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  1. Regional genetic differentiation of Phlebotomus sergenti in three Moroccan foci of cutaneous leishmaniasis caused by Leishmania tropica

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yahia H.


    Full Text Available Phlebotomus sergenti was identified morphologically in samples from three Moroccan foci of leishmaniasis caused by Leishmania tropica in the provinces of Azilal, Essaouira and Taza. Three primary mitochondrial DNA lineages were identified, and they could be markers for regionally distributed cryptic species. Greater mitochondrial diversity in Azilal indicated that this central province could have been the origin of dispersal of P. sergenti or the zone of secondary contact. All except one of the 21 mitochondrial haplotypes showed a marked regional distribution, and this indicates that vector control would not always be followed by rapid, long-distance reinvasion. Only mitochondrial haplotype SER 18 was a putative marker for long-distance dispersal, for which there is no evidence of human assistance.

  2. Phlebotomus sergenti in a cutaneous leishmaniasis focus in Azilal province (High Atlas, Morocco: molecular detection and genotyping of Leishmania tropica, and feeding behavior.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Malika Ajaoud


    Full Text Available Phlebotomus (Paraphlebotomus sergenti is at least one of the confirmed vectors for the transmission of cutaneous leishmaniasis caused by Leishmania tropica and distributed widely in Morocco. This form of leishmaniasis is considered largely as anthroponotic, although dogs were found infected with Leishmania tropica, suggestive of zoonosis in some rural areas.This survey aimed at (i studying the presence of Leishmania in field caught Phlebotomus sergenti, (ii investigating genetic diversity within Leishmania tropica and (iii identifying the host-blood feeding preferences of Phlebotomus sergenti. A total of 4,407 sand flies were collected in three rural areas of Azilal province, using CDC miniature light traps. Samples collected were found to consist of 13 species: Phlebotomus spp. and 3 Sergentomyia spp. The most abundant species was Phlebotomus sergenti, accounting for 45.75 % of the total. 965 female Phlebotomus sergenti were screened for the presence of Leishmania by ITS1-PCR-RFLP, giving a positive rate of 5.7% (55/965, all being identified as Leishmania tropica. Nucleotide heterogeneity of PCR-amplified ITS1-5.8S rRNA gene-ITS2 was noted. Analyses of 31 sequences obtained segregated them into 16 haplotypes, of which 7 contain superimposed peaks at certain nucleotide positions, suggestive of heterozygosity. Phlebotomus sergenti collected were found to feed on a large variety of vertebrate hosts, as determined by Cytochrome b sequencing of the DNA from the blood meals of 64 engorged females.Our findings supported the notion that Phlebotomus sergenti is the primary vector of Leishmania tropica in this focus, and that the latter is genetically very heterogeneous. Furthermore, our results might be suggestive of a certain level of heterozygosity in Leishmania tropica population. This finding, as well as the feeding of the vectors on different animals are of interest for further investigation.

  3. Climate change is predicted to negatively influence Moroccan endemic reptile richness. Implications for conservation in protected areas (United States)

    Martínez-Freiría, Fernando; Argaz, Hamida; Fahd, Soumía; Brito, José C.


    The identification of species-rich areas and their prognosticated turnover under climate change are crucial for the conservation of endemic taxa. This study aims to identify areas of reptile endemicity richness in a global biodiversity hot spot (Morocco) under current and future climatic conditions and to investigate the role of protected areas in biodiversity conservation under climate change. Species distribution models (SDM) were performed over the distribution of 21 endemic reptiles, combined to estimate current species richness at 1 × 1 km resolution and projected to years 2050 and 2080 according to distinct story lines and ensemble global circulation models, assuming unlimited and null dispersion ability. Generalized additive models were performed between species richness and geographic characteristics of 43 protected areas. SDM found precipitation as the most important factor related to current species distributions. Important reductions in future suitable areas were predicted for 50 % of species, and four species were identified as highly vulnerable to extinction. Drastic reductions in species-rich areas were predicted for the future, with considerable variability between years and dispersal scenarios. High turnover rates of species composition were predicted for eastern Morocco, whereas low values were forecasted for the Northern Atlantic coast and mountains. Species richness for current and future conditions was significantly related to the altitude and latitude of protected areas. Protected areas located in mountains and/or in the Northern Atlantic coast were identified as refugia, where population monitoring and conservation management is needed.

  4. On the moroccan tsunami catalogue

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    F. Kaabouben


    Full Text Available A primary tool for regional tsunami hazard assessment is a reliable historical and instrumental catalogue of events. Morocco by its geographical situation, with two marine sides, stretching along the Atlantic coast to the west and along the Mediterranean coast to the north, is the country of Western Africa most exposed to the risk of tsunamis. Previous information on tsunami events affecting Morocco are included in the Iberian and/or the Mediterranean lists of tsunami events, as it is the case of the European GITEC Tsunami Catalogue, but there is a need to organize this information in a dataset and to assess the likelihood of claimed historical tsunamis in Morocco. Due to the fact that Moroccan sources are scarce, this compilation rely on historical documentation from neighbouring countries (Portugal and Spain and so the compatibility between the new tsunami catalogue presented here and those that correspond to the same source areas is also discussed.

  5. Liquidity Determinants of Moroccan Banking Industry


    FERROUHI, El Mehdi; LEHADIRI, Abderrassoul


    This paper analyzes the behavior of Moroccan bank’s liquidity during the period 2001 – 2012. The research aims to identify the determinants of Moroccan bank’s liquidity. We first evaluate Moroccan banks’ liquidity positions through different liquidity ratios to determine the effects of financial crisis on bank’s liquidity. We then highlight the effect of banks’ size on banks’ liquidity. Finally, we identify determinants of Moroccan bank’s liquidity using panel data regression. From results ob...

  6. [Moroccan international migration: recent trends]. (United States)

    Lazaar, M


    Recent trends in emigration from Morocco are analyzed. The author describes the policies developed by the Moroccan government regarding emigration and the changing characteristics of the emigrants, as emigrants are becoming younger and are increasingly female. The author concludes that the increasing demand for migrant labor in Europe will result in increased emigration despite the development of restrictive migration policies.

  7. Soil physics: a Moroccan perspective (United States)

    Lahlou, Sabah; Mrabet, Rachid; Ouadia, Mohamed


    Research on environmental pollution and degradation of soil and water resources is now of highest priority worldwide. To address these problems, soil physics should be conceived as a central core to this research. This paper objectives are to: (1) address the role and importance of soil physics, (2) demonstrate progress in this discipline, and (3) present various uses of soil physics in research, environment and industry. The study of dynamic processes at and within the soil vadose zone (flow, dispersion, transport, sedimentation, etc.), and ephemeral phenomena (deformation, compaction, etc.), form an area of particular interest in soil physics. Soil physics has changed considerably over time. These changes are due to needed precision in data collection for accurate interpretation of space and time variation of soil properties. Soil physics interacts with other disciplines and sciences such as hydro(geo)logy, agronomy, environment, micro-meteorology, pedology, mathematics, physics, water sciences, etc. These interactions prompted the emergence of advanced theories and comprehensive mechanisms of most natural processes, development of new mathematical tools (modeling and computer simulation, fractals, geostatistics, transformations), creation of high precision instrumentation (computer assisted, less time constraint, increased number of measured parameters) and the scale sharpening of physical measurements which ranges from micro to watershed. The environment industry has contributed to an enlargement of many facets of soil physics. In other words, research demand in soil physics has increased considerably to satisfy specific and environmental problems (contamination of water resources, global warming, etc.). Soil physics research is still at an embryonic stage in Morocco. Consequently, soil physicists can take advantage of developments occurring overseas, and need to build up a database of soil static and dynamic properties and to revise developed models to meet

  8. European Moroccan youth: towards a cool Islam?

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Gazzah, M.; Stephan-Hachem, M.; Charara-Baydoun, A.; Saba-Yared, N.; Hamadi, W.


    This article focuses on the role of music (in the broadest sense of the word) in Dutch-Moroccan youth culture. It explores the way Dutch-Moroccan Muslim youth appropriate particular kinds of music in order to express a specific kind of identity. How do they bring music consumption and conviction tog

  9. Quantification of Saffron (Crocus sativus L.) Metabolites Crocins, Picrocrocin and Safranal for Quality Determination of the Spice Grown Under Different Environmental Moroccan Conditions (United States)

    The primary goal of this study was to propose a sustainable substitute crop with high added value in some Moroccan agricultural areas with low and erratic rainfalls, for their socio-economical development. The quality of the saffron spice crop produced under different Moroccan environmental conditio...

  10. Risk factors of osteoporosis in healthy Moroccan men

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mounach Aziza


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Although not as common as in women, osteoporosis remains a significant health care problem in men. Data concerning risk factors of osteoporosis are lacking for the male Moroccan population. The objective of the study was to identify some determinants associated to low bone mineral density in Moroccan men. Methods a sample of 592 healthy men aged 20-79 years was recruited from the area of Rabat, the capital of Morocco. Measurements were taken at the lumbar spine and proximal femurs using DXA (Lunar Prodigy Vision, GE. Biometrical, clinical, and lifestyle determinants were collected. Univariate, multivariate, and logistic regression analyses were performed. Results the mean (SD age of the patients was 49 (17.2 years old. The prevalence of osteoporosis and osteopenia were 8.7% and 52.8%, respectively. Lumbar spine and hip BMD correlated significantly with age, weight and BMI. When comparing the subjects according to the WHO classification, significant differences were revealed between the three groups of subjects for age, weight and BMI, prevalence of low calcium intake and low physical activity. The multiple regression analysis found that only age, BMI, and high coffee consumption were independently associated to the osteoporotic status. Conclusion ageing and low BMI are the main risk factors associated with osteoporosis in Moroccan men.

  11. Whistled Moroccan Tamazight: phonetics and phonology


    Meyer, Julien; Gautheron, Bernard; Ridouane, Rachid


    International audience; This paper reports the results of a pilot phonetic study of whistled Moroccan Tamazight. Whistled speech is an ancient traditional and natural practice that consists in a phonetic emulation and transformation of the spoken signal into a simple melodic line made up of frequency and amplitude modulations of a whistled signal. It is primarily used for long distance communication. We recorded four Moroccan Tamazight speakers in the High Atlas producing this special speech ...

  12. The zircon evidence of temporally changing sediment transport—the NW Gondwana margin during Cambrian to Devonian time (Aoucert and Smara areas, Moroccan Sahara) (United States)

    Gärtner, Andreas; Youbi, Nasrrddine; Villeneuve, Michel; Sagawe, Anja; Hofmann, Mandy; Mahmoudi, Abdelkader; Boumehdi, Moulay Ahmed; Linnemann, Ulf


    Detrital zircon provenance studies are an established tool to develop palaeogeographic models, mostly based on zircon of siliciclastic rocks and isotope data. But zircon is more than just istopes and features well definable morphological characteristics. The latter may indicate single grain transport histories independent of the individual grade of concordance. This additional tool for palaeogeoraphic reconstructions was tested on zircon from siliciclastic and carbonate sedimentary rocks of Palaeozoic age from the Aoucert and Smara areas of the Souttoufides, while findings of zircon in limestone generally open new archives for sedimentary provenance analysis. The morphologies—length, width, roundness, grain surfaces—of 834 detrital zircons from sediments of allochthonous Cambrian, and (par-)autochthonous Ordovician, and Devonian units were studied, while 772 of them were analysed for their U-Th-Pb isotopes by LA-ICP-MS. Mesoproterozoic zircon contents of more than 10% in the Cambrian sediments exclude the West African Craton (WAC) as exclusive source area. Thus, at least one additional external source is suggested. This is likely the western Adrar Souttouf Massif with its significant Mesoproterozoic zircon inheritance, or comparable, yet unknown sources. Decreasing Mesoproterozoic zircon age populations in Ordovician sediments are thought to be linked to the rifting of the terranes in the course of the Rheic Ocean opening and a predominant supply of WAC detritus. The Devonian sediments likely contain reworked material from the Cambrian siliciclastics, which is shown by the zircon age distribution pattern and the zircon morphologies. Therefore, multiple shifts in the direction of sedimentary transport are indicated.

  13. Identification and characterisation of phenolic compounds extracted from Moroccan olive mill wastewater

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Inass Leouifoudi


    Full Text Available Olive mill wastewater, hereafter noted as OMWW was tested for its composition in phenolic compounds according to geographical areas of olive tree, i.e. the plain and the mountainous areas of Tadla-Azilal region (central Morocco. Biophenols extraction with ethyl acetate was efficient and the phenolic extract from the mountainous areas had the highest concentration of total phenols' content. Fourier-Transform-Middle Infrared (FT-MIR spectroscopy of the extracts revealed vibration bands corresponding to acid, alcohol and ketone functions. Additionally, HPLC-ESI-MS analyses showed that phenolic alcohols, phenolic acids, flavonoids, secoiridoids and derivatives and lignans represent the most abundant phenolic compounds. Nüzhenide, naringenin and long chain polymeric substances were also detected. Mountainous areas also presented the most effective DPPH scavenging potential compared to plain areas; IC50 values were 11.7 ± 5.6 µg/ml and 30.7 ± 4.4 µg/ml, respectively. OMWW was confirmed as a rich source of natural phenolic antioxidant agents.

  14. La filière caroubier au service du développement socio-économique des territoires forestiers de montagne : cas de la province d'Azilal (Maroc)



    International audience; Le caroubier (Ceratonia siliqua) est une espèce agro-sylvo-pastorale dont les diverses utilisations permettent d'apporter des revenus complémentaires aux communautés rurales des zones de montagnes qui souffrent généralement d'une certaine précarité avec toutes ses implications sur l'état de conservation des ressources forestières. La zone d'étude concerne la province d'Azilal dont le territoire couvre près de 10.758 km² avec 80% de sa surface se situant en zone montagn...

  15. Etude ethnobotanique sur les plantes médicinales spontanées poussant dans le versant nord de l’Atlas d’Azilal (Maroc

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abderrazak El Alami


    Full Text Available Dans ce manuscrit, l’inventaire ainsi que les usages thérapeutiques des plantes médicinales spontanées poussant dans le versant nord de l’Atlas d’Azilal (Maroc ont été répertoriés. 66 espèces végétales spontanées sont utilisées en phytothérapie dont 14 espèces ont un usage fréquent. Les Gymnospermes ne sont représentées que par trois espèces, tandis que les Angiospermes sont représentées par 63 espèces dont 55 sont des dicotylédones et huit sont des monocotylédones. Les familles végétales, bien représentées dans la région explorée, sont les Lamiaceae et les Asteraceae. A la base de l’enquête ethnobotanique, nous avons recensé 25 plantes médicinales spontanées destinées au traitement des affections digestives, huit plantes pour traiter les troubles uro-génitaux, cinq espèces sont connues pour leurs effets sur le système nerveux, 14 plantes sont utilisées contre les affections métaboliques, 11 plantes pour soigner les maladies de l’appareil respiratoire et 26 plantes sont employées pour les soins la peau et les cheveux.

  16. Thermal treatment of moroccan phosphogypsum

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    El Issiouy S.


    Full Text Available Phosphogypsum (PG is produced as a by-product during treatment of phosphate rock with sulphuric acid to produce phosphoric acid according to the following simplified reaction: Ca10(PO26F2+10H2SO4 + 20H2O →70 à 80°C 6H3PO4 + 2HF + 10(CaSO4.2H2O$Ca_{10} (PO_2 _6 F_2 + 10H_2 SO_4 {m{ }} + {m{ }}20H_2 O{m{ }}uildrel {70{m{ }}`a {m{ }}80^circ C} over longrightarrow {m{ }}6H_3 PO_4 {m{ }} + {m{ }}2HF{m{ }} + {m{ }}10(CaSO_4 .2H_2 O$ Minerai Phosphogypse PG is mainly CaSO4·2H2O but also contains impurities such as free phosphoric acid, phosphates, fluorides and organic matter that adhere to the surface of the gypsum crystals. Phosphogypsum is discharged directly to the Sea or into the natural evaporation ponds. Previous studies have focused on reducing impurity levels in PG. Phosphogypsum impurities can be removed by simple techniques. Washing with water removes the soluble impurities. By cons, other contaminants (radioactive elements, heavy metals ... a specific treatment method required a complex technique where the treatment is likely to be expensive. In this study, we studied purification of phosphogypsum using water and the thermal behavior of the natural gypsum and Moroccan phosphogypsum to calculation of parameters for drying and dehydration reactions. Also, the effects of different heating temperature on the course of dehydration are investigated.

  17. The Moroccan Educational Context: Evolving Multilingualism (United States)

    Daniel, Mayra C.; Ball, Alexis


    This article begins an investigation of the educational system of Morocco and its context of language diversity. It examines the Moroccan cultural environment and the ways the multilingualism and education of its people has been and continues to be influenced by geography, colonization periods, religion, and history. The effects of the Educational…

  18. Spanish-Moroccan Families in a Context of Family Diversity in Spain. Challenges for the Construction of Interculturalism

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Octavio Vázquez-Aguado


    Full Text Available This paper presents an analytical approach to the reality of Spanish-Moroccan families in Spain, constructed from two areas of data collection. The first was collected from available intermarriage data (in which at least one of the two members of the couple was Moroccan and the second from the available data about children of these unions. The analyses were performed using official data collected in the Statistical Bulletin of Birth from the National Institute of Statistics (NIS henceforth. Since 2008, the Moroccan community has constituted the second largest contingent of foreign residents in Spain (after Romanians, although its historical trajectory places them as the immigration group with higher sociodemographic relevance. The Moroccan migration is the result of young people who marry at young ages with a strong trend toward marrying homogamously within their own national group who journey to Spain and reside primarily in larger regions such as Madrid, Valencia, Andalusia and Catalonia. The results of this study indicate that couples who are both Moroccan parents show some different marriage patterns when compared to couples where only one parent is of this nationality

  19. Moroccan immigrants in the Andalusian agricultural sector

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Simón Pedro Izcara Palacios


    Full Text Available In Andalucia (Spain, the absense of local labor willing to accept the wages and work conditions offered in the export farming sector, together with the growth of production of hand-harvested fruits and vegetables, has increased the farmer´s dependence upon migrant labor, principally from Morocco. Moreover, a high level of irregular labor in the agricultural sector results from the coexistence of restrictive laws with the employer´s willingness to break the law hiring cheap, flexible, non-unionized and legally defenseless labor, in order to reduce costs and increase economic benefits. At the same time, in an increasingly xenophobic atmosphere, Moroccans live in very precarious conditions which include rudimentary housing where a majority of the migrants reside in overcrowded conditions. Using qualitative methodology, this article analyzes the social situation of Moroccan migrant workers employed in agriculture in Andalucia, a region situated in the south of Spain.

  20. Dental prevention among Turkish and Moroccan parents in The Hague

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Brugman, E.; Verrips, G.H.; Danz, M.J.; Kalsbeek, H.


    Objective: The aim of this study was to determine the extent to which dental prevention among Turkish parents differs from that among Moroccan parents in one of the large cities in the Netherlands. Design: Turkish and Moroccan mothers with a child of approximately six months old, who visited the wel

  1. Stylizing Standard Dutch by Moroccan Boys in Antwerp (United States)

    Jaspers, Jurgen


    This article examines ethnographic data that show Belgian adolescents of Moroccan descent stylizing Standard Dutch. Analysis addresses the importance of this variety in Belgian-Flemish society and in the school these boys attended, and shows how in interviews with Moroccan boys the hegemonic status of this variety is generally accepted. In…

  2. Rhythms and rhymes of life : music and identification processes of Dutch-Moroccan youth

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Gazzah, Miriam


    Rhythms and Rhymes of Life: Music and Identification Processes of Dutch-Moroccan Youth is a comprehensive anthropological study of the social significance of music among Dutch-Moroccan youth. In the Netherlands, a Dutch-Moroccan music scene has emerged, including events and websites. Dutch-Moroccan

  3. Decoupled crust-mantle accommodation of Africa-Eurasia convergence in the NW Moroccan margin


    Jiménez-Munt, Ivone; Fernandez, Manel; Vergés, Jaume; García-Castellanos, Daniel; Fullea, J.; M. Pérez-Gussinyé; Afonso, Juan Carlos


    The extent of the area accommodating convergence between the African and Iberian plates, how this convergence is partitioned between crust and mantle, and the role of the plate boundary in accommodating deformation are not well-understood subjects. We calculate the structure of the lithosphere derived from its density distribution along a profile running from the Tagus Abyssal Plain to the Sahara Platform and crossing the Gorringe Bank, the NW Moroccan margin, and the Atlas Mountains. The mod...

  4. Sunscreen Purchase Intention amongst Young Moroccan Adults

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Catherine Bachleda


    Full Text Available Employing structural equation modeling and an extended theory of planned behaviour (TPB incorporating the additional influence of price perception as a conceptual framework, this paper explored the determinants of sunscreen purchase intention for young Moroccan adults. Consistent with the TPB, results confirmed the importance of subjective norms, attitude and perceived control in shaping sunscreen purchase intention. However, contrary to assumptions price was not found to be a significant factor in sunscreen purchase intention. Results of this study support the application of the TPB in the sunscreen purchase context and highlight the importance of using its constructs over price in the development of effective marketing campaigns.

  5. The conservation status of Moroccan wetlands with particular reference to waterbirds and to changes since 1978



    Morgan made detailed descriptions of 24 major Moroccan wetlands visited in 1978, with a total area of 4529 ha (Morgan, N.C., 1982a. An ecological survey of standing waters in North West Africa: III. Site descriptions for Morocco. Biological Conservation, 24, 161–182.). We revisited these sites, and found that 25% of the wetland area had been destroyed by 1999. This loss was con- centrated in wetland types of low salinity ( < 5 g/l NaCl), with a 98% loss of seasonal mesohaline sites,...

  6. Furnishing the salon: symbolic ethnicity and performative practices in Moroccan-Dutch domestic interiors

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Dibbits, H.C.


    Confronted with traditional-looking Moroccan furniture in a house where Moroccan migrants or their descendants live, one may interpret this furniture as an ethnic symbol,underlining the Moroccan, North African or Arabic background of the owners. Analysing interviews and discussions on the Internet,

  7. The Rights and Freedoms of Moroccan Women: has the 2004 reforms benefited Moroccan Women?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ashraf Booley


    Full Text Available Morocco has maintained its identity and adherence to the Islamic faith since before colonialism and after. As a result of such identity the Moroccan monarchy over the years developed the Code of Personal Status (referred to as the mudawana which affected only the Muslim population. This type of family law was drawn mostly from Islamic doctrines with little or no participation of women. The mudawana has been criticised by many as being one-side and feminist groups have made numerous calls for a reformed mudawana that addressed the plight of women and to improve their status within the wider community. In 2004, the monarchy decided to reform the mudawana as a result of women’s groups pressuring the monarchy to do so. The 2004 reforms has the possibility of enhancing the rights of Moroccan women, for example, a wife is no longer legally obliged to obey her husband, contrary to a widely-held custom which regards obedience as an absolute duty of a Muslim wife, the minimum age for marriage for both parties eighteen years of age, including free and full consent. Polygyny has also been addressed. Although the 2004 version kept the concept of polygyny, there are severe restrictions to curtail this practice, for example, judicial authorisation is required as well as informing the current wife of the prospect. There are certain obstacles that seem to be hampering the full implementation of 2004 reforms which are discussed in this contribution.

  8. Moroccan University Students’ Online Reputation Management

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zoulal Mansouri


    Full Text Available Online reputation management (ORM, a component of e-marketing, has grown so fast over the past few years and has become increasingly significant to internet users. The permanence of the content generated on the net, mainly on social networks, has become a huge issue to consider.  Because they live in this digital age, digital natives have a major responsibility in the way they create content and handle their reputation online long before beginning their job hunting. To clarify the matter, this paper explains through a review of the literature, the relationship between online reputation and social networks. To examine this issue locally, this study was conducted among college students in Casablanca. It aims to explore basically how they use Facebook and to what extent they are aware of the digital footprints that are kept on the net. A complementary study has been conducted among Moroccan employers to explore how they use social networks to screen candidates’ job applications. 

  9. Exploring Identity in Muslim Moroccan and Pakistani Immigrant Women

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cristina Giuliani


    Full Text Available This study presents a qualitative investigation of how Muslim Moroccan and Pakistani female immigrants living in Italy conceptualize their cultural identity. Ten Moroccan and 10 Pakistani (adolescent and adult women were interviewed through in-depth semi-structured interviews. The interviewees expressed a strong attachment to their culture of origin: their religion is a crucial aspect of their identity, along with certain cultural rules and traditional values. At the same time, both Moroccan and Pakistani participants were ambivalent toward and experienced difficulties in developing a connection to the host country, although the two groups exhibit their lack of connection to their host country in different ways: Moroccans’ self-representation is marked by a sense of foreignness and by a lack of an emotional connection with places where they are living while Pakistanis tend to express cultural distance and conflict with the host culture’s values. For both the Moroccan and Pakistani groups, the challenge of integration and biculturalism seems demanding in the Italian context and is marked by a deep feeling of emptiness, a lack of an emotional bond with the new country, and a strong cultural ambivalence. Finally, narrative themes are articulated across four interrelated dimensions (cultural, religious, gendered, spatial, revealing interesting differences based on national origin and generation.

  10. Bank Liquidity and Financial Performance: Evidence from Moroccan Banking Industry

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    El Mehdi Ferrouhi


    Full Text Available This paper aims to analyze the relationship between liquidity risk and financial performance of Moroccan banks and to define the determinants of bank’s performance in Morocco during the period 2001–2012. We first evaluate Moroccan banks’ liquidity positions through different liquidity and performance ratios then we apply a panel date regression to identify determinants of Moroccan banks performance. We use 4 bank’s performance ratios, 6 liquidity ratios and we analyze 5 specific determinants and 5 macroeconomic determinants of bank performance. Results show that Moroccan bank’s performance is mainly determined by 7 determinants: liquidity ratio, size of banks, logarithm of the total assets squared, external funding to total liabilities, share of own bank’s capital of the bank’s total assets, foreign direct investments, unemployment rate and the realization of the financial crisis variable. Banks’ performance depends positively on size of banks, on foreign direct investments and on the realization of the financial crisis and negatively on external funding to total liabilities, on share of own bank’s capital of the bank’s total assets and on unemployment rate while the dependence between bank performance and liquidity ratios and bank performance and logarithm of the total assets squared depend on the model used.

  11. Patterns of Incidence and Change in Moroccan Literacy. (United States)

    Lavy, Victor; Spratt, Jennie


    The Morocco Literacy Survey, which directly assessed various individual competencies, and a self-report were completed by 8,050 Moroccans in 2,240 households. Analysis of age cohorts revealed that Morocco halved illiteracy in the past three decades, but rural-urban and gender disparities widened. Literacy classification by self-report or…

  12. Assessment of dietary intake among Moroccan women and Surinam men

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Erp-Baart, M-A.J. van; Westenbrink, S.; Hulshof, K.F.A.M.; Brussaard, J.H.


    Objective. To establish a method for food consumption data collection in ethnic groups in the Netherlands. Methods. Two pilot studies have been carried out, one among Moroccan women and one among Surinam men. First, focus group discussions were held to obtain background information from members of t

  13. Barriers to home care for terminally ill Turkish and Moroccan migrants, perceived by GPs and nurses: a survey

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    de Graaff Fuusje M


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Previous qualitative research proved that relatives of elderly terminally ill Turkish and Moroccan immigrants experience several barriers to the use of Dutch professional home care. The aim of this study was to explore how general practitioners and home care nurses perceive the home care for terminally ill Turkish and Moroccan migrants and their families in the Netherlands. Methods Questionnaires were sent to home care organizations and GPs working in areas where most of these migrants are living. 93 nurses and 78 GPs provided information about their experiences and opinions regarding home care for this group of patients. The data were analyzed by descriptive statistics. Results GPs refer relatively few patients from these migrant groups to home care. They often find it difficult to assess the needs of these patients and their families. In 40% of the GPs' cases in which terminally ill Turkish and Moroccan migrants were not referred to home care, the GP regretted this afterwards: the patients had not received sufficient qualified care, and their informal carers had often become overburdened. In addition, home care nurses often express dissatisfaction with the home care given to terminally ill Turkish or Moroccan patients, because of communication problems, the patients' lack of knowledge of the disease, or difficulties in making suitable appointments with the patient or with the family. Conclusion Nurses and GPs cite chiefly similar factors influencing access to and use of home care as family members did in a previous study. However, according to GPs and nurses, the main barrier to the use of home care concerns communication problems, while relatives cited the preference for family care as the main reason for abstaining from the use of home care.

  14. Preparation And Properties Of Bionanocomposite Films Reinforced With Nanocellulose Isolated From Moroccan Alfa Fibres

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Youssef Benyoussif


    Full Text Available Nanocellulose (NC were extracted from the Moroccan Alfa plant (Stipa tenacissima L. and characterised. These Alfa cellulosic nanoparticles were used as reinforcing phase to prepare bionanocomposite films using carboxymethyl cellulose as matrix. These films were obtained by the casting/evaporation method. The crystallinity of NC was analysed by X-ray diffraction, the dimension of NC by atomic force microscopy, molecular interactions due to incorporation of NC in carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC matrix were supported by Fourier transforms infrared (FTIR spectroscopy. The properties of the ensuing bionanocomposite films were investigated using tensile tests, water vapour permeability (WVP study and thermogravimetric analysis. With the progress of purification treatment of cellulose, the crystallinity is improved compared to the untreated fibres; this can be explained by the disappearance of the amorphous areas in cellulose chain of the plant. Consequently, the tensile modulus and tensile strength of CMC film increased by 60 and 47%, respectively, in the bionanocomposite films with 10 wt% of NC, and decrease by 8.6% for WVP with the same content of NC. The NC obtained from the Moroccan Alfa fibres can be used as a reinforcing agent for the preparation of bionanocomposites, and they have a high potential for the development of completely biodegradable food packaging materials.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Catalase (CAT activity and malondialdehyde (MDA level in whole bodies of the mussel perna perna, collected from four stations along the Moroccan Atlantic coast (Big Casablanca area, were monitored to evaluate stress effects on mussels collected from the selected sites. The oxidative stress biomarkers showed statistically significant differences at the polluted sites when compared to the control ones. In general, our data indicated that CAT activity and MDA concentration are a higher and significant (p < 0.05 in mussels collected at polluted site when compared to specimen sampled from control ones. In conclusion, the oxidative stress biomarkers response obtained for October 2010 and 2011, clearly demonstrate the potential presence of different contaminants in Site 4 and Site 3 reflecting the intensity of pollution in these areas.

  16. Boosting 21st Century Skills through Moroccan ELT Textbooks


    Hassan Ait Bouzid


    Research shows that the changing realities of the 21st century necessitate a fundamental shift in language education towards promoting 21st Century Skills. This paper investigates the extent to which three Moroccan ELT textbooks currently used in teaching second year Baccalaureate students in public high school provide activities that help learners build skills that match the needs of the 21st century. It also explores the types of activities that are used to promote these skills and eventual...

  17. Fashionably traditional : the development of Moroccan urban dress in the last five decades

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Jansen, Maria Angela


    The main goal of the research has been to find out why Moroccan urban dress is one of the rare ‘traditional’ clothing styles that developed into a fashion industry whereas the majority of local clothing styles has either disappeared or stopped to evolve. Five phenomena in Moroccan society are believ

  18. The Politics of Arabic Language Education: Moroccan Immigrant Children's Language Socialization into Ethnic and Religious Identities (United States)

    Garcia-Sanchez, Inmaculada M.


    This paper focuses on issues of reproduction and the manufacturing of national/ethnic and religious identities in the deterritorialized space of the Moroccan immigrant diaspora. More specifically, this paper examines Moroccan immigrant children's language socialization into pan-Arabic and Islamic identities in relation to the teaching of the…

  19. Dysbacteriosis in silver-stained cervical smears of Dutch-Moroccan immigrants : HPV infection and preneoplasia

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Verbruggen, BSM; Boon, ME; van Schie, MA; Wijsman-Grootendorst, R; Kok, LP


    The vaginal/cervical smears of a group of Moroccan immigrants were used to compare vaginal dysbacteriosis (i.e., a bacterial population change with a decrease in lactobacilli and an increase of coccoid bacteria in vaginal/cervical smears) with Dutch women. From our archives, 779 smears from Moroccan

  20. Orthographic Competence among Multilingual School Children: Writing Moroccan Arabic in France (United States)

    Weth, Constanze


    This paper presents children's writing in their vernacular family language, Moroccan Arabic. It first provides some background to the family and school literacies of nine-year-old children of Moroccan Arabic (MA) background growing up in France with French literacy practices at school and Written Arabic literacy practices in the home. The paper…

  1. Decoupled crust-mantle accommodation of Africa-Eurasia convergence in the NW Moroccan margin (United States)

    JiméNez-Munt, I.; Fernã Ndez, M.; VergéS, J.; Garcia-Castellanos, D.; Fullea, J.; PéRez-Gussinyé, M.; Afonso, J. C.


    The extent of the area accommodating convergence between the African and Iberian plates, how this convergence is partitioned between crust and mantle, and the role of the plate boundary in accommodating deformation are not well-understood subjects. We calculate the structure of the lithosphere derived from its density distribution along a profile running from the Tagus Abyssal Plain to the Sahara Platform and crossing the Gorringe Bank, the NW Moroccan margin, and the Atlas Mountains. The model is based on the integration of gravity, geoid, elevation, and heat flow data and on the crustal structure across the NW Moroccan margin derived from reflection and wide-angle seismic data. The resulting mantle density anomalies suggest important variations of the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary (LAB) topography, indicating prominent lithospheric mantle thickening beneath the margin (LAB > 200 km depth) followed by thinning beneath the Atlas Mountains (LAB ˜90 km depth). At crustal levels the Iberia-Africa convergence is sparsely accommodated in a ˜950 km wide area and localized in the Atlas and Gorringe regions, with an inferred shortening of ˜50 km. In contrast, mantle thickening accommodates a 400 km wide region, thus advocating for a decoupled crustal-mantle mechanical response. A combination of mantle underthrusting due to oblique convergence, together with a viscous dripping fed by lateral mantle dragging, can explain the imaged lithospheric structure. The model is consistent with crustal shortening estimates and with the accommodation of part of the Iberia-Africa convergence farther NW of the Gorringe Bank and/or off the strike of the profile.

  2. Intercultural contacts: A critical reading of accounts of some Moroccan immigrants

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohamed HANDOUR


    Full Text Available This article revolves around immigration and cultural encounters on the basis of the life stories of a number of immigrants belonging to the same Moroccan geographical area. Most of them were interviewed in the August of 2015 when they were back ‘home’. The point of departure strives to address culture shock and its main symptoms and how it is coped with. Mobility compels the following questions: What happens to the individual migrant when s/he is placed in immediate juxtaposition with a new environment and peoples? How does s/he react when s/he inhabits a cultural space s/he is unfamiliar with? His/her endeavor for acculturation is met with numerous hurdles due to communication difficulties and the nature of culture encounters which are not usually bias-free. While literature maintains that culture shock is a fleeting psychological unrest that fades away with time, I have come to realize that this is not the case with my informants. Far from being cured, this feeling of stress and anxiety is merely palliated. It remains quiescent in their subconscious and is triggered by encounters in which they think that they are relegated to the margins of otherness. Analyzing the migrant’s oral narratives against the backdrop of Foucauldian discourse analysis, I come to infer that they are imbued with some ambivalence where the text involuntarily fluctuates between what it manifestly states and what is nevertheless constrained to mean. The Moroccan migrant is at times confused as to where to place his/her hosts. Do they represent an object of attraction or repulsion? This semantic undecidability evokes Homi Bhabha’s interstitial perspective since most of the migrants find themselves located on the cusp between two ways of life that are not necessarily antithetical.

  3. Human papillomavirus detection in moroccan patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Belghmi Khalid


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC is a malignant tumor which arises in surface epithelium of the posterior wall of the nasopharynx. There's is evidence that Epstein Barr virus (EBV is associated to NPC development. However, many epidemiologic studies point to a connection between viral infections by the human papillomavirus (HPV and NPC. Method Seventy Moroccan patients with NPC were screened for EBV and HPV. EBV detection was performed by PCR amplification of BZLF1 gene, encoding the ZEBRA (Z Epstein-Barr Virus Replication Activator protein, and HPV infection was screened by PCR amplification with subsequent typing by hybridization with specific oligonucleotides for HPV types 16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 45 and 59. Results The age distribution of our patients revealed a bimodal pattern. Sixty two cases (88.9% were classified as type 3 (undifferentiated carcinoma, 6 (8.6% as type 2 (non keratinizing NPC and only 2 (2.9% cases were classified as type 1 (keratinizing NPC. EBV was detected in all NPC tumors, whereas HPV DNA was revealed in 34% of cases (24/70. Molecular analysis showed that 20.8% (5/24 were infected with HPV31, and the remaining were infected with other oncogenic types (i.e., HPV59, 16, 18, 33, 35 and 45. In addition, statistical analysis showed that there's no association between sex or age and HPV infection (P > 0.1. Conclusion Our data indicated that EBV is commonly associated with NPC in Moroccan patients and show for the first time that NPC tumours from Moroccan patients harbour high risk HPV genotypes.

  4. Mowat-Wilson syndrome in a Moroccan consanguineous family

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ratbi Ilham


    Full Text Available Mowat-Wilson syndrome is a mental retardation-multiple congenital anomaly syndrome characterized by a typical facies, developmental delay, epilepsy, and variable congenital malformations, including Hirschsprung disease, urogenital anomalies, congenital heart disease, and agenesis of the corpus callosum. This disorder is sporadic and is caused by heterozygous mutations or deletions of the ZFHX1B gene located in the 2q22 region. We report here the first Moroccan patient, born to consanguineous parents, with Mowat-Wilson syndrome, due to a de novo, unreported mutation of the ZFHX1B gene.

  5. The Event Communication Vector of Efficiency of Moroccan Large Companies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Najwa El Omari


    Full Text Available The event communication has for objective to give another dimension to the company or to the brand, by bringing it out of its daily life and by developing relations with its target public, around their centers of interests. It may be by sharing the same passions, by making live feelings to a group, by federating and by creating links; because today we need a more emotional and more real component. Since a few years, the event communication seems to be "revisited" by companies and appears to stand out as an alternative to media or other more traditional tools. For the upholders of the relationship marketing, this communication delivers “a social message which affects the spectator or the auditor in its inhalation to be a part of a social, sports or artistic community” (Perlstein and Picket, 1985. Therefore, we are going to expose our researches and would try to answer the following problem: "what is the impact of the event communication on the Moroccan large company, independently of any different parasite variable? ". The objective of our research is to try to make notions understand around the event communication, and especially the evaluation of its added value on the efficiency of the Moroccan large company. To try to answer these questions derived of our problem, our research will concentrate on: a first theoretical part around a set of concepts, a second part will be the object of an empirical study.

  6. Contested Narratives: Contemporary Debates on Mohammed V and the Moroccan Jews under the Vichy Regime

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sophie Wagenhofer


    Full Text Available This paper examines current debates on the fate of Moroccan Jews under the Vichy regime and the attitude of the sultan towards his Jewish subjects. Due to wide-ranging contributions by the media and via the internet, these debates are not confined to political or intellectual circles but also involve ‘non-professionals’. My aim is to examine to what extent discussions about the Second World War are relevant in contemporary Morocco, to shed light on how established narratives are challenged by new questions, and to understand the meanings such debates have for the way Moroccans see and position themselves in contemporary Moroccan society.

  7. Annual committed effective dose from olive oil (due to 238U, 232Th, and 222Rn) estimated for members of the Moroccan public from ingestion and skin application. (United States)

    Misdaq, M A; Touti, R


    Olive oil is traditionally refined and widely consumed by Moroccan rural populations. Uranium (238U), thorium (232Th), radon (222Rn), and thoron (220Rn) contents were measured in various locally produced olive oil samples collected in rural areas of Morocco. These radionuclides were also measured inside various bottled virgin olive oils consumed by the Moroccan populations. CR-39 and LR-115 type II solid state nuclear track detectors (SSNTDs) were used. Annual committed effective doses due to 238U, 232Th, and 222Rn from the ingestion of olive oil by the members of the general public were determined. The maximum total committed effective dose due to 238U, 232Th, and 222Rn from the ingestion of olive oil by adult members of Moroccan rural populations was found equal to 5.9 µSv y-1. The influence of pollution due to building material dusts and phosphates on the radiation dose to workers from the ingestion of olive oil was investigated, and it was found that the maximum total committed effective dose due to 238U, 232Th, and 222Rn was on the order of 0.22 mSy y-1. Committed effective doses to skin due to 238U, 232Th, and 222Rn from the application of olive oil masks by rural women were evaluated. The maximum total committed effective dose to skin due to 238U, 232Th, and 222Rn was found equal to 0.07 mSy y-1 cm-2.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Madiha Bichra


    Full Text Available The present work evaluated the antioxidant capacity of six plants commonly used in traditional Moroccan medicine. The antioxidant capacity was estimated by DPPH test, ferrous ion chelating activity and ABTS test. As results, the highest antioxidant activities were found in Mentha suaveolens, Salvia officinalis and Mentha viridis. Different species showed significant differences in their total phenolic content (TPC. The highest level of phenolics was found in Salvia officinalis and the lowest in Pelargonium roseum. Linear correlation was found between TPC, especially the non-flavonoid content (NFC and the antioxidant activity. Qualitative and quantitative analyzes of major phenolics by reverse-phase high-performance liquid chromatography (RP-HPLC were also performed. On the basis of the obtained results, these studied medicinal herbs were found to serve as a potential source of natural antioxidants due to their richness in phenolic compounds and marked antioxidant activity.

  9. Evidence of Laurussian affinity for parts of the Mauritanides and Souttoufides (Moroccan Sahara) (United States)

    Gärtner, Andreas; Villeneuve, Michel; Linnemann, Ulf; El Archi, Abdelkrim; Bellon, Hervé


    The Soutouffide belt is located in the southern part of the Moroccan Sahara. Representing the northern section of the Carboniferous Mauritanide belt, it extends from Morocco to Senegal. The Dhlou and Adrar Souttouf Massifs, both of which belong to the Souttoufide belt, are located on the western margin of the Archean Reguibat Shield. Previously, the Adrar Souttouf Massif has been suggested to be part of the Variscan Mauritanian-Appalachian system. To date the Moroccan Sahara has been one of the least studied regions in West Africa. This study presents new zircon ages from two units of the Adrar Souttouf Massif which have nevertheless allowed us to hypothesise a complex polyphased history. The Massif can be subdivided into four NNE-SSW trending units (listed here from east to west). The Sebkha Matallah unit represents the eastern margin of the Adrar Souttouf Massif and is thrust over the Ordovician to Devonian sedimentary Dhloat Ensour Group to the east. A central (Dayet Lawda) unit consisting of mafic and ultramafic rocks is interpreted as a possible remnant of Neoproterozoic oceanic crust or mafic terranes. The western Sebkha Gezmayet and Oued Togba units are mainly composed of granitoids and orthogneisses. Zircon ages of the Tonian-Stenian (1.4-1.0 Ga) were recorded in the Oued Togba and Sebkha Gezmayet units and suggest an Avalonian-Meguman-like relationship. Three other age groups were obtained in these two units: 610 to 570 Ma (Pan-African), 530 to 490 Ma (Cambrian), and 440 to 270 Ma. The latter population cannot result from Variscan orogeny alone, and is possibly linked to the Salinic and Acadian orogenies of Laurentia. Zircon age populations at ~3.0 Ga and ~2.65 Ga determined for two granite samples from the Archean foreland are in accordance to data already published. Ages of between 226 Ma (Upper Triassic) and 158 Ma (Upper Jurassic) result from lower intercepts of discordia lines and are interpreted as a Mesozoic thermal overprint of the area attributed

  10. Biological characterization and complete nucleotide sequence of a Tunisian isolate of Moroccan watermelon mosaic virus. (United States)

    Yakoubi, S; Desbiez, C; Fakhfakh, H; Wipf-Scheibel, C; Marrakchi, M; Lecoq, H


    During a survey conducted in October 2005, cucurbit leaf samples showing virus-like symptoms were collected from the major cucurbit-growing areas in Tunisia. DAS-ELISA showed the presence of Moroccan watermelon mosaic virus (MWMV, Potyvirus), detected for the first time in Tunisia, in samples from the region of Cap Bon (Northern Tunisia). MWMV isolate TN05-76 (MWMV-Tn) was characterized biologically and its full-length genome sequence was established. MWMV-Tn was found to have biological properties similar to those reported for the MWMV type strain from Morocco. Phylogenetic analysis including the comparison of complete amino-acid sequences of 42 potyviruses confirmed that MWMV-Tn is related (65% amino-acid sequence identity) to Papaya ringspot virus (PRSV) isolates but is a member of a distinct virus species. Sequence analysis on parts of the CP gene of MWMV isolates from different geographical origins revealed some geographic structure of MWMV variability, with three different clusters: one cluster including isolates from the Mediterranean region, a second including isolates from western and central Africa, and a third one including isolates from the southern part of Africa. A significant correlation was observed between geographic and genetic distances between isolates. Isolates from countries in the Mediterranean region where MWMV has recently emerged (France, Spain, Portugal) have highly conserved sequences, suggesting that they may have a common and recent origin. MWMV from Sudan, a highly divergent variant, may be considered an evolutionary intermediate between MWMV and PRSV.

  11. Risk profiles of youth in pre-trial detention: a comparative study of Moroccan and Dutch male

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Veen, V.C.


    Moroccan male adolescents in the Netherlands are highly overrepresented in youth crime, compared to both native Dutch and other ethnic minority groups. The current thesis has been the first to examine the characteristics of Moroccan adolescent offenders in the Netherlands in relation to various envi

  12. Internalizing and Externalizing Problems in Immigrant Boys and Girls: Comparing Native Dutch and Moroccan Immigrant Adolescents across Time (United States)

    Paalman, Carmen; van Domburgh, Lieke; Stevens, Gonneke; Vermeiren, Robert; van de Ven, Peter; Branje, Susan; Frijns, Tom; Meeus, Wim; Koot, Hans; van Lier, Pol; Jansen, Lucres; Doreleijers, Theo


    This longitudinal study explores differences between native Dutch and immigrant Moroccan adolescents in the relationship between internalizing and externalizing problems across time. By using generalized estimating equations (GEE), the strength and stability of associations between internalizing and externalizing problems in 159 Moroccan and 159…

  13. Sexual activity in Moroccan men with ankylosing spondylitis. (United States)

    Rostom, Samira; Mengat, Meryam; Mawani, Nada; Jinane, Hakkou; Bahiri, Rachid; Hajjaj-Hassouni, Najia


    The aim of this study was to assess the perceived impact of ankylosing spondylitis (AS) on sexual activity within Moroccan men and to identify the associations with demographic, psychological status, quality of sleep, and disease-related variables. A total of 110 patients with a confirmed diagnosis of AS according to the modified New York classification criteria were invited to participate in the study. Patients completed a questionnaire, which also included questions relating to the impact of AS on their sexual function, socio-demographic and clinical characteristics. The patient sample comprised 110 men. The mean age of patients was 38.5 ± 12.6 years. Among the 110 patients, only 73 (67 %) have already had sexual activity. In this group of patients, 32 (44 %) were unsatisfied, 30 (41 %) reported erectile dysfunction, and 28 (38.4 %) had orgasmic trouble. Multivariate analysis showed that fatigue and sleep disturbance were independently associated with erectile dysfunction. This study suggests that AS in men seems to impact on sexual lives. Fatigue and sleep disturbance were independently associated with perceived problems with sexual activity.

  14. Financial Development and Economic Growth Nexus: The Moroccan Case

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohamed Abouch


    Full Text Available The issues of the existence and the direction of causality between inance and growth are not yet settled. Even if theoretical and historical evidences suggest an important contribution of inance to foster economic growth, empirical studies provide conlicting results depending upon  analytical  approaches,  econometric  techniques,  and  used  data  sets.  The  empirical exploration of the links between the development of the Moroccan inancial sector (MFS and the economic performance of the country shed some light on the proile of this relationship. It appears that even if the indicators measuring the degree of development of the MFS have steadily evolved, they are not systematically and signiicantly linked with economic growth. This situation may be explained by the characteristics of the MFS and the existence of other factors, not related to this sector, that hinder economic growth. ";} // -->activate javascript


    Jimenez-Munt, I.; Fernandez, M.; Verges, J.; Garcia-Castellanos, D.; Perez-Gussinye, M.; Afonso, J.; Fullea, J.


    We have modelled the lithospheric structure across the NW Moroccan margin using an integrated methodology that combines elevation, heat flow, gravity, geoid and seismic data. The modelled profile is 1360 km long and extends NW-SE from the Iberian Abyssal Plane to the Sahara Platform, crossing the Gorringe Bank, the west Iberian-Africa plate boundary, the Moroccan continental margin, and the Atlas Mountains. Offshore, the profile coincides with the IAM-4 and SISMAR-04 deep seismic profiles whereas onshore, where no seismic data are available, it follows previous modelled lithospheric profiles. The present configuration of the Gorringe Bank is explained by a subcrustal NW-directed thrust carrying exhumed upper mantle rocks and transitional African crust on top of flexed-down Eurasian oceanic crust along the Tagus Abyssal Plain. This is the result of a long-lasting evolution related to the African and Eurasian plate boundary characterized by: (1) Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous extension with mantle exhumation, intrusion of gabbros, and mantle serpentinization; (2) early Miocene compression, which produced ~20 km of NW-directed thrusting of serpentinized upper mantle rocks and African transitional crust on top of the Eurasian oceanic crust and sedimentary cover. In the Moroccan continental margin, the most outstanding result is a prominent lithospheric thickening with thickness values of around 210 km. This thickening is the result of applying the crustal and density structure proposed from SISMAR survey. Assuming that this thickening is gained by plate convergence, our calculations predict a minimum shortening of 140 km in the lithospheric mantle affecting a 400 km wide region. Meanwhile, at crustal levels, the Africa-Iberia convergence has been accommodated in a wider area (at least of 900 km) with an observed shortening of only ~ 60 km. This model shows a clear decoupled accommodation of the Africa-Eurasia convergence and put additional constraints on the regional

  16. Breast cancer treatment and sexual dysfunction: Moroccan women's perception

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ismaili Nabil


    life of Moroccan women with breast cancer.

  17. Economic Challenges of Globalization. The Social Worlds of the Moroccan Company and its Cultural Adaptations. Guidelines for a Survey.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Noureddine El Aoufi


    Full Text Available By means of an analysis of the social worlds of the Moroccan company and of its cultures, the author comes to the conclusion that the Moroccan company is subject to a new strategic game in which “social worlds” inside and outside the company play a decisive role in competitive placement . His text urges that a survey be done and proposes the essential axes in regard to functioning, in terms of organization of labor and management, to types of cultural capital in general and linguistic registers in particular within the Moroccan company, and to the consequences of plurality in the companies’ efficiency of production and bottom lines.

  18. Reinvention of ethnic identification among second generation Moroccan and Turkish Dutch social climbers

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Slootman, M.


