Sample records for bantam-aged minor hockey

  1. Aggression, Violence and Injury in Minor League Ice Hockey: Avenues for Prevention of Injury.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael D Cusimano

    Full Text Available In North America, more than 800,000 youth are registered in organized ice hockey leagues. Despite the many benefits of involvement, young players are at significant risk for injury. Body-checking and aggressive play are associated with high frequency of game-related injury including concussion. We conducted a qualitative study to understand why youth ice hockey players engage in aggressive, injury-prone behaviours on the ice.Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 61 minor ice hockey participants, including male and female players, parents, coaches, trainers, managers and a game official. Players were aged 13-15 playing on competitive body checking teams or on non-body checking teams. Interviews were manually transcribed, coded and analyzed for themes relating to aggressive play in minor ice hockey.Parents, coaches, teammates and the media exert a large influence on player behavior. Aggressive behavior is often reinforced by the player's social environment and justified by players to demonstrate loyalty to teammates and especially injured teammates by seeking revenge particularly in competitive, body-checking leagues. Among female and male players in non-body checking organizations, aggressive play is not reinforced by the social environment. These findings are discussed within the framework of social identity theory and social learning theory, in order to understand players' need to seek revenge and how the social environment reinforces aggressive behaviors.This study provides a better understanding of the players' motivations and environmental influences around aggressive and violent play which may be conducive to injury. The findings can be used to help design interventions aimed at reducing aggression and related injuries sustained during ice hockey and sports with similar cultures and rules.

  2. Effect of bodychecking on injury rates among minor ice hockey players (United States)

    Hagel, Brent E.; Marko, Josh; Dryden, Donna; Couperthwaite, Amy B.; Sommerfeldt, Joseph; Rowe, Brian H.


    Background In 2002, Hockey Canada changed the age classifications for minor ice hockey. Previously, 10- and 11-year-old children played at the Atom level (no bodychecking), and 12- and 13-year-old children played at the Peewee level (bodychecking allowed). After the policy change, 11-year-old players were placed in the Peewee division with 12-year-old players; the Atom division included 9- and 10-year-old players. The objective of this study was to examine the effect that the policy change had on injuries to 11-year-old players and compare this information with injury trends among 10- and 12-year-old players. Methods The study location was the Capital Health region, which serves the greater Edmonton area in Alberta. Capital Health maintains a database of all emergency department visits in the region. A search of the database identified 10-, 11- and 12-year-old players admitted to 7 emergency departments with hockey-related injuries during the 2 years before and the 2 years after the policy change. We also conducted a chart review for the 11-year-old players, extracting detailed information on the nature and circumstances of their injuries for the same period. Results The rate of injuries sustained by 11-year-old children playing at the Peewee level (with bodychecking) increased significantly compared with the rate among 11-year-0ld players at the Atom level (rate ratio [RR] 1.9, 95% confidence interval [CI] 1.4–2.4). The rate of severe injuries was more than 2 times greater among 11-year-old Peewee players than among 11-year-old Atom players (RR 2.4, 95% CI 1.6–3.6). Injury rates among the 10-year-old players (bodychecking never allowed) and the 12-year-old players (bodychecking always allowed) changed little over the study period. Interpretation The introduction of bodychecking to 11-year-old players was associated with a large increase in injury rates. From a public health perspective, the age at which bodychecking is introduced in minor hockey should be

  3. The Size and Strength Development in Elite Youth Ice Hockey Players

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jeff R. Leiter


    Full Text Available Background: Ice hockey is a fast, physical sport that requires high levels of muscular strength, muscular endurance and agility. Objectives: This study was conducted to create a profile including: anthropometric measurement, muscular strength, muscular endurance, lower body jump height and distance, and agility characteristics for elite youth hockey players.  Methods: Pre-season off-ice testing results were retrospectively reviewed from a human performance database.  Variables included height, weight, body fat percentage, grip strength, push-ups/bench press, supine rows, the plank test, vertical jump, standing long jump, hip adductor and abductor strength, and the 5-10-5 shuttle, and. One-way ANOVAs (1group x 4 time and Tukeys post-hoc tests were performed to determine changes in the immediately successive age group (p<0.05. Results: Participants included male Bantam-(age: 13-14 and Midget-(age: 15-17 AAA ice-hockey players (n=260.  Age categories were grouped as 13 years old (yo(n=75, 14 yo (n=70, 15 yo (n=58, and 16-17 yo (n=57.  Increases between successive age groups were observed in the following variables: weight (13, 14, 15 and 16-17 yo, height (13 and 14 yo, left and right grip strength (13, 14, 15, and 16-17 yo, bench press (15 and 16-17 yo, left and right hip abduction (14, 15, and 16-17 yo, and vertical and standing long jump (13, 14, and 15 yo. Total time for the 5-10-5 shuttle run test decreased from 13 to 14yo, and 14 to 15 yo. Conclusion: Changes with age in off-ice performance variables of elite amateur hockey players should be recognized, followed, and addressed during player development to maximize the potential for elite performance and reduce the risk of injury.   Keywords: Athletic Performance, Training, Physical Fitness

  4. [Profile of childrens' hockey coaches and motives of participation and resignation]. (United States)

    Spallanzani, C


    The purpose of this study was twofold: (a) to outline a demographic profile of Quebec minor hockey coaches and (b) to identify their motives of involvement and resignation. A questionnaire was completed by 333 current coaches and by 175 former coaches from the Quebec City area. Results showed that these volunteers are very similar on all counts. They are fathers of at least one boy who is a hockey player, and they come from all socio-economic strata. They are former hockey players and are well aware of the activities of the professional teams. They perceive themselves as being competent coaches and are satisfied with their results. They highly value hockey as a means of education and perceive their own role of volunteer as being an unselfish one geared toward youth education. On the other hand, they perceive the other volunteers' involvement as being self-interested and mainly due to the child's primary participation.

  5. 曲棍球%Hockey

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    @@ As one of the oldest of competitive pastimes, the sport of hockey dates back well before the Ancient Olympic Games. In medieval Europe, pictures of men playing a game with hooked1 sticks appear on stained-glass windows2 at both the Canterbury3 and Gloucester4 cathedrals5. It became so popular by the Middle Ages that it was banned6 in England for a time because it interfered with the practice of archery7, which was the basis for national defense. The name hockey probably derives from the French hocquet, or shepherd's crook8 and refers to the crooked9 stick.

  6. Examining the relationship between relative age, competition level, and dropout rates in male youth ice-hockey players. (United States)

    Lemez, S; Baker, J; Horton, S; Wattie, N; Weir, P


    The relative age effect suggests that athletes born in the first two quartiles of a given selection year experience a selection advantage and therefore a greater opportunity for success. We describe two studies examining the relationship between relative age, competition level, and dropout rates of Ontario Minor Hockey Association male ice-hockey players from ages 10 to 15 years (n = 14 325). In Study 1, dropout was highest among players born in quartiles three and four [χ(2) (3) = 16.32, P less movement between competition levels compared to retained players. This study confirms a relationship between relative age and dropout from ice-hockey and adds further depth to our understanding of this persistent phenomenon.

  7. Injury potential in modern ice hockey. (United States)

    Sim, F H; Chao, E Y


    The majority of the damaging forces to the soft tissue, bone, and articular joint structures of modern hockey players during the energetic activities involved in the game are attributable to impact action during high-speed motion. In addition, non-contact musculoligamentous injuries are common because of the complex forces that are involved. The injury potential of this sport is assessed indirectly from the force and motion involved. The experimental method of measuring the kinematic motion and the impact forces inherent to the sport are presented. Although hockey is a fast and furious game with high injury potential, fortunately the number of serious injuries is not as great as one might expect.

  8. Planes, Pucks, Automobiles: Migration and Youth Hockey

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexandra Mountain


    Full Text Available This project positions the professionalization of youth hockey as a small component of a much larger process of the “globalization” of sport. Youth hockey players have moved to Canada internationally and among Canadian provinces locally. This study traces the movement and advances of young players (ages 16-20, 1980-2012, of the London Knights (London, Ontario, tapping into already compiled data on players’ team affiliation that many historians might overlook.  This database shows an emerging pattern of transnational and internal migration among professional youth players. 

  9. Home disadvantage in professional ice hockey. (United States)

    Loignon, Andrew; Gayton, William F; Brown, Melissa; Steinroeder, William; Johnson, Carrie


    Occurrence of the home field disadvantage in professional ice hockey was examined by analyzing data on penalty shots from 1983-2004. This datum was used as it does not involve physical contact for only the player taking the penalty shot is involved in the outcome. As a result, inhibition of anxiety associated with physical contact should not occur, and diffusion of responsibility would not occur since only the shooter is involved. Analysis indicated the player who took the penalty shot did not make significantly fewer shots at home than in away games. The result did not support hypotheses about roles of physical contact and diffusion of responsibility in accounting for past failures to find the home disadvantage in professional ice hockey.

  10. Functional State of Puberty Aged Hockey Players’ Nervous System

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    I.V. Shichavin


    Full Text Available The article estimates age-specific indexes of nervous system, responsible for juveniles’ speed qualities, training in Children and Youth Ice Hockey School. The received data justifies the necessity for individual approach to each hockey player, considering his age peculiarities and, respectively the functioning of the nervous system in the course of training organization.

  11. Evaluation of the reliability of two field hockey specific sprint and dribble tests in young field hockey players

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Lemmink, K.A.; Elferink-Gemser, M.T.; Visscher, C.


    OBJECTIVES: To determine the reliability of two field hockey specific tests: the shuttle sprint and dribble test (ShuttleSDT) and the slalom sprint and dribble test (SlalomSDT). METHODS: The shuttle sprint and dribble performances of 22 young male and 12 young female field hockey players were assess

  12. Mental training guide for the ice hockey goalies


    Vehviläinen, Simo


    This product based Bachelor’s thesis is a guide called Mental training guide for ice hockey goalies. The guide was made primarily for Finnish ice hockey goalies and goalie coaches. The goal is to give them a guide that they could use as a part of every day coaching. The guide was made because there is big need for mental practices in a goalies game. Coaching in ice hockey focuses mainly only on physical skills and that’s why there is a need for the mental practices in a field of hock...

  13. Direction for optimization of the training process in junior hockey

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kygaevskiy S.A.


    Full Text Available Purpose: to consider the possible directions of optimization of training activity in youth hockey and offer practical advice. Material : study analyzed data from the literature and the latest achievements in the practice of training the player’s domestic and foreign authors on training in youth sports. Results : innovative approaches are considered in the initial stages of training sports perfection, as well as various areas of optimization of the training process in the initial stages of hockey and preliminary basic training. The examples of the training process in the North American and European hockey schools. The questions concerning the construction and orientation of training process at the initial stages and pre- basic training. Conclusions : highlighted promising areas for optimization of the training process of young hockey players in the initial stages of sports perfection.

  14. Re-examining the home disadvantage in professional ice hockey. (United States)

    Gayton, William F; Perry, Scott M; Loignon, Andrew C; Ricker, Angela


    Occurrence of the home disadvantage in professional ice hockey was examined by analyzing shootout data from 2005 through 2008. Results indicated that teams involved in shootouts playing at their home arenas did not lose significantly more games at home than on the road. Results did not support the hypotheses that emphasize the roles of physical contact and diffusion of responsibility in accounting for past failures to find the home disadvantage in professional ice hockey.

  15. Automatic acquisition of motion trajectories: tracking hockey players (United States)

    Okuma, Kenji; Little, James J.; Lowe, David


    Computer systems that have the capability of analyzing complex and dynamic scenes play an essential role in video annotation. Scenes can be complex in such a way that there are many cluttered objects with different colors, shapes and sizes, and can be dynamic with multiple interacting moving objects and a constantly changing background. In reality, there are many scenes that are complex, dynamic, and challenging enough for computers to describe. These scenes include games of sports, air traffic, car traffic, street intersections, and cloud transformations. Our research is about the challenge of inventing a descriptive computer system that analyzes scenes of hockey games where multiple moving players interact with each other on a constantly moving background due to camera motions. Ultimately, such a computer system should be able to acquire reliable data by extracting the players" motion as their trajectories, querying them by analyzing the descriptive information of data, and predict the motions of some hockey players based on the result of the query. Among these three major aspects of the system, we primarily focus on visual information of the scenes, that is, how to automatically acquire motion trajectories of hockey players from video. More accurately, we automatically analyze the hockey scenes by estimating parameters (i.e., pan, tilt, and zoom) of the broadcast cameras, tracking hockey players in those scenes, and constructing a visual description of the data by displaying trajectories of those players. Many technical problems in vision such as fast and unpredictable players' motions and rapid camera motions make our challenge worth tackling. To the best of our knowledge, there have not been any automatic video annotation systems for hockey developed in the past. Although there are many obstacles to overcome, our efforts and accomplishments would hopefully establish the infrastructure of the automatic hockey annotation system and become a milestone for

  16. Social Problems in Canadian Ice Hockey: An Exploration Through Film

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fogel Curtis A.


    Full Text Available While celebrated as a highly popular sport in Canada, there are many social problems existing within and around Canadian ice hockey. These problems are often overlooked and rarely depicted in academic and journalistic research on sport. These social problems include, but are not limited to: extreme violence resulting in injuries and death, hazing rituals, multiple types of sexual violence, drug abuse, financial corruption, as well as various forms of prejudice and discrimination. Prompted by pop-cultural depictions in films, this paper further identifies and explores social problems in Canadian ice hockey revealing the realism embedded within various seemingly fictional films.

  17. Sport selection in under-17 male roller hockey

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Coelho-E-Silva, Manuel J.; Vaz, Vasco; Simoes, Filipe; Carvalho, Humberto M.; Valente-Dos-Santos, Joao; Figueiredo, Antonio J.; Pereira, Vanildo; Vaeyens, Roel; Philippaerts, Renaat; Elferink-Gemser, Marije T.; Malina, Robert M.


    Characteristics of 32 international and 41 local under-17 (U-17) (14.516.5 years) roller hockey players were considered in the context of discrimination by competitive level using training history, anthropometry, skeletal maturation, and several laboratory and field performance tests. More internati

  18. Position Statement. Violence and injury in ice hockey. (United States)

    Juhn, Mark S; Brolinson, Per Gunnar; Duffey, Timothy; Stockard, Alan; Vangelos, Zenos A; Emaus, Erik; Maddox, Matthew; Boyajian, Lori; Henehan, Michael


    Ice hockey is a sport enjoyed by many men and women at the spectator and participant level. It is played with high intensity and often involves body contact. Although the women's games is far from injury free, it is the men's game that has drawn criticism for excessive violence. Much attention has been drawn to the serious injuries that have occurred in ice hockey, specifically spinal injuries, concussions, and eye injuries. Many such injuries are the result of illegal and violent acts such as checking from behind or a deliberate high stick. Because of this, some medical organizations have called for changes in the sport, such as minimum age requirements for body-checking. As a practical matter such changes are unlikely to be accepted by hockey governing boards. Many of those involved in the sport consider body-checking a fundamental component of the game. Furthermore, a distinction needs to be made between any kind of injury and a serious, catastrophic injury. For example, although a recent study found that body-checking accounted for up to 38% of ice hockey injuries, none were of the catastrophic type. With respect to catastrophic injuries such as spinal cord trauma or a blinded eye, legal body-checking accounts for significantly less than illegal body-checking (e.g., checking from behind) or violent stick work. To reduce serious injury in ice hockey, we offer 10 recommendations, key among them automatic game suspensions for certain rules violations, and recognition of the coach as the most important figure in promoting a clean, safe game.

  19. Aerobic Development of Elite Youth Ice Hockey Players. (United States)

    Leiter, Jeff R; Cordingley, Dean M; MacDonald, Peter B


    Ice hockey is a physiologically complex sport requiring aerobic and anaerobic energy metabolism. College and professional teams often test aerobic fitness; however, there is a paucity of information regarding aerobic fitness of elite youth players. Without this knowledge, training of youth athletes to meet the standards of older age groups and higher levels of hockey may be random, inefficient, and or effective. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to determine the aerobic fitness of elite youth hockey players. A retrospective database review was performed for 200 male AAA hockey players between the ages of 13 and 17 (age, 14.4 ± 1.2 years; height, 174.3 ± 8.5 cm; body mass, 67.2 ± 11.5 kg; body fat, 9.8 ± 3.5%) before the 2012-13 season. All subjects performed a graded exercise test on a cycle ergometer, whereas expired air was collected by either a Parvo Medics TrueOne 2400 or a CareFusion Oxycon Mobile metabolic cart to determine maximal oxygen consumption (V[Combining Dot Above]O2max). Body mass, absolute V[Combining Dot Above]O2max, and the power output achieved during the last completed stage increased in successive age groups from age 13 to 15 years (p ≤ 0.05). Ventilatory threshold (VT) expressed as a percentage of V[Combining Dot Above]O2max and the heart rate (HR) at which VT occurred decreased between the ages of 13 and 14 years (p ≤ 0.05), whereas the V[Combining Dot Above]O2 at which VT occurred increased from the age of 14-15 years. There were no changes in relative V[Combining Dot Above]O2max or HRmax between any successive age groups. The aerobic fitness levels of elite youth ice hockey players increased as players age and mature physically and physiologically. However, aerobic fitness increased to a lesser extent at older ages. This information has the potential to influence off-season training and maximize the aerobic fitness of elite amateur hockey players, so that these players can meet standards set by advanced elite age groups.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘宝国; 刘伟; 顾晋


    To investigate the feasibility and advantages of the unilateral big hockey stick incision in thyroid carcinoma. Method: Neck dissection using the unilateral big hockey stick incision was performed on 23 patients with thyroid carcinoma. Results: The big hockey stick incision results in a cosmetic scar which is barely visible and easily covered by hair or clothing, while it provides sufficient exposure of the operation field. A small area of marginal necrosis is occasionally seen at the apex of the skin flap due to preoperative radiotherapy. Conclusion: The unilateral big hockey stick incision has adequate surgical access, good healing of skin flaps, and a good cosmetic result.

  1. Effects of multiple concussions on retired national hockey league players. (United States)

    Caron, Jeffrey G; Bloom, Gordon A; Johnston, Karen M; Sabiston, Catherine M


    The purpose of this study was to understand the meanings and lived experiences of multiple concussions in professional hockey players using hermeneutic, idiographic, and inductive approaches within an interpretative phenomenological analysis. The interviewer was an athlete who had suffered multiple concussions, and the interviewees were five former National Hockey League athletes who had retired due to medically diagnosed concussions suffered during their careers. The men discussed the physical and psychological symptoms they experienced as a result of their concussions and how the symptoms affected their professional careers, personal relationships, and quality of life. The former professional athletes related these symptoms to the turmoil that is ever present in their lives. These findings are of interest to athletes, coaches, sport administrators, family members, sport psychology practitioners, and medical professionals, as they highlight the severity of short- and long-term effects of concussions.

  2. SnapShot: Visualization to Propel Ice Hockey Analytics. (United States)

    Pileggi, H; Stolper, C D; Boyle, J M; Stasko, J T


    Sports analysts live in a world of dynamic games flattened into tables of numbers, divorced from the rinks, pitches, and courts where they were generated. Currently, these professional analysts use R, Stata, SAS, and other statistical software packages for uncovering insights from game data. Quantitative sports consultants seek a competitive advantage both for their clients and for themselves as analytics becomes increasingly valued by teams, clubs, and squads. In order for the information visualization community to support the members of this blossoming industry, it must recognize where and how visualization can enhance the existing analytical workflow. In this paper, we identify three primary stages of today's sports analyst's routine where visualization can be beneficially integrated: 1) exploring a dataspace; 2) sharing hypotheses with internal colleagues; and 3) communicating findings to stakeholders.Working closely with professional ice hockey analysts, we designed and built SnapShot, a system to integrate visualization into the hockey intelligence gathering process. SnapShot employs a variety of information visualization techniques to display shot data, yet given the importance of a specific hockey statistic, shot length, we introduce a technique, the radial heat map. Through a user study, we received encouraging feedback from several professional analysts, both independent consultants and professional team personnel.

  3. A Vision Training Program's Impact on Ice Hockey Performance

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alison Jenerou, OD


    Full Text Available Background: This study was carried out to determine whether a preseason vision training program would improve visual skills and season success in a Division I men’s ice hockey team. Methods: A six-week vision training program was implemented with the Ferris State University Men’s Ice Hockey team during their pre-season workouts. Vision training incorporated binocular and accommodative training along with dynamic visual skills training. Results: The study showed an improvement in base out vergence ranges, binocular accommodative facility, and Wayne Saccadic Fixator (WSF scores and was viewed by players to have made a positive impact on their individual performance. The pre- and post vision training goals, shots on goal, and shooting percentage all significantly improved following training. Conclusion: The vision training program during preseason workouts had a positive impact on the players’ visual skills important for hockey. The players’ perception of their vision and how they were using their vision during competitive play also showed a significant change. The majority of the players felt that vision training was an effective use of their practice time allotted by the NCAA.

  4. Evaluation, management and prevention of lower extremity youth ice hockey injuries

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Popkin CA


    Full Text Available Charles A Popkin,1 Brian M Schulz,2 Caroline N Park,1 Thomas S Bottiglieri,1 T Sean Lynch1 1Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Center for Shoulder, Elbow and Sports Medicine at Columbia University, New York, NY, 2Kerlan‑Jobe Orthopedic Clinic, Los Angeles, CA, USA Abstract: Ice hockey is a fast-paced sport played by increasing numbers of children and adolescents in North America and around the world. Requiring a unique blend of skill, finesse, power and teamwork, ice hockey can become a lifelong recreational activity. Despite the rising popularity of the sport, there is ongoing concern about the high frequency of musculoskeletal injury associated with participation in ice hockey. Injury rates in ice hockey are among the highest in all competitive sports. Numerous research studies have been implemented to better understand the risks of injury. As a result, rule changes were adopted by the USA Hockey and Hockey Canada to raise the minimum age at which body checking is permitted to 13–14 years (Bantam level from 11–12 years (Pee Wee. Continuing the education of coaches, parents and players on rules of safe play, and emphasizing the standards for proper equipment use are other strategies being implemented to make the game safer to play. The objective of this article was to review the evaluation, management and prevention of common lower extremity youth hockey injuries. Keywords: youth hockey, body checking, injury prevention, femoroacetabular impingement, apophyseal avulsions

  5. Self-appraisal of hockey players of high class of different playing position

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Oleksiy Mikhnov


    Full Text Available Purpose: to expose the features of display of self-appraisal for the hockey players of high class of different playing position. Material and Methods: for the exposure of level of self-appraisal for hockey players, information of sportsmen of high class, taking part in the matches of the Kontinental hockey league (KHL in a season 2013–2014 was probed sixteen hockey players, having a sporting digit MS and MSWC, took part in researches. Methods were used: pedagogical supervision, pedagogical analysis and generalization of front-rank experience, psychological testing, analysis of data of the special scientific-methodical literature, expert questioning, an analysis of data is the Internet. Results: findings allowed to set that the players of line of attack (central and extreme forward have more high level of self-appraisal for certain, than players of defence and hockey goalkeepers. This tendency is looked over both on the separate constituents of self-appraisal and on the whole on all spectrums of the studied indexes. The got results of researches rotined that the hockey players of high class had or middle or high level of self-appraisal. Among testable hockey players, players were not exposed with the low level of self-appraisal. Conclusions: the exposed distinctions in the level of self-appraisal of hockey players of high class can be used for diagnostics of playing predisposition and choice of playing line of business in a command.

  6. Evaluation, management and prevention of lower extremity youth ice hockey injuries. (United States)

    Popkin, Charles A; Schulz, Brian M; Park, Caroline N; Bottiglieri, Thomas S; Lynch, T Sean


    Ice hockey is a fast-paced sport played by increasing numbers of children and adolescents in North America and around the world. Requiring a unique blend of skill, finesse, power and teamwork, ice hockey can become a lifelong recreational activity. Despite the rising popularity of the sport, there is ongoing concern about the high frequency of musculoskeletal injury associated with participation in ice hockey. Injury rates in ice hockey are among the highest in all competitive sports. Numerous research studies have been implemented to better understand the risks of injury. As a result, rule changes were adopted by the USA Hockey and Hockey Canada to raise the minimum age at which body checking is permitted to 13-14 years (Bantam level) from 11-12 years (Pee Wee). Continuing the education of coaches, parents and players on rules of safe play, and emphasizing the standards for proper equipment use are other strategies being implemented to make the game safer to play. The objective of this article was to review the evaluation, management and prevention of common lower extremity youth hockey injuries.

  7. Evaluation, management and prevention of lower extremity youth ice hockey injuries (United States)

    Popkin, Charles A; Schulz, Brian M; Park, Caroline N; Bottiglieri, Thomas S; Lynch, T Sean


    Ice hockey is a fast-paced sport played by increasing numbers of children and adolescents in North America and around the world. Requiring a unique blend of skill, finesse, power and teamwork, ice hockey can become a lifelong recreational activity. Despite the rising popularity of the sport, there is ongoing concern about the high frequency of musculoskeletal injury associated with participation in ice hockey. Injury rates in ice hockey are among the highest in all competitive sports. Numerous research studies have been implemented to better understand the risks of injury. As a result, rule changes were adopted by the USA Hockey and Hockey Canada to raise the minimum age at which body checking is permitted to 13–14 years (Bantam level) from 11–12 years (Pee Wee). Continuing the education of coaches, parents and players on rules of safe play, and emphasizing the standards for proper equipment use are other strategies being implemented to make the game safer to play. The objective of this article was to review the evaluation, management and prevention of common lower extremity youth hockey injuries. PMID:27920584

  8. Personality and Injury Risk Among ‎Professional Hockey Players

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David C. Schwebel


    Full Text Available Background: Although much is known about risk for athletic injury, research on the roles of individual differences in personality and temperament on athletic injury has lagged. We hypothesized that professional athletes with high sensation-seeking and extraversion scores, and with low effortful control scores, would experience more injuries over the course of a season, would have more severe injuries, and would miss more total days of play. Methods: Prospective design with questionnaire report at time one and injury tracking throughout an 18-week athletic season. Setting: Professional hockey team in the United States. Participants: Eighteen professional hockey players (ages 21-33. Measurements: Players completed self-report personality (Sensation-Seeking Scale, Form V and temperament (the Adult Temperament Questionnaire measures. Quantity and severity of injury, as well as playing time missed, were tracked for 18 weeks. Results: On average, players experienced almost 6 injuries causing a loss of 10 playing days through the season. Those players scoring high on Boredom Susceptibility and Total Sensation-Seeking incurred more total injuries. Those scoring high on temperamental neutral perceptual sensitivity suffered more severe injuries. Conclusions: Athletes who suffered more injuries reported a preference for stimulating environments and boredom with non-stimulating environments. Injury severity was not correlated with sensation-seeking but was related to temperamental perceptual sensitivity. Implications for identification of injury-prone athletes, pre-injury training, and post-injury treatment are discussed.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘宝国; 赵振生; 李明强; 陈荣鋭; 王建军; 张乃嵩


    Objective: To investigate for the feasibility and advantages performed by the unilateral big hockey stick incision (BHSI) in head and neck carcinoma. Methods: Neck dissection by using the unilateral big hockey stick incision (BHSI) was performed on 93 patients with head and neck carcinoma. Results: The big hockey stick incision has a cosmetic scar and not scar contraction and is barely visible and easily covered in hair and clothing; sufficient exposure of the operation field; a small area of marginal necrosis was occasionally seen at the apex of the skin flap due to having preoperative radiotherapy. Conclusion: The unilateral big hockey stick incision has adequate surgical access, good healing of skin flaps, and a good cosmetic result.

  10. Organizational-methodical aspects of perfection modern system of ice-hockey

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zavalnuk V.D.


    Full Text Available On the basis factors analysis of development methodical and organizational bases sporting preparation conformities to conformity and prospects of development of ice-hockey are shown. The system of competitions in hockey in the different regions of the world has distinctions on meaningfulness of sporting result. It influences on the structure of training process and function of his direction - system of planning, design, control, selection. Presented foundation for the prospect perfection sport game in Ukraine.

  11. Sports chiropractic management at the World Ice Hockey Championships

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vitiello Andrew L


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Ice hockey is an international sport. Injuries occur in a full body fashion, to a number of tissues, commonly through body contact. There is a lack of literature documenting the scope of sports chiropractic practice. Thus, it was the aim to document the type, scope and severity of conditions presenting to, and the treatment provided by, the New Zealand team chiropractor acting as a primary health provider for the duration of the 2007 World Ice Hockey Championships. Methods All conditions presenting were recorded. Diagnosis was recorded along with clinical parameters of injury: injury type, severity, mechanism and whether referral or advanced imaging was required. All treatment provided was continuously recorded, including information on the number of treatments required and the reason, duration, type and location of treatment. Results Players presented for diagnosis of injury 50 times. Muscle (34%, joint (24% and tendon injuries (18% were most common. Players presented with a new injury 76% of the time. Most injuries had been present for less than one week (84%, with 53% occurring through a contact mechanism. Injuries were common at training and match locations. Only two injuries required the player to stop playing or training, both of which were referred for advanced imaging. During the study, 134 treatment consultations were rendered to 45 player injuries. Eighty per-cent of injuries were managed with four or less treatments. Three quarters of treatment was provided at training locations with treatment duration predominantly being between 11-15 minutes (71% and 16-20 minutes (27%. Most treatment delivered was passive in nature (71% although combination active and passive care was provided (27%. Treatment typically involved joint (81% and soft tissue based therapies (81% and was delivered in a full body manner. Conclusions This study documented the injury profile of ice hockey at an international level of competition. It

  12. Children's social relationships and motivation in sledge hockey. (United States)

    Wynnyk, Katrina; Spencer-Cavaliere, Nancy


    The purpose of this qualitative case study was to explore children with disabilities' social relationships and motivation to take part in sledge hockey. Harter's (1978) theory of Competence Motivation was used as the conceptual framework. Ten children (1 girl and 9 boys) between ages 11-16 years, who experienced a range of disabilities, participated. Primary data were collected using semistructured interviews, participant observations, and field and reflective notes. The thematic analysis led to four themes: (a) coach feedback, (b) parental involvement, (c) skill and belonging, and (d) (dis)ability sport. The findings revealed that interactions with significant others contributed extensively to the participant's perceptions of competence and motivation to participate, as did the sport's competitive nature. The findings are discussed in the context of Harter's theory and the children's sport and adapted physical activity inclusion literature.

  13. Neuropsychological factors related to college ice hockey concussions. (United States)

    Pedersen, Heather A; Ferraro, F Richard; Himle, Michael; Schultz, Caitlin; Poolman, Mark


    We analyzed data from 74 male collegiate hockey players. Each athlete's season began with a baseline administration of the Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing (ImPACT) neuropsychology test battery. Fourteen athletes sustained a sport-related head injury and were readministered the test to assess the impact of the injury. A significant decrease in performance (compared to baseline) on immediate and delayed word recall and designs followed the first concussion. Following a second sport-related concussion, the 4 affected athletes showed significant decrease in visual motor speed. Performance improved on 2 response speed measures (Ps life concussions and head injury on late-life consequences, such as chronic traumatic encephalopathy, and more immediate issues such as return-to-play decisions for athletes.

  14. Lung physiology at play: Hemoptysis due to underwater hockey

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Meghan Aversa


    Full Text Available Hemoptysis can be a very concerning symptom, and the workup of a patient with hemoptysis may be expensive and invasive. Over the past decade, there has been increasing recognition of hemoptysis that occurs in highly trained athletes under conditions of extreme physical exertion and is explained by “pulmonary capillary stress failure”. This report highlights the physiological mechanisms of pulmonary capillary stress failure in the highly trained athlete, with emphasis on the predisposition to develop this condition in underwater sports. We describe the case of an otherwise healthy 34 year-old competitive underwater hockey player who reported hemoptysis following particularly strenuous games. We postulate that the hemoptysis was a result of the pulmonary capillary stress failure caused by the cumulative hemodynamic effects of a markedly elevated cardiac output, the increased central blood volume caused by the hydrostatic effects of submersion in water, and the negative intrathoracic pressure produced by voluntary diaphragmatic contractions.

  15. Efficacy of a Four-Week Uphill Sprint Training Intervention in Field Hockey Players. (United States)

    Jakeman, John R; McMullan, Judith; Babraj, John A


    Jakeman, JR, McMullan, J, and Babraj, JA. Efficacy of a four-week uphill sprint training intervention in field hockey players. J Strength Cond Res 30(10): 2761-2766, 2016-Current evidence increasingly suggests that very short, supramaximal bouts of exercise can have significant health and performance benefits. Most research conducted in the area, however, uses laboratory-based protocols, which can lack ecological validity. The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of a high-intensity sprint training program on hockey-related performance measures. Fourteen semiprofessional hockey players either completed a 4-week high-intensity training (HIT) intervention, consisting of a total of 6 sessions of HIT, which progressively increased in volume (n = 7), or followed their normal training program (Con; n = 7). Straight-line sprint speed, with and without a hockey stick and ball, and slalom sprint speed, with and without a hockey stick and ball, were used as performance indicators. Maximal sprint speed over 22.9 m was also assessed. On completion of the 4-week intervention, straight-line sprint speed improved significantly in the HIT group (∼3%), with no changes in performance for the Con group. Slalom sprint speed, both with and without a hockey ball, was not significantly different after the training program in either group. Maximal sprint speed improved significantly (12.1%) in the HIT group, but there was no significant performance change in the Con group. The findings of this study indicate that a short period of HIT can significantly improve hockey-related performance measures and could be beneficial to athletes and coaches in field settings.

  16. Proceedings from the Ice Hockey Summit on concussion: a call to action. (United States)

    Smith, A; Stuart, M; Greenwald, R; Benson, B; Dodick, D; Emery, C; Finnoff, J; Mihalik, J; Roberts, W; Sullivan, C A; Meeuwisse, W


    The objective of this proceedings is to integrate the concussion in sport literature and sport science research on safety in ice hockey to develop an action plan to reduce the risk, incidence, severity, and consequences of concussion in ice hockey. A rationale paper outlining a collaborative action plan to address concussions in hockey was posted for review two months prior to the Ice Hockey Summit: Action on Concussion. Focused presentations devoted specifically to concussion in ice hockey were presented during the Summit and breakout sessions were used to develop strategies to reduce concussion in the sport. This proceedings and a detailed scientific review (a matrix of solutions) were written to disseminate the evidence-based information and resulting concussion reduction strategies. The manuscripts were reviewed by the authors, advisors and contributors to ensure that the opinions and recommendations reflect the current level of knowledge on concussion in hockey. Six components of a potential solution were articulated in the Rationale paper and became the topics for breakout groups that followed the professional, scientific lectures. Topics that formed the core of the action plan were: metrics and databases; recognizing, managing and return to play; hockey equipment and ice arenas; prevention and education; rules and regulations; and expedient communication of the outcomes. The attendees in breakout sessions identified action items for each section. The most highly ranked action items were brought to a vote in the open assembly, using an Audience Response System (ARS). The strategic planning process was conducted to assess: Where are we at?; Where must we get to?; and What strategies are necessary to make progress on the prioritized action items? Three prioritized action items for each component of the solution and the percentage of the votes received are listed in the body of this proceedings.

  17. Prevention of Sports Injury of Teenage Ice Hockey Players%青少年冰球运动员运动性损伤的预防

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Because of speed,confrontation and conflict,ice hockey becomes one of the most competitive,ornamental and confrontational events in modern athletic sports,its risk is also the event that induced sports injury,in training,actively preventing the sports injury of teenage ice hockey players has an important role in improving the popularization of Chinese ice hockey. Emotion and self-control ability,cognition of rules and standardization of technique,training arrangement and scientific training load,facilities and equipments are the main reasons of inducing sports injury. Sports injury of ice hockey players mainly occurs in the limbs,especially the lower limb injury,other parts of the minority,most injuries are the closed soft tissue injury,joint and ligament sprain. Put forward to strengthen ideological education,reasonable arrange training load and training process,strengthen the training of vulnerable parts,strengthen the healthy guidance,enhance protection and self-protection awareness,improve the quality of facilities and equipments and other measures,actively prevent to occur the sports injury of teenage ice hockey players,give physical exercise guidance,improve the sports life of ice hockey players.%冰球运动以速度、对抗和冲撞成为现代竞技体育运动中最具竞技性、观赏性和对抗性的比赛项目之一,其危险性也是诱发运动损伤较高的比赛项目,训练中积极预防少年冰球运动员的运动损伤发对提高我国冰球运动的普及率具有重要的作用。情绪状态与自我控制能力,对规则的认知与技术的规范性,训练安排与训练负荷的科学性,场地器材与护具等因素是诱发运动损伤的主要原因;冰球运动员的运动损伤主要发生在四肢,尤其以下肢损伤为多,其他部位占少数,损伤最多的是闭合性软组织损伤、关节和韧带扭伤。提出采取加强思想教育,合理、科学地安排训练负荷与训练过程,加

  18. Many roads lead to Rome--developmental paths to Olympic gold in men's field hockey. (United States)

    Güllich, Arne


    This study examined the developmental sporting activities of the Olympic Champions 2012 in men's field hockey. The volume of organised practice/training and non-organised sporting leisure play in both field hockey and other sports through childhood, adolescence and adulthood was examined and compared between the Olympic Champions and (1) current national class players and (2) international medallists of one decade earlier. Analyses revealed that the Olympic Champions performed moderate volumes of organised field hockey practice/training throughout their career and attained their first international senior medal after accumulating 4393 ± 1389 practice/training hours, but they engaged in extensive other sporting activities during childhood and youth. It took them 18 ± 3 years of involvement to attain an international medal and they had engaged for 22 ± 3 years when winning the Olympic gold medal. The Olympic Champions did not differ from national class players in the amount of hockey-specific practice/training, but in greater amounts of organised involvement in other sports and later specialisation. They differed from the international medallists of one decade earlier in less increase of organised hockey-specific practice/training during adulthood and a longer period of involvement until attaining their first international medal. The sporting activities were characterised by sizeable interindividual variation within each subsample. The findings are reflected against the deliberate practice and Developmental Model of Sports Participation (DMSP) frameworks and are discussed with reference to the concept of long-term sustainability.

  19. Integration of the functional movement screen into the National Hockey League Combine. (United States)

    Rowan, Chip P; Kuropkat, Christiane; Gumieniak, Robert J; Gledhill, Norman; Jamnik, Veronica K


    The sport of ice hockey requires coordination of complex skills involving musculoskeletal and physiological abilities while simultaneously exposing players to a high risk for injury. The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) was developed to assess fundamental movement patterns that underlie both sport performance and injury risk. The top 111 elite junior hockey players from around the world took part in the 2013 National Hockey League Entry Draft Combine (NHL Combine). The FMS was integrated into the comprehensive medical and physiological fitness evaluations at the request of strength and conditioning coaches with affiliations to NHL teams. The inclusion of the FMS aimed to help develop strategies that could maximize its utility among elite hockey players and to encourage or inform further research in this field. This study evaluated the outcomes of integrating the FMS into the NHL Combine and identified any links to other medical plus physical and physiological fitness assessment outcomes. These potential associations may provide valuable information to identify elements of future training programs that are individualized to athletes' specific needs. The results of the FMS (total score and number of asymmetries identified) were significantly correlated to various body composition measures, aerobic and anaerobic fitness, leg power, timing of recent workouts, and the presence of lingering injury at the time of the NHL Combine. Although statistically significant correlations were observed, the implications of the FMS assessment outcomes remain difficult to quantify until ongoing assessment of FMS patterns, tracking of injuries, and hockey performance are available.

  20. Game Intensity Analysis of Elite Adolescent Ice Hockey Players

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stanula Arkadiusz


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study was to determine ice-hockey players’ playing intensity based on their heart rates (HRs recorded during a game and on the outcomes of an incremental maximum oxygen uptake test. Twenty ice-hockey players, members of the Polish junior national team (U18, performed an incremental test to assess their maximal oxygen uptake (V̇ O2max in the two week’s period preceding 5 games they played at the World Championships. Players’ HRs at the first and second ventilatory thresholds obtained during the test were utilized to determine intensity zones (low, moderate, and high that were subsequently used to classify HR values recorded during each of the games. For individual intensity zones, the following HRs expressed as mean values and as percentages of the maximal heart rate (HRmax were obtained: forwards 148-158 b⋅min-1 (79.5-84.8% HRmax, 159-178 b⋅min-1 (85.4-95.6% HRmax, 179-186 b⋅min-1 (96.1-100.0% HRmax; defensemen 149-153 b⋅min-1 (80.0-82.1% HRmax, 154-175 b⋅min-1 (82.6- 94.0% HRmax, 176-186 b⋅min-1 (94.5-100.0% HRmax. The amount of time the forwards and defensemen spent in the three intensity zones expressed as percentages of the total time of the game were: 54.91 vs. 55.62% (low, 26.40 vs. 22.38% (moderate and 18.68 vs. 22.00% (high. The forwards spent more time in the low intensity zone than the defensemen, however, the difference was not statistically significant. The results of the study indicate that using aerobic and anaerobic metabolism variables to determine intensity zones can significantly improve the reliability of evaluation of the physiological demands of the game, and can be a useful tool for coaches in managing the training process.

  1. Android NDK Graphics: Open GL ES Air Hockey Basis Application

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sabyasachi Patra


    Full Text Available When it comes to beautiful visual rendering and games on the Android handsets that we use today, much of that credit has to be given to the various graphic libraries which come along with programming paradigms. Just like anything in programming and technology, there are good and bad ways to implement and get certain things done both at the front end and the backend. What the Android Native Development Kit (NDK does is that it works alongside the Software Development Kit (SDK and injects the native powers of any C/C++ application into your Android application which can be packaged as any normal application and run on an emulator/device of choice. The SDK, the NDK, the ADT and Eclipse are primarily what one requires to directly hit on towards Android Native Development. So now how does one enjoy the seamless graphics, multimedia, physics and games on an Android device? It is the Native API’s which come as a result of relying on performance critical native code which makes this possible. In this paper we develop a basis game of Air Hockey, which is more of a concept game made using the technological paradigm of the NDK in Android Programming. Right from defining the structure of the table up to defining and implementing the shaders and 3D rendering, almost every important aspect has been researched and put into working through this paper.

  2. Audio enabled information extraction system for cricket and hockey domains

    CERN Document Server

    Saraswathi, S; B., Sai Vamsi Krishna; S, Suresh Reddy


    The proposed system aims at the retrieval of the summarized information from the documents collected from web based search engine as per the user query related to cricket and hockey domain. The system is designed in a manner that it takes the voice commands as keywords for search. The parts of speech in the query are extracted using the natural language extractor for English. Based on the keywords the search is categorized into 2 types: - 1.Concept wise - information retrieved to the query is retrieved based on the keywords and the concept words related to it. The retrieved information is summarized using the probabilistic approach and weighted means algorithm.2.Keyword search - extracts the result relevant to the query from the highly ranked document retrieved from the search by the search engine. The relevant search results are retrieved and then keywords are used for summarizing part. During summarization it follows the weighted and probabilistic approaches in order to identify the data comparable to the k...

  3. Differences in Lower Body Kinematics during Forward Treadmill Skating Between Two Different Hockey Skate Designs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mike R. Hellyer


    Full Text Available Purpose: The purpose of this study was to investigate the differences in ankle flexibility and skating technique between a traditional hockey skate boot and a hockey skate boot with a flexible rear tendon guard. Skating technique was further investigated at different speeds to give insight on how skating technique alters as skating speed is increased. Methods: Eight elite hockey players were selected for the present study, which was conducted while skating on an Endless Ice Skating Treadmill.  Variables were recorded using a three-camera setup and measured from video records at five selected treadmill speeds using the Dartfish Team Pro v6 software.  Kinematic variables were then compared between the two skate designs with a doubly multivariate repeated measures design.  Statistical significance was set at p<0.05.  Results: Post hoc univariate tests comparing skate designs displayed significant increases in plantar flexion, plantar flexion angular velocity, hip extension, hip extension angular velocity, stride length, and stride velocity while participants were wearing the skates that had a flexible rear tendon guard.  Significant increases were also displayed in plantar flexion, plantar flexion angular velocity, knee extension, knee extension angular velocity, hip extension, hip extension angular velocity, hip abduction range of motion, hip abduction angular velocity, stride width, stride length, and stride velocity as the treadmill speed increased. There was also a significant decrease in the time the skate was in contact with the treadmill as treadmill speed increased. Conclusion: The results suggested that while skating forward, hockey players could improve their hockey skating technique by using hockey skates that have a flexible rear tendon guard.  This flexible tendon guard improved skating technique by increasing the time of force application to the ice by increasing the range of ankle plantar flexion during propulsion of the

  4. Development of the interval endurance capacity in elite and sub-elite youth field hockey players

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Elferink-Gemser, MT; Visscher, C; van Duijn, MAJ; Lemmink, KAPM


    Objectives: To gain more insight into the mechanisms that underlie the development of interval endurance capacity in talented youth field hockey players in the 12-19 age band. Methods: A total of 377 measurements were taken over three years. A longitudinal model for interval endurance capacity was d

  5. Today's talented youth field hockey players, the stars of tomorrow? : a study

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Elferink-Gemser, Marije Titia


    The aim of the thesis was addressed by conducting research within a group of all talented field hockey players, measuring multidimensional performance characteristics in a sports-specific way, and following talented players across time by adopting a longitudinal study design. With caution because th

  6. Forecheck, backcheck, health check: the benefits of playing recreational ice hockey for adults in Canada. (United States)

    Kitchen, Peter; Chowhan, James


    More than 1 million Canadian adults play recreational ice hockey. Compared to elite players, very little is known about the physical and health characteristics of people who play the game for fun. Analyzing data from Statistics Canada's 2011/12 Canadian Community Health Survey, the paper found that there is an association between physically active males age 35 or over who play ice hockey regularly (at least once a week) and enhanced health more so than other physically active males. While these players are larger in body size, they have significantly lower rates of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease and report significantly higher rates of self-assessed health. Given the potential health benefits associated with this high intensity sport, the paper discusses ways in which participation can be promoted among less physically active adults and people who are new to the game or who have historically lower levels of participation including women and recent immigrants. Finally, the paper argues that compared to the very high costs associated with child and youth hockey, participation in adult recreational ice hockey is quite affordable.

  7. Table Hockey: Attack or Linking? Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy with an Autistic Boy (United States)

    Nilsson, May


    This paper explores some issues that might arise when one considers having a table hockey game in the therapy room, and describes how an autistic boy, aged four-and-a-half when starting treatment, used that game. The unfolding process from withdrawal to separateness, intersubjectivity and playfulness is illustrated by the progress of two years of…

  8. Laterality differences in elite ice hockey: an investigation of shooting and catching orientations. (United States)

    Puterman, Jared; Schorer, Jörg; Baker, Joseph


    Little is known about the implications of motor asymmetries for skilled performers in dynamic, time-constrained, team-based activities such as ice hockey. Three studies were conducted to examine laterality differences in ice hockey. Study 1 investigated laterality distributions across three leagues of increasing calibre. Among skating players, skill level was related to changes in laterality patterns based on position, while a significant increase in the proportion of left-catching goaltenders was found across the levels of competition. Study 2 examined laterality differences through a 90-year retrospective analysis of player performance measures within an evolving system. Regression analysis indicated right shot preferences were associated with scoring more goals, while left shot preferences were related to assisting more goals. Among goaltenders, right-catching preferences were associated with an increased save percentage compared with left-catching goaltenders. In Study 3, player-goaltender shootout interactions revealed left shooters to be less successful against right-catching goaltenders. Results suggest ice hockey supports models of skilled perception, and provide new information in the area of laterality and strategic frequency-dependent effects in ice hockey.

  9. On the relationship between upper-body strength, power, and sprint performance in ice sledge hockey. (United States)

    Skovereng, Knut; Ettema, Gertjan; Welde, Boye; Sandbakk, Øyvind


    Ice sledge hockey is a popular paralympic team sport where players rely entirely on their upper body to propel themselves rapidly across the ice surface. The isolated and repetitive poling movements provide a good model for examining upper-body sprint ability and the related movement and strength characteristics. Therefore, the purpose of the present study was to investigate the relationship between upper-body maximal strength, power, and sprint performance in ice sledge hockey. Thirteen male ice sledge hockey players from the Norwegian national team performed three 30-m maximal sprint tests recorded by fixed light sensors. The best 30-m time for each subject was used for further analyses, and the sprint was analyzed more in detail for the first and last 10-m split times and kinematics (cycle length and rate) using photocells and 2-dimensional video analysis. One repetition maximum (1RM) strength and peak power were assessed in the bench press, bench pull, and pull-down exercises using a barbell and a linear encoder. Both 1RM strength and peak power for all the 3 strength exercises correlated significantly with the total sprint time (-0.75 sprint test. There were no significant relationships between sprint kinematics and 1RM strength and peak power. Overall, these results demonstrate that there are close relationships between upper-body strength, power, and sprint performance in highly trained athletes and that the ability to produce propulsion and high frequency in combination is important for the sprint abilities in ice sledge hockey.

  10. Role of energy systems in two intermittent field tests in women field hockey players

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Lemmink, Koen A. P. M.; Visscher, Susan H.


    The energetics of 2 field tests that reflect physical performance in intermittent sports (i.e., the Interval Shuttle Sprint Test [ISST] and the Interval Shuttle Run Test [ISRT]) were examined in 21 women field hockey players. The ISST required the players to perform 10 shuttle sprints starting every

  11. Combined Plyometric & Strength Training Improves Ice-hockey Players` On-ice Sprint. (United States)

    Dæhlin, Torstein E; Haugen, Ole C; Haugerud, Simen; Hollan, Ivana; Raastad, Truls; Rønnestad, Bent R


    Combined plyometric and strength training have previously been suggested as a strategy to improve skating performance in ice hockey players. However, the effects of combined plyometric and strength training has not been previously been compared to the effects of strength training only.

  12. Hockey, iPads, and Projectile Motion in a Physics Classroom (United States)

    Hechter, Richard P.


