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  1. Facial Pain (Le Algie Facciali, Editorial

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paolo Marchettini, MD


    Full Text Available Il ricorso al trattamento chirurgico delle algie facciali è di norma considerato dai neurologi un’opzione per i casi di nevralgia trigeminale in cui sia identificato con certezza un conflitto neuro vascolare e che non siano responsivi o abbiano intolleranza ai trattamenti farmacologici. Le algie facciali di altra natura non rientrano quasi mai nelle indicazioni al trattamento chirurgico proposte dai clinici, anche nei casi resistenti a molteplici terapie combinate. Eppure negli ultimi trenta-quarant’anni la neurochirurgia a cielo aperto, la chirurgia stereotassica e le metodiche di neuro-modulazione hanno radicalmente cambiato le prospettive terapeutiche dei pazienti con dolore facciale severo

  2. The Reflection of Quantum Aesthetics in Algis Mickūnas Cosmic Philosophy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Auridas Gajauskas


    Full Text Available Quantum Aesthetics phenomenon was formed in Spain, at the end of the twentieth centure. The paper analyzes this movement in the context of Algis Mickūnas phenomenological cosmic philosophy. Movement initiator is a Spanish novelist Gregorio Morales. The study is divided into two parts: the first part presents aesthetic principles of the quantum, relationship between new aesthetics and theories of quantum mechanics, physics and other sciences. The paper also examines the similarities of quantum aesthetics and New Age movements. The second part presents cosmic - phenomenological reflection of quantum theory of beauty. Mickūnas philosophical position combines theory of "eternal recurrence", "the bodily nature of consciousness", "the cosmic dance", theory of "dynamic fields" and quantum approach to aesthetics and the Universe. Summa Summarum he writes that "the conception of quantum aesthetics is involved in the composition of the rhythmic, cyclical and mood dimensioned and tensed world". 

  3. AlgiMatrix™ based 3D cell culture system as an in-vitro tumor model for anticancer studies.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chandraiah Godugu

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Three-dimensional (3D in-vitro cultures are recognized for recapitulating the physiological microenvironment and exhibiting high concordance with in-vivo conditions. Taking the advantages of 3D culture, we have developed the in-vitro tumor model for anticancer drug screening. METHODS: Cancer cells grown in 6 and 96 well AlgiMatrix™ scaffolds resulted in the formation of multicellular spheroids in the size range of 100-300 µm. Spheroids were grown in two weeks in cultures without compromising the growth characteristics. Different marketed anticancer drugs were screened by incubating them for 24 h at 7, 9 and 11 days in 3D cultures and cytotoxicity was measured by AlamarBlue® assay. Effectiveness of anticancer drug treatments were measured based on spheroid number and size distribution. Evaluation of apoptotic and anti-apoptotic markers was done by immunohistochemistry and RT-PCR. The 3D results were compared with the conventional 2D monolayer cultures. Cellular uptake studies for drug (Doxorubicin and nanoparticle (NLC were done using spheroids. RESULTS: IC(50 values for anticancer drugs were significantly higher in AlgiMatrix™ systems compared to 2D culture models. The cleaved caspase-3 expression was significantly decreased (2.09 and 2.47 folds respectively for 5-Fluorouracil and Camptothecin in H460 spheroid cultures compared to 2D culture system. The cytotoxicity, spheroid size distribution, immunohistochemistry, RT-PCR and nanoparticle penetration data suggested that in vitro tumor models show higher resistance to anticancer drugs and supporting the fact that 3D culture is a better model for the cytotoxic evaluation of anticancer drugs in vitro. CONCLUSION: The results from our studies are useful to develop a high throughput in vitro tumor model to study the effect of various anticancer agents and various molecular pathways affected by the anticancer drugs and formulations.

  4. AlgiMatrix™-Based 3D Cell Culture System as an In Vitro Tumor Model: An Important Tool in Cancer Research. (United States)

    Godugu, Chandraiah; Singh, Mandip


    Routinely used two-dimensional cell culture-based models often fail while translating the observations into in vivo models. This setback is more common in cancer research, due to several reasons. The extracellular matrix and cell-to-cell interactions are not present in two-dimensional (2D) cell culture models. Diffusion of drug molecules into cancer cells is hindered by barriers of extracellular components in in vivo conditions, these barriers are absent in 2D cell culture models. To better mimic or simulate the in vivo conditions present in tumors, the current study used the alginate based three-dimensional cell culture (AlgiMatrix™) model, which resembles close to the in vivo tumor models. The current study explains the detailed protocols involved in AlgiMatrix™ based in vitro non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) models. The suitability of this model was studied by evaluating, cytotoxicity, apoptosis, and penetration of nanoparticles into the in vitro tumor spheroids. This study also demonstrated the effect of EphA2 receptor targeted docetaxel-loaded nanoparticles on MDA-MB-468 TNBC cell lines. The methods section is subdivided into three subsections such as (1) preparation of AlgiMatrix™-based 3D in vitro tumor models and cytotoxicity assays, (2) free drug and nanoparticle uptake into spheroid studies, and (3) western blot, IHC, and RT-PCR studies.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hasan Hakan Okay


