Sample records for auxin-mediated initial thickening

  1. High temperature promotes auxin-mediated hypocotyl elongation in Arabidopsis


    Gray, William M; Östin, Anders; Sandberg, Göran; Romano, Charles P.; Estelle, Mark


    Physiological studies with excised stem segments have implicated the plant hormone indole-3-acetic acid (IAA or auxin) in the regulation of cell elongation. Supporting evidence from intact plants has been somewhat more difficult to obtain, however. Here, we report the identification and characterization of an auxin-mediated cell elongation growth response in Arabidopsis thaliana. When grown in the light at high temperature (29°C), Arabidopsis seedlings exhibit dramatic hypocotyl elongation co...

  2. Tibetan garnet records early Eocene initiation of thickening in the Himalaya

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Smit, Matthijs Arjen; Hacker, Bradley; Lee, Jeffrey


    Tectonic reconstructions of the Himalayan orogeny depend on the age at which crustal thickening commenced. To investigate this age, we analyzed garnet from middle crustal rocks exposed in the north Himalayan Mabja and Kangmar gneiss domes of Tibet using Lu-Hf geochronology. Garnet yielded Lu-Hf a...

  3. NCP1/AtMOB1A Plays Key Roles in Auxin-Mediated Arabidopsis Development. (United States)

    Cui, Xiaona; Guo, Zhiai; Song, Lizhen; Wang, Yanli; Cheng, Youfa


    MOB1 protein is a core component of the Hippo signaling pathway in animals where it is involved in controlling tissue growth and tumor suppression. Plant MOB1 proteins display high sequence homology to animal MOB1 proteins, but little is known regarding their role in plant growth and development. Herein we report the critical roles of Arabidopsis MOB1 (AtMOB1A) in auxin-mediated development in Arabidopsis. We found that loss-of-function mutations in AtMOB1A completely eliminated the formation of cotyledons when combined with mutations in PINOID (PID), which encodes a Ser/Thr protein kinase that participates in auxin signaling and transport. We showed that atmob1a was fully rescued by its Drosophila counterpart, suggesting functional conservation. The atmob1a pid double mutants phenocopied several well-characterized mutant combinations that are defective in auxin biosynthesis or transport. Moreover, we demonstrated that atmob1a greatly enhanced several other known auxin mutants, suggesting that AtMOB1A plays a key role in auxin-mediated plant development. The atmob1a single mutant displayed defects in early embryogenesis and had shorter root and smaller flowers than wild type plants. AtMOB1A is uniformly expressed in embryos and suspensor cells during embryogenesis, consistent with its role in embryo development. AtMOB1A protein is localized to nucleus, cytoplasm, and associated to plasma membrane, suggesting that it plays roles in these subcellular localizations. Furthermore, we showed that disruption of AtMOB1A led to a reduced sensitivity to exogenous auxin. Our results demonstrated that AtMOB1A plays an important role in Arabidopsis development by promoting auxin signaling.

  4. The auxin-resistant diageotropica mutant of tomato responds to gravity via an auxin-mediated pathway (United States)

    Rice, M. S.; Lomax, T. L.


    Hypocotyls of the diageotropica (dgt) mutant of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) do not elongate in response to exogenous auxin, but can respond to gravity. This appears paradoxical in light of the Cholodny-Went hypothesis, which states that shoot gravicurvature results from asymmetric stimulation of elongation by auxin. While light-grown dgt seedlings can achieve correct gravitropic reorientation, the response is slow compared to wild-type seedlings. The sensitivity of dgt seedlings to inhibition of gravicurvature by immersion in auxin or auxin-transport inhibitors is similar to that of wild-type plants, indicating that both an auxin gradient and auxin transport are required for the gravitropic response and that auxin uptake, efflux, and at least one auxin receptor are functional in dgt. Furthermore, dgt gravicurvature is the result of asymmetrically increased elongation as would be expected for an auxin-mediated response. Our results suggest differences between elongation in response to exogenous auxin (absent in dgt) and elongation in response to gravistimulation (present but attenuated in dgt) and confirm the presence of two phases during the gravitropic response, both of which are dependent on functional auxin transport.

  5. Obstructed Thickenings and Supermanifolds

    CERN Document Server

    Bettadapura, Kowshik


    Associated to any supermanifold is a filtration by spaces, referred to as thickenings. It is the objective of this paper to study them up to a certain equivalence and then up to isomorphism in the complex-analytic setting. We study them both in the presence and absence of a complex supermanifold and will be guided by the goal to clarify and address the question: when does a given thickening come from a supermanifold? Such a question was, in principle, first studied by Eastwood and LeBrun. In this paper we begin with a pedagogical account of their study, after which we further develop the theory of thickenings in the context of supergeometry. Our intent will be in recovering results reminiscent of those one finds in studies on deformation theory. As a complement to our study here, we comment on the moduli problem for complex supermanifolds and consider the analogous problem for thickenings. Finally, we conclude with some illustrations of obstructed thickenings on the complex projective plane.

  6. Preparation of Associative Polyurethane Thickener and Its Thickening Mechanism Research

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gao Nan


    Full Text Available Associative polyurethane (PU thickener has been synthesized by preparing the prepolymer with the reaction of polyethylene glycol (PEG and isophorone diisocyanate (IPDI, which then end-capping with long-chain alkanol. The synthesis process, as well as hydrophilic chain length, theoretical molecular weight, solvent ratio, and thickener percentages, has been researched. The results shows that it reaches the upmost thickening effect when the theoretical molecular weight is under 20000, soft-segment length is under 4000, solvent ratio is 1 : 1, and thickener percentages are controlled at 10%. Furthermore, thickening mechanism of PU thickener has been analyzed detailedly through the measurement of the critical micelle concentration (CMC of PU thickener and analysis of the influence of PU thickener on the particle size and morphology of PU dispersions. It has been observed from the scanning electron microscopy (SEM that the PU aqueous dispersions produce a certain degree of flocculation when the PU thickener was added, and this flocculation structure has been proved to be a thixotropic structure through the characterization of the change of particle size before and after the thickener is introduced into the PU aqueous dispersions. The CMC measurement results present that the thickening effect will be apparent when the concentration is controlled in a low range.

  7. The Arabidopsis bZIP11 transcription factor links low-energy signalling to auxin-mediated control of primary root growth. (United States)

    Weiste, Christoph; Pedrotti, Lorenzo; Selvanayagam, Jebasingh; Muralidhara, Prathibha; Fröschel, Christian; Novák, Ondřej; Ljung, Karin; Hanson, Johannes; Dröge-Laser, Wolfgang


    Plants have to tightly control their energy homeostasis to ensure survival and fitness under constantly changing environmental conditions. Thus, it is stringently required that energy-consuming stress-adaptation and growth-related processes are dynamically tuned according to the prevailing energy availability. The evolutionary conserved SUCROSE NON-FERMENTING1 RELATED KINASES1 (SnRK1) and the downstream group C/S1 basic leucine zipper (bZIP) transcription factors (TFs) are well-characterised central players in plants' low-energy management. Nevertheless, mechanistic insights into plant growth control under energy deprived conditions remains largely elusive. In this work, we disclose the novel function of the low-energy activated group S1 bZIP11-related TFs as regulators of auxin-mediated primary root growth. Whereas transgenic gain-of-function approaches of these bZIPs interfere with the activity of the root apical meristem and result in root growth repression, root growth of loss-of-function plants show a pronounced insensitivity to low-energy conditions. Based on ensuing molecular and biochemical analyses, we propose a mechanistic model, in which bZIP11-related TFs gain control over the root meristem by directly activating IAA3/SHY2 transcription. IAA3/SHY2 is a pivotal negative regulator of root growth, which has been demonstrated to efficiently repress transcription of major auxin transport facilitators of the PIN-FORMED (PIN) gene family, thereby restricting polar auxin transport to the root tip and in consequence auxin-driven primary root growth. Taken together, our results disclose the central low-energy activated SnRK1-C/S1-bZIP signalling module as gateway to integrate information on the plant's energy status into root meristem control, thereby balancing plant growth and cellular energy resources.

  8. Thickening agents used for dysphagia management: effect on bioavailability of water, medication and feelings of satiety


    Cichero, Julie AY


    Dysphagia is the medical term for difficulty swallowing. Thickened liquids are often used in the management of dysphagia to improve bolus control and to help prevent aspiration. A range of starches and gums has historically been used to thicken liquids. Although thickened liquids improve swallow safety, they appear to have a great potential for unintended physiological consequences. Initial concerns were raised about the impact of thickeners on water binding due to the high prevalence of dehy...


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Robert M. Enick; Eric J. Beckman; Andrew Hamilton


    capability also decreased, apparently due to the increased number of non-viscosity enhancing intramolecular interactions between the aromatic groups. The high price, environmental persistence, and lack of availability of bulk amounts of the fluoroacrylate monomer guided our final efforts of this work (and all of our efforts in its continuation) toward the development of inexpensive non-fluorous compounds. We have therefore initiated the design highly CO{sub 2} soluble polymers that can replace the fluoroacrylate. These hydrocarbon-based CO{sub 2}-philic compounds will then be incorporated into the structure of a compound that contains CO{sub 2}-phobic associating groups, yielding a commercial thickener.

  10. Thickening and rheological properties of slurries as functions of the oxidized nickel ore composition (United States)

    Serova, N. V.; Olyunina, T. V.; Lysykh, M. P.; Ermishkin, V. A.; Smirnova, V. B.


    The thickening and rheological properties of ore slurries and pulps after autoclave sulfuric acid leaching are analyzed as a function of the phase composition of oxidized nickel ore. Experiments have been carried out with samples of ferrous, silicate and combined ores. The initial concentration of the ore slurries is ˜28%. Higher values of thickening properties (thickening rate of 1.3 m/day, thickened layer concentration of 54%) are exhibited by the ferrous ore slurry and the pulp after its leaching (thickening rate of 0.9 m/day, thickened layer concentration of 42%). The thickening rate of silicate ore slurry is 0.15-0.2 m/day, the thickened layer concentration is 40-45%. The thickening properties of the pulp after autoclave sulfuric acid leaching of silicate ore strongly depend on the consumption of sulfuric acid. The thickening properties of combined ore and pulps after its leaching deteriorate with increase in the content of silicon dioxide in the ore. In terms of the rheological properties, all slurries are pseudoplastic systems. Poorly thickening slurries are characterized by a high dynamic yield stress (up to 7 Pa) and apparent plastic and effective viscosities. The effective viscosity at the equivalent shear rate corresponding to the mixer rotation rate in laboratory autoclave reaches 34 × 10-3 Pa s. Boundary values are determined in rheological constants with regard to the thickening properties. For instance, if the dynamic yield point is 1.0 Pa, the thickening rate decreases from 0.075 m/day to zero. The thickening and rheological properties are found to depend on the particle size of solid phase and its surface properties.

  11. Viscosity Index Improvers and Thickeners (United States)

    Stambaugh, R. L.; Kinker, B. G.

    The viscosity index of an oil or an oil formulation is an important physical parameter. Viscosity index improvers, VIIs, are comprised of five main classes of polymers: polymethylmethacrylates (PMAs), olefin copolymers (OCPs), hydrogenated poly(styrene-co-butadiene or isoprene) (HSD/SIP/HRIs), esterified polystyrene-co-maleic anhydride (SPEs) and a combination of PMA/OCP systems. The chemistry, manufacture, dispersancy and utility of each class are described. The comparative functions, properties, thickening ability, dispersancy and degradation of VIIs are discussed. Permanent and temporary shear thinning of VII-thickened formulations are described and compared. The end-use performance and choice of VI improvers is discussed in terms of low- and high-temperature viscosities, journal bearing oil film thickness, fuel economy, oil consumption, high-temperature pumping efficiency and deposit control. Discussion of future developments concludes that VI improvers will evolve to meet new challenges of increased thermal-oxidative degradation from increased engine operating temperatures, different base stocks of either synthetic base oils or vegetable oil-based, together with alcohol- or vegetable oil-based fuels. VI improvers must also evolve to deal with higher levels of fuel dilution and new types of sludge and also enhanced low-temperature requirements.

  12. Experimental observation of shear thickening oscillation

    CERN Document Server

    Nagahiro, Shin-ichiro; Mitarai, Namiko


    We report experimental observation of the shear thickening oscillation, i.e. the spontaneous macroscopic oscillation in the shear flow of severe shear thickening fluid. The shear thickening oscillation is caused by the interplay between the fluid dynamics and the shear thickening, and has been predicted theoretically by the present authors using a phenomenological fluid dynamics model for the dilatant fluid, but never been reported experimentally. Using a density-matched starch-water mixture, in the cylindrical shear flow of a few centimeters flow width, we observed strong vibrations of the frequency around 20 Hz, which is consistent with our theoretical prediction.

  13. Active Control of Shear Thickening in Suspensions

    CERN Document Server

    Lin, Neil Y C; Cates, Michael E; Sun, Jin; Cohen, Itai


    Shear thickening, an increase of viscosity with shear rate, is a ubiquitous phenomena in suspended materials that has implications for broad technological applications. Controlling this thickening behavior remains a major challenge and has led to empirical strategies ranging from altering the particle surfaces and shape to modifying the solvent properties. However, none of these methods allow for active control of flow properties during shear itself. Here, we demonstrate that by strategic imposition of a high-frequency and low-amplitude shear perturbation orthogonal to the primary shearing flow, we can largely eradicate shear thickening. The orthogonal shear effectively becomes a regulator for controlling thickening in the suspension, allowing the viscosity to be reduced by up to two decades on demand. In a separate setup, we show that such effects can be induced by simply agitating the sample transversely to the primary shear direction. Overall, the ability of in situ manipulation of shear thickening paves a...

  14. Improve clarifier and thickener design and operation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Christian, J.B.


    Clarifiers and thickeners are separation devices, common in waste treatment as well as in other chemical operations. These devices separate two phases by differences in their density. Clarifiers and thickeners are essentially identical units; a clarifier produces clean water, while a thickener concentrates a solids slurry as the desired product. A design method for thickeners and clarifiers known as the batch flux curve technique was developed over 20 years ago, but still is not well-known in design and operating circles. An informal survey of major clarifier and thickener manufacturers found that none of the firms surveyed use this method for sizing and maximizing operating conditions. Here, the authors will show the benefits of using this technique, while illustrating it with an example from an actual plant design. The theory and applications will also be covered.

  15. Bioinformatic cis-element analyses performed in Arabidopsis and rice disclose bZIP- and MYB-related binding sites as potential AuxRE-coupling elements in auxin-mediated transcription

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Berendzen Kenneth W


    Full Text Available Abstract Background In higher plants, a diverse array of developmental and growth-related processes is regulated by the plant hormone auxin. Recent publications have proposed that besides the well-characterized Auxin Response Factors (ARFs that bind Auxin Response Elements (AuxREs, also members of the bZIP- and MYB-transcription factor (TF families participate in transcriptional control of auxin-regulated genes via bZIP Response Elements (ZREs or Myb Response Elements (MREs, respectively. Results Applying a novel bioinformatic algorithm, we demonstrate on a genome-wide scale that singular motifs or composite modules of AuxREs, ZREs, MREs but also of MYC2 related elements are significantly enriched in promoters of auxin-inducible genes. Despite considerable, species-specific differences in the genome structure in terms of the GC content, this enrichment is generally conserved in dicot (Arabidopsis thaliana and monocot (Oryza sativa model plants. Moreover, an enrichment of defined composite modules has been observed in selected auxin-related gene families. Consistently, a bipartite module, which encompasses a bZIP-associated G-box Related Element (GRE and an AuxRE motif, has been found to be highly enriched. Making use of transient reporter studies in protoplasts, these findings were experimentally confirmed, demonstrating that GREs functionally interact with AuxREs in regulating auxin-mediated transcription. Conclusions Using genome-wide bioinformatic analyses, evolutionary conserved motifs have been defined which potentially function as AuxRE-dependent coupling elements to establish auxin-specific expression patterns. Based on these findings, experimental approaches can be designed to broaden our understanding of combinatorial, auxin-controlled gene regulation.

  16. Tunable shear thickening: from understanding suspension thickening to controlling viscosity on the fly (United States)

    Cohen, Itai; Lin, Neil; Ness, Chris; Sun, Jin; Cates, Mike; Guy, Ben; Hermes, Michiel; Poon, Wilson


    Whether contact forces play a role in shear thickening of colloidal systems where hydrodynamic contributions are thought to dominate remains highly controversial. By performing shear reversal experiments on silica and latex colloidal particles, we directly measure the hydrodynamic and contact force contributions to the suspension viscosity. We find that contact forces are not only present, but dominate the shear thickening response. More importantly, this finding directly suggests a strategy for active controlling the thickening viscosities of dense suspensions. We demonstrate that by strategic imposition of a high-frequency and low-amplitude shear perturbation orthogonal to the primary shearing flow, we can largely eradicate thickening. The orthogonal shear effectively becomes a regulator for controlling thickening in the suspension, allowing the viscosity to be reduced by up to two decades on demand.

  17. Color doppler sonography in thickened gallbladder wall

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Han, Sang Suk; Choi, Seok Jin; Seo, Chang Hae; Eun, Choong Ki [Inje Univ. College of Medicine, Kimhae (Korea, Republic of)


    The thickening of the gallbladder wall is a valuable finding for the diagnosis of cholecystitis, but may be seen in non-cholecystic disease as well as in acute or chronic cholecystitis. The purpose of this study is to determine the value of color Doppler sonography in differentiating the causes of thickened gallbladder wall. Ninety eight patients with thickened gallbladder wall(more than 3mm) which was not due to gallbladder cancer were prospectively evaluated with color Doppler sonography. Sixty-six cases, confirmed by pathologic reports and clinical records, were analyzed for correlation between thickened gallbladder wall and color flow signal according to the underlying causes. Of the 66 patients, 28 cases were cholecystitis and 38 cases had non-cholecystic causes such as liver cirrhosis, ascites, hepatitis, pancreatitis, renal failure, and hypoalbuminemia. Of the 28 patients with cholecystitis(12 acute, 16 chronic), 23(82%) had color Doppler flow signals in the thickened gallbladder wall. Of the 38 patients with non-cholecystic causes, eight(21%) had color Doppler flow signals. There was a statistically significant difference of color Doppler flow signals between the cholecystitis and non-cholecystic groups(p=0.0001). No significant difference of color Doppler flow signals was found between cases of acute and chronic cholecystitis. Of the 23 patients with color Doppler flow signals in 28 cases of cholecystitis, 18(78.3%) showed a linear pattern and five(21.7%) showed a spotty pattern. Of the eight patients with color Doppler flow signals in the 38 non-cholecystic cases, four(50%) showed a linear pattern and four(50%) showed a spotty pattern. In cholecystitis, a linear color Doppler flow signal pattern is a much more frequent finding than a spotty pattern. Color Doppler sonography is a useful and adequate method for determining whether a thickened gallbladder wall is the result of cholecystitis or has non-cholecystic causes.

  18. Drop impact of shear thickening liquids

    CERN Document Server

    Boyer, Francois; Dijksman, J Frits; Lohse, Detlef


    The impact of drops of concentrated non-Brownian suspensions (cornstarch and polystyrene spheres) onto a solid surface is investigated experimentally. The spreading dynamics and maxi- mal deformation of the droplet of such shear thickening liquids are found to be markedly different from the impact of Newtonian drops. A particularly striking observation is that the maximal de- formation is independent of the drop velocity and that the deformation suddenly stops during the impact phase. Both observations are due to the shear-thickening rheology of the suspensions, as is theoretically explained from a balance between the kinetic energy and the viscously-dissipated en- ergy, from which we establish a scaling relation between drop maximal deformation and rheological parameters of concentrated suspensions.

  19. Dynamics of Discontinuous Shear Thickening suspensions (United States)

    Brown, Eric


    Concentrated suspensions of hard particles such as cornstarch in water exhibit Discontinuous Shear Thickening, in which an increasing shear rate drives a transition from liquid- to solid-like mechanical behavior. In steady-state shear this phenomena is a result of a dynamic version of jamming in which forces are transmitted along particle contact networks that span to system boundaries and repeatedly form and break up. Several dynamic phenomena observed in such suspensions have long been assumed to be a consequence of this shear thickening, but cannot be explained as a direct result of shear thickening; for example a uniquely strong impact response which allows a person to run on the fluid surface. We perform experiments in which a concentrated suspension is subjected to transient impact. We find that the strong impact response is due a short-lived jammed contact network spanning to the boundaries and a delay time required for this dynamically jammed region to propagate to the boundary. The resulting ability of this system-spanning solid-like region to support loads can explain the ability of a person to run on the surface of these fluids. This delay before a solid-like response may also explain several other dynamic phenomena observed in these fluids.

  20. Smoking Thickens Heart Wall, Leading to Heart Failure: Study (United States)

    ... page: Smoking Thickens Heart Wall, Leading to Heart Failure: Study ... 13, 2016 TUESDAY, Sept. 13, 2016 (HealthDay News) -- Smoking leads to heart failure by causing thickened heart ...

  1. Morphometric Analysis of Auxin-Mediated Development (United States)

    Lewis, Daniel

    Auxin controls many aspects of plant development through its effects on growth. Its distribution is controlled by specific tissue and organ level polar transport streams. The responses to environmental cues such as gravity light, nutrient availability are largely controlled by coordinated regulation of distinct auxin transport streams. Many plant responses to the environment involve changes in shape. Much can be learned about the underlying processes controlling plant form if the response is measured with sufficient resolution. Computer-aided analysis of digital images or 'machine vision' can be used to greatly increase the speed and consistency of data from a morphometric study of plant form. Advances in image acquisition and analysis pioneered at UW-Madison have allowed unprecedented resolution of the growth and gravitropism of Arabidopsis. A reverse genetic analysis was used to determine if the MDR-like ABC transporters influence auxin distribution important for plant development and the response to environmental cues in Arabidopsis. Mutations in MDR1 (At3g28860) reduce acropetal auxin transport in the root. This is correlated with deviation from the vertical axis. Mutations in MDR4 (At2g47000) reduce basipetal auxin transport in the root. This is correlated with hypergravitropism. It was theorized that reduced transport whithin the elongation zone is responsible for the increased curvature. Flavanols were found to regulate gravitropism upstream of MDR4. The mdr1 mdr4 double mutant showed additive but not synergistic phenotypes, suggesting that the two auxin transport streams are more independent than interdependent. MDR proteins seem to enhance auxin transport in situations where PIN-type effux alone is insufficient.

  2. Lithospheric cooling and thickening as a basin forming mechanism (United States)

    Holt, Peter J.; Allen, Mark B.; van Hunen, Jeroen; Bjørnseth, Hans Morten


    Widely accepted basin forming mechanisms are limited to flexure of the lithosphere, and lithospheric stretching followed by cooling and thermal subsidence. Neither of these mechanisms works for a group of large basins, sometimes known as "intracontinental sags". In this paper we investigate cooling and thickening of initially thin lithosphere as a basin forming mechanism, by a combination of forward modelling and a backstripping study of two Palaeozoic North African basins: Ghadames and Al Kufrah. These are two of a family of basins, once unified, which lie over the largely accretionary crust of North Africa and Arabia. Such accretionary crust tends to be juvenile, consisting of amalgamated island arcs, accretionary prisms and melanges, and typically has near-normal crustal thicknesses but initially thin mantle lithosphere. Post-accretion subsidence is modelled using a plate cooling model similar to cooling models for oceanic lithosphere. The crustal composition and thickness used in the models are varied around average values of accretionary crust to represent likely heterogeneity. The model allows the lithosphere to thicken as it cools and calculates the resulting isostatic subsidence. Water-loaded tectonic subsidence curves from these forward models are compared to tectonic subsidence curves produced from backstripped wells from Al Kufrah and Ghadames Basins. A good match between the subsidence curves for the forward model and backstripping is produced when the best estimates for the crustal structure, composition and the present day thickness of the lithosphere for North Africa are used as inputs for the forward model. The model produces sediment loaded basins of 2-7 km thickness for the various crustal assemblies over ~ 250 Myr. This shows that lithospheric cooling provides a viable method for producing large basins with prolonged subsidence, without the need for initial extension, provided the condition of initially thin mantle lithosphere is met.

  3. Thickener/Fluid Interaction in Lubricating Greases (United States)


    Rater Sodium, Organic Dye 17 Mineral Sodium 18 Ester Microgel MIL-0-23827 19 Mineral Calcium 20 Mineral Calcium 21 Mineral Ca/Li 22 Mineral Ca/Li 23...flOD-G-24508 39 Mineral Sodium or Calcium VV-G-632A 40 Mineral Microgel MIL-G-24139 41 PAO Clay (Moly) MIL-81 827 42 Mineral Calcium MIL-G-25537 43...samples, and Figure 20 repre- sents the two microgel thickeners. It is difficult to comment on these structures since the composition of the microgel is

  4. Synthesis and Evaluation of CO2 Thickeners Designed with Molecular Modeling

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Robert Enick; Erick Beckman; J. Karl Johnson


    The objective of this research was to use molecular modeling techniques, coupled with our prior experimental results, to design, synthesize and evaluate inexpensive, non-fluorous carbon dioxide thickening agents. The first type of thickener that was considered was associating polymers. Typically, these thickeners are copolymers that contain a highly CO{sub 2}-philic monomer, and a small concentration of a CO{sub 2}-phobic associating monomer. Yale University was solely responsible for the synthesis of a second type of thickener; small, hydrogen bonding compounds. These molecules have a core that contains one or more hydrogen-bonding groups, such as urea or amide groups. Non-fluorous, CO{sub 2}-philic functional groups were attached to the hydrogen bonding core of the compound to impart CO{sub 2} stability and macromolecular stability to the linear 'stack' of these compounds. The third type of compound initially considered for this investigation was CO{sub 2}-soluble surfactants. These surfactants contain conventional ionic head groups and composed of CO{sub 2}-philic oligomers (short polymers) or small compounds (sugar acetates) previously identified by our research team. Mobility reduction could occur as these surfactant solutions contacted reservoir brine and formed mobility control foams in-situ. The vast majority of the work conducted in this study was devoted to the copolymeric thickeners and the small hydrogen-bonding thickeners; these thickeners were intended to dissolve completely in CO{sub 2} and increase the fluid viscosity. A small but important amount of work was done establishing the groundwork for CO{sub 2}-soluble surfactants that reduced mobility by generating foams in-situ as the CO{sub 2}+surfactant solution mixed with in-situ brine.

  5. Effect of Thickener Type on the Rheological Properties of Hot Thickened Soups Suitable for Elderly People with Swallowing Difficulty (United States)

    Kim, Sung-Gun; Yoo, Whachun; Yoo, Byoungseung


    Flow and dynamic rheological properties of hot thickened soups for consumption by the elderly people with swallowing difficulty (dysphagia) were investigated at a serving temperature of 60°C. In this study, sea mustard soup (SMS) and dried pollock soup (DPS), which have been widely known as favorable hot soups provided in a domestic hospitals and nursing homes for dysphagic patients, were thickened with four commercial xanthan gum (XG)-based food thickeners (coded A~D) marketed in Korea. Thickened soups prepared with different thickeners showed high shear-thinning flow behaviors (n=0.15~0.21). Apparent viscosity (ηa,50), consistency index (K), storage modulus (G′), and loss modulus (G″) demonstrated differences in rheological behaviors between the XG-based thickeners. The magnitudes of G′ were much higher than those of G″ over the entire range of frequency (ω) with the high dependence on ω, showing the rheological behavior similar to a weak gel. In general, all rheological parameter values of thickened DPS samples were higher when compared to the thickened SMS samples. These results indicate that flow and dynamic rheological properties of hot thickened soups containing commercial XG-based thickeners are strongly dependent on the type of thickener and soup. PMID:25580403

  6. Spiral thickenings in the axial Parenchyma of Chrysobalanaceae

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Welle, ter B.J.H.


    Spiral thickenings in the axial parenchyma, seldom recorded in the secondary xylem of the dicotyledons so far, are described for a number of genera and/or species of Chrysobalanaceae. In 66 out of 99 samples investigated, representing most genera of the Chrysobalanaceae, spiral thickenings proved to

  7. Non-traumatic Thickening of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Oh, Hyun Jun; Park, Jin Gyoon; Song, Sang Gook [Chonnam National University Hospital, Gwangju (Korea, Republic of)


    To describe the magnetic resonance (MR) imaging findings of non-traumatic thickening of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and to evaluate the associated lesions. Between January 2003 and August 2005, 44 knees of 44 patients who had thickened ACLs on MR images and had no history of knee trauma were analyzed retrospectively. The normal thickness of the ACL was measured on axial T2-weighted images of 40 healthy adult knees. The MR imaging findings of the thickened ACLs and associated lesions were analyzed. In 40 cases of healthy knees, the thickness of the proximal ACL was 3-6 mm. In 44 cases of non-traumatic thickening of the ACL, the thickness of the proximal ACL was 8-14 mm. There was an increased signal intensity and ill-defined border in all cases of thickened ACLs, linear low-signal intensity fibers parallel to the long axis of the thickened ACL (celery stalk appearance) in 24 cases, and entrapment in 10 cases. With respect to associated lesions, there was osteoarthritis in 40 cases, meniscal tears in 42 cases, and degeneration of the posterior cruciate ligament in 7 cases. Non-traumatic thickening of the ACL was associated with osteoarthritis and meniscal tears in almost all cases and showed increased signal intensity and ill-defined borders simulating acute ligamentous tears

  8. Review on development and their basic design of thickeners

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    ZHANG Zhao-xi


    Based on the research discovery,it is obvious that sedimentation process undertakes an important role in both domestic application and industrial production procedure. And thickener is a typical equipment of this process. It has been applied in several aspects such as water treatment,chemical industry,pharmaceutical industry and mineral industry etc.This paper reviews the relevant literature and the different types and basic operation methods of thickeners. Moreover, the representative calculation methods which involve the design and selection of suitable thickener will be discussed.

  9. Negative pressure in shear thickening band of a dilatant fluid

    CERN Document Server

    Nagahiro, Shin-ichiro


    We perform experiments and numerical simulations to investigate spatial distribution of pressure in a sheared dilatant fluid of the Taylor-Couette flow under a constant external shear stress. In a certain range of shear stress, the flow undergoes the shear thickening oscillation around 20 Hz. The pressure measurement during the oscillation at the wall of the outer cylinder indicates that a localized negative pressure region rotates around the axis with the flow. The maximum negative pressure is close to the Laplace pressure of the grain radius and nearly independent of the applied shear stress. Simulations of a phenomenological model reveal that the thickened region is dominated by a negative pressure band, which extends along the tensile direction in the flow. Such shear thickening with negative pressure contradicts a naive picture of jamming mechanism, where thickening is expected in the compressing direction with the positive pressure.

  10. 3D Surface-based Detection of Pleural Thickenings

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    P. Faltin


    Full Text Available Pleuramesothelioma is a malignant tumor of the pleura. It evolves from pleural thickenings which are a typical long-term effect of asbestos exposure. A diagnosis is performed by examining CT scans acquired from the patient’s lung. The analysis of the image data is a very time-consuming task and is subject to strong inter- and intra-reader variances. To objectivize the analysis and to speed-up the diagnosis a full automatic system is developed. An essential step in this process is to identify potential thickenings. In this paper we describe the complete system in brief, and then take a closer look on thickening detection. A CT slice based approach is presented here. It is extended by using 3D knowledge of thelung surface which could scarcely have been acquired visually.

  11. Anomalous low friction coefficient in shear thickening suspensions (United States)

    Clavaud, Cecile; Berut, Antoine; Metzger, Bloen; Forterre, Yoel; GEP Team


    We study the frictional behavior of classical and shear thickening suspensions under low confining pressure, by measuring the pile slope-angle in rotating drum flow experiments. We show that, at low rotation rates, the pile angle of the shear thickening suspension is about 8 .5° , which is much lower than pile angles observed with classical suspensions in the same conditions ( 25°). We then study the frictional behavior of silica powders in water, and show that we can switch from low to high pile angle by changing the salinity of the suspension. These results support a recent scenario for the shear-thickening transition in such non-Brownian systems, where inter particle repulsive forces suppress friction at low confining pressure. ERC PlantMove.

  12. Pericapillary basement membrane thickening in human skeletal muscles. (United States)

    Baum, Oliver; Bigler, Marius


    The basement membrane (BM) surrounding capillaries in skeletal muscles varies physiologically in thickness according to age, physical fitness, and anatomical site in humans. Furthermore, the pericapillary BM thickness (CBMT) increases pathophysiologically during several common disease states, including peripheral arterial disease and diabetes mellitus. This review on CBM thickening in human skeletal muscles is two pronged. First, it addresses the advantages/disadvantages of grid- and tablet-based measuring and morphometric techniques that are implemented to assess the CBMT on transmission electron micrographs. Second, it deals with the biology of CBM thickening in skeletal muscles, particularly its possible causes, molecular mechanisms, and functional impact. CBM thickening is triggered by several physical factors, including diabetes-associated glycation, hydrostatic pressure, and inflammation. Increased biosynthesis of type IV collagen expression or repetitive cycles in pericyte or endothelial cell degeneration/proliferation appear to be most critical for CBM accumulation. A thickened CBM obviously poses a greater barrier for diffusion, lowers the microvascular elasticity, and impedes transcytosis of inflammatory cells. Our own morphometric data reveal the CBM enlargement to be not accompanied by the pericyte coverage. Owing to an overlap or redundancy in the capillary supply, CBM thickening in skeletal muscles might not be such a devastating occurrence as in organs with endarterial circulation (e.g., kidney and retina). CBM growth in skeletal muscles can be reversed by training or administration of antidiabetic drugs. In conclusion, CBM thickening in skeletal muscles is a microvascular remodeling process by which metabolic, hemodynamic, and inflammatory forces are integrated together and which could play a hitherto underestimated role in etiology/progression of human diseases.

  13. Viscosity of Dysphagia-Oriented Cold-Thickened Beverages: Effect of Setting Time at Refrigeration Temperature (United States)

    Kim, Sung-Gun; Yoo, Byoungseung


    Background: Although extensive literature is available on the viscosity of thickened beverages with food thickeners, no attempt has been made to study the effect of setting time on the viscosity of pudding-like cold-thickened beverages with xanthan gum (XG)-based thickeners by using a rheometer. In particular, it is of considerable practical…

  14. Application of forward osmosis (FO) under ultrasonication on sludge thickening of waste activated sludge. (United States)

    Nguyen, Nguyen Cong; Nguyen, Hau Thi; Chen, Shiao-Shing; Nguyen, Nhat Thien; Li, Chi-Wang


    Forward osmosis (FO) is an emerging process for dewatering solid-liquid stream which has the potential to be innovative and sustainable. However, the applications have still been hindered by low water flux and membrane fouling when activated sludge is used as the feed solution due to bound water from microbial cells. Hence, a novel strategy was designed to increase sludge thickening and reduce membrane fouling in the FO process under ultrasonic condition. The results from the ultrasound/FO hybrid system showed that the sludge concentration reached up to 20,400 and 28,400 mg/L from initial sludge concentrations of 3000 and 8000 mg/L with frequency of 40 kHz after 22 hours, while the system without ultrasound had to spend 26 hours to achieve the same sludge concentration. This identifies that the presence of ultrasound strongly affected sludge structure as well as sludge thickening of the FO process. Furthermore, the ultrasound/FO hybrid system could achieve NH4+-N removal efficiency of 96%, PO4(3-)-P of 98% and dissolved organic carbon (DOC) of 99%. The overall performance demonstrates that the proposed ultrasound/FO system using seawater as a draw solution is promising for sludge thickening application.

  15. Unusual causes of colonic wall thickening on computed tomography

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Turner, D.R.; Markose, G.; Arends, M.J.; Ng, C.S.; Freeman, A.H


    Computed tomography (CT) appearances in 'colitis' are often non-specific, and include mural thickening and mesenteric fat stranding. In the western world, the majority of cases will have, or be subsequently diagnosed with, inflammatory bowel disease, pseudomembranous colitis or ischaemic colitis. However, other rare conditions may also produce these rather non-specific signs. We present a number of cases demonstrating colonic wall thickening on CT due to rarer diagnoses, which are correlated with the histopathological features. Some of these CT appearances have not been described previously in the literature.

  16. Novel CO{sub 2}-thickeners for improved mobility control

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Enick, Dr. Robert M.; Beckman, Dr. Eric J.; Hamilton, Dr. Andrew


    The objective of this study was to design, synthesize, and characterize thickening agents for dense carbon dioxide and to evaluate their solubility and viscosity-enhancing potential in CO{sub 2}. Previously, fluoroacrylate homopolymers and fluorinated telechelic ionomers were shown to increase the viscosity of carbon dioxide by a factor of 3--4 at concentrations of 2--3 at concentrations of 4--5 wt%. This report details the findings for several new types of carbon dioxide thickening candidates. Hydrocarbon-fluorocarbon random copolymers, sulfonated hydrocarbon-fluorocarbon random copolymers, semifluorinated trialkyltin fluorides and small hydrogen-bounding compounds were evaluated.

  17. Shear thickening of corn starch suspensions: does concentration matter? (United States)

    Crawford, Nathan C; Popp, Lauren B; Johns, Kathryn E; Caire, Lindsey M; Peterson, Brittany N; Liberatore, Matthew W


    Suspensions of corn starch and water are the most common example of a shear thickening system. Investigations into the non-Newtonian flow behavior of corn starch slurries have ranged from simplistic elementary school demonstrations to in-depth rheological examinations that use corn starch to further elucidate the mechanisms that drive shear thickening. Here, we determine how much corn starch is required for the average person to ‘‘walk on water’’ (or in this case, run across a pool filled with corn starch and water). Steady shear rate rheological measurements were employed to monitor the thickening of corn starch slurries at concentrations ranging from 0 to 55 wt.% (0-44 vol.%). The steady state shear rate ramp experiments revealed a transition from continuous to discontinuous thickening behavior that exists at 52.5 wt.%. The rheological data was then compared to macro-scopic (~5 gallon) pool experiments, in which thickening behavior was tested by dropping a 2.1 kg rock onto the suspension surface. Impact-induced thickening in the ‘‘rock drop’’ study was not observed until the corn starch concentration reached at least 50 wt.%. At 52.5 wt.%, the corn starch slurry displayed true solid-like behavior and the falling rock ‘‘bounced’’ as it impacted the surface. The corn starch pool studies were fortified by steady state stress ramps which were extrapolated out to a critical stress value of 67,000 Pa (i.e., the force generated by an 80 kg adult while running). Only the suspensions containing at least 52.5 wt.% (42 vol.%) thickened to high enough viscosities (50-250 Pa s) that could reasonably be believed to support the impact of a man’s foot while running. Therefore, we conclude that at least 52.5 wt.% corn starch is required to induce strong enough thickening behavior to safely allow the average person to ‘‘walk on water’’.

  18. Evolution of crustal thickening in the central Andes, Bolivia (United States)

    Eichelberger, Nathan; McQuarrie, Nadine; Ryan, Jamie; Karimi, Bobak; Beck, Susan; Zandt, George


    Paleoelevation histories from the central Andes in Bolivia have suggested that the geodynamic evolution of the region has been punctuated by periods of large-scale lithospheric removal that drive rapid increases in elevation at the surface. Here, we evaluate viable times and locations of material loss using a map-view reconstruction of the Bolivian orocline displacement field to forward-model predicted crustal thicknesses. Two volumetric models are presented that test assumed pre-deformation crustal thicknesses of 35 km and 40 km. Both models predict that modern crustal thicknesses were achieved first in the northern Eastern Cordillera (EC) by 30-20 Ma but remained below modern in the southern EC until ≤10 Ma. The Altiplano is predicted to have achieved modern crustal thickness after 10 Ma but only with a pre-deformation thickness of 50 km, including 10 km of sediment. At the final stage, the models predict 8-25% regional excess crustal volume compared to modern thickness, largely concentrated in the northern EC. The excess predicted volume from 20 to 0 Ma can be accounted for by: 1) crustal flow to the WC and/or Peru, 2) localized removal of the lower crust, or 3) a combination of the two. Only models with initial crustal thicknesses >35 km predict excess volumes sufficient to account for potential crustal thickness deficits in Peru and allow for lower crustal loss. However, both initial thickness models predict that modern crustal thicknesses were achieved over the same time periods that paleoelevation histories indicate the development of modern elevations. Localized removal of lower crust is only necessary in the northern EC where crustal thickness exceeds modern by 20 Ma, prior to paleoelevation estimates of modern elevations by 15 Ma. In the Altiplano, crustal thicknesses match modern values at 10 Ma and can only exceed modern values by 5 Ma, post-dating when modern elevations were thought to have been established. Collectively, these models predict that

  19. Gastric wall thickening on spiral CT after subtotal gastrectomy for gastric cancer: comparision between recurrent caner and benign thickening

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Park, Chang Sook; Choi, Jong Cheol; Yoon, Sung Kuk; Kim, Jae Ik; Oh, Jong Young; Kang, Myung Jin; Lee, Ki Nam; Nam, Kyuung Jin [Donga Univ. College of Medicine, Pusan (Korea, Republic of)


    To determine the features revealed by two-phase spiral CT scanning useful for differential diagnosis between recurrent cancer and benign wall thickening in patients who have undergone subtotal gastrectomy for stomach cancer. We retrospectively reviewed 25 cases in which wall thickening of more than 1cm in the remnant stomach after subtotal gastrectomy was revealed by two-phase spiral CT scanning. All cases were confirmed: 11 were recurrent cancer, and in 14, benign wall thickening was demonstrated. We analyzed the CT findings including maximal thickness of the gastric wall, patterns of wall thickening, degree of contrast enhancement seen during the arterial and portal phases, and the presence of perigastric strands. Maximal wall thickness was classified as either more or less than 15mm, and as either focal or diffuse. We also determined whether lymphadenopathy was present. Mean maximal gastric wall thickness was 18.4mm in the recurrent cancer group ({sup g}roup A{sup )} and 12.6mm in the benign group ({sup g}roup B{sup )}. The gastric wall was thicker than 15mm in 10 of 11 group A cases and in 3 of 14 in group B; wall thickening was focal (n=3) or diffuse (n=8) in group A, and focal (n=13) or diffuse (n=1) in group B, while the enhancement patterns seen during the arterial and portal phase, respectively, were high/high (n=8), low/high (n=1) and low/low (n=2) in group A, and low/low (n=7), low/high (n=4), high/low (n=1) and high/high (n=2) in group B. Perigastric strands were observed in nine cases in group A, but in none in group B, while lymphadenopathy was combined with wall thickening in seven group A cases but in none of those in group B. In patients who have undergone subtotal gastrectomy for gastric cancer, two-phase spiral CT findings including maximal thickness of the gastric wall, patterns of wall thickening, degree of contrast enhancement seen during the arterial and portal phase, the presence of perigastric strands, and lymphadenopathy are useful for


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available

    The effect of the addition of gelatin and starch on the rheological properties of sweetened plain stirred yogurt was studied by manufacturing six samples: two with gelatin (3000 and 6000 ppm, three with starch (1000, 5000, 10000 ppm and a sample without thickener (control. Rheological characterization of the samples was performed using a coaxial cylinder Haake VT500 viscometer. Yield stress ( and hysteresis were also determined. Syneresis (% was measured by centrifugation at 1100 rpm for 10 minutes. Sensory characterization was performed with a panel of trained sensory assessors, who evaluated the following texture attributes: viscosity, ropiness, creaminess and mouthfeel. All samples showed thixotropic and pseudoplastic behaviour. Since the upward curve did not fit a unique model, it was divided in two regions. The first one fitted Herschel-Bulkley’s model. The addition of gelatine decreased flow behaviour index (n, whereas yield stress significantly increased with the addition of both thickeners. Gelatine was more efficient in reducing syneresis than starch. The addition of thickeners significantly increased all the studied sensory texture attributes. Non-oral and oral parameters were highly correlated witch each other and witch rheological parameters. KEYWORDS: Yogurt; texture; thickeners.

  1. Gravity-driven thickening in a long, vertical tube

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Meetsma, W.A.; Hoffmann, A.C; Cox, E.L.


    The problem of gravity-driven thickening of a dispersion in a long, vertical tube of diameter larger than the dimensions of the dispersed phase particles has been treated. Inflow of the suspension takes place through the porous tube wall and suspension is pumped away both at the upper and lower ends

  2. Lower Esophageal Thickening Due to a Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band. (United States)

    Makker, Jitin; Conklin, Jeffrey; Muthusamy, V Raman


    Laparoscopic adjustable gastric band (LAGB) is a surgical device to treat obesity that is widely used and generally considered to be safe. We report an adverse event related to the physiological and mechanical changes that occur after LAGB placement, namely chronic obstruction resulting in marked lower esophageal thickening.

  3. Shear thickening of Laponite suspensions with poly (ethylene oxide)

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Fall, A.; Bonn, D.


    We study the effect of addition of polyethylene oxide (PEO) on the rheological behavior of suspensions of Laponite. Experiments were performed on mixtures of PEO and Laponite at different concentrations. These mixtures can exhibit very strong shear thickening behavior: under shear, the suspension ca

  4. Shear thickening behavior of nanoparticle suspensions with carbon nanofillers

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sha, Xiaofei; Yu, Kejing, E-mail:; Cao, Haijian; Qian, Kun [Ministry of Education, Jiangnan University, Key Laboratory of Eco-textiles (China)


    Suspensions comprised of silica nanoparticle (average diameter: 650 nm) and carbon nanofillers dispersed in polyethylene glycol were prepared and investigated. Rheological measurement demonstrated that the mixed suspensions showed a non-Newtonian flow profile, and the shear thickening effect was enhanced by the addition of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) (main range of diameter: 10-20 nm; length: 5-15 {mu}m; purity: >97 wt%) and graphene nanoplatelets (GNs) (average diameter: >50 nm; average length: 20 {mu}m; purity: >92 wt%). It suggested that better the aggregation effect of dispersed particles was, the more significant the shear thickening effect achieved. The results also revealed that the formation of large nanomaterials clusters could be suitable to explain the phenomena. Furthermore, the trend of shear thickening behavior of the silica suspension with CNTs was more striking than that of GNs. The physical reactions between those multi-dispersed phases had been described by the schematic illustrations in papers. Otherwise, a model was built to explain these behaviors, which could be attributed to the unique structures and inherent properties of these two different nanofillers. And the morphologies of the shear thickening fluid which were examined by transmission electron microscopy confirmed this mechanism.

  5. Rheometry-PIV of shear-thickening wormlike micelles. (United States)

    Marín-Santibañez, Benjamín M; Pérez-Gonzalez, José; de Vargas, Lourdes; Rodríguez-Gonzalez, Francisco; Huelsz, Guadalupe


    The shear-thickening behavior of an equimolar semidilute aqueous solution of 40 mM/L cetylpyridinium chloride and sodium salicylate was studied in this work by using a combined method of rheometry and particle image velocimetry (PIV). Experiments were conducted at 27.5 degrees C with Couette, vane-bob, and capillary rheometers in order to explore a wide shear stress range as well as the effect of boundary conditions and time of flow on the creation and destruction of shear-induced structures (SIS). The use of the combined method of capillary rheometry with PIV allowed the detection of fast spatial and temporal variations in the flow kinematics, which are related to the shear-thickening behavior and the dynamics of the SIS but are not distinguished by pure rheometrical measurements. A rich-in-details flow curve was found for this solution, which includes five different regimes. Namely, at very low shear rates a Newtonian behavior was found, followed by a shear thinning one in the second regime. In the third, shear banding was observed, which served as a precursor of the SIS and shear-thickening. The fourth and fifth regimes in the flow curve were separated by a spurtlike behavior, and they clearly evidenced the existence of shear-thickening accompanied by stick-slip oscillations at the wall of the rheometer, which subsequently produced variations in the shear rate under shear stress controlled flow. Such a stick-slip phenomenon prevailed up to the highest shear stresses used in this work and was reflected in asymmetric velocity profiles with spatial and temporal variations linked to the dynamics of creation and breakage of the SIS. The presence of apparent slip at the wall of the rheometer provides an energy release mechanism which leads to breakage of the SIS, followed by their further reformation during the stick part of the cycles. In addition, PIV measurements allowed the detection of apparent slip at the wall, as well as mechanical failures in the bulk of the

  6. Computer assisted measurement of femoral cortex thickening on radiographs (United States)

    Yao, Jianhua; Liu, Yixun; Chen, Foster; Summers, Ronald M.; Bhattacharyya, Timothy


    Radiographic features such as femoral cortex thickening have been frequently observed with atypical subtrochanteric fractures. These features may be a valuable finding to help prevent fractures before they happen. The current practice of manual measurement is often subjective and inconsistent. We developed a semi-automatic tool to consistently measure and monitor the progress of femoral cortex thickening on radiographs. By placing two seed points on each side of the femur, the program automatically extracts the periosteal and endosteal layers of the cortical shell by active contour models and B-spline fitting. Several measurements are taken along the femur shaft, including shaft diameter, cortical thickness, and integral area for medial and lateral cortex. The experiment was conducted on 52 patient datasets. The semi-automatic measurements were validated against manual measurements on 52 patients and demonstrated great improvement in consistency and accuracy (p<0.001).

  7. Transiently Jammed State in Shear Thickening Suspensions under Shear (United States)

    Mukhopadhyay, Shomeek; Allen, Benjamin; Brown, Eric


    We examine the response of a suspension of cornstarch and water under normal impact at controlled velocities. This is a model system to understand why a person can run on the surface of a discontinuous shear thickening fluid. Using simultaneous high-speed imaging of the top and bottom surfaces along with normal force measurements allows us to investigate whether the force response is a result of system spanning structures. We observe a shear thickening transition where above a critical velocity the normal force increases by orders of magnitude. In the high force regime the force response is displacement dependent like a solid rather than velocity dependent like a liquid. The stresses are on the order of 106 Pa which is enough to hold up a person's weight. In this regime imaging shows the existence of a solid like structure that extends to the bottom interface.

  8. Simulating the Dynamic Behavior of Shear Thickening Fluids

    CERN Document Server

    Ozgen, Oktar; Brown, Eric


    While significant research has been dedicated to the simulation of fluids, not much attention has been given to exploring new interesting behavior that can be generated with the different types of non-Newtonian fluids with non-constant viscosity. Going in this direction, this paper introduces a computational model for simulating the interesting phenomena observed in non-Newtonian shear thickening fluids, which are fluids where the viscosity increases with increased stress. These fluids have unique and unconventional behavior, and they often appear in real world scenarios such as when sinking in quicksand or when experimenting with popular cornstarch and water mixtures. While interesting behavior of shear thickening fluids can be easily observed in the real world, the most interesting phenomena of these fluids have not been simulated before in computer graphics. The fluid exhibits unique phase changes between solid and liquid states, great impact resistance in its solid state and strong hysteresis effects. Our...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Thiago Rocha dos Santos MATHIAS


    Full Text Available Yogurt is a functional food that has great demand due to the consumer’s search for a healthier diet. In order to expand the consumer market of this product, many flavors are available, satisfying the most varied preferences. Besides the taste attribute, consistency and viscosity of yogurt are some of the main factors involved in product quality and acceptance. Therefore, this work is a study of the influence of concentration of thickener in coffee-flavored yogurt. The thickener agent used was gelatin. The rheological behavior (flow and viscosity curves of yogurts with and without addition of gelatin was compared with commercial yogurt, which contains another type of thickener (locust bean gum in its formulation. The flow and viscosity curves were obtained from rotational rheometer Thermo Haake Mars, with a range of shear rate from 0.02 to 100 s-1 (rising curve and 100 to 0.02 s-1 (descendent curve at a total time of 20 minutes. Hysteresis was determined as the area between the curves and adjusted to the models of Bingham, Casson, Herschel-Bulkley and Ostwald-de-Waele. Were also carried out tests of thixotropy, by measuring the viscosity as a function of time at a constant rate of 100 s-1 for 10 minutes. These curves were adjusted by the Weltman model. All samples showed pseudoplastic and thixotropic behavior. The Herschel-Bulkley model was the best fit to the three samples tested. The Weltman’s model well described the thixotropy tests, except for the sample of commercial yogurt. The use of gelatin as a thickener showed protective character, reducing the structural break of the gel.

  10. Rheological characterization of modified foodstuffs with food grade thickening agents (United States)

    Reyes-Ocampo, I.; Aguayo-Vallejo, JP; Ascanio, G.; Córdova-Aguilar, MS


    This work describes a rheological characterization in terms of shear and extensional properties of whole milk, modified with food grade thickening agents (xanthan and carboxymethyl cellulose) with the purpose of being utilized in dysphagia treatment. Shear viscosity of the thickened fluids (2% wt. of xanthan and CMC) were measured in a stress-controlled rheometer and for extensional viscosity, a custom-built orifice flowmeter was used, with elongation rates from 20 to 3000 s-1. Such elongation-rate values represent the entire swallowing process, including the pharyngeal and esophageal phases. The steady-state shear and extensional flow curves were compared with the flow curve of a pudding consistency BaSO4 suspension (α=05), typically used as a reference fluid for the specialized commercial dysphagia products. The modified fluids presented non-Newtonian behavior in both, shear and extensional flows, and the comparison with the reference fluid show that the thickened milk prepared here, can be safely used for consumption by patients with severe dysphagia.

  11. A New Thickener for CO2 Anhydrous Fracturing Fluid

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zhang Jian


    Full Text Available CO2 dry fracturing technology is well-known for its advantages. Little water is used in this technology, which is able to ease the pressure of consumption on water resources. Many abroad theoretical researches, laboratory experiments and field tests have been taken to explore the yield mechanism, the adaptability and the technology of pure liquid CO2 fracturing. These achievements have been applied to a variety of reservoirs transformation and improven the effectiveness of stimulation treatment in a degree. The researches and studies in the domestic didn’t get popular until recent years. Thus, this article firstly introduces the main development and application about pure CO2 anhydrous fracturing technology, and sums up the effect and evaluation of its fluid through application examples both in the domestic and abroad. However, although this technology has many excellent qualities, but systematic studies indicate that its proppant-carrying capacity is less competitive because of the low viscosity of pure CO2 liquid and other reasons. In a consequence, it is necessary to develop an appropriate thickener for CO2 anhydrous fracturing fluid to improve its carrying capacity. Then this article describes some studies of previous scholars about CO2 thickener. Then we put forward our own research ideas and transform it into actual experiments. Thanks to the valid performances of these tests, we successfully develop a thickener X and cosolvent B.

  12. Analysis of abnormally thickened endometrial patterns on transvaginal sonography

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lee, Myung Sook; Cho, Hyeun Cha [Samsung Cheil Hospital, Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    To determine whether the transvaginal sonographic appearance of the thickened endometrium can help to predict the underlying endometrial pathologic process. The sonogram reports of fall 41 pre- and 21 postmenopausal women who underwent transvaginal sonogram were retrospectively analyzed. The women undergoing estrogen replacement therapy, tamoxifen therapy or having abnormal cervical cytology were excluded from this study. The analysis of sonographic and histologic results was performed in all patients. Three distinct sonographic patterns were encountered. Type I consisted of heterogeneous endometrial thickening with internal hypoechoic areas (normal [n=4], polyp [n=1] and cancer [n=4] in premenopausal women and cancer [n=4] in postmenopausal women). Type II consisted of echogenic endometrial thickening with or without tiny cysts (normal[n=5], and hyperplasia [n=7] in premenopausal women and normal [n=4], polyp [n=2], and hyperplasia [n=1] in postmenopausal women). Type III consisted of localized well defined endoluminal lesion (normal [n=1], polyp [n=14], hyperplasia [n=1], cancer [n=1], and submucosal mass [n=3] in premenopausal women and normal [n=4], polyp [n=2],submucosal mass [n=3], and hematoma [n=1] in postmenopausal women). The measurement of the endometrial thickness combined with analysis of sonographic echo patterns may be helpful in prediction and differentiation of endometrial disease in pre- and postmenopausal women. Also it can contribute to avoiding unnecessary D and C.

  13. Airway wall thickening and emphysema show independent familial aggregation in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Patel, Bipen D; Coxson, Harvey O; Pillai, Sreekumar G


    RATIONALE: It is unclear whether airway wall thickening and emphysema make independent contributions to airflow limitation in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and whether these phenotypes cluster within families. OBJECTIVES: To determine whether airway wall thickening and emphysema (1...

  14. Modeling industrial thickener using computational fluid dynamics (CFD), a case study:Tailing thickener in the Sarcheshmeh copper mine

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Majid Ebrahimzadeh Gheshlaghi; Ataallah Soltani Goharrizi; Alireza Aghajani Shahrivar; Hadi Abdollahi


    Separation of particles from liquid in the large gravitational tanks is widely used in mining and industrial wastewater treatment process. Thickener is key unit in the operational processes of hydrometallurgy and is used to separate solid from liquid. In this study, population balance models were combined with com-putational fluid dynamics (CFD) for modeling the tailing thickener. Parameters such as feed flow rate, flocculant dosage, inlet solid percent and feedwell were investigated. CFD was used to simulate the industrial tailing thickener with settled bed of 120 m diameter which is located in the Sarcheshmeh cop-per mine. Important factor of drag force that defines the rake torque of rotating paddles on the bed was also determined. Two phases turbulence model of Eulerian/Eulerian in accordance with turbulence model of k-e was used in the steady-state. Also population balance model consists of 15 groups of particle sizes with Luo and Lehr kernel was used for aggregation/breakage kernel. The simulation results showed good agreement with the operational data.

  15. Effect of Human Saliva on the Consistency of Thickened Drinks for Individuals with Dysphagia (United States)

    Vallons, Katleen J. R.; Helmens, Harold J.; Oudhuis, A. A. C. M.


    Background: Thickening of foods and fluids is commonly used in the management of dysphagia to reduce the risk of aspiration. The use of starch-based thickeners is established. However, the use of gums in thickeners is gaining interest as they are resistant to salivary amylase, which may promote safer swallowing. Aims: To compare the effect of…

  16. Novel CO{sub 2}-thickeners for improved mobility control

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Enick, Dr. Robert M.; Beckman, Dr. Eric J.; Hamilton, Dr. Andrew


    The objective of this study was to design, synthesize, and characterize thickening agents for dense carbon dioxide and to evaluate their solubility and viscosity-enhancing potential in CO{sub 2}. Hydrocarbon-fluorocarbon random copolymers, sulfated hydrocarbon-fluorocarbon random copolymers, semifluorinated trialkyltin fluorides and small hydrogen-bonding compounds were evaluated. Random copolymers of styrene and heptadecafluorodecyl acrylate were characterized by high solubility ion dense carbon dioxide and the most substantial increases in solution viscosity. Falling cylinder viscometry results indicated that the 29%styrene--71%fluoroacylate bulk-polymerized copolymer induced 2--250 fold increases in viscosity at copolymer concentrations of 0.2--5.0wt%.

  17. Novel CO{sub 2}-thickeners for improved mobility control

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Enick, Dr. Robert M.; Beckman, Dr. Eric J.; Hamilton, Dr. Andrew


    The objective of this study was to design, synthesize, and characterize thickening agents for dense carbon dioxide and to evaluate their solubility and viscosity-enhancing potential in CO{sub 2}. Hydrocarbon-fluorocarbon random copolymers, sulfonated hydrocarbon-fluorocarbon random copolymers, semifluorinated trialkyltin fluorides and small hydrogen-bonding compounds have been evaluated. Random copolymers of styrene and heptadecafluorodecyl acrylate yielded substantial increases in viscosity. Falling cylinder viscometry results indicated that the 29%styrene--71%fluoroacrylate bulk-polymerized copolymer induced very significant viscosity increases at copolymer concentrations of 0.1--5.0wt%.

  18. Effect of Food Thickener on Dissolution and Laxative Activity of Magnesium Oxide Tablets in Mice. (United States)

    Tomita, Takashi; Goto, Hidekazu; Yoshimura, Yuya; Kato, Kazushige; Yoshida, Tadashi; Tanaka, Katsuya; Sumiya, Kenji; Kohda, Yukinao


    The present study examined the dissolution of magnesium oxide (MgO) from MgO tablets placed in a food thickening agent (food thickener) and its effects on laxative activity. We prepared mixtures of MgO tablets suspended in an aqueous suspension and food thickeners in order to evaluate the dissolution of MgO. The results of the dissolution tests revealed that agar-based food thickeners did not affect the MgO dissolution. In contrast, some xanthan gum-based food-thickener products show dissolution rates with certain mixtures containing disintegrated MgO tablets suspended in a food thickener that decrease over time. However, other xanthan gum-based food-thickener products show dissolution rates that decrease immediately after mixing, regardless of the time they were allowed to stand. In order to investigate the laxative activity of MgO, we orally administered a mixture of MgO suspension and food thickener to mice and observed their bowel movements. The animal experiments showed that when agar-based food thickeners were used, the laxative activity of MgO was not affected, but it decreased when xanthan gum-based food thickeners were used.

  19. Quantifying bioturbation and soil thickening over the late Quaternary (United States)

    Wilkinson, M. T.; Pietsch, T.; Fox, J. F.


    We present geochemistry and biochemistry data to explore how bioturbation has operated in a residual sandstone-derived soil that thickened during the Holocene following aeolian deflation during the Last Glacial Maximum. Our site is located on a plateau cut into Triassic sandstones in humid Blue Mountains, SE Australia, where precipitation is ~1100 mm/a, and the mean annual maximum and minimum temperatures are 17°C and 5°C, respectively. Vegetation cover increase occurred ~13 ka, based on nearby palaeodune activity and pollen data from other highland sites. Our interpretation of terrestrial cosmogenic radionuclides (TCN) data suggests that ~30 cm of soil thickening has taken place since 13 ka, which includes 16 cm of bedrock lowering. Biofabrics preserve a short-term picture of biotically-displaced soil. In general, bioturbation decreases exponentially with increasing soil depth. The upper 21 cm of the profile is ~95% bioturbated; the middle 13 cm is 13 - 32% bioturbated; and the lowest 52 cm is 1 - 6% bioturbated. Tree roots penetrate weakness in the sandstone below this depth. Fallout radionuclides (7Be, 210Pb, and 137Cs) in the profile also suggest that vertical mixing in the upper 20 - 40 cm occurs over short—decadal—timescales. Optically stimulated luminescene (OSL) data records the time that quartz grains were last at the surface, and are used here to demonstrate vertical mixing of the profile over tens of thousands of years. OSL data indicates that some soil grains at all burial depths were once at the surface, consistent with modern process observations. Carbon and nitrogen isotopic values (delta 13C and delta 15N) of soil organic matter support the existence of soil organic matter turnover in the upper 30 cm of the soil column when regressed with log(SOC) and log(TN). Our carbon isotope data defy typical trends below ~30 cm for residual, undisturbed soils. We suggest this may reflect the absence of bioturbation during the LGM when the climate was cold

  20. Shear Thickening Behaviour of Composite Propellant Suspension under Oscillatory Shear

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    D. Singh


    Full Text Available Composite propellant suspensions consist of highly filled polymeric system wherein solid particles of different sizes and shapes are dispersed in a polymeric matrix. The rheological behaviour of a propellant suspension is characterised by viscoplasticity and shear rate and time dependant viscosity. The behaviour of composite propellant suspension has been studied under amplitude sweep test where tests were performed by continuously varying strain amplitude (strain in %, γ by keeping the frequency and temperature constant and results are plotted in terms of log γ (strain amplitude vs logGʹ and logGʺ (Storage modulus and loss modulus, respectively. It is clear from amplitude sweep test that dynamic moduli and complex viscosity show marked increase at critical strain amplitude after a plateau region, infering a shear thickening behaviour.

  1. Novel CO{sub 2}-thickeners for improved mobility control

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Enick, Dr. Robert M.; Beckman, Dr. Eric J.; Hamilton, Dr. Andrew


    The objective of this study was to design, synthesize, and characterize thickening agents for dense carbon dioxide and to evaluate their solubility and viscosity-enhancing potential in CO{sub 2}. Previously, hydrocarbon-fluorocarbon random copolymers, sulfated hydrocarbon-fluorocarbon random copolymers, semifluorinated trialkyltin fluorides and small hydrogen-bonding compounds were evaluated. Random copolymers of styrene and heptadecafluorodecyl acrylate yielded substantial increases in viscosity. The amount of styrene varied between 22--40 mole% in the copolymer. Falling cylinder viscometry results indicated that the 29% styrene--71% fluoroacrylate copolymer induced (at 295K and 34.5 Mpa) increases of 10, 60 and 250 at copolymer concentrations of 1, 3 and 5wt%, respectively.

  2. Forced vibration of a shear thickening fluid sandwich beam (United States)

    Wei, Minghai; Hu, Gang; Jin, Lu; Lin, Kun; Zou, Dujian


    The forced vibration of a sandwich beam integrating a shear thickening fluid (STF) core and with conductive skins subjected to a periodic excitation was investigated theoretically in this study. The rheological properties of the STF material including viscosity, plasticity, and elasticity may be changed under the periodic vibration, and hence they were considered. The governing equation of motion was derived based on the complex stiffness method and some key parameters were derived based on the Timoshenko beam theory. Effects of the excitation frequency, the excitation amplitude, the excitation location, and the skin/core thickness ratio on the nature frequency of the sandwich beam were investigated. It was found that the STF core has a significant effect on the dynamic property of the sandwich beam. Based on the findings, integrating the STF core in a sandwich beam can reduce the vibration of the beam.

