Sample records for autoanalysis

  1. Productivity enhancement and reliability through AutoAnalysis (United States)

    Garetto, Anthony; Rademacher, Thomas; Schulz, Kristian


    The decreasing size and increasing complexity of photomask features, driven by the push to ever smaller technology nodes, places more and more challenges on the mask house, particularly in terms of yield management and cost reduction. Particularly challenging for mask shops is the inspection, repair and review cycle which requires more time and skill from operators due to the higher number of masks required per technology node and larger nuisance defect counts. While the measurement throughput of the AIMS™ platform has been improved in order to keep pace with these trends, the analysis of aerial images has seen little advancement and remains largely a manual process. This manual analysis of aerial images is time consuming, dependent on the skill level of the operator and significantly contributes to the overall mask manufacturing process flow. AutoAnalysis, the first application available for the FAVOR® platform, offers a solution to these problems by providing fully automated analysis of AIMS™ aerial images. Direct communication with the AIMS™ system allows automated data transfer and analysis parallel to the measurements. User defined report templates allow the relevant data to be output in a manner that can be tailored to various internal needs and support the requests of your customers. Productivity is significantly improved due to the fast analysis, operator time is saved and made available for other tasks and reliability is no longer a concern as the most defective region is always and consistently captured. In this paper the concept and approach of AutoAnalysis will be presented as well as an update to the status of the project. The benefits arising from the use of AutoAnalysis will be discussed in more detail and a study will be performed in order to demonstrate.

  2. Auto-analysis system for graphite morphology of grey cast iron. (United States)

    Jiang, Hong; Tan, Yiyong; Lei, Junfeng; Zeng, Libo; Zhang, Zelan; Hu, Jiming


    The current method to classify graphite morphology types of grey cast iron is based on traditional subjective observation, and it cannot be used for quantitative analysis. Since microstructures have a great effect on the mechanical properties of grey cast iron and different types have totally different characters, six types of grey cast iron are discussed and an image-processing software subsystem that performs the classification and quantitative analysis automatically based on a kind of composed feature vector and artificial neural network (ANN) is described. There are three kinds of texture features: fractal dimension, roughness and two-dimension autoregression, which are used as an extracted feature input vector of ANN classifier. Compared with using only one, the checkout correct precision increased greatly. On the other hand, to achieve the quantitative analysis and show the different types clearly, the region segmentation idea was applied to the system. The percentages of the regions with different type are reported correctly. Furthermore, this paper tentatively introduces a new empirical method to decide the number of ANN hidden nodes, which are usually considered as a difficulty in ANN structure decision. It was found that the optimum hidden node number of the experimental data was the same as that obtained using the new method.

  3. HJ/T354-2007对光度法氨氮水质自动分析仪实际水样比对试验验收指标的规定%The regulations of HJ/T 354-2007 on the acceptance indexes of actual water sample antitheses test with auto-analysis instruments for water qualities of ammonia nitrogen in spectrophotometry

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    金鑫; 王翔; 洪陵成; 孙娟; 徐锐; 李琪; 李秋红


      水环境中氨氮的实时在线监测具有重要意义,而现行标准对光度法水质氨氮在线监测仪的相关规定未考虑当氨氮浓度较低时,由可见光分光光度计自身噪音引起的方法误差就超过了现有标准。本文通过国标法测定氨氮校准曲线,对氨氮浓度测量的系统误差进行了分析,提出只有当水样中氨氮浓度大于1.0 mg/L时,在线监测仪器与采用国标法手工分析的结果的相对误差才能满足现有标准规定,补充了现行标准相关规定对于废水中氨氮浓度的要求,并且建议在氨氮自动分析仪器验收监测时,注意低浓度样品由于自身噪音所带来的分析误差,保证在线监测仪器验收结果的准确性和可靠性。%On-line auto monitoring instruments of ammonia nitrogen in water environment has great significance ,While the method errors which came from spectrophotometer's own noise were higher than current standards in the condition that the relative regulations of current standards on the on -line monitoring instruments of ammonia nitrogen in Spectrophotometry were not consid-ered in low concentration of ammonia nitrogen .This study analyses the systematic errors of the ammonia nitrogen concentration measurement via measuring its calibration curve with HJ/T 354-2007 ,It is put forward that relative errors which came from on -line monitoring instruments and national standard method will meet current regulations only when the concentration of ammonia ni-trogen in water sample was higher than 1 .0 mg/L .The current regulations on the requirement about ammonia nitrogen concentration in wasterwater are further integrated and supplemented .In order to guarantee the accuracy and reliability ,this study suggests that attention should be paid on the analytical errors ,which were lead to low concentration samples'own noise on acceptance monitoring with auto -analysis instruments of ammonia nitrogen .

