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    Full Text Available Syphilis is one of the most fascinating diseases of humans. Widespread use of antibiotics now has reduced the incidence of early syphilis and recognized new cases of late syphilis have decreased. Serological tests are the basis for the diagnosis of latent syphilis. They vary in their sensitivity and specificity. While non-treponemal tests (VDRL and RPR are most frequently used as screening procedures, treponemal tests (FTA-ABS and TPHA are considered to be highly sensitive and specific. MATERIALS AND METHODS In this study 100 serum samples collected from the patients attending STD Department, King George Hospital, Visakhapatnam. Samples were subjected to VDRL, RPR and Micro-TPHA tests to evaluate the sensitivity and specificity of Micro-TPHA test in patients with various stages of syphilis and to evaluate the efficacy of Micro-TPHA to confirm the diagnosis of syphilis and to rule out biological false positive reactions or false negative reactions of VDRL tests. RESULTS Three tests (VDRL, RPR and Micro-TPHA were applied to all 100 patients. Among them 85 were VDRL reactive, 84 were RPR positive and 89 were TPHA positive. In them males were more in number, in 3 tests with respect to age, (21-30 age group patients showed predominance. Out of 100 patients, 81 sera were positive for all three tests and one serum sample was VDRL reactive, but RPR and TPHA were non-reactive. This may be a false positive reaction. The following tables showed the sensitivity and specificity of each test and also the sensitivity of each test in various stages of syphilis. CONCLUSION It is concluded as by performing TPHA test, false positive reactivity of VDRL test could be detected. Even in the cases of treated primary and secondary syphilis, TPHA was reactive. The lipoidal antigen tests primarily reflect disease activity and serial quantitative performance of these tests used to measure the treatment response.

  2. A Case of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Associated with False Positive VDRL and TPHA

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    Muzeyyen Gonul


    Full Text Available Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE is a connective tissue disease characterized by vasculitis, which may involve multiple organs as well as the skin. Serologic tests for syphilis may be false positive in SLE. Although the false positivity of VDRL (Venereal Disease Research Laboratory is commonly seen, false positivity of TPHA (Treponema pallidum haemagglutination is a rare condition. We present a case of SLE with false positive VDRL and TPHA. A 26-year-old woman was admitted to our clinic with violaceous papules and plaques with whitish desquamation and erosions, and crusts on the face, arms and back. The histopathological examination of the skin biopsy supported the diagnosis of discoid lupus erythematosus. The diagnosis of SLE was based on the presence of photosensitivity and the detection of leukopenia, anemia and positivities of antinuclear antibody, anti DNA, and VDRL. In addition to these findings, TPHA was found to be positive, but the ELISA test for syphilis and FTA ABS Ig M were negative. The positivity of VDRL and TPHA were accepted as false positives. We would like to point out that the false positivity of TPHA, although more rarely encountered, as well as that of VDRL, may be observed in SLE patients.

  3. Testing of the J-2X Augmented Spark Igniter (ASI) and Its Electronics (United States)

    Osborne, Robin


    Reliable operation of the spark ignition system electronics in the J-2X Augmented Spark Igniter (ASI) is imperative in assuring ASI ignition and subsequent Main Combustion Chamber (MCC) ignition events are reliable in the J-2X Engine. Similar to the man-rated J-2 and RS-25 engines, the J-2X ignition system electronics are equipped with spark monitor outputs intended to indicate that the spark igniters are properly energized and sparking. To better understand anomalous spark monitor data collected on the J-2X development engines at NASA Stennis Space Center (SSC), a comprehensive subsystem study of the engine's low- and high-tension spark ignition system electronics was conducted at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC). Spark monitor output data were compared to more detailed spark diagnostics to determine if the spark monitor was an accurate indication of actual sparking events. In addition, ignition system electronics data were closely scrutinized for any indication of an electrical discharge in some location other than the firing tip of the spark igniter - a problem not uncommon in the development of high voltage ignition systems.

  4. A Computer Adaptive Testing Version of the Addiction Severity Index-Multimedia Version (ASI-MV): The Addiction Severity CAT. (United States)

    Butler, Stephen F; Black, Ryan A; McCaffrey, Stacey A; Ainscough, Jessica; Doucette, Ann M


    The purpose of this study was to develop and validate a computer adaptive testing (CAT) version of the Addiction Severity Index-Multimedia Version (ASI-MV), the Addiction Severity CAT. This goal was accomplished in 4 steps. First, new candidate items for Addiction Severity CAT domains were evaluated after brainstorming sessions with experts in substance abuse treatment. Next, this new item bank was psychometrically evaluated on a large nonclinical (n = 4,419) and substance abuse treatment (n = 845) sample. Based on these results, final items were selected and calibrated for the creation of the Addiction Severity CAT algorithms. Once the algorithms were developed for the entire assessment, a fully functioning prototype of an Addiction Severity CAT was created. CAT simulations were conducted, and optimal termination criteria were selected for the Addiction Severity CAT algorithms. Finally, construct validity of the CAT algorithms was evaluated by examining convergent and discriminant validity and sensitivity to change. The Addiction Severity CAT was determined to be valid, sensitive to change, and reliable. Further, the Addiction Severity CAT's time of completion was found to be significantly less than the average time of completion for the ASI-MV composite scores. This study represents the initial validation of an Addiction Severity CAT based on item response theory, and further exploration of the Addiction Severity CAT is needed. (PsycINFO Database Record

  5. 基于ASIS系统的侧面柱碰台车试验方法%Side pole sled test methodology using ASIS system

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    孙奕; 马财俊; 江南; 沈海东; 张孟周


    在中国在侧面柱碰的台车试验研究很少,尚未颁布国家的侧面柱碰法规。本文研制了一种侧面柱碰台车试验方法。此方法基于现行欧盟新车评价规程(Euro-NCAP)的侧面柱碰工况,利用了ASIS (Advanced Side Impact System)多侵入缸系统。设计了试验夹具,运用CAE(计算机辅助工程)仿真优化工具,简化了输入波形,进行了某车型的台车试验,并和其整车试验数据比对。结果表明:头部加速度峰值误差小于5%,脊柱和骨盆加速度峰值误差在20%以内:该台车试验再现了整车试验中的假人在运动姿态。该方法也可用于其他台车试验。%In China, the side pole sled test methodology is not widely studied and the side pole impact regulation has not been published yet. This paper presented a novel side pole sled test method. It was based on the current Euro-NCAP (Euro-New Car Assessment Program) side pole test protocol with using the ASIS (Advanced Side Impact System) multiple intrusion cylinders sled system. The sled ifxture was built and the input pulse was simpliifed by CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) simulation and optimization tool. A side pole sled test was carried out and dummy responses were compared with that were obtained in vehicle tests. The results show that the relative error of head peak acceleration is within 5%, thorax and pelvic peak accelerations are within 20%. The sled tests can reproduce the dummy kinematics in the vehicle tests. Therefore, this method can be utilized in the other sled tests.

  6. Tamm ja Asi / Karen Jagodin

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Jagodin, Karen, 1982-


    Näitus "Sisearhitektid Väino Tamm & Vello Asi" Eesti Arhitektuurimuuseumis kuni 2. IX. Kuna valminud objektidest ei ole enam ühtegi originaalkujul alles, on eksponeeritud võimalikult suurel hulgal valmimisjärgseid fotosid, millest enamiku on teinud Rein Vainküla

  7. Bayesian Event Tree (BET) approach to Near Real Time monitoring on active volcanoes within ASI-SRV project: Mt. Etna test case (United States)

    Silvestri, Malvina; Musacchio, Massimo; Taroni, Matteo; Fabrizia Buongiorno, Maria; Dini, Luigi


    ASI-Sistema Rischio Vulcanico (SRV) project is devoted to the development of a pre-operative integrated system managing different Earth Observation (EO) and Non EO data to respond to specific needs of the Italian Civil Protection Department (DPC) and improve the monitoring of Italian active volcanoes. The project provides the capability to maintain a repository where the acquired data are stored and generates products offering a support to risk managers during the different volcanic activity phases. All the products are obtained considering technical choices and developments of ASI-SRV based on flexible and scalable modules which take into account also the new coming space sensors and new processing algorithms. An important step of the project development regards the technical and scientific feasibility of the provided products that depends on the data availability, accuracy algorithms and models used in the processing and of course the possibility to validate the results by means of comparison with non-EO independent measurements. The multivariate analysis allows to perform multiple comparisons in order to have a first idea of which variables are largely preferentially or rather rarely distributed, also considering their geographic localization. The "Volcanic Parameter" cross correlation will allow to define the weight of each product that will be used as input in the BET-EF model (Bayesian Event Tree model for eruption forecasting ) which is an already developed algorithm for the eruption model, and will be adapt, as it is, to the ASI-SRV needs. The BET model represents a flexible tool to provide probabilities of any specific event at which we are interested in, by merging any kind of available and relevant information, such as theoretical models, a priori beliefs, monitoring measures, and past data. It is mainly based on a Bayesian procedure and it relies on the fuzzy approach to manage monitoring data. The method deals with short- and long-term forecasting

  8. Diagnostic dilemma of the single screening test used in the diagnosis of syphilis in Nepal. (United States)

    Dumre, S P; Shakya, G; Acharya, D; Malla, S; Adhikari, N


    Syphilis screening by the nontreponemal rapid plasma reagin (RPR) test is not usually followed up by specific treponemal tests in most of the resource poor healthcare settings of Nepal. We analyzed serum specimens of 504 suspected syphilis cases at the immunology department of the national reference laboratory in Nepal during 2007-2009 using RPR test and Treponema pallidum hemagglutination assay (TPHA). In overall, 35.7% were positive by both methods (combination) while 13.1% were RPR positive and TPHA negative, 8.7% were positive by TPHA only and 42.5% were negative by both methods. Among the RPR reactive (n = 246), 73.2% were positive by TPHA. Non-specific agglutination in RPR testing was relatively higher (26.8%) compared to TPHA (19.6%). Although TPHA was found more specific than RPR test, either of the single tests produced inaccurate diagnosis. Since the single RPR testing for syphilis may yield false positive results, specific treponemal test should be routinely used as confirmatory test to rule out false RPR positive cases. More attention needs to be paid on formulation of strict policy on the implementation of the existing guidelines throughout the country to prevent misdiagnosis in syphilis with the use of single RPR test.

  9. Addiction Severity Index (ASI) summary scores: comparison of the Recent Status Scores of the ASI-6 and the Composite Scores of the ASI-5. (United States)

    Denis, Cécile M; Cacciola, John S; Alterman, Arthur I


    The characteristics and the validity of the Recent Status Scores (RSSs), the new summary scores generated by the sixth version of the Addiction Severity Index (ASI-6), are compared to the fifth version of the ASI summary scores, the Composite Scores (CSs). A sample of 82 randomly selected patients from substance abuse treatment programs were interviewed with the ASI-6, the ASI-5 and were administered a validity battery of questionnaires that included measures corresponding to each of the ASI domains. Each ASI-6 RSS was significantly correlated with its corresponding ASI-5 CS. The intercorrelations among the RSSs are low and none of these correlations were statistically different from the intercorrelations among CSs. In five of the seven areas, the ASI-6 RSSs were more highly correlated to the corresponding validity measures than were the ASI-5 CSs. The ASI-6 offers more comprehensive content in its scales than do those derived with earlier ASIs.

  10. ASI regulates satiety quiescence in C. elegans. (United States)

    Gallagher, Thomas; Kim, Jeongho; Oldenbroek, Marieke; Kerr, Rex; You, Young-Jai


    In Caenorhabditis elegans, satiety quiescence mimics behavioral aspects of satiety and postprandial sleep in mammals. On the basis of calcium-imaging, genetics, and behavioral studies, here we report that a pair of amphid neurons, ASI, is activated by nutrition and regulates worms' behavioral states specifically promoting satiety quiescence; ASI inhibits the switch from quiescence to dwelling (a browsing state) and accelerates the switch from dwelling to quiescence. The canonical TGFβ pathway, whose ligand is released from ASI, regulates satiety quiescence. The mutants of a ligand, a receptor and SMADs in the TGFβ pathway all eat more and show less quiescence than wild-type. The TGFβ receptor in downstream neurons RIM and RIC is sufficient for worms to exhibit satiety quiescence, suggesting neuronal connection from ASI to RIM and RIC is essential for feeding regulation through the TGFβ pathway. ASI also regulates satiety quiescence partly through cGMP signaling; restoring cGMP signaling in ASI rescues the satiety quiescence defect of cGMP signaling mutants. From these results, we propose that TGFβ and cGMP pathways in ASI connect nutritional status to promotion of satiety quiescence, a sleep-like behavioral state.

  11. Fundamental Physics with the ASI Lunar Mission MAGIA (Phase A Study) (United States)

    Dell'Agnello, S.; Currie, D.; Delle Monache, G.; Vittori, R.; Bellettini, G.; March, R.; Tauraso, R.; Boni, A.; Cantone, C.; Garattini, M.; Lops, C.; Martini, M.; Prosperi, C.


    MAGIA is a mission selected by ASI for Phase A study for the planetology science and fundamental physics measurements: Gravitational Redshift; Precursor test of Proposal LLRRA-21 (NASA LSSO); Measurement of the Selenocenter.

  12. ASi Tallink Grupp aktsiate esmane avalik pakkumine

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    21. novembril algas AS-i Tallink Grupp aktsiate esmane pakkumine Tallinna börsil: jaeinvestoritel Eestis ja Soomes ning kutselistel investoritel Eestis, Soomes ja mujal on võimalus märkida kuni 34 090 909 firma lihtaktsiat. Vt.samas: Veel üks uus laev; Tallink Grupp asutas Lätis tütarettevõtte; ASi Tallink kommentaar ajalehes "Helsingin Sanomat" 13. novembril ilmunud artiklile; "Romantika" töötab jäähoki MMil flotellina; ASi Tallink Grupp 2004/2005. majandusaasta tulemustest; "Galaxy" ristimis- ja vettelaskmistseremoonia; 2. detsembril avalikustas AS Tallink Grupp oma aktsiate esmase avaliku pakkumise lõpliku pakkumishinna ning jaotamise tulemused

  13. GenASiS: General Astrophysical Simulation System. II. Nonrelativistic Hydrodynamics

    CERN Document Server

    Cardall, Christian Y; Endeve, Eirik; Mezzacappa, Anthony


    In this paper, the second in a series, we document the algorithms and solvers for compressible nonrelativistic hydrodynamics implemented in GenASiS (General Astrophysical Simulation System)---a new code being developed initially and primarily, though by no means exclusively, for the simulation of core-collapse supernovae. In the Mathematics division of GenASiS we introduce Solvers, which includes finite-volume updates for generic hyperbolic BalanceEquations and ordinary differential equation integration Steps. We also introduce the Physics division of GenASiS; this extends the Manifolds division of Mathematics into physical Spaces, defines StressEnergies, and combines these into Universes. We benchmark the hydrodynamics capabilities of GenASiS against many standard test problems; the results illustrate the basic competence of our implementation, demonstrate the manifest superiority of the HLLC over the HLL Riemann solver in a number of interesting cases, and provide preliminary indications of the code's abili...

  14. Praktik pemberian makanan pendamping ASI (MP-ASI bukan faktor risiko kejadian stunting pada anak usia 6-23 bulan

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    Hildagardis M.E Nai


    Full Text Available ABSTRACTBackground: Stunting reflects a process of failure to reach linear growth potential as a result of suboptimal health or nutrition conditions. One of causal factors of stunting is inadequate of quality and quantity of complementary foods.Objectives: To identify complementary feeding practices such as introduction age of complementary foods, dietary diversity, and meal frequency as risk factors of stunting among children aged 6-23 months in Sedayu Subdistrict, Bantul, Yogyakarta.Methods: Study design was case-control with ratio (1:1. The study used both quantitative methods as well as case control design and qualitative through interview. Cases were children aged 6-23 months who had length for age z-score <-2SD. Controls were children aged 6-23 months who had length for age z-score ≥-2SD who live adjacent to the case. Data were analyzed by using univariable (descriptive, bivariable (chi-square test, and multivariable analysis (multiple logistic regression.Results: The result of bivariate analysis showed that introduction age of complementary foods (OR=1.07, dietary diversity (OR=1.17, and meal frequency (OR=1.69 were not risk factors of stunting. However, compared with high dietary diversity score, low dietary diversity score (≤2, 3, 4 food groups associated with increased odds of being stunted among children aged 6-23 months (OR=2.24, 95% CI:1.00-5.01, OR=1.82, 95% CI:0.96-3.45, OR=1.66, 95% CI:0.81-3.46 respectively. The result of multivariate analysis showed that mother’s height (OR=1.86 and story of low birth weight (OR=3.23 were risk factors of stunting.Conclusions: Complementary feeding practices such as age introduction of complementary foods, dietary diversity, and meal frequency were not risk factors of stunting among children aged 6-23 months. Mother’s height and story of low birth weight were risk factors of stunting among children aged 6-23 months.KEYWORDS: stunting, nutritional intake, nutritional


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elly Wahyuni


    Full Text Available Latar Belakang: Air susu ibu (ASI adalah makanan terbaik untuk bayi, jantung pisang batu merupakan jenis makananmengandung Laktogogum yaitu zat gizi yang dapat meningkatkan dan melancarkan produksi ASI terutama pada ibu yangmengalami masalah dalam produksi ASI. Adapun tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui pengaruh jantung pisangbatu terhadap peningkatan produksi ASI pada Ibu Menyusui di Wilayah Puskesmas Srikuncoro Kecamatan Pondok KelapaBengkulu Tengah Tahun 2012. Metode: Metode penelitian yang digunakan adalah metode one group before and afterintervention design, atau pre and post test design. Penelitian dilaksanakan di Puskesmas Srikuncoro Bengkulu Tengahmulai Tanggal 16–29 Juni 2012. Populasi adalah ibu post partum < 40 hari yang menyusui di wilayah Puskesmas Srikuncoroberjumlah 60 orang, dengan jumlah sampel sebanyak 20 orang. Hasil: Dari hasil penelitian ini diperoleh bahwa intensitasrata-rata frekuensi ASI sebelum konsumsi jantung pisang batu adalah 5,7 kali. Setelah mengkonsumsi jantung pisang batu,mengalami peningkatan menjadi 9,75 kali. Perbedaan nilai rata-rata peningkatan Produksi ASI adalah 5,458 dengan sig0,000. Karena < 0,05, kesimpulan Ha diterima yang berarti ada pengaruh konsumsi jantung batu terhadap peningkatan produksi ASI. Saran, diperlukan penyuluhan yang lebih intensif kepada masyarakat bahwa jantung pisang batu dapatmemengaruhi produksi ASI. Diharapkan agar peneliti lain dapat melanjutkan penelitian ini dengan faktor-faktor lain sepertimasalah psikologis, pelaksanaan Inisiasi Menyusui Dini (IMD, status gizi dan penggunaan kontrasepsi hormonal.

  16. 评价螺旋体乳胶快速反应实验检测梅毒血清的特异性和敏感性%Sensitivity and specificity of Diesse syphilis fast test in testing syphilis serum

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    晋红中; 王家璧; 王晓蜂; 邵燕玲; 何志新; 刘跃华; 洪少林


    Objective: To assess sensitivity and specificity of Diesse syphilis fast test(DSFT) in routine use, and compare it with rapid plasma reagin circle card test(RPR test), Treponema pallidum particle agglutination assay(TPHA), fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption test(FTA-ABS test). Methods: DSFT, RPR, TPHA, FTA-ABS were used to detect 500 cases of syphilis and normal senam. Results :Using FTA-ABS as gold standard, the sensitivity and specificity of DSFT were 98.6% (204/207), and 93.2%(273/293) ,respectirely(X2= 1.04, P > 0.05. Using TPHA as gold standard, the sensitivity and specifity of DSFT were 100% (223/223),99.6% (273/277), respectively(x2 = 0.04, P > 0.05). Condusion: The Diesse syphilis fast test in routine use has high sensitivity and specificity in testing syphilis.




    Measurements of NMR of F in a-Si :F : H and a-Si : F have been carried out and the results are compared with those of H in a-Si : F : H and a-Si : H. Effects of motional narrowing on the linewidth of F NMR in a-Si : F : H show that some fraction of F is incorporated in the form of SiF4 or (SiF2)n which tends to move easily. When samples are annealed, the increase in the ESR center density is remarkable in a-Si : F : H and a-Si : H corresponding to the decrease in the H content, but the increa...

  18. Optimized Varian aSi portal dosimetry: development of datasets for collective use. (United States)

    Van Esch, Ann; Huyskens, Dominique P; Hirschi, Lukas; Baltes, Christof


    Although much literature has been devoted to portal dosimetry with the Varian amorphous silicon (aSi) portal imager, the majority of the described methods are not routinely adopted because implementation procedures are cumbersome and not within easy reach of most radiotherapy centers. To make improved portal dosimetry solutions more generally available, we have investigated the possibility of converting optimized configurations into ready-to-use standardized datasets. Firstly, for all commonly used photon energies (6, 10, 15, 18, and 20 MV), basic beam data acquired on 20 aSi panels were used to assess the interpanel reproducibility. Secondly, a standardized portal dose image prediction (PDIP) algorithm configuration was created for every energy, using a three-step process to optimize the aSi dose response function and profile correction files for the dosimetric calibration of the imager panel. An approximate correction of the backscatter of the Exact arm was also incorporated. Thirdly, a set of validation fields was assembled to assess the accuracy of the standardized configuration. Variations in the basic beam data measured on different aSi panels very rarely exceeded 2% (2 mm) and are of the same order of magnitude as variations between different Clinacs when measuring in reference conditions in water. All studied aSi panels can hence be regarded as nearly identical. Standardized datasets were successfully created and implemented. The test package proved useful in highlighting possible problems and illustrating remaining limitations, but also in demonstrating the good overall results (95% pass rate for 3%,3 mm) that can be obtained. The dosimetric behavior of all tested aSi panels was found to be nearly identical for all tested energies. The approach of using standardized datasets was then successfully tested through the creation and evaluation of PDIP preconfigured datasets that can be used within the Varian portal dosimetry solution.

  19. Vello Asi - Eesti sisearhitektuuri Grand Old Man / Vello Asi ; interv. Mart Kalm

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Asi, Vello, 1927-


    Intervjuu sisearhitekti 75. sünnipäeva puhul. V. Asi õpingutest, tööst Estonprojektis, Kunstitoodete Kombinaadis, sisearhitektuuri kateedris, oma töödest, koostööst Valve Pormeistri ja Väino Tammega, eesti sisekujundusest 1960.-1970. aastail. 12 ill.

  20. Hubungan Pemberian ASI dengan Tumbuh Kembang Bayi Umur 6 Bulan di Puskesmas Nanggalo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dian Insana Fitri


    Full Text Available AbstrakBayi mengalami proses tumbuh kembang yang dipengaruhi oleh beberapa faktor, salah satunya adalah gizi. Unsur gizi pada bayi dapat dipenuhi dengan pemberian ASI, bahkan sampai umur 6 bulan sesuai rekomendasi WHO tahun 2001 diberikan ASI eksklusif. Namun, angka pencapaian ASI eksklusif di Indonesia masih rendah yaitu 61,5% dan puskesmas Nanggalo 65%. Tujuan penelitian untuk mengetahui hubungan pemberian ASI dengan tumbuh kembang bayi umur 6 bulan di Puskesmas Nanggalo. Penelitian ini merupakan studi analitik dengan desain cross sectional. Pertumbuhan dinilai melalui status gizi dan perkembangan melalui Tes Denver II, dengan jumlah sampel 50 bayi. Analisis statistik yang digunakan adalah uji chi square dengan derajat kemaknaan 0,05.Hasil penelitian menunjukkan pemberian ASI eksklusif masih rendah (30% dibandingkan ASI non eksklusif (70%. Bayi ASI eksklusif berpeluang mengalami pertumbuhan normal 1,62 kali lebih besar dibandingkan bayi ASI non eksklusif (nilai OR = 1,62 dan perkembangan sesuai umur 5,474 kali lebih besar dibandingkan bayi ASI non eksklusif. Namun, pada pertumbuhan diperoleh nilai p = 0,696 dan nilai p perkembangan= 0,062 sehingga hubungan pemberian ASI terhadap tumbuh kembangan tidak signifikan. Penelitian ini memperlihatkan bahwa tidak terdapat hubungan antara pemberian ASI dengan tumbuh kembang bayi umur 6 bulan di Puskesmas Nanggalo Kota Padang.Kata kunci: Bayi umur 6 bulan, Pemberian ASI, Tumbuh KembangAbstractThe infant has a process of growth and development that is affected by several factors, one of them is nutrition. The element of nutrition for infant can be fulfilled by breast feeding, WHO (2011 recommends the infant should be given the exclusive breast feeding until it reaches 6 months old. However, the achievement number of exclusive breast feeding in Indonesia is still low (61.5% and in the Nanggalo Community Health Center (65%. The aim of this research is to know the relationship between the breast feeding with

  1. Spectroscopic AC susceptibility imaging (sASI) of magnetic nanoparticles

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ficko, Bradley W., E-mail:; Nadar, Priyanka M.; Diamond, Solomon G.


    This study demonstrates a method for alternating current (AC) susceptibility imaging (ASI) of magnetic nanoparticles (mNPs) using low cost instrumentation. The ASI method uses AC magnetic susceptibility measurements to create tomographic images using an array of drive coils, compensation coils and fluxgate magnetometers. Using a spectroscopic approach in conjunction with ASI, a series of tomographic images can be created for each frequency measurement set and is termed sASI. The advantage of sASI is that mNPs can be simultaneously characterized and imaged in a biological medium. System calibration was performed by fitting the in-phase and out-of-phase susceptibility measurements of an mNP sample with a hydrodynamic diameter of 100 nm to a Brownian relaxation model (R{sup 2}=0.96). Samples of mNPs with core diameters of 10 and 40 nm and a sample of 100 nm hydrodynamic diameter were prepared in 0.5 ml tubes. Three mNP samples were arranged in a randomized array and then scanned using sASI with six frequencies between 425 and 925 Hz. The sASI scans showed the location and quantity of the mNP samples (R{sup 2}=0.97). Biological compatibility of the sASI method was demonstrated by scanning mNPs that were injected into a pork sausage. The mNP response in the biological medium was found to correlate with a calibration sample (R{sup 2}=0.97, p<0.001). These results demonstrate the concept of ASI and advantages of sASI. - Highlights: • Development of an AC susceptibility imaging model. • Comparison of AC susceptibility imaging (ASI) and susceptibility magnitude imaging (SMI). • Demonstration of ASI and spectroscopic ASI (sASI) using three different magnetic nanoparticle types. • SASI scan separation of three different magnetic nanoparticles samples using 5 spectroscopic frequencies. • Demonstration of biological feasibility of sASI.

  2. The ASY-EOS Experiment at GSI (United States)

    Russotto, P.; Chartier, M.; Cozma, M. D.; De Filippo, E.; Le Fèvre, A.; Gannon, S.; Gašparić, I.; Kiš, M.; Kupny, S.; Leifels, Y.; Lemmon, R. C.; Li, Q.; Łukasik, J.; Marini, P.; Pawłowski, P.; Trautmann, W.; Acosta, L.; Adamczyk, M.; Al-Ajlan, A.; Al-Garawi, M.; Al-Homaidhi, S.; Amorini, F.; Auditore, L.; Aumann, T.; Ayyad, Y.; Baran, V.; Basrak, Z.; Bassini, R.; Benlliure, J.; Boiano, C.; Boisjoli, M.; Boretzky, K.; Brzychczyk, J.; Budzanowski, A.; Cardella, G.; Cammarata, P.; Chajecki, Z.; Chbihi, A.; Colonna, M.; Czech, B.; Di Toro, M.; Famiano, M.; Greco, V.; Grassi, L.; Guazzoni, C.; Guazzoni, P.; Heil, M.; Heilborn, L.; Introzzi, R.; Isobe, T.; Kezzar, K.; Krasznahorkay, A.; Kurz, N.; La Guidara, E.; Lanzalone, G.; Lasko, P.; Lombardo, I.; Lynch, W. G.; Matthews, Z.; May, L.; Minniti, T.; Mostazo, M.; Pagano, A.; Papa, M.; Pirrone, S.; Pleskac, R.; Politi, G.; Porto, F.; Reifarth, R.; Reisdorf, W.; Riccio, F.; Rizzo, F.; Rosato, E.; Rossi, D.; Santoro, S.; Simon, H.; Skwirczynska, I.; Sosin, Z.; Stuhl, L.; Trifirò, A.; Trimarchi, M.; Tsang, M. B.; Verde, G.; Veselsky, M.; Vigilante, M.; Wieloch, A.; Wigg, P.; Wolter, H. H.; Wu, P.; Yennello, S.; Zambon, P.; Zetta, L.; Zoric, M.


    The elliptic-flow ratio of neutrons with respect to protons or light complex particles in reactions of heavy ions at pre-relativistic energies has been proposed as an observable sensitive to the strength of the symmetry term of the nuclear equation of state at supra-saturation densities. In the ASY-EOS experiment at the GSI laboratory, flows of neutrons and light charged particles were measured for 197Au+197Au collisions at 400 MeV/nucleon. Flow results obtained for the Au+Au system, in comparison with predictions of the UrQMD transport model, confirm the moderately soft to linear density dependence of the symmetry energy deduced from the earlier FOPI-LAND data.

  3. ASY-EOS experiment at GSI

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kezzar K.


    Full Text Available The elliptic-flow ratio of neutrons with respect to protons in reactions of neutron rich Heavy-Ion at intermediate energies has been recently proposed as an observable sensitive to the strength of the symmetry term in the nuclear equation of state (EOS at supra-saturation densities. The recent results obtained from the existing FOPI/LAND data for 197Au+197Au collisions at 400 MeV/nucleon in comparison with the UrQMD model allowed a first estimate of the symmetry term of the EOS but suffer from a considerable statistical uncertainty. In order to obtain an improved data set for Au+Au collisions and to extend the study to other systems, a new experiment was carried out at the GSI laboratory by the ASY-EOS collaboration in May 2011.

  4. The ASY-EOS Experiment at GSI

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Russotto P.


    Full Text Available The elliptic-flow ratio of neutrons with respect to protons or light complex particles in reactions of heavy ions at pre-relativistic energies has been proposed as an observable sensitive to the strength of the symmetry term of the nuclear equation of state at supra-saturation densities. In the ASY-EOS experiment at the GSI laboratory, flows of neutrons and light charged particles were measured for 197Au+197Au collisions at 400 MeV/nucleon. Flow results obtained for the Au+Au system, in comparison with predictions of the UrQMD transport model, confirm the moderately soft to linear density dependence of the symmetry energy deduced from the earlier FOPI-LAND data.

  5. [Psychometric performance of the 6th version of the Addiction Severity Index in Spanish (ASI-6)]. (United States)

    Díaz Mesa, Eva M; García-Portilla, Paz; Sáiz, Pilar A; Bobes Bascarán, Teresa; Casares, María José; Fonseca, Eduardo; Carreño, Eduardo; Flórez, Gerardo; Guardia, Josep; Ochoa, Enriqueta; Pereiro, César; Rubio, Gabriel; Terán, Antonio; Fernández Hermida, José Ramón; Bobes, Julio


    This work analysed the psychometric properties of the 6th version of the Addiction Severity Index (ASI-6) translated and adapted to the Spanish language. A multicentre, observational and prospective design was used. A total of 258 participants were included, 217 were patients (35 stable patients and 182 unstable patients), and 41 were controls. The results show satisfactory psychometric performance of the ASI-6. The degree of the internal consistency of the standardized objective scores ranged between .47 and .95. As for test-retest reliability, the values were acceptable, varying from .36 to 1. The study of the internal structure revealed a good fit to a unidimensional solution for all scales taken independently. Regarding convergent-discriminant validity, the correlations between the primary and secondary scales of the ASI-6 and the Clinic Global Impression score were low, with values from .01 to .26. Likewise, 8 of the 15 scales differentiated between controls and unstable patients. The psychometric properties of the ASI-6 Spanish version seem to be acceptable, though it is necessary to carry out new studies to test metric quality with independent samples of patients.

  6. Comparative study of Treponemal and non-Treponemal test for screening of blood donated at a blood center

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Narinder Kaur Naidu


    Full Text Available The non-Treponemal tests such as Rapid Plasma Reagin test (RPR or the Venereal Disease Reference Laboratory test are the most commonly used test for screening of syphilis in the blood centers in India. Now, with the availability of Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA and Immunochromatographic assays in the market, we decided to evaluate these assays in comparison with Treponema pallidum Haemagglutination Assay (TPHA which was considered as a gold standard for this study. A total of 8 685 samples of voluntary blood donors were tested on Trepolisa 3.0 and then the initially reactive samples were retested in duplicate on the same assay as well as on Omega Pathozyme, RPR, RAPHA (Rapid Anti-Treponema pallidum Assay, and TPHA. Of the 158 initially reactive samples, 104 were repeatedly reactive on the same assay, 85 were reactive with RPR, 77 were reactive with RAPHA, 60 were reactive on Omega, and 53 were confirmed reactive on TPHA. 48 (56.4% of the results on RPR were biological false positive, while 21.9% of results were false negative on RPR. We evaluated that Omega Pathozyme was quite in agreement with TPHA as compared with Trepolisa 3.0, RAPHA, and RPR. We concluded that Omega Pathozyme (ELISA can be considered as a suitable test for screening of syphilis in a blood center.

  7. Psychometric properties of the sixth version of the Addiction Severity Index (ASI-6 in Brazil Propriedades psicométricas da sexta versão da Escala de Gravidade de Dependência (ASI-6 no Brasil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Felix Kessler


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: There are few research tools in Brazil to assess more broadly the alcohol and other drug related problems. OBJECTIVE: To test the psychometric properties of ASI in its sixth version (ASI-6. METHODS: A multicenter cross-sectional study was conducted in four Brazilian state capitals. Four research centers interviewed 150 adult inpatients or outpatients, and one research center interviewed 140 patients. A total of 740 substance abusers were selected. Training and supervision of interviewers were performed to assure the quality of dada collected. RESULTS: Most areas of the ASI showed good reliability between the instrument and the interviewers, with no statistically significant differences between the ASI-6 Summary Scores for Recent Functioning (SS-Rs of both interviews. Cronbach's alpha for ASI-6 subscales ranged from 0.64 to 0.95. Correlations between the ASI-6 Alcohol and Drug scores and the concurrent instrument (ASSIST were high (0.72 and 0.89, respectively. There was a significant negative correlation between the scores in psychiatric, medical and drug areas and the scores of WHOQOL. CONCLUSION: Analysis of the psychometric properties of ASI-6 both in outpatients and inpatients in Brazil indicate a good reliability and validity of this instrument for the Brazilian culture. The development of this instrument in Brazil is an important advancement, which will certainly have implications for the prevention, clinical research, and social rehabilitation fields.INTRODUÇÃO: Existem poucos instrumentos de pesquisa no Brasil que avaliam de forma mais ampla os problemas relacionados ao álcool e a outras drogas. OBJETIVO: Testar as propriedades psicométricas da ASI, em sua sexta versão (ASI-6. MÉTODOS: Um estudo transversal e multicêntrico foi conduzido em quatro capitais de estados brasileiros. Quatro centros de pesquisa entrevistaram 150 pacientes adultos internados ou em tratamento ambulatorial. Foram selecionados um total de 740

  8. La formation des mégapoles en Asie

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Terry G. McGEE


    Full Text Available L’Asie est au bord d’une explosion urbaine, avec un accroissement de 1 680 millions d’habitants entre 1980 et 2020. Cet accroissement se produira en grande partie dans les grandes mégapoles en train d’apparaître. Cet article tente d’expliquer le processus en cours.

  9. Introduction of ASIS%美国工业安全协会(ASIS)简介

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    @@ 1综述与简介 美国涉及安防行业的各种协会和团体数以百计,如:报警业研究教育基金会(AIREF)、美国工业安全协会(ASIS)、美国锁匠联合会(ALOA)、自动消防报警协会(AFAA)、中心站报警协会(CSAA)、闭路电视制造厂家协会(CCTMA)、计算机安全协会(CSI)、电子系统技术员培训协会、电子设计及安装承接商协会(CEDIA)、门与五金件协会(DHI)、电子业协会(EIA)、家庭自动化协会(HAA)、信息系统安全协会(ISSA)、国际计算机系统安全协会(IACSS)、国际鉴定协会(IAI)、国际职业安全顾问协会(IAPSC)、美国珠宝商安全联合会(JSA)、美国装甲车协会(NACA)、美国消防设备分销商协会、美国保安公司协会(NASCO)、美国防盗及火灾报警协会(NBFAA)、美国调查及安全服务理事会(NCISS)、美国电气制造商协会(NEMA)、美国系统承包商协会(NSCA)、安防行业协会(SIA)等.

  10. ASI/SDI transport stream player based on FPGA design and implementation%基于FPGA的ASI/SDI码流播放器的设计与实现

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    许盛世; 方志强; 俞东雷


    随着数字技术的发展,数字产品的普及,各种数字电视工作人员专用测试工具不断被开发.针对码流播放器的市场需要的目的,采用基于FPGA的系统架构的方法,结合硬件及软件设计等方面内容,文中详细介绍了一个包含码流录制、码流播放、码流分析等多种功能的ASI/SDI码流播放器的设计与实现的过程.%With the development of digital technology,the popularity of digital products,all kinds of digital TV staff special test tools for continuous was developed.For the market need of TS-Player,with the method based on FPGA system structure,this paper introduces the process of ASI/SDI code flow player design and implementation in detail from hardware and software design,etc.,which contains code flow recording,code flow play,code flow analysis and so on the many kinds of functions.

  11. Los Alamos flux comperssion systems, ASI focus area I program plan

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Goforth, James H [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Heger, Sharif [Los Alamos National Laboratory


    This document is a final summary of an original plan submitted as LA-UR 10-06693. There are minor revisions, some new items have been completed, and there is a statement of some funding shortfalls. Program plan focuses on using Ranchero Technology for the ASI 43 cm Ranchero generators are being fabricated to provide a small scale load and diagnostics test capability at Los Alamos - LLNL loads and Los Alamos multi-shell loads. 43 cm Ranchero tests continue as long as they are useful. 1 or 1.4 m Ranchero tests follow in the out years - Multi-shell loads have identified needs for full length generators and one 1.4 m generator is on hand. Both LLNL and Los Alamos loads will require larger current capability, and Ranchero will be scaled up in diameter when full scale current is defined. Increased scale tests expected in FY-12. The bulk of the Los Alamos Effort will be directed toward two thrusts: (1) Perform tests for LLNL load development and (2) explore multi-shell loads. ASC program assesses development against ASI results then provides new designs.

  12. Utility of immunochromatographic assay as a rapid point of care test for screening of antenatal syphilis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bineeta Kashyap


    Full Text Available Background and Objectives: Syphilis is one of the most common preventable causes of adverse effects during pregnancy. Antenatal screening prevents the delay between diagnosis and treatment there by reducing the risk of congenital syphilis. The objective of this study was to evaluate the utility of an immunochromatographic assay as a point of care test for antenatal screening of syphilis. Materials and Methods: Sera of 200 antenatal mothers were evaluated for serodiagnosis of syphilis by the venereal disease research laboratory (VDRL, Treponema pallidum hemagglutination assay (TPHA and SD BIOLINE Syphilis 3.0 test. The performance of SD BIOLINE Syphilis 3.0 test was compared with VDRL as screening assay and TPHA as a confirmatory test. Results: The antenatal prevalence of syphilis was found to be 2% by both VDRL and TPHA. The sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, and the negative predictive value of SD BIOLINE Syphilis 3.0 test were 75%, 100%, 100%, and 99.45%, respectively. Conclusions: Antenatal screening and treatment of maternal syphilis are cost-effective health interventions even under the low prevalence of infection. SD BIOLINE Syphilis 3.0 test, although having less sensitivity than the existing testing strategy, can have a tremendous impact on the disease burden if used prudently for the screening of antenatal mothers in peripheral health settings.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ani Isnawati


    Full Text Available Abstract. Background. From the collection of data (SDKI in 2002-2003, it was found that the number of exclusive breastfeeding in infants below the age of two months covers only 64% of total infants. The most alarming facts was that 13% of infants under two months have been fed infant milk formula and one of three infants aged 2-3 months has been given additional food. A survey reveals that 38% of mothers stop giving breastfeeding because they cannot provide enough breast milk. Klabet (Trigonella foenum-graecum L. is a herbal  that is used in Europe as facilitating breast milk. Therefore, using Klabet as herba to facilitating breast milk is needed as extract requirement. In addition, this research considers characterization of Klabet extract as a first step to standardize Klabet extract. Method. Sample was extract of Klabet seed from East Java. To ensure the quality requirements of 50% ethanol extract from Klabet seed for herbal medicine, it had to meet the quality requirement guidelines established by BPOM. Examination includes non-specific parameter such as water content, total ash, total acid insoluble ash, and extract microscopic examination. In the other side, specific parameter includes content of dilute alkohol, content of dilute water, assay of Trigonelline and chemistry compound test. Result.Characteristic of 50 % ethanol extract from Klabet seed semen for non-specific parameter were water content 13,70%, total ash 1,16%, total acid insoluble ash 0,06% and loss on drying 20,59% , whereas characteristic of spesific parameter for content of dilute etanol 59,58%, content of dilute water 47,78%, and assay of total alkaloid with Trigonellin standard 9,72 %. Content of Chemistry coumpound are tannin, saponin, steroid,  sterol-triterpenoid, flavanoid, and  alkaloid Keywords: ethanol extract from Klabet seed, breast milk , trigonelline   Abstrak.  Submit : 05-04-2012  Review : 23-04-2012 Review : 23-04-2012 revisi : 04–09-2012 Latar

  14. aSi EPIDs for the in-vivo dosimetry of static and dynamic beams

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Piermattei, A. [Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN), Sezione di Roma Tre, 00146 Roma (Italy); Istituto di Fisica e U.O.C. di Fisica Sanitaria, Università Cattolica del S. Cuore, 00168 Roma (Italy); Cilla, S. [Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN), Sezione di Roma Tre, 00146 Roma (Italy); U.O. di Fisica Sanitaria, Fondazione per la Ricerca e Cura ‘Giovanni Paolo II’, 86100 Campobasso (Italy); Azario, L.; Greco, F. [Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN), Sezione di Roma Tre, 00146 Roma (Italy); Istituto di Fisica e U.O.C. di Fisica Sanitaria, Università Cattolica del S. Cuore, 00168 Roma (Italy); Russo, M. [Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN), Sezione di Roma Tre, 00146 Roma (Italy); U.O. di Fisica Sanitaria, Ospedale Belcolle, 01100 Viterbo (Italy); Grusio, M. [Istituto di Fisica e U.O.C. di Fisica Sanitaria, Università Cattolica del S. Cuore, 00168 Roma (Italy); Orlandini, L. [U.O. di Fisica Medica, Centro Oncologico Fiorentino, 50121 Firenze (Italy); Fidanzio, A., E-mail: [Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN), Sezione di Roma Tre, 00146 Roma (Italy); Istituto di Fisica e U.O.C. di Fisica Sanitaria, Università Cattolica del S. Cuore, 00168 Roma (Italy)


    Portal imaging by amorphous silicon (aSi) photodiode is currently the most applied technology for in-vivo dosimetry (IVD) of static and dynamic radiotherapy beams. The strategy, adopted in this work to perform the IVD procedure by aSi EPID, is based on: in patient reconstruction of the isocenter dose and day to day comparison between 2D-portal images to verify the reproducibility of treatment delivery. About 20.000 tests have been carried out in this last 3 years in 8 radiotherapy centers using the SOFTDISO program. The IVD results show that: (i) the procedure can be implemented for linacs of different manufacturer, (ii) the IVD analysis can be obtained on a computer screen, in quasi real time (about 2 min after the treatment delivery) and (iii) once the causes of the discrepancies were eliminated, all the global IVD tests for single patient were within the acceptance criteria defined by: ±5% for the isocenter dose, and P{sub γ<1}≥90% of the checked points for the 2D portal image γ-analysis. This work is the result of a project supported by the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN) and Università Cattolica del S.Cuore (UCSC)

  15. aSi EPIDs for the in-vivo dosimetry of static and dynamic beams (United States)

    Piermattei, A.; Cilla, S.; Azario, L.; Greco, F.; Russo, M.; Grusio, M.; Orlandini, L.; Fidanzio, A.


    Portal imaging by amorphous silicon (aSi) photodiode is currently the most applied technology for in-vivo dosimetry (IVD) of static and dynamic radiotherapy beams. The strategy, adopted in this work to perform the IVD procedure by aSi EPID, is based on: in patient reconstruction of the isocenter dose and day to day comparison between 2D-portal images to verify the reproducibility of treatment delivery. About 20.000 tests have been carried out in this last 3 years in 8 radiotherapy centers using the SOFTDISO program. The IVD results show that: (i) the procedure can be implemented for linacs of different manufacturer, (ii) the IVD analysis can be obtained on a computer screen, in quasi real time (about 2 min after the treatment delivery) and (iii) once the causes of the discrepancies were eliminated, all the global IVD tests for single patient were within the acceptance criteria defined by: ±5% for the isocenter dose, and PγFisica Nucleare (INFN) and Università Cattolica del S.Cuore (UCSC).

  16. Comparison between ASI, CNES and JAXA CCD analysis software for optical space debris monitoring (United States)

    Paolillo, Fabrizio; Laas-Bourez, Myrtille; Yanagisawa, Toshifumi; Cappelletti, Chantal; Graziani, Filippo; Vidal, Bruno

    Since nineties Italian Space Agency (ASI), Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales CNES and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) play an important role in Inter-Agency Space Debris Coordination Committee (IADC) activities. Respectively the Group of Astrodynamics of Uni-versity Sapienza of Rome (GAUSS), TAROT team (Télescope a Action Rapide pour les Objets Transitoires) and Institute of Aerospace Technology (IAT), participate in optical space debris monitoring activities (WG1 at IADC ) with the following facilities: 1. SpaDE observatory of ASI/GAUSS in Collepardo (Fr.), country-regionplaceItaly. 2. TAROT observatories of CNES: one in Chili (ESO LA Silla) and one in placecountry-regionFrance (Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur, at Calern). 3. Nyukasayama Observatory of IAT/JAXA, country-regionplaceJapan. Due to the large amount of data collected during the IADC coordinated observation campaigns and the autonomous campaigns, these research groups developed three different software for image processing automation and for the correlation of the detected objects with the catalogue. Using these software the three different observatories are improving the knowledge of the space debris population, in particular in the so-called geostationary belt (AI23.4 IADC International 2007 optical observation campaigns in higher Earth orbits and AI23.2 Investigation of high A/m ratio debris in higher Earth orbits), but they use different space debris monitoring techniques. With the aim to improve CCD analysis capabilities of each research group, during the 27th IADC meeting ASI, CNES and JAXA started a cooperation in this field on the comparison between the image processing software. The objectives of this activity are: 1. Test of ASI, CNES and JAXA CCD analysis software on real images taken in the 3 dif-ferent observation strategies (each observatory uses a particular objects extraction pro-cedure). 2. Results comparison: number of bad detection, number of good detection, processing

  17. Proceedings of the 10th ASIS SIG/CR classification research workshop

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    This volume is a working copy of the papers presented at the 9th ASIS SIG/CR workshop on classification research, held in Washington, DC, at the ASIS Annual Meeting on Sunday 31 October 1999. The contributions printed here are working papers, and thus, not necessarily in their final form. For thi......This volume is a working copy of the papers presented at the 9th ASIS SIG/CR workshop on classification research, held in Washington, DC, at the ASIS Annual Meeting on Sunday 31 October 1999. The contributions printed here are working papers, and thus, not necessarily in their final form...

  18. GenASiS: General Astrophysical Simulation System. I. Fundamentals

    CERN Document Server

    Cardall, Christian Y; Endeve, Eirik; Mezzacappa, Anthony


    GenASiS (General Astrophysical Simulation System) is a new code being developed initially and primarily, though by no means exclusively, for the simulation of core-collapse supernovae on the world's leading capability supercomputers. Using the features of Fortran 2003 that allow for object-oriented programming, its classes are grouped into three major divisions: (1) Basics, which contains some basic utilitarian functionality for large-scale simulations on distributed-memory supercomputers; (2) Mathematics, which includes generic mathematical constructs and solvers that are as agnostic as possible with regard to the specifics of any particular system; and (3) Physics, which sets up physical spaces associated with various theories of spacetime (including gravity), defines various forms of stress-energy, and combines these into `universes.' To provide a foundation for subsequent papers focusing on the implementation of various pieces of physics needed for the simulation of core-collapse supernovae and other astr...

  19. GenASiS Basics: Object-oriented utilitarian functionality for large-scale physics simulations

    CERN Document Server

    Cardall, Christian Y


    Aside from numerical algorithms and problem setup, large-scale physics simulations on distributed-memory supercomputers require more basic utilitarian functionality, such as physical units and constants; display to the screen or standard output device; message passing; I/O to disk; and runtime parameter management and usage statistics. Here we describe and make available Fortran 2003 classes furnishing extensible object-oriented implementations of this sort of rudimentary functionality, along with individual `unit test' programs and larger example problems demonstrating their use. These classes compose the Basics division of our developing astrophysics simulation code GenASiS (General Astrophysical Simulation System), but their fundamental nature makes them useful for physics simulations in many fields.

  20. The anti-coagulants asis or apc do not protect against renal ischemia/ reperfusion injury

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sarah T.B.G. Loubele


    Full Text Available Renal ischemia/reperfusion (I/R injury is the main cause of acute renal failure. The severity of injury is determined by endothelial damage as well as inflammatory and apoptotic processes. The anticoagulants active site inhibited factor VIIa (ASIS and activated protein C (APC are besides their anticoagulant function also known for their cytoprotective properties. In this study the effect of ASIS and APC was assessed on renal I/R injury and this in relation to inflammation and apoptosis. Our results showed no effect of ASIS or APC on renal injury as determined by histopathological scoring as well as by blood urea nitrogen (BUN and creatinine levels. Furthermore, no effect on fibrin staining was detected but ASIS did reduce tissue factor activity levels after a 2-hr reperfusion period. Neither ASIS nor APC administration influenced overall inflammation markers, although some inflammatory effects of ASIS on interleukin (IL-1β and tumor necrosis factor (TNF-α were detectable after 2 hr of reperfusion. Finally, neither APC nor ASIS had an influence on cell signaling pathways or on the number of apoptotic cells within the kidneys. From this study we can conclude that the anticoagulants ASIS and APC do not have protective effects in renal I/R injury in the experimental setup as used in this study which is in contrast to the protective effects of these anticoagulants in other models of I/R.



    Elly Wahyuni; Sri Sumiati; Nurliani Nurliani


    Latar Belakang: Air susu ibu (ASI) adalah makanan terbaik untuk bayi, jantung pisang batu merupakan jenis makananmengandung Laktogogum yaitu zat gizi yang dapat meningkatkan dan melancarkan produksi ASI terutama pada ibu yangmengalami masalah dalam produksi ASI. Adapun tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui pengaruh jantung pisangbatu terhadap peningkatan produksi ASI pada Ibu Menyusui di Wilayah Puskesmas Srikuncoro Kecamatan Pondok KelapaBengkulu Tengah Tahun 2012. Metode: Metode pen...

