Sample records for bambp

  1. Extraction of rubidium by t-BAMBP in cyclohexane

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Jiawei Wang; Dehua Che; Wei Qin


    4-Tert-butyl-2-(α-methylbenzyl) phenol (t-BAMBP) was used in cyclohexane in the extraction of rubidium from brine sources containing lithium. The effect of t-BAMBP concentration and aqueous phase pH on the rubidium and lithium extraction equilibrium was studied. t-BAMBP/cyclohexane was efficient and selective for rubidium extraction with optimal operating conditions being pH of 13.0 and initial t-BAMBP concentration of 1.0 mol·L−1. The stoichiometry of the complex of t-BAMBP with rubidium is 4:1. The apparent extraction equilibrium constant of rubidium was calculated by fitting the experimental data.

  2. High Efficient Photochromic WO3 polymer/1,10 DAD Self assembly Films Modified by Organic Molecules%高效率变色WO3多聚体/1,10-DAD自组装薄膜的制备

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    陈朝晖; 马颖; 姚建年


    A novel high efficient photochromic self assembly multilayered film has been fabricat ed from WO3 and 1,10 DAD solution using molecular deposition technique.The dependence of photochromic behavior on aggregation of WO3 in the WO3 polymer/1,10 DAD self assembly film was discussed in comparison with WO3/ 4,4'-BAMBp system.The results clearly show that organic molecules determine the charge density of the substrate,then affect the assembled structure of inorganic precursor and the stablility of the photo induced charge transfer complexes,and thus manipulate the structure and the photochromic properties of the films.