    With the increased availability of modern technology and handheld probeware for classrooms, the iPad and the Video Physics application developed by Vernier are used to capture and analyze the motion of an ice hockey puck within secondary-level physics education. Students collect, analyze, and generate digital modes of representation of physics…

  13. Dupuytren disease is highly prevalent in male field hockey players aged over 60 years

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Broekstra, Dieuwke C; van den Heuvel, Edwin R; Lanting, Rosanne; Harder, Tom; Smits, Inge; Werker, Paul M N


    BACKGROUND/AIM: Dupuytren disease is a fibroproliferative hand condition. The role of exposure to vibration as a risk factor has been studied with contradictory results. Since field hockey is expected to be a strong source of hand-arm vibration, we hypothesised that long-term exposure to field hocke

  14. Estudio etnográfico del portero de hockey sobre patines: una vida entre paradojas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Guillem Trabal Tañá


    Full Text Available Este estudio es la primera investigación en las ciencias de la actividad física y el deporte que ha analizado desde una perspectiva etnográfica el portero de hockey sobre patines. El objetivo principal es conocer cuáles son las valoraciones y los juicios que la comunidad del hockey sobre patines ha otorgado a esta figura y poder comprender cuál es la lógica externa existente a su alrededor. La metodología utilizada en este estudio ha sido la observación, la observación participante y 8 entrevistas en profundidad a porteros, jugadores y entrenadores de la máxima categoría del hockey sobre patines nacional. Los principales resultados muestran que: a el portero es considerado el jugador más determinante del equipo; b los juicios que se hacen de las actuaciones del portero tienen en cuenta variables cuantitativas: los goles encajados y el resultado final de un partido y/o competición; c dentro de la comunidad del hockey sobre patines se ha enquistado una definición de la identidad del portero que lo asocia a la locura, la soledad, la extravagancia y la rareza; d los porteros comparten una forma particular de comprender este deporte que fundamenta su asociación y su cooperación, y e la existencia del portero dentro del hockey sobre patines está llena de paradojas que se contraponen a la alta importancia atribuida a esta figura.

  15. Bone properties in child and adolescent male hockey and soccer players. (United States)

    Falk, Bareket; Braid, Sarah; Moore, Michael; Yao, Matthew; Sullivan, Phil; Klentrou, Nota


    Children and adolescents who train extensively in high-impact, weight-bearing activities have enhanced bone mineral density. The purpose of this study was to evaluate bone strength, as reflected by quantitative ultrasound (QUS, Sunlight Omniscence), of child (10-12 yrs old) and adolescent (14-16 yrs old) male soccer and hockey players in comparison with age-matched controls. The groups included 30 child (CH) and 31 adolescent (AH) hockey players, 26 child (CS) and 30 adolescent (AS) soccer players, as well as 34 child (CC) and 31 adolescent (AC) healthy, non-athletic, age-matched controls. All athletes trained at an elite level year-round, with no difference in training volume between groups. Ultrasound speed of sound (SOS) was measured at the distal-radius and mid-tibia. In both age groups, hockey players were the heaviest and had the highest fat-free mass. No differences were found among groups in total energy intake, calcium or vitamin D intake. Radial and tibial SOS increased with age. Hockey players had higher radial SOS in both age groups (children: CH:3763+/-74, CS:3736+/-77, CC:3721+/-88 m/s; adolescents: AH:3809+/-105, AS:3767+/-85, AC:3760+/-94 m/s). Tibial SOS was higher in soccer players compared with controls. In spite of the higher body mass and fat-free mass in hockey players, their tibial SOS was similar to the non-athletes in both age groups. These findings support previous suggestions of sport-specific effects on bone strength. However, they need to be corroborated with longitudinal or prospective intervention studies.

  16. Caffeinated Energy Drinks Improve High-Speed Running in Elite Field Hockey Players. (United States)

    Del Coso, Juan; Portillo, Javier; Salinero, Juan José; Lara, Beatriz; Abian-Vicen, Javier; Areces, Francisco


    The aim of this investigation was to determine the efficacy of a caffeine-containing energy drink to improve physical performance of elite field hockey players during a game. On 2 days separated by a week, 13 elite field hockey players (age and body mass = 23.2 ± 3.9 years and 76.1 ± 6.1 kg) ingested 3 mg of caffeine per kg of body mass in the form of an energy drink or the same drink without caffeine (placebo drink). After 60 min for caffeine absorption, participants played a simulated field hockey game (2 × 25 min). Individual running pace and instantaneous speed during the game were assessed using GPS devices. The total number of accelerations and decelerations was determined by accelerometry. Compared with the placebo drink, the caffeinated energy drink did not modify the total distance covered during the game (6,035 ± 451 m and 6,055 ± 499 m, respectively; p = .87), average heart rate (155 ± 13 beats per min and 158 ± 18 beats per min, respectively; p = .46), or the number of accelerations and decelerations (697 ± 285 and 618 ± 221, respectively; p = .15). However, the caffeinated energy drink reduced the distance covered at moderate-intensity running (793 ± 135 and 712 ± 116, respectively; p = .03) and increased the distance covered at high-intensity running (303 ± 67 m and 358 ± 117 m; p = .05) and sprinting (85 ± 41 m and 117 ± 55 m, respectively; p = .02). Elite field hockey players can benefit from ingesting caffeinated energy drinks because they increase the running distance covered at high-intensity running and sprinting. Increased running distance at high speed might represent a meaningful advantage for field hockey performance.

  17. Interconnection of speed, power and speed-power abilities of professional hockey players on ice and out of ice

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zankovets V.E.


    Full Text Available Purpose: determination of correlation’s degree between speed, power and speed-power abilities of professional hockey players on ice and out of ice. Material: 65 professional hockey players of age from 16 to 33 years old were tested. 75 highly qualified coaches were questioned. Results: The found out interconnections between 11 indicators of speed, power and speed power qualities supplement knowledge about transfer physical qualities. We detected high interconnection between speed and speed-power abilities, manifested by sportsmen in exercises on ice and on land. We registered moderate level of interconnection between static (absolute power and speed abilities of hockey players. We proved hypothesis about possibility of start speed (power transfer in different conditions of its manifestation. Conclusions: the received data permit to correct hockey players’ training program, considering new knowledge about transfer of one or the other physical qualities on sportsmen’s training.

  18. The Protective Effect of Kevlar ® Socks Against Hockey Skate Blade Injuries: A Biomechanical Study (United States)

    Nauth, Aaron; Aziz, Mina; Tsuji, Matthew; Whelan, Daniel B.; Theodoropoulos, John S.; Zdero, Rad


    Objectives: Several recent high profile injuries to elite players in the National Hockey League (NHL) secondary to skate blade lacerations have generated significant interest in these injuries and possible methods to protect against them. These injuries are typically due to direct contact of the skate blade of another player with posterior aspect of the calf resulting in a range of potential injuries to tendons or neurovascular structures. The Achilles tendon is most commonly involved. Kevlar® reinforced socks have recently become available for hockey players to wear and are cited as providing possible protection against such injuries. However, there has been no investigation of the possible protective effects of Kevlar® reinforced socks against skate blade injuries, and it is currently unknown what protective effects, if any, that these socks provide against these injuries. The proposed study sought to address this by conducting a biomechanical investigation of the protective effects of Kevlar® reinforced socks against Achilles tendon injuries in a simulated model of skate blade injury using human cadaver limbs. This novel investigation is the first to address the possible benefits to hockey players of wearing Kevlar® reinforced socks. Methods: Seven matched pairs of human cadaver lower limbs were fitted with a Kevlar ® reinforced sock comprised of 60% Kevlar®/20% Coolmax® polyester/18 % Nylon/12% Spandex (Bauer Elite Performance Skate Sock) on one limb and a standard synthetic sock comprised of 51% polyester/47% nylon/2% spandex (Bauer Premium Performance Skate Sock) on the contralateral limb as a control. Each limb was then mounted on a Materials Testing System (MTS) with the ankle dorsiflexed to 90° and the knee held in full extension using a custom designed jig. Specimens were then impacted with a hockey skate blade directed at the posterior calf, 12 cm above the heel, at an angle of 45° and a speed of 31m/s, to a penetration depth of 4.3 cm, to

  19. Stress-stability and its influence on efficiency of competition activity of hockey players of high class

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrey Mikhnov


    Full Text Available Purpose: to define the level of stress-stability of hockey players of high class and expose his influence on efficiency of competition activity of sportsmen. Materials and Methods: sixteen sportsmen of high class, taking part in the matches of the Kontinental hockey league (KXL for a club «Atlas» (Moscow obl. in a season 2013–2014, took part in researches The level of stress-stability of hockey players and his influence was analysed on efficiency of competition activity of sportsmen. Methods were used: pedagogical supervisions and analysis of competition activity, psychological testing, analysis of data of the special scientific-methodical literature, an analysis of data is the Internet, methods of mathematical statistics. Results: it is set in researches, that the hockey players of high class have a moderate level of personality and situation anxiety, high motivation to success and propensity to the risk. Correlation analysis showed that the level of stress resistance affects the efficiency of hockey players technical and tactical actions in the game. What below for sportsmen the level of stress was marked, the higher there were indexes of the neglected pucks and effective transmissions in a match (r=–0,583, –0,542. Conclusions: the level of stress-stability of hockey players of high class influences on efficiency of competition activity of sportsmen. Can be drawn on the exposed results for the correction of psychological preparedness of sportsman.

  20. Reliability of Triaxial Accelerometry for Measuring Load in Men's Collegiate Ice-Hockey. (United States)

    Van Iterson, Erik H; Fitzgerald, John S; Dietz, Calvin C; Snyder, Eric M; Peterson, Ben J


    Wearable microsensor technology incorporating triaxial accelerometry is used to quantify an index of mechanical stress associated with sport-specific movements termed PlayerLoad™. The test-retest reliability of PlayerLoad™ in the environmental-setting of ice-hockey is unknown. The primary aim of this study was to quantify the test-retest reliability of PlayerLoad™ in ice-hockey players during performance of tasks simulating game-conditions. Division I collegiate male ice-hockey players (N=8) wore Catapult Optimeye S5 monitors during repeat performance of 9 ice-hockey tasks simulating game-conditions. Ordered ice-hockey tasks during repeated bouts included: acceleration (forward/backward), 60% top-speed, top-speed (forward/backward), repeated shift circuit, ice-coasting, slap-shot, and bench-sitting. Coefficient of variation (CV), intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC), and minimum differences (MD) were used to assess PlayerLoad™ reliability. Test-retest CVs and ICCs of PlayerLoad™ were: Forward (8.6, 0.54) or backward (13.8, 0.78) acceleration, 60% top-speed (2.2, 0.96), forward (7.5, 0.79) or backwards (2.8, 0.96) top-speed, repeated-shift test (26.6, 0.95), slap-shot (3.9, 0.68), coasting (3.7, 0.98), and bench-sitting (4.1, 0.98), respectively. Raw differences between bouts were not significant for ice-hockey tasks (P>0.05). For each task, between bout raw differences were lower versus MD: Forward (0.06 vs. 0.35) or backward (0.07 vs. 0.36) acceleration, 60% top-speed (0.00 vs. 0.06), forward (0.03 vs. 0.20) or backwards (0.02 vs. 0.09) top-speed, repeated-shift test (0.18 vs. 0.64), slap-shot (0.02 vs. 0.10), coasting (0.00 vs. 0.10), and bench-sitting (0.01 vs. 0.11), respectively. These data suggest PlayerLoad™ demonstrates moderate-to-large test-retest reliability in the environmental-setting of male Division I collegiate ice-hockey. Without previously testing reliability, these data are important as PlayerLoad™ is routinely quantified in

  1. Diagnosis and Rehabilitation of a Middle Cuneiform Fracture in a Hockey Player. (United States)

    Hensley, Craig P; Dirschl, Douglas R


    Isolated cuneiform fractures are rare and are often missed on plain radiographs, leading to delayed diagnosis and delayed return to sport. The authors of this study present a 32-year-old male ice hockey player who sustained trauma to his dorsal midfoot from a slap shot. Radiographs were negative for fracture. After inability to wean out of the controlled ankle movement boot, magnetic resonance imaging was ordered, demonstrating a middle cuneiform fracture. The patient was seen in physical therapy, where aquatic therapy, strength training, and cardiovascular conditioning were progressed. He was able to wean out of the controlled ankle movement boot at 7 weeks after injury and return to playing ice hockey. Here, we outline rehabilitation and a diagnostic and rehabilitative algorithm for those who sustain trauma to the dorsal midfoot with suspected fracture.

  2. Bebop on the Hockey Pitch: Cross-Disciplinary Creativity and Skills Transfer


    Clive Maxwell Harrison


    This paper generalises task-specific (but dissimilar) skills, from the jazz concert stage and from the hockey field, into the domain of creativity research. What is sought are clues to what skills or creativities are transferable across dissimilar domains. It is argued that certain domain-general skills are transferable across domains, but a domain-general or ‘c’ creative capacity, is not. Rather than transferring some over-arching capacity to be universally creative, this research highlights...

  3. Trends in North American newspaper reporting of brain injury in ice hockey.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael D Cusimano

    Full Text Available The frequency and potential long-term effects of sport-related traumatic brain injuries (TBI make it a major public health concern. The culture within contact sports, such as ice hockey, encourages aggression that puts youth at risk of TBI such as concussion. Newspaper reports play an important role in conveying and shaping the culture around health-related behaviors. We qualitatively studied reports about sport-related TBI in four major North American newspapers over the last quarter-century. We used the grounded-theory approach to identify major themes and then did a content analysis to compare the frequency of key themes between 1998-2000 and 2009-2011. The major themes were: perceptions of brain injury, aggression, equipment, rules and regulations, and youth hockey. Across the full study period, newspaper articles from Canada and America portrayed violence and aggression that leads to TBI both as integral to hockey and as an unavoidable risk associated with playing the game. They also condemned violence in ice hockey, criticized the administrative response to TBI, and recognized the significance of TBI. In Canada, aggression was reported more often recently and there was a distinctive shift in portraying protective equipment as a solution to TBI in earlier years to a potential contributing factor to TBI later in the study period. American newspapers gave a greater attention to 'perception of risks' and the role of protective equipment, and discussed TBI in a broader context in the recent time period. Newspapers from both countries showed similar recent trends in regards to a need for rule changes to curb youth sport-related TBI. This study provides a rich description of the reporting around TBI in contact sport. Understanding this reporting is important for evaluating whether the dangers of sport-related TBI are being appropriately communicated by the media.

  4. Heart Rate and Energy Expenditure in Division I Field Hockey Players During Competitive Play. (United States)

    Sell, Katie M; Ledesma, Allison B


    Sell, KM and Ledesma, AB. Heart rate and energy expenditure in Division I field hockey players during competitive play. J Strength Cond Res 30(8): 2122-2128, 2016-The purpose of this study was to quantify energy expenditure and heart rate data for Division I female field hockey players during competitive play. Ten female Division I collegiate field hockey athletes (19.8 ± 1.6 years; 166.4 ± 6.1 cm; 58.2 ± 5.3 kg) completed the Yo-Yo intermittent endurance test to determine maximal heart rate. One week later, all subjects wore a heart rate monitor during a series of 3 matches in an off-season competition. Average heart rate (AvHR), average percentage of maximal heart rate (AvHR%), peak exercise heart rate (PExHR), and percentage of maximal heart rate (PExHR%), time spent in each of the predetermined heart rate zones, and caloric expenditure per minute of exercise (kcalM) were determined for all players. Differences between positions (backs, midfielders, and forwards) were assessed. No significant differences in AvHR, AvHR%, PExHR, PExHR%, and %TM were observed between playing positions. The AvHR% and PExHR% for each position fell into zones 4 (77-93% HRmax) and 5 (>93% HRmax), respectively, and significantly more time was spent in zone 4 compared with zones 1, 2, 3, and 5 across all players (p ≤ 0.05). The kcalM reflected very heavy intensity exercise. The results of this study will contribute toward understanding the sport-specific physiological demands of women's field hockey and has specific implications for the duration and schedule of training regimens.

  5. An on-ice measurement approach to analyse the biomechanics of ice hockey skating. (United States)

    Buckeridge, Erica; LeVangie, Marc C; Stetter, Bernd; Nigg, Sandro R; Nigg, Benno M


    Skating is a fundamental movement in ice hockey; however little research has been conducted within the field of hockey skating biomechanics due to the difficulties of on-ice data collection. In this study a novel on-ice measurement approach was tested for reliability, and subsequently implemented to investigate the forward skating technique, as well as technique differences across skill levels. Nine high caliber (High) and nine low caliber (Low) hockey players performed 30 m forward skating trials. A 3D accelerometer was mounted to the right skate for the purpose of stride detection, with the 2nd and 6th strides defined as acceleration and steady-state, respectively. The activity of five lower extremity muscles was recorded using surface electromyography. Biaxial electro-goniometers were used to quantify hip and knee angles, and in-skate plantar force was measured using instrumented insoles. Reliability was assessed with the coefficient of multiple correlation, which demonstrated moderate (r>0.65) to excellent (r>0.95) scores across selected measured variables. Greater plantar-flexor muscle activity and hip extension were evident during acceleration strides, while steady state strides exhibited greater knee extensor activity and hip abduction range of motion (p<0.05). High caliber exhibited greater hip range of motion and forefoot force application (p<0.05). The successful implementation of this on-ice mobile measurement approach offers potential for athlete monitoring, biofeedback and training advice.

  6. An on-ice measurement approach to analyse the biomechanics of ice hockey skating.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Erica Buckeridge

    Full Text Available Skating is a fundamental movement in ice hockey; however little research has been conducted within the field of hockey skating biomechanics due to the difficulties of on-ice data collection. In this study a novel on-ice measurement approach was tested for reliability, and subsequently implemented to investigate the forward skating technique, as well as technique differences across skill levels. Nine high caliber (High and nine low caliber (Low hockey players performed 30 m forward skating trials. A 3D accelerometer was mounted to the right skate for the purpose of stride detection, with the 2nd and 6th strides defined as acceleration and steady-state, respectively. The activity of five lower extremity muscles was recorded using surface electromyography. Biaxial electro-goniometers were used to quantify hip and knee angles, and in-skate plantar force was measured using instrumented insoles. Reliability was assessed with the coefficient of multiple correlation, which demonstrated moderate (r>0.65 to excellent (r>0.95 scores across selected measured variables. Greater plantar-flexor muscle activity and hip extension were evident during acceleration strides, while steady state strides exhibited greater knee extensor activity and hip abduction range of motion (p<0.05. High caliber exhibited greater hip range of motion and forefoot force application (p<0.05. The successful implementation of this on-ice mobile measurement approach offers potential for athlete monitoring, biofeedback and training advice.

  7. Variation in Age and Training on Selected Biochemical Variables of Indian Hockey Players

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    I. Manna


    Full Text Available The present study was aimed to find out the variation of age and training on biochemical variables of Indian elite hockey players. A total of 120 hockey players who volunteered for the present study, were equally divided (n=30 into 4 groups: under 16 years (14-15 yrs; under 19 years (16-18 yrs; under 23 years (19-22 yrs; and senior (23-30 yrs. The training sessions were divided into 3 phases: Transition Phase (TP, Preparatory Phase (PP, and Competitive Phase (CP. The training programme consisted of aerobic, anaerobic and skill training; and completed 4 hours in morning and evening sessions, 5 days/week. Selected biochemical parameters were measured and data were analyzed by applying Two-way ANOVA and Post hoc test. The mean values of haemoglobin (Hb, total cholesterol (TC, triglyceride (TG, high density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C and low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C have been increased significantly (P<0.05 with the advancement of age of players. A significant increase (P<0.05 in serum urea, uric acid and HDL-C and a significant decrease (P<0.05 in Hb, TC, TG and LDL-C have been noted in PP and CP when compared to that of TP. The present study would provide useful information for biochemical monitoring of training of hockey players.

  8. The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches From The Front Lines (United States)

    Mann, M. E.


    A central figure in the controversy over human-caused climate change has been The Hockey Stick, a simple, easy-to-understand graph my colleagues and I constructed to depict changes in Earth's temperature back to 1000 AD. The graph was featured in the high-profile Summary for Policy Makers of the 2001 report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and it quickly became an icon in the debate over human-caused (anthropogenic) climate change. I will tell the story behind the Hockey Stick, using it as a vehicle for exploring broader issues regarding the role of skepticism in science, the uneasy relationship between science and politics, and the dangers that arise when special economic interests and those who do their bidding attempt to skew the discourse over policy-relevant areas of science. In short, I attempt to use the Hockey Stick to cut through the fog of disinformation that has been generated by the campaign to deny the reality of climate change. It is my intent, in so doing, to reveal the very real threat to our future that lies behind it.

  9. Minority Games

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Metzler, R [Institut fuer Theoretische Physik, Universitaet Wuerzburg, Am Hubland, D-97074 Wuerzburg (Germany)


    New branches of scientific disciplines often have a few paradigmatic models that serve as a testing ground for theories and a starting point for new inquiries. In the late 1990s, one of these models found fertile ground in the growing field of econophysics: the Minority Game (MG), a model for speculative markets that combined conceptual simplicity with interesting emergent behaviour and challenging mathematics. The two basic ingredients were the minority mechanism (a large number of players have to choose one of two alternatives in each round, and the minority wins) and limited rationality (each player has a small set of decision rules, and chooses the more successful ones). Combining these, one observes a phase transition between a crowded and an inefficient market phase, fat-tailed price distributions at the transition, and many other nontrivial effects. Now, seven years after the first paper, three of the key players-Damien Challet, Matteo Marsili and Yi-Cheng Zhang-have published a monograph that summarizes the current state of the science. The book consists of two parts: a 100-page overview of the various aspects of the MG, and reprints of many essential papers. The first chapters of Part I give a well-written description of the motivation and the history behind the MG, and then go into the phenomenology and the mathematical treatment of the model. The authors emphasize the 'physics' underlying the behaviour and give coherent, intuitive explanations that are difficult to extract from the original papers. The mathematics is outlined, but calculations are not carried out in great detail (maybe they could have been included in an appendix). Chapter 4 then discusses how and why the MG is a model for speculative markets, how it can be modified to give a closer fit to observed market statistics (in particular, reproducing the 'stylized facts' of fat-tailed distributions and volatility clustering), and what conclusions one can draw from the

  10. Activity Profile and Between-Match Variation in Elite Male Field Hockey. (United States)

    Sunderland, Caroline D; Edwards, Phillip L


    Sunderland, CD and Edwards, PL. Activity profile and between-match variation in elite male field hockey. J Strength Cond Res 31(3): 758-764, 2017-This study aimed to (a) provide a position-specific activity profile for elite male hockey players, (b) determine if the activity profile was altered by the introduction of the "self-pass" rule, and (c) provide information relating to match-to-match variability in elite male field hockey. The activity of 28 elite male field hockey players was analyzed over 2 seasons totaling 395 player-match analyses using Global Positioning Satellite technology. Total distance, high-speed running (>15.5 km·h), sprinting (>20 km·h), and mean speed were recorded. Players were categorized into 4 positions: fullback (FB), halfback (HB), midfield (M), and forward (F). Data were analyzed using a 2-way analysis of variance (season, position) and between-match coefficients of variation (CV). The time played differs with position (FB: 65.5 ± 5.3, HB: 49.5 ± 11.5, M: 45.9 ± 7.1, F: 39.5 ± 5.4 minutes; p < 0.0005) and thus affected the activity profile. Total distance covered was greater for fullbacks (FB: 8,001 ± 447, HB: 6,435 ± 1,399, M: 6,415 ± 908, F: 5,844 ± 762 m, p < 0.001), and mean speed and percentage time spent high-speed running and sprinting were greater for forwards than all other positions (HSR: FB: 6.8 ± 1.0, HB: 8.8 ± 1.3, M: 10.7 ± 1.2, F: 13.5 ± 1.8%, p < 0.001). The activity profile did not differ with the introduction of the self-pass. Match-to-match variability (CV) ranged from 5.0% to 22.0% for total and sprint distance, respectively. This is the first study to present an activity profile of elite men's field hockey and its associated variability and demonstrates that each position is unique, and therefore, training and recovery should be position specific.

  11. Effect of Pedagogical Model on Indian and Malaysian Junior Hockey Players’ Decision Making and Skill Execution

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sanmuga Nathan


    Full Text Available Background: This paper reports comparison of two studies investigated across Malaysia and India using merged pedagogical model (combination Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU with Tactical Game model (TGM termed as Tactical Model (TM was compared to a semi traditional model termed as Skill Drill Technical (SDT. Objective: The objectives of these two studies were to investigate the effect of these two pedagogical models across two countries using mini-games of 5 versus 5, examining: decision-making and skill execution game situations among junior hockey players in coaching context. Methodology: These two quasi experimental studies comprised of Indian and Malaysian junior elite hockey players age 14±3 years old whereby n =30 players in each country was randomly selected and assigned equally to an quasi experimental group (TM, n= 15, and to SDT group (n=15 players. Result: Results for decision-making on whether to dribble, pass, tackle and score  significant improvement using TM (6.93±6.58 compared to SDT (2.42±3.01, among Indian junior hockey players, F(2,28 =5.84, p<0.05 after intervention. Similar results observed among the Malaysian players too whereby posttest score revealed TM (3.28±.311 while SDT (2.96±4.61. Whereas skill execution result for dribbling, passing, tackling and scoring indicated a significant improvement among Indian hockey players, F (1,28 = 10.00, p <0.05 via  TM (4.62±2.16; compared to with SDT (1.70±1.43. In contrast indicated, TM recorded no significant improvement compared to SDT after intervention F(1,28 = 1.64, p>0.05 among Malaysian players. Conclusion: TM seems to be suitable pedagogical model, however further research should address other parameter of game play in particular the relationship between agility and decision making of hockey game play, and coaches perception, understanding and usage of TM across other Asian countriesKeywords: Tactical model, Teaching Game for Understanding, Tactical Game

  12. Correlations of Back Strength with Selected Anthropometric Variables and Performance Tests in Indian Inter-University Male Field Hockey Players

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. Koley


    Full Text Available : The purpose of this study was of two-fold: first, to estimate the back strength of Indian inter-university male field hockey players and, second, to search the correlations of it with selected anthropometric variables and performance tests. To serve this purpose, a total of nine anthropometric variables, such as height, weight, body mass index, percent body fat, knee height, length of femur, femur biepicondylar diameter, skeletal mass and back strength, and two performance tests, such as sit and reach test and Slalom sprint and dribble test were measured on purposely selected 120 Indian inter-university male hockey players aged 18–25 years collected from the inter-university competition held in Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, India during March, 2014. An adequate number of controls (n=119 were also taken from the same place for comparison. The results showed that the hockey players had the higher mean values in all the variables, except percent body fat and slalom sprint and dribble test than their control counterparts, showing statistically significant differences (p ≤ 0.003 – 0.001 between them. No significant correlations of back strength were found with any of the variables in Indian inter-university male field hockey players. In conclusion, it may be stated that back strength may not be used as one of the indicating factors for the performance of the field hockey players.

  13. Influence of the program of physical training of highly skilled hockey players (forwards on indicators of the competitive activity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Volodymyr Goncharenko


    Full Text Available Purpose: to define the efficiency of the program of physical training of highly skilled sportswomen on indicators of the competitive activity in field hockey that was offered in the first pre-season of an annual macrocycle. Material and Methods: influence of the offered program was decided with the help of testing of motive qualities and technical elements of female hockey players. Results: correlation between indicators of the competitive activity of players of attack and the level of physical preparation was found out. Conclusions: positive influence of introduction of the program on physical preparation for highly skilled female hockey players, namely – forwards, on indicators of their competitive activity is revealed.

  14. Technical training of highly skilled hockey players on the grass in the Context of Model-purpose approach

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Perepelytsya O.A.


    Full Text Available The possibilities of improving sportsmanship hockey on grass-based modeling-based approach. The aim is to study the dynamics of technical preparedness of highly qualified hockey players on grass under the influence of experimental summer system of development a training process. The experiment involved 21 athlete (average age - 23.7 years. Installed speaker technical training of highly qualified hockey players on grass during the annual macrocycle. The identified model parameters of technical preparedness of the players on each of the main stages of the annual training cycle. Reserves in terms of technical training are seen in increasing performance testing exercises on speed. It is recommended to eliminate the imbalance in the use of specific and nonspecific means.

  15. Minority Language Rights. (United States)

    O Riagain, Padraig; Shuibhne, Niamh Nic


    A survey of literature since 1990 on minority languages and language rights focuses on five issues: definition of minorities; individual vs. collective rights; legal bases for minority linguistic rights; applications and interpretations of minority language rights; and assessments of the impact of minority rights legislation. A nine-item annotated…

  16. Unsupervised Pattern Recognition of Physical Fitness Related Performance Parameters among Terengganu Youth Female Field Hockey Players

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Razali M. R.


    Full Text Available This study aims to identify the most significant physical fitness parameters among youth female Terengganu field hockey players. Multivariate methods of unsupervised pattern recognition of principal component analysis (PCA and descriptive statistic were used to determine the most significant physical fitness related performance parameters on 42 Terengganu youth female field hockey players. The first PC’s projected high factor loading in BMI (0.86 and predicted VO2max (-0.82 as the most significant parameters indicating the requirements of body composition in this sport. The second PC’s displayed high factor loading in 1-minute sit up (0.89 and 20-meter speed (-0.84 highlighting the need for core muscle strength. The third PC’s demonstrated high factor loading in V-sit and reach (0.71 and maximum push up (0.82 recognising the importance of upper muscle strength in the sport. The results from the current study revealed that certain physical fitness components are seemed to be more pronounced in the performance of the game by the Terengganu female youth hockey players. The study has indicated that body composition, core muscle strength and upper muscle strength are the most outstanding physical fitness variables possess by the players for the enactment of the game compared to other fitness parameters. Highlighting the physical fitness performance related parameters might help to evaluate the strength and weakness of the players on the relevant parameters which could prompt to the adjustment of the training programme for the inclusive improvement of the players.

  17. The impact of a sports vision training program in youth field hockey players. (United States)

    Schwab, Sebastian; Memmert, Daniel


    The aim of this study was to investigate whether a sports vision training program improves the visual performance of youth male field hockey players, ages 12 to 16 years, after an intervention of six weeks compared to a control group with no specific sports vision training. The choice reaction time task at the D2 board (Learning Task I), the functional field of view task (Learning Task II) and the multiple object tracking (MOT) task (Transfer Task) were assessed before and after the intervention and again six weeks after the second test. Analyzes showed significant differences between the two groups for the choice reaction time task at the D2 board and the functional field of view task, with significant improvements for the intervention group and none for the control group. For the transfer task, we could not find statistically significant improvements for either group. The results of this study are discussed in terms of theoretical and practical implications. Key pointsPerceptual training with youth field hockey playersCan a sports vision training program improve the visual performance of youth male field hockey players, ages 12 to 16 years, after an intervention of six weeks compared to a control group with no specific sports vision training?The intervention was performed in the "VisuLab" as DynamicEye(®) SportsVision Training at the German Sport University Cologne.We ran a series of 3 two-factor univariate analysis of variance (ANOVA) with repeated measures on both within subject independent variables (group; measuring point) to examine the effects on central perception, peripheral perception and choice reaction time.The present study shows an improvement of certain visual abilities with the help of the sports vision training program.

  18. Professional-applied physical training students by means of field hockey

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pylypey L.P.


    Full Text Available Description of the modern crisis state of health and physical preparedness of graduating students of higher institutes is resulted. Most graduating students can not high-quality work on a production. Not efficiency of the existent system of physical education is rotined in the institutes of higher. The terms of intensification of educational process are considered. Efficiency and forming actuality is investigational for the students of motivation to the select kind of sport (field hockey. The stages of introduction of innovative approaches, new credit-module technologies in the river-bed of the Bologna system are presented.

  19. El entrenamiento propioceptivo como prevención del esguince de tobillo en el hockey


    García Zangari, Lucía


    Objetivo: Considerando que los kinesiólogos, en su rol de agentes de la salud, deben desempeñarse en áreas kinefilácticas realizando tareas de prevención de lesiones desarrollando y aplicando sus conocimientos, el siguiente trabajo de investigación se centro en conocer como influye el entrenamiento propioceptivo en la estabilidad de tobillo de las jugadoras de hockey con el fin de utilizarlo como método preventivo de lesiones. Los objetivos planteados permiten conocer la estabilidad de tobill...

  20. Individualization as one of the directions of optimization training process of hockey players at the age of 14-16 years old

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kugayevskiy S.A.


    Full Text Available Material about the level of development of training process in hockey is resulted. Directions of construction of training process of hockey players, applications of different facilities and methods of preparation are considered. Opinions of specialists in this type of sport are studied. The ways of optimization of training process are resulted. It is expounded information about the changes of indexes of D&K-test of testing of hockey players at the individual construction of seasonal preparation and in transition on the command training program. Loadings given about different influence are confirmed with one orientation on the sportsmen of different biotpower groups of D&K-test.

  1. Effects of Carbohydrate Intake Before and During An Ice Hockey Game on Blood and Muscle Energy Substrates. (United States)

    Simard, Clermont; And Others


    Study of the effect of a supplemental carbohydrate intake for seven elite ice hockey players before and during a game demonstrated that the supplement could result in less glycogen usage per distance skated, which had important implications for athletes who may participate in more than one game a day. (Author/CB)

  2. Maintaining hydration with a carbohydrate-electrolyte solution improves performance, thermoregulation, and fatigue during an ice hockey scrimmage. (United States)

    Linseman, Mark E; Palmer, Matthew S; Sprenger, Heather M; Spriet, Lawrence L


    Research in "stop-and-go" sports has demonstrated that carbohydrate ingestion improves performance and fatigue, and that dehydration of ∼1.5%-2% body mass (BM) loss results in decreased performance, increased fatigue, and increased core temperature. The purpose of this investigation was to assess the physiological, performance, and fatigue-related effects of maintaining hydration with a carbohydrate-electrolyte solution (CES) versus dehydrating by ∼2% BM (no fluid; NF) during a 70-min ice hockey scrimmage. Skilled male hockey players (n = 14; age, 21.3 ± 0.2 years; BM, 80.1 ± 2.5 kg; height, 182.0 ± 1.2 cm) volunteered for the study. Subjects lost 1.94% ± 0.1% BM in NF, and 0.12% ± 0.1% BM in CES. Core temperature (Tc) throughout the scrimmage (10-50 min) and peak Tc (CES: 38.69 ± 0.10 vs. NF: 38.92 ± 0.11 °C; p performance was improved in CES versus NF and fatigue was lower following the CES trial. The results indicated that ingesting a CES to maintain BM throughout a 70-min hockey scrimmage resulted in improved hockey performance and thermoregulation, and decreased fatigue as compared with drinking no fluid and dehydrating by ∼2%.

  3. Development and Validation of a Method for Determining Tridimensional Angular Displacements with Special Applications to Ice Hockey Motions. (United States)

    Gagnon, Micheline; And Others


    A method for determining the tridimensional angular displacement of skates during the two-legged stop in ice hockey was developed and validated. The angles were measured by geometry, using a cinecamera and specially equipped skates. The method provides a new tool for kinetic analyses of skating movements. (Authors/PP)


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cheryl A. MacDonald


    Full Text Available Ice hockey is particularly significant in Canada as it acts as a primary site of socialization for boys and men. This form of socialization raises questions about masculinity on the public agenda in terms of the problematic nature of hypermasculinity in sport, stereotypical images of athletes, and questions of social responsibility as both men and athletes. These issues are presently relevant as Canada (and perhaps all of North America finds itself in an era characterized by accounts in mainstream media of competitive athletes’ cavalier lifestyles, hazing, violence, homophobia, drug addictions, and suicides. This review of literature uses secondary research to problematize masculinity in the ice hockey context by presenting the overarching claim that male hockey players are hegemonically masculine individuals. The piece begins by defining Australian sociologist R.W. Connell’s (1987 concept of hegemonic masculinity and situating it in the contemporary academic context. Next, it offers an overview of relevant literature on masculinity and sport along with a concise examination of scholarly work on the relationship between hegemonic masculinity and ice hockey in Canada. It concludes by summarising calls for further research in the literature and by suggesting approaches to future studies in the field.

  5. Effects of Short Term Camp Periods on Aerobic and Anaerobic Performance Parameters in Ice Hockey National Team Athletes (United States)

    Eler, Serdar


    This study was conducted for determining the effects of trainings, applied to athletes during short term camp period, on their aerobic and anaerobic performance. Measurements were made by the participation of 28 volunteer male ice hockey national team players. During the 15-day camp period, 10-minute running and stretching for warming and then…

  6. Development of a hockey-specific, skate-treadmill VO2 max protocol. (United States)

    Dreger, R W; Quinney, H A


    The purpose of this study was to investigate a protocol for the determination of VO2 max utilizing a motor-driven skate treadmill (ST). On separate days, 6 male hockey players completed a ST and a cycle ergometer (BK) VO2 max protocol. The results showed no significant difference between the ST and BK protocols for relative (60.4 +/- 5.09 vs. 59.0 +/- 8.31 and absolute VO2 max values (4.51 +/- 0.50 vs. 4.39 +/- 0.59 L.min-1), respectively. Significantly higher HR max was recorded during the ST protocol (202.3 +/- 4.27 vs. 200.7 +/- 4.55 b.min-1) (p < 0.05). Peak VE and VT were nonsignificant between the two conditions. However, peak f was higher for the ST protocol (63.0 +/- 7.56 vs. 60.2 +/- 7.76 breath.min-1) (p < 0.05). Although the physiological response to both protocols was similar, the ST protocol replicates a hockey stride, which may provide more applicable information for the development of training programs.

  7. Estimation of safe doses: critical review of the hockey stick regression method

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Yanagimoto, T.; Yamamoto, E.


    The hockey stick regression method is a convenient method to estimate safe doses, which is a kind of regression method using segmented lines. The method seems intuitively to be useful, but needs the assumption of the existence of the positive threshold value. The validity of the assumption is considered to be difficult to be shown. The alternative methods which are not based on the assumption, are given under suitable dose-response curves by introducing a risk level. Here the method using the probit model is compared with the hockey stick regression method. Computational results suggest that the alternative method is preferable. Furthermore similar problems in the case that response is measured as a continuous value are also extended. Data exemplified are concerned with relations of SO/sub 2/ to simple chronic bronchitis, relations of photochemical oxidants to eye discomfort and residual antibiotics in the lever of the chicks. These data was analyzed by the original authors under the assumption of the existence of the positive threshold values.

  8. Bebop on the Hockey Pitch: Cross-Disciplinary Creativity and Skills Transfer. (United States)

    Harrison, Clive M


    This paper generalizes task-specific (but dissimilar) skills, from the jazz concert stage and from the hockey field, into the domain of creativity research. What is sought are clues to what skills or creativities are transferable across dissimilar domains. It is argued that certain domain-general skills are transferable across domains, but a domain-general or 'c' creative capacity, is not. Rather than transferring some over-arching capacity to be universally creative, this research highlights factors likely to facilitate successful cross-disciplinary creative expression and posits a correlation between the capacities for discriminant pattern-recognition, task-specific expertise, and sensory data-collection, and the transferability of creativity. Of particular significance is the capacity for informed, selective pattern-breaking based on the 'depth' or 'insider' perspective of the domain expert; such 'expert variation and selective retention' provides creative choices and responses that are likely to be perceived by the field as creative: valuable, novel and surprising. The author is a renowned Australian studio bassist, jazz musician, and music educator who also plays field hockey for Australia at Masters level. His recently completed Ph.D. thesis, based on a performance and composition career spanning 46 years, takes the form of an analytical autoethnography drawn from personal field notes, diaries and interviews as well as published record albums.

  9. Effect of Short Term Balance Training on Postural Stability in Ice Hockey Players

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pavol Čech


    Full Text Available Postural stability is one of latent factors affecting game performance of an individual to a certain extent. The presented study deals with monitoring changes of postural stability in ice hockey players after eight week’s balance training. The screened sample consisted of junior category ice hockey players divided into experimental (n = 8 and reference groups (n = 8. Postural stability was measured using a stabilographic method on the AMTI AccuSwayPLUS force platform. The level of postural stability was assessed in three tests, namely bipedal stance with and without sight control and bipedal stance with reduced proprioception using the parameters of 95% confidence ellipse, path of CoP and mean velocity of CoP. The level of monitored stability parameters did not indicate any significant differences between the groups in any of the tests at the level of significance α = 0.05. Comparing postural stability of the experimental group between pre-test and post-test showed significant differences in the test without sight control and the test with reduced proprioception in lCoP and vCoP parameters (Z = 2.1004; α ˂ 0.05. Regarding the reference group, no significant changes of the level of postural stability between the pre-test and post-test were found in any of the parameters (Z = 0.3652 to 1.8257; α ˃ 0.05.

  10. High-intensity interval training has positive effects on performance in ice hockey players. (United States)

    Naimo, M A; de Souza, E O; Wilson, J M; Carpenter, A L; Gilchrist, P; Lowery, R P; Averbuch, B; White, T M; Joy, J


    In spite of the well-known benefits that have been shown, few studies have looked at the practical applications of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) on athletic performance. This study investigated the effects of a HIIT program compared to traditional continuous endurance exercise training. 24 hockey players were randomly assigned to either a continuous or high-intensity interval group during a 4-week training program. The interval group (IG) was involved in a periodized HIIT program. The continuous group (CG) performed moderate intensity cycling for 45-60 min at an intensity that was 65% of their calculated heart rate reserve. Body composition, muscle thickness, anaerobic power, and on-ice measures were assessed pre- and post-training. Muscle thickness was significantly greater in IG (p=0.01) when compared to CG. The IG had greater values for both ∆ peak power (p<0.003) and ∆ mean power (p<0.02). Additionally, IG demonstrated a faster ∆ sprint (p<0.02) and a trend (p=0.08) for faster ∆ endurance test time to completion for IG. These results indicate that hockey players may utilize short-term HIIT to elicit positive effects in muscle thickness, power and on-ice performance.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Douglas J. Mattson


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study was to analyze injuries among adult recreational ice hockey players. This was an observational prospective cohort study with data collected on injuries sustained during one season in the adult recreational ice hockey leagues of Oneida County, NY. The injury incidence rate was found to be 12.2/1000 player-exposures. The most common anatomic region injured was the head/neck/face (35%. Collisions were most often reported as the mechanism of injury (44%. Fracture was the most common diagnosis. Of players wearing face protection (full cage or shield, or partial visor/half shield, none suffered facial injuries, while all facial injuries reported were to players not wearing facial protection. The concussion rate was 1.1/1000 player-exposures. A lack of protective equipment was associated with 38% of injuries and 24% of injuries involved penalties. A history of prior injuries was found in 89% of injured players with 28% re-injuring the same body part. This study's findings suggested various strategies to address player injuries such as mandatory full facial protection and shoulder pads, strict enforcement of game rules, and game rule modifications (no body checking. Further research is needed on the role of preventive rehabilitation in players with previous injury history.

  12. Bebop on the Hockey pitch: Cross-disciplinary creativity and skills transfer

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Clive Maxwell Harrison


    Full Text Available This paper generalises task-specific (but dissimilar skills, from the jazz concert stage and from the hockey field, into the domain of creativity research. What is sought are clues to what skills or creativities are transferable across dissimilar domains. It is argued that certain domain-general skills are transferable across domains, but a domain-general or ‘c’ creative capacity, is not. Rather than transferring some over-arching capacity to be universally creative, this research highlights factors likely to facilitate successful cross-disciplinary creative expression and posits a correlation between the capacities for discriminant pattern-recognition, task-specific expertise, and sensory data-collection, and the transferability of creativity. Of particular significance is the capacity for informed, selective pattern-breaking based on the ‘depth’ or ‘insider’ perspective of the domain expert; such ‘expert variation and selective retention’ (EVSR provides creative choices and responses that are likely to be perceived by the field as creative: valuable, novel and surprising. The author is a renowned Australian studio bassist, jazz musician, and music educator who also plays field hockey for Australia at Masters level. His recently completed PhD thesis, based on a performance and composition career spanning 46 years, takes the form of an analytical autoethnography drawn from personal field notes, diaries and interviews as well as published record albums.

  13. Moral disengagement in the legitimation and realization of aggressive behavior in soccer and ice hockey. (United States)

    Traclet, Alan; Moret, Orlan; Ohl, Fabien; Clémence, Alain


    The aim of the present study was to verify that the level of tolerance for aggression is higher in a collective context than in an individual context (polarization effect), and to test the association between moral disengagement, team and self-attitudes toward aggression, and tolerance and realization of aggressive acts in Swiss male soccer and ice hockey. In individual or collective answering conditions, 104 soccer and 98 ice hockey players viewed videotaped aggressive acts and completed a questionnaire, including measures of the perceived legitimacy of videotaped aggression, of the teammates, coach, and self attitudes toward transgressions (modified TNQ), of the moral disengagement in sport (modified MDSS-S), and of self-reported aggressive behavior. A multilevel analysis confirmed a strong polarization effect on the perception of instrumental aggression, the videotaped aggressive acts appearing more tolerated in the collective than in the individual answering condition. Using a structural equation modeling, we found that the moral disengagement, which mediates the effects of perceived coach and ego attitudes toward transgressions, correlates positively with the tolerance of hostile aggression within teams, and with the level of aggressive acts reported by the participants. Aggr. Behav. Aggr. Behav. 42:123-133, 2015. © 2014 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  14. Campo de hockey Mariñamansa. Orense (España

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    García Tolosana, Carlos


    Full Text Available This article concerns the construction of a Hockey Court made of artificial green and the building where is located the changing room. The arrangement of the surrounding land and the forecast of the necessary room lo allow the construction of a complementary building where the gymnasium will be located, as well as the Federation headquarters, classrooms, a center lo control drugs and some warehouses, are also foreseen.La actuación de que se trata se concreta en la construcción de un Campo de Hockey de Hierba Artificial y del edificio de vestuarios que lo apoya y complementa. También se contempla la ordenación del entorno próximo y la previsión de espacio para permitir la construcción de un edificio complementario en el que ubicar un gimnasio, los locales de la federación, aulas, un centro de control de dopaje y una dotación de almacenes.

  15. Study of structure of technical and tactical activity of high class hockey players of different line by the method of main component

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Oleksiy Mikhnov


    Full Text Available Purpose: to study the factor structure of technical and tactical actions of hockey players of high qualification of different playing line of business. Material and methods: for the leadthrough of analysis of competition activity information of technical and tactical actions of hockey players was used NHL. Competition activity was in general complication analysed more than 800 hockey players of different line of business. Methods were used: pedagogical supervisions and analysis of competition activity, analysis of data of the special scientific-methodical literature, an analysis of data is the Internet, methods of mathematical statistics. Results: information is presented in relation to the specific of competition activity of hockey players of high class of different line of business in a match. The factor structure of technical and tactical activity of hockey players, executing in the command of function of extreme forward, central forward, defender and goalkeeper is set. for the players of line of attack most meaningfulness was had factors, related to the attack of gate of competitor, for defenders are power single combats, defense of gate and selection of puck, for a goalkeeper the most meaningful factor is characterized by efficiency of reflection of throws on a gate. Conclusions: the exposed features are in realization of technical and tactical actions the hockey players of high class of different playing line of business, it is necessary certainly to take into account in the process of estimation and control.

  16. Office of Minority Health (United States)

    Skip Navigation Office of Minority Health A A A En Español Newsroom Contact Us Search: About OMH What We Do Resource ... History Leadership Regional Staff State Minority Health Contacts Offices of Minority Health at HHS Advisory Committee Committees ...

  17. Alcohol and Minority Youth. (United States)

    Wright, Roosevelt, Jr.; Watts, Thomas D.


    Maintains that minority youth who use (or abuse) alcohol in American society deal with using alcohol, being minority, and being young, three dimensions viewed by society with mixed, sometimes hostile and/or fearful reactions. Suggests that examining alcoholism among minority youth involves coming to grips with poverty, education, income, and life…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sebastian Schwab


    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to investigate whether a sports vision training program improves the visual performance of youth male field hockey players, ages 12 to 16 years, after an intervention of six weeks compared to a control group with no specific sports vision training. The choice reaction time task at the D2 board (Learning Task I, the functional field of view task (Learning Task II and the multiple object tracking (MOT task (Transfer Task were assessed before and after the intervention and again six weeks after the second test. Analyzes showed significant differences between the two groups for the choice reaction time task at the D2 board and the functional field of view task, with significant improvements for the intervention group and none for the control group. For the transfer task, we could not find statistically significant improvements for either group. The results of this study are discussed in terms of theoretical and practical implications

  19. Ice Hockey Lung – A Case of Mass Nitrogen Dioxide Poisoning in The Czech Republic

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kristian Brat


    Full Text Available Nitrogen dioxide (NO2 is a toxic gas, a product of combustion in malfunctioning ice-resurfacing machines. NO2 poisoning is rare but potentially lethal. The authors report a case of mass NO2 poisoning involving 15 amateur ice hockey players in the Czech Republic. All players were treated in the Department of Respiratory Diseases at Brno University Hospital in November 2010 – three as inpatients because they developed pneumonitis. All patients were followed-up until November 2011. Complete recovery in all but one patient was achieved by December 2010. None of the 15 patients developed asthma-like disease or chronic cough. Corticosteroids appeared to be useful in treatment. Electric-powered ice-resurfacing machines are preferable in indoor ice skating arenas.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    J. Sampedro


    Full Text Available



    El objetivo fundamental del estudio es analizar el rendimiento del portero de hockey hierba, desde la perspectiva del número de goles encajados en función de la zona de tiro y del lugar por donde entra el lanzamiento. Se analizó una muestra de 278 lanzamientos a portería que acabaron en gol, marcados a 30 porteros/as de nivel internacional de selecciones nacionales absolutas. La técnica de recogida de datos empleada fue la observación sistemática utilizando para ello la base de datos OBANGOHH (Piñeiro, 2006. Los resultados obtenidos determinan que la zona de la tabla, la zona izquierda de la portería, la zona GIT, y el poste largo, son “puntos débiles” del portero/a. Los porteros/as tienen mayores o menores probabilidades de encajar gol dependiendo de la zona del área desde la que tira el delantero y la zona de portería por la que entra el lanzamiento. Además existen diferencias significativas en relación al género del portero. El nivel de significación establecido fue del 95% (p<0,05.
    Palabras Clave: hockey hierba, rendimiento, portero, gol.



