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  1. Study of space wireless local area network application (United States)

    Zhang, Qingjun


    This paper describes the standards about wireless local area network (WLAN), and discusses the applications in formatting satellite and the types of WLAN, and give one type of WLAN conception which is Bus/Token-Ring. Finally, it describes some key technologies of the space WLAN.

  2. The Application Study in Solar Energy Technology for Highway Service Area: A Case Study of West Lushan Highway Low-Carbon Service Area in China

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Xiaochun Qin


    Full Text Available A lot of research works have been made concerning highway service area or solar technology and acquired great achievements. However, unfortunately, few works have been made combining the two topics together of highway service areas and solar energy saving to make a systemic research on solar technology application for highway service area. In this paper, taking West Lushan highway low-carbon service area in Jiangxi Province of China as the case study, the advantages, technical principles, and application methods of solar energy technology for highway service area including solar photoelectric technology and solar water heating technology were discussed based on the analysis of characteristics of highway low-carbon service area; the system types, operation mode, and installing tilt angle of the two kinds of solar systems suitable for highway service areas were confirmed. It was proved that the reduction of the cost by electricity savings of solar system was huge. Taking the investment of the solar systems into account, the payback period of solar photoelectric systems and solar water heating systems was calculated. The economic effect of the solar systems in West Lushan highway service area during the effective operation periods was also calculated and proved very considerable.

  3. User perception study for performance evaluation of domestic defluoridation techniques for its application in rural areas. (United States)

    Lunge, Sneha; Biniwale, Rajesh; Labhsetwar, Nitin; Rayalu, Sadhana S


    Fluoride concentrations in ground water have been monitored in rural areas of Dhar and Jhabua districts in Madhya Pradesh, India. A correlation of fluoride concentration with pH, TDS and conductivity has been estimated to identify surrogate monitoring parameter. Further, fluoride removal from drinking water has been achieved by using adsorbents specially developed for domestic applications. These adsorbents have been evaluated using three different methods namely; loose adsorbent, pre-packed sachet and packed bamboo column. Comparative evaluation of these methods has been demonstrated in the laboratory and field. The stringent limit of 1mg/L for fluoride concentration in drinking water has been achieved by use of specially designed adsorbents. A feedback from end-users in Tarapur and Ukala villages of Dhar districts Madhya Pradesh regarding the adsorbents and its acceptability has been collected. User's perception regarding these household treatments reveals encouraging response for defluoridation methods. According to user's perception loose adsorbent approach emerged out as most simple, clean and safe household defluoridation method.

  4. Application of the Sketch Match method in Sulina coastal study area within PEGASO project (United States)

    Marin, Eugenia; Nichersu, Iuliana; Mierla, Marian; Trifanov, Cristian; Nichersu, Iulian


    The Sketch Match approach for Sulina pilot case was carried out in the frame of the project "People for Ecosystem Based Governance in Assessing Sustainable Development of Ocean and Coast" - PEGASO, funded by the Seventh Framework Programme. The PEGASO project has been designed to identify common threats and solutions in relation to the long-term sustainable development and environmental protection of coastal zones bordering the Mediterranean and Black Seas in ways relevant to the implementation of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management Protocol (ICZM) for the Mediterranean. PEGASO will use the model of the existing ICZM Protocol for the Mediterranean and adjust it to the needs of the Black Sea through innovative actions, one of them being Refine and develop efficient and easy to use tools for making sustainability assessments in the coastal zone tested through a number of relevant pilot sites. Thus, for the Romania case study, the Sketch Match approach was selected, being an interactive public participation planning method, developed by the Dutch Government, and applied for Sulina area in order to stimulate support and involvement from stakeholders regarding Integrated Coastal Zone Management Protocol by consulting and involving these people in the planning process and making use of a coherent package of interactive methods. Participants were representatives of a wide range of stakeholders, varying from local fisherman to representatives of the Local and County council and Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority. They participated in a two-day design session, focused on problems and potentials of the area, with the aim to work out possible solutions for an integrated coastal spatial planning, focusing on the parallel enhance of the various local functions in the spatial design (coastal area protection next to industry, tourism, nature, recreation, and other activities).

  5. PESERA model application in the Portuguese study areas: Góis and Mação (United States)

    Esteves, T. C. J.; Kirkby, M. J.; Shakesby, R. A.; Ferreira, A. J. D.; Soares, J. A. A.; Ferreira, C. S. S.; Coelho, C. O. A.; Bento, C. P. M.; Carreiras, M. A.


    The Portuguese territory succumbs yearly to severe wildfires. The years 2003 and 2005 were particularly bad, with some of the worst wildfires seen in decades. They led to accelerated soil losses in these temperate sub-humid ecosystems. There is the danger that these wildfires can cause land degradation. Consequently, there is an urgent need to develop integrated conservation approaches to reduce or prevent these degradational impacts. This paper presents the innovative effort being made in the FP6 EU-funded DESIRE research project (Desertification Mitigation & Remediation of Land: a global approach for local solutions to try to establish alternative land use and management conservation strategies in degradation-prone areas. In this paper, we are concerned with wildfire-prone areas. The aim is to describe the application of a modified Pan-European Soil Erosion Risk Assessment (PESERA) model to two study areas in central Portugal, Góis and Mação, in order to predict runoff and erosion at a much larger spatial and temporal scales (regional and decadal, respectively) than is usually possible with field monitoring. Potentially, the modelling can improve land degradation predictions of water erosion. By using a 50-year historical climate time-series database, a simulation was made using the model. Management burns (every 2 years) and infrequent wildfires (100 years) applied to the model resulted in management burns leading to reduced soil erosion relative to infrequent wildfires, although the predicted soil losses for both types of fire are large compared even with measured losses obtained from small-scale field monitoring. From these results, the benefits, limitations, scope for improvement and application to future climatic scenarios of the model in a fire context will be analyzed and discussed.

  6. Belize Area Study (United States)


    is greater than Costa Rica and Janica, similar to El Salvador and Mexico, but less than Guatemtala and Paraguay. In 1981, one-fourth to one-half well as increased poaching by foreign fishing boats. Poachery is difficult to control but with the addition of two patrol boats and two aircrafts...resettlement program. The U. N. effort is directed by Regina Coballer, whose office is located in Costa Rica . There are at least three resettlement areas in

  7. Laguna Atascosa Wilderness study area (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This document is a brief report on a wilderness study area located in the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge. It discusses the history of the study area, its...

  8. A Comparative Study of the Application of FACTS Devices in Wind Power Plants of the Southeast Area of the Mexican Electric System

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Beltran-Valle, Omar; Pena-Gallardo, Rafael; Segundo-Ramirez, Juan; Muljadi, Eduard


    This paper presents a comparative study of the application of Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) devices, as Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC), Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) and Unified Power Controller (UPFC) on congestion management and voltage support in the area of the Istmo of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca, Mexico. The present work provides an analysis about the performance of the control of active and reactive power of the FACTS controllers applied to mentioned problems in the power system.

  9. Application of remote-sensing techniques to hydrologic studies in selected coal-mine areas of southeastern Kansas (United States)

    Kenny, J.F.; McCauley, J.R.


    Disturbances resulting from intensive coal mining in the Cherry Creek basin of southeastern Kansas were investigated using color and color-infrared aerial photography in conjunction with water-quality data from simultaneously acquired samples. Imagery was used to identify the type and extent of vegetative cover on strip-mined lands and the extent and success of reclamation practices. Drainage patterns, point sources of acid mine drainage, and recharge areas for underground mines were located for onsite inspection. Comparison of these interpretations with water-quality data illustrated differences between the eastern and western parts of the Cherry Creek basin. Contamination in the eastern part is due largely to circulation of water from unreclaimed strip mines and collapse features through the network of underground mines and subsequent discharge of acidic drainage through seeps. Contamination in the western part is primarily caused by runoff and seepage from strip-mined lands in which surfaces have frequently been graded and limed but are generally devoid of mature stands of soil-anchoring vegetation. The successful use of aerial photography in the study of Cherry Creek basin indicates the potential of using remote-sensing techniques in studies of other coal-mined regions. (USGS)

  10. Study on the applicability of frequency spectrum of micro-tremor and dynamic characteristics of surface ground in Asia area

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    CHE Ai-lan; IWATATE Takahiro; ODA Yoshiya; GE Xiu-run


    The dynamic characteristics of ground soil using micro-tremor observation in Asia (Zushi and Ogasawara (Japan),Xi'an (China), Manila (Philippines), and Gujarat (India)) are studied. Ground micro-tremor signals were observed and analyzed by fast Fourier transform method (FFT). The response of ground soil to frequency of ground micro-tremor is revealed, and functions with frequency-dependence and frequency-selection of micro-tremor for different foundation soil strata are also researched.The horizontal to vertical spectral ratio (H/V, Nakamura technique) of micro-tremor observed at the surface ground was used to evaluate the site's predominant period. This paper also discusses the application of micro-tremor on site safety evaluation, and gives the observed calculation results obtained at multiple points. The experimental foundation and the deduction process of the method are described in detail. Some problems of the method are pointed out. Potential use of the technique's good expandable nature makes it a useable means for preventing and reducing disaster's harmful effects.

  11. The areas of application for plant lectins

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Melnykova N. M.


    Full Text Available Lectins, in particular from plants, are proteins of non-immune origin that are able to bind carbohydrates with high specificity. Due to their properties, phytolectins are of great interest in practical applications. They were shown to play an important role in forming strategies for treatment of disease including cancer and HIV. Plant lectins are an important tool in glycomic studies. Plant lectins with fungicidal and insecticidal activities are used in transgenic technologies to increase plant resistance to pests and phytopathogens. The introduction of lectin-like kinases genes into plant genome was shown to be perspective way to protect plants against environmental stresses and regulate plant growth. Engineering of phytolectins allows obtaining molecules with known carbohydrate specificity that can be applied in various areas. The studies are underway with the aim of design of lectin-based drug delivery systems as well as the pharmaceutical drugs containing plant lectins. Because of the ability of phytolectins to bind to different substances they can be more widely used in the future. The review focuses on current data and future possibilities in the application of plant lectins.

  12. Design and Applications of Land Resources and Ecological Environment Information System:A Case Study of Zigui County in the Three Gorges Area of China

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    The design and applications of a land information system built upon ARC/INFO and ArcView arepresented. The proposed system not only maintains all the advantages of the more conventional implemen-tations but also enhances them in the following ways: 1) the application program interfaces (API) are usedto transmit data and messages among different parts of the system; 2) the integrated system can supportstudies on land evaluations and ecological analyses by efficient management of attribute and spatial dataand 3) correspondingly, spatial records and attributive records are linked by the same identifiers (ID). Acase study application in Zigui County of the Three Gorges Area in China demonstrates that the systemcould employ land-use maps and land property data to predicate and analyze the land utilization changes inthe past, present and future. The ecological environment analysis can be carried out with the data of land,economics and terrain map used, showing that the system can be widely applied, especially to survey landand environment resources in the countryside area.

  13. Study area description: Chapter 1 (United States)

    Rowland, Mary M.; Leu, Matthias; Hanser, Steven E.; Leu, Matthias; Knick, Steven T.; Aldridge, Cameron L.


    The boundary for the Wyoming Basins Ecoregional Assessment (WBEA) was largely determined by the co-occurrence of some of the largest tracts of intact sagebrush (Artemisia spp.) remaining in the western United States with areas of increasing resource extraction. The WBEA area includes two ecoregions in their entirety, Wyoming Basins and Utah-Wyoming Rocky Mountains, and portions of two others (Southern Rocky Mountains and Middle Rockies-Blue Mountains). Over half the study area is in Wyoming; the remainder includes parts of Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and Montana. Private landowners manage most (33.1%) of the land base in the WBEA, followed by the U.S. Forest Service (27.3%) and U.S. Bureau of Land Management (25.6%). Sagebrush is the dominant land cover type in the study area, totaling >130,000 km2 ; nearly half the sagebrush in the WBEA is managed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. Sagebrush in the WBEA faces many potential threats that also influence the broader sagebrush ecosystem. Climate change, drought, land-use practices (e.g., livestock grazing, oil and gas development), and human development have eliminated and fragmented the sagebrush ecosystem, altered fire regimes, and accelerated the invasion of exotic plants such as cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum). Less than 2% of sagebrush in the WBEA is permanently protected from land cover conversion.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Khaleel Ahmad


    Full Text Available The main purpose of this paper is to study the process of Web mining techniques, features, application ( e-commerce and e-business and its beneficial areas. Web mining has become more popular and its widely used in varies application areas (such as business intelligent system, e-commerce and e-business. The e-commerce or e-business results are bettered by the application of the mining techniques such as data mining and text mining, among all the mining techniques web mining is better.

  15. Selecting Map Projections in Minimizing Area Distortions in GIS Applications. (United States)

    Yildirim, Faruk; Kaya, Ahmet


    Varioussoftware for Geographical Information Systems (GISs) have been developed and used in many different engineering projects. In GIS applications, map coverage is important in terms of performing reliable and meaningful queries. Map projections can be conformal, equal-area and equidistant. The goal of an application plays an important role in choosing one of those projections. Choosing the equal-area projection for an application in which area information is used (forestry, agriculture, ecosystem etc) reduces the amount of distortion on the area, but many users using GIS ignore this fact and continue to use applications with present map sheets no matter in what map projection it is. For example, extracting area information from data whose country system's map sheet is in conformal projection is relatively more distorted, compared to an equal-area projection one. The goal of this study is to make the best decision in choosing the most proper equal-area projection among the choices provided by ArcGIS 9.0, which is a popular GIS software package, and making a comparison on area errors when conformal projection is used. In this study, the area of parcels chosen in three different regions and geographic coordinates and whose sizes vary between 0.01 to 1,000,000 ha are calculated according to Transversal Mercator (TM, 3°), Universal Transversal Mercator (UTM, 6°) and 14 different equal-area projections existing in the ArcGIS 9.0 GIS software package. The parcel areas calculated with geographical coordinates are accepted as definite. The difference between the sizes calculated according to projection coordinates and real sizes of the parcels are determined. Consequently, the appropriate projections are decided for the areas smaller and equal than 1,000 ha and greater than 1,000 ha in the GIS software package.

  16. Accomplish the Application Area in Cloud Computing

    CERN Document Server

    Bansal, Nidhi


    In the cloud computing application area of accomplish, we find the fact that cloud computing covers a lot of areas are its main asset. At a top level, it is an approach to IT where many users, some even from different companies get access to shared IT resources such as servers, routers and various file extensions, instead of each having their own dedicated servers. This offers many advantages like lower costs and higher efficiency. Unfortunately there have been some high profile incidents where some of the largest cloud providers have had outages and even lost data, and this underscores that it is important to have backup, security and disaster recovery capabilities. In education field, it gives better choice and flexibility to IT departments than others. The platform and applications you use can be on-premises, off-premises, or a combination of both, depending on your academic organization's needs. With cloud computing in education, you get powerful software and massive computing resources where and when you...

  17. Extended equal areas criterion: foundations and applications

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Yusheng, Xue [Nanjim Automation Research Institute, Nanjim (China)


    The extended equal area criterion (EEAC) provides analytical expressions for ultra fast transient stability assessment, flexible sensitivity analysis, and means to preventive and emergency controls. Its outstanding performances have been demonstrated by thousands upon thousands simulations on more than 50 real power systems and by on-line operation records in an EMS environment of Northeast China Power System since September 1992. However, the researchers have mainly based on heuristics and simulations. This paper lays a theoretical foundation of EEAC and brings to light the mechanism of transient stability. It proves true that the dynamic EEAC furnishes a necessary and sufficient condition for stability of multi machine systems with any detailed models, in the sense of the integration accuracy. This establishes a new platform for further advancing EEAC and better understanding of problems. An overview of EEAC applications in China is also given in this paper. (author) 30 refs.

  18. Fish Stem Cells: Classification, Resources, Characteristics and Application Areas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Şehriban ÇEK


    Full Text Available Stem cells are a class of undifferentiated cells, have the potential for self-renewal that can differ to the specialized cells. First studies on stem cells in fish started with zebra fish in 1992. In this review, classification, resources, vital importance, characteristics and application areas of fish stem cell were clarified.


    Berger, Byron R.; Benham, John R.


    The West Pioneer Wilderness Study Area is in the Pioneer Mountains, Beaverhead County, Montana. A mineral-resource study of the area identified eight areas with molybdenum potential, four areas with gold-silver potential, one area with tungsten potential, and one area with barite potential. Several small mines were encountered, but none were accessible for the purposes of resource evaluation. No energy resources were identified in the study.

  20. Dynamic area telethermometry and its clinical applications (United States)

    Anbar, Michael


    Dynamic area telethermometry (DAT) is a recent development in thermology, the science of biological heat generation and dissipation. DAT is based on monitoring changes in infrared emission, deriving from them information on the kinetics and mechanisms of biological thermoregulation. Remotely monitoring infrared emission is the most reliable technique to study bioenergetics, because it minimally perturbs the investigated system. Area monitoring of heat dissipating surfaces is needed because temporal changes in the spatial distribution of temperature conveys information on mechanisms of thermoregulation. DAT can be applied to biological systems ranging from single cells (microtelecalorimetry) to large areas of human skin (clinical thermology). DAT requires the accumulation of many (hundreds to thousands) thermal images followed by analysis of the thermokinetics of each pixel or group of pixels. In clinical thermology this analysis uses FFT to extract systemic, regional and local thermoregulatory frequencies (TRFs). DAT also extracts information on local thermoregulation from the temporal behavior of homogeneity of skin temperature (HST). Analysis of the relative contributions (FFT amplitudes) of the different frequencies allows distinction between vascular, neurological, and immunological thermoregulatory dysfunctions. This analysis, which can reveal the mechanism of the dysfunction, can be very useful in the diagnosis and staging of various disorders, ranging from diabetes mellitus and liver cirrhosis to breast cancer and malignant melanoma. From the engineering standpoint DAT requires highly stable imaging systems and effective display of the spatial distribution of TRFs to allow identification of thermoregulatory pathways and their dysfunction.

  1. Summary : Laguna Atascosa Wilderness study area (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This document is a very brief report on the area designated as the Laguna Atascosa Wilderness study area. Topics covered include the area's history, its land status,...

  2. 14 CFR 93.81 - Applicability and description of area. (United States)


    ... 14 Aeronautics and Space 2 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Applicability and description of area. 93... Area § 93.81 Applicability and description of area. The Valparaiso, Florida Terminal Area is designated...°42′51″ N., Longitude 86°38′02″ W.; to Latitude 30°43′18″ N., Longitude 86°27′37″ W.; to Latitude...


    Segerstrom, Kenneth; Weisner, R.C.


    On the basis of a mineral survey, most of the Laramie Peak Wilderness study area in Wyoming was concluded to have little promise for the occurrence of mineral or energy resources. Only three small areas in the northern part, one extending outside the study area to Esterbrook, were found to have probable mineral-resource potential for copper and lead. The geologic setting precludes the presence of fossil-fuel resources in the study area. There are no surface indications that geothermal energy could be developed within or near the study area.

  4. Application of Clinopyroxene Chemistry to Interpret the Physical Conditions of Ascending Magma, a Case Study of Eocene Volcanic Rocks in the Ghohrud Area (North of Isfahan

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohammad Sayari


    Full Text Available Introduction Volcanic rocks with a porphyritic texture have experienced two crystallization stages. The first is slow, resulting in phenocrysts, and the second, which took place at, or near the surface, or during intrusion into a cooler body of rock, result in a groundmass of glass, or fine crystals. The pressure and temperature history of a magma during crystallization is recorded in the chemical composition of the phenocrysts during both stages. These phenocrysts provide valuable data about the physicochemical conditions of the parent magma during the process of crystallization. The composition of clinopyroxene (cpx reflects not only the chemical condition and therefore the magmatic series, but also the physical conditions, i.e., temperature and pressure of a magma at the time when clinopyroxene crystallized. The Ghohrud area lies in the middle part of the Urumieh-Dokhtar Magmatic Arc , which is part of a much larger magmatic province extending in a vast region of convergence between Arabia and Eurasia north of the Zagros-Bitlis suture zone (Dilek et al., 2010. In the Ghohrud area, north of Isfahan, exposed Eocene volcanic rocks belong to the first pulse of Cenozoic volcanism of Iran (Sayari, 2015, ranging in composition from andesitic basalt to basalt. The basaltic rocks of the Ghohrud area are composed mainly of plagioclase phenocrysts surrounded by smaller crystals of clinopyroxene in a groundmass of microlites, glass and opaques. In this study, the clinopyroxene and plagioclase of these rocks were analyzed in order to estimate the physicochemical conditions of the parent magmas. Results Clinopyroxene and plagioclase phenocrysts of nineteen samples were analyzed with the electron microprobe. The chemical compositions of the clinopyroxenes were used to estimate both the chemical evolution and temperature and pressure conditions of the magmas during crystallization, using SCG, a specialized software for clinopyroxene thermobarometry (Sayari

  5. Topology Optimization - broadening the areas of application

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bendsøe, Martin P.; Lund, Erik; Olhoff, Niels;


    This paper deals with recent developments of topology optimization techniques for application in some new types of design problems. The emphasis is on recent work of the Danish research groups at Aalborg University and at the Technical University of Denmark and focus is on the central role......, design in fluids, design in acoustics, and design in photonics. A short outline of other design optimization activities is also given....

  6. A Preliminary Study of the Application of Electromagnetic Conductivity Meter on Soil Properties of Paddy Cultivation Areas at Wue Village, Jantho, Aceh Besar District, Indonesia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    . Marwan


    Full Text Available Conventional soil sampling is time consuming and requires meticulous laboratory analysis. Hence, mapping of soil apparent in respect to electrical conductivity (ECa has been developed to identify areas of contrasting soil properties. Such ECa values are represent measures of soil properties. The sensor system, GF Instrument model CMD-4 were used to analyze soil physical properties. This system consists of three important parts, ECa sensor, data logger and Global Positioning System (DGPS receiver. This research was aimed to evaluate the relationships between ECa and soil properties as well as the yield of rice (paddy in paddy’s farming fields. One study site was chosen. The sensor was pulled through a plotted area of 0.25 km2. The distribution map of ECa was developed to identify the contrast of ECa. More than 100 ECa of data points were collected in 3-hour for the large plot. The data was later transferred to a notebook computer for generation of ECa maps using Surfer 11 software. According to the data analyses, field and ECa showed positive correlation. The average values of ECa are significantly different between hilly area and drainage canal area signifying differences in soil structure. Soil ECa could provide a measure of the spatial differences associated with soil physical and chemical properties, which for paddy soil may be a measure of soil suitability for crop growth and its productivity. This sensor can measure the soil ECa through the field quickly for detailed features of the soil and can be operated by just one worker. The ECa map provides some ideas for future soil management

  7. Model-Driven Approach for Body Area Network Application Development. (United States)

    Venčkauskas, Algimantas; Štuikys, Vytautas; Jusas, Nerijus; Burbaitė, Renata


    This paper introduces the sensor-networked IoT model as a prototype to support the design of Body Area Network (BAN) applications for healthcare. Using the model, we analyze the synergistic effect of the functional requirements (data collection from the human body and transferring it to the top level) and non-functional requirements (trade-offs between energy-security-environmental factors, treated as Quality-of-Service (QoS)). We use feature models to represent the requirements at the earliest stage for the analysis and describe a model-driven methodology to design the possible BAN applications. Firstly, we specify the requirements as the problem domain (PD) variability model for the BAN applications. Next, we introduce the generative technology (meta-programming as the solution domain (SD)) and the mapping procedure to map the PD feature-based variability model onto the SD feature model. Finally, we create an executable meta-specification that represents the BAN functionality to describe the variability of the problem domain though transformations. The meta-specification (along with the meta-language processor) is a software generator for multiple BAN-oriented applications. We validate the methodology with experiments and a case study to generate a family of programs for the BAN sensor controllers. This enables to obtain the adequate measure of QoS efficiently through the interactive adjustment of the meta-parameter values and re-generation process for the concrete BAN application.

  8. Model-Driven Approach for Body Area Network Application Development

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Algimantas Venčkauskas


    Full Text Available This paper introduces the sensor-networked IoT model as a prototype to support the design of Body Area Network (BAN applications for healthcare. Using the model, we analyze the synergistic effect of the functional requirements (data collection from the human body and transferring it to the top level and non-functional requirements (trade-offs between energy-security-environmental factors, treated as Quality-of-Service (QoS. We use feature models to represent the requirements at the earliest stage for the analysis and describe a model-driven methodology to design the possible BAN applications. Firstly, we specify the requirements as the problem domain (PD variability model for the BAN applications. Next, we introduce the generative technology (meta-programming as the solution domain (SD and the mapping procedure to map the PD feature-based variability model onto the SD feature model. Finally, we create an executable meta-specification that represents the BAN functionality to describe the variability of the problem domain though transformations. The meta-specification (along with the meta-language processor is a software generator for multiple BAN-oriented applications. We validate the methodology with experiments and a case study to generate a family of programs for the BAN sensor controllers. This enables to obtain the adequate measure of QoS efficiently through the interactive adjustment of the meta-parameter values and re-generation process for the concrete BAN application.


    Johnson, Bruce R.; Ellis, Clarence E.


    Mineral surveys were undertaken of a wilderness study area which includes most of the Sangre de Cristo Range of south-central Colorado. Four areas of probable mineral-resource potential for gold, silver, and base metals lie along a northwest structural trend which follows the western margin of the range north of the Great Sand Dunes National Monument and crosses the range south of the monument. An area of probable mineral-resource potential for similar minerals plus tungsten has been identified east of Blanca Peak at the extreme southern end of the study area. Another area of probable mineral-resource potential includes molybdenum mineralization associated with the Rito Alto stock. A small area of probable geothermal resource potential exists on the west side of the area around the Valley View Hot Springs. There is little promise for the occurrence of oil and gas resources.

  10. Intelligent computing systems emerging application areas

    CERN Document Server

    Virvou, Maria; Jain, Lakhmi


    This book at hand explores emerging scientific and technological areas in which Intelligent Computing Systems provide efficient solutions and, thus, may play a role in the years to come. It demonstrates how Intelligent Computing Systems make use of computational methodologies that mimic nature-inspired processes to address real world problems of high complexity for which exact mathematical solutions, based on physical and statistical modelling, are intractable. Common intelligent computational methodologies are presented including artificial neural networks, evolutionary computation, genetic algorithms, artificial immune systems, fuzzy logic, swarm intelligence, artificial life, virtual worlds and hybrid methodologies based on combinations of the previous. The book will be useful to researchers, practitioners and graduate students dealing with mathematically-intractable problems. It is intended for both the expert/researcher in the field of Intelligent Computing Systems, as well as for the general reader in t...

  11. Small Area ROM Design for Embedded Applications

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    CUI Wei; WU Si-liang


    The compact full custom layout design of a 16 kbit mask-programmable compl ementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) read only memory (ROM) with low power dissip ation is introduced. By optimizing storage cell size and peripheral circuit stru cture, the ROM has a small area of 0.050 mm2 with a power-delay product of 0.011 pJ/bit at +1.8 V. The high packing density and the excellent power-delay product have been achieved by using SMIC 0.18 μm 1P6M CMOS technology. A novel and simple sense amplifier/driver structure is presented which restores th e signal full swing efficiently and reduces the signal rising time by 2.4 ns , as well as the memory access time. The ROM has a fast access time of 8.6 n s. As a consequence, the layout design not only can be embedded into microprocessor system as its program memory, but also can be fabricated individually as ROM ASIC .

  12. Energy Efficiency in Industrial Areas: Application of Best Practices for Energy Efficiency In Mediterranean Industrial Areas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria-Anna Segreto


    Full Text Available The results presented in this paper originate from an EU research project that is near toits completion. The goal was to build a model that can be applied to all industrial sites inthe Mediterranean area. The approach followed to achieve the objectives was to study allthe new technologies and systems that, if applied globally, can make the whole areasustainable both energetically and environmentally. The application of the model allowsthe design and implementation of self-sufficient green areas in terms of energy which alsobrings to the reduction of the emissions into the atmosphere. An aim of the project wasalso to identify possible sources of funding or incentives. The main beneficiaries of theresults are SMEs that through a more responsible approach to the environment could getgreater market competitiveness and reduce energy costs of their enterprises. Otherbeneficiaries are the people who obtain advantages from a clearer and less pollutedsurrounding environment.The paper presents the results obtained from the application of the model in some pilotcases.

  13. Bureau of Land Management Wilderness Study Areas (United States)

    Earth Data Analysis Center, University of New Mexico — This dataset is meant to depict Wilderness Study Areas (WSA's), within the state of New Mexico, identified by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) as having...

  14. State Waste Discharge Permit application: 400 Area Septic System

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    As part of the Hanford Federal Facility Agreement and Consent Order negotiations, the US Department of Energy, Richland Operations Office, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and the Washington State Department of Ecology agreed that liquid effluent discharges to the ground on the Hanford Site which affects groundwater or has the potential to affect groundwater would be subject to permitting under the structure of Chapter 173-216 (or 173-218 where applicable) of the Washington Administrative Code, the State Waste Discharge Permit Program. This document constitutes the State Waste Discharge Permit application for the 400 Area Septic System. The influent to the system is domestic waste water. Although the 400 Area Septic System is not a Public Owned Treatment Works, the Public Owned Treatment Works application is more applicable than the application for industrial waste water. Therefore, the State Waste Discharge Permit application for Public Owned Treatment Works Discharges to Land was used.

  15. The investigation of special information distilling method of land use in karst area based on CBERS-02B and analysis on application: a case study of Duyun, Guizhou (United States)

    Hu, Juan; Luo, Miao; An, Yulun


    This paper explores the optimal methods for processing CBERS-02B images and using them to classify the land uses of karst mountain areas with 3S technologies, especially the RS digital image processing technology. Through multiple experiments and analysis, the difficulty of CBERS-02B images in distinguishing water from mountain shades, construction land from dry land and paddy field are satisfactorily removed. And the combination of band 421, based on OIF method, is proved optimal for classifying the land uses of karst areas. After comparing and evaluating the effect of HIS, PCA and HPC based image fusion methods, the HIS transformation based image fusion method is found best for CBERS-02B HR and CCD data fusion in the case of karst highland mountains. Based on the experiments, this paper proves that CBERS images are capable of large scale land use classification for karst areas, a competent substitute of TM images for karst mountain area land use survey.

  16. 300 Area TEDF DOE order compliance applicability assessment

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Eacker, J.A.


    This report summarizes the results of an effort to determine applicability of Department of Energy Orders at the Hanford 300 Area Treated Effluent Disposal Facility (TEDF). This assessment placed each of the reviewed orders into one of three compliance categories: (A) order applicable at a facility specific level (20 identified); (B) order applicable at a policy level (11 identified); or (C) order not applicable (21 identified). The scope of the assessment from the DOE Order standpoint was the 52 Level 1 Orders of interest to the Defense Nuclear Facility Safety Board (DNFSB). Although the TEDF is a non-nuclear facility, this order basis was chosen as a Best Management Practice to be consistent with ongoing efforts across the Hanford Site. Three tables in the report summarize the DOE order applicability by the compliance categories, with a table for Level A, Level B, and Level C applicability. The attachment to the report documents the compliance applicability assessment for each individual DOE Order.

  17. A Study of the Work of Daniel Starch: A Chapter in the History of the Application of Psychology and Statistics to Education and Other Areas. (United States)

    Johanningmeier, Erwin V.

    This document examines the work of Daniel Starch, emphasizing his work in educational psychology and advertising. After earning his doctorate in psychology (1906), Starch attempted to apply the findings of the new science to education and to advertising. This application met with much success. In advertising, he devised new sampling techniques and…

  18. Wireless body area networks technology, implementation, and applications

    CERN Document Server

    Yuce, Mehmet R


    The book provides a comprehensive overview for the latest WBAN systems, technologies, and applications. The chapters of the book have been written by various specialists who are experts in their areas of research and practice. The book starts with the basic techniques involved in designing and building WBAN systems. It explains the deployment issues and then moves into the application areas of WBAN. The remaining chapters focus on the development of hardware, signal processing algorithms, and wireless communication and network design for wearable and implantable body sensors used in WBAN appli

  19. Belledune area health study : summary report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The Belledune area has been home to various industrial activities such as mining, smelting, fertilizer plants, battery-recycling plants, gypsum plants, sawmills, and a coal-fired electricity generating facility. These industries have had various types and quantities of emissions over the past 4 decades that may have impacted on the health of people in the area. This report provided details of the Belledune Health Area Study. The objective of the study was to ensure that the concerns of residents were addressed and that the historical and human health risks associated with past and current industrial activities were quantified. The current health status of residents in the area was examined with reference to environmental exposures, and recommendations for future studies and research based on the results of the study were presented. Two main components were used: the human health risk assessment (HHRA), and community health status assessment (CHSA). Best estimate calculations for residents in the core communities showed that exposures to cadmium, lead and mercury were predicted to be below toxicity reference values. In Belledune itself, child exposures to cadmium and mercury were above the toxicity reference value. Results indicated that the health status pattern for the study area was different from that found in the surrounding areas. There was a statistically significantly elevated incidence of oral, respiratory, and prostate cancer and elevated incidences of kidney and colorectal cancer. There was a higher mortality rate than expected, and there were more deaths than expected due to circulatory disease, cancer and other causes such as accidents and suicides. An expanded survey of blood lead among child residents and pregnant women was recommended. A program was launched to collect data on metal concentrations in fish from the Baie des Chaleurs and additional data on vegetables from the Greater Belledune area. Future research on some of the factors associated

  20. Idaho Batholith Study Area Density Grid (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — A 2 kilometer terrace-density grid for the Idaho batholith study area. Number of columns is 331 and number of rows is 285. The order of the data is from the lower...

  1. Area Handbook Series: Thailand. A Country Study (United States)


    of the baht-see Glossary. 7 Includes fresh and canned fish, crustaceans , and mollusks. Source: Based on information from Bank of Thailand, Quarterly...364 Published Country Studies (Area Handbook Series) 550-65 Afghanistan 550-153 Ghana 550-98 Albania 550-87 Greece 550-44 Algeria 550-78 Guatemala 550

  2. Area Handbook Series: Panama: A Country Study (United States)


    organizations by commission employees was guaranteed. Under the provisions of Article XII , the United States and Panama agreed to study jointly the feasibility...Las Tablas . This agriculturally productive area has a relatively long dry season and is known as the dry zone of Panama. The remaining part of the...of the treaties. Article XII of the Panama Canal Treaty provides for ajoint study of "the feasibility of a sea-level canal in the Republic of Panama

  3. Area Handbook Series: Indonesia: A Country Study, (United States)


    1719-26) as king, and further concessions were made to the VOC. 19 SI- n ll l l llfl Indonesia : A Country Study The Third Javanese War of Succession...economic prosperity (anti-Chinese sentiment was a major appeal), the organization also drew on traditional Javanese 35 Indonesia : A Country Study...popu- lation spoke the language at home. In Javanese areas, only 1 to 5 percent of the people spoke Bahasa Indonesia in the home. Na- tionwide

  4. Area Array Technology Evaluations for Space and Military Applications (United States)

    Ghaffarian, Reza


    The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is currently assessing the use of Area Array Packaging (AAP) for National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) spaceflight applications. this work is being funded through NASA Headquarters, Code Q. The paper discusses background of AAP, objectives, and uses of AAP.

  5. Preliminary studies on the optimization of countermeasures for agricultural areas

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rochedo, Elaine R.R.; Igreja, Eduardo; Barboza, Adriana E., E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [Instituto Militar de Engenharia (IME), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Silva, Diogo N.G. da; Guimaraes, Jean R.D., E-mail:, E-mail: [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ (Brazil). Instituto de Biofisica Carlos Chagas Filho; Wasserman, Maria Angelica V., E-mail: [Instituto de Engenharia Nuclear (IEN/CNEN-RJ), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil); Perez, Daniel V. [Centro Nacional de Pesquisa de Solos (EMBRAPA), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    The assessment of remediation measures for rural areas is more complex than that for urban ones, due to the influence of large number of variables associated with climate, diet, farming practices and the type of soil. Thus, it is not possible to perform generic studies applicable to all types of area. Specific studies and surveys should be made in the areas most likely to contamination from a nuclear accident. Preliminary studies demonstrated that the different soil types in Brazil is more relevant to the ingestion dose than the regional differences in diets. Other studies have described the prioritization of areas and products for detailed survey on soil types and remediation procedures, for an accident at the NPP in Angra dos Reis, based on radiological and economic aspects. The most relevant product was milk, due to both its relevance to the intake and the loss of income for the counties. The contribution of milk to dose depends on the season of the year when the accident occurs, mainly due to the relative contribution of other items of the diet. The timing of the application of the countermeasure has an important effect on the dose reduction that can be achieved. For I-131, protective measures must be considered within the emergency phase in order to be effective. The main action on reducing ingestion doses is the removal of food items from diet, while providing clean food to the population. (author)

  6. A Review of Wireless Body Area Networks for Medical Applications

    CERN Document Server

    Ullah, Sana; Ullah, Niamat; Saleem, Shahnaz; Higgins, Henry; Kwak, Kyung Sup; 10.4236/ijcns.2009.28093


    Recent advances in Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology, integrated circuits, and wire-less communication have allowed the realization of Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs). WBANs promise unobtrusive ambulatory health monitoring for a long period of time, and provide real-time updates of the patients status to the physician. They are widely used for ubiquitous healthcare, entertainment, and military applications. This paper reviews the key aspects of WBANs for numerous applications. We present a WBAN infrastructure that provides solutions to on-demand, emergency, and normal traffic. We further discuss in-body antenna design and low-power MAC protocol for a WBAN. In addition, we briefly outline some of the WBAN applications with examples. Our discussion realizes a need for new power-efficient solutions towards in-body and on-body sensor networks.

