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  1. OB Associations


    Brown, A. G. A.; Blaauw, A.; Hoogerwerf, R.; de Bruijne, J.~H.~J.; de Zeeuw, P. T.


    Abstract: Since the previous (1990) edition of this meeting enormous progress in the field of OB associations has been made. Data from X-ray satellites have greatly advanced the study of the low-mass stellar content of associations, while astrometric data from the Hipparcos satellite allow for a characterization of the higher-mass content of associations with unprecedented accuracy. We review recent work on the OB associations located within 1.5 kpc from the Sun, discuss the Hipparcos results...

  2. OB Associations


    Brown, Anthony G. A.; Blaauw, A.; Hoogerwerf, R.; de Bruijne, J.~H.~J.; de Zeeuw, P. T.


    Since the previous (1990) edition of this meeting enormous progress in the field of OB associations has been made. Data from X-ray satellites have greatly advanced the study of the low-mass stellar content of associations, while astrometric data from the Hipparcos satellite allow for a characterization of the higher-mass content of associations with unprecedented accuracy. We review recent work on the OB associations located within 1.5 kpc from the Sun, discuss the Hipparcos results at length...

  3. MURCS Association

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    MURCS association is a rare developmental disorder that affects females. The acronym MURCS stands for Mullerian, Renal, ... agenesis of the left levator ani muscles with right deviation of anorectal canal,. Figures (5, 6). ... of other congenital anomalies led to the description of the MURCS association2 by Duncan in 1979.3 ...

  4. Staff Association

    CERN Multimedia

    Staff Association


    Remove of the staff association office   The Staff Association offices are going to be renovated during the coming four months, February to May 2014. The physical move from our current premises 64/R-002 to our temporary office in  510/R-010 will take place on Friday January 31st, so the Secretariat will be closed on that day. Hence, from Monday February 3rd until the end of May 2014 the Staff Association Secretariat will be located in 510/R-010 (entrance just across the CERN Printshop).    

  5. Alzheimer's Association (United States)

    ... will not share your information. * Required. View archives. Alzheimer's impact is growing Alzheimer's disease is the sixth- ... Last Updated: Our vision is a world without Alzheimer's Formed in 1980, the Alzheimer's Association advances research ...

  6. Primitive Associations

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ernst, Erik


    This position paper presents a very simple mechanism, primitive associations, and argues that this mechanism is worth careful consideration in connection with the kind of support for program correctness that grows out of mechanisms for ownership, controlled aliasing, sharing, escape analysis...

  7. Associational control

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hvid, Helge Søndergaard; Lund, Henrik Lambrecht; Grosen, Sidsel Lond


    significance in the modern workplace which is simultaneously characterized by self-management and standardization. It is concluded that the concept of control remains important, but needs to evolve from its focus on the work of individuals to a focus on the associational aspects of work if it is to retain its...

  8. CHARGE Association

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Semanti Chakraborty


    Full Text Available We present here a case of 17-year-old boy from Kolkata presenting with obesity, bilateral gynecomastia, mental retardation, and hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism. The patient weighed 70 kg and was of 153 cm height. Facial asymmetry (unilateral facial palsy, gynecomastia, decreased pubic and axillary hair, small penis, decreased right testicular volume, non-palpable left testis, and right-sided congenital inguinal hernia was present. The patient also had disc coloboma, convergent squint, microcornea, microphthalmia, pseudohypertelorism, low set ears, short neck, and choanalatresia. He had h/o VSD repaired with patch. Laboratory examination revealed haemoglobin 9.9 mg/dl, urea 24 mg/dl, creatinine 0.68 mg/dl. IGF1 77.80 ng/ml (decreased for age, GH <0.05 ng/ml, testosterone 0.25 ng/ml, FSH-0.95 ΅IU/ml, LH 0.60 ΅IU/ml. ACTH, 8:00 A.M cortisol, FT3, FT4, TSH, estradiol, DHEA-S, lipid profile, and LFT was within normal limits. Prolactin was elevated at 38.50 ng/ml. The patient′s karyotype was 46XY. Echocardiography revealed ventricularseptal defect closed with patch, grade 1 aortic regurgitation, and ejection fraction 67%. Ultrasound testis showed small right testis within scrotal sac and undescended left testis within left inguinal canal. CT scan paranasal sinuses revealed choanalatresia and deviation of nasal septum to the right. Sonomammography revealed bilateral proliferation of fibroglandular elements predominantly in subareoalar region of breasts. MRI of brain and pituitary region revealed markedly atrophic pituitary gland parenchyma with preserved infundibulum and hypothalamus and widened suprasellar cistern. The CHARGE association is an increasingly recognized non-random pattern of congenital anomalies comprising of coloboma, heart defect, choanal atresia, retarded growth and development, genital hypoplasia, ear abnormalities, and/or deafness. [1] These anomalies have a higher probability of occurring together. In this report, we have

  9. Associations From Pictures. (United States)

    Pettersson, Rune

    A picture can be interpreted in different ways by various persons. There is often a difference between a picture's denotation (literal meaning), connotation (associative meaning), and private associations. Two studies were conducted in order to observe the private associations that pictures awaken in people. One study deals with associations made…

  10. American Behcet's Disease Association (United States)

    ... org/en/community/behcet-s-syndrome Upcoming Events American Behcet's Disease Association PO BOX 80576 Rochester, MI 48308 Contact Us | Website Policy | American Behcet's Disease Association Copyright 2014

  11. American Nephrology Nurses' Association (United States)

    ... Help Join/Renew Jobs Contact Corporate Shop American Nephrology Nurses Association About ANNA Association About ANNA Strategic ... Activities CExpress Events National Events Chapter / Local Events Nephrology Nurses Week ANNA Education Modules CKD Modules Education ...

  12. Associative Memory Acceptors. (United States)

    Card, Roger

    The properties of an associative memory are examined in this paper from the viewpoint of automata theory. A device called an associative memory acceptor is studied under real-time operation. The family "L" of languages accepted by real-time associative memory acceptors is shown to properly contain the family of languages accepted by one-tape,…

  13. Intended Brand Associations

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Koll, Oliver; von Wallpach, Sylvia


    Brand managers exhibit considerable effort to define intended brand associations to anchor in consumers' minds. They follow a credo deeply rooted in branding literature: intended brand associations drive consumer response and brand equity. This article investigates the benefits of a strong overlap...... of actual consumer brand associations and management-intended brand associations (brand association match). The article presents results from two large-scale studies (3353 and 1201 respondents) involving one consumer goods and one service brand with multiple operationalizations of consumer response...... (attitudinal and behavioral). The results show that consumers with high brand association match show more positive brand response. However, after accounting for the valence of associations match does not add explanatory power. This outcome challenges a key foundation of brand management. The discussion...

  14. demographic factors associated factors associated with malaria ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    associated with malaria prevalence. Keywords: Malaria, Demographic, Plasmodiu. INTRODUCTION. Malaria is a parasitic disease,. Nigeria and many tropical and subtropic regions of the globe. It is caused by th protozoan parasite Plasmodium. Human malar is caused by four different species o. Plasmodium: P. falciparum ...

  15. Class Association Rule Pada Metode Associative Classification

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eka Karyawati


    Full Text Available Frequent patterns (itemsets discovery is an important problem in associative classification rule mining.  Differents approaches have been proposed such as the Apriori-like, Frequent Pattern (FP-growth, and Transaction Data Location (Tid-list Intersection algorithm. This paper focuses on surveying and comparing the state of the art associative classification techniques with regards to the rule generation phase of associative classification algorithms.  This phase includes frequent itemsets discovery and rules mining/extracting methods to generate the set of class association rules (CARs.  There are some techniques proposed to improve the rule generation method.  A technique by utilizing the concepts of discriminative power of itemsets can reduce the size of frequent itemset.  It can prune the useless frequent itemsets. The closed frequent itemset concept can be utilized to compress the rules to be compact rules.  This technique may reduce the size of generated rules.  Other technique is in determining the support threshold value of the itemset. Specifying not single but multiple support threshold values with regard to the class label frequencies can give more appropriate support threshold value.  This technique may generate more accurate rules. Alternative technique to generate rule is utilizing the vertical layout to represent dataset.  This method is very effective because it only needs one scan over dataset, compare with other techniques that need multiple scan over dataset.   However, one problem with these approaches is that the initial set of tid-lists may be too large to fit into main memory. It requires more sophisticated techniques to compress the tid-lists.

  16. Scoliosis Associated With Syringomyelia


    Gh Fathi; H Behtash; B Mobini; E Ameri


    Introduction: The differential diagnosis of idiopathic and syringomyelia associated scoliosis is important because corrective surgery for scoliosis associated with syringomyelia prior to management of syringomyelia can be dangerous. There are important imaging indicators for diagnosis of syringomyelia associated with scoliosis. A few of these indicators have been assessed in our study. Methods: A retrospective descriptive study including 38 patients with both scoliosis and syringomyelia was p...

  17. PADB : Published Association Database (United States)

    Rhee, Hwanseok; Lee, Jin-Sung


    Background Although molecular pathway information and the International HapMap Project data can help biomedical researchers to investigate the aetiology of complex diseases more effectively, such information is missing or insufficient in current genetic association databases. In addition, only a few of the environmental risk factors are included as gene-environment interactions, and the risk measures of associations are not indexed in any association databases. Description We have developed a published association database (PADB; ) that includes both the genetic associations and the environmental risk factors available in PubMed database. Each genetic risk factor is linked to a molecular pathway database and the HapMap database through human gene symbols identified in the abstracts. And the risk measures such as odds ratios or hazard ratios are extracted automatically from the abstracts when available. Thus, users can review the association data sorted by the risk measures, and genetic associations can be grouped by human genes or molecular pathways. The search results can also be saved to tab-delimited text files for further sorting or analysis. Currently, PADB indexes more than 1,500,000 PubMed abstracts that include 3442 human genes, 461 molecular pathways and about 190,000 risk measures ranging from 0.00001 to 4878.9. Conclusion PADB is a unique online database of published associations that will serve as a novel and powerful resource for reviewing and interpreting huge association data of complex human diseases. PMID:17877839

  18. PADB : Published Association Database

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lee Jin-Sung


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Although molecular pathway information and the International HapMap Project data can help biomedical researchers to investigate the aetiology of complex diseases more effectively, such information is missing or insufficient in current genetic association databases. In addition, only a few of the environmental risk factors are included as gene-environment interactions, and the risk measures of associations are not indexed in any association databases. Description We have developed a published association database (PADB; that includes both the genetic associations and the environmental risk factors available in PubMed database. Each genetic risk factor is linked to a molecular pathway database and the HapMap database through human gene symbols identified in the abstracts. And the risk measures such as odds ratios or hazard ratios are extracted automatically from the abstracts when available. Thus, users can review the association data sorted by the risk measures, and genetic associations can be grouped by human genes or molecular pathways. The search results can also be saved to tab-delimited text files for further sorting or analysis. Currently, PADB indexes more than 1,500,000 PubMed abstracts that include 3442 human genes, 461 molecular pathways and about 190,000 risk measures ranging from 0.00001 to 4878.9. Conclusion PADB is a unique online database of published associations that will serve as a novel and powerful resource for reviewing and interpreting huge association data of complex human diseases.

  19. Schistosomiasis and associated infections

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lambertucci JR


    Full Text Available In hospital-based series viral hepatitis B has been frequently described in association with schistosomiasis whilst in field-based studies the association has not been confirmed. The association between schistosomiasis and Salmonella bacteraemia has been well documented. More recently, acute schistosomiasis has been shown to be a facilitating factor in the genesis of pyogenic liver abscesses caused by Staphylococcus aureus. New evidences indicate an interaction between the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS and schistosomiasis. In this paper, data on the association of schistosomiasis with other infections are updated.

  20. Associative Analysis in Statistics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mihaela Muntean


    Full Text Available In the last years, the interest in technologies such as in-memory analytics and associative search has increased. This paper explores how you can use in-memory analytics and an associative model in statistics. The word “associative” puts the emphasis on understanding how datasets relate to one another. The paper presents the main characteristics of “associative” data model. Also, the paper presents how to design an associative model for labor market indicators analysis. The source is the EU Labor Force Survey. Also, this paper presents how to make associative analysis.

  1. American Heart Association (United States)

    ... Giving for Media for American Heart Association Check out Scientific Sessions news — translated for you. ... with the Woman of Distinction Award at the American Heart Association's top science gathering. Nearly half of U.S. adults ...

  2. Prevalence and associated f

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wafaa Yousif Abdel Wahed


    Conclusion: A substantial proportion of medical students are suffering from depression, stress, and anxiety. Female sex, increasing age, overweight and obesity are significant associated factors. Further studies need to be carried to identify other associated factors related to academic medical education.

  3. Associations among linguistic levels

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Spruit, M.R.; Heeringa, Wilbert; Nerbonne, J.


    In this paper we measure the degrees of association among aggregate pronunciational, lexical and syntactic differences in 70 Dutch dialect varieties. First, we show that pronunciation is marginally more strongly associated with syntax than it is with lexis and that syntax and lexis are only weakly

  4. Associations among Linguistic Levels

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Spruit, M.R.; Heeringa, W.J.; Nerbonne, J.


    In this paper we measure the degrees of association among aggregate pronunciational, lexical and syntactic differences in 70 Dutch dialect varieties. First, we show that pronunciation is marginally more strongly associated with syntax than it is with lexis and that syntax and lexis are only weakly

  5. Civic Engagement and Associationalism

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Alexander, Damon Timothy; Barraket, Jo; Lewis, Jenny


    The relationship between participation in civic and political activities and membership of voluntary associations is now well established. What is less clear is the relative impacts of how much time people spend on group activities (associational intensity), and the number and type of groups...... forms have the same impact....

  6. Staff Association Cocktail

    CERN Multimedia

    Staff Association


    The Staff Association has been organising for many years a cocktail with delegates of the Member States participating in Finance Committees of March and September. This cocktail is held at the end of the day, after the Finance Committee meeting. This direct and regular communication helps establish an ongoing contact between the Staff Association and CERN Member States and, more recently, the Associate Member States. Ambassadors of the CERN Staff Association, who are Members of the Personnel, have the opportunity to meet their national delegation in an informal and friendly atmosphere. These exchanges, facilitated by the use of the national language, allow the personnel via the Staff Association to express its ideas and positions on current affairs and fundamental issues, and also to hear about those of the delegations in return.

  7. Linear associative algebras

    CERN Document Server

    Abian, Alexander


    Linear Associative Algebras focuses on finite dimensional linear associative algebras and the Wedderburn structure theorems.The publication first elaborates on semigroups and groups, rings and fields, direct sum and tensor product of rings, and polynomial and matrix rings. The text then ponders on vector spaces, including finite dimensional vector spaces and matrix representation of vectors. The book takes a look at linear associative algebras, as well as the idempotent and nilpotent elements of an algebra, ideals of an algebra, total matrix algebras and the canonical forms of matrices, matrix

  8. National Stroke Association (United States)

    ... Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming Go National Stroke Association Our mission is to reduce the incidence ... presentation. Watch Video Now Featured Story Faces of Stroke All Kathryn could hear were faint voices as ...

  9. Color Associations of Children. (United States)

    Byrnes, Deborah A.


    Free color associations were collected from a total of 337 children in the fourth through sixth grades to 12 concepts: hope, anger, sadness, honesty, fear, happiness, pain, love, death, strength, school, and life. (Author/RH)

  10. Healthcare Associated Infections - Hospital (United States)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — The Healthcare-Associated Infection (HAI) measures - provider data. These measures are developed by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and...

  11. American Gastroenterological Association (United States)

    ... diagnosis and monitoring of EoE. Read More CGH Coping Skills Are Associated With Gastrointestinal Symptom Severity and ... Release Crohn’s & Colitis Congress Offers Reporters Access to Leading IBD Research Sept. 20, 2017 Read More Press ...

  12. Influenza-Associated Encephalitis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    J. Gordon Millichap


    Full Text Available Twenty patients with influenza-associated encephalitis/encephalopathy treated during the 1997-2001 influenza A epidemics in Japan are reported from Niigata City General Hospital, Japan.

  13. National Vulvodynia Association (United States)

    ... Vulvodynia Association Improving Women's Health through Education, Research, Support and Advocacy Menu Search Join Now Sign In Search YouTube Facebook Donate Now What is Vulvodynia? Vulvar Anatomy What Causes Vulvodynia? Diagnosis Vulvodynia Treatments About Us ...

  14. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Association (United States)

    ... organization improving the lives of those with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, HCM, preventing untimely deaths and advancing global understanding. ... item purchased, 10% will be donated to Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Association. - Online Shopping Joing ...

  15. American Pediatric Surgical Association (United States)

    American Pediatric Surgical Association Search for: Login Resources + For Members For Professionals For Training Program Directors For Media For ... Surgical Outcomes Surveys & Results Publications Continuing Education + ExPERT Pediatric Surgery NaT Annual Meeting CME MOC Requirements Residents / ...

  16. Ontology in association rules

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Ferraz, Inhaúma Neves; Garcia, Ana Cristina Bicharra


    .... Although most data mining techniques, such as the use of association rules, may substantially reduce the search effort over large data sets, often, the consequential outcomes surpass the amount...

  17. Healthcare Associated Infections - National (United States)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — The Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) measures - national data. These measures are developed by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and...

  18. Healthcare Associated Infections - State (United States)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — The Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) measures - state data. These measures are developed by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and collected...

  19. American College Health Association (United States)

    ... a robust series of courses leading to a brand new certification – the College Health and Wellness Professional ( ... future college health and wellness professionals, and strengthen awareness of the profession and association. Each month we' ...

  20. American Music Therapy Association (United States)

    American Music Therapy Association Home Contact News Help/FAQ Members Only Login Quick Links Facts About Music Therapy Qualifications ... with AMTA Sponsor AMTA Events Social Networking Support Music Therapy When you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon will ...


    Klímová, A; Heissigerová, J; Říhová, E; Holan, P; Brichová, M; Svozílková, P


    The clinical case of tattoo-associated uveitis was first described by Lubeck and Epstein in 1952. Uveitis is accompanied by induration and hyperemia of tattoo skin, which can precede, follow or manifest simultaneously with uveitis. The diagnosis is determined on clinical grounds after exclusion of other causes. Uveitis is usually bilateral, chronic and vision impairment is variable. Tattoo-associated uveitis should be remembered in differential diagnosis due to the growing interest in tattoo.Key words: uveitis, tattoo, masquerade syndrome.

  2. Staff Association Information Meetings

    CERN Multimedia


    Staff Association Information Meetings: - Thursday 29 September at 2 p.m., Meyrin, Kjell Johnsen Auditorium, 30-7-017 (in French) - Friday 30 September at 10 a.m., Prévessin, BE Auditorium, 864-1-D02 (in French) - Monday 3 October at 2 p.m., Meyrin, IT Auditorium, 31-3-004 (in French) - Tuesday 4 October at 2 p.m., Meyrin, Filtration Plant, 222-R-001 (in English)   Staff Association

  3. Immunological memory is associative

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Smith, D.J.; Forrest, S. [New Mexico Univ., Albuquerque, NM (United States). Dept. of Computer Science; Perelson, A.S. [Los Alamos National Lab., NM (United States)


    The purpose of this paper is to show that immunological memory is an associative and robust memory that belongs to the class of sparse distributed memories. This class of memories derives its associative and robust nature by sparsely sampling the input space and distributing the data among many independent agents. Other members of this class include a model of the cerebellar cortex and Sparse Distributed Memory (SDM). First we present a simplified account of the immune response and immunological memory. Next we present SDM, and then we show the correlations between immunological memory and SDM. Finally, we show how associative recall in the immune response can be both beneficial and detrimental to the fitness of an individual.

  4. [Problems associated with dyslexia]. (United States)

    Artigas-Pallarés, J


    In this article we review the disorders of development which affect learning and may be associated with dyslexia. Although the cognitive basis of dyslexia is a phonological deficit, it is not uncommonly associated with other disorders whose deficit is not necessarily related to the dyslexia from a physiopathological point of view. The problems which usually accompany dyslexia are: attention deficit with hyperactivity, dysgraphia, dyscalculia and disorders of the development of coordination. The starting point for understanding this comorbidity is finding broad, dysfunctional areas of the brains of dyslexic patients beyond those theoretically involved in dyslexia. Each of these disorders may or may not occur together with dyslexia. There are even some subtypes which are defined by being associated with dyslexia, leading to the conclusion that in some cases there are underlying common mechanisms. It is necessary to avoid confusion arising over dyslexia due to comorbidity with other conditions.

  5. Chaparral-associated hepatotoxicity. (United States)

    Sheikh, N M; Philen, R M; Love, L A


    Personal health care practices that may include the use of dietary supplements are common in the United States. Products marketed as dietary supplements are diverse and may include botanicals, vitamins, and/or minerals. Chaparral (Larrea tridentata) is a botanical dietary supplement made from a desert shrub and used for its antioxidant properties. Several reports of chaparral-associated hepatitis have been published since 1990, but a complete picture of the clinical presentation is still unclear. We reviewed the 18 case reports of adverse events associated with the ingestion of chaparral reported to the Food and Drug Administration between 1992 and 1994. These reports were from health care professionals, state health departments, and individual consumers. Of 18 reports of illnesses associated with the ingestion of chaparral, there was evidence of hepatotoxicity in 13 cases. Clinical presentation, characterized as jaundice with a marked increase in serum liver chemistry values, occurred 3 to 52 weeks after the ingestion of chaparral, and it resolved 1 to 17 weeks after most individuals stopped their intake of chaparral. The predominant pattern of liver injury was characterized as toxic or drug-induced cholestatic hepatitis; in 4 individuals, there was progression to cirrhosis; and in 2 individuals, there was acute fulminant liver failure that required liver transplants. These data indicate that the use of chaparral may be associated with acute to chronic irreversible liver damage with fulminant hepatic failure, and they underscore the potential for certain dietary supplement ingredients to cause toxic effects on the liver. Health professionals should be encouraged to inquire routinely about the use of dietary supplements and other products, to be alert to potential adverse effects that may be associated with these products, and, finally, to report any serious adverse events associated with these products through the MEDWatch Program of the Food and Drug

  6. Acromegaly associated with gangliocytoma.

    LENUS (Irish Health Repository)

    Crowley, R K


    BACKGROUND: Acromegaly secondary to growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) excess is rare. AIMS\\/CASE DESCRIPTION: We report two patients with acromegaly who were diagnosed with sellar gangliocytomas that were immunopositive for GHRH. Tumour tissue persisted after debulking surgery and in the second case this was associated with persistent growth hormone hypersecretion, successfully suppressed by a somatostatin analogue. CONCLUSIONS: The development of functional pituitary adenomas in association with sellar gangliocytomas is poorly understood. We present a brief discussion of the possible aetiology of these unusual pituitary tumours.

  7. Native American Homeschooling Association. (United States)

    Rozon, Gina


    The Native American Home School Association helps Native parents to provide a good education free from the assimilationist tendencies of public school and to transmit Native values and culture. Discusses various home schooling styles, the effectiveness of home schooling in terms of academic achievement and socialization, and the effectiveness of…

  8. Whiplash-Associated Disorders

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ferrara, S. D.; Ananian, V.; Baccino, E.


    The manuscript presents the International Guidelines developed by the Working Group on Personal Injury and Damage under the patronage of the International Academy of Legal Medicine (IALM) regarding the Methods of Ascertainment of any suspected Whiplash-Associated Disorders (WAD). The document...

  9. Saproxylic Hemiptera Habitat Associations (United States)

    Michael D. Ulyshen; James L. Hanula; Robert L. Blinn; Gene. Kritsky


    Understanding the habitat requirements of organisms associated with dead wood is important in order to conserve them in managed forests. Unfortunately, many of the less diverse saproxylic taxa, including Hemiptera, remain largely unstudied. An effort to rear insects from dead wood taken from two forest types (an upland pine-dominated and a bottomland mixed hardwood),...

  10. Captopril-associated agranulocytosis

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Apr 6, 1991 ... Three cases of captopril-associated neutropenia are des- cribed, which illustrate the clinical presentation, variable pre- disposing factors and outcome of this rare but potentially serious adverse event. Particular risk factors of renal failure and collagen vascular disease were present in only 1 patient,.

  11. Osteosarcoma associated with hyperparathyroidism

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Jutte, PC; Rosso, R; de Paolis, M; Errani, C; Pasini, E; Campanacci, L; Bacci, G; Bertoni, F; Mercuri, M

    The fourth case in the literature is presented of a patient with the rare association of hyperparathyroidism and osteosarcoma. A 56-year-old woman presented with hyperparathyroidism and a lesion in the tibia. Initial diagnosis was brown tumor. Histology, however, revealed osteosarcoma, and the

  12. Guilt by association

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Perez-Moreno, Mirna; Fuchs, Elaine


    Members of the p120-catenin family associate with cadherins and regulate their stability at the plasma membrane. How p120-catenin limits cadherin endocytosis has long remained a mystery. In this issue, Nanes et al. (2012. J. Cell Biol. doi:10.1083/jcb.201205029) identify a conserved acidic motif...

  13. National Military Family Association (United States)

    ... Take Action Volunteer Mark Your Calendar Donate Twitter Facebook Instagram Donate Appreciating Military Families: Meet the Wilsons This ... © 2017 - National Military Family Association Twitter Facebook Pinterest Instagram Charity Navigator Four Star Charity GuideStar Exchange Better ...

  14. Association of Academic Physiatrists (United States)

    ... currPanel = 0; autoPlayDelaySeconds = slidePanel(currPanel); autoPlay(); }, (autoPlayDelaySeconds*1000)); } $(document).ready(function (){ $slider.children('.slide-panel.notactive').hide(); ... Academic Home for Physiatry The Association of Academic Physiatrists ( ...

  15. Associated Autoimmune Diseases (United States)

    ... commonly associated with celiac disease - Grave’s disease and Hashimoto’s disease. Grave’s Disease: An overactive thyroid. Symptoms may ... feeling too warm, restlessness, insomnia, diarrhea, irritability, palpitations. Hashimoto’s Disease: An underactive thyroid. Symptoms may include weight ...

  16. Refugee by association

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Blanche Tax


    Full Text Available Many Syrians, even when they have not been individually singled out, meet the refugee criteria on the grounds of being at risk of persecution because of a perceived association, in the broadest sense, with one of the parties to the conflict.

  17. HIV-associated vasculopathy

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease was first described in 1981 in the USA in young homosexual men presenting with opportunistic infections associated with severe immune deficiency.1. The virus itself was identified 2 years later2 and the link between. HIV and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) was.

  18. Anaesthetic-Associated Mortality

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Anaesthetic-associated death. AeD = Anaesthetic-contributory death. TOM = Total operative mortality. ACD/ TOM X. 100 = 2,3% (2,8%). Looked at against the background of the total care of the surgical patient, anaesthesia and its mismanagement can be said to have been responsible, by means possibly preventable, for 2 ...

  19. Amenorrhea associated with carotenemia. (United States)

    Kemmann, E; Pasquale, S A; Skaf, R


    Data are presented for ten women with anovulation, nine of them with amenorrhea, who have associated carotenemia. Classic explanations for carotenemia in amenorrheic patients have been weight loss or anorexia nervosa, yet carotenemia in our patients appeared to be diet induced. All patients consumed a pure or predominantly vegetarian diet; there was no intake of red meats. Clinical and laboratory data of the patients are presented. The amenorrhea of the patient is consistent with hypothalamic hypogonadotropic anovulation (HHA). It appeared that diet modification not only led to reduction in carotene levels, but also improved the menstrual status. The association of carotenemia and menstrual disorders is reviewed. The possibility that carotenemia is related to the development of HHA is discussed.

  20. Ontology in association rules. (United States)

    Ferraz, Inhaúma Neves; Garcia, Ana Cristina Bicharra


    Data mining has emerged to address the problem of transforming data into useful knowledge. Although most data mining techniques, such as the use of association rules, may substantially reduce the search effort over large data sets, often, the consequential outcomes surpass the amount of information humanly manageable. On the other hand, important association rules may be overlooked owing to the setting of the support threshold, which is a very subjective metric, but rooted in most data mining techniques. This paper presents a study on the effects, in terms of precision and recall, of using a data preparation technique, called SemPrune, which is built on domain ontology. SemPrune is intended for pre- and post-processing phases of data mining. Identifying generalization/specialization relations, as well as composition/decomposition relations, is the key to successfully applying SemPrune.

  1. Multitasking associative networks. (United States)

    Agliari, Elena; Barra, Adriano; Galluzzi, Andrea; Guerra, Francesco; Moauro, Francesco


    We introduce a bipartite, diluted and frustrated, network as a sparse restricted Boltzmann machine and we show its thermodynamical equivalence to an associative working memory able to retrieve several patterns in parallel without falling into spurious states typical of classical neural networks. We focus on systems processing in parallel a finite (up to logarithmic growth in the volume) amount of patterns, mirroring the low-level storage of standard Amit-Gutfreund-Sompolinsky theory. Results obtained through statistical mechanics, the signal-to-noise technique, and Monte Carlo simulations are overall in perfect agreement and carry interesting biological insights. Indeed, these associative networks pave new perspectives in the understanding of multitasking features expressed by complex systems, e.g., neural and immune networks.

  2. Prevalence and associated f


    Abdel Wahed, Wafaa Yousif; Hassan, Safaa Khamis


    Background: Mental health issues are increasing in severity and number on college campuses. Improving adolescent mental well-being remains a challenge for most societies. Objectives: The objectives of this study was to study the prevalence of psychological mood disorders and its association with some factors. Methods: A cross-sectional-questionnaire based study was conducted among medical students in Fayoum University. Propensity to Psychological mood disorders was assessed by using a s...

  3. Secure association rule sharing


    Oliveira,Stanley R. de M.; Zaïane, Osmar R.; Saygın, Yücel; Saygin, Yucel


    The sharing of association rules is often beneficial in industry, but requires privacy safeguards. One may decide to disclose only part of the knowledge and conceal strategic patterns which we call restrictive rules. These restrictive rules must be protected before sharing since they are paramount for strategic decisions and need to remain private. To address this challenging problem, we propose a unified framework for protecting sensitive knowledge before sharing. This framework encompasses:...

  4. Herpes associated erythema multiforme


    K A Kamala; L Ashok; Rajeshwari G Annigeri


    Erythema multiforme is an acute and a self-limiting mucocutaneous hypersensitivity reaction triggered by certain infections and medications. One of the most common predisposing factors for erythema multiforme is infection with herpes simplex virus. Herpes associated erythema multiforme (HAEM) is an acute exudative dermatic and mucosal disease caused by the infecting herpes simplex virus. It has recurrence and idiorestriction, characterized by increasing of CD4+T leukomonocyte. This article re...

  5. Scoliosis Associated With Syringomyelia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gh Fathi


    Full Text Available Introduction: The differential diagnosis of idiopathic and syringomyelia associated scoliosis is important because corrective surgery for scoliosis associated with syringomyelia prior to management of syringomyelia can be dangerous. There are important imaging indicators for diagnosis of syringomyelia associated with scoliosis. A few of these indicators have been assessed in our study. Methods: A retrospective descriptive study including 38 patients with both scoliosis and syringomyelia was performed at the Shafa Yahyaeian center. Standard scoliosis series radiographs and MRI of all patients were studied. The type of scoliosis, location and magnitude of deformity, kyphosis or lordosis in the sagittal plane, location and size of syrinx were assessed. Results: Thoracic kyphosis was present in 94.7% of patients. 37% of patients had scoliosis with convexity to left. Arnold –chiari malformation was present in 36% and cord tethering in 21% of patients. The locations of syrinx were as follows: 47.4%cervical, 44.6 thoracic, 2.7% lumbar and 5.3% were holocord. Conclusion: Kyphosis, abscence of lordosis in sagittal plane, progressive scoliosis and scoliosis with convexity to left are atypical findings and could be indicators of the presence of syringomyelia. If these indicators are present, a diagnosis of idiopathic scoliosis should be made with caution.

  6. Word Associations of Schizophrenic Children (United States)

    Johnston, Mary Hollis


    A study of word associations in normal and disturbed children integrated two methods of word association research: pathological features of adult schizophrenic language and psycholinguistic features of developmental changes in children's associations. (Author/KM)

  7. Edema associated with quetiapine (United States)

    Koleva, Hristina K.; Erickson, Mark A.; Vanderlip, Erik R.; Tansey, Janeta; Mac, Joseph; Fiedorowicz, Jess G.


    Background Edema associated with quetiapine has been described in only one case report to date and represents a potentially serious adverse reaction. Methods We present a case series of three patients who developed bilateral leg edema following initiation of quetiapine. Results One of these patients had a recurrence of edema with subsequent rechallenge. Another patient developed quetiapine-induced edema following a prior episode of olanzapine-induced edema. All the cases present a compelling temporal relationship between the drug challenge and the adverse event. Conclusions Prompt recognition and intervention with discontinuation of the offending agent is important for this potentially serious, seemingly idiosyncratic, vascular complication. PMID:19439156

  8. Herpes associated erythema multiforme. (United States)

    Kamala, K A; Ashok, L; Annigeri, Rajeshwari G


    Erythema multiforme is an acute and a self-limiting mucocutaneous hypersensitivity reaction triggered by certain infections and medications. One of the most common predisposing factors for erythema multiforme is infection with herpes simplex virus. Herpes associated erythema multiforme (HAEM) is an acute exudative dermatic and mucosal disease caused by the infecting herpes simplex virus. It has recurrence and idiorestriction, characterized by increasing of CD4+T leukomonocyte. This article reports a case of HAEM in a 9-year-old girl, with a review of relevant literature, and discusses the pathophysiology and treatment of erythema multiforme triggered by herpes simplex virus.

  9. Herpes associated erythema multiforme

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    K A Kamala


    Full Text Available Erythema multiforme is an acute and a self-limiting mucocutaneous hypersensitivity reaction triggered by certain infections and medications. One of the most common predisposing factors for erythema multiforme is infection with herpes simplex virus. Herpes associated erythema multiforme (HAEM is an acute exudative dermatic and mucosal disease caused by the infecting herpes simplex virus. It has recurrence and idiorestriction, characterized by increasing of CD4+T leukomonocyte. This article reports a case of HAEM in a 9-year-old girl, with a review of relevant literature, and discusses the pathophysiology and treatment of erythema multiforme triggered by herpes simplex virus

  10. Osteosarcoma associated with hyperparathyroidism

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jutte, Paul C. [Istituti Orthopedici Rizzoli, Via Pupilli 1, 40136, Bologna (Italy); University Medical Center Groningen, PO Box 30.001, 9700 RB, Groningen (Netherlands); Rosso, Renato [Anatomia Patologica Universita di Pavia, via Forlanini 16, 27100, Pavia (Italy); Paolis, Massimiliano de; Errani, Costatino; Pasini, Elisabetta; Campanacci, Laura; Bacci, Gaetano; Bertoni, Franco; Mercuri, Mario [Istituti Orthopedici Rizzoli, Via Pupilli 1, 40136, Bologna (Italy)


    The fourth case in the literature is presented of a patient with the rare association of hyperparathyroidism and osteosarcoma. A 56-year-old woman presented with hyperparathyroidism and a lesion in the tibia. Initial diagnosis was brown tumor. Histology, however, revealed osteosarcoma, and the patient was treated accordingly. The experimental induction of osteosarcoma by parathormone in rodent studies makes this finding alarming, considering the increasing use of parathormone in the treatment of osteoporosis. The mechanism by which osteosarcoma is induced in humans cannot be explained based on current knowledge of mechanisms of action of parathyroid hormone. (orig.)

  11. [Poppers-associated maculopathy]. (United States)

    Pahlitzsch, M; Draghici, S; Mehrinfar, B M; Merinfhar, B M


    Poppers are a common drug belonging to the alkyl nitrite group and in use for several decades. They can be legally purchased for air freshening, but are illegal to buy for inhalation. Abuse is associated with maculopathy and visual loss as a rare side effect. A case series of 27 male, homosexual patients with poppers abuse presenting to a single eye clinic in Berlin, Germany, is described. Four patients with visual impairment and maculopathy associated with the inhalation of poppers were found. Four patients experienced subacute visual loss over 2-6 months, one patient can no longer read without a magnifying glass. The median age is 40.25 years (28-45 years). Three patients are HIV-positive (known since 10-22 years, HAART), a patient is also hepatitis C-positive. No other ocular and systemic diseases are known. Poppers have been inhaled for about 1.5, 12, 15 and 25 years (3-4 ×/week); all patients have a mixed use with the brands Jungle Juice, Rush and Amsterdam. Three patients noticed a simultaneous change in colour and shade. Clinical signs on fundoscopy ranged from normal foveal appearance to yellowish, dull macula. Optical coherence tomography (HD-OCT) showed varying degrees of disruption of the presumed inner segment/outer segment (IS/OS) junction; 3 cases bilaterally symmetrical. Although poppers have been in use for several decades, in 2007 in England, the popper composition was changed by law from isobutyl nitrite to isopropyl nitrite. It is hard to distinguish whether a specific nitrite group triggers the maculopathy or whether it is the dose level, thus suggesting the existence of a cumulative dose-response relationship. We postulate that a major factor of the manifestation of maculopathy is the individual limit of vulnerability. Despite decades of use, the majority of our series does not present any pathology. Limits of our patient population represents the HIV disease: three maculopathies of our series are HIV-associated and controlled by

  12. Pentatomids associated with blackberry

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mauricio Paulo Batistella Pasini


    Full Text Available Information concerning the presence of stink bugs in blackberry (Rubus spp. in Brazil is sparse. This study aimed to identify the stink bug species associated with blackberry, to establish the daily dynamics and evaluate the fruits damage. The experiment was conducted in Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil, in blackberry orchard. Presence and evaluations of stink bugs were done weekly through visual and sweeping samplings at different day times. Five species of pentatomids were identified: Piezodorus guildinii, Nezara viridula, Euschistus heros, Dichelops furcatus and Edessa meditabunda. The bugs attack the drupelets producing a dark brown spot and wrinkled berries.

  13. Vaccine Associated Myocarditis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Johnson Francis


    Full Text Available Most of the cases of vaccine associated myocarditis have been following small pox vaccination. Reports have also been there after streptococcal pneumonia vaccine and influenza vaccine. In some cases, autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants (ASIA used in the vaccine have been implicated. Exclusion of other causes is very important in the diagnostic process, especially that of acute coronary syndrome. Management is similar to that of other etiologies of myocarditis. These rare instances of myocarditis should not preclude one from taking necessary immunization for vaccine preventable diseases.

  14. [Morphea associated with toxoplasmosis]. (United States)

    Solovăstru, Laura; Amălinei, Cornelia


    Circumscribed scleroderma or morphea is a rare disease that involves limited areas of skin and usually is not associated with visceral lesions. Its etiology is still debated, but its appearance signifies a particular immunological status. We present a case of a male patient, which developed morphea lesions during the infection with Toxoplasma gondii. Clinical manifestation was characteristic for the classic plaque-type of morphea. Diagnosis was confirmed by the histopathologic examine of the cutaneous lesions. The evolution of lesions was correlated with antibodies titre for Toxoplasma gondii, and local administration of corticosteroids accelerated the evolution to cutaneous lesions stabilization.

  15. Associative Learning in Invertebrates (United States)

    Hawkins, Robert D.; Byrne, John H.


    This work reviews research on neural mechanisms of two types of associative learning in the marine mollusk Aplysia, classical conditioning of the gill- and siphon-withdrawal reflex and operant conditioning of feeding behavior. Basic classical conditioning is caused in part by activity-dependent facilitation at sensory neuron–motor neuron (SN–MN) synapses and involves a hybrid combination of activity-dependent presynaptic facilitation and Hebbian potentiation, which are coordinated by trans-synaptic signaling. Classical conditioning also shows several higher-order features, which might be explained by the known circuit connections in Aplysia. Operant conditioning is caused in part by a different type of mechanism, an intrinsic increase in excitability of an identified neuron in the central pattern generator (CPG) for feeding. However, for both classical and operant conditioning, adenylyl cyclase is a molecular site of convergence of the two signals that are associated. Learning in other invertebrate preparations also involves many of the same mechanisms, which may contribute to learning in vertebrates as well. PMID:25877219

  16. Endometriosis Associated with Hemothorax

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hung-Tsung Lee


    Full Text Available Bloody pleural effusion is rarely associated with endometriosis. To effectively treat this condition, it is important to differentiate the malady from other common diseases such as malignancy or tuberculosis. We describe the case of a 40-year-old multiparous female featuring right-sided hemothorax presenting with right shoulder pain and progressive shortness of breath for the preceding 2 months. Thoracoscopy disclosed grossly negative findings apart from multiple small pores in the right hemi-diaphragm with blood clots within them. Examination of the thoracoscopic biopsy specimens showed chronic pleuritis without evidence of malignancy or tuberculosis. Pelvic endometriosis was considered a possible diagnosis according to the results of abdominal computed tomography (CT scan, transvaginal sonography, and the results of dilatation and curettage. Periodic episodes of symptoms concurrent with menstruation led to the suspicion of a relationship between these conditions in our patient. Despite the patient undergoing an abdominal total hysterectomy and adhesiolysis without salpingo-oophorectomy, recurrent right-sided bloody pleural effusion developed 1.5 months subsequent to surgery. As a consequence, danazol (400 mg/day was maintained because of the endometriosis associated with pleural effusion. One year of regular follow-up later, there was no evidence of recurrent pleural effusion. We considered that the bloody pleural fluid arose via seepage from the pelvic endometriosis through the pores of the right hemi-diaphragm during menstruation.

  17. Associated morbidity of chalazia. (United States)

    Nemet, Arie Y; Vinker, Shlomo; Kaiserman, Igor


    Chalazion may be associated with some local and systemic conditions. We studied the prevalence of various conditions among patients with chalazion. A retrospective observational case-control study of all the members who were diagnosed with chalazion in the Central District of Clalit Health Services in Israel (years 2000-2008; n = 9119) and 9119 age- and gender-matched controls randomly selected from the district members. We calculated the prevalence of various ocular, systemic, and demographic conditions as risk factors for chalazion. Demographically, a significant (P chalazion was found in the population of lower socioeconomic class, in the population living in urban areas, in young females (10-29 years), in older men (older than 60 years), and in non-Ashkenazi Jews. The following risk factors of chalazion were statistically significant: blepharitis [odds ratio (OR), 6.2], rosacea (OR, 2.9), gastritis (OR, 1.4), anxiety (OR, 1.5), irritable bowel syndrome (OR, 1.7), and smoking (OR, 1.2). Diabetes (OR, 0.8) and hypothyroidism (OR, 0.8) were significantly less prevalent among chalazion patients. Some systemic conditions are significantly more prevalent and some are significantly less prevalent among patients with chalazion. Better understanding of the pathophysiological association between those diseases and chalazion may help in its treatment and prevention.

  18. Pulsar/Supernova Remnant Associations (United States)

    Kaspi, Victoria M.


    We list and review proposed pulsar/supernova remnant associations, summarize recent highlights in the field, including searches for young pulsars, searches for remnants, recent studies of previously proposed associations, and attempts at pulsar/remnant association synthesis. we argue that most proposed pulsar/supernova remnant associations require additional investigation before they can be considered secure, and we suggest directions for future work.

  19. 2011 Reports of the Regional Associations (United States)

    American Psychologist, 2011


    Presents the 2011 reports from the Annual Meetings of the Regional Psychological Associations. The following Associations are featured: The Eastern Psychological Association, Midwestern Psychological Association, New England Psychological Association, Rocky Mountain Psychological Association, Southeastern Psychological Association, Southwestern…

  20. Retinoblastoma associated orbital cellulitis (United States)

    Mullaney, P.; Karcioglu, Z.; Huaman, A.; Al-Mesfer, S.


    AIM—Preseptal and orbital cellulitis are rare presenting features of intraocular retinoblastoma. The objectives of this study were to determine the frequency of retinoblastoma associated cellulitis, as well as to review its clinical and histopathological features.
METHODS—The medical records of 292 retinoblastoma patients in the King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia were reviewed. Those indicating a history of, or presenting with, cellulitis were retrieved and their clinical, radiological, and histopathological variables were assessed. Patients with definite extraocular tumour extension on clinical or radiological examination were excluded.
RESULTS—14 patients were found to have retinoblastoma associated cellulitis (4.8%); nine had bilateral and five had unilateral retinoblastoma. Conjunctival and blood cultures were performed in 10 cases and were negative. 10 children were treated with intravenous steroids, often in conjunction with antibiotics, resulting in a prompt decrease in inflammation. Three other children were treated with antibiotics alone and one received no treatment. Computed tomographic scanning depicted large intraocular tumours occupying between 80% and 100% of the globe in each case. In eight patients, periocular inflammation was radiologically interpreted as possible extraocular extension. In one patient serial computed tomographic scanning showed a reduction in intraocular calcification over time which occurred in the presence of cellulitis. 12 patients underwent enucleation and histopathological examination revealed large necrotic, poorly differentiated tumours associated with uveal involvement and early optic nerve invasion. Focal perilimbal destruction was seen in one patient, and in another peripapillary extrascleral extension was present. 12 patients are alive with a mean follow up of 56.4 months.
CONCLUSIONS—Radiological evaluation of scleral integrity may be hindered by periocular inflammatory

  1. Urolithiasis associated with topiramate

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Scott Eggener


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: Topiramate is a sulfamate-substituted monosaccharide anticonvulsant used as adjunctive therapy for intractable refractory seizures. It is report a case of topiramate-induced urolithiasis. CASE REPORT: A 35-year-old man presented with acute, right-sided, colicky flank pain. He denied hematuria or dysuria. He was in use of phenytoin, risperidone, phenobarbital, and topiramate. The total daily dose of topiramate was 375 mg. A CT scan showed a 7 x 1 mm curvilinear density at the right ureterovesical junction with proximal hydrouretronephrosis. He was managed with rigid ureteroscopic stone extraction and the calculus metabolic analysis revealed the stone was composed of carbonate apatite (70%, calcium oxalate dihydrate (20%, and calcium oxalate monohydrate (10%. COMMENTS: The present case typifies many features of topiramate-induced urolithiasis. Those who care for patients with urinary stone disease should be aware of this association.