  3. Retinal Thickening and Photoreceptor Loss in HIV Eyes without Retinitis.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cheryl A Arcinue

    Full Text Available To determine the presence of structural changes in HIV retinae (i.e., photoreceptor density and retinal thickness in the macula compared with age-matched HIV-negative controls.Cohort of patients with known HIV under CART (combination Antiretroviral Therapy treatment were examined with a flood-illuminated retinal AO camera to assess the cone photoreceptor mosaic and spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT to assess retinal layers and retinal thickness.Twenty-four eyes of 12 patients (n = 6 HIV-positive and 6 HIV-negative were imaged with the adaptive optics camera. In each of the regions of interest studied (nasal, temporal, superior, inferior, the HIV group had significantly less mean cone photoreceptor density compared with age-matched controls (difference range, 4,308-6,872 cones/mm2. A different subset of forty eyes of 20 patients (n = 10 HIV-positive and 10 HIV-negative was included in the retinal thickness measurements and retinal layer segmentation with the SD-OCT. We observed significant thickening in HIV positive eyes in the total retinal thickness at the foveal center, and in each of the three horizontal B-scans (through the macular center, superior, and inferior to the fovea. We also noted that the inner retina (combined thickness from ILM through RNFL to GCL layer was also significantly thickened in all the different locations scanned compared with HIV-negative controls.Our present study shows that the cone photoreceptor density is significantly reduced in HIV retinae compared with age-matched controls. HIV retinae also have increased macular retinal thickness that may be caused by inner retinal edema secondary to retinovascular disease in HIV. The interaction of photoreceptors with the aging RPE, as well as possible low-grade ocular inflammation causing diffuse inner retinal edema, may be the key to the progressive vision changes in HIV-positive patients without overt retinitis.

  4. Thickened wall-type GB cancer and complicated cholecystitis : comparison of CT findings

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Han, Seong Nim; Jung, Hae Jong; Kang, Sung Hag; Shin, Sung Ran; Lee, Min Jin; Lee, Kil Jun; Lee, Sang Chun [Seoul Red Cross Hospital, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    We compared CT findings of thickened wall-type gallbladder cancer with those of complicated cholecystitis. We retrospectively reviewed abdominal CT scans of ten patients with thickened wall-type gallbladder cancer and eight patients with complicated cholecystitis, from March 1991 to November 1995. CT findings of thickened wall-type gallbladder cancer showed diffuse or focal wall thickening. Wall thickness was 5.3-18.0mm (mean value, 12.2mm;n=10). Gallbladder wall thickness of complicated cholecystitis was 3.0-14.0mm (mean value, 6.6mm;n=8). Statistical significance was noted between thickened wall-type gallbladder cancer and complicated cholecytitis(p<0.0029). Irregular wall thickening was noted in 7/10 cases of thickened wall-type gallbladder cancer(70%). Regular wall thickening was noted in 6/8 cases of complicated cholecystitis(75%). The luminal diameter of thickened wall-type gallbladder cancer was 3.3-5.4cm (mean value, 4.2cm; n=10). The luminal diameter of complicated cholecystitis was 5.2-8.0cm (mean value, 6.5cm; n=8). Statistical significance was noted between thickened wall-type gallbladder cancer and complicated cholecystitis(p<0.0003). The halo sign was noted in only 3/8 cases of complicated cholecystitis(38%). Secondary findings of thickened wall-type gallbladder caner was lymphadenopathy in 3/10 cases(30%), and liver invasion in 2/10 cases(20%). Secondary findings of complicated cholecystitis were liver abscess in 2/8 cases(25%), and RLQ abdominal fluid collection and pleural effusion in 4/8 cases(50%). Differential factors of thickened wall-type gallbladder cancer from complicated cholecystits are gallbladder wall thickness, regularity of wall thickness, halo sign, secondary findings and luminal distention.

  5. Recurrent pyogenic cholangitis: The pattern of thickening of the extrahepatic bile duct on CT

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kim, Tae Hoon; Lim, Jae Hoon; Ko, Young Tae; Lee, Dong Ho; Jeong, Yu Mee; Lee, Eil Seong [Kang Hee University Hospital, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    The pattern of thickening of the extrahepatic bile duct on computed tomography was analysed in 30 cases with recurrent pyogenic cholangitis diagnosed by surgery (n=19) or by clinical basis (n=11). The mean wall thickness of the extrahepatic bile duct was 3.3 mm (range, 1-6.3 mm). Diffuse thickening of the extrahepatic bile ductal wall was demonstrated in 26 of 30 cases. Diffuse thickening of the extrahepatic bile duct in recurrent pyogenic cholangitis may be differentiated from focal thickening of duct in a common duct cancer or pancreatic cancer.

  6. Oil sands thickened froth treatment tailings exhibit acid rock drainage potential during evaporative drying. (United States)

    Kuznetsov, Petr; Kuznetsova, Alsu; Foght, Julia M; Siddique, Tariq


    Bitumen extraction from oil sands ores after surface mining produces different tailings waste streams: 'froth treatment tailings' are enriched in pyrite relative to other streams. Tailings treatment can include addition of organic polymers to produce thickened tailings (TT). TT may be further de-watered by deposition into geotechnical cells for evaporative drying to increase shear strength prior to reclamation. To examine the acid rock drainage (ARD) potential of TT, we performed predictive analyses and laboratory experiments on material from field trials of two types of thickened froth treatment tailings (TT1 and TT2). Acid-base accounting (ABA) of initial samples showed that both TT1 and TT2 initially had net acid-producing potential, with ABA values of -141 and -230 t CaCO₃ equiv. 1000 t(-1) of TT, respectively. In long-term kinetic experiments, duplicate ~2-kg samples of TT were incubated in shallow trays and intermittently irrigated under air flow for 459 days to simulate evaporative field drying. Leachates collected from both TT samples initially had pH~6.8 that began decreasing after ~50 days (TT2) or ~250 days (TT1), stabilizing at pH~2. Correspondingly, the redox potential of leachates increased from 100-200 mV to 500-580 mV and electrical conductivity increased from 2-5 dS m(-1) to 26 dS m(-1), indicating dissolution of minerals during ARD. The rapid onset and prolonged ARD observed with TT2 is attributed to its greater pyrite (13.4%) and lower carbonate (1.4%) contents versus the slower onset of ARD in TT1 (initially 6.0% pyrite and 2.5% carbonates). 16S rRNA gene pyrosequencing analysis revealed rapid shift in microbial community when conditions became strongly acidic (pH~2) favoring the enrichment of Acidithiobacillus and Sulfobacillus bacteria in TT. This is the first report showing ARD potential of TT and the results have significant implications for effective management of pyrite-enriched oil sands tailings streams/deposits.

  7. Is the secondary thickening in palms always diffuse?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Unlike other arboreal monocotyledons, the secondary growth of palms has for the past 100 years been described as diffuse. Solely cell enlargement and random parenchyma divisions, without the activity of a meristem, characterize such growth. Some previous works of the early 20th century have, however, mentioned the presence of a secondary meristem in the stems of palms, but this information was forgotten since then. Addressing to this question, we analysed palm stems of four species, with the aim to understand the possible presence of such secondary growth. We found that a meristematic band occurs between the cortex and the central cylinder and gives rise to new vascular bundles and parenchyma internally, producing parenchyma and fibres externally. It appears secondarily, i.e., it undergoes meristematic activity in the median and basal stem regions, far away from the apical region. In fact, a meristematic band is present and may be more common than currently believed, but uneasy to detect in certain palms for being restricted to specific regions of their stems. In conclusion, the diffuse secondary thickening is here shown not to be the only mechanism of secondary growth in palms. The presence of a meristem band in the stems of palms merits careful reconsideration.

  8. Thickening of spine ligamentum flavum and facet tropism

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paulo Roberto Appolonio


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: This study investigated the thickening of the ligamentum flavum (LF and its correlation with facet tropism and its severity at different levels of the spine. METHOD: This retrospective study was performed with patients with chronic back pain consecutively admitted to a specialized spinal surgery service between January 2012 and January 2013. All patients underwent magnetic resonance imaging (MRI to measure the thickness of the LF and facet tropism severity (severe, moderate or absent according to the spine levels (L3 -L4, L4-L5, L5-S1. The association between the thickness of LF and facet tropism was analyzed. RESULTS: During the study period, 98 consecutive patients were enrolled with a mean age of 53.6 years, most women (59.2%. There was no significant difference between the thicknesses of the ligament and the presence of tropism in different spinal levels (p > 0.05. The thickness of LF was significantly associated with the severity of tropism only in L5-S1 level (p < 0.03. CONCLUSIONS: Our results show that there is a positive relationship between severe facet tropism and increased thickness of the LF in the L5-S1 level.

  9. A mathematical model for batch and continuous thickening of flocculent suspensions in vessels with varying section

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Buerger, R.; Damasceno, J.J.R.; Karlesen, K.H.


    The phenomenological theory of continuous thickening of flocculated suspensions in an ideal cylindrical thickener is extended to vessels having varying cross-section, including divergent or convergent conical vessels. The purpose of this contribution is to draw attention to the corresponding mathematical model, whose key ingredient is a strongly degenerate parabolic partial differential equation. For ideal (non-flocculated) suspensions, which do not form co compressible sediments, the mathematical model reduces to the kinematic approach by Anestis, who developed a method of construction of exact solution by the method of characteristics. The difficulty lies in the fact that characteristics and iso-concentration lines, unlike the conventional Kynch model for cylindrical vessels, do not coincide, and one has to resort to numerical methods to simulate the thickening process. A numerical algorithm is presented and employed for simulations of continuous thickening. Implications of the mathematical model are also demonstrated by steady-state calculations, which lead to new possibilities in thickener design. (author)

  10. Gallbladder wall thickening: MR imaging and pathologic correlation with emphasis on layered pattern

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jung, S.E.; Lee, J.M.; Hahn, S.T. [Catholic University of Korea, Department of Radiology, St Mary' s Hospital, Seoul (Korea); Lee, K. [Catholic University of Korea, Department of Clinical Pathology, St Mary' s Hospital, Seoul (Korea); Rha, S.E.; Choi, B.G. [Catholic University of Korea, Department of Radiology, Kangnam St Mary' s Hospital, Seoul (Korea); Kim, E.K. [Catholic University of Korea, Department of Surgery (E.K.K), St Mary' s Hospital, Seoul (Korea)


    The aim of this study was to correlate MR findings of gallbladder wall thickening with pathologic findings on the basis of the layered pattern and to evaluate the diagnostic value of MR imaging in gallbladder disease. We retrospectively evaluated the source images of HASTE sequences for MR cholangiography in 144 patients with gallbladder wall thickening. The layered pattern of thickened wall was classified into four patterns. Type 1 shows two layers with a thin hypointense inner layer and thick hyperintense outer layer. Type 2 has two layers of ill-defined margin. Type 3 shows multiple hyperintense cystic spaces in the wall. Type 4 shows diffuse nodular thickening without layering. MR findings of a layered pattern of thickened gallbladder were well correlated with histopathology. Chronic cholecystitis matched to type 1, acute cholecystitis corresponded to type 2, adenomyomatosis showed type 3, and the gallbladder carcinomas showed type 4. All four layered patterns were associated with PPV of 73% or greater, sensitivity of 92% or greater and specificity of 95% or greater. Our results indicate that MR findings of gallbladder wall thickening are characteristic in each entity and correlate well with pathologic findings. The classification of the layered pattern may be valuable for interpreting thickened gallbladder wall. (orig.)

  11. Stratocumulus cloud thickening beneath layers of absorbing smoke aerosol (United States)

    Wilcox, E. M.


    Marine stratocumulus cloud properties, and the free-tropospheric environment above them, are examined in NASA A-Train satellite data for cases where smoke from seasonal burning of the West African savannah overlay the persistent southeast Atlantic stratocumulus cloud deck. CALIPSO space-borne lidar observations show that features identified as layers of aerosol occur predominantly between 2 km and 4 km. Layers identified as cloud features occur predominantly below 1.5 km altitude and beneath the layer of elevated smoke aerosol. The diurnal mean shortwave heating rates attributable to the absorption of solar energy in the aerosol layer is nearly 1.5 K d-1 for an aerosol optical thickness value of 1, and increases to 1.8 K d-1 when the smoke resides above clouds owing to the additional component of upward solar radiation reflected by the cloud. As a consequence of this heating, the 700 hPa air temperature above the cloud deck is warmer by approximately 1 K on average for cases where smoke is present above the cloud compared to cases without smoke above cloud. The warmer conditions in the free-troposphere above the cloud during smoke events coincide with cloud liquid water path values that are greater by 20 g m-2 and cloud tops that are lower for overcast conditions compared to periods with low amounts of smoke. The observed thickening and subsidence of the cloud layer are consistent with published results of large-eddy simulations showing that solar absorption by smoke above stratocumulus clouds increases the buoyancy of free-tropospheric air above the temperature inversion capping the boundary layer. Increased buoyancy inhibits the entrainment of dry air through the cloud-top, thereby helping to preserve humidity and cloud cover in the boundary layer. The direct radiative effect of absorbing aerosols residing over a bright cloud deck is a positive radiative forcing (warming) at the top of the atmosphere. However, the greater liquid water path for cases of smoke

  12. [Circumscribed and diffuse skin thickening (peau d'orange) of the female breast]. (United States)

    Skaane, P; Bautz, W; Metzger, H


    Skin thickening of the breast observed by mammography should always alert the radiologist to suggest the possibility of carcinoma. The roentgenographic appearance of skin thickening, however, is nonspecific and identical in each disorder, and provides no clue to its benign or malignant origin. It is therefore important to the radiologist to be familiar with the possible etiologies, which can often be simply evaluated by obtaining an appropriate medical history, clinical inspection or a thorough physical examination of the breast. A review of the mammary skin thickening is given, and the differential diagnosis is discussed with reference to the literature.

  13. Pilot Analysis of Asbestos-induced Diffuse Pleural Thickening with Respiratory Compromise. (United States)

    Nojima, Daisuke; Fujimoto, Nobukazu; Kato, Katsuya; Fuchimoto, Yasuko; Kiura, Katsuyuki; Kishimoto, Takumi; Tanimoto, Mitsune


    We investigated the clinical features of asbestos-induced diffuse pleural thickening (DPT) with severe respiratory compromise. We conducted a retrospective study of consecutive subjects with asbestos-induced DPT. Medical data such as initial symptoms, radiological findings, respiratory function test results, and clinical course were collected and analyzed. There were 24 patients between 2003 and 2012. All were men, and the median age at the development of DPT was 74 years. The top occupational category associated with asbestos exposure was dockyard workers. The median duration of asbestos exposure was 35.0 years, and the median latency from first exposure to the onset of DPT was 49.0 years. There were no significant differences in respiratory function test results between the higher and lower Brinkman index groups or between unilateral and bilateral DPT. Thirteen patients had a history of benign asbestos pleural effusion (BAPE), and the median duration from pleural fluid accumulation to DPT with severe respiratory compromise was 28.4 months. DPT with severe respiratory compromise can develop after a long latency following occupational asbestos exposure and a history of BAPE.

  14. Thermal performance of sodium acetate trihydrate thickened with different materials as phase change energy storage material

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cabeza, L.F. [Universitat de Lleida (Spain); Svensson, G.; Hiebler, S.; Mehling, H. [ZAE Bayern, Garching (Germany)


    The use of phase change materials (PCMs) in energy storage has the advantage of high energy density and isothermal operation. Although the use of only non-segregating PCMs is a good commercial approach, some desirable PCM melting points do not seem attainable with non-segregating salt hydrates at a reasonable price. The addition of gellants and thickeners can avoid segregation of these materials. In this paper, sodium acetate trihydrate is successfully thickened with bentonite and starch. Cellulose gives an even better thickened PCM, but temperatures higher than 65 {sup o}C give phase separation. The mixtures would show a similar thermal behavior as the salt hydrate, with the same melting point and an enthalpy decrease between 20% and 35%, depending on the type and amount of thickening material used. (Author)

  15. Matrix metalloproteinase inhibition reduces adventitial thickening and collagen accumulation following balloon dilation

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Sierevogel, MJ; Velema, E; van der Meer, FJ; Nijhuis, MO; de Kleijn, DPV; Borst, C; Pasterkamp, G


    Objective: Constrictive arterial remodeling following balloon angioplasty has been related to adventitial collagen accumulation and subsequent thickening and can be prevented by matrix ructalloprotemase (MMP) inhibition. Following balloon dilation, we examined the effect of MMP inhibition on colla-e

  16. Morphactin stimulates stem elongation and thickening in decapitated shoots of Bryophyllum calycinum Salisb.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kensuke Miyamoto


    Full Text Available Morphactin, methyl 2-chloro-9-hydroxyfluorene-9-carboxylate (IT 3456, is a synthetic growth regulator with a unique action affecting various morphogenetic and physiological processes in plants, and has been characterized as a specific inhibitor of auxin polar transport. Morphactin applied at the last internode in decapitated shoots of Bryophyllum calycinum substantially stimulated elongation and thickening of the internode. Benzyladenine applied alone little affected stem elongation and thickening. Simultaneous application of benzyladenine and morphactin showed a synergistic effect on thickening, while it did not on elongation. These results suggest that morphactin translocated basipetally from the top of the treated internode inhibits auxin polar transport from the internode, resulting in the accumulation of endogenous auxin for elongation and thickening in the treated internode of decapitated shoots of Bryophyllum calycinum.

  17. Numerical simulation and optimization of red mud separation thickener with self-dilute feed

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    周天; 李茂; 周谦; 周孑民


    In order to acquire the flow pattern and investigate the settling behavior of the red mud in the separation thickener, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), custom subroutines and agglomerates settling theory were employed to simulate the three-dimensional flow field in an industrial scale thickener with the introduction of a self-dilute feed system. The simulation results show good agreement with the measurement onsite and the flow patterns of the thickener are presented and discussed on both velocity and concentration field. Optimization experiments on feed well and self-dilute system were also carried out, and indicate that the optimal thickener system can dilute the solid concentration in feed well from 110 g/L to 86 g/L which would help the agglomerates’ formation and improve the red mud settling speed. Furthermore, the additional power of recirculation pump can be saved and flocculants dosage was reduced from 105g/t to 85g/t in the operation.

  18. OsAUX1 controls lateral root initiation in rice (Oryza sativa L.). (United States)

    Zhao, Heming; Ma, Tengfei; Wang, Xin; Deng, Yingtian; Ma, Haoli; Zhang, Rongsheng; Zhao, Jie


    Polar auxin transport, mediated by influx and efflux transporters, controls many aspects of plant growth and development. The auxin influx carriers in Arabidopsis have been shown to control lateral root development and gravitropism, but little is known about these proteins in rice. This paper reports on the functional characterization of OsAUX1. Three OsAUX1 T-DNA insertion mutants and RNAi knockdown transgenic plants reduced lateral root initiation compared with wild-type (WT) plants. OsAUX1 overexpression plants exhibited increased lateral root initiation and OsAUX1 was highly expressed in lateral roots and lateral root primordia. Similarly, the auxin reporter, DR5-GUS, was expressed at lower levels in osaux1 than in the WT plants, which indicated that the auxin levels in the mutant roots had decreased. Exogenous 1-naphthylacetic acid (NAA) treatment rescued the defective phenotype in osaux1-1 plants, whereas indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) and 2,4-D could not, which suggested that OsAUX1 was a putative auxin influx carrier. The transcript levels of several auxin signalling genes and cell cycle genes significantly declined in osaux1, hinting that the regulatory role of OsAUX1 may be mediated by auxin signalling and cell cycle genes. Overall, our results indicated that OsAUX1 was involved in polar auxin transport and functioned to control auxin-mediated lateral root initiation in rice.

  19. Flammability Testing of Fabrics Treated with Oil-Based Shear Thickening Fluids (United States)


    thickening fluid (STF) are evaluated under flammability testing. The tested fabrics include a woven cotton-nylon blend, a woven Kevlar textile, and a...hybrid ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) – Kevlar felt. The oil-based STF is a colloid of silica nanoparticles in a paraffin oil. Test...enhanced flammability resistance. 15. SUBJECT TERMS shear thickening fluid, Kevlar , flammability 16. SECURITY CLASSIFICATION OF: 17. LIMITATION OF

  20. Feed dilution-based design of a thickener for refuse slurry of a coal preparation plant

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    S. Banisi; M. Yahyaei [Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Kerman (Iran). Mining Engineering Group


    Thickening is the most widely applied dewatering technique in mineral processing. Thickeners are used to increase the concentration of suspensions by sedimentation, accompanied by the release of a clear liquid. As the particles get finer the thickening process encounters difficulty due to a significant change in the particles settling behavior. The batch settling tests of coal refuse of a coal washing plant that contained 91% particles smaller than 38 {mu}m and 0.6% coarser than 75 {mu}m showed that the optimum feed percent solids that provided highest flux (solids handling capacity) was 4%. The flux of the pulp with the plant solids concentration (i.e., 10% by weight) was 60% lower than that of the pulp with 4% solids. A thickener with a diameter of 22 m based on the dilution of feed from solids concentration of 10% to 4% was designed. Monitoring of the thickener performance for a period of one month in the plant indicated that an average feed rate of 25t/h (dry solids) with solids concentration of 10% could be thickened to an underflow concentration of 26.5% with a clear water overflow. It was found that the key component of the successful operation of the thickener is the dilution of the feed, without dilution the overflow loses its clarity and the system ceases to operate under predetermined conditions. Based on the results of established CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) studies, a feeding system that efficiently dissipated the energy of the incoming flow and a staged flocculant addition regime were utilized in the design and operation of the thickener. 23 refs.

  1. Simulation of a semi-industrial pilot plant thickener using CFD approach

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Majid Ebrahimzadeh Gheshlaghi; Ataallah Soltani Goharrizi; Alireza Aghajani Shahrivar


    Thickeners are important units for water recovery in various industries.In this study,a semi-industrial pilot plant thickener similar to the tailing thickener of the Sarcheshmeh Copper Mine was simulated by CFD modeling.The population balance was used to describe the particle aggregation and breakup.In this population balance,15 particle sizes categories were considered.The Eulerian-Eulerian approach with standard k-ε turbulence model was applied to describe two phases of slurry flow in the thickener under steady-state condition.The simulation results have been compared with the experimental measurements to validate the accuracy of the CFD modeling.After checking the numerical results,the effect of important parameters such as,feed flow rate,solid percentage in the feed,and solid particle size on the thickener performance.was studied.The thickener residence time distribution were obtained by the modeling and also compared with the experimental data.Finally,the effects of feedwell feeding on the average diameter of aggregate and turbulent intensity were evaluated.

  2. Microstructural changes in thickened corpus callosum in children: contribution of magnetic resonance diffusion tensor imaging

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Merlini, Laura; Anooshiravani, Mehrak; Kanavaki, Aikaterini; Hanquinet, Sylviane [University of Geneva Children' s Hospital, Pediatric Radiology Unit, Geneva (Switzerland)


    Thickened corpus callosum is a rare finding and its pathophysiology is not well known. An anomalous supracallosal bundle has been depicted by fiber tracking in some cases but no diffusion tensor imaging metrics of thickened corpus callosum have been reported. To use diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) in cases of thickened corpus callosum to help in understanding its clinical significance. During a 7-year period five children (ages 6 months to 15 years) with thickened corpus callosum were studied. We determined DTI metrics of fractional anisotropy (FA), mean diffusivity, and axial (λ1) and radial (λ2, λ3) diffusivity and performed 3-D fiber tracking reconstruction of the thickened corpus callosum. We compared our results with data from the literature and 24 age-matched controls. Brain abnormalities were seen in all cases. All children had at least three measurements of corpus callosum thickness above the 97th percentile according to age. In all children 3-D fiber tracking showed an anomalous supracallosal bundle and statistically significant decrease in FA (P = 0.003) and λ1 (P = 0.001) of the corpus callosum compared with controls, but no significant difference in mean diffusivity and radial diffusivity. Thickened corpus callosum was associated with abnormal bundles, suggesting underlying axonal guidance abnormality. DTI metrics suggested abnormal fiber compactness and density, which may be associated with alterations in cognition. (orig.)

  3. Effect of SiO2 Particle Size and Length of Poly(Propylene Glycol Chain on Rheological Properties of Shear Thickening Fluids

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Antosik A.


    Full Text Available The rheological properties of shear thickening fluids based on silica powder of particles size in range 0.10 – 2.80 μm and poly(propylene glycol of 425, 1000, 2000 g/mol molar mass were investigated. The effect of particle size and the length of the polymeric chain was considered. The objective of this study was to understand basic trends of physicochemical properties of used materials on the onset and the maximum of shear thickening and dilatant effect. Outcome of the research suggested that an increase in the particle size caused a decrease in dilatant effect and shift towards higher shear rate values. Application of carrier fluid of higher molar mass allowed to increase dilatant effect but it resulted in the increase of the initial viscosity of the fluid.

  4. Pectinous cell wall thickenings formation - A common defense strategy of plants to cope with Pb. (United States)

    Krzesłowska, Magdalena; Rabęda, Irena; Basińska, Aneta; Lewandowski, Michał; Mellerowicz, Ewa J; Napieralska, Anna; Samardakiewicz, Sławomir; Woźny, Adam


    Lead, one of the most abundant and hazardous trace metals affecting living organisms, has been commonly detected in plant cell walls including some tolerant plants, mining ecotypes and hyperaccumulators. We have previously shown that in tip growing Funaria sp. protonemata cell wall is remodeled in response to lead by formation of thickenings rich in low-methylesterified pectins (pectin epitope JIM5 - JIM5-P) able to bind metal ions, which accumulate large amounts of Pb. Hence, it leads to the increase of cell wall capacity for Pb compartmentalization. Here we show that diverse plant species belonging to different phyla (Arabidopsis, hybrid aspen, star duckweed), form similar cell wall thickenings in response to Pb. These thickenings are formed in tip growing cells such as the root hairs, and in diffuse growing cells such as meristematic and root cap columella cells of root apices in hybrid aspen and Arabidopsis and in mesophyll cells in star duckweed fronds. Notably, all analyzed cell wall thickenings were abundant in JIM5-P and accumulated high amounts of Pb. In addition, the co-localization of JIM5-P and Pb commonly occurred in these cells. Hence, cell wall thickenings formed the extra compartment for Pb accumulation. In this way plant cells increased cell wall capacity for compartmentalization of this toxic metal, protecting protoplast from its toxicity. As cell wall thickenings occurred in diverse plant species and cell types differing in the type of growth we may conclude that pectinous cell wall thickenings formation is a widespread defense strategy of plants to cope with Pb. Moreover, detection of natural defense strategy, increasing plant cell walls capacity for metal accumulation, reveals a promising direction for enhancing plant efficiency in phytoremediation.

  5. [Effect of food thickener on disintegration and dissolution of magnesium oxide tablets]. (United States)

    Tomita, Takashi; Goto, Hidekazu; Yoshimura, Yuya; Tsubouchi, Yoshiko; Nakanishi, Rie; Kojima, Chikako; Yoneshima, Mihoko; Yoshida, Tadashi; Tanaka, Katsuya; Sumiya, Kenji; Kohda, Yukinao


    It has been reported that magnesium oxide tablets are excreted in a non-disintegrated state in the stool of patients when the tablets are administered after being immersed in a food thickener. Therefore we examined whether immersion in a food thickener affects the pharmacological effect in patients taking magnesium oxide tablets, and whether immersion affects its disintegration and solubility. The mean dosage (1705 mg/d) was higher for patients who took tablets after immersion in a food thickener than for those who took non-immersed tablets (1380 mg/d). The disintegration time and dissolution rate of the immersed tablets were lower than those of non-immersed tablets in vitro. Furthermore, components that constitute the food thickener and differences in composition concentrations differentially affect the disintegration and solubility of magnesium oxide tablets. This suggests that commercially available food thickeners are likely to be associated with changes in the degradation of magnesium oxide tablets, and they therefore should be carefully used in certain clinical situations.

  6. Automated anatomical description of pleural thickening towards improvement of its computer-assisted diagnosis (United States)

    Chaisaowong, Kraisorn; Jiang, Mingze; Faltin, Peter; Merhof, Dorit; Eisenhawer, Christian; Gube, Monika; Kraus, Thomas


    Pleural thickenings are caused by asbestos exposure and may evolve into malignant pleural mesothelioma. An early diagnosis plays a key role towards an early treatment and an increased survival rate. Today, pleural thickenings are detected by visual inspection of CT data, which is time-consuming and underlies the physician's subjective judgment. A computer-assisted diagnosis system to automatically assess pleural thickenings has been developed, which includes not only a quantitative assessment with respect to size and location, but also enhances this information with an anatomical description, i.e. lung side (left, right), part of pleura (pars costalis, mediastinalis, diaphragmatica, spinalis), as well as vertical (upper, middle, lower) and horizontal (ventral, dorsal) position. For this purpose, a 3D anatomical model of the lung surface has been manually constructed as a 3D atlas. Three registration sub-steps including rigid, affine, and nonrigid registration align the input patient lung to the 3D anatomical atlas model of the lung surface. Finally, each detected pleural thickening is assigned a set of labels describing its anatomical properties. Through this added information, an enhancement to the existing computer-assisted diagnosis system is presented in order to assure a higher precision and reproducible assessment of pleural thickenings, aiming at the diagnosis of the pleural mesothelioma in its early stage.

  7. Breast disease with skin thickening: differential diagnosis with mammography and ultrasonography

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Shin, Young Rok; Kim, Hak Hee; Cha, Eun Suk; Park, Hye Seong; Kim, Ki Tae; Shinn, Kyung Sub [The Catholic University of Korea College of Medicine, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    Diffuse skin thickening of the breast is produced by lymphedema usually secondary to obstruction of the axillary lymphatics. On physical examination, the affected breast is, due to increased fluid content, larger, heavier, and of higher overall density. Mammography reveals an increased coarse reticular pattern. Thickening of the skin can have many causes. It may be a result of tumor invasion or a tumor in the dermal lymphatics ; or because of lymphatic congestion through obstruction of lymphatic drainage within the breast, in the axilla, or centrally in the mediastinum. Further causes may be congestive heart failure, benign inflammation, primary skin processes such as psoriasis, or systemic diseases which involve the skin. Mammographic appearance is known to be nonspecific. Ultrasound can demonstrate skin thickening directly, but despite some reports suggesting that the cause of skin thickening can be inferred from the results of ultrasound, this is not usually of practical importance. The purpose of this study is to review the causes of skin thickening of the breast and to use mammography and US to differentiate the causes.

  8. Effect of Salivary Reaction Time on Flow Properties of Commercial Food Thickeners Used for Dysphagic Patients. (United States)

    Lee, Hwa-Young; Yoon, Seung-Ro; Yoo, Whachun; Yoo, Byoungseung


    The effect of human saliva on the flow properties of pudding-like thickened water prepared with commercial food thickeners was investigated, and their viscosity differences were also compared as a function of salivary reaction time (0-60 min after the addition of saliva). Food thickeners used in this study were starch-based (SB), gum-containing starch-based (GSB), and gumbased (GB) commercial thickeners marketed in Korea. GB showed no significant reduction in viscosity upon contact with human saliva during the salivary reaction. In contrast, SB almost completely lost its viscosity shortly after the addition of saliva, and GSB significantly reduced its viscosity after 20 min of reaction time but retained its viscosity. The results of this study indicate that GB can enhance the swallowing safety of dysphagic patients by retaining a stable viscosity level without the reduction of viscosity during consumption of thickened fluids, whereas SB may increase the possibility of aspiration owing to a rapid decrease of viscosity upon contact with human saliva.

  9. The Role of ¹⁸F-FDG PET/CT in the Evaluation of Peritoneal Thickening of Undetermined Origin. (United States)

    Chen, Ruohua; Chen, Yumei; Liu, Liu; Zhou, Xiang; Liu, Jianjun; Huang, Gang


    The aim of this study was to assess the value of 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) positron emission tomography (PET)/computed tomography (CT) for the differentiation of peritoneal thickening of undetermined origin. This retrospective study included 103 patients (44 men and 59 women, age 59.2 ± 14.8 years) who had undergone 18F-FDG PET/CT for the evaluation of peritoneal thickening of undetermined origin. All 18F-FDG PET/CT images were visually interpreted, and the maximal standardized uptake values (SUVmax) were measured. We compared the role of 18F-FDGPET/CT with that of CT alone in detecting peritoneal thickening of undetermined origin. We also compared the differences between malignant and tuberculous peritoneal thickening in PET/CT parameters and clinical characteristics. The sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value (PPV), negative predictive value (NPV), and accuracy in detecting the primary cause of the peritoneal thickening were 76.2%, 78.9%, 94.1%, 42.9%, and 81.2%, respectively, for 18F-FDG PET/CT, and 58.3%, 84.2%, 94.2%, 31.4%, and 63.1%, respectively, for CT imaging. Malignant peritoneal thickening had significantly higher SUVmax than nontuberculous benign peritoneal thickening. However, tuberculous peritoneal thickening also had a high SUVmax. There were some factors that were significantly different between patients with tuberculous peritoneal thickening and those with malignant peritoneal thickening in our study; these included age, pattern of peritoneal thickening, and presence of ascites. 18F-FDG PET/CT is useful for detecting the underlying cause of peritoneal thickening. Special attention should be paid to peritoneal tuberculosis, which has a high SUVmax and may mimic malignant peritoneal thickening. Multiple PET/CT parameters which were different in patients with tuberculous and malignant causes could be taken into consideration to make the differential diagnosis.

  10. Bulk arc strain, crustal thickening, magma emplacement, and mass balances in the Mesozoic Sierra Nevada arc (United States)

    Cao, Wenrong; Paterson, Scott; Saleeby, Jason; Zalunardo, Sean


    Quantifying crustal deformation is important for evaluating mass balance, material transfer, and the interplay between tectonism and magmatism in continental arcs. We present a dataset of >650 finite strain analyses compiled from published works and our own studies with associated structural, geochronologic, and geobarometric information in central and southern Sierra Nevada, California, to quantify the arc crust deformation. Our results show that Mesozoic tectonism results in 65% arc-perpendicular bulk crust shortening under a more or less plane strain condition. Mesozoic arc magmatism replaced ∼80% of this actively deforming arc crust with plutons requiring significantly greater crustal thickening. We suggest that by ∼85 Ma, the arc crust thickness was ∼80 km with a 30-km-thick arc root, resulting in a ∼5 km elevation. Most tectonic shortening and magma emplacement must be accommodated by downward displacements of crustal materials into growing crustal roots at the estimated downward transfer rate of 2-13 km/Myr. The downward transfer of crustal materials must occur in active magma channels, or in "escape channels" in between solidified plutons that decrease in size with time and depth resulting in an increase in the intensity of constrictional strain with depth. We argue that both tectonism and magmatism control the thickness of the crust and surface elevation with slight modification by surface erosion. The downward transported crustal materials initially fertilize the MASH zone thus enhancing to the generation of additional magmas. As the crustal root grows it may potentially pinch out and cool the mantle wedge and thus cause reduction of arc magmatism.

  11. Phylogeny, evolution and classification of gall wasps: the plot thickens.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fredrik Ronquist

    Full Text Available Gall wasps (Cynipidae represent the most spectacular radiation of gall-inducing insects. In addition to true gall formers, gall wasps also include phytophagous inquilines, which live inside the galls induced by gall wasps or other insects. Here we present the first comprehensive molecular and total-evidence analyses of higher-level gall wasp relationships. We studied more than 100 taxa representing a rich selection of outgroups and the majority of described cynipid genera outside the diverse oak gall wasps (Cynipini, which were more sparsely sampled. About 5 kb of nucleotide data from one mitochondrial (COI and four nuclear (28S, LWRh, EF1alpha F1, and EF1alpha F2 markers were analyzed separately and in combination with morphological and life-history data. According to previous morphology-based studies, gall wasps evolved in the Northern Hemisphere and were initially herb gallers. Inquilines originated once from gall inducers that lost the ability to initiate galls. Our results, albeit not conclusive, suggest a different scenario. The first gall wasps were more likely associated with woody host plants, and there must have been multiple origins of gall inducers, inquilines or both. One possibility is that gall inducers arose independently from inquilines in several lineages. Except for these surprising results, our analyses are largely consistent with previous studies. They confirm that gall wasps are conservative in their host-plant preferences, and that herb-galling lineages have radiated repeatedly onto the same set of unrelated host plants. We propose a revised classification of the family into twelve tribes, which are strongly supported as monophyletic across independent datasets. Four are new: Aulacideini, Phanacidini, Diastrophini and Ceroptresini. We present a key to the tribes and discuss their morphological and biological diversity. Until the relationships among the tribes are resolved, the origin and early evolution of gall wasps will

  12. Study of shear-thinning/thickening effects on plane Couette-Poiseuille flow with uniform crossflow

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘玉泉; 朱克勤


    The shear-thinning/thickening effects on the plane Couette-Poiseuille flow with a uniform crossflow are studied. The detailed solution procedures for both theo-retical and numerical purposes are given. In order to clarify the difference between the Newtonian flow and the power-law flow, all cases of the plane Couette-Poiseuille flows with uniform crossflows for different power indexes are assigned to the phase diagram in the parameter plane corresponding to the Couette number and the crossflow Reynolds number. The effects of shear-thinning/thickening on the phase diagram are discussed. An important feature of the shear-thinning circumstance distinguished from the shear-thickening circumstance is discovered.

  13. Method to manufacture the thickened electrolyte for primary galvanic current sources. [German patent

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Belyschev, L.L.; Chuvpilo, A.V.; Trizno, V.V.; Naumenko, V.A.; Penkova, L.F.; Gorochov, V.L.; Apirina, E.G.; Gantman, S.A.


    The method consists in mixing the aqueous solution of calcium chloride, zinc chloride and ammonium chloride with tannic acid and starch at room temperature and in allowing the obtained mixture to stand until the formation of the thickened electrolyte is of a viscosity sufficient for the cohesion of the electrolyte layer with the negative electrode of the primary cell. According to the invention, the mixture obtained is allowed to stand for a while necessary for the thickening of the electrolyte of 0.05 to 0.85kp/m/sup 2/ compressive strength. After the waiting time the thickened electrolyte is pressed through at least one casting filter at a rate of at least 0.05 m/s to obtain the sufficient viscosity to coat the electrolyte layer onto the negative electrode of the primary cell.

  14. ACE inhibition attenuates uremia-induced aortic valve thickening in a novel mouse model

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Simolin, Mikko A; Pedersen, Tanja X; Bro, Susanne;


    BACKGROUND: We examined whether impaired renal function causes thickening of the aortic valve leaflets in hyperlipidemic apoE-knockout (apoE-/-) mice, and whether the putative effect on the aortic valves could be prevented by inhibiting the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) with enalapril....... METHODS: Thickening of the aortic valve leaflets in apoE-/- mice was induced by producing mild or moderate chronic renal failure resulting from unilateral nephrectomy (1/2 NX, n = 18) or subtotal nephrectomy (5/6 NX, n = 22), respectively. Additionally, the 5/6 NX mice were randomized to no treatment (n...... treated with enalapril had significantly thinner leaflets than did the untreated 5/6 NX mice (P = 0.014). CONCLUSION: Moderate uremia causes thickening of the aortic valves in apoE-/- mice, which can be attenuated by ACE inhibition. The nephrectomized apoE-/- mouse constitutes a new model...

  15. Chyliform effusion without pleural thickening in a patient with rheumatoid arthritis: A case report

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Crina Muresan


    Full Text Available Pseudochylothorax, also known as chyliform effusion rich in cholesterol crystals, is a rare entity that sometimes occurs in long-standing rheumatoid arthritis (RA and is usually associated with thickened pleura. There have only been a few case reports in the literature on pseudochylothorax unassociated with pleural thickening and with a short duration of articular symptoms in patients with RA. We report the case of a 70-year-old male patient with a history of RA and heart failure due to severe aortic stenosis, who presented with signs and symptoms of decompensated heart failure due to a moderate right-sided pleural effusion that was consequently proved to be pseudochylothorax unassociated with pleural thickening on chest computed tomography (CT scan. The patient's outcome was favorable after thoracocentesis was carried out and leflunomide was added to the standard heart failure treatment.

  16. Effect of acid and temperature on the discontinuous shear thickening phenomenon of silica nanoparticle suspensions (United States)

    Li, Shuangbing; Wang, Jixiao; Cai, Wei; Zhao, Song; Wang, Zhi; Wang, Shichang


    The discontinuous shear thickening (DST) phenomenon of silica nanoparticle suspensions was investigated in this article. First, the non-aggregated silica nanoparticles were synthesized and characterized. The results indicate that the silica nanoparticles are spherical particles with a narrow size distribution with a diameter of approximately 90 nm. Next, the influence of nitric acid concentration and temperature on the DST phenomenon of shear thickening fluids (STFs) was investigated. The results indicate that the concentrated fluids with nitric acid concentration below 8.50 mmol/L and at a temperature below 40 °C exhibit a readily noticeable DST phenomenon.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shabaan Abd El-Satar El-Khabiry


    Full Text Available Galactomannan gum isolated from the seeds of sesbania was subjected to chemical modification via carboxymethylation in non-aqueous medium using monochloroacetic acid under the catalytic action of sodium hydroxide. The obtained derivatives were subjected to measuring the degrees of substitution (D.S., rheological properties of their pastes, and evaluated as thickeners in printing cotton fabrics with reactive dyes. Highly substituted derivatives could be used successfully as thickening agents in printing cotton fabrics either alone or in admixture with sodium alginate. Prints acquire soft handle, colour strength (K/S, and fastness properties nearly identical to corresponding samples that were printed using sodium alginate.

  18. Shear thickening in non-Brownian suspensions: an excluded volume effect

    CERN Document Server

    Picano, Francesco; Mitra, Dhrubaditya; Brandt, Luca


    Shear-thickening appears as an increase of the viscosity of a dense suspension with the shear rate, sometimes sudden and violent at high volume fraction. Its origin for non-colloidal suspension with non negligible inertial effects is still debated. Here we consider a simple shear flow and demonstrate that fluid inertia causes a strong microstructure anisotropy that results in the formation of a wake region with no relative flux of particles. We show that shear-thickening at finite inertia can be explained as an increase of the effective volume fraction when considering the dynamically excluded volume due to these wake regions.

  19. Using chitosan as a thickener for electrospinning dilute PVA solutions to improve fibre uniformity (United States)

    Lin, Tong; Fang, Jian; Wang, Hongxia; Cheng, Tong; Wang, Xungai


    Chitosan was added to PVA aqueous solutions as a thickener to improve the electrospinning process. The presence of a small amount of chitosan considerably improved the uniformity of as-spun nanofibres. This improvement is attributed to its significant effect on the solution viscosity and conductivity, with only a slight impact on the surface tension. The concentration of the PVA required to produce bead-free and uniform nanofibres was reduced with the increase in chitosan concentration. The chitosan thickener suppressed the jet break-up and facilitated the jet stretching so that fine and uniform fibres could be electrospun even from a dilute PVA solution.

  20. Using chitosan as a thickener for electrospinning dilute PVA solutions to improve fibre uniformity

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lin Tong; Fang Jian; Wang Hongxia; Cheng Tong; Wang Xungai [Centre for Material and Fibre Innovation, Faculty of Science and Technology, Deakin University, Geelong, VIC 3217 (Australia)


    Chitosan was added to PVA aqueous solutions as a thickener to improve the electrospinning process. The presence of a small amount of chitosan considerably improved the uniformity of as-spun nanofibres. This improvement is attributed to its significant effect on the solution viscosity and conductivity, with only a slight impact on the surface tension. The concentration of the PVA required to produce bead-free and uniform nanofibres was reduced with the increase in chitosan concentration. The chitosan thickener suppressed the jet break-up and facilitated the jet stretching so that fine and uniform fibres could be electrospun even from a dilute PVA solution.

  1. Production and Properties of a Thickener with Ability of Suspending Sand

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    QIN Bo-tao; WANG De-ming; LI Zeng-hua; CHEN jian-hua


    To overcome the shortcomings of pouring sands, a thickener with the ability to suspend sands was developed.It is mixed with sands to form densified slurry, and can insure the sands against deposition, jamming pipelines and dehydration. The chemical structure of the thickener is introduced in this paper and the production process is studied. The main processes include immersion, decomposition, dilution and addition of additives. In order to produce a thickener with high viscosity to suspend sands, key factors must be controlled in each process: the immersion time is 2 h; the mass fraction of formaldehyde is 0.01% and mass of NaCO3 accounts for 15% of dry material; the water temperature is 65 ℃ in summer and 72 ℃ in winter and the decomposition time is 2 h in the reaction; the densified decomposition solution should be diluted to 1% mass fraction; the additives of calcium ions and pH indicators must be added to the diluted liquid; the mass fraction of CaCl2 is 0.048% and the pH value of the solution is 7.5. The thickener is a gel with three-dimensional network structure, a liquid with non-Newtonian behaviour and the characteristics of pseudo-plastic material, a solution with little resistance and the ability to revive its oral primary viscosity. It has been successfully applied in Shendong Mines and has great value and wide-spread prospective use.

  2. Paste and thickened tailings technology and its applicability in oil sand tailings management

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Yuan, X.S.; Lahaie, R. [Syncrude Canada Ltd., Fort McMurray, AB (Canada)


    Tailings management practices can have a significant impact on overall oil sands mining operations. Paste and thickened tailings (P and TT) technology is an integrated engineering system that includes a thickener feed preparation process, type selection, and process; a flocculant selection and technology development; P and TT transport, deposition, and consolidation; and a strategy for re-using thickener overflow water and reducing impacts to the environment. This paper discussed developments of P and TT technology in relation to fine oil sands tailings. Practical applications of P and TT technology in the mineral industry were discussed, as well as recent research and development work conducted by Syncrude. Pilot programs currently being conducted to determine optimal thickener hydraulic and solids loading rates were discussed as well as the results of experiments conducted to determine flocculation and sedimentation processes. Thin-lift dry stacking technologies and containment methods were reviewed. Environmental considerations related to closure, residual bitumen, and warm water return and heat recovery were discussed. The study concluded by suggesting that a suite of technologies is needed to address the varying geographical, surface area, and mine progression challenges related to tailings management. 28 refs., 3 tabs., 10 figs.

  3. Effect of bacterial cellulose addition on physical properties of WPI emulsions. Comparison with common thickeners

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Paximada, P.; Koutinas, A.A.; Scholten, E.; Mandala, I.


    In this work, we investigated the role of bacterial cellulose (BC) as a cheaper alternative thickener in o/w emulsions properties compared to xanthan gum (XG) and locust bean gum (LBG) which are highly priced. Emulsions were prepared at pH 3.8 using whey protein isolate (WPI) (2–5% wt) and BC in var

  4. Oral medication delivery in impaired swallowing: thickening liquid medications for safe swallowing alters dissolution characteristics. (United States)

    Manrique, Yady J; Sparkes, Arron M; Cichero, Julie A Y; Stokes, Jason R; Nissen, Lisa M; Steadman, Kathryn J


    Acetaminophen (paracetamol) is available in a wide range of oral formulations designed to meet the needs of the population across the age-spectrum, but for people with impaired swallowing, i.e. dysphagia, both solid and liquid medications can be difficult to swallow without modification. The effect of a commercial polysaccharide thickener, designed to be added to fluids to promote safe swallowing by dysphagic patients, on rheology and acetaminophen dissolution was tested using crushed immediate-release tablets in water, effervescent tablets in water, elixir and suspension. The inclusion of the thickener, comprised of xanthan gum and maltodextrin, had a considerable impact on dissolution; acetaminophen release from modified medications reached 12-50% in 30 min, which did not reflect the pharmacopeia specification for immediate release preparations. Flow curves reflect the high zero-shear viscosity and the apparent yield stress of the thickened products. The weak gel nature, in combination with high G' values compared to G'' (viscoelasticity) and high apparent yield stress, impact drug release. The restriction on drug release from these formulations is not influenced by the theoretical state of the drug (dissolved or dispersed), and the approach typically used in clinical practice (mixing crushed tablets into pre-prepared thickened fluid) cannot be improved by altering the order of incorporation or mixing method.

  5. A case of Michelin tire baby syndrome with a thickened epiglottis. (United States)

    Samarin, Frank M; Baum, Eric D; Antaya, Richard J


    Multiple circumferential skin folds have been reported as part of the Michelin tire baby syndrome (MTBS). There has been a wide spectrum of associated clinical findings reported in children with MTBS. We report a case of MTBS associated with a thickened epiglottis.

  6. A hybrid molecular dynamics study on the non-Newtonian rheological behaviors of shear thickening fluid. (United States)

    Chen, Kaihui; Wang, Yu; Xuan, Shouhu; Gong, Xinglong


    To investigate the microstructural evolution dependency on the apparent viscosity in shear-thickening fluids (STFs), a hybrid mesoscale model combined with stochastic rotation dynamics (SRD) and molecular dynamics (MD) is used. Muller-Plathe reverse perturbation method is adopted to analyze the viscosities of STFs in a two-dimensional model. The characteristic of microstructural evolution of the colloidal suspensions under different shear rate is studied. The effect of diameter of colloidal particles and the phase volume fraction on the shear thickening behavior is investigated. Under low shear rate, the two-atom structure is formed, because of the strong particle attractions in adjacent layers. At higher shear rate, the synergetic pair structure extends to layered structure along flow direction because of the increasing hydrodynamics action. As the shear rate rises continuously, the layered structure rotates and collides with other particles, then turned to be individual particles under extension or curve string structure under compression. Finally, at the highest shear rate, the strings curve more severely and get into two-dimensional cluster. The apparent viscosity of the system changes from shear-thinning behavior to the shear-thickening behavior. This work presents valuable information for further understanding the shear thickening mechanism.

  7. Journal Article: Localized Pleural Thickening: Smoking and Exposure to Libby Vermiculite (United States)

    There is limited research on the combined effects of smoking and asbestos exposure on risk of localized pleural thickening (LPT). This analysis uses data from the Marysville cohort of workers occupationally exposed to Libby amphibole asbestos (LAA). Workers were interviewed to ...

  8. A simple empirical model for the clarification-thickening process in wastewater treatment plants. (United States)

    Zhang, Y K; Wang, H C; Qi, L; Liu, G H; He, Z J; Fan, H T


    In wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), activated sludge is thickened in secondary settling tanks and recycled into the biological reactor to maintain enough biomass for wastewater treatment. Accurately estimating the activated sludge concentration in the lower portion of the secondary clarifiers is of great importance for evaluating and controlling the sludge recycled ratio, ensuring smooth and efficient operation of the WWTP. By dividing the overall activated sludge-thickening curve into a hindered zone and a compression zone, an empirical model describing activated sludge thickening in the compression zone was obtained by empirical regression. This empirical model was developed through experiments conducted using sludge from five WWTPs, and validated by the measured data from a sixth WWTP, which fit the model well (R² = 0.98, p settling was also developed. Finally, the effects of denitrification and addition of a polymer were also analysed because of their effect on sludge thickening, which can be useful for WWTP operation, e.g., improving wastewater treatment or the proper use of the polymer.

  9. Vascular defense responses in rice: peroxidase accumulation in xylem parenchyma cells and xylem wall thickening (United States)

    Hilaire, E.; Young, S. A.; Willard, L. H.; McGee, J. D.; Sweat, T.; Chittoor, J. M.; Guikema, J. A.; Leach, J. E.


    The rice bacterial blight pathogen Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae is a vascular pathogen that elicits a defensive response through interaction with metabolically active rice cells. In leaves of 12-day-old rice seedlings, the exposed pit membrane separating the xylem lumen from the associated parenchyma cells allows contact with bacterial cells. During resistant responses, the xylem secondary walls thicken within 48 h and the pit diameter decreases, effectively reducing the area of pit membrane exposed for access by bacteria. In susceptible interactions and mock-inoculated controls, the xylem walls do not thicken within 48 h. Xylem secondary wall thickening is developmental and, in untreated 65-day-old rice plants, the size of the pit also is reduced. Activity and accumulation of a secreted cationic peroxidase, PO-C1, were previously shown to increase in xylem vessel walls and lumen. Peptide-specific antibodies and immunogold-labeling were used to demonstrate that PO-C1 is produced in the xylem parenchyma and secreted to the xylem lumen and walls. The timing of the accumulation is consistent with vessel secondary wall thickening. The PO-C1 gene is distinct but shares a high level of similarity with previously cloned pathogen-induced peroxidases in rice. PO-C1 gene expression was induced as early as 12 h during resistant interactions and peaked between 18 and 24 h after inoculation. Expression during susceptible interactions was lower than that observed in resistant interactions and was undetectable after infiltration with water, after mechanical wounding, or in mature leaves. These data are consistent with a role for vessel secondary wall thickening and peroxidase PO-C1 accumulation in the defense response in rice to X. oryzae pv. oryzae.

  10. Intramural hypoattenuated nodules in thickened wall of the gallbladder; CT features according to their primary causes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lee, Jun Hyung; Ha, Hyun Kwon; Lee, Jeong Hyun; Lee, Jean Hwa; Kim, Tae Kyoung; Kim, Pyo Nyun; Lee, Moon Gyu [Ulsan Univ. College of Medicine, Seoul (Korea, Republic of); Kim, Myung-Jin [Yonsei Univ. College of Medicine, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    According to published reports, a common feature of xanthogranulomatous cholecystitis is the presence of intramural hypoattenuated nodules in thickened gallbladder wall. These nodules can, however, also be seen in pathological conditions such as acute cholecystitis, hyperplastic cholecystoses (cholesterolosis and adenomyomatosis), gallbladder cancer, and other inflammatory diseases such as tuberculosis. Retrospective review of the abdominal CT findings in 622 patients who for various reasons underwent cholecystectomy during a one-year period showed that intramural nodules were present in 60. In this pictorial essay we illustrate the imaging features of the many different pathological conditions which give rise to intramural hypoattenuated nodules in thickened wall of the gallbladder, correlating these features with the histopathological findings.

  11. ARTICLES: Shear Thickening Fluids Based on Additives with Different Concentrations and Molecular Chain Lengths (United States)

    Xu, Yu-lei; Gong, Xing-long; Peng, Chao; Sun, Ying-qiang; Jiang, Wan-quan; Zhang, Zhong


    Shear thickening fluids (STFs) based on additives with different concentrations and molecular chain lengths were investigated. STF samples were prepared with silica and additive dispersed in polyethylene glycol (PEG) 400, where three types of additives with different molecular chain lengths of PEG4000, PEG6000, and PEG10000 were used. For PEG10000, different concentrations, including 0, 1%, 3%, and 5%, were selected to study the influences of additive concentrations. Rheological properties of the samples were measured with a rheometer. The results show that the shear thickening effect was significantly enhanced with the increase of the concentration and the molecular chain length of additives. The mechanism of enhancement was quantitatively explained with the formation of large particles clusters.

  12. Automatic airway-artery analysis on lung CT to quantify airway wall thickening and bronchiectasis

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Perez-Rovira, Adria; Kuo, Wieying; Petersen, Jens;


    area percentage (WAP), wall thickness ratio (WTR), and airway diameters. Results: The method was thoroughly evaluated using 8000 manual annotations of airway-artery pairs from 24 full-inspiration pediatric CT scans (12 diseased and 12 controls). Limits of agreement between the automatically...... and manually measured diameters were comparable to interobserver limits of agreement. Differences in automatically obtained WAR, AAR, WAP, and WTR between bronchiectatic subjects and controls were similar as when manual annotations were used: WAR and outer AAR were significantly higher in the bronchiectatic......Purpose: Bronchiectasis and airway wall thickening are commonly assessed in computed tomography (CT) by comparing the airway size with the size of the accompanying artery. Thus, in order to automate the quantification of bronchiectasis and wall thickening following a similar principle...

  13. Clinical consequences of asbestos-related diffuse pleural thickening: A review


    Sandrini Alessandra; Miles Susan E; Johnson Anthony R; Yates Deborah H


    Abstract Asbestos-related diffuse pleural thickening (DPT), or extensive fibrosis of the visceral pleura secondary to asbestos exposure, is increasingly common due to the large number of workers previously exposed to asbestos. It may coexist with asbestos related pleural plaques but has a distinctly different pathology. The pathogenesis of this condition as distinct from pleural plaques is gradually becoming understood. Generation of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species, profibrotic cytokines...

  14. A Look Behind the Salt Curve: An Examination of Thickening Mechanisms in Shampoo Formulations (United States)

    Penfield, Kevin


    Dynamic oscillatory rheological measurements are used to examine two mechanisms for thickening simple shampoo formulations. The salt curve, in which viscosity of a surfactant solution is maximized at intermediate levels of salt, is shown to be due to the variation in relaxation time; this is found to correlate with variation in the degree of entanglement per micelle. This is contrasted with the effect of PEG-150 distearate, which alters viscosity through a change in modulus.

  15. Breathability Characterization of Ballistic Fabrics, Including Shear Thickening Fluid-Treated Fabrics (United States)


    fabrics treated with STFs. STFs are materials that are flowable at low stress levels but transition to a solid-like state when subjected to higher...Treated Fabrics. Composites Science and Technology 2007, 67, 565–578. 4. Decker, M. J.; Egres, R. G.; Wetzel, E. D.; Wagner, N. J. Low Velocity...Ballistic Properties of Shear Thickening Fluid (Stf)-Fabric Composites . Proceedings of the 22nd International Symposium on Ballistics, Vancouver, BC

  16. Impacts of thickening unsaturated zone on groundwater recharge in the North China Plain (United States)

    Cao, Guoliang; Scanlon, Bridget R.; Han, Dongmei; Zheng, Chunmiao


    Unsustainable groundwater development shown by rapid groundwater depletion in the North China Plain (NCP) underscores the need to quantify spatiotemporal variability in groundwater recharge for improved management of the resource. The objective of this study was to assess spatiotemporal variability in recharge in response to thickening of the unsaturated zone in the NCP. Recharge was estimated by linking a soil water balance (SWB) model, on the basis of monthly meteorological data, irrigation applications, and soil moisture monitoring data (1993-2008), to the water table using a deep unsaturated zone flow model. The dynamic bottom boundary (water table) position was provided by the saturated zone flow component, which simulates regional pumping. The model results clearly indicate the effects of unsaturated zone thickening on both temporal distribution and magnitude of recharge: smoothing temporal variability in recharge, and increasing unsaturated storage and lag time between percolation and recharge. The thickening unsaturated zone can result in average recharge reduction of up to ∼70% in loam soils with water table declines ⩾30 m. Declining groundwater levels with irrigation sourced by groundwater converts percolation to unsaturated zone storage, averaging 14 mm equivalent water depth per year in mostly loam soil over the study period, accounting for ∼30% of the saturated groundwater storage depletion. This study demonstrates that, in thickening unsaturated zones, modeling approaches that directly equate deep drainage with recharge will overestimate the amount and underestimate the time lag between percolation and recharge, emphasizing the importance of more realistic simulation of the continuity of unsaturated and saturated storage to provide more reliable estimates of spatiotemporal variability in recharge.

  17. Soluble N-cadherin: A novel inhibitor of VSMC proliferation and intimal thickening. (United States)

    Lyon, Cressida A; Wadey, Kerry S; George, Sarah J


    Reoccurrence of symptoms occurs in 30-50% of coronary artery disease patients receiving vein grafts or bare-metal stents due to intimal thickening (restenosis). Restenosis is caused by vascular smooth muscle cell (VSMC) migration and proliferation. New therapeutic approaches that reduce VSMC migration and proliferation while promoting endothelial cell (EC) coverage are required. We assessed the effect of a soluble form of N-cadherin (SNC-Fc, a fusion of the extracellular portion of N-Cadherin to a mutated Fc fragment of IgG), a cell-cell junction molecule, on human saphenous VSMC proliferation and migration in vitro. We also assessed its effect on intimal thickening in a validated human ex vivo organ culture model. We observed that SNC-Fc significantly inhibited VSMC proliferation and to a lesser extent migration. The anti-proliferative effect of SNC-Fc was mediated by the interaction of SNC-Fc with the FGFR, rather than through inhibition of β-catenin signalling. SNC-Fc also significantly reduced intimal thickening by ~85% in the ex vivo organ culture model. SNC-Fc treatment inhibited proliferation of the intimal cells but did not affect migration. SNC-Fc reduced EC apoptosis, without detrimental effects on EC proliferation and migration in vitro. Importantly SNC-Fc increased EC coverage in the ex vivo model of intimal thickening. In conclusion, we suggest that SNC-Fc may have potential as an anti-proliferative therapeutic agent for reducing restenosis which has no detrimental effects on endothelial cells.

  18. Morphactin stimulates stem elongation and thickening in decapitated shoots of Bryophyllum calycinum Salisb.


    Kensuke Miyamoto; Agnieszka Marasek-Ciołakowska; Justyna Góraj; Elżbieta Węgrzynowicz-Lesiak; Junichi Ueda; Marian Saniewski


    Morphactin, methyl 2-chloro-9-hydroxyfluorene-9-carboxylate (IT 3456), is a synthetic growth regulator with a unique action affecting various morphogenetic and physiological processes in plants, and has been characterized as a specific inhibitor of auxin polar transport. Morphactin applied at the last internode in decapitated shoots of Bryophyllum calycinum substantially stimulated elongation and thickening of the internode. Benzyladenine applied alone little affected stem elongation and thic...

  19. Clinical consequences of asbestos-related diffuse pleural thickening: A review

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sandrini Alessandra


    Full Text Available Abstract Asbestos-related diffuse pleural thickening (DPT, or extensive fibrosis of the visceral pleura secondary to asbestos exposure, is increasingly common due to the large number of workers previously exposed to asbestos. It may coexist with asbestos related pleural plaques but has a distinctly different pathology. The pathogenesis of this condition as distinct from pleural plaques is gradually becoming understood. Generation of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species, profibrotic cytokines and growth factors in response to asbestos is likely to play a role in the formation of a fibrinous intrapleural matrix. Benign asbestos related pleural effusions commonly antedate the development of diffuse pleural thickening. Environmental as well as occupational exposure to asbestos may also result in pleural fibrosis, particularly in geographic areas with naturally occurring asbestiform soil minerals. Pleural disorders may also occur after household exposure. High resolution computed tomography (CT is more sensitive and specific than chest radiography for the diagnosis of diffuse pleural thickening, and several classification systems for asbestos-related disorders have been devised. Magnetic resonance imaging and fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography (PET scanning may be useful in distinguishing between DPT and malignant mesothelioma. DPT may be associated with symptoms such as dyspnoea and chest pain. It causes a restrictive defect on lung function and may rarely result in respiratory failure and death. Treatment is primarily supportive.

  20. Axillary bud and pericycle involved in the thickening process of the rhizophore nodes in Smilax species

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    B Appezzato-da-Glória

    Full Text Available AbstractThe species of the genus Smilax, popularly known as sarsaparilla, are widely used in folk medicine due to the antirheumatic properties of its underground structures. Smilax fluminensis and S. syphilitica occur in forested areas and form thickened stems called rhizophores from which adventitious roots grow. To provide information for more accurate identification of the commercialised product and for elucidating the process of stem thickening, a morphology and anatomy study of the underground organs of the two species was conducted. The adventitious roots differ in colour and diameter depending on the stage of development. They are white and have a larger diameter in the early stages of development, but as they grow, the adventitious roots become brown and have a smaller diameter due to the disintegration of the epidermis and virtually the entire cortex. In brown roots, the covering function is then performed by the lignified endodermis and the remaining walls of the cells from the last parenchyma cortical layer. These results are similar to those found in studies of other Smilax and suggest that the anatomy of the roots can be useful for identifying fraud in commercialised materials. The thickening process of the nodal regions of the rhizophores in both species involves the activity of axillary buds and pericyclic layers.

  1. Axillary bud and pericycle involved in the thickening process of the rhizophore nodes in Smilax species. (United States)

    Appezzato-da-Glória, B; Silva, J M; Soares, M K M; Soares, A N; Martins, A R


    The species of the genus Smilax, popularly known as sarsaparilla, are widely used in folk medicine due to the antirheumatic properties of its underground structures. Smilax fluminensis and S. syphilitica occur in forested areas and form thickened stems called rhizophores from which adventitious roots grow. To provide information for more accurate identification of the commercialised product and for elucidating the process of stem thickening, a morphology and anatomy study of the underground organs of the two species was conducted. The adventitious roots differ in colour and diameter depending on the stage of development. They are white and have a larger diameter in the early stages of development, but as they grow, the adventitious roots become brown and have a smaller diameter due to the disintegration of the epidermis and virtually the entire cortex. In brown roots, the covering function is then performed by the lignified endodermis and the remaining walls of the cells from the last parenchyma cortical layer. These results are similar to those found in studies of other Smilax and suggest that the anatomy of the roots can be useful for identifying fraud in commercialised materials. The thickening process of the nodal regions of the rhizophores in both species involves the activity of axillary buds and pericyclic layers.