    The main aim of the study is to analyze the performance of field hockey goalkeeper, from the perspective of the number of goals achieved depending on the zone of shot and of the place where the throwing was goal. 278 shots on goal scored to different goalkeepers of international level of senior national teams were analyzed. According to Piñeiro (2006, the technique of collection of the data used was the systematic observation; using for it the notational data base OBANGOFH. The obtained results determine that the side-boards and back-boards zone, the left zone of the goal, the zone

  1. Variables determinantes del drag-flick en jugadoras de hockey hierba

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cristina López de Subijana Hernández


    Full Text Available El penalti córner es una de las situaciones de juego más importantes en el hockey hierba. Las mujeres utilizan menos el drag-flick que los hombres. Los objetivos de este estudio fueron describir los parámetros cinemáticos del drag-flick en jugadoras especialistas y hallar las variables determinantes en el rendimiento en este gesto técnico en jugadoras de hockey. Se analizaron quince lanzamientos de cinco lanzadoras con 6 cámaras del sistema de captura automática VICON registrando a 250 Hz. Para la comparación de medias se utilizó un análisis no paramétrico Kruskall Wallis de un factor (sujeto. Aquellos parámetros en los que se hallaron diferencias significativas, se compararon por pares por medio de una U de Mann Whitney. Las jugadoras 1 (22,5 ± 0,9 m/s y 3 (22,6 ± 0,7 m/s registraron velocidades de salida de la bola superiores (p < 0,001 a todas las demás jugadoras (19,1 ± 0,7 m/s jugadora 2; 20,5 ± 0,4 m/s jugadora 4 y 19,9 ± 0,4 m/s jugadora 5. La jugadora 1 basa su aceleración final en un doble apoyo largo, con una secuencia de velocidades y una distancia recorrida lo más amplia posible. Sin embargo, jugadora 3 basa su velocidad en la carrera previa, y en una secuencia de movimientos explosiva. Las características individuales de cada jugadora juegan un papel importante en la elección de una estrategia técnica u otra de lanzamiento.

  2. Factors influencing visor use among players in the National Hockey League (NHL

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Micieli R


    Full Text Available Robert Micieli,1 Jonathan A Micieli21Faculty of Science and Engineering, York University, 2Department of Ophthalmology and Vision Science, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, CanadaAbstract: Eye, orbital, and facial injuries are significant risks to National Hockey League (NHL players, and can be mitigated by the use of a partial visor – currently optional for all non-rookie players. The goal of the current study was to determine the overall use of visors among non-rookie NHL players in the 2013–2014 season and assess factors influencing their uptake. This was an observational, cross-sectional study using active NHL rosters and demographic information obtained from the official NHL website. Visor use was determined based on in-game video or images at two different time points in the 2013–2014 season. The use of visors during the 2013–2014 season was 75.2% among non-rookie players. When rookies were included, the overall use of visors was 77.8%. Compared to Canadian-born players, European players were significantly more likely to choose to wear a visor (odds ratio [OR] 3.48, 95% confidence interval [CI] 1.96–6.17. Players in the younger age-groups, particularly those younger than 24 years (OR 5.67, 95% CI 2.52–5.76 and those between 24 and 28 years (OR 2.18, 95% CI 1.23–3.87, were more likely to wear a visor compared to older players. Overall, visor use continues to grow in the NHL independently of new legislation, and is more likely in younger players and those of European origin.Keywords: ice hockey, facial protection, professional sports, eye injuries, safety

  3. Proprioception of foot and ankle complex in young regular practitioners of ice hockey, ballet dancing and running. (United States)

    Li, Jing Xian; Xu, Dong Qing; Hoshizaki, Blaine


    This study examined the proprioception of the foot and ankle complex in regular ice hockey practitioners, runners, and ballet dancers. A total of 45 young people with different exercise habits formed four groups: the ice hockey, ballet dancing, running, and sedentary groups. Kinesthesia of the foot and ankle complex was measured in plantarflexion (PF), dorsiflexion (DF), inversion (IV), and eversion (EV) at 0.4 degrees /s using a custom-made device. The results showed the following: (1) significantly better perceived passive motion sense in PF/DF was found as compared with the measurements in IV/EV within each group (P ballet groups perceived significantly better passive motion sense in IV/EV than the running (P ballet dancing on proprioception may be associated with their movement characteristics.

  4. From Fact to Fiction – An Introduction to the Mythology of Ice Hockey in Canadian Life and Literature

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jason Blake


    Full Text Available The title of Alice Munro’s Who do you think you are? could just as easily be asked of Canada, without eliciting an easy answer. In ethnic, linguistic, even geographical terms, Canada is hardly homogeneous. Because of this, we can only dream of a unified identity; we are, as Leonard Cohen writes in Beautiful Losers, condemned to “nightmares of identity.” If Canada is too complex for a uniform national identity, one derived from a convenient mythology and distilled into simple symbols, it often seems we have yet to realize it. We long for a mythology, even a modern, and blatantly constructed one. In contemporary Canadian society, ice hockey has filled that symbolic role, serving as a mythology that binds a fragmented people. This paper examines the role of ice hockey as a mythologized symbol of Canadian unity in literature, and questions the appropriateness of that usage.

  5. Tsunami Hockey (United States)

    Weinstein, S.; Becker, N. C.; Wang, D.; Fryer, G. J.


    An important issue that vexes tsunami warning centers (TWCs) is when to cancel a tsunami warning once it is in effect. Emergency managers often face a variety of pressures to allow the public to resume their normal activities, but allowing coastal populations to return too quickly can put them at risk. A TWC must, therefore, exercise caution when cancelling a warning. Kim and Whitmore (2013) show that in many cases a TWC can use the decay of tsunami oscillations in a harbor to forecast when its amplitudes will fall to safe levels. This technique should prove reasonably robust for local tsunamis (those that are potentially dangerous within only 100 km of their source region) and for regional tsunamis (whose danger is limited to within 1000km of the source region) as well. For ocean-crossing destructive tsunamis such as the 11 March 2011 Tohoku tsunami, however, this technique may be inadequate. When a tsunami propagates across the ocean basin, it will encounter topographic obstacles such as seamount chains or coastlines, resulting in coherent reflections that can propagate great distances. When these reflections reach previously-impacted coastlines, they can recharge decaying tsunami oscillations and make them hazardous again. Warning center scientists should forecast sea-level records for 24 hours beyond the initial tsunami arrival in order to observe any potential reflections that may pose a hazard. Animations are a convenient way to visualize reflections and gain a broad geographic overview of their impacts. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has developed tools based on tsunami simulations using the RIFT tsunami forecast model. RIFT is a linear, parallelized numerical tsunami propagation model that runs very efficiently on a multi-CPU system (Wang et al, 2012). It can simulate 30-hours of tsunami wave propagation in the Pacific Ocean at 4 arc minute resolution in approximately 6 minutes of real time on a 12-CPU system. Constructing a 30-hour animation using 1 minute simulated time steps takes approximately 50 minutes on the same system. These animations are generated quickly enough to provide decision support for emergency managers whose coastlines may be impacted by the tsunami several hours later. Tsunami reflections can also aid in determining the source region for those tsunamis generated by non-seismic mechanisms without a clear source such as meteotsunamis, tsunamis generated by meteorological phenomena. A derecho that crossed the New Jersey coast and entered the Atlantic Ocean at approximately 1500 UTC June 13, 2013 generated a meteotsunami that struck the northeast coast of the US causing several injuries. A DART sensor off Montauk, NY, recorded tsunami waves approximately 200 minutes apart. We show how the arrival times of the tsunamis recorded by this DART can help to constrain the source region of the meteotsunami. We also examine other reflections produced by the Haida Gwaii 2012, Tohoku 2011, and other tsunamis.

  6. Youth sports & public health: framing risks of mild traumatic brain injury in american football and ice hockey. (United States)

    Bachynski, Kathleen E; Goldberg, Daniel S


    The framing of the risks of experiencing mild traumatic brain injury in American football and ice hockey has an enormous impact in defining the scope of the problem and the remedies that are prioritized. According to the prevailing risk frame, an acceptable level of safety can be maintained in these contact sports through the application of technology, rule changes, and laws. An alternative frame acknowledging that these sports carry significant risks would produce very different ethical, political, and social debates.

  7. Effectiveness of competitive activity of high class hockey players accounting a level of their self-esteem


    Mikhnov A.P.


    Purpose : study the effect of increasing the level of self-esteem on the efficiency of competitive activity of high class players. Material : the study involved sixteen athletes (Atlanta, Moscow region. - Continental Hockey League). Results : it was found that the application of special training self-esteem increases the level of implementation of technical and tactical action games. Number of goals increased by 8.92%, assists - 21.5%, the total number of shots on goal - to 20.02%. Conclusion...

  8. Effects of training on anthropometric, physiological and biochemical variables of Indian under 19 years field hockey players

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Indranil Manna


    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of training on anthropometric, physiological and biochemical variables of Indian under 19 year field hockey players. A total of 30 male field hockey players (U19, age: 16.00-18.99 yr, 17.7 ± 0.5 yr volunteered for this study. The training sessions were divided into 2 phases (a Preparatory Phase (PP, 8 weeks and (b Competitive Phase (CP, 4 weeks. The training programme consist of aerobic, anaerobic and skill development, and were completed 4 hrs/day; 5 days/week. Selected variables were measured at zero level (baseline data, BD and at the end of PP and CP. A significant (P<0.05 reduction in body fat, recovery heart rate, hemoglobin, total cholesterol, LDLC; and significant (P<0.05 increase in LBM, VO2max, anaerobic power, back and grip strength, serum urea, serum uric acid, HDLC level were noted among the players after the training. However, no significant difference was observed in stature, body mass, maximal heart rate (HRmax, and triglyceride level of the players after the training. The present study may provide useful information to the scientist and coaches to develop their training programme for the young field hockey players.

  9. La eficacia del efecto látigo en el drag flick en el hockey hierba The effectiveness of the bullwhip effect in the Drag-flick in field hockey

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    C. López de Subijana


    Full Text Available

    El penalty córner es una de las jugadas más importantes en el hockey hierba. El drag-flick es la técnica de golpeo más eficaz en las jugadas de penalty córner (McLaughin, 1997. Los objetivos del presente estudio fueron el describir los parámetros cinemáticos del drag-flick en jugadores de nivel internacional y analizar las diferencias intergénero. La muestra fueron trece sujetos, un modelo, seis hombres y seis mujeres. El sistema de captura automático VICON registró 20 lanzamientos de cada jugador con una frecuencia de muestreo de 250 Hz. Las velocidades máximas angulares de las caderas, hombros y stick  fueron superiores  (p<0.01 en el modelo que en ambos grupos de género. Mediante la comparación estadística del modelo con ambos grupos de género se han podido determinar las claves de este gesto técnico, siendo necesario un movimiento hacia atrás del stick (efecto látigo antes de la aceleración de caderas y hombros, para terminar el gesto con la máxima aceleración del stick.
    Palabras Clave: Biomecánica, drag-flick, hockey hierba, cinemática

    The penalty corner is one of the most important goal plays in field hockey. The drag-flick is more efficient than other techniques when playing a penalty corner. The aims of this study were to describe the kinematics of international field hockey players during the drag-flick and to analyse gender differences. Thirteen participants, one male drag-flicker, six males and six females participated in the study. VICON optoelectronic system measured the kinematic parameters from the drag-flick with six cameras sampling at 250 Hz. Twenty trials were captured from each subject. Ball velocity at release, hips maximum angular velocity, stick minimum and maximum angular velocities were higher (p<0.01 in the drag-flicker than in both gender groups. Comparing with the drag-flicker we have found the cues of the skill, being necessary a

  10. Present Situation and Countermeasures Study on our Country Hockey Sports Development%我国冰球运动发展现状与对策研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王安洪; 孙玉巍; 李阳; 王丽颖; 王福全; 姜淼淼; 刘春华


    Through analysis on the 11th world hockey movement development direction of winter,standing in the analysis of the jiff hockey development height,the jiff hockey development situation of our country,the author discovers that exist in the reserve forces hockey sports game,less poor less chance,insufficient training effect by increasing government departments,the value,the reform of training mechanism,reasonable arrangement of the training,promote the further development of the hockey movement.%采用文献资料对第21届冬奥会世界冰球运动发展方向进行分析,站在世界冰球发展的高度,对我国冰球发展状况进行分析,发现我国冰球运动存在着后备力量少、比赛机会少、训练效果差等不足,通过加大政府等部门的重视,改革训练机制,合理安排训练,推动我国冰球运动的进一步发展。

  11. Physical fitness and performance of polish ice-hockey players competing at different sports levels

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roczniok Robert


    Full Text Available The study aimed to determine the values of selected aerobic and anaerobic capacity variables, physical profiles, and to analyze the results of on-ice tests performed by ice-hockey players relegated to a lower league. Performance of 24 ice-hockey players competing in the top league in the 2012/2013 season was analysed to this end. In the 2013/2014 season, 14 of them still played in the top league (the control group, while 10 played in the first league (the experimental group. The study was conducted one week after the end of the playoffs in the seasons under consideration. The results revealed that only in the experimental group the analysed variables changed significantly between the seasons. In the Wingate test, significant changes were only noted in mean relative power (a decrease from 9.91 to 9.14 W/kg; p=0.045 and relative total work (a decrease from 299.17 to 277.22 J/kg; p=0.048. The ramp test indicated significantly lower power output in its final stages (364 compared with 384 W; p=0.034, as well as a significant decrease in relative VO2max (from 52.70 to 48.30 ml/min/kg. Blood lactate concentrations were recorded at the 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th min of recovery after the ramp test. The rate of post-exercise recovery, ∆LA, recorded after the ramp test turned out to be significantly lower. The times recorded in the on-ice “6x30 m stop” test increased from 32.18 to 33.10 s (p=0.047. The study showed that playing in a lower league where games were less intensive, training sessions shorter and less frequent, had an adverse effect on the performance level of the investigated players. Lower VO2max recorded in the study participants slowed down their rates of post-exercise recovery and led to a significantly worse performance in the 6x30 m stop test, as well as lower relative power and relative total work in the Wingate test.

  12. Defining the effective impact mass of elbow and shoulder strikes in ice hockey. (United States)

    Rousseau, Philippe; Hoshizaki, Thomas B


    Reconstruction of real-life events can be used to investigate the relationship between the mechanical parameters of the impact and concussion risk. Striking mass has typically been approximated as being the mass of the body part coming into contact with the head without accounting for the force applied by the striking athlete. Thus, the purpose of this study was to measure the effective impact mass of three common striking techniques in ice hockey. Fifteen participants were instructed to strike a suspended 50th percentile Hybrid III headform at least three times with their elbow or shoulder. Effective impact mass was calculated by measuring the change in velocity of the player and the headform. Mean effective impact mass for the extended elbow, tucked-in elbow, and shoulder check conditions were 4.8, 3.0, and 12.9 kg, respectively. Peak linear accelerations were lower than the values associated with concussion in American football which could be a reflection of the methodology used in this study as well as inherent differences between both sports.

  13. Study on Operating Mode American Professional Ice Hockey League%北美职业冰球联赛运营模式的研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    借鉴国外职业冰球联赛的成功经验对我国冰球运动的普及与冰球俱乐部的商业化运作具有重要的参考价值。北美职业冰球联赛商业运营收入的主要来源为门票和电视转播,主要支出为球员工资。领导层的相对稳定性与媒体意识,冰球文化的全球推广战略,俱乐部私有化、商业化经营模式与多元化的经营理念是实现了冰球职业俱乐部的快速发展的成功管理经验和经营理念。%It is an important reference for popularization of Chinese ice hockey and commercial operation of ice hockey clubs by using international successful experience of Professional Ice Hockey League. The main source of American Professional Ice Hockey League’s business income is the tickets and television broadcast,the main expenditure is wages of players. The relative stability and media consciousness of the leadership,global promotion strategies of ice hockey culture,the club privatization,business model and diversification management idea is the realization of the the successful management experience and business idea of the rapid development of ice hockey clubs.

  14. 从2014年世界女子冰球锦标赛看中国女冰现状%Analyzing the Current Situation of Chinese Female Ice Hockey from 2014 World Ice Hockey Championships

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    通过对2014年世界女子冰球锦标赛B组各队比赛成绩、技战术进行统计,对目前中国女子冰球队的状态进行分析,深刻总结训练和比赛中存在的问题。中国女冰在技战术的综合能力上与世界强队相比具有较大差距,尤其是在攻区抢断、回追阻截、射门得分、防守反击等方面的问题较为突出。提出加强个人技战术的培养,结合比赛提高对抗能力,培养多变的战术体系,形成自己的技战术风格等对策和建议,旨在提高女冰的技战术水平,对中国女冰重返世界强队取得冬奥会参赛资格显得尤为重要。%By counting the performance,techniques and tactics of Group B in 2014 World Female Ice Hockey Championships,technical analyze the current situation of Chinese female ice hockey team, deeply summarize the existing problems in training and competitions. The comprehensive ability of techniques and tactics of Chinese female ice hockey team compared with the strong power list of the world with a large gap,especially on stealing in attacking zone,back up and trackles,scoring and defencing and fighting back. Put forward to strengthen the cultivation of individual techniques and tactics,improve counterforce,cultivate variable tactics system,form their own technical and tactical style,in order to improve the technical and tactical level of female ice hocky team,it is extremely important for Chinese female ice hockey team returning the world strong team to get qualification for Winter Olympics.

  15. Teaching minority children hygiene

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rheinländer, Thilde; Samuelsen, Helle; Dalsgaard, Anders


    homes of pre-school children, together with 67 semi-structured interviews with caregivers and five kindergarten staff. Thematic analysis was applied and concepts of social learning provided inputs to the analysis. Findings. This study showed that poor living conditions with lack of basic sanitation......Objectives. Ethnic minority children in Vietnam experience high levels of hygiene- and sanitation-related diseases. Improving hygiene for minority children is therefore vital for improving child health. The study objective was to investigate how kindergarten and home environments influence...... the learning of hygiene of pre-school ethnic minority children in rural Vietnam. Design. Eight months of ethnographic field studies were conducted among four ethnic minority groups living in highland and lowland communities in northern Vietnam. Data included participant observation in four kindergartens and 20...

  16. Minorities in Iran

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Elling, Rasmus Christian

    Contrary to the popular understanding of Iran as a Persian nation, half of the country's population consists of minorities, among whom there has been significant ethnic mobilization at crucial stages in Iranian history. One such stage is now: suppressed minority demands, identity claims, and deba......Contrary to the popular understanding of Iran as a Persian nation, half of the country's population consists of minorities, among whom there has been significant ethnic mobilization at crucial stages in Iranian history. One such stage is now: suppressed minority demands, identity claims......, and debates on diversity have entered public discourse and politics. In 2005–2007, Iran was rocked by the most widespread ethnic unrest experienced in that country since the revolution. The same period was also marked by the re-emergence of nationalism. This interdisciplinary book takes a long-overdue step...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ayhan GOKTEPE


    Full Text Available In this study, elbow and knee joint kinematics of the non stationary ice hockey slap shot was investigated using photogrammetric methods. 4 right handed elite Turkish ice hockey players from various teams participated in the study in order to scientifically obtain a general description of elbow and knee joint kinematics during a non-stationary slap shot. The loading, contact and follow through phases were analyzed using a dual camera and Pictran software system. The results showed an elbow angle pattern consistent with previous studies however a general knee angle strategy could not be obtained.

  18. 冰球守门员防守能力的提高%Improvement of Ice Hockey Goalkeeper's Defensive Ability

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    赵玉珩; 林然


      The performance of ice hockey goalkeeper plays a decisive role of winning a competition .With the method of documental information , the paper has an analysis on the defensive ability of ice hockey goal -keeper.The results show that the influencing factors relate to physical quality , specialized skills, competi-tive consciousness, psychological quality.It suggests enhancing the goalkeeper 'physical training, improving the specialized basis skills, reinforcing the competitive consciousness , improving the psychological quality . As a theoretical reference for developing the whole level of ice hockey , the above means may effectively ad-vance the goalkeeper's defensive ability.%  冰球守门员在比赛中的表现对整个比赛的胜负具有决定性的作用。通过文献资料法对冰球守门员的防守能力进行研究、分析,结果表明:影响冰球守门员防守能力的因素有身体素质、专项技术、赛场意识和心理素质,并提出加强守门员身体素质训练、提高专项基础技术、强化赛场意识和增强心理素质等提高冰球守门员防守能力的有效措施,为提高冰球运动整体水平提供理论支持

  19. Intervención psicológica con el equipo nacional olímpico de hockey hierba femenino


    Blanco, Isabel; Buceta, José M.


    El equipo nacional olímpico de hockey hierba femenino de España ha llevado a cabo un intenso y completo plan de preparación con vistas a su participación en los Juegos Olímpicos de Barcelona. Entre las parcelas de trabajo que ha contemplado el plan, la intervención psicológica ha ocupado un destacado lugar, con un psicólogo, el primer autor, formando parte, permanentemente, del cuadro técnico bajo la responsabilidad global del entrenador principal y otro especialista, el segundo autor, actuan...

  20. A Comparison of Somatic Variables of Elite Ice Hockey Players from the Czech ELH and Russian KHL

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kutáč Petr


    Full Text Available The goals of this study were to evaluate the basic morphological variables of contemporary elite ice hockey players, compare the parameters of players in the top Russian ice hockey league (KHL with those of the top Czech ice hockey league (ELH, and to evaluate the parameters of players according to their position in the game. The research participants included 30 KHL players (mean age: 27.1 ± 5.1 years and 25 ELH players (mean age: 26.4 ± 5.8 years. We determined body height, body mass, and body composition (body fat, fat-free mass, segmental fat analysis. All measurements were performed at the end of preseason training. The KHL players had the following anthropometric characteristics: body height 182.97 ± 5.61 cm (forward and 185.72 ± 3.57 cm (defenseman, body mass 89.70 ± 5.28 kg (forward and 92.52 ± 4.01 kg (defenseman, body fat 10.76 ± 0.63 kg (forward and 11.10 ± 0.48 kg (defenseman, fatfree mass 78.94 ± 4.65 kg (forward and 81.42 ± 3.52 kg (defenseman. The values for ELH players were as follows: body height 182.06 ± 5.93 cm (forward and 185.88 ± 7.13 cm (defenseman, body mass 88.47 ± 7.06 kg (forward and 89.36 ± 10.91 kg (defenseman, body fat 12.57 ± 2.89 kg (forward and 11.91 ± 3.10 kg (defenseman, fat-free mass 75.93 ± 6.54 kg (forward and 77.46 ± 7.89 kg (defenseman. The results indicate that it is beneficial to ice hockey players to have increased body mass and lower body fat, which leads to higher muscle mass, thus enabling a player to perform at the highest level and meet the specific challenges of the game.

  1. Muscle oxygen changes following Sprint Interval Cycling training in elite field hockey players. (United States)

    Jones, Ben; Hamilton, David K; Cooper, Chris E


    This study examined the effects of Sprint Interval Cycling (SIT) on muscle oxygenation kinetics and performance during the 30-15 intermittent fitness test (IFT). Twenty-five women hockey players of Olympic standard were randomly selected into an experimental group (EXP) and a control group (CON). The EXP group performed six additional SIT sessions over six weeks in addition to their normal training program. To explore the potential training-induced change, EXP subjects additionally completed 5 x 30s maximal intensity cycle testing before and after training. During these tests near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) measured parameters; oxyhaemoglobin + oxymyoglobin (HbO2+ MbO2), tissue deoxyhaemoglobin + deoxymyoglobin (HHb+HMb), total tissue haemoglobin (tHb) and tissue oxygenation (TSI %) were taken. In the EXP group (5.34 ± 0.14 to 5.50 ± 0.14 m.s(-1)) but not the CON group (pre = 5.37 ± 0.27 to 5.39 ± 0.30 m.s(-1)) significant changes were seen in the 30-15 IFT performance. EXP group also displayed significant post-training increases during the sprint cycling: ΔTSI (-7.59 ± 0.91 to -12.16 ± 2.70%); ΔHHb+HMb (35.68 ± 6.67 to 69.44 ± 26.48 μ; and ΔHbO2+ MbO2 (-74.29 ± 13.82 to -109.36 ± 22.61 μ No significant differences were seen in ΔtHb (-45.81 ± 15.23 to -42.93 ± 16.24). NIRS is able to detect positive peripheral muscle oxygenation changes when used during a SIT protocol which has been shown to be an effective training modality within elite athletes.

  2. Muscle oxygen changes following Sprint Interval Cycling training in elite field hockey players.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ben Jones

    Full Text Available This study examined the effects of Sprint Interval Cycling (SIT on muscle oxygenation kinetics and performance during the 30-15 intermittent fitness test (IFT. Twenty-five women hockey players of Olympic standard were randomly selected into an experimental group (EXP and a control group (CON. The EXP group performed six additional SIT sessions over six weeks in addition to their normal training program. To explore the potential training-induced change, EXP subjects additionally completed 5 x 30s maximal intensity cycle testing before and after training. During these tests near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS measured parameters; oxyhaemoglobin + oxymyoglobin (HbO2+ MbO2, tissue deoxyhaemoglobin + deoxymyoglobin (HHb+HMb, total tissue haemoglobin (tHb and tissue oxygenation (TSI % were taken. In the EXP group (5.34 ± 0.14 to 5.50 ± 0.14 m.s(-1 but not the CON group (pre = 5.37 ± 0.27 to 5.39 ± 0.30 m.s(-1 significant changes were seen in the 30-15 IFT performance. EXP group also displayed significant post-training increases during the sprint cycling: ΔTSI (-7.59 ± 0.91 to -12.16 ± 2.70%; ΔHHb+HMb (35.68 ± 6.67 to 69.44 ± 26.48 μ; and ΔHbO2+ MbO2 (-74.29 ± 13.82 to -109.36 ± 22.61 μ No significant differences were seen in ΔtHb (-45.81 ± 15.23 to -42.93 ± 16.24. NIRS is able to detect positive peripheral muscle oxygenation changes when used during a SIT protocol which has been shown to be an effective training modality within elite athletes.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    I Gusti Ayu Agung Laksemi


    Full Text Available Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Minor surgery is small surgery or localized example cut ulcers and boils, cyst excision, and suturing. Somethings that need to be considered in the preparation of the surgery is minor tools, operating rooms and operating tables, lighting, maintenance of tools and equipment, sterilization and desinfection equipment, preparation of patients and anesthesia. In general cysts is walled chamber that consist of fluid, cells and the remaining cells. Cysts are formed not due to inflammation although then be inflamed. Lining of the cysts wall is composed of fibrous tissue and usually coated epithelial cells or endothelial. Cysts formed by dilated glands and closed channels, glands, blood vessels, lymph channels or layers of the epidermis. Contents of the cysts wall consists of the results is serum, lymph, sweat sebum, epithelial cells, the stratum corneum, and hair. /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-qformat:yes; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:11.0pt; font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif"; mso-ascii-font-family:Calibri; mso-ascii-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-fareast-theme-font:minor-fareast; mso-hansi-font-family:Calibri; mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-bidi-theme-font:minor-bidi;}

  4. Autonomy and minority rights

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Barten, Ulrike


    to a specific group. The question never posed is, if there is a point and in that case at what point the group can actually talk about being autonomous. Is there a minimum in the number of special rights and procedures that has to be reached in order for the package of rights to qualify as ‘granting autonomy...... in the cultural, educational, religious and social sectors which have of course are exercised in a limited territory; however, do not threaten the state's sovereignty in the same way as independent political decisions could do. How far minority rights have the same dimensions, will be another issue. Minorities...

  5. Innovation Research on the Teaching of University Hockey Training Program%大学曲棍球培训项目教学方案创新研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    On how to solve the problem of slow development of our hockey special teaching programs of the college students' hockey training study.First of all,about hockey development status of college students,then these three aspects of training and coaches of the athletes' physical fitness and skills training,athletes psychological quality of teaching styles and methods described in detail the college hockey training teaching program.%关于如何解决我国的曲棍球发展缓慢的问题,本文特别针对大学生曲棍球培训的教学方案做了研究。首先,文中谈到的是我国大学生曲棍球运动的发展现状,然后从运动员体能与技能的训练、运动员心理素质的培养和教练员的教学风格与方式这三个方面来详细地阐述大学曲棍球运动的培训教学方案。

  6. Using Elite Athletes to Promote Drug Abstinence: Evaluation of a Single-Session School-Based Drug Use Prevention Program Delivered by Junior Hockey Players (United States)

    Wong, Jennifer


    School-based substance use prevention programs are a common method to approaching drug use in youths. Project SOS is a single-session drug prevention program developed by police officers and delivered by elite junior hockey players to students in grades 6 and 7. The current study evaluates the effects of Project SOS at achieving its objectives of…

  7. Locomotor, Heart-Rate, and Metabolic Power Characteristics of Youth Women's Field Hockey: Female Athletes in Motion (FAiM) Study (United States)

    Vescovi, Jason D.


    Purpose: The purpose of this study was to quantify the locomotor, heart-rate, and metabolic power characteristics of high-level youth female field hockey matches. Method: Players from the U21 and U17 Canadian women's national teams were monitored during a 4-match test series using Global Positioning System technology. Position (forward,…

  8. Energy optimization in ice hockey halls I. The system COP as a multivariable function, brine and design choices

    CERN Document Server

    Ferrantelli, Andrea; Räikkönen, Miska; Viljanen, Martti


    This work is the first of a series of articles addressing the energy optimization in ice hockey halls. Here we outline an analytic method to predict in which design and operating conditions the COP of the entire cooling system (refrigerator and cooling tower) ${\\rm COP}_{sys}$ is maximum. ${\\rm COP}_{sys}$ is investigated as a function of several variables, like electric consumption and brine physical properties. With this method, the best configuration and brine choices for the system can therefore be determined in advance. We estimate the optimal design of an average-sized ice rink, including pipe diameter, depth and brine type (ethylene glycol and ammonia). We also single out an optimal brine density and show the impact of the electric consumption of the pump on ${\\rm COP}_{sys}$. Our theoretical predictions are validated with heat flow measurement data obtained at an ice hockey hall in Finland. They are also confronted with technical and cost-related constraints, and implemented by simulations with the pr...

  9. The influence of social variables and moral disengagement on prosocial and antisocial behaviours in field hockey and netball. (United States)

    Boardley, Ian D; Kavussanu, Maria


    In this study, we examined: (a) the effects of perceived motivational climate and coaching character-building competency on prosocial and antisocial behaviours towards team-mates and opponents in field hockey and netball; (b) whether the effects of perceived character-building competency on sport behaviours are mediated by moral disengagement; and (c) whether these relationships are invariant across sport. Field hockey (n = 200) and netball (n = 179) players completed questionnaires assessing the aforementioned variables. Structural equation modelling indicated that mastery climate had positive effects on prosocial and negative effects on antisocial behaviour towards team-mates, while performance climate had a positive effect on antisocial behaviour towards team-mates. Perceived character-building competency had a positive effect on prosocial behaviour towards opponents and negative effects on the two antisocial behaviours; all of these effects were mediated by moral disengagement. No effect was found for prosocial behaviour towards team-mates. The model was largely invariant across sport. The findings aid our understanding of social influences on prosocial and antisocial behaviours in sport.

  10. 冰球运动员体能训练的新型方法%New Methods of Physical Training for Ice Hockey Players

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张伟; 邓振杰; 党红


    冰球运动是世界上对抗最激烈的运动之一.良好的体能水平是冰球运动员合理发挥技术,巧妙运用战术,取得比赛胜利的关键,良好的体能训练方法对训练效果的影响是十分明显的.采用文献资料法、专家访谈法、归纳总结法、数理统计法等方法,通过对冰球运动员体能要求进行分析,提出冰球运动体能训练采用功能性训练这一新型体能训练方法.阐述了冰球运动员功能性体能训练的内容和具体训练方法.在当前的冰球运动员体能训练过程中,功能性训练是一种新型的体能训练方法,希望能尽快应用于冰球运动体能训练之中.为我国冰球运动的体能训练提供建设性参考意见.%Ice hockey is one of the most violent sports in the world. A good fitness level is the key to playing a reasonable technology, brilliantly using tactics and obtaining the victory for ice hockey players, good physical training methods obviously affect the training effect. With the methods of literature, expert interview, induction summary, mathematical statistics and other methods, by analyzing the physical requirements of ice hockey players, put forward physical training of ice hockey should use functional training which is a new type of physical training method. This paper expounds the content and specific training methods of functional physical training for ice hockey players. In the current training process, functional training is a new type of physical training method, which is hoped to be applied to the physical training of ice hockey. Provide constructive suggestions for physical training of ice hockey in our country.




  12. Sexual minorities seeking services. (United States)

    Rogers, Tracey L; Emanuel, Kristen; Bradford, Judith


    SUMMARY Understanding the mental health needs of lesbian and bisexual (sexual minority) women is an integral part of designing and providing appropriate mental health services and treatment for them. In an effort to understand the mental health needs of sexual minority women who seek community treatment, a chart review was conducted of the 223 lesbian and bisexual women who presented for services between July 1, 1997 and December 31, 2000 at Fenway Community Health in Boston, MA. Data are based on clients' self-reports and clinician assessments of clients' presenting problem, relevant developmental history, prior mental health and substance abuse treatment, current reports of emotional/psychological symptoms, and areas of impaired functioning. Although substance abuse and suicidal ideation were commonly reported problems, other concerns were more frequently reported. High percentages of lesbians and bisexual women reported relationship concerns and lack of adequate social networks; rates of depression and anxiety based on clinicians' assessments were also high. Overall, lesbians and bisexual women did not differ in the issues they brought to treatment or level or types of impairment. Compared with previous community survey samples, however, study participants appeared to be healthier than general, non-clinical samples of self-identified lesbians, possibly reflecting the special characteristics of sexual minority women who seek treatment in specialized community sites such as the Fenway. Although patients who come to these sites may not represent the more general population of sexual minority women, community health centers known to serve lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals may be fruitful access points for studying the mental health status and treatment needs of sexual minority women.

  13. Iron Metabolism in Field Hockey Players During an Annual Training Cycle

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Podgórski Tomasz


    Full Text Available Post-physical training changes in iron metabolism in the human body often occur. To fully describe these processes, fifteen male Polish National Team field hockey players (age 27.7 ± 5.2 years, body mass 72.8 ± 7.6 kg and body height 177.1 ± 5.7 cm were examined in three phases of an annual training cycle: preparatory (T1, competitive (T2 and transition (T3. To assess aerobic fitness, maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max was evaluated. Based on the iron concentration, the changes in total iron binding capacity (TIBC, unsaturated iron binding capacity (UIBC and other selected haematological indicators (haemoglobin, erythrocytes, mean corpuscular haemoglobin - MCH in iron metabolism were estimated. The average values of maximum oxygen uptake increased from 54.97 ± 3.62 ml·kg−1·min−1 in T1 to 59.93 ± 3.55 ml·kg−1·min−1 in T2 (p<0.05 and then decreased to 56.21 ± 4.56 ml·kg−1·min−1 in T3 (p<0.05. No statistically significant changes in the erythrocyte count were noted. The MCH and haemoglobin concentration decreased between T1 and T2. The maximal exercise test caused a significant (p<0.05 increase in the plasma iron concentration during the competition and transition phases. Progressive but non-significant increases in resting iron concentration, TIBC and UIBC in the analysed annual training cycle were noted. To show global changes in iron metabolism in the human body, it is necessary to determine additional variables, i.e. UIBC, TIBC, haemoglobin, MCH or the erythrocyte count. The direction of changes in iron metabolism depends on both the duration and intensity of the physical activity and the fitness level of the subjects. Dietary intake of iron increases the level of this trace element and prevents anaemia associated with training overloads.

  14. Our Country Inline Hockey Sports Present Situation and Trend of Development Research%我国陆地冰球运动现状及发展趋势研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘春华; 刘玉华


      陆地冰球运动是冰球运动的延拓,它不受时间、地点和自然条件的影响,是一个全国范围内都可推广和发展的大众群体项目。通过对我国陆地冰球运动现状的研究,探讨了陆地冰球在我国民间发展的潜力和可行性,认为我国应加强对陆地冰球的大力宣传,形成一个以赛促发展的良性循环,培养更多的陆地冰球运动员,转向冰球运动的优秀后备人才,使之成为促进我国冰球运动发展和提高的重要力量。%  The land-based hockey hockey extension and it is not the time, place and the impact of natural conditions, it is available a nationwide promotion and development of the Volkswagen group project. In this paper, the analysis of the status quo of land ice hockey seminar to explore the potential and feasibility of the land of hockey in the development of our country folk, that China should strengthen Hockey's great publicity, the formation of a tournament to promote the development of a virtuous circle, and train more land ice hockey player, outstanding reserve talents turned to ice hockey, so become an important force to promote the development of China's ice hockey and improve.

  15. 冰球守门员心理状态的调控%Regulation of Ice Hockey Goalkeeper's Psychological State

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    冰球比赛不仅仅是体能和技术的较量,而且还是心理素质的较量,在运动员的技术动作、训练水平和身体素质相近的比赛中,往往决定比赛胜负的是心理因素。对冰球运动员心理状态调控的意义进行探讨,提出采用模拟训练法、放松训练法、表象训练法、自我暗示法、注意力集中训练法、预防Cho-king现象、克服瓦伦达心态和诱导训练法等调控方法,提高冰球守门员的感知、判断和抗干扰能力,使冰球守门员形成良好的心理素质,使其在激烈的比赛中发挥出较高水平,带领球队在比赛中获得胜利。%Ice hockey is not only physical and technical thing , but also the psychological thing .In the similar technical movements , training level and physical quality competition , psychological factor is often the key to win the competition .The paper has a research on the significance of controlling ice hockey athletes'psycho-logical state , puts forward that using the methods of simulation training , relaxation training , mental training method , self-suggestion , focused training , prevention Choking phenomenon , culturing Wallenda's psycho-logical state improve the perception , judgment and anti -interference ability to make ice hockey goalkeepers form good psychological quality , in order to perform a higher level in the gruelling competition and leading the team to win the competition .

  16. Minority Language Protection in Italy. Linguistic minorities and the Media

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Sierp, Aline


    This article deals with the Italian case of minority language protection in the media. After providing a general introduction to the development of the protection of minority languages in Europe in general and of minority language broadcast media in Italy in particular, the article focuses on the ro

  17. Juego, Cultura y Desarrollo en la Infancia: El caso del Palín Mapuche y el Hockey. Play, Culture and Development in Childhood: Analysis of Mapuche’s Palin and Hockey.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Garoz , Ignacio


    Full Text Available ResumenEl propósito del presente trabajo consiste en analizar los juegos de reglas, partiendo de su papel como transmisores de conocimiento sobre el mundo social (valores, creencias, normas, roles, etc., a partir del planteamiento piagetiano de la comprensión de las reglas de los juegos por los niños. Se aborda cómo se produce la evolución del conocimiento práctico y teórico de las reglas y se incorpora el estudio sobre el desarrollo del conocimiento del significado de los juegos, de sus reglas y acciones. Se utiliza un enfoque transcultural que nos permita comprender las diferencias entre el desarrollo de la regla a través de un juego deportivo como el hockey hierba en España y un juego tradicional del pueblo indígena mapuche de Chile, el palín o chueca.AbstractThe aim of this work is to analyse rule games and their importance in conveying understanding of the social world (values, beliefs, norms, roles, etc., following the Piagetian explanation of how children understand the rules of the games. Starting with the development of practical and theoretical grasp of rules the study includes children's understanding of meaning of games, their rules and play actions. A crosscultural comparison is used to explore the differences between how an understanding of rule is developed in a sporting game such as grass hockey in Spain and in a traditional game of the Mapuche indigenous tribe of Chile, such as palin (or chueca.

  18. Effectiveness of competitive activity of high class hockey players accounting a level of their self-esteem

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mikhnov A.P.


    Full Text Available Purpose : study the effect of increasing the level of self-esteem on the efficiency of competitive activity of high class players. Material : the study involved sixteen athletes (Atlanta, Moscow region. - Continental Hockey League. Results : it was found that the application of special training self-esteem increases the level of implementation of technical and tactical action games. Number of goals increased by 8.92%, assists - 21.5%, the total number of shots on goal - to 20.02%. Conclusions : it is recommended specialized program correction level of self-esteem from 10 separate studies. Classes have different target setting: habit forming positive attitudes towards themselves, develop skills of active life position, securing high self-esteem. The program is used for two weeks in the preparatory period of training.

  19. The construction of the training process highly skilled athletes in soccer and field hockey in the annual cycle of training

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kostyukevych V.M.


    Full Text Available The purpose of the study - to justify the theoretical and methodological principles and concepts of the training process of building highly skilled athletes in soccer and field hockey in the annual cycle of training. The results . Calculate the ratio of training loads of different orientation in the annual cycle of training. Means of producing football players in the annual training cycle is as follows: non-specific (general training exercise - 45.6%, specific - 54.4% (special training exercise - 4.1% subsidiary - 22, 7%, competitive - 27.6% . Means of producing players in the annual training cycle is as follows: non-specific (general training exercise - 49.0%, specific - 51.0% (special training - 2.3% subsidiary - 26.1%, competitive exercise - 22.0% .

  20. Adding whole body vibration to preconditioning exercise increases subsequent on-ice sprint performance in ice-hockey players. (United States)

    Rønnestad, Bent R; Slettaløkken, Gunnar; Ellefsen, Stian


    The phenomenon postactivation potentiation can possibly be used to acutely improve sprint performance. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of body-loaded half-squats with added whole body vibration (WBV) on subsequent 20 m on-ice sprint performance. Fifteen male ice-hockey players performed 4 test sessions on separate days and in a randomized order. Two of this test sessions were with WBV and 2 were with noWBV and the best sprint time was used to determine effectiveness. Each test session included preconditioning 30 seconds half-squat exercise, 2 of which were supplemented with 50 Hz WBV at a amplitude of 3 mm. One minute after the cessation of the preconditioning exercise, the 20 m sprint test was performed. Intermediate time was sampled after 10 m. Preconditioning exercise performed with 50 Hz WBV resulted in superior 10 m and 20 m sprint performance compared to preconditioning exercise performed without WBV (1.84 6 0.10 seconds vs. 1.89 6 0.10 seconds and 3.14 6 0.13 vs. 3.17 6 0.13 seconds, respectively, p # 0.01). There was no difference between the protocols in perceived well-being of the legs before the warm-up or after the warm up (p = 0.3). However, there was an improved well-being in the legs immediately after the preconditioning exercise with WBV (p , 0.05). In conclusion, preconditioning exercise performed with WBV at 50 Hz seems to enhance on-ice sprint performance in ice-hockey players. This suggests that coaches can incorporate such exercise into the preparation to specific sprint training to improve the quality of the training.

  1. Multinational outbreak of Salmonella Enteritidis infection during an international youth ice hockey competition in Riga, Latvia, preliminary report, March and April 2015. (United States)

    Pesola, A K; Parn, T; Huusko, S; Perevosčikovs, J; Ollgren, J; Salmenlinna, S; Lienemann, T; Gossner, C; Danielsson, N; Rimhanen-Finne, R


    A multinational outbreak of salmonellosis linked to the Riga Cup 2015 junior ice-hockey competition was detected by the Finnish health authorities in mid-April and immediately notified at the European Union level. This prompted an international outbreak investigation supported by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. As of 8 May 2015, seven countries have reported 214 confirmed and suspected cases, among which 122 from Finland. The search for the source of the outbreak is ongoing.

  2. Research on Status of Women’ s Hockey Reserve Talents in Jiangsu Province%江苏省女子曲棍球后备人才现状研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    陈金凤; 咸东进


    Through using the method of literature review and questionnaire , this paper makes analysis on status of women’s hockey reserve talents in Jiangsu province .The result shows that women ’s hockey talent source is nar-row Jiangsu province , age structure is too old , the mode of talent identification has higher scientization , athletes are involved in other sports before participating in hockey , traing years of majority are 3-4 years, athletes have good training attitude and motivation , but their cultural learning performance is unsatisfactory , Employment after retirement is poor .It suggests that we should promote the development of field hockey and overall development of athletes, broaden the way of athletes .%本文采用文献资料法、问卷调查法等研究方法,对江苏省女子曲棍球后备人才队伍现状进行研究,研究结果:江苏省女子曲棍球后备人才来源较为狭窄,年龄结构偏大,选材方式科学化较高,运动员从事曲棍球前均参与其他运动项目,绝大多数运动员训练年限在3-4年,运动员训练态度和动机较为成熟,但运动员文化学习成绩普遍不够理想,退役后的就业情况不佳。建议:推动曲棍球项目普及开展;促进运动员全面发展;拓宽运动员的出路。

  3. Influencing Factors on the Cohesive Force of Ice Hockey Team%冰球项目团队凝聚力的影响因素

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘文; 胡江


    凝聚力对冰球运动队比赛成绩优劣,以及团队长期可持续发展前景起着重要作用。分析影响冰球项目团队凝聚力的相关因素,是积极构建冰球项目团队凝聚力地基础。冰球队的长远发展目标、比赛任务、领导方式、管理措施与激励机制等构成冰球运动队凝聚力影响的外部环境要素,冰球队内的人员沟通与交流方式、人际关系、运动员的能力表现与运动成绩、冰球队的规模与稳定性、运动员的需求等构成冰球运动队凝聚力影响的内部因素。%The cohesive force plays an important role for an ice hockey team's competitive performance and long-term sustainable development.The paper analyzes the relevant factors of influencing an ice hockey team's cohesive force,which is the base of effectively building the ice hockey team's cohesive force.The external environment factors influencing the ice hockey team's cohesive force consist of its long-term development goals,competitive mission,leadership style,management measure and incentive mechanism.The internal factors consist of the team's interpersonal communication and relationship,the players' competitive performance and results,the team size and stability,the players' requirements.

  4. Minority Language Protection in Italy: Linguistic Minorities and the Media

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aline Sierp


    Full Text Available This article deals with the Italian case of minority language protection in the media. After providing a general introduction to the development of the protection of minority languages in Europe in general and of minority language broadcast media in Italy in particular, the article focuses on the role that mass media can play in the preservation or weakening of minority languages. By comparing different measures of protection adopted by national and regional authorities in Italy, the article aims to illustrate how these measures can be translated into different levels of development of broadcast media provisions for linguistic minorities. The article explores some of the effects different protective measures can have on the survival, status and economic conditions of the linguistic minority on the one hand, and the relationship with the state and the majority group on the other.

  5. 达斡尔族传统曲棍球竞技文化探骊%Competitive culture of traditional Daur hockey

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Of all the 56 peoples in China,there is only one nationality that maintains,inherits from generation to generation and develops overall hockey sport-that is Daur people. By exploring the origin of hockey culture,the interactive relationship between hockey culture and economy,politics,history,culture,education,religion is also straightened out,which is of practical significance for discovering its culture value and popularizing national culture.%在中华民族56个成员的大家庭中,有一个唯一保留和世代相传并普遍开展曲棍球运动的民族---达斡尔族。从曲棍球运动文化的起源入手,通过深入探寻达斡尔族传统曲棍球竞技文化源流,了解曲棍球竞技体育文化与经济、政治、历史、文化、教育、宗教等各领域的互动关系,对于发掘其文化价值,进一步弘扬民族文化具有一定的现实意义。

  6. Impact of maximum speed on sprint performance during high-level youth female field hockey matches: female athletes in motion (FAiM) study. (United States)

    Vescovi, Jason D


    The aim of this study was to examine the impact of maximum sprint speed on peak and mean sprint speed during youth female field hockey matches. Two high-level female field hockey teams (U-17, n = 24, and U-21, n = 20) were monitored during a 4-game international test series using global position system technology and tested for maximum sprint speed. Dependent variables were compared using a 3-factor ANOVA (age group, position, and speed classification); effect sizes (Cohen d) and confidence limits were also calculated. Maximum sprint speed was similar between age groups and positions, with faster players having greater speed than slower players (29.3 ± 0.4 vs 27.2 ± 1.1 km/h). Overall, peak match speed in youth female field hockey players reaches approximately 90% of maximum sprint speed. Absolute peak match speed and mean sprint speed during matches were similar among the age groups (except match 1) and positions (except match 2); however, peak match speed was greater for faster players in matches 3 and 4. No differences were observed in the relative proportion for mean sprint speeds for age groups or positions, but slower players consistently displayed similar relative mean sprint speeds by using a greater proportion of their maximum sprint speed.

  7. The role of visual perception measures used in sports vision programmes in predicting actual game performance in Division I collegiate hockey players. (United States)

    Poltavski, Dmitri; Biberdorf, David


    Abstract In the growing field of sports vision little is still known about unique attributes of visual processing in ice hockey and what role visual processing plays in the overall athlete's performance. In the present study we evaluated whether visual, perceptual and cognitive/motor variables collected using the Nike SPARQ Sensory Training Station have significant relevance to the real game statistics of 38 Division I collegiate male and female hockey players. The results demonstrated that 69% of variance in the goals made by forwards in 2011-2013 could be predicted by their faster reaction time to a visual stimulus, better visual memory, better visual discrimination and a faster ability to shift focus between near and far objects. Approximately 33% of variance in game points was significantly related to better discrimination among competing visual stimuli. In addition, reaction time to a visual stimulus as well as stereoptic quickness significantly accounted for 24% of variance in the mean duration of the player's penalty time. This is one of the first studies to show that some of the visual skills that state-of-the-art generalised sports vision programmes are purported to target may indeed be important for hockey players' actual performance on the ice.

  8. National Tests and minorities

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andreasen, Karen Egedal

    - and exclusion in both direct and in more indirect ways. Depending of its design and use it might also point to differences between pupils with references to categories such as clever, skilled, good, medium, average, below average, best etc.. These processes might be considered as problematic at the micro level...... in their orientation. In a policy perspective, the underlying motive may be a desire to evaluate and compare students’ academic development and performance as well as schools’ performance and goal attainment at the national level. National testing are based on the assumption that the tested pupils all speak the same...... language, and are often not adapted to the languages of minorities. However, regionally determined differences – for example, linguistic or cultural – often exhibit considerable influence over student performance in such national academic tests, with any such potential effects generally not considered...