  2. Assessment of reactivity of three treponemal tests in non-treponemal non-reactive cases from sexually transmitted diseases clinic, antenatal clinic, integrated counselling and testing centre, other different outdoor patient departments/indoor patients of a tertiary care centre and peripheral health clinic attendees

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M Bala


    Full Text Available In India, many state reference centres for sexually transmitted infections perform only a single screening assay for syphilis diagnosis. In this study, Treponema pallidum haemagglutination (TPHA was performed on 1115 Venereal Disease Research Laboratory (VDRL/rapid plasma regain (RPR non-reactive and 107 reactive sera out of 10,489 tested by VDRL/RPR according to the National AIDS Control Organisation syphilis testing protocol. A total of 47 Specimens reactive in TPHA and non-reactive with VDRL test were subjected to fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption and enzyme-immunoassay. Seroprevalence considering both VDRL and TPHA positivity was highest (4.4% in sexually transmitted diseases clinic attendees than in other subject groups. Positivity by two treponemal tests in 24 (2.2% cases non-reactive by VDRL/RPR was representative of the fully treated patients or latent or late syphilis cases. The findings highlight that a suitable treponemal confirmatory test should be performed in all the diagnostic laboratories.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Indah Budiastutik


    Full Text Available Background: Nganjuk was included in 7districts with highest malnutrition in East Java. Prevalence index of weight/age was 4.80%, height/age was 17.40% and weight/height was > 20% (Riskesdas, 2008. In 2009 malnourished under five children was 715. Objective of this research was analyzing the effect of zinc supplement and biscuit MP-ASI for the nutritional status and hair zinc concentration for under five children. Methods: conducted in the working area community health center Kertosono, Nganjuk regency, East Java. Sample of research was children 12-60 months who have Zinc hair concentration < 150 Jig/Kg that was divided into two groups. Total subject was 26 under five children that divided into two groups. One was treatment group who received biscuit MP-ASI and zinc syrup and the other was control group who received biscuit MP-ASI and placebo syrup. Each group was collected by simple random sampling. Results: There were significant differences of body weight in the treatment group and control group before and after research,using paired t-test (p = 0.000. There were significant differences of body height in the treatment group and control group before and after research, using paired t test (p = 0.000. There were significant differences of category hair zinc concentration in the treatment group before and after research with Me Nemar Test (p = 0.031. Conclusion: Supplementation can increase the body weight and body height both of two groups, but nutrition status in the treatment group increased  highly than in the control  group. Hair zinc concentration in the treatment group increased highly than in the control group.   Key words: Malnutrition, zinc sulfate, biscuit Complementary feeding, levels of hair zinc

  4. Le patrimoine urbain en Asie centrale 

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Guillemette Pincent


    Full Text Available Le « patrimoine urbain » est une expression utilisée en Europe occidentale depuis le début du XXe siècle. Quelle signification prend-il en Asie centrale ? Nous verrons que le patrimoine urbain y est un concept étatique qui répond à des impératifs économiques, politiques et non historiques. Il regroupe principalement des monuments utiles au pouvoir politique et se soucie peu de l’authenticité historique chère à l’Occident.The “urban heritage” is an expression used in Western Europe since the beginning of XXth century. What meaning does it take in Central Asia? We shall see that the urban heritage is a state concept, which answers to economic, political and not historic imperatives. It includes mainly monuments useful for the political power and cares few about the historic authenticity advocated by the West.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Muhilal Muhilal


    Full Text Available Telah dilakukan penelitian pengaruh pemberian kapsul iodium dosis tinggi pada ibu menyusui terhadap kadar iodium dalam ASI di Kecamatan Dukun dan Srumbung, Jawa Tengah. Ibu menyusui dibagi dalam 2 kelompok: kelompok perlakuan dan kelompok pembanding. Urine dan ASI pada kelompok perlakuan dan pembanding dikumpulkan pada hari 0, 2, 7, 30, 90 dan 180. Analisis iodium dilakukan dengan cara Kolhoff and Sanders. Pola perubahan kandungan iodium ASI sama dengan pola perubahan iodium dalam urin dengan koefisien korelasi sebesar 0.96. Kandungan iodium dalam ASI pada kelompok perlakuan ditemukan pada hari kedua dengan nilai 16350 ug/L dibandingkan dengan 75 ug/L pada kelompok pembanding, kemudian menurun secara perlahan sampai mendekati nilai normal pada hari ke 180 setelah pemberian kapsul iodium. Diperkirakan kandungan iodium dalam ASI sekitar 60% dari kandungan iodium dalam urin. Dengan dugaan adanya kelebihan masukan iodium pada bayi yang menerima dari dua sumber, yaitu ASI dan kapsul yang diberikan langsung pada bayi dalam program IDD, perlu dipertimbangkan kemudian timbulkan efek sampingan pada bayi karena kelebihan iodium.

  6. Hepatotoxicity associated with the ingestion of Centella asiatica Hepatotoxicidad asociada al consumo de Centella asiática

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    O. A. Jorge


    Full Text Available Background: hepatotoxicity due to herbal remedies is being increasingly recognized. Centella asiatica (Centella asiatica Linn Urban is commercialized for multiple conditions. Its active principles are pentacyclic triterpenic saponosides (asiaticoside, madecassoside. Clinical case studies: we present three women (61, 52 and 49 years old who developed jaundice after taking Centella asiatica for 30, 20 and 60 days. Respective laboratory tests: ALT: 1193, 1694 and 324 U/L; ALP: 503, 472 and 484 U/L; bilirubin: 4.23, 19.89 and 3.9 mg/dl. The first patient also had ASMA 1/160 and AMA 1/320. Respective pathological diagnoses: granulomatous hepatitis with marked necrosis and apoptosis; chronic hepatitis with cirrhotic transformation and intense necroinflammatory activity, and granulomatous hepatitis. All patients improved with Centella asiatica discontinuation, and ursodeoxycholic acid 10 mg/kg/day. The first patient took Centella asiatica again, with recurrence of the damage. The second one had taken this herb a year before. Conclusions: many plants synthesize hepatotoxic compounds. Germander, Skullcap and Glycyrrhizin contain di- or triterpenic active principles, which can produce hepatic injury by promoting apoptosis and altering cell membranes. We hypothesize that these mechanisms may have resulted in injuries associated with Centella asiatica. The presence of autoantibodies and granulomas also favors an immune-mediated mechanism. Ursodeoxycholic acid has anti-apoptotic properties, but we cannot rule out that Centella asiatica discontinuation alone may have resulted in patient improvement.Introducción: la hepatotoxicidad por hierbas medicinales es reconocida cada vez más frecuentemente. Centella asiática (Centella asiatica Linn Urban es comercializada para múltiples afecciones. Sus principios activos son saponósidos pentacíclicos triterpénicos (asiaticósido, madecasósido. Casos clínicos: presentamos 3 mujeres (61, 52 y 49 años que

  7. Sisearhitektid Väino Tamm ja Vello Asi. Näitusekataloog = Interior architects Väino Tamm and Vello Asi. Exhibition catalogue

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Näitusekataloogi "Tamm ja Asi" autor ja koostaja Karen Jagodin ning kujundaja Tiit Jürna pälvisid Eesti Sisearhitektide Liidu 2007. a. publitsistika preemia. Enamik raamatus publitseeritud fotodest pärineb fotograaf Rein Vainküla kogust. K. Jagodinist ja T. Jürnast, nende fotod

  8. Charactrization of a Li-ion battery based stand-alone a-Si photovoltaic system (United States)

    Hamid Vishkasougheh, Mehdi; Tunaboylu, Bahadir


    The number of photovoltaic (PV) system installations is increasing rapidly. As more people learn about this versatile and often cost-effective power option, this trend will accelerate. This document presents a recommended design for a battery based stand-alone photovoltaic system (BSPV). BSPV system has the ability to be applied in different areas, including warning signals, lighting, refrigeration, communication, residential water pumping, remote sensing, and cathodic protection. The presented calculation method gives a proper idea for a system sizing technique. Based on application load, different scenarios are possible for designing a BSPV system. In this study, a battery based stand-alone system was designed. The electricity generation part is three a-Si panels, which are connected in parallel, and for the storage part LFP (lithium iron phosphate) battery was used. The high power LFP battery packs are 40 cells each 8S5P (configured 8 series 5 parallel). Each individual pack weighs 0.5 kg and is 25.6 V. In order to evaluate the efficiency of a-Si panels with respect to the temperature and the solar irradiation, cities of Istanbul, Ankara and Adana in Turkey were selected. Temperature and solar irradiation were gathered from reliable sources and by using translation equations, current and voltage output of panels were calculated. As a result of these calculations, current and energy outputs were computed by considering an average efficient solar irradiation time value per day in Turkey. The calculated power values were inserted to a battery cycler system, and the behavior of high power LFP batteries in a time sequence of 7.2 h was evaluated. The charging and discharging cycles were obtained and their behavior was discussed. According to the results, Istanbul has the lowest number of peak month's energy, it followed by Ankara, and ultimately Adana has the highest number of peak months and energy storage. It was observed during the tests that values up to 4 A was

  9. High efficiency thin film CdTe and a-Si based solar cells

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Compaan, A. D.; Deng, X.; Bohn, R. G.


    This report describes work done by the University of Toledo during the first year of this subcontract. During this time, the CdTe group constructed a second dual magnetron sputter deposition facility; optimized reactive sputtering for ZnTe:N films to achieve 10 ohm-cm resistivity and {approximately}9% efficiency cells with a copper-free ZnTe:N/Ni contact; identified Cu-related photoluminescence features and studied their correlation with cell performance including their dependence on temperature and E-fields; studied band-tail absorption in CdS{sub x}Te{sub 1{minus}x} films at 10 K and 300 K; collaborated with the National CdTe PV Team on (1) studies of high-resistivity tin oxide (HRT) layers from ITN Energy Systems, (2) fabrication of cells on the HRT layers with 0, 300, and 800-nm CdS, and (3) preparation of ZnTe:N-based contacts on First Solar materials for stress testing; and collaborated with Brooklyn College for ellipsometry studies of CdS{sub x}Te{sub 1{minus}x} alloy films, and with the University of Buffalo/Brookhaven NSLS for synchrotron X-ray fluorescence studies of interdiffusion in CdS/CdTe bilayers. The a-Si group established a baseline for fabricating a-Si-based solar cells with single, tandem, and triple-junction structures; fabricated a-Si/a-SiGe/a-SiGe triple-junction solar cells with an initial efficiency of 9.7% during the second quarter, and 10.6% during the fourth quarter (after 1166 hours of light-soaking under 1-sun light intensity at 50 C, the 10.6% solar cells stabilized at about 9%); fabricated wide-bandgap a-Si top cells, the highest Voc achieved for the single-junction top cell was 1.02 V, and top cells with high FF (up to 74%) were fabricated routinely; fabricated high-quality narrow-bandgap a-SiGe solar cells with 8.3% efficiency; found that bandgap-graded buffer layers improve the performance (Voc and FF) of the narrow-bandgap a-SiGe bottom cells; and found that a small amount of oxygen partial pressure ({approximately}2 {times} 10

  10. Use of artificial neural networks for electrical conductivity modeling in Asi River (United States)

    Ghorbani, Mohammad Ali; Aalami, Mohammad Taghi; Naghipour, Leila


    This study aims to model monthly electrical conductivity (EC) values in the Asi River using artificial neural networks (ANNs) to evaluate water quality conditions using pH, temperature, water discharge, sodium, sum of calcium and magnesium concentrations. The results are compared using multiple linear regression (MLR). Recorded data are available at a gauging site in Antakya, Turkey, for the period from 1984 to 2008. Comparing the modeled values by ANNs with the experimental data indicates that neural network model with seven neurons in hidden layer provides accurate results (R 2 = 0.968, RMSE = 46.927 µS/cm, MAE = 32.462 µS/cm and MRSE = 0.0029 for the training data and R 2 = 0.965, RMSE = 50.810 µS/cm, MAE = 37.495 µS/cm and MRSE = 0.0024 for the testing data). The Garson method of the connection weights of the network was used to study the relative % contribution of each of the input variables. It was found that the sum of calcium and magnesium concentration and temperature had the most effect on the predicted EC. The results indicate that two proposed models were able to approximate the EC parameter reasonably well; however, the ANN was found to perform better than the MLR model.

  11. A study on the dynamic tie points ASI algorithm in the Arctic Ocean

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    HAO Guanghua; SU Jie


    Sea ice concentration is an important parameter for polar sea ice monitoring. Based on 89 GHz AMSR-E (Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer for Earth Observing System) data, a gridded high-resolution passive microwave sea ice concentration product can be obtained using the ASI (the Arctic Radiation And Turbulence Interaction Study (ARTIST) Sea Ice) retrieval algorithm. Instead of using fixed-point values, we developed ASI algorithm based on daily changed tie points, called as the dynamic tie point ASI algorithm in this study. Here the tie points are expressed as the brightness temperature polarization difference of open water and 100% sea ice. In 2010, the yearly-averaged tie points of open water and sea ice in Arctic are estimated to be 50.8 K and 7.8 K, respectively. It is confirmed that the sea ice concentrations retrieved by the dynamic tie point ASI algorithm can increase (decrease) the sea ice concentrations in low-value (high-value) areas. This improved the sea ice concentrations by present retrieval algorithm from microwave data to some extent. Comparing with the products using fixed tie points, the sea ice concentrations retrieved from AMSR-E data by using the dynamic tie point ASI algorithm are closer to those obtained from MODIS (Moderate-resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) data. In 40 selected cloud-free sample regions, 95% of our results have smaller mean differences and 75% of our results have lower root mean square (RMS) differences compare with those by the fixed tie points.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hermina Hermina


    Full Text Available Background: Although the important of breast milk has been well known world wide, the number of exclusive breastfeeding is still low in most countries, including Indonesia. This research objective is to identify social demography characteristic and the influence of breast milk and weaning food information to 6 months exclusive breastfeeding in West Sumatera. Methods: Cross-sectional study design has been used. Population of this study was house holds and samples that had been chosen by simple randomized were mothers who had a baby aged 6–12 months (n = 637. Variables that had been analyzed were sample identity, information factor of breast milk and weaning food promotion and other supportive factors. To compare categorical variable which was respondent characteristic of exclusive breast milk and non-exclusive breast milk group, chi-square test had been used. Results: It is found a significant relationship between having information about breast milk and weaning food status and breastfeeding practice. Also it shows a significant relationship between colostrum feeding status and the continuing breastfeeding practice. However, there is no significant relationship between social-demography characteristic and the place of getting breast milk/weaning food information, the information for breast milk/weaning food, interpersonal contact about breast milk/weaning food and type of media information about breast milk/weaning food and breast feeding practice. Conclusion: having information of breast milk/weaning food, also colostrum feeding status are factors that influence breastfeeding status in West Sumatera. However, the place and medical birth delivery helper have less association to exclusive breast feeding practice. Key words: Exclusive breastfeeding, Breast milk and Weaning Food information, Social-demograhy Characteristic

  13. Understanding the Thermal Stability of Silver Nanoparticles Embedded in a-Si

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Gould, Anna L.; Kadkhodazadeh, Shima; Wagner, Jakob Birkedal


    The inclusion of silver plasmonic nanoparticles in silicon is highly relevant for photovoltaics as it may enhance optical absorption. We report an investigation of the stability of such pristine silver nanoparticles embedded in a-Si upon heat treatment. We have investigated the morphological...

  14. Festival "Meretagune asi" kutsub osa saama vendade Tuulikute loomingust / Ivika Laanet

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Laanet, Ivika


    Kuressaares toimub Saaremaa Rahvateatri ja Kuressaare Linnateatri poolt korraldatud harrastusteatrite festival "Meretagune asi", mis on pühendatud vendadele Ülo ja Jüri Tuulikule. Festivali raames toimub kuuldemängunädal, teatri- ja kirjanduskonverents ning Jüri Tuuliku näitemängude päev

  15. El sudeste Asiático entre el mito y la realidad

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Peemans Jean Philippe


    Full Text Available El tema de esta conferencia está referido al modelo o modelos de desarrollo puesto en marcha en el sudeste asiático. La reflexión se divide en dos partes: la primera trata de las condiciones históricas de iniciación del modelo. La segunda, se refiere a la problemática de la transferibilidad de este modelo a otros países del tercer mundo. Existe un gran interés por el modelo del sudeste asiático, gracias a la existencia de tasas de crecimiento extremadamente altas del
    Producto Interno Bruto por habitante entre 1960 y 1980. Estos países, llamados los dragones del sudeste asiático, revisten importancia para el conjunto de la economía y la población mundial al constatarse estos Índices de crecimiento en forma repetitiva y duradera. Al lado de estos hechos existe una abundante literatura en la cual lo predominante es la presentación un poco idílica u optimista del modelo del sudeste asiático, como una fórmula de efectos mágicos.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Lin-na Wang; Lei Yang; He-yi Zheng


    To assess the sensitivity, specificity, and feasibility of 4 recombinant Treponema pallidum antigenbased rapid tests in the diagnosis of syphilis.Methods A total of 970 outpatients were selected from the Sexually Transmitted Diseases Centre of Peking Union Medical College Hospital. Venous blood was collected and serum was extracted. T. pallidum antibodies in whole blood, anticoagulant whole blood, and serum were detected using 4 recombinant T. pallidum antigen-based rapid tests.T. pallidum haemagglutination test (TPHA) was considered as the gold standard for the detection of T. pallidum specific antibodies in serum. The sensitivities and specificities of four methods were analyzed.Results The sensitivities and specificities of Abbott Determine Syphilis TP test, SD-BIOLINE Syphilis 3.0 test,VISITECT-SYPHILIS test, and Syphicheck-WB test for serum specimens were 100% and 98.9%, 95.7% and 98.0%, 94.6% and 98.2%, 68.1% and 98.9%; for whole blood were 74.1% and 99.5%, 87.9% and 99.4%,73.2% and 99.7%, 64.7% and 99.7%. The observed sensitivities of the 4 rapid diagnosis tests were not significantly different with TPHA ( P>0.05 ).Conclusions The 4 rapid tests show good performance and characteristics in the diagnosis of syphilis. Furthermore, they are more sensitive for serum specimens than whole blood.

  17. The INAF contribution to the ASI Space Debris program: observational activities. (United States)

    Pupillo, G.; Salerno, E.; Bartolini, M.; Di Martino, M.; Mattana, A.; Montebugnoli, S.; Portelli, C.; Pluchino, S.; Schillirò, F.; Konovalenko, A.; Nabatov, A.; Nechaeva, M.

    Space debris are man made objects orbiting around Earth that pose a serious hazard for both present and future human activities in space. Since 2007 the Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica (INAF) carried out a number of radar campaigns in the framework of the ASI ``Space Debris'' program. The observations were performed by using bi- and multi-static radars, composed of the INAF 32-m Italian radiotelescopes located at Medicina and Noto (used as receivers) and the 70-m parabolic antenna at Evpatoria (Ukraine) used as transmitter. The 32 m Ventspils antenna in Latvia also participated in the last campaign at the end of June 2010. Several kinds of objects in various orbital regions (radar calibrators, rocket upper stages, debris of different sizes) were observed and successfully detected. Some unknown objects were also discovered in LEO during the beam-park sessions. In this paper we describe some results of the INAF-ASI space debris research activity.

  18. Influence of plasma etching in a multi chamber system on a-Si solar cell performance (United States)

    Kausche, H.; Moeller, M.; Plaettner, R.

    The plasma-CVD deposition system consisting of two chambers and developed at Siemens can deposit 9 pin solar cells of 100 sq cm simultaneously. Cleaning of the internal surfaces coated with a-Si is performed by plasma etching. The etch gases CF4+O2, SF6 and NF3 were investigated with respect to their etch rates, their efficacy in cleaning 'hidden' parts in the chamber, and with respect to the etching reaction products affecting the performance of the subsequently deposited cells. Mass spectrometric cell performance measurements were therefore taken. The sequence of etching with CF4+O2 or NF3, glow discharge in Ar+H2, pre-deposition of a-Si and cell deposition proved to be a suitable method for achieving high cell performance.

  19. Photodiode forward bias to reduce temporal effects in a-Si based flat panel detectors (United States)

    Mollov, Ivan; Tognina, Carlo; Colbeth, Richard


    Lag and sensitivity modulation are well known temporal artifacts of a-Si photodiode based flat panel detectors. Both effects are caused by charge carriers being trapped in the semiconductor. Trapping and releasing of these carriers is a statistical process with time constants much longer than the frame time of flat panel detectors. One way to reduce these temporal artifacts is to keep the traps filled by applying a pulse of light over the entire detector area every frame before the x-ray exposure. This paper describes an alternative method, forward biasing the a-Si photodiodes and supplying free carriers to fill the traps. The array photodiodes are forward biased and then reversed biased again every frame between the panel readout and x-ray exposure. The method requires no change to the mechanical construction of the detector, only minor modifications of the detector electronics and no image post processing. An existing flat panel detector was modified and evaluated for lag and sensitivity modulation. The required changes of the panel configuration, readout scheme and readout timing are presented in this paper. The results of applying the new technique are presented and compared to the standard mode of operation. The improvements are better than an order of magnitude for both sensitivity modulation and lag; lowering their values to levels comparable to the scintillator afterglow. To differentiate the contribution of the a-Si array, from that of the scintillator, a large area light source was used. Possible implementations and applications of the method are discussed.

  20. Pengasuh berhubungan dengan keberhasilan pemberian ASI eksklusif pada baduta di Kecamatan Sedayu

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Siti Nurunniyah


    Full Text Available ABSTRACTBackground: The success of exclusive breastfeeding is influenced by several factors. One of them is the care taker contacts of children and old nursing mothers with children. Many mothers who leave their children because of work. It makes contact duration of mothers with their children becomes limited.Objectives: This research aimed to determine the relationship between parenting with the success of exclusive breastfeeding in District of Sedayu, Bantul, Yogyakarta.Methods: This research was quantitative analytical approach and reinforced with qualitative approach. This study used cross sectional design. The population in this study were all mothers with the children under two years old in the District of Sedayu, Bantul, Yogyakarta. The samples used in this study were 292 respondents that were selected by using techniques of probability proportional to size (PPS. Data were then collected using questionnaires and analyzed by using chi-square.  Results: There was significant relationship between parenting with the success of exclusive breastfeeding (p=0,019.Conclusions: There was relationship between parenting with the success of exclusive breastfeedingKEYWORDS:parenting, care taker, exclusive breastfeedingABSTRAKLatar belakang: Keberhasilan pemberian ASI eksklusif dipengaruhi oleh beberapa faktor, salah satunya adalah pengasuh utama anak dan lama kontak ibu menyusui dengan anak. Banyak ibu yang menitipkan anaknya karena bekerja, sehingga lama kontak ibu menyusui dengan anak menjadi terbatas.Tujuan: Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui hubungan antara pola asuh dengan keberhasilan pemberian ASI eksklusif di Kecamatan Sedayu, Kabupaten Bantul, Yogyakarta.Metode: Penelitian ini merupakan penelitian analitik dengan pendekatan kuantitatif dan diperkuat dengan pendekatan kualitatif. Penelitian ini menggunakan rancangan penelitian cross sectional. Populasi dalam penelitian ini adalah seluruh ibu yang memiliki anak di bawah umur

  1. Perbedaan Kenaikan Berat Badan pada Bayi yang Mendapat ASI Eksklusif dengan ASI Parsial di Puskesmas Jetis Kota

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Asti Norma


    Full Text Available Current conditions in developing countries was approximately 10 million infants were dying. These may be pressed by exclusive breastfeeding, because breastfeeding has been proven to improve the health status of the baby. Based on the baseline study conducted in Puskesmas Jetis Kota, the results of four infants exclusively breastfed resulted in weight gain between 4.800 to 6.100 grams while six partially breastfed infants weight gain between 3.350 to 5.250 grams. The purpose of this study was to determine differences of weight gain in infants between exclusive and partial breastfeeding at Puskesmas Jetis Kota. The study was an inductive study with cross-sectional design. The sampling technique was done by total sampling resulting on 20 couples of mothers and babies who had been exclusively breastfed or received partialy breastfed.This study was conducted at Puskesmas Jetis Yogyakarta on February until March, 2015 and analyzed using “t” test analysis. The results showed that weight gain of exclusively breastfed infants was 8.200 grams and the average of increase in weight gain in infants who are breastfed partial was 7.990 grams. There was 210 gram weight gain more higher in infants with exclusively breastfed. In conclusion, there was no significant differences weight gain in infants with exclusively breastfed and partially breastfed infants.

  2. Stabilized efficiency of stacked a-Si solar cell; Sekisogata a-Si taiyo denchi no anteika koritsu

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Takahisa, K.; Kojima, T.; Nakamura, K.; Koyanagi, T.; Yanagisawa, T. [Electrotechnical Laboratory, Tsukuba (Japan)


    Different types of tests combining light and temperature were carried out in a laboratory on predicting long-term performance of stacked amorphous silicon solar cells. Cell terminals were left open, xenon was used as an irradiation light source, and cell temperature was controlled within {+-} 2 degC of the setting. The result of the experiment may be summarized as follows: with regard to the deterioration characteristics, the speed in which the efficiency changes reached a maximum within 10 hours, and thereafter the change has slowed down gradually in the case of temperature at 50 degC; in the case of 25 degC, the maximization is reached between 500 and 1000 hours; the stabilization efficiency turns out to be a pessimistic value according to the saturated value derived from an experimental expression, hence the value would have to be expressed by specifying cell temperatures, light intensities and elapsed time; the minimum value of seasonal variation may be estimated at about 85% as a pessimistic value; for recovery characteristics, the saturated value for the recovery tends to become lower as the lower the value immediately before the recovery; and if the light intensity is varied, the deterioration characteristic shifts to that at an individual light intensity. 4 refs., 11 figs., 2 tabs.

  3. O novo regionalismo econômico asiático New asian economic regionalism

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Silvio Miyazaki


    Full Text Available Os acordos preferenciais de comércio têm crescido no Pacífico Asiático desde 1998, após a crise financeira que atingiu aquela região. Esse crescimento do número de áreas de comércio é chamado de Novo Regionalismo Asiático. Este artigo apresenta essa nova onda de integração econômica na região, focalizando o comércio, cujas características são: a participação em negociações comerciais de países que antes não eram membros de áreas preferenciais de comércio; os países serem membros de mais de um acordo de comércio regional; muitos dos acordos em negociação cruzarem regiões do mundo e muitos dos novos acordos serem bilaterais. São apresentados os conceitos e a classificação das diferentes formas de integração econômica, os benefícios e as limitações que os acordos preferenciais de comércio trazem às economias; em seguida, são analisadas as áreas de integração econômica existentes e as que estão em processo de negociação na região do Pacífico Asiático. São examinadas, também, as principais causas do Novo Regionalismo Asiático: além da crise asiática, a perda da credibilidade de organismos regionais e do sistema multilateral de comércio, a ampliação das áreas preferenciais de comércio em outras regiões do mundo e a competição de natureza econômica e política entre os países da região. Conclui-se que, se efetivamente houver a integração entre as economias, haverá um novo ciclo de crescimento da economia asiática, em particular do Leste e do Sudeste Asiáticos, prosseguindo com o modelo de crescimento liderado pelas exportações.Preferential trade agreements have been grown in Asia Pacific since 1998, hence after this region faced financial crisis. The growing of those trade areas is called New Asian Economic Regionalism. This paper shows this new wage of regional economic integration, focusing the trade, whose main features are: include countries that were not previously member

  4. Desenvolvimento e avaliação das propriedades psicométricas da versão brasileira do Addiction Severity Index 6 (ASI-6 Light

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lídia Reis Fernandes


    Full Text Available Objetivo Desenvolver e avaliar as propriedades psicométricas de uma versão brasileira reduzida do Addiction Severity Index 6 Light (ASI-6 Light previamente proposta com base em um estudo de validação dos construtos do instrumento e desenvolver os novos escores de cada área do instrumento baseados na Teoria de Resposta ao Item (TRI. Métodos Foram entrevistados 200 sujeitos, 100 com uso problemático de álcool e outras drogas e 100 sem uso problemático. Foram calculados os escores dos indivíduos com base na TRI. As propriedades psicométricas foram avaliadas pela correlação entre os escores do ASI-6 Light e do Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening Test (ASSIST, padrão-ouro do estudo. Foram avaliados os índices de sensibilidade e especificidade. Resultados Foi encontrada alta correlação entre os escores da área “álcool” do ASI-6 Light e os escores do ASSIST em relação ao álcool (r = 0,79, correlações moderadas em relação ao tabaco (r = 0,47 e cocaína/crack (r = 0,44 e baixa (r = 0,39 em relação à maconha. Ao correlacionarem-se os escores do ASSIST e os escores da área “drogas” do ASI-6 Light, obteve-se alta correlação em relação à cocaína/crack (r = 0,85, correlações moderadas em relação ao tabaco (r = 0,57 e maconha (r = 0,68 e baixa (r = 0,29 em relação ao álcool. A área sob a curva ROC da área “álcool” foi de 0,93 e a da área “drogas” foi de 0,88. Conclusão Boas evidências de validade das áreas “álcool” e “drogas” foram apresentadas. Essa nova versão tornou-se um instrumento de fácil manejo e de rápida aplicação, contendo os itens que melhor avaliam a gravidade de problemas.

  5. Karakteristik dan Faktor-Faktor yang Memengaruhi Balita Tidak Mendapat ASI Eksklusif di Dusun Mangir Tengah Desa Sendang Sari Kecamatan Pajangan Bantul

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dita Karinda


    Full Text Available Alasan-alasan para ibu menghentikan pemberian ASI-nya, menurut hasil laporan Depkes RI 1990 yaitu ASI tidak keluar 32%, ibu bekerja 28%, pengaruh pemberian susu formula 16%, pengaruh suami dan saudara 24% dan keinginan dianggap modern 4%. Bayi yang tidak diberi ASI secara eksklusif sangat rentan terserang penyakit. Penyakit yang bisa disebabkan karena kegagalan pemberian ASI eksklusif antara lain meningkatkan risiko kematian, infeksi saluran pencernaan (muntah, mencret, infeksi saluran pernapasan, meningkatkan gizi buruk. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk memperoleh informasi tentang karakteristik dan faktor-faktor yang memengaruhi balita yang tidak mendapat ASI eksklusif di Dusun Mangir Tengah Desa Sendang Kecamatan Pajangan Bantul. Jenis penelitian ini adalah kualitatif dengan metode penelitian natura1istik kuatitatif. Data-data penelitian dicatat melalui perekaman audio tape, pengambilan foto, catatan lapangan. Subjek penelitian ini adalah ibu-ibu yang memiliki balita yang tidak diberi ASI eksklusif. Pengambilan data menggunakan observasi dan wawancara mendalam. Hasil penelitian status gizi balita yang tidak mendapatkan ASI eksklusif termasuk dalam kategori baik. Pertumbuhan dan perkembangan balita yang tidak mendapatkan ASI eksklusif termasuk dalam kategori normal. Faktor- faktor yang memengaruhi balita tidak mendapatkan ASI eksklusif antara lain ASI tidak lancar, kerja pabrik, kuliah, bayi tidak mau minum ASI, payudara bengkak, puting lecet.

  6. Serological test of 3395 cases with high risk of syphilis: the result analysis%3395例梅毒高危人群血清学试验结果分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    陈俊; 余斐斐; 朱秋萍; 傅爱清


    OBJECTIVE To study the serologic test for syphilis in high risk population. METHODS Totally 3395 cases of syphilis in high-risk groups, routed RPR, ELISA test, positive results were confirmed with TPPA, TPHA serological test. RESULTS RPR with ELISA results were significantly different, P<0. 01. In this set of data, RPR results were positive 394 cases (11. 6%),ELISA results were positive 808 cases (23. 8%), TPPA results showed that 792 cases (23. 3%) were positive, TPHA results showed that 780 cases (23. 0%) were positive. When TPHA result was positive, TPPA and ELISA examination were positive simultaneously. ELISA results were false-positive 17 cases, accounting for 2.1 %; RPR results were false-positive 4 cases, accounting for 1.0%. there were 10 cases weakly positive ELISA specimens, including 8 cases of TPPA and TPHA confirmatory test was positive, while the other two cases for the confirmatory test was negative. CONCLUSION ELISA test is more sensitive than RPR test, Therefore, when conditions are available ELISA reagents for screening of highquality. When ELISA results are weak-positive samples, if necessary, TPPA and TPHA reagents can be applied to confirm the quality.%目的 研究梅毒高危人群血清学试验在临床上的检测价值. 方法 对3395例梅毒高危人群,常规进行梅毒血浆反应素快速试验(RPR)、酶联免疫吸附(ELISA)检测,阳性者再行梅毒螺旋体颗粒凝集试验(TPPA) 、间接血凝试验(TPHA)血清学试验确证. 结果 RPR与ELISA检测结果 比较,差异有统计学意义(P<0.01);在本组资料中,RPR阳性394例(11.6%),ELISA阳性808例(23.8%),TPPA阳性792例(23.3%),TPHA阳性780例(23.0%);TPHA阳性者,TPPA和ELISA检查同时阳性;ELISA试验共有17例假阳性,占2.1%;而RPR试验共有4例假阳性,占1.0%;有10例ELISA弱阳性标本,其中8例为TPPA和TPHA确证试验为阳性,而其他2例为确证试验阴性. 结论 ELISA敏感性高于RPR,因此有条件时可用高质量

  7. Posición de los araucanos en un contexto asiático-europeo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luis, María Antonia


    Full Text Available Según el modelo clásico de poblamiento americano, los amerindios poseen un ancestro básico de tipo mongoloide, con diferenciaciones secundarias originadas por procesos microevolutivos locales. Toda comparación basada en distancias o en componentes funcionales, debería sostener entonces, la hipótesis: "las distribuciones amerindias se aproximan en mayor grado a las de las poblaciones asiáticas y en menor grado a las de las poblaciones europeas". Por componer los araucanos una población típicamente amerindia, debe esperarse que presenten mayor similitud morfológica con grupos asiáticos mongolizados y secundariamente, afinidades con grupos de extracción no mongoloide, dadas estas últimas por procesos evolutivos de adaptación convergente o mestizaje. El objeto del presente trabajo es corroborar el rechazo de dicha hipótesis (Pucciarelli et al.,1999, a través de un conjunto de nuevas comparaciones. Se procedió a medir 17 cráneos araucanos masculinos mediante 46 variables de las propuestas por Howells (1973 y compararlos con muestras de europeos (norse, zalavar, berg, asiáticos (chinos, japoneses, ainu, buriat, coreanos, filipinos y esquimales, cuyos datos fueron extraídos de los archivos proporcionados por Howells (1996. La estadística realizada consistió en análisis canónico, análisis discriminante, y "clusters" jerárquicos, mediante el programa Systat 7.0. Se halló que: (ala elipse de distribución de los araucanos fue casi equidistante respecto de norse y sudjaponeses, siendo la distancia entre éstos menor que la de cada uno de ellos respecto de araucanos; (ben el primer "cluster" con europeos, filipinos, sudjaponeses y ainu, los araucanos se separaron en un "subcluster" aislado y a la mayor distancia, le siguieron los ainu en un segundo "subcluster", mientras que los filipinos ocuparon un tercero, junto con europeos y japoneses; (cen el segundo "cluster", los araucanos se agruparon en forma intermedia entre chinos

  8. Ab-initio modeling of a-Si and a-Si:H

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ribeiro, Ricardo M.; Vasilevskiy, Mikhail I.; Barros, Andre [Centro de Fisica, Universidade do Minho, Campus de Gualtar, 4710-057 Braga (Portugal); Torres, Vitor J B. [Departamento de Fisica, Universidade de Aveiro and I3N, Campus Santiago, 3810-193 Aveiro (Portugal); Briddon, Patrick R. [School of Natural Sciences, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 7RU (United Kingdom)


    The simulation of a-Si is complicated because there is no direct experimental data, as there are for crystals. Our approach to simulate a-Si is to build several relatively small amorphous samples and, later, the properties we wish to calculate are averaged over all samples. We applied the Wooten, Winer and Weaire bond switch to 64 atom cubic supercell of crystalline silicon. This mechanism was used to create 15 samples of continuous random network of silicon. For each supercell, the volume and atomic relaxation were allowed in order to minimize the total energy, using a density functional-pseudopotential code. The radial and angular distributions, the electronic and vibrational density of states, and the Raman spectra were calculated. The radial distribution agrees very well with experimental data. The angular distribution has its maximum at 109.4 degree. The experimental positions and relative intensities of the Transverse Optical (TO) and Transverse Acoustic vibrational modes are well reproduced, with 14 and 25 cm{sup -1} peak deviations, respectively. The shape of the calculated Raman spectra agrees well with experimental data, being the intense TO peak shifted by 50 cm{sup -1}. The TO width at half-weight is very well reproduced. Introducing hydrogen in the a-Si samples, decorating all the undercoordinated Si atoms and at bond centres of floating bonds, the hydrogen vibrational frequencies of the relaxed structures agree very well with experimental data. (copyright 2010 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH and Co. KGaA, Weinheim) (orig.)

  9. Critical transient in the Barab\\'asi model of human dynamics

    CERN Document Server

    Gabrielli, A; Caldarelli, Guido; Gabrielli, Andrea


    We introduce an exact probabilistic description for L=2 of the Barab\\'asi model for the dynamics of a list of L tasks. This permits to study the problem out of stationarity, and to solve explicitly the extremal limit case where a critical behavior for the waiting time distribution is observed. This behavior deviates at any finite time from that of the stationary state. We study also the characteristic relaxation time for finite time deviations from stationarity in all cases showing that it diverges in the extremal limit confirming that this deviations are important at all time.

  10. Browsing the sky through the ASI Science Data Centre Data Explorer Tool

    CERN Document Server

    D'Elia, V; Verrecchia, F; Gendre, B; Giommi, P


    We present here the Data Explorer tool developed at the ASI Science Data Center (ASDC). This tool is designed to provide an efficient and user-friendly way to display information residing in several catalogs stored in the ASDC servers, to cross-correlate this information and to download/analyze data via our scientific tools and/or external services. Our database includes GRB catalogs (such as Swift and Beppo-SAX), which can be queried through the Data Explorer. The GRB fields can be viewed in multiwavelength and the data can be analyzed or retrieved.

  11. De la réappropriation de la psychologie en Asie du Sud-Est

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Didier Bertrand


    Full Text Available De la ou des psychologies Dans nombre de pays d’Asie du Sud-Est, la psychologie a été récemment introduite dans l’enseignement universitaire, les recherches sont rares et la pratique de la psychologie dans ses diverses applications encore balbutiante, voire inexistante. Lexique et concepts de la psychologie sont totalement importés dans les langues asiatiques, ils supposent un long et délicat travail de traduction qui ne s’opère que dans un sens seulement comme importation de nouveaux champs ...

  12. El impacto de la crisis asiática en el Cono Sur latinoamericano



    La crisis del sudeste asiático y la recesión en Japón parecieran tener un efecto directo relativamente acotado en los flujos de comercio agregados del Cono Sur, sin embargo parece ser significativo el impacto de la turbulencia en los mercados de capitales. Chile y Brasil confrontan esta situación con déficits de balanza de cuenta corriente difíciles de sostener, sin recurrir a políticas de cambio más activas, con tasas de devaluación más aceleradas, acompañadas con políticas fiscales y moneta...




    a-Si1-xCx : H, a-Si1-xGex : H, a-SiNx : H alloys have been studied at the Si K-edge. Si-Si and Si-A (A being C, N, Ge) bond lengths have been determined as a function of composition. The Si-C distance was found to vary significantly, while the Si-Ge and Si-N distances remain almost constant. A high frequency signal has been detected in the a-Si1-xCx : H and a-SiNx : H films at large x due to a second shell contribution. The compositions of the first coordination shell are also reported and di...

  14. Posición de los araucanos en un contexto asiático-europeo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pucciarelli, Héctor Mario


    Full Text Available Se acepta que el denominado substrato amerindio -que incluye a la mayoría de las poblaciones americanas actuales e históricas- incursionó en dirección norte-sur, desde el noreste asiático, pasando por el estrecho de Bering y el rosario de las Aleutianas. Según este modelo, las poblaciones amerindias poseen un ancestro básico de tipo mongoloide, con diferenciaciones secundarias originadas por procesos microevolutivos locales. Toda comparación basada en distancias o en componentes funcionales, debería entonces sostener la hipótesis: "las distribuciones amerindias se deben aproximar en mayor grado a las de las poblaciones asiáticas y en menor grado a las de las poblaciones europeas". Por componer los araucanos una distribución tipicamente amerindia, debe esperarse entonces que presenten mayor similitud morfológica con grupos asiáticos mongolizados y secundariamente, afinidades con grupos de extracción no mongoloide, dadas estas últimas por procesos evolutivos de adaptación o mestizaje. El objeto del presente trabajo es determinar si a nivel craneofacial se cumple el modelo propuesto a través de la metodología craneofuncional. Se procedió a medir los componentes funcionales anteroneural, mesoneural, posteroneural, ótico, óptico, respiratorio, masticatorio y alveolar en 48 cráneos provenientes de muestras japonesa, francesa y araucana. Se observó que: (alas elipses de distribución producidas por el análisis canónico ubicaron a los araucanos en una posición casi equidistante entre japoneses y europeos; (blos componentes funcionales discriminados por el análisis univariado fueron tres para la comparación europeo-japonesa (óptico, masticatorio y alveolar, los mismos tres para la comparación araucano-japonesa (pero con sentido inverso y sólo el efecto tamaño del componente facial para la comparación araucano-europea. Con estos resultados se rechaza la hipótesis planteada y se sugiere que, además de los factores

  15. Addictive severity in cocaine addicts measured with the EuropASI: differences between composite scores and severity ratings. (United States)

    Sánchez-Hervás, Emilio; Secades-Villa, Roberto; José Santonja Gómez, Francisco; Zacarés Romaguera, Francisco; García-Rodríguez, Olaya


    In this study we present the addiction severity profile in a sample of 202 cocaine addicts, using the composite scores for each area of the EuropASI (European version of the ASI), which are compared with the severity ratings obtained through interviewers' subjective assessments. The results showed that the areas of the EuropASI which reflected the greatest severity according to the composite scores were, in the following order: employment/support, family/social situation, use of alcohol and psychiatric state. The results obtained with the composite scores show discrepancies with those obtained from the severity rating. Statistically significant differences were found in the areas of alcohol (Z = -6.205; p composite scores, since severity ratings depend totally on the interviewer's judgement, and do not appear to constitute a sound measure for estimating therapeutic change.

  16. Le narcotrafic en Asie centrale : enjeux géopolitiques et répercussions sociales



    International audience; Le narcotrafic, déjà favorisé par la géopolitique régionale, a pris une dimension nouvelle avec l'ouverture des frontières et le passage à l'économie de marché des sociétés post-soviétiques. Depuis 1991, le trafic, empruntant les routes méridionales, s'est rapidement réorienté vers l'Asie centrale en direction de la Russie et de l'Europe. Jusqu'à la fin des années 1990, le rôle de la région dans le narcotrafic mondial était celui d'un espace de flux. Depuis, cette situ...

  17. Effect of film quality improvement on a-Si solar cell performance by horizontal plasma furnace (United States)

    Kashima, Y.; Nonomura, S.; Fukumoto, K.; Okamoto, H.; Hamakawa, Y.

    Plasma decomposition mechanism has been investigated by emission spectroscopy, and its spatial distribution with the cross field mode glow discharge of SiH4 has also been investigated. On the basis of these experimental studies, a separated three-chamber system of horizontal plasma mode furnace has been developed. This system has been used to prepare a-Si solar cells, and these have been compared with those prepared by using a single-chamber system from several points of view. Through an analysis of photovoltaic performance, a clear improvement has been verified in the cells prepared using the separated system. It is believed that the difference between these two systems was caused by the influence of cross-contamination. In the course of this investigation, a-SiC/a-Si/microcrystalline Si heterojunction solar cells having more than 9-percent conversion efficiency have been developed.

  18. The ASY-EOS experiment at GSI: Constraining the symmetry energy at supra-saturation densities

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Russotto P.


    Full Text Available The elliptic-flow ratio of neutrons with respect to protons or light complex particles in reactions of heavy ions at pre-relativistic energies has been proposed as an observable sensitive to the strength of the symmetry term of the nuclear equation of state at supra-saturation densities. In the ASY-EOS experiment at the GSI laboratory, flows of neutrons and light charged particles were measured for 197Au+197Au, 96Zr+96Zr and 96Ru+96Ru collisions at 400 MeV/nucleon with the Large Area Neutron Detector LAND as part of a setup with several additional detection systems used for the event characterization. Flow results obtained for the Au+Au system, in comparison with predictions of the UrQMD transport model, confirm the moderately soft to linear density dependence of the symmetry energy deduced from the earlier FOPI-LAND data.

  19. The ASY-EOS experiment at GSI: investigating symmetry energy at supra-saturation densities

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Russotto P.


    Full Text Available The elliptic-flow ratio of neutrons with respect to protons or light complex particles in reactions of heavy-ions at pre-relativistic energies has been proposed as an observable sensitive to the strength of the symmetry term of the nuclear equation of state at supra-saturation densities. The results obtained from the existing FOPI/LAND data for 197Au+197Au collisions at 400 MeV/nucleon in comparison with the UrQMD model simulations favoured a moderately soft symmetry term, but suffer from a considerable statistical uncertainty. These results have been confirmed by an independent analysis based on the Tübingen QMD simulations. In order to obtain an improved data set for Au+Au collisions and to extend the study to other systems, a new experiment was carried out at the GSI laboratory by the ASY-EOS collaboration. The present status of the data analysis is reported

  20. The ASY-EOS experiment at GSI: investigating symmetry energy at supra-saturation densities (United States)

    Russotto, P.; Chartier, M.; Cozma, M. D.; De Filippo, E.; Le Fèvre, A.; Gannon, S.; Gašparić, I.; Kiš, M.; Kupny, S.; Leifels, Y.; Lemmon, R. C.; Li, Q.; Łukasik, J.; Marini, P.; Pawłowski, P.; Santoro, S.; Trautmann, W.; Veselsky, M.; Acosta, L.; Adamczyk, M.; Al-Ajlan, A.; Al-Garawi, M.; Al-Homaidhi, S.; Amorini, F.; Auditore, L.; Aumann, T.; Ayyad, Y.; Baran, V.; Basrak, Z.; Bassini, R.; Benlliure, J.; Boiano, C.; Boisjoli, M.; Boretzky, K.; Brzychczyk, J.; Budzanowski, A.; Cardella, G.; Cammarata, P.; Chajecki, Z.; Chbihi, A.; Colonna, M.; Czech, B.; Di Toro, M.; Famiano, M.; Greco, V.; Grassi, L.; Guazzoni, C.; Guazzoni, P.; Heil, M.; Heilborn, L.; Introzzi, R.; Isobe, T.; Kezzar, K.; Krasznahorkay, A.; Kurz, N.; La Guidara, E.; Lanzalone, G.; Lasko, P.; Lombardo, I.; Lynch, W. G.; Matthews, Z.; May, L.; Minniti, T.; Mostazo, M.; Pagano, A.; Papa, M.; Pirrone, S.; Pleskac, R.; Politi, G.; Porto, F.; Reifarth, R.; Reisdorf, W.; Riccio, F.; Rizzo, F.; Rosato, E.; Rossi, D.; Simon, H.; Skwirczynska, I.; Sosin, Z.; Stuhl, L.; Trifirò, A.; Trimarchi, M.; Tsang, M. B.; Verde, G.; Vigilante, M.; Wieloch, A.; Wigg, P.; Wolter, H. H.; Wu, P.; Yennello, S.; Zambon, P.; Zetta, L.; Zoric, M.


    The elliptic-flow ratio of neutrons with respect to protons or light complex particles in reactions of heavy-ions at pre-relativistic energies has been proposed as an observable sensitive to the strength of the symmetry term of the nuclear equation of state at supra-saturation densities. The results obtained from the existing FOPI/LAND data for 197Au+197Au collisions at 400 MeV/nucleon in comparison with the UrQMD model simulations favoured a moderately soft symmetry term, but suffer from a considerable statistical uncertainty. These results have been confirmed by an independent analysis based on the Tübingen QMD simulations. In order to obtain an improved data set for Au+Au collisions and to extend the study to other systems, a new experiment was carried out at the GSI laboratory by the ASY-EOS collaboration. The present status of the data analysis is reported

  1. The Mars Pathfinder atmospheric structure investigation/meteorology (ASI/MET) experiment

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Schofield, J.T.; Barnes, J.R.; Crisp, D.


    The Mars Pathfinder atmospheric structure investigation/meteorology (ASI/MET) experiment measured the vertical density, pressure, and temperature structure of the martian atmosphere from the surface to 160 km, and monitored surface meteorology and climate for 83 sols (1 sol = 1 martian day = 24...... nighttime upper atmosphere; atmospheric temperatures that are 10 to 12 degrees kelvin warmer near the surface; light slope-controlled winds; and dust devils, identified by their pressure, wind, and temperature signatures. The results are consistent with the warm, moderately dusty atmosphere seen by VL-1........7 hours). The atmospheric structure and the weather record are similar to those observed by the Viking 1 lander (VL-1) at the same latitude, altitude, and season 21 years ago, but there are differences related to diurnal effects and the surface properties of the landing site. These include a cold...

  2. Boron Concentration Measurements at the I/P Interface in Nip a-Si Solar Cells

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Aken, Van; Duchamp, Martial; Boothroyd, Chris


    The p-type Si layer in n-i-p a-Si and μc-Si solar cells on foil has several important requirements with respect to conductivity and optical transmission. We control the optical band gap and activation energy of p-a-SiC by varying the B2H6 and CH4 flows in the process chamber. Modelling shows...... that the optimum efficiency in n-i-p solar cells is obtained when the p-a-SiC band gap is just above the band gap of the absorber layer. We have assessed the potential of core-loss electron energy-loss spectroscopy (EELS) for detecting B and C and of low-loss EELS, in a spatially resolved manner, as probe of local...

  3. The Very High Energy source catalog at the ASI Science Data Center

    CERN Document Server

    Carosi, Alessandro; Antonelli, Lucio Angelo; Giommi, Paolo


    The increasing number of Very High Energy (VHE) sources discovered by the current generation of Cherenkov telescopes made particularly relevant the creation of a dedicated source catalogs as well as the cross-correlation of VHE and lower energy bands data in a multi-wavelength framework. The "TeGeV Catalog" hosted at the ASI Science Data Center (ASDC) is a catalog of VHE sources detected by ground-based Cherenkov detectors. The TeGeVcat collects all the relevant information publicly available about the observed GeV/TeV sources. The catalog contains also information about public light curves while the available spectral data are included in the ASDC SED Builder tool directly accessible from the TeGeV catalog web page. In this contribution we will report a comprehensive description of the catalog and the related tools.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tetty Herta Doloksaribu


    Full Text Available ABSTRACTThe aim of the study was to analyze the effects of torbangun flour-based functional supplementary food for breastfeeding mothers who received breastfeeding counseling on infant’s growth and exclusive breastfeeding practice The subjects were 20 pregnant women in their third trimester and were monitored until delivery and were given supplementary food for 30 days. Single blind randomized controlled trial was used to group subjects into intervention group (n=10 that was given supplementary food containing torbangun flour, and control group (n=10 with no torbangun flour. All subjects were given breastfeeding counseling two times before delivery and three times during supplementary food was given. The study showed that breastfeeding counseling significantly increased the knowledge and attitude of respondents on exclusive breastfeeding. In the intervention group, the average score of knowledge increased from 59.1±22.4 to 94.1±6.9 (p<0.05, while the attitude increased from 65.8±11.4 to 94.1±8.8 (p<0.05. In control group, the average score of knowledge increased from 75.0±11.8 to 94.4±7.2 (p<0.05, while the attitude increased from 75.0±14.4 to 94.4±11.0 (p<0.05. Supplementary food containing torbangun flour significantly caused shorter time in regaining infant’s birth weight. The average time was 5.1±1.4 days for intervention group, while the control group was 7.0±2.4 days (p<0.05. The success rate of exclusive breastfeeding practice in the intervention group was 90%, while in the control group was 80%.Keywords: exclusive breastfeeding, supplementary food, torbangunABSTRAKTujuan penelitian adalah menganalisis pengaruh pemberian makanan tambahan fungsional berbasis tepung torbangun pada ibu yang mendapat konseling menyusui terhadap pertumbuhan bayi dan pemberian ASI eksklusif. Subjek penelitian adalah 20 orang ibu hamil pada trimester ketiga yang diikuti hingga melahirkan dan diberikan makanan tambahan selama 30 hari. Desain single

  5. The very high energy source catalog at the ASI Science Data Center (United States)

    Carosi, Alessandro; Lucarelli, Fabrizio; Antonelli, Lucio A.; Giommi, Paolo


    The increasing number of Very High Energy (VHE) sources discovered by the current generation of Cherenkov telescopes made particularly relevant the creation of a dedicated source catalogs as well as the cross-correlation of VHE and lower energy bands data in a multi-wavelength framework. The "TeGeV Catalog" hosted at the ASI Science Data Center (ASDC) is a catalog of VHE sources detected by ground-based Cherenkov detectors. The TeGeVcat collects all the relevant information publicly available about the observed GeV/TeV sources. The catalog contains also information about public light curves while the available spectral data are included in the ASDC SED Builder tool directly accessible from the TeGeV catalogue web page. In this contribution we will report a comprehensive description of the catalog and the related tools.