    Full Text Available In the instrument training process, the development of musical expression is an important requirement. This research aims to determine the effect of the method that is easy to understand that will allow students to create their own strategies for the development of musical expression and which takes its source from the relationship between music and language also the relationship between the instrumental music and song. Studies have indicated with neurophysiological evidence that the language and the music carries a very important partnerships. Instrumental music, stands out as a case that takes its source from song when assessed with the understanding of instruments oppointed as a soloist. Therefore, the method is designed based on this understanding to recognize music and instrumental music. Theoretical aspect of the method used is given in the research report in detail due to its original structure.Pretest - posttest experimental and control group experimental research design was used. The research were applied in Balıkesir University Necatibey Education Faculty Education Department of Fine Arts Music Education Branch on Fall Semester of the 2009-2010 Academic Year in 10-week training period with participation of 20 students. Datas were gathered by “Musical Expression Performance Scale”. In the end of experimental study has resulted in favor of the experimental group.

  6. NCBI nr-aa BLAST: CBRC-XTRO-01-2525 [SEVENS

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available CBRC-XTRO-01-2525 ref|NP_947919.1| putative alginate o-acetyltransferase AlgI [Rhod...opseudomonas palustris CGA009] emb|CAE28018.1| putative alginate o-acetyltransferase AlgI [Rhodopseudomonas palustris CGA009] NP_947919.1 0.79 37% ...

  7. NCBI nr-aa BLAST: CBRC-XTRO-01-3465 [SEVENS

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available CBRC-XTRO-01-3465 ref|ZP_01069842.1| alginate O-acetyltransferase AlgI [ jejuni subsp. jejuni 260.94] gb|EAQ58505.1| alginate O-acetyltransferase AlgI [Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni 260.94] ZP_01069842.1 3.2 25% ...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Erol DURAN


    Full Text Available This study aims to investigate how primary fifth grade students'levels of knowledge and perception about Nasreddin Hodja and Keloğlan. This study were tried to find answer of these question: “Which is the level of students' knowledge about Nasreddin Hodja and Keloğlan?”, “Which sources students learned Keloğlan tales?”, “Can Students detect correctly perceive the message to be given in jokes or tales”. In this study, the descriptive model; content and descriptive analysis technique was used. The study group is 172 primary fifth grade students chosen at random in Uşak city center. In this study, a data collection tool, Investigation of Primary Fifth Grade Students’ Knowledge and Perception Related toNasreddin Hodja and Keloğlan, developed by the researcher, was used. According to the survey, students define Nasreddin Hodja as “funny, reverse, donkey riding, witty and knowledgeable”. But some students define Nasreddin Hodja as "a liar and deceitful. This rate for the number of students cannot be underestimated. Students define Keloğlan as “bald, cartoon character and intelligent”. In addition, in the students responses, Keloğlan "lazy and disobedient" features stand out. More than half of the students have been failed or very failed to percept the message to be given in Nasreddin Hodja jokes. However, more than half of the students have been success or very success to percept the message to be given in Keloğlan tales. İlköğretim beşinci sınıf öğrencilerinin Nasreddin Hoca ve Keloğlan ile ilgili bilgi ve algı düzeylerini belirlemeyi amaçlayan bu araştırmada, “Öğrencilerin Nasreddin Hoca ve Keloğlan ile ilgili bilgi masallarını hangi kaynaklardan öğrendikleri” ve “Fıkralarda veya masallarda verilmek istenen mesajı doğru algılayıp algılayamadıkları” araştırılmaya çalışılmıştır. Araştırmada, betimsel tarama modeli; içerik ve betimsel analiz tekniği kullanılmıştır. Araştırmanın çalışma grubunu, Uşak il merkezi ilköğretim okullarına devam eden beşinci sınıf öğrencileri içerisinden rastgele yolla seçilen 172 öğrenci oluşturmaktadır. Araştırmada veri toplama aracı olarak, araştırmacı tarafından geliştirilen “İlköğretim Beşinci Sınıf Öğrencilerinin Nasreddin Hoca ve Keloğlan ile İlgili Bilgi ve Algı Düzeylerini Belirleme Envanteri” kullanılmıştır. Araştırma sonuçlarına göre öğrenciler, Nasreddin Hoca’yı, “komik, eşeğe ters binen hazırcevap ve bilgili” şeklinde tanımlamaktadırlar. Ancak Nasreddin Hoca’yı, “yalancı ve hilekâr” olarak tanımlayan öğrenci sayısı da azımsanmayacak orandadır. Öğrenciler Keloğlanı daha çok “kel kafalı, çizgi film kahramanı ve akıllı”, şeklinde tanımlamaktadırlar. Ayrıca, Keloğlanın “tembel ve söz dinlemeyen” özellikleri de, öğrencilerin cevaplarında öne çıkmaktadır. Öğrencilerin yarısından fazlasının Nasreddin Hoca fıkralarında verilmek istenen mesajı algılamada “çok başarısız veya başarısız” oldukları; Keloğlan masallarında verilmek istenen mesajı algılamada ise öğrencilerin yarısından fazlasının “çok başarılı veya başarılı” oldukları tespit edilmiştir.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mehmet Nuri GÖMLEKSİZ


