhancement techniques

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gómez-Galán, J.A., E-mail: [Dpto de Ingeniería Electrónica, Sist. Informáticos y Automática, Universidad de Huelva (Spain); Sánchez-Rodríguez, T.; Sánchez-Raya, M.; Martel, I. [Dpto de Ingeniería Electrónica, Sist. Informáticos y Automática, Universidad de Huelva (Spain); López-Martín, A. [Dpto de Ingeniería Eléctrica y Electrónica, Universidad Pública de Navarra (Spain); Carvajal, R.G. [Dpto de Ingeniería Electrónica, Universidad de Sevilla (Spain); Ramírez-Angulo, J. [Klipsch School of Electrical Engineering, New Mexico State University (United States)


    This paper evaluates the design of front-end electronics in modern technologies to be used in a new generation of heavy ion detectors—HYDE (FAIR, Germany)—proposing novel architectures to achieve high gain in a low voltage environment. As conventional topologies of operational amplifiers in modern CMOS processes show limitations in terms of gain, novel approaches must be raised. The work addresses the design using transistors with channel length of no more than double the feature size and a supply voltage as low as 1.2 V. A front-end system has been fabricated in a 90 nm process including gain boosting techniques based on regulated cascode circuits. The analog channel has been optimized to match a detector capacitance of 5 pF and exhibits a good performance in terms of gain, speed, linearity and power consumption.

  11. Rover-Based Instrumentation and Scientific Investigations During the 2012 Analog Field Test on Mauna Kea Volcano, Hawaii (United States)

    Graham, L. D.; Graff, T. G.


    Rover-based 2012 Moon and Mars Analog Mission Activities (MMAMA) were recently completed on Mauna Kea Volcano, Hawaii. Scientific investigations, scientific input, and operational constraints were tested in the context of existing project and protocols for the field activities designed to help NASA achieve the Vision for Space Exploration [1]. Several investigations were conducted by the rover mounted instruments to determine key geophysical and geochemical properties of the site, as well as capture the geological context of the area and the samples investigated. The rover traverse and associated science investigations were conducted over a three day period on the southeast flank of the Mauna Kea Volcano, Hawaii. The test area was at an elevation of 11,500 feet and is known as "Apollo Valley" (Fig. 1). Here we report the integration and operation of the rover-mounted instruments, as well as the scientific investigations that were conducted.

  12. Quantum Analog Computing (United States)

    Zak, M.


    Quantum analog computing is based upon similarity between mathematical formalism of quantum mechanics and phenomena to be computed. It exploits a dynamical convergence of several competing phenomena to an attractor which can represent an externum of a function, an image, a solution to a system of ODE, or a stochastic process.

  13. Using Conceptual Change Texts with Analogies for Misconceptions in Acids and Bases (United States)

    Cetingul, Ipek; Geban, Omer


    This study was conducted to explore the effectiveness of conceptual change oriented instruction over traditional instruction on students' understanding of acids and bases concept. Besides, effects of gender difference and science process skills on students' understanding of acids and bases were also investigated. Analysis of the results showed…

  14. Design of Butterworth analog filter based on Matlab%基于Matlab的巴特沃斯滤波器设计

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王大伟; 贾荣丛; 王划一


    为了得到较纯净的真实信号,对巴特沃斯模拟滤波器的幅频特性、设计方法及设计步骤进行了研究,利用Matlab程序,设计了巴特沃斯模拟滤波器,给出了Matlab设计程序,并分析了巴特沃斯模拟滤波器的幅频特性.利用Matlab程序绘制了巴特沃斯模拟滤波器的幅频特性曲线,并利用Matlab实现了模拟滤波器原型到模拟低通、高通、带通、带阻滤波器的转换.由模拟滤波器原型设计模拟高通滤波器的实例说明了滤波器频率转换效果.%The paper described the amplitude-frequency characteristics, the design method and procedure of Butterworth analog filter to obtain real signal. Butterworth analog filter was designed based on Matlab. The paper presented the design procedure of the filter based on Matlab and analyzed the amplitude-frequency characteristics of Butterworth analog filter. Matlab program was used to draw the amplitude-frequency characteristic curve of Butterworth analog filter and realize the conversion from analog filter prototype to analog low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and band-stop filter. Through the design of analog filter prototype, high-pass filter simulation shows the effects of frequency conversion.

  15. Parametric estimation in the wave buoy analogy - an elaborated approach based on energy considerations

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Montazeri, Najmeh; Nielsen, Ulrik Dam


    the ship’s wave-induced responses based on different statistical inferences including parametric and non-parametric approaches. This paper considers a concept to improve the estimate obtained by the parametric method for sea state estimation. The idea is illustrated by an analysis made on full-scale...

  16. A comparison of acceptance- and control-based strategies for coping with food cravings: an analog study. (United States)

    Forman, Evan M; Hoffman, Kimberly L; McGrath, Kathleen B; Herbert, James D; Brandsma, Lynn L; Lowe, Michael R


    The present study utilized an analog paradigm to investigate the effectiveness of two strategies for coping with food cravings, which was theorized to be critical to the maintenance of weight loss. Ninety-eight undergraduate students were given transparent boxes of chocolate Hershey's Kisses and instructed to keep the chocolates with them, but not to eat them, for 48 h. Before receiving the Kisses, participants were randomized to receive either (a) no intervention, (b) instruction in control-based coping strategies such as distraction and cognitive restructuring, or (c) instruction in acceptance-based strategies such as experiential acceptance and defusion techniques. Measures included the Power of Food Scale (PFS; a measure of psychological sensitivity to the food environment), self-report ratings of chocolate cravings and surreptitiously recorded chocolate consumption. Results suggested that the effect of the intervention depended on baseline PFS levels, such that acceptance-based strategies were associated with better outcomes (cravings, consumption) among those reporting the highest susceptibility to the presence of food, but greater cravings among those who scored lowest on the PFS. It was observed that craving self-report measures predicted chocolate consumption, and baseline PFS levels predicted both cravings and consumption. Results are discussed in terms of the implications for weight loss maintenance strategies.

  17. Superconductivity in SnO: a nonmagnetic analog to Fe-based superconductors? (United States)

    Forthaus, M K; Sengupta, K; Heyer, O; Christensen, N E; Svane, A; Syassen, K; Khomskii, D I; Lorenz, T; Abd-Elmeguid, M M


    We discovered that under pressure SnO with α-PbO structure, the same structure as in many Fe-based superconductors, e.g., β-FeSe, undergoes a transition to a superconducting state for p≳6 GPa with a maximum Tc of 1.4 K at p=9.3 GPa. The pressure dependence of Tc reveals a domelike shape and superconductivity disappears for p≳16 GPa. It is further shown from band structure calculations that SnO under pressure exhibits a Fermi surface topology similar to that reported for some Fe-based superconductors and that the nesting between the hole and electron pockets correlates with the change of Tc as a function of pressure.

  18. Synthesis and structural characterization of some trisulfide analoges of thiouracil-based antithyroid drugs (United States)

    Bhabak, Krishna P.; Bhowmick, Debasish


    Thiourea-based antithyroid drugs are effectively used for the treatment of hyperthyroidism. In this paper, we describe the synthesis of new trisulfides (11-12) from the commonly used thiourea-based antithyroid drugs such as 6-n-propyl-2-thiouracil (PTU) and 6-methyl-2-thiouracil (MTU) in the reaction with I2/KI system. Structural analysis by single crystal X-ray diffraction studies revealed the stabilization of trisulfides by a lactam-lactim tautomerism facilitating effective intramolecular as well as intermolecular non-covalent interactions. Although the structures of both trisulfides were found to be quite similar, a notable difference in the intermolecular interactions was observed between compounds 11 and 12 leading to different structural patterns. Structural stabilization of these trisulfides by tautomerism followed by intramolecular as well as intermolecular H-bonds makes these molecules as perfect examples in molecular recognition with self-complementary donor and acceptor units within a single molecule.

  19. Superconductivity in SnO: A Nonmagnetic Analog to Fe-Based Superconductors?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Forthaus, M. K.; Sengupta, K.; Heyer, O.;


    We discovered that under pressure SnO with α-PbO structure, the same structure as in many Fe-based superconductors, e.g., β-FeSe, undergoes a transition to a superconducting state for p≳6  GPa with a maximum Tc of 1.4 K at p=9.3  GPa. The pressure dependence of Tc reveals a domelike shape...... and superconductivity disappears for p≳16  GPa. It is further shown from band structure calculations that SnO under pressure exhibits a Fermi surface topology similar to that reported for some Fe-based superconductors and that the nesting between the hole and electron pockets correlates with the change of Tc...

  20. Analogy of strain energy density based bone-remodeling algorithm and structural topology optimization. (United States)

    Jang, In Gwun; Kim, Il Yong; Kwak, Byung Ban


    In bone-remodeling studies, it is believed that the morphology of bone is affected by its internal mechanical loads. From the 1970s, high computing power enabled quantitative studies in the simulation of bone remodeling or bone adaptation. Among them, Huiskes et al. (1987, "Adaptive Bone Remodeling Theory Applied to Prosthetic Design Analysis," J. Biomech. Eng., 20, pp. 1135-1150) proposed a strain energy density based approach to bone remodeling and used the apparent density for the characterization of internal bone morphology. The fundamental idea was that bone density would increase when strain (or strain energy density) is higher than a certain value and bone resorption would occur when the strain (or strain energy density) quantities are lower than the threshold. Several advanced algorithms were developed based on these studies in an attempt to more accurately simulate physiological bone-remodeling processes. As another approach, topology optimization originally devised in structural optimization has been also used in the computational simulation of the bone-remodeling process. The topology optimization method systematically and iteratively distributes material in a design domain, determining an optimal structure that minimizes an objective function. In this paper, we compared two seemingly different approaches in different fields-the strain energy density based bone-remodeling algorithm (biomechanical approach) and the compliance based structural topology optimization method (mechanical approach)-in terms of mathematical formulations, numerical difficulties, and behavior of their numerical solutions. Two numerical case studies were conducted to demonstrate their similarity and difference, and then the solution convergences were discussed quantitatively.

  1. A Loudness Function for Analog and Digital Sound Systems based on Equal Loudness Level Contours

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nielsen, Sofus Birkedal


    A new and better loudness compensation has been designed based on the differences between the Equal Loudness Level Contours (ELLC) in ISO 226:2003. Sound productions are normally being mixed at a high mixing level (ML) but often played at lower listening level (LL) which mean that the perceived f...... solution is realized in a 16/32 bit fixed point DSP and could be implemented in any sound producing system....

  2. Single- and two-phase flow in microfluidic porous media analogs based on Voronoi tessellation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wu, Mengjie [Colorado School of Mines, Golden; Xiao, Feng [Colorado School of Mines, Golden; Johnson-Paben, Rebecca [Colorado School of Mines, Golden; Retterer, Scott T [ORNL; Yin, Xiaolong [Colorado School of Mines, Golden; Neeves, Keith B [ORNL


    The objective of this study was to create a microfluidic model of complex porous media for studying single and multiphase flows. Most experimental porous media models consist of periodic geometries that lend themselves to comparison with well-developed theoretical predictions. However, most real porous media such as geological formations and biological tissues contain a degree of randomness and complexity that is not adequately represented in periodic geometries. To design an experimental tool to study these complex geometries, we created microfluidic models of random homogeneous and heterogeneous networks based on Voronoi tessellations. These networks consisted of approximately 600 grains separated by a highly connected network of channels with an overall porosity of 0.11 0.20. We found that introducing heterogeneities in the form of large cavities within the network changed the permeability in a way that cannot be predicted by the classical porosity-permeability relationship known as the Kozeny equation. The values of permeability found in experiments were in excellent agreement with those calculated from three-dimensional lattice Boltzmann simulations. In two-phase flow experiments of oil displacement with water we found that the surface energy of channel walls determined the pattern of water invasion, while the network topology determined the residual oil saturation. These results suggest that complex network topologies lead to fluid flow behavior that is difficult to predict based solely on porosity. The microfluidic models developed in this study using a novel geometry generation algorithm based on Voronoi tessellation are a new experimental tool for studying fluid and solute transport problems within complex porous media.

  3. High-affinity DNA base analogs as supramolecular, nanoscale promoters of macroscopic adhesion. (United States)

    Anderson, Cyrus A; Jones, Amanda R; Briggs, Ellen M; Novitsky, Eric J; Kuykendall, Darrell W; Sottos, Nancy R; Zimmerman, Steven C


    Adhesion phenomena are essential to many biological processes and to synthetic adhesives and manufactured coatings and composites. Supramolecular interactions are often implicated in various adhesion mechanisms. Recently, supramolecular building blocks, such as synthetic DNA base-pair mimics, have drawn attention in the context of molecular recognition, self-assembly, and supramolecular polymers. These reversible, hydrogen-bonding interactions have been studied extensively for their adhesive capabilities at the nano- and microscale, however, much less is known about their utility for practical adhesion in macroscopic systems. Herein, we report the preparation and evaluation of supramolecular coupling agents based on high-affinity, high-fidelity quadruple hydrogen-bonding units (e.g., DAN·DeUG, Kassoc = 10(8) M(-1) in chloroform). Macroscopic adhesion between polystyrene films and glass surfaces modified with 2,7-diamidonaphthyridine (DAN) and ureido-7-deazaguanine (DeUG) units was evaluated by mechanical testing. Structure-property relationships indicate that the designed supramolecular interaction at the nanoscale plays a key role in the observed macroscopic adhesive response. Experiments probing reversible adhesion or self-healing properties of bulk samples indicate that significant recovery of initial strength can be realized after failure but that the designed noncovalent interaction does not lead to healing during the process of adhesion loss.

  4. Elevated Levels of DNA Strand Breaks Induced by a Base Analog in the Human Cell Line with the P32T ITPA Variant

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Irina S.-R. Waisertreiger


    Full Text Available Base analogs are powerful antimetabolites and dangerous mutagens generated endogenously by oxidative stress, inflammation, and aberrant nucleotide biosynthesis. Human inosine triphosphate pyrophosphatase (ITPA hydrolyzes triphosphates of noncanonical purine bases (i.e., ITP, dITP, XTP, dXTP, or their mimic: 6-hydroxyaminopurine (HAP deoxynucleoside triphosphate and thus regulates nucleotide pools and protects cells from DNA damage. We demonstrate that the model purine base analog HAP induces DNA breaks in human cells and leads to elevation of levels of ITPA. A human polymorphic allele of the ITPA, 94C->A encodes for the enzyme with a P32T amino-acid change and leads to accumulation of nonhydrolyzed ITP. The polymorphism has been associated with adverse reaction to purine base-analog drugs. The level of both spontaneous and HAP-induced DNA breaks is elevated in the cell line with the ITPA P32T variant. The results suggested that human ITPA plays a pivotal role in the protection of DNA from noncanonical purine base analogs.

  5. Dual delivery systems based on polyamine analog BENSpm as prodrug and gene delivery vectors (United States)

    Zhu, Yu

    Combination drug and gene therapy shows promise in cancer treatment. However, the success of such strategy requires careful selection of the therapeutic agents, as well as development of efficient delivery vectors. BENSpm (N 1, N11-bisethylnorspermine), a polyamine analogue targeting the intracellular polyamine pathway, draws our special attention because of the following reasons: (1) polyamine pathway is frequently dysregulated in cancer; (2) BENSpm exhibits multiple functions to interfere with the polyamine pathway, such as to up-regulate polyamine metabolism enzymes and down-regulate polyamine biosynthesis enzymes. Therefore BENSpm depletes all natural polyamines and leads to apoptosis and cell growth inhibition in a wide range of cancers; (3) preclinical studies proved that BENSpm can act synergistically with various chemotherapy agents, making it a promising candidate in combination therapy; (4) multiple positive charges in BENSpm enable it as a suitable building block for cationic polymers, which can be further applied to gene delivery. In this dissertation, our goal was to design dual-function delivery vector based on BENSpm that can function as a gene delivery vector and, after intracellular degradation, as an active anticancer agent targeting dysregulated polyamine metabolism. We first demonstrated strong synergism between BENSpm and a potential therapeutic gene product TRAIL. Strong synergism was obtained in both estrogen-dependent MCF-7 breast cancer cells and triple-negative MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells. Significant dose reduction of TRAIL in combination with BENSpm in MDA-MB-231 cells, together with the fact that BENSpm rendered MCF-7 cells more sensitive to TRAIL treatment verified our rationale of designing BENSpm-based delivery platform. This was expected to be beneficial for overcoming drug resistance in chemotherapy, as well as boosting the therapeutic effect of therapeutic genes. We first designed a lipid-based BENSpm dual vector (Lipo

  6. Engineering a long-acting, potent GLP-1 analog for microstructure-based transdermal delivery. (United States)

    Yang, Peng-Yu; Zou, Huafei; Chao, Elizabeth; Sherwood, Lance; Nunez, Vanessa; Keeney, Michael; Ghartey-Tagoe, Esi; Ding, Zhongli; Quirino, Herlinda; Luo, Xiaozhou; Welzel, Gus; Chen, Guohua; Singh, Parminder; Woods, Ashley K; Schultz, Peter G; Shen, Weijun


    Antidiabetic treatments aiming to reduce body weight are currently gaining increased interest. Exendin-4, a glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonist administered twice daily via s.c. injection, improves glycemic control, often with associated weight reduction. To further improve the therapeutic efficacy of exendin-4, we have developed a novel peptide engineering strategy that incorporates a serum protein binding motif onto a covalent side-chain staple and applied to the peptide to enhance its helicity and, as a consequence, its potency and serum half-life. We demonstrated that one of the resulting peptides, E6, has significantly improved half-life and glucose tolerance in an oral glucose tolerance test in rodents. Chronic treatment of E6 significantly decreased body weight and fasting blood glucose, improved lipid metabolism, and also reduced hepatic steatosis in diet-induced obese mice. Moreover, the high potency of E6 allowed us to administer this peptide using a dissolvable microstructure-based transdermal delivery system. Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies in guinea pigs showed that a single 5-min application of a microstructure system containing E6 significantly improved glucose tolerance for 96 h. This delivery strategy may offer an effective and patient-friendly alternative to currently marketed GLP-1 injectables and can likely be extended to other peptide hormones.

  7. The Effect of Combining Analogy-Based Simulation and Laboratory Activities on Turkish Elementary School Students' Understanding of Simple Electric Circuits (United States)

    Unlu, Zeynep Koyunlu; Dokme, Ibilge


    The purpose of this study was to investigate whether the combination of both analogy-based simulation and laboratory activities as a teaching tool was more effective than utilizing them separately in teaching the concepts of simple electricity. The quasi-experimental design that involved 66 seventh grade students from urban Turkish elementary…

  8. Structure-based design and synthesis of a bivalent iminobiotin analog showing strong affinity toward a low immunogenic streptavidin mutant. (United States)

    Kawato, Tatsuya; Mizohata, Eiichi; Shimizu, Yohei; Meshizuka, Tomohiro; Yamamoto, Tomohiro; Takasu, Noriaki; Matsuoka, Masahiro; Matsumura, Hiroyoshi; Kodama, Tatsuhiko; Kanai, Motomu; Doi, Hirofumi; Inoue, Tsuyoshi; Sugiyama, Akira


    The streptavidin/biotin interaction has been widely used as a useful tool in research fields. For application to a pre-targeting system, we previously developed a streptavidin mutant that binds to an iminobiotin analog while abolishing affinity for natural biocytin. Here, we design a bivalent iminobiotin analog that shows 1000-fold higher affinity than before, and determine its crystal structure complexed with the mutant protein.

  9. Photonic compressive sensing for analog-to-information conversion with a delay-line based microwave photonic filter (United States)

    Zhu, Zhijing; Chi, Hao; Jin, Tao; Zheng, Shilie; Jin, Xiaofeng; Zhang, Xianmin


    Compressive sensing (CS) in the photonic domain is highly promising for analog-to-information conversion of sparse signals due to its potential capability of high input bandwidth and digitization with sub-Nyquist sampling. In this paper, we suggest that the concept of delay-line based microwave photonic filter be used in photonic CS to realize the low-pass filtering (LPF) function which is required in CS. A microwave photonic filter (MPF) with a dispersive element and fiber delay lines is applied in photonic CS to achieve better performance and flexibility. In the approach, the input radio-frequency signal and the pseudorandom bit sequence (PRBS) are modulated on a multi-wavelength optical carrier and propagate through a dispersive element. The modulated optical signal is split into multiple channels with tunable delay lines. The multiple wavelengths, dispersive element and multiple channels constitute a reconfigurable low-pass microwave filter. Experiment and simulations are presented to demonstrate the feasibility and potentials of this approach.

  10. A 97 dB dynamic range CSA-based readout circuit with analog temperature compensation for MEMS capacitive sensors (United States)

    Tao, Yin; Chong, Zhang; Huanming, Wu; Qisong, Wu; Haigang, Yang


    This paper presents a charge-sensitive-amplifier (CSA) based readout circuit for capacitive microelectro-mechanical-system (MEMS) sensors. A continuous-time (CT) readout structure using the chopper technique is adopted to cancel the low frequency noise and improve the resolution of the readout circuits. An operational trans-conductance amplifier (OTA) structure with an auxiliary common-mode-feedback-OTA is proposed in the fully differential CSA to suppress the chopper modulation induced disturbance at the OTA input terminal. An analog temperature compensation method is proposed, which adjusts the chopper signal amplitude with temperature variation to compensate the temperature drift of the CSA readout sensitivity. The chip is designed and implemented in a 0.35 μm CMOS process and is 2.1 × 2.1 mm2 in area. The measurement shows that the readout circuit achieves 0.9 aF / √Hz capacitive resolution, 97 dB dynamic range in 100 Hz signal bandwidth, and 0.8 mV/fF sensitivity with a temperature drift of 35 ppm/°C after optimized compensation.

  11. Potential applications of curcumin and its novel synthetic analogs and nanotechnology-based formulations in cancer prevention and therapy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Batra Surinder K


    Full Text Available Abstract Curcumin has attracted great attention in the therapeutic arsenal in clinical oncology due to its chemopreventive, antitumoral, radiosensibilizing and chemosensibilizing activities against various types of aggressive and recurrent cancers. These malignancies include leukemias, lymphomas, multiple myeloma, brain cancer, melanoma and skin, lung, prostate, breast, ovarian, liver, gastrointestinal, pancreatic and colorectal epithelial cancers. Curcumin mediates its anti-proliferative, anti-invasive and apoptotic effects on cancer cells, including cancer stem/progenitor cells and their progenies, through multiple molecular mechanisms. The oncogenic pathways inhibited by curcumin encompass the members of epidermal growth factor receptors (EGFR and erbB2, sonic hedgehog (SHH/GLIs and Wnt/β-catenin and downstream signaling elements such as Akt, nuclear factor-kappa B (NF-κB and signal transducers and activators of transcription (STATs. In counterbalance, the high metabolic instability and poor systemic bioavailability of curcumin limit its therapeutic efficacy in human. Of great therapeutic interest, the selective delivery of synthetic analogs or nanotechnology-based formulations of curcumin to tumors, alone or in combination with other anticancer drugs, may improve their chemopreventive and chemotherapeutic efficacies against cancer progression and relapse. Novel curcumin formulations may also be used to reverse drug resistance, eradicate the total cancer cell mass and improve the anticarcinogenic efficacy of the current anti-hormonal and chemotherapeutic treatments for patients with various aggressive and lethal cancers.

  12. Reasoning by Analogy in Constructing Mathematical Ideas. (United States)

    English, Lyn D.

    A powerful way of understanding something new is by analogy with something already known. An analogy is defined as a mapping from one structure, which is already known (the base or source), to another structure that is to be inferred or discovered (the target). The research community has given considerable attention to analogical reasoning in the…

  13. Terrestrial Spaceflight Analogs: Antarctica (United States)

    Crucian, Brian


    Alterations in immune cell distribution and function, circadian misalignment, stress and latent viral reactivation appear to persist during Antarctic winterover at Concordia Station. Some of these changes are similar to those observed in Astronauts, either during or immediately following spaceflight. Others are unique to the Concordia analog. Based on some initial immune data and environmental conditions, Concordia winterover may be an appropriate analog for some flight-associated immune system changes and mission stress effects. An ongoing smaller control study at Neumayer III will address the influence of the hypoxic variable. Changes were observed in the peripheral blood leukocyte distribution consistent with immune mobilization, and similar to those observed during spaceflight. Alterations in cytokine production profiles were observed during winterover that are distinct from those observed during spaceflight, but potentially consistent with those observed during persistent hypobaric hypoxia. The reactivation of latent herpesviruses was observed during overwinter/isolation, that is consistently associated with dysregulation in immune function.

  14. Cyber Analogies (United States)


    John Wiley & Sons. DoD. (2012a) Fact Sheet : Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Cybersecurity Activities, May 11, 2012. allow 150 containers of bananas to enter its market, saying that the bananas were “crawling with insects.” The Philip- pines denied the charges...and said that the insects the Chinese cited attack coconuts, not bananas .30 China never acknowledged that its interruption of trade with the

  15. Genome-wide mutation avalanches induced in diploid yeast cells by a base analog or an APOBEC deaminase.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Artem G Lada

    Full Text Available Genetic information should be accurately transmitted from cell to cell; conversely, the adaptation in evolution and disease is fueled by mutations. In the case of cancer development, multiple genetic changes happen in somatic diploid cells. Most classic studies of the molecular mechanisms of mutagenesis have been performed in haploids. We demonstrate that the parameters of the mutation process are different in diploid cell populations. The genomes of drug-resistant mutants induced in yeast diploids by base analog 6-hydroxylaminopurine (HAP or AID/APOBEC cytosine deaminase PmCDA1 from lamprey carried a stunning load of thousands of unselected mutations. Haploid mutants contained almost an order of magnitude fewer mutations. To explain this, we propose that the distribution of induced mutation rates in the cell population is uneven. The mutants in diploids with coincidental mutations in the two copies of the reporter gene arise from a fraction of cells that are transiently hypersensitive to the mutagenic action of a given mutagen. The progeny of such cells were never recovered in haploids due to the lethality caused by the inactivation of single-copy essential genes in cells with too many induced mutations. In diploid cells, the progeny of hypersensitive cells survived, but their genomes were saturated by heterozygous mutations. The reason for the hypermutability of cells could be transient faults of the mutation prevention pathways, like sanitization of nucleotide pools for HAP or an elevated expression of the PmCDA1 gene or the temporary inability of the destruction of the deaminase. The hypothesis on spikes of mutability may explain the sudden acquisition of multiple mutational changes during evolution and carcinogenesis.

  16. 基于边界扫描的模拟电路BIT技术研究%Research on BIT for Analog Circuit Based on Boundary Scan Technology

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    冯长江; 薛冰; 李晓峰


    Most of the analog circuit testable design based on boundary scan which still uses the analog test bus prescribed by IEEE1149. 4 standard has not been realized the built-in-test design actually. The extraction and comparison of analog signal are difficult. According to these problems, a design of BIT structure for analog circuit based on boundary scan is presented, which takes the rectangular pulse as actuator and uses analog switch as auxiliary bridge. Each module function timing results show the rationality of the design, and to integrate op-amp uA741 as measured circuit, the pulse count of the signal rising edge fully proves the feasibility of the structure.%边界扫描技术在模拟电路的可测性设计大多仍停留在IEEE1149.4标准所规定的模拟测试总线上,并没有做到真正意义上的内建自测试设计;针对模拟电路信号提取和比较相对困难的测试难点,提出采用方波脉冲作为测试激励信号的方法,并以模拟开关为辅助桥梁,设计了基于边界扫描的模拟电路BIT结构;通过各个模块功能的时序仿真证明了该结构设计的合理性,并以集成运放uA741作为被测电路,通过信号上升沿脉冲计数充分证明该结构的可行性.

  17. Learning by Analogy: Discriminating between Potential Analogs (United States)

    Richland, Lindsey E.; McDonough, Ian M.


    The ability to successfully discriminate between multiple potentially relevant source analogs when solving new problems is crucial to proficiency in a mathematics domain. Experimental findings in two different mathematical contexts demonstrate that providing cues to support comparative reasoning during an initial instructional analogy, relative to…

  18. Intuitive analog circuit design

    CERN Document Server

    Thompson, Marc


    Intuitive Analog Circuit Design outlines ways of thinking about analog circuits and systems that let you develop a feel for what a good, working analog circuit design should be. This book reflects author Marc Thompson's 30 years of experience designing analog and power electronics circuits and teaching graduate-level analog circuit design, and is the ideal reference for anyone who needs a straightforward introduction to the subject. In this book, Dr. Thompson describes intuitive and ""back-of-the-envelope"" techniques for designing and analyzing analog circuits, including transistor amplifi

  19. 基于五光谱TDICCD的模拟信号发生器设计%Design of Analog Signal Generator Based on Five-spectral TDICCD

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王旭; 刘正敏; 樊奔; 何志宽


    首先介绍了延迟积分电荷耦合器件(TDICCD)的基本原理,并根据某高分辨率多光谱航天相机定制的一款五光谱TDICCD的输出特性,设计了一种基于五光谱TDICCD的模拟信号发生器,给出了该模拟信号发生器的系统组成,包括图像处理电路、数模转换电路和模拟信号滤波电路。最后通过测试验证了该系统的信号波形、信号噪声和输出图像都满足设计要求,其输出的16通道模拟五光谱TDICCD信号频率可以达到20MHz,噪声控制在10mV以内,具有高精度、多通道和低噪声等特点。目前该模拟信号发生器已成功应用到新一代高分辨率多光谱TDICCD相机成像电路系统的研制中。%The paper introduces the principle of TDICCD firstly, and then designs an analog signal generator based on five-spectral TDICCD, according to the output characteristic of five-spectral TDICCD customized by a high resolution multi-spectral TDICCD camera. Analog signal generator consists of image processing circuit, digital-to-analog conversion circuit and analog signal filter circuit. Finally, verified by the system of signal, signal to noise ratio and the output images meet the design requirements. The system has the characteristics of high precision, multi-channel and low noise, whose 16 channels can analog five-spectral TDICCD signal frequency up to 20MHz and the signal to noise ratio is less than 10mV. The analog signal generator has been successfully applied in the development of imaging circuit system of the new generation high resolution multi-spectral TDICCD camera.

  20. Comparative acid-base properties of the surface of components of the CdTe-ZnS system in series of substitutional solid solutions and their analogs (United States)

    Kirovskaya, I. A.; Kasatova, I. Yu.


    The acid-base properties of the surface of solid solutions and binary components of the CdTe-ZnS system are studied by hydrolytic adsorption, nonaqueous conductometric titration, mechanochemistry, IR spectroscopy, and Raman scattering spectroscopy. The strength, nature, and concentration of acid centers on the original surface and that exposed to CO are determined. The changes in acid-base properties in dependence on the composition of the system under investigation in the series of CdB6, ZnB6 analogs are studied.

  1. Firing Efficiency of Cluster Bomb Based on Method of Analogy%基于类比法的子母弹射击效率评定研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    殷培江; 李君; 张立生


    The method of analogy is a familiar logistic organon used in the mess of research domain, but it's rarely used in evaluation martial category. The firing efficiency of cluster bomb based on method of analogy have many advantage, for instance it is briefness, practicability, economy, and convenient for largely reckon. The paper builds the evaluation index system of the firing efficiency with cluster bomb, we found the comparable from cluster bomb to another ammunition in classical model, build the mathematics model based on method of analogy in the next place. The paper serve as an example of several emblematic targets, and display status of firing efficiency with several emblematic targets used the radar chart, we have compared the conclusions with method of analogy and emulation mode, validate the firing efficiency of cluster bomb based on method of analogy is feasible.%类比法是一种较为常见的逻辑推理方法,在各研究领域均有应用,但在军事评估领域却应用甚少.基于类比法的子母弹射击效率评定具有简单、实用、经济、便于大量计算等优点.根据子母弹与传统弹药在射击效率评定过程中的相似性,在经典毁伤评估模型的基础上,通过类比法建立字母弹的射击效率评定模型.列举了几种典型目标,并以子母弹的类比法模型进行射击效率评定,最后将类比法所得结论与目标仿真法的结论反映在雷达图上,通过数据比对验证了类比法对子母弹射击效率评定的可行性.

  2. 基于Aspen Plus的克劳斯硫回收过程模拟%Analog of ClausSulfur Recovery Process Based on Aspen Plus

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    林发现; 丁玲; 陈延林; 李繁荣; 师慧灵; 邹隐文


    Adopting Aspen Plus process analog calculation software,process flow for Claus sulfur recovery was simulated,simulated data was good coincident with the data demarcated by analog software used specially for sulfur recovery;on that basis,author has studied the influence of Claus key data on process flow by use of Aspen Plus modular analysis function,its conclusion was coincident with practical production process;result indicates that it has optimizing role for both design calculation and production operation based on the Claus sulfur recovery process analog.%采用Aspen P lus工艺模拟计算软件模拟了克劳斯硫回收工艺过程,模拟数据与硫回收专用模拟软件的标定数据吻合较好;在此基础上,利用Aspen P lus模块化分析功能,研究了克劳斯工艺的关键数据对工艺过程的影响,其结论与实际生产过程相符合;结果表明,基于Aspen P lus的克劳斯硫回收过程模拟,对设计计算和生产操作均具有优化作用。

  3. Analog and hybrid computing

    CERN Document Server

    Hyndman, D E


    Analog and Hybrid Computing focuses on the operations of analog and hybrid computers. The book first outlines the history of computing devices that influenced the creation of analog and digital computers. The types of problems to be solved on computers, computing systems, and digital computers are discussed. The text looks at the theory and operation of electronic analog computers, including linear and non-linear computing units and use of analog computers as operational amplifiers. The monograph examines the preparation of problems to be deciphered on computers. Flow diagrams, methods of ampl

  4. Selection of the optimum combination of responses for Wave Buoy Analogy - An approach based on local sensitivity analysis

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Montazeri, Najmeh; Nielsen, Ulrik Dam; Jensen, Jørgen Juncher


    One method to estimate the wave spectrum onboard ships is to use measured ship responses. In this method, known also as Wave Buoy Analogy, amongst various responses that are available from sensor measurements, a couple of responses (at least three) are usually utilized. Selec-tion of the best...... combination of ship responses is important. Optimally, this selection should not be implemented manually in onboard applications. Therefore, availability of an automatic response selection procedure would be a great advantage for decision support. In this paper, a local sensitivity analysis is applied...

  5. Efficiency and hardware comparison of analog control-based and digital control-based 70 W two-stage power factor corrector and DC-DC converters

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Török, Lajos; Munk-Nielsen, Stig


    A comparison of an analog and a digital controller driven 70 W two-stage power factor corrector converter is presented. Both controllers are operated in average current-mode-control for the PFC and peak current control for the DC-DC converter. Digital controller design and converter modeling...... is described. Results show that digital control can compete with the analog one in efficiency, PFC and THD....

  6. Salmonella enterica MTAN at 1.36 Å resolution: a structure-based design of tailored transition state analogs. (United States)

    Haapalainen, Antti M; Thomas, Keisha; Tyler, Peter C; Evans, Gary B; Almo, Steven C; Schramm, Vern L


    Accumulation of 5'-methylthioadenosine (MTA) and S-adenosylhomocysteine (SAH) in bacteria disrupts the S-adenosylmethionine pool to alter biological methylations, synthesis of polyamines, and production of quorum-sensing molecules. Bacterial metabolism of MTA and SAH depends on MTA/SAH nucleosidase (MTAN), an enzyme not present in humans and a target for quorum sensing because MTAN activity is essential for synthesis of autoinducer-2 molecules. Crystals of Salmonella enterica MTAN with product and transition state analogs of MTA and SAH explain the structural contacts causing pM binding affinity for the inhibitor and reveal a "water-wire" channel for the catalytic nucleophile. The crystal structure shows an extension of the binding pocket filled with polyethylene glycol. We exploited this discovery by the design and synthesis of tailored modifications of the currently existing transition state analogs to fill this site. This site was not anticipated in MTAN structures. Tailored inhibitors with dissociation constants of 5 to 15 pM are characterized.

  7. Synchronization sampling method based on delta-sigma analog-digital converter for underwater towed array system (United States)

    Jiang, Jia-Jia; Duan, Fa-Jie; Li, Yan-Chao; Hua, Xiang-Ning


    Synchronization sampling is very important in underwater towed array system where every acquisition node (AN) samples analog signals by its own analog-digital converter (ADC). In this paper, a simple and effective synchronization sampling method is proposed to ensure synchronized operation among different ANs of the underwater towed array system. We first present a master-slave synchronization sampling model, and then design a high accuracy phase-locked loop to synchronize all delta-sigma ADCs to a reference clock. However, when the master-slave synchronization sampling model is used, both the time-delay (TD) of messages traveling along the wired transmission medium and the jitter of the clocks will bring out synchronization sampling error (SSE). Therefore, a simple method is proposed to estimate and compensate the TD of the messages transmission, and then another effective method is presented to overcome the SSE caused by the jitter of the clocks. An experimental system with three ANs is set up, and the related experimental results verify the validity of the synchronization sampling method proposed in this paper.

  8. Environmental temperature effect on the far-infrared absorption features of aromatic-based Titan's aerosol analogs (United States)

    Gautier, Thomas; Trainer, Melissa G.; Loeffler, Mark J.; Sebree, Joshua A.; Anderson, Carrie M.


    Benzene detection has been reported in Titan's atmosphere both in the stratosphere at ppb levels by remote sensing (Coustenis et al., 2007; Vinatier et al., 2007) and in the thermosphere at ppm levels by the Cassini's Ion and Neutral Mass Spectrometer (Waite et al., 2007). This detection supports the idea that aromatic and heteroaromatic reaction pathways may play an important role in Titan's atmospheric chemistry, especially in the formation of aerosols. Indeed, aromatic molecules are easily dissociated by ultraviolet radiation and can therefore contribute significantly to aerosol formation. It has been shown recently that aerosol analogs produced from a gas mixture containing a low concentration of aromatic and/or heteroaromatic molecules (benzene, naphthalene, pyridine, quinoline and isoquinoline) have spectral signatures below 500 cm-1, a first step towards reproducing the aerosol spectral features observed by Cassini's Composite InfraRed Spectrometer (CIRS) in the far infrared (Anderson and Samuelson 2011, and references therein). In this work we investigate the influence of environmental temperature on the absorption spectra of such aerosol samples, simulating the temperature range to which aerosols, once formed, are exposed during their transport through Titan's stratosphere. Our results show that environmental temperature does not have any major effect on the spectral shape of these aerosol analogs in the far-infrared, which is consistent with the CIRS observations.

  9. Development of molecular docking-based binding energy to predict the joint effect of BPA and its analogs. (United States)

    Zhang, Hong-Chang; Hu, Xia-Lin; Yin, Da-Qiang; Lin, Zhi-Fen


    A general proposal for predicting the joint effect of endocrine disrupting chemicals by examining binding energy models was developed in this study. 2,2-bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)propane (BPA) and 11 of its analogs were chosen, and the estrogenic activity of each compound was measured by determining its EC50 value using a recombinant gene yeast assay. Binding energies (BEs) were calculated using Surflex-Docking software. The analysis of the relationship between EC50 values and BEs showed that there is a linear correlation between the BEs and EC50 values. Furthermore, the analysis of the given binary and quaternary mixtures of BPA and three of its analogs showed that the joint effects of the mixtures were affected by the proportions of the chemicals in each mixture and their relative binding energy. The correlation between the joint effects of mixtures and the binding energy of the individual compounds has been described using one formula, which can be used to predict the joint effects of other mixtures.

  10. A novel method based solely on FPGA units enabling measurement of time and charge of analog signals in Positron Emission Tomography

    CERN Document Server

    Pałka, M; Białas, P; Czerwiński, E; Kapłon, Ł; Kochanowski, A; Korcyl, G; Kowal, J; Kowalski, P; Kozik, T; Krzemień, W; Molenda, M; Moskal, P; Niedźwiecki, Sz; Pawlik, M; Raczyński, L; Rudy, Z; Salabura, P; Sharma, N G; Silarski, M; Słomski, A; Smyrski, J; Strzelecki, A; Wiślicki, W; Zieliński, M; Zoń, N


    This article presents a novel technique for precise measurement of time and charge based solely on FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) device and few satellite discrete electronic components used in Positron Emission Tomography (PET). Described approach simplifies electronic circuits, reduces the power consumption, lowers costs, merges front-end electronics with digital electronics and also makes more compact final design. Furthermore, it allows to measure time when analog signals cross a reference voltage at different threshold levels with a very high precision of $\\sim$ 10ps (rms) and thus enables sampling of signals in a voltage domain.

  11. Understanding the link between circumferential dikes and eruptive fissures around calderas based on numerical and analog models (United States)

    Corbi, Fabio; Rivalta, Eleonora; Pinel, Virginie; Maccaferri, Francesco; Acocella, Valerio


    Active calderas are seldom associated with circumferential eruptive fissures, but eroded magmatic complexes reveal widespread circumferential dikes. This suggests that, while the conditions to emplace circumferential dikes are easily met, mechanisms must prevent them from reaching the surface. We explain this discrepancy with experiments of air injection into gelatin shaped as a volcano with caldera. Analog dikes show variable deflection, depending on the competition between overpressure, Pe, and topographic unloading, Pl; when Pl/Pe = 4.8-5.3, the dikes propagate orthogonal to the least compressive stress. Due to the unloading, they become circumferential and stall below the caldera rim; buoyancy is fundamental for the further rise and circumferential fissure development. Numerical models quantitatively constrain the stress orientation within the gelatin, explaining the observed circumferential dikes. Our results explain how dikes propagate below the rim of felsic and mafic calderas, but only in the latter they are prone to feed circumferential fissures.

  12. Design of a reliable PUF circuit based on R-2R ladder digital-to-analog convertor (United States)

    Pengjun, Wang; Xuelong, Zhang; Yuejun, Zhang; Jianrui, Li


    A novel physical unclonable functions (PUF) circuit is proposed, which relies on non-linear characteristic of analog voltage generated by R-2R ladder DAC. After amplifying the deviation signal, the robustness of the DAC-PUF circuit has increased significantly. The DAC-PUF circuit is designed in TSMC 65 nm CMOS technology and the layout occupies 86.06 × 63.56 μm2. Monte Carlo simulation results show that the reliability of the DAC-PUF circuit is above 98% over a comprehensive range of environmental variation, such as temperature and supply voltage. Project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Nos. 61474068, 61404076, 61274132), the Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China (No. LQ14F040001), and the K. C. Wong Magna Fund in Ningbo University, China.

  13. All-optical analog comparator (United States)

    Li, Pu; Yi, Xiaogang; Liu, Xianglian; Zhao, Dongliang; Zhao, Yongpeng; Wang, Yuncai


    An analog comparator is one of the core units in all-optical analog-to-digital conversion (AO-ADC) systems, which digitizes different amplitude levels into two levels of logical ‘1’ or ‘0’ by comparing with a defined decision threshold. Although various outstanding photonic ADC approaches have been reported, almost all of them necessitate an electrical comparator to carry out this binarization. The use of an electrical comparator is in contradiction to the aim of developing all-optical devices. In this work, we propose a new concept of an all-optical analog comparator and numerically demonstrate an implementation based on a quarter-wavelength-shifted distributed feedback laser diode (QWS DFB-LD) with multiple quantum well (MQW) structures. Our results show that the all-optical comparator is very well suited for true AO-ADCs, enabling the whole digital conversion from an analog optical signal (continuous-time signal or discrete pulse signal) to a binary representation totally in the optical domain. In particular, this all-optical analog comparator possesses a low threshold power (several mW), high extinction ratio (up to 40 dB), fast operation rate (of the order of tens of Gb/s) and a step-like transfer function.

  14. Analogy in CLAM


    Melis, Erica


    CL A M is a proof planner, developed by the Dream group in Edinburgh,that mainly operates for inductive proofs. This paper addresses the questionhow an analogy model that I developed independently of CL A M can beapplied to CL A M and it presents analogy-driven proof plan construction as acontrol strategy of CL A M . This strategy is realized as a derivational analogythat includes the reformulation of proof plans. The analogical replay checkswhether the reformulated justifications of the sour...

  15. Analog circuit design

    CERN Document Server

    Dobkin, Bob


    Analog circuit and system design today is more essential than ever before. With the growth of digital systems, wireless communications, complex industrial and automotive systems, designers are being challenged to develop sophisticated analog solutions. This comprehensive source book of circuit design solutions aids engineers with elegant and practical design techniques that focus on common analog challenges. The book's in-depth application examples provide insight into circuit design and application solutions that you can apply in today's demanding designs. <

  16. Analogies of Information Security


    Sole, Amund Bauck


    In this thesis it will be tested wither analogies and metaphors would make it easier to teach the fundamental subjects of information security and hacking to people with no previous background in computer science and only basic computer skills. This will be done by conducting interview on people with no background in computer science to see what analogies work the best for different topics in information security. From the analogy getting the best response, a small game will be designed with ...