  2. HIV-Associated Tuberculosis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kogieleum Naidoo


    Full Text Available The intersecting HIV and Tuberculosis epidemics in countries with a high disease burden of both infections pose many challenges and opportunities. For patients infected with HIV in high TB burden countries, the diagnosis of TB, ARV drug choices in treating HIV-TB coinfected patients, when to initiate ARV treatment in relation to TB treatment, managing immune reconstitution, minimising risk of getting infected with TB and/or managing recurrent TB, minimizing airborne transmission, and infection control are key issues. In addition, given the disproportionate burden of HIV in women in these settings, sexual reproductive health issues and particular high mortality rates associated with TB during pregnancy are important. The scaleup and resource allocation to access antiretroviral treatment in these high HIV and TB settings provide a unique opportunity to strengthen both services and impact positively in meeting Millennium Development Goal 6.

  3. Tattoo associated retinochoroiditis. (United States)

    Orellana Rios, J; Verdaguer Díaz, J I; Agee, J; Theodore Smith, R


    A young woman was referred to our offices with impairment of visual acuity after she received a third tattoo on her arm. Systemic medical and laboratory work-up were performed in order to exclude an infectious agent or inflammatory disease. A yellowish juxtafoveal lesion in left eye along with a plaque-like outer retinal disruption and focal pigmentary defects was assessed using multi-modal diagnostic imaging. Ophthalmologists treating uveitis should consider this uncommon association and question patients regarding tattoos and tattoo inflammation given the rise of subjects undergoing artistic tattooing. Copyright © 2017 Sociedad Española de Oftalmología. Publicado por Elsevier España, S.L.U. All rights reserved.

  4. Sleepwalking associated with hyperthyroidism. (United States)

    Ajlouni, Kamel M; Ahmad, Azmi T; El-Zaheri, Mohamed M; Al-Zahiri, Mohammad M; Ammari, Fawwaz L; Jarrah, Nadim S; AbuJbara, Mousa A; Ajlouni, Heitham K; Daradkeh, Tewfik K


    To report several cases of hyperthyroidism in patients presenting with the unusual symptom of sleepwalking and to discuss the possible pathophysiologic basis for this novel association. After encountering and reporting the first case of new-onset somnambulism in a patient presenting with thyrotoxicosis at our institution, we routinely inquired about the sleep history of patients with thyrotoxicosis, questioning both the patients and family members when applicable. Those patients who actually had sleepwalking episodes coinciding with the onset of thyrotoxicosis underwent close follow-up, and the relationship between the sleepwalking and the results of thyroid function tests was analyzed. In addition, we reviewed the literature on psychiatric disorders and sleep problems, and the pathophysiologic rationale for a cause-and-effect relationship is discussed. We collected 8 cases of patients with new-onset sleepwalking episodes that coincided with the start of thyrotoxicosis. The disappearance of the sleepwalking with successful achievement of euthyroidism supports a cause-and-effect relationship. This hypothesis is further supported by the absence of a family history, the adult onset, and the relapse of sleepwalking in 2 of the patients when their thyrotoxicosis became poorly controlled as a result of noncompliance with medications and its subsequent disappearance with reachievement of euthyroidism. Of note, such a presentation was seen only in patients with thyrotoxicosis caused by diffuse toxic goiter or Graves' disease and never in patients with other causes of thyrotoxicosis. New-onset sleepwalking could be caused by thyrotoxicosis or, more specifically, by thyrotoxicosis resulting from diffuse toxic goiter. The mechanism is hypothesized to be related to the combination of prolongation of non-rapid eye movement sleep and the associated fatigue. Specific inquiry about this unusual presentation of thyrotoxicosis is encouraged, and more studies are needed to confirm

  5. Vaccine-associated hypersensitivity. (United States)

    McNeil, Michael M; DeStefano, Frank


    Vaccine-associated hypersensitivity reactions are not infrequent; however, serious acute-onset, presumably IgE-mediated or IgG and complement-mediated anaphylactic or serious delayed-onset T cell-mediated systemic reactions are considered extremely rare. Hypersensitivity can occur because of either the active vaccine component (antigen) or one of the other components. Postvaccination acute-onset hypersensitivity reactions include self-limited localized adverse events and, rarely, systemic reactions ranging from urticaria/angioedema to full-blown anaphylaxis with multisystem involvement. Risk of anaphylaxis after all vaccines is estimated to be 1.31 (95% CI, 0.90-1.84) per million vaccine doses, respectively. Serious hypersensitivity reactions after influenza vaccines are particularly important because of the large number of persons vaccinated annually. Influenza vaccines are unique in requiring annual changes in the vaccines' antigenic composition to match the predicted circulating influenza strains. Recently, novel influenza vaccine types were introduced in the United States (recombinant vaccines, some with higher antigen content and a new adjuvanted vaccine). Providers should be aware of changing recommendations on the basis of recent published evidence for persons with a history of egg allergy to receive annual influenza vaccination. Further research is needed to elucidate the pathophysiology and risk factors for reported vaccine-associated adverse events. Further research is also needed to determine whether repeated annual inactivated influenza vaccination, the number of vaccine antigens administered at the same time, and the current timing of routine infant vaccinations are optimal for overall population well-being. Published by Elsevier Inc.

  6. Does the standard voluntary association question capture informal associations? (United States)

    Paxton, Pamela; Rap, Robyn


    Sociologists have long been attentive to participation in associational life. Yet, despite being repeatedly cautioned to consider more informal groups, most researchers focus on participation in formal voluntary associations using national surveys with fixed group categories, such as the General Social Survey (GSS). In this paper, we use new GSS data on the names of the voluntary associations listed by respondents to evaluate whether voluntary association prompts capture or miss various types of informal associations. We code the formality of the associations listed by respondents and also compare to a new sample of bottom-up, informal voluntary associations. We demonstrate that some response categories adequately capture both formal and informal associations, e.g., sports groups. However, our results also suggest that the standard voluntary association question both omits entire categories of informal associations and omits some informal variants of associations within categories. In the tradition of Baumgartner and Walker (1988), Wuthnow (1994), and Wellman et al. (2001), we suggest that we may misunderstand citizen associations if we ignore informal associating. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  7. Non-associative versus associative learning by foraging predatory mites. (United States)

    Schausberger, Peter; Peneder, Stefan


    Learning processes can be broadly categorized into associative and non-associative. Associative learning occurs through the pairing of two previously unrelated stimuli, whereas non-associative learning occurs in response to a single stimulus. How these two principal processes compare in the same learning task and how they contribute to the overall behavioural changes brought about by experience is poorly understood. We tackled this issue by scrutinizing associative and non-associative learning of prey, Western flower thrips Frankliniella occidentalis, by the predatory mite, Neoseiulus californicus. We compared the behaviour of thrips-experienced and -naïve predators, which, early in life, were exposed to either thrips with feeding (associative learning), thrips without feeding (non-associative learning), thrips traces on the surface (non-associative learning), spider mites with feeding (thrips-naïve) or spider mite traces on the surface (thrips-naïve). Thrips experience in early life, no matter whether associative or not, resulted in higher predation rates on thrips by adult females. In the no-choice experiment, associative thrips experience increased the predation rate on the first day, but shortened the longevity of food-stressed predators, a cost of learning. In the choice experiment, thrips experience, no matter whether associative or not, increased egg production, an adaptive benefit of learning. Our study shows that both non-associative and associative learning forms operate in foraging predatory mites, N. californicus. The non-rewarded thrips prey experience produced a slightly weaker, but less costly, learning effect than the rewarded experience. We argue that in foraging predatory mites non-associative learning is an inevitable component of associative learning, rather than a separate process.

  8. Simulated Associating Polymer Networks (United States)

    Billen, Joris

    Telechelic associating polymer networks consist of polymer chains terminated by endgroups that have a different chemical composition than the polymer backbone. When dissolved in a solution, the endgroups cluster together to form aggregates. At low temperature, a strongly connected reversible network is formed and the system behaves like a gel. Telechelic networks are of interest since they are representative for biopolymer networks (e.g. F-actin) and are widely used in medical applications (e.g. hydrogels for tissue engineering, wound dressings) and consumer products (e.g. contact lenses, paint thickeners). In this thesis such systems are studied by means of a molecular dynamics/Monte Carlo simulation. At first, the system in rest is studied by means of graph theory. The changes in network topology upon cooling to the gel state, are characterized. Hereto an extensive study of the eigenvalue spectrum of the gel network is performed. As a result, an in-depth investigation of the eigenvalue spectra for spatial ER, scale-free, and small-world networks is carried out. Next, the gel under the application of a constant shear is studied, with a focus on shear banding and the changes in topology under shear. Finally, the relation between the gel transition and percolation is discussed.

  9. Precocious puberty: associated conditions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Celso Junior Wanderley Cavalcante


    Full Text Available Objective: To analyze the characteristics of children with central precocious puberty (CPP, identifying both their clinical and epidemiological characteristics, as well as the determinants for receiving timely specialized health care. Methods: Cross-sectional retrospective study with analytical approach of 342 medical records of children aged 1 to 11 years with CPP, from the Endocrinology Outpatient Clinic of a reference hospital. Biological, socio-economic, family and nutritional data of the 1994 to 2010 period was submitted to univariate and bivariate analysis, using the chi-square test for the statistical evaluation of the associations. Results: The main features of children with CPP were: being adopted, 25 (7.3%; being overweight, 92 (27.1%; being obese, 85 (25.1%; initiating puberty before six years of age, 205 (60.3%. Children with PPC who received late specialized care were the ones who most precociously presented signs of puberty (p<0.001, and belonged to families with lower income (p<0.002. Conclusion: High proportions of children with CPP were adopted and presented overweight/obesity. Children with excessively early onset of puberty signs, and belonging to low income families, suffered significant delay in obtaining specialized care. doi:10.5020/18061230.2014.p153

  10. [Pruritus associated with cholestasis]. (United States)

    Terán, Alvaro; Fábrega, Emilio; Pons-Romero, Fernando


    Pruritus is commonly associated with cholestatic disorders and shows wide interindividual variability. The presence of skin lesions due to scratching and the application of a visual analogue scale are useful for clinical evaluation. Although the pathophysiology of this entity is not well understood, advances have recently been made in understanding of the pruritoceptive neural pathway, which shares certain similarities with the nociceptive pathway, although there are other distinguishing characteristics such as the action of a specific neurotransmitter, GPR, on the first synapsis at the posterior horn of the spinal cord. Amongst the modulator systems of the pruritoceptive pathway is the action of the endogenous opioids. An increase of these opioids in cholestatic situations is the most widely accepted hypothesis for pruritus in these patients. Some treatments have proven efficacy in randomized clinical trials in patients with cholestatic disorders, such as anion exchange resins, rifampicin, opioid antagonists and ursodeoxycholic acid; the latter is especially useful in intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy. Copyright 2009 Elsevier España, S.L. All rights reserved.

  11. Attentive multidirectional associative memory with application to pattern association (United States)

    Tai, Heng-Ming


    An attentive multidirectional hetero-associative memory network (AMAM) is proposed. The convergence and encoding strategies of AMAM are described. This network enables multiple associations, but with certain associations embedding more attention. This model is inspired by speculation about how associative learning and storage might occur in the nervous system. AMAM has much better error correcting capability and memory capacity than the multidirectional associative memory. Examples are illustrated to show the advantages of this model. In addition, we demonstrate and compare its recall ability for pattern recognition.

  12. HPV-Associated Cancers Statistics (United States)

    ... Are Linked with HPV Each Year? Rates by Race and Ethnicity HPV-Associated Anal Cancer HPV-Associated ... file ePub file RIS file Page last reviewed: March 6, 2017 Page last updated: March 6, 2017 ...

  13. Performance assessment of housing associations

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Van Overmeeren, A.J.; Gruis, V.H.; Haffner, M.E.A.


    This article analyzes the function, design, and effects of a method to assess the performance of housing associations in the Netherlands. First, the roles of performance assessment are discussed from three perspectives: the association as an agent for the central government; the association as a

  14. Associative learning and animal cognition. (United States)

    Dickinson, Anthony


    Associative learning plays a variety of roles in the study of animal cognition from a core theoretical component to a null hypothesis against which the contribution of cognitive processes is assessed. Two developments in contemporary associative learning have enhanced its relevance to animal cognition. The first concerns the role of associatively activated representations, whereas the second is the development of hybrid theories in which learning is determined by prediction errors, both directly and indirectly through associability processes. However, it remains unclear whether these developments allow associative theory to capture the psychological rationality of cognition. I argue that embodying associative processes within specific processing architectures provides mechanisms that can mediate psychological rationality and illustrate such embodiment by discussing the relationship between practical reasoning and the associative-cybernetic model of goal-directed action.

  15. Aberrant cortical associative plasticity associated with severe adult Tourette syndrome. (United States)

    Martín-Rodríguez, Juan Francisco; Ruiz-Rodríguez, María Adilia; Palomar, Francisco J; Cáceres-Redondo, María Teresa; Vargas, Laura; Porcacchia, Paolo; Gómez-Crespo, Mercedes; Huertas-Fernández, Ismael; Carrillo, Fátima; Madruga-Garrido, Marcos; Mir, Pablo


    Recent studies have shown altered cortical plasticity in adult patients with Tourette syndrome. However, the clinical significance of this finding remains elusive. Motor cortical plasticity was evaluated in 15 adult patients with severe Tourette syndrome and 16 healthy controls using the paired associative stimulation protocol by transcranial magnetic stimulation. Associations between paired associative stimulation-induced plasticity and relevant clinical variables, including cortical excitability, psychiatric comorbidities, drug treatment and tic severity, were assessed. Motor cortical plasticity was abnormally increased in patients with Tourette syndrome compared with healthy subjects. This abnormal plasticity was independently associated with tic severity. Patients with severe Tourette syndrome display abnormally increased cortical associative plasticity. This aberrant cortical plasticity was associated with tic severity, suggesting an underlying mechanism for tic pathophysiology. © 2015 International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society.

  16. Metabolic syndrome-associated osteoarthritis. (United States)

    Courties, Alice; Sellam, Jérémie; Berenbaum, Francis


    Interest in the metabolic syndrome-associated osteoarthritis phenotype is increasing. Here, we summarize recently published significant findings. Meta-analyses confirmed an association between type 2 diabetes and osteoarthritis and between cardiovascular diseases and osteoarthritis. Recent advances in the study of metabolic syndrome-associated osteoarthritis have focused on a better understanding of the role of metabolic diseases in inducing or aggravating joint damage. In-vivo models of obesity, diabetes, or dyslipidemia have helped to better decipher this association. They give emerging evidence that, beyond the role of common pathogenic mechanisms for metabolic diseases and osteoarthritis (i.e., low-grade inflammation and oxidative stress), metabolic diseases have a direct systemic effect on joints. In addition to the impact of weight, obesity-associated inflammation is associated with osteoarthritis severity and may modulate osteoarthritis progression in mouse models. As well, osteoarthritis synovium from type 2 diabetic patients shows insulin-resistant features, which may participate in joint catabolism. Finally, exciting data are emerging on the association of gut microbiota and circadian rhythm and metabolic syndrome-associated osteoarthritis. The systemic role of metabolic syndrome in osteoarthritis pathophysiology is now better understood, but new avenues of research are being pursued to better decipher the metabolic syndrome-associated osteoarthritis phenotype.

  17. American Association for Hand Surgery (United States)

    ... Grant Grant Opportunities Survey Research Tips Writing a Successful Proposal Awards HAND ... Notice Regarding Location of 2018 Annual Meeting The annual meetings of the American Association for ...

  18. Association between Oral Anticoagulation Knowledge ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Association between Oral Anticoagulation Knowledge, Anticoagulation Control, and Demographic Characteristics of Patients Attending an Anticoagulation Clinic in Saudi Arabia: A Cross-Sectional Prospective Evaluation.

  19. African Diaspora Associations in Denmark

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Vammen, Ida Marie; Trans, Lars Ove


    Since the early 1990s, an increasing number of African migrants have come to Denmark, where they have formed a large number of migrant associations. This chapter presents selected findings from a comprehensive survey of African diaspora associations in Denmark and focuses specifically on their tr...... on their transnational engagement in development activities in their countries of origin....

  20. Turtle-associated human salmonellosis.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Stam, F.; Romkens, TE; Hekker, TA; Smulders, Y.M.


    A patient who bred exotic turtles as a hobby presented with 2 episodes of severe diarrhea, the second of which was proven to be caused by turtle-associated salmonellosis that was contracted during treatment with a proton-pump inhibitor. The literature about reptile-associated salmonellosis is

  1. Association between methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Amit Kumar


    Mar 7, 2016 ... Abstract Objective: The aim of the present case–control study was to determine the association ... stroke were found to have an independent association with the risk of IS after adjusting for poten- ... 702, 7th Floor, Department of Neurology, Neurosciences Centre, All India Institute of Medical Sciences,.

  2. The Eighteen Associations of Corinth

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Benedikt Eckhardt


    Full Text Available Recently offered lists of voluntary associations attested at Corinth can be reduced to two or three dubious cases; in general, the association model for the study of Christian groups needs to be carefully scrutinized aned its local context assessed. 

  3. Association mapping in tetraploid potato

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    hoop, D' B.B.


    The results of a four year project within the Centre for BioSystems Genomics (, entitled “Association mapping and family genotyping in potato” are described in this thesis. This project was intended to investigate whether a recently emerged methodology, association mapping, could provide


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    E. A. Belousova


    Full Text Available The article presents most recent data on antibiotic-associated intestinal disorders. The author reviews epidemiology and causative microorganisms in antibiotic-induced diarrhea and pseudomembranous colitis as well as clinical variants of antibiotic-associated disorders. Diagnosis methods are decribed at length with special attention to most sensitive and informative tests. Treatment of different clinical variants of antibiotic-induced disorders is discussed in detail.

  5. Weak associativity and deformation quantization

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kupriyanov, V.G., E-mail: [CMCC-Universidade Federal do ABC, Santo André, SP (Brazil); Tomsk State University, Tomsk (Russian Federation)


    Non-commutativity and non-associativity are quite natural in string theory. For open strings it appears due to the presence of non-vanishing background two-form in the world volume of Dirichlet brane, while in closed string theory the flux compactifications with non-vanishing three-form also lead to non-geometric backgrounds. In this paper, working in the framework of deformation quantization, we study the violation of associativity imposing the condition that the associator of three elements should vanish whenever each two of them are equal. The corresponding star products are called alternative and satisfy important for physical applications properties like the Moufang identities, alternative identities, Artin's theorem, etc. The condition of alternativity is invariant under the gauge transformations, just like it happens in the associative case. The price to pay is the restriction on the non-associative algebra which can be represented by the alternative star product, it should satisfy the Malcev identity. The example of nontrivial Malcev algebra is the algebra of imaginary octonions. For this case we construct an explicit expression of the non-associative and alternative star product. We also discuss the quantization of Malcev–Poisson algebras of general form, study its properties and provide the lower order expression for the alternative star product. To conclude we define the integration on the algebra of the alternative star products and show that the integrated associator vanishes.

  6. Weak associativity and deformation quantization

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    V.G. Kupriyanov


    Full Text Available Non-commutativity and non-associativity are quite natural in string theory. For open strings it appears due to the presence of non-vanishing background two-form in the world volume of Dirichlet brane, while in closed string theory the flux compactifications with non-vanishing three-form also lead to non-geometric backgrounds. In this paper, working in the framework of deformation quantization, we study the violation of associativity imposing the condition that the associator of three elements should vanish whenever each two of them are equal. The corresponding star products are called alternative and satisfy important for physical applications properties like the Moufang identities, alternative identities, Artin's theorem, etc. The condition of alternativity is invariant under the gauge transformations, just like it happens in the associative case. The price to pay is the restriction on the non-associative algebra which can be represented by the alternative star product, it should satisfy the Malcev identity. The example of nontrivial Malcev algebra is the algebra of imaginary octonions. For this case we construct an explicit expression of the non-associative and alternative star product. We also discuss the quantization of Malcev–Poisson algebras of general form, study its properties and provide the lower order expression for the alternative star product. To conclude we define the integration on the algebra of the alternative star products and show that the integrated associator vanishes.

  7. Color-shape associations revealed with implicit association tests. (United States)

    Chen, Na; Tanaka, Kanji; Watanabe, Katsumi


    Kandinsky proposed a correspondence theory that suggests associations between specific colors and shapes (i.e., circle-blue, square-red, triangle-yellow). Makin and Wuerger tested the theory using the Implicit Association Test (IAT) and did not find clear evidence for Kandinsky's color-shape associations among British participants. In the present study, we first replicated the previous study among Japanese participants and found similar results to those of Makin and Wuerger, showing little support for Kandinsky's theory. In the subsequent experiment, we tested another set of color-shape associations that had been revealed by using an explicit matching method (circle-red, square-blue, triangle-yellow) in Japanese participants. The IAT tests showed that response times were significantly faster when circle-red, square-blue, and triangle-yellow combinations were mapped onto the same response key, rather than different key combinations, indicating that these color-shape combinations were encoded. These results provide the first empirical evidence that color-shape associations can be measured by indirect behavioral methods, and in particular, Japanese people's color-shape associations (circle-red, square-blue, triangle-yellow) can be observed by both direct and indirect experimental methods.

  8. Color-shape associations revealed with implicit association tests.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Na Chen

    Full Text Available Kandinsky proposed a correspondence theory that suggests associations between specific colors and shapes (i.e., circle-blue, square-red, triangle-yellow. Makin and Wuerger tested the theory using the Implicit Association Test (IAT and did not find clear evidence for Kandinsky's color-shape associations among British participants. In the present study, we first replicated the previous study among Japanese participants and found similar results to those of Makin and Wuerger, showing little support for Kandinsky's theory. In the subsequent experiment, we tested another set of color-shape associations that had been revealed by using an explicit matching method (circle-red, square-blue, triangle-yellow in Japanese participants. The IAT tests showed that response times were significantly faster when circle-red, square-blue, and triangle-yellow combinations were mapped onto the same response key, rather than different key combinations, indicating that these color-shape combinations were encoded. These results provide the first empirical evidence that color-shape associations can be measured by indirect behavioral methods, and in particular, Japanese people's color-shape associations (circle-red, square-blue, triangle-yellow can be observed by both direct and indirect experimental methods.

  9. Wavelet-based associative memory (United States)

    Jones, Katharine J.


    Faces provide important characteristics of a person"s identification. In security checks, face recognition still remains the method in continuous use despite other approaches (i.e. fingerprints, voice recognition, pupil contraction, DNA scanners). With an associative memory, the output data is recalled directly using the input data. This can be achieved with a Nonlinear Holographic Associative Memory (NHAM). This approach can also distinguish between strongly correlated images and images that are partially or totally enclosed by others. Adaptive wavelet lifting has been used for Content-Based Image Retrieval. In this paper, adaptive wavelet lifting will be applied to face recognition to achieve an associative memory.

  10. Ocular associations of metabolic syndrome

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rupali Chopra


    Full Text Available Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of diseases including central obesity, dyslipidemia, hyperglycemia, and high blood pressure. People with metabolic syndrome have been shown to be at an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease, beyond the risk associated with individual components of the syndrome. The association of diabetes and hypertension with retinopathy, cataract, and raised intraocular pressure is well known. This review highlights the association of metabolic syndrome, including all its components, with various ocular conditions such as retinopathy, central retinal artery occlusion, cataracts, and raised intraocular pressure.

  11. Association of prediabetes-associated single nucleotide polymorphisms with microalbuminuria.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jong Wook Choi

    Full Text Available Increased glycemic exposure, even below the diagnostic criteria for diabetes mellitus, is crucial in the pathogenesis of diabetic microvascular complications represented by microalbuminuria. Nonetheless, there is limited evidence regarding which single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs are associated with prediabetes and whether genetic predisposition to prediabetes is related to microalbuminuria, especially in the general population. Our objective was to answer these questions. We conducted a genomewide association study (GWAS separately on two population-based cohorts, Ansung and Ansan, in the Korean Genome and Epidemiology Study (KoGES. The initial GWAS was carried out on the Ansung cohort, followed by a replication study on the Ansan cohort. A total of 5682 native Korean participants without a significant medical illness were classified into either control group (n = 3153 or prediabetic group (n = 2529. In the GWAS, we identified two susceptibility loci associated with prediabetes, one at 17p15.3-p15.1 in the GCK gene and another at 7p15.1 in YKT6. When variations in GCK and YKT6 were used as a model of prediabetes, this genetically determined prediabetes increased microalbuminuria. Multiple logistic regression analyses revealed that fasting glucose concentration in plasma and SNP rs2908289 in GCK were associated with microalbuminuria, and adjustment for age, gender, smoking history, systolic blood pressure, waist circumference, and serum triglyceride levels did not attenuate this association. Our results suggest that prediabetes and the associated SNPs may predispose to microalbuminuria before the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus. Further studies are needed to explore the details of the physiological and molecular mechanisms underlying this genetic association.

  12. Stereotype Associations and Emotion Recognition

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bijlstra, Gijsbert; Holland, Rob W.; Dotsch, Ron; Hugenberg, Kurt; Wigboldus, Daniel H. J.

    We investigated whether stereotype associations between specific emotional expressions and social categories underlie stereotypic emotion recognition biases. Across two studies, we replicated previously documented stereotype biases in emotion recognition using both dynamic (Study 1) and static

  13. American Association Of State Climatologists (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Records documenting the business, membership, and meetings of the American Association of State Climatologists, from 1976-92. Material donated in 2008 by the estate...

  14. Partial monoids: associativity and confluence

    CERN Document Server

    Poinsot, Laurent; Tollu, Christophe


    A partial monoid $P$ is a set with a partial multiplication $\\times$ (and total identity $1_P$) which satisfies some associativity axiom. The partial monoid $P$ may be embedded in a free monoid $P^*$ and the product $\\star$ is simulated by a string rewriting system on $P^*$ that consists in evaluating the concatenation of two letters as a product in $P$, when it is defined, and a letter $1_P$ as the empty word $\\epsilon$. In this paper we study the profound relations between confluence for such a system and associativity of the multiplication. Moreover we develop a reduction strategy to ensure confluence and which allows us to define a multiplication on normal forms associative up to a given congruence of $P^*$. Finally we show that this operation is associative if, and only if, the rewriting system under consideration is confluent.

  15. Benchmarking Complications Associated with Esophagectomy

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Low, Donald E.; Kuppusamy, Madhan Kumar; Alderson, Derek; Cecconello, Ivan; Chang, Andrew C.; Darling, Gail; Davies, Andrew; D'journo, Xavier Benoit; Gisbertz, Suzanne S.; Griffin, S. Michael; Hardwick, Richard; Hoelscher, Arnulf; Hofstetter, Wayne; Jobe, Blair; Kitagawa, Yuko; Law, Simon; Mariette, Christophe; Maynard, Nick; Morse, Christopher R.; Nafteux, Philippe; Pera, Manuel; Pramesh, C. S.; Puig, Sonia; Reynolds, John V.; Schroeder, Wolfgang; Smithers, Mark; Wijnhoven, B. P. L.


    Utilizing a standardized dataset with specific definitions to prospectively collect international data to provide a benchmark for complications and outcomes associated with esophagectomy. Outcome reporting in oncologic surgery has suffered from the lack of a standardized system for reporting

  16. Business Associations and Private Ordering

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Prüfer, J.


    Abstract: We study the capacity of business associations - private, formal, noncommercial organizations designed to promote the common business interests of their members - to support contract enforcement and collective action. Inspired by recent empirical literature, our theoretical framework

  17. Vitiligo associated with esophageal adenocarcinoma

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ali Asilian


    Full Text Available Vitiligo is a disease that results in depigmented areas in the skin. It may develop at any age but the average age at onset is 20 years. Association of vitiligo and melanoma has been commonly reported, but malignancies other than melanoma have been rarely associated with vitiligo. We report a 73-year-old patient with new onset vitiligo who developed esophageal adenocarcinoma in the following years.

  18. Inflammatory cytokine-associated depression


    Lotrich, Francis E


    Inflammatory cytokines can sometimes trigger depression in humans, are often associated with depression, and can elicit some behaviors in animals that are homologous to major depression. Moreover, these cytokines can affect monoaminergic and glutamatergic systems, supporting an overlapping pathoetiology with major depression. This suggests that there could be a specific major depression subtype, inflammatory cytokine-associated depression (ICAD), which may require different therapeutic approa...

  19. [Factors associated with jejunostomy complications]. (United States)

    Medina-Franco, H; Pestaña-Fonseca, C S; Rosales-Murillo, C F; Staufert-Gutiérrez, D L; Velázquez-Dohorn, M E


    There are few studies in the literature that analyze jejunostomy complications and their associated factors. To describe the rate of complications and analyze the factors associated with their development in a tertiary reference center in Mexico. A retrospective study was carried out on patients that underwent Witzel jejunostomy within the time frame of January 2002 to December 2011. Patient demographic, clinical, and laboratory data were collected at the time of hospital admission and during follow-up. The factors associated with the development of complications were analyzed using the chi square test for categorical variables and the Student's t test for the continuous variables. Statistical significance was considered with a pJejunostomy is associated with an elevated medical, as well as surgical, complication frequency. Even though it has been established as a better alternative to parenteral nutrition, its associated morbidity should be taken into consideration before establishing its routine use as a means of nutritional support, especially in patients with factors associated with the development of complications. Copyright © 2012 Asociación Mexicana de Gastroenterología. Published by Masson Doyma México S.A. All rights reserved.



    Rolly Intan


    Association rules that involve two or more dimensions or predicates can be referred as multidimensional association rules. Rather than searching for frequent itemsets (as is done in mining single-dimensional association rules), in multidimensional association rules, we search for frequent predicate sets. In general, there are two types of multidimensional association rules, namely interdimension association rules and hybrid-dimension association rules. Interdimension association rules are mul...

  1. A Proposal of Fuzzy Multidimensional Association Rules


    Intan, Rolly


    Association rules that involve two or more dimensions or predicates can be referred as multidimensional association rules. Rather than searching for frequent itemsets (as is done in mining single-dimensional association rules), in multidimensional association rules, we search for frequent predicate sets. In general, there are two types of multidimensional association rules, namely interdimension association rules and hybrid-dimension association rules. Interdimension association rules are mul...

  2. The Staff Association and you

    CERN Multimedia

    Association du personnel


    The Staff Association, your representative with the Management and the Member States The article VII 1.01 of the Staff Rules and Regulations (SR&R) provides that “the relations between the Director-General and the personnel shall be established either on an individual basis or on a collective basis with the Staff Association as intermediary”. This essential role of the Staff representatives, of being the spokesperson of the entire staff of the Organization vis-à-vis the Director-General and the Members States, is achieved through regular participation in the various joint advisory committees defined in the SR&R. The most important are the Standing Concertation Committee and the TREF, tripartite forum where your representatives meet with the Member States delegates, in the presence of the Management, to explain the position of the staff on the various issues concerning employment conditions. The Finance Committee also gives the opportunity to the Staff Association to ...

  3. Observational Calculi and Association Rules

    CERN Document Server

    Rauch, Jan


    Observational calculi were introduced in the 1960’s as a tool of logic of discovery. Formulas of observational calculi correspond to assertions on analysed data. Truthfulness of suitable assertions can lead to acceptance of new scientific hypotheses. The general goal was to automate the process of discovery of scientific knowledge using mathematical logic and statistics. The GUHA method for producing true formulas of observational calculi relevant to the given problem of scientific discovery was developed. Theoretically interesting and practically important results on observational calculi were achieved. Special attention was paid to formulas - couples of Boolean attributes derived from columns of the analysed data matrix. Association rules introduced in the 1990’s can be seen as a special case of such formulas. New results on logical calculi and association rules were achieved. They can be seen as a logic of association rules. This can contribute to solving contemporary challenging problems of data minin...

  4. Bioprospecting plant-associated microbiomes. (United States)

    Müller, Christina A; Obermeier, Melanie M; Berg, Gabriele


    There is growing demand for new bioactive compounds and biologicals for the pharmaceutical, agro- and food industries. Plant-associated microbes present an attractive and promising source to this end, but are nearly unexploited. Therefore, bioprospecting of plant microbiomes is gaining more and more attention. Due to their highly specialized and co-evolved genetic pool, plant microbiomes host a rich secondary metabolism. This article highlights the potential detection and use of secondary metabolites and enzymes derived from plant-associated microorganisms in biotechnology. As an example we summarize the findings from the moss microbiome with special focus on the genus Sphagnum and its biotechnological potential for the discovery of novel microorganisms and bioactive molecules. The selected examples illustrate unique and yet untapped properties of plant-associated microbiomes, which are an immense treasure box for future research. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  5. Inflammatory cytokine-associated depression. (United States)

    Lotrich, Francis E


    Inflammatory cytokines can sometimes trigger depression in humans, are often associated with depression, and can elicit some behaviors in animals that are homologous to major depression. Moreover, these cytokines can affect monoaminergic and glutamatergic systems, supporting an overlapping pathoetiology with major depression. This suggests that there could be a specific major depression subtype, inflammatory cytokine-associated depression (ICAD), which may require different therapeutic approaches. However, most people do not develop depression, even when exposed to sustained elevations in inflammatory cytokines. Thus several vulnerabilities and sources of resilience to inflammation-associated depression have been identified. These range from genetic differences in neurotrophic and serotonergic systems to sleep quality and omega-3 fatty acid levels. Replicating these sources of resilience as treatments could be one approach for preventing "ICAD". This article is part of a Special Issue entitled SI: Neuroimmunology in Health And Disease. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  6. The Associative Nature of Creativity

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Friis-Olivarius, Morten

    The overarching objective of this doctoral dissertation is to advance our understanding of the role of associations in creative thought and creativity training. While research in associative abilities and creativity has a long history and lies at the heart of many prevailing theories of creativity......, the exact details of how associations are formed and their involvement in creativity remains largely unexplored. The dissertation contains three original manuscripts: I: Morten Friis-Olivarius & Bo T. Christensen: CHange slows only the creative mind. II: Morten Friis-Olivarius, Oliver J. Hulme, Martin Skov......, Thomas Z. Ramsøy, Hartwig Siebner: Viewing objects activates the creative mind. III: Balder Onarheim & Morten Friis-Olivarius (2013): Applying the neuroscience of creativity to creativity training. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, Volume 7, Article 656...

  7. Patient centric identification and association. (United States)

    Frisch, P; Miodownik, S; Booth, P; Carragee, P; Dowling, M


    Increased technological complexity of medical devices and systems coupled with increased workloads and reduced staffing, have created difficulties and discontinuities in the management of patient information. These issues have directly impacted and contributed to a rise in equipment-related errors, patient dissatisfaction, a potential for patient injury and resulting overall increased concern for patient safety. In response these concerns a variety of new devices, systems and applications have been developed to share information, provide cross checks along with verified delivery of critical information to the point of care. These applications include biomedical information systems, medication administration, sample collection, and electronic medical records. The deployment of these new integrated and networked devices, systems and applications are dependent on an accurate and consistent patient identification and association methodology which dynamically manages the relationship between patients, staff and equipment. Since the association information is common to many applications and utilizes a variety of technologies, (i.e. active and passive radio frequency identification (RFID), barcodes, etc.) an institutional approach is necessary to mange these processes in a consistent manor utilizing a common set of identification hardware. Implementation of a "Patient Centric Identification and Association Platform" represents a significant advance in the management of clinical patient information. The implementation of a Biomedical Device Information Network at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) integrates the identification and association of patients with devices and care providers and provides the methodologies to manage alarms, providing the ability to filter low priority or nuisance alarms. This implementation enables critical information to be distributed directly to care providers utilizing dedicated communications devices. Patient Centric

  8. Rhombencephalitis associated with Dengue fever. (United States)

    Verma, Rajesh; Bharti, Kavita; Mehta, Mannan; Bansod, Amrit


    Dengue infection is gradually disseminating throughout the world in alarming proportions. It is a arbovirus infection,transmitted by aedes mosquitoes. It is a multi-systemic disorder associated with varied neurological complications. There is increased trend of development of neurological complications in dengue fever. The neurological complications arising due to dengue infection can be categorized into central and neuromuscular complications. The central nervous system disorders reported with dengue fever are encephalopathy,encephalitis and myelitis.Here we report a case of rhombencephalitis associated with dengue fever. The literature does not mention rhombencephalitis occurring with dengue illness. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  9. Global Employer and Business Associations

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ronit, Karsten


    Global employer and business associations at the peak level are neglected in research, but this paper argues that it is possible to develop collective action and represent interests in many policy fields through these encompassing entities, and they add to other forms of global business...... coordination. This study analyses all the global peak associations (International Chamber of Commerce, International Organisation of Employers, World Chambers Federation, Business and Industry Advisory Committee to the OECD, B20 Coalition, World Economic Forum and World Business Council for Sustainable...... implications for our understanding of global politics where new approaches are needed to analyse the institutionalisation of business interests....

  10. Bilateral maculopathy associated with sertraline. (United States)

    Ewe, Shaun Y P; Abell, Robin G; Vote, Brendan J


    We report a rare case of bilateral maculopathy that developed with the initiation of sertraline. We conducted a case report and review of the literature. A 23-year-old man rapidly developed maculopathy with associated visual blurring after the initiation of sertraline. Treatment was ceased with the patient subsequently reporting mild improvement in visual symptoms. Maculopathy associated with sertraline use has yet to be established and recognized as an adverse side effect. With only one previous reported case in the literature, this condition requires further awareness. © The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists 2014.

  11. Pregnancy-associated Breast Cancer. (United States)

    Case, Ashley S


    Breast cancer is one of the most common malignancies affecting pregnancy. Pregnancy-associated breast cancer refers to breast cancer that is diagnosed during pregnancy or within the first postpartum year. The incidence is increasing as more women delay childbearing. Breast cancer can be safely diagnosed, staged, and treated during pregnancy while protecting the fetus and mother with excellent outcomes for both. Avoiding diagnostic delays is vital to prognosis. This article provides an overview of the diagnosis, staging, management, and prognosis of pregnancy-associated breast cancer. Relevant current literature is reviewed.

  12. The Ontario Energy Marketers Association

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Baker, W.F.C. [Ontario Energy Marketers Association, ON (Canada)


    An overview of the role of the Ontario Energy Marketers Association (OEMA) and its future orientation was presented. Participants in the OEMA include agents, brokers, marketers, local distribution companies, public interest representatives, associations and government representatives. The role of the OEMA is to encourage open competition for the benefit and protection of all energy consumer and market participants. As well, the OEMA serves as a forum for key industry stakeholders to resolve market issues outside the regulatory arena, set standards and codes of practice, establish customer education programs, and develop industry input into public policy making.

  13. Beyond Intra-Transaction Association Analysis: Mining Multi-Dimensional Inter-Transaction Association Rules

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Lu, H.J.; Feng, L.; Han, J.W.


    In this paper, we extend the scope of mining association rules from traditional single-dimensional intratransaction associations, to multidimensional intertransaction associations. Intratransaction associations are the associations among items with the same transaction, where the notion of the

  14. Brain Injury Association of America (United States)

    ... Only) 1-800-444-6443 Welcome to the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) Brain injury is not an event or an outcome. ... misunderstood, under-funded neurological disease. People who sustain brain injuries must have timely access to expert trauma ...

  15. A European Social Simulation Association

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Moss, S

    This is a proposal to form a European Social Simulation Association (ESSA). ESSA is intended to coordinate with similar organisations in North America, Latin America and Australasia and other regions to organise an international federation to support the development of social simulation research,

  16. Association for Progressive Communication : Institutional ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Orbicom's Digital Divide Index is a rigorous statistical tool for benchmarking access to and use of information and communication technologies (ICT), and monitoring ... The Association for Progressive Communication (APC) is repositioning itself in relation to information and communication technology (ICT) policy research.

  17. Submanifolds weakly associated with graphs

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Sci. (Math. Sci.) Vol. 119, No. 3, June 2009, pp. 297–318. © Printed in India. Submanifolds weakly associated with graphs. A CARRIAZO, L M FERN ´ANDEZ and A RODRÍGUEZ-HIDALGO. Department of Geometry and Topology, Faculty of Mathematics, University of Sevilla,. Apartado de Correos 1160, 41080-Sevilla, Spain.

  18. Polysemy and Association in Poetry (United States)

    Haynes, John


    The language learner necessarily masters literal reading before literary reading. In order to learn the language of poetry, first-year university students of English as a second language must gain competence with polysemy and association which are fundamental to literary reading. (CFM)

  19. Microfibrillar-Associated Protein 4

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sækmose, Susanne Gjørup; Mössner, Belinda; Christensen, Peer Brehm


    BACKGROUND AND AIMS: A method for assessment of liver fibrosis and cirrhosis without the need for a liver biopsy is desirable. Microfibrillar-associated protein 4 (MFAP4) is a suggested biomarker for identification of high-risk patients with severe fibrosis stages. This study aimed to examine...

  20. Health risks associated with obesity

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Obesity is defined clinically as a state of increased body weight, more specifically of increased fat tissue mass. It is associated with increased fat cell size and number, and is usually followed by serious health consequences if not controlled. Body weight and the storage of energy as triglyceride in adipose tissue are ...

  1. Medication-wide association studies

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    P.B. Ryan (Patrick); D. Madigan (David); P.E. Stang (Paul); M.J. Schuemie (Martijn); G. Hripcsak (G.)


    textabstractUndiscovered side effects of drugs can have a profound effect on the health of the nation, and electronic health-care databases offer opportunities to speed up the discovery of these side effects. We applied a "medication-wide association study" approach that combined multivariate

  2. Pseudobulbar palsy associated with trismus. (United States)

    Lai, M. M.; Howard, R. S.


    A 60 year old patient presented with an acute pseudobulbar palsy associated with trismus. A computed tomography scan revealed low attenuation areas consistent with infarction affecting the genu of the internal capsules bilaterally. Trismus has not previously been described as the presenting feature of a pseudobulbar palsy. Images Figure 1 PMID:7824418

  3. Multiple sclerosis associated with trismus. (United States)

    D'Costa, D. F.; Vania, A. K.; Millac, P. A.


    This report describes the case history of a middle-aged lady who presented with symptoms and signs over one year leading to a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. During one of her relapses, she developed trismus--an association that has not been described before in multiple sclerosis. PMID:2099430

  4. Pseudobulbar palsy associated with trismus.


    Lai, M M; Howard, R. S.


    A 60 year old patient presented with an acute pseudobulbar palsy associated with trismus. A computed tomography scan revealed low attenuation areas consistent with infarction affecting the genu of the internal capsules bilaterally. Trismus has not previously been described as the presenting feature of a pseudobulbar palsy.

  5. Searching association networks for nurturers


    Mohan, BK


    Studying the evolution of association networks offers insights that researchers can use to develop new forms of Web information retrieval and improve searches. In addition to finding nurturers, this work can be applied to targeted recommendations, human resource management, and social network analysis.

  6. Statin-Associated Side Effects. (United States)

    Thompson, Paul D; Panza, Gregory; Zaleski, Amanda; Taylor, Beth


    Hydroxy-methyl-glutaryl-coenzyme A (HMG-CoA) reductase inhibitors or statins are well tolerated, but associated with various statin-associated symptoms (SAS), including statin-associated muscle symptoms (SAMS), diabetes mellitus (DM), and central nervous system complaints. These are "statin-associated symptoms" because they are rare in clinical trials, making their causative relationship to statins unclear. SAS are, nevertheless, important because they prompt dose reduction or discontinuation of these life-saving mediations. SAMS is the most frequent SAS, and mild myalgia may affect 5% to 10% of statin users. Clinically important muscle symptoms, including rhabdomyolysis and statin-induced necrotizing autoimmune myopathy (SINAM), are rare. Antibodies against HMG-CoA reductase apparently provoke SINAM. Good evidence links statins to DM, but evidence linking statins to other SAS is largely anecdotal. Management of SAS requires making the possible diagnosis, altering or discontinuing the statin treatment, and using alternative lipid-lowering therapy. Copyright © 2016 American College of Cardiology Foundation. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  7. Family planning associations support themselves. (United States)

    Kunii, C


    The major sources of funding for family planning associations include: 1) contributions from foundations and private individuals; 2) government subsidies; 3) international assistance; and 4) profits from family planning services, e.g., contraceptive sales, operation of family planning clinics and health check laboratories, and sales of educational materials. In many Asian countries, the operation of health check laboratories appears to be an especially promising source of income. Industrialization and higher education have produced an increased emphasis on good health and a higher quality of life. Family planning associations can thus play a role in providing regular health check-ups and health education for all family members. Family planning counseling can be provided to clients as a part of their medical check-ups. Since such examinations should be conducted on a yearly basis, a fixed amount of income can be assumed. Family planning associations that are considering starting a health examination program should invest in the necessary facilities and equipment, recruit medical doctors and laboratory technicians, and form linkages with specialists, hospitals, universities, and other research institutions. It may take 3-5 years for a family planning association to accumulate the necessary technology and experience in this field and to acquire the confidence of the general public.