    Full Text Available The aim of this study is to assess self-efficacy perception levels of thestudents enrolled at Pedagogical Formation Programtoward web pedagogicalcontent knowledge. Study group consists of prospective teachers enrolled atPedagogical Formation Program conducted at Faculty of Education in FıratUniversity in 2011-2012 academic year. Web Pedagogical Content Knowledgescale, developed by Lee, Tsai and Chang (2008 and adapted into Turkish byHorzum (2011 was used as the data collection tool in the study. The scale wasadministered on 359 (209 female and 150 male prospective teachers.Independent groupst test and one way Anova were used to analyze the data.With the study, we investigated whether self-efficacy perception levels ofprospective teachers toward web pedagogical content knowledge changed interms of gender, department and faculty variables. Bu çalışmanın amacı pedagojik formasyon öğrencilerinin web pedagojikiçerik bilgisi öz-yeterliklerine ilişkin algı düzeylerini belirlemektir. Araştırmanınçalışma grubunu Fırat Üniversitesi 2011-2012 eğitim-öğretim yılında EğitimFakültesi’nde Pedagojik Formasyon Programına kayıtlı öğretmen adaylarıoluşturmaktadır. Araştırmada veri toplama aracı olarak Lee, Tsai ve Chang(2008 tarafından geliştirilen ve Horzum (2011 tarafından Türkçeye uyarlananWeb Pedagojik İçerik Bilgisi Ölçeği kullanılmıştır. Ölçek 209 kız ve 150 erkekolmak üzere toplam 359 öğretmen adayına uygulanmıştır. Verilerinçözümlenmesinde bağımsız gruplar t testi ve tek yönlü varyans analizindenfaydalanılmıştır. Öğretmen adaylarının web pedagojik içerik bilgisiyeterlikdüzeylerine ilişkin algılarının cinsiyet, bölüm ve fakülte değişkenlerinegöre değişip değişmediği araştırılmıştır.

  10. Manufacturing of Ferritic Low-Silicon and Molybdenum Ductile Cast Iron with the Innovative 2PE- 9 Technique


    Guzik E.; Kopyciński D.; Wierzchowski D.


    W pracy przedstawiono analizę wyników badań otrzymanych podczas produkcji żeliwa sferoidalnego typu SiMo, z zastosowaniem nowej metody sferoidyzacji metalu w kadzi bębnowej (technika 2PE- 9). Zaprezentowano wyniki badań w zakresie optymalizacji parametrów procesu, takich jak: długości przewodu sferoidyzującego. krytycznej zawartość magnezu, temperatur)' zabiegu i temperatury zalewania. Pokazano wpływ temperatur) i zabiegu, prędkości przemieszczania przewodu sferoidyzującego (czasu zabiegu sfe...

  11. Former health care vice minister sentenced / Rokas M. Tracevskis

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Tracevskis, Rokas M.


    Leedu endise tervishoiu aseministri Arturas Skikase kohtuotsusest seoses altkäemaksu võtmisega. Arturas Skikas tunnistas üles, et soovis saada verekeskuse direktori käest 5800 eurot. Tervishoiuminister Algis Caplikas jääb ametisse

  12. High-Throughput Nano-Biofilm Microarray for Antifungal Drug Discovery (United States)


    Antonio, San Antonio, Texas, USA; U.S. Army Dental and Trauma Research Detachment, Institute of Surgical Research, Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio...factors, an overlay plot was generated and optimal parametric values were established for the concentrations of algi- FIG 3 Factorial design of

  13. NCBI nr-aa BLAST: CBRC-DNOV-01-0417 [SEVENS

    Lifescience Database Archive (English)

    Full Text Available CBRC-DNOV-01-0417 ref|YP_877635.1| alginate O-acetylation protein [Clostridium novyi NT] gb|ABK62011.1| algi...nate O-acetylation protein [Clostridium novyi NT] YP_877635.1 0.12 31% ...