  17. 基于数模混合的混沌映射实现∗%Chaotic map implementation based on digital-analog hybrid metho d

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    党小宇; 李洪涛; 袁泽世; 胡文


    , which confines the system performance. In this paper, a new digital-analog hybrid chaotic map with only one analog capacitor is constructed to produce random numbers. Firstly, the block diagram of digital-analog hybrid system based on the single capacitance feedback is given, and the model of the system is derived from the block diagram. Secondly, the simple logistic map is applied to the model and its nonlinear dynamics behaviors are analyzed and compared to verify the correctness and effectiveness of the proposed method. Then a more complex two-way coupled saw tooth map is used to produce pseudorandom sequences through simulation smoothly. When designing the circuits of the system, a digital-analog hybrid implementation with field programmable logic gate array and a single analog capacitor is used to realize chaotic maps, showing that it can overcome the finite word length effect of digital implementation. NIST, a general statistical test suiting for random and pseudorandom number generator cryptographic applications, is used to test the sequences produced by the new system. The results show that the new hybrid system is insensitive to the evolution of circuit parameters and the randomness of sequence is in accordance with the practical application. The circuit implementation verifies the numerical simulation and theoretical results. The high speed digital devices and a single analog capacitance are applied to the proposed random sequence generator, and therefore it can be integrated easily into the systems of digital encryption, secure communication and radar waveform generation.

  18. Priming analogical reasoning with false memories. (United States)

    Howe, Mark L; Garner, Sarah R; Threadgold, Emma; Ball, Linden J


    Like true memories, false memories are capable of priming answers to insight-based problems. Recent research has attempted to extend this paradigm to more advanced problem-solving tasks, including those involving verbal analogical reasoning. However, these experiments are constrained inasmuch as problem solutions could be generated via spreading activation mechanisms (much like false memories themselves) rather than using complex reasoning processes. In three experiments we examined false memory priming of complex analogical reasoning tasks in the absence of simple semantic associations. In Experiment 1, we demonstrated the robustness of false memory priming in analogical reasoning when backward associative strength among the problem terms was eliminated. In Experiments 2a and 2b, we extended these findings by demonstrating priming on newly created homonym analogies that can only be solved by inhibiting semantic associations within the analogy. Overall, the findings of the present experiments provide evidence that the efficacy of false memory priming extends to complex analogical reasoning problems.

  19. Switched-Current Technology Based Reconfigurable Analog Circuit for Multi-Function Analog Signal Processing%面向多功能模拟信号处理的开关电流型可重构模拟电路研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王友仁; 祝鸣涛; 任晋华; 崔江; 林华


    现有的离散时间型可重构模拟电路采用开关电容技术,存在功能有限、带宽低、与数字CMOS工艺不兼容等问题.本文提出了一种基于电流模取样数据技术的可重构模拟电路,能够与数字CMOS工艺技术兼容.设计了细粒度开关电流型可重构模拟单元,设计了面向开关电流型CAB互连的可编程网络结构.在4×2规模的可重构模拟阵列上,重构实现了三个典型模拟电路应用实例,实验结果证明了所设计开关电流型可重构模拟电路是有效的,能重构实现多种功能的模拟电路.%Conventional discrete time mode reconfigurable analog circuits are designed with the switched capacitor teclnology,which have the disadvantage of function limitation,tower band pass,ani being not compatible with digital CMOS process technology in hybrid integrated circuits. This paper presented a Reconfigurable Analog Circuit (RAC) based on Current Mode Sampled Data Technology (CMSDT), which was fully compatible with the digital CMOS process. The Configurable Analog Block (CAB) based on switched current technology was developed,and the progrannable intercnnect network structure for the switched currenyCAB was proposed. Three analog circuits for application examples have been achieved respectively by reconfiguration in the 4 × 2 recongurable analog array. The simulation experimental results show that the designed reconfigurable analog circuit is effective and can realize multi-function analog circuit with reconfiguration.

  20. Demonstration of an online tool to assist managed care formulary evidence-based decision making: meta-analysis of topical prostaglandin analog efficacy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kymes SM


    Full Text Available Steven M Kymes1, Caroline Burk2, Todd Feinman3, Julia M Williams4, David A Hollander41Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, Washington University School of Medicine, St Louis, MO, USA; 2Health Outcomes, Allergan Inc, Irvine, CA, USA; 3Doctor Evidence LLC, Santa Monica, CA, USA; 4Global Medical Affairs, Allergan Inc, Irvine, CA, USABackground: The purpose of this paper was to demonstrate the use of an online service for conducting a systematic review and meta-analysis of the efficacy of topical prostaglandin analogs in reducing intraocular pressure (IOP in glaucoma and ocular hypertension.Methods: An online service provider (Doctor Evidence reviewed and extracted data from the peer-reviewed literature through September 2009. Randomized controlled studies of at least three months' duration assessing at least two prostaglandin analogs in patients with primary open-angle glaucoma, ocular hypertension, or normal-tension glaucoma were included. The primary endpoint was mean IOP. Summary estimates were created using random-effects models. The Q Chi-square test was used to assess statistical heterogeneity.Results: Sixteen studies satisfied the inclusion criteria and were analyzed. On average, greater IOP-lowering was seen with bimatoprost relative to latanoprost (1 mmHg, P = 0.025 and travoprost (0.8 mmHg, P = 0.033 based on mean IOP after 12–26 weeks of treatment. No statistical difference was observed in IOP-lowering between latanoprost and travoprost (P = 0.841. Findings were similar to previously published meta-analyses of topical prostaglandin analogs.Conclusion: Systematic reviews relying on meta-analytic techniques to create summary statistics are considered to be the "gold standard" for synthesizing evidence to support clinical decision-making. However, the process is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and outside the capability of most formulary managers. We have demonstrated the effectiveness of a commercial service that facilitates

  1. A Power Conditioning Stage Based on Analog-Circuit MPPT Control and a Superbuck Converter for Thermoelectric Generators in Spacecraft Power Systems (United States)

    Sun, Kai; Wu, Hongfei; Cai, Yan; Xing, Yan


    A thermoelectric generator (TEG) is a very important kind of power supply for spacecraft, especially for deep-space missions, due to its long lifetime and high reliability. To develop a practical TEG power supply for spacecraft, a power conditioning stage is indispensable, being employed to convert the varying output voltage of the TEG modules to a definite voltage for feeding batteries or loads. To enhance the system reliability, a power conditioning stage based on analog-circuit maximum-power-point tracking (MPPT) control and a superbuck converter is proposed in this paper. The input of this power conditioning stage is connected to the output of the TEG modules, and the output of this stage is connected to the battery and loads. The superbuck converter is employed as the main circuit, featuring low input current ripples and high conversion efficiency. Since for spacecraft power systems reliable operation is the key target for control circuits, a reset-set flip-flop-based analog circuit is used as the basic control circuit to implement MPPT, being much simpler than digital control circuits and offering higher reliability. Experiments have verified the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed power conditioning stage. The results show the advantages of the proposed stage, such as maximum utilization of TEG power, small input ripples, and good stability.

  2. A low-power inverter-based CMOS level-crossing analog-to-digital converter for low-frequency biosignal sensing (United States)

    Tanaka, Suiki; Niitsu, Kiichi; Nakazato, Kazuo


    Low-power analog-to-digital conversion is a key technique for power-limited biomedical applications such as power-limited continuous glucose monitoring. However, a conventional uniform-sampling analog-to-digital converter (ADC) is not suitable for nonuniform biosignals. A level-crossing ADC (LC-ADC) is a promising candidate for low-power biosignal processing because of its event-driven properties. The LC-ADC acquires data by level-crossing sampling. When an input signal crosses the threshold level, the LC-ADC samples the signal. The conventional LC-ADC employs a power-hungry comparator. In this paper, we present a low-power inverter-based LC-ADC. By adjusting the threshold level of the inverter, it can be used as a threshold-fixed window comparator. By using the inverter as an alternative to a comparator, power consumption can be markedly reduced. As a result, the total power consumption is successfully reduced by 90% of that of previous LC-ADC. The inverter-based LC-ADC was found to be very suitable for use in power-limited biomedical devices.

  3. The Bipolar Field-Effect Transistor:Ⅶ. The Unipolar Current Mode for Analog-RF Operation(Two-MOS-Gates on Pure-Base

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Jie Binbin; Sah Chih-Tang


    This paper reports the DC steady-state current-voltage and conductance-voltage characteristics of a Bipolar Field-Effect Transistor (BiFET) under the unipolar (electron) current mode of operation, with bipolar (elec-tron and hole) charge distributions considered. The model BiFET example presented has two MOS-gates on the two surfaces of a thin pure silicon base layer with electron and hole contacts on both edges of the thin base. The hole contacts on both edges of the thin pure base layer are grounded to give zero hole current. This 1-transistor analog-RF Basic Building Block nMOS amplifier circuit, operated in the unipolar current mode, complements the 1-transistor digital Basic Build Block CMOS voltage inverter circuit, operated in the bipolar-current mode just presented by us.

  4. Analog circuit diagnosis with fault dictionary method based on DAGSVC*%基于DAGSVC的模拟电路故障字典法

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    姜媛媛; 韩振云; 崔江


    Focusing on the design of problem of fault diagnosis of analog circuit and classifier with support vector machines(SVMs) ,a new method of fault dictionary based on directed acyclic graph SVMs classifier (DAGSVC) is presented, and a specification for estimating the average test complexity of the support vector machine classifier (SVC) is also compared. Two actual analog filter are tested to validate the proposed method,whose performance is proven to be superior to the traditional methods, such as “1-v-r” SVC and “l-v-1” SVC. The proposed method, being proper to perform analog circuit diagnosis and faults isolation,could also achieve almost the same diagnosis rate as the clustering binary tree SVC,whose test structure is not unique.%针对模拟电路的故障诊断和支持向量机分类器的设计问题,讨论了一种基于有向无环图支持向量机分类器(DAGSVC)的故障字典新方法,并比较了几种支持向量机故障分类器的平均测试复杂度指标.通过对2个实际模拟滤波器的实际测试和验证表明:该方法性能要优于"1-v-r"SVC,"1-v-1"SVC等常规的故障分类器,并和聚类二叉树SVC的诊断性能接近,适合模拟电路的故障分类和诊断.

  5. A mechanism-based 3D-QSAR approach for classification and prediction of acetylcholinesterase inhibitory potency of organophosphate and carbamate analogs (United States)

    Lee, Sehan; Barron, Mace G.


    Organophosphate (OP) and carbamate esters can inhibit acetylcholinesterase (AChE) by binding covalently to a serine residue in the enzyme active site, and their inhibitory potency depends largely on affinity for the enzyme and the reactivity of the ester. Despite this understanding, there has been no mechanism-based in silico approach for classification and prediction of the inhibitory potency of ether OPs or carbamates. This prompted us to develop a three dimensional prediction framework for OPs, carbamates, and their analogs. Inhibitory structures of a compound that can form the covalent bond were identified through analysis of docked conformations of the compound and its metabolites. Inhibitory potencies of the selected structures were then predicted using a previously developed three dimensional quantitative structure-active relationship. This approach was validated with a large number of structurally diverse OP and carbamate compounds encompassing widely used insecticides and structural analogs including OP flame retardants and thio- and dithiocarbamate pesticides. The modeling revealed that: (1) in addition to classical OP metabolic activation, the toxicity of carbamate compounds can be dependent on biotransformation, (2) OP and carbamate analogs such as OP flame retardants and thiocarbamate herbicides can act as AChEI, (3) hydrogen bonds at the oxyanion hole is critical for AChE inhibition through the covalent bond, and (4) π-π interaction with Trp86 is necessary for strong inhibition of AChE. Our combined computation approach provided detailed understanding of the mechanism of action of OP and carbamate compounds and may be useful for screening a diversity of chemical structures for AChE inhibitory potency.

  6. Mineral formation on metallic copper in a `Future repository site environment`: Textural considerations based on natural analogs

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Amcoff, Oe. [Uppsala Univ. (Sweden). Inst. of Earth Sciences


    Copper mineral formation in the Swedish `repository site environment` is discussed. Special attention is given to ore mineral textures (=the spatial relation among minerals), with examples given from nature. It is concluded: By analogy with observations from natural occurrences, an initial coating of Cu-oxide on the canister surface (because of entrapped air during construction) will probably not hinder a later sulphidation process. Early formation of Cu-sulphides on the canister surface may be accompanied by formation of CuFe-sulphides. The latter phase(s) may form through replacement of the Cu-sulphides or, alternatively, by means of reaction between dissolved copper and fine-grained iron sulphide (pyrite) in the surrounding bentonite. Should for some reason the bentonite barrier fail and the conditions become strongly oxidizing, we can expect crustifications and rhythmic growths of Cu(II)-phases, like malachite (Cu{sub 2}(OH){sub 2}CO{sub 3}). A presence of Fe{sup 2} in the clay minerals making up the bentonite might prove to have an adverse effect on the canister stability, since, in this case, the bentonite might be expected to act as a sink for dissolved copper. The mode of mineral growth along the copper - bentonite interface remains an open question.

  7. Challenges in Using Analogies (United States)

    Lin, Shih-Yin; Singh, Chandralekha


    Learning physics requires understanding the applicability of fundamental principles in a variety of contexts that share deep features. One way to help students learn physics is via analogical reasoning. Students can be taught to make an analogy between situations that are more familiar or easier to understand and another situation where the same…

  8. Hydraulic Capacitor Analogy (United States)

    Baser, Mustafa


    Students have difficulties in physics because of the abstract nature of concepts and principles. One of the effective methods for overcoming students' difficulties is the use of analogies to visualize abstract concepts to promote conceptual understanding. According to Iding, analogies are consistent with the tenets of constructivist learning…

  9. Synaptic dynamics in analog VLSI. (United States)

    Bartolozzi, Chiara; Indiveri, Giacomo


    Synapses are crucial elements for computation and information transfer in both real and artificial neural systems. Recent experimental findings and theoretical models of pulse-based neural networks suggest that synaptic dynamics can play a crucial role for learning neural codes and encoding spatiotemporal spike patterns. Within the context of hardware implementations of pulse-based neural networks, several analog VLSI circuits modeling synaptic functionality have been proposed. We present an overview of previously proposed circuits and describe a novel analog VLSI synaptic circuit suitable for integration in large VLSI spike-based neural systems. The circuit proposed is based on a computational model that fits the real postsynaptic currents with exponentials. We present experimental data showing how the circuit exhibits realistic dynamics and show how it can be connected to additional modules for implementing a wide range of synaptic properties.

  10. Cyclic pentapeptide analogs based on endomorphin-2 structure: cyclization studies using liquid chromatography combined with on-line mass spectrometry and tandem mass spectrometry. (United States)

    Piekielna, Justyna; Kluczyk, Alicja; Perlikowska, Renata; Janecka, Anna


    The cyclization of linear analogs based on endomorphin-2 structure, Tyr/Dmt-d-Lys-Phe-Phe-Asp-NH2 and Tyr/Dmt-d-Cys-Phe-Phe-Cys-NH2 (where Dmt=2',6'-dimethyltyrosine), resulting in obtaining lactam or disulfide derivatives, was studied using liquid chromatography combined with on-line mass spectrometry (LC-MS) and tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). In case of cyclization via an amide bond, the formation of the cyclic monomers, cyclic but not linear dimers and even traces of cyclic trimers was observed. Disulfide bridge containing peptides was obtained by the solid-phase synthesis of the linear sequences, followed by either in-solution or on-resin cyclization. In case of the in-solution cyclization, the expected cyclic monomers were the only products. When oxidation of the cysteine residues was performed when the peptides were still on the resin, cyclic monomer and two cyclodimers, parallel and antiparallel, were found. Digestion of the isolated cyclodimers with α-chymotrypsin allowed for their unambiguous identification. The comparison of the cyclic monomer/dimer ratios for analogs with Tyr versus Dmt in position 1 revealed that the presence of the exocyclic Dmt favored formation of the cyclic monomer, most likely due to the increased steric bulk of this amino acid side-chain as compared with Tyr.

  11. Structure-based virtual screening, molecular docking, ADMET and molecular simulations to develop benzoxaborole analogs as potential inhibitor against Leishmania donovani trypanothione reductase. (United States)

    Pandey, Rajan Kumar; Kumbhar, Bajarang Vasant; Sundar, Shyam; Kunwar, Ambarish; Prajapati, Vijay Kumar


    Visceral leishmaniasis (VL) is the most fatal form of leishmaniasis and it affects 70 countries worldwide. Increasing drug resistant for antileishmanial drugs such as miltefosine, sodium stibogluconate and pentamidine has been reported in the VL endemic region. Amphotericin B has shown potential antileishmanial activity in different formulations but its cost of treatment and associated nephrotoxicity have limited its use by affected people living in the endemic zone. To control the VL infection in the affected countries, it is necessary to develop new antileishmanial compounds with high efficacy and negligible toxicity. Computer aided programs such as binding free energy estimation; ADMET prediction and molecular dynamics simulation can be used to investigate novel antileishmanial molecules in shorter duration. To develop antileishmanial lead molecule, we performed standard precision (SP) docking for 1160 benzoxaborole analogs along with reference inhibitors against trypanothione reductase of Leishmania parasite. Furthermore, extra precision (XP) docking, ADMET prediction, prime MM-GBSA was conducted over 115 ligands, showing better docking score than reference inhibitors to get potential antileishmanial compounds. Simultaneously, area under the curve (AUC) was estimated using ROC plot to validate the SP and XP docking protocol. Later on, two benzoxaborole analogs with best MM-GBSA ΔG-bind were subjected to molecular simulation and docking confirmation to ensure the ligand interaction with TR. The presented drug discovery based on computational study confirms that BOB27 can be used as a potential drug candidate and warrants further experimental investigation to fight against VL in endemic areas.

  12. Broadband receiver-based distortion elimination in phase-modulated analog optical links using four-wave mixing (United States)

    Bhatia, Amit; Ting, Hong-Fu; Foster, Mark A.


    We present a method for full distortion elimination in phase-modulated analog optical links using the nonlinear optical process of four-wave mixing (FWM). Phase-modulated links consist of a laser and phase modulator in the transmitter and an interferometer (or local oscillator) and photodiode in the receiver. Phase modulation is a linear process, so distortion is introduced in the interferometric detection process. Quadrature biasing eliminates even-order distortion products, leaving only odd-order distortion. Here we introduce a method for eliminating these odd-order distortion products in the receiver. A small portion of the phase-modulated signal is tapped and combined with an unmodulated CW laser to seed a cascaded FWM comb source. This process generates an array of lightwaves with integer multiples of the signal's phase modulation. By suitably scaling and combining these lightwaves with the original signal the overall transfer function of the interferometric receiver can be linearized (or given another tailored shape) through a Fourier synthesis approach. By combining a single lightwave from the generated comb with the original signal, we demonstrate the complete elimination of third-order distortion from the phase-modulated link leaving fifth-order distortion as the dominate source of distortion. We show a 17.6-dB SFDR improvement (1-Hz bandwidth) for a 6 GHz link operating at 5-mA total photocurrent and a 16.4-dB SFDR improvement (1-Hz bandwidth) for a 15 GHz link operating at 10-mA total photocurrent. By appropriately combining additional lightwaves from the generated comb, higher-order distortion products can be eliminated to produce an ideal linear (or custom shaped) transfer function.

  13. Computational approaches to analogical reasoning current trends

    CERN Document Server

    Richard, Gilles


    Analogical reasoning is known as a powerful mode for drawing plausible conclusions and solving problems. It has been the topic of a huge number of works by philosophers, anthropologists, linguists, psychologists, and computer scientists. As such, it has been early studied in artificial intelligence, with a particular renewal of interest in the last decade. The present volume provides a structured view of current research trends on computational approaches to analogical reasoning. It starts with an overview of the field, with an extensive bibliography. The 14 collected contributions cover a large scope of issues. First, the use of analogical proportions and analogies is explained and discussed in various natural language processing problems, as well as in automated deduction. Then, different formal frameworks for handling analogies are presented, dealing with case-based reasoning, heuristic-driven theory projection, commonsense reasoning about incomplete rule bases, logical proportions induced by similarity an...

  14. Troubleshooting analog circuits

    CERN Document Server

    Pease, Robert A


    Troubleshooting Analog Circuits is a guidebook for solving product or process related problems in analog circuits. The book also provides advice in selecting equipment, preventing problems, and general tips. The coverage of the book includes the philosophy of troubleshooting; the modes of failure of various components; and preventive measures. The text also deals with the active components of analog circuits, including diodes and rectifiers, optically coupled devices, solar cells, and batteries. The book will be of great use to both students and practitioners of electronics engineering. Other

  15. Satellite-Based Thermophysical Analysis of Volcaniclastic Deposits: A Terrestrial Analog for Mantled Lava Flows on Mars

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mark A. Price


    Full Text Available Orbital thermal infrared (TIR remote sensing is an important tool for characterizing geologic surfaces on Earth and Mars. However, deposition of material from volcanic or eolian activity results in bedrock surfaces becoming significantly mantled over time, hindering the accuracy of TIR compositional analysis. Moreover, interplay between particle size, albedo, composition and surface roughness add complexity to these interpretations. Apparent Thermal Inertia (ATI is the measure of the resistance to temperature change and has been used to determine parameters such as grain/block size, density/mantling, and the presence of subsurface soil moisture/ice. Our objective is to document the quantitative relationship between ATI derived from orbital visible/near infrared (VNIR and thermal infrared (TIR data and tephra fall mantling of the Mono Craters and Domes (MCD in California, which were chosen as an analog for partially mantled flows observed at Arsia Mons volcano on Mars. The ATI data were created from two images collected ~12 h apart by the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER instrument. The results were validated with a quantitative framework developed using fieldwork that was conducted at 13 pre-chosen sites. These sites ranged in grain size from ash-sized to meter-scale blocks and were all rhyolitic in composition. Block size and mantling were directly correlated with ATI. Areas with ATI under 2.3 × 10−2 were well-mantled with average grain size below 4 cm; whereas values greater than 3.0 × 10−2 corresponded to mantle-free surfaces. Correlation was less accurate where checkerboard-style mixing between mantled and non-mantled surfaces occurred below the pixel scale as well as in locations where strong shadowing occurred. However, the results validate that the approach is viable for a large majority of mantled surfaces on Earth and Mars. This is relevant for determining the volcanic history of Mars, for

  16. Investigation of Higher Brain Functions in Music Composition Using Models of the Cortex Based on Physical System Analogies. (United States)

    Leng, Xiaodan

    The trion model was developed using the Mountcastle organizational principle for the column as the basic neuronal network in the cortex and the physical system analogy of Fisher's ANNNI spin model. An essential feature is that it is highly structured in time and in spatial connections. Simulations of a network of trions have shown that large numbers of quasi-stable, periodic spatial-temporal firing patterns can be excited. Characteristics of these patterns include the quality of being readily enhanced by only a small change in connection strengths, and that the patterns evolve in certain natural sequences from one to another. With only somewhat different parameters than used for studying memory and pattern recognition, much more flowing and intriguing patterns emerged from the simulations. The results were striking when these probabilistic evolutions were mapped onto pitches and instruments to produce music: For example different simple mappings of the same evolution give music having the "flavor" of a minuet, a waltz, folk music, or styles of specific periods. A theme can be learned so that evolutions have this theme and its variations reoccurring more often. That the trion model is a viable model for the coding of musical structure in human composition and perception is suggested. It is further proposed that model is relevant for examining creativity in the higher cognitive functions of mathematics and chess, which are similar to music. An even higher level of cortical organization was modeled by coupling together several trion networks. Further, one of the crucial features of higher brain function, especially in music composition or appreciation, is the role of emotion and mood as controlled by the many neuromodulators or neuropeptides. The MILA model whose underlying basis is zero-level representation of Kac-Moody algebra is used to modulate periodically the firing threshold of each network. Our preliminary results show that the introduction of "neuromodulation

  17. All-optical Mach-Zehnder interferometer switching based on the phase-shift multiplication effect of an analog on the electromagnetically induced transparency effect (United States)

    Wang, Boyun; Xiong, Liangbin; Zeng, Qingdong; Chen, Zhihong; Lv, Hao; Ding, Yaoming; Du, Jun; Yu, Huaqing


    We theoretically and numerically investigate all-optical Mach-Zehnder interferometer switching based on the phase-shift multiplication effect of an all-optical analog on the electromagnetically induced transparency effect. The free-carrier plasma dispersion effect modulation method is applied to improve the tuning rate with a response time of picoseconds. All observed schemes are analyzed rigorously through finite-difference time-domain simulations and coupled-mode formalism. Compared with no phase-shift multiplication effect, the average pump power of all-optical switching required to yield the π-phase shift difference decreases by 55.1%, and the size of the modulation region is reduced by 50.1% when the average pump power reaches 60.8 mW. This work provides a new direction for low-power consumption and miniaturization of microstructure integration light-controlled switching devices in optical communication and quantum information processing.

  18. A High-Resolution Transmission-Type (TT) Phaser Based on Reflection-Type (RT) Units for Radio Analog Signal Processing (R-ASP)

    CERN Document Server

    Zou, Lianfeng


    A high Radio Analog Signal Processing (R-ASP) resolution transmission-type (TT) phaser based on reflection-type (RT) phaser units is introduced, theoretically studied and experimentally demonstrated. It is first shown that RT phasers inherently exhibit higher R-ASP resolution than their TT counterparts because their group delay swing is proportional to the reflection coefficient associated with a resonator coupling mechanism (admittance inverter), easy to maximize towards unity, rather than to a coupled-line coupling coefficient, typically restricted to values will inferior to unity, as in the RT case. Moreover, a detailed sensitivity analysis reveals that the proposed phaser is simultaneously features high R-ASP resolution and low sensitivity to fabrication tolerance, which makes it an ideal solution for R-ASP. The proposed phaser exhibits a 5 ns group delay swing over a fractional bandwidth of about 50% around 4 GHz.

  19. Structure-based design, synthesis and biological testing of etoposide analog epipodophyllotoxin-N-mustard hybrid compounds designed to covalently bind to topoisomerase II and DNA. (United States)

    Yadav, Arun A; Wu, Xing; Patel, Daywin; Yalowich, Jack C; Hasinoff, Brian B


    Drugs that target DNA topoisomerase II isoforms and alkylate DNA represent two mechanistically distinct and clinically important classes of anticancer drugs. Guided by molecular modeling and docking a series of etoposide analog epipodophyllotoxin-N-mustard hybrid compounds were designed, synthesized and biologically characterized. These hybrids were designed to alkylate nucleophilic protein residues on topoisomerase II and thus produce inactive covalent adducts and to also alkylate DNA. The most potent hybrid had a mean GI(50) in the NCI-60 cell screen 17-fold lower than etoposide. Using a variety of in vitro and cell-based assays all of the hybrids tested were shown to target topoisomerase II. A COMPARE analysis indicated that the hybrids had NCI 60-cell growth inhibition profiles matching both etoposide and the N-mustard compounds from which they were derived. These results supported the conclusion that the hybrids displayed characteristics that were consistent with having targeted both topoisomerase II and DNA.

  20. TV Analog Station Transmitters (United States)

    Department of Homeland Security — This file is an extract from the Consolidated Database System (CDBS) licensed by the Media Bureau. It consists of Analog Television Stations (see Rule Part47 CFR...

  1. Analog multivariate counting analyzers

    CERN Document Server

    Nikitin, A V; Armstrong, T P


    Characterizing rates of occurrence of various features of a signal is of great importance in numerous types of physical measurements. Such signal features can be defined as certain discrete coincidence events, e.g. crossings of a signal with a given threshold, or occurrence of extrema of a certain amplitude. We describe measuring rates of such events by means of analog multivariate counting analyzers. Given a continuous scalar or multicomponent (vector) input signal, an analog counting analyzer outputs a continuous signal with the instantaneous magnitude equal to the rate of occurrence of certain coincidence events. The analog nature of the proposed analyzers allows us to reformulate many problems of the traditional counting measurements, and cast them in a form which is readily addressed by methods of differential calculus rather than by algebraic or logical means of digital signal processing. Analog counting analyzers can be easily implemented in discrete or integrated electronic circuits, do not suffer fro...

  2. Synthesis of Paclitaxel Analogs


    Xu, Zhibing


    Paclitaxel is one of the most successful anti-cancer drugs, particularly in the treatment of breast cancer and ovarian cancer. For the investigation of the interaction between paclitaxel and MD-2 protein, and development of new antagonists for lipopolysaccharide, several C10 A-nor-paclitaxel analogs have been synthesized and their biological activities have been evaluated. In order to reduce the myelosuppression effect of the paclitaxel, several C3â ² and C4 paclitaxel analogs have been synth...

  3. FGF growth factor analogs (United States)

    Zamora, Paul O [Gaithersburg, MD; Pena, Louis A [Poquott, NY; Lin, Xinhua [Plainview, NY; Takahashi, Kazuyuki [Germantown, MD


    The present invention provides a fibroblast growth factor heparin-binding analog of the formula: ##STR00001## where R.sub.1, R.sub.2, R.sub.3, R.sub.4, R.sub.5, X, Y and Z are as defined, pharmaceutical compositions, coating compositions and medical devices including the fibroblast growth factor heparin-binding analog of the foregoing formula, and methods and uses thereof.

  4. Analog circuits cookbook

    CERN Document Server

    Hickman, Ian


    Analog Circuits Cookbook presents articles about advanced circuit techniques, components and concepts, useful IC for analog signal processing in the audio range, direct digital synthesis, and ingenious video op-amp. The book also includes articles about amplitude measurements on RF signals, linear optical imager, power supplies and devices, and RF circuits and techniques. Professionals and students of electrical engineering will find the book informative and useful.

  5. A computational model of analogical reasoning

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李波; 赵沁平


    A computational model of analogical reasoning is presented, which divides analogical reasoning process into four subprocesses, i.e. reminding, elaboration, matching and transfer. For each subprocess, its role and the principles it follows are given. The model is discussed in detail, including salient feature-based reminding, relevance-directed elaboration, an improved matching model and a transfer model. And the advantages of this model are summarized based on the results of BHARS, which is an analogical reasoning system implemented by this model.

  6. Low Power CMOS Analog Multiplier

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shipra Sachan


    Full Text Available In this paper Low power low voltage CMOS analog multiplier circuit is proposed. It is based on flipped voltage follower. It consists of four voltage adders and a multiplier core. The circuit is analyzed and designed in 0.18um CMOS process model and simulation results have shown that, under single 0.9V supply voltage, and it consumes only 31.8µW quiescent power and 110MHZ bandwidth.

  7. Electrical Circuits and Water Analogies (United States)

    Smith, Frederick A.; Wilson, Jerry D.


    Briefly describes water analogies for electrical circuits and presents plans for the construction of apparatus to demonstrate these analogies. Demonstrations include series circuits, parallel circuits, and capacitors. (GS)

  8. 100 gigasamples per second 12 bits optoelectronic analog-to-digital converter design and implementation based on cellular polyphase-sampling architecture (United States)

    Villa-Angulo, Carlos

    The next generation digital information systems such as high performance computers, multigigabit/sec communication networks, distributed sensors, three dimensional digital imaging systems etc, will require analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) with high sampling rates exceeding 10 Gigasamples per second (GSPS) and high bit resolution of at least 10 bits. Such performance criteria are difficult to achieve with silicon electronics technology because the switching speeds peak at about 10-20GHz. Also, timing jitters, amplitude fluctuations, phase noise, thermal noise, and harmonic distortion, all contribute to reductions in ADC bit resolution as sampling rate increases. Photonics ADCs are rapidly emerging as the enabling technologies for high-performance digital signal processing systems. For this technology, high optical pulses repetition rate (in the order of GHz) with low time jitter and pulse width in the femtoseconds regime are the major attractive characteristics of optical sources. In this dissertation work, a novel 102.4 GSPS 12-bit optoelectronic analog-to-digital converter architecture that is based on a Cellular Polyphase-Sampling architecture is introduced. First, a 102.4 GHz all-optical clock was designed and implemented using a femtosecond laser source and passive optical components. Second, a novel optoelectronic architecture for optical sampling and parallel demultiplexing of different phases (polyphase) of an input analog signal is presented. The optoelectronic sampling and demultiplexing architecture is composed by 20 optoelectronic subcircuit referred as "OE-Cell"; these have been designed and implemented using optical passive components and InGaAs PIN photodiodes. A unique feature of this approach is that the optically sampled RF signal always remains in the electrical domain and thus eliminates the need for electrical-to-optical and optical-to-electrical conversions. The electrical-in to electrical-out transfer functions of the sampling and

  9. Potential development and recharge of ground water in Mill Creek Valley, Butler and Hamilton Counties, Ohio, based on analog model analysis (United States)

    Fidler, Richard E.


    Mill Creek valley is part of the greater Cincinnati industrial area in southwestern Ohio. In 1964, nearly 30 percent of the water supply in the study area of about 27 square miles was obtained from wells in the glacial-outwash aquifer underlying the valley. Ground-water demand has increased steadily since the late 1800's, and excessive pumpage during the years of World War II caused water levels to decline to critical levels. Natural recharge to the aquifer, from precipitation, is about 8.5 mgd (million gallons per day). In 1964, the total water use was about 30 mgd, of which 8.1 mgd was obtained from wells in Mill Creek valley, and the remainder was imported from outside the basin. With rapid industrial expansion and population growth, demand for ground water is continuing to increase. By the year 2000 ground-water pumpage is expected to exceed 25 mgd. At a public hearing before the Ohio Water Commission in 1961, artificial recharge of the aquifer through injection wells was proposed as a possible solution to the Mill Creek valley water-supply problem. The present study attempts to determine the feasibility of injection-well recharge systems in the Mill Creek valley. Although basically simple, the hydrologic system in Mill Creek valley is complex in detail and is difficult to evaluate using conventional quantitative methods. Because of this complexity, an electric analog model was used to test specific development plans. Three hypothetical pumping plans were developed by projecting past pumpage data to the years 1980 and 2000. Various combinations of injection wells were tested on the model under different hypothetical conditions of pumpage. Based on analog model analysis, from three to eight inject-ion wells, with an approximate input of 2 mgd each, would reverse the trend in declining groundwater levels and provide adequate water to meet anticipated future demands.

  10. Two-zone SiGe base heterojunction bipolar charge plasma transistor for next generation analog and RF applications (United States)

    Bramhane, Lokesh Kumar; Singh, Jawar


    For next generation terahertz applications, heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) with reduced dimensions and charge plasma (CP) can be a potential candidate due to simplified and inexpensive process. In this paper, a symmetric lateral two-zone SiGe base heterojunction bipolar charge plasma transistor (HBCPT) with an extruded (extended) base is proposed and its performance at circuit level is studied. The linearly graded electric field in the proposed HBCPT provides improved self gain (β) and cut-off frequency (fT). Two-dimensional (2-D) TCAD and small-signal model based simulations of the proposed HBCPT demonstrates high self gain β 35-172.93 and fT of 1-4 THz for different device parameters. Moreover, fT of 1104.9 GHz and β of 35 can be achieved by decreasing Nb up to 8.2 ×1017cm-3 . Although, fT of 2 THz and 4 THz can also be achieved by reducing the base resistance up to 10 Ω and increasing the emitter/collector length up to 63 nm, respectively. The small-signal analysis of common-emitter amplifier based on the proposed HBCPT demonstrate high voltage gain of 50.11 as compared to conventional HBT (18.1).

  11. The Role of Causal Models in Analogical Inference (United States)

    Lee, Hee Seung; Holyoak, Keith J.


    Computational models of analogy have assumed that the strength of an inductive inference about the target is based directly on similarity of the analogs and in particular on shared higher order relations. In contrast, work in philosophy of science suggests that analogical inference is also guided by causal models of the source and target. In 3…

  12. A Reasoning System using Inductive Inference of Analogical Union


    Miyahara, Tetsuhiro


    Analogical reasoning derives a new fact based on the analogous facts previously known. Inductive inference is a process of gaining a general rule from examples. We propose a new reasoning system using inductive inference and analogical reasoning. which is applicable to intellectual information processing and we characterize its power. Given an enumeration of paired examples. this system inductively infers a program representing the paring and constructs an analogical union. It reasons by anal...

  13. A taxonomy-based approach to shed light on the babel of mathematical analogies for rice simulation (United States)

    For most biophysical domains, different models are available and the extent to which their structures differ with respect to differences in outputs was never quantified. We use a taxonomy-based approach to address the question with thirteen rice models. Classification keys and binary attributes for ...

  14. Advances in Analog Circuit Design 2015

    CERN Document Server

    Baschirotto, Andrea; Harpe, Pieter


    This book is based on the 18 tutorials presented during the 24th workshop on Advances in Analog Circuit Design. Expert designers present readers with information about a variety of topics at the frontier of analog circuit design, including low-power and energy-efficient analog electronics, with specific contributions focusing on the design of efficient sensor interfaces and low-power RF systems. This book serves as a valuable reference to the state-of-the-art, for anyone involved in analog circuit research and development. ·         Provides a state-of-the-art reference in analog circuit design, written by experts from industry and academia; ·         Presents material in a tutorial-based format; ·         Includes coverage of high-performance analog-to-digital and digital to analog converters, integrated circuit design in scaled technologies, and time-domain signal processing.

  15. Analog to Digital Conversion in Physical Measurements

    CERN Document Server

    Kapitaniak, T; Feudel, U; Grebogi, C


    There exist measuring devices where an analog input is converted into a digital output. Such converters can have a nonlinear internal dynamics. We show how measurements with such converting devices can be understood using concepts from symbolic dynamics. Our approach is based on a nonlinear one-to-one mapping between the analog input and the digital output of the device. We analyze the Bernoulli shift and the tent map which are realized in specific analog/digital converters. Furthermore, we discuss the sources of errors that are inevitable in physical realizations of such systems and suggest methods for error reduction.

  16. Digital and analog communication systems (United States)

    Shanmugam, K. S.


    The book presents an introductory treatment of digital and analog communication systems with emphasis on digital systems. Attention is given to the following topics: systems and signal analysis, random signal theory, information and channel capacity, baseband data transmission, analog signal transmission, noise in analog communication systems, digital carrier modulation schemes, error control coding, and the digital transmission of analog signals.

  17. Analogical Reasoning in Geometry Education (United States)

    Magdas, Ioana


    The analogical reasoning isn't used only in mathematics but also in everyday life. In this article we approach the analogical reasoning in Geometry Education. The novelty of this article is a classification of geometrical analogies by reasoning type and their exemplification. Our classification includes: analogies for understanding and setting a…

  18. Kinetics and Mechanisms of the Acid-base Reaction Between NH3 and HCOOH in Interstellar Ice Analogs (United States)

    Bergner, Jennifer B.; Öberg, Karin I.; Rajappan, Mahesh; Fayolle, Edith C.


    Interstellar complex organic molecules are commonly observed during star formation, and are proposed to form through radical chemistry in icy grain mantles. Reactions between ions and neutral molecules in ices may provide an alternative cold channel to complexity, as ion-neutral reactions are thought to have low or even no-energy barriers. Here we present a study of the kinetics and mechanisms of a potential ion-generating, acid-base reaction between NH3 and HCOOH to form the salt NH{}4+HCOO-. We observe salt growth at temperatures as low as 15 K, indicating that this reaction is feasible in cold environments. The kinetics of salt growth are best fit by a two-step model involving a slow “pre-reaction” step followed by a fast reaction step. The reaction energy barrier is determined to be 70 ± 30 K with a pre-exponential factor 1.4 ± 0.4 × 10-3 s-1. The pre-reaction rate varies under different experimental conditions and likely represents a combination of diffusion and orientation of reactant molecules. For a diffusion-limited case, the pre-reaction barrier is 770 ± 110 K with a pre-exponential factor of ˜7.6 × 10-3 s-1. Acid-base chemistry of common ice constituents is thus a potential cold pathway to generating ions in interstellar ices.

  19. Playing with a double-edged sword: Analogies in biochemistry (United States)

    Orgill, Marykay

    Analogy pervades our everyday reasoning. No situation we encounter is exactly like a situation we have encountered previously, and our ability to learn and survive in the world is based on our ability to find similarities between past and present situations and use the knowledge we have gained from past situations to manage current situations. Analogies can be powerful teaching tools because they can make new material intelligible to students by comparing it to material that is already familiar. It is clear, though, that not all analogies are good and that not all good analogies are useful to all students. In this study, I have used textbook analysis, classroom observations, student interviews and instructor interviews to determine the role that analogies play in biochemistry learning. Analogies are an important teaching technique in biochemistry classes, being used more often in both biochemistry classes and textbooks than they are in high school chemistry classes and textbooks. Most biochemistry students like, pay particular attention to, and remember the analogies their instructors provide; and they use these analogies to understand, visualize, and recall information from class. Even though students like and use analogies, they do not understand what analogies are or the mechanism by which they improve learning. For the students, analogies are simply any teaching technique that eases understanding, visualization, or recall. Instructors, on the other hand, have a good understanding of what analogies are and of how they should be presented in class; but they do not use analogies as effectively as they should. They do not plan, explain or identify the limitations of the analogies they use in class. However, regardless of how effectively instructors present analogies in class, this study indicates that, in general, analogies are useful in promoting understanding, visualization, recall, and motivation in biochemistry students at all levels. They would be even more

  20. Development of a Ground-Based Analog to the Advanced Resistive Exercise Device Aboard the International Space Station (United States)

    Newby, Nathaniel J.; Scott-Pandorf, M. M.; Caldwell, E.; DeWitt, J.K.; Fincke, R.; Peters, B.T.


    NASA and Wyle engineers constructed a Horizontal Exercise Fixture (HEF) that was patented in 2006. Recently modifications were made to HEF with the goal of creating a device that mimics squat exercise on the Advanced Resistive Exercise Device (ARED) and can be used by bed rest subjects who must remain supine during exercise. This project posed several engineering challenges, such as how best to reproduce the hip motions (we used a sled that allowed hip motion in the sagittal plane), how to counterweight the pelvis against gravity (we used a pulley and free-weight mechanism), and how to apply large loads (body weight plus squat load) to the shoulders while simultaneously supporting the back against gravity (we tested a standard and a safety bar that allowed movement in the subject s z-axis, both of which used a retractable plate for back support). METHODS An evaluation of the HEF was conducted with human subjects (3F, 3M), who performed sets of squat exercises of increasing load from 10-repetition maximum (RM) up to 1-RM. Three pelvic counterweight loads were tested along with each of the two back-support squat bars. Data collection included 3-dimensional ground reaction forces (GRF), muscle activation (EMG), body motion (video-based motion capture), and subjective comments. These data were compared with previous ground-based ARED study data. RESULTS All subjects in the evaluation were able to perform low- to high-loading squats on the HEF. Four of the 6 subjects preferred a pelvic counterweight equivalent to 60 percent of their body weight. Four subjects preferred the standard squat bar, whereas 2 female subjects preferred the safety bar. EMG data showed muscle activation in the legs and low back typical of squat motion. GRF trajectories and eccentric-concentric loading ratios were similar to ARED. CONCLUSION: Squat exercise performed on HEF approximated squat exercise on ARED.

  1. 基于果蝇优化算法的模拟滤波器设计%Design of Analog Filter Based on Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    基于粒子群优化算法的无源模拟滤波器优化设计方法容易陷入局部最优,收敛速度慢迭代次数多、运算量大且稳定性不够好。提出果蝇优化算法对滤波器的整个参数空间进行高效并行搜索直到获得最优的参数值,实例仿真表明,采用该方法设计的滤波器在相同的带宽准确度及阻带衰减的情况下,具有更快的运算速度及收敛性能。%The optimum design of passive simulation filters based on Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm has slow convergence velocity and may easily fall into local optimum,more iterative times,large computational complexity,and stability is not good enough.A passive analog filter optimization design method is proposed based on the Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm(FOA),and it optimizes the circuit's parameters in the whole parameters space effectively and globally by FOA until gain the best parameters.The simulation results on the MATLAB show that our algorithm has global convergence and higher speed of optimization.

  2. Protein Structure Prediction with Visuospatial Analogy (United States)

    Davies, Jim; Glasgow, Janice; Kuo, Tony

    We show that visuospatial representations and reasoning techniques can be used as a similarity metric for analogical protein structure prediction. Our system retrieves pairs of α-helices based on contact map similarity, then transfers and adapts the structure information to an unknown helix pair, showing that similar protein contact maps predict similar 3D protein structure. The success of this method provides support for the notion that changing representations can enable similarity metrics in analogy.

  3. Automated Integrated Analog Filter Design Issues



    An analysis of modern automated integrated analog circuits design methods and their use in integrated filter design is done. Current modern analog circuits automated tools are based on optimization algorithms and/or new circuit generation methods. Most automated integrated filter design methods are only suited to gmC and switched current filter topologies. Here, an algorithm for an active RC integrated filter design is proposed, that can be used in automated filter designs. The algorithm is t...