  2. Investigation on Impact Strength Properties of Kevlar Fabric using Different Shear Thickening Fluid Composition

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R. Joselin


    Full Text Available Great interest has aroused in developing high impact resistant fabrics based on the incorporation of a shear thickening fluid (STF into high performance fabrics (Kevlar. This work developed a shear thickening fluid enhanced fabrics and the influence of the shear thickening fluid types against spike impact and the impact resistance performance were investigated. Silica nano-particle impregnated Kevlar fabrics exhibit significantly enhanced ballistic performance while retaining flexibility. It was found that fabrics impregnated with functionalized nanoparticles offer multiple resistance to the penetration of a sharp impactor. The improvement in protection is traced by the formation of siloxane bonds during functionalization. It exhibits significant improvement in shear stiffness and aslight increase in tensile stiffness. The impact strength properties of all samples were tested using impact testingand quasi-static testing apparatuses. Chemical compositions and microscopic structures were analyzed with Fouriertransform infrared spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy. The current study clearly displays a significant enhancement in penetration resistance of Kevlar fabric impregnated with different combination of STF’s.Defence Science Journal, Vol. 64, No. 3, May 2014, pp. 236-243, DOI: /10.14429/dsj.64.7322

  3. PET and MRI for the evaluation of regional myocardial perfusion and wall thickening after myocardial infarction

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Slart, Riemer H.J.A.; Golestani, Reza; Glaudemans, Andor W.J.M. [University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen, Department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, Hanzeplein 1, P.O. Box 30001, Groningen (Netherlands); Glauche, Julius; Jansen, Jan W. [University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen, Department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, Hanzeplein 1, P.O. Box 30001, Groningen (Netherlands); University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen, Department of Cardiology, Groningen (Netherlands); Zeebregts, Clark J. [University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen, Department of Surgery, Division of Vascular Surgery, Groningen (Netherlands); Dierckx, Rudi A.J.O. [University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen, Department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, Hanzeplein 1, P.O. Box 30001, Groningen (Netherlands); Ghent University Hospital, Department of Nuclear Medicine, Ghent (Belgium); Oudkerk, Matthijs; Willems, Tineke P. [University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen, Department of Radiology, Groningen (Netherlands); Boersma, Hendrikus H. [University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen, Department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, Hanzeplein 1, P.O. Box 30001, Groningen (Netherlands); University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen, Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy, Groningen (Netherlands); Tio, Rene A. [University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen, Department of Cardiology, Groningen (Netherlands)


    Deterioration of left ventricular (LV) function after myocardial infarction (MI) is a major cause of heart failure. Myocardial perfusion performance may play an important role in deterioration or improvement in LV function after MI. The aim of this study was to evaluate the myocardial perfusion reserve (MPR) and stress perfusion in deteriorating and non-deteriorating LV segments in patients after MI by PET and MRI, respectively. Regional wall thickening of 352 segments in 22 patients was assessed at 4 and 24 months after MI by cardiac MRI. PET was performed to evaluate MPR and adenosine stress {sup 13}N-ammonia perfusion 24 months after MI. Segments were divided into four groups according to deterioration or improvement in wall thickening. Normal functional segments at 4 months after MI that remained stable had a significantly higher mean MPR and mean stress perfusion PET value than deteriorated segments (p < 0.001). Furthermore, dysfunctional segments that improved had a significantly higher mean stress perfusion PET value than dysfunctional segments that remained dysfunctional (p < 0.001). This study demonstrated the additional value of myocardial perfusion assessment in relation to the functional integrity of the injured myocardium. Segmental functional LV improvement after MI was associated with better regional myocardial perfusion characteristics. Furthermore, the amount of wall thickening reduction was associated with regional myocardial perfusion abnormalities in patients after MI. (orig.)

  4. Synthesis, processing and characterization of shear thickening fluid (STF) impregnated fabric composites

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hassan, Tarig A. [Center for Advanced Materials (T-CAM), Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, AL 36088 (United States); Rangari, Vijay K., E-mail: [Center for Advanced Materials (T-CAM), Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, AL 36088 (United States); Jeelani, Shaik [Center for Advanced Materials (T-CAM), Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, AL 36088 (United States)


    Shear thickening is a non-Newtonian fluid behavior defined as the increase of viscosity with the increase in the applied shear rate. The shear thickening fluid (STF) is a combination of hard metal oxide particles suspended in a liquid polymer. This mixture of flowable and hard components at a particular composition, results in a material with remarkable properties. In this manuscript the shear thickening fluid (STF) was prepared by ultrasound irradiation of silica nanoparticles dispersed in liquid polyethylene glycol polymer. The as-prepared STFs have been tested for their rheological and thermal properties. Kevlar and Nylon fabrics were soaked in STF/ethanol solution to make STF/fabric composite. Knife threats and quasistatic penetration tests were performed on the neat fabrics and STF/fabric composite targets for both engineered spike and knife on areal density basis. The results showed that STF impregnated fabrics have better penetration resistance as compared to neat fabrics without affecting the fabric flexibility. This indicates that the addition of STF to the fabric have enhanced the fabric performance and can be used in liquid body armor applications.

  5. Numerical simulation of flocculation and settling behavior of whole-tailings particles in deep-cone thickener

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    RUAN Zhu-en; LI Cui-ping; SHI Cong


    Rapid dewatering and thickening of whole-tailings with ultrafine particles is one of the most important processes for the whole-tailings paste preparation. Deep-cone thickener, a kind of such process for the flocculation and settling of whole-tailings, is particularly necessary to study. However, there exist many problems in observing the flocculation and settling process of whole-tailings, as well as the particle size distribution (PSD) of whole-tailings floccules in deep-cone thickener. Population balance model (PBM) is applied to predict the PSD in deep-cone thickener, and LUO model and GHADIRI model are employed to study the aggregation and fragmentation mechanism of the whole-tailings particles, respectively. Through three-dimensional numerical simulation on the whole-tailings flocculation and settling in deep-cone thickener using computational fluid dynamics (CFD)-PBM, the distribution of density and turbulent kinetic energy in deep-cone thickener were obtained, at the same time the spatio-temporal changes of whole-tailings floccules particle size distribution are analyzed. Finally, the major flocculation position in deep-cone thickener is found and the flocculation settling rules of whole-tailings are achieved.

  6. Transcriptome profiling of taproot reveals complex regulatory networks during taproot thickening in radish (Raphanus sativus L.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rugang Yu


    Full Text Available Radish (Raphanus sativus L., is one of the most important vegetable crops worldwide. Taproot thickening represents a critical developmental period that determines yield and quality in radish life cycle. To isolate differentially expressed genes (DGEs involved in radish taproot thickening process and explored the molecular mechanism in underlying taproot development, three cDNA libraries from radish taproot collected at pre-cortex splitting stage (L1, cortex splitting stage (L2 and expanding stage (L3 were constructed and sequenced by RNA-Seq technology. More than seven million clean reads were obtained from the three libraries, respectively, from which 4,717,617 (L1, 65.35%, 4,809,588 (L2, 68.24% and 4,973,745 (L3, 69.45% reads were matched to the radish reference genes. A total of 85,939 transcripts were generated from three libraries, from which 10,450, 12,325 and 7,392 differentially expressed transcripts (DETs were detected in L1 vs. L2, L1 vs. L3, and L2 vs. L3 comparisons, respectively. Gene Ontology and pathway analysis showed that many DEGs, including EXPA9, Cyclin, CaM, Syntaxin, MADS-box, SAUR and CalS were involved in cell events, cell wall modification, regulation of plant hormone levels, signal transduction and metabolisms, which may relate to taproot thickening. Furthermore, the integrated analysis of mRNA-miRNA revealed that 43 miRNAs and 92 genes that formed 114 miRNA-target mRNA pairs were co-expressed, and three miRNA-target regulatory networks of taproot were constructed from different libraries. Finally, the expression patterns of 16 selected genes were confirmed using RT-qPCR analysis. A hypothetical model of genetic regulatory network associated with taproot thickening in radish was put forward. The taproot formation of radish is mainly contributed to cell differentiation, division and expansion, which are regulated and promoted by certain specific signal transduction pathways and metabolism possesses. These results could

  7. Inexpensive CO2 Thickening Agents for Improved Mobility Control of CO2 Floods

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Robert Enick; Eric Beckman; Andrew Hamilton


    The objective of this research was the design, synthesis and evaluation of inexpensive, non-fluorous carbon dioxide thickening agents. We followed the same strategy employed in the design of fluorinated CO{sub 2} polymeric thickeners. First, a highly CO{sub 2}-philic, hydrocarbon-based monomer was to be identified. Polymers or oligomers of this monomer were then synthesized. The second step was to design a CO{sub 2}-thickener based on these CO{sub 2}-philic polymers. Two types of thickeners were considered. The first was a copolymer in which the CO{sub 2}-philic monomer was combined with a small proportion of CO{sub 2}-phobic associating groups that could cause viscosity-enhancing intermolecular interactions to occur. The second was a small hydrogen-bonding compound with urea groups in the core to promote intermolecular interactions that would cause the molecules to 'stack' in solution while the arms were composed of the CO{sub 2}-philic oligomers. Although we were not able to develop a viable thickener that exhibited high enough CO{sub 2} solubility at EOR MMP conditions to induce a viscosity increase, we made significant progress in our understanding of CO{sub 2}-soluble compounds that can be used in subsequent studies to design CO{sub 2}-soluble thickeners or CO{sub 2}-soluble surfactant-based foaming agents. These findings are detailed in this final report. In summary, we assessed many polymers and verified that the most CO{sub 2}-soluble oxygenated hydrocarbon polymer is poly(vinyl acetate), PVAc. This is primarily due to the presence of both ether and carbonyl oxygens associated with acetate-rich compounds. In addition to polymers, we also made small acetate-rich molecules that were also capable of associating in solution via the inclusion of hydrogen-bonding groups in hopes of forming viscosity-enhancing macromolecules. Despite the presence of multiple acetate groups in these compounds, which can impart incredible CO{sub 2}-solubility to many

  8. Effect of microwave pre-treatment of thickened waste activated sludge on biogas production from co-digestion of organic fraction of municipal solid waste, thickened waste activated sludge and municipal sludge. (United States)

    Ara, E; Sartaj, M; Kennedy, K


    Anaerobic co-digestion of organic fraction of municipal solid waste, with thickened waste activated sludge and primary sludge has the potential to enhance biodegradation of solid waste, increase longevity of existing landfills and lead to more sustainable development by improving waste to energy production. This study reports on mesophilic batch and continuous studies using different concentrations and combinations (ratios) of organic fraction of municipal solid waste, thickened waste activated sludge (microwave pre-treated and untreated) and primary sludge to assess the potential for improved biodegradability and specific biogas production. Improvements in specific biogas production for batch assays, with concomitant improvements in total chemical oxygen demand and volatile solid removal, were obtained with organic fraction of municipal solid waste:thickened waste activated sludge:primary sludge mixtures at a ratio of 50:25:25 (with and without thickened waste activated sludge microwave pre-treatment). This combination was used for continuous digester studies. At 15 d hydraulic retention times, the co-digestion of organic fraction of municipal solid waste:organic fraction of municipal solid waste:primary sludge and organic fraction of municipal solid waste:thickened waste activated sludge microwave:primary sludge resulted in a 1.38- and 1.46-fold increase in biogas production and concomitant waste stabilisation when compared with thickened waste activated sludge:primary sludge (50:50) and thickened waste activated sludge microwave:primary sludge (50:50) digestion at the same hydraulic retention times and volumetric volatile solid loading rate, respectively. The digestion of organic fraction of municipal solid waste with primary sludge and thickened waste activated sludge provides beneficial effects that could be implemented at municipal wastewater treatment plants that are operating at loading rates of less than design capacity.

  9. Association between Periodontal Bone Loss and Mucosal Thickening of the Maxillary Sinus Using Cone Beam Computed Tomography

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    F Ezzadini ardekani


    Conclusions: Sinus mucosal thickening was a common radiographic finding, which was more likely to be observed in males with older age and periapical lesions significantly increased the thickness of the maxillary sinus.

  10. Finger Thickening during Extra-Heavy Oil Waterflooding: Simulation and Interpretation Using Pore-Scale Modelling (United States)

    Bondino, Igor; Hamon, Gerald


    Although thermal methods have been popular and successfully applied in heavy oil recovery, they are often found to be uneconomic or impractical. Therefore, alternative production protocols are being actively pursued and interesting options include water injection and polymer flooding. Indeed, such techniques have been successfully tested in recent laboratory investigations, where X-ray scans performed on homogeneous rock slabs during water flooding experiments have shown evidence of an interesting new phenomenon–post-breakthrough, highly dendritic water fingers have been observed to thicken and coalesce, forming braided water channels that improve sweep efficiency. However, these experimental studies involve displacement mechanisms that are still poorly understood, and so the optimization of this process for eventual field application is still somewhat problematic. Ideally, a combination of two-phase flow experiments and simulations should be put in place to help understand this process more fully. To this end, a fully dynamic network model is described and used to investigate finger thickening during water flooding of extra-heavy oils. The displacement physics has been implemented at the pore scale and this is followed by a successful benchmarking exercise of the numerical simulations against the groundbreaking micromodel experiments reported by Lenormand and co-workers in the 1980s. A range of slab-scale simulations has also been carried out and compared with the corresponding experimental observations. We show that the model is able to replicate finger architectures similar to those observed in the experiments and go on to reproduce and interpret, for the first time to our knowledge, finger thickening following water breakthrough. We note that this phenomenon has been observed here in homogeneous (i.e. un-fractured) media: the presence of fractures could be expected to exacerbate such fingering still further. Finally, we examine the impact of several system


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available ABSTRACT: Here, we report a fifty six year old male patient wit h intrathoracic incarceration and perforation of the stomach on the left side of t he diaphragmatic defect resulting as empyema and a late sequelae of barium induced pleural thickening where decortication was performed. It is not usual, without a history of tra uma patient developing acquired Bochdalek hernia with empyema as seen in our case. Anaesthetic management was successful in the repair of acquired Bochdalek hernia during the first surge ry and decortication of the lung during the second surgery in our patient

  12. Two unusual causes of pituitary stalk thickening in children without clinical features of diabetes insipidus

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Andronikou, Savvas; Furlan, Gisella; Fieggen, Anthony G.; Wilmshurst, Jo [Department of Paediatric Neuroradiology, University of Cape Town, Klipfontein Road, 7700, Rondebosch, Cape Town (South Africa); Cross War Memorial Children' s Hospital, University of Cape Town, Klipfontein Road, 7700, Rondebosch, Cape Town (South Africa); School of Child and Adolescent Health, University of Cape Town, Klipfontein Road, 7700, Rondebosch, Cape Town (South Africa)


    Pituitary stalk thickening has a wide differential diagnosis, but almost all infundibular diseases present with diabetes insipidus (DI). We present a child with metastatic involvement of the pituitary stalk from a primary pontine tumour and a child with tuberculous infiltration of the pituitary stalk and associated meningeal inflammation. Neither child presented with DI. Even though both metastatic disease and tuberculous infiltration of the stalk have been reported in adults, these are the first reports with accompanying cross-sectional images of pituitary stalk involvement by these diseases in children. (orig.)

  13. Ectopic eruption of maxillary central incisor through abnormally thickened labial frenum: An unusual presentation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Neeraj Gugnani


    Full Text Available Ectopic eruption is a deviation from the normal eruption pattern, making the tooth erupt out of its normal position, and possibly causing resorption of adjacent primary teeth. A wide range of etiological factors may be responsible for ectopic eruption of the teeth, so their management depends on the correction of the established etiological factor. The present case report describes an unusual case of ectopically erupted central incisor encased within an abnormally thickened labial frenum, which was treated by orthodontic repositioning of the ectopically erupting tooth after frenectomy.

  14. Ectopic eruption of maxillary central incisor through abnormally thickened labial frenum: An unusual presentation. (United States)

    Gugnani, Neeraj; Pandit, I K; Gupta, Monika; Gugnani, Shalini; Vishnoi, Ashmi; Sabharwal, Ozasvita; Manhas, Swati


    Ectopic eruption is a deviation from the normal eruption pattern, making the tooth erupt out of its normal position, and possibly causing resorption of adjacent primary teeth. A wide range of etiological factors may be responsible for ectopic eruption of the teeth, so their management depends on the correction of the established etiological factor. The present case report describes an unusual case of ectopically erupted central incisor encased within an abnormally thickened labial frenum, which was treated by orthodontic repositioning of the ectopically erupting tooth after frenectomy.

  15. Steady flow for shear thickening fluids in domains with unbounded sections (United States)

    Dias, Gilberlandio J.


    We solve the stationary Stokes and Navier-Stokes equations for non-Newtonian incompressible fluids with shear dependent viscosity in domains with outlets containing unbounded cross sections, in the case of shear thickening viscosity. The flux assumes arbitrary given values and the growth of the cross sections are analyzed under different convergence hypotheses, inclusive the growth of Dirichlet's integral of the velocity field is deeply related the convergence hypotheses of such sections. We extend the results of the section 4 of [12, Ladyzhenskaya and Solonnikov] (for Newtonian fluids) to non-Newtonian fluids using the techniques found in [3, Dias and Santos].

  16. It's Alive! Spontaneous Motion of Shear Thickening Fluids Floating on the Air-Water Interface

    CERN Document Server

    Khandavalli, Sunilkumar; Rothstein, Jonathan P


    In this fluid dynamics video, we show the spontaneous random motion of thin filaments of a shear-thickening colloidal dispersions floating on the surface of water. The fluid is a dispersion of fumed silica nanoparticles in a low molecular weight polypropylene glycol (PPG) solvent. No external field or force is applied. The observed motion is driven by strong surface tension gradients as the polypropylene glycol slowly diffuses from from the filaments into water, resulting in the observed Marangoni flow. The motion is exaggerated by the thin filament constructs by the attractive interactions between silica nanoparticles and the PPG.

  17. Cure Reaction Kinetics of Low Pressure Sheet Molding Compound System Thickened by Crystalline Polymer

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    QIN Yan; LIU Haihua; HUANG Zhixiong; MEI Qilin


    Several kinetic models for unsaturated polyester cure reaction and some existing parameter estimation techniques of these models were introduced. Correlated kinetic parameters and kinetic equations of the autocatalytic empirical kinetic model of LPSMC system were determined by using isothermal DSC to scan the system which was thickened by crystalline polymer (PEG-MAH). Through using a serial curing degree of the system to validate the model, the experimental results were basically identical with the predictions of the autocatalytic empirical kinetic model. This model could provide a theoretical reference to the determination of molding techniques of low pressure SMC.

  18. Radiological Study of Maxillary Sinus using CBCT: Relationship between Mucosal Thickening and Common Anatomic Variants in Chronic Rhinosinusitis (United States)

    Gatti, Patrizia


    Introduction Inflammatory diseases of the maxillary sinus favour the thickening of the sinus mucosa. Therefore, it might be possible to establish a radiological, pathological threshold of mucosal thickening. Furthermore, there is an association between common anatomic variants of the nose and maxillary mucosal thickening. Aim To define the pathological thickening of maxillary sinus mucosa and its association with the presence of common anatomic variants (concha bullosa, Haller’s cell and accessory maxillary ostium). Materials and Methods From March 2014 to February 2016, Two hundred patients underwent Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) of the paranasal sinus. We conducted this retrospective study of total 70 patients, 34 patients i.e., a total of 68 meatus-maxillary units (study group - those affected by Chronic Rhinosinusitis (CRS) and another 36 patients i.e., a total of 72 meatus maxillary units (control group - without symptoms of CRS). We assessed the degree of thickening of the sinus mucosa distinguishing between ≥ 2mm or ≤ 2mm, than we analysed the behaviour of the thickness in the study group and in the control group. Chi-Square test was used to compare mucosal thickening between study and control group and the presence of some common anatomic variants or closure of maxillary ostium. Results In the study group we observed a clear association between maxillary mucosal thickening ≥ 2mm and CRS (p<0.01). We however, observed no association between the presence of common anatomic variations and thickening of the maxillary mucosa and between the presence of common anatomic variations and the study group. Instead, using a binary logistic regression, we observed a significant association (p<0.01) between closure of natural ostium of the maxillary sinus and mucosal thickening or between closure of natural ostium and study group. Conclusion We believe that a thickening of the maxillary mucosa ≥ 2mm and closure of natural maxillary ostium are

  19. Thickening of the cauda equina roots: a common finding in Krabbe disease

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hwang, Misun; Rodriguez, David [Department of Radiology of University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA (United States); Zuccoli, Giulio; Panigrahy, Ashok [Section of Neuroradiology, Children' s Hospital of Pittsburgh of University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA (United States); Poe, Michele D.; Escolar, Maria L. [Department of Pediatrics at Children' s Hospital of Pittsburgh of University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA (United States)


    Evaluation of Krabbe disease burden and eligibility for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation are often based on neuroimaging findings using the modified Loes scoring system, which encompasses central but not peripheral nervous system changes. We show that quantitative evaluation of thickened cauda equina nerve roots may improve the evaluation of Krabbe disease and therapeutic guidance. Lumbar spine MRI scans of patients obtained between March 2013 and September 2013 were retrospectively evaluated and compared to those of controls. Quantitative evaluation of cauda equina roots was performed on the axial plane obtained approximately 5 mm below the conus medullaris. The largest nerves in the right and left anterior quadrants of the spinal canal were acquired. Fifteen symptomatic patients with Krabbe disease (5-44 months old) and eleven age-matched controls were evaluated. The average areas (mm{sup 2}) of anterior right and left nerves were 1.40 and 1.23, respectively, for patients and 0.61 and 0.60 for controls (differences: 0.79 and 0.63; p < 0.001). Cauda equina nerve root thickening is associated with Krabbe disease in both treated and untreated patients. Adding lumbar spine MRI to the current neurodiagnostic protocols, which fails to account for peripheral nerve abnormalities, will likely facilitate the diagnosis of Krabbe disease. (orig.)

  20. Intimal thickening of coronary arteries in the rabbitfish, Chimaera monstrosa L. (Chondrichthyes: Holocephali). (United States)

    Durán, A C; Rodríguez, C; Gil de Sola, L; Fernández, B; Arqué, J M; Sans-Coma, V


    This study is the first to report the occurrence of intimal thickening of coronary arteries in a holocephalan, namely the rabbitfish, Chimaera monstrosa. The sample studied consisted of five hearts from rabbitfish with body weights ranging between 12 g and 1116 g. The specimens were fixed in formalin, in methanol:acetone:water (MAW), or in paraformaldehyde and were examined by brightfield and polarization light microscopy. Coronary arteries from three larger animals displayed focal intimal thickenings, which were located in the left main coronary artery trunk, at the level of the cono-ventricular junction, and in several intramyocardial ventricular arteries. The vascular changes were characterized by myointimal proliferation, breakage or absence of the inner elastic lamina, and, in one case, by increased collagen within the myointimal proliferation. Taking into account the severity of the coronary arterial changes, their location, and the body weight of the affected animals, we conclude that (1) these changes are age-related in the rabbitfish and (2) local intense mechanical tension seems to be an important factor in their formation in this species.

  1. Lack of Young Subsidence in the East Tibetan Foreland: Implications for Crustal Thickening Processes at Depth (United States)

    Royden, L. H.; Burchfiel, B. C.


    The Wenchuan earthquake of May 12, 2008 occurred on a west-dipping reverse fault (with a pronounced right-slip component) located along the steep eastern edge of the Tibetan plateau. It has been suggested that thrust faulting here may not be indicative of large-scale shortening and thickening of the upper crust, but may rather be an expression of vertical uplift of the upper crust, with minor shortening. This interpretation is compatible with the lack of young flexural subsidence in the Sichuan foreland provided that the flexurally competent layers of the Sichuan foreland lithosphere are loaded from below, or internally, by thickening crustal domains deep within the mid or lower crust of the eastern plateau, rather than from above, by emplacement of thrust sheets at shallow crustal levels onto the flexurally competent layer of the foreland. This interpretation reconciles gravity anomalies across the plateau margin, the young age of the high topography of eastern Tibet, and the old age of the Sichuan basin with the lack of Cenozoic flexural subsidence in the Sichuan foreland. A similar lack of asymmetric foreland subsidence is also present along the northeastern margin of the Tibetan plateau where it abuts the (southeastern) Tarim Basin, suggesting that a similar mechanism may operate here.

  2. Occult Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis Presenting with Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma, a Thickened Pituitary Stalk and Diabetes Insipidus (United States)


    Etiologies of a thickened stalk include inflammatory, neoplastic, and idiopathic origins, and the underlying diagnosis may remain occult. We report a patient with a thickened pituitary stalk (TPS) and papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC) whose diagnosis remained obscure until a skin lesion appeared. The patient presented with PTC, status postthyroidectomy, and I131 therapy. PTC molecular testing revealed BRAF mutant (V600E, GTC>GAG). She had a 5-year history of polyuria/polydipsia. Overnight dehydration study confirmed diabetes insipidus (DI). MRI revealed TPS with loss of the posterior pituitary bright spot. Evaluation showed hypogonadotropic hypogonadism and low IGF-1. Chest X-ray and ACE levels were normal. Radiographs to evaluate for extrapituitary sites of Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH) were unremarkable. Germinoma studies were negative: normal serum and CSF beta-hCG, alpha-fetoprotein, and CEA. Three years later, the patient developed vulvar labial lesions followed by inguinal region skin lesions, biopsy of which revealed LCH. Reanalysis of thyroid pathology was consistent with concurrent LCH, PTC, and Hashimoto's thyroiditis within the thyroid. This case illustrates that one must be vigilant for extrapituitary manifestations of systemic diseases to diagnose the etiology of TPS. An activating mutation of the protooncogene BRAF is a potential unifying etiology of both PTC and LCH. PMID:27656301

  3. Origin of shear thickening in semidilute wormlike micellar solutions and evidence of elastic turbulence

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Marín-Santibáñez, Benjamín M. [Escuela Superior de Ingeniería Química e Industrias Extractivas, Instituto Politécnico Nacional, U.P.A.L.M. C.P. 07738, Col. S. P. Zacatenco, Del. Gustavo A. Madero, Mexico D.F. (Mexico); Pérez-González, José, E-mail: [Laboratorio de Reología y Física de la Matería Blanda, Escuela Superior de Física y Matemáticas, Instituto Politécnico Nacional, U.P.A.L.M. C.P. 07730, Col. S. P. Zacatenco, Del. Gustavo A. Madero, Mexico D.F. (Mexico); Rodríguez-González, Francisco [Departamento de Biotecnología, Centro de Desarrollo de Productos Bióticos, Instituto Politécnico Nacional, C.P. 62731, Col. San Isidro, Yautepec, Morelos (Mexico)


    The origin of shear thickening in an equimolar semidilute wormlike micellar solution of cetylpyridinium chloride and sodium salicylate was investigated in this work by using Couette rheometry, flow visualization, and capillary Rheo-particle image velocimetry. The use of the combined methods allowed the discovery of gradient shear banding flow occurring from a critical shear stress and consisting of two main bands, one isotropic (transparent) of high viscosity and one structured (turbid) of low viscosity. Mechanical rheometry indicated macroscopic shear thinning behavior in the shear banding regime. However, local velocimetry showed that the turbid band increased its viscosity along with the shear stress, even though barely reached the value of the viscosity of the isotropic phase. This shear band is the precursor of shear induced structures that subsequently give rise to the average increase in viscosity or apparent shear thickening of the solution. Further increase in the shear stress promoted the growing of the turbid band across the flow region and led to destabilization of the shear banding flow independently of the type of rheometer used, as well as to vorticity banding in Couette flow. At last, vorticity banding disappeared and the flow developed elastic turbulence with chaotic dynamics.

  4. Turbulent mixing and a generalized phase transition in shear-thickening fluids

    CERN Document Server

    Baumert, Helmut Z


    This paper presents a new theory of turbulent mixing in stirred reactors. The degree of homogeneity of a mixed fluid may be characterized by the Kolmogorov micro-scale. The smaller its value, the better homogeneity. The micro-scale scales inversely with the fourth root of the energy dissipation rate in the stirring process. The higher this rate, the smaller lambda, and the better the homogeneity in the reactor. This is true for Newtonian fluids. In non-Newtonian fluids the situation is different. For instance, in shear-thickening fluids it is plausible that high shear rates thicken the fluid and might strangle the mixing. The internal interactions between different fluid-mechanical and colloidal variables are subtle, namely due to the (until recently) very limited understanding of turbulence. Starting from a qualitatively new turbulence theory for inviscid fluids [Baumert, 2013], giving e.g. the Karman constant as $(2\\pi)^{-1/2} = 0.40$ [the super-pipe in Princeton gave 0.40 p/m 0.02, Bailey et al., 2014], we...

  5. 3D quantitative visualization of altered LV wall thickening dynamics caused by coronary microembolization (United States)

    Eusemann, Christian D.; Mohlenkamp, Stefan; Ritman, Erik L.; Robb, Richard A.


    Regional heart wall dynamics has been shown to be a sensitive indicator of LV wall ischemia. Rates of local LV wall thickening during a cardiac cycle can be measured and illustrated using functional parametric mappings. This display conveys the spatial distribution of dynamic strain in the myocardium and thereby provides a rapid qualitative appreciation of the severity and extent of the ischemic region. 3D reconstructions were obtained in an anesthetized pig from 8 adjacent, shortaxis, slices of the left ventricle imaged with an Electron Beam Computer Tomograph at 11 time points through one complete cardiac cycle. The 3D reconstructions were obtained before and after injection of 100 micrometer microspheres into the Left Anterior Descending (LAD) coronary artery. This injection causes microembolization of LAD artery branches within the heart wall. The image processing involved radially dividing the tomographic images of the myocardium into small subdivisions with color encoding of the local magnitude of regional thickness or regional velocities of LV wall thickening throughout the cardiac cycle. We compared the effectiveness of animation of wall thickness encoded in color versus a static image of computed rate of wall thickness change in color. The location, extent and severity of regional wall akinesis or dyskinesis, as determined from these displays, can then be compared to the region of embolization as indicated by the distribution of altered LV wall perfusion.

  6. Nucleation and thickening of shear bands in nano-scale twin/matrix lamellae of a Cu-Al alloy processed by dynamic plastic deformation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hong, C.S.; Tao, N.R.; Huang, Xiaoxu;


    to be a two-stage process, namely a nucleation stage resulting in a narrow band composed of nano-sized (sub)grains intersecting the T/M lamellae, followed by a thickening stage of the narrow band into adjacent T/M lamellae regions. The nucleation stage occurred within a narrow region of an almost constant...... thickness (100–200 nm thick, referred to as “core” region) and consisted of three steps: (1) initiation of localized deformation (bending, necking, and detwinning) against the T/M lamellae, (2) evolution of a dislocation structure within the detwinned band, and (3) transformation of the detwinned...... dislocation structure (DDS) into a nano-sized (sub)grain structure (NGS). On the two sides of a core region, two transition layers (TRLs) exist where the T/M lamellae experienced much less shear strain. The interface boundaries separating the core region and the TRLs are characterized by very large shear...

  7. A Thickened Coracohumeral Ligament and Superomedial Capsule Limit Internal Rotation of the Shoulder Joint: Report of Three Cases

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Masashi Koide


    Full Text Available Adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder (also known as frozen shoulder is a painful and disabling disorder with an estimated prevalence ranging from 2% to 5% in the general population. Although the precise pathogenesis of frozen shoulder is unclear, thickened capsule and coracohumeral ligament (CHL have been documented to be one of the most specific manifestations. The thickened CHL has been understood to limit external rotation of the shoulder, and restriction of internal rotation of the shoulder has been believed to be related to posterior capsular tightness. In this paper, three cases of refractory frozen shoulder treated through arthroscopic release of a contracted capsule including CHL were reported. Two cases in which there is recalcitrant severe restriction of internal rotation after manipulation under anesthesia (MUA were finally treated with arthroscopic surgery. Although MUA could release the posterior capsule, internal rotation did not improve in our cases. After release of the thickened CHL, range of motion of internal rotation was significantly improved. This report demonstrates the role of the thickened CHL in limiting the internal rotation of the shoulder. We highlight the importance of release of thickened CHL in addition to the pancapsular release, in case of severe limitation of internal rotation of shoulder.

  8. New geological evidence of crustal thickening in the Gangdese block prior to the Indo-Asian collision

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    DING Lin; LAI Qingzhou


    Recent mapping in the Gangdese block has revealed many leucogranites that are similar to those in the High Himalaya. These leucogranites formed at ~140 Ma as indicated by monazite Th-Pb ion-microprobe dating and cooled at ~130 Ma as indicated by muscovite 40Ar/39Ar dating. In conjunction with previous structural and paleogeographic studies, the new data indicate that the Gangdese block underwent crustal thickening and associated exhumation during ~140-130 Ma. In this regard, the southern margin of Eurasia continent was comparable to the modern South American Altiplano-Puna plateau, the prime example of active ocean-continent subduction and associated thickened crust. Specifically, the early stages of crustal thickening and uplifting of the Gangdese block may result from subduction of the Neo-Tethyan Ocean. If the Tibetan Plateau would form by accretion of a series of blocks with thickened crust, an elevated topographic plateau similar to the Altiplano- Puna plateau had formed before collision between the Indian and Eurasian plates. Then the Tibetan Plateau would have quickly thickened, uplifted, and begun to extend soon after onset of the collision. Thus, the deformational mechanism of the Tibetan Plateau is not distributed shortening, but rather concentrating deformation within regions of thin crust between the accreted blocks.

  9. Design and testing of a rotational brake with shear thickening fluids (United States)

    Tian, Tongfei; Nakano, Masami


    A rotational brake working with shear thickening fluid (STF) was designed and tested in this study. With the optimisation in design, most of the STF in the brake can receive the same shear rate when the brake rotates. The parts of this brake were fabricated with a 3D printer and then assembled manually. Three types of STFs with various carrier fluids and different particles were fabricated and tested with a rheometer. Then the brake with each STF was separately tested with the rheometer. The estimated and measured torques as a function of the angular velocity fit each other well. The stability of the rotational STF brake was investigated in repeated tests, which proved the function of the brake for a long time.

  10. Recurrence of thymoma after 11 years presenting as diffuse pleural thickening. (United States)

    Köksal, Deniz; Bayiz, Hülya; Gülgösteren, Mahmut; Başay, Nihal; Mutluay, Neslihan; Boyacı, Ebru; Berktaş, Bahadır; Çakır, Ebru; Berkoğlu, Mine


    A 50-year-old man presented with a 1-month history of dyspnea, weight loss, and pleuritic chest pain. He had environmental asbest exposure from birth to 12 years-old. Past medical history revealed maximal thymectomy operation and adjuvant radiotherapy with the diagnosis of minimally invasive lymphocytic thymoma 11 years ago. Thorax computerized tomography demonstrated a circumferential pleural thickening encasing the entire left lung and pleural effusion. VATS-pleural biopsy revealed the diagnosis invasive tymoma, Type B1, stage IVA. In conclusion, the diagnosis of invasive thymoma must be kept in mind in the differential diagnosis of diffuse pleural lesions. The recurrence of thymomas may be as long as 10 years after complete resection.

  11. Rheological properties and thickening mechanism of aqueous diutan gum solution: Effects of temperature and salts. (United States)

    Xu, Long; Gong, Houjian; Dong, Mingzhe; Li, Yajun


    Rheological properties of a new microbial polysaccharide, diutan gum in aqueous solution have been systematically investigated. It is found that molecular aggregates of diutan gum can be formed at a very low concentration (0.12 g/L), and the mechanism of thickening by diutan gum is proposed. The viscosity retention rate of diutan gum changes little when increasing the temperature from 298 K to 348 K or in a high salinity solution (55.5 g L(-1)). Gel structure can be formed in the diutan gum solution, owing to the finding that the dynamic modulus has an exponential relationship with the concentration. The gel properties of diutan gum are not sensitive to temperature, and are virtually independent of cationic environment (Na(+) and Ca(2+)). The temperature/salt tolerance of the diutan gum solution is mainly attributed to its perfect double helix molecular conformation, the location of the side chains of its molecules, and its water retention capacity.

  12. Anomalous divergence of a relaxation time in discontinuous shear thickening suspensions

    CERN Document Server

    Maharjan, Rijan


    We investigated the transient relaxation of a Discontinuous Shear Thickening (DST) suspension of cornstarch in water. Starting from a steady shear in a parallel plate rheometer, we stopped the top plate rotation and measured the transient stress relaxation. We found that at low effective packing fraction $\\phi_{eff}$, the suspensions exhibited a relaxation behavior consistent with a rheometric fluid in which the relaxation is determined by the steady-state viscosity. However, for larger $\\phi_{eff}$, we find up to two exponential relaxation regimes, which both become distinct from the rheometric model. The discrepancy between the measured relaxation times and the rheometric prediction was found to be as large as 4 orders of magnitude and diverges in the limit as $\\phi_{eff} \\rightarrow \\phi_c$, corresponding to the liquid solid transition, as the measured relaxation times diverge to infinity while the rheometric prediction approaches 0. In this limit, the measured relaxation time scales are on the order of $\\...

  13. Resonant thickening of self-gravitating discs: orbital diffusion in the tightly wound limit

    CERN Document Server

    Fouvry, Jean-Baptiste; Monk, Laura


    The secular thickening of a self-gravitating stellar galactic disc embedded in a fluctuating potential is investigated. The thick WKB limit for the diffusion coefficient of the corresponding dressed Fokker-Planck equation is found using the epicyclic approximation, while assuming that only radially tightly wound transient spirals are sustained by the disc. This yields a simple quadrature, providing a clear understanding of the positions of maximum vertical orbital diffusion within the disc. This thick limit also offers a consistent derivation of a thick disc Toomre parameter, which is shown to be exponentially boosted by the ratio of the vertical to radial scale heights. When applied to a tepid stable tapered disc perturbed by shot noise, this formalism predicts the formation of ridges of resonant orbits towards larger vertical actions, as found in simulations. Potential fluctuations within the disc statistically induce a vertical bending of a subset of resonant orbits, triggering the corresponding increase i...

  14. Crustal thickening in an active margin setting (Philippines): The whys and the hows

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    C.B.Dimalanta; G.P.Yumul,Jr.


    A synthesis of crustal thickness estimates was made recently utilizing available field, geochemical, seismicity, shear wave velocity and gravity data in the Philippines. The results show that a significant portion of the Philippine archipelago is generally characterized by crust with a thickness of around 25 to 30 kilometers. However, two zones, which are made up of a thicker crust (from 30 to 65 km) have also been delineated. The Luzon Central Cordillera region is characterized by thick crust. Another belt of thickened crust is observed in the Bicol-Negros-Panay-Central Mindanao region. This paper examines the interplay of tectonic and magmatic processes and their role in modifying Philippine arc crust. The processes, which could account for the observed crustal thicknesses, are presented. The contributions of magmatic arcs as compared to the contribution of the emplacement and accretion of ophiolite complexes to crustal thickness are also discussed.

  15. Imaging the Microscopic Structure of Shear Thinning and Thickening Colloidal Suspensions

    KAUST Repository

    Cheng, X.


    The viscosity of colloidal suspensions varies with shear rate, an important effect encountered in many natural and industrial processes. Although this non-Newtonian behavior is believed to arise from the arrangement of suspended particles and their mutual interactions, microscopic particle dynamics are difficult to measure. By combining fast confocal microscopy with simultaneous force measurements, we systematically investigate a suspension\\'s structure as it transitions through regimes of different flow signatures. Our measurements of the microscopic single-particle dynamics show that shear thinning results from the decreased relative contribution of entropic forces and that shear thickening arises from particle clustering induced by hydrodynamic lubrication forces. This combination of techniques illustrates an approach that complements current methods for determining the microscopic origins of non-Newtonian flow behavior in complex fluids.

  16. Shear-thickening behavior of modified silica nanoparticles in polyethylene glycol

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Yu Kejing; Cao Haijian, E-mail:; Qian Kun; Sha Xiaofei; Chen Yanping [Jiangnan University, Key Laboratory of Eco-textiles, Ministry of Education (China)


    The surface of silica nanoparticles with an average diameter of 650 nm was modified by ball milling and chemical treatment with ethylene glycol (EG). The Fourier-transform infrared spectra and particle size analysis methods were used to characterize the modified silica nanoparticles. The morphologies of the silica nanoparticles before and after the different surface treatments were examined by transmission electron microscope, scanning electron microscope. The rheological behaviors of modified silica suspensions in polyethylene glycol were studied by using Anton-paar 301 stress-controlled rheometer. The results of rheological tests indicated that the surface treatments had a great effect on increasing the maximum weight fraction of silica nanoparticles in Shear-thickening fluids, especially treated by the chemical method with EG.

  17. Evolution of microscopic colitis to giant cell colitis without significant intraepithelial lymphocytosis or thickened collagen plate. (United States)

    De Petris, Giovanni; Chen, Longwen


    Microscopic colitis (MC) is an umbrella term that encompasses lymphocytic colitis (LC) and collagenous colitis (CC). Several histological variants of these 2 entities exist; among them is the uncommon giant cell colitis (GCC), in which histiocytic giant cells (GCs) are present in background of CC or LC. We report the case of a 71-year-old woman complaining of watery diarrhea for several years that was diagnosed with CC. At follow-up, she developed giant cell colitis (GCC). Nine years later, a colectomy revealed a form of microscopic colitis in which significant intraepithelial lymphocytosis and collagen plate thickening have disappeared while GCs persisted with diffuse mononuclear cells inflammation of the lamina propria. Thinning of the collagen plate in association with GCs has been described previously. The case contributes the possibility of further evolution of MC into a pure giant cell colitis in which the prototypical manifestations of MC have all but disappeared.

  18. A simple empirical model for activated sludge thickening in secondary clarifiers. (United States)

    Giokas, D L; Kim, Youngchul; Paraskevas, P A; Paleologos, E K; Lekkas, T D


    A simple empirical model for the thickening function of the activated sludge secondary clarifiers is presented. The proposed approach relies on the integration of previous models and it is based on the phenomenon of dilution of the incoming activated sludge in the feeding well of the settling tanks. The method provides a satisfactory description of sludge stratification within the clarifier. The only requirements are limited to parameters which are readily incorporated into the routine analysis performed in an activated sludge plant, thereby eliminating the need for additional experimental or computational effort. The method was tested in a full-scale activated sludge plant and it was found that it describes fairly well the return sludge concentration, the diluted sludge blanket concentration, the sludge blanket solids concentration and the sludge blanket height of full-scale secondary clarifiers.

  19. Long bone histology of the subterranean rodent Bathyergus suillus (Bathyergidae): ontogenetic pattern of cortical bone thickening. (United States)

    Montoya-Sanhueza, Germán; Chinsamy, Anusuya


    Patterns of bone development in mammals are best known from terrestrial and cursorial groups, but there is a considerable gap in our understanding of how specializations for life underground affect bone growth and development. Likewise, studies of bone microstructure in wild populations are still scarce, and they often include few individuals and tend to be focused on adults. For these reasons, the processes generating bone microstructural variation at intra- and interspecific levels are not fully understood. This study comprehensively examines the bone microstructure of an extant population of Cape dune molerats, Bathyergus suillus (Bathyergidae), the largest subterranean mammal endemic to the Western Cape of South Africa. The aim of this study is to investigate the postnatal bone growth of B. suillus using undecalcified histological sections (n = 197) of the femur, humerus, tibia-fibula, ulna and radius, including males and females belonging to different ontogenetic and reproductive stages (n = 42). Qualitative histological features demonstrate a wide histodiversity with thickening of the cortex mainly resulting from endosteal and periosteal bone depositions, whilst there is scarce endosteal resorption and remodeling throughout ontogeny. This imbalanced bone modeling allows the tissues deposited during ontogeny to remain relatively intact, thus preserving an excellent record of growth. The distribution of the different bone tissues observed in the cortex depends on ontogenetic status, anatomical features (e.g. muscle attachment structures) and location on the bone (e.g. anterior or lateral). The type of bone microstructure and modeling is discussed in relation to digging behavior, reproduction and physiology of this species. This study is the first histological assessment describing the process of cortical thickening in long bones of a fossorial mammal.

  20. Exendin-4, a glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist, reduces intimal thickening after vascular injury

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Goto, Hiromasa [Department of Medicine, Metabolism and Endocrinology, Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine, Tokyo 113-8421 (Japan); Nomiyama, Takashi, E-mail: [Department of Medicine, Metabolism and Endocrinology, Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine, Tokyo 113-8421 (Japan); Mita, Tomoya; Yasunari, Eisuke; Azuma, Kosuke; Komiya, Koji; Arakawa, Masayuki; Jin, Wen Long; Kanazawa, Akio [Department of Medicine, Metabolism and Endocrinology, Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine, Tokyo 113-8421 (Japan); Kawamori, Ryuzo [Department of Medicine, Metabolism and Endocrinology, Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine, Tokyo 113-8421 (Japan); Sportology Center, Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine, Tokyo 113-8421 (Japan); Center for Therapeutic Innovations in Diabetes, Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine, Tokyo 113-8421 (Japan); Center for Beta Cell Biology and Regeneration, Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine, Tokyo 113-8421 (Japan); Fujitani, Yoshio; Hirose, Takahisa [Department of Medicine, Metabolism and Endocrinology, Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine, Tokyo 113-8421 (Japan); Center for Therapeutic Innovations in Diabetes, Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine, Tokyo 113-8421 (Japan); Watada, Hirotaka, E-mail: [Department of Medicine, Metabolism and Endocrinology, Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine, Tokyo 113-8421 (Japan); Sportology Center, Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine, Tokyo 113-8421 (Japan)


    Research highlights: {yields} Exendin-4 reduces neointimal formation after vascular injury in a mouse model. {yields} Exendin-4 dose not alter metabolic parameters in non-diabetic, non-obese mouse model. {yields} Exendin-4 reduces PDGF-induced cell proliferation in cultured SMCs. {yields} Exendin-4 may reduces neointimal formation after vascular injury at least in part through its direct action on SMCs. -- Abstract: Glucagon-like peptide-1 is a hormone secreted by L cells of the small intestine and stimulates glucose-dependent insulin response. Glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists such as exendin-4 are currently used in type 2 diabetes, and considered to have beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. To further elucidate the effect of glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists on cardiovascular diseases, we investigated the effects of exendin-4 on intimal thickening after endothelial injury. Under continuous infusion of exendin-4 at 24 nmol/kg/day, C57BL/6 mice were subjected to endothelial denudation injury of the femoral artery. Treatment of mice with exendin-4 reduced neointimal formation at 4 weeks after arterial injury without altering body weight or various metabolic parameters. In addition, in vitro studies of isolated murine, rat and human aortic vascular smooth muscle cells showed the expression of GLP-1 receptor. The addition of 10 nM exendin-4 to cultured smooth muscle cells significantly reduced their proliferation induced by platelet-derived growth factor. Our results suggested that exendin-4 reduced intimal thickening after vascular injury at least in part by the suppression of platelet-derived growth factor-induced smooth muscle cells proliferation.

  1. Probing hydrogen bond interactions in a shear thickening polysaccharide using nonlinear shear and extensional rheology. (United States)

    Jaishankar, Aditya; Wee, May; Matia-Merino, Lara; Goh, Kelvin K T; McKinley, Gareth H


    Mamaku gum is a polysaccharide extracted from the fronds of the black tree fern found in New Zealand. The cooked pith has traditionally been used for various medicinal purposes and as a food source by the Maori people of New Zealand. It has potential applications as a thickener in the food industry and as a palliative for patients with dysphagia. Studies on the shear rheology of Mamaku gum have revealed that the gum exhibits shear thickening at a critical shear rate due to a transition from intra- to inter-molecular chain interactions upon shear-induced chain elongation. In this paper, we demonstrate that these interactions are primarily due to hydrogen bonding. We perform extensional rheology on mixtures of Mamaku gum and urea (a known disruptor of hydrogen bonds) to quantify the nature of these interactions. Capillary Breakup Extensional Rheometry (CaBER) performed on the pure Mamaku gum solutions yield plateau values of the Trouton ratio as high as ∼10(4), showing that the viscoelasticity of the gum in uniaxial elongation is much higher than in shear. For all Mamaku concentrations tested, the extensional viscosity decreases upon increasing urea concentration. Furthermore, the relaxation time decreases exponentially with increasing urea concentration. This exponential relationship is independent of the Mamaku concentration, and is identical to the relationships between urea concentration and characteristic timescales measured in nonlinear shear rheology. We show using the sticky reptation model for polymers with multiple sticker groups along the backbone how such a relationship is consistent with a linear decrease in the free energy for hydrogen bond dissociation. We then demonstrate that a time-concentration superposition principle can be used to collapse the viscoelastic properties of the Mamaku-gum/urea mixtures.

  2. Identifying decreased diaphragmatic mobility and diaphragm thickening in interstitial lung disease: the utility of ultrasound imaging

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pauliane Vieira Santana


    Full Text Available Objective: To investigate the applicability of ultrasound imaging of the diaphragm in interstitial lung disease (ILD. Methods: Using ultrasound, we compared ILD patients and healthy volunteers (controls in terms of diaphragmatic mobility during quiet and deep breathing; diaphragm thickness at functional residual capacity (FRC and at total lung capacity (TLC; and the thickening fraction (TF, proportional diaphragm thickening from FRC to TLC. We also evaluated correlations between diaphragmatic dysfunction and lung function variables. Results: Between the ILD patients (n = 40 and the controls (n = 16, mean diaphragmatic mobility was comparable during quiet breathing, although it was significantly lower in the patients during deep breathing (4.5 ± 1.7 cm vs. 7.6 ± 1.4 cm; p < 0.01. The patients showed greater diaphragm thickness at FRC (p = 0.05, although, due to lower diaphragm thickness at TLC, they also showed a lower TF (p < 0.01. The FVC as a percentage of the predicted value (FVC% correlated with diaphragmatic mobility (r = 0.73; p < 0.01, and an FVC% cut-off value of < 60% presented high sensitivity (92% and specificity (81% for indentifying decreased diaphragmatic mobility. Conclusions: Using ultrasound, we were able to show that diaphragmatic mobility and the TF were lower in ILD patients than in healthy controls, despite the greater diaphragm thickness at FRC in the former. Diaphragmatic mobility correlated with ILD functional severity, and an FVC% cut-off value of < 60% was found to be highly accurate for indentifying diaphragmatic dysfunction on ultrasound.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Abnormal Uterine Bleeding (AUB is one of the commonest complaint of adult females presenting into the gynaecologic departments. In most of the patients the bleeding is due to the functional endometrial lesion, while the cause is hormonal in rest of the patients. These patients usually need invasive procedures like hysteroscopy or HSG for evaluation of intracavitary lesion. The aim of this study is to assess the role of Saline Infusion Sonography (SIS in detecting the intracavitary (endometrial lesions of uterus in patient with abnormal uterine bleeding and thickened endometrium on Transvaginal Ultrasound (TVS and establishing its diagnostic accuracy. METHOD This prospective hospital-based study includes SIS examination of 80 adult female patients who presented with abnormal uterine bleeding and demonstrated thickened endometrium on transvaginal ultrasound at Department of Radiodiagnosis and Imaging, Gandhi Medical College and Hamidia Hospital, Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh, for the period of six months. Written informed consent from all the patients taken. All patients were evaluated on the same day and findings were recorded. RESULT 60 patients out of 80 showed presence of functional endometrial lesion. Most common endometrial pathology was submucosal myoma followed by endometrial polyps. Most rare cases were of Uterine Synechiae {2 in number}. SIS yielded high sensitivity and specificity for intracavitary lesions and diagnostic accuracy for submucosal myoma and endometrial polyp was 100%. CONCLUSION SIS proved to be highly sensitive and specific method to diagnose intracavitary lesion of uterus. The method is minimally invasive, well tolerated and easy to carry out under hospital settings with very less incidence of post-procedural complications (No major complication in this study. It can be used to replace hysteroscopy to diagnose various intracavitary (endometrial lesion of uterus.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Robert M. Enick; Eric J. Beckman; Andrew Hamilton


    The objective of this research was the design, synthesis and evaluation of inexpensive, nonfluorous carbon dioxide thickening agents. We followed the same strategy employed in the design of fluorinated CO{sub 2} polymeric thickeners. First, a highly CO{sub 2}-philic, hydrocarbon-based monomer was to be identified. Polymers or oligomers of this monomer were then synthesized. The second step was to be completed only when a CO{sub 2}-soluble polymer that was soluble in CO{sub 2} at pressures comparable to the MMP was identified. In the second step, viscosity-enhancing associating groups were to be incorporated into the polymer to make it a viable thickener that exhibited high CO{sub 2} solubility at EOR MMP conditions. This final report documents the CO{sub 2} solubility of a series of commercial and novel polymers composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and, in some cases, nitrogen.

  5. 增稠剂对TL-615苯丙涂料性能的影响%Influence of TL-615 styrene acrylic latex coating function caused by thickeners

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    This paper has described the characteristics and thickening mechanism of cellulose thickener, associated polyurethane thickener and alkali-swelling acrylic emulsion thickener. In this passage, the influence on the function of TL-615 styrene acrylic latex coating such as theological behavior, water and alkali resistance, scrub resistance,storage stability, adhesion etc. were introduced.

  6. The BIG gene is required for auxin-mediated organ growth in Arabidopsis. (United States)

    Guo, Xiaola; Lu, Wenwen; Ma, Yurong; Qin, Qianqian; Hou, Suiwen


    Control of organ size by cell expansion and cell proliferation is a fundamental process during development, but the importance of BIG in this process is still poorly understood. Here, we report the isolation and characterization of a new allele mutant of BIG in Arabidopsis: big-j588. The mutant displayed small aerial organs that were characterized by reduced cell size in the epidermis and short roots with decreased cell numbers. The big-j588 axr1 double and big-j588 arf7 arf19 triple mutants displayed more severe defects in leaf expansion and root elongation than their parents, implying BIG is involved in auxin-dependent organ growth. Genetic analysis suggests that BIG may act synergistically with PIN1 to affect leaf growth. The PIN1 protein level decreased in both the root cells and the tips of leaf pavement cell lobes of big-j588. Further analysis showed that the auxin maxima in the roots and the leaves of big-j588 decreased. Therefore, we concluded that the small leaves and the short roots of big-j588 were associated with reduction of auxin maxima. Overall, our study suggested that BIG is required for Arabidopsis organ growth via auxin action.

  7. Role of the Arabidopsis PIN6 Auxin Transporter in Auxin Homeostasis and Auxin-Mediated Development



    Plant-specific PIN-formed (PIN) efflux transporters for the plant hormone auxin are required for tissue-specific directional auxin transport and cellular auxin homeostasis. The Arabidopsis PIN protein family has been shown to play important roles in developmental processes such as embryogenesis, organogenesis, vascular tissue differentiation, root meristem patterning and tropic growth. Here we analyzed roles of the less characterised Arabidopsis PIN6 auxin transporter. PIN6 is auxin-inducible...

  8. Plant AGC protein kinases orient auxin-mediated differential growth and organogenesis

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Galván Ampudia, Carlos Samuel


    In view of their predominant sessile lifestyle, plants need to be able to adapt to changes in their environment. Environmental signals such as light and gravity modulate plant growth and architecture by redirecting polar cell-to-cell transport of auxin, thus causing changes in the distribution of th

  9. C-3-symmetric, amino acid based organogelators and thickeners : a systematic study of structure-property relations

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    de Loos, Maaike; van Esch, Jan H.; Kellogg, Richard M.; Feringa, Ben L.


    A class of C-3-symmetric amino acid based organogelators and thickeners featuring a rigid core have been developed. Structural variation yielded a number of compounds, the aggregation behaviour and resulting aggregates and gels of which were studied by FTIR spectroscopy, dropping ball measurements,

  10. Effect of thickening agent in the in vitro mouth, stomach and intestine release of tyrosol from enriched custards

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Sanz, T.; Luyten, J.M.J.G.


    Custards prepared with four thickeners (two modified starches: waxy maize and tapioca, and two derives of cellulose: CMC and HPMC) and at two levels of consistency were enriched with a water-soluble functional ingredient (tyrosol) and its release evaluated after in vitro mouth, stomach and small int

  11. Skin thickening as unique pathologic sign of an inflammatory breast cancer: a case report and review of the literature. (United States)

    Ballesio, L; D'Ambrosio, I; Ravazzolo, N; Angeletti, M; Di Pastena, F; Tardioli, S; Lodise, P; Marini, M


    We report the case of a 42-year-old woman with inflammatory cancer of the right breast treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy, surgery, additional chemotherapy, and consolidative radiotherapy (RT), that has metastatized to the chest wall and presented a resumption of disease on the contralateral breast. Magnetic Resonance (MR), performed after the second phase's fourth round of additional chemotherapy, showed a modest reduction of scar metastases on the right and a contralateral anomalous skin thickening with high signal intensity in T2 weighted images (WI) with multiple mass-like enhancements located in a wide area of the central region at the union of higher quadrants. These findings were suggestive for resumption of contralateral disease; the biopsy confirmed an inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) infiltrating lobular type with high mitotic rate. A retrospective evaluation of the previous MR exam, performed 5 months before, was conducted: on the left side only a modest skin thickening was found as an early sign. A careful review of the literature has confirmed that skin thickening, increased density and clinical signs of inflammation are the most common findings in inflammatory cancer. We report the case of a patient affected by IBC whose unique early sign of resumption on the contralateral breast was skin thickening.

  12. Comparison of semi-automated and manual measurements of carotid intima-media thickening.

    LENUS (Irish Health Repository)

    Mac Ananey, Oscar


    Carotid intima-media thickening (CIMT) is a marker of both arteriosclerotic and atherosclerotic risks. Technological advances have semiautomated CIMT image acquisition and quantification. Studies comparing manual and automated methods have yielded conflicting results possibly due to plaque inclusion in measurements. Low atherosclerotic risk subjects (n = 126) were recruited to minimise the effect of focal atherosclerotic lesions on CIMT variability. CIMT was assessed by high-resolution B-mode ultrasound (Philips HDX7E, Phillips, UK) images of the common carotid artery using both manual and semiautomated methods (QLAB, Phillips, UK). Intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) and the mean differences of paired measurements (Bland-Altman method) were used to compare both methodologies. The ICC of manual (0.547 ± 0.095 mm) and automated (0.524 ± 0.068 mm) methods was R = 0.74 and an absolute mean bias ± SD of 0.023 ± 0.052 mm was observed. Interobserver and intraobserver ICC were greater for automated (R = 0.94 and 0.99) compared to manual (R = 0.72 and 0.88) methods. Although not considered to be clinically significant, manual measurements yielded higher values compared to automated measurements. Automated measurements were more reproducible and showed lower interobserver variation compared to manual measurements. These results offer important considerations for large epidemiological studies.

  13. Monazite geochronology unravels the timing of crustal thickening in NW Himalaya (United States)

    Stübner, Konstanze; Grujic, Djordje; Parrish, Randall R.; Roberts, Nick M. W.; Kronz, Andreas; Wooden, Joe; Ahmad, Talat


    Greenschist to amphibolite grade Haimanta metasediments of the NW Himalaya preserve much of the prograde metamorphic history of Eohimalayan crustal thickening, which has been erased by Oligo-/Miocene migmatization elsewhere in the Himalaya. Our zircon and monazite U/Th-Pb data unravel a multi-stage prograde metamorphic evolution. The earliest evidence of prograde Barrovian metamorphic monazite growth is ~ 41 Ma. Peak metamorphic conditions (~ 8-8.5 kbar, ~ 600-700 °C) were attained at 37-36 Ma and followed by a prolonged evolution at high temperatures with at least three distinct episodes of monazite growth, which may be related to the formation of the northern Himalayan nappes (e.g., Shikar Beh nappe, Nyimaling nappe). Rapid exhumation of the crystalline started at ~ 26 Ma and resulted in cooling through the muscovite 40Ar/39Ar closure temperature by 21.8 Ma. Although a local continuation of the South Tibetan detachment is not unambiguously identified in central Himachal Pradesh extrusion was likely facilitated by a system of several minor late Oligocene/early Miocene top-to-the-N to NE shear zones. In contrast to the crystalline of Zanskar and eastern Himachal Pradesh, extrusion was not accompanied by widespread decompression melting.

  14. "Fluid color" sign: a useful indicator for discrimination between pleural thickening and pleural effusion. (United States)

    Wu, R G; Yang, P C; Kuo, S H; Luh, K T


    Color Doppler imaging has been applied traditionally in the evaluation of cardiovascular diseases. Recently it was observed that color signal may appear within the fluid collection in the pleural space during respiratory and cardiac cycles ("fluid color sign"). We performed this applicability of fluid color sign to the detection of pleural fluid capable of being removed to assess needle aspiration. From July 1992 to February 1994, we prospectively analyzed 76 patients who were suspected of having minimal pleural effusion on the basis of their chest radiographs. All patients were examined by color Doppler ultrasonography for the presence of fluid color sign, which was followed by needle aspiration to verify the presence of pleural effusion. Among the 65 patients with aspiratable fluid, 58 demonstrated positive fluid color sign (sensitivity 89.2%). None of the patients with solid pleural thickening showed fluid color sign (specificity 100%). With its relatively high sensitivity and specificity, the fluid color sign may be a useful diagnostic aid to real-time, gray scale ultrasonography for minimal or loculated effusion.

  15. Shear time dependent viscosity of polystyrene-ethylacrylate based shear thickening fluid (United States)

    Chen, Qian; Xuan, Shouhu; Jiang, Wanquan; Cao, Saisai; Gong, Xinglong


    In this study, the influence of the shear rate and shear time on the transient viscosity of polystyrene-ethylacrylate based shear thickening fluid (STF) is investigated. If the shear rate is stepwise changed, it is found that both the viscosity and critical shear rate are affected by the shear time. Above the critical shear rate, the viscosity of the STF with larger power law exponent (n) increases faster. However, the viscosity tends to decrease when the shear time is long enough. This phenomenon can be responsible for the reversible structure buildup and the break-down process. An effective volume fraction (EVF) mechanism is proposed to analyze the shear time dependent viscosity and it is found that viscosity changes in proportion to EVF. To further clarify the structure evolution, a structural kinetic model is studied because the structural kinetic parameter (λ) could describe the variation in the effective volume fraction. The theoretical results of the structural kinetic model agree well with the experimental results. With this model, the change in viscosity and EVF can be speculated from the variation of λ and then the structure evolution can be better illustrated.

  16. The relationship between wall shear stress distributions and intimal thickening in the human abdominal aorta

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Butany Jagdish


    Full Text Available Abstract Purpose The goal of this work was to determine wall shear stress (WSS patterns in the human abdominal aorta and to compare these patterns to measurements of intimal thickness (IT from autopsy samples. Methods The WSS was experimentally measured using the laser photochromic dye tracer technique in an anatomically faithful in vitro model based on CT scans of the abdominal aorta in a healthy 35-year-old subject. IT was quantified as a function of circumferential and axial position using light microscopy in ten human autopsy specimens. Results The histomorphometric analysis suggests that IT increases with age and that the distribution of intimal thickening changes with age. The lowest WSS in the flow model was found on the posterior wall inferior to the inferior mesenteric artery, and coincided with the region of most prominent IT in the autopsy samples. Local geometrical features in the flow model, such as the expansion at the inferior mesenteric artery (common in younger individuals, strongly influenced WSS patterns. The WSS was found to correlate negatively with IT (r2 = 0.3099; P = 0.0047. Conclusion Low WSS in the abdominal aorta is co-localized with IT and may be related to atherogenesis. Also, rates of IT in the abdominal aorta are possibly influenced by age-related geometrical changes.

  17. Comparison of wall thickening and perfusion analysis in cardiomyopathy by gated Tc-99m MIBI

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cho, I.; Chun, K.; Won, K.; Lee, H.; Park, J.; Shin, D.; Kim, Y.; Shim, B [Yeungnam University Hospital, Taegu (Korea, Republic of)


    The objective of this study was to clarify the relationship between left ventriculr (LV) function, wall thickening (WT) and perfusion in cardiomyopathy. Twenty-six cases (15 males, 11 females: mean age, 58 y), consisting of 10 healthy control subjects, 10 patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) and 6 patients with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) was studied with gated Tc-99m MIBI SPECT. LV WT, LV perfusion and function (LV wall motion, LVEDV, LVESV and LVEF) by using gated SPECT quantification and CEqual software were analysed. In HCM and DCM group, mean WT was significantly decreased. (HCM: 15.2{+-}6.7%, DCM: 4.9%, control: 34.1{+-}4.9% (p<0.01). Adenosine stress test didn't show any reversible or fixed perfusion defects in all HCM patients, controls and five DCM patients except one patient (but, no coronary artery stenosis in coronary angiography). LVEF for HCM, DCM and control was 48.4{+-}13.2%, 28.7{+-}8.8%, 62.7{+-}9.5%, respectively (p<0.05)). LVEDV and LVESV didn't show a significant differences between HCM and control group, not DCM group. In HCM, WT was decreased as like DCM even though LV myocardial perfusion and function was reserved.

  18. Synthesis of CMC from Palm Midrib Cellulose as Stabilizer and Thickening Agent in Food

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Firman Sebayang


    Full Text Available The using of carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC from palm midrib as stabilizer on ice-cream making is done in three steps. First step is isolation process of α-cellulose from palm midrib powder, FTIR analysis shows that the compound is a cellulose molecule. The second step is alkalization with isopropanol as the solvent, carboxymethylation with monochloroacetic acid, and neutralization with CH3COOH 90% then ethanol, methanol and aquadest are used for purification followed with centrifugation process and adding in acetone which gives carboxymethyl cellulose a positive result in qualitative analysis. FTIR peak obtained is similar to that of commercial CMC, with the degree of substitution 0.82 and viscosity 0.076 ml/g. The last step is ice cream making process. In this step, CMC is added into the ice-cream batter with variated concentration of CMC starting from 0 to 0.5%. Ice-cream produced is then given melting time test and the overrun value is determined. Based on the research, 0.5% addition of CMC shows the most optimum melting time which is 31.02 minutes and overrun value of 42.34%. Organoleptic test given to 15 respondents also show that ice-cream with addition of 0.5% CMC gives the best result for the soft texture, sweet taste, fragrance aroma and light brown colour. CMC for thickening agent in syrup is measured with Ostwald viscometer. It shows that syrup is thicker with the addition of CMC. The highest vitamin-C content in passion fruit syrup is in addition of 0.3% which is 330.20.