  6. The ASY-EOS experiment at GSI: investigating the symmetry energy at supra-saturation densities

    CERN Document Server

    Russotto, P; De Filippo, E; Févre, A Le; Gannon, S; Gašparić, I; Kiš, M; Kupny, S; Leifels, Y; Lemmon, R C; Łukasik, J; Marini, P; Pagano, A; Pawłowski, P; Santoro, S; Trautmann, W; Veselsky, M; Acosta, L; Adamczyk, M; Al-Ajlan, A; Al-Garawi, M; Al-Homaidhi, S; Amorini, F; Auditore, L; Aumann, T; Ayyad, Y; Baran, V; Basrak, Z; Benlliure, J; Boiano, C; Boisjoli, M; Boretzky, K; Brzychczyk, J; Budzanowski, A; Cardella, G; Cammarata, P; Chajecki, Z; Chbihi, A; Colonna, M; Cozma, D; Czech, B; Di Toro, M; Famiano, M; Geraci, E; Greco, V; Grassi, L; Guazzoni, C; Guazzoni, P; Heil, M; Heilborn, L; Introzzi, R; Isobe, T; Kezzar, K; Krasznahorkay, A; Kurz, N; La Guidara, E; Lanzalone, G; Lasko, P; Li, Q; Lombardo, I; Lynch, W G; Matthews, Z; May, L; Minniti, T; Mostazo, M; Papa, M; Pirrone, S; Politi, G; Porto, F; Reifarth, R; Reisdorf, W; Riccio, F; Rizzo, F; Rosato, E; Rossi, D; Simon, H; Skwirczynska, I; Sosin, Z; Stuhl, L; Trifiró, A; Trimarchi, M; Tsang, M B; Verde, G; Vigilante, M; Wieloch, A; Wigg, P; Wolter, H H; Wu, P; Yennello, S; Zambon, P; Zetta, L; Zoric, M


    The elliptic-flow ratio of neutrons with respect to protons in reactions of neutron rich heavy-ions systems at intermediate energies has been proposed as an observable sensitive to the strength of the symmetry term in the nuclear Equation Of State (EOS) at supra-saturation densities. The recent results obtained from the existing FOPI/LAND data for $^{197}$Au+$^{197}$Au collisions at 400 MeV/nucleon in comparison with the UrQMD model allowed a first estimate of the symmetry term of the EOS but suffer from a considerable statistical uncertainty. In order to obtain an improved data set for Au+Au collisions and to extend the study to other systems, a new experiment was carried out at the GSI laboratory by the ASY-EOS collaboration in May 2011.

  7. Introduction au dossier « L’Asie centrale »

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alain Cariou


    Full Text Available Avec les bouleversements géopolitiques qui affectent le continent asiatique depuis deux décennies l’Asie centrale n’est plus tout à fait cet espace géographique incertain écarté de la communauté internationale, voire même oublié des atlas dont les cartes étaient généralement centrées sur les territoires voisins plus lisibles et médiatiques du Moyen-Orient, de l’Inde, de la Chine ou de la Russie. Constituée par les cinq ex-républiques socialistes soviétiques du Kazakhstan, du Kirghizstan, de l...

  8. Assessment of the quality of as-is building information models generated from point clouds using deviation analysis (United States)

    Anil, Engin Burak; Tang, Pingbo; Akinci, Burcu; Huber, Daniel


    Three dimensional (3D) imaging sensors, such as laser scanners, are being used to create building information models (BIMs) of the as-is conditions of buildings and other facilities. Quality assurance (QA) needs to be conducted to ensure that the models accurately depict the as-is conditions. We propose a new approach for QA that analyzes patterns in the raw 3D data and compares the 3D data with the as-is BIM geometry to identify potential errors in the model. This "deviation analysis" approach to QA enables users to analyze the regions with significant differences between the 3D data and the reconstructed model or between the 3D data of individual laser scans. This method can help identify the sources of errors and does not require additional physical access to the facility. To show the approach's potential effectiveness, we conducted case studies of several professionally conducted as-is BIM projects. We compared the deviation analysis method to an alternative method - the physical measurement approach - in terms of errors detected and coverage. We also conducted a survey and evaluation of commercial software with relevant capabilities and identified technology gaps that need to be addressed to fully exploit the deviation analysis approach.

  9. Enhanced Crystal Quality of AlxIn1-xAsySb1-y for Terahertz Quantum Cascade Lasers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tobias Zederbauer


    Full Text Available This work provides a detailed study on the growth of AlxIn1-xAsySb1-y lattice-matched to InAs by Molecular Beam Epitaxy. In order to find the conditions which lead to high crystal quality deep within the miscibility gap, AlxIn1-xAsySb1-y with x = 0.462 was grown at different growth temperatures as well as As2 and Sb2 beam equivalent pressures. The crystal quality of the grown layers was examined by high-resolution X-ray diffraction and atomic force microscopy. It was found that the incorporation of Sb into Al0.462In0.538AsySb1-y is strongly temperature-dependent and reduced growth temperatures are necessary in order to achieve significant Sb mole fractions in the grown layers. At 480 ∘ C lattice matching to InAs could not be achieved. At 410 ∘ C lattice matching was possible and high quality films of Al0.462In0.538AsySb1-y were obtained.

  10. Kuidas meeldib välismaalastele Eestis [õppida]? / Shazia Javed, Charina de Asis, Adam Luke Vern-Barnett, Predrag Tasevski

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Küsimusele vastasid välisüliõpilased: rahvusvahelisi suhteid õppiv Charina de Asis Filipiinidelt, magistriõppes rahvusvahelist õigust õppiv Adam Luke Vern-Barnett Austraaliast, küberkaitset õppiv Predrag Tasevski Makedooniast ja tarkvara arendust õppiv Shazia Javed Pakistanist

  11. Effects of fresh soil samples and modified ASI extractant on soil available nutrient determination%新鲜土样和改进ASI浸提剂对土壤有效养分测试的影响

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    贺冬仙; 白由路; 鲁绍坤; 田爽


    通过分析基于风干土样和新鲜土样、ASI(Agro Services International)浸提剂和改进ASI浸提剂进行测量的土壤有效养分含量的相关性,探索一种基于新鲜土样和联合浸提剂进行土壤有效养分测试的方法.结果表明,利用ASI浸提剂测量的北京潮土新鲜土样的NO3--N和NH4+-N、有效P、K、Ca、Mg、Cu、Fe、Mn、Zn、有机质含量及pH值,与风干土样的测量值均呈显著的线性相关关系,经该线性方程回归检验的测量相对误差小于5%~9%;利用改进ASI浸提剂测量的新鲜土样和风干土样的NH4+-N,有效P、K、Ca、Mg、Cu、Fe、Mn、Zn含量与基于ASI浸提剂测量的也呈显著的线性相关关系,经该线性方程回归检验的测量相对误差小于5%~8%.因此,基于新鲜土样和改进ASI浸提剂测量石灰性土壤有效养分含量是可行的,可为车载式土壤养分检测提供一种快捷的土样浸提前处理方法.%In order to meet require of pre-treatment of soil samples before measurement in soil nutrient testing for vehicle application, soil available nutrient determinations based on fresh soil samples and modified ASI ( Agro Services International) extractant were explored and compared with that based on air-dried soil samples and ASI extractant. In the soil available nutrient determinations based on ASI extractant for fresh and air-dried soils (fluvo-aquic soil) collected in Beijing, there are significant linear correlations between the available nutrient contents of NO3- -N, NH4+ -N, P, K, Ca, Mg, Cu, Fe, Mn and Zn, organic matter, and pH value under the treatments of fresh and air-dried soils, and the relative errors are less than 5%-9%. In the soil nutrient determinations based on fresh and air-dried soils for modified ASI and ASI extractants, there are significant linear correlations between the available nutrient contents of NH4+ -N, P, K, Ca, Mg, Cu, Fe, Mn and Zn, and he relative errors are less than 5%-8%. Therefore

  12. real en Corea y Malasia: la respuesta a la crisis asiática

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zainal-Abidin Mahani


    Full Text Available Este artículo examina los ajustes en la macroeconomía real de Corea y Malasia al ser golpeados por la crisis asiática, sus respectivas respuestas de política y los efectos resultantes. En ambos países los efectos negativos de la crisis fueron de magnitudes similares, en tanto sus respuestas fueron distintas. Corea buscó una asistencia directa del FMI, lo que la obligó, inicialmente, a cumplir con el programa de ajuste estructural de éste, mientras que Malasia pudo mantener políticas independientes durante el proceso de la solución de la crisis. Asimismo, Corea y Malasia adoptaron medidas totalmente opuestas en cuanto a la apertura del mercado de capitales en reacción a la crisis. Por ejemplo, Corea liberalizó drásticamente su cuenta de capitales (aunque mantuvo ciertas restricciones a la salida de capital de sus residentes, mediante un régimen cambiario de flotación (aunque con una acumulación notable de reservas internacionales vía intervención cambiaria, mientras que Malasia implementó controles de capitales más estrictos con el regreso a un régimen de tipo de cambio fijo. Pese a los diferentes enfoques de política respecto de la cuenta de capitales y al tipo de cambio, los dos países adoptaron prontamente, en 1998, un cambio sustancial hacia una política macroeconómica (fiscal y monetaria expansiva, lo que logró una recuperación de ambas economías notablemente más rápida que la de otras del Este Asiático. El papel positivo de las políticas macroeconómicas anticíclicas pos-crisis plantea la pregunta de si el endurecimiento inicial de las políticas fiscales y monetarias fue mantenido por demasiados meses y si éste, en consecuencia, profundizó la crisis tanto en Corea como en Malasia.

  13. Volumetric quantification of lung nodules in CT with iterative reconstruction (ASiR and MBIR)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chen, Baiyu [Medical Physics Graduate Program, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina 27705 and Carl E. Ravin Advanced Imaging Laboratories, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina 27705 (United States); Barnhart, Huiman [Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina 27705 (United States); Richard, Samuel [Carl E. Ravin Advanced Imaging Laboratories, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina 27705 and Department of Radiology, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina 27705 (United States); Robins, Marthony [Medical Physics Graduate Program, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina 27705 (United States); Colsher, James [Department of Radiology, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina 27705 (United States); Samei, Ehsan [Medical Physics Graduate Program, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina 27705 (United States); Carl E. Ravin Advanced Imaging Laboratories, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina 27705 (United States); Department of Radiology, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina 27705 (United States); Department of Physics, Department of Biomedical Engineering, and Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina 27705 (United States)


    Purpose: Volume quantifications of lung nodules with multidetector computed tomography (CT) images provide useful information for monitoring nodule developments. The accuracy and precision of the volume quantification, however, can be impacted by imaging and reconstruction parameters. This study aimed to investigate the impact of iterative reconstruction algorithms on the accuracy and precision of volume quantification with dose and slice thickness as additional variables.Methods: Repeated CT images were acquired from an anthropomorphic chest phantom with synthetic nodules (9.5 and 4.8 mm) at six dose levels, and reconstructed with three reconstruction algorithms [filtered backprojection (FBP), adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction (ASiR), and model based iterative reconstruction (MBIR)] into three slice thicknesses. The nodule volumes were measured with two clinical software (A: Lung VCAR, B: iNtuition), and analyzed for accuracy and precision.Results: Precision was found to be generally comparable between FBP and iterative reconstruction with no statistically significant difference noted for different dose levels, slice thickness, and segmentation software. Accuracy was found to be more variable. For large nodules, the accuracy was significantly different between ASiR and FBP for all slice thicknesses with both software, and significantly different between MBIR and FBP for 0.625 mm slice thickness with Software A and for all slice thicknesses with Software B. For small nodules, the accuracy was more similar between FBP and iterative reconstruction, with the exception of ASIR vs FBP at 1.25 mm with Software A and MBIR vs FBP at 0.625 mm with Software A.Conclusions: The systematic difference between the accuracy of FBP and iterative reconstructions highlights the importance of extending current segmentation software to accommodate the image characteristics of iterative reconstructions. In addition, a calibration process may help reduce the dependency of

  14. Efficiency and throughput advances in continuous roll-to-roll a-Si alloy PV manufacturing technology: Annual technical progress report: 22 June 1998--21 June 1999

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Izu, M.


    This document reports on work performed by Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. (ECD) during Phase 1 of this subcontract. During this period, ECD researchers: (1) Completed design and construction of new, improved substrate heater; (2) Tested and verified improved performance of the new substrate heater in the pilot machine; (3) Verified improved performance of the new substrate heater in the production machine; (4) Designed and bench-tested a new infrared temperature sensor; (5) Installed a prototype new infrared temperature sensor in the production machine for evaluation; (6) Designed a new rolling thermocouple temperature sensor; (7) Designed and bench-tested a reflectometer for the backreflector deposition machine; (8) Designed and bench-tested in-line non-contacting cell diagnostic sensor and PV capacitive diagnostic system; (9) Installed the in-line cell diagnostic sensor in the 5-MW a-Si deposition machine for evaluation; (10) Demonstrated a new low-cost zinc metal process in the pilot back reflector machine; and (11) Fully tested a new cathode design for improved uniformity.

  15. Regionalismo multidimensional: uma análise do caso asiático

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexandre Cesar Cunha Leite


    Full Text Available O presente artigo objetiva a realização de uma análise a respeito dos aspectos constituintes do processo de integração regional na Ásia a partir da década de 1960. Entende-se aqui que qualquer integração econômica no mundo atual é um processo lento, gradativo, que se encontra em andamento e que a integração das economias de uma determinada região se mostra como filha da globalização, um fato que gera reflexo nas relações internacionais dos países do continente asiático. The present article aims at conducting an analysis regarding the constituent aspects of the process of regional integration in Asia from the late 1960. This means that any economic integration in today’s world is a slow, gradual, that is underway and that the integration of the economies in a particular region if shows how daughter of globalization, a fact which generates reflection in international relations of the countries of the Asian continent. Seeks to further conceptualize the various types of regionalism, identifying the regionalism in the Asian continent. To this end, use is made of a bibliographical methodology, focused on Asian studies, economics and politics.

  16. Optimization of imprintable nanostructured a-Si solar cells: FDTD study. (United States)

    Fisker, Christian; Pedersen, Thomas Garm


    We present a finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) study of an amorphous silicon (a-Si) thin film solar cell, with nano scale patterns on the substrate surface. The patterns, based on the geometry of anisotropically etched silicon gratings, are optimized with respect to the period and anti-reflection (AR) coating thickness for maximal absorption in the range of the solar spectrum. The structure is shown to increase the cell efficiency by 10.2% compared to a similar flat solar cell with an optimized AR coating thickness. An increased back reflection can be obtained with a 50 nm zinc oxide layer on the back reflector, which gives an additional efficiency increase, leading to a total of 14.9%. In addition, the patterned cells are shown to be up to 3.8% more efficient than an optimized textured reference cell based on the Asahi U-type glass surface. The effects of variations of the optimized solar cell structure due to the manufacturing process are investigated, and shown to be negligible for variations below ±10%.

  17. Accelerating Our Understanding of Supernova Explosion Mechanism via Simulations and Visualizations with GenASiS

    CERN Document Server

    Budiardja, Reuben D; Endeve, Eirik


    Core-collapse supernovae are among the most powerful explosions in the Universe, releasing about $10^{53}~\\mbox{erg}$ of energy on timescales of a few tens of seconds. These explosion events are also responsible for the production and dissemination of most of the heavy elements, making life as we know it possible. Yet exactly how they work is still unresolved. One reason for this is the sheer complexity and cost of a self-consistent, multi-physics, and multi-dimensional core-collapse supernova simulation, which is impractical, and often impossible, even on the largest supercomputers we have available today. To advance our understanding we instead must often use simplified models, teasing out the most important ingredients for successful explosions, while helping us to interpret results from higher fidelity multi-physics models. In this paper we investigate the role of instabilities in the core-collapse supernova environment. We present here simulation and visualization results produced by our code GenASiS.

  18. Accelerating Our Understanding of Supernova Explosion Mechanism via Simulations and Visualizations with GenASiS

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Budiardja, R. D. [University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK); Cardall, Christian Y [ORNL; Endeve, Eirik [ORNL


    Core-collapse supernovae are among the most powerful explosions in the Universe, releasing about 1053 erg of energy on timescales of a few tens of seconds. These explosion events are also responsible for the production and dissemination of most of the heavy elements, making life as we know it possible. Yet exactly how they work is still unresolved. One reason for this is the sheer complexity and cost of a self-consistent, multi-physics, and multi-dimensional core-collapse supernova simulation, which is impractical, and often impossible, even on the largest supercomputers we have available today. To advance our understanding we instead must often use simplified models, teasing out the most important ingredients for successful explosions, while helping us to interpret results from higher fidelity multi-physics models. In this paper we investigate the role of instabilities in the core-collapse supernova environment. We present here simulation and visualization results produced by our code GenASiS.

  19. Boron concentration measurements at the I/P interface in nip a-Si solar cells

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Van Aken, B.B.; Soppe, W.J. [ECN Solar Energy, P.O. Box 1, NL-1755 ZG Petten (Netherlands); Duchamp, M.; Boothroyd, C.B. [Center for Electron Nanoscopy, Technical University of Denmark, DK-2800 Kongens Lyngby (Denmark); Dunin-Borkowski, R.E. [Institute for Microstructure Research, Forschungszentrum Juelich, D-52425 Juelich (Germany); Barnes, J.P.; Veillerot, M. [CEA-Leti, MINATEC Campus, 17 rue des Martyrs, FR-38054 Grenoble Cedex 9 (France)


    The p-type Si layer in n-i-p a-Si and {mu}c-Si solar cells on foil has several important requirements with respect to conductivity and optical transmission. We control the optical band gap and activation energy of p-a-SiC by varying the B2H6 and CH4 flows in the process chamber. Modelling shows that the optimum efficiency in n-i-p solar cells is obtained when the p-a-SiC band gap is just above the band gap of the absorber layer. We have assessed the potential of core-loss electron energy-loss spectroscopy (EELS) for detecting B and C and of low-loss EELS, in a spatially resolved manner, as probe of local variations in bulk plasmon energy. EELS in the transmission electron microscope (TEM) combines the necessary spatial resolution to investigate the boundary between p-a-SiC and i-a-Si with sufficient sensitivity to the boron content.

  20. Determination of Outdoor Furniture on Coastline Recreation Area of Asi River (Antakya District and User Satisfaction

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elif Bozdoğan


    Full Text Available Water surfaces which have significant importance for the acquisition of a city identity are the facts that lead the development of city, allow recreational activities and create visual and psychological effects on urban residents. This study has been conducted on Asi River coastline as it’s an important zone for Antakya city identity, divides new and old settlement areas and provides various recreational activities. The study conducted within 3 stages between April-July 2012. In the first stage of the study, amount and construction materials of existing outdoor furnitures were revealed. The second stage consists of questionnaire including details about user and usage with questions to determine the user satisfaction. According to the findings, the highest level of user satisfaction was found in bridges by all parameters and the lowest satisfaction level was found in sign/information boards by aesthetic and functional features and waste bins by amount. In this scope, the necessity of integration between city history and cultural values was found to be important so as to increase user satisfaction level from outdoor furniture. In addition, it is thought that this study will contribute to create a database for local governments.

  1. Pengaruh Konseling Menyususi terhadap Motivasi dan Sikap Ibu Tentang Pemberian ASI pada Bayi 0-6 bulan di Kecamatan Langsa Baro Tahun 2015



    Nutritional status is correlated to the high level of infant illness and death rate. Breastfeeding with exclusive ASI (breast milk) is one of the ways to decrease the level of infant illness and death rate. However, the coverage of breastfeeding with exclusive ASI in Langsa Baro Subdistrict reaches to only 51.2%. One of the causes of low coverage of exclusive ASI is the lack of support from the health care providers to mothers in breastfeeding counseling to babies. The objective of research w...

  2. Asie du Sud-Est : enjeu régional ou enjeu mondial ?, Hugues Tertrais

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laurent Gédéon


    Full Text Available Dans Asie du Sud-Est : enjeu régional ou enjeu mondial ?, Hugues Tertrais se livre à une analyse précise de la situation en Asie du sud-est au regard de la crise économique qui a secoué cette région du monde en 1997 et de ses conséquences. Soulignant la fragmentation de cet espace politique, caractérisé par sa très grande diversité culturelle et linguistique, l’auteur rappelle qu’il s’est édifié sur l’ancienne ligne de fracture entre monde chinois et puissances européennes, tout d’abord, puis...

  3. Portal Asiático de Información: un servicio transcontinental de intercambio de artículos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Martha E. Mantilla


    Full Text Available El Portal Asiático de Información de la Universidad de Pittsburgh es un innovador servicio de cooperación entre bibliotecas de Estados Unidos y bibliotecas de la China, Japón, y Corea, que facilita el acceso rápido a artículos publicados en revistas académicas, utilizando tecnología de bajo costo.

  4. Evaluation of the immunochromatographic strip test for the rapid diagnosis of antenatal syphilis in women in Eldoret, Kenya

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Lydia B.Nyamwamu; Michael M.Gicheru; Rekha R.Sharma; Albert Kimutai; Willy K.Tonui


    Objective: This study compared the performance of the immunochromatographic strip (ICS) to the Venereal Disease Research Laboratory (VDRL) test and Treponema pallidum haemagglutination assay (TPHA) at a primary health care setting. Methods: The study group was comprised of 150 females randomly drawn from a population of pregnant women attending their first antenatal visit or follow-up visits at West Maternity Hospital in Eldoret Kenya, but without a previous syphilis test during that pregnancy. On-site VDRL, ICS and TPHA tests were performed and immediate treatment provided where appropriate. The performance of the three tests was compared. Results: The sero-prevalence of syphilis as determined by the VDRL test was 3%. There was no significant difference between the ICS and the VDRL test (P > 0.05). The sensitivity and specificity of the ICS test were 80% and 98.6% respectively, while the negative predictive value (NPV) and positive predictive value (PPV) were both 100%. On the other hand, the sensitivity and specificity of the VDRL test were 66.7% and 99.3%, while the NPV and PPV were 80% and 98.6% respectively. The Treponema pallidum haemagglutination assay was used as a reference test and had sensitivity, specificity, NPV and PPV of 100%. Conclusion: The diagnostic accuracy of the ICS compared favorably with theVDRL gold standard. The use of the ICS in Kenya can improve the diagnosis of syphilis in health facilities both with and without laboratories and allow community health care workers to make a rapid diagnosis of the disease, and consequently make immediate therapeutic decisions.

  5. Dosimetry in radiotherapy using a-Si EPIDs: Systems, methods, and applications focusing on 3D patient dose estimation (United States)

    McCurdy, B. M. C.


    An overview is provided of the use of amorphous silicon electronic portal imaging devices (EPIDs) for dosimetric purposes in radiation therapy, focusing on 3D patient dose estimation. EPIDs were originally developed to provide on-treatment radiological imaging to assist with patient setup, but there has also been a natural interest in using them as dosimeters since they use the megavoltage therapy beam to form images. The current generation of clinically available EPID technology, amorphous-silicon (a-Si) flat panel imagers, possess many characteristics that make them much better suited to dosimetric applications than earlier EPID technologies. Features such as linearity with dose/dose rate, high spatial resolution, realtime capability, minimal optical glare, and digital operation combine with the convenience of a compact, retractable detector system directly mounted on the linear accelerator to provide a system that is well-suited to dosimetric applications. This review will discuss clinically available a-Si EPID systems, highlighting dosimetric characteristics and remaining limitations. Methods for using EPIDs in dosimetry applications will be discussed. Dosimetric applications using a-Si EPIDs to estimate three-dimensional dose in the patient during treatment will be overviewed. Clinics throughout the world are implementing increasingly complex treatments such as dynamic intensity modulated radiation therapy and volumetric modulated arc therapy, as well as specialized treatment techniques using large doses per fraction and short treatment courses (ie. hypofractionation and stereotactic radiosurgery). These factors drive the continued strong interest in using EPIDs as dosimeters for patient treatment verification.

  6. Valuación de opciones asiáticas versus opciones europeas con tasa de interés

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ambrosio Ortiz Ramírez


    Full Text Available Este trabajo propone una metodología para obtener el precio de una opción asiática con subyacente promedio mediante simulación Monte Carlo. Se supone que la tasa de interés es conducida por un proceso de reversión a la media de tipo Vasicek y CIR con parámetros calibrados por máxima verosimilitud. La simulación incluye el remuestreo cuadrático, el cual reduce el uso de recursos computacionales; en particular, el método mejora la generación de la matriz de varianza-covarianza. La metodología propuesta se aplica en la valuación de opciones sobre el precio de AMXL. Los resultados muestran que al comparar los precios de opciones europeas —tanto simulados como con los publicados por MexDer— con sus contrapartes asiáticas, los precios de opciones asiáticas son menores en el caso de opciones de compra y de venta dentro del dinero. P ara opciones de venta, los precios simulados fueron menores en todos los casos. Asimismo se encontró que la diferencia se incrementa conforme el plazo al vencimiento de la opción aumenta.

  7. AS-i Steri tehas alustab tööd juba lähipäevil / Ulvar Käärt

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Käärt, Ulvar, 1982-


    Keskkonnaminister Jaanus Tamkivi andis AS-ile Steri kiirgustegevusloa. Samas otsustas minister edasi kaevata AS Steri omanike kasuks tehtud Tallinna halduskohtu otsuse. Lisa: Steriliseerimine AS-i Steri tehases

  8. Advanced technologies in the ASI MLRO towards a new generation laser ranging system (United States)

    Varghese, Thomas; Bianco, Giuseppe


    Matera Laser Ranging Observatory (MLRO) is a high performance, highly automated optical and astronomical observatory currently under design and development by AlliedSignal for the Italian Space Agency (ASI). It is projected to become operational at the Centro Geodesia Spaziale in Matera, Italy, in 1997. MLRO, based on a 1.5-meter astronomical quality telescope, will perform ranging to spacecraft in earthbound orbits, lunar reflectors, and specially equipped deep space missions. The primary emphasis during design is to incorporate state-of-the-art technologies to produce an intelligent, automated, high accuracy ranging system that will mimic the characteristic features of a fifth generation laser ranging system. The telescope has multiple ports and foci to support future experiments in the areas of laser communications, lidar, astrometry, etc. The key features providing state-of-the-art ranging performance include: a diode-pumped picosecond (50 ps) laser, high speed (3-5 GHz) optoelectronic detection and signal processing, and a high accuracy (6 ps) high resolution (less than 2 ps) time measurement capability. The above combination of technologies is expected to yield millimeter laser ranging precision and accuracy on targets up to 300,000 km, surpassing the best operational instrument performance to date by a factor of five or more. Distributed processing and control using a state-of-the-art computing environment provides the framework for efficient operation, system optimization, and diagnostics. A computationally intelligent environment permits optimal planning, scheduling, tracking, and data processing. It also supports remote access, monitor, and control for joint experiments with other observatories.

  9. Repertorio bibliogr??fico, an??lisis bibliom??trico y sociocultural de las monograf??as sobre artes marciales asi??ticas publicadas en Espa??a



    457 p. La presente tesis doctoral tiene como objetivo estudiar las monograf??as de artes marciales asi??ticas publicadas en Espa??a hasta el a??o 2009. Concretamente, en ella se pretende: a) elaborar un repertorio bibliogr??fico anotado sobre las monograf??as de artes marciales asi??ticas publicadas en Espa??a; y b) desarrollar un an??lisis bibliom??trico y sociocultural de estas monograf??as

  10. Absorption enhancement in thin film a-Si solar cells with double-sided SiO2 particle layers

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    陈乐; 王庆康; 沈向前; 陈文; 黄堃; 刘代明


    Light absorption enhancement is very important for improving the power conversion efficiency of a thin film a-Si solar cell. In this paper, a thin-film a-Si solar cell model with double-sided SiO2 particle layers is designed, and then the underlying mechanism of absorption enhancement is investigated by finite difference time domain (FDTD) simulation;finally the feasible experimental scheme for preparing the SiO2 particle layer is discussed. It is found that the top and bottom SiO2 particle layers play an important role in anti-reflection and light trapping, respectively. The light absorption of the cell with double-sided SiO2 layers greatly increases in a wavelength range of 300 nm–800 nm, and the ultimate efficiency increases more than 22%compared with that of the flat device. The cell model with double-sided SiO2 particle layers reported here can be used in varieties of thin film solar cells to further improve their performances.

  11. Ultra-thin SiN{sub x} in superlattice via nitridation of a-Si in-situ hot wire chemical vapor deposition

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rai, Dharmendra Kumar; Solanki, Chetan Singh; Balasubramaniam, K.R., E-mail:


    The fabrication of ultra-thin SiN{sub x} (< 2 nm) is a necessary step in third generation photovoltaics, memory, or light-emitting diode applications. Using the low temperature, cheap, scaleable synthesis technique of hot-wire chemical vapor deposition (HWCVD) for this purpose poses many challenges. Here, an approach of fabricating ultra thin SiN{sub x} of thickness ∼ 1.9 nm in a superlattice (SL) structure via nitridation of a-Si layers in-situ HWCVD at 250 °C is reported. Quantum well SL and quantum dot (QD) SL films are realized, wherein SiN{sub x} layers are formed by nitriding a-Si. Both these films investigated by Raman spectroscopy and high resolution transmission electron microscopy, reveal the formation of ultra-thin SiN{sub x} in a SL structure with a-Si, accompanied by sharp interfaces. In addition, annealing of the SL structures, results in QDs of crystalline Si in the a-Si layers, maintaining the SiN{sub x} layer as well as the sharp interface between the SiN{sub x} and a-Si layers of the as-deposited SL structure. - Highlights: • Ultra thin SiN{sub x} is fabricated by hot wire chemical vapor deposition. • SiN{sub x} layer of thickness ∼ 1.9 nm is formed via nitridation of a-Si layer at 250 °C. • Ultra thin SiN{sub x} layers are realized in superlattice films of quantum wells and quantum dots.

  12. Viral Effects of a dsRNA Mycovirus (PoV-ASI2792) on the Vegetative Growth of the Edible Mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus (United States)

    Song, Ha-Yeon; Choi, Hyo-Jin; Jeong, Hansaem; Choi, Dahye


    A double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) mycovirus was detected in malformed fruiting bodies of Pleurotus ostreatus strain ASI2792, one of bottle cultivated commercial strains of the edible oyster mushroom. The partial RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) gene of the P. ostreatus ASI2792 mycovirus (PoV-ASI2792) was cloned, and a cDNA sequences alignment revealed that the sequence was identical to the RdRp gene of a known PoSV found in the P. ostreatus strain. To investigate the symptoms of PoV-ASI2792 infection by comparing the isogenic virus-free P. ostreatus strains with a virus-infected strain, isogenic virus-cured P. ostreatus strains were obtained by the mycelial fragmentation method for virus curing. The absence of virus was verified with gel electrophoresis after dsRNA-specific virus purification and Northern blot analysis using a partial RdRp cDNA of PoV-ASI2792. The growth rate and mycelial dry weight of virus-infected P. ostreatus strain with PoV-ASI2792 mycovirus were compared to those of three virus-free isogenic strains on 10 different media. The virus-cured strains showed distinctly higher mycelial growth rates and dry weights on all kinds of experimental culture media, with at least a 2.2-fold higher mycelial growth rate on mushroom complete media (MCM) and Hamada media, and a 2.7-fold higher mycelial dry weight on MCM and yeastmalt-glucose agar media than those of the virus-infected strain. These results suggest that the infection of PoV mycovirus has a deleterious effect on the vegetative growth of P. ostreatus.

  13. Hubungan Pemberian ASI Eksklusif dengan Angka Kejadian Diare Akut pada Bayi Usia 0-1 Tahun di Puskesmas Kuranji Kota Padang

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eka Putri Rahmadhani


    Full Text Available AbstrakPemberian ASI eksklusif merupakan salah satu upaya untuk mencapai tumbuh kembang optimal dan terlindungi dari penyakit seperti diare. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui hubungan pemberian ASI eksklusif dengan angka kejadian diare akut pada bayi usia 0-1 tahun di Puskesmas Kuranji Kota Padang. Penelitian ini dilaksanakan secara observasional dengan pendekatan cross sectional. Sampel penelitian ini adalah bayi usia 0-1 tahun yang berkunjung ke posyandu di wilayah kerja Puskesmas Kuranji Kota Padang dengan menggunakan simple random sampling. Jumlah bayi dengan kelompok usia 0-5 bulan 29 hari sebanyak 69 orang (51,1% dan usia 6-12 bulan sebanyak 66 orang (48,9%. Dari hasil penelitian didapatkan bayi usia 0-5 bulan 29 hari yang masih mendapat ASI saja sebanyak 41 bayi (30,4% dan yang sudah mendapat campuran lain selain ASI sebanyak 28 bayi (20,7%. Jumlah bayi usia 6-12 bulan dengan ASI eksklusif sebanyak 34 bayi (25,2% dan 32 bayi lainnya (23,7% non ASI eksklusif. Sebanyak 57 bayi (42,2% pernah diare dan 78 bayi lainnya (57,8% tidak pernah. Analisis chi square mendapatkan p=0,001 dan hasil ini signifikan (p<0,5. Pemberian ASI eksklusif selama 6 bulan harus ditingkatkan karena mempunyai hubungan dengan angka kejadian diare akut.Kata kunci: Bayi, ASI Exclusif, diareAbstractExclusive breastfeeding is an effort to achieve optimal growth and development and can be protected from diarrhea. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship of exclusive breastfeeding with the incidence of acute diarrhea in infants aged 0-1 years in the Kuranji Public Health Center Padang. This study conducted a cross sectional observational study. The sample was a baby aged 0-1 years who visited posyandu in the Kuranji Public Health Center working area using simple random sampling. The result showed 41 infants (30.4% aged 0-5 months 29 days which is still breastfed only and other than breast milk were 28 infants (20.7%. Number of 6-12 months


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ratna Dewi


    information, education and communication (IEC on the importance of breast­feeders alone since the first hour of birth to age 6 months in the mother on an ongoing basis from now on antenatal care, delivery, and postpartum by involving her husband and close family Key words: breast-feeders in infants age < 10 days, the symptoms of postpartum blues ABSTRAK Postpartum blues merupakan gangguan mental yang ringan pada ibu postpartum. Metode pemberian makanan bayi dapat berpengaruh secara timbal balik terhadap postpartum blues atau kesehatan mental ibu postpartum, dan gejala ini dapat menyebabkan tidak berhasilnya pemberian Air Susu lbu (ASI secara eksklusif. Hasil Riskesdas tahun 2010 di lndonesia pola menyusui pada bayi < 1 bulan 55,1% masih secara partial, dan di Propinsi Bengkulu tahun 2010 pemberian makanan prelakteaI52,9%. Prevalensi postpartum blues di beberapa negara antara 40-60% sedangkan kejadian postpartum blues di Bengkulu belum dilaporkan. Tujuan Penelitian: Untuk Mengetahui hubungan pemberian ASI pada bayi umur < 10 hari dengan gejala postpartum blues. Penelitian ini merupakan jenis penelitian observasional dengan rancangan cross sectional study Besar sampel berjumlah 97 ibu nifas dengan teknik accidental sampling. Analisis data yang digunakan adalah univariabel, bivariabel, dan multivariabel. Hasil: Analisis univariabel menemukan bahwa pemberian ASI pada bayi umur < 10 hari hampir sebagian bersifat partial breastfeeding (48,45%, dan hanya sebagian kecil yang full breastfeeding (19,59%, serta hampir sebagian ibu mengalami gejala postpartum blues (29,90%. Analisis bivaribel menunjukan bahwa Ada hubungan yang signifikan antara pemberian ASI pada bayi umur < 10 hari, paritas, dan dukungan sosial dengan gejala postpartum blues. Tetapi tidak ada hubungan antara jenis persalinan dengan gejala postpartum blues. Hasil analisis regresi logistitk menunjukan hubungan yang bermakna antara pola pemberian makanan dini pada bayi dengan gejala postpartum blues (OR = 4,47; 95% CI: 1

  15. Behavioral data of thin-film single junction amorphous silicon (a-Si) photovoltaic modules under outdoor long term exposure. (United States)

    Kichou, Sofiane; Silvestre, Santiago; Nofuentes, Gustavo; Torres-Ramírez, Miguel; Chouder, Aissa; Guasch, Daniel


    Four years׳ behavioral data of thin-film single junction amorphous silicon (a-Si) photovoltaic (PV) modules installed in a relatively dry and sunny inland site with a Continental-Mediterranean climate (in the city of Jaén, Spain) are presented in this article. The shared data contributes to clarify how the Light Induced Degradation (LID) impacts the output power generated by the PV array, especially in the first days of exposure under outdoor conditions. Furthermore, a valuable methodology is provided in this data article permitting the assessment of the degradation rate and the stabilization period of the PV modules. Further discussions and interpretations concerning the data shared in this article can be found in the research paper "Characterization of degradation and evaluation of model parameters of amorphous silicon photovoltaic modules under outdoor long term exposure" (Kichou et al., 2016) [1].

  16. Image-quality performance of an a-Si H-based X-ray imaging system for digital mammography

    CERN Document Server

    Darambara, D G; Speller, R D


    We have been investigating the potential of large area active matrix flat-panel a-Si : H imaging arrays for full-field digital X-ray mammography. To optimise the overall performance of such an imaging system under mammographic conditions, four different Gd sub 2 O sub 2 S : Tb phosphor screens (i.e. Lanex Fast-Back, Regular, Fine and MinR-2000) were employed and our full-field detector was integrated with the Feinfocus DIMA (Direct Magnification) PLUS MII mammographic unit. The spatial resolution and the image noise of the digital detector were measured and the X-ray imaging performance of the whole system was also evaluated with two mammographic phantoms. It was deduced from the results of this study that Regular screen offers the best compromise between sensitivity and spatial resolution and exhibits better overall image-quality performance than that of a conventional mammography system.

  17. ¿Influyen los tigres asiáticos en el comportamiento gregario español?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Natividad Blasco


    Full Text Available Este artículo intenta ahondar en el fenómeno imitador (herding durante la crisis asiática de 1997. Para ello se emplea una medida de la intensidad de herding exenta del sesgo presente en otras medidas y se utiliza datos intradiarios. Los resultados que se obtiene dejan entrever que el efecto de la crisis no afectó de manera homogénea la conducta imitadora en todos los activos del mercado, destacando como activos en los que la crisis se nota más y durante más tiempo las acciones que poseen opción durante el periodo analizado. Un análisis adicional por sectores pone de manifiesto que el sector financiero y el energético son los más afectados en su herding ordinario en momentos de crisis.

  18. Angle- and polarization-insensitive, small area, subtractive color filters via a-Si nanopillar arrays (Conference Presentation) (United States)

    Fountaine, Katherine T.; Ito, Mikinori; Pala, Ragip; Atwater, Harry A.


    Spectrally-selective nanophotonic and plasmonic structures enjoy widespread interest for application as color filters in imaging devices, due to their potential advantages over traditional organic dyes and pigments. Organic dyes are straightforward to implement with predictable optical performance at large pixel size, but suffer from inherent optical cross-talk and stability (UV, thermal, humidity) issues and also exhibit increasingly unpredictable performance as pixel size approaches dye molecule size. Nanophotonic and plasmonic color filters are more robust, but often have polarization- and angle-dependent optical response and/or require large-range periodicity. Herein, we report on design and fabrication of polarization- and angle-insensitive CYM color filters based on a-Si nanopillar arrays as small as 1um2, supported by experiment, simulation, and analytic theory. Analytic waveguide and Mie theories explain the color filtering mechanism- efficient coupling into and interband transition-mediated attenuation of waveguide-like modes—and also guided the FDTD simulation-based optimization of nanopillar array dimensions. The designed a-Si nanopillar arrays were fabricated using e-beam lithography and reactive ion etching; and were subsequently optically characterized, revealing the predicted polarization- and angle-insensitive (±40°) subtractive filter responses. Cyan, yellow, and magenta color filters have each been demonstrated. The effects of nanopillar array size and inter-array spacing were investigated both experimentally and theoretically to probe the issues of ever-shrinking pixel sizes and cross-talk, respectively. Results demonstrate that these nanopillar arrays maintain their performance down to 1um2 pixel sizes with no inter-array spacing. These concepts and results along with color-processed images taken with a fabricated color filter array will be presented and discussed.

  19. Energia asi ongi erakorraline asi! / Marek Strandberg

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Strandberg, Marek, 1965-


    Eestimaa Rohelisi esindavad parlamendiliikmed peavad vajalikuks, et Riigikogu tuleks kokku erakorralisele energeetikaistungile. Autori hinnangul puudub Eestil energeetikaplaan, mis tagaks piisava kliima- ja keskkonnahoiu ning sõltumatuse

  20. Head CT: Image quality improvement of posterior fossa and radiation dose reduction with ASiR - comparative studies of CT head examinations

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Guzinski, Maciej; Waszczuk, Lukasz; Sasiadek, Marek J. [Wroclaw Medical University, Department of General Radiology, Interventional Radiology and Neuroradiology, Wroclaw (Poland)


    To evaluate head CT protocol developed to improve visibility of the brainstem and cerebellum, lower bone-related artefacts in the posterior fossa and maintain patient radioprotection. A paired comparison of head CT performed without Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction (ASiR) and a clinically indicated follow-up with 40 % ASiR was acquired in one group of 55 patients. Patients were scanned in the axial mode with different scanner settings for the brain and the posterior fossa. Objective image quality analysis was performed with signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and contrast-to-noise ratio (CNR). Subjective image quality analysis was based on brain structure visibility and evaluation of the artefacts. We achieved 19 % reduction of total DLP and significantly better image quality of posterior fossa structures. SNR for white and grey matter in the cerebellum were 34 % to 36 % higher, respectively, CNR was improved by 142 % and subjective analyses were better for images with ASiR. When imaging parameters are set independently for the brain and the posterior fossa imaging, ASiR has a great potential to improve CT performance: image quality of the brainstem and cerebellum is improved, and radiation dose for the brain as well as total radiation dose are reduced. (orig.)

  1. The testing of ambivalent sexism theory

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sezer Yudulmaz Ayan


    Full Text Available Objective: The aim of this study is to test ambivalent sexism inventory (ASI and ambivalence towards men inventory (AMI, which were developed on the basis of the Ambivalent Sexism approach. Method: The sampling was formed by 422 students (252 women and 169 men from University of Cumhuriyet. The data of the study were obtained from the questionnaire determining their socio-demographic characteristics of the students and AMI and ASI in order to determine their tendencies of sexism. After obtaining the permission from the Rectorate of Cumhuriyet University, the application was carried out with the help of academic staff at relevant faculties and vocational schools between 01.02.2012 and 30.04.2012. Results: When the overall average of the scores obtained from ASI and AMI were considered, it was found out that the ambivalence of the participants against each other (with ASI x=4,12; AMI x=4,22 was above the average; and men (with x= 4,23 had more ambivalence compared to women (x=4,05 in ASI, and women (x=4,38 had more ambivalence compared to men (x=3,99 in AMI. The data obtained from the variance analysis suggested that there were significant differences among the participants by gender, which were Hostile sexism (HS for men (t(421=-7,99 p<0,05, Benevolent sexism (BS for women (t(421=4,28 p<0,05 in ASI; and Hostility attitudes towards men (HM for women (t(421=-15,33 p<0,05, Benevolence towards men (BMfor men (t(421= -5,18 p<0,05. In other words, male participants had more hostile attitudes towards women in ASI and female participants had more hostile attitudes towards men in AMI. When the correlations among the sub-factors of AMI and ASI are considered, the correlations between HM and BS (0.47, BM and HS (0.47, and BM and BS (0.40 are statistically important. These findings suggest that the benevolent attitudes towards men are in a positive relationship with both benevolent and hostile sexism against women. Conclusions: The obtained data suggest that

  2. Characterization of ion-assisted induced absorption in A-Si thin-films used for multivariate optical computing (United States)

    Nayak, Aditya B.; Price, James M.; Dai, Bin; Perkins, David; Chen, Ding Ding; Jones, Christopher M.


    Multivariate optical computing (MOC), an optical sensing technique for analog calculation, allows direct and robust measurement of chemical and physical properties of complex fluid samples in high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) downhole environments. The core of this MOC technology is the integrated computational element (ICE), an optical element with a wavelength-dependent transmission spectrum designed to allow the detector to respond sensitively and specifically to the analytes of interest. A key differentiator of this technology is it uses all of the information present in the broadband optical spectrum to determine the proportion of the analyte present in a complex fluid mixture. The detection methodology is photometric in nature; therefore, this technology does not require a spectrometer to measure and record a spectrum or a computer to perform calculations on the recorded optical spectrum. The integrated computational element is a thin-film optical element with a specific optical response function designed for each analyte. The optical response function is achieved by fabricating alternating layers of high-index (a-Si) and low-index (SiO2) thin films onto a transparent substrate (BK7 glass) using traditional thin-film manufacturing processes (e.g., ion-assisted e-beam vacuum deposition). A proprietary software and process are used to control the thickness and material properties, including the optical constants of the materials during deposition to achieve the desired optical response function. The ion-assisted deposition is useful for controlling the densification of the film, stoichiometry, and material optical constants as well as to achieve high deposition growth rates and moisture-stable films. However, the ion-source can induce undesirable absorption in the film; and subsequently, modify the optical constants of the material during the ramp-up and stabilization period of the e-gun and ion-source, respectively. This paper characterizes the unwanted

  3. Changes of the temperature coefficients of the characteristics which accompany degradation and recovery of a-Si solar cells; A-Si taiyo denchi no hikari (denryu) rekka oyobi kaifuku ni tomonau tokusei ondo keisu no henka

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Yanagisawa, T.; Koyanagi, T.; Nakamura, K.; Takahisa, K.; Kojima, T. [electrotechnical Laboratory, Tsukuba (Japan)


    Pursuant to the measuring of temperature dependency of the characteristics such as conversion efficiency, during the process of degradation in a-Si solar cells due to light and electric current and the process of recovery by annealing, this paper describes changes in temperature coefficients, correlation between the characteristic parameters and the degradation, and the results of the examination of their characteristics. The conversion efficiency {mu} degraded approximately by 45% of the initial value each by the irradiation under a light intensity with 3 SUN accelerated and by the infusion of current at 20mA/cm{sup 2}; and then, the efficiency recovered to 70-75% of the degradation by subsequent annealing. In addition, in the temperature dependency at 80{degree}C against at 20{degree}C, Isc slightly increased while Vcc greatly decreased. This slight increase in Isc was mainly due to the decrease in the width of the forbidden band, while the decrease in Vcc was due to the increase in the reverse saturation current. The temperature dependency of {mu}N was negative, becoming small in accordance with the degradation. The temperature dependency of FF/FFO was negative initially both in light and current, but it decreased with the degradation and turned to positive. The temperature coefficients of I-V parameters reversibly changed corresponding to the degradation and recovery of these parameters and stayed in a good correlation. 7 refs., 8 figs., 1 tab.

  4. Improvement of Varian a-Si EPID dosimetry measurements using a lead-shielded support-arm. (United States)

    Rowshanfarzad, Pejman; Sabet, Mahsheed; O'Connor, Daryl J; Greer, Peter B


    Dosimetry measurements with Varian amorphous silicon electronic portal imaging devices (a-Si EPIDs) are affected by the backscattered radiation from the EPID support arm. In this study, the nonuniform backscatter from an E-type support arm was reduced by fixing a thick (12.2 × 10.5 × 0.5 cm(3)) piece of lead on top of the arm, and the remaining backscatter was modeled and included in an existing dose prediction algorithm. The applied backscatter kernel was the average of kernels on different regions of the EPID over the arm. The lead-shielded arm reduced the nonuniform backscatter component by about 50% for field sizes ranging from 3 × 3 to 30 × 30 cm(2) and the field symmetry improved for medium to large fields up to 3%. Gamma evaluation of the measured and modeled doses (2%, 2-mm criteria) showed that using the lead-shielded arm in the model increased the number of points with Gamma index <1 by 5.7% and decreased the mean Gamma by 0.201. Even using the lead alone (no modeling) could increase the number of points with Gamma index <1 by 4.7% and decrease the mean Gamma by 0.153. This is a simple and easy method to decrease the nonuniform arm backscatter and improve the accuracy of dosimetry measurements with the existing EPIDs used for clinical applications.

  5. De la crisis asiática a la crisis inmobiliaria: los debates actuales sobre la arquitectura financiera internacional

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Antulio Rosales


    Full Text Available El proceso de globalización neoliberal ha implicado la propagación de las finanzas internacionales como un mecanismo de acumulación ya no auxiliar a la economía real-productiva, sino como un negocio en sí mismo. La financiarización ha elevado los riesgos y vulnerabilidades de la economía mundial, cada vez más sujetas a crisis. Asimismo, la Arquitectura Financiera Internacional (AFI se encuentra bajo escrutinio por su cuestionada capacidad para enfrentar tales crisis. Este artículo analiza los debates actuales sobre la reforma de la AFI en el contexto de las crisis financieras de la última década. De la crisis asiática de finales del siglo XX a la crisis inmobiliaria de finales de 2000, el G-20 surge como principal foro político para el avance de reformas y, por otro lado, emergen áreas de influencia regional bajo el liderazgo de potencias emergentes.

  6. MIVIS image geocoding experience on merging position attitude system data and public domain GPS stream (ASI-GeoDAF

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. Pignatti


    Full Text Available The use of airborne scanners involves geo-referencing problems, which are difficult because of the need to know the exact platform position and attitude for each scan line. The errors of the onboard navigation system are normally corrected using ground control point on the image. This post-processing correction procedure is too long in case of multiple flight campaigns, and besides it implies the need to have available 1:10000 orthophotoimages or maps in digital format. To optimize the above procedure a new method to correct MIVIS navigational data in the post-processing phase has been implemented. The procedure takes into consideration the GPS stream in Rinex format of common knowledge and findable on the web, acquired at the ground stations of the Geodetic Data Archiving Facilities provided by ASI. The application of this correction entails the assumption that the environmental variables affecting both onboard and geodetic GPS equally affect the position measurements. The airborne data correction was carried out merging the two data sets (onboard and ground station GPS to achieve a more precise aircraft trajectory. The present study compares the geo-coded images obtained by means of the two post-processing methods.

  7. Preparation of a-Si and a-Si-Alloy Films Using an Ion-Gun Chemical Vapor Deposition Method (United States)

    Haku, Hisao; Sayama, Katsunobu; Matsuoka, Tsugufumi; Tsuda, Shinya; Nakano, Shoichi; Ohnishi, Michitoshi; Kuwano, Yukinori


    As a new amorphous-silicon (a-Si) fabrication technique, an ion-gun chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method, in which ions add energy to surface reactions, has been developed. The ion source employed in this gun is of the hot cathode type with a multicapillary anode which creates a collimated gas flow. A-Si:H and a-Ge:H films, fabricated at the substrate temperature of 130°C, show low dihydride bond density and high photosensitivity (4.0× 105 at Eopt˜1.95 eV and 5.1 at Eopt˜1.03 eV, respectively). In addition, a double ion-gun CVD method, for which the energy of two kinds of ion species can be independently controlled, has been developed for fabricating high-quality a-Si-alloy films. Highly photoconductive a-SiGe:H films with low optical gaps (<1.3 eV) were obtained using this fabrication method.

  8. Results of the ASY-EOS experiment at GSI: The symmetry energy at supra-saturation density

    CERN Document Server

    Russotto, P; Kupny, S; Lasko, P; Acosta, L; Adamczyk, M; Al-Ajlan, A; Al-Garawi, M; Al-Homaidhi, S; Amorini, F; Auditore, L; Aumann, T; Ayyad, Y; Basrak, Z; Benlliure, J; Boisjoli, M; Boretzky, K; Brzychczyk, J; Budzanowski, A; Caesar, C; Cardella, G; Cammarata, P; Chajecki, Z; Chartier, M; Chbihi, A; Colonna, M; Cozma, M D; Czech, B; De Filippo, E; Di Toro, M; Famiano, M; Gašparić, I; Grassi, L; Guazzoni, C; Guazzoni, P; Heil, M; Heilborn, L; Introzzi, R; Isobe, T; Kezzar, K; Kiš, M; Krasznahorkay, A; Kurz, N; La Guidara, E; Lanzalone, G; Fèvre, A Le; Leifels, Y; Lemmon, R C; Li, Q F; Lombardo, I; Lukasik, J; Lynch, W G; Marini, P; Matthews, Z; May, L; Minniti, T; Mostazo, M; Pagano, A; Pagano, E V; Papa, M; Pawlowski, P; Pirrone, S; Politi, G; Porto, F; Reviol, W; Riccio, F; Rizzo, F; Rosato, E; Rossi, D; Santoro, S; Sarantites, D G; Simon, H; Skwirczynska, I; Sosin, Z; Stuhl, L; Trautmann, W; Trifirò, A; Trimarchi, M; Tsang, M B; Verde, G; Veselsky, M; Vigilante, M; Wang, Yongjia; Wieloch, A; Wigg, P; Winkelbauer, J; Wolter, H H; Wu, P; Yennello, S; Zambon, P; Zetta, L; Zoric, M


    Directed and elliptic flows of neutrons and light charged particles were measured for the reaction 197Au+197Au at 400 MeV/nucleon incident energy within the ASY-EOS experimental campaign at the GSI laboratory. The detection system consisted of the Large Area Neutron Detector LAND, combined with parts of the CHIMERA multidetector, of the ALADIN Time-of-flight Wall, and of the Washington-University Microball detector. The latter three arrays were used for the event characterization and reaction-plane reconstruction. In addition, an array of triple telescopes, KRATTA, was used for complementary measurements of the isotopic composition and flows of light charged particles. From the comparison of the elliptic flow ratio of neutrons with respect to charged particles with UrQMD predictions, a value \\gamma = 0.72 \\pm 0.19 is obtained for the power-law coefficient describing the density dependence of the potential part in the parametrization of the symmetry energy. It represents a new and more stringent constraint for...