  14. Multigrid Relaxation Methods and the Analysis of Lightness, Shading, and Flow (United States)


    performed in parallel by many locally Coilut1in.0 tine trncsors dist i ibtti n conp)utItional netw~orks or grids. l poc , 1. arrle algi.rnI dr appealing in...of Color Vision, Macmillan. Braddick, 0.. Campbell, F.W., and Atkinson, J., [1978], "Channels in vision. basic aspects," Handbook of Sensory

  15. Former health care vice minister sentenced / Rokas M. Tracevskis

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Tracevskis, Rokas M.


    Leedu endise tervishoiu aseministri Arturas Skikase kohtuotsusest seoses altkäemaksu võtmisega. Arturas Skikas tunnistas üles, et soovis saada verekeskuse direktori käest 5800 eurot. Tervishoiuminister Algis Caplikas jääb ametisse

  16. Manufacturing of Ferritic Low-Silicon and Molybdenum Ductile Cast Iron with the Innovative 2PE- 9 Technique

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Guzik E.


    Full Text Available W pracy przedstawiono analizę wyników badań otrzymanych podczas produkcji żeliwa sferoidalnego typu SiMo, z zastosowaniem nowej metody sferoidyzacji metalu w kadzi bębnowej (technika 2PE- 9. Zaprezentowano wyniki badań w zakresie optymalizacji parametrów procesu, takich jak: długości przewodu sferoidyzującego. krytycznej zawartość magnezu, temperatur' zabiegu i temperatury zalewania. Pokazano wpływ temperatur i zabiegu, prędkości przemieszczania przewodu sferoidyzującego (czasu zabiegu sferoidyzowania i masy ciekłego stopu na uzysk magnezu ze sferoidyzatora. Przedstawiono mikrostrukturę, właściwości mechaniczne i koszt wytwarzania terrytycznego żeliwa sferoidalnego SiMo: gatunku EN-GJS-SiMo40-6. zgodnie z najnowszą EN 16124:2011 (E. Wprowadzenie dwóch przewodów elastycznych o średnicy Ø 9 mm; jeden wypełniony mieszaniną FeSi + Mg, a drugi moyfikatorem grafityzującym do zabiegowej kadzi bębnowej, jest nową metodą obróbki pozapiecowej produkcji terrytycznego żeliwa typu SiMo. która może być wykorzystana do produkcji żeliwa sferoidalnego wytapianego w indukcyjnym piecu.

  17. Suurim kliendiinfo leke kindlustuses / Sten-Aleks Pihlak

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Pihlak, Sten-Aleks


    Eesti suurimat kindlustusmaaklerit Iizi kahtlustatakse koos IT-arendusfirmaga Indium Eesti kindlustusturu suurimas infolekkes. Vt. samas: Intervjuu OÜ Indium juhi Indrek Soomestega. IT-mees: minul oli väike osa; kommenteerivad Sergei Vahnitski, Risto Rossar, Enn Saar; Algis Suik. Lisa: Infolekke skeem; Kuidas sündmused arenesid. Vt. lisaks: IIZI kindlustusfirmal lasub kahtlus. Algatati kriminaalmenetlus. Äripäev 16. juuli lk. 11

  18. Biogas slurry – An alternative growth media for algae cultivation in algiculture systems with simultaneous reduction algal predation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abitha R


    Full Text Available Biogas slurry provides a complete and high growth rate producing algal cultivation medium thus offsetting the high cultivation costs of raising algal cultures in synthetic growth media. Robust mixed algal consortia can also be cultivated in non-traditional media such as wastewater or biogas slurry along with flooded agricultural crops such as paddy (Algiculture. This greatly enhances the Nsustainability of the algae cultivation. However, since the biogas slurry contains its own set of predators of algal biomass (grazers, it is now important to study the productivities attainable by using slurry in the conventional open ponds and Algiculture setup and understand its impact on grazer population dynamics. In this study we have used diluted biogas slurry (1:10 as growth media and compared algal growth and grazing /predation characteristics for algae cultivated under four treatments namely, Bold’s basal media (M, biogas slurry (S, Algiculture (ALGI, Algiculture with biogas slurry as growth stimulant (ALGI-S. The algal biomass cultivated in slurry based systems gave rise to a productivity of 6.8 g/m2/d as harvestable biomass with simultaneous reduction in the algal mass sacrificed to grazers. We thus attempt to show that biogas slurry may be used as a potential growth media especially in Algiculture system which tends to be vulnerable to grazer attack and loss of algal population.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    徐迎利; 苗宏志; 刘振辉; 邓勇; 兰山; 王尧; 张培军; 徐斌; 麦康森


    Recombinant eel GH and yeast containing chinook salmon growth hormone (reGHand rcsGH) were incorporated into gelatin and sodium alginate (reGH-GS and rcsGH-GS) or polymer ma-trix (reGH-HP55) to protect the hormone from proteolytic cleavage in the stomach. The diets containin greGH-GS, rcsGH-GS, reGH-HP55 and free-reGH or uncoated-rcsGH were administered to red sea bream. Feeding of reGH-GS, reGH-HP55 and rcsGH-GS diets resulted in significant increases in body weight and fork length over those of controls. These results strongly suggest that gelatin and sodium algi-nate as well as polymer matrix protected the hormone from proteolytic enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract to allow the bioactive hormone to enter the circulation and eventually stimulato fish growth.

