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  1. La gestion dynamique des varietes d'ignames dans le systeme ...

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    Les origines de la diversité variétale des ignames et le maintien de cette diversité ont été étudiés dans 240 exploitations du Bénin réparties dans huit terroirs, 150 ans l'aire culturelle Bariba (sous-préfecture de Sinendé de juin à octobre 1999) et 90 dans l'aire Nagot (sous-préfecture de Banté, de juin à octobre 2000).

  2. La «domestication» des ignames dioscorea abyssinica dans les ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    L'enquête a été réalisée dans 240 exploitations de la sous-préfecture de Sinendé (aire culturelle Bariba) et de la sous-préfecture de Banté (aire culturelle Nagot). A Sinendé, vingt et un paysans «domesticateurs» ont été recensés (1,2 % des producteurs d'igname des cinq terroirs) et quinze à Banté (5,7 % des producteurs).

  3. Benin. (United States)


    Focus in this discussion of Benin is on the following: the people; geography; history; government and political conditions; economy; defense; foreign relations; and relations between the US and Benin. The population totaled 3.8 million in 1983 with an annual growth rate of 2.6%. The infant mortality rate is 45/1000 and life expectancy 46.9 years. The population comprises about 20 sociocultural groups. 4 groups -- the Fon, Aja, Bariba, and Yoruba -- account for more than half of the population. The name was changed from Dahomey to the People's Republic of Benin in 1975. 2 years after the military coup d'etat in 1972, Marxism-Leninism was declared the guiding philosophy of the new government. Marxism-Leninism remains the official doctrine, but the government has moved to take account of popular resistance to a radical social transformation, as well as problems encountered in attempting to establish a centrally directed economy. Benin is ranked as 1 of the world's 35 poorest countries. The commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors are all experiencing severe problems. The government's newest 5 year plan for 1983-88 places a stronger emphasis on developing agriculture. In so doing, the government hopes to assure its own domestic needs and to become a supplier of basic foodstuffs to the region. Benin's Armed Forces number about 3000 personnel. Benin is a member of the Non-Aligned Movement and the Organization of African Unity. Relations with France are important because of historical, cultural, economic, and aid links. After 1972, relations between the US and Benin became strained as Benin moved to strengthen its ties with the Soviet Union and other socialist countries and mounted harsh propaganda attacks on the US.