    In this article, a trajectory of immigrant incorporation is identified among ethnic minority social climbers that is characterized by reassertion and reinvention of ethnic identity in early adulthood. In-depth interviews with university-educated, second generation Moroccan and Turkish Dutch show tha

  19. Moroccan colloquial Arabic version of the Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview (MINI): qualitative and quantitative validation. (United States)

    Kadri, N; Agoub, M; El Gnaoui, S; Alami, Kh Mchichi; Hergueta, T; Moussaoui, D


    The validation of mini international neuropsychiatric interview (MINI) into Moroccan Colloquial Arabic language demonstrated good psychometric properties. The concordance between translated MINI's and expert diagnoses was good with kappa values greater than 0.80. The reliability inter-rater and test-retest were excellent with kappa values above 0.80 and 0.90, respectively.

  20. Mutual learning in Dutch-Moroccan and Dutch-Turkish municipal partnerships: window on the Netherlands

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Ewijk, E.


    This paper focuses on mutual learning (learning by both involved parties) in Dutch-Moroccan and Dutch-Turkish municipal partnerships. This is particularly relevant as strengthening local governance is high on the agenda of both migrant source and destination countries and the body of knowledge on mu

  1. Digital passages. Moroccan-Dutch youths performing diaspora, gender and youth cultural identities across digital space

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Leurs, K.H.A.


    Digital Passages considers how the relations between gender, diaspora and youth culture are digitally articulated by Moroccan-Dutch youths between the age of 12 and 18 years old. Combining new media, gender and postcolonial theory, a transdisciplinary analysis is carried out of a young ethnic-minori

  2. The Initial Conceptions for Earthquakes Phenomenon for Moroccan Students of the First Year Secondary College (United States)

    Eddif, Aâtika; Touir, Rachid; Majdoubi, Hassan; Larhzil, Hayat; Mousaoui, Brahim; Ahmamou, Mhamed


    This work proposes initially to identify the initial conceptions of Moroccan students in the first year of secondary college about the notion of earthquakes. The used methodology is based on a questionnaire addressed to students of life science and Earth in Meknes city, before any official teaching about the said phenomenon. The obtained results…

  3. Parental involvement in partner choice: The case of Turks and Moroccans in the Netherlands

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Zandvliet, P.I.; Kalmijn, M.; Verbakel, E.


    This study describes and explains parental involvement in partner choice among Turkish and Moroccan immigrants in the Netherlands. It thus contributes to previous research on third-party influence on partner choice. The study provides quantitative findings on the actual extent of parental involvemen



    A. EL GHAZI; Daoui, C.; Idrissi, N


    In this work we present an automatic speech recognition system for Moroccan dialect mainly: Darija (Arab dialect) and Tamazight. Many approaches have been used to model the Arabic and Tamazightphonetic units. In this paper, we propose to use the hidden Markov model (HMM) for modeling these phoneticunits. Experimental results show that the proposed approach further improves the recognition.

  5. Multiple Identities and Religious Transmission: A Study among Moroccan-Dutch Muslim Adolescents and Their Parents (United States)

    Verkuyten, Maykel; Thijs, Jochem; Stevens, Gonneke


    This study investigates the relation between religious group identification and ethnic and national identity among Moroccan-Dutch Muslim adolescents (11-18 years) and their parents (n = 369). Compared to their parents, adolescents showed higher national identification and lower religious and ethnic group identification. However, for adolescents…

  6. Katz' ADL index assessed functional performance of Turkish, Moroccan, and Dutch elderly

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Reijneveld, S.A.; Spijker, J.; Dijkshoorn, H.


    Background and Objective: We examined the reliability and validity of self-reported limitations encountered in the activities of daily living (ADL) as measure of functional performance, for Turkish, Moroccan, and indigenous Dutch elderly in the Netherlands. Methods: We obtained data on self-reported

  7. Perceptions and Practices of Stimulating Children's Cognitive Development Among Moroccan Immigrant Mothers

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    N. el Moussaoui (Nabila); J.F.A. Braster (Sjaak)


    textabstractWe explored the perceptions of children's cognitive development among Moroccan Arabic and Berber immigrant mothers who cannot read, who are less educated, middle educated or highly educated in the Netherlands. A series of in-depth interviews was conducted with 22 mothers with young child

  8. The conditional returns to origin-country human capital among Turkish and Moroccan immigrants in Belgium

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kanas, A.M.; Tubergen, F.A. van


    This study extends the analysis of the economic returns to pre-migration human capital by examining the role of the receiving context, co-ethnic residential concentration, and post-migration investments in human capital. It uses large-scale survey data on Turkish and Moroccan immigrants in Belgium.

  9. Pastoral and woodcutting activities drive Cedrus atlantica Mediterranean forest structure in the Moroccan Middle Atlas. (United States)

    Coudel, Marc; Aubert, Pierre-Marie; Aderghal, Mohammed; Hély, Christelle


    Human activities are historical ecological drivers, and we need to better understand their effects on ecosystems. In particular, they have been very important in the shaping of the Mediterranean biodiversity hotspot. Researchers and managers nonetheless lack knowledge concerning the impacts of their combinations and their current intensity on the structure of forest ecosystems of the southern part of the Mediterranean basin. In this study, we have develped a new methodology in order to understand the impacts of combined pastoral and woodcutting activities on the forest structure of the still ill-described but ecologically and economically important Moroccan Middle Atlas cedar forests. In a 40 000 ha forest, we chose 103 sites and sampled human activities through proxies and forest structures through circumference and vertical structures. A typology of sites yielded four human activity types: dominant pastoral activities, dominant oak cutting or cedar cutting activities, and an intermediate mid-disturbance type. This typology did not depend on altitude or substrate, confirming that the ecosystem structures linked to the different types depend more on human activities than on main environmental parameters. Pastoral activities modified forests the most, converting them to parklands with reduced canopies and low dynamics but high tree maturation. Woodcutting activities induced gap dynamics, favoring Cedrus atlantica in favorable environmental conditions and Quercus ilex otherwise, while they affected vertical structure depending on the local environment and competition for light and soil resources. Moderately disturbed stands showed forest maturation with low competition for light. Unlike previous studies, we found no evidence of a general degradation of cedar forests due to local human activities. However, cedar logging has reduced standing basal area regionally and one third of the sites may have vulnerable cedar populations due to pastoral activities and to

  10. Ethnic differences in mental health among incarcerated youths: do Moroccan immigrant boys show less psychopathology than native Dutch boys? (United States)

    Veen, Violaine; Stevens, Gonneke; Doreleijers, Theo; van der Ende, Jan; Vollebergh, Wilma


    Psychiatric disorders are highly prevalent among incarcerated youth. However, whereas ethnic minority youths are overrepresented in the juvenile justice system, limited research is available on their mental health. In this study, differences in mental health problems between incarcerated adolescents of native Dutch and Moroccan origin, were examined. Child Behavior Checklist and Youth Self-Report scores were compared between incarcerated adolescents of native Dutch and Moroccan origin. Their scores were also compared to those of native Dutch and Moroccan immigrant youths in the general, non-incarcerated population. Native Dutch incarcerated adolescents showed higher levels of various mental health problems than incarcerated adolescents with a Moroccan background. Compared to the general population, incarcerated youths showed higher levels of mental health problems, but this deviation was much larger for native Dutch than for Moroccan immigrant youths. These ethnic differences in mental health problems could not be explained by ethnic differences in socio-economic background and social desirable answering tendencies. Incarcerated youths of Moroccan origin show less psychopathology than incarcerated native Dutch youths, which might be explained by disparities in sentencing procedures.

  11. Obesity, overweight and body-weight perception in a High Atlas Moroccan population. (United States)

    Lahmam, A; Baali, A; Hilali, M K; Cherkaoui, M; Chapuis-Lucciani, N; Boetsch, G


    In order to study the prevalence of obesity and overweight and to understand how the human body is perceived among Moroccan mountain populations, we carried out a survey that covered a sample of 436 Amazigh individuals aged 20 years and more from the High Moroccan Atlas. Through this survey, we noticed that obesity is still low among men (2.4%), whereas the prevalence of obesity among women is alarming and reaches 13.3%. The prevalence of overweight is also high, especially among women, with 32.8% vs. 21.8% among men. Obesity prevalence, especially overweight, is higher than that recorded in the national rural level. The high prevalence of overweight that can develop to obesity should be taken into account mainly when dealing with women that still value overweight. In fact, women in our sample underestimate their overweight more than men and wish to have a heavier body.

  12. Andalusian contribution to the creation of a cross-border in the Spanish-Moroccan border

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rosa Jordá Borrel


    Full Text Available This article will be centered in the way of evolving flow of the exterior trade between Andalusia and Morocco, and the strategies of the economic Andalusian agents to penetrate within the Morocco market taking advantage of the growing demand and the low prices of labor, all of these without forgetting that the free exchange zone started in 1996, and is too early to make a deep analysis of this matter. Secondly, we want to measure the level of participation of the Andalusian Autonomous Community to build infrastructure (ports, electric stations, thermoelectric, airports, telecommunications, health and equipping local, regional and national Moroccan communities, due to it constitutes another way to penetrate in the Andalusian market, and can be considered another way of Andalusia sharing in the development process of the Moroccan free trade zone, since it is twice inserted in said process as a region of the European Union and as a door of Europe.

  13. Acoustic Cues to Fricatives Place of Articulation Produced in Moroccan Dialect

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Leila Elmazouzi


    Full Text Available The aim of the present study is to examine acoustic characteristics of Moroccan fricatives in order to find invariant cues that classify fricatives into their place of articulation. Fricative consonants of Moroccan Arabic dialect were elicited from 8 adult speakers (4 male and 4 female in 3 vowel contexts (/i, a, u/. The cues investigated included temporal measurement (duration of fricative consonant and formant information at fricative-vowel transition (F1 and F2 at vowel onset and locus equation. The effects of voicing, speaker’s gender and post-fricative vowel on both formants onset values and locus equations were investigated. The results obtained showed that F1 onset values differentiated voiceless from voiced fricatives. F2 onset values distinguished fricatives in term of place of articulation. The locus equation slope and intercept differentiated voiceless from voiced fricative and distinguished clearly palatal fricatives from the other places of articulation

  14. Psychological acculturation and juvenile delinquency: comparing Moroccan immigrant families from a general and pretrial detention population. (United States)

    Stevens, Gonneke W J M; Veen, Violaine C; Vollebergh, Wilma A M


    Although several theoretical notions have been proposed predicting a relationship between acculturation orientation and juvenile delinquency, the available empirical research is scarce and limited. To extend former research, in this study, we used latent class analyses to compare bidimensional psychological acculturation orientation of Moroccan immigrant boys in pretrial detention with those of Moroccan boys in the general population. We also examined their parents' acculturation orientation. We found that boys in pretrial detention were clearly overrepresented in the integrated psychological acculturation class and underrepresented in the separated psychological acculturation class when we compared them with the boys in the general population. Highly similar results were found for their parents. In contrast, boys in pretrial detention were as likely to be faced with an intergenerational acculturation gap as boys from the general population.

  15. A maturity model for SCPMS project-an empirical investigation in large sized Moroccan companies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chafik Okar


    Full Text Available In the recent years many studies on maturity model have been carried out. Some refer specifically to maturity models for supply chain and performance measurement system. Starting from an analysis of the existing literature, the aim of this paper is to develop a maturity model for the supply chain performance measurement system (SCPMS project based on the concept of critical success factors (CSFs. This model will be validated by two approaches. The first is a pilot test of the model in a Moroccan supply chain to demonstrate his capacity of assessing the maturity of SCPMS project and whether it can develop an improvement roadmap. The second is an empirical investigation in large sized Moroccan companies by using a survey to depict whether it can evaluate the maturity of SCPMS project in different industries.

  16. Concept mapping in legal documents. Case study : The translation of family law for Moroccan migrants



    Concept mapping in legal documents. Case study : The translation of family law for Moroccan migrants . LaHoussine Id-Youss & Frieda Steurs KU Leuven Abstract : The translation of legal documents is one of the most important activities for many translators. Looking at the internationalization of many activities, mobility of citizens and migration has increased. People migrate for economic reasons, looking for new employments elsewhere. This causes an increased used of new ...

  17. Crime among young Moroccan men in the Netherlands : Does their regional origin matter?


    Bovenkerk, F.; Fokkema, T.


    High crime rates among second-generation immigrants are usually attributed to the ethnic group’s weak socioeconomic position in the host society. The causes of crime can, however, also be sought in their native countries or regions. Owing to a lack of empirical data, this has rarely been tested. The Netherlands is an exception: small-scale ethnographic case studies among young Moroccan men in Dutch cities suggest that their regional background and culture, particularly if they are from the le...

  18. Diversity analysis of Moroccan carob ("Ceratonia siliqua" L.) accessions using phenotypic traits and RAPD markers



    Diversity analysis of moroccan carob (Ceratonia siliqua L.) accessions using phenotypic traits and RAPD markers. The carob (Ceratonia siliqua L.) is a perennial leguminous (Caesalpinioideae) that grows as an evergreen shrub or tree. It¿s an important component of the Mediterranean vegetation and its adaptation in marginal soils of the Mediterranean regions is important environmentally and economically. Phenotypic and genetic diversity among 10 Ceratonia siliqua accessions coming from differen...

  19. New pitches with enhanced graphitization ability obtained from Moroccan oil shales

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Abourriche, A.; Oumam, M.; Mouhssim, A.; Dahiri, M.; Hannache, H. [Laboratoire des Materiaux Thermostructuraux, Faculte des Sciences Ben Mminutes or feetsik, B.P. 7955, Casablanca (Morocco); Chollon, G.; Pailler, R.; Naslain, R. [Laboratoire des Composites Thermostructuraux, UMR 5801, CNRS-CEA-SNECMA-Universite Bordeaux I, Domaine Universitaire, 3 Allee de la Boetie, F-33600 Pessac (France); Birot, M.; Pillot, J.-P. [Laboratoire de Chimie Organique et Organometallique, UMR 5802, CNRS-Universite Bordeaux I, 351 cours de la Liberation, F-33405 Talence Cedex (France)


    New pitches were obtained from the extraction of Moroccan oil shales. Their pyrolysis was studied in the temperature range of 1100-2800C by Raman spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction. The graphitization degree of the resulting carbon was tightly dependent on the composition of the pitch. Moreover, it was shown that phenol was a suitable extraction solvent to produce graphitizable carbon at relatively low temperature (T{>=}1800C)

  20. Turkish and Moroccan Young Adults in the Netherlands: The Relationship Between Acculturation and Psychological Problems. (United States)

    Özbek, Emel; Bongers, Ilja L; Lobbestael, Jill; van Nieuwenhuizen, Chijs


    This study investigated the relationship between acculturation and psychological problems in Turkish and Moroccan young adults living in the Netherlands. A sample of 131 healthy young adults aged between 18 and 24 years old, with a Turkish or Moroccan background was recruited using snowball sampling. Data on acculturation, internalizing and externalizing problems, beliefs about psychological problems, attributions of psychological problems and barriers to care were collected and analyzed using Latent Class Analysis and multinomial logistic regression. Three acculturation classes were identified in moderately to highly educated, healthy Turkish or Moroccan young adults: integration, separation and diffusion. None of the participants in the sample were marginalized or assimilated. Young adults reporting diffuse acculturation reported more internalizing and externalizing problems than those who were integrated or separated. Separated young adults reported experiencing more practical barriers to care than integrated young adults. Further research with a larger sample, including young adult migrants using mental health services, is required to improve our understanding of acculturation, psychological problems and barriers to care in this population. Including experiences of discrimination in the model might improve our understanding of the relationship between different forms of acculturation and psychological problems.

  1. Effective photocatalytic decolorization of indigo carmine dye in Moroccan natural phosphate-TiO2 aqueous suspensions (United States)

    Naciri, Nouâma; Farahi, Abdelfettah; Rafqah, Salah; Nasrellah, Hamid; El Mhammedi, Moulay Abderrahim; Lançar, IbnToumaret; Bakasse, Mina


    Heterogeneous photocatalysis is a significant green technology for application in water purification. In this study, the photocatalytic activity of NP-TiO2 based on Moroccan natural phosphate (NP) doped by titanium dioxide TiO2 was evaluated by photocatalytic decolorization of indigo carmine (IC) dye in aqueous solution as a model pollutant under UV light. The NP-TiO2 catalyst was characterized by XRD, FTIR and surface area. The effect of the calcination temperature of NP-TiO2, catalyst concentration, initial concentration of the IC, initial pH, initial hydrogen peroxide H2O2 concentration and coexisting ions on the photocatalytic decolorization of IC was investigated. The NP-TiO2 showed a significantly higher rate of degradation of IC, when compared to TiO2. After 125 min of irradiation using a low intensity of UV-lamp (15 W ∗ 3 lamps = 45 W), 99% of IC solution (20 mg L-1) was decolorized with 0.5 g L-1 of the NP-TiO2 calcined at 600 °C at pH = 11. Therefore, this process can be developed as an economically feasible and environmentally friendly method to decolorize or treat dye wastewater using sunlight.

  2. Reasons for drop-out from rehabilitation in patients of Turkish and Moroccan origin with chronic low back pain in the Netherlands : a qualitative study

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Sloots, Maurits; Dekker, Jos H. M.; Pont, Menno; Bartels, Edien A. C.; Geertzen, Jan H. B.; Dekker, Joost


    Objective: To explore which factors led to drop-out in patients of Turkish and Moroccan origin with chronic nonspecific low back pain who participated in a rehabilitation programme. Subjects: Patients of Turkish or Moroccan origin with chronic non-specific low back pain (n=23) from 2 rehabilitation

  3. What I think you see is what you get : Influence of prejudice on assimilation to negative meta-stereotypes among Dutch Moroccan teenagers

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kamans, Elanor; Gordijn, Ernestine H.; Oldenhuis, Hilbrand; Otten, Sabine


    This research examined how Dutch Moroccan teenagers in the Netherlands deal with the negative stereotype that they believe the Dutch have about their group. We hyothesize that Moroccans act in line with this negative image when they are prejudiced against the Dutch and feel personally meta-stereotyp

  4. Moroccan Leishmania infantum: genetic diversity and population structure as revealed by multi-locus microsatellite typing.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ahmad Amro

    Full Text Available Leishmania infantum causes Visceral and cutaneous leishmaniasis in northern Morocco. It predominantly affects children under 5 years with incidence of 150 cases/year. Genetic variability and population structure have been investigated for 33 strains isolated from infected dogs and humans in Morocco. A multilocus microsatellite typing (MLMT approach was used in which a MLMtype based on size variation in 14 independent microsatellite markers was compiled for each strain. MLMT profiles of 10 Tunisian, 10 Algerian and 21 European strains which belonged to zymodeme MON-1 and non-MON-1 according to multilocus enzyme electrophoresis (MLEE were included for comparison. A Bayesian model-based approach and phylogenetic analysis inferred two L.infantum sub-populations; Sub-population A consists of 13 Moroccan strains grouped with all European strains of MON-1 type; and sub-population B consists of 15 Moroccan strains grouped with the Tunisian and Algerian MON-1 strains. Theses sub-populations were significantly different from each other and from the Tunisian, Algerian and European non MON-1 strains which constructed one separate population. The presence of these two sub-populations co-existing in Moroccan endemics suggests multiple introduction of L. infantum from/to Morocco; (1 Introduction from/to the neighboring North African countries, (2 Introduction from/to the Europe. These scenarios are supported by the presence of sub-population B and sub-population A respectively. Gene flow was noticed between sub-populations A and B. Five strains showed mixed A/B genotypes indicating possible recombination between the two populations. MLMT has proven to be a powerful tool for eco-epidemiological and population genetic investigations of Leishmania.

  5. The scholastic experiences of the children of moroccan inmigrants at Centres of Compulsory Secundary Education

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cristóbal Ruiz Román


    Full Text Available The following work is the fruit of an investigation was developed in the Department of Educational Theory and History in the University of Málaga, which focus of attention has been to understand the experiences of these adolescents in creating their identity in a series of contexts which, culturally speaking, are extremely diverse: essentially the family, the peer group and school. This article will concentrate on the experiences of the children of Moroccan immigrants in centers of Secondary Education of Málaga and on the expectations, perceptions, difficulties and conflicts that they encounter there.

  6. Implementation of ITIL in a Moroccan company: the case of incident management process

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Said Sebaaoui


    Full Text Available IT1 departments were viewed as a cost center and not as an entity in the service of strategy. But this has changed in recent years because of market competitiveness and also due to the fact that the adoption of a management approach focused on the customer and driven by IT is no longer a luxury but a real necessity. This gave rise to several approaches that recommend best practices for improving IT service quality, including the ITIL framework. This paper proposes a method of implementing the ITIL approach with a practical implementation of the Incident Management process in a Moroccan firm.

  7. Selection of oleuropein-degrading lactic acid bacteria strains isolated from fermenting Moroccan green olives

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ghabbour, N.; Lamzira, Z.; Thonart, P.; Cidalia, P.; Markaouid, M.; Asehraoua, A.


    A total of 177 strains of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) were isolated from early-stage Moroccan Picholine green olive fermentation, including Lactobacillus plantarum (44.63%), Lactobacillus pentosus (25.99%), Lactobacillus brevis (9.61%) and Pediococcus pentosaceus (19.77%). All the isolates were screened for their tolerance to olive leaf extract and oleuropein. Most of the isolates (85.3%) were found able to degrade oleuropein, when evaluated by either oleuropein or 5-Bromo-4-chloro-3-indolyl {beta}-D-glucuronide (X-Gluc) as substrates. The biodegradation capacity of the selected strains of each species was confirmed by HPLC analysis. (Author).

  8. Moroccan mitochondrial genetic background suggests prehistoric human migrations across the Gibraltar Strait. (United States)

    Rhouda, Taha; Martínez-Redondo, Diana; Gómez-Durán, Aurora; Elmtili, Noureddine; Idaomar, Mouhamed; Díez-Sánchez, Carmen; Montoya, Julio; López-Pérez, Manuel José; Ruiz-Pesini, Eduardo


    Migrations into Africa from the Levant have greatly determined the mitochondrial genetic landscape of North Africa. After analyzing samples from North Morocco to Spain, we show that three fourths of the Moroccan individuals belong to Western Eurasian haplogroups and the frequencies of these are much more similar to those of the Iberian Peninsula than to those of the Middle East. This is particularly true for the mitochondrial haplogroups H1, H3 and V, which experienced a late-glacial expansion from this region, that repopulated much of Central and Northern Europe. Iberian Peninsula was also a source for prehistoric migrations to North Africa.

  9. Architectures of the Moroccan continental shelf of the Alboran Sea: insights from high-resolution bathymetry and seismic data. (United States)

    Lafosse, Manfred; Gorini, Christian; Leroy, Pascal; d'Acremont, Elia; Rabineau, Marina; Ercilla, Gemma; Alonso, Belén; Ammar, Abdellah


    The MARLBORO and the SARAS oceanographic surveys have explored the continental shelf in the vicinity of the transtensive Nekor basin (South Alboran Sea, Western Mediterranean) and over three submarine highs located at several tens of kilometers from the shelf. Those surveys have produced high-resolution (≤29m²/pixel) bathymetry maps. Simultaneously, seismic SPARKER and TOPAS profiles were recorded. To quantify and understand Quaternary vertical motions of this tectonically active area, we searched for morphological and sedimentary paleobathymetric or paleo-elevations markers. Shelf-edge wedges associated marine terraces and paleo-shorelines have been identified on the bathymetry and on seismic cross-sections. These features reflect the trends of long term accommodation variations. Along the Moroccan continental shelf the lateral changes of shelf-edges geometries and the spatial distribution of marine landforms (sedimentary marine terraces, sediment wave fields, marine incisions) reflect the interaction between sea level changes and spatial variations of subsidence rates. Positions of paleo-shorelines identified in the studied area have been correlated with the relative sea-level curve (Rohling et al., 2014). Several still stands or slow stands periods have been recognized between -130-125m, -100-110m and -85-80m. The astronomical forcing controls the architecture of Mediterranean continental shelves. Marine landforms distribution also reveals the way sea level changed since the LGM. The comparison with observations on other western Mediterranean margins (e.g. the Gulf of Lion, the Ionian-Calabrian shelf) allowed a first order access to vertical motion rates.

  10. Discovery of ferromanganese hydrocarbon-related nodules associated with the Meknes mud volcano (Western Moroccan margin) (United States)

    González, F. J.; Somoza, L.; Medialdea, T.; León, R.; Torres, T.; Ortiz, J. E.; Martín-Rubí, J. A.


    A suite of ferromanganese nodules were sampled during the MVSEIS-2008 cruise aboard of the R/V Hespérides in the flanks of Meknes mud volcano (Moroccan margin, NE Central Atlantic). The nodules were collected at water depths between 750-850 m within a seabed area characterized by high acoustic backscatter values. Debris of cold water corals and hydrocarbon-derived authigenic carbonate crusts were sampled at same time. The nodules show tabular morphology, up to 20 cm in maximum diameter and 2 kg of weight, brown-reddish external color and they are internally composed by a concentric to complex arrangement of laminae. The results of X-ray diffraction analysis show that these ferromanganese nodules are essentially composed of goethite and lepidocrocite, being Mn-oxides, silicates (quartz and clay minerals) and carbonates (calcite, dolomite and siderite) accessory to occasional minerals. All the samples display micritic to micro-sparitic mosaic under the petrographic microscope which forms massive, laminated or dendritic-mottled textures. The nodules show a high abundance of Fe, minor Mn and low contents of trace metals and REEs. Mature hydrocarbons, as n-alkanes derived from marine bacterial activity, and phenanthrene have been detected in all the ferromanganese nodules analyzed. These nodules display analogous characteristics (textural, mineralogical and geochemical) to the nodules studied by González et al (2009) in the carbonate mud-mounds in the Gulf of Cadiz, offshore Iberian margin. In this way, the same preliminary genetic model proposed for these nodules might be applicable to those find in the Meknes mud volcano. Therefore, the anaerobic oxidation of hydrocarbon-rich fluids within the mud-breccia sediments in the flanks of Meknes mud volcano would induce the formation of early diagenetic Fe-(Mn) carbonate nodules. Thus, the nodules were later exhumed by the erosive action of sea bottom currents generating the replacement of ferromanganese carbonates by Fe

  11. Review of the systematics, distribution, biogeography and natural history of Moroccan amphibians. (United States)

    Beukema, Wouter; De Pous, Philip; Donaire-Barroso, David; Boaerts, Sergé; Garcia-Porta, Joan; Escoriza, Daniel; Arribas, Oscar J; El Mouden, El Hassan; Carranza, Salvador


    The amphibian fauna of the Kingdom of Morocco was traditionally regarded as poor and closely related to its European counterpart. However, an increase in research during the last decades revealed a considerable degree of endemism amongst Moroccan amphibians, as well as phenotypic and genotypic inter- and intraspecific divergence. Despite this increase in knowledge, a comprehensible overview is lacking while several systematic issues have remained unresolved. We herein present a contemporary overview of the distribution, taxonomy and biogeography of Moroccan amphibians. Fourteen fieldtrips were made by the authors and colleagues between 2000 and 2012, which produced a total of 292 new distribution records. Furthermore, based on the results of the present work, we (i) review the systematics of the genus Salamandra in Morocco, including the description of a new subspecies from the Rif- and Middle Atlas Mountains, Salamandra algira splendens ssp. nov.; (ii) present data on intraspecific morphological variability of Pelobates varaldiiand Pleurodeles waltl in Morocco; (iii) attempt to resolve the phylogenetic position of Bufo brongersmai and erect a new genus for this species, Barbarophryne gen. nov.; (iv) summarize and assess the availability of tadpole-specific characteristics and bioacoustical data, and (v) summarize natural history data.

  12. Helicobacter pylori Genotypes Associated with Gastric Histo-Pathological Damages in a Moroccan Population (United States)

    Alaoui Boukhris, Samia; Amarti, Afaf; El Rhazi, Karima; El Khadir, Mounia; Benajah, Dafr-Allah; Ibrahimi, Sidi Adil; Nejjari, Chakib; Mahmoud, Mustapha; Souleimani, Abdellah; Bennani, Bahia


    H. pylori persistent infection induces chronic gastritis and is associated with peptic ulcer disease and gastric carcinoma development. The severity of these diseases is related to human’s genetic diversity, H. pylori genetic variability and environmental factors. To identify the prevalence of histo-pathological damages caused by H. pylori infection in Moroccan population, and to determine their association to H. pylori genotypes, a prospective study has been conducted during 3 years on patients attending the gastroenterology department of Hassan II University Hospital (CHU) of Fez, Morocco. A total of 801 Moroccan adults’ patients were recruited; H. pylori was diagnosed and genotyped by PCR in biopsy specimens and histological exam was performed. We found a high rate of glandular atrophy. Chronic inflammation, neutrophil activity and glandular atrophy showed statistically significant association with H. pylori infection. However, intestinal metaplasia was inversely associated to this infection and no association was observed with gastric cancer cases. A statistically significant association was found between intestinal metaplasia and vacAs1 and vac Am1 genotypes in patients aged 50 years and more but not in younger. This last genotype is also associated to gastric cancer. In this study, gastric cancer showed no significant association with H. pylori. Further studies are warranted to determine the role of other etiological agents such as Epstein-Barr virus, human papillomavirus and possibly environmental and dietetic factors in the occurrence of this pathology. PMID:24349327

  13. Study of variations of the Bolton index in the Moroccan population depending on angle malocclusion class. (United States)

    Zerouaoui, Mohamed Fadel; Bahije, Loubna; Zaoui, Fatima; Regragui, Salwa


    Many difficulties may arise during the finishing phase of orthodontic treatment on account of discrepancy between mandibular and maxillary tooth size. In 1958, Bolton devised the index that bears his name and enables possible tooth-size discrepancy to be diagnosed. Use of this index in practice has shown that it can vary depending on the different angle malocclusion classes. The aim of this work is to study variations of the Bolton index as a function of the malocclusion class in the Moroccan population, and to compare the results obtained with those of other populations. Ninety models were therefore selected in different groups of dental Class I, Class II and Class III malocclusions. The mesiodistal (MD) diameters of 12 maxillary and mandibular teeth were measured and the anterior and general Bolton indices were calculated. The results obtained show that there is no significant difference between the various groups of angle malocclusion classes, and that some other populations present results similar to those of the Moroccan sample.

  14. Well-being and social justice among Moroccan migrants in southern Spain. (United States)

    Paloma, Virginia; García-Ramírez, Manuel; Camacho, Carlos


    The decision to migrate is normally based on expectations of improving one's actual living conditions and therefore, one's well-being. However, these expectations are not usually met in receiving contexts that relegate newcomers to lower power positions. From a liberating community psychology approach, this study aims to develop a predictive model of the well-being of Moroccan migrants living in southern Spain. Data were collected from a survey sample of 633 migrants (the average age was 31.9 years and 51.8 % were women) from 20 territorial units of Andalusia. Through a process of multilevel regression analysis, this study reveals that the well-being of the Moroccan community is closely determined by the following: (a) the level of social justice in the receiving context (openness to diversity of receiving communities, cultural sensitivity of community services, and residential integration); and (b) the individual strengths of the population (use of active coping strategies, satisfaction with the receiving context, and temporal stability in the new environment). These results empirically support the impact that different ecological levels of analysis have on well-being. Major theoretical contributions of the model and useful suggestions for improving migrant well-being are discussed.

  15. Antioxidant activity of some Moroccan marine microalgae: Pufa profiles, carotenoids and phenolic content. (United States)

    Maadane, Amal; Merghoub, Nawal; Ainane, Tarik; El Arroussi, Hicham; Benhima, Redouane; Amzazi, Saaid; Bakri, Youssef; Wahby, Imane


    In order to promote Moroccan natural resources, this study aims to evaluate the potential of microalgae isolated from Moroccan coastlines, as new source of natural antioxidants. Different extracts (ethanolic, ethanol/water and aqueous) obtained from 9 microalgae strains were screened for their in vitro antioxidant activity using DPPH free radical-scavenging assay. The highest antioxidant potentials were obtained in Dunalliela sp., Tetraselmis sp. and Nannochloropsis gaditana extracts. The obtained results indicate that ethanol extract of all microalgae strains exhibit higher antioxidant activity, when compared to water and ethanol/water extracts. Therefore, total phenolic and carotenoid content measurement were performed in active ethanol extracts. The PUFA profiles of ethanol extracts were also determined by GC/MS analysis. The studied microalgae strains displayed high PUFA content ranging from 12.9 to 76.9 %, total carotenoids content varied from 1.9 and 10.8mg/g of extract and total polyphenol content varied from 8.1 to 32.0mg Gallic acid Equivalent/g of extract weight. The correlation between the antioxidant capacities and the phenolic content and the carotenoids content were found to be insignificant, indicating that these compounds might not be major contributor to the antioxidant activity of these microalgae. The microalgae extracts exerting the high antioxidant activity are potential new source of natural antioxidants.

  16. The influence of culture of honor and emotional intelligence in the acculturation of Moroccan immigrant women. (United States)

    Lopez-Zafra, Esther; El Ghoudani, Karima


    Migration is a normal process of people seeking new opportunities, work, or leisure in societies. The way people adapt to a new country (acculturation) is a complex process in which immigrants' evaluations about the culture of origin and their perceptions of the host country interact. The combination of these two factors produces four types of acculturation: separation, assimilation, integration, and marginalization. Several variables, such as personality, attitudes, and emotional intelligence, have been studied to help explain this process. However, the impact of a culture of honor and its interaction with other variables remains an open question that may help to explain how migrants can better adjust to their host culture. In this study, we examine the influence of the culture of honor (social) and emotional intelligence (individual) on acculturation. In a sample of 129 Moroccan women (mean age = 29, SD = 9.40) immigrants in Spain (mean time in Spain = 6 years, SD = 3.60), we investigated the relations among the variables of interest. Our results show that no significant differences emerged in the scores given for culture of honor (CH) and the acculturation strategies of the Moroccan immigrant women F(3, 99) = .233; p = .87. However women who preferred the integration strategy scored highest on emotional intelligence (EI), whereas the assimilated immigrants showed the lowest scores for EI F(3, 92) = 4.63; p = .005. Additionally, only in the case of integration does EI mediate between CH and the value given to the immigrant's own and host cultures (p <.001).

  17. Analysis of Dystrophin Gene Deletions by Multiplex PCR in Moroccan Patients

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aziza Sbiti


    Full Text Available Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy (DMD and BMD are X-linked diseases resulting from a defect in the dystrophin gene located on Xp21. DMD is the most frequent neuromuscular disease in humans (1/3500 male newborn. Deletions in the dystrophin gene represent 65% of mutations in DMD/BMD patients. We have analyzed DNA from 72 Moroccan patients with DMD/BMD using the multiplex polymerase chain reaction (PCR to screen for exon deletions within the dystrophin gene, and to estimate the frequency of these abnormalities. We found dystrophin gene deletions in 37 cases. Therefore the frequency in Moroccan DMD/BMD patients is about 51.3%. All deletions were clustered in the two known hot-spots regions, and in 81% of cases deletions were detected in the region from exon 43 to exon 52. These findings are comparable to those reported in other studies. It is important to note that in our population, we can first search for deletions of DMD gene in the most frequently deleted exons determined by this study. This may facilitate the molecular diagnosis of DMD and BMD in our country.

  18. The conditional returns to origin-country human capital among Turkish and Moroccan immigrants in Belgium. (United States)

    Kanas, Agnieszka; van Tubergen, Frank


    This study extends the analysis of the economic returns to pre-migration human capital by examining the role of the receiving context, co-ethnic residential concentration, and post-migration investments in human capital. It uses large-scale survey data on Turkish and Moroccan immigrants in Belgium. The analysis demonstrates that regarding employment, Moroccan immigrants, that is, those originating from former French colonies receive larger returns to their origin-country education and work experience in French- vs. Dutch-speaking regions. Other than the positive interaction effect between co-ethnic residential concentration and work experience on employment, there is little evidence that co-ethnic concentration increases the returns to origin-country human capital. Speaking the host-country language facilitates economic returns to origin-country work experience. Conversely, immigrants who acquire host-country credentials and work experience receive lower returns to origin-country education and experience, suggesting that, at least among low-skilled immigrants, pre- and post-migration human capital substitute rather than complement each other.

  19. On being Dutch and Muslim: descendants of Turkish and Moroccan immigrants speak out about identity and religion

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Groenewold, W.G.F.


    It's quite possible for descendants of Turkish and Moroccan immigrants (i.e.the Second Generation) to combine strong feelings of belonging to different social groups, such as feeling "Amsterdammer", "Rotterdammer", "Dutch" and Muslim.A fair percentage of the Second Generation does not practise their

  20. The role of family networks and migration culture in the continuation of Moroccan emigration : A gender perspective

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Heering, L; van der Erf, R; van Wissen, L


    About 1.5 million people of Moroccan origin live as legal migrants in the countries of the European Union. For several decades, emigration has affected various provinces of Morocco. In some regions, the process started more than 40 years ago; in others the migration experience is much more recent. T

  1. Perspectives on care and communication involving incurably ill Turkish and Moroccan patients, relatives and professionals: a systematic literature review.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Graaff, F.M. de; Mistiaen, P.; Devillé, W.L.J.M.; Francke, A.L.


    Background: Our aim was to obtain a clearer picture of the relevant care experiences and care perceptions of incurably ill Turkish and Moroccan patients, their relatives and professional care providers, as well as of communication and decision-making patterns at the end of life. The ultimate objecti

  2. Ethnic differences in total and HDL cholesterol among Turkish, Moroccan and Dutch ethnic groups living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Ujcic-Voortman, J.K.; Bos, G.; Baan, C.A.; Uitenbroek, D.G.; Verhoeff, A.P.; Seidell, J.C.


    Background High total cholesterol and low HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol are important determinants of cardiovascular disease. Little is known about dyslipidemia among Turkish and Moroccan migrants, two of the largest ethnic minority groups in several European countries. This study exami

  3. Between local governments and communities: Knowledge exchange and mutual learning in Dutch-Moroccan and Dutch-Turkish municipal partnerships

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Ewijk, E.


    This PhD dissertation focuses on mutual learning processes of governmental and non-governmental actors involved in Dutch-Moroccan and Dutch-Turkish municipal partnerships in the period 2007-2011. These partnerships aim at strengthening local governance in Morocco and Turkey as well as in the Netherl

  4. Trends in a life threatening condition : Morbid obesity in Dutch, Turkish and Moroccan children in the Netherlands

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Van Dommelen, Paula; Schönbeck, Yvonne; Van Buuren, Stef; HiraSing, Remy A.


    Background: Morbid obesity can be a life threatening condition. The aim of our study is to assess the trend in morbid obesity in The Netherlands among children of Dutch origin since 1980, and among children of Turkish and Moroccan origin since 1997. Methods and Findings: Cross-sectional height and w

  5. Trends in a Life Threatening Condition: Morbid Obesity in Dutch, Turkish and Moroccan Children in The Netherlands

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Dommelen, P. van; Schönbeck, Y.; Buuren, S. van; Hirasing, R.


    Background: Morbid obesity can be a life threatening condition. The aim of our study is to assess the trend in morbid obesity in The Netherlands among children of Dutch origin since 1980, and among children of Turkish and Moroccan origin since 1997. Methods and Findings: Cross-sectional height and w

  6. Perspectives on care and communication involving incurably ill Turkish and Moroccan patients, relatives and professionals: a systematic literature review

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    de Graaff, F.M.; Mistiaen, P.; Devillé, W.L.J.M.; Francke, A.L.


    Background Our aim was to obtain a clearer picture of the relevant care experiences and care perceptions of incurably ill Turkish and Moroccan patients, their relatives and professional care providers, as well as of communication and decision-making patterns at the end of life. The ultimate objectiv

  7. Barriers to home care for terminally ill Turkish and Moroccan migrants, perceived by GPs and nurses: a survey

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    de Graaff, F.M.; Francke, A.L.


    Background Previous qualitative research proved that relatives of elderly terminally ill Turkish and Moroccan immigrants experience several barriers to the use of Dutch professional home care. The aim of this study was to explore how general practitioners and home care nurses perceive the home care

  8. Barriers to home care for terminally ill Turkish and Moroccan migrants, perceived by GPs and nurses: a survey.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Graaff, F.M. de; Francke, A.L.


    BACKGROUND: Previous qualitative research proved that relatives of elderly terminally ill Turkish and Moroccan immigrants experience several barriers to the use of Dutch professional home care. The aim of this study was to explore how general practitioners and home care nurses perceive the home care

  9. Methodological challenges in quality of life research among Turkish and Moroccan ethnic minority cancer patients: translation, recruitment and ethical issues

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hoopman, R.; Terwee, C.B.; Muller, M.T.; Ory, F.; Aaronson, N.K.


    The large population of first generation Turkish and Moroccan immigrants who moved to Western Europe in the 1960s and 1970s is now reaching an age at which the incidence of chronic diseases, including cancer, rises sharply. To date, little attention has been paid to the health-related quality of lif

  10. Parental and family-related influences on dental caries in children of Dutch, Moroccan and Turkish origin

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Duijster, D.; Jong-Lenters, M. de; Ruiter, C. de; Thijssen, J.; Loveren, C. van; Verrips, E.


    Objectives The aim of this cross-sectional study was to investigate the relationship between parental and family-related factors and childhood dental caries in a sample of 5- to 6-year-old children of Dutch, Moroccan and Turkish origin. Furthermore, the relationship of parental and family-related fa

  11. Overweight and obesity in young Turkish, Moroccan and Surinamese migrants of the second generation in the Netherlands

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    H. Dijkshoorn; M. Nicolaou; J.K. Ujcic-Voortman; G.M. Schouten; A.J. Bouwman-Notenboom; M.P.H. Berns; A.P. Verhoeff


    Objective: To examine differences in overweight and obesity of second-generation Turkish, Moroccan and Surinamese migrants v. first-generation migrants and the ethnic Dutch. We also studied the influence of sociodemographic factors on this association. Design: Data were collected in 2008 in a cross-

  12. Single nucleotide polymorphism in DNMT3B promoter and its association with hepatocellular carcinoma in a Moroccan population. (United States)

    Ezzikouri, Sayeh; El Feydi, Abdellah Essaid; Benazzouz, Mustapha; Afifi, Rajae; El Kihal, Latifa; Hassar, Mohammed; Akil, Abdellah; Pineau, Pascal; Benjelloun, Soumaya


    Hepatocellular carcinoma is a major malignant tumor characterized in all areas by the disparity of risk between genders. The molecular bases of such disparity are still poorly understood. DNA-methyltransferase-3B (DNMT3B) may play an oncogenic role during tumorigenesis, and its genetic variants have been consistently associated with risk of several cancers, but a single study has investigated their roles in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Polymorphisms of the DNMT3B gene may influence its activity on DNA methylation in several cancers, thereby modulating susceptibility to tumorigenesis. To test this hypothesis, we investigated the association between single nucleotide polymorphism -149C>T (rs2424913) in the promoter region DNMT3B and risk of HCC in a Moroccan population. In this case-control study, the DNMT3B SNP was genotyped by polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism in 96 HCCs patients and 222 healthy controls that matched for age, sex and ethnicity. Overall, we found that, the DNMT3B 149 TT genotype was not significantly associated with increased risk of HCC (adjusted odds ratio (OR), 0.86, 95% CI, 0.41-1.80, P=0.697). Stratification analysis detected, however, a trend towards a profound risk in the female subset of patients (OR=2.04, 95% CI, 0.77-5.42) and a lesser risk for HCV-infected patients (OR=1.33, 95% CI, 0.43-4.17). Our findings contrast with those of previous studies performed in various cancers, which showed that individuals carrying at least one T allele have a significantly increased risk of developing cancer. In addition, we provide genetic evidence for the major difference of HCC risk between men and women. Further mechanistic studies are needed to unravel the underlying molecular mechanisms.

  13. Pathogenicity of Beauveria bassiana isolated from Moroccan Argan forests soil against larvae of Ceratitis capitata (Diptera: Tephritidae) in laboratory conditions. (United States)

    Imoulan, Abdessamad; Elmeziane, Abdellatif


    The Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata Wiedemann (Diptera: Tephritidae), is the major tephritid pest in Morocco. This pest survives in Moroccan forests Argania spinosa and continually invades the nearest agricultural areas. Entomopathogenic fungi are an interesting tool for fruit fly control and hold a useful alternative to conventional insecticides. However, primary selection of effective pathogens should be taken in laboratory condition prior to applying them in the field. Here, we used third late instar larvae of C. capitata to investigate the effectiveness of 15 local Beauveria bassiana isolates. Results showed that all isolates were able to infect the larval stage, producing a large mortality rate in puparia ranging from 65 to 95 % and caused significant reduction in adult emergence. The fungal treatments revealed that the mycosis occurred also in adults escaping infection as pupariating larvae. The percentage of mycosed puparia was highest in strain TAM6.2 (95 %) followed by ERS4.16 (90 %), therefore they were the most virulent. Median lethal concentration (LC₅₀) was studied for five isolates at four concentrations ranging from 10⁵ to 10⁸ conidia ml⁻¹. The results showed that the slopes of regression lines for B. bassiana ERS4.16 (slope = 0.386) and TAM6.2 (slope = 0.41) were the most important and had the lowest LC₅₀ values (2.85 × 10³ and 3.16 × 10³ conidia ml⁻¹ respectively). This investigation suggests that the soil of Argan forests contains pathogenic B. bassiana isolates and highlights for the first time their potential as biological control toward C. capitata larval stage in Morocco.

  14. Assessment of soil erosion and deposition rates in a Moroccan agricultural field using fallout 137Cs and 210Pbex. (United States)

    Benmansour, M; Mabit, L; Nouira, A; Moussadek, R; Bouksirate, H; Duchemin, M; Benkdad, A


    In Morocco land degradation - mainly caused by soil erosion - is one of the most serious agroenvironmental threats encountered. However, only limited data are available on the actual magnitude of soil erosion. The study site investigated was an agricultural field located in Marchouch (6°42' W, 33° 47' N) at 68 km south east from Rabat. This work demonstrates the potential of the combined use of (137)Cs, (210)Pb(ex) as radioisotopic soil tracers to estimate mid and long term erosion and deposition rates under Mediterranean agricultural areas. The net soil erosion rates obtained were comparable, 14.3 t ha(-1) yr(-1) and 12.1 ha(-1) yr(-1) for (137)Cs and (210)Pb(ex) respectively, resulting in a similar sediment delivery ratio of about 92%. Soil redistribution patterns of the study field were established using a simple spatialisation approach. The resulting maps generated by the use of both radionuclides were similar, indicating that the soil erosion processes has not changed significantly over the last 100 years. Over the previous 10 year period, the additional results provided by the test of the prediction model RUSLE 2 provided results of the same order of magnitude. Based on the (137)Cs dataset established, the contribution of the tillage erosion impact has been evaluated with the Mass Balance Model 3 and compared to the result obtained with the Mass Balance Model 2. The findings highlighted that water erosion is the leading process in this Moroccan cultivated field, tillage erosion under the experimental condition being the main translocation process within the site without a significant and major impact on the net erosion.

  15. Contribution to the knowledge of the Moroccan mountain vegetation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Romo, A. M.


    Full Text Available Different types of plant communities, till now undetected in Morocco, are here described using the phytosociological method. The following new subassociations and associations are proposed: Anthyllido polycephalae-Stachydetum fontqueri subass. quercetosum rotundifoliae is a machia from the Northern Rif Mountains; Genisto anglicae-Ericetum ciliaris subsass. pinguiculetosum lusitanicae is a heathland from the Bou Hassim range in the Western Rif; Cephalario maroccanae-Inuletum maletii is a megaphorbic community from the Middle Atlas; Bellis caerulescendis-Heracletum sphondyllii is a megaphorbic community from the High Atlas; Arenario armerinae-Sideritetum matris-fillae is a high mountain grassland from the Tichchoukt range in the Middle Atlas. New data are given for the syntaxa already described but with the distribution, variability and ecology not well known. This is the case of the following associations: Polysticho setiferi-Prunetum lusitanicae, a riverine woodland from the W Rif Mountains; Primulo acaulis-Betuletum celtibericae, a birch woodland from the C Rif and Astragaletum numidico-maroccani a high mediterranean mountain plant community from the Western Rif. As a conclusion, the vegetation of the peculiar habitats that occur in reduced areas is only partially known.

    Se describe con la metodología fitosociológica diferentes tipos de comunidades vegetales, no detectadas hasta el presente en Marruecos. Se proponen las siguientes nuevas asociaciones y subasociaciones: Anthyllido polycephalae-Stachydetum fontqueri subass. quercetosum rotundifoliae corresponde a una maquia de las montañas septentrionales del Rif; Genisto anglicae-Ericetum ciliaris subsass. pinguiculetosum lusitanicae es un brezal del macizo de Bou Hassim en el Rif occidental; Cephalario maroccanae- Inuletum maletii es una formación de megaforbios del Atlas Medio

  16. The "amazing" fertility decline: Islam, economics, and reproductive decision making among working-class Moroccan women. (United States)

    Hughes, Cortney L


    Often it is understood that Islam prohibits family planning because the Qur'an does not explicitly address contraception. Public health and development officials have recently congratulated the Muslim world for decreases in fertility given the supposed constraints placed on reproductive healthcare by Islam, while popular culture writers have warned the West of threats by young Muslims if the population goes uncontrolled. This article draws on data collected through interviews with working-class women seeking reproductive healthcare at clinics in Rabat, Morocco, and with medical providers to challenge the link between Islamic ideology and reproductive practices and the correlation among Islam, poverty, and fertility. Morocco, a predominantly Muslim country, has experienced a dramatic decrease in fertility between the 1970s and today. I argue that patients and providers give new meanings to modern reproductive practices and produce new discourses of reproduction and motherhood that converge popular understandings of Islam with economic conditions of the Moroccan working class.

  17. Investigating existence of chaos in short and long term dynamics of Moroccan exchange rates (United States)

    Lahmiri, Salim


    This paper proposes a new methodology to investigate presence of chaos in exchange rate time series by combining wavelet transform and Lyapunov exponent estimation. In particular, stationary wavelet transform (SWT) is applied to exchange rate original time series for decomposition purpose. As a result, approximation and details coefficients are extracted. They are used to represent long and short term dynamics of the original exchange rate time series. Then, largest Lyapunov exponent is estimated for each type of dynamics to check for presence of chaos. Our methodology is applied to several Moroccan exchange rate time series. The empirical results show that, in general, the hypothesis of chaotic structure is accepted for currency levels but it is rejected for currency returns on both long and short dynamics. In addition, long and short dynamics exhibit different chaotic patterns in some exchange rate time series. Our approach may be useful to understand chaotic behaviour in original exchange rate time series.