  9. 冰球守门员心理训练模式的构建%Construction of Psychological Training Mode of Ice Hockey Goalkeeper

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    The goalkeeper is the core in ice hockey competition .Psychological changes of the goalkeeper in competition often determines the performance of the whole ice hockey team on the rink and has a decisive in-fluence on the results.Improving psychological quality is the precondition which guarantees goalkeepers ’ normal or extraordinary performance of sports skills in competition , is also the necessary way to perfect the ice hockey training system and strength athletes ’ performance.This paper discusses the important value of psychological training on ice hockey goalkeepers from the following aspects:improving ice hockey goalkeep-ers’ psychological pressure, keeping a high degree attention, enhancing the strain and response speed and controlling competition motions.It should pay attention to individual differences and the theory cognition lev-el, follow the step-by-step training concept and be targeted to effect the psychology on the goalkeeper in the construction of psychological training mode of ice hockey goalkeeper .And it proposes to start from devel-oping coaches to master basic psychological knowledge and methods , holding on long-term and short-term psychological training combined, with various psychological training methods to construct psychological train-ing mode of ice hockey goalkeeper .%  守门员在冰球运动中具有核心的作用,守门员比赛中心理变化情况往往决定了整支冰球队在场上的表现,对比赛成绩具有决定性的影响。提高守门员的心理素质是保证守门员在比赛中能正常或超常发挥运动技能的前提条件,也是完善冰球运动训练体系,增强运动员临场表现的必要途径。从改善守门员心理承压能力,保持高度注意力,提高应变反应速度,控制比赛情绪等几个方面论述了心理训练对冰球守门员的重要价值。提出冰球守门员心理训练模式构建中应注意个体差异与理论认知的水平,遵循循序

  10. Laboratory- and field-based testing as predictors of skating performance in competitive-level female ice hockey (United States)

    Henriksson, Tommy; Vescovi, Jason D; Fjellman-Wiklund, Anncristine; Gilenstam, Kajsa


    Objectives The purpose of this study was to examine whether field-based and/or laboratory-based assessments are valid tools for predicting key performance characteristics of skating in competitive-level female hockey players. Design Cross-sectional study. Methods Twenty-three female ice hockey players aged 15–25 years (body mass: 66.1±6.3 kg; height: 169.5±5.5 cm), with 10.6±3.2 years playing experience volunteered to participate in the study. The field-based assessments included 20 m sprint, squat jump, countermovement jump, 30-second repeated jump test, standing long jump, single-leg standing long jump, 20 m shuttle run test, isometric leg pull, one-repetition maximum bench press, and one-repetition maximum squats. The laboratory-based assessments included body composition (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry), maximal aerobic power, and isokinetic strength (Biodex). The on-ice tests included agility cornering s-turn, cone agility skate, transition agility skate, and modified repeat skate sprint. Data were analyzed using stepwise multivariate linear regression analysis. Linear regression analysis was used to establish the relationship between key performance characteristics of skating and the predictor variables. Results Regression models (adj R2) for the on-ice variables ranged from 0.244 to 0.663 for the field-based assessments and from 0.136 to 0.420 for the laboratory-based assessments. Single-leg tests were the strongest predictors for key performance characteristics of skating. Single leg standing long jump alone explained 57.1%, 38.1%, and 29.1% of the variance in skating time during transition agility skate, agility cornering s-turn, and modified repeat skate sprint, respectively. Isokinetic peak torque in the quadriceps at 90° explained 42.0% and 32.2% of the variance in skating time during agility cornering s-turn and modified repeat skate sprint, respectively. Conclusion Field-based assessments, particularly single-leg tests, are an adequate

  11. Linguistic Landscape and Minority Languages (United States)

    Cenoz, Jasone; Gorter, Durk


    This paper focuses on the linguistic landscape of two streets in two multilingual cities in Friesland (Netherlands) and the Basque Country (Spain) where a minority language is spoken, Basque or Frisian. The paper analyses the use of the minority language (Basque or Frisian), the state language (Spanish or Dutch) and English as an international…

  12. Ice hockey shoulder pad design and the effect on head response during shoulder-to-head impacts. (United States)

    Richards, Darrin; Ivarsson, B Johan; Scher, Irving; Hoover, Ryan; Rodowicz, Kathleen; Cripton, Peter


    Ice hockey body checks involving direct shoulder-to-head contact frequently result in head injury. In the current study, we examined the effect of shoulder pad style on the likelihood of head injury from a shoulder-to-head check. Shoulder-to-head body checks were simulated by swinging a modified Hybrid-III anthropomorphic test device (ATD) with and without shoulder pads into a stationary Hybrid-III ATD at 21 km/h. Tests were conducted with three different styles of shoulder pads (traditional, integrated and tethered) and without shoulder pads for the purpose of control. Head response kinematics for the stationary ATD were measured. Compared to the case of no shoulder pads, the three different pad styles significantly (p shoulder pads reduced linear head accelerations by an additional 18-21% beyond the other two styles of shoulder pads. The data presented here suggest that shoulder pads can be designed to help protect the head of the struck player in a shoulder-to-head check.

  13. A simple video-based timing system for on-ice team testing in ice hockey: a technical report. (United States)

    Larson, David P; Noonan, Benjamin C


    The purpose of this study was to describe and evaluate a newly developed on-ice timing system for team evaluation in the sport of ice hockey. We hypothesized that this new, simple, inexpensive, timing system would prove to be highly accurate and reliable. Six adult subjects (age 30.4 ± 6.2 years) performed on ice tests of acceleration and conditioning. The performance times of the subjects were recorded using a handheld stopwatch, photocell, and high-speed (240 frames per second) video. These results were then compared to allow for accuracy calculations of the stopwatch and video as compared with filtered photocell timing that was used as the "gold standard." Accuracy was evaluated using maximal differences, typical error/coefficient of variation (CV), and intraclass correlation coefficients (ICCs) between the timing methods. The reliability of the video method was evaluated using the same variables in a test-retest analysis both within and between evaluators. The video timing method proved to be both highly accurate (ICC: 0.96-0.99 and CV: 0.1-0.6% as compared with the photocell method) and reliable (ICC and CV within and between evaluators: 0.99 and 0.08%, respectively). This video-based timing method provides a very rapid means of collecting a high volume of very accurate and reliable on-ice measures of skating speed and conditioning, and can easily be adapted to other testing surfaces and parameters.

  14. Restricted Factors and Countermeasures for the Development of Chinese Ice Hockey Players%我国冰球运动发展的制约因素及对策

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    宁文静; 王淑华


    冰球运动是一项冬季体育运动中唯一的球类集体项目,其运动水平可以代表一个国家冬季运动的总体水平。对我国冰球运动现状进行分析,找出目前我国冰球运动存在项目普及萎缩,后备人才短缺;培养体制不完善,场地、器材匮乏;教练员教练水平低,创新意识差;科技投入少,科学化训练水平低等制约因素。提出加大冰球运动后备人才培养力度;制定、完善冰球运动员培养、输送体制;提升冰球运动教练员的整体素质;强化冰球运动科学化训练体系等解决对策,为让冰球运动重新在中国的大地上蓬勃开展起来,打造中国冰球崭新的未来提供参考。%Ice hockey is the only team ball game of winter sports , its sports level can represent the winter sports level of a country .By analyzing the status of Chinese ice hockey , this paper has found out that there are many restricted factors of Chinese ice hockey , such as project popularization declining , shortages of re-served talents;training system is not perfect , lack of venues and equipments;low level of coaches , poor in-novation consciousness;low technology input , low level of scientific training .The paper puts forward that we should strengthen the reserved talents training of ice hockey; outline and perfect the training conveying system of ice hockey players;improve the overall quality of coaches;strengthen scientific training system of ice hockey and other solutions , in order to give a reference for having a great boom in ice hockey in China and creating a new future of Chinese ice hockey .

  15. Multiple Off-Ice Performance Variables Predict On-Ice Skating Performance in Male and Female Division III Ice Hockey Players

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    effrey M. Janot, Nicholas M. Beltz, Lance D. Dalleck


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study was to determine if off-ice performance variables could predict on-ice skating performance in Division III collegiate hockey players. Both men (n = 15 and women (n = 11 hockey players (age = 20.5 ± 1.4 years participated in the study. The skating tests were agility cornering S-turn, 6.10 m acceleration, 44.80 m speed, modified repeat skate, and 15.20 m full speed. Off-ice variables assessed were years of playing experience, height, weight and percent body fat and off-ice performance variables included vertical jump (VJ, 40-yd dash (36.58m, 1-RM squat, pro-agility, Wingate peak power and peak power percentage drop (% drop, and 1.5 mile (2.4km run. Results indicated that 40-yd dash (36.58m, VJ, 1.5 mile (2.4km run, and % drop were significant predictors of skating performance for repeat skate (slowest, fastest, and average time and 44.80 m speed time, respectively. Four predictive equations were derived from multiple regression analyses: 1 slowest repeat skate time = 2.362 + (1.68 x 40-yd dash time + (0.005 x 1.5 mile run, 2 fastest repeat skate time = 9.762 - (0.089 x VJ - (0.998 x 40-yd dash time, 3 average repeat skate time = 7.770 + (1.041 x 40-yd dash time - (0.63 x VJ + (0.003 x 1.5 mile time, and 4 47.85 m speed test = 7.707 - (0.050 x VJ - (0.01 x % drop. It was concluded that selected off-ice tests could be used to predict on-ice performance regarding speed and recovery ability in Division III male and female hockey players.

  16. Legal Rights for Criminal Minors

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    IN a theft case cracked in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, the seven juvenile delinquents involved were mainly junior middle school students around 13 to 14 years old. What are the legal rights they can enjoy when brought to trial? It is clearly defined in the Law of the People's Republic of China for the Protection of Minors enforced on September 4, 1991. Minors refers to citizens below the age of 18.

  17. On-ice sweat rate, voluntary fluid intake, and sodium balance during practice in male junior ice hockey players drinking water or a carbohydrate-electrolyte solution. (United States)

    Palmer, Matthew S; Logan, Heather M; Spriet, Lawrence L


    This study evaluated the repeatability of hydration and sweat measurements taken during on-ice hockey practices with players drinking only water, and determined whether having only a carbohydrate-electrolyte solution (CES) to drink during practices decreased fluid intake or affected other hydration and (or) sweat measures. All testing was conducted on elite players of an Ontario Hockey League team (+/-SE; mean age, 17.6 +/- 0.3 years; mean height, 182.9 +/- 1.4 cm; mean body mass, 83.0 +/- 1.7 kg). Players were studied 3 times over the course of 6 weekly on-ice practices (+/-SE; mean playing time, 1.58 +/- 0.07 h; mean temperature, 11.4 +/- 0.8 degrees C; mean relative humidity, 52% +/- 3%). There was strong repeatability of the measured hydration and sweat parameters between 2 similar on-ice practices when players drank only water. Limiting the players to drinking only a CES (as opposed to water) did not decrease fluid intake during practice (+/-SE; mean CES intake, 0.72 +/- 0.07 L.h-1 vs. mean water intake, 0.82 +/- 0.08 L.h-1) or affect sweat rate (1.5 +/- 0.1 L.h-1 vs. 1.5 +/- 0.1 L.h-1), sweat sodium concentration (72.4 +/- 5.6 mmol.L-1 vs. 73.0 +/- 4.4 mmol.L-1), or percent body mass loss (1.1% +/- 0.2% vs. 0.9% +/- 0.2%). Drinking a CES also improved sodium balance (-2.1 +/- 0.2 g.h-1 vs. -2.6 +/- 0.3 g.h-1) and provided the players with a significant carbohydrate (43 +/- 4 g.h-1 vs. 0 +/- 0 g.h-1) during practice. In summary, a single field sweat test during similar on-ice hockey practices in male junior hockey players is sufficient to evaluate fluid and electrolyte balance. Also, a CES does not affect voluntary fluid intake during practice, compared with water, in these players. The CES provided some salt to offset the salt lost in sweat, and carbohydrate, which may help maintain physical and mental performance in the later stages of practice.

  18. 世界女子曲棍球项目制胜手段研究--基于2014年世界杯女子曲棍球赛%The Study of the Means of Winning the Women's Hockey Game Based on the Review Perspectives of Women's Hockey Game in the World Cup

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Utilising the literature data, expert interviews, video analysis and mathematical statistics, based on the analysis of the development and tendency of women 's hockey, it is found that team spirit, tactical discipline, fast and effective attack, strong mind and sophisticated playing techniques are the basic means for winning the Women's Hockey Game. The use of statistics analy-sis for the 2014 Women's Hockey Game in the World Cup proves the importance of the fast and effective attack as a means of winning the Women's Hockey Game. It is also what Chinese team needs to enhance in the training. At the same time, it further proves the science and effectiveness of the training of the leading teams such as Dutch, Argentine and Australian women's hockey team.%利用文献资料法、专家访谈法、录像分析法和数理统计法,分析世界女子曲棍球项目的发展趋势,结果发现,团队精神和战术纪律、快速有效的进攻、坚强的意志品质以及精细的技术是女子曲棍球制胜的基本手段;利用统计学手段对2014年世界杯女子曲棍球赛中各队进攻数据的相关性分析证明了快速有效的进攻在女子曲棍球项目制胜手段中的重要性,这也是中国在今后训练中亟待加强的方面;同时也进一步佐证了荷兰、阿根廷以及澳大利亚等女子曲棍球强队训练的科学性与有效性。

  19. Minority workers or minority human beings? A European dilemma (United States)

    Skutnabb-Kangas, Tove; Phillipson, Robert


    "European" identities may be politonymic, toponymic, ethnomyic or linguonymic (Bromley 1984). Each dimension may affect whether migrant minorities are treated as "European", and influence their schooling, integration and rights. Treatment and terminology vary in different states and periods of migration. However, the position for immigrated minorities is that they are still largely seen as workers rather than human beings with equal rights. Lack of success in schools is blamed on the migrants themselves rather than the educational system. This construction of migrants as being deficient is parallel to educational practice which falls within a UN definition of linguistic genocide, and contributes to mis-education. If current efforts in international bodies to codify educational linguistic human rights were to lead to greater support for minorities, this could assist in a redefinition of national identities and a reduction of racism and conflict.

  20. Minors and Sexting: Legal Implications. (United States)

    Lorang, Melissa R; McNiel, Dale E; Binder, Renée L


    Sexting is the sending or forwarding of sexually explicit photographs or videos of the sender or someone known to the sender via cell phone. It has become common practice among young people, as cell phones are being given to adolescents at ever younger ages. Youths often send messages without giving appropriate thought to the content of the images. In studies on the subject, rates of minors who have sent sexual images range from 4 to 25 percent, depending on the age of the youths surveyed, the content of the messages and other factors. Because transferring and viewing sexually explicit material when the subject is a minor can be considered child pornography, there can be serious legal consequences. Several states have enacted legislation to help differentiate between child pornography and sexting by minors. The trend reflected in statutes has been that minors involved in sexting without other exacerbating circumstances should be charged with a less serious offense. There is no clear national consensus on how sexting by minors is adjudicated, and therefore we compared several statutes. Case examples are used to illustrate the range of legal outcomes, from felony charges to no charges. Two sexting episodes that were followed by suicide are described. We also address the role of the forensic mental health professional.

  1. Position-specific performance indicators that discriminate between successful and unsuccessful teams in elite women's indoor field hockey: implications for coaching. (United States)

    Vinson, Don; Peters, Derek M


    The aim of this investigation was to establish median performance profiles for the six playing positions in elite women's indoor hockey and then identify whether these position-specific profiles could discriminate between qualifying (top four), mid-table and relegated teams in the 2011-2012 England Hockey premier league. Successful passing in relegated teams was significantly lower (P teams in four of the five outfield positions. Furthermore, the right backs of qualifying teams demonstrated significantly fewer (P teams (x̃ = 19.5 ± CLs 21.0 and 17.0; x̃ = 7.5 ± CLs 8.0 and 6.0, respectively). Finally, the right forwards of relegated teams demonstrated significantly fewer (P teams (x̃ = 5.0 ± CLs 6.0 and 3.0, respectively) and significantly more (P teams (x̃ = 3.0 ± CLs 3.0 and 2.0, respectively). Based on these findings, coaches should adapt tactical strategies and personnel deployment accordingly to enhance the likelihood of preparing a qualifying team. Research should build from these data to examine dribbling, pressing and patterns of play when outletting.

  2. Dictionary of minor planet names

    CERN Document Server

    Schmadel, Lutz D


    Until recently, minor planet name citations were scattered in the astronomical literature, and the origin of many names remained obscure In 1988 the IAU Commission 20 established a study group to elucidate the meanings of asteroid names Later on the author continued in collecting and indexing all new relevant data This book contains the names, and their meanings, of all - as yet 5252 - named minor planets It informs about the discoverers as well as the circumstances of the discovery of all 7041 minor planets that were numbered up to June 1996 In addition to being of practical value for identification purposes, the collection provides a most interesting historical insight into the work of those astronomers who over two centuries vested their affinities in a rich and colourful variety of ingenious names, from heavenly goddesses to more prosaic constructions This third, revised and enlarged edition comprises about 40% more information than was provided with the first one of 1992

  3. Happiness and Sexual Minority Status. (United States)

    Thomeer, Mieke Beth; Reczek, Corinne


    We used logistic regression on nationally representative data (General Social Survey, N = 10,668 and N = 6680) to examine how sexual minority status related to happiness. We considered two central dimensions of sexual minority status-sexual behavior and sexual identity. We distinguished between same-sex, both-sex, and different-sex-oriented participants. Because individuals transition between sexual behavior categories over the life course (e.g., from both-sex partners to only same-sex partners) and changes in sexual minority status have theoretical associations with well-being, we also tested the associations of transitions with happiness. Results showed that identifying as bisexual, gay, or lesbian, having both male and female partners since age 18, or transitioning to only different-sex partners was negatively related to happiness. Those with only same-sex partners since age 18 or in the past 5 years had similar levels of happiness as those with only different-sex partners since age 18. Additional tests showed that the majority of these happiness differences became non-significant when economic and social resources were included, indicating that the lower happiness was a product of structural and societal forces. Our findings clearly and robustly underscored the importance of taking a multi-faceted approach to understanding sexuality and well-being, demonstrating that not all sexual minority groups experience disadvantaged happiness. Our study calls for more attention to positive aspects of well-being such as happiness in examinations of sexual minorities and suggests that positive psychology and other happiness subfields should consider the role of sexual minority status in shaping happiness.

  4. Main Factors Influencing the Formation of Competitive Ability of Ice Hockey Players%冰球运动员竞技能力形成的主导影响因素

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    申利军; 左斌


    The competitive ability of ice hockey players is one or the important factors for success in games . The competitive ability of ice hockey players is influenced by many factors , except the innate body shape , sports quality potential , special sports intelligence and other genetic factors;From the view of training , the coach plays an important role in the competitive ability of ice hockey players , combination scientific ability with biological technology , training arrangement in different stages , the systematicness of training plans , training load arrangement and requirement and so on is the scientific guarantee of improving the competitive ability of ice hockey;From the view of social environment , the conflict of traditional culture and the compe-tition value of ice hockey gives a negative influence on the competitive ability of players , good environment of the team has a positive influence on the competitive ability of players , ice hockey competition promotes the development of the competitive ability of ice hockey players .%冰球运动员的竞技能力是在比赛中获得胜利的关键因素之一。冰球运动员竞技能力受多种因素共同作用,除先天的身体体形、运动素质潜力、专项运动智力等遗传因素外;从训练的角度看,教练员对冰球运动员竞技能力起着关键作用,科技能力和生物科技手段相结合、冰球运动员在不同阶段的训练安排、训练计划的系统性、训练负荷安排和要求等是构成提高冰球项目竞技能力的科学保障;从社会环境的角度看,传统文化与冰球项目竞赛价值的冲突对运动员竞技能力易产生负面的影响,球队内部良好的环境对运动员竞技能力产生积极的影响,冰球竞赛促进冰球运动员竞技能力的发展。

  5. Minorities in Housing Administration in Higher Education. (United States)

    Welty, John D.


    Surveyed 208 institutions to determine the number of minority employees in college housing programs and their job classifications. Found an increasing number of minority employees, but a higher percentage of minority employees holding nonprofessional positions. Suggests additional efforts to increase minority employees at the central housing…

  6. Tobacco Use among Sexual Minorities (United States)

    Bryant, Lawrence O.; Bowman, Lorenzo


    This chapter addresses tobacco use among sexual minorities. It examines research on the prevalence of tobacco use in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community and discusses why tobacco use within this group continues to significantly exceed that of the general population.

  7. Minority Student Progress Report, 1991. (United States)

    Diaz, Porfirio R.; Luan, Jing

    This report offers a consolidated systemwide analysis of key issues and recommendations for improvement of minority recruitment and retention at Arizona State Universities and an evaluation of progress toward achieving Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) approved recruitment and graduation goals. A description of ABOR system goals notes three goals:…

  8. Reliability, usefulness, and validity of the 30-15 Intermittent Ice Test in young elite ice hockey players. (United States)

    Buchheit, Martin; Lefebvre, Benjamin; Laursen, Paul B; Ahmaidi, Said


    The purpose of this study was to examine the reliability, usefulness, and validity of the 30-15 Intermittent Ice Test (30-15(IIT)) in 17 young elite ice hockey players. For the reliability and usefulness study, players performed the 30-15(IIT) 7 days apart. For the validity study, data derived from the first 30-15(IIT) were compared with those obtained from the 30-15 Intermittent Fitness Test (30-15(IFT), the running version of this test used as a reference marker for its ability to assess cardiovascular fitness in the field, that is, VO₂peak). Maximal speed, heart rate at exhaustion (HR(peak)) and postexercise blood-lactate levels ([La](b)) were collected for all tests, whereas submaximal HR was taken at stages 4 and 8 (HR(stage4) and HR(stage8)) during the 30-15(IIT). All intra-class correlation coefficients were >0.94. Coefficients of variation were 1.6% (90% CI, 1.3-2.3), 1.7% (1.3-2.8), 1.4% (1.0-2.2), and 0.7% (0.5-1.1) for maximal skating speed, HR(stage4), HR(stage8), and HR(peak), respectively. Correlations between maximal velocities and HR(peak) obtained for the 30-15(IIT) vs. 30-15(IFT) were very large (r = 0.72) and large (r = 0.61), respectively. Maximal skating speed was also largely correlated to estimated VO₂peak (r = 0.71). There was however no correlation for [La](b) values between both tests (r = 0.42). These results highlight the specificity of the on-ice 30-15(IIT) and show it to be a reliable and valid test for assessing cardiorespiratory fitness in young elite players. Coaches could interpret a change in performance of at least 2 stages, or a change in submaximal HR of more than 8% (≈8 b·min⁻¹) during the eighth stage to be a meaningful change in skating fitness.

  9. Multiple Off-Ice Performance Variables Predict On-Ice Skating Performance in Male and Female Division III Ice Hockey Players. (United States)

    Janot, Jeffrey M; Beltz, Nicholas M; Dalleck, Lance D


    The purpose of this study was to determine if off-ice performance variables could predict on-ice skating performance in Division III collegiate hockey players. Both men (n = 15) and women (n = 11) hockey players (age = 20.5 ± 1.4 years) participated in the study. The skating tests were agility cornering S-turn, 6.10 m acceleration, 44.80 m speed, modified repeat skate, and 15.20 m full speed. Off-ice variables assessed were years of playing experience, height, weight and percent body fat and off-ice performance variables included vertical jump (VJ), 40-yd dash (36.58m), 1-RM squat, pro-agility, Wingate peak power and peak power percentage drop (% drop), and 1.5 mile (2.4km) run. Results indicated that 40-yd dash (36.58m), VJ, 1.5 mile (2.4km) run, and % drop were significant predictors of skating performance for repeat skate (slowest, fastest, and average time) and 44.80 m speed time, respectively. Four predictive equations were derived from multiple regression analyses: 1) slowest repeat skate time = 2.362 + (1.68 x 40-yd dash time) + (0.005 x 1.5 mile run), 2) fastest repeat skate time = 9.762 - (0.089 x VJ) - (0.998 x 40-yd dash time), 3) average repeat skate time = 7.770 + (1.041 x 40-yd dash time) - (0.63 x VJ) + (0.003 x 1.5 mile time), and 4) 47.85 m speed test = 7.707 - (0.050 x VJ) - (0.01 x % drop). It was concluded that selected off-ice tests could be used to predict on-ice performance regarding speed and recovery ability in Division III male and female hockey players. Key pointsThe 40-yd dash (36.58m) and vertical jump tests are significant predictors of on-ice skating performance specific to speed.In addition to 40-yd dash and vertical jump, the 1.5 mile (2.4km) run for time and percent power drop from the Wingate anaerobic power test were also significant predictors of skating performance that incorporates the aspect of recovery from skating activity.Due to the specificity of selected off-ice variables as predictors of on-ice performance, coaches can

  10. 冰球运动员肱骨外上髁炎的防治%Treatment and Precaution on the Ice Hockey Players' Humeral Lateral Epicondylitis

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    高文岳; 宋克宁


    The incidence of ice hockey players'athletic injuries is high because it's not only a fierce confrontational event with heavy intensity, fast speed, high difficulty and continual body contact, but also an athletic event with high requirement of muscle strength and flexility. Humeral lateral epieondylitis is one of the ice hockey players'most common athletic injuries, which is related with their frequent swinging the stick to hit the puck in playing. Wrong or delayed treatment and precaution will badly influence their athletic life and even their future daily living. By analyzing its pathogeny and pathology, the paper indicates the ice hockey players' common symptoms physical sign and diagnosis of humeral lateral epicondylitis. It many - sidedly puts forward and demonstrates the treatment and precaution against the players'humeral lateral epicondylitis.%冰球运动是一项强度大、速度快、难度高并且身体接触频繁的激烈对抗性体育运动,也是一项对肌肉力量素质和柔韧性素质要求很高的运动项目,运动损伤的发生率较高。肱骨外上髁炎在冰球运动员群体中是最常见的运动损伤之一,主要是运动员经常挥拍击球有关,如预防和治疗不正确、不及时,不仅会严重影响运动员的运动寿命,甚至影响今后的日常生活。分析和总结了冰球运动员肱骨外上髁炎发生的病因病理,指出了冰球运动员肱骨外上髁炎的常见症状、体征和诊断要点,从多方面提出和论证了冰球运动员肱骨外上髁炎的治疗和预防措施。

  11. Bussing of Ethnic Minority Children

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jacobsen, Gro Hellesdatter


    This article concerns the rights and duties of ethnic minority children in education in Denmark. More specifically, it discusses the policy of compulsory bussing of ethnic minority children based on language screenings that was legalized by the Danish Parliament in 2005. The policy concerns......, namely the right to free choice of school and the right – or duty? – to obtain more-equal opportunities in education. The policy creates a dilemma between these two rights and furthermore between a right and a duty to obtain better education results. The article discusses whether the bussing policy may...... be seen as an indication of a broader tendency for formerly established rights to be blurred and for duties to replace rights in education and in welfare more generally....

  12. Young ethnic minorities in education

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Mørck, Line Lerche


    In Danish as well as in international comparative educational research, there is a tendency to foreground lack of skills or lack of achievement in discussions about learning among ethnic minorities[1]. Empirically, this kind of research (see for example Ragnvid, 2005, about the PISA-Copenhagen re......In Danish as well as in international comparative educational research, there is a tendency to foreground lack of skills or lack of achievement in discussions about learning among ethnic minorities[1]. Empirically, this kind of research (see for example Ragnvid, 2005, about the PISA......-Copenhagen results) is based on statistics and test scores - and it often lacks a basis in a theoretical understanding of how learning comes about. Theoretical and qualitative examples of recent educational research about ethnic minorities are often poststructuralist analyses of discourses and social categories...... come to be positioned in ways which can cumulatively disadvantage them trough intersections of ‘race', gender and social class. The factors that produce such cumulative disadvantage can surely be thought of as institutional racism, however unwitting and unintended" (Phoenix, 2001, p. 137...

  13. Modificación en la composición corporal de jugadores de Hockey luego del período de preparación


    Perrice, Constanza


    El presente estudio tiene como objetivo determinar la relación entre el tipo de alimentación y el cambio en la composición corporal en jugadores de hockey sobre césped masculino que integran el Seleccionado Bonaerense de primera división, luego del período de preparación del año 2009 y si se ve influenciado por el grado de información en el campo de la nutrición deportiva. A través del mismo se establece la variación en el porcentaje de masa magra y masa grasa, mediante medi...

  14. Myelin Water Fraction Is Transiently Reduced after a Single Mild Traumatic Brain Injury--A Prospective Cohort Study in Collegiate Hockey Players.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexander D Wright

    Full Text Available Impact-related mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBI are a major public health concern, and remain as one of the most poorly understood injuries in the field of neuroscience. Currently, the diagnosis and management of such injuries are based largely on patient-reported symptoms. An improved understanding of the underlying pathophysiology of mTBI is urgently needed in order to develop better diagnostic and management protocols. Specifically, dynamic post-injury changes to the myelin sheath in the human brain have not been examined, despite 'compromised white matter integrity' often being described as a consequence of mTBI. In this preliminary cohort study, myelin water imaging was used to prospectively evaluate changes in myelin water fraction, derived from the T2 decay signal, in two varsity hockey teams (45 players over one season of athletic competition. 11 players sustained a concussion during competition, and were scanned at 72 hours, 2 weeks, and 2 months post-injury. Results demonstrated a reduction in myelin water fraction at 2 weeks post-injury in several brain areas relative to preseason scans, including the splenium of the corpus callosum, right posterior thalamic radiation, left superior corona radiata, left superior longitudinal fasciculus, and left posterior limb of the internal capsule. Myelin water fraction recovered to pre-season values by 2 months post-injury. These results may indicate transient myelin disruption following a single mTBI, with subsequent remyelination of affected neurons. Myelin disruption was not apparent in the athletes who did not experience a concussion, despite exposure to repetitive subconcussive trauma over a season of collegiate hockey. These findings may help to explain many of the metabolic and neurological deficits observed clinically following mTBI.

  15. Minority students benefit from mentoring programs. (United States)

    Cullen, D L; Rodak, B; Fitzgerald, N; Baker, S


    Mentoring has been proposed as one strategy to attract minority students to the radiologic sciences profession. This case study describes a minority mentoring program conducted for pre-radiologic science students at a Midwestern university during the 1991-92 academic year. Ten minority radiologic science students enrolled in the mentoring program. The study showed that mentoring may be a viable option to serve the special needs of minorities for recruitment and retention.

  16. Minor uses: national and international activities. (United States)

    Meijer, A C


    Through the national and international approaches we hope to achieve proper solutions for minor use problems. At the national level, the following foundations/parties give support to organizations/individuals who need support in finding solutions: [table: see text] At the international level the Minor Use Helpdesk, but especially the Technical Group within the Expert Group on Minor Uses initiated by the EU Commission, will play an important role in solving minor use problems.

  17. Building Effective Minority Programs in Engineering Education. (United States)

    National Academy of Sciences - National Research Council, Washington, DC. Assembly of Engineering.

    Two surveys were conducted to identify the essential characteristics of minority engineering programs and to provide summaries of ongoing minority programs in a broad sampling of engineering schools. The first surveyed colleges with the largest minority enrollments, including the 6 traditionally Black schools and 45 predominantly white schools.…

  18. Majoritarian tyranny in a world of minorities

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    M.A.R.M. Salih (Mohamed)


    textabstractDespite the political upheavals, conflicts, war and genocide generated by unequal and unjust minority-majority relations, the term minority people entered social science terminology for the first time in 19321 • According to Davis (1979: 2), minority studies were initially largely confin

  19. 14 CFR 152.419 - Minority business. (United States)


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 3 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Minority business. 152.419 Section 152.419... AIRPORT AID PROGRAM Nondiscrimination in Airport Aid Program § 152.419 Minority business. Each person subject to this subpart is required to comply with the Minority Business Enterprise Regulations of...

  20. 38 CFR 1.464 - Minor patients. (United States)


    ... Or Alcohol Abuse, Infection with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (hiv), Or Sickle Cell Anemia § 1.464 Minor patients. (a) Definition of minor. As used in §§ 1.460 through 1.499 of this part the term... authorized under § 1.475 of this part may be given only by the minor patient. This restriction includes,...

  1. Children of ethnic minority backgrounds

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Johansen, Stine Liv


    media products and toys just as they will have knowledge of different media texts, play genres, rhymes etc. This has consequences for their ability to access social settings, for instance in play. New research in this field will focus on how children themselves make sense of this balancing of cultures......Children of ethnic minority background balance their everyday life between a cultural background rooted in their ethnic origin and a daily life in day care, schools and with peers that is founded in a majority culture. This means, among other things, that they often will have access to different...

  2. Work and minor work contracts

    CERN Document Server


    The Work and Minor Work contracts are all of the result-oriented type. The work is specified by CERN and the contractor is given full responsibility for its performance. The contracts are thus very similar to supply contracts. The re-tendering of the existing contracts is almost complete, except for some building maintenance contracts. A new cycle of re-tendering for some activities will be launched in the next twelve months. The total estimated expenditure in the year 2000 for the contracts referred to in this document is 27 750 000 Swiss francs at 1999 prices. The Finance Committee is invited: - to approve the proposed expenditure for the extension of contracts for which the estimated amount for the year 2000 exceeds 750 000 Swiss francs, namely those under references 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 23, highlighted in Table I; - to take note that all Work and Minor Work contracts have been tendered since 1 January 1994, except the small contracts shown under references 12 and 16 in Table I; - to take note that the ...

  3. Editorial Commentary: Helping Those Who Seek the Company of "Lord Stanley": Hockey Players and Hip Injuries Highlight the Current State and Future Challenges in Understanding, Treating, and Preventing Nonarthritic Hip Disease. (United States)

    Christoforetti, John


    The state of the art in caring for athletic hip injuries requires comprehensive understanding of dynamic sport-specific biomechanical demands, accurate musculoskeletal diagnosis, and a mindset towards matching hip structure with functional demand at all levels of play. The sport of hockey presents a unique opportunity to review these fundamentals of modern management and illuminates the way towards future understanding of the cause of common nonarthritic hip conditions.

  4. Cornered by reality: circuit minors

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José A. Moreno Mena


    Full Text Available The present study examines a category of migrant children named “circuit minors.” This category includes unaccompanied migrant children and adolescents who cross the border continuously for various reasons and are typically associated with criminal gangs and human and drug traffickers. The aim of this paper is to highlight the problem and consider the risks and the state of social vulnerability in which this population lives. These categories of children and adolescent migrants are identified through a review of the literature, newspaper archives, and official statistics. The study draws on interviews with key informants to characterize this population. We conclude that there is a need to review existing frameworks for the protection of migrant children and to create an action protocol for officials who have contact with these children to ensure their best interests.

  5. Minority Serving Institutions Reporting System Database (United States)

    Social Security Administration — The database will be used to track SSA's contributions to Minority Serving Institutions such as Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), Tribal Colleges...

  6. Comparative Study on the Training Mode of Chinese and Swedish Ice Hockey Reserve Talents%中国与瑞典冰球后备人才培养的比较研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Sweden is one of the best countries which develop ice hockey reserve talents .Its training mode of ice hockey reserve talents has positive effects on our country .The results indicate that there is a bigger gap between Chinese and Swedish ice hockey reserve talents .And the important factor is lack of strong mass ba-sis of ice hockey and a scientific and effective ice hockey reserve talents system .According to the situation, this paper puts up that Chinese ice hockey management should strengthen and improve the management sys -tem, establish the ice hockey reserve talents system which fit in with the needs of society and economic de -velopment, such as organized sports and education departments and social organizations which is investment subject with single or combinatorial properties the , and construct training system of multi -channel and dif-ferent forms.%  瑞典是冰球后备人才发展较好的国家之一,其冰球后备人才培养的模式对我国冰球后备人才的培养具有积极的借鉴作用。通过对文献、资料和相关数据的研究,从中国与瑞典两国冰球发展背景,后备人才梯队结构,后备人才培养方式,青少年运动员的储备,青少年运动员占人口的比例等几个方面分析我国与瑞典冰球后备人才的培养情况。结果表明,我国目前冰球后备人才的培养与冰球强国瑞典存在较大差距,其重要的因素在于我国缺乏雄厚冰球运动的群众基础和一个科学并行之有效的冰球后备人才培养体系。针对上述状况提出了我国冰球管理部门应加强和完善管理体制,尽快建立符合我国社会需要与经济发展的冰球后备人才培养机制。如,组织体育、教育部门及社会团体单独或组合性质的投资主体,构建多渠道、多形式的培养体系。

  7. Discussion on Short Corner China Women’S Field Hockey Team%浅谈中国女子曲棍球队短角球战术研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    陈朝霞; 吴熙


    Field hockey short corner is the most effective means of scoring, it has the speed of a short break, with flexible and difficult defensive characteristics, a team high and low success rate in the short corner team can win is an important factor;a lot of competition important outcome of the race is from the short corner to determine the success rate, so the national team will be as a focus of the study. Based on the Chinese team in the World Cup, world championships, Olympic Games and other major competitions in the short corner tactical technical statistics to compare the same event China women’s hockey between the other teams offensive and defensive short corner , and in China women’s hockey major race in offensive and defensive short corner to make a comparative analysis reveals the short corner in the China women’s hockey the importance of tactics to find China women’s hockey between World Championship In the short corner tactical gaps and shortcomings, and attempts to reveal the success rate China women’s hockey short corner and the relationship between results of the competition. Finally, analysis of China women’s hockey team comments and suggestions for preparing.%短角球是曲棍球比赛中最有效的得分手段,它具有破门速度短、配合方式灵活、防守难度大等特点,一个球队短角球成功率的高低是该队能否取得胜利的重要因素;很多大赛、重要比赛的结果也是由短角球的成功率来决定的,因此各国球队都将其作为研究的重点。通过对中国队在重大比赛中短角球战术的技术统计,比较在相同赛事中中国女曲与其他参赛队之间短角球的进攻和防守,中国女曲在各大赛中短角球的进攻和防守做出比较分析,揭示短角球战术在中国女曲中的重要性,找出中国女曲与世界强队之间在短角球战术上的差距和不足,并试图揭示中国女曲短角球成功率与比赛结果间的关系。最

  8. First record of Molorchus minor minor (Linnaeus (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae in Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ubirajara R. Martins


    Full Text Available Molorchus minor minor (Linnaeus (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae is recorded for the first time in Brazil (Bahia. It was originally described from Europe and is currently widely distributed in that continent and Asia.

  9. Committee on Minorities in Engineering, 1977. (United States)

    National Academy of Sciences - National Research Council, Washington, DC. Assembly of Engineering.

    At a two-day symposium, 250 engineers, educators, and university and industrial leaders gathered to discuss various approaches to the recruitment, training, and financial support of minority students in engineering. It was decided to increase the nation's minority engineers within a decade by raising the annual number of graduates from 500 to…

  10. 22 CFR 51.28 - Minors. (United States)


    ... acting in loco parentis. (i) A person may apply in loco parentis on behalf of a minor under age 16 by... person acting in loco parentis executes the application, in cases of exigent or special family... loco parentis who is applying for a passport for a minor under age 16 under this paragraph must...

  11. [Minor Uralic languages...] / Väino Klaus

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Klaus, Väino, 1949-


    Arvustus: Minor Uralic languages and their contacts / University of Tartu ; editor A. Künnap. Tartu : University of Tartu, 1993 ; Minor Uralic languages: structure and development : [artikleid ja materjale / edited and preface by Ago Künnap]. Tartu : [Tartu University Press] ; Groningen : University of Groningen, 1994

  12. Criminal Victimization of Minorities: A Statistical Profile. (United States)

    Wiltz, Carroll


    Low socioeconomic status, lack of equal opportunities, and high concentrations of minorities in urban slums were found to correlate highly with crimes committed by and against minorities according to this study. Studies indicate that violent and property related crimes are committed more often against Blacks than Whites at neighborhood and…

  13. Do Double Minority Students Face Double Jeopardy? Testing Minority Stress Theory (United States)

    Hayes, Jeffrey A.; Chun-Kennedy, Caitlin; Edens, Astrid; Locke, Benjamin D.


    Data from 2 studies revealed that ethnic and sexual minority clients experienced greater psychological distress on multiple dimensions than did European American or heterosexual clients, respectively, as did ethnic and sexual minority students who were not clients. Among sexual minority students, ethnicity was not an added source of distress.…

  14. 冰球运动员团队凝聚力的培养%Development of the Ice Hockey Players' Team Cohesiveness

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘文; 侯文才; 侯爽


    在冰球比赛中,发扬团队精神是制胜的重要因素,为了培养和提高团队凝聚力,必须从加强文化学习和思想教育塑造共同的理想,建立开放式、学习型沟通与交流渠道,建立良好的管理方式,明确的训练任务与比赛目标、制定适宜难度的训练计划、开展必要的训练评价等多个方面进行工作。%In ice hockey competition, carrying on the team spirit is an important winning factor. In order to develop and improve the team cohesiveness, it should start to work in following various aspects: enhance the cultural learning and ideological education to form a same ideals, construct a communication channel of opening and learning type, build a well management mode and clear training task and competition goal, establish a proper training program, have a necessary training evaluation.

  15. Gender Difference in Aerobic Capacity and the Contribution by Body Composition and Haemoglobin Concentration: A Study in Young Indian National Hockey Players (United States)

    Kailashiya, Jyotsna


    Introduction Although gender difference in aerobic capacity is known, the contributing factors have been researched seldom. Aim To investigate the gender gap and the contribution by percentage Body Fat (BF), Body Mass Index (BMI) and haemoglobin concentration Hb. Materials and Methods The study was conducted on 30 (17 males, 13 females) training status matched young hockey players. Healthy players who were playing upto national level competition were included. BW (Body Weight), BF, BMI, LBM (Lean Body Mass), rHR (restring Heart Rate), HRR (Heart Rate Recovery), Hb, a/rVO2max (absolute/relative), a/rPWC (Physical Work Capacity) and RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) were measured and analysed. Results There was significant gender difference in the measured parameters. Difference in a/rVO2max remained significant even after controlling for BF, BMI and Hb. Multiple regression and correlation analysis revealed gender difference in VO2max/LBM was due to: BMI(31.91%)>BF(27.60%)>Hb(9.91%). BMI also significantly contributed 3.66% of VO2max/LBM variance, independent of that by gender. Difference in RMR was mainly related to LBM, BF and BMI. Conclusion The study provided an understanding for gender gap in aerobic capacity. Differences in BMI & BF were one of the main reasons. PMID:28050360

  16. Minority stress is longitudinally associated with alcohol-related problems among sexual minority women. (United States)

    Wilson, Sarah M; Gilmore, Amanda K; Rhew, Isaac C; Hodge, Kimberley A; Kaysen, Debra L


    Compared to sexual minority men and heterosexual women, sexual minority women report elevated alcohol use in young adulthood. Heavy alcohol use and alcohol use disorders disproportionately affect sexual minority women across the lifespan, yet there is limited research investigating reasons for such associations. The present study investigates longitudinal associations between minority stress and both alcohol use as well as self-rated drinking consequences. Participants (N=1057) were self-identified lesbian (40.5%) and bisexual (59.5%) women between the ages of 18 to 25 recruited from across the U.S. using online advertisements. Participants completed four annual surveys. Hurdle mixed effects models were used to assess associations between minority stress and typical weekly drinking and drinking consequences one year later. Minority stress was not significantly associated with subsequent typical drinking. However, minority stress was significantly associated with having any alcohol consequences as well as the count of alcohol consequences one year later after controlling for covariates. Consistent with extant literature, this study provides evidence for a prospective association between minority stress experienced by sexual minority women and drinking consequences. This study also provides support for the potential impact of efforts to reduce minority stress faced by sexual minority women.

  17. Application and Effect on Core Strength Training of Qiqihar Ice Hockey Third Team%齐齐哈尔冰球一队核心力量训练的应用与效果

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    For nearly two years,core strength training has been widely applied to various sports training,core strength training brought living factors to the traditional strength training,better than the traditional strength training on improving the coordination,agility and balance ability of athletes, comparing with the other similar projects,core strength training is not well applied into ice hockey. By the experimental study of core strength training on ice hockey players,try to reveal that the effect which is improved by core strength for ice hockey players. The experiments show,after eight weeks of strength training,core strength are improved,the achievement of lorum have significantly improved, the performance of kneeling forward throwing has a significant difference comparing with the pre-experiment ,the strength of abdominal muscle and upper limb muscle was significantly elevated.With the experimental research on core strength training of Qigihar ice hockey first team,find out the core strength training can improve athletic ability and effect of ice hockey players,pave the way for putting better core strength training into practice of ice hockey in the future.%近两年核心力量训练被广泛的应用到各种运动项目的训练当中,核心力量训练的出现为传统力量训练增添了鲜活的因素,在提高运动员协调、灵敏和平衡等能力方面优于传统的力量训练,与其他同项群项目相比,核心力量训练没有很好地应用到冰球项目中。通过对冰球运动员进行核心力量训练的实验研究,试图揭示给冰球运动员带来的核心能力改善的效果。实验表明,经过8周的力量训练,核心力量均有所改善,背桥的成绩有了极显著性的提高,跪姿前抛的成绩与实验前相比具有显著性的差异,腹背肌和上肢肌群的力量得到显著性提高。通过核心力量训练在齐齐哈尔冰球一队的训练实验研究,找出了核心力量训练对

  18. Visual and Computational Modelling of Minority Games

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robertas Damaševičius


    Full Text Available The paper analyses the Minority Game and focuses on analysis and computational modelling of several variants (variable payoff, coalition-based and ternary voting of Minority Game using UAREI (User-Action-Rule-Entities-Interface model. UAREI is a model for formal specification of software gamification, and the UAREI visual modelling language is a language used for graphical representation of game mechanics. The URAEI model also provides the embedded executable modelling framework to evaluate how the rules of the game will work for the players in practice. We demonstrate flexibility of UAREI model for modelling different variants of Minority Game rules for game design.

  19. Ethnic minority psychology: struggles and triumphs. (United States)

    Sue, Stanley


    This article focuses on my interpretation of the history of ethnic minority psychology, using as a base the presentations of the contributing authors to this special issue of Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology. Because each contributing author has focused on a particular ethnic group or a particular aspect of history, my goal is to focus on 3 common issues and problems. First, what are the themes and issues that confronted African Americans, American Indians and Alaska Natives, Asian Americans, and Latinos? Second, what were characteristics of the ethnic leaders on whose shoulders we now stand? Third, what kinds of relationships existed between members of different ethnic minority groups?

  20. 江苏省女子曲棍球后备人才培养现状研究%A research on the situation of reserve talents cultivation in women field hockey in Jiangsu Province

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    采用文献资料法、问卷调查法等,对江苏省女子曲棍球后备人才培养现状进行研究,结果显示:江苏省女子曲棍球后备人才培养模式较为先进,科学化训练程度较高,训练保障体系优越。但教练员执教年限较短,科研能力薄弱;后备人才生源区域局限性明显,各个年龄段人才储备不均衡;后备人才文化学习现状不理想;曲棍球项目普及率低,出路相对狭窄,缺乏社会关注和安置政策保障。建议:提高教练员科学化训练水平;推动曲棍球项目普及开展;出台措施,促进后备人才全面发展;拓宽后备人才的出路与就业渠道。%In this paper, we use documentary and questionnaire survey to explore current talent reserve situation of Jiangsu Province women hockey. It turns out that the cultivation of Jiangsu Province women hockey is very advanced, the scientific training effect is very high, the training security system is very superior, but coaches have few teaching life and weak scientific research ability; the areas of reserved talents are limited in few places and imbalanced in ages;the reserved talents poor in study;hockey has low popularity rate and dull future, and lacks of public care and protection of policy. Suggestion: more scientific training methods of coached, more popular of hockey itself, more introduced measures to entire development and more future guarantee to reserved talents.

  1. Minority Women and Advocacy for Women's Health (United States)

    Kumanyika, Shiriki K.; Morssink, Christiaan B.; Nestle, Marion


    US minority health issues involve racial/ethnic disparities that affect both women and men. However, women's health advocacy in the United States does not consistently address problems specific to minority women. The underlying evolution and political strength of the women's health and minority health movements differ profoundly. Women of color comprise only one quarter of women's health movement constituents and are, on average, socioeconomically disadvantaged. Potential alliances may be inhibited by vestiges of historical racial and social divisions that detract from feelings of commonality and mutual support. Nevertheless, insufficient attention to minority women's issues undermines the legitimacy of the women's health movement and may prevent important advances that can be achieved only when diversity is fully considered. PMID:11527764

  2. Changes among retailers selling cigarettes to minors. (United States)

    Dovell, R A; Mowat, D L; Dorland, J; Lam, M


    This study analyzes changes over a three-year period among Ontario retailers selling cigarettes to minors. Under supervision, 13 and 14-year-old minors were sent into stores to attempt to buy cigarettes. These minor-purchase-events (MPEs) were carried out in a local health unit that had implemented a community-based intervention and in an adjoining comparison health unit. After the local program we observed a large reduction (from 46% to 6%) in merchants willing to sell tobacco to minors. In the neighbouring health unit, a high rate of selling continued until a federal program using a similar intervention was implemented, after which a large reduction (from 47% to 2%) was observed. This magnitude of change has been unprecedented, except when active enforcement was implemented by police officers. Thus, from a public health perspective, it is important to understand what is influencing the store operators.

  3. ADHD More Often Missed in Minority Kids (United States)

    ... page: ADHD More Often Missed in Minority Kids Study found ... percentage of black children show the symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) than white kids, they are less likely ...

  4. BWR Assembly Optimization for Minor Actinide Recycling

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    G. Ivan Maldonado; John M. Christenson; J.P. Renier; T.F. Marcille; J. Casal


    The Primary objective of the proposed project is to apply and extend the latest advancements in LWR fuel management optimization to the design of advanced boiling water reactor (BWR) fuel assemblies specifically for the recycling of minor actinides (MAs).