  4. Analogical Learning and Automated Rule Constructions

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    This paper describes some experiments of analogical learning and automated rule construction.The present investigation focuses on knowledge acquisition,learning by analyogy,and knowledge retention.The developed system initially learns from scratch,gradually acquires knowledge from its environment through trial-and-error interaction,incrementally augments its knowledge base,and analogically solves new tasks in a more efficient and direct manner.

  5. Kinetics and mechanisms of the acid-base reaction between NH$_3$ and HCOOH in interstellar ice analogs

    CERN Document Server

    Bergner, Jennifer B; Rajappan, Mahesh; Fayolle, Edith C


    Interstellar complex organic molecules (COMs) are commonly observed during star formation, and are proposed to form through radical chemistry in icy grain mantles. Reactions between ions and neutral molecules in ices may provide an alternative cold channel to complexity, as ion-neutral reactions are thought to have low or even no energy barriers. Here we present a study of a the kinetics and mechanisms of a potential ion-generating acid-base reaction between NH$_{3}$ and HCOOH to form the salt NH$_{4}^{+}$HCOO$^{-}$. We observe salt growth at temperatures as low as 15K, indicating that this reaction is feasible in cold environments. The kinetics of salt growth are best fit by a two-step model involving a slow "pre-reaction" step followed by a fast reaction step. The reaction energy barrier is determined to be 70 $\\pm$ 30K with a pre-exponential factor 1.4 $\\pm$ 0.4 x 10$^{-3}$ s$^{-1}$. The pre-reaction rate varies under different experimental conditions and likely represents a combination of diffusion and or...

  6. Orbital evidence for clay and acidic sulfate assemblages on Mars based on mineralogical analogs from Rio Tinto, Spain (United States)

    Kaplan, Hannah H.; Milliken, Ralph E.; Fernández-Remolar, David; Amils, Ricardo; Robertson, Kevin; Knoll, Andrew H.


    Outcrops of hydrated minerals are widespread across the surface of Mars, with clay minerals and sulfates being commonly identified phases. Orbitally-based reflectance spectra are often used to classify these hydrated components in terms of a single mineralogy, although most surfaces likely contain multiple minerals that have the potential to record local geochemical conditions and processes. Reflectance spectra for previously identified deposits in Ius and Melas Chasma within the Valles Marineris, Mars, exhibit an enigmatic feature with two distinct absorptions between 2.2 and 2.3 μm. This spectral 'doublet' feature is proposed to result from a mixture of hydrated minerals, although the identity of the minerals has remained ambiguous. Here we demonstrate that similar spectral doublet features are observed in airborne, field, and laboratory reflectance spectra of rock and sediment samples from Rio Tinto, Spain. Combined visible-near infrared reflectance spectra and X-ray diffraction measurements of these samples reveal that the doublet feature arises from a mixture of Al-phyllosilicate (illite or muscovite) and jarosite. Analyses of orbital data from the Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars (CRISM) shows that the martian spectral equivalents are also consistent with mixtures of Al-phyllosilicates and jarosite, where the Al-phyllosilicate may also include kaolinite and/or halloysite. A case study for a region within Ius Chasma demonstrates that the relative proportions of the Al-phyllosilicate(s) and jarosite vary within one stratigraphic unit as well as between stratigraphic units. The former observation suggests that the jarosite may be a diagenetic (authigenic) product and thus indicative of local pH and redox conditions, whereas the latter observation may be consistent with variations in sediment flux and/or fluid chemistry during sediment deposition.

  7. Analogy, explanation, and proof. (United States)

    Hummel, John E; Licato, John; Bringsjord, Selmer


    People are habitual explanation generators. At its most mundane, our propensity to explain allows us to infer that we should not drink milk that smells sour; at the other extreme, it allows us to establish facts (e.g., theorems in mathematical logic) whose truth was not even known prior to the existence of the explanation (proof). What do the cognitive operations underlying the inference that the milk is sour have in common with the proof that, say, the square root of two is irrational? Our ability to generate explanations bears striking similarities to our ability to make analogies. Both reflect a capacity to generate inferences and generalizations that go beyond the featural similarities between a novel problem and familiar problems in terms of which the novel problem may be understood. However, a notable difference between analogy-making and explanation-generation is that the former is a process in which a single source situation is used to reason about a single target, whereas the latter often requires the reasoner to integrate multiple sources of knowledge. This seemingly small difference poses a challenge to the task of marshaling our understanding of analogical reasoning to understanding explanation. We describe a model of explanation, derived from a model of analogy, adapted to permit systematic violations of this one-to-one mapping constraint. Simulation results demonstrate that the resulting model can generate explanations for novel explananda and that, like the explanations generated by human reasoners, these explanations vary in their coherence.

  8. Are Scientific Analogies Metaphors? (United States)


    psychospiritual processes. A more modern example of unclarified analogy is Freud’s (1973; reprinted from 1955) discussion of anal- eroticism , in which...299-304. Freud, S. On transformations of instinct as exemplified in anal eroticism . In J. Strachey (Ed.), The standard 37 edition of the complete

  9. Fault Diagnosis of Analog Circuit Based on Extension Theory%基于可拓理论的模拟电路故障诊断方法

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    杜占龙; 谭业双; 甘彤


    针对模拟电路存在较多故障模式的诊断中易出现分类混叠的问题,提出一种基于可拓理论的故障诊断方法;建立定性地描述模拟电路故障诊断的物元模型,引入可拓集合中的关联函数和相关度;将响应信号进行小波分解提取其各层能量作为故障特征,并利用变尺度的混沌遗传算法优化各故障特征的权重系数,最后定量地计算各故障状态的可能程度;利用实验电路将该方法与另外两种诊断方法比较,实验结果表明,该方法故障分类正确率最高,耗时最短,从而可以证明该方法的有效性.%Aiming at overlapped recognition on analog circuit fault diagnosis with large number of fault categories, this paper presented a fault identification based on extension theory. A matter-element model for analog circuit was established and the correlation functions and correlation value in extension set was introduced. The response signal was decomposed by wavelet and the energy of each layer from wavelet was distilled. Weight parameters were optimized by chaotic genetic algorithm of mutative scale. The failure probability of any possible fault state was calculated. The proposed method and another two methods have been tested on a test circuit. Results show that compared with another two methods, classified rate of the proposed method was the highest and the time used was the least. It confirmed the proposed method effective.

  10. 现代针灸教材腰痛的“同功穴”分析%Based on modern acupuncture teaching materials about lumbago“Analogous Point”

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张琼帅; 朱宇生; 王富春


    Objective Collecting the teaching material of modern acupuncture and moxibustion in treating lumba-go acupoint analysis,summarized the spectrum of indications for low back pain“analogous point”and its rules,combi-nation of acupoints and acupuncture point selection and provide a theoretical basis. Methods Based on network search and manual search,27 textbooks in treating lumbago acupoint retrieval,analysis of low back pain“analogous point”and its rules,and the frequency of the corresponding acupoints,meridians,location,statistics and sum up the law. The profile compared with the Indications of Acupuncture Points GB / T300233-2013. Results And Conclusion there are 105 acupoints which can attend lumbago in the 27 teaching material of modern acupuncture. meridians to foot Taiyang bladder meridian,Du meridian,foot lunar kidney and foot Shao Yin liver after primarily,location to the back waist and lower limbs. The frequency in 20 - 27 acupoints as a spectrum,a total of 40 points;frequency for 3 to 19 acupoints as secondary spectrum,a total of 31 points;frequency for acupoint 1 - 2 as the third order spectrum,a total of 34 points. One level spectrum in 40 of the“analogous point”all in“national standard”- acupoints,the consistent rate is 100% . At the same time,and a clinical study of acupoints in the spectrum are basically the same.%目的:整理分析现代针灸教材中主治腰痛的腧穴,归纳总结主治腰痛的“同功穴”及其规律谱,为腧穴配伍及针灸选穴提供理论依据。方法基于网络检索和人工检索两种途径,检索27部教材中主治腰痛的腧穴,分析腰痛的“同功穴”及其规律,并对相应腧穴出现的频次、所属经脉、部位,进行统计并总结其规律。将规律谱与《腧穴主治·国家标准 GB / T300233-2013》进行对比分析。结果27部现代针灸教材中主治腰痛的腧穴共有105个,经脉以足太阳膀胱经、督脉、足少阴肾经和足厥阴

  11. 基于粒子群优化算法的模拟滤波器设计%Design of Analog Filter Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李鹏; 马红梅; 张旭珍


    采用传统的网络综合法设计计波器存在带宽不精确及阻带衰减过小的问题,为此,提出一种基于粒子群优化算法的无源模拟滤波器优化设计方法.在网络综合法设计的滤波器电路基础上,利用粒子群优化算法对滤波器的整个参数空间进行高效并行搜索直到获得最优的参数值.实例表明,采用该方法设计的滤波器带宽更加准确,且具有更加陡峭的阻带衰减.%As for the problem of the filter's bandwidth imprecision and stop-band attenuation too small, a passive analog filter optimization design method is proposed based on the Particle Swarm Optimization(PSO) algorithm.The filter is designed by the network synthesis design method, and it optimizes the circuit's parameters in the whole parameters space effectively and globally by PSO until gain the best parameters.This method can improve the filter's bandwidth imprecision and the high stop-band suppression.

  12. Successive approximation-like 4-bit full-optical analog-to-digital converter based on Kerr-like nonlinear photonic crystal ring resonators (United States)

    Tavousi, Alireza; Mansouri-Birjandi, Mohammad Ali; Saffari, Mehdi


    Implementing of photonic sampling and quantizing analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) enable us to extract a single binary word from optical signals without need for extra electronic assisting parts. This would enormously increase the sampling and quantizing time as well as decreasing the consumed power. To this end, based on the concept of successive approximation method, a 4-bit full-optical ADC that operates using the intensity-dependent Kerr-like nonlinearity in a two dimensional photonic crystal (2DPhC) platform is proposed. The Silicon (Si) nanocrystal is chosen because of the suitable nonlinear material characteristic. An optical limiter is used for the clamping and quantization of each successive levels that represent the ADC bits. In the proposal, an energy efficient optical ADC circuit is implemented by controlling the system parameters such as ring-to-waveguide coupling coefficients, the ring's nonlinear refractive index, and the ring's length. The performance of the ADC structure is verified by the simulation using finite difference time domain (FDTD) method.

  13. A model of the radiation-induced bystander effect based on an analogy with ferromagnets. Application to modelling tissue response in a uniform field (United States)

    Vassiliev, O. N.


    We propose a model of the radiation-induced bystander effect based on an analogy with magnetic systems. The main benefit of this approach is that it allowed us to apply powerful methods of statistical mechanics. The model exploits the similarity between how spin-spin interactions result in correlations of spin states in ferromagnets, and how signalling from a damaged cell reduces chances of survival of neighbour cells, resulting in correlated cell states. At the root of the model is a classical Hamiltonian, similar to that of an Ising ferromagnet with long-range interactions. The formalism is developed in the framework of the Mean Field Theory. It is applied to modelling tissue response in a uniform radiation field. In this case the results are remarkably simple and at the same time nontrivial. They include cell survival curves, expressions for the tumour control probability and effects of fractionation. The model extends beyond of what is normally considered as bystander effects. It offers an insight into low-dose hypersensitivity and into mechanisms behind threshold doses for deterministic effects.

  14. Hardware-Algorithms Co-Design and Implementation of an Analog-to-Information Converter for Biosignals Based on Compressed Sensing. (United States)

    Pareschi, Fabio; Albertini, Pierluigi; Frattini, Giovanni; Mangia, Mauro; Rovatti, Riccardo; Setti, Gianluca


    We report the design and implementation of an Analog-to-Information Converter (AIC) based on Compressed Sensing (CS). The system is realized in a CMOS 180 nm technology and targets the acquisition of bio-signals with Nyquist frequency up to 100 kHz. To maximize performance and reduce hardware complexity, we co-design hardware together with acquisition and reconstruction algorithms. The resulting AIC outperforms previously proposed solutions mainly thanks to two key features. First, we adopt a novel method to deal with saturations in the computation of CS measurements. This allows no loss in performance even when 60% of measurements saturate. Second, the system is able to adapt itself to the energy distribution of the input by exploiting the so-called rakeness to maximize the amount of information contained in the measurements. With this approach, the 16 measurement channels integrated into a single device are expected to allow the acquisition and the correct reconstruction of most biomedical signals. As a case study, measurements on real electrocardiograms (ECGs) and electromyograms (EMGs) show signals that these can be reconstructed without any noticeable degradation with a compression rate, respectively, of 8 and 10.

  15. Synthesis, structure-activity relationship and molecular docking of cyclohexenone based analogous as potent non-nucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitors (United States)

    Nazar, Muhammad Faizan; Abdullah, Muhammad Imran; Badshah, Amir; Mahmood, Asif; Rana, Usman Ali; Khan, Salah Ud-Din


    The chalcones core in compounds is advantageously chosen effective synthons, which offer exciting perspectives in biological and pharmacological research. The present study reports the successful development of eight new cyclohexenone based anti-reverse transcriptase analogous using rational drug design synthesis principles. These new cyclohexenone derivatives (CDs) were synthesized by following a convenient route of Robinson annulation, and the molecular structure of these CDs were later confirmed by various analytical techniques such as 1H NMR, 13C NMR, FT-IR, UV-Vis spectroscopy and mass spectrometry. All the synthesized compounds were screened theoretically and experimentally against reverse transcriptase (RT) and found potentially active reverse transcriptase (RT) inhibitors. Of the compounds studied, the compound 2FC4 showed high interaction with RT at non-nucleoside binding site, contributing high free binding energy (ΔG -8.01 Kcal) and IC50 (0.207 μg/ml), respectively. Further results revealed that the compounds bearing more halogen groups, with additional hydrophobic character, offered superior anti-reverse transcriptase activity as compared to rest of compounds. It is anticipate that the present study would be very useful for the selection of potential reverse transcriptase inhibitors featuring inclusive pharmacological profiles.

  16. Identifying Solar Analogs in the Kepler Field (United States)

    Buzasi, Derek L.; Lezcano, Andrew; Preston, Heather L.


    Since human beings live on a planet orbiting a G2 V star, to us perhaps the most intrinsically interesting category of stars about which planets have been discovered is solar analogs. While Kepler has observed more than 26000 targets which have effective temperatures within 100K of the Sun, many of these are not true solar analogs due to activity, surface gravity, metallicity, or other considerations. Here we combine ground-based measurements of effective temperature and metallicity with data on rotational periods and surface gravities derived from 16 quarters of Kepler observations to produce a near-complete sample of solar analogs in the Kepler field. We then compare the statistical distribution of stellar physical parameters, including activity level, for subsets of solar analogs consisting of KOIs and those with no detected exoplanets. Finally, we produce a list of potential solar twins in the Kepler field.

  17. 基于乘法器的模拟电路参数测量系统的设计与实现%Design of measurement system for the analog circuits parameters based on the multiplier

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王永喜; 胡玫; 马胜前


    针对现有模拟电路参数测量方法复杂、测量结果精度低的缺点,构建了基于乘法器的模拟电路参数测量系统.系统中由信号源产生2路正交同频正弦模拟信号,取出一路信号通过待测模拟电路与原信号源产生的2路信号做乘法、滤波处理,产生两路直流信号,之后通过DAQ、LABVIEW采集,得到模拟电路相位差和幅度.经测量,幅度和相位的误差均小于3%,表明该系统具有电路简单、易于实现、误差小、运算速度快等优点,为模拟电路参数测量的研究提出一种可行性方案.%For the more complicated principle and the lower accuracy for the existing methods of the measurement of the analog circuits' parameters) a measurement system for the analog circuits' parameters based on the multiplier is put forward. The signal source generates two orthogonal sinusoidal analog signals with same frequency and takes a signal through the analog circuits. Then the multiplication and filtering are completed with the two DC signals. At last the phase and amplitude of the analog circuit are obtained through the DAQ and LABVIEW. The amplitude and phase errors are less than 3%. The results show that the system has many advantages of simple circuit, fast speed and high accuracy. So it is a feasible plan for the measurement system of the analog circuit parameters at present.

  18. Performance analysis of gamma ray spectrometric parameters on digital signal and analog signal processing based MCA systems using NaI(Tl) detector

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kukreti, B.M., E-mail: [Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and Research, Physics Laboratory, Department of Atomic Energy, Nongmynsong, AMD Complex, Shillong, Meghalaya 793019 (India); Sharma, G.K. [Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and Research, Physics Laboratory, Department of Atomic Energy, Nongmynsong, AMD Complex, Shillong, Meghalaya 793019 (India)


    Accurate and speedy estimations of ppm range uranium and thorium in the geological and rock samples are most useful towards ongoing uranium investigations and identification of favorable radioactive zones in the exploration field areas. In this study with the existing 5 in. Multiplication-Sign 4 in. NaI(Tl) detector setup, prevailing background and time constraints, an enhanced geometrical setup has been worked out to improve the minimum detection limits for primordial radioelements K{sup 40}, U{sup 238} and Th{sup 232}. This geometrical setup has been integrated with the newly introduced, digital signal processing based MCA system for the routine spectrometric analysis of low concentration rock samples. Stability performance, during the long counting hours, for digital signal processing MCA system and its predecessor NIM bin based MCA system has been monitored, using the concept of statistical process control. Monitored results, over a time span of few months, have been quantified in terms of spectrometer's parameters such as Compton striping constants and Channel sensitivities, used for evaluating primordial radio element concentrations (K{sup 40}, U{sup 238} and Th{sup 232}) in geological samples. Results indicate stable dMCA performance, with a tendency of higher relative variance, about mean, particularly for Compton stripping constants. - Highlights: Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer Geometrical enhancement for ppm range primordial radio elemental determination. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer Experimental constraints include detector setup, background and counting time. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer Gamma spectrometric performance monitored on digital and analog MCA systems. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer Study indicates higher variance of Compton stripping constants on digital MCA system.

  19. Analogies as categorization phenomena: Studies from scientific discourse (United States)

    Atkins, Leslie Jill

    Studies on the role of analogies in science classrooms have tended to focus on analogies that come from the teacher or curriculum, and not the analogies that students generate. Such studies are derivative of an educational system that values content knowledge over scientific creativity, and derivative of a model of teaching in which the teacher's role is to convey content knowledge. This dissertation begins with the contention that science classrooms should encourage scientific thinking and one role of the teacher is to model that behavior and identify and encourage it in her students. One element of scientific thinking is analogy. This dissertation focuses on student-generated analogies in science, and offers a model for understanding these. I provide evidence that generated analogies are assertions of categorization, and the base of an analogy is the constructed prototype of an ad hoc category. Drawing from research on categorization, I argue that generated analogies are based in schemas and cognitive models. This model allows for a clear distinction between analogy and literal similarity; prior to this research analogy has been considered to exist on a spectrum of similarity, differing from literal similarity to the degree that structural relations hold but features do not. I argue for a definition in which generated analogies are an assertion of an unexpected categorization: that is, they are asserted as contradictions to an expected schema.

  20. Analog computing by Brewster effect. (United States)

    Youssefi, Amir; Zangeneh-Nejad, Farzad; Abdollahramezani, Sajjad; Khavasi, Amin


    Optical computing has emerged as a promising candidate for real-time and parallel continuous data processing. Motivated by recent progresses in metamaterial-based analog computing [Science343, 160 (2014)SCIEAS0036-807510.1126/science.1242818], we theoretically investigate the realization of two-dimensional complex mathematical operations using rotated configurations, recently reported in [Opt. Lett.39, 1278 (2014)OPLEDP0146-959210.1364/OL.39.001278]. Breaking the reflection symmetry, such configurations could realize both even and odd Green's functions associated with spatial operators. Based on such an appealing theory and by using the Brewster effect, we demonstrate realization of a first-order differentiator. Such an efficient wave-based computation method not only circumvents the major potential drawbacks of metamaterials, but also offers the most compact possible device compared to conventional bulky lens-based optical signal and data processors.

  1. Sensitive detection of p65 homodimers using red-shifted and fluorescent protein-based FRET couples.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Joachim Goedhart

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET between the green fluorescent protein (GFP variants CFP and YFP is widely used for the detection of protein-protein interactions. Nowadays, several monomeric red-shifted fluorescent proteins are available that potentially improve the efficiency of FRET. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: To allow side-by-side comparison of several fluorescent protein combinations for detection of FRET, yellow or orange fluorescent proteins were directly fused to red fluorescent proteins. FRET from yellow fluorescent proteins to red fluorescent proteins was detected by both FLIM and donor dequenching upon acceptor photobleaching, showing that mCherry and mStrawberry were more efficient acceptors than mRFP1. Circular permutated yellow fluorescent protein variants revealed that in the tandem constructs the orientation of the transition dipole moment influences the FRET efficiency. In addition, it was demonstrated that the orange fluorescent proteins mKO and mOrange are both suitable as donor for FRET studies. The most favorable orange-red FRET pair was mKO-mCherry, which was used to detect homodimerization of the NF-kappaB subunit p65 in single living cells, with a threefold higher lifetime contrast and a twofold higher FRET efficiency than for CFP-YFP. CONCLUSIONS/SIGNIFICANCE: The observed high FRET efficiency of red-shifted couples is in accordance with increased Förster radii of up to 64 A, being significantly higher than the Förster radius of the commonly used CFP-YFP pair. Thus, red-shifted FRET pairs are preferable for detecting protein-protein interactions by donor-based FRET methods in single living cells.

  2. Analogy, Explanation, and Proof

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    John eHummel


    Full Text Available People are habitual explanation generators. At its most mundane, our propensity to explain allows us to infer that we should not drink milk that smells sour; at the other extreme, it allows us to establish facts (e.g., theorems in mathematical logic whose truth was not even known prior to the existence of the explanation (proof. What do the cognitive operations underlying the (inductive inference that the milk is sour have in common with the (deductive proof that, say, the square root of two is irrational? Our ability to generate explanations bears striking similarities to our ability to make analogies. Both reflect a capacity to generate inferences and generalizations that go beyond the featural similarities between a novel problem and familiar problems in terms of which the novel problem may be understood. However, a notable difference between analogy-making and explanation-generation is that the former is a process in which a single source situation is used to reason about a single target, whereas the latter often requires the reasoner to integrate multiple sources of knowledge. This small-seeming difference poses a challenge to the task of marshaling our understanding of analogical reasoning in the service of understanding explanation. We describe a model of explanation, derived from a model of analogy, adapted to permit systematic violations of this one-to-one mapping constraint. Simulation results demonstrate that the resulting model can generate explanations for novel explananda and that, like the explanations generated by human reasoners, these explanations vary in their coherence.

  3. A Transiting Jupiter Analog

    CERN Document Server

    Kipping, David M; Henze, Chris; Teachey, Alex; Isaacson, Howard T; Petigura, Erik A; Marcy, Geoffrey W; Buchhave, Lars A; Chen, Jingjing; Bryson, Steve T; Sandford, Emily


    Decadal-long radial velocity surveys have recently started to discover analogs to the most influential planet of our solar system, Jupiter. Detecting and characterizing these worlds is expected to shape our understanding of our uniqueness in the cosmos. Despite the great successes of recent transit surveys, Jupiter analogs represent a terra incognita, owing to the strong intrinsic bias of this method against long orbital periods. We here report on the first validated transiting Jupiter analog, Kepler-167e (KOI-490.02), discovered using Kepler archival photometry orbiting the K4-dwarf KIC-3239945. With a radius of $(0.91\\pm0.02)$ $R_{\\mathrm{Jup}}$, a low orbital eccentricity ($0.06_{-0.04}^{+0.10}$) and an equilibrium temperature of $(131\\pm3)$ K, Kepler-167e bears many of the basic hallmarks of Jupiter. Kepler-167e is accompanied by three Super-Earths on compact orbits, which we also validate, leaving a large cavity of transiting worlds around the habitable-zone. With two transits and continuous photometric ...

  4. Pan-pathway based interaction profiling of FDA-approved nucleoside and nucleobase analogs with enzymes of the human nucleotide metabolism.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Louise Egeblad

    Full Text Available To identify interactions a nucleoside analog library (NAL consisting of 45 FDA-approved nucleoside analogs was screened against 23 enzymes of the human nucleotide metabolism using a thermal shift assay. The method was validated with deoxycytidine kinase; eight interactions known from the literature were detected and five additional interactions were revealed after the addition of ATP, the second substrate. The NAL screening gave relatively few significant hits, supporting a low rate of "off target effects." However, unexpected ligands were identified for two catabolic enzymes guanine deaminase (GDA and uridine phosphorylase 1 (UPP1. An acyclic guanosine prodrug analog, valaciclovir, was shown to stabilize GDA to the same degree as the natural substrate, guanine, with a ΔT(agg around 7°C. Aciclovir, penciclovir, ganciclovir, thioguanine and mercaptopurine were also identified as ligands for GDA. The crystal structure of GDA with valaciclovir bound in the active site was determined, revealing the binding of the long unbranched chain of valaciclovir in the active site of the enzyme. Several ligands were identified for UPP1: vidarabine, an antiviral nucleoside analog, as well as trifluridine, idoxuridine, floxuridine, zidovudine, telbivudine, fluorouracil and thioguanine caused concentration-dependent stabilization of UPP1. A kinetic study of UPP1 with vidarabine revealed that vidarabine was a mixed-type competitive inhibitor with the natural substrate uridine. The unexpected ligands identified for UPP1 and GDA imply further metabolic consequences for these nucleoside analogs, which could also serve as a starting point for future drug design.

  5. Development of analogical problem-solving skill. (United States)

    Holyoak, K J; Junn, E N; Billman, D O


    3 experiments were performed to assess children's ability to solve a problem by analogy to a superficially dissimilar situation. Preschoolers and fifth and sixth graders were asked to solve a problem that allowed multiple solutions. Some subjects were first read a story that included an analogous problem and its solution. When the mapping between the relations involved in the corresponding solutions was relatively simple, and the corresponding instruments were perceptually and functionally similar, even preschoolers were able to use the analogy to derive a solution to the transfer problem (Experiment 1). Furthermore, salient similarity of the instruments was neither sufficient (Experiment 2) nor necessary (Experiment 3) for success by preschool subjects. When the story analog mapped well onto the transfer problem, 4-year-olds were often able to generate a solution that required transformation of an object with little perceptual or semantic similarity to the instrument used in the base analog (Experiment 3). The older children used analogies in a manner qualitatively similar to that observed in comparable studies with adults (Experiment 1), whereas the younger children exhibited different limitations.

  6. 基于CMOS模拟开关实现平衡混频器%Design of Balanced Mixer Based on CMOS Analog Switch

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王迎栋; 孙明杰


    This paper introduces the composition of active single balanced mixer circuit in detail, and analyzes its working principle. Based on CMOS analog switch design, we design and realize a kind of switch balanced mixer which possesses the characteristic of low power consumption and high degree of linear. The mixer indexes are measured and analyzed at the end. The test results show that if the vibration signal adds 10dBm, the insertion loss is less than 7dB, the fluctuation is less thanldB, and the input PldB compression point is above 13dBm when the power supply voltage is in 3.3V and current consumption is less than 10rnA and RF input simaal belongs to the band range of 60~110 MHz.%详细介绍了有源单平衡混频器的电路组成,分析了有源平衡混频器的工作原理。基于CMOS模拟开关设计实现了一种(低功耗、高线性度的)开关平衡混频器,最后对混频器的指标进行了测量和分析。测试结果表明(在3.3V电源电压下,消耗电流小于10mA,射频输入信号)在60—110MHz频带范围内,(本振信号+10dBm时)插入损耗小于7dB,波动小于1dB.输入P1dB压缩点大于13dBm。

  7. 基于支撑向量机的CMOS运放可行域模型%Feasible Performance Modeling of Analog Circuit Based on Support Vector Machine

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    梁瑞花; 郭裕顺


    在进行模拟与混合信号集成电路的行为级设计时,需要各种基本单元与功能电路的性能可行域模型。可行域模型构造可以看作是性能参数空间中的一个二分类问题。研究了采用支撑向量机进行电路可行域模型构造的方法,给出了建模过程;并以一个常用的Miller补偿CMOS两级运算放大器为例,建立基于支撑向量机的可行域模型,通过数值实验验证了模型的正确性。%There need all kinds of the performance feasible region model to basic unit and function circuit in the analog and mixed-signal IC behavior design level .The modeling of feasible domain can be looked as a binary classification problem in the space of performance parameters .This paper mainly studies the method using support vector machine ( SVM) to make the feasible region model , and gives its process;then, it takes a common Miller compensation CMOS two-stage operational amplifier as example , and gets the feasible domain model based on SVM .At the last, it verifies the correctness of the model through the numerical experiment .

  8. Selenium-based S-adenosylmethionine analog reveals the mammalian seven-beta-strand methyltransferase METTL10 to be an EF1A1 lysine methyltransferase.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tadahiro Shimazu

    Full Text Available Lysine methylation has been extensively studied in histones, where it has been shown to provide specific epigenetic marks for the regulation of gene expression; however, the molecular mechanism and physiological function of lysine methylation in proteins other than histones remains to be fully addressed. To better understand the substrate diversity of lysine methylation, S-adenosylmethionine (SAM derivatives with alkyne-moieties have been synthesized. A selenium-based SAM analog, propargylic Se-adenosyl-l-selenomethionine (ProSeAM, has a wide spectrum of reactivity against various lysine methyltransferases (KMTs with sufficient stability to support enzymatic reactions in vitro. By using ProSeAM as a chemical probe for lysine methylation, we identified substrates for two seven-beta-strand KMTs, METTL21A and METTL10, on a proteomic scale in mammalian cells. METTL21A has been characterized as a heat shock protein (HSP-70 methyltransferase. Mammalian METTL10 remains functionally uncharacterized, although its ortholog in yeast, See1, has been shown to methylate the translation elongation factor eEF1A. By using ProSeAM-mediated alkylation followed by purification and quantitative MS analysis, we confirmed that METTL21A labels HSP70 family proteins. Furthermore, we demonstrated that METTL10 also methylates the eukaryotic elongation factor EF1A1 in mammalian cells. Subsequent biochemical characterization revealed that METTL10 specifically trimethylates EF1A1 at lysine 318 and that siRNA-mediated knockdown of METTL10 decreases EF1A1 methylation levels in vivo. Thus, our study emphasizes the utility of the synthetic cofactor ProSeAM as a chemical probe for the identification of non-histone substrates of KMTs.

  9. 21 Days head-down bed rest induces weakening of cell-mediated immunity - Some spaceflight findings confirmed in a ground-based analog. (United States)

    Kelsen, Jens; Bartels, Lars Erik; Dige, Anders; Hvas, Christian Lodberg; Frings-Meuthen, Petra; Boehme, Gisela; Thomsen, Marianne Kragh; Fenger-Grøn, Morten; Dahlerup, Jens Frederik


    Several studies indicate a weakening of cell-mediated immunity (CMI) and reactivation of latent herpes viruses during spaceflight. We tested the hypothesis that head-down bed rest (HDBR), a ground-based analog of spaceflight, mimics the impact of microgravity on human immunity. Seven healthy young males underwent two periods of 3 weeks HDBR in the test facility of the German Aerospace Center. As a nutritional countermeasure aimed against bone demineralisation, 90 mmol potassium bicarbonate (KHCO(3)) was administered daily in a crossover design. Blood samples were drawn on five occasions. Whole blood was stimulated with antigen i.e. Candida albicans, purified protein derivative (PPD) tuberculin, tetanus toxoid and Cytomegalovirus (CMV) (CMV-QuantiFERON). Flow cytometric analysis included CD4(+)CD25(+)CD127(-)FOXP3(+) regulatory T cells (Tregs), γδ T cells, B cells, NK cells and dendritic cells. In one of the two bed rest periods, we observed a significant decrease in production of interleukin-2 (IL-2), interferon-γ (IFN-γ) and tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) following phytohemagglutinin (PHA) stimulation, with a rapid normalization being observed after HDBR. The cytokine levels showed a V-shaped pattern that led to a relativeTh2-shift in cytokine balance. Only three individuals responded to the specific T cell antigens without showing signs of an altered response during HDBR, nor did we observe reactivation of CMV or Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). Of unknown significance, dietary supplementation with KHCO(3) counteracted the decrease in IL-2 levels during HDBR, while there was no impact on other immunological parameters. We conclude that discrete alterations in CMI may be induced by HDBR in selected individuals.

  10. Design challenges of EO polymer based leaky waveguide deflector for 40 Gs/s all-optical analog-to-digital converters (United States)

    Hadjloum, Massinissa; El Gibari, Mohammed; Li, Hongwu; Daryoush, Afshin S.


    Design challenges and performance optimization of an all-optical analog-to-digital converter (AOADC) is presented here. The paper addresses both microwave and optical design of a leaky waveguide optical deflector using electro-optic (E-O) polymer. The optical deflector converts magnitude variation of the applied RF voltage into variation of deflection angle out of a leaky waveguide optical beam using the linear E-O effect (Pockels effect) as part of the E-O polymer based optical waveguide. This variation of deflection angle as result of the applied RF signal is then quantized using optical windows followed by an array of high-speed photodetectors. We optimized the leakage coefficient of the leaky waveguide and its physical length to achieve the best trade-off between bandwidth and the deflected optical beam resolution, by improving the phase velocity matching between lightwave and microwave on one hand and using pre-emphasis technique to compensate for the RF signal attenuation on the other hand. In addition, for ease of access from both optical and RF perspective, a via-hole less broad bandwidth transition is designed between coplanar pads and coupled microstrip (CPW-CMS) driving electrodes. With the best reported E-O coefficient of 350 pm/V, the designed E-O deflector should allow an AOADC operating over 44 giga-samples-per-seconds with an estimated effective resolution of 6.5 bits on RF signals with Nyquist bandwidth of 22 GHz. The overall DC power consumption of all components used in this AOADC is of order of 4 W and is dominated by power consumption in the power amplifier to generate a 20 V RF voltage in 50 Ohm system. A higher sampling rate can be achieved at similar bits of resolution by interleaving a number of this elementary AOADC at the expense of a higher power consumption.

  11. A library of analog operators based on the hodgkin-huxley formalism for the design of tunable, real-time, silicon neurons. (United States)

    Saïghi, S; Bornat, Y; Tomas, J; Le Masson, G; Renaud, S


    In this paper, we present a library of analog operators used for the analog real-time computation of the Hodgkin-Huxley formalism. These operators make it possible to design a silicon (Si) neuron that is dynamically tunable, and that reproduces different kinds of neurons. We used an original method in neuromorphic engineering to characterize this Si neuron. In electrophysiology, this method is well known as the "voltage-clamp" technique. We also compare the features of an application-specific integrated circuit built with this library with results obtained from software simulations. We then present the complex behavior of neural membrane voltages and the potential applications of this Si neuron.



    Haraguchi, Makoto


    This paper presents a mathematical theory of analogy, which should be a basis in developing analogical reasoning by a computer. The analogy is a partial identity between two sets of facts. In order to compare several analogies, we introduce an ordering of analogies, and we define two types of optimal analogies, maximal analogies and greatest ones. We show a condition under which the greatest analogy exists, and also present a top-down procedure to find the maximal analogies.

  13. Thin-bedded reservoir analogs in an ancient delta using terrestrial laser scanner and high-resolution ground-based hyperspectral cameras (United States)

    Snyder, Casey J.; Khan, Shuhab D.; Bhattacharya, Janok P.; Glennie, Craig; Seepersad, Darsel


    Ground-based terrestrial laser scanning and hyperspectral sensors were used to image fine-scale heterogeneity in outcrops of prodeltaic heterolithic facies of Parasequence 6 of the Cretaceous Ferron Notom delta in Southern Utah. Previous work shows that Parasequence 6 is an upward coarsening fluvial-dominated, wave-influenced deltaic deposit containing heterolithic thin-bedded facies representing distal delta front and proximal prodelta environments. Primarily, the thin beds have been interpreted as turbidites, storm beds (tempestites), and hyperpycnites. These deposits represent analogs for thin-bedded unconventional pay zones that lie at the margins of conventional deltaic sandstone reservoirs. The terrestrial laser scanner was used to create a centimeter- to decimeter-scale, digital representation of the outcrops in three dimensions. Hyperspectral sensors record electromagnetic radiation reflected off the outcrops in 840 contiguous bands, which were then used to generate a spectral signature for each pixel sampled. The spectral signatures are a function of mineralogy, chemistry, surface alteration, grain-size, and cements, and were used to distinguish thin mudstones from sandstones within an interbedded succession at the base of a deltaic parasequence. Comparison between the spectral signatures recorded from the outcrop and those of reference materials, and with previous facies architecture studies, enables lithofacies to be identified and subsequently accurately mapped. Hyperspectral data are then draped over the terrestrial laser scanner model to generate a spatially-accurate detailed three-dimensional (3D) geologic map of the heterogeneity. Approximately 100 m of outcrop was imaged laterally with the hyperspectral camera and terrestrial laser scanner on the previously mapped distal delta front and prodeltaic facies of Parasequence 6. Bed thickness data, based on measurements made along depositional dip versus strike, show that bed geometries are anisotropic

  14. A putative RNA-interference-based immune system in prokaryotes: computational analysis of the predicted enzymatic machinery, functional analogies with eukaryotic RNAi, and hypothetical mechanisms of action

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wolf Yuri I


    Full Text Available Abstract Background All archaeal and many bacterial genomes contain Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindrome Repeats (CRISPR and variable arrays of the CRISPR-associated (cas genes that have been previously implicated in a novel form of DNA repair on the basis of comparative analysis of their protein product sequences. However, the proximity of CRISPR and cas genes strongly suggests that they have related functions which is hard to reconcile with the repair hypothesis. Results The protein sequences of the numerous cas gene products were classified into ~25 distinct protein families; several new functional and structural predictions are described. Comparative-genomic analysis of CRISPR and cas genes leads to the hypothesis that the CRISPR-Cas system (CASS is a mechanism of defense against invading phages and plasmids that functions analogously to the eukaryotic RNA interference (RNAi systems. Specific functional analogies are drawn between several components of CASS and proteins involved in eukaryotic RNAi, including the double-stranded RNA-specific helicase-nuclease (dicer, the endonuclease cleaving target mRNAs (slicer, and the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase. However, none of the CASS components is orthologous to its apparent eukaryotic functional counterpart. It is proposed that unique inserts of CRISPR, some of which are homologous to fragments of bacteriophage and plasmid genes, function as prokaryotic siRNAs (psiRNA, by base-pairing with the target mRNAs and promoting their degradation or translation shutdown. Specific hypothetical schemes are developed for the functioning of the predicted prokaryotic siRNA system and for the formation of new CRISPR units with unique inserts encoding psiRNA conferring immunity to the respective newly encountered phages or plasmids. The unique inserts in CRISPR show virtually no similarity even between closely related bacterial strains which suggests their rapid turnover, on evolutionary scale

  15. ESD analog circuits and design

    CERN Document Server

    Voldman, Steven H


    A comprehensive and in-depth review of analog circuit layout, schematic architecture, device, power network and ESD design This book will provide a balanced overview of analog circuit design layout, analog circuit schematic development, architecture of chips, and ESD design.  It will start at an introductory level and will bring the reader right up to the state-of-the-art. Two critical design aspects for analog and power integrated circuits are combined. The first design aspect covers analog circuit design techniques to achieve the desired circuit performance. The second and main aspect pres

  16. Gullies on Mars: Origin by snow and ice melting and potential for life based on possible analogs from Devon Island, High Arctic


    Lee, P; Cockell, C. S.; McKay, C. P.


    Gullies on Devon Island, High Arctic, which form by melting of transient surface ice and snow covers and offer morphologic and contextual analogs for gullies reported on Mars are reported to display enhancements in biological activity in contrast to surrounding polar desert terrain.

  17. Gullies on Mars: Origin by Snow and Ice Melting and Potential for Life Based on Possible Analogs from Devon Island, High Arctic (United States)

    Lee, Pascal; Cockell, Charles S.; McKay, Christopher P.


    Gullies on Devon Island, High Arctic, which form by melting of transient surface ice and snow covers and offer morphologic and contextual analogs for gullies reported on Mars are reported to display enhancements in biological activity in contrast to surrounding polar desert terrain.

  18. Paper-based solid-phase multiplexed nucleic acid hybridization assay with tunable dynamic range using immobilized quantum dots as donors in fluorescence resonance energy transfer. (United States)

    Noor, M Omair; Krull, Ulrich J


    A multiplexed solid-phase nucleic acid hybridization assay on a paper-based platform is presented using multicolor immobilized quantum dots (QDs) as donors in fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET). The surface of paper was modified with imidazole groups to immobilize two types of QD-probe oligonucleotide conjugates that were assembled in solution. Green-emitting QDs (gQDs) and red-emitting QDs (rQDs) served as donors with Cy3 and Alexa Fluor 647 (A647) acceptors. The gQD/Cy3 FRET pair served as an internal standard, while the rQD/A647 FRET pair served as a detection channel, combining the control and analytical test zones in one physical location. Hybridization of dye-labeled oligonucleotide targets provided the proximity for FRET sensitized emission from the acceptor dyes, which served as an analytical signal. Hybridization assays in the multicolor format provided a limit of detection of 90 fmol and an upper limit of dynamic range of 3.5 pmol. The use of an array of detection zones was designed to provide improved analytical figures of merit compared to that which could be achieved on one type of array design in terms of relative concentration of multicolor QDs. The hybridization assays showed excellent resistance to nonspecific adsorption of oligonucleotides. Selectivity of the two-plex hybridization assay was demonstrated by single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) detection at a contrast ratio of 50:1. Additionally, it is shown that the use of preformed QD-probe oligonucleotide conjugates and consideration of the relative number density of the two types of QD-probe conjugates in the two-color assay format is advantageous to maximize assay sensitivity and the upper limit of dynamic range.

  19. Analog Module Placement Design Using Genetic Algorithm

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    This paper presents a novel genetic algorithm for analog module placement based on ageneralization of the two-dimensional bin packing problem. The genetic encoding and operators assure that allproblem constraints are always satisfied. Thus the potential problems of adding penalty terms to the costfunction are eliminated so that the search configuration space is drastically decreased. The dedicated costfunction is based on the special requirements of analog integrated circuits. A fractional factorial experimentwas conducted using an orthogonal array to study the algorithm parameters. A meta GA was applied todetermine the optimal parameter values. The algorithm was tested with several local benchmark circuits. Theexperimental results show that the algorithm has better performance than the simulated annealing approachwith satisfactory results comparable to manual placement. This study demonstrates the effectiveness of thegenetic algorithm in the analog module placement problem. The algorithm has been successfully used in alayout synthesis tool.

  20. Analog forecasting with dynamics-adapted kernels (United States)

    Zhao, Zhizhen; Giannakis, Dimitrios


    Analog forecasting is a nonparametric technique introduced by Lorenz in 1969 which predicts the evolution of states of a dynamical system (or observables defined on the states) by following the evolution of the sample in a historical record of observations which most closely resembles the current initial data. Here, we introduce a suite of forecasting methods which improve traditional analog forecasting by combining ideas from kernel methods developed in harmonic analysis and machine learning and state-space reconstruction for dynamical systems. A key ingredient of our approach is to replace single-analog forecasting with weighted ensembles of analogs constructed using local similarity kernels. The kernels used here employ a number of dynamics-dependent features designed to improve forecast skill, including Takens’ delay-coordinate maps (to recover information in the initial data lost through partial observations) and a directional dependence on the dynamical vector field generating the data. Mathematically, our approach is closely related to kernel methods for out-of-sample extension of functions, and we discuss alternative strategies based on the Nyström method and the multiscale Laplacian pyramids technique. We illustrate these techniques in applications to forecasting in a low-order deterministic model for atmospheric dynamics with chaotic metastability, and interannual-scale forecasting in the North Pacific sector of a comprehensive climate model. We find that forecasts based on kernel-weighted ensembles have significantly higher skill than the conventional approach following a single analog.

  1. 23rd workshop on Advances in Analog Circuit Design

    CERN Document Server

    Baschirotto, Andrea; Makinwa, Kofi


    This book is based on the 18 tutorials presented during the 23rd workshop on Advances in Analog Circuit Design.  Expert designers present readers with information about a variety of topics at the frontier of analog circuit design, serving as a valuable reference to the state-of-the-art, for anyone involved in analog circuit research and development.    • Includes coverage of high-performance analog-to-digital and digital to analog converters, integrated circuit design in scaled technologies, and time-domain signal processing; • Provides a state-of-the-art reference in analog circuit design, written by experts from industry and academia; • Presents material in a tutorial-based format.

  2. Albert Einstein, Analogizer Extraordinaire

    CERN Document Server

    CERN. Geneva


    Where does deep insight in physics come from? It is tempting to think that it comes from the purest and most precise of reasoning, following ironclad laws of thought that compel the clear mind completely rigidly. And yet the truth is quite otherwise. One finds, when one looks closely at any major discovery, that the greatest of physicists are, in some sense, the most crazily daring and irrational of all physicists. Albert Einstein exemplifies this thesis in spades. In this talk I will describe the key role, throughout Albert Einstein's fabulously creative life, played by wild guesses made by analogy lacking any basis whatsoever in pure reasoning. In particular, in this year of 2007, the centenary of 1907, I will describe how over the course of two years (1905 through 1907) of pondering, Einstein slowly came, via analogy, to understand the full, radical consequences of the equation that he had first discovered and published in 1905, arguably the most famous equation of all time: E = mc2.