  18. Association analysis of APOA5 rs662799 and rs3135506 polymorphisms with obesity in Moroccan patients. (United States)

    Lakbakbi El Yaagoubi, F; Charoute, H; Bakhchane, A; Ajjemami, M; Benrahma, H; Errouagui, A; Kandil, M; Rouba, H; Barakat, A


    The aim of the present study is to explore the association between the APOA5 polymorphisms and haplotypes with obesity in Moroccan patients. The study was performed in 459 subjects, Obese (n=164) and non-obese (n=295). All subjects were genotyped for the APOA5 -1131T>C (rs662799) and c.56C>G (rs3135506) polymorphisms. The contribution of APOA5 polymorphisms and haplotypes in the increased risk of obesity were explored using logistic regression analyses. The -1131T>C and c.56C>G polymorphisms were significantly associated with obesity. Both polymorphisms were strongly associated with increased BMI. Analysis of constructed haplotypes showed a significant association between CG haplotype and susceptibility to obesity (OR [95%CI]=3.09 [1.93-4.97]; Pobesity.

  19. Micro-XRF for characterization of Moroccan glazed ceramics and Portuguese tiles (United States)

    Guilherme, A.; Manso, M.; Pessanha, S.; Zegzouti, A.; Elaatmani, M.; Bendaoud, R.; Coroado, J.; dos Santos, J. M. F.; Carvalho, M. L.


    A set of enamelled terracotta samples (Zellij) collected from five different monuments in Morocco were object of study. With the aim of characterizing these typically Moroccan artistic objects, X-ray spectroscopic techniques were used as analytical tool to provide elemental and compound information. A lack of information about these types of artistic ceramics is found by the research through international scientific journals, so this investigation is an opportunity to fulfill this gap. For this purpose, micro-Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (μ-EDXRF), and wavelength dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (WDXRF) and X-ray Diffraction (XRD) were the chosen methods. As complementary information, a comparison with other sort of artistic pottery objects is given, more precisely with Portuguese glazed wall tiles (Azulejos), based in the Islamic pottery traditions. Differences between these two types of decorative pottery were found and presented in this manuscript.

  20. The distribution of heavy metals in the Sidi Moussa lagoon sediments (Atlantic Moroccan Coast) (United States)

    Maanan, M.; Zourarah, B.; Carruesco, C.; Aajjane, A.; Naud, J.


    The superficial and cored sediments of the Sidi Moussa lagoon (Atlantic Moroccan coast) have been analysed in order to determine their main characteristics and their heavy metals contents. Two groups of metals can be distinguished: Al, Fe and Cu whose distribution is mainly governed by the intra-lagoonal dynamics. These contents are near of those of the natural geochemical background noise that underlines their natural origin. Zn, Cr and Ni have relatively more elevated contents than the natural geochemical background noise indicating human-made pollution. The geo-accumulation indicator shows that the Sidi Moussa lagoon is moderately polluted. The totality of results in this context compared to the standard values suggested by the Agency of Protection of the Environment of United States [Journal of Great Lakes Research 11 (1985) 353] leads to the conclusion that the sediments of Sidi Moussa lagoon would rank as 'slightly polluted' for, Cu, Zn, Cr and Ni.

  1. Genetic testing and first presymptomatic diagnosis in Moroccan families at high risk for breast/ovarian cancer. (United States)

    Laarabi, Fatima Zahra; Jaouad, Imane Cherkaoui; Ouldim, Karim; Aboussair, Nisrine; Jalil, Abdelouahed; Gueddari, Brahim El Khalil El; Benjaafar, Noureddine; Sefiani, Abdelaziz


    Germline mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes highly predispose to breast and ovarian cancers and are responsible for a substantial proportion of familial breast and ovarian cancers. No female individuals from families from Morocco affected by breast cancer with mutations of these genes have previously been reported, and clinicians in Morocco are unaccustomed to dealing with healthy female individuals carrying mutations in the BRCA genes. This study aimed to report the initial experience of a group of Moroccan investigators carrying out predictive genetic testing to detect a known familial mutation in healthy Moroccan females with a high risk of developing breast cancer and to introduce supervision of these asymptomatic female carriers as a new approach in the prevention and early diagnosis of breast and ovarian cancers in Morocco. Presymptomatic diagnosis was carried out using DNA genetic testing in 5 healthy Moroccan female individuals from three families with an elevated risk of developing breast cancer. These are the first Moroccan families reported to be affected by breast cancers associated with BRCA mutations. Presymptomatic diagnosis was carried out for breast cancer in 5 female individuals from three Moroccan families with BRCA mutations. Two of the families are the first reported incidence of the founder mutation Ashkenazi BRCA1-185_186delAG in Moroccan patients. The third family carried the known BRCA2 mutation c.5073dupA/p.trp1692metfsX3. We tested the presence of these mutations in 5 asymptomatic healthy females from the three families. Two sisters from family 1 carried the BRCA1-185_186delAG mutation, whereas the third female individual from family 2 carried the c.5073dupA/p.trp1692metfsX3 mutation. However, one healthy female individual and her mother from family 3 did not carry the familial mutation of the BRCA1 gene. This study found BRCA mutations in three asymptomatic subjects, suggesting that this is the first step towards the development of

  2. Clinicopathological features and molecular analysis of primary glioblastomas in Moroccan patients. (United States)

    Hilmani, Said; Abidi, Omar; Benrahma, Houda; Karkouri, Mehdi; Sahraoui, Souha; El Azhari, Abdessamad; Barakat, Abdelhamid


    Glioblastoma is the most frequent and most aggressive primary brain tumor. Primary and secondary glioblastomas develop through different genetic pathways. The aim of this study was to determinate the genetic and clinical features of primary glioblastoma in Moroccan patients. The blood and tumor samples were obtained from a group of 34 Moroccan patients affected with primary glioblastoma. The tumors were investigated for TP53, IDH1, and IDH2 mutations using PCR sequencing analysis. Clinicopathological data showed that the mean age at diagnosis of patients was 50.06 years, the sex ratio was 11 F/23 M, and the median of Karnofsky performance score was 60. About 18 % of patients were initially treated by total tumor resection, 41 % by subtotal, and 38 % by partial resection, but biopsy was performed for a single patient (3 %). Twenty-five patients (74 %) received radiotherapy. In addition, the median survival of the all patients was 13 months following diagnosis. There was a significant impact of higher Karnofsky performance score (KPS) (≥80) on overall survival, p-log-rank test = 0.0002, whereas other parameters did not show any significant differences. The molecular analysis revealed TP53 mutations in 3/34 (8.82 %) cases; R273H, R306X, and Q136X. However, none of the analyzed samples contained the R132-IDH1 or R172-IDH2 mutations. These results showed the absence of IDH1 mutation in primary glioblastoma, confirming that this mutation is a hallmark of secondary glioblastoma. It can be used to distinguish primary from secondary glioblastomas. We found also that higher KPS was a significantly favorable factor in patients with primary glioblastoma.

  3. Crust-mantle accommodation of Africa-Eurasia convergence in the NW-Moroccan margin (United States)

    Zlotnik, S.; Jimenez-Munt, I.; Fernandez, M.


    Recent studies carried out in NW-Africa indicate prominent variations of the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary (LAB) depth. The studies combine gravity, geoid, surface heat flow, elevation and seismic data along a profile running from the Tagus Abyssal Plain to the Sahara Platform and crossing the Gorringe Bank, the NW Moroccan Margin and the Atlas Mountains. The resulting mantle density anomalies show a prominent lithospheric mantle thickening beneath the margin (LAB >200 km-depth) followed by thinning beneath the Atlas Mountains (LAB ~90 km-depth). A combination of mantle underthrusting due to oblique convergence together with a viscous dripping fed by lateral mantle dragging can explain the imaged lithospheric structure. The model is consistent with a strong decoupled crustal-mantle mechanical response to the Africa-Eurasia convergence and results in positive/negative dynamic topography in regions with thickened/thinned crust. In this work we go a step further analysing, by means of dynamic numerical simulations, the viscous dragging and the Rayleigh-Taylor-like process. Our goal is to understand the initial lithospheric mantle structure suitable to produce the inferred dynamic process. In addition, we study the key factors controlling the deformation of the lithospheric mantle when submitted to convergence. Using the numerical framework Underworld to carry out the simulations we found the key factors controlling the process. Chief among these factors are lithospheric/mantle viscosity ratio and initial mantle and crustal structure. Nevertheless, the process is not very sensitive to the usual power law parameters for mantle rocks (activation energy and volume, power law exponent, etc.), indicating the importance of the rheology of the upper half of the lithosphere, where the power law is not active. These results allow us to speculate on the past and future evolution of the NW-Moroccan margin which could show the appropriated conditions for subduction initiation.

  4. Adherence to a Mediterranean diet in Morocco and its correlates: cross-sectional analysis of a sample of the adult Moroccan population

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    El Rhazi Karima


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Dietary habits in Morocco are changing and the causes are not well understood. This study aimed to analyse socio-demographic factors associated with adherence to the Mediterranean diet (MeDi in a national random sample of the adult Moroccan population. Methods The data collected in this cross-sectional survey included socio-demographic factors and a food frequency questionnaire. MeDi adherence was assessed in 2214 individuals with complete dietary data. MeDi adherence was measured according to a simplified MeDi score based on the weekly frequency of intake of eight food groups (vegetables, legumes, fruits, cereal or potatoes, fish, red meat, dairy products and olive oil with the use of the sex specific medians of the sample as cut-offs. A value of 0 or 1 was assigned to consumption of each component according to its presumed detrimental or beneficial effect on health. Logistic regression was used to estimate the association between MeDi adherence (low score 1-4 vs. high 5-8 and other factors. Results Mean age of the sample was 41.4 (standard deviation 15.3 years, 45.4% were men and 29.9% had a low MeDi adherence. Married subjects (adjusted odds ratio ORa=0.68, 95% CI 0.55-0.84 were less likely to have a low MeDi adherence compared to single, divorced or widowed persons. Persons from rural areas (ORa=1.46, 95% CI: 1.02-2.08, were more often low MeDi adherents compared to those from urban areas. Obese persons (ORa=1.56, 95% CI: 1.16-2.11 were more prone to low MeDi adherence than normal weight individuals. Conclusion MeDi is far from being a universal pattern in the Moroccan population. Intervention strategies should be implemented in target groups to maintain the traditional MeDi pattern considered as the original diet in Morocco.

  5. Sharing and Unsharing Memories of Jews of Moroccan Origin in Montréal and Paris Compared

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yolande Cohen


    Full Text Available This text 1 explores the memories of Moroccan Jews who left their country of origin to go to France and to Canada, through their life stories. By questioning the constitution of a shared memory and of a group memory, it stresses the interest to adopt a generational perspective to better understand the migration of this population. While some interviewees emphasize the rationalization of their departure, the younger ones, consider their leaving as a natural step in their many migrations. These distinctions are central to show how the memory of the departures and the depiction of the colonial society are shared by members of a group, and unshared with the larger Moroccan society.

  6. Evaluation of Psychometric Properties of the Arabic Version of PSS Stress Measuring Scale in the Moroccan Population


    Dalal Ben Loubir; Zeineb Serhier; Omar Battas; Mohamed Agoub; Mohammed Bennani Othmani


    This study was conducted to examine the psychometric properties of the classic Arabic version of the 10-item Perceived Stress Scale (PSS10) in a large sample of Moroccan population. A cross-sectional survey was yielded between December 2013 and January 2014 following an accidental sampling. Individuals aged above 18, from different socioeconomic categories, were invited to take part in the study. The participants had c...

  7. Effectiveness of an intercultural module added to the treatment guidelines for Moroccan and Turkish patients with depressive and anxiety disorders

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    van Schaik Digna JF


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Since the sixties of the last century, many people from Morocco and Turkey have migrated into the Netherlands. In the last decade, Moroccan and Turkish patients have found their way to organizations for mental health care. However, they often drop out of treatment. Problems in the communication with therapists and different expectations regarding treatment seem to be causal factors for the early drop-out of therapy. In the Netherlands as in other countries courses have been developed for training cultural competence of therapists. Yet, up to now, the effectiveness of increased cultural competence of therapists in reducing drop-out of treatment has not been studied. Methods/Design A randomized clinical trial was started in January 2010. Moroccan and Turkish adult patients who are referred to our outpatient clinics for mood and anxiety disorders are randomly assigned to mental health workers who are trained in a cultural module and to those who are not. The therapists have been trained in the Cultural Formulation and in techniques bridging the (cultural gap between them and their Moroccan and Turkish patients. The target number of participants is 150 patients, 75 for each group. Drop-out of treatment is the primary outcome measure. Secondary outcome measures are no-show and patients' perspective of care. Discussion The study will give an answer to the question whether increasing cultural competence of therapists reduces drop-out of treatment in Moroccan and Turkish outpatients with depressive and anxiety disorders. Trial Registration The Dutch Cochrane Centre, NTR1989

  8. No evidence of correlation between p53 codon 72 polymorphism and risk of bladder cancer in Moroccan patients

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Noâma Berrada


    Full Text Available Background: The p53 codon 72 polymorphism has been investigated extensively for its association with various cancers around the world. Several studies have investigated the association between p53 polymorphism at codon 72 and risk of developing bladder cancer, but the results are still controversial. Aim: The aim of our study was to evaluate the association between the p53 polymorphism and the bladder cancer risk among Moroccan patients. Materials and Methods: This study was carried out on fresh biopsies from 41 patients with bladder cancer confirmed and 38 blood samples from control donors. Deoxyribonucleic acid was genotyped by "Allele-specific polymerase chain reaction" using specific primers to each polymorphic variant. Results: Frequencies of Arg/Arg, Arg/Pro and Pro/Pro genotypes among cases were 17%, 66%, and 17%, while in controls the frequencies of Arg/Arg, Arg/Pro and Pro/Pro were 15.8%, 63.2%, and 21%, respectively. The difference between cases and controls was not statistically significant. An increased risk of bladder cancer development was not clearly related to any polymorphic variant of the p53 Arg72Pro in our study group from Moroccan population. Moreover, the frequency of the Arg allele was higher (71.45% than the Pro allele (28.55% in high stage of bladder tumors, but this difference was statistically not significant. Conclusion: This study suggests that Arg allele could be more involved in developing bladder tumor in Moroccan population than the Pro allele. Therefore, enlarging the sampling will be necessary to confirm this association in Moroccan population.

  9. A historical overview of Moroccan magmatic events along northwest edge of the West African Craton (United States)

    Ikenne, Moha; Souhassou, Mustapha; Arai, Shoji; Soulaimani, Abderrahmane


    Located along the northwestern edge of the West African Craton, Morocco exhibits a wide variety of magmatic events from Archean to Quaternary. The oldest magmatic rocks belong to the Archean Reguibat Shield outcrops in the Moroccan Sahara. Paleoproterozoic magmatism, known as the Anti-Atlas granitoids, is related to the Eburnean orogeny and initial cratonization of the WAC. Mesoproterozoic magmatism is represented by a small number of mafic dykes known henceforth as the Taghdout mafic volcanism. Massive Neoproterozoic magmatic activity, related to the Pan-African cycle, consists of rift-related Tonian magmatism associated with the Rodinia breakup, an Early Cryogenian convergent margin event (760-700 Ma), syn-collisional Bou-Azzer magmatism (680-640 Ma), followed by widespread Ediacaran magmatism (620-555 Ma). Each magmatic episode corresponded to a different geodynamic environment and produced different types of magma. Phanerozoic magmatism began with Early Cambrian basaltic (rift?) volcanism, which persisted during the Middle Cambrian, and into the Early Ordovician. This was succeeded by massive Late Devonian and Carboniferous, pre-Variscan tholeiitic and calc-alkaline (Central Morocco) volcanic flows in basins of the Moroccan Meseta. North of the Atlas Paleozoic Transform Zone, the Late Carboniferous Variscan event was accompanied by the emplacement of 330-300 Ma calc-alkaline granitoids in upper crustal shear zones. Post-Variscan alkaline magmatism was associated with the opening of the Permian basins. Mesozoic magmatism began with the huge volumes of magma emplaced around 200 Ma in the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province (CAMP) which was associated with the fragmentation of Pangea and the subsequent rifting of Central Atlantic. CAMP volcanism occurs in all structural domains of Morocco, from the Anti-Atlas to the External Rif domain with a peak activity around 199 Ma. A second Mesozoic magmatic event is represented by mafic lava flows and gabbroic intrusions in

  10. A national environmental monitoring system to support the Moroccan sustainable development strategy (United States)

    Mourhir, A.; Rachidi, T.


    Morocco is a mountainous country, subject to both marine and Saharan influences. The increase in population has led to an increase of the gross domestic product (GDP), which accentuated by inadequate resource management, has been accompanied by the degradation of the environment. The annual cost of environmental damage has been estimated at nearly eight percent of Morocco’s GDP. Morocco is a country that has scarce natural resources, especially arable land and water. In recent years, intensive agricultural production, large-scale irrigation schemes, industrialization, and urbanization have been creating serious problems. The country has faced severe air, water and soil pollution, environmental health problems, deforestation and soil erosion. The country is very vulnerable to impacts of global climate change. Morocco’s approach to sustainable development (SD) is mainly environmental. The two main documents for Morocco’s SD strategy are the National Strategy for the Protection of the Environment and Sustainable Development (SNPEDD), 1995, and the National Plan of Action for the Environment (PANE), 1998. SNPEDD’s main objective is the integration and strengthening of environmental concerns in economic development activities. The activities for the formulation and implementation of the strategy include: a) studies on the state of the Moroccan environment; b) formulation of the PANE; c) preparation of a sensitization program on environmental issues and the implementation of a database and information system on the environment; (d) preparation of regional and local environmental monographies. The aim of the current work is to create an information system as an approach to complex sustainability analyses at the national level using GIS technologies. This information system includes the following: 1.Development of a database of SD indicators and historical data. Morocco has been involved in the working framework of the Mediterranean Commission for Sustainable

  11. Sustainability of a wind power plant: Application to different Moroccan sites

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ouammi, Ahmed [Department of Communication, Computer and System Sciences (DIST), University of Genova, Genova (Italy); Energetic Laboratory, Sciences Faculty, Abdelmalek Essaadi University, BP 2121, 93000 Tetouan (Morocco); Sacile, Roberto [Department of Communication, Computer and System Sciences (DIST), University of Genova, Genova (Italy); Zejli, Driss; Benchrifa, Rachid [Unite des Technologies et Economie des Energies Renouvelables, CNRST B.P 8027 NU Rabat (Morocco); Mimet, Abdelaziz [Energetic Laboratory, Sciences Faculty, Abdelmalek Essaadi University, BP 2121, 93000 Tetouan (Morocco)


    In this paper, three main steps allowing the definition of the sustainability of a wind power plant (WPP) are described in detail. The first step is to choose a site with a good wind potential. In this respect, two approaches have been introduced: traditional wind statistical estimations based on the identification of the Weibull probability density function on specific sites; and an innovative Kriging approach based on artificial neural networks to reconstruct the profile of the mean wind speed of the territory. In the second step, given technical details, the energetic sustainability of a WPP installation is assessed according to a model computing the wind energy production per year, as well as the details of its efficiency. Finally, as third step, a cost/benefit evaluation on the overall reduction in CO{sub 2} emissions with respect to traditional fossil fuel energy plants is reported. From a wind speed characterisation viewpoint, the case study is referred to the overall Moroccan territory. From a WPP model viewpoint, the case study is referred to the installation of a specific WPP, which would allow the production of more than 2 GWh per year in the south Atlantic coast and of nearly 1 GWh per year in the Mediterranean coast in the neighbourhood of Tangier. (author)

  12. Male breast cancer: a report of 127 cases at a Moroccan institution

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tijami Fouad


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Male breast cancer (MBC is a rare disease representing less than 1% of all malignancies in men and only 1% of all incident breast cancers. Our study details clinico-pathological features, treatments and prognostic factors in a large Moroccan cohort. Findings One hundred and twenty-seven patients were collected from 1985 to 2007 at the National Institute of Oncology in Rabat, Morocco. Median age was 62 years and median time for consultation 28 months. The main clinical complaint was a mass beneath the areola in 93, 5% of the cases. Most patients have an advanced disease. Ninety-one percent of tumors were ductal carcinomas. Management consisted especially of radical mastectomy; followed by adjuvant radiotherapy and hormonal therapy with or without chemotherapy. The median of follow-up was 30 months. The evolution has been characterized by local recurrence; in twenty two cases (17% of all patients. Metastasis occurred in 41 cases (32% of all patients. The site of metastasis was the bone in twenty cases; lung in twelve cases; liver in seven case; liver and skin in one case and pleura and skin in one case. Conclusion Male breast cancer has many similarities to breast cancer in women, but there are distinct features that should be appreciated. Future research for better understanding of this disease at national or international level are needed to improve the management and prognosis of male patients.

  13. Screening of immunomodulatory activity of total and protein extracts of some Moroccan medicinal plants. (United States)

    Daoudi, Abdeljlil; Aarab, Lotfi; Abdel-Sattar, Essam


    Herbal and traditional medicines are being widely used in practice in many countries for their benefits of treating different ailments. A large number of plants in Morocco were used in folk medicine to treat immune-related disorders. The objective of this study is to evaluate the immunomodulatory activity of protein extracts (PEs) of 14 Moroccan medicinal plants. This activity was tested on the proliferation of immune cells. The prepared total and PEs of the plant samples were tested using MTT (3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2yl)-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide) assay on the splenocytes with or without stimulation by concanavalin-A (Con-A), a mitogenic agent used as positive control. The results of this study indicated different activity spectra. Three groups of activities were observed. The first group represented by Citrullus colocynthis, Urtica dioica, Elettaria cardamomum, Capparis spinosa and Piper cubeba showed a significant immunosuppressive activity. The second group that showed a significant immunostimulatory activity was represented by Aristolochia longa, Datura stramonium, Marrubium vulgare, Sinapis nigra, Delphynium staphysagria, Lepidium sativum, Ammi visnaga and Tetraclinis articulata. The rest of the plant extracts did not alter the proliferation induced by Con-A. This result was more important for the PE than for the total extract. In conclusion, this study revealed an interesting immunomodulating action of certain PEs, which could explain their traditional use. The results of this study may also have implications in therapeutic treatment of infections, such as prophylactic and adjuvant with cancer chemotherapy.

  14. Conformation and control of Moroccan education system: from French Protectorate to Independence

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available The running and organization of the education system of a country are a reflection of the social system which is immersed. That is one of the most useful tools used by the society and the established power to transmit their values and maintain its status quo, favoring its cohesion, continuity and permanence. Through the Protectorate, the French government tried to seize the Moroccan people controlling the economy, society, education, etc. To achieve this purpose he used various means, including the education system. It imposed a series of reforms tending to perpetuate its rule, strengthening their power and hegemony. With the independence, the power changes and, therefore, their interests and aims. It is introduced a new dynamic school, which is not beyond the previous system. Some aspects are taken as reference, to imitate or eliminate, to build the new school system. On this basis, the newly established monarchy exercised their power taking into account the new balance of forces, and incorporating as emerging element a nationalist perspective, based on an ideology rooted in Arab-Islamic traditions.

  15. Control of potato soft rot caused by Pectobacterium carotovorum and Pectobacterium atrosepticum by Moroccan actinobacteria isolates. (United States)

    Baz, M; Lahbabi, D; Samri, S; Val, F; Hamelin, G; Madore, I; Bouarab, K; Beaulieu, C; Ennaji, M M; Barakate, Mustapha


    Pectobacterium carotovorum and Pectobacterium atrosepticum are dreadful causal agents of potato soft rot. Actually, there are no efficient bactericides used to protect potato against Pectobacterium spp. Biological control using actinobacteria could be an interesting approach to manage this disease. Thus, two hundred actinobacteria isolated from Moroccan habitats were tested for their ability to inhibit in vitro 4 environmental Pectobacterium strains and the two reference strains (P. carotovorum CFBP 5890 and P. atrosepticum CFBP 5889). Eight percent of these isolates were active against at least one of the tested pathogens and only 2% exhibited an antimicrobial activity against all tested Pectobacterium strains. Four bioactive isolates having the greatest pathogen inhibitory capabilities and classified as belonging to the genus Streptomyces species through 16S rDNA analysis were subsequently tested for their ability to reduce in vivo soft rot symptoms on potato slices of Bintje, Yukon Gold, Russet and Norland cultivars caused by the two pathogens P. carotovorum and P. atrosepticum. This test was carried out by using biomass inoculums and culture filtrate of the isolates as treatment. Among these, strain Streptomyces sp. OE7, reduced by 65-94% symptom severity caused by the two pathogens on potato slices. Streptomyces OE7 showed a potential for controlling soft rot on potato slices and could be useful in an integrated control program against potato soft rot pathogens in the objective to reduce treatments with chemical compounds.

  16. Distribution of KRAS and BRAF mutations in Moroccan patients with advanced colorectal cancer. (United States)

    Marchoudi, N; Amrani Hassani Joutei, H; Jouali, F; Fekkak, J; Rhaissi, H


    Targeted therapies have an increasing importance in digestive oncology. To our knowledge, we are the first to report the distribution of KRAS and BRAF mutations in Moroccan patients with advanced colorectal cancer (CRC) in order to introduce targeted therapy in the arsenal of therapeutic modalities for management of this cancer in Morocco. In this study, 92 samples obtained from patients with CRC were tested for the presence of the nine most common mutations in the KRAS gene and BRAF gene. Among the tested patients, 76.09% of patients had wt-KRAS genotype and 23.91% were KRAS mutants and the majority of mutations would result in an amino acid substitution of glycine by aspartic acid (68.2%) The predominant mutations are G>A transitions and G>T transversions. Around 5% (5.43%) of the tested patients bore the V600E mutation in BRAF gene. Only one patient showing to have the V600E mutation in BRAF was also mutated-KRAS. Summing up the results about the KRAS and the BRAF mutation carriers from our study, the portion of potentially non responsive patients for the anti-EGFR treatment is 28.26%.

  17. A genome-wide gene expression signature of environmental geography in leukocytes of Moroccan Amazighs.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Youssef Idaghdour


    Full Text Available The different environments that humans experience are likely to impact physiology and disease susceptibility. In order to estimate the magnitude of the impact of environment on transcript abundance, we examined gene expression in peripheral blood leukocyte samples from 46 desert nomadic, mountain agrarian and coastal urban Moroccan Amazigh individuals. Despite great expression heterogeneity in humans, as much as one third of the leukocyte transcriptome was found to be associated with differences among regions. Genome-wide polymorphism analysis indicates that genetic differentiation in the total sample is limited and is unlikely to explain the expression divergence. Methylation profiling of 1,505 CpG sites suggests limited contribution of methylation to the observed differences in gene expression. Genetic network analysis further implies that specific aspects of immune function are strongly affected by regional factors and may influence susceptibility to respiratory and inflammatory disease. Our results show a strong genome-wide gene expression signature of regional population differences that presumably include lifestyle, geography, and biotic factors, implying that these can play at least as great a role as genetic divergence in modulating gene expression variation in humans.

  18. Efficacy of Multiple Micronutrients Fortified Milk Consumption on Iron Nutritional Status in Moroccan Schoolchildren. (United States)

    El Menchawy, Imane; El Hamdouchi, Asmaa; El Kari, Khalid; Saeid, Naima; Zahrou, Fatima Ezzahra; Benajiba, Nada; El Harchaoui, Imane; El Mzibri, Mohamed; El Haloui, Noureddine; Aguenaou, Hassan


    Iron deficiency constitutes a major public health problem in Morocco, mainly among women and children. The aim of our paper is to assess the efficacy of consumption of multiple micronutrients (MMN) fortified milk on iron status of Moroccan schoolchildren living in rural region. Children (N = 195), aged 7 to 9 y, were recruited from schools and divided into two groups: the nonfortified group (NFG) received daily a nonfortified Ultra-High-Temperature (UHT) milk and the fortified group received (FG) daily UHT milk fortified with multiple micronutrients including iron sulfate. Blood samples were collected at baseline (T0) and after 9 months (T9). Hemoglobin (Hb) was measured in situ by Hemocue device; ferritin and C Reactive Protein were assessed in serum using ELISA and nephelometry techniques, respectively. Results were considered significant when the p value was iron deficiency from 50.9% to 37.2% (p = 0.037). Despite the low prevalence of iron deficiency anemia (1.9%); more than 50% of children in our sample suffered from iron deficiency at baseline. The consumption of fortified milk reduced the prevalence of iron deficiency by 27% in schoolchildren living in high altitude rural region of Morocco. Clinical Trial Registration. Our study is registered in the Pan African Clinical Trial Registry with the identification number PACTR201410000896410.

  19. Moroccan Arabic borrowed circumfix from Berber: investigating morphological categories in a language contact situation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Georgia Zellou


    Full Text Available Moroccan Arabic (MA has a derivational noun circumfix /ta-...-t/ that is borrowed from the neighboring Berber languages. This circumfix is highly productive on native MA noun stems but not productive on borrowed Berber stems (which are rare in MA. This pattern of productivity is taken to be evidence in support of direct borrowing of morphology (c.f. Steinkruger and Seifart 2009 and against a theory where borrowed morphology enters a language as part of unanalyzed complex forms which later spread to native stems (c.f. Thomason and Kaufman 1988; Thomason 2001; furthermore, it challenges the principle of a "borrowability hierarchy" (c.f. Haugen 1950 where lexical morphemes are borrowed before grammatical morphemes. Additionally, the prefixal portion of the MA circumfix, ta-, is a complex (presumably unanalyzed form from the Berber /t-/ feminine + /a-/ absolute state. Moreover, the morpheme in MA has been borrowed as a derivational morpheme while the primary functions of the donor morphemes in Berber are inflectional. This case of a borrowed circumfix is examined as an instance which does not conform to traditional typologies of language change through contact patterns and how the boundaries between morphological categories (i.e. inflectional/derivational are transformed in a language contact situation.

  20. Evaluation of the in vitro and in vivo anticancer properties of Moroccan propolis extracts

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hassan Ait Mouse


    Full Text Available This investigation aimed to evaluate the in vitro and in vivo antitumor potential of a Moroccan propolis extracts. For in vitro assays, three mammalian tumor cell lines were used: BSR (hamster renal adenocarcinoma, Hep-2 (human laryngeal carcinoma and P815 (murin mastocytoma. The propolis ethanolic extract as well as the ethyl acetate extract, exert an in vitro cytotoxic activity in dose-dependent manner. The IC50 values were ranging from 15 µg/mL to 38 µg/mL. This activity depends not only on the extract's chemical composition (analysed by HPLC/ESI-MS, but also on the target tumor cells. Interestingly, the cytotoxic effect of these extracts on the normal human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC was weak when compared to that induced on tumor cells. On the other hand, oral route treatment of P815 tumor-bearing mice (DBA2/P815 with propolis ethanolic extract (5 mg per mouse every fourth day, five times for group A, and 2.5 mg per mouse every fourth day, five times for group B significantly reduced the tumor volume (1.2 cm³ for group A and 2.7 cm³ for group B at the 22nd day after tumor graft. These effects are statistically significant as compared to those obtained with the control untreated mice (tumor volume 3.5 cm³ at day 22.

  1. Alkaloids and polyketides from Penicillium citrinum, an endophyte isolated from the Moroccan plant Ceratonia siliqua. (United States)

    El-Neketi, Mona; Ebrahim, Weaam; Lin, Wenhan; Gedara, Sahar; Badria, Farid; Saad, Hassan-Elrady A; Lai, Daowan; Proksch, Peter


    The endophytic fungus Penicillium citrinum was isolated from a fresh stem of the Moroccan plant Ceratonia siliqua. Extracts of P. citrinum grown on rice and white bean media yielded five new compounds, namely, citriquinochroman (1), tanzawaic acids G and H (2 and 3), 6-methylcurvulinic acid (4), 8-methoxy-3,5-dimethylisoquinolin-6-ol (5), and one new natural product, 1,2,3,11b-tetrahydroquinolactacide (6), which had previously been described as a synthetic compound. In addition, 13 known compounds including seven alkaloids and six polyketides were isolated. The structures of the new compounds were unambiguously determined on the basis of one- and two-dimensional NMR spectroscopy as well as by high-resolution mass spectrometry. Citriquinochroman (1) features a new skeleton, consisting of quinolactacide and (3S)-6-hydroxy-8-methoxy-3,5-dimethylisochroman linked by a C-C bond. 1,2,3,11b-Tetrahydroquinolactacide (6) may be a biogenetic precursor of quinolactacide. Citriquinochroman (1) showed cytotoxicity against the murine lymphoma L5178Y cell line with an IC50 value of 6.1 μM, while the other compounds were inactive (IC50 >10 μM) in this assay.

  2. Characterization of six toxins from the venom of the Moroccan scorpion Buthus occitanus mardochei. (United States)

    Vargas, O; Martin, M F; Rochat, H


    When the venom of the Moroccan scorpion Buthus occitanus mardochei was submitted to a combination of several chromatographic steps (including gel-filtration and ion-exchange chromatographies), seven proteins were obtained, six being lethal to mice. These proteins have been characterized by their chemical, immunological and toxic properties. The amino acid sequence (66 residues) of Bom III, the most noteworthy toxin of the venom as for its amino acid composition, is proposed following automatic sequencing of the reduced and S-methylated protein and of chymotryptic peptides. It was obvious that this sequence is somewhat different from those of toxins belonging to the same structural and immunological group (Bom III was found to be immunologically related to Buthus occitanus tunetanus toxins I and II which both share with it 56% of homology. Furthermore, Bom III was found to be unable to compete (as does Bot I) with toxin II of Androctonus australis Hector (an alpha-type toxin) for neurotoxin binding site 3 on the sodium channel of rat brain synaptosomes. Bom III was also unable to compete with toxin II of Centruroides suffusus suffusus (a beta-type toxin) to neurotoxin binding site 4 of the same channel.

  3. Efficacy of Multiple Micronutrients Fortified Milk Consumption on Iron Nutritional Status in Moroccan Schoolchildren

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Imane El Menchawy


    Full Text Available Iron deficiency constitutes a major public health problem in Morocco, mainly among women and children. The aim of our paper is to assess the efficacy of consumption of multiple micronutrients (MMN fortified milk on iron status of Moroccan schoolchildren living in rural region. Children (N=195, aged 7 to 9 y, were recruited from schools and divided into two groups: the nonfortified group (NFG received daily a nonfortified Ultra-High-Temperature (UHT milk and the fortified group received (FG daily UHT milk fortified with multiple micronutrients including iron sulfate. Blood samples were collected at baseline (T0 and after 9 months (T9. Hemoglobin (Hb was measured in situ by Hemocue device; ferritin and C Reactive Protein were assessed in serum using ELISA and nephelometry techniques, respectively. Results were considered significant when the p value was <0.05. At T9 FG showed a reduction of iron deficiency from 50.9% to 37.2% (p=0.037. Despite the low prevalence of iron deficiency anemia (1.9%; more than 50% of children in our sample suffered from iron deficiency at baseline. The consumption of fortified milk reduced the prevalence of iron deficiency by 27% in schoolchildren living in high altitude rural region of Morocco. Clinical Trial Registration. Our study is registered in the Pan African Clinical Trial Registry with the identification number PACTR201410000896410.

  4. The Bedouin mutation c.155-166del of the TBCE gene in a patient with Sanjad-Sakati syndrome of Moroccan origin. (United States)

    Ratbi, Ilham; Lyahyai, Jaber; Kabiri, Meryem; Banouar, Meryem; Zerkaoui, Maria; Barkat, Amina; Sefiania, Abdelaziz


    Sanjad-Sakati syndrome (SSS) or hypoparathyroidism-retardation-dysmorphism syndrome (HDR) is a rare autosomal recessive disorder. It is characterized by the association of congenital hypothyroidism, growth retardation, psychomotor retardation, epilepsy, dysmorphic features (microcephaly, facial, eye, and dental anomalies), and abnormalities of the extremities. The prevalence of SSS is unknown. Reported patients are were almost exclusively from the Arabian Peninsula. They are were all homozygous for the ancestral mutation c.155- 166del of the TBCE gene, also known as "the Bedouin mutation." We report on the first clinical and molecular description of a Moroccan patient with Sanjad-Sakati syndrome. He is was a carrier for the Bedouin mutation, not surprising, knowing that part of the Moroccan population has Arabian origin. This diagnosis allowed us to provide an appropriate management to the patient, to make a genetic counseling to his family, and to enrich genetic data on the Moroccan population.

  5. Changes in health and primary health care use of Moroccan and Turkish migrants between 2001 and 2005: a longitudinal study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Foets Marleen


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Social environment and health status are related, and changes affecting social relations may also affect the general health state of a group. During the past few years, several events have affected the relationships between Muslim immigrants and the non-immigrant population in many countries. This study investigates whether the health status of the Moroccan and Turkish immigrants in the Netherlands has changed in four years, whether changes in health status have had any influence on primary health care use, and which socio-demographic factors might explain this relationship. Methods A cohort of 108 Turkish and 102 Moroccan respondents were interviewed in 2001 and in 2005. The questionnaire included the SF-36 and the GP contact frequency (in the past two months. Interviews were conducted in the language preferred by the respondents. Data were analysed using multivariate linear regression. Results The mental health of the Moroccan group improved between 2001 and 2005. Physical health remained unchanged for both groups. The number of GP contacts decreased with half a contact/2 months among the Turkish group. Significant predictors of physical health change were: age, educational level. For mental health change, these were: ethnicity, age, civil status, work situation in 2001, change in work situation. For change in GP contacts: ethnicity, age and change in mental and physical health. Conclusion Changes in health status concerned the mental health component. Changes in health status were paired with changes in health care utilization. Among the Turkish group, an unexpected decrease in GP contacts was noticed, whilst showing a generally unchanged health status. Further research taking perceived quality of care into account might help shedding some light on this outcome.

  6. Does i-T744C P2Y12 Polymorphism Modulate Clopidogrel Response among Moroccan Acute Coronary Syndromes Patients? (United States)

    Hmimech, Wiam; El Khorb, Nada; Akoudad, Hafid; Habbal, Rachida; Nadifi, Sellama


    Background. An interindividual variability in response to Clopidogrel has been widely described in patients with acute coronary syndromes (ACS). The contribution of genetics on modulating this response was widely discussed. The objective of our study was to investigate the potential effect of i-T744C P2Y12 polymorphism on Clopidogrel response in a sample of Moroccan ACS patients. We tried also to determine the frequency of this polymorphism among Moroccan ACS compared to healthy subjects. Methods and Results. 77 ACS patients versus 101 healthy controls were recruited. DNA samples were genotyped by PCR-RFLP method. The VerifyNow assay was used to evaluate platelet function among ACS patients. Our results show that the mutant allele C was more frequent among ACS ST (+) than ST (−) patients (39% versus 19.8%, resp.), when the wild-type allele was more represented in the ACS ST (−) group (80.2%). The C allele frequency was higher among resistant than nonresistant patients (30% versus 20.8%, resp.). Comparison of ACS patients and healthy controls shows higher frequency of mutant C allele among cases compared to controls (22.73% versus 19.31%, resp.); there was a statistically significant association of the recessive and additive transmission models with the ACS development risk (OR [95% CI] = 1.78 [1.58–5.05], P = 0.01 and OR [95% CI] = 1.23 [0.74–2.03], P < 0.001, resp.), increasing thus the association of this polymorphism with the pathology. Conclusion. Our results suggest that this polymorphism may have a potential effect on Clopidogrel response among our Moroccan ACS patients and also on ACS development.

  7. Methodological challenges in quality of life research among Turkish and Moroccan ethnic minority cancer patients: translation, recruitment and ethical issues. (United States)

    Hoopman, Rianne; Terwee, Caroline B; Muller, Martin J; Ory, Ferko G; Aaronson, Neil K


    The large population of first generation Turkish and Moroccan immigrants who moved to Western Europe in the 1960s and 1970s is now reaching an age at which the incidence of chronic diseases, including cancer, rises sharply. To date, little attention has been paid to the health-related quality of life (HRQOL) of these ethnic minority groups, primarily due to the paucity of well translated and validated measures, but also because of a range of methodological and logistical barriers. The primary objective of this paper is to describe the methodological challenges in conducting HRQOL research among these patient populations, based on experience gained in a project in which four widely used HRQOL questionnaires were translated into Turkish, Moroccan-Arabic and Tarifit, and administered to a sample of 90 Turkish and 79 Moroccan cancer patients in the Netherlands. Problems encountered in translating and administering the questionnaires included achieving semantic equivalence (use of loanwords), use of numerical rating scales, lengthy questions and response scales, and culturally sensitive and/or inappropriate questions. Privacy laws that prohibit hospitals from registering the ethnicity of patients hampered efficient identification of eligible patients. Recruiting patients to studies is often difficult due to low literacy levels, lack of familiarity with and distrust of research, concerns about immigration status, and inaccurate or missing contact information. This can lead to lower response rates than is the case with the population of Dutch cancer patients. Additional ethical issues that arise in such studies concern patients' problems with communicating with their health care providers, their lack of understanding of their diagnosis, treatment and prognosis, and the potential role conflict experienced by bilingual research assistants who may wish or be asked to intervene on the patients' behalf. Practical approaches to resolving these issues are presented.

  8. Midbrain hematoma presenting with isolated bilateral palsy of the third cranial nerve in a Moroccan man: a case report

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    El Ouali Ouarda


    Full Text Available Abstract Introduction Bilateral third nerve palsy secondary to a hemorrhagic stroke is exceptional. To the best of our knowledge, no similar case has been reported in the literature. Case presentation We describe the case of a 69-year-old Moroccan man who presented with isolated sudden bilateral third nerve palsy. Computed tomography (CT of the brain revealed a midbrain hematoma. The oculomotor function gradually and completely improved over eight months of follow-up. Conclusion Stroke should be included in the differential diagnosis of sudden isolated oculomotor paralysis even when it is bilateral because of the severity of the underlying disease and the importance of its therapeutic implications.

  9. Perspectives on care and communication involving incurably ill Turkish and Moroccan patients, relatives and professionals: a systematic literature review

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    de Graaff Fuusje M


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Our aim was to obtain a clearer picture of the relevant care experiences and care perceptions of incurably ill Turkish and Moroccan patients, their relatives and professional care providers, as well as of communication and decision-making patterns at the end of life. The ultimate objective is to improve palliative care for Turkish and Moroccan immigrants in the Netherlands, by taking account of socio-cultural factors in the guidelines for palliative care. Methods A systematic literature review was undertaken. The data sources were seventeen national and international literature databases, four Dutch journals dedicated to palliative care and 37 websites of relevant national and international organizations. All the references found were checked to see whether they met the structured inclusion criteria. Inclusion was limited to publications dealing with primary empirical research on the relationship between socio-cultural factors and the health or care situation of Turkish or Moroccan patients with an oncological or incurable disease. The selection was made by first reading the titles and abstracts and subsequently the full texts. The process of deciding which studies to include was carried out by two reviewers independently. A generic appraisal instrument was applied to assess the methodological quality. Results Fifty-seven studies were found that reported findings for the countries of origin (mainly Turkey and the immigrant host countries (mainly the Netherlands. The central themes were experiences and perceptions of family care, professional care, end-of-life care and communication. Family care is considered a duty, even when such care becomes a severe burden for the main female family caregiver in particular. Professional hospital care is preferred by many of the patients and relatives because they are looking for a cure and security. End-of-life care is strongly influenced by the continuing hope for recovery. Relatives are

  10. Acculturation and use of health care services by Turkish and Moroccan migrants: a cross-sectional population-based study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hesselink Arlette E


    Full Text Available Abstract Background There is insufficient empirical evidence which shows if and how there is an interrelation between acculturation and health care utilisation. The present study seeks to establish this evidence within first generation Turkish and Moroccan migrants, two of the largest migrant groups in present-day Western Europe. Methods Data were derived from the Amsterdam Health Monitor 2004, and were complete for 358 Turkish and 288 Moroccan foreign-born migrants. Use of health services (general practitioner, outpatient specialist and health care for mental health problems was measured by means of self-report. Acculturation was measured by a structured questionnaire grading (i ethnic self-identification, (ii social interaction with ethnic Dutch, (iii communication in Dutch within one's private social network, (iv emancipation, and (v cultural orientation towards the public domain. Results Acculturation was hardly associated with the use of general practitioner care. However, in case of higher adaptation to the host culture there was less uptake of outpatient specialist care among Turkish respondents (odds ratio [OR] = 0.90, 95% confidence interval [CI] = 0.82-0.99 and Moroccan male respondents (OR = 0.81, 95% CI = 0.71-0.93. Conversely, there was a higher uptake of mental health care among Turkish men (OR = 0.81, 95% CI = 0.71-0.93 and women (OR = 0.81, 95% CI = 0.71-0.93. Uptake of mental health care among Moroccan respondents again appeared lower (OR = 0.74, 95% CI = 0.55-0.99. Language ability appeared to play a central role in the uptake of health care. Conclusion Some results were in accordance with the popular view that an increased participation in the host society is concomitant to an increased use of health services. However, there was heterogeneity across ethnic and gender groups, and across the domains of acculturation. Language ability appeared to play a central role. Further research needs to explore this heterogeneity into more

  11. Low bone mineral density is related to atherosclerosis in postmenopausal Moroccan women

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cherkaoui Mohammed


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Some studies have implicated several possible metabolic linkages between osteoporosis and vascular calcification, including estrogen deficiency, vitamin D excess, vitamin K deficiency and lipid oxidation products. Nevertheless, it remains unclear whether osteoporosis and atherosclerosis are related to each other or are independent processes, both related to aging. The aim of this cross-sectional study was to evaluate the correlation between arterial thickening and bone status in a sample of apparently healthy Moroccan women. Methods Seventy-two postmenopausal women were studied. All patients were without secondary causes that might affect bone density. Bone status was assessed by bone mineral density (BMD in lumbar spine and all femoral sites. Arterial wall thickening was assessed by intima-media thickness (IMT in carotid artery (CA and femoral artery (FA. Prevalent plaques were categorized into four groups ranging from low echogenicity to high echogenicity. Results The mean age was 59.2 ± 8.3 years. 84.7% had at least one plaque. By Spearman Rank correlation, CA IMT was negatively correlated to Femoral total BMD (r = -0.33, Femoral neck BMD (r = -0.23, Ward triangle BMD (r = -0.30 and Trochanter BMD (r = -0.28 while there was no association with lumbar BMD. In multiple regression analysis, CA IMT emerged as an independent factor significantly associated with all femoral sites BMD after adjusting of confounding factors. FA IMT failed to be significantly associated with both Femoral and Lumbar BMD. No significant differences between echogenic, predominantly echogenic, predominantly echolucent and echolucent plaques groups were found concerning lumbar BMD and all femoral sites BMD Conclusion Our results demonstrate a negative correlation between bone mineral density (BMD qnd carotid intima-media thickness (IMT in postmenopausal women, independently of confounding factors. We suggest that bone status should be evaluated in

  12. Physico-chemical properties and the microflora of Moroccan black table olives

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Asehraou, A.


    Full Text Available Eleven samples of Moroccan black table olives were analyzed for their microflora and the physico-chemical factors. A survey of the most frequent microorganisms including standard plate count (SPC, counts of the indicator microorganisms (total and fecal coliforms and enterococci, staphylococci. Salmonella, sporeforming bacteria (Clostridium and Bacillus and yeasts and molds was determined. The physico-chemical factors grouped pH, aw, NaCl concentration and the ADV (Acid degree value of the fatty matter. Results reported hereby showed a low microbial load except for the yeasts and molds. The values found for the physico-chemical factors (low for the pH and the aw and high for the ADV and salt content would suggest an inhibitory effect on the initial microflora charge of the black table olives.

    Se estudiaron la microflora y las propiedades físico-químicas de aceitunas negras de mesa en 11 muestras. Los microorganismos más abundantes contados incluyeron: flora mesofila total, indicadores de contaminación fecal (Coliformes totales y fecales, Enterococcus, Staphylococcus, Salmonella, esporulados (Bacillus y Clostridium y levaduras y mohos. Los análisis físico-químicos incluyeron: aw (actividad de agua, pH, índice de acidez de la materia grasa y concentración de NaCl. Los resultados nos demuestran perfiles microbianos bajos para todos los microorganismos excepto levaduras y mohos. Los valores bajos de pH y de aw, y otros elevados del índice de acidez y del contenido en sal, nos sugiere una Inhibición de estos factores sobre e! crecimiento y/o la supervivencia de la microflora de las aceitunas negras de mesa.

  13. Anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant and antioxidant effects of aqueous extracts from Moroccan thyme varieties

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Tarik; Khouya; Mhamed; Ramchoun; Abdelbassat; Hmidani; Souliman; Amrani; Hicham; Harnafi; Mohamed; Benlyas; Younes; Filali; Zegzouti; Chakib; Alem


    Objective: To evaluate the anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant and antioxidant effects of aqueous extracts of thyme varieties from Moroccan.Methods: The aqueous extracts of tree medicinal plants [Thymus atlanticus(T. atlanticus), Thymus satureioides and Thymus zygis(T. zygis)] were screened for their antioxidant activity using 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl radical-scavenging, ferric reducing antioxidant power assay, radical scavenging activity method, the inhibition of 2,2’-azobis(2-amidinopropane) dihydrochloride that induces oxidative erythrocyte hemolysis and thiobarbituric acid reactive substances assay. The anti-inflammatory activity of aqueous extracts was evaluated in vivo using croton oil-induced ear edema and carrageenan-induced paw edema in mice and rats, respectively. This extracts were evaluated in vitro for their anticoagulant activity at the different concentrations by partial thromboplastin time and prothrombin time activated. Results: All thyme varieties were found to possess considerable antioxidant activity and potent anti-inflammatory activity in the croton oil-induced edema. Administration of aqueous extracts of two varieties(50 mg/kg)(T. zygis and T. atlanticus) reduced significantly the carrageenaninduced paw edema similar to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug(indomethacin, 10 mg/kg). In partial thromboplastin time and prothrombin time tests, T. atlanticus and T. zygis extracts showed the strongest anticoagulant activity. In contrast, Thymus satureioides did not show the anticoagulant activity in these tests. Conclusions: All aqueous extracts possess considerable antioxidant activity and are rich in total polyphenol and flavonoid but they act differently in the process of inflammatory and coagulation studied. This study shows great variability of biological activities in thyme varieties.

  14. Antimycobacterial natural products from Moroccan medicinal plants: Chemical composition, bacteriostatic and bactericidal profile of Thymus satureioides and Mentha pulegium essential oils

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marwa Chraibi


    Conclusions: It is clearly evident from the results obtained that the Moroccan medicinal plants have great potential to be used as anti-tuberculosis agents. These findings may help scientists to undertake several research projects to discover useful natural product as new anti-tuberculosis drug.

  15. French Neo-Colonial Influence on Moroccan Language Education Policy: A Study of Current Status of Standard Arabic in Science Disciplines (United States)

    Zakhir, Marouane; O'Brien, Jason L.


    This paper reports the findings of a study on the attitudes of teachers and students regarding the language policy of the Moroccan educational system. Its primary goal is to explain the gap existing between the policy of Arabisation (i.e., the official adoption and utilization of Standard Arabic) and its practical implementation in science…

  16. Ethnic identity, externalizing problem behaviour and the mediating role of self-esteem among Dutch, Turkish-Dutch and Moroccan-Dutch adolescents

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Wissink, I.B.; Deković, M.; Yağmur, S.; Stams, G.J.; de Haan, M.