  19. Trace metal mobilization from oil sands froth treatment thickened tailings exhibiting acid rock drainage. (United States)

    Kuznetsova, Alsu; Kuznetsov, Petr; Foght, Julia M; Siddique, Tariq


    Froth treatment thickened tailings (TT) are a waste product of bitumen extraction from surface-mined oil sands ores. When incubated in a laboratory under simulated moist oxic environmental conditions for ~450d, two different types of TT (TT1 and TT2) exhibited the potential to generate acid rock drainage (ARD) by producing acid leachate after 250 and 50d, respectively. We report here the release of toxic metals from TT via ARD, which could pose an environmental threat if oil sands TT deposits are not properly managed. Trace metal concentrations in leachate samples collected periodically revealed that Mn and Sr were released immediately even before the onset of ARD. Spikes in Co and Ni concentrations were observed both pre-ARD and during active ARD, particularly in TT1. For most elements measured (Fe, Cr, V, As, Cu, Pb, Zn, Cd, and Se), leaching was associated with ARD production. Though equivalent acidification (pH2) was achieved in leachate from both TT types, greater metal release was observed from TT2 where concentrations reached 10,000ppb for Ni, 5000ppb for Co, 3000ppb for As, 2000ppb for V, and 1000ppb for Cr. Generally, metal concentrations decreased in leachate with time during ARD and became negligible by the end of incubation (~450d) despite appreciable metals remaining in the leached TT. These results suggest that using TT for land reclamation purposes or surface deposition for volume reduction may unfavorably impact the environment, and warrants application of appropriate strategies for management of pyrite-enriched oil sands tailings streams.

  20. Cuticle thickening associated with pyrethroid resistance in the major malaria vector Anopheles funestus

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Coetzee M


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Malaria in South Africa is primarily transmitted by Anopheles funestus Giles. Resistance to pyrethroid insecticides in An. funestus in northern Kwazulu/Natal, South Africa, and in neighbouring areas of southern Mozambique enabled populations of this species to increase their ranges into areas where pyrethroids were being exclusively used for malaria control. Pyrethroid resistance in southern African An. funestus is primarily conferred by monooxygenase enzyme metabolism. However, selection for this resistance mechanism is likely to have occurred in conjunction with other factors that improve production of the resistance phenotype. A strong candidate is cuticle thickening. This is because thicker cuticles lead to slower rates of insecticide absorption, which is likely to increase the efficiency of metabolic detoxification. Results Measures of mean cuticle thickness in laboratory samples of female An. funestus were obtained using scanning electron microscopy (SEM. These females were drawn from a laboratory colony carrying the pyrethroid resistance phenotype at a stable rate, but not fixed. Prior to cuticle thickness measurements, these samples were characterised as either more or less tolerant to permethrin exposure in one experiment, and either permethrin resistant or susceptible in another experiment. There was a significant and positive correlation between mean cuticle thickness and time to knock down during exposure to permethrin. Mean cuticle thickness was significantly greater in those samples characterised either as more tolerant or resistant to permethrin exposure compared to those characterised as either less tolerant or permethrin susceptible. Further, insecticide susceptible female An. funestus have thicker cuticles than their male counterparts. Conclusion Pyrethroid tolerant or resistant An. funestus females are likely to have thicker cuticles than less tolerant or susceptible females, and females generally have


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Objective. The anti-atherosclerotic effect of fluvastatin at doses insufficient to lower serum cholesterol on the catheter-induced intimal thickening and possible mechanism were investigated in abdominal aorta of rabbits. Methods. Fifty-six rabbits were randomly divided into eight groups(n = 7, each). Fluvastatin was given mixed with food at daily dose of 8mg/kg starting 5 days before catheterization, Light microscope, immunohistochemistry, transmis-sion electron microecope and RT-PCR assay were applied to assess vascular smooth muscle cell (VSMC)proliferation and apoptosis, as well as oncogene expression in vascular wall. Results. At day 10 and day 15 after catheter induced denudation intima/media(I/M)thickness ratio was obviously higher, and also the percentage of PCNA-positive cells and TUNEL-positive cells in media was significantly higher compared with controls. The intimal hyperplasia was mostly composed of α-SM-actin-positive cells. In rabbits given flu-vastatin I/M ratio and the percentage of these positive cells significantly decreased compared with those without fluvas-tatin. The overexpression of proto-oncogene H-ras mRNA and decreased expression of anti-oncogene p53 mRNA were found after vascular injury, whereas fluvastatin significantly reduced H-ras mRNA and increased p53 mRNA expres-sion. Conclusion. Proliferation of VSMC in the media and the migration to the intima can be inhibited, and apoptosis of VSMC be induced by short-term use of fluvastatin after balloon catheter denudation, independent of serum lipid change. The underlying mechanism is presumably associated with the influence of fluvastatin on oncogene expression in the injured vascular wall.

  2. Enhancement of thermophilic anaerobic digestion of thickened waste activated sludge by combined microwave and alkaline pretreatment

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Yongzhi Chi; Yuyou Li; Xuening Fei; Shaopo Wang; Hongying Yun


    Pretreatment of thickened waste activated sludge (TWAS) by combined microwave and alkaline pretreatment (MAP) was studied to improve thermophilic anaerobic digestion efficiency.Uniform design was applied to determine the combination of target temperature (110-210℃),microwave holding time (1-51 min),and NaOH dose (0-2.5 g NaOH/g suspended solids (SS)) in terms of their effect on volatile suspended solids (VSS) solubilization.Maximum solubilization ratio (85.1%) of VSS was observed at 210℃ with 0.2 g-NaOH/g-SS and 35 min holding time.The effects of 12 different pretreatment methods were investigated in 28 thermophilic batch reactors by monitoring cumulative methane production (CMP).Improvements in methane production in the TWAS were directly related to the microwave and alkaline pretreatment of the sludge.The highest CMP was a 27% improvement over the control.In spite of the increase in soluble chemical oxygen demand concentration and the decrease in dewaterability of digested sludge,a semi-continuous thennophilic reactor fed with pretreated TWAS without neutralization (at 170℃ with 1 rain holding time and 0.05 g NaOH/g SS) was stable and functioned well,with volatile solid (VS) and total chemical oxygen demand (TCOD) reductions of 28% and 18%,respectively,which were higher than those of the control system.Additionally,methane yields (L@STP/g-CODadded,at standard temperature and pressure (STP) conditions of 0℃ and 101.325 kPa) and (L@STP/g VSadded) increased by 17% and 13%,respectively,compared to the control reactor.

  3. A distinctive type of metaphyseal chondrodysplasia with characteristic thickening of the distal ulna and radius: possible metaphyseal chondrodysplasia-Rosenberg. (United States)

    Lee, Yung-Seng; Elliott, Alison M; Loke, Kah-Yin; Lachman, Ralph S


    We report an 8-year-old boy with a distinctive form of metaphyseal chondrodysplasia (MCD). He presented with moderate disproportionate short stature and bony swelling of his wrists, knees, and ankles. There were severe metaphyseal abnormalities with a honeycomb appearance affecting the distal tibiae and fibulae, proximal tibiae, distal femurs, distal ulnae and radii, and both hands. His thoracolumbar spine was normal. Radiological examination of the mother's forearms revealed widening of the distal radii and short ulnae with hypoplastic distal ends. Rosenberg and Löhr [1986: Eur J Pediatr 145:40-45] reported a four-generational kindred in which affected members had thickening of the wrist proximal to the styloid process of the ulna and thickening of the dorsum sellae. Although many of the radiographic features of this patient are those of MCD-Rosenberg, the skeletal features of our patient do not appear to represent any known classified forms of MCD.

  4. The cost and effectiveness of solids thickening technologies for treating backwash and recovering nutrients from intensive aquaculture systems. (United States)

    Sharrer, Mark; Rishel, Kata; Taylor, Amanda; Vinci, Brian J; Summerfelt, Steven T


    The cost and effectiveness of three solids thickening processes, i.e., gravity thickening settlers (GTS), inclined belt filters (IBF), geotextile bag filters (GBF), were individually evaluated with the biosolids backwash produced in intensive aquaculture systems equipped with microscreen drum filters and radial-flow settlers. The IBF produced the cleanest discharge and highest treatment efficiencies, likely reflecting the rapid efficiency with which solids are separated from wastewater. The GBF was the least effective process, i.e., GBF leachate contained the highest concentrations of TP, TN, and cBOD. However, GBF was most effective for sludge volume reduction. Capital cost estimates for an IBF were more than twice that of GTS and GBF of similar treatment capacity. The GTS had the lowest capital and annual operating cost estimates. The estimated annual operating cost of the GBF was orders of magnitude higher than the IBF and GTS, due to the high cost to replace bags.

  5. Transitional features in human atherosclerosis. Intimal thickening, cholesterol clefts, and cell loss in human aortic fatty streaks.


    Guyton, J. R.; Klemp, K. F.


    The possible transition from a subset of fatty streaks to fibrous plaques in human atherosclerosis has long been postulated, but transitional features in lesions have rarely been demonstrated. We examined human aortic fatty streaks to determine whether significant tendencies toward intimal thickening and toward deep extracellular lipid deposition might be found. To provide accurate ultrastructural assessment of lipid, tissues were processed by new electron microscopic cytochemical techniques....

  6. Ultrasonographic thickening of the muscularis propria in feline small intestinal small cell T-cell lymphoma and inflammatory bowel disease



    Gastrointestinal lymphoma is the most common form of lymphoma in the cat. More recently, an ultrasonographic pattern associated with feline small cell T-cell gastrointestinal lymphoma has been recognized as a diffuse thickening of the muscularis propria of the small intestine. This pattern is also described with feline inflammatory bowel disease. To evaluate the similarities between the diseases, we quantified the thickness of the muscularis propria layer in the duodenum, jejunum and ileum of...

  7. Formation of metamorphic core complexes in non-over-thickened continental crust: A case study of Liaodong Peninsula (East Asia)


    Wang, Kun; Burov, Evgueni; Gumiaux, Charles; Chen, Yan; Lu, Gang; Mezri, Leila; Zhao, Liang


    International audience; Pre-thickened hot orogenic crust is often considered a necessary condition for the formation of continental metamorphic core complexes (MCCs). However, the discovery of MCCs in the Liaodong Peninsula, where the crust has a normal thickness (~ 35 km), challenges the universality of this scenario. Therefore, we implement a series of 2-D numerical thermo-mechanical modeling experiments in which we investigate the conditions of MCC formation in normal crusts, as well as th...

  8. Optic neuritis is associated with inner nuclear layer thickening and microcystic macular edema independently of multiple sclerosis.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Falko Kaufhold

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Microcystic macular edema (MME and inner nuclear layer thickening (INL were described in multiple sclerosis (MS and neuromyelitis optica (NMO patients using optical coherence tomography (OCT. The cause of these findings is currently unknown and a relation to inflammatory or degenerative processes in the optic nerve is discussed. OBJECTIVE: The aim of our study was to investigate whether INL thickening and MME are related to optic neuritis (ON in various neuro-inflammatory disorders causingON: MS, NMO and chronic inflammatory optic neuropathy. METHODS: We retrospectively analyzed data from 216 MS patients, 39 patients with a clinically isolated syndrome, 20 NMO spectrum disorder patients, 9 patients with chronic inflammatory optic neuropathy and 121 healthy subjects. Intra-retinal layer segmentation was performed for the eyes of patients with unilateral ON. Scanning laser ophthalmoscopy (SLO images were reviewed for characteristic ocular fundus changes. RESULTS: Intra-retinal layer segmentation showed that eyes with a history of ON displayed MME independent INL thickening compared to contralateral eyes without previous ON. MME was detected in 22 eyes from 15 patients (5.3% of all screened patients, including 7 patients with bilateral edema. Of these, 21 had a prior history of ON (95%. The SLO images of all 22 MME-affected eyes showed crescent-shaped texture changes which were visible in the perifoveal region. A second grader who was blinded to the results of the OCT classified all SLO images for the presence of these characteristic fundus changes. All MME eyes were correctly classified (sensitivity = 100% with high specificity (95.2%. CONCLUSION: This study shows that both MME and INL thickening occur in various neuro-inflammatory disorders associated with ON. We also demonstrate that detection and analysis of MME by OCT is not limited to B-scans, but also possible using SLO images.

  9. Thermodynamic and mesoscopic modeling of tumbling nematics, of shear-thickening fluids and of stick-slip-like flow behavior

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Heidenreich, Sebastian


    Full Text Available Shear thickening, i.e. the increase of the viscosity with increasing shear rate as it occurs in dense colloidal dispersions and polymeric fluids is an intriguing phenomenon with a considerable potential for technical applications. The theoretical description of this phenomenon is patterned after the thermodynamic and mesoscopic modeling of the orientational dynamics and the flow behavior of liquid crystals in the isotropic and nematic phases, where the theoretical basis is well-established. Even there the solutions of the relevant equations recently yielded surprises: not only stable flow alignment and a periodic behavior (tumbling are found as response to an imposed stationary shear flow but also irregular and chaotic dynamics occurs for certain parameter ranges. To treat shear-thickening fluids, a non-linear Maxwell model equation for the symmetric traceless part of the stress tensor has been proposed in analogy to the equations obeyed by the alignment tensor of nematics. The fluid-solid transition is formally analogous to the isotropic-nematic transition. In addition to shear-thickening and shear-thinning fluids, substances with yield stress can be modeled. Furthermore, periodic stick-slip-like motions and also chaotic behavior are found. In the latter cases, the instantaneous entropy production is not always positive. Yet it is comforting that its long-time average is in accord with the second law.

  10. Recycled and Virgin HDPEs as Bleed Inhibitors and Their Rheological Influences on Lubricating Greases Thickened with PP and mPP

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ravi Dixena


    Full Text Available Polypropylene (PP thickened lubricating grease exhibits high oil bleed tendency at low temperatures, which makes it a promising candidate for low temperature applications. At elevated temperatures, PP thickened lubricating grease exhibits excessive oil bleeding, which limits its use at high temperatures. Excessive oil bleed adversely affects the lubricating performance of the PP thickened grease. The present work is focused on the study of the oil bleed tendency of PP and Maleated Polypropylene (mPP thickened greases at various temperatures by incorporating virgin and recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE into the thickener system. Grease containing various percentages of PP and mPP thickeners were prepared and modified with different percentages of virgin and recycled HDPE. Polymers were characterized through differential scanning calorimetry (DSC techniques. The oil bleed performance of these greases was evaluated by the conical sieve method (ASTM D 6184 at various temperatures. Storage (G′ and loss modulus (G″ of greases was determined by rheometry at 25 °C. Incorporation of HDPE and recycled HDPE in PP thickened grease decreased oil bleeding compared to the base grease.

  11. Giant sacral meningeal diverticulum containing a thickened filum with lipoma in an adult with spinal cord tethering. Case report and review of the literature. (United States)

    Feigenbaum, Frank


    An unusual case of a patient with a giant intrasacral meningeal diverticulum and spinal cord tethering with a thickened filum is presented. Instead of being empty as is typical, the meningeal diverticulum in this case contained a segment of the thickened tethering filum, which entered from the thecal sac through an ostium. A search of the literature revealed no prior description of a meningeal diverticulum containing a portion of tethered filum or any other structure. Only 2 previous cases of intrasacral meningeal cyst and spinal cord tethering with a thickened filum were found, both in the non-English literature.

  12. Development of International Terminology and Definitions for Texture-Modified Foods and Thickened Fluids Used in Dysphagia Management: The IDDSI Framework (United States)

    Cichero, Julie A. Y.; Lam, Peter; Steele, Catriona M.; Hanson, Ben; Chen, Jianshe; Dantas, Roberto O.; Duivestein, Janice; Kayashita, Jun; Lecko, Caroline; Murray, Joseph; Pillay, Mershen; Riquelme, Luis; Stanschus, Soenke


    Dysphagia is estimated to affect ~8% of the world’s population (~590 million people). Texture-modified foods and thickened drinks are commonly used to reduce the risks of choking and aspiration. The International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) was founded with the goal of developing globally standardized terminology and definitions for texture-modified foods and liquids applicable to individuals with dysphagia of all ages, in all care settings, and all cultures. A multi-professional volunteer committee developed a dysphagia diet framework through systematic review and stakeholder consultation. First, a survey of existing national terminologies and current practice was conducted, receiving 2050 responses from 33 countries. Respondents included individuals with dysphagia; their caregivers; organizations supporting individuals with dysphagia; healthcare professionals; food service providers; researchers; and industry. The results revealed common use of 3–4 levels of food texture (54 different names) and ≥3 levels of liquid thickness (27 different names). Substantial support was expressed for international standardization. Next, a systematic review regarding the impact of food texture and liquid consistency on swallowing was completed. A meeting was then convened to review data from previous phases, and develop a draft framework. A further international stakeholder survey sought feedback to guide framework refinement; 3190 responses were received from 57 countries. The IDDSI Framework (released in November, 2015) involves a continuum of 8 levels (0–7) identified by numbers, text labels, color codes, definitions, and measurement methods. The IDDSI Framework is recommended for implementation throughout the world. PMID:27913916

  13. Generation of the Early Cenozoic adakitic volcanism by partial melting of mafic lower crust, Eastern Turkey: Implications for crustal thickening to delamination (United States)

    Karsli, Orhan; Dokuz, Abdurrahman; Uysal, İbrahim; Aydin, Faruk; Kandemir, Raif; Wijbrans, Jan


    Early Cenozoic (48-50 Ma) adakitic volcanic rocks from the Eastern Pontides, NE Turkey, consist of calc-alkaline and high-K calc-alkaline andesite and dacite, with SiO 2 contents ranging from 56.01 to 65.44 wt.%. This is the first time that Early Eocene volcanism and adakites have been reported from the region. The rocks are composed of plagioclase, amphibole, quartz, and Mg-rich biotite. They have high and low-Mg# values ranging from 55 to 62 and 13 to 42, respectively. High-Mg# rocks have higher Ni and Co contents than low-Mg# samples. The rocks exhibit enrichments in large ion lithophile elements including the light rare earth elements, depletions in Nb, Ta and Ti and have high La/Yb and Sr/Y ratios. Their relative high ISr (0.70474-0.70640) and low ɛNd (50 Ma) values (- 2.3 to 0.8) are inconsistent with an origin as partial melts of a subducted oceanic slab. Combined major- and trace element and Sr-Nd isotope data suggest that the adakitic magmas are related to the unique tectonic setting of this region, where a transition from a collision to an extension stage has created thickening and delamination of the Pontide mafic lower crust at 50 Ma. The high-Mg adakitic magmas resulted from partial melting of the delaminated eclogitic mafic lower crust that sank into the relatively hot subcrustal mantle, and its subsequent interaction with the mantle peridotite during upward transport, leaving garnet as the residual phase, elevates the MgO content and Mg# of the magmas, whereas low-Mg# magmas formed by the melting of newly exposed lower crustal rocks caused by asthenospheric upwelling, which supplies heat flux to the lower crust. The data also suggest that the mafic lower continental crust beneath the region was thickened between the Late Cretaceous and the Late Paleocene and delaminated during Late Paleocene to Early Eocene time, which coincides with the initial stage of crustal thinning caused by crustal extensional events in the Eastern Pontides and rules out the

  14. Comparative Evaluation of the Prevalence of Maxillary Sinus Mucosal Thickening in the Patients with Periodontal Bone Loss: A Digital Panoramic Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S Mirbeigi


    Results: Mucosal thickening was significantly correlated with the bone loss and pattern type of the bone loss. Moreover, the prevalence of sinus mucosal thickening was 12.10% in patients with mild bone loss, 27.45% in patients with moderate bone loss, 63.15% in patients with severe bone loss. No statistically significant relationship was detected between Maxillary sinus mucositis with patients’ age and sex (p =0.05. Conclusion: In patients suffering from the bone loss, increased severity of the bone loss can lead to an increase in the prevalence of sinus mucosal thickening. The maxillary sinus mucositis was reported to be more prevalent in the bone loss with a vertical pattern rather than the bone loss with a horizontal pattern. Moreover, based on the results of the present study, the periodontal disease may increase the risk of sinus mucosal thickening.

  15. Spatial variations in fluvial incision across the eastern margin of Tibet reveal locus of thickening in the deep crust (United States)

    Kirby, Eric; Zhang, Huiping; Chen, Jie


    The manifestation of coupling among climate, erosion and tectonics along steep topographic margins of orogenic plateaus is strongly dependent on the processes driving crustal thickening. Along the eastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau, a long-standing an vigorous debate persists over whether mountain building occurred largely along upper-crustal faults or was the consequence of distributed thickening in the lower crust. Here we revisit this debate and show how surface deformation recorded by geomorphology over millennial timescales (104-105 yr) can yield insight into the role the deep crust along plateau margins. In contrast to the intensively studied Longmen Shan, the topographic margin of the Tibetan Plateau north of the Sichuan Basin follows the north-south Min Shan and cuts orthogonally across the structural grain of the Mesozoic West Qinling orogen. The lack of a direct association of topography with upper crustal faults affords an opportunity to evaluate the patterns of differential rock uplift from geomorphology. First, we employ an empirical calibration of river profile steepness (channel gradient normalized for drainage basin area) and erosion rate from cosmogenic 10Be concentrations in modern sediment. Application to the channels draining the plateau margin reveals a locus of high (300-500 m/Myr) erosion rate coincident with the Min Shan. Second, we present new results of surveying and dating of fluvial terraces developed along the Bailong Jiang, one of the major rivers draining across the plateau margin. A preliminary chronology of terrace tread deposits based on radiocarbon and OSL samples reveals systematic spatial gradients in fluvial incision, with highest incision rates (1000-2000 m/Myr) localized along the axis of the Min Shan and decreasing toward both the foreland and the plateau. This locus of incision has apparently been sustained through multiple generations of terrace formation and abandonment since ca. 80ka and thus is interpreted to reflect

  16. Paleozoic adakitic rocks in the northern Altyn Tagh, northwest China: Evidence for progressive crustal thickening beneath the Dunhuang Block (United States)

    Bao, Weihang; Long, Xiaoping; Yuan, Chao; Sun, Min; Zhao, Guochun; Wang, Yujing; Guan, Yili; Zhang, Yunying


    To constrain the Phanerozoic crustal evolution of the Dunhuang Block, new whole-rock geochemistry, zircon U-Pb ages and Hf isotopic data were determined for three Paleozoic granitic plutons in the northern Altyn Tagh, northwest China. Zircon U-Pb dating of these plutons, including gneissic granite, mylonitic granite and augen gneiss, yielded Middle Devonian to Early Carboniferous crystallization ages of 358 ± 4 Ma, 382 ± 4 Ma and 332 ± 2 Ma, respectively. The gneissic granites are characterized by a small SiO2 variation (69.11-70.33 wt.%) with moderate K2O (3.07-3.55 wt.%), Na2O (3.61-4.08 wt.%), low Fe2O3T (2.25-2.84 wt.%) and MgO (1.04-1.25 wt.%). The granites are weakly peraluminous with moderate aluminium saturation indexes (ASI = 1.02-1.08) and exhibit the geochemical features of high-K calc-alkaline igneous rocks. Although the major element contents of the mylonitic granites and the augen gneisses are different from those of the gneissic granites, all three plutons show similar REE patterns and trace element variations. Rocks from these plutons are all LREE-enriched and show relatively flat HREE patterns with pronounced depletions in Ba, Nb, Ta, Ti and negative Eu anomalies. Moreover, the rocks are characterized by high Sr (330.7-656 ppm), low Yb (0.513-1.521 ppm) and Y (5.199-13.73 ppm), and thus have high Sr/Y ratios (32-122), showing geochemical affinities of adakitic rocks. Their negative εHf(t) values, low MgO, Cr, Co and Ni contents indicate a continental crust origin without significant involvement of mantle-derived materials. The negative Eu anomalies, low Yb and Y contents of these granitic rocks reveal that plagioclase and garnet are major residue minerals in the magma source. All the geochemical characteristics demonstrate that these adakitic plutons were produced by partial melting of thickened lower crust at relatively shallow depths under high amphibolite or granulite facies and did not reach the eclogite facies. Combining this with the

  17. Thickening of inner retinal layers in the parafovea after bariatric surgery in patients with type 2 diabetes

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Brynskov, Troels; Laugesen, Caroline S; Floyd, Andrea K;


    PURPOSE: Bariatric surgery dramatically improves the metabolic profile in patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D). We have previously reported a thickening of the retina after bariatric surgery and aimed to investigate these subclinical changes in retinal thickness and vessel calibres in more detail....... METHODS: We examined 51 patients with T2D 2 weeks before and 1, 3, 6 and 12 months after bariatric surgery. Retinal thickness was measured with optical coherence tomography and automated segmentation in the fovea, parafovea and perifovea in each retinal layer. Retinal vessels were semiautomatically...

  18. New functions of arthropod bursicon: inducing deposition and thickening of new cuticle and hemocyte granulation in the blue crab, Callinectes sapidus.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    J Sook Chung

    Full Text Available Arthropod growth requires molt-associated changes in softness and stiffness of the cuticle that protects from desiccation, infection and injury. Cuticle hardening in insects depends on the blood-borne hormone, bursicon (Burs, although it has never been determined in hemolymph. Whilst also having Burs, decapod crustaceans reiterate molting many more times during their longer life span and are encased in a calcified exoskeleton, which after molting undergoes similar initial cuticle hardening processes as in insects. We investigated the role of homologous crustacean Burs in cuticular changes and growth in the blue crab, Callinectes sapidus. We found dramatic increases in size and number of Burs cells during development in paired thoracic ganglion complex (TGC neurons with pericardial organs (POs as neurohemal release sites. A skewed expression of Burs β/Burs α mRNA in TGC corresponds to protein contents of identified Burs β homodimer and Burs heterodimer in POs. In hemolymph, Burs is consistently present at ∼21 pM throughout the molt cycle, showing a peak of ∼89 pM at ecdysis. Since initial cuticle hardness determines the degree of molt-associated somatic increment (MSI, we applied recombinant Burs in vitro to cuticle explants of late premolt or early ecdysis. Burs stimulates cuticle thickening and granulation of hemocytes. These findings demonstrate novel cuticle-associated functions of Burs during molting, while the unambiguous and constant presence of Burs in cells and hemolymph throughout the molt cycle and life stages may implicate further functions of its homo- and heterodimer hormone isoforms in immunoprotective defense systems of arthropods.

  19. Short-lived polyphase deformation during crustal thickening and exhumation of a collisional orogen (Ribeira Belt, Brazil) (United States)

    Faleiros, F. M.; Campanha, G. A. C.; Pavan, M.; Almeida, V. V.; Rodrigues, S. W. O.; Araújo, B. P.


    The Ribeira Belt (Brazil) is a Neoproterozoic collisional-related feature that was located in a south-central position in West Gondwana. We present quantitative data on finite strain, flow vorticity and deformation temperatures for the Curitiba Terrane, a major segment of the southern Ribeira Belt. Six deformation phases (D1-D6) related with crustal thickening and exhumation were recognized. D1 and D2-related microstructures are preserved exclusively within porphyroblasts, in part grown during stages of high-pressure (∼9-12 kbar) isobaric heating after crustal thickening. D3 phase was active from peak metamorphism attained in contrasting crustal levels (810-400 °C), to the early stage of exhumation (500-400 °C), as indicated by petrological, microstructural and quartz c-axis fabric evidence. Kinematic vorticity results indicate that the SL3 mylonitic fabric resulted from a simple shear-dominated deformation related with westward thrusting. North-verging overturned D4 folds with E-W-trending subhorizontal axes derived from a pure shear-dominated deformation. Regional D5 open folds with subvertical axes and NNE-SSW-trending traces were produced by indentation tectonics. D6 phase comprises retrograde orogen-parallel transcurrent shear zones related with scape tectonics. Geochronological data indicate that D3-D6 phases occurred between 584 and 580 Ma, suggesting a fast exhumation rate of ∼8 mm/year for the deepest rocks from the southern Ribeira Belt.

  20. Cuticle Thickening in a Pyrethroid-Resistant Strain of the Common Bed Bug, Cimex lectularius L. (Hemiptera: Cimicidae). (United States)

    Lilly, David G; Latham, Sharissa L; Webb, Cameron E; Doggett, Stephen L


    Thickening of the integument as a mechanism of resistance to insecticides is a well recognised phenomenon in the insect world and, in recent times, has been found in insects exhibiting pyrethroid-resistance. Resistance to pyrethroid insecticides in the common bed bug, Cimex lectularius L., is widespread and has been frequently inferred as a reason for the pest's resurgence. Overexpression of cuticle depositing proteins has been demonstrated in pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs although, to date, no morphological analysis of the cuticle has been undertaken in order to confirm a phenotypic link. This paper describes examination of the cuticle thickness of a highly pyrethroid-resistant field strain collected in Sydney, Australia, in response to time-to-knockdown upon forced exposure to a pyrethroid insecticide. Mean cuticle thickness was positively correlated to time-to-knockdown, with significant differences observed between bugs knocked-down at 2 hours, 4 hours, and those still unaffected at 24 hours. Further analysis also demonstrated that the 24 hours survivors possessed a statistically significantly thicker cuticle when compared to a pyrethroid-susceptible strain of C. lectularius. This study demonstrates that cuticle thickening is present within a pyrethroid-resistant strain of C. lectularius and that, even within a stable resistant strain, cuticle thickness will vary according to time-to-knockdown upon exposure to an insecticide. This response should thus be considered in future studies on the cuticle of insecticide-resistant bed bugs and, potentially, other insects.

  1. Ultrasonographic thickening of the muscularis propria in feline small intestinal small cell T-cell lymphoma and inflammatory bowel disease. (United States)

    Daniaux, Lise A; Laurenson, Michele P; Marks, Stanley L; Moore, Peter F; Taylor, Sandra L; Chen, Rachel X; Zwingenberger, Allison L


    Gastrointestinal lymphoma is the most common form of lymphoma in the cat. More recently, an ultrasonographic pattern associated with feline small cell T-cell gastrointestinal lymphoma has been recognized as a diffuse thickening of the muscularis propria of the small intestine. This pattern is also described with feline inflammatory bowel disease. To evaluate the similarities between the diseases, we quantified the thickness of the muscularis propria layer in the duodenum, jejunum and ileum of 14 cats affected by small cell T-cell lymphoma and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and 19 healthy cats. We found a significantly increased thickness of the muscularis propria in cats with lymphoma and IBD compared with healthy cats. The mean thickness of the muscularis propria in cats with lymphoma or IBD was twice the thickness of that of healthy cats, and was the major contributor to significant overall bowel wall thickening in the duodenum and jejunum. A muscularis to submucosa ratio >1 is indicative of an abnormal bowel segment. Colic lymph nodes in cats with lymphoma were increased in size compared with healthy cats. In cats with gastrointestinal lymphoma and histologic transmural infiltration of the small intestines, colic or jejunal lymph nodes were rounded, increased in size and hypoechoic.

  2. Mechanism of Electron Beam Induced Oxide Layer Thickening on Iron–Iron Oxide Core–Shell Nanoparticles

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sundararajan, Jennifer A.; Kaur, Maninder; Qiang, You


    Materials exposed to radiation show structural changes and damages, especially in the nanoscale range. The characterizing equipment involving electron beam (e-beam) radiation for a nanosize imaging process, such as a transmission electron microscope, is no exception, in which the most prominent behavior of native oxide layer thickening has been widely studied. In this paper, we describe the physics behind the growth mechanism of the oxide layer in a core–shell iron/iron oxide nanoparticle (NP) under the impact of e-beam radiation. The particles studied were synthesized via a cluster deposition system. Due to the impact of the e-beam, these particles were observed to grow inward and outward resulting in a total increase of NP size. The theory is connected with experimental evidence to reveal the oxide layer thickening of the NP, which is favored and enhanced by vacancy formation, surface oxidation, and diffusion/void nucleation under the impact of a 200 keV e-beam.

  3. Operation of a cylindrical bioelectrochemical reactor containing carbon fiber fabric for efficient methane fermentation from thickened sewage sludge. (United States)

    Sasaki, Daisuke; Sasaki, Kengo; Watanabe, Atsushi; Morita, Masahiko; Matsumoto, Norio; Igarashi, Yasuo; Ohmura, Naoya


    A bioelectrochemical reactor (BER) containing carbon fiber fabric (CFF) (BER+CFF) enabled efficient methane fermentation from thickened sewage sludge. A cylindrical BER+CFF was proposed and scaled-up to a volume of 4.0-L. Thickened sewage sludge was treated using three types of methanogenic reactors. The working electrode potential in the BER+CFF was regulated at -0.8 V (vs. Ag/AgCl). BER+CFF showed gas production of 3.57 L L(-1) day(-1) at a hydraulic retention time (HRT) of 4.0 days; however, non-BER+CFF showed a lower gas production rate (0.83 L L(-1) day(-1)) at this HRT, suggesting positive effects of electrochemical regulation. A stirred tank reactor (without CFF) deteriorated at an HRT of 10 days, suggesting positive effects of CFF. 16S rRNA gene analysis showed that the BER+CFF included 3 kinds of hydrogenotrophic methanogens and 1 aceticlastic methanogen. These results demonstrate the effectiveness of the BER+CFF for scale-up and flexibility of this technology.

  4. Elevated expression of placental growth factor is associated with airway-wall vascular remodelling and thickening in smokers with asthma (United States)

    Wu, Dong; Lai, Tianwen; Yuan, Yalian; Chen, Min; Xia, Jun; Li, Wen; Pan, Guihai; Yuan, Binfan; Lv, Quanchao; Li, Yanyu; Li, Dongmin; Wu, Bin


    The increased expression of placental growth factor (PlGF) in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and allergy-related asthma suggests its role in the pathogenesis of these diseases. In asthmatic smokers, airway remodelling is accompanied by an accelerated decline in lung function. However, whether PlGF contributes to the persistent airflow obstruction and vascular remodelling typically seen in asthmatic smokers is unknown. In this study we measured lung function, airway-wall thickening, and PlGF levels in serum and induced sputum in 74 asthmatic and 42 healthy smokers and never-smokers. Using human lung microvascular endothelial cells (HLMECs), we evaluated the in vitro effects of PlGF on each step of vascular remodelling, including proliferation, migration, stress-fibre expression, and tubule formation. Our data showed significantly higher serum and sputum PlGF levels in asthma patients, especially asthmatic smokers, than in healthy controls. Serum and sputum PlGF levels correlated negatively with post-bronchodilator forced expiratory volume in 1 s (FEV1) and the FEV1/forced vital capacity, but positively with airway-wall thickening. Stimulation of HLMECs with rhPlGF promoted all of the steps of airway-microvascular remodelling. These findings provide insights into the influence of cigarette smoking on the structural changes in the airways of asthmatics and the important pathogenic role played by PlGF. PMID:28220848

  5. Crustal thickening and attenuation as revealed by regional fold interference patterns: Ciudad Rodrigo basement area (Salamanca, Spain) (United States)

    Díez Fernández, Rubén; Gómez Barreiro, Juan; Martínez Catalán, José R.; Ayarza, Puy


    The structure of the Ciudad Rodrigo area (Iberian Massif, Central Iberian Zone) has been revisited in order to integrate new geological data with recent models of the evolution of the Iberian Massif. Detailed mapping of fold structures along with a compilation of field data have been used to constrain the geometry and relative timing of ductile deformation events in this section of the hinterland of the Variscan belt. The structural evolution shows, in the first place, the development of a regional train of overturned folds with associated axial planar foliation (D1). Towards the lower structural levels, the deflection of the fold limbs and a subhorizontal crenulation cleavage depict the upper structural boundary of a superimposed low angle shear zone (D2), which extends at least to the deepest parts of the basement exposed in the study area. The amplification and rotation of D1 folds about a horizontal axis also occurred within this shear zone. The flat-lying character of the D2 structures accounts for the attenuation of the previously thickened crust, which developed following gravity gradients during thermal re-equilibration. Subsequent deformation led to the formation of two orthogonal sets of upright folds (D3), representing a new shift between crustal thinning and crustal thickening in the region.

  6. Intron-mediated alternative splicing of WOOD-ASSOCIATED NAC TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR1B regulates cell wall thickening during fiber development in Populus species. (United States)

    Zhao, Yunjun; Sun, Jiayan; Xu, Peng; Zhang, Rui; Li, Laigeng


    Alternative splicing is an important mechanism involved in regulating the development of multicellular organisms. Although many genes in plants undergo alternative splicing, little is understood of its significance in regulating plant growth and development. In this study, alternative splicing of black cottonwood (Populus trichocarpa) wood-associated NAC domain transcription factor (PtrWNDs), PtrWND1B, is shown to occur exclusively in secondary xylem fiber cells. PtrWND1B is expressed with a normal short-transcript PtrWND1B-s as well as its alternative long-transcript PtrWND1B-l. The intron 2 structure of the PtrWND1B gene was identified as a critical sequence that causes PtrWND1B alternative splicing. Suppression of PtrWND1B expression specifically inhibited fiber cell wall thickening. The two PtrWND1B isoforms play antagonistic roles in regulating cell wall thickening during fiber cell differentiation in Populus spp. PtrWND1B-s overexpression enhanced fiber cell wall thickening, while overexpression of PtrWND1B-l repressed fiber cell wall thickening. Alternative splicing may enable more specific regulation of processes such as fiber cell wall thickening during wood formation.

  7. Post-collisional granitoids from the Dabie orogen: New evidence for partial melting of a thickened continental crust (United States)

    He, Yongsheng; Li, Shuguang; Hoefs, Jochen; Huang, Fang; Liu, Sheng-Ao; Hou, Zhenhui


    The geological implications of granitoid magmas with high Sr/Y and La/Yb are debated because these signatures can be produced by multiple processes. This study presents comprehensive major and trace element compositions and zircon SHRIMP U-Pb age data of 81 early Cretaceous granitoids and 4 mafic enclaves from the Dabie orogen to investigate partial melting of the thickened lower continental crust (LCC). On the basis of Sr/Y ratios, granitoids can be grouped into two magma series: (i) high Sr/Y granitoids (HSG) and (ii) normal granitoids with low Sr/Y. Relative to normal granitoids, HSG display the following distinct chemical features: (1) at given SiO 2 and CaO contents, the HSG have significantly higher Sr than normal granitoids, defining two different trends in Sr versus SiO 2, CaO diagrams; (2) highly depleted heavy rare earth element (REE) relative to middle and light REE with (Dy/Yb) N and (La/Yb) N up to 3.2 and 151, respectively; (3) variable and higher Nb/Ta; and (4) positive correlations among Sr/Y, (Dy/Yb) N, (La/Yb) N, and Nb/Ta. High Sr/Y, (La/Yb) N, (Dy/Yb) N, and Sr/CaO of HSG do not correlate with major elements (e.g., SiO 2). Large variations in these ratios at a given SiO 2 content indicate that these features do not reflect magma mixing or fractionation. HSG have higher Sr at a given CaO content and larger variation of (Dy/Yb) N than old crustal rocks (including exposed basement, global mafic LCC xenoliths, high Sr/Y TTG suites, and adakites in modern arcs). This precludes inheritance of the HSG chemical features from these source rocks. Instead, the chemical features of the HSG are best explained by partial melting of the thickened LCC with garnet-dominant, plagioclase-poor, and rutile-present residual lithologies. The coupled chemical features of the HSG are not observed in post-collisional granitoids younger than ca.130 Ma, indicating removal of the eclogitic source and/or residuum of HSG underneath the orogen. These characteristic chemical

  8. Experimental Simulations of Lunar Magma Ocean Crystallization: The Plot (But Not the Crust) Thickens (United States)

    Draper, D. S.; Rapp, J. F.; Elardo, S. M.; Shearer, C. K., Jr.; Neal, C. R.


    Numerical models of differentiation of a global-scale lunar magma ocean (LMO) have raised as many questions as they have answered. Recent orbital missions and sample studies have provided new context for a large range of lithologies, from the comparatively magnesian "purest anorthosite" reported by to Si-rich domes and spinel-rich clasts with widespread areal distributions. In addition, the GRAIL mission provided strong constraints on lunar crustal density and average thickness. Can this increasingly complex geology be accounted for via the formation and evolution of the LMO? We have in recent years been conducting extensive sets of petrologic experiments designed to fully simulate LMO crystallization, which had not been attempted previously. Here we review the key results from these experiments, which show that LMO differentiation is more complex than initial models suggested. Several important features expected from LMO crystallization models have yet to be reproduced experimentally; combined modelling and experimental work by our group is ongoing.

  9. Dietary Compound Kaempferol Inhibits Airway Thickening Induced by Allergic Reaction in a Bovine Serum Albumin-Induced Model of Asthma. (United States)

    Shin, Daekeun; Park, Sin-Hye; Choi, Yean-Jung; Kim, Yun-Ho; Antika, Lucia Dwi; Habibah, Nurina Umy; Kang, Min-Kyung; Kang, Young-Hee


    Asthma is characterized by aberrant airways including epithelial thickening, goblet cell hyperplasia, and smooth muscle hypertrophy within the airway wall. The current study examined whether kaempferol inhibited mast cell degranulation and prostaglandin (PG) release leading to the development of aberrant airways, using an in vitro model of dinitrophenylated bovine serum albumin (DNP-BSA)-sensitized rat basophilic leukemia (RBL-2H3) mast cells and an in vivo model of BSA-challenged asthmatic mice. Nontoxic kaempferol at 10-20 μM suppressed β-hexosaminidase release and cyclooxygenase 2 (COX2)-mediated production of prostaglandin D2 (PGD2) and prostaglandin F2α (PGF2α) in sensitized mast cells. Oral administration of ≤20 mg/kg kaempferol blocked bovine serum albumin (BSA) inhalation-induced epithelial cell excrescence and smooth muscle hypertrophy by attenuating the induction of COX2 and the formation of PGD2 and PGF2α, together with reducing the anti-α-smooth muscle actin (α-SMA) expression in mouse airways. Kaempferol deterred the antigen-induced mast cell activation of cytosolic phospholipase A2 (cPLA2) responsive to protein kinase Cμ (PKCμ) and extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK). Furthermore, the antigen-challenged activation of Syk-phospholipase Cγ (PLCγ) pathway was dampened in kaempferol-supplemented mast cells. These results demonstrated that kaempferol inhibited airway wall thickening through disturbing Syk-PLCγ signaling and PKCμ-ERK-cPLA2-COX2 signaling in antigen-exposed mast cells. Thus, kaempferol may be a potent anti-allergic compound targeting allergic asthma typical of airway hyperplasia and hypertrophy.

  10. Transitional features in human atherosclerosis. Intimal thickening, cholesterol clefts, and cell loss in human aortic fatty streaks. (United States)

    Guyton, J. R.; Klemp, K. F.


    The possible transition from a subset of fatty streaks to fibrous plaques in human atherosclerosis has long been postulated, but transitional features in lesions have rarely been demonstrated. We examined human aortic fatty streaks to determine whether significant tendencies toward intimal thickening and toward deep extracellular lipid deposition might be found. To provide accurate ultrastructural assessment of lipid, tissues were processed by new electron microscopic cytochemical techniques. Unilateral fatty streaks exhibited a 60% increase in intimal thickness when compared to contralateral control tissue. Fat droplets in intimal cells accounted for approximately half of the increase; nonfat portions of cells and extracellular matrix accounted for the remainder. Six of 32 fatty streaks (19%) contained cholesterol clefts, which were found in the musculo-elastic (deep) layer of the intima or in the tunica media. Volume fractions occupied by cells in deep intima were reduced when cholesterol clefts were evident, suggesting loss of cells in early core regions. Light and electron microscopy showed structures consistent with lipid-rich core regions in lesions with cholesterol clefts and in a few lesions without cholesterol clefts. The findings of intimal thickening, core region formation, and disappearance of intimal cells constitute new evidence that some fatty streaks are progressive lesions and sites of eventual fibrous plaque development. The findings also suggest that the lipid-rich core region does not originate primarily from the debris of dead foam cells in the superficial intima, but instead arises from lipids accumulating gradually in the extracellular matrix of the deep intima. Images Figure 1 Figure 3 Figure 4 Figure 5 Figure 6 Figure 7 Figure 8 Figure 9 PMID:8238260

  11. Preparation, characterization and technological evaluation of CMC derived from rice-straw as thickening agents in discharge, discharge-resist and burn-out printing. (United States)

    Ragheb, A A; Nassar, S H; Abd El-Thalouth, I; Ibrahim, M A; Shahin, A A


    Carboxymethyl cellulose samples of different D.S. values were prepared from rice straw via pulping followed by etherification with monochloroacetic acid under the catalytic action of sodium hydroxide. The prepared derivatives were assessed for D.S., rheological properties as well as suitability as thickening agents in different printing styles. It was found that carboxymethyl cellulose derived from rice straw is characterized by a non-Newtonian pseudoplastic behavior and its apparent viscosity at any specific rate of shear depends on the D.S. All the prepared derivatives could be used successfully as thickening agents in discharge and/or discharge/resist printing of cotton fabrics. Furthermore, they could be used also as thickening agent for burn-out printing style of wool/polyester blended fabrics using sodium hydroxide. Attractive samples could be obtained via using these techniques.

  12. 盐浆增稠设备的比较和选用%The Comparasion and Selection of Slurry Thickening Equipment

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


      针对真空制盐和制硝过程中盐浆和硝浆的两种增稠设备:旋流器和增稠器(浓密机)的特点、用途、设计选型进行了比较分析,为企业和设计人员选择适合的增稠设备提供了参考。%This paper compares the characteristcs , use, design and selection between the two kinds of slurry thickening equipment in vacuum salt making and sodium sulfate making-cycolone and thickener which is of refernece to select the proper thickening equipement for the enterprise and design staff.

  13. Evaluation of the post-operative lumbar spine with MR imaging. The role of contrast enhancement and thickening in nerve roots

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Grane, P.; Lindqvist, M. [Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm (Sweden). Dept. of Neuroradiology


    Purpose: Two new signs of lumbar nerve-root affection have been reported in recent years on the basis of MR examinations, namely: thickening in nerve roots; and contrast enhancement in nerve roots. The aim of this study was to assess contrast enhancement in nerve roots in a standardised way, and to evaluate the clinical significance of contrast enhancement and of nerve-root thickening in the symptomatic post-operative lumbar spine. Material and Methods: A total of 121 patients (who had previously been operated on for lumbar disc herniation) underwent 152 MR examinations, mainly on a 1.5 T system. Focal nerve-root enhancement was identified by visual assessment. Intradural enhancement was also quantified by pixel measurements that compared the affected nerve roots before and after contrast administration. Non-affected nerve roots were used as reference. Results: Enhanced nerve roots in the dural sac increased at least 40-50% in signal intensity after contrast administration compared to pre-contrast images and also compared to non-affected nerve roots. Intradural nerve-root enhancement was seen in 10% of the patients and focal enhancement in the root sleeve was seen in a further 26%. Nerve-root thickening was seen in 30%. Good correlation with clinical symptoms was found in 59% of the patients with intradural enhancement, in 84% with focal enhancement, and in 86% with nerve-root thickening. The combination of thickening and enhancement in the nerve root correlated with symptoms in 86% of the patients. Conclusion: Nerve-root enhancement (whether focal or intradural) and thickening in the nerve root are significant MR findings in the post-operative lumbar spine. In conbination with disc herniation or nerve-root displacement, these two signs may strengthen the indication for repeat surgery. However, root enhancement within 6 months of previous surgery may be a normal post-operative finding. (orig.).

  14. Changes in air flow patterns using surfactants and thickeners during air sparging: bench-scale experiments. (United States)

    Kim, Juyoung; Kim, Heonki; Annable, Michael D


    Air injected into an aquifer during air sparging normally flows upward according to the pressure gradients and buoyancy, and the direction of air flow depends on the natural hydrogeologic setting. In this study, a new method for controlling air flow paths in the saturated zone during air sparging processes is presented. Two hydrodynamic parameters, viscosity and surface tension of the aqueous phase in the aquifer, were altered using appropriate water-soluble reagents distributed before initiating air sparging. Increased viscosity retarded the travel velocity of the air front during air sparging by modifying the viscosity ratio. Using a one-dimensional column packed with water-saturated sand, the velocity of air intrusion into the saturated region under a constant pressure gradient was inversely proportional to the viscosity of the aqueous solution. The air flow direction, and thus the air flux distribution was measured using gaseous flux meters placed at the sand surface during air sparging experiments using both two-, and three-dimensional physical models. Air flow was found to be influenced by the presence of an aqueous patch of high viscosity or suppressed surface tension in the aquifer. Air flow was selective through the low-surface tension (46.5 dyn/cm) region, whereas an aqueous patch of high viscosity (2.77 cP) was as an effective air flow barrier. Formation of a low-surface tension region in the target contaminated zone in the aquifer, before the air sparging process is inaugurated, may induce air flow through the target zone maximizing the contaminant removal efficiency of the injected air. In contrast, a region with high viscosity in the air sparging influence zone may minimize air flow through the region prohibiting the region from de-saturating.

  15. Numerical methods for the simulation of continuous sedimentation in ideal clarifier-thickener units

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Buerger, R.; Karlsen, K.H.; Risebro, N.H.; Towers, J.D.


    We consider a model of continuous sedimentation. Under idealizing assumptions, the settling of the solid particles under the influence of gravity can be described by the initial value problem for a nonlinear hyperbolic partial differential equation with a flux function that depends discontinuously on height. The purpose of this contribution is to present and demonstrate two numerical methods for simulating continuous sedimentation: a front tracking method and a finite finite difference method. The basic building blocks in the front tracking method are the solutions of a finite number of certain Riemann problems and a procedure for tracking local collisions of shocks. The solutions of the Riemann problems are recalled herein and the front tracking algorithm is described. As an alternative to the front tracking method, a simple scalar finite difference algorithm is proposed. This method is based on discretizing the spatially varying flux parameters on a mesh that is staggered with respect to that of the conserved variable, resulting in a straightforward generalization of the well-known Engquist-Osher upwind finite difference method. The result is an easily implemented upwind shock capturing method. Numerical examples demonstrate that the front tracking and finite difference methods can be used as efficient and accurate simulation tools for continuous sedimentation. The numerical results for the finite difference method indicate that discontinuities in the local solids concentration are resolved sharply and agree with those produced by the front tracking method. The latter is free of numerical dissipation, which leads to sharply resolved concentration discontinuities, but is more complicated to implement than the former. Available mathematical results for the proposed numerical methods are also briefly reviewed. (author)

  16. Initial Study

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Torp, Kristian


    Congestion is a major problem in most cities and the problem is growing (Quiroga, 2000) (Faghri & Hamad, 2002). When the congestion level is increased the drivers notice this as delays in the traffic (Taylor, Woolley, & Zito, 2000), i.e., the travel time for the individual driver is simply...... increased. In the initial study presented here, the time it takes to pass an intersection is studied in details. Two major signal-controlled four-way intersections in the center of the city Aalborg are studied in details to estimate the congestion levels in these intersections, based on the time it takes...

  17. Differential diagnosis of gallbladder wall thickening by two phase spiral CT : gallbladder carcinoma versus cholicystitis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Park, Sun; Cho, Soon Gu; Kim, Mi Young; Woo, Je Hong; Shin, Seok Hwan; Lee, Kykung Hee; Suh, Chang Hae [Inha Univ. College of Medicine, Inchon (Korea, Republic of)


    To determine whether an analysis of two-phase CT features provides a sound basis for differential diagnosis between gallbladder carcinoma and cholecystitis. We reviewed a total of 89 cases of gallbladder carcinoma (n=35) or cholecystitis (n=54) in patients who had undergone two-phase spiral CT. For this, a GE Highspeed Advantage scanner (GE Medical Systems, Milwaukee, U . S . A .) was used. A total of 120ml of contrast material was injected at a rate of 2-3 ml/sec. Arterial and venous phase scans were obtained 35 and 65 seconds, respectively, after the initiation of contrast infusion. All cases of gallbladder carcinoma and 468 of cholecystitis (of a total of 482) were confirmed by histopathology. We reviewed the two phase spiral CT features, analyzing and assessing thickness of the lesion, the enhancement pattern seen during the arterial and the venous phase, invasion of liver, pericholecystic fat infiltration, dilatation of intrahepatic ducts, and other associated findings. Mean wall thickness was 12.6 mm in the gallbladder carcinoma group, and 7.2 mm in the cholecystitis group. The common enhancement patterns seen in gallbladder carcinoma were 1) a highly enhanced thick inner wall layer during the arterial phase which became iso attenuated with adjacent liver parenchyma during the venous phase (16/35; 45.7%) and 2) highly enhanced thick inner wall layer during both the arterial and venous phase (8/35; 22.9%). The most common enhancement pattern in cholecystitis cases was an iso attenuated thin inner wall layer during both the arterial and the venous phase (44/54; 81.5%). Findings of intrahepatic mass formation by direct invasion (9/35), lymph node enlargement (12/35), and metastasis to other organs (7/35) occurred only in cases of gallbladder carcinoma (18/35, 51.4%) than of cholecystitis (10/54, 18.5%). The incidence of pericholecystic fat infiltration and fluid collection was not significantly different between the gallbladder cancer and cholecystitis groups

  18. Palaeoproterozoic high-pressure granulite overprint of the Archaean continental crust: evidence for homogeneous crustal thickening (Man Rise, Ivory Coast) (United States)

    Pitra, Pavel; Kouamelan, Alain N.; Ballèvre, Michel; Peucat, Jean-Jacques


    The character of mountain building processes in the Palaeoproterozoic times is subject to much debate. The local observation of Barrovian-type assemblages and high-pressure granulite relics in the Man Rise (Côte d'Ivoire), led some authors to argue that Eburnean (Palaeoproterozoic) reworking of the Archaean basement was achieved by modern-style thrust-dominated tectonics (e.g., Feybesse & Milési, 1994). However, it has been suggested that crustal thickening and subsequent exhumation of high-pressure crustal rocks can be achieved by virtue of homogeneous, fold-dominated deformation of hot crustal domains even in Phanerozoic orogenic belts (e.g., Schulmann et al., 2002; 2008). We describe a mafic granulite of the Kouibli area (Archaean part of the Man Rise, western Ivory Coast) that displays a primary assemblage (M1) containing garnet, diopsidic clinopyroxene, red-brown pargasitic amphibole, plagioclase (andesine), rutile, ilmenite and quartz. This assemblage is associated with a subvertical regional foliation. Symplectites that develop at the expense of the M1 assemblage contain orthopyroxene, clinopyroxene, plagioclase (bytownite), green pargasitic amphibole, ilmenite and magnetite (M2). Multiequilibrium thermobarometric calculations and P-T pseudosections calculated with THERMOCALC suggest granulite-facies conditions of ca. 13 kbar, 850°C and <7 kbar, 700-800°C for M1 and M2, respectively. In agreement with the qualitative information obtained from reaction textures and chemical zoning of minerals, this suggests an evolution dominated by decompression accompanied by moderate cooling. A Sm-Nd garnet - whole-rock age of 2.03 Ga determined on this sample indicates that this evolution occurred during the Palaeoproterozoic. We argue that from the geodynamic point of view the observed features are best explained by homogeneous thickening of the margin of the Archaean craton, re-heated and softened due to the accretion of hot, juvenile Palaeoproterozoic crust, as

  19. Meristematic activity of the Endodermis and the Pericycle in the primary thickening in monocotyledons: considerations on the "PTM"

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nanuza L. de Menezes


    Full Text Available This paper proposes a new interpretation for primary thickening in monocotyledons. The anatomy of the vegetative organs of the following species was examined: Cephalostemon riedelianus (Rapataceae, Cyperus papyrus (Cyperaceae, Lagenocarpus rigidus, L. junciformis (Cyperaceae, Echinodorus paniculatus (Alismataceae and Zingiber officinale (Zingiberaceae. The endodermis with meristematic activity was observed in the root of all the species, in the stem of Cyperus, Cephalostemum and Lagenocarpus rigidus, and in the leaf trace of Cyperus and leaf of Echinodorus. Considering the continuity of tissues through the root, stem and leaf, the authors conclude that in the stem the pericycle remains active throughout the life of the plant as the generator of the vascular tissue. The "Primary Thickening Meristem" is in fact the pericycle plus the endodermis and its derivatives (or only the pericycle. Close to the stem apex, the assemblage of seems to be a unique meristem, giving rise to the inner cortex and vascular tissues.A proposta deste trabalho é mostrar uma nova interpretação do meristema de espessamento primário em monocotiledôneas. Anatomia dos órgãos vegetativos das seguintes espécies foi examinada: Cephalostemon riedelianus (Rapataceae, Cyperus papyrus (Cyperaceae, Lagenocarpus rigidus, L. Junciformis (Cyperaceae, Echinodorus paniculatus (Alismataceae and Zingiberofficinale (Zingiberaceae. A atividade meristemática da endoderme foi observada nas raizes de todas as espécies, no caule de Cyperus, Cephalostemum e Lagenocarpus rigidus, e no traço foliar de Cyperus e folha de Echinodorus. Considerando a continuidade dos tecidos através da raiz, caule e folha, as autoras concluem que no caule o periciclo permanece ativo durante a vida da planta, como um gerador de tecidos vasculares. O "Meristema de Espessamento Primário" é o periciclo em fase meristemática, juntamente com a endoderme e suas derivadas (ou apenas o periciclo. Próximo ao

  20. Late Jurassic Crustal Thickening in the Mesozoic Arc of Ecuador and Colombia: Implications on the Evolution of Continental Arcs. (United States)

    Vanegas, J.; Cardona, A.; Blanco-Quintero, I.; Valencia, V.


    The tectonic evolution of South America during the Jurassic is related to the subduction of the Farallon plate and the formation of a series of continental arcs. In the northern Andes such arcs have been considered as controlled by extensional dominated tectonics. Paleomagnetic constraints have also suggested that between the Early and Late Jurassic several crustal domains were translate along the continental margin in association with strain partitioning in the convergent margin. A review of the character of the Salado terrane in the Cordillera Real of Ecuador indicates that it includes extensively deformed and metamorphosed volcano-sedimentary rocks that have achieved a greenschist to amphibolite facies event with chloritoid and garnet. This rocks are tightly associated with a ca. 143 Ma syn-tectonic granodiorite to monzogranite batholith that is also extensively milonitized.A similar Late Jurassic crustal thickening event that apparently affected volcano-sedimentary rocks have been also recently suspected in the Central Cordillera of the Colombian Andes in association with Jurassic plutonic rocks (Blanco-Quintero et al., 2013) It is therefore suggested that during the Late Jurassic the Northern Andes experienced significant contractional tectonics. Such crustal thickening may be related to either the active subduction setting were the crustal slivers formed in relation to oblique convergence are transfered and re-accreted to the margin and triggered the deformational event or to a collisional event associated to the arrival of an allocthonous terrane. New geochronological constraints on the metamorphic evolution and precise understanding on the relations between magmatism and deformation are going to be obtain in the Salado Terrane to appropriately test this hypothesis and contribute to the understanding of the extensional to compressional tectonic switching in continental arcs. Blanco-Quintero, I. F., García-Casco, A., Ruíz, E. C., Toro, L. M., Moreno, M

  1. Large depressions, thickened terraces, and gravitational deformation in the Ebro River valley (Zaragoza area, NE Spain): Evidence of glauberite and halite interstratal karstification (United States)

    Guerrero, Jesús; Gutiérrez, Francisco; Galve, Jorge P.


    In the studied reach of the Ebro Valley, the terrace and pediment sediments deposited over glauberite- and halite-bearing evaporites show local thickenings (> 50 m) recording dissolution-induced synsedimentary subsidence. Recent data on the lithostratigraphy of the evaporite sequence allow relating the alluvium thickenings with either halite or glauberite dissolution. The alluvium-filled dissolution basin underlying the youngest terraces (T8-T11) is ascribed to halite karstification; the top of a halite unit approximately 75 m thick is situated 40-15 m below the valley bottom. The thickenings of terrace (T1-T7) and pediment sediments are attributed to interstratal glauberite karstification: (1) Coincidence between the elevation range of the terraces and that of the glauberite-rich unit. Glauberite beds reach 30 and 100 m in single-bed and cumulative thickness, respectively. (2) The exposed bedrock underlying thickened alluvium shows abundant subsidence features indicative of interstratal karstification. The most common structure corresponds to hectometer-scale sag basins with superimposed collapses in the central sector of each basin. The subsided bedrock is frequently transformed into dissolution-collapse breccias showing a complete textural gradation, from crackle packbreccias to chaotic floatbreccias and karstic residues. (3) Paleokarst exposures show evidence of karstification confined to specific beds made up of secondary gypsum after precursory glauberite, partly dissolved and partly replaced. Despite the magnitude of the subsidence recorded by the thickened alluvium and unlike nearby tributaries, the terraces show a continuous and parallel arrangement indicating that the fluvial system was able to counterbalance subsidence by aggradation. A number of kilometer-size flat-bottom depressions have been developed in the valley margin, typically next to and inset into thickened terrace and pediment deposits. The subsidence structures exposed in artificial

  2. Openness initiative

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Duncan, S.S. [Los Alamos National Lab., NM (United States)


    Although antinuclear campaigns seem to be effective, public communication and education efforts on low-level radioactive waste have mixed results. Attempts at public information programs on low-level radioactive waste still focus on influencing public opinion. A question then is: {open_quotes}Is it preferable to have a program focus on public education that will empower individuals to make informed decisions rather than trying to influence them in their decisions?{close_quotes} To address this question, a case study with both quantitative and qualitative data will be used. The Ohio Low-Level Radioactive Waste Education Program has a goal to provide people with information they want/need to make their own decisions. The program initiated its efforts by conducting a statewide survey to determine information needed by people and where they turned for that information. This presentation reports data from the survey and then explores the program development process in which programs were designed and presented using the information. Pre and post data from the programs reveal attitude and knowledge shifts.

  3. Airway malacia in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: prevalence, morphology and relationship with emphysema, bronchiectasis and bronchial wall thickening

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sverzellati, Nicola; Rastelli, Andrea; Schembri, Valentina; Filippo, Massimo de [University of Parma, Department of Clinical Sciences, Section of Radiology, Parma (Italy); Chetta, Alfredo [University of Parma, Department of Clinical Sciences, Section of Respiratory Diseases, Parma (Italy); Fasano, Luca; Pacilli, Angela Maria [Policlinico Sant' Orsola-Malpighi, Unita Operativa di Fisiopatologia Respiratoria, Bologna (Italy); Di Scioscio, Valerio; Bartalena, Tommaso; Zompatori, Maurizio [University of Bologna, Department of Radiology, Cardiothoracic Institute, Policlinico S.Orsola-Malpighi, Bologna (Italy)


    The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of airway malacia and its relationship with ancillary morphologic features in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). A retrospective review was performed of a consecutive series of patients with COPD who were imaged with inspiratory and dynamic expiratory multidetector computed tomography (MDCT). Airway malacia was defined as {>=}50% expiratory reduction of the airway lumen. Both distribution and morphology of airway malacia were assessed. The extent of emphysema, extent of bronchiectasis and severity of bronchial wall thickness were quantified. The final study cohort was comprised of 71 patients. Airway malacia was seen in 38 of 71 patients (53%), and such proportion was roughly maintained in each stage of COPD severity. Almost all tracheomalacia cases (23/25, 92%) were characterised by an expiratory anterior bowing of the posterior membranous wall. Both emphysema and bronchiectasis extent did not differ between patients with and without airway malacia (p > 0.05). Bronchial wall thickness severity was significantly higher in patients with airway malacia and correlated with the degree of maximal bronchial collapse (p < 0.05). In conclusion, we demonstrated a strong association between airway malacia and COPD, disclosing a significant relationship with bronchial wall thickening. (orig.)

  4. Affecting Factors of Bioremediation in Improving Soil Contaminated by Thickened Oil%石油烃降解混合菌修复稠油污染土壤的影响因素

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    董亚明; 刘其友; 赵东风; 赵朝成; 高泊


    Thickened oil causes inevitably the serious contamination of edatope and impacts human health and environment in its mining,storage,transportation,refining and using process.It is necessary to take effective measures for improving soil contaminated by thickened oil.The microbial screened consortium KL9-1 was used to research the bioremediation for improving soil contaminated by thickened oil,and the factors in the biodegradation progress were studied.The results showed that the pH value,inoculum size,soil N/P,surfactant dosage,tillage frequency,watering frequency and raising agent affected significantly the bioremediation.In the soil contaminated by thickened oil per kilogram,the initial conditions of pH of 8.0,inoculum of 70.0 mL,N/P of 3:1 and surfactant dosage of 4.0 g were controlled,the soil was watered every two days and plowed every four days,rice husks were used as a raising agent,and the petroleum hydrocarbon degradation rate could be as high as 54.07% after carrying out a biodegradation for 70 days.%稠油在开采、贮运、炼制加工及使用过程中,不可避免的污染土壤环境,对人体健康和环境造成严重影响,因此有必要采取有效措施对稠油污染土壤进行修复.利用筛选获得的石油烃降解混合菌KL9-1,对稠油污染土壤进行修复研究,考察修复过程中的影响因素.结果表明:pH、接种量、土壤中N/P、表面活性剂用量、翻耕频率、浇水频率和膨松剂种类等因素对污染土壤修复有明显的影响.在每千克稠油污染土壤体系中,控制初始pH为8.0,接种量为70.0 mL,N:P为3:1,表面活性剂用量为4.0g,每2d浇水1次,4d翻耕1次,稻壳作为膨松剂,在此条件下经过70 d的生物修复,石油烃降解率最高可达54.07%.