  20. The Effect of Liquid Aluminium on the Corrosion of Carbonaceous Materials

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pietrzyk S.


    Full Text Available Podczas wielu procesów wytapiania aluminium występują bezpośrednie kontakty ciekłego metalu i materiałów węglowych stanowiących wyłożenia wanien, pieców, tygli i kadzi itp. W rezultacie zachodzą procesy tworzenia węglika glinu na powierzchni między fazowej a następnie jego roztwarzania, które są uznawane jest za jeden z najważniejszych mechanizmów powodujących zużycie powierzchni i obniżenia żywotności urządzeń, zwłaszcza w procesie elektrolizy aluminium. Niniejsza praca miała na celu bliższe poznanie początkowych etapów tworzenia AI4C3 na powierzchni granicznej aluminium/węgiel. Zbadano trzy rodzaje materiałów węglowych: amorficzne, semigrafitowe i grafitowe, w obecności oraz przy braku stopionego kriolitu. Ponieważ jest bardzo trudno zbadać warstwę AI4C3 bezpośrednio (in situ, zastosowano dwie pośrednie techniki eksperymentalne: pomiar potencjału i rezystancji elektryczjnej. Stwierdzono, iż proces powstawania węglika glinu będzie zależeć od wielu zjawisk związanych z obecnością elektrolitu (interkalacja, penetracja i rozpuszczanie, jak również od struktury materiału węglowego a zwłaszcza od obecności fazy nieuporządkowanej.

  1. HEALTH WORKER AND FIBROMYALGIA: relationship between pain, and physical activity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andréa Cristina Costa


    Full Text Available The objective of the present article is to address the concept of fibromyalgie, as well as the painful symptomatology and physical exercise as a therapeutic manner, stressing the importance of this alteration in the field of workers health. It is in fact a revision, carried out through consultations of scientific articles selected in periodicals indexed at the basis of the Scientific Electronic Library Online – SciELO and PubMed. In spite of the absence of scientific evidences that point to physical efforts as factors that cause fibromyalgie, there are some studies relating the repetitive microtrauma stemming from work as ethiological agent. It is characterized as a syndrome whose main symptom is pain, which is utilized as a manner of evaluation and pathology follow-up, through such tools as scales. With regard to the treatment, physical exercises are able to minimize the algie and other symptoms. Finally, all related research works pursue correct and deep understanding of this pathology, so as to define more appropriate treatments, whilst keeping the person’s position as worker, under the assistance of specialized workers health services, thus providing quality of life.

  2. Dominant events in the northern Danube Basin palaeogeography – a tool for specification of the Upper Miocene and Pliocene stratigraphy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Peter Joniak


    Full Text Available Late Neogene palaeogeography and geodynamics of the Danube Basin is characterized by wide rifting of the back arc basin, its gradual infill, followed by the Pliocene uplift and denudation. Basin development is well recorded in its sedimentary succession, where three 3rd order sequence stratigraphy cycles were documented. DB1 cycle comprising the Lower and Middle Pannonian sediments (A – E zones sensu Papp, 1951 deposited in time span 11.6 – (9.7? 8.9 Ma is represented in Slovakia by the Ivanka and Beladice formations, in Hungary (where the formations are defined as appearance of sedimentary facies in time and space the equivalents are: deepwater setting marls, clays and sandy turbidites of the Endrőd and Szolnok formations, towards overlying strata by deposits of the basin palaeoslope or delta-slope represented by the Algyő Formation and the final shallow water setting deposits of marches, lagoons, coastal and delta plain built up by clays, sands with coal seams, represented by the Újfalu Formation. DB2 cycle comprises the Upper Pannonian sediments of the Danube Basin (F, G & H zones sensu Papp, 1951 deposited in time span (9.7? 8.9 – 6.3? Ma and is represented by the uppermost part of the Beladice and Volkovce formations, in Hungary by the Zagyva Formation. Sedimentary environment can be characterized as alluvial – with wide range of facies – from fluvial, deltaic, ephemeral lake to marches and dry land deposits. DB3 cycle comprises the Pliocene sediments of the Danube Basin Slovak part represented by the Kolárovo Formation, dated 4.1? – 2.6 Ma. The formation was deposited in fluvial to lake, and alluvial environment.