  5. Visual and Computational Modelling of Minority Games


    Robertas Damaševičius; Darius Ašeriškis


    The paper analyses the Minority Game and focuses on analysis and computational modelling of several variants (variable payoff, coalition-based and ternary voting) of Minority Game using UAREI (User-Action-Rule-Entities-Interface) model. UAREI is a model for formal specification of software gamification, and the UAREI visual modelling language is a language used for graphical representation of game mechanics. The URAEI model also provides the embedded executable modelling framework to evaluate...

  6. The Minority Game: an introductory guide


    Moro, Esteban


    The Minority Game is a simple model for the collective behavior of agents in an idealized situation where they have to compete through adaptation for a finite resource. This review summarizes the statistical mechanics community efforts to clear up and understand the behavior of this model. Our emphasis is on trying to derive the underlying effective equations which govern the dynamics of the original Minority Game, and on making an interpretation of the results from the point of view of the s...

  7. Education and ethnic minorities in Denmark

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Colding, Bjørg

    The objective of this dissertaion is to investigate educational behavior of ethnic monorities i Denmark. The focus of the analyses undertaken in the three papers included in the dissertation si, first, to what extent differences in educational choices, and consequently in educational attainmant......, among ethnic minorities and native danes can be explainedby differences i parental, family and ethnic background and, second, how education resources are allocated among children within ethnic minorities families....

  8. Minority Shareholders’ Protection: the Romanian Experience

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Victor Dragota


    Full Text Available This paper performs an analysis of the regulation regarding minority shareholders protection in Romania. The paper estimates the level for minority shareholders protection based on the Pistor, Raiser and Gelfer (2000 index during the period 1996-2008. This index improved from 13 (January 1996 to 17.25 (March 2008 having a maximum value of 17.75 during May 2002- November 2006.

  9. Protection of Minors in Hong Kong

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    @@ Ⅰ. Laws and systems 1. Laws There is no unified law or regulation in Hong Kong devoted to the protection of minors. The provisions concerning the protection of minors are reflected in many ordinances. Chapter 226 of Hong Kong Laws: Juvenile Offenders Ordinance says:It shall be conclusively presumed that no child under the age of 10 years can be guilty of an offence.

  10. Minority Serving College and University Cost Efficiencies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    G. Thomas Sav


    Full Text Available Problem statement: Higher education minority enrollment growth has far outstripped white non-minority growth in the United States. Minority serving colleges and universities have disproportionately attended to that growth and will continue to play a critical role in providing minority educational opportunities in a knowledge based and globally diverse economy. However, they will face new and challenging budgetary and managerial reforms induced by the global financial crisis. As a result, they will be pressured to operate in the future with greater cost efficiency. Approach: Panel data pertaining to minority serving colleges and universities was used along with stochastic frontier analysis to provide cost inefficiency estimates over a four year academic period. Specification of an inefficiency component contained time varying institutional characteristics and influences, including a public Vs. private ownership control. Results: Minority College and university mean inefficiency was estimated to be approximately 1.24, indicating a 24% operation above the frontier cost. The study found that institutions achieved inefficiency reductions or efficiency gains in 2008-09 compared to 2005-06. The findings suggested that private institutions operated at greater inefficiencies relative to their publicly owned counterparts. However, the private sector laid claim to the most efficient institution, but also the most inefficient one. While the public minority serving colleges showed inefficiency deterioration over time, the findings point to private institution efficiency gains. Conclusion/Recommendations: A literature survey indicated that the study could be the first attempt at providing empirical estimates and subsequent insights into the operating cost efficiencies or inefficiencies of minority serving colleges and universities. The cost inefficiency findings suggested that these institutions did compare favorably in their managerial skills. However, as

  11. Minority carrier lifetime in indium phosphide (United States)

    Jenkins, Phillip; Landis, Geoffrey A.; Weinberg, Irving; Kneisel, Keith


    Transient photoluminescence is used to measure the minority carrier lifetime on n-type and p-type InP wafers. The measurements show that unprocessed InP wafers have very high minority carrier lifetimes. Lifetimes of 200 ns and 700 ns were observed for lightly-doped p- and n-type material respectively. Lifetimes over 5 ns were found in heavily doped n-type material.

  12. 76 FR 71438 - Minority Depository Institutions Advisory Committee (United States)


    ... Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Minority Depository Institutions Advisory Committee AGENCY... Minority Depository Institutions Advisory Committee (MDIAC or Committee) formerly administered by the... preserve the present number of minority depository institutions and encourage the creation of new...

  13. 75 FR 51169 - OTS Minority Depository Institutions Advisory Committee (United States)


    ... Office of Thrift Supervision OTS Minority Depository Institutions Advisory Committee AGENCY: Department... Minority Depository Institutions Advisory Committee will renew for a two-year period beginning August 2... Depository Institutions Advisory Committee (MDIAC). The purpose of the OTS Minority Depository...

  14. 冰球运动员个人突破能力的培养%Development of Ice Hockey Players' Solo Penetrative Ability

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    近年来,我国男子冰球运动水平与亚洲的日本、韩国队相比呈现出下降趋势,特别是在运动员个人突破能力方面存在明显的有差距。通过观察比赛与训练发现我国冰球队员进攻突破上存在着掌握突破的时机不准、突破的威胁性较差、缺乏有效的场上观察等的问题。提出从制定符合本队伍实际的技战术打法入手,选拔重点队员进行有针对性培养,结合实战比赛去培养运动员个人突破和由守转攻的能力。%In recent years,compared with Japanese and Korean,Chinese men's ice hockey is coming down,especially with the obvious difference of solo penetrative ability.By observing some domestic international competitions and trainings,the paper finds out the problems of Chinese players' attack penetration relate to inaccurate opportunity,poor threats and lacking effective observation.It suggests starting from establishing a team's actual technical and tactical playing means,having a targeted training of selected important players,developing their solo penetrative ability from defense to attack in combination with actual competitions.

  15. Changes of the morphological characteristics in a professional ice hockey player with regard to the eight week intensive fitness training: case study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sigmund Martin


    Full Text Available The present study deals with monitoring the changes of the morphological characteristics in a professional hockey player (NHL aged 22.5 years with regard to the eight weeks intensive fitness training. Fitness training occurred off the ice surface. To determine the body composition, the method of BIA and anthropometric procedure is used (Matiegka, Pařízková. Measurements were carried out in accordance with the recommended national and international standards. An effect size of the differences in the selected individual values measured at different times was assessed using 95% of confidence interval. Significant changes occur primarily at the level of body composition. Overall, the increase in fat free mass was 4 kg to the weight 79.3 kg (BIA. Representation of muscle increased from 51.4% to 54.5% (Matiegka. In absolute terms it is the increase in muscle from 47.1 kg to 49.9 kg. Body fat percentage decreased from 12.9% to 9.7% (Matiegka. This represents a reduction of 2.9 kg. There is no change at the level of skeletal and residual fractions. With regard to the eight week fitness training the major morhpohogical changes (80-90% are experienced during the first half of the training (4 weeks. The survey results are of immediate use in the professional practice of the monitored player. It allows specific modifications to the training of the monitored player as well as other cooperating individuals in the chosen specialization.

  16. Nutritional composition of minor indigenous fruits

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Shajib, Md. Tariqul Islam; Kawser, Mahbuba; Miah, Md. Nuruddin


    In line of the development of a food composition database for Bangladesh, 10 minor indigenous fruits were analysed for their nutrient composition comprising ascorbic acid, carotenoids and mineral values. Nutrient data obtained have been compared with published data reported in different literatur...... values of these minor fruits would make awareness among the people for their mass consumption for healthy life and to grow more minor fruit trees from extinction in order to maintain biodiversity.......In line of the development of a food composition database for Bangladesh, 10 minor indigenous fruits were analysed for their nutrient composition comprising ascorbic acid, carotenoids and mineral values. Nutrient data obtained have been compared with published data reported in different literatures...... in Antidesma velutinum. Potassium was the highest in Wood apple followed by in Moneky jack. It was noted that most of the minor fruits have much higher amount of ascorbic acid than the national fruit – Jack fruit ripe, the king fruit – Mango ripe of Bangladesh and exotic fruits – Apple and Grapes. The nutrient...

  17. Predicting minority students' success in medical school. (United States)

    Sedlacek, W E; Prieto, D O


    Despite recent attention to minority student recruitment and retention, data on predicting the success of minority medical students are scarce. Traditional predictors (college grades and scores on the Medical College Admission Test) have modest correlations with medical school grades and scores on the National Board of Medical Examiners examination for minority students. Nonetheless, admission committees also consider nontraditional variables when selecting minority students. Measures of nontraditional variables seem to assess types of intelligence not covered by traditional means. A system of organizing nontraditional or noncognitive variables into eight dimensions is proposed. The dimensions are self-concept, realistic, self-appraisal, understanding and dealing with racism, long-range goals, having a strong support person, showing leadership, having community involvement, and nontraditional knowledge acquired. Further, assessment should place more emphasis on recognizing and defining problems and on performance rather than knowledge. Combining traditional and nontraditional methods is best in selecting minority students, and sufficiently well developed measures exist in each area to make this a practical recommendation for any admission program.

  18. Core Value of Constructing an Ice Hockey Team's Cohesive Force%冰球项目构建团队凝聚力的核心价值

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    侯文才; 刘文; 王建业


    冰球队的团队凝聚力不仅会影响集体中每个成员的态度、行为和绩效,而且会影响集体管理工作、训练活动和比赛过程的整体效果。团队凝聚力是实现奋斗目标的基础,实现发展的内在动力,是完成比赛任务的保证,构建冰球队凝聚力的核心价值可激励每个队员遵守社会准则,承担社会责任,提高运动员完成任务的执行力。%The cohensive force of a ice hockey team may affect not only each member's attitude, behavior and performance, but also the eompositive effect of team's management, training and competition. The team cohesiveness is the base of achieving its struggling goal, the intemal driving force of bringing about development, the assurance of fulfilling a competition task. The core value of constructing an ice hockey team's cohensive force is able to encourage each player to abide by social standards, to be responsible for the society, to improve their performance in a task.

  19. The BCLA Minor: Business, Communication, and Liberal Arts Minor at Towson University (United States)

    Mahin, Linda


    In this article, the author describes a cross-disciplinary minor that combines elements of business, communication, and the liberal arts. The BCLA Minor enhances employment opportunities and cultural awareness for students with majors in the Colleges of Business and Economics, Fine Arts and Communication, and Liberal Arts by integrating the…

  20. From Minority Game to Black & Scholes pricing

    CERN Document Server

    Ortisi, Matteo


    In this paper we study the continuum time dynamics of a stock in a market where agents behavior is modeled by a Minority Game with number of strategies for each agent S=2 and "fake" market histories. The dynamics derived is a generalized geometric Brownian motion; from the Black&Scholes formula the calibration of the Minority Game, by means of the game parameter $ \\sigma^{2}$, on the European options on DAX Index market is performed. An "$ (\\alpha,\\sigma^{2})$ -matrix" containing, given options' moneyness and maturities, values of the parameters $\\alpha$ and $ \\sigma^{2}$ that make the theoretical option price agree with the market price is constructed. We conclude that the asymmetric phase of the Minority Game with $\\alpha$ close to $\\alpha_c$ is coherent with options implied volatility market.

  1. Ethics in age estimation of unaccompanied minors. (United States)

    Thevissen, P W; Kvaal, S I; Willems, G


    Children absconding from countries of conflict and war are often not able to document their age. When an age is given, it is frequently untraceable or poorly documented and therefore questioned by immigration authorities. Consequently many countries perform age estimations on these children. Provision of ethical practice during the age estimation investigation of unaccompanied minors is considered from different angles: (1) The UN convention on children's rights, formulating specific rights, protection, support, healthcare and education for unaccompanied minors. (2) Since most age estimation investigations are based on medical examination, the four basic principles of biomedical ethics, namely autonomy, beneficence, non-malevolence, justice. (3) The use of medicine for non treatment purposes. (4) How age estimates with highest accuracy in age prediction can be obtained. Ethical practice in age estimation of unaccompanied minors is achieved when different but related aspects are searched, evaluated, weighted in importance and subsequently combined. However this is not always feasible and unanswered questions remain.

  2. The minor collagens in articular cartilage

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Luo, Yunyun


    Articular cartilage is a connective tissue consisting of a specialized extracellular matrix (ECM) that dominates the bulk of its wet and dry weight. Type II collagen and aggrecan are the main ECM proteins in cartilage. However, little attention has been paid to less abundant molecular components......, especially minor collagens, including type IV, VI, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII, and XIV, etc. Although accounting for only a small fraction of the mature matrix, these minor collagens not only play essential structural roles in the mechanical properties, organization, and shape of articular cartilage, but also...... fulfil specific biological functions. Genetic studies of these minor collagens have revealed that they are associated with multiple connective tissue diseases, especially degenerative joint disease. The progressive destruction of cartilage involves the degradation of matrix constituents including...

  3. On China's Protection of Delinquent Minors' Rights

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    At the end of June 2011,China had 29 reformatories for delinquent minors,where 17,149 convicts aged 18 or younger were serving their terms.These facilities have persistently followed the policy of "combining punishment with redemption,with redemption taken as the main objective" as well as a policy that calls for the integration of "education,persuasion and redemption." Good results have been achieved thanks to implementation of these policies,especially since the People's Republic of China Law on the Protection of Minors was promulgated in September 1991.

  4. Adenomatoid hyperplasia of palatal minor salivary glands


    Bryant, C. J.; Manisali, M.; Barrett, A. W.


    Adenomatoid hyperplasia of palatal minor mucous glands is rare but significant because the clinical appearance mimics malignant disease. The typical history of a painless, indolent palatal swelling, together with the histological picture of benign glandular hyperplasia and hypertrophy, are illustrated in this report.

  5. Stillbirth in an Anglophone minority of Canada

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Auger, Nathalie; Daniel, Mark; Mortensen, Laust Hvas;


    OBJECTIVES: We assessed trends in stillbirth over time for Francophones and Anglophones of Quebec, a large Canadian province with publically funded health care and an English-speaking minority. METHODS: We calculated stillbirth rates for Francophones and Anglophones, and estimated hazard ratios (HR...

  6. [Discrimination and depression in ethnic minority groups

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Ikram, U.Z.; Snijder, M.B.; Fassaert, T.J.; Schene, A.H.; Kunst, A.E.; Stronks, K.


    OBJECTIVE: To determine the contribution of perceived ethnic discrimination to depression in various ethnic minority groups in Amsterdam. DESIGN: Cross-sectional study. METHOD: We included participants aged 18-70 years of Dutch (n = 1,744), Asian Surinamese (n = 1,126), Creole Surinamese (n = 1,770)

  7. Heavy Vehicles on Minor Highway Bridges

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kirkegaard, Poul Henning; Nielsen, Søren R. K.; Enevoldsen, I.

    the results obtained using the numerical models given in details in "Heavy Vehicles on Minor Highway Bridges : dynamic modelling of vehicles and bridges". The models are established using a ordinary vehicle which consists of a 48 t Scania with a 3 axle tractor and a 3 axle trailer, joined in a flexible hinge...

  8. Minor Maintenance. A Resource Manual for Custodians. (United States)

    Florida State Dept. of Education, Tallahassee.

    Areas of minor maintenance covered by this manual are--(1) electrical, (2) carpentry, (3) plumbing, (4) painting, and (5) masonry. Each area is defined, tools and equipment for maintenance are listed, and the job procedure is given. The description of electrical work also covers sources of electricity and power transmission. The description of…

  9. Minor neurological dysfunction in children with dyslexia

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Punt, Marja; De Jong, Marianne; De Groot, Erik; Hadders-Algra, Mijna


    AIM To improve understanding of brain function in children with severe dyslexia in terms of minor neurological dysfunctions (MNDs). METHOD One hundred and four children (81 males, 23 females; age range 7-12y; mean age 9y 7mo, SD 1y 2mo;) with severe dyslexia (the presence of a Full-scale IQ score of

  10. Shanghai, China: Hotline for Sexual Minorities (United States)

    Gu, Steven


    Placed in the current political context of growing liberalization within China, this essay describes the Shanghai Hotline for Sexual Minorities. Funded by agencies outside the government, these services target LGBTs toward self-acceptance and AIDS/STD education while seeking to reduce social prejudice.

  11. On the relative importance of excluded minors

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hall, R.; Mayhew, D.; Zwam, S.H.M. van


    If EE is a set of matroids, then ex(EE) denotes the set of matroids that have no minor isomorphic to a member of EE. If EE' is a subset of EE, we say that EE' is /superfluous/ if ex(EE - EE') - ex(EE) contains only finitely many 3-connected matroids. We characterize the superfluous subsets of six we

  12. Tribune: Retention Policy for Ethnic Minority Students

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Herfs, Paul


    The question of the retention of ethnic minority university students in universities in the Netherlands, especially at the University of Utrecht, is examined. In particular, the cases of Surinamese, Antillian, and Aruban students, foreign refugee students, particularly medical doctors, and Turkish a

  13. English as a Minority Language in Quebec (United States)

    Boberg, Charles


    The variety of English spoken by about half a million people in the Canadian province of Quebec is a minority language in intensive contact with French, the local majority language. This unusual contact situation has produced a unique variety of English which displays many instances of French influence that distinguish it from other types of…

  14. Rearticulating the Case for Minority Language Rights (United States)

    May, Stephen


    While advocacy of minority language rights (MLR) has become well established in sociolinguistics, language policy and planning and the wider human rights literature, it has also come under increased criticism in recent times for a number of key limitations. In this paper, I address directly three current key criticisms of the MLR movement. The…

  15. Minors and social networks: legal questions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francisca Ramón Fernández


    Full Text Available The participation in a company increasingly technological does that numerous questions appear on the protection of the most vulnerable subjects, between them the minors. The influence of the social networks like instrument of communication is not exempt from risks for the quantity of information that is facilitated and is shared. The lack of a specific regulation that he contemplates from the point of view of the Law which is the protection that a minor must have, does that there take place situations of abandonment of the rights of the same ones.The opportunity of regulation has been left to escape in the future law of protection of the infancy, nowadays in phase of preliminary design, since it does not refer to the social networks since it had been desirable. The current procedure as for minors, as well as those of protection of information, between others, do not turn out to be sufficient to contemplate all the situations of risk that can be given in the above mentioned area. In the present work we propose to think on minors and social networks raising some legal questions, and trying to contribute some response to the problematics that appears in the juridical area.

  16. Outcome after complicated minor head injury.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Smits, M.; Hunink, M.G.; Rijssel, DA van; Dekker, H.M.; Vos, P.E.; Kool, D.R.; Nederkoorn, P.J.; Hofman, P.A.; Twijnstra, A.; Tanghe, H.L.; Dippel, D.W.


    BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Functional outcome in patients with minor head injury with neurocranial traumatic findings on CT is largely unknown. We hypothesized that certain CT findings may be predictive of poor functional outcome. Materials and METHODS: All patients from the CT in Head Injury Patients

  17. Improving Underrepresented Minority Student Persistence in STEM (United States)

    Estrada, Mica; Burnett, Myra; Campbell, Andrew G.; Campbell, Patricia B.; Denetclaw, Wilfred F.; Gutiérrez, Carlos G.; Hurtado, Sylvia; John, Gilbert H.; Matsui, John; McGee, Richard; Okpodu, Camellia Moses; Robinson, T. Joan; Summers, Michael F.; Werner-Washburne, Maggie; Zavala, MariaElena


    Members of the Joint Working Group on Improving Underrepresented Minorities (URMs) Persistence in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)--convened by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute--review current data and propose deliberation about why the academic "pathways"…

  18. Minority Students' Self-Control of Procrastination. (United States)

    Green, Leon


    Examined effects of self-monitoring alone and self-monitoring plus self-reward on three academic and three related procrastinative behaviors of six academically disadvantaged minority college students. Self-monitoring plus self-reward was effective in producing substantial increases in academic behaviors and grades and in producing decreases in…

  19. Multiculturalism and legal autonomy for cultural minorities

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Morten Ebbe Juul Nielsen


    Full Text Available Does multiculturalism imply that certain cultural minorities – nomos groups, whose cultural conceptions extend in important ways into views about the law – should have forms of legal autonomy that go beyond normal multicultural accommodations such as exemptions and special protection? In other words: should we allow «minority jurisdictions» for multicultural reasons and give certain minorities powers of legislation and adjudication on certain issues? The paper sketches how one might arrive at such a conclusion given some standard multicultural reasoning, and then proceeds by examining eight key rejoinders to such a proposal. None of these rejoinders provide by themselves knockdown arguments against extending multicultural rights to forms of legal autonomy, but together they do provide a basis for some skepticism about the cogency and desirability of at least more ambitious forms of legal autonomy for cultural minorities within a liberal framework.

  20. The SWOT Team Approach: Focusing on Minorities. (United States)

    Gorski, Susan E.


    Underscores the applicability of marketing principles to minority student recruitment and retention at community colleges. Proposes the assessment of an institution's Strengths, Weaknesses, and external Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) to strategically market the college. Considers the development of a plan for action based on the SWOT analysis.…

  1. Approaches to Lao Minors Working in Thailand

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    R.B.C. Huijsmans (Roy)


    textabstractRecent studies have observed in Thailand a growing number of working Lao minors. By law, these may be regarded as victims of human trafficking. This paper observes, however, that some older teenagers who are still under 18 may be seeking and finding legitimate working positions. The phen

  2. Language choice in a minority school (United States)

    Byram, M. S.


    This article arises from fieldwork in a school of the German minority in South Jutland, Denmark. The minority exists as a result of frontier changes between Germany and Denmark, most recently in 1920. A referendum held in that year as a result of the Treaty of Versailles left a cultural and linguistic minority which, by today, has its own school system, politial party and cultural rights. The research was carried out using qualitative, ethnographic methods and the article focuses on one aspect, namely the issue of language use by bilingual pupils in one of the minority's schools. Pupils' choice of Danish or German in different situations within and outside schools was analyzed through the use of language diaries, informal interviews, and participant observation. The diary entries are analyzed and commented on in the light of interviews and observations. Pupils' awareness of their language use is not static but becomes dynamic as a consequence of being involved in research. The implications of this for educational policy are considered in the context of current developments in language education in British schools.

  3. Should Minor Criminals Be Given Leniency?

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    @@ The People's Procurator'ate of Ningbo, in east China's Zhejiang Province, became the center of controversy when it implemented a program to deal with minor crime offenders, which is known as "good deeds for nonpros-ecution." Under the program, offenders may be exempted from prosecution provided they carry out good community service work for a specified probation period.

  4. The Study of Minority Languages in China. (United States)

    He, Zili

    The study of minority languages in the People's Republic of China, in the form of organized governmental research since the 1950s, has resulted in the recent publication of more than 50 descriptive grammars. Although some practical purposes of the study were achieved, such as the identification of ethnicity and orthographic design and reform,…

  5. The Truth about Mentoring Minorities: Race Matters. (United States)

    Thomas, David A.


    A 3-year study of mentoring patterns at 3 corporations reveals that whites and minorities follow distinct patterns of advancement and should be mentored in very different ways. Cross-race mentoring must acknowledge issues of negative stereotypes, role modeling, peer resentment, skepticism about intimacy, and network management. (JOW)


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aleksandar Čorni


    Full Text Available The article tries to explore the practical application of the soft law, in concrete terms, the documents adopted by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, referring to the models of participation of national minorities in public life in the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The objective of the research was to assess the legal and political grounds for functioning national minority councils as participation and consultative mechanisms, scope of responsibilities and capacities in relation to their effectiveness and impact and to identify relevant good practices on such mechanisms. The political and decision-making structures in Bosnia and Herzegovina demonstrated lack of actual commitment to the realization of the rights of minorities referring to participation in decision-making processes. Bearing in mind formal position within parliaments, visibility, and a significant promotional capacity for presence in the public sphere, the councils on national minorities may represent a significant body and channel for the minority – majority dialogue. However, at the moment, the national minority councils’ capacity to ensure participation of national minorities in Bosnian political life and their influence in decision-making process remains insufficient. In general, the consultative mechanisms, within their mandated responsibilities, have had insignificant and minimal impact on the practical, political and legislative segment.

  7. The determination of critical rest interval from the intermittent critical velocity test in club-level collegiate hockey and rugby players. (United States)

    Fukuda, David H; Smith, Abbie E; Kendall, Kristina L; Cramer, Joel T; Stout, Jeffrey R


    The intermittent critical velocity (ICV) test is used to quantify the relationship between velocity and time to exhaustion, yielding an aerobic parameter (ICV), an anaerobic parameter (anaerobic running capacity [ARC]), and critical rest interval (CRI). Critical rest interval is the theoretical rest period needed to maintain repeated bouts of exercise for an extended period of time without inducing fatigue during intermittent treadmill running. Fourteen collegiate, club-level male participants (mean ± SD; age: 21.4 ± 1.8 years; weight: 82.8 ± 5.9 kg; body fat: 11.8 ± 5.4%; and VO2max: 51.2 ± 2.8 ml · kg · min), primarily hockey and rugby players, completed the ICV test, using 15-second repeated sprints to exhaustion during separate sessions of treadmill running at varying supramaximal intensities. The time and total distance for each running session were used to determine ICV and ARC via linear regression. The CRI was calculated using the relationship between total distance during the ICV test and the number of intervals completed. Mean ICV and ARC (± SD) values were calculated as 4.80 ± 0.3 m · s and 154.1 ± 36 m, respectively. The mean ICV values were significantly different from the mean peak velocity (± SD) (4.67 ± 0.17 m · s) achieved during the VO2max test (p = 0.011). The CRI was calculated as mean ± SD: 33.9 ± 1.9 seconds. Body fat percentage measured by air displacement plethysmography (BOD POD®; r = -0.649; p = 0.012), lean body mass (r = -0.556; p = 0.039), fat mass (r = -0.634; p = 0.015), body weight (r = -0.669; p = 0.006), and relative VO2max (r = 0.562; p = 0.036) were significantly correlated with ICV. The ARC (r = 0.804; p = 0.001) and velocity at ventilatory threshold (r = -0.630; p = 0.016) were significantly correlated with CRI. The ability to quantify CRI, an additional variable derived from the ICV test, provides a possible measure that can be used in the prescription and evaluation of training methods.

  8. Quantum annealing correction with minor embedding (United States)

    Vinci, Walter; Albash, Tameem; Paz-Silva, Gerardo; Hen, Itay; Lidar, Daniel A.


    Quantum annealing provides a promising route for the development of quantum optimization devices, but the usefulness of such devices will be limited in part by the range of implementable problems as dictated by hardware constraints. To overcome constraints imposed by restricted connectivity between qubits, a larger set of interactions can be approximated using minor embedding techniques whereby several physical qubits are used to represent a single logical qubit. However, minor embedding introduces new types of errors due to its approximate nature. We introduce and study quantum annealing correction schemes designed to improve the performance of quantum annealers in conjunction with minor embedding, thus leading to a hybrid scheme defined over an encoded graph. We argue that this scheme can be efficiently decoded using an energy minimization technique provided the density of errors does not exceed the per-site percolation threshold of the encoded graph. We test the hybrid scheme using a D-Wave Two processor on problems for which the encoded graph is a two-level grid and the Ising model is known to be NP-hard. The problems we consider are frustrated Ising model problem instances with "planted" (a priori known) solutions. Applied in conjunction with optimized energy penalties and decoding techniques, we find that this approach enables the quantum annealer to solve minor embedded instances with significantly higher success probability than it would without error correction. Our work demonstrates that quantum annealing correction can and should be used to improve the robustness of quantum annealing not only for natively embeddable problems but also when minor embedding is used to extend the connectivity of physical devices.

  9. Women's Hockey Match Striker and Defender in the Attack With%浅谈女子曲棍球比赛中前锋与后卫在进攻中的配合

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    杨红兵; 乔彦虎; 吴熙


      随着现代曲棍球的发展,前锋和后卫的打发已经被赋予了新的内容,他不再是单纯进攻和防守分离的模式,在比赛训练中,前锋和后卫的打发更加丰富多彩。现代曲棍球的战术思想,要求更多的人次参与进攻和防守,借以取得人数上的优势,在进攻和防守这一对矛盾中,攻比守更加困难,仅仅依靠前场的几名队员很难打破对方的密集防守,这就需要攻方尽可能多的投入多人次的进攻力量,因此后卫和前锋在整个比赛中的配合就显得更加重要,本文通过以现场统计、录像分析统计、查阅资料以及本人带队参加比赛经历和对运动员的交谈,分析整理现代曲棍球比赛中前锋与后卫在进攻中的配合类型与作用及其意义。%  With the development of modern hockey, Forward and guard sent has been endowed with new content, He is not is blindly simple offensive and defensive separation model, In the training, the striker and defender sent more rich and colorful. Modern hockey tactics thought, demand more people involved in the offense and defense, So as to obtain the number of advantage, On the offensive and defensive this a pair of contradiction, Attack more difficult than keep to depend only on one of the front several players it is difficult to break each other's dense defense, This needs offense as much as possible into much person-time attack power, So the defender and striker in the whole game fit appears more important, This article through to the statistics, Video analysis statistics, Data access and before I take part in the game experience and on the athletes' conversation, Analysis finishing modern hockey game striker and defender in attack with the type and function and significance.

  10. Tidal Tales of Minor Mergers: Star Formation in the Tidal Debris of Minor Mergers

    CERN Document Server

    Knierman, Karen A


    How does the tidal debris of minor galaxy mergers contribute to structures in spiral galaxies or in the intergalactic medium? While major mergers are known to create structures such as tidal dwarf galaxies and star clusters within their tidal debris, less is known about minor mergers (mass ratios between a dwarf galaxy and disk galaxy of less than one-third) and their tidal debris. This work surveys 6 nearby minor mergers using optical broad-band and H-alpha narrow-band imaging to characterize star formation in their tidal debris. Young star clusters with ages less than the dynamical age of the tidal tails are found in all 6 mergers, indicating that the star clusters formed in situ. Even if minor mergers contribute less tidal debris per interaction than major mergers, they are more common and possibly contribute structure to all types of galaxies and to the intergalactic medium throughout the history of the universe.

  11. Strategies employed by sexual minority adolescents to cope with minority stress


    Goldbach, J.T.; Gibbs, J.J.


    Sexual minority adolescents (SMA) experience disparities in health and behavioral health outcomes, including high rates of depression, anxiety, self-harm, substance use, HIV risk behavior, suicidal ideation, and suicide attempts. These outcomes are commonly attributed to minority stress. Stress experiences are different for SMA than their adult counterparts. For example, disclosing their sexual orientation may be more likely to result in homelessness because these youth more often live with p...

  12. The Human Rights of Minority Women:

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ravnbøl, Camilla Ida


    This article explores the complexities surrounding the human rights of minority women. With analytical focus on Romani women in Europe it seeks to contribute with new insight into the grey areas of rights issues, where groups within special rights categories share different human rights concerns......, by being both women and members of a minority group. Through an investigation of how contemporary human rights law and politics serve to address the concerns of Romani women, it sheds light on the challenges that the Romani women’s issue presents to the international human rights framework...... rights attention that they claim. It is argued that in order to strengthen the validity of human rights in the lives of Romani women, as a framework that ensures their full and equal protection, special attention needs to be given to interrelated grounds and forms of discrimination. “Intersectionality...

  13. Mental health issues in unaccompanied refugee minors

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Huemer Julia


    Full Text Available Abstract Previous studies about unaccompanied refugee minors (URMs showed that they are a highly vulnerable group who have greater psychiatric morbidity than the general population. This review focuses on mental health issues among URMs. Articles in databases PsycINFO, Medline and PubMed from 1998 to 2008 addressing this topic were reviewed. The literature had a considerable emphasis on the assessment of PTSD symptoms. Results revealed higher levels of PTSD symptoms in comparison to the norm populations and accompanied refugee minors. In several studies, age and female gender predicted or influenced PTSD symptoms. The existing literature only permits limited conclusions on this very hard to reach population. Future research should include the analysis of long-term outcomes, stress management and a more thorough analysis of the whole range of psychopathology. Additionally, the development of culturally sensitive norms and standardized measures for diverse ethnic groups is of great importance.

  14. Issues in contracting with small minority businesses

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wood, M.T.; Radford, M.L.; Saari, L.M.; Wright, J.


    The focus of this investigation was to identify issues central to increasing the involvement of small minority businesses (MBs) in federal or prime contracts with the Department of Energy (DOE), as a foundation for designing a program to assist buyers of contracted goods and services. The approach to determining issues involved interviewing the owners of 15 MBs, representing a range of businesses, and buyers and purchasing officers from three large DOE prime contractors. The interviewees identified issues related to positive working relationships and rated a predetermined set of 27 potential MB-DOE problems regarding their existence and criticalness. The issues identified by MBs were of two broad types. The predominant issues and barriers were associated with their being small businesses. Secondary issues reflected the disadvantaged status of the business (woman and/or minority-owned).

  15. Perceived sibling relationships of sexual minority youth. (United States)

    Toomey, Russell B; Richardson, Rhonda A


    The purpose of this study was to examine the relationships of sexual minority youth and their siblings. The participants were 56 lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender individuals ranging in age from 18 to 24 years, who reported information about a total of 107 siblings. Respondents completed a demographic data questionnaire as well as adapted versions of the Sibling Closeness Scale (SCS) and the Sibling Approval of Sexual Behavior Scale (SASBS) to describe their relationship with each of their siblings. Analyses examined birth order and gender in relation to outness to siblings as well as sibling closeness and approval. Results provide information about disclosure of LGBT status to siblings, elements of closeness and acceptance in sibling relationships of sexual minority youth, and the significance of gender and birth order in these sibling relationships.

  16. Education of ethnic minority children in Denmark

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Gitz-Johansen, Thomas; Horst, Christian


    This paper explores the dominant approach to education of ethnic minorities in Denmark. Using the concept of hegemony and the political-science distinction between monocultural and multicultural positions as approaches towards a situation of increasing linguistic, ethnic and cultural diversity......, the paper shows how a monocultural approach has become hegemonic in policy initiatives and legal documents. This hegemony is achieved by understanding ethnic, cultural and linguistic diversions from established norms in terms of deprivation. In this way,educational institutions and ‘majority society......’ as such are protected from criticism and structural changes towards multiculturalism and the recognition of the linguistic and cultural rights of minority groups. Alternative and competing positions exist in the research literature in the field, but this literature has been excluded from the level of policy and public...

  17. Multiculturalism and Minority Rights: West and East

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Will Kymlicka


    Full Text Available Are Western models of multiculturalism and minority rights relevant for the post-Communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe? This article describes a range of Western models, and explores the social and political conditions that have led to their adoption in the West. It then considers various factors which might make the adoption of these models difficult in Eastern Europe, and considers the potential role of the international community in overcoming these obstacles.

  18. Ethnic Minority Games Come To Guizhou

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Ateam of barefoot young peoplet ake to the water on 7.5-meter-long bamboo poles and maintain their stability with ease as they glide across the Hongfeng Lake in southwest China’s Guizhou Province.But unlike local merchants who long agou sed large pieces of bamboo as makeshift floats to get their wares to market,thesey oung people are professional,full-timea thletes in the ethnic minority sport of single bamboo drifting.

  19. Etnické minority v komunikaci - Vietnamci



    This thesis deals with Vietnamese cultural differences in communication with the Czech majority. The composition of the Vietnamese population is outlined here. It is the third largest group of foreigners in the Czech republic. The communication of this results from this. This work mentions some risks in mutual communication that lead to vicious circle of communication. Work maps district get - togetherness social workers with Vietnamese minor. Practical output of work is manual for social wor...

  20. The naming of minor planets: multicultural relationships (United States)

    Merlin, Jean-Claude


    To date, among the hundred or so minor planets we discovered with various instruments around the world, twenty of these objects have been definitively numbered and named. We have choosen the names according to our centers of interest. In honouring people in domains as varied as astronomy, astronautics, music, paleontology, comic strips, . . . we had the opportunity of establishing fruitful relationships with a large horizon of cultures. It was also a good opportunity for the diffusion of astronomy towards other communities.

  1. Natural Minor Scale is More Natural to the Brain than Harmonic Minor Scale as Revealed by Magnetoencephalography (United States)

    Ando, Hiromitsu; Nemoto, Iku; Oda, Shoichiro

    Minor mode is known to elicit stronger emotional responses than major mode in the brain. The present work focused on the minor scales and natural and harmonic minor scales were compared in automatic brain responses in an oddball paradigm. The standard stimulus was either the natural or harmonic minor scale, and a deviant stimulus lacked one scale tone of the corresponding complete minor scale. The brain responded to omission of every tone but omission of the tone B flat in the natural minor experiment elicited larger response than that of the other tones. In particular, the response was significantly larger than that to omission of B in the harmonic minor experiment. This result suggested that the brain felt the natural minor scale to be actually more natural than the harmonic minor scale.

  2. On entropy, financial markets and minority games (United States)

    Zapart, Christopher A.


    The paper builds upon an earlier statistical analysis of financial time series with Shannon information entropy, published in [L. Molgedey, W. Ebeling, Local order, entropy and predictability of financial time series, European Physical Journal B-Condensed Matter and Complex Systems 15/4 (2000) 733-737]. A novel generic procedure is proposed for making multistep-ahead predictions of time series by building a statistical model of entropy. The approach is first demonstrated on the chaotic Mackey-Glass time series and later applied to Japanese Yen/US dollar intraday currency data. The paper also reinterprets Minority Games [E. Moro, The minority game: An introductory guide, Advances in Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics (2004)] within the context of physical entropy, and uses models derived from minority game theory as a tool for measuring the entropy of a model in response to time series. This entropy conditional upon a model is subsequently used in place of information-theoretic entropy in the proposed multistep prediction algorithm.

  3. Global warming and allergy in Asia Minor. (United States)

    Bajin, Munir Demir; Cingi, Cemal; Oghan, Fatih; Gurbuz, Melek Kezban


    The earth is warming, and it is warming quickly. Epidemiological studies have demonstrated that global warming is correlated with the frequency of pollen-induced respiratory allergy and allergic diseases. There is a body of evidence suggesting that the prevalence of allergic diseases induced by pollens is increasing in developed countries, a trend that is also evident in the Mediterranean area. Because of its mild winters and sunny days with dry summers, the Mediterranean area is different from the areas of central and northern Europe. Classical examples of allergenic pollen-producing plants of the Mediterranean climate include Parietaria, Olea and Cupressaceae. Asia Minor is a Mediterranean region that connects Asia and Europe, and it includes considerable coastal areas. Gramineae pollens are the major cause of seasonal allergic rhinitis in Asia Minor, affecting 1.3-6.4 % of the population, in accordance with other European regions. This article emphasizes the importance of global climate change and anticipated increases in the prevalence and severity of allergic disease in Asia Minor, mediated through worsening air pollution and altered local and regional pollen production, from an otolaryngologic perspective.

  4. Adaptive RED algorithm based on minority game (United States)

    Wei, Jiaolong; Lei, Ling; Qian, Jingjing


    With more and more applications appearing and the technology developing in the Internet, only relying on terminal system can not satisfy the complicated demand of QoS network. Router mechanisms must be participated into protecting responsive flows from the non-responsive. Routers mainly use active queue management mechanism (AQM) to avoid congestion. In the point of interaction between the routers, the paper applies minority game to describe the interaction of the users and observes the affection on the length of average queue. The parameters α, β of ARED being hard to confirm, adaptive RED based on minority game can depict the interactions of main body and amend the parameter α, β of ARED to the best. Adaptive RED based on minority game optimizes ARED and realizes the smoothness of average queue length. At the same time, this paper extends the network simulator plat - NS by adding new elements. Simulation has been implemented and the results show that new algorithm can reach the anticipative objects.

  5. 中国女子冰球队2015年世锦赛上的优势与不足%The Advantages and Disadvantages of Chinese Women’s Ice Hockey Team in 2015 World Championship

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    宋琳; 王国滨


    观看和分析研究本年度世锦赛中国队的实战过程,探索女子冰球进军冬奥会的可行之路。了解和分析世界女子冰球发展趋势,客观看待中国队的优势与存在的问题和寻求克服问题的方法,为未来的发展从理论角度做准备,期待中国女子冰球有更大进步。通过现象看本质,正确分清主观和客观问题产生的原因,宏观问题可以期待,但要有目标,自身努力能解决的问题应该有一个详细的具体方法。训练问题无疑仍是教练员的核心工作,从不同角度和用更丰富的现代思维方式对待存在的问题,也许会找到更好解决问题的方法。中国女子冰球在前进的道路上虽然困难重重,但经过有关人士的共同努力定会绝路逢生,中国女子冰球通向奥运之路的希望是不能放弃的。%By watching and analysis of the actual process of Chinese team in World Championship in this year,explore the practical way to Winter Olympics for female ice hockey team. To understand and analyze the developing trend of women's ice hockey in the world,objectively look upon the advantages and problems of Chinese team and find the methods of overcoming the problems,in order to prepare for the development in the future with a theoretical point of view,looking forward a greater progress of Chinese women's ice hockey team. This paper tries to see the essence through the phenomenon,correctly distinguish the subjective and objective reasons,macro problems could be looked forward,but goals should be had,tthe problem which can be solved by their efforts should have a specific method in detail. Training problem is still the core of the coaches’work,treat existing problems with different angles and richer modern thinking ways,and maybe find a better solution. Although the difficult way Chinese women’s ice hockey team is on,but with all the efforts,it will be alive in desperation,and never give up to go for

  6. 女子曲棍球项目体能训练研究现状与展望%A Review of the Studies on Women's Hockey Program of Fitness Training

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    团队项目体能训练是近年来世界范围内研究的热点之一,随着国外训练理念的普及和训练模式的推广,我国也逐渐开始此领域的探索性研究。中国女子曲棍球队曾在2008年奥运会中夺得亚军,但是近年来由于队员体能不足等因素的影响成绩出现了下滑。根据对我国女子曲棍球项目体能训练相关研究和训练实际情况的调查,结合当今世界身体功能训练的观点进行分析,发现目前我国女曲项目体能训练研究和实践中存在的不足,指出今后研究的方向。%Physical training of the team events has been one of the hot research subjects and China is now following suit to launch its exploratory research in this field. Chinese women's hockey team won the silver medal at the 2008 Olympic Games, but the performance has been unsatisfactory in recent years due to physical strength fail-ures and other factors. This paper investigates and analyzes the research and actual situation of the physical training of Chinese women's hockey to find out the drawbacks in physical training researches and practice.

  7. Minority Language Education in Malaysia: Four Ethnic Communities' Experiences. (United States)

    Smith, Karla J.


    Discusses minority language education in Malaysia, a multilingual and multicultural country. Looks at four language minority groups and what they have done to to provide beginning education programs for their children that use the children's native languages. (Author/VWL)


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    In this paper,we construct directly absolutely continuous major and minor functions of a function which is Lebesque integrable ,and we also construct directly continuous major and minor functions of a function which is Henstock-Kurzweil integrable.

  9. Equity of Access. New Approaches to Minority Admissions (United States)

    Bingham, Rebecca Saady


    One new approach to the admission of minorities to medical schools is that of the Simulated Minority Admission Exercises (SMAE). It sensitizes admission committee members to the different backgrounds of minority applicants and teaches them to evaluate them more effectively. (Author/AM)

  10. 7 CFR 772.7 - Leasing minor program loan security. (United States)


    ... 7 Agriculture 7 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Leasing minor program loan security. 772.7 Section 772..., DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE SPECIAL PROGRAMS SERVICING MINOR PROGRAM LOANS § 772.7 Leasing minor program loan security. (a) Eligibility. The Agency may consent to the borrower leasing all or a portion of...

  11. Minority Stress across the Career-Lifespan Trajectory (United States)

    Dispenza, Franco; Brown, Colton; Chastain, Taylor E.


    Sexual minority persons (e.g., lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer) are likely to encounter "minority stress", such as discrimination, concealment, expectation of rejection, and internalized heterosexism. Minority stress occurs alongside one's lifespan and has considerable implications in the context of the career lifespan trajectory.…

  12. 75 FR 20977 - Departmental Management; Advisory Committee on Minority Farmers (United States)


    ... maximizing the participation of minority farmers and ranchers in USDA programs; and (3) civil rights... organizations with a history of working with minority farmers and ranchers; (3) not less than two civil rights...; ] DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Departmental Management; Advisory Committee on Minority Farmers AGENCY:...

  13. Dual Minority Stress and Asian American Gay Men's Psychological Distress (United States)

    Chen, Yung-Chi; Tryon, Georgiana Shick


    The present study investigated the direct and additive effects of racial minority stress and sexual minority stress on the psychological well-being among a community sample of 139 Asian American gay men. Self-esteem was tested to see whether it moderated or mediated the effects of perceived dual minority stress on psychological distress. Results…

  14. Self-Regulation in Children and Minors in Institutional Care (United States)

    Hrbackova, Karla; Vavrova, Sona


    The study deals with self-regulation in children and minors (aged 11 to 19 years) living in so-called "total institutions". It examines the degree of self-regulation of behaviour from the perspective of the children and minors themselves and from the perspective of their key workers. Children and minors and their key workers differ…

  15. Intrinsic Religion and Internalized Homophobia in Sexual-Minority Youth. (United States)

    Ream, Geoffrey L.

    This research investigates the development of conflict between sexual minority identity and religious identity in sexual minority youth, examining religion as both a risk factor and a protective factor. Intrinsic religion was expected to predict self reported conflict between religious and sexual minority identity. Retrospectively reported…

  16. 78 FR 59425 - Minority Depository Institutions Advisory Committee Meeting (United States)


    ... Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Minority Depository Institutions Advisory Committee Meeting... meeting of the Minority Depository Institutions Advisory Committee (MDIAC). DATES: A public meeting of the...., Washington, DC 20219. Agenda items include a discussion of the status of the minority depository...

  17. 78 FR 79076 - Minority Depository Institutions Advisory Committee; Meeting (United States)


    ... Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Minority Depository Institutions Advisory Committee; Meeting... meeting of the Minority Depository Institutions Advisory Committee (MDIAC). DATES: The OCC MDIAC will hold... the minority depository institution industry and current topics of interest to the industry....

  18. 78 FR 5871 - Minority Depository Institutions Advisory Committee (United States)


    ... Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Minority Depository Institutions Advisory Committee AGENCY... Minority Depository Institutions Advisory Committee (MDIAC). DATES: A public meeting of the MDIAC will be... status of the minority depository institution industry and current topics of interest to the...

  19. 38 CFR 10.51 - Payments to minor child. (United States)


    ... 38 Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Payments to minor child. 10.51 Section 10.51 Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS ADJUSTED COMPENSATION Payments § 10.51 Payments to minor child. Payments to minor child through legal guardian,...

  20. Minorities in Nursing Education: Using Smartphones. (United States)

    Day-Black, Crystal


    The use of Smartphones in teaching and learning is transforming academia and affords a shift in paradigm for Historically Black Universities and Colleges (HBCUs) nurse programs for the 21st century. Smartphone use in academic settings has gained popularity among college students. For minority and low-income students, this handheld device may be the only source to real-time Internet-accessible information, and in anchoring social, vocational, and academic habits. Nursing faculty acceptance of smartphones in the classroom assists in clinical and simulation learning experiences. These experiences are keys to integration of successful smartphone initiatives in HBCU nursing programs.

  1. ISLAM AND MINORITIES: Managing Identity in Malaysia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ahmad Suaedy


    Full Text Available The Malaysian general election in March 2008 raised an interesting and new phenomenon. For the first time since independence in 1957, the ruling alliance known as the National Front (Barisan Nasional, BN failed to secure two thirds of seats in parliament and lost control of five of Malaysia’s 13 states. This was due to the challenge presented by the new opposition alliance known as the Alternative Front (Barisan Alternatif, BA or the People’s Alliance (Pakatan Rakyat, PK which won more than 36% of seats in parliament and gained control of the five states. In the 2004 election, BN secured the largest ever percentage of seats in parliament with 91%. What is interesting is that it seems that this significant increase in support for the opposition is  due to their offer to change the way minorities and ethnicity is managed. They  propose a move from “Bumiputera Supremacy”, or affirmative action for the approximately 65% of “Bumiputera” Malaysians (the rest being largely of Chinese or Indian ethnicity, to “The People’s Supremacy”, which involves eradicating affirmative action based on ethnicity, basing it instead on need, for  instance need due to poverty. This would potentially increase the likelihood  of justice and equality for all ethnic or racial groups. This paper connects the phenomenon of change, as seen in the about turn in the results between the  2004 and 2008 elections, to the more global trend in which minorities are standing up to demand their rights in this era of globalization, and to the challenge multiculturalism presents to parts of the Muslim world such as Malaysia. Malaysia, a Muslim majority nation that has formally declared Islam the official state religion with Yang di-Pertuan Agong (the King as  Head of the State and symbol of Islam, is one example, though not necessarily  representative, of how Islam and Muslims manage minorities and identity or  multiculturalism within the process of globalization

  2. Algorithmic complexity in the minority game (United States)



    In this paper, we present our approach for the study of the complexity of Minority Game using tools from thermodynamics and statistical physics. Previous attempts were based on the behavior of volatility, an observable of the financial markets. Our approach focuses on some properties of the binary stream of outcomes of the game. Physical complexity, a magnitude rooted in Kolmogorov-Chaitin theory, allows us to explain some properties of collective behavior of the agents. Mutual information function, a measure related to Shannon's information entropy, was useful to observe a kind of phase transition when applied to the binary string of the whole history of the game.

  3. Domestic abuse against minors: A victomological study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available The study presents the main findings of the secondary analysis conducted by the author on the statistics of the Prosecutors' Office with the High Court of Cassation and Justice in the period between 2005 and the first semester of 2007, regarding domestic physical and sexual abuse against minors. The study emphasizes the increase or decrease trends in the number of victims of domestic abuse according to the category of crime (for example manslaughter, battery resulting in death, battery and other types of violence, rape, incest, sexual corruption, etc. as well as in relation to aggressors and victims.

  4. Special Report - American Minorities in Astronomy (United States)


    There are about 15 African-American professional astronomers in the United States. Not 15 percent, fifteen. Latinos and Native Americans are similarly underrepresented. Those who make it not only must run the usual gauntlet of school, college, graduate school, and the job market; they must jump extra hurdles that can include poverty, discrimination, isolation, expectations of failure, and the burden of "representing" their ethnic group to their profession and their profession to their ethnic group. Over the past two decades, astronomers have worked to improve women's representation in their profession. What can we do to support American minority groups? Mercury h as asked astronomers, educators, and students from various perspectives to comment.