  5. Function of type-2 Arabidopsis hemoglobin in the auxin-mediated formation of embryogenic cells during morphogenesis

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Elhiti, Mohamed; Hebelstrup, Kim; Wang, Aiming;


    Suppression of the Arabidopsis GLB2, a type-2 nonsymbiotic hemoglobin, enhances somatic embryogenesis by increasing auxin production. In the glb2 knock-out line (GLB2 -/-) polarization of PIN1 proteins and auxin maxima occurred at the base of the cotyledons of the zygotic explants, which are the ...

  6. An Andean tectonic cycle:From crustal thickening to extension in a thin crust (34º-37ºSL)

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Victor A. Ramos; Vanesa D. Litvak; Andrés Folguera; Mauro Spagnuolo


    Several orogenic cycles of mountain building and subsequent collapse associated with periods of shal-lowing and steepening of subduction zones have been recognized in recent years in the Andes. Most of them are characterized by widespread crustal delamination expressed by large calderas and rhyolitic flare-up produced by the injection of hot asthenosphere in the subduction wedge. These processes are related to the increase of the subduction angle during trench roll-back. The Payenia paleoflat-slab, in the southern Central Andes of Argentina and Chile (34º~37º S) recorded a complete cycle from crustal thickening and mountain uplift to extensional collapse and normal faulting, which are related to changes in the subduction geometry. The early stages are associated with magmatic expansion and migration, subsequent deformation and broken foreland. New ages and geochemical data show the middle to late Miocene expansion and migration of arc volcanism towards the foreland region was associated with important deformation in the Andean foothills. However, the main difference of this orogenic cycle with the previously described cycles is that the steepening of the oceanic subducted slab is linked to basaltic flooding of large areas in the retroarc under an extensional setting. Crustal delamination is concentrated only in a narrow central belt along the cordilleran axis. The striking differences between the two types of cycles are interpreted to be related to the crustal thickness when steepening the subducting slab. The crustal thickness of the Altiplano is over 60e80 km, whereas Payenia is less than 42 km in the axial part, and near 30 km in the retroarc foothills. The final extensional regime associated with the slab steepening favors the basaltic flooding of more than 8400 km3 in an area larger than 40,000 km2, through 800 central vents and large fissures. These characteristics are unique in the entire present-day Andes.

  7. Association between poor glycemic control, impaired sleep quality, and increased arterial thickening in type 2 diabetic patients.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Koichiro Yoda

    Full Text Available Poor sleep quality is an independent predictor of cardiovascular events. However, little is known about the association between glycemic control and objective sleep architecture and its influence on arteriosclerosis in patients with type-2 diabetes mellitus (DM. The present study examined the association of objective sleep architecture with both glycemic control and arteriosclerosis in type-2 DM patients.Cross-sectional study in vascular laboratory.The subjects were 63 type-2 DM inpatients (M/F, 32/31; age, 57.5±13.1 without taking any sleeping promoting drug and chronic kidney disease. We examined objective sleep architecture by single-channel electroencephalography and arteriosclerosis by carotid-artery intima-media thickness (CA-IMT.HbA1c was associated significantly in a negative manner with REM sleep latency (interval between sleep-onset and the first REM period (β=-0.280, p=0.033, but not with other measurements of sleep quality. REM sleep latency associated significantly in a positive manner with log delta power (the marker of deep sleep during that period (β=0.544, p=0.001. In the model including variables univariately correlated with CA-IMT (REM sleep latency, age, DM duration, systolic blood pressure, and HbA1c as independent variables, REM sleep latency (β=-0.232, p=0.038, but not HbA1c were significantly associated with CA-IMT. When log delta power was included in place of REM sleep latency, log delta power (β=-0.257, p=0.023 emerged as a significant factor associated with CA-IMT.In type-2 DM patients, poor glycemic control was independently associated with poor quality of sleep as represented by decrease of REM sleep latency which might be responsible for increased CA-IMT, a relevant marker for arterial wall thickening.

  8. Mould and mycotoxin exposure assessment of melon and bush mango seeds, two common soup thickeners consumed in Nigeria. (United States)

    Ezekiel, Chibundu N; Sulyok, Michael; Somorin, Yinka; Odutayo, Foluke I; Nwabekee, Stella U; Balogun, Afeez T; Krska, Rudolf


    An examination of the mould and fungal metabolite pattern in melon and bush mango seeds locally produced in Nigeria was undertaken in order to understand the mycotoxicological risk posed to consumers of both of these important and commonly consumed soup thickeners. The variation in mycotoxin levels in graded categories of both foodstuffs were also determined. Aspergillus, Fusarium, Penicillium, Mucorales and Trichoderma were the recovered fungi from the foodstuffs with Aspergillus species dominating (melon=97.8%; bush mango=89.9%). Among the Aspergillus species identified Aspergillus section Flavi dominated (melon: 72%; bush mango: 57%) and A. flavus, A. parasiticus, A. parvisclerotigenus and A. tamarii were the recovered species. About 56% and 73% of the A. flavus isolates from melon and bush mango seed samples, respectively were aflatoxigenic. Thirty-four and 59 metabolites including notable mycotoxins were found in the melon and bush mango seeds respectively. Mean aflatoxin levels (μg/kg) in melon (aflatoxin B1 (AFB1)=37.5 and total aflatoxins=142) and bush mango seeds (AFB1=68.1 and total aflatoxins=61.7) were higher than other mycotoxins, suggesting potential higher exposure for consumer populations. Significantly (pmycotoxins were found in hand-peeled melon and discoloured bush mango seeds than in machine-peeled melon and non-discoloured seeds except for HT-2 and T-2 toxins which occurred conversely. All melon and bush mango seeds exceeded the 2μg/kg AFB1 limit whereas all melon and 55% of bush mango seeds exceeded the 4μg/kg total aflatoxin EU limit adopted in Nigeria. This is the first report of (1) mycotoxin co-occurrence in bush mango seeds, (2) cyclopiazonic acid, HT-2 toxin, moniliformin, mycophenolic acid, T-2 toxin and tenuazonic acid occurrence, and (3) mycotoxin exposure assessment of both foodstuffs.

  9. Decreased Pollen Viability and Thicken Pollen Intine in Antisense Silenced Brassica campestris Mutant of BcMF19

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LIU Jin-long; GAO Ming-hui; LIU Ying; CAO Jia-shu


    Brassica campestris male fertility 19 (BcMF19;GenBank accession number GQ902048.1), a gene that is specially expressed in tapetum cells and microspores during anther development in B. campestris ssp. chinensis, which is learned from the previous in situ hybridization study. In the present study, we constructed antisense-silenced plants of BcMF19 using B. campestris ssp. chinensis to validate this prediction. The morphology of the pistils, long anthers, and short anthers was signiifcantly affected in 35sbcmf19 compared with the control samples. 4´-6-Diamidino-2-phenylindole staining revealed that two generative nuclei and one large vegetative nucleus were not affected in the mutant compared with control. Statistical analysis of Alexander’s staining results showed that 96% of the control pollen grains had vitality, whereas only 86% of the mutant pollen grains did. Under scanning electron microscopy, the mutant demonstrated numerous abnormal pollen grains and resembled dried persimmon. The frequency of normal pollen grains was approximately 18%. Under transmission electron microscopy, the pollen intine during the binucleate and mature pollen stages in 35sbcmf19 exhibited abnormal thickening, especially at the germinal furrows, compared with control. In vitro pollen germination test showed that the tips of the mutant pollen tubes transformed into globular alveoli and stopped growing compared with control. On the other hand, in vivo pollen germination test suggested that BcMF19 affected the pollen tube extension in the pistil. These ifndings indicate that BcMF19 is essential to the pollen development and pollen tube extension of B. campestris ssp. chinensis.

  10. Formation of metamorphic core complexes in non-over-thickened continental crust: A case study of Liaodong Peninsula (East Asia) (United States)

    Wang, Kun; Burov, Evgueni; Gumiaux, Charles; Chen, Yan; Lu, Gang; Mezri, Leila; Zhao, Liang


    Pre-thickened hot orogenic crust is often considered a necessary condition for the formation of continental metamorphic core complexes (MCCs). However, the discovery of MCCs in the Liaodong Peninsula, where the crust has a normal thickness (~ 35 km), challenges the universality of this scenario. Therefore, we implement a series of 2-D numerical thermo-mechanical modeling experiments in which we investigate the conditions of MCC formation in normal crusts, as well as the relationships between the underlying mechanisms and the syn-rift basin evolution. In these experiments, we explore the impact of the lithostratigraphic and thermo-rheological structure of the crust. We also examine the lithosphere thickness, strain softening, extension rate, and surface erosion/ sedimentation processes. The experiments demonstrate that high thermal gradients and crustal heterogeneities result only in a symmetric spreading dome, which is geometrically incompatible with the observations of the MCCs in the Liaodong Peninsula. According to our further findings, the strain softening should play a key role in the development of asymmetric strain localization and domal topography uplift, while synchronous surface erosion controls the polarity of the syn-rift basin. The synthetic model data are compatible with the geological observations and cooling history based on the thermo-chronology for the eastern part of the East Asia during the late Mesozoic to the early Cenozoic. The model-predicted P-T-t paths are essentially different from those inferred for the other known MCCs, confirming the exceptional character of the MCC formation in the wide rift system of the East Asia.

  11. Suspected uncomplicated cecal diverticulitis diagnosed by imaging:Initial antibiotics vs laparoscopic treatment

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Hyoung-Chul; Park; Bong; Hwa; Lee


    AIM:To compare the recurrence rate following initial antibiotic management to that following laparoscopic treatment for suspected uncomplicated cecal diverticulitis. METHODS: We examined the records of 132 patients who were diagnosed with uncomplicated cecal diverticulitis and a first attack during an 8-year period. The diagnosis of uncomplicated diverticulitis was made based on imaging findings, such as inflamed diverticulum or a phlegmon with cecal wall thickening. Concurrent appendiceal dilatation from 8...

  12. Pilot study of a fluidized-pellet-bed technique for simultaneous solid/liquid separation and sludge thickening in a sewage treatment plant

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wang, X.C.; Jin, P.K.; Yuan, H.L.; Wan, E.R.; Tambo, N.


    A fluidized-pellet-bed separator with movable sludge hoppers was applied in pilot scale for the separation and thickening of activated sludge mixture liquid. Under the condition of suspension SS around 4000 mg/L, polymer (CJX103, cationic, MW 5x10{sup 6}) dose at a dry solid ratio of 0.003 and upward flow rate at 5.4 m/hr, the fluidized pellet bed performed solid/liquid separation and sludge thickening well. The SS concentration of the treated water was about 5 mg/L on average and the moisture content of the sludge after screening for 5 mm was less than 94% which is much lower than that after conventional settling and thickening and easy to be finally disposed. At higher upward flow rate of 7.2 m/hr. similar result could also be obtained but higher polymer dose (solid ratio of 0.004) was required. The morphological characteristics and density-size relationship of the granular particles formed in the fluidized pellet bed were also investigated by image analysis and settling velocity measurement of individual particles. The two-dimensional fractal dimension was evaluated to be 1.6-1.8, showing a good quasi-spherical morphology of the granular particles with their density much higher than the conventional flocs. The results of the pilot study indicate a possible way to innovate the conventional secondary settling and gravitational thickening processes for solid/liquid separation and sludge handling, especially for small scale wastewater treatment plants to reach the goal of space saving and higher treatment efficiency. (author)

  13. Gluten-free pasta incorporating chia (Salvia hispanica L.) as thickening agent: An approach to naturally improve the nutritional profile and the in vitro carbohydrate digestibility. (United States)

    Menga, Valeria; Amato, Mariana; Phillips, Tim D; Angelino, Donato; Morreale, Federico; Fares, Clara


    A gluten-free pasta was prepared adding chia at rice flour for testing the thickening and nutritional properties of this specie. Chemical analysis showed chia is a source of protein (19.52% and 15.81%, seeds and mucilage respectively), insoluble/soluble dietary fiber ratio (4.3 and 1.79 seeds and mucilage respectively), fat and ash content. The total phenolic acids content ranged from 734.5μg/g to 923.9μg/g for seeds and mucilage respectively. Chia was a good thickening agent and, improved the nutritional profile of enriched samples compared to CGF. After cooking TPAs increased in all samples, ranging from 5.3% in DW to 52.8% in CM5. The addition of chia seeds also increased the slowly digestible starch fraction of rice flour, commonly known to have a high glycemic index. Results suggest that chia should be added as thickening agent in the formulation of GF pasta for conferring healthier characteristics.

  14. Experimental study on pressure, stress state, and temperature-dependent dynamic behavior of shear thickening fluid subjected to laser induced shock (United States)

    Wu, Xianqian; Yin, Qiuyun; Huang, Chenguang


    The dynamic response of the 57 vol./vol. % dense spherical silica particle-polyethylene glycol suspension at high pressure was investigated through short pulsed laser induced shock experiments by measuring the back free surface velocities of aluminum-shear thickening fluid (STF)-aluminum assembled targets. The results showed that the attenuation behavior of shock wave in the STF was dependent on shock pressure, stress state, and test temperature. The measured back free particle velocities of the targets and shock wave velocities in the STF decreased with the decrease in shock pressure while shocked at the same stress state and the same test temperature. In addition, two types of dragging mechanisms in the STF were observed while shocked at different stress states. For a uniaxial strain state, the impact induced jamming behavior in the STF is the dragging mechanism for the attenuation of shock wave, and a critical shock pressure was required for the impact induced thickening behavior. However, while the shock wave transformed from a uniaxial strain state to a dilatation state after transmitted to a certain distance, beside the dragging effect of impact induced jamming behavior, a strong dragging effect, induced by shear induced thickening behavior, was also observed.

  15. Overexpression of poplar xylem sucrose synthase in tobacco leads to a thickened cell wall and increased height. (United States)

    Wei, Zhigang; Qu, Zanshuang; Zhang, Lijie; Zhao, Shuanjing; Bi, Zhihong; Ji, Xiaohui; Wang, Xiaowen; Wei, Hairong


    Sucrose synthase (SuSy) is considered the first key enzyme for secondary growth because it is a highly regulated cytosolic enzyme that catalyzes the reversible conversion of sucrose and UDP into UDP-glucose and fructose. Although SuSy enzymes preferentially functions in the direction of sucrose cleavage at most cellular condition, they also catalyze the synthetic reaction. We isolated a gene that encodes a SuSy from Populus simonii×Populus nigra and named it PsnSuSy2 because it shares high similarity to SuSy2 in Populus trichocarpa. RT-PCR revealed that PsnSuSy2 was highly expressed in xylem, but lowly expressed in young leaves. To characterize its functions in secondary growth, multiple tobacco overexpression transgenic lines of PnsSuSy2 were generated via Agrobacterium-mediated transformation. The PsnSuSy2 expression levels and altered wood properties in stem segments from the different transgenic lines were carefully characterized. The results demonstrated that the levels of PsnSuSy2 enzyme activity, chlorophyll content, total soluble sugars, fructose and glucose increased significantly, while the sucrose level decreased significantly. Consequently, the cellulose content and fiber length increased, whereas the lignin content decreased, suggesting that PsnSuSy2 plays a significant role in cleaving sucrose into UDP-glucose and fructose to facilitate cellulose biosynthesis and that promotion of cellulose biosynthesis suppresses lignin biosynthesis. Additionally, the noticeable increase in the lodging resistance in transgenic tobacco stem suggested that the cell wall characteristics were altered by PsnSuSy2 overexpression. Scanning electron microscopy was performed to study the cell wall morphology of stem, and surprisingly, we found that the secondary cell wall was significantly thicker in transgenic tobacco. However, the thickened secondary cell wall did not negatively affect the height of the plants because the PsnSuSy2- overexpressing lines grew taller than the

  16. Overexpression of poplar xylem sucrose synthase in tobacco leads to a thickened cell wall and increased height.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zhigang Wei

    Full Text Available Sucrose synthase (SuSy is considered the first key enzyme for secondary growth because it is a highly regulated cytosolic enzyme that catalyzes the reversible conversion of sucrose and UDP into UDP-glucose and fructose. Although SuSy enzymes preferentially functions in the direction of sucrose cleavage at most cellular condition, they also catalyze the synthetic reaction. We isolated a gene that encodes a SuSy from Populus simonii×Populus nigra and named it PsnSuSy2 because it shares high similarity to SuSy2 in Populus trichocarpa. RT-PCR revealed that PsnSuSy2 was highly expressed in xylem, but lowly expressed in young leaves. To characterize its functions in secondary growth, multiple tobacco overexpression transgenic lines of PnsSuSy2 were generated via Agrobacterium-mediated transformation. The PsnSuSy2 expression levels and altered wood properties in stem segments from the different transgenic lines were carefully characterized. The results demonstrated that the levels of PsnSuSy2 enzyme activity, chlorophyll content, total soluble sugars, fructose and glucose increased significantly, while the sucrose level decreased significantly. Consequently, the cellulose content and fiber length increased, whereas the lignin content decreased, suggesting that PsnSuSy2 plays a significant role in cleaving sucrose into UDP-glucose and fructose to facilitate cellulose biosynthesis and that promotion of cellulose biosynthesis suppresses lignin biosynthesis. Additionally, the noticeable increase in the lodging resistance in transgenic tobacco stem suggested that the cell wall characteristics were altered by PsnSuSy2 overexpression. Scanning electron microscopy was performed to study the cell wall morphology of stem, and surprisingly, we found that the secondary cell wall was significantly thicker in transgenic tobacco. However, the thickened secondary cell wall did not negatively affect the height of the plants because the PsnSuSy2- overexpressing lines

  17. A pilot study of anaerobic membrane digesters for concurrent thickening and digestion of waste activated sludge (WAS). (United States)

    Dagnew, Martha; Parker, Wayne J; Seto, Peter


    The increased interest in biomass energy provides incentive for the development of efficient and high throughput digesters such as anaerobic membrane bioreactors (AnMBRs) to stabilize waste activated sludge (WAS). This paper presents the results of a pilot and short term filtration study that was conducted to assess the performance of AnMBRs when treating WAS at a 15 day hydraulic retention time (HRT) and 30 day sludge retention time (SRT) in comparison to two conventional digesters running at 15 (BSR-15) and 30 days (BSR-30) HRT/SRT. At steady state, the AnMBR digester showed a slightly higher volatile solids (VS) destruction of 48% in comparison to 44% and 35.3% for BSR-30 and BSR-15, respectively. The corresponding values of specific methane production were 0.32, 0.28 and 0.21 m(3) CH(4)/kg of VS fed. Stable membrane operation at an average flux of 40+/-3.6 LM(-2 )H(-1) (LMH) was observed when the digester was fed with a polymer-dosed thickened waste activated sludge (TWAS) and digester total suspended solids (TSS) concentrations were less than 15 gL(-1). Above this solids concentration a flux decline to 24.1+/-2.0 LM(-2) H(-1) was observed. Short term filtration tests conducted using sludge fractions of a 9.7 and 17.1 gL(-1) TSS sludge indicated 84 and 70% decline in filtration performance to be associated with the supernatant fraction of the sludge. At a higher sludge concentration, the introduction of unique fouling control strategy to tubular membranes, a relaxed mode of operation (i.e. 5 minutes permeation and 1 minute relaxation by) significantly increased the flux from 23.8+/-1.1 to 37.8+/-2.3 LMH for a neutral membrane and from 25.7+/-1.1 to 44.9+/-2.9 LMH for a negatively charged membrane. The study clearly indicates that it is technically feasible to employ AnMBRs to achieve a substantial reduction in digester volumes.

  18. Effect of different thickeners on quality of oat noodles%不同增稠剂对燕麦面条品质影响

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    陈汝群; 董文宾; 修秀红


      以燕麦–小麦混合粉为原料制作面条,为提高燕麦面条营养保健功能,将燕麦–小麦混合粉比例提高至7:3;并添加5%谷朊粉及一定量增稠剂以改善燕麦粉加工性能。研究添加魔芋精粉、食用明胶、聚丙烯酸钠、羧甲基纤维素钠(CMC–Na)四种增稠剂对燕麦面条品质影响,通过单因素和正交试验结果表明,复合增稠剂对燕麦面条品质改善效果优于单一增稠剂,且复合增稠剂最佳配比为:魔芋精粉0.2%、食用明胶4%、聚丙烯酸钠0.1%、CMC–Na 0.4%。%Oats–wheat mixed powder was used as the raw material to produce oats noodles in this experiment. In order to improve the nutrition and health function of oats noodles,the ratio of oats and wheat flour was increased to 7∶3. In order to improve the process properties of oatmeal,5%gluten powder and a certain amount of thickener was added into the noodle ingredients. The effect of the four different thickeners,including konjac flour,edible gelatin,sodium polyacrylate and sodium carboxymethyl cellulose(CMC–Na),on the quality of oats noodles was studied in this paper. The single factor and orthogonal test results showed that the composite thickener for oats noodles quality improvement effect was better than the single thickener,and the optimum ratio of the composite thickener was as:konjac flour 0.2%,edible gelatin 4%,sodium polyacrylate 0.1%and CMC–Na 0.4%.

  19. Comparação entre uma fórmula infantil pré-espessada e fórmula de espessamento caseiro no tratamento do refluxo gastroesofágico Comparison between pre-thickened and home-thickened formulas in gastroesophageal reflux treatment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francisco J. Penna


    Full Text Available Objetivo: o presente estudo foi realizado com o objetivo de comparar a eficácia de uma fórmula infantil pré-espessada (Nan AR com fórmula convencional, de espessamento caseiro, com amido de milho, na redução de episódios de regurgitações e vômitos de lactentes com refluxo gastroesofágico (RGE. Métodos: foram estudadas 100 crianças, menores de 12 meses de idade, que não faziam uso de leite materno exclusivo. Por sorteio, 48 receberam fórmula convencional, e 52 receberam fórmula infantil pré-espessada (Nan AR, com comparação dos resultados clínicos após 3 meses. Resultados: não houve diferença estatisticamente significativa na melhora ou cura dos sintomas entre os dois grupos, tendo sido ambos os tratamentos eficazes. Conclusões: o espessamento dietético, seja com fórmulas infantis especiais, seja com medidas caseiras, tem eficácia semelhante no tratamento do refluxo gastroesofágico do lactente.Objective: the purpose of this study was to compare the effectiveness of a pre-thickened infant formula (Nan AR with a conventional homemade formula in the reduction of regurgitation and vomiting in infants with gastroesophageal reflux. Methods: a hundred children, under 12 months, not exclusively breast feeding, were select for the study. Forty-eight were treated with conventional formula with starch and 52 with pre-thickened infant formula. Results: there was no statistically significant difference between the two groups in the improvement or cure of symptoms, each treatment having been effective. Conclusions: thickened formulas, pre-thickened or home-thickened, have shown the same efficacy in the management of gastroesophageal reflux in children.

  20. Eocene magmatic processes and crustal thickening in southern Tibet: Insights from strongly fractionated ca. 43 Ma granites in the western Gangdese Batholith (United States)

    Wang, Qing; Zhu, Di-Cheng; Cawood, Peter A.; Zhao, Zhi-Dan; Liu, Sheng-Ao; Chung, Sun-Lin; Zhang, Liang-Liang; Liu, Dong; Zheng, Yuan-Chuan; Dai, Jin-Gen


    This study reports zircon U-Pb age and Hf isotope, whole-rock major and trace element, and Sr-Nd-Pb-Hf isotope data for the Dajia pluton, western Gangdese Batholith, in southern Tibet. These data indicate that the pluton consists of moderately (Group 1) and strongly (Group 2) fractionated granites that were emplaced synchronously at ca. 43 Ma. Group 1 samples have SiO2 contents of 69-72 wt.% and vary in terms of the differentiation index (DI = 84-93). These rocks are depleted in Ba, Nb, Sr, P, and Ti, with moderate negative Eu anomalies, and display low heavy rare earth elements (HREEs) and Y abundances. Group 2 samples are characterized by high SiO2 (75-78 wt.%) and DI (95-97); significantly negative Eu anomalies; marked concave-upward middle REE (Gd-Ho) patterns; and Ba, Sr, P, and Ti anomalies that are significantly more negative than those of Group 1 samples. Group 1 samples have whole-rock εNd(t) (- 5.9 to - 6.0), εHf(t) (- 4.0 to - 4.5), and zircon εHf(t) (- 6.0 to + 5.8) values identical to those of Group 2 samples [εNd(t) = - 5.7 to - 6.7, εHf(t) = - 3.5 to - 2.9, and zircon εHf(t) = - 2.0 to + 4.2], as well as similar initial Pb isotopic compositions. These data indicate that the two groups were derived from a common source region with garnet as a residual mineral phase. Group 1 samples were most likely derived from partial melting of garnet-bearing amphibolite (rather than eclogite) within the juvenile southern Lhasa crust and mixed with the enriched components from the subducting ancient Indian continental crust and/or the ancient central Lhasa basement. Group 2 samples are interpreted as the products of extensive fractional crystallization (plagioclase, K-feldspar, biotite, apatite, allanite, titanite, monazite, and ilmenite) of the melts represented by Group 1 samples. Low HREEs and Y abundances of the Dajia pluton, together with the presence of strongly fractionated granites (Group 2) identified for the first time in the Gangdese Batholith

  1. Production Practice in High Efficient Thickening of Low-concentration Microfine Tailings from Iron Ore Dressing%微细粒低浓度铁尾矿高效浓缩生产实践

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    介绍了鲁中矿业有限公司选矿厂微细粒低浓度铁尾矿浓缩生产现状。根据生产实践中存在的问题,对浓缩工艺进行了改进,引进了长沙矿冶研究院生产的HRC-28型高压浓缩机替代原有常规浓缩机,不仅彻底解决了微细粒低浓度尾矿的浓缩问题,而且降低了生产成本。该改进项目对同类矿山的高效浓缩具有一定的借鉴意义。%Current status of thickening operation of low-concentration microfine tailings from iron ore dressing processes in Luzhong Mining Co Ltd was introduced, and the thickening technique was optimized based on the to analysis of existing problems in on-site production. After the conventional thickener being replaced with HRC-28, a high-pressure thickener manufactured by Changsha Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Co Ltd, the problem of inefficient thickening of low-concentration microfine tailings has been completely solved with production cost reduced as well. This optimization practice can be used as the reference for thickening processes in mines of the same kind.

  2. Design and Manufacturing of a Novel Shear Thickening Fluid Composite (STFC) with Enhanced out-of-Plane Properties and Damage Suppression (United States)

    Pinto, F.; Meo, M.


    The ability to absorb a large amount of energy during an impact event without generating critical damages represents a key feature of new generation composite systems. Indeed, the intrinsic layered nature of composite materials allows the embodiment of specific hybrid plies within the stacking sequence that can be exploited to increase impact resistance and damping of the entire structure without dramatic weight increase. This work is based on the development of an impact-resistant hybrid composite obtained by including a thin layer of Non-Newtonian silica based fluid in a carbon fibres reinforced polymer (CFRP) laminate. This hybrid phase is able to respond to an external solicitation by activating an order-disorder transition that thickens the fluid increasing its viscosity, hence dissipating the energy impact without any critical failure. Several Shear Thickening Fluids (STFs) were manufactured by changing the dimensions of the particles that constitute the disperse phase and their concentrations into the continuous phase. The dynamic viscosity of the different STFs was evaluated via rheometric tests, observing both shear thinning and shear thickening effects depending on the concentration of silica particles. The solutions were then embedded as an active layer within the stacking sequence to manufacture the hybrid CFRP laminates with different embedded STFs. Free vibration tests were carried out in order to assess the damping properties of the different laminates, while low velocity impact tests were used to evaluate their impact properties. Results indicate that the presence of the non-Newtonian fluid is able to absorb up to 45 % of the energy during an impact event for impacts at 2.5 m/s depending on the different concentrations and particles dimensions. These results were confirmed via C-Scan analyses to assess the extent of the internal delamination.

  3. Crustal thickening prior to 220 Ma in the East Kunlun Orogenic Belt: Insights from the Late Triassic granitoids in the Xiao-Nuomuhong pluton (United States)

    Xia, Rui; Wang, Changming; Deng, Jun; Carranza, Emmanuel John M.; Li, Wenliang; Qing, Min


    The East Kunlun Orogenic Belt (EKOB) played an important role in plate tectonics, magma generation, and crustal evolution. Late Triassic granodiorites and their mafic micro-granular enclaves (MMEs) from Xiao-Nuomuhong in the EKOB were studied for geochemistry and geochronology to constrain their petrogenesis. Zircon LA-ICP-MS dating indicates that the Xiao-Nuomuhong granodiorites are coeval with their MMEs (∼222 Ma). The granodiorites are high-K calc-alkaline rocks that are enriched in Rb, Th, U and LREE, and depleted in Cr, Ni and HFSE, with high Sr/Y ratios (82.2-85.3) and geochemically resemble the lower crust-derived adakites. The MMEs are also high-K calc-alkaline rocks, with high Al2O3 (16.8-18.8 wt.%), low Mg# (30-40), Nb, Zr and Hf, with weak negative Eu anomalies (Eu/Eu# = 0.8-0.9). We suggest the MMEs are mafic magmatic globules that were injected into the felsic host magma. The adakitic rocks from the Xiao-Nuomuhong pluton were generated by partial melting of thickened crust, while the primitive compositions of the MMEs were most likely from the lithospheric mantle beneath the EKOB. The Late Triassic Xiao-Nuomuhong pluton is important evidence that crustal thickening in the EKOB occurred prior to 220 Ma. The pluton is interpreted as the result of mixing between thickened lower crust-derived melts and lithospheric mantle-derived mafic melts and the protracted magmatic response to the break-off of the Paleo-Tethys oceanic slab at ∼232 Ma.

  4. The thickening properties of propylene glycol monolaurate%丙二醇单月桂酸酯的增稠性能

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Propylene glycol monolaurate ( PGM) is a kind of dear ester nonionic surface activeagent.Through the study of thickening performance of detergent andcosmetics wo found that PGM had good thickeni- -ng properties in betaine and salt sulfate surfactant system in detergent, and Its thickening properties in the same condition was better than that of coconut oil fatty acid monoethanolamide (CME) thickener. In the betaine surfactant system and salt sulfate surfactant system in the detergent had good foaming performance of PGM. In AES-Na, AES-TEA, and betaine surfactant system in the detergent PGM under the condition of low temperature, stable system would not became turbid. PGM also had good thickening properties in the cleansing, liquid washing and skin care cosmetics.%丙二醇单月桂酸酯(简称PGM)是一种亲酯性非离子型表面活性剂。通过对PGM在洗涤剂和化妆品的增稠性能研究发现,PGM在甜菜碱和硫酸酯盐表面活性剂体系的洗涤剂中有良好的增稠性能,并且其增稠性能在相同条件下要好于椰子油脂肪酸单乙醇酰胺(CME)增稠剂。在甜菜碱表面活性剂体系和硫酸酯盐表面活性剂体系的洗涤剂中PGM具有良好起泡性能。在甜菜碱、AES-Na和AES-TEA表面活性剂体系的洗涤剂中PGM在低温条件下,体系稳定不会变浑浊。PGM在洁肤类、液洗类和护肤类化妆品中也有良好的增稠性能。

  5. Localized cortical thickening of the femoral diaphysis captured on an X-ray before alendronate therapy in two cases of atypical femoral fracture

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Iizuka, Yoichi [Gunma University Graduate School of Medicine, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Maebashi, Gunma (Japan); Shibukawa General Hospital, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Shibukawa, Gunma (Japan); Takechi, Rumi [Gunma University Graduate School of Medicine, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Maebashi, Gunma (Japan); Gunma Cardiovascular Center, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Maebashi, Gunma (Japan); Iizuka, Haku; Takagishi, Kenji [Gunma University Graduate School of Medicine, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Maebashi, Gunma (Japan); Omodaka, Takuya [Gunma University Graduate School of Medicine, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Maebashi, Gunma (Japan); Gunma Central Hospital, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Maebashi, Gunma (Japan)


    We herein report two cases of atypical femoral fracture (AFF). X-ray examinations at the first visit of these two female patients showed a complete fracture of the femoral diaphysis diagnosed as an atypical femoral fracture (AFF). X-rays of these two cases also showed localized cortical thickening of the femoral diaphysis. Both patients had been taking alendronate for more than 3 years because of postmenopausal osteoporosis. We assumed that both of the fractures were associated with the long-term use of alendronate. However, we retrospectively identified localized cortical thickening of the femoral diaphysis on an X-ray taken before the alendronate therapy in both of these cases. Therefore, we suspected a pathogenesis of AFFs in which preexisting stress or an insufficient fracture unrelated to bisphosphonate (BP) therapy and subsequent suppression of bone turnover due to BP administration led to the occurrence of an AFF. The patient underwent surgery using intramedullary nails in both of these cases, followed by the administration of teriparatide, and they were able to walk without any support at the final follow-up examination. (orig.)

  6. Impact of sludge thickening on energy recovery from anaerobic digestion[Held jointly with the 4. Canadian organic residuals and biosolids managment conference

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Puchajda, B. [Stantec Consulting Ltd., Winnipeg, MB (Canada); Oleszkiewicz, J. [Manitoba Univ., Winnipeg, MB (Canada). Dept. of Civil Engineering


    The anaerobic digestion of wastewater sludge leads to production of a biogas mixture of methane and carbon dioxide. The technology of anaerobic digestion has been applied in various configurations and generally claims greater biogas production and additional stability to the process as compared to conventional mesophilic anaerobic digestion. However, biogas production is only one of many components of anaerobic digester energy balance. This paper presented energy balances for various digestion systems, including single mesophilic digestion; single thermophilic digestion; two-stage thermophilic-mesophilic digestion; and systems at elevated solids content in sludge. Energy balance included two components, namely energy demand and recoverable energy. Energy demand is defined as energy required for process operation such as heat requirement to elevate sludge temperature, and heat losses through digesters walls. Recoverable energy is defined as energy associated with methane content in biogas, that can be recovered either in the form of heat or electricity, and heat recovered through heat exchangers. The paper identified the assumptions used in all energy balance calculations. It presented the objectives and methods of the study as well as the results. It was concluded that two-stage thermophilic-mesophilic digestion system generate more available energy than single mesophilic digestion and single thermophilic digestion systems. Sludge thickening offers the greatest amount of available energy. However, that energy surplus is offset by the cost of thickening. 12 refs., 3 tabs., 6 figs.

  7. The Plus 50 Initiative Evaluation: Initiative Impact (United States)

    American Association of Community Colleges (NJ1), 2012


    The American Association of Community Colleges (AACC), with funding from The Atlantic Philanthropies, created the Plus 50 Initiative (2008-2012). This initiative was designed to build the capacity of community colleges nationwide to develop programming that engages the plus 50 learner. This report contains: (1) An overview of the Plus 50…

  8. The Application in Body Armor Based on Shear Thickening Fluid%基于剪切增稠液体防护装甲的研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    马勇; 陈宏书; 王结良; 张五龙


    This paper has introduced the composition, basic properties and rheological mechanism of the shear thickening fluid (STF), factors affecting STF's theological mechanism and research methods studying STF's theological mechanism are discussed too. Besides, it has explained the preparation of silica and the polyethylene glycol (PEG) / nano-silica particles system in STF, PEG/SiO2 system's thickening mechanism has also been commented. Based on the research on STF, this paper has studied the liquid body armor composed of STF-fabric, excellent protective properties, mechanism of bulletproof and stab-resistant (anti-spike, anti-knife) of STF-fabric have been described, besides, the mechanism of stab-resistant of STF-Kevlar has also been introduced. Next, the paper has introduced drop tower testing and quasi-static testing. And the last part of the paper presents a vision on the future research on the liquid body armor.%综述了剪切增稠液体(ShearThickeningFluid,即STF)的基本性质、组成成分、流变机理,影响STF流变性能的诸多因素以及对STF流变性能的研究方法,介绍了STF中聚乙二醇(PEG)/纳米SiO:颗粒体系和Si02的制备方法,对PEG/SiO。的增稠机理进行了讲解。在对STF研究的基础上,阐述了STF-织物组成的液体防护装甲的优异防护性能、防弹和防刺(防锥、防刀)机理,讲述了STF—Kevlar构成的液体防护装甲及防刺机理,介绍了动态防刺测试和准静态防刺测试,最后对液体防护装甲未来研究方面进行了展望。

  9. Initialized Fractional Calculus (United States)

    Lorenzo, Carl F.; Hartley, Tom T.


    This paper demonstrates the need for a nonconstant initialization for the fractional calculus and establishes a basic definition set for the initialized fractional differintegral. This definition set allows the formalization of an initialized fractional calculus. Two basis calculi are considered; the Riemann-Liouville and the Grunwald fractional calculi. Two forms of initialization, terminal and side are developed.

  10. High Aluminum Tolerance of Rhodotorula sp.RS1 is Associated with Thickening of the Cell Wall Rather than Chelation of Aluminum Ions*1

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    WANG Chao; ZHAO Xue-Qiang; T.AIZAWA; M.SUNAIRI; SHEN Ren-Fang


    Aluminum (Al) is very toxic to many living organisms,including plants,animals and microorganisms.However,despite many studies on Al tolerance in plants,little has been reported concerning these mechanisms in microorganisms.In this study,a red yeast,which could tolerate Al3+ concentrations as high as 200 mmol L-1,was isolated from acidic soils,identified as Rhodotorula sp.and designated as RS1.As the medium compositions can greatly affect the responses of microorganisms to Al,two culture mediums,glucose medium (GM) and lysogeny broth medium containing soil extract (S-LBM),were used.During growth of RS1,the pH of medium decreased in GM but increased in S-LBM.These changes in the pH of the media were not induced by Al addition.No or little secretion of organic acids was observed in RS1 growth media.Importantly,the thickness of the cell walls and the ratio of cell wall to biomass of RS1 significantly increased in GM with high Al3+ concentrations.In the presence of 100 mmol Al L-1,78.0% of the total Al of whole cells was present in the thickened cell walls.The Al in cell walls was mostly bound to OH,amide and CO groups of polysaccharides.These results suggest that thickening of the cell wall in response to the high Al3+ concentrations may play an important role in the high tolerance of RS1 to Al and that pH increase of the medium and chelation of Al ions are not involved in Al tolerance of this organism.

  11. A young man with intractable ascites and effort dyspnoea without echocardiographic signs of pericardial thickening: the importance of clinical investigation, CT scan and MRI in the diagnosis of constrictive pericarditis. (United States)

    Dato, Ilaria; Coluzzi, Giulio; Al-Mohanni, Ghalia; Della Bona, Roberta; Piro, Maddalena; Natale, Luigi; Luciani, Nicola; Biasucci, Luigi M; Crea, Filippo


    A 35-year-old male patient suffering from dyspnoea on effort for 8 months, with abdominal and jugular venous distension, was previously studied in another hospital and discharged with a diagnosis of restrictive cardiomyopathy. Physical examination revealed a blood pressure of 110/60 mm Hg and absence of pericardial knock and also of paradoxical pulse. Chest X-ray showed no cardio-pulmonary alterations. Transthoracic echocardiography showed mild LV dysfunction (LVEF 46%) and lack of pericardial effusion and thickening. Doppler interrogation of transmitral flow showed a restrictive pattern. Computed tomography showed diffusely thickened pericardium, with the absence of calcification and of pericardial effusion. Cardiac magnetic resonance confirmed pericardial thickening and showed lack of myocardial alterations. Mild LV dysfunction was noted with dyskinesia of interventricular septum. The patient underwent cardiac catheterization, demonstrating an equalisation of RV and LV diastolic pressures with "square root" sign. The patient underwent pericardiectomy with consequent resolution of his symptoms and improvement of LV function.

  12. Structure of initial crystals formed during human amelogenesis (United States)

    Cuisinier, F. J. G.; Voegel, J. C.; Yacaman, J.; Frank, R. M.


    X-ray diffraction analysis revealed only the existence of carbonated hydroxyapatite (c.HA) during amelogenesis, whereas conventional transmission electron microscopy investigations showed that developing enamel crystals have a ribbon-like habit. The described compositional changes could be an indication for the presence of minerals different from c.HA. However, the absence of identification of such a mineral shows the need of studies by high resolution electron microscopy (HREM) of initial formed human enamel crystals. We demonstrate the existence of two crystal families involved in the early stages of biomineralization: (a) nanometer-size particles which appeared as a precursor phase; (b) ribbon-like crystals, with a structure closely related to c.HA, which by a progressive thickening process tend to attain the mature enamel crystal habit.

  13. Immobilization and therapeutic passive stretching generate thickening and increase the expression of laminin and dystrophin in skeletal muscle

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cação-Benedini, L.O.; Ribeiro, P.G. [Universidade de São Paulo, Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirão Preto, Medicina e Reabilitação do Aparelho Locomotor, Departamento de Biomecânica, Ribeirão Preto, SP, Brasil, Departamento de Biomecânica, Medicina e Reabilitação do Aparelho Locomotor, Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirão Preto, Universidade de São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto, SP (Brazil); Prado, C.M.; Chesca, D.L. [Universidade de São Paulo, Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirão Preto, Departamento de Patologia, Ribeirão Preto, SP, Brasil, Departamento de Patologia, Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirão Preto, Universidade de São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto, SP (Brazil); Mattiello-Sverzut, A.C. [Universidade de São Paulo, Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirão Preto, Medicina e Reabilitação do Aparelho Locomotor, Departamento de Biomecânica, Ribeirão Preto, SP, Brasil, Departamento de Biomecânica, Medicina e Reabilitação do Aparelho Locomotor, Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirão Preto, Universidade de São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto, SP (Brazil)


    Extracellular matrix and costamere proteins transmit the concentric, isometric, and eccentric forces produced by active muscle contraction. The expression of these proteins after application of passive tension stimuli to muscle remains unknown. This study investigated the expression of laminin and dystrophin in the soleus muscle of rats immobilized with the right ankle in plantar flexion for 10 days and subsequent remobilization, either by isolated free movement in a cage or associated with passive stretching for up to 10 days. The intensity of the macrophage response was also evaluated. One hundred and twenty-eight female Wistar rats were divided into 8 groups: free for 10 days; immobilized for 10 days; immobilized/free for 1, 3, or 10 days; or immobilized/stretched/free for 1, 3, or 10 days. After the experimental procedures, muscle tissue was processed for immunofluorescence (dystrophin/laminin/CD68) and Western blot analysis (dystrophin/laminin). Immobilization increased the expression of dystrophin and laminin but did not alter the number of macrophages in the muscle. In the stretched muscle groups, there was an increase in dystrophin and the number of macrophages after 3 days compared with the other groups; dystrophin showed a discontinuous labeling pattern, and laminin was found in the intracellular space. The amount of laminin was increased in the muscles treated by immobilization followed by free movement for 10 days. In the initial stages of postimmobilization (1 and 3 days), an exacerbated macrophage response and an increase of dystrophin suggested that the therapeutic stretching technique induced additional stress in the muscle fibers and costameres.

  14. When "Other" Initiate Repair. (United States)

    Schegloff, Emanuel A.


    Elaborates on the locus of other-initiated repair, and reports on a number of environments in which others initiate repair turns later than the one directly following the trouble-source turn. Describes several ways that other initiation of repair, which occurs in next-turn position, may be delayed within that position. (Author/VWL)

  15. 增稠剂和乳化剂对豆浆稳定性的影响%Effect of thickener and emulsifier on soymilk stability

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王娜; 汪立平; 赵勇


    为增加豆浆的稳定性,采用测定豆浆稳定系数、表面张力及进行感官评分的方法筛选适合用于豆浆样品的增稠剂和乳化剂,确定了最适宜的豆浆增稠剂和乳化剂的种类及其用量。经过黄原胶、刺槐豆胶、卡拉胶、结冷胶和海藻酸钠的单因素实验,黄原胶和刺槐豆胶的复配实验及黄原胶、刺槐豆胶和乳化剂(单硬脂酸甘油酯和蔗糖脂肪酸酯)的正交实验得出以下结果:黄原胶和刺槐豆胶对增加豆浆稳定性有着较好的效果,当它们的质量浓度分别为0.2g/L时,其稳定系数分别为0.737、0.742。单硬脂酸甘油酯和蔗糖脂肪酸酯复配后HLB=8、质量浓度为2g/L时,豆浆样品的稳定性最好,表面张力为41.7mN/m。当黄原胶、刺槐豆胶、乳化剂质量浓度(单硬脂酸甘油酯质量∶蔗糖脂肪酸酯质量=7∶4)分别为0.14、0.14、2g/L时豆浆的稳定性最好,此时豆浆样品的稳定系数为0.879,表面张力为41.6mN/m,感官评分为96。%To improve the soymilk stability,the thickener and emulsifier which were suitable for soymilk were chosen by determining the coefficient of stability,surface tension and sensory score of soymilk.And the most suitable thickener and emulsifier of soymilk and their dosages were determined.After single factor experiment of xanthan gum,locust bean gum,kara glue,gellan gum and sodium alginate,compound experiment of xanthan gum and locust bean gum and the orthogonal experiment of xanthan gum,locust bean gum and emulsifier(single stearic acid glyceride and sucrose fatty acid ester)were carried out,the results were as follows:xanthan gum and locust bean gum had good effect in increasing the soymilk stability in all the thickeners,and their coefficients of stability were 0.737 and 0.742 respectively,when the concentrations were both 0.2g/L.The stability of soymilk added up to highest value when the single stearic acid glyceride and sucrose fatty acid ester

  16. Effects of micronutrient antioxidants (alpha-tocopherol and ascorbic acid) on skin thickening and lung function in patients with early diffuse systemic sclerosis. (United States)

    Ostojic, Predrag; Damjanov, Nemanja


    To assess the effects of alpha-tocopherol and ascorbic acid on skin thickening and lung function in patients with early diffuse systemic sclerosis (SSc), thirteen patients with early diffuse SSc, with positive anti-topoisomerase-I antibody, high skin thickening progression rate (STPR ≥ 12/year) and decreased lung diffusing capacity (DLCO ≤ 75%) were included in this study. Patients were randomized into two subgroups: Subgroup A-six patients, treated with intravenous cyclophosphamide (CyP) (500 mg/m(2) of body surface monthly) and antioxidants (alpha-tocopherol 400 IU/day and ascorbic acid 1,000 mg/day), and Subgroup B-seven patients, who received CyP without antioxidants. In both subgroups, effects of treatment on skin thickening and lung function were evaluated by comparison of the modified Rodnan skin score (MRSS), STPR, forced vital capacity (FVC), transfer-factor (DLCO) and diffusing coefficient for carbon monoxide (DLCO/VA) at baseline and 1 month after the sixth pulse of CyP. The mean MRSS did not change from baseline to the end of the follow-up in subgroup A (15.7 vs. 16.4, P = 0.50), but it increased significantly in subgroup B (17.9 vs. 23.6, P = 0.03). Although the mean STPR decreased notably in both subgroups of patients (in subgroup A-from 18.9/year to 2.2/year, P = 0.03, and in subgroup B-from 17.5/year to 8.6/year, P = 0.03), the mean STPR at the end of the treatment period was significantly lower in subgroup A (2.2/year vs. 8.6/year, P = 0.04). The mean value of FVC did not change either in subgroup A (91.0-87%, P = 0.2) or in subgroup B (from 101.2 to 99.7%, P = 0.7). Parameters of lung diffusing capacity improved somewhat in subgroup A (DLCO from 55.7 to 62.0% and DLCO/VA from 68.7 to 74.2%) and decreased in subgroup B (DLCO from 66.2 to 60.6% and DLCO/VA from 76.9 to 71.6%), but differences were not statistically significant. After 6 months of therapy, patients treated with CyP and antioxidants had a significantly lower STPR, compared to

  17. Sustainable Agricultural Marketing Initiatives


    Hakan Adanacıoğlu


    Sustainable marketing is a holistic approach that puts equal emphasis on environmental, social equity, and economic concerns in the development of marketing strategies. The purpose of the study is to examine and discuss the sustainable agricultural marketing initiatives practiced throughout the World and Turkey, and to put forth suggestions to further improve the performance of agricultural marketing initiatives in Turkey. Some of the sustainable agricultural marketing initiatives practiced a...

  18. Emerging Pathogens Initiative (EPI) (United States)

    Department of Veterans Affairs — The Emerging Pathogens Initiative (EPI) database contains emerging pathogens information from the local Veterans Affairs Medical Centers (VAMCs). The EPI software...

  19. The effect of thermotropic oil-displacing compound thickened Ninka on reservoir microflora and the composition of oil in Usinskoe oil field (United States)

    Ovsyannikova, V. S.; Shcherbakova, A. G.; Guseva, Y. Z.; Altunina, L. K.; Chuykina, D. I.


    The work presents results of the study of the impact of thermotropic sol-forming compound thickened NINKA on enhanced oil recovery, stimulation of oil production, on the composition of crude oil, and on oil reservoir microflora sampled from reservoir fluids in the testing and reference areas of Usinskoe field. In vitro, the compound in the concentrations of 0.1-0.5% has a stimulating effect on the microflora, which is more pronounced in a low-mineralized environment. In reservoir conditions, after the injection of the compound, along with the appearance of nitrogen-containing components of the compound and products of its hydrolysis in the wellstream, some wells showed a significant increase in the number of heterotrophic and denitrifying microflora, which is indicative of a stimulating effect of the compound. The change in the composition of oil from these producing wells is due to the desorption of polar and high-molecular components and, to a lesser extent, to the redistribution of filtration flows.

  20. Relationship between the rheological properties of thickener solutions and their velocity through the pharynx as measured by the ultrasonic pulse Doppler method. (United States)

    Tashiro, Akiko; Hasegawa, Atsuko; Kohyama, Kaoru; Kumagai, Hitomi; Kumagai, Hitoshi


    The dependence of the dynamic viscoelastic parameters of carboxymethylcellulose (CMC), xanthan gum, and guar gum solutions on the angular frequency (omega) was compared with that of their viscosity (mu) on the shear rate (gamma). In addition, the effect of these rheological properties on the maximum velocity through the pharynx, V(max), as measured by the ultrasonic pulse Doppler method, was investigated. The CMC and guar gum solutions examined were taken as a dilute solution and a true polymer solution, respectively. The xanthan gum solution was taken as a weak gel above 0.5% and a true polymer solution below 0.2%. The maximum velocity, V(max), of the thickener solutions correlated well with mu, the dynamic viscosity eta', and the complex viscosity eta(*), especially those measured at gamma or omega of 20-30 s(-1) (or rad/s) and above, suggesting that mu, eta', and eta(*) are suitable indexes for care foods of the liquid type for dysphagic patients.

  1. Effects of Different Thickeners on the Stability of Peanut Milk%不同单一胶体对花生乳稳定性的影响

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    郑瑞生; 封辉; 戴聪杰; 王琳; 赵强忠; 赵谋明


    Effects of xanthan gum, guar gum and CMC-Na on the stability of peanut milk were studied. The vis-cosity, centrifugal sedimentation and fatty float of peanut milk Peanut milk were analyzed after 24 hours sitting at room temperature. The results showed that all three thickeners were able to increase the viscosity of peanut milk. The opti-mal amount of each gum was, xanthan gum ≤0.02% , guar gum 0.01%-0.03% , and CMC-Na 0.02%-0.04%.%研究了黄原胶、瓜尔豆胶、CMC-Na在单因素条件下对花生乳稳定性的影响,通过花生乳室温下放置24h后静置观察、分析样品的黏度、离心沉淀率和脂肪上浮率.结果表明:3种肢体对花生乳体系均有一定的增黏作用,适宜的质量分数均能提高体系的稳定性,其中黄原胶、瓜尔豆胶、CMC-Na的适宜用量分别为≤0.02%、0.01%-0.03%、0.02%-0.04%.

  2. 掺增稠剂新拌胶凝材料浆体的结构%Research on Structure of Fresh Composite Cement Pastes with Thickener Added

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    林鲜; 阎培渝


    应用光学显微镜等分析手段,研究目前应用较多的掺聚丙烯酰胺增稠剂复合胶凝材料浆体的显微结构和流动性能.研究表明,掺增稠剂的矿渣复合胶凝材料或粉煤灰复合胶凝材料浆体内部能形成较紧密的絮凝基团,而絮凝基团间的联系较松散,从而具有较好的流动性.%In this paper, the microstructures and flowability of fresh composite cement pastes with thickener added have been investigated by light microscopy. The results show that the flocculation groups of compoite cement pastes mixed with flocculation additive are formed. In pastes of fly ash ce-ment and ground blast furnace slag cement compacted inner structure of flocculation groups is formed and loose interaction exists between flocculation groups, therefore the friction between flocculation groups is reduced and their flowability is improved.

  3. Arterial diffuse intimal thickening associated with enzootic calcinosis of sheep Espessamento intimal difuso das artérias na calcinose enzoótica dos ovinos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rosemeri Oliveira Vasconcelos


    Full Text Available Morphometric, immunohistochemical and ultrastructural studies were carried out on the diffuse intimal thickening (DIT in arteries of 7 sheep with clinical signs of naturally occurring enzootic calcinosis due to ingestion of the plant Nierembergia veitchii. Arterial lesions consisted of medial deposition of calcium salts and DIT. Calcification of the intima was rare, mild and located near the elastic lamina. By immunohistochemistry a-actin was detected in cells of the media and in cells forming the intimal thickening. Receptors for 1,25(OH2 vitamin D3 were detected in nuclei of intimal, medial and endothelial cells. DIT was irregularly distributed and was neither proportionally related to the intensity of the underlying mineralization area nor to the thickening of the remaining media. Ultrastructural morphometry in smooth muscle cells (SMCs of the media and thickened intima revealed, in the latter, an increase of 318% in the volumetric fraction of those organelles involved in synthesis and a proportional decrease in contractile elements when compared to normal values of media cells. There were histological and ultrastructural evidences of modification of SMCs and their migration to the intima, where they proliferated causing DIT. It was concluded that DIT is a consistent component of arteriosclerotic lesions in N. veitchii induced calcinosis of sheep and that the predominant cell in this process is the SMCs originated from its predecessors of the media. It is suggested that the inducing factor for the arterial changes is 1,25(OH2 D3 present in N. veitchii.Foram feitos estudos morfométrico, imunoistoquímico e ultra-estrutural do espessamento intimal difuso (DIT das artérias de 7 ovinos com sinais clínicos de calcinose enzoótica espontânea causada pela ingestão da planta Nierembergia veitchii. As lesões caracterizavam-se por deposição de sais de cálcio na média como placas e estrias que, com frequência faziam saliência para a luz

  4. Thickening the Global SOF Network (United States)


    conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism .18 Daniel Goleman created this test, commonly known as the ECI (Emotional Competence Inventory...personality and EI traits. The mixed models (e.g. Goleman’s and Bar-On’s) “ conceptualize EI as comprising elements of both effectiveness of adaptation

  5. The Yekaterinburg headache initiative

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lebedeva, Elena R; Olesen, Jes; Osipova, Vera V


    for a demonstrational interventional project in Russia, undertaken within the Global Campaign against Headache. The initiative proposes three actions: 1) raise awareness of need for improvement; 2) design and implement a three-tier model (from primary care to a single highly specialized centre with academic affiliation...... of a health-care needs assessment, and as a model for all Russia. We present and discuss early progress of the initiative, justify the investment of resources required for implementation and call for the political support that full implementation requires. The more that the Yekaterinburg headache initiative...

  6. RAS Initiative - Events (United States)

    The NCI RAS Initiative has organized multiple events with outside experts to discuss how the latest scientific and technological breakthroughs can be applied to discover vulnerabilities in RAS-driven cancers.

  7. Prairie Reconstruction Initiative Project (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The purpose of the Prairie Reconstruction Initiative Advisory Team (PRIAT) is to identify and take steps to resolve uncertainties in the process of prairie...

  8. Surgical Critical Care Initiative (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The Surgical Critical Care Initiative (SC2i) is a USU research program established in October 2013 to develop, translate, and validate biology-driven critical care....

  9. Quality Initiatives - General Information (United States)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — CMS has developed a standardized approach for the development of quality measures that it uses in its quality initiatives. Known as the Measures Management System...

  10. RAS Initiative - Community Outreach (United States)

    Through community and technical collaborations, workshops and symposia, and the distribution of reference reagents, the RAS Initiative seeks to increase the sharing of knowledge and resources essential to defeating cancers caused by mutant RAS genes.

  11. Nursing Home Quality Initiative (United States)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — This Nursing Home Quality Initiative (NHQI) website provides consumer and provider information regarding the quality of care in nursing homes. NHQI discusses quality...

  12. Prairie Reconstruction Initiative (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The purpose of the Prairie Reconstruction Initiative Advisory Team (PRIAT) is to identify and take steps to resolve uncertainties in the process of prairie...

  13. Nursing Home Quality Initiative (United States)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — This Nursing Home Quality Initiative (NHQI) website provides consumer and provider information regarding the quality of care in nursing homes. NHQI discusses...

  14. Progress in Initiator Modeling

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hrousis, C A; Christensen, J S


    There is great interest in applying magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) simulation techniques to the designs of electrical high explosive (HE) initiators, for the purpose of better understanding a design's sensitivities, optimizing its performance, and/or predicting its useful lifetime. Two MHD-capable LLNL codes, CALE and ALE3D, are being used to simulate the process of ohmic heating, vaporization, and plasma formation in the bridge of an initiator, be it an exploding bridgewire (EBW), exploding bridgefoil (EBF) or slapper type initiator. The initiation of the HE is simulated using Tarver Ignition & Growth reactive flow models. 1-D, 2-D and 3-D models have been constructed and studied. The models provide some intuitive explanation of the initiation process and are useful for evaluating the potential impact of identified aging mechanisms (such as the growth of intermetallic compounds or powder sintering). The end product of this work is a simulation capability for evaluating margin in proposed, modified or aged initiation system designs.

  15. Choice of initial therapy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Manuel Battegay


    Full Text Available Current international and national treatment guidelines such as EACS, BHIVA, DHHS or IAS update regularly recommendations on the choice of initial combination antiretroviral treatment (cART regimens. Preferred cART regimens include a backbone with two nucleoside (nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors combined either with one non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor or one ritonavir boosted protease inhibitor or more recently one integrase inhibitor. Response rates according to viral load measurements increased in recent years, in particular due to better tolerability. The choice of initial therapy is flexible and influenced by several factors such as height of viral load, genotypic resistance testing, CD4 cell count, co-morbidities, interactions, potential adverse events, (potential for pregnancy, convenience, adherence, costs as well as physician's and patient's preferences. Diverse highly potent initial cART regimens exist. Following the many possibilities, the choice of a regimen is based on a mixture of evidence-informed data and individualized concepts, some of the latter only partly supported by strong evidence. For example, different perceptions and personal experiences exist about boosted protease inhibitors compared to non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors or integrase inhibitors and vice versa which may influence the initial choice. This lecture will discuss choices of initial cART in view of international guidelines and the evidence for individualization of initial HIV therapy.

  16. Reasons and measures for strong vibration of tube-side thickening press%管端增厚机振动强烈的原因与对策

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘同义; 韩克镇


    通过对管端增厚机液压系统的分析,发现液压系统卸压时,液压缸卸压腔容积大,积蓄的能量多,是造成系统卸压振动的根本原因.通过调整液压缸实际行程在其总行程中所处区段不同,减小了卸压腔的容积,降低了卸压时释放的能量,合模缸卸压释放的能量减小为原来的1/3,挤进缸卸压释放的能量减小为原来的1/2,从而解决了系统振动大的问题.%Through analyzing the tube-side thickening press hydraulic system, it is found that the root cause of the strong vibration of hydraulic system when pressure reliefing is the big volume of hydraulic cylinder relief chamber with more storing energy. Through adjusting the actual trip of hydraulic cylinder in different segments of the total trip, the volume of relief chamber was decreased, the energy saved in relief chamber was reduced. The energy released by the clamping cylinder pressure relief was reduced to 1/3, the energy released by the squeezing cylinder pressure relief was reduced to 1/2, which solve the problem of strong vibration in the system.

  17. An Andean tectonic cycle: From crustal thickening to extension in a thin crust (34°–37°SL

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Victor A. Ramos


    Full Text Available Several orogenic cycles of mountain building and subsequent collapse associated with periods of shallowing and steepening of subduction zones have been recognized in recent years in the Andes. Most of them are characterized by widespread crustal delamination expressed by large calderas and rhyolitic flare-up produced by the injection of hot asthenosphere in the subduction wedge. These processes are related to the increase of the subduction angle during trench roll-back. The Payenia paleoflat-slab, in the southern Central Andes of Argentina and Chile (34°–37°S recorded a complete cycle from crustal thickening and mountain uplift to extensional collapse and normal faulting, which are related to changes in the subduction geometry. The early stages are associated with magmatic expansion and migration, subsequent deformation and broken foreland. New ages and geochemical data show the middle to late Miocene expansion and migration of arc volcanism towards the foreland region was associated with important deformation in the Andean foothills. However, the main difference of this orogenic cycle with the previously described cycles is that the steepening of the oceanic subducted slab is linked to basaltic flooding of large areas in the retroarc under an extensional setting. Crustal delamination is concentrated only in a narrow central belt along the cordilleran axis. The striking differences between the two types of cycles are interpreted to be related to the crustal thickness when steepening the subducting slab. The crustal thickness of the Altiplano is over 60–80 km, whereas Payenia is less than 42 km in the axial part, and near 30 km in the retroarc foothills. The final extensional regime associated with the slab steepening favors the basaltic flooding of more than 8400 km3 in an area larger than 40,000 km2, through 800 central vents and large fissures. These characteristics are unique in the entire present-day Andes.

  18. Antibacterial activity of root canal filling materials for primary teeth: zinc oxide and eugenol cement, Calen paste thickened with zinc oxide, Sealapex and EndoREZ. (United States)

    Queiroz, Alexandra Mussolino de; Nelson-Filho, Paulo; Silva, Léa Assed Bezerra da; Assed, Sada; Silva, Raquel Assed Bezerra da; Ito, Izabel Yoko


    This study evaluated in vitro the antibacterial activity of 4 root canal filling materials for primary teeth - zinc oxide and eugenol cement (ZOE), Calen paste thickened with zinc oxide (Calen/ZO), Sealapex sealer and EndoREZ sealer - against 5 bacterial strains commonly found in endodontic infections (Kocuria rhizophila, Enterococcus faecalis, Streptococcus mutans, Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus) using the agar diffusion test (agar-well technique). Calen paste, 1% chlorhexidine digluconate (CHX) and distilled water served as controls. Seven wells per dish were made at equidistant points and immediately filled with the test and control materials. After incubation of the plates at 37 degrees C for 24 h, the diameter of the zones of bacterial growth inhibition produced around the wells was measured (in mm) with a digital caliper under reflected light. Data were analyzed statistically by analysis of variance and Tukey's post-hoc test (alpha=0.05). There were statistically significant differences (pantibacterial activity against E. faecalis (p0.05). E. coli was inhibited more effectively (p0.05) against S. aureus, while Sealapex had the lowest antibacterial efficacy (pantibacterial activity only against K. rhizophila and S. aureus. The Calen paste and Calen/ZO produced larger zones of inhibition than 1% CHX when the marker microorganism was E faecalis. In conclusion, the in vitro antibacterial activity of the 4 root canal filling materials for primary teeth against bacterial strains commonly found in endodontic infections can be presented in a decreasing order of efficacy as follows: ZOE>Calen/ZO>Sealapex>EndoREZ.

  19. Influence of Continuous Flow Microwave Pre-Treatment on Anaerobic Digestion of Secondary Thickened Sludge for Sustainable Energy Recovery in Sewage Treatment Plant (United States)

    Hephzibah, D.; Kumaran, P.; Saifuddin, N. M.


    This work elucidates the effects of pre-treatment of secondary thickened sludge (STS) for enhancement of biogas production that has great potential to generate energy for the utilization of the sewage treatment plant (STP) itself. Microwave pre-treatment has been adopted for this study. Experiment works have been designed and conducted to examine the effectiveness of continuous flow microwave pre-treatment on the solubility of STS, digestibility of STS and biogas production at a power level of 80 W for 5, 10 and 15 minutes. A few characteristics of the sewage sludge were monitored daily to identify the effect of pre-treatment on the sludge. The soluble chemical oxygen demand (SCOD)/total chemical oxygen demand (TCOD) ratio increased by 0.1, 1.0 and 1.8%, while the volatile fatty acids (VFA) concentration of the pre-treated sludge improved by 4.4, 5.1, 5.9% at the irradiation time of 5, 10 and 15 minutes, respectively at a microwave power level of 80 W. Besides that, the digestate also indicates that the pre-treated sludge undergoes efficient VS removal and TCOD removal after anaerobic digestion compared to the untreated sludge. Moreover, the biogas quantity increased by an average of 19.2, 24.1 and 32.2% in 5, 10 and 15 minutes irradiation time respectively compared to the untreated sludge. The additional quantity of biogas generated has shown a great potential for sustainable energy generation that can be utilized internally by the STP.