  3. SEAS: A simulated evolution approach for analog circuit synthesis

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Ning, Zhen-Qiu; Mouthaan, Ton; Wallinga, Hans


    The authors present a simulated evolution approach for analog circuit synthesis based on an analogy with the natural selection process in biological environments and on the iterative improvements in solving engineering problems. A prototype framework based on this idea, called SEAS, has been impleme

  4. Analog circuit design a tutorial guide to applications and solutions

    CERN Document Server

    Williams, Jim


    * Covers the fundamentals of linear/analog circuit and system design to guide engineers with their design challenges. * Based on the Application Notes of Linear Technology, the foremost designer of high performance analog products, readers will gain practical insights into design techniques and practice. * Broad range of topics, including power management tutorials, switching regulator design, linear regulator design, data conversion, signal conditioning, and high frequency/RF design. * Contributors include the leading lights in analog design, Robert Dobkin, Jim Willia

  5. Magnetic activity of seismic solar analogs

    CERN Document Server

    Salabert, D


    We present our latest results on the solar-stellar connection by studying 18 solar analogs that we identified among the Kepler seismic sample (Salabert et al., 2016a). We measured their magnetic activity properties using observations collected by the Kepler satellite and the ground-based, high-resolution Hermes spectrograph. The photospheric (Sph) and chromospheric (S) magnetic activity proxies of these seismic solar analogs are compared in relation to solar activity. We show that the activity of the Sun is actually comparable to the activity of the seismic solar analogs. Furthermore, we report on the discovery of temporal variability in the acoustic frequencies of the young (1 Gyr-old) solar analog KIC10644253 with a modulation of about 1.5 years, which agrees with the derived photospheric activity (Salabert et al., 2016b). It could actually be the signature of the short-period modulation, or quasi-biennal oscillation, of its magnetic activity as observed in the Sun and the 1-Gyr-old solar analog HD30495. In...

  6. Vorticity in analog gravity (United States)

    Cropp, Bethan; Liberati, Stefano; Turcati, Rodrigo


    In the analog gravity framework, the acoustic disturbances in a moving fluid can be described by an equation of motion identical to a relativistic scalar massless field propagating in curved space-time. This description is possible only when the fluid under consideration is barotropic, inviscid, and irrotational. In this case, the propagation of the perturbations is governed by an acoustic metric that depends algebrically on the local speed of sound, density, and the background flow velocity, the latter assumed to be vorticity-free. In this work we provide a straightforward extension in order to go beyond the irrotational constraint. Using a charged—relativistic and nonrelativistic—Bose-Einstein condensate as a physical system, we show that in the low-momentum limit and performing the eikonal approximation we can derive a d’Alembertian equation of motion for the charged phonons where the emergent acoustic metric depends on flow velocity in the presence of vorticity.

  7. Feedback in analog circuits

    CERN Document Server

    Ochoa, Agustin


    This book describes a consistent and direct methodology to the analysis and design of analog circuits with particular application to circuits containing feedback. The analysis and design of circuits containing feedback is generally presented by either following a series of examples where each circuit is simplified through the use of insight or experience (someone else’s), or a complete nodal-matrix analysis generating lots of algebra. Neither of these approaches leads to gaining insight into the design process easily. The author develops a systematic approach to circuit analysis, the Driving Point Impedance and Signal Flow Graphs (DPI/SFG) method that does not require a-priori insight to the circuit being considered and results in factored analysis supporting the design function. This approach enables designers to account fully for loading and the bi-directional nature of elements both in the feedback path and in the amplifier itself, properties many times assumed negligible and ignored. Feedback circuits a...

  8. Automated Integrated Analog Filter Design Issues

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Karolis Kiela


    Full Text Available An analysis of modern automated integrated analog circuits design methods and their use in integrated filter design is done. Current modern analog circuits automated tools are based on optimization algorithms and/or new circuit generation methods. Most automated integrated filter design methods are only suited to gmC and switched current filter topologies. Here, an algorithm for an active RC integrated filter design is proposed, that can be used in automated filter designs. The algorithm is tested by designing an integrated active RC filter in a 65 nm CMOS technology.

  9. Associative Pattern Recognition In Analog VLSI Circuits (United States)

    Tawel, Raoul


    Winner-take-all circuit selects best-match stored pattern. Prototype cascadable very-large-scale integrated (VLSI) circuit chips built and tested to demonstrate concept of electronic associative pattern recognition. Based on low-power, sub-threshold analog complementary oxide/semiconductor (CMOS) VLSI circuitry, each chip can store 128 sets (vectors) of 16 analog values (vector components), vectors representing known patterns as diverse as spectra, histograms, graphs, or brightnesses of pixels in images. Chips exploit parallel nature of vector quantization architecture to implement highly parallel processing in relatively simple computational cells. Through collective action, cells classify input pattern in fraction of microsecond while consuming power of few microwatts.

  10. PIC microcontroller based external fast analog to digital converter to acquire wide-lined solid NMR spectra by BRUKER DRX and Avance-I spectrometers. (United States)

    Koczor, Bálint; Rohonczy, János


    Concerning many former liquid or hybrid liquid/solid NMR consoles, the built in Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs) are incapable of digitizing the fids at sampling rates in the MHz range. Regarding both strong anisotropic interactions in the solid state and wide chemical shift dispersion nuclei in solution phase such as (195)Pt, (119)Sn, (207)Pb etc., the spectrum range of interest might be in the MHz range. As determining the informative tensor components of anisotropic NMR interactions requires nonlinear fitting over the whole spectrum including the asymptotic baseline, it is prohibited by low sampling rates of the ADCs. Wide spectrum width is also useful in solution NMR, since windowing of wide chemical shift ranges is avoidable. We built an external analog to digital converter with 10 MHz maximal sampling rate, which can work simultaneously with the built in ADC of the spectrometer. The ADC was tested on both Bruker DRX and Avance-I NMR consoles. In addition to the analog channels it only requires three external digital lines of the NMR console. The ADC sends data to PC via USB. The whole process is controlled by software written in JAVA which is implemented under TopSpin.

  11. Generating Analog IC Layouts with LAYGEN II

    CERN Document Server

    Martins, Ricardo M F; Horta, Nuno C G


    This book presents an innovative methodology for the automatic generation of analog integrated circuits (ICs) layout, based on template descriptions and on evolutionary computational techniques. A design automation tool, LAYGEN II, was implemented to validate the proposed approach giving special emphasis to reusability of expert design knowledge and to efficiency on retargeting operations.

  12. Beginning analog electronics through projects

    CERN Document Server

    Singmin, Andrew


    Analog electronics is the simplest way to start a fun, informative, learning program. Beginning Analog Electronics Through Projects, Second Edition was written with the needs of beginning hobbyists and students in mind. This revision of Andrew Singmin's popular Beginning Electronics Through Projects provides practical exercises, building techniques, and ideas for useful electronics projects. Additionally, it features new material on analog and digital electronics, and new projects for troubleshooting test equipment.Published in the tradition of Beginning Electronics Through Projects an

  13. 25th workshop on Advances in Analog Circuit Design

    CERN Document Server

    Harpe, Pieter; Makinwa, Kofi


    This book is based on the 18 tutorials presented during the 25th workshop on Advances in Analog Circuit Design. Expert designers present readers with information about a variety of topics at the frontier of analog circuit design, including low-power and energy-efficient analog electronics, with specific contributions focusing on the design of continuous-time sigma-delta modulators, automotive electronics, and power management. This book serves as a valuable reference to the state-of-the-art, for anyone involved in analog circuit research and development.

  14. Mathematical problem solving by analogy. (United States)

    Novick, L R; Holyoak, K J


    We report the results of 2 experiments and a verbal protocol study examining the component processes of solving mathematical word problems by analogy. College students first studied a problem and its solution, which provided a potential source for analogical transfer. Then they attempted to solve several analogous problems. For some problems, subjects received one of a variety of hints designed to reduce or eliminate the difficulty of some of the major processes hypothesized to be involved in analogical transfer. Our studies yielded 4 major findings. First, the process of mapping the features of the source and target problems and the process of adapting the source solution procedure for use in solving the target problem were clearly distinguished: (a) Successful mapping was found to be insufficient for successful transfer and (b) adaptation was found to be a major source of transfer difficulty. Second, we obtained direct evidence that schema induction is a natural consequence of analogical transfer. The schema was found to co-exist with the problems from which it was induced, and both the schema and the individual problems facilitated later transfer. Third, for our multiple-solution problems, the relation between analogical transfer and solution accuracy was mediated by the degree of time pressure exerted for the test problems. Finally, mathematical expertise was a significant predictor of analogical transfer, but general analogical reasoning ability was not. The implications of the results for models of analogical transfer and for instruction were considered.

  15. Design of high-precision PLC analog front-end based on ADuC7061%基于ADuC7061的高精度PLC模拟前端设计

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    徐子毅; 胡晓娅; 汪秉文


    针对于工业PLC模拟信号的采集和输出,本文提出了一种基于ADuC7061的高精度模拟前端设计方案.该系统支持双通道的PLC模拟信号输入并提供一路PLC标准电流输出.该系统在-10~70范围内达到0.2%的电压测量精度和0.2%的电流输出精度.硬件部分以ADuC7061作为测量和控制核心,配合外围模拟调理电路完成模拟信号的调理、检测和输出,并通过隔离的SPI进行数据通信.软件部分包括模拟信号采集转换和通信,可以根据温度变化自动校准.本设计具有精度高,软件灵活,接口通用的特点,可以作为PLC模拟前端,广泛应用于工业现场.%For industrial PLC analog signal acquisition and output, thisarticle presents a precision analog front-end design based on ADuC7061. The system supports dual-channel PLC analog signal input and provides a channel for standard PLC current output The system reaches a voltage measurement accuracy of 0.1% andthe current output accuracy of 0.2%. The systemuses ADuC7061 as the core of measurement and control. With different external analog conditioning circuit, the system can both measure theinput analog signalandoutput PLC standard current signal. By using SPI interface, the system can transport data and command. The software of this systemis able to acquire flexible automatic temperature calibration. This high-precisionsystem has flexible software interface, which can be used as PLC analog front-end, and the system can be widely used in the industrial field.

  16. [Analogies and analogy research in technical biology and bionics]. (United States)

    Nachtigall, Werner


    The procedural approaches of Technical Biology and Bionics are characterized, and analogy research is identified as their common basis. The actual creative aspect in bionical research lies in recognizing and exploiting technically oriented analogies underlying a specific biological prototype to indicate a specific technical application.

  17. Using Analogies to Prevent Misconceptions about Chemical Equilibrium (United States)

    Sahin Pekmez, Esin


    The main purpose of this study was to find the effectiveness of using analogies to prevent misconceptions about chemical equilibrium. Nineteen analogies, which were based on dynamic aspects of chemical equilibrium and application of Le Chatelier's principle, were developed. The participations of this study consisted of 11th grade students (n: 151)…

  18. Stereoselective synthesis of nicotinamide beta-riboside and nucleoside analogs. (United States)

    Franchetti, Palmarisa; Pasqualini, Michela; Petrelli, Riccardo; Ricciutelli, Massimo; Vita, Patrizia; Cappellacci, Loredana


    The beta-anomers of N-ribofuranosylnicotine-3-carboxamide (beta-NAR) and its nicotinic acid analog (beta-NaR) were obtained by stereoselective synthesis via glycosylation of the presilylated bases under Vorbruggen's protocol. A NAR analog, methylated in position 3 of the ribosylic moiety, is also reported.

  19. 基于跨导运算放大器的可重构模拟电路及应用设计%Reconfigurable Analog Circuit and Application Design Based on Operational Transconductance Amplifier

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    马伟伟; 王友仁; 石玉; 崔江


    常规的粗粒度可重构模拟电路灵活性不高,而且可重构模拟单元(CAB)结构较为复杂.针对此类问题,该文改进并设计了一种新的基于OTA的可重构模拟电路.该电路设计方案降低了CAB的复杂度,提高了CAB的使用效率.该文方法的有效性通过3个模拟设计实例(二阶低通滤波器、高通滤波器和三阶巴特沃思低通滤波器)的设计加以验证.实验结果表明,所提出的方法正确有效,可以较好地兼顾CAB资源与所要求功能的平衡.%The conventional coarse-grained reconfigurable analog circuits have bad flexibility, and the reConfigurable Analog Block (CAB) structure is complicated. In order to solve such problems, a new OTA-based reconfigurable analog circuit is presented in this paper. In this circuit scheme, the complexity of CAB is reduced and the CAB utilization rate is increased. To verify the effectiveness, three examples of analog circuit design (a second-order low pass filter, a second-order high pass filter and a low-pass third-order Butterworth filter) are presented. The experimental results indicate that the proposed circuits is effective and feasible, which make a better balance between circuit resources and functions.

  20. Conjecturing via Reconceived Classical Analogy (United States)

    Lee, Kyeong-Hwa; Sriraman, Bharath


    Analogical reasoning is believed to be an efficient means of problem solving and construction of knowledge during the search for and the analysis of new mathematical objects. However, there is growing concern that despite everyday usage, learners are unable to transfer analogical reasoning to learning situations. This study aims at facilitating…

  1. Musik som analogi og metafor

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)


    Indeholder underkapitlerne: 2.5.1 Musik som analogi 2.5.2 Musik som metafor 2.5.3 Musikkens psykologiske funktioner - en taxonomi og metaforisk lytning til fire baroksatser......Indeholder underkapitlerne: 2.5.1 Musik som analogi 2.5.2 Musik som metafor 2.5.3 Musikkens psykologiske funktioner - en taxonomi og metaforisk lytning til fire baroksatser...

  2. Natural analog studies: Licensing perspective

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bradbury, J.W. [Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington, DC (United States)


    This report describes the licensing perspective of the term {open_quotes}natural analog studies{close_quotes} as used in CFR Part 60. It describes the misunderstandings related to its definition which has become evident during discussions at the U.S Nuclear Regulatory Commission meetings and tries to clarify the appropriate applications of natural analog studies to aspects of repository site characterization.

  3. Design new P-glycoprotein modulators based on molecular docking and CoMFA study of α, β-unsaturated carbonyl-based compounds and oxime analogs as anticancer agents (United States)

    Sepehri, Bakhtyar; Ghavami, Raouf


    In this research, molecular docking and CoMFA were used to determine interactions of α, β-unsaturated carbonyl-based compounds and oxime analogs with P-glycoprotein and prediction of their activity. Molecular docking study shown these molecules establish strong Van der Waals interactions with side chain of PHE-332, PHE-728 and PHE-974. Based on the effect of component numbers on squared correlation coefficient for cross validation tests (including leave-one-out and leave-many-out), CoMFA models with five components were built to predict pIC50 of molecules in seven cancer cell lines (including Panc-1 (pancreas cancer cell line), PaCa-2 (pancreatic carcinoma cell line), MCF-7 (breast cancer cell line), A-549 (epithelial), HT-29 (colon cancer cell line), H-460 (lung cancer cell line), PC-3 (prostate cancer cell line)). R2 values for training and test sets were in the range of 0.94-0.97 and 0.84 to 0.92, respectively, and for LOO and LMO cross validation test, q2 values were in the range of 0.75-0.82 and 0.65 to 0.73, respectively. Based on molecular docking results and extracted steric and electrostatic contour maps for CoMFA models, four new molecules with higher activity with respect to the most active compound in data set were designed.

  4. A digital-analog hybrid random numb er generator based on memristor%基于忆阻器的数模混合随机数发生器∗

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    袁泽世; 李洪涛; 朱晓华


    integral system. In this paper, a novel digital-analog hybrid chaotic system with only one analog device is constructed for the pro-duction of RN. The chosen analog device is a generalized memristor consisting of a diode bridge and a parallel RC filter. Memristor is the fourth fundamental electronic component which has provoked extensive researches since the suc-cessful realization by Stan Williams’s group at HP Labs in 2008. The paper is arranged as follows. Firstly, a generalized memristor realized by a memristive circuit is introduced and its basic properties are given. Then the block diagram of the digital-analog hybrid system based on a single memristor feedback is depicted, and the mathematical model of the system is derived from the block diagram. Thirdly, the simple Logistic map is applied to the hybrid model and its dynamic behaviors are simulated and compared with those from the ideal Logistic before a more complex two-way coupled saw tooth map is applied to the same simulation, verifying the effectiveness of the proposed hybrid system. Finally, the complex coupled map is applied to the practical circuit producing RN which passes the NIST test suite smoothly. The hybrid system has the following advantages: firstly, the introduction of the analog memristor is able to over-come the dynamical degradation in a digital system, avoiding the limited word length effect essentially. Secondly, the least analog device alleviates the sensibility to parameters and the restriction on bit rate in analog systems, ensuring that the hybrid system is robust. Thirdly, the system structure can be easily integrated into a relevant system. By designing the circuits of the system, the field programmable logic gate array of digital part can be used to realize chaotic map while the single memristor acts as a feedback to the digital part. The experimental results show that the novel hybrid system is insensitive to the variations of circuit parameters and the produced RN is of great

  5. A Low-cost 4 Bit, 10 Giga-samples-per-second Analog-to-digital Converter Printed Circuit Board Assembly for FPGA-based Backends (United States)

    Jiang, Homin; Yu, Chen-Yu; Kubo, Derek; Chen, Ming-Tang; Guzzino, Kim


    In this study, a 4 bit, 10 giga-samples-per-second analog-to-digital converter (ADC) printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) was designed, manufactured, and characterized for digitizing radio telescopes. For this purpose, an Adsantec ANST7120A-KMA flash ADC chip was used. Together with the field-programmable gate array platform, developed by the Collaboration for Astronomy Signal Processing and Electronics Research community, the PCBA enables data acquisition with a wide bandwidth and simplifies the intermediate frequency section. In the current version, the PCBA and the chip exhibit an analog bandwidth of 10 GHz (3 dB loss) and 20 GHz, respectively, which facilitates second, third, and even fourth Nyquist sampling. The following average performance parameters were obtained from the first and second Nyquist zones of the three boards: a spurious-free dynamic range of 31.35/30.45 dB, a signal-to-noise and distortion ratio of 22.95/21.83 dB, and an effective number of bits of 3.65/3.43, respectively.

  6. Implementation of a 10.24 GS/s 12-bit Optoelectronics Analog-to- Digital Converter Based on a Polyphase Demultiplexing Architecture

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    C. Villa-Angulo


    Full Text Available In this paper we present the practical implementation of a high-speed polyphase sampling and demultiplexingarchitecture for optoelectronics analog-to-digital converters (OADCs. The architecture consists of a one-stage divideby-eight decimator circuit where optically-triggered samplers are cascaded to sample an analog input signal, anddemultiplex different phases of the sampled signal to yield low data rate for electronic quantization. Electrical-in toelectrical-out data format is maintained through the sampling, demultiplexing and quantization processes of thearchitecture thereby avoiding the need for electrical-to-optical and optical-to-electrical signal conversions. Weexperimentally demonstrate a 10.24 giga samples per second (GS/s, 12-bit resolution OADC system comprising theoptically-triggered sampling circuits integrated with commercial electronic quantizers. Measurements performed on theOADC yielded an effective bit resolution (ENOB of 10.3 bits, spurious free dynamic range (SFDR of -32 dB andsignal-to-noise and distortion ratio (SNDR of 63.7 dB.

  7. An experimental distribution of analog and digital information in a hybrid wireless visible light communication system based on acousto-optic modulation and sinusoidal gratings (United States)

    Gómez Colín, R.; García Juárez, A.; Zaldívar Huerta, I. E.; Marquina, A. Vera; García Delgado, L. A.; Leal Cruz, A. L.; Gómez Fuentes, R.


    In this paper we propose a photonic architecture as an alternative tool to distribute point to multipoint analog and digital information over a hybrid wireless visible optical communication system. The experimental set-up is composed of a red laser pointer, an acousto-optic modulator, a sinusoidal grating and a photo-detector array. By using a simple and variable interferometric system, diffraction gratings with different spatial frequencies are generated and recorded on a photoemulsion which is composed of vanilla with dichromate gelatin. Analog video and digital information are first transmitted and recovered over a wireless communication system using a microwave carrier at 4.52 GHz which is generated by distributed feedback lasers operating in the low laser threshold current region. Separately, the recovered video information and digital data are combined with a radio frequency signal of 80 MHz, obtaining a subcarrier of information that is imposed on the optical carrier of the pointer laser using an acousto-optic modulator which is operated with an angle of incident light that satisfies the Bragg condition. The modulated optical carrier is sent to a sinusoidal grating, the diffraction pattern is photo-detected using an array of PIN photo-detectors. The use of sinusoidal gratings with acousto-optic modulators allows that number of channels to be increased when both components are placed in cascade.

  8. Analog-to-digital conversion

    CERN Document Server

    Pelgrom, Marcel J M


    The design of an analog-to-digital converter or digital-to-analog converter is one of the most fascinating tasks in micro-electronics. In a converter the analog world with all its intricacies meets the realm of the formal digital abstraction. Both disciplines must be understood for an optimum conversion solution. In a converter also system challenges meet technology opportunities. Modern systems rely on analog-to-digital converters as an essential part of the complex chain to access the physical world. And processors need the ultimate performance of digital-to-analog converters to present the results of their complex algorithms. The same progress in CMOS technology that enables these VLSI digital systems creates new challenges for analog-to-digital converters: lower signal swings, less power and variability issues. Last but not least, the analog-to-digital converter must follow the cost reduction trend. These changing boundary conditions require micro-electronics engineers to consider their design choices for...

  9. Molecular modeling of fentanyl analogs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Fentanyl is a highly potent and clinically widely used narcotic analgesic. A large number of its analogs have been synthesized, some of which (sufentanil and alfentanyl are also in clinical use. Theoretical studies, in recent years, afforded a better understanding of the structure-activity relationships of this class of opiates and allowed insight into the molecular mechanism of the interactions of fentanyl analogs with their receptors. An overview of the current computational techniques for modeling fentanyl analogs, their receptors and ligand-receptor interactions is presented in this paper.

  10. Sulfonimidamide analogs of oncolytic sulfonylureas. (United States)

    Toth, J E; Grindey, G B; Ehlhardt, W J; Ray, J E; Boder, G B; Bewley, J R; Klingerman, K K; Gates, S B; Rinzel, S M; Schultz, R M; Weir, L C; Worzalla, J F


    A series of sulfonimidamide analogs of the oncolytic diarylsulfonylureas was synthesized and evaluated for (1) in vitro cytotoxicity against CEM cells, (2) in vivo antitumor activity against subaxillary implanted 6C3HED lymphosarcoma, and (3) metabolic breakdown to the o-sulfate of p-chloroaniline. The separated enantiomers of one sulfonimidamide analog displayed very different activities in the in vivo screening model. In general, several analogs demonstrated excellent growth inhibitory activity in the 6C3HED model when dosed orally or intraperitoneally. A correlative structure-activity relationship to the oncolytic sulfonylureas was not apparent.

  11. Analog CMOS contrastive Hebbian networks (United States)

    Schneider, Christian; Card, Howard


    CMOS VLSI circuits implementing an analog neural network with on-chip contrastive Hebbian learning and capacitive synaptic weight storage have been designed and fabricated. Weights are refreshed by periodic repetition of the training data. To evaluate circuit performance in a medium-sized system, these circuits were used to build a 132 synapse neural network. An adaptive neural system, such as the one described in this paper, can compensate for imperfections in the components from which it is constructed, and thus it is possible to build this type of system using simple, silicon area-efficient analog circuits. Because these analog VLSI circuits are far more compact than their digital counterparts, analog VLSI neural network implementations are potentially more efficient than digital ones.

  12. Solving a problem by analogy (United States)

    Easton, Don


    This note is a description of a student solution to a problem. I found the solution exciting because it exemplifies the kind of solution by analogy that Feynman describes in The Feynman Lectures on Physics.

  13. Analog filters in nanometer CMOS

    CERN Document Server

    Uhrmann, Heimo; Zimmermann, Horst


    Starting from the basics of analog filters and the poor transistor characteristics in nanometer CMOS 10 high-performance analog filters developed by the authors in 120 nm and 65 nm CMOS are described extensively. Among them are gm-C filters, current-mode filters, and active filters for system-on-chip realization for Bluetooth, WCDMA, UWB, DVB-H, and LTE applications. For the active filters several operational amplifier designs are described. The book, furthermore, contains a review of the newest state of research on low-voltage low-power analog filters. To cover the topic of the book comprehensively, linearization issues and measurement methods for the characterization of advanced analog filters are introduced in addition. Numerous elaborate illustrations promote an easy comprehension. This book will be of value to engineers and researchers in industry as well as scientists and Ph.D students at universities. The book is also recommendable to graduate students specializing on nanoelectronics, microelectronics ...

  14. Analog electronic neural network circuits

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Graf, H.P.; Jackel, L.D. (AT and T Bell Labs., Holmdel, NJ (USA))


    The large interconnectivity and moderate precision required in neural network models present new opportunities for analog computing. This paper discusses analog circuits for a variety of problems such as pattern matching, optimization, and learning. Most of the circuits build so far are relatively small, exploratory designs. The most mature circuits are those for template matching. Chips performing this function are now being applied to pattern recognition problems.

  15. Parabolic flight as a spaceflight analog. (United States)

    Shelhamer, Mark


    Ground-based analog facilities have had wide use in mimicking some of the features of spaceflight in a more-controlled and less-expensive manner. One such analog is parabolic flight, in which an aircraft flies repeated parabolic trajectories that provide short-duration periods of free fall (0 g) alternating with high-g pullout or recovery phases. Parabolic flight is unique in being able to provide true 0 g in a ground-based facility. Accordingly, it lends itself well to the investigation of specific areas of human spaceflight that can benefit from this capability, which predominantly includes neurovestibular effects, but also others such as human factors, locomotion, and medical procedures. Applications to research in artificial gravity and to effects likely to occur in upcoming commercial suborbital flights are also possible.

  16. Analog of landau Levels to Electric Dipole

    CERN Document Server

    Ribeiro, L R; Nascimento, J R; Furtado, Claudio


    In this article we discuss the analogy between the dynamics of a neutral particle with an electric dipole, in the presence of configuration of magnetic field, with Landau level quantization for charged particle. We analyze this quantization based on the He-Mckelar-Wilkens interaction developed of similar way that Ericsson and Sj\\"oqvist[Phys Rev. A {\\bf 65} 013607 (2001)] was analyzed the Landau-Aharonov-Casher effect. The energy level and eingenfuctions and eigenvalues are obtained.

  17. Compressed Sensing of Analog Signals

    CERN Document Server

    Eldar, Yonina C


    A traditional assumption underlying most data converters is that the signal should be sampled at a rate which exceeds twice the highest frequency. This statement is based on a worst-case scenario in which the signal occupies the entire available bandwidth. In practice, many signals posses a sparse structure so that a large part of the bandwidth is not exploited. In this paper, we consider a framework for utilizing this sparsity in order to sample such analog signals at a low rate. More specifically, we consider continuous-time signals that lie in a shift-invariant (SI) space generated by m kernels, so that any signal in the space can be expressed as an infinite linear combination of the shifted kernels. If the period of the underlying SI space is equal to T, then such signals can be perfectly reconstructed from samples at a rate of m/T. Here we treat the case in which only k out of the m generators are active, meaning that the signal actually lies in a lower dimensional space spanned by k generators. However,...

  18. Learning Plate Tectonics Using a Pre-Analogy Step (United States)

    Glesener, G. B.; Sandoval, W. A.


    Previous research has shown that children tend to demonstrate lower performance on analogical reasoning tasks at a causal relations level compared to most adults (Gentner & Toupin, 1986). This tendency is an obstacle that geoscience educators must overcome because of the high frequency of analogies used in geoscience pedagogy. In particular, analog models are used to convey complex systems of non-everyday/non-observable events found in nature, such as plate tectonics. Key factors in successful analogical reasoning that have been suggested by researchers include knowledge of the causal relations in the base analog (Brown & Kane, 1988; Gentner, 1988; Gentner & Toupin, 1986), and development of learning strategies and metaconceptual competence(Brown & Kane, 1988). External factors, such as guiding cues and hints have been useful cognitive supports that help students reason through analogical problems (Gick & Holyoak, 1980). Cognitive supports have been seen by researchers to decrease processing demands on retrieval and working memory (Richland, Zur, & Holyoak, 2007). We observed third and fourth graders learning about plate tectonics beginning with a pre-analogy step-a cognitive support activity a student can do before working with an analogy to understand the target. This activity was designed to aid students in developing their understanding of object attributes and relations within an analog model so that more focus can be placed on mapping the corresponding higher-order relations between the base and target. Students learned targeted concepts of plate tectonics, as measured by pre to post gains on items adapted from the Geosciences Concept Inventory. Analyses of classroom interaction showed that students used the object attributes and higher-order relations highlighted in the pre-analogy activity as resources to reason about plate boundaries and plate movement during earthquakes.

  19. Current-mode analog nonlinear function synthesizer structures

    CERN Document Server

    Popa, Cosmin Radu


    This book is dedicated to the analysis and design of analog CMOS nonlinear function synthesizer structures, based on original superior-order approximation functions. A variety of analog function synthesizer structures are discussed, based on accurate approximation functions.  Readers will be enabled to implement numerous circuit functions with applications in analog signal processing, including exponential, Gaussian or hyperbolic functions. Generalizing the methods for obtaining these particular functions, the author analyzes superior-order approximation functions, which represent the core for developing CMOS analog nonlinear function synthesizers.   ·         Describes novel methods for generating a multitude of circuit functions, based on superior-order improved accuracy approximation functions; ·         Presents techniques for analog function synthesizers that can be applied easily to a wide variety of analog signal processing circuits; ·         Enables the design of analog s...

  20. 一种基于动态阈值NMOS的1.2V CMOS模拟乘法器%A 1.2 V CMOS Analog Multiplier Based on Dynamic Threshold Voltage NMOS Transistor

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    程卫东; 朱樟明; 王雷


    分析了以动态阈值NMOS晶体管作为输入信号的输入晶体管,利用4个动态阈值NMOS和2个有源电阻设计和实现的一种1.2 V低功耗CMOS模拟乘法器电路。该电路具有节省输入晶体管数目、偏置晶体管和偏置电路,以及性能指标优良的特点。其主要参数指标达到:一、三次谐波差值40 dB,输出信号频带宽度375 MHz,平均电源电流约30μA,动态功耗约36μW。可直接应用于低功耗通信集成电路设计。%This paper analyses an analog multiplier based on dynamic threshold voltage NMOS transistor for two input transistor.Four dynamic threshold voltage NMOS transistor and two active resistors are used to design a novel 1.2 V low power CMOS analog multiplier.The number of input transistor has been decreased and the biased transistor and circuits have been saved,while the performance is appropriate.The main characteristics are that the margin between the first order harmonious wave and the third order harmonious wave of the output wave is about 40 dB,that the output frequency bandwidth is 375 MHz,and that the average power supply current is 30 μA.The novel analog multiplier can be applied for the design of low power communication integrated circuits.

  1. The Effect of Mini-PEG-Based Spacer Length on Binding and Pharmacokinetic Properties of a 68Ga-Labeled NOTA-Conjugated Antagonistic Analog of Bombesin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zohreh Varasteh


    Full Text Available The overexpression of gastrin-releasing peptide receptor (GRPR in cancer can be used for peptide-receptor mediated radionuclide imaging and therapy. We have previously shown that an antagonist analog of bombesin RM26 conjugated to 1,4,7-triazacyclononane-N,N',N''-triacetic acid (NOTA via a diethyleneglycol (PEG2 spacer (NOTA-PEG2-RM26 and labeled with 68Ga can be used for imaging of GRPR-expressing tumors. In this study, we evaluated if a variation of mini-PEG spacer length can be used for optimization of targeting properties of the NOTA-conjugated RM26. A series of analogs with different PEG-length (n = 2, 3, 4, 6 was synthesized, radiolabeled and evaluated in vitro and in vivo. The IC50 values of natGa-NOTA-PEGn-RM26 (n = 2, 3, 4, 6 were 3.1 ± 0.2, 3.9 ± 0.3, 5.4 ± 0.4 and 5.8 ± 0.3 nM, respectively. In normal mice all conjugates demonstrated similar biodistribution pattern, however 68Ga-NOTA-PEG3-RM26 showed lower liver uptake. Biodistribution of 68Ga-NOTA-PEG3-RM26 was evaluated in nude mice bearing PC-3 (prostate cancer and BT-474 (breast cancer xenografts. High uptake in tumors (4.6 ± 0.6%ID/g and 2.8 ± 0.4%ID/g for PC-3 and BT-474 xenografts, respectively and high tumor-to-background ratios (tumor/blood of 44 ± 12 and 42 ± 5 for PC-3 and BT-474 xenografts, respectively were found already at 2 h p.i. of 68Ga-NOTA-PEG3-RM26. Results of this study suggest that variation in the length of the PEG spacer can be used for optimization of targeting properties of peptide-chelator conjugates. However, the influence of the mini-PEG length on biodistribution is minor when di-, tri-, tetra- and hexaethylene glycol are compared.

  2. Analog approach to mixed analog-digital circuit simulation (United States)

    Ogrodzki, Jan


    Logic simulation of digital circuits is a well explored research area. Most up-to-date CAD tools for digital circuits simulation use an event driven, selective trace algorithm and Hardware Description Languages (HDL), e.g. the VHDL. This techniques enable simulation of mixed circuits, as well, where an analog part is connected to the digital one through D/A and A/D converters. The event-driven mixed simulation applies a unified, digital-circuits dedicated method to both digital and analog subsystems. In recent years HDL techniques have been also applied to mixed domains, as e.g. in the VHDL-AMS. This paper presents an approach dual to the event-driven one, where an analog part together with a digital one and with converters is treated as the analog subsystem and is simulated by means of circuit simulation techniques. In our problem an analog solver used yields some numerical problems caused by nonlinearities of digital elements. Efficient methods for overriding these difficulties have been proposed.

  3. Frequency Transformation of Analog Filter Based on MATLAB%基于MATLAB的模拟滤波器的频率变换

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Under normal circumstances, filter design is only focused on lowpass filter, while by means of the frequency conversion technology the integration of high - pass, band - pass filter can work out any filter circuit except the low - pass. The use of MATLAB software greatly simplifies the actual calculation workload and verifies by simulation whether it can reach the expected design specifications. The article describes the frequency conversion of the analog filter and makes a simulative study respectively in the application of the software.%一般情况下,设计滤波器只着重研究低通滤波器,而高通、带通滤波器的综合要借助频率变换技术来实现低通以外各种滤波电路。MATLAB应用软件的使用大大简化了实际的计算工作量,并可以通过仿真来验证是否可以达到预期的设计指标。文章介绍了模拟滤波器的频率转换并运用软件实现了相应的仿真研究。

  4. 基于衬底驱动技术的模拟电路设计%Analog circuit design based on the bulk-driven technique

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张长青; 朱猛


    在进行低电压低功耗模拟电路设计的众多技术中,衬底驱动(BD)技术由于设计简单和使用传统MOS工艺实现的特点,而被很多的设计所采用。本文利用这一原理,在标准CMOS工艺和±0.7V电源电压前提下设计低电压低功耗标准模块,最后在TSMC0.25umCMOS工艺模型下,用Spice模拟器验证了模拟仿真结果。%Among many techniques used for the design of LV-LP analog circuits, the Bulk-driven principle offers a promising route towards this design for many aspects mainly the simplicity and using the conventional MOS technology to implement these designs. This paper is devoted to the Bulk-driven(BD) principle and utilizing this principle to design LV LP building blocks in standard CMOS processes and supply voltage ±0.7V. The simulation results have been carried out by the Spice simulator using the 0.25 um CMOS technology from TSMC.

  5. Determination of structure-activity relationships between fentanyl analogs and human μ-opioid receptors based on active binding site models

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Ming Liu; Xiaoli Liu; Ping Wan; Qiangsan Wu; Wenxiang Hu


    Fentanyl is a potent and widely used clinical narcotic analgesic, as well as a highly selective μ-opioid agonist. The present study established a homologous model of the human μ-opioid receptor; an intercomparison of three types of μ-opioid receptor protein sequence homologous rates was made. The secondary receptor structure was predicted, the model reliability was assessed and verified using the Ramachandran plot and ProTab analysis. The predictive ability of the CoMFA model was further validated using an external test set. Using the Surflex-Dock program, a series of fentanyl analog molecules were docked to the receptor, the calculation results from Biopolymer/SiteID showed that the receptor had a deep binding area situated in the extracellular side of the transmembrane domains (TM) among TM3, TM5, TM6, and TM7. Results suggested that there might be 5 active areas in the receptor. The important residues were Asp147, Tyr148, and Tyr149 in TM3, Trp293, and His297 in TM6, and Trp318, His319, Ile322, and Tyr326 in TM7, which were located at the 5 active areas. The best fentanyl docking orientation position was the piperidine ring, which was nearly perpendicular to the membrane surface in the 7 TM domains. Molecular dynamic simulations were applied to evaluate potential relationships between ligand conformation and fentanyl substitution.

  6. The design and simulation of a titanium oxide memristor-based programmable analog filter in a simulation program with integrated circuit emphasis

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Tian Xiao-Bo; Xu Hui


    In many communication and signal routing applications,it is desirable to have a programmable analog filter.According to this practical demand,we consider the titanium oxide memristor,which is a kind of nano-scale electron device with low power dissipation and nonvolatile memory.Such characteristics could be suitable for designing the desired filter.However,both the non-analytical relation between the memristance and the charges that pass through it,and the changeable V-I characteristics in physical tests make it difficult to accurately set the memristance to the target value.In this paper,the conductive mechanism of the memristor is analyzed,a method of continuously programming the memristance is proposed and simulated in a simulation program with integrated circuit emphasis,and its feasibility and compatibility,both in simulations and physical realizations,are demonstrated.This method is then utilized in a first-order active filter as an example to show its applications in programmable filters.This work also provides a practical tool for utilizing memristors as resistance programmable devices.

  7. Digital-Analog Converter Based on Pulse Width Modulated Force Feedback in Sigma-Delta Accelerometer%Σ△微加速度计中基于脉宽调制的力反馈回路

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    陶呈瑶; 邓康发


    针对微加速度计接口电路的Sigma-Delta(撞驻)数字反馈系统,提出了一种基于脉宽调制( PWM)的力反馈回路:利用模拟低通滤波器将PWM波解调成模拟输出信号,具有滤波和数模转换功能。首先建立微加速度计撞驻闭环反馈系统的Simulink模型并进行了系统级仿真。之后采用Filter Solutions滤波器设计软件确定三阶低通巴特沃斯滤波器,并采用Pspice仿真软件进行电路级仿真。最后将制作的PCB版电路进行测试:PWM波通过力反馈回路能还原成高保真度的模拟信号,输出信号和输入信号的频率相对误差小于0.36%,等效DAC分辨率为8 bit。试验表明,此方案结构简单、成本低,能以较低电路复杂度实现高精度的模拟信号输出。%Aiming at the Sigma-Delta(Σ△) digital force feedback system in Mcro-accelerometer interface circuit,this paper presents a force feedback loop based on Pulse Width Modulator(PWM). The PWM wave can be translated into output analog singal using low pass filter,indicating that this circuit has a dual function of filter and digital to analog conversion( DAC) . Firstly,Σ△closed loop feedback system was simulated in Simulink model for system level simulation,then Filter Solutions software was used for designing three-order Butterworth low pass filter,and Pspice software was adopted for circuit level simulation. Finally electronic circuit was made by PCB and then tested. Through the force back loop,the wave can be successfully translate to undistorted analog signal,and the maximun relative error is below 0. 36% compared to the input signal,the equivalent DAC resolution is 8 bit. This experiment shows that this method has the advantages of simple structure,low cost,and easy way to produce high precise output analog signal.

  8. Analog Computation by DNA Strand Displacement Circuits. (United States)

    Song, Tianqi; Garg, Sudhanshu; Mokhtar, Reem; Bui, Hieu; Reif, John


    DNA circuits have been widely used to develop biological computing devices because of their high programmability and versatility. Here, we propose an architecture for the systematic construction of DNA circuits for analog computation based on DNA strand displacement. The elementary gates in our architecture include addition, subtraction, and multiplication gates. The input and output of these gates are analog, which means that they are directly represented by the concentrations of the input and output DNA strands, respectively, without requiring a threshold for converting to Boolean signals. We provide detailed domain designs and kinetic simulations of the gates to demonstrate their expected performance. On the basis of these gates, we describe how DNA circuits to compute polynomial functions of inputs can be built. Using Taylor Series and Newton Iteration methods, functions beyond the scope of polynomials can also be computed by DNA circuits built upon our architecture.

  9. A new program on digitizing analog seismograms (United States)

    Wang, Maofa; Jiang, Qigang; Liu, Qingjie; Huang, Meng


    Historical seismograms contain a great variety of useful information which can be used in the study of earthquakes. It is necessary for researchers to digitize analog records and extract the information just as modern computing analysis requires. Firstly, an algorithm based on color scene filed method is presented in order to digitize analog seismograms. Secondly, an interactive software program using C# has been developed to digitize seismogram traces from raster files quickly and accurately. The program can deal with gray-scale images stored in a suitable file format and it offers two different methods: manual digitization and automatic digitization. The test result of the program shows that the methods presented in this paper can lead to good performance.

  10. Analog fault diagnosis by inverse problem technique

    KAUST Repository

    Ahmed, Rania F.


    A novel algorithm for detecting soft faults in linear analog circuits based on the inverse problem concept is proposed. The proposed approach utilizes optimization techniques with the aid of sensitivity analysis. The main contribution of this work is to apply the inverse problem technique to estimate the actual parameter values of the tested circuit and so, to detect and diagnose single fault in analog circuits. The validation of the algorithm is illustrated through applying it to Sallen-Key second order band pass filter and the results show that the detecting percentage efficiency was 100% and also, the maximum error percentage of estimating the parameter values is 0.7%. This technique can be applied to any other linear circuit and it also can be extended to be applied to non-linear circuits. © 2011 IEEE.

  11. Interference Alignment with Analog Channel State Feedback

    CERN Document Server

    Ayach, Omar El


    Interference alignment (IA) is a multiplexing gain optimal transmission strategy for the interference channel with an arbitrary number of users. While the achieved sum rate with IA is much higher than previously thought possible, the improvement comes at the cost of requiring network channel state information at the transmitters. This can be achieved by explicit feedback, a flexible yet costly approach that incurs large overhead and limits throughput. We propose using analog feedback as an alternative to limited feedback or reciprocity based alignment. We show that the full multiplexing gain observed with perfect channel knowledge is preserved by analog feedback and the mean loss in sum rate is bounded by a constant when signal-to-noise ratio is comparable in both forward and feedback channels. When such feedback quality is not quite possible, a fraction of the degrees of freedom is achieved. We consider the overhead of training and feedback and use this framework to optimize the system's effective throughput...

  12. 基于虚拟仪器技术的模拟视频自动测试系统%Automatic Test System of Analog Video Based on Virtual Instrument Technology

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    朱鹍; 曹伟洲


    文章介绍了一套基于虚拟仪器技术的模拟视频自动测试系统.详细论述了该系统的设计思路、硬件配置、软件操作界面设计以及实现方法.系统实现了各种格式、制式模拟视频信号的自动测试,大大提高了工作效率,并具有良好的扩展性,已经在某装备的生产和制造中得到应用.%The article describes an automatic test system of analog video based on virtual instrument technology. The design concept, hardware configuration, software functionality and implementation of system are discussed in detail. And a variety of formats, analog video signal automated test standard are achieved. The system improves the work efficiency greatly and has good scalability. It has been applied in a production and manufacturing equipment.

  13. A standardized way to select, evaluate, and test an analog-to-digital converter for ultrawide bandwidth radiofrequency signals based on user's needs, ideal, published,and actual specifications (United States)

    Chang, Daniel Y.; Rowe, Neil C.


    The most important adverse impact on the Electronic Warfare (EW) simulation is that the number of signal sources that can be tested simultaneously is relatively small. When the number of signal sources increases, the analog hardware, complexity and costs grow by the order of N2, since the number of connections among N components is O(N*N) and the signal communication is bi-directional. To solve this problem, digitization of the signal is suggested. In digitizing a radiofrequency signal, an Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) is widely used. Most research studies on ADCs are conducted from designer/test engineers' perspective. Some research studies are conducted from market's perspective. This paper presents a generic way to select, evaluate and test ultra high bandwidth COTS ADCs and generate requirements for digitizing continuous time signals from the perspective of user's needs. Based on user's needs, as well as vendor's published, ideal and actual specifications, a decision can be made in selecting a proper ADC for an application. To support our arguments and illustrate the methodology, we evaluate a Tektronix TADC-1000, an 8-bit and 12 gigasamples per second ADC. This project is funded by JEWEL lab, NAWCWD at Point Mugu, CA.