  5. Autonomy of the Regional Minority (Alandic Dimension

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ilia N. Zhdanov


    Full Text Available The article deals with the status of autonomy of the regional minority of Åland. The author examines its position in terms of international law and the Finnish national law, the historical and legal questions of the formation and development of autonomy are also highlighted. The modern Finnish legislation on the exclusive legislative powers of the Aland autonomy, its administrative system, the right of domicile, the features of the administrative proceedings are studied in detail. Particular attention is paid to the competence of the autonomy in the light of Finland's membership in the EU. The specifics of the participation of the Aland autonomy in EU affairs is investigated.

  6. Strategies and payoffs in quantum minority games

    CERN Document Server

    Sharif, Puya


    Game theory is the mathematical framework for analyzing strategic interactions in conflict and competition situations. In recent years quantum game theory has earned the attention of physicists, and has emerged as a branch of quantum information theory [1]. With the aid of entanglement and linear superposition of strategies, quantum games are shown to yield signifcant advantage over their classical counterparts. In this paper we explore optimal and equilibrium solutions to quantum minority games. Initial states with different level of entanglement are investigated. Focus will be on 4 and 6 player games with some N-player generalizations.

  7. Fission cross section measurements for minor actinides

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fursov, B. [IPPE, Obninsk (Russian Federation)


    The main task of this work is the measurement of fast neutron induced fission cross section for minor actinides of {sup 238}Pu, {sup 242m}Am, {sup 243,244,245,246,247,248}Cm. The task of the work is to increase the accuracy of data in MeV energy region. Basic experimental method, fissile samples, fission detectors and electronics, track detectors, alpha counting, neutron generation, fission rate measurement, corrections to the data and error analysis are presented in this paper. (author)

  8. On freak minor octopus, Octopus minor, found out in Imabari Fish Market, Ehime Prefecture


    東出, 遼介; 坂井, 陽一; 橋本, 博明


    The three male freak minor octopus, Octopus minor were found out on Fish Market of Imabari Fisheries Cooperative, Ehime Prefecture, Japan. One of them was the octopus landed on May 25, 2006, which had two hectocotilized arms on both of the third right and left, though male octopus usually has only one hectocotilized arm on the third right arm. It was seemed to be arisen from the abnormal generation. Another ones were landed on the Fish Market on April 16 and June 26, 2007, respectively. Both ...

  9. Sexual Minority-Related Victimization as a Mediator of Mental Health Disparities in Sexual Minority Youth: A Longitudinal Analysis (United States)

    Burton, Chad M.; Marshal, Michael P.; Chisolm, Deena J.; Sucato, Gina S.; Friedman, Mark S.


    Sexual minority youth (youth who are attracted to the same sex or endorse a gay/lesbian/bisexual identity) report significantly higher rates of depression and suicidality than heterosexual youth. The minority stress hypothesis contends that the stigma and discrimination experienced by sexual minority youth create a hostile social environment that…

  10. An Enriched Research Experience for Minority Undergraduates--A Step toward Increasing the Number of Minority Nurse Researchers. (United States)

    Leeman, Jennifer; Goeppinger, Jean; Funk, Sandra; Roland, E. Joyce


    A partnership between a research university and a minority-serving institution created a research enrichment and apprenticeship program for minority nursing students. The program provides students an opportunity to experience nursing research with the goal of increasing the number of minority researchers in nursing. (Contains 11 references.) (JOW)

  11. Oral benzodiazepine premedication in minor gynaecological surgery. (United States)

    Male, C G; Johnson, H D


    Clobazam 20 mg, diazepam 10 mg, lorazepam 2 mg and oxazepam 30 mg were compared in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial as oral premedication for 150 patients undergoing minor gynaecological surgery. All drugs and placebo significantly decreased anxiety when assessed by the patient on a 10-cm linear analogue rating scale 60 min after premedication. Diazepam 10 mg induced significantly more drowsiness when assessed by a trained observer 60 min after premedication than clobazam 20 mg, oxazepam 30 mg and placebo (P less than 0.01). Lorazepam 2 mg caused significantly more drowsiness 2 h (P less than 0.001) and 4 h (P less than 0.01) after operation, and significantly impaired psychomotor function after operation compared with the other four agents. The data suggest that clobazam 20 mg, diazepam 10 mg, oxazepam 30 mg or placebo offer advantages over lorazepam 2 mg for oral premedication in minor gynaecological surgery where early discharge after operation is preferred.

  12. Recruiting Minority Students to the Geosciences (United States)

    Marchese, P.; Cotten, D. E.; Cheung, T. D.; Johnson, L. P.; Austin, S.; Tremberger, G.; Bluestone, C.


    Queensborough Community College (QCC) and Medgar Evers College (MEC) of the City University of New York have been actively involved in recruiting primarily minority students to the Geosciences by involving students in research and by incorporating innovative and proven pedagogical methods into the classroom. Students at both colleges have been actively involved in doing research in Space and Earth Science. Students work during the summer under the mentorship of CUNY faculty conducting experiments and analyzing data. At the end of the summer students present findings at various science meetings. In the lecture room, the method of instruction was modified to emphasize active learning. Educational materials and pedagogical methods developed at QCC and other 4 year colleges was introduced to the predominantly minority student body at QCC and MEC. Many of these students did poorly at pre-college schools where lecture based learning is the chief method of instruction. It is not unexpected that many of them are having difficulty if the method of instruction has not changed at the postsecondary level. The intent of introducing active learning was to have students develop an appreciation of science, and have an increased understanding of relevant scientific principles. As a result of these activities student scores increased as compared to student scores in a more affluent college. Students also demonstrated increased conceptual understanding of the material, had higher self- efficacy scores, and seemed to enjoy the class better. Lower scoring students demonstrated the greatest benefit, while the better students had little (or no) changes.

  13. Urey Prize Lecture: Binary Minor Planets (United States)

    Margot, J. L.


    The discovery of binary systems in the near-Earth, main belt, and Kuiper belt populations provides an abundance of new data that expand our knowledge of the physics and chemistry of the solar system. Binary minor planets form as a result of collisional, tidal, and capture processes that are important to study as they play major roles in the formation and evolution of planetary systems. The frequency of occurrence of such processes directly reflects the dynamical environment in the various populations. Observations of binaries provide a powerful way to measure the bulk properties of small bodies, which in turn lead to inferences about their composition and internal structure. These data may offer a rare glimpse of what physical and chemical conditions prevailed when protoplanets formed, and what subsequent evolution took place. In the case of the Kuiper Belt, the study of a handful of binaries forces us to rethink how dense and how bright these bodies are, and to significantly revise our current mass estimates for the entire population. The number of known binary minor planets has increased dramatically over the past few years, with roughly ten new discoveries each year. I will attempt to summarize recent developments, with examples drawn from my observations with the Hubble, Palomar, Keck, Arecibo and Goldstone telescopes.

  14. Adenocarcinoma of the Minor Duodenal Papilla: Report of a Case

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kazuhiro Takami


    Full Text Available An 81-year-old male was found to have a duodenal tumor by screening upper gastrointestinal endoscopy. The tumor was located in the minor duodenal papilla. Pathological examination of the biopsy specimen revealed adenocarcinoma, and endoscopic ultrasound showed an elevated hypoechoic mass in the minor duodenal papilla. The preoperative diagnosis was therefore considered to be either adenocarcinoma of the minor duodenal papilla or duodenal cancer. We performed a subtotal stomach-preserving pancreaticoduodenectomy. Histopathological examination of the resected specimen showed the tumor cells to be primarily located in the submucosa of the minor duodenal papilla, with slight invasion into the pancreatic parenchyma through the accessory pancreatic duct. We therefore diagnosed a primary adenocarcima of the minor duodenal papilla. Adenocarcinoma of the minor duodenal papilla is considered to be a rare disease, but it may be underestimated because of the difficulty in distinguishing advanced adenocarcinoma of the minor duodenal papilla from primary duodenal cancer and cancer of the pancreatic head.

  15. Entrance Exam Admission Policies on Ethnic Minorities and Equal Educational Rights for Minorities in China (United States)

    Weiwei, Lang


    In 1977, the Chinese government reinstated the national unified college entrance exam enrollment system. As a part of this system, the government also implemented preferential policies on the enrollment of minorities that authorized the increase or decrease of exam scores and enrollment cutoff points; the policies were therefore seen as…

  16. Racial/Ethnic Minority Undergraduate Psychology Majors' Perceptions about School Psychology: Implications for Minority Recruitment (United States)

    Bocanegra, Joel O.; Newell, Markeda L.; Gubi, Aaron A.


    Racial and ethnic minorities are underrepresented within school psychology. Increased racial/ethnic diversity within university training programs has been shown to reduce prejudices and anxiety within students while increasing empathy for other racial/ethnic groups. The reduction of prejudices and anxiety and increased empathy for racial/ethnic…

  17. Minorities in Newsrooms: The Continuing Challenge. The Report of the ASNE Committee on Minorities. (United States)

    American Society of Newspaper Editors, Washington, DC.

    Beginning with a modest recommendation for the employment of a full-time member of the American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE) to work toward the Society's goal of truly integrated newsrooms by the year 2000, this report contains a number of items. Among them are (1) background information on minority representation in journalism; (2) a 1983…

  18. Exploring Discrimination and Mental Health Disparities Faced By Black Sexual Minority Women Using a Minority Stress Framework. (United States)

    Calabrese, Sarah K; Meyer, Ilan H; Overstreet, Nicole M; Haile, Rahwa; Hansen, Nathan B


    Black sexual minority women are triply marginalized due to their race, gender, and sexual orientation. We compared three dimensions of discrimination-frequency (regularity of occurrences), scope (number of types of discriminatory acts experienced), and number of bases (number of social statuses to which discrimination was attributed)-and self-reported mental health (depressive symptoms, psychological well-being, and social well-being) between 64 Black sexual minority women and each of two groups sharing two of three marginalized statuses: (a) 67 White sexual minority women and (b) 67 Black sexual minority men. Black sexual minority women reported greater discrimination frequency, scope, and number of bases and poorer psychological and social well-being than White sexual minority women and more discrimination bases, a higher level of depressive symptoms, and poorer social well-being than Black sexual minority men. We then tested and contrasted dimensions of discrimination as mediators between social status (race or gender) and mental health outcomes. Discrimination frequency and scope mediated the association between race and mental health, with a stronger effect via frequency among sexual minority women. Number of discrimination bases mediated the association between gender and mental health among Black sexual minorities. Future research and clinical practice would benefit from considering Black sexual minority women's mental health in a multidimensional minority stress context.

  19. Social Interaction and the Minority-Majority Earnings Inequality : Why Being a Minority Hurts but being a big Minority Hurts More

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kahanec, M.


    Empirical findings that minorities typically attain lower economic status than majorities and that relatively larger minorities perform worse than smaller ones pose a challenge to economics.To explain this scale puzzle, I model an economy where the society is bifurcated into two social groups that d

  20. Own education institutions as an option for minority groups

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    H.J. Steyn


    Full Text Available In this article the introductory part deals with Christian guidelines regarding the rights of minority groups. In the ensuing part the provision of education according to the unique educational needs of minority groups is discussed within the context of the presented guidelines. It is indicated that own education is internationally accepted as one of the major rights of minority groups. Within the international context, for example in the treaties of Unesco and in the educational provision of several countries, it is accepted that minority groups also prefer their own education institutions in order to effectively provide in their unique educational needs. In this article the more general requirements, regarding the characteristics of the education institution needed to meet the unique educational needs of a particular minority group are also identified. The impending problems in South Africa regarding own education schools for minorities are discussed briefly. In order to find possible solutions the situation in the Netherlands regarding "bijzondere scholen” to provide in the unique educational needs of particular interest groups and particularly religious groups is analysed. The conclusion arrived at is that the mentioned situation does not oppose Christian guidelines if minorities need each other to influence educational change, that the acknowledgement of the educational rights of minority groups promotes national unity, that the educational rights of minorities should imply freedom of establishment, denomination and institution and that the educational rights of minorities are fully realised if their education is financially supported by government on an equal basis to that of the majority.

  1. Autochthonous Linguistic Minorities in the Italian Alps:

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ernst Steinicke


    Full Text Available More than any other area in Western Europe, the Alps, especially the Italian Alps, are home to great ethno-cultural diversity: there, no less than seven autochthonous linguistic minorities coexist side by side with the respective official majority. Now being considered an important cultural heritage by the state as well as by the regions, new legislation offers protection to all ‘linguistic-historic minorities’ in Italy. Our study shows, however, that it is quite difficult to maintain such groups, since it is largely unknown where exactly the minority areas are situated. Based on that, local actor groups in various communities take advantage of this lack of knowledge and declare themselves minority territories although they show no linguistic varieties. An important objective of this project is therefore to present a cartographic representation of this linguistic diversity. Subsequently, the contribution discusses case studies of distinct ethno-linguistic self-awareness. Even though with Law No. 482 a first important step was taken to preserve the linguistic minorities, their progressive decline by territorial and numerical criteria cannot be denied. Today, besides unfavorable bio-demographic factors and “diffuse ethnicity,” other causes are current demographic processes. In this framework the amenity migrants, those new immigrants who have discovered the mountains as a new, desirable settlement space, play a decisive role by reinforcing the assimilation process.Les Alpes, plus précisément les Alpes italiennes, plus que toute autre région d'Europe Occidentale, sont un lieu de grande diversité ethnoculturelle : pas moins de sept minorités linguistiques autochtones y coexistent, côte à côte avec la majorité officielle correspondante. Maintenant considérées comme un héritage culturel important par les états ainsi que par les régions, une nouvelle législation offre une protection à toutes les « minorités linguistiques

  2. Towards the Enhancement of "MINOR" Archaeological Heritage (United States)

    Morandi, S.; Tremari, M.; Mandelli, A.


    The research is an analysis of the recording, reconstruction and visualisation of the 3D data of a XVIII century watermill, identified in an emergency archaeological excavation during the construction of the mini-hydroelectric plant on the bank of the Adda river in the municipality of Pizzighettone (Cremona, Lombardy, Italy). The work examines the use and the potentials of modern digital 3D modelling techniques applied to archaeological heritage aimed to increase the research, maintenance and presentation with interactive products. The use of three-dimensional models managed through AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) technologies with mobile devices gives several opportunities in the field of study and communication. It also improves on-site exploration of the landscape, enhancing the "minor" archaeological sites, daily subjected to numerous emergency works and facilitating the understanding of heritage sites.

  3. Unaccompanied Immigrant Minors: Where to Begin. (United States)

    Ciaccia, Kimberly A; John, Rita Marie


    The number of unaccompanied immigrant minors (UIMs) from Central America significantly increased in 2014. Nearly 50,000 children from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras crossed the United States-Mexico border in 2014, compared with 3,933 in 2011. Few resources exist to guide pediatric nurse practitioners (PNPs) in their care of UIM. The multifactorial reasons behind migration and the state of children's health in Central America provide insight into the needs of UIMs. Guidelines for similar groups such as foreign-born children and refugees offer direction for the health care considerations of UIMs. This article provides demographic information on UIMs, highlights the unique and challenging medical and mental health issues facing UIMs, and discusses the role of the PNP. A UIM's initial visit with a PNP serves as an opportunity to build trust through culturally competent, trauma-informed care, provide preventive care, assess for unmet health needs, and screen for mental health conditions.

  4. Controlling herding in minority game systems

    CERN Document Server

    Zhang, Ji-Qiang; Wu, Zhi-Xi; Su, Riqi; Lai, Ying-Cheng


    Resource allocation takes place in various types of real-world complex systems such as urban traf- fic, social services institutions, economical and ecosystems. Mathematically, the dynamical process of complex resource allocation can be modeled as minority games in which the number of resources is limited and agents tend to choose the less used resource based on available information. Spontaneous evolution of the resource allocation dynamics, however, often leads to a harmful herding behavior accompanied by strong fluctuations in which a large majority of agents crowd temporarily for a few resources, leaving many others unused. Developing effective control strategies to suppress and elim- inate herding is an important but open problem. Here we develop a pinning control method. That the fluctuations of the system consist of intrinsic and systematic components allows us to design a control scheme with separated control variables. A striking finding is the universal existence of an optimal pinning fraction to mi...

  5. Learning Schoolscapes in a Minority Setting

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Biró Enikő


    Full Text Available In my paper, I present a qualitative approach to the linguistic landscape of Hungarian schools in Sepsiszentgyörgy/Sfântu Gheorghe, Romania. These landscapes are called schoolscapes as they represent the material environment where texts and images “constitute, reproduce and transform language ideologies” (Brown 2012: 282. These manifestations reveal a lot about language learning and teaching in a formal educational environment. Beyond the simple representations of languages in education, we may trace more or less hidden curriculum details of foreign- and second-language teaching (English/German, Romanian in a Hungarian-Romanian dominant bilingual setting. My aim is to describe the visual manifestations of the differences and similarities between the languages taught to minority children and the mutual efforts of teachers and students to meet the basic challenges of learning and teaching these languages.

  6. Multiplayer quantum Minority game with decoherence

    CERN Document Server

    Flitney, A P; Flitney, Adrian P.; Hollenberg, Lloyd C. L.


    A quantum version of the Minority game for an arbitrary number of agents is studied. When the number of agents is odd, quantizing the game produces no advantage to the players, however, for an even number of agents new Nash equilibria appear that have no classical analogue. The new Nash equilibria provide far preferable expected payoffs to the players compared to the equivalent classical game. The effect on the Nash equilibrium payoff of reducing the degree of initial entanglement between the players' qubits or of introducing various forms of decoherence is discussed. As the number of players increases the multipartite GHZ state becomes increasingly fragile, as indicated by the smaller error probability required to reduce the Nash equilibrium payoff to the classical level.

  7. The Human Rights of Minority Women:

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ravnbøl, Camilla Ida


    , by being both women and members of a minority group. Through an investigation of how contemporary human rights law and politics serve to address the concerns of Romani women, it sheds light on the challenges that the Romani women’s issue presents to the international human rights framework...... Alexanderson Research Scholarship, administered by the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law in Lund, Sweden. This summary version brings forward the main arguments of the thesis which was an awarded EMA thesis 2006–2007 of the European University Institute in Venice. For this reason...... it does not present any new findings or data after 2007 but merely summarises the main chapters of the thesis. The thesis investigated the complexities surrounding Romani women’s human rights at UN and European level. Thus, national systems and the regional systems in the Americas and Africa are excluded...

  8. Minor amputations for diabetic foot salvage

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Salah Y. Habel


    Full Text Available Foot ulceration in diabetic patients is a frequent complication of diabetes mellitus (DM, necessitating hospitalization for control of infection, wound care and glycemic control. These patients are at risk for potential loss of the involved limb as well as for future loss of the contralateral limb. Diabetic foot is the consequence of peripheral neuropathy complicated by infrapopliteal peripheral vascular disease. Most of the patients present with chronic plantar ulceration and with cellulitis or an abscess. In a significant number of patients, it is observed that the frequency of life or limb threatening infection is less with an intact skin cover. Limb salvage employs the use of culture specific antibiotics, sharp debridement or a minor amputation, wound care and/or skin cover as the situation demands.

  9. Local Minority Game with Evolutionary Strategies

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    YANG Wei-Song; LI Ping; ZOU Shan-Shan; WANG Bing-Hong


    @@ We study a model of local minority game in the random Kauffman network with evolutionary strategies and propose three methods to update the strategy of poor agents, with lower points in a given generation: namely to update either the Boolean function of their strategies randomly, or their local information of randomly adjacent m agents, or the number m of randomly chosen adjacent agents. The results of extended numerical simulations show that the behaviour of strategies in the three methods may enhance significantly the entire coordination of agents in the system. It is also found that a poor agent tends to use both small m strategies and correlated strategies, and the strategies of agents will finally self-organize into a steady-state distribution for a long time playing of the game.

  10. Vývoj protokolu o pozorování dovedností pro sledge hokej - pilotní studie Development of a skills observation protocol for sledge ice hockey - pilot study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yves Vanlandewijck


    Full Text Available V průběhu několika posledních let vzrostly možnosti jedinců s tělesným postiženým zapojit se do fyzických činností. Z tohoto důvodu je uznáván význam zvládnutí sportovních dovedností ještě před samotnou účastí v soutěžích. O stále oblíbenějším sledge hokeji bylo dosud provedeno málo výzkumů. Hlavní složkou výkonu je analýza dovedností. Vzhledem k její uznávané důležitosti a současnému nedostatku příslušných výzkumů na tomto poli jsme při této studii využili videozáznamů z paralympijského sledge hokejového turnaje z Turína v roce 2006, které nám poskytly možnost vytvořit protokol o pozorování s podrobnými kritérii toho, co utváří vyspělé profesionální sledge hokejové dovednosti. Proběhly konzultace s odborníky z tohoto odvětví a jejich zpětná vazba nám umožnila vytvořit tento nástroj. Po dokončení protokolu jsme provedli pilotní vyhodnocení, pro které byli hráči vybíráni na základě statistik z paralympijských her. Tito hráči byli poté pomocí našeho protokolu hodnoceni. Bylo prokázáno, že protokol dokáže úspěšně rozlišovat hráče vyšší a nižší úrovně. Over the past few years opportunities have been increasing for individuals with physical disabilities to become involved in physical activities; hence there is a recognition of the importance of mastering sport skills before participation. Currently there is little research that has been performed on the increasingly popular sport of sledge hockey. A major component of performance is skill analysis. Having recognised its importance and the current unavailability of relevant research in the area, this study used video recordings of the Torino 2006 Paralympic sledge ice hockey tournament to provide a setting in which to produce a skill observation protocol with detailed criteria of what constitutes a mature professional sledge ice hockey skill. Experts in the field were

  11. Change of STI under different load condition of female hockey athlete%女子曲棍球运动员在不同负荷状态下心缩间期的变化

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李洁; 王茂生; 师德明


    Using MCA-3C heart function information instrumentation, the influences of movement training on heart's tension-contraction speed and left ventricle function of the female hockey athletes are discussed. To take the general female university students (control group, n = 9), the sports education specialized female university student(sports education group, n=9) and the female hockey team athletes (women hockey team group,n= 9)as the object of study, under peaceful condition and different load condition, the biochemical indexs on systolic time interval(STI) are measured. Results demonstrate that the training may improve the trainer's heart function at rest through cutting the heart rate, lengthening LVET, reducing ICT and lengthening MST. The training may improve the trainer's heart function at different intensity movement through reduceing the HR increase rate, lengthening LVET, reducing lowintensity and the medium-intensity ICT, maintaining ICT stability when the high-intensity movement.The training can accelerate the trainer's HR restores, maintaining MST and EML stability, so it has the good function in recovery period.%利用MCA-3C心脏功能信息检测仪,探讨运动训练对心脏的张力-收缩速度及左心室功能的影响.以普通专业女大学生(对照组,n=9)、体育教育专业女大学生(体教组,n=9)和女子曲棍球队运动员(女曲组,n=9)为研究对象,测量其安静状态及40 W,80 W和120 W负荷蹬车3 min(转速为60 r/min)结束即刻、120 W恢复期第5 min和第10 min的心缩间期(STI)各项指标.结果表明,运动训练可改善训练者安静时心脏功能,通过降低HR,延长LVET,缩短ICT,延长MST来实现;运动训练可改善训练者运动时心脏功能,通过降低运动时HR上升幅度,延长LVET,缩短小强度及中等强度运动时ICT,维持大强度运动时ICT不再继续缩短来实现;运动训练对加速训练者运动后HR恢复,维持运动后恢复期MST及EML稳定具有良好的作用.

  12. 75 FR 78225 - Proposed Information Collection; Comment Request; Survey of Minority-Owned Business Participation... (United States)


    ... Minority Business Development Agency Proposed Information Collection; Comment Request; Survey of Minority-Owned Business Participation, Opportunities and Barriers to Global Commerce AGENCY: Minority Business... global commerce. The survey will provide valuable information on the markets minority businesses...

  13. Minor physical anomalies and schizophrenia spectrum disorders: a prospective investigation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Schiffman, Jason; Ekstrøm, Morten; LaBrie, Joseph


    OBJECTIVE: The authors prospectively assessed the relationship between minor physical anomalies identified in childhood and adult psychiatric outcome. METHOD: In 1972, minor physical anomalies were measured in a group of 265 Danish children ages 11-13. The examination was part of a larger study...... at high risk. RESULTS: Individuals with a high number of minor physical anomalies developed schizophrenia spectrum disorders significantly more often than they developed a no mental illness outcome. Further, individuals with a high number of minor physical anomalies tended to develop schizophrenia...... spectrum disorders more often than other psychopathology. Among individuals at genetic high risk, higher numbers of minor physical anomalies may interact with pre-existing vulnerabilities for schizophrenia to increase the likelihood of a schizophrenia spectrum disorder outcome. CONCLUSIONS: Minor physical...

  14. Type synthesis principle of minor-mobility parallel manipulators

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    黄真; 李秦川


    This paper originally presents a systematic general type synthesis principle of minor-mobility parallel manipulators. Based on the properties and geometrical conditions of structure constraint of minor-mobility parallel manipulators, this principle will be a cornerstone in solving the problem of type synthesis of minor-mobility parallel manipulators. Many mechanisms have been synthesized by this principle, which illustrated the validity and universality of this principle.

  15. Mentoring for minorities in mathematics and science. Final report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Shamma, S.E.


    The University of West Florida received a grant from the US Department of Energy to initiate a program on mentoring for Minorities in Mathematics and Science. The purpose of the program was to develop interest of minority freshman and sophomore students in teaching mathematics and science and then have these students act as role models for grade school students, especially for minorities who are experiencing difficulties in science and mathematics education. Fifteen students, one more than what was budgeted, participated in the project.

  16. 索契冬奥会男子冰球决赛射门技术分析%Analysis of the Players' Shoot Skills in Ice Hockey Men Finals in Sochi Winter Olympics

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    In ice hockey match,the scores are achieved by shoot,and the shoot skills can reflect a team's offensive capabilities and overall strength,be more the key of victory. With the statistics of the players' shoot skills in ice hockey men semi finals and finals in Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics,the paper finds out that the shoot skills of world power teams are more in pull-shot and slap-shot,less in scoop-shot and shovel-shot. Their shoot efficiency is not high,the highest shoot effeciency is only 74.19%of Canadian team,the lowest one is 70.96%of USA team. The most of teams' shoot positions are in offensive zone and the few in center or defensive zone. It hints that in the future,it's necessary to improve the effectiveness of shoot skills by enhancing the training of shovel-shot,scoop-shot and flip-shot.%冰球比赛的得分是通过射门实现的,射门技术情况能体现一个球队的进攻能力以及整体实力,更是能否赢得比赛的关键。通过对2014年索契冬奥会男子冰球半决赛、决赛射门技术情况的统计,发现:世界冰球强队队员射门技术中运用较多的依次是拉射、击射,运用较少的依次是弹射、垫射;射门有效率都不是很高,最高的加拿大队的射门有效率不过为74.19%,最低的是美国队射门有效率为70.96%;各队射门的位置绝大多数在前场区域,而很少部分在中场区和后场区。提示我们:在今后的训练中加强对垫射、挑射、弹射这三种射门技术的练习,并且需要提高射门的有效性。

  17. The Educational Rights of the Muslim Minority under Greek Law

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Iris Kalliopi Boussiakou


    Full Text Available The right of the Muslim minority of Western Thrace to receive education in the mother tongue is provided by the Treaty of Lausanne and the educational bilateral agreements-the Educational Agreement (1951 and the Cultural Protocol (1968-signed between Greece and Turkey. Due to certain particularities in the educational system, however, minority students do not have adequate opportunities to gain knowledge of the Greek or Turkish language. The major problems the Muslim minority faces in education include: a mixed system of administration, outdated textbooks, poorly-educated teaching staff and the absence of an efficient school curriculum. This article will provide a critical analysis of the existing legislation on education provided to Muslim students in the minority schools of Western Thrace. Secondly, an examination will be made of the level and status of minority education in light of current international human rights treaties documents for the protection of minorities. The existing inadequacies of the educational system will be addressed to provide a series of effective solutions and recommendations in favour of the advancement and improvement of education in minority schools. The article will therefore examine the principle that education needs to be made available and accessible at all levels to the member of a minority group and, most importantly, it needs to adapt to the socio-linguistic and cultural needs of minority students.

  18. Minor physical anomalies and schizophrenia spectrum disorders: a prospective investigation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Schiffman, Jason; Ekstrøm, Morten; LaBrie, Joseph


    OBJECTIVE: The authors prospectively assessed the relationship between minor physical anomalies identified in childhood and adult psychiatric outcome. METHOD: In 1972, minor physical anomalies were measured in a group of 265 Danish children ages 11-13. The examination was part of a larger study...... spectrum disorders more often than other psychopathology. Among individuals at genetic high risk, higher numbers of minor physical anomalies may interact with pre-existing vulnerabilities for schizophrenia to increase the likelihood of a schizophrenia spectrum disorder outcome. CONCLUSIONS: Minor physical...

  19. Strategies employed by sexual minority adolescents to cope with minority stress. (United States)

    Goldbach, J T; Gibbs, J J


    Sexual minority adolescents (SMA) experience disparities in health and behavioral health outcomes, including high rates of depression, anxiety, self-harm, substance use, HIV risk behavior, suicidal ideation, and suicide attempts. These outcomes are commonly attributed to minority stress. Stress experiences are different for SMA than their adult counterparts. For example, disclosing their sexual orientation may be more likely to result in homelessness because these youth more often live with parents or other family members. Although stress in this population has been explored in previous research, very little is known about how SMA cope. Relying upon an adolescent coping model, this study examined the coping strategies, responses, and resources of SMA related to stress. Forty-eight racially and ethnically diverse SMA (age 14-19) were recruited for 90-minute tape-recorded interviews. The semi-structured interviews were guided by a life history calendar. Recordings were transcribed verbatim and entered into QSR NVivo. All transcripts were coded by two members of the research team and went through a consensus process. Forty-three unique coping statements emerged that fit with the Compas model of adolescent coping. SMA cope with minority stress in similar ways to heterosexual youth coping with general stress, but findings suggest that SMA may also use different kinds of coping resources. Although further research is needed, the present study identified a variety of ways SMA cope with stress and can inform future research on the development interventions.

  20. The application of minority stress theory to marijuana use among sexual minority adolescents. (United States)

    Goldbach, Jeremy T; Schrager, Sheree M; Dunlap, Shannon L; Holloway, Ian W


    Previous research indicates that lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) adolescents are at increased risk for substance use, including heightened rates of marijuana use. Minority stress theory suggests that difficult social situations create a state of chronic stress that leads to poor health outcomes for LGB adults; however, the applicability of this model has not been well explored in relation to substance use among LGB adolescents. The current study is a secondary analysis of the OutProud survey, conducted in 2000. The original study used purposive sampling to collect data from 1,911 LGB adolescents (age 12-17) across the United States, and represents the largest known study to explore experiences specific to identifying as LGB, such as homophobia and gay-related victimization. We used structural equation modeling (SEM) to explore the feasibility of applying a minority stress framework to understand marijuana use in this population. The final structural model for marijuana use in the LGB adolescent sample displayed excellent fit and modest explanatory power for marijuana use. Two of the five factors, community connectedness and internalized homophobia, were significantly (p stress theory may be appropriately applied to marijuana use in this population; however, better measurement of minority stress concepts for LGB adolescents is needed.

  1. AMS of the Minor Plutonium Isotopes. (United States)

    Steier, P; Hrnecek, E; Priller, A; Quinto, F; Srncik, M; Wallner, A; Wallner, G; Winkler, S


    VERA, the Vienna Environmental Research Accelerator, is especially equipped for the measurement of actinides, and performs a growing number of measurements on environmental samples. While AMS is not the optimum method for each particular plutonium isotope, the possibility to measure (239)Pu, (240)Pu, (241)Pu, (242)Pu and (244)Pu on the same AMS sputter target is a great simplification. We have obtained a first result on the global fallout value of (244)Pu/(239)Pu = (5.7 ± 1.0) × 10(-5) based on soil samples from Salzburg prefecture, Austria. Furthermore, we suggest using the (242)Pu/(240)Pu ratio as an estimate of the initial (241)Pu/(239)Pu ratio, which allows dating of the time of irradiation based solely on Pu isotopes. We have checked the validity of this estimate using literature data, simulations, and environmental samples from soil from the Salzburg prefecture (Austria), from the shut down Garigliano Nuclear Power Plant (Sessa Aurunca, Italy) and from the Irish Sea near the Sellafield nuclear facility. The maximum deviation of the estimated dates from the expected ages is 6 years, while relative dating of material from the same source seems to be possible with a precision of less than 2 years. Additional information carried by the minor plutonium isotopes may allow further improvements of the precision of the method.

  2. Controlling herding in minority game systems (United States)

    Zhang, Ji-Qiang; Huang, Zi-Gang; Wu, Zhi-Xi; Su, Riqi; Lai, Ying-Cheng


    Resource allocation takes place in various types of real-world complex systems such as urban traffic, social services institutions, economical and ecosystems. Mathematically, the dynamical process of resource allocation can be modeled as minority games. Spontaneous evolution of the resource allocation dynamics, however, often leads to a harmful herding behavior accompanied by strong fluctuations in which a large majority of agents crowd temporarily for a few resources, leaving many others unused. Developing effective control methods to suppress and eliminate herding is an important but open problem. Here we develop a pinning control method, that the fluctuations of the system consist of intrinsic and systematic components allows us to design a control scheme with separated control variables. A striking finding is the universal existence of an optimal pinning fraction to minimize the variance of the system, regardless of the pinning patterns and the network topology. We carry out a generally applicable theory to explain the emergence of optimal pinning and to predict the dependence of the optimal pinning fraction on the network topology. Our work represents a general framework to deal with the broader problem of controlling collective dynamics in complex systems with potential applications in social, economical and political systems.

  3. Clinicians' perceptions of minor cervical instability. (United States)

    Niere, Kenneth Robert; Torney, Sarah Kathryn


    Appropriate musculoskeletal physiotherapy management of spinal conditions requires recognition of clinical patterns in order to make a provisional diagnosis. This study aimed to assist the recognition of minor cervical instability (MCI) by surveying clinicians experienced in the management of neck conditions. A total of 153 Australian physiotherapists with postgraduate qualifications in manipulative physiotherapy and experience in the management of neck conditions completed a questionnaire that required them to indicate the importance of 15 clinical findings in the diagnosis of MCI. The responses were examined descriptively then subjected to factor analysis to identify possible groupings of findings. Clinical findings considered by greater than 50% of respondents to be either very important or vitally important in the diagnosis of MCI were: a history of major trauma; reports of the neck catching or locking or giving way; poor muscular control; signs of hypermobility on X-ray; excessively free end-feel on passive motion testing and unpredictability of symptoms. The factor analysis resulted in four distinct factors, each clinically interpretable. Therapists treating patients with neck conditions should at least consider the possibility of MCI when presented with any of the six findings reported above or with any of the groupings of findings identified by the factor analysis.

  4. Fish play Minority Game as humans do (United States)

    Liu, Ruey-Tarng; Chung, Fei Fang; Liaw, Sy-Sang


    We report the results of an unprecedented real Minority Game (MG) played by university staff members who clicked one of two identical buttons (A and B) on a computer screen while clocking in or out of work. We recorded the number of people who clicked button A for 1288 games, beginning on April 21, 2008 and ending on October 31, 2010, and calculated the variance among the people who clicked A as a function of time. The evolution of the variance shows that the global gain of selfish agents increases when a small portion of agents make persistent choice in the games. We also carried out another experiment in which we forced 101 fish to enter one of the two symmetric chambers (A and B). We repeated the fish experiment 500 times and found that the variance of the number of fish that entered chamber A evolved in a way similar to the human MG, suggesting that fish have memory and can employ more strategies when facing the same situation again and again.

  5. Micromechanics of Minor Cervical Spine Injuries (United States)

    Niederer, Peter F.; Schmitt, Kai-Uwe; Muser, Markus H.; Walz, Felix H.

    Minor soft tissue injuries of the cervical spine are of increasing significance in public health. They may in particular be associated with long-term impairment. Such injuries are observed primarily in rear-end automobile collisions at low impact speeds and are attributed to a “whiplash”-type event. The question with respect to injury mechanisms of the cervical spine in cases of impacts of a low severity have raised controversial views in the past. Among proposed injury mechanisms, interactions between fluid and solid structures have been postulated: Viscous shear stresses or pressure gradients which arise in the deforming anatomical structures may have an adverse influence, e. g., on cellular membranes. In this communication, mathematical modeling approaches are presented which allow for a quantification of fluid/solid interactions under typical loading conditions of interest here. It is found, that the shear stresses caused by fluids and acting on accelerated surfaces of fluid-filled bodies depend largely on the size of the fluid space under consideration. Accelerations exhibit a stronger influence than their duration. It cannot be excluded that critical levels are reached even in a low speed impact scenario.

  6. Improving Underrepresented Minority Student Persistence in STEM (United States)

    Estrada, Mica; Burnett, Myra; Campbell, Andrew G.; Campbell, Patricia B.; Denetclaw, Wilfred F.; Gutiérrez, Carlos G.; Hurtado, Sylvia; John, Gilbert H.; Matsui, John; McGee, Richard; Okpodu, Camellia Moses; Robinson, T. Joan; Summers, Michael F.; Werner-Washburne, Maggie; Zavala, MariaElena


    Members of the Joint Working Group on Improving Underrepresented Minorities (URMs) Persistence in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)—convened by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute—review current data and propose deliberation about why the academic “pathways” leak more for URM than white or Asian STEM students. They suggest expanding to include a stronger focus on the institutional barriers that need to be removed and the types of interventions that “lift” students’ interests, commitment, and ability to persist in STEM fields. Using Kurt Lewin’s planned approach to change, the committee describes five recommendations to increase URM persistence in STEM at the undergraduate level. These recommendations capitalize on known successes, recognize the need for accountability, and are framed to facilitate greater progress in the future. The impact of these recommendations rests upon enacting the first recommendation: to track successes and failures at the institutional level and collect data that help explain the existing trends. PMID:27543633

  7. The Absence of the Right to Culture of Minorities within Minorities in Israel: A Tale of a Cultural Dissent Case

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Meital Pinto


    Full Text Available The Israeli Plonit case concerns a Muslim woman who wished to be represented by a female arbitrator in a Shari’a Court. The Shari’a Court of Appeals denied her request and decided that Shari’a Law permits only men to serve as arbitrators. Plonit petitioned the Israeli Supreme Court, which accepted her petition and decided that the Shari’a Court of Appeals’ decision infringed her right to equality. While I support the outcome of the Supreme Court’s decision, my paper sheds a light on a crucial matter that is absent in the decision; namely, the right to culture of Muslim women, who are a vulnerable members of a minority group in Israel, and therefore constitute a “minority within minority”. Analysing the case in terms of Plonit’s right to culture, in addition to her right to equality, has two advantages. First, it stresses the main issues at the heart of the legal debate, which are the minority culture’s norms and practices, and the right of the minority within the minority to influence and shape them as much as the majority within the minority. Second, when the minority within the minority’s claim is put in terms of the right to culture, and not only in terms of the right to equality, they are not necessarily perceived by other minority members as claims that try to enforce external norms on the minority culture.

  8. 中国女子曲棍球运动员膝关节伸、屈肌群等速力量测试研究%Isokinetic strength of hamstring and quadriceps muscles in Chinese women hockey players

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    付颖; 闫琪


    通过对19名国家女子曲棍球队队员膝关节伸屈肌群的等速力量测试,探讨我国优秀女曲队员的下肢力量特点,为科学训练提供依据.结果表明:我国优秀女子曲棍运动员下肢屈肌力量较强,屈肌和伸肌群力量之间的比率(H/Q)比较合理;仅快速运动时(300°/s)弱侧屈膝肌群力量相对较弱,需加强该侧屈肌快速力量训练.%The isokinetic strength of hamstring and quadriceps muscles of 19 elite Chinese women hockey players were determined using Cybex 6000 system.The results indicated that the ratio of H/Q in these players was reasonable;the isokinetic strength of left knee flexors was lower at 300°/sec,and this speed strength would be enhanced.

  9. 我国女子曲棍球运动员运动损伤调查和预防%Investigation and Prevention on Sports Injury of Women Field Hockey Players in China

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    赵慧娣; 于楼成; 徐勤儿


    向参加2010年全国女子曲棍球冠军杯赛运动员发放调查问卷,同时对各队的队医、教练员进行访谈,收集相关资料,并进行统计分析研究。结果表明,运动员在训练期间无接触情况下受伤比例较高,运动员运动损伤具有一定的项目特点,如被球击伤和被棍击伤,此外他人侵犯、力量不足、场地护具欠佳等也是运动员受伤的原因。%By making questionnaire on women players who participating in 2010 field hockey champion cup, and interviewing the doctors, coach of each team, this paper studies the relevant data and statistical analysis. The re- sult shows that players in training with

  10. Kinematic Study on the 3 Drag Flick Postures in Short Corner Attack of Field Hockey%曲棍球短角球进攻时3种拉射姿势的运动学研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    成功实施短角球进攻包含很多方面的因素,生物力学是其中最重要因素之一。本文根据6名曲棍球运动员以3种拉射姿势分别向球门4个边角进攻的运动学参数,归纳总结出不同边角的最佳拉射角,为运动队短角球训练提供一定的运动生物力学实验依据。%A successful short corner attack includes quite a few elements,biomechanics is one of them.According to the kinematic parameters of attacking the four corners of the goal with 3 drag flick postures of the 6 players,the author selects the best drag flick angles for attacking the different goal corners in order to provide biomechanical reference for the training of short corner attack of the field hockey teams.

  11. The Sprinkler Irrigation and Rainwater Utilization Design of Jiangsu Wujin Hockey New Training Base%江苏武进曲棍球新训练基地喷灌及雨水利用设计

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    In this paper, the author introduces the Wujin ho-ckey field water supply and drainage and rainwater utilization from five aspects of the sprinkler irrigation system and drainage system design, the rain, such as recycling, and treatment and reuse in design. The project ful y reflects the goal of saving water and rain water recycling, reduces the stress of city lack of water, and reduces the operation cost of the pitch.%本文从场地喷灌系统及排水系统设计、雨水的回收、处理及再利用等五方面,详细阐述了武进曲棍球场场地给排水和雨水利用设计。该项目充分体现了节水理念与雨水回收利用的目标,缓解了城市水缺乏的压力,降低了球场的运营成本。

  12. Ethnic Minorities' Impression Management in the Interview: Helping or Hindering? (United States)

    Derous, Eva


    Cross-cultural impression management (IM) has not been considered much, which is remarkable given the fast rate at which the labor market is becoming multicultural. This study investigated whether ethnic minorities and majorities differed in their preference for IM-tactics and how this affected ethnic minorities' interview outcomes. A preliminary study (focus groups/survey) showed that ethnic minorities (i.e., Arab/Moroccans) preferred 'entitlements' whereas majorities (i.e., Flemish/Belgians) preferred 'opinion conformity' as IM-tactics. An experimental follow-up study among 163 ethnic majority raters showed no main effect of IM-tactics on interview ratings. Ethnic minorities' use of IM-tactics only affected interview ratings if rater characteristics were considered. Specifically, interview ratings were higher when ethnic minorities used opinion conformity (i.e., majority-preferred IM-tactic) and lower when minorities used entitlements (i.e., minority-preferred IM-tactic) if recruiters were high in social dominance orientation, and when they felt more experienced/proficient with interviewing. IM-tactics are a human capital factor that might help applicants to increase their job chances on the labor market. It is concluded that ethnic minority applicants' preferences for certain IM-tactics might lead to bias even in structured interview settings, but that this depends on ethnic majority recruiters' interview experience and ingroup/outgroup attitudes. Implications for research and practice are discussed.

  13. Cigarette smoking disparities among sexual minority cancer survivors

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Charles Kamen


    Conclusion: The current study offers preliminary evidence that sexual minority status is one variable among many that must be taken into account when assessing health behaviors post-cancer diagnosis. Future research should identify mechanisms leading from sexual minority status to increased rates of smoking and develop tailored smoking cessation interventions.

  14. 75 FR 15402 - Information Collection; Minority Farm Register (United States)


    ... to be collected; (4) Minimize the burden of the collection of information on those who are to respond... Farm Service Agency Information Collection; Minority Farm Register AGENCY: Farm Service Agency, USDA... the extension of a currently approved information collection for the Minority Farm Register....

  15. Minority Recruitment and Retention for Universities: Bilingual Special Education Faculty (United States)

    Brice, Alejandro E.


    Recruitment and retention of minority faculty in bilingual special education is a perilous task. Research has shown that minority faculty/teachers are able to provide emotional support, mentor students, serve as role models, create a positive climate, provide diverse views, increase collaboration among faculty and teachers, and work with…

  16. On General Issues of Bilingual Education for Minority Ethnic Groups (United States)

    Mingyuan, Gu


    Minority language literacy is an important issue in national education policy for any multi-nationality country. China sticks to the policy of safeguarding the rights and interests of ethnic minority groups to use their own languages and writing systems. In education, considering communications among different nationalities and the development of…

  17. The Hierarchy of Minority Languages in New Zealand (United States)

    de Bres, Julia


    This article makes a case for the existence of a minority language hierarchy in New Zealand. Based on an analysis of language ideologies expressed in recent policy documents and interviews with policymakers and representatives of minority language communities, it presents the arguments forwarded in support of the promotion of different types of…

  18. Accessing medication information by ethnic minorities : barriers and possible solutions

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Schaafsma, Evelyn; Raynor, Theo; de Jong-van den Berg, Lolkje


    Aim: This review discusses two main questions: how suitable is current consumer medication information for minority ethnic groups, and what are effective strategies to overcome existing barriers. The focus is on minority groups whose first language is not the language of the healthcare system. Metho

  19. Uncommon Languages: The Challenges and Possibilities of Minority Language Rights. (United States)

    May, Stephen


    Outlines some of the key complexities and controversies that surround the advocacy of minority language rights, most notably via the movement of linguistic human rights (LHR). Argues that while the LHR movement has much to offer, particularly in articulating how minority languages might come to enjoy some of the privileges accorded majority…

  20. Minority Francophone Education in Canada. Lessons in Learning (United States)

    Canadian Council on Learning, 2009


    Access to French-language education has been a hard-won right for francophones outside of Quebec. While this is now a right enshrined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and in the Official Languages Act, minority francophone education continues to face important challenges, including the persistent finding that francophones in minority-language…

  1. A Case for Legal Protection for Sexual Minority Educators (United States)

    Bishop, Holly N.; Caraway, Chadwick; Stader, David L.


    Discrimination based on sexual orientation in K-12 education is not prohibited in many school districts across the United States. Teachers who are of the sexual minority (gay, lesbian, or bisexual) must remain closeted or risk losing their jobs. A history of past court decisions and laws deeming sexual minorities to be degenerates from which…

  2. Lines of Deterritorialization: The Becoming-Minor of Carter's Drawing (United States)

    Schulte, Christopher M.


    Invoking Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari's configuration of minor literature, the author of this case study theorizes the drawing practice of a young boy (Carter) as a process of becoming-minor. Critical to this theorization is the creation and activation of a semblance between Brent and Marjorie Wilson's (1977) treatment of the…

  3. Minority Rights in Yugoslavia. An MRG International Report. (United States)

    Briza, Jan

    This report focuses on minority rights in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY), examining the relations and interactions between different ethnic communities in a highly diversified society in which the oppression of minorities by the majority, or by the government, is commonplace. After a historic background, the report draws attention to the…

  4. Ethnic Minorities and Women at the University of New Mexico. (United States)

    New Mexico Univ., Albuquerque.

    Information on ethnic minorities and women at the University of New Mexico is presented. Specialized programs that emphasize recruitment and retention of minority and women students and the amount of money associated with each program are listed. A breakdown by race, nationality, and sex of the 1977 entering freshman class is presented, and a…

  5. Ulcerative sialadenitis of minor salivary gland: A short case report. (United States)

    Kashyap, Roopashri Rajesh; Nair, R Gopakumar; Kashyap, Rajesh Shanker


    Minor salivary glands have an important role in the physiology and pathology of the oral cavity though they have been neglected at times. Smoking has a direct effect on the palatal minor salivary glands, and their most common presentation is stomatitis nicotina. We report a case of ulceration in the palatal salivary gland presented with intermittent heavy bleeding from the lesion.

  6. Medical Rights of Minors: Some Answered and Unanswered Legal Questions. (United States)

    Talbutt, Lou


    Because school counselors work with minors they must keep up with current laws, as well as state and local school policies. Special caution is needed concerning medical rights of minors and parental consent in dealing with student pregnancy, abortion, drug abuse, and child abuse. (JAC)

  7. Outcomes of Sexual Behaviors among Sexual Minority Youth (United States)

    Morgan, Elizabeth M.


    Very little is known about outcomes of sexual behavior for sexual minority youth. In this chapter, I review relevant literature and draw on findings from my own research to initiate an inquiry into this important topic. I begin with a brief overview of the range of sexual behaviors of sexual minority adolescents and young adults. Next, I describe…

  8. Successful Minority Pedagogy in Mathematics: US and Japanese Case Studies (United States)

    Ahn, Ruth; Catbagan, Paula; Tamayo, Kristin; I, Ji Yeong; Lopez, Mario; Walker, Pamela


    This study examines best practices in teaching mathematics to minority students through two case studies conducted at high-minority junior high schools in the USA and Japan. Observations, interviews, and conversations with the teachers in both countries focused on the research question: how do teachers successfully teach mathematics to minority…

  9. Minority Education in Georgia: Is It Delivering What Is Expected? (United States)

    Tabatadze, Shalva


    This article explores the issue of minority education in the nation of Georgia, and this research aims to identify the reasons for minority educational problems. The results of school exit exams, literacy research studies, and the 2009 Program for International Student Assessment were used to highlight the differences in educational achievements…

  10. Bilingual Education for Majority and Minority Language Children. (United States)

    Swain, Merrill


    The fact that early immersion in a second language has led to bilingualism and academic success among majority language children has been used as an argument against mother tongue instruction for minority language children. However, for minority language children, immersion in a second language has often led to language loss and academic failure.…

  11. 76 FR 60351 - Minority Enterprise Development Week, 2011 (United States)


    ..., including minority-owned enterprises, are where most new jobs begin. To recover from this economic crisis... the world has ever seen. These businesses create jobs and support our communities. As a Nation, we... Development Week, we honor minority enterprises as vital to our economic success, and recommit to...