  7. Studies of aerosols advected to coastal areas (United States)

    Zielinski, T.; Petelski, T.; Makuch, P.; Strzalkowska, A.; Ponczkowska, A.; Drozdowska, V.; Gutowska, D.; Kowalczyk, J.; Darecki, M.; Piskozub, J.


    Characterizing aerosols involves the specification of not only their spatial and temporal distributions but their multi-component composition, particle size distribution and physical properties as well. Due to their light attenuation and scattering properties, aerosols influence radiance measured by satellite for ocean color remote sensingmaking them highly relevant for the ocean color atmospheric correction. This paper presents the results of the studies of aerosol optical properties measured using lidars and sun photometers. We describe two case studies of the combined measurements made in two coastal zones, in Crete in 2006and in Rozewie on the Baltic Sea in 2009. The combination of lidar and sun photometer measurements provides comprehensive information on both the total aerosol optical thickness in the entire atmosphere as well as the vertical structure of aerosol optical properties. Combination of such information with air mass back-trajectories and data collected at stations located on the route of air masses provides complete picture of the aerosol variations in the study area both vertically and horizontally. We show that such combined studies are especially important in the coastal areas. Additionally, aerosol particle direct and indirect radiative effects have been identified as key uncertainties for the prediction of the future global climate. This research has been made within the framework of the NASA/AERONET Program and Polish National Grants 1276/B/P01/2010/38, PBW 1283/B/P01/2010/38, POLAR-AOD, NN 306315536 and Satellite Monitoring of the Baltic Sea Environment - SatBałtyk funded by the European Union through European Regional Development Fund contract no. POIG 01.01.02-22-011/09.

  8. Legislation and applicable concepts to protected natural areas in Peru

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pedro Solano


    Full Text Available There are 78 protected areas in Peru covering 22 million hectares corresponding almost 17 percent of national territory. This article reviews essential aspects of protected natural areas studying scopes, purposes, types, categories and levels such as: requirements for setting, amendment and repeal; activities allowed and forbidden within them; institutional management, among others. Finally, this work concludes with some brief thoughts on legal and institutional challenges of the Sistema Nacional de Áreas NaturalesProtegidas por el Estado (SINANPE (National System of State ProtectedNatural Areas.

  9. Sustainability Assessment for Agriculture Scenarios in Europe's Mountain Areas: Lessons from Six Study Areas (United States)

    Partidário, Maria Rosário; Sheate, William R.; Bina, Olivia; Byron, Helen; Augusto, Bernardo


    Sustainability assessment (SA) is a holistic and long-range strategic instrument capable of assisting policy-making in electing, and deciding upon, future development priorities. The outcomes of an SA process become more relevant and strengthened when conducted with multi-stakeholder engagement, which provides for multiple dialogues and perspectives. This was the object of research of the SA team in the context of BioScene ( Scenarios for Reconciling Biodiversity Conservation with Declining Agriculture Use in Mountain Areas in Europe), a three-year project (2002-2005) funded by the European Union 5th Framework Program, which aimed to investigate the implications of agricultural restructuring and decline for biodiversity conservation in the mountain areas of Europe, using three distinct methodological streams: the ecological, the socio-economic, and the SA approaches. The SA approach drew on the previous two to assess the importance for biodiversity management of different scenarios of agri-environmental change and rural policy in six countries (France, Greece, Norway, Slovakia, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom), develop causal chains, include stakeholder views, and identify potential contributions for, or conflicts with, sustainability. This article tells how SA was used, what sustainability meant in each study area through different objectives of sustainability considered, discusses the methods used in SA, and the benefits arising. The SA was conducted by a team independent of any study area, who developed and oversaw the application of the SA methodology, assisting national teams, and developing a cross-country understanding of the sustainability of proposed scenarios in the different geographical and social contexts, and their implications for policy-making. Finally, it reflects on the persistent challenges of interdisciplinary research, compounded by multi-cultural teams, and concludes on the BioScene’s lessons for the further development and application

  10. The application of ANN technique to automatic generation control for multi-area power system

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zeynelgil, H.L.; Demiroren, A.; Sengor, N.S. [Istanbul Technical Univ., Maslak (Turkey). Electrical and Electronic Faculty


    This paper presents an application of layered artificial neural network controller (ANN) to study automatic generation control (AGC) problem in a four-area interconnected power system that three areas include steam turbines and the other area includes a hydro turbine. Each area of steam turbine in the system contains the reheat effect non-linearity of the steam turbine and the area of hydro turbine contains upper and lower constraints for generation rate. Only one ANN controller, which controls the inputs of each area in the power system together, is considered. In the study, back propagation-through-time algorithm is used as ANN learning rule. By comparing the results for both cases, the performance of ANN controller is better than conventional controllers. (author)

  11. Minimal Technologies Application Project, Hohenfels Training Area, Germany: Final report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zellmer, S.D.; Hinchman, R.R.; Johnson, D.O. [Argonne National Lab., IL (United States). Energy Systems Div.; Severinghaus, W.D. [Corps of Engineers, Champaign, IL (United States); Brent, J.J. [Army Construction Engineering Research Lab., Champaign, IL (United States)


    At the US Army Hohenfels Training Area in Germany, more than 30 years of continuous and intensive tactical training has caused extensive environmental damage because of the loss of vegetative cover and accelerated soil erosion. A project was conducted to evaluate the cost-effectiveness and relative benefits of various revegetation procedures. These procedures involved amendment and seedbed preparation options that were combined with three different durations of site closure. The point-intercept method was used to measure the types and amounts of vegetation established and changes in the vegetative community. Over three growing seasons, applications of fertilizer and seed increased the percent grass, legume, and total vegetative cover. The duration of site closure had no influence on the types or amounts of ground cover established. Materials made up only 10% of the total cost of the fertilization and seeding operations. The results of the research indicate that less expensive methods of amendment application should be evaluated. The data also show that site closure is not practical, economical, or necessary. The results of this project suggest that a regular maintenance program consisting of seeding and fertilization is required to maintain adequate vegetative cover and control erosion on tactical training areas.

  12. Stirling engine application study (United States)

    Teagan, W. P.; Cunningham, D.


    A range of potential applications for Stirling engines in the power range from 0.5 to 5000 hp is surveyed. Over one hundred such engine applications are grouped into a small number of classes (10), with the application in each class having a high degree of commonality in technical performance and cost requirements. A review of conventional engines (usually spark ignition or Diesel) was then undertaken to determine the degree to which commercial engine practice now serves the needs of the application classes and to detemine the nature of the competition faced by a new engine system. In each application class the Stirling engine was compared to the conventional engines, assuming that objectives of ongoing Stirling engine development programs are met. This ranking process indicated that Stirling engines showed potential for use in all application classes except very light duty applications (lawn mowers, etc.). However, this potential is contingent on demonstrating much greater operating life and reliability than has been demonstrated to date by developmental Stirling engine systems. This implies that future program initiatives in developing Stirling engine systems should give more emphasis to life and reliability issues than has been the case in ongoing programs.

  13. Application of Bayesian regularized BP neural network model for analysis of aquatic ecological data--A case study of chlorophyll-a prediction in Nanzui water area of Dongting Lake

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    XU Min; ZENG Guang-ming; XU Xin-yi; HUANG Guo-he; SUN Wei; JIANG Xiao-yun


    Bayesian regularized BP neural network(BRBPNN) technique was applied in the chlorophyll-a prediction of Nanzui water area in Dongting Lake. Through BP network interpolation method, the input and output samples of the network were obtained. After the selection of input variables using stepwise/multiple linear regression method in SPSS 11.0 software, the BRBPNN model was established between chlorophyll-a and environmental parameters, biological parameters. The achieved optimal network structure was 3-11-1 with the correlation coefficients and the mean square errors for the training set and the test set as 0.999 and 0.00078426, 0.981 and 0.0216 respectively. The sum of square weights between each input neuron and the hidden layer of optimal BRBPNN models of different structures indicated that the effect of individual input parameter on chlorophyll-a declined in the order of alga amount > secchi disc depth(SD) > electrical conductivity (EC) . Additionally, it also demonstrated that the contributions of these three factors were the maximal for the change of chlorophyll-a concentration, total phosphorus(TP) and total nitrogen(TN) were the minimal. All the results showed that BRBPNN model was capable of automated regularization parameter selection and thus it may ensure the excellent generation ability and robustness. Thus, this study laid the foundation for the application of BRBPNN model in the analysis of aquatic ecological data(chlorophyll-a prediction) and the explanation about the effective eutrophication treatment measures for Nanzui water area in Dongting Lake.

  14. Area Efficient Turbo Encoder for Wireless Applications on FPGA

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mansi Rastogi


    Full Text Available Error control is the major insistence in today’s wireless communication systems. In this era parallel concatenated convolutional codes known as turbo codes plays a crucial role. These codes have been chosen as error control approach for various wireless applications such as UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication System,DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting etc. In this paper an area efficient turbo encoder (2, 1, 3 is proposed to suffice the elevated demand of miniaturization in future wireless communication. The proposed design is simulated using matlab and synthesized on Xilinx Virtex-2p (xc2vp30-ff896-5 FPGA. During simulation the proposed design is compared with the matlab model of RSC encoder. The performance of proposed Turbo encoder will be compared for FPGAs in terms of number of slices, number of slice Flip-flops and the number of registers. The Synthesis results show a 7% improvement in the utilized no. of slices and slice flip-flop. So an area efficient, cost effective Parallel Concatenated Convolutional Code Encoder has been proposed in this paper

  15. Telemed: Ehealth applications applied to underserved areas in Latin America

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sachpazidis, Ilias [Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics, Fraunhoferstr. 5, D-64283, Darmstadt (Germany)]. E-mail:; Ohl, Roland [MedCom Gesellschaft fuer medizinische Bildverarbeitung mbH, Rundeturmstr. 12, D-64283, Darmstadt (Germany); Binotto, Alecio Pedro Delazari [Centro de Excelencia em Tecnologias Avancadas Av. Assis Brasil, 8450, 91, 140-000 Porto Alegre (Brazil); Torres, Marcio Soares [Centro de Excelencia em Tecnologias Avancadas Av. Assis Brasil, 8450, 91, 140-000 Porto Alegre (Brazil); Messina, Luiz Ary [Messina Informatica e Comercio Ltda., Rua Castelo Branco 330, 29100-040 Praia da Costa, Vila Velha (Brazil); Sales, Alexandre [Fundacao de Apoio ao Hospital Universitario da UFES-Fahucam, Av. Marechal Campos 1355, 29042-715 Santos Dumont, Vitoria (Brazil); Gomes, Ricardo [Complexo Hospitalar Santa Casa de Porto Alegre Rua Prof. Annes Dias 285, Porto Alegre (Brazil); Sakas, Georgios [Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics, Fraunhoferstr. 5, D-64283, Darmstadt (Germany)


    Access to medical care is sometimes very difficult to be reached from people living in rural and underserved areas. This problem is very well known in rural areas in Brazil. Citizens have no access to health care. They have to travel hundreds of kilometres to receive medical care. In this paper, we will propose a medical network based on state-of-the-art medical imaging application that addresses the problems of providing health care from a distance. Additionally, we are going to show preliminarily results of the first year of the system deployment and utilization in undeserved regions in Brazil. The total number of patients submitted to ultrasound examinations, during the 10 months of projects' medical trials, is 321. The exams have begun with the elderly people (hypertension and diabetes cases) with 90% above 50-years-old. Fifty-four percent were male and 46% were female. From those exams, 67 exams (21%) needed a second medical opinion and were transmitted to Santa Casa hospital in Porto Alegre, Brazil, one of the referral medical centres. From those second opinions of Santa Casa, 12 exams had to be repeated since the acquired images were not sufficient to give a correct diagnosis. The Lagoa Tres Cantos medical doctor performed also preventive exams with patients who had not presented any symptoms (70%)

  16. Selective-area nanoheteroepitaxy for light emitting diode (LED) applications (United States)

    Wildeson, Isaac H.

    generate built-in electric fields with magnitudes that are one-tenth those on the polar c-plane with the same (In,Ga)N composition. The lateral strain relaxation innate in the nanoheterostructures allows greater coherent InN incorporation in the nanopyramids as compared to thin-film heterostructures, as confirmed by electroluminescence and transmission electron microscopy. In addition to applications for light emitting diodes, selective area growth of GaN nanostructures is also important for biological and sensing applications. A process for fabricating porous GaN nanorods is presented that also relies on selective-area organometallic vapor phase epitaxy. The nanopore walls are primarily outlined by nonpolar planes, and the diameter of the nanopore can be controlled by the diameter of the opening in the dielectric template and the growth time. The lining of the nanopore walls is comprised of crystalline GaN, which makes these structures interesting for sensing, electrical and optical applications.

  17. Conceptual study of superconducting urban area power systems (United States)

    Noe, Mathias; Bach, Robert; Prusseit, Werner; Willén, Dag; Gold-acker, Wilfried; Poelchau, Juri; Linke, Christian


    Efficient transmission, distribution and usage of electricity are fundamental requirements for providing citizens, societies and economies with essential energy resources. It will be a major future challenge to integrate more sustainable generation resources, to meet growing electricity demand and to renew electricity networks. Research and development on superconducting equipment and components have an important role to play in addressing these challenges. Up to now, most studies on superconducting applications in power systems have been concentrated on the application of specific devices like for example cables and current limiters. In contrast to this, the main focus of our study is to show the consequence of a large scale integration of superconducting power equipment in distribution level urban power systems. Specific objectives are to summarize the state-of-the-art of superconducting power equipment including cooling systems and to compare the superconducting power system with respect to energy and economic efficiency with conventional solutions. Several scenarios were considered starting from the replacement of an existing distribution level sub-grid up to a full superconducting urban area distribution level power system. One major result is that a full superconducting urban area distribution level power system could be cost competitive with existing solutions in the future. In addition to that, superconducting power systems offer higher energy efficiency as well as a number of technical advantages like lower voltage drops and improved stability.

  18. Study of Preparation of Large Area Standard Source

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    With increasingly widespread application of nuclear technology, many large area contamination detectors are used to measure the contaminated surface by α, β radionuclides in nuclear facilities and isotope production places. To solve the

  19. Area Handbook Series: Mauritania: A Country Study (United States)


    collection of tribute from vast stretches of the Sudan and the Sahel . The slow decline of the Mali Empire that started at the end of the fourteenth...water is nearer the surface, some flora-including acacias, soapberry trees, capers, and swallowwort-may be found. Saline areas have a particular kind of...wind. In the northern Sahel , dunes are covered with scrub grasses and spiny acacia trees. Farther south, greater rainfall permits more dense vegetation

  20. Area Handbook Series: Libya, a Country Study (United States)


    only true mountains, Tibesti Massif, rise in southern desert. Country has several saline lakes but no peren- nial watercourses. Less than 5 percent of...facilitate expanded Sanusi missionary activities in the Sahel and in sub-Saharan Africa. The Grand Sanusi’s son, Muhammad, succeeded him as the order’s...Groundwater was in short supply in the agricultural areas. In some locations it had been so excessively drawn upon that it had become brackish or saline

  1. Area Handbook Series Kenya, A Country Study, (United States)


    after Oliver Lyttleton, the secretary of state for the colonies), it contained the concept of parity in the Legislative Council between European...relatively small pig herd, a considerable number of sheep and goats, and almost all of the poultry . Livestock raising in this case was mainly a...which in 1981 covered an area of 1,500 square kilometers, were the source of most sawn timber, construction ma- terials, plywood, and pulp -the latter

  2. Studies on deaf mobile application (United States)

    Nathan, Shelena Soosay; Hussain, Azham; Hashim, Nor Laily


    The deaf normally considered to be disabled that do not need any mobile technology due to the inabilities of hearing and talking. However, many deaf are using mobile phone in their daily life for various purposes such as communication and learning. Many studies have attempted to identify the need of deaf people in mobile application and level of usage of the applications. This study aims in studying the recent research conducted on deaf mobile application to understand the level of importance of mobile technology for this disabled community. This paper enable identification of studies conducted are limited and the need of more research done of this disabled people to ensure their privilege of using mobile technology and its application, which leads to the identification of deaf user requirement for mobile application as future study.

  3. Island Bay Wilderness study area : Island Bay National Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This document is a brief report on a wilderness study area located in the Island Bay National Wildlife Refuge. It discusses the history of the study area, its...

  4. A User's Version View of a Robustified, Bayesian Weighted Least-Squares Recursive Algorithm for Interpolating AVHRR-NDVI Data: Applications to an Animated Visualization of the Phenology of a Semi-Arid Study Area (United States)

    Hermance, J. F.; Jacob, R. W.; Bradley, B. A.; Mustard, J. F.


    .5 months. Instabilities during large time gaps in the data are suppressed by introducing an expectation of minimum roughness on the fitted time series. Our next significant computational step involves a constrained least squares fit to the observed NDVI data. Residuals between the observed NDVI value and the predicted starting model are computed, and the inverse of these residuals provide the weights for a weighted least squares analysis whereby a set of annual eighth-order splines are fit to the 7 years of NDVI data. Although a series of independent 8-th order annual functionals over a period of 7 years is intrinsically unstable when there are significant data gaps, the splined versions for this specific application are quite stable due to explicit continuity conditions on the values and derivatives of the functionals across contiguous years, as well as a priori constraints on the predicted values vis-a-vis the assumed initial model. Our procedure allows us to robustly interpolate original unequally-spaced NDVI data with a new time series having the most-appropriate, user-defined time base. We apply this approach to the temporal behavior of vegetation in our 150 x 150 km study area. Such a small area, being so rich in vegetation diversity, is particularly useful to view in map form and by animated annual and multi-year time sequences, since the interrelation between phenology, topography and specific usage patterns becomes clear.

  5. 提高农村卫生适宜诊断技术推广应用效果的方法研究%Study on approaches to popular application effect of the feasible medical technology in rural area

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    蒋海瑛; 徐云; 夏志俊; 吴林荣


    目的 总结和分析余杭区3项适宜诊断技术的推广应用效果,结合浙江省实际情况提出相应的推广应用方法和措施.方法采用集中面授形式进行技术培训,行政干预与课题组相结合的推广模式进行技术推广应用.结果3项技术的培训率均为100%,2006年技术应用率分别为心电图分析仪应用技术76.5%、骨碱性磷酸酶检测技术100.0%、弓形虫诊断技术88.2%,总使用人数40 526例.结论在满足技术适宜性的基础上,实施技术分类推广管理、加强技术服务、改善推广条件是现阶段提高农村卫生适宜技术推广应用效果的有效方法.%Objective Analysis of the applied effect on three kinds of feasible diagnosis techniques in the rural area of Yuhang.Methods First,we adopted the technology training through classroom teaching.and second the model of technology extension with combination of administrative interfering and research group studying was used to promote the popular application of these techniques.Results The total cases of used these techniques were 40526.During 2006 the training rate of these techniques was 100.0%.The applicative rates for ECG,NBAP and toxoplasmosis diagnostic technology were 76.5%,100.0%,and 88.2% respectively.Conclusions Nowadays it would be the effective approaches for improving technology extension of feasible diagnosis to implement the classified administration of the technology,to strengthen the technical services,and to impmve the conditions of the technology extension based on the technical usability.

  6. [Study of bioelectrical properties of acupuncture areas]. (United States)

    Filimon, D V; Zaharia, D; Ciochină, A D; Stratulat, S; Stratone, Ana


    The research has as a goal the investigation of the bioelectrical behaviour of the acupunctural areas in order to obtain a scientific substantiation of the correspondence between the extreme--eastern medical tradition and the academical medicine. It is obvious that the Chinese traditional medicine knows a certain mechanism of ensurance of homeostasis of the organisms, a mechanism represented, according to the Chinese medical tradition, by the net of acupuncture points and meridians. The experimental data presented in this paper lead to the discovery of the fact that this net works as the fourth system of integration, the electrical--regulator one. The maintenance of the internal homeostasis of the superior organisms and their adaptation to the environment is ensured by the neuro-endocrine and circulatory systems through a mechanism described by Selye under the name of the Uncertain General Syndrome of Adaptation represented by the hypothalamo-hypophyso-corticoadrenal axis. The evolution of these systems and of their mechanisms can be supervised on the basis of the cortisole concentration. The research emphasized the direct proportionality between the cortisone levels and the variation of the electrical values of the acupuncture points, a fact that demonstrates the involvement of the net of acupuncture points and meridians in the maintenance processes of the homeostasis, control, adjustment and adaptation of the living organisms. Additionally, the analysis of the bioelectrical behavior of the acupuncture areas led to the conclusion that the morpho-functional substrate of this net is the conjunctive tissue. The physical-chemical properties of the interstitial connective tissue assures its working as an electro-regulator system on one side and as a harmonization agent of the neuro-endocrine and circulatory systems on the other side, this aspect being to be developed in a future paper.

  7. An Algorithmic Solution for Computing Circle Intersection Areas and its Applications to Wireless Communications

    CERN Document Server

    Librino, Federico; Zorzi, Michele


    A novel iterative algorithm for the efficient computation of the intersection areas of an arbitrary number of circles is presented. The algorithm, based on a trellis-structure, hinges on two geometric results which allow the existence-check and the computation of the area of the intersection regions generated by more than three circles by simple algebraic manipulations of the intersection areas of a smaller number of circles. The presented algorithm is a powerful tool for the performance analysis of wireless networks, and finds many applications, ranging from sensor to cellular networks. As an example of practical application, an insightful study of the uplink outage probability of in a wireless network with cooperative access points as a function of the transmission power and access point density is presented.

  8. Research Areas in Distance Education: A Delphi Study (United States)

    Zawacki-Richter, Olaf


    This study had three purposes: Firstly, to develop a categorization of research areas in distance education; secondly, to identify the most important research areas in distance education; and thirdly, to identify the most neglected research areas in distance education. Based on a literature review and a Delphi study, three broad levels or…

  9. Water study report : Stillwater Wildlife Management Area (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The primary purpose of this study was to assemble and evaluate water records that are in the files of the Truckee-Carson Irrigation District, Fallon, Nevada. The...

  10. 2008 USDA Forest Service Lidar: Sandy River Study Area (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Watershed Sciences, Inc. collected Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) data for the Sandy River study area in collaboration with the USDA Forest Service. The areas...

  11. Areas Nacionales de Estudio Ambiental: Una Guia. (National Environmental Study Area: A Guide). (United States)

    National Park Service (Dept. of Interior), Washington, DC.

    This booklet, the Spanish version of SE 014 817, is a guide for teachers and resource managers who are interested in establishing National Environmental Study Areas (NESA) or interested in receiving NESA recognition for their on-going environmental study area programs. It outlines the characteristics and procedures of the program; the nature,…

  12. Area Handbook Series: Lebanon: A Country Study (United States)


    at Takfir at Ta’ifi (An Introduction to the Negation of Sectarian Thought). Beirut: Dar al Farabi , 1985. Armstrong, Lincoln. "Demographic...Asbab alHarb alAhliyyahfi Lubnan (A Study of the Causes of the Civil War in Lebanon). Beirut: Dar al Farabi , 1979. Arab Information Center (ed

  13. Area Handbook Series: Yugoslavia: A Country Study (United States)


    Center Press, 1988. Bukowski , Charles J. "Politics and Prospects for Economic Re- form in Yugoslavia," Eastern European Politics and Societies, 2, Winter...1988, 94-114. 312 Bibliography Bukowski , Charles J., and Mark A. Cichock (eds.). Prospects for Change in Socialist Systems. New York: Praeger, 1987...67. Biberaj, Elez. "Yugoslavia: A Continuing Crisis?" Conflict Studies [London], 225, October 1989, 1-22. Bukowski , Charles J. "Politics and

  14. Area Handbook Series: Singapore: A Country Study. (United States)


    strengthen the cultural ties of the Singapore Chinese to China by establishing a cultural club, a debating society, Singapore’s first Chinese-language...break up ethnic en- claves and resettle kampong dwellers in Housing and Development Board apartment complexes had a great effect on the Malays. Evi- dence...for Communications and Information 201 Singapore: A Country Study ineffective in the 1980s. The major issues were economic, involv- ing debate over the

  15. Area Handbook Series: Finland: A Country Study (United States)


    ecclesiastical figure of the Reformation in Fin- land was Mikael Agricola (1506-57), who exerted a great influence on the subsequent development of the...Old Testament as well. Because Finnish had 11 Finland. A Country Study not appeared previously in print, Agricola is regarded as the father of the...the tsar; however, Finnish civil servants usually carried on the business of government with little interference from the tsarist government in St

  16. Area Handbook Series: Cuba; a Country Study, (United States)


    Dantas THE AGE OF DISCOVERY-PreColumbian Cuba-Discovery and Occupation-THE COLONIAL PERIOD- Encomienda and Repartimiento-Colonial Administration-Economic...soil, tend the cattle, and perform other tasks as servants and porters for the Spaniards. 7 Cuba: A Country Study The Colonial Period Encomienda and repartimientos (allotments). The encomienda system derived from Spanish feudal institutions of Roman origin, and in the New World it

  17. Area Handbook Series: Chile: A Country Study (United States)


    encomiendas , or trusteeships. Enco- menderos (those who received encomiendas ) in turn controlled the Indians. In Chile, however, there were too few...Indians to operate an encomienda system to support the many Spaniards who soon arrived-nor was there sufficient gold and silver for the Indians to pay...provided a con- 7 Chile: A Country Study venient rationale for capturing and enslaving Indians to fill the needs of the encomiendas in central Chile

  18. Area Handbook Series: Spain: A Country Study (United States)


    the 1985 sale of the auto assembly company, Sociedad Espafiola de Autom6viles de Turismo (SEAT), which had lost 37 billion pesetas that year. The INI...i; SEAT. See Sociedad Espafiola de Auto- constitutional provisions for, - i, m6viles de Turismo (SEAT) 112, 210-12 Securities and Market...vii, 106-10 401 Spain: A Country Study Sociedad, Espaiiola de Autom6viles de Spanish Workers’ Party-Communist Unity Turismo (SEAT), 174, 175, 177

  19. Area Handbook Series: Japan: A Country Study (United States)


    GOVERNMENT w asTsocial wfeh RURAL wt by t e n o gPREFECTURES "KE,’i CUNTI ES CTIES iSHII DISTRICTINDICATES ! l~o jADMINISTRATIVE HOKK~iDOUNITS...Nagayo Sawa challenges the conven- tional view of the value placed on harmony (wa) in describing farmer and radical resistance to the construction of...California Press, 1981. 553 Japan: A Country Study Apter, David, and Nagayo Sawa . Against the State: Politics and So- cial Protest in Japan

  20. Area Handbook Series: Zaire: A Country Study (United States)


    left in Bas-Zaire. 69 I- ________________________ Zaire: A Country Study In the east, the appropriation of land for ranching and planta - tions in the...tests positive for the AIDS virus ) in Kinshasa for the general popula- tion in 1987 were 6 to 8 percent; among prostitutes the figure was as high as 30...56 Kenya 550-77 Chile 550-81 Korea, North 550-60 China 550-41 Korea, South 550-26 Colombia 550-58 Laos 550-33 Commonwealth Caribbean, 550-24 Lebanon

  1. Study on Subsidence Monitoring Application in theH uainan Mining Area Based on D-InSAR Technique%D-InSAR技术在淮南矿区沉陷监测中的试验研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张鲜妮; 王磊


    综合矿区开采沉陷特点和D-InSAR基本原理指出,当前D-InSAR矿区沉陷监测的难点为:1)不易采用同一传感器数据监测整个地表移动周期内的矿区沉陷;2)在低潜水位矿区,地表移动活跃期内最大变形梯度往往超过雷达临界探测梯度导致去相干;3)在高潜水位矿区,变形梯度大、沉陷积水区雷达回波信号弱,导致干涉测量结果不理想。因此,为了改善D-InSAR在矿区的沉陷监测中的应用效果,针对上述问题提出了相应的解决方案。最后,通过选择淮南矿区形变期内的两景数据,进行二轨差分干涉处理,获得了研究区域煤炭开采形成的地表沉降场,并分析了不可靠形变信息产生的原因。%Comprehensive characteristics of mining subsidence and the principle of D -InSAR, pointed out that the difficulty of D -InSAR subsidence monitoring in the mining area are for:1 ) it is hard to use the same sensor data for monitoring mining subsidence during the whole surface movement period;2) in the lower groundwater level , during the surface movement active period ,maximum deformation gradient often exceed radar critical detection gradient , that leads to loss of coherence;3) Mining area in high groundwater level, in addition to the deformation gradient is big problem , the situation in the subsidence water area without radar echo signal will induce the inefficiency of interferometry .In order to improve the application effect of D -InSAR in the mining area , aiming to the a-bove problem , put forward that corresponding solution .Finally by selecting two scene data covered the deformation period of in the Huainan mining area , carrying out two-track difference interference method , obtained surface subsidence field of the research area by coal mining , at the same time, analyzing the causes of the unreliable deformation information .

  2. Application of Participatory Method to Selection of Project Demonstration Area

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    The Sino-Japan cooperation project of "Vegetation Rehabilitation Demonstration and Planning in Sandstorm Jeopardized Area around Beijing" introduced participatory method to select the project area. Through investigating the socioeconomic indicators of 9 villages in Beijing and Hebei Province as well as the farmers’ willingness to participate in forestry operation activities, the vegetation restoration demonstration areas were selected, including Hantai Village, Baicaowa Village and Xiabachi Village, respect...

  3. Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of Urban Areas: An Overview of Techniques and Applications

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Helmi Z.M. Shafri


    Full Text Available Over the past two decades, hyperspectral remote sensing from airborne and satellite systems has been used as a data source for numerous applications. Hyperspectral imaging is quickly moving into the mainstream of remote sensing and is being applied to remote sensing research studies. Hyperspectral remote sensing has great potential for analysing complex urban scenes. However, operational applications within urban environments are still limited, despite several studies that have explored the capabilities of hyperspectral data to map urban areas. In this paper, we review the methods for urban classification using hyperspectral remote sensing data and their applications. The general trends indicate that combined spatial-spectral and sensor fusion approaches are the most optimal for hyperspectral urban analysis. It is also clear that urban hyperspectral mapping is currently limited to airborne data, despite the availability of spaceborne hyperspectral systems. Possible future research directions are also discussed.

  4. Method for evaluating the reliability of compressor impeller of turbocharger for vehicle application in plateau area (United States)

    Wang, Zheng; Wang, Zengquan; Wang, A.-na; Zhuang, Li; Wang, Jinwei


    As turbocharging diesel engines for vehicle application are applied in plateau area, the environmental adaptability of engines has drawn more attention. For the environmental adaptability problem of turbocharging diesel engines for vehicle application, the present studies almost focus on the optimization of performance match between turbocharger and engine, and the reliability problem of turbocharger is almost ignored. The reliability problem of compressor impeller of turbocharger for vehicle application when diesel engines operate in plateau area is studied. Firstly, the rule that the rotational speed of turbocharger changes with the altitude height is presented, and the potential failure modes of compressor impeller are analyzed. Then, the failure behavior models of compressor impeller are built, and the reliability models of compressor impeller operating in plateau area are developed. Finally, the rule that the reliability of compressor impeller changes with the altitude height is studied, the measurements for improving the reliability of the compressor impellers of turbocharger operating in plateau area are given. The results indicate that when the operating speed of diesel engine is certain, the rotational speed of turbocharger increases with the increase of altitude height, and the failure risk of compressor impeller with the failure modes of hub fatigue and blade resonance increases. The reliability of compressor impeller decreases with the increase of altitude height, and it also decreases as the increase of number of the mission profile cycle of engine. The method proposed can not only be used to evaluating the reliability of compressor impeller when diesel engines operate in plateau area but also be applied to direct the structural optimization of compressor impeller.

  5. Real-time analysis application for identifying bursty local areas related to emergency topics. (United States)

    Sakai, Tatsuhiro; Tamura, Keiichi


    Since social media started getting more attention from users on the Internet, social media has been one of the most important information source in the world. Especially, with the increasing popularity of social media, data posted on social media sites are rapidly becoming collective intelligence, which is a term used to refer to new media that is displacing traditional media. In this paper, we focus on geotagged tweets on the Twitter site. These geotagged tweets are referred to as georeferenced documents because they include not only a short text message, but also the documents' posting time and location. Many researchers have been tackling the development of new data mining techniques for georeferenced documents to identify and analyze emergency topics, such as natural disasters, weather, diseases, and other incidents. In particular, the utilization of geotagged tweets to identify and analyze natural disasters has received much attention from administrative agencies recently because some case studies have achieved compelling results. In this paper, we propose a novel real-time analysis application for identifying bursty local areas related to emergency topics. The aim of our new application is to provide new platforms that can identify and analyze the localities of emergency topics. The proposed application is composed of three core computational intelligence techniques: the Naive Bayes classifier technique, the spatiotemporal clustering technique, and the burst detection technique. Moreover, we have implemented two types of application interface: a Web application interface and an android application interface. To evaluate the proposed application, we have implemented a real-time weather observation system embedded the proposed application. we used actual crawling geotagged tweets posted on the Twitter site. The weather observation system successfully detected bursty local areas related to observed emergency weather topics.

  6. Concept Study: Exploration and Production in Environmentally Sensitive Arctic Areas

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Shirish Patil; Rich Haut; Tom Williams; Yuri Shur; Mikhail Kanevskiy; Cathy Hanks; Michael Lilly


    The Alaska North Slope offers one of the best prospects for increasing U.S. domestic oil and gas production. However, this region faces some of the greatest environmental and logistical challenges to oil and gas production in the world. A number of studies have shown that weather patterns in this region are warming, and the number of days the tundra surface is adequately frozen for tundra travel each year has declined. Operators are not allowed to explore in undeveloped areas until the tundra is sufficiently frozen and adequate snow cover is present. Spring breakup then forces rapid evacuation of the area prior to snowmelt. Using the best available methods, exploration in remote arctic areas can take up to three years to identify a commercial discovery, and then years to build the infrastructure to develop and produce. This makes new exploration costly. It also increases the costs of maintaining field infrastructure, pipeline inspections, and environmental restoration efforts. New technologies are needed, or oil and gas resources may never be developed outside limited exploration stepouts from existing infrastructure. Industry has identified certain low-impact technologies suitable for operations, and has made improvements to reduce the footprint and impact on the environment. Additional improvements are needed for exploration and economic field development and end-of-field restoration. One operator-Anadarko Petroleum Corporation-built a prototype platform for drilling wells in the Arctic that is elevated, modular, and mobile. The system was tested while drilling one of the first hydrate exploration wells in Alaska during 2003-2004. This technology was identified as a potentially enabling technology by the ongoing Joint Industry Program (JIP) Environmentally Friendly Drilling (EFD) program. The EFD is headed by Texas A&M University and the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC), and is co-funded by the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL). The EFD

  7. Delineating Urban Fringe Area by Land Cover Information Entropy—An Empirical Study of Guangzhou-Foshan Metropolitan Area, China

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Junyi Huang


    Full Text Available Rapid urbanization has caused many environmental problems, such as the heat island effect, intensifying air pollution, pollution from runoff, loss of wildlife habitat, etc. Accurate evaluations of these problems demand an accurate delineation of the spatial extent of the urban fringe. Conceptual and analytical ambiguity of the urban fringe and a general lack of consensus among researchers have made its measurement very difficult. This study reports a compound and reliable method to delineate the urban fringe area using a case study. Based on the 'fringe effect' theory in landscape ecology, the existing land cover information entropy model for defining the urban fringe is renewed by incorporating scale theory, cartography and urban geography theory. Results show that the urban fringe area of Guangzhou and Foshan metropolitan area covers an area of 2031 km2, and it occupies over 31% of the total study area. Result evaluation by industry structure data shows satisfactory correspondence with different land cover types. This paper reports the method and outcome of an attempt to provide an objective, repeatable and generally applicable method for mapping its spatial extent from remote sensing imageries, and could be beneficial to relevant urban studies and urban fringe management projects.