  9. Identificación de constructos competitivos y estratégicos de las exportaciones de manzanas chilenas a los mercados asiáticos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cristian Adasme-Berrios


    Full Text Available En esta investigación se analiza la competitividad de las exportaciones de manzanas de la región del Maule, Chile, en los mercados asiáticos de China, Hong Kong, Taiwán e India. El objetivo fue identificar estrategias competitivas y determinar las variables de ventaja competitiva de mayor relevancia. Para determinar los constructos estratégicos se realizó un bootstrap junto con un análisis factorial de componentes principales (PCA. Los constructos encontrados indican que las estrategias competitivas del sector exportador está orientado en lograr economías de escalas y optimizar procesos productivos y comerciales, para lograr menores costos y competir eficientemente en los mercados asiáticos.

  10. Control químico de la roya asiática de la soya en el Planalto Medio, RS., Brasil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Felipe Rafael Garc\\u00E9s-Fiallos


    asiática de la soya. El experimento fue conducido en el campo experimental de la Facultad de Agronomía y Medicina Veterinaria de la Universidad de Passo Fundo, RS, Brasil, en la época de verano 2009/2010. Se cuantifi có la incidencia y número de uredos/cm2 transformado después a severidad (%. Se aplicó tebuconazol y la mezcla de epoxiconazol + piraclostrobina, en siete estadios de desarrollo. Aplicaciones realizadas antes del cerramiento del espacio entre líneas del cultivo resultaron en un mejor control, pues permitieron distribuir el fungicida en la parte inferior de la planta, y al inicio de la enfermedad. La mezcla de traizol + estrobirulina fue más efectiva que el triazol utilizado sólo, en el control de la roya asiática de la soya.

  11. China e Estados Unidos na balança de poder do leste asiático : comparações econômicas e militares


    Arthur Coelho Dornelles Júnior


    Em decorrência do fim da União Soviética, a China e os Estados Unidos perderam um rival importante no Leste Asiático, o que alterou substancialmente a balança de poder regional, levando-a da multipolaridade à bipolaridade, ou seja, desde 1991 a China e os Estados Unidos são os únicos polos de poder no Leste Asiático. Para melhorar sua posição relativa nesta balança de poder, a República Popular da China (RPC) vem investindo pesadamente na modernização do Exército de Libertação do Povo (ELP), ...

  12. ASI: Dunaliella marine microalgae to drop-in replacement liquid transportation fuel

    KAUST Repository

    Wang, Weicheng


    Microalgae are a promising biofuels feedstock, theoretically yielding concentrations of triacylglycerides (TAGs) per unit area that are far higher than traditional feedstocks due to their rapid growth. Dunaliella is particularly advantageous as a feedstock because it is currently commercially mass cultured, thrives in salt water, and has no cell wall. Fourteen strains of Dunaliella have been investigated for growth rates and lipid production in mass culture and tested for enhanced lipid production under a range of environmental stressors including salinity, pH, nitrogen and phosphorus limitation, and light regime. The nuclear genome has been sequenced for four of these strains, with the objective of increasing carbon flux through genetic engineering. Electroflocculation followed by osmotic membrane rupturing may be a very energy and cost efficient means of harvesting the lipid bodies from Dunaliella. A technically feasible and scalable thermo-catalytic process to convert the lipids into replacements for liquid transportation fuels has been developed. The lipids were converted into long-chain alkanes through continuous thermal hydrolysis followed by fed-batch thermo-catalytic decarboxylation. These alkanes can be reformed into renewable diesel via conventional catalytic hydrocarbon isomerization reactions to improve cold flow properties, if desired. © 2013 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Environ Prog, 32: 916-925, 2013 Copyright © 2013 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Environ Prog.

  13. Tingkat Pengetahuan dan Motivasi Ibu Berhubungan dengan Pemberian ASI Eksklusif pada Ibu Bekerja

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tri Utami Listyaningrum


    Full Text Available One of the most problem related to successful exclusive breastfeeding is returning to work after maternity leave. Work and other factors might influence exclusive breastfeeding. It is still found that working mothers do not breastfeed even though their family and their working environment support them. This research is to find out the correlations between mother’s level of knowledge, mother’s motivation and the exclusive breastfeeding among working mothers in PT. Globalindo Intimates Klaten. This research was a quantitative one with a descriptive analytic design. A total sampling method was used to collect the data from as many as 37 working mothers having six-month-old to two-year-old babies. The data were collected in May 2015. The result is indicate that there was a positive correlation between mother’s knowledge of exclusive breastfeeding and the practice of exclusive breastfeeding. The Fisher’s Exact Test with the confidence level of 95% and α 0.05 data analysis indicate that the p-value is 0.022. The result also indicate that indicate that there was a positive correlation between mother’s motivation and exclusive breastfeeding with p-value of 0.003. Conclussion, there was a positive correlation between mother’s knowledge of exclusive breastfeeding and mother’s motivation with practice of exclusive breastfeeding among working mothers in PT. Globalindo Intimates Klaten.

  14. Electrical and optical properties of hydrogenated amorphous silicon-germanium (a-Si1 - xGexH) films prepared by reactive ion beam sputtering (United States)

    Bhan, Mohan Krishan; Malhotra, L. K.; Kashyap, Subhash C.


    Thin films of hydrogenated amorphous silicon-germanium (a-Si1-xGex: H) alloys have been prepared by reactive ion beam sputtering of a composite target of silicon and germanium. The dependence of the deposition rate, conductivity-temperature variation, optical absorption coefficient, refractive index, imaginary part of the dielectric constant, hydrogen content, and infrared (IR) absorption spectra on germanium content (x) are reported and analyzed. For a typical composition—a-Si28Ge72:H (x=0.72), the effect of beam voltage, H2:Ar flow ratio, and substrate temperature on the material properties have also been investigated. For the films prepared with increasing x, the expected behavior of a decrease in both hydrogen content and band gap and an increase in the electrical conductivity have been observed. The films prepared at x>0.80 are found to be more homogeneous than the films deposited at 0.0disorder introduced by the random mixing of Si and Ge atoms in the a-Si1-xGex: H network in the latter case. The a-Si28Ge72:H films exhibiting minimum conductivity (1.7×10-7 Ω-1 cm-1) have been obtained for an H2:Ar flow ratio of 10:1 and a beam voltage and substrate temperature of 1500 V and 300 °C, respectively. These films contain a hydrogen concentration of 10.2 at. % and show an optical band gap of 1.25 eV. The IR studies have shown that a-Si28Ge72:H films prepared both at low beam voltages and at low substrate temperatures show the unusual preferential attachment of hydrogen to Ge rather than to Si.

  15. Test

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bendixen, Carsten


    Bidrag med en kortfattet, introducerende, perspektiverende og begrebsafklarende fremstilling af begrebet test i det pædagogiske univers.......Bidrag med en kortfattet, introducerende, perspektiverende og begrebsafklarende fremstilling af begrebet test i det pædagogiske univers....

  16. Regards croisés sur le régionalisme en Asie Orientale au travers de la concurrence entre le Japon, la Chine et l’Inde

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jean-Christophe Defraigne


    Full Text Available Cet article retrace l’origine du leadership économique japonais dans le processus d’intégration régionale en Asie orientale et comment il est remis en question par la montée en puissance de la Chine depuis son ouverture commencée dans les années 1980. Il analyse les obstacles qui empêchent encore la Chine de jouir d’une position hégémonique régionale et qui entretiennent une situation dans laquelle la direction du processus d’intégration régionale en Asie orientale reste contestée. L’article met en évidence les limites au rôle que pourrait jouer dans ce processus l’autre grande puissance émergente d’Asie qu’est l’Inde du fait de sa position périphérique.

  17. Controle e progresso temporal da ferrugem asiática da soja sob controle alternativo em campo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R.M. Mesquini


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar o controle e o progresso temporal da ferrugem asiática da soja, causada por Phakopsora pachyrhizi, sob manejo com tratamentos alternativos. Para isso, implementou-se um ensaio em delineamento de blocos completos com tratamentos ao acaso, com 4 repetições, em Itambé-PR, durante a safra 2007/2008. Os tratamentos alternativos foram: biomassa cítrica, extrato bruto e óleo essencial de Eucalyptus citriodora e grãos de kefir. Avaliou-se também o controle químico com azoxistrobina + ciproconazole + adjuvante 0,5 v/v e a testemunha. Para comparação dos tratamentos utilizou-se a severidade da doença (em cinco avaliações, a área abaixo da curva de progresso da doença (AACPD, a taxa de progresso da doença, a produtividade e o peso de mil grãos. Foram constatadas diferenças significativas (Pd"0,05 para as avaliações de severidade, para AACPD e para a taxa de progresso da doença. De modo geral, dentre os tratamentos alternativos, a biomassa cítrica e os grãos de kefir apresentaram os maiores índices de controle e menores taxas de progresso da doença, superando os tratamentos com extrato bruto e óleo essencial de E. citriodora. Porém, o tratamento com azoxistrobina + ciproconazole foi mais eficiente para controle e proporcionou as menores taxas de progresso quando comparado aos tratamentos alternativos.

  18. Racines d’une Kulturpolitik : une mission scientifique prussienne dans l’Asie Mineure ottomane (1841-1842

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ségolène Débarre


    Full Text Available L’objet de cet article est d’analyser l’implication étatique de la Prusse dans les voyages scientifiques en Orient au cours du XIXe siècle. En étudiant plus particulièrement une mission effectuée de 1841 à 1842 par trois savants prussiens en Asie Mineure, nous montrerons que l’imbrication des domaines scientifiques et politiques, qui caractérise la Kulturpolitik après 1870 (Marchand, 2003 : 191, a des racines anciennes. Illustrant le rôle joué par les études classiques dans l’exploration de l’Orient, cette mission, contemporaine de celle de Richard Lepsius en Égypte, participe de la diffusion d’un discours orientaliste qui prend progressivement en Allemagne, après la révolution de 1848, des accents expansionnistes.Der Text untersucht das staatliche Engagement Preußens für wissenschaftliche Orientreisen im 19. Jahrhundert. Am Beispiel der Forschungsreise dreier preußischer Gelehrter nach Kleinasien (1841-1842 wird gezeigt, dass die Wurzeln der Verflechtung von Wissenschaft und Politik, die ab 1870 die Kulturpolitik des Reiches charakterisiert (Marchand, 2003: 191, weit zurückreichen. Die Reise, die zeitgleich mit der Expedition des Altertumsforschers Richard Lepsius nach Ägypten verläuft, zeigt die Bedeutung der klassischen Altertumswissenschaften für die Erforschung des Orients. Sie trägt zur Verbreitung eines orientalistischen Diskurses bei, der sich nach 1848 zunehmend um expansionistische Tendenzen anreichert.

  19. Sisearhitektidest / Vello Asi

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Asi, Vello, 1927-


    Eesti sisearhitektidest alates Richard Wunderlichist. Sisearhitektide koolitusest, kuulumisest Arhitektide Liitu ja Kunstnike Liitu. Kujundajate sektsiooni korraldatud näitustesarjast "Ruum ja vorm". Näituste mõtte algataja Bruno Tomberg. Eesti Sisearhitektide Liidu loomisest 1990. a. Kunstnike Liidu kujundajate sektsiooni ja Eesti Sisearhitektide Liidu aastapreemiate väljaandmisest. 1990. aastate muutustest

  20. Eesti asi / Elen Luht

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Luht, Elen


    Kaili Milki ja Kristiina Joosti disainitud padjapüürid, Sabina Kaukise kruusid, Monika Järgi vildist hoiukorvid, Terje Taltsi käsitöökalender, Mari Kõrgesaare laualamp, Ahto Sibula korterinumbriga vaas, Taavi Kuninga riidepuu Robi, Merilin Liblika sojavahast küünlad, Marko Ala lambid

  1. Euroopa asi / Jaanus Noormets

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Noormets, Jaanus


    Euroopa Filmiakadeemia andis Euroopa 2006.a. parima filmi auhinna sakslase Florian Henckel von Donnersmarcki filmile "Teiste elu" ("Das Leben der Anderen"), mille peaosaline Ulrich Mühe sai parima meesnäitleja auhinna. Parim režissöör oli Pedro Almodovar, kelle filmi "Volver" näitleja Penelope Cruz sai ka parima naisnäitleja auhinna. Lisatud nimekiri "Valik tänavusi Euroopa filmiauhindade võitjaid

  2. ASI法速测土壤指标与植物N吸收的相关性研究%Study on Correlation between an Index of Soil N Supply Rapidly Determined by ASI Method and Plant N Uptake

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    赵洁; 王莉; 王永刚; 戴继光


    本研究选用ASI法对山西褐土41个、河南潮土73个、辽宁棕壤43个、黑龙江黑土69个土样进行了土壤硝态N(ASI-NO3--N)、铵态N(ASI-NH4+-N)、碱溶有机质(ASI-OM)的测定,同时用常规方法测定了碱解N和有机质。并对测定值进行了相关性分析。同时选取土壤进行盆栽试验以验证ASI法测定值与植物吸N量的相关性。结果表明:四类土壤ASI-NO3--N与碱解N测定结果达到了极显著相关(褐土r=0.89**,潮土r=0.79**,棕壤r=0.90**,r=0.47**),四类土壤ASI-OM与常规方法有机质测定结果均达到了极显著正相关(褐土r=0.92**,潮土r=0.88**,棕壤r=0.93**,黑土r=0.96**),ASI-NH4+-N与碱解N测定结果也均达到了极显著正相关(褐土r=0.76**,潮土r=0.64**,棕壤r=0.97**,黑土r=0.61**)。褐土、棕壤土壤ASI-NO3--N含量与植物吸N量呈极显著正相关(P〈0.01),潮土、黑土土壤ASI-NO3--N含量与植物吸N量呈显著正相关(P〈0.05)。褐土、棕壤土壤ASI-NH4+-N含量与植物吸N量呈显著正相关(P〈0.05),潮土、黑土土壤ASI-NH4+-N含量与植物吸N量相关性不显著(P〉0.05)。除褐土土壤ASI-OM含量与植物吸N量呈显著正相关外(P〈0.05),潮土、棕壤、黑土土壤ASI-OM含量与植物吸N量相关性不显著(P〉0.05)。%In this study, contents of nitrate, ammonium nitrogen and alkali-soluble organic matter in the cinnamon soil from Shanxi (41 samples), in the fluvo-aqnic soil from Henan (73 samples), in the brown soil from Liaoning (43 samples) and in the black soil from Heilongjiang (69 samples) were measured by the ASI method and the conventional method, and the correlation analysis was carried out on measured values. Simultaneously, this study confirmed the correlation characteristics between the measured value of nitrogen by ASI method and the amounts of nitrogen uptake by plant

  3. Stress Domains in Si\\(111\\)/a-Si3N4 Nanopixel: Ten-Million-Atom Molecular Dynamics Simulations on Parallel Computers (United States)

    Omeltchenko, Andrey; Bachlechner, Martina E.; Nakano, Aiichiro; Kalia, Rajiv K.; Vashishta, Priya; Ebbsjö, Ingvar; Madhukar, Anupam; Messina, Paul


    Parallel molecular dynamics simulations are performed to determine atomic-level stresses in Si\\(111\\)/Si3N4\\(0001\\) and Si\\(111\\)/a-Si3N4 nanopixels. Compared to the crystalline case, the stresses in amorphous Si3N4 are highly inhomogeneous in the plane of the interface. In silicon below the interface, for a 25 nm square mesa stress domains with triangular symmetry are observed, whereas for a rectangular, 54 nm×33 nm, mesa tensile stress domains \\(~300 Å\\) are separated by Y-shaped compressive domain wall. Maximum stresses in the domains and domain walls are -2 GPa and +2 GPa, respectively.

  4. Stress domains in Si(111)/a-Si3N4 nanopixel: ten-million-atom molecular dynamics simulations on parallel computers (United States)

    Omeltchenko; Bachlechner; Nakano; Kalia; Vashishta; Ebbsjo; Madhukar; Messina


    Parallel molecular dynamics simulations are performed to determine atomic-level stresses in Si(111)/Si(3)N4(0001) and Si(111)/a-Si3N4 nanopixels. Compared to the crystalline case, the stresses in amorphous Si3N4 are highly inhomogeneous in the plane of the interface. In silicon below the interface, for a 25 nm square mesa stress domains with triangular symmetry are observed, whereas for a rectangular, 54 nmx33 nm, mesa tensile stress domains ( approximately 300 A) are separated by Y-shaped compressive domain wall. Maximum stresses in the domains and domain walls are -2 GPa and +2 GPa, respectively.

  5. Canopy Opener e assistência de ar no controle da ferrugem asiática e produtividade da cultura da soja


    Prado, Evandro Pereira [UNESP


    Com a finalidade de comparar diferentes tecnologias de aplicação em pulverizações terrestre no controle da ferrugem asiática da soja (FAS), o trabalho objetivou construir um dispositivo abridor do dossel da soja e comparar diferentes tecnologias de aplicação de fungicida sobre os depósitos, controle da FAS e produtividade da soja. A confecção do dispositivo Canopy opener (CO) foi baseada no protótipo desenvolvido por pesquisadores do Departamento de Agricultura dos Estados Unidos da América (...

  6. Performance Study of an aSi Flat Panel Detector for Fast Neutron Imaging of Nuclear Waste

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schumann, M.; Mauerhofer, E. [Institute of Energy and Climate Research - Nuclear Waste Management and Reactor Safety, Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH, 52425 Juelich (Germany); Engels, R.; Kemmerling, G. [Central Institute for Engineering, Electronics and Analytics - Electronic Systems, Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH, 52425 Juelich (Germany); Frank, M. [MATHCCES - Department of Mathematics, RWTH Aachen University, 52062 Aachen (Germany); Havenith, A.; Kettler, J.; Klapdor-Kleingrothaus, T. [Institute of Nuclear Engineering and Technology Transfer, RWTH Aachen University, 52062 Aachen (Germany); Schitthelm, O. [Corporate Technology, Siemens AG, 91058 Erlangen (Germany)


    Radioactive waste must be characterized to check its conformance for intermediate storage and final disposal according to national regulations. For the determination of radio-toxic and chemo-toxic contents of radioactive waste packages non-destructive analytical techniques are preferentially used. Fast neutron imaging is a promising technique to assay large and dense items providing, in complementarity to photon imaging, additional information on the presence of structures in radioactive waste packages. Therefore the feasibility of a compact Neutron Imaging System for Radioactive waste Analysis (NISRA) using 14 MeV neutrons is studied in a cooperation framework of Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH, RWTH Aachen University and Siemens AG. However due to the low neutron emission of neutron generators in comparison to research reactors the challenging task resides in the development of an imaging detector with a high efficiency, a low sensitivity to gamma radiation and a resolution sufficient for the purpose. The setup is composed of a commercial D-T neutron generator (Genie16GT, Sodern) with a surrounding shielding made of polyethylene, which acts as a collimator and an amorphous silicon flat panel detector (aSi, 40 x 40 cm{sup 2}, XRD-1642, Perkin Elmer). Neutron detection is achieved using a general propose plastic scintillator (EJ-260, Eljen Technology) linked to the detector. The thermal noise of the photodiodes is reduced by employing an entrance window made of aluminium. Optimal gain and integration time for data acquisition are set by measuring the response of the detector to the radiation of a 500 MBq {sup 241}Am-source. Detector performance was studied by recording neutron radiography images of materials with various, but well known, chemical compositions, densities and dimensions (Al, C, Fe, Pb, W, concrete, polyethylene, 5 x 8 x 10 cm{sup 3}). To simulate gamma-ray emitting waste radiographs in presence of a gamma-ray sources ({sup 60}Co, {sup 137}Cs, {sup 241

  7. "Quise entonces fumar": El opio en César Vallejo y Pablo Neruda: rutas asiáticas de experimentación

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francisco Leal


    Full Text Available César Vallejo y Pablo Neruda fuman el opio cuando están escribiendo Trilce (1922 y Residencia en la tierra (1935, respectivamente. No mencionan la droga en sus colecciones, pero ambos escriben al margen de su obra literaria textos sobre su experiencia narcótica: un cuento-testimonio, en Vallejo; confesiones y memorias, en Neruda. Los dos poetas igualmente describen al opio como una puerta de valoración de lo asiático, sus costumbres y habitantes. Por medio del análisis de los escritos sobre el opio de Vallejo en su cuento "Cera" de Escalas melografiadas (1923 y de Neruda en su poema "El opio en el Este" de Memorial de Isla negra (1964, este artículo investiga, por un lado, los conceptos estéticos que se revelan en las relaciones del opio con la escritura de estos poetas, y por otro lado, las relaciones del opio con lo asiático que establecen los escritores como una forma de definir sus concepciones políticas.

  8. Repertorio bibliográfico, análisis bibliométrico y sociocultural de las monografías sobre artes marciales asiáticas publicadas en España


    Pérez Gutiérrez, Mikel


    La presente tesis doctoral tiene como objetivo estudiar las monografías de artes marciales asiáticas publicadas en España hasta el año 2009. Concretamente, en ella se pretende: a) elaborar un repertorio bibliográfico anotado sobre las monografías de artes marciales asiáticas publicadas en España; y b) desarrollar un análisis bibliométrico y sociocultural de estas monografías

  9. Efeito de fungicidas sistêmico e protetores aplicados em diferentes estádios fenológicos no controle da ferrugem asiática da soja


    Silva Júnior,Jorge da; Rezende,Pedro Milanez de; Carvalho,Eudes de Arruda; Alves, Eduardo; Pozza, Edson Ampélio


    Objetivou-se, neste trabalho, verificar o efeito dos fungicidas oxicloreto de cobre, tiofanato metílico, tiofanato metílico + clorotalonil e clorotalonil em diferentes estádios fenológicos V6, R1, R5, V6 + R1, V6 + R5 e R1 + R5 no controle da ferrugem asiática da soja. O estudo foi conduzido na área experimental do Departamento de Agricultura da Universidade Federal de Lavras. Observou-se efeito significativo de controle da ferrugem asiática para todos os fungicidas avaliados. A aplicação de ...

  10. L’extraction minière en Asie centrale entre le viiie et le xiie siècle : enjeux économiques et politiques


    Siméon, Pierre


    Dans les steppes et les montagnes de l’Asie centrale, des hommes ont exploité des minerais depuis la fin du ve siècle. Leur exploitation connaît une augmentation après la conquête arabo-musulmane, à la période médiévale, notamment aux ixe-xie siècles. Cinq grandes régions alimentent les marchés en minerais ferreux ou non (mercure, étain, et plomb) et en métaux précieux (or et argent). Jusqu’à 10 000 mineurs ont travaillé dans certaines mines et la production d’une partie de ces mines d’argent...

  11. Effects of boron addition on a-Si90Ge10:H films obtained by low frequency plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition (United States)

    Pérez, Arllene M.; Renero, Francisco J.; Zúñiga, Carlos; Torres, Alfonso; Santiago, César


    Optical, structural and electric properties of (a-(Si90Ge10)1-yBy:H) thin film alloys, deposited by low frequency plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition, are presented. The chemical bonding structure has been studied by IR spectroscopy, while the composition was investigated by Raman spectroscopy. A discussion about boron doping effects, in the composition and bonding of samples, is presented. Transport of carriers has been studied by measurement of the conductivity dependence on temperature, which increases from 10-3 to 101 Ω-1 cm-1 when the boron content varies from 0 to 50%. Similarly, the activation energy is between 0.62 and 0.19 eV when the doping increases from 0 to 83%. The optical properties have been determined from the film's optical transmission, using Swanepoel's method. It is shown that the optical gap varies from 1.3 to 0.99 eV.

  12. La estructura del “sector del sexo” en el sureste asiático. Una realidad poliédrica


    Rosario Pozo Gordaliza; Luis Ballester Brage; Carmen Orte Socias


    Este artículo estudia, mediante un análisis sistemático, los elementos más significativos que definen la industria del sexo en el sureste asiático. Entre ellos destacamos en primer lugar, su compleja, organización, sofisticación, diversificación y estructuración; su relación con la feminización de la pobreza, las migraciones y las minorías étnicas. El tráfico sexual y el turismo sexual creciente. En segundo lugar hablaremos sobre su clientela, la estructura demográfica joven y el acceso al m...

  13. Treponema pallidum hemagglutination assay seroreactivity among healthy Indian donors and its association with other transfusion transmitted diseases

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sangeeta Pahuja


    Full Text Available Background: The aim of the present study was to determine the prevalence of syphilis infection by Treponema pallidum hemagglutination assay (TPHA among blood donors in Delhi and to study their correlation with other markers of transfusion transmitted infections such as hepatitis C virus (HCV, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV and hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg so as to establish the utility of TPHA over and above venereal diseases research laboratory test (VDRL, not only as a marker for testing T. pallidum infection, but also as a marker of high risk behavior. Materials and Methods: This prospective study was carried out in the Regional Blood Transfusion Centre, Lady Hardinge Medical College and associated Sucheta Kriplani Hospital, New Delhi for a period of 2 years. Donated blood was screened for TPHA seroreactivity along with screening for anti HIV I and II, anti-HCV, HBsAg by third generation enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay test. A total of 8082 serum samples of blood donors were collected from healthy blood donors in our blood bank. They were classified into two groups- test group and control group based on TPHA positivity. The co-occurrence of HBsAg, HIV and HCV infection were determined in TPHA positive blood donors (test group in comparison with TPHA negative blood donors (control group. Results: We found the TPHA seroreactivity to be 4.4% in Delhi′s blood donors. Nearly 8.2% (663/8082 of the donated blood had serological evidence of infection by at least one pathogen (syphilis/HIV/hepatitis B virus/HCV and 6.63% (44/663 donors with positive serology had multiple infections (two or more. Quadruple infection was seen in one donor, triple infection was seen in three donors and double infection was seen in 40 donors. Prevalence of HIV seroreactivity was found to be statistically significant and HCV seroreactivity statistically insignificant in TPHA positive group in comparison to TPHA negative group. Discussion: In our study, the

  14. Espectro de gotas de pulverização e controle da ferrugem-asiática-da-soja em cultivares com diferentes arquiteturas de planta

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mônica Paula Debortoli


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste trabalho foi determinar o espectro de gotas de pulverização ideal para o controle da ferrugem-asiática-da-soja (Phakopsora pachyrhizi, em cultivares com diferentes arquiteturas de planta. O experimento foi conduzido na safra de 2009/2010. A aplicação de fungicida (piraclostrobina + epoxiconazol, com óleo mineral foi avaliada com quatro espectros de gotas de pulverização - muito fino, <119 μm; fino, 119 a 216 μm; médio, 217 a 352 μm; e grosso, 353 a 464 μm -, em quatro cultivares de soja (BMX Apollo RR, NA 7636 RR, Fcep 53 RR e TMG 4001 RR contrastantes quanto a índice de área foliar, estatura de plantas e número de ramos por planta. Foram quantificadas as variáveis: número de gotas por cm², diâmetro mediano volumétrico das gotas, área abaixo da curva de progresso da ferrugem-asiática e produtividade da soja. A definição do espectro de gotas a ser utilizado deve considerar a cultivar e as condições ambientais em que a pulverização será realizada. A magnitude da proteção exercida pelo fungicida varia de acordo com a cobertura de plantas e a penetração de gotas no dossel, proporcionada pelos diferentes espectros de gota. O espectro de gotas fino proporciona boa deposição de gotas, controle da doença e produtividade, independentemente da cultivar avaliada.

  15. Avaliação da atividade fungicida de extratos e óleos essenciais sobre ferrugem asiática da soja

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daísa Bigaton

    Full Text Available Os extratos e óleos essenciais extraídos de plantas têm grande potencial no controle de fitopatógenos, por sua ação fungitóxica direta, inibindo o crescimento micelial e a germinação de esporos, e pela capacidade de induzir o acúmulo de fitoalexinas nas plantas. Objetivou-se com esse trabalho avaliar o efeito de diferentes extratos metanólicos e óleos essenciais sobre a ferrugem asiática da soja (Phakopsora pachyrhizi. O experimento foi realizado em casa-de-vegetação e sala de incubação. Utilizou-se o delineamento inteiramente casualizado com sete tratamentos e dez repetições. A cultivar de soja utilizada foi a BRS 245RR; os tratamentos constaram de óleos essenciais e extratos metanólicos dos gêneros Schinus terebinthifolius (aroeira-pimenteira, e Trichilia silvatica (quebra-machado, catiguá-vermelho, surfactante Tween 80 a 1% (v/v e a testemunha água. As plantas foram pulverizadas com os respectivos tratamentos e inoculadas artificialmente com o fungo cerca de 24 horas depois. As características analisadas foram: número de folíolos/parcela; índice de clorofila; altura de plantas; intensidade da ferrugem asiática da soja; número de folíolos com ferrugem; número de folíolos com aspecto queimado. As plantas pulverizadas com extrato de Schinus a 5% (m/v e óleo de Schinus a 1% (v/v mostraram maior intensidade da doença, comparadas às pulverizadas com água. Estes dois tratamentos e o óleo de Trichilia a 1% provocaram uma maior incidência de folíolos queimados, indicando fitotoxicidade à cultura.

  16. Motion-capture-based walking simulation of digital human adapted to laser-scanned 3D as-is environments for accessibility evaluation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tsubasa Maruyama


    Full Text Available Owing to our rapidly aging society, accessibility evaluation to enhance the ease and safety of access to indoor and outdoor environments for the elderly and disabled is increasing in importance. Accessibility must be assessed not only from the general standard aspect but also in terms of physical and cognitive friendliness for users of different ages, genders, and abilities. Meanwhile, human behavior simulation has been progressing in the areas of crowd behavior analysis and emergency evacuation planning. However, in human behavior simulation, environment models represent only “as-planned” situations. In addition, a pedestrian model cannot generate the detailed articulated movements of various people of different ages and genders in the simulation. Therefore, the final goal of this research was to develop a virtual accessibility evaluation by combining realistic human behavior simulation using a digital human model (DHM with “as-is” environment models. To achieve this goal, we developed an algorithm for generating human-like DHM walking motions, adapting its strides, turning angles, and footprints to laser-scanned 3D as-is environments including slopes and stairs. The DHM motion was generated based only on a motion-capture (MoCap data for flat walking. Our implementation constructed as-is 3D environment models from laser-scanned point clouds of real environments and enabled a DHM to walk autonomously in various environment models. The difference in joint angles between the DHM and MoCap data was evaluated. Demonstrations of our environment modeling and walking simulation in indoor and outdoor environments including corridors, slopes, and stairs are illustrated in this study.

  17. Investigation of Ionospheric Disturbances Using Radio and Optical Observations in South-East Asia -- The Initial Results of the ASI and FPI Observations in Chiang Mai, Thailand (United States)

    Kubota, M.; Nagatsuma, T.; Otsuka, Y.; Shiokawa, K.; Komonjinda, S.; Komolmis, T.; Somboon, E.; Tsugawa, T.; Maruyama, T.; Murata, K. T.


    For the purpose of monitoring and forecasting equatorial ionospheric disturbances, SEALION (SouthEast Asia Low-latitude IOnospheric Network) has been developed since 2003 as a cooperation project by National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) in Thailand, Chiang Mai University (CMU) in Thailand, National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN) in Indonesia, Hanoi Institute of Geophysics (HIG), Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology in Vietnam, Center for Space Science and Applied Research (CSSAR), Chinese Academy of Sciences in China, Kyoto University in Japan, and Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory (STEL), Nagoya University in Japan. SEALION consists of five ionosondes, four GPS receivers, two GPS scintillation monitors, and a magnetometer. As a part of this project, we newly installed an all-sky imager (ASI) and a Fabry-Perot Interferometer (FPI) at Sirindhorn observatory in Chiang Mai (18.8N, 98.9E, Dip lat. 13.1), Thailand. This site is located near conjugate to EAR site in Kototabang, Indonesia. One of main targets of the ASI observation is the large-scale wave structure (LSWS) with wavelengths of 100-1000 km. The LSWS is thought to be connected to the generation mechanism of equatorial plasma bubbles (EPB). The optical observations in Chiang Mai started in February 2010, and we have detected several ionospheric disturbance events with these instruments In this paper, we will show the initial results of the optical observations from Sirindhorn observatory, and discuss the features of ionospheric disturbances in Southeast Asia.

  18. Efeito do número de aplicações de fungicidas no controle da ferrugem asiática da soja = Effect of the number of fungicide applications on the control of Asian soybean rust

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hélio Bandeira Barros


    Full Text Available Este trabalho teve como objetivo avaliar o efeito do número de aplicações foliares de fungicidas no controle da ferrugem asiática, em cultivares de soja. O experimento foi conduzido na safra de 2003/04, em Viçosa, Estado de Minas Gerais. O delineamento experimental foi em blocos casualizados, com quatro repetições. Os tratamentos foram: testemunha sem aplicação, uma aplicação realizada no estádio R5, duas aplicações (R4 e R6 e três aplicações (R4, R5 e R6, utilizando-se a mistura de fungicidas (pyraclostrobin + epoxiconazole e carbendazin. Após a analise de variância e teste de médias, verificaram-se reduções significativas de 91,6 e 97,5% naseveridade de ferrugem asiática e de 100 e 86,8% na porcentagem de desfolha, no tratamento de três aplicações (R4, R5 e R6 da mistura dos fungicidas (pyraclostrobin + epoxiconazole, nas cultivares Vencedora e Conquista, respectivamente. Houve retardamento do ciclo, redução na porcentagem de abortamento de vagens e aumento no massa de 100 sementes nos tratamentos com aplicações de fungicidas em ambas as variedades. Altas produtividades foram obtidas nos tratamentos com três aplicações da mistura de fungicidas (pyraclostrobin + epoxiconazole, não sendo, entretanto, verificadas diferenças significativas entre os tratamentos com uma, duas ou três aplicações do fungicida carbendazin.This work aimed to evaluate the effect of the number of leafapplications of fungicides on the control of the Asian soybean rust. The experiment was carried out at the 2003/04 cropping season, in Viçosa, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The experimental design was a randomized block design, consisting of four replicates. The following treatments: control without application, one application at stage R5; two applications at R4 and R6; and three applications at R4, R5 and R6. The fungicides pyraclostrobin + epoxiconazole and carbendazin. After it analyzes her of variance and test of averages, it was

  19. La jamaʿat al Tabligh en Asie centrale : réactivation des liens islamiques avec le sous continent indien et insertion dans un islam mondialisé

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bayram Balci


    Full Text Available Très fortes jusqu’à l’arrivée de la Russie en Asie centrale au XIXe siècle, notamment sous la dynastie moghole originaire d’Asie centrale, les relations islamiques entre l’Inde et l’Asie centrale ont été considérablement amoindries pendant la période russe et soviétique où l’islam centrasiatique était particulièrement coupé du monde musulman. Toutefois, à la faveur des indépendances en 1991, un important processus de recréation de liens voire d’intégration, permet à l’islam d’Asie centrale de se mettre en réseau avec l’islam du monde entier, turc, arabe, mais aussi indien. Ce dernier, sans doute le moins étudié par la communauté des chercheurs sur l’Asie centrale, s’implante en force dans toute la région, mais plus particulièrement au Kirghizstan et au Kazakhstan, grâce au dynamisme d’une organisation islamique, née dans l’Inde britannique des années 1920, la Jamaʿat al Tabligh. Non radical et apolitique, prêchant un « islam minimal » qui insiste sur les vertus de la foi et de la pratique, l’islam de cette mouvance semble bénéficier du soutien tacite des autorités politiques en place, qui trouvent dans la Jamaʿat al Tabligh un allié dans leur lutte contre l’islam contestataire de l’ordre établi.

  20. Change of the equivalent circuit constants accompanied by the degradation and recovery of efficiency on a-Si solar cells; A-Si taiyo denchi no koritsu no rekka to kaifuku ni tomonau toka kairo teisu no henka

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Takahisa, K.; Kojima, T.; Nakamura, K.; Koyanagi, T.; Yanagisawa, T. [Electrotechnical Laboratory, Tsukuba (Japan)


    Investigations were given on how the equivalent circuit constants change when efficiency of amorphous silicon solar cells changes with time in light degradation and temperature recovery. In the experiment, light irradiation tests under a constant temperature and light intensity condition, followed by recovery tests under a constant temperature and constant weak light intensity or constant temperature condition were repeated continuously. According to the result of an experiment on single layer type cells, the change in each equivalent circuit constant in association with degradation in efficiency and file factor and variation in recovery is reversible mostly. However, a slightly irreversible component was recognized only in the initial degradation process in series resistance and diode factor values. With regard to stacked cells, it was suggested that the main players to determine cell characteristics during the processes of deterioration and recovery take turns among the three layers as follows: the shape of the time-based change in the efficiency comes different and is not saturating; as the efficiency decreases, the extent of the change increases in the diode factor and series resistance; and the path the deterioration takes differs from that the recovery takes. 2 refs., 12 figs.

  1. «Un esclavo que se llama Antonio»: venta de dos esclavos asiáticos en Galicia a inicios del siglo XVII

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ménard, Caroline


    Full Text Available Slavery has existed in the Iberian Peninsula since the Antiquity and up to the Modern Era - and moreover, it was not restricted to the submission of people coming from Africa. This paper will look at the sale of two slaves originally from Asia, Antonio and Domingo, in 1603 in the port of Vigo - it will explore their journey, the role of the Carreira da India Portuguese mariners as sailors, their origin and sale price. Antonio and Domingo might represent a minority compared to all the slaves living at that time in Galicia, but their difference is a rich illustration of the process as it was then working.

    La esclavitud era conocida en la Península Ibérica desde la Antigüedad y durante la Época Moderna y no se limitó a la sumisión de personas de origen africana. Este artículo trata de la venta de dos esclavos de origen asiático, Antonio y Domingo, en el puerto de Vigo en 1603; en él se analiza la ruta emprendida por éstos, el papel desempeñado por los marineros portugueses de la Carreira da India como vendedores, así como su origen y precio. Antonio y Domingo representan una minoria dentro del conjunto de los esclavos viviendo en ese momento en Galicia, pero su presencia es un ejemplo ilustrativo de la dinámica vigente en la época. [gl] A escravitude era coñecida na Península Ibérica dende a Antigüidade e durante a Época Moderna e non se limitou a sumisión de persoas de orixe africana. Este artigo trata da venda de dous escravos de orixe asiática, Antonio e Domingo, no porto de Vigo no 1603. No artigo analízase a ruta realizada por estes e a súa orixe e prezo, así como o papel xogado polos mariñeiros portugueses na Carreira da India como vendedores. Antonio y Domingo representan unha corrente minoritaria dentro do conxunto dos escravos que viven en Galicia nesta época, mais a sua presencia é un bon exemplo da dinamica vivida nesta época.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Asrinisa Rachmadewi


    Full Text Available 800x600 Normal 0 false false false IN X-NONE X-NONE The main aim of this study was to compare breastfeeding knowledge, attitude, and practice and infants nutritional status between rural and urban areas. In this cross-sectional study, Desa Jayabakti, Kabupaten Sukabumi represents rural area, while Kelurahan Kedung Jaya, Kota Bogor represents urban area. Samples were 31 mothers-infants in each area who were selected by simple cluster sampling method. The differences between two areas were analyzed with the independent t-test, chi-square test, and Fisher's exact test. The correlation between variables was analyzed with rank Spearman. The result of this study showed that mother's knowledge and attitude of nutrition, especially about exclusive breastfeeding, was higher in urban than in rural area. There were differences in mothers' knowledge and attitude between rural and urban areas (p0.05. The aspects of breastfeeding practices which statistically difference in rural and urban areas were the introduction of colostrums status and breastfeeding time (p0.05. Furthermore, exclusive breastfeeding practice was not associated with 4-12 months infants nutritional status (p>0.05. Mothers' family should be targeted as target of audience in breastfeeding promotion.  Keywords: breastfeeding practice, exclusive breastfeeding, knowledge, attitude, infant                  nutritional status, rural and urban areas.

  3. The formation of the positive, fixed charge at c-Si(111)/a-Si$_3$N$_{3.5}$:H interfaces

    CERN Document Server

    Hintzsche, L E; Marsman, M; Lamers, M W P E; Weeber, A W; Kresse, G


    Modern electronic devices are unthinkable without the well-controlled formation of interfaces at heterostructures. These often involve at least one amorphous material. Modeling such interfaces poses a significant challenge, since a meaningful result can only be expected by using huge models or by drawing from many statistically independent samples. Here we report on the results of high throughput calculations for interfaces between crystalline silicon (c-Si) and amorphous silicon nitride (a-Si$_3$N$_{3.5}$:H), which are omnipresent in commercially available solar cells. The findings reconcile only partly understood key features. At the interface, threefold coordinated Si atoms are present. These are caused by the structural mismatch between the amorphous and crystalline part. The local Fermi level of undoped c-Si lies well below that of a-SiN:H. To align the Fermi levels in the device, charge is transferred from the a-SiN:H part to the c-Si part resulting in an abundance of positively charged, threefold coord...

  4. Postmodernisma iezīmes Andželas Kārteres stāstu izlasē "Asiņainais kambaris"


    Mierkalne, Laura


    Šajā pētījumā aplūkotas postmodernisma iezīmes Andželas Kārteres stāstu izlasē Asiņainais kambaris. Padziļināti tiek apskatīta intertekstualitāte, stilizācija, un fragmentācija, un to izpausmes, lai secinātu kā šīs iezīmes veido postmodernisma stāstu. Šis pētījums izstrādāts veicot ar postmodernisma tēmu saistīto teorētisko materiālu un A.Kārteres stāstu analīzi. Pētījuma aktualitāti ietekmē, pirmkārt, postmodernisma literatūras problemātika – sarežģītā literatūras perioda definīcijas izstrād...

  5. A China na nova arquitetura geoeconômica global e o caso do Banco Asiático de Investimento em Infraestrutura

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Diego Pautasso


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste artigo é analisar a criação do Banco Asiático de Investimento em Infraestrutura por parte do governo chinês. Mais do que uma organização internacional, o argumento proposto é que o AIIB revela a configuração de uma nova arquitetura geoeconômica e financeira. Esta, por sua vez, deve ser entendida como  parte do renascimento da Ásia, da ascensão chinesa e da emergência de um mundo multipolar. The objective of this paper is to analyze the creation of the Asian Investment Bank Infrastructure by the Chinese government. More than an international organization, the proposed argument is that AIIB shows the configuration of a new geo-economic and financial architecture. This, in turn, must be understood as part of the renaissance of Asia, China’s rise and the emergence of a multipolar world.

  6. Development of highly efficient large-area a-Si PV module. Final report; Entwicklung hocheffizienter grossflaechiger a-Si-Photovoltaikmodule. Abschlussbericht

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ruebel, H.; Frammelsberger, W.; Lechner, P.; Geyer, R.; Schade, H.; Psyk, W.


    This project was focused on the development of stable PV modules based on a-Si, and on the process transfer from a laboratory scale to a large-area production level. Central to these efforts is the economic relevance that requires reasonable module efficiencies obtained with high throughput and yield. Our modules contain p-i-n/p-i-n (a-Si/a-Si) cell structures that are based on deposition procedures developed at ISI, i.e. low-temperature deposition and high hydrogen dilution for the top cell, and microdoping between the p-layer and the buffer layer for the cottom cell. The maximum stabilized (1800 h) module efficiency obtained by production-relevant processes is 6.5% for the aperture area of 5445 cm{sup 2}. (orig.) [Deutsch] Die Arbeiten im Rahmen des Projekts konzentrierten sich auf die Entwicklung moeglicht stabiler a-Si-PV-Module und auf die Umsetzung vorhandener Labortechniken in einen industriellen Fertigungsmassstab. Mitbestimmend fuer die Entwicklungsarbeiten war die kommerzielle Relevanz, die brauchbare Modulleistungen verknuepft mit hohem Durchsatz bei hoher Ausbeute. Die Basis fuer unsere jetzige Zellstruktur im Modul sind die a-Si/a-Si-(p-i-n/p-i-n)-Technologie und die Technologiekonzepte des ISI (Tieftemperaturabscheidung bei hoher H-Verduennung fuer die Topzelle sowie Feindotierung des Uebergangs von der p-Schicht in den Puffer hinein fuer die Bottomzelle). Das beste mit einem fertigungsrelevanten Prozess hergestellte Modul erreicht nach 1800 h Lichtalterung einen stabilisierten Aperturwirkungsgrad von 6.5%. (orig.)

  7. La estructura del “sector del sexo” en el sureste asiático. Una realidad poliédrica

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rosario Pozo Gordaliza


    Full Text Available Este artículo estudia, mediante un análisis sistemático, los elementos más significativos que definen la industria del sexo en el sureste asiático. Entre ellos destacamos en primer lugar, su compleja, organización, sofisticación, diversificación y estructuración; su relación con la feminización de la pobreza, las migraciones y las minorías étnicas. El tráfico sexual y el turismo sexual creciente. En segundo lugar hablaremos sobre su clientela, la estructura  demográfica joven y el acceso al mercado de la prostitución a edades muy tempranas. Seguidamente haremos alusión a las desigualdades de género, las creencias socioculturales, religiosas y al imaginario social colectivo. A continuación incidiremos en las “prostituciones” (directas o indirectas, la idea de la elección y los límites en su producción estadística. Por último terminamos con una propuesta orientativa para enriquecer el debate y aportar vías facilitadoras para encarar el fenómeno desde la perspectiva de los derechos humanos.

  8. China e sudeste asiático: diferenças e semelhanças de percepção quanto a questões atuais

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paulo A. Pereira Pinto


    Full Text Available China e Sudeste Asiático têm diferenças de percepção quanto a questões de segurança regional atuais, em virtude de experiências históricas, que levam alguns países situados ao Sul da RPC a acreditarem que Pequim poderia voltar a desempenhar papel dominante na área de sua antiga influência político-cultural. Fortalecem-se, por outro lado, as semelhanças de percepção quanto à necessidade de preservar o Estado, como agente capaz de fomentar o desenvolvimento do sistema político, bem como garantidor das aspirações e interesses individuais e coletivos.China and Southeast Asia, due to their historic expeirences, have different perceptions about comtemporary regional security issues that lead some countries located at the South of CPR to believe that Pekin could come back to play the dominant role on its ancient political and cultural influence area. On the other hand, similar perceptions about the need of preserving the State as the agent able to foment the development of the political system as well as the guarantor of individual and collective aspirations and interests have strengthned.

  9. Colonization and Biology of Phlebotomus pa­patasi, the Main Vector of Cutaneous Leishmani­asis due to Leshmania major

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yaghoobi-Ershadi MR


    Full Text Available Background: Laboratory bred sand flies are essential for the study of different biological phenomena including the transmis­sion dynamics of Leishmania. The aim of the study was to determine the suitable situation for colonization and main­tenance of Iranian strain of Phlebotomus papatasi at laboratory conditions from an endemic focus of cutaneous leishmani­asis due to Leishmania major.Methods: One hundred and thirty P. papatasi were collected by CDC miniature light traps and aspirator from indoors in Badrood, central Iran. The fly was maintained by the procedures of Modi & Tesh (1983 with minor modifications for 7 generations. Results: Minimum and maximum rate of productivity was calculated to be 8.5 and 56.1 in F7 and F3, respectively and signifi­cant difference was observed among productivity of some generations (P< 0.001. The sex ratio ranged between 70(F1 and 101.8(F6. The mean duration of egg to adult emergence varied between 47.21±4.46 and 52.6±7.85 days. The life cycle was completed in 34.4 to 60 days at 26±1 ºC. Conclusion: P. papatasi was colonized and maintained successfully for the first time as a laboratory strain. Using larval diet without liver powder is recommended. The blood of white hamster was preferred to golden hamster and guinea pig for the sand fly vector blood feeding at the insectary.

  10. Théâtres d’Asie à l’œuvre. Circulation, expression, politique, Hélène Bouvier & Gérard Toffin, éd.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Corinne Flicker


    Full Text Available Cet ouvrage, riche d’une dizaine d’études, traite des formes théâtrales en Asie, de l’Inde à la Chine, en passant par l’archipel indonésien (Java, Bali, Madura, le Cambodge et le Vietnam. Il est précédé d’une introduction dense qui cadre la question sur le plan théorique en optant pour une approche résolument anthropologique, qui fédère l’ensemble des contributions. Il donne un éclairage neuf en renouvelant l’apport d’ouvrages majeurs mais aujourd’hui anciens, tel Les Théâtres d’Asie, sous l...

  11. Prey records of robber fLies(Diptera:AsiLidae)in Iran%伊朗食虫虻(双翅目:食虫虻科)的猎物记录

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Najmeh SAMIN; Hamid SAKENIN; Hassan GHAHARI; Reza MONAEM


    Up on the revising of the pubLished data on Iranian AsiLidae,in a totaL 130 insect species are Listed in this paper as the preys for 104 species of Iranian AsiLidae. These preys beLong to 37 famiLies of 7 orders incLuding Hyme-noptera,Diptera,CoLeoptera,Orthoptera,Lepidoptera,Heteroptera and Neuroptera. In addition to the diverse preys in the cLass Insecta,one spider species( Aranei)was determined as prey too.%本文根据伊朗食虫虻科AsiLidae的文献资料,记录了伊朗104种食虫虻的130种猎物。这些猎物隶属昆虫纲Insecta的7个目(膜翅目Hymenoptera,双翅目Diptera,鞘翅目CoLeoptera,直翅目Orthoptera,鳞翅目Lepidoptera,半翅目异翅亚目Heteroptera和脉翅目Neuroptera)37科,此外,还有1种蜘蛛也是食虫虻的猎物。

  12. Reduction of the effect of non-uniform backscatter from an E-type support arm of a Varian a-Si EPID used for dosimetry. (United States)

    Rowshanfarzad, Pejman; Sabet, Mahsheed; O'Connor, Daryl J; Greer, Peter B


    Backscatter from the metallic components in the support arm is one of the sources of inaccuracy in dosimetry with Varian amorphous silicon electronic portal imaging devices (a-Si EPIDs). In this study, the non-uniform arm backscatter is blocked by adding lead sheets between the EPID and an E-type support arm. By comparing the EPID responses on and off the arm, with and without lead and considering the extra weight on the imager, 2 mm of lead was determined as the optimum thickness for both 6 and 18 MV beam energies. The arm backscatter at the central axis with the 2 mm lead in place decreased to 0.1% and 0.2% for the largest field size of 30 × 30 cm(2) using 6 and 18 MV beams, from 2.3% and 1.3% without lead. Changes in the source-to-detector distance (SDD) did not affect the backscatter component more than 1%. The symmetry of the in-plane profiles improved for all field sizes for both beam energies. The addition of lead decreased the contrast-to-noise ratio and resolution by 1.3% and 0.84% for images taken in 6 MV and by 0.5% and 0.38% for those in 18 MV beams. The displacement of the EPID central pixel was measured during a 360° gantry rotation with and without lead which was 1 pixel different. While the backscatter reduces with increasing lead thickness, a 2 mm lead sheet seems sufficient for acceptable dosimetry results without any major degradation to the routine performance of the imager. No increase in patient skin dose was detected.

  13. Análise AMMI da produtividade de grãos em linhagens de soja selecionadas para resistência à ferrugem asiática

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gilberto Ken-Iti Yokomizo


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste trabalho foi quantificar os efeitos da interação genótipo x ambiente (GxE sobre a produtividade de grãos em progênies de soja pré-selecionadas para resistência à ferrugem asiática (Phakopsora pachyrhizi. Doze ensaios de avaliação de progênies (linhagens F6 e F7 foram conduzidos em diferentes ambientes (combinação de locais, anos e tratamentos fungicidas para controle de doenças de final de ciclo, incluindo ou não a ferrugem. A análise "additive main effects and multiplicative interaction" (AMMI capturou, como padrão da interação GxE, 57% da variação associada aos resíduos de não aditividade, dos quais 44% foram retidos no primeiro componente principal de interação e o restante, no segundo. O primeiro componente associou-se a diferenças entre os anos de avaliação, o que denota imprevisibilidade na predição. O segundo componente, no entanto, associou-se ao manejo diferenciado do cultivo, no que se refere ao controle ou não das doenças. Entre os genótipos de ampla adaptabilidade produtiva, as linhagens USP 02-16.045 e USP 10-10 apresentaram desempenho destacado.