  14. Josephson junction analog and quasiparticle-pair current

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bak, Christen Kjeldahl; Pedersen, Niels Falsig


    A close analogy exists between a Josephson junction and a phase-locked loop. A new type of electrical analog based on this principle is presented. It is shown that the inclusion in this analog of a low-pass filter gives rise to a current of the same form as the Josephson quasiparticle-pair curren....... A simple picture of the quasiparticle-pair current, which gives the right dependences, is obtained by assuming a junction cutoff frequency to be at the energy gap. ©1973 American Institute of Physics...

  15. A radial basis function neurocomputer implemented with analog VLSI circuits (United States)

    Watkins, Steven S.; Chau, Paul M.; Tawel, Raoul


    An electronic neurocomputer which implements a radial basis function neural network (RBFNN) is described. The RBFNN is a network that utilizes a radial basis function as the transfer function. The key advantages of RBFNNs over existing neural network architectures include reduced learning time and the ease of VLSI implementation. This neurocomputer is based on an analog/digital hybrid design and has been constructed with both custom analog VLSI circuits and a commercially available digital signal processor. The hybrid architecture is selected because it offers high computational performance while compensating for analog inaccuracies, and it features the ability to model large problems.

  16. 基于CDIO模式下的模拟电子技术教学研究%Research on analog electronic technology teaching based on CDIO model

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    房俊杰; 张桂凤; 赵承滨


    Closely contacting with students and teachers,focusing on ability education,according to the characteristics of the analog electronic technology,adopt the CDIO mode,it can expand the knowledge level,improve the operation ability and innovative thinking deeply.Through the theory with practice,teach them according to their aptitude,and increasing the chance of students physical operation to meet the needs of engineering.Through the advantage of the characteristics of different grade students,complementing each other,they jointly complete the task.In this way, it can improve the students' practical ability,and improve the ability of team work,make the students' overall ability to get promoted.%紧密联系教师与学生,以能力教育为重点,针对模拟电子技术的特点,采用CDIO模式,扩展知识层面,提高操作能力,深入创新思想。理论联系实际,因材施教,增加学生操作实物机会,并结合工程需要,利用不同年级学生的特点,取长补短,共同完成任务。通过这种方式既提高了学生的动手能力,又提高了团队协作能力,使学生的整体能力得到提升。

  17. Conformation driven complexation of two analogous benzimidazole based tripodal ligands with Ag(I) resulting in a trigonal prism and a coordination polymer

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Suman Bhattacharya; Binoy K Saha


    Two analogous tripodal ligands, namely, 1,3,5-tris(benzimidazol-1-ylmethyl)-2,4,6-triethylbenzene (1-Et) and 1,3,5-tris(benzimidazol-1-ylmethyl)-2,4,6-trimethoxybenzene (1-OMe) have been used for complexation with silver(I) tetrafluoroborate. A trinuclear Ag(I) salt, formulated as $\\mathbf{[Ag_3(1-Et)_2]^{3+}(BF_4){}^{−}_{3}\\bullet 7CH_3CN\\bullet yH_2O}$ was formed in the complexation reaction of 1-Et with silver(I) tetrafluoroborate, which consists of a trigonal prismatic cation formed by three bicoordinated Ag(I) coordinated with two 1-Et ligands. In case of the 1-OMe ligand, however, a one dimensional ladder, formulated as $\\mathbf{[(Ag(1-OMe)OH_2)^{+}(BF_4)^{−}\\bullet MeOH]_{\\infty}}$ was obtained which is constituted of a tetracoordinated Ag(I) center in a distorted tetrahedral environment. The crystal structures of the ligand hydrates namely $\\mathbf{1-Et\\bullet H_2O}$ and $\\mathbf{1-OMe\\bullet 3.6H_2O}$ have been discussed along with the structure of methanol solvate-hydrate of 1-Et. The imidazole rings of the Bim groups in 1-Et in the crystal structures of the ligand as well as in its coordination complex with the Ag(I) are pointed inward with respect to the central ring, whereas it is pointed outwards in the crystal structures of 1-OMe as well as its Ag(I) complex.

  18. Test Wiseness and Analogy Test Performance (United States)

    Moore, James C.


    Subjects received self instruction on how to approach analogy questions. Instruction was directed toward knowledge of the general format of analogy questions in standarized tests and the 15 types of relationships commonly asked for in analogy questions. An analogies post-test showed a significant effect for the group. (Author)

  19. Analog electronics for radiation detection

    CERN Document Server


    Analog Electronics for Radiation Detection showcases the latest advances in readout electronics for particle, or radiation, detectors. Featuring chapters written by international experts in their respective fields, this authoritative text: Defines the main design parameters of front-end circuitry developed in microelectronics technologies Explains the basis for the use of complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) image sensors for the detection of charged particles and other non-consumer applications Delivers an in-depth review of analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), evaluating the pros and cons of ADCs integrated at the pixel, column, and per-chip levels Describes incremental sigma delta ADCs, time-to-digital converter (TDC) architectures, and digital pulse-processing techniques complementary to analog processing Examines the fundamental parameters and front-end types associated with silicon photomultipliers used for single visible-light photon detection Discusses pixel sensors ...

  20. All-optical analog comparator


    Pu Li; Xiaogang Yi; Xianglian Liu; Dongliang Zhao; Yongpeng Zhao; Yuncai Wang


    An analog comparator is one of the core units in all-optical analog-to-digital conversion (AO-ADC) systems, which digitizes different amplitude levels into two levels of logical ‘1’ or ‘0’ by comparing with a defined decision threshold. Although various outstanding photonic ADC approaches have been reported, almost all of them necessitate an electrical comparator to carry out this binarization. The use of an electrical comparator is in contradiction to the aim of developing all-optical device...

  1. Reference-Free CMOS Pipeline Analog-to-Digital Converters

    CERN Document Server

    Figueiredo, Michael; Evans, Guiomar


    This book shows that digitally assisted analog-to-digital converters are not the only way to cope with poor analog performance caused by technology scaling. It describes various analog design techniques that enhance the area and power efficiency without employing any type of digital calibration circuitry. These techniques consist of self-biasing for PVT enhancement, inverter-based design for improved speed/power ratio, gain-of-two obtained by voltage sum instead of charge redistribution, and current-mode reference shifting instead of voltage reference shifting. Together, these techniques allow enhancing the area and power efficiency of the main building blocks of a multiplying digital-to-analog converter (MDAC) based stage, namely, the flash quantizer, the amplifier, and the switched capacitor network of the MDAC. Complementing the theoretical analyses of the various techniques, a power efficient operational transconductance amplifier is implemented and experimentally characterized. Furthermore, a medium-low ...

  2. 22nd Workshop on Advances in Analog Circuit Design

    CERN Document Server

    Makinwa, Kofi; Harpe, Pieter


    This book is based on the 18 tutorials presented during the 22nd workshop on Advances in Analog Circuit Design.  Expert designers present readers with information about a variety of topics at the frontier of analog circuit design, including frequency reference, power management for systems-on-chip, and smart wireless interfaces.  This book serves as a valuable reference to the state-of-the-art, for anyone involved in analog circuit research and development.    ·         Provides a state-of-the-art reference in analog circuit design, written by experts from industry and academia; ·         Presents material in a tutorial-based format; ·         Includes coverage of frequency reference, power management for systems-on-chip, and smart wireless interfaces.

  3. Biomedical sensor design using analog compressed sensing (United States)

    Balouchestani, Mohammadreza; Krishnan, Sridhar


    The main drawback of current healthcare systems is the location-specific nature of the system due to the use of fixed/wired biomedical sensors. Since biomedical sensors are usually driven by a battery, power consumption is the most important factor determining the life of a biomedical sensor. They are also restricted by size, cost, and transmission capacity. Therefore, it is important to reduce the load of sampling by merging the sampling and compression steps to reduce the storage usage, transmission times, and power consumption in order to expand the current healthcare systems to Wireless Healthcare Systems (WHSs). In this work, we present an implementation of a low-power biomedical sensor using analog Compressed Sensing (CS) framework for sparse biomedical signals that addresses both the energy and telemetry bandwidth constraints of wearable and wireless Body-Area Networks (BANs). This architecture enables continuous data acquisition and compression of biomedical signals that are suitable for a variety of diagnostic and treatment purposes. At the transmitter side, an analog-CS framework is applied at the sensing step before Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) in order to generate the compressed version of the input analog bio-signal. At the receiver side, a reconstruction algorithm based on Restricted Isometry Property (RIP) condition is applied in order to reconstruct the original bio-signals form the compressed bio-signals with high probability and enough accuracy. We examine the proposed algorithm with healthy and neuropathy surface Electromyography (sEMG) signals. The proposed algorithm achieves a good level for Average Recognition Rate (ARR) at 93% and reconstruction accuracy at 98.9%. In addition, The proposed architecture reduces total computation time from 32 to 11.5 seconds at sampling-rate=29 % of Nyquist rate, Percentage Residual Difference (PRD)=26 %, Root Mean Squared Error (RMSE)=3 %.

  4. A design method in CMOS analog circuit optimization based on an adaptive genetic algorithm%基于自适应遗传算法的模拟电路的优化设计方法

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    于健海; 毛志刚; 陈伟平


    针对在模拟电路设计中参数调整复杂性带来的困难,提出了一种新的针对CMOS模拟运算放大器参数优化方法.其特点是把模拟电路设计知识与遗传算法相结合,通过对遗传算法的自适应改进帮助其解决多目标优化和收敛的问题,并根据不同的性能指标要求,在相同结构下优化出不同用途的运算放大器.实验结果证明,该方法在相同结构下与其他优化方法相比较可以精确而有效地优化出高增益、高带宽、低噪声的运算放大器.该方法适用于模拟电路优化设计:由于其基于Hspice仿真结果,更贴近于实际电路设计,具有实用价值.%A new method for optimizing the parameters of a CMOS operational amplifier based on an adaptive GA ( genetic algorithm) was presented in order to solve the difficulty caused by parameter optimization in analog circuit design. The main advantage of the method is that the problems of convergence and multiple objective optimization tasks can be solved through combining the useful features of manual analog circuit design, and adjusting the GA with the evolution process. Operational amplifiers for different uses can also be developed depending on various performance specifications. The simulation results show that this method can accurately achieve high DC-gain, high bandwidth, low noise, and low power operational amplification, and it efficiently compares with other optimizing methods having the same circuit structure. The method is suitable for CMOS analog circuit optimization. Because it is based on the simulation results of Hspice, it is much more similar to actual circuit design and therefore more useful.

  5. 运用类比启发探究式数学归纳法的教学研究%Teaching and Research of Mathematical Induction Based on Analogy Inspired Inquiry

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    The mathematical induction is an important mathematical proof,occupies an important position in the high school mathematics content,which reflects the mathematical thinking of students to further study mathematics,and understand mathematical thinking is essential.In this paper,the analogy inspired inquiry-based analysis of mathematical induction.%数学归纳法是一种重要的数学证明方法,在高中数学内容中占有重要的地位,其中体现的数学思想方法对学生进一步学习数学、领悟数学思想至关重要。本文利用类比启发探究式进行数学归纳法的分析研究。

  6. Mathematical Analogy and Metaphorical Insight (United States)

    Zwicky, Jan


    How are we to understand the power of certain literary metaphors? The author argues that the apprehension of good metaphors is importantly similar to the apprehension of fruitful mathematical analogies: both involve a structural realignment of vision. The author then explores consequences of this claim, drawing conceptually significant parallels…

  7. Geometrical Analogies in Mathematics Lessons (United States)

    Eid, Wolfram


    A typical form of thinking to approach problem solutions humanly is thinking in analogous structures. Therefore school, especially mathematical lessons should help to form and to develop corresponding heuristic abilities of the pupils. In the contribution, a summary of possibilities of mathematics lessons regarding this shall particularly be…

  8. Schema Training in Analogical Reasoning. (United States)

    Robins, Shani; Mayer, Richard E.


    In 3 experiments, 93, 97, and 86 college students, respectively, learned how to solve 20 verbal analogy problems and took transfer and memory tests. Results are inconsistent with active responding theory and further indicate that schema induction is maximized when the schemas are made salient and the cognitive system is not overloaded. (SLD)


    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Gaunholt, Hans


    Theese lecture notes treats the fundamental theory and the most commonly used design methods for passive- active and digital filters with special emphasis on microelectronic realizations. The lecture notes covers 75% of the material taught in the course 49205 Analog and Digital Filters...

  10. Analog Input Data Acquisition Software (United States)

    Arens, Ellen


    DAQ Master Software allows users to easily set up a system to monitor up to five analog input channels and save the data after acquisition. This program was written in LabVIEW 8.0, and requires the LabVIEW runtime engine 8.0 to run the executable.

  11. International Alligator Rivers Analog Project

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bichard, G.F.


    The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization (ANSTO), the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute, the Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate, the U.K. Department of the Environment, the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), and the Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corporation of Japan are participating under the aegis of the Nuclear Energy Agency in the International Alligator Rivers Analog Project. The project has a duration of 3 yr, starting in 1988. The project has grown out of a research program on uranium ore bodies as analogs of high-level waste (HLW) repositories undertaken by ANSTO supported by the NRC. A primary objective of the project is to develop an approach to radionuclide transport model validation that may be used by the participants to support assessments of the safety of radioactive waste repositories. The approach involves integrating mathematical and physical modeling with hydrological and geochemical field and laboratory investigations of the analog site. The Koongarra uranium ore body has been chosen as the analog site because it has a secondary ore body that has formed over the past million years as a result of leaching by groundwater flowing through fractures in the primary ore body.

  12. Study on Single-phase VIENNA Rectifier based on Simple Analog Control Scheme%基于简单模拟控制的单相VIENNA整流器研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    江涛; 毛鹏; 谢少军


    Aimed at single-phase VIENNA rectifier,a new simple analog control scheme is proposed.The scheme is based on one-circle control is simple,and can improve the stability of the controller without the S-R flip-flop.Only using one volt-age loop,the stabilization and balance of the output voltage and higher input power factor are realized.The principle of the realization of high unity power factor of the single-phase VIENNA rectifier based on simple analog control is analyzed.Some control equations and implementation of the scheme are presented.The principle of capacitors voltage balance is illustrated. The validity of the theoretical analysis and feasibility of the control scheme are proved by simulation and experiment.%针对单相单开关三电平(VIENNA)整流器提出了新的简单模拟控制方案.该方案以单周期控制技术为基础,结构简单,无需R-S触发器.在实现较高输入功率因数的同时,仅用单个电压环即可实现直流侧电压的稳定以及电容电压的均衡.介绍了采用简单模拟控制方案的单相VIENNA整流器实现高功率因数运行的工作原理,给出了控制方程和具体实现方案.阐述了变换器实现电容电压均衡的工作机理.仿真和实验证明了理论分析的正确性,以及控制方案的可行性.

  13. A Uniform Approach to Analogies, Synonyms, Antonyms, and Associations

    CERN Document Server

    Turney, Peter D


    Recognizing analogies, synonyms, antonyms, and associations appear to be four distinct tasks, requiring distinct NLP algorithms. In the past, the four tasks have been treated independently, using a wide variety of algorithms. These four semantic classes, however, are a tiny sample of the full range of semantic phenomena, and we cannot afford to create ad hoc algorithms for each semantic phenomenon; we need to seek a unified approach. We propose to subsume a broad range of phenomena under analogies. To limit the scope of this paper, we restrict our attention to the subsumption of synonyms, antonyms, and associations. We introduce a supervised corpus-based machine learning algorithm for classifying analogous word pairs, and we show that it can solve multiple-choice SAT analogy questions, TOEFL synonym questions, ESL synonym-antonym questions, and similar-associated-both questions from cognitive psychology.

  14. 基于融合特权信息支持向量机的模拟电路故障诊断新方法%Novel analog circuit fault diagnosis method based on SVM of learning using privileged information

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李涛柱; 李红波; 曾繁景; 李铁峰


    This paper proposed a novel fault diagnosis method based on SVM of learning using privileged information (LUPI-SVM),aiming at solving the problem of correctly identifying fault classes in analog circuit fault diagnosis. Firstly, the fault feature vectors were extracted by PCA (principal component analysis) feature extraction method. Then, after training the LUPI-SVM by faulty feature vectors, the LUPI-SVM model of the circuit fault diagnosis system was built. Finally, input the lest samples' feature vectors into the trained LUPI-SVM model to identify the different fault cases. The simulation results for analog and mixed-signal lest benchmark Sallen-Key filter circuits demonstrate that the proposed method improves classification ability. It correctly classifies not only the single hard fault classes with a highly average classification success rate more than 99% , but also the multiple fault classes. The method develops a new direction for the fault diagnosis of analog circuit.%针对模拟电路故障诊断复杂多样难于辨识的问题,提出了基于融合特权信息支持向量机的模拟电路故障诊断新方法.首先对采集的信号进行主成分分析( PCA)——特征提取;然后将训练集输入融合特权信息支持向量机进行训练获得故障诊断模型;最后将测试集输入训练好的支持向量机分类模型,实现对不同故障类型的识别.Sallen-Key滤波电路故障诊断仿真实验结果表明,该方法有效提高了分类的性能,不仅能够正确分类单故障而且能够有效分类多故障,其中单硬故障情况下平均故障诊断率达到了99%以上,为模拟电路故障诊断提供了新的途径.

  15. Analog circuit design art, science and personalities

    CERN Document Server

    Williams, Jim


    This book is far more than just another tutorial or reference guide - it's a tour through the world of analog design, combining theory and applications with the philosophies behind the design process. Readers will learn how leading analog circuit designers approach problems and how they think about solutions to those problems. They'll also learn about the `analog way' - a broad, flexible method of thinking about analog design tasks.A comprehensive and useful guide to analog theory and applications. Covers visualizing the operation of analog circuits. Looks at how to rap

  16. Integrated Analogic Filter Tuning System Design

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Karolis Kiela


    Full Text Available Parameters of integrated analog filters can vary due to temperatu-re change, IC process variation and therefore they should have dedicated tuning circuits that compensate these imperfections. A method is proposed that speeds up switched resistor bank design while taking into account the required tuning range and step size. A novel counter structure is used in the tuning circuit that is ba-sed on successive approximation approach. The proposed swit-ched resistor design method and tuning circuit are designed in 0.18 μm CMOS technology and verified. Results are compared to existing tuning circuit designs.

  17. Analogy among microfluidics, micromechanics, and microelectronics. (United States)

    Li, Sheng-Shian; Cheng, Chao-Min


    We wish to illuminate the analogous link between microfluidic-based devices, and the already established pairing of micromechanics and microelectronics to create a triangular/three-way scientific relationship as a means of interlinking familial disciplines and accomplishing two primary goals: (1) to facilitate the modeling of multidisciplinary domains; and, (2) to enable us to co-simulate the entire system within a compact circuit simulator (e.g., Cadence or SPICE). A microfluidic channel-like structure embedded in a micro-electro-mechanical resonator via our proposed CMOS-MEMS technology is used to illustrate the connections among microfluidics, micromechanics, and microelectronics.

  18. Analog Circuit Fault Classification Based on All Samples Support Vector Data Description%全样本支持矢量数据描述模拟电路故障分类

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李传亮; 王友仁; 罗慧; 崔江


    传统支持矢量数据描述(Support Vector Domain Description,SVDD)分类规则完全忽略非支持矢量所包含的样本信息,为此本文提出了一种全样本SVDD分类方法,并应用到模拟电路故障诊断中。该方法以贝叶斯理论和分类器模糊融合思想为基础,利用核密度估计得到的类条件概率密度和先验概率的乘积对SVDD相对距离进行加权。实验结果表明,与SVM扩展的多分类器相比,本文方法能够有效提高模拟电路故障诊断的准确率,且全样本SVDD分类模型对参数变化具有较强的稳健性。%The information included in the non-support vectors is completely ignored for the classification rules of the classical support vector domain description(SVDD),so an all samples SVDD method is proposed in this paper,and it is applied to analog circuit fault diagnosis.The new method is based on Bayes theory and classifier fuzzy fusion strategy.The relative distances of this classifier are weighted by the product of prior probability value and conditional probability value,which are calculated by kernel density estimation.The simulation results show that,compared with the multi-class SVM classifiers,the introduced method improves the fault diagnosis accuracy of analog circuit.Moreover,the all samples SVDD classifier is robust against the changes of classifier parameter.

  19. Reasoning by analogy requires the left frontal pole: lesion-deficit mapping and clinical implications. (United States)

    Urbanski, Marika; Bréchemier, Marie-Laure; Garcin, Béatrice; Bendetowicz, David; Thiebaut de Schotten, Michel; Foulon, Chris; Rosso, Charlotte; Clarençon, Frédéric; Dupont, Sophie; Pradat-Diehl, Pascale; Labeyrie, Marc-Antoine; Levy, Richard; Volle, Emmanuelle


    SEE BURGESS DOI101093/BRAIN/AWW092 FOR A SCIENTIFIC COMMENTARY ON THIS ARTICLE  : Analogical reasoning is at the core of the generalization and abstraction processes that enable concept formation and creativity. The impact of neurological diseases on analogical reasoning is poorly known, despite its importance in everyday life and in society. Neuroimaging studies of healthy subjects and the few studies that have been performed on patients have highlighted the importance of the prefrontal cortex in analogical reasoning. However, the critical cerebral bases for analogical reasoning deficits remain elusive. In the current study, we examined analogical reasoning abilities in 27 patients with focal damage in the frontal lobes and performed voxel-based lesion-behaviour mapping and tractography analyses to investigate the structures critical for analogical reasoning. The findings revealed that damage to the left rostrolateral prefrontal region (or some of its long-range connections) specifically impaired the ability to reason by analogies. A short version of the analogy task predicted the existence of a left rostrolateral prefrontal lesion with good accuracy. Experimental manipulations of the analogy tasks suggested that this region plays a role in relational matching or integration. The current lesion approach demonstrated that the left rostrolateral prefrontal region is a critical node in the analogy network. Our results also suggested that analogy tasks should be translated to clinical practice to refine the neuropsychological assessment of patients with frontal lobe lesions.

  20. Dienone-phenol Rearrangement of C-9 Oxygenated Decalinic Dienone and Analogs through B-Ring Cleavage

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Dehydrogenation of 9-hydroxy decalinic enones and analogs with DDQ resulted in a formal dienone-phenol type rearrangement via B-ring cleavage, while the corresponding dienone acetates underwent base-catalyzed formal dienone-phenol type rearrangement analogously.

  1. Holism and nonseparability by analogy (United States)

    Arageorgis, Aristidis


    This paper explores the issues of holism and nonseparability in relativistic quantum field theory (QFT) by focusing on an analog of the typical model featuring in many discussions of holism and nonseparability in nonrelativistic quantum mechanics. It is argued that the quantum field theoretic model does exhibit holism in a metaphysical sense and that there are plausible grounds to view QFT holistic in an epistemological sense. However, the complexities arising from the fact that quantum fields have infinite degrees of freedom prohibit the exploitation of the elaborated analogy toward demonstrating that the QFT model exhibits the kind of state nonseparability familiar from ordinary quantum mechanics. Still, it is argued that the QFT model does satisfy a rather weak epistemological criterion for state nonseparability.

  2. Mechanical Analogies of Fractional Elements

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    HU Kai-Xin; ZHU Ke-Qin


    A Fractional element model describes a special kind of viscoelastic material.Its stress is proportional to the fractional-order derivative of strain. Physically the mechanical analogies of fractional elements can be represented by spring-dashpot fractal networks. We introduce a constitutive operator in the constitutive equations of viscoelastic materials.To derive constitutive operators for spring-dashpot fractal networks, we use Heaviside operational calculus, which provides explicit answers not otherwise obtainable simply.Then the series-parallel formulas for the constitutive operator are derived. Using these formulas, a constitutive equation of fractional element with 1/2-order derivative is obtained.Finally we find the way to derive the constitutive equations with other fractional-order derivatives and their mechanical analogies.

  3. Analog-to-digital conversion

    CERN Document Server

    Pelgrom, Marcel


    This textbook is appropriate for use in graduate-level curricula in analog-to-digital conversion, as well as for practicing engineers in need of a state-of-the-art reference on data converters. It discusses various analog-to-digital conversion principles, including sampling, quantization, reference generation, nyquist architectures and sigma-delta modulation. This book presents an overview of the state of the art in this field and focuses on issues of optimizing accuracy and speed, while reducing the power level. This new, third edition emphasizes novel calibration concepts, the specific requirements of new systems, the consequences of 22-nm technology and the need for a more statistical approach to accuracy. Pedagogical enhancements to this edition include additional, new exercises, solved examples to introduce all key, new concepts and warnings, remarks and hints, from a practitioner’s perspective, wherever appropriate. Considerable background information and practical tips, from designing a PCB, to lay-o...

  4. A direct method for the identification of the permeability field based on flux assimilation by a discrete analog of Darcy's law

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Zijl, W.


    Inverse models to determine the permeability are generally based on existing forward models for the pressure. The permeabilities are adapted in such a way that the calculated pressures match the specified pressures in a number of points. To assimilate a priori knowledge about the flux, we introduce

  5. A global analog of Cheshire charge

    CERN Document Server

    McGraw, P


    It is shown that a model with a spontaneously broken global symmetry can support defects analogous to Alice strings, and a process analogous to Cheshire charge exchange can take place. A possible realization in superfluid He-3 is pointed out.

  6. Investigating visual analogies for visual insight problems


    Corina Sas; Eric Luchian; Linden Ball


    Much research has focused on the impact of analogies in insight problem solving, but less work has investigated how the visual analogies for insight are actually constructed. Thus, it appears that in the search for their facilitative impact on the incubation effect, the understanding of what makes good visual analogies has somehow been lost. This paper presents preliminary work of constructing a set of 6 visual analogies and evaluating their impact on solving the visual problem of eight coins...

  7. Hegel, Analogy, and Extraterrestrial Life (United States)

    Ross, Joseph T.

    Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel rejected the possibility of life outside of the Earth, according to several scholars of extraterrestrial life. Their position is that the solar system and specifically the planet Earth is the unique place in the cosmos where life, intelligence, and rationality can be. The present study offers a very different interpretation of Hegel's statements about the place of life on Earth by suggesting that, although Hegel did not believe that there were other solar systems where rationality is present, he did in fact suggest that planets in general, not the Earth exclusively, have life and possibly also intelligent inhabitants. Analogical syllogisms are superficial, according to Hegel, insofar as they try to conclude that there is life on the Moon even though there is no evidence of water or air on that body. Similar analogical arguments for life on the Sun made by Johann Elert Bode and William Herschel were considered by Hegel to be equally superficial. Analogical arguments were also used by astronomers and philosophers to suggest that life could be found on other planets in our solar system. Hegel offers no critique of analogical arguments for life on other planets, and in fact Hegel believed that life would be found on other planets. Planets, after all, have meteorological processes and therefore are "living" according to his philosophical account, unlike the Moon, Sun, and comets. Whereas William Herschel was already finding great similarities between the Sun and the stars and had extended these similarities to the property of having planets or being themselves inhabitable worlds, Hegel rejected this analogy. The Sun and stars have some properties in common, but for Hegel one cannot conclude from these similarities to the necessity that stars have planets. Hegel's arguments against the presence of life in the solar system were not directed against other planets, but rather against the Sun and Moon, both of which he said have a different

  8. Analogical Reasoning: A Review of the Literature. (United States)

    Dawis, Rene V.; Siojo, Luis T.

    The mathematical and philosophical origins of "analogy" are described and their influence on the thinking of intelligence theorists is traced. Theories of intelligence and cognition bearing on analogical reasoning are examined, specifically those of Spearman, Thorndike, Guilford and Piaget. The analogy test item is shown to be a paradigm…

  9. Efficient Analog Circuits for Boolean Satisfiability

    CERN Document Server

    Yin, Xunzhao; Varga, Melinda; Ercsey-Ravasz, Maria; Toroczkai, Zoltan; Hu, Xiaobo Sharon


    Efficient solutions to NP-complete problems would significantly benefit both science and industry. However, such problems are intractable on digital computers based on the von Neumann architecture, thus creating the need for alternative solutions to tackle such problems. Recently, a deterministic, continuous-time dynamical system (CTDS) was proposed (Nature Physics, 7(12), 966 (2011)) to solve a representative NP-complete problem, Boolean Satisfiability (SAT). This solver shows polynomial analog time-complexity on even the hardest benchmark $k$-SAT ($k \\geq 3$) formulas, but at an energy cost through exponentially driven auxiliary variables. With some modifications to the CTDS equations, here we present a novel analog hardware SAT solver, AC-SAT, implementing the CTDS. AC-SAT is intended to be used as a co-processor, and with its modular design can be readily extended to different problem sizes. The circuit is designed and simulated based on a 32nm CMOS technology. SPICE simulation results show speedup factor...

  10. C-Glycosyl Analogs of Oligosaccharides (United States)

    Vauzeilles, Boris; Urban, Dominique; Doisneau, Gilles; Beau, Jean-Marie

    This chapter covers the synthesis of a large collection of "C-oligosaccharides ", synthetic analogs of naturally occurring oligosaccharides in which a carbon atom replaces the anomeric, interglycosidic oxygen atom. These non-natural constructs are stable to chemical and enzymatic degradation, and are primarily devised to probe carbohydrate-based biological processes. These mainly target carbohydrate-protein interactions such as the modulation of glycoenzyme (glycosylhydrolases and transferases) activities or the design of ligands for lectin Carbohydrate Recognition Domains. The discussion is based on the key carbon-carbon bond assembling steps on carbohydrate templates: ionic (anionic and cationic chemistries, sigmatropic rearrangements) or radical assemblage, and olefin metathesis. Synthetic schemes in which at least one of the monosaccharide units is constructed by total synthesis or by cyclization of acyclic chiral chains are presented separately in a "partial de novo synthesis" section. The review also provides comments, when they are known, on the conformational and binding properties of these synthetic analogs, as well as their biological behavior when tested.

  11. The Generalized Correntropy-Analogous Statistics Based Direction of Arrival Estimation in Impulsive Noise Environments%脉冲噪声下基于广义类相关熵的DOA估计新方法

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    邱天爽; 张金凤; 宋爱民; 唐洪


    According to the limitations of the FLX)M based direction of arrival (DOA) methods, inspired by the concept of correntropy, this letter proposes a new class of statistics, namely, the generalized correntropy-analogous statistics (GCAS) , and the corresponding new estimation for DOA in the Alpha stable noise conditions. The simulation results show that the proposed GCAS-MUSIC algorithm is much better than those of the fractional lower order statistics based FLOM-MU-S1C and PFLOM-MUSIC algorithms under low SNR conditions and multi-source signals environment.%针对基于分数低阶统计量波达方向估计方法的局限性,受相关熵概念的启发,本文提出广义类相关熵(GCAS)的概念和相应的波达方向估计新方法.计算机仿真结果表明,在Alpha稳定分布噪声环境下,本文提出的基于GCAS的MUSIC波达方向估计方法比基于分数低阶统计量的MUSIC方法在抗噪声特性和多源信号分辨特性等方面具有更好的性能.

  12. Sodium desoxycholate-assisted capillary electrochromatography with methacrylate ester-based monolithic column on fast separation and determination of coumarin analogs in Angelica dahurica extract. (United States)

    Chen, Zhao; Wang, Jiajing; Chen, Danxia; Fan, Guorong; Wu, Yutian


    A rapid and sensitive CEC method with methacrylate ester-based monolithic column has been developed for separation and determination of five coumarins (byakangelicin, oxypeucedanin hydrate, xanthotoxol, 5-hydroxy-8-methoxypsoralen and bergapten) in Angelica dahurica extract. Surfactant sodium desoxycholate (SDC) was introduced into the mobile phase as the pseudostationary to dynamically increase the selectivity of analytes instead of increasing the hydrophobicity of stationary phase. In addition, other factors, pH of phosphate buffer, ACN content and applied voltage, for instance, have also an obvious effect on the resolution but little on the retention time. Satisfactory separation of these five coumarins was achieved within 6 min under a 30:70 v/v ACN-buffer containing 20 mM sodium dihydrogen phosphate (NaH(2) PO(4) ) and 0.25 mM SDC at pH 2.51. The RSDs of intraday and interday for relative peak areas were less than 3.0% and 4.7%, respectively; and the recoveries were between 87.5% and 95.0%. The LODs were lower than 0.15 μg/mL and the LOQs were lower than 0.30 μg/mL, respectively, while calibration curves showed a good linearity (r(2) > 0.9979). Finally, five target coumarins from the crude extracts of A. dahurica were separated, purified, and concentrated by D-101 macroporous resin, and were successfully separated and quantitatively determined within 6 min.

  13. CMOS Analog Multiplier Based on Current Mode Subtitle as Needed%基于电流模电路的CMOS模拟乘法器设计

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王永杰; 郭强


    以基本电流模电路为基础,分别对两种常用工艺,即双极性和CMOS工艺的电流平方电路进行了分析.它们分别由跨导线性环和电流镜基本电路构成.主要对CMOS器件构成的电流平方电路进行了设计与分析.最后设计了一种以MOS电流平方电路为主要模块的乘法器电路,实现了电流信号的相乘运算,并通过仿真验证了结果的正确性.%On the basic current mode circuit, current squaring circuit of translinear loop and mirror current source is analysed. Above two circuit is respectively connected with BJT and MOS technology. Finally, designed multiplier circuit based on MOS current square circuit, implemented the multiplication of current signals.

  14. Design and integration of a high accuracy multichannel analog CMOS peak detect and hold circuit for APD-based PET imaging. (United States)

    Fang, Xiaochao; Brasse, David; Hu-Guo, Christine; Hu, Yann


    This paper presents the design of a high accuracy multichannel peak detect and hold (PDH) circuit. This PDH measures the energy of an event and is one part of a readout chain for avalanche photo diodes (APD)-based positron emission tomography (PET) imaging. The circuit is designed in a 0.35μm CMOS process. The proposed PDH is dedicated to ultra low amplitude, large amplitude range from several tens millivolts to 1.1 V, and fast peaking time (190 ns) semi-Gaussian pulses. The two-phase technique has been used to cancel the major error source of the classical CMOS PDH: offset. A two-gain OTA is applied to minimize the DC error. A peak error less 1% for a small input signal (amplitude is between 40 mV and 300 mV) and a peak error less than 0.2% for a large input signal (amplitude is between 300 mV and 1.1 V) have been obtained from test. The area of a PDH is equal to about 200 μm × 40 μm. In our PDH system, the drop rate is negligible.

  15. Analog circuit design art, science, and personalities

    CERN Document Server

    Williams, Jim


    Analog Circuit Design: Art, Science, and Personalities discusses the many approaches and styles in the practice of analog circuit design. The book is written in an informal yet informative manner, making it easily understandable to those new in the field. The selection covers the definition, history, current practice, and future direction of analog design; the practice proper; and the styles in analog circuit design. The book also includes the problems usually encountered in analog circuit design; approach to feedback loop design; and other different techniques and applications. The text is

  16. Analog and mixed-signal electronics

    CERN Document Server

    Stephan, Karl


    A practical guide to analog and mixed-signal electronics, with an emphasis on design problems and applications This book provides an in-depth coverage of essential analog and mixed-signal topics such as power amplifiers, active filters, noise and dynamic range, analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion techniques, phase-locked loops, and switching power supplies. Readers will learn the basics of linear systems, types of nonlinearities and their effects, op-amp circuits, the high-gain analog filter-amplifier, and signal generation. The author uses system design examples to motivate

  17. Low-power Analog VLSI Implementation of Wavelet Transform

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    ZHANG Jiang-hong


    For applications requiring low-power, low-voltage and real-time, a novel analog VLSI implementation of continuous Marr wavelet transform based on CMOS log-domain integrator is proposed.Mart wavelet is approximated by a parameterized class of function and with Levenbery-Marquardt nonlinear least square method,the optimum parameters of this function are obtained.The circuits of implementating Mart wavelet transform are composed of analog filter whose impulse response is the required wavelet.The filter design is based on IFLF structure with CMOS log-domain integrators as the main building blocks.SPICE simulations indicate an excellent approximations of ideal wavelet.

  18. 基于Model Chemlab的实验室仿真模拟%Laboratory analog simulation based on Model Chemlab software

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    计算机作为一种现代化工具在日常生活及科研工作中得到了越来越广泛的应用,为我们提供了极大的方便和快捷.Model Chemlab是一款计算机模拟化学实验的软件,预先内置了一些常用的大学水平化学实验,并可通过自带的LabWizard开发工具在原有基础上开发新的实验项目,具有较高的自主性,可以满足不同使用者的需求.通过交互式仿真技术直观的展现实验过程和结论;同时对于危险性高或费用高及耗时长的实验可以很好地起到辅助作用.%Computer as a modern tool in daily life and has been more and more widely used in scientific research work,provides us great convenience and shortcut.Model Chemlab is a computer simulation of chemical experiment software,some commonly used built-in college level chemistry experiment,and can through own LabWizard development tool based on the original development new experiment project,has the high autonomy,can meet the needs of different users.Through the interactive simulation technology intuitive show the experimental process and results:At the same time for high risk or high cost and time-consuming long experiment may well play a supplementary role.

  19. Practical analog electronics for technicians

    CERN Document Server

    Kimber, W A


    'Practical Analog Electronics for Technicians' not only provides an accessible introduction to electronics, but also supplies all the problems and practical activities needed to gain hands-on knowledge and experience. This emphasis on practice is surprisingly unusual in electronics texts, and has already gained Will Kimber popularity through the companion volume, 'Practical Digital Electronics for Technicians'. Written to cover the Advanced GNVQ optional unit in electronics, this book is also ideal for BTEC National, A-level electronics and City & Guilds courses. Together with 'Practical Digit

  20. Transfer Between Analogies: How Solving One Analogy Problem Helps to Solve Another


    Keane, Mark T.


    This paper deals with transfer between analogies; with what people acquire from one analogy problem-solving episode that can be re-applied to a subsequent analogy, problem-solving episode. This issue must be resolved if we are to understand the nature of expertise and the appropriate use of analogy in education. There are two main explanations of what subjects acquire from an analogy problem-solving episode. The schema-induction hypothesis maintains that subjects acquire an abs...

  1. Isolation and characterization of soybean NBS analogs

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Isolation of plant resistance genes is greatly helpful to crop resistance breeding and the insight of resistance mechanism. The cloned plant resistance genes are classified into four classes according to their putative structural domain, of which the majority possesses nucleotide-binding site (NBS) domain that consists of P-loop, kinase2a and kinase3a. The conservation of this domain affords the potential possibility of cloning the plant resistance genes, which is homology-based cloning technique. In the present study, the degenerate oligonucleotide primers were designed according to the tobacco N and Arabidopsis RPS2, and 358 clones were isolated from the genomic DNA of resistance soybean cultivar Kefeng1, resistant to soybean mosaic virus, and 4 open-reading NBS analogs were finally characterized and designated as KNBS1, KNBS2, KNBS3 and KNBS4. Southern hybridization suggested that they were present with multicopy in the soybean genome; KNBS4 was mapped to F linkage group and KNBS2 co-located J linkage group with the SCAR marker of Rsa resistant to soybean mosaic virus by RFLP analysis. Northern analysis suggested that KNBS2- related sequence was low and constitutively expressed in the root, stem and leaves of soybean. The detailed characterization of NBS analogs is very helpful to ultimately cloning the soybean resistance gene.

  2. Fluid friction in incompressible laminar convection: Reynolds' analogy revisited for variable fluid properties (United States)

    Mahulikar, S. P.; Herwig, H.


    The Reynolds' analogy between the Stanton number (St) and the skin friction coefficient (cf) is popularly believed to hold when St increases with increasing cf, for simple situations. In this investigation, the validity of Reynolds' analogy between St and cf for micro-convection of liquids with variations in fluid properties is re-examined. It is found that the Sieder-Tate's property-ratio method for obtaining Nusselt number corrections is theoretically based on the validity of Reynolds' analogy. The inverse dependence of Reynolds number and skin friction coefficient is the basis for validity of the Reynolds' analogy, in convective flows with fluid property variations. This leads to the unexpected outcome that Reynolds' analogy now results in St increasing with decreasing cf. These results and their analyses indicate that the validity of Reynolds' analogy is based on deeper foundations, and the well-known validity criterion is a special case.

  3. Analog-to-digital conversion

    CERN Document Server

    Pelgrom, Marcel J. M


    This textbook is appropriate for use in graduate-level curricula in analog to digital conversion, as well as for practicing engineers in need of a state-of-the-art reference on data converters.  It discusses various analog-to-digital conversion principles, including sampling, quantization, reference generation, nyquist architectures and sigma-delta modulation.  This book presents an overview of the state-of-the-art in this field and focuses on issues of optimizing accuracy and speed, while reducing the power level. This new, second edition emphasizes novel calibration concepts, the specific requirements of new systems, the consequences of 45-nm technology and the need for a more statistical approach to accuracy.  Pedagogical enhancements to this edition include more than twice the exercises available in the first edition, solved examples to introduce all key, new concepts and warnings, remarks and hints, from a practitioner’s perspective, wherever appropriate.  Considerable background information and pr...

  4. Application of Research-based Teaching Mode in Analog Electronic Technology Course%研究型教学在“模拟电子技术”中的应用

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    史雪飞; 李江昀; 李擎; 刘蕴络


    Research-based teaching mode is applied to the class of Analog Electronic Technology according to the features of the course and the practical problems which students have during their study. Many teaching cases and seminar topics are presented in detail in this paper. For every topic the proposed background and cultivating object are also analyzed in the following part. Evaluation about this new teaching mode among students is discussed in the end.%本文从“模拟电子技术”课程的特点和学生的实际问题出发,开展了将研究型教学模式引入“模拟电子技术”课堂的实践和探索工作。文章还详细介绍了具体的研究型教学案例和多个研讨专题,并分析了每个专题提出的背景和设置的培养目标,最后给出了学生对于本课程研究型教学模式的评价。

  5. 基于现场可编程模拟阵列FPAA的全波整流器的设计%Design of Whole Wave Rectifier Based on Field Programmable Analog Array

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    常龙; 朱正伟


    针对已有的传统整流器,其滤波性能与无源元件的精度、温度变化特性密切相关等的缺点,尝试采用基于开关电容技术的现场可编程模拟阵列(FPAA)芯片AN221E04来实现一个调节简便、成本低的整流滤波器的设计.该设计充分利用了FPAA的优点,提高整流器的精度,减弱温度、电压漂移.且在FPAA中可动态可调控,进一步提高处理的精度和效果.%Existing traditional rectifier has a shortcoming that its filter performance is closely related to the accuracy of passive components and the temperature changes and so on. To overcome these shortcomings, this study tries to achieve the design of the rectifier using the field programmable analog chips (FPAA) AN221E04 based on the technology of switching capacity. The rectifier is regulation simple, low — cost commuting filter. The design makes full use of advantages of FPAA to improve the precision of the rectifier, abate drifts of temperature and voltage. Dynamic—controling quality factor can be easily used in the FPAA, which can further improve the accuracy and effectiveness.

  6. 基于类比分析的强势产品进化及其效应%The Evolution and Effects of Dominant Products Based on Analogy Method

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Based on analogy method between species evolution & products design, it analyzed the reasons why dominant products succeed. Combined with related consumption IT products, it illustrated the similarities on evolution of dominant species & dominant products, and summarized impacts on nature ecology, design progress and culture field. In conclusion, evolution of dominant products is harmful to environment and design' s diversity. It is meaningful to study on dominant products and make its definition as a whole, to protect eco-diversity, while avoid as far as possible its negative influence against culture.%从进化的角度类比了物种与产品,以消费类IT产品为例,分析了强势产品成功的原因,就强势产品对产品设计、自然环境和文化的影响进行了总结。认为:强势产品的进化加速了环境恶化与人的异化,阻碍了设计的多样化,研究IT产品中的强势产品对于从普遍意义上定义强势产品,维护产品的多样性,减少对文化的负面影响具有一定启示意义。

  7. CMOS analog IC design methodology based on gm/ID and its application%基于gm/ID的CMOS模拟集成电路设计方法及应用

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    石江华; 韩志刚; 徐鹏程


    This paper describes a transistor optimization methodology for analog integrated CMOS circuit based on the gm/ID parameter characteristic of transistor. This methodology dependents on curve of gm/ID and IC in all operations regions. This curve is continuous in all regions of operation. By an example, we show the results obtained from the design of a two-stage-CMOS op amp. Experimental results are presented, in order to validate the methodology.%介绍一种基于 gm/ID参数特性的模拟电路优化设计方法,并以 CMOS两级运算放大器的设计为例具体阐述该方法的基本设计步骤和与传统设计方法相比的优势。该方法以晶体管的跨导和漏电流的比值 gm/ID与反型系数 IC的特性曲线作为设计参量来对电路进行设计。基于 gm/ID的设计方法对晶体管工作在所有的工作区域均有效。实验仿真结果很好地验证了 gm/ID设计方法的有效性。

  8. 基于选择性SVM集成的模拟电路故障诊断方法%A Method of Analog Circuit Fault Diagnosis Based on Selective SVM Ensemble

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    吴杰长; 刘海松; 陈国钧


    为克服支持向量机在故障诊断应用中存在的不足,设计了基于聚类分析的选择性支持向量机集成学习算法,并应用于模拟电路故障诊断.该方法采用K-means聚类算法去除相似冗余个体,提高剩余个体学习机的差异性,增强了支持向量机集成模型的泛化能力.以ITC' 97标准电路中的Leap-Frog滤波电路为诊断实例进行了仿真实验.%A method of analog circuit fault diagnosis based on selective SVM ensemble is pres-ented in this paper. K - means clustering algorithm is used to improve the diversity of individuals in SVM ensemble, he method overcomes disadvantages of single SVM and greatly improves the generation ability. Simulation experiments on a Leap -Frog filter circuit are carried out.