  8. Some biomedical applications of Balanites aegyptiaca grown naturally in radioactive area, Southeastern Desert, Egypt

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Morsy, A.M.A., E-mail: [Nuclear Materials Authority, P.O. Box 530, El Maadi, Cairo (Egypt); Ahmad, I.A. [Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University (Egypt); Kamel, A.M. [Labeled Compounds Department, Radioisotopes Production Division, Hot Labs Center, Atomic Energy Authority, Abou-Zaabal 13759 (Egypt)


    Balanites aegyptiaca is a naturally grown desert plant at some radioactive places in Wadi El-Gemal area, Southeastern Desert. The aim of the present study was to highlight on the B. aegyptiaca species grown naturally at radioactive places in Wadi El-Gemal area (fruit part) on the ability of using the fruit in some biomedical application (glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL-cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol and diabetes). The investigated plant was collected from different location at Wadi El-Gemal area. The uranium content was determined previously and different concentrations from the fruit with highest uranium content were used to examine the effect of B. aegyptiaca (fruit part) on the glucose, triglycerides, total cholesterol (HDL and LDL-cholesterol) levels using experimental rats. Different analysis techniques were used in order to determine different parameters. The obtained data suggest the beneficial role of B. aegyptiaca fruit as an anti-diabetic and hypo-lipidimic agent.

  9. Some biomedical applications of Balanites aegyptiaca grown naturally in radioactive area, Southeastern Desert, Egypt. (United States)

    Morsy, A M A; Ahmad, I A; Kamel, A M


    Balanites aegyptiaca is a naturally grown desert plant at some radioactive places in Wadi El-Gemal area, Southeastern Desert. The aim of the present study was to highlight on the B. aegyptiaca species grown naturally at radioactive places in Wadi El-Gemal area (fruit part) on the ability of using the fruit in some biomedical application (glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL-cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol and diabetes). The investigated plant was collected from different location at Wadi El-Gemal area. The uranium content was determined previously and different concentrations from the fruit with highest uranium content were used to examine the effect of B. aegyptiaca (fruit part) on the glucose, triglycerides, total cholesterol (HDL and LDL-cholesterol) levels using experimental rats. Different analysis techniques were used in order to determine different parameters. The obtained data suggest the beneficial role of B. aegyptiaca fruit as an anti-diabetic and hypo-lipidimic agent.

  10. Consequences of Promoting Less-Populated Rural Areas to Urban Areas: A Case Study, Bushehr Province

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ali Bastin


    Full Text Available The modified law of Iranian Administrative divisions has greatly altered the pattern of settlement in recent decades. The promotion of rural areas to urban areas has shifted from mere population standard to combined population-administrative standards. However, all censuses suggest that many rural areas reported as smaller than the minimum population standard have been promoted to urban areas. In the last two decades, this is a clearly prominent phenomenon in the urban system of Iran. This paper evaluates the effects and consequences of promoting small and sparsely populated rural areas to urban areas in the Bushehr province. The used methodology is analytic-descriptive using a questionnaire distributed among 380 members of the target population. Data analysis is conducted in physical, economic, social and urban servicing domains using one-sample T-test and the utility range. The results show that promotion of rural areas to urban areas has positive outcomes such as improved waste disposal system, improved quality of residential buildings, increased monitoring of the construction, increased income, prevented migration and improved health services. However, the results of utility range show that the negative consequences of this policy are more than its positive outcomes, which have been studied in detail.

  11. Large-area metallic photonic lattices for military applications.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Luk, Ting Shan


    In this project we developed photonic crystal modeling capability and fabrication technology that is scaleable to large area. An intelligent optimization code was developed to find the optimal structure for the desired spectral response. In terms of fabrication, an exhaustive survey of fabrication techniques that would meet the large area requirement was reduced to Deep X-ray Lithography (DXRL) and nano-imprint. Using DXRL, we fabricated a gold logpile photonic crystal in the <100> plane. For the nano-imprint technique, we fabricated a cubic array of gold squares. These two examples also represent two classes of metallic photonic crystal topologies, the connected network and cermet arrangement.

  12. H-Area, K-Area, and Par Pond Sewage Sludge Application sites groundwater monitoring report. First quarter 1995

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chase, J.A.


    During first quarter 1995, samples from monitoring wells at the K-Area Sewage Sludge Application Site (KSS wells) and Par Pond Sewage Sludge Application Site (PSS wells) were analyzed for constituents required by SCDHEC Construction Permit 13,173. H-Area Sewage Sludge Application Site (HSS wells) samples were analyzed for constituents required by SCDHEC Construction Permit 12,076. All samples are also analyzed as requested for other constituents as part of the Savannah River Site (SRS) Groundwater Monitoring Program. Annual analyses for other constituents, primarily metals, also are required by the permits. The only constituent that exceeded the SCDHEC final Primary Drinking Water Standard in any well was lead which was found in wells HSS 3D and PSS 3D. Aluminum and iron were above Flag 2 criteria in one or more wells in the three sites during first quarter 1995.

  13. Semantic Interoperability in Body Area Sensor Networks and Applications

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bui, V.T.; Brandt, P.; Liu, H.; Basten, T.; Lukkien, J.


    Crucial to the success of Body Area Sensor Networks is the flexibility with which stakeholders can share, extend and adapt the system with respect to sensors, data and functionality. The first step is to develop an interoperable platform with explicit interfaces, which takes care of common managemen

  14. Applications of Local Area Networks of Microcomputers in Libraries. (United States)

    Levert, Virginia M.


    Important features of local area networks (LAN) are reviewed, and several microcomputer LANs are described (ARCnet, Hinet, ShareNet, Ethernet, Omninet, PLAN 4000). Results of survey of 10 libraries using or planning to use a microcomputer LAN and considerations in choosing a LAN are reported. Forty-one references are cited. (EJS)

  15. Inkjet technology for large-area OPV applications

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Ren, M.; Sweelssen, J.; Andriessen, H.A.J.M.


    The roll-to-roll manufacturing process is believed to significantly reduce the cost-price of large area organic photovoltaic systems. Therefore, we build up knowledge base concerning the influence of process conditions on the performance of polymer solar cells. Inkjet printing has been a major resea

  16. Inkjet technology for large-area OLED and OPV applications

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Ren, M.; Gorier, H.; Michels, J.J.; Andriessen, H.A.J.M.


    The roll-to-roll manufacturing process is believed to significantly reduce the cost-price of flexible electronics. Inkjet printing of organic-based inks is a major research topic for flexible electronic applications because of its advantage of non- contact deposition and the ease for patterning for

  17. The Certificate Program in Western European Area and in Latin American Area Studies as Incentives to Study French and Spanish. (United States)

    Deblauwe, Claude

    The University of San Francisco developed a certificate program in Western European area studies covering French-speaking countries, and subsequently a Latin American area studies program for Spanish-speaking countries, in response to uneven language enrollments and as a means of increasing intermediate-level enrollment. The French program begins…

  18. Study on Sustainable Development in Vulnerable Eco-areas

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Zhang Juntao; Li Jin


    The vulnerable eco-area is one of the important research targets in the field of sustainable development. It is the requirement of building a welloff society in an all-round way that we should study more on the vulnerable eco-areas, deal with the relationship between environmental protection and economic development, speed up the economic development in these areas and increase the living standard of the local people. This paper puts forward the countermeasures of environment-economy coordination, on the basis of the recognition of ecoenvironment features and social economic conditions in the vulnerable eco-areas of China, in view of the progress in sustainable development studies of the vulnerable ones, taking the transitional areas of farming and pasturing in northeast China as an example to study the regional environment vulnerability.

  19. L-Area Cavitation Tests Final Analysis - Limits Application

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wood, D.C.


    The L-Area cavitation test was designed to better define the onset of cavitation in the reactor system. The onset of gas evolution in the effluent piping and pump cavitation was measured using state-of-the-art equipment to provide data with a high confidence and low uncertainty level. The limits calculated from the new data will allow an approximate two percent increase in reactor power if the reactor is effluent temperature-limited with no compromise in reactor safety.

  20. A comparative breastfeeding study in two contrasting areas. (United States)

    Buckell, M; Thompson, R


    An apparent decline in breastfeeding rates motivated health visiting staff within Hillingdon Community Health Trust to undertake a research project on infant feeding practice. Margaret Buckell and Rosemary Thompson describe a study to measure intent to breastfeed, breastfeeding initiation rates and feeding outcomes in two contrasting areas of Hillingdon, an outer London borough, and to identify areas for further work to improve breastfeeding levels.

  1. Rise of Data Mining: Current and Future Application Areas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dharminder Kumar


    Full Text Available Knowledge has played a significant role on human activities since his development. Data mining is the process of knowledge discovery where knowledge is gained by analyzing the data store in very large repositories, which are analyzed from various perspectives and the result is summarized it into useful information. Due to the importance of extracting knowledge/information from the large data repositories, data mining has become a very important and guaranteed branch of engineering affecting human life in various spheres directly or indirectly. Advancements in Statistics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Pattern recognition and Computation capabilities have given present days data mining functionality a new height. Data mining have various applications and these applications have enriched the various fields of human life including business, education, medical, scientific etc. Objective of this paper is to discuss various improvements and breakthroughs in the field of data mining from past to the present and also to explores the future trends.

  2. Preliminary study of pesticide drift into the Maya Mountain protected areas of Belize. (United States)

    Kaiser, Kristine


    In Belize, Central America, many farms surrounding the Protected Areas of the Maya Mountains rely heavily on the application of agrochemicals. The purpose of this study was to test whether orographic drift of glyphosate and organophosphates into the nearby Maya Mountain Protected Areas occurred by collecting phytotelmic water from seven sites over 3 years. Regardless of location within the Maya Mountain Protected Areas, glyphosate was present; organophosphates were more common at ridge sites. Although glyphosate concentrations were low, due to the number of threatened species and the human use of stream water outside the Maya Mountain Protected Areas, better understanding of these effects is warranted.

  3. The market value of cultural heritage in urban areas: an application of spatial hedonic pricing (United States)

    Lazrak, Faroek; Nijkamp, Peter; Rietveld, Piet; Rouwendal, Jan


    The current literature often values intangible goods like cultural heritage by applying stated preference methods. In recent years, however, the increasing availability of large databases on real estate transactions and listed prices has opened up new research possibilities and has reduced various existing barriers to applications of conventional (spatial) hedonic analysis to the real estate market. The present paper provides one of the first applications using a spatial autoregressive model to investigate the impact of cultural heritage—in particular, listed buildings and historic-cultural sites (or historic landmarks)—on the value of real estate in cities. In addition, this paper suggests a novel way of specifying the spatial weight matrix—only prices of sold houses influence current price—in identifying the spatial dependency effects between sold properties. The empirical application in the present study concerns the Dutch urban area of Zaanstad, a historic area for which over a long period of more than 20 years detailed information on individual dwellings, and their market prices are available in a GIS context. In this paper, the effect of cultural heritage is analysed in three complementary ways. First, we measure the effect of a listed building on its market price in the relevant area concerned. Secondly, we investigate the value that listed heritage has on nearby property. And finally, we estimate the effect of historic-cultural sites on real estate prices. We find that, to purchase a listed building, buyers are willing to pay an additional 26.9 %, while surrounding houses are worth an extra 0.28 % for each additional listed building within a 50-m radius. Houses sold within a conservation area appear to gain a premium of 26.4 % which confirms the existence of a `historic ensemble' effect.

  4. Hydrogeologic Areas of the Southwest Principal Aquifer (SWPA) study (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This raster dataset represents the boundaries of the hydrogeologic areas of the Southwest Principal Aquifer (SWPA) study of the National Water Quality Assessment...

  5. Checklist of collected plants from the Fish Springs study area (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This checklist contains 34 families and 99 species of plants which were identified from collections made in marshes at Fish Springs study area.

  6. 1988 Duck nesting study: Stillwater Wildlife Management Area (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — During the summer, 1988, we conducted a duck nesting study to determine nest success for ducks at Stillwater Wildlife Management Area (WMA). We calculated nest...

  7. Factors influencing chloride deposition in a coastal hilly area and application to chloride deposition mapping

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    H. Guan


    Full Text Available Chloride is commonly used as an environmental tracer for studying water flow and solute transport in the environment. It is especially useful for estimating groundwater recharge based on the commonly used chloride mass balance (CMB method. Strong spatial variability in chloride deposition in coastal areas is one difficulty encountered in appropriately applying the CMB approach. Furthermore, intensive vegetation clearance for agriculture, for example during the European settlement in many coastal areas of Australia, may have perturbed catchment chloride balance conditions for appropriate use in CMB applications. In order to deal with these issues, a high resolution chloride deposition map in the coastal region is needed. In this study, we examined geographic, orographic, and atmospheric factors influencing chloride deposition in the Mount Lofty Ranges (MLR, a coastal hilly area of approximately 9000 km2 spatial extent in South Australia, using partial correlation and regression analyses. The results indicate that coastal distance, and terrain aspect and slope are two most significant factors controlling chloride deposition. Coastal distance accounts for 65% spatial variability in chloride deposition, with terrain aspect and slope for 8%. The deposition gradient is about 0.08 gm-2 year-1 km-1 as one progresses inland. The results are incorporated into a published de-trended residual kriging approach (ASOADeK to produce a 1 km×1 km resolution annual chloride deposition map and a bulk precipitation chloride concentration map. The average uncertainty of the deposition map is about 30% in the western MLR, and over 50% in the eastern MLR. The maps will form a very useful basis for examining catchment chloride balances for use in the CMB application in the study area.

  8. Wide area 2D/3D imaging development, analysis and applications

    CERN Document Server

    Langmann, Benjamin


    Imaging technology is an important research area and it is widely utilized in a growing number of disciplines ranging from gaming, robotics and automation to medicine. In the last decade 3D imaging became popular mainly driven by the introduction of novel 3D cameras and measuring devices. These cameras are usually limited to indoor scenes with relatively low distances. Benjamin Langmann introduces medium and long-range 2D/3D cameras to overcome these limitations. He reports measurement results for these devices and studies their characteristic behavior. In order to facilitate the application o


    Witkind, Irving J.; Ridenour, James


    A mineral survey conducted within the Centennial Mountains Wilderness study area in Montana and Idaho showed large areas of probable and substantiated resource potential for phosphate. Byproducts that may be derived from processing the phosphate include vanadium, chromium, uranium, silver, fluorine, and the rare earths, lanthanum and yttrium. Results of a geochemical sampling program suggest that there is little promise for the occurrence of base and precious metals in the area. Although the area contains other nonmetallic deposits, such as coal, building stone, and pumiceous ash they are not considered as mineral resources. There is a probable resource potential for oil and gas and significant amounts may underlie the area around the Peet Creek and Odell Creek anticlines.

  10. Drones application on snow and ice surveys in alpine areas (United States)

    La Rocca, Leonardo; Bonetti, Luigi; Fioletti, Matteo; Peretti, Giovanni


    First results from Climate change are now clear in Europe, and in Italy in particular, with the natural disasters that damaged irreparably the territory and the habitat due to extreme meteorological events. The Directive 2007/60/EC highlight that an "effective natural hazards prevention and mitigation that requires coordination between Member States above all on natural hazards prevention" is necessary. A climate change adaptation strategy is identified on the basis of the guidelines of the European Community program 2007-2013. Following the directives provided in the financial instrument for civil protection "Union Civil Protection Mechanism" under Decision No. 1313/2013 / EU of the European Parliament and Council, a cross-cutting approach that takes into account a large number of implementation tools of EU policies is proposed as climate change adaptation strategy. In last 7 years a network of trans-Alpine area's authorities was created between Italy and Switzerland to define an adaptive strategy on climate change effects on natural enviroment based on non structural remedies. The Interreg IT - CH STRADA Project (STRategie di ADAttamento al cambiamento climatico) was born to join all the non structural remedies to climate change effects caused by snow and avalanches, on mountain sources, extreme hydrological events and to manage all transnational hydrological resources, involving all stakeholders from Italy and Switzerland. The STRADA project involved all civil protection authorities and all research centers in charge of snow, hydrology end civil protection. The Snow - meteorological center of the Regional Agency for Environment Protection (CNM of ARPA Lombardia) and the Civil Protection of Lombardy Region created a research team to develop tools for avalanche prediction and to observe and predict snow cover on Alpine area. With this aim a lot of aerial photo using Drone as been performed in unusual landscape. Results of all surveys were really interesting on a

  11. Large-area nanogap plasmon resonator arrays for plasmonics applications (United States)

    Jin, Mingliang; van Wolferen, Henk; Wormeester, Herbert; van den Berg, Albert; Carlen, Edwin T.


    Large-area (~8000 mm2) Au nanogap plasmon resonator array substrates manufactured using maskless laser interference lithography (LIL) with high uniformity are presented. The periodically spaced subwavelength nanogap arrays are formed between adjacent nanopyramid (NPy) structures with precisely defined pitch and high length density (~1 km cm-2), and are ideally suited as scattering sites for surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS), as well as refractive index sensing. The two-dimensional grid arrangement of NPy structures renders the excitation of the plasmon resonators minimally dependent on the incident polarization. The SERS average enhancement factor (AEF) has been characterized using over 30 000 individual measurements of benzenethiol (BT) chemisorbed on the Au NPy surfaces. From the 1(a1), βCCC + νCS ring mode (1074 cm-1) of BT on surfaces with pitch λg = 200 nm, AEF = 0.8 × 106 and for surfaces with λg = 500 nm, AEF = 0.3 × 107 from over 99% of the imaged spots. Maximum AEFs > 108 have been measured in both cases.

  12. Operational water management applications of snowcovered area observations (United States)

    Rango, A.; Salomonson, V. V.; Foster, J. L.


    An effort was made to evaluate the utility of satellite snowcover observations for seasonal streamflow prediction. On a representative, large watershed(10 to the 5th power to 10 to the sixth power sq km) it was found, based on six years of data, that meteorological satellite observations of snow cover early in the snowmelt season exhibit a relationship to seasonal runoff having a statistically significant coefficient of determination of 0.92. Analyses of LANDSAT-1 snow-cover observations over the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming reveals that for areas with infrequent cloud cover the extent of snowcover and its change with time can be monitored on watersheds as small as 10 sq km in areal extent. The change in the snow cover with time as observed from LANDSAT-1 is found to reflect major differences in seasonal runoff from high altitude (mean altitude 3 km) and low altitude ( 3 km) watersheds. There are quantitative indications that LANDSAT observations over small watersheds could be used in a manner similar to that employed for meteorological satellite observations to relate the percent of a basin snowcovered on a given data to seasonal runoff.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    上海地区气候温和湿润,储粮中较易发生虫害,粮食品质下降较快。通过开展充氮气调储粮相关研究课题,研究充氮气调储粮技术在上海地区推广应用的可行性。结果表明,充氮气调储粮对保持粮食品质、防治储粮虫害孳生、降低仓储劳动强度、提高粮食食品安全等具有积极的作用,适合在上海地区推广和应用。%The climate is mild and humid in Shanghai region ,making insects grow quickly and grain quality dete-riorates rapidly .The report aims to study the practicability of using nitrogen controlled atmosphere in grain storage by experimental study .The results show that nitrogen controlled atmosphere can keep grain quali-ty ,prevent and control pests ,reduce labour intensity and keep food safety .T he technology is suitable for application in Shanghai region .

  14. Application and analysis of debris-flow early warning system in Wenchuan earthquake-affected area (United States)

    Liu, D. L.; Zhang, S. J.; Yang, H. J.; Zhao, L. Q.; Jiang, Y. H.; Tang, D.; Leng, X. P.


    The activities of debris flow (DF) in the Wenchuan earthquake-affected area significantly increased after the earthquake on 12 May 2008. The safety of the lives and property of local people is threatened by DFs. A physics-based early warning system (EWS) for DF forecasting was developed and applied in this earthquake area. This paper introduces an application of the system in the Wenchuan earthquake-affected area and analyzes the prediction results via a comparison to the DF events triggered by the strong rainfall events reported by the local government. The prediction accuracy and efficiency was first compared with a contribution-factor-based system currently used by the weather bureau of Sichuan province. The storm on 17 August 2012 was used as a case study for this comparison. The comparison shows that the false negative rate and false positive rate of the new system is, respectively, 19 and 21 % lower than the system based on the contribution factors. Consequently, the prediction accuracy is obviously higher than the system based on the contribution factors with a higher operational efficiency. On the invitation of the weather bureau of Sichuan province, the authors upgraded their prediction system of DF by using this new system before the monsoon of Wenchuan earthquake-affected area in 2013. Two prediction cases on 9 July 2013 and 10 July 2014 were chosen to further demonstrate that the new EWS has high stability, efficiency, and prediction accuracy.

  15. The RISCOM Model in practice - recent experiences from new areas of application

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Andersson, Kjell [Karita Research AB, Taeby (Sweden); Wene, Clas-Otto [Wenergy, Lund (Sweden)


    The RISCOM project started with a pilot study in 1997, funded by the Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate (SKI) and the Swedish Radiation Protection Institute (SSI). The RISCOM Model was further developed, tested and used as part of the European RISCOM II project. The RISCOM Model has emerged as a result of efforts in the area of nuclear waste management to make decision processes for e.g. the selection of sites for final disposal transparent. This is also the area where the model was first applied when hearings were designed for the Swedish site selection process. In recent years the RISCOM Model has been used to analyze the prerequisites for transparency in several areas, and the Transparency Forum idea has been applied in practical situations, most notably for risk assessment of mobile telephone systems and cleaning-up and remediation of contaminated sites. In this paper we summarize recent experiences in applying the RISCOM model in different policy making areas, comment on some aspects where the model offers unique possibilities and emphasize some crucial issues with regard to future applications.

  16. Laguna Atascosa Wilderness study area : Wilderness study report (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This document is an in-depth report containing the results of a wilderness study done of the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge. It covers the objectives of...

  17. 氢氧同位素在曹妃甸地区水循环研究中的应用%Application of Hydrogen and Oxygen Isotopes to Study Hydrologic Cycle in the Caofeidian Area

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    方成; 柳富田; 孟利山; 刘宏伟; 秦雅飞; 郑锦娜


    In order to study the hydrologic cycle character in the Caofeidan area, D and 18O isotope were collected along Shuanglong river profile to analysis the relationships of different water. Research found the river water, phreatic water and confined water are originated from atmospheric precipitation, and there is a close hydraulic connection among the three kinds of water. Recharge, runoff and discharge conditions are different at three sec-tions. Groundwater circulation system can be divided into shallow cycle system, middle cycle system and deep cycle system.%本文中笔者利用双龙河剖面采集的D、18O同位素分析曹妃甸地区不同水体间的相互关系,识别区域水循环特征。研究发现区内河水、潜水和承压水均起源于大气降水,三者之间存在密切的水力联系;在三个区段上地下水具有不同的补径排条件;区内地下水循环系统可以划分为浅、中、深三级循环系统。

  18. Low temperature geothermal energy applications in the Albuquerque area. Final report, July 1, 1978-August 18, 1979

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kauffman, D.; Houghton, A.V.


    A study was made of the engineering and economic feasibility of hot water geothermal energy applications in the Albuquerque area. A generalized system design was developed and used as the basis for a series of economic case studies. Reservoir and user siting considerations were studied in light of the economic findings. Several specific potential applications were identified, including university campuses, industrial and commercial facilities, and residential buildings. Specific key technical problems relating to Albuquerque area applications were studied. These included environmental impacts, corrosion, scaling, heat losses in wells and transmission lines, heat exchangers, control systems, and system utilization and reliability. It is concluded that geothermal energy could be competitive with other energy sources for space heating and limited industrial use for moderate to large (10 million Btu/hr or more) energy using systems.

  19. Elk and Deer Study, Material Disposal Area G, Technical Area 54: Source document

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    J. K. Ferenbaugh; P. R. Fresquez; M. H. Ebinger; G. J. Gonzales; P. A. Jordan


    As nuclear research has become more prevalent, environmental contamination from the disposal of radioactive waste has become a prominent issue. At Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in northern New Mexico, radioactive contamination from disposal operations has raised some very specific concerns. Material Disposal Area G (Area G) is the primary low-level radioactive waste disposal site at LANL and occupies an area adjacent to land belonging to the Native American community of the Pueblo of San Ildefonso. Analyses of soil and vegetation collected from the perimeter of Area G have shown concentrations of radionuclides greater than background concentrations established for northern New Mexico. As a result, Pueblo residents had become concerned that contaminants from Area G could enter tribal lands through various ecological pathways. The residents specifically questioned the safety of consuming meat from elk and deer that forage near Area G and then migrate onto tribal lands. Consequently, this study addresses the uptake of {sup 3}H, {sup 90}Sr, {sup tot}U, {sup 238}Pu, {sup 239}Pu, {sup 241}Am, and {sup 137}Cs by elk (Cervus elaphus) and deer (Odocoileus hemionus) that forage around the perimeter of Area G and the associated doses to the animals and to humans who consume these animals. Radionuclide uptake by and internal dose to animals was estimated using equations modified from National Council on Radiological Protection Report 76. The Residual Radiation computer code was used to estimate the external dose to animals and the dose to humans consuming meat. Soil and water concentrations from the perimeter of Area G and from background regions in northern New Mexico were averaged over 4 years (1993--1996) and used as input data for the models. Concentration estimates generated by the model correspond to the concentration range measured in actual tissue samples from elk and deer collected at LANL. The highest dose estimates for both animals (0.028 mrad/d) and humans

  20. Recent Progress of RF Cavity Study at Mucool Test Area

    CERN Document Server

    Yonehara, Katsuya


    In order to develop an RF cavity that is applicable for a muon beam cooling channel, a new facility, called Mucool Test Area (MTA) has been built at Fermilab. MTA is a unique facility whose purpose is to test RF cavities in various conditions. There are 201 and 805 MHz high power sources, a 4-Tesla solenoid magnet, a cryogenic system including a Helium liquifier, an explosion proof apparatus to operate gaseous/liquid Hydrogen, and a beam transport line to send an intense H- beam from the Fermilab Linac accelerator to the MTA hall. Recent activities at MTA will be discussed in this document.

  1. Macro Study of Spatial Development Area on Tourism Village

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Widhianthini Widhianthini


    Full Text Available Macro study is one approach that combines the rational method based on the results of previous studies by the authority with the empirical method utilizing the survey techniques. The purpose of this macro study is to identify and analyze the potentials, problems, and the limiting factors, and the needs of the regency; and to recommend the programs and models required by the community to achieve the sustainable development. This research uses the Participatory Rural Appraisal method, the  interview techniques (Semi Structured Interview, the technique of focused group discussion (FGD, the Rapid District Appraisal (RDA, then it is analyzed by the empirical and dynamical systems. The overview of macro studies is particularly relevant in developing the regions, especially the rural areas, based on the existing advantages, such as in Tabanan Regency. Tabanan Regency is a granary in Bali Province and the zoning of agricultural commodities in quadrant III,which is the rural farming area with combined functions between the cultivated and rural areas supported by the tourism department. The studies of the areas in the form of potential analysis, problem analysis, requirement analysis become the guidelines for preparing the development scenarios and program formats. The studies will then constitute the factors driving the realization of sustainable development of tourism villages in supporting the sustainable agriculture.

  2. Artificial neural network estimation of soil erosion and nutrient concentrations in runoff from land application areas (United States)

    The transport of sediment and nutrients from land application areas is an environmental concern. New methods are needed for estimating soil and nutrient concentrations of runoff from cropland areas on which manure is applied. Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) trained with a Backpropagation (BP) algor...

  3. Gulf Islands Wilderness study area : Gulf Island National Wildlife Refuges : Wilderness study report (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This document is a brief report on a wilderness study area located in the Gulf Island National Wildlife Refuges. It discusses the history of the study area, its...

  4. Conducting polymer coatings in electrochemical technology: part 2 – application areas.


    Ponce De Leon, Carlos; Campbell, Sheelagh; Smith, James; Walsh, Frank


    Conducting polymers can combine the electronic characteristics of metals with the engineering properties of polymers. Polypyrrole (PPy), polythiophene (PTh) and polyaniline (PAni) are common examples of conducting polymers which can be electrodeposited from their respective heterocyclic monomers. The applications of these and other electrodeposited polymer materials are considered in this review. Application areas include electronic and optical materials, sensors, bioimplants, actuators and c...

  5. [Further reduction of nitrogen fertilizer application in paddy field under green manuring of Taihu Area, China]. (United States)

    Zhao, Dong; Yan, Ting-mei; Qiao, Jun; Yang, Lin-zhang; Tang, Fang; Song, Yun-fei


    This study focused on the nitrogen loss via runoff, change of nitrogen in different forms in surface water in paddy field, and grain yield, through further reduction of nitrogen fertilizer application rate under green manuring without basal dressing. Results showed that with 150 kg · hm(-2) inorganic N fertilizer input after return of green manure to soil, no basal dressing could not only sharply reduce N concentration in surface water and decrease 17.2% of N loss, but also increase 2.8% of grain yield in comparison with basal dressing. It was a worthwhile farming method that inorganic nitrogen fertilizer was not used for basal dressing but for topdressing after return of green ma- nure to soil in Taihu Area. However, the grain yield would decrease if the rate of topdressing nitro- gen was excessively reduced or increased. After all, it was feasible to realize harmonization of grain yield and environmental benefits in Taihu Area, with 133 kg · hm(-2) inorganic N fertilizer input after return of green manure to soil as well as no application of basal dressing, which could greatly reduce N fertilizer input and N loss as well as ensure rice yield.

  6. Spatial variability of soil potassium in sugarcane areas subjected to the application of vinasse

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available When deposited on land the vinasse can promote improvement in fertility, however, often fertilizer application occurs in areas considered homogeneous, without taking into account the variability of the soil. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of vinasse application on potassium content in two classes of soils cultivated with sugarcane, and characterize the spatial variability of soil using geostatistical techniques. In the 2010 and 2011 crop year, soil samples were collected from an experimental grid at 0-0.2 and 0.2-0.4 m depth in three soils cultivated with sugarcane, totaling 90 samplings in each grid, for the determination of pH, calcium (Ca, magnesium (Mg, potassium (K, phosphorus (P, aluminum (Al and potential acidity (H + Al. The data have been submitted to analysis of descriptive statistics and the K attribute was subjected to geostatistical analysis. The coefficient of variation indicated medium and high variability of K for the three soils. The results showed that the spatial dependence of K increased in depth to FRce and decreased to PHlv, indicating that the attribute could have followed the pattern of distribution of clay in depth. The investigation of the spatial variability of K on the surface and subsurface soils provided the definition of management zones with different levels of fertility, which can be organized into sub-areas for a more efficient management of the resources and the environment.

  7. Heavy Precipitation impacts and emergency planning - developing applicable strategies for a metropolitan area (United States)

    Kutschker, Thomas; Glade, Thomas


    Heavy rainfall in central Europe is one of the assumed effects of climate change, which occurs with large seasonal and regional differences in its magnitude. The extent of loss depends on natural parameters (e.g. topography and vegetation) as well as on socio-economic factors like urbanized and industrialized areas and population density. Dangerous cascade effects appear, if critical infrastructure like the electrical power supply is affected. In some cases mudflows and flash floods cause inundated or undercut roads and cause a high demand for fast and effective assistance of the authorities. The civil protection in Germany is based on a federal system with a bottom-up command-structure and responsibility to the local community. Commonly this responsibility is taken by the fire brigades and civil protection units of the community or district. After heavy rainfall in an urban area, numerous incidents and emergency calls appearing at a time are overstressing the human and technical resources of the fire brigades within the local authority frequently. In this study, a method of comprehensive evaluation of meteorological data and the operation data from local fire brigades shall be developed for the Rhine-Main-Area in order to identify particular affected spots of heavy rain and bundle resources of the fire brigades. It is to be found out if the study area contains regions with a particularly high exposure to heavy rain and high application numbers of the fire department and whether there is a relationship of rainfall and frequency of use. To evaluate particular local effects on the fire brigades capability, a brief analysis of the meteorological data provided by the German Meteorological Service (DWD) as well as the evaluation of the incident data of the affected fire brigades, is used to frame a realistic approach. In particular fire brigade operation data can be used accordingly to describe the intensity of the aftermath when heavy precipitation strikes a certain

  8. Evaluating U.S. National Heritage Areas: Theory, Methods, and Application (United States)

    Laven, Daniel; Ventriss, Curtis; Manning, Robert; Mitchell, Nora


    Like many governmental actors in recent decades, the U.S. National Park Service (NPS) has operated increasingly through partnerships with other state and federal agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), community groups, and private sector corporations. Perhaps the most salient example of this trend toward partnerships is the rapid growth and development of national heritage areas (NHAs). Since the first NHA received congressional designation in 1984, NHAs have become an increasingly popular strategy for protecting and managing landscapes. To date, congressional designation has been granted to 49 NHAs, making them one of the fastest growing initiatives involving the NPS. Despite this growth, no prior research has examined the efficacy or effectiveness of the NHA model. This article introduces the NHA concept, while reviewing the literature on evaluation research and its application to protected area management. We then offer an NHA program theory model for evaluating NHAs. The model was developed using a theory-based, process evaluation approach, along with 90 qualitative interviews conducted at three study sites: Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor, MA-RI (BLAC); Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor, PA (DELE); and Cane River National Heritage Area, LA (CANE). We conclude by discussing the key challenges and implications associated with developing a long-term research agenda for evaluating NHAs.

  9. Pollution Prevention Wipe Application Study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lopez, E.P.; Modderman, W.E.; Montoya, M.G.


    As part of a pollution prevention program, a study was conducted at Sandia National Laboratories and at the Amarillo, ''Pantex Plant'' to identify a suitable replacement solvent(s) for cleaning hardware during routine maintenance operations. Current cleaning is performed using solvents (e.g. acetone, toluene, MEK, alcohols) that are classified as Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCW) materials. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has assigned four characteristics as the criteria for determining whether a material is identified as hazardous under RCRA: Ignitability, Corrosivity, Reactivity and Toxicity. Within the DOE and DoD sector, these solvents are used with hand wipes to clean surfaces prior to O-ring replacement, to remove decals for new labeling, to clean painted surfaces prior to reconditioning, and for other general maintenance purposes. In some cases, low level radioactive contamination during cleaning necessitates that the RCIL4 solvent-containing wipes be classified as mixed waste. To avoid using RCRA materials, cleaning candidates were sought that had a flashpoint greater than 140 F, a pH between 2.5 and 12.5, and did not fail the reactivity and toxicity criteria. Three brominated cleaners, two hydrofluoroether azeotropes and two aliphatic hydrocarbon cleaner formulations were studied as potential replacements. Cleaning efficacy, materials compatibility, corrosion and accelerated aging studies were conducted and used to screen potential candidates. Hypersolve NPB (an n-propyl bromide based formulation) consistently ranked high in removing typical contaminants for weapons applications.

  10. A detailed study on Catchment delineation for Urban areas (United States)

    Sharma, B.; B M, A.; Lohani, B.; Jain, A.


    Urban flood modelling is carried out for predicting, analysing and planning of floods in urban areas. Catchment information is an important input for urban flood modelling. Automatic catchment delineation at gully gratings for urban areas using appropriate software packages/methods along with an appropriate set of input data and parameters is still a research challenge. Considering the above, the aim of this study is to (i) identify the best suitable software for automatic catchment delineation by considering gully grating as outlet (ii) understand the effect of resolution of DEM on catchments delineated (iii) understand whether to consider DEM or DSM for catchment delineation (iv) study the effect of grid based and TIN based DEM. In this study catchment delineation has been investigated considering IIT Kanpur as a study site. LiDAR data are used to generate DEM/DSM of the study area. A comparative study of catchment delineation has been carried out between ArcHydro 10.1, BASINS 4.1, ArcSWAT, WMS 7.1, and HEC-GeoHMS approaches. Catchments have been delineated for different drainage threshold areas using gully grating points as outlets and their effects have been compared for the aforementioned software. In order to understand the effect of resolution of data, DEMs of 1m and 5m resolution have been generated and compared against each other. Effects of building ridge lines and their contribution to catchment delineation has been studied by generating a DSM of 1m resolution, and comparing the results with catchments delineated using 1m DEM. In order to assess the effects of the types of DEM over catchment delineation, a grid based DEM and TIN based DEM are compared against each other using WMS 7.1 software. The results for the catchment delineation using various software illustrate that ArcHydro 10.1 performs better than any other aforementioned software. Also, it is noted that varied drainage threshold area parameters, resolutions of DEM, selection of DEM

  11. Applicability of three complementary relationship models for estimating actual evapotranspiration in urban area

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nakamichi Takeshi


    Full Text Available The characteristics of evapotranspiration estimated by the complementary relationship actual evapotranspiration (CRAE, the advection-aridity (AA, and the modified advection-aridity (MAA models were investigated in six pairs of rural and urban areas of Japan in order to evaluate the applicability of the three models the urban area. The main results are as follows: 1 The MAA model could apply to estimating the actual evapotranspiration in the urban area. 2 The actual evapotranspirations estimated by the three models were much less in the urban area than in the rural. 3 The difference among the estimated values of evapotranspiration in the urban areas was significant, depending on each model, while the difference among the values in the rural areas was relatively small. 4 All three models underestimated the actual evapotranspiration in the urban areas from humid surfaces where water and green spaces exist. 5 Each model could take the effect of urbanization into account.