  14. Controle de ferrugem asiática da soja utilizando-se diferentes pontas de pulverização em Maracaju-MS

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jackeline Matos do Nascimento


    Full Text Available En la presente investigación realizada en Maracaju, en el estado de Mato Grosso do Sul, Brasil, fue estudiado el efecto de puntas y horarios de aplicación para el control de la Roya asiática de la soya. Se evaluaron cuatro puntas de pulverización: chorro plano de uso ampliado, chorro plano doble, chorro plano deflector y chorro plano deflector doble. Las aplicaciones ocurrieron en los horarios de 14:00 y 17:30h con un pulverizador de espaldas a presión constante (CO2. El fungicida utilizado fue el epoxiconazole y piraclostrobina, en la dosis de 0,5 L·ha-1 del producto comercial. El delineamiento experimental fue el de bloques al azar, con cuatro repeticiones, en un esquema de parcelas subdivididas, donde la parcela fue el horario y las subparcelas las puntas. Fueron colectados 30 folíolos en los tercios superior, medio e inferior de la planta, para evaluar el número de lesiones, uredíneas, incidencia y severidad de la enfermedad. En la aplicación realizada en el horario de las 14:00h con la punta chorro plano deflector, las plantas presentaron mayor número de lesiones y uredíneas en el tercio medio, cuando fue comparada con las puntas chorro plano deflector doble y chorro plano doble. No fueron detectadas diferencias significativas en relación a la masa de mil granos y la producción.

  15. El curso del desarrollo tecnológico y la subcontratación en el programa maquilador mexicano: La experiencia del este asiático

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Víctor M. Castillo


    Full Text Available Al iniciarse la década de los noventa, la industria maquiladora se ha consolidado como sector en términos cualitativos (generación de empleo y obtención de divisas, pero también en su desarrollo, que a medida que avanza el tiempo pesa más en la estructura económica y social del país (sobre todo en la frontera norte, en la que pudieran resultar importantes beneficios indirectos, dentro de otro escenario, caracterizado por las extemalidades de una nueva industria maquiladora (NIM. Nueva en el sentido de su posible contribución al desenvolvimiento del país en aspectos como apoyo a la infraestructura, transferencia y generación de tecnología, en el sentido de impulso a industrias satélites y complementarias a través de la utilización de insumos y la subcontratación, esto en una dimensión más cualitativa del proceso, donde la NIM debe ser entendida en el marco de referencia de las modificaciones y cambios estructurales que la economía esta generando (en materia de políticaeconómica.Ante esta perspectiva, el presente trabajo pretende dar respuesta a la interrogante: ¿es posible repetir la experiencia asiática en aspectos de subcontratación y adaptación de tecnología en la frontera norte de México?Como conclusión preliminar se plantea: la NIM, dentro de un marco de planificación estatal, podría convertirse en instrumento de apoyo importante, vía transferencia de tecnología y subcontratación, para una transición hacia niveles más altos de industrialización.

  16. Public banking of umbilical cord blood or storage in a private bank: testing social and ethical policy in northeastern Italy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Parco S


    Full Text Available Sergio Parco, Fulvia Vascotto, Patrizia Visconti Institute for Maternal and Child Health, Trieste, Italy Background: In northeastern Italy, according to Italian legislation, authorized public facilities can accept the donation and preservation of cord blood stem cells (CB-SC. Attitudes and knowledge in pregnant women differs between the local and immigrant (non-European Union [EU] population. In this study we assessed the choices that pregnant women have with respect to the public and private harvesting system and the main reasons driving their decisions. We examined the ethnic origin of the families and compared tests for syphilis screening and leukocyte (WBC counts in the CB-SC bags that are required for validation of the collection. Methods: Out of a population of 3450 pregnant patients at the Institute for Maternal and Child Health of Trieste, northeast Italy, 772 women agreed to cord blood harvesting and the associated lab tests. Of these, 221 women (28.6% were from immigrant families of non-EU countries. Their ethnic affiliation was recorded, and tests were performed for syphilis screening and for nucleated red blood cell (NRBC interference with the WBC count in CB-SC bags to assess cellularity and to determine if storage was appropriate. Results: Of the 772 pregnant women, 648 (84.0% accessed the public collection system, which is free of charge, and 124 (15.0% accessed the private fee-based system. One woman from the non-EU group opted for the private fee-based system. Of the 3450 pregnant women screened for syphilis at the Institute for Maternal and Child Health, the Treponema pallidum hemagglutination (TPHA and Venereal Disease Research Laboratory (VDRL tests were the main tests performed (66.0% of total cases because many gynecologists in the public harvesting system apply the Italian regulations of the 1988 Decree, while the private system requires tests on syphilis and leaves the option to the lab physicians to select the best

  17. Influence of solar spectrum and climate on the performance of c-SI, a-Si and CdTe modules (United States)

    Weihs, Philipp; Jochen, Wagner; Marcus, Rennhofer; Zamini, Shokufeh; Fallent, Gerhard; Brence, Florian


    Within the scope of the project PV-SPEC we investigate the performance of different types of photovoltaic (PV) modules as a function of the regional climate of Austria. Three types of modules were chosen for the present study: monocrystalline silicon cells (c-SI), amorphous silicon cells (a-Si) and cadmium telluride cells (CdTe). The criteria for the selection of the cells is on the one hand their different spectral sensitivity and on the other hand the need of research in the domain of thin film technology. The aim of the project is the exact estimation of the potential energy yield of these three module types in the different climatic regions of Austria. Thereby the effects of the very inhomogeneous and structured topography in Austria need to be fully taken into account. As a first step the characteristics of the PV modules as well as their spectral sensitivity were determined in the laboratory. In a second step routine measurements of the module performance were performed at Observatory Kanzelhoehe (1600 m altitude), and in Vienna (170 m altitude). In order to investigate the influence of temperature, wind, cloudiness and solar spectrum some additional measurements of these quantities were performed. In order to investigate the influence of the orientation of the modules, we performed for each module type the measurement of the performance of three modules with different orientations: one module oriented towards south, one towards east and one towards west. In a third step we then analyse the performance as a function of time of the day, as a function of the season, as a function of the meteorological parameters (temperature, wind and cloudiness) and as a function of the spectral distribution of the solar radiation. The meteorological influence on the PV module performance is quantified using one array type function for each module type. Using this function and a radiative transfer model we may in a last step calculate the energy yield potential of the three PV

  18. Aire linguistique Asie du Sud-Est continentale : le birman en fait-il partie ? Mainland Southeast Asia Linguistic Area: is Burmese in?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alice Vittrant


    Full Text Available L’appartenance du birman à la famille des langues tibéto-birmanes est un fait non discutable comme l’attestent de nombreux travaux en linguistique historique (Benedict 1942, Shafer 1955, Matisoff 1973. Cependant, cette langue possède de nombreuses caractéristiques phonologiques, morphosyntaxiques, pragmatiques ou lexicales, rares ou non attestées dans les autres langues de la famille. On peut donc s’interroger sur l’origine de ces innovations : hasard, universalité du langage ou contact de langues ? Or de récentes études (Matisoff 1991, Enfield, 2005 ont révélé l’existence d’une aire linguistique ou Sprachbund en Asie du Sud-Est continentale, i.e. une zone géographique dans laquelle des langues de familles linguistiques diverses partagent des traits structurels, généralement acquis par contact. Nous montrerons ainsi que, quoique rarement cité, le birman – langue tonale, à tendance isolante, à morphologie pauvre, sans flexion, faisant usage de classificateurs et très contextuelle – fait bien partie de cette aire linguistique.Burmese is indisputably part of Tibeto-Burman linguistic family, as many research in historical linguistics have proved it (see Benedict 1942, Shafer 1955, Matisoff 1973. However, this language exhibits phonological, morpho-syntactic, pragmatic or lexical features that are rare or non-attested in the other languages of the family. Therefore the issue is about the origine of these innovations: hazard, language universals or language contacts ? Recent studies études (Matisoff 1991, Enfield, 2005 have shown the existence of a linguistic area or Sprachbund in Mainland Southeast Asia, i.e. a geographical area where languages from different linguistic families share structural features, generally contact-induced features. In this paper, we show that Burmese, as a tonal language, isolating language with simple morphology, without agreement, using classifiers, and being an extremely contextual

  19. Evaluation of Multiplex-Based Antibody Testing for Use in Large-Scale Surveillance for Yaws: a Comparative Study. (United States)

    Cooley, Gretchen M; Mitja, Oriol; Goodhew, Brook; Pillay, Allan; Lammie, Patrick J; Castro, Arnold; Moses, Penias; Chen, Cheng; Ye, Tun; Ballard, Ronald; Martin, Diana L


    WHO has targeted yaws for global eradication by 2020. The program goals are to interrupt the transmission in countries where yaws is endemic and to certify countries as yaws free where yaws was endemic in the past. No new rapid plasmin reagin (RPR) seroreactivity in young children is required for certification of elimination at a country level. We sought to evaluate whether antibody responses to specific treponemal antigens measured in a high-throughput multiplex bead array (MBA) assay differentiate past versus current infection and whether a nontreponemal lipoidal antigen test can be incorporated into the MBA. Serum and dried blood spot specimens collected for yaws surveillance projects in Ghana, Vanuatu, and Papua New Guinea (PNG) were run on MBA to measure antibodies against recombinant p17 (rp17) and treponemal membrane protein A (TmpA) treponemal antigens. Results were compared to standard treponemal laboratory (TPPA or TPHA [TPP(H)A]) and quantitative RPR test data. Of 589 specimens, 241 were TPP(H)A(+)/RPR(+), 88 were TPP(H)A(+)/RPR(-), 6 were TPP(H)A(-)/RPR(+), and 254 were negative for both tests. Compared to TPP(H)A, reactive concordance of rp17 was 93.7%, while reactive concordance of TmpA was only 81.9%. TmpA-specific reactivity showed good correlation with RPR titers (R(2) = 0.41; P RPR testing (cardiolipin) were not detected in the MBA. Our results suggest that TmpA can be used as a treponemal antigen marker for recent or active infection and potentially replace RPR in a high-throughput multiplex tool for large-scale yaws surveillance.

  20. Jalons pour une anthropologie de l’éthique entrepreneuriale en Asie du Sud-Est Groundwork for an Anthropology of Entrepreneurial Ethics in South-East Asia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ghislaine Gallenga


    Full Text Available L’éthique entrepreneuriale est une notion largement mobilisée dans le milieu des affaires et des entreprises en Asie du Sud-Est où elle est présentée le plus souvent comme un ensemble de préceptes moraux, idéologiques ou religieux que les acteurs locaux rassemblent sous le vocable « valeurs asiatiques ». L’objet de cette introduction est de replacer ces valeurs dans le contexte de l’entreprise à partir de quelques travaux fondateurs de ce sujet en Asie du Sud-Est. Nous verrons que le plus souvent ils oscillent entre deux pôles : d’une part la sociologie wébérienne du capitalisme industriel par le prisme de l’éthique religieuse et d’autre part l’approche substantiviste de Polanyi. Si les grilles d’analyse nées de ces débats ont été appliquées en majorité aux entrepreneurs issus de la diaspora chinoise, c’est la question de l’idéologie des entrepreneurs qui prédomine à travers le prisme des courants philosophiques et religieux qui leur servent de repères. Comment des valeurs et des idéologies sont-elles perpétuées, adaptées ou transposées par les directions d’entreprise ? Comment s’insèrent-elles également dans les micro-stratégies des acteurs locaux ? Comment l’éthique entrepreneuriale se décline-t-elle dans des établissements de statuts divers et dans des familles d’entrepreneurs ? Quelles images ces dernières construisent-elles et quelles sont les valeurs (morales, religieuses, etc. qui participent à la construction de cette éthique ? En d’autres termes, il s’agit d’observer des pratiques qui ont cours dans cette partie du monde et d’en comprendre les logiques au travers d’analyses anthropologiques. Ainsi, les contributions présentées dans ce numéro apportent à la fois des éléments de réponse et ouvrent d’autres pistes de réflexion pour concourir à esquisser ce que « éthique entrepreneuriale » peut recouvrir dans cette région du Sud-Est asiatique

  1. Evaluación del bienestar del elefante asiático (Elephas maximus) y del rinoceronte indio (Rinoceros unicornis) en cautividad a través del cortisol salivar


    Menargues Marcilla, María Asunción


    La presente tesis estudia la medición del bienestar animal mediante el análisis del cortisol salivar como herramienta en el manejo de elefantes asiáticos y rinocerontes indios en parques zoológicos, para conocer y mejorar las condiciones de cautividad de estos animales con el fin de mejorar su bienestar. En este estudio se valida la técnica del análisis de cortisol salivar para las especies citadas y se analiza cómo afectan diversos estímulos estresantes al bienestar de estos animales, como l...

  2. Perspectivas de la creación de un régimen monetario y comercial chino. Un análisis de la actuación de China en el sudeste asiático desde 1997


    Mazuera Ángel, Pamela


    La presente monografía busca explicar el proceso a través del cual China, en calidad de potencia en el Sudeste Asiático, ha implementado reglas a su favor en las cuales su moneda y la competitividad de sus productos han resultado beneficiados. De esta manera, la teoría de la Estabilidad Hegemónica de Robert Gilpin, la cual plantea que los Estados poderosos buscan crear regímenes internacionales con el fin de promover sus propios intereses, es un instrumento para analizar una serie de acciones...

  3. Efeito do tratamento de sementes na redução da incidência e severidade da ferrugem asiática da soja, associado à pulverização foliar e a duas cultivares


    Pimenta,Cláudia Barbosa


    O tratamento de sementes com fungicidas sistêmicos tem a vantagem de promover eficiente proteção na fase inicial da cultura. O mesmo tem sido utilizado há vários anos, visando o controle de fungos biotróficos em cereais. É de conhecimento que algumas doenças foliares podem ser manejadas através do tratamento de sementes com fungicidas sistêmicos. A ferrugem asiática da soja é uma das principais doenças que ataca a cultura da soja. Altenativas de manejo vêm sendo estudadas para ...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dr. Dzintars Ozoliņš


    Full Text Available The serological methods for diagnosis of syphilis are classified into non-specific (non-treponemal such as Rapid Plasma Reagin (RPR, and specific (treponemal such as Treponema pallidum hemagglutination test (TPHA and Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay IgG, IgM (ELISA IgG, IgM tests. The aim of this retrospective study was to estimate and compare the sensitivity and specificity of RPR, TPHA and Syphilis ELISA IgG, IgM. The study was conducted on 18 799 clinically healthy persons who had visited the Outpatient clinic of Ministry of the Interior Clinical Centre, Latvia during 2 years period from August 2006 to November 2007. Patients were screened to find out possible late latent syphilis cases by using RPR, TPHA and ELISA IgG, IgM assays. The results showed the highest sensitivity indices of ELISA IgG, IgM and TPHA methods, and the lowest for the RPR test. Highest specificity indices were observed by using ELISA IgG, IgM method followed by TPHA method with lower values and RPR method showing the lowest specificity. To conclude, ELISA IgG, IgM and TPHA methods should be used for screening late latent syphilis cases and ELISA IgG, IgM for diagnosis confirmation. RPR is not recommended for screening purposes.

  5. « Хорошо где нас нет »L’émigration des « Russophones » d’Asie centrale

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Julien Thorez


    Full Text Available L’article aborde l’émigration des populations « russophones » d’Asie centrale depuis l’effondrement de l’URSS, en analysant les déterminants de la mobilité post-soviétique (crise économique, guerre civile, relations interethniques et en replaçant ce processus dans l’histoire migratoire récente. Il présente également les répercussions en Asie centrale de ce flux massif qui constitue un élément fondamental de la transformation post-soviétique.The present article deals with the emigration of Russian speaking population from Central Asia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. It aims to analyze the determining factors of the post-soviet mobility (economic crisis, civil war, interethnic relations and to put this process into the recent history of migrations. In so doing, this paper explores the repercussions of this massive flow on Central Asia, which represents a fundamental aspect of the post-soviet transformation.

  6. Research and development of photovoltaic power system. Study of carrier dynamics in a-Si from optical and optoelectronic properties; Taiyoko hatsuden system no kenky kaihatsu. Amorphous silicon no koden tokusei to sono carrier dynamics no kogakuteki kenkyu

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hamakawa, K. [Osaka University, Osaka (Japan). Faculty of Engineering Science


    This paper reports the result obtained during fiscal 1994 on research on an optical study of optoelectronic properties of amorphous silicon and its carrier dynamics. Studies have been performed on elucidation of the optoelectronic conversion mechanism in an a-Si film p-i-n junction system and the relationship of the mechanism with the optoelectronic properties. In the studies, optically induced defect level distribution was evaluated by using the modulated optical current spectroscopy, and confirmation was made on model forecast and qualitative agreement, such as large increase in neutral defect levels in association with beam irradiation. In research on elucidation of a film forming mechanism for a-Si based alloys, and material property control, a high-sensitivity reflective infrared spectroscopy was used to observe mechanisms such as treatments and processes given in device fabrication. In research on optical and optoelectronic properties of an s-Si alloy thin film by using the modulated spectroscopy, a new evaluation technology dealing with amorphous semiconductors was developed. The technology separately evaluates carrier migration factors of electrons and holes by combining polarization angle dependence of electro-absorption signals with hole migration measurements. 4 figs.

  7. Prevalence of Syphilis and associated factors in homeless people of Sao Paulo, Brazil, using a Rapid Test

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Valdir Monteiro Pinto


    Full Text Available Introduction: Homeless people are a vulnerable group to sexually transmitted diseases (STD with high prevalence of syphilis and hepatitis. Objectives: To estimate the prevalence of syphilis infection and its association with risky behaviors for STDs in a sample of homeless people, and to assess the feasibility of the use of rapid syphilis test (RST in this population. Methods: Cross-sectional study, in a convenience sample of homeless people assisted in social support services of São Paulo, between 2006 and 2007. A structured questionnaire was applied and RST was performed. In addition, a blood sample for syphilis detection was also collected. The sensitivity and specificity of the RST was estimated using conventional laboratory diagnosis (VDRL + TPHA as reference. Results: 1,405 volunteers were included in the study. The prevalence rate of syphilis was 7.0%, and was associated with homosexual practices (ORadj 4.9; 95%CI 2.6 - 9.4, prior history of STD (ORadj 2.6; 95%CI 1.7 - 4.0 and with self-referred non-white race (ORadj 1.9; 95%CI 1.1 - 3.4. The sensitivity and specificity of the RST for syphilis were, respectively, 81.4 and 92.1%. Conclusion: The high prevalence of syphilis infection among homeless people shows the need for actions for its control and the utilization of RST that can be considered an efficient strategy due to its sensitivity and specificity. Public Health policymakers must strengthen actions for syphilis control, with screening tests for syphilis and early treatment, decreasing morbidity with the improvement of sexual and reproductive health of the population in general and especially the most vulnerable.

  8. ``Galileo Galilei'' (GG) a small satellite to test the equivalence principle of Galileo, Newton and Einstein (United States)

    Nobili, Anna M.; Comandi, Gian Luca; Doravari, Suresh; Bramanti, Donato; Kumar, Rajeev; Maccarrone, Francesco; Polacco, Erseo; Turyshev, Slava G.; Shao, Michael; Lipa, John; Dittus, Hansjoerg; Laemmerzhal, Claus; Peters, Achim; Mueller, Jurgen; Unnikrishnan, C. S.; Roxburgh, Ian W.; Brillet, Alain; Marchal, Christian; Luo, Jun; van der Ha, Jozef; Milyukov, Vadim; Iafolla, Valerio; Lucchesi, David; Tortora, Paolo; de Bernardis, Paolo; Palmonari, Federico; Focardi, Sergio; Zanello, Dino; Monaco, Salvatore; Mengali, Giovanni; Anselmo, Luciano; Iorio, Lorenzo; Knezevic, Zoran


    “Galileo Galilei” (GG) is a small satellite designed to fly in low Earth orbit with the goal of testing the Equivalence Principle—which is at the basis of the General Theory of Relativity—to 1 part in 1017. If successful, it would improve current laboratory results by 4 orders of magnitude. A confirmation would strongly constrain theories; proof of violation is believed to lead to a scientific revolution. The experiment design allows it to be carried out at ambient temperature inside a small 1-axis stabilized satellite (250 kg total mass). GG is under investigation at Phase A-2 level by ASI (Agenzia Spaziale Italiana) at Thales Alenia Space in Torino, while a laboratory prototype (known as GGG) is operational at INFN laboratories in Pisa, supported by INFN (Istituto Nazionale di fisica Nucleare) and ASI. A final study report will be published in 2009.

  9. Efeito de fungicidas sistêmico e protetores aplicados em diferentes estádios fenológicos no controle da ferrugem asiática da soja Effect of protectant and systemic fungicides applied at different growth stages on the control of soybean asian rust


    Jorge da Silva Júnior; Pedro Milanez de Rezende; Eudes de Arruda Carvalho; Eduardo Alves; Edson Ampélio Pozza


    Objetivou-se, neste trabalho, verificar o efeito dos fungicidas oxicloreto de cobre, tiofanato metílico, tiofanato metílico + clorotalonil e clorotalonil em diferentes estádios fenológicos V6, R1, R5, V6 + R1, V6 + R5 e R1 + R5 no controle da ferrugem asiática da soja. O estudo foi conduzido na área experimental do Departamento de Agricultura da Universidade Federal de Lavras. Observou-se efeito significativo de controle da ferrugem asiática para todos os fungicidas avaliados. A aplicação de ...

  10. L’Asie insulaire, forte exportatrice de main-d’oeuvre féminine possède-t-elle un système migratoire propre ? Les cas indonésien, philippin et sri-lankais

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laurence Husson


    Full Text Available L'Asie insulaire, forte exportatrice de main-d'oeuvre féminine possède-t-elle un système migratoire propre ? Les cas indonésien, philippin et sri-lankais.Les migrations de travail ont une longue tradition en Asie. Instaurées par les puissances coloniales européennes par le biais des contrats de travail, après l'abolition de l'esclavage, elles ont ainsi favorisé l'expansion de deux solides diasporas, l'une chinoise, l'autre indienne.Ce vaste continent qui abrite désormais 60 % de la population mondiale et les deux tiers de la force de travail mondiale demeure, pour longtemps encore, une zone de très forte mobilité.Trois pays, dont deux archipels et une île, les Philippines, l'Indonésie et le Sri Lanka, sont devenus, en l'espace d'une à trois décennies, les principaux exportateurs de main-d'œuvre à l'échelle mondiale. Ces politiques migratoires visent d'une part à réduire la pauvreté et le chômage et d'autre part à accroître les indispensables rentrées de devises par le biais des transferts financiers des migrants.La féminisation des flux migratoires est particulièrement marquée en Asie insulaire où la proportion de femmes avoisine les 70 % du total des migrantsThe labour migration have a long tradition in Asia. Migration, which were introduced by European colonial powers (through employment contracts, after the abolition of slavery, have encouraged the expansion of two solid diasporas, 'One China, one Indian. This vast continent, home now 60% of the world's population and two thirds of the global labor force, remains for a long time, a zone of very high mobility. Three countries, including two archipelagos and one island, the Philippines, Indonesia and Sri Lanka are now in the space of one to three decades, the main exporters of labour globally . The objective of these policies migration is a part of reducing poverty and unemployment, and secondly to increase the necessary cash currency,with financial transfers of

  11. Relación entre Incidencia y Severidad de la Roya Asiática de la Soya Causada por Phakopsora pachyrhizi Sydow & Sydow Relationship Between Incidence and Severity of Asian Soybean Rust Caused by Phakopsora pachyrhizi Sydow & Sydow

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Felipe Rafael Garcés Fiallos


    Full Text Available Se relaciona la incidencia con la severidad de la roya asiática de la soya, donde los valores generados por las ecuaciones pueden ser usados en cualquier estudio de este patosistema, proporcionando una herramienta para evaluar la incidencia como también la severidad. Se generaron gradientes de la enfermedad mediante el uso de fungicidas y momentos de aplicación, de manera preventiva y curativa. El experimento de campo con el cultivar Nidera 5909 RG, fue distribuido en bloques completos al azar. La intensidad de la roya asiática fue medida en los estratos inferior, medio y superior de la planta, a través de diferentes conteos de incidencia (porcentaje y severidad (lesiones cm-2, urédias cm-2 y porcentaje en folíolos. Las regresiones realizadas, presentaron una correlación significativa entre incidencia y severidad a 1% de probabilidad. Con los datos obtenidos, el evaluador puede escoger el método de cuantificación mas razonable o confiable a su criterio para otros trabajos de investigación o aplicar un determinado control de la enfermedad, utilizando las ecuaciones lineales generadas, facilitando el trabajo de cuantificar la roya asiática, bien se busque medir la incidencia (% o el número de lesiones cm-2, urédias cm-2 o severidad (%.Incidence is related to severity of the Asian soybean rust, where values generated by the equations can be used in any study of this pathosystem, providing a tool to evaluate incidence as well severity. Gradients of the disease were generated by means of the use of fungicides and moments of application, in a preventive and curative way. The field experiment with the cultivar Nidera RG 5909, was distributed in a randomized complete block. The intensity of Asian rust layers was measured in the lower, middle and top of the plant, through various counts of incidence (percentage and severity (lesions cm-2, uredinia cm-2 and percentage in leaflets. The regressions showed a significant correlation between

  12. Balcı, Bayram, Missionnaires de l'Islam en Asie centrale. Les écoles turques de Fethullah Gülen, Istanbul-Paris, Institut Français d’Etudes Anatoliennes – Maisonneuve et Larose, 2003.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Élizabeth Picard


    Full Text Available Au lendemain de la chute de l’Union Soviétique, la Turquie avait nourri de vastes ambitions en Asie centrale, dont la revue CEMOTI avait alors cerné l’intérêt dans une livraison (n° 14 de 1992 intitulée « La Turquie et l’aire turque dans la nouvelle configuration régionale et internationale ». Au début de son ouvrage passionnant, tiré d’une thèse de doctorat, Bayram Balcı rappelle lui aussi ces ambitions, en les inscrivant dans un riche passé dont la mémoire se nourrit du thème récurrent de ...

  13. Testing and start up of equipment in a substation; Pruebas y puesta en servicio del equipo de una subestacion

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Raull-Martin, J. [Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico, D.F. (Mexico)


    The purpose of this paper is to present a summarized version of the test series required to determine out the final condition of the isolations, the continuity of the control circuits, as well as protection, measurement, sing-positing, alarms and the total substation performance. [Spanish] El proposito de este articulo es presentar en forma compacta la serie de pruebas que se requieren para determinar el estado final de los aislamientos, la continuidad de los circuitos de control, proteccion, medicion, senalizacion, alarmas, asi como el funcionamiento del conjunto de la subestacion. Se muestra una grafica K-Temperatura y de conexiones para las pruebas con megger. Se muestra un diagrama de conexiones para determinar las marcas de polaridad este tipo bushing e interruptores; asi como para el faseo de una proteccion diferencial. Se da el diagrama de faseo interno y energizado por el lado de 23 kV de una subestacion de 230 kV.

  14. Serodiagnosis of syphilis in a community: An evaluatory study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rajendran P


    Full Text Available PURPOSE: To analyse the prevalence of syphilis in the apparently healthy population and to provide data for implementation of the joint STD/HIV control programme, a population based study was undertaken by using ′probability proportional to size′ cluster survey method in three randomly chosen districts of Tamil Nadu, India namely Dindigul, Ramnad and Tanjore. METHODS: Blood samples were collected from adults (n=1873 aged 15-45 years, from the selected households enrolled in this study. The sera were tested parallelly by rapid plasma reagin (RPR and Treponema pallidum haemagglutination (TPHA tests. Reactive samples by RPR and/or TPHA were later analysed by fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption (FTA-ABS test. RESULTS: The prevalence of syphilis in the community of Tamil Nadu as per RPR positivity was 2.7% (50/1873 as against 0.7% by TPHA (13/1873. FTA-ABS positivity was observed in only 12 out of 48 (25% RPR/TPHA reactive samples tested. By taking the positivity by two of the three tests, the community prevalence of acute ongoing syphilis in Tamil Nadu was determined as 1.1% (20/1873. CONCLUSIONS: The results confirmed that no single serological test for syphilis can act as the marker of ongoing acute infection in an apparently healthy population. The study suggests that for specific diagnosis of ongoing syphilis, the FTA-ABS test may be performed along with RPR and TPHA.

  15. Relationship between Plant Height, ASI and Ear Traits and Drought Resistance of Transgenic Corn%转基因玉米株高、ASI和穗部性状与抗旱性的关系研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    孙宝成; 刘成; 王天宇; 黎裕; 张登峰; 李亮; 唐怀君; 石云素; 宋燕春


    [目的]干旱是限制我国玉米生产的主要因素,利用转基因技术可有效提高玉米抗旱育种效率.对转基因玉米材料进行抗旱性鉴定评价,为筛选转基因玉米抗旱种质和转基因玉米抗旱育种提供科学依据.[方法]通过开花期干旱胁迫的方法,对61份转基因玉米材料进行抗旱性鉴定评价,研究转基因玉米材料ASI(散粉至吐丝的间隔期,天)、株高、产量与抗旱性的关系,受旱后粒重和穗重、轴粗和穗粗、百粒体积和百粒重等比值的变化;以及在受体基础上通过转基因提高玉米抗旱性的效果.[结果]正常灌水条件下株体适当、产量较高,而在受旱后株高下降少、ASI小的转基因玉米材料通常有较强的抗旱性,这与以往非转基因玉米的研究结果一致;无论受旱与否,玉米的穗粗和轴粗、穗重和粒重、百粒体积和百粒重之间存在显著的正比关系.[结论]转基因玉米的抗旱性在其受体基础上可提高25% ~53%,突破果穗和籽粒之间的正比关系可能是大幅提高玉米产量的一条关键途径.%[ Objective ] Drought is one of major factors to restrict China's corn production, and the application of transgenic technology can effectively improve the efficiency of corn drought breeding. [Method] Through the drought stress in period of flowering, and taking identification and evaluation of drought resistance on 61 transgenic corn materials, this paper studied the relationship between transgenic corn ASI, plant height, the yield and drought resistance, the change of these ratio on the kernel weight and ear weight, cob diameter and ear diameter, 100 - kernel volume and 100 - kernel weight affected by drought, and die effect of improving the drought resistance of corn by transgenosis on the basis of its receptor. [ Result] The experiments'results showed that in normal irrigation conditions, the yield was higher, but when affected by the drought later, die plant

  16. Experimental Test Plan for Grouting H-3 Calcine

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Alan K. Herbst


    Approximately 4400 cubic meters of solid high-level waste called calcine are stored at the Idaho Nuclear Technology and Engineering Center. Under the Idaho Cleanup Project, dual disposal paths are being investigated. The first path includes calcine retrieval, package "as-is", and ship to the Monitored Geological Repository (MGR). The second path involves treatment of the calcine with such methods as vitrification or grouting. This test plan outlines the hot bench scale tests to grout actual calcine and verify that the waste form properties meet the waste acceptance criteria. This is a necessary sequential step in the process of qualifying a new waste form for repository acceptance. The archive H-3 calcine samples at the Contaminated Equipment Maintenance Building attached to New Waste Calcining Facility will be used in these tests at the Remote Analytical Laboratory. The tests are scheduled for the second quarter of fiscal year 2007.

  17. 应用土壤养分状况系统研究法指导香草兰施肥的试验研究%Application of ASI on Fertilization Technology in Vanilla

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王华; 朱自慧; 庄辉发; 赵青云; 王辉


      以香草兰(Vanilla planifolia Andrews)作为指示作物,应用土壤养分系统研究法(ASI法)对海南省万宁市中国热带农业科学院香料饮料研究所槟榔-香草兰间作园土壤养分进行分析、评价,结果表明:土壤中N、K、Ca和Mg极度亏缺,亏缺顺序为Ca>N>K>Mg;针对香草兰营养特性和种植园土壤养分状况,建议应多施用碱性和中性肥料,如钙镁磷肥、尿素、氯化钾等,以补充N、P、K、Ca、Mg等元素的亏缺.ASI法应用于指导香草兰施肥,对S和P的临界值需根据香草兰的营养特性进行相应的矫正,以提高适用性.%The soil nutrients of the betel nut intercropping vanilla plantation in Institute of Spice and Beverage Research, CATAS were evaluated by the soil nutrient systematic approach (ASI) with the vanilla as an indicating crop. The results indicated that the nutrients of N, K, Ca and Mg in the plantation were in a very low level, and in the order of Ca>N>K>Mg. The alkaline and neutral fertilizers such as calcium magnesium phosphate, urea, potassium chloride should be used in the plantation so that the nutrients of N, P, K, Ca, Mg and other elements could be supplemented according to vanilla nutritional characteristics. The ASI is appli-cable in the research of vanilla, but the S and P threshold values should be corrected according to vanilla nutritional character-istics so as to improve its suitability.

  18. Selection strategies of segregant soybean populations for resistance to Asian rust Estratégias de seleção de populações segregantes de soja para resistência à ferrugem-asiática

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aliny Simony Ribeiro


    Full Text Available The objective of this work was to identify the best selection strategies for the more promising parental combinations to obtain lines with good resistance to soybean Asian rust (Phakopsora pachyrhizi. Two experiments were carried out in the field during the 2006/2007 and 2007/2008 growing seasons, to determine the percentage of infected leaf area of individual plants of five parents and their segregant F2 and F3 populations. The data obtained indicates that additive genetic variance predominates in the control of soybean resistance to Asian rust, and that the year and time of assessment do not significantly influence the estimates of the genetic parameters obtained. The narrow-sense heritability (h²r ranged from 23.12 to 55.83%, and indicates the possibility of successful selection of resistant individuals in the early generations of the breeding program. All the procedures used to select the most promising populations to generate superior inbred lines for resistance to P. pachyrhizi presented similar results and identified the BR01-18437 x BRS 232 population as the best for inbred line selection.O objetivo deste estudo foi identificar as estratégias mais eficientes para selecionar as combinações parentais mais promissoras e obter linhas com bom grau de resistência à ferrugem-asiática da soja (Phakopsora pachyrhizi. Dois experimentos foram realizados em campo nos anos agrícolas 2006/2007 e 2007/2008, para avaliar a percentagem da área foliar infectada em plantas individuais de cinco parentais e das suas populações segregantes F2 e F3. Os dados obtidos indicam que a variância genética aditiva predomina no controle da resistência da soja à ferrugem-asiática e que os anos e as épocas de avaliação não influenciaram significativamente as estimativas dos parâmetros genéticos obtidos. A herdabilidade no sentido restrito (h²r variou de 23,12 a 55,83%, o que indica a possibilidade de sucesso com a seleção de indiv

  19. 0.6-eV bandgap In0.69Ga0.31As thermophotovoltaic devices with compositionally undulating step-graded InAsyP1-ybuffers

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Ji Lian; Lu Shu-Long; Jiang De-Sheng; Zhao Yong-Ming; Tan Ming; Zhu Ya-Qi; Dong Jian-Rong


    Single-junction,lattice-mismatched In0.69Ga0.31 As thermophotovoltaic (TPV) devices each with a bandgap of 0.6 eV are grown on InP substrate by metal-organic chemical vapour deposition (MOCVD).Compositionally undulating stepgraded InAsyPl-y buffer layers with a lattice mismatch of ~ 1.2% are used to mitigate the effect of lattice mismatch between the device layers and the InP substrate.With an optimized buffer thickness,the In0.69Ga0.31 As active layers grown on the buffer display a high crystal quality with no measurable tetragonal distortion.High-performance single-junction devices are demonstrated,with an open-circuit voltage of 0.215 V and a photovoltaic conversion efficiency of 6.9% at a short-circuit current density of 47.6 mA/cm2,which are measured under the standard solar simulator of air mass 1.5-global (AM 1.5 G).

  20. Cost utility analysis of diagnostic method of syphilis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Viroj Wiwanitkit


    Full Text Available Presently, the diagnosis of syphilis is dependent mainly on serological tests. The most widely used screening tests for syphilis are the VDRL and the rapid plasma reagin (RPR and for confirmation, the fluorescent treponemal antibody (FTA and the treponema pallidum hemagglutination (TPHA tests. The four alternative modes for diagnosis of syphilis can be a VDRL + FTA, b VDRL + TPHA, c RPR + FTA and d RPR + TPHA. Here the author reports an evaluation of cost utility of these tests in medical practice. It is shown that the cost per accurate diagnosis with VDRL + TPH is the least expensive choice. Therefore, this alternative is the best method for serological diagnosis for syphilis, based on medical laboratory economics principles

  1. 0D-modelling of carbonaceous aerosols; L'aerosol de combustion dans une region en grande mutation, l'Asie

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Michel, Ch.


    One of the main uncertainties in the estimate of the climatic impact of aerosols is linked to our knowledge of gases and aerosols emissions. This is particularly crucial over Asia, where a strong regional fingerprint is observed, with different emission types, depending on the various vegetation and climate conditions (biomass burning emissions) and on the very fast changes of the population and industrialization (biofuel and fossil fuel emissions). The main goal of this work was first to derive a biomass burning inventory for gases and particles over Asia for the 2001 ACE-Asia (Aerosol Characterization Experiment) and TRACE-P (Transport and Chemical Evolution over the Pacific) campaigns (March to May 2001). I implemented a methodology that is the most adapted to my study, and based on the burnt area cartography (GBA-2000 project (Global Burnt Area 2000) [Tansey et al., 2005]). The results of this study, ABBI (Asian Biomass Burning Inventory) [Michel et al., 2005] have been compared with another biomass burning emission inventory (ACESS: ACE-Asia and TRACE-P Modelling and Emission Support System) [Streets et al., 2003], built from fire counts and not from burnt areas. This comparison shows the limits of the use of fire counts in the emission inventory maps and underlines the importance and the relevance of the method used in my study. A comparison with the year 2000 emission inventory, obtained with the same method, underlines the importance of the inter-annual variations. The ABBI inventory has been introduced in the Meso-NH-C mesoscale model combined with an aerosol module: ORISAM (ORganic and Inorganic Spectral Aerosol Module) Bessagnet, 2000]. I have focused in particular on the impact of the burnt vegetation emissions over the asian continent. Comparisons between simulated and ground and airborne measured data showed satisfactory results in some cases, but showed also some limits. Sensitivity tests have been carried out firstly to test the impact of fire

  2. Temperature dependence of the early degradation in a-Si solar cells; Amorphous Si taiyo denchi no shoki rekka no ondo izonsei

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Takahisa, K.; Kojima, T.; Nakamura, K.; Koyanagi, T.; Yanagisawa, T. [Electrotechnical Laboratory, Tsukuba (Japan)


    Discussions were given on early degradation in up to about ten minutes in amorphous silicon solar cells. The experiment has used a model cell of single junction layer for power use with a Glass/ITO/P-i-n:a-Si/Al structure. Test samples were annealed at 130 degC for 30 minutes to eliminate hysteresis of degradation during storage. Xenon was used as an irradiation light source, and the temperatures were varied from 0 to 100 degC and the measurement time was set to 0.1 to 500 minutes. The result of the experiment may be summarized as follows: with regard to time-based degradation pattern for conversion efficiency, the tilt of a pattern to express degradation rate varies with temperature conditions, and changes in 10 to 20 minutes of light irradiation as a boundary; in long-term degradation after 20 minutes, the higher the environmental temperature, the lower the degradation is suppressed, but the rate of initial degradation up to about 10 minutes is higher as the higher the temperature; and the degradation rate increases as the higher the temperature in the initial degradation of about 10 minutes, whereas, corresponding to this fact, it is estimated that a phenomenon is involved, in which carrier recombination defect may increase. 4 refs., 7 figs., 1 tab.

  3. Tingkat Ekonomi dan Motivasi Ibu dalam Pemberian ASI Eksklusif pada Bayi Usia 0-6 Bulan di Bidan Praktek Swasta (BPS Ummi Latifah Argomulyo, Sedayu Yogyakarta

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Heni Maulida


    Full Text Available Profile of Indonesian health in 2013 showed that the percentage of exclusive breastfeeding in infants aged 0-6 months is about 61.5%. The low level scope exclusively breastfeeding can not be separated from some factors affecting and one of them is a mother motivation to give exclusively breastfeeding to their baby. The other factors affecting breastfeeding are the socio-culture economy (formal education mother, family income and status working mother. The purpose of this study was to know the relationship between economic level and mother motivation towards exclusive breastfeeding provision in infants aged 0-6 months in BPS Ummi Latifah. This study was an observational analytic with a cross sectional design. Total population are 94 breastfeeding mother. Samples was obtained by accidental sampling techniques which consisted of 48 respondents. Analysis test used kendall-tau (τ. The results showed that the relationship between economic level and mother motivation towards exclusivebreastfeeding provision in infants aged 0-6 months was 0.339 with p=0.007 and coeffi cients contingency 0.662. In conclusion, there was a strong relationship between economic level and mother motivation towards exclusive breastfeeding provision in infants aged 0-6 months in BPS Ummi Latifah.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tjetjep Syarif Hidayat


    Full Text Available ABSTRACT Background: Ability to produce breast-milk is to some extent dependent on the storage of material from the mother's food during the prenatal period, as well as on the supply of nutrients from the food she receives during lactation. Objective: To study association of maternal food consumption during pregnancy and the first time breastfeeding after delivery. Methods: We took advantage from a cross-sectional research for Development of Media and Promotional Strategies for Exclusive Breastfeeding in rural and urban West Java, 2006. The analysis is based on 609 mothers who had infants aged 6-12 months in the Bandung city and district, West Java. ‘The first time breastfeeding after delivery’ was identified from the question of ‘how many hours after birth did mother breastfeed her child for the first time’. We used Chi-Square to analyze the association between the mother’s food consumption during prenatal period and the first time breastfeeding after delivery. Results: Mothers who ate more food during pregnancy as much as 1-2 servings per day of pre-pregnancy and the occasional drink of milk to the baby was feeding time less than 3 hours after birth. Whereas mothers who during pregnancy eating just the same as before pregnancy, the first time breastfeeding was longer than 3 hours or even up to 2 days after delivery. The test results obtained was statistically significant difference. Conclusion: Maternal food consumption during pregnancy is significantly associated with the first time breastfeeding after delivery. [Penel Gizi Makan 2010, 33(2: 154-160] Keywords: food consumption, maternal, pregnancy, early breast-milk

  5. Alterações nos fatores de competição da indústria calçadista exportadora devido à entrada de competidores asiáticos Changes in competitive factors in footwear export industry due to arrival Asian producers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Giancarlo Medeiros Pereira


    Full Text Available Este artigo apresenta uma análise das modificações observadas entre 1990 e 2008 nos fatores de competição vigentes na indústria calçadista do Vale do Rio dos Sinos voltada à exportação para grandes redes de varejo nos Estados Unidos. Essas alterações resultam das novas condições de competitividade que lhes foram impostas pela entrada de competidores asiáticos, principalmente chineses, no mercado. Foi utilizada a metodologia do estudo de caso exploratório qualitativo. As principais técnicas de pesquisa foram a entrevista semiestruturada e o grupo focado com gestores especialistas. Foram entrevistados gestores praticantes e especialistas acadêmicos com atividades nas empresas. Como resultado, observou-se que os atores do processo de produção para exportação de calçados aumentaram a importância das dimensões diversidade de modelos, qualidade, inovação, velocidade e flexibilidade de produto e reduziram a importância das dimensões volume de produção e preço de venda. As dimensões design, performance e pontualidade permaneceram inalteradas. A principal contribuição do artigo é desvelar elementos que permitam a formulação de hipóteses para estudos futuros, mais completos, acerca do impacto das alterações mercadológicas sobre fatores competitivos e estratégia de produção.The paper presents an analysis of the changes observed in competitive factors in the footwear industry aimed at the Brazilian-based export industry, due to the arrival of Asian producers, the Chinese in particular, in the market. The research method was a qualitative exploratory case study. The main research techniques were semi-structured interviews and focus groups. Managers, experts and academics involved in the companies participated. As a result, we discovered that the impact of these new producers has been to sharpen the following competitive dimensions: diversity of models, quality, innovation, speed of delivery and flexibility. The

  6. Space debris observational test with the Medicina-Evpatoria bistatic radar. (United States)

    Pupillo, G.; Bartolini, M.; Cevolani, G.; Di Martino, M.; Falkovich, I.; Konovalenko, A. A.; Malevinskij, S.; Montebugnoli, S.; Nabatov, A.; Pluchino, S.; Salerno, E.; Schillirò, F.; Zoni, L.

    In the framework of the space debris monitoring program of the Italian Space Agency (ASI), the Italian Institute of Radioastronomy (IRA), the Turin Astronomical Observatory (OATO) and the Ukrainian Institute of Radioastronomy performed a space debris observational test by using the Medicina-Evpatoria bistatic radar. Several kinds of objects orbiting in LEO, MEO, GEO and HEO were selected as target in order to validate the hardware setup and new observational techniques. Echoes coming from small space debris were detected with an extremely high signal to noise ratio as well as still unknown orbiting objects were presumably discovered during the observations.

  7. A refletância na estimativa do efeito de fungicidas no controle da ferrugem asiática da soja The reflectance in the estimate of the effect of fungicides in the control of asian soybean rust

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexandre José da Silva


    Full Text Available Medidas de refletância têm apresentado resultados eficientes para avaliar a eficiência de fungicidas, além de ser um método prático e rápido. O objetivo do trabalho foi comparar medidas de refletância com o método de avaliação visual para avaliar a eficiência de fungicidas no controle da ferrugem asiática da soja e quantificar a relação com a produtividade. O ensaio foi instalado na Fazenda Escola da UEL, cv. BRS 133, em delineamento de blocos ao acaso com 07 diferentes fungicidas, em 04 repetições. Foram realizadas duas pulverizações, sendo a 1º no estádio R2 (3% de severidade e a segunda em R5.1, 20 dias após. Avaliou-se visualmente a severidade de ferrugem asiática e calculou-se a área abaixo da curva de progresso da doença (AACPD. Também, avaliou-se a produtividade final e a percentagem de radiação solar em 810 nm (R810 com o uso de radiômetro de multiespectro e calculou-se a área abaixo da curva de progresso da radiação (AACPR. O coeficiente de determinação (R2 para regressão entre as variáveis AACPD x produtividade foi 0,79, entre AACPR x produtividade foi 0,90 e AACPD x AACPR foi 0,89. A utilização de refletância (R810 permitiu a separação dos tratamentos fungicidas em três grupos distintos, sendo epoxiconazol com menor eficiência, metconazol, tebuconazol e piraclostrobina + epoxiconazol foram classificados como intermediários e os mais eficientes foram, azoxistrobina + ciproconazol e picoxistrobina + ciproconazol.Measurement of reflectance has been shown an efficient, pratical and quick method to evaluate the efficiency of fungicides, in disease control. The objective of the work was to compare the use of reflectance measurement with visual disease assessment method to evaluate the efficiency of fungicides for the controlling Asian soybean rust relating the assessment data with yield. The assay was carried out in the Farm School of UEL, with the soybean cv. BRS 133, in randomized block design

  8. Les défis du secteur de l’énergie en Europe de l’Est et en Asie centrale : une évaluation de 18 ans de coopération économique suisse

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Guy Bonvin


    Full Text Available Le Secrétariat d’Etat à l’économie (SECO suisse travaille depuis 1992 dans les secteurs de l’énergie d’Europe de l’Est et d’Asie centrale, où il a financé 41 projets pour un total de 316 millions CHF. En 2009, une évaluation indépendante a été commandée afin d’établir les effets de ces projets dans la région et d’en tirer des enseignements pour le financement de projets ultérieurs. Le rapport d’évaluation estime que les projets sont très satisfaisants en termes de pertinence ; satisfaisants en termes d’efficacité et de durabilité ; et, en raison de facteurs externes liés à la gouvernance, à la transparence et à la stabilité politique dans certains des pays, généralement peu satisfaisants en termes d’efficience. Les enseignements tirés des projets fructueux serviront à améliorer les interventions futures. Les gouvernements disposent de moyens financiers limités et tentent de trouver un équilibre entre la sécurité énergétique et la durabilité environnementale. Le SECO soutiendra cette mission en contribuant à réduire la consommation inefficiente, à augmenter la part des énergies renouvelables, à renforcer la durabilité des entreprises de service public et à élaborer des politiques énergétiques efficaces.

  9. Desigualdade social, crescimento urbano e hanseníase em Manaus: abordagem espacial Desigualdad social, crecimiento urbano y hanseníasis en Manaus (Norte de Brasil: abordaje espacial Social inequality, urban growth and leprosy in Manaus: a spatial approach

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elsia Nascimento Belo Imbiriba


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Analisar a epidemiologia de hanseníase segundo a distribuição espacial e condições de vida da população. MÉTODOS: Estudo ecológico baseado na espacialização da hanseníase em Manaus (AM, entre 1998 e 2004. Os 4.104 casos obtidos do Sistema de Informações de Agravos de Notificação foram georreferenciados de acordo com a localização dos endereços em 1.536 setores censitários urbanos, por meio de quatro técnicas: correios (73,7% dos endereços encontrados; Programa de Cadastro de Logradouros (7,3%; Programa Saúde da Família (2,1% e folhas de coleta do Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística (1,5%. Para cálculo do coeficiente de detecção utilizou a população de 2001. Na análise espacial foi aplicado o método bayesiano empírico local para produzir uma estimativa do risco da hanseníase, suavizando o efeito da flutuação das taxas, quando calculadas para pequenas áreas. Para análise da associação entre espacialização e fatores de risco empregou-se a regressão logística, tendo como variáveis explicativas a ocorrência de casos em menores de 15 anos (indicador de gravidade e o Índice de Carência Social construído a partir das variáveis do Censo 2000. RESULTADOS: O coeficiente de detecção apresentou-se hiperendêmico em 34,0% dos setores e muito alto em 26,7%. A medida de associação (odds ratio referente às variáveis explicativas foi significativa. A combinação de baixa condição de vida e ocorrência em menores de 15 anos foi adotada para identificar as áreas prioritárias para intervenção. CONCLUSÕES: A análise espacial da hanseníase mostrou que a distribuição da doença é heterogênea, atingindo mais intensamente as regiões habitadas por grupos em situação de maior vulnerabilidade.OBJETIVO: Analizar la epidemiología de hanseníasis según la distribución espacial y condiciones de vida de la población. MÉTODOS: Estudio ecológico basado en la especialización de la

  10. Enzimas marcadoras de indução de resistência diferencialmente reguladas em soja resistente e suscetível à ferrugem-asiática-da-soja

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hebréia Oliveira Almeida


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar, por meio de enzimas marcadoras, a indução de resistência à ferrugem-asiática-da-soja em genótipos de soja contrastantes quanto à suscetibilidade a Phakopsora pachyrhizi. Aproteína total e as atividades de cinco enzimas marcadoras da indução de resistência (lipoxigenases, peroxidases, fenilalanina amônia-liase, quitinases e β-1, 3-glucanases foram avaliadas em extratos de folhas de plantas de soja dos genótipos Embrapa 48 (suscetível e PI 561356 (resistente, submetidas à inoculação ou não com o patógeno. Foram observadas respostas de defesa discrepantes entre os dois genótipos e entre os tempos de coleta (12, 72 e 168 horas após inoculação. A resposta de indução dessas enzimas assemelha-se à defesa bifásica, para Embrapa 48, e é consistente com o observado para outros patossistemas. No entanto, o genótipo PI 561356 respondeu com diminuição da concentração de proteína total e das atividades enzimáticas, o que indica redução do metabolismo geral das plantas infectadas. Há um importante mecanismo de resistência do genótipo PI 561356, ainda não relatado, embasado em vias que envolvem essas enzimas marcadoras e em mecanismos que utilizam menor concentração de proteínas, como os de via metabólica de resposta em cascata.