  20. Aluminium sulfate as coagulant for highly polluted cork processing wastewater: Evaluation of settleability parameters and design of a clarifier-thickener unit. (United States)

    González, Teresa; Domínguez, Joaquín R; Beltrán-Heredia, Jesús; García, Héctor M; Sanchez-Lavado, F


    This is the second part of a master project on the chemistry of aluminium as coagulant in the treatment of highly polluted cork-process-wastewater. The main aim of this second part was to determine the influence of the operating conditions on the system's settleability parameters. It is well known that it is just as important to achieve good settleability parameters in the physico-chemical treatment of wastewaters as it is to attain a high level of decontamination. These parameters will determine the dimensions of the required equipment, and hence the costs of the installation. This part of the study therefore analyzes the influence of the different operating variables on the following settleability parameters: sediment volumetric percentage, settling velocity, sludge volume index and total suspended solids just after mixture with the coagulant. The ranges used for the experimental variables were: coagulant dose (83-166 mgL(-1) of Al(3+)), coagulation mixing time (5-30 min), stirring rate (60-300 rpm), contamination level of the wastewater (Wastewater II COD approximately 2000 mg O(2) L(-1), Wastewater III COD approximately 3000 mg O(2) L(-1)), and pH (5-11). The optimal conditions found for the settling process were not the same as those that had been determined for the organic matter removal. In this case the optimal conditions were: coagulation mixing time (30 min), stirring rate (60 rpm), coagulant dose (83 mgL(-1) of Al(3+)) and pH (7-9). Finally, the Talmadge-Fitch method is used to apply the results to the design of a clarifier-thickener unit to treat 2m(3)h(-1) of wastewater. The required minimum area of the unit would be 4.11 m(2).

  1. A fasciclin-domain containing gene, ZeFLA11, is expressed exclusively in xylem elements that have reticulate wall thickenings in the stem vascular system of Zinnia elegans cv Envy. (United States)

    Dahiya, Preeti; Findlay, Kim; Roberts, Keith; McCann, Maureen C


    The vascular cylinder of the mature stem of Zinnia elegans cv Envy contains two anatomically distinct sets of vascular bundles, stem bundles and leaf-trace bundles. We isolated a full-length cDNA of ZeFLA11, a fasciclin-domain-containing gene, from a zinnia cDNA library derived from in vitro cultures of mesophyll cells induced to form tracheary elements. Using RNA in situ hybridization, we show that ZeFLA11 is expressed in the differentiating xylem vessels with reticulate type wall thickenings and adjacent parenchyma cells of zinnia stem bundles, but not in the leaf-trace bundles that deposit spiral thickenings. Our results suggest a function for this cell-surface GPI-anchored glycoprotein in secondary wall deposition during differentiation of metaxylem tissue with reticulate vessels.

  2. Heat reduces nitric oxide production required for auxin-mediated gene expression and fate determination in tree tobacco guard cell protoplasts. (United States)

    Beard, Robert A; Anderson, David J; Bufford, Jennifer L; Tallman, Gary


    Tree tobacco (Nicotiana glauca) is an equatorial perennial with a high basal thermotolerance. Cultured tree tobacco guard cell protoplasts (GCPs) are useful for studying the effects of heat stress on fate-determining hormonal signaling. At lower temperatures (32°C or less), exogenous auxin (1-naphthalene acetic acid) and cytokinin (6-benzylaminopurine) cause GCPs to expand 20- to 30-fold, regenerate cell walls, dedifferentiate, reenter the cell cycle, and divide. At higher temperatures (34°C or greater), GCPs expand only 5- to 6-fold; they do not regenerate walls, dedifferentiate, reenter the cell cycle, or divide. Heat (38°C) suppresses activation of the BA auxin-responsive transgene promoter in tree tobacco GCPs, suggesting that inhibition of cell expansion and cell cycle reentry at high temperatures is due to suppressed auxin signaling. Nitric oxide (NO) has been implicated in auxin signaling in other plant systems. Here, we show that heat inhibits NO accumulation by GCPs and that L-N(G)-monomethyl arginine, an inhibitor of NO production in animals and plants, mimics the effects of heat by limiting cell expansion and preventing cell wall regeneration; inhibiting cell cycle reentry, dedifferentiation, and cell division; and suppressing activation of the BA auxin-responsive promoter. We also show that heat and L-N(G)-monomethyl arginine reduce the mitotic indices of primary root meristems and inhibit lateral root elongation similarly. These data link reduced NO levels to suppressed auxin signaling in heat-stressed cells and seedlings of thermotolerant plants and suggest that even plants that have evolved to withstand sustained high temperatures may still be negatively impacted by heat stress.

  3. Auxin-mediated relationships between apple plants and root inhabiting fungi: impact on root pathogens and potentialities of growth-promoting populations (United States)

    Studies were conducted to examine the symbiotic relationship between plant hosts and endophytic fungi recovered in multi-generation replanted apple orchard soils. Based upon results obtained, subsequent studies were oriented toward investigating fungal populations showing a mutualistic symbiotic rel...

  4. Initial conditions for inflation

    CERN Document Server

    Dimopoulos, Konstantinos


    A novel proposal is presented, which manages to overcome the initial conditions problem of inflation with a plateau. An earlier period of proto-inflation, beginning at Planck scale, accounts for the Universe expansion and arranges the required initial conditions for inflation on the plateu to commence. We show that, if proto-inflation is power-law, it does not suffer from any eternal inflationary stage. A simple model realisation is constructed in the context of $\\alpha$-attractors, which can both generate the inflationary plateau and the exponential slopes around it, necessary for the two inflation stages. Our mechanism allows to assume chaotic initial conditions at the Planck scale for proto-inflation, it is generic and it is shown to work without fine-tunings.

  5. Win-win initiatives

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Specter, Herschel


    This paper explores the use of win-win initiatives as a means of making safety improvements while simultaneously reducing plant operating costs. A two-phased process for implementing these initiatives is provided. Near-term progress is emphasized in the first phase by using presently available information. The second phase addresses complex issues such as closure in the regulatory process, modernizing the role of determinism in decisionmaking, closer coupling of performance-based regulation and risk-informed regulation, modernizing the testing of important plant equipment, and the treatment of uncertainties.

  6. Initiation of HIV therapy


    Ho, Charlotte Yuk-Fan; Ling, Bingo Wing-Kuen


    In this paper, we numerically show that the dynamics of the HIV system is sensitive to both the initial condition and the system parameters. These phenomena imply that the system is chaotic and exhibits a bifurcation behavior. To control the system, we propose to initiate an HIV therapy based on both the concentration of the HIV-1 viral load and the ratio of the CD4 lymphocyte population to the CD8 lymphocyte population. If the concentration of the HIV-1 viral load is higher than a threshold,...

  7. Information Technology Initiative (Videorecording), (United States)

    Physical description: 1 VHS video; col.; sd.; mono.; standard playback sp.; 35:40 mins.; 1/2 in. In this video, Dr. Kurt Fisher, Deputy Director for Information Technology , introduces the Corporate Information Management (CIM) program and explains the following major technical initiatives: reuse/repositories; I-case; data administration; information technology architecture; software process improvement; standards.

  8. Best Practices & Outstanding Initiatives (United States)

    Training, 2011


    In this article, "Training" editors recognize innovative and successful learning and development programs and practices. They share best practices from Automatic Data Processing, Inc., Farmers Insurance Group, FedEx Express, InterContinental Hotels Group, and Oakwood Temporary Housing. They also present the outstanding initiatives of EMD Serono,…

  9. Global healthy backpack initiatives. (United States)

    Jayaratne, Kapila; Jacobs, Karen; Fernando, Dulitha


    Schoolbag use by children is a global common concern.. Children carry school books and other amenities in their school bags. Global evidence indicates that daily load carried by school children may have negative health implications. Backpack as a school bag model, is the healthiest way of load carriage for school children. Several initiatives have been launched world over to minimize unhealthy consequences resulting from schoolbags. Based on a situation analysis, Sri Lanka implemented a national healthy schoolbag campaign by joint efforts of Ministries of Health and Education. Actions were contemplated on; strategies for bag weight reduction, introduction of an ergonomically modeled schoolbag and bag behaviour change. New strategies were introduced with awareness campaigns to policy makers, bag manufacturers, parents, teachers and children. Four million schoolchildren benefitted. In 2000, the backpack strategy of "Pack it Light, Wear it Right" was started as a public health initiative in the United States by the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA). Over the last eleven years, thousands of occupational therapy practitioners and students participated in educational programs and outreach activities. In 2004, modeled after the success AOTA initiative, the Icelandic Occupational Therapy Association launched a national backpack awareness initiative. This article shares examples of practices that could be implemented in any context to the promote health of children.

  10. The SEED Initiative (United States)

    Teich, Carolyn R.


    Committed to fulfilling the promise of the green economy, the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) launched the Sustainability Education and Economic Development (SEED) initiative ( in October 2010. The project advances sustainability and clean energy workforce development practices at community colleges by…

  11. Initial Symptoms of ALS (United States)

    ... Research In Your Community Advocate Get Involved Donate Symptoms and Diagnosis En español Symptoms The initial symptoms of ALS can be quite ... the eyes and bladder are generally not affected. Diagnosis ALS is a difficult disease to diagnose. There ...

  12. Ontario's Student Voice Initiative (United States)

    Courtney, Jean


    This article describes in some detail aspects of the Student Voice initiative funded and championed by Ontario's Ministry of Education since 2008. The project enables thousands of students to make their voices heard in meaningful ways and to participate in student-led research. Some students from grades 7 to 12 become members of the Student…

  13. Asymmetrically thickened posterior wall is associated with decline of ejection fraction after stress on adenosine stress/rest thallium-201 gated myocardial SPECT

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kim, Bom Sahn; Lee, Won Woo; Lee, Dong Soo; Chung, June Key; Lee, Myung Chul; Kim, Sang Eun [College of Medicine, Seoul National University, Seoul (Korea, Republic of)


    LV parameters (LVEF. ESVI and EDVI) on adenosine stress/rest thallium-201 gated myocardial SPECT (gSPECT) are various from stress to rest. We investigated the reason why they were various in patients without coronary artery disease. Seventy-one patients(M:F=32:39, age 58.1{+-}9.7yrs), who underwent gSPECT and coronary angiography (CAG) due to chest pain or preoperative evaluation were included. CAG results were normal or insignificant. Exclusion criteria were atrial fibrillation, thyroid disease, primary cardiomyopathy, myocardial bridge, LBBB, MI, and valvular heart disease. Patients were calssified into 3 groups by EF difference ({delta}EF=rest-stress EF) on gSPECT : group1 ({delta}EF{>=}10), group2 (0 {<=}{delta}EF<10), and group3 ({delta}EF<0). LV parameters on gSPECT and thicknesses of IVS (interventricular septum) and LVPW (left ventricular posterior wall) on echocardiography were compared among the 3 groups. Myocardial perfusion status were normal or mild reversible/persistent perfusion defect in 76.1% (54/71). LVEFs at stress were not different among all 3 groups : 59.3{+-}8.54% in group 1 (61.3{+-}10.22% in group 2 and 64.8{+-}7.58% in group 3 (p>0.05). But LVEF at rest was smaller in group 3 (58.7{+-}8.38%) than the other groups (72.5{+-}8.77% in group1 and 66.7{+-}10.6% in group2) (p<0.01). EDVIs and ESVI at stress were larger than those at rest in all groups (p<0.05) except ESVI in group 3 (16.2{+-}6.21ml at stress and 17.5{+-}6.41ml at rest, p<0.01), and that was attributed to EF<0 in group 3. In echocardiographical analysis, group 3 had significantly increased wall thickness of LVPW (10.7{+-}1.2mm versus 9.4{+-}1.6mm, p=0.01) and decreased wall thickness ratio of IVS/LVPW (0.963{+-}0.102 versus 1.048{+-}0.104, p=0.035) than group 1. In patients without coronary artery disease, LVEF, EDVI and ESVI on gSPECT were various and decline of LVEF from stress to rest was caused by unnormalized ESVI . Asymmetrically thickened LVPW may play a crucial role and

  14. Using cone beam computed tomography to detect the relationship between the periodontal bone loss and mucosal thickening of the maxillary sinus

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mahnaz Sheikhi


    Full Text Available Background: Maxillary sinuses are covered by a 1 mm thick mucous membrane that when this membrane becomes inflamed, the thickness may increase 10-15 times. The common causes of odontogenic sinusitis are dental abscesses and periodontal disease. Computed tomography (CT is considered the gold standard for sinus diagnosis. Recently, cone beam computed tomography (CBCT has been introduced for dental and maxillofacial imaging, which has several advantages over traditional CT, including lower radiation dose and chairside process. This study aims to find the association between mucosal thickening (MT of the sinus and periodontal bone loss (PBL and pulpoperiapical condition. Materials and Methods: A total of 180 CBCT images were reviewed. PBL was assessed in six points under each sinus at the mesial and distal sides of the upper second premolar and first and second molars by measuring the distance from the alveolar crest to the point 2 mm under the cemento-enamel junction (CEJ. The MT was assessed at six points in the floor of the sinus precisely over the mentioned points. To assess the possible role of pulpoperiapical condition on the sinus MT, the existing teeth were classified into five groups due to the probable effect of each condition on the pulp and peri-apex. The statistical association between MT of sinus and PBL and pulpoperiapical condition was assessed using SPSS software (SPSS Inc., version 16.0, Chicago, IL, USA and bivariate correlation and binary linear regression statistical tests (P < 0.05. Results: MT was observed in 39.4% of patients (mean = 4.68 ± 5.25 mm. PBL was seen in 33% of the patients (mean = 1.87 ± 1.63 mm. Linear regression test showed that there is an association between both PBL and pulpoperiapical condition and MT, but the effect of PBL was about 4 times stronger. Conclusion: This study showed that MT of the maxillary sinus was common among patients with PBL and MT of the maxillary sinus was significantly associated

  15. P-T path and timing of crustal thickening during amalgamation of East and West Gondwana: A case study from the Hafafit Metamorphic Complex, Eastern Desert of Egypt (United States)

    Abu El-Enen, Mahrous M.; Abu-Alam, Tamer S.; Whitehouse, Martin J.; Ali, Kamal A.; Okrusch, Martin


    The southeastern sector of the Hafafit Metamorphic Complex, southern Eastern Desert of Egypt comprises infrastructural orthogneisses of tonalite and syenogranite parentage, amphibolites, and a volcano-sedimentary association. These are overthrust by an obducted suprastructural ophiolite nappes via the Nugrus thrust. The protolith of the biotite-hornblende-gneisses was formed during island-arc accretion, while that of the garnet-biotite gneisses were formed in a within-plate regime, consistent with a transition to a post-collisional setting. The volcano-sedimentary association comprises interbedded and intercalated highly foliated metapelitic schists, metabasites, and leucocratic gneisses, deposited in a back-arc basin. The metapelites and the leucocratic gneisses originated from immature Fe-shales and arkoses derived from intermediate-mafic and acidic igneous rocks, respectively, via weak chemical weathering in a tectonically active island arc terrane. The intercalated amphibolites were derived from tholeiitic basalts generated in a back-arc setting. The volcano-sedimentary association was metamorphosed under upper-amphibolite facies conditions with pressures of 9-13 kbar and temperatures of 570-675 °C, as derived from conventional geothermobarometry and pseudosection calculation. A steep, tight clockwise P-T path is constrained and a geothermal gradient around 20 °C/km is estimated for the peak metamorphism. We assume that deformation and metamorphism are due to crustal thickening during the collision of East and West Gondwana, where peak metamorphism took place in the middle to lower crust at 33 km average crustal depth. This was followed by a subsequent quasi-isothermal decompression due to rapid exhumation during wrench tectonics. Sinistral transcurrent shearing with extensional denudation resulted in vertical ductile thinning that was accompanied by heat input from magmatism, as indicated by a higher geothermal gradient during retrograde metamorphism and


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Karina Alejandra Cruz-Pallares


    Full Text Available The document presents results of a research that used as strategy a complementary training project with thirty-three students of a Bachelors Degree in Primary School 1997(DPS,1997 of an Education Faculty for the initial training of investigators, applied by four teachers members of the academic research group in Mexico; that develops through process of action research methodology. Highlighted in results is the strengthening of the competition of reading, understanding and writing scientific texts, which is analogous to the first feature of the graduate profile called intellectual skills. Among the conclusions it is emphasized that the initial training of teachers in a task that is quite interesting, challenging and complex, as is the educational complex phenomenon.

  17. Rosmarinus officinalis vitroculture initiation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Liviu POP


    Full Text Available In this experiment we have initiated a Rosmarinus officinalis vitroculture, on different growth media. As biological material we used apexes, taken from an only plant. The development medium have consisted in Murashige and Skoog standard mixture, where growth regulators were added, resulting 4 experimental variants: V0 – control variant – basic medium (BM, V1 – BM + 2mg/l BA + 1mg/l IBA, V2 - BM + 2mg/l BA + 1mg/l IAA, V3 –BM + 2mg/l BA + 1mg/l NAA. The experiment lasted for 90 days. We have found that the initiation of Rosmarinus officinalis vitroculture is possible, the best growth medium for this purpose being the basic one (V0 - Murashige and Skoog without growth regulators.

  18. Renormalizing an initial state

    CERN Document Server

    Collins, Hael; Vardanyan, Tereza


    The intricate machinery of perturbative quantum field theory has largely been devoted to the 'dynamical' side of the theory: simple states are evolved in complicated ways. This article begins to address this lopsided treatment. Although it is rarely possible to solve for the eigenstates of an interacting theory exactly, a general state and its evolution can nonetheless be constructed perturbatively in terms of the propagators and structures defined with respect to the free theory. The detailed form of the initial state in this picture is fixed by imposing suitable `renormalization conditions' on the Green's functions. This technique is illustrated with an example drawn from inflation, where the presence of nonrenormalizable operators and where an expansion that naturally couples early times with short distances make the ability to start the theory at a finite initial time especially desirable.

  19. Self-initiated expatriates

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Selmer, Jan; Lauring, Jakob


    Purpose – As it has been suggested that adult third-culture kids may be more culturally adaptable than others, they have been labelled “the ideal” expatriates. In this article, we explore the adjustment of self-initiated expatriate academics in Hong Kong, comparing adult third-culture kids...... with adult mono-culture kids. Design/methodology/approach – We use survey results from 267 self-initiated expatriate academics in Hong Kong. Findings – Exploratory results show that adult third-culture kids had a higher extent of general adjustment. No significant results were found in relation...... to interaction adjustment and job adjustment. We also found that recent expatriate experiences generally had a positive association with the adjustment of adult mono-culture kids, but this association only existed in terms of general adjustment for adult third-culture kids. Originality/value – Once corroborated...

  20. Northwest Manufacturing Initiative (United States)


    Training areas included Total Productive Maintenance, First Aide and Safety, Lean Training, Inventory Management, Purchasing Supply Chain, ISO 13485 ...improve their business through quality certifications and initiatives such as AS9100, ISO 9001-2000, and implementing Lean Manufacturing. All of these...not show up on a visible profile. 13 Certifications: Quality Certifications such as AS9100, ISO etc. a. List Certifying Agency and number

  1. Preparation and characterization of shear thickening polymer%剪切增稠聚合物的制备与表征

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王立杰; 杨光; 宋海媚; 董梦果; 张琰; 杨清香; 陈志军


    With the use of silica monodisperse Stober with different particle size distribution was prepared,and then with an amino modifier on silica (nSiO2 )surface modification was prepared,and finally nSiO2 particles before and after modification were dispersed in polyethylene glycol (PEG)and prepared in the PEG/nSiO2 composite system,and on the morphology and thermal properties nSiO2 prepared particles were characterized by Huck rheometer and rheological properties of polyethylene glycol/nSiO2 composites were investigated with a transmission electron microscope (TEM),integrated thermal gravimetric analysis (TG).The results showed that:particle diameter nSiO2 prepared in the range of 50~300 nm,a uniform particle distribution,by control-ling the ratio of reactants to the particle diameter was effectively controlled;N-aminoethyl-γ-aminopropyl trim-ethoxy Silane was "riveted"in the nSiO2 particle surface;The rheological properties of the prepared PEG/nSiO2 composite system was related to the particle size and the content of nSiO2 particles,the general rule was that the viscosity increases with the increase of frequency.The particle size effect on shear thickening system was large and the best partide diameter was in the 1 20 nm particle size nearby.%利用Stober方法制备不同粒径分布的单分散二氧化硅(nSiO2),用氨基改性剂对其进行表面改性,将改性前后的nSiO2粒子分散于聚乙二醇(PEG)中制备PEG/nSiO2复合体系,并用透射电子显微镜(TEM)、综合热重分析仪(TG)对nSiO2粒子的形貌及热性能、PEG/nSiO2复合体系的流变性能进行表征。结果表明:所制备的nSiO2粒子的粒径为50~300 nm范围,粒子分布均一,通过控制反应物的配比有效控制其粒径;N -氨乙基-γ-氨丙基三甲氧基硅烷“铆接”在nSiO2粒子表面,氨基改性成功;所制备的PEG/nSiO2复合体系的流变性能和nSiO2粒子的粒径和含量相关联,总体规律是

  2. Initial Cooling Experiment (ICE)

    CERN Multimedia

    Photographic Service


    In 1977, in a record-time of 9 months, the magnets of the g-2 experiment were modified and used to build a proton/antiproton storage ring: the "Initial Cooling Experiment" (ICE). It served for the verification of the cooling methods to be used for the "Antiproton Project". Stochastic cooling was proven the same year, electron cooling followed later. Also, with ICE the experimental lower limit for the antiproton lifetime was raised by 9 orders of magnitude: from 2 microseconds to 32 hours. For its previous life as g-2 storage ring, see 7405430. More on ICE: 7711282, 7809081, 7908242.

  3. Hanford tanks initiative plan

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    McKinney, K.E.


    Abstract: The Hanford Tanks Initiative (HTI) is a five-year project resulting from the technical and financial partnership of the U.S. Department of Energy`s Office of Waste Management (EM-30) and Office of Science and Technology Development (EM-50). The HTI project accelerates activities to gain key technical, cost performance, and regulatory information on two high-level waste tanks. The HTI will provide a basis for design and regulatory decisions affecting the remainder of the Tank Waste Remediation System`s tank waste retrieval Program.

  4. Stirling to Flight Initiative (United States)

    Hibbard, Kenneth E.; Mason, Lee S.; Ndu, Obi; Smith, Clayton; Withrow, James P.


    Flight (S2F) initiative with the objective of developing a 100-500 We Stirling generator system. Additionally, a different approach is being devised for this initiative to avoid pitfalls of the past, and apply lessons learned from the recent ASRG experience. Two key aspects of this initiative are a Stirling System Technology Maturation Effort, and a Surrogate Mission Team (SMT) intended to provide clear mission pull and requirements context. The S2F project seeks to lead directly into a DOE flight system development of a new SRG. This paper will detail the proposed S2F initiative, and provide specifics on the key efforts designed to pave a forward path for bringing Stirling technology to flight.

  5. UNLV Nuclear Hydrogen Initiative

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hechanova, Anthony E.; Johnson, Allen; O' Toole, Brendan; Trabia, Mohamed; Peterson, Per


    Evaluation of the Crack growth rate (CGR) of Alloy 617 and Alloy 276 under constant K at ambient temperature has been completed. Creep deformation of Alloy 230 at different temperature range and load level has been completed and heat to heat variation has been noticed. Creep deformation study of Alloy 276 has been completed under an applied initial stress level of 10% of yield stress at 950ºC. The grain size evaluation of the tested creep specimens of Alloy 276 has been completed.

  6. Initiation of slug flow

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hanratty, T.J.; Woods, B.D. [Univ. of Illinois, Urbana, IL (United States)


    The initiation of slug flow in a horizontal pipe can be predicted either by considering the stability of a slug or by considering the stability of a stratified flow. Measurements of the shedding rate of slugs are used to define necessary conditions for the existence of a slug. Recent results show that slugs develop from an unstable stratified flow through the evolution of small wavelength waves into large wavelength waves that have the possibility of growing to form a slug. The mechanism appears to be quite different for fluids with viscosities close to water than for fluids with large viscosities (20 centipoise).

  7. Initiatives for proliferation prevention

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction is a central part of US national security policy. A principal instrument of the Department of Energy`s (DOE`s) program for securing weapons of mass destruction technology and expertise and removing incentives for scientists, engineers and technicians in the newly independent states (NIS) of the former Soviet Union to go to rogue countries or assist terrorist groups is the Initiatives for Proliferation Prevention (IPP). IPP was initiated pursuant to the 1994 Foreign Operations Appropriations Act. IPP is a nonproliferation program with a commercialization strategy. IPP seeks to enhance US national security and to achieve nonproliferation objectives by engaging scientists, engineers and technicians from former NIS weapons institutes; redirecting their activities in cooperatively-developed, commercially viable non-weapons related projects. These projects lead to commercial and economic benefits for both the NIS and the US IPP projects are funded in Russian, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. This booklet offers an overview of the IPP program as well as a sampling of some of the projects which are currently underway.

  8. Global cancer research initiative

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Richard R Love


    Full Text Available Richard R LoveThe Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, Columbus, OH, USAAbstract: Cancer is an increasing problem for low- and middle-income countries undergoing an epidemiologic transition from dominantly acute communicable disease to more frequent chronic disease with increased public health successes in the former domain. Progress against cancer in high-income countries has been modest and has come at enormous expense. There are several well-conceived global policy and planning initiatives which, with adequate political will, can favorably impact the growing global cancer challenges. Most financial resources for cancer, however, are spent on diagnosis and management of patients with disease in circumstances where specific knowledge about effective approaches is significantly limited, and the majority of interventions, other than surgery, are not cost-effective in resource-limited countries by global standards. In summary, how to intervene effectively on a global scale for the majority of citizens who develop cancer is poorly defined. In contrast to technology-transfer approaches, markedly increased clinical research activities are more likely to benefit cancer sufferers. In these contexts, a global cancer research initiative is proposed, and mechanisms for realizing such an effort are suggested.Keywords: breast cancer, research, global, international, low-income, middle-income

  9. Comparison of homogenous strain-analysis with wall thickening for the assessment of regional myocardial function; Homogene Strain-Analyse im Vergleich zur Wanddickenzunahme fuer die MR-tomographische Beurteilung der regionalen Myokardfunktion

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Thomas, D.; Pickup, S.; Zhou, R.; Glickson, J. [Dept. of Radiology, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA (United States); Ferrari, V.A. [Dept. of Radiology, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA (United States); Dept. of Medicine, Div. of Cardiology, Univ. of Pennsylvania (United States)


    Purpose: to compare strain analysis and wall thickening (WT) analysis in differentiating the infarcted, adjacent, and remote zones in a rat model of myocardial infarction (MI). Material and methods: three normal (NL) and ten rats subjected to myocardial infarction were imaged on a 4.7T scanner. Gradient-echo and SPAMM-tagged cine images were acquired at three short axis levels of the left ventricle (LV). A homogenous strain analysis (principal strains {lambda}1 and {lambda}2, displacement D, angle {beta}) and a WT-analysis (mm- and %-thickening) were performed in all slices demonstrating MI. Regional function was compared between infarcted rats (infarcted, adjacent and remote zone) and corresponding regions in the NL rats. Additional segmental analysis was performed in the NL rats for the anterior, lateral, inferior and septal wall. Results: in the NL rats, {lambda}{sub 1} (greatest radial thickening) was greatest in the lateral and anterior wall. WT-analysis showed a pattern of function similar to {lambda}1, however, regional differences using WT-analysis were not significant. {lambda}{sub 2} (greatest circumferential shortening) was most negative in the anterior wall. D was greatest in the lateral and inferior wall. The angle {beta} was radially directed in all segments. In the infarcted rats, both strain and WT-analyses revealed significant impairment in function in the infarcted and adjacent zones as compared to NL (p < 0.001). However, only the strain analysis ({lambda}1, {lambda}2, p < 0.001) detected significant remote myocardial dysfunction. Myocardial function differed significantly between the infarcted and adjacent and between the infarcted and remote regions. Strain analysis ({lambda}2, D, {beta}, p < 0.001) also identified significant functional differences between the adjacent and remote zones, however, no statistically significant differences were found using WT-analysis. (orig.)

  10. Embolic Stroke as the Initial Manifestation of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Reshma M. Khan


    Full Text Available We present a case of a 21-year-old African-American female with no significant medical history, who presented to the emergency department with a one-week history of blurry and double vision. Ophthalmology evaluation revealed bilateral retinal artery occlusion. Further workup with imaging of the brain was consistent with an ischemic stroke. Hereditary hypercoagulable workup was unremarkable and initial testing for antiphospholipid syndrome was positive. She underwent transesophageal echocardiogram (TEE, which showed severe mitral regurgitation and thickening of mitral valve leaflets consistent with Libman-Sacks endocarditis. Autoimmune workup was positive for IF-ANA, anti-RNP, and anti-Smith antibody. She fulfilled 4/11 of the ACR criteria and met 5 of the SLICC (Systemic Lupus International Collaborating Clinics criteria for lupus (nonscaring alopecia, thrombocytopenia, positive ANA, and positive anti-Smith and positive anti-phospholipid antibodies. This case highlights the importance of early recognition of underlying connective tissue diseases and timely management of these diseases in young patients with no previous manifestations of diseases.

  11. [Ulcerative colitis initial presentation with multiple extra-intestinal manifestations]. (United States)

    Marques, M Raquel; Oliveira, Susana; Gorjão Clara, J P


    Multiple extraintestinal diseases are present in 0.3- 4.5 % of inflammatory bowel disease patients. A 39-year-old woman was admitted with a 3 months history of cervicalgia with functional incapacity, asthenia, tibio-tarsal bilateral arthritis and bloody diarrhoea. She had ferropenic anemia, SR-120 mm, creatinine clearance-42 mL/min, proteinuria-1.2 g/24h. Colonoscopy with biopsy showed active ulcerative rectossigmoiditis. She had bilateral sacroileitis more pronounced at the right side which was suggestive of ankylosing spondylitis. HLA B27 was positive. Because of colestasis, colangio-MRI and CPRE were done and were suggestive of primary sclerosing colangitis. Renal disease was interpreted as an analgesic nephropathy versus glomerulonephritis associated with ulcerative colitis. Cardiac ecodoppler showed pericardial thickening with a thin pericardial effusion. Full improvement of gastrointestinal complaints was observed with 5-ASA topic enemas, sulfassalazine, corticosteroids and azathioprine and full remission of ankylosing spondylitis with adalimumab. This case illustrates extraintestinal wide involvement as the initial presentation of ulcerative colitis, remarking its systemic nature.

  12. 肾前筋膜增厚对症状不典型急性胰腺炎诊断价值分析%Diagnostic value analysis of prerenal fascia thickening in acute pancreatitis with atypical symptoms

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    目的:分析急性胰腺炎CT影像特征性表现,探讨CT上肾前筋膜增厚在急性胰腺炎诊断中的价值。方法:回顾性分析2009年1月至2013年1月期间临床确诊的52例胰腺炎患者病例资料和CT影像学资料及10例腹部检查正常的CT影像学资料,所有病例都使用GE-双排CT机扫描,部分病例螺旋CT强化扫描,进行分析、对照研究。结果:急性胰腺炎患者的CT影像学表现以胰腺弥漫性或局限性增大和胰腺内部密度改变为主,全部病例均表现为左侧肾前筋膜增厚,部分病例为双侧肾前筋膜增厚。其中急性水肿型胰腺炎31例,表现为胰腺体积轻度增大,密度均匀降低,胰周稍模糊,左侧肾前筋膜轻~中度增厚,增厚厚度在3~8 mm。急性坏死型胰腺炎15例,胰腺内均有范围不等低密度区,渗出液明显,双侧肾前筋膜增厚,筋膜增厚厚度>8 mm,并伴有积液改变。有6例CT诊断胰腺形态、大小、密度均正常,但见左侧肾前筋膜增厚>3 mm,考虑为急性胰腺炎,经结合临床症状体征以及血尿淀粉酶化验结果综合分析确诊。10例腹部检查正常的病例CT表现双侧肾前筋膜未见或见细线状(厚度<2 mm)。结论:CT是急性胰腺炎早期发现和定性诊断的有效方法,特别是肾前筋膜的增厚对诊断胰腺形态、大小、密度无明显改变的不典型急性胰腺炎具有重要临床价值,这也为临床早期及时有效治疗提供指导的作用。%Objective:To analyze CT imaging characteristic manifestations of acute pancreatitis and to explore the value of CT prerenal fascia thicken-ing in diagnosis of acute pancreatitis. Methods:Case data and CT imaging data of 52 cases clinically diagnosed as pancreatitis and imaging data of 10 nor-mal abdominal CT examination cases from January 2009 to January 2013 were retrospectively analyzed, all cases took GE - double row CT scanning, and some cases spiral CT enhanced scanning, with the results

  13. The Ombudperson Initiative Group

    CERN Multimedia

    Laura Stewart

    Following many discussions that took place at some of the ATLAS Women's Network lunch gatherings, a few ATLAS women joined forces with similarly concerned CERN staff women to form a small group last Fall to discuss the need for a CERN-wide Ombudsperson. This has since evolved into the Ombudsperson Initiative Group (OIG) currently composed of the following members: Barbro Asman, Stockholm University; Pierre Charrue, CERN AB; Anna Cook, CERN IT; Catherine Delamare, CERN and IT Ombudsperson; Paula Eerola, Lund University; Pauline Gagnon, Indiana University; Eugenia Hatziangeli, CERN AB; Doreen Klem, CERN IT; Bertrand Nicquevert, CERN TS and Laura Stewart, CERN AT. On June 12, members of the OIG met with representatives of Human Resources (HR) and the Equal Opportunity Advisory Panel (EOAP) to discuss the proposal drafted by the OIG. The meeting was very positive. Everybody agreed that the current procedures at CERN applicable in the event of conflict required a thorough review, and that a professionnally trai...

  14. Quality initiative at ESO (United States)

    Rupprecht, Gero; Arsenault, Robin; Hanuschik, Reinhard; Kraus, Maximilian; Sivera, Paola; Tromp, Arnout; Verzichelli, Gianluca


    An initiative is under way at ESO Headquarters to optimise operations, in particular in the engineering, technical and associated management areas. A systematic approach to strengthen the operating processes is in preparation, starting with a mapping of the extensive existing process network. Processes identified as sufficiently important and complex to merit an in-depth analysis will be properly specified and their implementation optimised to strike a sensible balance between organisational overhead (documentation) and efficiency. By applying methods and tools tried and tested in industry we expect to achieve a more unified approach to address recurrent tasks. This will enable staff to concentrate more on new challenges and improvement and avoid spending effort on issues already resolved in the past.

  15. Breckinridge Project, initial effort

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    None, None


    Report III, Volume 1 contains those specifications numbered A through J, as follows: General Specifications (A); Specifications for Pressure Vessels (C); Specifications for Tanks (D); Specifications for Exchangers (E); Specifications for Fired Heaters (F); Specifications for Pumps and Drivers (G); and Specifications for Instrumentation (J). The standard specifications of Bechtel Petroleum Incorporated have been amended as necessary to reflect the specific requirements of the Breckinridge Project, and the more stringent specifications of Ashland Synthetic Fuels, Inc. These standard specifications are available to the Initial Effort (Phase Zero) work performed by all contractors and subcontractors. Report III, Volume 1 also contains the unique specifications prepared for Plants 8, 15, and 27. These specifications will be substantially reviewed during Phase I of the project, and modified as necessary for use during the engineering, procurement, and construction of this project.

  16. Instrumented Pipeline Initiative

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Thomas Piro; Michael Ream


    This report summarizes technical progress achieved during the cooperative agreement between Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) and U.S. Department of Energy to address the need for a for low-cost monitoring and inspection sensor system as identified in the Department of Energy (DOE) National Gas Infrastructure Research & Development (R&D) Delivery Reliability Program Roadmap.. The Instrumented Pipeline Initiative (IPI) achieved the objective by researching technologies for the monitoring of pipeline delivery integrity, through a ubiquitous network of sensors and controllers to detect and diagnose incipient defects, leaks, and failures. This report is organized by tasks as detailed in the Statement of Project Objectives (SOPO). The sections all state the objective and approach before detailing results of work.

  17. The importance of temporal stress variation and dynamic disequilibrium for the initiation of plate tectonics (United States)

    Stamenković, V.; Höink, T.; Lenardic, A.


    We use 1-D thermal history models and 3-D numerical experiments to study the impact of dynamic thermal disequilibrium and large temporal variations of normal and shear stresses on the initiation of plate tectonics. Previous models that explored plate tectonics initiation from a steady state, single plate mode of convection concluded that normal stresses govern the initiation of plate tectonics, which based on our 1-D model leads to plate yielding being more likely with increasing interior heat and planet mass for a depth-dependent Byerlee yield stress. Using 3-D spherical shell mantle convection models in an episodic regime allows us to explore larger temporal stress variations than can be addressed by considering plate failure from a steady state stagnant lid configuration. The episodic models show that an increase in convective mantle shear stress at the lithospheric base initiates plate failure, which leads with our 1-D model to plate yielding being less likely with increasing interior heat and planet mass. In this out-of-equilibrium and strongly time-dependent stress scenario, the onset of lithospheric overturn events cannot be explained by boundary layer thickening and normal stresses alone. Our results indicate that in order to understand the initiation of plate tectonics, one should consider the temporal variation of stresses and dynamic disequilibrium.

  18. Initial Egyptian ECMO experience

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Akram Abdelbary


    Results: A total of twelve patients received ECMO between January 2014 and June 2015. The mean age was 35.9 years. (range 13–65 years, 8 males, with VV ECMO in 10 patients, and VA ECMO in 2 patients. Out of ten patients of VV ECMO, one had H1N1 pneumonia, one had advanced vasculitic lung, four had bacterial pneumonia, two traumatic lung contusions and one with organophosphorus poisoning, and one undiagnosed etiology leading to severe ARDS. Lung injury score range was 3–3.8, PaO2/FiO2 (20–76 mechanical ventilation duration before ECMO 1–14 days, Femoro-jugular cannulation in 7 patients and femoro-femoral in 2 patients and femoro-subclavian in 1 patient; all patients were initially sedated and paralyzed for (2–4 days and ventilated on pressure controlled ventilation with Pmax of 25 cm H2O and PEEP of 10 cm H2O. In VA ECMO patients were cannulated percutaneously using femoro-femoral approach. One patient showed no neurologic recovery and died after 24 h, the other had CABG on ECMO however the heart didn’t recover and died after 9 days. Heparin intravenous infusion was used initially in all patients and changed to Bivalirudin in 2 patients due to possible HIT. Pump flow ranged from 2.6 to 6.5 L/min. Average support time was 12 days (range 2–24 days. Seven patients (63.3% were successfully separated from ECMO and survived to hospital discharge. Hospital length of stay ranged from 3 to 42 days, tracheostomy was done percutaneously in 5 patients and surgically in 3. Gastrointestinal bleeding occurred in 6 patients, VAP in 7 patients, neurologic complications in 1 patient with complete recovery, cardiac arrhythmias in 3 patients, pneumothorax in 9 patients, and deep venous thrombosis in 2 patients.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Peters, John; McCloskey, Jay; Douglas, Trevor; Young, Mark; Snyder, Stuart; Gurney, Brian


    Project Objective: The overarching objective of the Montana Palladium Research Initiative is to perform scientific research on the properties and uses of palladium in the context of the U.S. Department of Energy's Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Infrastructure Technologies Program. The purpose of the research will be to explore possible palladium as an alternative to platinum in hydrogen-economy applications. To achieve this objective, the Initiatives activities will focus on several cutting-edge research approaches across a range of disciplines, including metallurgy, biomimetics, instrumentation development, and systems analysis. Background: Platinum-group elements (PGEs) play significant roles in processing hydrogen, an element that shows high potential to address this need in the U.S. and the world for inexpensive, reliable, clean energy. Platinum, however, is a very expensive component of current and planned systems, so less-expensive alternatives that have similar physical properties are being sought. To this end, several tasks have been defined under the rubric of the Montana Palladium Research Iniative. This broad swath of activities will allow progress on several fronts. The membrane-related activities of Task 1 employs state-of-the-art and leading-edge technologies to develop new, ceramic-substrate metallic membranes for the production of high-purity hydrogen, and develop techniques for the production of thin, defect-free platinum group element catalytic membranes for energy production and pollution control. The biomimetic work in Task 2 explores the use of substrate-attached hydrogen-producing enzymes and the encapsulation of palladium in virion-based protein coats to determine their utility for distributed hydrogen production. Task 3 work involves developing laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) as a real-time, in situ diagnostic technique to characterize PGEs nanoparticles for process monitoring and control. The systems engineering work in task 4

  20. Scientific Component Technology Initiative

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kohn, S; Bosl, B; Dahlgren, T; Kumfert, G; Smith, S


    The laboratory has invested a significant amount of resources towards the development of high-performance scientific simulation software, including numerical libraries, visualization, steering, software frameworks, and physics packages. Unfortunately, because this software was not designed for interoperability and re-use, it is often difficult to share these sophisticated software packages among applications due to differences in implementation language, programming style, or calling interfaces. This LDRD Strategic Initiative investigated and developed software component technology for high-performance parallel scientific computing to address problems of complexity, re-use, and interoperability for laboratory software. Component technology is an extension of scripting and object-oriented software development techniques that specifically focuses on the needs of software interoperability. Component approaches based on CORBA, COM, and Java technologies are widely used in industry; however, they do not support massively parallel applications in science and engineering. Our research focused on the unique requirements of scientific computing on ASCI-class machines, such as fast in-process connections among components, language interoperability for scientific languages, and data distribution support for massively parallel SPMD components.

  1. The new childcare initiative

    CERN Document Server

    Cigdem Issever

    The ATLAS Women's Network recently sent out a general mailing to all ATLAS and CMS members to announce a new initiative aimed at improving childcare facilities for Users coming to CERN. Several people have expressed the need that CERN should provide or facilitate affordable day care for children of temporary visitors at CERN. The ATLAS Women's Network is now forming a child care task force from concerned people and invites all those interested to join this effort. You can do so by either adding your name to the mailing list in Simba or by contacting and More than 50 people have already joined this effort. Those who have joined the mailing list will soon receive all the details about the next conference call meeting which has been scheduled for Thursday October 25th from 16:30 to 18:00 CERN time. The preliminary agenda is the following: Summary of our first contact of ATLAS and CMS (5 min) Discussion about the co-conv...

  2. ALOS-2 initial results (United States)

    Kankaku, Yukihiro; Suzuki, Shinichi; Shimada, Masanobu


    The Advanced Land Observing Satellite-2 (ALOS-2) was launched from Tanegashima Space Center by H-IIA rocket successfully on 24th May 2014. ALOS-2 carries the Phased Array type L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar-2 (PALSAR-2) as the state-of-the-art L-band SAR system which succeeds to PALSAR onboard ALOS. PALSAR-2 uses almost whole bandwidth allocated for L-band active sensor of Earth Exploration Satellites Service specified by the Radio Regulation in order to realize the high resolution observation, and also, it transmits more than 6 kW power for lower Noise Equivalent Sigma Zero using 180 TRMs driven by Gallium Nitride (GaN) amplifier which is the first use in space. Furthermore, because ALOS-2 carries the SAR system only, PALSAR-2 antenna can be mounted under the satellite body. It enables to observe right-/left-looking observation by satellite maneuvering. And the high accuracy orbit control to maintain the satellite within 500 m radius tube against the reference orbit enables high coherence for the InSAR processing. Using these new technologies, ALOS-2 has been operating to fulfill the mission requirements such as disaster monitoring and so on. This document introduces the initial result of ALOS-2 from the first year operation.

  3. Impact Analysis of Seepage Flow in Thickened Ice Cover on the Water Diversion Capacity in Canal%加厚冰盖渗流对渠道输水能力的影响

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    赵新; 张雅卓; 王旭


    The water diversion capacity during the ice age has received more and more attention from the aspects of project management and scientific research. The research on the water diversion capacity should not be limited to the normal flow conditions, such as the free-flowing period and ice covered period,and it should further extend to the special situations during the ice-flowing period. In general,the water diversion capacity during the ice-flowing period may affect and limit the water diversion capacity during the ice age. Adopting the operating measure of water diversion under a thickened ice cover can improve the water diversion capacity during the ice-flowing period. In this paper, based on the theoretical analysis and physical model experiments, the effects of seepage flow in the thickened ice cover on the water diversion capacity during the ice age were analyzed. The results showed (1) Due to the high porosity of the thickened ice cover during the frozen period, the permeability coefficient of the thickened ice cover is larger than that during ice-melting period; (2) The shape factor of ice slush (t/L) has insignificant effects on the permeability coefficient of thickened ice covers (3) With the increasing of the thickness of ice cover,the permeability coefficient of thickened ice cover decreases gradually. Especially when the thickness is less than 0. 1m, the permeability coefficient decreases rapidly; (4) With the increasing of the total flow in canal, the seepage flow in the thickened ice cover becomes larger, while the proportion of the seepage flow to the total flow decreases;and (5) The seepage flow in the thickened ice cover only accounts for a very small proportion of the total flow. Therefore, the effects of seepage flow on the water diversion capacity during the ice age are negligible.%输水渠道冰期输水能力日益成为工程运行管理、学者研究关注的焦点.输水能力的研究不能仅仅局限在正常输水期(明流期和封冻

  4. Initial Cladding Condition

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    E. Siegmann


    The purpose of this analysis is to describe the condition of commercial Zircaloy clad fuel as it is received at the Yucca Mountain Project (YMP) site. Most commercial nuclear fuel is encased in Zircaloy cladding. This analysis is developed to describe cladding degradation from the expected failure modes. This includes reactor operation impacts including incipient failures, potential degradation after reactor operation during spent fuel storage in pool and dry storage and impacts due to transportation. Degradation modes include cladding creep, and delayed hydride cracking during dry storage and transportation. Mechanical stresses from fuel handling and transportation vibrations are also included. This Analysis and Model Report (AMR) does not address any potential damage to assemblies that might occur at the YMP surface facilities. Ranges and uncertainties have been defined. This analysis will be the initial boundary condition for the analysis of cladding degradation inside the repository. In accordance with AP-2.13Q, ''Technical Product Development Planning'', a work plan (CRWMS M&O 2000c) was developed, issued, and utilized in the preparation of this document. There are constraints, caveats and limitations to this analysis. This cladding degradation analysis is based on commercial Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) fuel with Zircaloy cladding but is applicable to Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) fuel. Reactor operating experience for both PWRs and BWRs is used to establish fuel reliability from reactor operation. It is limited to fuel exposed to normal operation and anticipated operational occurrences (i.e. events which are anticipated to occur within a reactor lifetime), and not to fuel that has been exposed to severe accidents. Fuel burnup projections have been limited to the current commercial reactor licensing environment with restrictions on fuel enrichment, oxide coating thickness and rod plenum pressures. The information provided in this analysis

  5. Sustainable Forest Bioenergy Initiative

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Breger, Dwayne; Rizzo, Rob


    In the state’s Electricity Restructuring Act of 1998, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts recognized the opportunity and strategic benefits to diversifying its electric generation capacity with renewable energy. Through this legislation, the Commonwealth established one of the nation’s first Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS) programs, mandating the increasing use of renewable resources in its energy mix. Bioenergy, meeting low emissions and advanced technology standards, was recognized as an eligible renewable energy technology. Stimulated by the state’s RPS program, several project development groups have been looking seriously at building large woody biomass generation units in western Massachusetts to utilize the woody biomass resource. As a direct result of this development, numerous stakeholders have raised concerns and have prompted the state to take a leadership position in pursuing a science based analysis of biomass impacts on forest and carbon emissions, and proceed through a rulemaking process to establish prudent policy to support biomass development which can contribute to the state’s carbon reduction commitments and maintain safeguards for forest sustainability. The Massachusetts Sustainable Forest Bioenergy Initiative (SFBI) was funded by the Department of Energy and started by the Department of Energy Resources before these contentious biomass issues were fully raised in the state, and continued throughout the substantive periods of this policy development. Thereby, while SFBI maintained its focus on the initially proposed Scope of Work, some aspects of this scope were expanded or realigned to meet the needs for groundbreaking research and policy development being advanced by DOER. SFBI provided DOER and the Commonwealth with a foundation of state specific information on biomass technology and the biomass industry and markets, the most comprehensive biomass fuel supply assessment for the region, the economic development impact

  6. Nursing Facility Initiative Annual Report (United States)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — This annual report summarizes impacts from the Initiative to Reduce Avoidable Hospitalizations among Nursing Facility Residents in 2014. This initiative is designed...

  7. Florida Hydrogen Initiative

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Block, David L


    The Florida Hydrogen Initiative (FHI) was a research, development and demonstration hydrogen and fuel cell program. The FHI program objectives were to develop Florida?s hydrogen and fuel cell infrastructure and to assist DOE in its hydrogen and fuel cell activities The FHI program funded 12 RD&D projects as follows: Hydrogen Refueling Infrastructure and Rental Car Strategies -- L. Lines, Rollins College This project analyzes strategies for Florida's early stage adaptation of hydrogen-powered public transportation. In particular, the report investigates urban and statewide network of refueling stations and the feasibility of establishing a hydrogen rental-car fleet based in Orlando. Methanol Fuel Cell Vehicle Charging Station at Florida Atlantic University ? M. Fuchs, EnerFuel, Inc. The project objectives were to design, and demonstrate a 10 kWnet proton exchange membrane fuel cell stationary power plant operating on methanol, to achieve an electrical energy efficiency of 32% and to demonstrate transient response time of less than 3 milliseconds. Assessment of Public Understanding of the Hydrogen Economy Through Science Center Exhibits, J. Newman, Orlando Science Center The project objective was to design and build an interactive Science Center exhibit called: ?H2Now: the Great Hydrogen Xchange?. On-site Reformation of Diesel Fuel for Hydrogen Fueling Station Applications ? A. Raissi, Florida Solar Energy Center This project developed an on-demand forecourt hydrogen production technology by catalytically converting high-sulfur hydrocarbon fuels to an essentially sulfur-free gas. The removal of sulfur from reformate is critical since most catalysts used for the steam reformation have limited sulfur tolerance. Chemochromic Hydrogen Leak Detectors for Safety Monitoring ? N. Mohajeri and N. Muradov, Florida Solar Energy Center This project developed and demonstrated a cost-effective and highly selective chemochromic (visual) hydrogen leak detector for safety

  8. Caracterización de una biograsa de aceite vegetal de Jatropha curcas L y jabón de litio//Characterization of biogrease based on Jatropha curcas L vegetable oil and Lithium Soap Thickener

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juliano Chitue de Assunção Nascimento


    Full Text Available Los aceites vegetales poseen un gran potencial como fluido base y como sustituto de los aceites minerales para la formulación de grasas lubricantes, estos aceites son biodegradables y renovables. En el trabajo se determinaron las propiedades  fisicoquímicas, antidesgaste y de extrema presión de una biograsa de aceite vegetal de Jatropha curcas L y jabón de litio empleando los métodos de pruebas estándar para las grasas lubricantes. La biograsa posee un color amarillo claro, una textura suave y homogénea,  un grado de penetración NLGI 1, una temperatura de goteo de 145 oC, magnitudes adecuadas del contenido de álcalis libre y corrosión al cobre; así como  propiedades antidesgaste y de extrema presión similares a otras grasas minerales y biograsas formuladas con diferentes aceites vegetales. Palabras claves: biograsa, aceite de Jatropha curcas L, jabón de litio, propiedades fisicoquímicas, propiedades antidesgaste, propiedades de extrema presión. Characterization of biogrease based on Jatropha curcas L vegetable oil and Lithium Soap Thickener. Abstract Vegetable oils have a great potential as a base fluid and a substitute for mineral oil in grease formulation, these oils are biodegradable and renewable. In this paper were determined the  physicochemical, antiwear and extreme pressure properties of a biogrease based on Jatropha curcas L vegetable oil and lithium soap thickener using the lubricanting greases standard test methods. The biogrease have a light yellow color, soft and homogeneous texture, a penetration grade NLGI 1, a drop point of 145 oC, appropriate magnitudes of free alkalis and copper corrosion; as well as antiwear and extreme pressure properties similar to the other mineral lubricating grease and formulated biogreases with differents vegetable oils. Key words: biogrease, Jatropha curcas L vegetable oil, lithium soap thickener, physicochemical properties, antiwear properties, extreme pressure properties.

  9. Effect of Different Modified Starch on the Thickening of Salty Sauce System%不同变性淀粉对咸味调味酱体系增稠性的影响

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王嫣; 庞艳生


    Discuss the influence of different modified starch on thickening in salty sauce system. Investigate the thickening effect of modified starch with different raw materials,modified methods and modified degrees,and the synergistic effect of modified starch mixed with gums used in the above conditions.The results indicate that the modified starch produced from waxy corn starch is much more stable than that from tapioca;hydroxypropyl distarch phosphate is much more suitable for high-salty and high-shear-strength sauce system.Modified starch with different cross-linking degrees could be used variously according to salty content and shear-strength;it also indicates that more stable thickening could be gotten by using modified starch and gums together.%文章主要通过实验比较了不同变性淀粉在咸味调味酱体系中的增稠性。分别考察不同原料、变性方式和变性程度的变性淀粉原料在酱料体系中的增稠性差异。同时,讨论了变性淀粉与胶体在上述条件下使用时的协同增效作用。实验结果表明:以蜡质玉米淀粉为原料的变性淀粉,其耐盐性和耐剪切作用的稳定性均好于木薯淀粉原料;羟丙基二淀粉磷酸酯的增稠效果最稳定,更适合应用在高盐和高剪切作用的酱料体系中;体系中盐含量和加工时的剪切作用决定了选择变性淀粉的交联程度高低;变性淀粉与胶体复配使用,能使体系的增稠稳定性大大提高,起到协同增效的作用。

  10. Florida Hydrogen Initiative

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Block, David L


    The Florida Hydrogen Initiative (FHI) was a research, development and demonstration hydrogen and fuel cell program. The FHI program objectives were to develop Florida?s hydrogen and fuel cell infrastructure and to assist DOE in its hydrogen and fuel cell activities The FHI program funded 12 RD&D projects as follows: Hydrogen Refueling Infrastructure and Rental Car Strategies -- L. Lines, Rollins College This project analyzes strategies for Florida's early stage adaptation of hydrogen-powered public transportation. In particular, the report investigates urban and statewide network of refueling stations and the feasibility of establishing a hydrogen rental-car fleet based in Orlando. Methanol Fuel Cell Vehicle Charging Station at Florida Atlantic University ? M. Fuchs, EnerFuel, Inc. The project objectives were to design, and demonstrate a 10 kWnet proton exchange membrane fuel cell stationary power plant operating on methanol, to achieve an electrical energy efficiency of 32% and to demonstrate transient response time of less than 3 milliseconds. Assessment of Public Understanding of the Hydrogen Economy Through Science Center Exhibits, J. Newman, Orlando Science Center The project objective was to design and build an interactive Science Center exhibit called: ?H2Now: the Great Hydrogen Xchange?. On-site Reformation of Diesel Fuel for Hydrogen Fueling Station Applications ? A. Raissi, Florida Solar Energy Center This project developed an on-demand forecourt hydrogen production technology by catalytically converting high-sulfur hydrocarbon fuels to an essentially sulfur-free gas. The removal of sulfur from reformate is critical since most catalysts used for the steam reformation have limited sulfur tolerance. Chemochromic Hydrogen Leak Detectors for Safety Monitoring ? N. Mohajeri and N. Muradov, Florida Solar Energy Center This project developed and demonstrated a cost-effective and highly selective chemochromic (visual) hydrogen leak detector for safety

  11. Initiation of bacterial spore germination. (United States)

    Vary, J C; Halvorson, H O


    To investigate the problem of initiation in bacterial spore germination, we isolated, from extracts of dormant spores of Bacillus cereus strain T and B. licheniformis, a protein that initiated spore germination when added to a suspension of heat-activated spores. The optimal conditions for initiatory activity of this protein (the initiator) were 30 C in 0.01 to 0.04 m NaCl and 0.01 m tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane (pH 8.5). The initiator was inhibited by phosphate but required two co-factors, l-alanine (1/7 of K(m) for l-alanine-inhibited germination) and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (1.25 x 10(-4)m). In the crude extract, the initiator activity was increased 3.5-fold by heating the extract at 65 C for 10 min, but the partially purified initiator preparation was completely heat-sensitive (65 C for 5 min). Heat stability could be conferred on the purified initiator by adding 10(-3)m dipicolinic acid. A fractionation of this protein that excluded l-alanine dehydrogenase and adenosine deaminase from the initiator activity was developed. The molecular weight of the initiator was estimated as 7 x 10(4). The kinetics of germination in the presence of initiator were examined at various concentrations of l-alanine and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide.

  12. Research on Similarity Law of Physical Model Experiments for Ice Cover Thickening in the Conveyance Channel%输水渠道冰盖增厚物理模型试验相似律研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    赵新; 王旭; 张雅卓


    随着南水北调中线工程冰期输水相关问题研究的深入,理论研究成果亟需物理模型试验和原型观测数据的支持和验证,由于原型观测难度较大,且影响因素不可控,物理模型试验方法成为解决冰水力学问题的有效途径.现在国内外学者开展冰水力学模型试验的成果基础上,结合冰水力学理论研究成果,对以冻结模型冰为试验材料的输水渠道冰盖增厚物理模型试验相似律展开研究,并通过物理模型试验进行了验证.研究表明:冰凌下潜临界流速的比尺为λ0.5,水力加厚冰盖沉积厚度的比尺为λ,均遵循重力相似准则;对于力学加厚冰盖,由于冰凌黏结力不遵循重力相似准则,结冰期需设法控制黏结力;融冰期可按照重力相似准则设计,但需控制环境温度在结冰点以上,以减小冰凌间的黏结力;因此输水渠道冰盖增厚物理模型试验宜采用冻结模型冰为试验对象,试验应按照重力相似准则进行设计.%With the research development on water diversion during the ice period in the South-to-North Water Diversion project, the theoretical research results need to be proved and supported by the physical model experiments and in-situ measured data. The in-situ measurements are usually difficult to obtain and their influencing factors are difficult to control, thus the physical model experiments have become an effective approach to solve the ice hydraulics problems. Based on the existing research results for the ice hydraulics experiments from the domestic and foreign scholars and the ice hydraulics theory, the frozen model ice was used as the experiment material,and then the similarity law of the physical model experiments was studied and verified for the ice cover thickening in the conveyance channel in this paper. The results showed that (1) The scale of the critical flow velocity for the submergence of ice slush is ,and the scale of the thickness of the

  13. Development and Application of New High-moisture Thickener for Prevention of Coal Spontaneous Combustion%防治煤自燃的新型高水稠化剂研制及应用

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李方磊; 贾玉威; 鲁义


    为了有效防治煤炭自燃,在分析现有煤矿防灭火稠化剂特性的基础上,针对性开展了悬浮固相介质的高水稠化剂研究。实验研究了A、B、C 三种悬浮剂悬浮固相介质的性能,得到单一作用时悬浮剂B的悬浮固相介质性能最好,悬浮剂A次之,悬浮剂C稍差,并且复配后性能远远优于单一悬浮剂;实验研究了交联剂对悬浮剂悬浮固相介质性能的影响并从理论上分析了其影响机制;实验室配制出新型悬浮固相介质高水稠化剂,其配比是悬浮剂A、B和C的质量分数分别为0.29%、0.14%和0.36%,交联剂质量分数为0.05%。将新型高水稠化剂应用于布尔台煤矿42101工作面采空区自然发火防治,采空区和上隅角CO体积分数分别从5.0×10-3和3.0×10-4下降至2.0×10-4和3.5×10-5左右,取得了较好的效果。%In order to effectively prevent and control the spontaneous combustion of coal, directive study was made on high-moisture thickener containing suspended solid-phase medium based on the analysis of the properties of the existing thickener now used for mine fire control. Experimental study on the properties of the suspended solid-phase medium of A, B and C suspending agents was carried out, it was found from the experimental study that when A, B and C suspending agents were used alone, the properties of the suspended solid-phase medium of suspending agent B was the best, suspending agent B came second and suspending agent C was slightly poor, and after they were compounded, their properties were much better than that of single one. Experimental study was also made on the influence of cross linking agent upon the property of the suspended solid-phase medium of suspending agents and theoretical analysis was conducted on its influencing mechanism. A new high-moisture thickener containing suspended solid-phase medium was compounded in the laboratory and their mixing ratio was that the mass


    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Gish, Liv


    In new product development a central activity is to provide new ideas. Over the last decades experiences with stimulating employee creativity and establishing idea promoting initiatives have been made in industrial practice. Such initiatives are often labeled Idea Management – a research field...... with a growing interest. In this paper I examine three different idea promoting initiatives carried out in Grundfos, a leading pump manufacturer. In the analysis I address what understandings of idea work are inscribed in the initiatives and what role these initiatives play in the organization with respect...... understandings of idea work are inscribed in the idea promoting initiatives as they to some degree have to fit with the understandings embedded in practice in order to work....

  15. Research on the preparation and properties of polyacrylate thickeners with long-chain alkyl groups%含有长链烷基聚丙烯酸系增稠剂的制备和性能研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    宋子云; 陈洪龄


    An anionic polyacrylate thickener with electrolyte resistance was synthesized by inverse emulsion polymerization method.The effects of hydrophobic monomer octadecyl vinyl ether on the resistance to electrolyte, viscosity of and theological property were investigated.The thermal stability and surface morphology of the copolymers were characterized by microscope and TG.The results showed that when the mass ratio of hydrophobic monomer was 2%(to total monomer massl, the viscosity of paste which thickener concentration was 3.5%(on mass of paste) reached 106 Pa·s, and viscosity index was 0.1.The retention rate of viscosity was 45%when the mass ratio of paste was 5%, the mass ratio of hydrophbic monomer was 2% (to total monomer mass),Electrolyte resistance performance was better.%采用反相乳液聚合法合成了抗电解质型聚丙烯酸阴离子增稠剂.研究了疏水单体十八烷基乙烯基醚对抗电解质性能、白浆粘度、流变性能的影响.分别采用显微镜、热重法对乳胶颗粒形态和共聚物热稳定性进行表征.结果表明:w(疏水单体)=2%(对单体总质量)时,w(增稠剂)=3.5%(对白浆质量)时,白浆粘度达106 Pa·s,粘度指数为0.1.含2%(对单体总质量)疏水单体的白浆质量分数为5%,粘度保留率可达45%,抗电解质性能较好.

  16. Research on Complex Emulsifiers-thickeners and its Application in Peanut Butter Protein Milk%乳化增稠剂的复配及其在花生酱蛋白饮料中的应用

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    申利娟; 郑海平; 朱锡忠; 朱宵鹏


    Peanut protein milk was produced by using peanut butter, milk powder, and sugar as the main materials. The stability of the peanut protein milk was investigated after added with complex emulsifiers-thickeners and then subjected to a range of 10 to 50 MPa for homogenization. It indicated when added complex emulsifiers-thickeners 0.46% (polyglycerol esters of fatty acids 0.10%, sodium stearoyl lactylate 0.03%, CMC 0.03%,biopolymer cellulose 0.25%, k-carrageenan 0.05%), and the pressure of homogenization is 40 MPa at 70°C, its stability was satisfactory. No precipitation or obvious fat-floating of the samples were found after a 6-month constant temperature storage.%以花生酱、奶粉、白糖等原辅料制成的花生蛋白饮料为试样,进行不同均质压力,乳化增稠剂组合试验,考察其体系的稳定性.结果表明:采用均质温度70℃,均质压力40 MPa,添加复配乳化增稠剂0.46%(聚甘油脂肪酸酯0.10%,硬脂酰乳酸钠0.03%,羧甲基纤维素钠0.03%,微晶纤维素0.25%,卡拉胶0.05%)时,产品的稳定效果最好.经常温贮存6个月观察,试样无沉淀,无明显脂肪上浮.

  17. Distributed Pyro Initiation System Project (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Evaluate Current State of the Art; Define Critical Performance Requirements; Select Components; Smart Initiator or Smart Connector; Perform Detailed Cost/Benefit...

  18. Home initiation of parenteral nutrition. (United States)

    Newton, Alyce F; DeLegge, Mark H


    Parenteral nutrition (PN) has been successfully initiated in the home since the early 1990s. The American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (A.S.P.E.N.) Standards for Specialized Nutrition Support: Home Care Patients, Safe Practices for Parenteral Nutrition, and Guidelines for the Use of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition in Adult and Pediatric Patients do not contain specific information on the initiation of home PN (HPN). Peer-reviewed, published guidelines are necessary to provide safe and appropriate initiation of HPN. Certain patients should not have PN initiated in the home, such as those with organ failure, uncontrolled diabetes, or uncorrectable electrolyte abnormalities. Excellent candidates for initiation of HPN include patients who have failed enteral feedings, have gastrointestinal (GI) diseases without excessive GI losses, or those with an oncology diagnosis and inability to tube feed. One concern of initiation of HPN is the potential for refeeding syndrome. Refeeding syndrome can be prevented when patients are properly evaluated and managed before initiation of PN. Refeeding syndrome can be avoided by rehydration with fluid and electrolytes before initiation of HPN to normalize blood chemistry when necessary and by starting with a moderate-volume, low-carbohydrate HPN solution compounded with optimal potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium content, and slowly advanced to goal. The "start low and go slow" motto of nutrition support should continue to be followed, but more specific guidelines are needed to assist nutrition support clinicians with safe and appropriate initiation of HPN.