  8. Associated jet production at HERA

    CERN Document Server

    Bartels, Julius; de Roeck, A; Graudenz, Dirk; Wüsthoff, M


    We compare the BFKL prediction for the associated production of forward jets at HERA with fixed-order matrix element calculations taking into account the kinematical cuts imposed by experimental conditions. Comparison with H1 data of the 1993 run favours the BFKL prediction. As a further signal of BFKL dynamics, we propose to look for the azimuthal dependence of the forward jets.

  9. Cancer-associated lysosomal changes

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kallunki, T; Olsen, O D; Jaattela, Marja


    -targeting anti-cancer drugs. In this review we compile our current knowledge on cancer-associated changes in lysosomal composition and discuss the consequences of these alterations to cancer progression and the possibilities they can bring to cancer therapy.Oncogene advance online publication, 9 July 2012; doi...

  10. Delineating SPTAN1 associated phenotypes

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Syrbe, Steffen; Harms, Frederike L; Parrini, Elena


    formation in fibroblasts with mutations in the α/β heterodimerization domain seems to be associated with a severe neurodegenerative course and suggests that the amino acid stretch from Asp2303 to Met2309 in the α20 repeat is important for α/β spectrin heterodimer formation and/or αII spectrin function....

  11. Spectrophotometric determination of association constant

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)


    Least-squares 'Systematic Trial-and-Error Procedure' (STEP) for spectrophotometric evaluation of association constant (equilibrium constant) K and molar absorption coefficient E for a 1:1 molecular complex, A + B = C, with error analysis according to Conrow et al. (1964). An analysis of the Charge...

  12. Editorial/Associate Editor's Column

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Home; Journals; Resonance – Journal of Science Education; Volume 5; Issue 2. Editorial / Associate Editor's Column. Rajaram Nityananda. Editorial Volume 5 Issue 2 February 2000 pp 1-1. Fulltext. Click here to view fulltext PDF. Permanent link: Author Affiliations.

  13. Chromosomal Abnormalities Associated With Omphalocele

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chih-Ping Chen


    Full Text Available Fetuses with omphalocele have an increased risk for chromosomal abnormalities. The risk varies with maternal age, gestational age at diagnosis, association with umbilical cord cysts, complexity of associated anomalies, and the contents of omphalocele. There is considerable evidence that genetics contributes to the etiology of omphalocele. This article provides an overview of chromosomal abnormalities associated with omphalocele and a comprehensive review of associated full aneuploidy such as trisomy 18, trisomy 13, triploidy, trisomy 21, 45,X, 47,XXY, and 47,XXX, partial aneuploidy such as dup(3q, dup(11p, inv(11, dup(1q, del(1q, dup(4q, dup(5p, dup(6q, del(9p, dup(15q, dup(17q, Pallister-Killian syndrome with mosaic tetrasomy 12p and Miller-Dieker lissencephaly syndrome with deletion of 17p13.3, and uniparental disomy (UPD such as UPD 11 and UPD 14. Omphalocele is a prominent marker for chromosomal abnormalities. Perinatal identification of omphalocele should alert chromosomal abnormalities and familial unbalanced translocations, and prompt thorough cytogenetic investigations and genetic counseling.

  14. Lynch syndrome-associated neoplasms

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Shia, Jinru; Holck, Susanne; Depetris, Giovanni


    of such information. This article provides an overview of the development of histopathology and immunohistochemistry in Lynch syndrome-associated tumors, particularly in colorectal and endometrial cancers, and outlines the issues and current status of these specific pathologic aspects in not only the major tumors...

  15. Microfibrillar-associated protein 4

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Johansson, Sofie Lock; Roberts, Nassim Bazeghi; Schlosser, Anders


    BACKGROUND: Microfibrillar-associated protein 4 (MFAP4) is a matricellular glycoprotein that co-localises with elastic fibres and is highly expressed in the lungs. The aim of this study was to test the hypothesis that plasma MFAP4 (pMFAP4) reflects clinical outcomes in chronic obstructive pulmona...

  16. Hypothyroidism associated with parathyroid disorders. (United States)

    Mantovani, Giovanna; Elli, Francesca Marta; Corbetta, Sabrina


    Hypothyroidism may occur in association with congenital parathyroid disorders determining parathyroid hormone insufficiency, which is characterized by hypocalcemia and concomitant inappropriately low secretion of parathormone (PTH). The association is often due to loss of function of genes common to thyroid and parathyroid glands embryonic development. Hypothyroidism associated with hypoparathyroidism is generally mild and not associated with goiter; moreover, it is usually part of a multisystemic involvement not restricted to endocrine function as occurs in patients with 22q11 microdeletion/DiGeorge syndrome, the most frequent disorders. Hypothyroidism and hypoparathyroidism may also follow endocrine glands' damages due to autoimmunity or chronic iron overload in thalassemic disorders, both genetically determined conditions. Finally, besides PTH deficiency, hypocalcemia can be due to PTH resistance in pseudohypoparathyroidism; when hormone resistance is generalized, patients can suffer from hypothyroidism due to TSH resistance. In evaluating patients with hypothyroidism and hypocalcemia, physical examination and clinical history are essential to drive the diagnostic process, while routine genetic screening is not recommended. Copyright © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  17. Antibiotic associated diarrhoea: Infectious causes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ayyagari A


    Full Text Available Nearly 25% of antibiotic associated diarrhoeas (AAD is caused by Clostridium difficile, making it the commonest identified and treatable pathogen. Other pathogens implicated infrequently include Clostridium perfringens, Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella oxytoca, Candida spp. and Salmonella spp. Most mild cases of AAD are due to non-infectious causes which include reduced break down of primary bile acids and decrease metabolism of carbohydrates, allergic or toxic effects of antibiotic on intestinal mucosa and pharmacological effect on gut motility. The antibiotics most frequently associated with C. difficile associated diarrhoea are clindamycin, cephalosporin, ampicillin and amoxicillin. Clinical presentation may vary from mild diarrhoea to severe colitis and pseudomembranous colitis associated with high morbidity and mortality. The most sensitive and specific diagnostic test for C. difficile infection is tissue culture assay for cytotoxicity of toxin B. Commercial ELISA kits are available. Though less sensitive, they are easy to perform and are rapid. Withdrawal of precipitating antibiotic is all that is needed for control of mild to moderate cases. For severe cases of AAD, oral metronidazole is the first line of treatment, and oral vancomycin is the second choice. Probiotics have been used for recurrent cases.

  18. Automatic affective associations and psychopathology

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Huijding, Jorg


    The aim of these thesis was to examine the theoretical and clinical relevance of distinguishing between (dysfunctional) automatic and more deliberated affective associations. This interest was sired by the development of so called 'implicit measures', better referred to as indirect measures of

  19. Spina Bifida Association of America (United States)

    Exceptional Parent, 1974


    The Statement of the Spina Bifida Association of America (SBAA) explains SB as a malformation of the central nervous system, reports the formation of SBAA in 1974, explains SBAA's emphasis on local chapter organization, and describes SBAA services, including a bimonthly publication, public education efforts, and research validation projects. (GW)

  20. Endomyocardial Fibrosis Associated With Schistosoma ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Dec 1, 2014 ... SUMMARY. Endomyocardial fibrosis (EMF) is a form of restrictive cardiomyopathy common in the tropics and subtropics. The aetiology of EMF is unknown but helminth infes- tations such as schistosomiasis have been implicated. Two boys aged 8 and 10 years with EMF associated with Schistosoma ...

  1. Financial Handbook for Parent Associations. (United States)

    New York City Parent Foundations, Brooklyn, NY.

    This handbook is designed to aid parent associations in the New York City schools to better manage their financial responsibilities. After discussing the nature of Budget and Audit Committees, the handbook stresses the need for a budget and the items to be included in it. The areas of management, recordkeeping, and auditing are delineated. (WP)

  2. Associative learning in biochemical networks. (United States)

    Gandhi, Nikhil; Ashkenasy, Gonen; Tannenbaum, Emmanuel


    It has been recently suggested that there are likely generic features characterizing the emergence of systems constructed from the self-organization of self-replicating agents acting under one or more selection pressures. Therefore, structures and behaviors at one length scale may be used to infer analogous structures and behaviors at other length scales. Motivated by this suggestion, we seek to characterize various "animate" behaviors in biochemical networks, and the influence that these behaviors have on genomic evolution. Specifically, in this paper, we develop a simple, chemostat-based model illustrating how a process analogous to associative learning can occur in a biochemical network. Associative learning is a form of learning whereby a system "learns" to associate two stimuli with one another. Associative learning, also known as conditioning, is believed to be a powerful learning process at work in the brain (associative learning is essentially "learning by analogy"). In our model, two types of replicating molecules, denoted as A and B, are present in some initial concentration in the chemostat. Molecules A and B are stimulated to replicate by some growth factors, denoted as G(A) and G(B), respectively. It is also assumed that A and B can covalently link, and that the conjugated molecule can be stimulated by either the G(A) or G(B) growth factors (and can be degraded). We show that, if the chemostat is stimulated by both growth factors for a certain time, followed by a time gap during which the chemostat is not stimulated at all, and if the chemostat is then stimulated again by only one of the growth factors, then there will be a transient increase in the number of molecules activated by the other growth factor. Therefore, the chemostat bears the imprint of earlier, simultaneous stimulation with both growth factors, which is indicative of associative learning. It is interesting to note that the dynamics of our model is consistent with certain aspects of

  3. Is adenomyosis associated with menorrhagia? (United States)

    Naftalin, J; Hoo, W; Pateman, K; Mavrelos, D; Foo, X; Jurkovic, D


    Is the presence of adenomyosis associated with menorrhagia? There was no significant association between adenomyosis and menorrhagia, but there was a significant positive correlation between the severity of adenomyosis on ultrasound and the amount of menstrual loss estimated using pictorial blood loss assessment charts. There is no consensus in the literature with regards to the association between adenomyosis and menorrhagia. Previous studies have been limited to retrospective studies of highly selected populations which mainly included women who underwent hysterectomy. There are no large prospective studies evaluating the association between adenomyosis and menorrhagia, either in the general population of women or in a general gynaecology clinic setting. This was a prospective observational study set in the general gynaecology clinic of a university teaching hospital between January 2009 and January 2010. There were 714 consecutive premenopausal women who attended the clinic and underwent structured clinical and transvaginal ultrasound examination in accordance with the study protocol. Morphological features of adenomyosis were systematically recorded on ultrasound scan. Menorrhagia was determined subjectively by direct questioning and objectively by completion of pictorial blood loss analysis charts. A diagnosis of adenomyosis was made in 157/714 women [22.0% (95% CI: 19.1-25.2%)]. Multivariable analysis showed significant associations between submucous fibroids [OR 5.60 (95% CI: 2.69-11.6)], any fibroids [OR 1.53 (95% CI: 0.91-2.58)] and endometrial polyps [OR 2.81 (95% CI: 1.15-11.7)] and menorrhagia. There were also significant associations between increasing gravidity and BMI and menorrhagia (P menorrhagia in the study population, when adenomyosis was assessed as a binary outcome. When severity of adenomyosis was assessed by counting the number of morphological features of adenomyosis in each woman, we found a significant 22% increase in menstrual loss for

  4. 47 CFR 69.603 - Association functions. (United States)


    ... that are associated with the preparation, defense, and modification of association tariffs, those... of all other association expenses. Category I Expenses shall be sub-divided into three components in... Line revenues, the association Carrier Common Line revenues, the association Special Access Surcharge...

  5. 11 CFR 114.8 - Trade associations. (United States)


    ... 11 Federal Elections 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Trade associations. 114.8 Section 114.8 Federal... associations. (a) Definition. A trade association is generally a membership organization of persons engaging in... association. (c) Limitations. A trade association or a separate segregated fund established by a trade...

  6. Association between Frailty and Dementia

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kulmala, J; Nykänen, I; Mänty, Minna Regina


    and cognition has not yet been fully established. Objective: To investigate cross-sectionally whether frailty is associated with cognitive impairment or clinically diagnosed dementia in older people. Methods: The study included a total of 654 persons aged 76-100 years (mean 82 ± 4.6). Frailty status...... of the participants was assessed using the Cardiovascular Health Study criteria. Cognitive function was assessed with the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE). Clinically diagnosed dementia was assessed by specialists using diagnostic criteria. The associations between frailty and cognition were investigated using...... logistic regression. Results: A total of 93 (14%) participants were classified as frail. Cognitive impairment (MMSE score dementia. 97 (15%) persons had Alzheimer's disease, 19 (3%) had vascular dementia, 12 (2%) had...

  7. Association theories for complex thermodynamics

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kontogeorgis, Georgios; Rafiqul Gani


    Thermodynamics of complex systems (e.g. with associating molecules, multicomponent mixtures, multiphase equilibria, wide ranges of conditions, estimation of many different properties simultaneously) is a topic of great importance in chemical engineering and for a wide range of industrial...... promising direction for a general and useful for engineering purposes modeling of complex thermodynamics is via the use of association theories e.g. those based on chemical theory (like APACT), or on the lattice theory (like NRHB) or those based on perturbation theory (like SAFT and CPA). The purpose...... applications. While specialized models can handle different cases, even complex ones, with the advent of powerful theories and computers there is the hope that a single or a few models could be suitable for a general modeling of complex thermodynamics. After more than 100 years with active use of thermodynamic...

  8. Learning: from association to cognition. (United States)

    Shanks, David R


    Since the very earliest experimental investigations of learning, tension has existed between association-based and cognitive theories. Associationism accounts for the phenomena of both conditioning and "higher" forms of learning via concepts such as excitation, inhibition, and reinforcement, whereas cognitive theories assume that learning depends on hypothesis testing, cognitive models, and propositional reasoning. Cognitive theories have received considerable impetus in regard to both human and animal learning from recent research suggesting that the key illustration of cue selection in learning, blocking, often arises from inferential reasoning. At the same time, a dichotomous view that separates noncognitive, unconscious (implicit) learning from cognitive, conscious (explicit) learning has gained favor. This review selectively describes key findings from this research, evaluates evidence for and against associative and cognitive explanatory constructs, and critically examines both the dichotomous view of learning as well as the claim that learning can occur unconsciously.

  9. Vancomycin-Associated Leukocytoclastic Vasculitis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Makhawadee Pongruangporn


    Full Text Available Vancomycin is U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA approved for treatment of serious infections caused by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA or in individuals who have failed, cannot tolerate, or are allergic to other antibiotics. Very few cases of vancomycin-associated leukocytoclastic vasculitis have been published. We report on a patient who developed pruritus and palpable purpura in both lower extremities after receiving six days of intravenous vancomycin. Skin biopsy revealed leukocytoclastic vasculitis.

  10. Ion association in natural brines (United States)

    Truesdell, A.H.; Jones, B.F.


    Natural brines, both surface and subsurface, are highly associated aqueous solutions. Ion complexes in brines may be ion pairs in which the cation remains fully hydrated and the bond between the ions is essentially electrostatic, or coordination complexes in which one or more of the hydration water molecules are replaced by covalent bonds to the anion. Except for Cl-, the major simple ions in natural brines form ion pairs; trace and minor metals in brines form mainly coordination complexes. Limitations of the Debye-Hu??ckel relations for activity coefficients and lack of data on definition and stability of all associated species in concentrated solutions tend to produce underestimates of the degree of ion association, except where the brines contain a very high proportion of Cl-. Data and calculations on closed basin brines of highly varied composition have been coupled with electrode measurements of single-ion activities in an attempt to quantify the degree of ion association. Such data emphasize the role of magnesium complexes. Trace metal contents of closed basin brines are related to complexes formed with major anions. Alkaline sulfo- or chlorocarbonate brines (western Great Basin) carry significant trace metal contents apparently as hydroxides or hydroxy polyions. Neutral high chloride brines (Bonneville Basin) are generally deficient in trace metals. With a knowledge of the thermodynamic properties of a natural water, many possible reactions with other phases (solids, gases, other liquids) may be predicted. A knowledge of these reactions is particularly important in the study of natural brines which may be saturated with many solid phases (silicates, carbonates, sulfates, etc.), which may have a high pH and bring about dissolution of other phases (silica, amphoteric hydroxides, CO2, etc.), and which because of their high density may form relatively stable interfaces with dilute waters. ?? 1969.

  11. American Psychological Association annual report. (United States)


    Presents the 2009 American Psychological Association annual report. It highlights a very important year for APA and psychology by summarizing activities within each directorate. It describes strides made toward the goal of infusing psychology into the health care marketplace and of bringing psychology-and the unique skills of psychologists-to the attention of the public. This report aims to give insight into the contributions psychologists make to our communities and our country. 2010 APA, all rights reserved.

  12. On the Blackman's Association Problem


    Dezert, Jean; Smarandache, Florentin; Tchamova, Albena


    Modern multitarget-multisensor tracking systems involve the development of reliable methods for the data association and the fusion of multiple sensor information, and more specifically the partioning of observations into tracks. This paper discusses and compares the application of Dempster-Shafer Theory (DST) and the Dezert-Smarandache Theory (DSmT) methods to the fusion of multiple sensor attributes for target identification purpose. We focus our attention on the paradoxical Blackman's asso...

  13. Complications associated with orthognathic surgery


    Kim, Young-Kyun


    While most patients undergo orthognathic surgery for aesthetic purposes, aesthetic improvements are most often followed by postoperative functional complications. Therefore, patients must carefully decide whether their purpose of undergoing orthognathic surgery lies on the aesthetic side or the functional side. There is a wide variety of complications associated with orthognathic surgery. There should be a clear distinction between malpractice and complications. Complications can be resolved ...

  14. Why join the Staff Association

    CERN Multimedia

    Association du personnel


    Becoming a member of the Staff Association (SA) is above all a personal choice, showing that the joining person’s commitment and adherence to values such as solidarity, social cohesion, etc.In September, the SA launches a membership campaign to convince a maximum number to join, to inform, arouse interest and support. Posters, emails and individual contacts are part of the campaign programme, just like this editorial. As far as individual contacts are concerned, we ask you to give time and lend an ear to the delegates of your department in the Staff Council, who will approach you, in order to make an open and constructive discussion possible. Do not hesitate to ask questions and let them know your thoughts about the SA, as (constructive) criticism enables us to progress. The Staff Association and its role of collective representation The Staff Association, via its delegates, represents collectively all staff of the Organization before the Director-General and Member States. To do this, staff rep...

  15. Measuring multivariate association and beyond (United States)

    Josse, Julie; Holmes, Susan


    Simple correlation coefficients between two variables have been generalized to measure association between two matrices in many ways. Coefficients such as the RV coefficient, the distance covariance (dCov) coefficient and kernel based coefficients are being used by different research communities. Scientists use these coefficients to test whether two random vectors are linked. Once it has been ascertained that there is such association through testing, then a next step, often ignored, is to explore and uncover the association’s underlying patterns. This article provides a survey of various measures of dependence between random vectors and tests of independence and emphasizes the connections and differences between the various approaches. After providing definitions of the coefficients and associated tests, we present the recent improvements that enhance their statistical properties and ease of interpretation. We summarize multi-table approaches and provide scenarii where the indices can provide useful summaries of heterogeneous multi-block data. We illustrate these different strategies on several examples of real data and suggest directions for future research. PMID:29081877

  16. Children's emotional associations with colors. (United States)

    Boyatzis, C J; Varghese, R


    In this study children's emotional associations with colors were investigated. Sixty children (30 girls, 30 boys), equally divided into groups of 5-year-olds and 6 1/2-year-olds, were asked their favorite color and were then shown nine different colors, one at a time and in a random order. For each color, children were asked, "How does (the color) make you feel?" All children were able to verbally express an emotional response to each color, and 69% of children's emotional responses were positive (e.g., happiness, excitement). Responses also demonstrated distinct color-emotion associations. Children had positive reactions to bright colors (e.g., pink, blue, red) and negative emotions for dark colors (e.g., brown, black, gray). Children's emotional reactions to bright colors became increasingly positive with age, and girls in particular showed a preference for brighter colors and a dislike for darker colors. Boys were more likely than girls were to have positive emotional associations with dark colors. Potential sources for children's color-emotion concepts, such as gender-related and idiosyncratic experiences, are discussed.

  17. [Risk factors associated to preclampsia]. (United States)

    López-Carbajal, Mario Joaquín; Manríquez-Moreno, María Esther; Gálvez-Camargo, Daniela; Ramírez-Jiménez, Evelia


    preeclampsia constitutes one of the main causes of maternal and perinatal morbidity and mortality. The aim was to identify the risk factors associated to the developmental of preeclampsia mild-moderate and severe, as well as the force of association of these factors in a hospital of second-level medical care. study of cases and controls, a relation 1:1, in women withdrawn of the Service of Gynecology and Obstetrics during 2004 to 2007. Pregnant women with more than 20 weeks gestation were included. In the cases group we included patients with diagnosis of preeclampsia mild-moderate or severe (corroborated clinical and laboratory). In the controls group that had a normal childbirth without pathology during the pregnancy. 42 cases and 42 controls. The average age was of 27 years. The associated risk factors were overweight, obesity, irregular prenatal control, short or long intergenesic period, history of caesarean or preeclampsia in previous pregnancies. the knowledge of the risk factors will allow the accomplishment of preventive measures and decrease the fetal and maternal morbidity and mortality due to preeclampsia.

  18. [Comorbid disorders associated with tics]. (United States)

    Fernández-Alvarez, E


    Tics are the most frequent abnormal movements in children. This is one reason for their importance. Another reason is their relationship to fascinating disturbances of human behaviour such as compulsion and obsessions. Several 'behavioural disorders', mainly attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), are more frequent in patients with tics than in the general population. These associated disorders (named 'comorbid') are probably of more consequence than the tics. Relationship between tics and comorbid disorders is not well known. This review considers data, consequences, hypothesis and management of comorbid disorders associated to tics. From the personal series of children with tics, data of comorbid disorders associated to tics was analysed. Of 340 cases of tics, 132 (39%) cases have ADHD, 135 (40%) cases have OCD, obsessive compulsive symptoms (OCS) or obsessive-compulsive behaviour (OCB). 68 (20%) cases have both ADHD and OCD. Considering only Tourette cases (219) the figures are only slight higher: ADHD (42%), OCD (45%) and ADHD plus OCD (24%) suggesting that all the spectrum of tics has a common basis. Familial studies shows that 44 percent of the patients with tics have a positive familial history of tics and 30 percent positive familial history of obsessive compulsive signs. The data of the literature on the tics and comorbid disorders relationship is also revised.

  19. HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zahir Vally


    Full Text Available HIV infection is associated with disturbances in brain function referred to as HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders (HAND. This literature review outlines the recently revised diagnostic criteria for the range of HAND from the earliest to the more advanced stages: (i asymptomatic neurocognitive impairment; (ii mild neurocognitive disorder; and (iii HIV-associated dementia. Relevant literature is also reviewed regarding the differential impact upon component cognitive domains known to be affected in HAND, which in turn should ideally be targeted during clinical and neuropsychological assessments: psychomotor and information processing speed, learning and memory, attention and working memory, speech and language, executive functioning and visuospatial functioning. A discussion outlining the neuropsychological tools used in the diagnostic screening of HAND is also included. The central mechanisms of HAND appear to revolve primarily around psychomotor slowing and cognitive control over mental operations, possibly reflecting the influence of disrupted fronto-striatal circuits on distributed neural networks critical to cognitive functions. The accurate assessment and diagnosis of HAND depends on meeting the need for statistically sound neuropsychological assessment techniques that may be used confidently in assessing South African populations, as well as the development of relevant norms for comparison of test performance data.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rolly Intan


    Full Text Available Association rules that involve two or more dimensions or predicates can be referred as multidimensional association rules. Rather than searching for frequent itemsets (as is done in mining single-dimensional association rules, in multidimensional association rules, we search for frequent predicate sets. In general, there are two types of multidimensional association rules, namely interdimension association rules and hybrid-dimension association rules. Interdimension association rules are multidimensional association rules with no repeated predicates. This paper introduces a method for generating interdimension association rules. A more meaningful association rules can be provided by generalizing crisp value of attributes to be fuzzy value. To generate the multidimensional association rules implying fuzzy value, this paper introduces an alternative method for mining the rules by searching for the predicate sets.

  1. The Oldest Association Between Plant and Fungi

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Land pollution, mycorrhiza, plant defense, sustainable agriculture, symbiotic association, water stress. Abstract. The symbiotic association between plant and fungi (mycorrhizalassociation) is an amazing phenomenon observed innature. The mycorrhizal association is one of nature's boonsfor sustainable agriculture.

  2. Tractography of Association Fibers Associated with Language Processing. (United States)

    Egger, K; Yang, S; Reisert, M; Kaller, C; Mader, I; Beume, L; Weiller, C; Urbach, H


    Several major association fiber tracts are known to be part of the language processing system. There is evidence that high angular diffusion-based MRI is able to separate these fascicles in a constant way. In this study, we wanted to proof this thesis using a novel whole brain "global tracking" approach and to test for possible lateralization. Global tracking was performed in six healthy right-handed volunteers for the arcuate fascicle (AF), the medial longitudinal fascicle (MdLF), the inferior fronto-occipital fascicle (IFOF), and the inferior longitudinal fascicle (ILF). These fiber tracts were characterized quantitatively using the number of streamlines (SL) and the mean fractional anisotropy (FA). We were able to characterize the AF, the MdLF, the IFOF, and the ILF consistently in six healthy volunteers using global tracking. A left-sided dominance (LI > 0.2) for the AF was found in all participants. The MdLF showed a left-sided dominance in four participants (one female, three male). Regarding the FA, no lateralization (LI > 0.2) could be shown in any of the fascicles. Using a novel global tracking algorithm we confirmed that the courses of the primary language processing associated fascicles can consistently be differentiated. Additionally we were able to show a streamline-based left-sided lateralization in the AF of all right-handed healthy subjects.

  3. American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (United States)

    American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Home About AAPOS Patient Info Resources Allied Health News & Events Meetings J AAPOS American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology ...

  4. Covariance Association Test (CVAT) Identifies Genetic Markers Associated with Schizophrenia in Functionally Associated Biological Processes

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rohde, Palle Duun; Demontis, Ditte; Castro Dias Cuyabano, Beatriz


    Schizophrenia is a psychiatric disorder with large personal and social costs, and understanding the genetic etiology is important. Such knowledge can be obtained by testing the association between a disease phenotype and individual genetic markers; however, such single-marker methods have limited...... power to detect genetic markers with small effects. Instead, aggregating genetic markers based on biological information might increase the power to identify sets of genetic markers of etiological significance. Several set test methods have been proposed: Here we propose a new set test derived from...... genomic best linear unbiased prediction (GBLUP), the covariance association test (CVAT). We compared the performance of CVAT to other commonly used set tests. The comparison was conducted using a simulated study population having the same genetic parameters as for schizophrenia. We found that CVAT...

  5. Black tongue associated with linezolid. (United States)

    Jover-Diaz, Francisco; Cuadrado-Pastor, Jose-Maria; Talents-Bolos, Amparo; Martin-Gonzalez, Coral


    Darkening of the tongue and oral mucosa is a reaction pattern that can be related to a number of physiologic, metabolic, and toxic disorders, and medications and exogenous substances. Black discoloration of the tongue should be distinguished from black "hairy" tongue, which is characterized by hypertrophy of the filiform papillae. We report a case of a 42-year-old man presented with a black discoloration of his tongue during treatment with linezolid for spondylodiscitis. So in conclusion, tongue discoloration is a benign and reversible condition and a probable adverse event associated with linezolid. We present this case to increase clinicians' awareness of a new potential adverse effect of linezolid.

  6. The Associative Nature of Creativity

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Friis-Olivarius, Morten

    , the exact details of how associations are formed and their involvement in creativity remains largely unexplored. The dissertation contains three original manuscripts: I: Morten Friis-Olivarius & Bo T. Christensen: CHange slows only the creative mind. II: Morten Friis-Olivarius, Oliver J. Hulme, Martin Skov......, Thomas Z. Ramsøy, Hartwig Siebner: Viewing objects activates the creative mind. III: Balder Onarheim & Morten Friis-Olivarius (2013): Applying the neuroscience of creativity to creativity training. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, Volume 7, Article 656...

  7. Herpes zoster - associated erythema multiforme. (United States)

    Wollina, Uwe; Gemmeke, Astrid


    Erythema multiforme is a cutaneous reaction that has only rarely been described in varicella zoster virus infection. We describe a 76-year old immunocompetent male patient with thoracic herpes zoster. While treated with oral brivudin he developed a widespread cutaneous erythema multiforme. The lesions completely cleared with two weeks with systemic corticosteroids. Varicella zoster infections are possible triggers of erythema multiforme and this is the oldest patient reported with such an association. Brivudin itself has not been reported to induce erythema multiforme and is an unlikely cause of disease in our patient.

  8. NNLOPS accurate associated HW production

    CERN Document Server

    Astill, William; Re, Emanuele; Zanderighi, Giulia


    We present a next-to-next-to-leading order accurate description of associated HW production consistently matched to a parton shower. The method is based on reweighting events obtained with the HW plus one jet NLO accurate calculation implemented in POWHEG, extended with the MiNLO procedure, to reproduce NNLO accurate Born distributions. Since the Born kinematics is more complex than the cases treated before, we use a parametrization of the Collins-Soper angles to reduce the number of variables required for the reweighting. We present phenomenological results at 13 TeV, with cuts suggested by the Higgs Cross Section Working Group.

  9. Complications associated with orthognathic surgery (United States)


    While most patients undergo orthognathic surgery for aesthetic purposes, aesthetic improvements are most often followed by postoperative functional complications. Therefore, patients must carefully decide whether their purpose of undergoing orthognathic surgery lies on the aesthetic side or the functional side. There is a wide variety of complications associated with orthognathic surgery. There should be a clear distinction between malpractice and complications. Complications can be resolved without any serious problems if the cause is detected early and adequate treatment provided. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons must have a full understanding of the types, causes, and treatment of complications, and should deliver this information to patients who develop these complications. PMID:28280704

  10. Associative programming language and virtual associative access manager (United States)

    Price, C.


    APL provides convenient associative data manipulation functions in a high level language. Six statements were added to PL/1 via a preprocessor: CREATE, INSERT, FIND, FOR EACH, REMOVE, and DELETE. They allow complete control of all data base operations. During execution, data base management programs perform the functions required to support the APL language. VAAM is the data base management system designed to support the APL language. APL/VAAM is used by CADANCE, an interactive graphic computer system. VAAM is designed to support heavily referenced files. Virtual memory files, which utilize the paging mechanism of the operating system, are used. VAAM supports a full network data structure. The two basic blocks in a VAAM file are entities and sets. Entities are the basic information element and correspond to PL/1 based structures defined by the user. Sets contain the relationship information and are implemented as arrays.

  11. Acute whiplash associated disorders (WAD

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kumar S


    Full Text Available Khushnum Pastakia, Saravana KumarInternational Centre for Allied Health Evidence, University of South Australia, Adelaide, SA, Australia Date of preparation: 27th January 2011Conflict of interest: None declaredBackground: Whiplash-associated disorder (WAD is the term given for the collection of symptoms affecting the neck that are triggered by an accident with an acceleration–deceleration mechanism such as a motor vehicle accident. The incidence of whiplash injury varies greatly between different parts of the world with significant monetary burden on the individual as well as the wider community.Objective: Which treatments are best for reducing pain and disability experience in acute WADs?Level of evidence: Clinical practice guidelines, systematic reviews, meta-analysis, randomized controlled trials.Search sources: PubMed, Cochrane Library, Medline, EMBASE, AUST health, AMED.Outcomes: From the patient perspective the main outcomes considered are pain and disability.Consumer summary: Whiplash-associated disorders include a range of symptoms related to the neck and head. They commonly occur after motor vehicle accidents or diving mishaps. There is good evidence to suggest that active exercise, acting as usual and combination therapy are the most effective treatment choices in an acute presentation.Keywords: whiplash, neckpain, pain levels, multimodel therapy

  12. [Atypical neuropathies associated with diabetes]. (United States)

    Lozeron, P


    Diabetes is the leading cause of neuropathy worldwide and, due to the epidemic progression of the affection, prevalence of diabetic neuropathies will increase in the near future. Beside the typical diabetic neuropathy pattern and the common entrapment neuropathies, several unusual clinical forms have been described with either a symmetrical or an asymmetrical pattern. Treatment-induced neuropathy is an acute sensory affection most commonly related to acute glycemic control. Pain is debilitating and associated with vegetative dysfunction. Prevention is important, as resolution is often incomplete. Several patterns or asymmetrical neuropathies of inflammatory and ischemic origin were described long ago in the lower limb. They are debilitating, most often painful and require steroid treatment. Other patterns affecting the thoracolumbar region or the upper limbs or involving a painless motor deficit must be identified as specific treatments are sometimes needed. An association between diabetes and chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy has not been demonstrated but diagnosis may be suggested due to the misleading low conduction velocities seen in classical diabetic neuropathy. Like any other patient, the diabetic patient may present a neuropathy unrelated to diabetes. To facilitate patient care, neurologists should be aware of such clinical entities. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  13. Facial Fracture-Associated Blindness. (United States)

    Béogo, Rasmané; Coulibaly, Toua Antoine; Dolo, Mariam Traoré; Traoré, Ibraima; Ouattara, Balla; Diallo, Jean Wenceslas


    Yet uncommon, blindness is a potential associated injury of facial fractures. Epidemiology, mechanisms, fracture types, and outcome of facial fractures-associated blindness in a 10-year period are retrospectively reviewed. Out of 907 facial fractures patients, 10 had blindness, giving a frequency of 1.1%. There were 9 men and 1 woman whom age range was 6 to 59 years (mean: 31.2 years). Intentional injury patients were significantly the most at risk of blindness (P = 0.02). In all the patients, the fracture involved at least 1 of the orbit walls. Risk of blindness was significantly higher in naso-fronto-orbito-ethmoidal complex fractures (P = 0.03). The vision loss was recorded in 13 eyes (unilateral in 7 patients and bilateral in 3). Its predominant mechanism was a globe rupture or perforation, recorded in 8 eyes. A treatment with intention to improve the vision was attempted in 1 patient only. None of the patients had vision recovery. The findings of this study commend comprehensive ophthalmologic evaluation in any patient with an orbit wall fracture.

  14. [Acute pancreatitis associated with hypercalcaemia]. (United States)

    Tun-Abraham, Mauro Enrique; Obregón-Guerrero, Gabriela; Romero-Espinoza, Larry; Valencia-Jiménez, Javier


    Hypercalcaemia due to primary hyperparathyroidism is a rare cause of acute pancreatitis, with a reported prevalence of 1.5 to 8%. There is no clear pathophysiological basis, but elevated parathyroid hormone and high serum calcium levels could be responsible for calcium deposit in the pancreatic ducts and activation of pancreatic enzymes, which may be the main risk factor for developing acute pancreatitis. The aim of this report is to describe four cases. Four cases are reported of severe pancreatitis associated with hypercalcaemia secondary to primary hyperparathyroidism; three of them with complications (two pseudocysts and one pancreatic necrosis). Cervical ultrasound, computed tomography, and scintigraphy using 99mTc-Sestambi, studies showed the parathyroid adenoma. Surgical resection was the definitive treatment in all four cases. None of the patients had recurrent acute pancreatitis events during follow-up. Acute pancreatitis secondary to hypercalcaemia of primary hyperparathyroidism is rare; however, when it occurs it is associated with severe pancreatitis. It is suspected in patients with elevated serum calcium and high parathyroid hormone levels. Imaging techniques such as cervical ultrasound, computed tomography, and scintigraphy using 99mTc-Sestambi, should be performed, to confirm clinical suspicion. Surgical resection is the definitive treatment with excellent results. Copyright © 2015 Academia Mexicana de Cirugía A.C. Published by Masson Doyma México S.A. All rights reserved.

  15. Radiation-associated valvular disease

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Carlson, R.G.; Mayfield, W.R.; Normann, S.; Alexander, J.A. (Univ. of Florida, Gainesville (USA))


    The prevalence of radiation-associated cardiac disease is increasing due to prolonged survival following mediastinal irradiation. Side effects of radiation include pericarditis, accelerated coronary artery disease, myocardial fibrosis and valvular injury. We evaluated the cases of three young patients with evidence of significant valvular disease following mediastinal irradiation. One patient underwent the first reported successful aortic and mitral valve replacement for radiation-associated valvular disease (RAVD) as well as concurrent coronary artery revascularization. A review of the literature revealed 35 reported cases of RAVD, with only one successful case of valve replacement that was limited to the aortic valve. Asymptomatic RAVD is diagnosed 11.5 years after mediastinal irradiation compared with 16.5 years for symptomatic patients, emphasizing that long-term follow-up is important for patients receiving mediastinal irradiation. This study defines a continuum of valvular disease following radiation that begins with mild asymptomatic valvular thickening and progresses to severe valvular fibrosis with hemodynamic compromise requiring surgical intervention. 32 refs.

  16. Risk factors associated with rosacea. (United States)

    Abram, K; Silm, H; Maaroos, H-I; Oona, M


    Although rosacea is a common disease, the cause of disease is still a mystery -Helicobacter pylori infection, genetic predisposition, climatic factors, and detrimental habits are implicated as triggers of rosacea. The aim of current study is to evaluate several suspected risk factors coincidently. Patients with rosacea from a dermatology clinic and skin-healthy controls from an randomly selected employees' population enrolled the study. Skin status were evaluated by one and same dermatologist. Participants were queried for age, gender, sun-reactive skin type, and detrimental habits using a questionnaire; blood samples for detecting Helicobacter pylori serostatus were collected. Totally 145 skin-healthy controls and 172 subjects either with flushing episodes or established rosacea included the study. In multivariate analysis, rosacea patients had significantly higher chance to have photosensitive skin types (OR 1.75; 95% CI 1.01-3.04; P < 0.05), positive family history to rosacea (OR 4.31; 95% CI 2.34-7.92; P < 0.0001) or previous smoking status (OR 2.01; 95% CI 1.07-3.80; P < 0.05) comparing with skin-healthy controls. There were no statistically significant differences either in gender, Helicobacter pylori serostatus, caffeine intake, alcohol consumption, occupational environment, or education level between rosacea patients and controls. Rosacea is foremost associated with familial predisposition. There is no association between Helicobacter pylori infection and rosacea in current study.

  17. 12 CFR 619.9050 - Associations. (United States)


    ... 12 Banks and Banking 6 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Associations. 619.9050 Section 619.9050 Banks and Banking FARM CREDIT ADMINISTRATION FARM CREDIT SYSTEM DEFINITIONS § 619.9050 Associations. The term associations includes (individually or collectively) Federal land bank associations, Federal land...

  18. Dysplastic nevus associated with seborrheic keratosis* (United States)

    Botelho, Luciane Francisca Fernandes; Michalany, Nilceo Schwery; Enokihara, Milvia Maria Simões e Silva; Hirata, Sergio Henrique


    Seborrheic keratosis is a common skin lesion which may coincidentally be associated melanocytic nevi. The authors describe a case of dysplastic nevus associated with seborrheic keratosis and discuss the clinical, dermoscopic, and histological findings of this association. They also discuss the association between seborrheic keratosis and other benign and malignant tumours. PMID:24626665

  19. Dysplastic nevus associated with seborrheic keratosis


    Botelho, Luciane Francisca Fernandes; Michalany,Nilceo Schwery; Enokihara,Milvia Maria Simoes e Silva; Hirata, Sergio Henrique


    Seborrheic keratosis is a common skin lesion which may coincidentally be associated melanocytic nevi. The authors describe a case of dysplastic nevus associated with seborrheic keratosis and discuss the clinical, dermoscopic, and histological findings of this association. They also discuss the association between seborrheic keratosis and other benign and malignant tumours.

  20. 18 CFR 701.55 - Associate Members. (United States)


    ... 18 Conservation of Power and Water Resources 2 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Associate Members. 701... ORGANIZATION Headquarters Organization § 701.55 Associate Members. (a) The Chairman, with concurrence of the... the work of the Council to become Associate Members. Associate Members, on the same terms and...

  1. 12 CFR 615.5172 - Production credit association and agricultural credit association investment in farmers' notes... (United States)


    ... agricultural credit association (hereinafter association(s)), such association(s) may invest in notes... evidencing purchases of farm machinery, supplies, equipment, home appliances, and other items of a capital... total amount which an association may invest in such obligations at any one time shall not exceed 15...

  2. Epidemiology of ANCA associated vasculitis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wenche Koldingsnes


    Full Text Available ANCA associated vasculitis (AAV comprises three syndromes with systemic vasculitis (Wegener’s granulomatosis (WG, Churg Strauss syndrome (CSS and icroscopic polyangiitis (MPA, which all involve small and medium sized vessels and are associated with antibodies against cytoplasmatic antibodies in neutrophils (ANCA. Polyarteritis nodosa (PAN is included in this review as it also affects medium sized vessels, and has many clinical findings in common with the AAV.Since the recognition of ANCA, increasing data have become available on the epidemiology of these vasculitidis. WG constitutes half of the AAV and its prevalence has increased from 30/million in the late 1980’s in the USA to 160/million in this century in northern Europe. The prevalence for the whole group of primary systemic vasculitides is now 300/million in Sweden. The annual incidence of WG increased from 6.0/million to 14/million during the 1990’s in Tromsø, but it is unknown if this is a true increase or the result of an increased awareness of the diagnosis. For the whole group of AAV, the annual incidence in most more recent studies is relatively constant over time and by geographical location, ranging from 13 to 21/million. Nonetheless there are interesting differences in the prevalence of specific vasculitis between different geographical areas, as well as for sub specificities of ANCA.There seems to be a South-North gradient for WG and PR3-ANCA with high figures reported from northern Europe and southern New Zealand. In European studies WG is 90% PR3-ANCA positive. MPA which is predominantly MPO-ANCA associated are more frequent in the Mediterranean countries and also has an increasing gradient towards east-Asia, as almost all AAV in China and Japan are diagnosed as MPA, predominantly MPO-ANCA positive.There are also some ethnic and gender differences. WG is most prevalent among Caucasians in the USA and in people with European ancestors in Paris and in New Zealand, less

  3. Epidemiologic associations with cerebral palsy. (United States)

    O'Callaghan, Michael E; MacLennan, Alastair H; Gibson, Catherine S; McMichael, Gai L; Haan, Eric A; Broadbent, Jessica L; Goldwater, Paul N; Dekker, Gustaaf A


    To estimate epidemiologic risk factors for cerebral palsy. Data were collected by linkage to state-based perinatal repositories and cerebral palsy registers and using a maternal questionnaire. The cohort included 587 individuals with cerebral palsy and 1,154 non-cerebral palsy controls. The following factors were associated with cerebral palsy: recorded maternal infection during pregnancy (41.4% patients compared with 31.3% controls; odds ratio [OR] 1.55, 95% confidence interval 1.26-1.91), small for gestational age ([birth weight less than third customized centile] 43.9% patients compared with 6.3% controls; OR 11.75, 6.25-22.08), gestational age less than 32 weeks (29.3% patients compared with 0.7% controls; OR 59.20, 28.87-121.38), multiple birth (OR 6.62, 4.00-10.95), a relative with cerebral palsy (OR 1.61, 1.12-2.32), breech position (13.7% patients compared with 6.0% controls; OR 2.48, 1.76-3.49), bleeding at any time in pregnancy (29.3% patients compared with 16.9% controls; OR 2.04, 1.61-2.58), male sex (58.8% patients compared with 45.8% controls; OR 1.68, 1.38-2.06), multiple miscarriage (7.7% patients compared with 3.5% controls; OR 2.30, 1.38-3.82), smoking (14.0% patients compared with 10.6% controls; OR 1.37, 1.02-1.85), and illicit drug use (3.3% patients compared with 1.5% controls; OR 2.22, 1.14-4.30). Factors not associated with cerebral palsy were "disappearing twin," diabetes, maternal body mass index, hypertension, alcohol consumption, anemia, maternal hypothyroidism, forceps or vacuum delivery, and maternal age. Preterm birth, intrauterine growth restriction, perinatal infection, and multiple birth present the largest risks for a cerebral palsy outcome. Reassuringly, upper respiratory tract and gastrointestinal infections during pregnancy were not associated with cerebral palsy. II.