  4. Freud and history before 1905: from defending to questioning the theory of a glorious past. (United States)

    Cotti, Patricia


    By sticking closely to Freud's use of the German term Geschichte (history, story) between 1894 and 1905, I will reveal two conceptions of history. The first one, the theory of the glorious past and its archaeological metaphor, which accompanied and sustained the seduction theory of cultural history. I will define how this change was determined by an evolution in Freud's conceptions of childhood prehistory and original history. I will also question how the history problem interfered with Freud's auto-analysis.

  5. Comparison of analysis techniques for aerial image metrology on advanced photomask (United States)

    Hwang, Seolchong; Woo, Sungha; Jang, Heeyeon; Lee, Youngmo; Kim, Sangpyo; Yang, Hyunjo; Schulz, Kristian; Garetto, Anthony


    The standard method for defect disposition and verification of repair success in the mask shop is through the utilization of the aerial imaging platform, AIMSTM. The CD (Critical Dimension) deviation of the defective or repaired region as well as the pattern shift can be calculated by comparing the measured aerial images of this region to that of a reference. Through this analysis it can be determined if the defect or repaired region will be printed on the wafer under the illumination conditions of the scanner. The analysis of the measured aerial images from the AIMSTM are commonly performed manually using the analysis software available on the system or with the help of an analysis software called RV (Repair Verification). Because the process is manual, it is not standardized and is subject to operator variations. This method of manual aerial image analysis is time consuming, dependent on the skill level of the operator and significantly contributes to the overall mask manufacturing process flow. AutoAnalysis (AA), the first application available for the FAVOR® platform, provides fully automated analysis of AIMSTM aerial images [1] and runs in parallel to the measurement of the aerial images. In this paper, we investigate the initial AutoAnalysis performance compared to the conventional method using RV and its application to a production environment. The evaluation is based on the defect CD of three pattern types: contact holes, dense line and spaces and peripheral structure. The defect analysis results for different patterns and illumination conditions will be correlated and challenges in transitioning to the new approach will be discussed.

  6. Grab a coffee: your aerial images are already analyzed (United States)

    Garetto, Anthony; Rademacher, Thomas; Schulz, Kristian


    For over 2 decades the AIMTM platform has been utilized in mask shops as the standard for actinic review of photomask sites in order to perform defect disposition and repair review. Throughout this time the measurement throughput of the systems has been improved in order to keep pace with the requirements demanded by a manufacturing environment, however the analysis of the sites captured has seen little improvement and remained a manual process. This manual analysis of aerial images is time consuming, subject to error and unreliability and contributes to holding up turn-around time (TAT) and slowing process flow in a manufacturing environment. AutoAnalysis, the first application available for the FAVOR® platform, offers a solution to these problems by providing fully automated data transfer and analysis of AIMTM aerial images. The data is automatically output in a customizable format that can be tailored to your internal needs and the requests of your customers. Savings in terms of operator time arise from the automated analysis which no longer needs to be performed. Reliability is improved as human error is eliminated making sure the most defective region is always and consistently captured. Finally the TAT is shortened and process flow for the back end of the line improved as the analysis is fast and runs in parallel to the measurements. In this paper the concept and approach of AutoAnalysis will be presented as well as an update to the status of the project. A look at the benefits arising from the automation and the customizable approach of the solution will be shown.

