Sample records for barrasi-ye mizan-e faaliyat-e

  1. Fungi detoxification study from pistachio by non-ionizing irradiation; Barrasi-ye estefadeh az parto'ha-ye gheyr-e yonsaz dar gharchzoda-i-ye pesteh

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ghafourian, H; Sadighzadeh, A; Dabbagh, R


    4,6 and 10 minutes of microwaves exposure provides and effective and relatively rapid sterilization for different purposes in medicine and food industries for example sterilization of materials which have been contaminated with Aspergillus flavus (Pcc-5004) and Aspergillus parasiticus (Pcc-5018) which are producer of Aflatoxin especially on pistachios and other dried fruits. Microwaves exposure induces a morphological modification of the cells and germicidal effects of ultrasonic waves has been attributed to gaseous cavitation. There was a significant reduction in fungal growth compared with those under the control which decreased growth with increased microwave and ultrasound exposure time.