    The present study examined whether self-esteem mediates the relationship between two aspects of ethnic identity (i.e. ethnic identity exploration and ethnic identity commitment-affirmation) and externalizing problem behaviour in Dutch, Turkish-Dutch and Moroccan-Dutch adolescents living in the Nethe

  17. The attitudes and intention to participate in hemoglobinopathy carrier screening in the Netherlands among individuals from turkish, moroccan, and surinamese descent

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Pal, S.M. van der; Kesteren, N.M.C. van; Wouwe, J.P. van; Dommelen, P. van; Detmar, S.B.


    Objective. To explore factors that influence intention to participate in hemoglobinopathy (HbP) carrier screening under Dutch subjects at risk, since HbP became more common in The Netherlands. Method. Structured interviews with 301 subjects from Turkish, Moroccan, or Surinamese ethnicity. Results. H

  18. Ethnic penalties? The role of human capital and social origins in labour market outcomes of second-generation Moroccans and Turks in the Netherlands

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    P. Gracia; L.M. Vázquez-Quesada; H.G. van de Werfhorst


    In Western Europe, the children of Moroccan and Turkish migrants were found to be significantly disadvantaged in the labour market. This ethnic gap was found to persist after considering differences in schooling, which was argued to reflect ‘ethnic penalties’ driven by cultural, religious, or racial

  19. The ability of two scoring systems to predict in-hospital mortality of patients with moderate and severe traumatic brain injuries in a Moroccan intensive care unit

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hicham Nejmi


    Full Text Available Aim of Study: We aim to assess and to compare the predicting power for in-hospital mortality (IHM of the Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation-II (APACHE-II and the Simplified Acute Physiology Score-II (SAPS-II for traumatic brain injury (TBI. Patients and Methods: This retrospective cohort study was conducted during a period of 2 years and 9 months in a Moroccan intensive care unit. Data were collected during the first 24 h of each admission. The clinical and laboratory parameters were analyzed and used as per each scoring system to calculate the scores. Univariate and multivariate analyses through regression logistic models were performed, to predict IHM after moderate and severe TBIs. Areas under the receiver operating characteristic curves (AUROC, specificities and sensitivities were determined and also compared. Results: A total of 225 patients were enrolled. The observed IHM was 51.5%. The univariate analysis showed that the initial Glasgow coma scale (GCS was lower in nonsurviving patients (mean GCS = 6 than the survivors (mean GCS = 9 with a statistically significant difference (P = 0.0024. The APACHE-II and the SAPS-II of the nonsurviving patients were higher than those of the survivors (respectively 20.4 ± 6.8 and 31.2 ± 13.6 for nonsurvivors vs. 15.7 ± 5.4 and 22.7 ± 10.3 for survivors with a statistically significant difference (P = 0.0032 for APACHE-II and P = 0.0045 for SAPS-II. Multivariate analysis: APACHE-II was superior for predicting IHM (AUROC = 0.92. Conclusion: The APACHE-II is an interesting tool to predict IHM of head injury patients. This is particularly relevant in Morocco, where TBI is a greater public health problem than in many other countries.

  20. Lipid profile among Moroccan overweight women and breast cancer: a case-control study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laamiri FZ


    Full Text Available Fatima Zahra Laamiri,1 Azzedine Otmani,2 Samir Ahid,1,3 Amina Barkat11Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy/Research Team in Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition, Mohammed V-Souissi University, Rabat, Morocco; 2National Institute of Oncology, Rabat, Morocco; 3Pharmacy Unit, National Institute of Oncology, Rabat, MoroccoBackground: Breast cancer has become the most common type of cancer in Morocco. In 2005, 127 new cases in women, representing 33.5% of female cancers, were added to the National Center of Oncology registry. The incidence of breast cancer is higher in Morocco than in the three other Maghreb countries, and it is significantly lower than in Western countries where it stands at over 80 cases per 100,000 people.Purpose: This 2-year long case-control study was conducted to assess the causal relationship between the lipid profile of overweight Moroccan women and breast cancer risk.Patients and methods: Overweight female patients with breast cancer (n = 400 were compared to 400 healthy controls at the National Institute of Oncology of Rabat. The epidemiological data on the disease and physical activity were gathered by interviewing the patients who had their lipid profile measured (total cholesterol, triglycerides, high density lipoprotein cholesterol, and low density lipoprotein cholesterol. Body mass index was used to determine if patients were overweight.Results: Univariate analysis revealed a significant association between breast cancer and high body mass index (odds ratio [OR] = 1.31; 95% confidence interval [CI] = 1.25–1.37, menopause (OR = 2.68; 95% CI = 2–3.55, lack of physical activity (OR = 0.26; 95% CI = 0.21–0.31, and triglyceridemia (OR = 3.78; 95% CI = 2.73–5.23. Multivariate analysis revealed that the statistically significant increase in breast cancer risk was associated with a higher body mass index (OR = 1.11; 95% CI = 1.04–1.18, menopause (OR = 9.11; 95% CI = 4.76–17.47, and high triglyceride levels (OR = 4

  1. The Moroccan solar plan. A comparative analysis of CSP and PV utilization until 2020

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Richts, Christoph


    The present master thesis conducts technical and economic simulations of large-scale Photovoltaic (PV) and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants for the Moroccan Solar Plan. It provides a database of performance indicators such as energy yields, capacity factors, typical efficiencies and losses of technical components, LCOE, and difference costs (DC: LCOE minus avoided costs of the conventional power system) for fixed tilted, 1-axis horizontal, 1-axis vertical and 2-axis tracking PV and CSP with no, 6, 12 and 18 full load hours of thermal storage. HelioClim irradiation data of 2005 for the sites in Ouarzazate, Ain Ben Mathar, Boujdour, Laayoune and Tarfaya is used ranging between 1,927 - 2,428 kWh/m{sup 2}/y (DNI) and 1,968 - 2,154 kWh/m{sup 2}/y (GHI). In the base scenario minimum LCOE are 9.6 - 5.4 EURct/kWh for PV (2012 - 2020) varying between 0.90 - 1.55 EURct/kWh among sites and technologies. CSP reaches 12.8 - 9.2 EURct/kWh and a bandwidth of 2.3 - 1.6 EURct/kWh. Average DC are lowest for horizontal 1-axis tracking (0.4 and -7.7 EURct/kWh for plants built in 2012 and 2020 respectively) and CSP with 6 hours of storage (1.3 and -3.5 EURct/kWh). PV is cheaper for all sites and technologies due to higher learning curves and less initial investment, but cannot contribute to coverage of the daily evening peak in Morocco. Four different MSP-scenarios with 2000 MW of solar energy require total investments of 3.7 - 7.5 billion EUR and yield 7.9% - 12.8% of the electricity demand in 2020 (given a growth 7%/y) depending on the ratio of PV and CSP utilization. The average LCOE are 8.3 - 11.7 EURct/kWh and the total discounted DC (10%/y) are -254 - 391 million EUR. Thus, solar energy is partly less expensive than a business-as-usual scenario. An extensive sensitivity analysis for WACC and price escalation of conventional energy shows that for only PV and only CSP scenarios in 55 and 22 out of 72 cases the DC are negative - although no environmental costs for conventional

  2. The Pecking Order Theory and sme s Financing: Insight into the Mediterranean Area and a Study in the Moroccan Context


    Meryem Aabi


    Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are the necessary force of the socio-economic development in the Mediterranean. Their role as providers of employment and as key players of economic growth is essential. Indeed, the issues relating to the starting up, financing and operation of sme s provoke a crucial interest, growing internationally. However, the financing of SMEs breaks in the momentum of economic growth. It is often said that SMEs access to credit is difficult and a major constra...

  3. The Pecking Order Theory and sme s Financing: Insight into the Mediterranean Area and a Study in the Moroccan Context

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Meryem Aabi


    Full Text Available Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs are the necessary force of the socio-economic development in the Mediterranean. Their role as providers of employment and as key players of economic growth is essential. Indeed, the issues relating to the starting up, financing and operation of sme s provoke a crucial interest, growing internationally. However, the financing of SMEs breaks in the momentum of economic growth. It is often said that SMEs access to credit is difficult and a major constraint is related to credit institution’s features in the Mediterranean, i. e. Morocco. Thus, the paper’s subject is closely related to the identification of the hierarchical funding of sme s, introduced at the Casablanca stock exchange. To this end, we adopted a dynamic approach and we used a Data analysis of panel. They are particularly suited to analyze dynamic effects, because they allow a better understanding of the dynamic adjustment of the sme’s financial structure.

  4. Characterization of odor-active compounds in extracts obtained by simultaneous extraction/distillation from moroccan black olives. (United States)

    Collin, Sonia; Nizet, Sabrina; Muls, Sophie; Iraqi, Rafika; Bouseta, Amina


    "Greek-style" Moroccan black table olives were screened for potent odorants by GC/olfactometry/aroma extract dilution analysis of representative Likens-Nickerson extracts and compared with "Spanish-style" green fruits. ( Z)-3-Hexenal, ( E, E)-2,4-decadienal, ( E, Z)-2,4-decadienal, guaiacol, and methional were found in both green and black olives, but with significant differences in concentration according to the fruit ripening degree (the first was lower and the last two were higher in black fruits). Specific compounds not previously detected in green olives (gamma-deca- and dodecalactones, delta-decalactone, and 2-methyl-3-furanthiol) proved to be, with methional, the strongest odors in black olive extracts. These extracts were also distinguishable from green olive extracts by the presence of new sulfur compounds and fewer terpenes.

  5. First characterization of Jbel Aklim in Moroccan Anti-Atlas as a potential site for the E-ELT (United States)

    Benhida, A.; Benkhaldoun, Z.; Sabil, M.; Hach, Y.; Lazrek, M.; Habib, A.


    In the framework of the E-ELT project a prospecting campaign was launched by the ESO to select the site that will host the next generation of optical telescopes of 42 m diameter. Moroccan Anti-Atlas (Jbel Aklim) was selected as well as other sites (ORM, Ventarrones and Macon) to be a possible potential location that will house the E-ELT. In this paper we first present the reasons for the choice of Jbel Aklim as a E-ELT candidate through various exploration campaigns that we have achieved. The second part concerns description of instruments used. Finally we will present the preliminary results of the meteorological and MASS-DIMM measurements.

  6. Intraspecific genetic variability in a population of Moroccan Leishmania infantum revealed by PCR-RFLP of kDNA minicircles. (United States)

    El Hamouchi, Adil; Ejghal, Rajaa; Hida, Moustapha; Lemrani, Meryem


    In Morocco, Leishmania infantum is the main etiologic agent of human and canine visceral leishmaniasis (VL). This species has been proven to be an opportunistic agent in HIV+ patients and is also responsible of sporadic cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL).This work aims to evaluate the genetic variability of Moroccan L. infantum strains based on PCR-RFLP analysis of the kinetoplastid DNA (kDNA) minicircles. A total of 75 DNA samples extracted from positive Giemsa-stained smears (n=32) and from L. infantum cultures (n=43) was studied. The samples have been taken from VL patients infected (n=7) or not (n=56) by HIV, patients with CL (n=2) and finally from infected dogs (n=10). An hypervariable region of kDNA was amplified using the primers MC1 and MC2; the PCR products were digested separately by a panel of nine restriction enzymes. The presence or absence of restriction fragments was scored in a binary matrix and the SplitsTree4 software was used for the construction of a Neighbor-Net network. Moroccan L. infantum population showed an important level of variability with the identification of 6 genotypes. For each genotype a PCR product was sequenced, confirming the presence of all the expected restriction sites. The predominant profile was the genotype B. A new genotype, named Q was detected for the first time, whereas the four other genotypes (G, K, N and O) were reported sporadically in the Mediterranean basin. The Neighbor-Net network segregates our L. infantum population into 3 clusters: Cluster I includes genotype B, cluster II grouping the genotypes O, Q and G and finally the cluster III contains the genotype N. The kDNA-PCR-RFLP assay is suitable for use directly on biological samples; it reveals an important degree of genetic variability among L. infantum strains even those belonging to the same zymodeme what is of great epidemiological interest.

  7. Neutronic and thermal-hydraulic analysis of new irradiation channels inside the Moroccan TRIGA Mark II research reactor core. (United States)

    Chham, E; El Bardouni, T; Benaalilou, K; Boukhal, H; El Bakkari, B; Boulaich, Y; El Younoussi, C; Nacir, B


    This study was conducted to improve the capacity of radioisotope production in the Moroccan TRIGA Mark II research reactor, which is considered as one of the most important applications of research reactors. The aim of this study is to enhance the utilization of TRIGA core in the field of neutron activation and ensure an economic use of the fuel. The main idea was to create an additional irradiation channel (IC) inside the core. For this purpose, three new core configurations are proposed, which differ according to the IC position in the core. Thermal neutron flux distribution and other neutronic safety parameters such as power peaking factors, excess reactivity, and control rods worth reactivity were calculated using the Monte Carlo N-Particle Transport (MCNP) code and neutron cross-section library based on ENDF/B-VII evaluation. The calculated thermal flux in the central thimble (CT) and in the added IC for the reconfigured core is compared with the thermal flux in the CT of the existing core, which is taken as a reference. The results show that all the obtained fluxes in CTs are very close to the reference value, while a remarkable difference is observed between the fluxes in the new ICs and reference. This difference depends on the position of IC in the reactor core. To demonstrate that the Moroccan TRIGA reactor could safely operate at 2MW, with new configurations based on new ICs, different safety-related thermal-hydraulic parameters were investigated. The PARET model was used in this study to verify whether the safety margins are met despite the new modifications of the core. The results show that it is possible to introduce new ICs safely in the reactor core, because the obtained values of the parameters are largely far from compromising the safety of the reactor.

  8. Fatty acids and sterols evolution during the ripening of olives from the Moroccan Picholine cultivar.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ajana, H.


    Full Text Available From june to february 13 olive samples from Moroccan Picholine olive trees were collected. The oils from the first samples have high acidity levels (>1%. But this latter decreases rapidly then stabilizes between 0.36 and 0.44%. The evolution of the total fatty acids shows a relatively high rates of C18:3 in the first samples. These proportions decrease during the ripeness process and stabilize at 0.8 - 0.9% from begining november. The C16:0 decreases while C18:2 increases during the ripening. Monoinsaturated fatty acid predominate in the Sn 2 glycerol position. The sum of the palmitic and the stearic acids proportions in this position become less than 1.5% between mid november and begining January. The chemical composition of the mesocarp fatty acids is quantitatively and qualitatively similar to that observed for the total fatty acids of the whole olives. However, the total fatty acids of the olive seed are quantitatively different from those of the mesocarp. The proportions of these fatty acids remain stable since mid September. The β sitosterol is the main sterol in all our samples with a proportion exceeding 84%. The Δ5 avenasterol reaches a maximum at January 2 nd at this time the β sitosterol have its lowest rate. The campesterol rates vary between 3 and 3.5% and the rates of the stigmasterol stabilize around 1 % until the begining november then it decreases to 0.5%.

    De junio a febrero se recogieron 13 muestras de aceitunas de olivos de la variedad Picholine Marroquí. Los aceites de las primeras muestras tuvieron altos niveles de acidez (>1% que posteriormente disminuyeron rápidamente para luego estabilizarse entre 0.36 y 0.44%. La evolución de los ácidos grasos totales mostró unos niveles relativamente altos de 018:3 en las primeras muestras. Estas proporciones disminuyeron durante el proceso de maduración y se estabilizaron a 0.8 - 0.9% a comienzos de noviembre. El C16:0 disminuyó mientras que el C18:2 aumentó durante

  9. Controlled fermentation of Moroccan picholine green olives by oleuropein-degrading Lactobacilli strains

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ghabbour, N.


    Full Text Available The control of the spontaneous fermentation process of un-debittered Moroccan Picholine green olives was undertaken basing the inoculation with two lactobacilli strains (Lactobacillus plantarum S175 and Lactobacillus pentosus S100. These strains, previously selected in our laboratory for their oleuropein-degrading capacity, were inoculated in olives brined at 5% of NaCl, and then incubated at 30 ÅãC. The physico-chemical parameters (pH, free acidity, reducing sugars, sodium chloride, oleuropein and its hydrolysis products, and the microbiological parameters (mesophilic aerobic bacteria, coliforms, Staphylococcus, lactic acid bacteria and yeasts and moulds, were regularly analyzed during the fermentation time. The results obtained showed the effectiveness of the lactic acid bacteria strains to develop suitable oleuropein biodegradation and controlled lactic fermentation processes more than the un-inoculated olives (control. This result was confirmed by the rapid elimination of coliforms and staphylococcus, the accumulation of hydroxytyrosol as a result of oleuropein biodegradation, and a drastic reduction in spoiled olives with good quality fermented olives.Se llevó a cabo el control del proceso de fermentación espontánea de aceitunas verdes sin desamargar picholine marroquí basado en la inoculación con dos cepas de lactobacilos (Lactobacillus plantarum S175 y Lactobacillus pentosus S100. Estas cepas, seleccionadas previamente en nuestro laboratorio por su capacidad de degradar a la oleuropeína, se inocularon en las aceitunas en salmuera al 5 % de NaCl, y después se incubaron a 30 °C. Los parámetros físico-químicos (pH, acidez libre, reducción de azúcares, cloruro sódico, oleuropeína y sus productos de hidrólisis y los parámetros microbiológicos (bacterias aerobias mesófilas, coliformes, estafilococos, bacterias lácticas y levaduras y mohos, fueron analizados regularmente durante el tiempo de fermentación. Los resultados

  10. Climate change impacts on Moroccan agriculture and the whole economy: An analysis of the impacts of the Plan Maroc Vert in Morocco


    Ouraich, Ismail; Tyner, Wallace E.


    The paper provides estimates of economic impacts of climate change, compares these with historical impacts of drought spells, and estimates the extent to which the current Moroccan agricultural development and investment strategy, the Plan Maroc Vert, helps in agricultural adaptation to climate change and uncertainty. We develop a regionalized Morocco Computable General Equilibrium model to analyse the linkages of climate-induced productivity losses (gains) at the level of administrative and ...

  11. The Tachakoucht-Iriri-Tourtit arc complex (Moroccan Anti-Atlas): Neoproterozoic records of polyphased subduction-accretion dynamics during the Pan-African orogeny (United States)

    Triantafyllou, Antoine; Berger, Julien; Baele, Jean-Marc; Diot, Hervé; Ennih, Nasser; Plissart, Gaëlle; Monnier, Christophe; Watlet, Arnaud; Bruguier, Olivier; Spagna, Paul; Vandycke, Sara


    We report new mapping, tectonic, metamorphic and U-Pb zircon dating data on the polyphased Tachakoucht-Iriri and Tourtit arc-related units within the Moroccan Pan-African belt (Sirwa window, Anti-Atlas). The studied area contains four different sub-units, from south to north: (1) the Tachakoucht gneisses intruded to its northern part by (2) Iriri intrusions. To the north, the Tachakoucht-Iriri massif is thrusted by (3) the south-verging 760 Ma Khzama ophiolitic sequence intruded by (4) the Tourtit meta-granitic complex. The Tachakoucht gneiss represents former andesitic to dacitic porphyritic rocks crystallized around 740-720 Ma in an intra-oceanic arc setting (IOAS). Subsequently, it has been buried and metamorphosed to 700 °C, 8 kbar in response to early accretion of the arc onto the West African Craton (WAC). This tectono-metamorphic event also led to the dismembering and stacking of back-arc ophiolite onto the arc unit. Subsequently, the Iriri intrusions, a suite of hydrous mafic dykes (hornblende gabbro and fine-grained basalt) and ultramafic (hornblendite) plutons showing subduction zone affinities, intruded the Tachakoucht gneiss under P-T conditions of 750-800 °C and 2-5 kbar. Emplacement of Iriri intrusions led locally to pronounced partial melting of the Tachakoucht gneiss and to the production of leucogranitic melts. These melts crop out into the Iriri-Tachakoucht gneiss contacts as leucogneissic bands (former leucosomes, dated at 651 ± 5 Ma) but also intruded the Khzama ophiolite to form the Tourtit granite (dated at 651 ± 3 Ma). These ages (651-641 Ma) also constrain the timing of Iriri intrusion emplacement. The entire complex has been overprinted by a second deformation event under greenschist to amphibolite facies conditions marked by transposition of primary structures and a development of mylonitic shear zones. These results and those published on the Bou Azzer window show that two phases of subduction-related magmatism occurred in the Anti

  12. Automatic spline-smoothing approach applied to denoise Moroccan resistivity data phosphate deposit “disturbances” map

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Saad Bakkali


    Full Text Available This paper focuses on presenting a method which is able to filter out noise and suppress outliers of sampled real functions under fairly general conditions. The automatic optimal spline-smoothing approach automatically determi-nes how a cubic spline should be adjusted in a least-squares optimal sense from an a priori selection of the number of points defining an adjusting spline, but not their location on that curve. The method is fast and easily allowed for selecting several knots, thereby adding desirable flexibility to the procedure. As an illustration, we apply the AOSSA method to Moroccan resistivity data phosphate deposit “disturbances” map. The AOSSA smoothing method is an e-fficient tool in interpreting geophysical potential field data which is particularly suitable in denoising, filtering and a-nalysing resistivity data singularities. The AOSSA smoothing and filtering approach was found to be consistently use-ful when applied to modeling surface phosphate “disturbances.”.

  13. Effect of argan and olive oil consumption on the hormonal profile of androgens among healthy adult Moroccan men. (United States)

    Derouiche, Abdelfettah; Jafri, Ali; Driouch, Issam; El Khasmi, Mohammed; Adlouni, Ahmed; Benajiba, Nada; Bamou, Youssef; Saile, Rachid; Benouhoud, Mohammed


    This study aimed to assess the effect of virgin argan oil (VAO) and extra virgin olive oil (EVO) on the hormonal profile of androgens and anthropometric parameters among healthy adult Moroccan men during a controlled nutritional intervention. The study was carried out on 60 young and healthy male volunteers aged between 23 and 40 years old. During a stabilization period of 2 weeks they consumed butter. The group was then randomized into two categories, the first one consuming VAO and the second EVO for 3 weeks. Testosterone (T), luteinizing hormone (LH) and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEAS) serum concentrations were measured at the beginning of the study and at the end of each period. The Mann-Whitney test was used to compare the two groups (VAO and EVO) during each step of the study. Differences in androgens and anthropometric parameters between the baseline and after 3 weeks of the diet in the VAO and EVO groups were analyzed using the Wilcoxon test. T and LH serum concentrations significantly increased after the intervention period. T levels increased by 19.9% and 17.4% (p argan or olive oils. The results suggest that consumption of AVO and EVO might be the origin of a positive action on the androgen hormonal profile of men.

  14. The Impact of the Implementation of the ERP on End-User Satisfaction Case of Moroccan Companies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fatima JALIL


    Full Text Available In recent years, the implementation of ERP is as a lever for development and inter-organizational collaboration. The ERP is a powerful tool for integration, sharing of information, and fluidizing of the process within the organizations (El Amrani et al. 2006; Kocoglu and Moatti, 2010. The company must not only equip and computerization but it must opt for the establishment of an IT infrastructure "optimal" who will respond to its present and future needs. OF or the interest of the application integration, and especially of the ERP who come remedy the situations mentioned. This article proposes a model and tests to evaluate the success of a system "Enterprise Resource Planning "(ERP based on a measure of user satisfaction. Referring to the model DeLone & McLean (1992 and the work of Seddon & Kiew (1994 . The criteria that can influence user satisfaction, to ensure the successful implementation of the ERP system are identified. The results of the exploratory study, carried out on 60 users in 40 Moroccan companies, shows that user satisfaction of ERP is explained by the quality of the ERP system, perceived usefulness and quality of information provided by this type of system. The study also found that the quality of change is a predictor of satisfaction measured by user involvement in the implementation of ERP, the quality of communication within such a project and the quality of training given to users.

  15. RFID to enhance visibility in a Closed loop Supply chain: Case of Cylinders Management in a Moroccan LPG distribution chain

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abdelkhalek Nakabi


    Full Text Available The challenges highlighted in this paper relate to asset management, distributions performances and customer satisfaction. Emergence of new technologies such as RFID coupled with Vendor Managed Inventory processes gives big hope to success in dealing with these challenges especially in non-mature business environments such as the Moroccan one. This paper illustrates also closed loop supply chain dynamics by a real world case. The case studied is related to distribution of packed LPG (liquefied Petroleum Gas and discusses some general challenges companies evolving in this business face. Cylinders management, called in some businesses Metal management makes LPG distribution business specific as the forwards physical flow is linked to the reverse flow. In fact at different layers of the distribution process from filling plants to customers, the forward quantity of delivered filled cylinders should be almost equal to the empty cylinders travelling upward. As very scarce studies cover Cylinders management in LPG business, we aim to participate for more cylinders management comprehension and explore opportunities the use of information technology gives to enhance visibility through the distribution chain and improve distribution performances.

  16. Assessment of butyltin and phenyltin pollution in the sea mullet, Mugil cephalus, along the Moroccan and Spanish coasts (Mediterranean Sea). (United States)

    Hassani, L Hajjaj; Frenich, A Garrido; Benajiba, M H; Rodríguez, M J González; Vidal, J L Martínez; Debdoubi, A


    Levels of three butyltin (BTs) compounds, monobutyltin (MBT), dibutyltin (DBT) and tributyltin (TBT), and three phenyltin (PTs) compounds, monophenyltin (MPhT), diphenyltin (DPhT), and triphenyltin (TPhT), were determined in the sea mullet, Mugil cephalus, collected along the northern Mediterranean coast of Morocco, and the south Mediterranean coast of Spain. Also, sediment samples from the Guadalquivir River (Spain) near to its mouth in the Mediterranean Sea were analysed. TBT and TPhT were the predominant compounds in the analyzed samples, and TBT concentrations were higher in liver than in muscle. In general, the total content of BTs in these samples was higher than PT levels. In the Moroccan coast, the highest value of BTs (18.00 mg/Kg wet weight) was found in the west harbour of the Tangier site, while the lowest concentration (0.01 mg/Kg wet weight) was detected in the Oued Laoue site. Concerning PTs compounds, the highest value (4.00 mg/Kg wet weight) was found in the harbour of the M'diq Site and the lowest value (0.01 mg/Kg wet weight) was detected in the Oued Laoue site. On the other hand, organotin (OT) residues were not detected in the water samples of the Spanish coast although TBT was identified in four of the nine sediment samples from the Guadalquivir River at concentrations between 15.45 and 245.07 mg/Kg wet weight.

  17. A proteomic approach for the involvement of the GAPDH in Alzheimer disease in the blood of Moroccan FAD cases. (United States)

    El Kadmiri, Nadia; Cuardos, Raquel; El Moutawakil, Bouchra; Slassi, Ilham; Avila, Jesus; Nadifi, Sellama; Hachem, Ahmed; Soukri, Abdelaziz


    Several articles have highlighted the potential involvement of glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH) in neurodegeneration by showing a non-glycolytic activity of GAPDH specifically in the brains of subjects with Alzheimer's disease (AD). The novel aim of this study was to elucidate the critical role of GAPDH and its interaction with β-amyloid in the blood of Moroccan patients with familial AD (FAD) carrying presenilin mutations and in sporadic late onset AD (LOAD). Our results show a significant decrease in the activity of GAPDH in blood samples from patients with FAD as compared to sporadic cases and healthy controls. The expression level of GAPDH in brain specimens from mutant tau transgenic mice and patients with FAD was unchanged as compared to healthy controls. In contrast, the expression level of GAPDH in blood samples from mutant tau transgenic mice and patients with FAD was decreased as compared to sporadic cases and healthy controls. Moreover, there is an accumulation of β-amyloid aggregates in the blood samples of patients with FAD and an increase in amyloid fibrils in both the blood and brain samples of these patients. Our study adds new insight to previous ones by showing the involvement of GAPDH in AD, which may influence the pathogenesis of this neurodegenerative disease.

  18. Phosphoric acid activation of Morrocan oil shale of Timahdit: Influence of the experimental conditions on yield and surface area of adsorbents (United States)

    Ichcho, S.; Khouya, E.; Abourriche, A.; Ezzine, M.; Hannache, H.; Naslain, R.; Pailler, R.


    The use of Moroccan oil shale for the preparation of adsorbents by chemical activation with phosphoric acid is analysed. The results indicate that this material is promising for this application. The effect of different conditions of preparation on the yield and surface area is discussed. These parameters are H{3}PO{4}/shale weight ratio, carbonisation temperature, carbonisation time and concentration of H{3}PO{4}.

  19. Molecular evidence that zucchini yellow fleck virus is a distinct and variable potyvirus related to papaya ringspot virus and Moroccan watermelon mosaic virus. (United States)

    Desbiez, C; Justafre, I; Lecoq, H


    Zucchini yellow fleck virus (ZYFV, genus Potyvirus) infects cultivated or wild cucurbits in the Mediterranean basin and occasionally causes severe damage in crops. Biological and serological data tend to indicate that ZYFV is related to other cucurbit-infecting potyviruses, mainly papaya ringspot virus (PRSV) and Moroccan watermelon mosaic virus (MWMV). In order to establish unambiguously the taxonomic status of ZYFV, the sequence of the 3' part of the genome - encompassing the CP coding region - of two ZYFV strains originating from Italy and France was obtained and compared with other potyviruses. The results obtained indicate that ZYFV belongs to a distinct potyvirus species, related to but different from PRSV and MWMV.

  20. Screening of CYP1B1 and MYOC in Moroccan families with primary congenital glaucoma: Three novel mutations in CYP1B1


    Hilal, Latifa; Boutayeb, Soraya; Serrou, Aziza; Refass-Buret, Loubna; Shisseh, Hafsa; Bencherifa, Fatiha; El Mzibri, Mohammed; Benazzouz, Bouchra; Berraho, Amina


    Purpose To investigate the contribution of cytochrome P4501B1 (CYP1B1) and myocillin (MYOC) mutations to primary congenital glaucoma (PCG) in Moroccan families. Methods This study included 90 unrelated families with PCG and 100 normal control individuals. Two previously reported CYP1B1 mutations (g.4339delG and p.G61E) were first screened by polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP). The coding exons of CYP1B1 were sequenced in g.4339delG- and p.G61E-negati...

  1. Insecticidal activity of a Moroccan strain of Streptomyces phaeochromogenes LD-37 on larvae, pupae and adults of the Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata (Diptera: Tephritidae). (United States)

    Samri, S E; Baz, M; Ghalbane, I; El Messoussi, S; Zitouni, A; El Meziane, A; Barakate, M


    The Mediterranean fruit fly (medfly), Ceratitis capitata, is considered the most important fruit pest worldwide. Its management is mainly based on the use of chemical insecticides. Although these conventional pesticides are effective at high doses, they cause considerable human health and environment problems. Thus, the aim of this study was to assess insecticidal activity of Moroccan actinobacteria against C. capitata. A total of 12 preselected actinobacteria isolated from various Moroccan habitats were screened for their insecticidal activity against larvae, pupae and adults of C. capitata. Four actinobacteria isolates were significantly active against the first-instar larvae, and nine were active against the medfly adult, while no significant mortality was obtained against the third-instar larval and pupal stages. Among the selected isolates, the biological screening revealed that strain Streptomyces LD-37, which showed 99.4% similarity with Streptomyces phaeochromogenes, exhibited the maximal corrected larval mortality of 98%. Moreover, the isolates AS1 and LD-37 showed the maximum significant corrected mortality against adults of 32.5 and 28.2%, respectively. The crude extract obtained from a fermented culture of strain S. phaeochromogenes LD-37 was separated into six fractions by thin layer chromatography. Fractions F3 and F4 caused a significant corrected larval mortality of 66.7 and 53.3%, respectively; whereas the maximum reduction in adult emergence was obtained with fraction F4. This finding could be useful for utilizing S. phaeochromogenes LD-37 as an alternative to chemical insecticides in pest management of C. capitata.

  2. Increasing Drought Sensitivity and Decline of Atlas Cedar (Cedrus atlantica in the Moroccan Middle Atlas Forests

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jesús Julio Camarero


    Full Text Available An understanding of the interactions between climate change and forest structure on tree growth are needed for decision making in forest conservation and management. In this paper, we investigated the relative contribution of tree features and stand structure on Atlas cedar (Cedrus atlantica radial growth in forests that have experienced heavy grazing and logging in the past. Dendrochronological methods were applied to quantify patterns in basal-area increment and drought sensitivity of Atlas cedar in the Middle Atlas, northern Morocco. We estimated the tree-to-tree competition intensity and quantified the structure in Atlas cedar stands with contrasting tree density, age, and decline symptoms. The relative contribution of tree age and size and stand structure to Atlas cedar growth decline was estimated by variance partitioning using partial-redundancy analyses. Recurrent drought events and temperature increases have been identified from local climate records since the 1970s. We detected consistent growth declines and increased drought sensitivity in Atlas cedar across all sites since the early 1980s. Specifically, we determined that previous growth rates and tree age were the strongest tree features, while Quercus rotundifolia basal area was the strongest stand structure measure related to Atlas cedar decline. As a result, we suggest that Atlas cedar forests that have experienced severe drought in combination with grazing and logging may be in the process of shifting dominance toward more drought-tolerant species such as Q. rotundifolia.

  3. Characterization of the first K⁺ channel blockers from the venom of the Moroccan scorpion Buthus occitanus Paris. (United States)

    Martin-Eauclaire, Marie-France; Céard, Brigitte; Belghazi, Maya; Lebrun, Régine; Bougis, Pierre E


    The availability of a large variety of specific blockers, which inhibit different K(+) currents, would help to elucidate their differences in physiological function. Short peptide toxins isolated from scorpion venoms are able to block voltage-dependent or Ca(2+)-activated K(+) channels. Here, we have studied the venom of the Moroccan scorpion Buthus occitanus Paris (BoP) in order to find new peptides, which could enlarge our structure-function relationship knowledge on the Kv1.3 blocker Kaliotoxin (KTX) that belongs to the α-KTx3.1 family. Indeed and since more a decade, KTX is widely used by international investigators because it exhibits a quite sharp specificity and a high-affinity for the Kv1.3 channel, which is not only a neuronal channel but also a therapeutic target for diverse autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis. The BoP venom was first investigated using HPLC and MALDI-TOF/MS. Further, the HPLC fractions were screened by ELISA with antibodies raised against KTX. These antibodies recognized at least three components toxic in mice by intracerebroventricular injection. They were further pharmacologically characterized by competition using (125)I-KTX bound to its specific binding sites on rat brain synaptosomes. A single component (4161 Da) inhibited totally the (125)I-KTX binding and with high-affinity (IC50 = 0.1 nM), while the two other components poorly competed with (IC50 > 100 nM). These toxins were sequenced in full by Edman's degradation. The high-affinity ligand (BoPKTX) shares 86% sequence identity with KTX and was classified as toxin α-KTx3.17. The two others peptides (BoP1 and BoP2, 4093 Da and 4121 Da, respectively) only differ by a Lys/Arg mutation. Their amino acid sequences were related to Martentoxin, which has been characterized from the Chinese scorpion Buthus martenzi Karch and described as both a BKCa and Kv1.3 blocker. Accordingly, they belong to the α-KTx16 family.

  4. Effects of Imbalance in Trace Element on Thyroid Gland from Moroccan Children. (United States)

    El-Fadeli, Sana; Bouhouch, Sabir; Skalny, Anatoly V; Barkouch, Yassir; Pineau, Alain; Cherkaoui, Mohamed; Sedki, Azeddine


    The major environmental factor that determines goiter prevalence is iodine status. However, other trace elements like selenium and zinc can influence the thyroid function. Hair samples (n = 68) were collected from goitrous and non-goitrous children aged 8-12 years living in the area of Al Haouz Marrakech-(Morocco). Trace element concentrations (Cr, Fe, Mg, Zn, Se, I) in hair were measured using flame atomic absorption spectroscopy, graphite furnace atomic absorption spectroscopy, and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. Difference in the mean concentration of each trace element between groups was determined by ANOVA test. The mean concentration levels of I, Se, and Zn for goitrous children were lower and were similar to the mean concentrations reported in the literature for subjects with goiter. The regression results gave us a better model that revealed significant positive relations between thyroid volume and Zn contents and significant negative relation with I and Se. The overall findings of the present study revealed that the actual factors of thyroid gland volume increase are I and Se deficiency. This work could shed some light on the effects of trace elements-other than iodine-on the thyroid disorders.

  5. Heavy metal concentrations in marine molluscs from the Moroccan coastal region

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Maanan, Mohamed [Geolittomer, UMR 6554 LETG - CNRS, Universite de Nantes, BP 81227, 44312 Nantes Cedex 3 (France)], E-mail:


    Mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis), clams (Venerupis decussatus) and oysters (Crassostrea gigas) were sampled seasonally during 2004-2005, from different coastal environments of Morocco in order to measure their accumulated heavy metal concentrations. The concentrations of Hg and Pb were determined by AFS and ICP-MS methods, respectively, whilst the remaining metals (Cd, Cr, Cu, Mn, Zn and Ni) were quantified by AAS. The soft tissue concentrations of the mussels were on average 7.2 mg kg{sup -1} (Cd), 9.6 mg kg{sup -1} (Pb), 0.6 mg kg{sup -1} (Hg), 26.8 mg kg{sup -1} (Cu), 8.8 mg kg{sup -1} (Cr), 292 mg kg{sup -1} (Zn), 20.8 mg kg{sup -1} (Mn) and 32.8 mg kg{sup -1} (Ni). The highest tissue heavy metal concentrations were recorded in the south from the industrial area of Jorf Lasfar. The relationships between metal concentration and season in each species showed very similar annual profiles with a peak observed around spring-summer. Statistical analysis indicated that different species showed different bioaccumulation of metals depending on study site and season. - The accumulated metal concentrations in bivalves from the clean stations may be considered as useful Atlantic coast reference background levels for future comparison.

  6. Polychlorinated biphenyls in sediments of selected sites of the Moroccan coastal zone

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Piazza, R.; Ferrari, S.; Moret, I.; Gambaro, A. [Univ. Ca Foscari, Venezia (Italy). Dept. of Environmental Sciences; Le Moumni, B. [Univ. Abdelmaleck Essaadi, Tangier (Morocco). Dept. of Earth Sciences and Oceanology; Bellucci, L.G.; Frignani, M. [ISMAR-CNR, Sezione di Geologia Marina, Bologna (Italy); Zangrando, R. [IDPA-CNR, Venezia (Italy)


    A good knowledge of sources of contaminants, distribution mechanisms, sites where chemicals tend to accumulate, potential risk and actual danger to the human and environmental health is fundamental to design a policy for the environment. In this respect, it is important to recognize that sediments can keep a record of the conditions of the environment at the time of their deposition and accumulation and hence can be used to reconstruct history and trends of contamination processes. Furthermore, actively accreting salt marshes, due to the lack of sediment reworking, may provide a relatively high resolution record of atmospheric fluxes. On the other hand, transition coastal environments are of particular importance because of their position between the inland sources and the sea, which is the final repository of all the materials mobilized from the continent. In order to assess the level of PCB contamination in key areas of coastal Morocco we chose to analyse sediments from the Nador (NAD) and the Moulay Bousselham (MB) lagoons, the terminal tract of the Martil River (MR), the port of Tangier (TG) and a soil taken close to the industrial town of Tetouan (TS). The first two were chosen because of their high environmental value, the others as representative of zones potentially contaminated.

  7. Occurrence of Vibrio and Salmonella species in mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis) collected along the Moroccan Atlantic coast. (United States)

    Mannas, Hasna; Mimouni, Rachida; Chaouqy, Noureddine; Hamadi, Fatima; Martinez-Urtaza, Jaime


    This study reports the occurrence of different Vibrio and Salmonella species in 52 samples of Mytilus galloprovincialis collected from four sites along the Atlantic coast between Agadir and Essaouira (Anza, Cap Ghir, Imssouane and Essaouira). The level of Escherichia coli (E. coli) was also determined to evaluate the degree of microbial pollution in the investigated areas. In this study three methods were used : AFNOR NF EN ISO 6579 V08-013 for Salmonella spp., the provisional method routinely used by several laboratories (Institut Pasteur, Paris,…) for Vibrio cholerae and Vibrio parahaemolyticus in the seafood, and the most probable number method (MPN) using Norm ISO/TS 16649-3 (2005) for E. coli. The most frequently isolated Vibrios were Vibrio alginolyticus (90.4% of samples), followed by V. cholerae non O1 non O139 (15.4%) and V. parahaemolyticus (7.7%). Salmonella spp. was found in 15% of the samples. The number of E. coli ranged between 0.2/100 g and 1.8 10(3) /100 g of mussel soft tissues. This study indicates the potential sanitary risk associated with the presence of pathogenic bacteria in cultivated mussels in the two populous regions of southern Morocco, where shellfish production and maritime tourism are important to the local economy.

  8. Hair mercury levels in relation to fish consumption in a community of the Moroccan Mediterranean coast. (United States)

    Elhamri, Hecham; Idrissi, Larbi; Coquery, Marina; Azemard, Sabine; El Abidi, Abdellah; Benlemlih, Mohamed; Saghi, Mohamed; Cubadda, Francesco


    Coastal populations with high seafood consumption in the Mediterranean have a significant exposure to dietary methylmercury, and areas where environmental mercury pollution is an issue due to industrial activities are of special concern. The study was undertaken with the aim of assessing methylmercury exposure through fish consumption in a community of north Morocco and characterizing the relevant health risk. Concentrations of total mercury were determined in human hair, a biomarker of methylmercury exposure, and in locally consumed fish by cold vapour atomic absorption spectrophotometry. Based on consumption frequencies reported by the 108 subjects included in the study the weekly intake of methylmercury was estimated and biomarker data were evaluated in relation to the estimated intake and the sociodemographic characteristics of the population. Multiple regression analysis was employed for the interpretation of hair mercury data in relation to fish consumption frequency, gender and the age of individuals. Mercury concentrations in hair ranged from 0.22 to 9.56 microg g(-1) (geometric mean = 1.79 microg g(-1)) and were closely related to fish intake. Fisherman and their families consumed fish three to five times per week and were the most exposed population subgroup. A high proportion of women of child-bearing age (50%) had relatively high levels of mercury in their hair (3.08-7.88 microg g(-1)).

  9. Pouvoir du parasol et pouvoir nu The power of the parasol and power unadorned. An Islamic form of sobriety? The case of the Moroccan royalty

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jocelyne Dakhlia


    Full Text Available Delacroix a immortalisé la posture altière du sultan marocain à cheval à travers plusieurs œuvres : dans ces représentations, le parasol incarne l’emblème par excellence de la dynastie alaouite et de la royauté marocaine dans son ensemble. Tout en retraçant rapidement l’histoire du parasol comme objet régalien dans le monde musulman, on s’interrogera sur une certaine discordance entre l’image très imposante de la royauté que perçoivent les observateurs européens du xixe siècle et une tradition marocaine qui, au contraire, met l’accent sur une nécessaire humilité du monarque. Les sources européennes de l’époque moderne attestent aussi, d’ailleurs, un très grand dépouillement des emblèmes du pouvoir, et même un renoncement marqué à tout apparat. On analysera donc la signification d’un tournant symbolique à la fin du xixe siècle et surtout la nature d’un pouvoir monarchique dont la sacralisation et l’action se construisent, plusieurs siècles durant, avec et malgré une remarquable économie d’objets et d’emblèmes.Delacroix depicted the haughty posture of a Moroccan sultan on horseback in a number of works: in these portraits, the parasol is the emblem par excellence of the Alaouite dynasty and Moroccan royalty as a whole. We briefly retrace the history of the parasol as part of royal regalia in the Muslim world, and explore the discrepancy between the very imposing image of the royalty perceived by European observers in the nineteenth century and a Moroccan tradition that, on the contrary, emphasized the necessary humility of the monarch. Modern European sources attest to a great spareness in the symbols of power, even a marked renunciation of pomp and ceremony. We analyse the significance of a symbolic turning point in the late nineteenth century, and, especially, the nature of a monarchical power whose sacred status and intervention were evolved for several centuries, with and despite of a

  10. Determination of committed effective doses to skin due to ²³⁸U, ²³²Th and ²²²Rn from the application of various Moroccan black soap (Saboun Beldi) samples by members of the general public. (United States)

    Misdaq, M A; Outeqablit, K


    (238)U, (232)Th, (222)Rn and (220)Rn concentrations were measured inside various Moroccan black soap samples widely used by the Moroccan population in traditional baths (Hammans) by using both CR-39 and LR-115 type II solid state nuclear track detectors. The measured (238)U, (232)Th, (222)Rn and (220)Rn concentrations, respectively, ranged from (3.7 ± 0.2) to (11.7 ± 0.7) mBq kg(-1), (0.11 ± 0.01) to (0.32 ± 0.02) mBq kg(-1), (3.8 ± 0.2) to (11.6 ± 0.6) Bq kg(-1) and (0.10 ± 0.01) to (0.31 ± 0.02) Bq kg(-1) for the Moroccan black soap samples studied. The influence of pollution on the concentrations of these radionuclides inside the considered Moroccan black soap was investigated. A new dosimetric model for evaluating annual committed effective doses due to (238)U, (232)Th and (222)Rn to the skin of different age groups of the Moroccan populations from the application of the black soap samples studied was developed. The maximum total committed effective dose to the skin due to (238)U, (232)Th and (222)Rn from the application of unpolluted black soap samples 20 min per week by the Moroccan populations was found to be equal to (0.88 ± 0.05) μ Sv y(-1) cm(-2).

  11. Side effects of cade oil in Morocco: an analysis of reports in the Moroccan herbal products database from 2004 to 2012. (United States)

    Skalli, Souad; Chebat, Abderrahim; Badrane, Narjis; Bencheikh, Rachida Soulaymani


    Cade oil is a dark, faintly aromatic oil which is distilled from the branches and wood of Juniperus oxycedrus. Although this oil is known to have toxic effects related to its content of phenols, cade oil continues to be used in folk medicine. Because of this use, a determination of the safety and possible side effects of cade oil is required. The safety of cade oil is discussed based on the experience of the Moroccan pharmacovigilance herbal products database, and supported by literature. The data on the adverse effects of cade oil suggests that it could have life-threatening effects which can occur following topical exposure, ingestion or inhalation. Phenol's adverse effects involve a wide variety of organ systems such as the gastro-intestinal system, central and peripheral nervous systems, cardiovascular, liver and biliary systems, the urinary tract, skin and appendages, respiratory system. Platelet function, bleeding and clotting, vision, metabolism, and white cell and reticuloendothelial system function are also affected.

  12. Novel DDR2 mutation identified by whole exome sequencing in a Moroccan patient with spondylo-meta-epiphyseal dysplasia, short limb-abnormal calcification type. (United States)

    Mansouri, Maria; Kayserili, Hülya; Elalaoui, Siham Chafai; Nishimura, Gen; Iida, Aritoshi; Lyahyai, Jaber; Miyake, Noriko; Matsumoto, Naomichi; Sefiani, Abdelaziz; Ikegawa, Shiro


    Spondylo-meta-epiphyseal dysplasia (SMED), short limb-abnormal calcification type (SMED, SL-AC), is a very rare autosomal recessive disorder with various skeletal changes characterized by premature calcification leading to severe disproportionate short stature. Twenty-two patients have been reported until now, but only five mutations (four missense and one splice-site) in the conserved sequence encoding the tyrosine kinase domain of the DDR2 gene has been identified. We report here a novel DDR2 missense mutation, c.370C > T (p.Arg124Trp) in a Moroccan girl with SMED, SL-AC, identified by whole exome sequencing. Our study has expanded the mutational spectrum of this rare disease and it has shown that exome sequencing is a powerful and cost-effective tool for the diagnosis of clinically heterogeneous disorders such as SMED.

  13. Combined underthrusting and mantle dripping - lateral dragging controlling the lithosphere structure of the NW-Moroccan margin and the Atlas Mountains (United States)

    Jiménez-Munt, I.; Fernandez, M.; Zlotnik, S.


    Recent studies carried out in NW-Africa indicate prominent variations of the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary (LAB) depth. The studies integrate gravity, geoid, surface heat flow, elevation and seismic data along a profile running from the Tagus Abyssal Plain to the Sahara Platform and crossing the Gorringe Bank, the NW Moroccan Margin and the Atlas Mountains. The resulting mantle density anomalies show a prominent lithospheric mantle thickening beneath the margin (LAB >200 km-depth) followed by thinning beneath the Atlas Mountains (LAB ~90 km-depth). A combination of mantle underthrusting due to oblique convergence together with a viscous dripping fed by lateral mantle dragging can explain the imaged lithospheric structure. The model is consistent with a strong decoupled crustal-mantle mechanical response to the Africa-Eurasia convergence and results in positive/negative dynamic topography in regions with thickened/thinned crust. In the present work we go a step further analysing the role of the lithospheric mantle structure on the resulting dynamic topography and the dynamic conditions suitable to produce the inferred mantle density anomalies. Therefore, we calculate the dynamic topography rising from mantle thickness variations along the profile and those related to possible lateral variations of mantle composition. In addition, we study the key factors controlling the deformation of the lithospheric mantle when submitted to convergence by means the fully dynamic software UNDERWORLD. Chief among these factors are the mantle viscosity and its temperature dependence, the characteristic time of the process, and the resulting topography variation of the free upper surface. These results allow us to speculate on the past and future evolution of the NW-Moroccan margin which could show the appropriated conditions for subduction initiation.

  14. “Because It's an Islamic Marriage” Conditions Upon Marriage and after Divorce in Transnational Dutch-Moroccan and Dutch-Egyptian Marriages

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Iris Sportel


    Full Text Available Spouses in transnational Dutch-Moroccan or Dutch-Egyptian marriages potentially get married in a foreign legal system or in two legal systems with significant differences in, for example, marital property law. One of the ways to deal with the legal uncertainties of this situation is to include certain conditions in the marriage contract or a prenuptial agreement. This paper describes the experiences of spouses in Dutch-Moroccan and Dutch-Egyptian marriages with marital agreements at marriage and after divorce. I will go into the legal specifics and complications of marriage contracts and prenuptial agreements in a transnational context and to the meaning of these arrangements for the participants in the research. I will divide the different sorts of agreements at marriage into different categories and analyse why some couples choose to include conditions while others do not. Los cónyuges de matrimonios transnacionales holandeses-marroquíes y holandeses-egipcios potencialmente se casan en un sistema jurídico extranjero o en dos sistemas legales con diferencias significativas con respecto a, por ejemplo, la ley de propiedad conyugal y la regulación del divorcio. Una de las maneras de hacer frente a los riesgos percibidos y las incertidumbres jurídicas de esta situación es incluir las condiciones en el contrato de matrimonio o en un acuerdo prenupcial. Este artículo describe las experiencias de los cónyuges en matrimonios holandeses-marroquíes y holandeses-egipcios con acuerdos sobre el matrimonio y después del divorcio. La autora se refiere a los detalles legales y las complicaciones de los contratos matrimoniales y acuerdos prenupciales en un contexto transnacional y el significado de estas disposiciones para los participantes en la investigación, analizando por qué algunas parejas tienen una visión contractual del matrimonio, mientras que otras no la tienen.