  12. How minorities fare under referendums: A cross-national study

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bochsler, Daniel; Hug, Simon


    Referendums are often viewed as a threat to the rights of minorities. Empirical studies, so far, have tried to deal with the impact of referendums on minorities and civil rights at the subnational level by comparing either referendum or policy outcomes across subnational units. These units are, h...

  13. Financial Education in Small Ethnic Minority Businesses in the UK (United States)

    Hussain, Javed; Matlay, Harry; Scott, Jonathan M.


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to set out to evaluate the financial education needs of ethnic minority SMEs in the West Midlands region of the United Kingdom. Design/methodology/approach: A postal survey was used to investigate the financial needs of owner/managers in 64 ethnic minority SMEs and a control sample of 23 non-ethnic SMEs.…

  14. 77 FR 72679 - Minority Enterprise Development Week, 2012 (United States)


    ... entrepreneurs across our country to start the kinds of businesses that make up the backbone of our economy. With... the continued growth and success of minority enterprises is essential to our economic recovery, my... economy and put people back to work. As we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Minority...

  15. Community College Organizational Climate for Minorities and Women (United States)

    Townsend, Barbara K.


    This paper explores the issues of what would constitute a positive organizational climate for women and minorities within the community college setting and ways in which such a climate might be achieved. It first describes some traditional or standard measures of a positive organizational climate for women and minorities and then evaluates how…

  16. Factors Influencing Rural Teacher Flow in Yunnan Ethnic Minority Areas

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Yan; SUN; Zhaochang; REN; Yang; HE; Haijiao; ZHU


    Ethnic minority areas area old revolutionary base areas,areas inhabited by ethnic minorities,remote areas,impoverished areas, and also difficult areas for construction of socialist harmonious society.Studying on factors influencing rural teacher flow in ethnic minority areas is of great significance to improving local teacher team structure and promoting balanced development of urban and rural education.However,it lacks empirical analysis based on field survey for the nonce.In this study,based on interview and questionnaire data of education departments and school leaders in 4 ethnic minority areas of Yunnan Province,it established binary Logistic model,analyzed factors influencing rural teacher flow in ethnic minority areas of Yunnan Province,and finally present policy recommendations.

  17. EU minority protection: A modest case for a synergetic approach

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dimitry Kochenov


    Full Text Available In a stark contrast with the dominant minority-protection literature in the EU this paper proposes a synergetic approach to minority protection in the Union, acknowledging that attempts to draw clear distinctions between different minority groups on the basis of a number of criteria can be profoundly unhelpful and is able to undermine the efforts to improve the lives of Europeans belonging to the most vulnerable groups. Such synergetic approach provides a solid point of departure for the discussion of the problems in the area of minority protection that the EU is facing, which is the main focus of the paper. It is argued that theorizing minority protection can only result in the sound resolution of outstanding problems if unnecessary compartmentalization of the vulnerable groups is avoided.

  18. Minor lipophilic compounds in edible insects

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Monika Sabolová


    Full Text Available Contemporary society is faced with the question how to ensure suffiecient nutrition (quantity and quality for rapidly growing population. One solution can be consumption of edible insect, which can have very good nutritional value (dietary energy, protein, fatty acids, fibers, dietary minerals and vitamins composition. Some edible insects species, which contains a relatively large amount of fat, can have a potential to be a „good" (interesting, new source of minor lipophilic compounds such as sterols (cholesterol and phytosterols and tocopherols in our diet. For this reason, the objective of this work was to characterize the sterols and tocopherols composition of fat from larvae of edible insect Zophobas morio L. and Tenebrio mollitor L. Cholesterol and three phytosterols (campesterol, stigmasterol and β-sitosterol were reliably identified and quantified after hot saponification and derivatization by GC-MS. Other steroid compounds, including 5,6-trans-cholecalciferol were identified only according to the NIST library. Cholesterol was the predominant sterol in all analysed samples. Both types of larvae also contained high amount of phytosterols. Different region of origin had a no significant impact on sterols composition, while the effect of beetle genus was crucial. Tocopherols were analysed by reverse phase HPLC coupled with amperometric detection. Tocopherols content in mealworm larvae was lower than content in edible oils, but important from the nutritional point of view. Change of tocopherols composition was not observed during the storage under different conditions. Larvae of edible insect can be a potential good dietary source of cholesterol, but also vitamin D3 isomers, phytosterols and tocopherols.  

  19. Future Goal Setting, Task Motivation and Learning of Minority and Non-Minority Students in Dutch Schools (United States)

    Andriessen, Iris; Phalet, Karen; Lens, Willy


    Background: Cross-cultural research on minority school achievement yields mixed findings on the motivational impact of future goal setting for students from disadvantaged minority groups. Relevant and recent motivational research, integrating Future Time Perspective Theory with Self-Determination Theory, has not yet been validated among minority…

  20. Future goal setting, task motivation and learning of minority and non-minority students in Dutch schools

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Andriessen, Iris; Phalet, Karen; Lens, Willy


    Background. Cross-cultural research on minority school achievement yields mixed findings on the motivational impact of future goal setting for students from disadvantaged minority groups. Relevant and recent motivational research, integrating Future Time Perspective Theory with Self-Determination Th

  1. Testing the tenets of minority stress theory in workplace contexts. (United States)

    Velez, Brandon L; Moradi, Bonnie; Brewster, Melanie E


    The links of minority stressors (workplace discrimination, expectations of stigma, internalized heterosexism, and identity management strategies) with psychological distress and job satisfaction were examined in a sample of 326 sexual minority employees. Drawing from minority stress theory and the literature on the vocational experiences of sexual minority people, patterns of mediation and moderation were tested. Minority stressors were associated with greater distress and lower job satisfaction. A mediation model was supported in which the links of discrimination and internalized heterosexism with psychological distress were mediated by a concealment-focused identity management strategy (i.e., avoiding), and the links of discrimination, expectations of stigma, and internalized heterosexism with job satisfaction were mediated by a disclosure-focused identity management strategy (i.e., integrating). Tests of moderation indicated that for sexual minority women (but not men), the positive association of discrimination with distress was stronger at higher levels of internalized heterosexism than at lower levels. In addition, lower levels of internalized heterosexism and concealment strategies (i.e., counterfeiting and avoiding) and higher levels of a disclosure strategy (i.e., integrating) were associated with higher job satisfaction in the context of low discrimination, but this buffering effect disappeared as level of discrimination increased. The implications of these findings for minority stress research are discussed, and clinical recommendations are made.

  2. Cerebral sinodural thrombosis following minor head injury in children. (United States)

    Pikis, Stylianos; Moscovici, Samuel; Itshayek, Eyal; Cohen, José E


    Cerebral sinodural thrombosis (CSDT) is a rare complication of minor head trauma in children. Despite recommendations, anticoagulation is frequently withheld. We aimed to evaluate the etiology, clinical presentation, risk factors, diagnosis, treatment, and outcome of pediatric CSDT following minor head trauma, and specifically to evaluate factors associated with anticoagulation use following minor head trauma in pediatric patients with CSDT. A literature search from 1990 to 2012 identified manuscripts discussing epidemiology, risk factors, clinical presentation, management, and outcome in pediatric patients with CSDT subsequent to minor head trauma. One pediatric patient diagnosed with CSDT following minor head trauma in our institution was also included in the study. There were 18 pediatric patients with CSDT following minor trauma, including the current patient. Mean patient age was 7.8years (range 23months-15years). There was a strong female predominance (2.4:1). Vomiting and headache were the most common symptoms. Five patients had pre-existing risk factors (gastroenteritis, protein S deficiency, estroprogestenic medication, elevated antiphospholipid antibodies, malnutrition). Anticoagulation was administered to six patients with additional risk factors, severe symptoms, or deterioration. There was no mortality, 12 patients recovered fully, and four patients improved with residual symptoms. One patient required lumboperitoneal shunt placement. Pediatric CSDT is a rare complication of minor head trauma, with variable presentation. Anticoagulation has generally been reserved for patients suffering from severe symptoms, for those who deteriorate neurologically during observation, and for those who suffer from a concomitant prothrombotic disorder.

  3. Maladjustment in statistical minorities within ethnically unbalanced classrooms. (United States)

    Kaufman, K; Gregory, W L; Stephan, W G


    Ascertained if being a member of a statistical minority influences children's adjustment in school, as measured by the AML, a teacher-administered adjustment rating scale. Teachers from a southwest school district evaluated elementary students on aggressive, acting-out behaviors, moody-internalized behaviors, and learning difficulties. Analyses conducted on 376 students revealed significant effects of statistical minority status on certain dimensions of adjustment ratings for both Hispanic and Anglo students. Hispanic students in the statistical minority received poorer ratings on the moodiness dimension of the AML than nonminority Hispanic students. Anglo students in the statistical minority received poorer ratings on the aggression dimension of the AML than nonminority Anglo students. These results were interpreted in terms of cultural differences in coping with statistical minority status. Traits commonly exhibited within a culture may intensify and be perceived as maladaptive when stress resulting from being a minority occurs. Implications of the finding that statistical minority status within the school environment influences adjustment are discussed.

  4. Comparative Study of the Active and Passive Recovery of Blood Lactic Acid Clearance of Male Ice Hockey Athletes after Training%男子冰球运动员训练后主动和被动恢复血乳酸的清除率比较研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    By using the blood lactic acid analyzer , the paper has a comparative research on the active and pas-sive recovery of blood lactic acid clearance of male ice hockey athletes after training to provide scientific ba-sis for improving the training effect of male ice hockey athletes .Using the methods of the blood lactic acid test, heart rate test , image analysis and documentation , the paper analyzes the relationship between active and passive recovery blood lactic acid value and the pulse .Scientific arrangement of training content makes the effect improve .The results showed that the active and passive recovery of blood lactic acid clearance of male ice hockey athletes after training was fast , the difference of heart rate recovery is not significant .%利用血乳酸测定仪( Lactate Pro LT -1710LT)对男子冰球运动员训练后主动和被动恢复血乳酸的清除率比较的研究,为提高男子冰球运动员训练效果提供科学依据,采用血乳酸测试法、心率测试法、摄像分析法、文献资料法等研究法,分析主动和被动恢复血乳酸值与脉搏之间的关系,科学安排训练内容,使运动员训练效果得到提高,其分析结果显示男子冰球运动员训练后主动恢复较被动恢复血乳酸清除率较快,心率恢复差别不明显。

  5. Testing a model of minority identity achievement, identity affirmation, and psychological well-being among ethnic minority and sexual minority individuals. (United States)

    Ghavami, Negin; Fingerhut, Adam; Peplau, Letitia A; Grant, Sheila K; Wittig, Michele A


    How is social identity related to psychological well-being among minority individuals? Drawing on developmental models of identity formation (e.g., Erikson, 1968) and on Social Identity Theory (Tajfel & Turner, 1979), we tested a conceptual model examining links between two key aspects of social identity and psychological well-being. We proposed that the association between identity achievement (exploring and understanding the meaning of one's identity) and psychological well-being is mediated by identity affirmation (developing positive feelings and a sense of belonging to one's social group). Across three studies, including ethnic minority high school students (Study 1), ethnic minority college students (Study 2) and lesbian and gay male adults (Study 3), we found strong support for the model. Results suggest that the process of exploring and understanding one's minority identity can serve as an important basis for developing positive feelings toward and an enhanced sense of attachment to the group, which can in turn confer psychological benefits for minority individuals. Implications and directions for future research are discussed.

  6. Separating the Minor Actinides Through Advances in Selective Coordination Chemistry

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lumetta, Gregg J.; Braley, Jenifer C.; Sinkov, Sergey I.; Carter, Jennifer C.


    This report describes work conducted at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) in Fiscal Year (FY) 2012 under the auspices of the Sigma Team for Minor Actinide Separation, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Energy. Researchers at PNNL and Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) are investigating a simplified solvent extraction system for providing a single-step process to separate the minor actinide elements from acidic high-level liquid waste (HLW), including separating the minor actinides from the lanthanide fission products.

  7. Freud's "narcissism of minor differences": a review and reassessment. (United States)

    Werman, D S


    Freud coined the name and briefly described the narcissism of minor differences. Although he initially regarded it as a form of individual behavior, he later came to see its implications for groups. This paper explores the manifestations of the narcissism of minor differences in psychoanalytic organizations and treatment. In contrast to Freud's observation that the narcissism of minor differences is relatively harmless, I suggest that in the social sphere it harbors the potential for a pernicious escalation into hostile and destructive actions on a widespread scale.

  8. An Examination of the Impact of Minority Status Stress and Impostor Feelings on the Mental Health of Diverse Ethnic Minority College Students (United States)

    Cokley, Kevin; McClain, Shannon; Enciso, Alicia; Martinez, Mercedes


    This study examined differences in minority status stress, impostor feelings, and mental health in a sample of 240 ethnic minority college students. African Americans reported higher minority status stress than Asian Americans and Latino/a Americans, whereas Asian Americans reported higher impostor feelings. Minority status stress and impostor…

  9. Belgian Photography: Towards a Minor Photography.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jan Baetens


    Full Text Available

    Abstract: This article investigates Belgian photography from within the national framework. Using the notion of "banal nationalism" (Billig, it explores how even in the case of a nation widely perceived as non-existing , a nation in which the “official” national culture has completely eroded, the relationship between  photography and national culture are worth wile addressing. Furthermore, this text shows that Belgian photography, repeatedly described as having no schools, no centre, no towering figures, nor strong institutions, in short as lacking any positive identity, can not be approached in any essentializing way. In order to study the photographic production made in Belgium, new questions are needed, questions reaching beyond the traditional aesthetic questions of styles, masters, evolutions; questions that address the medium in its multiplicity and its context sensitiveness. This article tries to develop such a new set of questions by proposing a transfer of the notion of “minor literature” as it was theorized by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari to the study of the photographic medium.


    Résumé: Le présent article examine la photographie belge du point de vue des liens entre culture et nation. En partant du concept de

  10. Minority Business Enterprises and Woman Business Enterprises Grant Utilization (United States)

    The policy goal of the MBE/WBE Programs is to assure that minority business enterprises and woman business enterprises are given the opportunity to participate in contract and procurement for supplies, construction, equipment & services under any EPA grant

  11. Motivations, interests and retention of female minority engineering students (United States)

    Syed, Naila

    In an effort to potentially increase low enrollment of females, particularly minorities, in Engineering programs, this study used a survey to determine motivations, interests and retention of current female Engineering students. A total of 82 participants from varied ethnic (non-Hispanic white, Euro-American, African American, Hispanic American, Asian American, South Asian, Arab American, and Native American participants) and education (high school senior, undergraduate, graduate, and in-service Engineers) backgrounds filled out the survey. With approximately half of the participants being non-minorities (non-Hispanic white or Euro-American), they served as the `control' group for the data, and the comparison group was the minority participants. Notable differences between the two groups were: student participation in female community groups, and extra-curricular activities like sports and arts (writing, drama and band) clubs. Increasing female-minority participation in these clubs and other extra-curricular activities may potentially increase their enrollment numbers in Engineering programs.

  12. Older and Wiser: Adult Learning and Ethnic Minority Elders. (United States)

    Dadzie, Stella


    The British "Older and Wiser" project demonstrated the need for educational opportunities for older adults from minority groups. The double barriers of ageism and racism faced by these adults must be addressed. (SK)

  13. Blood donor motivation: a survey of minority college students. (United States)

    Oswalt, R; Gordon, J


    Ninety-five percent of all blood donors are Caucasian. To investigate why minorities are under-represented as blood donors, a random sample of 120 minority college students were surveyed about attitudes and behavior regarding blood donations. This sample of minority students had donated blood at the same rate (33%) and for the same positive motivation (altruism) and negative motivations (for those who did not donate--fear, medical excuses, didn't think of it, no time) as Caucasian donors. The low rate of blood donations by minorities is not due to their membership in ethnic groups per se, but to other variables such as education and socioeconomic level. A recruitment strategy based on the results of this study is presented.

  14. Demand of Rural Public Goods in Western Ethnic Minority Areas

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    In the context of Development of the West Regions and the construction of new countryside,on the basis of defining the concept of public goods,this article analyzes the status quo and layers of demand of rural public goods in western ethnic minority areas:the demand of rural public goods in ethnic minority areas shows "pyramid" structure,that is,the most basic layer is production-based rural public goods,followed by life-based rural public goods and democratic-management-based rural public goods.Finally the countermeasures for achieving effective demand of rural public goods are put forward as follows:adhere to customers(farmers)-oriented principle;innovate upon the rural residents’ demand expression mechanism of public goods in ethnic minority areas;achieve diversification of supply subject of rural public goods in ethnic minority areas.

  15. Fast clique minor generation in Chimera qubit connectivity graphs (United States)

    Boothby, Tomas; King, Andrew D.; Roy, Aidan


    The current generation of D-Wave quantum annealing processor is designed to minimize the energy of an Ising spin configuration whose pairwise interactions lie on the edges of a Chimera graph C_{M,N,L}. In order to solve an Ising spin problem with arbitrary pairwise interaction structure, the corresponding graph must be minor-embedded into a Chimera graph. We define a combinatorial class of native clique minors in Chimera graphs with vertex images of uniform, near minimal size and provide a polynomial-time algorithm that finds a maximum native clique minor in a given induced subgraph of a Chimera graph. These minors allow improvement over recent work and have immediate practical applications in the field of quantum annealing.

  16. Differential processing and attitude change following majority versus minority arguments

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    DeDreu, CKW; DeVries, NK


    This experiment tested the general hypothesis that majority influence induces convergent processing, which stimulates attitude change on focal issues, whereas minority influence sometimes produces divergent processing, which might stimulate change on related attitudes. Results of a numerical support

  17. Multicultural media outreach: increasing cancer information coverage in minority communities. (United States)

    Alexander, James; Kwon, Harry T; Strecher, Rachael; Bartholomew, Jill


    Ethnic media can serve as an opportunity for cancer education and outreach to minority communities. The National Cancer Institute developed the Multicultural Media Outreach (MMO) program which utilizes an integrated approach of both traditional and social media to disseminate evidence-based cancer education information for minority communities. The MMO program is the contact point for multicultural media outlets seeking evidence-based cancer information, education materials, minority spokespersons, and news tailored to minority communities affected by cancer health disparities. MMO developed Lifelines®, a cancer education series that addresses cancer prevention, treatment, survivorship, clinical trials, and other cancer-related topics for African American, Hispanic, Asian American, American Indian, and Alaska Native audiences. Lifelines® content is disseminated through traditional media (radio, print, and television) as well as social media (web, Twitter, YouTube, and RSS feed). This article describes the MMO program and lessons learned to date.

  18. Suicidality and self-harm among sexual minorities in Japan. (United States)

    DiStefano, Anthony S


    In this study, I used ethnographic methods to examine suicidality and nonsuicidal self-harm among gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender persons in Japan. Participants (N = 84) indicated that suicidality and self-harm are serious problems among sexual minorities and tend to be driven by (a) a homophobic/transphobic environment and the negative consequences of sexual minorities either disclosing their true selves or remaining hidden and silent within such an environment; (b) various antecedents to poor mental health; and (c) factors not directly related to being a sexual minority, particularly unemployment and debt in the context of a protracted national economic decline in Japan prior to the study period of 2003--2004. Participants also perceived a potentially higher risk for suicidality and self-harm among sexual minority adolescents and persons in their early 20s; those who work in the entertainment, bar, or sex industries; and survivors of violence perpetrated by intimate partners or family members.

  19. Developing Career Cognizance, Goals and Choices in Minorities. (United States)

    Smith, Gloria S.


    Suggests advocacy and career education are legitimate counselor activities in helping minorities with career planning. Urges career counselors to expand clients' motivation and interest, identify resources, and monitor environmental changes. (KMF)

  20. Effets des orthèses prophylactiques de genou sur l'incidence des récidives de lésion du ligament collatéral médial et du ligament croisé antérieur chez les joueurs de hockey sur glace en Suisse: une étude pilote épidémiologique rétrospective


    Matthey-Doret, Gwendoline; Kupferschmied, Elisabeth; Mathieu, Nicolas


    Chez les joueurs de hockey sur glace en Suisse, l'utilisation des orthèses de genou prophylactiques afin de prévenir les récidives de lésion du ligament collatéral médial (LCM) et du ligament croisé antérieur (LCA) est largement répandue. Les résultats des études sur les effets du port d'orthèse restent actuellement controversés. Use of prophylactic knee orthoses is very common among Swiss ice hockey players to prevent recurrent lesions of medial collateral ligament (MCL) and anterior cruc...

  1. In the Margins: Minority Education in Central Asia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kazimzade E.


    Full Text Available This article reviews separate education for ethnic minorities in two Central Asian countries - Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. Students and teachers from minority and majority groups in each country were asked 1 whether separate schools for minorities persevered minority cultural identity and 2 whether such schools undercut equal educational opportunities for minority students. Analysis indicates that in some political, social and educational contexts separation puts minority youth at a disadvantage, which in turn keeps them from fully integrating into society. Redressing this situation requires a commitment to guaranteeing rights and full citizenship for minorities. This paper explores how separate school systems deepen ethnic and political divisions in society rather than promote equality and equity. It begins with a number of questions. How much emphasis do current education reform initiatives put on equity and equality in minority schools? What is the balance between economic and civic imperatives in the education policy process in the two countries? What are the main features of post-transition phase in education and how it affects separate education? As mentioned in the foreword of this issue, data analyzed for this study was collected under the auspices of the “Divided Education, Divided Citizens” project, which was conducted in seven post-socialist countries. This article concentrates on separate schooling for different ethnic and linguistic groups and issues related to the civil enculturation of minorities in two Central Asian countries, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. Study participants from minority and majority language-track schools in each country were asked to observe whether separate schools for minority ethnicities served to preserve culture or instead undercut equal educational opportunity. Pervious investigations have found that education plays a fundamental role in shaping individuals’ perceptions of their own ethnicity

  2. Experimental life cycle of Lagochilascaris minor Leiper, 1909 Ciclo evolutivo experimental de Lagochilascaris minor, Leiper 1909

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dulcinéa Maria Barbosa Campos


    Full Text Available The life cycle of Lagochilascaris minor was studied using material collected from human lesion and applying the experimental model: rodents (mice, hamsters, and carnivorae (cats, dogs. In mice given infective eggs, orally, hatch of the third stage larvae was noted in the gut wall, with migration to liver, lungs, skeletal musculature and subcutaneous tissue becoming, soon after, encysted. In cats infected with skinned carcasses of mice (60 to 235 days of infection it was observed: hatch of third stage larvae from the nodules (cysts in the stomach, migration through the oesophagus, pharynx, trachea, related tissues (rhino-oropharynx, and cervical lymphonodes developing to the mature stage in any of these sites on days 9-20 post inoculation (P.I.. There was no parasite development up to the mature stage in cats inoculated orally with infective eggs, which indicates that the life cycle of this parasite includes an obligatory intermediate host. In one of the cats (fed carcass of infected mice necropsied on day 43 P.I., it was observed the occurence of the self-infective cycle of L. minor in the lung tissues and in the cervical region which was characterized by the finding of eggs in different stages of development, third stage larvae and mature worms. It's believed that some component of the carnivorae gastrointestinal tracts may preclude the development of third stage larvae from L. minor eggs what explains the interruption of the life cycle in animals fed infective eggs. It's also pointed out the role of the intermediate host in the first stages of the life cycle of this helminth.A partir de material colhido de lesões humanas estudou-se o ciclo evolutivo de Lagochilascaris minor empregando-se o modelo experimental: roedores (camundongos, hamster e carnívoros (gatos, cão. Em camundongos inoculados com ovos infectantes, por via oral, observou-se eclosão de larvas de 3º estágio na parede do intestino, migração das mesmas para o fígado, pulm

  3. Analysis on Major Selection and Employment Situation of Minority Students

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



      In recent years, due to the impact of university increase enrollment policy, the slowdown of global economic growth and other factors, the Students face employment pressure has become a general social problem. And minority university students have a huge disadvantage in employment direction compared with the other ordinary university students. Exploring the ways of minority university students’employability and major selection capability are helpful to find targeted solutions and it has important practical value.

  4. Between Sovereignties: Chinese Minor Settler Literature Across the Pacific


    Huang, Yu-Ting


    Taking as its subject Chinese immigrant-settler literature across the Pacific, this study introduces the concept of minor settler to describe settlers who are marginalized within settler society, as later-coming immigrants, racialized minority, or colonized peoples. Maintaining that their experiences of settlement differ from those of dominant settlers, and also foregrounding their role and responsibility as settlers perpetuating Indigenous dispossession, this dissertation is motivated by two...

  5. Anatomical Study Of Minor Alterations In Neonate Vocal Folds.


    Adriano Rezende Silva; Almiro José Machado Júnior; Agrício Nubiato Crespo


    INTRODUCTION: Minor structural alterations of the vocal fold cover are frequent causes of voice abnormalities. They may be difficult to diagnose, and are expressed in different manners. Cases of intracordal cysts, sulcus vocalis, mucosal bridge, and laryngeal micro-diaphragm form the group of minor structural alterations of the vocal fold cover investigated in the present study. The etiopathogenesis and epidemiology of these alterations are poorly known. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the existe...

  6. Majority versus Minority: ‘Governmentality’ and Muslims in Sweden

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anne Sofie Roald


    Full Text Available This article deals with the Muslim community in Sweden in view of the majority–minority dynamics with focus on how values, attitudes, behaviors, and practices of the Swedish majority influence Muslim minority communities and how majority society’s approach to Muslims and Islam influences both the relationship Muslims have with non-Muslims and the understandings that Muslims have of Islam.

  7. Development of a symptom expectation questionnaire for minor head injury

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Robert FERRARI; Deon LOUW


    Background and objective: Expectations and beliefs are important predictors of outcome following minor head injury. In this paper, the primary purpose is to develop a simple symptom expectation questionnaire for minor head injury for use in future research studies. Methods: An existing database of 179 injury-naive subjects who completed a 56-item checklist of expected symptoms for minor head injury was analyzed to determine which items could correctly identify an a priori case definition of an expecter (a subject who expected at least one of these symptoms would remain chronic following minor head injury). A total of six of the 56 items were found to be discriminatory, and these were tested in additional subject groups against the original questionnaire. Results: From the original database of 179 subjects completing a 56-item symptom expectation checklist, 135 expected that at least one of the 56 symptoms would be chronic following minor head injury. The 135 expecters, however, all chose at least one of six items: headache, anxious or worried, depressed, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, and neck pain. Using these six items, in two new groups of subjects, all those who endorsed one of the 56 symptoms as likely to be chronic following minor head injury (expecters) could also be identified on the 6-item checklist. Conclusions: A shortened (6-item) symptom expectation checklist of commonly reported symptoms following minor head injury (headache, anxious or worried, depressed, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, and neck pain) correctly identifies subjects who expect that at least one symptom will be chronic following minor head injury (i.e., an expecter).

  8. Telemann. Musique de table - Quartet in E minor / Anderson, Nicholas

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Anderson, Nicholas


    Uuest heliplaadist "Telemann. Musique de table - Quartet in E minor. Paris Quartets. "Nouveaux quatuors en six suites" - Nr. 1 in D, TWV43: D3, Nr. 2 in A minor, TWV43: a2. Six Concerts et Six Suites - Concert Nr. 3 in A, TWV42: A3. Hortus Musicus (Neeme Punder (fl.), Imbi Tarum (hpd.), Peeter Klaas (va da gamba), Tarmo Toom (vc) / Andres Mustonen (vn). Finlandia CD 4509-95578-2 (52 minutes)


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    China is a country that has a large number of minorities, who live in specific regions which are mainly located in central and west China. These regions are abundant in natural resources, which are potential advantages and also an important basis for economic development in these regions. They are of general importance for China in strategic and ecological terms. They will not only affect the environment for survival of the minority regions but also affect the sustain able development of the eastern and central parts of China and even the survival and development of the Chinese nation as a wbole. Minorities live in relatively compact communities, among the 55 minorities, 35 of them were highly compact minorities, with a compact level of more than 90%. Here the development in infrastructure as well as social and econonic development (e. g. export-oriented economy) has been and is still slow, regional poverty are most concentrated. The economic structures in minority areas are still in the low stage, which have resulted in underdevelopment in these regions.

  10. Workforce utilization of visible and linguistic minorities in Canadian nursing. (United States)

    Premji, Stephanie; Etowa, Josephine B


    Aim  This study seeks to develop a diversity profile of the nursing workforce in Canada and its major cities. Background  There is ample evidence of ethnic and linguistic segregation in the Canadian labour market. However, it is unknown if there is equitable representation of visible and linguistic minorities in nursing professions. Methods  We cross-tabulated aggregate data from Statistics Canada's 2006 Census. Analyses examined the distribution of visible and linguistic minorities, including visible minority sub-groups, among health managers, head nurses, registered nurses, licensed nurses and nurse aides for Canada and major cities as well as by gender. Results  In Canada and its major cities, a pyramidal structure was found whereby visible and linguistic minorities, women in particular, were under-represented in managerial positions and over-represented in lower ranking positions. Blacks and Filipinos were generally well represented across nursing professions; however, other visible minority sub-groups lacked representation. Conclusions  Diversity initiatives at all levels can play a role in promoting better access to and quality of care for minority populations through the increased cultural and linguistic competence of care providers and organizations. Implications for Nursing Management  Efforts to increase diversity in nursing need to be accompanied by commitment and resources to effectively manage diversity within organizations.

  11. The New Legal Regime on Minority Shareholder Protection in Albania

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jonida Rustemaj


    Full Text Available This article aims at introducing the main changes brought by the new Albanian Company Law on minority shareholders’ protection. Due to the harmonization of our legislation with the acqui, new pieces of laws were introduced in commercial law. In 2008 the new law “On entrepreneurs and commercial companies” was enacted. The latter introduced new practices and concepts, some of them not familiar to the Albanian legal system. I was motivated to write a paper on minority shareholders protection in order to emphasize the new regime and instruments of protection granted by the new laws. A matter which concerns investors and especially foreign ones is the protection of minority shareholders. This paper discusses the instruments of protection of minority shareholders bringing the novelties of the newly introduced laws because of the unclear regime under the repealed law using the analytical and comparative method. Few rights which were known by the former Albanian company law were usually compromised, but under the law in force, minorities are much more protected.Does the new law strengthen the position of such category of shareholders? What are the rights of minority shareholders conferred by the law? These and other questions will be addressed herein.

  12. Developing detection and monitoring strategies for Planococcus minor (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae). (United States)

    Roda, Amy; Millar, Jocelyn G; Rascoe, John; Weihman, Scott; Stocks, Ian


    A pheromone-based system to locate and monitor Planococcus minor (Maskell), a pest of over 250 plants including citrus, grape, and cacao, was tested. The difficulty in distinguishing P. minor from the citrus mealybug, P. citri, makes finding and evaluating the impact of the pest challenging. Studies conducted in Puerto Rico determined that synthetic P. minor pheromone lures preaged 120 d in the field caught similar number of males as lures not aged (fresh). Molecular analysis of trapped mealybug males using mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase-1, the internal transcriber space two locus, and 28S-D2 gene showed the pheromone traps to be species specific. Traps baited with P. minor pheromone were used to monitor the pest in south Florida and to locate potential infestations. P. minor males were found at all locations studied in South Florida and were present in low numbers (1.03 +/- 0.69 mean +/- SE/trap/14 d). Over 14,000 terminals, fruit, and flowers were visually inspected over a 6 mo period of peak trap catches before the first adult P. minor female was found. The synthetic pheromone lures proved to be an effective tool to locate and monitor this pest new to the continental United States.

  13. Contested minorities – the case of Upper Silesia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gierczak Dariusz


    Full Text Available Upper Silesia in terms of ethnicity is a typical example of a historical region in Europe, but in fact, one of the few exceptions in contemporary Poland, where its mixed ethnic and religious structures have at least partly survived until today. While their existence had been denied by Nazi Germany (1933-1945 as well as by the Polish People's Republic (1945-1989, the emancipation of the German and Silesian minorities after the democratic changes of 1989 have evoked strong emotions in the ethnically almost uniform country. Nonetheless, the recent situation of minorities has improved as never before. Minority organisations has been officially recognized and German finally has become the second language in some municipalities of Upper Silesia, but the largest ethnic group in the whole country, the Silesians, have still experienced no formal recognition as a national minority. This article deals with the demographic aspects of the ethnic groups in Upper Silesia since the 19th century until recent times. The census results concerning the ethnic minorities or languages in Upper Silesia have been contested since the first records of that kind have been taken. The outcomes of the both last censuses of 2002 and 2011 concerning the minority question reflected for the first time a much more realistic picture of the status quo. Furthermore, they showed that the idea of Silesian identification found an unexpected high number of supporters. This fact indicates an emerging meaning of regional identification amid significant changes of cultural values in Polish society.

  14. 冰球运动员腰背肌筋膜炎的原因和防治措施%Causation, Treatment and Precaution on the Ice Hockey Players' Lumbar and Dorsal Myofascitis

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    杨勇; 臧克成; 尹炳南


    腰背肌筋膜炎在冰球运动员群体中是最常见的运动损伤之一,这与该项目在运动过程中,身体多在弯腰时击球发力有关,如预防和治疗不正确、不及时,不仅会严重影响运动员的运动寿命,甚至影响今后的日常生活。分析和总结了冰球运动员腰背肌筋膜损伤的原因、临床表现、诊断方法、治疗措施和预防手段,以期帮助冰球运动员科学训练并积极配合医务人员,有效地避免和减少腰背肌筋膜炎的发生及其带来的不良影响。%The ice hockey players'lumbar and dorsal myofascitis is one of the most common athletic injuries, which is related with their frequently stooping to drive the puck. Wrong or delayed treatment and precaution will badly influence their athletic life and even their future daily living. In order to help them have more scientific training and actively cooperate with the medical workers, effectively avoid and reduce the injury and its adverse effects, it discusses the injury's causation, clinical feature, diagnostic method, therapeutic measures and precaution.

  15. 76 FR 2662 - National Advisory Council for Minority Business Enterprise; Meeting (United States)


    ... introduction of council members. 2. Council orientation and Ethics Briefing. 3. Discussion of NACMBE priorities... Minority Business Development Agency National Advisory Council for Minority Business Enterprise; Meeting AGENCY: Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA), Department of Commerce. ACTION: Notice of an...

  16. Exploring Discrimination and Mental Health Disparities Faced By Black Sexual Minority Women Using a Minority Stress Framework


    Calabrese, Sarah K.; Meyer, Ilan H.; Nicole M Overstreet; Haile, Rahwa; Hansen, Nathan B.


    Black sexual minority women are triply marginalized due to their race, gender, and sexual orientation. We compared three dimensions of discrimination—frequency (regularity of occurrences), scope (number of types of discriminatory acts experienced), and number of bases (number of social statuses to which discrimination was attributed)—and self-reported mental health (depressive symptoms, psychological well-being, and social well-being) between 64 Black sexual minority women and each of two gro...

  17. Europeanization of Minority Rights: Discourse, Practice, and Change in Turkey

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zelal Kizilkan-Kisacik


    Full Text Available In the ethnically fragmented countries, it is almost taken for granted that the EU has a positive impact on minority rights protection. Those states made important legislative changes improving the protection level granted to minorities, which without the EU’s conditionality would have been impossible. In response to the perspective of membership and the pressure accompanying it, they have adopted legislative changes in the course of the accession process. However, such domestic changes can be misleading in two aspects. Firstly, formal changes may not be followed by behavioral ones and usually a gap between legislative changes and their implementation can be observed. While for the former only rationally induced factors would be sufficient enough to instigate change, for the latter, a certain level of change in attitudes is also necessary. Secondly, the EU’s impact cannot be confined to the formal changes. It has an impact on the emergence of new attitudes, identities, and beliefs. These socialization-based changes might not be parallel with formal changes, which in time might lead to opposite behavioral shifts.The main argument of this paper is that Europeanization of minority rights in Turkey goes hand in hand with these two nexus. On the one hand, there is a top- to-bottom policy-Europeanization with respect to minority rights without parallel internalization at the governmental level. This means policy changes are not necessarily internalized in a way culminating in normative and behavioral shifts. There can be modest changes; however, the “core” of the minority protection system remains untouched at the institutional and legislative level. However, in general sense, the direction of domestic change is positive compared to the previous status quo. On the other hand, new patterns of recognition-exclusion nexus have emerged due to the EU’s involvement, underlying antagonism between majority-minority groups. Policy changes and their

  18. Explaining the suicide risk of sexual minority individuals by contrasting the minority stress model with suicide models. (United States)

    Plöderl, Martin; Sellmeier, Maximilian; Fartacek, Clemens; Pichler, Eva-Maria; Fartacek, Reinhold; Kralovec, Karl


    Many studies have found elevated levels of suicide ideation and attempts among sexual minority (homosexual and bisexual) individuals as compared to heterosexual individuals. The suicide risk difference has mainly been explained by minority stress models (MSTM), but the application of established suicidological models and testing their interrelations with the MSTM has been lacking so far. Therefore, we have contrasted two established models explaining suicide risk, the Interpersonal Psychological Theory (IPT) (Joiner, 2005) and the Clinical Model (CM) (Mann et al., 1999), with the MSTM (Meyer, 2003) in a Bavarian online-sample of 255 adult sexual minority participants and 183 heterosexual participants. The results suggested that the CM and the IPT model can well explain suicide ideation among sexual minorities according to the factors depression, hopelessness, perceived burdensomeness, and failed belongingness. The CM and the IPT were intertwined with the MSTM via internalized homophobia, social support, and early age of coming out. Early coming out was associated with an increased suicide attempt risk, perhaps through violent experiences that enhanced the capability for suicide; however, coming out likely changed to a protective factor for suicide ideation by enhanced social support and reduced internalized homophobia. These results give more insight into the development of suicide risk among sexual minority individuals and may be helpful to tailor minority-specific suicide prevention strategies.

  19. Prevalence of dating violence among sexual minority youth: variation across gender, sexual minority identity and gender of sexual partners. (United States)

    Martin-Storey, Alexa


    Dating violence during adolescence negatively influences concurrent psychosocial functioning, and has been linked with an increased likelihood of later intimate partner violence. Identifying who is most vulnerable for this negative outcome can inform the development of intervention practices addressing this problem. The two goals of this study were to assess variations in the prevalence of dating violence across different measures of sexual minority status (e.g., sexual minority identity or same-sex sexual behavior), and to assess whether this association was mediated by bullying, the number of sexual partners, binge drinking or aggressive behaviors. These goals were assessed by employing the Massachusetts Youth Risk Behavior Survey (N = 12,984), a regionally representative sample of youth ages 14-18. In this sample, a total of 540 girls and 323 boys reported a non-heterosexual identity, and 429 girls and 230 boys reported having had one or more same-sex sexual partners. The results generally supported a higher prevalence of dating violence among sexual minority youth. This vulnerability varied considerably across gender, sexual minority identity and the gender of sexual partners, but generally persisted when accounting for the mediating variables. The findings support investigating dating violence as a mechanism in the disparities between sexual minority and heterosexual youth, and the importance of addressing sexual minority youth specifically in interventions targeting dating violence.

  20. The pregnancy outcome in patients with minor β-thalassemia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mehran Karimi


    Full Text Available Background: β-thalassemia is the most common hereditary disease in Iran and more than 2 million carriers of the β-thalassemia mutant gene are living in this country.Objective: To determine pregnancy outcome of women with β-thalassemia minor.Materials and Methods: In this retrospective, case-control study in two universities affiliated hospitals in Shiraz, all pregnancies occurred between 2006 and 2008 were included. Patients were divided in two groups regarding the presence of β-thalassemia minor. Patients in case and control groups were matched according to maternal age, gestational age and number of previous pregnancies. Cesarean delivery, hypertensive disorders, gestational diabetes mellitus, premature rupture of membranes and preterm labor were recorded in each group and were compared using the χ2 or Fisher exact tests. Results: Overall 510 β-thalassemia minor subjects and 512 healthy controls were studied. Cases with β-thalassemia minor had significantly higher prevalence of oligohydramnios (p<0.001 and cesarean section delivery (p=0.001. There was no significant difference regarding Apgar score in 1st (p=0.65 and 5th minute (p=0.25, IUGR (p=0.073, gestational diabetes mellitus (DM (p=0.443 and preeclampsia (p=0.116 between two study groups. Conclusion: β-thalassemia minor does not significantly influence the pregnancy outcome in the negative way.

  1. The Limits of EU Conditionality: Minority Rights in Slovakia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kyriaki Topidi


    Full Text Available This article discusses the impact of EU conditionality on minority rights in Slovakia from a legal point of view. The study of the Slovak case demonstrates the visibility and degree of the EU's contribution to the stabilization of the rule of law, democracy and the creation of legislation on the protection of ethnic minorities in one of the most complex of transition states. At the same time, the article argues that despite the propagation of some ambitious laws in Slovakia, the EU's contribution has had a limited effect on shaping the attitude of Slovak society towards minority rights. Both the formulation of 'recommendations' and criticisms by the EU and the 'responses' emanating from Slovakia, in terms of norms and policy, are examined, leading the author to conclude that the role of the EU in monitoring Slovakia's performance in protecting minority rights has suffered both from an unclear strategy and structural deficiencies, which have subsequently become embedded in Slovakia's domestic legal profile on minority issues.

  2. Empowering minority students: An analysis of the bilingual education debate

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jim Cummins Ontario


    Full Text Available This paper argues that the nature of the bilingual education debate, represents a drama of societal self-definition. On one hand the commitment to preserve traditional power structures, and on the other, the desire to live up to theideals upon which the U.S.was founded. The latter implies the creation of a society where equality, freedom and justice represent more than just empty rhetoric. In order to build his case, the author examines the historical context of minority education in the U.S. and the surface text of the arguments both for and against the effectiveness of bilingual education. He concludes that the fundamental causes of minority students' school failure are rooted in socio historical processes of minority group disempowerment. The ways are outlined in which schools have traditionally reflected the societal power structure and rationalized the education disablement of minority students. An invention framework designed to reverse this pattern and prevent minority student academic failure is proposed. However, the author cautions that the implementation of empowerment pedagogy is unlikely to be facilitated by the dominant group because, almost by definition. empowerment pedagogy requires educators as individuals and schools as institutions to challenge the institutionalized racism that still persists in many aspects of society.

  3. Minority status and schooling of the Hmong in Vietnam

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Minh Phuong Luong


    Full Text Available This study examines the disproportionately poor academic performance of the Hmong among the minorities in Vietnam by using Ogbu’s cultural ecological theory (Ogbu, 2003. Societal and school factors have been assumed by many policy makers and scholars to affect minorities’ equally, but the paper argues that may not be the case when minority status is taken into account. “Community forces”are pointed to as the putative cause of the Hmong’s differential academic performance. “Community forces” of each ethnic group are related to their status as a minority group,which orients their interpretations and responses to schooling. In this paper, the minority status of the Hmong is explained through their group development history, settlement patterns, livelihoods and economic adaptive strategies and political participation through a review of the scholarly literature on the Hmong. Additionally, field research was conducted in Vietnam using a grounded theory approach to ethnography to understand how minority status influences community forces, and in turn, how these community forces affect the schooling of Hmong students.

  4. Negotiating candidacy: ethnic minority seniors' access to care. (United States)

    Koehn, Sharon


    The 'Barriers to Access to Care for Ethnic Minority Seniors ' (BACEMS) study in Vancouver, British Columbia, found that immigrant families torn between changing values and the economic realities that accompany immigration cannot always provide optimal care for their elders. Ethnic minority seniors further identified language barriers, immigration status, and limited awareness of the roles of the health authority and of specific service providers as barriers to health care. The configuration and delivery of health services, and health-care providers' limited knowledge of the seniors' needs and confounded these problems. To explore the barriers to access, the BACEMS study relied primarily on focus group data collected from ethnic minority seniors and their families and from health and multicultural service providers. The applicability of the recently developed model of 'candidacy', which emphasises the dynamic, multi-dimensional and contingent character of health-care access to ethnic minority seniors, was assessed. The candidacy framework increased sensitivity to ethnic minority seniors' issues and enabled organisation of the data into manageable conceptual units, which facilitated translation into recommendations for action, and revealed gaps that pose questions for future research. It has the potential to make Canadian research on the topic more co-ordinated.

  5. An Integrated Approach to Engineering Education in a Minority Community (United States)

    Taylor, Bill


    Northeastern New Mexico epitomizes regions which are economically depressed, rural, and predominantly Hispanic. New Mexico Highlands University (NMHU), with a small student population of approximately 2800, offers a familiar environment attracting students who might otherwise not attend college. An outreach computer network of minority schools was created in northeastern New Mexico with NASA funding. Rural and urban minority schools gained electronic access to each other, to computer resources, to technical help at New Mexico Highlands University and gained access to the world via the Internet. This outreach program was initiated in the fall of 1992 in an effort to attract and to involve minority students in Engineering and the Mathematical Sciences. We installed 56 Kbs Internet connections to eight elementary schools, two middle schools, two high schools, a public library (servicing the home schooling community) and an International Baccalaureate school. For another fourteen rural schools, we provided computers and free dial-up service to servers on the New Mexico Highlands University campus.

  6. Genetic testing in asymptomatic minors: background considerations towards ESHG Recommendations

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Borry, Pascal; Evers-Kiebooms, Gerry; Cornel, Martina C;


    Although various guidelines and position papers have discussed, in the past, the ethical aspects of genetic testing in asymptomatic minors, the European Society of Human Genetics had not earlier endorsed any set of guidelines exclusively focused on this issue. This paper has served as a background...... document in preparation of the development of the policy recommendations of the Public and Professional Committee of the European Society of Human Genetics. This background paper first discusses some general considerations with regard to the provision of genetic tests to minors. It discusses the concept...... of best interests, participation of minors in health-care decisions, parents' responsibilities to share genetic information, the role of clinical genetics and the health-care system in communication within the family. Second, it discusses, respectively, the presymptomatic and predictive genetic testing...

  7. Comparative analysis of minor histocompatibility antigens genotyping methods

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. S. Vdovin


    Full Text Available The wide range of techniques could be employed to find mismatches in minor histocompatibility antigens between transplant recipients and their donors. In the current study we compared three genotyping methods based on polymerase chain reaction (PCR for four minor antigens. Three of the tested methods: allele-specific PCR, restriction fragment length polymorphism and real-time PCR with TaqMan probes demonstrated 100% reliability when compared to Sanger sequencing for all of the studied polymorphisms. High resolution melting analysis was unsuitable for genotyping of one of the tested minor antigens (HA-1 as it has linked synonymous polymorphism. Obtained data could be used to select the strategy for large-scale clinical genotyping.

  8. Arsenic uptake by Lemna minor in hydroponic system. (United States)

    Goswami, Chandrima; Majumder, Arunabha; Misra, Amal Kanti; Bandyopadhyay, Kaushik


    Arsenic is hazardous and causes several ill effects on human beings. Phytoremediation is the use of aquatic plants for the removal of toxic pollutants from external media. In the present research work, the removal efficiency as well as the arsenic uptake capacity of duckweed Lemna minor has been studied. Arsenic concentration in water samples and plant biomass were determined by AAS. The relative growth factor of Lemna minor was determined. The duckweed had potential to remove as well as uptake arsenic from the aqueous medium. Maximum removal of more than 70% arsenic was achieved atinitial concentration of 0.5 mg/1 arsenic on 15th day of experimental period of 22 days. Removal percentage was found to decrease with the increase in initial concentration. From BCF value, Lemna minor was found to be a hyperaccumulator of arsenic at initial concentration of 0.5 mg/L, such that accumulation decreased with increase in initial arsenic concentration.

  9. An Efficient CNTFET Based 7-Input Minority Gate

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Samira Shirinabadi Farahani


    Full Text Available Complementary metal oxide semiconductor technology(CMOS has been faced critical challenges in nano-scale regime. CNTFET (Carbon Nanotube Field effecttransistor technology is a promising alternative forCMOS technology. In this paper, we proposed a novel7-input minority gate in CNTFET technology thathas only 9 CNTFETs. Minority function is utilized in the voting systems for decision making and also it isused in data mining. This proposed 7-input minoritygate is utilized less fewer transistors than theconventional CMOS method which utilizes many transistors for implementing sum of products. By means ofthis proposed 7-input minority gate, a 4-input NANDgate can be implemented, which gets better theconventional design in terms of delay and energy efficiency and has much more deriving power at itsoutput.

  10. Diabetes in children and adolescents from ethnic minorities

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Povlsen, Lene; Olsen, Birthe; Ladelund, Steen


    AIM: This paper reports an investigation to establish whether metabolic control is different in children and adolescents from ethnic minorities with type 1 diabetes compared with young Danish patients, and to learn about factors affecting their opportunities to achieve good metabolic control....... BACKGROUND: The prevalence of diabetes in children and adolescents from ethnic minorities in Denmark is increasing. Having a different ethnic background has frequently been described as a risk factor for poor metabolic control, but whether the risk is represented by the ethnicity and immigration itself...... or in combination with other factors is unclear. METHODS: The study included data (gender, age, diabetes duration HbA(1c), number of incidents of severe hypoglycaemia and ketoacidosis) from a national register including 919 Danish and 58 children and adolescents from ethnic minorities, questionnaires to all 20...

  11. Characterization and Computational Modeling of Minor Phases in Alloy LSHR (United States)

    Jou, Herng-Jeng; Olson, Gregory; Gabb, Timothy; Garg, Anita; Miller, Derek


    The minor phases of powder metallurgy disk superalloy LSHR were studied. Samples were consistently heat treated at three different temperatures for long times to approach equilibrium. Additional heat treatments were also performed for shorter times, to assess minor phase kinetics in non-equilibrium conditions. Minor phases including MC carbides, M23C6 carbides, M3B2 borides, and sigma were identified. Their average sizes and total area fractions were determined. CALPHAD thermodynamics databases and PrecipiCalc(TradeMark), a computational precipitation modeling tool, were employed with Ni-base thermodynamics and diffusion databases to model and simulate the phase microstructural evolution observed in the experiments with an objective to identify the model limitations and the directions of model enhancement.