  4. Risks associated with ionizing radiation. (United States)

    Little, M P


    This paper reviews current knowledge on the deterministic and stochastic risks (the latter including the risk of cancer and of hereditary disease) associated with exposure to ionizing radiation. Particular attention is paid to cancer risks following exposure to man-made low linear energy transfer radiation. Excess cancer risks have been observed in the Japanese atomic bomb survivors and in many medically and occupationally exposed groups. In general, the relative risks among Japanese survivors of atomic-bomb explosions are greater than those among comparable subsets in studies of medically exposed individuals. Cell sterilization largely accounts for the discrepancy in relative risks between these two populations, although other factors may contribute, such as the generally higher underlying cancer risks in the medical series than in the Japanese atomic bomb survivors. Risks among occupationally exposed groups such as nuclear workforces and underground miners are generally consistent with those observed in the Japanese atomic bomb survivors.

  5. Pseudopheochromocytoma Associated with Domestic Assault

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    H. M. Le


    Full Text Available Pseudopheochromocytoma has a clinical presentation that is similar to pheochromocytoma. It manifests itself with paroxysmal hypertension crises, associated with various symptoms such as headaches, chest pain, nausea, palpitations, and dizziness. Patients are usually asymptomatic in between the crises. Unlike pheochromocytoma, there is no catecholamines overproduction in this pathology: hypertensive peaks are caused by a hyperactivation of the sympathetic nervous system, which is often triggered by a psychological trauma in the past. Treatment of pseudopheochromocytoma can be challenging due to normal blood pressure values in between the hypertensive peaks; it includes alpha- and beta-blockers for moderate crises and prevention and must be combined with psychopharmacologic agents such as anxiolytics or antidepressant drugs. Psychotherapy and dietetic treatment are also crucial in pseudopheochromocytoma management.

  6. Sarcoidosis-associated hepatocellular carcinoma. (United States)

    Ogata, Sho; Horio, Takuya; Sugiura, Yoshiaki; Shimazaki, Hideyuki; Saito, Hiroki; Aiko, Satoshi; Nakanishi, Kuniaki; Kawai, Toshiaki


    Sarcoidosis is a systemic granulomatous inflammation of unknown etiology, and seems to involve the liver parenchyma in most cases. However, sarcoidosis-associated hepatocellular carcinoma is rare. We report here a case in which a hepatocellular carcinoma occurred within the liver, which was probably involved as a result of systemic sarcoidosis. A 57-year-old Japanese man had been followed up for 2 years because of diabetic nephropathy and sarcoidosis. On admission for pneumonia, imaging studies revealed an unexpected hepatic tumor. Histology revealed a hepatocellular carcinoma accompanied by T-lymphocytic infiltration and marked granulomatous inflammation, which was surrounding some tumor nodules. The background liver parenchyma exhibited a moderate degree of fibrosis with granulomatous inflammation. The patient had no other apparent liver disease such as viral hepatitis, steatohepatitis, or primary biliary cirrhosis. Therefore, in the present case, sarcoidosis may be considered the probable background etiology for hepatocarcinogenesis.

  7. Cetuximab-associated pulmonary toxicity. (United States)

    Chua, Wei; Peters, Matthew; Loneragan, Robert; Clarke, Stephen


    There is increasing evidence for the use of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) inhibitors in head and neck, non-small-cell lung, and colorectal cancers. We report the case of a 78-year-old man with metastatic colorectal cancer (CRC) involving liver and lung who received cetuximab plus irinotecan as third-line treatment. Two months later, he presented with signs and symptoms consistent with bronchiolotis obliterans organizing pneumonia secondary to cetuximab. Reports of cetuximab-associated pulmonary toxicity are rare, although there have been extensive reports of interstitial fibrosis with the use of other EGFR inhibitors such as gefitinib and erlotinib. There are many causes of pulmonary infiltrates in patients treated for advanced CRC, and this case highlights the importance of considering drug toxicity.

  8. [Pulmonary manifestations associated with malaria]. (United States)

    Hovette, P; Camara, P; Burgel, P R; Mbaye, P S; Sane, M; Klotz, F


    Pulmonary manifestations are frequently observed in children, pregnant women and travellers with malaria. The pathophysiology of these pulmonary manifestations is poorly understood but would appear to be secondary to an interaction between the parasitized red cells and the pulmonary capillary endothelium. Bronchitis and pneumonia do not directly compromise outcome but, left unrecognized, the delay in diagnosis and treatment may be fatal. Acute respiratory distress in children is the first cause of overmortality, coming before neurological involvement. The acute respiratory distress caused by severe malaria has no specific characteristics. Iatrogenic complications and pulmonary superinfections must be differentiated. The prevention of pulmonary manifestations associated with malaria can easily be accomplished by limiting water intake and carefully monitoring urinary output and weight. Treatment is the same as for acute flare-ups in combination with symptomatic respiratory treatment when required.

  9. Antisperm antibodies and fertility association. (United States)

    Restrepo, B; Cardona-Maya, W


    To evaluate the relation between antisperm antibodies (ASA) and human fertility by reviewing the scientific literature of the last 45 years. We carried out a review of scientific literature about antisperm antibodies and infertility published in spanish or english in databases as Pubmed, Medline, Scielo, some books and another gray literature include information related to this review and that is published in the last 45 years. Infertile couples suffer infertility by immunological mechanisms mainly by the presence of antisperm antibodies ASA in blood, semen or cervicovaginal secretions; the formation of ASA in men and women may be associated with disturbance in immunomodulatory mechanisms that result in functional impairment of sperm and thus its inability to fertilize the oocyte. Immunological infertility caused by ASA is the result of interference of these antibodies in various stages of fertilization process, inhibiting the ability of interaction between sperm and oocyte. Copyright © 2012 AEU. Published by Elsevier Espana. All rights reserved.

  10. Seven Chromisms Associated with Dithizone. (United States)

    Ntoi, Lumanyano L A; Buitendach, Blenerhassitt E; von Eschwege, Karel G


    Variations in the electromagnetic wavelengths of absorption and reflection of molecules do not only make life colorful but also are often of central importance in solar energy conversion and optoelectronic information processing and transfer. Dithizone and its derivatives and complexes are, to our knowledge, probably the most "colorful" compound, being responsive to no less than seven different external stimuli that effect color change. Apart from a more detailed discussion of the cyclic voltammetry and observed electrochromism in the SCH3-substituted free ligand and mercury complex, concentratochromism, solvatochromism, halochromism, thermochromism, and chronochromism in the ligand, and photochromism in the carboxy-functionalized phenylmercury(II) complex are also presented here. Color changes are either associated with proton transfer or loss, or isomerization.

  11. L’Association au collectif

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Denis Saint-Amand


    Full Text Available À la difficulté intrinsèque que pose l’exercice du compte rendu d’un volume collectif se lie ici le fait que le groupe de recherche Acme, dont les membres rassemblent leurs énergies autour de la question de la bande dessinée et auquel on doit le recueil L’Association. Une utopie éditoriale et esthétique, est constitué en majeure partie de chercheurs en sciences humaines de l’Université de Liège ; soit des collègues avec lesquels je partage une même affiliation institutionnelle. J’ai pour auta...

  12. Clubfoot associated with preaxial polydactyly. (United States)

    Eberhardt, Oliver; Fernandez, Francisco F; Gabriel, Heinz; Wirth, Thomas; Fuchs-Winkelmann, Susanne; Peterlein, Christian D


    We report on three children with bilateral, congenital clubfoot. Four of the six clubfeet were associated with preaxial polydactyly. Five of the six clubfeet were treated without extensive surgery. A plantigrade foot was achieved, even in the three clubfeet with polydactyly, using serial casting and percutaneous Achilles tenotomy. Casting was adapted according to the existing polydactyly. One case with tibial hemimelia and a complex clubfoot deformity with preaxial tarsal polydactyly required more comprehensive surgery. A foot with good weight-bearing function was also achieved in this case following resection of the accessory medial ray, including resection of the accessory tarsal bones and posterior release. Remaining limitations in mobility were ascribed to hindfoot pathologies.

  13. Childhood autism and associated comorbidities. (United States)

    Zafeiriou, Dimitrios I; Ververi, Athena; Vargiami, Euthymia


    Autism is a heterogeneous neurodevelopmental disorder with a variety of different etiologies, but with a heritability estimate of more than 90%. Although the strong correlation between autism and genetic factors has been long established, the exact genetic background of autism is still unclear. This review refers to all the genetic syndromes that have been described in children with pervasive developmental disorders (tuberous sclerosis, fragile X, Down, neurofibromatosis, Angelman, Prader-Willi, Gilles de la Tourette, Williams, etc.). Issues covered include prevalence and main characteristics of each syndrome, as well as the possible base of its association with autism in terms of contribution to the current knowledge on the etiology and genetic base of pervasive developmental disorders.

  14. Achondroplasia Associated with Bilateral Keratoconus

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ammar M. Al Mahmood


    Full Text Available We report a rare case of bilateral keratoconus in association with achondroplasia. A 26-year-old male, with a known case of achondroplasia, complained of bilateral gradual deterioration in vision for the past few years. Slit lamp biomicroscopy showed bilateral central corneal protrusion and stromal thinning at the apex consistent with keratoconus. a trial of hard contact lens fitting failed to improve VA in the left eye (LE. Right eye (RE improved to 20/25. The patient underwent penetrating keratoplasty (PKP in his LE. Twenty-seven months postoperatively, uncorrected visual acuity (UCVA was 20/30. Ophthalmologists should be aware that patients with achondroplasia who complain of poor vision should be suspected of having keratoconus once other more common conditions are ruled out.

  15. Poor reproducibility of allergic rhinitis SNP associations.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniel Nilsson

    Full Text Available Replication of reported associations is crucial to the investigation of complex disease. More than 100 SNPs have previously been reported as associated with allergic rhinitis (AR, but few of these have been replicated successfully. To investigate the general reproducibility of reported AR-associations in candidate gene studies, one Swedish (352 AR-cases, 709 controls and one Singapore Chinese population (948 AR-cases, 580 controls were analyzed using 49 AR-associated SNPs. The overall pattern of P-values indicated that very few of the investigated SNPs were associated with AR. Given published odds ratios (ORs most SNPs showed high power to detect an association, but no correlations were found between the ORs of the two study populations or with published ORs. None of the association signals were in common to the two genome-wide association studies published in AR, indicating that the associations represent false positives or have much lower effect-sizes than reported.

  16. Posttransplant proteinuria associated with everolimus. (United States)

    Bertoni, E; Bruschi, M; Candiano, G; Boccardi, C; Citti, L; Mangraviti, S; Rosso, G; Larti, A; Rosati, A; Ghiggeri, G M; Salvadori, M


    Anti-mTOR may induce proteinuria when utilized after renal transplantation. Little is known about the pathogenesis and composition of proteinuria. To clarify this unresolved aspect, we analyzed urinary protein composition utilizing an integrated proteomics approach, including quantitative assays, 2-dimensional electrophoresis, MALDI-TOF, and Western blots among 48 renal transplant recipients treated with everolimus (EVL; n = 31) or enteric-coated mycophenolic acid (EC-MPA; n = 17). High (>3 g/d) or intermediate levels of proteinuria (1-3 g) developed in 12 EVL patients (39%) compared with 4 subjects (23%) in the EC-MPA group. Proteinuria, which started during the first 2 days after EVL, tended to reduce during the follow-up. Quantitative proteomics showed an increase in low molecular proteins beta2 microglobulin (P < .001) and alpha1 microglobulin (P < .025). Qualitative proteomics showed a marked increase among all urinary components in EVL and EC-MPA patients. Major changes involved typical components of glomerular damage: albumin, Zn-alpha1 glycoprotein, alpha2HS glycoprotein, and leucine-rich alpha2 glycoprotein. In addition, we observed specific biomarkers for EVL: clusters of alpha1-antitrypsin fragments and monoclonal lambda chains. In conclusion, EVL induced proteinuria of a mixed glomerular and tubular origin that correlated with the start of treatment and reached nephrotic ranges in few cases. The specific urinary markers may reflect renal alterations related to the transplant or specific alterations associated with the drug.

  17. Bacterial biofilm and associated infections. (United States)

    Jamal, Muhsin; Ahmad, Wisal; Andleeb, Saadia; Jalil, Fazal; Imran, Muhammad; Nawaz, Muhammad Asif; Hussain, Tahir; Ali, Muhammad; Rafiq, Muhammad; Kamil, Muhammad Atif


    Microscopic entities, microorganisms that drastically affect human health need to be thoroughly investigated. A biofilm is an architectural colony of microorganisms, within a matrix of extracellular polymeric substance that they produce. Biofilm contains microbial cells adherent to one-another and to a static surface (living or non-living). Bacterial biofilms are usually pathogenic in nature and can cause nosocomial infections. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) revealed that among all microbial and chronic infections, 65% and 80%, respectively, are associated with biofilm formation. The process of biofilm formation consists of many steps, starting with attachment to a living or non-living surface that will lead to formation of micro-colony, giving rise to three-dimensional structures and ending up, after maturation, with detachment. During formation of biofilm several species of bacteria communicate with one another, employing quorum sensing. In general, bacterial biofilms show resistance against human immune system, as well as against antibiotics. Health related concerns speak loud due to the biofilm potential to cause diseases, utilizing both device-related and non-device-related infections. In summary, the understanding of bacterial biofilm is important to manage and/or to eradicate biofilm-related diseases. The current review is, therefore, an effort to encompass the current concepts in biofilm formation and its implications in human health and disease. Copyright © 2017. Published by Elsevier Taiwan LLC.

  18. Nelarabine Associated Myotoxicity and Rhabdomyolysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mahnur Haider


    Full Text Available Nelarabine (ara-G; Arranon; compound 506U78 is an antineoplastic purine analog used for the treatment of refractory or relapsed T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL and T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma (T-LBL. The drug was granted accelerated approval in October 2005 by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA given the efficacy (induction of complete responses noted in 2 single-arm trials (one in pediatric setting and one in adult patient population. The main spectra of toxicities that have been reported in these clinical trials and subsequent studies are hematological and neurological. Nelarabine induced rhabdomyolysis and increased creatinine phosphokinase (CK; CPK levels apparently have been reported and this side effect has been added as an adverse reaction in the product monograph from the drug company during postmarketing surveillance. However, the true extent and incidence of the myotoxicity from the drug are unclear. In this paper we report a grade IV CK elevation and rhabdomyolysis in a patient with T-ALL treated with nelarabine. Given the reported finding, we examined the literature further for myotoxicity, increased CK, and/or rhabdomyolysis associated with the use of the nelarabine and report our findings.

  19. Infections associated with body modification

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Samson Sai-Yin Wong


    Full Text Available Although exact statistics are lacking, body modifications for cosmetic purposes are performed in many countries. The commonest forms include tattooing, body piercing, and breast and facial augmentation using implants or injectable fillers. Liposuction and, to a lesser extent, mesotherapy are also practiced in many countries. Infective complications of these procedures include local infections, transmission of bloodborne pathogens (viral hepatitis and human immunodeficiency virus, and distant infections such as infective endocarditis. Presence of foreign bodies, long healing time of piercing wounds, and poor compliance with infection control practices of some practitioners all predispose the recipients to infections. Apart from the endogenous microbial flora of the skin and mucosae, atypical mycobacteria, especially the rapid growers, have emerged as some of the most important pathogens in such settings. Outbreaks of infection are commonly reported. We hereby review the current knowledge of the topic with specific focus on infections associated with tattooing, body piercing, breast augmentation, mesotherapy, liposuction, and tissue filler injections. Greater awareness among consumers and health-care professionals, as well as more stringent regulations by the health authorities, is essential to minimize the health risks arising from these procedures.

  20. Association of Eumycetoma and Schistosomiasis (United States)

    van Hellemond, Jaap J.; Vonk, Alieke G.; de Vogel, Corné; Koelewijn, Rob; Vaessen, Norbert; Fahal, Ahmed H.; van Belkum, Alex; van de Sande, Wendy W. J.


    Eumycetoma is a morbid chronic granulomatous subcutaneous fungal disease. Despite high environmental exposure to this fungus in certain regions of the world, only few develop eumycetoma for yet unknown reasons. Animal studies suggest that co-infections skewing the immune system to a Th2-type response enhance eumycetoma susceptibility. Since chronic schistosomiasis results in a strong Th2-type response and since endemic areas for eumycetoma and schistosomiasis do regionally overlap, we performed a serological case-control study to identify an association between eumycetoma and schistosomiasis. Compared to endemic controls, eumycetoma patients were significantly more often sero-positive for schistosomiasis (p = 0.03; odds ratio 3.2, 95% CI 1.18–8.46), but not for toxoplasmosis, an infection inducing a Th1-type response (p = 0.6; odds ratio 1.5, 95% CI 0.58–3.83). Here, we show that schistosomiasis is correlated to susceptibility for a fungal disease for the first time. PMID:23717704

  1. Associations between nutrition and cataract. (United States)

    Taylor, A


    Blindness due to opacification of the lens, or cataract, afflicts 50 million persons worldwide. In the United States over 541,000 cataract extractions are done annually at a cost of over $3.8 billion. Conservative estimates indicate that the prevalences of cataracts in Americans aged 65-75 and 75-85 years are 18% and 46%, respectively. Cataracts are even more prevalent in some other populations. It is estimated that the need for cataract extractions would be diminished by half if onset of cataract could be delayed by only ten years. Hypotheses regarding the etiology of cataract include oxidative perturbations of protein metabolism, diverse pathologic conditions, and perhaps glycation of lens proteins. Epidemiologic data indicate that elevated plasma levels of specific nutrients (i.e., carotenoids, ascorbate, tocopherol, and taurine) are associated with diminished incidence of certain types of cataract. Biochemical evidence suggests that each of these compounds can delay photooxidative damage to lens proteins. Roles in lens metabolism for selenium and tryptophan have been suggested. Elucidation of mechanisms by which caloric restriction delays cataract development is a promising area of current research.

  2. Association between paracoccidioidomycosis and cancer. (United States)

    Rodrigues, Gustavo da Silva; Severo, Cecília Bittencourt; Oliveira, Flávio de Mattos; Moreira, José da Silva; Prolla, João Carlos; Severo, Luiz Carlos


    To analyze the association between paracoccidioidomycosis (Pcm) and cancer in a series of 25 cases and to review the literature on this topic. A retrospective review of 25 cases diagnosed with Pcm and cancer, retrieved from a series of 808 consecutive adult patients diagnosed with Pcm based on tests conducted in the Mycology Laboratory of the Santa Casa Complexo Hospitalar, in the city of Porto Alegre, Brazil, between 1972 and 2007. The diagnosis of Pcm was confirmed by means of direct microscopic examination, histopathological examination or immunodiffusion test. All cancer cases were confirmed by histopathological or cytopathological examination. Respiratory symptoms were the principal complaints of the patients evaluated. Pulmonary involvement predominated, followed by skin and lymph node involvement. The most prevalent tumor was bronchial carcinoma, in 15 patients, followed by other types of carcinoma, and 1 patient had Hodgkin's lymphoma. In 16 patients (64%), the site of the Pcm was the same as that of the tumor. In most cases, Pcm treatment consisted of the isolated administration of sulfanilamide, sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim, ketoconazole, itraconazole or amphotericin B. The most common treatment for cancer was surgery, followed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Of the 25 patients, 12 were cured of Pcm, and 4 died. In 9 patients, the final outcome was unknown. In the general population of the area under study, the prevalence of lung cancer was significantly higher in smokers with Pcm than in smokers without Pcm (p Pcm appears to increase the risk of lung cancer.

  3. Thyroid Hemiagenesis Associated with Hyperthyroidism

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gunay Gurleyik


    Full Text Available Thyroid hemiagenesis (TH, very rare congenital anomaly, is generally asymptomatic. We report two cases of TH with hyperthyroidism. Case One. The patient presented with signs and symptoms of thyrotoxicosis. Physical examination revealed asymmetric nodular goitre at right lobe. Biochemical analysis revealed the diagnosis of hyperthyroidism. Ultrasound showed multinodular hypertrophy in the right lobe and absence of the left lobe. Nuclear scan, confirming absence of the left lobe, showed hot nodules in the right one. The diagnosis was toxic multinodular goitre. Case Two. The thyroid was not palpable in this patient presented with signs and symptoms of thyrotoxicosis. Biochemical analysis revealed the diagnosis of autoimmune thyrotoxicosis. Ultrasound showed mild diffuse hyperplasia of the right lobe and agenesis of the left lobe. Nuclear scan, confirming absence of the left lobe, showed increasing diffuse uptake of radiotracer in the right one. The diagnosis was Graves’ disease in this patient. After antithyroid medication, the patients were surgically treated with total excision of the thyroid tissue. TH is sometimes associated with disorders of the thyroid. Hyperthyroidism makes TH cases symptomatic. During evaluation of patients, ultrasound and nuclear scan usually report agenesis of one lobe and establish the diagnosis of TH. The surgical treatment is total removal of hyperactive tissue and total excision of the remaining lobe.

  4. Bacterial biofilm and associated infections

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Muhsin Jamal


    Full Text Available Microscopic entities, microorganisms that drastically affect human health need to be thoroughly investigated. A biofilm is an architectural colony of microorganisms, within a matrix of extracellular polymeric substance that they produce. Biofilm contains microbial cells adherent to one-another and to a static surface (living or non-living. Bacterial biofilms are usually pathogenic in nature and can cause nosocomial infections. The National Institutes of Health (NIH revealed that among all microbial and chronic infections, 65% and 80%, respectively, are associated with biofilm formation. The process of biofilm formation consists of many steps, starting with attachment to a living or non-living surface that will lead to formation of micro-colony, giving rise to three-dimensional structures and ending up, after maturation, with detachment. During formation of biofilm several species of bacteria communicate with one another, employing quorum sensing. In general, bacterial biofilms show resistance against human immune system, as well as against antibiotics. Health related concerns speak loud due to the biofilm potential to cause diseases, utilizing both device-related and non-device-related infections. In summary, the understanding of bacterial biofilm is important to manage and/or to eradicate biofilm-related diseases. The current review is, therefore, an effort to encompass the current concepts in biofilm formation and its implications in human health and disease.

  5. Discoid Meniscus Associated With Achondroplasia. (United States)

    Hoernschemeyer, Daniel G; Atanda, Alfred; Dean-Davis, Ellen; Gupta, Sumit K


    Achondroplasia is the most common skeletal dysplasia. This form of dwarfism is caused by a point mutation in the fibroblast growth factor receptor 3 (FGFR3) gene, leading to inhibition of endochondral ossification for these patients. This results in a normal trunk height but shortened limbs. The discoid meniscus may be an important associated finding to better understand the common complaints of leg pain for these patients. Although the incidence for a discoid meniscus is between 3% and 5% for the general population, it is unknown with achondroplasia. This case series includes 4 patients, with ages ranging from adolescence to early adulthood, with symptoms of knee pain that were not attributable to some of the more common findings seen in this patient population. Typically, patients with achondroplasia who experience knee pain are evaluated for more common and well-known etiologies such as genu varum, ligamentous instability, and neurogenic claudication. However, the authors propose that symptomatic discoid lateral meniscus should be added to the differential diagnosis for lower-extremity pain in the achondroplasia population. A thorough history and physical examination, in combination with magnetic resonance imaging, can aid in making the diagnosis. Treatment with arthroscopic debridement, saucerization of the meniscus, and repair for unstable injuries has yielded good outcomes for this patient population. [Orthopedics. 2016; 39(3):e498-e503.]. Copyright 2016, SLACK Incorporated.

  6. Association of African Universities : Education and Research ...

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    Association of African Universities : Education and Research Networking Unit. The Association of African Universities (AAU), headquartered in Accra, Ghana, is an international nongovernmental organization (NGO) that promotes cooperation between African universities and with the international community.

  7. Factors associated with adaptation and performance of ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Factors associated with adaptation and performance of trypanotolerant Orma ... Morbidity status, retention time and mortality rate were used as the measures of ... Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics, association tests and logistic ...

  8. American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (United States)

    ... My Account Find Members Benefits American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy 112 South Alfred Street Alexandria, ... Fax: (703) 838-9805 © 2002 - American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | ...

  9. Congenital Heart Diseases associated with Identified Syndromes ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    BACKGROUND: Congenital heart diseases are commonly associated with other extra cardiac congenital malformations. OBJECTIVE: To identify congenital heart diseases associated with identified syndromes and other extra cardiac congenital malformations in children in our hospital. METHODS: A prospective descriptive ...

  10. Is hidradenitis suppurativa associated with anaemia?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Miller, I. M.; Johansen, M E; Mogensen, U. B.


    BACKGROUND: Chronic inflammatory diseases may be associated with anaemia of inflammation. Hidradenitis suppurativa is a chronic inflammatory dermatological disease associated with metabolic comorbidities, low quality of life and fatigue. Anaemia may cause fatigue, and it has been hypothesized...

  11. APA District Branch / State Association Directory (United States)

    ... 785) 233-7154 Fax: (785) 234-2433 Kentucky Kentucky Psychiatric Medical Association Miranda Sloan, ... 635-5070 Fax: (573) 635-7823 Montana Montana Psychiatric Association Leonard Lantz, Acting ...

  12. Characterization of melanoma associated spongiform scleropathy

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Alyahya, Ghassan Ayish Jabur; Heegaard, Steffen; Prause, J.U.


    ophthalmology, melanoma associated spongiform scleropathy (MASS), MASS, malignant uveal melanoma, sclera, ciliary body, choroid, histopathology......ophthalmology, melanoma associated spongiform scleropathy (MASS), MASS, malignant uveal melanoma, sclera, ciliary body, choroid, histopathology...

  13. Association between competing interests and authors' conclusions

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kjaergard, Lise L; Als-Nielsen, Bodil


    To assess the association between competing interests and authors' conclusions in randomised clinical trials.......To assess the association between competing interests and authors' conclusions in randomised clinical trials....

  14. The Founding of the Learning Communities Association (United States)

    Huerta, Juan Carlos


    Learning communities have reached the point in their growth that we now need a professional association to allow for more opportunities for participation in advancing learning communities. This is the story of the founding of the new Learning Communities Association.

  15. Cardiovascular hospitalizations and associations with environmental quality (United States)

    Cardiovascular disease has been identified as a condition that may be associated with environmental factors. Air pollution in particular has been demonstrated to be associated with cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis, which can increase the likelihood of cardiovascular eve...


    African Journals Online (AJOL)



    Dec 1, 2000 ... Results: Road traffic accidents were the main cause of fractures associated with neuro- vascular ... the patients with vascular or nerve injury associated with fractures .... of traumatic aorto-iliac dissection injury in a child with.

  17. 7 CFR 1000.18 - Cooperative association. (United States)


    ... Agriculture Regulations of the Department of Agriculture (Continued) AGRICULTURAL MARKETING SERVICE (Marketing Agreements and Orders; Milk), DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE GENERAL PROVISIONS OF FEDERAL MILK MARKETING ORDERS Definitions § 1000.18 Cooperative association. Cooperative association means any cooperative marketing...

  18. Associations between baseline allergens and polysensitization

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Carlsen, B.C.; Menne, T.; Johansen, J.D.


    sulfate, epoxy resin, primin, and nickel sulfate showed statistically significant negative associations to polysensitization. For the allergens with the strongest associations, only every second individual with these particular allergies had two or more additional allergies. Conclusions: No common...

  19. Associations between baseline allergens and polysensitization

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Carlsen, Berit Christina; Menné, Torkil; Johansen, Jeanne Duus


    sulfate, epoxy resin, primin, and nickel sulfate showed statistically significant negative associations to polysensitization. For the allergens with the strongest associations, only every second individual with these particular allergies had two or more additional allergies. CONCLUSIONS: No common...

  20. Sorting waves and associated eigenvalues (United States)

    Carbonari, Costanza; Colombini, Marco; Solari, Luca


    The presence of mixed sediment always characterizes gravel bed rivers. Sorting processes take place during bed load transport of heterogeneous sediment mixtures. The two main elements necessary to the occurrence of sorting are the heterogeneous character of sediments and the presence of an active sediment transport. When these two key ingredients are simultaneously present, the segregation of bed material is consistently detected both in the field [7] and in laboratory [3] observations. In heterogeneous sediment transport, bed altimetric variations and sorting always coexist and both mechanisms are independently capable of driving the formation of morphological patterns. Indeed, consistent patterns of longitudinal and transverse sorting are identified almost ubiquitously. In some cases, such as bar formation [2] and channel bends [5], sorting acts as a stabilizing effect and therefore the dominant mechanism driving pattern formation is associated with bed altimetric variations. In other cases, such as longitudinal streaks, sorting enhances system instability and can therefore be considered the prevailing mechanism. Bedload sheets, first observed by Khunle and Southard [1], represent another classic example of a morphological pattern essentially triggered by sorting, as theoretical [4] and experimental [3] results suggested. These sorting waves cause strong spatial and temporal fluctuations of bedload transport rate typical observed in gravel bed rivers. The problem of bed load transport of a sediment mixture is formulated in the framework of a 1D linear stability analysis. The base state consists of a uniform flow in an infinitely wide channel with active bed load transport. The behaviour of the eigenvalues associated with fluid motion, bed evolution and sorting processes in the space of the significant flow and sediment parameters is analysed. A comparison is attempted with the results of the theoretical analysis of Seminara Colombini and Parker [4] and Stecca

  1. Fish communities associated with FADs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. Deudero


    Full Text Available Two groups of six fish aggregating devices (FADs were deployed at two locations off the eastern coast of Majorca (Western Mediterranean. Samples were obtained fortnightly throughout a two-year period by means of hauls performed with an experimental purse seine. Two control areas were established to check the aggregation efficiency of the FADs. A total of 16 families and 26 species of fishes were recorded beneath FADs. Pelagic fishes, largely Trachurus picturatus, T. mediterraneus, T. trachurus, Naucrates ductor, Seriola dumerili and Coryphaena hippurus, dominated the fauna. The total fish abundance, number of species and length range of the species confirmed that the FAD community was significantly related to season (recruitment period, resulting in a sequential fish colonisation of the FADs during the study period. Some of the species were present only during a particular period, such as Trachurus spp. in spring and summer. Other species, although evident for a longer period, were more occasional in catches (Schedophilus ovalis, Balistes carolinensis and Polyprion americanus, and some others were also present in small quantities. Diversity and equitability of the fish community associated with FADs were higher in summer than in winter. Many species were more abundant around FADs than in open water controls. The species that showed the most distinct recruitment phase beneath the FADs were N. ductor, S. ovalis, Trachurus spp., P. americanus, S. dumerili, C. hippurus and B. carolinensis. FADs can be considered nursery structures for many pelagic and demersal species, thus having an effect on the redistribution of juveniles. In the deployment of artificial structures as aggregators for fishing purposes one should consider the patchiness and seasonal characteristics of these communities as well as the redistribution aspect for fishery management.

  2. Orthopaedic injuries associated with skimboarding. (United States)

    Sciarretta, Kathryn H; McKenna, Matthew J; Riccio, Anthony I


    Skimboarding is a beachside water sport that is enjoying increasing popularity among both dedicated enthusiasts and casual beachgoers. Although many consider this sport to be similar to its "sister" sport, surfing, the technique, the environment in which it is performed, and the skills required differ dramatically from that of surfing. Moreover, the pattern of injuries seen in skimboarders differs substantially from those sustained while surfing. A better understanding of the injuries encountered in this sport will allow improved participant education and facilitate the implementation of preventative measures. Descriptive epidemiology study. A case series was generated by performing a single retrospective chart review of skimboarding injuries referred for orthopaedic evaluation over a 2-year period at 2 medical treatment facilities, one on the East Coast and one on the West Coast of the United States; demographic data, injury type, and treatments rendered were documented. Sixty-one patients were identified and analyzed. Average patient age was 19.1 years. Fractures represented 93.4% of all acute injuries. The most common sites of injury were the ankle (41%) and wrist (36%). Rotation about a planted lower extremity was the most common mechanism of injury (30/61, 49%), followed by falls onto an outstretched hand (26/61, 43%). Fractures of the ankle and wrist comprise a high proportion of skimboarding injuries. Knowledge of potential hazards associated with this sport should be made available to participants. To decrease the risk of orthopaedic injury, the use of protective equipment or instruction in proper techniques of the activity may be warranted.

  3. Breastfeeding-associated hypernatraemic dehydration

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sónia Melo Gomes


    Full Text Available Objective: In the last few years there has been an increase in case reports of hypernatraemic dehydration in breastfed newborns. Insufficient intake has an important role in the pathophysiology of this condition. The aim of this study was to evaluate exclusively breastfed neonates admitted for hypernatraemic dehydration. Methods: Retrospective study of breastfed neonates diagnosed with hypernatraemic dehydration, between March 2002 and March 2008, in a level 1 maternity. Rresults: Nineteen cases were identified (0.44% of neonatal intermediate care hospitalizations, 53% of them were male. The annual distribution revealed a higher number of cases in 2008: 26.3% in only three months. Median birth weight was 3,000 g and the median gestational age was 38 weeks. Vaginal delivery was the most frequent form of birth (42%, and 79% of mothers were primiparas. Admissions were made through the emergency department in 68.4%. The main reasons for seeking medical attention were: poor oral intake (32%, weight loss (26%, and jaundice (26%. The median age at admission was four days. Percentage of weight loss: 6.7 to 40%, median was 11%. Dehydration signs were absent in 42% of the patients. Median Na+ values were 152 mEq/l. Jaundice was the most frequent comorbidity found (74%. Intravenous fluids were administered in 89% and acute neurological complications were found in 21%, there were no deaths. Cconclusions: Breastfeeding-associated hypernatraemic dehydration seems to be a consequence of breastfeeding difficulties in inexperienced mothers. Since many cases are paucisymptomatic, there should be a high level of suspicion, especially in those patients with jaundice.

  4. OPATs: Omnibus P-value association tests. (United States)

    Chen, Chia-Wei; Yang, Hsin-Chou


    Combining statistical significances (P-values) from a set of single-locus association tests in genome-wide association studies is a proof-of-principle method for identifying disease-associated genomic segments, functional genes and biological pathways. We review P-value combinations for genome-wide association studies and introduce an integrated analysis tool, Omnibus P-value Association Tests (OPATs), which provides popular analysis methods of P-value combinations. The software OPATs programmed in R and R graphical user interface features a user-friendly interface. In addition to analysis modules for data quality control and single-locus association tests, OPATs provides three types of set-based association test: window-, gene- and biopathway-based association tests. P-value combinations with or without threshold and rank truncation are provided. The significance of a set-based association test is evaluated by using resampling procedures. Performance of the set-based association tests in OPATs has been evaluated by simulation studies and real data analyses. These set-based association tests help boost the statistical power, alleviate the multiple-testing problem, reduce the impact of genetic heterogeneity, increase the replication efficiency of association tests and facilitate the interpretation of association signals by streamlining the testing procedures and integrating the genetic effects of multiple variants in genomic regions of biological relevance. In summary, P-value combinations facilitate the identification of marker sets associated with disease susceptibility and uncover missing heritability in association studies, thereby establishing a foundation for the genetic dissection of complex diseases and traits. OPATs provides an easy-to-use and statistically powerful analysis tool for P-value combinations. OPATs, examples, and user guide can be downloaded from © The Author 2017

  5. Leadership Handbook: Virginia Community Colleges Association. (United States)

    Creager, Cheryl W.

    Developed for members of the Virginia Community Colleges Association (VCCA), this handbook provides information on various aspects of the association's organization, activities, policies, and services. The handbook contains the association's 1988-89 annual report, which highlights activities related to professional development, member…

  6. Efficient Mining of Intertransaction Association Rules

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Tung, A.K.H.; Lu, H.J.; Han, J.W.; Feng, L.

    Most of the previous studies on mining association rules are on mining intratransaction associations, i.e., the associations among items within the same transaction where the notion of the transaction could be the items bought by the same customer, the events happened on the same day, etc. In this

  7. 25 CFR 700.722 - Grazing associations. (United States)


    ... 25 Indians 2 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Grazing associations. 700.722 Section 700.722 Indians THE... Grazing § 700.722 Grazing associations. (a) The Commissioner may recognize, cooperate with, and assist range unit livestock associations in the management of livestock and range resources. (b) These...

  8. 27 CFR 10.22 - Employee associations. (United States)


    ... 27 Alcohol, Tobacco Products and Firearms 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Employee associations. 10..., DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY LIQUORS COMMERCIAL BRIBERY Commercial Bribery § 10.22 Employee associations. Gifts... employee associations are considered the same as bonuses, premiums, compensation, or other things of value...

  9. Omphalocele with Dextrocardia - A Rare Association


    Vikal Chandra Shakya; Agrawal, C.S.; Shrestha, N.R.; K Dhungel; S Adhikary


    Omphalocele is frequently associated with many other congenital malformations. In cardiac anomalies, association of omphalocele with dextrocardia has been rarely noticed before. We present here a child with dextrocardia and omphalocele alongwith a brief review of the literature on this rare association. Key Words: congenital malformations, dextrocardia, omphalocele

  10. Associative learning for a robot intelligence

    CERN Document Server

    Andreae, John H


    The explanation of brain functioning in terms of the association of ideas has been popular since the 17th century. Recently, however, the process of association has been dismissed as computationally inadequate by prominent cognitive scientists. In this book, a sharper definition of the term "association" is used to revive the process by showing that associative learning can indeed be computationally powerful. Within an appropriate organization, associative learning can be embodied in a robot to realize a human-like intelligence, which sets its own goals, exhibits unique unformalizable behaviou

  11. Hetero-association for pattern translation (United States)

    Yu, Francis T. S.; Lu, Thomas T.; Yang, Xiangyang


    A hetero-association neural network using an interpattern association algorithm is presented. By using simple logical rules, hetero-association memory can be constructed based on the association between the input-output reference patterns. For optical implementation, a compact size liquid crystal television neural network is used. Translations between the English letters and the Chinese characters as well as Arabic and Chinese numerics are demonstrated. The authors have shown that the hetero-association model can perform more effectively in comparison to the Hopfield model in retrieving large numbers of similar patterns.

  12. YAGM: a web tool for mining associated genes in yeast based on diverse biological associations. (United States)

    Wu, Wei-Sheng; Wang, Chung-Ching; Jhou, Meng-Jhun; Wang, Yu-Cheng


    Investigating association between genes can be used in understanding the relations of genes in biological processes. STRING and GeneMANIA are two well-known web tools which can provide a list of associated genes of a query gene based on diverse biological associations such as co-expression, co-localization, co-citation and so on. However, the transcriptional regulation association and mutant phenotype association have not been used in these two web tools. Since the comprehensive transcription factor (TF)-gene binding data, TF-gene regulation data and mutant phenotype data are available in yeast, we developed a web tool called YAGM (Yeast Associated Genes Miner) which constructed the transcriptional regulation association, mutant phenotype association and five commonly used biological associations to mine a list of associated genes of a query yeast gene. In YAGM, we collected seven kinds of datasets including TF-gene binding (TFB) data, TF-gene regulation (TFR) data, mutant phenotype (MP) data, functional annotation (FA) data, physical interaction (PI) data, genetic interaction (GI) data, and literature evidence (LE) data. Then by using the hypergeometric test to calculate the association scores of all gene pairs in yeast, we constructed seven biological associations including two transcriptional regulation associations (TFB association and TFR association), MP association, FA association, PI association, GI association, and LE association. Moreover, the expression profile association from SPELL database was also included in YAGM. When using YAGM, users can input a query gene and choose any possible subsets of the eight biological associations, then a list of associated genes of the query gene will be returned based on the chosen biological associations. In this study, we presented the YAGM which provides eight biological associations for mining associated genes of a query gene in yeast. Among the eight biological associations constructed in YAGM, three (TFB


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michele Bibas


    ="false" Priority="21" SemiHidden="false" UnhideWhenUsed="false" QFormat="true" Name="Intense Emphasis" />

    HIV infection has been recognized as a prothrombotic condition and this association has now been proven by a large number of studies with a reported VTE frequency among HIV-infected patients ranging from 0.19% to 7,63 %/year. HIV infection is associated with a two to tenfold increased risk of venous thrombosis in comparison with a general population of the same age. Some r

  14. 12 CFR 614.4530 - Special loans, production credit associations and agricultural credit associations. (United States)


    ... 12 Banks and Banking 6 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Special loans, production credit associations and agricultural credit associations. 614.4530 Section 614.4530 Banks and Banking FARM CREDIT..., production credit associations and agricultural credit associations. Under policies approved by the bank...

  15. Primary sclerosing cholangitis associated with systemic sclerosis. (United States)

    Fraile, G; Rodríguez-García, J L; Moreno, A


    Primary sclerosing cholangitis is a chronic inflammatory fibrotic disorder strongly associated with inflammatory bowel disease. Although an association between some inflammatory fibrotic conditions, such as Riedel's thyroiditis and retroperitoneal fibrosis and primary sclerosing cholangitis has been described, to our knowledge there are no reports of primary sclerosing cholangitis in patients with systemic sclerosis. A patient with this combination of conditions is presented and the possible significance of the association discussed.

  16. Predicting disease associations via biological network analysis. (United States)

    Sun, Kai; Gonçalves, Joana P; Larminie, Chris; Przulj, Nataša


    Understanding the relationship between diseases based on the underlying biological mechanisms is one of the greatest challenges in modern biology and medicine. Exploring disease-disease associations by using system-level biological data is expected to improve our current knowledge of disease relationships, which may lead to further improvements in disease diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. We took advantage of diverse biological data including disease-gene associations and a large-scale molecular network to gain novel insights into disease relationships. We analysed and compared four publicly available disease-gene association datasets, then applied three disease similarity measures, namely annotation-based measure, function-based measure and topology-based measure, to estimate the similarity scores between diseases. We systematically evaluated disease associations obtained by these measures against a statistical measure of comorbidity which was derived from a large number of medical patient records. Our results show that the correlation between our similarity measures and comorbidity scores is substantially higher than expected at random, confirming that our similarity measures are able to recover comorbidity associations. We also demonstrated that our predicted disease associations correlated with disease associations generated from genome-wide association studies significantly higher than expected at random. Furthermore, we evaluated our predicted disease associations via mining the literature on PubMed, and presented case studies to demonstrate how these novel disease associations can be used to enhance our current knowledge of disease relationships. We present three similarity measures for predicting disease associations. The strong correlation between our predictions and known disease associations demonstrates the ability of our measures to provide novel insights into disease relationships.

  17. Epigenetic regulatory mechanisms associated with infertility

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Minocherhomji, Sheroy; Madon, Prochi F; Parikh, Firuza R


    Infertility is a complex human condition and is known to be caused by numerous factors including genetic alterations and abnormalities. Increasing evidence from studies has associated perturbed epigenetic mechanisms with spermatogenesis and infertility. However, there has been no consensus...... with higher order organisation of chromatin in genes associated with infertility and pericentromeric regions of chromosomes, particularly 9 and Y, could further identify causes of idiopathic infertility. Determining the association between DNA methylation, chromatin state, and noncoding RNAs...

  18. Which racial groups are associated with diversity? (United States)

    Unzueta, Miguel M; Binning, Kevin R


    This article examines which racial groups are associated with the concept of diversity. Results indicate that regardless of perceivers' racial in-group, minorities (Asians, Blacks, and Latinos) tend to be more associated with diversity than do Whites. In addition, members of minority racial groups were found to associate their respective in-groups more strongly with the concept of diversity relative to minority out-groups. Consequences for addressing issues of racial equity and representation through the pursuit of diversity are discussed.

  19. Colour association and "colour amnesia" in aphasia.


    Varney, N R


    "Colour association" performance of 50 aphasic patients was investigated by means of a test in which they identified the characteristic colours of objects shown in line drawings. All aphasics with defects in colour association were impaired in reading comprehension. However, some (33%) retained normal aural comprehension. Approximately half the aphasics with receptive language impairment performed normally in colour association. The findings suggest that "colour amnesia" may be the result of ...

  20. Antagonistic activity of marine sponges associated Actinobacteria

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Dharmaraj, Selvakumar; Kandasamy, Dhevendaran


    Objective: To focus on the isolation and preliminary characterization of marine sponges associated Actinobacteria particularly Streptomyces species and also their antagonistic activities against bacterial and fungal pathogens. Methods...

  1. Evolving Temporal Association Rules with Genetic Algorithms (United States)

    Matthews, Stephen G.; Gongora, Mario A.; Hopgood, Adrian A.

    A novel framework for mining temporal association rules by discovering itemsets with a genetic algorithm is introduced. Metaheuristics have been applied to association rule mining, we show the efficacy of extending this to another variant - temporal association rule mining. Our framework is an enhancement to existing temporal association rule mining methods as it employs a genetic algorithm to simultaneously search the rule space and temporal space. A methodology for validating the ability of the proposed framework isolates target temporal itemsets in synthetic datasets. The Iterative Rule Learning method successfully discovers these targets in datasets with varying levels of difficulty.

  2. Sacrococcygeal Teratoma associated with Trisomy 13

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Dorum, Bayram Ali; Köksal, Nilgün; Özkan, Hilal; Karakaya, Sabahattin; Akgül, Ahsen Karagözlü


    Sacrococcygeal teratoma (SCT) is rarely associated with syndromes. We report a female newborn with a prenatal diagnosis of small sacrococcygeal teratoma and postnatally diagnosed as having trisomy 13...