  15. An Analysis of the Legitimacy of Moroccan Alaouite Monarchy%摩洛哥阿拉维君主制统治合法性分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    本文从历史与传统、现代与理性、宗教以及国王个人魅力等四个方面分析了1956年独立后摩洛哥阿拉维君主制统治合法性的基础和来源.作者指出,摩洛哥阿拉维君主制的统治反映了韦伯关于合法统治的三种类型,即合理型、传统型和魅力型,其中,传统型占主导地位并与伊斯兰教紧密相连.迄今,宗教神圣的合法性体现了阿拉维君主制所有统治合法性学说的本质,然而其神圣性也遭到了质疑和挑战.%This article analyses the legitimacy of Moroccan Monarchy since 1956 when Morocco got independence from French Protectorat. The analysis is developed on four dimensions, i.e., history and tradition, modernity and rationality, Islamic religion, and the king's personal charisma. The author argues that the legitimacy of Moroccan Monarchy reflects all the three types of Weberian theory on legitimate rule (legal-rational, traditional and charismatic), but the traditional legitimacy is the most fundamental one, which is closely integrated with Islam. So far, the religious legitimacy is the essence of all the Alaouite's legitimate theories. It's not only sacred, but also faces with doubts and challenges.

  16. Evolution of biométrie parameters and chemical composition of olives from the Moroccan Picholine variety during fruit ripeness

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ajana, H.


    Full Text Available The evolution of the maturity index during the ripeness of olives from the Moroccan Picholine variety did not show any significant variation before the middle of September. After this date it began the growing and reached the maximum value (4.7 at the middle of January. The weight of olives increased continuously from June to November, and remained constant over two months beyond the maximal value of 3.95g (November and December. The weight of the olive kernels was constant during all the sampling period. The olive dimensions (length and width showed similar trend as the olive weight. The polar lipid fraction of the oil predominated over the neutral one during June and July and after this date, the neutral fraction prevailed. The maximum value was reached in December. The protein content decreased from 4.6 to 2.3%. Ash content grow from 2.72 to 5.57%. The chlorophyll content in the oils decrease progressively and showed an inverse correlation with the maturity index. The phosphorus content diminished until September and then continued to be constant.

    La evolución del índice de madurez durante la maduración de aceitunas de la variedad Picholine marroquí no mostró variación significativa antes de mediados de septiembre. Después de esta fecha comenzó el crecimiento y alcanzó su valor máximo (4.7 a mediados de enero. El peso de las aceitunas aumentó continuamente desde junio hasta noviembre y se estabilizó durante dos meses más allá del valor máximo de 3.95g (noviembre y diciembre. El peso del hueso de las aceitunas permaneció constante durante todo el período de muestreo. Las dimensiones de las aceitunas (longitud y anchura tuvieron tendencias similares a las del peso de la aceituna. La fracción lipídica polar del aceite predominó sobre la neutra durante los meses de junio y julio, para después de esta fecha prevalecer la fracción neutra alcanzando su valor máximo en el mes de diciembre. El contenido en prote

  17. Recent hydrological variability and extreme precipitation events in Moroccan Middle-Atlas mountains: micro-scale analyses of lacustrine sediments (United States)

    Jouve, Guillaume; Vidal, Laurence; Adallal, Rachid; Bard, Edouard; Benkaddour, Abdel; Chapron, Emmanuel; Courp, Thierry; Dezileau, Laurent; Hébert, Bertil; Rhoujjati, Ali; Simonneau, Anaelle; Sonzogni, Corinne; Sylvestre, Florence; Tachikawa, Kazuyo; Viry, Elisabeth


    Since the 1990s, the Mediterranean basin undergoes an increase in precipitation events and extreme droughts likely to intensify in the XXI century, and whose origin is attributable to human activities since 1850 (IPCC, 2013). Regional climate models indicate a strengthening of flood episodes at the end of the XXI century in Morocco (Tramblay et al, 2012). To understand recent hydrological and paleohydrological variability in North Africa, our study focuses on the macro- and micro-scale analysis of sedimentary sequences from Lake Azigza (Moroccan Middle Atlas Mountains) covering the last few centuries. This lake is relevant since local site monitoring revealed that lake water table levels were correlated with precipitation regime (Adallal R., PhD Thesis in progress). The aim of our study is to distinguish sedimentary facies characteristic of low and high lake levels, in order to reconstruct past dry and wet periods during the last two hundred years. Here, we present results from sedimentological (lithology, grain size, microstructures under thin sections), geochemical (XRF) and physical (radiography) analyses on short sedimentary cores (64 cm long) taken into the deep basin of Lake Azigza (30 meters water depth). Cores have been dated (radionuclides 210Pb, 137Cs, and 14C dating). Two main facies were distinguished: one organic-rich facies composed of wood fragments, several reworked layers and characterized by Mn peaks; and a second facies composed of terrigenous clastic sediments, without wood nor reworked layers, and characterized by Fe, Ti, Si and K peaks. The first facies is interpreted as a high lake level stand. Indeed, the highest paleoshoreline is close to the vegetation, and steeper banks can increase the current velocity, allowing the transport of wood fragments in case of extreme precipitation events. Mn peaks are interpreted as Mn oxides precipitations under well-oxygenated deep waters after runoff events. The second facies is linked to periods of

  18. Phosphoric acid activation of Morrocan oil shale of Timahdit: influence of the experimental conditions on yied and surface area of adsorbents

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ichcho, S.; Khouya, E.; Abourriche, A.; Ezzine, M.; Hannache, H. [Faculte des Sciences Ben M' sik, Lab. des Materiaux Thermostructuraux, Dept. de Chimie, Casablanca (Morocco); Naslain, R.; Pailler, R. [Bordeaux-1 Univ., Lab. des Composites Thermostructuraux, 33 (France)


    The use of Moroccan oil shale for the preparation of adsorbents by chemical activation with phosphoric acid is analysed. The results indicate that this material is promising for this application. The activation process produces adsorbents having a surface area higher than 300 m{sup 2}/g. The effect of different conditions of preparation on the yield and surface area is discussed. These parameters are H{sub 3}PO{sub 4}/shale weight ratio, carbonization temperature, carbonization time and concentration of H{sub 3}PO{sub 4}. (authors)

  19. New adsorbents prepared by phosphoric acid activation of Moroccan oil shales: Influence of the experimental conditions on the properties of the adsorbents; Nouveaux adsorbants prepares par activation chimique des schistes bitumineux marocains par l'acide phosphorique: influence des conditions experimentales sur les proprietes des adsorbants

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Khouya, E.H.; Fakhi, S. [Faculte des Sciences Ben M' sik, Lab. de Radiochimie, Casablanca (Morocco); Khouya, E.H.; Ichcho, S.; Legrouri, K.; Hannache, H. [Faculte des Sciences Ben M' sik, Lab. des Materiaux ThermoStructuraux, Casablanca (Morocco); Nourredine, A. [Universite Louis Pasteur, Institut de Recherche Subatomique, UMR 7500 CNRS-IN2P3, 67 - Strasbourg (France); Pailler, R.; Naslain, R. [Bordeaux-1 Univ., Lab. des Composites Thermostructuraux, UMR 5801 CNRS-CEA-SNECMA, 33 - Pessac (France)


    New adsorbents were prepared from Moroccan oil shale of Tarfaya (layer R3) by chemical activation with phosphoric acid. The objective was to investigate different factors that control the activation process, in order to determine the optimum conditions of preparation. The examined factors were holding time in the oven, pre-processing and atmosphere (N{sub 2}/air). The impact of the different factors was investigated by determining the yield of adsorbent and the maximum capacity of adsorption for methylene blue. Due to the existence of numerous factors, a two-level factorial design was used to find the most influential factors and their mutual interactions. The results of this study yielded the following classification of the factors: atmosphere, pre-processing, activation temperature and holding time in the oven. The best properties were found for a particular combination of the chosen parameters: temperature and activation time equal to 250 C and 2 hours, respectively, in air. The adsorption capacity for methylene blue and specific surface area (SBET) of this adsorbent were 500 mg/g and 600 m{sup 2}/g, respectively. Furthermore, in these conditions the adsorbent developed important surface functions. (authors)

  20. Genetic variation in the interleukin-28B gene is associated with spontaneous clearance and progression of hepatitis C virus in Moroccan patients.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sayeh Ezzikouri

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Genetic variation in the IL28B gene has been strongly associated with treatment outcomes, spontaneous clearance and progression of the hepatitis C virus infection (HCV. The aim of the present study was to investigate the role of polymorphisms at this locus with progression and outcome of HCV infection in a Moroccan population. METHODS: We analyzed a cohort of 438 individuals among them 232 patients with persistent HCV infection, of whom 115 patients had mild chronic hepatitis and 117 had advanced liver disease (cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma, 68 individuals who had naturally cleared HCV and 138 healthy subjects. The IL28B SNPs rs12979860 and rs8099917 were genotyped using a TaqMan 5' allelic discrimination assay. RESULTS: The protective rs12979860-C and rs8099917-T alleles were more common in subjects with spontaneous clearance (77.9% vs 55.2%; p = 0.00001 and 95.6% vs 83.2%; p = 0.0025, respectively. Individuals with clearance were 4.69 (95% CI, 1.99-11.07 times more likely to have the C/C genotype for rs12979860 polymorphism (p = 0.0017 and 3.55 (95% CI, 0.19-66.89 times more likely to have the T/T genotype at rs8099917. Patients with advanced liver disease carried the rs12979860-T/T genotype more frequently than patients with mild chronic hepatitis C (OR = 1.89; 95% CI, 0.99-3.61; p = 0.0532 and this risk was even more pronounced when we compared them with healthy controls (OR = 4.27; 95% CI, 2.08-8.76; p = 0.0005. The rs8099917-G allele was also associated with advanced liver disease (OR = 2.34; 95% CI, 1.40-3.93; p = 0.0100. CONCLUSIONS: In the Moroccan population, polymorphisms near the IL28B gene play a role both in spontaneous clearance and progression of HCV infection.

  1. Religious identification and politicization in the face of discrimination: support for political Islam and political action among the Turkish and Moroccan second generation in Europe. (United States)

    Fleischmann, Fenella; Phalet, Karen; Klein, Olivier


    Taking an approach from religion as a social identity and using large-scale comparative surveys in five European cities, we investigate when and how perceived discrimination is associated with religious identification and politicization among the second generation of Turkish and Moroccan Muslims. We distinguish support for political Islam from political action as distinct forms of politicization. In addition, we test the mediating role of religious identification in processes of politicization. Study 1 estimates multi-group structural equation models of support for political Islam in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Sweden. In line with a social identity model of politicization and across nine inter-group contexts, Muslims who perceived more discrimination identified (even) more strongly as Muslims; and high Muslim identifiers were most ready to support political Islam. In support of a competing social stigma hypothesis, however, negative direct and total effects of perceived discrimination suggest predominant depoliticization. Using separate sub-samples across four inter-group contexts in Belgium, Study 2 adds political action tendencies as a distinct form of politicization. Whereas religious identification positively predicts both forms of politicization, perceived discrimination has differential effects: Muslims who perceived more discrimination were more weary of supporting political Islam, yet more ready to engage in political action to defend Islamic values. Taken together, the studies reveal that some Muslim citizens will politicize and others will depoliticize in the face of discrimination as a function of their religious identification and of prevailing forms of politicization.

  2. La migración circular femenina marroquí en Huelva: impacto y cambio (The circular migration of Moroccan women in Huelva: impact and change

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chadia Arab


    Full Text Available ResumenEl objetivo de este artículo es comprender la migración circular de las mujeres marroquís entre Marruecos y la provincia de Huelva y el impacto que esta migración produce una vez que éstas regresan a su país. Esta migración se inscribe en un programa financiado por la Unión Europea cuyo fin es encontrar trabajadoras para recolectar la fresa de la provincia de Huelva durante algunos meses del año, al mismo tiempo que lucha contra la inmigración clandestina. Dicho programa existe desde 2007 y ha permitido a miles de mujeres viajar para trabajar algunos meses en España. Esta migración está supeditada a que estas mujeres regresen a Marruecos.AbstractThis article aims to examine the circular migration of Moroccan women between Morocco and the province of Huelva, and the effect of this migration when these women return to their country. This migration is part of a European Union funded programme, the purpose of which is to find female workers to pick strawberries in the province of Huelva for several months of the year, while also fighting against clandestine immigration. The programme was introduced in 2007 and has enabled thousands of women to travel to Spain to work for several months. This migration is subject to the condition that the women return to Morocco.

  3. Production of a new adsorbent from Moroccan oil shale by chemical activation and its adsorption characteristics for U and Th bearing species (United States)

    Khouya, E.; Fakhi, S.; Hannache, H.; Ichcho, S.; Pailler, R.; Naslain, R.; Abbe, J. C.


    New adsorbents were prepared from Moroccan oil shale of Tarfaya (layer R3) by chemical activation with sulphuric acid diluted at 80%. The influence of activation temperature, atmosphere gas, holding time in oven and weight ratio of sulphuric acid to precursor was investigated by determination of yield of adsorbents and adsorption capacity of methylene blue. The best adsorbent properties were found for a particular combination of the chosen parameters: temperature and time of activation respectively equal to 250° C and 2 hours, the gas vector being nitrogen (N{2}). The adsorption capacity for methylene blue and specific surface (SBET) of the new adsorbent were equal to 300 mg/g and 270 m2/g respectively. The batch mode experiment was used to explore the feasibility of this adsorbent for removal of radionuclides (U and Th) from aqueous solution. Applicability of the adsorbent was examined for synthetic solution prepared from hydrated uranyl nitrate (UO{2}(NO{3})2.6H{2}O) and hydrated thorium nitrate (Th(NO{3})4.5H{2}O). The parameters of adsorption for the two radioelements were determined by application of the Langmuir, Freundlich and Elovich models.

  4. Production of a new adsorbent from Moroccan oil shale by chemical activation and its adsorption characteristics for U and Th bearing species

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Khouya, E.; Hannache, H.; Ichcho, S. [Faculte des Sciences Ben M' sik, Lab. des Materiaux Thermostructuraux, Casablanca (Morocco); Khouya, E.; Fakhi, S. [Faculte des Sciences Ben M' sik, Lab. de Radiochimie, Casablanca (Morocco); Pailler, R.; Naslain, R. [Bordeaux-1 Univ., Lab. des Composites Thermostructuraux, UMR 5801 CNRS-CEA-SNECMA, 33 (France); Abbe, J.C. [Ecole des Mines de Nantes, Lab. d' Analyse Subatech, 44 (France)


    New adsorbents were prepared from Moroccan oil shale of Tarfaya (layer R3) by chemical activation with sulphuric acid diluted at 80%. The influence of activation temperature, atmosphere gas, holding time in oven and weight ratio of sulphuric acid to precursor was investigated by determination of yield of adsorbents and adsorption capacity of methylene blue. The best adsorbent properties were found for a particular combination of the chosen parameters: temperature and time of activation respectively equal to 250 C and 2 hours, the gas vector being nitrogen (N{sub 2}). The adsorption capacity for methylene blue and specific surface (S{sub BET}) of the new adsorbent were equal to 300 mg/g and 270 m{sup 2}/g respectively. The batch mode experiment was used to explore the feasibility of this adsorbent for removal of radionuclides (U and Th) from aqueous solution. Applicability of the adsorbent was examined for synthetic solution prepared from hydrated uranyl nitrate (UO{sub 2}(NO{sub 3}){sub 2}.6H{sub 2}O) and hydrated thorium nitrate (Th(NO{sub 3}){sub 4}.5H{sub 2}O). The parameters of adsorption for the two radioelements were determined by application of the Langmuir, Freundlich and Elovich models. (authors)

  5. Esperienze di antropologia applicata tra minori non accompagnati e giovani migranti marocchini a Torino - Experiences of applied anthropology among unaccompanied minors and young Moroccan migrants in Turin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alice Rossi


    Full Text Available In Italy, unaccompanied minor immigrants are entitled to a temporary-resident permit, which doesn’t guarantee their regularization once of age; thus risks of exploiting these minors in informal and illegal economy increase. With the present contribution the author critically reviews her experience with applied anthropology in Porta Palazzo; a migratory neighborhood in the city of Turin. Here, as a social operator, she met unaccompanied minors and youths; mostly Moroccans, who didn’t access institutional support successfully. Masculine chain-migrations and informal networks, not necessarily reducible to kinship, were their fundamental references. A long term action-research (2003-2008, conducted within an interdisciplinary framework led to the recognition and amplification of contemporary-migrantvulnerability signals, structural risks of liminal status and claims towards recognition. Conclusively, through this experience, she wishes to evidence how applied anthropology can affect processes of social transformations within the field-work of reception-systems: by tracing connections among interdependent factors of current-contradictory-migratory policies, inconsistent practices and fragmented trajectories of unaccompanied minors.

  6. The Attitudes and Intention to Participate in Hemoglobinopathy Carrier Screening in The Netherlands among Individuals from Turkish, Moroccan, and Surinamese Descent

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sylvia M. van der Pal


    Full Text Available Objective. To explore factors that influence intention to participate in hemoglobinopathy (HbP carrier screening under Dutch subjects at risk, since HbP became more common in The Netherlands. Method. Structured interviews with 301 subjects from Turkish, Moroccan, or Surinamese ethnicity. Results. Half of the participants were familiar with HbP, 27% with carrier screening. Only 55% correctly answered basic knowledge items. After balanced information, 83% percent of subjects express intention to participate in HbP carrier screening. Intention to participate was correlated with (1 anticipated negative feelings, (2 valuing a physician's advice, and (3 beliefs on significance of carrier screening. Risk perception was a significant determinant, while respondents were unaware of HbP as endemic in their country of birth. Respondents preferred screening before pregnancy and at cost < 50€. Conclusion. These findings show the importance of informing those at risk by tailored health education. We propose easy access at no costs for those willing to participate in HbP carrier screening.

  7. Elaboration and characterization of a new adsorbent material from Moroccan oil shale; Elaboration et caracterisation d'un nouveau materiau adsorbant a partir des schistes bitumineux du Maroc

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Oumam, M.; Abourriche, A.; Adil, A.; Hannache, H. [Faculte des Sciences Ben M' Sik, Lab. des Materiaux Themostructuraux, Casablanca (Morocco); Pailler, R.; Naslain, R. [Bordeaux-1 Univ., Lab. des Composites Thermostructuraux, 33 - Talence (France); Birot, M.; Pillot, J.P. [Bordeaux-1 Univ., Lab. de Chimie Organique et Organometalliques, 33 - Talence (France)


    This work describes the elaboration method of a new adsorbent material from Moroccan oil shale. The manufacturing of this material was carried out by thermal treatment of carbonate-free oil shale originating from the Tarfaya deposit. The effect of temperature and activation time on the adsorption parameters of the material was studied using methylene blue and bichromate ions as pollutants. The results show that the optimum conditions which provide the best adsorbent properties are T = 250 deg C and t = 1 hour. (authors)

  8. Impacts of sea-level rise on the Moroccan coastal zone: Quantifying coastal erosion and flooding in the Tangier Bay (United States)

    Snoussi, Maria; Ouchani, Tachfine; Khouakhi, Abdou; Niang-Diop, Isabelle


    As part of a broad assessment of climate change impacts in Morocco, an assessment of vulnerability and adaptation of coastal zones to sea-level rise was conducted. Tangier Bay which is the most important socio-economic pole in Northern Morocco represents one of the cases studies. Using a GIS-based inundation analysis and an erosion modelling approach, the potential physical vulnerability to accelerated sea-level rise was investigated, and the most vulnerable socio-economic sectors were assessed. Results indicate that 10% and 24% of the area will be at risk of flooding respectively for minimum (4 m) and maximum (11 m) inundation levels. The most severely impacted sectors are expected to be the coastal defences and the port, the urban area, tourist coastal infrastructures, the railway, and the industrial area. Shoreline erosion would affect nearly 20% and 45% of the total beach areas respectively in 2050 and 2100. Potential response strategies and adaptation options identified include: sand dune fixation, beach nourishment and building of seawalls to protect the urban and industrial areas of high value. It was also recommended that an Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan for the region, including upgrading awareness, building regulation and urban growth planning should be the most appropriate tool to ensure a long-term sustainable development, while addressing the vulnerability of the coast to future sea-level rise.

  9. Antimycobacterial natural products from Moroccan medicinal plants:Chemical composition, bacteriostatic and bactericidal profile of Thymus satureioides and Mentha pulegium essential oils

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Marwa Chraibi; Abdellah Farah; Sara Lebrazi; Oumaima El Amine; Mohammed Iraqui Houssaini; Kawtar Fikri-Benbrahim


    Objective: To evaluate the susceptibility of Mycobacterium aurum and Mycobacterium smegmatis in vitro to the essential oils obtained from two medicinal plants: Thymus satureioides (T. satureioides) and Mentha pulegium (M. pulegium), and to study their chemical composition. Methods: The aerial parts of T. satureioides and M. pulegium (leaves and stems) were hydro-distillated using a Clevenger-type apparatus and essential oils were analyzed and identified by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Antimycobacterial screening of essential oils was performed on the basis of the inhibition zone diameter by disc diffusion method against two mycobacterial strains whereas the minimal inhibitory concentration and minimal bactericidal concentration were determined by using the micro-dilution method. Results: Chemical analysis of their aerial part's essential oils gave as major compounds, borneol (34.26%), carvacrol (31.21%) and thymol (3.71%) for T. satureioides and R(+)-pulegone (75.48%), carvone (6.66%) and dihydrocarvone (4.64%) for M. pulegium. Thereafter their antimycobacterial effect evaluation, using the micro-dilution method, indicated that minimal inhibitory concentration values of T. satureioides essential oil ranged from 0.062%to 0.015%(v/v) and from 0.125%to 0.031%(v/v) for M. pulegium respectively against Mycobacterium aurum and Mycobacterium smegmatis. Conclusions: It is clearly evident from the results obtained that the Moroccan medicinal plants have great potential to be used as anti-tuberculosis agents. These findings may help scientists to undertake several research projects to discover useful natural product as new anti-tuberculosis drug.

  10. L'impact de l'enseignement de la biologie sur la construction de la distinction entre normal et pathologique chez les eleves du secondaire Marocain (The Impact of Teaching Biology on the Way Moroccan High School Students Construe the Difference between Normal and Pathological). (United States)

    Khzami, Salah-Eddine; Favre, Daniel


    Study of the distinction between the notions of the normal and the pathological among Moroccan high school students and their teachers of biology found that students confused the registers of the normal/abnormal with the healthy/pathological, a fact that is at odds with current teaching in biology. It also found a possible link to the values held…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohammed El Moussaouiti,


    Full Text Available Two eucalyptus hybrids (EGC 39, EGC 241, resulting from crosses between Eucalyptus grandis and Eucalyptus camaldulensis, were investigated to see if they could produce kraft papermaking fibers with low lignin and adequate physical properties. The two hybrids were harvested at an age of 8 years along with 6-8 year old Eucalyptus camaldulensis (Rostrata. All three eucalypti were grown in the area of Gharb in the North-West of Morocco. The tracheids in the two hybrids had a very high Runkel ratio (2 x cell wall thickness/lumen diameter and produced kraft paper sheets with low tensile strength due to a low degree of fiber collapse thus a low relative bonded area. These fibers could be used to increase the stiffness of a papermaking furnish. The lignin in the EGC 39 chips was more reactive in kraft pulping as compared to the other two eucalypti. Methoxyl analyses and nitrobenzene oxidation (NBO of the in-situ lignin (wood meals were performed, and it was concluded that the syringyl content of the EGC 39 lignin was less than or equal to those in the other two eucalypti. Differences in the guaiacyl fraction of the three samples will be discussed in Part 2 of this series.

  12. Combined use of fallout radionuclides and stable isotopes for investigating soil erosion processes in a Moroccan watershed (United States)

    Benmansour, Moncef; Mabit, Lionel; Zouagui, Anis; Amenzou, Nouredinne; Sabir, Mohamed; Nouira, Asmae; Brandt, Christian; Rasche, Frank; Naimi, Mustapha; Chikhaoui, Mohamed; Marah, Hamid; Benkdad, Azzouz; Taous, Fouad


    On-site and off-site impacts associated with land degradation by soil erosion are a major concern in Morocco. This study aimed to use fallout radionuclides (FRNs): Caesium-137 (137Cs), excess Lead-210 (210Pbex) and Beryllium-7 (7Be) in combination with carbon and nitrogen stable isotopes (i.e. Carbon-13 (13C) and Nitrogen-15 (15N)) in estimating soil loss in the "My Bouchta" watershed and the origin of sediment deposits in a downstream water reservoir (i.e. "Talembout"). Using 137Cs, the net soil erosion rate, for the "My Bouchta" watershed over a period of 50 years, was estimated at 23 t/ha/yr with a main sediment contribution (> 90{%}) from the agricultural fields, the forest and shrub fields contributing to less than 10{%} of the overall sediment production. This result indicates clearly the role and the effectiveness of the forest plantations and vegetation cover to protect soil resource against erosion processes. The use of the 210Pb^ex technique in three different fields further highlighted that soil erosion rates over a period of 100 years were lower than those obtained by 137Cs reflecting the increase of soil loss during the last decades. Tests of fallout 7Be associated with short rainfall events in four fields confirmed the results obtained with 137Cs, that areas under natural vegetation were protected against erosion. Sedimentation rates were assessed for the "Talembout" water reservoir and the mean values obtained for two sediment cores using 210Pbex and the Constant Rate of Supply (CRS) model were about 0.51-0.58 g/cm^2/yr. The obtained results showed also a significant yearly increase of the sedimentation rate. The results derived from the stable isotopes depth profiles indicated similar behavior for forest and shrub fields. Furthermore, strong correlation between δ13C and total C was observed for this type of land use while for the agricultural fields, the correlation was not significant. In addition, the sediment profile of N-15 indicated an

  13. Human cystic echinococcosis in Morocco: Ultrasound screening in the Mid Atlas through an Italian-Moroccan partnership (United States)

    Chebli, Houda; Laamrani El Idrissi, Abderrhamane; Benazzouz, Mustapha; Lmimouni, Badre Eddine; Nhammi, Haddou; Elabandouni, Mourad; Youbi, Mohammed; Afifi, Rajaa; Tahiri, Sara; Essayd El Feydi, Abdellah; Settaf, Adbellatif; Tinelli, Carmine; De Silvestri, Annalisa; Bouhout, Souad; Abela-Ridder, Bernadette; Magnino, Simone; Brunetti, Enrico; Filice, Carlo


    Background Cystic echinococcosis (CE) is a neglected parasitic zoonosis with considerable socioeconomic impact on affected pastoral communities. CE is endemic throughout the Mediterranean, including Morocco, where the Mid Atlas is the most prevalent area for both human and animal infection. The highest hospital annual incidence of human CE is recorded in the provinces of Ifrane and El Hajeb. However, hospital-based statistics likely underestimate the real prevalence of infection, as a proportion of cases never reach medical attention or official records. Methodology/Principal findings In 2012, a project on clinical management of CE in Morocco was launched with the aims of estimating the prevalence of human abdominal CE in selected rural communes of the above mentioned provinces using ultrasound (US) screening and training local physicians to implement US-based focused assessment and rational clinical management of CE according to the WHO-IWGE Expert Consensus. A total of 5367 people received abdominal US during four campaigns in April-May 2014. During the campaigns, 24 local general practitioners received >24 hours of hands-on training and 143 health education sessions were organized for local communities. We found an overall CE prevalence of 1.9%, with significantly higher values in the rural communes of Ifrane than El Hajeb (2.6% vs 1.3%; p<0.001). CE cysts were predominantly in inactive stage, especially in older age groups. However, active cysts were present also in adults, indicating acquisition of infection at all ages. Province of residence was the only risk factor consistently associated with CE infection. Conclusions/Significance Our results show a high prevalence and on-going, likely environmental transmission of CE in the investigated provinces of Morocco, supporting the implementation of control activities in the area by national health authorities and encouraging the acceptance and divulgation of diagnosis and treatment algorithms based on imaging for

  14. Study of Monumental Heritage Traditional Moroccan for a Valorization and Conservation of Collective Memory Development for Socio-Eco-Sustainable Tourism-case Kasbah Chellah, Rabat (United States)

    belhaj, siham; Bahi, Lahcen; Akhssas, Ahmed


    available to ensure the survival of Moroccan heritage and also push a reflection towards planning and development policy and food that exceeds the usual rehabilitated to another which promoted the historical,cultural and social continuity that involves local people in the project of rehabilitation .

  15. VacA and CagA Status as Biomarker of Two Opposite End Outcomes of Helicobacter pylori Infection (Gastric Cancer and Duodenal Ulcer) in a Moroccan Population (United States)

    El Khadir, Mounia; Alaoui Boukhris, Samia; Benajah, Dafr-Allah; El Rhazi, Karima; Ibrahimi, Sidi Adil; El Abkari, Mohamed; Harmouch, Taoufiq; Nejjari, Chakib; Mahmoud, Mustapha; Benlemlih, Mohamed; Bennani, Bahia


    Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infection induces inflammation of the gastric mucosa, which may progress to precancerous lesions leading to gastric cancer. Pathological determinism is associated to some virulence genes of the bacterium, notably the vacA and cagA genes. The present study aimed to determine the H. pylori genotypes distribution and their association with sex, age and gastric diseases in a Moroccan population. Gastric biopsy was taken from 1079 consenting patients. The specimens were processed by PCR to identify H. pylori and to determine the genotypic profile by PCR characterizing vacA s, vacA m and vacA i regions directly from biopsies H. pylori positives. VacA genotyping revealed the predominance of vacA m2 (53.2%), vacA s2 (52.9%) and vacA i2 (52%). The most virulent vacA alleles (s1, i1 and m1) are more predominant in men (47.3%, 41.9% and 46.1% respectively) than in women (38.3%, 33.3% and 37% respectively). However, the association between vacA genotypes and age did not reach a statistical significant value. Logistic regression analysis results show that vacA i1m1 and vacA i1m2 genotypes were strongly associated with the risk of GC, the Odds Ratio (95% confidence interval) was 29.73 [5.08–173.73] and 9.17 [2.06–40.82] respectively, while vacAs1/cagA+ seems to be a risk factor for DU since it is inversely associated with GC (OR was 0.13 [0.02–0.75]. The results of this study suggest that vacA i1 genotype independently to vacAm status may be of a clinical usefulness and will help to identify patients at a high risk of GC development. PMID:28125638

  16. Acute Toxic Effects of the Herbicide Formulation Focus(®) Ultra on Embryos and Larvae of the Moroccan Painted Frog, Discoglossus scovazzi. (United States)

    Wagner, Norman; Lötters, Stefan; Veith, Michael; Viertel, Bruno


    For regulatory and scientific purposes, there is a need to understand the sensitivity of a wider variety of wild species of amphibians and the sensitivities within their life stages to chemicals of widespread use such as herbicides. We investigated the acute toxic effects of the herbicide formulation Focus Ultra [with the active ingredient (a.i.) cycloxydim plus solvent naphtha and sodium dioctylsulphosuccinate as added substances] on embryos and early stage larvae of the Moroccan painted frog (Discoglossus scovazzi). Different clinical signs (twitching, convulsion, and narcosis) occurred at 40 and 80 mg/L in embryos (4 and 8 mg a.i./L) and narcotic effects (total immobilization or irregular escape responses) at 10, 15, and 20 mg/L in larvae (1, 1.5, and 2 mg a.i./L). Growth inhibition (total length), starting at 20 mg/L in embryos and 2.5 mg/L in larvae (2 and 0.25 mg a.i./L, respectively) was understood as sign of toxicity (retardation) and not as sign of teratogenicity. However, the connection to teratogenesis remained unclear though total length reduction occurred at concentrations embryos significantly increased and at 15 mg/L in early larvae (2 and 1.5 mg a.i./L, respectively). Mortality of larvae was enhanced during the first 24 h of exposure to 15 and 20 mg/L (1.5 and 2 mg a.i./L). Morphology of the embryos remained unobtrusive. In contrary, axial malformations significantly increased in the early larvae starting at 10 mg/L (1 mg a.i./L), a concentration free of lethal effects. In all considered end points, larvae were significantly more sensitive than embryos, probably because of developmental and physiological properties or different exposure and bioavailability of the compound. Focus Ultra induced comparable lethal and immobilization effects in D. scovazzi as it does to standard test organisms in pesticide approval. However, to validate the apparent safety in the field, which is based on calculated surface water concentrations of the a

  17. "More drop per crop" when moving from gravitational to drip irrigated agriculture? Experiences from a North Moroccan case study (United States)

    Feltz, N.; Gaspart, F.; Vanclooster, M.


    In order to save agricultural water, the famous FAO's "more crop per drop" has been taken literally in many arid or semi-arid places around the world and policies that aim improving "efficiencies" (irrigation efficiency…) have been implemented, often leading to the promotion of water saving technologies. In 1865, studying coal consumption, W.S. Jevons highlighted that improving coal use efficiency could, as a paradox, lead to higher global coal use. Many economists later extended this idea to resource saving technologies in general, showing that, due to the "rebound effect", the adoption of more efficient technologies, in terms of use of resources, could lead to a higher global consumption of this resource if this adoption didn't go with adjustment measures. Regarding these considerations, the emerging question is to which extent water saving technologies (i.e. that aim improving water related efficiencies) are appropriate to save water at large scale. Our study addresses this question through the analysis of the conversion from surface to drip irrigation in Triffa's irrigated perimeter (Morocco). We aim addressing this question using the detailed analysis of two data sets. First, available data were collected for every farm within the study area from the local administrations. Second, interviews were conducted with farmers to complete the dataset and to characterize their behavior. This allowed assessing water related efficiencies at farm scale. Subsequently, models were implemented to link efficiencies with general attributes and thereby identify the main drivers of water related efficiencies in the study area. Finally, these models were used to upscale farm-scale assessment to the perimeter scale. Our results show that, under current conditions, moving from surface to drip irrigation leads to higher global water withdrawal. However, the aforementioned "rebound effect" does not allow explaining the higher pressure because of contextual specificities. Deeper

  18. A Salafiya marroquina e a questão feminina: leitura de l'Autocritique de Allal el-Fassi The Moroccan Salafya and the women's question: reading l'Autocritique of Allal el-Fassi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fatima Harrak


    Full Text Available Falar do longo processo de mobilização nacional pela reforma do código da família no Marrocos exige que se preste homenagem aos primeiros militantes, homens e mulheres, pela emancipação das mulheres. Desde os anos quarenta, esses pioneiros colocavam entre suas reivindicações a abolição da poligamia, o estabelecimento do divórcio judiciário e os direitos iguais para as mulheres no interior da família. Os líderes do movimento de reforma Salafiya no Marrocos, entre eles Allal el-Fassi, estiveram entre seus inspiradores. De fato, a evolução da condição das mulheres marroquinas no início do século XX deu-se sob a dupla influência, por um lado, das novas condições sócio-econômicas e culturais resultantes da colonização e, por outro lado, através das idéias-chaves do reformismo muçulmano (Salafiya, difundidas pelos movimentos nacionalistas nas quais se inspiravam. Este ensaio é um convite para que se conheça a contribuição desta corrente e, em particular, a contribuição de seu líder, Allal el-Fassi, à evolução da sociedade marroquina moderna e à ascensão das mulheres marroquinas durante a primeira metade do século XX.To talk about the long process of national mobilization for the reformation of the Moroccan Family Code means also to talk about to the first fighters for women's liberation, both men and women. Since the 1940s, these pioneers asked for the abolition of polygamy, the establishment of judicial divorce and equal rights for men and women in the family circle.The Salafya movement leaders, among them Allal el-Fassi, were the inspiration for it. Two main factors were of importance for the evolution of the position of Moroccan women at the beginning of the 20th century: one, the new socio-economic and cultural condition obtained through colonization, and, two, the key ideals of Salafya (Muslim Reform, spread by the nationalist movements which were an inspiration for them. This article is an invitation to

  19. Individual, family and offence characteristics of high risk childhood offenders: comparing non-offending, one-time offending and re-offending Dutch-Moroccan migrant children in the Netherlands

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stevens Gonneke WJM


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Childhood offenders are at an increased risk for developing mental health, social and educational problems later in life. An early onset of offending is a strong predictor for future persistent offending. Childhood offenders from ethnic minority groups are a vulnerable at-risk group. However, up until now, no studies have focused on them. Aims To investigate which risk factors are associated with (re-offending of childhood offenders from an ethnic minority. Method Dutch-Moroccan boys, who were registered by the police in the year 2006-2007, and their parents as well as a control group (n = 40 were interviewed regarding their individual and family characteristics. Two years later a follow-up analysis of police data was conducted to identify one-time offenders (n = 65 and re-offenders (n = 35. Results All groups, including the controls, showed substantial problems. Single parenthood (OR 6.0 and financial problems (OR 3.9 distinguished one-time offenders from controls. Reading problems (OR 3.8, having an older brother (OR 5.5 and a parent having Dutch friends (OR 4.3 distinguished re-offenders from one-time offenders. First offence characteristics were not predictive for re-offending. The control group reported high levels of emotional problems (33.3%. Parents reported not needing help for their children but half of the re-offender's families were known to the Child Welfare Agency, mostly in a juridical framework. Conclusion The Moroccan subgroup of childhood offenders has substantial problems that might hamper healthy development. Interventions should focus on reaching these families tailored to their needs and expectations using a multi-system approach.

  20. Conservation of Moroccan manuscript papers aged 150, 200 and 800 years. Analysis by infrared spectroscopy (ATR-FTIR), X-ray diffraction (XRD), and scanning electron microscopy energy dispersive spectrometry (SEM-EDS). (United States)

    Hajji, Latifa; Boukir, Abdellatif; Assouik, Jamal; Lakhiari, Hamid; Kerbal, Abdelali; Doumenq, Pierre; Mille, Gilbert; De Carvalho, Maria Luisa


    The preservation of manuscripts and archive materials is a serious problem for librarians and restorers. Paper manuscript is subjected to numerous degradation factors affecting their conservation state. This research represents an attempt to evaluate the conservation restoration process applied in Moroccan libraries, especially the alkaline treatment for strengthening weakened paper. In this study, we focused on six samples of degraded and restored paper taken from three different Moroccan manuscripts aged 150, 200 and 800 years. In addition, the Japanese paper used in restoration has been characterized. A modern paper was also analyzed as reference. A three-step analytical methodology based on infrared spectroscopy (ATR-FTIR), X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy coupled to energy dispersive spectrometry (SEM-EDS) analysis was developed before and after restoration in order to determine the effect of the consolidation treatment on the paper structure. The results obtained by XRD and ATR-FTIR disclosed the presence of barium sulfate (BaSO4) in all restored paper manuscripts. The presence of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) in all considered samples was confirmed by FTIR spectroscopy. The application of de-acidification treatment causes significant changes connected with the increase of intensity mostly in the region 1426 cm(-1), assigned to the asymmetric and symmetric CO stretching mode of calcite, indicating the effectiveness of de-acidification procedure proved by the rise of the alkaline reserve content allowing the long term preservation of paper. Observations performed by SEM magnify the typical paper morphology and the structure of fibbers, highlighting the effect of the restoration process, manifested by the reduction of impurities.

  1. Prevalence of HLA-B27 in Moroccan healthy subjects and patients with ankylosing spondylitis and mapping construction of several factors influencing AS diagnosis by using multiple correspondence analysis. (United States)

    Akassou, Amal; Yacoubi, Hanae; Jamil, Afaf; Dakka, Nadia; Amzazi, Saaïd; Sadki, Khalid; Niamane, Redouane; Elhassani, Selma; Bakri, Youssef


    The aim of the present study was to determine the prevalence of human leukocyte antigen HLA-B27 in Moroccan healthy controls and in patients with ankylosing spondylitis (AS), and to analyze the correlation between HLA-B27 and AS in Moroccan patients. The prevalence of HLA-B27 was determined by evaluating the number of HLA-B27-positive samples in 128 healthy subjects and in 53 patients diagnosed with AS according to the ESSG and AMOR criteria. HLA-B27 was determined by the polymerase chain reaction using sequence-specific primers. Multivariate analysis of our data (HLA-B27, age, sex, and family history) for AS and healthy controls was performed by multiple correspondence analysis (MCA). The frequency of HLA-B27 was significantly greater in AS patients (45.3 %) than in healthy controls (4.7 %) [p < 0.0001, OR 16.8, and CI 95 % (5.83-51.03)]. In addition, HLA-B27 was more common in male patients than in female ones (p < 0.05). 100 % of the AS patients reported a family history of AS, whereas only 20 % of the healthy controls reported a family history of AS. The graphical interpretation of MCA showed a significant relation between the presence of HLA-B27 and AS. This study strengthens the link between HLA-B27 and AS and represents a very valuable informative diagnostic tool, especially in regard to male patients who have a family history of AS.

  2. Anchorage Areas (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — An anchorage area is a place where boats and ships can safely drop anchor. These areas are created in navigable waterways when ships and vessels require them for...

  3. Contribution to the study of pollution of soil and water in Oued El Maleh area (Mohammedia, Morocco) (United States)

    El hajjaji, Souad; Dahchour, Abdelmalek; Belhsaien, Kamal; Zouahri, Abdelmjid; Moussadek, Rachid; Douaik, Ahmed


    In Morocco, diffuse ground and surface water pollution in irrigated areas has caused an increase in the risk of water and soil quality deterioration. This has generated a health and environmental risks. The present study was carried out in the Oued El Maleh region located 65 Km to the south of Rabat on the Moroccan Atlantic coast. It covers a surface area of 310 km2 where agriculture constitutes the main activity of the population. This region is considered as a very important agricultural area, known nationally for its high potential for market gardening. This intensification has been accompanied by an excessive use of agrochemical inputs and poor control of irrigation and drainage. Consequently, salinization phenomena and deterioration of soil structure as well as water are about to create an alarming situation. In order to assess the state of pollution of waters and soil in the region, our study focuses on the determination of physicochemical parameters for the quality of water and soil. The obtained results from sampled wells and surface water show relatively higher values of nitrate and conductivity exceeding Moroccan national standards and revealing net degradation of water quality; therefore the water can be considered not suitable for human consumption and can induce a degradation of soil. The results of the studied soil show that the pH of these soils is weakly to moderately basic; they are usually non-saline with organic matter content moderately filled. Moreover, very high concentrations of nutrients (potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen) were recorded, highlighting poor management fertilizing vegetable crops in the region of Oued El Maleh.

  4. Revitalization Areas (United States)

    Department of Housing and Urban Development — Revitalization areas are HUD-designated neighborhoods in need of economic and community development and where there is already a strong commitment by the local...

  5. Wooded areas (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This report summarizes the management of wooded areas on Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge (formerly Walnut Creek National Wildlife Refuge) between 1992 and 2009.

  6. 700 Area (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The 700 Area of the Hanford Site is located in downtown Richland.Called the Federal Office Building, the Richland Operations Site Manager and the Richland Operations...

  7. Fitness, fatness and cardiovascular profile in South Spanish and North Moroccan women Condición física, grasa corporal y perfil cardiovascular en mujeres del sur de España y del norte de Marruecos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    V. A. Aparicio


    Full Text Available Introduction: We studied the differences on physical fitness, fatness and cardiovascular profile in Spanish and Moroccan women. Material and methods: The study comprised 63 and 58 women aged 45-65 years from South of Spain and North of Morocco, respectively. We assessed fitness and body composition using standard procedures. We also assessed resting heart rate (RHR, blood pressure, fasting glucose, total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol and triglycerides. Results and discussion: Moroccan women had a better performance in the main health-related physical fitness components, i.e. higher levels of cardiorespiratory fitness (P = 0.01 and (lower-body muscular strength (P Introducción: Estudiamos las diferencias en la forma física, grasa corporal y perfil cardiovascular de mujeres españolas y marroquíes. Materiales y métodos: El estudio comprendió 63 mujeres del sur de España y 58 del norte de Marruecos con un rango de edad de 45-65 años. Evaluamos la forma física y la composición corporal utilizando procedimientos estándar. También evaluamos la frecuencia cardíaca en reposo (FCR, la presión sanguínea, la glucosa en ayunas, el colesterol total, el colesterol LDL, HDL y los triglicéridos. Resultado y discusión: las mujeres marroquíes obtuvieron mejores resultados en los principales componentes de la salud relacionada con la forma física, como son mejores niveles de capacidad cardiorrespiratoria (P = 0,01 y fuerza muscular del tren inferior (P < 0,001. La presión sanguínea diastólica (P = 0,004, FCR y colesterol total (ambos P = 0,04 fueron menores en las mujeres marroquíes. No se observaron diferencias en la prevalencia de síndrome metabólico. Conclusiones: Las mujeres marroquíes presentaron unos niveles de forma física y perfil cardiovascular más saludables que las españolas. Se requieren investigaciones adicionales sobre la forma física y otros indicadores de salud en poblaciones poco estudiadas.

  8. Fitness, fatness and cardiovascular profile in South Spanish and North Moroccan women Condición física, grasa corporal y perfil cardiovascular en mujeres del sur de España y del norte de Marruecos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    V. A. Aparicio


    Full Text Available Introduction: We studied the differences on physical fitness, fatness and cardiovascular profile in Spanish and Moroccan women. Material and methods: The study comprised 63 and 58 women aged 45-65 years from South of Spain and North of Morocco, respectively. We assessed fitness and body composition using standard procedures. We also assessed resting heart rate (RHR, blood pressure, fasting glucose, total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol and triglycerides. Results and discussion: Moroccan women had a better performance in the main health-related physical fitness components, i.e. higher levels of cardiorespiratory fitness (P = 0.01 and (lower-body muscular strength (P Introducción: Estudiamos las diferencias en la condición física, grasa corporal y perfil cardiovascular en mujeres españolas y marroquís. Material y métodos: El estudio comprendió 63 mujeres del sur de España y 58 del norte de Marruecos con un rango de edad de 45-65 años. Evaluamos la condición física y la composición corporal empleando procedimientos estándar. También evaluamos la frecuencia cardíaca en reposo (FCR, la presión sanguínea, la glucosa en ayunas, el colesterol total, el colesterol LDL, HDL y los triglicéridos. Resultados y discusión: Las mujeres marroquíes obtuvieron mejores resultados en los principales componentes de salud relacionada con la condición física, como son los mayores niveles de capacidad cardiorrespiratoria (P = 0,01 y fuerza muscular (del tren inferior (P < 0,001. La presión sanguínea diastólica (P = 0,004, la FCR y el colesterol total (ambos P = 0,04 fueron menores en las mujeres marroquíes. No se observaron diferencias en la prevalencia de síndrome metabólico. Conclusiones: Las mujeres marroquíes tenían una condición física y un perfil cardiovascular más saludables que las españolas. Se necesita investigación adicional sobre la condición física y otros indicadores de salud en poblaciones infra

  9. Quiet areas

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Petersen, Rikke Munck


    This paper argues that drone filming can substantiate our understanding of multisensorial experiences of quiet areas and urban landscapes. Contrary to the distanced gaze often associated with the drone, this paper discusses drone filming as an intimate performativity apparatus that can affect...... perception as a result of its interrelationships between motion, gaze, and sound. This paper uses four films, one of which is a drone flyover, to launch a discussion concerning a smooth and alluring gaze, a sliding gaze that penetrates landscapes, and site appearance. Films hold the capacity to project both...... and transcendence can facilitate a deeper understanding of intimate sensations, substantiating their role in the future design and planning of urban landscapes. Hence, it addresses the ethics of an intimacy perspective (of drone filming) in the qualification of quiet areas....

  10. Chemical composition and antitumor activity of different wild varieties of Moroccan thyme Composição química e atividade antitumoral de diferentes variedades selvagens de tomilho Marroquino

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abdeslam Jaafari


    Full Text Available Many species of Thyme have been widely used in Moroccan folk medicine as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antinociceptive agents. This study was designed to examine the chemical composition and the in vitro antitumor activity of the essential oils and various extracts of thyme species collected in different regions of Morocco. The essential oil, obtained by hydrodistillation, and the various extracts, obtained by Soxhlet extraction, using solvents of varying polarity, were analysed by gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry (GC-MS. Both major and trace components were analysed. Overall, the major constituents in the chemical composition of Moroccan thyme populations were carvacrol, thymol, borneol and p-cymene. The rate of these components can hit respectively to 85%, 42%, 59%, and 23%. Furthermore, the essential oils as well as two pure products (carvacrol and thymol were tested for their antitumoral activity against P815 mastocytoma cell line. While all these products showed a dose dependent cytotoxic effect, the carvacrol was the most cytotoxic one compared to the others. Interestingly, when these products were tested against the normal human peripheral blood mononuclear cells, they show a proliferative effect instead of a cytotoxic one.Muitas espécies de Tomilho têm sido amplamente utilizadas na medicina popular morroquina como agentes antiinflamatório, antioxidante e antinociceptivo. Este estudo foi realizado para analisar a composição química e a atividade antitumoral in vitro dos óleos essenciais e de vários extratos de espécies de tomilho coletadas em diferentes regiões do Marrocos. O óleo essencial, obtido através de hidrodestilação, e os vários extratos, obtidos por extração em aparelho de Soxhlet, utilizando solventes de diferentes polaridades, foram analisados através de cromatografia gasosa acoplada à espectrometria de massas (CG/EM. Tanto os componentes majoritários quanto os minoritário foram

  11. X-chromosome SNP analyses in 11 human Mediterranean populations show a high overall genetic homogeneity except in North-west Africans (Moroccans

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ben Dhiab Mohamed


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Due to its history, with a high number of migration events, the Mediterranean basin represents a challenging area for population genetic studies. A large number of genetic studies have been carried out in the Mediterranean area using different markers but no consensus has been reached on the genetic landscape of the Mediterranean populations. In order to further investigate the genetics of the human Mediterranean populations, we typed 894 individuals from 11 Mediterranean populations with 25 single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs located on the X-chromosome. Results A high overall homogeneity was found among the Mediterranean populations except for the population from Morocco, which seemed to differ genetically from the rest of the populations in the Mediterranean area. A very low genetic distance was found between populations in the Middle East and most of the western part of the Mediterranean Sea. A higher migration rate in females versus males was observed by comparing data from X-chromosome, mt-DNA and Y-chromosome SNPs both in the Mediterranean and a wider geographic area. Multilocus association was observed among the 25 SNPs on the X-chromosome in the populations from Ibiza and Cosenza. Conclusion Our results support both the hypothesis of (1 a reduced impact of the Neolithic Wave and more recent migration movements in NW-Africa, and (2 the importance of the Strait of Gibraltar as a geographic barrier. In contrast, the high genetic homogeneity observed in the Mediterranean area could be interpreted as the result of the Neolithic wave caused by a large demic diffusion and/or more recent migration events. A differentiated contribution of males and females to the genetic landscape of the Mediterranean area was observed with a higher migration rate in females than in males. A certain level of background linkage disequilibrium in populations in Ibiza and Cosenza could be attributed to their demographic background.