  12. The deportation of unaccompanied minors from the EU

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lemberg-Pedersen, Martin; Schuster, Liza; Stern, Rebecca

    for the project, and thus complementing each other; and second, it featured a panel discussion with representatives from UNICEF, UNHCR and the Danish Refugee Council as well as the aforementioned speakers. It should be noted that both ERPUM and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) were invited......his report is the outcome of a joint effort between the University of Copenhagen and the Refugee Studies Centre at the University of Oxford to examine European governments’ plans to deport unaccompanied minors from the EU. With support from the Migration Industry Research Network, Danish Institute...... for International Studies, the workshop “The deportation of unaccompanied minors from the EU: family tracing and government accountability in the European Return Platform for Unaccompanied Minors (ERPUM) project” was convened at the Refugee Studies Centre (RSC) in Oxford on 3 May 2013. Its explicit aim...

  13. Convex minorants of random walks and L\\'evy processes

    CERN Document Server

    Abramson, Josh; Ross, Nathan; Bravo, Gerónimo Uribe


    This article provides an overview of recent work on descriptions and properties of the convex minorant of random walks and L\\'evy processes which summarize and extend the literature on these subjects. The results surveyed include point process descriptions of the convex minorant of random walks and L\\'evy processes on a fixed finite interval, up to an independent exponential time, and in the infinite horizon case. These descriptions follow from the invariance of these processes under an adequate path transformation. In the case of Brownian motion, we note how further special properties of this process, including time-inversion, imply a sequential description for the convex minorant of the Brownian meander.

  14. Violence, Burnout and Minor Psychiatric Disorders in Hospital Work

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daiane Dal Pai


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE Identifying the violence suffered by the health team workers and their association with Burnout and minor psychiatric disorders. METHODS Cross-sectional study with 269 health team professionals of a public hospital in southern Brazil. Data were collected through the use of the Survey Questionnaire: Workplace Violence in the Health Sector, Maslach Inventory Burnout and Self-Report Questionnaire. RESULTS Workplace violence struck 63.2% of workers, prevailing mostly in women (p = 0.001, among nursing auxiliaries/technicians (p=0.014 and was associated with minor psychiatric disorders (p<0.05, as exposure to different forms of violence increased the chances of these disorders by 60% (CI 95%: 1.2-2.1. The three Burnout dimensions were also associated to violence at work (p<0.05. CONCLUSION Health workers experience violence in the workplace and this exposure is associated with Burnout symptoms and minor psychiatric disorders.

  15. Effects of irradiation on Planococcus minor (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae). (United States)

    Ravuiwasa, Kaliova Tavou; Lu, Kuang-Hui; Shen, Tse-Chi; Hwang, Shaw-Yhi


    Irradiation has been recognized and endorsed as a potential phytosanitary measure that could be an alternative to current quarantine treatments. Dosages of 50, 100, 150, 200, and 250 Gy were used to irradiate three different life stages (eggs, immatures, and adults) of Planococcus minor (Maskell) (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae), focusing on females due to its parthenogenesis ability, with an aim to find the most tolerant stage and the most optimal dose to control P. minor. Cobalt 60 was the source of irradiation used. Irradiation of 150-250 Gy has a significant effect on all life stages of P. minor, decreasing its survival rate, percentage of adult reproduction, oviposition, and fertility rate. The adult was the most tolerant life stage in both mortality and fertility rate. All the different irradiated target life stage groups oviposited eggs, but none of the F2 eggs hatched at the most optimal dosage of 150-250 Gy.

  16. Factors affecting minority population proximity to hazardous facilities

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Nieves, L.A. [Argonne National Lab., IL (United States); Nieves, A.L. [Wheaton Coll., IL (United States)]|[Argonne National Lab., IL (United States)


    Disproportionate exposure of minority groups to environmental hazards has been attributed to ``environmental racism`` by some authors, without systematic investigation of the factors underlying this exposure pattern. This study examines regional differences in the proximity of African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and non-Hispanic Whites to a broad range of facility types and explores the effects of urban and income factors. A statistically significant inverse relationship is found between the percentage of non-Hispanic Whites and virtually all facility categories in all regions. Except for Hispanics in the South, all such associations for minority groups show a direct relationship, though some are nonsignificant. The geographic concentration of facilities is more closely tied to urbanization than to economic factors. Controlling for both urban and economic factors, minority population concentration is still a significant explanatory variable for some facility types in some regions. This finding is most consistent for African-Americans.

  17. Encounters with medicines among ethnic minorities with chronic conditions

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Mygind, Anna

    for increased risk. Some documents included several unclear definitions of ethnic minorities at risk. The response rate in sub-study II was 76% (84/110). Most respondents found that the needs of immigrant customers were not sufficiently assessed at the pharmacy counter (n=55, 65%), and that their latest...... of data, definitions of ethnicity, and people studied. Sub-study I exemplified the policy perspective by analysing how ethnic minorities at risk of vitamin D deficiency were constructed in current Danish policy documents regarding vitamin D supplements. The documents were analysed with inspiration from...... social constructivism with focus on definitions and explanations of ethnic minorities at risk of vitamin D deficiency. The professional perspective was exemplified through sub-study II, a questionnaire survey of pharmacists and pharmacy assistants working at the 55 Danish community pharmacies in the five...

  18. Minor Losses During Air Flow into Granular Porous Media

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Poulsen, Tjalfe Gorm; Minelgaite, Greta; Bentzen, Thomas Ruby


    Pressure gradients during uniform fluid flow in porous media are traditionally assumed to be linear. Thus, pressure loss across a sample of porous medium is assumed directly proportional to the thickness of the sample. In this study, measurements of pressure gradients inside coarse granular (2...... that the pressure loss in porous media consists of two components: (1) a linear pressure gradient and (2) an initial pressure loss near the inlet. This initial pressure loss is also known from hydraulics in tubes as a minor loss and is associated with abrupt changes in the flow field such as narrowings and bends....... The results further indicated that the minor loss depends on the particle size and particle size distribution in a manner similar to that of the linear pressure gradient. There is, thus, a close relation between these two components. In porous media, the minor loss is not instantaneous at the inlet point...

  19. Genetic Testing for Minors: Comparison between Italian and British Guidelines

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pamela Tozzo


    Full Text Available Genetic testing in children raises many important ethical, legal, and social issues. One of the main concerns is the ethically inappropriate genetic testing of minors. Various European countries established professional guidelines which reflect the different countries perspectives regarding the main ethical issues involved. In this paper, we analyze the Italian and the British guidelines by highlighting differences and similarities. We discuss presymptomatic, predictive, and carrier testing because we consider them to be the more ethically problematic types of genetic testing in minors. In our opinion, national guidelines should take into account the different needs in clinical practice. At the same time, in the case of genetic testing the national and supranational protection of minors could be strengthened by approving guidelines based on a common framework of principles and values. We suggest that the Oviedo Convention could represent an example of such a common framework or, at least, it could lead to articulate it.

  20. Broadening the search for minority science and engineering doctoral starts (United States)

    Brazziel, William E.; Brazziel, Marian E.


    This analysis looked at doctorate completion in science and engineering (S&E) by underrepresented minorities: blacks, Hispanics and Indian Americans. These are the groups we must increasingly depend upon to make up for shortfalls in science and engineering doctorate production among American citizens. These shortfalls derive from truncated birth rates among white people, for the most part. The analysis answered several questions officials will need to know the answers to if we are to plan effectively to develop the talents of these individuals. Specifically, the National Science Foundation asked us to look at the feasibility of involving nontraditional minority science and engineering graduates (baccalaureates at 25+) as doctoral starts, along with minority S&E graduates who had taken jobs with corporations to pay off student loans and military personnel involved in S&E study and S&E work (see NSF report of research under grant SED-9107756). We found that nontraditional minority S&E doctorate recipients matched their traditional counterparts in elapsed time to degree and similar indicators. They had less in the way of support for doctoral study, however. We found that minority S&E graduates who took jobs in corporations were keenly interested in returning to campus to complete degrees. We also found that many bright minority youngsters are studying S&E subjects in the Community College of the Air Force and in U.S. Army SOC colleges. Some have enrolled in baccalaureate programs on university campuses and plan to continue on to the PhD. We concluded that money is important in tapping these talent pools to make up for the demographically driven shortfalls discussed above.

  1. The New Legal Regime On Minority Shareholder Protection In Albania

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jonida Rustemaj


    Full Text Available This article aims at introducing the main changes brought by  the new Albanian Company Law on  minority shareholders’ protection. Due to the harmonization of our legislation with the acqui, new pieces of laws were introduced in commercial law. In 2008 the new law “On entrepreneurs and commercial companies” was enacted. The latter introduced new practices and concepts, some of them not  familiar  to  the Albanian  legal  system. I  was motivated  to   write  a  paper on   minority   shareholders protection  in  order to  emphasize  the new regime  and instruments of protection granted by the new laws. A matter which concerns investors and especially foreign ones is the protection of minority  shareholders. This paper discusses the instruments  of  protection  of  minority   shareholders bringing the novelties of the newly introduced laws because of  the unclear regime under the repealed law using the analytical and comparative method. Few rights which  were known by the former Albanian company law were usually compromised, but  under the law in  force, minorities are much more protected. Does the new law strengthen the position of such category of   shareholders?   What  are   the   rights   of   minority shareholders  conferred  by  the  law?  These  and other questions will be addressed herein.

  2. Retaining minorities in engineering: Assessment of a program prototype (United States)

    Good, Jennifer Marie (Phillips)

    Program assessment is an essential part of healthy program development. Assessment should include multiple considerations, dimensions, and outcomes that match the program's objectives. As a newly formed retention program, the Auburn University Minority Engineering Program, designed to help pre-engineering minority students make the transition into their freshman year of university studies, incorporated evaluation and assessment into all three components of the program (the interactive learning laboratory, critical-thinking workshops, and Sunday-evening tutorials) from the program's inception. If students successfully adapted to the university environment and the demands of the pre-engineering course of study, then retention of minority students in the College of Engineering should improve. Data were gathered on the students involved in the various program components. Students who entered the Minority Engineering Program were pre- and posttested on three standardized subtests (critical thinking, mathematics, and science reasoning) of the Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency. The first-quarter grade-point averages of the students were also gathered to compare their grades to freshman students in previous quarters within the College of Engineering. Qualitative data were also gathered on this same group of students. An analysis of the data revealed that student achievement is affected by involvement in the Minority Engineering Program. Specifically, the first quarter grade point averages of students involved in the program exceeded those of their peers in earlier years of study prior to the program's existence. In addition, mathematics and science reasoning scores on standardized tests increased pre- to postintervention. Comments collected in journals and files also demonstrated use of critical-thinking and problem-solving skills employed by the students. Recommendations for alterations of the program were made based on the outcome of the program evaluation

  3. Gettering improvements of minority-carrier lifetimesin solar grade silicon

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Osinniy, Viktor; Nylandsted Larsen, Arne; Dahl, Espen;


    processes. Optimal heat-treatment parameters for each group of samples were then identified which improved the minority-carrier lifetimes to values higher than the minimum value needed for solar cells. Phosphorus gettering using a variable temperature process enhanced in particular the lifetime within each......The minority-carrier lifetime in p-type solar-grade silicon (SoG-Si) produced by Elkem Solar was investigated after different types of heat treatment. Two groups of samples differing by the as-grown lifetimes were exposed to internal and phosphorus gettering using constant and variable temperature...

  4. A successful intervention program for high ability minority students (United States)

    Coleman, Winson R.


    Among professional occupations in the United States, non-Asian minorities are least represented in science and engineering fields. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that over the next decade, civilian employment of scientists and engineers has the potential to grow by 40 percent. Furthermore, projections for the year 2000 indicate that 100,000 fewer B.S. and B.A. degrees will be awarded than were awarded in 1984. The latter projection takes into consideration the overall declining proportion of all 18 year old college students. Within this shrinking pool of 18 year old potential college students will be an increasing proportion of Blacks and Hispanics. In order to change the educational patterns for minority youth, an intense look at the factors that affect the science and mathematics performance of minorities. Furthermore, the work of programs that are successful at producing minority scientists and engineers must be examined and documented with the intent of replicating these programs. The fundamental concern at this time appears to be the quality of precollege experience because research has shown that lack of precollege preparation is the single most important cause of underrepresentation of minorities in science and engineering careers. For many years, intervention programs have attempted to improve the quality of the minority precollege experience by latter year intervention in grades eleven and twelve. Later efforts, such as this one, have concentrated on earlier years. The effectiveness of intervention programs is widely accepted but not rigorously documented. The mechanisms these programs have developed need to be identified and their potential for broader use evaluated. The ultimate goal of such studies would be to provide the different educational communities with a set of proven cost-effective state of the art mechanisms designed to increase participation and success of minority students in science and mathematics-related courses. One such

  5. Theory of Networked Minority Games based on Strategy Pattern Dynamics


    Lo, T. S.; H.Y. Chan; P.M. Hui; Johnson, N F


    We formulate a theory of agent-based models in which agents compete to be in a winning group. The agents may be part of a network or not, and the winning group may be a minority group or not. The novel feature of the present formalism is its focus on the dynamical pattern of strategy rankings, and its careful treatment of the strategy ties which arise during the system's temporal evolution. We apply it to the Minority Game (MG) with connected populations. Expressions for the mean success rate...

  6. Minority Shareholders’ Protection in the Indonesian Capital Market

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Apri Sya'bani


    Full Text Available This paper explores the regulatory reform in Indonesia corporate governance along with capital market regulatory framework which has continuously been conducted in response to enhance minority shareholders’ protection and the implementation of corporate governance in public listed companies, particularly in protecting minority shareholder right through three short cases studies. The three cases analysed in this paper show that the implementation of corporate governance in public listed companies is still weak, resulting from the lack of awareness of how to implement corporate governance by the public listed companies, the opportunistic behaviour of public listed companies using loopholes in the regulations to the weaknesses in the enforcement of capital markets law.

  7. Minority nursing student success: A grounded theory case study (United States)

    Mister, Brenda J.

    There has been a dramatic increase in the nation's racial and ethnic minority populations over recent years. This increase is placing a higher demand on the health care industry to provide culturally competent care to these diverse populations. This challenge is met with yet another problem as the nation faces a critical shortage of nurses, particularly minority nurses. This shortage is only expected to worsen over the next several years. As schools of nursing across the country are being asked to increase the number of nursing program graduates, specifically minorities, they are confronted with a double edged sword as retention rates are decreasing, and attrition rates are increasing. This is particularly troublesome when many racial and ethnic minority nursing students do not graduate. This qualitative study was implemented to assess and understand the perceived educational experiences of racial and ethnic minority nursing students enrolled in a rural community college nursing program on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Eight voluntary nursing students who identified themselves as either a racial or ethnic minority participated in the study. Data were collected by: individual audio-taped interview sessions; audio-taped focus group sessions; and documentation of field notes. Participants also provided demographic information and were asked to provide a brief written response to a scenario regarding increasing the recruitment and retention rates of minority nursing students. All data were analyzed utilizing the constant comparative method. Results of the study revealed six different themes: personal support systems and peer relationships; college services and academic resources; faculty support; cultural understanding versus cultural insensitivity; personal attributes of self-efficacy/advice for future nursing students; and suggestions for college and nursing program improvement. After the major themes were examined one central theme, a grounded theory, was born. The

  8. Prospects for Improving the Masses of Minor Planets (United States)


    1)Ceres and (4) Vesta , a study was done (Hilton 2008) to determine if there were any encounters between now and Dawn’s arrival at these two perturbed by Ceres or Vesta by enough to change the semi-major axis by 10−5 AU. Although developed for the improvement of the masses of Ceres and... Vesta , the techniques developed for finding these encounters are general and may be applied to the mass determination of any massive minor planet. All


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David R Terfera


    Full Text Available During a routine anatomical dissection we discovered an aberrant muscle slip associated with the pectoralis minor muscle that occurred bilaterally. The muscle slips originated from ribs five or six and inserted into the tendon of the coracobrachialis in close proximity the coracoid process of the scapula. Fibers of the muscle slip also blended with the pectoralis minor muscle on its lateral border. The muscle slips were innervated by the medial pectoral nerve. Reports and documentation of anatomical variants such as this provide an important resource for both researchers and clinicians.

  10. Recruitment of ethnic minorities for public health research

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nielsen, Annemette Ljungdalh; Jervelund, Signe Smith; Villadsen, Sarah Fredsted


    Aims: This paper examines the importance of recruitment site in relation to the recruitment of ethnic minorities into health research. It presents a synthesis of experiences drawn from six interlinked Danish studies which applied different methods and used healthcare facilities and educational...... study designs also depended on the possibility of singling out specific locations with a high proportion of the relevant ethnic minority target population. Conclusions:The findings, though based on a small number of cases, indicate that health professionals and healthcare institutions, despite...

  11. Release of Regional Autonomy for Ethnic Minorities in China

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    The Construction of 60 Important Projects Begun under the Strategy for the Development of Western China;The Enrollment of 2,500 Students for Master's and PhD Programs from Ethnic Minority Areas;Each of the 55 Ethnic Minorities Having Its Own Brief Written History;The Per-capita Net Income of Rural Residents in Tibet is Growing Constantly;Every Ethnic Group Having its Own NPC Deputy or Deputies;Strengthening Specific Forms of Implementation of the System of Regional Ethnic Autonomy;

  12. Patrones ferrocin??ticos en la beta-talasemia minor


    P??rez Blanco, Francisco Jos??; Jim??nez Jim??nez, M. J.; Mart??n Fern??ndez, A.


    Objetivos: Estudiar los par??metros del metabolismo del hierro en la beta-talasemia minor. Casu??stica y M??todos: Se estudian 58 sujetos (30 hombre y 28 mujeres) de edades entre 18-72 a??os diagnosticados de talasemia beta minor. Como controles se estudiaron 30 hombres y 28 mujeres del mismo espectro de edad. El estudio hematol??gico se realiz?? en el Coulter Counter, el bioqu??mico en el autoanalizador Hitachi, la hemoglobina A2 mediante electroforesis en celogel. El hierro m...

  13. 28 CFR 55.18 - Provision of minority language materials and assistance. (United States)


    ...) IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PROVISIONS OF THE VOTING RIGHTS ACT REGARDING LANGUAGE MINORITY GROUPS Minority Language Materials and Assistance § 55.18 Provision of minority language materials and assistance. (a) Materials... 28 Judicial Administration 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Provision of minority language...

  14. Underrepresented Minority Enrollment in U.S. Dental Schools--The Challenge. (United States)

    Sinkford, Jeanne C.; Harrison, Sonja; Valachovic, Richard W.


    Explores enrollment of underrepresented minority students in dental schools. Describes challenges to affirmative action, major minority recruitment programs, where minorities are enrolled, the Opportunities for Minority Students in U.S. Dental Schools (OMSUSDS) report, and American Dental Education Association (ADEA) strategies to enhance…

  15. Improving Schooling for Cultural Minorities: The Right Teaching Styles Can Make a Big Difference (United States)

    Morgan, Hani


    Many minority groups in the United States tend to struggle in school. One reason minority students are likely to encounter more problems in schools than mainstream students involves incomplete knowledge of minority students' learning and communication styles. Authors such as Banks (2006) and Pewewardy (2008) emphasize that minority students differ…

  16. 78 FR 70015 - Meeting of the National Advisory Council on Minority Business Enterprise (United States)


    ... the Department of Commerce regarding the growth of minority-owned businesses in domestic and global... minority-owned businesses in domestic and global markets. Recommendations for proposed programs and new... Minority Business Development Agency Meeting of the National Advisory Council on Minority...

  17. 77 FR 68734 - Meeting of the National Advisory Council on Minority Business Enterprise (United States)


    ... discuss and deliberate on final recommendations to accelerate the growth of minority-owned businesses in... Minority Business Development Agency Meeting of the National Advisory Council on Minority Business Enterprise AGENCY: Minority Business Development Agency, U.S. Department of Commerce. ACTION: Notice of...

  18. Government Districts, Other - MINOR_CIVIL_DIVISIONS_IN: Minor Civil Divisions for Indiana in 2000 (United States Census Bureau, 1:500,000, Polygon Shapefile) (United States)

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — The following is excerpted from an Adobe Acrobat PDF document produced by the U.S. Census Bureau pertaining to Minor Civil Divisions (MCD's): "Minor Civil Divisions...

  19. 冰球运动员预防受伤与伤后的心理训练%Psychological Training for the Anti-Wounded or Wounded Ice Hockey Players

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    侯文才; 王建业; 侯爽


    冰球运动是一项极为激烈的对抗性运动,两队队员相互频繁接触,难免身体受到损伤。积极预防冰球运动员的运动性损伤,以及伤后的心理训练,对促进运动性损伤的恢复和提高个人的技、战术水平具有重要的作用。加强思想教育,正确的训练或比赛准备活动是预防冰球运动运动性损伤的有效措施。想象训练、念动训练是运动员伤后重要的心理训练方法,心理训练时应注意排除杂念、放松身体、较好的身体条件与环境等,只有持之以恒的心理训练才会对运动员伤后恢复与技、战术水平提高产生良好的效果。%Ice hockey is an extremely intense confrontational sport and the players are hard away from being wounded because of continual body contact between both teams.It's significant for improving the players' recovery from sports injury and developing their individual skills and tactics to actively prevent the sports injury and have the psychological training for the wounded ones.Having further ideological education,well training and pre-competition warm-up are effective countermeasures for preventing their sports injury.Imagination training and ideomotion training are important psychological training methods for the wounded players.When having psychological training,it shall clear the mind,relax the body in good condition.Only consistent psychological training can play a well role for the wounded players' recovery,their technical and tactical development.

  20. 78 FR 44596 - Minor Boundary Revision at Yosemite National Park (United States)


    ... National Park Service Minor Boundary Revision at Yosemite National Park AGENCY: National Park Service, Interior. ACTION: Notification of Boundary Revision. SUMMARY: The boundary of Yosemite National Park is... boundary of Yosemite National Park. DATES: The effective date of this boundary revision is July 24,...

  1. Relationships between Minority Students Online Learning Experiences and Academic Performance (United States)

    Yeboah, Alex Kumi; Smith, Patriann


    The study investigated the relationship between minority students' use of technology, social media, the number of online courses, program of study, satisfaction, and academic performance. Participants in the study were a diverse student body regarding age, gender, and educational level, and functioned at both undergraduate and graduate levels.…

  2. Minor sterols from the sponge Ircinia ramosa (Killer)

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Parameswaran, P.S.; Naik, C.G.; Das, B.; Kamat, S.Y.

    -one (7-oxo sitosterol, 3) respectively. Besides two minor sterols viz., 24E-ethyl cholest-5-en-3 beta, 7-diol (7-hydroxy sitosterol, 4) and 24-ethylcholest-5, 24 (28)-dien-3 beta, 7-diol (7-hydroxy fucosterol, 5) were also tentatively identified...

  3. Minor Neurological Dysfunction in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (United States)

    de Jong, Marianne; Punt, Marja; de Groot, Erik; Minderaa, Ruud B; Hadders-Algra, Mijna


    Aim: The aim of this study was to improve the understanding of brain function in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in relation to minor neurological dysfunctions (MNDs). Method: We studied MNDs in 122 children (93 males, 29 females; mean age 8y 1mo, SD 2y 6mo) who, among a total cohort of 705 children (513 males, 192 females; mean age…

  4. Toward a Framework for Social Work Practice with Minorities. (United States)

    Lum, Doman


    Uses case histories to support the need for a framework for social work practice with minorities--one that recognizes the value of being able to identify psychosocial components that affect practice problems. Suggests social workers be especially aware of the harmful effects of stereotyping individuals. (Author)

  5. Minor neurological dysfunction in children with autism spectrum disorder

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    De Jong, Marianne; Punt, Marja; De Groot, Erik; Minderaa, Ruud B.; Hadders-Algra, Mijna


    Aim The aim of this study was to improve the understanding of brain function in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in relation to minor neurological dysfunctions (MNDs). Method We studied MNDs in 122 children (93 males, 29 females; mean age 8y 1mo, SD 2y 6mo) who, among a total cohort of 7

  6. The End of Minority Languages? Europe's Regional Languages in Perspective

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael Hornsby


    Full Text Available The European Union (EU today counts 23 national languages with as many as 65 regional and minority languages, only a few of which enjoy recognition in the EU. We assess the perspectives of regional and, particularly, endangered languages in Europe in three steps. First, we argue that the current approach of nation-states, defining both national and regional/minority languages from the top down, is increasingly at odds with the idea of cross-border migration and communications. We illustrate this with the examples of Estonian and Latvian, official languages of EU member-states with around one million native speakers each. Second, we attest the end of 'traditional' forms of minority language, contending that if they are to survive they cannot do so as mirror copies of minority languages. To make our point clear, we discuss regional efforts to increase the use of the Breton and the Welsh languages. We outline a research agenda that takes into account the nation-state dominated linguistic regulations and the future of an increasingly borderless Europe, and suggest how both can be accommodated.

  7. Accommodating and Resisting Minority Language Policy: The Case of Wales. (United States)

    May, Stephen


    Explores institutional and attitudinal difficulties faced by minority language policies and discusses the potential for resolving these problems. Focuses on recent institutional developments in Welsh language policy in Wales and examines the attitudes toward such developments of a cohort of Welsh teacher trainees. (Author/VWL)

  8. Dropout Intervention and Language Minority Youth. ERIC Digest. (United States)

    Vaznaugh, Adriana

    This digest describes three programs for middle and high school language minority students at risk of dropping out of school. Two of the programs are geared toward limited-English-proficient Hispanic youth, and the third, a vocational program, involves African-American students as well. The first program described is the Coca-Cola Valued Youth…

  9. Obesity in minority women: calories, commerce, and culture. (United States)

    Phelan, Sharon T


    Obesity is increasing at epidemic rates in all women, but especially in minority women and children. Factors that contribute to this include changes in caloric intake and expenditure (calories), cost and ease of acquiring food along with pressures from the marketplace and media (commerce) and the community response to the increasing prevalence of obesity and sedentary lifestyle (culture).

  10. Psychopathology in African Unaccompanied Refugee Minors in Austria (United States)

    Huemer, Julia; Karnik, Niranjan; Voelkl-Kernstock, Sabine; Granditsch, Elisabeth; Plattner, Belinda; Friedrich, Max; Steiner, Hans


    We assessed the prevalence of a range of psychopathology among African unaccompanied refugee minors (URMs) in Austria. Additionally, the predictive value of war exposure on PTSD symptoms was examined. Forty-one URMs were assessed with the Mini-International Neuropsychiatric Interview for children and adolescents, the Youth Self-Report, the UCLA…

  11. HPV in minority populations : Epidemiology and vaccination acceptability

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Alberts, C.J.


    This dissertation describes the epidemiology of human papillomavirus (HPV) and the social-psychological aspects of HPV vaccination acceptability in two different minority populations. Both populations are at higher risk of developing HPV induced disease (notably cervical, penile, anal, and head and

  12. 78 FR 24381 - Information Collection; Minority Farm Register (United States)


    ... collected information to better inform minority farmers about USDA programs and services. DATES: We will... may share information collected with these organizations for outreach purposes. The race, ethnicity..., utility, and clarity of the information to be collected; (4) Minimize the burden of the collection...

  13. 78 FR 72527 - Minority Enterprise Development Week, 2013 (United States)


    ... owned and operated firms will help create jobs, strengthen families, and build ladders of opportunity in... America's business community, we launched , where any firm can seek out financing... fair shot for the many. Minority-owned businesses play a crucial part in driving this...

  14. Financial Aid for Minorities in Business and Law. (United States)

    Garrett Park Press, MD.

    This directory of financial aid sources for minority students majoring in business (including accounting, finance, human relations, information services, marketing and production) or law includes the following types of information: (1) summary and description of the fields, including college enrollment statistics, demand for graduates, and…

  15. Bill and Melinda Gates Pledge $1-Billion for Minority Scholarships. (United States)

    Monaghan, Peter; Lederman, Douglas; van der Werf, Martin; Pulley, John


    Reports on a $1 billion dollar grant from Bill and Melinda Gates to send 20,000 low-income minority students to college. The Gates Millenium Scholars Program will require students to demonstrate financial need and maintain a 3.0 grade point average in college. A list of the largest private gifts to higher education since 1967 is also provided. (DB)

  16. Mentoring Sexual Minority Youth. Technical Assistance Packet #2. (United States)

    Jucovy, Linda

    It is estimated that up to 10% of the U.S. population is lesbian or gay. Being a member of a sexual minority group places youth at risk. Along with the challenges all adolescents deal with, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth must cope with prejudice, discrimination, and violence in schools or in their families. While mentoring programs…

  17. Status Value, Group Learning, and Minority Achievement in College. (United States)

    Beilin, Robert; Rabow, Jerome


    Tested the relationship between interracial group learning and academic achievement in college. Results indicated White students participating in Learning Through Discussion (LTD) groups scored higher on the final essay. There was no difference in minority achievement. Findings support the proposition that status equalization is an essential…

  18. Mexicans as Model Minorities in the New Latino Diaspora (United States)

    Wortham, Stanton; Mortimer, Katherine; Allard, Elaine


    Rapid Mexican immigration has challenged host communities to make sense of immigrants' place in New Latino Diaspora towns. We describe one town in which residents often characterize Mexican immigrants as model minorities with respect to work and civic life but not with respect to education. We trace how this stereotype is deployed, accepted, and…

  19. DNA Barcoding for Minor Crops and Food Traceability

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrea Galimberti


    Full Text Available This outlook paper addresses the problem of the traceability of minor crops. These kinds of cultivations consist in a large number of plants locally distributed with a modest production in terms of cultivated acreage and quantity of final product. Because of globalization, the diffusion of minor crops is increasing due to their benefit for human health or their use as food supplements. Such a phenomenon implies a major risk for species substitution or uncontrolled admixture of manufactured plant products with severe consequences for the health of consumers. The need for a reliable identification system is therefore essential to evaluate the quality and provenance of minor agricultural products. DNA-based techniques can help in achieving this mission. In particular, the DNA barcoding approach has gained a role of primary importance thanks to its universality and versatility. Here, we present the advantages in the use of DNA barcoding for the characterization and traceability of minor crops based on our previous or ongoing studies at the ZooPlantLab (Milan, Italy. We also discuss how DNA barcoding may potentially be transferred from the laboratory to the food supply chain, from field to table.

  20. Prevalence of hepatosplenomegaly in beta thalassemia minor subjects in Iran

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Karimi, Mehran [Hemostasis and Thrombosis Unit, Hematology Research Center, school of Medicine, Shiraz University of medical sciences, Shiraz (Iran, Islamic Republic of)], E-mail:; Bagheri, Mohammad Hadi [Department of Radiology, School of Medicine, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Tahmtan, Mehdi [Hemostasis and Thrombosis Unit, Hematology Research Center, school of Medicine, Shiraz University of medical sciences, Shiraz (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Shakibafard, Alireza [Department of Radiology, School of Medicine, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz (Iran, Islamic Republic of); Rashid, Murtaza [Hemostasis and Thrombosis Unit, Hematology Research Center, school of Medicine, Shiraz University of medical sciences, Shiraz (Iran, Islamic Republic of)


    Introduction: Thalassemia is the most common hereditary blood disorder in the world. Iran is located on the thalassemic belt and there is a high prevalence of the hepatosplenomegaly in beta thalassemia minor patients which is reported to be very variable. The goal of this research was to study the frequency of these signs in the cases with beta thalassemia minor patients in Iran. Materials and methods: Two hundred and fifty-nine cases that referred to center for pre-marriage tests were divided into two groups according to their MCV, MCH, and HbA2 (beta thalassemia minor cases and control groups). Liver and spleen sizes were determined by ultrasonographic method and the two groups were compared with each other. Results: Average spleen volumes in case and control groups were 163.48 {+-} 133.97 and 126.29 {+-} 53.98 mm{sup 3}, respectively. Average spleen lengths in case and control groups were 10.71 {+-} 1.52 and 10.60 {+-} 5.4 cm, respectively. Conclusion: In the regions with high frequency of beta thalassemia, in case of finding large spleen size in the ultrasonography, a probable harmless differential diagnosis will be beta thalassemia minor that is not indicative of any serious disease. Volumetric measurement of spleen is more reliable for detection of splenomegaly in these patients.

  1. Minor Physical Anomalies, Footprints, and Behavior: Was the Buddha Right? (United States)

    Draper, Thomas W.; Munoz, Milagros M.


    A relationship between an anomaly of the footprint suggested by ancient Abhidhamma meditations and Minor Physical Anomalies Scale was observed in children. The footprint anomalies correlated with the activity levels of children in the same way as the scores on the scale and consistently with prior research using the scale. (Author/RD)

  2. Treating Drug Addiction in the Minority Communities: The Decade Ahead. (United States)

    Drew, Joseph S.

    While scholars are not in accord on the basic causes of contemporary drug abuse among minority Americans, most do agree that the social milieu of the drug abuser is fundamental. It has been urged that racism, poverty, police brutality and harrassment, the economics of addiction, the hopelessness of ghetto life, peer pressure, educational…

  3. FM: Clinically Meaningful Rorschach Index with Minority Children? (United States)

    Scott, Ralph


    Uses a case vignette to consider the possibility that the Rorschach FM index may be a forerunner of abstract thinking. Data support the major finding that FM may enable educational diagnosticians to more accurately estimate the intellectual capabilities of some preschool minority and other culturally disadvantaged children. (Author/JAC)

  4. Sexual Minority Issues and Human Rights Education in Japan (United States)

    Ofuji, Keiko


    The "Dowa" (Human Rights) education program has become an effective method of changing concept and situations of "Burakumin," a group of people that has been discriminated against in Japan. One educational strategy was to speak out their personal stories, which has become a trigger to some sexual minority teachers to come out, as well as others to…

  5. Practices of Citizenship Rights among Minority Students at Chinese Universities (United States)

    Zhao, Zhenzhou


    This paper explores how Chinese minority students participate and defend citizenship rights on a university campus against the backdrop of ongoing social changes. Three rights are focused on: freedom of religion, freedom of association, and freedom to use an ethnic language. The data were collected at three universities. Research methods involved…

  6. Unaccompanied Refugee Minors; A Challenging Group to Teach (United States)

    Bean, Tammy; Eurelings-Bontekoe, Elisabeth; Spinhoven, Philip


    Unaccompanied Refugee Minors (URM), like all adolescents, have the right to be able to develop emotionally and cognitively to their fullest potential in host countries (Article 6, Convention of the Rights of the Child, 1991). URM make up a very special and vulnerable population of young people under the age of 18 who have been separated from their…

  7. Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking in the United States (United States)

    Kotrla, Kimberly


    By now, most social workers are familiar with the issue of human trafficking. However, many are likely unfamiliar with research indicating that youths constitute the most vulnerable group in the United States for becoming victims of sex trafficking and that most women in prostitution actually entered as minors. Some experts are now referring to…

  8. Status of National Minorities in Developed European Countries

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nada Raduški


    Full Text Available Contemporary geopolitical changes, interethnic conflicts and clashes, and the connection between minority and territorial problems considerably influence the quality of inter-state relations and the preservation of global peace and security. National problems and ethnic confrontations found a firm ground on the territory of the Balkans, although they are known in democratic West-European countries as well, despite high standards in respecting human rights. However, even though they deserve special attention due to their seriousness, they remain exclusively under those countries’ jurisdiction, as opposed to countries in transition that are in the focus of interest and intervention of the international community. In developed countries, the method of regulating the minority question greatly depends on the position of that country on the world economic and political scene, apart from numerous historical and political factors. In each of these countries, there are specific models of coexistence of majority and minority population conditioned by numerous factors, so there does not exist a universal model that would be valid for all countries. Respecting basic human rights, as well as national minority protection, represent the basic factors of the stability, and democratic and socio-economic development of every country.

  9. 24 CFR 92.351 - Affirmative marketing; minority outreach program. (United States)


    ... 24 Housing and Urban Development 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Affirmative marketing; minority outreach program. 92.351 Section 92.351 Housing and Urban Development Office of the Secretary, Department of Housing and Urban Development HOME INVESTMENT PARTNERSHIPS PROGRAM Other Federal Requirements §...

  10. The Social Construction of the Minority Drug Problem. (United States)

    Covington, Jeanette


    Examines how the minority drug problem is framed in terms of anomie and underclass models suggesting that drug subcultures in urban black areas are formed as an adaptation to aggregate community conditions. The article considers how researchers use ecological and ethnographic data to back up claims that drug subcultures are a response to inner…

  11. Imaging in Minor Head Injury: Early complications and late consequences

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    M. Smits (Marion)


    textabstractHead injury is traditionally divided into minor, moderate or severe head injury, depending on the patient’s presenting level of consciousness as expressed in the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) score. Th e vast majority of patients (>90%) present with a normal or nearnormal level of consciousne

  12. Applying Diversity Management Concepts to Improve the Minority Educational Pipeline (United States)

    Oguntebi, Joy; Shcherbakova, Maria; Wooten, Lynn P.


    The objective of this conceptual article is to investigate existing diversity management paradigms and extend their implications toward the goal of increasing minority representation in management education. We suggest that the existing learning-and-effectiveness diversity management paradigm (Thomas & Ely, 1996, "Harvard Business…

  13. Assumptions on culture in discourse on ethnic minority health

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jæger, Kirsten


    as contributing to low levels of knowledge about health and to adverse health behavior. Thus, the texts present cultural beliefs and practices as contributing to the high prevalence of lifestyle diseases among ethnic minority population groups. The analysis, however, demonstrates that a more nuanced discourse...

  14. Mentoring Ethnic Minority Students: An Education-Community Partnership. (United States)

    Allen-Sommerville, Lenola


    Mentoring can help ethnic minority students improve communication abilities, remove barriers to academic progress, understand science and other technological concepts, improve math skills, learn good study habits, better test-taking skills, cope with problems, remain in school. Iowa State University's Science Bound is a three-way mentoring…

  15. Do Minors Have First Amendment Rights in Schools? (United States)

    Chmara, Theresa


    Courts have held that minors have First Amendment rights and that those rights include the right to receive information. However, how does that apply in the school setting? The First Amendment prohibits governmental entities from unconstitutionally infringing rights of free speech. Students in public schools, therefore, do have rights under the…

  16. Targeting Interventions for Ethnic Minority and Low-Income Populations (United States)

    Kumanyika, Shiriki; Grier, Sonya


    Although rates of childhood obesity among the general population are alarmingly high, they are higher still in ethnic minority and low-income communities. The disparities pose a major challenge for policymakers and practitioners planning strategies for obesity prevention. In this article Shiriki Kumanyika and Sonya Grier summarize differences in…

  17. Diabetes prevalence and risk factors among ethnic minorities

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Ujcic-Voortman, J.K.; Schram, M.T.; Jacobs-van der Bruggen, M.A.; Verhoeff, A.P.; Baan, C.A.


    Background: Ethnic minorities living in Western societies may have a higher prevalence of diabetes. We investigated whether the prevalence of diabetes among Turkish and Moroccan migrants differs from the indigenous urban population in the Netherlands, and whether these differences can be explained b

  18. Molecular genotyping of herbicide resistance in P. minor: ACCase resistance. (United States)

    Singh, Rajender; Sharma, Davinder; Raghav, Nishu; Chhokar, Rajender Singh; Sharma, Indu


    Little seed canary grass (Phalaris minor Retz.) populations resistant to herbicides that inhibit acetyl-CoA carboxylase (ACCase) represent an increasingly important weed control problem in northern India. The objective of this study was to develop DNA-based markers to differentiate herbicide-resistant and herbicide-susceptible population of P. minor. Primers were designed to amplify the conserved region carrying two reported mutations Trp2027 to Cys and Ile2041 to Asn conferring ACCase inhibitor resistance in several grass weeds and subjected to single-strand conformational polymorphism (SSCP) to detect the mutations. Five distinctive electrophoretic patterns on non-denaturing PAGE were observed, and four patterns were found to be associated with ACCase herbicide resistance in P. minor. The PCR-SSCP test developed in this study confirmed 17 resistant populations to contain mutations in CT domain of ACCase gene. This is the first report of rapid and easy molecular diagnosis of ACCase herbicide-resistant and herbicide-sensitive population of P. minor through PCR-SSCP analysis.

  19. Paediatrician office follow-up of common minor fractures (United States)

    Koelink, Eric; Boutis, Kathy


    BACKGROUND: Evidence suggests that minor paediatric fractures can be followed by primary care paediatricians (PCPs). OBJECTIVES: To determine PCP opinions, knowledge and perceived barriers to managing minor paediatric fractures in the office. METHODS: An online survey was sent between June and September 2013 to all paediatricians who subscribed to the American Academy of Pediatrics PROS-Net Listerv and to those who were registered with the Scott’s Canadian Medical Directory as paediatricians who treated children in a primary care capacity. The primary outcome was the proportion of PCPs who agreed with PCP follow-up of minor paediatric fractures. Secondary outcomes included PCP’s perceived barriers to office follow-up. RESULTS: A total of 1752 surveys were sent; 1235 were eligible and 459 (37.2%) responded to the survey. Overall, 296 (69.5% [95% CI 65.2% to 74.0%]) PCPs agreed that minor paediatric fractures could be followed in a PCP office. The most frequently reported barriers were lack of materials to replace immobilization (58.1%), PCP knowledge deficits (44.8%) and a perceived parental preference for an orthopedic surgeon (38.6%). Finally, 58.8% of respondents believed that further education was necessary if PCPs assumed responsibility for follow-up of midshaft clavicle fractures, while 66.5% and 77.1% (Pmanagement strategy, including a desire for more education on this topic. PMID:25382996

  20. Insecure Identities: Unaccompanied Minors as Refugees in Hamburg (United States)

    Schroeder, Joachim


    This paper analyses the financial circumstances and social income of nearly one hundred unaccompanied minors who have come to Hamburg as refugees from various regions of Africa. It is based on extensive qualitative surveys, analysing their objective conditions of life and in particular their legal situation. A wide range of interview material and…

  1. Asthma and the Achievement Gap among Urban Minority Youth (United States)

    Basch, Charles E.


    Objectives: To outline the prevalence and disparities of asthma among school-aged urban minority youth, causal pathways through which poorly controlled asthma adversely affects academic achievement, and proven or promising approaches for schools to address these problems. Methods: Literature review. Results: Asthma is the most common chronic…

  2. 78 FR 46374 - Minority Depository Institution Preservation Program (United States)


    ... identified in NCUA's current strategic plan: To ensure a safe, sound, and healthy credit union system; and To... correctly applied the minority eligibility criteria. NCUA plans to develop and use a tool to determine the... for officials and staff, expertise ] in technical areas (e.g., marketing, bidding on merger...

  3. Methodological challenges when doing research that includes ethnic minorities

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Morville, Anne-Le; Erlandsson, Lena-Karin


    minorities are included. Method: A thorough literature search yielded 21 articles obtained from the scientific databases PubMed, Cinahl, Web of Science and PsychInfo. Analysis followed Arksey and O’Malley’s framework for scoping reviews, applying content analysis. Results: The results showed methodological...

  4. Dysgenetic polycystic disease of the minor and submandibular salivary glands

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Koudounarakis, Eleftherios; Willems, Stefan; Karakullukcu, Baris


    Background Dysgenetic polycystic salivary gland disease is a rare pathology. No case of minor salivary gland involvement has been reported in the literature. Methods A female patient presented with bilateral tumors of the parotid glands, bilateral submandibular gland enlargement, and multiple cystic

  5. 75 FR 52211 - Minority Enterprise Development Week, 2010 (United States)


    ... the global economy, it is vital we capitalize on the dedication, creativity, and acumen shown by our... celebrate the millions of minority business owners whose firms generate jobs, strengthen our economy, and... essential to stabilizing our economy now, and laying a foundation for future economic growth and...

  6. Cooperation in the Mixed Population Minority Game with Imitation

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    全宏俊; 汪秉宏; 许伯铭; 罗晓曙


    After studying the effects of imitation on the mixed population of adaptive agents with different memories competing in a minority game, we have found that when the pure population lies in a crowded regime, the introduction of imitation can considerably improve cooperation among agents in a money market.

  7. A real-time PCR assay to identify Meloidogyne minor

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Weerdt, de M.; Kox, L.; Wayenberge, L.; Viaene, N.; Zijlstra, C.


    Meloidogyne minor is a small root-knot nematode that causes yellow patch disease in golf courses and severe quality damage in potatoes. It was described in 2004 and has been detected in The Netherlands, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Belgium. The nematode often appears together with M

  8. 8 CFR 236.2 - Confined aliens, incompetents, and minors. (United States)


    ... 8 Aliens and Nationality 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Confined aliens, incompetents, and minors. 236.2 Section 236.2 Aliens and Nationality DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY IMMIGRATION REGULATIONS APPREHENSION AND DETENTION OF INADMISSIBLE AND DEPORTABLE ALIENS; REMOVAL OF ALIENS ORDERED REMOVED...

  9. 8 CFR 1236.2 - Confined aliens, incompetents, and minors. (United States)


    ... 8 Aliens and Nationality 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Confined aliens, incompetents, and minors. 1236.2 Section 1236.2 Aliens and Nationality EXECUTIVE OFFICE FOR IMMIGRATION REVIEW, DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE IMMIGRATION REGULATIONS APPREHENSION AND DETENTION OF INADMISSIBLE AND DEPORTABLE ALIENS;...

  10. Minority Students Severely Underrepresented in Science, Technology Engineering and Math (United States)

    Slovacek, Simeon P.; Whittinghill, Jonathan C.; Tucker, Susan; Rath, Kenneth A.; Peterfreund, Alan R.; Kuehn, Glenn D.; Reinke, Yvonne G.


    This study documents the system of funded interventions employed at three public universities to support minority students studying science and examines targeted students' career paths to discern the general efficacy of these interventions and other factors influencing success toward earning Ph.D.s. Interventions, including supplemental…

  11. Ethnic Minority Psychological Associations: Connections to Counseling Psychology (United States)

    Delgado-Romero, Edward A.; Forrest, Linda; Lau, Michael Y.


    This article provides the introduction, background and rationale for the Major Contribution focused on five national ethnic minority psychological associations: the Asian American Psychological Association, The Association of Black Psychologists, the National Latina/o Psychological Association, the Society of Indian Psychologists, and the Society…

  12. Does intergenerational social mobility affect antagonistic attitudes towards ethnic minorities?

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Tolsma, J.; Graaf, N.D. de; Quillian, L.


    Up till now, no study satisfactorily addressed the effect of social mobility on antagonistic attitudes toward ethnic minorities. In this contribution, we investigate the effect of educational and class intergenerational mobility on ethnic stereotypes, ethnic threat, and opposition to ethnic intermar

  13. Minority Students' Responses to Racism: The Case of Cyprus (United States)

    Stevens, Peter A. J.; Charalambous, Panayiota; Mesaritou, Evgenia; Spyrou, Spyros; Van Praag, Lore; D'hondt, Fanny; Vervaet, Roselien; Van Houtte, Mieke


    While research has focused on the role of racism in (re)producing ethnic/racial inequalities in education, there is very little research that investigates how variability in minority students' responses to racism can be explained. By using an ecological approach to integrate existing research on actors' responses to racism, this study finds that…

  14. Positive parenting in ethnic minority families : challenges and outcomes

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Emmen, Rosalia Antonia Grada (Rosanneke)


    The overall goal of the current dissertation is to uncover predictors and outcomes of positive parenting in ethnic minority families. Chapter 2 provides an overview of commonly used observational instruments to measure sensitivity, showing the versatility and scientific importance of the construct.

  15. Policy Issues in the Education of Minorities: A World View. (United States)

    Male, George A.


    Presents an overview of several countries and which factors produce difficulties in the education of minorities. Focuses on Australia, Canada, England, West Germany, India, Israel, Japan, and Malaysia. Suggests factors such as race, color, caste, religion, nationality, immigrant status, and worldview for consideration by policymakers. (SA)

  16. Mental Health and Substance Use of Sexual Minority College Athletes (United States)

    Kroshus, Emily; Davoren, Ann Kearns


    Objective: Assess the mental health and substance use of sexual minority collegiate student-athletes in the United States, as compared with heterosexual college students and heterosexual student-athletes. Participants: Undergraduate students (N = 196,872) who completed the American College Health Association's National College Health Assessment…

  17. Evidence-Based Psychosocial Treatments for Ethnic Minority Youth (United States)

    Huey, Stanley J., Jr.; Polo, Antonio J.


    This article reviews research on evidence-based treatments (EBTs) for ethnic minority youth using criteria from Chambless et al. (1998), Chambless et al. (1996), and Chambless and Hollon (1998). Although no "well-established" treatments were identified, "probably efficacious" or "possibly efficacious" treatments were found for ethnic minority…

  18. Reading and Writing Transactions: Improving Students' Understanding of Minority Literature. (United States)

    Worley, Demetrice A.

    Elements from literary, composition, and reader-response theory can be successfully combined in teaching an African-American literature class to college students of the dominant culture. Helping students to decode texts is of primary importance, best done by introducing students to the cultural codes used by minority writers to shape their themes.…

  19. Teen Pregnancy and the Achievement Gap among Urban Minority Youth (United States)

    Basch, Charles E.


    Objectives: To outline the prevalence and disparities of teen pregnancy among school-aged urban minority youth, causal pathways through which nonmarital teen births adversely affects academic achievement, and proven or promising approaches for schools to address this problem. Methods: Literature review. Results: In 2006, the birth rate among 15-…

  20. Koreans in Japan: A Minority's Changing Relationship with Schools (United States)

    Okano, Kaori H.


    Koreans form the largest ethnic minority group in Japan. The present study explores the situation of Korean pupils in Japanese schools by analyzing recent changes in four areas:(1) governmental and school-level policies, (2) school level programs targeted at Korean children, (3) Korean pupils' academic achievements and (4) their micro-level…