  12. 北方农村地区火墙兼生活热水系统应用实验研究%Experimental Study on Application of Hot Wall with Heating Water System in North Rural Area

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    吴雨婷; 王万江; 齐典伟


    The hot wall system includes a stove (or furnace), firewall, chimney, as one kind of building traditional heating system, in recent years, is still the main forms of supply heating in most of the Xinjiang rural area. For the moment, the wall construction based on mainly experience. and has large differences in performance, A common problem with hot wall is that:high temperature of exhaust gas, energy consumption, low energy utilization rate. This article in view of the above shortcomings, the hot wall and domestic hot water system is proposed, arrangementin the copper tube in the original wall as new system. At different outdoor temperatures and the indoor thermal comfort conditions needs, the energy efficiency of new system were studied and compared with the traditional hot wall. The experimental results show that, the new hot wall and domestic hot water system can ensure indoor thermal comfort at the same time can heat domestic water use flue gas, reducing the exhaust gas temperature, the energy utilization rate is improved obviously. It is of certain significance to promotion and intensive study.%火墙系统包括炉灶(或火炉)、火墙、烟囱,作为一种建筑传统供暖系统,近年来,依然是新疆大部分农村地区民居采用的主要供暖形式。目前使用的火墙,建造多以经验为指导,性能参差不齐,普遍存在排烟温度高,能耗大,能源利用率低的缺点。本文针对上述缺点,提出了供暖火墙兼生活热水系统,即在原有火墙中加入了生活热水加热铜盘管。在不同室外温度下,满足室内热舒适性条件下,对该系统的能源利用率进行了实验研究并与传统火墙进行了对比。实验结果表明,供暖火墙兼生活热水系统的新式火墙能在保证室内热舒适性的同时又可以用烟气加热生活用水,降低了排烟温度,明显提高能源利用率,具有现实的推广和深入研究的意义。

  13. Survey of pesticide application on vegetables in the Littoral area of Togo. (United States)

    Adjrah, Yao; Dovlo, Agbéko; Karou, Simplice D; Eklu-Gadegbeku, Kwashie; Agbonon, Amégnona; de Souza, Comlan; Gbeassor, Messanvi


    Vegetable production in Togo is seriously affected by pests attack. To reduce damage, farmers indiscriminately use pesticides. Various studies have reported high concentrations of pesticide residues more than acceptable limits in vegetables and other edible food. The aim of the presented study is to study the attitudes and practices developed by vegetable growers about pesticides applications. A standardized questionnaires which included socio-professional factors, provisions and operations concerning the use of varieties of pesticides were addressed to 150 growers in vegetable farms along the Littoral of Togo. In order to complete data concerning pesticides, seven runoff private companies and agents of the 'Direction de la Protection des Végétaux' were interviewed. Data were statistical treated using Sphinx Plus. The survey showed that vegetable growers have an acceptable educational level (36% have more than 7 years of formal education) to exploit instructions concerning pesticide use, but more than 97% do not use recommended tools. Only 21% of them received training for pesticide use. Moreover, 84% of them did not usually wear gloves, and less than 30% used oro-nasal masks. Failure to observe minimum intervals between pesticide application and sale is worrying because extremely hazardous (Carbofuran and Cadusaphos) or moderately toxic (Cypermethrin, Dimethoate, Endosulfan, Chlorpyrifos-ethyl, Fipronil) are the products currently used. The presented study indicates that pesticides application in the survey area represents a potential risk for the environment, farmers and consumers. More investigations are needed to quantify pesticides residues on the vegetables currently con,umed and moreover, to determine the potential effect of those products on human and animals health.

  14. Research trends in nanotechnology studies across geo-economic areas



    The purpose of this paper is to analyze the current temporal and spatial research trajectories in nanoscience and nanotechnology studies in order to display the worldwide patterns of research fields across main economic players. The results show the leadership of Europe and North America in nanotechnology research, although the role of China has been growing over time. Current nanotechnology studies have been growing in chemistry and medicine because of applications of nanomaterials mainly in...

  15. The Application Modular Floating Pontoon to Support Floods Disaster Evacuation System in Heavy Populated Residential Area

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ahmad Fauzan Zakki


    Full Text Available During floods disaster in the heavy populated residential area, the lack of existing life saving appliances system such as rubber boat and wooden boat were not able to evacuate the disaster victims spontaneously in mass. The condition might be explained since the rubber boat and wooden boat have limited occupant capacity. Based on the conditions, the main objectives of the research are focused on the evaluation of the application of modular floating pontoon as multipurpose floating equipment to support floods disaster evacuation process. The investigation of the modular floating pontoon performance such as hydrostatics characteristics, the equilibrium condition and the intact stability was studied using strip theory and Krylov’s method. Furthermore, the strength analysis of the modular floating pontoon structure was calculated using finite element method. The results show that the modular floating pontoon is reliable to support the evacuation process.

  16. Study on design and application of sanitation infrastructure for vector management in rural areas%农村病媒生物控制卫生设施设计及应用研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    邹钦; 许立凡; 陈绍文; 苏育鹏; 张元凯


    目的 设计和安装农村环境卫生的基础设施,有效控制病媒生物的孳生.方法 设计并建设一套适应农村病媒生物控制的“五防”(防蚊、防鼠、防蝇、防蜚蠊、防臭气)基础卫生设施,控制农村病媒生物,提高农民生活的环境质量.结果 对广东省2198个卫生村和20个卫生镇的现场监测结果表明,“五防”卫生基础设施建设后蚊、鼠、蝇、蜚蠊密度比建设前均下降90%以上,居民对卫生环境满意率达95%以上.结论 在农村建设“五防”卫生基础设施投资少、见效快、效果好,居民易接受,适宜在经济欠发达地区农村推广使用.%Objective To design and build sanitation infrastructure in rural areas and to effectively control vector breeding.Methods The sanitation infrastructure,suitable for vector management of mosquito,rodent,fly,cockroach,and offensive odor in rural areas,was designed and built to control vectors in rural areas and improve the quality of living environment for farmers.Results The field monitoring of 2198 villages and 20 towns in Guangdong province,China,where the sanitation infrastructure was built,showed that the population densities of mosquitoes,commensal rodent,flies,and cockroaches decreased by more than 90%,and over 95% of the residents were satisfied with the sanitary environment.Conclusion In rural areas,the construction of sanitation infrastructure for vector management has the advantages of low investment and quick and good effect and is welcome to residents.It is suitable for widespread use in developing rural areas.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    在我国城市规划建设中,衡量一个地区的绿化效果普遍采用的指标是“绿地率”,但在北京大部分的旧城改造项目中,绿地率很难达到规定指标的要求.本文分析了北京旧城四合院区域空间结构、建筑形式的特殊性,并比较了传统四合院区域和现代小区绿化的CO2固定量,得出结论认为以绿地率作为绿化水平衡量指标的评估方法在旧城四合院区域改造更新中是不合适的,而以乔木数量、综合绿化覆盖率、绿色容积率、CO2固定量等作为衡量绿化的指标比较适宜的.同时,文章也为用来衡量绿化生态效果的CO2固定量的计算方法和相关绿化标准制定提供了一种思路.%Green space ratio has been widely used as the evaluation index of green quality for an area in city planning and construction.Although this evaluation index is suitable for most modern construction projects,it is very difficult for most projects located in traditional courtyard area to meet the established standard.This paper analyzes the reasons,compares a traditional courtyard area with a modem residential quarter on their carbon dioxide (CO2) sequestration values of green space,and concludes that green space ratio is not a good measurement for green space of courtyard area,and that the number of trees,integrated green coverage rate,green plot ratio,and CO2 sequestration may be more suitable to evaluate green quality in the courtyard area.Meanwhile,a method for calculating CO2 sequestration and making a more feasible evaluation index for green space is also presented.

  18. A Study on the Application of Group Work in Sexuality Education Among Girls in Rural Area%小组工作介入农村女童性教育实务与探讨

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王家合; 赵琰霖


    性教育在我国教育体制中一直未完善起来,导致了诸如农村女童频频遭受性侵犯等严重的社会问题。本研究以武汉市H小学6岁至12岁的农村女童为服务对象,运用小组工作的方法,引导农村女童获得与年龄增长相一致的有关性生理、心理和感情上的应有知识,促进其身心健康。小组活动设计为六期,内容分为三个层次:初期,引导农村女童建立生理上的全面认知;中期,协助女童在生理认知的基础上,建立心理的自信;后期,引导女童与异性建立健康的人际关系,学会保护自己。基于实务开展过程,对小组活动设计、服务时间、组员招募和小组领导者方面进行了反思。提出了农村女童性教育应树立正确的性教育观念、加快学校性教育课程体系建设和发挥家庭性教育的补充作用的建议。%The lack of sex education has led to rural girls being victims of sexual assault frequently. This paper, taking rural girls studying at Wuhan city H elementary school between the ages of 6 and 12 as the service object. Using the method of group work to guide the rural girls obtain knowledge of the biology and psychology of sex which is consistent with their age for promoting their physical and mental health. There are six unit in group activities, main contents can be divided into three hierarchically related layers. At the beginning of the group activities, the purpose is to guide rural girls establish comprehensive cognition about their body. In the middle of the group activities, the purpose is to help group members to build self-confidence, on the basis of their comprehensive cognition about the body. In the later group activities, the purpose is to lead group members to establish healthy relationships with boys and learn how to protect themselves. The effectiveness of this service is excellent. It suggests that the application of group work on rural girls' sex

  19. Application of diagnosis and monitoring area contaminated by petroleum derivatives; Aplicacao da tecnica de caminhamento eletrico em area contaminada por derivados de petroleo

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Moreira, Cesar Augusto [Pos-graduacao em Geociencias em Meio Ambiente, IGCE - UNESP, Rio Claro, SP (Brazil)], E-mail:; Dourado, Joao Carlos; Braga, Antonio Celso de Oliveira [Dept. de Geologia Aplicada, IGCE - UNESP, Rio Claro, SP (Brazil)], E-mails:,


    Geophysical methods are useful technic of geological investigation, thoroughly employed to diagnosis and monitoring contaminated areas, in conjunction with direct techniques of investigation such as chemical analyses. Among these, electric resistivity is more usually used in studies of contaminants in soil and groundwater, due to the high contrast of electric properties between the soil and the pollutant types frequently found, essentially constituted of composed organic and inorganic. Geophysical studies in impacted areas by petroleum products may be describe by anomalies of both low resistivity and high resistivities, confirmed as contaminant by chemical analyses. This apparent contradiction can reflect processes of degradation of the contaminants, directly associated with its residence time in the soil, through the generation of by-products that change the physical properties of the soil and groundwater, principally for the mineral dissolution by action of organic acids and by formation of minerals of oxides and hydroxides minerals. Natural attenuation defines a series of physical, chemical and biological processes that allow the degradation, dispersion and dilution of contaminants in a natural form, in other words, free from human intervention. This paper presents the application of electrical profiling technique in a contaminated industrial area for benzene, toluene, xylene, 1,2 dichloroethene and inorganic salts and it discusses the physical alterations of the contaminated soil through the obtained results, under the optics of the Natural Attenuation in course in the area of study. (author)


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Floods have the potential to cause fatalities, displacement of people and damage to the environment, to severely compromise economic development and to undermine the economic activities of the Community. In developing policies referring to water and land uses Member States and the Community should consider the potential impacts that such policies might have on flood risks and the management of flood risks. In order to implement the EU directives, Romania is developing at a national level “Prevention, Protection and Minimizing Flood Effects Plan”; in Someş-Tisa hydrographic basin, the plan is implemented by Someş Tisa Water Board. This study is a brief presentation of the pilot study which is part of this program, undertaken in Dej area, at the confluence of two important rivers, Someşul Mare and Someşul Mic, where the flood of 1970 had a catastrophic impact; Dej area is a priority in the above mentioned plan.

  1. Study of Natural Background Radiation around Gurvanbulag Uranium Deposit Area (United States)

    Enkhbat, N.; Norov, N.; Bat-Erdene, B.; Khuukhenkhuu, G.; Otgooloi, B.


    In this work, we will show the study of natural background radiation level around the Gurvanbulag (GB) uranium deposit area in the eastern part of Mongolia. We collected environmental soil samples from 102 points around GB Uranium deposit. Collected samples were measured by HPGe gamma spectrometer at Nuclear Research Center, National University of Mongolia. The averaged activity concentrations of Ra-226, Th-232, K-40, and Cs-137 were 37.1, 29, 939, and 17.7 Bq/kg, respectively.

  2. Study on Seismic Zoning of Sino-Mongolia Arc Areas (United States)

    Xu, G.


    According to the agreement of Cooperation on seismic zoning between Institute of Geophysics, China Earthquake Administration and Research Center of Astronomy and Geophysics, Mongolian Academy of Science, the data of geotectonics, active faults, seismicity and geophysical field were collected and analyzed, then field investigation proceeded for Bolnay Faults, Ar Hutul Faults and Gobi Altay Faults, and a uniform earthquake catalogue of Mongolia and North China were established for the seismic hazard study in Sino-Mongolia arc areas. Furthermore the active faults and epicenters were mapped and 2 seismic belts and their 54 potential seismic sources are determined. Based on the data and results above mentioned the seismicity parameters for the two seismic belts and their potential sources were studied. Finally, the seismic zoning with different probability in Sino-Mongolia arc areas was carried out using China probabilistic hazard analysis method. By analyzing the data and results, we draw the following main conclusions. Firstly, the origin of tectonic stress field in the study areas is the collision and pressure of the India Plate to Eurasian Plate, passing from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. This is the reason why the seismicity is higher in the west than in the east, and all of earthquakes with magnitude 8 or greater occurred in the west. Secondly, the determination of the 2 arc seismic belts, Altay seismic belt and Bolnay-Baikal seismic belt, are reasonable in terms of their geotectonic location, geodynamic origin and seismicity characteristics. Finally, there are some differences between our results and the Mongolia Intensity Zoning map published in 1985 in terms of shape of seismic zoning map, especially in the areas near Ulaanbaatar. We argue that our relsults are reasonable if we take into account the data use of recent study of active faults and their parameters, so it can be used as a reference for seismic design.

  3. Landscape Application of Aquatic Plants in Residential Areas - A Case Study of Haikou City%海口市居住区水生植物园林应用探析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    对海口市居住区水生植物在园林上的应用现状进行了调查,共记录水生植物29种,隶属18科26属。调查结果表明,海口市居住区水景中尚存在水生植物物种多样性低、植物选择及配置不合理、缺乏科学管理、景观生态效果差等问题,并就存在的问题提出了建议。%A survey of aquatic plants used for landscaping was made in the residential areas of Haikou City, Hainan, China, and registered 29 species of aquatic plants under 26 genera and 18 families. This survey presents problems on use of aquatic plants for waterscaping in the residential areas, such as low species diversity, unreasonable plant selection and arrangement, poor waterscaping ecological effect, poor maintenance and care of the aquatic plants in waterscaping, etc. Some suggestions on solution to the problems are raised herein.

  4. Short-term monitoring of benzene air concentration in an urban area: a preliminary study of application of Kruskal-Wallis non-parametric test to assess pollutant impact on global environment and indoor. (United States)

    Mura, Maria Chiara; De Felice, Marco; Morlino, Roberta; Fuselli, Sergio


    In step with the need to develop statistical procedures to manage small-size environmental samples, in this work we have used concentration values of benzene (C6H6), concurrently detected by seven outdoor and indoor monitoring stations over 12 000 minutes, in order to assess the representativeness of collected data and the impact of the pollutant on indoor environment. Clearly, the former issue is strictly connected to sampling-site geometry, which proves critical to correctly retrieving information from analysis of pollutants of sanitary interest. Therefore, according to current criteria for network-planning, single stations have been interpreted as nodes of a set of adjoining triangles; then, a) node pairs have been taken into account in order to estimate pollutant stationarity on triangle sides, as well as b) node triplets, to statistically associate data from air-monitoring with the corresponding territory area, and c) node sextuplets, to assess the impact probability of the outdoor pollutant on indoor environment for each area. Distributions from the various node combinations are all non-Gaussian, in the consequently, Kruskal-Wallis (KW) non-parametric statistics has been exploited to test variability on continuous density function from each pair, triplet and sextuplet. Results from the above-mentioned statistical analysis have shown randomness of site selection, which has not allowed a reliable generalization of monitoring data to the entire selected territory, except for a single "forced" case (70%); most important, they suggest a possible procedure to optimize network design.

  5. Short-term monitoring of benzene air concentration in an urban area: a preliminary study of application of Kruskal-Wallis non-parametric test to assess pollutant impact on global environment and indoor

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Chiara Mura


    Full Text Available In step with the need to develop statistical procedures to manage small-size environmental samples, in this work we have used concentration values of benzene (C6H6, concurrently detected by seven outdoor and indoor monitoring stations over 12 000 minutes, in order to assess the representativeness of collected data and the impact of the pollutant on indoor environment. Clearly, the former issue is strictly connected to sampling-site geometry, which proves critical to correctly retrieving information from analysis of pollutants of sanitary interest. Therefore, according to current criteria for network-planning, single stations have been interpreted as nodes of a set of adjoining triangles; then, a node pairs have been taken into account in order to estimate pollutant stationarity on triangle sides, as well as b node triplets, to statistically associate data from air-monitoring with the corresponding territory area, and c node sextuplets, to assess the impact probability of the outdoor pollutant on indoor environment for each area. Distributions from the various node combinations are all non-Gaussian, in the consequently, Kruskal-Wallis (KW non-parametric statistics has been exploited to test variability on continuous density function from each pair, triplet and sextuplet. Results from the above-mentioned statistical analysis have shown randomness of site selection, which has not allowed a reliable generalization of monitoring data to the entire selected territory, except for a single "forced" case (70%; most important, they suggest a possible procedure to optimize network design.

  6. Comparing Web Applications with Desktop Applications: An Empirical Study

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pop, Paul


    of developing and using such applications. In this paper we present a comparison of web and desktop applications from the usability point of view. The comparison is based on an empirical study that investigates the performance of a group of users on two calendaring applications: Yahoo!Calendar and Microsoft...... Calendar. The study shows that in the case of web applications the performance of the users is significantly reduced, mainly because of the restricted interaction mechanisms provided by current web browsers.......In recent years, many desktop applications have been ported to the world wide web in order to reduce (multiplatform) development, distribution and maintenance costs. However, there is little data concerning the usability of web applications, and the impact of their usability on the total cost...

  7. Study and application about a modality preventing iodine deficiency disorders in coastal salt-produced areas%沿海产盐区碘缺乏病防治模式研究与应用

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    戴龙; 刘德发; 张亚平; 苏惠健; 张燕峰


    disorders (IDD)control in coastal salt.producing areas so as to shoot the problem of non-iodized salt causing IDD.Methods Accordinng to different areas,periods and crowds,eomplicatd measures and strategies were taken such as supply of iodized salt to peopie in special need while universalizaion of iodized salt,health promotion,private salt factory censu8 and close.iodized salt quality monitoring and promotion of technology of iodized salt producion in Xiamen, where the probiem of non-iodized salt Was serious since 1995.Results Iodized salt manufactured Was qualified in a increased rate from 89.50% in 1995 to 96.17% in 1997,stablized at 99.00%since 2000.Qualified iodized salt sold in the shops waft increased from 87.33%in 1996 to 96.33%in 1998.Popularization covered by iodized salt in urban areas increaased from 0.92%in 1 995 to 100.00%in 2000,and it Was increased from 0 to 99.00%in suburban area8 and increased from 0 to 89.00%in rural areas.Since 2001 iodized salt covered up 93.00%of the people.The rate of child goitre in urban,suburban and rural areas respectively Wag 16.44%(228/1387), 20.57%(266/1293) and 24.93%(651/2611).Moreover,beginning from 1996,it reduced tO below of 5.00%respectively in 1999,2001 and 2005.The median of urinary iodine of children in urban,suburban and rural areas respectively was 137.50, 102.12,94.66 μg/L in 1995,since 1997 it reached 100.00μg/L and kept at 120.00μg/L In 2007 the median of urinarv iedine of children respectively was 271.10,240.40,198.10μg/L in urban,suburban and rural areas.The pereentage of awareness of IDD knowledge was 74.00%(444/600)in students in 1997 and reached 95.00% since 2000.Conclusion The paRern of eliminating iodine deficiency dis ease in Xiamen has successful established,which works efficiently and sets an example for iodized salt supplement in non-iodized salt areas and continually eliminating the iodine deficiency disease.

  8. Recycled Water Reuse Permit Renewal Application for the Central Facilities Area Sewage Treatment Plant

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lewis, Mike [Idaho National Lab. (INL), Idaho Falls, ID (United States)


    This renewal application for a Recycled Water Reuse Permit is being submitted in accordance with the Idaho Administrative Procedures Act 58.01.17 “Recycled Water Rules” and the Municipal Wastewater Reuse Permit LA-000141-03 for continuing the operation of the Central Facilities Area Sewage Treatment Plant located at the Idaho National Laboratory. The permit expires March 16, 2015. The permit requires a renewal application to be submitted six months prior to the expiration date of the existing permit. For the Central Facilities Area Sewage Treatment Plant, the renewal application must be submitted by September 16, 2014. The information in this application is consistent with the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality’s Guidance for Reclamation and Reuse of Municipal and Industrial Wastewater and discussions with Idaho Department of Environmental Quality personnel.

  9. Identifying hydrologically sensitive areas using LiDAR DEMs to mitigate critical source areas of diffuse pollution: development and application (United States)

    Thomas, Ian; Jordan, Phil; Mellander, Per-Erik; Fenton, Owen; Shine, Oliver; hUallacháin, Daire Ó.; Creamer, Rachel; McDonald, Noeleen; Dunlop, Paul; Murphy, Paul


    Identifying critical source areas (CSAs) of diffuse pollution in agricultural catchments requires the accurate identification of hydrologically sensitive areas (HSAs) at highest propensity for generating surface runoff and transporting pollutants such as phosphorus (P). A new GIS-based HSA Index is presented that identifies HSAs at the sub-field scale. It uses a soil topographic index (STI) and accounts for the hydrological disconnection of overland flow via topographic impediment from flow sinks such as hedgerows and depressions. High resolution (0.25-2 m) LiDAR Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) are utilised to capture these microtopographic controls on flow pathways and hydrological connectivity. The HSA Index was applied to four agricultural catchments (~7.5-12 km2) with contrasting topography and soil types. Catchment HSA sizes were estimated using high resolution rainfall-quickflow measurements during saturated winter storm events in 2009-2014, and mapped using the HSA Index. HSA sizes ranged from 1.6-3.4% of the catchment area during median storm events and 2.9-8.5% during upper quartile events depending on whether well or poorly drained soils dominated, which validated HSA Index value distributions. Total flow sink volume capacities ranged from 8,298-59,584 m3 and caused 8.5-24.2% of overland-flow-generating-areas and 16.8-33.4% of catchment areas to become hydrologically disconnected from the open drainage channel network. HSA maps identified 'delivery points' along surface runoff pathways where transported pollutants such as P are delivered to the open drainage network. Using these as proposed locations for targeting mitigation measures such as riparian buffer strips (RBS) reduced costs compared to blanket implementation within an example agri-environment scheme by 66% and 91% over 1 and 5 years respectively, which included LiDAR DEM acquisition costs. Considering that HSAs are often the dominant P CSA factor in agricultural catchments and can override

  10. Material Development for Tooling Applications Using Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Duty, Chad E [ORNL; Drye, Tom [Techmer Engineering Solutions (ES); Franc, Alan [Techmer Engineering Solutions (ES)


    Techmer Engineered Solutions (TES) is working with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to develop materials and evaluate their use for ORNL s recently developed Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) system for tooling applications. The first phase of the project established the performance of some commercially available polymer compositions deposited with the BAAM system. Carbon fiber reinforced ABS demonstrated a tensile strength of nearly 10 ksi, which is sufficient for a number of low temperature tooling applications.

  11. Application of a Database in the Monitoring of Workstations in a Local Area Network

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eyo O. Ukem


    Full Text Available Problem statement: Computer hardware fault management and repairs can be a big challenge, especially if the number of staff available for the job is small. The task becomes more complicated if remote sites are managed and an engineer or technician has to be dispatched. Approach: Availability of relevant information when needed could ease the burden of maintenance by removing uncertainties. Such required information could be accumulated in a database and accessed as needed. Results: This study considered such a database, to assist a third party hardware maintenance firm keep track of its operations, including the machines that it services, together with their owners. A software application was developed in Java programming language, in the form of a database, using Microsoft Access as the database management system. It was designed to run on a local area network and to allow remote workstations to log on to a central computer in a client/server configuration. With this application it was possible to enter fault reports into the database residing on the central computer from any workstation on the network. Conclusion/Recommendations: The information generated from this data can be used by the third party hardware maintenance firm to speed up its service delivery, thus putting the firm in a position to render more responsive and efficient service to the customers.

  12. Studies on wind environment around high buildings in urban areas

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LIU; Huizhi; JIANG; Yujun; LIANG; Bin; ZHU; Fengrong; ZHAN


    High buildings or architectural complex in urban areas remarkably distort the urban surface wind fields. As the air flow approaches,local strong wind may appear around the buildings. The strong wind makes the pedestrians on sidewalks, entrances and terrace very uncomfortable and causes the pedestrian level wind environment problem. In this studies, hot-wire wind measurement, wind scouring in wind tunnel and numerical computation were carried out to evaluate the wind environment of tall buildings in the prevailing flow conditions in Beijing areas. The results obtained by three techniques were compared and mutually verified. The conclusions drawn from three approaches agree with each other. Also the advantages and limitations of each method were analyzed. It is suggested that the combination of different techniques may produce better assessment of wind environment around high buildings.

  13. Study on Seismicity of Sino-Mongolia Arc Areas (United States)

    Xu, Guangyin; Wang, Suyun


    Using the earthquake catalogue from China, Mongolia and the global catalogue, the uniform catalogue of North China, Mongolia and adjacent areas, which is within the region 80-130°E, 40-55°N, has been established by Institute of Geophysics, China Earthquake Administration and Research Center of Astronomy and Geophysics, Mongolian Academy of Science for the seismic hazard analysis and seismic zoning map of Mongolia according to the following principles. 1) Earthquakes, which just exist in one catalogue, need to be verified further. If the earthquakes occurred in the country where the catalog comes from, then they will be adopted. If not, it should be checked with other more data. 2) The events that come from the three data sources have be checked and verified as followings. (1) The parameters of earthquakes that occurred in China will be taken from China catalog. (2)The parameters of earthquakes that occurred in Mongolia will be taken from Mongolia catalog. (3) The parameters of earthquakes that occurred in the adjacent areas will be taken from the global catalog by Song et al. According to the uniform catalogue, the seismicity of the North China, Mongolia and adjacent areas is analyzed, and the conclusions as followings are made. 1) The epicenter map can be roughly divided into two parts, bounded by the longitude line 105°E , in accordance with the "North-South Seismic Belt" of China. The seismicity is in a high level with many strong earthquakes in the west and is in a low level with little strong events in the east. 2) Most earthquakes are shallow-focus events, but there are also several middle or deep-focus events in the study area. 3) Earthquakes with magnitude greater than 5 are basically complete since 1450 A.D., and the seismicity of the study areas is in a high level since 1700 A. 4) Two seismic belts, Altay seismic belt and Bolnay-Baikal seismic belt, are determined according to the epicenters and tectonics. 5) The b-values of magnitude - frequency

  14. A modeling study of saltwater intrusion in the Andarax delta area using multiple data sources

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Antonsson, Arni Valur; Engesgaard, Peter Knudegaard; Jorreto, Sara;

    In groundwater model development, construction of the conceptual model is one of the (initial and) critical aspects that determines the model reliability and applicability in terms of e.g. system (hydrogeological) understanding, groundwater quality predictions, and general use in water resources...... the understanding of the investigated system. A density dependent saltwater intrusion model has been established for the coastal zone of the Andarax aquifer, SE Spain, with the aim of obtaining a coherent (conceptual) understanding of the area. Recently drilled deep boreholes in  the Andarax delta revealed a far...... reaching saltwater intrusion in the area. Furthermore, the geological information obtained from these boreholes laid a foundation for a new hydrogeological conceptual model of the area, which we aim to assess in this simulation study.Appraisal of the conceptual model of the Andarax delta area is conducted...

  15. Conceptual basis for an integrated system for the management of a protected area. Examples from its application in a mediterranean area. (United States)

    Cornejo, E; Fungairiño, S G; Barandica, J M; Serrano, J M; Zorrilla, J M; Gómez, T; Zapata, F J; Acosta, F J


    Improving the efficiency of management in protected areas is imperative in a generalized context of limited conservation budgets. However, this is overlooked due to flaws in problem definition, general disregard for cost information, and a lack of suitable tools for measuring costs and management quality. This study describes an innovative methodological framework, implemented in the web application SIGEIN, focused on maximizing the quality of management against its costs, establishing an explicit justification for any decision. The tool integrates, with this aim, a procedure for prioritizing management objects according to a conservation value, modified by a functional criterion; a project management module; and a module for management of continuous assessment. This appraisal associates the relevance of the conservation targets, the efficacy of the methods employed, both resource and personnel investments, and the resulting costs. Preliminary results of a prototypical SIGEIN application on the Site of Community Importance Chafarinas Islands are included.

  16. Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in coastal areas: lessons learned from applications in Liguria, NW Mediterranean. (United States)

    Rovere, A.; Casella, E.; Pedroncini, A.; Mucerino, L.; Casella, M.; Cusati, L. A.; Vacchi, M.; Ferrari, M.; Firpo, M.


    In 2013 we started to apply small UAVs to the study of coastal areas in Liguria, NW Mediterranean Sea. In this region monitoring coastal evolution and the impact of sea storms is a primary administrative need, as a large part of the economic income derives from summer tourism. In two years, we accumulated almost 200 hours of flight with two different UAVs, a professional-grade Mikrokopter Okto and a consumer-grade Phantom DJI. We used photogrammetric and orthorectification techniques to obtain Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) and orthophotos of different beaches in the region. Data from UAVs allowed us to answer several questions. What is the accuracy of DEMs obtained from UAVs in low-relief areas such as beaches? What are the problems encountered in the photogrammetric procedure near the shoreline? Are the results obtained with consumer-grade UAVs comparable to those obtained with professional-grade ones? Aside from these technical questions, we used the data obtained from UAVs for different local studies aimed at giving management tools to the local administrations. We used the cloudpoint obtained from DEMs and the orthophotos to set up a runup modelling chain, to detect short-term changes in the coastal zone, and to give a first estimate of the debris deposited on the beach after a major storm. As stated by Watts et al., 2012 (Remote Sensing 4, 1671-1692) the application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and photogrammetry techniques in earth sciences is flourishing, and has the potential to revolutionize the study of geomorphology. Surely, UAVs opened new research perspectives for our group, which has been actively working on coastal changes in Liguria for almost 25 years.

  17. Application of local area networks to accelerator control systems at the Stanford Linear Accelerator

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fox, J.D.; Linstadt, E.; Melen, R.


    The history and current status of SLAC's SDLC networks for distributed accelerator control systems are discussed. These local area networks have been used for instrumentation and control of the linear accelerator. Network topologies, protocols, physical links, and logical interconnections are discussed for specific applications in distributed data acquisition and control system, computer networks and accelerator operations.

  18. Optical local area networks: new solutions for fiber-to-the-desk applications

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Radovanovic, Igor


    In this thesis we introduce optical local area networks for fiber-to-the-desk application. This in an attempt to bring the optical fiber ever closer to the individual user offering a huge information transmission bandwidth that will undoubtedly have a strong impact on future societies.

  19. Application of positron emitters to studies on plants

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ishioka, N.S.; Matsuoka, H. [Japan Atomic Energy Research Inst., Takasaki, Gunma (Japan). Takasaki Radiation Chemistry Research Establishment; Sekine, T. [and others


    A newly developed positron emitting tracer imaging system enables us to study dynamically the physiological function of plants, although this system covers, at present, a limited area in a plant. Production of the positron emitters {sup 11}C, {sup 13}N, {sup 18}F and {sup 48}V for this application, using an AVF cyclotron, is described. (author)

  20. Study of stress in nuclear area workers: silent enemy

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Martins, Maria da Penha Sanches; Vanni, Silvia Regina [Centro Tecnologico da Marinha (CTMSP-SP), SP (Brazil); Andrade, Delvonei Alves de; Sabundjian, Gaiane, E-mail: delvonei@ipen.b, E-mail: gdjian@ipen.b [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    The nuclear accidents occurred in Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima were influenced by human factors. The objective of this paper is to study about the factors that influence the level of stress of the nuclear area workers. The paper is based on theoretical assumptions on occupational stress and its manifestations. The methodology used is based on questionnaires and interviews, obtained from Martins' work published in 2008 about the study of human factors focused on research reactor operators IEA-R1, of the Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN). In that study were analyzed the accidents occurred by human failure. The results presented in this paper showed some improvements in the reactors operators' work, and health. Operational reliability and facilities safety also improved. (author)

  1. Geostationary secular dynamics revisited: application to high area-to-mass ratio objects

    CERN Document Server

    Gachet, Fabien; Pucacco, Giuseppe; Efthymiopoulos, Christos


    The long-term dynamics of the geostationary Earth orbits (GEO) is revisited through the application of canonical perturbation theory. We consider a Hamiltonian model accounting for all major perturbations: geopotential at order and degree two, lunisolar perturbations with a realistic model for the Sun and Moon orbits, and solar radiation pressure. The long-term dynamics of the GEO region has been studied both numerically and analytically, in view of the relevance of such studies to the issue of space debris or to the disposal of GEO satellites. Past studies focused on the orbital evolution of objects around a nominal solution, hereafter called the forced equilibrium solution, which shows a particularly strong dependence on the area-to-mass ratio. Here, we i) give theoretical estimates for the long-term behavior of such orbits, and ii) we examine the nature of the forced equilibrium itself. In the lowest approximation, the forced equilibrium implies motion with a constant non-zero average `forced eccentricity'...

  2. 100 Area groundwater biodenitrification bench-scale treatability study procedures

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Peyton, B.M.; Martin, K.R.


    This document describes the methodologies and procedures for conducting the bench-scale biodenitrification treatability tests at Pacific Northwest Laboratory{sup a} (PNL). Biodenitrification is the biological conversion of nitrate and nitrite to gaseous nitrogen. The tests will use statistically designed batch studies to determine if biodenitrification can reduce residual nitrate concentrations to 45 mg/L, the current maximum contaminant level (MCL). These tests will be carried out in anaerobic flasks with a carbon source added to demonstrate nitrate removal. At the pilot scale, an incremental amount of additional carbon will be required to remove the small amount of oxygen present in the incoming groundwater. These tests will be conducted under the guidance of Westinghouse Hanford Company (WHC) and the 100-HR-3 Groundwater Treatability Test Plan (DOE/RL-92-73) and the Treatability Study Program Plan (DOE/RL-92-48) using groundwater from 100-HR-3. In addition to the procedures, requirements for safety, quality assurance, reporting, and schedule are given. Appendices include analytical procedures, a Quality Assurance Project Plan, a Health and Safety Plan, and Applicable Material Data Safety Sheets. The procedures contained herein are designed specifically for the 100-HR-3 Groundwater Treatability Test Plan, and while the author believes that the methods described herein are scientifically valid, the procedures should not be construed or mistaken to be generally applicable to any other treatability study.

  3. 高碘地区三价铬在糖尿病中的作用及临床应用%Study and Clinical Application Effect of High Iodine Area in Diabetes in the Trivalent Chromium

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘冬梅; 李韬


    目的:分析高碘地区三价铬在糖尿病中的作用及临床应用。方法:收集分析2009年1月1日~至2013年1月1日进入我院内分泌科的糖尿病患者40例,采用随机数字表法分为实验组和对照组,两组各20例,对照组采用二甲双胍治疗,实验组服用三价铬药物(天麦消渴丸),比较两组临床效果。结果:糖化血红蛋白A1C水平治疗组较对照组显著下降,治疗组空腹血糖水平(未进食至少8小时化验的血糖)(-9.8mg/dL)比较对照组(0.7mg/dL)显著下降。服用天麦消渴丸患者的甘油三酯TG与高密度度脂蛋白胆固醇HDL的比值较安慰剂组也显著下降。两组在用药安全性与耐受性方面无显著差别。结论:针对糖尿病患者采用三价铬药物能够改善其A1C、空腹血糖及血脂情况,具有显著的临床应用价值。%Objective: To analyze the effect and clinical application of trivalent chromium in diabetes mellitus. Methods:Collect and analyze the 2009 January 1,2013 to January 1,in 40 cases of diabetic patients with endocrine Department of our hospital,were randomly divided into experimental group and control group,two groups with 20 cases in each. Patients in control group were treated with sitagliptin treatment, the experimental group take trivalent chromium drugs, compared two groups of clinical effect.Results:Compared with the control group, the levels of glycosylated hemoglobin A1C in treatment group were significantly lower than those in the control group, and the fasting blood glucose level of the treatment group was not eat at least 8 hours of blood glucose (-9.8mg/dL) compared to the control group (0.7mg/dL) decreased significantly. The ratio of triglyceride TG to high density lipoprotein cholesterol DLH in patients taking trivalent chromium was significantly lower than that in the placebo group. There was no significant difference between the two groups in terms of safety and tolerability

  4. Study of Pixel Area Variations in Fully Depleted Thick CCD

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kotov, I.V.; O' Connor, P.; Kotov, A.I.; Frank, J.; Kubanek, P.; Prouza, M.; Radeka, V.; Takacs, P.