  11. L’anglicité dans la fiction de l’Asie du sud-est : les exemples de Paul Theroux et de Yasmine Gooneratne Englishness in South-East Asian Fiction: the Cases of Paul Theroux and Yasmine Gooneratne

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rüdiger Ahrens


    Full Text Available De nos jours, la notion d’anglicité est devenue cruciale tant pour le Royaume-Uni que pour les nombreux pays du monde, dans lesquels vivent des citoyens libres et indépendants, qui participent à sa définition. La relation à la culture anglophone, en particulier en Asie, est le produit de l’histoire, et les relations politiques qu’entretiennent les pays indépendants avec l’ancienne métropole se déclinent de façon extrêmement variée, tant dans leur relation à la langue anglaise en tant que moyen de communication que dans la notion d’ethnicité. Le roman de Paul Theroux, Kowloon Tong (1998, en est un bon exemple. Il explore les conséquences du retrait brutal et affligeant d’une compagnie de textile anglais lors de la cession de Hong Kong à la Chine en 1997. Alliant les genres du roman historique, détective et sentimental, il met en scène l’opposition entre les valeurs traditionnelles britanniques qui se retirent et celles de la nouvelle classe dominante chinoise. Yasmine Gooneratne, écrivain du Sri Lanka, insiste, elle aussi, sur les conflits culturels, soit en s’inspirant du thème de son propre déplacement de Colombo à Sydney, en opposant au tourisme de masse les formes enchanteresses du folklore d’autrefois, ou encore en proposant une rencontre entre un riche héritage colonial et l’indépendance toute récente du Sri Lanka des années cinquante et soixante. Ainsi se creuse chez les écrivains contemporains une distance grandissante vis-à-vis de ce que furent au cours des siècles passés les valeurs incontestées de l’anglicité.

  12. Epidemias de ferrugem asiática no Rio Grande do Sul explicadas pelo fenômeno ENOS e pela incidência da doença na entressafra

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Claudinei Antonio Minchio

    Full Text Available RESUMO Estudou-se a interferência da variabilidade da variabilidade climática e do número de relatos de ferrugem asiática na entressafra sobre a epidemia da doença no estado do Rio Grande do Sul, durante 11 safras agrícolas. A ocorrência da doença foi obtida a partir de relatos apresentados no Consórcio Antiferrugem e dividida entre os períodos “Safra”, “Entressafra” e “Ano Todo”. Os dados das epidemias foram testados para correlação, via regressões polinomiais lineares e quadráticas, com as variáveis climáticas: precipitação pluvial, índice padronizado de precipitação - SPI, índice de oscilação sul - IOS e anomalia da Temperatura na Superfície do Mar - SST no Oceano Pacífico Tropical e número de ocorrências da doença no período de entressafra. Os índices que melhor explicaram a variação das ocorrências da doença para o período “Ano Todo” foram o SST e IOS, com coeficientes de determinação (R2 de 0,94 e 0,59, respectivamente. As ocorrências de ferrugem no período “Entressafra” influenciaram positivamente nas ocorrências no período “Safra”.

  13. Existe-t-il un ancrage spatial des minorités chrétiennes en Asie centrale ?Le poids du passé russo-soviétique

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sébastien Peyrouse


    Full Text Available Les cinq républiques musulmanes d’Asie centrale, nées de l’implosion de l’URSS en 1991, constituent des exemples intéressants pour la problématique étudiée ici : elles invitent à reposer la question des minorités religieuses en terre d’islam en ne répondant pas au schéma classique et attendu sur la question. Elles prouvent qu’il existe des pays musulmans sans législation particulière envers les minorités religieuses, où la division entre communautés se fait plus selon des critères nationaux que strictement religieux, et où le marquage de l’espace garde avant tout le souvenir des brutales transformations urbaines exigées par un pouvoir soviétique qui niait toute expression de la foi. On ne peut en effet saisir le cas centrasiatique sans revenir sur le poids du legs russo-soviétique, aussi bien en matière de religion que d’urbanisme : les populations des cinq républiques vivent aujourd’hui dans un environnement urbain essentiellement européanisé, très marqué par la présence des non musulmans et où l’espace n’est que très peu un facteur de différenciation communautaire.

  14. Tont või asi! / Jaanus Noormets

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Noormets, Jaanus


    Õudusfilm "Pildid teispoolsusest" ("Shutter") : režissöör Masayuki Ochiai : Ameerika Ühendriigid 2008. Film on uusversioon Tai õudusfilmist ( režissöörid Banjong Pisanthanakun, Parkpoom Wongpoom)

  15. Hydrographic and Impairment Statistics Database: ASIS (United States)

    National Park Service, Department of the Interior — Hydrographic and Impairment Statistics (HIS) is a National Park Service (NPS) Water Resources Division (WRD) project established to track certain goals created in...

  16. Asi pole ju ugrimugris / Mihkel Mutt

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Mutt, Mihkel, 1953-


    Autor analüüsib president Toomas Hendrik Ilvese esinemist Hantõ-Mansiiskis toimunud soome-ugri maailmakongressil ning leiab, et kui president oleks oma kõne pidanud inglise keele asemel eesti või vene keeles, oleks ülistanud soome-ugri rahvaste õitsengut Venemaal ning poleks saalist lahkunud Venemaa riigiduuma väliskomisjoni esimehe Konstantin Kossatshovi kõne ajal, ei oleks see muutnud Venemaa hoiakut Eesti suhtes tervikuna. Autor leiab, et võibolla pööras maailm tänu Eesti presidendi pisukesele demaršile natuke tähelepanu soome-ugri rahvaste olukorrale Venemaal. Vabariigi President töövisiidil Venemaal 27.-30.06.2008

  17. Asi on otsustatud / [Sildnik, Sven] Kivisildnik

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kivisildnik, pseud., 1964-


    18. märtsil 2007 kehtima hakanud UNESCO kultuuri väljendusvormide mitmekesisuse kaitse ja edendamise konventsioonist (Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions)

  18. Multifunctional a-Si PV systems

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Peippo, K.; Lund, P.; Vartiainen, E. [Helsinki Univ. of Technology, Otaniemi (Finland). Advanced Energy Systems


    The optimal use of the various forms of solar energy (passive, active, daylighting, photovoltaics) in buildings calls for an optimal integration of the technologies. As energy conservation potential in space heating may soon be exhausted, electricity efficiency and on-site generation will play an increasing role in energy-conscious building design. There, dispersed PV systems integrated into buildings show a significant market potential, due to a number of benefits: no extra land area is required, PV-array may replace conventional cladding materials and become a building element. Moreover, the produced PV-electricity is more valuable for the building owner than for an electric utility

  19. Syphilis serology: Seroprevalence in a selected population and considerations on the Euroline WB test

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrea Amodeo


    Full Text Available Introduction: The clinical diagnosis of syphilis is always supported by appropriate laboratory tests and the test results are interpreted with reference to the patient’s history. In the diagnosis of syphilis, the use of tests based on antibody search that recognize both treponemal and reaginic antigens increases the diagnostic chances. Our study discusses the various serological and alternative tests currently available along with their limitations, and relates their results to the likely corresponding clinical stage of the disease. Methods: in our laboratory were analyzed 264 sera and 4 liquor (123 Females, 145 Males. 187 patients are subject at low risk for luetic infection, including pregnant woman, patient with organ transplant, outpatients or hospitalized undergoing routine serological, and 81 from patients with confirmed syphilis including 4 pregnant women in antibiotic treatment, patients with suspected disease, HIV positive and patients with autoimmune diseases with Cardiolipin positive. All sera were tested with ELISA Anti-Treponema pallidum Screen (IgG / IgM and in parallel with agglutination tests VDRL and TPHA. On all positive sera was tested Euroline-WB EUROIMMUN and reading done with the program EuroLineScan. Results: by ELISA Anti-Treponema pallidum Screen IgG / IgM 162 sera were negative and 106 sera positive (39.5%, distributed as follows: 45 (42% with a value greater than 200 RU / ml, 43 (41% with a value> 22 RU / ml and 18 (17% with a borderline value between> 16 to <22 RU / ml. The execution of the Blot IgG showed: 18 negative sera, 6 with borderline value with one only band of specific antigens (p15, p45, p47 or p17, while 82, including 4 liquor (neurolue, were certainly positive showing more than one band antibody to the treponemal antigens. Only one patient had in place at the time of screening, an initial infection; in fact, there was a single clear positivity in the IgM protein bands, while 7 sera was uncertain values

  20. The electro-chemical tests and the programmable autonomous potentiometer; Las pruebas electroquimicas y el potenciostato autonomo programable

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Garcia Ochoa, Esteban Miguel; Salazar Cruz, Sergio R.; Aguilar Soto, Armando; Ley Koo, Marcos [Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas, Cuernavaca (Mexico)


    The development of a programmable autonomous potentiostat is described as an instrumentation means for voltage and current measurement, considering that one of the main problems to solve is the metallic components corrosion. Also the electro-chemical tests that can be performed with this instrument are described, as well as some possible application [Espanol] Se describe el desarrollo de un potenciostato autonomo programable como medio de instrumentacion para medir voltajes y corrientes, tomando en cuenta que uno de los principales problemas por resolver es la corrosion de sus componentes metalicos. Se describen ademas las pruebas eletcroquimicas que pueden realizarse con este instrumento, asi como alguna posible aplicacion

  1. Islam et nationalisme en Asie centrale au début de la période soviétique (1924-1937. L'exemple de l'Ouzbékistan, à travers quelques sources littéraires

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stéphane A. Dudoignon


    Full Text Available L'article étudie les littératures d'Asie centrale dans l'entre-deux-guerres comme source pour l'histoire politique de cette région, en particulier du point de vue des relations intercommunautaires, à l'intérieur de l'URSS comme en direction du monde islamique. La période s'ouvre en 1924 avec le découpage ethno-territorial de l'Asie centrale, sous l'égide de Staline, et se clôt en 1936 avec les grandes purges et la liquidation de toute pensée alternative. La littérature ouzbèque de ces années éclaire la permanence d'une identité politique turco-islamique, la redéfinition des relations intercommunautaires (entre musulmans et non-musulmans et, d'une manière plus générale, la revitalisation du libéralisme musulman. Ces questions seront abordées à travers l'œuvre en prose de Čulpân (1897-1938, laquelle, de 1924 à sa mort, est dominée par deux idées centrales : celle d'une solidarité politique des peuples turcs et musulmans de l'ex-Empire russe, et celle d'une continuation par le régime soviétique, en Asie centrale, de la politique de spoliation territoriale et de ségrégation économique menée par l'administration coloniale sous les derniers Romanov.

  2. Une histoire impériale connectée ? Hải Phòng : jalon d’une stratégie lyonnaise en Asie orientale (1881-1886

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jean-François Klein


    Full Text Available Dans la seconde moitié du xixe siècle, les milieux d’affaires lyonnais liés à l’industrie de la soie – les Soyeux – réussissent à ravir aux Britanniques le marché des soies d’Asie (Bengale, Chine et Japon. Dans un premier temps, sous la Monarchie de Juillet et le Second Empire (de 1843 à 1870, ils mettent en place une route française des soies asiatiques, système complexe alliant maisons de commerce, banques, entrepôts, infrastructures portuaires et ferroviaires. Afin de renforcer leur avance – et dans un contexte de tensions économiques majeures liées à la récession de la fin du xixe siècle – les Soyeux vont jeter leur dévolu sur le Tonkin, vu comme une porte ouverte sur les marchés pensés comme fabuleux du Yunnan et du Sichuan. Ces libéraux, regroupés autour de meneurs d’hommes charismatiques (Aynard et Pila vont entrer par capitaux interposés dans une logique de repli impérial qui succède à la logique du tout ouverture internationale des lendemains du traité de libre-échange de 1860. Dans les logiques – à la fois politiques et économiques – des Soyeux, le Tonkin apparaît comme une pièce maîtresse dans la partie de poker qui les oppose à leurs partenaires Britanniques dans ce « scramble » indochinois de cette fin de siècle, pendant asiatique de la course au Nil. Au cœur de cette stratégie impériale des Soyeux, le port d’Hải Phòng devient un enjeu majeur, un lieu où s’entrecroise la trame des capitaux et la chaine des réseaux de ces hommes d’affaires qui n’ignoraient rien des subtilités des us commerciaux particuliers de la mer de Chine.During the second half of the 19th century, the Silk businessmen of Lyon succeeded in wrestling the Asian silk markets (Bengal, China, and Japan from the British. At first, under the July Monarchy and the Second Empire (from 1843 to 1870, they created a French route for Asian silks, a complex system linking mercantile houses

  3. Infecção por clonorchis sinensis em imigrantes asiáticos no Brasil: tratamento com praziquantel Clonorchis sinensis infection in asian immigrants in Brazil: treatment with praziquantel

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    O. H. M. Leite


    Full Text Available Estudaram-se quinze pacientes com infecção assintomática por Clonorchis sinensis, revelada através de exame parasitológico de fezes. Todos eram de origem asiática e procuraram o Laboratório Central do Instituto Adolfo Lutz para se submeterem a exames laboratoriais necessários à regularização de sua situação, face à nova legislação sobre imigrantes. Eram todos indivíduos adultos, seis pertencendo ao sexo feminino e nove ao masculino. Os quinze pacientes com clonorquíase foram internados no Hospital das Clínicas da FMUSP e tratados com Praziquantel, na dosagem de 60 mg/kg de peso corporal, dividida em duas tomadas. Foram realizados exames coprológicos quantitativos (método de Kato-Katz, antes do tratamento específico e no 15º, 30º e 60º dias após a terapêutica. Na última avaliação (60? dia após terapêutica, em nove pacientes (60,0% não se encontraram ovos do trematódeo nas fezes e nos seis (40,0%, que continuavam eliminando ovos, notou-se redução na quantidade eliminada (superior a 90% em cinco e a 30% no paciente restante. Os pacientes foram também submetidos a exames subsidiários, para avaliação do estado geral e função hepática, antes da administração de Praziquantel e, posteriormente, no seguimento ambulatorial. A medicação foi relativamente bem tolerada pelos pacientes, verificando-se a ocorrência de efeitos colaterais representados por náuseas e vômitos (dois casos, vertigens e tonturas (dois casos, epigastralgia (dois casos e diarréia no 3? dia após tratamento (um caso.Fifteen adult patients with assymptomatic infection due to Clonorchis sinensis, diagnosed by coprological examination, were studied. They all came from Asia (twelve from Taiwan, two from South Korea and one from Hong Kong and were examined at the Adolfo Lutz Institute and the Department of Infectious Diseases, School of Medicine, University of São Paulo, in São Paulo, Brazil. Six patients were women and nine men. All

  4. Validation of the French version of the alcohol, smoking and substance involvement screening test (ASSIST in the elderly

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Khan Riaz


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Substance use disorders seem to be an under considered health problem amongst the elderly. The Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening Test (ASSIST, was developed by the World Health Organization to detect substance use disorders. The present study evaluates the psychometric properties of the French version of ASSIST in a sample of elderly people attending geriatric outpatient facilities (primary care or psychiatric facilities. Methods One hundred persons older than 65 years were recruited from clients attending a geriatric policlinic day care centre and from geriatric psychiatric facilities. Measures included ASSIST, Addiction Severity Index (ASI, Mini-International Neuropsychiatric Interview (MINI-Plus, Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT, Revised Fagerstrom Tolerance Questionnaire-Smoking (RTQ and MiniMental State(MMS. Results Concurrent validity was established with significant correlations between ASSIST scores, scores from ASI, AUDIT, RTQ, and significantly higher ASSIST scores for patients with a MINI-Plus diagnosis of abuse or dependence. The ASSIST questionnaire was found to have high internal consistency for the total substance involvement along with specific substance involvement as assessed by Cronbach’s α, ranging from 0.66, to 0.89 . Conclusions The findings demonstrate that ASSIST is a valid screening test for identifying substance use disorders in elderly.

  5. Test plan :

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dwyer, Stephen F.


    This test plan is a document that provides a systematic approach to the planned testing of rooftop structures to determine their actual load carrying capacity. This document identifies typical tests to be performed, the responsible parties for testing, the general feature of the tests, the testing approach, test deliverables, testing schedule, monitoring requirements, and environmental and safety compliance.

  6. Pinworm test (United States)

    Oxyuriasis test; Enterobiasis test; Tape test ... diagnose this infection is to do a tape test. The best time to do this is in ... lay their eggs at night. Steps for the test are: Firmly press the sticky side of a ...

  7. Thyroid Tests (United States)

    ... calories and how fast your heart beats. Thyroid tests check how well your thyroid is working. They ... thyroid diseases such as hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. Thyroid tests include blood tests and imaging tests. Blood tests ...

  8. 242A Distributed Control System Year 2000 Acceptance Test Report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    TEATS, M.C.


    This report documents acceptance test results for the 242-A Evaporator distributive control system upgrade to D/3 version 9.0-2 for year 2000 compliance. This report documents the test results obtained by acceptance testing as directed by procedure HNF-2695. This verification procedure will document the initial testing and evaluation of the potential 242-A Distributed Control System (DCS) operating difficulties across the year 2000 boundary and the calendar adjustments needed for the leap year. Baseline system performance data will be recorded using current, as-is operating system software. Data will also be collected for operating system software that has been modified to correct year 2000 problems. This verification procedure is intended to be generic such that it may be performed on any D/3{trademark} (GSE Process Solutions, Inc.) distributed control system that runs with the VMSTM (Digital Equipment Corporation) operating system. This test may be run on simulation or production systems depending upon facility status. On production systems, DCS outages will occur nine times throughout performance of the test. These outages are expected to last about 10 minutes each.

  9. Testing? Testing? In Literature? (United States)

    Purves, Alan C.

    The assumptions behind secondary school literature course tests--whether asking students to recall aspects of literary works, to relate literary works to each other, or to analyze unfamiliar literary works--are open to question. They fail to acknowledge some of the most important aspects of literature which, if properly taught, should provide a…

  10. Test Under Test

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    China’s national college entrance examination, regarded as a make-or-break test by many students, leaves much to be desired “We’ve bribed the exam supervisors, paying each one 20,000 yuan. They will make everything go smooth during the exams,” Li Feng, a teacher from No.2 High School in

  11. ASIS Thesaurus of Information Science and Librarianship. ASIS Monograph Series. Second Edition. (United States)

    Milstead, Jessica L., Ed.

    This thesaurus covers the fields of information science and librarianship to a depth that will adequately support indexing, with coverage of related and peripheral fields as warranted by the strength of their relationship to information science and librarianship. Among the related fields are computer science, linguistics, and behavioral and…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sukati Saladin


    Full Text Available Micronutrient Status of Infants With Different Kind of Complementary Feeding In Bogor District.Background: Breast milk as the main resource of nutrient intake for infants is sufficient only within the first six months period of their life. However for the next period it is necessary to be completed their nutrient intake by supplementary feeding since the excretion of breast milk become decreased.Objectives: To find out the figure of micronutrients status (vitamin A and iron based on serum retinol and hemoglobin (Hb and nutrition status (weight for age and length for age of infants consuming supplementary feeding made by mother at household level compare to those who received manufactured product.Methods: The design of the study is cross-sectional. The subjects of study were healthy infant, 2-10 months old, consuming breast milk and supplementary feeding.Results: There was no significant difference of the average of serum retinol of infants less than 6 months old received supplementary feeding made by mother (0.62 ± 0.2181 umol/L and those of manufactured product (0.71 ± 0.2051 umol/L.There was no significant difference of Hb value of both groups (10.4 ± 0.790 g/dl compared 10.6 ± 1.191 g/dl. According to z-score point there was also no significant difference of nutrition status based on indexes of weight for age (+ 0.010 ± 0.983 compared + 0.067 ± 1.029 and length for age (-0.510 ± 1.291 compared - 0.409 ±1 .291 of infants received supplementary feeding made by mother compared to those of manufactured. The average of serum retinol of infants >6 months old received manufactured supplementary feeding was significantly higher (p < 0.05 than those of made by mother (0.81 ± 0.258 umol/L compared 0.64 ± 0.218 umol/L. There was no significant difference (p>0.05 of Hb value of infants received supplementary feeding made by mother and those of manufactured (10.5 ± 1.210 g/dl compared 10.7 ± 1.195 g/dl. Z-score point showed significant difference of nutrition status based on indexes of weight for age (0.323 ± 1.163 compared - 0.914 ± 0.896 and length for age (- 0.559 ± 1.184 compared 1.242 ± 0.844 of infants received manufactured supplementary feeding compare to those of made by mother.Conclusions: The effect of manufactured supplementary feeding was significantly better to improve micronutrient status especially serum retinol and nutrition status based on weight for age and length for age of infant >= 6 months old than those of made by mother.Keywords: micronutrient status, nutrition status, supplementary feeding.

  13. Tests and putting in service of the equipment of a power substation; Pruebas y puesta en servicio del equipo de una subestacion

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Raull Martin, J. [Facultad de Ingenieria, UNAM, Mexico, D.F. (Mexico)


    The purpose of this paper is to present a summarized version of the test series required to determine out the final condition of the isolations, the continuity of the control circuits, as well as protection, measurement, sign-posting; alarms and the total substation performance. [Spanish] El proposito de este articulo es presentar en forma compacta la serie de pruebas que se requieren para determinar el estado final de los aislamientos, la continuidad de los circuitos de control, proteccion, medicion, senalizacion, alarmas, asi como el funcionamiento del conjunto de la subestacion.

  14. Óleos essenciais no controle da ferrugem asiática da soja Phakopsora pachyrhizi Syd. & P. Syd. Essential oils used in the control of asian soybean rust Phakopsora pachyrhizi Syd. & P. Syd.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Regiane Medice


    Full Text Available Objetivou-se com este trabalho avaliar o potencial de óleos essenciais na inibição da germinação de urediniósporos de Phakopsora pachyrhizi e na redução da severidade dos sintomas da ferrugem asiática em casa-de-vegetação. O experimento foi conduzido em duas etapas. Na primeira, foram adicionados em placas de Petri contendo 10 mL de meio de cultura agar-água óleos essenciais de Corymbia citriodora (eucalipto citriodora,Cymbopogon nardus (citronela,Azadirachta indica (nim e Thymus vulgaris L (tomilho nas concentrações 1%, 0,5%, 1% e 0,3%, respectivamente para cada óleo. Em placas controles foi adicionado 1mL de água. Sobre as placas foram adicionados 100µL de urediniósporos na concentração de 5 mg/mL de água. As placas foram incubadas por 4 horas a 25ºC e logo depois avaliada a porcentagem de germinação. Na segunda etapa, em casa-de-vegetação, os óleos foram aplicados nas mesmas concentrações em plantas de soja, cultivares MG/BR46 (Conquista e Suprema, aos 7 dias antes, 15 e 30 dias depois da inoculação. Os parâmetros avaliados foram incidência e número de pústulas por cm² de área foliar. Foram também coletadas folhas para preparação de amostras para microscopia eletrônica de varredura (MEV. Constatou-se que os óleos nas concentrações utilizadas inibiram 100% a germinação dos urediniósporos em meio ágar-água. Em casa-de-vegetação observou-se que todos os óleos retardaram a evolução da doença quando comparado com o controle, sendo que a severidade foi reduzida em média de 34,6 a 60,7% na cultivar MG/BR46 (Conquista e de 45,7 a 62, 3% na cultivar Suprema, em relação ao controle. Nas observações em MEV observou-se que houve murchamento dos urediniósporos, quando tratados com óleo de tomilho. Para os demais tratamentos observou-se apenas redução no tamanho das urédias. Com isso podemos inferir que os óleos essenciais utilizados têm potencial para reduzir o ataque do fungo em plantas

  15. Updated Results of Ultrasonic Transducer Irradiation Test

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Daw, Joshua; Palmer, Joe [Idaho National Laboratory, P.O. Box 1625, MS 4112, Idaho Falls, ID, 38415-3840 (United States); Ramuhalli, Pradeep; Keller, Paul; Montgomery, Robert [Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, 902 Battelle Blvd. Richland, WA, 99354 (United States); Chien, Hual-Te [Argonne National Laboratory, 9700 S. Cass Avenue Argonne, IL, 60439 (United States); Tittmann, Bernhard; Reinhardt, Brian [Pennsylvania State University, 212 Earth and Engr. Sciences Building, University Park, PA, 16802 (United States); Kohse, Gordon [Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 77 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA 02139 (United States); Rempe, Joy [Rempe and Associates, LLC, 360 Stillwater, Idaho Falls, ID 83404 (United States); Villard, J.F. [Commissariat a l' energie atomique et aux energies alternatives, Centre d' etudes de Cadarache, 13108 Saint-Paul-lez-Durance (France)


    Ultrasonic technologies offer the potential for high accuracy and resolution in-pile measurement of a range of parameters, including geometry changes, temperature, crack initiation and growth, gas pressure and composition, and microstructural changes. Many Department of Energy-Office of Nuclear Energy (DOE-NE) programs are exploring the use of ultrasonic technologies to provide enhanced sensors for in-pile instrumentation during irradiation testing. For example, the ability of small diameter ultrasonic thermometers (UTs) to provide a temperature profile in candidate metallic and oxide fuel would provide much needed data for validating new fuel performance models. These efforts are limited by the lack of identified ultrasonic transducer materials capable of long term performance under irradiation test conditions. To address this need, the Pennsylvania State University (PSU) was awarded an Advanced Test Reactor National Scientific User Facility (ATR NSUF) project to evaluate the performance of promising magnetostrictive and piezoelectric transducers in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Research Reactor (MITR) up to a fast fluence of at least 10{sup 21} n/cm{sup 2}. A multi-National Laboratory collaboration funded by the Nuclear Energy Enabling Technologies Advanced Sensors and Instrumentation (NEET-ASI) program also provided initial support for this effort. This irradiation, which started in February 2014, is an instrumented lead test and real-time transducer performance data are collected along with temperature and neutron and gamma flux data. The irradiation is ongoing and will continue to approximately mid-2015. To date, very encouraging results have been attained as several transducers continue to operate under irradiation. (authors)

  16. Pregnancy Tests (United States)

    ... Us Home A-Z Health Topics Pregnancy tests Pregnancy tests > A-Z Health Topics Pregnancy test fact ... To receive Publications email updates Enter email Submit Pregnancy tests If you think you may be pregnant , ...

  17. Coombs test (United States)

    Direct antiglobulin test; Indirect antiglobulin test; Anemia - hemolytic ... No special preparation is necessary for this test. ... There are 2 types of the Coombs test: Direct Indirect The direct ... that are stuck to the surface of red blood cells. Many diseases ...

  18. Ham test (United States)

    Acid hemolysin test; Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria - Ham test; PNH - Ham test ... BJ. In: Chernecky CC, Berger BJ, eds. Laboratory Tests and Diagnostic Procedures . 6th ed. Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier ...

  19. 8º Congreso Internacional de la Química de los Cementos Comité Científico Euro-Asiático 1ª Reunión del 14 de Septiembre de 1981 en París

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Calleja, Jose


    Full Text Available Not available

    En lo que sigue, el autor, asistente por España a la 1.ª Reunión en París del Comité Científico Euro-Asiático para la preparación y organización del 8.° Congreso Internacional de la Química de los Cementos (Río de Janeiro, Julio de 1986, como miembro de dicho Comité, da cuenta, para conocimiento de científicos y técnicos de habla hispana, especialistas o interesados en la Química del Cemento, de los asuntos tratados en la citada Reunión, así como de los acuerdos de principio adoptados en ella.

  20. Fotovoltaik Uygulamalar için GLAD Tekniği ile Büyütülen Spiral Nano Şekilli a-Si İnce Filmlerin Elektriksel ve Yapısal Özelliklerinin İncelenmesi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Beyhan TATAR


    Full Text Available Spiral nano şekilli a-Si ince filmler c-Si altlıklar üzerine elektron demeti buharlaştırma sistemi içerisinde GLAD tekniği kullanılarak hazırlanmıştır. Spiral nano şekilli ince filmlerin yapısal özellikleri X-ışınları difraksiyonu (XRD analizi ve Raman spektroskopi analizi ile belirlendi. Büyütülen spiral nano şekilli a-Si ince filmlerin yüzey ve arakesit morfolojileri Alan Emisyonlu Taramalı Elektron Mikroskobu (FE-SEM ile incelendi. Spiral nano şekilli a-Si/c-Si heteroeklemlerin elektrik ve fotovoltaik özellikleri karanlık ve aydınlık şartlarda akım-gerilim ölçümleri ile incelendi. Bariyer yüksekliği ΦB, ideallik faktörü ɳ, seri direnç Rs ve şant direnci Rsh gibi spiral nano şekilli a-Si/c-Si heteroeklemlerin karanlık şartlardaki diyot parametreleri I-V karakteristiklerinden belirlendi ve sırasıyla 0,82 eV, 3,34, 1,9 kΩ ve 0,17 MΩ olarak bulundu. Spiral nano şekilli a-Si/c-Si heteroeklemler iyi bir fotovolataik davranış göstermiş ve açık devre gerilimi ve kısa devre akım yoğunluğu gibi fotovoltaik parametreleri sırasıyla Voc=300mV ve Jsc=0,12 mA/cm2 olarak elde edilmiştir.

  1. Development of wider bandgap n-type a-SiOx:H and μc-SiOx:H as both doped and intermediate reflecting layer for a-Si:H/ a-Si1-xGex:H tandem solar cells (United States)

    Chen, Po-Wei; Chen, Pei-Ling; Tsai, Chuang-Chuang


    In this work, we developed a-SiOx:H(n) and μc-SiOx:H(n) films as n-type layer, intermediate reflecting layer (IRL), and back-reflecting layer (BRL) to improve the light management in silicon thin-film solar cells. In the development of SiOx:H films, by properly adjusting the oxygen content of the films, the optical bandgap of μc-SiOx:H(n) can be increased while maintaining sufficient conductivity. Similar effect was found for a-SiOx:H(n). In a-Si:H single-junction cells, employing a-SiOx:H(n) as the replacement for a-Si:H(n) resulted in a relative efficiency enhancement of 11.4% due to the reduced parasitic absorption loss. We have also found that μc-SiOx:H(n) can replace back ITO layer as BRL, leading to a relative efficiency gain of 7.6%. For a-Si:H/ a-Si1- x Ge x:H tandem cell, employing μc-SiOx:H(n) as IRL increased the current density of top cell. In addition, employing a-SiOx:H(n) as a replacement of a-Si:H(n) in the top cell increased the current density of bottom cell due to the reduction of absorption loss. Combining all the improvements, the a-Si:H/ a-Si1-xGex:H tandem cell with efficiency of 9.2%, V OC = 1.58 V, J SC = 8.43 mA/cm2, and FF = 68.4% was obtained. [Figure not available: see fulltext.

  2. Pharmacogenomic Testing (United States)

    ... what you want to learn. Search form Search Pharmacogenomic testing You are here Home Testing & Services Testing ... people avoid harmful reactions to medication. What Is Pharmacogenomics? Did you ever wonder why a medicine doesn' ...

  3. Laboratory Tests (United States)

    Laboratory tests check a sample of your blood, urine, or body tissues. A technician or your doctor ... compare your results to results from previous tests. Laboratory tests are often part of a routine checkup ...

  4. Randomization tests

    CERN Document Server

    Edgington, Eugene


    Statistical Tests That Do Not Require Random Sampling Randomization Tests Numerical Examples Randomization Tests and Nonrandom Samples The Prevalence of Nonrandom Samples in Experiments The Irrelevance of Random Samples for the Typical Experiment Generalizing from Nonrandom Samples Intelligibility Respect for the Validity of Randomization Tests Versatility Practicality Precursors of Randomization Tests Other Applications of Permutation Tests Questions and Exercises Notes References Randomized Experiments Unique Benefits of Experiments Experimentation without Mani

  5. HIV Testing (United States)

    ... Abroad Treatment Basic Statistics Get Tested Find an HIV testing site near you. Enter ZIP code or city Follow HIV/AIDS CDC HIV CDC HIV/AIDS See RSS | ... you get tested. Should I get tested for HIV? CDC recommends that everyone between the ages of ...

  6. Tissue tests

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Sonneveld, C.; Voogt, W.


    Tissue tests are widely used in horticulture practice and have in comparison with soil or substrate testing advantages as well disadvantages in comparison with soil testing. One of the main advantages of tissue tests is the certainty that analysed nutrients in plant tissues are really present in the

  7. Tensile testing

    CERN Document Server


    A complete guide to the uniaxial tensile test, the cornerstone test for determining the mechanical properties of materials: Learn ways to predict material behavior through tensile testing. Learn how to test metals, alloys, composites, ceramics, and plastics to determine strength, ductility and elastic/plastic deformation. A must for laboratory managers, technicians, materials and design engineers, and students involved with uniaxial tensile testing. Tensile Testing , Second Edition begins with an introduction and overview of the test, with clear explanations of how materials properties are determined from test results. Subsequent sections illustrate how knowledge gained through tensile tests, such as tension properties to predict the behavior (including strength, ductility, elastic or plastic deformation, tensile and yield strengths) have resulted in improvements in materals applications. The Second Edition is completely revised and updated. It includes expanded coverage throughout the volume on a variety of ...

  8. Objective Tests versus Subjective tests

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    objective test has only one correct answer, while subjective test has a range of possible answers. Because of this feature, reliability will not be difficult to achieve in the marking of the objective item, while the marking of the subjective items is reliable. On the whole, a good test must contain both subjective and objective test items.

  9. Posouzení vhodnosti řasových testů pro hodnocení ekotoxicity


    Štěpánková, Iva


    Tato práce je zaměřena na zhodnocení metodiky řasových testů a posouzení jejich vhodnosti pro ekotoxikologickou analýzu vybraných chemických látek. Pomocí počítání řas a jejich spektrofotometrie se posuzoval vliv dichromanu draselného na růst sladkovodní řasy Desmodesmus subspicatus. This diploma thesis deals with the evaluation of algal test methods and passes judgement on their availibility for ecotoxicological analysis of chosen chemical substances. By counting of algal cells and spectr...

  10. TORCH Test (United States)

    ... Epstein-Barr Virus Antibodies , Chickenpox and Shingles Tests , Parvovirus B19 All content on Lab Tests Online has ... enterovirus, Epstein-Barr virus , varicella-zoster virus , and parvovirus B19 . ^ Back to top When is it ordered? ...

  11. VMA Test (United States)

    ... page helpful? Also known as: VMAU Formal name: Vanillylmandelic Acid, urine Related tests: Catecholamines , Plasma Free Metanephrines , Urine ... I should know? How is it used? The vanillylmandelic acid (VMA) test is primarily used to detect and ...

  12. Nationale test

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)


    Professor Sven Erik Nordenbo og centerleder Niels Egelund, begge DPU, i samtale om nationale test.......Professor Sven Erik Nordenbo og centerleder Niels Egelund, begge DPU, i samtale om nationale test....

  13. Prenatal Tests (United States)

    ... may recommend you have an invasive test, like amniocentesis , to confirm the results. Chorionic villus sampling (also ... done at 15 to 22 weeks of pregnancy. Amniocentesis (also called amnio). Tests the amniotic fluid from ...

  14. Nationale Test

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)


    Hvad er egentlig formålet med de nationale test? Bliver eleverne klogere af at blive testet? Og er der en sammenhæng mellem bandekrig og nationale test? Fysisk medie: er egentlig formålet med de nationale test? Bliver eleverne klogere af at blive testet? Og er der en sammenhæng mellem bandekrig og nationale test? Fysisk medie:

  15. Analysis of IR transmission spectra and hypothesis of bond-centered H diffusion in a-Si: H thin films during light-induced thermal annealing%氢化非晶硅薄膜的红外光谱分析和桥键氢扩散假设

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    周怀恩; 朱秀红; 胡跃辉; 马占杰; 张文理; 李瀛; 陈光华


    通过红外透射光谱研究了在光诱导退火中退火条件对氢化非晶硅薄膜的结构和光电特性的影响,实验所用样品采用热丝辅助微波电子回旋共振化学气相沉积方法制备.我们用桥键氢扩散模型来解释退火中的不同现象.样品的红外光谱在630和2000cm-1处的吸收系数有所增加,说明了原先的成键氢发生了移动和溢出,我们认为通过光诱导产生载流子的非辐射复合以及桥键氢和深俘获氢原子的交换,产生了大量的桥键氢原子,它们相互结合形成分子氢,氢溢出要优于氢团聚.%The effect of light-induced thermal annealing at low temperature on the structure and electronic properties of hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si : H ) as a function of annealing conditions was studied by FTIR spectra method. The deposition of a-Si: H films was performed by using microwave electron cyclotron resonance (MW ECR) plasma with the assistance of tungsten filament. In this study, the infrared spectroscopy results show the interesting changes under the different annealing condition. The increase in the transmission coefficient at both 630 and 2000cm-1 indicates that bonded hydrogen moved and effused from the amorphous network. The bond-centered (BC) H diffusion model is used to explain the H elimination phenomenon, we argue that the BC H atoms formed by the nonradiative recombination of photo-induced carriers and the exchange between BC H and deeply trapped H produce more and more BC H atoms, the BC H atoms will recombine each other and form molecular hydrogen, the process of H elimination is prior to monohydride clustering and/or bonds switching.

  16. Dengue in Southeast Asia: epidemiological characteristics and strategic challenges in disease prevention Dengue no Sudeste Asiático: características epidemiológicas e desafios estratégicos na prevenção da doença

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eng-Eong Ooi


    Full Text Available Dengue emerged as a public health burden in Southeast Asia during and following the Second World War and has become increasingly important, with progressively longer and more frequent cyclical epidemics of dengue fever/dengue hemorrhagic fever. Despite this trend, surveillance for this vector-borne viral disease remains largely passive in most Southeast Asian countries, without adequate laboratory support. We review here the factors that may have contributed to the changing epidemiology of dengue in Southeast Asia as well as challenges of disease prevention. We also discuss a regional approach to active dengue virus surveillance, focusing on urban areas where the viruses are maintained, which may be a solution to limited financial resources since most of the countries in the region have developing economies. A regional approach would also result in a greater likelihood of success in disease prevention since the large volume of human travel is a major factor contributing to the geographical spread of dengue viruses.A dengue emergiu como problema de saúde pública no Sudeste Asiático durante e após a Segunda Guerra Mundial, e vem se agravando cada vez mais, com epidemias cíclicas progressivamente mais longas e freqüentes de dengue e de febre hemorrágica da dengue. Apesar dessa tendência, a vigilância dessa virose transmitida por vetores permanece basicamente passiva na maioria dos países do Sudeste Asiático, sem apoio laboratorial adequado. O artigo apresenta uma revisão dos fatores que podem ter contribuído para a mudança no perfil epidemiológico da dengue na região, além de discutir os desafios para a prevenção da doença. Analisa-se também uma abordagem regional para a vigilância ativa dos vírus da dengue, focando as áreas urbanas onde eles se mantêm, o que pode representar uma solução à limitação de recursos financeiros, uma vez que a maioria dos pa��ses da região tem economias em desenvolvimento. Uma abordagem

  17. Patrones de colonización y ecología de poblaciones de dos bivalvos invasores (mejillón cebra Dreissena polymorpha Pallas, 1771 y almeja asiática Corbicula fluminea Müller, 1774 en un tramo lótico del Ebro medio (Castejón, Navarra.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Los bivalvos dulceacuícolas son un componente importante de la ecología fluvial, fundamentalmente por el papel que desempeñan como organismos filtradores y de remoción del sedimento. Además son un grupo zoológico diverso y amenazado a escala global, en el que se incluyen algunas de las especies invasoras más dañinas. El estudio de sus poblaciones es imprescindible para conocer el estado de conservación de las comunidades bentónicas. Para esto se prospectaron 17 parcelas vadeables y 7 escolleras a lo largo de 7,38 km de meandros del río Ebro en Castejón (Navarra, tanto el cauce principal como en brazos secundarios de corriente permanente y/o temporal. El mejillón cebra Dreissena polymorpha Pallas, 1771 se encontró en 7 escolleras y 6 parcelas. El sustrato preferente fueron rocas (85%, donde la densidad resultó 0,31-5,45 mejillones/m2; el 2,6% se hallaron sobre plásticos agrícolas abandonados. En las escolleras sólo el 3,6% de los ejemplares eran juveniles y un 33% tenían una edad > 4 años. La almeja asiática Corbicula fluminea Müller, 1774 se encontró en todas las parcelas. La densidad resultó muy diferente en los tres tipos de ambientes fluviales con valores máximos de 15.100 almejas/m2, lo que constituye un nuevo máximo fluvial en Europa. Se encontraron subpoblaciones de almeja asiática con diferentes estructuras de edad según los ambientes fluviales, además de poblaciones menos numerosas en el brazo principal del río que en los otros tipos. Los resultados muestran que junto a estas especies alóctonas en expansión, con altas tasas de reclutamiento, se encuentra una estructura poblacional muy precaria para las autóctonas, de las cuales únicamente se localizaron 12 náyades vivas y ningún esférido.

  18. Test Anxiety (United States)

    ... A A What's in this article? What Is Test Anxiety? What Causes It? Who's Likely to Have Test Anxiety? What Can You Do? en español Ansiedad ante ... prevent them from doing their best on a test. continue What Causes It? All anxiety is a reaction to anticipating something stressful. Like ...

  19. Tetraphenylhexaazaanthracenes: 16π Weakly Antiaromatic Species with Singlet Ground States. (United States)

    Constantinides, Christos P; Zissimou, Georgia A; Berezin, Andrey A; Ioannou, Theodosia A; Manoli, Maria; Tsokkou, Demetra; Theodorou, Eleni; Hayes, Sophia C; Koutentis, Panayiotis A


    Tetraphenylhexaazaanthracene, TPHA-1, is a fluorescent zwitterionic biscyanine with a closed-shell singlet ground state. TPHA-1 overcomes its weak 16π antiaromaticity by partitioning its π system into 6π positive and 10π negative cyanines. The synthesis of TPHA-1 is low yielding and accompanied by two analogous TPHA isomers: the deep red, non-charge-separated, quinoidal TPHA-2, and the deep green TPHA-3 that partitions into two equal but oppositely charged 8π cyanines. The three TPHA isomers are compared.

  20. Fair Testing



    We investigate the notion of fair testing, a formal testing theory in the style of De Nicola and Hennessy where divergences are disregarded as long as there are visible outgoing transitions. The usual testing theories, such as the standard model of failure pre-order, do not allow such fair interpretations because of the way in which they ensure their compositionality with respect to abstraction from observable actions. This feature is usually present in the form of a hiding-operator (CSP, ACP...

  1. test title (United States)


    Realistic replication of such attacks is necessary to thoroughly test detection and defense mechanisms. The common response to this risk is to...particular user, desired behavior may be to deny service or disrupt connectivity in the experimental network, to test a new worm or to maintain some...scripting environment whose syntax enables specification of control flows that depend on controlled program outputs, thus automating system testing

  2. Pregnancy test (United States)

    ... called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). HCG is a hormone produced during pregnancy. It appears in the blood and urine of ... A pregnancy test is done using blood or urine. There are 2 types of ... how much HCG is present The blood test is done by drawing ...

  3. Nationale test

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bundsgaard, Jeppe; Puck, Morten Rasmus

    Nationale test skubber undervisning i en forkert retning. Det er lærerne og skolelederne enige om. Men særligt skolelederne ser også muligheder for at bruge testen til at få viden om elevernes faglige kompetencer og om undervisningen. Det kommer til udtryk i rapporten Nationale test: Danske lærere...

  4. Prevalence of syphilis among HIV-seroreactive patients

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Turbadkar D


    Full Text Available Presence of genital ulcer disease facilitates human immunodeficiency virus (HIV transmission and their -diagnosis is essential for the proper management. Venereal Disease Research Laboratory (VDRL test is used as a screening test for the diagnosis of syphilis. However, unusual VDRL test results have been reported in HIV-infected persons with syphilis. There are reports showing higher than expected VDRL titers as well as biological false positive in most of the studies. A negative Rapid Plasma Reagin (RPR test or VDRL test result may not rule out syphilis in patients with HIV infection. For laboratory confirmation of syphilis, one specific Treponemal test, namely, Fluroscent Treponemal Antibody Absorption (FTA-ABS test or Treponema Pallidum Haemagglutination Assay (TPHA should be done along with VDRL. In the present study, 88 HIV-seropositive patients with history of high-risk behaviour were screened for syphilis by VDRL test. Out of these 88 cases, 42 (47.7% patients were positive for TPHA and eight (9.1% patients were reactive for VDRL in various titers. All the eight patients who were reactive for VDRL test were also positive for TPHA test. Persons with HIV infection acquired through sexual route should be screened for sexually transmitted infections (STIs, and all patients with STIs should be counselled for HIV testing. This will help in proper management of patients having STIs and HIV coinfection.

  5. Oedometer Tests

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Thorsen, Grete


    The paper describes the results of oedometer tests carried out with samples from Eemian fresh-water deposits and the methods used to determine the preconsolidation pressure from the test results. The influence of creep in the material on the apparent preconsolidation pressure is estimated from...... a model set up by Moust Jacobsen in 1992. The test results do not show any significant difference in the determined values of the overconsolidation ratio (OCR) for the samples from Hollerup and Solsø, east and west of the main stationary line for the last ice sheet in Weichselian, respectively...

  6. RPR test (United States)

    ... may cause a false-positive test, including: IV drug use Lyme disease Certain types of pneumonia Malaria Pregnancy Systemic lupus erythematosus and some other autoimmune disorders Tuberculosis (TB)

  7. Sodium Test (United States)

    ... be limited. Home Visit Global Sites Search Help? Sodium Share this page: Was this page helpful? Also known as: Na Formal name: Sodium Related tests: Chloride , Bicarbonate , Potassium , Electrolytes , Osmolality , Basic ...

  8. Magnesium Test (United States)

    ... be limited. Home Visit Global Sites Search Help? Magnesium Share this page: Was this page helpful? Also known as: Mg; Mag Formal name: Magnesium Related tests: Calcium , Potassium , Phosphorus , PTH , Vitamin D ...

  9. Cholesterol Test (United States)

    ... AACC products and services. Advertising & Sponsorship: Policy | Opportunities Cholesterol Share this page: Was this page helpful? Also known as: Blood Cholesterol Formal name: Total Cholesterol Related tests: HDL Cholesterol , ...

  10. Pap test (United States)

    ... cells - Pap; AGUS - Pap; Atypical squamous cells - Pap; HPV - Pap; Human papilloma virus - Pap cervix - Pap; Colposcopy - Pap ... test to check for the presence of the HPV virus types most likely to cause cancer Cervix cryosurgery- ...

  11. Triglycerides Test (United States)

    ... be limited. Home Visit Global Sites Search Help? Triglycerides Share this page: Was this page helpful? Also known as: TG; TRIG Formal name: Triglycerides Related tests: Cholesterol ; HDL Cholesterol ; LDL Cholesterol ; Direct ...

  12. VDRL test (United States)

    ... syphilis . The bacteria that cause syphilis is called Treponema pallidum. Your health care provider may order this test ... 59. Radolf JD, Tramont EC, Salazar JC. Syphilis ( Treponema pallidum ). In: Bennett JE, Dolin R, Blaser MJ, eds. ...

  13. Lactate Test (United States)

    Advertisement Proceeds from website advertising help sustain Lab Tests Online. AACC is a not-for-profit organization and does not endorse non-AACC products and services. Advertising & Sponsorship: Policy | Opportunities ...

  14. Troponins Test (United States)

    Advertisement Proceeds from website advertising help sustain Lab Tests Online. AACC is a not-for-profit organization and does not endorse non-AACC products and services. Advertising & Sponsorship: Policy | Opportunities ...

  15. DHEAS Test (United States)

    Advertisement Proceeds from website advertising help sustain Lab Tests Online. AACC is a not-for-profit organization and does not endorse non-AACC products and services. Advertising & Sponsorship: Policy | Opportunities ...

  16. Chloride Test (United States)

    Advertisement Proceeds from website advertising help sustain Lab Tests Online. AACC is a not-for-profit organization and does not endorse non-AACC products and services. Advertising & Sponsorship: Policy | Opportunities ...

  17. Insulin Test (United States)

    Advertisement Proceeds from website advertising help sustain Lab Tests Online. AACC is a not-for-profit organization and does not endorse non-AACC products and services. Advertising & Sponsorship: Policy | Opportunities ...

  18. PTH Test (United States)

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  19. Glucose Tests (United States)

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  20. Albumin Test (United States)

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  1. PTT Test (United States)

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  2. Rubella Test (United States)

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  3. Tensilon test (United States)

    ... called Tensilon (also called edrophonium) or a dummy medicine (inactive placebo) is given during this test. The health care provider gives the medicine through one of your veins (intravenously, through an ...

  4. Cortisol Test (United States)

    ... be limited. Home Visit Global Sites Search Help? Cortisol Share this page: Was this page helpful? Also known as: Urinary Cortisol; Salivary Cortisol; Free Cortisol; Dexamethasone Suppression Test; DST; ...

  5. Test report :

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rose, David Martin; Schenkman, Benjamin L.; Borneo, Daniel R.


    The Department of Energy Office of Electricity (DOE/OE), Sandia National Laboratory (SNL) and the Base Camp Integration Lab (BCIL) partnered together to incorporate an energy storage system into a microgrid configured Forward Operating Base to reduce the fossil fuel consumption and to ultimately save lives. Energy storage vendors have supplied their systems to SNL Energy Storage Test Pad (ESTP) for functional testing and a subset of these systems were selected for performance evaluation at the BCIL. The technologies tested were electro-chemical energy storage systems comprised of lead acid, lithium-ion or zinc-bromide. MILSPRAY Military Technologies has developed an energy storage system that utilizes lead acid batteries to save fuel on a military microgrid. This report contains the testing results and some limited assessment of the Milspray Scorpion Energy Storage Device.

  6. Test Ship (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The U. S. Navy dedicated the decommissioned Spruance Class destroyer ex-PAUL F. FOSTER (EDD 964), Test Ship, primarily for at sea demonstration of short range weapon...

  7. Tested Demonstrations. (United States)

    Gilbert, George L.


    Included are three demonstrations that include the phase change of ice when under pressure, viscoelasticity and colloid systems, and flame tests for metal ions. The materials, procedures, probable results, and applications to real life situations are included. (KR)

  8. Test report :

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rose, David Martin; Schenkman, Benjamin L.; Borneo, Daniel R.


    The Department of Energy Office of Electricity (DOE/OE), Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) and the Base Camp Integration Lab (BCIL) partnered together to incorporate an energy storage system into a microgrid configured Forward Operating Base to reduce the fossil fuel consumption and to ultimately save lives. Energy storage vendors will be sending their systems to SNL Energy Storage Test Pad (ESTP) for functional testing and then to the BCIL for performance evaluation. The technologies that will be tested are electro-chemical energy storage systems comprising of lead acid, lithium-ion or zinc-bromide. Raytheon/KTech has developed an energy storage system that utilizes zinc-bromide flow batteries to save fuel on a military microgrid. This report contains the testing results and some limited analysis of performance of the Raytheon/KTech Zinc-Bromide Energy Storage System.

  9. Knowledge Test

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sørensen, Ole Henning


    The knowledge test is about competing temporal and spatial expressions of the politics of technological development and national prosperity in contemporary society. The discussion is based on literature of national systems of innovation and industrial networks of various sorts. Similarities...

  10. Trypsinogen test (United States)

    ... is broken) Considerations Other tests used to detect pancreas diseases may include: Serum amylase Serum lipase Alternative Names ... Related MedlinePlus Health Topics Cystic Fibrosis Pancreatic Cancer Pancreatic Diseases Browse the Encyclopedia A.D.A.M., Inc. ...

  11. Runflat Testing (United States)


    ORGANIZATION NAME(S) AND ADDRESS(ES) U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground Yuma Test Center 301 C Street Yuma, Arizona 85365-9498 8. PERFORMING... ORGANIZATION REPORT NUMBER TOP 02-2-698 9. SPONSORING/MONITORING AGENCY NAME(S) AND ADDRESS(ES) U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command CSTE-TM...tire assembly tread life combat flat central tire inflation system (CTIS) 16. SECURITY CLASSIFICATION OF: 17. LIMITATION

  12. Allergy testing - skin (United States)

    Patch tests - allergy; Scratch tests - allergy; Skin tests - allergy; RAST test; Allergic rhinitis - allergy testing; Asthma - allergy testing; Eczema - allergy testing; Hayfever - allergy testing; Dermatitis - allergy testing; Allergy testing; ...