  12. Crustal thickness and images of the lithospheric discontinuities in the Gibraltar arc and surrounding areas (United States)

    Mancilla, Flor de Lis; Stich, Daniel; Morales, José; Martín, Rosa; Diaz, Jordi; Pazos, Antonio; Córdoba, Diego; Pulgar, Javier A.; Ibarra, Pedro; Harnafi, Mimoun; Gonzalez-Lodeiro, Francisco


    The Gibraltar arc and surrounding areas are a complex tectonic region and its tectonic evolution since Miocene is still under debate. Knowledge of its lithospheric structure will help to understand the mechanisms that produced extension and westward motion of the Alboran domain, simultaneously with NW-SE compression driven by Africa-Europe plates convergence. We perform a P-wave receiver function analysis in which we analyse new data recorded at 83 permanent and temporary seismic broad-band stations located in the South of the Iberian peninsula. These data are stacked and combined with data from a previous study in northern Morocco to build maps of thickness and average vP/vS ratio for the crust, and cross-sections to image the lithospheric discontinuities beneath the Gibraltar arc, the Betic and Rif Ranges and their Iberian and Moroccan forelands. Crustal thickness values show strong lateral variations in the southern Iberia peninsula, ranging from ˜19 to ˜46 km. The Variscan foreland is characterized by a relatively flat Moho at ˜31 km depth, and an average vP/vS ratio of ˜1.72, similar to other Variscan terranes, which may indicate that part of the lower crustal orogenic root was lost. The thickest crust is found at the contact between the Alboran domain and the External Zones of the Betic Range, while crustal thinning is observed southeastern Iberia (down to 19 km) and in the Guadalquivir basin where the thinning at the Iberian paleomargin could be still preserved. In the cross-sections, we see a strong change between the eastern Betics, where the Iberian crust underthrusts and couples to the Alboran crust, and the western Betics, where the underthrusting Iberian crust becomes partially delaminated and enters into the mantle. The structures largely mirror those on the Moroccan side where a similar detachment was observed in northern Morocco. We attribute a relatively shallow strong negative-polarity discontinuity to the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary

  13. Evaluation of the cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of extracts of mussels originating from Moroccan Atlantic coast, in human colonic epithelial cells Caco-2. (United States)

    Nasser, Boubker; Moustaid, Khadija; Moukha, Serge; Mobio, Théophile A; Essamadi, Abdelkhalid; Creppy, Edmond E


    Industrial processing of phosphates generates chemical wastes which are, without any treatment, discharged directly into the Atlantic Ocean at Jorf Lasfar (JL), located 120 km south of Casablanca (Morocco) were shellfish are also collected by people without any control. Marine bivalves concentrate these pollutants by filtration and serve as vectors in human's exposure. The objective of this study was to test and compare in vitro on human intestinal cells (Caco-2) the cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis) extracts (either hydrophilic or lipophilic) collected at two coastal sites; JL (neighboring a phosphate processing plat-form) and Oualidia (OL) (a vegetable growing area) located 160 km south of Casablanca (i.e. 40 km south of JL). Using Caco-2 cells, the following end-points have been evaluated, cytotoxicity as measured by MTS test, inhibition of cellular macromolecules syntheses (DNA and protein) and genotoxicity evaluated by DNA fragmentation in agarose gel electrophoresis. The results indicated, that hydrophilic and lipophilic OL mussels extracts are cytotoxic and inhibit cellular macromolecules syntheses. Moreover these extracts damage the DNA in Caco-2 cells. The lipophilic JL mussels extract is cytotoxic, inhibits cellular macromolecules syntheses, and damages the DNA in Caco-2 cells whereas the hydrophilic extract of JL mussels fails to inhibit protein synthesis and does not damage the DNA. This extract rather enhances protein synthesis, suggesting possible metallothioneins induction by metal ions. Altogether these in vitro data indicate that mussels collected from OL could be more harmful than those from JL even though the later is closer to the pollution site than OL. Nevertheless consumption of mussels from all these areas may present a risk for humans. Epidemiological studies will be needed for global risk assessment in humans living in these areas especially those consuming see food regularly.

  14. Tsunami hazard assessment in the coastal area of Rabat and Salé, Morocco

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    C. Renou


    Full Text Available In the framework of the three-year SCHEMA European project (, we present a generic methodology developed to produce tsunami building vulnerability and impact maps. We apply this methodology to the Moroccan coast. This study focuses on the Bouregreg Valley which is at the junction between Rabat (administrative capital, and Salé. Both present large populations and new infrastructure development. Using a combination of numerical modelling, field surveys, Earth Observation and GIS data, the risk has been evaluated for this vulnerable area.

    Two tsunami scenarios were studied to estimate a realistic range of hazards on this coast: a worst-case scenario based on the historical Lisbon earthquake of 1755 and a moderate scenario based on the Horseshoe earthquake of 28 February 1969. For each scenario, numerical models allowed the production of tsunami hazard maps (maximum inundation extent and maximum inundation depths. Moreover, the modelling results of these two scenarios were compared with the historical data available.

    A companion paper to this article (Atillah et al., 2011 presents the following steps of the methodology, namely the elaboration of building damage maps by crossing layers of building vulnerability and the so-inferred inundation depths.

  15. La mujer en la sociedad Nomada del Sur de Marruecos: enfoque etnográfico Women in the south of Moroccan Nomad Societies: an ethnographic approach

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohamed Dahmane


    Full Text Available Este artículo describe la posición social de la mujer en el Sahara como una sociedad nomada que conoce muchos cambios socio-económicos desde los años setenta del siglo pasado. Entonces hay influencias sobre la posición de la mujer y también sobre relaciones del "gender" en esta sociedad tradicional musulmana.This article deals with the social position of women in the Sahara area, in a nomad society that has passed through many socio-economic changes since the 1970s, therefore affecting women's status as well as gender relations in this traditional Muslim society.

  16. Influence of the experimental conditions on porosity and structure of adsorbents elaborated from Moroccan oil shale of Timahdit by chemical activation. (United States)

    Ichcho, S; Khouya, E; Fakhi, S; Ezzine, M; Hannache, H; Pallier, R; Naslain, R


    This study records experiments undertaken to determine the suitable conditions for the use of the oil shale of Timahdit, as an adsorbent for water treatment. A simple process was proposed based on chemical activation. The preparation has been carried out by carbonization after impregnation of the precursor with phosphoric acid. The effect of different conditions of preparation on the specific surface area is discussed. These parameters are H3PO4/shale weight ratio, carbonization temperature, carbonization time and concentration of H3PO4. The properties and surface structure of the adsorbent were investigated by XPS and FT-IR. Their total surface acidity and basicity were also determined. The retention process of methylene blue (MB) by adsorbents has been studied. It was found that MHP2 and MHP7 have relatively high retention ability as compared to activated carbons.

  17. Conformation and control of Moroccan education system: from French Protectorate to Independence Conformación y control del sistema escolar marroquí: del protectorado francés a la independencia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available The running and organization of the education system of a country are a reflection of the social system which is immersed. That is one of the most useful tools used by the society and the established power to transmit their values and maintain its status quo, favoring its cohesion, continuity and permanence. Through the Protectorate, the French government tried to seize the Moroccan people controlling the economy, society, education, etc. To achieve this purpose he used various means, including the education system. It imposed a series of reforms tending to perpetuate its rule, strengthening their power and hegemony. With the independence, the power changes and, therefore, their interests and aims. It is introduced a new dynamic school, which is not beyond the previous system. Some aspects are taken as reference, to imitate or eliminate, to build the new school system. On this basis, the newly established monarchy exercised their power taking into account the new balance of forces, and incorporating as emerging element a nationalist perspective, based on an ideology rooted in Arab-Islamic traditions.El funcionamiento y la organización del sistema escolar de un país no son sino un fiel reflejo del sistema social donde se encuentra inmerso. Aquel es uno de los instrumentos más útiles que emplea la sociedad y el poder establecido para transmitir sus valores y mantener su statu quo, favoreciendo su cohesión, continuidad y permanencia. A través del Protectorado, el Gobierno francés pretendió hacerse con el pueblo marroquí controlando su economía, sociedad, educación, etc. Para alcanzar esta finalidad se valió de diversos medios, entre ellos el sistema escolar. Impuso una serie de reformas tendentes a perpetuar su dominio, fortaleciendo su poder y hegemonía. Con la consecución de la independencia, el poder cambia y, por ende, sus intereses y objetivos. Se introduce una nueva dinámica escolar, a la que, en absoluto, es ajena el anterior

  18. Tectono-Sedimentary and magmatic evolution of the Upper Visean basins of Azrou-Khénifra and eastern Jebilet (Moroccan Meseta

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Soulaimani, A.


    Full Text Available During Upper Visean times, the eastern mesetian basins of eastern Jebilet and Azrou Khenifra show great tectono-sedimentary and magmatic evolution similarities. Their deposits record large instabilities and disorganization with huge thickness and lithological variations, related to a synsedimentary tectonic context. At the same time, tilted block tectonics affect the basement of these basins, controlled by bordering transfert faults. Basic dominant magmatic bodies set up in these basins. Their continental alkaline chemical characteristics are consistent with the regional geodynamic context in this area. Initiated along the transitional zone between eastern and western Meseta, the Azrou-Khenifra and Jebilet basins correspond to intracontinental throws, initiated on and controlled by major strike-slip faults. Their evolution is most likely earlier in time and of a weak opening rate than the neighboring western Meseta basins.Au Viséen supérieur, les bassins mesetiens des Jebilet orientales et d’Azrou Khénifra montrent de grandes similitudes de leur évolution tectono-sédimentaire et magmatiques. Leurs dépôts enregistrent de grandes instabilités liées à une tectonique syn-sédimentaire responsable localement d’une intense désorganisation et de grandes variations de faciès et d’épaisseurs. Ces instabilités sont engendrées par une tectonique en blocs basculés qui affecte le substratum anté-Viséen, contrôlée par des accidents bordiers sub-verticaux à forte composante transcurrente. Des corps magmatiques, pour l’essentiel basiques, se mettent en place dans ces bassins. Ils présentent des caractères chimiques des séries magmatiques alcalines mise en place dans un contexte intracontinental et anorogénique. Initiés le long de la zone de transition entre la Meseta orientale et occidentale, les bassins d’Azrou-Khénifra et des Jebilet orientales correspondent à des sillons intracontinentaux, initi

  19. FHFA Underserved Areas (United States)

    Department of Housing and Urban Development — Federal Housing Finance Agency's (FHFA) Underserved Areas establishes underserved area designations for census tracts in Metropolitan Areas (MSAs), nonmetropolitan...

  20. Class 1 Areas (United States)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — A "Class 1" area is a geographic area recognized by the EPA as being of the highest environmental quality and requiring maximum protection. Class I areas are areas...

  1. Le mariage et le divorce dans le Code marocain de la famille. Le nouveau droit à l’égalité entre l’homme et la femme Marriage and Divorce in Moroccan Family Law: The New Law on Equality between Men and Women

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Edwige Rude-Antoine


    Full Text Available L’auteur se propose de faire une analyse de la dernière réforme du Code marocain de la famille. Elle rappelle que le droit familial marocain est lié aux textes sacrés et porte une attention plus particulière aux nouvelles dispositions relatives au mariage et au divorce. Elle s’interroge sur la volonté d’instaurer un droit familial plus égalitaire entre l’homme et la femme.The author proposes to analyze the most recent reform of Morocco’s family Code. She reminds us that Moroccan family law relies on sacred texts. She gives particular attention to new rulings regarding marriage and divorce, examining the prospects for a family law that is more egalitarian with respect to men and women.

  2. 摩洛哥男性Y染色体的AZF微缺失和AZFc区域的部分缺失%AZF microdeletions and partial deletions of AZFc region on the Y chromosome in Moroccan men

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    L.Imken; M.Hassar; K. McElreavey; A.Barakat; H.Rouba; B.El Houate; A.Chafik; H. Nahili; R.Boulouiz; O.Abidi; E.Chadli; N.Louanjli; A.Elfath


    Aim: To evaluate for the first time the frequency of Y chromosome microdeletions and the occurrence of the partial deletions of AZFc region in Moroccan men, and to discuss the clinical significance of AZF deletions. Methods: We screened Y chromosome microdeletions and partial deletions of the AZFc region of a consecutive group of infertile men (n = 149) and controls (100 fertile men, 76 normospermic men). AZFa, AZFb, AZFc and partial deletions of the AZFc region were analyzed by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) according to established protocols. Results: Among the 127 infertile men screened for microdeletion, four subjects were found to have microdeletions: two AZFc deletions and two AZFb+AZFc deletions. All the deletions were found only in azoospermic subjects (4/48, 8.33%). The overall AZFc deletion frequency was low (4/127, 3.15%). AZF microdeletions were not observed in either oligoasthenoteratozoospermia (OATS) or the control. Partial deletions of AZFc (gr/gr) were observed in a total of 7 of the 149 infertile men (4.70%) and 7 partial AZFc deletions (gr/gr) were found in the control group (7/176, 3.98%).In addition, two b2/b3 deletions were identified in two azoospermic subjects (2/149, 1.34%) but not in the control group. Conclusion: Our results suggest that the frequency of Y chromosome AZF microdeletions is elevated in individuals with severe spermatogenic failure and that gr/gr deletions are not associated with spermatogenic failure.(Asian J Androl 2007 Sep; 9: 674-678)%目的:首次评价摩洛哥男性Y染色体微缺失和部分AZFc部分缺失的发生频率并讨论AZF缺失的临床意义.方法:我们筛选了不育组(n=149)和对照组(100名可育男性,76名精子正常男性)的Y染色体微缺失和AZFc区部分缺失的情况.根据已建立的方法用PCR分析AZFa、AZFb、AZFc和AZFc部分缺失的区域.结果:在127名不孕男性中进行了微缺失的筛选,其中4例有微缺失:二例AZFc缺失,二例AZFb+AZFc

  3. Moroccan crustal response to continental drift. (United States)

    Kanes, W H; Saadi, M; Ehrlich, E; Alem, A


    The formation and development of a zone of spreading beneath the continental crust resulted in the breakup of Pangea and formation of the Atlantic Ocean. The crust of Morocco bears an extremely complete record of the crustal response to this episode of mantle dynamics. Structural and related depositional patterns indicate that the African margin had stabilized by the Middle Jurassic as a marine carbonate environment; that it was dominated by tensile stresses in the early Mesozoic, resulting in two fault systems paralleling the Atlantic and Mediterranean margins and a basin and range structural-depositional style; and that it was affected by late Paleozoic metamorphism and intrusion. Mesozoic events record the latter portion of African involvement in the spreading episode; late Paleozoic thermal orogenesis might reflect the earlier events in the initiation of the spreading center and its development beneath significant continental crust. In that case, more than 100 million years were required for mantle dynamics to break up Pangea.

  4. Areas of Triangles

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    <正>We know that the area of any right triangle is half the area of the rectangle which has the same height and the same base with the triangle.The area of rectangle DFEG below is bh.So the area of triangle DFG is 1/2bh. Now we can give a proof of the conclusion that every triangle has half the area of a related rectangle.

  5. LeaseAreas (United States)

    Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Department of the Interior — Federal outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Sand and Gravel Borrow Areas (Lease Areas) are polygons which are maintained by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM),...

  6. BOEM Wind Planning Areas (United States)

    Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Department of the Interior — This data set represents the most recent changes for the Wind Development Planning Areas in the Atlantic. Wind Planning Areas in this dataset represent up to six...

  7. Sunk Lake Natural Area (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The Sunk Lake Natural Area Management Plan guides the long-range development of the Natural Area by identifying and integrating appropriate habitats, management...

  8. Infrastructure Area Simplification Plan

    CERN Document Server

    Field, L.


    The infrastructure area simplification plan was presented at the 3rd EMI All Hands Meeting in Padova. This plan only affects the information and accounting systems as the other areas are new in EMI and hence do not require simplification.

  9. Vermont Designated Natural Areas (United States)

    Vermont Center for Geographic Information — Under Natural Areas Law (10 Vermont Statutes Annotated, Chapter 83 § 2607) the FPR commissioner, with the approval of the governor, may designate and set aside areas...

  10. Selected areas in cryptography

    CERN Document Server

    Oorschot, Paul


    Selected Areas in Cryptography brings together in one place important contributions and up-to-date research results in this fast moving area. Selected Areas in Cryptography serves as an excellent reference, providing insight into some of the most challenging research issues in the field.

  11. The Ethiopean Language Area. (United States)

    Ferguson, Charles A.

    This paper constitutes the fifth chapter of the forthcoming volume "Language in Ethiopia." In an effort to better define the particular linguistic area, the author analyzes phonological and grammatical features that languages in the area have in common. A number of features have been identified as characteristic of the area, and this…

  12. Fishing Access Areas (United States)

    Vermont Center for Geographic Information — The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department maintains developed fishing access areas. These sites provide public access to waters in Vermont for shore fishing...

  13. CVP Service Area (United States)

    California Department of Resources — Federal Water Contract Service Area boundaries are incorporated boundaries of districts having contracts with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation), within...

  14. Aperture area measurement facility (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — NIST has established an absolute aperture area measurement facility for circular and near-circular apertures use in radiometric instruments. The facility consists of...

  15. Northwest Area Science (United States)

    Fuentes, Tracy L.; van Heeswijk, Marijke; Grossman, Eric E.


    Northwest Area Facts * Population about 12 million * 43 federally recognized Tribes * Hydropower provides about two-thirds of electricity supply * 78 federally listed threatened and endangered species * 12 active or potentially active volcanoes * Columbia River system drains more than 260,000 square miles, an area about the size of Texas * More than 175 square miles covered by glaciers * More than 900 miles of Pacific Ocean coastline * More than 2,300 miles of greater Puget Sound coastline * Some forests store more carbon per unit area than any other area in the world, including the tropics * 51 percent federal lands * Significant lead, zinc, silver, and phosphate deposits

  16. La perspectiva de las madres marroquíes sobre la educación de sus hijos en Huelva y en las zonas de origen

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Teresa Terrón Caro


    Full Text Available En el presente artículo analizamos la educación que reciben en el hogar las hijas e hijos de los inmigrantes marroquíes sitos en la provincia de Huelva, para ello analizamos nuestro objeto de estudio en las dos sociedades implicadas; en la de llegada (Huelva y provincia y en la de origen, concretamente en las zonas de donde provienen la mayor parte de las mujeres entrevistadas en Huelva: Beni Mellal y Azilal (región de Tadla-Azilal, Tánger y Tetuán (región Tánger-Tetuán y Casablanca (de la región Gran Casablanca. Conscientes de la importancia y relevancia que tiene la madre en la educación de sus hijas e hijos, sea cual fuere su ámbito cultural, observamos como en la sociedad marroquí, esta característica se acentúa. Así mismo, también hemos podido verificar que el proceso migratorio implica una serie de transformaciones en el ámbito familiar que, en muchos de los casos estudiados, se han ido conformando según la variable tiempo de estancia en España. Si bien, el tipo de educación familiar que las mujeres inmigrantes marroquíes asentadas en la provincia de Huelva imparten a su prole, viene a ser la misma que la que ellas recibían en su país de origen, tanto en los contenidos y valores que transmiten como en la forma y modo con que lo hacen. Siendo ésta un tipo de educación diferenciada en función del género, independientemente del lugar donde se encuentren.In the present article we analyze the familiar education that daughters and sons of the Moroccan immigrants situated in the province of Huelva receive,for it we analyze our object of study in both implied societies; arrival society (Huelva and province and origin society, concretly in the origin zones of the most of the women interviewed in Huelva:Beni Mellal and Azilal (Tadla-Azilal’s region, Tanger and Tetuán (region Tanger-Tetuán and Casablanca (of the region Great Casablanca.We are aware of the importance and relevancy that the mother has in the education of

  17. Available area isotherm

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bosma, JC; Wesselingh, JA


    A new isotherm is presented for adsorption of proteins, the available area isotherm. This isotherm has a steric basis, unlike the (steric) mass action model. The shape of the available area isotherm is determined only by geometric exclusion. With the new isotherm, experimental results can be fitted


    Armstrong, Augustus K.; Scott, Douglas F.


    A geologic and mineral survey was conducted in the Pyramid Roadless Area, California. The area contains mineral showings, but no mineral-resource potential was identified during our studies. Three granodiorite samples on the west side of the roadless area contained weakly anomalous concentrations of uranium. Two samples of roof-pendant rocks, one metasedimentary rock and one metavolcanic rock, contain low concentrations of copper, and of copper and molybdenum, respectively. Although none was identified, the geologic terrane is permissive for mineral occurrences and large-scale, detailed geologic mapping of the areas of metasedimentary and metavolcanic roof pendants in the Pyramid Roadless Area could define a mineral-resource potential for tungsten and precious metals.

  19. Protected areas and poverty (United States)

    Brockington, Daniel; Wilkie, David


    Protected areas are controversial because they are so important for conservation and because they distribute fortune and misfortune unevenly. The nature of that distribution, as well as the terrain of protected areas themselves, have been vigorously contested. In particular, the relationship between protected areas and poverty is a long-running debate in academic and policy circles. We review the origins of this debate and chart its key moments. We then outline the continuing flashpoints and ways in which further evaluation studies could improve the evidence base for policy-making and conservation practice. PMID:26460124

  20. Ice Engineering Research Area (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — Refrigerated Physical Modeling of Waterways in a Controlled EnvironmentThe Research Area in the Ice Engineering Facility at the Cold Regions Research and Engineering...

  1. Pilot Boarding Areas (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Pilot boarding areas are locations at sea where pilots familiar with local waters board incoming vessels to navigate their passage to a destination port. Pilotage is...

  2. Decontamination & decommissioning focus area

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    In January 1994, the US Department of Energy Office of Environmental Management (DOE EM) formally introduced its new approach to managing DOE`s environmental research and technology development activities. The goal of the new approach is to conduct research and development in critical areas of interest to DOE, utilizing the best talent in the Department and in the national science community. To facilitate this solutions-oriented approach, the Office of Science and Technology (EM-50, formerly the Office of Technology Development) formed five Focus AReas to stimulate the required basic research, development, and demonstration efforts to seek new, innovative cleanup methods. In February 1995, EM-50 selected the DOE Morgantown Energy Technology Center (METC) to lead implementation of one of these Focus Areas: the Decontamination and Decommissioning (D & D) Focus Area.

  3. SO2 Nonattainment Areas (United States)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — This data layer identifies areas in the U.S. where air pollution levels have not met the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for Sulfur dioxide and have...

  4. PM 10 Nonattainment Areas (United States)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — This data layer identifies areas in the U.S. where air pollution levels have not met the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for PM 10 and have been...

  5. Driftless Area NWR ROCSTAR (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The Resources of Concern Selection Tool for Americas Refuges (ROCSTAR) was developed to assist national wildlife refuges, waterfowl production areas, wetland...

  6. Carbon Monoxide Nonattainment Areas (United States)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — This data layer identifies areas in the U.S. where air pollution levels have not met the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for Carbon Monoxide and have...

  7. 200 Area Interim Storage Area Technical Safety Requirements

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The 200 Area Interim Storage Area Technical Safety Requirements define administrative controls and design features required to ensure safe operation during receipt and storage of canisters containing spent nuclear fuel. This document is based on the 200 Area Interim Storage Area, Annex D, Final Safety Analysis Report which contains information specific to the 200 Area Interim Storage Area.

  8. 5 CFR 591.207 - Which areas are COLA areas? (United States)


    ... 5 Administrative Personnel 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Which areas are COLA areas? 591.207... ALLOWANCES AND DIFFERENTIALS Cost-of-Living Allowance and Post Differential-Nonforeign Areas Cost-Of-Living Allowances § 591.207 Which areas are COLA areas? OPM has established the following COLA areas: (a) City...

  9. 5 CFR 591.205 - Which areas are nonforeign areas? (United States)


    ... 5 Administrative Personnel 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Which areas are nonforeign areas? 591.205... ALLOWANCES AND DIFFERENTIALS Cost-of-Living Allowance and Post Differential-Nonforeign Areas Cost-Of-Living Allowances and Post Differentials § 591.205 Which areas are nonforeign areas? (a) The nonforeign areas...

  10. Gerisa - Using Foss in Environmental Risk Management for the Coastal Areas of w- Morocco (United States)

    Loewner, R.; Elbchari, F.; Theilen-Willige, B.; Ait Malek, H.; Ayt Ougougdal, M.; Chaibi, M.; Charif, A.; Nakhcha, C.; Ridaoui, M.


    Pilot region of the GeRiSa project (Gestion des risques de l'environnement dans la région de Safi) is the Sahel of Abda (Morocco) located on the Atlantic coast of western Morocco between the lagoon of Oualidia and the Tensift river basin. It belongs to the Coastal Meseta and forms an erosional platform covered by accumulations of various Meso-cenozoic sediments. Firstly, the study area is characterized by a variety of geomorphological units (depressions, plateaus, cliffs, dunes, estuaries, etc.) and shows a considerable natural richness. Secondly, it illustrates its importance for the national economy by intensive social and economic activities. During the last century, this region has been affected by intensive changes from urban growth, tourism, industrial and commercial development, inducing a considerable vulnerability to natural hazards such as coastal erosion, landslides, flooding, Tsunamis and seismicity. In order to give solutions to these problems, the three-year GeRiSa project with the support of the bilateral Moroccan-German Programme of Scientific Research (PMARS) promoted by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the German Aerospace Center (DLR), will implement a knowledge pool and a risk management centre for natural hazards at the Polydisciplinary Faculty of the Cadi Ayyad University of Safi (Morocco). GeRiSa addresses fundamental scientific, environmental and anthropological problems of national importance and social relevance. The aim is a regional real-time geoinformation system with worldwide access via Internet and interdisciplinary dynamic content, enabling the communication between universities, local authorities and public organisation. In this sense, this multidisciplinary project focuses on a synthesis of various works, approaches and collaborations in-progress, previous completed projects and already existing data combining it with new research results. One of the main research targets within this project is the

  11. Prevalence of anxiety disorders: a population-based epidemiological study in metropolitan area of Casablanca, Morocco

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Berrada Soumia


    Full Text Available Abstract Background In Morocco, no epidemiological study has been conducted to show the current prevalence of mental disorders in the general population. The aim of the present study was to assess the prevalence and comorbidity of anxiety disorders in Moroccan subjects. Methods We used cross-sectional study, with a representative sample of Casablanca city. Direct interviews used the Mini International Neurpsychiatric Interview in its validated Moroccan Arabic version Results Among 800 subjects, 25.5% met criteria of at least one current anxiety disorder: Panic Disorder (2%, Agoraphobia (7.6% Social phobia (3.4, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (6.1%, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (3.4%, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (4.3% Conclusion The results are generally similar to those of Western countries. Future studies need to replicate these results and to concentrate on their impact on the quality of life and the cost of such conditions in the community.

  12. Large area LED package (United States)

    Goullon, L.; Jordan, R.; Braun, T.; Bauer, J.; Becker, F.; Hutter, M.; Schneider-Ramelow, M.; Lang, K.-D.


    Solid state lighting using LED-dies is a rapidly growing market. LED-dies with the needed increasing luminous flux per chip area produce a lot of heat. Therefore an appropriate thermal management is required for general lighting with LEDdies. One way to avoid overheating and shorter lifetime is the use of many small LED-dies on a large area heat sink (down to 70 μm edge length), so that heat can spread into a large area while at the same time light also appears on a larger area. The handling with such small LED-dies is very difficult because they are too small to be picked with common equipment. Therefore a new concept called collective transfer bonding using a temporary carrier chip was developed. A further benefit of this new technology is the high precision assembly as well as the plane parallel assembly of the LED-dies which is necessary for wire bonding. It has been shown that hundred functional LED-dies were transferred and soldered at the same time. After the assembly a cost effective established PCB-technology was applied to produce a large-area light source consisting of many small LED-dies and electrically connected on a PCB-substrate. The top contacts of the LED-dies were realized by laminating an adhesive copper sheet followed by LDI structuring as known from PCB-via-technology. This assembly can be completed by adding converting and light forming optical elements. In summary two technologies based on standard SMD and PCB technology have been developed for panel level LED packaging up to 610x 457 mm2 area size.


    Miller, Fred K.; Benham, John R.


    On the basis of mineral-resource surveys the Selkirk Roadless Area, Idaho has little promise for the occurrence of mineral or energy resources. Molybdenum, lead, uranium, thorium, chromium, tungsten, zirconium, and several rare-earth elements have been detected in panned concentrates from samples of stream sediment, but no minerals containing the first five elements were found in place, nor were any conditions conducive to their concentration found. Zirconium, thorium, and the rare earths occur in sparsely disseminated accessory minerals in granitic rocks and no resource potential is identified. There is no history of mining in the roadless area and there are no oil, gas, mineral, or geothermal leases or current claims.

  14. OLED area illumination source (United States)

    Foust, Donald Franklin; Duggal, Anil Raj; Shiang, Joseph John; Nealon, William Francis; Bortscheller, Jacob Charles


    The present invention relates to an area illumination light source comprising a plurality of individual OLED panels. The individual OLED panels are configured in a physically modular fashion. Each OLED panel comprising a plurality of OLED devices. Each OLED panel comprises a first electrode and a second electrode such that the power being supplied to each individual OLED panel may be varied independently. A power supply unit capable of delivering varying levels of voltage simultaneously to the first and second electrodes of each of the individual OLED panels is also provided. The area illumination light source also comprises a mount within which the OLED panels are arrayed.

  15. Area Handbook for Syria. (United States)

    Nyrop, Richard; And Others

    This volume on Syria is one of a series of handbooks prepared by the Foreign Area Studies (FAS) of the American University, designed to be useful to military and other personnel who need a convenient compilation of basic facts about the social, economic, political, and military institutions and practices of various countries. The emphasis is on…

  16. Plutonium focus area

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    To ensure research and development programs focus on the most pressing environmental restoration and waste management problems at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the Assistant Secretary for the Office of Environmental Management (EM) established a working group in August 1993 to implement a new approach to research and technology development. As part of this new approach, EM developed a management structure and principles that led to the creation of specific Focus Areas. These organizations were designed to focus the scientific and technical talent throughout DOE and the national scientific community on the major environmental restoration and waste management problems facing DOE. The Focus Area approach provides the framework for intersite cooperation and leveraging of resources on common problems. After the original establishment of five major Focus Areas within the Office of Technology Development (EM-50, now called the Office of Science and Technology), the Nuclear Materials Stabilization Task Group (EM-66) followed the structure already in place in EM-50 and chartered the Plutonium Focus Area (PFA). The following information outlines the scope and mission of the EM, EM-60, and EM-66 organizations as related to the PFA organizational structure.

  17. Area Handbook for Mozambique. (United States)

    Herrick, Allison Butler

    This publication is one of a series of handbooks prepared by the Foreign Areas Studies (FAS) of The American University, designed to be useful to military and other personnel who need a convenient compilation of basic facts about the social, economic, political and military institutions and practices of various countries. The present handbook…

  18. Protected areas in mountains

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hamilton, L. S.


    Full Text Available

    The importance of a global Protected Areas Network in sustaining appropriate mountain development is presented in this paper. Present status of the world’s “official” Protected Areas in the UN List, and the proportion that are in mountain areas, and including international designations (World Heritage and Biosphere Reserves. Current and future challenges in the management of these special areas are also commented.

    El autor destaca la importancia de una Red Mundial de Espacios Protegidos para el desarrollo sostenible de las montañas. Comenta luego el estatus actual de las Áreas Protegidas “oficiales” del Mundo en la Lista de las Naciones Unidas y qué proporción de ellas forma parte de las montañas, sin olvidar las figuras internacionales de protección como Patrimonio de la Humanidad y Reservas de Biosfera. Para terminar, se discuten los problemas de gestión actuales y futuros de estas áreas tan especiales

  19. Areas of Learning (United States)

    Coe, John


    This article examines the recommendations made by the Independent Review of the Primary Curriculum (the Rose Report in 2009) that the curriculum should be organised into areas of learning. The implications for teachers are considered. By drawing upon past experience some major weaknesses and strengths implicit in the approach are identified and…

  20. Subsurface contaminants focus area

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The US Department of Enregy (DOE) Subsurface Contaminants Focus Area is developing technologies to address environmental problems associated with hazardous and radioactive contaminants in soil and groundwater that exist throughout the DOE complex, including radionuclides, heavy metals; and dense non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPLs). More than 5,700 known DOE groundwater plumes have contaminated over 600 billion gallons of water and 200 million cubic meters of soil. Migration of these plumes threatens local and regional water sources, and in some cases has already adversely impacted off-site rsources. In addition, the Subsurface Contaminants Focus Area is responsible for supplying technologies for the remediation of numerous landfills at DOE facilities. These landfills are estimated to contain over 3 million cubic meters of radioactive and hazardous buried Technology developed within this specialty area will provide efective methods to contain contaminant plumes and new or alternative technologies for development of in situ technologies to minimize waste disposal costs and potential worker exposure by treating plumes in place. While addressing contaminant plumes emanating from DOE landfills, the Subsurface Contaminants Focus Area is also working to develop new or alternative technologies for the in situ stabilization, and nonintrusive characterization of these disposal sites.

  1. Local Area Networks. (United States)

    Marks, Kenneth E.; Nielsen, Steven


    Discusses cabling that is needed in local area networks (LANs). Types of cables that may be selected are described, including twisted pair, coaxial cables (or ethernet), and fiber optics; network topologies, the manner in which the cables are laid out, are considered; and cable installation issues are discussed. (LRW)

  2. Content Area Vocabulary Learning (United States)

    Fisher, Douglas; Frey, Nancy


    Students' vocabulary knowledge is a significant predictor of their overall comprehension. The Common Core State Standards are raising the expectations for word learning and there are now 4 distinct standards related to vocabulary as well as expectations in other standards, including content areas. To address these expectations, teachers need…

  3. Sacramento Metropolitan Area, California (United States)


    resource of the river. Also, strips of riparian vegetation along the riverbank provide good areas for naturalists and birdwatching . Recreational resources...policies #1 and #2 when improvements are made costing at least 50 percent of the estimated current market value of the structure before improvements. o1 S 0...height and depth of flooding is provided in Table 1. Although depreciation values have been used in our analysis, market values also had to be considered

  4. Belize Area Study (United States)


    is greater than Costa Rica and Janica, similar to El Salvador and Mexico, but less than Guatemtala and Paraguay. In 1981, one-fourth to one-half well as increased poaching by foreign fishing boats. Poachery is difficult to control but with the addition of two patrol boats and two aircrafts...resettlement program. The U. N. effort is directed by Regina Coballer, whose office is located in Costa Rica . There are at least three resettlement areas in

  5. All Conservation Opportunity Areas (ECO.RES.ALL_OP_AREAS) (United States)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — The All_OP_Areas GIS layer are all the Conservation Opportunity Areas identified by MoRAP (produced for EPA Region 7). They designate areas with potential for...

  6. Frostbites in circumpolar areas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tiina Maria Ikäheimo


    Full Text Available Circumpolar areas are associated with prolonged cold exposure where wind, precipitation, and darkness further aggravate the environmental conditions and the associated risks. Despite the climate warming, cold climatic conditions will prevail in circumpolar areas and contribute to adverse health effects. Frostbite is a freezing injury where localized damage affects the skin and other tissues. It occurs during occupational or leisure-time activities and is common in the general population among men and women of various ages. Industries of the circumpolar areas where frostbite occurs frequently include transportation, mining, oil, and gas industry, construction, agriculture, and military operations. Cold injuries may also occur during leisure-time activities involving substantial cold exposure, such as mountaineering, skiing, and snowmobiling. Accidental situations (occupational, leisure time often contribute to adverse cooling and cold injuries. Several environmental (temperature, wind, wetness, cold objects, and altitude and individual (behavior, health, and physiology predisposing factors are connected with frostbite injuries. Vulnerable populations include those having a chronic disease (cardiovascular, diabetes, and depression, children and the elderly, or homeless people. Frostbite results in sequelae causing different types of discomfort and functional limitations that may persist for years. A frostbite injury is preventable, and hence, unacceptable from a public health perspective. Appropriate cold risk management includes awareness of the adverse effects of cold, individual adjustment of cold exposure and clothing, or in occupational context different organizational and technical measures. In addition, vulnerable population groups need customized information and care for proper prevention of frostbites.

  7. Vehicular road influence areas (United States)

    Huertas, María E.; Huertas, José I.; Valencia, Alexander


    Vehicle operation over paved and unpaved roads is an emission source that significantly contributes to air pollution. Emissions are derived from vehicle exhaust pipes and re-suspension of particulate matter generated by wind erosion and tire to road surface interactions. Environmental authorities require a methodology to evaluate road impact areas, which enable managers to initiate counter-measures, particularly under circumstances where historic meteorological and/or air quality data is unavailable. The present study describes an analytical and experimental work developed to establish a simplified methodology to estimate the area influenced by vehicular roads. AERMOD was chosen to model pollutant dispersion generated by two roads of common attributes (straight road over flat terrain) under the effects of several arbitrary chosen weather conditions. The resulting pollutant concentration vs. Distance curves collapsed into a single curve when concentration and distance were expressed as dimensionless numbers and this curve can be described by a beta distribution function. This result implied that average concentration at a given distance was proportional to emission intensity and that it showed minor sensitivity to meteorological conditions. Therefore, road influence was defined by the area adjacent to the road limited by distance at which the beta distribution function equaled the limiting value specified by the national air quality standard for the pollutant under consideration.

  8. Small Area Fair Market Rent (United States)

    Department of Housing and Urban Development — Due to the increasing demand for more localized rents for a variety of purposes, HUD is making Small Area FMRs for all metropolitan areas available. Small Area FMRs...

  9. Zeolites and Usage Areas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jale Gülen


    Full Text Available Zeolites are formed via several reactions from the minerals that consist of aluminium and silica. Zeolites, which have a growing significance in recent days are one of important industrial raw materials. As well as being used as a catalyst, theirability to do ion exchange and adsorption make them even more valuable. Zeolites are used in several industries such as energy, agriculture and animal husbandry, mining and metallurgy, construction, detergent, paper, etc. In this study, the definiton, formation and usage areas of zeolites are explained.

  10. Dementia in Taiwan area

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Yuanhan Yang


    Objective:Taiwan has an increasing aging population like other developed areas. The aging population will lead to an increased prevalence of dementia. Methods:This article will reflect the status of dementia in Taiwan, including updated epidemiology, diagnosis, subtypes, and optimal treatment of dementia. Results:The article also describes and interprets the Taiwan Dementia Policy to establish a clear, large view of the current state of management of dementia in Taiwan and future policy implementation. Conclusion:A comprehensive policy to dementia, from the basic researches to clinical care and treatment, is necessary to the increased aged population in Taiwan.

  11. Large area bulk superconductors (United States)

    Miller, Dean J.; Field, Michael B.


    A bulk superconductor having a thickness of not less than about 100 microns is carried by a polycrystalline textured substrate having misorientation angles at the surface thereof not greater than about; the bulk superconductor may have a thickness of not less than about 100 microns and a surface area of not less than about 50 cm.sup.2. The textured substrate may have a thickness not less than about 10 microns and misorientation angles at the surface thereof not greater than about Also disclosed is a process of manufacturing the bulk superconductor and the polycrystalline biaxially textured substrate material.

  12. Cholera in Azov area


    O. N. Domashenko; T. A. Belomerya; N. V. Martynova; G. N. Daragan; Demkovich, O.O.; U. V. Malakhova; G. I. Zemlyanskaya; Popova, D.M.


    The purpose of research is analysis of clinical course and treatment results of patients with cholera in the Azov area. Materials and methods. During the period from 29.05.2011 to 19.08.2011 33 cases of cholera (32 adults and 1 child) and 25 vibrio carriers (22 adults and 3 children), which were caused by toxigenic strains of Vibrio cholera El Tor serogroup O1 Ogawa. Results. Likely factors of disease transmission in Mariupol are sea and river water, and the fish that were caught in the water...

  13. Phoenix Work Area Animation (United States)


    [figure removed for brevity, see original site] Click on image for animation This animation from Sol 1 shows a mosaic of the Phoenix digging area in the Martian terrain. Phoenix scientists are very pleased with this view as the terrain features few rocks an optimal place for digging. The mast of the camera looks disjointed because the photos that comprise this mosaic were taken at different times of day. This video also show some of the lander's instrumentation. The Phoenix Mission is led by the University of Arizona, Tucson, on behalf of NASA. Project management of the mission is by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif. Spacecraft development is by Lockheed Martin Space Systems, Denver.

  14. Local area networks

    CERN Document Server

    Zafiropoulo, P


    Pitro Zafiropulo is a- staff member at the IBM Research Laboratories at Zurich. He joined IBM in 1968 and has worked on protocol validation, synthesis, integrated networks, network reliability, PABX's and speech recognition. Local Area Networks are intended to provide improved communication capabilities such as high data throughput rates, low error rates and ease of connection among terminal stations and comuters. These new types of networks operate within a limited geographical range like an establishment, campus or building and are owned by a single organization. The presentation introduces these networks and the main techniques are described. It then proceeds to evaluate the main switching techniques as they apply to LAN ring and bus configurations. The preferred technique of token-ring distributed switching is identified. The contents of Mr. Zafiropoulo's talk was somewhat similar to the paper of Mr. Kummerle, which is therefore included in these Proceedings.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Danimir Štros


    Full Text Available Croatia has been seeking to achive pre-war results in tourism since its independence. Rural tourism in Croatia based on family farma faces a number of problems legal foundations, the involement of local communities, inadequate entepreneur support etc. The political will for development exists, but there is lack of willingness and the ability to get things started, which results in the closure of family farma who cannot cope with the parallel job of agriculture and tourism. Arriving guests certainly want a new type of tourism: peace, clean environment, cultural intangible and tangible treasures, all without the noise and stress; and Croatia can definitely offer it, either in coastal or inland areas with traditional food and drinks. The destinations connection is not satisfactora. there is also an evident lack of legislation and regional spatial development plans for sustainable tourism which is a prerequisite for successful tourism. With these plans presumptins accepted, Croatian tourism would become distinctive and inland and coastal branches of tourism could complement each other so that the customer can spend his vacation both in the continental ant the maritime part of the country, getting to know our culture and enjoy the traditional cousine.

  16. Global protected area impacts. (United States)

    Joppa, Lucas N; Pfaff, Alexander


    Protected areas (PAs) dominate conservation efforts. They will probably play a role in future climate policies too, as global payments may reward local reductions of loss of natural land cover. We estimate the impact of PAs on natural land cover within each of 147 countries by comparing outcomes inside PAs with outcomes outside. We use 'matching' (or 'apples to apples') for land characteristics to control for the fact that PAs very often are non-randomly distributed across their national landscapes. Protection tends towards land that, if unprotected, is less likely than average to be cleared. For 75 per cent of countries, we find protection does reduce conversion of natural land cover. However, for approximately 80 per cent of countries, our global results also confirm (following smaller-scale studies) that controlling for land characteristics reduces estimated impact by half or more. This shows the importance of controlling for at least a few key land characteristics. Further, we show that impacts vary considerably within a country (i.e. across a landscape): protection achieves less on lands far from roads, far from cities and on steeper slopes. Thus, while planners are, of course, constrained by other conservation priorities and costs, they could target higher impacts to earn more global payments for reduced deforestation.

  17. Water Service Areas - Public Water Supplier's (PWS) Service Areas (United States)

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — Boundaries of current public water supplier's (PWS) service areas. This data set contains the present service area boundary of the water system and does not contain...

  18. Evaluación nutricional de una población universitaria marroquí en el tiempo de Ramadán Nutritional assessment in a Moroccan university population during Ramadan

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M.ª J. Oliveras López


    performed in a population of Muslim students from the University of Granada, and has been compared to a non-Muslim population within the same setting. Study subjects undertook a questionnaire in which they reported the diet consumed each day during the Ramadan period. Macronutrient analysis for such diet was performed with Dietsource software. On the other hand, anthropometrical parameters were taken before and after the study period to observe their change and obtain conclusions on nutritional status. It has been observed that lipid intake of Muslims during the Ramadan period was excessive (48% of total energy, by decreasing hydrocarbons and particularly proteins. This is highlighted by means of the anthropometrical study, observing a decrease in measurements such as muscular area of the arm, the arm area, the muscle perimeter of the arm, and weight, with an increase in arm fat, perimeter of the arm, leg and mid-ieg circumference in the Muslim group, which are in contrast with parameters in the non-Muslim group. From our results, we may stress that during the Ramadan period macronutrient intake values are not appropriate as compared to standard recommendations in Spain. Besides, it is striking to observe how anthropometrical measurements related to fat increase whereas those related to muscular mass decrease.

  19. Rear Area Security In The Field Army Service Area. (United States)


    his ma.jor subordinate Commanders, the arm support brigade commander. Rear are? ecurity doctrine requires the area coriander to coordin- ate unit...field army service area. Response The army support brigade coriander conducts phase I rear area security operations within the limits of current

  20. Catch-In-Areas Main (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The Catch-In-Areas database integrates catch data from the Catch Accounting System (which has the spatial resolution of a NMFS Reporting Area) into a database that...

  1. Facial Areas and Emotional Information (United States)

    Boucher, Jerry D.; Ekman, Paul


    Provides strong support for the view that there is no one area of the face which best reveals emotion, but that the value of the different facial areas in distinguishing emotions depends upon the emotion being judged. (Author)

  2. Laguna Atascosa Wilderness study area (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This document is a brief report on a wilderness study area located in the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge. It discusses the history of the study area, its...

  3. World Area Forecast System (WAFS) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The World Area Forecast System (WAFS) is a worldwide system by which world area forecast centers provide aeronautical meteorological en-route forecasts in uniform...

  4. Major Land Resource Areas (MLRA) (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This is a polygon coverage of the Land Resource Regions and Major Land Resource Areas of the conterminous United States. Land resource regions are geographic areas...

  5. Catchment areas for public transport

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andersen, Jonas Lohmann Elkjær; Landex, Alex


    In the planning of public transport catchment areas of stops are often included to estimate potential number of travellers. There are different approaches to GIS-based catchment area analyses depending on the desired level of detail. The Circular Buffer approach is the fundamental, but also...... the simplest approach. The Service Area approach is based on searches in road networks and represents the actual feeder routes and is thereby a more detailed approach. The Service Area approach can be refined by adding additional resistance to certain points in the road network, e.g. stairways. Differences...... between the Circular Buffer approach and the Service Area approach are illustrated and a comparison between the sizes of the catchment areas is made. The strength of the Service Area approach and the impact on the catchment area when adding additional time resistance to crossing of stairways...

  6. VT - Vermont Rational Service Areas (United States)

    Vermont Center for Geographic Information — Data Layer Name: Vermont Rational Service Areas (RSAs)Alternate Name: Vermont RSAsOverview:Rational Service Areas (RSAs), originally developed in 2001 and revised in...

  7. The Visual What For Area

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Starrfelt, Randi; Gerlach, Christian


    An area in the left fusiform gyrus labelled the Visual Word Form Area (VWFA) is claimed to be especially, or even selectively, responsive to words. We explored how stimulus type and task demands affect activity in this area by conducting a PET experiment where words and pictures were presented...

  8. MPLS for metropolitan area networks

    CERN Document Server

    Tan, Nam-Kee


    METROPOLITAN AREA NETWORKS AND MPLSRequirements of Metropolitan Area Network ServicesMetropolitan Area Network OverviewThe Bandwidth DemandThe Metro Service Provider's Business ApproachesThe Emerging Metro Customer Expectations and NeedsSome Prevailing Metro Service OpportunitiesService Aspects and RequirementsRoles of MPLS in Metropolitan Area NetworksMPLS PrimerMPLS ApplicationsTRAFFIC ENGINEERING ASPECTS OF METROPOLITAN AREA NETWORKSTraffic Engineering ConceptsNetwork CongestionHyper Aggregation ProblemEasing CongestionNetwork ControlTactical versus Strategic Traffic EngineeringIP/ATM Overl


    Wolfe, Edward W.; Light, Thomas D.


    The results of a mineral survey conducted in the Strawberry Crater Roadless Areas, Arizona, indicate little promise for the occurrence of metallic mineral or fossil fuel resources in the area. The area contains deposits of cinder, useful for the production of aggregate block, and for deposits of decorative stone; however, similar deposits occur in great abundance throughout the San Francisco volcanic field outside the roadless areas. There is a possibility that the Strawberry Crater Roadless Areas may overlie part of a crustal magma chamber or still warm pluton related to the San Francisco Mountain stratovolcano or to basaltic vents of late Pleistocene or Holocene age. Such a magma chamber or pluton beneath the Strawberry Crater Roadless Areas might be an energy source from which a hot-, dry-rock geothermal energy system could be developed, and a probable geothermal resource potential is therefore assigned to these areas. 9 refs.

  10. Geothermal resource area 9: Nye County. Area development plan

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pugsley, M.


    Geothermal Resource area 9 encompasses all of Nye County, Nevada. Within this area there are many different known geothermal sites ranging in temperature from 70/sup 0/ to over 265/sup 0/ F. Fifteen of the more major sites have been selected for evaluation in this Area Development Plan. Various potential uses of the energy found at each of the resource sites discussed in this Area Development Plan were determined after evaluating the area's physical characteristics, land ownership and land use patterns, existing population and projected growth rates, and transportation facilities, and comparing those with the site specific resource characteristics. The uses considered were divided into five main categories: electrical generation, space heating, recreation, industrial process heat, and agriculture. Within two of these categories certain subdivisions were considered separately. The findings about each of the 15 geothermal sites considered in this Area Development Plan are summarized.

  11. SSL Demonstration: Area Lighting, Yuma Sector Border Patrol Area, AZ

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Along the Yuma Sector Border Patrol Area in Yuma, Arizona, the GATEWAY program conducted a trial demonstration in which the incumbent quartz metal halide area lighting was replaced with LED at three pole locations at the Yuma Sector Border Patrol Area in Yuma, Arizona. The retrofit was documented to better understand LED technology performance in high-temperature environments. This document is a summary brief of the Phase 1.0 and 1.1 reports previously published on this demonstration.


    Muffler, L.J. Patrick; Campbell, Harry W.


    Geologic and mineral-resource investigations identified no mineral-resource potential in the Lost Creek Roadless Area, California. Sand and gravel have been mined from alluvial flood-plain deposits less than 1 mi outside the roadless area; these deposits are likely to extend into the roadless area beneath a Holocene basalt flow that may be as much as 40 ft thick. An oil and gas lease application which includes the eastern portion of the roadless area is pending. Abundant basalt in the area can be crushed and used as aggregate, but similar deposits of volcanic cinders or sand and gravel in more favorable locations are available outside the roadless area closer to major markets. No indication of coal or geothermal energy resources was identified.