  3. Familial adhesive arachnoiditis associated with syringomyelia

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Pasoglou, V; Janin, N; Tebache, M; Tegos, T J; Born, J D; Collignon, L


    Adhesive arachnoiditis is a rare condition, often complicated by syringomyelia. This pathologic entity is usually associated with prior spinal surgery, spinal inflammation or infection, and hemorrhage...

  4. Nosocomial (Health Care-Associated) Legionnaire's Disease. (United States)

    Agarwal, Shanu; Abell, Virginia; File, Thomas M


    Nosocomial Legionnaire's disease is most frequently associated with presence of the organism in hospital water systems. Patients are often susceptible as a result of age, underlying comorbidities, or immunosuppression. Prevention focuses on reducing the reservoir within water systems and includes super heating, ultraviolent light, chlorination, silver-copper ionization, and distal filtration. This article reviews the epidemiology of health care-associated Legionnaire's disease, reviews characteristics of several health care-associated outbreaks, and discusses strategies to prevent health care-associated infection. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  5. Associated factors to academic performance in adult

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mawency Vergel-Ortega


    Full Text Available The article has the objective identify the associated factors to academic performance of adult students in mathematics and statistics modules. Was realized a study quantitative correlational in a sample of 80 students with age over 30 years old. A group of institutional aspects, social-demographics, psychosocials and pedagogic factors were used as independent variable. Results indicate that style of learning associated with type of intelligence, deficit conscience associated to abstraction capability and family motivation predicts the higher levels of performance, constituting explicative variables. Conclusion: type and style of learning, type of intelligence, motivation, conscience of deficit are associated factors to performance in adults.

  6. Prevalence and specific psychosocial factors associated with ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Prevalence and specific psychosocial factors associated with substance use and psychiatric morbidity among patients with HIV infection at Usmanu Danfodiyo University Teaching Hospital, Sokoto State, Nigeria.

  7. Severe laryngitis associated to gastroesophageal reflux

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Botto, Hugo; Antonioli, Cintia; Nieto, Mary; Cocciaglia, Alejandro; Cuestas, Giselle; Roques Revol, Magdalena; López Marti, Jessica; Rodríguez, Hugo


    There is a strong association between gastroesophageal reflux and pharyngolaryngeal reflux as factors leading to respiratory disease, manifested as dysphonia, wheezing, coughing, recurrent laryngitis...

  8. Helicobacter heilmannii-associated Gastritis: Clinicopathologic Findings and Comparison with Helicobacter pylori-associated Gastritis (United States)

    Kwak, Ji Eun; Chang, Sun Hee; Kim, Hanseong; Chi, Je G.; Kim, Kyung-Ah; Yang, Jeon Ho; Lee, June Sung; Moon, Young-Soo; Kim, Kyoung-Mee


    The aims of this study were to evaluate the clinicopathologic features of Helicobacter heilmannii-associated gastritis and to compare H. heilmannii-associated gastritis with H. pylori-associated gastritis. We reviewed 5,985 consecutive gastric biopsy specimens. All cases of chronic gastritis with Helicobacter infection were evaluated with the Updated Sydney System, and the grades of all gastritis variables were compared between H. heilmannii-associated gastritis and H. pylori-associated gastritis groups. There were 10 cases of H. heilmannii-associated gastritis (0.17%) and 3,285 cases of H. pylori-associated gastritis (54.9%). The organisms were superficially located within the mucous layer without adhesion to epithelial cells. Interestingly, in one case many intracytoplasmic H. heilmannii organisms were observed in parietal cells with cell damage. A case of low-grade mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) lymphoma concomitant with H. heilmannii infection was detected. Compared to H. pylori-associated gastritis, H. heilmannii-associated gastritis showed less severe neutrophilic activity (pgastritis devoid of erosion or ulcer (p=0.0309). In conclusion, we present the detailed clinicopathologic findings of H. heilmannii-associated gastritis compared to H. pylori-associated gastritis. H. heilmannii-associated gastritis is uncommon and milder than H. pylori-associated gastritis, however it may be noteworthy with respect to the development of MALT lymphoma. PMID:17297253

  9. Associations of advertisement-promotion-sponsorship-related ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Associations of advertisement-promotion-sponsorship-related factors with current cigarette smoking among in-school adolescents in Zambia. ... Logistic regression analysis was used to estimate the associations. Results : Altogether, 2378 students, of whom 56.8% were females, participated in the study. Overall, 10.5% of ...

  10. Genetic association studies in lumbar disc degeneration

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Eskola, Pasi J; Lemmelä, Susanna; Kjaer, Per


    Low back pain is associated with lumbar disc degeneration, which is mainly due to genetic predisposition. The objective of this study was to perform a systematic review to evaluate genetic association studies in lumbar disc degeneration as defined on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in humans....

  11. The association of lysozyme with casein

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Roos, de A.L.; Walstra, P.; Geurts, T.J.


    The association of hen eggs’ lysozyme with caseins was studied by using three casein substrates: (I) solutions of the various caseins, (II) artificially made casein micelles of various compositions and (III) caseins adsorbed onto soya-oil emulsion droplets. In solution, lysozyme associated most

  12. Susceptibility to methamphetamine dependence associated with ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Egyptian Journal of Medical Human Genetics ... Association between this polymorphism and dependency to methamphetamine was investigated. Subjects ... The H allele seems positively associated with the risk of dependency to methamphetamine among females, but the observed OR did not reach the significance level, ...

  13. Association between rubella seropositivity and parity among ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Background: Rubella virus infection in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy causes miscarriages, stillbirths or fetal anomalies known as congenital rubella syndrome. Factors associated with rubella immunity include age and parity. No studies have been done to isolate the association of parity independent of age. Objective: To ...

  14. Journal of African Association of Physiological Sciences

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Journal of African Association of Physiological Sciences (J. Afr. Assoc. Physiol. Sci.) is an international, bi-annual official publication of African Association of Physiological Sciences. Both print and online forms are available. The journal is aimed at dissemination of information on diverse areas of research in Physiological ...

  15. Semantic association ranking schemes for information retrieval ...

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Most of the Information Retrieval (IR) techniques are based on representing the documents using the traditional vector space and probabilistic language model i.e., bag-of- words model. In this paper, associations among words in the documents are assessed and it is expressed in Term Association Graph model to represent ...

  16. Learned Interval Time Facilitates Associate Memory Retrieval (United States)

    van de Ven, Vincent; Kochs, Sarah; Smulders, Fren; De Weerd, Peter


    The extent to which time is represented in memory remains underinvestigated. We designed a time paired associate task (TPAT) in which participants implicitly learned cue-time-target associations between cue-target pairs and specific cue-target intervals. During subsequent memory testing, participants showed increased accuracy of identifying…

  17. Sequential association rules in atonal music

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Honingh, A.; Weyde, T.; Conklin, D.; Chew, E.; Childs, A.; Chuan, C.-H.


    This paper describes a preliminary study on the structure of atonal music. In the same way as sequential association rules of chords can be found in tonal music, sequential association rules of pitch class set categories can be found in atonal music. It has been noted before that certain pitch class

  18. MRI features associated with acute appendicitis

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Leeuwenburgh, Marjolein M. N.; Jensch, Sebastiaan; Gratama, Jan W. C.; Spilt, Aart; Wiarda, Bart M.; van Es, H. Wouter; Cobben, Lodewijk P. J.; Bossuyt, Patrick M. M.; Boermeester, Marja A.; Stoker, Jaap; Bouma, Wim H.; Houdijk, Alexander P. J.; Richir, Milan C.; Stockmann, Hein B. A. C.; Wiezer, Marinus J.; Verhagen, Thijs


    To identify MRI features associated with appendicitis. Features expected to be associated with appendicitis were recorded in consensus by two expert radiologists on 223 abdominal MRIs in patients with suspected appendicitis. Nine MRI features were studied: appendix diameter >7 mm, appendicolith,


    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    Sep 2, 2001 ... Previously, there were two associations of anthropologists in South. Africa, namely the South African Society of Cultural Anthropologists. (SASCA) and the Association for Anthropology in Southern Africa. (AASA). SASCA ... I managed to attend the AASA business meeting where van'ous issues were raised.

  20. Assessment on problems associated with artificial insemination ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    A cross sectional study was conducted from November 2015 to May 2016 with the objective of assessing the problems associated with artificial insemination service in dairy cattle in five selected peasant associations of Tullo district, west Hararghe, Ethiopia. A structured questionnaire was used for 389 dairy cattle owners, 3 ...


    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Kampen, Hendrik


    This paper reviews a series of experiments designed to investigate whether features characteristic for associative learning are also true of filial imprinting. Phenomena resembling blocking and overshadowing in associative learning may occur during imprinting on two different objects, but it is

  2. [Herpes associated erythema multiforme: a case report]. (United States)

    Li, Qing-fu; Li, Duo; Zhou, Hong-mei; Lin, Mei


    Herpes associated erythema multiforme (HAEM) is an acute exudative dermatic and mucosal disease caused by infecting herpes simplex virus. It has recurrence and idiorestriction, characterized by increasing of CD4+T leukomonocyte. This article reports a case of herpes associated erythema multiforme, and by way of reviewing relevant literature, discusses the possible mechanism, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of HAEM.

  3. Demographic and Lifestyle Variables Associated with Obesity (United States)

    Worthy, Sheri L.; Lokken, Kristine; Pilcher, Kenneth; Boeka, Abbe


    Objective: Overweight and obesity rates are associated with chronic diseases and higher rates of disability and continue to rise in the United States and worldwide. The purpose of this study was to build on past research and further investigate demographic and lifestyle variables associated with increased body mass index (BMI: kg/m[squared]).…

  4. Local Dynamic Stability Associated with Load Carrying

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jian Liu


    Conclusion: Current study confirmed the sensitivity of local dynamic stability measure in load carrying situation. It was concluded that load carrying tasks were associated with declined local dynamic stability, which may result in increased risk of fall accident. This finding has implications in preventing fall accidents associated with occupational load carrying.

  5. Caries is Associated with Asthma and Epilepsy. (United States)

    Anjomshoaa, Ida; Cooper, Margaret E; Vieira, Alexandre R


    There is evidence of association between systemic diseases and oral conditions, although it is not clear if these are direct or mediated by underlying factors such as health behaviors. The aim of this work was to evaluate whether self-reported systemic diseases were associated with caries experience. Medical history data and caries experience (DMFT and DMFS; Decayed, Missing due to caries, Filled Teeth/Surface) were obtained from the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine Dental Registry and DNA Repository. Information on 318 subjects (175 females and 143 males) was evaluated. Regression analysis was used to test for association between caries experience and disease status. The stronger associations were found between caries experience and asthma and epilepsy. With respect to asthma, DMFT above 15 (R(2) = 0.04) and DMFS above 50 (R(2) = 0.02) were associated. After controlling for gender differences in asthma, the associations remained strong (R(2) = 0.05 for both DMFT and DMFS). For epilepsy, DMFT above 15 (R(2) = 0.18) and DMFS above 50 (R(2) = 0.14) were associated. Asthma and epilepsy are associated with higher caries experience.

  6. Association of Inflammatory Cytokines with Traditional and ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Background: Inflammatory processes are implicated in the etiology of cardiovascular disease (CVD). Data on the association of inflammatory markers with cardiovascular risk factors in Indian patients with CVD are limited. Aim: This study was conducted with the aim to evaluate the association of inflammatory markers with ...

  7. Association analysis for oxalate concentration in spinach (United States)

    Screening and breeding low-oxalate germplasm is a major objective in spinach breeding. This research aims to conduct association analysis and identify SNP markers associated with oxalate concentration in spinach germplasm. A total of 310 spinach genotypes including 300 USDA germplasm accessions and ...

  8. Is atopic dermatitis associated with obesity?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ali, Zarqa; Suppli Ulrik, Charlotte; Agner, Tove


    Obesity has been associated with atopic dermatitis (AD), however the results have been conflicting. Our aim was to provide an update on current knowledge from observational studies addressing the possible association between obesity and AD. Systematic literature review was performed by identifying...

  9. Injuries Associated with Thoracolumbar Fractures | Montshiwa | East ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Results: A total of 32 cases had been admitted with fractures of the thoracolumbar spine over the study period. Neurologic injury was associated with a thoracolumbar fracture in two-thirds of cases. An associated non-spinal injury was found in 37.5% of cases. Most of these injuries (77%) involved the extremities. The

  10. Ollier's disease in association with adjacent fibromatosis. (United States)

    Al-Ismail, Khalid; Torreggiani, William C; Munk, Peter L; O'Connell, John X; Nicolaou, Savvakis; Masri, Bassam A


    Ollier's disease (enchondromatosis) is a nonhereditary disorder of mesodermal dysplasia. It is characterized by the presence of multiple enchondromas that typically affect the metaphyseal ends of bones. The association of Ollier's disease with adjacent fibromatosis has, to our knowledge, not been previously described. We report a case of Ollier's disease in association with soft tissue fibromatosis adjacent to the involved upper arm.

  11. Neutron Star/Supernova Remnant Associations


    Kaspi, V. M.


    The evidence for associations between neutron stars and supernova remnants is reviewed. After summarizing the situation for young radio pulsars, I consider the evidence from associations that young neutron stars can have properties very different from those of radio pulsars. This, though still controversial, shakes our simple perception of the Crab pulsar as prototypical of the young neutron star population.

  12. Associations between family suicide and personal suicidal ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The mean age was 13.3 years (range 13–15 years). There were significant associations between family suicide and students' self-reported involvement in physical fights, use of alcohol and concerns about physical health. Family suicide was associated with personal suicidal ideation, suicidal plans and suicide attempts.

  13. Assessment on problems associated with artificial insemination ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    A cross sectional study was conducted from November 2015 to May 2016 with the objective of assessing the problems associated with artificial insemination service in dairy cattle in five selected peasant associations of Tullo district, west Hararghe, Ethiopia. A structured questionnaire was used for 389 dairy cattle owners, ...

  14. The association between multiple sclerosis and uveitis

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Olsen, Tine Gadegaard; Frederiksen, Jette


    The association between multiple sclerosis (MS) and uveitis has been questioned. Nerve tissue and eye tissue develop from the same embryonic cells; thus, MS and uveitis could be etiologically associated. In published studies, the prevalence of MS in patients with uveitis differe from 0.7% to 30...

  15. Linkage disequilibrium and association mapping of drought ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Drought stress is a major abiotic stress that limits crop production. Molecular association mapping techniques through linkage disequilibrium (LD) can be effectively used to tag genomic regions involved in drought stress tolerance. With the association mapping approach, 90 genotypes of cotton Gossypium hirsutum, from ...

  16. Cross-cultural color-odor associations

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Levitan, C.A.; Ren, J.; Boesveldt, S.; Chan, J.; McKenzie, K.J.; Levin, J.A.; Leong, C.X.; Bosch, van den J.F.


    Colors and odors are associated; for instance, people typically match the smell of strawberries to the color pink or red. These associations are forms of crossmodal correspondences. Recently, there has been discussion about the extent to which these correspondences arise for structural reasons

  17. Combined Vesicovaginal and Rectovaginal Fistulas Associated with ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    but rarely lead to the formation of a fistula. Such complications are frequently associated with the insertion of aerosol caps into the vagina, but also other objects including small cups, metal boxes and plastic bottle caps have been reported3,4. Due to the association with sexual gratification, these patients are ashamed, so.

  18. Implicit Measures of Association in Psychopathology Research

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Roefs, Anne; Huijding, Jorg; Smulders, Fren T. Y.; MacLeod, Colin M.; de Jong, Peter J.; Wiers, Reinout W.; Jansen, Anita T. M.

    Studies obtaining implicit measures of associations in Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (4th ed., Text Revision; American Psychiatric Association, 2000) Axis 1 psychopathology are organized into three categories: (a) studies comparing groups having a disorder with controls, (b)

  19. Implicit measures of association in psychopathology research

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Roefs, A.; Huijding, J.; Smulders, F.T.Y.; MacLeod, C.M.; de Jong, P.J.; Wiers, R.W.; Jansen, A.T.M.


    Studies obtaining implicit measures of associations in Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (4th ed., Text Revision; American Psychiatric Association, 2000) Axis I psychopathology are organized into three categories: (a) studies comparing groups having a disorder with controls, (b)

  20. Linkage disequilibrium and association mapping of drought ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    sunny t


    Nov 16, 2016 ... Drought stress is a major abiotic stress that limits crop production. Molecular association mapping techniques through linkage disequilibrium (LD) can be effectively used to tag genomic regions involved in drought stress tolerance. With the association mapping approach, 90 genotypes of cotton. Gossypium ...

  1. Study of obesity associated proopiomelanocortin gene polymorphism

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Study of obesity associated proopiomelanocortin gene polymorphism: Relation to metabolic profile and eating habits in a sample of obese Egyptian children and ... Polymorphisms in the POMC gene locus are associated with obesity phenotypes. Aim: To ... Keywords: Childhood obesity; POMC gene; Metabolic syndrome ...

  2. Staphylococcus aureus and healthcare-associated infections

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Ekkelenkamp, M.B.|info:eu-repo/dai/nl/304817716


    Many medical procedures breach or suppress patients’ natural defences, leaving them vulnerable to infections which would not occur in healthy humans: “healthcare-associated infections”. Healthcare-associated infections caused by the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) are probably the most

  3. Associations between phenotypes of preeclampsia and thrombophilia. (United States)

    Berks, Durk; Duvekot, Johannes J; Basalan, Hillal; De Maat, Moniek P M; Steegers, Eric A P; Visser, Willy


    Preeclampsia complicates 2-8% of all pregnancies. Studies on the association of preeclampsia with thrombophilia are conflicting. Clinical heterogeneity of the disease may be one of the explanations. The present study addresses the question whether different phenotypes of preeclampsia are associated with thrombophilia factors. Study design We planned a retrospective cohort study. From 1985 until 2010 women with preeclampsia were offered postpartum screening for the following thrombophilia factors: anti-phospholipid antibodies, APC-resistance, protein C deficiency and protein S deficiency, hyperhomocysteineamia, factor V Leiden and Prothrombin gene mutation. Hospital records were used to obtain information on phenotypes of the preeclampsia and placental histology. We identified 844 women with singleton pregnancies who were screened for thrombophilia factors. HELLP complicated 49% of pregnancies; Fetal growth restriction complicated 61% of pregnancies. Early delivery (preeclampsia was associated with protein S deficiency (p=0.01). Fetal growth restriction was associated with anti-phospholipid antibodies (ppreeclampsia was associated with anti-phospholipid antibodies (p=0.01). Extensive placental infarction (>10%) was associated with anti-phospholipid antibodies (ppreeclampsia, especially if complicated by fetal growth restriction, are associated with anti-phospholipid antibodies. Other phenotypes of preeclampsia, especially HELLP syndrome, were not associated with thrombophilia. We advise only to test for anti-phospholipid antibodies after early onset preeclampsia, especially if complicated by fetal growth restriction. We suggest enough evidence is presented to justify no further studies are needed. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

  4. The Association between Educational Achievements, Career ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Tooth brushing frequency, time and replacement time of tooth brush were found to be significantly associated with career aspiration (p=0.007; p=0.002; p=0.00 respectively). Achievement motives did not have statistically significant association with oral hygiene behavior. Conclusion: Educational achievements and career ...

  5. Southern Rural Education Association Journal, 1990. (United States)

    Hulick, Chuck, Ed.


    This journal contains the following articles pertaining to education in rural areas: (1) "The State of the Association" (William Peter) reviews the mission and progress of the Southern Rural Education Association; (2) "Arts Enrichment Programs in Middle Tennessee Rural Schools" (Howard Brahmstedt and Patricia Brahmstedt)…

  6. Clavicular osteoma associated with bronchial osteomas

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Saglik, Yener; Yiliz, H. Yusuf; Erakar, Aziz [Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Ankara University School of Medicine, 06100, Ankara (Turkey); Kendi, Tuba Karaguelle [Integra MR Imaging Center, Ankara (Turkey); CMRR, University of Minnesota, 2021 6th Street SE, MN 55455, Minneapolis (United States); Guengoer, Adem [Department of Chest Surgery, Ankara University School of Medicine, 06100, Ankara (Turkey); Erekul, Selim [Department of Pathology, Ankara University School of Medicine, 06100, Ankara (Turkey)


    Osteoma is a rare benign tumor, composed of bony tissues. It predominantly involves the skull but rarely the long bones. In this report we present a case of clavicular osteoma associated with bronchial osteomas. This association has not previously been reported. There was no evidence of Gardner's syndrome. (orig.)

  7. Lupus nephritis is associated with more corticosteroid-associated organ damage but less corticosteroid non-associated organ damage. (United States)

    Joo, Y B; Won, S; Choi, C-B; Bae, S-C


    Objective The objective of this study was to investigate the association of lupus nephritis on organ damage and mortality in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). Methods A total of 1112 patients with SLE were investigated. Lupus nephritis was defined as a proteinuria based on the 1997 American College of Rheumatology criteria. Damage was assessed using the Systemic Lupus International Collaborating Clinics/American College of Rheumatology Damage Index. The associations of lupus nephritis with overall, non-renal, corticosteroid-associated, and non-associated damage were analyzed using logistic regression. The age-adjusted and sex-adjusted standardized mortality ratio was evaluated in patients with and without lupus nephritis. Results The prevalence of lupus nephritis in patients with SLE was 46.3%. Patients with lupus nephritis had a higher percentage of overall cumulative damage than patients without lupus nephritis (51.5% vs. 35.7%, p lupus nephritis. The standardized mortality ratios of patients with and without lupus nephritis were 5.17 (95% CI 3.49-7.38) and 2.32 (95% CI 1.47-3.48), respectively. Conclusion In patients with SLE, the presence of lupus nephritis is associated with increased corticosteroid-associated damage but less corticosteroid non-associated damage. Also, mortality is significantly higher in patients with lupus nephritis than in those without lupus nephritis.

  8. Obesity-associated cancer: an immunological perspective. (United States)

    Conroy, Melissa J; Dunne, Margaret R; Donohoe, Claire L; Reynolds, John V


    Epidemiological studies have established an association between obesity, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and a number of cancer types. Research has focused predominantly on altered endocrine factors, growth factors and signalling pathways, with little known in man about the immune involvement in the relevant pathophysiological processes. Moreover, in an era of exciting new breakthroughs in cancer immunotherapy, there is also a need to study the safety and efficacy of immunotherapeutics in the complex setting of inflammatory-driven obesity-associated cancer. This review addresses key immune cell subsets underpinning obesity-associated inflammation and describes how such immune compartments might be targeted to prevent and treat obesity-associated cancer. We propose that the modulation, metabolism, migration and abundance of pro- and anti-inflammatory cells and tumour-specific T cells might be therapeutically altered to both restore immune balance, alleviating pathological inflammation, and to improve anti-tumour immune responses in obesity-associated cancer.

  9. Intramolecular Association within the SAFT Framework

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Avlund, Ane Søgaard; Kontogeorgis, Georgios; Chapman, Walter G.


    the contribution to the Helmholtz free energy from association (inter- as well as intramolecularly) at equilibrium. Sear and Jackson rederived the contribution to the Helmholtz free energy from association from the theory by Wertheim [J. Stat. Phys. 42 (3–4), 459 (1986)] with inclusion of intramolecular...... association, and using this approach we obtain an expression for the Helmholtz free energy that is valid also at non-equilibrium states (with respect to hydrogen bonds), which is very useful when calculating derivatives.......A general theory for modelling intramolecular association within the SAFT framework is proposed. Sear and Jackson [Phys. Rev. E. 50 (1), 386 (1994)] and Ghonasgi and Chapman [J. Chem. Phys. 102 (6), 2585 (1995)] have previously extended SAFT to include intramolecular association for chains with two...

  10. Large recurrent microdeletions associated with schizophrenia

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Stefansson, H.; Rujescu, D.; Cichon, S.


    Reduced fecundity, associated with severe mental disorders, places negative selection pressure on risk alleles and may explain, in part, why common variants have not been found that confer risk of disorders such as autism, schizophrenia and mental retardation. Thus, rare variants may account...... and autism. In a genome-wide search for CNVs associating with schizophrenia, we used a population-based sample to identify de novo CNVs by analysing 9,878 transmissions from parents to offspring. The 66 de novo CNVs identified were tested for association in a sample of 1,433 schizophrenia cases and 33......,250 controls. Three deletions at 1q21.1, 15q11.2 and 15q13.3 showing nominal association with schizophrenia in the first sample (phase I) were followed up in a second sample of 3,285 cases and 7,951 controls (phase II). All three deletions significantly associate with schizophrenia and related psychoses...

  11. Extension of association models to complex chemicals

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Avlund, Ane Søgaard

    Summary of “Extension of association models to complex chemicals”. Ph.D. thesis by Ane Søgaard Avlund The subject of this thesis is application of SAFT type equations of state (EoS). Accurate and predictive thermodynamic models are important in many industries including the petroleum industry....... The SAFT EoS was developed 20 years ago, and a large number of papers on the subject has been published since, but many issues still remain unsolved. These issues are both theoretical and practical. The SAFT theory does not account for intramolecular association, it can only treat flexible chains, and does...... functional groups. It is also tested whether increasing the number of sites for DEA (diethanolamine) improves the results. It can be shown from experimental data that intramolecular association is dominating compared to intermolecular association in certain systems, and that the intramolecular association...

  12. The different roles of the Staff association

    CERN Document Server

    Staff Association


    The statutory role of the CERN Staff Association is defined in Chapter VII of the Staff Rules and Regulations. The means of the Association to realize its aims are described in Article I.1.3 of the Statutes of the CERN Staff Association. Generally speaking, its aims are “To serve and defend the economic, social, professional and moral interests of its members and all CERN staff“. Usually we deal with professional and social issues (employment conditions, defence of collective or individual rights, promotion of basic research...). But the Association also plays a role of integration (clubs promoting cultural, humanitarian, and sport or offering entertainment, organizing exhibitions and conferences) and it can promote actions to provide its members with material or social advantages (Interfon, commercial offers). Advantageous commercial offers In recent years the Association was able to negotiate with business or cultural partners benefits for its members. A full list can be found on our...

  13. Genome-wide association study of electrocardiographic parameters identifies a new association for PR interval and confirms previously reported associations. (United States)

    Sano, Motoaki; Kamitsuji, Shigeo; Kamatani, Naoyuki; Hong, Kyung-Won; Han, Bok-Ghee; Kim, Yeonjung; Kim, Jong Wook; Aizawa, Yoshiyasu; Fukuda, Keiichi


    Previous reports have described several associations of PR, QRS, QT and heart rate with genomic variations by genome-wide association studies (GWASs). In the present study, we examined the association of ∼2.5 million SNPs from 2994 Japanese healthy volunteers obtained from the JPDSC database with electrocardiographic parameters. We confirmed associations of PR interval, QRS duration and QT interval in individuals of Japanese ancestry with 11 of the 45 SNPs (6 of 20 for QT, 5 of 19 for PR and 0 of 6 for QRS) observed among individuals of European, African and Asian (Indian and Korean) ancestries. Those results indicate that many of the electrocardiographic associations with genes are shared by different ethnic groups including Japanese. Possible novel associations found in this study were validated by Korean data. As a result, we identified a novel association of SNP rs4952632[G] (maps near SLC8A1, sodium-calcium exchanger) (P = 7.595 × 10(-6)) with PR interval in Japanese individuals, and replication testing among Koreans confirmed the association of the same SNP with prolonged PR interval. Meta-analysis of the Japanese and Korean datasets demonstrated highly significant associations of SNP rs4952632[G] with a 2.325-ms (95% CI, 1.693-2.957 ms) longer PR interval per minor allele copy (P = 5.598 × 10(-13)). Cell-type-specific SLC8A1 knockout mice have demonstrated a regulatory role of sodium-calcium exchanger in automaticity and conduction in sinoatrial node, atrium and atrioventricular node. Our findings support a functional role of sodium-calcium exchanger in human atrial and atrioventricular nodal conduction as suggested by genetically modified mouse models. © The Author 2014. Published by Oxford University Press. All rights reserved. For Permissions, please email:

  14. The association between oxytocin and social capital.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Takeo Fujiwara

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Oxytocin is known to be related to social behaviors, including trust. However, few studies have investigated the association between oxytocin levels and social capital. Thus, we tested the hypothesis that endogenous oxytocin levels are positively associated with social capital. We also considered whether the association differed across gender because previous studies have shown differential effects of OT on social behaviors depending on gender. METHODS: We recruited a convenience sample of 50 women and 31 men in Japan via community sampling from whom we obtained urine sample with which to measure oxytocin levels. Individual-level cognitive social capital (social trust and mutual aid and structural social capital (community participation were assessed using a questionnaire. We used multivariate regression, adjusted for covariates (age, number of children, self-rated health, and education, and stratified by gender to consider associations between oxytocin and social capital. RESULTS: Among women, oxytocin was inversely associated with social trust and mutual aid (p<0.05. However, women participating in only 1 organization in the community showed higher oxytocin than women who participated in either no organizations (p<0.05 or 2 or more organization (i.e. inverse-U shape association. Among men, no association was observed between oxytocin and either form of cognitive and structural social capital. CONCLUSION: Women who perceived low cognitive social capital showed higher oxytocin levels, while structural social capital showed inverse-U shape association with oxytocin. No association between oxytocin and social capital was found among men. Further study is needed to elucidate why oxytocin was inversely associated with cognitive social capital only among women.

  15. Prefrontal Dopamine in Associative Learning and Memory (United States)

    Puig, M. Victoria; Antzoulatos, Evan G.; Miller, Earl K.


    Learning to associate specific objects or actions with rewards and remembering the associations are everyday tasks crucial for our flexible adaptation to the environment. These higher-order cognitive processes depend on the prefrontal cortex (PFC) and frontostriatal circuits that connect areas in the frontal lobe with the striatum in the basal ganglia. Both structures are densely innervated by dopamine (DA) afferents that originate in the midbrain. Although the activity of DA neurons is thought to be important for learning, the exact role of DA transmission in frontostriatal circuits during learning-related tasks is still unresolved. Moreover, the neural substrates of this modulation are poorly understood. Here, we review our recent work in monkeys utilizing local pharmacology of DA agents in the PFC to investigate the cellular mechanisms of DA modulation of associative learning and memory. We show that blocking both D1 and D2 receptors in the lateral PFC impairs learning of new stimulus-response associations and cognitive flexibility, but not the memory of highly familiar associations. In addition, D2 receptors may also contribute to motivation. The learning deficits correlated with reductions of neural information about the associations in PFC neurons, alterations in global excitability and spike synchronization, and exaggerated alpha and beta neural oscillations. Our findings provide new insights into how DA transmission modulate associative learning and memory processes in frontostriatal systems. PMID:25241063

  16. MRI features associated with acute appendicitis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Leeuwenburgh, Marjolein M.N. [University of Amsterdam, Department of Surgery, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam (Netherlands); University of Amsterdam, Department of Radiology, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam (Netherlands); Academic Medical Center, Department of Radiology (G1-223.1), Amsterdam (Netherlands); Jensch, Sebastiaan [Sint Lucas Andreas Hospital, Department of Radiology, Amsterdam (Netherlands); Gratama, Jan W.C. [Gelre Hospitals, Department of Radiology, Apeldoorn (Netherlands); Spilt, Aart [Kennemer Gasthuis, Department of Radiology, Haarlem (Netherlands); Wiarda, Bart M. [Alkmaar Medical Center, Department of Radiology, Alkmaar (Netherlands); Es, H.W. van [Sint Antonius Hospital, Department of Radiology, Nieuwegein (Netherlands); Cobben, Lodewijk P.J. [Haaglanden Medical Center, Department of Radiology, Leidschendam (Netherlands); Bossuyt, Patrick M.M. [University of Amsterdam, Department of Clinical Epidemiology, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam (Netherlands); Boermeester, Marja A. [University of Amsterdam, Department of Surgery, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam (Netherlands); Stoker, Jaap [University of Amsterdam, Department of Radiology, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam (Netherlands); Collaboration: on behalf of the OPTIMAP study group


    To identify MRI features associated with appendicitis. Features expected to be associated with appendicitis were recorded in consensus by two expert radiologists on 223 abdominal MRIs in patients with suspected appendicitis. Nine MRI features were studied: appendix diameter >7 mm, appendicolith, peri-appendiceal fat infiltration, peri-appendiceal fluid, absence of gas in the appendix, appendiceal wall destruction, restricted diffusion of the appendiceal wall, lumen or focal fluid collections. Appendicitis was assigned as the final diagnosis in 117/223 patients. Associations between imaging features and appendicitis were evaluated with logistic regression analysis. All investigated features were significantly associated with appendicitis in univariate analysis. Combinations of two and three features were associated with a probability of appendicitis of 88 % and 92 %, respectively. In patients without any of the nine features, appendicitis was present in 2 % of cases. After multivariate analysis, only an appendix diameter >7 mm, peri-appendiceal fat infiltration and restricted diffusion of the appendiceal wall were significantly associated with appendicitis. The probability of appendicitis was 96 % in their presence and 2 % in their absence. An appendix diameter >7 mm, peri-appendiceal fat infiltration and restricted diffusion of the appendiceal wall have the strongest association with appendicitis on MRI. (orig.)

  17. Association of TCTP with Centrosome and Microtubules

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mariusz K. Jaglarz


    Full Text Available Translationally Controlled Tumour Protein (TCTP associates with microtubules (MT, however, the details of this association are unknown. Here we analyze the relationship of TCTP with MTs and centrosomes in Xenopus laevis and mammalian cells using immunofluorescence, tagged TCTP expression and immunoelectron microscopy. We show that TCTP associates both with MTs and centrosomes at spindle poles when detected by species-specific antibodies and by Myc-XlTCTP expression in Xenopus and mammalian cells. However, when the antibodies against XlTCTP were used in mammalian cells, TCTP was detected exclusively in the centrosomes. These results suggest that a distinct pool of TCTP may be specific for, and associate with, the centrosomes. Double labelling for TCTP and γ-tubulin with immuno-gold electron microscopy in Xenopus laevis oogonia shows localization of TCTP at the periphery of the γ-tubulin-containing pericentriolar material (PCM enveloping the centriole. TCTP localizes in the close vicinity of, but not directly on the MTs in Xenopus ovary suggesting that this association requires unidentified linker proteins. Thus, we show for the first time: (1 the association of TCTP with centrosomes, (2 peripheral localization of TCTP in relation to the centriole and the γ-tubulin-containing PCM within the centrosome, and (3 the indirect association of TCTP with MTs.

  18. Analyzing microarray data using quantitative association rules. (United States)

    Georgii, Elisabeth; Richter, Lothar; Rückert, Ulrich; Kramer, Stefan


    We tackle the problem of finding regularities in microarray data. Various data mining tools, such as clustering, classification, Bayesian networks and association rules, have been applied so far to gain insight into gene-expression data. Association rule mining techniques used so far work on discretizations of the data and cannot account for cumulative effects. In this paper, we investigate the use of quantitative association rules that can operate directly on numeric data and represent cumulative effects of variables. Technically speaking, this type of quantitative association rules based on half-spaces can find non-axis-parallel regularities. We performed a variety of experiments testing the utility of quantitative association rules for microarray data. First of all, the results should be statistically significant and robust against fluctuations in the data. Next, the approach should be scalable in the number of variables, which is important for such high-dimensional data. Finally, the rules should make sense biologically and be sufficiently different from rules found in regular association rule mining working with discretizations. In all of these dimensions, the proposed approach performed satisfactorily. Therefore, quantitative association rules based on half-spaces should be considered as a tool for the analysis of microarray gene-expression data. The code is available from the authors on request.

  19. Exploiting Genome Structure in Association Analysis (United States)

    Kim, Seyoung


    Abstract A genome-wide association study involves examining a large number of single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) to identify SNPs that are significantly associated with the given phenotype, while trying to reduce the false positive rate. Although haplotype-based association methods have been proposed to accommodate correlation information across nearby SNPs that are in linkage disequilibrium, none of these methods directly incorporated the structural information such as recombination events along chromosome. In this paper, we propose a new approach called stochastic block lasso for association mapping that exploits prior knowledge on linkage disequilibrium structure in the genome such as recombination rates and distances between adjacent SNPs in order to increase the power of detecting true associations while reducing false positives. Following a typical linear regression framework with the genotypes as inputs and the phenotype as output, our proposed method employs a sparsity-enforcing Laplacian prior for the regression coefficients, augmented by a first-order Markov process along the sequence of SNPs that incorporates the prior information on the linkage disequilibrium structure. The Markov-chain prior models the structural dependencies between a pair of adjacent SNPs, and allows us to look for association SNPs in a coupled manner, combining strength from multiple nearby SNPs. Our results on HapMap-simulated datasets and mouse datasets show that there is a significant advantage in incorporating the prior knowledge on linkage disequilibrium structure for marker identification under whole-genome association. PMID:21548809

  20. The Staff Association and its history

    CERN Document Server

    Staff Association


    The Staff Association will celebrate its 60th birthday in the spring of 2015. We are collecting all information about the sixty years of the Staff Association. In particular, we are looking at publications of the Staff Association, which started with the “Staff Association Journal”, in 1955, which later became “Le Proton déchainé”, then, more simply, “Proton” in 1982 (the figure on the left shows the different mutations of our magazine). In our collection we are missing a few issues, in particular № 1 (dated mid-1955).     Dear reader, if have any old issues of this magazine, or of Graviton (figure on the right), another magazine edited by the Staff Association, or any other material or information that might help us document the history of the Staff Association, we would very much like to have a copy of the material or your contribution (written or oral). Please contact the Staff Association Sec...

  1. Associations among homesickness, anger, anxiety, and depression. (United States)

    Verschuur, Margot J; Eurelings-Bontekoe, Elisabeth H M; Spinhoven, Philip


    The study investigated the association of homesickness with the related concepts of anxiety, depression, and anger. Two conceptualizations of homesickness were used, one considering homesickness as a state, characterized by severe symptoms of a depressive episode, and the other one as a self-reported tendency to experience homesickness in times of separation from the familiar environment. The latter conceptualization can rather be considered as an enduring trait and does not specifically refer to actual feelings of depression. We compared these two conceptualizations of homesickness in a random sample from the Dutch population (n=485) by assessing their uni- and multivariate associations with anger, anxiety, depression, and anxiety-sensitivity. Both conceptualizations of homesickness were associated with anxiety and depression and with the externalization of anger. No association was found between internalization of anger or control over internalized and externalized anger for either conceptualization of homesickness. The pattern of multivariate associations between homesickness and its emotional correlates was similar for both conceptualizations, although homesickness as a state appeared to have a stronger association with depression, whereas the tendency to develop homesickness showed a particularly strong association with anxiety. It is concluded that homesickness can be considered as a mixed emotion of anxiety and depression ("Cothymia"), but that depression is more characteristic of homesickness as a state, whereas anxiety is more important if homesickness is conceptualized as an enduring tendency.

  2. Metagenomic Guilt by Association: An Operonic Perspective (United States)

    Vey, Gregory


    Next-generation sequencing projects continue to drive a vast accumulation of metagenomic sequence data. Given the growth rate of this data, automated approaches to functional annotation are indispensable and a cornerstone heuristic of many computational protocols is the concept of guilt by association. The guilt by association paradigm has been heavily exploited by genomic context methods that offer functional predictions that are complementary to homology-based annotations, thereby offering a means to extend functional annotation. In particular, operon methods that exploit co-directional intergenic distances can provide homology-free functional annotation through the transfer of functions among co-operonic genes, under the assumption that guilt by association is indeed applicable. Although guilt by association is a well-accepted annotative device, its applicability to metagenomic functional annotation has not been definitively demonstrated. Here a large-scale assessment of metagenomic guilt by association is undertaken where functional associations are predicted on the basis of co-directional intergenic distances. Specifically, functional annotations are compared within pairs of adjacent co-directional genes, as well as operons of various lengths (i.e. number of member genes), in order to reveal new information about annotative cohesion versus operon length. The results suggests that co-directional gene pairs offer reduced confidence for metagenomic guilt by association due to difficulty in resolving the existence of functional associations when intergenic distance is the sole predictor of pairwise gene interactions. However, metagenomic operons, particularly those with substantial lengths, appear to be capable of providing a superior basis for metagenomic guilt by association due to increased annotative stability. The need for improved recognition of metagenomic operons is discussed, as well as the limitations of the present work. PMID:23940763

  3. Bacterial resistance in biofilm-associated bacteria. (United States)

    Venkatesan, Nandakumar; Perumal, Govindaraj; Doble, Mukesh


    Biofilms are structured groups of different bacterial species that are responsible for most chronic and recurrent infections. Biofilm-related infections reoccur in approximately 65-80% of cases. Bacteria associated with the biofilm are highly resistant to antibiotics. Knowledge of biofilm formation, its propagation and the resistance associated with it is scant and a multidisciplinary approach is followed to understand the science and develop strategies to address this problem. This article discusses the role of various biochemical factors, molecular mechanisms and altered host environment causes associated with bacterial resistance in biofilm. It also reveals the target sites and different multidisciplinary strategies adapted for destroying or preventing the formation of biofilms.

  4. Molecular piracy of Kaposi's sarcoma associated herpesvirus. (United States)

    Choi, J; Means, R E; Damania, B; Jung, J U


    Kaposi's Sarcoma associated Herpesvirus (KSHV) is the most recently discovered human tumor virus and is associated with the pathogenesis of Kaposi's sarcoma, primary effusion lymphoma, and Multicentric Casttleman's disease. KSHV contains numerous open reading frames with striking homology to cellular genes. These viral gene products play a variety of roles in KSHV-associated pathogenesis by disrupting cellular signal transduction pathways, which include interferon-mediated anti-viral responses, cytokine-regulated cell growth, apoptosis, and cell cycle control. In this review, we will attempt to cover our understanding of how viral proteins deregulate cellular signaling pathways, which ultimately contribute to the conversion of normal cells to cancerous cells.

  5. Autoimmune hepatitis in association with lymphocytic colitis.

    LENUS (Irish Health Repository)

    Cronin, Edmond M


    Autoimmune hepatitis is a rare, chronic inflammatory disorder which has been associated with a number of other auto-immune conditions. However, there are no reports in the medical literature of an association with microscopic (lymphocytic) colitis. We report the case of a 53-year-old woman with several autoimmune conditions, including lymphocytic colitis, who presented with an acute hepatitis. On the basis of the clinical features, serology, and histopathology, we diagnosed autoimmune hepatitis. To our knowledge, this is the first report of autoimmune hepatitis in association with lymphocytic colitis, and lends support to the theory of an autoimmune etiology for lymphocytic colitis.

  6. Metaphase acrocentric associations in metally retarded patients. (United States)

    Yasseen, A A; Al-Musawi, T A


    The metaphase of 21 severely mentally retarded patients were studies to assess the role of satellite association in the etiology of mental retardation. Peripheral blood culture, chromosome harvesting and study scoring were conducted according to standard methods. Considered as a whole the results indicate that there is a significant increase in the frequency of satellite association among the mentally retarded. The present study concluded that satellite association may play a role in the etiology of mental retardation and may explain to some extent the presence of normal karyotype in some mental retardation patients.

  7. Longitudinal associations between lifestyle and vitamin D

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Skaaby, Tea; Husemoen, Lise Lotte Nystrup; Thuesen, Betina Heinsbæk


    Several lifestyle factors have been found to be associated with vitamin D status in cross-sectional studies, but it is not clear whether a change in these factors can actually affect the vitamin D level. We investigated the association between repeated measurements of physical activity, body mass...... at baseline (1999-2001) and 5-year follow-up. In a subsample, 25-OH-D was also measured at 1- and 3-year follow-ups. We used mixed models to examine the association between repeated measurements of lifestyle factors and 25-OH-D levels. In multivariable analyses of repeated measurements, the difference in 25...

  8. [The Taiwan Nurses Association and professional diplomacy]. (United States)

    Lee, Sheuan


    The Taiwan Nurses Association (TWNA) is publishing a special centenary issue to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the association in 2014. For this issue, TWNA invited the author to write a review article that addresses the involvement of the TWNA in professional diplomacy and international exchange over the past century. The author reviews the history of both TWNA and the International Council of Nurses and introduces the contributions of the association in the field of professional diplomacy and the positive contributions of many Taiwan nursing leaders to global healthcare and society. The purpose of the paper is to convey the traditions and experiences of TWNA forward to the next generation.

  9. Retinoblastoma with unusual association of postaxial polydactyly. (United States)

    Mishra, Deepak; Ranjan, Pratyush; Sinha, Bibhuti P; Baijal, Vijay; Bhadauria, Madhu


    Retinoblastoma is the most common primary intraocular malignancy of childhood, arising from retinal progenitor cells. The most common presenting feature is leucocoria, followed by strabismus, defective vision, and rarely nystagmus. The unusual associations reported with retinoblastoma are well-differentiated liposarcoma and lipomatous tissues, chromosome breakage syndromes, and the myriad findings of rare 13q deletion syndrome.
 Case report.
 An 8-year-old boy presented with features of retinoblastoma, having leucocoria in the left eye and an unusual association of postaxial polydactyly in the left hand.
 Postaxial polydactyly should be considered as an association of retinoblastoma.