  3. Choledochal cysts in pregnancy A case report and literature review. (United States)

    Panebianco, Annunziata; Carbotta, Giuseppe; Prestera, Antonio; Laforgia, Rita; Volpi, Annalisa; Sallustio, Pierluca


    La paziente, 30 anni, primipara (36 settimane), giunge alla nostra osservazione per algie addominali localizzate maggiormente a livello epigastrico e subittero. Anamnesi remota negativa. Per l’accentuarsi della addominalgia, si decide per parto cesareo. In seconda giornata post-partum, mostra ittero franco ed incremento di transaminasi e gGT aumentate, pertanto esegue RMN che descrive notevole dilatazione delle VBE e VBI e formazione cistica della VBP delle dimensioni di 10 x 7 cm. Dopo valutazione mediante ERCP e per il persistere di ittero elevato, si sottopone la paziente ad intervento chirurgico con resezione della via biliare contenente il coledococele, colecistectomia, confezionamento di poliduttodigiunostomia su ansa defunzionalizzata. Si esegue follow-up mediante controlli ecografici ed ematochimici e RMN ogni 3 mesi. A distanza di 6 mesi, la RMN evidenzia dilatazione delle VB soprattutto dell’emisistema sinistro e difetti di riempimento riferibili a presenza di aerobilia. Alla luce del quadro radiologico e scintigrafico e, dopo ricorrenti angiocoliti, si decide per re-intervento con coledocoscopia e colangiografia, dilatazione pneumatica dell’anastomosi biliodigestiva e conseguente clearance biliare. Il decorso post-operatorio è stato buono senza complicanze. Nell’arco di 2 anni il follow up è sempre risultato negativo. Ultima RM documenta riduzione della dilatazione delle VB dell’emisistema di sinistra. Questo caso dimostra le difficoltà nella gestione e nel trattamento del coledococele in una paziente gravida e soprattutto nella valutazione del rischio di insorgenza di colangiti ricorrenti e di un’eventuale degenerazione maligna. Per prevenire queste condizioni, è importante effettuare una diagnosi differenziale e soprattutto attuare una strategia chirurgica che porti ad una completa resezione della dilatazione, ristabilendo un corretto sistema biliare.

  4. A recombinant fungal lectin for labeling truncated glycans on human cancer cells.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aymeric Audfray

    Full Text Available Cell surface glycoconjugates present alterations of their structures in chronic diseases and distinct oligosaccharide epitopes have been associated with cancer. Among them, truncated glycans present terminal non-reducing β-N-acetylglucosamine (GlcNAc residues that are rare on healthy tissues. Lectins from unconventional sources such as fungi or algi provide novel markers that bind specifically to such epitopes, but their availability may be challenging. A GlcNAc-binding lectin from the fruiting body of the fungus Psathyrella velutina (PVL has been produced in good yield in bacterial culture. A strong specificity for terminal GlcNAc residues was evidenced by glycan array. Affinity values obtained by microcalorimetry and surface plasmon resonance demonstrated a micromolar affinity for GlcNAcβ1-3Gal epitopes and for biantennary N-glycans with GlcNAcβ1-2Man capped branches. Crystal structure of PVL complexed with GlcNAcβ1-3Gal established the structural basis of the specificity. Labeling of several types of cancer cells and use of inhibitors of glycan metabolism indicated that rPVL binds to terminal GlcNAc but also to sialic acid (Neu5Ac. Analysis of glycosyltransferase expression confirmed the higher amount of GlcNAc present on cancer cells. rPVL binding is specific to cancer tissue and weak or no labeling is observed for healthy ones, except for stomach glands that present unique αGlcNAc-presenting mucins. In lung, breast and colon carcinomas, a clear delineation could be observed between cancer regions and surrounding healthy tissues. PVL is therefore a useful tool for labeling agalacto-glycans in cancer or other diseases.

  5. 斜带石斑鱼(Epinephelus coioides)MHC Ⅱα基因的克隆及表达分析%cDNA cloning and expression analysis of MHC Ⅱα from orange-spotted grouper (Epinephelus coioides)

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    蔡佳; 李楠; 蒋一男; 张念之; 鲁义善; 吴灶和; 夏春; 简纪常


    利用RACE PCR克隆了斜带石斑鱼(Epinephelus coioides)主要组织相容性复合体Ⅱα(MHC Ⅱα)基因,并通过荧光定量PCR分析了该基因在健康鱼体中的组织分布以及在溶藻弧菌(Vibro alginolyticus)感染后在不同组织中的表达变化.斜带石斑鱼MHCⅡα cDNA全长为2127bp,其中5'非翻译区为834bp,开放阅读框为714bp,3'非翻译区为579bp,编码237个氨基酸,其推导的氨基酸序列包含信号肽、α1及α2功能区、跨膜区、连接肽和胞浆区.荧光定量PCR结果表明,斜带石斑鱼MHC Ⅱα基因在鳃、头肾、肝、体肾、脑、脾和肠中表达量较高,在心脏、皮肤和肌肉中的表达量较低,并且溶藻弧菌(Vibro algi-nolyticus)感染后在脾、肠、头肾、和体肾中的表达显著上调,分别为对照组的9.5倍、4.3倍、3.4倍及1.9倍.上述结果表明斜带石斑鱼MHCⅡα在抗溶藻弧菌感染的免疫反应中可能发挥重要作用,这对进一步了解石斑鱼抗菌免疫反应具有参考意义.