  7. HLA-genotyping of clinical specimens using Ion Torrent-based NGS. (United States)

    Barone, Jonathan C; Saito, Katsuyuki; Beutner, Karl; Campo, Maria; Dong, Wei; Goswami, Chirayu P; Johnson, Erica S; Wang, Zi-Xuan; Hsu, Susan


    We have evaluated and validated the NXType™ workflow (One Lambda, Inc.) and the accompanying TypeStream™ software on the Ion Torrent Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) platform using a comprehensive testing panel. The panel consisted of 285 genomic DNA (gDNA) samples derived from four major ethnic populations and contained 59 PT samples and 226 clinical specimens. The total number of alleles from the six loci interrogated by NGS was 3420. This validation panel provided a wide range of HLA sequence variations including many rare alleles, new variants and homozygous alleles. The NXType™ system (reagents and software) was able to correctly genotype the vast majority of these specimens. The concordance rate between SBT-derived genotypes and those generated by TypeStream™ auto-analysis ranged from 99.5% to 99.8% for the HLA-A, B, C, DRB1 and DQB1 loci, and was 98.9% for HLA-DPB1. A strategy for data review was developed that would allow correction of most of the few remaining typing errors. The entire NGS workflow from gDNA amplification to genotype assignment could be completed within 3 working days. Through this validation study, the limitations and shortcomings of the platform, specific assay system, and software algorithm were also revealed for further evaluation and improvement.

  8. [Impact of problem-based learning on the cognitive processes of medical students]. (United States)

    Urrutia Aguilar, María Esther; Hamui-Sutton, Alicia; Castañeda Figueiras, Sandra; Fortoul van der Goes, Teresa Imelda; Guevara-Guzmán, Rosalinda


    The problem based learning (PBL) method was conceived as a teaching strategy to be applied in different areas or disciplines, thus several universities adopted it, among which was the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, best known as UNAM. The Faculty of Medicine of UNAM implemented this innovative teaching method of medicine for its learner-centered educational method tendency (patient-centered practice). This method develops also several abilities in the students, such as active and significant learning, seeking and data selection and autoanalysis and synthesis, knowledge integration of, mind's logic for the detection and solution of problems, among others. The aim was to evaluate the PBL impact on pedagogical and cognitive processes through the students' critical thinking and the significance of the experience on students and teachers which were working with PBL; in addition, study strategies and self-regulation in students were considered variables for the study. Our findings indicated that PBL was perceived differently among students and teachers, and it influenced in a positive and significant way the students' perception to solve problems and their motivation to achieve a good academic performance (p < 0.005). These results suggest that PBL is a useful strategy in the teaching and learning process and it is clear that the pedagogical process and other variables can potentially influence the results obtained.

  9. [From the seduction theory to the oedipus complex]. (United States)

    Alvarez Lince, Bernardo


    The author reviews the Freudian theory of seduction as it was presented in the last decade of the XIX century. Freud began to talk about the effects of the seduction in the clinical history of Katherine, (Studies on Hysteria, 1893 - 1895). In 1896 in Heredity and the Aetiology of the Neuroses, Freud considered the seduction as the specific cause of the psychoneurosis, and latter in The Aetiology of Hysteria, he separated himself from Breuer and Charcot. In Further Remarks on The Neuro - Psychoses of Defense, Freud relates seduction with repression. The author thinks that his father death makes him doubt this theory. These oscillations went hand in hand with his auto-analysis, as it is related in the letters of October 3 and 15, 1897. In these letters the love to the mother and the jealousy to the father are introduced as key features. Nevertheless, the theory of seduction comes back recurrently in the works of Freud, and as late as 1906, in My Views on the Part Played by Sexuality in the Aetiology of the Neurose, he seems to down play the importance as a aetiology feature, considering that the hysterical patient falsified his memories and replaced them with fantasies. Towards the end of his life, in An Outline of Psycho - Analysis, Freud stated that the cares of the mother makes her in the first seducer of the child. According to Etchegoyen (2003), Freud never abandoned the theory of seduction.

  10. 心理咨询中的共感技术%Empathy Technique in Psychological Consultation

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



      共感作为一种重要的咨询技术,对咨访关系的质量、收集信息和来访者深入的自我探索等发挥着重要影响。咨询师应该有意识地提高自身的共感能力,在咨询中积极地倾听、转换心理位置、表达对来访者内心体验的理解、留意来访者对共感的反应,并有意识地进行共感训练,在此基础上形成自身的独特风格。%  As an important consultation technology, empathy plays significant role in aspects of quality of counselling relationships, collecting information and pushing client into autoanalysis. So counselors should improve empathic ability consciously. Some advice in an empathic interaction are as follows:listening seriously, accurately understanding client’s thoughts and feelings, expressing understanding to client, regarding client’s response to empathy, and increasing empathic effect by training to shape a special style of empathy.