  9. Design of Multifunctional Platform Analog Computer Peripherals Based on Android Smartphone%基于Android智能手机的模拟计算机外设的多功能平台设计

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    罗圆; 刘世鑫; 瞿绍军


    随着计算技术和通信技术的快速发展,人类正逐步进入普适计算(Ubiquitous Computing)时代。而智能空间正是普适计算本质特点的一种具体而集中的体现,智能手机在其中可以获得增强化的个性服务。论文实现了一种基于Android智能手机的模拟电脑外设的多功能平台,手机和电脑端通过TCP/IP协议连接,使得用户在一定的距离内用手机远程的控制电脑。%With the rapid development of computer technology and communication technology, human beings is gradually enter⁃ing the Ubiquitous Computing age. The Smart Space is a specific and concentrated expression of an essential feature of pervasive computing.Due to them,Intelligent phone can get personalized service. This paper realizes a multifunctional platform analog computer peripherals based on Android smartphone, mobile phones and computer connected via TCP/IP protocol, allowing us⁃ers remote control the computer at the appropriate distance using a mobile phone.

  10. Live cell monitoring of glycine betaine by FRET-based genetically encoded nanosensor. (United States)

    Ahmad, Mohammad; Ameen, Seema; Siddiqi, Tariq Omar; Khan, Parvez; Ahmad, Altaf


    Glycine betaine (GB) is one of the key compatible solutes that accumulate in the cell at exceedingly high level under the conditions of high salinity. It plays a crucial role in the maintenance of osmolarity of the cell without affecting the physiological processes. Analysis of stress-induced physiological conditions in living cells, therefore, requires real-time monitoring of cellular GB level. Glycine Betaine Optical Sensor (GBOS), a genetically-encoded FRET-based nanosensor developed in this study, allows the real-time monitoring of GB levels inside living cells. This nanosensor has been developed by sandwiching GB binding protein (ProX) between the Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET) pair, the cyan fluorescent protein (CFP) and yellow fluorescent protein (YFP). Conformational change in ProX, which was used as sensory domain, reported the change in the level of this compatible solute in in vitro and in vivo conditions. Binding of the GB to the sensory domain fetches close to both the fluorescent moieties that result in the form of increased FRET ratio. So, any change in the concentration of GB is correlated with change in FRET ratio. This sensor also reported the GB cellular dynamics in real-time in Escherichia coli cells after the addition of its precursor, choline. The GBOS was also expressed in yeast and mammalian cells to monitor the intracellular GB. Therefore, the GBOS represents a unique FRET-based nanosensor which allows the non-invasive ratiometric analysis of the GB in living cells.

  11. Operational Lessons Learned from NASA Analog Missions (United States)

    Arnold, Larissa S.


    vehicle and system capabilities are required to support the activities? How will the crew and the Earth-based mission control team interact? During the initial phases of manned planetary exploration, one challenge in particular is virtually the same as during the Apollo program: How can scientific return be maximized during a relatively short surface mission? Today, NASA is investigating solutions to these challenges by conducting analog missions. These Earth-based missions possess characteristics that are analogous to missions on the Moon or Mars. These missions are excellent for testing operational concepts, and the design, configuration, and functionality of spacesuits, robots, rovers, and habitats. Analog mission crews test specific techniques and procedures for surface field geology, biological sample collection, and planetary protection. The process of actually working an analog mission reveals a myriad of small details, which either contribute to or impede efficient operations, many of which would never have been thought about otherwise. It also helps to define the suite of tools, containers, and other small equipment that surface explorers will use. This paper focuses on how analog missions have addressed selected operational considerations for future planetary missions.

  12. Development of a Cell-Based Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer Reporter for Bacillus anthracis Lethal Factor Protease

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kimura, R H; Steenblock, E R; Camarero, J A


    We report the construction of a cell-based fluorescent reporter for anthrax lethal factor (LF) protease activity using the principle of fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET). This was accomplished by engineering an Escherichia coli cell line to express a genetically encoded FRET reporter and LF protease. Both proteins were encoded in two different expression plasmids under the control of different tightly controlled inducible promoters. The FRET-based reporter was designed to contain a LF recognition sequence flanked by the FRET pair formed by CyPet and YPet fluorescent proteins. The length of the linker between both fluorescent proteins was optimized using a flexible peptide linker containing several Gly-Gly-Ser repeats. Our results indicate that this FRET-based LF reporter was readily expressed in E. coli cells showing high levels of FRET in vivo in the absence of LF. The FRET signal, however, decreased 5 times after inducing LF expression in the same cell. These results suggest that this cell-based LF FRET reporter may be used to screen genetically encoded libraries in vivo against LF.

  13. A Computer-Based Visual Analog Scale, (United States)


    Methamphetamine, Ephedrine , Phenmetrazine, and methylphenidate in Man." Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Vol. 12, pp. 245-258, 1971. 11...8217. SYMPTOM.EXE reads the input path’s directory, looking for matches to the file-specification. If it finds no matches, it will abort with a message. Otherwise

  14. Long-duration bed rest as an analog to microgravity. (United States)

    Hargens, Alan R; Vico, Laurence


    Long-duration bed rest is widely employed to simulate the effects of microgravity on various physiological systems, especially for studies of bone, muscle, and the cardiovascular system. This microgravity analog is also extensively used to develop and test countermeasures to microgravity-altered adaptations to Earth gravity. Initial investigations of bone loss used horizontal bed rest with the view that this model represented the closest approximation to inactivity and minimization of hydrostatic effects, but all Earth-based analogs must contend with the constant force of gravity by adjustment of the G vector. Later concerns about the lack of similarity between headward fluid shifts in space and those with horizontal bed rest encouraged the use of 6 degree head-down tilt (HDT) bed rest as pioneered by Russian investigators. Headward fluid shifts in space may redistribute bone from the legs to the head. At present, HDT bed rest with normal volunteers is the most common analog for microgravity simulation and to test countermeasures for bone loss, muscle and cardiac atrophy, orthostatic intolerance, and reduced muscle strength/exercise capacity. Also, current physiologic countermeasures are focused on long-duration missions such as Mars, so in this review we emphasize HDT bed rest studies with durations of 30 days and longer. However, recent results suggest that the HDT bed rest analog is less representative as an analog for other important physiological problems of long-duration space flight such as fluid shifts, spinal dysfunction and radiation hazards.

  15. Silicon analog components device design, process integration, characterization, and reliability

    CERN Document Server

    El-Kareh, Badih


    This book covers modern analog components, their characteristics, and interactions with process parameters. It serves as a comprehensive guide, addressing both the theoretical and practical aspects of modern silicon devices and the relationship between their electrical properties and processing conditions. Based on the authors’ extensive experience in the development of analog devices, this book is intended for engineers and scientists in semiconductor research, development and manufacturing. The problems at the end of each chapter and the numerous charts, figures and tables also make it appropriate for use as a text in graduate and advanced undergraduate courses in electrical engineering and materials science.

  16. Diagnosis Method for Analog Circuit Hard fault and Soft Fault

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Baoru Han


    Full Text Available Because the traditional BP neural network slow convergence speed, easily falling in local minimum and the learning process will appear oscillation phenomena. This paper introduces a tolerance analog circuit hard fault and soft fault diagnosis method based on adaptive learning rate and the additional momentum algorithm BP neural network. Firstly, tolerance analog circuit is simulated by OrCAD / Pspice circuit simulation software, accurately extracts fault waveform data by matlab program automatically. Secondly, using the adaptive learning rate and momentum BP algorithm to train neural network, and then applies it to analog circuit hard fault and soft fault diagnosis. With shorter training time, high precision and global convergence effectively reduces the misjudgment, missing, it can improve the accuracy of fault diagnosis and fast.  

  17. Therapeutic outlook of pyrazole analogs: A mini review. (United States)

    Ganguly, Swastika; Sony Jacob, K


    Pyrazole is one of the excellent structural motifs in medicinal chemistry. Various physiological and therapeutic possibilities have been exploited by incorporating different pharmacophoric groups in the pyrazole moiety. This has opened a new arena of pyrazole analogs that can be developed into medicinal agents such as anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic, antiviral, antibacterial, anticancer, anticonvulsant, hypoglycemic, carbonic anhydrase inhibitors, mono amino oxidase (MAO) inhibitors, etc. Though, pyrazole analogs have proven their clinical efficacy as different pharmacological agents, a few of them have been withdrawn from the market due to their side effects. Thus, research on potential new drug candidates bearing the pyrazole moiety with lesser side effects has fairly increased over the last few years. This review explores diverse pharmacological activities exhibited by pyrazole analogs reported recently, which may be of great help for researchers in the area of drug discovery to understand the current scenario of pyrazole based compounds and to design and develop newer drug candidates with improved efficacy.

  18. A Total Dose Characterization of Five Commercial Analog Multiplexers. (United States)


    Laboratory, Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico , under Job Order 88091145. First Lieutenant Mark R. Ackermann (NTCT) was the Laboratory Project Officer-in...b) the channel resistance R for an n-channel MOS rET. * 25 AFWL-TR-84-07 Vino +5 OTL Figure 8. A CMOS analog transfer gate. VT,, 0 DOSE Figure 9

  19. Content Emphasis, Practice, and Cognitive Style in Analogical Problem Solving. (United States)

    Hsu, Chia-Ling; Wedman, John F.


    This study investigated the effect of content emphasis, learning practice, and field dependence/independence on college students' analogous problem-solving skills. Under certain conditions, field-independent subjects performed significantly better than field-dependent subjects. Subjects given a principle-based content emphasis performed…

  20. Decay Properties Of The Dipole Isobaric Analog Resonances

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Gorelik, M. L.; Safonov, I. V.; Urin, M. H.


    Abstract: A continuum-RPA-based approach is applied to describe the decay properties of isolated dipole isobaric analog resonances in nuclei having not-too-large neutron excess. Calculated for a few resonances in 90Zr the elastic E1-radiative width and partial proton widths for decay into one-hole s

  1. Ultra Low-Power Analog Median Filters

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. Diaz-Sanchez


    Full Text Available The design and implementation of three analog median filter topologies, whose transistors operate in the deep weak-inversion region, is described. The first topology is a differential pairs array, in which drain currents are driven into two nodes in a differential fashion, while the second topology is based on a wide range OTA, which is used to maximize the dynamic range. Finally, the third topology uses three range-extended OTAs. The proposed weak-inversion filters were designed and fabricated in ON Semiconductor 0.5 micrometer technology through MOSIS. Experimental results of three-input fabricated prototypes for all three topologies are show, where power consumptions of 90nW in the first case, and 270nW in the other two cases can be noticed. A dual power supply +/-1.5 Volts were used.

  2. On analog implementations of discrete neural networks

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Beiu, V.; Moore, K.R.


    The paper will show that in order to obtain minimum size neural networks (i.e., size-optimal) for implementing any Boolean function, the nonlinear activation function of the neutrons has to be the identity function. The authors shall shortly present many results dealing with the approximation capabilities of neural networks, and detail several bounds on the size of threshold gate circuits. Based on a constructive solution for Kolmogorov`s superpositions they will show that implementing Boolean functions can be done using neurons having an identity nonlinear function. It follows that size-optimal solutions can be obtained only using analog circuitry. Conclusions, and several comments on the required precision are ending the paper.

  3. Disease Resistance Gene Analogs (RGAs in Plants

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Manoj Kumar Sekhwal


    Full Text Available Plants have developed effective mechanisms to recognize and respond to infections caused by pathogens. Plant resistance gene analogs (RGAs, as resistance (R gene candidates, have conserved domains and motifs that play specific roles in pathogens’ resistance. Well-known RGAs are nucleotide binding site leucine rich repeats, receptor like kinases, and receptor like proteins. Others include pentatricopeptide repeats and apoplastic peroxidases. RGAs can be detected using bioinformatics tools based on their conserved structural features. Thousands of RGAs have been identified from sequenced plant genomes. High-density genome-wide RGA genetic maps are useful for designing diagnostic markers and identifying quantitative trait loci (QTL or markers associated with plant disease resistance. This review focuses on recent advances in structures and mechanisms of RGAs, and their identification from sequenced genomes using bioinformatics tools. Applications in enhancing fine mapping and cloning of plant disease resistance genes are also discussed.

  4. Design and Analysis of Reconfigurable Analog System (United States)


    34010010" �" �" �" �" �" �" �±" N3 N2 N± P1 P2 P3 * Current sources $RR = 1; *Ramp Rate (slope of the...2008/12/12/31e83bac-500f-4182- acca -4d360295fd9c.pdf, Analog Devices, Analog Dialogue 39-06, June 2005. [15] D. A. Johns, K. Martin "Analog Integrated

  5. Analogical scaffolding and the learning of abstract ideas in physics: An example from electromagnetic waves

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Noah D. Finkelstein


    Full Text Available This paper describes a model of analogy, analogical scaffolding, which explains present and prior results of student learning with analogies. We build on prior models of representation, blending, and layering of ideas. Extending this model’s explanatory power, we propose ways in which the model can be applied to design a curriculum directed at teaching abstract ideas in physics using multiple, layered analogies. We report on a recent empirical study that motivates this model. Students taught about electromagnetic waves in a curriculum that builds on the model of analogical scaffolding posted substantially greater gains pre- to postinstruction than students taught using a more traditional (non-analogy-based tutorial (21% vs 7%.

  6. Fabricating abutment crowns for existing removable partial dentures using custom resin clasp analogs. (United States)

    Livaditis, G J


    A universal approach for fabricating abutment crowns for existing removable partial dentures is described. A replica (analog) of the clasp assembly is generated and transferred to a traditional working cast, which includes the abutment die. The analog is incorporated into the working cast as a removable component to allow the formation of the crown contours. The article reviews in detail the procedures required to transfer accurately all the essential components and information from the mouth to the working cast while allowing the patient uninterrupted use of the removable partial denture. Prestabilizing the removable partial denture, creating the analog impression, avoiding errors due to soft tissue components, forming a precise analog base, selecting materials, generating a rigid resin analog, and prescribing a path of insertion and withdrawal to the analog are described. The method replicates all types of clasps and can generate all types of fixed prosthodontic retainers to function harmoniously with the existing partial denture.

  7. Exploration of genetically encoded voltage indicators based on a chimeric voltage sensing domain

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yukiko eMishina


    Full Text Available Deciphering how the brain generates cognitive function from patterns of electrical signals is one of the ultimate challenges in neuroscience. To this end, it would be highly desirable to monitor the activities of very large numbers of neurons while an animal engages in complex behaviours. Optical imaging of electrical activity using genetically encoded voltage indicators (GEVIs has the potential to meet this challenge. Currently prevalent GEVIs are based on the voltage-sensitive fluorescent protein (VSFP prototypical design or on the voltage dependent state transitions of microbial opsins.We recently introduced a new VSFP design in which the voltage-sensing domain (VSD is sandwiched between a FRET pair of fluorescent proteins (termed VSFP-Butterflies and also demonstrated a series of chimeric VSD in which portions of the VSD of Ciona intestinalis voltage-sensitive phosphatase (Ci-VSP are substituted by homologous portions of a voltage-gated potassium channel subunit. These chimeric VSD had faster sensing kinetics than that of the native Ci-VSD. Here, we describe a new set of VSFPs that combine chimeric VSD with the Butterfly structure. We show that these chimeric VSFP-Butterflies can report membrane voltage oscillations of up to 200 Hz in cultured cells and report sensory evoked cortical population responses in living mice. This class of GEVIs may be suitable for imaging of brain rhythms in behaving mammalians.

  8. FRET-based modified graphene quantum dots for direct trypsin quantification in urine

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Poon, Chung-Yan; Li, Qinghua [Department of Chemistry, Hong Kong Baptist University, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Hong Kong); Zhang, Jiali; Li, Zhongping [Department of Chemistry, Hong Kong Baptist University, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Hong Kong); Research Center of Environmental Science and Engineering, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Shanxi University, Taiyuan 030006 (China); Dong, Chuan [Research Center of Environmental Science and Engineering, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Shanxi University, Taiyuan 030006 (China); Lee, Albert Wai-Ming; Chan, Wing-Hong [Department of Chemistry, Hong Kong Baptist University, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Hong Kong); Li, Hung-Wing, E-mail: [Department of Chemistry, Hong Kong Baptist University, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Hong Kong)


    A versatile nanoprobe was developed for trypsin quantification with fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET). Here, fluorescence graphene quantum dot is utilized as a donor while a well-designed coumarin derivative, CMR2, as an acceptor. Moreover, bovine serum albumin (BSA), as a protein model, is not only served as a linker for the FRET pair, but also a fluorescence enhancer of the quantum dots and CMR2. In the presence of trypsin, the FRET system would be destroyed when the BSA is digested by trypsin. Thus, the emission peak of the donor is regenerated and the ratio of emission peak of donor/emission peak of acceptor increased. By the ratiometric measurement of these two emission peaks, trypsin content could be determined. The detection limit of trypsin was found to be 0.7 μg/mL, which is 0.008-fold of the average trypsin level in acute pancreatitis patient's urine suggesting a high potential for fast and low cost clinical screening. - Highlights: • A FRET-based biosensor was developed for direct quantification of trypsin. • Fast and sensitive screening of pancreatic disease was facilitated. • The direct quantification of trypsin in urine samples was demonstrated.

  9. Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of dinucleotide mRNA cap analog containing propargyl moiety. (United States)

    Shanmugasundaram, Muthian; Charles, Irudaya; Kore, Anilkumar R


    The first example of the synthesis of new dinucleotide cap analog containing propargyl group such as m(7,3'-O-propargyl)G[5']ppp[5']G is reported. The effect of propargyl cap analog with standard cap was evaluated with respect to their capping efficiency, in vitro T7 RNA polymerase transcription efficiency, and translation activity using cultured HeLa cells. It is noteworthy that propargyl cap analog outperforms standard cap by 3.1 fold in terms of translational properties. The propargyl cap analog forms a more stable complex with translation initiation factor eIF4E based on the molecular modeling studies.

  10. Robust hyperchaotic synchronization via analog transmission line (United States)

    Sadoudi, S.; Tanougast, C.


    In this paper, a novel experimental chaotic synchronization technique via analog transmission is discussed. We demonstrate through Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) implementation design the robust synchronization of two embedded hyperchaotic Lorenz generators interconnected with an analog transmission line. The basic idea of this work consists in combining a numerical generation of chaos and transmitting it with an analog signal. The numerical chaos allows to overcome the callback parameter mismatch problem and the analog transmission offers robust data security. As application, this technique can be applied to all families of chaotic systems including time-delayed chaotic systems.

  11. Fermilab accelerator control system: Analog monitoring facilities

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Seino, K.; Anderson, L.; Smedinghoff, J.


    Thousands of analog signals are monitored in different areas of the Fermilab accelerator complex. For general purposes, analog signals are sent over coaxial or twinaxial cables with varying lengths, collected at fan-in boxes and digitized with 12 bit multiplexed ADCs. For higher resolution requirements, analog signals are digitized at sources and are serially sent to the control system. This paper surveys ADC subsystems that are used with the accelerator control systems and discusses practical problems and solutions, and it describes how analog data are presented on the console system.

  12. Cognitive constraints on ordering operations: the case of geometric analogies. (United States)

    Novick, L R; Tversky, B


    Many tasks (e.g., solving algebraic equations and running errands) require the execution of several component processes in an unconstrained order. The research reported here uses the geometric analogy task as a paradigm case for studying the ordering of component processes in this type of task. In solving geometric analogies by applying mental transformations such as rotate, change size, and add a part, the order of performing the transformations is unconstrained and does not in principle affect solution accuracy. Nevertheless, solvers may bring cognitive constraints with them to the analogy task that influence the ordering of the transformations. First, we demonstrate that solvers have a preferred order for performing mental transformations during analogy solution. We then investigate three classes of explanations for the preferred order, one based on general information processing considerations, another based on task-specific considerations, and a third based on individual differences in analogy ability. In the first and third experiments, college students solved geometric analogies requiring two or three transformations and indicated the order in which they performed the transformations. There was close agreement on nearly the same order for both types of analogies. In the second experiment, subjects were directed to perform pairs of transformations in the preferred or unpreferred order. Both speed and accuracy were greater for the preferred orders, thus validating subjects' reported orders. Ability differences were observed for only the more difficult three-transformation problems: High- and middle-ability subjects agreed on an overall performance order, but the highs were more consistent in their use of this order. Low-ability subjects did not consistently order the transformations for these difficult problems. The general information processing factor examined was working-memory load. A number of task factors have been shown to affect working-memory load

  13. Los pasiegos. La analogía salvaje y lo salvaje de la analogía

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    -entendiendo salvaje como un pensamiento humano prístino-: por un lado en sus relaciones con el racionalismo (¿emerge la analogía desde el racionalismo?, ¿qué relación guarda con éste?, ¿su nacimiento es resultado de una función «natural»? y por otro sobre la naturaleza social de lo salvaje a partir de las bases sociales que lo producen. Es decir, se rastrea lo que de salvaje tiene la analogía, si la analogía es o no una función ahistórica y asocial del intelecto humano. No se examina todo el complejo analógico de los pasiegos, únicamente aquél que establece relaciones homólogas entre las vacas y el entorno.

  14. Evaluation of quantum dot-based concentric FRET configurations with a fluorescent dye and dark quencher for multiplexed bioanalyses (United States)

    Conroy, Erin M.; Algar, W. Russ


    Semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) continue to emerge as a highly advantageous platform for bioanalysis. Their unique physical and optical properties are especially well suited for Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET)-based bioprobes. Concentric FRET configurations are a recent development in this area of research and are best described as QD bioconjugates where multiple energy transfer pathways have been assembled around the central QD. Concentric FRET configurations permit multiplexed bioanalysis using one type of QD vector, but require more sophisticated analyses than conventional FRET pairs. In this paper, we describe the design and characterization of a new concentric FRET configuration that assembles both a fluorescent dye, Alexa Fluor 555 or Alexa Fluor 647, and a dark quencher, QSY9, at different ratios around a central CdSeS/ZnS QD. It was found that the magnitudes of the total photoluminescence (PL) intensity and either the A555/QD or A647/QD PL ratio can be related to the number of QSY9 and A555 or A647 per QD. The trends in these parameters with changes in the number of each dye molecule per QD have both similarities and differences between configurations with A555 and A647. In each case, a system of equations can be defined to permit calculation of the number of each dye molecule per QD from PL measurements. Both of these dark quencher-based concentric FRET configurations are therefore good candidates for quantitative, multiplexed bioanalysis.

  15. A graphene quantum dot-based FRET system for nuclear-targeted and real-time monitoring of drug delivery. (United States)

    Chen, Hui; Wang, Zhuyuan; Zong, Shenfei; Chen, Peng; Zhu, Dan; Wu, Lei; Cui, Yiping


    A graphene quantum dot-based FRET system is demonstrated for nuclear-targeted drug delivery, which allows for real-time monitoring of the drug release process through FRET signals. In such a system, graphene quantum dots (GQDs) simultaneously serve as the carriers of drugs and donors of FRET pairs. Additionally, a peptide TAT as the nuclear localization signal is conjugated to GQDs, which facilitates the transportation of the delivery system to the nucleus. We have demonstrated that: (a) both the conjugated TAT and small size of GQDs contribute to targeting the nucleus, which results in a significantly enhanced intranuclear accumulation of drugs; (b) FRET signals being extremely sensitive to the distance between donors and acceptors are capable of real-time monitoring of the separation process of drugs and GQDs, which is more versatile in tracking the drug release dynamics. Our strategy for the assembly of a FRET-based drug delivery system may be unique and universal for monitoring the dynamic release process. This study may give more exciting new opportunities for improving the therapeutic efficacy and tracking precision.

  16. Automating analog design: Taming the shrew (United States)

    Barlow, A.


    The pace of progress in the design of integrated circuits continues to amaze observers inside and outside of the industry. Three decades ago, a 50 transistor chip was a technological wonder. Fifteen year later, a 5000 transistor device would 'wow' the crowds. Today, 50,000 transistor chips will earn a 'not too bad' assessment, but it takes 500,000 to really leave an impression. In 1975 a typical ASIC device had 1000 transistors, took one year to first samples (and two years to production) and sold for about 5 cents per transistor. Today's 50,000 transistor gate array takes about 4 months from spec to silicon, works the first time, and sells for about 0.02 cents per transistor. Fifteen years ago, the single most laborious and error prone step in IC design was the physical layout. Today, most IC's never see the hand of a layout designer: and automatic place and route tool converts the engineer's computer captured schematic to a complete physical design using a gate array or a library of standard cells also created by software rather than by designers. CAD has also been a generous benefactor to the digital design process. The architect of today's digital systems creates the design using an RTL or other high level simulator. Then the designer pushes a button to invoke the logic synthesizer-optimizer tool. A fault analyzer checks the result for testability and suggests where scan based cells will improve test coverage. One obstinate holdout amidst this parade of progress is the automation of analog design and its reduction to semi-custom techniques. This paper investigates the application of CAD techniques to analog design.

  17. Soft Fault Diagnosis Based on Waveform Similarity for Tolerance Analog Circuit%基于波形相似度的容差模拟电路软故障诊断

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    钟建林; 何友; 任献彬


    针对容差模拟电路输出波形参数的随机性,构造了描述特定电路状态的特征区间向量,据此提出了一种基于多频响应波形相似度的软故障诊断方法。对每一种软故障,分别施加K种不同频率的激励信号,获取K个由输出响应构成的标准特征区间向量作为该故障状态的信号特征。对待测电路施加相同的K种频率的激励信号,获取K个待测样本,分别与每种故障模式的K个相应的标准特征区间向量进行相似度计算,获取K个波形相似度,在波形相似度融合中考虑了均方差权重系数和可信度权重系数,得到待测样本与该故障模式的总体相似度。最后依据一定的模糊规则进行故障定位。仿真实验证明,本方法在保证较高诊断准确率的情况下,对测点要求低,易于在自动测试系统中实现诊断的自动化。%Regarding to the random attribute of the parameters of tolerance analog circuit output waveform,the feature interval vector used to describe the tolerance analog circuit in a certain mode is constructed.Accordingly,a novel soft fault diagnosis method based on waveform similarity acquired by multi-frequency tests is proposed.For each fault mode of the circuit under test,K standard feature interval vectors are acquired by K tests with alternating current signal inputs with different frequencies respectively.In order to diagnose the fault mode of the circuit,it is input with the same signals with K different frequencies to form K output wave parameter samples.K wave similarities are calculated by the K output wave parameter samples with the K standard feature interval vectors of each fault mode.The integrated similarity is the fusion of the K wave similarities considering mean square deviation weight and credibility weight.Finally,fault location is realized by a set of fuzzy rules.The simulation results show that the proposed method gains satisfactory accuracy while less limited by accessible

  18. 基于模拟航天任务的心理学研究:任务、内容和方法%Psychological Studies Based on Analog Spaceflight Missions: Task, Content and Method

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    吴瑞林; 王雅


    模拟空间环境是现阶段开展航天心理学研究的最主要手段之一.本文从任务设定、研究内容和研究方法3个方面,分析了包括火星-500(Mars-500)在内的6个模拟航天任务心理学研究.6个任务的环境设定各有特点,覆盖了从近地轨道到火星探索等不同时程和类型的航天任务,并将跨文化乘组和通讯延迟等因素设计在内.航天员情绪、认知变化,乘组的人际关系与内部凝聚力、自治情况成为模拟任务研究的重点.问卷、访谈、日志分析、计算机化测试、行为观察分析等研究方法在各任务中有不同程度的使用.今后,我国可以在乘组人际互动和人际关系、团队构成对人际互动和关系的作用、个体情绪变化规律和调节措施、个体高级认知功能变化等几方面开展中长期航天任务模拟研究.%Analog space environment is an important mean for space psychology researches.Six major analog missions including CAPSULS,HUBES,SFINCSS-99,NEEMO,HMP-2008 and Mars-500 were reviewed in this paper.The task and environment settings,study contents,research methods were compared and discussed.There were varieties of environment settings ranging from on-orbit station to Mars exploration.Besides,cross-culture crew and communication delay were considered in some of experiments.The topics covered included crew emotions,cognitive performance,motivation,interpersonal relationship,crew cohesion and autonomy.These topics were especially important for the future Lunar and Mars mission design and research.These contents under a series of quantitative and qualitative methods were discussed containing questionnaire,interview,dairy analysis,computer-based test,behavioral observation,expression identification and so on.Recommendations for each topic were offered and summarized for future researches in the field.According to the results,long-term simulation experiments should be conducted to further analyze human

  19. An analog modulated simulation source for X-ray pulsar-based navigation*%基于X射线脉冲星导航的模拟调制仿真源研究*

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    周峰; 吴光敏; 赵宝升; 盛立志; 宋娟; 刘永安; 鄢秋荣; 邓宁勤; 赵建军†


      为实现X射线脉冲星导航系统在地面的演示验证,提出并设计了一种高精度X射线脉冲星仿真源.该仿真源由模拟调制信号发生器和栅控X射线球管组成.模拟调制信号发生器根据脉冲星标准脉冲轮廓数据和栅控球管特性曲线,利用直接数字频率合成技术产生模拟调制信号,加载在X射线球管控制栅极,从而控制轰击阳极靶的高速电子数目来实现X射线的调制,产生与脉冲星标准脉冲轮廓高吻合度的X射线光子统计分布.在X射线脉冲星地面仿真系统中对Crab脉冲星仿真源的性能进行测试,测试结果为:采集脉冲轮廓与标准脉冲轮廓时域相关度和频率相关度分别达到0.9774和0.9853,辐射流量为1.90 ph·cm−2·s−1,脉冲辐射流量与总辐射流量之比为76.15%,脉冲半宽度为1.879 ms.结果表明:该仿真源具有符合度高,成本低,操作简单灵活,对X射线脉冲星导航关键技术的攻关具有重要的意义.%In this paper a high resolution X-ray simulation source is proposed and designed to verify the navigation based on X-ray pulsar in the simulation experience system. The simulation source consists of an arbitrary signal generator and a grid controlled X-ray tube. According to the grid tube’s characteristic curve, the data of the pulsar standard pulse template are converted. Then using the method of direct digital frequency synthesis, the converted data are synthesized to waveforms, called the analog modulated grid voltage. In the grid controlled X-ray tube, the grid voltage changes the number of electrons hitting on the target and controls the X-ray intensity. With an analog modulated pulse profile applied on the tube grid electrode, the tube will emit X-rays which will match photons’ statistical distribution and simulate the X-ray pulsar profile extremely well. The properties of Crab pulsar simulation source are tested in X-ray pulsar navigation simulation experience system

  20. A physical analogy to fuzzy clustering

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jantzen, Jan


    This tutorial paper provides an interpretation of the membership assignment in the fuzzy clustering algorithm fuzzy c-means. The membership of a data point to several clusters is shown to be analogous to the gravitational forces between bodies of mass. This provides an alternative way to explain...... the algorithm to students. The analogy suggests a possible extension of the fuzzy membership assignment equation....


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nyoto Suseno


    Full Text Available The research of any where founded majority students have common difficulties in abstract physics concept. The result of observation, lecturers have problem  in teaching implementation of abstract concepts on physics learning. The objective of this research is to find out the ways how to overcome this problem. The research place of  physics education programs and senior high school. The data are colected by quetionere, observation and interview. The lecturer behavior to making out this case is use of analogy to make concrete a abstract concept. This action is true, because the analogies are dynamic tools that facilitate understanding, rather than representations of the correct and static explanations. Using analogies not only promoted profound understanding of abstract concept, but also helped students overcome their misconceptions. However used analogy in teaching not yet planed with seriousness, analogy used spontanously with the result that less optimal. By planing and selecting right analogy, the role of analogy can be achieved the optimal result. Therefore, it is important to maping analogies of abstract consepts on physics learning.

  2. An Analog Computer for Electronic Engineering Education (United States)

    Fitch, A. L.; Iu, H. H. C.; Lu, D. D. C.


    This paper describes a compact analog computer and proposes its use in electronic engineering teaching laboratories to develop student understanding of applications in analog electronics, electronic components, engineering mathematics, control engineering, safe laboratory and workshop practices, circuit construction, testing, and maintenance. The…

  3. A Mechanical Analogy for the Photoelectric Effect (United States)

    Kovacevic, Milan S.; Djordjevich, Alexandar


    Analogy is a potent tool in the teacher's repertoire. It has been particularly well recognized in the teaching of science. However, careful planning is required for its effective application to prevent documented drawbacks when analogies are stretched too far. Befitting the occasion of the World Year of Physics commemorating Albert Einstein's 1905…

  4. Analogies in high school Brazilian chemistry textbooks

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rosária Justi


    Full Text Available This paper presents and discusses an analysis of the analogies presented by Brazilian chemistry textbooks for the medium level. The main aim of the analysis is to discuss whether such analogies can be said good teaching models. From the results, some aspects concerning with teachers' role are discussed. Finally, some new research questions are emphasised.

  5. Antibacterial and Antibiofilm Activities of Makaluvamine Analogs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bhavitavya Nijampatnam


    Full Text Available Streptococcus mutans is a key etiological agent in the formation of dental caries. The major virulence factor is its ability to form biofilms. Inhibition of S. mutans biofilms offers therapeutic prospects for the treatment and the prevention of dental caries. In this study, 14 analogs of makaluvamine, a marine alkaloid, were evaluated for their antibacterial activity against S. mutans and for their ability to inhibit S. mutans biofilm formation. All analogs contained the tricyclic pyrroloiminoquinone core of makaluvamines. The structural variations of the analogs are on the amino substituents at the 7-position of the ring and the inclusion of a tosyl group on the pyrrole ring N of the makaluvamine core. The makaluvamine analogs displayed biofilm inhibition with IC50 values ranging from 0.4 μM to 88 μM. Further, the observed bactericidal activity of the majority of the analogs was found to be consistent with the anti-biofilm activity, leading to the conclusion that the anti-biofilm activity of these analogs stems from their ability to kill S. mutans. However, three of the most potent N-tosyl analogs showed biofilm IC50 values at least an order of magnitude lower than that of bactericidal activity, indicating that the biofilm activity of these analogs is more selective and perhaps independent of bactericidal activity.

  6. Novel Analog For Muscle Deconditioning (United States)

    Ploutz-Snyder, Lori; Ryder, Jeff; Buxton, Roxanne; Redd. Elizabeth; Scott-Pandorf, Melissa; Hackney, Kyle; Fiedler, James; Ploutz-Snyder, Robert; Bloomberg, Jacob


    Existing models (such as bed rest) of muscle deconditioning are cumbersome and expensive. We propose a new model utilizing a weighted suit to manipulate strength, power, or endurance (function) relative to body weight (BW). Methods: 20 subjects performed 7 occupational astronaut tasks while wearing a suit weighted with 0-120% of BW. Models of the full relationship between muscle function/BW and task completion time were developed using fractional polynomial regression and verified by the addition of pre-and postflightastronaut performance data for the same tasks. Splineregression was used to identify muscle function thresholds below which task performance was impaired. Results: Thresholds of performance decline were identified for each task. Seated egress & walk (most difficult task) showed thresholds of leg press (LP) isometric peak force/BW of 18 N/kg, LP power/BW of 18 W/kg, LP work/BW of 79 J/kg, isokineticknee extension (KE)/BW of 6 Nm/kg, and KE torque/BW of 1.9 Nm/kg.Conclusions: Laboratory manipulation of relative strength has promise as an appropriate analog for spaceflight-induced loss of muscle function, for predicting occupational task performance and establishing operationally relevant strength thresholds.

  7. An optical analog signal transmitter

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fudzita, K.; Itida, T.; Tanaka, Kh.


    An optical laser analog signal transmitter employing an amplitude modulated subcarrier is patented; this transmitter performs stable and high quality transmission of information signals over great distances. A feature of the proposed transmitter is a special transmitter operational mode in which the light emission reflected off the connection point to the fiber optic conduit is sent back to the laser diode in a transient period. As a result, the critical mode of the generated emission is not influenced by the reflected signal. The transmitter consists of a laser diode with biasing near the cutoff point, an amplitude modulator with a subcarrier frequency oscillator, a section of flexible fiber-optic cable of length L, which connects the laser diode to the primary optical fiber conduit, and the connector itself. The subcarrier frequency may vary over wide ranges to establish the necessary correlation between the length of the light conduit section L and the return propagation time of the reflected light signal from the connection point to the laser diode. The difference between the lasing time of the light signal and the return time to the laser diode of the signal reflected off the connector is determined by the relation tau equals 2nL/c - mtauc, where L is the length of the connecting section; n is the refractivity of the optical fiber; c is the velocity of light; tauc is the period of the high frequency subcarrier signal; and m is an integer.

  8. Demonstrative and non-demonstrative reasoning by analogy


    Ippoliti, Emiliano


    The paper analizes a set of issues related to analogy and analogical reasoning, namely: 1) The problem of analogy and its duplicity; 2) The role of analogy in demonstrative reasoning; 3) The role of analogy in non-demonstrative reasoning; 4) The limits of analogy; 5) The convergence, particularly in multiple analogical reasoning, of these two apparently distinct aspects and its methodological and philosophical consequences. The paper, using example from number theory, argues for an heuristc c...

  9. A dark business, full of shadows: analogy and theology in William Harvey. (United States)

    Goldberg, Benjamin


    In a short work called De conceptione appended to the end of his Exercitationes de generatione animalium (1651), William Harvey developed a rather strange analogy. To explain how such marvelous productions as living beings were generated from the rather inauspicious ingredients of animal reproduction, Harvey argued that conception in the womb was like conception in the brain. It was mostly rejected at the time; it now seems a ludicrous theory based upon homonymy. However, this analogy offers insight into the structure and function of analogies in early modern natural philosophy. In this essay I hope to not only describe the complex nature of Harvey's analogy, but also offer a novel interpretation of his use of analogical reasoning, substantially revising the account offered by Guido Giglioni (1993). I discuss two points of conceptual change and negotiation in connection with Harvey's analogy, understanding it as both a confrontation between the border of the natural and the supernatural, as well as a moment in the history of psychology. My interpretation touches upon a number of important aspects, including why the analogy was rejected, how Harvey systematically deployed analogies according to his notions of natural philosophical method, how the analogy fits into contemporary discussions of analogies in science, and finally, how the analogy must be seen in the context of changing Renaissance notions of the science of the soul, ultimately confronting the problem of how to understand final causality in Aristotelian science. In connection with the last, I conclude the essay by turning to how Harvey embeds the analogy within a natural theological cosmology.

  10. Application of natural analog studies to exploration for ore deposits

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gustafson, D.L. [Consulting Economic Geologist, Reno, NV (United States)


    Natural analogs are viewed as similarities in nature and are routinely utilized by exploration geologists in their search for economic mineral deposits. Ore deposit modeling is undertaken by geologists to direct their exploration activities toward favorable geologic environments and, therefore, successful programs. Two types of modeling are presented: (i) empirical model development based on the study of known ore deposit characteristics, and (ii) concept model development based on theoretical considerations and field observations that suggest a new deposit type, not known to exist in nature, may exist and justifies an exploration program. Key elements that are important in empirical model development are described, and examples of successful applications of these natural analogs to exploration are presented. A classical example of successful concept model development, the discovery of the McLaughlin gold mine in California, is presented. The utilization of natural analogs is an important facet of mineral exploration. Natural analogs guide explorationists in their search for new discoveries, increase the probability of success, and may decrease overall exploration expenditure.

  11. 基于0.18μm CMOS工艺的电流型模拟运算电路%Current mode analog operational circuit based on 0.18 μm CMOS process

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    卢锦川; 詹小英


    A new CMOS current mode multifunction analog operational circuit with low voltage and low power consumption is proposed,which can run multiplier,squarer,divider and different types of controllable gain amplifiers. The design is based on translinear principle,in which MOSFET is adopted and runs in the subthreshold region. The proposed circuit is composed of six inter⁃matching transistors to form two overlapping tranlinear loops. The circuit is based on 0.18 μm CMOS process,and sup⁃plied with ± 0.6 V low voltage DC source. The circuit was verified by simulation of Tanner TSpice software. The simulation re⁃sults show that when the circuit is configured as an amplifier,its frequency is about 1.5 MHz at -3 dB,linear error is 0.63%, total harmonic distortion is 0.08%,and maximum power consumption is 1.16 μW.%提出了一种新的低电压低功耗CMOS电流型模拟多功能运算电路,该电路能够运行乘法器、求平方器、除法器以及不同类型的可控增益放大器。该设计基于跨导线性原则,使用场效晶体管(MOSFET)且运行在亚阈值区,其由6个相匹配的晶体管组成,并形成两个重叠的跨导线性回路,电路设计采用0.18μm CMOS技术,使用±0.6 V低压直流电源供电。通过Tanner TSpice软件进行了仿真验证,仿真结果表明,当将其配置为一个放大器时,-3 dB频率约为1.5 MHz,线性误差为0.63%,总谐波失真为0.08%,最大功耗为1.16μW。

  12. Automatic Synthesis of CMOS Algorithmic Analog To-Digital Converter. (United States)

    Jusuf, Gani

    The steady decrease in technological feature size is allowing increasing levels of integration in analog/digital interface functions. These functions consist of analog as well as digital circuits. While the turn around time for an all digital IC chip is very short due to the maturity of digital IC computer-aided design (CAD) tools over the last ten years, most analog circuits have to be designed manually due to the lack of analog IC CAD tools. As a result, analog circuit design becomes the bottleneck in the design of mixed signal processing chips. One common analog function in a mixed signal processing chip is an analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) function. This function recurs frequently but with varying performance requirements. The objective of this research is to study the design methodology of a compilation program capable of synthesizing ADC's with a broad range of sampling rates and resolution, and silicon area and performance comparable with the manual approach. The automatic compilation of the ADC function is a difficult problem mainly because ADC techniques span such a wide spectrum of performance, with radically different implementations being optimum for different ranges of conversion range, resolution, and power dissipation. We will show that a proper choice of the ADC architectures and the incorporation of many analog circuit design techniques will simplify the synthesis procedure tremendously. Moreover, in order to speed up the device sizing, hierarchical optimization procedure and behavioral simulation are implemented into the ADC module generation steps. As a result of this study, a new improved algorithmic ADC without the need of high precision comparators has been developed. This type of ADC lends itself to automatic generation due to its modularity, simplicity, small area consumption, moderate speed, low power dissipation, and single parameter trim capability that can be added at high resolution. Furthermore, a performance-driven CMOS ADC module

  13. An Analog Earth Climate Model (United States)

    Varekamp, J. C.


    The earth climate is broadly governed by the radiative power of the sun as well as the heat retention and convective cooling of the atmosphere. I have constructed an analog earth model for an undergraduate climate class that simulates mean climate using these three parameters. The ‘earth’ is a hollow, black, bronze sphere (4 cm diameter) mounted on a thin insulated rod, and illuminated by two opposite optic fibers, with light focused on the sphere by a set of lenses. The sphere is encased in a large double-walled aluminum cylinder (34 cm diameter by 26 cm high) with separate water cooling jackets at the top, bottom, and sides. The cylinder can be filled with a gas of choice at a variety of pressures or can be run in vacuum. The exterior is cladded with insulation, and the temperature of the sphere, atmosphere and walls is monitored with thermocouples. The temperature and waterflow of the three cooling jackets can be monitored to establish the energy output of the whole system; the energy input is the energy yield of the two optic fibers. A small IR transmissive lens at the top provides the opportunity to hook up the fiber of a hyper spectrometer to monitor the emission spectrum of the black ‘earth’ sphere. A pressure gauge and gas inlet-outlet system for flushing of the cell completes it. The heat yield of the cooling water at the top is the sum of the radiative and convective components, whereas the bottom jacket only carries off the radiative heat of the sphere. Undergraduate E&ES students at Wesleyan University have run experiments with dry air, pure CO2, N2 and Ar at 1 atmosphere, and a low vacuum run was accomplished to calibrate the energy input. For each experiment, the lights are flipped on, the temperature acquisition routine is activated, and the sphere starts to warm up until an equilibrium temperature has been reached. The lights are then flipped off and the cooling sequence towards ambient is registered. The energy input is constant for a given

  14. Nyquist AD Converters, Sensor Interfaces, and Robustness Advances in Analog Circuit Design, 2012

    CERN Document Server

    Baschirotto, Andrea; Steyaert, Michiel


    This book is based on the presentations during the 21st workshop on Advances in Analog Circuit Design.  Expert designers provide readers with information about a variety of topics at the frontier of analog circuit design, including Nyquist analog-to-digital converters, capacitive sensor interfaces, reliability, variability, and connectivity.  This book serves as a valuable reference to the state-of-the-art, for anyone involved in analog circuit research and development.  Provides a state-of-the-art reference in analog circuit design, written by experts from industry and academia; Presents material in a tutorial-based format; Includes coverage of Nyquist A/D converters, capacitive sensor interfaces, reliability, variability, and connectivity.