  13. Chinese semantic processing cerebral areas

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    SHAN Baoci; ZHANG Wutian; MA Lin; LI Dejun; CAO Bingli; TANG Yiyuan; WU Yigen; TANG Xiaowei


    This study has identified the active cerebral areas of normal Chinese that are associated with Chinese semantic processing using functional brain imaging. According to the traditional cognitive theory, semantic processing is not particularly associated with or affected by input modality. The functional brain imaging experiments were conducted to identify the common active areas of two modalities when subjects perform Chinese semantic tasks through reading and listening respectively. The result has shown that the common active areas include left inferior frontal gyrus (BA 44/45), left posterior inferior temporal gyrus (BA37); the joint area of inferior parietal lobules (BA40) and superior temporal gyrus, the ventral occipital areas and cerebella of both hemispheres. It gives important clue to further discerning the roles of different cerebral areas in Chinese semantic processing.

  14. Satisfacción de las necesidades básicas en la población inmigrante femenina Marroquí en Arteixo Satisfação das necessidades básicas na populaçao imigrante feminina marroquina em Arteixo Fulfillment of basic needs of the moroccan female immigrant population in Arteixo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amalia Conceiro Rúa


    Moroccan immigrant population was mostly male, the number of women is increasing every day. This research is focused on this group, and has the following objectives: to know how emigration affects the fulfillment of Virginia Henderson's basic needs; what transformations and adaptations must be adopted in order to fulfill them; and what reinterpretations and strategies are implemented in order to minimize the impact of culture shock. A qualitative study was performed from 2004-2005 by means of semi-structured interviews to 20 Muslim immigrant women in a municipality of Galicia (Spain, and showed that for Muslim people, everything is regulated by religion, so the necessities affected are strongly related with the need of acting according to one's values and beliefs. Therefore, valuing the referred need provides fundamental data in order to direct the activities towards keeping and recovering health.


    Huff, Lyman C.; Raabe, R.C.


    The Sycamore Canyon Primitive Area, which occupies about 74 sq mi, lies about 24 mi southwest of Flagstaff, Arizona. To help evaluate the area for mineral resources, sediment samples were collected along Sycamore Creek and its tributaries. These were analyzed for traces of the ore metals without finding any local concentrations. In addition, a scintillometer was used to test rocks in the area without finding any abnormal radioactivity.


    Houser, B.B.; Ryan, George S.


    A geologic and geochemical investigation of the Four Notch Roadless Area, Texas, was conducted. The area has a probable resource potential for oil and gas. There is, however, little promise for the occurrence of metallic mineral resources or other energy resources. Acquisition of seismic data and detailed comparisons with logs from wells from the vicinity of the Four Notch Roadless Area is necessary to better determine if the subsurface stratigraphy and structures are favorable for the accumulation of oil or gas.

  17. Small Engine & Accessory Test Area (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The Small Engine and Accessories Test Area (SEATA) facilitates testaircraft starting and auxiliary power systems, small engines and accessories. The SEATA consists...

  18. Runoff estimation in residencial area

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Meire Regina de Almeida Siqueira


    Full Text Available This study aimed to estimate the watershed runoff caused by extreme events that often result in the flooding of urban areas. The runoff of a residential area in the city of Guaratinguetá, São Paulo, Brazil was estimated using the Curve-Number method proposed by USDA-NRCS. The study also investigated current land use and land cover conditions, impermeable areas with pasture and indications of the reforestation of those areas. Maps and satellite images of Residential Riverside I Neighborhood were used to characterize the area. In addition to characterizing land use and land cover, the definition of the soil type infiltration capacity, the maximum local rainfall, and the type and quality of the drainage system were also investigated. The study showed that this neighborhood, developed in 1974, has an area of 792,700 m², a population of 1361 inhabitants, and a sloping area covered with degraded pasture (Guaratinguetá-Piagui Peak located in front of the residential area. The residential area is located in a flat area near the Paraiba do Sul River, and has a poor drainage system with concrete pipes, mostly 0.60 m in diameter, with several openings that capture water and sediments from the adjacent sloping area. The Low Impact Development (LID system appears to be a viable solution for this neighborhood drainage system. It can be concluded that the drainage system of the Guaratinguetá Riverside I Neighborhood has all of the conditions and characteristics that make it suitable for the implementation of a low impact urban drainage system. Reforestation of Guaratinguetá-Piagui Peak can reduce the basin’s runoff by 50% and minimize flooding problems in the Beira Rio neighborhood.

  19. Diaper Area Infections in Children

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hayriye Sarıcaoğlu


    Full Text Available Dermatologic signs of infectious diseases may occur as primary infection of skin, accompanying of skin to systemic infections and noninfectious skin eruption of systemic infectious disease. In this review, skin infections of diaper area and diaper area manifestations of infections causing generalized skin lesions will be discussed. (Journal of Current Pediatrics 2008; 6: 31-9

  20. Tech Area II: A history

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ullrich, R. [Ktech Corp., Albuquerque, NM (United States)


    This report documents the history of the major buildings in Sandia National Laboratories` Technical Area II. It was prepared in support of the Department of Energy`s compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. Technical Area II was designed and constructed in 1948 specifically for the final assembly of the non-nuclear components of nuclear weapons, and was the primary site conducting such assembly until 1952. Both the architecture and location of the oldest buildings in the area reflect their original purpose. Assembly activities continued in Area II from 1952 to 1957, but the major responsibility for this work shifted to other sites in the Atomic Energy Commission`s integrated contractor complex. Gradually, additional buildings were constructed and the original buildings were modified. After 1960, the Area`s primary purpose was the research and testing of high-explosive components for nuclear weapons. In 1994, Sandia constructed new facilities for work on high-explosive components outside of the original Area II diamond-shaped parcel. Most of the buildings in the area are vacant and Sandia has no plans to use them. They are proposed for decontamination and demolition as funding becomes available.

  1. Moroccan medical students’ perceptions of their educational environment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jihane Belayachi


    Full Text Available This study aimed to assess students’ perceptions of their educational environment in the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Rabat, Morocco, using the Dundee Ready Educational Environment Measure (DREEM. A cross-sectional survey was conducted in the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Rabat, Morocco, in which medical students’ perceptions of their educational environment were assessed using the DREEM criteria during the 2013-2014 academic years. The DREEM inventory encompasses 50 items divided into five subdomains: perceptions of learning, perceptions of teaching, academic self-perceptions, perceptions of atmosphere, and social self-perceptions. The DREEM has a maximum score of 200, which would correspond to a perfect educational environment. The mean scores (±standard deviation of students’ responses were compared according to their year of study and gender. The responses of 189 postgraduate medical students were included. The mean total DREEM score was 90.8 (45.4%. The mean total scores for five subdomains were 21.2/48 (44.2%, 21.8/44 (49.6%, 13.1/32 (40.9%, 19.0/48 (39.6%, and 15.6/28 (55.7% respectively. Female students reported higher perceptions of teaching scores than males (P=0.002, and students in their fifth year of study reported significantly higher social self-perceptions scores than those in their fourth year (P=0.03. In this study of the oldest faculty of medicine in Morocco, students perceived the educational environment as having many problems.

  2. Extraction of Oleic Acid from Moroccan Olive Mill Wastewater

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Reda Elkacmi


    Full Text Available The production of olive oil in Morocco has recently grown considerably for its economic and nutritional importance favored by the country’s climate. After the extraction of olive oil by pressing or centrifuging, the obtained liquid contains oil and vegetation water which is subsequently separated by decanting or centrifugation. Despite its treatment throughout the extraction process, this olive mill wastewater, OMW, still contains a very important oily residue, always regarded as a rejection. The separated oil from OMW can not be intended for food because of its high acidity of 3.397% which exceeds the international standard for human consumption defined by the standard of the Codex Alimentarius, proving its poor quality. This work gives value addition to what would normally be regarded as waste by the extraction of oleic acid as a high value product, using the technique of inclusion with urea for the elimination of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids through four successive crystallizations at 4°C and 20°C to have a final phase with oleic acid purity of 95.49%, as a biodegradable soap and a high quality glycerin will be produced by the reaction of saponification and transesterification.

  3. Extraction of Oleic Acid from Moroccan Olive Mill Wastewater (United States)

    Elkacmi, Reda; Kamil, Noureddine; Bennajah, Mounir; Kitane, Said


    The production of olive oil in Morocco has recently grown considerably for its economic and nutritional importance favored by the country's climate. After the extraction of olive oil by pressing or centrifuging, the obtained liquid contains oil and vegetation water which is subsequently separated by decanting or centrifugation. Despite its treatment throughout the extraction process, this olive mill wastewater, OMW, still contains a very important oily residue, always regarded as a rejection. The separated oil from OMW can not be intended for food because of its high acidity of 3.397% which exceeds the international standard for human consumption defined by the standard of the Codex Alimentarius, proving its poor quality. This work gives value addition to what would normally be regarded as waste by the extraction of oleic acid as a high value product, using the technique of inclusion with urea for the elimination of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids through four successive crystallizations at 4°C and 20°C to have a final phase with oleic acid purity of 95.49%, as a biodegradable soap and a high quality glycerin will be produced by the reaction of saponification and transesterification. PMID:26933663

  4. Random matrix theory and portfolio optimization in Moroccan stock exchange (United States)

    El Alaoui, Marwane


    In this work, we use random matrix theory to analyze eigenvalues and see if there is a presence of pertinent information by using Marčenko-Pastur distribution. Thus, we study cross-correlation among stocks of Casablanca Stock Exchange. Moreover, we clean correlation matrix from noisy elements to see if the gap between predicted risk and realized risk would be reduced. We also analyze eigenvectors components distributions and their degree of deviations by computing the inverse participation ratio. This analysis is a way to understand the correlation structure among stocks of Casablanca Stock Exchange portfolio.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Akhajam Saad Eddine


    Full Text Available The main purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between anxiety and scholastic achievement among students of English department at the faculty of Arts and Humanities of Meknes, Morocco. This study focuses on the level of anxiety among English department students and how they can reduce anxiety inside and outside the classroom in a foreign language speaking environment without instructors‟ intervention. This quantitative research used two instruments; Cattle‟s anxiety questionnaire to test the level of anxiety and achievement test to measure their scholastic achievement. The results revealed that girls are more anxious than boys, boys achieve higher marks in scholastic achievement, and there is no relationship between anxiety and scholastic achievement.

  6. Sexuality Education: Analysis of Moroccan Teachers' and Future Teachers' Conceptions (United States)

    Sabah, Selmaoui; Boujemaa, Agorram; Salah-Eddine, Khzami; Taoufik, EL Abboudi; Dominique, Berger


    Conceptions are analyzed as being the emergences from interactions between three poles:scientific knowledge (K), values (V) and social practices (P). The teachers' beliefs and values have a direct influence on the way of understanding and teaching a topic. These beliefs must be taken into account in the content and strategies of the teacher's…

  7. Occult hepatitis B virus infection in Moroccan HIV infected patients

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tahar Bajjou


    Full Text Available Background: The purpose of this study is to assess the prevalence of Occult hepatitis B virus Infection (OBI among antiretroviral treatment na and iuml;ve HIV-1 infected individuals in Morocco and to determine factors favouring its occurrence. Methods: The retrospective study was conducted in the Mohammed V military teaching hospital in Rabat between January 2010 and June 2011. It included patients with confirmed HIV infection, tested negative to serological detection of HBV surface antigen (HBsAg and did not received antiviral treatment or hepatitis B vaccine. All samples were tested for anti-HBc, anti-HBs and anti-HCV antibodies using enzyme immunoassay (ELISA. The detection of HBV DNA was performed by real-time PCR using two specific primers for a gene in the region C of the viral genome. The sensitivity of the technique was 20 copies/ml. Results: A total of 82 samples were analyzed, 19 (23 % were found to have isolated anti-HBc, 07 (8.5% with associated anti-HBc and Anti-HBs. No anti-HCV marker was detected on these screening samples. The HBV DNA was detected in 48 (58% samples, of which, males constituted 58% (28/48. The mean age of these patients was 38 +/- 8.2 (29-56, the median HIV-1 viral load and CD4 cell count HIV-1 infected patients were 127500 (54108-325325 copies/ml and 243 [80-385] cells/mm3 respectively and 27.1% (13/48 of these patients were found to have isolated anti-HBc. A significant correlations between DNA HBV and HIV viral load higher than 100000 copies/ml (P = 0.004, CD4 cell count lower than 400 cells/mm3 (P = 0.013, P = 0.006 and isolated anti-HBc samples (P <0.005 were founded. However there was no significant association with age, sex, transmission mode and clinical stage. Conclusion: The consequences of this high prevalence of OBI in Morocco need to be considered in laboratory diagnosis of HBV infection in HIV infected patients and the PCR seems to be inevitable for a better diagnosis and therapy. [Int J Res Med Sci 2015; 3(3.000: 617-621

  8. Ochratoxin A in Moroccan Foods: Occurrence and Legislation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abdellah Zinedine


    Full Text Available Ochratoxin A (OTA is secondary metabolite naturally produced in food and feed by toxigenic fungi, especially some Aspergillus species and Penicillium verucosum. OTA is one of the most studied mycotoxins and is of great interest due to its toxic effects on human and animals. OTA is produced in different food and feed matrices and contaminates a large range of base foods including cereals and derivatives, spices, dried fruits, wine and coffee, etc. Morocco, a North African country, has a climate characterized by high humidity and temperature, which probably favors the growth of molds. This contribution gives an overview of principal investigations about the presence of OTA in foods available in Morocco. Due to its toxicity, OTA presence is increasingly regulated worldwide, especially in countries of the European Union. However, up until now, no regulation limits were in force in Morocco, probably due to the ignorance of the health and economic problems resulting from OTA contamination. Finally, recommendations and future research directions are given required to assess the situation completely.

  9. [Moroccan migration to Spain. Data, opinions, and predictions]. (United States)

    Cazorla, J


    "In this article, the author analyzes the migration flows between Spain and [Morocco] within the most general context of relations between European Union (EU) and the Maghrebian countries. Since the beginning of the eighties the migration flows toward and from Spain changed [dramatically], so... Spanish society has shifted toward an inmigration country. [The author analyzes] where such inmigrants come from and their motivations to choose Spain [as a] destination. The results of a survey financed partly by the EU...[for] institutions related directly with the migration problem from [Morocco] to Spain are the base of the information included in this article." (SUMMARY IN ENG)

  10. Profile of sexuality in Moroccan chronic low back pain patients

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bahouq Hanane


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Sexual life had an important role in preserving the good quality of life for patients and for their partner. Chronic Low Back Pain (CLBP as other musculoskeletal diseases may affect all aspects of life including sexual functioning. The purpose of this study is to describe the impact of CLBP on the sexual life of patients and to identify the factors that affect their Sexual Quality of Life (SQOL. Methods One hundred CLBP sexually active patients were included. Patients and disease Characteristics were collected. Impact on sexual life (sexual intercourse and SQOL was also assessed. Univariate and multivariate analysis were performed to analyze significant determinants associated with the SQOL disturbance. Results Eighty one percent of our patients complained about sexual difficulties related to CLBP. Libido decrease and painful intercourse position were reported respectively in 14.8 and 97.5% of cases. The most pain generating position was supine. Mean of sexual intercourse frequency decrease was at −10.4 ± 4.8 per month. SQOL score mean was at 44.6 ± 17.4%. Men suffered more than women from sexual problems (respectively 90% vs. 72%; p = 0.02. Men had worse SQOL than women (respectively 38.9 ± 17.2 vs. 50.3 ± 15.7%; p = 0.001. Univariate and multivariate analysis showed that advanced age (p = 0.009, poor functional status (p = 0.03, male gender (p = 0.03 and sexual intercourse frequency decrease (p = 0.005 were the independent variables associated with the SQOL disturbance. Conclusion Our study suggests that sexuality is profoundly disturbed in CLBP patients; both their sexual intercourse and SQOL were affected. This disturbance seems to be associated with patient and disease characteristics. Sexuality should be taken into account in managing CLBP patients.

  11. Phylogenetic diversity of Moroccan cork oak woodlands fungi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abourouh M.


    Full Text Available Interspecific variation among 87 sporocarps of fungi belonging to 15 genera and 39 species were evaluated by analyzing the internal transcribed spacer (ITS of the rDNA region using restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP. The ITS region was first amplified by polymerase chain reaction (PCR with specific primers and then cleaved with different restriction enzymes. Amplification products, which ranged between 500 and 950 base pairs (bp, were obtained for all the isolates analyzed. The degree of polymorphism observed did not allow proper identification of most of the species. Cleavage of amplified fragments with the restriction enzymes Alu I, EcoR I and Hinf I revealed extensive polymorphism. The fifteen genera and most species presented specific restriction patterns. The only species not identifiable by a specific pattern belonged to the genera Russula (R. decipiens and R. straminea. These species might be considered as closely related species. The Pisolithus sporocarps had two ITS-RFLP types with one dominating. ITS sequencing confirms that the two RFLP types correspond to two distinct species of Pisolithus. Our data show the potential of ITS region PCR-RFLP for the molecular characterization of ectomycorrhizal fungi and their identification and monitoring in artificial inoculation programs.


    CERN Multimedia

    Relations with the Host States Service


    On the Prévessin site CERN has provided a picnic area which is available for use by persons working on its site subject to prior reservation. The person in charge of this picnic area is Mr Yves CHEVRET ST/TFM. Following a fresh outbreak of incidents (damage to CERN equipment and to trees and plants, privately owned sheep killed or maimed by dogs belonging to users of the picnic area, etc.),   The following measures have been taken: a report on the state of the picnic area will be drawn up before and after use, the cost of any damage noted will be borne by the person making the reservation, dogs and other domestic animals are strictly forbidden in the picnic area.

  13. Hanford 200 Areas Development Plan

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rinne, C.A.; Daly, K.S.


    The purpose of the Hanford 200 Areas Development Plan (Development Plan) is to guide the physical development of the 200 Areas (which refers to the 200 East Area, 200 West Area, and 200 Area Corridor, located between the 200 East and 200 West Areas) in accordance with US Department of Energy (DOE) Order 4320.lB (DOE 1991a) by performing the following: Establishing a land-use plan and setting land-use categories that meet the needs of existing and proposed activities. Coordinating existing, 5-year, and long-range development plans and guiding growth in accordance with those plans. Establishing development guidelines to encourage cost-effective development and minimize conflicts between adjacent activities. Identifying site development issues that need further analysis. Integrating program plans with development plans to ensure a logical progression of development. Coordinate DOE plans with other agencies [(i.e., Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) and US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)]. Being a support document to the Hanford Site Development Plan (DOE-RL 1990a) (parent document) and providing technical site information relative to the 200 Areas.

  14. Android Based Area Web Monitoring (United States)

    Kanigoro, Bayu; Galih Salman, Afan; Moniaga, Jurike V.; Chandra, Eric; Rezky Chandra, Zein


    The research objective is to develop an application that can be used in the monitoring of an area by using a webcam. It aims to create a sense of security on the user's application because it can monitor an area using mobile phone anywhere. The results obtained in this study is to create an area with a webcam monitoring application that can be accessed anywhere as long as the monitoring results have internet access and can also be accessed through Android Based Mobile Phone.


    Slack, John F.; Bitar, Richard F.


    On the basis of mineral-resource survey the Bread Loaf Roadless Area, Vermont, is considered to have probable resource potential for the occurrence of volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits of copper, zinc, and lead, particularly in the north and northeastern section of the roadless area. Nonmetallic commodities include minor deposits of sand and gravel, and abundant rock suitable for crushing. However, large amounts of these materials in more accessible locations are available outside the roadless area. A possibility exists that oil or natural gas resources may be present at great depth.

  16. Android Based Area Web Monitoring

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kanigoro Bayu


    Full Text Available The research objective is to develop an application that can be used in the monitoring of an area by using a webcam. It aims to create a sense of security on the user's application because it can monitor an area using mobile phone anywhere. The results obtained in this study is to create an area with a webcam monitoring application that can be accessed anywhere as long as the monitoring results have internet access and can also be accessed through Android Based Mobile Phone.

  17. Suisun Marsh Primary Management Area (United States)

    California Department of Resources — Suisun Marsh or the 'Marsh' means tidal marsh, water-covered areas, diked-off wetlands, seasonal marshes, lowland grasslands, upland grasslands, and cultivated...

  18. Microarthropods inventory in Cranendonck area


    Jagers op Akkerhuis, G.A.J.M.; Dimmers, W.J.


    April 2006, microarthropod fauna inventory on former agricultural grasslands on sandy soil in Cranendonck area (and two reference sites) using a split-tube sampler. Subject of interest is organic matter

  19. Allegheny County Land Cover Areas (United States)

    Allegheny County / City of Pittsburgh / Western PA Regional Data Center — The Land Cover dataset demarcates 14 land cover types by area; such as Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Forest, Agriculture, etc. If viewing this description on...

  20. Back Bay Wilderness area description (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This document is a description of the lands located within the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Within these lands, it designates which area is suitable for...

  1. Fire in a contaminated area

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ryan, G.W., Westinghouse Hanford


    This document supports the development and presentation of the following accident scenario in the TWRS Final Safety Analysis Report: Fire in Contaminated Area. The calculations needed to quantify the risk associated with this accident scenario are included within.

  2. Ozone Nonattainment Areas - 1 Hour (United States)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — This data layer identifies areas in the U.S. where air pollution levels have not met the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for Ozone - 1hour (Legacy...

  3. Designated Health Professional Shortage Areas (United States)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs) Data Download makes data and information concerning Designated HPSAs readily available to our users in a one-stop...

  4. Protected Areas - Protected Federal Lands (United States)

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — The Federal Lands data consists of land areas that are run and maintained by U.S. Governmental authorities and are considered protected.The Department of Natural...

  5. FEMA DFIRM Flood Hazard Areas (United States)

    Minnesota Department of Natural Resources — FEMA flood hazard delineations are used by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to designate the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) and for insurance rating...

  6. Allegheny County Soil Type Areas (United States)

    Allegheny County / City of Pittsburgh / Western PA Regional Data Center — This dataset contains soil type and soil classification, by area. Additional info at:;...

  7. Marais Des Cygnes Wildlife Area (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This brochure is for the Marais des Cygnes Wildlife Area, managed by Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism, and located in the floodplain of the Marais...

  8. Allegheny County Land Use Areas (United States)

    Allegheny County / City of Pittsburgh / Western PA Regional Data Center — Allegheny County land use as ascribed to areas of land. The Land Use Feature Dataset contains photogrammetrically compiled information concerning vegetation and...

  9. Biodiversity mapping in sensitive areas

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jensen, Tor; Ulssnes, Amund; Nissen-Lie, Torild [DNV, Oslo (Norway)


    When oil companies are entering new unexplored areas their potential footprint on the environment should be measured in a way that necessary action could be included in the planning of the activity. These actions should reduce the impact to accepted levels. Traditional baseline studies, including sediment and macro fauna sampling, are carried out in homogeneous areas. In heterogeneous and unexplored areas there is a need for more information than these traditional sediment analyses can give. To increase the knowledge from specific areas biodiversity mapping has been carried out. To combine the knowledge from ROV surveys, modelling, current measurements, sediment characteristics, seismic, macro fauna and background levels of chemicals contents in the sediments, both prior to the exploration, and after the drilling have taken place the operator can document their footprint on the marine environment. (author)

  10. Suisun Marsh Secondary Management Area (United States)

    California Department of Resources — Suisun Marsh or the 'Marsh' means tidal marsh, water-covered areas, diked-off wetlands, seasonal marshes, lowland grasslands, upland grasslands, and cultivated lands...

  11. Redhead production areas : Northwestern Nevada (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This is a survey of redhead production areas in northwestern Nevada. Breeding pair summaries are also provided for a number waterfowl species.

  12. Areas on a Square Lattice (United States)

    Wilby, Brian


    As an alternative to the usual method of counting squares to find the area of a plane shape, a method of counting lattice points (determined by vertices of a unit square) is proposed. Activities using this method are suggested. (DT)

  13. Revitalization Areas By Block Group (United States)

    Department of Housing and Urban Development — Single Family Revitalization areas are HUD-designated neighborhoods in need of economic and community development and where there is already a strong commitment by...

  14. Local Area Networks (The Printout). (United States)

    Aron, Helen; Balajthy, Ernest


    Describes the Local Area Network (LAN), a project in which students used LAN-based word processing and electronic mail software as the center of a writing process approach. Discusses the advantages and disadvantages of networking. (MM)

  15. Allegheny County Land Cover Areas (United States)

    Allegheny County / City of Pittsburgh / Western PA Regional Data Center — The Land Cover dataset demarcates 14 land cover types by area; such as Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Forest, Agriculture, etc. If viewing this description...

  16. Allegheny County Wooded Area Boundaries (United States)

    Allegheny County / City of Pittsburgh / Western PA Regional Data Center — This dataset demarcates stands of trees (coniferous and deciduous) too numerous to plot as individual trees. The area is delineated following a generalized line...

  17. VT - Vermont Hospital Service Areas (United States)

    Vermont Center for Geographic Information — Hospital service areas (HSAs) are organized by towns and are based on inpatient discharges where the diagnosis indicated the need for immediate care. Plurality...


    Elliott, James E.; Avery, Dale W.


    A mineral survey of the Dolus Lakes Roadless Area in southwestern Montana, was conducted. Much of the roadless area has probable and substantiated potential for resources of gold, silver, molybdenum, and tungsten. The nature of the geologic terrain indicates that there is little promise for the occurrence of coal, oil, gas, or geothermal resources. Detailed geologic and geochemical studies are suggested to delineate exploration targets that could be tested by drilling.

  19. Geothermal resource area 3: Elko County. Area development plan

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pugsley, M.


    Geothermal Resource Area 3 includes all of the land in Elko County, Nevada. There are in excess of 50 known thermal anomalies in this area. Several of the more major resources have been selected for detailed description and evaluation in this Area Development Plan. The other resources are considered too small, too low in temperature, or too remote to be considered for development in the near future. Various potential uses of the energy found at each of the studied resource sites in Elko County were determined after evaluating the area's physical characteristics; the land ownership and land use patterns; existing population and projected growth rates; transportation facilities and energy requirements. These factors were then compared with resource site specific data to determine the most likely uses of the resource. The uses considered in this evaluation were divided into five main categories: electrical generation, space heating, recreation, industrial process heat, and agriculture. Within two of these categories several subdivisions were considered separately. It was determined that several of the geothermal resources evaluated in the Area Development Plan could be commercially developed. The potential for development for the seven sites considered in this study is summarized.

  20. Protected area gap analysis of important bird areas in Tanzania

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sritharan, Shakthi; Burgess, Neil David


    Analyses of gaps in protected area (PA) coverage of species distributions have been carried out extensively for the past two decades, aiming to better locate new PAs and conserve species. In this study, progress to close gaps in the protection of the Important Bird Areas (IBAs) of Tanzania......% wetland and 12% agricultural land. This analysis provides a simple template for defining where further action to protect remaining IBA sites in Tanzania would lead to enhanced conservation of avian biodiversity in that country and provides a methodology for analysis leading to conservation action...

  1.   Transformation of the industrial harbor areas to housing areas

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rehder, Meike


    Research question: How to read the universal (understood as the common and the social) and the individual (understood as the specific, private and intimate) in the meeting between urban and housing space? Questions in the project: How do the exterior spaces in these new harbour areas come to being...

  2. Suburban areas and urban life

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Melgaard, Bente

    Danish suburbs are facing major challenges trying to coping with demographic changes, with structural changes in retail businesses and especially with sustainability-related challenges that have to do with cutting back on energy consumption for heating and transportation. Also climate changes...... and counteracting the segregation of the suburbs into sharply socially-separated residential areas are major challenges. Therefore, in these years the post-war era’s suburban areas are being revitalized and the suburb urban life and urban qualities are concepts, which are often brought up in this context....... In this paper I will explore the concepts “suburb” and “urban life”. More than half of the Danish population live in suburban areas, and the majority of suburbs were built in a short and hectic period in the years from 1960 to 1975 and in conformity with the functionalist ideals that gave rise to a number...

  3. 100 Areas CERCLA ecological investigations

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Landeen, D.S.; Sackschewsky, M.R.; Weiss, S.


    This document reports the results of the field terrestrial ecological investigations conducted by Westinghouse Hanford Company during fiscal years 1991 and 1992 at operable units 100-FR-3, 100-HR-3, 100-NR-2, 100-KR-4, and 100-BC-5. The tasks reported here are part of the Remedial Investigations conducted in support of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, compensation, and Liability Act of 1980 studies for the 100 Areas. These ecological investigations provide (1) a description of the flora and fauna associated with the 100 Areas operable units, emphasizing potential pathways for contaminants and species that have been given special status under existing state and/or federal laws, and (2) an evaluation of existing concentrations of heavy metals and radionuclides in biota associated with the 100 Areas operable units.

  4. Plutonium focus area: Technology summary

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    To ensure research and development programs focus on the most pressing environmental restoration and waste management problems at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the Assistant Secretary for the Office of Environmental Management (EM) established a working group in August 1993 to implement a new approach to research and technology development. As part of this approach, EM developed a management structure and principles that led to creation of specific focus areas. These organizations were designed to focus scientific and technical talent throughout DOE and the national scientific community on major environmental restoration and waste management problems facing DOE. The focus area approach provides the framework for inter-site cooperation and leveraging of resources on common problems. After the original establishment of five major focus areas within the Office of Technology Development (EM-50), the Nuclear Materials Stabilization Task Group (NMSTG, EM-66) followed EM-50`s structure and chartered the Plutonium Focus Area (PFA). NMSTG`s charter to the PFA, described in detail later in this book, plays a major role in meeting the EM-66 commitments to the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DNFSB). The PFA is a new program for FY96 and as such, the primary focus of revision 0 of this Technology Summary is an introduction to the Focus Area; its history, development, and management structure, including summaries of selected technologies being developed. Revision 1 to the Plutonium Focus Area Technology Summary is slated to include details on all technologies being developed, and is currently planned for release in August 1996. The following report outlines the scope and mission of the Office of Environmental Management, EM-60, and EM-66 organizations as related to the PFA organizational structure.

  5. H-Area Seepage Basins

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Stejskal, G.


    During the third quarter of 1990 the wells which make up the H-Area Seepage Basins (H-HWMF) monitoring network were sampled. Laboratory analyses were performed to measure levels of hazardous constituents, indicator parameters, tritium, nonvolatile beta, and gross alpha. A Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (GCMS) scan was performed on all wells sampled to determine any hazardous organic constituents present in the groundwater. The primary contaminants observed at wells monitoring the H-Area Seepage Basins are tritium, nitrate, mercury, gross alpha, nonvolatile beta, trichloroethylene (TCE), tetrachloroethylene, lead, cadmium, arsenic, and total radium.

  6. Semenic Mountains’ alpine skiing area

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Petru BANIAȘ


    Full Text Available The present paper presents, after a short history of alpine skiing which describes apparition, necessity, utility and universality of skiing during time, a comparative study referring to the alpine skiing domain in the Semenic Mountains area. In the paper are also presented general notions about alpine skiing methodology together with an ample description of the plateau area form Semenic Mountains, describing localization and touristic potential. Based on the SWOT analysis made for each slope, was realized a complex analysis of the entire skiing domain, an analysis which includes technical, financial, climatic and environmental aspects, along with an analysis of the marketing policy applied for the specific zone.

  7. Modelling burned area in Africa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    V. Lehsten


    Full Text Available The simulation of current and projected wildfires is essential for predicting crucial aspects of vegetation patterns, biogeochemical cycling as well as pyrogenic emissions across the African continent. This study uses a data-driven approach to parameterize two burned area models applicable to dynamic vegetation models (DVMs and Earth system models (ESMs. We restricted our analysis to variables for which either projections based on climate scenarios are available, or that are calculated by DVMs, and we consider a spatial scale of one degree as the scale typical for DVMs and ESMs. By using the African continent here as an example, an analogue approach could in principle be adopted for other regions, for global scale dynamic burned area modelling.

    We used 9 years of data (2000–2008 for the variables: precipitation over the last dry season, the last wet season and averaged over the last 2 years, a fire-danger index (the Nesterov index, population density, and annual proportion of area burned derived from the MODIS MCD45A1 product. Two further variables, tree and herb cover were only available for 2001 as a remote sensing product. Since the effect of fires on vegetation depends strongly on burning conditions, the timing of wildfires is of high interest too, and we were able to relate the seasonal occurrence of wildfires to the daily Nesterov index.

    We parameterized two generalized linear models (GLMs, one with the full variable set (model VC and one considering only climate variables (model C. All introduced variables resulted in an increase in model performance. Model VC correctly predicts the spatial distribution and extent of fire prone areas though the total variability is underrepresented. Model VC has a much lower performance in both aspects (correlation coefficient of predicted and observed ratio of burned area: 0.71 for model VC and 0.58 for model C. We expect the remaining variability to be attributed to additional

  8. Biomass energy and marginal areas

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chassany, J.P.


    The aim of this study was to analyze the conditions and effects of a possible development of the biomass energy upgrading in uneconomical or not rentable areas. The physical, social and economical characteristics of these regions (in France) are described; then the different types of biomass are presented (agricultural wastes, energetic cultures, forest and land products and residues, food processing effluents, municipal wastes) as well as the various energy process (production of alcohol, methane, thermochemical processes, vegetable oils). The development and the feasability of these processes in marginal areas are finally analyzed taking into account the accessibility of the biomass and the technical and commercial impacts.


    Irwin, William P.; Thurber, Horace K.


    The Agua Tibia Primitive Area in southwestern California is underlain by igneous and metamorphic rocks that are siilar to those widely exposed throughout much of the Peninsular Ranges. To detect the presence of any concealed mineral deposits, samples of stream sediments were collected along the various creeks that head in the mountain. As an additional aid in evaluating the mineral potential, an aeromagnetic survey was made and interpreted. A search for records of past or existing mining claims within the primitive area was made but none was found. Evidence of deposits of metallic or nonmetallic minerals was not seen during the study.


    Matti, Jonathan C.; Kuizon, Lucia


    Geologic, geochemical, and geophysical studies together with a review of historic mining and prospecting activities indicate that the Cactus Spring Roadless Area in California has little promise for the occurrence of mineral or energy resources. Marble bodies occur in the northern part of the roadless area and are possible resources for building stone, crushed and quarried aggregate, and lime and magnesium for Portland cement and industrial applications. It is recommended that the terrane of marble be mapped and sampled carefully in order to evaluate the quantity and quality of the carbonate resources.

  11. Planning approaches for rurban areas

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Busck, Anne Gravsholt; Hidding, Marjan; Kristensen, Søren Bech Pilgaard


    .g. the spatial policy discussed and recommended in the European Spatial Development Perspective (ESDP) emphasises the compact city concept, rural-urban linkages and conservation of nature and cultural heritage. This paper compares planning practice for rurban areas in three cases: Roskilde municipality (Denmark...

  12. Upgrading of the West Area

    CERN Multimedia


    The rejigged main hall (EHW1) in the West Area: on background, below the crane, is the brown yoke of the Omega magnet which had been resited. The upgrading was completed by the time in July when 400 GeV protons arrived. See Annual Report 1983 p. 107.

  13. Diaper area and disposable diapers. (United States)

    Erasala, G N; Romain, C; Merlay, I


    Since the 1960s, cloth diapers have been replaced by disposable diapers. The evolution of healthier skin in the diaper area has been demonstrated in parallel to that of disposable diapers. The improvements of disposable diapers--fit, dryness, comfort--have been based on the understanding of factors playing a role in the development of diaper dermatitis.

  14. Study area description: Chapter 1 (United States)

    Rowland, Mary M.; Leu, Matthias; Hanser, Steven E.; Leu, Matthias; Knick, Steven T.; Aldridge, Cameron L.


    The boundary for the Wyoming Basins Ecoregional Assessment (WBEA) was largely determined by the co-occurrence of some of the largest tracts of intact sagebrush (Artemisia spp.) remaining in the western United States with areas of increasing resource extraction. The WBEA area includes two ecoregions in their entirety, Wyoming Basins and Utah-Wyoming Rocky Mountains, and portions of two others (Southern Rocky Mountains and Middle Rockies-Blue Mountains). Over half the study area is in Wyoming; the remainder includes parts of Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and Montana. Private landowners manage most (33.1%) of the land base in the WBEA, followed by the U.S. Forest Service (27.3%) and U.S. Bureau of Land Management (25.6%). Sagebrush is the dominant land cover type in the study area, totaling >130,000 km2 ; nearly half the sagebrush in the WBEA is managed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. Sagebrush in the WBEA faces many potential threats that also influence the broader sagebrush ecosystem. Climate change, drought, land-use practices (e.g., livestock grazing, oil and gas development), and human development have eliminated and fragmented the sagebrush ecosystem, altered fire regimes, and accelerated the invasion of exotic plants such as cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum). Less than 2% of sagebrush in the WBEA is permanently protected from land cover conversion.

  15. An Incomplete Optimal Currency Area

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Dreyer, Johannes Kabderian; Graversen, Mads Byskov


    instruments: fiscal transfers from one country to another, or migration. As fiscal transfers in the Eurozone are low, we study the economic significance of migration flows as automatic stabilizers of the currency area. We assume that there is a strong relationship between unemployment and relative wealth...

  16. Area Handbook for Sierra Leone, (United States)


    During its fifteen years of independence since 1961, Sierra Leone has had some difficulty in maintaining political stability and in generating...performance has been comparatively weak. By the mid-1970s, however, there were indications that it might improve. The Area Handbook for Sierra Leone

  17. Local Area Networks: Part II. (United States)

    Dessy, Raymond E., Ed.


    Discusses five approaches used by industry/colleges to provide local area network (LAN) capabilities in the analytical laboratory: (1) mixed baseband bus network coupled to a star net; (2) broadband bus network; (3) ring network; (4) star network coupled to broadband net; and (5) simple multiprocessor center. Part I (September issue) focused on…

  18. Local Area Networks: Part I. (United States)

    Dessy, Raymond E.


    Local area networks are common communication conduits allowing various terminals, computers, discs, printers, and other electronic devices to intercommunicate over short distances. Discusses the vocabulary of such networks including RS-232C point-to-point and IEEE-488 multidrop protocols; error detection; message packets; multiplexing; star, ring,…

  19. Main challenges of residential areas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Oana Luca


    Full Text Available The present article is a position paper aiming to initiate a professional debate related to the aspects related to the urban dysfunctions leading to the wear of the residential areas. The paper proposes a definition of the wear process, identify the main causes leading to its occurrence and propose a number of solutions to neutralise the dysfunctions. The three wearing phases of residential areas components are emphasized, exploring their lifecycle. In order to perform the study of urban wear, the status of the residential areas components can be established and monitored, and also the variables of the function that can mathematically model the specific wear process may be considered. The paper is considered a first step for the model adjustment, to be tested and validated in the following steps. Based on the mathematical method and model, there can be created, in a potential future research, the possibility of determining the precarity degree for residential areas/neighbourhoods and cities, by minimising the subjective component of the analyses preceding the decision for renovation or regeneration.

  20. [Endemic zoonosis in Mediterranean area]. (United States)

    Fenga, Concettina; Pugliese, Michela


    The Mediterranean is historically considered an area of high concentration of zoonoses. Mediterranean countries socio-economic features have favoured, over time, the onset of different types of zoonosis. Many of these may affect many occupational categories, first of all farmers, people working in abattoirs and processing products of animal origin. New farming activities and technologies have generated new occupational and zoonotic risks. These changes have influenced zoonosis epidemiology and have led to a gradual decrease in the number of diseases and to a reduction of some biological risks. However, brucellosis, Q fever, bovine tuberculosis cystic echinococcosis remain a strong example of zoonosis and a real risk, in the Mediterranean area especially. Therefore, an interdisciplinary collaboration between Veterinary Service, Public Health and Occupational medicine is necessary in order to plan territorial prevention.


    Lesure, Frank G.; Jones, Jay G.


    Mineral-resource surveys indicate that much of the Dolly Ann Roadless Area, in the George Washington National Forest, Alleghany County, Virginia, has substantiated iron resource potential. Inferred low-grade iron resources occur in folded sedimentary rocks of Paleozoic age. The area has an estimated 540 million long tons of contained iron in hematitic sandstone and 700,000 long tons contained iron in deposits of sandy Limonite. Other mineral resources include various rocks suitable for crushed rock, quartzite suitable for high-silica uses, limestone suitable for agricultural uses, and clay and shale suitable for structural clay products, all of which can be readily obtained outside the wilderness. A potential for natural gas and geothermal energy may exist but cannot be quantified from present knowledge.

  2. Speleogenesis in Dinaric karst area (United States)

    Garasic, Mladen; Garasic, Davor


    Dinaric Karst is one of the largest karst regions in Europe and in the World. It is the paramount karst of Europe and type site of many karst features. Dinaric Karst Area covers an extensive part of the Dinarides, a mountain chain in Southern Europe named after Dinara Mt., an impressive and outstanding rocky wall on the border between Dalmatian part of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Dinaric Karst occupies an area from the Friuli Plain (Doberdo Karst Plateau) and Slovenian mountains near Postojna cave on the northwest, to Skadar Lake and Prokletije Mt. on the southeast, from Central Bosnian Mountains on the northeast, and the Adriatic Sea seafloor with its islands. The Dinarides outspread in a so-called "Dinaric strike" (NW-SE) for 650 km in length and are up to 150 km wide across SW-NE. The biggest part of the Dinaric Karst Area is situated within Croatian territory (continental, Adriatic coastal and seafloor karst) comprising all karst features with exceptional examples exposed on the surface as well as in the underground. Classical karst area is the one situated in Slovenia, where typical karst features were described for the first time. Presentation of the outstanding values of Dinaric karst is based on the values that can be met in Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Albania, too. Dinaric Karst is the World's natural heritage because of its unique and outstanding geological characteristics and its living world; some of them are of outstanding natural beauty. Dinaric karst is an integral, compact karst area with extremely great thickness of carbonate rocks of predominantly Mesozoic age which in some areas exceeds 8.000 m. It bears several cycles of karstification thus giving world uniqueness to the area, especially regarding the wealth of submerged karst phenomena, among which vruljes are world unique features. Dinaric karst is one of the largest karst regions in the World. From the scientific perspective, the Dinaric Karst is one of

  3. Innovation investment area: Technology summary

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    The mission of Environmental Management`s (EM) Office of Technology Development (OTD) Innovation Investment Area is to identify and provide development support for two types of technologies that are developed to characterize, treat and dispose of DOE waste, and to remediate contaminated sites. They are: technologies that show promise to address specific EM needs, but require proof-of-principle experimentation; and (2) already proven technologies in other fields that require critical path experimentation to demonstrate feasibility for adaptation to specific EM needs. The underlying strategy is to ensure that private industry, other Federal Agencies, universities, and DOE National Laboratories are major participants in developing and deploying new and emerging technologies. To this end, about 125 different new and emerging technologies are being developed through Innovation Investment Area`s (IIA) two program elements: RDDT&E New Initiatives (RD01) and Interagency Agreements (RD02). Both of these activities are intended to foster research and development partnerships so as to introduce innovative technologies into other OTD program elements for expedited evaluation.

  4. WFC3 Pixel Area Maps (United States)

    Kalirai, J. S.; Cox, C.; Dressel, L.; Fruchter, A.; Hack, W.; Kozhurina-Platais, V.; Mack, J.


    We present the pixel area maps (PAMs) for the WFC3/UVIS and WFC3/IR detectors, and discuss the normalization of these images. HST processed flt images suffer from geometric distortion and therefore have pixel areas that vary on the sky. The counts (electrons) measured for a source on these images depends on the position of the source on the detector, an effect that is implicitly corrected when these images are multidrizzled into drz files. The flt images can be multiplied by the PAMs to yield correct and uniform counts for a given source irrespective of its location on the image. To ensure consistency between the count rate measured for sources in drz images and near the center of flt images, we set the normalization of the PAMs to unity at a reference pixel near the center of the UVIS mosaic and IR detector, and set the SCALE in the IDCTAB equal to the square root of the area of this reference pixel. The implications of this choice for photometric measurements are discussed.

  5. Area Optimized Advanced Encryption Standard

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mr. Sandip R. Aher


    Full Text Available Performance evaluation of the Advanced Encryption Standard candidates has become led to intensive study of both hardware and software implementations. However, number of papers presents various implementation results, it shows that efficiency could still be greatly improved by applying effective design rules adapted to devices and algorithms. This paper shows various approaches for efficient FPGA implementations of the Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm. For different applications of the AES algorithm may require different s peed/area tradeoffs, we propose a vital study of the possible implementation schemes, but also the discussion of design methodology and algorithmic optimization in order to improve previous reported results. We propose system to evaluate hardware efficiency at different steps of the design process. We also use an optimal pipeline that takes the place and route constraints into account. Resulting circuits significantly improve the previous reported results: throughput has been up to 18.5 Gbits/sec and the area requirements can be limited to 542 slices and 10 RAM blocks with a ratio throughput/area improved by minimum 25% of the best-known designs in the Xilinx Virtex- E technology.

  6. 47 CFR 101.64 - Service areas. (United States)


    ... 47 Telecommunication 5 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Service areas. 101.64 Section 101.64... Service areas. Service areas for 38.6-40.0 GHz service are Economic Areas (EAs) as defined below. EAs are.... Additionally, there are four EA-like areas: Guam and Northern Mariana Islands; Puerto Rico and the U.S....

  7. 47 CFR 24.202 - Service areas. (United States)


    ... 47 Telecommunication 2 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Service areas. 24.202 Section 24.202... SERVICES Broadband PCS § 24.202 Service areas. Broadband PCS service areas are Major Trading Areas (MTAs) and Basic Trading Areas (BTAs) as defined in this section. MTAs and BTAs are based on the Rand...

  8. 10 CFR 850.26 - Regulated areas. (United States)


    ... 10 Energy 4 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Regulated areas. 850.26 Section 850.26 Energy DEPARTMENT... Regulated areas. (a) If airborne concentrations of beryllium in areas in DOE facilities are measured at or above the action level, the responsible employer must establish regulated areas for those areas. (b)...

  9. 33 CFR 156.310 - Prohibited areas. (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Prohibited areas. 156.310 Section... the Gulf of Mexico § 156.310 Prohibited areas. Lightering operations are prohibited within the following areas in the Gulf of Mexico: (a) Claypile—prohibited area. This prohibited area consists of...

  10. 7 CFR 25.503 - Rural areas. (United States)


    ... 7 Agriculture 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Rural areas. 25.503 Section 25.503 Agriculture Office....503 Rural areas. (a) What constitutes “rural”. A rural area may consist of any area that lies outside the boundaries of a Metropolitan Area, as designated by the Office of Management and Budget, or, is...

  11. Summary : Laguna Atascosa Wilderness study area (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This document is a very brief report on the area designated as the Laguna Atascosa Wilderness study area. Topics covered include the area's history, its land status,...

  12. R9 PM-10 Designated Areas (United States)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — Polygon feature class of nonattainment areas for particulate matter < 10 microns. Nonattainment areas are geographic areas which have not met national ambient air...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wioletta Żarnowiec


    Full Text Available The aim of the study was to find out whether the climate of the southern Poland allows for removing rainwater from industrial areas by evaporation from roof surfaces. The study covered the premises of a Logistics Centre with an approximate area of 34 hectares, located in the catchment of the Wedonka stream and in the region of water intake for Kraków at the Rudawa river. In the future, the Centre will comprise nine large warehouses. Road traffic associated with the project will cause potential risks for groundwater and surface water of this protected area. Therefore, the Centre’s investor decided to evaporate rainwater from the premises. To establish advisability of this plan, the study team designed and built a unique experimental station consisting of experimental roof, tank for collecting water for the sprinkler system, system for delivering, distributing and discharging water from the roof, measuring tilt tray, automatic meteorological station, and electronic devices for recording measurement data. The research on the experimental station was carried out from April to October in 2011 and 2012 and included continuous measurements of the volume of water supplied to and discharged from the roof. Moreover, the temperature of the roof and water in the tank and a number of important meteorological parameters were measured. The difference between supplied and discharged water, divided by the wetted surface of the roof, helped to determine thickness of the evaporation layer in millimeters. The study confirmed the possibility of removing potentially contaminated rainwater by evaporating it from roof surfaces of the Logistics Centre located near Kraków at an average rate of 5.9 dm3·m–2.d–1. However, due to high seasonal variability of rainfall and air temperature, it is necessary to temporarily collect water in an expansion tank of suitable capacity.


    Berger, Byron R.; Benham, John R.


    The West Pioneer Wilderness Study Area is in the Pioneer Mountains, Beaverhead County, Montana. A mineral-resource study of the area identified eight areas with molybdenum potential, four areas with gold-silver potential, one area with tungsten potential, and one area with barite potential. Several small mines were encountered, but none were accessible for the purposes of resource evaluation. No energy resources were identified in the study.

  15. Intelligent Carpooling in rural areas

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Agerholm, Niels; Møller, Jørgen


    Rural transportation is facing the challenges of the required mobility increasing and the public transportation parallel being limited to a deficient level. A new mobility application (app) based on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), called Intelligent Carpooling, can be a significant contributor...... to mitigate these challenges. This system uses ITS to plan and coordinate carpooling. A study in two Danish rural areas found that a markedly part of residents are interesting in Intelligent Carpooling, but also that they require knowledge of whom they are driving with and as well as planning the carpooling...... carpooling work....

  16. Multifunctional centers in rural areas

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Svendsen, Gunnar Lind Haase


    In the Nordic welfare states (Island, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark), an important principle has hitherto been to allow all citizens access to the same high-quality public services - independent of whether they live in urban or rural areas. In Denmark, however, this principle is gradually being......, and facilities for local associations as theatre scenes and sports halls. The centers should be designed to secure both economies of scale and geographic proximity. Empirical evidence indicates that such large meeting places in fact foster physical and social cohesion, as well as human capital and informal...

  17. Home area networks and IPTV

    CERN Document Server

    Rémy, Jean-Gabriel


    The field of Home Area Networks (HAN), a dedicated residential subset of LAN technologies for home-based use, is fast becoming the next frontier for the communications industry.This book describes the various technologies involved in the implementation of a HAN: high-speed Internet connections, indoor implementations, services, software, and management packages. It also reviews multimedia applications (which are increasingly the most important and complex aspects of most HANs) with a detailed description of IPTV technology. It highlights the main technologies used for HANs: information tra

  18. Large area and flexible electronics

    CERN Document Server

    Caironi, Mario


    From materials to applications, this ready reference covers the entire value chain from fundamentals via processing right up to devices, presenting different approaches to large-area electronics, thus enabling readers to compare materials, properties and performance.Divided into two parts, the first focuses on the materials used for the electronic functionality, covering organic and inorganic semiconductors, including vacuum and solution-processed metal-oxide semiconductors, nanomembranes and nanocrystals, as well as conductors and insulators. The second part reviews the devices and applicatio

  19. Regionally Significant Ecological Areas - MLCCS derived 2008 (United States)

    Minnesota Department of Natural Resources — This is an analysis of regionally significant Terrestrial and Wetland Ecological Areas in the seven county metropolitan area. Individual forest, grassland and...