    Future wide field astronomical surveys, like Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST), require photometric precision on the percent level. The accuracy of sensor calibration procedures should match these requirements. Pixel size variations found in CCDs from different manufacturers are the source of systematic errors in the flat field calibration procedure. To achieve the calibration accuracy required to meet the most demanding science goals this effect should be taken into account. The study of pixel area variations was performed for fully depleted, thick CCDs produced in a technology study for LSST. These are n-channel, 100 {micro}m thick devices. We find pixel size variations in both row and column directions. The size variation magnitude is smaller in the row direction. In addition, diffusion is found to smooth out electron density variations. It is shown that the characteristic diffusion width can be extracted from the flat field data. Results on pixel area variations and diffusion, data features, analysis technique and modeling technique are presented and discussed.

  5. Prospects for Pulsar Studies with the GLAST Large Area Telescope (United States)

    Harding, Alice K.


    The Large Area Telescope (LAT) on the Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope (GLAST), due to launch in November 2007, will have unprecedented sensitivity and energy resolution for gamma-rays in the range of 30 MeV to 200 GeV. GLAST is therefore expected to provide major advances in the understanding of high-energy emission from rotation-powered pulsars. As the only presently known galactic GeV source class; pulsars will be one of the most important sources for study with GLAST. The main science goals of the LAT for pulsar studies include an increase in the number of detected radio-loud and radio-quiet gamma-ray pulsars, including millisecond pulsars, giving much better statistics for elucidating population characteristics, measurement of the high-energy spectrum and the shape of spectral cutoffs and determining pulse profiles for a variety of pulsars of different age. Further, measurement of phase-resolved spectra and energy dependent pulse profiles of the brighter pulsars should allow detailed tests of magnetospheric particle acceleration and radiation mechanisms, by comparing data with theoretical models that have been developed. Additionally, the LAT will have the sensitivity to allow blind pulsation searches of nearly all unidentified EGRET sources, to possibly uncover more radio-quiet Geminga-like pulsars.

  6. Application of Characteristics of Seismogenic Structures in the Determination of Parameter of Potential Seismic Source Areas

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Zhou Bengang


    The characteristics of seismogenic structures are an important basis for delineating the potential seismic source areas and determining the annual occurrence rate of earthquakes. The potential seismic source area does not only have the intension that "this area has the possibility for destructive earthquakes to occur in the future" but also means that earthquakes of high magnitude interval have the characteristics of similar recurrence. When determining the seismic activity parameters of a statistical unit, some active tectonic blocks in the unit may have different background earthquakes. In order to better reflect the heterogeneity in space of seismic activities, it is necessary to divide the potential seismic source areas into three orders.By analyzing the recurrence characteristics of earthquakes of high magnitude interval in the potential source area and calculating the occurrence probability of earthquakes of high magnitude interval in the potential seismic source area in the time window for prediction, the average annual occurrence rate of earthquakes can be obtained by the method of probability equivalent conversion in the time window for prediction. This would be helpful for considering the recurrence characteristics of strong earthquakes in potential source areas within the framework of seismic risk analysis of China. Besides, the insufficient frequency of characteristic earthquakes of the next high magnitude interval in the potential source area and the heterogeneity of strong earthquakes on seismogenic structures are analyzed to see their application in seismic risk analysis.

  7. Cogeneration feasibility study in the Gulf States Utilities service area

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    Sites in the Gulf States Utilities service are considered for cogeneration feasibility studies. The sources of steam considered for the Orange, Texas and Geismar, Lake Charles, and North Baton Rouge, Louisiana sites include oil, coal, HTGR steamers, consolidated nuclear steam system, atmospheric fluidized-bed coal combustion, and coal gasification. Concepts concerning cogeneration fuel systems were categorized by technical applicability as: current technology (pulverized coal-fired boilers and fuel oil-fired boilers), advanced technology under development (HTGR steamers and the CNSS), and advanced technology for future development (atmospheric fluidized-bed boilers and coal gasification). In addition to providing data on cogeneration plant generally useful in the US, the study determined the technical and economic feasibility of steam and electric power cogeneration using coal and nuclear fuels for localized industrial complexes. Details on site selection, plant descriptions, cost estimates, economic analysis, and plant schedule and implementation. (MCW)

  8. Submicron area NbN/MgO/NbN tunnel junctions for SIS mixer applications (United States)

    Leduc, H. G.; Judas, A.; Cypher, S. R.; Bumble, B.; Hunt, B. D.


    The development of submicron area mixer elements for operation in the submillimeter wave range is discussed. High-current-density NbN/MgO/NbN tunnel junctions with areas down to 0.1 sq microns have been fabricated in both planar and edge geometries. The planar junctions were fabricated from in situ deposited trilayers using electron-beam lithography to pattern submicron area mesas. Modifications of fabrication techniques used in larger-area NbN tunnel junctions are required and are discussed. The NbN/MgO/NbN edge junction process using sapphire substrates has been transferred to technologically important quartz substrates using MgO buffer layers to minimize substrate interactions. The two junction geometries are compared and contrasted in the context of submillimeter wave mixer applications.

  9. Hanford Facility dangerous waste permit application, liquid effluent retention facility and 200 area effluent treatment facility

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Coenenberg, J.G.


    The Hanford Facility Dangerous Waste Permit Application is considered to 10 be a single application organized into a General Information Portion (document 11 number DOE/RL-91-28) and a Unit-Specific Portion. The scope of the 12 Unit-Specific Portion is limited to Part B permit application documentation 13 submitted for individual, `operating` treatment, storage, and/or disposal 14 units, such as the Liquid Effluent Retention Facility and 200 Area Effluent 15 Treatment Facility (this document, DOE/RL-97-03). 16 17 Both the General Information and Unit-Specific portions of the Hanford 18 Facility Dangerous Waste Permit Application address the content of the Part B 19 permit application guidance prepared by the Washington State Department of 20 Ecology (Ecology 1987 and 1996) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 21 (40 Code of Federal Regulations 270), with additional information needs 22 defined by the Hazardous and Solid Waste Amendments and revisions of 23 Washington Administrative Code 173-303. For ease of reference, the Washington 24 State Department of Ecology alpha-numeric section identifiers from the permit 25 application guidance documentation (Ecology 1996) follow, in brackets, the 26 chapter headings and subheadings. A checklist indicating where information is 27 contained in the Liquid Effluent Retention Facility and 200 Area Effluent 28 Treatment Facility permit application documentation, in relation to the 29 Washington State Department of Ecology guidance, is located in the Contents 30 Section. 31 32 Documentation contained in the General Information Portion is broader in 33 nature and could be used by multiple treatment, storage, and/or disposal units 34 (e.g., the glossary provided in the General Information Portion). Wherever 35 appropriate, the Liquid Effluent Retention Facility and 200 Area Effluent 36 Treatment Facility permit application documentation makes cross-reference to 37 the General Information Portion, rather than duplicating

  10. Integration of different geospatial data in urban areas: a case of study (United States)

    Franci, Francesca; Lambertini, Alessandro; Bitelli, Gabriele


    Efficient management of the territory requires today the availability of comprehensive geographical data, accurate and up to date, supported by powerful databases. In this context, remote sensing data are used for a variety of applications related to urban areas; some examples are land use/cover mapping, urban growth and soil sealing evaluation, detection of green areas, updating of existing maps, energy applications and detection and characterization of buildings. This work aims to highlight how different geomatic techniques and data acquired from heterogeneous surveys can be today used together for producing or updating a digital cartography inside a GIS. The study has been conducted in the urban area of Bologna, Emilia-Romagna region, located in the North of Italy. A high resolution WorldView-2 satellite image and the DSM/DTM, obtained by airborne LiDAR, have been used to obtain a vector layer of the buildings. In particular, to distinguish the buildings among all the elements present in the study area, such as roads, trees, vegetated areas, etc., an object-oriented classification has been performed. This approach, working on groups of pixels (image objects), allows to expand the information content of the basic unit of classification. Therefore, features such as shape, texture and contextual information, coupled with spectral characteristics, potentially allow cartographers to generate products that are competitive, in terms of thematic contents, with those derived from the photo-interpretation. A first application described in this work is to perform a quick change analysis procedure based on the results of the classification compared to an existing numerical cartographic base or a previous classification.

  11. Mobile TLS application for fluvial studies (United States)

    Alho, P.; Kukko, A.; Hyyppä, H.; Kaartinen, H.; Hyyppä, J.; Jaakkola, A.


    In fluvial studies, different survey and modelling approaches have been used to study the interaction of landscape and flow processes, including response thresholds, feedback elements and other such complexities, requiring both high-quality topographical and bathymetrical data at different scales. Currently, tachymetry and GPS surveys are widely used in fluvial geomorphology, while more sophisticated survey methods such as close-range photogrammetry and terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) are less common. Static TLS measurements provide a point density, ranging from 100-10000 points/m2 with a root mean square error of ±2 to ±25 mm. Although the TLS system allows the collection of data at a higher resolution and precision than ALS at a lower cost, its area is more limited than the latter method. This area limitation can be improved using mobile laser scanning. The typical requirements for a mobile mapping system (MMS) are that visible objects should be measured to an accuracy of a few centimetres with a maximum speed of 50-60 km h-1 and that desired objects should be collected within a radius of several tens of metres. Recently, it has been reported mobile mapping systems, which are based on laser scanning, the former work including an account of the FGI ROAMER system and a detailed description of its data processing. The boat-based, mobile mapping system (BoMMS, based on FGI ROAMER system) with a laser scanner for fluvial applications allows the derivation of detailed topographical data in river studies. Combined with data acquisition from static terrestrial laser scanning (TLS), boat-based laser scanning enables a totally new field mapping approach for fluvial studies. In this paper, we demonstrate a BoMMS with a laser scanner for fluvial applications. This system enables rapid field surveying with accuracy of approximately 2 cm (relatively sub-centimetre) for river banks, point-bars and other features of the riverine landscape. This application offers a highly

  12. Back-illuminated large area frame transfer CCDs for space-based hyper-spectral imaging applications (United States)

    Philbrick, Robert H.; Gilmore, Angelo S.; Schrein, Ronald J.


    Standard offerings of large area, back-illuminated full frame CCD sensors are available from multiple suppliers and they continue to be commonly deployed in ground- and space-based applications. By comparison the availability of large area frame transfers CCDs is sparse, with the accompanying 2x increase in die area no doubt being a contributing factor. Modern back-illuminated CCDs yield very high quantum efficiency in the 290 to 400 nm band, a wavelength region of great interest in space-based instruments studying atmospheric phenomenon. In fast framing (e.g. 10 - 20 Hz), space-based applications such as hyper-spectral imaging, the use of a mechanical shutter to block incident photons during readout can prove costly and lower instrument reliability. The emergence of large area, all-digital visible CMOS sensors, with integrate while read functionality, are an alternative solution to CCDs; but, even after factoring in reduced complexity and cost of support electronics, the present cost to implement such novel sensors is prohibitive to cost constrained missions. Hence, there continues to be a niche set of applications where large area, back-illuminated frame transfer CCDs with high UV quantum efficiency, high frame rate, high full well, and low noise provide an advantageous solution. To address this need a family of large area frame transfer CCDs has been developed that includes 2048 (columns) x 256 (rows) (FT4), 2048 x 512 (FT5), and 2048 x 1024 (FT6) full frame transfer CCDs; and a 2048 x 1024 (FT7) split-frame transfer CCD. Each wafer contains 4 FT4, 2 FT5, 2 FT6, and 2 FT7 die. The designs have undergone radiation and accelerated life qualification and the electro-optical performance of these CCDs over the wavelength range of 290 to 900 nm is discussed.

  13. Tie-Line Bias Control Applicability to Load Frequency Control for Multi-Area Interconnected Power Systems of Complex Topology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chunyu Chen


    Full Text Available The tie-line bias control (TBC method has been widely used in the load frequency control (LFC of multi-area interconnected systems. However, it should be questioned whether the conventional TBC can still apply to LFC when considering the complication of structures of power systems. LFC, in essence, is to stabilize system frequency/tie-line power by controlling controlled outputs’ area control error (ACE. In this paper, relations between LFC control variables and controlled outputs are expressed as a system of equations, based on which an exemplary ring network is studied. Sufficient and necessary conditions for TBC applicability is presented, and a novel LFC mode is proposed for a general ring network where TBC cannot work. Finally, TBC applicability to multi-area systems with general topology is studied, and a general LFC mode is proposed for systems where TBC is not definitely applicable, thus rendering routines that may guide LFC design of future power systems with more complex topologies.

  14. Effects of Biosolids and Manure Application on Microbial Water Quality in Rural Areas in the US

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amira Oun


    Full Text Available Most of the waterborne disease outbreaks observed in North America are associated with rural drinking water systems. The majority of the reported waterborne outbreaks are related to microbial agents (parasites, bacteria and viruses. Rural areas are characterized by high livestock density and lack of advanced treatment systems for animal and human waste, and wastewater. Animal waste from livestock production facilities is often applied to land without prior treatment. Biosolids (treated municipal wastewater sludge from large wastewater facilities in urban areas are often transported and applied to land in rural areas. This situation introduces a potential for risk of human exposure to waterborne contaminants such as human and zoonotic pathogens originating from manure, biosolids, and leaking septic systems. This paper focuses on waterborne outbreaks and sources of microbial pollution in rural areas in the US, characterization of the microbial load of biosolids and manure, association of biosolid and manure application with microbial contamination of surface and groundwater, risk assessment and best management practice for biosolids and manure application to protect water quality. Gaps in knowledge are identified, and recommendations to improve the water quality in the rural areas are discussed.

  15. Impervious Surface Area Mapping using Landsat Imagery: Applications to Hydrology and Land Use Change Monitoring (United States)

    Smith, A.; Goetz, S. J.; Mazzacato, M. E.; Jantz, C.; Wright, R.


    Impervious surfaces include rooftops, roads, parking lots and other areas that are impermeable to moisture. As the amount of built environment around urban areas has increased, it has been widely recognized that more impervious surface area (ISA) results in greater volume and intensity of stream flow, which can degrade stream health and require expensive modifications to flood control structures. Other effects include increased urban "heat island" influences and changes in local weather. If impervious areas could be accurately mapped using satellite imagery, it would provide valuable input to many applications, from hydrologic modeling to land use planning. We have developed a method to map subpixel ISA with Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) imagery and classification - regression tree algorithms. This approach provides highly accurate (90+ percent) maps of ISA, but also permits estimation of the proportion of each cell occupied by impervious materials (between 0-100 percent). We report on a recently completed a map of ISA for the entire 163,000 km2 Chesapeake Bay watershed, a region of highly altered land cover and rapid land use change. We also report on the mapping of change patterns, indicated by ISA changes between 1986 - 2001, in an 18,000 km2 area centered on Baltimore - Washington, D.C. We review the methods, issues, technical challenges, results, accuracy, and advantages of this approach, and provide an overview of various applications for which the products are currently being used.

  16. [Progress of clinical application of functional MRI in the localization of brain language area]. (United States)

    Zhang, Nan; Lu, Junfeng; Wu, Jinsong


    For surgical operation in the functional area in the brain, it's commonly demanded to resect the lesion to the maximal extent on the basis of preserve the normal neural function, thus the precise localization of functional area is extremely important. As for the advantages of being widely available, easy to grasp and non-invasive, the functional MRI (fMRI) has come into wide use, while the application of language fMRI is still in the initial stage. It's important to choose appropriate fMRI task according to the individual condition of the subject, the commonly-adopted tasks include verb generation, picture naming, word recognition, word generation, etc. However, the effectiveness of using fMRI to localize language area is not totally satisfactory, adopting multiple task is an effective approach to improve the sensitivity of this technique. The application of resting state fMRI in the localization of language area and the further research of the role of fMRI in localizing the Chinese language area are the important future directions.

  17. Global analysis studies and applications

    CERN Document Server

    Gliklikh, Yuri; Vershik, A


    This volume (a sequel to LNM 1108, 1214, 1334 and 1453) continues the presentation to English speaking readers of the Voronezh University press series on Global Analysis and Its Applications. The papers are selected fromtwo Russian issues entitled "Algebraic questions of Analysis and Topology" and "Nonlinear Operators in Global Analysis". CONTENTS: YuE. Gliklikh: Stochastic analysis, groups of diffeomorphisms and Lagrangian description of viscous incompressible fluid.- A.Ya. Helemskii: From topological homology: algebras with different properties of homological triviality.- V.V. Lychagin, L.V. Zil'bergleit: Duality in stable Spencer cohomologies.- O.R. Musin: On some problems of computational geometry and topology.- V.E. Nazaikinskii, B.Yu. Sternin, V.E.Shatalov: Introduction to Maslov's operational method (non-commutative analysis and differential equations).- Yu.B. Rudyak: The problem of realization of homology classes from Poincare up to the present.- V.G. Zvyagin, N.M. Ratiner: Oriented degree of Fredholm...

  18. Analysis on Residents’ Travel Activity Pattern in Historic Urban Areas: A Case Study of Historic Urban Area of Yangzhou, China

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mao Ye


    Full Text Available Travel behaviors and activity patterns in the historic urban area of a city are expected to be different from the overall situations in the city area. The primary objective of this study is to analyze the residents’ travel activity patterns in historic urban area. Based on survey data conducted in the historic urban area of Yangzhou, the travel activities of local residents in a whole day were classified into five types of patterns. The multinomial logit (MNL model was developed to evaluate the impacts of explanatory variables on the choices of activity patterns. The results showed that the choice of activity pattern was significantly impacted by five contributing factors including the gender, age, occupation, car ownership, and number of electric bikes in household. The other variables, which were the family population, preschoolers, number of conventional bikes in household, motorcycle ownership, and income, were found to be not significantly related to the choice of activities. The results of this study from historic urban area were compared to findings of previous studies from overall urban area. The comparison showed that the impacts of factors on activity pattern in the historic urban area were different from those in the overall area. Findings of this study provide important suggestions for the policy makings to improve the traffic situations in historic urban areas of cities.

  19. Reflection seismic studies in the Forsmark area - stage 1

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Juhlin, Christopher; Bergman Bjoern; Palm, Hans [Uppsala Univ. (Sweden). Dept. of Earth Sciences


    Reflection seismic data were acquired in the Spring of 2002 in the Forsmark area, located about 70 km northeast of Uppsala, Sweden. The Forsmark area has been targeted by SKB as a possible storage site for high level radioactive waste. About 16 km of high resolution seismic data were acquired along five separate profiles varying in length from 2 to 5 km. Non-final source and receiver spacing was 10 m with 100 active channels when recording data from a dynamite source (15-75 g). The profiles were located within a relatively undeformed lens of bedrock that trends in the NW-SE direction. The lens is surrounded by highly deformed rock on all sides. In conjunction with the reflection component of the study, all shots were also recorded on up to eleven 3-component fixed Orion seismographs. These recordings provided long offset data from which a velocity model of the uppermost 400 m of bedrock could be derived. Results from the study show that the bedrock has been well imaged down to depths of at least 3 km. The upper 1000 m of bedrock is much more reflective in the southeastern portion of the lens compared to the northwestern part close to the Forsmark reactors. This is interpreted as the bedrock being more homogeneous in the northwest. However, a major reflective zone (the A1 reflector) is interpreted to dip to the S-SE below this homogeneous bedrock. In the southeastern portion of the lens the orientation of the reflectors is well determined where the profiles cross one another. The general strike of the major reflectors is NE-SW with dips of 20-35 degrees to the southeast.

  20. Body conformable 915 MHz microstrip array applicators for large surface area hyperthermia

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lee, E.R.; Tarczy-Hornoch, P.; Kapp, S.; Fessenden, P.; Lohrbach, A.W.; Prionas, S.D. (Stanford University Medical Center, CA (United States)); Wilsey, T. (Carian Associates, Palo Alto, CA (United States))


    The optimal treatment with hyperthermia of superficially located tumors which involve large surface areas requires applicators which can physically conform to body contours, and locally alter their power deposition patterns to adjust for nonuniform temperature caused by tissue inhomogeneities and blood flow variations. A series of 915 MHz microstrip array applicators satisfying these criteria have been developed and clinically tested. Clinical and engineering design tradeoffs for practical devices are discussed. Measurements taken in tissue equivalent phantoms and a summary of clinical experiences with these microstrip arrays are presented.

  1. Advanced Control of Wind Electric Pumping System for Isolated Areas Application

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohamed Barara


    Full Text Available The supply water in remote areas of windy region is one of most attractive application of wind energy conversion .This paper proposes an advanced controller suitable for wind-electric pump in isolated applications in order to have a desired debit from variation of reference speed of the pump also the control scheme of DC voltage of SIEG for feed the pump are presented under step change in wind speed. The simulation results showed a good performance of the global proposed control system.

  2. Application of crosswell seismic technique in detecting the gob area of coal mines

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    PAN Dong-ming; LI Hong-li; CHENG Jiu-long


    To date, significant exploitations of the coal mines have left a considerable number of undetermined empty spaces, also known as the gob areas, behind. The existence of these areas could make the overlaying terrane lose the gravity support. The inhomogeneous sinkage of the overlaying terrane could destroy the buildings constructed on it dramatically, which has currently been a classical geological disaster. In the current study, the crosswell seismic mechanism was addressed and applied to detect the gob area distribution and, espcially, to measure the compaction extent of the gob areas. The results clearly show that the crosswell seismic technique is a very powerful method to discover the distribution and compation degree of the gob areas. More importantly, the current findings provided a novel way for evaluating the compaction extent of the gob areas.

  3. GA application to optimization of AGC in three-area power system after deregulation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Demiroren, A.; Zeynelgil, H.L. [Istanbul Technical University, Electric and Electronics Faculty, Maslak, 34469 Istanbul (Turkey)


    In this paper, genetic algorithm (GA), which is used for optimization of integral gains and bias factors, is applied to automatic generation control (AGC) in three-area power system after deregulation. The conventional three-area AGC system is modified to take into account the effect of bilateral contracts on the dynamics. In the considered power system, each area contains two GENCOs; GENCOs at the first and the second areas include steam turbines and GENCOs at the third area include hydro turbines as generating units. After deregulation, to describe bilateral contract for three-area AGC, DISCO participation matrix is used. The performance of the system is studied for different operating cases, in terms of the conventional controller gains and bias factors optimized using real coded GA. (author)

  4. Research of Application of Passive Natural Ventilated Strategies of High-Density Urban Area

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    DeXuan Song; ShaoYu Liu; SiJie Liu


    High⁃density development is becoming an inevitable tendency in Chinese urbanization. In this study, the application of natural ventilation in high⁃density urban development is discussed. Based on the domestic and foreign study on natural ventilation, indoor and outdoor natural ventilated strategies, and the application on natural ventilation in underground space development are analyzed. From the study, the relationship between passive and active ventilated technologies is interpreted into what is described to be synergistic, complementary and additive.

  5. Applicability of non-destructive substitutes for leaf area in different stands of Norway spruce (Picea abies L. Karst.) focusing on traditional forest crown measures. (United States)

    Laubhann, Daniel; Eckmüllner, Otto; Sterba, Hubert


    Since individual tree leaf area is an important measure for productivity as well as for site occupancy, it is of high interest in many studies about forest growth. The exact determination of leaf area is nearly impossible. Thus, a common way to get information about leaf area is to use substitutes. These substitutes are often variables which are collected in a destructive way which is not feasible for long term studies. Therefore, this study aimed at testing the applicability of using substitutes for leaf area which could be collected in a non-destructive way, namely crown surface area and crown projection area. In 8 stands of Norway spruce (Picea abies L. Karst.), divided into three age classes and two thinning treatments, a total of 156 trees were felled in order to test the relationship between leaf area and crown surface area and crown projection area, respectively. Individual tree leaf area of the felled sample trees was estimated by 3P-branch sampling with an accuracy of ±10%. Crown projection area and crown surface area were compared with other, more commonly used, but destructive predictors of leaf area, namely sapwood area at different heights on the bole. Our investigations confirmed findings of several studies that sapwood area is the most precise measure for leaf area because of the high correlation between sapwood area and the leaf area. But behind sapwood area at crown base and sapwood area at three tenth of the tree height the predictive ability of crown surface area was ranked third and even better than that of sapwood area at breast height (R(2) = 0.656 compared with 0.600). Within the stands leaf area is proportional to crown surface area. Using the pooled data of all stands a mixed model approach showed that additionally to crown surface area dominant height and diameter at breast height (dbh) improved the leaf area estimates. Thus, taking dominant height and dbh into account, crown surface area can be recommended for estimating the leaf area

  6. Integrated tsunami vulnerability and risk assessment: application to the coastal area of El Salvador (United States)

    González-Riancho, P.; Aguirre-Ayerbe, I.; García-Aguilar, O.; Medina, R.; González, M.; Aniel-Quiroga, I.; Gutiérrez, O. Q.; Álvarez-Gómez, J. A.; Larreynaga, J.; Gavidia, F.


    Advances in the understanding and prediction of tsunami impacts allow for the development of risk reduction strategies for tsunami-prone areas. This paper presents a tsunami vulnerability and risk assessment for the case study of El Salvador, the applied methodology dealing with the complexity and variability of coastal zones by means of (i) an integral approach to cover the entire risk-related process from the hazard, vulnerability and risk assessments to the final risk management; (ii) an integrated approach to combine and aggregate the information stemming from the different dimensions of coupled human and natural systems; and (iii) a dynamic and scale-dependent approach to integrate the spatiotemporal variability considerations. This work also aims at establishing a clear connection to translate the vulnerability and risk assessment results into adequate target-oriented risk reduction measures, trying to bridge the gap between science and management for the tsunami hazard. The approach is applicable to other types of hazards, having been successfully applied to climate-change-related flooding hazard.

  7. Flood risk management: cases studies in French Mediterranean area

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Defossez Stéphanie


    Full Text Available In France, for a long time, flood risk management has only oriented to controlling flood hazard with structural measures such as dikes. But since 1990’s many events have proved they have not totally efficient measures. So, institutions decided it’s necessary to manage flood risk with others ways like prevention. Risk management is so organize about holistic policies with different stakeholders and societies exposed at risk. Our study have the aim to demonstrate through several examples how flood risk is manage in French Mediterranean area. Post event feedback permit us to evaluate damage and crisis management. This method is use for show if this strategies is efficient or not. This study demonstrate how is risk management in France. Regulations are they efficient, so have they an influence about the reduction of deaths and damages? Individual measures are they more important than collective action? Finally, what policies and strategies are used and effective? The main results about cases studies show that natural event has most important that publics policies and it determines preventive policies.

  8. Small Glacier Area Studies: A New Approach for Turkey (United States)

    Yavasli, Dogukan D.; Tucker, Compton J.


    Many regions of Earth have glaciers that have been neglected for study because they are small. We report on a new approach to overcome the problem of studying small glaciers, using Turkey as an example. Prior to our study, no reliable estimates of Turkish glaciers existed because of a lack of systematic mapping, difficulty in using Landsat data collected before 1982, snowpack vs. glacier ice differentiation using existing satellite data and aerial photography, the previous high cost of Landsat images, and a lack of high-resolution imagery of small Turkish glaciers. Since 2008, a large number of Turkey. We also used five Landsat-3 Return Beam Videcon (RBV) 30 m pixel resolution images, all from 1980, for six glaciers. The total area of Turkish glaciers decreased from 23 km2 in the 1970s to 10.1 km2 in 2007-2011. By 2007-2011, six Turkish glaciers disappeared, four were < 0.3 km2, and only three were 1.0 km2 or larger. No trends in precipitation from 1970 to 2006 and cloud cover from 1980 to 2010 were found, while surface temperatures increased, with summer minimum temperatures showing the greatest increase. We conclude that increased surface temperatures during the summer were responsible for the 56% recession of Turkish glaciers from the 1970s to 2006-2011.

  9. MSAT wide-area fleet management: End-user requirements and applications (United States)

    Pedersen, Allister


    MSAT (Mobile SATellite) Services will become a reality in North America in 1995. MSAT will provide wide-area voice, data and fax services to land, marine and aeronautical mobile users anywhere in North America including 200 nautical miles off the coasts and into the Arctic waters. MSAT will also convey GPS position information from mobiles to dispatch centers. One broad application of MSAT is Wide Area Fleet Management (WAFM). This paper defines WAFM, outlines end-user requirements and identifies potential applications of MSAT WAFM. The paper draws from information obtained in several preMSAT WAFM field trials in land, marine and aeronautical mobile environments. The paper concludes with an outline of the potential benefits of MSAT WAFM.

  10. Tsunami evacuation analysis, modelling and planning: application to the coastal area of El Salvador (United States)

    Gonzalez-Riancho, Pino; Aguirre-Ayerbe, Ignacio; Aniel-Quiroga, Iñigo; Abad Herrero, Sheila; González Rodriguez, Mauricio; Larreynaga, Jeniffer; Gavidia, Francisco; Quetzalcoalt Gutiérrez, Omar; Álvarez-Gómez, Jose Antonio; Medina Santamaría, Raúl


    for the classification and prioritization of the gathered information, in order to formulate an optimal evacuation plan. The framework has been applied to the El Salvador case study through the project "Tsunami Hazard and Risk Assessment in El Salvador", funded by AECID during the period 2009-12, demonstrating its applicability to site-specific response times and population characteristics.

  11. Technology of fiber-optic temperature sensing and its application in temperature measuring of gob area

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LIU Jing-wen; HUANG Li-ming


    Based on advantages of technology of distributive fiber-optic temperature sensing and specific to its applications in monitoring mine conflagration, the corresponding Processes such as connection arrangement, signal transmission and monitoring were illustrated. As applied in Sitai Coal Mine of Datong Coal Mine Group Co., this method is effective and accurate and could provide reliable gist for monitoring spontaneous combustion in gob area of mines.

  12. Internet-based Wide Area Measurement Applications in Deregulated Power Systems


    Khatib, Abdel Rahman Amin


    Internet-Based Wide Area Measurement Applications in Deregulated Power Systems Abdel-Rahman Amin Khatib Abstract Since the deregulation of power systems was started in 1989 in the UK, many countries have been motivated to undergo deregulation. The United State started deregulation in the energy sector in California back in 1996. Since that time many other states have also started the deregulation procedures in different utilities. Most of the deregulation market in the United St...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Emulsions from the wells in the Suplac area create great difficulties in removing water due to their specifications. A complex study was conducted in order to eliminate water from emulsions using alkaline-surfactants. The choice of surfactant was made after the chromatographic SARA analysis of emulsions and the determination of their physical properties: density, viscosity, organic acidity. The samples were taken from two wells in the Suplac area. In the case of samples from A well the variation of density is 907 - 955 kg·m-3 for crude oil and 928 - 970 kg·m-3 for emulsion, while the rheological behavior of the emulsion varies between 0.680 to 0.995 Pa·s at a temperature of 25 °C and between 0.049 to 0.328 Pa·s at a temperature of 80 °C. For samples from B well the variation of density is 855 - 905 kg·m-3 for crude oil and 939 - 970 kg·m-3 for emulsion, while the rheological behavior of the emulsion varies between 0.149 to 0.797 Pa·s at a temperature of 25 °C and between 0.014 to 0.397 Pa·s at a temperature of 80 °C. The justification for choosing R - DP surfactant like reagent was based on laboratory tests which showed a maximum efficiency at 80 °C (95.69 for B and 98.75 % for A.

  14. Functional Imaging of Broca’s Area in Native Persian Speakers: An fMRI Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A Mahdavi


    Full Text Available Background/Objective: The problem of localization of speech associated cortices using noninvasive methods has been of utmost importance in many neuroimaging studies, but the results are difficult to resolve for specific neurosurgical applications. In this study, we used fMRI to delineate language-related brain activation patterns with emphasis on the Broca's area during the execution of two Persian language tasks."nPatients and Methods: The subjects comprised of nine healthy right-handed men who participated voluntarily in this study. They performed two consequent fMRI paradigms namely; "Word Production" and "Reverse Word Reading". The fMRI data were collected and analyzed. Then, functional images were registered to anatomical images using FSL software. The laterality indices were also calculated in regions of interest with different threshold levels."nResults: The results indicate that Broca's area, as the classical language-production center, was robustly activated while performing these two tasks. In eight out of nine subjects, the left hemisphere dominancy and Broca's area activation were observed and in one case activation was prominent in the homologous area in the right hemisphere."nConclusion: Similar pattern of cortical activation during Persian word production and Anglophone languages such as English was revealed. fMRI is a valuable means for brain mapping in language studies.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    F. Azordegan


    Full Text Available Despite the care taken to ensure the quality of date collected by enumeration and sampling, the final tabulation will sometimes give obvious indication of errors in basic information. Evaluation of these errors furnishes those who use such a study and sampling. More general, the finding in these studies should be helpful to others that conduct surveys. In order to compare the age composition of the rural areas between two provinces of IRAN, i.e. AZARBAIJAN, and ISFAHAN, a sample of each has selected (8 and 23 counties respectively.The main idea was to evaluate the errors in age recording and the effect of digit preference on the age composition of the population. It became evident that, AZARBAIJAN has a smaller family size, lower median age, higher sex ratio and lower dependency ratio than ISFAHAN. More over, the age pyramid of ISFAHAN has a better shape and more regular than AZARBAIJAN and therefore the Myer’s Index which determines the degree of dispersion in age reporting is lower in ISFAHAN which may be the result of higher literacy in ISFAHAN. Generally men in both samples report their age more precisely than women.

  16. Duke Energy Photovoltaic Integration Study: Carolinas Service Areas

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lu, Shuai; Samaan, Nader A.; Meng, Da; Chassin, Forrest S.; Zhang, Yu; Vyakaranam, Bharat; Warwick, William M.; Fuller, Jason C.; Diao, Ruisheng; Nguyen, Tony B.; Jin, Chunlian


    Solar energy collected using photovoltaic (PV) technology is a clean and renewable energy source that offers multiple benefits to the electric utility industry and its customers, such as cost predictability, reduced emissions, and loss reduction by distributed installations. Renewable energy goals established in North Carolina Senate Bill 3 (SB3), in combination with the state tax credit and decreases in the cost of energy from PV panels, have resulted in rapid solar power penetration within the Carolinas services areas of Duke Energy. Continued decreases in PV prices are expected to lead to greater PV penetration rates than currently required in SB3. Despite the potential benefits, significant penetration of PV energy is of concern to the utility industry because of its impact on operating reliability and integration cost to customers, and equally important, how any additional costs may be allocated to different customer groups. Some of these impacts might become limiting factors for PV energy, especially growing distributed generation installed at customer sites. Recognizing the importance of renewable energy developments for a sustainable energy future and economic growth, Duke Energy has commissioned this study to simulate the effects of high-PV penetration rates and to initiate the process of quantifying the impacts. The objective of the study is to inform resource plans, guide operation improvements, and drive infrastructure investments for a steady and smooth transition to a new energy mix that provides optimal values to customers. The study team consists of experts from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Power Costs, Inc. (PCI), Clean Power Research (CPR), Alstom Grid, and Duke Energy. PNNL, PCI, and CPR performed the study on generation impacts; Duke Energy modeled the transmission cases; and distribution simulations were conducted by Alstom Grid. PNNL analyzed the results from each work stream and produced the report.

  17. Offshore wind; proposed study areas; Havvind; forslag til utredningsomraader

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Drivenes, Arvid; Eirum, Tale; Johnson, Nils Henrik; Mindeberg, Sigrun Kavli; Lunde, Synnoeve; Undem, Linn Silje; Veggeland, Kirsti; Veie-Rosvoll, Brit; Voksoe, Astrid


    The report suggests areas that may be suitable for establishing of offshore wind power, and should be further evaluated in a strategic environmental impact assessment, as it is designed to through Proposition. No. 107 (2008-2009). The proposed areas is shown in Figure 1 Eleven of the areas suitable for fixed installations and four sites suitable for floating installations. The work of the report has been carried out by a Directorate group led by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate. (AG)

  18. Importance of Data Mining with Different Types of Data Applications and Challenging Areas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ms. Aruna J. Chamatkar


    Full Text Available Data mining is an increasingly popular set of tools for dealing with large amounts of data, often collected in haphazard fashion with many missing values. This type of huge amount of data’s are available in the form of tera- to peta-bytes which has drastically changed in the areas of science and engineering. To analyze, manage and make a decision of such type of huge amount of data there are need to techniques called the data mining which will transforming in many fields. In Data Mining data sets will be explored to yield hidden and unknown predictions which can be used in future for the efficient decision making. Data Mining that involves pattern recognition, mathematical and statistical techniques to search data Warehouses and help the analyst in recognizing significant trends, facts relationships and anomalies. In this paper we discuss the importance of data mining , different challenging areas and application areas in data mining .