  15. Analog regulation of metabolic demand

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Muskhelishvili Georgi


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The 3D structure of the chromosome of the model organism Escherichia coli is one key component of its gene regulatory machinery. This type of regulation mediated by topological transitions of the chromosomal DNA can be thought of as an analog control, complementing the digital control, i.e. the network of regulation mediated by dedicated transcription factors. It is known that alterations in the superhelical density of chromosomal DNA lead to a rich pattern of differential expressed genes. Using a network approach, we analyze these expression changes for wild type E. coli and mutants lacking nucleoid associated proteins (NAPs from a metabolic and transcriptional regulatory network perspective. Results We find a significantly higher correspondence between gene expression and metabolism for the wild type expression changes compared to mutants in NAPs, indicating that supercoiling induces meaningful metabolic adjustments. As soon as the underlying regulatory machinery is impeded (as for the NAP mutants, this coherence between expression changes and the metabolic network is substantially reduced. This effect is even more pronounced, when we compute a wild type metabolic flux distribution using flux balance analysis and restrict our analysis to active reactions. Furthermore, we are able to show that the regulatory control exhibited by DNA supercoiling is not mediated by the transcriptional regulatory network (TRN, as the consistency of the expression changes with the TRN logic of activation and suppression is strongly reduced in the wild type in comparison to the mutants. Conclusions So far, the rich patterns of gene expression changes induced by alterations of the superhelical density of chromosomal DNA have been difficult to interpret. Here we characterize the effective networks formed by supercoiling-induced gene expression changes mapped onto reconstructions of E. coli's metabolic and transcriptional regulatory network. Our

  16. Namibian Analogs To Titan Dunes (United States)

    Wall, Stephen D.; Lopes, R.; Kirk, R.; Stofan, E.; Farr, T.; Van der Ploeg, P.; Lorenz, R.; Radebaugh, J.


    Titan's equatorial dunes, observed in Cassini SAR, have been described as longitudinal, similar to longitudinal dunes in the Namib sand sea in southern Africa. Their "Y” junctions and the way they divert around topography are used as evidence of equatorial wind flow direction. In two instances of such diversion they exhibit overlying or crosshatched patterns in two distinct directions that have been interpreted as a transition to transverse dunes. Here we describe field observations of the Namibian dunes and these comparisons, we present images of the dunes from terrestrial SAR missions, and we discuss implications to both the Titan dunes and the wind regime that created them. Selected portions of the Namibian dunes resemble Titan's dunes in peak-to-peak distance and length. They are morphologically similar to Titan, and specific superficial analogs are common, but they also differ. For example, when Titan dunes encounter topography they either terminate abruptly, "climb” the upslope, or divert around; only the latter behavior is seen in remote sensing images of Namibia. Namib linear dunes do transition to transverse as they divert, but at considerably smaller wavelength, while at Titan the wavelengths are of the same scale. Crosshatching of similar-wavelength dunes does occur in Namibia, but not near obstacles. Many additional aeolian features that are seen at Namibia such as star dunes, serpentine ridges and scours have not been detected on Titan, although they might be below the Cassini SAR's 300-m resolution. These similarities and differences allow us to explore mechanisms of Titan dune formation, in some cases giving us clues as to what larger scale evidence to look for in SAR images. Viewed at similar resolution, they provide interesting comparisons with the Titan dunes, both in likeness and differences. A part of this work was carried out at JPL under contract with NASA.

  17. Moon and Mars Analog Mission Activities for Mauna Kea 2012 (United States)

    Graham, Lee D.; Morris, Richard V.; Graff, Trevor G.; Yingst, R. Aileen; tenKate, I. L.; Glavin, Daniel P.; Hedlund, Magnus; Malespin, Charles A.; Mumm, Erik


    Rover-based 2012 Moon and Mars Analog Mission Activities (MMAMA) scientific investigations were recently completed at Mauna Kea, Hawaii. Scientific investigations, scientific input, and science operations constraints were tested in the context of an existing project and protocols for the field activities designed to help NASA achieve the Vision for Space Exploration. Initial science operations were planned based on a model similar to the operations control of the Mars Exploration Rovers (MER). However, evolution of the operations process occurred as the analog mission progressed. We report here on the preliminary sensor data results, an applicable methodology for developing an optimum science input based on productive engineering and science trades discussions and the science operations approach for an investigation into the valley on the upper slopes of Mauna Kea identified as "Apollo Valley".


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kane, Stephen R. [Department of Physics and Astronomy, San Francisco State University, 1600 Holloway Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94132 (United States); Kopparapu, Ravi Kumar [Department of Geosciences, Penn State University, 443 Deike Building, University Park, PA 16802 (United States); Domagal-Goldman, Shawn D., E-mail: [NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD 20771 (United States)


    The field of exoplanetary science has seen a dramatic improvement in sensitivity to terrestrial planets over recent years. Such discoveries have been a key feature of results from the Kepler mission which utilizes the transit method to determine the size of the planet. These discoveries have resulted in a corresponding interest in the topic of the Habitable Zone and the search for potential Earth analogs. Within the solar system, there is a clear dichotomy between Venus and Earth in terms of atmospheric evolution, likely the result of the large difference (approximately a factor of two) in incident flux from the Sun. Since Venus is 95% of the Earth's radius in size, it is impossible to distinguish between these two planets based only on size. In this Letter we discuss planetary insolation in the context of atmospheric erosion and runaway greenhouse limits for planets similar to Venus. We define a ''Venus Zone'' in which the planet is more likely to be a Venus analog rather than an Earth analog. We identify 43 potential Venus analogs with an occurrence rate (η{sub ♀}) of 0.32{sub −0.07}{sup +0.05} and 0.45{sub −0.09}{sup +0.06} for M dwarfs and GK dwarfs, respectively.

  19. Noscapine and its Analogs as Chemotherapeutic Agent: Current updates. (United States)

    Tomar, Vartika; Kukreti, Shrikant; Prakash, Satya; Madan, Jitender; Chandra, Ramesh


    Recently, noscapine was reported as anticancer drug. Unlike, colchicine and podophyllotoxin, noscapine did not depolymerize microtubules even at stoichiometric concentrations but rather only mitigated their dynamics. Other microtubule-interacting chemotherapeutics, although quite effective, have therapy-limiting toxicities including immunosuppression and peripheral neuropathies. Recurrent cancers often become resistant. Noscapine however remains effective in some such instances, e.g., taxane-resistant ovarian cancer. Noscapine and analogs also do not show signs of neurotoxicity or immunosuppression. In addition, 9-bromo noscapine, Red-9-Br-Nos and other analogs were characterized for their structure and further studied in detail. On the other hand, noscapine was shown to be neuroprotective in mouse model of neurodegenerative disease and in stroke patients. Like low doses of colchicine, noscapine and its analog 9-Br-Noscapine also show anti-inflammatory activities. There are indications of a preventive use of noscapine in ischemiareperfusion injury and fibrosis. The entire biosynthetic pathway of noscapine is encoded as gene cluster within 401 kilo bases of genomic DNA, opening up opportunities for the large-scale biotechnological production of noscapine for medicinal needs. Thus, noscapine and its derivatives (noscapinoids) might be cost-effective and safe components for cancer chemotherapy. Owing to its low toxicity, it also might be useful for preventive use in high-risk situations. This brief review is an update of current research activity and patents on noscapine and its analogs.

  20. Design and Analog VLSI Implementation of Artificial Neural Network

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Prof. Bapuray.D.Yammenavar


    Full Text Available Nature has evolved highly advanced systems capable of performing complex computations, adoption and learning using analog computations. Furthermore nature has evolved techniques to deal with imprecise analog computations by using redundancy and massive connectivity. In this paper we are making use of Artificial Neural Network to demonstrate the way in which the biological system processes in analog domain. We are using 180nm CMOS VLSI technology for implementing circuits which performs arithmetic operations and for implementing Neural Network. The arithmetic circuits presented here are based on MOS transistors operating in subthreshold region. The basic blocks of artificial neuron are multiplier, adder and neuron activation function. The functionality of designed neural network is verified for analog operations like signal amplification and frequency multiplication. The network designed can be adopted for digital operations like AND, OR and NOT. The network realizes its functionality for the trained targets which is verified using simulation results. The schematic, Layout design and verification of proposed Neural Network is carried out using Cadence Virtuoso tool.

  1. The Nitty Gritty: How We Make Analogs Work (United States)

    Self, A. L.; Huppman, S. R.; Spence, L. A.


    NASA's Human Research Program (HRP) is becoming increasingly reliant on Isolated, Confined and Controlled (ICC) analogs to accomplish many of its research objectives. Compared to other research platforms, ICC analogs present a unique set of operational challenges that must be addressed in order to ensure a high fidelity research environment. In particular, the Human Exploration Research Analog (HERA) habitat, which is classified as an ICC environment, has been developed over the past three years to accommodate the operational needs of research investigations from each of the HRP Elements. During the development period, various types of requirements have contributed to the current operational model, which strives to achieve the highest possible level of mission fidelity with limited resources. This presentation will focus on the operational aspects of the HERA habitat, with emphasis on how we develop the analog research environment to meet researchers' needs. Specific discussion topics include mission scenario development, operational tasks, mission timeline integration, stressor implementation, console support, and improvements based on lessons learned. The information is intended to help investigators better understand the details behind HERA operations and the benefits to their research goals.

  2. Analogies in science education: contributions and challenges

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria da Conceição Duarte


    Full Text Available An analogy is a comparison between domains of knowledge that have similarities at the levels of characteristics and relationships. Several authors highlight the importance of this tool in the teaching and learning of difficult scientific concepts. Nevertheless, some problems associated to the use of analogies have been found. This paper aims at contributing to a better understanding of the use of analogies in science education, by means of a review of the state of art regarding this matter. It will take into account its contribution to science education as well as the challenges to further research

  3. 基于Multisim1O的心电检测系统模拟滤波器的设计%Analog Filter Design of Electrocardioscanner Based on Multisim10

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    董有尔; 吴宏雷; 陈宝明; 乔晓燕


    针对目前心电检测模拟滤波器设计的不足,本文利用Multisim10对滤波电路的相频特性、幅频特性、交流容差、直流容差和瞬态响应参数进行全面仿真分析,设计出了满足心电信号要求的滤波器.对滤波的结果与数字滤波器的结果进行误差对比,其E[e2]的值为0.0035,表明该滤波器性能稳定、信号保真度高.%In view of the shortage about ECG detection analog filter designing at present.comprehensive simulation analysis about phase frequency characteristics and amplitude-frequency characteristics and Exchange of tolerance and DC tolerance and Transient response of analog filter by Multisim10 were studied, and a filter to meet requirements of ECG signals was desiqed.Analog filter results compared with the digital filter result of error the E[e2]value is 0.0035,it shows that the filter stable performance and high fidelity of signal.

  4. Use of analogy in learning scientific concepts. (United States)

    Donnelly, C M; McDaniel, M A


    Four experiments compared learning of scientific concepts as expressed in either traditional literal form or through an analogy. Comprehension of basic-level details and inferential implications was measured through multiple-choice testing. In Experiment 1, literal or analogical renditions were presented in textual form only. In Experiment 2, text was accompanied by a dynamic video. In Experiment 3, the video and text literal rendition was compared with a text-only analogical rendition. In Experiment 4, subjects read only about a familiar domain. Subjects consistently answered basic-level questions most accurately when concepts were expressed literally, but answered inferential questions most accurately when concepts were expressed analogically. Analysis of individual differences (Experiment 2) indicated that this interaction strongly characterized the conceptual learning of science novices. The results are discussed within the framework of schema induction.

  5. Synthesis and Biological Activity of Philanthotoxin Analogs

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Yong An ZHANG; Ke Zhong LIU; Deng Yuan WANG; Yu Zhu WANG; Liang Jian QU; Chang Jin ZHU


    The synthesis of four analogs of philanthotoxin is described. The preliminary bioassay showed that these compounds all had good insecticidal activities, and the compound 6a had the best killing effect.

  6. A synthetic combinatorial strategy for developing a-conotoxin analogs as potent a7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor antagonists

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Armishaw, Christopher J; Singh, Narender; Medina-Franco, Jose L;


    ) nAChR Fluo-4/Ca2+ assay, allowing amino acids that confer antagonistic activity for this receptor to be identified. A second series of individual alpha-conotoxin analogs based on the combinations of defined active amino acid residues from positional scan synthetic combinatorial library screening...... data were synthesized. Several analogs exhibited significantly improved antagonist activity for the alpha(7) nAChR compared with WT-ImI. Binding interactions between the analogs and the alpha(7) nAChR were explored using a homology model of the amino-terminal domain based on a crystal structure...... of an acetylcholine-binding protein. Finally, a third series of refined analogs was synthesized based on modeling studies, which led to several analogs with refined pharmacological properties. Of the 96 individual alpha-conotoxin analogs synthesized, three displayed > or =10-fold increases in antagonist potency...

  7. FRET based quantification and screening technology platform for the interactions of leukocyte function-associated antigen-1 (LFA-1 with intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (ICAM-1.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sandeep Chakraborty

    Full Text Available The interaction between leukocyte function-associated antigen-1(LFA-1 and intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (ICAM-1 plays a pivotal role in cellular adhesion including the extravasation and inflammatory response of leukocytes, and also in the formation of immunological synapse. However, irregular expressions of LFA-1 or ICAM-1 or both may lead to autoimmune diseases, metastasis cancer, etc. Thus, the LFA-1/ICAM-1 interaction may serve as a potential therapeutic target for the treatment of these diseases. Here, we developed one simple 'in solution' steady state fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET technique to obtain the dissociation constant (Kd of the interaction between LFA-1 and ICAM-1. Moreover, we developed the assay into a screening platform to identify peptides and small molecules that inhibit the LFA-1/ICAM-1 interaction. For the FRET pair, we used Alexa Fluor 488-LFA-1 conjugate as donor and Alexa Fluor 555-human recombinant ICAM-1 (D1-D2-Fc as acceptor. From our quantitative FRET analysis, the Kd between LFA-1 and D1-D2-Fc was determined to be 17.93±1.34 nM. Both the Kd determination and screening assay were performed in a 96-well plate platform, providing the opportunity to develop it into a high-throughput assay. This is the first reported work which applies FRET based technique to determine Kd as well as classifying inhibitors of the LFA-1/ICAM-1 interaction.

  8. Analogy betwen dislocation creep and relativistic cosmology


    J.A. Montemayor-Aldrete; J.D. Muñoz-Andrade; Mendoza-Allende, A.; Montemayor-Varela, A.


    A formal, physical analogy between plastic deformation, mainly dislocation creep, and Relativistic Cosmology is presented. The physical analogy between eight expressions for dislocation creep and Relativistic Cosmology have been obtained. By comparing the mathematical expressions and by using a physical analysis, two new equations have been obtained for dislocation creep. Also, four new expressions have been obtained for Relativistic Cosmology. From these four new equations, one may determine...

  9. The analogy between stereo depth and brightness. (United States)

    Brookes, A; Stevens, K A


    Apparent depth in stereograms exhibits various simultaneous-contrast and induction effects analogous to those reported in the luminance domain. This behavior suggests that stereo depth, like brightness, is reconstructed, ie recovered from higher-order spatial derivatives or differences of the original signal. The extent to which depth is analogous to brightness is examined. There are similarities in terms of contrast effects but dissimilarities in terms of the lateral inhibition effects traditionally attributed to underlying spatial-differentiation operators.

  10. AMiBA Wideband Analog Correlator

    CERN Document Server

    Li, Chao-Te; Wilson, Warwick; Lin, Kai-Yang; Chen, Ming-Tang; Ho, P T P; Chen, Chung-Cheng; Han, Chih-Chiang; Oshiro, Peter; Martin-Cocher, Pierre; Chang, Chia-Hao; Chang, Shu-Hao; Altamirano, Pablo; Jiang, Homin; Chiueh, Tzi-Dar; Lien, Chun-Hsien; Wang, Huei; Wei, Ray-Ming; Yang, Chia-Hsiang; Peterson, Jeffrey B; Chang, Su-Wei; Huang, Yau-De; Hwang, Yuh-Jing; Kesteven, Michael; Koch, Patrick; Liu, Guo-Chin; Nishioka, Hiroaki; Umetsu, Keiichi; Wei, Tashun; Wu, Jiun-Huei Proty


    A wideband analog correlator has been constructed for the Yuan-Tseh Lee Array for Microwave Background Anisotropy. Lag correlators using analog multipliers provide large bandwidth and moderate frequency resolution. Broadband IF distribution, backend signal processing and control are described. Operating conditions for optimum sensitivity and linearity are discussed. From observations, a large effective bandwidth of around 10 GHz has been shown to provide sufficient sensitivity for detecting cosmic microwave background variations.

  11. Analog baseband circuits for sensor systems



    This thesis is composed of six publications and an overview of the research topic, which also summarizes the work. The research presented in this thesis focuses on research into analog baseband circuits for sensor systems. The research is divided into three different topics: the integration of analog baseband circuits into a radio receiver for sensor applications; the integration of an ΔΣ modulator A/D converter into a GSM/WCDMA radio receiver for mobile phones, and the integration of algorit...

  12. Synthetic heparin-binding growth factor analogs (United States)

    Pena, Louis A.; Zamora, Paul; Lin, Xinhua; Glass, John D.


    The invention provides synthetic heparin-binding growth factor analogs having at least one peptide chain that binds a heparin-binding growth factor receptor, covalently bound to a hydrophobic linker, which is in turn covalently bound to a non-signaling peptide that includes a heparin-binding domain. The synthetic heparin-binding growth factor analogs are useful as soluble biologics or as surface coatings for medical devices.

  13. Learning Domain Theories via Analogical Transfer (United States)


    Shive & Weber 1982). In the linear kinematics section of the textbook used for this study ( Giancoli 1991), there are eight worked out analogous to the dynamics of linear motion” (p. 197, Giancoli 1991). This is common practice in textbooks, and analogies between domains form the...and Worked Solution All problems and worked solutions used in this work were taken from the same physics textbook ( Giancoli 1991). Problems are

  14. Memristor-MOS analog correlator for pattern recognition system. (United States)

    Han, Ca-Ram; Lee, Sang-Jin; Oh, Kwang-Seok; Cho, Kyoungrok


    Emergence of new materials having significant improved properties continues to influence the formulation of novel architectures and as such new developments pave the way for innovative circuits and systems such as those required in visual imaging and recognition systems. In this paper we introduce a novel approach for the design of an analog comparator suitable for pattern matching using two Memristors as part of both the stored image data as well as that of the input signal. Our proposed comparator based on Memristor-CMOS fabrication process generates a signal indicating similarity/dissimilarity between two pattern data derived from image sensor and the corresponding Memristor-based template memory. For convenience, we also present an overview of a simplified Memristor model and hence provide simulation results for comparison with that of a conventional analog CMOS comparator.

  15. Basalt: Biologic Analog Science Associated with Lava Terrains (United States)

    Lim, D. S. S.; Abercromby, A.; Kobs-Nawotniak, S. E.; Kobayashi, L.; Hughes, S. S.; Chappell, S.; Bramall, N. E.; Deans, M. C.; Heldmann, J. L.; Downs, M.; Cockell, C. S.; Stevens, A. H.; Caldwell, B.; Hoffman, J.; Vadhavk, N.; Marquez, J.; Miller, M.; Squyres, S. W.; Lees, D. S.; Fong, T.; Cohen, T.; Smith, T.; Lee, G.; Frank, J.; Colaprete, A.


    This presentation will provide an overview of the BASALT (Biologic Analog Science Associated with Lava Terrains) program. BASALT research addresses Science, Science Operations, and Technology. Specifically, BASALT is focused on the investigation of terrestrial volcanic terrains and their habitability as analog environments for early and present-day Mars. Our scientific fieldwork is conducted under simulated Mars mission constraints to evaluate strategically selected concepts of operations (ConOps) and capabilities with respect to their anticipated value for the joint human and robotic exploration of Mars. a) Science: The BASALT science program is focused on understanding habitability conditions of early and present-day Mars in two relevant Mars-analog locations (the Southwest Rift Zone (SWRZ) and the East Rift Zone (ERZ) flows on the Big Island of Hawai'i and the eastern Snake River Plain (ESRP) in Idaho) to characterize and compare the physical and geochemical conditions of life in these environments and to learn how to seek, identify, and characterize life and life-related chemistry in basaltic environments representing these two epochs of martian history. b) Science Operations: The BASALT team will conduct real (non-simulated) biological and geological science at two high-fidelity Mars analogs, all within simulated Mars mission conditions (including communication latencies and bandwidth constraints) that are based on current architectural assumptions for Mars exploration missions. We will identify which human-robotic ConOps and supporting capabilities enable science return and discovery. c) Technology: BASALT will incorporate and evaluate technologies in to our field operations that are directly relevant to conducting the scientific investigations regarding life and life-related chemistry in Mars-analogous terrestrial environments. BASALT technologies include the use of mobile science platforms, extravehicular informatics, display technologies, communication

  16. Analog modelling of obduction processes (United States)

    Agard, P.; Zuo, X.; Funiciello, F.; Bellahsen, N.; Faccenna, C.; Savva, D.


    Obduction corresponds to one of plate tectonics oddities, whereby dense, oceanic rocks (ophiolites) are presumably 'thrust' on top of light, continental ones, as for the short-lived, almost synchronous Peri-Arabic obduction (which took place along thousands of km from Turkey to Oman in c. 5-10 Ma). Analog modelling experiments were performed to study the mechanisms of obduction initiation and test various triggering hypotheses (i.e., plate acceleration, slab hitting the 660 km discontinuity, ridge subduction; Agard et al., 2007). The experimental setup comprises (1) an upper mantle, modelled as a low-viscosity transparent Newtonian glucose syrup filling a rigid Plexiglas tank and (2) high-viscosity silicone plates (Rhodrosil Gomme with PDMS iron fillers to reproduce densities of continental or oceanic plates), located at the centre of the tank above the syrup to simulate the subducting and the overriding plates - and avoid friction on the sides of the tank. Convergence is simulated by pushing on a piston at one end of the model with velocities comparable to those of plate tectonics (i.e., in the range 1-10 cm/yr). The reference set-up includes, from one end to the other (~60 cm): (i) the piston, (ii) a continental margin containing a transition zone to the adjacent oceanic plate, (iii) a weakness zone with variable resistance and dip (W), (iv) an oceanic plate - with or without a spreading ridge, (v) a subduction zone (S) dipping away from the piston and (vi) an upper, active continental margin, below which the oceanic plate is being subducted at the start of the experiment (as is known to have been the case in Oman). Several configurations were tested and over thirty different parametric tests were performed. Special emphasis was placed on comparing different types of weakness zone (W) and the extent of mechanical coupling across them, particularly when plates were accelerated. Displacements, together with along-strike and across-strike internal deformation in all

  17. Traditional children’s games in the Mediterranean: analogies


    Andreu Cabrera, Eliseo


    Games such as marbles, knucklebones, triangle, hopscotch and ring-based games are played in modern times in Mediterranean countries, but they date back to the 5th century BC, and are mentioned by Alcibiades. Taking as a basis these interesting facts, we decided to investigate further and sought out specialist articles and books on traditional children’s games. The similarity of games in Mediterranean countries would seem to be due to a shared culture, but can the analogies detected be conf...

  18. The role of natural analogs in the repository licensing process

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Murphy, W.M. [Center for Nuclear Waste Regulatory Analyses, San Antonio, TX (United States)


    The concept of a permanent geologic repository for high-level nuclear waste (NLW) is implicitly based on analogy to natural systems that have been stable for millions or billions of years. The time of radioactive and chemical toxicity of HLW exceeds the duration of human civilization, and it is impossible to demonstrate the accuracy of predictions of the behavior of engineered or social systems over such long periods.

  19. Systematicity As a Selection Constraint in Analogical Mapping (United States)


    we examined subjects’ inferences about I the target domain, given Its analogy with the base domain. I U 1 10 I Experiment 1 Method Four novel...conference of the Cggnitive Science Society, Irvine California. Kittay, E. F. (1987). Metaphor Its cognitive force and linguistic structure. Oxford...Norman Arlington. VA 22217-500 Washington, DC 20301-3080 Institute for Cognitive science University of Califrnia Offce of N~val Reseach , Dr. David N

  20. Serial Pixel Analog-to-Digital Converter

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Larson, E D


    This method reduces the data path from the counter to the pixel register of the analog-to-digital converter (ADC) from as many as 10 bits to a single bit. The reduction in data path width is accomplished by using a coded serial data stream similar to a pseudo random number (PRN) generator. The resulting encoded pixel data is then decoded into a standard hexadecimal format before storage. The high-speed serial pixel ADC concept is based on the single-slope integrating pixel ADC architecture. Previous work has described a massively parallel pixel readout of a similar architecture. The serial ADC connection is similar to the state-of-the art method with the exception that the pixel ADC register is a shift register and the data path is a single bit. A state-of-the-art individual-pixel ADC uses a single-slope charge integration converter architecture with integral registers and “one-hot” counters. This implies that parallel data bits are routed among the counter and the individual on-chip pixel ADC registers. The data path bit-width to the pixel is therefore equivalent to the pixel ADC bit resolution.

  1. An examination of the SEP candidate analogical inference rule within pure inductive logic


    Howarth, E.; Paris, J.B.; Vencovska, A.


    Within the framework of (Unary) Pure Inductive Logic we investigate four possible formulations of a probabilistic principle of analogy based on a template considered by Paul Bartha in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy [1] and give some characterizations of the probability functions which satisfy them. In addition we investigate an alternative interpretation of analogical support, also considered by Bartha, based not on the enhancement of probability but on the creation of possibility.

  2. Riboswitch-based sensor in low optical background (United States)

    Harbaugh, Svetlana V.; Davidson, Molly E.; Chushak, Yaroslav G.; Kelley-Loughnane, Nancy; Stone, Morley O.


    Riboswitches are a type of natural genetic control element that use untranslated sequence in the RNA to recognize and bind to small molecules that regulate expression of that gene. Creation of synthetic riboswitches to novel ligands depends on the ability to screen for analyte binding sensitivity and specificity. In our work, we have coupled a synthetic riboswitch to an optical reporter assay based on fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) between two genetically-coded fluorescent proteins. Specifically, a theophylline-sensitive riboswitch was placed upstream of the Tobacco Etch Virus (TEV) protease coding sequence, and a FRET-based construct, BFP-eGFP or eGFP-REACh, was linked by a peptide encoding the recognition sequence for TEV protease. Cells expressing the riboswitch showed a marked optical difference in fluorescence emission in the presence of theophylline. However, the BFP-eGFP FRET pair posses significant optical background that reduces the sensitivity of a FRET-based assay. To improve the optical assay, we designed a nonfluorescent yellow fluorescent protein (YFP) mutant called REACh (for Resonance Energy-Accepting Chromoprotein) as the FRET acceptor for eGFP. The advantage of using an eGFP-REACh pair is the elimination of acceptor fluorescence which leads to an improved detection of FRET via better signal-to-noise ratio. The EGFP-REACh fusion protein was constructed with the TEV protease cleavage site; thus upon TEV translation, cleavage occurs diminishing REACh quenching and increasing eGFP emission resulting in a 4.5-fold improvement in assay sensitivity.

  3. 基于冯·卡门类比的强化管污垢模型及抗垢机理%Fouling model of enhanced tubes based on von Karman analogy and anti-fouling mechanism

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张仲彬; 李煜; 徐志明


    The comparative experiments on the CaCO3 fouling characteristics of four enhanced tubes (including the corrugated tube, convergent-divergent tube I , convergent-divergent tube II and arc-line tube) and a plain tube under the same operating conditions, such as the inlet temperature, flow velocity and hardness of artificial hard water and bath temperature of tubes, were carried out. Based on the von Karman analogy, ψ and ψ were regarded as their performance evaluation factors of heat transfer, ηψ and ηψ were used as their comprehensive performance evaluation indexes, and then a fouling model of enhanced tubes was established through the analysis of experimental data, such as their fouling resistance Rf and geometric parameters. The anti-fouling mechanisms of each enhanced tube were analyzed. The results show that it is the secondary turbulence and periodic pulse along the axis of flow velocity direction in the corrugated tube scouring near-wall flow that enhances the removal mass rate of fouling dramatically so that it is difficult for the tube to cause fouling and even realize automatic cleaning. The arc-line tube has the anti-fouling performance in which the periodic disturbance of flow in it weakens fouling deposition and the sharp increasing laryngeal wall shear stress boosting fouling removes greatly. The convergent-divergent tube can resist fouling because the fouling removal mass rate is enhanced doubly by fluid's intensive periodic disturbance caused by the alternate switch of axis pressure gradient and the swing eddy current at the laryngeal.%对比实验研究4种强化管(波纹管、缩放管Ⅰ、缩放管Ⅱ和弧线管)和光管在相同工况(人工硬水入口温度、流速、硬度及水浴温度)下的CaCO3污垢特性.通过分析强化管污垢热阻Rf与几何参数等,基于冯·卡门类比法,以ψ和ψ为强化管传热性能评价因子,η(Ψ)和η(ψ)为其综合性能评价指标,构建强化管污垢数据分析模型,并逐一

  4. An Analog Model for Light Propagation in Semiclassical Gravity

    CERN Document Server

    Bessa, C H G; Ford, L H


    We treat a model based upon nonlinear optics for the semiclassical gravitational effects of quantum fields upon light propagation. Our model uses a nonlinear material with a nonzero third order polarizability. Here a probe light pulse satisfies a wave equation containing the expectation value of the squared electric field. This expectation value depends upon the presence of lower frequency quanta, the background field, and modifies the effective index of refraction, and hence the speed of the probe pulse. If the mean squared electric field is positive, then the pulse is slowed, which is analogous to the gravitational effects of ordinary matter. Such matter satisfies the null energy condition and produce gravitational lensing and time delay. If the mean squared field is negative, then the pulse has a higher speed than in the absence of the background field. This is analogous to the gravitational effects of exotic matter, such as stress tensor expectation values with locally negative energy densities, which lea...

  5. A 12-channel analog optical-receiver module

    CERN Document Server

    Vasey, F; Sugiyama, M; Troska, J


    A 12-channel analog optical-receiver module has been developed for the compact muon solenoid (CMS) experiment to be installed at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) large hadron collider (LHC). It is based on a modified commercial 12-channel module, where the digital amplifier application-specified integrated circuit (ASIC) has been replaced by a custom-designed analog variant. The module features an 8-bit dynamic range with 1% integral-linearity deviation in a 100-MHz bandwidth. A user-configurable input capacitor-matching network allows for the control of the overshoot of the received pulse-amplitude-modulated signal. The ASIC-receiver- circuit implementation as well as the module design and manufacture are reviewed. Results of the successful functional performance evaluation of the module are shown.

  6. Foucault's pendulum, a classical analog for the electron spin state (United States)

    Linck, Rebecca A.

    Spin has long been regarded as a fundamentally quantum phenomena that is incapable of being described classically. To bridge the gap and show that aspects of spin's quantum nature can be described classically, this work uses a classical Lagrangian based on the coupled oscillations of Foucault's pendulum as an analog for the electron spin state in an external magnetic field. With this analog it is possible to demonstrate that Foucault's pendulum not only serves as a basis for explaining geometric phase, but is also a basis for reproducing a broad range of behavior from Zeeman-like frequency splitting to precession of the spin state. By demonstrating that unmeasured electron spin states can be fully described in classical terms, this research opens the door to using the tools of classical physics to examine an inherently quantum phenomenon.

  7. A Bell Inequality Analog in Quantum Measure Theory

    CERN Document Server

    Craig, D; Henson, J; Major, S; Rideout, D; Sorkin, R D; Craig, David; Dowker, Fay; Henson, Joe; Major, Seth; Rideout, David; Sorkin, Rafael D.


    One obtains Bell's inequalities if one posits a hypothetical joint probability distribution, or measure, whose marginals yield the probabilities produced by the spin measurements in question. The existence of a joint measure is in turn equivalent to a certain local causality condition known as ``screening off''. We show that if one assumes, more generally, a joint ``quantal measure'', or ``decoherence functional'', one obtains instead an analogous inequality weaker by a factor of sqrt(2). The proof of this ``Tsirel'son inequality'' is geometrical and rests on the possibility of associating a Hilbert space to any strongly positive quantal measure. These results lead both to a question: ``Does a joint measure follow from some quantal analog of `screening off'?'', and to the observation that non-contextual hidden variables are viable in histories-based quantum mechanics, even if they are excluded classically.

  8. A Multi-Gigahertz Analog Transient Recorder Integrated Circuit

    CERN Document Server

    Kleinfelder, Stuart A


    A monolithic multi-channel analog transient recorder, implemented using switched capacitor sample-and-hold circuits and a high-speed analogically-adjustable delay-line-based write clock, has been designed, fabricated and tested. The 2.1 by 6.9 mm layout, in 1.2 micron CMOS, includes over 31,000 transistors and 2048 double polysilicon capacitors. The circuit contains four parallel channels, each with a 512 deep switched-capacitor sample-and-hold system. A 512 deep edge sensitive tapped active delay line uses look-ahead and 16 way interleaving to develop the 512 sample and hold clocks, each as little as 3.2 ns wide and 200 ps apart. Measurements of the device have demonstrated 5 GHz maximum sample rate, at least 350 MHz bandwidth, an extrapolated rms aperture uncertainty per sample of 0.7 ps, and a signal to rms noise ratio of 2000:1.

  9. Macroscopic acousto-mechanical analogy of a microbubble

    CERN Document Server

    Chaline, Jennifer; Mehrem, Ahmed; Bouakaz, Ayache; Santos, Serge Dos; Sánchez-Morcillo, Víctor J


    Microbubbles, either in the form of free gas bubbles surrounded by a fluid or encapsulated bubbles used currently as contrast agents for medical echography, exhibit complex dynamics under specific acoustic excitations. Nonetheless, considering their micron size and the complexity of their interaction phenomenon with ultrasound waves, expensive and complex experiments and/or simulations are required for their analysis. The behavior of a microbubble along its equator can be linked to a system of coupled oscillators. In this study, the oscillatory behavior of a microbubble has been investigated through an acousto-mechanical analogy based on a ring-shaped chain of coupled pendula. Observation of parametric vibration modes of the pendula ring excited at frequencies between $1$ and $5$ Hz is presented. Simulations have been carried out and show mode mixing phenomena. The relevance of the analogy between a microbubble and the macroscopic acousto-mechanical setup is discussed and suggested as an alternative way to in...

  10. Anti-Plasmodium activity of ceramide analogs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gatt Shimon


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Sphingolipids are key molecules regulating many essential functions in eukaryotic cells and ceramide plays a central role in sphingolipid metabolism. A sphingolipid metabolism occurs in the intraerythrocytic stages of Plasmodium falciparum and is associated with essential biological processes. It constitutes an attractive and potential target for the development of new antimalarial drugs. Methods The anti-Plasmodium activity of a series of ceramide analogs containing different linkages (amide, methylene or thiourea linkages between the fatty acid part of ceramide and the sphingoid core was investigated in culture and compared to the sphingolipid analog PPMP (d,1-threo-1-phenyl-2-palmitoylamino-3-morpholino-1-propanol. This analog is known to inhibit the parasite sphingomyelin synthase activity and block parasite development by preventing the formation of the tubovesicular network that extends from the parasitophorous vacuole to the red cell membrane and delivers essential extracellular nutrients to the parasite. Results Analogs containing methylene linkage showed a considerably higher anti-Plasmodium activity (IC50 in the low nanomolar range than PPMP and their counterparts with a natural amide linkage (IC50 in the micromolar range. The methylene analogs blocked irreversibly P. falciparum development leading to parasite eradication in contrast to PPMP whose effect is cytostatic. A high sensitivity of action towards the parasite was observed when compared to their effect on the human MRC-5 cell growth. The toxicity towards parasites did not correlate with the inhibition by methylene analogs of the parasite sphingomyelin synthase activity and the tubovesicular network formation, indicating that this enzyme is not their primary target. Conclusions It has been shown that ceramide analogs were potent inhibitors of P. falciparum growth in culture. Interestingly, the nature of the linkage between the fatty acid part and the

  11. The future of vitamin D analogs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carlien eLeyssens


    Full Text Available The active form of vitamin D3, 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3, is a major regulator of bone and calcium homeostasis. In addition, this hormone also inhibits the proliferation and stimulates the differentiation of normal as well as malignant cells. Supraphysiological doses of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 are required to reduce cancer cell proliferation. However, these doses will lead in vivo to calcemic side effects such as hypercalcemia and hypercalciuria. During the last 25 years, many structural analogs of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 have been synthesized by the introduction of chemical modifications in the A-ring, central CD-ring region or side chain of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 in the hope to find molecules with a clear dissociation between the beneficial antiproliferative effects and adverse calcemic side effects. One example of such an analog with a good dissociation ratio is calcipotriol (DaivonexR, which is clinically used to treat the hyperproliferative skin disease psoriasis. Other vitamin D analogs were clinically approved for the treatment of osteoporosis or secondary hyperparathyroidism. No vitamin D analog is currently used in the clinic for the treatment of cancer although several analogs have been shown to be potent drugs in animal models of cancer. Omics studies as well as in vitro cell biological experiments unraveled basic mechanisms involved in the antineoplastic effects of vitamin D and its analogs. 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 and analogs act in a cell type- and tissue-specific manner. Moreover, a blockade in the transition of the G0/1 towards S phase of the cell cycle, induction of apoptosis, inhibition of migration and invasion of tumor cells together with effects on angiogenesis and inflammation have been implicated in the pleiotropic effects of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 and its analogs. In this review we will give an overview of the action of vitamin D analogs in tumor cells and look forward how these compounds could be introduced in the

  12. Analogy, higher order thinking, and education. (United States)

    Richland, Lindsey Engle; Simms, Nina


    Analogical reasoning, the ability to understand phenomena as systems of structured relationships that can be aligned, compared, and mapped together, plays a fundamental role in the technology rich, increasingly globalized educational climate of the 21st century. Flexible, conceptual thinking is prioritized in this view of education, and schools are emphasizing 'higher order thinking', rather than memorization of a cannon of key topics. The lack of a cognitively grounded definition for higher order thinking, however, has led to a field of research and practice with little coherence across domains or connection to the large body of cognitive science research on thinking. We review literature on analogy and disciplinary higher order thinking to propose that relational reasoning can be productively considered the cognitive underpinning of higher order thinking. We highlight the utility of this framework for developing insights into practice through a review of mathematics, science, and history educational contexts. In these disciplines, analogy is essential to developing expert-like disciplinary knowledge in which concepts are understood to be systems of relationships that can be connected and flexibly manipulated. At the same time, analogies in education require explicit support to ensure that learners notice the relevance of relational thinking, have adequate processing resources available to mentally hold and manipulate relations, and are able to recognize both the similarities and differences when drawing analogies between systems of relationships.

  13. Neurotoxic Alkaloids: Saxitoxin and Its Analogs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Troco K. Mihali


    Full Text Available Saxitoxin (STX and its 57 analogs are a broad group of natural neurotoxic alkaloids, commonly known as the paralytic shellfish toxins (PSTs. PSTs are the causative agents of paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP and are mostly associated with marine dinoflagellates (eukaryotes and freshwater cyanobacteria (prokaryotes, which form extensive blooms around the world. PST producing dinoflagellates belong to the genera Alexandrium, Gymnodinium and Pyrodinium whilst production has been identified in several cyanobacterial genera including Anabaena, Cylindrospermopsis, Aphanizomenon Planktothrix and Lyngbya. STX and its analogs can be structurally classified into several classes such as non-sulfated, mono-sulfated, di-sulfated, decarbamoylated and the recently discovered hydrophobic analogs—each with varying levels of toxicity. Biotransformation of the PSTs into other PST analogs has been identified within marine invertebrates, humans and bacteria. An improved understanding of PST transformation into less toxic analogs and degradation, both chemically or enzymatically, will be important for the development of methods for the detoxification of contaminated water supplies and of shellfish destined for consumption. Some PSTs also have demonstrated pharmaceutical potential as a long-term anesthetic in the treatment of anal fissures and for chronic tension-type headache. The recent elucidation of the saxitoxin biosynthetic gene cluster in cyanobacteria and the identification of new PST analogs will present opportunities to further explore the pharmaceutical potential of these intriguing alkaloids.

  14. NaturAnalogs for the Unsaturated Zone

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    A. Simmons; A. Unger; M. Murrell


    The purpose of this Analysis/Model Report (AMR) is to document natural and anthropogenic (human-induced) analog sites and processes that are applicable to flow and transport processes expected to occur at the potential Yucca Mountain repository in order to build increased confidence in modeling processes of Unsaturated Zone (UZ) flow and transport. This AMR was prepared in accordance with ''AMR Development Plan for U0135, Natural Analogs for the UZ'' (CRWMS 1999a). Knowledge from analog sites and processes is used as corroborating information to test and build confidence in flow and transport models of Yucca Mountain, Nevada. This AMR supports the Unsaturated Zone (UZ) Flow and Transport Process Model Report (PMR) and the Yucca Mountain Site Description. The objectives of this AMR are to test and build confidence in the representation of UZ processes in numerical models utilized in the UZ Flow and Transport Model. This is accomplished by: (1) applying data from Boxy Canyon, Idaho in simulations of UZ flow using the same methodologies incorporated in the Yucca Mountain UZ Flow and Transport Model to assess the fracture-matrix interaction conceptual model; (2) Providing a preliminary basis for analysis of radionuclide transport at Pena Blanca, Mexico as an analog of radionuclide transport at Yucca Mountain; and (3) Synthesizing existing information from natural analog studies to provide corroborating evidence for representation of ambient and thermally coupled UZ flow and transport processes in the UZ Model.

  15. Design of a Multi-Level/Analog Ferroelectric Memory Device (United States)

    MacLeod, Todd C.; Phillips, Thomas A.; Ho, Fat D.


    Increasing the memory density and utilizing the dove1 characteristics of ferroelectric devices is important in making ferroelectric memory devices more desirable to the consumer. This paper describes a design that allows multiple levels to be stored in a ferroelectric based memory cell. It can be used to store multiple bits or analog values in a high speed nonvolatile memory. The design utilizes the hysteresis characteristic of ferroelectric transistors to store an analog value in the memory cell. The design also compensates for the decay of the polarization of the ferroelectric material over time. This is done by utilizing a pair of ferroelectric transistors to store the data. One transistor is used as a reference to determine the amount of decay that has occurred since the pair was programmed. The second transistor stores the analog value as a polarization value between zero and saturated. The design allows digital data to be stored as multiple bits in each memory cell. The number of bits per cell that can be stored will vary with the decay rate of the ferroelectric transistors and the repeatability of polarization between transistors. It is predicted that each memory cell may be able to store 8 bits or more. The design is based on data taken from actual ferroelectric transistors. Although the circuit has not been fabricated, a prototype circuit is now under construction. The design of this circuit is different than multi-level FLASH or silicon transistor circuits. The differences between these types of circuits are described in this paper. This memory design will be useful because it allows higher memory density, compensates for the environmental and ferroelectric aging processes, allows analog values to be directly stored in memory, compensates for the thermal and radiation environments associated with space operations, and relies only on existing technologies.

  16. Not All Analogies Are Created Equal: Associative and Categorical Analogy Processing following Brain Damage (United States)

    Schmidt, Gwenda L.; Cardillo, Eileen R.; Kranjec, Alexander; Lehet, Matthew; Widick, Page; Chatterjee, Anjan


    Current research on analogy processing assumes that different conceptual relations are treated similarly. However, just as words and concepts are related in distinct ways, different kinds of analogies may employ distinct types of relationships. An important distinction in how words are related is the difference between associative (dog-bone) and…

  17. Time-stretch analog-to-digital conversion with a photonic crystal fiber

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    TENG Yun; YU Chong-xiu; YUAN Jin-hui; CHEN Jing-xuan; JIN Cang; XU Qian


    All-optical analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) has been extensively researched to break through the inherently limited operating speed of electronic devices. In this paper, we use the photonic crystal fiber (PCF) for time-stretch (TS) analog-todigital (A/D) conversion system through generating low noise, linear chirp distribution and fiat super-continuum (SC).Based on the radio frequency (RF) analog signal modulated to the linearly chirped super-continuum, the large-dispersion photonic crystal fiber is used for time-domain stretching.