  20. Central Region Regionally Ecological Significant Areas (United States)

    Minnesota Department of Natural Resources — This is an analysis of regionally significant Terrestrial and Wetland Ecological Areas in the seven county metropolitan area. Individual forest, grassland and...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. A. Lazaridou


    Full Text Available Coasts were formed with the overall shape of earth's surface. Τhey represent a landform, as determined by the science of geomorphology. Being the boundary between land and sea, they present important features – particularities such as water currents, waves, winds, estuaries, drainage network, pollution etc. Coasts are examined at various levels: continents – oceans, states – large seas, as for example Mediterranean Sea. Greece, because of its horizontal and vertical partitioning, presents great extent and variety of coasts as mainland, peninsulas and islands. Depending on geomorphology, geology, soils, hydrology, land use of the inland and the coasts themselves, these are very diverse. Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (defined by Statute II of ISPRS is the art, science, and technology of obtaining reliable information from non-contact imaging and other sensor systems about the Earth and its environment, and other physical objects and of processes through recording, measuring, analyzing and representation. This paper concerns critical considerations on the above. It also includes the case of Thessaloniki coasts in Greece, particularly river estuaries areas (river delta. The study of coastal areas of the wide surroundings of Thessaloniki city includes visual image interpretation – digital image processing techniques on satellite data of high spatial resolution.

  2. [Blood donation in urban areas]. (United States)

    Charpentier, F


    Medical and technical developments increase the difficulty to provide sufficient safe blood for all patients in developed countries and their sociodemographic and societal changes. Sufficient national blood supply remains a reached, however still actual, challenge. Tomorrow is prepared today: the management of blood donation programs both in line with these developments and with social marketing strategies is one of the keys to success. If the main components of this organization are well known (mobile blood drives in various appropriate environments, and permanent blood donation centers) their proportions in the whole process must evolve and their contents require adaptations, especially for whole blood donation in urban areas. We have to focus on the people's way of life changes related to increasing urbanization of the society and prominent position taken by very large cities. This requires targeting several goals: to draw the attention of the potential blood-giving candidate, to get into position to collect him when he will decide it, to give meaning and recognition to his "sacrifice" (give time rather than donate blood) and to give him desire and opportunity to come back and donate one more time. In this strategy, permanent blood centers in urban areas have significant potential for whole blood collection, highlighted by the decrease of apheresis technology requirements. This potential requires profound changes in their location, conception and organization. The concept of Maison Du Don (MDD) reflects these changes.

  3. Area terms in entanglement entropy

    CERN Document Server

    Casini, Horacio; Lino, Eduardo Testé


    We discuss area terms in entanglement entropy and show that a recent formula by Rosenhaus and Smolkin is equivalent to the term involving a correlator of traces of the stress tensor in Adler-Zee formula for the renormalization of the Newton constant. We elaborate on how to fix the ambiguities in these formulas: Improving terms for the stress tensor of free fields, boundary terms in the modular Hamiltonian, and contact terms in the Euclidean correlation functions. We make computations for free fields and show how to apply these calculations to understand some results for interacting theories which have been studied in the literature. We also discuss an application to the F-theorem.

  4. Pythagorean triangles of equal areas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Malvina Baica


    Full Text Available The main intent in this paper is to find triples of Rational Pythagorean Triangles (abbr. RPT having equal areas. A new method of solving a2+ab+b2=c2 is to set a=y−1, b=y+1, y∈N−{0,1} and get Pell's equation c2−3y2=1. To solve a2−ab−b2=c2, we set a=12(y+1, b=y−1, y≥2, y∈N and get a corresponding Pell's equation. The infinite number of solutions in Pell's equation gives rise to an infinity of solutions to a2±ab+b2=c2. From this fact the following theorems are proved.

  5. Food allergies in rural areas (United States)

    Stoma, Monika; Ślaska-Grzywna, Beata; Kostecka, Małgorzata; Bojanowska, Monika; Dudziak, Agnieszka; Kuna-Broniowska, Agnieszka; Adamczuk, Piotr; Sobczak, Paweł; Andrejko, Dariusz


    Introduction A food allergy is a group of symptoms occurring in the organism and resulting from consuming some food, where the problems are conditioned by immunological mechanisms. The symptoms may become apparent first in adulthood and they may be an initial manifestation of a latent allergy. Typical symptoms of a food allergy occur in different organs, thus not only in the digestive system, but also in the skin, respiratory system and circulatory system. Aim To assess the frequency of food allergy onset in rural areas of the Lublin region as well as to determine which factors induce such allergies. Material and methods A survey was conducted, involving the participation of 340 inhabitants of rural areas. The study monitored the knowledge and situation of the disease, concerning allergens, allergy symptoms, methods of treatment and opinions regarding such treatment. Results The analysis focused on 124 people with diagnosed allergies. Conclusions Introducing a diet did not result in a statistically significant difference regarding elimination of the symptoms, as compared to the patients who did not follow any diet. On the other hand, pharmacological treatment causes statistically worse results than using other methods or not being treated at all. The patients in whom allergy symptoms disappeared were more convinced about the positive character of their diet than those in whom the symptoms were not eliminated. The age when the allergy becomes evident does not affect its duration, yet it matters as to the time of its later elimination. The more symptoms were experienced by a patient, the longer the duration of the allergy was. PMID:27605899

  6. Climate change threatens European conservation areas

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bastos Araujo, Miguel; Alagador, Diogo; Cabeza, Mar;


    Europe has the world's most extensive network of conservation areas. Conservation areas are selected without taking into account the effects of climate change. How effectively would such areas conserve biodiversity under climate change? We assess the effectiveness of protected areas and the Natur...

  7. 24 CFR 203.672 - Residential areas. (United States)


    ... 24 Housing and Urban Development 2 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Residential areas. 203.672 Section... FAMILY MORTGAGE INSURANCE Servicing Responsibilities Occupied Conveyance § 203.672 Residential areas. (a) For the purposes of occupied conveyance considerations, a residential area is any area...

  8. 47 CFR 101.1315 - Service areas. (United States)


    ... 47 Telecommunication 5 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Service areas. 101.1315 Section 101.1315... SERVICES Multiple Address Systems System License Requirements § 101.1315 Service areas. In the frequency bands not licensed on a site-by-site basis, the geographic service areas for MAS are Economic Areas...

  9. 36 CFR 294.1 - Recreation areas. (United States)


    ... 36 Parks, Forests, and Public Property 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Recreation areas. 294.1 Section 294.1 Parks, Forests, and Public Property FOREST SERVICE, DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE SPECIAL AREAS Miscellaneous Provisions § 294.1 Recreation areas. Suitable areas of national forest land, other than...

  10. 47 CFR 54.207 - Service areas. (United States)


    ... 47 Telecommunication 3 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Service areas. 54.207 Section 54.207... SERVICE Carriers Eligible for Universal Service Support § 54.207 Service areas. (a) The term service area means a geographic area established by a state commission for the purpose of determining...

  11. 47 CFR 101.523 - Service areas. (United States)


    ... 47 Telecommunication 5 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Service areas. 101.523 Section 101.523... SERVICES 24 GHz Service and Digital Electronic Message Service § 101.523 Service areas. (a) The service areas for 24 GHz are Economic Areas (EAs) as defined in this paragraph (a). The Bureau of...

  12. 50 CFR 648.97 - Closed areas. (United States)


    ... 50 Wildlife and Fisheries 8 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Closed areas. 648.97 Section 648.97... Multispecies and Monkfish Fisheries § 648.97 Closed areas. (a) Oceanographer Canyon Closed Area. No fishing vessel or person on a fishing vessel may enter, fish, or be in the area known as Oceanographer...

  13. 47 CFR 101.1401 - Service areas. (United States)


    ... 47 Telecommunication 5 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Service areas. 101.1401 Section 101.1401... Service areas. Multichannel Video Distribution and Data Service (MVDDS) is licensed on the basis of Designated Market Areas (DMAs). The 214 DMA service areas are based on the 210 Designated Market...

  14. 50 CFR 648.73 - Closed areas. (United States)


    ... 50 Wildlife and Fisheries 8 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Closed areas. 648.73 Section 648.73... Clam and Ocean Quahog Fisheries § 648.73 Closed areas. (a) Areas closed because of environmental degradation. Certain areas are closed to all surf clam and ocean quahog fishing because of...

  15. 33 CFR 183.310 - Reference areas. (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Reference areas. 183.310 Section... of 2 Horsepower or Less General § 183.310 Reference areas. (a) The forward reference area of a boat... aft reference area of a boat is the aftmost two feet of the top surface of the hull or deck,...

  16. 47 CFR 24.102 - Service areas. (United States)


    ... 47 Telecommunication 2 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Service areas. 24.102 Section 24.102... SERVICES Narrowband PCS § 24.102 Service areas. Narrowband PCS service areas are nationwide, regional, and Major Trading Areas (MTAs), as defined in this section. MTAs are based on the Rand McNally...

  17. 30 CFR 57.11052 - Refuge areas. (United States)


    ... 30 Mineral Resources 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Refuge areas. 57.11052 Section 57.11052 Mineral... Escapeways-Underground Only § 57.11052 Refuge areas. Refuge areas shall be— (a) Of fire-resistant construction, preferably in untimbered areas of the mine; (b) Large enough to accommodate readily the...

  18. 33 CFR 183.210 - Reference areas. (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Reference areas. 183.210 Section... of More Than 2 Horsepower General § 183.210 Reference areas. (a) The forward reference area of a boat...) The aft reference area of a boat is the aft most two feet of the top surface of the hull or deck,...

  19. Geothermal resource evaluation of the Yuma area

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Poluianov, E.W.; Mancini, F.P.


    This report presents an evaluation of the geothermal potential of the Yuma, Arizona area. A description of the study area and the Salton Trough area is followed by a geothermal analysis of the area, a discussion of the economics of geothermal exploration and exploitation, and recommendations for further testing. It was concluded economic considerations do not favor geothermal development at this time. (ACR)

  20. Safety analysis, 200 Area, Savannah River Plant: Separations area operations

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Perkins, W.C.; Lee, R.; Allen, P.M.; Gouge, A.P.


    The nev HB-Line, located on the fifth and sixth levels of Building 221-H, is designed to replace the aging existing HB-Line production facility. The nev HB-Line consists of three separate facilities: the Scrap Recovery Facility, the Neptunium Oxide Facility, and the Plutonium Oxide Facility. There are three separate safety analyses for the nev HB-Line, one for each of the three facilities. These are issued as supplements to the 200-Area Safety Analysis (DPSTSA-200-10). These supplements are numbered as Sup 2A, Scrap Recovery Facility, Sup 2B, Neptunium Oxide Facility, Sup 2C, Plutonium Oxide Facility. The subject of this safety analysis, the, Plutonium Oxide Facility, will convert nitrate solutions of {sup 238}Pu to plutonium oxide (PuO{sub 2}) powder. All these new facilities incorporate improvements in: (1) engineered barriers to contain contamination, (2) barriers to minimize personnel exposure to airborne contamination, (3) shielding and remote operations to decrease radiation exposure, and (4) equipment and ventilation design to provide flexibility and improved process performance.

  1. Engineering sciences area and module performance and failure analysis area (United States)

    Ross, R. G., Jr.; Runkle, L. D.


    Photovoltaic-array/power-conditioner interface studies are updated. An experiment conducted to evaluate different operating-point strategies, such as constant voltage and pilot cells, and to determine array energy losses when the array is operated off the maximum power points is described. Initial results over a test period of three and a half weeks showed a 2% energy loss when the array is operated at a fixed voltage. Degraded-array studies conducted at NE RES that used a range of simulated common types of degraded I-V curves are reviewed. The instrumentation installed at the JPL field-test site to obtain the irradiance data was described. Experiments using an optical filter to adjust the spectral irradiance of the large-area pulsed solar simulator (LAPSS) to AM1.5 are described. Residential-array research activity is reviewed. Voltage isolation test results are described. Experiments performed on one type of module to determine the relationship between leakage current and temperature are reviewed. An encapsulated-cell testing approach is explained. The test program, data reduction methods, and initial results of long-duration module testing are described.

  2. Climate change threatens European conservation areas (United States)

    Araújo, Miguel B; Alagador, Diogo; Cabeza, Mar; Nogués-Bravo, David; Thuiller, Wilfried


    Europe has the world's most extensive network of conservation areas. Conservation areas are selected without taking into account the effects of climate change. How effectively would such areas conserve biodiversity under climate change? We assess the effectiveness of protected areas and the Natura 2000 network in conserving a large proportion of European plant and terrestrial vertebrate species under climate change. We found that by 2080, 58 ± 2.6% of the species would lose suitable climate in protected areas, whereas losses affected 63 ± 2.1% of the species of European concern occurring in Natura 2000 areas. Protected areas are expected to retain climatic suitability for species better than unprotected areas (P<0.001), but Natura 2000 areas retain climate suitability for species no better and sometimes less effectively than unprotected areas. The risk is high that ongoing efforts to conserve Europe's biodiversity are jeopardized by climate change. New policies are required to avert this risk. PMID:21447141

  3. 10 CFR 835.603 - Radiological areas and radioactive material areas. (United States)


    ... 10 Energy 4 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Radiological areas and radioactive material areas. 835.603....603 Radiological areas and radioactive material areas. Each access point to radiological areas and radioactive material areas (as defined at § 835.2) shall be posted with conspicuous signs bearing the...

  4. Local development in fragile areas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francesca Governa


    Full Text Available During the last 20 years some keywords have been extensively used in international debate about local development policies: bottom-up approach, territoriality, policy integration, partnership, cooperation and negotiation among actors and interests. The use of these keywords hides a variety of cultural approaches, theories and practices; this means that we should study local development processes and policies analysing and deconstructing these theoretical approaches in specific situations and experiences. Within this framework, the article critically discuss local development policies involving “fragile” areas like those of the mountains in Lombardy. Reference will be made mainly to the results of a research-action activity on the integrated local development programmes (PISL for the Objective 2 areas of the Region financed during the period of European structural funds programming 2000-2006.Durant les vingt dernières années, quelques mots-clés ont été intensivement employés dans le débat international sur les politiques de développement local : bottom-up approach, territorialité, intégration politique, association, coopération et négociation entre les acteurs et les intérêts. L’utilisation de ce vocabulaire cache une série d’approches, théories et pratiques culturelles. Pour ne pas seulement se contenter de mots, il est nécessaire d’étudier les processus de développement et les politiques locales en analysant et déconstruisant les différentes approches théoriques à la lumière de situations et d’expériences spécifiques. Pour ce faire, cet article présente les politiques de développement local dans des zones fragiles telles que les montagnes de Lombardie. On fera principalement référence aux résultats d’une recherche-action sur les programmes de développement locaux intégrés (PISL pour les territoires de l’Objectif 2 de cette région, programmes financés au cours de la période 2000-2006 par des


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Raising of problem. Any manufacturing processes related to the generation of waste. Year after year, a growing mass of waste is one of the main factors reducing the quality of the environment and destruction of natural landscapes. Industrial development inevitably enhances human impacts on the environment and disrupts the ecological balance [3]. Atmospher air is a vital element of the environment. The development of industry, the growth of cities, increasing the number of transport, active exploration of near-Earth space lead to a change in the gas composition of the atmosphere and disruption of its natural balance. Air quality affects the health of the population [5]. Without water or food a person can do for a while, but without air he can not live a few minutes, therefore saving air breathable is an urgent problem. Purpose. The results of geological studies clearly indicate that the contamination of the surface layer of the atmosphere is the most powerful permanent factor of influence on the human food chain and the environment. This problem was reflected in the scientific literature [2; 3; 6], and the second significant indicator of ecological well-being of the region is the number of generation and accumulation of waste. According to this indicator, Dnipropetrovsk region is in the lead, as relates to the industrialized regions. The idea of the article is to consider the air pollution of the urban environment in terms of the accumulation of waste in the territory of enterprises, in particular slag dumps metallurgical production. Conclusion. Slag dumps located on the premises are a significant source of air pollution urbanized areas due to the permanent nature of the spread of contamination. Slag dump of PAT "Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant" is a source of manganese, zinc, nickel emissions. As a conclusion about the magnitude of pollution of the atmospheric boundary layer can say the following: on the border of the sanitary protection zone (SPZ, in

  6. Plutonium focus area. Technology summary

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The Assistant Secretary for the Office of Environmental Management (EM) at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) chartered the Plutonium Focus Area (PFA) in October 1995. The PFA {open_quotes}...provides for peer and technical reviews of research and development in plutonium stabilization activities...{close_quotes} In addition, the PFA identifies and develops relevant research and technology. The purpose of this document is to focus attention on the requirements used to develop research and technology for stabilization, storage, and preparation for disposition of nuclear materials. The PFA Technology Summary presents the approach the PFA uses to identify, recommend, and review research. It lists research requirements, research being conducted, and gaps where research is needed. It also summarizes research performed by the PFA in the traditional research summary format. This document encourages researchers and commercial enterprises to do business with PFA by submitting research proposals or {open_quotes}white papers.{close_quotes} In addition, it suggests ways to increase the likelihood that PFA will recommend proposed research to the Nuclear Materials Stabilization Task Group (NMSTG) of DOE.

  7. Electric Service Areas, Area showing what electric company serves a particular area, Published in 2004, Johnson County AIMS. (United States)

    NSGIC GIS Inventory (aka Ramona) — This Electric Service Areas dataset, was produced all or in part from Other information as of 2004. It is described as 'Area showing what electric company serves a...

  8. Examination of catchment areas for public transport

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Landex, Alex; Hansen, Stephen; Andersen, Jonas Lohmann Elkjær


    The paper presents a method to examine the catchment areas for stops in high quality public transport systems based on the street network in the examined area. This is achieved by implementing the Service Area functions from the ArcGIS extension Network Analyst. The method is compared to a more...... or by making changes in the street network around the station. The paper also discusses the degree of realism in the used GIS networks and how it can affect the size of the catchment areas. It is concluded that the Service Area method improves the detail-level and accuracy in catchment area analyses...

  9. Aerosols of Mongolian arid area (United States)

    Golobokova, L.; Marinayte, I.; Zhamsueva, G.


    Sampling was performed in July-August 2005-2010 at Station Sain Shand (44°54'N, 110°07'E) in the Gobi desert (1000 m a.s.l.), West Mongolia. Aerosol samples were collected with a high volume sampler PM 10 (Andersen Instruments Inc., USA) onto Whatman-41 filters. The substance was extracted from the filters by de-ionized water. The solution was screened through an acetate-cellulose filter with 0.2 micron pore size. Ions of ammonium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium, as well as sulphate ions, nitrate ions, hydrocarbonate, chloride ions were determined in the filtrate by means of an atomic adsorption spectrometer Carl Zeiss Jena (Germany), a high performance liquid chromatographer «Milichrome A-02» (Russia), and an ionic chromatographer ICS-3000 (Dionex, USA). The PAH fraction was separated from aerosol samples using hexane extraction at room temperature under UV environment. The extract was concentrated to 0.1-0.2 ml and analysed by a mass-spectrometer "Agilent, GC 6890, MSD 5973 Network". Analysis of concentrations of aerosols components, their correlation ratios, and meteorological modeling show that the main factor affecting chemical composition of aerosols is a flow of contaminants transferred by air masses to the sampling area mainly from the south and south-east, as well as wind conditions of the area, dust storms in particular. Sulphate, nitrate, and ammonium are major ions in aerosol particles at Station Sain Shand. Dust-borne aerosol is known to be a sorbent for both mineral and organic admixtures. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) being among superecotoxicants play an important role among resistant organic substances. PAH concentrations were determined in the samples collected in 2010. All aerosol samples contained dominant PAHs with 5-6 benzene rings ( (benze(k)fluoranthen, benze(b)flouranthen, benze(a)pyren, benze(?)pyren, perylene, benze(g,h,i)perylene, and indene(1,2,3-c,d)pyrene). Their total quantity varied between 42 and 90


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohamed FARISSI


    Full Text Available The present study focused the effect of water deficit on agronomic potential and some traits related to forage quality in plants of Moroccan Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L. populations (Taf 1, Taf 2, Dem and Tata originated from Oasis and High Atlas of Morocco and an introduced variety from Australia (Siriver. The experiment was conducted under field conditions in experimental station of INRA-Marrakech and under two irrigation treatments. The first treatment was normal irrigation, providing an amount of water corresponding to the potential evapo-transpiration of the crop, and the second treatment was water deficit stress (one irrigation per cut. For each treatment, the experiment was conducted as a split plot based on a randomized complete block design with four replications. The plants were measured and analyzed over three cuts. Some agronomic traits as, plant height, fresh and dry forage yields were measured. The forage quality was evaluated by leaf:stem ratio and the contents of plants in proteins and nitrogen. The results indicated that the water deficit has negatively affected the plant height and forage yield. The decrease in leaf:stem ratio was observed under water deficit conditions. However, the proteins and nitrogen contents were unaffected. The behavior of tested alfalfa genotypes was significantly different. The Moroccan alfalfa populations were more adapted to water deficit conditions comparatively to Siriver variety and the Tata population was the most adapted one.

  11. Plague in the genomic area. (United States)

    Drancourt, M


    With plague being not only a subject of interest for historians, but still a disease of public health concern in several countries, mainly in Africa, there were hopes that analyses of the Yersinia pestis genomes would put an end to this deadly epidemic pathogen. Genomics revealed that Y. pestis isolates evolved from Yersinia pseudotuberculosis in Central Asia some millennia ago, after the acquisition of two Y. pestis-specific plasmids balanced genomic reduction parallel with the expansion of insertion sequences, illustrating the modern concept that, except for the acquisition of plasmid-borne toxin-encoding genes, the increased virulence of Y. pestis resulted from gene loss rather than gene acquisition. The telluric persistence of Y. pestis reminds us of this close relationship, and matters in terms of plague epidemiology. Whereas biotype Orientalis isolates spread worldwide, the Antiqua and Medievalis isolates showed more limited expansion. In addition to animal ectoparasites, human ectoparasites such as the body louse may have participated in this expansion and in devastating historical epidemics. The recent analysis of a Black Death genome indicated that it was more closely related to the Orientalis branch than to the Medievalis branch. Modern Y. pestis isolates grossly exhibit the same gene content, but still undergo micro-evolution in geographically limited areas by differing in the genome architecture, owing to inversions near insertion sequences and the stabilization of the YpfPhi prophage in Orientalis biotype isolates. Genomics have provided several new molecular tools for the genotyping and phylogeographical tracing of isolates and description of plague foci. However, genomics and post-genomics approaches have not yet provided new tools for the prevention, diagnosis and management of plague patients and the plague epidemics still raging in some sub-Saharan countries.

  12. Locating ATMs in Urban Areas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mehdi MoradiTabar


    Full Text Available In recent years, the banks and financial institutions have considerably attempted to provide better and more varied services to the customers. These varied services may satisfy needs of differentgroup of customers. In this regard, the location of these services as well as their level of accessibility (access to these services is greatly important. The importance of these issues is well recognized by responsible managers of the financial firms. In other words, the managers accept the importance of these services and they know that the quality and location of these services significantly affect their success in the business. Therefore, bank managers sought scientific methods, which may facilitate the locating process for their services. How to select the most effective methods and how to use these methods in this regard depend on following factors: the customers' demands, local capacities and fair distribution of theservices, etc. The effective impact of these factors as well as the interactive relationship between them should also be noted in the application. This study is a descriptive kind of research, which is applicable in various areas. Library and environmental studies were used to conduct the study. Considering the parameters that considerably affect the level of acceptability of ATMs services and analyzing the importance of these parameters according to this criterion, the researchers tried to use multiple attribute decision-making model. a heuristic algorithm was used in the context of this approach. Then, the most appropriate locations around the optimal locations were introduced based on fuzzy concept as well as quantitative and qualitative factors, including the minimum cost and maximum coverage according to the customers’ demands. The case study was located in the 13th district of Tehran city.

  13. Activité volcanique dans le golfe de Cadiz : disponibilité bibliographique


    Wulff-Barreiro, Enrique


    International audience; An ocean basin hydrocarbon province is emplaced along the Iberian-Moroccan wedge, in the Gulf of Cadiz. Giant seismically-chaotic bodies with thicknesses exceeding 4 km covers an area as great as 90.000 km2 with potential hydrocarbon reserves revealing the Gulf of Mexico, suitable for petroleum storage. In cooperation with Moroccan institutions the Naval Research Laboratory of the United States carried out in 1999 a series of prospecting with the objective of mapping t...

  14. Range ecosystem management for natural areas (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This report describes methods for managing range ecosystems in natural areas. Preserved natural areas on rangeland may, in a short time, be only those which received...

  15. Geology of the Johnson River Area Alaska (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The vegetation, topography, and geology of the Johnson River area are representative of the entire eastern interior region of Alaska. This area has a vegetational...

  16. Elephant Butte Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA) (United States)

    Earth Data Analysis Center, University of New Mexico — This vector dataset depicts the 1% annual flood boundary (otherwise known as special flood hazard area or 100 year flood boundary) for its specified area. The data...

  17. 7 CFR 1940.959 - Area plan. (United States)


    ... development plan for the area with goals, including business development and infrastructure development goals... possibilities for industrial recruitment in the area; (5) The potential for development of tourism in the...

  18. 5 CFR 351.402 - Competitive area. (United States)


    ... effect less than 90 days prior to the effective date of a reduction in force, a description of the... Competition § 351.402 Competitive area. (a) Each agency shall establish competitive areas in which...

  19. Coding Theory, Cryptography and Related Areas

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Buchmann, Johannes; Stichtenoth, Henning; Tapia-Recillas, Horacio;

    Proceedings of anInternational Conference on Coding Theory, Cryptography and Related Areas, held in Guanajuato, Mexico. in april 1998......Proceedings of anInternational Conference on Coding Theory, Cryptography and Related Areas, held in Guanajuato, Mexico. in april 1998...

  20. 9 CFR 82.3 - Quarantined areas. (United States)



  1. Sierra County Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA) (United States)

    Earth Data Analysis Center, University of New Mexico — This vector dataset depicts the 1% annual flood boundary (otherwise known as special flood hazard area or 100 year flood boundary) for its specified area. The data...

  2. Bureau of Land Management Wilderness Areas (United States)

    Earth Data Analysis Center, University of New Mexico — This dataset is meant to depict wilderness areas within the state of New Mexico managed by the Bureau of Land Management These wilderness areas are officially...

  3. Southeast Alaska ESI: MGT (Management Area Polygons) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set contains management area data for National Parks, Wildlife Refuges, and areas designated as Critical Habitat in Southeast Alaska. Vector polygons in...

  4. Estancia Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA) (United States)

    Earth Data Analysis Center, University of New Mexico — This vector dataset depicts the 1% annual flood boundary (otherwise known as special flood hazard area or 100 year flood boundary) for its specified area. The data...

  5. AgSat Areas of Interest (United States)

    Farm Service Agency, Department of Agriculture — The AgSat Areas of Interest map contains area polygons where satellite imagery will be collected for the Farm Service Agency (FSA) to provide imagery coverage for...

  6. Tibetan Dressing And Adornment In Yamzhog Area

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    The dressing of the people in Yamzhog (in the Nangarze County) is affected deeply by such areas as Lhasa and Xigaze (Xigaze area), and it has unique features because of the unique historical and geological environments in Yamzhog.

  7. History of the Wildlife Areas Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge, Oak Orchard Wildlife Management Area, Tonawanda Wildlife Management Area, John White Wildlife Management Area (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This report provides a history of four management areas in Western New York: Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge, Oak Orchard Management Area, Tonawanda Wildlife...

  8. Atlantic NAD 83 OCS Planning Areas (United States)

    Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Department of the Interior — This data set contains BOEM Planning Area outlines in ESRI shapefile format for the BOEM Atlantic Region. The old Atlantic Planning Area outlines were changed as of...

  9. Hawaii ESI: MGT (Management Area Polygons) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This data set contains management area data for artificial reefs, designated critical habitats, national parks, marine sanctuaries, special management areas,...

  10. Area spectrum of slowly rotating black holes



    We investigate the area spectrum for rotating black holes which are Kerr and BTZ black holes. For slowly rotating black holes, we use the Maggiore's idea combined with Kunstatter's method to derive their area spectra, which are equally spaced.

  11. DNR Division of Enforcement Officer Patrol Areas (United States)

    Minnesota Department of Natural Resources — This theme shows the DNR Division of Enforcement Office Patrol Areas as of January 1, 2003. Patrol areas were defined and verified by Patrol Officers during the fall...

  12. West Coast Rockfish Conservation Areas, 2015 (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These data delineate Rockfish Conservation Areas (RCA) off the West Coast of the United States for 2015. There are three types of areas closures depicted in this...

  13. Mandatory Class 1 Federal Areas Web Service (United States)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — This web service contains the following layers: Mandatory Class 1 Federal Area polygons and Mandatory Class 1 Federal Area labels in the United States. The polygon...

  14. 2017-2022 Proposed Program - Withdrawal Areas (United States)

    Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Department of the Interior — This file represents the areas of the Outer Continental Shelf that have been withdrawn from disposition by leasing. The withdrawal of these areas prevents...

  15. Nulhegan Deer Wintering Area Management Plan 1994 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Within the Nulhegan basin lies the Nulhegan Deer Wintering Area, an approximately 15,000-acre tract of land. In addition to being the largest deer wintering area in...

  16. Transfer Area Mechanical Handling Calculation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    B. Dianda


    This calculation is intended to support the License Application (LA) submittal of December 2004, in accordance with the directive given by DOE correspondence received on the 27th of January 2004 entitled: ''Authorization for Bechtel SAX Company L.L. C. to Include a Bare Fuel Handling Facility and Increased Aging Capacity in the License Application, Contract Number DE-AC28-01R W12101'' (Arthur, W.J., I11 2004). This correspondence was appended by further Correspondence received on the 19th of February 2004 entitled: ''Technical Direction to Bechtel SAIC Company L.L. C. for Surface Facility Improvements, Contract Number DE-AC28-OIRW12101; TDL No. 04-024'' (BSC 2004a). These documents give the authorization for a Fuel Handling Facility to be included in the baseline. The purpose of this calculation is to establish preliminary bounding equipment envelopes and weights for the Fuel Handling Facility (FHF) transfer areas equipment. This calculation provides preliminary information only to support development of facility layouts and preliminary load calculations. The limitations of this preliminary calculation lie within the assumptions of section 5 , as this calculation is part of an evolutionary design process. It is intended that this calculation is superseded as the design advances to reflect information necessary to support License Application. The design choices outlined within this calculation represent a demonstration of feasibility and may or may not be included in the completed design. This calculation provides preliminary weight, dimensional envelope, and equipment position in building for the purposes of defining interface variables. This calculation identifies and sizes major equipment and assemblies that dictate overall equipment dimensions and facility interfaces. Sizing of components is based on the selection of commercially available products, where applicable. This is not a specific recommendation for the future use

  17. 5 CFR 591.231 - Which areas are post differential areas? (United States)


    ... 5 Administrative Personnel 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Which areas are post differential areas... REGULATIONS ALLOWANCES AND DIFFERENTIALS Cost-of-Living Allowance and Post Differential-Nonforeign Areas Post Differentials § 591.231 Which areas are post differential areas? OPM has established the following...

  18. 7 CFR 920.4 - Production area. (United States)


    ... 7 Agriculture 8 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Production area. 920.4 Section 920.4 Agriculture Regulations of the Department of Agriculture (Continued) AGRICULTURAL MARKETING SERVICE (Marketing Agreements... Definitions § 920.4 Production area. Production area means the State of California....

  19. 7 CFR 955.4 - Production area. (United States)


    ... 7 Agriculture 8 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Production area. 955.4 Section 955.4 Agriculture Regulations of the Department of Agriculture (Continued) AGRICULTURAL MARKETING SERVICE (Marketing Agreements... Definitions § 955.4 Production area. Production area means that part of the State of Georgia enclosed by...

  20. Transport and mobility in protected areas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cirillo C


    Full Text Available Mobility is an essential feature of the social, economic and productive structure of any area, and become crucial for protected or high naturalistic value areas, where the transport system should have low environmental impact. Suitable tools aimed to avoid, reduce or counterbalance negative effects of transportation in protected areas are discussed.

  1. Broca's Area: Nomenclature, Anatomy, Typology and Asymmetry (United States)

    Keller, Simon S.; Crow, Timothy; Foundas, Anne; Amunts, Katrin; Roberts, Neil


    In this review, we (i) describe the nomenclature of Broca's area and show how the circumscribed definition of Broca's area is disassociated from Broca's aphasia, (ii) describe in detail how the gross anatomy of Broca's area varies between people, and how the definitions vary between studies, (iii) attempt to reconcile the findings of structural…

  2. 10 CFR 835.501 - Radiological areas. (United States)


    ... 10 Energy 4 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Radiological areas. 835.501 Section 835.501 Energy DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY OCCUPATIONAL RADIATION PROTECTION Entry Control Program § 835.501 Radiological areas. (a) Personnel entry control shall be maintained for each radiological area. (b) The degree of control shall...

  3. 30 CFR 57.8528 - Unventilated areas. (United States)


    ... 30 Mineral Resources 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Unventilated areas. 57.8528 Section 57.8528 Mineral Resources MINE SAFETY AND HEALTH ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF LABOR METAL AND NONMETAL MINE... Underground Only § 57.8528 Unventilated areas. Unventilated areas shall be sealed, or barricaded and...

  4. 33 CFR 401.50 - Anchorage areas. (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Anchorage areas. 401.50 Section... TRANSPORTATION SEAWAY REGULATIONS AND RULES Regulations Seaway Navigation § 401.50 Anchorage areas. Except in an... of the Seaway except in the following designated anchorage areas: (a) Point Fortier (Lake St....

  5. 14 CFR 139.307 - Unpaved areas. (United States)


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 3 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Unpaved areas. 139.307 Section 139.307... Operations § 139.307 Unpaved areas. (a) In a manner authorized by the Administrator, each certificate holder..., or loading ramp and parking area on the airport that is available for air carrier use as follows:...

  6. 33 CFR 211.81 - Reservoir areas. (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Reservoir areas. 211.81 Section... Lands in Reservoir Areas Under Jurisdiction of Department of the Army for Cottage Site Development and Use § 211.81 Reservoir areas. Delegations, rules and regulations in §§ 211.71 to 211.80 are...

  7. 9 CFR 78.42 - Quarantined areas. (United States)


    ... 9 Animals and Animal Products 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Quarantined areas. 78.42 Section 78.42 Animals and Animal Products ANIMAL AND PLANT HEALTH INSPECTION SERVICE, DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE... Brucellosis Areas § 78.42 Quarantined areas. None....

  8. 76 FR 68631 - Pay in Nonforeign Areas (United States)


    ..., 531, and 536 RIN 3206-AM43 Pay in Nonforeign Areas AGENCY: U.S. Office of Personnel Management. ACTION... certain pay administration rules dealing with employees in nonforeign areas outside the 48 contiguous... the revisions are necessary to address the effects of implementing the Non-Foreign Area...

  9. 46 CFR 197.535 - Regulated areas. (United States)


    ... 46 Shipping 7 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Regulated areas. 197.535 Section 197.535 Shipping COAST... GENERAL PROVISIONS Benzene § 197.535 Regulated areas. (a) Based on the employer's evaluation of the environmental monitoring, whenever the airborne concentration of benzene within an area exceeds or...

  10. 14 CFR 139.305 - Paved areas. (United States)


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 3 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Paved areas. 139.305 Section 139.305... Operations § 139.305 Paved areas. (a) In a manner authorized by the Administrator, each certificate holder... area on the airport that is available for air carrier use as follows: (1) The pavement edges must...

  11. 14 CFR 139.309 - Safety areas. (United States)


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 3 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Safety areas. 139.309 Section 139.309... Operations § 139.309 Safety areas. (a) In a manner authorized by the Administrator, each certificate holder... area of at least the dimensions that— (1) Existed on December 31, 1987, if the runway or taxiway had...

  12. 50 CFR 37.32 - Special areas. (United States)


    ... 50 Wildlife and Fisheries 6 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Special areas. 37.32 Section 37.32... NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE, ALASKA Environmental Protection § 37.32 Special areas. (a) Caribou calving and post-calving special areas. The Regional Director shall designate within the coastal plain...

  13. 10 CFR 835.602 - Controlled areas. (United States)


    ... 10 Energy 4 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Controlled areas. 835.602 Section 835.602 Energy DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY OCCUPATIONAL RADIATION PROTECTION Posting and Labeling § 835.602 Controlled areas. (a) Each access point to a controlled area (as defined at § 835.2) shall be posted whenever...

  14. 7 CFR 1980.405 - Rural areas. (United States)


    ... 7 Agriculture 14 2010-01-01 2009-01-01 true Rural areas. 1980.405 Section 1980.405 Agriculture... REGULATIONS (CONTINUED) GENERAL Business and Industrial Loan Program § 1980.405 Rural areas. The business financed with a B&I loan must be located in a rural area. Loans to borrowers with facilities located...

  15. 50 CFR 635.25 - Fishing areas. (United States)


    ... 50 Wildlife and Fisheries 8 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Fishing areas. 635.25 Section 635.25..., DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE ATLANTIC HIGHLY MIGRATORY SPECIES Management Measures § 635.25 Fishing areas. (a... implemented under this part only in or from those management areas for which the United States has received...

  16. 7 CFR 1735.71 - Nonrural areas. (United States)


    ... 7 Agriculture 11 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Nonrural areas. 1735.71 Section 1735.71 Agriculture... Funds § 1735.71 Nonrural areas. Loan funds may be approved for the acquisition and improvement of... located in and serving a nonrural area is necessary to serve as the nucleus of an expanded system...

  17. The area quantum and Snyder space

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Romero, Juan M. [Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Apartado Postal 70-543, Mexico 04510 DF (Mexico)], E-mail:; Zamora, Adolfo [Departamento de Matematicas Aplicadas y Sistemas, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana-Cuajimalpa, Mexico 01120 DF (Mexico)], E-mail:


    We show that in the Snyder space the area of the disc and of the sphere can be quantized. It is also shown that the area spectrum of the sphere can be related to the Bekenstein conjecture for the area spectrum of a black hole horizon.

  18. 78 FR 72028 - Special Regulations, Areas of the National Park System, Curecanti National Recreation Area... (United States)


    ... disabled or mobility impaired visitors to experience the recreation area. Motor vehicles have traditionally... (ORV) `` reas and trails shall be located in areas of the National Park system, Natural Areas,...


    Segerstrom, Kenneth; Weisner, R.C.


    On the basis of a mineral survey, most of the Laramie Peak Wilderness study area in Wyoming was concluded to have little promise for the occurrence of mineral or energy resources. Only three small areas in the northern part, one extending outside the study area to Esterbrook, were found to have probable mineral-resource potential for copper and lead. The geologic setting precludes the presence of fossil-fuel resources in the study area. There are no surface indications that geothermal energy could be developed within or near the study area.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available This paper wants to highlight the trends of tourist demanding from the touristic area Iron Gates. We will see that the future of tourism include new forms such as those caused by the increased interest in areas with agritourism attractions or areas and portions of parks and nature reserves, which will raise the attractiveness of Danube, putting in a new pole of attraction area. Thus, we conducted a research based on survey among visitors on the tourist area "Iron Gates". The main endpoint based on survey was highlighting the motivation that determined the choice of the tourist area "Iron Gates", but also knowledge of consumer satisfaction for the tourists to the visited area (tourist product studied. The main objectives were, of course, linked with socio - economic and demographic characteristics of tourists to form a clearer picture of the motivational factors involved.

  1. Area metric gravity and accelerating cosmology

    CERN Document Server

    Punzi, R; Wohlfarth, M N R; Punzi, Raffaele; Schuller, Frederic P.; Wohlfarth, Mattias N.R.


    Area metric manifolds emerge as effective classical backgrounds in quantum string theory and quantum gauge theory, and present a true generalization of metric geometry. Here, we consider area metric manifolds in their own right, and develop in detail the foundations of area metric differential geometry. Based on the construction of an area metric curvature scalar, which reduces in the metric-induced case to the Ricci scalar, we re-interpret the Einstein-Hilbert action as dynamics for an area metric spacetime. In contrast to modifications of general relativity based on metric geometry, no continuous deformation scale needs to be introduced; the extension to area geometry is purely structural and thus rigid. We present an intriguing prediction of area metric gravity: without dark energy or fine-tuning, the late universe exhibits a small acceleration.

  2. Artificial neural network for multifunctional areas. (United States)

    Riccioli, Francesco; El Asmar, Toufic; El Asmar, Jean-Pierre; Fagarazzi, Claudio; Casini, Leonardo


    The issues related to the appropriate planning of the territory are particularly pronounced in highly inhabited areas (urban areas), where in addition to protecting the environment, it is important to consider an anthropogenic (urban) development placed in the context of sustainable growth. This work aims at mathematically simulating the changes in the land use, by implementing an artificial neural network (ANN) model. More specifically, it will analyze how the increase of urban areas will develop and whether this development would impact on areas with particular socioeconomic and environmental value, defined as multifunctional areas. The simulation is applied to the Chianti Area, located in the province of Florence, in Italy. Chianti is an area with a unique landscape, and its territorial planning requires a careful examination of the territory in which it is inserted.


    Johnson, Bruce R.; Ellis, Clarence E.


    Mineral surveys were undertaken of a wilderness study area which includes most of the Sangre de Cristo Range of south-central Colorado. Four areas of probable mineral-resource potential for gold, silver, and base metals lie along a northwest structural trend which follows the western margin of the range north of the Great Sand Dunes National Monument and crosses the range south of the monument. An area of probable mineral-resource potential for similar minerals plus tungsten has been identified east of Blanca Peak at the extreme southern end of the study area. Another area of probable mineral-resource potential includes molybdenum mineralization associated with the Rito Alto stock. A small area of probable geothermal resource potential exists on the west side of the area around the Valley View Hot Springs. There is little promise for the occurrence of oil and gas resources.

  4. Overcoming the isolation of disadvantaged housing areas

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Stender, Marie; Bech-Danielsen, Claus

    Disadvantaged social housing areas in Denmark are currently subject to more thorough physical refurbishments, aiming to overcome the isolated character of the housing estates. The ambition is to attract new users and residents by opening up the borders of the area and establish attractive, new...... penthouse flats, new urban functions within the area or spectacular new public spaces near it. In this paper the social impact of such transformations are analysed and discussed based on case-studies in 3 Danish areas. The analysis shows that especially everyday-route strategies adding new public functions...... within the area can pave can the way for integration with the surroundings. The applicability of such strategies is however highly dependent on context, location and existing image. Social distance may sustain though physical borders are removed, yet, the negative image of the areas can in itself call...

  5. Nondestructive, stereological estimation of canopy surface area

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Wulfsohn, Dvora-Laio; Sciortino, Marco; Aaslyng, Jesper M.;


    We describe a stereological procedure to estimate the total leaf surface area of a plant canopy in vivo, and address the problem of how to predict the variance of the corresponding estimator. The procedure involves three nested systematic uniform random sampling stages: (i) selection of plants from...... is high. Using a grid intensity of 1.76 cm2/point we estimated plant and canopy surface areas with accuracies similar to or better than those obtained using image analysis and a commercial leaf area meter. For canopy surface areas of approximately 1 m2 (10 plants), the fractionator leaf approach...... a canopy using the smooth fractionator, (ii) sampling of leaves from the selected plants using the fractionator, and (iii) area estimation of the sampled leaves using point counting. We apply this procedure to estimate the total area of a chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum morifolium L.) canopy and evaluate both...

  6. Palatal Surface Area of Maxillary Plaster Casts

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Darvann, Tron Andre; Hermann, Nuno V.; Ersbøll, Bjarne Kjær;


    -dimensional measurements of selected linear distances, curve lengths, and (surface) areas were carried out on maxillary plaster casts from individuals with unilateral or bilateral cleft lip and palate. The relationship between two-dimensional and three-dimensional measurements was investigated using linear regression....... Results and Conclusions: Error sources in the measurement of three-dimensional palatal segment surface area from a two-dimensional photograph were identified as photographic distortion (2.7%), interobserver error (3.3%), variability in the orientation of the plaster cast (3.2%), and natural shape...... variation (4.6%). The total error of determining the cleft area/palate surface area ratio was 15%. In population studies, the effect of using two-dimensional measurements is a decrease of discriminating power. In well-calibrated setups, a two-dimensional measurement of the cleft area/palate surface area...

  7. Body Surface Area Prediction in Odorrana grahami

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Guiying CHEN; Jiongyu LIU; Qiang DAI; Jianping JIANG


    Body surface area (BSA) was regarded as a more readily quantiifable parameter relative to body mass in the normalization of comparative biochemistry and physiology. The BSA prediction has attracted unceasing research back more than a century on animals, especially on humans and rats. Few studies in this area for anurans were reported, and the equation for body surface area (S) and body mass (W):S=9.9 W 0.56, which was concluded from toads of four species in 1969, was generally adopted to estimate the body surface areas for anurans until recent years. However, this equation was not applicable to Odorrana grahami. The relationship between body surface area and body mass for this species was established as:S=15.4 W 0.579. Our current results suggest estimation equations should be used cautiously across different species and body surface area predictions on more species need to be conducted.

  8. Estimation of surface area and surface area measure of three-dimensional sets from digitizations

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ziegel, Johanna; Kiderlen, Markus


    A local method for estimating surface area and surface area measure of three-dimensional objects from discrete binary images is presented. A weight is assigned to each 2 × 2 × 2 configuration of voxels and the total surface area of an object is given by summation of the local area contributions. ...


    Weir, Gordon W.; Lane, Michael


    Geologic mapping, geochemical sampling, and a search for prospects and mineralized rock in the Box-Death Hollow Roadless Area, Utah indicate that there is little promise for the occurrence of mineral or energy resources in the area. Additional exploratory drilling by industry seems warranted if wells elsewhere in the region find oil or gas in strata as yet untested in the Box-Death Hollow Roadless Area.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Angela BOTEZATU


    Full Text Available Local boarding houses tourism has found its best expression represented by tourist areas, because the natural landscapes and authentic rural customs already exist and thrive. Rural tourism and tourism business initiation at the hostel comes with solutions for rural development. Moreover, the rural areas represent about 92% of the total area of the country. In this context, the author comes to treat the aspects of tourism activities in rural areas in this article, focusing on practical research in the field. There are described pensions performance factors, complexity of administrator's functions from pension, the importance of cooperation and the networking in the field and examples of good practice.

  11. EPA Region 1 Environmentally Sensitive Areas (Points) (United States)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — This coverage represents point equivalents of environmentally sensitive areas in EPA New England. This coverage represents polygon equivalents of environmentally...

  12. Drainage area data for Alabama streams (United States)

    Stallings, J.S.; Peirce, L.B.


    The drainage area of a river basin is an important parameter in many engineering equations used for hydrologic design. It is not a parameter, however, that always requires precise measurement. Factors in the hydrologic cycle such as rainfall, runoff, transpiration, and infiltration cannot be measured nearly as closely as drainage area. Largely for this reason, drainage areas are often measured to varying degrees of precision depending upon the immediate need, with little thought to some other use or some other user of the figure obtained. It can readily be appreciated that this practice, continued for long by many different agencies, will result in a heterogeneous collection of drainage area figures, often discordant and of an accuracy unknown to any but those who computed them. Figures of drainage area published by various Federal agencies are frequently discrepant or contradictory, giving rise to confusion in the use of drainage area data. Seeking to better this situation, the Federal Inter-Agency River Basin Committee (FIARBC) in November 1951 published its Bulletin No. 4, Inter-Agency Coordination of Drainage Area Data. That Bulletin recommended procedures to be followed by the interested Federal agencies “for coordinating drainage area data in the interest of promoting uniformity, reducing confusion and contradiction of published figures, and improving the ready availability of drainage area data pertaining to drainage basins of the United States and its possessions.”

  13. Estimation of Poverty in Small Areas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Agne Bikauskaite


    Full Text Available A qualitative techniques of poverty estimation is needed to better implement, monitor and determine national areas where support is most required. The problem of small area estimation (SAE is the production of reliable estimates in areas with small samples. The precision of estimates in strata deteriorates (i.e. the precision decreases when the standard deviation increases, if the sample size is smaller. In these cases traditional direct estimators may be not precise and therefore pointless. Currently there are many indirect methods for SAE. The purpose of this paper is to analyze several diff erent types of techniques which produce small area estimates of poverty.

  14. Radiation-dominated area metric cosmology

    CERN Document Server

    Schuller, Frederic P


    We provide further crucial support for a refined, area metric structure of spacetime. Based on the solution of conceptual issues, such as the consistent coupling of fermions and the covariant identification of radiation fields on area metric backgrounds, we show that the radiation-dominated epoch of area metric cosmology is equivalent to that epoch in standard Einstein cosmology. This ensures, in particular, successful nucleosynthesis. This surprising result complements the previously derived prediction of a small late-time acceleration of an area metric universe.

  15. Area Regge calculus and continuum limit

    CERN Document Server

    Khatsymovsky, V M


    Encountered in the literature generalisations of general relativity to independent area variables are considered, the discrete (generalised Regge calculus) and continuum ones. The generalised Regge calculus can be either with purely area variables or, as we suggest, with area tensor-connection variables. Just for the latter, in particular, we prove that in analogy with corresponding statement in ordinary Regge calculus (by Feinberg, Friedberg, Lee and Ren), passing to the (appropriately defined) continuum limit yields the generalised continuum area tensor-connection general relativity.

  16. Affective dimensions of urban crime areas : towards the psycho-geography of urban problem areas



    Traditional studies of crime areas within cities by geographers focus on the spatial variations in the incidence of crime, as well as the social deprivation and social disorganization of these areas. Although these social content and behavioural features are often highly correlated with crime areas. it is argued that analytical studies of crime areas need to be extended to deal with the feelings and attitudes of people in these areas.Ten separate dimensions of the affecti...

  17. 77 FR 43567 - Medical Area Body Network (United States)


    ... Rulemaking Proceedings, 63 FR 24121 (1998). Electronic Filers: Comments may be filed electronically using the... COMMISSION 47 CFR Parts 2 and 95 Medical Area Body Network AGENCY: Federal Communications Commission. ACTION... Medical Body Area Network (``MBAN'') coordinator(s) for the 2360-2390 MHz band. Although the ]...

  18. 7 CFR 650.23 - Natural areas. (United States)


    ... Interpreting Soil Surveys, USDA-NRCS Agricultural Handbook 436. Forest Cover Types of North America Exclusive... as a natural area and manage it accordingly. Several professional societies concerned with renewable... maintained for a variety of purposes including: (i) Furthering science and education. Natural areas...

  19. ISABELLE. Volume 3. Experimental areas, large detectors

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    This section presents the papers which resulted from work in the Experimental Areas portion of the Workshop. The immediate task of the group was to address three topics. The topics were dictated by the present state of ISABELLE experimental areas construction, the possibility of a phased ISABELLE and trends in physics and detectors.

  20. Estimation of leaf area in tropical maize

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Elings, A.


    Leaf area development of six tropical maize cultivars grown in 1995 and 1996 in several tropical environments in Mexico (both favourable and moisture-and N-limited) was observed and analysed. First, the validity of a bell-shaped curve describing the area of individual leaves as a function of leaf nu