  13. Differences in gender performance on competitive physics selection tests (United States)

    Wilson, Kate; Low, David; Verdon, Matthew; Verdon, Alix


    [This paper is part of the Focused Collection on Gender in Physics.] We have investigated gender differences in performance over the past eight years on the Australian Science Olympiad Exam (ASOE) for physics, which is taken by nearly 1000 high school students each year. The ASOE, run by Australian Science Innovations (ASI), is the initial stage of the process of selection of teams to represent Australia at the Asian and International Physics Olympiads. Students taking the exam are generally in their penultimate year of school and selected by teachers as being high performing in physics. Together with the overall differences in facility, we have investigated how the content and presentation of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) affects the particular answers selected by male and female students. Differences in the patterns of responses by male and female students indicate that males and females might be modeling situations in different ways. Some strong patterns were found in the gender gaps when the questions were categorized in five broad dimensions: content, process required, difficulty, presentation, and context. Almost all questions saw male students performing better, although gender differences were relatively small for questions with a more abstract context. Male students performed significantly better on most questions with a concrete context, although notable exceptions were found, including two such questions where female students performed better. Other categories that showed consistently large gaps favoring male students include questions with projectile motion and other two-dimensional motion or forces content, and processes involving interpreting diagrams. Our results have important implications, suggesting that we should be able to reduce the gender gaps in performance on MCQ tests by changing the way information is presented and setting questions in contexts that are less likely to favor males over females. This is important as MCQ tests are

  14. The Moon as a Test Body for General Relativity and New Gravitational Theories (United States)

    Martini, Manuele; March, Riccardo; Bellettini, Giovanni; Dell'Agnello, S.; Delle Monache, G. O.; Currie, D. G.; Martini, M.; Lops, C.; Garattini, M.; March, R.; Bellettini, G.; Tauraso, R.; Battat, J. B.; Bianco, G.; Murphy, T. W., Jr.; Coradini, A.; Boni, A.; Cantone, C.; Maiello, M.; Porcelli, L.; Berardi, S.; Intaglietta, N.

    Since 1969 Lunar Laser Ranging (LLR) to the Apollo Cube Corner Reflector (CCR) arrays has supplied several significant tests of General Relativity (GR): it has evaluated the Geodetic Precession, probed the weak and strong equivalence principle, determined the PPN parameter , addressed the time change of G and 1/r2 deviations. We show that the Moon equipped with retroreflectors can be used effectively to test new gravitational theories beyond GR, like spacetime torsion (developed by some of the authors) and the unified braneworld theory by G. Dvali et al. LLR has also provided important information on the composition and origin of the Moon through measurement of its rotations and tides. Future robotic lunar missions, like the proposed International Lunar Network (ILN) will greatly expand this broad scientific program.Initially, the Apollo arrays contributed a negligible portion of the LLR error budget. Nowadays, the ranging accuracy of ground stations has improved by more than two orders of magnitude: the new APOLLO station at Apache Point, USA, is capable of mm-level range measurements; MRLO, at the ASI Space Geodesy Center in Matera, Italy, has re-started LR operations. Now, because of lunar librations, the Apollo arrays dominate the LLR error budget, which is a few cm. The University of Maryland, Principal Investigator for the Apollo arrays, and INFN-LNF are proposing an innovative CCR array design that will reduce the error contribution of LLR payloads by more than two orders of magnitude, down to tens of microns. This is the goal of the MoonLIGHT technological experiment of INFN (Moon Laser Instrumentation for General relativity High-Accuracy Tests) and of the SCF, the CCR space test facility at LNF. We have also proposed the precursor test of the MoonLIGHT payload on the ASI lunar orbiter mission MAGIA (A. Coradini PI), which concluded its Phase A Study in 2009. In our new array design the main challenges are: 1) address the thermal and optical effects of the

  15. Validation of the World Health Organization Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening Test (ASSIST): report of results from the Australian site. (United States)

    Newcombe, David Al; Humeniuk, Rachel E; Ali, Robert


    The concurrent, construct, discriminative and predictive validity of the World Health Organization's Alcohol Substance Involvement Screening Test (ASSIST) were examined in an Australian sample. One hundred and fifty participants, recruited from drug treatment (n = 50) and primary health care (PHC) settings (n = 100), were administered a battery of instruments at baseline and a modified battery at 3 months. Measures included the ASSIST; the Addiction Severity Index-Lite (ASI-Lite); the Severity of Dependence Scale (SDS); the MINI International Neuropsychiatric Interview (MINI-Plus); the Rating of Injection Site Condition (RISC); the Drug Abuse Screening Test (DAST); the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT); the Revised Fagerstrom Tolerance Questionnaire (RTQ); and the Maudsely Addiction Profile (MAP). Concurrent validity was demonstrated by significant correlations between ASSIST scores and scores from the ASI-lite, SDS, AUDIT and DAST; and significantly greater ASSIST scores for those with diagnoses of abuse or dependence. Construct validity was established by significant correlations between ASSIST scores and measures of risk factors for the development of drug and alcohol problems. Participants diagnosed with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder or antisocial personality disorder had significantly higher ASSIST scores than those not diagnosed as such. Discriminative validity was established by the capacity of the ASSIST to discriminate between substance use, abuse and dependence. ROC analysis was able to establish cut-off scores for an Australian sample, with suitable specificities and sensitivities for most substances. Predictive validity was demonstrated by similarity in ASSIST scores obtained at baseline and at follow-up. The findings demonstrated that the ASSIST is a valid screening test for psychoactive substance use in individuals who use a number of substances and have varying degrees of substance use.

  16. Fair Testing



    In this paper we present a solution to the long-standing problem of characterising the coarsest liveness-preserving pre-congruence with respect to a full (TCSP-inspired) process algebra. In fact, we present two distinct characterisations, which give rise to the same relation: an operational one based on a De Nicola-Hennessy-like testing modality which we call should-testing, and a denotational one based on a refined notion of failures. One of the distinguishing characteristics of the should-t...

  17. Adaptive test

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kjeldsen, Lars Peter; Rose, Mette


    Artikelen er en evaluering af de adaptive tests, som blev indført i folkeskolen. Artiklen sætter særligt fokus på evaluering i folkeskolen, herunder bidrager den med vejledning til evaluering, evalueringsværktøjer og fagspecifkt evalueringsmateriale.......Artikelen er en evaluering af de adaptive tests, som blev indført i folkeskolen. Artiklen sætter særligt fokus på evaluering i folkeskolen, herunder bidrager den med vejledning til evaluering, evalueringsværktøjer og fagspecifkt evalueringsmateriale....

  18. Troponin test (United States)

    TroponinI; TnI; TroponinT; TnT; Cardiac-specific troponin I; Cardiac-specific troponin T; cTnl; cTnT ... your heart not getting enough blood flow.) The troponin test may also be done to help detect ...

  19. Testing Hubbert

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Brandt, Adam R. [Energy and Resources Group, University of California Berkeley, 310 Barrows Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720-3050 (United States)


    The Hubbert theory of oil depletion, which states that oil production in large regions follows a bell-shaped curve over time, has been cited as a method to predict the future of global oil production. However, the assumptions of the Hubbert method have never been rigorously tested with a large, publicly available data set. In this paper, three assumptions of the modern Hubbert theory are tested using data from 139 oil producing regions. These regions are sub-national (United States state-level, United States regional-level), national, and multi-national (subcontinental and continental) in scale. We test the assumption that oil production follows a bell-shaped curve by generating best-fitting curves for each region using six models and comparing the quality of fit across models. We also test the assumptions that production over time in a region tends to be symmetric, and that production is more bell-shaped in larger regions than in smaller regions. (author)

  20. Thyroid Tests (United States)

    ... 4 TSI Radioactive Iodine Uptake Test Graves' disease ↓ ↑ + ↑ Thyroiditis (with hyperthyroidism) ↓ ↑ - ↓ Thyroid nodules (hot, or toxic) ↓ ↑ - ↑ or ... T 3 /T 4 Antithyroid Antibody Hashimoto’s disease (thyroiditis, early stage) ↑ ↓ or Normal + Hashimoto’s disease (thyroiditis, later ...

  1. Lead Test (United States)

    ... months, and at 3, 4, 5, and 6 years of age. A blood lead level test should be done only if the risk ... recommended if the person is symptomatic at any level below 70 mcg/dL. Because lead will pass through the blood to an unborn child, pregnant ...

  2. Paternity testing. (United States)

    Onoja, A M


    Molecular diagnostic techniques have found application in virtually all areas of medicine, including criminal investigations and forensic analysis. The techniques have become so precise that it is now possible to conclusively determine paternity using DNA from grand parents, cousins, or even saliva left on a discarded cigarette butt. This is a broad overview of paternity testing.

  3. Radiographic Test

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lee, H.J; Yang, S.H. [Korea Electric Power Research Institute, Taejon (Korea)


    This report contains theory, procedure technique and interpretation of radiographic examination and written for whom preparing radiographic test Level II. To determine this baseline of technical competence in the examination, the individual must demonstrate a knowledge of radiography physics, radiation safety, technique development, radiation detection and measurement, facility design, and the characteristics of radiation-producing devices and their principles of operation. (author) 98 figs., 23 tabs.

  4. Putting Tests To The Test

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Tests are usually a big part of a teacher's life. They are part of the ritual of the classroom. Students expect them. Administrators, school boards and legislators require them. They are important to us in our work; we think about them often and have a lot to say about them.

  5. Testing Understanding and Understanding Testing. (United States)

    Pedersen, Jean; Ross, Peter


    Provides examples in which graphs are used in the statements of problems or in their solutions as a means of testing understanding of mathematical concepts. Examples (appropriate for a beginning course in calculus and analytic geometry) include slopes of lines and curves, quadratic formula, properties of the definite integral, and others. (JN)

  6. Mis asi on OÜ Visible Solutions? / Indrek Grigor

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Grigor, Indrek


    Kunstiteos-ettevõtte OÜ Visible Solutions (juhatus: Sigrid Viir, Taaniel Raudsepp, Karel Koplimets) näitus "Adam Smithi Lemmik Nähtamatu Käsi Puuris" Tartu Kunstimajas 18. dets.-ni 2011. Kunstiprojekt firmast, mille tegevuse objekt on loomemajanduse kritiseerimine, mida tehakse viimase toimeloogika kunstiväljal eksponeerimise abil

  7. Ainuke püsiv asi on muutumine / Anneliis Aunapuu

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Aunapuu, Anneliis


    Taani audiovideotehnikat disainivast firmast Jacob Jensen Design. Jacob Jenseni (sünd. 1926) asutatud büroo loomingut tutvustab tema poeg Timothy Jacob Jensen (sünd. 1962). Eesti disaini tasemest, Jaapani disainitoodangust. Esikaanel ja lk. B3 fotod Timothy Jacob Jensenist

  8. Kelle asi on eesti keel? / Sirje Pärismaa

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Pärismaa, Sirje, 1958-


    8. oktoobril toimunud 7. keelefoorumist, mis oli vahearuandeks "Eesti keele arengukava 2013–2017" elluviimiseks. Keelenõukogu ettepanekutest valitsusele. Keelefoorumil avaldasid oma seisukohti eesti keele olevikust ja tulevikust ka praegune ja neli endist haridusministrit

  9. Multifilm kui tõsine asi / Marko Mägi

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Mägi, Marko


    Esilinastus 6 animafilmi : "Vares ja hiired", autorid Priit Tender ja Mikk Rand; "Just märried", autor Peep Pedmanson; "Päevavalgus", autor Mait Laas; "Tom ja Fluffy", režissöörid Janno Põldma ja Heiki Ernits; "Bermuda", autor Ülo Pikkov; "Primavera", režissöörid Riho Unt ja Hardi Volmer

  10. "Kalevi naised" - mis asi see oli? / Andres Keil

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Keil, Andres, 1974-


    Produtsent Kristian Taska Kalev Spordis näitamiseks valminud Venezuela seebiseriaali Eesti oludele mugandatud "Kalevi naised" esimene osa (lavastaja Ingomar Vihman, osades Maria Avdjushko, Jan Uuspõld, Britta Vahur)

  11. El nexo asiático: APEC Y ASEM

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Dentro de la estructura internacional de hoy en día existen tres centros que se han ido configurando como importantes polos de desarrollo: América, Europa y Asia. De los tres, este último es quizás el más débil, aunque también se presenta como una región de grandes oportunidades. A partir de la configuración de APEC, a finales de los ochenta, Asia ha intentado establecer relaciones con la cuenca del Pacífico y, a partir 1996, con Europa, su relación más débil dentro de este esquema tripolar. Si en Europa el núcleo de la región es la Unión Europea, en América lo es el NAFTA, que reúne a Estados Unidos, México y Canadá y que podría convertirse en el embrión de una gran área de libre comercio en las Américas (ALCA. En Asia, aún no existe un núcleo formal. Este artículo describe como la región se encuentra en un proceso de formación de su identidad, y como de su resultado depende la posición y relaciones que se darán entre los tres polos ya mencionados

  12. Kasumlikkus kui kunst. Neurolingvistika kui hirmus keeruline asi / Aavo Kokk

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Kokk, Aavo, 1964-


    Rets. rmt.: Adrian Slywotzky. Kasumlikkuse kunst. Tallinn, 2003 ja Anthony Robbins. Sisemine jõud. Tartu, 2003. Vt. samas: Rets. rmt.: Leif Edvinsson. Ettevõtluse pikkuskraadid. Avastusretk teadmusmajandusse. Tallinn, 2003. Kommenteerib Arvo Pihl

  13. Asi läheb tõsiseks / Mari Laaniste

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Laaniste, Mari, 1977-


    Harry Potteri viies film "Harry Potter ja Fööniksi ordu" ("Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix") : režissöör David Yates : stsenarist Michael Goldenberg : Ameerika Ühendriigid - Suurbritannia 2007

  14. Battue ou chasse à courre, en Somalie ou en Asie

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eric Frécon


    Full Text Available Le second semestre 2008 a été marqué par une explosion des actes de piraterie au large de la Corne de l’Afrique. Les efforts déployés en réaction se sont révélés être si désordonnés qu’ils risquent de ne pas être très efficaces. Plus à l’est, les riverains du détroit de Malacca ont réussi à chasser les pirates. Cependant, ce succès souvent montré en exemple demeure relatif et en aucun cas dû aux seules patrouilles mises en place.Since last August, there were markedly more attacks registered off the Horn of Africa. The lack of coordination between the numerous initiatives is making surveillance operations inefficient. Further in the east, the littoral States along the Malacca Straits have managed to expel the pirates. Nevertheless, this success – often showed as an example – is not total. Moreover, it is not only due to the sea and air patrols.

  15. Spazio ASI, INFN e Nobel Ting a caccia di antimateria

    CERN Multimedia



    "Una apparecchiatura per la ricerca dell' antimateria che nell'autunno del 2005 sara' installata sulla Stazione Spaziale e' al centro di un accordo di collaborazione tra l'Agenzia Spaziale Italiana e il Nobel Samuel Ting, del Mit e del Cern di Ginevra, firmato oggi a Roma (1 page).

  16. Heart failure - tests (United States)

    CHF - tests; Congestive heart failure - tests; Cardiomyopathy - tests; HF - tests ... the best test to: Identify which type of heart failure (systolic versus diastolic, valvular) Monitor your heart failure ...

  17. Nuclear stress test (United States)

    ... Persantine stress test; Thallium stress test; Stress test - nuclear; Adenosine stress test; Regadenoson stress test; CAD - nuclear stress; Coronary artery disease - nuclear stress; Angina - nuclear ...

  18. The Afro-Asian cyclopoid Mesocyclops aspericornis (Crustacea: Copepoda in eastern Mexico with comments on the distribution of exotic copepods El cyclopoide afro-asiático Mesocyclops aspericornis (Crustacea: Copepoda en el este de México con comentarios sobre la distribución de copépodos exóticos

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eduardo Suárez-Morales


    Full Text Available The Afro-Asian freshwater copepod Mesocyclops aspericornis (Daday, 1906, deemed as an exotic species in the Americas, is known to occur disjunctly in Mexico, South America, and the insular Caribbean. Adult females of this species were recorded.from samples collected in the state of Veracruz, on the Atlantic coast of Mexico.The morphology of these specimens is identical in most characters to those described or depicted in previous taxonomic accounts. The 3 known Mexican populations belong to the "western" group of M. aspericornis. The subtle morphological variations among the Mexican populations and their isolation suggest that each could be the result of independent events of dispersion or introduction via aquaculture. This is the third confirmed report of M. aspericornis in Mexico, but the first one in the Atlantic side of Middle America. The states of Tabasco and Chiapas harbour 3 of the 4 species of exotic freshwater copepods known to occur in Mexico.El copépodo dulceacuícola afro-asiático Mesocyclops aspericornis (Daday, 1906, considerado como especie exótica en América, se sabía presente de modo disperso en México, Sudamérica y en las islas del Caribe. A partir de muestras recolectadas en el estado de Veracruz, en la costa del Atlántico de México, se registraron hembras adultas de esta especie. La morfología de estos ejemplares es idéntica en la mayoría de los caracteres a la descrita o ilustrada en trabajos taxonómicos previos. Las 3 poblaciones conocidas en México pertenecen al grupo "occidental" de M. aspericornis. Las sutiles variaciones morfológicas entre las poblaciones mexicanas y su aislamiento sugieren que cada una podría ser resultado de eventos independientes por dispersión o introducción vía la acuacultura. Este es el tercer registro confirmado de M. aspericornis en México, pero el primero en Mesoamérica en el lado del Atlántico. Los estados de Tabasco y Chiapas alojan 3 de las 4 especies de copépodos ex

  19. APU diaphragm testing. Test plan (United States)

    Shelley, Richard


    Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) fuel (hydrazine) tanks have had to be removed from the Columbia Shuttle (OV-102) because they have been in service for 11 years, which is the limit of their useful life. As part of an effort to determine whether the useful life of the fuel tanks can be extended, examination of the ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) diaphragm and the metal from one of the APU tanks is required. The JSC Propulsion and Power Division has requested White Sands Test Facility (WSTF) to examine the EPR diaphragm thoroughly and the metal casing generally from one tank. The objective is to examine the EPR diaphragm for signs of degradation that may limit the life of its function in the APU propellant tank. The metal casing will also be examined for signs of surface corrosion.

  20. Prevalência de HIV em gestantes e transmissão vertical segundo perfil socioeconômico, Vitória, ES Factores asociados a recidiva en hanseníasis en Mato Grosso, Centro-oeste de Brasil HIV prevalence in pregnant women and vertical transmission in according to socioeconomic status, Southeastern Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anne Caroline Barbosa Cerqueira Vieira


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Descrever a prevalência de infecção por HIV em gestantes e a taxa de transmissão vertical, segundo o perfil socioeconômico dos bairros de residência das mães. MÉTODOS: Estudo ecológico exploratório utilizando a base de dados do Sistema de Informação de Agravos de Notificação de gestantes HIV-positivas e aids em crianças notificadas entre 2000 e 2006 em Vitória, ES. Para análise das informações socioeconômicas foi utilizado o Índice de Qualidade Urbana. A prevalência de HIV em gestantes e a taxa de transmissão vertical foram calculadas. A distribuição espacial dos casos foi realizada no programa Terraview 3.2.0. Para verificar a associação entre a qualidade urbana e a prevalência de HIV em gestantes utilizou-se o modelo de regressão de Poisson. RESULTADOS: Um total de 137 gestantes e 14 crianças infectadas por transmissão vertical foi notificado no período. Sete crianças correspondiam a mães HIV-positivas sem notificação de caso no período analisado. A prevalência de infecção em gestantes no período foi de 0,44% e a taxa de transmissão vertical foi de 9,7%. CONCLUSÕES: A prevalência de infecção por HIV em gestantes e a transmissão vertical associam-se à qualidade urbana do bairro de residência, indicando que os bairros com menor qualidade urbana devem ser priorizados quanto às ações para redução da transmissão vertical.OBJETIVO: Analizar factores asociados a la ocurrencia de recidiva en hanseníasis. MÉTODOS: Estudio retrospectivo caso-control con 159 pacientes mayores de 15 años diagnosticados con hanseníasis en cinco municipios del Estado de Mato Grosso, Centro-oeste de Brasil, cuyas unidades de salud eran consideradas de referencia para el atendimiento. El grupo de casos incluyó 53 individuos con recidiva de 2005 a 2007 y fue comparado con el grupo control (106 con alta por cura en 2005, pareados por sexo y clasificación operacional. Se usaron datos del Sistema de Informaci

  1. Amorphous silicon based p-i-i-n photodetectors for point-of-care testing

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Furin, Dominik; Proll, Guenther; Gauglitz, Guenther [Universitaet Tuebingen, Institut fuer Physikalische und Theoretische Chemie, Auf der Morgenstelle 8, 72076 Tuebingen (Germany); Thielmann, Johannes; Harendt, Christine [Institut fuer Mikroelektronik Stuttgart, Allmandring 30a, 70569 Stuttgart (Germany); Pfaefflin, Albrecht; Schleicher, Erwin [Universitaetsklinikum und Medizinische Fakultaet, Universitaetsklinikum Tuebingen, Geissweg 3, 72076 Tuebingen (Germany); Schubert, Markus B. [Institut fuer Physikalische Elektronik, Universitaet Stuttgart, Pfaffenwaldring 47, 70569 Stuttgart (Germany); Saemann, Marc


    Modern medical diagnostics demands point-of-care testing (POCT) systems for quick tests in clinical or out-patient environments. This investigation combines the Reflectometric Interference Spectroscopy (RIfS) with thin film technology for a highly sensitive, direct optical and label-free detection of proteins, e.g. inflammation or cardiovascular markers. Amorphous silicon (a-Si) based thin film photodetectors replace the so far needed spectrometer and permit downsizing of the POCT system. Photodetectors with p-i-i-n structure adjust their spectral sensitivity according to the applied read-out voltage. The use of amorphous silicon carbide in the p-type and the first intrinsic layer enhances the sensitivity through very low dark currents of the photodetectors and enables the adjustment of their absorption characteristics. Integrating the thin film photodetectors on the rear side of the RIfS substrate eliminates optical losses and distortions, as compared to the standard RIfS setup. An integrated Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) chip performs a current-frequency conversion to accurately detect the photocurrent of up to eight parallel photodetector channels. In addition to the optimization of the photo-detectors, this contribution presents first successful direct optical and label-free RIfS measurements of C-reactive protein (CRP) and D-dimer in buffer solution in physiological relevant concentrations. (copyright 2010 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH and Co. KGaA, Weinheim) (orig.)

  2. HPV DNA test (United States)

    ... is generally not recommended for detecting low-risk HPV infections. ... Human papilloma virus - testing; Abnormal Pap smear - HPV testing; LSIL-HPV testing, Low-grade dysplasia - HPV testing; HSIL - HPV testing; High-grade dysplasia - HPV testing; HPV ...

  3. A1C test (United States)

    HbA1C test; Glycated hemoglobin test; Glycosylated hemoglobin test; Hemoglobin glycosylated test; Glycohemoglobin test ... have recently eaten does not affect the A1C test, so you do not need to fast to ...

  4. Mononucleosis spot test (United States)

    Monospot test; Heterophile antibody test; Heterophile agglutination test; Paul-Bunnell test; Forssman antibody test ... The mononucleosis spot test is done when symptoms of mononucleosis are ... Fatigue Fever Large spleen (possibly) Sore throat Tender ...

  5. Design, fabrication and testing of 17um pitch 640x480 uncooled infrared focal plane array detector (United States)

    Jiang, Lijun; Liu, Haitao; Chi, Jiguang; Qian, Liangshan; Pan, Feng; Liu, Xiang


    Uncooled infrared focal plane array (UIRFPA) detectors are widely used in industrial thermography cameras, night vision goggles, thermal weapon sights, as well as automotive night vision systems. To meet the market requirement for smaller pixel pitch and higher resolution, we have developed a 17um pitch 640x480 UIRFPA detector. The detector is based on amorphous silicon (a-Si) microbolometer technology, the readout integrated circuit (ROIC) is designed and manufactured with 0.35um standard CMOS technology on 8 inch wafer, the microbolometer is fabricated monolithically on the ROIC using an unique surface micromachining process developed inside the company, the fabricated detector is vacuum packaged with hermetic metal package and tested. In this paper we present the design, fabrication and testing of the 17um 640x480 detector. The design trade-off of the detector ROIC and pixel micro-bridge structure will be discussed, by comparison the calculation and simulation to the testing results. The novel surface micromachining process using silicon sacrificial layer will be presented, which is more compatible with the CMOS process than the traditional process with polyimide sacrificial layer, and resulted in good processing stability and high fabrication yield. The performance of the detector is tested, with temperature equivalent temperature difference (NETD) less than 60mK at F/1 aperture, operability better than 99.5%. The results demonstrate that the detector can meet the requirements of most thermography and night vision applications.

  6. 比较梅毒血清学检验的不同检测方法

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    目的:比较不同血清学检测方法诊断梅毒效用。方法:取204例确诊梅毒患者作为病例组,208例全面体检健康者为对照组,分别以联袂免疫吸附试验(enzyme 1inked immunosorbent assay,ELISA)、梅毒螺旋体明胶凝集试验(treponema pallidum particle agglutination,TPPA)、胶体金快速检测实验(SYP)、梅毒螺旋体凝集实验(treponema pallidum hemagglutination assay,TPHA)、甲苯胺红不加热血清反应素试验(toluidine red unheated-serum test,TRUST)进行检测。结果:TRUST病例组与一期梅毒阳性率低于SYP,SYP低于ELISA、TPPA、TPHA,差异具有统计学意义(P<0.05);TRUST诊断三期、隐性梅毒阳性率低于SYP、ELISA、TPPA、TPHA,差异具有统计学意义(P<0.05)。结论:ELISA、TPPA、TPHA均可作为理想的梅毒血清检验方法,SYP也可用于隐性梅毒诊断。

  7. The Temperature Dependence Coefficients of Amorphous Silicon and Crystalline Photovoltaic Modules Using Malaysian Field Test Investigation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sulaiman Shaari


    Full Text Available The temperature dependence coefficients of amorphous silicon and crystalline photovoltaic (PV modules using Malaysian field data have been obtained using linear regression technique. This is achieved by studying three test stand-alone PV-battery systems using 62 Wp a-Si, 225 Wp multi-crystalline and 225 Wp mono-crystalline PV modules. These systems were designed to provide electricity for rural domestic loads at 200 W, 500 W and 530 W respectively. The systems were installed in the field with data monitored using data loggers. Upon analysis, the study found that the normalized power output per operating array temperature for the amorphous silicon modules, multi-crystalline modules and mono-crystalline modules were: +0.037 per°C, +0.0225 per °C and +0.0263 per °C respectively. In addition, at a solar irradiance value of 500 Wm-2, the current, voltage, power and efficiency dependence coefficients on operating array temperatures obtained from linear regression were: +37.0 mA per °C, -31.8 mV per °C, -0.1036 W per °C and -0.0214% per °C, for the a-Si modules, +22.5 mA per °C, -39.4 mV per °C, -0.2525 W per °C, -0.072 % per °C for the multi-crystalline modules and +26.3 mA per °C, -32.6 mV per °C, -0.1742 W per °C, -0.0523 % per °C for the mono-crystalline modules. These findings have a direct impact on all systems design and sizing in similar climate regions. It is thus recommended that the design and sizing of PV systems in the hot and humid climate regions of the globe give due address to these findings.

  8. Fatores associados à recidiva em hanseníase em Mato Grosso Factores asociados a recidiva en hanseníasis en Mato Grosso, Centro-oeste de Brasil Factors associated to relapse of leprosy in Mato Grosso, Central-Western Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Silvana Margarida Benevides Ferreira


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Analisar fatores associados à ocorrência de recidiva em hanseníase. MÉTODOS: Estudo retrospectivo caso-controle com 159 pacientes maiores de 15 anos diagnosticados com hanseníase em cinco municípios do estado de Mato Grosso, cujas unidades de saúde eram consideradas de referência para o atendimento. O grupo de casos incluiu 53 indivíduos com recidiva de 2005 a 2007 e foi comparado ao grupo controle (106 com alta por cura em 2005, pareados por sexo e classificação operacional. Foram usados dados do Sistema de Informação de Agravos de Notificação, prontuários e entrevistas. Utilizou-se regressão logística condicional e abordagem hierárquica. RESULTADOS: Após análise ajustada, mostraram-se associados à ocorrência de recidiva: indivíduos residentes em casas alugadas (OR = 4,1; IC95%:1,43;12,04, em domicílio de madeira/taipa (OR = 3,2; IC95%: 1,16;8,76, que moravam com mais de cinco pessoas (OR = 2,1; IC95% : 1,03;4,36, com transtorno de uso de álcool (OR = 2,8; IC95%: 1,17;6,79, irregularidade do tratamento (OR = 3,8;IC95%: 1,44;10,02, sem esclarecimento sobre a doença/tratamento (OR = 2,6; IC95%: 1,09;6,13, que usavam transporte coletivo para o acesso à unidade de saúde (OR = 5,5; IC95%: 2,36;12,63, forma clínica da doença (OR = 7,1; IC95%: 2,48;20,52 e esquema terapêutico (OR = 3,7; IC95%: 1,49;9,11. CONCLUSÕES: Os fatores preditivos de recidiva relacionam-se com condições de moradia, hábitos de vida, organização dos serviços de saúde, formas clínicas e esquemas terapêuticos. Cabe aos serviços de saúde oferecer orientações adequadas aos pacientes, bem como garantir a regularidade do tratamento.OBJETIVO: Analizar factores asociados a la ocurrencia de recidiva en hanseníasis. MÉTODOS: Estudio retrospectivo caso-control con 159 pacientes mayores de 15 años diagnosticados con hanseníasis en cinco municipios del Estado de Mato Grosso, Centro-oeste de Brasil, cuyas unidades de salud eran

  9. Prevalence and risk factors of syphilis infection among drug addicts

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kuhlmann Thomas


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Recent epidemiological data show an increased trend of official estimates for syphilis infection in the general population. Many of the infected cases remain undetected leaving an underestimation of the true prevalence of syphilis in the general population, but also among subpopulations such as illicit drug users. There is limited epidemiological data published on the proportion and risk factors of syphilis infections associated with illicit drug abuse. Methods Illicit drug addicts (n = 1223 in inpatients units in Germany were screened (2000–01 for syphilis and interviewed regarding patterns of drug use and sexual behaviour. TPHA-test for initial screening and FTA-ABS-IgM test in TPHA-positive patients were used. Results In total, TPHA-tests were positive in 39 (3.3% and 7 patients (0.6% were IgM positive. The prevalence rate for syphilis in males was 1.9% and for women it was 8.5%. Female patients were 4.56 (CI 95% 2.37–8.78 times more likely to have a positive TPHA test than males. Sexual behaviours such as high number of sexual partners, sex for drugs/money, sex on the first day were associated with syphilis infection only in women. Females with frequent sex for drugs or money had 4.31 (CI 95% 2.32–8.52 times more likely a reactive TPHA test than remaining patients. Neither the sociodemographic factors nor sexual behaviour were statistically significant associated with syphilis infection among men at all. Conclusion Our data suggest the need for screening for syphilis among these illicit drug users in inpatient settings, in particular among sexual active women. This conclusion is corroborated by the finding of increasing numbers of syphilis infections in the general population. The identification of syphilis cases among drug addicts would give treatment options to these individuals and would help to reduce the spread of infection in this population, but also a spread into heterosexual populations related to

  10. Drugs of Abuse Testing (United States)

    ... may be used for: Medical screening Legal or forensic information Employment drug testing Sports/athletics testing Monitoring ... article Emergency and Overdose Drug Testing . Legal or Forensic Testing Drug testing for legal purposes primarily aims ...

  11. Prolactin blood test (United States)

    ... test; Amenorrhea - prolactin test; Breast leakage - prolactin test; Prolactinoma - prolactin test; Pituitary tumor - prolactin test ... hypothyroidism ) Kidney disease Pituitary tumor that makes prolactin (prolactinoma) Other pituitary tumors and diseases in the area ...

  12. Cholesterol testing and results (United States)

    Cholesterol test results; LDL test results; VLDL test results; HDL test results; Coronary risk profile results; Hyperlipidemia- ... Some cholesterol is considered good and some is considered bad. Different blood tests can be done to measure each ...

  13. Tests Related to Pregnancy (United States)

    ... to learn. Search form Search Tests related to pregnancy You are here Home Testing & Services Testing for ... to Genetic Counseling . What Are Tests Related to Pregnancy? Pregnancy related testing is done before or during ...

  14. The ``Galileo Galilei'' (GG) Project: Testing the Equivalence Principle in Space and on Earth (United States)

    Nobili, A. M.; Bramanti, D.; Polacco, E.; Catastini, G.; Anselmi, A.; Portigliotti, S.; Lenti, A.; Severi, A.

    ``GALILEO GALILEI'' (GG) is a proposal for a small, low orbit satellite devoted to testing the Equivalence Principle (EP) of Galileo, Newton and Einstein to 1 part in 1017. At the end of 1997 GG has been selected and funded by ASI (Agenzia Spaziale Italiana) for a 1-year Phase A study. The main novelty of GG is that the concentric hollow test cylinders whose relative motion (in the plane perpendicular to the spin axis) would be affected by an EP violation, spin together with the read-out capacitance sensors placed in between them. The nominal spin rate is 2 Hz, and this is the frequency at which the putative EP violation signal is modulated by the sensors. As compared to other experiments the modulation frequency is increased by more than a factor 104, thus reducing 1/f (low frequency) electronic and mechanical noise. GG will have FEEP ion thrusters for drag compensation. The required amount of propellant is of a few grams only. The experiment works at room temperature. To demonstrate the feasibility of the space experiment a payload prototype for EP testing on the ground (GGG - GG on the Ground) is under development in the laboratories of Laben. The challenge in this field is to fly an experiment able to improve by many orders of magnitude the current best ground sensitivity (≅10-12). This requires spurious relative motions of the test bodies to be greatly reduced, leaving them essentially motionless. Doing that with more than one pair of bodies appears to be an unnecessary complication. This is why GG is now proposed with a single pair of test masses. Information, research papers and photographs of the ground apparatus are available on the Web (

  15. Estimation of Validation and Reliability of Screening Test of Tobacco, Alcohol and Addictive Drugs in Iran

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    zahra Hooshyari


    Full Text Available Objective: the aim of the present study was the estimation of validation and reliability test of ASSIST instrument in Iran. Method: our research populations were Iranian alcohol and drugs users and abusers in the year 1390 that had referred to rehabilitation camps and addiction treatment centers for self-improving. Sample sizes of 2600, average age 36/5, were selected by cluster random sampling in eight provinces. The ASSIST and demographic form exercised for all of sample group. Also in order to validity estimation, 300 number of main sample we interviewed by ASI, SDS, DAST and DSM-IV criteria. Findings: ASSIST reliability estimated by Cronbach’s alpha for all of domains was between %79 to %95. Data analyses showed fair criteria, construct, discriminate and multi dimension validity. These types of validity for other domains were Discriminative validity of the ASSIST was investigated by comparison of ASSIST scores as groupes of dependence, abuser and user. There were significant confirmation between this scores and DSM-IV scores. Construct validity of the ASSIST was investigated by statistical comparison with health scores. ASSIST's cut off points classify clients in 3 categories in term of intensity of addiction. Conclusion: we surely recommend researchers to use this instrument in research and screening purposes or other situations in Iran.

  16. Design Driven Testing Test Smarter, Not Harder

    CERN Document Server

    Stephens, M


    The groundbreaking book Design Driven Testing brings sanity back to the software development process by flipping around the concept of Test Driven Development (TDD) - restoring the concept of using testing to verify a design instead of pretending that unit tests are a replacement for design. Anyone who feels that TDD is "Too Damn Difficult" will appreciate this book. Design Driven Testing shows that, by combining a forward-thinking development process with cutting-edge automation, testing can be a finely targeted, business-driven, rewarding effort. In other words, you'll learn how to test

  17. Learning software testing with Test Studio

    CERN Document Server

    Madi, Rawane


    Learning Software Testing with Test Studio is a practical, hands-on guide that will help you get started with Test Studio to design your automated solution and tests. All through the book, there are best practices and tips and tricks inside Test Studio which can be employed to improve your solution just like an experienced QA.If you are a beginner or a professional QA who is seeking a fast, clear, and direct to the point start in automated software testing inside Test Studio, this book is for you. You should be familiar with the .NET framework, mainly Visual Studio, C#, and SQL, as the book's

  18. Heat pipe testing program test plan

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bienert, W.B.


    A test plan is given which describes the tests to be conducted on several typical solar receiver heat pipes. The hardware to be used, test fixtures and rationale of the test program are discussed. The program objective is to perform life testing under simulated receiver conditions, and to conduct performance tests with selected heat pipes to further map their performance, particularly with regard to their transient behavior. Performance requirements are defined. Test fixtures designed for the program are described in detail, and their capabilities for simulating the receiver conditions and their limitations are discussed. The heat pipe design is given. (LEW)

  19. Engine Test Facility (ETF) (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The Air Force Arnold Engineering Development Center's Engine Test Facility (ETF) test cells are used for development and evaluation testing of propulsion systems for...

  20. GG high accuracy test of the equivalence principle: state of the art, laboratory prototype and new insights (United States)

    Nobili, Anna M.; Pegna, Raffaello; Comandi, Gian Luca; Bramanti, Donato; Anselmi, Alberto; Catastini, Giuseppe

    The GG ("Galileo Galilei") satellite experiment aims to test the Equivalence Principle (EP) to 10-17 , an extremely ambitious goal (due to improve current best results by 4 orders of magnitude) that should tell us in a clear cut way whether we are in the presence of a new long-range physical interaction (violation) or not (confirmation). Either way, it would be a major result. An end-to-end space experiment simulator was constructed at TAS-I based on GOCE simulator and ASI (Agenzia Spaziale Italiana) funding. The resulting error budget is consistent with the mission goal, which can be realized in 4 years from the start of Phase B. In the lab, a full scale prototype has provided a 25 days continuous run with a sensitivity -in the field of the Sun, hence at diurnal frequency- of a few nanometers in the relative displacement of the proof masses, to be compared with the picometer level required in space for GG to achieve its goal. A passive suspended prototype is under completion in order to reduce ground platform noise by means of an appropriate cardanic suspension which has now been proved to be able to reduce diurnal terrain noise by a factor 104 . The crucial issue of thermal noise has been recently revisited and a major new insight has come thanks to M. Shao (JPL): in GG, by up-converting the frequency of an EP violation signal in the field of the Earth from its (low) orbital frequency of 1.7 · 10-4 Hz to the (high) rotation/modulation frequency of 1Hz -the highest ever in EP experiments- proof mass thermal noise is reduced by orders of magnitude, as the ratio of these frequencies squared. Instead, cooling the experiment to superfluid He temperature would only reduce thermal noise by a factor 10. This is a feature unique to GG. It now appears that, if equipped with an intrinsic differential transducer such as a SIM like laser gauge, GG may indeed aim to an EP test to 10-18 . The end-to-end GG simulator built at TAS-I in 2009 during GG Phase A-2 study is the

  1. Prochievement Testing of Speaking. (United States)

    Pino, Barbara Gonzalez


    Presents a practical oral testing model that fits speaking tests into the syllabus and course grade, links teaching and testing approaches, tests interactive and individual performance, uses new and old materials, and compares impromptu and prepared performance. (Author/CB)

  2. Helicobacter pylori Test (United States)

    ... urease test (RUT) for H. pylori Formal name: Helicobacter pylori Related tests: Gastrin At a Glance Test Sample ... else I should know? How is it used? Helicobacter pylori testing is used to diagnose an infection due ...

  3. Lactose tolerance tests (United States)

    Hydrogen breath test for lactose tolerance ... Two common methods include: Lactose tolerance blood test Hydrogen breath test The hydrogen breath test is the preferred method. It measures the amount of hydrogen ...

  4. Regulation of Genetic Tests (United States)

    ... the deceptive practices of direct-to-consumer tests, calling the results of such tests as "misleading and ... Bethesda, MD: National Institutes of Health; 2000. US Government Accountability Office Nutrigenetic testing: tests purchased from four ...

  5. Heart Health Tests (United States)

    ... is easier to treat. Blood tests and heart health tests can help find heart diseases or identify ... diseases. There are several different types of heart health tests. Your doctor will decide which test or ...

  6. Coccidioides precipitin test (United States)

    Coccidioidomycosis antibody test ... There is no special preparation for the test. ... The precipitin test is one of several tests that can be done to determine if you are infected with the fungus ...

  7. Sweat electrolytes test (United States)

    Sweat test; Sweat chloride; Iontophoretic sweat test ... No special steps are needed before this test. ... The test is not painful. Some people have a tingling feeling at the site of the electrode. This feeling ...

  8. Ketones urine test (United States)

    Ketone bodies - urine; Urine ketones; Ketoacidosis - urine ketones test; Diabetic ketoacidosis - urine ketones test ... Urine ketones are usually measured as a "spot test." This is available in a test kit that ...

  9. CRYSTAL FILTER TEST SET (United States)


  10. To test or not to test

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rochon, Justine; Gondan, Matthias; Kieser, Meinhard


    (Strategy II) had passed the preliminary Shapiro-Wilk test for normality; otherwise, Mann-Whitney’s U test was conducted. By simulation, we separately estimated the conditional Type I error probabilities for the parametric and nonparametric part of the two-stage procedure. Finally, we assessed the overall......Background: Student's two-sample t test is generally used for comparing the means of two independent samples, for example, two treatment arms. Under the null hypothesis, the t test assumes that the two samples arise from the same normally distributed population with unknown variance. Adequate...... control of the Type I error requires that the normality assumption holds, which is often examined by means of a preliminary Shapiro-Wilk test. The following two-stage procedure is widely accepted: If the preliminary test for normality is not significant, the t test is used; if the preliminary test rejects...

  11. Boilerplate Test Article (BTA) Modal Test Correlation (United States)

    Vassilakos, Gregory J.; Corliss, James M.; Mark, Stephen D.


    Modal testing of the Boilerplate Test Article (BTA) was performed to obtain data to determine the accuracy of the BTA LS- DYNA model in determining the structural response. The BTA is a full-scale steel and aluminum test article that is representative of the Orion Crew Module (CM), with similar outer-mold-line geometry, mass properties, and some similar structural features, including an internal pressure vessel connected to a backshell and heatshield via longerons, Retention and Release (R&R) brackets, and an aft ring. The structural design of the Orion CM is being developed based on LS-DYNA water landing simulations. To obtain data to evaluate the accuracy of LS-DYNA water impact landing simulations, a series of BTA water impacts was conducted at NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC). Discrepancies between test and simulation data are attributed to three causes:(1) Test data variability and uncertainty, (2) LS-DYNA water model and fluid-structure coupling approximations; and (3) LS-DYNA structural modeling approximations. Two activities have been undertaken to assess the accuracy of the BTA LS-DYNA structural model separately from the fluid-structure coupling portion of the water landing simulations: 1) modal testing, and 2) static load testing. The results from the static load tests are documented in a separate report. For the modal test series, the following tests were performed: (1) BTA Fully-Assembled Model Test, (2) BTA Backshell Removed Modal Test, (3) Standalone Heatshield Modal Test, (4) Standalone Windward Backshell Panel Modal Test; and (5) Standalone Leeward Backshell Panel Modal Test. This report documents findings from correlation of modal test data with LS-DYNA modal analysis results. The following figures illustrate the correlation of the modal frequencies. Where multiple closely spaced modes have been identified, the points representing the upper and lower frequencies are shown connected by a dotted line.

  12. To Test or Not to Test? (United States)

    Circle, David


    This paper discusses whether music educators should push for national testing of music students. The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) did test music students in 1997. Even though the results of that test did not indicate students were very accomplished, there was a general feeling that at least NAEP and the nation recognized…

  13. From Test Takers to Test Makers (United States)

    Smith, Kari


    As a classroom teacher, Kari Smith realized that traditional objective tests don't always assess what students actually know. But tests are so deeply embedded in the education system that it would be difficult to do away with them entirely. Smith decided to make tests into learning tools. In this article, Smith describes three strategies for…

  14. Test Technical Manual 2014 GED® Test (United States)

    GED Testing Service, 2014


    This manual was written to provide technical information regarding the General Educational Development (GED®) test as evidence that the GED® test is technically sound. Throughout this manual, documentation is provided regarding the development of the GED® test and data collection activities, as well as evidence of reliability and validity. This…

  15. Web Security Testing Cookbook

    CERN Document Server

    Hope, Paco


    Among the tests you perform on web applications, security testing is perhaps the most important, yet it's often the most neglected. The recipes in the Web Security Testing Cookbook demonstrate how developers and testers can check for the most common web security issues, while conducting unit tests, regression tests, or exploratory tests. Unlike ad hoc security assessments, these recipes are repeatable, concise, and systematic-perfect for integrating into your regular test suite.

  16. Growth hormone stimulation test (United States)

    Arginine test; Arginine-GHRH test ... of re-inserting the needle each time. The test takes between 2 to 5 hours. The procedure ... eat for 10 to 12 hours before the test. Eating food can change the test results. Some ...

  17. CO2 blood test (United States)

    Bicarbonate test; HCO3-; Carbon dioxide test; TCO2; Total CO2; CO2 test - serum ... Many medicines can interfere with blood test results. Your health care provider will tell you if you need to stop taking any medicines before you have this test. DO ...

  18. Tractor accelerated test on test rig

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. Mattetti


    Full Text Available The experimental tests performed to validate a tractor prototype before its production, need a substantial financial and time commitment. The tests could be reduced using accelerated tests able to reproduce on the structural part of the tractor, the same damage produced on the tractor during real life in a reduced time. These tests were usually performed reproducing a particular harsh condition a defined number of times, as for example using a bumpy road on track to carry out the test in any weather condition. Using these procedures the loads applied on the tractor structure are different with respect to those obtained during the real use, with the risk to apply loads hard to find in reality. Recently it has been demonstrated how, using the methodologies designed for cars, it is possible to also expedite the structural tests for tractors. In particular, automotive proving grounds were recently successfully used with tractors to perform accelerated structural tests able to reproduce the real use of the machine with an acceleration factor higher than that obtained with the traditional methods. However, the acceleration factor obtained with a tractor on proving grounds is in any case reduced due to the reduced speed of the tractors with respect to cars. In this context, the goal of the paper is to show the development of a methodology to perform an accelerated structural test on a medium power tractor using a 4 post test rig. In particular, several proving ground testing conditions have been performed to measure the loads on the tractor. The loads obtained were then edited to remove the not damaging portion of signals, and finally the loads obtained were reproduced in a 4 post test rig. The methodology proposed could be a valid alternative to the use of a proving ground to reproduce accelerated structural tests on tractors.

  19. Dynamic Testing: Toward a Multiple Exciter Test (United States)


    55 Defense AT&L: March–April 2015 Dynamic Testing Toward a Multiple Exciter Test Michael T. Hale n William A. Barber Hale is an electronics...has taken decades of advancements in vibration control and exciter technology. Below are a short historical path of the evolution of the discipline...toward multiple exciter /multiple degree-of-freedom (MDOF) testing, an example of an MDOF vibration system and a discussion of benefits of the

  20. Genetic Testing Registry (United States)

    ... Medicine Bookshelf Database of Genotypes and Phenotypes (dbGaP) Genetic Testing Registry Influenza Virus Map Viewer Online Mendelian Inheritance ... My NCBI Sign in to NCBI Sign Out Genetic Testing Registry All GTR Tests Conditions/Phenotypes Genes Labs ...

  1. Genetic Testing for ALS (United States)

    ... Involved Donate Familial Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (FALS) and Genetic Testing By Deborah Hartzfeld, MS, CGC, Certified Genetic Counselor ... in your area, please visit . Genetic Testing Genetic testing can help determine the cause of ...

  2. Mark 1 Test Facility (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The Mark I Test Facility is a state-of-the-art space environment simulation test chamber for full-scale space systems testing. A $1.5M dollar upgrade in fiscal year...

  3. Structural Test Facility (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — Provides a wide variety of testing equipment, fixtures and facilities to perform both unique aviation component testing as well as common types of materials testing...

  4. Assessment and Testing. (United States)

    Clapham, Caroline


    Explores the term "applied linguistics" and discusses the role of language testing within this discipline, the relationship between testing and teaching, and the relationship between testing and assessment (Author/VWL)

  5. Platelet Function Tests (United States)

    ... be limited. Home Visit Global Sites Search Help? Platelet Function Tests Share this page: Was this page helpful? ... their patients by ordering one or more platelet function tests. Platelet function testing may include one or more of ...

  6. Large Rotor Test Apparatus (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — This test apparatus, when combined with the National Full-Scale Aerodynamics Complex, produces a thorough, full-scale test capability. The Large Rotor Test Apparatus...

  7. Hepatitis A Test (United States)

    ... be limited. Home Visit Global Sites Search Help? Hepatitis A Testing Share this page: Was this page ... HAV-Ab total; Anti-HAV Formal name: Viral Hepatitis A Antibody Related tests: Hepatitis B Testing ; Hepatitis ...

  8. Glucagon blood test (United States)

    ... type I - glucagon test; Hypoglycemia - glucagon test; Low blood sugar - glucagon test ... A blood sample is needed . ... When the needle is inserted to draw blood, some people feel ... Afterward, there may be some throbbing or a slight bruise. This ...

  9. Aviation Flight Test (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — Redstone Test Center provides an expert workforce and technologically advanced test equipment to conduct the rigorous testing necessary for U.S. Army acquisition and...

  10. Home blood sugar testing (United States)

    Diabetes - home glucose testing; Diabetes - home blood sugar testing ... Usual times to test your blood sugar are before meals and at bedtime. Your provider may ask you to check your blood sugar 2 hours after a meal. Ask ...

  11. Common Tests for Arrhythmia (United States)

    ... Venous Thromboembolism Aortic Aneurysm More Common Tests for Arrhythmia Updated:Dec 21,2016 Several tests can help ... View an animation of arrhythmia . Common Tests for Arrhythmia Holter monitor (continuous ambulatory electrocardiographic monitor) Suspected arrhythmias ...

  12. Breath alcohol test (United States)

    Alcohol test - breath ... There are various brands of breath alcohol tests. Each one uses a different method to test the level of alcohol in the breath. The machine may be electronic or manual. One ...

  13. Teratology testing under REACH. (United States)

    Barton, Steve


    REACH guidelines may require teratology testing for new and existing chemicals. This chapter discusses procedures to assess the need for teratology testing and the conduct and interpretation of teratology tests where required.

  14. Vitamin A Test (United States)

    ... AACC products and services. Advertising & Sponsorship: Policy | Opportunities Vitamin A Share this page: Was this page helpful? ... Related tests: Complete Blood Count , Comprehensive Metabolic Panel , Vitamin B12 and Folate , Vitamin D Tests , Iron Tests , ...

  15. Stomach acid test (United States)

    Gastric acid secretion test ... The test is done after you have not eaten for a while so fluid is all that remains in ... injected into your body. This is done to test the ability of the cells in the stomach ...

  16. Methylene blue test (United States)

    Methemoglobinemia - methylene blue test ... No special preparation is required for this test. ... which are genetic (problem with your genes). This test is used to tell the difference between methemoglobinemia ...

  17. Bone mineral density test (United States)

    BMD test; Bone density test; Bone densitometry; DEXA scan; DXA; Dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry; p-DEXA; Osteoporosis-BMD ... need to undress. This scan is the best test to predict your risk of fractures. Peripheral DEXA ( ...

  18. ALP isoenzyme test (United States)

    Alkaline phosphatase isoenzyme test ... anything for 10 to 12 hours before the test, unless your health care provider tells you to do so. Many medicines can interfere with blood test results. Your health care provider will tell you ...

  19. Dexamethasone suppression test (United States)

    DST; ACTH suppression test; Cortisol suppression test ... During this test, you will receive dexamethasone. This is a strong man-made (synthetic) glucocorticoid medication. Afterward, your blood is drawn ...

  20. Creatine phosphokinase test (United States)

    CPK test ... vein. The procedure is called a venipuncture . This test may be repeated over 2 or 3 days ... helps determine which tissue has been damaged. This test may be used to: Diagnose heart attack Evaluate ...

  1. PBG urine test (United States)

    Porphobilinogen test ... temporarily stop taking medicines that may affect the test results. Be sure to tell your provider about ... This test involves only normal urination, and there is no discomfort.

  2. Liver Function Tests (United States)

    ... food, store energy, and remove poisons. Liver function tests are blood tests that check to see how well your liver ... hepatitis and cirrhosis. You may have liver function tests as part of a regular checkup. Or you ...

  3. Small test SDHW systems

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Vejen, Niels Kristian


    Three small test SDHW systems was tested in a laboratory test facility.The three SDHW systems where all based on the low flow principe and a mantle tank but the design of the systems where different.......Three small test SDHW systems was tested in a laboratory test facility.The three SDHW systems where all based on the low flow principe and a mantle tank but the design of the systems where different....

  4. GPS Test Facility (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The Global Positioning System (GPS) Test Facility Instrumentation Suite (GPSIS) provides great flexibility in testing receivers by providing operational control of...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Software testing is an investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or service under test. With the help of software testing we can verify or validate the software product. Normally testing will be done after development of software but we can perform the software testing at the time of development process also. This paper will give you a brief introduction about Automated API Testing Tool. This tool of testing will reduce lots of headache after the whole development of software. It saves time as well as money. Such type of testing is helpful in the Industries & Colleges also.