  19. Submerged macrophyte communities in the Forsmark area. Building of a GIS application as a tool for biomass estimations

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fredriksson, Ronny [Univ. of Kalmar (Sweden)


    The aim of this study was to compile the information from previous studies to produce a GIS application that both illustrates the distribution of different vegetation communities and also makes it possible to estimate the total biomass of the different vegetation communities and its associated fauna. The GIS application was created by means of the software Arc View 3.3 by Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. Distribution readings and quantitative data of submerged macrophyte communities and its associated fauna was obtained from studies by Kautsky et al. and by Borgiel. Information about the macrophyte distribution in Laangoersviken, located in the northern parts of Kallrigafjaerden, was obtained from a report by Upplandsstiftelsen. Information about water depth and bottom substrate was available as USGS DEM file, produced by Geological Survey of Sweden. Complementary data of the covering degree of submerged vegetation was obtained from a study using an under water video camera by Tobiasson. Quantitative data on macrophyte and faunal biomass were either obtained from the primary SKB data base SICADA or directly from reports. Samples were compiled and analysed according to dominating vegetation. The work was carried out as follows: Where information about the bottom substrate was available polygons were created by means of the substrate shape file and depth grid from Geological Survey of Sweden. The vegetation community and the covering degree on a certain depth and substrate combination were determined by compiled information from studies by Kautsky and by Borgiel. All observations from a certain bottom substrate were analysed to find the dominating vegetation within different depth ranges. After determining the dominating vegetation, the covering degrees of different macrophyte classes within each depth range were calculated as a mean of all readings. Areas without information about the bottom substrate, but still adjacent to areas included in the

  20. Preliminary study on hydrogeology in tectonically active areas.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lowry, Thomas Stephen; Lappin, Allen R.; Gettemy, Glen L.; Jensen, Richard Pearson; Arnold, Bill Walter; James, Scott Carlton; Lee, Moo Yul; Meier, Diane A.


    This report represents the final product of a background literature review conducted for the Nuclear Waste Management Organization of Japan (NUMO) by Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. Internationally, research of hydrological and transport processes in the context of high level waste (HLW) repository performance, has been extensive. However, most of these studies have been conducted for sites that are within tectonically stable regions. Therefore, in support of NUMO's goal of selecting a site for a HLW repository, this literature review has been conducted to assess the applicability of the output from some of these studies to the geological environment in Japan. Specifically, this review consists of two main tasks. The first was to review the major documents of the main HLW repository programs around the world to identify the most important hydrologic and transport parameters and processes relevant in each of these programs. The review was to assess the relative importance of processes and measured parameters to site characterization by interpretation of existing sensitivity analyses and expert judgment in these documents. The second task was to convene a workshop to discuss the findings of Task 1 and to prioritize hydrologic and transport parameters in the context of the geology of Japan. This report details the results and conclusions of both of these Tasks.

  1. Hanford Facility Dangerous Waste Permit Application, 200 Area Effluent Treatment Facility

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    The 200 Area Effluent Treatment Facility Dangerous Waste Permit Application documentation consists of both Part A and a Part B permit application documentation. An explanation of the Part A revisions associated with this treatment and storage unit, including the current revision, is provided at the beginning of the Part A section. Once the initial Hanford Facility Dangerous Waste Permit is issued, the following process will be used. As final, certified treatment, storage, and/or disposal unit-specific documents are developed, and completeness notifications are made by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Washington State Department of Ecology, additional unit-specific permit conditions will be incorporated into the Hanford Facility Dangerous Waste Permit through the permit modification process. All treatment, storage, and/or disposal units that are included in the Hanford Facility Dangerous Waste Permit Application will operate under interim status until final status conditions for these units are incorporated into the Hanford Facility Dangerous Waste Permit. The Hanford Facility Dangerous Waste Permit Application, 200 Area Effluent Treatment Facility contains information current as of May 1, 1993.

  2. The LACDA (Los Angeles County Drainage Area) System Recreation Study, Los Angeles County Drainage Area. (United States)


    In orderto facilitate a comparison of bicyclists. The two-mile distance reflects the same with the earlier projects, the cost figures and format ...Trails Los Cerritos Bicycle Trail Verdugo Wash (Upper End) Bicycle and Equestrian Trails 4 13 A.k, TABLE 4 1. COST ANALYSIS FORMAT AND UNIT COSTS Coa...areaes for west as Pierce College Big Dalton - from Barranca Ave. to Foothill Boulevard, providing &cc@= to South Hills Park in Glendora Coyote Creek

  3. Effective leaf area index retrieving from terrestrial point cloud data: coupling computational geometry application and Gaussian mixture model clustering (United States)

    Jin, S.; Tamura, M.; Susaki, J.


    Leaf area index (LAI) is one of the most important structural parameters of forestry studies which manifests the ability of the green vegetation interacted with the solar illumination. Classic understanding about LAI is to consider the green canopy as integration of horizontal leaf layers. Since multi-angle remote sensing technique developed, LAI obliged to be deliberated according to the observation geometry. Effective LAI could formulate the leaf-light interaction virtually and precisely. To retrieve the LAI/effective LAI from remotely sensed data therefore becomes a challenge during the past decades. Laser scanning technique can provide accurate surface echoed coordinates with densely scanned intervals. To utilize the density based statistical algorithm for analyzing the voluminous amount of the 3-D points data is one of the subjects of the laser scanning applications. Computational geometry also provides some mature applications for point cloud data (PCD) processing and analysing. In this paper, authors investigated the feasibility of a new application for retrieving the effective LAI of an isolated broad leaf tree. Simplified curvature was calculated for each point in order to remove those non-photosynthetic tissues. Then PCD were discretized into voxel, and clustered by using Gaussian mixture model. Subsequently the area of each cluster was calculated by employing the computational geometry applications. In order to validate our application, we chose an indoor plant to estimate the leaf area, the correlation coefficient between calculation and measurement was 98.28 %. We finally calculated the effective LAI of the tree with 6 × 6 assumed observation directions.

  4. Lifecycle Assessment of Beijing-Area Building Energy Use and Emissions: Summary Findings and Policy Applications

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Aden, Nathaniel; Qin, Yining; Fridley, David


    Buildings are at the locus of three trends driving China's increased energy use and emissions: urbanization, growing personal consumption, and surging heavy industrial production. Migration to cities and urban growth create demand for new building construction. Higher levels of per-capita income and consumption drive building operational energy use with demand for higher intensity lighting, thermal comfort, and plug-load power. Demand for new buildings, infrastructure, and electricity requires heavy industrial production. In order to quantify the implications of China's ongoing urbanization, rising personal consumption, and booming heavy industrial sector, this study presents a lifecycle assessment (LCA) of the energy use and carbon emissions related to residential and commercial buildings. The purpose of the LCA model is to quantify the impact of a given building and identify policy linkages to mitigate energy demand and emissions growth related to China's new building construction. As efficiency has become a higher priority with growing energy demand, policy and academic attention to buildings has focused primarily on operational energy use. Existing studies estimate that building operational energy consumption accounts for approximately 25% of total primary energy use in China. However, buildings also require energy for mining, extracting, processing, manufacturing, and transporting materials, as well as energy for construction, maintenance, and decommissioning. Building and supporting infrastructure construction is a major driver of industry consumption--in 2008 industry accounted for 72% of total Chinese energy use. The magnitude of new building construction is large in China--in 2007, for example, total built floor area reached 58 billion square meters. During the construction boom in 2007 and 2008, more than two billion m{sup 2} of building space were added annually; China's recent construction is estimated to account for half of global

  5. Studies in Statistical Optics - Theory & Application (United States)


    RAGHUNATHAN, S.B. Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science , Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands...AFRL-OSR-VA-TR-2015-0211 Studies in Statistical Optics - Theory & Application Emil Wolf UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER Final Report 07/29/2015 DISTRIBUTION...SUBTITLE Studies in Statistical Optics - Theory & Application 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER FA9550-12-1-0284 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR

  6. Study on trace elements in gangue in Huainan mining area

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cai, F.; Liu, Z.; Lin, B.; Li, W.; Lu, Z. [Anhui University of Science and Technology, Huainan (China)


    46 samples were gathered from coal seams and rocks of various lithological types. In these samples, trace elements were analyzed by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (IAP-MS)and instrumental neutron activation analysis (IAA). Hg was analyzed by cold-vapor atomic absorption spectrometry (KVASS), F by ion-selective electrode (IS) and major elements by chemical methods. Eleven trace elements (Cd, Cu, Ni, Sn, Hg, Mn, As, Cr, Pb, Zn, F) were selected for study, and five of them, Cd, Cu, Ni, Sn, Hg, were above the background soil level (B.L.) of Huainan City, China and world averages. Respectively: Cd is 40 and 7 times the B.L. of Huainan City and the world; Cu is about 2 and 1.5 times the B.L. of Huainan City and the world; Ni is 8 and 7 times the B.L. of Huainan City and the world; Sn is 3 and 2 times the B.L. of Huainan City and the world; and Hg is 3,602 and 1,381 times the B.L. of Huainan City and the world. Their hazards caused to the environment of the mining area are explored primarily. It is thought that their hazards may be cumulative. 15 refs., 1 fig., 3 tabs.

  7. A dispersion study of CO2 in a closed area (United States)

    Korinek, Tomas; Frana, Karel


    Predictions of air pollution dispersion in an indoor environment are important outputs to control a fresh air ventilation or energy building efficiency. This study deals with numerical simulations of a formation and dispersion of carbon dioxide (CO2) in a closed area. Numerical simulations were carried out by the Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) approach. A simple domain with one pollution source was used for a validation of the mathematical model, in which values of the CO2 concentration were calculated using CFD and measured. The CO2 was created as a combustion product of the ethanol. There were used two different methods for the calculation of the CO2 formation. The first method adopted the species transport model with reactions and the second method was the non-premix combustion model based on the mixture fraction theory. The third method used in numerical simulations was a constant mass flow inlet of CO2. All computational methods provided a sufficient agreement of the CO2 concentration with the experimental data.

  8. Mapping urban climate zones and quantifying climate behaviors - An application on Toulouse urban area (France)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Houet, Thomas, E-mail: [GEODE UMR 5602 CNRS, Universite de Toulouse, 5 allee Antonio Machado, 31058 Toulouse Cedex (France); Pigeon, Gregoire [Centre National de Recherches Meteorologiques, Meteo-France/CNRM-GAME, 42 avenue Coriolis, 31057 Toulouse Cedex (France)


    Facing the concern of the population to its environment and to climatic change, city planners are now considering the urban climate in their choices of planning. The use of climatic maps, such Urban Climate Zone-UCZ, is adapted for this kind of application. The objective of this paper is to demonstrate that the UCZ classification, integrated in the World Meteorological Organization guidelines, first can be automatically determined for sample areas and second is meaningful according to climatic variables. The analysis presented is applied on Toulouse urban area (France). Results show first that UCZ differentiate according to air and surface temperature. It has been possible to determine the membership of sample areas to an UCZ using landscape descriptors automatically computed with GIS and remote sensed data. It also emphasizes that climate behavior and magnitude of UCZ may vary from winter to summer. Finally we discuss the influence of climate data and scale of observation on UCZ mapping and climate characterization. - Highlights: > We proposed a method to map Urban Climate Zones and quantify their climate behaviors. > UCZ is an expert-based classification and is integrated in the WMO guidelines. > We classified 26 sample areas and quantified climate behaviors in winter/summer. > Results enhance urban heat islands and outskirts are surprisingly hottest in summer. > Influence of scale and climate data on UCZ mapping and climate evaluation is discussed. - This paper presents an automated approach to classify sample areas in a UCZ using landscape descriptors and demonstrate that climate behaviors of UCZ differ.

  9. An area model for on-chip memories and its application (United States)

    Mulder, Johannes M.; Quach, Nhon T.; Flynn, Michael J.


    An area model suitable for comparing data buffers of different organizations and arbitrary sizes is described. The area model considers the supplied bandwidth of a memory cell and includes such buffer overhead as control logic, driver logic, and tag storage. The model gave less than 10 percent error when verified against real caches and register files. It is shown that, comparing caches and register files in terms of area for the same storage capacity, caches generally occupy more area per bit than register files for small caches because the overhead dominates the cache area at these sizes. For larger caches, the smaller storage cells in the cache provide a smaller total cache area per bit than the register set. Studying cache performance (traffic ratio) as a function of area, it is shown that, for small caches, direct-mapped caches perform significantly better than four-way set-associative caches and, for caches of medium areas, both direct-mapped and set-associative caches perform better than fully associative caches.

  10. Electrical distribution studies for the 200 Area tank farms

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fisler, J.B.


    This is an engineering study providing reliability numbers for various design configurations as well as computer analyses (Captor/Dapper) of the existing distribution system to the 480V side of the unit substations. The objective of the study was to assure the adequacy of the existing electrical system components from the connection at the high voltage supply point through the transformation and distribution equipment to the point where it is reduced to its useful voltage level. It also was to evaluate the reasonableness of proposed solutions of identified deficiencies and recommendations of possible alternate solutions. The electrical utilities are normally considered the most vital of the utility systems on a site because all other utility systems depend on electrical power. The system accepts electric power from the external sources, reduces it to a lower voltage, and distributes it to end-use points throughout the site. By classic definition, all utility systems extend to a point 5 feet from the facility perimeter. An exception is made to this definition for the electric utilities at this site. The electrical Utility System ends at the low voltage section of the unit substation, which reduces the voltage from 13.8 kV to 2,400, 480, 277/480 or 120/208 volts. These transformers are located at various distances from existing facilities. The adequacy of the distribution system which transports the power from the main substation to the individual area substations and other load centers is evaluated and factored into the impact of the future load forecast.

  11. [Graduate studies in history: trends and prospects for the area]. (United States)

    Fico, Carlos


    Historian and coordinator of the history area in Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior (Capes), Carlos Fico discusses the criteria and challenges of evaluation faced by Fundação Capes and analyzes the panorama of the field. He criticizes academic productivism, deals with the distortions in the training of the historian, the dilemma with respect to the expected profile of the academic master and comments on the internationalization efforts of the subject. He advocates greater maturity of the area in terms of acknowledging and meeting social demands, as well as enhancing internal procedures in the area, such as peer review.

  12. Investigating the Minimum Size of Study Area for an Activity-Based Travel Demand Forecasting Model

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Qiong Bao


    Full Text Available Nowadays, considerable attention has been paid to the activity-based approach for transportation planning and forecasting by both researchers and practitioners. However, one of the practical limitations of applying most of the currently available activity-based models is their computation time, especially when large amount of population and detailed geographical unit level are taken into account. In this research, we investigated the possibility of restraining the size of the study area in order to reduce the computation time when applying an activity-based model, as it is often the case that only a small territory rather than the whole region is the focus of a specific study. By introducing an accuracy level of the model, we proposed in this research an iteration approach to determine the minimum size of the study area required for a target territory. In the application, we investigated the required minimum size of the study area surrounding each of the 327 municipalities in Flanders, Belgium, with regard to two different transport modes, that is, car as driver and public transport. Afterwards, a validation analysis and a case study were conducted. All the experiments were carried out by using the FEATHERS, an activity-based microsimulation modeling framework currently implemented for the Flanders region of Belgium.

  13. 40 CFR Table 1 to Subpart Ddddddd... - Applicability of General Provisions to Prepared Feeds Manufacturing Area Sources (United States)


    ... Prepared Feeds Manufacturing Area Sources 1 Table 1 to Subpart DDDDDDD of Part 63 Protection of Environment... Pollutants for Area Sources: Prepared Feeds Manufacturing Pt. 63, Subpt. DDDDDDD, Table 1 Table 1 to Subpart DDDDDDD of Part 63—Applicability of General Provisions to Prepared Feeds Manufacturing Area Sources...

  14. Earthquake Monitoring and Study in the Jingpohu Volcano Cluster Area

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Liu Zhi; Duan Yonghong; Xu Zhaofan; Yuan Qinxi; Yang Jian; Zhou Xuesong


    Seismicity in the Jingpohu volcanic area was investigated based on the seismic data recorded by the mobile seismic network consisting of 14 stations equipped with 24-bit broad-band 3- component seismographs around Crater Forest. Results show that there appears certain seismicity in Jingpohu and its adjacent areas with a low activity level and most of the recorded earthquakes are the volcanic-tectonic ones. The results of location indicate a dominant focal depth of 10km - 30km, most of the earthquakes are smaller than ML>2.0, and are concentrated in the area of "Crater Forest" and on the Dunhua-Mishan fault which runs through the volcanic area. At station No.2, which has better observation conditions, two types of events, likely associated to volcanism, were recorded; their waveform characteristics are somewhat similar to that of the long-period volcanic event and the volcanic tremor, but with different feature of frequencies.

  15. Child Labor in Pakistan: A Study of the Lahore Area. (United States)

    Ahmed, Mian Aftab


    Child labor is exceptionally extensive in Pakistan. An interview survey in the Lahore area documented the magnitude, causes, and effects of child labor. Steps for fighting this problem are recommended. (BC)

  16. Area Handbook Series: South Africa, A Country Study, (United States)


    eucalyptus (mainly for use as mine props) and on the Australian acacias (wattles) whose bark was a major source of tannin for the leather industry...the 1920s that the so-called civilized (in essence White) labor policy was introduced, the forerunner of legislation that reevd eti jobs for Whites...Black settlement within areas reserved for Whites has in essence treated all Black laborers in those areas as members of a "temporary" work force. In

  17. Metal Oxide Thin Film Growth by Laser Ablation and Its Applications in High Surface Area Photoanodes (United States)

    Ghosh, Rudresh

    Thin films are widely used in various applications, including but not limited to simple reflective coatings for mirrors, electrodes for lithium batteries, conducting substrates for electronic circuits, gas sensors and solar cells. As the scope of their applications has widened over the years so has the need to obtain different structural motifs for thin films. A large variety of fabrication techniques are commonly employed to obtain these structures. Pulsed laser deposition (PLD) can be used to obtain films varying from extremely compact and only a few angstroms thick to micron thick porous structures. In this dissertation I introduce a model for predicting different structures as a function of laser parameters and deposition environments in a pulsed laser deposition system. This is followed by a comparison of simulated and experimentally obtained structures. I then use this model to obtain tailored structures suited for individual applications. One of the unique structures obtained using the PLD consists of vertically-aligned structures with nanoparticles as their building blocks. I investigate the superiority of this unique structure over random nanoparticle networks as photoanodes for titanium dioxide (TiO 2)-based dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC). UV-Vis studies show that there is a 1.4 x enhancement of surface area for PLD-TiO2 photoanodes compared to the best sol-gel films. PLD-TiO2 incident photon to current efficiency (IPCE) values are comparable to 3 x thicker sol-gel films and nearly 92% absorbed photon to current efficiency (APCE) values have been observed for optimized structures. I also examine the suitability of PLD-synthesized niobium oxide (Nb2O5) and tantalum-doped titanium oxide (Ta: TiO2) as photoanode materials. For optimized PLD-Nb2 O5 based DSSCs IPCE values up to 40%, APCE values around 90% and power conversion efficiency of 2.41% were obtained. DSSCs made of PLD-Ta:TiO2 show enhanced photocurrents as well photo efficiency over those based

  18. Consumer nueroscience: a new area of study for biomedical engineers. (United States)

    Babiloni, Fabio


    In scientific literature, the most accepted definition of consumer neuroscience or neuromarketing is that it is a field of study concerning the application of neuroscience methods to analyze and understand human behavior related to markets and marketing exchanges. First, it might seem strange that marketers would be interested in using neuroscience to understand consumer's preferences. Yet in practice, the basic goal of marketers is to guide the design and presentation of products in such a way that they are highly compatible with consumer preferences. To understand consumers preferences, several standard research tools are commonly used by marketers, such as personal interviews with the consumers, scoring questionnaries gathered from consumers, and focus groups. The reason marketing researchers are interested in using brain imaging tools instead of simply asking people for their preferences in front of marketing stimuli, arises from the assumption that people cannot (or do not want to) fully explain their preference when explicitly asked. Researchers in the field hypothesize that neuroimaging tools can access information within the consumer's brain during the generation of a preference or the observation of a commercial advertisement. The question of will this information be useful in further promoting the product is still up for debate in marketing literature. From the marketing researchers point of view, there is a hope that this body of brain imaging techniques will provide an efficient tradeoff between costs and benefits of the research. Currently, neuroscience methodology includes powerful brain imaging tools based on the gathering of hemodynamic or electromagnetic signals related to the human brain activity during the performance of a relevant task for marketing objectives. These tools are briefly reviewed in this article.

  19. FANN-Based Surface Water Quality Evaluation Model and Its Application in the Shaoguan Area

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    YANG Meini; LI Dingfang; YANG Jinbo; XIONG Wei


    A fuzzy neural network model is proposed to evaluate water quality. The model contains two parts: first, fuzzy mathematics theory is used to standardize the samples; second, the RBF neural network and the BP neural network are used to train the standardized samples. The proposed model was applied to assess the water quality of 16 sections in 9 rivers in the Shaoguan area in 2005. The evaluation result was compared with that of the RBF neural network method and the reported results in the Shaoguan area in 2005. It indicated that the performance of the proposed fuzzy neural network model is practically feasible in the application of water quality assessment and its operation is simple.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elena Villa


    Full Text Available The problem of the evaluation of the so-called specific area of a random closed set, in connection with its mean boundary measure, is mentioned in the classical book by Matheron on random closed sets (Matheron, 1975, p. 50; it is still an open problem, in general. We offer here an overview of some recent results concerning the existence of the specific area of inhomogeneous Boolean models, unifying results from geometric measure theory and from stochastic geometry. A discussion of possible applications to image analysis concerning the estimation of the mean surface density of random closed sets, and, in particular, to material science concerning birth-and-growth processes, is also provided.

  1. Ultra-low thermal conductivities in large-area Si-Ge nanomeshes for thermoelectric applications. (United States)

    Perez-Taborda, Jaime Andres; Muñoz Rojo, Miguel; Maiz, Jon; Neophytou, Neophytos; Martin-Gonzalez, Marisol


    In this work, we measure the thermal and thermoelectric properties of large-area Si0.8Ge0.2 nano-meshed films fabricated by DC sputtering of Si0.8Ge0.2 on highly ordered porous alumina matrices. The Si0.8Ge0.2 film replicated the porous alumina structure resulting in nano-meshed films. Very good control of the nanomesh geometrical features (pore diameter, pitch, neck) was achieved through the alumina template, with pore diameters ranging from 294 ± 5nm down to 31 ± 4 nm. The method we developed is able to provide large areas of nano-meshes in a simple and reproducible way, being easily scalable for industrial applications. Most importantly, the thermal conductivity of the films was reduced as the diameter of the porous became smaller to values that varied from κ = 1.54 ± 0.27 W K(-1)m(-1), down to the ultra-low κ = 0.55 ± 0.10 W K(-1)m(-1) value. The latter is well below the amorphous limit, while the Seebeck coefficient and electrical conductivity of the material were retained. These properties, together with our large area fabrication approach, can provide an important route towards achieving high conversion efficiency, large area, and high scalable thermoelectric materials.

  2. Ultra-low thermal conductivities in large-area Si-Ge nanomeshes for thermoelectric applications (United States)

    Perez-Taborda, Jaime Andres; Muñoz Rojo, Miguel; Maiz, Jon; Neophytou, Neophytos; Martin-Gonzalez, Marisol


    In this work, we measure the thermal and thermoelectric properties of large-area Si0.8Ge0.2 nano-meshed films fabricated by DC sputtering of Si0.8Ge0.2 on highly ordered porous alumina matrices. The Si0.8Ge0.2 film replicated the porous alumina structure resulting in nano-meshed films. Very good control of the nanomesh geometrical features (pore diameter, pitch, neck) was achieved through the alumina template, with pore diameters ranging from 294 ± 5nm down to 31 ± 4 nm. The method we developed is able to provide large areas of nano-meshes in a simple and reproducible way, being easily scalable for industrial applications. Most importantly, the thermal conductivity of the films was reduced as the diameter of the porous became smaller to values that varied from κ = 1.54 ± 0.27 W K−1m−1, down to the ultra-low κ = 0.55 ± 0.10 W K−1m−1 value. The latter is well below the amorphous limit, while the Seebeck coefficient and electrical conductivity of the material were retained. These properties, together with our large area fabrication approach, can provide an important route towards achieving high conversion efficiency, large area, and high scalable thermoelectric materials. PMID:27650202

  3. Wavy channel Thin Film Transistor for area efficient, high performance and low power applications

    KAUST Repository

    Hanna, Amir


    We report a new Thin Film Transistor (TFT) architecture that allows expansion of the device width using wavy (continuous without separation) fin features - termed as wavy channel (WC) architecture. This architecture allows expansion of transistor width in a direction perpendicular to the substrate, thus not consuming extra chip area, achieving area efficiency. The devices have shown for a 13% increase in the device width resulting in a maximum 2.4x increase in \\'ON\\' current value of the WCTFT, when compared to planar devices consuming the same chip area, while using atomic layer deposition based zinc oxide (ZnO) as the channel material. The WCTFT devices also maintain similar \\'OFF\\' current value, similar to 100 pA, when compared to planar devices, thus not compromising on power consumption for performance which usually happens with larger width devices. This work offers a pragmatic opportunity to use WCTFTs as backplane circuitry for large-area high-resolution display applications without any limitation any TFT materials.

  4. Wide-area thin film metal-semiconductor-metal photodetectors for lidar applications (United States)

    Morrison, Charles B.; Glinz, Andreas P.; Zhu, Zheng; Bechtel, James H.; Frimel, Steven M.; Roenker, Kenneth P.


    Novel interdigitated metal-semiconductor-metal structures offer new approaches for the development of broad-area, high-speed photodetectors to be used in optical free space communications and light detection and ranging applications. Inherent advantages include: lower capacitance than typical p-i-n structures, a wide dynamic range, and ease of fabrication. We have constructed broad area metal- semiconductor-metal photodetectors (MSM-PDs) by means of epitaxial liftoff and grafting technologies. Two computer models have been used to examine the effects of design parameters on the performance of broad-area, high-speed MSM- PD devices. The first model indicates that inverting the membrane so that the electrodes are placed between the non- conducting host substrate and the semiconductor material improves the signal-to-noise ration of the device, expanding its dynamic range. This model suggests that processing of the backside of the semiconductor material with antireflection coatings further improves device performance. Carrier collection behavior described by the second model suggests new electrode configurations for improved high speed operation which can only be applied to an inverted MSM-PD carried on a thin film membrane. A number of different fully passivated large area MSM-PD configurations have been fabricated and tested. Initial dark current data are compared favorably to published results.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tímea VAS


    Full Text Available The concept of remote and mobile Air Traffic Control Tower (ATC TWR and its development has started in Europe, Australia and also in the USA, in order to improve the efficiency of Air Traffic Management (ATM systems in terms of air transportation safety. These new technologies are applicable in many countries in peace time, but on mobility reasons these are promoted to achieve commitments in the operational area. This article describes the devices and range of equipment of mobile and remote tower, and their specifications, which can even serve a medium sized airport, furthermore examines, whether how can those provide the air traffic services at an operational airfield.

  6. Application of SOI Area Detectors to Synchrotron Radiation X-ray Experiments

    CERN Document Server

    Hashimoto, Ryo; Kumai, Reiji; Kishimoto, Shunji


    Application of new detectors using Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) technology has been started in the Photon Factory, KEK. This project has two purposes. The first purpose is to develop a pulse-counting-type X-ray detector which can be used in synchrotron soft X-ray experiments. The second one is to apply the SOI area detector developed by RIKEN, SOPHIAS, to X-ray diffraction and small-angle scattering experiments in Photon Factory. In this paper, we introduce the current status of our project.

  7. Identifying sensitive areas on intercultural contacts: An exploratory study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ignacio Ramos-Vidal


    Full Text Available This paper analyzes the negative influence that cultural friction areas can promote on intercultural contacts. First, we expose the critical incident method like cross-cultural training model (Arthur, 2001. Then we show the negative effects that sensitive cultural zones can exert on the formation of prejudices and stereotypes about culturally diverse groups, analyzing 77 critical incidents collected in two different formative contexts. The main cultural shock areas detected are a intercultural communication barriers, b gender roles, and c the cultural expressions statement. Strategies to improve the method validity are proposed.

  8. Application of source-receptor models to determine source areas of biological components (pollen and butterflies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. Alarcón


    Full Text Available The source-receptor models allow the establishment of relationships between a receptor point (sampling point and the probable source areas (regions of emission through the association of concentration values at the receptor point with the corresponding atmospheric back-trajectories, and, together with other techniques, to interpret transport phenomena on a synoptic scale. These models are generally used in air pollution studies to determine the areas of origin of chemical compounds measured at a sampling point, and thus be able to target actions to reduce pollutants. However, until now, few studies have applied these types of models to describe the source areas of biological organisms. In Catalonia there are very complete records of pollen (data from the Xarxa Aerobiològica de Catalunya, Aerobiology Network of Catalonia and butterflies (data from the Catalan Butterfly Monitoring Scheme, a biological material that is also liable to be transported long distances and whose areas of origin could be interesting to know. This work presents the results of the use of the Seibert et al. model applied to the study of the source regions of: (1 certain pollen of an allergic nature, observed in Catalonia and the Canary Islands, and (2 the migratory butterfly Vanessa cardui, observed in Catalonia. Based on the results obtained we can corroborate the suitability of these models to determine the area of origin of several species, both chemical and biological, therefore expanding the possibilities of applying the original model to the wider field of Aerobiology.

  9. Area Handbook Series. Uganda: A Country Study, 2nd Edition (United States)


    climate provides plentiful sunshine , moder- ated by the relatively high altitude of most areas of the country. Mean annual temperatures range from...spring water they called "the water of Yakan." To those who drank it, they promised restored health, eternal life, and the return of the ancestors and

  10. Study of hybrid power system potential to power agricultural water pump in mountain area (United States)

    Syuhada, Ahmad; Mubarak, Amir Zaki; Maulana, M. Ilham


    As industry and Indonesian economy grow fast, there are a lot of agricultural land has changed into housing and industrial land. This causes the agricultural land moves to mountain area. In mountainous agricultural area, farmers use the water resources of small rivers in the groove of the mountain to irrigate the farmland. Farmers use their power to lift up water from the river to their land which causes inefectivity in the work of the farmers. Farmers who have capital utilize pump to raise water to their land. The only way to use pump in mountain area is by using fuel energy as there is no electricity, and the fuel price in mountain area is very expensive. Based on those reasons it is wise to consider the exploration of renewable energy available in the area such as solar energy, wind energy and hybrid energy. This study analyses the potential of the application of hybrid power plant, which is the combination of solar and wind energy, to power agricultural pump. In this research, the data of wind speed and solar radiation are collected from the measurement of BMKG SMPK Plus Sare. Related to the solar energy, the photovoltaic output power calculation is 193 W with duration of irradiation of 5 hours/day. While for the wind energy, the output power of the wind turbine is 459.84 W with blade diameter of 3 m and blow duration of 7 hours/day. The power of the pump is 558 W with 8 hours of usage, and the water capacity is 2.520 liters/hour for farmland with the area of 15 ha. Based on the analysis result, the designed system will generate electricity of 3.210 kW/year with initial investment of US 14,938.

  11. Idaho National Laboratory Test Area North: Application of Endpoints to Guide Adaptive Remediation at a Complex Site: INL Test Area North: Application of Endpoints

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lee, M. Hope [PNNL Soil and Groundwater Program; Truex, Mike [PNNL; Freshley, Mark [PNNL; Wellman, Dawn [PNNL


    Complex sites are defined as those with difficult subsurface access, deep and/or thick zones of contamination, large areal extent, subsurface heterogeneities that limit the effectiveness of remediation, or where long-term remedies are needed to address contamination (e.g., because of long-term sources or large extent). The Test Area North at the Idaho National Laboratory, developed for nuclear fuel operations and heavy metal manufacturing, is used as a case study. Liquid wastes and sludge from experimental facilities were disposed in an injection well, which contaminated the subsurface aquifer located deep within fractured basalt. The wastes included organic, inorganic, and low-level radioactive constituents, with the focus of this case study on trichloroethylene. The site is used as an example of a systems-based framework that provides a structured approach to regulatory processes established for remediation under existing regulations. The framework is intended to facilitate remedy decisions and implementation at complex sites where restoration may be uncertain, require long timeframes, or involve use of adaptive management approaches. The framework facilitates site, regulator, and stakeholder interactions during the remedial planning and implementation process by using a conceptual model description as a technical foundation for decisions, identifying endpoints, which are interim remediation targets or intermediate decision points on the path to an ultimate end, and maintaining protectiveness during the remediation process. At the Test Area North, using a structured approach to implementing concepts in the endpoint framework, a three-component remedy is largely functioning as intended and is projected to meet remedial action objectives by 2095 as required. The remedy approach is being adjusted as new data become available. The framework provides a structured process for evaluating and adjusting the remediation approach, allowing site owners, regulators, and

  12. Application Research on Drag Reduced Conductors for Electric Power Transmission Lines in Strong Wind Areas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Li Dong Qing


    Full Text Available The breeze vibration duration of conductors is long, the vibration amplitude is strong and the frequency range is wide for electric power transmission lines in strong wind areas, which seriously affects the safe and stable operation of transmission lines. There are two design schemes of conductors which can achieve the purpose of reducing wind-induced disaster. One is enhancing the structural strength of conductors to withstand wind load, but the investment is enormous and the effect is limited. The other is developing drag reduced conductors to reduce wind load by changing conductor structure. This paper started from application feasibility analysis of drag reduced conductors and designed four drag reduced conductors by structure optimization of the conventional aluminium conductor steel reinforced JL/G1A-630/45-45/7, denoted as DFY630/45(45°-R3.5, DFY630/45(60°-R3.5, DFY630/45(45°–R3.2 and DFY630/45(60°-R3.2, respectively. The wind tunnel test was performed and the wind resistance coefficients in unit length of five conductors were compared. Result showed that the wind resistance coefficients in unit length of four drag reduced conductors were obviously lower than that of the conventional conductor. By controlling the manufacturing process, popularization and application of drag reduced conductors for transmission lines in strong wind areas can be realized.

  13. GIS applications for the investigation of hydrometeorological and biochemical conditions of coastal areas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available The paper discusses the use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS in the aspects of marine environmental research, as approached by Russian and Greek groups. The scientific teams apply the same GIS platform in both cases, but with a different orientation, according to the particular driving forces of the projects involved.In general, the Russian team manipulates GIS as a subsystem of problem-oriented applications in order to enlarge the possibilities to run non-standard user programs. The subsystem of problem-oriented applications (POA is designed for the following: (1 analysis of data and information to implement applied tasks; (2 preparation of output information products of the system in the form of hard and electronic copies in accordance with the required formats; and (3 dissemination of information products according to the users requirements. The Greek group focuses on the GIS use as a tool for joining different layers of spatial information in the marine area under investigation. Also, incorporated in the GIS is the drainage basin that supplies the marine area with water, sediment load and also human derived substances. Layers of hypsometry, bathymetry, hydrography, river network, roads, cities, satellite images etc., have been introduced into the system, obtaining significant feedback information. Also, there are developed the relations of the former layers with the marine sampling stations network and the database that describes the station's properties.The two groups benefit particularly by the exchange of ideas and methods, as different consideration is undertaken to resolve marine research issues.

  14. Reconfigurable antenna options for 2.45/5 GHz wireless body area networks in healthcare applications. (United States)

    Abbas, Syed Muzahir; Ranga, Yogesh; Esselle, Karu P


    This paper presents electronically reconfigurable antenna options in healthcare applications. They are suitable for wireless body area network devices operating in the industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) band at 2.45 GHz and IEEE 802.11 Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) band at 5 GHz (5.15-5.35 GHz, 5.25-5.35 GHz). Two types of antennas are investigated: Antenna-I has a full ground plane and Antenna-II has a partial ground plane. The proposed antennas provide ISM operation in one mode while in another mode they support 5 GHz WLAN band. Their performance is assessed for body centric wireless communication using a simplified human body model. Antenna sensitivity to the gap between the antenna and the human body is investigated for both modes of each antenna. The proposed antennas exhibit a wide radiation pattern along the body surface to provide wide coverage and their small width (14 mm) makes them suitable for on-body communication in healthcare applications.

  15. European Geothermal Drilling Experience-Problem Areas and Case Studies

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Baron, G.; Ungemach, P.


    Geothermal drilling has long been restricted in Western Europe to the sole dry steam field of Larderello in Italy. In the last few years, a wider experience is building up as a consequence of intensified exploration and development programs carried out for evaluation and production of both low- and high-enthalpy geothermal resources. A sample of some 40 boreholes indicates the problem areas which are given.

  16. Application of electrical resistivity method for groundwater exploration at the Moghra area, Western Desert, Egypt

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M.I.I. Mohamaden


    Structurally, the study area is influenced by three faults two of them are geological/geoelectrical faults forming a graben structure at the central part; the third fault is a geoelectrical fault and is located to the west of the graben structure forming a horest structure.

  17. 76 FR 77985 - Applications for New Awards; Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (United States)

    2011-12-15 . Specifically, through the advanced search feature at this site, you can limit your search to... of national need: Area Studies; Biological Sciences/Life Sciences; Chemistry; Computer . If you use a telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD), call the Federal Relay...