  19. Student initiative: A conceptual analysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Polovina Nada


    Full Text Available In the description and scientific consideration of the attitude of children and youth towards their education and development, the concept of student initiative has been gaining ground lately, and it is hence the subject of analysis in this paper. The analysis is important because of the discrepancy between the increased efforts of the key educational policy holders to promote the idea about the importance of the development of student initiative and rare acceptance of this idea among theoreticians, researchers and practitioners dealing with the education and development of children and youth. By concretising the features of initiative student behaviour, our aim was, on the one hand, to observe the structural determinants and scientific status of the very concept of an initiative student, and, on the other, to contribute to the understanding of the initiative behaviour in practice. In the first part of the paper we deal with different notions and concretisations of the features of initiative behaviour of children and youth, which includes the consideration of: basic student initiative, academic student initiative, individual student initiative, the capacity for initiative and personal development initiative. In the second part of the paper, we discuss the relations of the concept of student initiative with the similar general concepts (activity/passivity, proactivity, agency and the concepts immediately related to school environment (student involvement, student participation. The results of our analysis indicate that the concept of student initiative has: particular features that differentiate it from similar concepts; the potential to reach the status of a scientific concept, bearing in mind the initial empirical specifications and general empirical verifiability of the yet unverified determinants of the concept. In the concluding part of the paper, we discuss the implications of the conceptual analysis for further research, as well as for

  20. Dynamic relationship of the epithelium and mesenchyme during salivary gland initiation: the role of Fgf10

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kirsty L. Wells


    Salivary glands provide an excellent model for the study of epithelial–mesenchymal interactions. We have looked at the interactions involved in the early initiation and development of murine salivary glands using classic recombination experiments and knockout mice. We show that salivary gland epithelium, at thickening and initial bud stages, is able to direct salivary gland development in non-gland pharyngeal arch mesenchyme at early stages. The early salivary gland epithelium is therefore able to induce gland development in non-gland tissue. This ability later shifts to the mesenchyme, with non-gland epithelium, such as from the limb bud, able to form a branching gland when combined with pseudoglandular stage gland mesenchyme. This shift appears to involve Fgf signalling, with signals from the epithelium inducing Fgf10 in the mesenchyme. Fgf10 then signals back to the epithelium to direct gland down-growth and bud development. These experiments highlight the importance of epithelial–mesenchymal signalling in gland initiation, controlling where, when and how many salivary glands form.

  1. Diffusion-weighted imaging findings of adnexal torsion: Initial results

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fujii, Shinya, E-mail: [Division of Radiology, Department of Pathophysiological and Therapeutic Science, Faculty of Medicine, Tottori University, 36-1 Nishi-cho, Yonago, Tottori 683-8504 (Japan); Kaneda, Sachi; Kakite, Suguru; Kanasaki, Yoshiko; Matsusue, Eiji [Division of Radiology, Department of Pathophysiological and Therapeutic Science, Faculty of Medicine, Tottori University, 36-1 Nishi-cho, Yonago, Tottori 683-8504 (Japan); Harada, Tasuku [Division of Reproductive-Perinatal Medicine and Gynecological Oncology, Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Tottori University, Yonago (Japan); Kaminou, Toshio; Ogawa, Toshihide [Division of Radiology, Department of Pathophysiological and Therapeutic Science, Faculty of Medicine, Tottori University, 36-1 Nishi-cho, Yonago, Tottori 683-8504 (Japan)


    Our purpose is to clarify the diffusion-weighted (DW) imaging findings of adnexal torsion. We retrospectively analyzed the DW imaging findings in 11 consecutive patients with surgical confirmation of adnexal torsion. We assessed signal intensity of the adnexal mass and fallopian tube thickening, and the location of abnormal signal intensity within the adnexal mass. On DW imaging, thickening of the fallopian tube was apparent as abnormal signal intensity in 8 of 11 patients. Abnormal signal intensity was inhomogeneous in 7 of 8 patients. Abnormal signal intensity on DW imaging was observed in 10 of 11 adnexal masses, and in the walls of 7 out of 8 adnexal cystic lesions. In adnexal torsion, DW imaging showed abnormal signal intensity in the thickened fallopian tube and in the wall of cystic ovarian lesions. These findings would be feasible to diagnose adnexal torsion.

  2. Motility initiation in active gels

    CERN Document Server

    Recho, Pierre; Truskinovsky, Lev


    Motility initiation in crawling cells requires a symmetry breaking mechanism which transforms a symmetric state into a polarized state. Experiments on keratocytes suggest that polarization is triggered by increased contractility of motor proteins. In this paper we argue that contraction can be responsible not only for the symmetry breaking transition but also for the incipient translocation of the segment of an active gel mimicking the crawling cell. Our model suggests that when the contractility increases sufficiently far beyond the motility initiation threshold, the cell can stop and re-symmetrizes. The proposed theory reproduces the motility initiation pattern in fish keratocytes and the behavior of keratocytes prior to cell division.

  3. Federal government expands compliance initiatives. (United States)

    Dugan, J K


    In 1995, the Federal government initiated Operation Restore Trust to increase enforcement of fraud and abuse regulations in Medicare and Medicaid programs. With the success of the original initiative, the government is expanding the project to additional states and program areas. The initial scrutiny of home health agencies, nursing homes, hospice care, and durable medical equipment is being expanded to managed care plans and acute care hospitals with an eye toward DRG creep. To manage this increased enforcement activity, healthcare organizations should institute comprehensive corporate compliance programs. Such programs should provide a framework that delineates responsibilities and provides a systematic means to resolve issues in a timely manner.

  4. Canada's family violence initiative: partnerships

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elaine Scott


    Full Text Available Under Canada's four-year, $136 million Family Violence Initiative, the federal government is calling upon all Canadians to work in partnerships towards the elimination of family violence - child abuse, violence against women, and elder (senior abuse. Family violence is a complex problem and requires the efforts of all Canadians to resolve it. One of the key themes of the Initiative - a multidisciplinary approach to the problem of family violence - is reflected in the selection and development of projects. Activities funded by the seven federal departments and agencies involved in the Initiative emphasize partnerships with the professional, voluntary, corporate, non-government and government sectors.

  5. Achados histeroscópicos em mulheres na pós-menopausa com diagnóstico de espessamento endometrial por ultra-sonografia transvaginal Hysteroscopic findings in postmenopausal women with endometrial thickening diagnosed by transvaginal ultrasound

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adriana Bittencourt Campaner


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: correlacionar espessamento endometrial diagnosticado por ultra-sonografia com os achados histeroscópicos, em mulheres na pós-menopausa. MÉTODOS: foi realizado estudo transversal com avaliação histeroscópica em 121 mulheres na pós-menopausa, com diagnóstico de espessamento do endométrio por ultra-sonografia transvaginal. Das pacientes incluídas, 23 (19% recebiam diferentes esquemas de hormonioterapia e 98 não referiam uso de reposição hormnonal.; 55 pacientes queixavam-se de sangramento por via vaginal e as restantes apresentavam-se sem esta condição. Os exames endoscópicos foram realizados ambulatorialmente, utilizando-se histeroscópio rígido de 4 mm. Para a distensão da cavidade uterina empregou-se gás carbônico (CO2. Biópsia foi praticada em todas as pacientes, com auxílio de cureta tipo Novak, de 3 mm, e o material obtido submetido a estudo histopatológico. RESULTADOS: a espessura do endométrio variou entre 6 e 38 mm, com média de 10,7 ± 5,3 mm. Os achados histeroscópicos foram: lesão polipóide, em 51 pacientes (42,1%; endométrio atrófico, em 15 (12,4%; sinéquia senil, em 15 (12,4%; espessamento focal, em 13 (10,7%; lesão cerebróide, em 6 (5,0%; endométrio proliferativo, em 5 (4,1%; muco, em 5 (4,1%; mioma, em 4 (3,3%; endométrio secretor, em 3 (2,5%; hiperplasia endometrial, em 3 (2,5% e atrofia cística, em 1 (0,8%. Observou-se correlação entre os achados histeroscópicos e os resultados da histopatologia em 30 dos 51 casos de pólipo, em 12 dos 15 de endométrio atrófico e na totalidade dos casos sugestivos de hiperplasia endometrial e de adenocarcinoma. CONCLUSÃO: na maioria das pacientes, o exame histeroscópico revelou que não se tratava de real espessamento endometrial, mas sim de outras variedades de lesão da cavidade uterina.PURPOSE: to correlate endometrial thickening diagnosed by ultrasonography with hysteroscopic findings in postmenopausal women. METHODS: a transversal study

  6. Self-initiated expatriate academics

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Selmer, Jan; Lauring, Jakob


    In this chapter we examine self-initiated expatriate academics. Universities are to an increasing extent looking for talent beyond national boundaries. Accordingly, self-initiated expatriate academics represent a fast growing group of highly educated professionals who gain employment abroad....... Nonetheless, little research has focused on this group. We investigate if personal characteristics such as age, gender, marital status and seniority affect work outcomes such as work adjustment, work performance, work effectiveness, job satisfaction and time to proficiency. This is done by using data which...... were collected from 428 self-initiated expatriate academics from 60 countries employed in 35 universities in five northern European countries. Results confirm that there are differences in terms of work outcomes among the different types of self-initiated expatriate academics, especially regarding...

  7. Great Lakes Initiative (GLI) Clearinghouse (United States)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — The Great Lakes Initiative Toxicity Data Clearinghouse is a central location for information on criteria, toxicity data, exposure parameters and other supporting...

  8. FY 10 Multifamily Initial Endorsements (United States)

    Department of Housing and Urban Development — In FY 2010, HUD's Multifamily's 18 Hubs initially endorsed 1011 loans totaling $11.3 billion and providing 170,672 units/ beds. FY 10's $11.3 billion is the highest...

  9. Canada's family violence initiative: partnerships


    Scott Elaine


    Under Canada's four-year, $136 million Family Violence Initiative, the federal government is calling upon all Canadians to work in partnerships towards the elimination of family violence - child abuse, violence against women, and elder (senior) abuse. Family violence is a complex problem and requires the efforts of all Canadians to resolve it. One of the key themes of the Initiative - a multidisciplinary approach to the problem of family violence - is reflected in the selection and developmen...

  10. Teachers’ perceptions of their own initiative: Collective initiative vs. personal initiative

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Džinović Vladimir


    Full Text Available Current trends in education demand from teachers to exhibit proactive behaviour and assume responsibility for the implementation of changes in school practice. In that sense, it is important to study how teachers perceive their own initiative and to gain insight into the activities where such initiative is demonstrated. This study has been conceived as a mixed-methods research. The qualitative study implied forming four focus groups with subject teachers and class teachers (N=38, while the quantitative study entailed surveying 1441 teachers in forty primary schools in Serbia using the questionnaire constructed based on qualitative data. Data from focus groups were processed by qualitative thematic analysis, while the questionnaire data were processed by principal component analysis and univariate analysis of variance. The findings of the study have shown that teachers mostly demonstrate initiative through co­operative activities that include planning of joint teaching as well as conducting joint projects within school and with the local community actors. Teachers are least ready to demonstrate personal initiative and the initiative aimed at accomplishing considerable changes in school work. The concluding part includes the recommendations for encouraging teachers’ personal initiative and building organizational culture that would support such initiative. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. br. 47008: Unapređivanje kvaliteta i dostupnosti obrazovanja u procesima modernizacije Srbije i br. 179034: Od podsticanja inicijative, saradnje i stvaralaštva u obrazovanju do novih uloga i identiteta u društvu

  11. Research progress of the relations between the different ultrasonic types of gallbladder wall thickening or change in patients with LC and its physiopathologic mechanism%肝硬化不同胆囊壁增厚或改变超声分型与病理生理机制的关系研究进展

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    宋如昕; 唐碧秋(综述); 杨东红; 马苏美(审校)


    肝硬化患者胆囊壁增厚常在灰阶超声检查时不同个体表现出具有不同特征的增厚类型。门静脉高压,低蛋白血症,腹水,炎性反应等都是导致肝硬化病人胆囊壁增厚的主要病因,但关于不同类型增厚的病理生理机制研究目前尚不明确。该文将肝硬化时胆囊壁增厚根据灰阶超声表现进行分型,并就其与增厚机制之间的关系研究进展进行综述。%Gallbladder wall thickening of patients with liver cirrhosis was commonly observed by gray -scale ultrasound .Its characteristic of performance varies for individuals .The main reasons leading to gallbladder wall thick-ening of cirrhotic patients include portal hypertension ,hypomagnesemia,inflammatory reaction,etc.However,the phys-iopathologic mechanism of different types of thickening is not clear in current research .In this review,the gallbladder wall thickening with cirrhosis was classified and the relationship between the performance and the physiopathologic mechanism was summarized .

  12. Preparation of Associative Polyurethane Thickener and Its Effect on Properties of Polyurethane Dispersions%缔合型水性聚氨酯增稠剂的制备及其对聚氨酯水分散液性能的影响

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    高楠; 张琢; 董擎之


    Associative polyurethane(PU) thickener was prepared with polyethylene glycol(PEG) and diisocy-anate as raw materials. Effect of different process conditions on the properties of PU thickener was studied. Influence of molecular weight of PU thickener on the particle size and morphology of PU dispersions was analyzed. Furthermore, effect of PU thickener on the film - forming performance of PU was discussed in detail.%通过二异氰酸酯和聚乙二醇合成了一种水性缔合型聚氨酯(PU)增稠剂,研究了不同反应的工艺条件及增稠剂的配制条件对增稠剂性能的影响,分析了增稠剂相对分子质量对其增稠后PU水分散液的粒径及形貌的影响,并详细讨论了增稠剂的加入对PU水分散液成膜性能的影响.

  13. Study on mechanism of sheer thickening fluiding enhancing stab-risistant performance of fabric%剪切增稠液体增强织物防刺性能的机理研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    徐素鹏; 郑伟; 张玉芳


    Shear thickening fluids (STF) with mass fraction of 20% and 26% were prepared, and its rheology behavior, the stab-resistant performance of UHMWPE fabric impregnated with STF and the mechanism of STF enhanceing fabric's stab-resistant performance are studied. The results show that two kinds of fluid have rheological behavior which firstly shear thinning and then shear thickening; because STF can passivate the tools and limit yarns and fiber's moving, stab-resistant performance of UHMWPE fabric is enhanced obviously by STF; the stab-resistant performance of STF/UHMWPE non-woven fabric composite materials is better than STF/UHMWPE woven fabric composite materials; and with increasing solids content of STF, the effects of STF enhancing UHMWPE fabric's stab-resistant performance are more significant; the stab-resistant performance of STF/UHMWPE composite materials and pure UHMWPE plying compundly is better than plying individually, and composite materials plied upper are better.%制备出质量分数分别为20%和26%的剪切增稠液体(STF),研究了其流变性能、浸渍UHMWPE织物后所得的复合材料在不同条件下的防刺性能和STF增强织物防刺性能的机理.结果表明:2种液体均具有先剪切变稀后剪切增稠的流变性能曲线;由于STF具有钝化刀具和限制织物纱线或纤维移动的作用,能明显增强UHMWPE织物的防刺性能;STF/UHMWPE无纺布复合材料的防刺性能优于STF/UHMWPE机织布复合材料;随着STF固含量的增大,STF增强织物防刺性能的效果更加显著;STF/UHMWPE复合材料与纯UHMWPE复合铺层的防刺性能优于STF/UHMWPE复合材料单独铺层时的防刺性能,而且STF/UHMWPE复合材料放在最上层效果较好.

  14. Characteristics of patients initiating raloxifene compared to those initiating bisphosphonates

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wang Sara


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Both raloxifene and bisphosphonates are indicated for the prevention and treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis, however these medications have different efficacy and safety profiles. It is plausible that physicians would prescribe these agents to optimize the benefit/risk profile for individual patients. The objective of this study was to compare demographic and clinical characteristics of patients initiating raloxifene with those of patients initiating bisphosphonates for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Methods This study was conducted using a retrospective cohort design. Female beneficiaries (45 years and older with at least one claim for raloxifene or a bisphosphonate in 2003 through 2005 and continuous enrollment in the previous 12 months and subsequent 6 months were identified using a collection of large national commercial, Medicare supplemental, and Medicaid administrative claims databases (MarketScan®. Patients were divided into two cohorts, a combined commercial/Medicare cohort and a Medicaid cohort. Within each cohort, characteristics (demographic, clinical, and resource utilization of patients initiating raloxifene were compared to those of patients initiating bisphosphonate therapy. Group comparisons were made using chi-square tests for proportions of categorical measures and Wilcoxon rank-sum tests for continuous variables. Logistic regression was used to simultaneously examine factors independently associated with initiation of raloxifene versus a bisphosphonate. Results Within both the commercial/Medicare and Medicaid cohorts, raloxifene patients were younger, had fewer comorbid conditions, and fewer pre-existing fractures than bisphosphonate patients. Raloxifene patients in both cohorts were less likely to have had a bone mineral density (BMD screening in the previous year than were bisphosphonate patients, and were also more likely to have used estrogen or estrogen/progestin therapy in the

  15. Integrated landscape initiatives in Europe

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    García-Martín, María; Bieling, Claudia; Hart, Abigail;


    Landscapes are linked to human well-being in a multitude of ways, some of which are challenged by global market forces and traditional management approaches. In response to this situation there has been a rise in local initiatives to sustain the values of landscape. The aim of this paper is to pr......Landscapes are linked to human well-being in a multitude of ways, some of which are challenged by global market forces and traditional management approaches. In response to this situation there has been a rise in local initiatives to sustain the values of landscape. The aim of this paper...... (acting in multifunctional landscapes and combining different objectives), the involvement and coordination of different sectors and stakeholders at many levels, and the role as agents of awareness raising and learning hubs. Integrated landscape initiatives mainly depend on impulses of local civil society...

  16. The Reformation of Thickener Based on the Automatic Control of the PLC System of Reagent Addition%选煤浓缩机药剂系统自动控制改造

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    贯宇; 郑晓莲; 谭鑫


    In accordance with the request of the technology of reagent addition, based on the PLC control technology, by reforming the system of reagent addition by the application of automatic control we can make the process of adding medicament work automatically, thus the reliability and flexibility of the system will be improved, the rate of the occurrence of equipment accidents will get lower, and it solves many problems that we usually meet when we compound medicament in the artificial way. It is very effective. At the same time, it will reduce the cost and the consumption of power, make less damage to the health of the workers, and ensure the thickener run safely steadily and reliably.%  根据选煤浓缩机药剂添加的工艺工求,基于PLC技术,对药剂添加进行自动控制改造,实现了药剂添加自动控制,提高了系统的可靠性、灵活性,降低了设备的故障发生率,解决靠人工配制凝聚剂溶液的不少问题,效果显著,同时,降低成本减少电力浪费,减少粉尘对工人健康的危害,确保浓缩机安全可靠稳定运行。

  17. Preparation and Stab-resistance Study of Kevlar Fabrics/Shear Thickening Fluid Composite%Kevlar纤维布/剪切增稠液复合材料制备及防刺性能

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    熊芳; 周大利; 顾建文; 华坚; 杨为中; 张琴; 林朝阳


    采用纳米SiO2和聚乙二醇(PEG200)制备不同SiO2质量浓度的剪切增稠液体(Shear Thickening Fluid,STF),并检测其流变性能;用落锤式冲击实验装置检测纯Kevlar纤维布和经STF浸渍的STF-Kevlar复合纤维布防刺性能.研究结果表明:不同SiO2质量浓度的STF均有剪切增稠现象,随着SiO2质量浓度升高,起始粘度增大,增稠现象越显著,而临界剪切速率基本不变;同层数的STF-Kevlar复合纤维布的防刺性能明显优于纯Kevlar纤维布,防刺性能随SiO2质量浓度的增加而提高.

  18. Big Data Initiatives for Agroecosystems (United States)

    NAL has developed a workspace for research groups associated with the i5k initiative, which aims to sequence the genomes of all insesct species known to be important to worldwide agriculture, food safety, medicine, and energy production; all those used as models in biology; the most abundant in worl...

  19. Prosthetics & Orthotics Manufacturing Initiative (POMI) (United States)


    regions either smeared unacceptably or the joint between the disparate regions was unacceptably weak during thermoforming events. The solution was to...The thin sheets were able to survive the thermoforming process and function as sensors. Prosthetics & Orthotics Manufacturing Initiative (POMI

  20. Parenting and Adolescents' Sexual Initiation (United States)

    Longmore, Monica A.; Eng, Abbey L.; Giordano, Peggy C.; Manning, Wendy D.


    This study draws on social control and social learning theories to examine the role of dating-specific attitudes and practices as predictors of adolescents' sexual initiation. We include attention to the adolescent's reaction to control attempts as a further means of assessing family dynamics (i.e., frequency of dating disagreements). The study…

  1. Missouri: Early Head Start Initiative (United States)

    Center for Law and Social Policy, Inc. (CLASP), 2012


    Missouri's Early Head Start/Child Care Partnership Project expands access to Early Head Start (EHS) services for children birth to age 3 by developing partnerships between federal Head Start, EHS contractors, and child care providers. Head Start and EHS contractors that participate in the initiative provide services through community child care…

  2. President’s Malaria Initiative (United States)


    the single most serious several projects on the bionomics and health hazard to Allied troops in the ecology of Anopheles in West Java, South Pacific...Malawi, Mozambique , (USAID) to train health workers in the Rwanda and Senegal were initiated, and diagnosis and control of malaria. I also in FY 2008

  3. The Appalachian Rural Systemic Initiative

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stephen A. Henderson


    Full Text Available This article was written in response to "Top-Down, Routinized Reform in Low-income, Rural Schools: NSF's Appalachian Rural Systemic Initiative, by Robert Bickel, Terry Tomaskek, and Teresa Hardman Eagle which was published in the Education Policy Analysis Archives as Number 12 of Volume 8 on February 21, 2000.

  4. Fayette County Better Buildings Initiative

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Capella, Arthur [County of Fayette, Uniontown, PA (United States)


    The Fayette County Better Buildings Initiative represented a comprehensive and collaborative approach to promoting and implementing energy efficiency improvements. The initiative was designed to focus on implementing energy efficiency improvements in residential units, while simultaneously supporting general marketing of the benefits of implementing energy efficiency measures. The ultimate goal of Fayette County’s Better Buildings Initiative was to implement a total of 1,067 residential energy efficiency retrofits with a minimum 15% estimated energy efficiency savings per unit. Program partners included: United States Department of Energy, Allegheny Power, and Private Industry Council of Westmoreland-Fayette, Fayette County Redevelopment Authority, and various local partners. The program was open to any Fayette County residents who own their home and meet the prequalifying conditions. The level of assistance offered depended upon household income and commitment to undergo a BPI – Certified Audit and implement energy efficiency measures, which aimed to result in at least a 15% reduction in energy usage. The initiative was designed to focus on implementing energy efficiency improvements in residential units, while simultaneously supporting general marketing of the benefits of implementing energy efficiency measures. Additionally, the program had components that involved recruitment and training for employment of persons in the energy sector (green jobs), as well as marketing and implementation of a commercial or community facilities component. The residential component of Fayette County’s Better Buildings Initiative involved a comprehensive approach, providing assistance to low- moderate- and market-rate homeowners. The initiative will also coordinate activities with local utility providers to further incentivize energy efficiency improvements among qualifying homeowners. The commercial component of Fayette County’s Better Building Initiative involved grants

  5. Initiation disruptor systems and methods of initiation disruption (United States)

    Baum, Dennis W


    A system that may be used as an initiation disruption system (IDS) according to one embodiment includes an explosive charge; a plurality of particles in a layer at least partially surrounding the explosive charge; and a fire suppressant adjacent the plurality of particles. A method for disabling an object according to one embodiment includes placing the system as recited above near an object; and causing the explosive charge to initiate, thereby applying mechanical loading to the object such that the object becomes disabled. Additional systems and methods are also presented. A device according to another embodiment includes a plurality of particles bound by a binder thereby defining a sidewall having an interior for receiving an explosive; and a fire suppressant adjacent the plurality of particles and binder. Additional systems and methods are also presented.

  6. The Haglund syndrome: initial and differential diagnosis. (United States)

    Pavlov, H; Heneghan, M A; Hersh, A; Goldman, A B; Vigorita, V


    Haglund syndrome is a common cause of posterior heel pain, characterized clinically by a painful soft-tissue swelling at the level of the achilles tendon insertion. On the lateral heel radiograph the syndrome is characterized by a prominent calcaneal bursal projection, retrocalcaneal bursitis, thickening of the Achilles tendon, and a convexity of the superficial soft tissues at the level of the Achilles tendon insertion, a "pump-bump." An objective method for evaluating prominence of the bursal projection is measurement using the parallel pitch lines. This measurement helps to identify patients with Haglund syndrome and patients predisposed to develop this condition, and also to differentiate local causes of posterior heel pain from systemic causes. The parallel pitch line measurement was determined in 10 symptomatic feet and 78 control feet and the results were analyzed statistically.

  7. Energy efficiency initiatives: Indian experience

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dey, Dipankar [ICFAI Business School, Kolkata, (IBS-K) (India)


    India, with a population of over 1.10 billion is one of the fastest growing economies of the world. As domestic sources of different conventional commercial energy are drying up, dependence on foreign energy sources is increasing. There exists a huge potential for saving energy in India. After the first 'oil shock' (1973), the government of India realized the need for conservation of energy and a 'Petroleum Conservation Action Group' was formed in 1976. Since then many initiatives aiming at energy conservation and improving energy efficiency, have been undertaken (the establishment of Petroleum Conservation Research Association in 1978; the notification of Eco labelling scheme in 1991; the formation of Bureau of Energy Efficiency in 2002). But no such initiative was successful. In this paper an attempt has been made to analyze the changing importance of energy conservation/efficiency measures which have been initiated in India between 1970 and 2005.The present study tries to analyze the limitations and the reasons of failure of those initiatives. The probable reasons are: fuel pricing mechanism (including subsidies), political factors, corruption and unethical practices, influence of oil and related industry lobbies - both internal and external, the economic situation and the prolonged protection of domestic industries. Further, as India is opening its economy, the study explores the opportunities that the globally competitive market would offer to improve the overall energy efficiency of the economy. The study suggests that the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) - the newly formed nodal agency for improving energy efficiency of the economy may be made an autonomous institution where intervention from the politicians would be very low. For proper implementation of different initiatives to improve energy efficiency, BEE should involve more the civil societies (NGO) from the inception to the implementation stage of the programs. The paper also

  8. Initial conditions for cosmological perturbations

    CERN Document Server

    Ashtekar, Abhay


    Penrose proposed that the big bang singularity should be constrained by requiring that the Weyl curvature vanishes there. The idea behind this past hypothesis is attractive because it constrains the initial conditions for the universe in geometric terms and is not confined to a specific early universe paradigm. However, the precise statement of Penrose's hypothesis is tied to classical space-times and furthermore restricts only the gravitational degrees of freedom. These are encapsulated only in the tensor modes of the commonly used cosmological perturbation theory. Drawing inspiration from the underlying idea, we propose a quantum generalization of Penrose's hypothesis using the Planck regime in place of the big bang, and simultaneously incorporating tensor as well as scalar modes. Initial conditions selected by this generalization constrain the universe to be as homogeneous and isotropic in the Planck regime \\emph{as permitted by the Heisenberg uncertainty relations}.

  9. Initial Semantics for Strengthened Signatures

    CERN Document Server

    Hirschowitz, André; 10.4204/EPTCS.77.5


    We give a new general definition of arity, yielding the companion notions of signature and associated syntax. This setting is modular in the sense requested by Ghani and Uustalu: merging two extensions of syntax corresponds to building an amalgamated sum. These signatures are too general in the sense that we are not able to prove the existence of an associated syntax in this general context. So we have to select arities and signatures for which there exists the desired initial monad. For this, we follow a track opened by Matthes and Uustalu: we introduce a notion of strengthened arity and prove that the corresponding signatures have initial semantics (i.e. associated syntax). Our strengthened arities admit colimits, which allows the treatment of the \\lambda-calculus with explicit substitution.

  10. Hydrodynamics from Landau initial conditions

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sen, Abhisek [University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK); Gerhard, Jochen [Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS), Germany; Torrieri, Giorgio [Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Instituto de Física " Gleb Wataghin" (IFGW), Sao Paulo, Brazil; Read jr, Kenneth F. [University of Tennessee (UTK) and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL); Wong, Cheuk-Yin [ORNL


    We investigate ideal hydrodynamic evolution, with Landau initial conditions, both in a semi-analytical 1+1D approach and in a numerical code incorporating event-by-event variation with many events and transverse density inhomogeneities. The object of the calculation is to test how fast would a Landau initial condition transition to a commonly used boost-invariant expansion. We show that the transition to boost-invariant flow occurs too late for realistic setups, with corrections of O (20 - 30%) expected at freezeout for most scenarios. Moreover, the deviation from boost-invariance is correlated with both transverse flow and elliptic flow, with the more highly transversely flowing regions also showing the most violation of boost invariance. Therefore, if longitudinal flow is not fully developed at the early stages of heavy ion collisions, 2+1 dimensional hydrodynamics is inadequate to extract transport coefficients of the quark-gluon plasma. Based on [1, 2

  11. Initial Semantics for Strengthened Signatures

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    André Hirschowitz


    Full Text Available We give a new general definition of arity, yielding the companion notions of signature and associated syntax. This setting is modular in the sense requested by Ghani and Uustalu: merging two extensions of syntax corresponds to building an amalgamated sum. These signatures are too general in the sense that we are not able to prove the existence of an associated syntax in this general context. So we have to select arities and signatures for which there exists the desired initial monad. For this, we follow a track opened by Matthes and Uustalu: we introduce a notion of strengthened arity and prove that the corresponding signatures have initial semantics (i.e. associated syntax. Our strengthened arities admit colimits, which allows the treatment of the λ-calculus with explicit substitution.

  12. Robonaut Mobile Autonomy: Initial Experiments (United States)

    Diftler, M. A.; Ambrose, R. O.; Goza, S. M.; Tyree, K. S.; Huber, E. L.


    A mobile version of the NASA/DARPA Robonaut humanoid recently completed initial autonomy trials working directly with humans in cluttered environments. This compact robot combines the upper body of the Robonaut system with a Segway Robotic Mobility Platform yielding a dexterous, maneuverable humanoid ideal for interacting with human co-workers in a range of environments. This system uses stereovision to locate human teammates and tools and a navigation system that uses laser range and vision data to follow humans while avoiding obstacles. Tactile sensors provide information to grasping algorithms for efficient tool exchanges. The autonomous architecture utilizes these pre-programmed skills to form complex behaviors. The initial behavior demonstrates a robust capability to assist a human by acquiring a tool from a remotely located individual and then following the human in a cluttered environment with the tool for future use.

  13. Initiation of adenovirus DNA replication.


    Reiter, T; Fütterer, J; Weingärtner, B; Winnacker, E L


    In an attempt to study the mechanism of initiation of adenovirus DNA replication, an assay was developed to investigate the pattern of DNA synthesis in early replicative intermediates of adenovirus DNA. By using wild-type virus-infected cells, it was possible to place the origin of adenovirus type 2 DNA replication within the terminal 350 to 500 base pairs from either of the two molecular termini. In addition, a variety of parameters characteristic of adenovirus DNA replication were compared ...

  14. CubeSat Launch Initiative (United States)

    Higginbotham, Scott


    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recognizes the tremendous potential that CubeSats (very small satellites) have to inexpensively demonstrate advanced technologies, collect scientific data, and enhance student engagement in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). The CubeSat Launch Initiative (CSLI) was created to provide launch opportunities for CubeSats developed by academic institutions, non-profit entities, and NASA centers. This presentation will provide an overview of the CSLI, its benefits, and its results.

  15. Guam Initial Technical Assessment Report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Baring-Gould, I.; Conrad, M.; Haase, S.; Hotchkiss, E.; McNutt, P.


    Under an interagency agreement, funded by the Department of Interior's (DOI) Office of Insular Affairs (OIA), the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) was tasked to deliver technical assistance to the island of Guam by conducting an island initial technical assessment that would lay out energy consumption and production data and establish a baseline. This assessment will be used to conduct future analysis and studies by NREL that will estimate energy efficiency and renewable energy potential for the island of Guam.

  16. Aerial Refueling Clearance Initiation Request (United States)


    8. Material Tiiie 6. E-mail Address Aerial Refueling Clearance Initiation Request 9. List all contributing organizations...and obtain Public Retease Authorization from the commnnd(s) contributing to this material. I have reviewed all the applicable security classification...AUTHOR(S) Hewitt, Keith; Graham, Jessica; Swiderek, Thomas; Kalt, Dexter; ARSAG Working Group 5 Participants 5d. PROJECT NUMBER N/A 5e. TASK NUMBER N

  17. Comparison of radiographic joint space width and magnetic resonance imaging for prediction of knee replacement: A longitudinal case-control study from the Osteoarthritis Initiative

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Eckstein, Felix; Wirth, Wolfgang; Cotofana, Sebastian [Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg and Nuremberg Austria and Chondrometrics GmbH, Institute of Anatomy, Ainring (Germany); Boudreau, Robert [University of Pittsburgh, Department of Epidemiology, Graduate School of Public Health, Pittsburgh, PA (United States); Wang, Zhijie; Hannon, Michael J. [University of Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh VAHS, Division of Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology, Pittsburgh, PA (United States); Duryea, Jeff [Brigham and Women' s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA (United States); Guermazi, Ali [Boston University School of Medicine and Boston Imaging Core Lab (BICL), LLC, Boston, MA (United States); Roemer, Frank [Boston University School of Medicine and Boston Imaging Core Lab (BICL), LLC, Boston, MA (United States); University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Department of Radiology, Erlangen (Germany); Nevitt, Michael [OAI Coordinating Ctr., UCSF, San Francisco, CA (United States); John, Markus R. [Novartis Pharma AG, Basel (Switzerland); Ladel, Christoph [Merck KGaA, Darmstadt (Germany); Sharma, Leena [Northwestern University, Department of Medicine, Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, IL (United States); Hunter, David J. [University Sydney, Royal North Shore Hospital and Institute of Bone and Joint Research, Kolling Institute, Sydney, NSW (Australia); Kwoh, C.K. [University of Arizona, Division of Rheumatology and the University of Arizona Arthritis Center, Tucson, AZ (United States); Collaboration: OAI Investigators


    To evaluate whether change in fixed-location measures of radiographic joint space width (JSW) and cartilage thickness by MRI predict knee replacement. Knees replaced between 36 and 60 months' follow-up in the Osteoarthritis Initiative were each matched with one control by age, sex and radiographic status. Radiographic JSW was determined from fixed flexion radiographs and subregional femorotibial cartilage thickness from 3 T MRI. Changes between the annual visit before replacement (T{sub 0}) and 2 years before T{sub 0} (T{sub -2}) were compared using conditional logistic regression. One hundred and nineteen knees from 102 participants (55.5 % women; age 64.2 ± 8.7 [mean ± SD] years) were studied. Fixed-location JSW change at 22.5 % from medial to lateral differed more between replaced and control knees (case-control [cc] OR = 1.57; 95 % CI: 1.23-2.01) than minimum medial JSW change (ccOR = 1.38; 95 % CI: 1.11-1.71). Medial femorotibial cartilage loss displayed discrimination similar to minimum JSW, and central tibial cartilage loss similar to fixed-location JSW. Location-independent thinning and thickening scores were elevated prior to knee replacement. Discrimination of structural progression between knee pre-placement cases versus controls was stronger for fixed-location than minimum radiographic JSW. MRI displayed similar discrimination to radiography and suggested greater simultaneous cartilage thickening and loss prior to knee replacement. (orig.)

  18. The Research Process and Development Tendency of Viscosity Reduction Technology in Thickened Oil Chemistry%稠油化学降黏技术的研究进展及发展趋势

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    侯钰; 吴运发; 秦冰; 李本高; 马进毅


    This paper concludes the systems and current problems in viscosity reduction technology in thickene d oil chemistry, analyzes the situations in patent application and gets a conclusion that it is the key to emulsify viscosity and oil solubility viscosity.Besides, the focus should be paid to develop more heat resistance and salt tolerance agent.Moreover, it proves to be a good way to realize integrated innovation and customized development.%总结了稠油化学降黏技术的降黏机理及存在的问题。分析专利申请状况,通过专利申请的时间分布、优先权区域分布、技术功效矩阵等一系列分析讨论,得出稠油降黏技术在未来仍将以乳化降黏和油溶性降黏剂为重心。其中,乳化降黏以开发更加耐温抗盐的表面活性剂为主,其次是尽量降低降黏剂成本;油溶性降黏剂以提高降黏率为主,其次是尽量减少对下游加工的影响。此外,加强降黏机理的认识,实现集成创新和定制开发也是该技术未来发展的可行之路。

  19. NASA's Climate Data Services Initiative (United States)

    McInerney, M.; Duffy, D.; Schnase, J. L.; Webster, W. P.


    Our understanding of the Earth's processes is based on a combination of observational data records and mathematical models. The size of NASA's space-based observational data sets is growing dramatically as new missions come online. However a potentially bigger data challenge is posed by the work of climate scientists, whose models are regularly producing data sets of hundreds of terabytes or more. It is important to understand that the 'Big Data' challenge of climate science cannot be solved with a single technological approach or an ad hoc assemblage of technologies. It will require a multi-faceted, well-integrated suite of capabilities that include cloud computing, large-scale compute-storage systems, high-performance analytics, scalable data management, and advanced deployment mechanisms in addition to the existing, well-established array of mature information technologies. It will also require a coherent organizational effort that is able to focus on the specific and sometimes unique requirements of climate science. Given that it is the knowledge that is gained from data that is of ultimate benefit to society, data publication and data analytics will play a particularly important role. In an effort to accelerate scientific discovery and innovation through broader use of climate data, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center's Office of Computational and Information Sciences and Technology has embarked on a determined effort to build a comprehensive, integrated data publication and analysis capability for climate science. The Climate Data Services (CDS) Initiative integrates people, expertise, and technology into a highly-focused, next-generation, one-stop climate science information service. The CDS Initiative is providing the organizational framework, processes, and protocols needed to deploy existing information technologies quickly using a combination of enterprise-level services and an expanding array of cloud services. Crucial to its effectiveness, the CDS

  20. Primary Initiation of Submarine Canyons

    CERN Document Server

    Herndon, J Marvin


    The discovery of close-to-star gas-giant exo-planets lends support to the idea of Earth's origin as a Jupiter-like gas-giant and to the consequences of its compression, including whole-Earth decompression dynamics that gives rise, without requiring mantle convection, to the myriad measurements and observations whose descriptions are attributed to plate tectonics. I propose here another, unanticipated consequence of whole-Earth decompression dynamics: namely, a specific, dominant, non-erosion, underlying initiation-mechanism precursor for submarine canyons that follows as a direct consequence of Earth's early origin as a Jupiter-like gas-giant.

  1. [Developing a study: initial strategy]. (United States)

    Nahas, Fabio Xerfan; Hochman, Bernardo; Ferreira, Lydia Masako


    In this article the preparation of a scientific paper and its project are described. The possible reasons that lead to rejection of an article such as the proper focus of the chosen journal, its writing and mistakes in the grammar are considered. The initial steps of a scientific paper such as the choice of an idea, literature search, and the selection of related articles are described. After a group discussion about the purpose of the paper and its methods (brainstorm), the project is described and its items (Introduction, Objective, Methods, Protocol, References and Chronogram) are analyzed.

  2. Interstellar Initiative Web Page Design (United States)

    Mehta, Alkesh


    This summer at NASA/MSFC, I have contributed to two projects: Interstellar Initiative Web Page Design and Lenz's Law Relative Motion Demonstration. In the Web Design Project, I worked on an Outline. The Web Design Outline was developed to provide a foundation for a Hierarchy Tree Structure. The Outline would help design a Website information base for future and near-term missions. The Website would give in-depth information on Propulsion Systems and Interstellar Travel. The Lenz's Law Relative Motion Demonstrator is discussed in this volume by Russell Lee.

  3. [Initial stages of steel biocorrosion]. (United States)

    Zhigletsova, S K; Rodin, V B; Kobelev, V S; Aleksandrova, N V; Rasulova, G E; Kholodenko, V P


    Initial stages of corrosion of mild steel induced by Klebsiela rhinoscleromatis BO2 were studied in various media. The effect of the microorganism was detected 8-10 h after inoculation. The number of viable cells were virtually unchanged within one month in all media, but the corrosive activity of the strain decreased. The corrosive activity of microorganisms can be determined by spectrophotometry even only after incubation for 24 h. At a low level of organic substrate, even strong colonization with microorganisms does not inevitably result in a significant damage to metals.

  4. 非标件压力管道加厚弯头凹坑腐蚀超声相控阵检测的应用%The Application of Pits Corrosion of Nonstandard Pressure Pipeline Thickening Elbow Using Ultrasonic Phased Array Technology

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    康小伟; 何仁洋; 黄辉; 陈金忠


    本文应用超声波相控阵技术,对非标件的压力管道加厚弯头凹坑腐蚀减薄进行了检测。检测发现,加厚弯头因其内部凹槽腐蚀特殊性,普通超声波测厚无法完成,而相控阵技术因其探头晶片聚焦功能可实现对加厚弯头腐蚀凹坑的识别,相控阵检测图像信号清晰完整,最后对检测有异常信号的弯头进行解剖,发现相控阵检测的缺陷信号与非标件弯头凹坑缺陷相符合,为今后检测非标件压力管道加厚弯头内部凹坑缺陷提供了有效的技术支持。%In this paper, a nonstandard parts of pressure pipeline thickening elbow pits corrosion were detected by ultrasonic phased array technology. Ordinary ultrasonic testing can’t be completed because of thickening elbow’s internal pit corrosion particularity. However, phased array probe chip’s focus function can detect thickening elbow pits corrosion. Phased array detection’s picture and signal were clear and complete. Finally, elbows which phased array signal was abnormal were dissected. It found that phased array defect’s signal and the nonstandard parts elbow pit defects were same. Phased array technology provide effective technical support for internal pit defects of nonstandard parts pressure pipeline thickening elbow in the future.

  5. The Saudi Initiative for asthma

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Al-Moamary Mohamed


    Full Text Available The Saudi Initiative for Asthma (SINA provides up-to-date guidelines for healthcare workers managing patients with asthma. SINA was developed by a panel of Saudi experts with respectable academic backgrounds and long-standing experience in the field. SINA is founded on the latest available evidence, local literature, and knowledge of the current setting in Saudi Arabia. Emphasis is placed on understanding the epidemiology, pathophysiology, medications, and clinical presentation. SINA elaborates on the development of patient-doctor partnership, self-management, and control of precipitating factors. Approaches to asthma treatment in SINA are based on disease control by the utilization of Asthma Control Test for the initiation and adjustment of asthma treatment. This guideline is established for the treatment of asthma in both children and adults, with special attention to children 5 years and younger. It is expected that the implementation of these guidelines for treating asthma will lead to better asthma control and decrease patient utilization of the health care system.

  6. The OpenPlanetary initiative (United States)

    Manaud, Nicolas; Rossi, Angelo Pio; Hare, Trent; Aye, Michael; Galluzzi, Valentina; van Gasselt, Stephan; Martinez, Santa; McAuliffe, Jonathan; Million, Chase; Nass, Andrea; Zinzi, Angelo


    "Open" has become attached to several concepts: science, data, and software are some of the most obvious. It is already common practice within the planetary science community to share spacecraft missions data freely and openly [1]. However, this is not historically the case for software tools, source code, and derived data sets, which are often reproduced independently by multiple individuals and groups. Sharing data, tools and overall knowledge would increase scientific return and benefits [e.g. 2], and recent projects and initiatives are helping toward this goal [e.g. 3,4,5,6].OpenPlanetary is a bottom-up initiative to address the need of the planetary science community for sharing ideas and collaborating on common planetary research and data analysis problems, new challenges, and opportunities. It started from an initial participants effort to stay connected and share information related to and beyond the ESA's first Planetary GIS Workshop [7]. It then continued during the 2nd (US) Planetary Data Workshop [8], and aggregated more people.Our objective is to build an online distributed framework enabling open collaborations within the planetary science community. We aim to co-create, curate and publish resource materials and data sets; to organise online events, to support community-based projects development; and to offer a real-time communication channel at and between conferences and workshops.We will present our current framework and resources, developing projects and ideas, and solicit for feedback and participation. OpenPlanetary is intended for research and education professionals: scientists, engineers, designers, teachers and students, as well as the general public that includes enthusiasts and citizen scientists. All are welcome to join and contribute at[1] International Planetary Data Alliance, [2] Nosek et al (2015), [3] Erard S. et al. (2016), EGU2016-17527. [4] Proposal for a PDS

  7. Rain initiation in warm clouds

    CERN Document Server

    Dallas, Vassilios


    Assuming perfect collision efficiency, we demonstrate that turbulence can initiate and sustain rapid growth of very small water droplets in air even when these droplets are too small to cluster, and even without having to take gravity and small-scale intermittency into account. This is because the range of local Stokes numbers of identical droplets in the turbulent flow field is broad enough even when small-scale intermittency is neglected. This demonstration is given for turbulence which is one order of magnitude less intense than typically in warm clouds but with a volume fraction which, even though small, is nevertheless large enough for an estimated a priori frequency of collisions to be ten times larger than in warm clouds. However, the time of growth in these conditions turns out to be one order of magnitude smaller than in warm clouds.

  8. The hydrogen mine introduction initiative

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Betournay, M.C.; Howell, B. [Natural Resources Canada, Ottawa, ON (Canada). CANMET Mining and Mineral Sciences Laboratories


    In an effort to address air quality concerns in underground mines, the mining industry is considering the use fuel cells instead of diesel to power mine production vehicles. The immediate issues and opportunities associated with fuel cells use include a reduction in harmful greenhouse gas emissions; reduction in ventilation operating costs; reduction in energy consumption; improved health benefits; automation; and high productivity. The objective of the hydrogen mine introduction initiative (HMII) is to develop and test the range of fundamental and needed operational technology, specifications and best practices for underground hydrogen power applications. Although proof of concept studies have shown high potential for fuel cell use, safety considerations must be addressed, including hydrogen behaviour in confined conditions. This presentation highlighted the issues to meet operational requirements, notably hydrogen production; delivery and storage; mine regulations; and hydrogen behaviour underground. tabs., figs.

  9. Plug-in Hybrid Initiative

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Goodman, Angie; Moore, Ray; Rowden, Tim


    Our main project objective was to implement Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEV) and charging infrastructure into our electric distribution service territory and help reduce barriers in the process. Our research demonstrated the desire for some to be early adopters of electric vehicles and the effects lack of education plays on others. The response of early adopters was tremendous: with the initial launch of our program we had nearly 60 residential customers interested in taking part in our program. However, our program only allowed for 15 residential participants. Our program provided assistance towards purchasing a PEV and installation of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). The residential participants have all come to love their PEVs and are more than enthusiastic about promoting the many benefits of driving electric.

  10. University involvement in sustainability initiatives

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lehmann, Martin; Christensen, Per; Thrane, Mikkel


    With an outset in the case of Aalborg University, the linkages (actual, potential and missing) between academic work in research & education and sustainability initiatives are explored. The focus is both on the university's core activities as a provider of research and education...... and on the university's activities as an organisation, i.e. its own operation and its accounting for this. Sustainability is defined as a continuous process requiring balance between (the emergence of) problems and our ability and capability to solve them. Some core questions that this paper seeks to answer are: "How......, human, institutional and economic impacts and explores how core knowledge developed through research and education is or is not used in this context. Finally, the paper provides a scenario for opportunities to strengthen the university outreach and for it to become more active in a more integrated...

  11. Somerset County Renewable Energy Initiative

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Katula, Denise [County of Somerset, Somervile, NJ (United States)


    The County of Somerset, New Jersey, through the Somerset County Improvement Authority (SCIA), applied Federal funding through the U.S. Department of Energy to will apply project funds to buy-down the capital costs of equipment associated with the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems at two sites owned by the County. This Renewable Energy Initiative allows the County to take advantage of clean renewable energy, without any adverse debt impacts, and at a price that results in operating budget savings beyond what is presently available in the marketplace. This project addressed the objectives of the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy by making the acquisition of renewable energy more affordable for the County, thereby, encouraging other counties and local units to develop similar programs and increase the deployment of solar energy technologies. The two sites that were funded by the DOE grant are part of a much larger, ambitious, and unique renewable energy project, described in the next section.

  12. Initial performance parameters on FXR

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kulke, B.; Innes, T.G.; Kihara, R.; Scarpetti, R.D.


    Construction of the new flash x-ray induction LINAC (FXR) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has been completed. Initial tuning of the machine has produced stable current pulses in excess of 2 kA at the design energy of 20 MeV, with an 80 ns FWHM pulse width, producing single-pulse radiation doses near 500 Roentgen at one meter from the target. The electronic spot size on the bremsstrahlung target is estimated at 3 to 5 mm. In this paper we will discuss the basic FXR design; running-in and tuning of the machine; emittance measurements; beam stability; switch gap synchronization; and measurements of the radiation dose and angular distribution.

  13. Montana BioDiesel Initiative

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Peyton, Brent [Montana State Univ., Bozeman, MT (United States)


    This initiative funding helped put Montana State University (MSU) in a position to help lead in the development of biodiesel production strategies. Recent shortages in electrical power and rising gasoline prices have focused much attention on the development of alternative energy sources that will end our dependence on fossil fuels. In addition, as the concern for environmental impact of utilizing fossil fuels increases, effective strategies must be implemented to reduce emissions or the increased regulations imposed on fossil fuel production will cause economic barriers for their use to continue to increase. Biodiesel has been repeatedly promoted as a more environmentally sound and renewable source of fuel and may prove to be a highly viable solution to provide, at the least, a proportion of our energy needs. Currently there are both practical and economic barriers to the implementation of alternative energy however the advent of these technologies is inevitable. Since many of the same strategies for the storage, transport, and utilization of biodiesel are common with that of fossil fuels, the practical barriers for biodiesel are comparatively minimal. Strategies were developed to harness the CO2 as feedstock to support the growth of biodiesel producing algae. The initiative funding led to the successful funding of highly rated projects in competitive national grant programs in the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy. This funding put MSU in a key position to develop technologies to utilize the CO2 rich emissions produced in fossil fuel utilization and assembled world experts concerning the growth characteristics of photosynthetic microorganisms capable of producing biodiesel.

  14. 疏水改性胍胶稠化剂的制备及结构与性能的相关性%Synthesis of Hydrophobic Modified Guar Gum Thickener and Correlation Analysis of Its Structure and Property

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    赵建波; 沈一丁; 王磊; 赖小娟


    The modified guar gum was synthesized with guar gum as material and bromododecane as etherifying agent by suspension polymerization method.The solution and gel of the modified guar gum were also prepared.The structure and the property of the modified guar gum were analysized by Fourier transform infrared spectrum(FT-IR),X-ray diffraction(XRD) and thermogravimetric analysis(TGA).The heat resistance and the viscoelasticity modulus of the gel were also researched by rheometer.The results of FT-IR and XRD show that the hydrophobic long chain has been introduced into the guar gum successfully.TGA indicates that the modified guar gum has higher thermal stability.The rheology tests reflect that with different temperature conditions,the shear viscosity,the viscoelasticity modulus of the gel and the heat resistance of the modified guar gum are both better than that of the unmodified.The modified guar gum can be used as thickener of fracturing fluid,and it can reduce its amount.%以胍胶为原料,溴代十二烷(C12H25Br)为醚化剂,在碱的催化作用下通过悬浮聚合制备出疏水改性胍胶,并制备了改性胍胶的水溶液及冻胶。通过红外、X射线衍射(XRD)、热重(TGA)测试对改性胍胶结构与性能进行了研究。测定了溶液表观黏度,并对冻胶耐剪切、耐温性能及粘弹性进行了研究。红外和XRD分析表明,疏水长链被成功引入胍胶,TGA分析表明,疏水改性可以提高胍胶的热稳定性。相同浓度的改性胍胶溶液的稳定性及黏度较胍胶溶液的高。测试表明,溶液在不同温度下的剪切黏度及冻胶的粘弹性模量、耐温能力等改性胍胶均优于胍胶。改性胍胶作为压裂液的稠化剂可以降低其使用浓度。

  15. An improving absorption spectrometry method of yeast biomass concentration estimation using thickening agent%增稠剂改进浊度法测定面包酵母生物量的研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王震; 郭祥峰; 贾丽华; 李逸娜


    Baker's yeast was treated as modeling microorganism which owned a large particle volume.The subsidence phenomenon baker's yeast during turbidity measurement process was studied.The stability of the baker's yeast was improved by adding hydrolyzable anionic polyacrylamide (HPAM) into the suspension.A standard curve between turbidity and yeast concentration was established of in the thickening system.The results showed that the settlement of the yeast cells was effectively prevented by HPAM,the turbidity exhibited good linearity over the range from 0 to 4.9×106cell/mL with a correlation coefficient of 0.9976,and the detection limit was 1.0×104cell/mL.The average recovery was 100.99%,indicating that this method possessed good accuracy for yeast and was suitable for application in microbial biomass quantitative detection in liquid environment.%以面包酵母为模式微生物,研究了大粒径微生物在浊度测量过程中的沉降现象.通过添加增稠剂水解型阴离子聚丙烯酰胺(HPAM),改善了面包酵母悬浮体系的稳定性,并在增稠体系中建立了浊度与酵母浓度的标准曲线.结果表明,增稠体系中HPAM浓度达到0.100g/L时,可以有效阻止酵母细胞的沉降,悬浮液的浊度与细胞浓度在0~4.9×106个/mL范围内呈现良好的线性关系,相关系数R2=0.9976,检出限为1.0×104个/mL.该方法的平均回收率为100.99%,具有良好的准确性,适用于液体环境中微生物生物量的定量检测.

  16. Characterization of separation and thickening of humic acids from MBR-NF retentate of leachate by nanofiltration%MBR-NF截留液中腐植酸的纳滤分离浓缩特性

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    陈荔英; 许玉东


    MBR-NF截留液是一类难处理的高浓度有机废水,其所含有机物几乎都是腐植酸,可考虑资源利用。实验室内采用纳滤对其所含腐植酸进行分离浓缩。引入分离因子来表征纳滤的分离效果。实验结果表明,分离因子(SF)与体积浓缩倍数(CF)有很好的线性关系,浓缩倍数为5时,截留液中有机碳浓度为9 413 mg/L,重金属浓度处于mg/L水平,分离因子达到2.76,表明纳滤可有效地将MBR-NF截留液中的腐植酸与无机盐分离,并进行浓缩。%The retentate from membrane bioreactor(MBR) and nanofiltration(NF) combined process for landfill leachate is difficult to be treated due to high content of refractory organic matter.Since the components of refractory organics in the rtentate are almost humic acids(HA),the laboratory-scale experiments were conducted to investigate separation and thickening of HA from MBR-NF retentate of leachate by NF.Separation factor(SF) was applied to evaluate separation efficiency of NF.The data indicate that SF is strongly correlated with concentration factor(CF).The retentate from NF test performed at CF=5,contains relatively high amount of dissolved organic carbon with a value of 9 413 mg/L and insignificant concentration of heavy metals at the level of mg/L.The SF value is 2.76.These results demonstrate that NF could effectively separate and purify HA in the concentrate from landfill leachate MBR and NF treatment system from inorganic components.

  17. 老年男性前列腺增生与室间隔增厚的相关性研究%Correlation between Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and Interventricular Spetal Thickening in Elderly Male

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    于海迪; 陈勇; 马勇; 袁静; 杨菲


    Objective :To study the relationship between benign prostatic hyperplasia(BPH) and interventricular spetal thickening in elderly male .Methods :From June 2012 to June 2014 ,237 consecutively referred patients with BPH were enrolled in this study ,in which 198 cases were isolated benign prostatic hyperplasia ,39 cases were BPH with interven‐tricular spetal thickening .All patients were questioned in detail about history .Blood pressure ,body weight and height were measured .Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) and fasting blood glucose (FBG) and lipids were assayed in the study . Prostate volume (PV) was detected by abdominal ultrasound and the interventricular spetal thickness was measured by ultrasonic cardiogram .The mean of the factors were compared between the two groups .The receiver operating charac‐teristic (ROC) curves were used for evaluating the sensitivity and specificity of hypertension (HBP) and triglyceride (TG) in predicting the increased thickness of IVS .Results:HBP ,FBG ,TG ,high density lipoprotein (HDL‐C) were sig‐nificantly higher in the interventricular spetal thickness group than in normal group (P<0 .05) .The increased thick‐ness of IVS was correlated with HBP (OR=3 .762 ,P=0 .044) and TG (OR=2 .682 ,P=0 .008) .Statistically signifi‐cant differences of HBP and TG were found between the groups with or without increased thickness of IVS .The area under ROC curve of HBP and TG was 0 .738 7 ,95% CI 0.635 2~0.842 2 .Conclusion:HBP and TG are risk factors of increased thickness of IVS in elderly patients with prostatic hyperplasia .And they are accurate predictors of increased thickness of IVS .%目的:探讨良性前列腺增生与室间隔增厚及其危险因素的相关性。方法:收集2012年6月-2014年6月在本院泌尿外科就诊的老年男性良性BPH患者237例,其中室间隔厚度正常组198例,室间隔增厚组39例,详细询问病史,测量身高、体质量,并进行空腹血糖(FBG )、血脂、

  18. Venus tectonics: initial analysis from magellan. (United States)

    Solomon, S C; Head, J W; Kaula, W M; McKenzie, D; Parsons, B; Phillips, R J; Schubert, G; Talwani, M


    Radar imaging and altimetry data from the Magellan mission have revealed a diversity of deformational features at a variety of spatial scales on the Venus surface. The plains record a superposition of different episodes of deformation and volcanism; strain is both areally distributed and concentrated into zones of extension and shortening. The common coherence of strain patterns over hundreds of kilometers implies that many features in the plains reflect a crustal response to mantle dynamic processes. Ridge belts and mountain belts represent successive degrees of lithospheric shortening and crustal thickening; the mountain belts also show widespread evidence for extension and collapse both during and following crustal compression. Venus displays two geometrical patterns of concentrated lithospheric extension: quasi-circular coronae and broad rises with linear rift zones; both are sites of significant volcanism. No long, large-offset strike-slip faults have been observed, although limited local horizontal shear is accommodated across many zones of crustal shortening. In general, tectonic features on Venus are unlike those in Earth's oceanic regions in that strain typically is distributed across broad zones that are one to a few hundred kilometers wide, and separated by stronger and less deformed blocks hundreds of kilometers in width, as in actively deforming continental regions on Earth.

  19. German innovation initiative for nanotechnology (United States)

    Rieke, Volker; Bachmann, Gerd


    In many areas of nanotechnology, Germany can count on a good knowledge basis due to its diverse activities in nanosciences. This knowledge basis, when paired with the production and sales structures needed for implementation and the internationally renowned German talent for system integration, should consequently lead to success in the marketplace. And this is exactly the field of application for the innovation initiative "Nanotechnologie erobert Märkte" (nanotechnology conquers markets) and for the new BMBF strategy in support of nanotechnology. Until now, aspects of nanotechnology have been advanced within the confines of their respective technical subject areas. However, the primary aim of incorporating them into an overall national strategy is to build on Germany's well-developed and internationally competitive research in science and technology to tap the potential of Germany's important industrial sectors for the application of nanotechnology through joint research projects (leading-edge innovations) that strategically target the value-added chain. This development is to be supported by government education policy to remedy a threatening shortage of skilled professionals. To realize that goal, forward-looking political policymaking must become oriented to a uniform concept of innovation, one that takes into consideration all facets of new technological advances that can contribute to a new culture of innovation in Germany. And that includes education and research policy as well as a climate that encourages and supports innovation in science, business and society.

  20. Clean coal initiatives in Indiana (United States)

    Bowen, B.H.; Irwin, M.W.; Sparrow, F.T.; Mastalerz, Maria; Yu, Z.; Kramer, R.A.


    Purpose - Indiana is listed among the top ten coal states in the USA and annually mines about 35 million short tons (million tons) of coal from the vast reserves of the US Midwest Illinois Coal Basin. The implementation and commercialization of clean coal technologies is important to the economy of the state and has a significant role in the state's energy plan for increasing the use of the state's natural resources. Coal is a substantial Indiana energy resource and also has stable and relatively low costs, compared with the increasing costs of other major fuels. This indigenous energy source enables the promotion of energy independence. The purpose of this paper is to outline the significance of clean coal projects for achieving this objective. Design/methodology/approach - The paper outlines the clean coal initiatives being taken in Indiana and the research carried out at the Indiana Center for Coal Technology Research. Findings - Clean coal power generation and coal for transportation fuels (coal-to-liquids - CTL) are two major topics being investigated in Indiana. Coking coal, data compilation of the bituminous coal qualities within the Indiana coal beds, reducing dependence on coal imports, and provision of an emissions free environment are important topics to state legislators. Originality/value - Lessons learnt from these projects will be of value to other states and countries.

  1. Digital coincidence counting - initial results (United States)

    Butcher, K. S. A.; Watt, G. C.; Alexiev, D.; van der Gaast, H.; Davies, J.; Mo, Li; Wyllie, H. A.; Keightley, J. D.; Smith, D.; Woods, M. J.


    Digital Coincidence Counting (DCC) is a new technique in radiation metrology, based on the older method of analogue coincidence counting. It has been developed by the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO), in collaboration with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) of the United Kingdom, as a faster more reliable means of determining the activity of ionising radiation samples. The technique employs a dual channel analogue-to-digital converter acquisition system for collecting pulse information from a 4π beta detector and an NaI(Tl) gamma detector. The digitised pulse information is stored on a high-speed hard disk and timing information for both channels is also stored. The data may subsequently be recalled and analysed using software-based algorithms. In this letter we describe some recent results obtained with the new acquistion hardware being tested at ANSTO. The system is fully operational and is now in routine use. Results for 60Co and 22Na radiation activity calibrations are presented, initial results with 153Sm are also briefly mentioned.

  2. Young Exoplanet Transit Initiative (YETI)

    CERN Document Server

    Neuhäuser, R; Berndt, A; Maciejewski, G; Takahashi, H; Chen, W P; Dimitrov, D P; Pribulla, T; Nikogossian, E H; Jensen, E L N; Marschall, L; Wu, Z -Y; Kellerer, A; Walter, F M; Briceño, C; Chini, R; Fernandez, M; Raetz, St; Torres, G; Latham, D W; Quinn, S N; Niedzielski, A; Bukowiecki, Ł; Nowak, G; Tomov, T; Tachihara, K; Hu, S C -L; Hung, L W; Radeva, D P Kjurkchieva \\and V S; Mihov, B M; Slavcheva-Mihova, L; Bozhinova, I N; Budaj, J; Vaňko, M; Kundra, E; Hambálek, Ľ; Krushevska, V; Movsessian, T; Harutyunyan, H; Downes, J J; Hernandez, J; Hoffmeister, V H; Cohen, D H; Abel, I; Ahmad, R; Chapman, S; Eckert, S; Goodman, J; Guerard, A; Kim, H M; Koontharana, A; Sokol, J; Trinh, J; Wang, Y; Zhou, X; Redmer, R; Kramm, U; Nettelmann, N; Mugrauer, M; Schmidt, J; Moualla, M; Ginski, C; Marka, C; Adam, C; Seeliger, M; Baar, S; Roell, T; Schmidt, T O B; Trepl, L; Eisenbei\\ss, T; Fiedler, S; Tetzlaff, N; Schmidt, E; Hohle, M M; Kitze, M; Chakrova, N; Gräfe, C; Schreyer, K; Hambaryan, V V; Broeg, C H; Koppenhoefer, J; Pandey, A K


    We present the Young Exoplanet Transit Initiative (YETI), in which we use several 0.2 to 2.6m telescopes around the world to monitor continuously young (< 100 Myr), nearby (< 1 kpc) stellar clusters mainly to detect young transiting planets (and to study other variability phenomena on time-scales from minutes to years). The telescope network enables us to observe the targets continuously for several days in order not to miss any transit. The runs are typically one to two weeks long, about three runs per year per cluster in two or three subsequent years for about ten clusters. There are thousands of stars detectable in each field with several hundred known cluster members, e.g. in the first cluster observed, Tr-37, a typical cluster for the YETI survey, there are at least 469 known young stars detected in YETI data down to R=16.5 mag with sufficient precision of 50 milli-mag rms (5 mmag rms down to R=14.5 mag) to detect transits, so that we can expect at least about one young transiting object in this cl...

  3. Simulation of Initiation in Hexanitrostilbene (United States)

    Thompson, Aidan; Shan, Tzu-Ray; Yarrington, Cole; Wixom, Ryan

    We report on the effect of isolated voids and pairs of nearby voids on hot spot formation, growth and chemical reaction initiation in hexanitrostilbene (HNS) crystals subjected to shock loading. Large-scale, reactive molecular dynamics simulations are performed using the reactive force field (ReaxFF) as implemented in the LAMMPS software. The ReaxFF force field description for HNS has been validated previously by comparing the isothermal equation of state to available diamond anvil cell (DAC) measurements and density function theory (DFT) calculations. Micron-scale molecular dynamics simulations of a supported shockwave propagating in HNS crystal along the [010] orientation are performed (up = 1.25 km/s, Us =4.0 km/s, P = 11GPa.) We compare the effect on hot spot formation and growth rate of isolated cylindrical voids up to 0.1 µm in size with that of two 50nm voids set 100nm apart. Results from the micron-scale atomistic simulations are compared with hydrodynamics simulations. Sandia National Laboratories is a multi-program laboratory managed and operated by Sandia Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lock- heed Martin Corporation, for the U.S. DOE National Nuclear Security Administration under Contract DE-AC04-94AL85000.

