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  1. Physical-chemical bases of the recovery of surface active materials from aqueous solutions and waste water. Fiziko-Khimicheskie osnovy izvlecheniya poverkhnostno-aktivnykh veshchestv izvodnykh rastvorov i stochnykh vod

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Koganovskii, A.M.; Klimenko, N.A.


    Contemporary data are given on the adsorption of surfactants on adsorbents of various chemical makeup, on the effect of the structure of their solutions, and the presence of strong electrolytes. An examination is made of the connection between the chemical structure of surfactants, their state in solution, and the structure of the adsorption layers. Data are presented for the first time on the joint adsorption of components from solubilized systems and the products resulting from the interaction between surfactants and dissolved dyes. Physico-chemical substantiation is offered for the absorption technology of removing surfactants and concomitant organic matter from industrial waste. Fundamental technological systems are presented for the sorption purification of sewage polluted by surfactants, and the conditions for their most effective utilization are substantiated. The book is intended for specialists engaged in the physical chemistry of surface phenomena as well as for investigators and planning personnel who are developing the technology of purifying industrial sewage. 81 figures, 53 tables.