  11. Sequential injection analysis for automation of the Winkler methodology, with real-time SIMPLEX optimization and shipboard application

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Horstkotte, Burkhard; Tovar Sanchez, Antonio; Duarte, Carlos M. [Department of Global Change Research, IMEDEA (CSIC-UIB) Institut Mediterrani d' Estudis Avancats, Miquel Marques 21, 07190 Esporles (Spain); Cerda, Victor, E-mail: [University of the Balearic Islands, Department of Chemistry Carreterra de Valldemossa km 7.5, 07011 Palma de Mallorca (Spain)


    A multipurpose analyzer system based on sequential injection analysis (SIA) for the determination of dissolved oxygen (DO) in seawater is presented. Three operation modes were established and successfully applied onboard during a research cruise in the Southern ocean: 1st, in-line execution of the entire Winkler method including precipitation of manganese (II) hydroxide, fixation of DO, precipitate dissolution by confluent acidification, and spectrophotometric quantification of the generated iodine/tri-iodide (I{sub 2}/I{sub 3}{sup -}), 2nd, spectrophotometric quantification of I{sub 2}/I{sub 3}{sup -} in samples prepared according the classical Winkler protocol, and 3rd, accurate batch-wise titration of I{sub 2}/I{sub 3}{sup -} with thiosulfate using one syringe pump of the analyzer as automatic burette. In the first mode, the zone stacking principle was applied to achieve high dispersion of the reagent solutions in the sample zone. Spectrophotometric detection was done at the isobestic wavelength 466 nm of I{sub 2}/I{sub 3}{sup -}. Highly reduced consumption of reagents and sample compared to the classical Winkler protocol, linear response up to 16 mg L{sup -1} DO, and an injection frequency of 30 per hour were achieved. It is noteworthy that for the offline protocol, sample metering and quantification with a potentiometric titrator lasts in general over 5 min without counting sample fixation, incubation, and glassware cleaning. The modified SIMPLEX methodology was used for the simultaneous optimization of four volumetric and two chemical variables. Vertex calculation and consequent application including in-line preparation of one reagent was carried out in real-time using the software AutoAnalysis. The analytical system featured high signal stability, robustness, and a repeatability of 3% RSD (1st mode) and 0.8% (2nd mode) during shipboard application.

  12. Comparative study on different styles based on generalized topic structure corpus--case study of report style and novel style%基于广义话题结构语料库的语体对比研究--以报告体与小说体为例

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    尚英; 宋柔


    Traditional stylistics mainly concentrates on vocabulary, sentence pattern and rhetoric to describe the style. In recent years, scholars began to attach more importance to the style in grammar research. However, most of the current studies tend to be microanalysis and have no macro-theoretical support, thus it’s hard for them to discover deeper prob-lems of the style. According to the features of Chinese discourse and based on punctuation clause with definite boundaries, generalized topic theory proposes the concepts of general topic and topic structure. The thesis makes a comparative study on the stylistic differences of work reports and novels, involving topic of named entity, adverbial topic, predicate topic, logical topic and relational topic, etc. The thesis also makes a reasonable explanation for these differences. Although work reports and novels differ greatly in style, no one has ever made a comparative study from the perspective of topic-comment, and there is no extensive statistical analysis based on a corpus up to now. The work of this thesis enriches the theory of statis-tical stylistics, and lays a solid foundation for the application of computer auto-analysis of topic structure, auto-judgment of composition level, and textual classification by style, etc.%传统语体学对于语体的描写多集中于词汇、句式、修辞等方面。近年来学者们开始在语法研究中更加重视语体因素,但是目前的研究多为微观的分析,没有宏观的理论体系支撑,难以探索到语体深层次的问题。广义话题理论根据汉语篇章的特点,以边界明确的标点句为基础,提出了广义话题和话题结构的概念。从广义话题的角度对比了工作报告语体和小说语体的差异,涉及到命名实体话题、状性话题、谓性话题、逻辑话题和关系话题等。并对这种差异的原因做了合理的解释。虽然工作报告与小说在语体上差异明显,但没有人从话