  18. Preliminary Study on Natural Radionuclide Concentration in Samosir Area

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Harlem Marpaung


    Full Text Available Measurement of natural radionuclides concentration in Samosirarea of Sumatera island of Indonesia aims to obtain basis data of the content of radionuclides that could be tended in the development of the area. This research was conducted using Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA, which consists of a sampling of soil of SamosirIsland as the residential area and the soil surrounding ofPangururan hot-spring as the recreational area which then samples and standards were prepared. Then irradiated with thermal neutron flux 3.51013 for 1 hour in a nuclear reactor, and then counted using a gamma spectrometer by HPGe detector. The analysis showed that the soil of Samosir Island samples with concentrations of Uranium of (<0.67 ppm and Thorium of (18.00 ± 0.49 ppm and soil surroundingof hot-spring Pangururan detected and found Uranium of (16.83 ± 0. 83 ppm and Thorium of (6.49 ± 0.35 ppm.

  19. Novel foods: an explorative study into their grey area. (United States)

    Verhagen, Hans; te Boekhorst, Janneke; Kamps, Lisette; van Lieshout, Marten J; Ploeger, Hilko; Verreth, Daphne; Salminen, Seppo; van Loveren, Henk


    European Union Regulation 258/97 defines novel foods as food products and food ingredients that have not been consumed to a significant degree in the European Union before May 1997. However, there are new foods that for some reason are not considered as novel foods, though we think that safety of these products is not always a priori established. We defined a 'grey area' which consists of such foods, and the present paper intends to raise awareness of this 'grey area' of unidentified novel foods. The grey area of novel foods is divided into two categories: (1) food products or ingredients for which the current Regulation leaves too much space for different interpretations and (2) food products or ingredients that are not novel according to the current Regulation, because the current Regulation contains gaps. These categories are illustrated by means of products already on the market in The Netherlands. We found about two dozen examples of products that had not been identified as novel foods according the current Regulation, yet could be considered to be classified as novel foods and hence for which a safety evaluation (toxicological and/or nutritional) would be indicated.

  20. 军事严肃游戏在计算机教学跨军事和文化领域应用研究%A Study of the Application of Military Serious Games in the Cross Military and Cultural Areas of the Teaching of Computer Science

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Directed toward the relative professions of military culture, this article explores how to bridge the distance between the teaching of computer science on the levels of junior college and bachelor degrees and needs from the army. Suggestions presented in this article include: to enhance the relation between computer science and military and cultural areas through the application of military serious games in teaching as a responding measure to adapt to needs for cross and multi areas and needs to focus on real combats, to emphasize the “trinity” effect of military serious games in military training, spiritual molding and cultural innovation, to cultivate integrated literary and artistic talents finely meeting the need of generating military combat effectiveness following the cross-disciplinary curriculums. Research findings show that the above application can facilitate to some extent students’ battlefield sense, real experience of military culture, course studies of military literature and art, and motivation toward computer science.%面向军队文化相关专业,本文较深入探究了如何缩小士官大专或本科计算机教学与部队需求之间差距的途径,提出适应跨多领域需求、向实战聚焦的计算机教学应用模式,即通过引入军事严肃游戏教学内容来强化计算机与军事、文化领域的联系;突出军事严肃游戏在军事训练、精神塑造和文化创新方面的“三位一体”作用;在交叉型课程体系带动下,培养紧贴部队战斗力生成需求的复合型文艺人才。课程效果的相关调查结果显示该教学应用对学员提升战场感知、增强对军事文化的切身体验、辅助军事文学、艺术专业相关课程学习和激发对计算机的学习兴趣都起到一定辅助作用。

  1. Radium isotopes in groundwater around Fuji Volcano, Japan -application for groundwater dating on volcanic area- (United States)

    Ohta, T.; Mahara, Y.


    Young groundwater dating less than 100 years is possible to be obtained from environmental radioactivity with short half life, 3H+3He, 85Kr, or chemical material, CFC-12. The 3H+3He dating method is excellent method to estimate the residence time of shallow groundwater. The one of advantage of the method is small sample volume. The 3He in groundwater is originated by 3 sources, tritiogenic He, mantle He, radiogenic He produced in rock. Especially, as the contribution of the mantle He is greater than the radiogenic and triogenic, when 3H+3He dating apply for groundwater dating on volcanic area, we have to determine ratio of 3 sources. On the other hand, as 85Kr is only originated from atmosphere, it is excellent groundwater dating tracer on volcanic area. However, as 85Kr is ultra low concentration in groundwater, 85Kr is needed to separate from large amount of ground water about 10^5 L. Young groundwater dating by these methods has both advantages and disadvantages, but the disadvantages of the individual methods can be offset by using multiple tracers. Development of a lot of groundwater dating techniques is desired. Therefore, an application of radium isotopes which is simple origin to groundwater dating on volcanic area was tried. Ra-228 and Ra-226 are progenies of Th and U, respectively. The 228Ra/226Ra in ground waters depends on the Th/U in the relevant rocks. As the 228Ra and 226Ra in shallow groundwater on volcanic area are originated from only rock, and the collection of radium isotopes from groundwater is easier than that of 85Kr, implying that it is possible to be good tracer for volcanic area. We aim that groundwater age obtain from 228Ra/226Ra in groundwater and relevant rock on volcanic area. We determined that 228Ra/226Ra observed with river waters and the relevant rocks. The method applied for Kakitagawa around Fuji Volcano, Japan. The relevant rock of Kakitagawa is Mishima lava flow. Our method compared with 3H+3He dating. The residence time of

  2. Autonomous distributed temperature sensing for long-term heated applications in remote areas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A.-M. Kurth


    Full Text Available Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS is a fiber-optical method enabling simultaneous temperature measurements over long distances. Electrical resistance heating of the metallic components of the fiber-optic cable provides information on the thermal characteristics of the cable's environment, providing valuable insight into processes occurring in the surrounding medium, such as groundwater-surface water interactions, dam stability or soil moisture. Until now, heated applications required direct handling of the DTS instrument by a researcher, rendering long-term investigations in remote areas impractical due to the often difficult and time-consuming access to the field site. Remote-control and automation of the DTS instrument and heating processes, however, resolve the issue with difficult access. The data can also be remotely accessed and stored on a central database. The power supply can be grid-independent, although significant infrastructure investment is required here due to high power consumption during heated applications. Solar energy must be sufficient even in worst case scenarios, e.g. during long periods of intense cloud cover, to prevent system failure due to energy shortage. In combination with storage batteries and a low heating frequency, e.g. once per day or once per week (depending on the season and the solar radiation on site, issues of high power consumption may be resolved. Safety regulations dictate adequate shielding and ground-fault protection, to safeguard animals and humans from electricity and laser sources. In this paper the autonomous DTS system is presented to allow research with heated applications of DTS in remote areas for long-term investigations of temperature distributions in the environment.

  3. Autonomous distributed temperature sensing for long-term heated applications in remote areas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A.-M. Kurth


    Full Text Available Distributed temperature sensing (DTS is a fiber-optical method enabling simultaneous temperature measurements over long distances. Electrical resistance heating of the metallic components of the fiber-optic cable provides information on the thermal characteristics of the cable's environment, providing valuable insight into processes occurring in the surrounding medium, such as groundwater–surface water interactions, dam stability or soil moisture. Until now, heated applications required direct handling of the DTS instrument by a researcher, rendering long-term investigations in remote areas impractical due to the often difficult and time-consuming access to the field site. Remote control and automation of the DTS instrument and heating processes, however, resolve the issue with difficult access. The data can also be remotely accessed and stored on a central database. The power supply can be grid independent, although significant infrastructure investment is required here due to high power consumption during heated applications. Solar energy must be sufficient even in worst case scenarios, e.g. during long periods of intense cloud cover, to prevent system failure due to energy shortage. In combination with storage batteries and a low heating frequency, e.g. once per day or once per week (depending on the season and the solar radiation on site, issues of high power consumption may be resolved. Safety regulations dictate adequate shielding and ground-fault protection, to safeguard animals and humans from electricity and laser sources. In this paper the autonomous DTS system is presented to allow research with heated applications of DTS in remote areas for long-term investigations of temperature distributions in the environment.

  4. The design and application of large area intensive lens array focal spots measurement system (United States)

    Chen, Bingzhen; Yao, Shun; Yang, Guanghui; Dai, Mingchong; Wang, Zhiyong


    Concentrating Photovoltaic (CPV) modules are getting thinner and using smaller cells now days. Correspondingly, large area intensive lens arrays with smaller unit dimension and shorter focal length are wanted. However, the size and power center of lens array focal spots usually differ from the design value and are hard to measure, especially under large area situation. It is because the machining error and deformation of material of the lens array are hard to simulate in the optical design process. Thus the alignment error between solar cells and focal spots in the module assembly process will be hard to control. Under this kind of situation, the efficiency of CPV module with thinner body and smaller cells is much lower than expected. In this paper, a design of large area lens array focal spots automatic measurement system is presented, as well as its prototype application results. In this system, a four-channel parallel light path and its corresponding image capture and process modules are designed. These modules can simulate focal spots under sunlight and have the spots image captured and processed using charge coupled devices and certain gray level algorithm. Thus the important information of focal spots such as spot size and location will be exported. Motion control module based on grating scale signal and interval measurement method are also employed in this system in order to get test results with high speed and high precision on large area lens array no less than 1m×0.8m. The repeatability of the system prototype measurement is +/-10μm with a velocity of 90 spot/min. Compared to the original module assembled using coordinates from optical design, modules assembled using data exported from the prototype is 18% higher in output power, reaching a conversion efficiency of over 31%. This system and its design can be used in the focal spot measurement of planoconvex lens array and Fresnel lens array, as well as other kinds of large area lens array application

  5. Web Application for Coastal Area Planning through Analysis of Landslide and Soil Consumption (United States)

    Panizzoni, Giulio; Debiasi, Alberto; Eccher, Matteo; De Amicis, Raffaele


    Global warming and rapid climatic changes are producing dramatic effects on coastal area of Mediterranean countries. Italian coastal areas are one of the most urbanized zones of the south western Europe and the extensive use of soil is causing a consistent impact on the hydrogeological context. Moreover, soil consumption combined with extreme meteorological events, facilitates the occurrence of hazardous landslide events. Environmental policy makers and data managers in territorial planning need to face such emergency situation with appropriate tools. We present an application service with the aim of advising user through environmental analysis of Landslide and Soil Consumption impact. This service wants also to improve the sharing of environmental harmonized datasets/metadata across different organizations and the creation of a collaborative environment where the stakeholders and environmental experts can share their data and work cooperatively. We developed a set of processing services providing functionalities to assess impact of landslide on territory and impact of land take and soil sealing. Among others, the service is able to evaluate environmental impacts of landslide events on Cultural Heritage sites. We have also designed a 3D WebGL client customized to execute the processing services and visualize their outputs. It provides high usability in terms of navigation and data visualization. In this way the service provides not only a Spatial Data Infrastructure to access and visualize data but a complete Decision Support Systems for a more effective environmental planning of coastal area.

  6. Secure Application-Aware Service Differentiation in Public Area Wireless Networks

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Weisong Shi; Sharun Santhosh; Hanping Lufei


    We are witnessing the increasing demand for pervasive Internet access from public area wireless networks (PAWNs). As their popularity grows, the inherent untrusted nature of public places and the diverse service requirements of end users are two key issues that need to be addressed. We have proposed two approaches to address these issues. First,the Home-based Authentication Protocol (HAP) that provides a framework by which to establish trust between a nomadic client and a service provider using a trusted third party (home). Second, we argue that the best-effort-based service model provided by many access points is not enough to satisfy the end user fairness and to maximize the wireless link utilization for a diverse user population. We have proposed an application-aware service differentiation (AASD) mechanism that takes both application semantics and user requirements into consideration. Our analysis of this framework shows several fruitful results. The total authentication latency increases with the number of clients but at a rate that is much less than linear increasing latency. Also, in comparison with two other bandwidth allocation approaches, the best effort and static access control, our proposed application-aware service differentiation method, outperforms them in terms of the client fairness and wireless bandwidth utilization.

  7. Bend-insensitive single-mode photonic crystal fiber with ultralarge effective area for dual applications (United States)

    Islam, Md. Asiful; Alam, M. Shah


    A novel photonic crystal fiber (PCF) having circular arrangement of cladding air holes has been designed and numerically optimized to obtain a bend insensitive single mode fiber with large mode area for both wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) communication and fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) application. The bending loss of the proposed bent PCF lies in the range of 10-3 to 10-4 dB/turn or lower over 1300 to 1700 nm, and 2 × 10-4 dB/turn at the wavelength of 1550 nm for a 30-mm bend radius with a higher order mode (HOM) cut-off frequency below 1200 nm for WDM application. When the whole structure of the PCF is scaled down, a bending loss of 6.78×10-4 dB/turn at 1550 nm for a 4-mm bend radius is obtained, and the loss remains in the order of 10-4 dB/turn over the same range of wavelength with an HOM cut-off frequency below 700 nm, and makes the fiber useful for FTTH applications. Furthermore, this structure is also optimized to show a splice loss near zero for fusion-splicing to a conventional single-mode fiber (SMF).

  8. Salt Creek : A wilderness study area on the Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This document is a brief report on a wilderness study area located in the Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge. It discusses the history of the study area, its...

  9. Preliminary study of pur-revetment's application

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Gu, D.; Verhagen, H.J.; Van de Ven, M.


    PUR-revetment is a newly developed method for hydraulic application. Its structure is similar to that of open stone asphalt revetment, but the crushed stones are glued by polyurethane (PUR) instead of bitumen. To study the feasibility of applying PUR-revetment, a research based on the comparisons be


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Language teachers are the main language input sources forthe students in rural areas. Whether they are well-qualified ornot matters a lot for English teaching. Besides discussing Englishteachers' qualities, the writer of this article generallyinvestigates English teachers' professional qualities in a ruralcounty through a questionnaire in which 20 questions on experts'advice were designed for the teachers. Altogether 65 Englishteachers, comprising 64% of the whole, distributed in varioustypes of schools took part. The final figures revealed problemssuch as narrow adoption of modern teaching media, thedominating grammar-translation method, the lack of necessay knowledge of English culture and linguistic theory, etc.

  11. Urbanisation of rural areas: A case study from Jutland, Denmark

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Madsen, Mette Fabricius; Kristensen, Søren Bech Pilgaard; Fertner, Christian;


    The growth of urban areas is one of the most important characteristics of spatial development in Europe during the past decades and is traditionally described with a few indicators on a relatively coarse spatial scale. However, urbanisation is not only a matter of land use change, but also socio-economic......, Denmark using socio-economic data from the entire rural population aggregated at parish level to investigate if this method may contribute to existing classifications. Through multivariate analysis and GIS analysis, five types of urbanization were identified and their spatial distribution analysed...

  12. A study of sinkhole hazard at area of locked colliery

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kotyrba, A. [Central Mining Institute, Gwarkow (Poland)


    Transformations of polish industry began the process of mine closures. Among various mines being in process of abandoning, there are a large number of collieries, which exploited coal since 17. century. The depth of mining openings ranged from some to hundreds meters. The height of primary mining openings ranged from 1 to 9 m. Mining operations have left in geological basement large number of cavities, which still create a hazard to the surface stability. Post mining deformations of the surface can take continuous and discontinuous forms. The last ones are the topic of paper. Although those deformations can take various forms, they are commonly called as sinkholes. In paper, the sinkholes hazard has been analyzed in a scale of selected one mine area, in regard to various parameters. The selected 'Siemianowice' mine is located in northern part of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin. A database containing full set of sinkholes, recorded within area of mine in a period of 50 years, has been tested in geomechanical and statistical approaches. (author)

  13. Regional carrying capacity: case studies of Bohai Rim area

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Carrying capacity research has been carried out for a long time. However, synthesized carrying capacity researches based on systematic views began only in the 1970s. There is even less work done in China. This paper tries to address both synthesized carrying capacity research and its utilization in China. State spaces method from the systematic science was borrowed to construct the conceptual model of regional carrying capacity. Based on the conceptual model and the surveys in the Bohai Rim area, we construct a representative indicators system for quantifying regional carrying capacity in the Bohai Rim. While employing system dynamic models we simulated the evolving trend of both the regional carrying states and regional carrying capacity from 1999 to 2015. The results proved the statement that Bohai Rim is overall over-capacity for a long time and will be over-capacity in the foreseeable future. Among all the restriction factors, water shortage and environmental pollution stand out to be the two primary obstacles for Bohai Rim's sustainable development.Regional differentiation analysis further indicates that coastal areas of the Bohai Rim burden more than its overall level. However, Shandong province shows some good signs in addressing the regional carrying capacity issues. The research is successful in addressing the quantification of regional carrying capacity issues, but nonetheless it needs further refinery and more information.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ratih Fitria Putri


    Full Text Available The differential synthetic aperture radar in terferometry (DInSAR technique is applied to the ALOS PALSAR data to observe su rface displacement in Kayangan catchment area, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Change detecti on is implemented to extract information on several landslides that occurred in the region in a time span between 2007 and 2009. The advanced DInSAR processing of im ages (2007–2009 has shown slight surface movements before the landslide events. These results are compared and validated with available GPS measurements. Our analysis reveals that Kayangan catchment area exhibits clear indication of surface displacements varying from 5.2 to 57.9 cm/year. The occurence of landslides has been analy zed in relation to the following terrain parameters; elevation, slope, distance to stream network, geology, landuse, and distance from road. Among these factors, it is found that 18% of landslides occur in elevation >100 m, 56% in slope 30–40°, 34% in <25 m distance to stream networks, 100% in kebobutak formation, 67% in mix garden of land use types, and 100% in <25 m distance from road. The landuse is the most in fluential factor, since there are only four types of landuse that can lead to lands lide occurrence, i.e., mixed garden, dryland agriculture, bush, and settlement. The analys is of land deformation is promising for assessing acceleration caused by a destabilizing anthropogenic change, and relationship between seasonal precipitation a nd deformation variability.

  15. Mineralogy, geochemistry, genesis, and industrial application of silica in Arefi area, south of Mashhad

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohammad Hassan Karimpour


    Full Text Available Introduction Arefi quartz-bearing conglomerate (Middle Jurassic is situated within Binalud structural zone. The unit is trending NW-SE located 25 km south of Mashhad. More than 97% of the pebbles are quartz as mono-crystalline, poly-crystalline, and minor fragments of chert, quartzite, and mica schist. Less that 3% of the remaining minerals are feldspar, mica, chlorite, hornblende, tourmaline, zircon, sphene, and opaque minerals. The cement is mainly silica. Hashemi (Hashemi, 2004 suggested this unit is orthoquartzitic polymictic conglomerate. In this study, we carried out detailed mineralogical studies, geochemical analyses for SiO2 and troublesome elements, determination of quartz pebbles source using geological observations and fluid inclusion microthermometry, and industrial application studies with new insight for porcelain and ceramic factories as the nearest silica-rich reserve to Mashhad. Material and methods 1. Preparing geologic map in 1:10000 scale in the Arefi area. 2. Petrographic study of 65 samples from the quartz-bearing conglomerate unit. 3. Major elements such as SiO2, TFeO, TiO2, and CaO were analyzed at the Maghsoud Porcelain Factories Group, using a Philips PW1480 X-ray spectrometer. 4. Ore dressing analyses in Danesh Faravaran Engineering Company. 5. Fluid-inclusion studies in 4 samples doubly-polished wafers of quartz crystals were studied using standard techniques (Roedder, 1984 and Linkam THM 600 heating-freezing stage (from –190 to 600ºC mounted on a Olympus TH4–200 microscope stage at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran. Salinities and density of fluid inclusions were calculated using the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet HOKIEFLINCS-H2O-NACL (Steele-MacInnis et al., 2012; Lecumberri-Sanchez et al., 2012 Results and Discussion Fluid Inclusion studies of both mono- and poly- crystalline quartz revealed that the inclusions consist of three phases (LVS with NaCl crystals. Homogenization temperature is between 484 and more

  16. Study on Planning Standards for Urban Renewal Areas in Shenzhen

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    The paper starts from the origin and evolution of city planning standards of Shenzhen before analyzing the new demands for the standards by the development of city renewal amid city transition,and establishes a primary framework for the planning standards and requirements.In addition,on the basis of comparing with the formulation of planning standards of Hong Kong,Shanghai,and Changsha,the paper carries out a discussion on the formulation ideas and main contents of the planning standards for the urban renewal areas in Shenzhen.Moreover,the paper also analyzes the standards for renewal objects,scope,mode,functions guidance,development control,and public facilities,all of which are quite heated issues and key elements in the process of formulation and approval of renewal planning,in order to improve the institutional structure of the City Planning Standards and Requirements of Shenzhen and meet the government’s demand in realizing a refined management.

  17. Sea ice studies in the Spitsbergen-Greenland area (United States)

    Vinje, T. E. (Principal Investigator)


    The author has identified the following significant results. Detailed information on the outflow through the Fram Strait of ice from the Polar Ocean over shorter periods was obtained. It is found that the speed of the outflow may vary about 100% over periods of a few days. The core of the East Greenland Current is found between 2 deg E and 4 deg W. The speed of the surface water at 81 deg N is for a calm period estimated to be about 10 cm/s. A new surging glacier was discovered and new fronts of several glaciers were determined. The variation of the snow line with respect to distance from the coast was for the first time determined for the southern part of Spitsbergen. Great variations were observed, from 200 m in east to 550 m in the central area of the island.

  18. 40 CFR Table 1 to Subpart Ccccccc... - Applicability of General Provisions to Paints and Allied Products Manufacturing Area Sources (United States)


    ... 40 Protection of Environment 14 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Applicability of General Provisions to Paints and Allied Products Manufacturing Area Sources 1 Table 1 to Subpart CCCCCCC of Part 63 Protection... Hazardous Air Pollutants for Area Sources: Paints and Allied Products Manufacturing Pt. 63, Subpt....

  19. 40 CFR Table 1 to Subpart Zzzzzz... - Applicability of General Provisions to Aluminum, Copper, and Other Nonferrous Foundries Area Sources (United States)


    ... 40 Protection of Environment 14 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Applicability of General Provisions to Aluminum, Copper, and Other Nonferrous Foundries Area Sources 1 Table 1 to Subpart ZZZZZZ of Part 63... Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants: Area Source Standards for Aluminum, Copper, and Other...

  20. 40 CFR Table 2-to Subpart Xxxxxx... - Applicability of General Provisions to Metal Fabrication or Finishing Area Sources (United States)


    ... Finishing Area Sources Instructions for Table 2—As required in § 63.11523, “General Provisions Requirements... 40 Protection of Environment 14 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Applicability of General Provisions to Metal Fabrication or Finishing Area Sources 2 Table 2-to Subpart XXXXXX of Part 63 Protection...

  1. Debris Flow Vulnerability Assessment in Urban Area Associated with Landslide Hazard Map : Application to Busan, Korea (United States)

    Okjeong, Lee; Yoonkyung, Park; Mookwang, Sung; Sangdan, Kim


    In this presentation, an urban debris flow disaster vulnerability assessment methodology is suggested with major focus on urban social and economic aspect. The proposed methodology is developed based on the landslide hazard maps that Korean Forest Service has utilized to identify landslide source areas. Frist, debris flows are propagated to urban areas from such source areas by Flow-R model, and then urban vulnerability is evaluated by two categories; physical and socio-economic aspect. The physical vulnerability is associated to buildings that can be broken down by a landslide event directly. This study considers two popular building structure types, reinforced concrete frame and non-reinforced concretes frame, to evaluate the physically-based vulnerability. The socio-economic vulnerability is measured as a function of the resistant levels of the exposed people, the intensity and magnitude of indirect or intangible losses, and preparedness level of the local government. An indicator-based model is established to evaluate the life and indirect loss under urban debris flow disasters as well as the resilience ability against disasters. To illuminate the validity of the suggested methodology, physical and socio-economic vulnerability levels are investigated for Daejeon, Korea using the proposed approach. The results reveal that the higher population density areas under a weaker fiscal condition that are located at the downstream of mountainous areas are more vulnerable than the areas in opposite conditions. Key words: Debris flow disasters, Physical vulnerability, Socio-economic Vulnerability, Urban Acknowledgement This research was supported by a grant(13SCIPS04) from Smart Civil Infrastructure Research Program funded by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport(MOLIT) of Korea government and Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement(KAIA).

  2. Testing and evaluation of large-area heliostats for solar thermal applications

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Strachan, J.W.; Houser, R.M.


    Two heliostats representing the state-of-the-art in glass-metal designs for central receiver (and photovoltaic tracking) applications were tested and evaluated at the National Solar Thermal Test Facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico from 1986 to 1992. These heliostats have collection areas of 148 and 200 m{sup 2} and represent low-cost designs for heliostats that employ glass-metal mirrors. The evaluation encompassed the performance and operational characteristics of the heliostats, and examined heliostat beam quality, the effect of elevated winds on beam quality, heliostat drives and controls, mirror module reflectance and durability, and the overall operational and maintenance characteristics of the two heliostats. A comprehensive presentation of the results of these and other tests is presented. The results are prefaced by a review of the development (in the United States) of heliostat technology.

  3. Lusin Area Function and Molecular Characterizations of Musielak-Orlicz Hardy Spaces and Their Applications

    CERN Document Server

    Hou, Shaoxiong; Yang, Sibei


    Let $\\varphi: \\mathbb R^n\\times [0,\\infty)\\to[0,\\infty)$ be a function such that $\\varphi(x,\\cdot)$ is an Orlicz function and $\\varphi(\\cdot,t)$ is a Muckenhoupt $A_\\infty(\\mathbb{R}^n)$ weight. In this paper, the authors establish the Lusin area function and the molecular characterizations of the Musielak-Orlicz Hardy space $H_\\varphi(\\mathbb{R}^n)$ introduced by Luong Dang Ky via the grand maximal function. As an application, the authors obtain the $\\varphi$-Carleson measure characterization of the Musielak-Orlicz BMO-type space $\\mathop\\mathrm{BMO}_{\\varphi}(\\mathbb{R}^n)$, which was proved to be the dual space of $H_\\varphi(\\mathbb{R}^n)$ by Luong Dang Ky.

  4. Testing and evaluation of large-area heliostats for solar thermal applications (United States)

    Strachan, J. W.; Houser, R. M.


    Two heliostats representing the state-of-the-art in glass-metal designs for central receiver (and photovoltaic tracking) applications were tested and evaluated at the National Solar Thermal Test Facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico from 1986 to 1992. These heliostats have collection areas of 148 and 200 m(exp 2) and represent low-cost designs for heliostats that employ glass-metal mirrors. The evaluation encompassed the performance and operational characteristics of the heliostats, and examined heliostat beam quality, the effect of elevated winds on beam quality, heliostat drives and controls, mirror module reflectance and durability, and the overall operational and maintenance characteristics of the two heliostats. A comprehensive presentation of the results of these and other tests is presented. The results are prefaced by a review of the development (in the United States) of heliostat technology.

  5. Development of a smart flood warning system in urban areas: A case study of Huwei area in Taiwan (United States)

    Yang, Sheng-Chi; Hsu, Hao-Ming; Kao, Hong-Ming


    In this study, we developed a smart flood warning system to clearly understand flood propagations in urban areas. The science and technology park of Huwei, located in the southwest of Taiwan, was selected as a study area. It was designated to be an important urban area of optoelectronics and biotechnology. The region has an area about 1 km2 with approximately 1 km in both length and width. The discrepancy between the highest and lowest elevations is 6.3 m and its elevation decreases along the northeast to the southwest. It is an isolated urban drainage area due to its urban construction plan. The storm sewer system in this region includes three major networks that collect the runoff and drain to the detention pond where is located in the southwest corner of the region. The proposed smart flood warning system combines three important parts, i.e. the physical world, the cyber-physical interface, and the cyber space, to identify how the flood affects urban areas from now until the next three hours. In the physical world, when a rainfall event occurs, monitoring sensors (e.g. rainfall gauges and water level gauges built in the sewer system and ground surface), which are established in several essential locations of the study area, collect in situ hydrological data and then these data being transported to the cyber-physical interface. The cyber-physical interface is a data preprocess space that includes data analysis, quality control and assurance, and data integration and standardization to produce the validated data. In the cyber space, it has missions to receive the validated data from the cyber-physical interface and to run the time machine that has flood analyses of data mining, inundation scenarios simulation, risk and economic assessments, and so on, based on the validated data. After running the time machine, it offers the analyzed results related to flooding planning, mitigation, response, and recovery. According to the analyzed results, the decision supporting

  6. Geochemical and Economic Application of Marble from Igarra and Ikpeshi Areas, S.W. Nigeria

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Obasi, R A


    Full Text Available Marble deposits occur prominently in Igarra and Ikpeshi areas of Southwestern Nigeria. Forty marble samples were subjected to geochemical and physical analysis in order to determine their applications. Geochemical data show that the Igarra marble is characterized by low SiO2 (1.84 – 4.83%, Al2O3 (0.16 – 0.67% and MgO (1.10 – 5.33% and high CaO (46.51 – 53.06% and LOI (40.59 – 44.26%. This results in markedly low dolomite, MgCO3 (2.30 – 11.14% and high calcite, CaCO3 (85.45 – 94.68%. The Ikpeshi marble is majorly calcitic having contained high values of CaCO3 (61.003 – 95.61% and low values of MgCO3 (1.35 – 7.44%. However, the marble at the Golden Girl quarry is dolomitic having a MgCO3 content of 41.38 – 41.42%. The marble is suitable as sources of industrial raw materials for a variety of consumer products such as drugs, toothpaste, animal feeds and paper production. Other areas of application include agriculture, monuments, electrical, interior decoratives, flooring tiles, terrazzo chips, and fittings. However, the marble cannot be used for cement production due to low values of CaO (53.06% and high values of LOI (>43% unless the CaO and the SiO2 are blended.

  7. Application of passive seismic to shallow geological structures in urban areas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mendecki Maciej Jan


    Full Text Available To study the shallow geological structure the Refraction Microtremor (ReMi method was applied. This technique uses seismic noise analysis where a source of this small vibrations is the human activity e.g.: traffic, production, factories. The surveys were carried out in selected urban areas in the region of the Upper Silesian Industrial District : Sosnowiec - Pogoń , Chorzów - Chorzow Stary and Bytom - Karb. Each area is characterized by the presence of nearby roads with a very high traffic. The results of passive seismic (ReMi were confronted with data obtained using Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW and resistivity imaging (RI. Seismic surveys were performed by apparatus PASI with 24 channels using geophones of 4.5Hz. The results showed that passive seismic can be satisfactorily used in such urban conditions. The shallow geological structure interpreted by seismic methods have been well-correlated with resistivity studies.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    In order to apply Satellite Remote Sensing (RS) to mining areas, some key issues should be solved. Based on an introduction to relative studying background, related key issues are proposed and analyzed oriented to the development of RS information science and demands of mining areas. Band selection and combination optimization of Landsat TM is discussed firstly, and it proved that the combination of Band 3, Band 4 and Band 5 has the largest information amount in all three-band combination schemes by both N-dimensional entropy method and Genetic Algorithm (GA). After that the filtering of Radarsat image is discussed. Different filtering methods are experimented and compared, and adaptive methods are more efficient than others. Finally the classification of satellite RS image is studied, and some new methods including classification by improved BPNN(Back Propagation Neural Network) and classification based on GIS and knowledge are proposed.

  9. RFID Applications: An Introductory and Exploratory Study

    CERN Document Server

    Ahsan, Kamran; Kingston, Paul


    RFID is not a new technology and has passed through many decades of use in military, airline, library, security, healthcare, sports, animal farms and other areas. Industries use RFID for various applications such as personal/vehicle access control, departmental store security, equipment tracking, baggage, fast food establishments, logistics, etc. The enhancement in RFID technology has brought advantages that are related to resource optimization, increased efficiency within business processes, and enhanced customer care, overall improvements in business operations and healthcare. Our research is part of a big project; its aim is to produce a model for mobile technology implementation of hospital patients' movement process. However, the focus of this paper is to explore the main RFID components, i.e. the tag, antenna and reader. The results of the investigations conducted on the three RFID components will be used to develop our research model.

  10. Vital area identification for U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission nuclear power reactor licensees and new reactor applicants.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Whitehead, Donnie Wayne; Varnado, G. Bruce


    U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission nuclear power plant licensees and new reactor applicants are required to provide protection of their plants against radiological sabotage, including the placement of vital equipment in vital areas. This document describes a systematic process for the identification of the minimum set of areas that must be designated as vital areas in order to ensure that all radiological sabotage scenarios are prevented. Vital area identification involves the use of logic models to systematically identify all of the malicious acts or combinations of malicious acts that could lead to radiological sabotage. The models available in the plant probabilistic risk assessment and other safety analyses provide a great deal of the information and basic model structure needed for the sabotage logic model. Once the sabotage logic model is developed, the events (or malicious acts) in the model are replaced with the areas in which the events can be accomplished. This sabotage area logic model is then analyzed to identify the target sets (combinations of areas the adversary must visit to cause radiological sabotage) and the candidate vital area sets (combinations of areas that must be protected against adversary access to prevent radiological sabotage). Any one of the candidate vital area sets can be selected for protection. Appropriate selection criteria will allow the licensee or new reactor applicant to minimize the impacts of vital area protection measures on plant safety, cost, operations, or other factors of concern.

  11. Application of Geographically Weighted Regression for Vulnerable Area Mapping of Leptospirosis in Bantul District

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Prima Widayani


    Full Text Available Abstract Geographically Weighted Regression (GWR is regression model that developed for data modeling with continuous respond variable and considering the spatial or location aspect. Leptospirosis case happened in some regions in Indonesia, including in Bantul District, Special Region of Yogyakarta. The purpose of this study are to determine local and global variable in making vulnerable area model of Leptospirosis disease, determine the best type of weighting function and make vulnerable area map of Leptospirosis. Alos satelite imagery as primary data to get settlement and paddy fields area. The others variable are the percentage of population’s age, flood risk, and the number of health facility that obtained from secondary data. Determinant variables that affect locally are flood risk, health facility, percentage of age 25-50 years old and the percentage of settlement area. Meanwhile, independent variable that affects globally is the percentage of paddy fields area. Vulnerability map of Leptospirosis disease resulted from the best GWR model which used weighting function Fixed Bisquare. There are 3 vulnerable area of Leptospirosis disease, high vulnerability area located in the middle of Bantul District, meanwhile the medium and low vulnerability area showed clustered pattern in the side of Bantul District.   Abstrak Geographically Weighted Regression (GWR adalah model regresi yang dikembangkan untuk memodelkan data dengan variabel respon yang bersifat kontinu dan mempertimbangkan aspek spasial atau lokasi.  Kejadian Leptospirosis terjadi di beberapa wilayah di Indonesia termasuk di wilayah Kabupaten Bantul Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah menentukan variabel lokal dan global dalam membuat model  kerentanan Leptospirosis dan menentukan jenis fungsi pembobot yang terbaik serta membuat peta kerentanan wilayah Leptospirosis menggunakan aplikasi GWR. Citra Satelit Alos digunakan untuk mendapatkan data penggunaan

  12. Application of irradiation in bait production to the control of crawling insects in urban areas

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Migdal, W.; Owczarczyk, H.B.; Swietoslawski, J.; Swietoslawski, J


    The efficiency and palatability of two baits were studied to the control of crawling insects in urban areas: 'Cockroach Kill Gel' for control of cockroaches and Faratox B for control of ants. Ionizing energy was used in producing the baits. It was concluded, that after irradiation the palatability of Faratox B improved and palatability of Cockroach Kill Gel did not change.

  13. 2D resistivity survey in complex geological structure area. Application to the volcanic area; Fukuzatsuna chishitsu kozo chiiki ni okeru hiteiko nijigen tansa. Kazangan chiiki deno tekiorei

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Asakawa, S.; Ikuma, T.; Tanifuji, R. [DIA Consultants Co. Ltd., Tokyo (Japan)


    Introduced herein is an application of 2D resistivity survey to a volcanic rock area where the survey result is difficult to interpret because of its complex geological structure. In a dam site survey, main problems involve the permeability of water through faults and weathered, altered zones. At this site, a 2D resistivity survey was conducted, a 2D geological structure was deduced from the resistivity section, and the result was examined. It was found that resistivity distribution was closely related to hydrographic factors, but no obvious correlation was detected between rock classes and R, Q, and D. In conducting investigations into a section planned for a highway tunnel, it was learned that the problem was a volcanic ash layer to collapse instantly upon absorbing water, and the distribution of the ash layer, not to be disclosed by boring, was subjected to a 2D resistivity survey. The survey was conducted into the structure above where the tunnel would run, and further into the face, and studies were made about what layer was reflected by the resistivity distribution obtained by analysis. The result of the analysis agreed with the details of the layer that was disclosed afterward. 4 figs., 1 tab.