  6. Who fails lantern tests? (United States)

    Cole, B L; Vingrys, A J


    A battery of clinical colour vision tests was given to a group of 100 observers with abnormal colour vision who were also tested on the Farnsworth lantern and the Holmes-Wright lanterns types A and B. It was found that clinical colour vision tests are imperfect predictors of lantern test performance. However, observers classified as having a 'severe' colour vision defect were found to fail the lantern tests but only one half to two-thirds of those who fail the lantern tests can be identified in this way. It is not possible to identify with certainty any of the people likely to pass the lantern tests: about one-third to two-thirds of observers classified as being mildly affected fail the lantern tests. The Farnsworth D-15 and City University tests were found to be the best predictors of lantern test performance but other tests such as the Nagel anomaloscope, the H-16, L'Anthony's desaturated test can also be used. The lack of a strong correlation between clinical tests and the recognition of the small coloured stimuli presented by the lantern tests suggests that clinical tests do not test the same aspect of colour vision that is important to the recognition of signal lights. For this reason lantern tests should be retained for occupational testing of colour vision.

  7. Test Control Center (TCC) (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The Test Control Center (TCC) provides a consolidated facility for planning, coordinating, controlling, monitoring, and analyzing distributed test events. ,The TCC...

  8. Electromagnetic Interface Testing Facility (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The Electromagnetic Interface Testing facilitysupports such testing asEmissions, Field Strength, Mode Stirring, EMP Pulser, 4 Probe Monitoring/Leveling System, and...

  9. Textiles Performance Testing Facilities (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The Textiles Performance Testing Facilities has the capabilities to perform all physical wet and dry performance testing, and visual and instrumental color analysis...

  10. Mobile Test Capabilities (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The Electrical Power Mobile Test capabilities are utilized to conduct electrical power quality testing on aircraft and helicopters. This capability allows that the...

  11. CEQATR Thermal Test Overview (United States)

    Balusek, Alan R.


    A thermal test overview of the Constellation Environmental Qualification and Acceptance Test Requirement (CEQATR) is presented. The contents include: 1) CEQATR Thermal Test Overview; 2) CxP Environments; 3) CEQATR Table 1.2-1; 4) Levels of Assembly; 5) Definitions for Levels of Assembly; 6) Hardware Applicability; 7) CEQATR Thermal-Related Definitions; 8) Requirements for unit-level thermal testing; 9) Requirements for major assembly level thermal testing; 10) General thermal testing requirements; 11) General thermal cycle, thermal vacuum profiles; 12) Test tolerances; 13) Vacuum vs Ambient; 14) Thermal Gradient; 15) Sequence of Testing; 16) Alternative Strategies; 17) Protoflight; 18) Halt/Hass; 19) Humidity; and 20) Tailoring.


    Federal Laboratory Consortium — This laboratory develops screening assays, tests and modifies biosensor equipment, and optimizes food safety testing protocols for the military and civilian sector...

  13. Hepatitis C virus infection and biological false-positive syphilis test:a single-center experience

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Wei-Fang Zhu; Shui-Ying Lei; Lan-Juan Li


    BACKGROUND: Rapidplasmaregainpositiveand/ortreponema pallidum hemagglutination negative [RPR(+)/TPHA(-)] results were designated as biologic false-positive (BFP). There are limited data about BFP reactions against syphilis in patients with hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. This study aimed to determine the prevalence of BFP reactions for syphilis in patients with HCV infection in a large sample and assess the relationship between BFP reactions and HCV infection. METHODS:  A total of 2656 patients with positive anti-HCV and 5600 healthy control subjects were enrolled in this study. Hepatitis C serology was determined by a second generation ELISA test for HCV antibody. Syphilis serology was determined by the RPR test. Those subjects with reactive RPR positive underwent the TPHA test. Demographics and laboratory data were collected by trained clinicians. RESULTS: Among 2656 patients, 111 (4.2%) had a reactive RPR test. Of the 111 patients who were subjected to reactive RPR test, 30 (27.0%) showed HCV(+)/RPR(+). Of 5600 healthy controls, 80 (1.4%) had a reactive RPR test. Fourteen (17.5%) controls with HCV(-)/RPR(+) had a non-reactive TPHA test. These represented 1.1% of all HCV-positive and 0.3% of all HCV-negative subjects (P0.05). CONCLUSIONS: The data of this study demonstrate that HCV infection is associated with a false-positive RPR test. In this study BFPs were significantly more common in HCV positive patients compared to HCV-negative ones. Eosinophil abnormality can be considered as a predictor for BFP. Excessive BFPs must be considered in assessing the frequency of syphilis in a HCV-positive population and the importance of the treponemal specific serologic test should be emphasized for a diagnosis of syphilis in such population.

  14. Computerized Testing: The Hidden Figures Test. (United States)

    Jacobs, Ronald L.; And Others


    This study adapted the Hidden Figures Test for use on PLATO and determined the reliability of the computerized version compared to the paper and pencil version. Results indicate the test was successfully adapted with some modifications, and it was judged reliable although it may be measuring additional constructs. (MBR)

  15. Localizing Test Power Consumption for Scan Testing

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    XIANG Dong; LI Kai-wei


    A two stage scan architecture is proposed to do low powerand low test application cost scan testing. The first stage includes multiple scan chains, where each scan chain is driven by a primary input. Each scan flip-flop in the multiple scan chains drives a group of scan flip-flops. The scan flip-flop in the multiple scan chain and the scan flipflop driven by it are assigned the same values for all test vectors. Scan flip-flops in the multiple scan chains and those in the second stage use separate clock signals, but the design for testability technqiue needs only one clock. The proposed scan architecture localizes test power consumption to the multiple scan chains during test application. Test signals assigned to scan flip-flops in the multiple scan chains are applied to the scan flip-flops in the second stage after the test vector has been applied to the multiple scan chains. This technique can make test power consumption very small.

  16. Solderability test development. Final report. [Meniscograph tests

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jarboe, D.M.


    Operating procedures and data reduction techniques applicable to the Meniscograph (General Electric Company, Limited) were developed. Using force-time traces from tests involving various sample materials and configurations, flux types, and test temperatures, the wetting rate and contact angle were obtained through statistical treatment of the data. This information provides a means of directly correlating solderability with the physical phenomenon of wetting.

  17. To test or not to test

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rochon, Justine; Gondan, Matthias; Kieser, Meinhard


    the null hypothesis of normality, a nonparametric test is applied in the main analysis. Methods: Equally sized samples were drawn from exponential, uniform, and normal distributions. The two-sample t test was conducted if either both samples (Strategy I) or the collapsed set of residuals from both samples...

  18. Test Wiseness and Analogy Test Performance (United States)

    Moore, James C.


    Subjects received self instruction on how to approach analogy questions. Instruction was directed toward knowledge of the general format of analogy questions in standarized tests and the 15 types of relationships commonly asked for in analogy questions. An analogies post-test showed a significant effect for the group. (Author)

  19. Solid Propellant Test Article (SPTA) Test Firing (United States)


    The Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) engineers test fired a 26-foot long, 100,000-pound-thrust solid rocket motor for 30 seconds at the MSFC east test area, the first test firing of the Modified NASA Motor (M-NASA Motor). The M-NASA Motor was fired in a newly constructed stand. The motor is 48-inches in diameter and was loaded with two propellant cartridges weighing a total of approximately 12,000 pounds. The purpose of the test was to learn more about solid rocket motor insulation and nozzle materials and to provide young engineers additional hands-on expertise in solid rocket motor technology. The test is a part of NASA's Solid Propulsion Integrity Program, that is to provide NASA engineers with the techniques, engineering tools, and computer programs to be able to better design, build, and verify solid rocket motors.

  20. Load testing circuit

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)


    A load testing circuit a circuit tests the load impedance of a load connected to an amplifier. The load impedance includes a first terminal and a second terminal, the load testing circuit comprising a signal generator providing a test signal of a defined bandwidth to the first terminal of the load...

  1. Pre-Test Assessment (United States)

    Berry, Thomas


    Pre-tests are a non-graded assessment tool used to determine pre-existing subject knowledge. Typically pre-tests are administered prior to a course to determine knowledge baseline, but here they are used to test students prior to topical material coverage throughout the course. While counterintuitive, the pre-tests cover material the student is…

  2. Refactoring test code

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Deursen, A. van; Moonen, L.M.F.; Bergh, A. van den; Kok, G.


    Two key aspects of extreme programming (XP) are unit testing and merciless refactoring. Given the fact that the ideal test code / production code ratio approaches 1:1, it is not surprising that unit tests are being refactored. We found that refactoring test code is different from refactoring product

  3. Deconstructing Test Anxiety (United States)

    Putwain, David William


    Recent changes to educational policy which have focused attention on the use of high stakes testing as performance and accountability measures have renewed interest in test anxiety both in the UK and the USA. The aim of this paper is to provide a critical examination of the test anxiety construct, and explore the ways in which test anxiety is…

  4. Nationale test i naturfag

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Andreasen, Karen Egedal; Jensen, Lars Bang


    Kapitlet rummer en analyse og diskussion af test inden for naturfagsområdet og de fagforståelser de afspejler med fokus på de nationale test.......Kapitlet rummer en analyse og diskussion af test inden for naturfagsområdet og de fagforståelser de afspejler med fokus på de nationale test....

  5. ITER test programme (United States)

    Abdou, M.; Baker, C.; Casini, G.


    The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) was designed to operate in two phases. The first phase, which lasts for 6 years, is devoted to machine checkout and physics testing. The second phase lasts for 8 years and is devoted primarily to technology testing. This report describes the technology test program development for ITER, the ancillary equipment outside the torus necessary to support the test modules, the international collaboration aspects of conducting the test program on ITER, the requirements on the machine major parameters and the R and D program required to develop the test modules for testing in ITER.

  6. Numeracy Tests For Dummies

    CERN Document Server

    Beveridge, Colin


    The easy way to get practice and excel at numeracy tests Whether you're looking for a new job, applying to certain university courses, or attempting to join the military, you're increasingly likely to face a numeracy test as part of the screening process. And the only way to prepare for a numeracy test is practise. Numeracy Tests For Dummies is an accessible one-stop guide to pass these test. Featuring expert advice, instruction, review, and plenty of practise, Numeracy Tests For Dummies will help you succeed. Numeracy Tests For Dummies contains instruction and revision on:Basic mathematical k

  7. Materials Testing and Automation (United States)

    Cooper, Wayne D.; Zweigoron, Ronald B.


    The advent of automation in materials testing has been in large part responsible for recent radical changes in the materials testing field: Tests virtually impossible to perform without a computer have become more straightforward to conduct. In addition, standardized tests may be performed with enhanced efficiency and repeatability. A typical automated system is described in terms of its primary subsystems — an analog station, a digital computer, and a processor interface. The processor interface links the analog functions with the digital computer; it includes data acquisition, command function generation, and test control functions. Features of automated testing are described with emphasis on calculated variable control, control of a variable that is computed by the processor and cannot be read directly from a transducer. Three calculated variable tests are described: a yield surface probe test, a thermomechanical fatigue test, and a constant-stress-intensity range crack-growth test. Future developments are discussed.

  8. Test Control Center exhibit (United States)


    Have you ever wondered how the engineers at John C. Stennis Space Center in Hancock County, Miss., test fire a Space Shuttle Main Engine? The Test Control Center exhibit at StenniSphere can answer your questions by simulating the test firing of a Space Shuttle Main Engine. A recreation of one of NASA's test control centers, the exhibit explains and portrays the 'shake, rattle and roar' that happens during a real test firing.

  9. Solderability test system

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Yost, Fred (Cedar Crest, NM); Hosking, Floyd M. (Albuquerque, NM); Jellison, James L. (Albuquerque, NM); Short, Bruce (Beverly, MA); Giversen, Terri (Beverly, MA); Reed, Jimmy R. (Austin, TX)


    A new test method to quantify capillary flow solderability on a printed wiring board surface finish. The test is based on solder flow from a pad onto narrow strips or lines. A test procedure and video image analysis technique were developed for conducting the test and evaluating the data. Feasibility tests revealed that the wetted distance was sensitive to the ratio of pad radius to line width (l/r), solder volume, and flux predry time.

  10. Solderability test system

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Yost, F.; Hosking, F.M.; Jellison, J.L.; Short, B.; Giversen, T.; Reed, J.R.


    A new test method to quantify capillary flow solderability on a printed wiring board surface finish. The test is based on solder flow from a pad onto narrow strips or lines. A test procedure and video image analysis technique were developed for conducting the test and evaluating the data. Feasibility tests revealed that the wetted distance was sensitive to the ratio of pad radius to line width (l/r), solder volume, and flux predry time. 11 figs.

  11. Solid Propellant Test Article (SPTA) Test Stand (United States)


    This photograph shows the Solid Propellant Test Article (SPTA) test stand with the Modified Nasa Motor (M-NASA) test article at the Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC). The SPTA test stand, 12-feet wide by 12-feet long by 24-feet high, was built in 1989 to provide comparative performance data on nozzle and case insulation material and to verify thermostructural analysis models. A modified NASA 48-inch solid motor (M-NASA motor) with a 12-foot blast tube and 10-inch throat makes up the SPTA. The M-NASA motor is being used to evaluate solid rocket motor internal non-asbestos insulation materials, nozzle designs, materials, and new inspection techniques. New internal motor case instrumentation techniques are also being evaluated.

  12. hCG Test (Pregnancy Test) (United States)

    ... with a progesterone test , to help diagnose an ectopic pregnancy , to help diagnose and monitor a pregnancy that ... practitioner wants to identify or rule out an ectopic pregnancy or to monitor a woman after a miscarriage. ...

  13. Trends in software testing

    CERN Document Server

    Mohanty, J; Balakrishnan, Arunkumar


    This book is focused on the advancements in the field of software testing and the innovative practices that the industry is adopting. Considering the widely varied nature of software testing, the book addresses contemporary aspects that are important for both academia and industry. There are dedicated chapters on seamless high-efficiency frameworks, automation on regression testing, software by search, and system evolution management. There are a host of mathematical models that are promising for software quality improvement by model-based testing. There are three chapters addressing this concern. Students and researchers in particular will find these chapters useful for their mathematical strength and rigor. Other topics covered include uncertainty in testing, software security testing, testing as a service, test technical debt (or test debt), disruption caused by digital advancement (social media, cloud computing, mobile application and data analytics), and challenges and benefits of outsourcing. The book w...

  14. The Danish National Tests

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Beuchert, Louise Voldby; Nandrup, Anne Brink

    In 2010, the Danish National Tests were implemented in the public compulsory schools as a mean of evaluating the performance of the public school system. The extensive test program consists of ten mandatory tests in six subjects in grades 2 through 8. In this paper, we share our insights from...... within each test and argue that this is often a more feasible measure for data analyses compared to the transformed test score presented to pupils and teachers. We provide the reader with preliminary analyses of the relation between pupils' national test results and a wide range of pupil background...

  15. On Reading Test

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    There has been a long discussion over the construct validity of reading tests. In china's reading tests, multiple choice is the main test method in view of the4 long controversy over the validity of multiple choice, construct validation is called for to empirically test the hypothesized relationships between test scores and abilities. The national CET committee conducted a comprehensive validation study. As part of the project, the specialists studied the reading comprehension test's validity by qualitative means, namely "introspective verbal reports". The analysis revealed that an overwhelming majority of the questions items were handled through "expected reading operations".

  16. Comparative Test Case Specification

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kalyanova, Olena; Heiselberg, Per

     This document includes a definition of the comparative test cases DSF200_3 and DSF200_4, which previously described in the comparative test case specification for the test cases DSF100_3 and DSF200_3 [Ref.1]....... This document includes a definition of the comparative test cases DSF200_3 and DSF200_4, which previously described in the comparative test case specification for the test cases DSF100_3 and DSF200_3 [Ref.1]....

  17. Gas Test Loop Booster Fuel Hydraulic Testing

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gas Test Loop Hydraulic Testing Staff


    The Gas Test Loop (GTL) project is for the design of an adaptation to the Advanced Test Reactor (ATR) to create a fast-flux test space where fuels and materials for advanced reactor concepts can undergo irradiation testing. Incident to that design, it was found necessary to make use of special booster fuel to enhance the neutron flux in the reactor lobe in which the Gas Test Loop will be installed. Because the booster fuel is of a different composition and configuration from standard ATR fuel, it is necessary to qualify the booster fuel for use in the ATR. Part of that qualification is the determination that required thermal hydraulic criteria will be met under routine operation and under selected accident scenarios. The Hydraulic Testing task in the GTL project facilitates that determination by measuring flow coefficients (pressure drops) over various regions of the booster fuel over a range of primary coolant flow rates. A high-fidelity model of the NW lobe of the ATR with associated flow baffle, in-pile-tube, and below-core flow channels was designed, constructed and located in the Idaho State University Thermal Fluids Laboratory. A circulation loop was designed and constructed by the university to provide reactor-relevant water flow rates to the test system. Models of the four booster fuel elements required for GTL operation were fabricated from aluminum (no uranium or means of heating) and placed in the flow channel. One of these was instrumented with Pitot tubes to measure flow velocities in the channels between the three booster fuel plates and between the innermost and outermost plates and the side walls of the flow annulus. Flow coefficients in the range of 4 to 6.5 were determined from the measurements made for the upper and middle parts of the booster fuel elements. The flow coefficient for the lower end of the booster fuel and the sub-core flow channel was lower at 2.3.

  18. Test Control Center (United States)


    At the test observation periscope in the Test Control Center exhibit in StenniSphere at the John C. Stennis Space Center in Hancock County, Miss., visitors can observe a test of a Space Shuttle Main Engine exactly as test engineers might see it during a real engine test. The Test Control Center exhibit exactly simulates not only the test control environment, but also the procedure of testing a rocket engine. Designed to entertain while educating, StenniSphere includes informative dispays and exhibits from NASA's lead center for rocket propulsion and remote sensing applications. StenniSphere is open free of charge from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

  19. Urine specific gravity test (United States)

    ... Urine specific gravity test To use the sharing features on this page, please enable JavaScript. Urine specific gravity is a laboratory test that shows the concentration ...

  20. Corrosion Testing Facility (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The Corrosion Testing Facility is part of the Army Corrosion Office (ACO). It is a fully functional atmospheric exposure site, called the Corrosion Instrumented Test...

  1. Creatinine clearance test (United States)

    ... page: // Creatinine clearance test To use the sharing features on this page, please enable JavaScript. The creatinine clearance test helps provide information about how well the ...

  2. USA Hire Testing Platform (United States)

    Office of Personnel Management — The USA Hire Testing Platform delivers tests used in hiring for positions in the Federal Government. To safeguard the integrity of the hiring processes and ensure...

  3. Growth hormone suppression test (United States)

    ... this page: // Growth hormone suppression test To use the sharing features on this page, please enable JavaScript. The growth hormone suppression test determines whether growth hormone production is ...

  4. Sickle cell test (United States)

    ... this page: // Sickle cell test To use the sharing features on this page, please enable JavaScript. The sickle cell test looks for the abnormal hemoglobin in the ...

  5. Sickle Cell Tests (United States)

    ... AACC products and services. Advertising & Sponsorship: Policy | Opportunities Sickle Cell Tests Share this page: Was this page helpful? ... else I should know? How is it used? Sickle cell tests are used to identify the presence of ...

  6. Understanding Laboratory Tests (United States)

    ... and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the development and marketing of all laboratory tests that use test kits ... are of great interest in cancer medicine because research suggests that levels of ... sequencing methods are being developed to provide gene mutation profiles ...

  7. Who Trusts the Tests? (United States)

    Gurney, Roger


    The author reviews the advantages and disadvantages of standardized reading tests, with special reference to the new national reading tests designed by the Assessment of Performance Unit of the Department of Education and Science. (SJL)

  8. Testing microelectronic biofluidic systems

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kerkhoff, Hans G.


    According to the 2005 International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors, the integration of emerging nondigital CMOS technologies will require radically different test methods, posing a major challenge for designers and test engineers. One such technology is microelectronic fluidic (MEF) arrays, w

  9. Chloride test - blood (United States)

    ... disease Antidiuretic hormone blood test Gastric suction Heart failure - overview Hyperventilation Ions Metabolic acidosis Multiple endocrine neoplasia (MEN) II Proximal renal tubular acidosis Respiratory acidosis Sodium blood test Review Date 5/3/2015 Updated by: Laura J. ...

  10. Celiac Disease Tests (United States)

    ... be limited. Home Visit Global Sites Search Help? Celiac Disease Antibody Tests Share this page: Was this ... else I should know? How is it used? Celiac disease antibody tests are primarily used to help ...

  11. Rapid Lead Screening Test (United States)

    ... Vitro Diagnostics Tests Used In Clinical Care Rapid Lead Screening Test Share Tweet Linkedin Pin it More ... reducing the need for a follow-up visit. Lead Risk Links Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( ...

  12. Environmental Test Facility (ETF) (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The Environmental Test Facility (ETF) provides non-isolated shock testing for stand-alone equipment and full size cabinets under MIL-S-901D specifications. The ETF...

  13. Learning Android application testing

    CERN Document Server

    Blundell, Paul


    If you are an Android developer looking to test your applications or optimize your application development process, then this book is for you. No previous experience in application testing is required.

  14. Variable Attitude Test Stand (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The Variable Attitude Test Stand designed and built for testing of the V-22 tilt rotor aircraft propulsion system, is used to evaluate the effect of aircraft flight...

  15. Learning Python testing

    CERN Document Server

    Arbuckle, Daniel


    This book is ideal if you want to learn about the testing disciplines and automated testing tools from a hands-on, conversational guide. You should already know Python and be comfortable with Python 3.

  16. Insensitive Munitions Testing (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — Insensitive Munitions Testing at RTC is conducted (IAW MILSTD-2105) at Test Area 4. Our engineers and technicians obtain data for hazards classification and safety...

  17. Myasthenia Gravis Tests (United States)

    ... be limited. Home Visit Global Sites Search Help? Myasthenia Gravis Share this page: Was this page helpful? Overview | ... Tests The goals with testing are to diagnose myasthenia gravis (MG), distinguish it from other conditions with similar ...

  18. Visual acuity test (United States)

    ... this page: // Visual acuity test To use the sharing features on this page, please enable JavaScript. The visual acuity test is used to determine the smallest ...

  19. PHYSICAL SIMULATION & TEST (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — Crew Station/Turret Motion Based Simulator (CS/TMBS) Test station simulates operational scenarios The CS/TMBS is a high-capacity six-degrees-of-freedom test device....

  20. Cross cultural usability testing

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Clemmensen, Torkil; Goyal, Shivam


    In this paper, we present the results of a pilot study in Denmark of cross cultural effects on Think Aloud usability testing. We provide an overview of previous research on cross cultural usability evaluation with a special focus on the relationship between the evaluator and the test user....... This relation was studied in an experiment with usability testing of a localized clipart application in which eight participants from Denmark and India formed pairs of evaluator-test user. The test users were asked to think aloud and the evaluators' role were to facilitate the test users thinking aloud...... and hereby identify usability problems with the clipart application. Data on the evaluators' and test users' behaviour were recorded and analyzed by coding and summarizing statistics on these behavioural events. The results show that Think Aloud Usability Test of a localized application is most effectively...

  1. Static Loads Test Facility (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — FUNCTION: Provides the capability to perform large-scale structural loads testing on spacecraft and other structures. Results from these tests can be used to verify...

  2. Urine Tests (For Parents) (United States)

    ... TOPIC Vesicoureteral Reflux (VUR) Blood in the Urine (Hematuria) Urine Test: Creatinine Urine Test: Microalbumin-to-Creatinine ... Video) Urinary Tract Infections Blood in the Urine (Hematuria) Kidneys and Urinary Tract Contact Us Print Resources ...

  3. EMI Test Facility (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — FUNCTION: Supports electromagnetic interference/radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) testing of flight hardware. It is also used to support custom RF testing up to...

  4. Vitamin A blood test (United States)

    ... this page: // Vitamin A blood test To use the sharing features on this page, please enable JavaScript. The vitamin A test measures the level of vitamin A ...

  5. Atlantic Test Range (ATR) (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — ATR controls fully-instrumented and integrated test ranges that provide full-service support for cradle-to-grave testing. Airspace and surface target areas are used...

  6. Prenatal Genetic Screening Tests (United States)

    ... cells from the fetus or placenta obtained through amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling (CVS) . FAQ164 “Prenatal Genetic ... should be followed by a diagnostic test with amniocentesis or CVS. The cell-free DNA screening test ...

  7. Ballistic Test Facility (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The Ballistic Test Facility is comprised of two outdoor and one indoor test ranges, which are all instrumented for data acquisition and analysis. Full-size aircraft...

  8. Creation and design of a test for the Evaluation of Upper Limb Apraxia (EULA) based on a cognitive model: a pilot study. (United States)

    Perez-Marmol, José Manuel; Lopez-Alcalde, Samuel; Carnero-Pardo, Cristóbal; Canadas-De la Fuente, Guillermo A; Peralta-Ramirez, M Isabel; Garcia-Rios, M Carmen


    Introduccion. La apraxia es un trastorno neurologico caracterizado por la dificultad en la ejecucion de habilidades gestuales aprendidas a pesar de tener preservados los sistemas motores y sensoriales, la coordinacion y la comprension, asi como de una adecuada colaboracion. Actualmente, existen pocas herramientas validadas que evaluen este sindrome de manera global. En el presente estudio, se ha creado y diseñado un test para la evaluacion de la apraxia de los miembros superiores (EULA), basado en modelos teoricos. Sujetos y metodos. Se selecciono una poblacion de 57 pacientes con quejas subjetivas de deterioro cognitivo y 39 personas sin quejas ni deterioro cognitivo, a las cuales se les administro el test EULA, entre otros tests. Se realizo un analisis factorial de componentes principales y un calculo tanto de la fiabilidad como de la validez de dicho instrumento. Resultados. El analisis factorial agrupo en nueve factores todos los items de la prueba, con una varianza total explicada del 69,91%. El test ha mostrado una alta fiabilidad, con un alfa de Cronbach de 0,929 y un coeficiente de Guttman de 0,870 con el metodo de las dos mitades. El test tambien mostro tener una adecuada validez de constructo, al existir correlacion significativa entre seis factores del test y dos subtests de apraxia. Conclusiones. El test EULA, surgido de las propuestas de evaluacion a nivel teorico desarrolladas por diferentes autores, muestra una puntuacion superior en personas sanas respecto a personas con manifestaciones subjetivas de deterioro cognitivo, ademas de tener una alta fiabilidad y validez de constructo.

  9. Tests in Print II: An Index to Tests, Test Reviews, and the Literature on Specific Tests. (United States)

    Buros, Oscar K., Ed.

    Tests in Print II is a comprehensive, annotated bibliography of all in-print tests published as separates for use with English-speaking subjects. The 1,155 two-column pages list 2,467 tests in print as of early 1974; 16,574 references through 1971 on specific tests; a reprinting of the 1974 APA-AERA-NCME Standards for Educational andPsychological…

  10. Blade Testing Trends (Presentation)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Desmond, M.


    As an invited guest speaker, Michael Desmond presented on NREL's NWTC structural testing methods and capabilities at the 2014 Sandia Blade Workshop held on August 26-28, 2014 in Albuquerque, NM. Although dynamometer and field testing capabilities were mentioned, the presentation focused primarily on wind turbine blade testing, including descriptions and capabilities for accredited certification testing, historical methodology and technology deployment, and current research and development activities.

  11. Teste de vasorreatividade pulmonar Testing pulmonary vasoreactivity


    Edmundo Clarindo Oliveira; Carlos Faria Santos Amaral; Marco Antonio Moura; Frederico Thadeu Assis Figueiredo Campos; Helder Machado Pauperio


    A hipertensão arterial pulmonar é classificada como idiopática ou secundária (associada a colagenoses, cardiopatias, hipertensão portal, tromboembolismo pulmonar e doenças da vasculatura pulmonar). O teste de vasorreatividade pulmonar é indicado para definir a melhor opção terapêutica. Muitas drogas têm sido utilizadas para a realização desse teste, sendo o óxido nítrico inalado a melhor opção, por apresentar ação específica pulmonar e meia vida muita curta (5-10 s). O resultado desse teste i...

  12. Barron's SAT subject test

    CERN Document Server

    Jansen, MA, Robert


    Includes one diagnostic test and three complete tests, all questions answered and explained, self-assessment guides, and subject reviews. Also features test strategies, QR codes to short instructional videos, and a detailed appendix with equations, physical constants, and a basic math review.

  13. Test Science, Not Reading. (United States)

    Rakow, Steven J.; Gee, Thomas C.


    Reviews some of the ways researchers estimate readability with a focus on multiple choice test items in science. Presents criteria to consider for minimizing readability problems in test items. Examines samples from the National Assessment of Educational Progress test bank for readability. (ML)

  14. Blood Test: Bilirubin (United States)

    ... Your 1- to 2-Year-Old Blood Test: Bilirubin KidsHealth > For Parents > Blood Test: Bilirubin A A A What's in this article? What ... Análisis de sangre: bilirrubina What It Is A bilirubin test measures the level of bilirubin (a byproduct ...

  15. Online Reading Test Evaluation

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Language test has been used as a scientific assessment tool in providing valuable information for teaching and learning. In fact,lots of online reading tests are not designed with validity. This paper analyzes those online reading tests from the aspects o

  16. Conflict among Testing Procedures? (United States)


    AM4ONG TESTING PROCEDURES? Daniel F . Kohler April 1982 ( i’ 4:3 rpis tsnlb u lailtsd P-6765 8 8 O1 V 068 The Rand Paper Series Papers are issued by...TESTING PROCEDURES? Daniel F . Kohler April 1982 : i ! ,I I CONFLICT AMONG TESTING PROCEDURES? 1. Introduction "- Savin [1976] and Berndt and Savin [19771

  17. Testing Technology, June 1992

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Getsch, B; Floyd, H L; Parrott, L; Van Arsdall, A


    This report highlights the following topics: Photon Correlation Spectroscopy--a new application in jet fuel analysis, Testing news in brief; Solar test facility supports space station research; Shock isolation technique developed for piezoresistive accelerometer; High-speed photography captures Distant Image measurements; and, Radiation effects test revised for CMOS electronics.

  18. Usability testing for dummies

    CERN Document Server

    CERN. Geneva


    Usability testing seems complicated and time-consuming. Is it though? In fact, it is the best way to understand how real users experience your product. In this interactive session, we will do a live usability test and you will get advice on how to conduct your own usability tests.

  19. Automated Web Applications Testing

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexandru Dan CĂPRIŢĂ


    Full Text Available Unit tests are a vital part of several software development practicesand processes such as Test-First Programming, Extreme Programming andTest-Driven Development. This article shortly presents the software quality andtesting concepts as well as an introduction to an automated unit testingframework for PHP web based applications.

  20. Aptitude Tests and Discrimination (United States)

    Coupland, D. E.


    Explains why in the United States the feeling is increasing that much of the aptitude testing now being done discriminates against minority group members seeking employment. Skeptical of eliminating the discriminatory aspects of testing, the article raises the question of eliminating testing itself. (DM)

  1. Diagnosing the Diagnostic Test (United States)

    Popham, W. James


    Scads of pseudodiagnostic tests are peddled by commercial vendors who recognize that desperate educators will do almost anything to dodge an impending accountability cataclysm. And this "almost anything" includes buying tests that promise to help a teacher raise test scores--even if they don't. Accordingly, today's educators need to be aware of…

  2. Toroid magnet test facility

    CERN Multimedia


    Because of its exceptional size, it was not feasible to assemble and test the Barrel Toroid - made of eight coils - as an integrated toroid on the surface, prior to its final installation underground in LHC interaction point 1. It was therefore decided to test these eight coils individually in a dedicated test facility.

  3. Addressing Test Anxiety (United States)

    Salend, Spencer J.


    Research suggests that between 25% to 40% of students experience test anxiety, with students with disabilities and those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds having higher prevalence rates. Since test anxiety impacts student well-being and the validity of the important educational decisions based on testing data, this article…

  4. Testing Backbone.js

    CERN Document Server

    Roemer, Ryan


    This book is packed with the step by step tutorial and instructions in recipe format helping you setup test infrastructure and gradually advance your skills to plan, develop, and test your backbone applications.If you are a JavaScript developer looking for recipes to create and implement test support for your backbone application, then this book is ideal for you.

  5. Testing for central symmetry

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Einmahl, John; Gan, Zhuojiong


    Omnibus tests for central symmetry of a bivariate probability distribution are proposed. The test statistics compare empirical measures of opposite regions. Under rather weak conditions, we establish the asymptotic distribution of the test statistics under the null hypothesis; it follows that they a

  6. Testing History As Inquiry (United States)

    Miller, James R.; Hart, James


    Some obvious difficulties of teaching and testing history as inquiry are reviewed. Examples of test items that require students to utilize thought processes developed through inquiry teaching are presented together with a rationale for their use. Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives is proposed as a useful tool in test construction. (SM)

  7. Propfan Test Assessment (PTA): Flight test report (United States)

    Little, B. H.; Bartel, H. W.; Reddy, N. N.; Swift, G.; Withers, C. C.; Brown, P. C.


    The Propfan Test Assessment (PTA) aircraft was flown to obtain glade stress and noise data for a 2.74m (9 ft.) diameter single rotation propfan. Tests were performed at Mach numbers to 0.85 and altitudes to 12,192m (40,000 ft.). The propfan was well-behaved structurally over the entire flight envelope, demonstrating that the blade design technology was completely adequate. Noise data were characterized by strong signals at blade passage frequency and up to 10 harmonics. Cabin noise was not so high as to preclude attainment of comfortable levels with suitable wall treatment. Community noise was not excessive.

  8. 100 statistical tests

    CERN Document Server

    Kanji, Gopal K


    This expanded and updated Third Edition of Gopal K. Kanji's best-selling resource on statistical tests covers all the most commonly used tests with information on how to calculate and interpret results with simple datasets. Each entry begins with a short summary statement about the test's purpose, and contains details of the test objective, the limitations (or assumptions) involved, a brief outline of the method, a worked example, and the numerical calculation. 100 Statistical Tests, Third Edition is the one indispensable guide for users of statistical materials and consumers of statistical information at all levels and across all disciplines.

  9. Dimerization of two novel apoptosis-inducing proteins and its function in regulating cell apoptosis

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘青珍; 甘淼; 齐义鹏; 李凌云; 齐兵


    Asy (apoptosis/saibousi Yutsudo) is a novel apoptosis-inducing gene found in 1999 by Yutsudo group in Japan. In 2000, Qi Bing et al. cloned another novel gene, named hap (homologue of ASY protein), which encoded the ASY interact ing protein, from human lung cell line (WI-38) cDNA library by using yeast two-h ybrid system. It has been proved that ASY formed homodimer in yeast and human ce ll line, ASY and HAP formed heterodimer in yeast cells, and both induced cell ap optosis in human tumor cell lines Sao2 and CGL4. This paper showed that HAP coul d form homodimer in yeast cells by yeast two-hybrid system; HAP and ASY could pr oduce heterodimer in human cell line by cross-immunoprecipitation test; by using apoptosis-testing technologies such as AnnexinV, TUNEL, DNA ladder and Flow Cyt ometry, the cell apoptosis in human normal or tumor cell lines transfected with hap or asy individually or cotransfected by the both was qualified or quantified . It was firstly demonstrated that ASY or HAP induced cell apoptosis not only in human tumor cell lines, but also in human normal cell lines. Moreover, we prove d that the heterodimer between ASY and HAP decreased apoptosis-inducing activity from the homodimer of ASY or HAP. It revealed that by choosing to form heterodi mer or homodimer between ASY and / or HAP is an important mechanism of regulatin g apoptosis in human cell lines.

  10. Test Review. Secondary Level English Proficiency Test. (United States)

    Foster, Karen


    Reviews a secondary school version of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) that focuses on two of the primary language skills: listening and reading. Subtest includes a variety of tasks measuring semantic, syntactic, and higher-level reading comprehension abilities. (NKA)

  11. Sperm function test

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pankaj Talwar


    Full Text Available With absolute normal semen analysis parameters it may not be necessary to shift to specialized tests early but in cases with borderline parameters or with history of fertilization failure in past it becomes necessary to do a battery of tests to evaluate different parameters of spermatozoa. Various sperm function tests are proposed and endorsed by different researchers in addition to the routine evaluation of fertility. These tests detect function of a certain part of spermatozoon and give insight on the events in fertilization of the oocyte. The sperms need to get nutrition from the seminal plasma in the form of fructose and citrate (this can be assessed by fructose qualitative and quantitative estimation, citrate estimation. They should be protected from the bad effects of pus cells and reactive oxygen species (ROS (leukocyte detection test, ROS estimation. Their number should be in sufficient in terms of (count, structure normal to be able to fertilize eggs (semen morphology. Sperms should have intact and functioning membrane to survive harsh environment of vagina and uterine fluids (vitality and hypo-osmotic swelling test, should have good mitochondrial function to be able to provide energy (mitochondrial activity index test. They should also have satisfactory acrosome function to be able to burrow a hole in zona pellucida (acrosome intactness test, zona penetration test. Finally, they should have properly packed DNA in the nucleus to be able to transfer the male genes (nuclear chromatic decondensation test to the oocyte during fertilization.

  12. GIRAFFE test results summary

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Yokobori, S.; Arai, K.; Oikawa, H. [Toshiba Corporation, Kawasaki (Japan)


    A passive system can provide engineered safety features enhancing safety system reliability and plant simplicity. Toshiba has conducted the test Program to demonstrate the feasibility of the SBWR passive safety system using a full-height, integral system test facility GIRAFFE. The test facility GIRAFFE models the SBWR in full height to correctly present the gravity driving head forces with a 1/400 volume scale. The GIRAFFE test Program includes the certification tests of the passive containment cooling system (PCCS) to remove the post-accident decay heat and the gravity driven cooling system (GDCS) to replenish the reactor coolant inventory during a LOCA. The test results have confirmed the PCCS and GDCS design and in addition, have demonstrated the operation of the pCCS with the presence of a lighter-than-steam noncondensable as well as with the presence of a heavier-than-steam, noncondensable. The GIRAFFE test Program has also provided the database to qualify a best estimate thermal-hydraulic computer code TRAC. The post test analysis results have shown that TRAC can accurately predict the PCCS heat removal Performance and the containment pressure response to a LOCA. This paper summarizes the GIRAFFE test results to investigate post-LOCA PCCS heat removal performance and post-test analysis using TRAC.

  13. Test Results for CSTR Test 4

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lee, D.D.


    One of the 3 technologies currently being developed for the Savannah River Salt Waste Processing Program is the Small-Tank Tetraphenylborate Process (STTP). This process uses sodium tetraphenylborate to precipitate and remove radioactive Cs from the waste and monosodium titanate to sorb and remove radioactive Sr and actinides. ORNL is demonstrating this process at the 1:4000 scale using a 20-liter continuous-flow stirred tank reactor (CSTR) system. The primary goal of Test 4 was to verify that the STTP process could achieve and maintain the necessary Cs decontamination while TPB was actively decomposing. Even with TPB being decomposed by the off-normal conditions of this test, the decontaimination factor for {sup 137}Cs obtained for the filtrate from the Slurry Concentrating Tank ranged from 47,000 to 646,000, exceeding the WAC standard.

  14. Automated Test Stand for HEV Capacitor Testing

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Seiber, Larry Eugene [ORNL; Armstrong, Gary [Maverick Systems


    As capacitor manufacturers race to meet the needs of the hybrid-electric vehicle (HEV) of the future, many trade-offs at the system level as well as the component level must be considered. Even though the ultra-capacitor has the spot light for recent research and development (R&D) for HEVs, the electrostatic capacitor is also the subject of R&D (for HEVs as well as wireless communications). The Department of Energy has funded the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Power Electronic and Electric Machinery Research Center to develop an automated test to aid in the independent testing of prototype electrostatic capacitors. This paper describes the design and development of such a stand.

  15. Standard Test Method for Sandwich Corrosion Test

    CERN Document Server

    American Society for Testing and Materials. Philadelphia


    1.1 This test method defines the procedure for evaluating the corrosivity of aircraft maintenance chemicals, when present between faying surfaces (sandwich) of aluminum alloys commonly used for aircraft structures. This test method is intended to be used in the qualification and approval of compounds employed in aircraft maintenance operations. 1.2 The values stated in SI units are to be regarded as the standard. The values given in parentheses are for information. 1.3 This standard may involve hazardous materials, operations, and equipment. This standard does not purport to address all of the safety concerns, if any, associated with its use. It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use. Specific hazard statements appear in Section 9.

  16. Crowdsourcing for Usability Testing

    CERN Document Server

    Liu, Di; Kuipers, Rebecca; Bias, Randolph


    While usability evaluation is critical to designing usable websites, traditional usability testing can be both expensive and time consuming. The advent of crowdsourcing platforms such as Amazon Mechanical Turk and CrowdFlower offer an intriguing new avenue for performing remote usability testing with potentially many users, quick turn-around, and significant cost savings. To investigate the potential of such crowdsourced usability testing, we conducted two similar (though not completely parallel) usability studies which evaluated a graduate school's website: one via a traditional usability lab setting, and the other using crowdsourcing. While we find crowdsourcing exhibits some notable limitations in comparison to the traditional lab environment, its applicability and value for usability testing is clearly evidenced. We discuss both methodological differences for crowdsourced usability testing, as well as empirical contrasts to results from more traditional, face-to-face usability testing.

  17. Indentation load relaxation test

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hannula, S.P.; Stone, D.; Li, C.Y. (Cornell Univ., Ithaca, NY (USA))

    Most of the models that are used to describe the nonelastic behavior of materials utilize stress-strain rate relations which can be obtained by a load relaxation test. The conventional load relaxation test, however, cannot be performed if the volume of the material to be tested is very small. For such applications the indentation type of test offers an attractive means of obtaining data necessary for materials characterization. In this work the feasibility of the indentation load relaxation test is studied. Experimental techniques are described together with results on Al, Cu and 316 SS. These results are compared to those of conventional uniaxial load relaxation tests, and the conversion of the load-indentation rate data into the stress-strain rate data is discussed.

  18. On Testing Constraint Programs

    CERN Document Server

    Lazaar, Nadjib; Yahia, Lebbah


    The success of several constraint-based modeling languages such as OPL, ZINC, or COMET, appeals for better software engineering practices, particularly in the testing phase. This paper introduces a testing framework enabling automated test case generation for constraint programming. We propose a general framework of constraint program development which supposes that a first declarative and simple constraint model is available from the problem specifications analysis. Then, this model is refined using classical techniques such as constraint reformulation, surrogate and global constraint addition, or symmetry-breaking to form an improved constraint model that must be thoroughly tested before being used to address real-sized problems. We think that most of the faults are introduced in this refinement step and propose a process which takes the first declarative model as an oracle for detecting non-conformities. We derive practical test purposes from this process to generate automatically test data that exhibit no...

  19. Pilocarpine iontophoresis test

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hjortskov, N; Jepsen, Leif; Nielsen, B


    The pilocarpine iontophoresis test (P-test) is used as a predictor of the capacity to produce sweat. Therefore, we studied the reproducibility of this test in 12 normal subjects on 10 consecutive days. Furthermore, we determined whether the P-test reflects whole-body and regional sweat secretion...... during exercise in the heat. Finally, we determined whether the P-test stimulates the eccrine sweat glands to maximal sweat secretion. Six growth hormone-deficient (GHD) patients who are known to have decreased sweating, and 11 healthy control subjects were studied. To induce maximal sweat secretion......, the patients exercised on a bicycle ergometer at a workload corresponding to 40% of their maximal aerobic power (VO2max). The 11 healthy subjects exercised at a workload of 150 W. All subjects exercised for 60 min in ambient air at 35 degrees C, with 50% relative humidity. The P-test showed a mean day...

  20. The development and validation of dried blood spots for external quality assurance of syphilis serology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Smit Pieter W


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Syphilis causes up to 1,500,000 congenital syphilis cases annually. These could be prevented if all pregnant women were screened, and those with syphilis treated with a single dose of penicillin before 28 weeks gestation. In recent years, rapid point-of-care tests have allowed greater access to syphilis screening, especially in rural or remote areas, but the lack of quality assurance of rapid testing has been a concern. We determined the feasibility of using dried blood spots (DBS as specimens for quality assurance of syphilis serological assays. Methods We developed DBS extraction protocols for use with Treponema pallidum particle agglutination assay (TPPA, Treponema pallidum haemagglutination assay (TPHA and an enzyme immunoassay (EIA and compared the results with those using matching plasma samples from the same patient. Results Since DBS samples showed poor performance with TPHA and EIA (TPHA sensitivity was 50.5% (95% confidence interval: 39.9–61.2% and EIA specificity was 50.4% (95% CI: 43.7–57.1%, only the DBS TPPA was used in the final evaluation. DBS TPPA showed an sensitivity of 95.5% (95% CI: 91.3–98.0% and a specificity of 99.0% (95% CI: 98.1–99.5% compared to TPPA using plasma samples as a reference. Conclusion DBS samples can be recommended for use with TPPA, and may be of value for external quality assurance of point-of-care syphilis testing.

  1. Team Exploratory Testing Sessions


    Soili Saukkoriipi; Ilkka Tervonen


    Exploratory testing (ET) is popular, especially among agile development teams. In this paper, we study the team aspect in the ET context and explore how to use ET in team sessions to complement other testing activities. The goal was to define a team exploratory testing (TET) session approach and to provide evidence that the approach is worth using. A TET session approach is defined by means of parameters, roles, and process. Also, instructions for using the approach are given. The team is the...

  2. Topological Test Spaces


    Wilce, Alexander


    A test space is the set of outcome-sets associated with a collection of experiments. This notion provides a simple mathematical framework for the study of probabilistic theories -- notably, quantum mechanics -- in which one is faced with incommensurable random quantities. In the case of quantum mechanics, the relevant test space, the set of orthonormal bases of a Hilbert space, carries significant topological structure. This paper inaugurates a general study of topological test spaces. Among ...

  3. Biodiesel Test Plan (United States)


    Biodiesel Test Plan Distribution Statement A: Approved for Public Release; distribution is unlimited. July 2014 Report No. CG-D-07-14...Appendix C) Biodiesel Test Plan ii UNCLAS//Public | CG-926 R&DC | G. W. Johnson, et al. Public | July 2014 N O T I C E This...Development Center 1 Chelsea Street New London, CT 06320 Biodiesel Test Plan iii UNCLAS//Public | CG-926 R&DC | G. W. Johnson, et al

  4. Examples Performance Testing Templates.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Siple, Bud H. [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States)


    The purpose of this Performance Testing Program Plan is to identify the process and phased approach that will be implemented at Site XYZ . The purpose of the testing program at Site XYZ is specifically designed to evaluate the effectiveness of systems that are employed at this site. This plan defines tasks to be accomplished to ensure that performance testing is conducted as effectively and efficiently as possible.

  5. Psychological Test Validity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gessmann H.-W.


    Full Text Available This paper presents a theoretical overview of current aspects about the validity problems of psychological tests. The article demonstrates the importance of the development of psychological tests and the scientific studies of their validity, describes the different types of validity and the possible ways of measurement and determination of the validity coefficients. The paper is recommended for researchers, whose work is dedicated to the development, modification or adaptation of the psychological test.

  6. Tests of Machine Intelligence

    CERN Document Server

    Legg, Shane


    Although the definition and measurement of intelligence is clearly of fundamental importance to the field of artificial intelligence, no general survey of definitions and tests of machine intelligence exists. Indeed few researchers are even aware of alternatives to the Turing test and its many derivatives. In this paper we fill this gap by providing a short survey of the many tests of machine intelligence that have been proposed.

  7. Test & Evaluation Management Guide (United States)


    conducted, using munitions likely to be encountered in combat, on a complete system loaded or equipped with all the dangerous materials that normally, work scope, contracting approaches, efficiency, requirements creep , and risk management. 15.11.3 Agile Development and Testing Testing within an...White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, aerodynamic simulations of the proposed test were run on a computer during actual firings so that real-time

  8. Charcoal filter testing

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lyons, J. [Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington, DC (United States)


    In this very brief, informal presentation, a representative of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission outlines some problems with charcoal filter testing procedures and actions being taken to correct the problems. Two primary concerns are addressed: (1) the process to find the test method is confusing, and (2) the requirements of the reference test procedures result in condensation on the charcoal and causes the test to fail. To address these problems, emergency technical specifications were processed for three nuclear plants. A generic or an administrative letter is proposed as a more permanent solution. 1 fig.

  9. Quadruple screen test (United States)

    Quad screen; Multiple marker screening; AFP plus; Triple screen test; AFP maternal; MSAFP; 4-marker screen; Down syndrome - quadruple; Trisomy 21 - quadruple; Turner syndrome - quadruple; Spina bifida - ...

  10. Reactor Simulator Testing (United States)

    Schoenfeld, Michael P.; Webster, Kenny L.; Pearson, Boise J.


    As part of the Nuclear Systems Office Fission Surface Power Technology Demonstration Unit (TDU) project, a reactor simulator test loop (RxSim) was design & built to perform integrated testing of the TDU components. In particular, the objectives of RxSim testing was to verify the operation of the core simulator, the instrumentation and control system, and the ground support gas and vacuum test equipment. In addition, it was decided to include a thermal test of a cold trap purification design and a pump performance test at pump voltages up to 150 V since the targeted mass flow rate of 1.75 kg/s was not obtained in the RxSim at the originally constrained voltage of 120 V. This paper summarizes RxSim testing. The gas and vacuum ground support test equipment performed effectively in NaK fill, loop pressurization, and NaK drain operations. The instrumentation and control system effectively controlled loop temperature and flow rates or pump voltage to targeted settings. The cold trap design was able to obtain the targeted cold temperature of 480 K. An outlet temperature of 636 K was obtained which was lower than the predicted 750 K but 156 K higher than the cold temperature indicating the design provided some heat regeneration. The annular linear induction pump (ALIP) tested was able to produce a maximum flow rate of 1.53 kg/s at 800 K when operated at 150 V and 53 Hz.

  11. Refrigeration Test Chamber (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The enclosed and environmentally controlled chamber is able to test four units (single-phase) simultaneously at conditions ranging from tundra to desert temperatures...

  12. Testing as social practice

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kousholt, Kristine


    is Danish-German Critical Psychology. This approach offers a dialectically developed set of concepts and hereby another basis for understanding school testing than the one implicit in the technology of testing. The analysis is primarily based on a case consisting of an observation conducted in a 2nd grade......In this article, the author challenges the implicit assumptions of tests as a neutral tool for measuring the individual’s learning achievement. Instead, testing is explored as a social practice which becomes part of children’s conduct of everyday life. The theoretical foundation for the analysis...

  13. Dryden Aeronautical Test Range (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — Recently redesignated to honor Dr. Hugh L. Dryden, NASA's Dryden Aeronautical Test Range (DATR) supports aerospace flight research and technology integration, space...

  14. Main Test Floor (MTF) (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — Purpose: The MTF is employed to validate advanced structural concepts and verify new analytical methodologies. Test articles range in size from subcomponent to full...

  15. Pavement Testing Facility (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — Comprehensive Environmental and Structural AnalysesThe ERDC Pavement Testing Facility, located on the ERDC Vicksburg campus, was originally constructed to provide an...

  16. Pavement Testing Facility (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — Comprehensive Environmental and Structural Analyses The ERDC Pavement Testing Facility, located on the ERDC Vicksburg campus, was originally constructed to provide...

  17. GRE physics test

    CERN Document Server

    Fakhrudin, Hasan


    Designed for students and professionals looking to advance their careers, our test prep gives you everything you need to succeed. Focused chapter reviews cover all the information tested on the GRE Physics exam. Each review chapter contains examples to reinforce key concepts. The book includes four full-length practice tests based on the most recent GRE Physics exam. Each test contains every type of question that can be expected on the GRE so you can “practice for real” and boost your confidence before taking the exam.

  18. Flushable reagent stool blood test (United States)

    Stool occult blood test - flushable home test; Fecal occult blood test - flushable home test ... This test is performed at home with disposable pads. You can buy the pads at the drug store without ...

  19. Rh Factor Blood Test (United States)

    Tests and Procedures Rh factor blood test By Mayo Clinic Staff Rhesus (Rh) factor is an inherited protein found on the surface of ... If your blood has the protein, you're Rh positive. If your blood lacks the protein, you' ...

  20. Testing for Subcellular Randomness

    CERN Document Server

    Okunoye, Babatunde O


    Statistical tests were conducted on 1,000 numbers generated from the genome of Bacteriophage T4, obtained from GenBank with accession number AF158101.The numbers passed the non-parametric, distribution-free tests.Deoxyribonucleic acid was discovered to be a random number generator, existent in nature.