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘强; 张蕾蕾; 赵玉峰; 许培仁


    [Objective] To investigate the pathogens distribution and antibiotic resistance in urinary tract infection in this area. [Methods] During January 2009 to July 2010, the urine specimens were collected from outpatient and inpatient department of our hospital. Totally strains of pathogens were identified and drug resistance were performed by BD phoenix100 microbial auto-analysis system, [Results] A total of 276 strains of pathogens were isolated and the most common were E. Scherichia coil (31.16%), E. Faecium (14.13%), E faecalis (11.23%), Candida albicans (6.16%) and S heamolyticus (5.07%). We investigate the resistance to antibiotics, the detection rates of ESBLs-producing E. Coil and Klebsiella penumoniae were 74.4% and 44.4%, respectively; The detection rates of high Level Gentamicin Resistant E faecium and E faecalis were 79.5% and 41.9%, respectively; and the detection rates of MethiciUin Resistant Staphylococcus (MRS) heamolyticus and aureus were 71.4% and 33.3%, respectively. The resistance to antibiotics was quite different. [Conclusion] In this area, E. Coil, Entero-coccus were the major pathogens in urinary tract infection, and the drug resistance and Fungus infection had an obviously increasing tendency. So correct understanding the meaning of antibiotic resistance was important to control the urinary tract infection.%[目的]了解本地区泌尿系统感染常见病原菌的分布及对抗菌药物的耐药性.[方法]对2009年1月~2010年7月间,门诊和住院患者尿培养标本及其分离的细菌,采用BD Phoenix200系统鉴定细菌及药敏试验.[结果]共检出276株病原菌,病原菌中分高率居前5位菌种分别为大肠埃希菌(31.16%)、尿肠球菌(1413%)、粪肠球菌(11.23%)、白色(但)丝酵母菌(616%)和溶血葡萄球菌(5.07%).在耐药性方面,产ESBL5的大肠埃希菌和肺炎克雷伯菌的检出率分别为74.4%、44.4%;耐高浓度庆大霉素的尿肠球菌和粪肠球菌的检出率分别为79

  14. A Study of Clinical Features and Personality Types on Obsessive- Compulsive Disorder%强迫症的临床特征及人格类型研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    高成阁; 纪术茂; 苏掌权; 高惠荣


    目的:探讨强迫症及亚型的人格和临床特征,为诊断、治 疗及预后估计提供参考。方法:对82例强迫症患者进行MMPI测试, 采用纪术茂等编制的MMPI-B自动分析系统进行统计分析。结果:强 迫症患者的F、Hs、D、 Hy、Pd、Pt、 Sc以及男性病人的Si、Mf和女性病人的K量表的原始 分均明显高于常模(P<0.001),T分(年龄回归T)编码型为72/27型伴4、6量表高分;基本 量 表因子分析结果显示强迫症主要负荷四个人格因子(可解释变异的78%):神经质因子N、精神 质因子P、多疑因子S及社会内向因子I;采用Q型聚类分析将82例强迫症分为三个亚组,三组 间73种量表T均分间均有著性差异(P<0.000)。结论:强迫症各 亚型的心理特征及伴随的临床现象各有不同。%Objective:To explore the personality types a nd the features of clinical subtypes of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Methods:82 cases of OCD were tested using Chinese MMPI that w as revised by MMPI normative cooperative group. We used MMPI-B auto-analysis sys tem made by Ji Shumao et al to calculate the basis scores and T scores of 73 sca les.Results:Basis scores (+K)of scales F,Hs,D,Hy,P d,Pa,Pt,Sc,(males and females)and Si,Mf(males) and K (females) on OCD group were higher that the scores of the normal group. The two-point code of T scores in O CD was 72/27.The factor analysis in 13 scales showed that there were fo ur personality factors in OCD: neuroticism factor (Hs,Hy,D,Pt), psychotic factor (F,Pd,Sc),suspicious factor( F,Ma,Pa), Social introvers ion factor (L,Si,Mf).82 cases of OCD were divided into three groups by K-means o f quick cluster analysis,T scores of 73 MMPI scale s were different among three groups (P<0.000).Conclusio n:The ps ychological features a nd comorbidity and responses to psychotherapy of three groups OCD are different.