  6. Laparoscopic drainage of a recurrent psoas abscess. (United States)

    Neola, Benedetto; D'Ambra, Michele; Capasso, Stefano; Russo, Milena; Ferulano, Giuseppe Paolo


    Negli ultimi anni, gli ascessi del muscolo ileopsoas sono stati riportati in letteratura con crescente frequenza, probabilmente a causa del largo impiego della TC nella diagnostica differenziale delle algie lombari. Qui presentiamo il caso di una paziente che ha sviluppato un ascesso dell’ileopsoas post-traumatico. Una donna di 43 anni riferiva febbre da 4 settimane, anoressia, dolore al fianco destro e alla regione lombare e difficoltà alla deambulazione. Tale sintomatologia, insorta per la prima volta 20 anni prima in seguito ad una caduta da cavallo, si ripresentava ciclicamente. Per il controllo della febbre e del dolore, la paziente assumeva una terapia antibiotica empirica. Al momento del ricovero gli esami ematochimici mostravano una moderata leucocitosi. La TC dell’addome evidenziava un grosso ascesso multiloculato dello psoas destro ed una lesione ipodensa del sesto segmento epatico. Considerando la lunga storia di infezioni ricorrenti e l’indicazione ad investigare ulteriormente la lesione epatica, si optava per il drenaggio laparoscopico della lesione: aperta completamente la parete dell’ascesso, venivano drenati 550ml di liquido purulento la cui coltura evidenziava la presenza di Stafilococco aureo. Una ecografia del fegato intraoperatoria con sonda laparoscopica escludeva la presenza di una lesione resecabile del sesto segmento epatico e ne confermava la natura infiammatoria. La paziente veniva dimessa in terza giornata operatoria con terapia antibiotica mirata sull’antibiogramma. Nè febbre, nè dolore sono stati più riferiti ai successivi controlli a 1, 6, 12 e 24 mesi dall’intervento. Molti Autori ritengono che gli ascessi dell’ileopsoas possano essere controllati con terapia antibiotica ed eventualmente attraverso il drenaggio percutaneo, riservando il drenaggio chirurgico ai casi complessi o recidivanti. Tuttavia la letteratura non chiarisce se sia da preferire il drenaggio chirurgico con accesso open o laparoscopico. Nella nostra

  7. Wpływ procesów odlewniczych na poziom stężenia pyłów respirabilnych na stanowiskach pracy w odlewni żeliwa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    K. Kowalski


    stanowisku formowania odlewów . Zgodnie z wymaganiami prawa pracy zobowiązano wszystkichpracowników odlewni żeliwa do ciągłego stosowania półmasek przeciwpyłowych. Przekroczenia NDS pyłu respirabilnego nastanowiskach formowania rejestrowano zarówno w dni kiedy prowadzono wytop metalu w elektrycznych piecach indukcyjnych jaki w dni bez wytopu. O ile operacje spustu metalu do kadzi, sferoidyzacji czy zalewania form w sposób oczywisty wpływają na wzrost poziomu stężenia pyłów respirabilnych na stanowiskach formowania o tyle zrodziło się pytanie jakie jeszcze procesy produkcyjne lub czynności wykonywane na tych stanowiskach przyczyniają się do wysokiego poziomu stężenia pyłów respirabilnych.