  18. The experiment of monthly mean circulation prediction using the analogy-dynamical model

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    BAO Ming; NI Yunqi; CHOU Jifan


    Based on the past related research work, a new analogy-dynamical monthly prediction model is established with the operational dynamic extended-range forecast model T63L16 (hereafter T63) as a dynamic kernel. The monthly mean circulation prediction with T63 is considered as a control experiment, and the prediction with the analogy-dynamical model as a contrast one. It is found that the analogy-dynamical model has more precise forecast skill than the T63 model through monthly mean numerical prediction experiment.

  19. Analogy-Enhanced Instruction: Effects on Reasoning Skills in Science (United States)

    Remigio, Krisette B.; Yangco, Rosanelia T.; Espinosa, Allen A.


    The study examined the reasoning skills of first year high school students after learning general science concepts through analogies. Two intact heterogeneous sections were randomly assigned to Analogy-Enhanced Instruction (AEI) group and Non Analogy-Enhanced (NAEI) group. Various analogies were incorporated in the lessons of the AEI group for…

  20. Value and Limitations of Analogs in Teaching Mathematics. (United States)

    Halford, Graeme S.; Boulton-Lewis, Gillian M.

    Analogical reasoning is frequently used in acquisition of mathematical concepts. Concrete representations used to teach mathematics are essentially analogs of mathematical concepts, and it is argued that analogies enter into mathematical concept acquisition in numerous other ways as well. According to Gentner's theory, analogies entail a…

  1. Analog Forecasting with Dynamics-Adapted Kernels

    CERN Document Server

    Zhao, Zhizhen


    Analog forecasting is a non-parametric technique introduced by Lorenz in 1969 which predicts the evolution of states of a dynamical system (or observables defined on the states) by following the evolution of the sample in a historical record of observations which most closely resembles the current initial data. Here, we introduce a suite of forecasting methods which improve traditional analog forecasting by combining ideas from state-space reconstruction for dynamical systems and kernel methods developed in harmonic analysis and machine learning. The first improvement is to augment the dimension of the initial data using Takens' delay-coordinate maps to recover information in the initial data lost through partial observations. Then, instead of using Euclidean distances between the states, weighted ensembles of analogs are constructed according to similarity kernels in delay-coordinate space, featuring an explicit dependence on the dynamical vector field generating the data. The eigenvalues and eigenfunctions ...

  2. On Lovelock analogs of the Riemann tensor

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Camanho, Xian O. [Albert-Einstein-Institut, Max-Planck-Institut fuer Gravitationsphysik, Golm (Germany); Dadhich, Naresh [Jamia Millia Islamia, Centre for Theoretical Physics, New Delhi (India); Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Pune (India)


    It is possible to define an analog of the Riemann tensor for Nth order Lovelock gravity, its characterizing property being that the trace of its Bianchi derivative yields the corresponding analog of the Einstein tensor. Interestingly there exist two parallel but distinct such analogs and the main purpose of this note is to reconcile both formulations. In addition we will introduce a simple tensor identity and use it to show that any pure Lovelock vacuum in odd d = 2N + 1 dimensions is Lovelock flat, i.e. any vacuum solution of the theory has vanishing Lovelock-Riemann tensor. Further, in the presence of cosmological constant it is the Lovelock-Weyl tensor that vanishes. (orig.)

  3. Formal analogies in physics teacher education

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Avelar Sotomaior Karam, Ricardo; Ricardo, Elio


    the relevance of the subject, formal analogies are rarely systematically approached in physics education. In order to discuss this issue with pre-service physics teachers, we planned a lecture and designed a questionnaire with the goal of encouraging them to think about some “coincidences” in well known......Reasoning by similarities, especially the ones associated with formal aspects, is one of the most valuable sources for the development of physical theories. The essential role of formal analogies in science can be highlighted by the fact that several equations for different physical situations have...... the exact same appearance. Coulomb’s law’s similarity with Newton’s, Maxwell’s application of fluid theory to electromagnetism and Hamilton’s optical mechanical analogy are some among many other examples. These cases illustrate the power of mathematics in providing unifying structures for physics. Despite...

  4. Electronic devices for analog signal processing

    CERN Document Server

    Rybin, Yu K


    Electronic Devices for Analog Signal Processing is intended for engineers and post graduates and considers electronic devices applied to process analog signals in instrument making, automation, measurements, and other branches of technology. They perform various transformations of electrical signals: scaling, integration, logarithming, etc. The need in their deeper study is caused, on the one hand, by the extension of the forms of the input signal and increasing accuracy and performance of such devices, and on the other hand, new devices constantly emerge and are already widely used in practice, but no information about them are written in books on electronics. The basic approach of presenting the material in Electronic Devices for Analog Signal Processing can be formulated as follows: the study with help from self-education. While divided into seven chapters, each chapter contains theoretical material, examples of practical problems, questions and tests. The most difficult questions are marked by a diamon...

  5. 电流模式可重构模拟信号处理电路%Current-Mode Reconfigurable Analog Circuit for Analog Signal Processing

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王友仁; 祝鸣涛; 崔江; 林华; 姜媛媛


    There are problems of limited function, low operational speed and insufficient flexibility in the conventional reconfigurable analog circuits. A new current-mode reconfigurable analog circuit is proposed to solve them. The configurable analog block (CAB) based on second-generation current controlled conveyor (CCCII) is designed, which has the advantages of smaller nonlinear distortion, higher operational speed and better anti-interference ability. A new crossbar switch inter-connection network is developed, which can reduce the number of switches, and improve the flexibility and high frequency response of the reconfigurable analog circuit. The forth-order butterworth low-pass filter (LPF) and the analog multiplier are reconfigured with 2X4 reconfigurable analog circuit array. The experimental results show that the proposed reconfigurable analog circuit can effectively realize analog signal processing circuits of different functions through reconfiguration.%针对现有的可重构模拟电路存在功能有限、带宽小、灵活性不足等同题,设计了一种新的电流模式可重构模拟电路.设计了基于二代电流传输控制器的可重构模拟单元,能减小电路非线性失真,提高电路工作速度与抗干扰能力.设计了一种可编程开关数量较少的纵横交叉开关网络结构,提高了电路灵活性和高频性能.在2×4一阵列结构上分别重构实现了四阶低通滤波器和模拟乘法器,实验结果表明所设计可重构模拟电路是有效的.

  6. Landauer Bound for Analog Computing Systems

    CERN Document Server

    Diamantini, M Cristina; Trugenberger, Carlo A


    By establishing a relation between information erasure and continuous phase transitions we generalise the Landauer bound to analog computing systems. The entropy production per degree of freedom during erasure of an analog variable (reset to standard value) is given by the logarithm of the configurational volume measured in units of its minimal quantum. As a consequence every computation has to be carried on with a finite number of bits and infinite precision is forbidden by the fundamental laws of physics, since it would require an infinite amount of energy.

  7. Words, Concepts, and the Geometry of Analogy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stephen McGregor


    Full Text Available This paper presents a geometric approach to the problem of modelling the relationship between words and concepts, focusing in particular on analogical phenomena in language and cognition. Grounded in recent theories regarding geometric conceptual spaces, we begin with an analysis of existing static distributional semantic models and move on to an exploration of a dynamic approach to using high dimensional spaces of word meaning to project subspaces where analogies can potentially be solved in an online, contextualised way. The crucial element of this analysis is the positioning of statistics in a geometric environment replete with opportunities for interpretation.

  8. Landauer bound for analog computing systems (United States)

    Diamantini, M. Cristina; Gammaitoni, Luca; Trugenberger, Carlo A.


    By establishing a relation between information erasure and continuous phase transitions we generalize the Landauer bound to analog computing systems. The entropy production per degree of freedom during erasure of an analog variable (reset to standard value) is given by the logarithm of the configurational volume measured in units of its minimal quantum. As a consequence, every computation has to be carried on with a finite number of bits and infinite precision is forbidden by the fundamental laws of physics, since it would require an infinite amount of energy.

  9. Fungitoxicity of chemical analogs with heartwood toxins. (United States)

    Grohs, B M; Kunz, B


    Trans-stilbene and tropolone as chemical analogs with naturally occurring fungitoxic heartwood compounds were studied with respect to their fungitoxic potency. While stilbene showed no fungitoxic activity towards the fungi Aureobasidium pullulans var. melanogenum, Penicillium glabrum, and Trichoderma harzianum in the concentrations tested, the minimal inhibiting concentration of tropolone was 10(-3) M for Penicillium glabrum and Trichoderma harzianum, and 10(-5) M for Aureobasidium pullulans var. melanogenum. In all cases, the effect of tropolone was a fungistatic one. Using chemical analogs for assessing the chemical basis of the fungitoxicity of tropolone, this substance proved to be the only compound tested which possesses fungitoxic properties.

  10. Synthetic heparin-binding factor analogs (United States)

    Pena, Louis A.; Zamora, Paul O.; Lin, Xinhua; Glass, John D.


    The invention provides synthetic heparin-binding growth factor analogs having at least one peptide chain, and preferably two peptide chains branched from a dipeptide branch moiety composed of two trifunctional amino acid residues, which peptide chain or chains bind a heparin-binding growth factor receptor and are covalently bound to a non-signaling peptide that includes a heparin-binding domain, preferably by a linker, which may be a hydrophobic linker. The synthetic heparin-binding growth factor analogs are useful as pharmaceutical agents, soluble biologics or as surface coatings for medical devices.

  11. Analysis of Recurrent Analog Neural Networks

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Z. Raida


    Full Text Available In this paper, an original rigorous analysis of recurrent analog neural networks, which are built from opamp neurons, is presented. The analysis, which comes from the approximate model of the operational amplifier, reveals causes of possible non-stable states and enables to determine convergence properties of the network. Results of the analysis are discussed in order to enable development of original robust and fast analog networks. In the analysis, the special attention is turned to the examination of the influence of real circuit elements and of the statistical parameters of processed signals to the parameters of the network.

  12. Discrete analog computing with rotor-routers. (United States)

    Propp, James


    Rotor-routing is a procedure for routing tokens through a network that can implement certain kinds of computation. These computations are inherently asynchronous (the order in which tokens are routed makes no difference) and distributed (information is spread throughout the system). It is also possible to efficiently check that a computation has been carried out correctly in less time than the computation itself required, provided one has a certificate that can itself be computed by the rotor-router network. Rotor-router networks can be viewed as both discrete analogs of continuous linear systems and deterministic analogs of stochastic processes.

  13. Analog circuit design for communication SOC

    CERN Document Server

    Tu, Steve Hung-Lung


    This e-book provides several state-of-the-art analog circuit design techniques. It presents both empirical and theoretical materials for system-on-a-chip (SOC) circuit design. Fundamental communication concepts are used to explain a variety of topics including data conversion (ADC, DAC, S-? oversampling data converters), clock data recovery, phase-locked loops for system timing synthesis, supply voltage regulation, power amplifier design, and mixer design. This is an excellent reference book for both circuit designers and researchers who are interested in the field of design of analog communic

  14. Implementing neural architectures using analog VLSI circuits (United States)

    Maher, Mary Ann C.; Deweerth, Stephen P.; Mahowald, Misha A.; Mead, Carver A.


    Analog very large-scale integrated (VLSI) technology can be used not only to study and simulate biological systems, but also to emulate them in designing artificial sensory systems. A methodology for building these systems in CMOS VLSI technology has been developed using analog micropower circuit elements that can be hierarchically combined. Using this methodology, experimental VLSI chips of visual and motor subsystems have been designed and fabricated. These chips exhibit behavior similar to that of biological systems, and perform computations useful for artificial sensory systems.

  15. Analogies between a Meniscus and a Cantilever

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LIU Jian-Lin


    Systematic and quantitative analyses of exact analogies between a meniscus and an elastica are performed. It is shown that the two governing equations take the same style after coordinate translation and scale transformation. The morphologies of the liquid bridge and the cantilever are calculated in terms of elliptic integrations, which can be reduced to the same shape,after converting the boundary conditions. The present analyses can make us grasp the nature of this physical phenomenon deeply and show some inspiration for designing the analogy experiments. Moreover, the calculated results are helpful to engineering applications, such as design and fabrication of MEMS, and micro-manipulations in micro/nano- technology.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    E. Tlelo-Cuautle


    Full Text Available A new symbollc-method is introduced to enhance the calculation of symbolic expressions of analog circults. First, the analog circuit is transformed to a nullor equivalent circuit. Second, a new method is introduced to the formulation of a compact system of equations (CSES. Third, a new method is introduced to the solution of theCSES, by avoiding multiplications by zero to Improve the evaluation of determlnants. Flnally, two eXamples are given to show the usefulness of the proposed methods to calculate fully symbolic transfer functions.

  17. An Optical Analog of a Black Holes

    CERN Document Server

    Royston, A; Royston, Andrew; Gass, Richard


    Using media with extremely low group velocities one can create an optical analog of a curved space-time. Leonhardt and Piwnicki have proposed that a vortex flow will act as an optical black hole. We show that although the Leonhardt - Piwnicki flow has an orbit of no return and an infinite red-shift surface, it is not a true black hole since it lacks a null hypersurface. However a radial flow will produce a true optical black hole that has a Hawking temperature and obeys the first law of black hole mechanics. By combining the Leonhardt - Piwnicki flow with a radial flow we obtain the analog of the Kerr black hole.

  18. HAPS, a Handy Analog Programming System

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Højberg, Kristian Søe


    HAPS (Hybrid Analog Programming System) is an analog compiler that can be run on a minicomputer in an interactive mode. Essentially HAPS is written in FORTRAN. The equations to be programmed for an ana log computer are read in by using a FORTRAN-like notation. The input must contain maximum...... and minimum values for the variables. The output file includes potentiometer coefficients and static-test 'measuring values.' The file format is fitted to an automatic potentiometer-setting and static-test program. Patch instructions are printed by HAPS. The article describes the principles of HAPS...

  19. Tremor suppression using functional electrical stimulation: a comparison between digital and analog controllers. (United States)

    Gillard, D M; Cameron, T; Prochazka, A; Gauthier, M J


    In this study, we compared digital and analog versions of a functional electrical stimulator designed to suppress tremor. The device was based on a closed-loop control system designed to attenuate movements in the tremor frequency range, without significantly affecting slower, voluntary movements. Testing of the digital filter was done on three patients with Parkinsonian tremor and the results compared to those of a functional electrical stimulation device based on an analog filter evaluated in a previous study. Additional testing of both the analog and digital filters was done on three subjects with no neurological impairment performing tremor-like movements and slow voluntary movements. We found that the digital controller provided a mean attenuation of 84%, compared to 65% for the analog controller.

  20. Study of structure-activity relationship in Aurein 1.2 analogs. (United States)

    Soufian, Safieh; Hassani, Leila


    Two new analogs of Aurein 1.2 antimicrobial peptide were synthesized and the antimicrobial activities were investigated. The results showed that the activity of G1R/F3W analog was higher than the native peptide and the F3W analog. Circular dichroism studies also showed that the secondary structure of the F3W was concentration-dependent, whereas, there was no such relationship seen in the case of G1R/F3W analog. It has been proposed that G1R/F3W activity was based on a single mechanism (snorkeling), while Aurein 1.2 and F3W utilized the snorkeling mechanism at low concentrations (0-0.01 mM) and the carpet mechanism at higher concentrations (0.01-0.1 mM). This study suggests that one pay attention to the concentration of biomolecules in peptide-based drug design.

  1. Mechatronics by Analogy and Application to Legged Locomotion (United States)

    Ragusila, Victor

    A new design methodology for mechatronic systems, dubbed as Mechatronics by Analogy (MbA), is introduced and applied to designing a leg mechanism. The new methodology argues that by establishing a similarity relation between a complex system and a number of simpler models it is possible to design the former using the analysis and synthesis means developed for the latter. The methodology provides a framework for concurrent engineering of complex systems while maintaining the transparency of the system behaviour through making formal analogies between the system and those with more tractable dynamics. The application of the MbA methodology to the design of a monopod robot leg, called the Linkage Leg, is also studied. A series of simulations show that the dynamic behaviour of the Linkage Leg is similar to that of a combination of a double pendulum and a spring-loaded inverted pendulum, based on which the system kinematic, dynamic, and control parameters can be designed concurrently. The first stage of Mechatronics by Analogy is a method of extracting significant features of system dynamics through simpler models. The goal is to determine a set of simpler mechanisms with similar dynamic behaviour to that of the original system in various phases of its motion. A modular bond-graph representation of the system is determined, and subsequently simplified using two simplification algorithms. The first algorithm determines the relevant dynamic elements of the system for each phase of motion, and the second algorithm finds the simple mechanism described by the remaining dynamic elements. In addition to greatly simplifying the controller for the system, using simpler mechanisms with similar behaviour provides a greater insight into the dynamics of the system. This is seen in the second stage of the new methodology, which concurrently optimizes the simpler mechanisms together with a control system based on their dynamics. Once the optimal configuration of the simpler system is

  2. High-speed and high-resolution analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van de Plassche, R.J.


    Analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters are important building blocks connecting the analog world of transducers with the digital world of computing, signal processing and data acquisition systems. In chapter two the converter as part of a system is described. Requirements of analog filte

  3. An Optimized Device Sizing of Analog Circuits using Particle Swarm Optimization

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    K. Duraiswamy


    Full Text Available Problem statement: Day by day more and more products rely on analog circuits to improve the speed and reduce the power consumption(Products rely on analog circuits to improve the speed and reduce the power consumption day by day more and more.. For the VLSI implementation analog circuit design plays an important role. This analog circuit synthesis might be the most challenging and time-consumed task, because it does not only consist of topology and layout synthesis but also of component sizing. Approach: A Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO technique for the optimal design of analog circuits. Analog signal processing finds many applications and widely uses OpAmp based amplifiers, mixers, comparators. and filters. Results: A two-stage opamp (Miller Operational Trans-conductance Amplifier (OTA is considered for the synthesis that satisfies certain design specifications. Performance has been evaluated with the Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis (SPICE circuit simulator until optimal sizes of the transistors are found. Conclusion: The output of the simulation for the two-stage opamp shows that the PSO technique is an accurate and promising approach in determining the device sizes in an analog circuit.

  4. On the Frequency of Potential Venus Analogs from Kepler Data

    CERN Document Server

    Kane, Stephen R; Domagal-Goldman, Shawn D


    The field of exoplanetary science has seen a dramatic improvement in sensitivity to terrestrial planets over recent years. Such discoveries have been a key feature of results from the {\\it Kepler} mission which utilizes the transit method to determine the size of the planet. These discoveries have resulted in a corresponding interest in the topic of the Habitable Zone (HZ) and the search for potential Earth analogs. Within the Solar System, there is a clear dichotomy between Venus and Earth in terms of atmospheric evolution, likely the result of the large difference ($\\sim$ factor of two) in incident flux from the Sun. Since Venus is 95\\% of the Earth's radius in size, it is impossible to distinguish between these two planets based only on size. In this paper we discuss planetary insolation in the context of atmospheric erosion and runaway greenhouse limits for planets similar to Venus. We define a ``Venus Zone'' (VZ) in which the planet is more likely to be a Venus analog rather than an Earth analog. We iden...

  5. Mathematical analogies in physics. Thin-layer wave theory

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José M. Carcione


    Full Text Available Field theory applies to elastodynamics, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, gravitation and other similar fields of physics, where the basic equations describing the phenomenon are based on constitutive relations and balance equations. For instance, in elastodynamics, these are the stress-strain relations and the equations of momentum conservation (Euler-Newton law. In these cases, the same mathematical theory can be used, by establishing appropriate mathematical equivalences (or analogies between material properties and field variables. For instance, the wave equation and the related mathematical developments can be used to describe anelastic and electromagnetic wave propagation, and are extensively used in quantum mechanics. In this work, we obtain the mathematical analogy for the reflection/refraction (transmission problem of a thin layer embedded between dissimilar media, considering the presence of anisotropy and attenuation/viscosity in the viscoelastic case, conductivity in the electromagnetic case and a potential barrier in quantum physics (the tunnel effect. The analogy is mainly illustrated with geophysical examples of propagation of S (shear, P (compressional, TM (transverse-magnetic and TE (transverse-electric waves. The tunnel effect is obtained as a special case of viscoelastic waves at normal incidence.

  6. Thermodynamic analogies in economics and finance: instability of markets (United States)

    McCauley, Joseph L.


    Interest in thermodynamic analogies in economics is older than the idea of von Neumann to look for market entropy in liquidity, advice that was not taken in any thermodynamic analogy presented so far in the literature. In this paper, we go further and use a standard strategy from trading theory to pinpoint why thermodynamic analogies necessarily fail to describe financial markets, in spite of the presence of liquidity as the underlying basis for market entropy. Market liquidity of frequently traded assets does play the role of the ‘heat bath‘, as anticipated by von Neumann, but we are able to identify the no-arbitrage condition geometrically as an assumption of translational and rotational invariance rather than (as finance theorists would claim) an equilibrium condition. We then use the empirical market distribution to introduce an asset's entropy and discuss the underlying reason why real financial markets cannot behave thermodynamically: financial markets are unstable, they do not approach statistical equilibrium, nor are there any available topological invariants on which to base a purely formal statistical mechanics. After discussing financial markets, we finally generalize our result by proposing that the idea of Adam Smith's Invisible Hand is a falsifiable proposition: we suggest how to test nonfinancial markets empirically for the stabilizing action of The Invisible Hand.

  7. Analog Ensemble Methodology: Expansion and Optimization for Renewable Energy Applications (United States)

    Harding, L.; Cervone, G.; Delle Monache, L.


    Renewable energy is fundamental for sustaining and developing society. Solar and wind energy are promising sources because of their decreased environmental impact relative to conventional energy sources, improved efficiency, and increased use. A key challenge with renewable energy production is the generation of accurate renewable energy forecasts at varying spatial and temporal scales to assist utility companies in effective energy management. Specifically, this research applies the Analog Ensemble (AnEn) methodology to short-term (0-48 hour) wind speed forecasting for power generation and short-term (0-72) hour solar power measured (PM) output predictions. AnEn uses a set of past observations corresponding to the best analogs of a deterministic numerical weather prediction model to generate a probability distribution of future atmospheric states: an ensemble of analogs. Currently the AnEn methodology equally weights predictors and only handles 1D(time). We determine an optimal distribution of predictor weights based upon parameter characteristics, investigate spatial variations in the application of the methodology and develop a theory expanding the methodology into 2D. The AnEn methodology improves short-term prediction accuracy, decreases computational costs and provides uncertainty quantification allowing utility companies to manage over- or under power generation for renewable energy sources.

  8. Generalizing the Nagel line to circumscribed polygons by analogy and constructive defining

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael de Villiers


    Full Text Available This paper first discusses the genetic approach and the relevance of the history of mathematics for teaching, reasoning by analogy, and the role of constructive defining in the creation of new mathematical content. It then uses constructive defining to generate a new generalization of the Nagel line of a triangle to polygons circumscribed around a circle, based on an analogy between the Nagel line and the Euler line of a triangle.

  9. Generalizing the Nagel line to circumscribed polygons by analogy and constructive defining


    Michael de Villiers


    This paper first discusses the genetic approach and the relevance of the history of mathematics for teaching, reasoning by analogy, and the role of constructive defining in the creation of new mathematical content. It then uses constructive defining to generate a new generalization of the Nagel line of a triangle to polygons circumscribed around a circle, based on an analogy between the Nagel line and the Euler line of a triangle.

  10. Refinement of Research Surveying in Software Methodologies by Analogy: finding your patch

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eugene Doroshenko


    Full Text Available To enhance research surveying in software methodologies, a model is introduced that can indicate field maturity based on vocabulary and relevant literature. This model is developed by drawing analogies with software methodologies. Two analogies are used: software models and software life cycles or processes. How this model can reduce research surveying problems for researchers is described using extracts from application results as examples. Although the model does support research surveying activities, it cannot choose the subject for the researcher.

  11. Optimised data-gluing method for mixed analog/photon-counting lidar signals


    Lange, Diego; Kumar, Dhiraj; Rocadenbosch Burillo, Francisco; Sicard, Michaël; Comerón Tejero, Adolfo


    In atmospheric LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) remote sensing, the dynamic range of the return power signals can span up to five orders of magnitude. Modern acquisition systems such as those based on LicelTM transient recorders combine a dual acquisition mode in which the return signal is recorded simultaneously in both analog (analog-to-digital (AD) conversion) and photon-counting (PC) modes. Although both data records can be analyzed separately, their combination obtained th...

  12. Method of analog circuit fault diagnosis based on FOA-neural network%基于果蝇-构造小波神经网络模拟电路诊断方法

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    于文新; 何怡刚; 吴先明; 高坤


    利用果蝇算法优化构造小波神经网络,建立FOA-构造小波神经网络模型,并将模型应用于模拟电路故障分析当中,通过仿真试验可发现该方法在故障诊断中有较高的准确性。%In the paper, FOA and wavelet-neural network are applied to establish a FOA-structure wavelet neural network algorithm. The model is applied to an analog circuit fault analysis by simulation. The method has higher accuracy in fault diagnosis.

  13. Analogy, an Alternative Model.
 Critics to the standard model of analogical problems solving and proposals for an alternative one

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ricardo A. Minervino


    Full Text Available The authors made an extension of Hofstadter‘s criticisms against the standard approach in analogical thinking represented by the structure-mapping theory of Gentner and the multiconstraint theory of Holyoak and Thagard. Based on this extension, they proposed a non-serial model of analogical problem solving. Against the standard approach, the model postulates that: (a people detect and evaluate differences between mapped elements before the subprocess of inference generation and consider them in order to control it, and (b properties of an element that explain why the element could fill a certain role in the base problem resolution (PERs play a crucial role in these detection and evaluation operations, and also in post-inferences subprocesses. An experiment showed that: (a people detect and evaluate the relevance of differences between mapped elements before inference generation, (b that they inhibit the generation of literal inferences when they face relevant differences, and (c that they stop the subprocess when they recognize insuperable ones. The results also showed that base PERs are reactivated at different moments of analogical transfer. The data obtained are incompatible with the standard theories of analogical thinking, which treat inference generation as a syntactic mechanism and exclude contextual semantic analysis from the study of analogy

  14. Analogies and Reconstruction of Mathematical Knowledge. (United States)

    Fast, Gerald R.

    An investigation was conducted to determine the effectiveness of utilizing analogies to effect conceptual change in mathematics. Forty-one high school seniors participated in a knowledge reconstruction process regarding their beliefs about everyday probability situations such as sports events or lotteries. These mathematics students were given…

  15. Analogy and mathematical reasoning : a survey


    Miller, C. D. F.


    We survey the literature of Artificial Intelligence, and other related work, pertaining to the modelling of mathematical reasoning and its relationship with the use of analogy. In particular, we discuss the contribution of Lenat's program AM to models of mathematical discovery and concept-formation. We consider the use of similarity measures to structure a knowledge space and their role in concept acquisition.

  16. Analog circuit design designing waveform processing circuits

    CERN Document Server

    Feucht, Dennis


    The fourth volume in the set Designing Waveform-Processing Circuits builds on the previous 3 volumes and presents a variety of analog non-amplifier circuits, including voltage references, current sources, filters, hysteresis switches and oscilloscope trigger and sweep circuitry, function generation, absolute-value circuits, and peak detectors.

  17. An iconic, analogical approach to grammaticalization

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Fischer, O.; Conradie, C.J.; Johl, R.; Beukes, M.; Fischer, O.; Ljungberg, C.


    This paper addresses a number of problems connected with the ‘apparatus’ used in grammaticalization theory. It will be argued that we get a better grip on what happens in processes of grammaticalization (and its ‘opposite’, lexicalization) if the process is viewed in terms of analogical processes, w

  18. CMOS circuits for analog signal processing

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Wallinga, Hans


    Design choices in CMOS analog signal processing circuits are presented. Special attention is focussed on continuous-time filter technologies. The basics of MOSFET-C continuous-time filters and CMOS Square Law Circuits are explained at the hand of a graphical MOST characteristics representation.

  19. Analog Acoustic Expression in Speech Communication (United States)

    Shintel, Hadas; Nusbaum, Howard C.; Okrent, Arika


    We present the first experimental evidence of a phenomenon in speech communication we call "analog acoustic expression." Speech is generally thought of as conveying information in two distinct ways: discrete linguistic-symbolic units such as words and sentences represent linguistic meaning, and continuous prosodic forms convey information about…

  20. Invention through Form and Function Analogy (United States)

    Rule, Audrey C.


    "Invention through Form and Function Analogy" is an invention book for teachers and other leaders working with youth who are involving students in the invention process. The book consists of an introduction and set of nine learning cycle formatted lessons for teaching the principles of invention through the science and engineering design…


    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Gaunholt, Hans


    Theese lecture notes treats the fundamental theory and the most commonly used design methods for passive- active and digital filters with special emphasis on microelectronic realizations. The lecture notes covers 75% of the material taught in the course C4913 Analog and Digital Filters...

  2. The GMO-Nanotech (Dis)Analogy? (United States)

    Sandler, Ronald; Kay, W. D.


    The genetically-modified-organism (GMO) experience has been prominent in motivating science, industry, and regulatory communities to address the social and ethical dimensions of nanotechnology. However, there are some significant problems with the GMO-nanotech analogy. First, it overstates the likelihood of a GMO-like backlash against…

  3. Analog of Superradiance effect in BEC

    CERN Document Server

    Basak, S


    We investigate the scattering of phase oscillation of Bose-Einstein Condensate by a 'draining of bathtub' type fluid motion. We derive a relation between the reflection and transmission coefficients which exhibits existence of analog of 'Superradiance effect' in BEC vortex with sink.

  4. Classical Analog of Electromagnetically Induced Transparency

    CERN Document Server

    Alzar, C L G; Nussenzveig, P


    We present a classical analog for Electromagnetically Induced Transparency (EIT). In a system of just two coupled harmonic oscillators subject to a harmonic driving force we can reproduce the phenomenology observed in EIT. We describe a simple experiment performed with two linearly coupled RLC circuits which can be taught in an undergraduate laboratory class.

  5. Analogy between thermal convective and magnetohydrodynamic instabilities

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Valdmanis, Ya.Ya.; Kukainis, O.A.


    An examination is made of the analogy between thermo-convective instability and instability produced by various electromagnetic forces both in steady and alternating thermal and electromagnetic fields. An example is given for calculating an assumed bubble instability which could occur in an alternating magnetic field. 17 references.

  6. De Analogía a Digitalia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dr. Xaime Fandiño Alonso


    ía, creatividad y contenidos.ABSTRACTThe transition towards binary-based technology has unleashed dramatic changes that in the last decade have affected the different stages involved in an audiovisual production: from scripting and creating a project, through the various technological procedures of the actual production process to its final distribution.The remains of the analogical era are finally sinking under a seemingly unstoppable wave of constantly evolving new digital environments.The new hardware devices used in this field are mainly prototypes. An ever evolving market, the constant arising of new competitors, newborn joint-ventures and a myriad of related facts force technology providers to keep a pace of constant updating in a mad race of fierce competition.The old system which implied one machine for each process is increasingly becoming a memory of the past. Today new devices are being launched at such a speed that the old technological approach which dealt with mechanical appliances like magnetoscopes, closed platforms and linear recording are already bound for extinction.It’s only natural then that the sacred cows of the industry fear for their position. Big and small are elusive concepts in this new audiovisual frenzy. Its almost daily routine to read about big audiovisual corporations announcing mergers, buy-outs or the acquisition of a stake in new and small creativity and development firms built from scratch by young entrepreneurs out of the blue.The digital era is drawing a heavy curtain that luckily leaves behind an analogical era in which the ownership of the costly means of production was the most important card in the game. The artist could only exercise its art if access to the professional team and technical equipment required for an audiovisual work was granted by its proprietors.Today, digital means new systems with far more productive environments which besides are user-friendly and cost only a small fraction of the old hardware.Right now, with

  7. Automatic analog IC sizing and optimization constrained with PVT corners and layout effects

    CERN Document Server

    Lourenço, Nuno; Horta, Nuno


    This book introduces readers to a variety of tools for automatic analog integrated circuit (IC) sizing and optimization. The authors provide a historical perspective on the early methods proposed to tackle automatic analog circuit sizing, with emphasis on the methodologies to size and optimize the circuit, and on the methodologies to estimate the circuit’s performance. The discussion also includes robust circuit design and optimization and the most recent advances in layout-aware analog sizing approaches. The authors describe a methodology for an automatic flow for analog IC design, including details of the inputs and interfaces, multi-objective optimization techniques, and the enhancements made in the base implementation by using machine leaning techniques. The Gradient model is discussed in detail, along with the methods to include layout effects in the circuit sizing. The concepts and algorithms of all the modules are thoroughly described, enabling readers to reproduce the methodologies, improve the qual...

  8. Digital redesign of anti-wind-up controller for cascaded analog system. (United States)

    Chen, Y S; Tsai, J S H; Shieh, L S; Moussighi, M M


    The cascaded conventional anti-wind-up (CAW) design method for integral controller is discussed. Then, the prediction-based digital redesign methodology is utilized to find the new pulse amplitude modulated (PAM) digital controller for effective digital control of the analog plant with input saturation constraint. The desired digital controller is determined from existing or pre-designed CAW analog controller. The proposed method provides a novel methodology for indirect digital design of a continuous-time unity output-feedback system with a cascaded analog controller as in the case of PID controllers for industrial control processes with the presence of actuator saturations. It enables us to implement an existing or pre-designed cascaded CAW analog controller via a digital controller effectively.

  9. Potent anti-inflammatory activity of novel microtubule-modulating brominated noscapine analogs. (United States)

    Zughaier, Susu; Karna, Prasanthi; Stephens, David; Aneja, Ritu


    Noscapine, a plant-derived, non-toxic, over-the-counter antitussive alkaloid has tubulin-binding properties. Based upon the structural resemblance of noscapine to colchicine, a tubulin-binding anti-inflammatory drug, noscapine and its semi-synthetic brominated analogs were examined for in vitro anti-inflammatory activity. Brominated noscapine analogs were found to inhibit cytokine and chemokine release from macrophage cell lines but did not affect cell viability. Brominated noscapine analogs demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties in both TLR- and non-TLR induced in vitro innate immune pathway inflammation models, mimicking septic and sterile infection respectively. In addition, electron microscopy and immunoblotting data indicated that these analogs induced robust autophagy in human macrophages. This study is the first report to identify brominated noscapines as innate immune pathway anti-inflammatory molecules.

  10. Potent anti-inflammatory activity of novel microtubule-modulating brominated noscapine analogs.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Susu Zughaier

    Full Text Available Noscapine, a plant-derived, non-toxic, over-the-counter antitussive alkaloid has tubulin-binding properties. Based upon the structural resemblance of noscapine to colchicine, a tubulin-binding anti-inflammatory drug, noscapine and its semi-synthetic brominated analogs were examined for in vitro anti-inflammatory activity. Brominated noscapine analogs were found to inhibit cytokine and chemokine release from macrophage cell lines but did not affect cell viability. Brominated noscapine analogs demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties in both TLR- and non-TLR induced in vitro innate immune pathway inflammation models, mimicking septic and sterile infection respectively. In addition, electron microscopy and immunoblotting data indicated that these analogs induced robust autophagy in human macrophages. This study is the first report to identify brominated noscapines as innate immune pathway anti-inflammatory molecules.

  11. The solar-stellar connection: Magnetic activity of seismic solar analogs

    CERN Document Server

    Salabert, D; Beck, P G; Regulo, C; Ballot, J; Creevey, O L; Egeland, R; Nascimento, J -D do; Hernandez, F Perez; Bigot, L; Mathur, S; Metcalfe, T S; Corsaro, E; Palle, P L


    Finding solar-analog stars with fundamental properties as close as possible to the Sun and studying the characteristics of their surface magnetic activity is a very promising way to understand the solar variability and its associated dynamo process. However, the identification of solar-analog stars depends on the accuracy of the estimated stellar parameters. Thanks to the photometric CoROT and Kepler space missions, the addition of asteroseismic data was proven to provide the most accurate fundamental properties that can be derived from stellar modeling today. Here, we present our latest results on the solar-stellar connection by studying 18 solar analogs that we identified among the Kepler seismic sample (Salabert et al., 2016a). We measured their magnetic activity properties using the observations collected by the Kepler satellite and the ground-based, high-resolution HERMES spectrograph. The photospheric (Sph) and chromospheric (S) magnetic activity proxies of these seismic solar analogs are compared in re...

  12. An Analog Gamma Correction Scheme for High Dynamic Range CMOS Logarithmic Image Sensors

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yuan Cao


    Full Text Available In this paper, a novel analog gamma correction scheme with a logarithmic image sensor dedicated to minimize the quantization noise of the high dynamic applications is presented. The proposed implementation exploits a non-linear voltage-controlled-oscillator (VCO based analog-to-digital converter (ADC to perform the gamma correction during the analog-to-digital conversion. As a result, the quantization noise does not increase while the same high dynamic range of logarithmic image sensor is preserved. Moreover, by combining the gamma correction with the analog-to-digital conversion, the silicon area and overall power consumption can be greatly reduced. The proposed gamma correction scheme is validated by the reported simulation results and the experimental results measured for our designed test structure, which is fabricated with 0.35 μm standard complementary-metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS process.

  13. Event-driven neural integration and synchronicity in analog VLSI. (United States)

    Yu, Theodore; Park, Jongkil; Joshi, Siddharth; Maier, Christoph; Cauwenberghs, Gert


    Synchrony and temporal coding in the central nervous system, as the source of local field potentials and complex neural dynamics, arises from precise timing relationships between spike action population events across neuronal assemblies. Recently it has been shown that coincidence detection based on spike event timing also presents a robust neural code invariant to additive incoherent noise from desynchronized and unrelated inputs. We present spike-based coincidence detection using integrate-and-fire neural membrane dynamics along with pooled conductance-based synaptic dynamics in a hierarchical address-event architecture. Within this architecture, we encode each synaptic event with parameters that govern synaptic connectivity, synaptic strength, and axonal delay with additional global configurable parameters that govern neural and synaptic temporal dynamics. Spike-based coincidence detection is observed and analyzed in measurements on a log-domain analog VLSI implementation of the integrate-and-fire neuron and conductance-based synapse dynamics.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bayu Kanetro


    Full Text Available The aims of this research were to determine the best of local legume sprout as raw material of meat analog, based on its texture, sensory (preference properties, and the ratio of arginine/lysine, compared to meat analog from soybean. Meat analogs were made of protein of local legumes sprout, which were velvet beans, cowpeas, and winged beans that had been germinated for 48, 36 and 24 hr respectively. The protein of velvet beans, cowpeas, and winged beans sprout for meat analog production were extracted at pH 9 and precipitated at pH 4, 5, and 5 respectively. Hence their products were analyzed the texture, the sensory properties (the hedonic scales of color, texture, odor, taste, and overall, and the ratio of arginine/lysine. The characteristics of meat analog from the legumes sprout were compared to meat analog from soybean for determination of the best legume sprout as raw material of meat analog. The result of this research showed the properties of meat analog from winged bean and cowpeas sprouts were better than velvet beans sprout. The meat analog from soybean was still better than meat analog from the local legumes sprout, especially its texture. The arginine content, that was known as  hypocholesterolemic and hypoglycemic component,  of meat analog from cowpeas sprout was lower than meat analog from soybean, but its ratio of arginie/lysine was not signifi cantly different. While the ratio of arginine/lysine of meat analog from the other legumes sprout were lower than meat analog from soybean. Therefore the meat analog from cowpeas sprout was chosen as the best product and was potential as functional food especially for reducing blood cholesterol. Keywords: Meat analog, sprout, local legumes, arginine/lysine ratio   ABSTRAK Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk menentukan jenis kecambah kacang-kacangan lokal terbaik sebagai bahan baku kedelai berdasarkan tekstur, sifat sensoris, dan rasio arginin/lisin dibandingkan meat analog dari biji

  15. General and specialized brain correlates for analogical reasoning: A meta-analysis of functional imaging studies. (United States)

    Hobeika, Lucie; Diard-Detoeuf, Capucine; Garcin, Béatrice; Levy, Richard; Volle, Emmanuelle


    Reasoning by analogy allows us to link distinct domains of knowledge and to transfer solutions from one domain to another. Analogical reasoning has been studied using various tasks that have generally required the consideration of the relationships between objects and their integration to infer an analogy schema. However, these tasks varied in terms of the level and the nature of the relationships to consider (e.g., semantic, visuospatial). The aim of this study was to identify the cerebral network involved in analogical reasoning and its specialization based on the domains of information and task specificity. We conducted a coordinate-based meta-analysis of 27 experiments that used analogical reasoning tasks. The left rostrolateral prefrontal cortex was one of the regions most consistently activated across the studies. A comparison between semantic and visuospatial analogy tasks showed both domain-oriented regions in the inferior and middle frontal gyri and a domain-general region, the left rostrolateral prefrontal cortex, which was specialized for analogy tasks. A comparison of visuospatial analogy to matrix problem tasks revealed that these two relational reasoning tasks engage, at least in part, distinct right and left cerebral networks, particularly separate areas within the left rostrolateral prefrontal cortex. These findings highlight several cognitive and cerebral differences between relational reasoning tasks that can allow us to make predictions about the respective roles of distinct brain regions or networks. These results also provide new, testable anatomical hypotheses about reasoning disorders that are induced by brain damage. Hum Brain Mapp 37:1953-1969, 2016. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  16. A Neural Network Appraoch to Fault Diagnosis in Analog Circuits

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    尉乃红; 杨士元; 等


    Thia paper presents a neural network based fault diagnosis approach for analog circuits,taking the tolerances of circuit elements into account.Specifically,a normalization rule of input information,a pseudo-fault domain border(PFDB)pattern selection method and a new output error function are proposed for training the backpropagation(BP) network to be a fault diagnoser.Experimental results demonstrate that the diagnoser performs as well as or better than any classical approaches in terms of accuracy,and provides at least an order-of-magnitude improvement in post-fault diagnostic speed.

  17. The Problem of Analogical Inference in Inductive Logic

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Simon M. Huttegger


    Full Text Available We consider one problem that was largely left open by Rudolf Carnap in his work on inductive logic, the problem of analogical inference. After discussing some previous attempts to solve this problem, we propose a new solution that is based on the ideas of Bruno de Finetti on probabilistic symmetries. We explain how our new inductive logic can be developed within the Carnapian paradigm of inductive logic-deriving an inductive rule from a set of simple postulates about the observational process-and discuss some of its properties.

  18. Implementing size-optimal discrete neural networks require analog circuitry

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Beiu, V.


    This paper starts by overviewing results dealing with the approximation capabilities of neural networks, as well as bounds on the size of threshold gate circuits. Based on a constructive solution for Kolmogorov`s superpositions the authors show that implementing Boolean functions can be done using neurons having an identity transfer function. Because in this case the size of the network is minimized, it follows that size-optimal solutions for implementing Boolean functions can be obtained using analog circuitry. Conclusions and several comments on the required precision are ending the paper.

  19. Autonomous Traffic Signal Control Model with Neural Network Analogy

    CERN Document Server

    Ohira, T


    We propose here an autonomous traffic signal control model based on analogy with neural networks. In this model, the length of cycle time period of traffic lights at each signal is autonomously adapted. We find a self-organizing collective behavior of such a model through simulation on a one-dimensional lattice model road: traffic congestion is greatly diffused when traffic signals have such autonomous adaptability with suitably tuned parameters. We also find that effectiveness of the system emerges through interactions between units and shows a threshold transition as a function of proportion of adaptive signals in the model.

  20. An 8-bit Data Driving Scheme Based on Two-Step Digital-to-Analog Conversion for Integrated Data Drivers of Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (United States)

    Kim, Tae-Wook; Choi, Byong-Deok


    The two-step digital-to-analog conversion (DAC) scheme has been reported to be very area-efficient for thin-film transistor-liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) data driver ICs, but it is not as well suited as it is for polycrystalline silicon (poly-Si) TFT integrated circuits. The charge redistribution in the two-step DAC process requires an operational amplifier in principle, which is most challenging for poly-Si TFT circuits. The proposed two-step DAC for active-matrix organic light-emitting diodes (AMOLEDs) makes the operational amplifier unnecessary by appropriately exploiting the preexisting capacitors in the pixel to compensate for the characteristic variations of TFTs. Moreover, the second-step DAC occurs at the same time as threshold voltage compensation, and it does not require additional time. By thoroughly analyzing area efficiency depending on the resolution decomposition between the first- and second-step DACs, we found that 5-bit coarse plus 3-bit fine DACs are best in terms of circuit area. When we designed a layout of the proposed 8-bit DAC on the basis of the 4 µm design rules, the DAC circuit area is no more than 72×637 µm2, which, to the best of our knowledge, is the most compact to date.