  10. Castleman disease and associated autoimmune disease. (United States)

    Muskardin, Theresa W; Peterson, Bruce A; Molitor, Jerry A


    Castleman disease can occur in association with autoimmune connective tissue disease and confound the clinical picture, resulting in delayed diagnosis and suboptimal treatment. This review focuses on the intersection of Castleman disease and autoimmunity with an emphasis on shared pathology and mutually beneficial treatments. Targeting CD-20, interleukin-6, and the nuclear factor-κB pathway has shown promise in achieving long-term remission in patients with Castleman disease and associated autoimmune features. Advances in understanding of pathogenic cell types and cytokines in Castleman disease have allowed the development of targeted therapies successful in the treatment of both Castleman disease and associated autoimmune disease.

  11. Twenty years of Korea radioisotope association history

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This contents has two parts. The first part describes the present and post of Korea radioisotope association which are about the foundation of the association, organization, main projects and vision of the association. The second part is about the use and the prospect of radiation and radioisotope in Korea, which shows the plan of expansion of use of radiation and radioisotope, the prospect and present condition in fields such as medical, industry and farming, product and distribution, research and development of human resources, system and management of safety of radiation.

  12. Juxtafoveolar telangiectasis associated with CREST syndrome. (United States)

    Huerva, Valentin; Sánchez, M Carmen


    To report a case of CREST syndrome associated with juxtafoveolar telangiectasias (JT). Case report. Observational case report. A 64-year-old woman affected with CREST syndrome developed bilateral visual loss. Capillary dilatation and permeability changes in the outer retina were noticed during an angiographic study. Optical coherence tomography (OCT) showed thickening with loss of the foveal depression and inner lamellar cyst. The patient was diagnosed as stage 3, group 2A JT associated with CREST syndrome. Finding JT in association with CREST syndrome suggests a common pathophysiologic process.

  13. Epigenetics of cancer-associated muscle catabolism. (United States)

    Carr, Ryan M; Enriquez-Hesles, Elisa; Olson, Rachel Lo; Jatoi, Aminah; Doles, Jason; Fernandez-Zapico, Martin E


    Cancer patients are commonly affected by cachexia, a wasting process involving muscle and fat. Specifically, loss of the muscle compartment has been associated with poor prognosis and suboptimal response to therapy. Nutritional support has been ineffective in treating this process leading to investigations into the underlying molecular processes governing muscle catabolism. In this commentary, we discuss the molecular mechanisms of cancer-associated muscle metabolism and the epigenetic processes responsible for the muscle wasting phenotype. Ultimately, we highlight how the epigenome may serve as a promising therapeutic target in reversing cancer-associated muscle catabolism.

  14. Genetic variants associated with lung function

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Thyagarajan, Bharat; Wojczynski, Mary; Minster, Ryan L


    BACKGROUND: Reduced forced expiratory volume in 1 second (FEV1) and the ratio of FEV1 to forced vital capacity (FVC) are strong predictors of mortality and lung function is higher among individuals with exceptional longevity. However, genetic factors associated with lung function in individuals...... with exceptional longevity have not been identified. METHOD: We conducted a genome wide association study (GWAS) to identify novel genetic variants associated with lung function in the Long Life Family Study (LLFS) (n = 3,899). Replication was performed using data from the CHARGE/SpiroMeta consortia...

  15. Marked chromosomes associations in catarrhine monkeys, with a note on chromosome associations in other primate groups

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Boer, L.E.M. de

    In metaphase figures, obtained from cultures of whole blood, associations of the marked chromosomes were found in species of the following genera: Macaca, Cercocebus, Cercopithecus and Symphalangus. The different types of these associations are discussed. A note is given on chromosome associations

  16. Functional imaging of implicit marijuana associations during performance on an Implicit Association Test (IAT)

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Ames, S.L.; Grenard, J.L.; Stacy, A.W.; Xiao, L.; He, Q.; Wong, S.W; Xue, G.; Wiers, R.W.; Bechara, A.


    This research evaluated the neural correlates of implicit associative memory processes (habit-based processes) through the imaging (fMRI) of a marijuana Implicit Association Test. Drug-related associative memory effects have been shown to consistently predict level of drug use. To observe

  17. Mesh Association by Projection along Smoothed-Normal-Vector Fields : Association of Closed Manifolds

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Van Brummelen, E.H.


    The necessity to associate two geometrically distinct meshes arises in many engineering applications. Current mesh-association algorithms are generally unsuitable for the high-order geometry representations associated with high-order finite-element discretizations. In the present work we therefore

  18. 12 CFR 562.4 - Audit of savings associations and savings association holding companies. (United States)


    ... 12 Banks and Banking 5 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Audit of savings associations and savings association holding companies. 562.4 Section 562.4 Banks and Banking OFFICE OF THRIFT SUPERVISION, DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY REGULATORY REPORTING STANDARDS § 562.4 Audit of savings associations and savings...

  19. Growth performance and some haematological changes associated ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    day feeding trial to evaluate growth performance and some haematological changes associated with yam peel meal inclusions in finisher diet of broiler chicks in Ghana. The birds were separated into four treatment groups (each group consisting ...

  20. National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (United States)

    National Association of Area Agencies on Aging Search Member Login Forgot Password? Menu ABOUT n4a Mission, Vision & Work AAAs & Title VI Aging Programs Membership Board of Directors Staff Contact ...

  1. Association Between Insecure Attachment and ADHD

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Storebo, Ole Jakob; Darling Rasmussen, Pernille; Simonsen, Erik


    Objective: Psychological theories have postulated an association between insecure attachment and ADHD. The objective of this study is to investigate possible association between insecure attachment and ADHD in children and adults. Method: Review of literature was performed using the Psyc......INFO, Medline, and EMBASE databases. Results: Twenty-nine studies were included in the review. Overall, the studies showed that parental attachment problems and environmental mediating factors were significantly associated with childhood ADHD. Adults with ADHD had a much higher incidence of insecure attachment...... styles than reported in the general population. Conclusion: There seems to be a clear association between ADHD and insecure attachment. It is likely that early intervention in the form of parent training and pharmacological treatment may prevent development of attachment problems. But such studies have...

  2. Association and Centrality in Criminal Networks

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Petersen, Rasmus Rosenqvist

    Network-based techniques are widely used in criminal investigations because patterns of association are actionable and understandable. Existing network models with nodes as first class entities and their related measures (e.g., social networks and centrality measures) are unable to capture...... and analyze the structural richness required to model and investigate criminal network entities and their associations. We demonstrate a need to rethink entity associations with one specific case (inspired by \\textit{The Wire}, a tv series about organized crime in Baltimore, United States) and corroborated...... by similar evidence from other cases. Our goal is to develop centrality measures for fragmented and non-navigational states of criminal network investigations. A network model with three basic first class entities is presented together with a topology of associations between network entities. We implement...

  3. National library associations: websites and electronic discussion ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    National library associations: websites and electronic discussion groups. ... Recommended improvements for websites include proper hosting services and URL registrations, promotion through links with weblogs, assistance in training webmasters, and encouragement so that they can network and share experiences.

  4. Approaches To Conflict Management Among Transport Associations ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    ... and objectives; organizational characteristic (contextual and structural) job specializations, expertise, discretion and organization policies, reward systems, physical environment are some of the factors that cause conflict in various organization. Keywords: Conflict Management, Organization, Transport Association, Conflict

  5. Cervical meningocele associated with subependymal nodular heterotopia. (United States)

    Lotfi, M; Iranpour, P; As'adi, K


    Heterotopia is a subgroup of migration abnormalities, recognized by arrest of radial migration of neuroblasts. Being a well-known cause for developmental delay, mental retardation, and epilepsy, association of heterotopia with some other conditions has also been proposed. There are several case reports regarding the concurrence of heterotopia and encephalocele; however, no such association has been reported with cervical meningocele. Herein, we present the first case of periventricular nodular heterotopia associated with cervical meningocele. Our case further emphasizes the role of brain MRI in the evaluation of those with neural tube defects. Recognition of possible associated heterotopia is important for planning proper treatment and genetic counseling. Copyright © 2011 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  6. Association of Inflammatory Cytokines with Traditional and ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    rising burden of cardiovascular disease (CVD) for the past. 15 years in world ... disease (CVD). Data on the association of inflammatory markers with cardiovascular risk ..... levels of resistin, IL‑6 and lipid profile in elderly patients with ischemic ...

  7. Genetics Home Reference: SATB2-associated syndrome (United States)

    ... such as repetitive movements. A happy or overfriendly personality is also common among individuals with SATB2 -associated ... Health Topic: Developmental Disabilities Health Topic: Speech and Language Problems in Children Genetic and Rare Diseases Information ...

  8. Intracardiac and intracerebral thrombosis associated with ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Intracardiac and intracerebral thrombosis associated with methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase A1298C homozygote mutation in paediatric steroidresistant ... The patient was found to have a homozygote mutation in the methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) gene as an additional risk factor for recurrent thrombosis.

  9. Intestinal dysbiosis associated with systemic lupus erythematosus

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Hevia, Arancha; Milani, Christian; López, Patricia; Cuervo, Adriana; Arboleya, Silvia; Duranti, Sabrina; Turroni, Francesca; González, Sonia; Suárez, Ana; Gueimonde, Miguel; Ventura, Marco; Sánchez, Borja; Margolles, Abelardo


    ..., including characteristic anti-double-stranded DNA antibodies. We performed a cross-sectional study in order to determine if an SLE-associated gut dysbiosis exists in patients without active disease...

  10. Association between the polymorphisms of matrix ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Association between the polymorphisms of matrix metalloproteinases 9 and 3 genes and risk of myocardial infarction in Egyptian patients. Nadia I Sewelam, Eman R Radwan, Ashraf W Andraos, Baher E Ibrahim, Manal M Wilson ...

  11. On divisorial filtrations associated with Newton diagrams


    Ebeling, Wolfgang; Gusein-Zade, Sabir M.


    We consider divisorial filtration on the rings of functions on hypersurface singularities associated with Newton diagrams and their analogues for plane curve singularities. We compute the multi-variable Poincar\\'e series for the latter ones.

  12. Meals on Wheels Association of America (United States)

    ... Local Programs About Membership Leadership Academy Share the Love Member Toolkit Brand Resource Center Ad Council Resource Center Member Central ... PROGRAMS About Membership Leadership Academy Subaru Share the Love Ad Council ... Resources State Associations National Resource Center (NRCNA) Member ...

  13. Benefits and Risks Associated with Landscapes (United States)

    To fully reap the benefits that lawns and landscapes can provide our urban and suburban communities, these green spaces must be well-maintained. The landscaping initiative helps manage the benefits and risks associated with lawn care.

  14. Association between alcohol and cardiovascular disease

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Holmes, Michael V; Dale, Caroline E; Zuccolo, Luisa


    descent, including 20 259 coronary heart disease cases and 10 164 stroke events. Data were available on ADH1B rs1229984 variant, alcohol phenotypes, and cardiovascular biomarkers. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Odds ratio for coronary heart disease and stroke associated with the ADH1B variant in all individuals...... lower odds of coronary heart disease (odds ratio 0.90 (0.84 to 0.96)). The protective association of the ADH1B rs1229984 A-allele variant remained the same across all categories of alcohol consumption (P=0.83 for heterogeneity). Although no association of rs1229984 was identified with the combined...... subtypes of stroke, carriers of the A-allele had lower odds of ischaemic stroke (odds ratio 0.83 (0.72 to 0.95)). CONCLUSIONS: Individuals with a genetic variant associated with non-drinking and lower alcohol consumption had a more favourable cardiovascular profile and a reduced risk of coronary heart...

  15. Segmental neurofibromatosis associated with renal angiomyolipomas. (United States)

    Nguyen, Kim-Tan; Chiu, Melvin


    Segmental neurofibromatosis (SN) is a rare disorder characterized by neurofibromas or neurofibromas with café-au-lait spots limited to one region of the body without crossing the midline. Renal angiomyolipomas (AMLs) are rare benign neoplasms usually found in association with tuberous sclerosis (TS). Similar to neurofibromatosis (NF), TS has a high spontaneous mutation rate and a family history often is absent. Although both are autosomal dominant diseases with neural involvement, there are few reports in the literature demonstrating a link between the 2 disorders. We report a case of SN associated with renal AMLs. To our knowledge, there has been only 1 prior report of renal AML associated with NF type 1 (NF1), and there have been no prior reports of SN associated with AML.

  16. Awake, Offline Processing during Associative Learning.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    James K Bursley

    Full Text Available Offline processing has been shown to strengthen memory traces and enhance learning in the absence of conscious rehearsal or awareness. Here we evaluate whether a brief, two-minute offline processing period can boost associative learning and test a memory reactivation account for these offline processing effects. After encoding paired associates, subjects either completed a distractor task for two minutes or were immediately tested for memory of the pairs in a counterbalanced, within-subjects functional magnetic resonance imaging study. Results showed that brief, awake, offline processing improves memory for associate pairs. Moreover, multi-voxel pattern analysis of the neuroimaging data suggested reactivation of encoded memory representations in dorsolateral prefrontal cortex during offline processing. These results signify the first demonstration of awake, active, offline enhancement of associative memory and suggest that such enhancement is accompanied by the offline reactivation of encoded memory representations.

  17. ANCA-associated vasculitis and malignancy

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Mahr, Alfred; Heijl, Caroline; Le Guenno, Guillaume


    In this review, we summarise the current understanding of the potential link between cancer and anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-associated vasculitis (AAV), including granulomatosis with polyangiitis (Wegener's; GPA) and microscopic polyangiitis (MPA). As is true for many autoimmune...

  18. Temporal context and conditional associative learning

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Braun Jochen


    Full Text Available Abstract Background We investigated how temporal context affects the learning of arbitrary visuo-motor associations. Human observers viewed highly distinguishable, fractal objects and learned to choose for each object the one motor response (of four that was rewarded. Some objects were consistently preceded by specific other objects, while other objects lacked this task-irrelevant but predictive context. Results The results of five experiments showed that predictive context consistently and significantly accelerated associative learning. A simple model of reinforcement learning, in which three successive objects informed response selection, reproduced our behavioral results. Conclusions Our results imply that not just the representation of a current event, but also the representations of past events, are reinforced during conditional associative learning. In addition, these findings are broadly consistent with the prediction of attractor network models of associative learning and their prophecy of a persistent representation of past objects.

  19. Association of Cardiometabolic Multimorbidity With Mortality

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Di Angelantonio, Emanuele; Kaptoge, Stephen; Wormser, David; Willeit, Peter; Butterworth, Adam S; Bansal, Narinder; O'Keeffe, Linda M; Gao, Pei; Wood, Angela M; Burgess, Stephen; Freitag, Daniel F; Pennells, Lisa; Peters, Sanne A|info:eu-repo/dai/nl/341652326; Hart, Carole L; Håheim, Lise Lund; Gillum, Richard F; Nordestgaard, Børge G; Psaty, Bruce M; Yeap, Bu B; Knuiman, Matthew W; Nietert, Paul J; Kauhanen, Jussi; Salonen, Jukka T; Kuller, Lewis H; Simons, Leon A; van der Schouw, Yvonne T|info:eu-repo/dai/nl/073449253; Barrett-Connor, Elizabeth; Selmer, Randi; Crespo, Carlos J; Rodriguez, Beatriz; Verschuren, W M Monique|info:eu-repo/dai/nl/071858849; Salomaa, Veikko; Svärdsudd, Kurt; van der Harst, Pim; Björkelund, Cecilia; Wilhelmsen, Lars; Wallace, Robert B; Brenner, Hermann; Amouyel, Philippe; Barr, Elizabeth L M; Iso, Hiroyasu; Onat, Altan; Trevisan, Maurizio; D'Agostino, Ralph B; Cooper, Cyrus; Kavousi, Maryam; Welin, Lennart; Roussel, Ronan; Hu, Frank B; Sato, Shinichi; Davidson, Karina W; Howard, Barbara V; Leening, Maarten J G; Leening, Maarten; Rosengren, Annika; Dörr, Marcus; Deeg, Dorly J H; Kiechl, Stefan; Stehouwer, Coen D A; Nissinen, Aulikki; Giampaoli, Simona; Donfrancesco, Chiara; Kromhout, Daan; Price, Jackie F; Peters, Annette; Meade, Tom W; Casiglia, Edoardo; Lawlor, Debbie A; Gallacher, John; Nagel, Dorothea; Franco, Oscar H; Assmann, Gerd; Dagenais, Gilles R; Jukema, J Wouter; Sundström, Johan; Woodward, Mark; Brunner, Eric J; Khaw, Kay-Tee; Wareham, Nicholas J; Whitsel, Eric A; Njølstad, Inger; Hedblad, Bo; Wassertheil-Smoller, Sylvia; Engström, Gunnar; Rosamond, Wayne D; Selvin, Elizabeth; Sattar, Naveed; Thompson, Simon G; Danesh, John


    IMPORTANCE: The prevalence of cardiometabolic multimorbidity is increasing. OBJECTIVE: To estimate reductions in life expectancy associated with cardiometabolic multimorbidity. DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS: Age- and sex-adjusted mortality rates and hazard ratios (HRs) were calculated using

  20. Association of Cardiometabolic Multimorbidity With Mortality

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Di Angelantonio, Emanuele; Kaptoge, Stephen; Wormser, David


    IMPORTANCE: The prevalence of cardiometabolic multimorbidity is increasing. OBJECTIVE: To estimate reductions in life expectancy associated with cardiometabolic multimorbidity. DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS: Age- and sex-adjusted mortality rates and hazard ratios (HRs) were calculated using i...

  1. Pathomorphology and aerobic bacteria associated with pneumonia ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Aerobic bacteria isolated from the pneumonic lungs were Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Mannheimia haemolytica, Streptococcus pyogenes, Staphylococcus aureus and Pasteurella multocida respectively. There was no significant seasonal, species and breed associations (p>0.05) between pneumonic lesions ...

  2. Taurodontism in association with supernumerary teeth. (United States)

    Genc, A; Namdar, F; Goker, K; Atasu, M


    The dental, radiological, genetic and dermatoglyphic findings of an additional patient with taurodontism in association with supernumerary teeth were presented and the findings of the patient were compared with those in the literature.

  3. American Evaluation Association Guiding Principles for Evaluators

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Five principles developed by American Evaluation Associ intended to guide professional practice of evaluators & to inform evaluation clients and the general public about principles they can expect to be upheld by professional evaluators.


    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Mareli Dippenaar; Danielle van Wyk


    ...) 27, Separate Financial Statements (IAS 27), in August 2014. The amendments give entities the option to use the equity method to account for investments in subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates in their separate financial statements...

  5. Associations between depressive symptoms and insulin resistance

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Adriaanse, M C; Dekker, J M; Nijpels, G


    .942). The association between depressive symptoms and insulin resistance was similar for men and women. CONCLUSIONS/INTERPRETATION: We found only weak associations between depressive symptoms and insulin resistance, which did not differ among different glucose metabolism subgroups or between men and women.......AIMS/HYPOTHESIS: The association between depression and insulin resistance has been investigated in only a few studies, with contradictory results reported. The aim of this study was to determine whether the association between symptoms of depression and insulin resistance varies across glucose...... established type 2 diabetes mellitus. Main outcome measures were insulin resistance defined by the homeostasis model assessment for insulin resistance (HOMA-IR) and symptoms of depression using the Centre for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (CES-D). RESULTS: In the total sample, we found a weak...

  6. Flood risk assessment and associated uncertainty

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Apel, H; Thieken, A. H; Merz, B; Blöschl, G


    Flood disaster mitigation strategies should be based on a comprehensive assessment of the flood risk combined with a thorough investigation of the uncertainties associated with the risk assessment procedure...

  7. Is occupational stress associated with work engagement ? (United States)

    Padula, Rosimeire Simprini; Chiavegato, Luciana Dias; Cabral, Cristina Maria Nunes; Almeid, Talita; Ortiz, Thais; Carregaro, Rodrigo Luiz


    The occupational stress is associated with dissatisfaction, excessive demand at work and personal factors. Those factors can reduce work performance and can predispose workers to various diseases. Workers' health may be protected if there is encouragement to face challenges, which may lessen the impact on psychological and somatic stress and thus have greater personal and professional satisfaction. The aim of this study was to evaluate the association between occupational stress and work engagement. Participated in this study 457 male and female workers of a metallurgical industry. Subjects answered personal data, and the Job Stress Scale and Utrecht Work Engagement Scale were applied. Results showed an association between occupational stress and work engagement (P=0,001). The way the individual deals with his frustrations, or rather the work engagement, is associated with the occupational stress.

  8. Kocuria kristinae infection associated with acute cholecystitis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chan Edmond CH


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Kocuria, previously classified into the genus of Micrococcus, is commonly found on human skin. Two species, K. rosea and K. kristinae, are etiologically associated with catheter-related bacteremia. Case presentation We describe the first case of K. kristinae infection associated with acute cholecystitis. The microorganism was isolated from the bile of a 56-year old Chinese man who underwent laparoscopic cholecystectomy. He developed post-operative fever that resolved readily after levofloxacin treatment. Conclusion Our report of K. kristinae infection associated with acute cholecystitis expands the clinical spectrum of infections caused by this group of bacteria. With increasing number of recent reports describing the association between Kocuria spp. and infectious diseases, the significance of their isolation from clinical specimens cannot be underestimated. A complete picture of infections related to Kocuria spp. will have to await the documentation of more clinical cases.

  9. Journal of the Association of Nigerian Musicologists

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The objectives of Journal of the Association of Nigerian Musicologists are to develop musicology as a field through research and publication of highly standard articles; to enhance quality scholarship in Nigerian music and to promote Nigerian musicology internationally ...

  10. Association Between Insecure Attachment and ADHD

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Storebo, Ole Jakob; Darling Rasmussen, Pernille; Simonsen, Erik


    styles than reported in the general population. Conclusion: There seems to be a clear association between ADHD and insecure attachment. It is likely that early intervention in the form of parent training and pharmacological treatment may prevent development of attachment problems. But such studies have......Objective: Psychological theories have postulated an association between insecure attachment and ADHD. The objective of this study is to investigate possible association between insecure attachment and ADHD in children and adults. Method: Review of literature was performed using the Psyc......INFO, Medline, and EMBASE databases. Results: Twenty-nine studies were included in the review. Overall, the studies showed that parental attachment problems and environmental mediating factors were significantly associated with childhood ADHD. Adults with ADHD had a much higher incidence of insecure attachment...

  11. Associations with intraocular pressure across Europe

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Khawaja, Anthony P; Springelkamp, Henriët; Creuzot-Garcher, Catherine


    Raised intraocular pressure (IOP) is the most important risk factor for developing glaucoma, the second commonest cause of blindness globally. Understanding associations with IOP and variations in IOP between countries may teach us about mechanisms underlying glaucoma. We examined cross...

  12. Factors associated with colonization of Streptococcus pneumoniae ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    -fives attending clinic in Mwanza City, Tanzania. ... Number of children at home, positive HIV status and someone smoking showed association with S. pneumoniae carriage but the differences were not statistically significant. The resistance ...

  13. Estrogen-associated severe hypertriglyceridemia with pancreatitis. (United States)

    Aljenedil, Sumayah; Hegele, Robert A; Genest, Jacques; Awan, Zuhier

    Estrogen, whether therapeutic or physiologic, can cause hypertriglyceridemia. Hypertriglyceridemia-induced pancreatitis is a rare complication. We report 2 women who developed estrogen-associated severe hypertriglyceridemia with pancreatitis. The first patient developed pancreatitis secondary to hypertriglyceridemia associated with in vitro fertilization cycles. Marked reduction in her triglyceride was achieved with dietary restrictions and fibrate. The second patient developed pancreatitis secondary to hypertriglyceridemia during her pregnancies. She was noncompliant with the treatment; therefore, her triglyceride remained high after delivery. In both patients, no hypertriglyceridemia-associated genes mutations were identified, although the second patient had strong polygenic susceptibility to hypertriglyceridemia. Estrogen-induced severe hypertriglyceridemia with pancreatitis can be a life-threatening condition. Screening in high-risk patients is crucial to prevent subsequent complications. Copyright © 2016 National Lipid Association. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  14. Phyllosphere bacterial communities associated with the degradation ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Phyllosphere bacterial communities associated with the degradation of acetamiprid in Phaseolus vulgaris. ... at the proper concentration, however, phyllomicobes biodegradation capability was inhibited by high concentration of the pesticide and phyllomicrobes' community was also destroyed at the same conditions.

  15. Costs Associated With Propane Vehicle Fueling Infrastructure

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Smith, M.; Gonzales, J.


    This document is designed to help fleets understand the cost factors associated with propane vehicle fueling infrastructure. It provides an overview of the equipment and processes necessary to develop a propane fueling station and offers estimated cost ranges.

  16. Costs Associated With Propane Vehicle Fueling Infrastructure

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Smith, M.; Gonzales, J.


    This document is designed to help fleets understand the cost factors associated with propane vehicle fueling infrastructure. It provides an overview of the equipment and processes necessary to develop a propane fueling station and offers estimated cost ranges.

  17. Chiari I malformation associated with turner syndrome

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kamble Jayaprakash Harsha


    Full Text Available Turner syndrome (TS is a rare genetic disease due to the absence of one X chromosome. Patients with TS have more subtle neurological/neuropsychiatric problems, while headache is an uncommon clinical presentation which needs attention. We report a 12-year-old child presenting with typical cough headache. Her magnetic resonance imaging revealed Chiari I malformation associated with TS. To the best of our knowledge, Chiari I malformation associated with TS is not described in literature. We report the first case of TS associated with Chiari I malformation. Interestingly, Chiari I malformation is also associated with Noonan's syndrome, which is a close morphological mimicker of TS, raising the possibility of sharing similar pathogenesis in both conditions.

  18. Travelers' Health: Animal-Associated Hazards (United States)

    ... Chapter 2 - Safety & Security Chapter 2 - Environmental Hazards Animal-Associated Hazards Heather Bair-Brake, Ryan M. Wallace, G. Gale Galland, Nina Marano HUMAN INTERACTION WITH ANIMALS: A RISK FACTOR FOR INJURY AND ILLNESS Animals, ...

  19. Association between malnutrition and depression in elderly

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Pérez Cruz, Elizabeth; Lizárraga Sánchez, Diana Cecilia; Martínez Esteves, María Del Rosario


    Malnutrition and depression are common geriatric disorders. The aim of this study was determined the prevalence of malnutrition and depression in the elderly, as well as assess the association between depression and malnutrition...

  20. Primary sclerosing cholangitis associated with systemic sclerosis.


    Fraile, G.; Rodríguez-García, J. L.; Moreno, A.


    Primary sclerosing cholangitis is a chronic inflammatory fibrotic disorder strongly associated with inflammatory bowel disease. Although an association between some inflammatory fibrotic conditions, such as Riedel's thyroiditis and retroperitoneal fibrosis and primary sclerosing cholangitis has been described, to our knowledge there are no reports of primary sclerosing cholangitis in patients with systemic sclerosis. A patient with this combination of conditions is presented and the possible ...

  1. Trinary Associative Memory Would Recognize Machine Parts (United States)

    Liu, Hua-Kuang; Awwal, Abdul Ahad S.; Karim, Mohammad A.


    Trinary associative memory combines merits and overcomes major deficiencies of unipolar and bipolar logics by combining them in three-valued logic that reverts to unipolar or bipolar binary selectively, as needed to perform specific tasks. Advantage of associative memory: one obtains access to all parts of it simultaneously on basis of content, rather than address, of data. Consequently, used to exploit fully parallelism and speed of optical computing.

  2. Aplasia Cutis Congenita Associated with Fetus Papyraceus. (United States)

    Pieretti, María Lía; Alcalá, Rebeca; Boggio, Paula; Noguera-Morel, Lucero; Porriño, María Librada; Luna, Paula C; Hernández-Martín, Angela; Schroh, Roberto; Larralde, Margarita; Torrelo, Antonio


    Aplasia cutis congenita (ACC), or congenital absence of skin, is a heterogeneous condition that may be due to varied mechanisms. ACC has rarely been reported in association with fetus papyraceus, representing a peculiar phenotype of ACC. We present six new cases of neonates born with symmetric ACC associated with intrauterine fetal demise of co-twins during the late first or early second trimester. © 2015 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  3. Association between psoriasis and inflammatory bowel disease

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Egeberg, Alexander; Mallbris, L; Warren, R B


    BACKGROUND: Psoriasis, Crohn disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC) are chronic inflammatory disorders with overlapping genetic architecture. However, data on the frequency and risk of CD and UC in psoriasis are scarce and poorly understood. OBJECTIVES: To investigate the association between CD......-associated increased risk of CD and UC, which was higher in severe psoriasis, and an increased risk of psoriasis in patients with inflammatory bowel disease. Increased focus on gastrointestinal symptoms in patients with psoriasis may be warranted....

  4. Associative memory in phasing neuron networks

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Nair, Niketh S [ORNL; Bochove, Erik J. [United States Air Force Research Laboratory, Kirtland Air Force Base; Braiman, Yehuda [ORNL


    We studied pattern formation in a network of coupled Hindmarsh-Rose model neurons and introduced a new model for associative memory retrieval using networks of Kuramoto oscillators. Hindmarsh-Rose Neural Networks can exhibit a rich set of collective dynamics that can be controlled by their connectivity. Specifically, we showed an instance of Hebb's rule where spiking was correlated with network topology. Based on this, we presented a simple model of associative memory in coupled phase oscillators.

  5. Prokaryotic algae associated with Australian proterozoic stromatolites. (United States)

    Licari, G. R.; Cloud, P.


    The most favorable sites in which to study the associations between stromatolites and the algae responsible for them are places where a variety of stromatolites of possibly early diagenetic or primary silica occupy a layer of substantial thickness of little metamorphosed ancient sediments. One such place is in northwestern Queensland, Australia. Five cases of association between stromatolites and blue-green algal nannofossils were observed within a 100-m sequence of carbonate rocks in that area.

  6. Secondary Cutaneous Amyloidosis Associated with Mycosis Fungoides (United States)


    34" Secondary localized cutaneous amyloidosis is often not clinically apparent, but may be seen is associated with several skin ...wood’s lamp, the lesions did not fluoresce. The differential diagnosis included morphea. hypopigmcnted mycosis fungoidcs. post-inflammatory...It is associated with several skin tumors, and has been reported with PUVA use. To date, there are three reported cases of secondary localized

  7. Parafoveal chondral defects associated with femoroacetabular impingement. (United States)

    Zaltz, Ira; Leunig, Michael


    Cam-type, pincer, and mixed femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) are accepted causes of labral and acetabular rim injury; however, the abnormal contact stresses associated with motion may damage other areas of the hip. Although cartilage damage to the femoral head has been reported previously in athletes, FAI-associated focal parafoveal chondral defects differ from previously reported lesions and represent a rare manifestation of the complex pathomechanics associated with FAI. We describe the clinical, radiographic, and surgical characteristics of a rare focal anterolateral parafoveal femoral chondral defect associated with FAI. We retrospectively reviewed 10 patients with symptomatic FAI diagnosed with this unique focal defect confirmed at the time of surgical dislocation. Patients presented with hip pain, clinical findings of FAI, and, frequently, with an identifiable lesion on MRI arthrography. The minimum clinical followup was 12 months (mean, 29 months; range, 12-72 months). The consistent characteristics of these lesions associated with FAI differ from previously reported femoral chondral damage reported after hip dislocation or lateral impact in that there was no discrete injury such as a fall or dislocation/subluxation, no associated traumatic femoral lesion, and all were localized to the posterosuperior femoral head. Eight of 10 were diagnosed preoperatively using MR arthrography. Despite radiographic similarities to findings of osteoarthritis and osteonecrosis, these FAI-associated femoral chondral defects were amenable to surgical reconstruction using first- or second-generation cartilage repair techniques during surgical treatment of impingement. The etiology of these lesions may be related to complex intraarticular forces generated by FAI-associated transient hip subluxation or forceful nonconcentric motion. Level IV, therapeutic study. See Guidelines for Authors for a complete description of levels of evidence.

  8. Association of Parasitic Infections and Cancers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Khurana S


    Full Text Available Recent advances in the fields of molecular biology, epidemiology and infectious diseases have led to significant revelations to clarify the relationship between cancer and infective agents. This article reviews the relationship between parasitic infections and carcinogenesis and the possible mechanisms involved. Few parasites, e.g., Schistosoma haematobium and Opisthorchis viverrini have been found to be strongly associated with bladder cancer and cholangiocarcinoma respectively. The evidence for the association of several other parasites and cancers has also been postulated.

  9. Caries is Associated with Asthma and Epilepsy


    Anjomshoaa, Ida; Cooper, Margaret E.; Vieira, Alexandre R.


    Objectives There is evidence of association between systemic diseases and oral conditions, although it is not clear if these are direct or mediated by underlying factors such as health behaviors. The aim of this work was to evaluate whether self-reported systemic diseases were associated with caries experience. Methods Medical history data and caries experience (DMFT and DMFS; Decayed, Missing due to caries, Filled Teeth/Surface) were obtained from the University of Pittsburgh School of Denta...

  10. Terminal hemimyelocystocele associated with Chiari II malformation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Umamaheswara Reddy V.


    Full Text Available Terminal myelocystocele (TMC results from failure of embryonic CSF to drain outside the neural tube creating CSF reservoir within a dorsal meningocele. Association of Chiari II malformation with diastematomyelia and myelocystocele is extremely rare. Myelocystoceles do not have neural tissue so they have good prognosis after treatment, however when associated with hydromelia and Chiari malformation they present with neurological deficits. We present details of a 2 year old female who presented to us with this rare anomaly.

  11. Helicobacter Pylori associated global gastric cancer burden


    Mbulaiteye, Sam M; Hisada, Michie; El-Omar, Emad M.


    Helicobacter pylori infection is ubiquitous, infecting close to one-half of the world's population, but its prevalence is declining in developed countries. Chronic H. pylori infection is etiologically linked to gastric adenocarcinoma, especially non-cardia type (63% of all stomach cancer or ∼5.5% of the global cancer burden: ∼25% of cancers associated with infectious etiology), and to gastric mucosal associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) lymphoma, which accounts for up to 8% of all non-Hodgkin ly...

  12. Novel genetic loci associated with hippocampal volume.


    Hibar, Derrek P.; Adams, Hieab H.H.; Jahanshad, Neda; Chauhan, Ganesh; Stein, Jason L.; Hofer, Edith; Renteria, Miguel E.; Bis, Joshua C; Arias-Vasquez, Alejandro; Ikram, M. Kamran; Desrivières, Sylvane; Vernooij, Meike W; Abramovic, Lucija; Alhusaini, Saud; Amin, Najaf


    International audience; The hippocampal formation is a brain structure integrally involved in episodic memory, spatial navigation, cognition and stress responsiveness. Structural abnormalities in hippocampal volume and shape are found in several common neuropsychiatric disorders. To identify the genetic underpinnings of hippocampal structure here we perform a genome-wide association study (GWAS) of 33,536 individuals and discover six independent loci significantly associated with hippocampal ...

  13. Toxic metabolic syndrome associated with HAART

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Haugaard, Steen B


    (HAART) may encounter the HIV-associated lipodystrophy syndrome (HALS), which attenuates patient compliance to this treatment. HALS is characterised by impaired glucose and lipid metabolism and other risk factors for cardiovascular disease. This review depicts the metabolic abnormalities associated...... with HAART by describing the key cell and organ systems that are involved, emphasising the role of insulin resistance. An opinion on the remedies available to treat the metabolic abnormalities and phenotype of HALS is provided....

  14. A Case of Melanoma Associated Leukoderma

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Özer Arıcan


    Full Text Available Melanoma associated leukoderma is a rare disease characterized by hypopigmented or depigmented macules, which are usualy localized at distant sites from the primary malignant melonoma. Immunologic response to abnormal melanocytes is thought to be responsible for the physiopathology of the disease. A 34-year- old male patient with a facially localized melanoma associated leukoderma is presented and the clinical features, pathogenesis, differential diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of the disease are discussed with the recent literature.

  15. Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura Associated with Pneumococcal Sepsis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jeffrey R Schriber


    Full Text Available The first documented case of thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP associated with pneumococcal septicemia is reported. This association has been previously demonstrated with hemolytic uremic syndrome. The patient presented with recurrent seizures, oliguric renal failure, fever, thrombocytopenia and microangiopathic hemolytic anemia; coagulation studies were normal. Blood and sputum cultures were positive for Streptococcus pneumoniae. The patient responded to therapy with plasmapheresis and antiplatelet agents as well as antibiotics. Coincident infection should be searched for in all cases of TTP.

  16. Urinary Incontinence and Associated Female Sexual Dysfunction. (United States)

    Duralde, Erin R; Rowen, Tami S


    Urinary incontinence (UI) and sexual dysfunction are common conditions often undiagnosed and untreated in women and are associated with decreased quality of life. To evaluate the relation between UI and female sexual dysfunction (FSD), considering incontinence type and the psychosocial and physiologic aspects of sexual function. PubMed search of terms related to UI and FSD from 1979 to 2016 generated 603 published references, of which 26 were included. Nine additional studies came from bibliographic review. Rates and types of sexual dysfunction. In cross-sectional and case-control studies, UI was associated with increased rates and severity of FSD. Coital UI occurred in 24% to 66% of women with UI. Impaired body image, fear of coital UI, avoidance of sex, and complete abstinence were more common in women with UI. Deficits in desire, lubrication, satisfaction, and increased pain were found across numerous studies. Mixed UI was associated with more FSD than urgency UI and stress UI. Multiple studies suggest urgent UI is more bothersome than stress UI. Coital UI was associated with a urodynamic diagnosis other than genuine stress incontinence in 25% to 50%. Leakage at penetration was associated with stress UI; leakage at orgasm was associated more often with detrusor overactivity. Women's UI is associated with increased rates of sexual dysfunction, suggesting concurrent screening is warranted. Clarifying timing of coital leakage would facilitate targeted treatment. Standardization of FSD measurements could better elucidate the relation between UI and FSD. Duralde ER, Rowen TS. Urinary Incontinence and Associated Female Sexual Dysfunction. Sex Med Rev 2017;5:470-485. Copyright © 2017 International Society for Sexual Medicine. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  17. Secondary Retroperitoneal Fibrosis Associated with Generalized Atherosclerosis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Barbullushi Myftar


    Full Text Available Retroperitoneal fibrosis is an uncommon disease that often presents in a subtle manner. Only a few cases of the combined association of generalized atherosclerosis and retroperitoneal fibrosis are reported in the recent literature, supporting the view that the condition is probably an autoimmune periaortitis. We describe a typical case of retroperitoneal fibrosis associated with generalized atherosclerosis with clinical presentation of progressive renal insufficiency, and claudication from arterial compromise.

  18. Secondary retroperitoneal fibrosis associated with generalized atherosclerosis. (United States)

    Barbullushi, M; Pasko, N; Bezhani, E; Duraku, A; Rusi, R; Hoti, K; Bakalli, V; Idrizi, A


    Retroperitoneal fibrosis is an uncommon disease that often presents in a subtle manner. Only a few cases of the combined association of generalized atherosclerosis and retroperitoneal fibrosis are reported in the recent literature, supporting the view that the condition is probably an autoimmune periaortitis. We describe a typical case of retroperitoneal fibrosis associated with generalized atherosclerosis with clinical presentation of progressive renal insufficiency, and claudication from arterial compromise.

  19. Extension of UNIFAC to associating systems


    Foco, Gloria; Ferreira, Olga; Brignole, Esteban A.; Bottini, Susana B.


    An extended UNIFAC group contribution model for the prediction of activity coefficients in associating mixtures was presented recently (Mengarelli et al.,1999). In the present work the model is applied to solutions containing alcohols, water, carboxylic acids and inert components. The residual UNIFAC local composition term is re-parameterized in order to take into account only dispersive forces between associating and inert functional groups. Good representation of vapor-liquid and liqu...

  20. Risks associated with South African energy pipelines



    M.Comm. The demand for products which are distributed through pipelines has increased worldwide over the last decade. These increases in demand have irrevocably impacted upon top management’s perceptions of risks associated with energy pipeline supply chains. Even in South Africa, the increase in demand for products such as diesel, jet fuel and petrol, which are supplied through the energy pipeline supply chains have increased the risks associated with energy pipeline supply chains. This s...

  1. Norovírus Associated Encephalopathy


    Salva, I; Brito, MJ; Farela Neves, J


    clinical presentation is self limited. It is classified into five groups (genogroups I through V). There are numerous reports of neurologic complications, namely afebrile seizures, but only two reports of associated encephalopathy. Case Report: A 12 month old girl with previous history of a pneumonia treated with amoxicillin-clavulanic acid and clarythromycin, presented in our emergency department with strabismus, ataxia for 3 days, later associated with vomiting and diarrhea. On admission...

  2. Streptococcus sanguis endocarditis associated with colonic carcinoma. (United States)

    Nijjer, Sukhjinder; Dubrey, Simon William


    Infective endocarditis caused by Streptococcus bovis is known to be associated with colorectal malignancy. Other less common streptococci, specifically Streptococcus sanguis, can be similarly associated with gastrointestinal carcinoma. We present a case of disseminated colorectal carcinoma occurring after a confirmed S sanguis endocarditis, that required mitral valve surgery. There may be a need for gastrointestinal surveillance in patients presenting with bacteraemia caused by less common streptococci.

  3. Amyloid-associated Cystic Lung Disease. (United States)

    Zamora, Ana C; White, Darin B; Sykes, Anne-Marie G; Hoskote, Sumedh S; Moua, Teng; Yi, Eunhee S; Ryu, Jay H


    Amyloid-associated cystic lung disease is rare. It can be associated with collagen vascular disease (CVD). We aimed to describe the clinical, radiology, and pathology findings of this entity. We reviewed the records of subjects having biopsy-proven pulmonary amyloidosis with cystic lung disease demonstrated at high-resolution computed tomography (HRCT). Demographic characteristics, association with CVD and lymphoproliferative disorders, pulmonary function, and pathology results were reviewed. HRCT appearance was analyzed for number, size, distribution, and morphology of cysts and nodules. Twenty-one subjects (13 female, eight male; median age, 61 years) with cystic pulmonary amyloidosis were identified. The most common pulmonary function patterns were normal (42%) and obstructive (32%). The most common associated CVD was Sjögren syndrome (10 of 12). Nine subjects had no CVD. Cysts tended to be multiple (≥ 10 in 14 of 21, 67%), round (21 of 21, 100%), or lobulated (20 of 21, 95%); thin-walled (cystic lung disease can occur with or without underlying CVD. Cystic lesions in the lung are commonly numerous, often are peribronchovascular or subpleural, and are frequently associated with nodular lesions that are often calcified. MALToma was a relatively frequent association. Copyright © 2016 American College of Chest Physicians. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  4. Semantic and associative priming in picture naming. (United States)

    Alario, F X; Segui, J; Ferrand, L


    We report four picture-naming experiments in which the pictures were preceded by visually presented word primes. The primes could either be semantically related to the picture (e.g., "boat"--TRAIN: co-ordinate pairs) or associatively related (e.g., "nest"--BIRD: associated pairs). Performance under these conditions was always compared to performance under unrelated conditions (e.g., "flower"--CAT). In order to distinguish clearly the first two kinds of prime, we chose our materials so that (a) the words in the co-ordinate pairs were not verbally associated, and (b) the associate pairs were not co-ordinates. Results show that the two related conditions behaved in different ways depending on the stimulus-onset asynchrony (SOA) separating word and picture appearance, but not on how long the primes were presented. When presented with a brief SOA (114 ms, Experiment 1), the co-ordinate primes produced an interference effect, but the associated primes did not differ significantly from the unrelated primes. Conversely, with a longer SOA (234 ms, Experiment 2) the co-ordinate primes produced no effect, whereas a significant facilitation effect was observed for associated primes, independent of the duration of presentation of the primes. This difference is interpreted in the context of current models of speech production as an argument for the existence, at an automatic processing level, of two distinguishable kinds of meaning relatedness.

  5. Associating Symptom Phenotype and Genotype in Preeclampsia. (United States)

    Founds, Sandra A; Tsigas, Eleni; Ren, Dianxu; Barmada, M Michael


    Preeclampsia is a complex genetic disorder with an incompletely understood pathogenesis. Its phenotype may be better elucidated by integrating symptoms. This study aimed to identify symptoms by gestational age and associations with novel preeclampsia candidate genes. Women with a history of preeclampsia recruited from The Preeclampsia Registry completed clinical/demographic, symptom surveys and provided medical records. DNA extracted from saliva was processed with multiplexed assays for eight single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) selected to tag candidate genes and/or located in symptom susceptibility regions. Groups with versus without symptoms were compared using χ 2 . Associations between SNPs and symptoms were analyzed as genotype categories and presence/absence of the variant allele. Logistic regression modeling was conducted with exploratory p = .05. In 114 participants, 113 reported at least 1 of the 18 symptoms. Symptoms varied by trimester. Nine symptoms were associated with seven SNPs. Visual disturbances were associated with three SNPs and nausea/vomiting with two SNPs. Modeling adjustment for maternal age and parity resulted in 15 associations between 9 symptoms and 8 SNPs. Medical records demonstrated 100% concordance with self-reported diagnosis and 48% concordance with reported severity. Findings indicated novel symptom-genotype associations in preeclampsia. The small sample was self-selected, but results support future studies including medical records review. When validated, these results may lead to holistic phenotyping of women to characterize subsets of preeclampsia. This approach may optimize health in pregnancy and later life for mothers and offspring through prediction, prevention, and precision nursing care.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mariela Yaneva – Deliverska


    Full Text Available Healthcare-associated infections are infections caused by a wide variety of common and unusual bacteria, fungi, and viruses during the course of receiving medical care. Medical advances have brought lifesaving care to patients in need, yet many of those advances come with a risk of healthcare-associated infection. These infections related to medical care can be devastating and even deadly. As the ability to prevent healthcare-associated infections grows, these infections are increasingly unacceptable.Recent successes in healthcare-associated infections elimination have been very encouraging. Examples include sustained reduction in central line-associated bloodstream infections by 70%, simply by ensuring adherence to available guidelines. Reductions have been demonstrated for other helthcare-associated infections as well, but, much more remains to be done.Wherever patient care is provided, adherence to infection prevention guidelines is needed to ensure that all care is safe care. This includes traditional hospital settings as well as outpatient surgery centers, long-term care facilities, rehabilitation centers, and community clinics.