  8. 先天性单侧完全性唇腭裂患儿术前正畸治疗的模型制取方法探索

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    韩秀丽; 张伶; 兰柳萍; 唐春丽; 庞雪晶


    Objective:To investigate a method of safety, effective, convenient, which used to make a impression for complete unilateral cleft lip and palate. The model is appropriation for making of upper jaw plate, nasopalatine appliance and other requirements. Methods:Selected 20 cases of congenital unilateral cleft lip and palate, exclude contraindication of cleft lip and palate repair, exclusive disease in children with upper respira-tory tract infection. Fully conscious state in children, using of individual impression trays, modulation of alginate impression materials, in the algi-nate impression materials nearly dry placement in the mouth, got the accurate impression of the maxillary and reperfused model. Result: Based on this model, working mould plate, maxillary palatal nasal appliance, children wear appropriate treatment, can play a very good effect. Conclu-sion:Model of safety, simple preparation method can let a doctor in basic hospital for more children with cleft lip and palate orthodontic treat-ment before operation, improve the treatment of cleft lip and palate sequence, improve operation effect of children with cleft lip and palate, im-prove the quality of life.%目的:探索一种安全、有效、简便的方法,为单侧完全性唇腭裂患儿制取口腔内模型。该模型可满足制作上颌腭护板、鼻腭矫治器等所需要的条件。方法选取20例先天性单侧完全性唇腭裂患儿,排除唇腭裂修复术禁忌症,排外上呼吸道感染疾病患儿。在患儿完全清醒状态下,使用个别托盘,调制藻酸盐印模材料,在藻酸盐印模材料近干燥时置入患儿口内,制备患儿口内模型并灌注。结果以该模型为工作模制作的上颌腭护板、鼻腭矫治器,患儿配戴合适,能起到很好的矫治效果。结论该模型制备方法安全、简单,可以指导更多的基层医院的医生在不需要全麻的状态下,为更多的唇腭裂患者进行术前正畸治疗,完

  9. New-evangelization discourse in ELF immigration encounters: a case study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Grazia Guido


    religioso riflette sia le differenti strutture tipologico-sintattiche, semantiche e sociopragmatiche dei due gruppi in contatto, trasferite nei rispettivi usi di ELF, sia i loro differenti sistemi di conoscenza e valori di comunità connessi all'esperienza religiosa. Si sostiene che i malintesi nascono quando gli schemi culturalmente marcati della Semantica dei Mondi Possibili utilizzati dai membri del clero - schemi che caratterizzano la logica controfattuale del loro discorso metafisico-religioso in ELF, non riescono a giustificare i modi divergenti attraverso cui gli immigrati non-occidentali attribuiscono un senso religioso alla propria esistenza. L'analisi della conversazione dimostra come il discorso della Nuova Evangelizzazione richiede algi immigrati l'applicazione delle due massime 'bimodali' di cooperazione: la 'sospensione dell'incredulità', che sollecita gli immigrati ad adattare la propria esperienza del mondo reale a tali costruzioni controfattuali, anche se per le culture di alcuni Paesi africani da cui provengono gli immigrati la religione è intrinsecamente collegata agli ambiti del mondo reale. Riconoscere i modi diversi di esprimere l'esperienza religiosa in culture differenti può aiutare i 'nuovi evangelizzatori' a trovare modi alternativi e 'ibridi' di veicolare la Parola di Dio attraversso ELF, così da favorire una vera comunicazione ecumenica.

  10. Isolation and characterization of Wharton’s jelly-derived multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells obtained from bovine umbilical cord and maintained in a defined serum-free three-dimensional system

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cardoso Tereza C


    bovine-derived UC-WJ cells was included in the culture which demonstrated the immunossupression profile typically observed among isolated mesenchymal cells from other species. After classified the UC-WJ cells as mesenchymal stromal phenotype the in vitro 3D cultures was performed using the AlgiMatrix® protocol. Based on the size of spheroids (283,07 μm ± 43,10 μm we found that three weeks of culture was the best period to growth the UC-WJ cells on 3D dimension. The initial cell density was measured and the best value was 1.5 × 106 cells/well. Conclusions We described for the first time the isolation and characterization of UC-WJ cells in a serum-free condition and maintenance of primitive mesenchymal phenotype. The culture was stable under 60 consecutive passages with no genetic abnormalities and proliferating ratios. Taken together all results, it was possible to demonstrate an easy way to isolate and culture of bovine-derived UC-WJ cells under 2D and 3D serum-free condition, from fetal adnexa with a great potential in cell therapy and biotechnology.

  11. Editorial. Dialogue, Communication and Collaboration: Aspects of Philosophy and Communication

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jovilė Barevičiūtė


    versus Antirealism in Science Education is a contribution by Seungbae Park, in which he attempts to define how the dialogue between teachers and students is possible, as he takes the position stating that the doctrine of scientific realism is much more effective than provided opportunities of scientific antirealism. And finally, Algis Mickūnas, in his article The Different Other and Dialogue, discusses the reasons why members of different communities find it difficult to establish dialogue-based relationships and why in some cases they remain imprisoned in the state of a monologue. This issue of the journal presents a truly wide field of investigations into opportunities and obstacles for communication, interaction and collaboration. It is pleasing to see that representatives of various humanities and social sciences joined the same dialogue. Looking forward to the productive insights in the future, the Editor would like to express her gratitude to the authors of this issue.

  12. Shoulder bandage with distal traction – application to athletes overusing

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zdeněk Florian


    časně snižuje riziko rozvoje skapulotorakální instability. Bandáž ramena s distálním tahem umožní pokračovat ve sportovní aktivitě bez rizika prohlubování impingement syndromu, zvýší stabilitu glenohumerálního skloubení, zmírní až odstraní algie v elevaci paže snížením tlaku v subacromiálním prostoru.