  4. Open Geodata Initiative for Romania (United States)

    Craciunescu, Vasile; Iosifescu, Ionut; Ilie, Codrina Maria; Gaitanaru, Dragos; Radu Gogu, Constantin; Hurni, Lorenz


    The concept of open data access is a very important topic nowadays. The concept assumes that all data collected or generated by public sector bodies (excepting personal data and data protected under existing privacy protection or accessibility rules) is made publicly accessible in commonly-used, machine-readable formats and can be re-used for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial. Governmental agencies are considered to be the most significant data owners and providers in modern societies. The sheer volume and wealth of this data makes apparent the potential benefits of reusing, combining, and processing governmental data. Even though metadata (information about the data) is sometimes published, administrations typically express reluctance to making their data available, for various reasons, cultural, political, legal, institutional and technical. The governmental spatial information (also called geospatial data, georeferenced data or geodata) producers in Romania are no exception -with the additional situation that even metadata is not usually available. Starting from 2013 a joint program between a Swiss partner (The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH- Zurich - Institute of Cartography and Geoinformation) and a Romanian partner (Technical University of Civil Engineering - UTCB) is developed in order to establish a new approach on the open geodata topic. The main objective of the project GEOIDEA.RO (GEodata Openness Initiative for Development and Economic Advancement in ROmania) is to improve the scientific basis for open geodata model adoption in Romania. Is our believe that publishing government geodata in Romania over the Internet,under an open license and in a reusable format can strengthen citizen engagement and yield new innovative businesses, bringing substantial social and economic gains.

  5. Two Phase Technology Development Initiatives (United States)

    Didion, Jeffrey R.


    Three promising thermal technology development initiatives, vapor compression thermal control system, electronics cooling, and electrohydrodynamics applications are outlined herein. These technologies will provide thermal engineers with additional tools to meet the thermal challenges presented by increased power densities and reduced architectural options that will be available in future spacecraft. Goddard Space Flight Center and the University of Maryland are fabricating and testing a 'proto- flight' vapor compression based thermal control system for the Ultra Long Duration Balloon (ULDB) Program. The vapor compression system will be capable of transporting approximately 400 W of heat while providing a temperature lift of 60C. The system is constructed of 'commercial off-the-shelf' hardware that is modified to meet the unique environmental requirements of the ULDB. A demonstration flight is planned for 1999 or early 2000. Goddard Space Flight Center has embarked upon a multi-discipline effort to address a number of design issues regarding spacecraft electronics. The program addressed the high priority design issues concerning the total mass of standard spacecraft electronics enclosures and the impact of design changes on thermal performance. This presentation reviews the pertinent results of the Lightweight Electronics Enclosure Program. Electronics cooling is a growing challenge to thermal engineers due to increasing power densities and spacecraft architecture. The space-flight qualification program and preliminary results of thermal performance tests of copper-water heat pipes are presented. Electrohydrodynamics (EHD) is an emerging technology that uses the secondary forces that result from the application of an electric field to a flowing fluid to enhance heat transfer and manage fluid flow. A brief review of current EHD capabilities regarding heat transfer enhancement of commercial heat exchangers and capillary pumped loops is presented. Goddard Space Flight

  6. Acute diverticulitis of the sigmoid colon: value of ultrasound as an initial diagnostic test; Diverticulitis aguad de sigma: valor de la ecografia como test diagnostico inicial

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Garcia-Aguayo, F. J.; Gil, P. M. [Hospital de Sagunto. Valencia (Spain)


    To assess the value of ultrasound as an initial diagnostic method in cases of acute diverticulitis. Ultrasound was carried out in 76 patients with a clinical diagnosis of acute sigmoid diverticulitis. The final diagnosis was based on the clinical course in every case, as well as on computed tomography (CT; n=46), histopathological examination (n=10), colonoscopy (n=4) and barium enema (n=2). The diagnostic criteria established for ultrasound was a thickening of the sigmoid colon wall of >4 mm and the presence of a least one of the following features: diverticular, phlegmon or abscess. The CT diagnosis was based on two indispensable findings: thickening of the sigmoid colon of>4 mm and inflammation of pericolonic fat. The final diagnosis was acute diverticulitis in 52 patients, some other disease in 18 and undetermined in 6. The sensitivities of ultrasound and CT were 81% and 94%, respectively, and their specificities were 79% and 83%, respectively. Of the 10 false negatives on ultrasound, seven corresponded to cases of simple diverticulitis and three to cases of complicated diverticulitis (two in patients with abscess and one in a patient with pneumoperitoneum). CT provided the correct diagnosis in eight of these cases, and resulted in false negatives in two cases of mild diverticulitis. Ultrasound is a valid test in the initial diagnosis of acute diverticulitis of the sigmoid colon. CT should be performed when ultrasound fails to provide a diagnosis or in cases of negative results when there is a strong clinical suspicion of diverticulitis, as well as when the possibility of complicated diverticulitis exists. (Author) 14 refs.

  7. Multifamily Hubs' Initial Endorsements FY12 (United States)

    Department of Housing and Urban Development — Describes the program, geographic & lender distribution of multifamily loans initially endorsed for FHA insurance or risk sharing in FY 12. A loan is initially...

  8. Initiation of protein synthesis in bacteria

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Laursen, Brian Søgaard; Sørensen, Hans Peter; Mortensen, Kim Kusk;


    Valuable information on translation initiation is available from biochemical data and recently solved structures. We present a detailed description of current knowledge about the structure, function, and interactions of the individual components involved in bacterial translation initiation. The f...

  9. CPC Initiative - Participating Primary Care Practices (United States)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — The Comprehensive Primary Care (CPC) initiative is a multi-payer initiative fostering collaboration between public and private health care payers to strengthen...

  10. Subsidiary Initiative Taking in Multinational Corporations

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Dörrenbacher, Christoph; Gammelgaard, Jens


    This paper investigates the political maneuvering that accompanies subsidiary initiative taking in multinational corporations. On the basis of an explorative empirical investigation of subsidiary initiative taking in the French subsidiaries of six German MNCs, the paper explores the activities...

  11. Overview of Organic Marketing Initiatives in Europe

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nielsen, Thorkild; Kristensen, Niels Heine; Hansen, Mette Weinreich


    Nielsen T, Kristensen NH, Hansen MW (2004): Overview of Organic Marketing Initiatives in Europe. Chapter in: Organic Marketing Initiatives and Rural Development. Volume 7, from the OMIaRD project. University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK. ISBN: 0-9543279-7-1......Nielsen T, Kristensen NH, Hansen MW (2004): Overview of Organic Marketing Initiatives in Europe. Chapter in: Organic Marketing Initiatives and Rural Development. Volume 7, from the OMIaRD project. University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK. ISBN: 0-9543279-7-1...

  12. Mode Initialization when Simulating Switched Bond Graphs


    Edström, Krister


    When simulating hybrid systems using switched bond graphs, the initialization of new modes is made by using a generalization of the principle of momentum conservation. Here it is shown how to use causality propagation to get an efficient initialization algorithm. By looking at causal paths, set of variables that have to be initialized simultaneously are found. Furthermore, it is shown how impulses due to structural changes in the system can be found with a correct initialization and with a co...

  13. Improving Initial Assessment: Guide to Good Practice (United States)

    Knasel, Eddy; Meed, John; Rossetti, Anna; Read, Hilary


    This guide is aimed at anyone in work-based training who is responsible for learners during their first few weeks. Readers will (1) understand the value and purpose of initial assessment in key skills and Skills for Life; (2) become familiar with a range of techniques for the initial assessment; (3) plan an initial assessment system that is…

  14. 30 CFR 57.19022 - Initial measurement. (United States)


    ... 30 Mineral Resources 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Initial measurement. 57.19022 Section 57.19022... Wire Ropes § 57.19022 Initial measurement. After initial rope stretch but before visible wear occurs... interval of active length and the measurements averaged to establish a baseline for subsequent...

  15. 30 CFR 77.1432 - Initial measurement. (United States)


    ... 30 Mineral Resources 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Initial measurement. 77.1432 Section 77.1432... Hoisting Wire Ropes § 77.1432 Initial measurement. After initial rope stretch but before visible wear... interval of active length and the measurements averaged to establish a baseline for subsequent...

  16. 30 CFR 56.19022 - Initial measurement. (United States)


    ... 30 Mineral Resources 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Initial measurement. 56.19022 Section 56.19022... Ropes § 56.19022 Initial measurement. After initial rope stretch but before visible wear occurs, the... active length and the measurements averaged to establish a baseline for subsequent measurements. A...

  17. Motivation and Training Initiation: Evidence from Poland (United States)

    Mielniczuk, Emilia; Laguna, Mariola


    Purpose: Based on the self-determination theory and the model of action phases, the present study aims to provide insight into motivational factors that are important for training initiation. It investigates the relations between three types of motivation (intrinsic, extrinsic and amotivation) and training initiation: intention to initiate new…

  18. Clean Energy Infrastructure Educational Initiative

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hallinan, Kevin; Menart, James; Gilbert, Robert


    The Clean Energy Infrastructure Educational Initiative represents a collaborative effort by the University of Dayton, Wright State University and Sinclair Community College. This effort above all aimed to establish energy related programs at each of the universities while also providing outreach to the local, state-wide, and national communities. At the University of Dayton, the grant has aimed at: solidfying a newly created Master's program in Renewable and Clean Energy; helping to establish and staff a regional sustainability organization for SW Ohio. As well, as the prime grantee, the University of Dayton was responsible for insuring curricular sharing between WSU and the University of Dayton. Finally, the grant, through its support of graduate students, and through cooperation with the largest utilities in SW Ohio enabled a region-wide evaluation of over 10,000 commercial building buildings in order to identify the priority buildings in the region for energy reduction. In each, the grant has achieved success. The main focus of Wright State was to continue the development of graduate education in renewable and clean energy. Wright State has done this in a number of ways. First and foremost this was done by continuing the development of the new Renewable and Clean Energy Master's Degree program at Wright State . Development tasks included: continuing development of courses for the Renewable and Clean Energy Master's Degree, increasing the student enrollment, and increasing renewable and clean energy research work. The grant has enabled development and/or improvement of 7 courses. Collectively, the University of Dayton and WSU offer perhaps the most comprehensive list of courses in the renewable and clean energy area in the country. Because of this development, enrollment at WSU has increased from 4 students to 23. Secondly, the grant has helped to support student research aimed in the renewable and clean energy program. The grant helped to solidify

  19. 瓜尔豆胶、汉生胶、褐藻酸钠复合耐盐增稠剂的流变性研究%Rheological Study on the Complex Salt-Tolerant Thickener of Guar Gum,Xanthan Gum and Sodium Alginate

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    徐粉燕; 刘昌辉; 彭传丰


    The rheology of the complex of salt-tolerant thickener guar gum,xanthan gum and sodium alginate are studied.The results show that the optimal proportion of guar gum,xanthan gum and sodium alginate is 4:5:1;the best heating temperature of the complex of salt-tolerant thickener is in the range of 70~80 ℃.The optimal heating time is 1.0~2.0 h and pH 4~10;the addition amount of NaCl can be up to 50% and the change of frost thawing has little impact on the viscosity;complex salt-tolerant thickener is of better salt-tolerance.%本研究对瓜尔豆胶、汉生胶、褐藻酸钠的最佳配比及其复合耐盐增稠剂体系的流变性进行了研究。实验结果表明,瓜尔豆胶、汉生胶、褐藻酸钠的最佳配比为4:5:1,复合耐盐增稠剂体系的最佳加热温度为70~80℃,最佳加热时间为1.0~2.0h;pH 4~10;NaCl添加量可高达50%;冻融变化对其粘度影响较小;复合耐盐增稠剂具有较好的耐盐稳定性。

  20. Tetrafluoroethylene telomerization initiated by benzoyl peroxide (United States)

    Bolshakov, A. I.; Kuzina, S. I.; Kiryukhin, D. P.


    The radical telomerization of tetrafluoroethylene initiated by benzoyl peroxide (BP) photolysis at λ ≥ 365 nm is studied in acetone, dichloromethane, carbon tetrachloride, and Freon 114B2 at 25°C. The products of synthesis are a mixture of telomers of different molar masses, segregated into soluble and insoluble fractions. To characterize the radicals initiating telomerization, crystalline BP and its solution in ethanol are subjected to low-temperature (77 K) photolysis, with the liquid system serving as a model for BP behavior in solutions of telogens. It is established that radicals are not only initiators but also participate in chain termination reactions, lowering the telomers' molar mass and thus raising the proportion of the soluble fraction. Telomerization initiated by an initiator compound versus initiation by gamma radiation are compared and discussed.

  1. On the Initial State and Consistency Relations

    CERN Document Server

    Berezhiani, Lasha


    We study the effect of the initial state on the consistency conditions for adiabatic perturbations. In order to be consistent with the constraints of General Relativity, the initial state must be diffeomorphism invariant. As a result, we show that initial wavefunctional/density matrix has to satisfy a Slavnov-Taylor identity similar to that of the action. We then investigate the precise ways in which modified initial states can lead to violations of the consistency relations. We find two independent sources of violations: i) the state can include initial non-Gaussianities; ii) even if the initial state is Gaussian, such as a Bogoliubov state, the modified 2-point function can modify the q->0 analyticity properties of the vertex functional and result in violations of the consistency relations.

  2. On the initial state and consistency relations

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Berezhiani, Lasha; Khoury, Justin, E-mail:, E-mail: [Center for Particle Cosmology, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Pennsylvania, 209 South 33rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104 (United States)


    We study the effect of the initial state on the consistency conditions for adiabatic perturbations. In order to be consistent with the constraints of General Relativity, the initial state must be diffeomorphism invariant. As a result, we show that initial wavefunctional/density matrix has to satisfy a Slavnov-Taylor identity similar to that of the action. We then investigate the precise ways in which modified initial states can lead to violations of the consistency relations. We find two independent sources of violations: i) the state can include initial non-Gaussianities; ii) even if the initial state is Gaussian, such as a Bogoliubov state, the modified 2-point function can modify the q-vector → 0 analyticity properties of the vertex functional and result in violations of the consistency relations.

  3. The Dynamics of Initiative in Communication Networks. (United States)

    Mollgaard, Anders; Mathiesen, Joachim


    Human social interaction is often intermittent. Two acquainted persons can have extended periods without social interaction punctuated by periods of repeated interaction. In this case, the repeated interaction can be characterized by a seed initiative by either of the persons and a number of follow-up interactions. The tendency to initiate social interaction plays an important role in the formation of social networks and is in general not symmetric between persons. In this paper, we study the dynamics of initiative by analysing and modeling a detailed call and text message network sampled from a group of 700 individuals. We show that in an average relationship between two individuals, one part is almost twice as likely to initiate communication compared to the other part. The asymmetry has social consequences and ultimately might lead to the discontinuation of a relationship. We explain the observed asymmetry by a positive feedback mechanism where individuals already taking initiative are more likely to take initiative in the future. In general, people with many initiatives receive attention from a broader spectrum of friends than people with few initiatives. Lastly, we compare the likelihood of taking initiative with the basic personality traits of the five factor model.

  4. Cambios en la viscosidad del agua con espesantes por la adición de fármacos altamente prescritos en geriatría Viscosity changes in thickened water due to the addition of highly prescribed drugs in geriatrics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    N. Garin


    pneumonia due to bronchial aspiration. In this condition, it is usual to add commercial thickeners in liquids, as well as the addition of drugs in this mixture to improve their administration. However, there are no studies regarding the possible change in viscosity produced by their addition. Objectives: To assess the change in viscosity of water thickened with commercial products by adding the drugs frequently used in elderly patients. Methods: Samples of water mixed with the commercial thickener Resource® (modified corn starch or Nutilis® (modified corn starch, maltodextrin, and gums: tara, xhantan, and guar to achieve an intermediate consistence as "honey". The viscosity of these samples was measured as well as for similar samples to which one of the following drugs was added: galantamine, rivastigmin, ciprofloxacin, cholecalciferol, memantine, fosfomycin, calcium, and amoxicillin/clavulanic acid. Results: In the samples with Resource® thickener we observed decreased viscosity by adding galantamine, memantine, fosfomycin or calcium, and increased viscosity with amoxicillin/clavulanic acid. The viscosity of the samples with Nutilis® decreased with galantamine, rivastigmine, amoxicillin/clavulanic acid, fosfomycin and calcium. Conclusion: The viscosity of water with commercial thickeners may be affected by some drugs or their preservatives, which may influence the swallowing capability. It is recommended to perform further in vitro and in vivo studies in order to adjust these formulations if necessary.

  5. Initiation and Propagation of Coronal Mass Ejections

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    P. F. Chen


    This paper reviews recent progress in the research on the initiation and propagation of CMEs. In the initiation part, several trigger mechanisms are discussed; in the propagation part, the observations and modelings of EIT waves/dimmings, as the EUV counterparts of CMEs, are described.

  6. Embedding initial data for black hole collisions

    CERN Document Server

    Romano, J D; Romano, Joseph D; Price, Richard H


    We discuss isometric embedding diagrams for the visualization of initial data for the problem of the head-on collision of two black holes. The problem of constructing the embedding diagrams is explicitly presented for the best studied initial data, the Misner geometry. We present a partial solution of the embedding diagrams and discuss issues related to completing the solution.

  7. Gravity Probe B:. Launch and Initialization (United States)

    Keiser, G. M.; Bencze, W. J.; Brumley, R. W.; Buchman, S.; Clarke, B.; Debra, D.; Everitt, C. W. F.; Green, G.; Heifetz, M. I.; Hipkins, D. N.; Holmes, T.; Li, J.; Mester, J.; Muhlfelder, B.; Murray, D.; Ohshima, Y.; Parkinson, B. W.; Salomon, M.; Santiago, D.; Shestople, P.; Silbergleit, A. S.; Solomonik, V.; Taber, M.; Turneaure, J. P.


    The scientific instrument and the major subsystems of the Gravity Probe B satellite are described. Following launch, the initial on-orbit operations were designed to check the operations of each of these major subsystems, provide an initial on-orbit calibration of the scientific instrument, set up the instrument in its operational mode, and spin up and align each of the four gyroscopes.

  8. Initial conformation of kinesin's neck linker

    CERN Document Server

    Geng, Yi-Zhao; Liu, Shu-Xia; Yan, Shiwei


    How ATP binding initiates the docking process of kinesin's neck linker is a key question in understanding kinesin mechanism. It is believed that the formation of an extra turn structure by the first three amino acids of neck linker (LYS325, THR326, ILE327 in 2KIN) is crucial for initiating the docking process. But the initial conformation of neck linker (specially the three amino acids of the extra turn) and the neck linker docking initiation mechanism remain unclear. By using molecular dynamics method, we investigate the initial conformation of kinesin's neck linker in the docking process. We find that, in the initial state of NL docking process, NL still has interactions with {\\beta}0 and forms a conformation similar to the "cover-neck bundle" structure proposed by Hwang et al. [Structure 2008, 16(1): 62-71]. From this initial structure, the docking of the "cover-neck bundle" structure can be achieved. The motor head provides a forward force on the initial cover-neck bundle structure through ATP-induced rot...

  9. 16 CFR 238.2 - Initial offer. (United States)


    ... 16 Commercial Practices 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Initial offer. 238.2 Section 238.2 Commercial Practices FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION GUIDES AND TRADE PRACTICE RULES GUIDES AGAINST BAIT ADVERTISING § 238.2 Initial offer. (a) No statement or illustration should be used in any advertisement...

  10. USMC Initiatives in Energy and Power (United States)


    PG-11 MAGTF C2, Weapons and Sensors Dev & Int PG-12 Communications, Intel, And Networking PG-13 Infantry Weapons Systems PG-14 Armor and Fire...Production IOT &E - Initial Operation Test & Evaluation LD - Logistics Demonstration LRIP - Low Rate Initial Product PAC - Post Award Conference PDR...and Manufacturing Demonstration LRIP/ IOT &E System Integration System Demonstration Production & Deployment Operations & Support FRP

  11. Permitting plan for Hanford Tanks Initiative

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bloom, J.W.


    This plan describes all the permitting actions that have been identified as required to implement the Hanford Tanks Initiative. It reflects changes in the scope to the Hanford Tanks Initiative since the Rev. 0 plan was issued. The cost and schedule for the permitting actions are included.

  12. Implementing Patient Safety Initiatives in Rural Hospitals (United States)

    Klingner, Jill; Moscovice, Ira; Tupper, Judith; Coburn, Andrew; Wakefield, Mary


    Implementation of patient safety initiatives can be costly in time and energy. Because of small volumes and limited resources, rural hospitals often are not included in nationally driven patient safety initiatives. This article describes the Tennessee Rural Hospital Patient Safety Demonstration project, whose goal was to strengthen capacity for…

  13. 30 CFR 75.1432 - Initial measurement. (United States)


    ... 30 Mineral Resources 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Initial measurement. 75.1432 Section 75.1432... measurement. After initial rope stretch but before visible wear occurs, the rope diameter of newly installed... measurements averaged to establish a baseline for subsequent measurements. A record of the measurements and...

  14. The Plus 50 Initiative: Standards of Excellence (United States)

    American Association of Community Colleges (NJ1), 2010


    The American Association of Community Colleges' (AACC) Plus 50 Initiative (2008-2011), funded by The Atlantic Philanthropies, was created to build the capacity of community colleges nationwide to develop programming that engages the plus 50 learner. The Initiative supported a pilot group of 13 two-year institutions to develop or expand college…

  15. Other-initiated repair in Siwu

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dingemanse Mark


    Full Text Available This article describes the interactional patterns and linguistic structures associated with other-initiated repair in Siwu, a Kwa language spoken in eastern Ghana. Other-initiated repair is the set of techniques used by people to deal with problems in speaking, hearing and understanding. Formats for repair initiation in Siwu exploit language-specific resources like question words and noun class morphology. At the same time, the basic structure of the system bears a strong similarity to other-initiated repair in other languages. Practices described for Siwu thus are potentially of broader relevance to the study of other-initiated repair. This article documents how different prosodic realisations of repair initiators may index social actions and features of the speech event; how two distinct roles of repetition in repair initiators are kept apart by features of turn design; and what kinds of items can be treated as ‘dispensable’ in resayings. By charting how other-initiated repair uses local linguistic resources and yet is shaped by interactional needs that transcend particular languages, this study contributes to the growing field of pragmatic typology: the study of systems of language use and the principles that shape them.

  16. Unraveling networked learning initiatives: an analytic framework

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Rusman, Ellen; Prinsen, Fleur; Vermeulen, Marjan


    Networked learning happens naturally within the social systems of which we are all part. However, in certain circumstances individuals may want to actively take initiative to initiate interaction with others they are not yet regularly in exchange with. This may be the case when external influences a

  17. European Initiatives in Postgraduate Education in Gerontology (United States)

    van Rijsselt, Rene J. T.; Parkatti, Terttu; Troisi, Joseph


    This paper describes three innovative European initiatives in postgraduate education in gerontology. The first is the European Masters Program in Gerontology (EuMaG), developed as an interdisciplinary joint program, supported and delivered by 22 European universities. Second, the Nordplus initiative to increase mobility of students and staff in…

  18. 38 CFR 21.50 - Initial evaluation. (United States)


    ... will provide an initial evaluation to an individual who: (1) Applies for benefits under 38 U.S.C...)) (d) Need for cooperation in the initial evaluation process. The individual's cooperation is essential... reasonable efforts to secure the individual's cooperation. If, despite those efforts, the individual fails...

  19. The Dynamics of Initiative in Communication Networks

    CERN Document Server

    Mollgaard, Anders


    Human social interaction is often intermittent. Two acquainted persons can have extended periods without social interaction punctuated by periods of repeated interaction. In this case, the repeated interaction can be characterized by a seed initiative by either of the persons and a number of follow-up interactions. The tendency to initiate social interaction plays an important role in the formation of social networks and is in general not symmetric between persons. In this paper, we study the dynamics of initiative by analysing and modeling a detailed call and text message network sampled from a group of 700 individuals. We show that in an average relationship between two individuals, one part is almost twice as likely to initiate communication compared to the other part. The asymmetry has social consequences and ultimately might lead to the discontinuation of a relationship. We explain the observed asymmetry by a positive feedback mechanism where individuals already taking initiative are more likely to take ...

  20. Towards coherent control of energetic material initiation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Greenfield, Margo T [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Mcgrane, Shawn D [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Scharff, R Jason [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Moore, David S [Los Alamos National Laboratory


    Direct optical initiation (DOI) of energetic materials using coherent control of localized energy deposition requires depositing energy into the material to produce a critical size hot spot, which allows propagation of the reaction and thereby initiation, The hot spot characteristics needed for growth to initiation can be studied using quantum controlled initiation (QCI). Achieving direct quantum controlled initiation (QCI) in condensed phase systems requires optimally shaped ultrafast laser pulses to coherently guide the energy flow along the desired paths. As a test of our quantum control capabilities we have successfully demonstrated our ability to control the reaction pathway of the chemical system stilbene. An acousto-optical modulator based pulse shaper was used at 266 nm, in a shaped pump/supercontinuum probe technique, to enhance and suppress th relative yields of the cis- to trans-stilbene isomerization. The quantum control techniques tested in the stilbene experiments are currently being used to investigate QCI of the explosive hexanitroazobenzene (HNAB).

  1. A mechanical energy analysis of gait initiation (United States)

    Miller, C. A.; Verstraete, M. C.


    The analysis of gait initiation (the transient state between standing and walking) is an important diagnostic tool to study pathologic gait and to evaluate prosthetic devices. While past studies have quantified mechanical energy of the body during steady-state gait, to date no one has computed the mechanical energy of the body during gait initiation. In this study, gait initiation in seven normal male subjects was studied using a mechanical energy analysis to compute total body energy. The data showed three separate states: quiet standing, gait initiation, and steady-state gait. During gait initiation, the trends in the energy data for the individual segments were similar to those seen during steady-state gait (and in Winter DA, Quanbury AO, Reimer GD. Analysis of instantaneous energy of normal gait. J Biochem 1976;9:253-257), but diminished in amplitude. However, these amplitudes increased to those seen in steady-state during the gait initiation event (GIE), with the greatest increase occurring in the second step due to the push-off of the foundation leg. The baseline level of mechanical energy was due to the potential energy of the individual segments, while the cyclic nature of the data was indicative of the kinetic energy of the particular leg in swing phase during that step. The data presented showed differences in energy trends during gait initiation from those of steady state, thereby demonstrating the importance of this event in the study of locomotion.

  2. Decaying magnetohydrodynamics: effects of initial conditions (United States)



    We study the effects of homogenous and isotropic initial conditions on decaying magnetohydrodynamics (MHD). We show that for an initial distribution of velocity and magnetic-field fluctuations, appropriately defined structure functions decay as a power law in time. We also show that for a suitable choice of initial cross correlations between velocity and magnetic fields even-order structure functions acquire anomalous scaling in time where as scaling exponents of the odd-order structure functions remain unchanged. We discuss our results in the context of fully developed MHD turbulence.

  3. Clinical coder training initiatives in Ireland. (United States)

    Bramley, Michelle; Reid, Beth A


    The Hospital In-Patient Enquiry and National Perinatal Reporting System (HIPE & NPRS) Unit of the Economic and Social Research Institute in Ireland requested a review of its coder training programs and data quality initiatives, primarily because of the decision to implement a major change in Ireland's morbidity classification in January 2005. In August 2004, a formative evaluation using qualitative methods was conducted to assess the Unit's programs and initiatives. A number of opportunities for building on the solid frameworks the Unit has implemented were identified. In this paper, we focus on the Unit's coder training programs. The Unit's data quality initiatives will be discussed in a subsequent paper (Bramley & Reid 2005).

  4. Higher-dimensional puncture initial data

    CERN Document Server

    Zilhão, Miguel; Cardoso, Vitor; Gualtieri, Leonardo; Herdeiro, Carlos; Sperhake, Ulrich; Witek, Helvi


    We calculate puncture initial data, corresponding to single and binary black holes with linear momenta, which solve the constraint equations of D dimensional vacuum gravity. The data are generated by a modification of the pseudo-spectral code presented in arXiv:gr-qc/0404056 and made available as the TwoPunctures thorn inside the Cactus computational toolkit. As examples, we exhibit convergence plots, the violation of the Hamiltonian constraint as well as the initial data for D=4,5,6,7. These initial data are the starting point to perform high energy collisions of black holes in D dimensions.

  5. Laser diode initiated detonators for space applications (United States)

    Ewick, David W.; Graham, J. A.; Hawley, J. D.


    Ensign Bickford Aerospace Company (EBAC) has over ten years of experience in the design and development of laser ordnance systems. Recent efforts have focused on the development of laser diode ordnance systems for space applications. Because the laser initiated detonators contain only insensitive secondary explosives, a high degree of system safety is achieved. Typical performance characteristics of a laser diode initiated detonator are described in this paper, including all-fire level, function time, and output. A finite difference model used at EBAC to predict detonator performance, is described and calculated results are compared to experimental data. Finally, the use of statistically designed experiments to evaluate performance of laser initiated detonators is discussed.

  6. Summary of semi-initiative and initiative control automobile engine vibration (United States)

    Qu, Wei; Qu, Zhou


    Engine vibration accounts for around 55% of automobile vibration, separating the engine vibration from transmitting to automobile to the utmost extent is significant for improving NVH performance. Semi-initiative and initiative control of engine vibration is one of the hot spots of technical research in domestic and foreign automobile industry, especially luxury automobiles which adopt this technology to improve amenity and competitiveness. This article refers to a large amount of domestic and foreign related materials, fully introduces the research status of semi-initiative and initiative control suspension of engine vibration suspension and many kinds of structural style, and provides control policy and method of semi-initiative and initiative control suspension system. Compare and analyze the structural style of semi-initiative and initiative control and merits and demerits of current structures of semi-initiative and initiative control of mechanic electrorheological, magnetorheological, electromagnetic actuator, piezoelectric ceramics, electrostriction material, pneumatic actuator etc. Models of power assembly mounting system was classified.Calculation example indicated that reasonable selection of engine mounting system parameters is useful to reduce engine vibration transmission and to increase ride comfort. Finally we brought forward semi-initiative and initiative suspension which might be applied for automobiles, and which has a promising future.

  7. Sensitivity of the initiation of debris flow to initial soil moisture

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hu, W.; Xu, Q.; Wang, G. H.; van Asch, T. W J; Hicher, P. Y.


    The initiation of debris flows is commonly attributed either to fluidization as a result of rainfall-induced landslides or to gully erosion induced by concentrated runoffs. A series of flume tests have been performed to show how the initial soil moisture influences the initiation of debris flows. At

  8. VAP Development: Initiation, Development, Evaluation, and Release

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jensen, M; Collis, Fast, J; Flynn, C; Mather, J; McFarlane, S; Monroe, J; Sivaraman, C; Xie, S


    This white paper provides a plan to formalize the evaluation of newly developed VAPs and a framework for the development of value-added products through four different stages: Initiation, Development, Evaluation, and Release.

  9. Single Family Loan Sale Initiative - National Offering (United States)

    Department of Housing and Urban Development — The FHA Office of Housing is conducting a series of mortgage loan sales under the Single Family Loan Sale (SFLS) Initiative. The current sales structure consists of...

  10. Initial Survey Instructions for Targeted Waterfowl Monitoring (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Initial Survey Instructions for refuge-wide waterfowl monitoring at Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge, which occurs year-round on a bi-weekly basis. It contains...

  11. Gait initiation in lower limb amputees

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Vrieling, A.H.; van Keeken, H.G.; Schoppen, T.; Otten, E.; Halbertsma, J.P.; Hof, A.L.; Postema, K.


    Objective: To study limitations in function and adjustment strategies in lower limb amputees during gait initiation. Design: Observational cohort study. Setting: University Medical Center. Participants: Amputees with a unilateral transfemoral or transtibial amputation, and able-bodied subjects. Main

  12. Sudakov effects in photon-initiated processes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    L.A. Harland-Lang


    Full Text Available We consider the effect of the Sudakov factor in photon-initiated processes, corresponding to the no branching probability for the initial-state photon. We demonstrate how such a factor follows simply from the solution of the DGLAP equation for the photon PDF, and is therefore included automatically by this. We use this result to argue that the appropriate scale for the QED coupling α associated with an initial-state photon is not the virtuality of the photon, but rather the factorization scale at which the photon PDF is evaluated, and therefore that the use of the on-shell renormalization scheme is not appropriate for such processes. We also discuss exclusive photon-initiated processes, and demonstrate that no explicit Sudakov factor is required in this case.

  13. Conformally covariant parametrizations for relativistic initial data (United States)

    Delay, Erwann


    We revisit the Lichnerowicz-York method, and an alternative method of York, in order to obtain some conformally covariant systems. This type of parametrization is certainly more natural for non constant mean curvature initial data.

  14. Initial Conditions for Large Cosmological Simulations

    CERN Document Server

    Prunet, S; Aubert, D; Pogosyan, D; Teyssier, R; Gottlöber, S


    This technical paper describes a software package that was designed to produce initial conditions for large cosmological simulations in the context of the Horizon collaboration. These tools generalize E. Bertschinger's Grafic1 software to distributed parallel architectures and offer a flexible alternative to the Grafic2 software for ``zoom'' initial conditions, at the price of large cumulated cpu and memory usage. The codes have been validated up to resolutions of 4096^3 and were used to generate the initial conditions of large hydrodynamical and dark matter simulations. They also provide means to generate constrained realisations for the purpose of generating initial conditions compatible with, e.g. the local group, or the SDSS catalog.

  15. United Nations Human Space Technology Initiative (HSTI)

    CERN Document Server

    Ochiai, M; Steffens, H; Balogh, W; Haubold, H J; Othman, M; Doi, T


    The Human Space Technology Initiative was launched in 2010 within the framework of the United Nations Programme on Space Applications implemented by the Office for Outer Space Affairs of the United Nations. It aims to involve more countries in activities related to human spaceflight and space exploration and to increase the benefits from the outcome of such activities through international cooperation, to make space exploration a truly international effort. The role of the Initiative in these efforts is to provide a platform to exchange information, foster collaboration between partners from spacefaring and non-spacefaring countries, and encourage emerging and developing countries to take part in space research and benefit from space applications. The Initiative organizes expert meetings and workshops annually to raise awareness of the current status of space exploration activities as well as of the benefits of utilizing human space technology and its applications. The Initiative is also carrying out primary ...

  16. 2010 Administrative Law Judge Initial Decisions (United States)

    Securities and Exchange Commission — The initial decisions issued by administrative law judges in 2010 that contains findings of fact, legal conclusions, and an order that often contains a sanction....

  17. 2009 Administrative Law Judge Initial Decisions (United States)

    Securities and Exchange Commission — The initial decisions issued by administrative law judges in 2009 that contains findings of fact, legal conclusions, and an order that often contains a sanction....

  18. Local Employment Initiatives: Some Recent Developments. (United States)

    Kuenstler, Peter


    Intergovernmental and governmental measures to promote local employment initiatives are underway in Europe. Local authorities are assuming responsibility for economic development in their areas, and the private sector is providing direct or indirect support. (SK)

  19. Hybrid Black-Hole Binary Initial Data (United States)

    Mundim, Bruno C.; Kelly, Bernard J.; Nakano, Hiroyuki; Zlochower, Yosef; Campanelli, Manuela


    "Traditional black-hole binary puncture initial data is conformally flat. This unphysical assumption is coupled with a lack of radiation signature from the binary's past life. As a result, waveforms extracted from evolutions of this data display an abrupt jump. In Kelly et al. [Class. Quantum Grav. 27:114005 (2010)], a new binary black-hole initial data with radiation contents derived in the post-Newtonian (PN) calculations was adapted to puncture evolutions in numerical relativity. This data satisfies the constraint equations to the 2.5PN order, and contains a transverse-traceless "wavy" metric contribution, violating the standard assumption of conformal flatness. Although the evolution contained less spurious radiation, there were undesired features; the unphysical horizon mass loss and the large initial orbital eccentricity. Introducing a hybrid approach to the initial data evaluation, we significantly reduce these undesired features."

  20. Initiation of Meiotic Recombination in Mammals

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rajeev Kumar


    Full Text Available Meiotic recombination is initiated by the induction of programmed DNA double strand breaks (DSBs. DSB repair promotes homologous interactions and pairing and leads to the formation of crossovers (COs, which are required for the proper reductional segregation at the first meiotic division. In mammals, several hundred DSBs are generated at the beginning of meiotic prophase by the catalytic activity of SPO11. Currently it is not well understood how the frequency and timing of DSB formation and their localization are regulated. Several approaches in humans and mice have provided an extensive description of the localization of initiation events based on CO mapping, leading to the identification and characterization of preferred sites (hotspots of initiation. This review presents the current knowledge about the proteins known to be involved in this process, the sites where initiation takes place, and the factors that control hotspot localization.

  1. 28 CFR 549.62 - Initial referral. (United States)


    ... Hunger Strikes, Inmate § 549.62 Initial referral. (a) Staff shall refer an inmate who is observed to be on a hunger strike to medical or mental health staff for evaluation and, when appropriate,...

  2. Hybrid black-hole binary initial data

    CERN Document Server

    Mundim, Bruno C; Zlochower, Yosef; Nakano, Hiroyuki; Campanelli, Manuela


    Traditional black-hole binary puncture initial data is conformally flat. This unphysical assumption is coupled with a lack of radiation signature from the binary's past life. As a result, waveforms extracted from evolutions of this data display an abrupt jump. In Kelly et al. [Class.Quant.Grav.27:114005,2010], a new binary black-hole initial data with radiation contents derived in the post-Newtonian (PN) calculation was adapted to puncture evolutions in numerical relativity. This data satisfies the constraint equations to the 2.5PN order, and contains a transverse-traceless "wavy" metric contribution, violating the standard assumption of conformal flatness. Although the evolution contained less spurious radiation, there were undesired features; the unphysical horizon mass loss and the large initial orbital eccentricity. Introducing a hybrid approach to the initial data evaluation, we significantly reduce these undesired features.

  3. Hybrid black-hole binary initial data

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mundim, Bruno C; Zlochower, Yosef; Nakano, Hiroyuki; Campanelli, Manuela [Center for Computational Relativity and Gravitation, School of Mathematical Sciences, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY14623 (United States); Kelly, Bernard J, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [CRESST and Gravitational Astrophysics Laboratory, NASA/GSFC, 8800 Greenbelt Road, Greenbelt, MD 20771 (United States)


    Traditional black-hole (BH) binary puncture initial data is conformally flat. This unphysical assumption is coupled with a lack of radiation signature from the binary's past life. As a result, waveforms extracted from evolutions of this data display an abrupt jump. In Kelly et al (2010, Class. Quantum Grav. 27 114005), a new binary BH initial data with radiation content derived from post-Newtonian (PN) theory was adapted to puncture evolutions in numerical relativity. This data satisfies the constraint equations to the 2.5PN order, and contains a transverse-traceless 'wavy' metric contribution, violating the standard assumption of conformal flatness. Although the evolution contained less spurious radiation, there were undesirable features: unphysical horizon mass loss and large initial orbital eccentricity. Introducing a hybrid approach to the initial data evaluation, we significantly reduce these undesired features.

  4. South Bay Salt Ponds : Initial stewardship plan (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The California Department of Fish and Game and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will operate and maintain the South Bay Salt Ponds under this Initial Stewardship...

  5. Higgs Inflation and General Initial Conditions

    CERN Document Server

    Zeynizadeh, Sarang


    Higgs field of particle physics can play the role of the inflaton in the early universe, if it is non-minimally coupled to gravity. The Higgs inflation scenario predicts a small tensor to scalar ratio: $r\\simeq 0.003$. Although this value is consistent with the upper bound $r < 0.12$ given by BICEP2/Keck Array and Planck data, but it is not at their maximum likelihood point: $r\\simeq 0.05$. Inflationary observables depend not only on the inflationary models, but also depend on the initial conditions of inflation. Changing initial state of inflation can improve the value of $r$. In this work, we study the Higgs inflation model under general initial conditions and show that there is a subset of these general initial conditions which leads to enhancement of $r$. Then we show that this region of parameter space is consistent with non-Gaussianity bound.

  6. Data Center Optimization Initiative Strategic Plans (United States)

    Social Security Administration — On August 1, 2016, the Office of Management and Budget issued memorandum M-16-19, establishing the Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI). The DCOI, as described...

  7. Nonfasting Versus Initial Fasting Ketogenic Diet

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    J Gordon Millichap


    Full Text Available A retrospective evaluation of the ketogenic diet (KD was conducted comparing efficacy and tolerability of the diet with or without initial fasting and fluid restriction and involving university centers in Seoul, Korea.

  8. Tubular initial conditions and ridge formation

    CERN Document Server

    Borysova, M S; Karpenko, Iu A; Shapoval, V M; Sinyukov, Yu M


    The 2D azimuth & rapidity structure of the two-particle correlations in relativistic A+A collisions is altered significantly by the presence of sharp inhomogeneities in superdense matter formed in such processes. The causality constraints enforce one to associate the long-range longitudinal correlations observed in a narrow angular interval, the so-called (soft) ridge, with peculiarities of the initial conditions of collision process. This study's objective is to analyze whether multiform initial tubular structures, undergoing the subsequent hydrodynamic evolution and gradual decoupling, can form the soft ridges. Motivated by the flux-tube scenarios, the initial energy density distribution contains the different numbers of high density tube-like boost-invariant inclusions that form a bumpy structure in the transverse plane. The influence of various structures of such initial conditions in the most central A+A events on the collective evolution of matter, resulting spectra, angular particle correlations an...

  9. Education and the Private Finance Initiative (United States)

    Griggs, Clive


    This article reviews the development of Private Finance Initiative schemes in the United Kingdom, and reflects on how profitable opportunities for private financiers and construction companies were created at the expense of the public sector. (Contains 72 notes.)

  10. Endmember initialization method for hyperspectral data unmixing (United States)

    Wang, Rui; Li, Hengchao; Liao, Wenzhi; Huang, Xin


    Spectral unmixing aims at finding the spectrally pure constituent materials (also called endmembers) and their respective fractional abundances in each pixel of the hyperspectral image scene. One important issue in hyperspectral data unmixing is the initialization of endmembers. Most unmixing methods initialize their endmembers by randomly selecting a specified number of pixels from the data or by vertex component analysis, which limits their performance in practice. We propose an endmember initialization method for hyperspectral data unmixing. Our initial endmembers include some of the true endmembers, which improves the accuracy of hyperpspectral unmixing effectively. The experimental results on both synthetic and real hyperspectral data illustrate the superiority of the proposed method compared with other state-of-the-art approaches.

  11. Navy Collaborative Integrated Information Technology Initiative (United States)


    Information Technology Initiative (NAVCIITI, pronounced "NAV city") by creating an Advanced Communication and Information Technology Center (ACITC), on campus at Virginia Tech, integrating and leveraging the efforts of more than 60 investigators currently under contract to the Navy by providing equipment and facilities for their effort, and using the collective capabilities of NAVCIITI to support Navy initiatives in distributed computing, integrated services training, education, information dissemination, and simulation, especially for purposes

  12. Electronic Commerce: A National Performance Review Initiative. (United States)


    Copy 33 of 38 copies i f i I 1 3 IDA DOCUMENT D-1729 ELECTRONIC COMMERCE : A NATIONAL PERFORMANCE REVIEW INITIATIVE ID^I ^ reflecting the official position of any Government Agency. IDA DOCUMENT D-1729 ELECTRONIC COMMERCE : A NATIONAL PERFORMANCE REVIEW INITIATIVE...implementation of electronic commerce , as part of the Nil, so that IDA will be well prepared to support the work of the Defense Information Systems Agency

  13. Network support for system initiated checkpoints (United States)

    Chen, Dong; Heidelberger, Philip


    A system, method and computer program product for supporting system initiated checkpoints in parallel computing systems. The system and method generates selective control signals to perform checkpointing of system related data in presence of messaging activity associated with a user application running at the node. The checkpointing is initiated by the system such that checkpoint data of a plurality of network nodes may be obtained even in the presence of user applications running on highly parallel computers that include ongoing user messaging activity.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    DONG Jianhua; QIU Kunyuan; FENG Xinde


    Polymerization of acrylamide initiated by ceric ammonium nitrate alone has been studied in aqueous medium. The effects of UV light irradiation on the initial rates of polymerization, the activation energy and on the polymer molecular weights have been investigated. Compared with that in the dark, the rate of polymerization under UV light was accelerated to eleven times higher, and the overall activation energy was lowered markedly.

  15. The initial value problem in numerical relativity

    CERN Document Server

    Pfeiffer, H P


    The conformal method for constructing initial data for Einstein's equations is presented in both the Hamiltonian and Lagrangian picture (extrinsic curvature decomposition and conformal thin sandwich formalism, respectively), and advantages due to the recent introduction of a weight-function in the extrinsic curvature decomposition are discussed. I then describe recent progress in numerical techniques to solve the resulting elliptic equations, and explore innovative approaches toward the construction of astrophysically realistic initial data for binary black hole simulations.

  16. Initial luminosity functions of starburst galaxies (United States)

    Parnovsky, S.; Izotova, I.


    For the sample of about 800 starburst galaxies the initial luminosity functions which appear the distributions of galaxy luminosities at zero starburst age are considered based on the data of luminosities of galaxies in the recombination Hα emission line in the regions of ionised hydrogen and the ultraviolet continuum. We find the initial luminosity functions for the starburst galaxies with Hα emission and ultraviolet continuum are satisfactory approximated with log-normal function.

  17. Global engineering education initiative through student organization. (United States)

    Sagstetter, Ann M; Vitzthum, Lucas K; Meyer, Jonathan R; Nimunkar, Amit J; Webster, John G


    Engineering is becoming a more globally aware discipline that is revolutionizing the way individuals interact internationally. Engineering World Health (EWH) - Madison Chapter is a student-initiated organization that has developed opportunities to facilitate both local and global engineering education. Through EWH - Madison Chapter student-initiated activities, this organization has developed an interface between Traditional, Technical, and Translational education mediums. This study attests to the development of global engineering programs in the context of biomedical applications.

  18. Initiation and planning of regional investment projects

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Skopin Alex


    Full Text Available In this paper, the authors show that the initiation of individual investment projects and their subsequent selection of local authorities often rely on officially articulated priorities of socio-economic development of the municipality and evaluations of their effectiveness. Furthermore it is shown that it is advisable to initiate projects from the bottom of the enterprise and incorporate them into a system of regional projects.

  19. Systematic Review about Personal Growth Initiative

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Clarissa Pinto Pizarro de Freitas

    Full Text Available The present study aimed to realize a systematic review of publications about personal growth initiative. A literature review was realized in Bireme, Index Psi, LILACS, PePSIC, Pubmed - Publisher's Medlme, Wiley Online Library, PsycINFO, OneFile, SciVerse ScienceDirect, ERIC, Emerald Journals, PsycARTICLES - American Psychological Association, Directory of Open Access Journals - DOAJ, SAGE Journals, SpringerLink, PLoS, IngentaConnect, IEEE Journals & Magazines and SciELO databases. The literature review was performed from December of 2014 to January of 2015, without stipulating date limits for the publication of the articles. It was found 53 studies, excluded seven, and analyzed 46 researches. The studies aimed to investigate the psychometric properties of personal growth initiative scale and personal growth initiative scale II. The relations of personal initiative growth and others constructs were also evaluated. Furthermore the studies investigated the impact of interventions to promote personal growth initiative. Results of these studies showed that personal growth initiative was positively related to levels of well-being, selfesteem and others positive dimensions, and negatively to anxiety, depression and others negative factors.

  20. Protein Synthesis Initiation Factors: Phosphorylation and Regulation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Karen S. Browning


    The initiation of the synthesis of proteins is a fundamental process shared by all living organisms. Each organism has both shared and unique mechanisms for regulation of this vital process. Higher plants provide for a major amount of fixation of carbon from the environment and turn this carbon into food and fuel sources for our use. However, we have very little understanding of how plants regulate the synthesis of the proteins necessary for these metabolic processes. The research carried out during the grant period sought to address some of these unknowns in the regulation of protein synthesis initiation. Our first goal was to determine if phosphorylation plays a significant role in plant initiation of protein synthesis. The role of phosphorylation, although well documented in mammalian protein synthesis regulation, is not well studied in plants. We showed that several of the factors necessary for the initiation of protein synthesis were targets of plant casein kinase and showed differential phosphorylation by the plant specific isoforms of this kinase. In addition, we identified and confirmed the phosphorylation sites in five of the plant initiation factors. Further, we showed that phosphorylation of one of these factors, eIF5, affected the ability of the factor to participate in the initiation process. Our second goal was to develop a method to make initiation factor 3 (eIF3) using recombinant methods. To date, we successfully cloned and expressed 13/13 subunits of wheat eIF3 in E. coli using de novo gene construction methods. The final step in this process is to place the subunits into three different plasmid operons for co-expression. Successful completion of expression of eIF3 will be an invaluable tool to the plant translation community.

  1. Shock initiated instabilities in underwater cylindrical structures (United States)

    Gupta, Sachin; Matos, Helio; LeBlanc, James M.; Shukla, Arun


    An experimental investigation to understand the mechanisms of dynamic buckling instability in cylindrical structures due to underwater explosive loadings is conducted. In particular, the effects of initial hydrostatic pressure coupled with a dynamic pressure pulse on the stability of metallic cylindrical shells are evaluated. The experiments are conducted at varying initial hydrostatic pressures, below the critical buckling pressure, to estimate the threshold after which dynamic buckling will initiate. The transient underwater full-field deformations of the structures during shock wave loading are captured using high-speed stereo photography coupled with modified 3-D Digital Image Correlation (DIC) technique. Experimental results show that increasing initial hydrostatic pressure decreases the natural vibration frequency of the structure indicating loss in structural stiffness. DIC measurements reveal that the initial structural excitations primarily consist of axisymmetric vibrations due to symmetrical shock wave loading in the experiments. Following their decay after a few longitudinal reverberations, the primary mode of vibration evolves which continues throughout later in time. At the initial hydrostatic pressures below the threshold value, these vibrations are stable in nature. The analytical solutions for the vibration frequency and the transient response of cylindrical shell are discussed in the article by accounting for both (1) the added mass effect of the surrounding water and (2) the effect of initial stress on the shell imposed by the hydrostatic pressure. The analytical solutions match reasonably well with the experimental vibration frequencies. Later, the transient response of a cylindrical shell subjected to a general underwater pressure wave loading is derived which leads to the analytical prediction of dynamic stability.

  2. 4,4,4-三氟-3-(吲哚-3-)丁酸对樱桃萝卜的生长和产量的影响%Effects of 4 ,4 ,4-trifluoro-3-(indole-3-)butyric Acid on Thickening Growth and Yield of Raphanus sativus L .

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李秀平; 张艳来; 世川英夫


      为了探讨4,4,4-三氟-3-(吲哚-3-)丁酸(TFIBA )对樱桃萝卜的生长和产量的影响,以樱桃萝卜品种Akamaru 为试材,研究了 TFIBA 对樱桃萝卜生长和产量的影响。结果表明:100μmol・L-1 TFIBA 浸泡种子处理通过基质培养显著促进了萝卜的肉质根生长,在播种28、35、42 d 后,产量分别增加了139%、53%、24%,干物质重量也得到明显提高。%  In order to discuss the influence of 4 ,4 ,4-trifluoro-3-(indole-3-)butyric acid(TFIBA )to radish growth and yield ,using radish variety Akamaru as experimental material ,the effect of TFIBA on thickening growth of radish hypocotyl were investigated .The results showed that when radish seeds were soaked in 100 μmol・L-1 TFIBA solution during germination and cultured in a green house ,thickening growth of hypocotyl(edible part) was increased by 139% ,53% and 24% of untreated control at 28 ,35 and 42 days after transplanting ,respec-tively .In this study ,it showed that TFIBA was a useful plant growth regulator to increase radish growth and yield .

  3. Initial conditions for the Galileon dark energy (United States)

    Germani, Cristiano


    Galileon models are among the most appealing candidates for Dark Energy. The reason is twofold: classically, they provide a tracking solution leading to an almost DeSitter space starting from very generic initial conditions in the deep radiation era. The second reason is the standard lore that Galileons are quantum mechanically stable. The latter property is certainly true in flat space-time, thanks to the non-renormalisation theorems of Galilean coupling constants. However, in a cosmological background, we show that quantum effects might dominate the classical trajectory. Assuming the radiation era to last at least up to the electroweak phase transition, the trajectory with initial conditions sitting on the tracker is ruled out. On the other hand, it is always possible to find a sub-space of initial conditions such that the dark energy solution approaches stably the tracker at late times. Fixing the value of initial conditions that best fit current data, and assuming that the Galileon effective theory is valid up to the beginning of the radiation epoch, we found that the reheating temperature of the universe cannot be larger than 108 GeV. Reversing the argument, if dark energy will turn out to be in form of Galileons, the bounds by EUCLID on the initial conditions for these models will also be a bound on the reheating temperature of our Universe.

  4. Initiation Chemistries in Hydrocarbon (Aut)Oxidation. (United States)

    Sandhiya, Lakshmanan; Zipse, Hendrik


    For the (aut)oxidation of toluene to benzyl hydroperoxide, benzyl alcohol, benzaldehyde, and benzoic acid, the thermochemical profiles for various radical-generating reactions have been compared. A key intermediate in all of these reactions is benzyl hydroperoxide, the heat of formation of which has been estimated by using results from CBS-QB3, G4, and G3B3 calculations. Homolytic O-O bond cleavage in this hydroperoxide is strongly endothermic and thus unlikely to contribute significantly to initiation processes. In terms of reaction enthalpies the most favorable initiation process involves bimolecular reaction of benzyl hydroperoxide to yield hydroxy and benzyloxy radicals along with water and benzaldehyde. The reaction enthalpy and free energy of this process is significantly more favorable than those for the unimolecular dissociation of known radical initiators, such as dibenzoylperoxide or dibenzylhyponitrite.

  5. Initial Distribution Spread: A density forecasting approach

    CERN Document Server

    Machete, Reason L


    Ensemble forecasting of nonlinear systems involves the use of a model to run forward a discrete ensemble (or set) of initial states. Data assimilation techniques tend to focus on estimating the true state of the system, even though model error limits the value of such efforts. This paper argues for choosing the initial ensemble in order to optimise forecasting performance rather than estimate the true state of the system. Density forecasting and choosing the initial ensemble are treated as one problem. Forecasting performance can be quantified by some scoring rule. In the case of the logarithmic scoring rule, theoretical arguments and empirical results are presented. It turns out that, if the underlying noise dominates model error, we can diagnose the noise spread.

  6. European initiatives in postgraduate education in gerontology. (United States)

    van Rijsselt, René J T; Parkatti, Terttu; Troisi, Joseph


    This paper describes three innovative European initiatives in postgraduate education in gerontology. The first is the European Masters Program in Gerontology (EuMaG), developed as an interdisciplinary joint program, supported and delivered by 22 European universities. Second, the Nordplus initiative to increase mobility of students and staff in the field of gerontology in the European Nordic countries is elaborated. Third, two postgraduate Gerontology and Geriatrics programs offered by the European Centre of Gerontology and Geriatrics, University of Malta are presented. In 1995, the Centre was designated a WHO Collaborating Centre for healthy aging. To provide a context for these initiatives, a short overview is presented of developments in the European Higher Education Area, and the current state and recent developments in gerontology training in Europe is elaborated. The article concludes with discussion of the feasibility and sustainability of European internationalization efforts in education and training in gerontology.

  7. Initial symptoms and clinical features in osteosarcoma

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Sujia Wu; Xing Shi; Jianling Zhao; Yurong Wang; Jun Zhang; Liwu Zhou; Yuexian Cheng; Guangxin Zhou


    Objective: To establish the initial symptoms and physical signs of osteosarcoma from the records of the first medical visit and to identify early characteristics of the diseases to shorten the delay of diagnosis. Methods: A group of patients with osteosarcoma in extremities was identified from Nanjing Jinling Hospital. Records from the first medical visit due to symptoms and physical signs related to the bone tumor were obtained from 71 patients with osteosarcoma. Results: The results of the data recorded about the first medical visit,reasons for consultation, pain,trauma,initial diagnosis,delay in diagnosis were reported respectively. Conclusion: Pair an initial symptom of osteosarcoma, and was intermittent but not frequently felt at night. A history of trauma was common, but the clinical course often diverged from what was expected from trauma. The most important clinical feature was a palpable mass. This finding emphasizes that a thorough physical examination is absolutely necessary.

  8. Initiation of CMEs by Magnetic Flux Emergence

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Govind Dubey; Bart van der Holst; Stefaan Poedts


    The initiation of solar Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) is studied in the framework of numerical magnetohydrodynamics (MHD). The initial CME model includes a magnetic flux rope in spherical, axisymmetric geometry. The initial configuration consists of a magnetic flux rope embedded in a gravitationally stratified solar atmosphere with a background dipole magnetic field. The flux rope is in equilibrium due to an image current below the photosphere. An emerging flux triggering mechanism is used to make this equilibrium system unstable. When the magnetic flux emerges within the filament below the flux rope, this results in a catastrophic behavior similar to previous models. As a result, the flux rope rises and a current sheet forms below it. It is shown that the magnetic reconnection in the current sheet below the flux rope in combination with the outward curvature forces results in a fast ejection of the flux rope as observed for solar CMEs.We have done a parametric study of the emerging flux rate.

  9. Robustness of Inflation to Inhomogeneous Initial Conditions

    CERN Document Server

    Clough, Katy; DiNunno, Brandon S; Fischler, Willy; Flauger, Raphael; Paban, Sonia


    We consider the effects of inhomogeneous initial conditions in both the scalar field profile and the extrinsic curvature on different inflationary models. In particular, we compare the robustness of small field inflation to that of large field inflation, using numerical simulations with Einstein gravity in 3+1 dimensions. We find that small field inflation can fail in the presence of subdominant gradient energies, suggesting that it is much less robust to inhomogeneities than large field inflation, which withstands dominant gradient energies. However, we also show that small field inflation can be successful even if some regions of spacetime start out in the region of the potential that does not support inflation. In the large field case, we confirm the results of [1-3] that inflation is robust if the inflaton occupies the inflationary part of the potential. Furthermore, we show that increasing initial scalar gradients will not form sufficiently massive inflation-ending black holes if the initial hypersurface...

  10. Modelling population processes with random initial conditions. (United States)

    Pollett, P K; Dooley, A H; Ross, J V


    Population dynamics are almost inevitably associated with two predominant sources of variation: the first, demographic variability, a consequence of chance in progenitive and deleterious events; the second, initial state uncertainty, a consequence of partial observability and reporting delays and errors. Here we outline a general method for incorporating random initial conditions in population models where a deterministic model is sufficient to describe the dynamics of the population. Additionally, we show that for a large class of stochastic models the overall variation is the sum of variation due to random initial conditions and variation due to random dynamics, and thus we are able to quantify the variation not accounted for when random dynamics are ignored. Our results are illustrated with reference to both simulated and real data.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christina Gomulka


    Full Text Available On 7 May 2009 the Eastern Partnership program was launched in Prague, intended to strengthen cooperation between the EU and six former Soviet Republics, including Armenia. It was planned as a combination of the following flagship initiatives: Integrated Border Management Programme, Support for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs, Regional Energy Markets and Renewable Energy Sources, Environmental Governance and Natural Disaster Management. Within the frame of the first initiative, Armenia implemented projects concerning the election process, cooperation between Armenian judicial bodies and EU courts, promotion of the European model of justice and human rights, prevention of corruption in public administration, introduction of e-administration, support of women's entrepreneurship, support of migration management services and got acquainted with best practices in customs control and tax execution. The second initiative was implemented by organization of trainings for SMEs and active promotion of foreign investments in Armenia. Within the third initiative, the Armenian government laid the basis for energy passports for buildings, revised electricity and natural gas tariffs, and prepared a plan for better use of energy sources and energy generation from renewable sources. As part of the environmental governance initiative, Armenia intensified environmental protection activities. Within the fifth initiative, it developed the Electronic Regional Atlas of areas at risk of natural disasters. In terms of system transformation, in 2009–2013, Armenia was rated by a team of international experts as next to last. It received a poor rating with regard to management and approximation of regulations to EU requirements. Nevertheless, the European Parliament extended funds to Armenia for further transformations in 2014–2020.

  12. Mapping Initial Hydrostatic Models in Godunov Codes

    CERN Document Server

    Zingale, M A; Zu Hone, J; Calder, A C; Fryxell, B; Plewa, T; Truran, J W; Caceres, A; Olson, K; Ricker, P M; Riley, K; Rosner, R; Siegel, A; Timmes, F X; Vladimirova, N


    We look in detail at the process of mapping an astrophysical initial model from a stellar evolution code onto the computational grid of an explicit, Godunov type code while maintaining hydrostatic equilibrium. This mapping process is common in astrophysical simulations, when it is necessary to follow short-timescale dynamics after a period of long timescale buildup. We look at the effects of spatial resolution, boundary conditions, the treatment of the gravitational source terms in the hydrodynamics solver, and the initialization process itself. We conclude with a summary detailing the mapping process that yields the lowest ambient velocities in the mapped model.

  13. Initiative and responsibility; Veranlassung und Verantwortung

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Loewer, Wolfgang (ed.)


    The 6th Bonner Dialogue to energy law picks up the trend of increasing regulation of the energy sector on a more fundamental level. Under this aspect, the book under consideration contains four contributions: (1) Initiative and responsibility from a constitutional point of view (Hans-Jueergen Papier); (2) Obligations to invest in the development of transmission networks between initiative and responsibility (Juergen Kuehling); (3) Antitrust unbundling of companies from comparative law perspective (Wulf-Henning Roth); (4) Unbundling of companies outside of fusion control according to valid and future law (Andreas Roehling).

  14. Integrated Renewable Energy and Campus Sustainability Initiative

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Uthoff, Jay [Luther College, Decorah, IA (United States); Jensen, Jon [Luther College, Decorah, IA (United States); Bailey, Andrew [Luther College, Decorah, IA (United States)


    Renewable energy, energy conservation, and other sustainability initiatives have long been a central focus of Luther College. The DOE funded Integrated Renewable Energy and Campus Sustainability Initiative project has helped accelerate the College’s progress toward carbon neutrality. DOE funds, in conjunction with institutional matching funds, were used to fund energy conservation projects, a renewable energy project, and an energy and waste education program aimed at all campus constituents. The energy and waste education program provides Luther students with ideas about sustainability and conservation guidelines that they carry with them into their future communities.

  15. Does turbulence determine the initial mass function? (United States)

    Liptai, David; Price, Daniel J.; Wurster, James; Bate, Matthew R.


    We test the hypothesis that the initial mass function (IMF) is determined by the density probability distribution function (PDF) produced by supersonic turbulence. We compare 14 simulations of star cluster formation in 50 M⊙ molecular cloud cores where the initial turbulence contains either purely solenoidal or purely compressive modes, in each case resolving fragmentation to the opacity limit to determine the resultant IMF. We find statistically indistinguishable IMFs between the two sets of calculations, despite a factor of 2 difference in the star formation rate and in the standard deviation of log (ρ). This suggests that the density PDF, while determining the star formation rate, is not the primary driver of the IMF.

  16. Imaging the Intracranial Atherosclerotic Vessel Wall Using 7T MRI : Initial Comparison with Histopathology

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van der Kolk, A. G.; Zwanenburg, J. J. M.; Denswil, N. P.; Vink, A.; Spliet, W. G. M.; Daemen, M. J. A. P.; Visser, F.; Klomp, D. W. J.; Luijten, P. R.; Hendrikse, J.


    In this preliminary study, 7T imaging was capable of identifying not only intracranial wall thickening but different plaque components such as foamy macrophages and collagen. Signal heterogeneity was typical of advanced atherosclerotic disease. BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Several studies have attempted

  17. SunShot Initiative Portfolio Book 2014

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Solar Energy Technologies Office


    The 2014 SunShot Initiative Portfolio Book outlines the progress towards the goals outlined in the SunShot Vision Study. Contents include overviews of each of SunShot’s five subprogram areas, as well as a description of every active project in the SunShot’s project portfolio as of May 2014.

  18. Evaluating the Bush Climate Change Initiative

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Moor APG de; Berk MM; Elzen MGJ den; Vuuren DP van; MNV


    This report evaluates the Climate Change Initiative as presented by President Bush on February 14, 2002. The President's proposal aims to reduce the greenhouse gas intensity of the US economy by 18 per cent between 2002 and 2012. This policy target can be regarded as being very modest, when compared

  19. Evaluating the Bush Climate Change Initiative

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Moor APG de; Berk MM; Elzen MGJ den; Vuuren DP van; MNV


    Deze rapportage evalueert het Climate Change Initiative dat President Bush op 14 februari 2002 heeft gepresenteerd. Dit Initiatief beoogt de broeikasgasintensiteit van de Amerikaanse economie tussen 2002 en 2012 met 18 procent te verminderen. Deze beleidsambitie valt als zeer bescheiden te typer

  20. Porting Initiation and Failure into Linked CHEETAH (United States)

    Souers, Clark; Vitello, Peter


    Linked CHEETAH is a thermo-chemical code coupled to a 2-D hydrocode. Initially, a quadratic-pressure dependent kinetic rate was used, which worked well in modeling prompt detonation of explosives of large size, but does not work on other aspects of explosive behavior. The variable-pressure Tarantula reactive flow rate model was developed with JWL++ in order to also describe failure and initiation, and we have moved this model into Linked CHEETAH. The model works by turning on only above a pressure threshold, where a slow turn-on creates initiation. At a higher pressure, the rate suddenly leaps to a large value over a small pressure range. A slowly failing cylinder will see a rapidly declining rate, which pushes it quickly into failure. At a high pressure, the detonation rate is constant. A sequential validation procedure is used, which includes metal-confined cylinders, rate-sticks, corner-turning, initiation and threshold, gap tests and air gaps. The size (diameter) effect is central to the calibration. This work was performed under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Energy by the University of California Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory under contract No. W-7405-Eng-48.