  7. Risk factors associated with provoked pulmonary embolism. (United States)

    Gjonbrataj, Endri; Kim, Ji Na; Gjonbrataj, Juarda; Jung, Hye In; Kim, Hyun Jung; Choi, Won-Il


    This study aimed to investigate the risk factors associated with provoked pulmonary embolism (PE). This retrospective cohort study included 237 patients with PE. Patients that had transient risk factors at diagnosis were classified as having provoked PE, with the remaining patients being classified as having unprovoked PE. The baseline clinical characteristics and factors associated with coagulation were compared. We evaluated the risk factors associated with provoked PE. Of the 237 PE patients, 73 (30.8%) had provoked PE. The rate of respiratory failure and infection, as well as the disseminated intravascular coagulation score and ratio of right ventricular diameter to left ventricular diameter were significantly higher in patients with provoked PE than in those with unprovoked PE. The protein and activity levels associated with coagulation, including protein C antigen, protein S antigen, protein S activity, anti-thrombin III antigen, and factor VIII, were significantly lower in patients with provoked PE than in those with unprovoked PE. Multivariate analysis showed that infection (odds ratio [OR], 3.2; 95% confidence interval [CI], 1.4 to 7.4) and protein S activity (OR, 0.97; 95% CI, 0.95 to 0.99) were significantly associated with provoked PE. Protein S activity and presence of infection were important factors associated with provoked PE. We should pay attention to the presence of infection in patients with provoked PE.

  8. Naturally Biased Associations Between Music and Poetry. (United States)

    Albertazzi, Liliana; Canal, Luisa; Micciolo, Rocco; Ferrari, Fulvio; Sitta, Sebastiano; Hachen, Iacopo


    The study analyzes the existence of naturally biased associations in the general population between a series of musical selections and a series of quatrains. Differently from other studies in the field, the association is tested between complex stimuli involving literary texts, which increases the load of the semantic factors. The stimuli were eight quatrains taken from the same poem and eight musical clips taken from a classical musical version of the poem. The experiment was conducted in two phases. First, the participants were asked to rate 10 couples of opposite adjectives on a continuous bipolar scale when reading a quatrain or when listening to a musical clip; then they were asked to associate a given clip directly with the quatrains in decreasing order. The results showed the existence of significant associations between the semantics of the quatrains and the musical selections. They also confirmed the correspondences experienced by the composer when writing the musical version of the poem. Connotative dimensions such as rough or smooth, distressing or serene, turbid or clear, and gloomy or bright, characterizing both the semantic and the auditory stimuli, may have played a role in the associations. The results also shed light on the accomplishment of the two diverse methodologies adopted in the two different phases of the test. Finally, the role of specific musical components and their combinations is likely to have played an important role in the associations, an aspect that shall be addressed in further studies.

  9. Function of cancer associated genes revealed by modern univariate and multivariate association tests. (United States)

    Gorfine, Malka; Goldstein, Boaz; Fishman, Alla; Heller, Ruth; Heller, Yair; Lamm, Ayelet T


    Copy number variation (CNV) plays a role in pathogenesis of many human diseases, especially cancer. Several whole genome CNV association studies have been performed for the purpose of identifying cancer associated CNVs. Here we undertook a novel approach to whole genome CNV analysis, with the goal being identification of associations between CNV of different genes (CNV-CNV) across 60 human cancer cell lines. We hypothesize that these associations point to the roles of the associated genes in cancer, and can be indicators of their position in gene networks of cancer-driving processes. Recent studies show that gene associations are often non-linear and non-monotone. In order to obtain a more complete picture of all CNV associations, we performed omnibus univariate analysis by utilizing dCov, MIC, and HHG association tests, which are capable of detecting any type of association, including non-monotone relationships. For comparison we used Spearman and Pearson association tests, which detect only linear or monotone relationships. Application of dCov, MIC and HHG tests resulted in identification of twice as many associations compared to those found by Spearman and Pearson alone. Interestingly, most of the new associations were detected by the HHG test. Next, we utilized dCov's and HHG's ability to perform multivariate analysis. We tested for association between genes of unknown function and known cancer-related pathways. Our results indicate that multivariate analysis is much more effective than univariate analysis for the purpose of ascribing biological roles to genes of unknown function. We conclude that a combination of multivariate and univariate omnibus association tests can reveal significant information about gene networks of disease-driving processes. These methods can be applied to any large gene or pathway dataset, allowing more comprehensive analysis of biological processes.

  10. Hormonal treatment for endometriosis associated pelvic pain

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wu Shun Felix Wong


    Full Text Available AbstractBackground: Endometriosis is a common gynecological problem associated with chronic pelvic pain. Objective: To evaluate the effectiveness of current hormonal treatments of endometriosis associated pain.Materials and Methods: Randomized Controlled studies identified from databases of Medline and Cochrane Systemic Review groups were pooled. 7 RCTs were recruited for evaluation in this review. Data from these studies were pooled and meta-analysis was performed in three comparison groups: 1 Progestogen versus GnRHa; 2 Implanon versus Progestogen (injection; 3 Combined oral contraceptive pills versus placebo and progestogen. Response to treatment was measured as a reduction in pain score. Pain improvement was defined as improvement ≥1 at the end of treatment. Results: There was no significant difference between treatment groups of progestogen and GnRHa (RR: 0.036; CI:-0.030-0.102 for relieving endometriosis associated pelvic pain. Long acting progestogen (Implanon and Mirena are not inferior to GnRHa and depot medroxy progesterone acetate (DMPA (RR: 0.006; CI:-0.142-0.162. Combined oral contraceptive pills demonstrated effective treatment of relieving endometriosis associated pelvic pain when compared with placebo groups (RR:0.321CI-0.066-0.707. Progestogen was more effective than combined oral contraceptive pills in controlling dysmenorrhea (RR:-0.160; CI:-0.386-0.066, however, progestogen is associated with more side effects like spotting and bloating than the combined contraceptive pills. Conclusion: Combined oral contraceptive pills (COCP, GnRHa and progestogens are equally effective in relieving endometriosis associated pelvic pain. COCP and progestogens are relatively cheap and more suitable for long-term use as compared to GnRHa. Long-term RCT of medicated contraceptive devices like Mirena and Implanon are required to evaluate their long-term effects on relieving the endometriosis associated pelvic pain

  11. Risk factors associated with lambing traits. (United States)

    McHugh, N; Berry, D P; Pabiou, T


    The objective of this study was to establish the risk factors associated with both lambing difficulty and lamb mortality in the Irish sheep multibreed population. A total of 135 470 lambing events from 42 675 ewes in 839 Irish crossbred and purebred flocks were available. Risk factors associated with producer-scored ewe lambing difficulty score (scale of one (no difficulty) to four (severe difficulty)) were determined using linear mixed models. Risk factors associated with the logit of the probability of lamb mortality at birth (i.e. binary trait) were determined using generalised estimating equations. For each dependent variable, a series of simple regression models were developed as well as a multiple regression model. In the simple regression models, greater lambing difficulty was associated with quadruplet bearing, younger ewes, of terminal breed origin, lambing in February; for example, first parity ewes experienced greater (P7.0 kg) birth weights, quadruplet born lambs and lambs that experienced a more difficult lambing (predicted probability of death for lambs that required severe and veterinary assistance of 0.15 and 0.32, respectively); lambs from dual-purpose breeds and born to younger ewes were also at greater risk of mortality. In the multiple regression model, the association between ewe parity, age at first lambing, year of lambing and lamb mortality no longer persisted. The trend in solutions of the levels of each fixed effect that remained associated with lamb mortality in the multiple regression model, did not differ from the trends observed in the simple regression models although the differential in relative risk between the different lambing difficulty scores was greater in the multiple regression model. Results from this study show that many common flock- and animal-level factors are associated with both lambing difficulty and lamb mortality and management of different risk category groups (e.g. scanned litter sizes, ewe age groups) can be used

  12. Association between bullying and pediatric psychiatric hospitalizations (United States)

    Leader, Hadassa; Singh, Jasmine; Ghaffar, Ayesha; de Silva, Cheryl


    Objectives: Bullying is a serious public health issue. We sought to demonstrate an association between bullying victimization and hospital admissions for acute psychiatric problems. We described the demographics and types of bullying in a sample of hospitalized patients in Staten Island, NY, and compared bullying victimization scores with psychiatric versus medical admissions. Methods: Patients in grades 3–12 were recruited from the Staten Island University Hospital Inpatient Pediatrics unit and emergency department. Patients completed the validated Olweus Bully/Victim Questionnaire (OBQ) was analyzed to formulate a report of bullying in our sample as well as a sub-score measurement of bullying victimization. Pediatric residents simultaneously documented whether the subject was a medical versus an in-patient psychiatry admission. Statistical analysis was performed to look for an association between the victimization sub-score and a psychiatric indication for admission. Results: A total of 185 surveys were analyzed. Peak bullying occurred in 7th and 8th grades. Demographics and types of bullying in our sample were described. A strong association between bullying victimization and hospitalization for in-patient psychiatry was demonstrated. Association between bullying victimization and suicidal ideation, psychiatry, and social work consults was also shown. Concern for an association between hospitalization for psychogenic illness and bullying victimization was also raised. Conclusions: There is a significant association between bullying victimization and psychiatric hospital admissions. This raises the specter of the serious consequences of bullying as it is the first study to prospectively link hospital admissions to bullying. Studies using a valid measure of psychogenic illness to look for an association with bullying victimization are needed. PMID:29326819

  13. Druggable cancer secretome: neoplasm-associated traits. (United States)

    Narayanan, Ramaswamy


    The genome association databases provide valuable clues to identify novel targets for cancer diagnosis and therapy. Genes harboring phenotype-associated polymorphisms for neoplasm traits can be identified using diverse bioinformatics tools. The recent availability of various protein expression datasets from normal human tissues, including the body fluids, enables for baseline expression profiling of the cancer secretome. Chemoinformatics approaches can help identify drug-like compounds from the protein 3D structures. The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) Phenome Genome Integrator (PheGenI) tool was enriched for neoplasm-associated traits. The neoplasm genes were characterized using diverse bioinformatics tools for pathways, gene ontology, genome-wide association, protein expression and functional class. Chemogenomics analysis was performed using the canSAR protein annotation tool. The neoplasm-associated traits segregated into 1,305 genes harboring 2,837 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Also identified were 65 open reading frames (ORFs) encompassing 137 SNPs. The neoplasm genes and the associated SNPs were classified into distinct tumor types. Protein expression in the secretome was seen for 913 of the neoplasm-associated genes, including 17 novel uncharacterized ORFs. Druggable proteins, including enzymes, transporters, channel proteins and receptors, were detected. Thirty-four novel druggable lead genes emerged from these studies, including seven cancer lead targets. Chemogenomics analysis using the canSAR protein annotation tool identified 168 active compounds (neoplasm genes in the body fluids. Among these, 7 most active lead compounds with drug-like properties (1-600 nM) were identified for the cancer lead targets, encompassing enzymes and receptors. Over seventy percent of the neoplasm trait-associated genes were detected in the body fluids, such as ascites, blood, tear, milk, semen, urine, etc. Ligand-based druggabililty analysis

  14. Circadian polymorphisms associated with affective disorders

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shekhtman Tatyana


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Clinical symptoms of affective disorders, their response to light treatment, and sensitivity to other circadian interventions indicate that the circadian system has a role in mood disorders. Possibly the mechanisms involve circadian seasonal and photoperiodic mechanisms. Since genetic susceptibilities contribute a strong component to affective disorders, we explored whether circadian gene polymorphisms were associated with affective disorders in four complementary studies. Methods Four groups of subjects were recruited from several sources: 1 bipolar proband-parent trios or sib-pair-parent nuclear families, 2 unrelated bipolar participants who had completed the BALM morningness-eveningness questionnaire, 3 sib pairs from the GenRed Project having at least one sib with early-onset recurrent unipolar depression, and 4 a sleep clinic patient group who frequently suffered from depression. Working mainly with the SNPlex assay system, from 2 to 198 polymorphisms in genes related to circadian function were genotyped in the participant groups. Associations with affective disorders were examined with TDT statistics for within-family comparisons. Quantitative trait associations were examined within the unrelated samples. Results In NR1D1, rs2314339 was associated with bipolar disorder (P = 0.0005. Among the unrelated bipolar participants, 3 SNPs in PER3 and CSNK1E were associated with the BALM score. A PPARGC1B coding SNP, rs7732671, was associated with affective disorder with nominal significance in bipolar family groups and independently in unipolar sib pairs. In TEF, rs738499 was associated with unipolar depression; in a replication study, rs738499 was also associated with the QIDS-SR depression scale in the sleep clinic patient sample. Conclusion Along with anti-manic effects of lithium and the antidepressant effects of bright light, these findings suggest that perturbations of the circadian gene network at several levels may

  15. Association between Positivity and Smoking Cessation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Caterina Grassi


    Full Text Available The literature documents that personality characteristics are associated with healthy lifestyles, including smoking. Among positive traits, Positivity (POS, defined as a general disposition conducive to facing experience under a positive outlook has shown robust associations with psychological health. Thus, the present study investigated the extent to which POS is able to predict (i relapse after quitting smoking and (ii the desire to smoke again. All participants (481 had previously attended a Group Counselling Program (GCP for Smoking Cessation (from 2005 through 2010. They were contacted through telephone interview. Among participants, 244 were ex-smokers (age: years 56.3±10.08, 52% female and 237 were still-smokers (age: years 55.0±9.63; 63.5% female. The association of POS with “craving to smoke” levels was assessed with multivariate linear regression analysis while controlling also for important differences in personality such as conscientiousness and general self-efficacy, as well as for gender and age. Results showed that POS was significantly and negatively associated with smoking status and with craving to smoke. Among covariates (i.e., conscientiousness, generalized self-efficacy, gender was associated with smoking status and with craving to smoke. Altogether these findings corroborate the idea that POS plays a significant role in sustaining individuals' efforts to quit smoking.

  16. Asteroid Family Associations of Active Asteroids (United States)

    Hsieh, Henry H.; Novaković, Bojan; Kim, Yoonyoung; Brasser, Ramon


    We report on the results of a systematic search for associated asteroid families for all active asteroids known to date. We find that 10 out of 12 main-belt comets (MBCs) and five out of seven disrupted asteroids are linked with known or candidate families, rates that have ∼0.1% and ∼6% probabilities, respectively, of occurring by chance, given the overall family association rate of 37% for asteroids in the main asteroid belt. We find previously unidentified family associations between 238P/Read and the candidate Gorchakov family, 311P/PANSTARRS and the candidate Behrens family, 324P/La Sagra and the Alauda family, 354P/LINEAR and the Baptistina family, P/2013 R3-B (Catalina-PANSTARRS) and the Mandragora family, P/2015 X6 (PANSTARRS) and the Aeolia family, P/2016 G1 (PANSTARRS) and the Adeona family, and P/2016 J1-A/B (PANSTARRS) and the Theobalda family. All MBCs with family associations belong to families that contain asteroids with primitive taxonomic classifications and low average reported albedos (\\overline{{p}V}≲ 0.10), while disrupted asteroids with family associations belong to families that contain asteroids that span wider ranges of taxonomic types and average reported albedos (0.06p}V}young asteroid families could lead to the production of present-day MBCs.

  17. Association Between Obesity and Migraine in Women. (United States)

    Pavlovic, Jelena M; Vieira, Julio R; Lipton, Richard B; Bond, Dale S


    Migraine is a common and highly disabling condition that is particularly prevalent among women and especially women of reproductive age. The tremendous rise in adiposity in the Western world has led to an epidemic of obesity in women. The particular effects of obesity on women with migraine of various ages are the focus of this review. Conflicting findings from various studies with different approaches and populations have made challenging definitive conclusions about associations between migraine and obesity. While the association between obesity and migraine frequency has been consistently demonstrated and obesity is considered a risk factor for progression from episodic to chronic migraine, the association between obesity and migraine prevalence is still somewhat debated and appears to be dependent on gender and age, with the most consistent effects observed in women younger than 55 years of age. Association between migraine and obesity is most commonly observed in women of reproductive age. The multimodal changes associated with age and hormonal change in women likely play a role in this relationship, as obesity does not appear to be related to migraine in women over 55 years of age. Future studies focusing on the migraine-obesity relationship in women should examine the effects of age, endogenous hormonal state, and exogenous hormones on migraine and obesity.

  18. Associations and Risk Factors of Diabetic Maculopathy. (United States)

    Islam, M M; Ali, M; Naher, Z U; Akhanda, A H; Motaleb, M A; Uddin, M S; Islam, M R


    Diabetic maculopathy is characterised by increased capillary leakage in the main retinal vessels and by alterations in the microcirculation of the macula. Maculopathy occurs frequently in type 1 and type 2 diabetic patients. Prevalence is higher in type 2 than in type 1 diabetic patients. Factors associated with the development of maculopathy are mostly unknown. As maculopathy is the main cause of vision deprivation in diabetic patients it is essential to know the associations and risk factors of diabetic maculopathy so that appropriate measures can be taken to prevent as well as treat diabetic maculopathy. We started the research work to find out the relation between diabetic maculopathy and various associated factors and risk factors for patients with diabetic retinopathy with maculopathy. This cross-sectional observational study done at the Department of Ophthalmology, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU), Dhaka & National Institute of Ophthalmology & Hospital (NIO & H), Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka, Bangladesh from January 2006 to June 2006. In this study out of 50 patients, diabetes was controlled in 20(40%) patients and uncontrolled in 30(60%). A significant percentage of patients (40%) had elevated blood pressure. Diabetic autonomic neuropathy was observed in 24% cases and polyneuropathy was observed in 36% cases. It is evident that diabetic maculopathy has association with dyslipidaemia, abnormal renal function due to nephropathy. This study lighted on the association of diabetic maculopathy with diabetic nephropathy, cardiac abnormalities and diabetic neuropathy.

  19. Dapsone-associated fixed drug eruption. (United States)

    Garcia, Daniel; Cohen, Philip R


    Dapsone is a sulfone drug used to treat infectious conditions and also numerous dermatologic diseases. Fixed drug eruption is a distinctive adverse cutaneous reaction associated with the initial administration and subsequent delivery of a specific agent. Areas covered: The authors preformed a literature search using the following keywords: dapsone, fixed drug eruption, and adverse cutaneous drug reaction. Bibliographies were also reviewed for pertinent articles. The results were combed for relevant papers and reviewed. Articles pertaining to dapsone-associated fixed drug eruption were included. Expert commentary: The majority of cases of dapsone-associated fixed drug eruption in the literature come from Africa or India where there is a high prevalence of patients treated for leprosy. Characteristics of these cases are similar to fixed drug eruption described in the western literature, with differences in frequency of multiple versus solitary lesions. Dapsone-associated fixed drug eruption should be considered when reviewing the drug history of a patient with fixed drug eruption. In the case of darker pigmented individuals, multiple fixed drug eruption lesions may be more common. Multiple lesions may mimic Kaposi's sarcoma in human immunodeficiency virus positive patients. Dapsone-associated fixed drug eruption should be considered in the differential diagnosis of multiple hyperpigmented lesions.

  20. Cross-Cultural Color-Odor Associations (United States)

    Levitan, Carmel A.; Ren, Jiana; Woods, Andy T.; Boesveldt, Sanne; Chan, Jason S.; McKenzie, Kirsten J.; Dodson, Michael; Levin, Jai A.; Leong, Christine X. R.; van den Bosch, Jasper J. F.


    Colors and odors are associated; for instance, people typically match the smell of strawberries to the color pink or red. These associations are forms of crossmodal correspondences. Recently, there has been discussion about the extent to which these correspondences arise for structural reasons (i.e., an inherent mapping between color and odor), statistical reasons (i.e., covariance in experience), and/or semantically-mediated reasons (i.e., stemming from language). The present study probed this question by testing color-odor correspondences in 6 different cultural groups (Dutch, Netherlands-residing-Chinese, German, Malay, Malaysian-Chinese, and US residents), using the same set of 14 odors and asking participants to make congruent and incongruent color choices for each odor. We found consistent patterns in color choices for each odor within each culture, showing that participants were making non-random color-odor matches. We used representational dissimilarity analysis to probe for variations in the patterns of color-odor associations across cultures; we found that US and German participants had the most similar patterns of associations, followed by German and Malay participants. The largest group differences were between Malay and Netherlands-resident Chinese participants and between Dutch and Malaysian-Chinese participants. We conclude that culture plays a role in color-odor crossmodal associations, which likely arise, at least in part, through experience. PMID:25007343

  1. Cross-cultural color-odor associations.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carmel A Levitan

    Full Text Available Colors and odors are associated; for instance, people typically match the smell of strawberries to the color pink or red. These associations are forms of crossmodal correspondences. Recently, there has been discussion about the extent to which these correspondences arise for structural reasons (i.e., an inherent mapping between color and odor, statistical reasons (i.e., covariance in experience, and/or semantically-mediated reasons (i.e., stemming from language. The present study probed this question by testing color-odor correspondences in 6 different cultural groups (Dutch, Netherlands-residing-Chinese, German, Malay, Malaysian-Chinese, and US residents, using the same set of 14 odors and asking participants to make congruent and incongruent color choices for each odor. We found consistent patterns in color choices for each odor within each culture, showing that participants were making non-random color-odor matches. We used representational dissimilarity analysis to probe for variations in the patterns of color-odor associations across cultures; we found that US and German participants had the most similar patterns of associations, followed by German and Malay participants. The largest group differences were between Malay and Netherlands-resident Chinese participants and between Dutch and Malaysian-Chinese participants. We conclude that culture plays a role in color-odor crossmodal associations, which likely arise, at least in part, through experience.

  2. Cross-cultural color-odor associations. (United States)

    Levitan, Carmel A; Ren, Jiana; Woods, Andy T; Boesveldt, Sanne; Chan, Jason S; McKenzie, Kirsten J; Dodson, Michael; Levin, Jai A; Leong, Christine X R; van den Bosch, Jasper J F


    Colors and odors are associated; for instance, people typically match the smell of strawberries to the color pink or red. These associations are forms of crossmodal correspondences. Recently, there has been discussion about the extent to which these correspondences arise for structural reasons (i.e., an inherent mapping between color and odor), statistical reasons (i.e., covariance in experience), and/or semantically-mediated reasons (i.e., stemming from language). The present study probed this question by testing color-odor correspondences in 6 different cultural groups (Dutch, Netherlands-residing-Chinese, German, Malay, Malaysian-Chinese, and US residents), using the same set of 14 odors and asking participants to make congruent and incongruent color choices for each odor. We found consistent patterns in color choices for each odor within each culture, showing that participants were making non-random color-odor matches. We used representational dissimilarity analysis to probe for variations in the patterns of color-odor associations across cultures; we found that US and German participants had the most similar patterns of associations, followed by German and Malay participants. The largest group differences were between Malay and Netherlands-resident Chinese participants and between Dutch and Malaysian-Chinese participants. We conclude that culture plays a role in color-odor crossmodal associations, which likely arise, at least in part, through experience.


    Siennick, Sonja E.; Stewart, Eric A.; Staff, Jeremy


    Recent studies have suggested that incarceration dramatically increases the odds of divorce, but we know little about the mechanisms that explain the association. This study uses prospective longitudinal data from a subset of married young adults in the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (N = 1,919) to examine whether incarceration is associated with divorce indirectly via low marital love, economic strain, relationship violence, and extramarital sex. The findings confirmed that incarcerations occurring during, but not before, a marriage were associated with an increased hazard of divorce. Incarcerations occurring during marriage also were associated with less marital love, more relationship violence, more economic strain, and greater odds of extramarital sex. Above-average levels of economic strain were visible among respondents observed preincarceration, but only respondents observed postincarceration showed less marital love, more relationship violence, and higher odds of extramarital sex than did respondents who were not incarcerated during marriage. These relationship problems explained approximately 40 percent of the association between incarceration and marital dissolution. These findings are consistent with theoretical predictions that a spouse’s incarceration alters the rewards and costs of the marriage and the relative attractiveness of alternative partners. PMID:25598544

  4. Mortality associated with sleep duration and insomnia. (United States)

    Kripke, Daniel F; Garfinkel, Lawrence; Wingard, Deborah L; Klauber, Melville R; Marler, Matthew R


    Patients often complain about insufficient sleep or chronic insomnia in the belief that they need 8 hours of sleep. Treatment strategies may be guided by what sleep durations predict optimal survival and whether insomnia might signal mortality risks. In 1982, the Cancer Prevention Study II of the American Cancer Society asked participants about their sleep duration and frequency of insomnia. Cox proportional hazards survival models were computed to determine whether sleep duration or frequency of insomnia was associated with excess mortality up to 1988, controlling simultaneously for demographics, habits, health factors, and use of various medications. Participants were more than 1.1 million men and women from 30 to 102 years of age. The best survival was found among those who slept 7 hours per night. Participants who reported sleeping 8 hours or more experienced significantly increased mortality hazard, as did those who slept 6 hours or less. The increased risk exceeded 15% for those reporting more than 8.5 hours sleep or less than 3.5 or 4.5 hours. In contrast, reports of "insomnia" were not associated with excess mortality hazard. As previously described, prescription sleeping pill use was associated with significantly increased mortality after control for reported sleep durations and insomnia. Patients can be reassured that short sleep and insomnia seem associated with little risk distinct from comorbidities. Slight risks associated with 8 or more hours of sleep and sleeping pill use need further study. Causality is unproven.

  5. Detecting local haplotype sharing and haplotype association. (United States)

    Xu, Hanli; Guan, Yongtao


    A novel haplotype association method is presented, and its power is demonstrated. Relying on a statistical model for linkage disequilibrium (LD), the method first infers ancestral haplotypes and their loadings at each marker for each individual. The loadings are then used to quantify local haplotype sharing between individuals at each marker. A statistical model was developed to link the local haplotype sharing and phenotypes to test for association. We devised a novel method to fit the LD model, reducing the complexity from putatively quadratic to linear (in the number of ancestral haplotypes). Therefore, the LD model can be fitted to all study samples simultaneously, and, consequently, our method is applicable to big data sets. Compared to existing haplotype association methods, our method integrated out phase uncertainty, avoided arbitrariness in specifying haplotypes, and had the same number of tests as the single-SNP analysis. We applied our method to data from the Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium and discovered eight novel associations between seven gene regions and five disease phenotypes. Among these, GRIK4, which encodes a protein that belongs to the glutamate-gated ionic channel family, is strongly associated with both coronary artery disease and rheumatoid arthritis. A software package implementing methods described in this article is freely available at Copyright © 2014 by the Genetics Society of America.

  6. Neighborhood Attributes Associated With the Social Environment. (United States)

    Child, Stephanie T; Schoffman, Danielle E; Kaczynski, Andrew T; Forthofer, Melinda; Wilcox, Sara; Baruth, Meghan


    To examine the association between specific attributes of neighborhood environments and four social environment measures. Data were collected as part of a baseline survey among participants enrolling in a walking intervention. Participants were recruited from a metropolitan area in a Southeastern state. Participants (n = 294) were predominantly African-American (67%) and female (86%), with some college education (79%) and a mean age of 49. The International Physical Activity Questionnaire Environment Module assessed perceptions about neighborhood attributes. The social environment was assessed using three distinct scales: social cohesion, social interactions with neighbors, and social support for physical activity from family and friends. Multiple regression models examined associations between neighborhood attributes and social environment measures, adjusting for demographic variables. Having walkable destinations and having access to amenities and transit stops were associated with increased interactions with neighbors (b = 1.32, 1.04, and 1.68, respectively, p bike lanes, racks) were associated with social support for physical activity from family and friends (b = .43 and .30, respectively, p < .05). The study highlights key attributes of neighborhood environments that may be associated with the social context of such settings. © 2016 by American Journal of Health Promotion, Inc.

  7. CDC releases ventilator-associated events criteria

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robbins RA


    Full Text Available No abstract available. Article truncated at 150 words. A new term has been coined by the CDC, ventilator-associated events (VAEs (1. In 2011, the CDC convened a working group composed of members of several stakeholder organizations to address the limitations of the definition of ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP definition (2. The organizations represented in the Working Group include: the Critical Care Societies Collaborative (the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, the American College of Chest Physicians, the American Thoracic Society, and the Society for Critical Care Medicine; the American Association for Respiratory Care; the Association of Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology; the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists; the Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee’s Surveillance Working Group; the Infectious Diseases Society of America; and the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America. VAEs are defined by an increase oxygen (>0.2 in FiO2 or positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP (≥3 cm H2O, after a previous stable baseline of at least 2 …

  8. Diabetes topics associated with engagement on Twitter. (United States)

    Harris, Jenine K; Mart, Adelina; Moreland-Russell, Sarah; Caburnay, Charlene A


    Social media are widely used by the general public and by public health and health care professionals. Emerging evidence suggests engagement with public health information on social media may influence health behavior. However, the volume of data accumulating daily on Twitter and other social media is a challenge for researchers with limited resources to further examine how social media influence health. To address this challenge, we used crowdsourcing to facilitate the examination of topics associated with engagement with diabetes information on Twitter. We took a random sample of 100 tweets that included the hashtag "#diabetes" from each day during a constructed week in May and June 2014. Crowdsourcing through Amazon's Mechanical Turk platform was used to classify tweets into 9 topic categories and their senders into 3 Twitter user categories. Descriptive statistics and Tweedie regression were used to identify tweet and Twitter user characteristics associated with 2 measures of engagement, "favoriting" and "retweeting." Classification was reliable for tweet topics and Twitter user type. The most common tweet topics were medical and nonmedical resources for diabetes. Tweets that included information about diabetes-related health problems were positively and significantly associated with engagement. Tweets about diabetes prevalence, nonmedical resources for diabetes, and jokes or sarcasm about diabetes were significantly negatively associated with engagement. Crowdsourcing is a reliable, quick, and economical option for classifying tweets. Public health practitioners aiming to engage constituents around diabetes may want to focus on topics positively associated with engagement.

  9. Association of RNAs with Bacillus subtilis Hfq.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michael Dambach

    Full Text Available The prevalence and characteristics of small regulatory RNAs (sRNAs have not been well characterized for Bacillus subtilis, an important model system for Gram-positive bacteria. However, B. subtilis was recently found to synthesize many candidate sRNAs during stationary phase. In the current study, we performed deep sequencing on Hfq-associated RNAs and found that a small subset of sRNAs associates with Hfq, an enigmatic RNA-binding protein that stabilizes sRNAs in Gram-negatives, but whose role is largely unknown in Gram-positive bacteria. We also found that Hfq associated with antisense RNAs, antitoxin transcripts, and many mRNA leaders. Several new candidate sRNAs and mRNA leader regions were also discovered by this analysis. Additionally, mRNA fragments overlapping with start or stop codons associated with Hfq, while, in contrast, relatively few full-length mRNAs were recovered. Deletion of hfq reduced the intracellular abundance of several representative sRNAs, suggesting that B. subtilis Hfq-sRNA interactions may be functionally significant in vivo. In general, we anticipate this catalog of Hfq-associated RNAs to serve as a resource in the functional characterization of Hfq in B. subtilis.

  10. Association between alcohol and cardiovascular disease

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Holmes, Michael V; Dale, Caroline E; Zuccolo, Luisa


    descent, including 20 259 coronary heart disease cases and 10 164 stroke events. Data were available on ADH1B rs1229984 variant, alcohol phenotypes, and cardiovascular biomarkers. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Odds ratio for coronary heart disease and stroke associated with the ADH1B variant in all individuals...... lower odds of coronary heart disease (odds ratio 0.90 (0.84 to 0.96)). The protective association of the ADH1B rs1229984 A-allele variant remained the same across all categories of alcohol consumption (P=0.83 for heterogeneity). Although no association of rs1229984 was identified with the combined......OBJECTIVE: To use the rs1229984 variant in the alcohol dehydrogenase 1B gene (ADH1B) as an instrument to investigate the causal role of alcohol in cardiovascular disease. DESIGN: Mendelian randomisation meta-analysis of 56 epidemiological studies. PARTICIPANTS: 261 991 individuals of European...

  11. Association between Contact allergy and Psoriasis

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bangsgaard, Nannie


    6. SUMMERY 6.1 Summery in English Allergic contact dermatitis (ACD) and psoriasis are the two most prevalent skin diseases in the western world. ACD is the clinical manifestation of contact allergy. Contact allergy and psoriasis are both due to inflammatory mechanisms involving the innate...... and adaptive immune system. Psoriasis is conceived to be an autoimmune disease. Recent studies have suggested an inverse relation between contact allergy and autoimmune diseases. The association between contact allergy and psoriasis could reveal mechanistic insights into both inflammatory processes....... The overall aim of this PhD study was to investigate the association between contact allergy and autoimmune disease, with focus on psoriasis. The work was done in three study parts. Part I Epidemiological studies. Part II Sensitization study and Part III Experimental studies. In part I the association between...

  12. Chronic dacryosialadenitis in HTLV I associated myelopathy. (United States)

    Cartier, L; Castillo, J L; Cea, J G; Villagra, R


    A prospective study was carried out on 48 patients with HTLV I associated myelopathy/tropical spastic paraparesis (HAM/TSP) to assess the association between this entity and Sjögren's syndrome. Fourteen patients (29.1%) had chronic dacryosialadenitis confirmed by a positive Schirmer's test and salivary gland biopsy. None of these patients had evidence of collagen disease and tests for Ro, La, and rheumatoid factor were negative except in one case. Therefore, the dacryosialadenitis could not be classified as either primary or secondary Sjögren's syndrome. Ten of the 14 patients (71.4%) had other systems (haematological, articular, dermatological, or respiratory) involved apart from the neurological and exocrine gland pathology. The findings suggest that the dacryosialadenitis associated with HTLV I is a disease of viral origin distinct from Sjögren's syndrome.

  13. Holographic Associative Memory Employing Phase Conjugation (United States)

    Soffer, B. H.; Marom, E.; Owechko, Y.; Dunning, G.


    The principle of information retrieval by association has been suggested as a basis for parallel computing and as the process by which human memory functions.1 Various associative processors have been proposed that use electronic or optical means. Optical schemes,2-7 in particular, those based on holographic principles,8'8' are well suited to associative processing because of their high parallelism and information throughput. Previous workers8 demonstrated that holographically stored images can be recalled by using relatively complicated reference images but did not utilize nonlinear feedback to reduce the large cross talk that results when multiple objects are stored and a partial or distorted input is used for retrieval. These earlier approaches were limited in their ability to reconstruct the output object faithfully from a partial input.

  14. Renal cystic disease and associated ciliopathies. (United States)

    Kagan, Karl O; Dufke, Andreas; Gembruch, Ulrich


    To review disorders that are associated with renal cystic disease during prenatal life and to highlight the strong association between renal cystic disease and ciliopathies. There are numerous causative genes for ciliopathies that can present with cystic kidney disease. In the group of single gene ciliopathies, autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease is by far the most prevalent one. Other examples are autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease, nephronophthisis, Bardet-Biedl syndrome, Meckel-Gruber syndrome, Joubert syndrome and related disorders as well as X-linked orofaciodigital syndrome type 1, respectively. The prevalence of these inherited disorders sums up to about in 1 : 2000 people. These disorders with their hepatorenal fibrocystic character should be classified as multisystem diseases. Understanding of the origin of renal cystic disease and associated disorders is important to make the appropriate prenatal diagnosis and for counseling affected parents. In the future, understanding of the pathophysiology may help to develop new treatment strategies.

  15. Hyphae colonizing bacteria associated with Penicillium bilaii

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ghodsalavi, Behnoushsadat

    shown that mycorrhizal helper bacteria presenting in mycorrhizal fungi could stimulate fungal growth, promote establishment of root-fungus symbiosis and enhance plant production. But it is unknown if the comparable relationship exist between the non-mycorrhizal fungus P. bilaii and its hyphae associated...... bacteria. In the current PhD thesis, we assumed that hyphae-associated microbiome of P. bilaii might harbor helper bacteria with ability to improve fungal growth and P solubilization performance. Therefore, we aimed to isolate bacteria associated with the P. bilaii hyphae and identify the fungal growth...... stimulating bacteria with the perspective of promoting efficiency of Jumpstart in soil – plant system. For this purpose, most of the work within the current project was carried out by development of suitable model systems by mimicking the natural soil habitat to reach to the reliable performance in soil...

  16. Getting the most out of professional associations. (United States)

    Escoffery, Cam; Kenzig, Melissa; Hyden, Christel


    In this commentary, three public health professionals working in diverse career settings share their perspectives on how to get the most out of professional associations. This article demonstrates how you can benefit from active involvement in your membership in professional associations and attending professional conferences. Methods to participate actively in your association include volunteering for one-time opportunities or standing committees, mentoring, and reviewing publications and manuscripts. Being active in professional organizations, such as the Society for Public Health Education, offers personal career development skill-building and opportunities for leadership and mentoring across all career stages. Experiences on how participation in professional organizations helped shape the authors' careers are shared. © 2015 Society for Public Health Education.

  17. Epstein–Barr virus-associated lymphomas (United States)

    Shannon-Lowe, Claire; Rickinson, Alan B.


    Epstein–Barr virus (EBV), originally discovered through its association with Burkitt lymphoma, is now aetiologically linked to a remarkably wide range of lymphoproliferative lesions and malignant lymphomas of B-, T- and NK-cell origin. Some occur as rare accidents of virus persistence in the B lymphoid system, while others arise as a result of viral entry into unnatural target cells. The early finding that EBV is a potent B-cell growth transforming agent hinted at a simple oncogenic mechanism by which this virus could promote lymphomagenesis. In reality, the pathogenesis of EBV-associated lymphomas involves a complex interplay between different patterns of viral gene expression and cellular genetic changes. Here we review recent developments in our understanding of EBV-associated lymphomagenesis in both the immunocompetent and immunocompromised host. This article is part of the themed issue ‘Human oncogenic viruses’. PMID:28893938

  18. Genetics in psychiatry: common variant association studies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Buxbaum Joseph D


    Full Text Available Abstract Many psychiatric conditions and traits are associated with significant heritability. Genetic risk for psychiatric conditions encompass rare variants, identified due to major effect, as well as common variants, the latter analyzed by association analyses. We review guidelines for common variant association analyses, undertaking after assessing evidence of heritability. We highlight the importance of: suitably large sample sizes; an experimental design that controls for ancestry; careful data cleaning; correction for multiple testing; small P values for positive findings; assessment of effect size for positive findings; and, inclusion of an independent replication sample. We also note the importance of a critical discussion of any prior findings, biological follow-up where possible, and a means of accessing the raw data.

  19. Severe gingival enlargement associated with aggressive periodontitis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shyam Padmanabhan


    Full Text Available Enlargement of the gingiva can be due to various causes. Most prevalent are the inflammatory type and drug-induced type of gingival hyperplasia. However, sever enlargement associated with an aggressive type of periodontitis is an infrequent finding. Reported here is a case of a female patient aged 18 years who presented with severe enlargement of the maxillary and mandibular gingiva. Examination revealed enlargement extending up to the incisal edge of all the teeth and also an associated generalized loss of attachment with radiographic evidence of reduced bone height resembling an aggressive type of periodontitis. There were no associated systemic signs and symptoms or any family history except that there was generalized vitiligo of the skin and oral mucous membrane. The case was treated by gross electrosection of the gingiva.

  20. Large Dentigerous Cyst Associated to Maxillary Canine. (United States)

    Bonardi, João Paulo; Gomes-Ferreira, Pedro Henrique Silva; de Freitas Silva, Leonardo; Momesso, Gustavo Antonio Correa; de Oliveira, Danila; Ferreira, Sabrina; Pereira, Rodrigo Dos Santos; Souza, Francisley Ávila


    Dentigerous cysts are defined as a cyst originated by separation of the follicle of dental crown of a tooth unerupted. Although most dentigerous cysts are considered developmental cysts, some cases seem to have an inflammatory origin. The aim of this study was to show a case of an 8-year-old patient, male, presenting a lesion in maxilla with large proportions. Computed tomography scans showed a hypodense image, well-defined, associated to unerupted teeth. The case was treated by enucleation of the lesion under local anesthesia. Histopathological examination confirmed the diagnostic suspicious of dentigerous cyst. Currently, 3-year follow-up period showed no signs of recurrence, and it was observed eruption of the teeth associated to the lesion. This case highlights the importance of the association between clinical and radiographic analysis together to the surgical findings, aiming the best treatment for the patient.

  1. The association between depression and mortality

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Christensen, Gunhild Tidemann; Maartensson, Solvej; Osler, Merete


    BACKGROUND: A number of studies have associated depression with a high mortality risk. However, in surveys, depression is often measured by self-reports in selected sub-samples, while register studies have been based on hospital diagnosis or purchase of antidepressants. We examined how different...... survey- and register-based measures of depression were associated with 7-year mortality in a cohort of middle-aged Danish men. METHODS: The study was based on 10,517 men born in 1953. Depression was assessed through hospital diagnosis for the period from 1969 to 2004 and by self-reported information...... reflecting past depression, but the strongest association was found for current depression as assessed by the MDI-score. LIMITATIONS: The study population consists almost exclusively of white men and the findings may not be generalizable to female populations or other races and ethnicities. CONCLUSIONS...

  2. Fracture risk associated with use of antibiotics

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Vestergaard, Peter


    BACKGROUND: Data have pointed at an impaired fracture healing with fluoroquinolones and thus potentially a decreased bone biomechanical competence. OBJECTIVES: To study fracture risk associated with antibiotics. METHODS: Case control study. There were 124,655 fracture cases and 373,962 age...... and gender matched controls. The main exposure was use of various groups of antibiotics. Confounder control was performed for social variables, contacts to hospitals and general practitioners, alcoholism and a number of other variables. RESULTS: An increased risk of any fracture (OR =1. 45, 95% CI: 1. 42 -1...... fractures with dicloxacillin and flucloxacillin. None of the other groups of antibiotics against bacteria, tuberculosis, virus, and fungi were systematically associated with any major change in the risk of fractures. CONCLUSION: Dicloxacillin and flucloxacillin seem associated with an increased risk...

  3. Mass outflows associated with young stellar objects (United States)

    Strom, Stephen E.; Strom, Karen M.


    Properties of optical and molecular outflows associated with young stellar objects are discussed with emphasis placed on new results concerning outflow energetics, collimating structures, and the relationship between the outflow properties and the magnetic field geometry characterizing the host molecular clouds. Particular consideration is given to the IRAS observations of YSO mass outflows, which reveal extended far-IR emission associated with high-velocity molecular gas and in which a number of disk-like structures associated with YSO outflow sources were resolved. The disk axes appeared to lie along the direction of molecular outflows or stellar jets. The mass outflows showed a remarkable tendency to align along the direction of the magnetic fields which thread their host molecular clouds, suggesting that the cloud magnetic field must play an important role in determining the flattening (and perhaps the rotation) of protostellar structures.

  4. The association between obesity and gynecological cancer

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yin-Hsun Feng


    Full Text Available Obesity is a growing problem and has significant implications for a variety of diseases, including human cancers. A positive association between obesity and incidence of many gynecological cancers, including endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer, and breast cancer has been observed. The mechanism proposed to connect obesity and these cancers was sex hormone, insulin resistance, and certain adipokines. Obesity adversely affects survival in most studies. For endometrial cancer, the obesity was associated with increased risk and unfavorable outcome. With regard to ovarian cancer and cervical cancer, the evidence was inconsistent. The positive association between obesity and the risk of postmenopausal breast cancer has been consistently observed but it is not the same story in premenopausal breast cancer. But the prognosis for both pre- and postmenopausal breast cancer was substantially worse among obese than normal-weight individuals. In this article, we review the current evidence linking obesity with risk and outcome of gynecological cancers.

  5. Association between migraine, lifestyle and socioeconomic factors

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Le, Han; Tfelt-Hansen, Peer; Skytthe, Axel


    To investigate whether sex-specific associations exist between migraine, lifestyle or socioeconomic factors. We distinguished between the subtypes migraine with aura (MA) and migraine without aura (MO). In 2002, a questionnaire containing validated questions to diagnose migraine and questions...... on lifestyle and socioeconomic factors was sent to 46,418 twin individuals residing in Denmark. 31,865 twin individuals aged 20-71 were included. The twins are representative of the Danish population with regard to migraine and other somatic diseases and were used as such in the present study. An increased...... or studying. The risk was increased for men compared to women in subjects with heavy physical exercise, intake of alcohol, and body mass index >25. Migraine was associated with several lifestyle and socioeconomic factors. Most associations such as low education and employment status were probably due...

  6. Associations between Mycobacterium tuberculosis Strains and Phenotypes (United States)

    Brown, Timothy; Nikolayevskyy, Vladyslav; Velji, Preya


    To inform development of tuberculosis (TB) control strategies, we characterized a total of 2,261 Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex isolates by using multiple phenotypic and molecular markers, including polymorphisms in repetitive sequences (spoligotyping and variable-number tandem repeats [VNTRs]) and large sequence and single-nucleotide polymorphisms. The Beijing family was strongly associated with multidrug resistance (p = 0.0001), and VNTR allelic variants showed strong associations with spoligotyping families: >5 copies at exact tandem repeat (ETR) A, >2 at mycobacterial interspersed repetitive unit 24, and >3 at ETR-B associated with the East African–Indian and M. bovis strains. All M. tuberculosis isolates were differentiated into 4 major lineages, and a maximum parsimony tree was constructed suggesting a more complex phylogeny for M. africanum. These findings can be used as a model of pathogen global diversity. PMID:20113558

  7. Factors associated with employment in epilepsy patients. (United States)

    Bautista, Ramon Edmundo D; Wludyka, Peter


    The aim of the study described here was to determine those variables associated with employment in patients followed at a level 4 epilepsy center. A survey was sent to patients seen at the University of Florida Health Science Center/Jacksonville Comprehensive Epilepsy Program. Two hundred sixty-two eligible subjects constituted the study population. By univariate analysis, variables that distinguished employed patients included: younger age, Caucasian race, higher education and household income, not receiving disability benefits, currently studying, fewer seizure medications, having no other medical conditions that interfere with work, previous work experience, perceived importance of work for personal and financial reasons, and decreased fears of workplace discrimination. By logistic regression, higher annual family income, perceived importance of work for personal reasons, and decreased fears of workplace discrimination were the only variables independently associated with employment. Psychosocial factors such as a high self-perceived importance of work and decreased fears of workplace discrimination are significantly associated with employment in epilepsy patients.

  8. Neurobiology of inflammation-associated anorexia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laurent Gautron


    Full Text Available Compelling data demonstrate that inflammation-associated anorexia directly results from the action of pro-inflammatory factors, primarily cytokines and prostaglandins E2, on the nervous system. For instance, the aforementioned pro-inflammatory factors can stimulate the activity of peripheral sensory neurons, and induce their own de novo synthesis and release into the brain parenchyma and cerebrospinal fluid. Ultimately, it results in the mobilization of a specific neural circuit that shuts down appetite. The present article describes the different cell groups and neurotransmitters involved in inflammation-associated anorexia and examines how they interact with neural systems regulating feeding such as the melanocortin system. A better understanding of the neurobiological mechanisms underlying inflammation-associated anorexia will help to develop appetite stimulants for cancer and AIDS patients.

  9. An unusual association of Goldenhar syndrome. (United States)

    Seymenoğlu, Göktuğ; Başer, Esin; Tansuğ, Nermin; Demireli, Peyker


    Goldenhar syndrome is well known for its classical triad of epibulbar dermoids or lipodermoids, auricular appendages and pretragal fistulas. Here we report a case of Goldenhar syndrome with an unusual association of a fibroepithelial polyp attached to a limbal dermoid. A case of Goldenhar syndrome in a 5-month-old male infant presented with the features of a fibroepithelial polyp attached to a limbal dermoid, right-sided polydactylia with hypoplastic thumb, and accessory preauricular appendages on the left side. The association of a fibroepithelial polyp attached to a limbal dermoid with Goldenhar syndrome is a rare report in the literature. In these cases, regular follow-up with an ophthalmologist is important to monitor the visual development of the patient. Ideally, a multidisciplinary approach is required to manage the other associated anomalies.

  10. Association between licence status and medication errors. (United States)

    Conroy, Sharon


    Unlicensed and off label drug use in children is common and leads to well-recognised problems. This study aimed to determine whether a relationship exists between medication errors and licence status. Reports of errors in a UK children's hospital from 2004 to 2006 were analysed in terms of licence status and degree of harm and compared to the incidence of unlicensed and off label drug use in the hospital. 20 of 158 (13%) errors were considered to have caused moderate harm and 12 of these involved unlicensed/off label drugs. 138 (87%) caused no or low harm. None caused severe harm. Unlicensed drug usage was significantly more likely to be associated with errors than licensed use in both children and neonates. Unlicensed drug use appears to be associated with medication errors in neonates and children. Medication errors causing moderate harm were significantly more likely to be associated with both unlicensed and off label than licensed drugs.

  11. Bronchus-associated lymphoid tissue lymphomas. (United States)

    Arnaoutakis, Konstantinos; Oo, Thein H


    : Bronchus-associated Lymphoid Tissue (BALT) lymphomas are a rare type of extranodal marginal zone lymphomas. They comprise 1% of lymphomas and more than two-thirds of all primary non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) of the lung. BALT lymphomas arise from the bronchus-associated lymphoid tissue. This report describes five cases of BALT lymphoma and discusses the pathogenesis, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of BALT lymphomas. In our cohort of patients, patients were managed with surgery, watchful waiting, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and chemoimmunotherapy. The outcomes are excellent and projected 5-year survival is 100%. BALT lymphomas are associated with chronic inflammation, and they are often asymptomatic. They have an indolent course and the survival outcome is excellent with different treatment modalities such as surgery, watchful waiting, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy or chemoimmunotherapy.

  12. Associations between Gun Violence Exposure, Gang Associations, and Youth Aggression: Implications for Prevention and Intervention Programs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Myriam Forster


    Full Text Available Using cross-sectional data collected from three middle schools in Southeast Los Angeles, we assessed the association of neighborhood violence exposure, gang associations, and social self-control with past week aggression in a sample of minority youth (n=164. Results from Poisson and logistic regression models showed that direct exposure to gun violence, having friends in gangs, and low social self control were all positively associated with past week aggression. Among girls, having gang affiliated family members was positively associated with aggression, whereas among boys having friends in gangs was associated with past week aggression. Subjective expectations of engagement in future interpersonal violence were associated with being male, having friends in gangs, and fear of neighborhood gun violence. We recommend that youth violence prevention and intervention programs address the impact of family, peers, and gun violence on student coping and identify students with low social self-control who could benefit from social and emotional skills training.

  13. Factors associated with students' orientations to nursing. (United States)

    Vanhanen, L; Janhonen, S


    Factors associated with students' orientations to nursing This paper presents the results of a study focusing on the factors associated with orientations to nursing. Students' orientations to nursing have not as yet been a focus of nursing research. In some other professions, however, professional orientation has been associated with learning motivation and study performance, and has been seen as a predictor of work satisfaction. In this study, students' orientations to nursing were defined in terms of caring, nursing expertise and life orientation. The hypothesis of whether students' pre-educational experiences of nursing, gender, choice of nursing specialty, problems with nursing studies and intention to stay in nursing were associated with different orientations was tested. The extent to which students were orientated to caring, nursing expertise and their own life was also examined. The orientation to nursing measurement tool, which has been developed on the basis of a qualitative study, was used to collect the data. Nurse teachers collected the data from nursing students (n=184) who were studying in three different nursing programmes in Finland. Non-parametric assessments (Mann-Whitney U-test and Kruskal-Wallis test) of the differences between the students' orientations were carried out. A majority of the students were highly life-orientated, and two-thirds had average nursing expertise or caring orientation scores. The results supported the study hypothesis of an association between students' orientations and their gender, choice of nursing speciality, problems with nursing studies and intention to stay in nursing. However, the hypothesis of an association between students' pre-educational nursing experiences and orientation to nursing was not supported. The contradictions between students' orientation to nursing and the philosophy of nursing underlying the study programme may be a source of motivational problems and dissatisfaction with nursing education

  14. The European Nuclear Education Network Association - ENEN

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gentile, D. [Institut des Sciences et Techniques Nucleaires, CEA - Centre de Saclay, Bat. 395, F-91191 Gif-sur-Yvette (France)


    The temporary network, established through the European 5. Framework Programme project ENEN, was given a more permanent character by the foundation of the European Nuclear Education Network Association, a non-profit-making association according to the French law of 1901, pursuing a pedagogic and scientific aim. Its main objective is the preservation and the further development of higher nuclear education and expertise. This objective is realized through the co-operation between the European universities, involved in education and research in the nuclear engineering field, the nuclear research centres and the nuclear industry. The membership of the ENEN Association now consists of 35 universities members and 6 research centres. The paper briefly describes the history and structure of the ENEN Association and elaborates on the objectives and activities of its five committees during its first two years of operation. Supported by the 5. and 6. Framework Programme of the European Community, the ENEN Association established the delivery of the European Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering certificate. In particular, education and training courses have been developed and offered to materialize the core curricula and optional fields of study in a European exchange structure. Pilot editions of those courses and try-outs of training programmes have been successfully organised with a satisfying interest, attendance and performance by the students and the support of nuclear industries and international organisations. The involvement of ENEN in the 6. EC Framework project EUROTRANS will further enlarge its field of activities into a realm of nuclear disciplines. The ENEN Association further contributes to the management of nuclear knowledge within the European Union as well as on a world-wide level, through contacts with its sister Network ANENT in Asia, and by its participation to activities of the World Nuclear University. (author)

  15. Automated detection and association of surface waves

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    C. R. D. Woodgold


    Full Text Available An algorithm for the automatic detection and association of surface waves has been developed and tested over an 18 month interval on broad band data from the Yellowknife array (YKA. The detection algorithm uses a conventional STA/LTA scheme on data that have been narrow band filtered at 20 s periods and a test is then applied to identify dispersion. An average of 9 surface waves are detected daily using this technique. Beamforming is applied to determine the arrival azimuth; at a nonarray station this could be provided by poIarization analysis. The detected surface waves are associated daily with the events located by the short period array at Yellowknife, and later with the events listed in the USGS NEIC Monthly Summaries. Association requires matching both arrival time and azimuth of the Rayleigh waves. Regional calibration of group velocity and azimuth is required. . Large variations in both group velocity and azimuth corrections were found, as an example, signals from events in Fiji Tonga arrive with apparent group velocities of 2.9 3.5 krn/s and azimuths from 5 to + 40 degrees clockwise from true (great circle azimuth, whereas signals from Kuriles Kamchatka have velocities of 2.4 2.9 km/s and azimuths off by 35 to 0 degrees. After applying the regional corrections, surface waves are considered associated if the arrival time matches to within 0.25 km/s in apparent group velocity and the azimuth is within 30 degrees of the median expected. Over the 18 month period studied, 32% of the automatically detected surface waves were associated with events located by the Yellowknife short period array, and 34% (1591 with NEIC events; there is about 70% overlap between the two sets of events. Had the automatic detections been reported to the USGS, YKA would have ranked second (after LZH in terms of numbers of associated surface waves for the study period of April 1991 to September 1992.

  16. Sequence robust association test for familial data. (United States)

    Dai, Wei; Yang, Ming; Wang, Chaolong; Cai, Tianxi


    Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) and next generation sequencing studies (NGSS) are often performed in family studies to improve power in identifying genetic variants that are associated with clinical phenotypes. Efficient analysis of genome-wide studies with familial data is challenging due to the difficulty in modeling shared but unmeasured genetic and/or environmental factors that cause dependencies among family members. Existing genetic association testing procedures for family studies largely rely on generalized estimating equations (GEE) or linear mixed-effects (LME) models. These procedures may fail to properly control for type I errors when the imposed model assumptions fail. In this article, we propose the Sequence Robust Association Test (SRAT), a fully rank-based, flexible approach that tests for association between a set of genetic variants and an outcome, while accounting for within-family correlation and adjusting for covariates. Comparing to existing methods, SRAT has the advantages of allowing for unknown correlation structures and weaker assumptions about the outcome distribution. We provide theoretical justifications for SRAT and show that SRAT includes the well-known Wilcoxon rank sum test as a special case. Extensive simulation studies suggest that SRAT provides better protection against type I error rate inflation, and could be much more powerful for settings with skewed outcome distribution than existing methods. For illustration, we also apply SRAT to the familial data from the Framingham Heart Study and Offspring Study to examine the association between an inflammatory marker and a few sets of genetic variants. © 2017, The International Biometric Society.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ricardo Rodrigues Figueiredo


    Full Text Available Introduction: Tinnitus is the perception of noise in the absence of an external source and is considered by most authors as a multifactorial symptom. A systematic review concerning the association of tinnitus and systemic arterial hypertension retrieved suggestions of a positive association, but the articles included failed to perform a detailed analysis on the theme. Purpose: To analyze the presence of arterial hypertension in tinnitus and non-tinnitus patients. To analyze differences between tinnitus impact and psychoacoustic measurements in hypertensive and normotensive patients and to evaluate the association between the presence of tinnitus and the diverse antihypertensive drugs employed. Material and method: Cross-sectional transversal study, comparing two groups of subjects ( 144 in the study group with tinnitus and 140 in the control group, without tinnitus. Clinical, demographical, audiometrical and psychoacoustics characteristics of the subjects were compared. Results: Hypertension prevalence in tinnitus subjects was 44.4% against 31.4% in subjects without tinnitus (p=0.024. Positive associations with tinnitus were found with hypertension treatment with angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors ( p=0.006, tiazidic diuretics (p<0,0001, potassium-sparing diuretics ( p=0.016 and calcium channels blockers (p=0.004. Conclusions: There is an association between tinnitus and arterial hypertension. This association is particularly strong in older patients. Hypertension treatment with diuretics, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and calcium channels blockers was more prevalent in tinnitus patients, suggesting that an eventual ototoxicity of these drugs may be involved in tinnitus pathophysiology, a hypothesis that should be evaluated in further studies.

  18. HTLV-1-associated infective dermatitis and probable HTLV-1- associated myelopathy in an adolescent female* (United States)

    Steglich, Raquel Bisacotti; Tonoli, Renata Elise; Souza, Paulo Ricardo Martins; Pinto, Giselle Martins; Riesgo, Rudimar dos Santos


    Human T cell lymphotropic virus type 1 (HTLV-1)-associated infective dermatitis (ID) is a chronic, severe and recurrent eczema occurring during childhood in patients vertically infected with HTLV-1. HTLV-1-associated myelopathy/tropical spastic paraparesia (HAM/ TSP) is slow and progressive. We report the case of an adolescent female from a non-endemic area for HTLV-1 who presents ID and, most likely, associated HAM/TSP. PMID:26312674

  19. Callosal Disconnection Syndrome Associated with Relapsing Polychondritis. (United States)

    Baba, Toru; Kanno, Shigenori; Shijo, Tomomi; Nishio, Yoshiyuki; Iizuka, Osamu; Kamimura, Naoto; Ishii, Tomonori; Mori, Etsuro


    Relapsing polychondritis (RP) is a rare inflammatory disorder of the cartilagenous structures, and it sometimes involves the central nervous system. Encephalitis associated with RP causes a wide variety of symptoms according to the affected sites. We herein report the first case of 72-year-old right-handed man who developed acute meningoencephalitis associated with RP involving the corpus callous. After immunosuppressive therapy, his symptoms dramatically improved, but difficulty in performing bimanual movements with occasional diagonistic dyspraxia in his right hand remained. Because callosal signs are easily missed, especially in acute settings, it would be useful to know that RP can sometimes cause callosal disconnection syndrome.

  20. Saffold virus infection associated with human myocarditis

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nielsen, Trine Skov; Nielsen, Alex Yde; Banner, Jytte


    BACKGROUND: Saffold virus was described in 2007 as one of the first human viruses within the genus cardioviruses. Cardioviruses may cause severe infections of the myocardium in animals, and several studies have associated saffold virus with human disease. As a result, saffold virus has been...... in the myocardium, lung tissue and blood of one child and was accompanied by histopathological inflammation in the heart and lungs, which was supportive of a viral infection. These findings suggest that cardioviruses may be associated with myocarditis in humans....

  1. On construction of partial association rules

    KAUST Repository

    Moshkov, Mikhail


    This paper is devoted to the study of approximate algorithms for minimization of partial association rule length. It is shown that under some natural assumptions on the class NP, a greedy algorithm is close to the best polynomial approximate algorithms for solving of this NP-hard problem. The paper contains various bounds on precision of the greedy algorithm, bounds on minimal length of rules based on an information obtained during greedy algorithm work, and results of the study of association rules for the most part of binary information systems. © 2009 Springer Berlin Heidelberg.

  2. Association pityriasis rubra pilaire et myasthenie

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fatima Zahra Agharbi


    Full Text Available Le pityriasis rubra pilaire est un trouble de keratinisation rare dont l�etiopathogenie reste inconnue mais dont l�association avec autres pathologies a ete deja rapportee. Nous rapportons l�observation d�une jeune patiente qui presente un pityriasis rubra pilaire associe a une myasthenie. Traitee par Neostigmine et thymectomie avec bonne evolution sur le plan neurologique. Vu son desir de grossesse un traitement systemique de son pityriasis rubra pilaire n�a pas pu etre instaure et l�evolution sous dermocorticoides n�etait pas tres favorable.

  3. [Goniodysgenesis associated with Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome]. (United States)

    Wajda, M; Turno-Krecicka, A


    Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome is a constellation of clinical findings characterized by mental and motor retardation, broad thumbs and broad first toes, typical facies. Ocular and adnexal abnormalities are quite common and include antimongoloid slant of the palpebral fissures, epicanthal folds, congenital obstruction of the lacrimal excretory system, ptosis, strabismus, congenital cataract and congenital glaucoma. The authors describe the case of a 1-year-old male with the Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome associated with unilateral congenital glaucoma. The case emphasizes the importance of detailed complete ocular examinations in patients with Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome, and also highlights the occurrence of ocular abnormalities rarely associated with this disease.

  4. Tracheal quadrifurcation associated with congenital heart disease

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bhat, Venkatraman; Gadabanahalli, Karthik; Ahmad, Ozaire [Narayana Multispeciality Hospital and Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Center, Department of Radiology, Bangalore (India)


    Tracheal anomalies are known in association with congenital cardiac defects. Some of the well-described anomalies include accessory (displaced) tracheal bronchus with variants, tracheal trifurcation and accessory cardiac bronchus. Here we describe a case of tracheal quadrifurcation associated with complex congenital heart disease. Illustration of complex airway anatomy was simplified by the use of multidetector CT using a variety of image display options. Awareness of this complex anomaly will expand our knowledge of tracheal anomalies and equip the anesthesia and surgical team for better airway management. (orig.)

  5. Paraneoplastic hyperamylasaemia in association with multiple myeloma. (United States)

    Calvo-Villas, Jose M; Alvarez, Iván; Carretera, Elena; Espinosa, Juan; Sicilia, Francisco


    Marked hyperamylasaemia associated with an amylase-producing multiple myeloma appears to be a fairly unusual phenomenon. The present report describes a fatal case of multiple myeloma associated with paraneoplastic hyperamylasaemia without evidence of pancreatic or salivary gland involvement. Serum and urine amylase levels paralleled the myeloma response to chemotherapy and disease progression. The importance of paraneoplastic hyperamylasaemia as a useful myeloma marker to monitor disease progression and treatment response is emphasized. Conventional chemotherapy at diagnosis and salvage treatment with bortezomib at relapse failed to achieve a long-term response and to decrease the serum amylase to a normal level. 2007 S. Karger AG, Basel

  6. Lhermitte-Duclos disease associated with syringomyelia

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Marcus, C.D. [Hopital Robert Debre, CHU, 51 - Reims (France). Service de Radiologie et d`Imagerie Medicale; Galeon, M. [Hopital Robert Debre, CHU, 51 - Reims (France). Service de Radiologie et d`Imagerie Medicale; Peruzzi, P. [Hopital Maison Blanche, 51 - Reims (France). Service de Neuro-Chirurgie; Bazin, A. [Hopital Maison Blanche, 51 - Reims (France). Service de Neuro-Chirurgie; Bernard, M.H. [Hopital Maison Blanche, 51 - Reims (France). Service de Neuro-Chirurgie; Pluot, M. [Hopital Robert Debre, 51 - Reims (France). Service d`Anatomo-Pathologie; Menanteau, B. [Hopital Robert Debre, CHU, 51 - Reims (France). Service de Radiologie et d`Imagerie Medicale


    A 23-year-old man presented with a 2-week history of intracranial hypertension. CT showed a large, nonenhancing cerebellar mass with surrounding calcification and displacement of the fourth ventricle. MRI revealed a septate lesion, with low signal on T1-weighted and high signal on T2-weighted images. The cerebellar tonsils were displaced below the foramen magnum and there was associated syringomyelia. The MRI features were characteristic of Lhermitte-Duclos (LD) disease (dysplastic gangliocytoma) and the diagnosis was confirmed following surgery. In this case, we emphasise the usefulness of MRI in the diagnosis of LD disease and consider the possible pathogenesis of the associated syringomyelia. (orig.)

  7. Gallstones are associated with hidradenitis suppurativa

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Miller, Iben M; Vindsand Naver, Astrid; Mogensen, Ulla B


    BACKGROUND: Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) is a chronic inflammatory dermatological disease that was recently linked to the metabolic syndrome (MetS). MetS has been associated with gallstones, and nonalcoholic fatty liver has been suggested to be the hepatic expression of MetS. OBJECTIVE: The obje......BACKGROUND: Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) is a chronic inflammatory dermatological disease that was recently linked to the metabolic syndrome (MetS). MetS has been associated with gallstones, and nonalcoholic fatty liver has been suggested to be the hepatic expression of MetS. OBJECTIVE...

  8. [Pancreatic serous cystadenoma associated with pancreatic heterotopia]. (United States)

    Mohamed, Hedfi; Dorra, Belghachem; Hela, Bouhafa; Cherif, Abdelhedi; Azza, Sridi; Karim, Sassi; Khadija, Bellil; Adnen, Chouchene


    Pancreatic heterotopias (HP) are rare. They can occur at any age with a slight male predominance. These lesions are usually asymptomatic and they are often found incidentally during upper or lower GI endoscopy or during the anatomo-pathological examination of an organ which was resected for other reasons; they can be isolated or associated with a digestive pathology. We report, through observation, the association of HP with serous cystadenoma of the pancreas discovered during examinations to identify the etiology of isolated abdominal pain. The aim of this study is to analyse clinical and histological features of this rare pathology.

  9. Homocysteine increases the risk associated with hyperlipidaemia.

    LENUS (Irish Health Repository)

    Daly, Caroline


    The European Concerted Action Project \\'Homocysteine and Vascular Disease\\' showed that an elevated homocysteine is associated with a substantially increased risk of cardiovascular disease, and particularly when combined with other factors such as smoking, hypertension and hypercholesterolaemia. The purpose of this study was to examine the potential interactions between homocysteine and individual lipid subfractions. In addition, it was hypothesized that HDL cholesterol may protect against hyperhomocysteinaemia because HDL cholesterol is associated with the enzyme paroxonase, which reduces oxidization of homocysteine to the harmful metabolite, homocysteine thiolactonase.

  10. Adverse events associated with percutaneous enteral access. (United States)

    Singh, Ajaypal; Gelrud, Andres


    Placement of percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy or jejunostomy is a safe procedure with low periprocedural mortality, but overall mortality rates are high because of underlying disease conditions. These procedures are also associated with postprocedure complications. The clinically significant adverse events related to the procedures include infection (at tube site and peritonitis), bleeding, and aspiration. More rare associated events include buried bumpers, injury to adjacent viscera with subsequent fistula formation, and tumor seeding. There is a lack of guidelines about these procedures other than those concerning the use of antibiotics and the management of antithrombotics and anticoagulation before the procedure. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  11. Investigating models for associating fluids using spectroscopy

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    von Solms, Nicolas; Michelsen, Michael Locht; Passos, Claudia Pereira


    on the way the parameters were obtained. The selection of appropriate association schemes is also investigated using spectroscopic data. For pure water a four-site scheme is shown to be the most appropriate scheme. In the case of pure alcohols, a three-site scheme is best for methanol; two- or three......-site schemes perform about equally for ethanol; for higher alcohols a two-site scheme is preferred. This is in accordance with steric arguments. Some difficulties in the interpretation of spectroscopic data and their comparison with the predictions of association models are illustrated. Apparently anomalous...

  12. Suicide and Lyme and associated diseases

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bransfield RC


    Full Text Available Robert C Bransfield Department of Psychiatry, Rutgers-RWJ Medical School, Piscataway, NJ, USA Purpose: The aim of this paper is to investigate the association between suicide and Lyme and associated diseases (LAD. No journal article has previously performed a comprehensive assessment of this subject.Introduction: Multiple case reports and other references demonstrate a causal association between suicidal risk and LAD. Suicide risk is greater in outdoor workers and veterans, both with greater LAD exposure. Multiple studies demonstrate many infections and the associated proinflammatory cytokines, inflammatory-mediated metabolic changes, and quinolinic acid and glutamate changes alter neural circuits which increase suicidality. A similar pathophysiology occurs in LAD.Method: A retrospective chart review and epidemiological calculations were performed.Results: LAD contributed to suicidality, and sometimes homicidality, in individuals who were not suicidal before infection. A higher level of risk to self and others is associated with multiple symptoms developing after acquiring LAD, in particular, explosive anger, intrusive images, sudden mood swings, paranoia, dissociative episodes, hallucinations, disinhibition, panic disorder, rapid cycling bipolar, depersonalization, social anxiety disorder, substance abuse, hypervigilance, generalized anxiety disorder, genital–urinary symptoms, chronic pain, anhedonia, depression, low frustration tolerance, and posttraumatic stress disorder. Negative attitudes about LAD from family, friends, doctors, and the health care system may also contribute to suicide risk. By indirect calculations, it is estimated there are possibly over 1,200 LAD suicides in the US per year.Conclusion: Suicidality seen in LAD contributes to causing a significant number of previously unexplained suicides and is associated with immune-mediated and metabolic changes resulting in psychiatric and other symptoms which are possibly

  13. Bullous pemphigoid associated with prostate adenocarcinoma

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Öztürkcan Serap


    Full Text Available Bullous pemphigoid is a common autoimmune skin disease characterized by the presence of subepidermal blisters. It has been associated with underlying neoplasia in isolated reports. A 78-year-old man with generalized blisters was diagnosed as bullous pemphigoid on clinical, histopathological and direct immunofluorescence grounds. His free and total prostate specific antigen (PSA levels were high and histopathological examination of a prostate specimen revealed prostate adenocarcinoma. We present this rare case to discuss the possible association between bullous pemphigoid and prostate adenocarcinoma.

  14. Association of Metabolic Syndrome and Hidradenitis Suppurativa

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Miller, Iben Marie; Ellervik, Christina; Vinding, Gabrielle Randskov


    IMPORTANCE An association between the metabolic syndrome (MetS) and chronic inflammatory diseases, such as psoriasis or rheumatoid arthritis, has been suggested.Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS), a more localized chronic inflammation of the skin, has been speculated to have a similar association......,predominantly female, and more often smokers compared with the non-HS group.EXPOSURE Hidradenitis suppurativa.MAIN OUTCOMES AND MEASURES Metabolic syndrome and its components of diabetes mellitus, hypertension, dyslipidemia, and obesity.RESULTS When compared with the non-HS group, the odds ratios (ORs...

  15. Dystonia Associated with Idiopathic Slow Orthostatic Tremor

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christopher Kobylecki


    Full Text Available Background: We aimed to characterize the clinical and electrophysiological features of patients with slow orthostatic tremor.Case Report: The clinical and neurophysiological data of patients referred for lower limb tremor on standing were reviewed. Patients with symptomatic or primary orthostatic tremor were excluded. Eight patients were identified with idiopathic slow 4–8 Hz orthostatic tremor, which was associated with tremor and dystonia in cervical and upper limb musculature. Coherence analysis in two patients showed findings different to those seen in primary orthostatic tremor.Discussion: Slow orthostatic tremor may be associated with dystonia and dystonic tremor.

  16. Loxosceles arizonica bite associated with shock. (United States)

    Bey, T A; Walter, F G; Lober, W; Schmidt, J; Spark, R; Schlievert, P M


    Envenomation by the brown recluse spider (Loxosceles reclusa) is associated with shock, significant hemolysis, renal insufficiency, and disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC). Shock has never been associated with envenomation by L arizonica, a related species indigenous to Arizona, southern California, and northwestern Mexico. We report the case of a 13-year-old girl, bitten by a specimen of L arizonica (the spider was identified by an entomologist), in whom shock and a typical cutaneous lesion developed. She did not experience renal insufficiency or disseminated intravascular coagulation. Infectious causes of shock were excluded. She recovered completely with supportive care.

  17. 2015 Association for Women in Mathematics Symposium

    CERN Document Server

    Lauter, Kristin; Chambers, Erin; Flournoy, Nancy; Grigsby, Julia; Martin, Carla; Ryan, Kathleen; Trivisa, Konstantina


    Presenting the latest findings in topics from across the mathematical spectrum, this volume includes results in pure mathematics along with a range of new advances and novel applications to other fields such as probability, statistics, biology, and computer science. All contributions feature authors who attended the Association for Women in Mathematics Research Symposium in 2015: this conference, the third in a series of biennial conferences organized by the Association, attracted over 330 participants and showcased the research of women mathematicians from academia, industry, and government.

  18. [German Urological Associations under National Socialism]. (United States)

    Krischel, M; Moll, F; Fangerau, H


    The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Urologie (German Urological Association), established in 1907, was a German-Austrian medical society in which Jewish physicians held important positions. When the Nazis seized power in 1933, the Austrian Hans Rubritius was president of the society. The non-German presidency and the exclusion of Jewish colleagues from the professional society and medical practice led to a halt of the society's activities. At the same time in the mid 1930s, German urologists founded the Gesellschaft Reichsdeutscher Urologen (Association of Reichs-German Urologists) whose members aligned themselves with Nazi health policies and in turn received professional and personal benefits.

  19. Pulmonary hypertension associated with connective tissue disease

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Srinivas Rajagopala


    Full Text Available Pulmonary hypertension (PH is an important cause of morbidity and mortality in connective tissue diseases (CTDs. CTDs may cause PH due to several mechanisms; pulmonary arterial hypertension, associated interstitial lung disease, neuromuscular disease, and/or sleep disordered breathing leading to hypoxia, associated thromboembolic PH, and pulmonary venous hypertension due to left ventricular dysfunction. PH can be measured on echocardiography, but the gold standard for diagnosis is right heart catheterization. PH-specific therapy in addition to immunosuppression is the most common treatment used though data are scant. In this narrative review, we discuss the epidemiologic burden, clinical presentation, evaluation, and management of PH in CTDs.

  20. Undiagnosed intracranial lipoma associated with sudden death

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carlos Durão


    Full Text Available Intracranial lipomas represent less than 0.1% of all intracranial tumors. They are usually located in the callus area and often asymptomatic. This paper presents a sudden death case after an episode of convulsions on a 39 years old woman with a history of migraines and seizures since adolescence. The autopsy revealed the presence of an undiagnosed massive brain lipoma (60 × 35 mm associated with atrophy of the corpus callosum. Although very rare and seldom malignant these may be associated with seizures and sudden death.

  1. Novel Loci Associated with Usual Sleep Duration: The CHARGE Consortium Genome-Wide Association Study (United States)

    Gottlieb, Daniel J.; Hek, Karin; Chen, Ting-hsu; Watson, Nathaniel F.; Eiriksdottir, Gudny; Byrne, Enda M.; Cornelis, Marilyn; Warby, Simon C.; Bandinelli, Stefania; Cherkas, Lynn; Evans, Daniel S.; Grabe, Hans J.; Lahti, Jari; Li, Man; Lehtimäki, Terho; Lumley, Thomas; Marciante, Kristin D.; Pérusse, Louis; Psaty, Bruce M.; Robbins, John; Tranah, Gregory J.; Vink, Jacqueline M.; Wilk, Jemma B.; Stafford, Jeanette M.; Bellis, Claire; Biffar, Reiner; Bouchard, Claude; Cade, Brian; Curhan, Gary C.; Eriksson, Johan G.; Ewert, Ralf; Ferrucci, Luigi; Fülöp, Tibor; Gehrman, Philip R.; Goodloe, Robert; Harris, Tamara B.; Heath, Andrew C.; Hernandez, Dena; Hofman, Albert; Hottenga, Jouke-Jan; Hunter, David J.; Jensen, Majken K.; Johnson, Andrew D.; Kähönen, Mika; Kao, Linda; Kraft, Peter; Larkin, Emma K.; Lauderdale, Diane S.; Luik, Annemarie I.; Medici, Marco; Montgomery, Grant W.; Palotie, Aarno; Patel, Sanjay R.; Pistis, Giorgio; Porcu, Eleonora; Quaye, Lydia; Raitakari, Olli; Redline, Susan; Rimm, Eric B.; Rotter, Jerome I.; Smith, Albert V.; Spector, Tim D.; Teumer, Alexander; Uitterlinden, André G.; Vohl, Marie-Claude; Widen, Elisabeth; Willemsen, Gonneke; Young, Terry; Zhang, Xiaoling; Liu, Yongmei; Blangero, John; Boomsma, Dorret I.; Gudnason, Vilmundur; Hu, Frank; Mangino, Massimo; Martin, Nicholas G.; O’Connor, George T.; Stone, Katie L.; Tanaka, Toshiko; Viikari, Jorma; Gharib, Sina A.; Punjabi, Naresh M.; Räikkönen, Katri; Völzke, Henry; Mignot, Emmanuel; Tiemeier, Henning


    Usual sleep duration is a heritable trait correlated with psychiatric morbidity, cardiometabolic disease and mortality, although little is known about the genetic variants influencing this trait. A genome-wide association study of usual sleep duration was conducted using 18 population-based cohorts totaling 47,180 individuals of European ancestry. Genome-wide significant association was identified at two loci. The strongest is located on chromosome 2, in an intergenic region 35–80 kb upstream from the thyroid-specific transcription factor PAX8 (lowest p=1.1 ×10−9). This finding was replicated in an African-American sample of 4771 individuals (lowest p=9.3 × 10−4). The strongest combined association was at rs1823125 (p=1.5 × 10−10, minor allele frequency 0.26 in the discovery sample, 0.12 in the replication sample), with each copy of the minor allele associated with a sleep duration 3.1 minutes longer per night. The alleles associated with longer sleep duration were associated in previous genome-wide association studies with a more favorable metabolic profile and a lower risk of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Understanding the mechanisms underlying these associations may help elucidate biological mechanisms influencing sleep duration and its association with psychiatric, metabolic and cardiovascular disease. PMID:25469926

  2. Are Myocardial Infarction–Associated Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms Associated With Ischemic Stroke? (United States)

    Cheng, Yu-Ching; Anderson, Christopher D.; Bione, Silvia; Keene, Keith; Maguire, Jane M.; Nalls, Michael; Rasheed, Asif; Zeginigg, Marion; Attia, John; Baker, Ross; Barlera, Simona; Biffi, Alessandro; Bookman, Ebony; Brott, Thomas G.; Brown, Robert D.; Fang Chen, PhD; Chen, Wei-Min; Ciusani, Emilio; Cole, John W.; Cortellini, Lynelle; Danesh, John; Doheny, Kimberly; Ferrucci, Luigi; Franzosi, Maria Grazia; Frossard, Philippe; Furie, Karen L.; Golledge, Jonathan; Hankey, Graeme J.; Hernandez, Dena; Holliday, Elizabeth G.; Hsu, Fang-Chi; Jannes, Jim; Kamal, Ayeesha; Khan, Muhammad Saleem; Kittner, Steven J.; Koblar, Simon A.; Lewis, Martin; Lincz, Lisa; Lisa, Antonella; Matarin, Mar; Moscato, Pablo; Mychaleckyj, Josyf C.; Parati, Eugenio A.; Parolo, Silvia; Pugh, Elizabeth; Rost, Natalia S.; Schallert, Michael; Schmidt, Helena; Scott, Rodney J.; Sturm, Jonathan W.; Yadav, Sunaina; Zaidi, Moazzam; Boncoraglio, Giorgio B.; Levi, Christopher Royce; Meschia, James F.; Rosand, Jonathan; Sale, Michele; Saleheen, Danish; Schmidt, Reinhold; Sharma, Pankaj; Worrall, Bradford; Mitchell, Braxton D.


    Background and Purpose Ischemic stroke (IS) shares many common risk factors with coronary artery disease (CAD). We hypothesized that genetic variants associated with myocardial infarction (MI) or CAD may be similarly involved in the etiology of IS. To test this hypothesis, we evaluated whether single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) at 11 different loci recently associated with MI or CAD through genome-wide association studies were associated with IS. Methods Meta-analyses of the associations between the 11 MI-associated SNPs and IS were performed using 6865 cases and 11 395 control subjects recruited from 9 studies. SNPs were either genotyped directly or imputed; in a few cases a surrogate SNP in high linkage disequilibrium was chosen. Logistic regression was performed within each study to obtain study-specific βs and standard errors. Meta-analysis was conducted using an inverse variance weighted approach assuming a random effect model. Results Despite having power to detect odds ratio of 1.09–1.14 for overall IS and 1.20–1.32 for major stroke subtypes, none of the SNPs were significantly associated with overall IS and/or stroke subtypes after adjusting for multiple comparisons. Conclusions Our results suggest that the major common loci associated with MI risk do not have effects of similar magnitude on overall IS but do not preclude moderate associations restricted to specific IS subtypes. Disparate mechanisms may be critical in the development of acute ischemic coronary and cerebrovascular events. PMID:22363065

  3. TREAT (TREe-based Association Test) (United States)

    TREAT is an R package for detecting complex joint effects in case-control studies. The test statistic is derived from a tree-structure model by recursive partitioning the data. Ultra-fast algorithm is designed to evaluate the significance of association be

  4. Family accommodation mediates the association between anxiety ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Family accommodation mediates the association between anxiety symptoms in mothers and children. ... Journal of Child and Adolescent Mental Health ... may improve the prognosis of those diagnosed with paediatric anxiety disorders and youth with subclinical anxiety symptoms by reducing both parent and child anxiety.

  5. Asperger Syndrome: Associated Psychiatric and Medical Conditions. (United States)

    Ghaziuddin, Mohammad


    This article explores the association of medical and psychiatric conditions with Asperger syndrome, based mainly on publications from the last two decades. It examines comorbidity of Asperger syndrome with mood disorders, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, tic disorders, violence and aggression,…

  6. Relationship Depth and Associative Stigma of Disability

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Katherine Nieweglowski


    Full Text Available Family, friends and acquaintances of people with disabilities may be viewed or treated differently by the public due to their association with a stigmatized person. Previous research finds that the public are more willing to engage in relationships with people with physical disability than with mental illness. In addition, attitudes towards associating with people with disabilities has been found to vary by depth of the chosen relationship. The current study sought to examine the connections between relationship depth (friend/romantic partner/acquaintance, disability type (physical/psychiatric and associative stigma. Adult participants (N=345 were randomly presented with vignettes varying in relationship depth and disability type via an online survey platform. Analyses found no differences in associative stigma between physical and psychiatric disabilities. Participants viewed the vignette actor Rachel as socially warmer when she was a friend or romantic partner of a person with a disability than when she was an acquaintance. Participants rated Rachel as different from themselves when she was romantically involved with the person with disability and were more willing to engage socially with Rachel when she befriended the person with disability rather than when she was a mere acquaintance.

  7. Bladder exstrophy associated with complete urethral duplication ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    J.E. Mensah · Case report. Bladder exstrophy associated with complete urethral duplication: Bladder can be augmented with dorsal urethral mucosa. J.E. Mensaha,∗. , K.N. Ampadua, M.Y. Kyeia, B. Edusieb.

  8. Endomyocardial fibrosis associated with Schistosoma Haematobium ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Endomyocardial fibrosis (EMF) is a form of restrictive cardiomyopathy common in the tropics and subtropics. The aetiology of EMF is unknown but helminth infestations such as schistosomiasis have been implicated. Two boys aged 8 and 10 years with EMF associated with Schistosoma haematobium, are described.

  9. Is cervical length associated with maternal characteristics?

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van der Ven, A. J.; van Os, M. A.; Kleinrouweler, C. E.; de Groot, C. J. M.; Haak, M. C.; Mol, B. W. J.; Pajkrt, E.; Kazemier, B. M.


    Women with a mid-trimester short cervical length (CL) are at increased risk for preterm delivery. Consequently, CL measurement is a potential screening tool to identify women at risk for preterm birth. Our objective was to assess possible associations between CL and maternal characteristics. A

  10. Maternal Factors Associated With Early Spontaneous Singleton ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Background: Knowledge of the maternal factors predisposing to preterm deliveries should affect the anticipatory care of mothers at risk of delivering preterm babies and improve perinatal outcome. Objective: To determine the maternal socio-biological characteristics associated with the delivery of early spontaneous ...

  11. Prevalence and associated characteristics of cytomegalovirus (CMV ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Background: The screening for cytomegalovirus (CMV) specific antibodies is not routine in our setting, thus the transfusion of blood portends high risk for susceptible individuals. Objective: To determine the prevalence of IgG and IgM specific antibodies and associated characteristics in blood donors seen at a referral ...

  12. Hypertension Management and Factors Associated with Blood ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Purpose: To assess modifiable clusters of cardiovascular risk factors and patterns of antihypertensive drugs use as well as identify clinical characteristics associated with blood pressure control in Jordanians. Methods: A cross-sectional observational study was conducted in cardiology outpatient clinics at two hospitals in ...

  13. Dominant limb asymmetry associated with prospective injury ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The purpose of the study was to identify associations between dominant lower limb asymmetry in unanticipated agility performance and prospective injury occurrence. Female netball players (N=24) performed unanticipated 180° turn agility sprints on both the dominant and non-dominant legs interspersed with an additional ...

  14. Electric fields associated with transient surface currents

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    McAllister, Iain Wilson


    The boundary condition to be fulfilled by the potential functions associated with a transient surface current is derived and expressed in terms of generalized orthogonal coordinates. From the analysis, it can be deduced that the use of the method of separation of variables is restricted to three ...

  15. Exploring health implications associated with irregular migration ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Although there have been several negative media reports on the plight of irregular migrants from Ghana, research on issues related to their health has been rather scanty. The study assesses health implications associated with irregular migration from Ghana using both the Techiman and Nkoranza Municipalities as a case ...

  16. Associated field mycobiota on malting barley

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andersen, Birgitte; Thrane, Ulf; Svendsen, Anne


    The field mycobiota associated with malt barley was characterized over a period of 2 years, and changes in the mycobiota present on different cultivars were evaluated after treatment with pesticides or no treatment. The study showed that spraying with pesticides did not result in changes in the c...

  17. Association between Metabolic Syndrome and Cancer. (United States)

    Uzunlulu, Mehmet; Telci Caklili, Ozge; Oguz, Aytekin


    Growing data show the association of metabolic syndrome (MetS) or its components with cancer development and cancer-related mortality. It is suggested that in MetS and cancer association, insulin resistance and insulin-like growth factor 1 system play a key role, especially adipokines secreted from visceral adipocytes, free fatty acids and aromatase activity contribute to this process. It is also reported that MetS has a link with colorectal, breast, endometrial, pancreas, primary liver and, although controversial, prostate cancer. Although every component of MetS is known to have an association with cancer development, it is still debated whether the effects of these components are additive or synergistic. On the other hand, in the association between MetS and cancer, the role of antidiabetic and antihypertensive treatments including thiazolidinedione, insulin, angiotensin receptor blockers is also suggested. The primary approach in MetS-cancer relation is to prevent risk factors. Life style changes including weight loss and a healthy diet are known to decrease cancer risk in normal population. It is postulated that an insulin-sensitizing agent, metformin, has cancer-preventing effects on diabetic patients. This review discusses the relationship between MetS and cancer from different aspects and examines this relationship in some of the cancers suggested to be linked with MetS. © 2016 S. Karger AG, Basel.

  18. Multiple Intussusceptions Associated with Polycythemia in an ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Intussusceptions are generally associated with mechanical lead points or localized inflammation that function as foci for intestinal telescoping. We present the case of a patient whose abuse of anabolic steroids resulted in the development of multiple simultaneous intussusceptions. Our patient had no additional identifiable ...

  19. Pharmacological treatment of painful HIV- associated sensory ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    In patients receiving analgesic therapy, there was no association between drug dosage prescribed and pain intensity for amitriptyline (χ2=1.88, p=0.18), or for para- cetamol and codeine (χ2=0.01, p=0.94). During the patient interview, we also collected information on over-the-counter medications participants were taking.

  20. Association Between Progranulin and Gaucher Disease

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jinlong Jian


    Interpretation: Our data demonstrates an unknown association between PGRN and GD and identifies PGRN as an essential factor for GCase's lysosomal localization. These findings not only provide new insight into the pathogenesis of GD, but may also have implications for diagnosis and alternative targeted therapies for GD.