  14. Improved techniques in data analysis and interpretation of potential fields: examples of application in volcanic and seismically active areas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    G. Florio


    Full Text Available Geopotential data may be interpreted by many different techniques, depending on the nature of the mathematical equations correlating specific unknown ground parameters to the measured data set. The investigation based on the study of the gravity and magnetic anomaly fields represents one of the most important geophysical approaches in the earth sciences. It has now evolved aimed both at improving of known methods and testing other new and reliable techniques. This paper outlines a general framework for several applications of recent techniques in the study of the potential methods for the earth sciences. Most of them are here described and significant case histories are shown to illustrate their reliability on active seismic and volcanic areas.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    P. P. Oleynik


    Full Text Available The paper deals with domain-driven design applicability of information systems for client queuing subject areas. The following optimality criteria were put forward for the final implementation: the possibility of automation with a single system both for small institution and a whole network of institutions; advanced graphical interface with support for sensor screens; implementation of multi-users account of orders from clients; flexible application architecture with the ability of future enhancement; ability of integration with a variety of peripherals. The necessity of each criterion definition is shown. For implementability estimation, test information system was designed, automating the queuing system. Unified modeling language UML is used. Description of each class functionality is given and the association with other classes as well. Attention is paid to the design of tree (hierarchical structures and selection procedure of base classes based on the analysis of existing common attributes. For the system implementation, its own development environment SharpArchitect RAD Studio is used, offering MDA approach for implementation of systems based on standardized meta object system. A graphical view of order form developed prototype is presented, composition and structure are described, and notation developed by the author is given simplifying the prototyping process. Approaches to differentiation of access rights for different user roles are shown. Conformity of the received implementation to each selected optimality criterion is determined. Recommendations for further system development are given.

  16. Capturing heterogeneity: The role of a study area's extent for estimating net precipitation (United States)

    Zimmermann, Alexander; Voss, Sebastian; Metzger, Johanna Clara; Hildebrandt, Anke; Zimmermann, Beate


    Accurate and precise estimates of net precipitation are required for many hydrological applications. For instance, most interception models require high quality estimates of the canopy storage capacity and the free throughfall coefficient. Good estimates of these parameters, in turn, critically depend on the quality of throughfall estimates. Previous attempts to guide throughfall sampling focused on the selection of an appropriate sample size, support, and sampling design. Comparatively little attention has been given to the role of the extent, i.e. the size of the area under study. In this contribution we investigate the influence of the extent on the representativeness of mean throughfall estimates for simply structured and heterogeneous forest ecosystems. We based our investigation on stochastic simulations which we derived from large empirical throughfall datasets. Using the simulated throughfall fields, we conducted virtual sampling experiments using a number of typical extents. We ran these tests both for a range of event sizes and for accumulated data. Our findings suggest that the size of the study area should be carefully adapted to the required temporal resolution of the throughfall data (i.e. event-based versus long-term) and to the complexity of the system under study.

  17. Thermal Water's Isotope Geochemistry Study of Evros Area, NE Greece (United States)

    Elissavet, Dotsika; Paraskevi, Chantzi


    Thermal waters from Evros area were collected and subjected to chemical and isotopic analysis in order to understand all the physicochemical mechanisms (mixing, dilution, precipitating) that contribute to the shallow and deep geothermal water tables and determine the origin of these fluids as well as their mineralization. Physicochemical characteristics EC, T°C, pH was determined at the field. The ionic concentrations of samples indicate solutions with high salinity. Two chemical water types were arisen: Na-SO4 concerning low temperatures and shallow aquifers and Na- Cl concerning high temperatures and deeper geothermal circulation. The ratio Br/Cl definitely considered marine origin indicator is the same as the sea confirming the involvement of the seawater in the geothermal system. The marine component and water-rock interaction process under high temperatures seem to contribute to the mineralization of thermal waters. Moreover, water-rock interaction process is also responsible for the alternation of δ18O values. Geothermometers concluded to a middle enthalpy geothermal field.


    Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security — Coastal study data as defined in FEMA Guidelines and Specifications, Appendix D: Guidance for Coastal Flooding Analyses and Mapping, submitted as a result of a...

  19. High-resolution wave and hydrodynamics modelling in coastal areas: operational applications for coastal planning, decision support and assessment (United States)

    Samaras, Achilleas G.; Gaeta, Maria Gabriella; Moreno Miquel, Adrià; Archetti, Renata


    Numerical modelling has become an essential component of today's coastal planning, decision support and risk assessment. High-resolution modelling offers an extensive range of capabilities regarding simulated conditions, works and practices and provides with a wide array of data regarding nearshore wave dynamics and hydrodynamics. In the present work, the open-source TELEMAC suite and the commercial software MIKE21 are applied to selected coastal areas of South Italy. Applications follow a scenario-based approach in order to study representative wave conditions in the coastal field; the models' results are intercompared in order to test both their performance and capabilities and are further evaluated on the basis of their operational use for coastal planning and design. A multiparametric approach for the rapid assessment of wave conditions in coastal areas is also presented and implemented in areas of the same region. The overall approach is deemed to provide useful insights on the tested models and the use of numerical models - in general - in the above context, especially considering that the design of harbours, coastal protection works and management practices in the coastal zone is based on scenario-based approaches as well.

  20. A parametric study of rate of advance and area coverage rate performance of synthetic aperture radar.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Raynal, Ann Marie [Sandia National Laboratories (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Hensley, Jr., William H. [Sandia National Laboratories (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Burns, Bryan L. [Sandia National Laboratories (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Doerry, Armin Walter [Sandia National Laboratories (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States)


    The linear ground distance per unit time and ground area covered per unit time of producing synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery, termed rate of advance (ROA) and area coverage rate (ACR), are important metrics for platform and radar performance in surveillance applications. These metrics depend on many parameters of a SAR system such as wavelength, aircraft velocity, resolution, antenna beamwidth, imaging mode, and geometry. Often the effects of these parameters on rate of advance and area coverage rate are non-linear. This report addresses the impact of different parameter spaces as they relate to rate of advance and area coverage rate performance.

  1. Supporting Cells-a New Area in Cochlear Physiology Study

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    ZHAO Li-dong; LIU Jun; HU Yin-yan; SUN Jian-he; YANG Shi-ming


    For many years, studies about the cochlea have been mainly focused on sensory cells, i.e. the inner hair cell (IHC) and outer hair cell (OHC), and the neuron system. Supporting cells, such as Hensen's cells and Deiters' cells are less studied. Their physiological functions and other characteris-tics are not well documented. Nowadays, supporting cells are a new world attracting to scientists" inter-ests. The scope of this review is to detail the biological properties of the supporting cells, mainly Hensen's cells and Deiters' cells in the cochlea. Studies on this subject will be helpful in understanding physiology of the cochlea, and hopefully provide new approaches in treating diseases of inner ear.

  2. Optimizing malarial epidemiological studies in areas of low transmission

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Amerasinghe, Priyanie H; Alifrangis, Michael; van der Hoek, Wim;


    Malaria risk factor studies have traditionally used microscopy readings of blood slides as the measure of malaria infection in humans, although alternatives are available. There is the need for an assessment of how the use of these alternative diagnostic approaches will influence the efficiency a...

  3. Application of carbon isotope for discriminating sources of soil CO2 in karst area, Guizhou

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    黎廷宇; 王世杰


    Using carbon isotope of soil CO2 this paper discussed the sources of soil CO2 in karst area, Guizhou Province, China. Oxidation-decomposition of organic matter, respiration of plant root and activity of microbe are thought to be the major sources of soil CO2. However, in karst area, the contribution of dissolution of underlying carbonate rock to soil CO2 should be considered as in acidic environment. Atmospheric CO2 is the major composition of soil CO2 in surface layer of soil profiles and its proportion in soil CO2 decreases with increase of soil depth. CO2 produced by dissolution of carbonate rock contributes 34%-46% to soil CO2 below the depth of 10cm in the studied soil profiles covered by grass.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Al Santhi


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND Cervical cancer is one of the India’s major health problem and a major cause of death in women. OBJECTIVES To find out the prevalence of cervical cancer in rural areas by effective screening methods. SETTING Study was conducted in Thanjavur Medical College Hospital, Thanjavur. MATERIALS AND METHODS Study was carried from January 2013 to December 2014. A total of 6420 women were screened under Pilot Screening Programme Project in Thanjavur District. VIA [Visual inspection of cervix after application of acetic acid] and VILI [Visual inspection after application of Lugol’s Iodine] was done. Colposcopic guided biopsy was taken and histopathological examination was done. Its relation to HPV infection was proved with immuno-histochemical markers Ki 67 and P16INK4. RESULTS Of the 6420 women screened for cancer cervix, 7.9% were found to have cervical intraepithelial neoplasia I [CIN I], 3.2% with CIN II, 1.7 % with CIN III. A total of 9.4% women had frank carcinoma of cervix, out of which 9.1% was squamous cell carcinoma, .2% was adenocarcinoma and other tumours constituted about .1%.

  5. Application of Poisson kriging to the mapping of cholera and dysentery incidence in an endemic area of Bangladesh

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Haq M Zahirul


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Disease maps can serve to display incidence rates geographically, to inform on public health provision about the success or failure of interventions, and to make hypothesis or to provide evidences concerning disease etiology. Poisson kriging was recently introduced to filter the noise attached to rates recorded over sparsely populated administrative units. Its benefit over simple population-weighted averages and empirical Bayesian smoothers was demonstrated by simulation studies using county-level cancer mortality rates. This paper presents the first application of Poisson kriging to the spatial interpolation of local disease rates, resulting in continuous maps of disease rate estimates and the associated prediction variance. The methodology is illustrated using cholera and dysentery data collected in a cholera endemic area (Matlab of Bangladesh. Results The spatial analysis was confined to patrilineally-related clusters of households, known as baris, located within 9 kilometers from the Matlab hospital to avoid underestimating the risk of disease incidence, since patients far away from the medical facilities are less likely to travel. Semivariogram models reveal a range of autocorrelation of 1.1 km for dysentery and 0.37 km for cholera. This result translates into a cholera risk map that is patchier than the dysentery map that shows a large zone of high incidence in the south-central part of the study area, which is quasi-urban. On both maps, lower risk values are found in the Northern part of the study area, which is also the most distant from the Matlab hospital. The weaker spatial continuity of cholera versus dysentery incidence rates resulted in larger kriging variance across the study area. Conclusion The approach presented in this paper enables researchers to incorporate the pattern of spatial dependence of incidence rates into the mapping of risk values and the quantification of the associated uncertainty. Differences

  6. Optimum BET surface areas for activated carbon produced from textile sewage sludges and its application as dye removal. (United States)

    Kacan, Erdal


    The purpose of this experimental study is to determine optimum preparation conditions for activated carbons obtained from textile sewage sludge (TSS) for removal of dyes from aqueous solutions. The textile sewage sludge activated carbon (TSSAC) was prepared by chemical activation with potassium hydroxide using Response Surface Methodology (RSM). The most influential factor on each experimental design responses was identified via ANNOVA analysis. Based on the central composite design (CCD), quadratic model was developed to correlate the preparation variables for one response which is the Brunauer-Emmelt-Teller (BET) surface area. RSM based on a three-variable CCD was used to determine the effect of pyrolyzed temperature (400-700 °C), carbonization time (45-180 min) and KOH: weight of TSS (wt%) impregnation ratio (0.5:1-1.5:1) on BET surface area. According to the results, pyrolyzed temperature and impregnation ratio were found as the significant factors for maximizing the BET surface area. The major effect which influences the BET surface area was found as pyrolyzed temperature. Both carbonization time and impregnation ratio of KOH had no significant effect. The optimum conditions for preparing TSSAC, based on response surface and contour plots, were found as follows: pyrolyzed temperature 700 °C, carbonization time of 45 min and chemical impregnation ratio of 0.5. The maximum and optimum BET surface area of TSSAC were found as 336 m(2)/g and 310.62 m(2)/g, respectively. Synozol Blue reactive (RSB) and Setapers Yellow-Brown (P2RFL) industrial textile dyes adsorption capacities were investigated. As expected the TSSAC which has the biggest BET surface area (336 m(2)/g) adsorbed dye best. The maximum (RSB) and (P2RFL) uptake capacities were found as 8.5383 mg/g and 5.4 mg/g, respectively. The results of this study indicated the applicability of TSSAC for removing industrial dyes from aqueous solution.

  7. Advances in hypersonic vehicle synthesis with application to studies of advanced thermal protection system (United States)

    Ardema, Mark D.


    This report summarizes the work entitled 'Advances in Hypersonic Vehicle Synthesis with Application to Studies of Advanced Thermal Protection Systems.' The effort was in two areas: (1) development of advanced methods of trajectory and propulsion system optimization; and (2) development of advanced methods of structural weight estimation. The majority of the effort was spent in the trajectory area.

  8. The nutritional composition of British bread: London area study. (United States)

    Sivell, L M; Wenlock, R W


    Samples of white and brown bread, both sliced and unsliced, and of wheatgerm breads and wholemeal bread were purchased in London and analysed for a wide range of nutrients. Available carbohydrate, dietary fibre, fatty acids, riboflavin, vitamin B6, and iodine were determined in bulked samples of each type of bread and, in addition, every loaf was analysed for moisture, fat, protein, phosphorus, chloride, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, thiamin, nicotinic acid, and free and total folic acid, in order to provide an estimate the variability within each kind of bread. Virtually all the constituents that were measured in the individual loaves showed inter-loaf variation--particularly moisture contents and the levels of calcium, copper and folic acid. Unsliced loaves were more variable than sliced loaves but when expressed on a dry matter basis there were no significant differences in the nutrient levels in sliced and unsliced breads. Wheatgerm breads were relatively more homogenous products but wholemeal loaves were very unhomogenous reflecting the difficulty of accurately identifying unwrapped wholemeal loaves in retail outlets. Some differences from previously published values for all breads were found for dietary fibre, iron, thiamin and vitamin B6. Experience of sampling at retail outlets and analysis provided by this study will be integrated into the design of a planned study of breads throughout Britain.

  9. Mesoporous ZrO2 fibers with enhanced surface area and the application as recyclable absorbent (United States)

    Yu, Zhichao; Liu, Benxue; Zhou, Haifeng; Feng, Cong; Wang, Xinqiang; Yuan, Kangkang; Gan, Xinzhu; Zhu, Luyi; Zhang, Guanghui; Xu, Dong


    Highly crystalline mesoporous zirconia fibers with high surface area have been prepared by the use of electrospinning combined with precursors method. The obtained precursor fibers were treated in water steam and directly in air at different temperature respectively. Compared with the direct calcination in air, the water steam cannot only promote the crystallization of ZrO2 but also effectively remove off the organics and prevent the pore structure collapse. Moreover, through adding hydrochloric acid to modify the solution pH value, the obtained t-ZrO2 fibers treated in water steam at 300 °C have high surface area and large pore volume of 232.70 m2 g-1 and 0.36 cm3 g-1. The formation mechanism of the mesostucture was studied and the schematic was represented. Compared with the previous reports of mesoporous ZrO2 fibers, the as-synthesized materials exhibited the high crystallinity, large surface area and the long-range order mesostructure.The adsorption of Congo red indicates that the samples have a high adsorption capacity of 103.46 mg g-1 and long-periodic repeated availability.

  10. Application of a process-based shallow landslide hazard model over a broad area in Central Italy (United States)

    Gioia, Eleonora; Speranza, Gabriella; Ferretti, Maurizio; Godt, Jonathan W.; Baum, Rex L.; Marincioni, Fausto


    Process-based models are widely used for rainfall-induced shallow landslide forecasting. Previous studies have successfully applied the U.S. Geological Survey’s Transient Rainfall Infiltration and Grid-Based Regional Slope-Stability (TRIGRS) model (Baum et al. 2002) to compute infiltration-driven changes in the hillslopes’ factor of safety on small scales (i.e., tens of square kilometers). Soil data input for such models are difficult to obtain across larger regions. This work describes a novel methodology for the application of TRIGRS over broad areas with relatively uniform hydrogeological properties. The study area is a 550-km2 region in Central Italy covered by post-orogenic Quaternary sediments. Due to the lack of field data, we assigned mechanical and hydrological property values through a statistical analysis based on literature review of soils matching the local lithologies. We calibrated the model using rainfall data from 25 historical rainfall events that triggered landslides. We compared the variation of pressure head and factor of safety with the landslide occurrence to identify the best fitting input conditions. Using calibrated inputs and a soil depth model, we ran TRIGRS for the study area. Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analysis, comparing the model’s output with a shallow landslide inventory, shows that TRIGRS effectively simulated the instability conditions in the post-orogenic complex during historical rainfall scenarios. The implication of this work is that rainfall-induced landslides over large regions may be predicted by a deterministic model, even where data on geotechnical and hydraulic properties as well as temporal changes in topography or subsurface conditions are not available.

  11. An experimental study of starting plumes over area sources

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Friedl, M.J.; Haertel, C.; Fannelop, T.K. [Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zuerich (Switzerland). Inst. of Fluid Dynamics


    Experiments have been performed to study the dynamics of plumes which develop, if buoyant fluid enters a homogeneous, unstratified environment through a source of finite width. The experiments were conducted in a cubic tank of salt water with 0.8 m side length into which dyes fresh water was released at a constant volume-flow rate through a circular felt at the bottom. The governing non-dimensional parameter of the flow, namely the ratio of inflow velocity to buoyancy velocity, was varied over more than two orders of magnitude in the experiments. The flow is shown to pass through two distinct phases, and a new integral model is presented which describes the flow in the early stage. For later times and at larger distances from the source, the flow is found to be well described by Turner's model for starting plumes from point sources.

  12. Application prospects for impact machines in the area of strengthening of joint welds (United States)

    Abramov, AD; Galay, MS


    Effect of vibropercussion plastic strengthening on microhardness and depth of strengthening of tread areas of railway welds is experimentally studied. It is found that improvement of hardness of railway welds requires impact treatment of welds with a unit blow energy of 20 J by an indenter with a cylindrical flat end 55 mm in radius. Under the specified energy impact, a surface layer is formed with the microhardness of 5800–6100 MPa and the strengthened thickness of 1.8–2 mm. The implementation of the technology for vibropercussion plastic strengthening of railway welds needs a moble unit with an electromagnetic drive to be designed.

  13. Using EVT for Geological Anomaly Design and Its Application in Identifying Anomalies in Mining Areas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Feilong Qin


    Full Text Available A geological anomaly is the basis of mineral deposit prediction. Through the study of the knowledge and characteristics of geological anomalies, the category of extreme value theory (EVT to which a geological anomaly belongs can be determined. Associating the principle of the EVT and ensuring the methods of the shape parameter and scale parameter for the generalized Pareto distribution (GPD, the methods to select the threshold of the GPD can be studied. This paper designs a new algorithm called the EVT model of geological anomaly. These study data on Cu and Au originate from 26 exploration lines of the Jiguanzui Cu-Au mining area in Hubei, China. The proposed EVT model of the geological anomaly is applied to identify anomalies in the Jiguanzui Cu-Au mining area. The results show that the model can effectively identify the geological anomaly region of Cu and Au. The anomaly region of Cu and Au is consistent with the range of ore bodies of actual engineering exploration. Therefore, the EVT model of the geological anomaly can effectively identify anomalies, and it has a high indicating function with respect to ore prospecting.

  14. NATO Advanced Study Institute on Hamiltonian Dynamical Systems and Applications

    CERN Document Server


    Physical laws are for the most part expressed in terms of differential equations, and natural classes of these are in the form of conservation laws or of problems of the calculus of variations for an action functional. These problems can generally be posed as Hamiltonian systems, whether dynamical systems on finite dimensional phase space as in classical mechanics, or partial differential equations (PDE) which are naturally of infinitely many degrees of freedom. This volume is the collected and extended notes from the lectures on Hamiltonian dynamical systems and their applications that were given at the NATO Advanced Study Institute in Montreal in 2007. Many aspects of the modern theory of the subject were covered at this event, including low dimensional problems as well as the theory of Hamiltonian systems in infinite dimensional phase space; these are described in depth in this volume. Applications are also presented to several important areas of research, including problems in classical mechanics, continu...

  15. Soils Activity Mobility Study: Methodology and Application

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    None, None


    and labor- and data-intensive methods. For the watersheds analyzed in this report using the Level 1 PSIAC method, the risk of erosion is low. The field reconnaissance surveys of these watersheds confirm the conclusion that the sediment yield of undisturbed areas at the NNSS would be low. The climate, geology, soils, ground cover, land use, and runoff potential are similar among these watersheds. There are no well-defined ephemeral channels except at the Smoky and Plutonium Valley sites. Topography seems to have the strongest influence on sediment yields, as sediment yields are higher on the steeper hill slopes. Lack of measured sediment yield data at the NNSS does not allow for a direct evaluation of the yield estimates by the PSIAC method. Level 2 MUSLE estimates in all the analyzed watersheds except Shasta are a small percentage of the estimates from PSIAC because MUSLE is not inclusive of channel erosion. This indicates that channel erosion dominates the total sediment yield in these watersheds. Annual sediment yields for these watersheds are estimated using the CHAN-SEDI and CHAN-SEDII channel sediment transport models. Both transport models give similar results and exceed the estimates obtained from PSIAC and MUSLE. It is recommended that the total watershed sediment yield of watersheds at the NNSS with flow channels be obtained by adding the washload estimate (rill and inter-rill erosion) from MUSLE to that obtained from channel transport models (bed load and suspended sediment). PSIAC will give comparable results if factor scores for channel erosion are revised towards the high erosion level. Application of the Level 3 process-based models to estimate sediment yields at the NNSS cannot be recommended at this time. Increased model complexity alone will not improve the certainty of the sediment yield estimates. Models must be calibrated against measured data before model results are accepted as certain. Because no measurements of sediment yields at the NNSS are

  16. Watershed basin management and agriculture practices: an application case for flooding areas in Piemonte. (United States)

    Bianco, G.; Franzi, L.; Valvassore, U.


    Watershed basin management in Piemonte (Italy) is a challenging issue that forces the local Authorities to a careful land planning in the frame of a sustainable economy. Different and contrasting objectives should be taken into account and balanced in order to find the best or the most "reasonable" choice under many constraints. Frequently the need for flood risk reduction and the demand for economical exploitation of floodplain areas represent the most conflicting aspects that influence watershed management politics. Actually, flood plains have been the preferred places for socio-economical activities, due to the availability of water, fertility of soil and the easiness of agricultural soil exploitation. Sometimes the bed and planform profile adjustments of a river, as a consequence of natural processes, can impede some anthropogenic activities in agriculture, such as the erosion of areas used for crops, the impossibility of water diversion, the deposition of pollutants on the ground, with effects on the economy and on the social life of local communities. In these cases watershed basin management should either balance the opposite demands, as the protection of economic activities (that implies generally canalized rivers and levees construction) and the need of favouring the river morphological stability, allowing the flooding in the inundation areas. In the paper a case study in Piemonte region (Tortona irrigation district) is shown and discussed. The effects of the Scrivia river planform adjustment on water diversion and soil erodibility force the local community and the authority of the irrigation district to ask for flood protection and river bed excavation. A mathematical model is also applied to study the effects of local river channel excavation on flood risk. Some countermeasures are also suggested to properly balance the opposite needs in the frame of a watershed basin management.

  17. Securing While Sampling in Wireless Body Area Networks With Application to Electrocardiography. (United States)

    Dautov, Ruslan; Tsouri, Gill R


    Stringent resource constraints and broadcast transmission in wireless body area network raise serious security concerns when employed in biomedical applications. Protecting data transmission where any minor alteration is potentially harmful is of significant importance in healthcare. Traditional security methods based on public or private key infrastructure require considerable memory and computational resources, and present an implementation obstacle in compact sensor nodes. This paper proposes a lightweight encryption framework augmenting compressed sensing with wireless physical layer security. Augmenting compressed sensing to secure information is based on the use of the measurement matrix as an encryption key, and allows for incorporating security in addition to compression at the time of sampling an analog signal. The proposed approach eliminates the need for a separate encryption algorithm, as well as the predeployment of a key thereby conserving sensor node's limited resources. The proposed framework is evaluated using analysis, simulation, and experimentation applied to a wireless electrocardiogram setup consisting of a sensor node, an access point, and an eavesdropper performing a proximity attack. Results show that legitimate communication is reliable and secure given that the eavesdropper is located at a reasonable distance from the sensor node and the access point.

  18. Operational Application of the Landsat Timeseries to Address Large Area Landcover Understanding (United States)

    Scarth, P.; Armston, J.; Flood, N.; Denham, R.; Collett, L.; Watson, F.; Trevithick, B.; Muir, J.; Goodwin, N.; Tindall, D.; Phinn, S.


    State Government agencies in northern and eastern Australia and the University of Queensland, Brisbane, have been collaborating through the Joint Remote Sensing Research Program (JRSRP). This has resulted in a significant acceleration in the development and successful operational application of remote sensing methods for the JRSRP members and the various state and national programs and policies which they support. The JRSRP provides an open and collaborative mechanism and governance structure to successfully bring together a unique combination of expertise in image processing, field data collection, and data integration approaches to deliver accurate, repeatable and robust methods for mapping and monitoring Australia's unique ecosystems. Remote sensing provides spatially- and temporally-comprehensive information about land cover features at a range of scales and often for minimal cost compared to traditional mapping and monitoring approaches. This makes remote sensing a very useful operational mapping and monitoring tool for land managers, particularly in the vast rangelands of Australia. This paper outlines recent developments in remote sensing and modelling products that are being used operationally by JRSRP members to address large area landcover understanding.

  19. Wide area measurement system for smart grid applications involving hybrid energy sources

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Amin, Mahmoud M.; Moussa, Heba B.; Mohammed, Osama A. [Florida International University, Energy Systems Research Laboratory, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Miami, FL (United States)


    This paper presents a model and experimental verification for a complete scenario of a proposed wide area measurement system (WAMS) based on synchronized phasor measurement units (PMUs). The proposed system is feasible for hybrid smart ac/dc power networks; such as grid-connected PV-power plants. The purpose is to increase the overall system reliability for all power stages via significant dependence on WAMS as distributed intelligence agents with improved monitoring, protection, and control capabilities of the power networks. The developed system is simulated in the Matlab/Simulink environment. The system was tested under two different cases; normal operation and fault state. Furthermore, the proposed WAMS was experimentally validated with results obtained from a reduced scale setup which built and tested in the laboratory based on the Hardware-in-the-loop concept. It was verified that the power system status can be easily monitored and controlled in real time by using the measured bus data in real time. This improves the overall system reliability and avoids cascaded blackout during fault occurrence. The simulation and experimental results confirm the validity of the proposed WAMS technology for smart grid applications. (orig.)

  20. Mathematical model of small water-plane area twin-hull and application in marine simulator (United States)

    Zhang, Xiufeng; Lyu, Zhenwang; Yin, Yong; Jin, Yicheng


    Small water-plane area twin-hull (SWATH) has drawn the attention of many researchers due to its good sea-keeping ability. In this paper, MMG's idea of separation was used to perform SWATH movement modeling and simulation; respectively the forces and moment of SWATH were divided into bare hull, propeller, rudder at the fluid hydrodynamics, etc. Wake coefficient at the propellers which reduces thrust coefficient, and rudder mutual interference forces among the hull and propeller, for the calculation of SWATH, were all considered. The fourth-order Runge-Kutta method of integration was used by solving differential equations, in order to get SWATH's movement states. As an example, a turning test at full speed and full starboard rudder of `Seagull' craft is shown. The simulation results show the SWATH's regular pattern and trend of motion. It verifies the correctness of the mathematical model of the turning movement. The SWATH's mathematical model is applied to marine simulator in order to train the pilots or seamen, or safety assessment for ocean engineering project. Lastly, the full mission navigation simulating system (FMNSS) was determined to be a successful virtual reality technology application sample in the field of navigation simulation.

  1. Residents’ Attitudes towards Tourism Development in Different Nongjiale Areas--the Cases Study of Pixian Youai Village, Hangzhou Meijiawu Area and Shanxi Qiachuan area

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Chen Shuo


    The purpose of the paper is to examine attitudes of residents of three Nongjiale areas from different levels towards tourism development. Through doing this project, the researcher can explore the relationship between resident attitudes toward tourism and the development of the Nongjiale Tourism. This project helps Nongjiale tourism industry to find out the factors afecting the residents’ attitude and thus affecting the Nongjiale tourism of local district. Throughout the comparison of Nongjiale Districts in the high, medium, low popular levels, the study helps the medium and low popular districts learn from the high popular one by analyzing the pushing factors and learn the actions the high popular one take to influence these factors.

  2. Study on Effects of Human Activities on Rehabilitation of Vegetation on Red Soil in Hilly Areas

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Liu Gengling


    Based on the two long-term experiments on red soil in hilly areas in the southern part of Hunan Province, a study on rehabilitation of natural vegetation in this area has been carried out.The results showed that when the more frequently vegetation was cut, the less bio-mass and the fewer the species of the vegetation were year by year, especially the growth of xylophyto. For example,in plot 1 (under annual cutting), the bio-mass of vegetation decreased from 90. 2kg/plot to 45. 0kg/polt, the species of the vegetation decreased from 15 to 4, and the proportion of the xylophyta biomass decreased from 17% to 0.9% in 1991. As for imparata cylindrica var. major during the process of restoration of natural vegetation, applying fertilizer made it reproduced excessively, then eliminate. With frequently cutting, the soil fertility was exhausted gradually and the biomass of Imparata cylindrica decreased sharply, especially under the condition of N fertilizer application.

  3. An artificial neural network application to produce debris source areas of Barla, Besparmak, and Kapi Mountains (NW Taurids, Turkey

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. C. Tunusluoglu


    Full Text Available Various statistical, mathematical and artificial intelligence techniques have been used in the areas of engineering geology, rock engineering and geomorphology for many years. However, among the techniques, artificial neural networks are relatively new approach used in engineering geology in particular. The attractiveness of ANN for the engineering geological problems comes from the information processing characteristics of the system, such as non-linearity, high parallelism, robustness, fault and failure tolerance, learning, ability to handle imprecise and fuzzy information, and their capability to generalize. For this reason, the purposes of the present study are to perform an application of ANN to a engineering geology problem having a very large database and to introduce a new approach to accelerate convergence. For these purposes, an ANN architecture having 5 neurons in one hidden layer was constructed. During the training stages, total 40 000 training cycles were performed and the minimum RMSE values were obtained at approximately 10 000th cycle. At this cycle, the obtained minimum RMSE value is 0.22 for the second training set, while that of value is calculated as 0.064 again for the second test set. Using the trained ANN model at 10 000th cycle for the second random sampling, the debris source area susceptibility map was produced and adjusted. Finally, a potential debris source susceptibility map for the study area was produced. When considering the field observations and existing inventory map, the produced map has a high prediction capacity and it can be used when assessing debris flow hazard mitigation efforts.

  4. Climate regionalization for main production areas of Indonesia: Case study of West Java (United States)

    Perdinan; Farysca Adi, Ryco; Sugiarto, Yon; Arifah, Annisa; Yustisi Arini, Enggar; Atmaja, Tri


    Spatially, climate condition is vary within a region and considered as essential information for planning activities such as agro-climate zonation. An approach to understand the spatial climate variability is the utilization of climate regionalization that is applied to rainfall data to distinguish differences in the pattern and magnitude (characteristics) of spatial rainfall variability over a region. Unfortunately, the application of climate regionalization poses a challenging issue in Indonesia, considering the availability of climate data. Recent advances in satellite and reanalysis data measuring climate variability over a large area provided an opportunity for the application of climate regionalization in the country. Using the West Java, one of main crop production regions in Indonesia, climate regionalization techniques were applied to map spatial variability of climate types based on rainfall data recorded by climate stations (point based analysis) and estimated by modeled/reanalysis data and satellite observations (gridded data). The regionalization derived from gridded rainfall data have reasonably better in capturing the zonal pattern of differences in climate types within the study region than the regionalization applied to insufficient numbers of site-based rainfall observation. This indicates that the gridded data offers an alternative for climate regionalization, when site-based observations are unavailable or limited.

  5. Added economic value of limited area multi-EPS weather forecasting applications

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alex Deckmyn


    Full Text Available We compare the GLAMEPS system, a pan-European limited area ensemble prediction system, with ECMWF's EPS over Belgium for an extended period from March 2010 until the end of December 2010. In agreement with a previous study, we find GLAMEPS scores considerably better than ECMWF's EPS. To compute the economic value, we introduce a new relative economic value score for continuous forecasts. The added value of combining the GLAMEPS system with the LAEF system over Belgium is studied. We conclude that adding LAEF to GLAMEPS increases the value, although the increase is small compared to the improvement of GLAMEPS to ECMWF's EPS. As an added benefit we find that the combined GLAMEPS-LAEF multi-EPS system is more robust, that is, it is less vulnerable to the (accidental removal of one of its components.

  6. Impact of regional afforestation on climatic conditions in metropolitan areas: case study of Copenhagen (United States)

    Stysiak, Aleksander Andrzej; Bergen Jensen, Marina; Mahura, Alexander


    Like most other places, European metropolitan areas will face a range of climate-related challenges over the next decades that may influence the nature of urban life across the continent. Under future urbanization and climate change scenarios the well-being and comfort of the urban population might become progressively compromised. In urban areas, the effects of the warming climate will be accelerated by combination of Urban Heat Island effect (UHI) and extreme heat waves. The land cover composition directly influences atmospheric variability, and can either escalate or downscale the projected changes. Vegetation, forest ecosystems in particular, are anticipated to play an important role in modulating local and regional climatic conditions, and to be vital factor in the process of adapting cities to warming climate. This study investigates the impact of forest and land-cover change on formation and development of temperature regimes in the Copenhagen Metropolitan Area (CPH-MA). Potential to modify the UHI effect in CPH-MA is estimated. Using 2009 meteorological data, and up-to-date 2012 high resolution land-cover data we employed the online integrated meteorology-chemistry/aerosols Enviro-HIRLAM (Environment - High Resolution Limited Area Model) modeling system to simulate air temperature (at 2 meter height) fields for a selected period in July 2009. Employing research tools (such as METGRAF meteorological software and Geographical Information Systems) we then estimated the influence of different afforestation and urbanization scenarios with new forests being located after the Danish national afforestation plan, after proximity to the city center, after dominating wind characteristics, and urbanization taking place as densification of the existing conurbation. This study showed the difference in temperature up to 3.25°C, and the decrease in the spatial extent of temperature fields up to 68%, depending on the selected scenario. Performed simulations demonstrated

  7. Landscape and soil regionalization in southern Brazilian Amazon and contiguous areas: methodology and relevance for ecological studies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Boris Volkoff


    Full Text Available Soils of a large tropical area with differentiated landscapes cannot be treated uniformly for ecological applications. We intend to develop a framework based on physiography that can be used in regional applications. The study region occupies more than 1.1 million km² and is located at the junction of the savanna region of Central Brazil and the Amazon forest. It includes a portion of the high sedimentary Central Brazil plateau and large areas of mostly peneplained crystalline shield on the border of the wide inner-Amazon low sedimentary plain. A first broad subdivision was made into landscape regions followed by a more detailed subdivision into soil regions. Mapping information was extracted from soil survey maps at scales of 1:250000-1:500000. Soil units were integrated within a homogenized legend using a set of selected attributes such as taxonomic term, the texture of the B horizon and the associated vegetation. For each region, a detailed inventory of the soil units with their area distribution was elaborated. Ten landscape regions and twenty-four soil regions were recognized and delineated. Soil cover of a region is normally characterized by a cluster composed of many soil units. Soil diversity is comparable in the landscape and the soil regions. Composition of the soil cover is quantitatively expressed in terms of area extension of the soil units. Such geographic divisions characterized by grouping soil units and their spatial estimates must be used for regional ecological applications.

  8. Quantitative Application Study on Remote Sensing of Suspended Sediment

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    CHEN Yi-mei; XU Su-dong; LIN Qiang


    Quantitative application on remote sensing of suspended sediment is an important aspect of the engineering application of remote sensing study.In this paper,the Xiamen Bay is chosen as the study area.Eleven different phases of the remote sensing data are selected to establish a quantitative remote sensing model to map suspended sediment by using remote sensing images and the quasi-synchronous measured sediment data.Based on empirical statistics developed are the conversion models between instantaneous suspended sediment concentration and tidally-averaged suspended sediment concentration as well as the conversion models between surface layer suspended sediment concentration and the depth-averaged suspended sediment concentration.On this basis,the quantitative application integrated model on remote sensing of suspended sediment is developed.By using this model as well as multi-temporal remote sensing images,multi-year averaged suspended sediment concentration of the Xiamen Bay are predicted.The comparison between model prediction and observed data shows that the multi-year averaged suspended sediment concentration of studied sites as well as the concentration difference of neighboring sites can be well predicted by the remote sensing model with an error rate of 21.61% or less,which can satisfy the engineering requirements of channel deposition calculation.

  9. Movement patterns and study area boundaries: Influences on survival estimation in capture-mark-recapture studies (United States)

    Horton, G.E.; Letcher, B.H.


    The inability to account for the availability of individuals in the study area during capture-mark-recapture (CMR) studies and the resultant confounding of parameter estimates can make correct interpretation of CMR model parameter estimates difficult. Although important advances based on the Cormack-Jolly-Seber (CJS) model have resulted in estimators of true survival that work by unconfounding either death or recapture probability from availability for capture in the study area, these methods rely on the researcher's ability to select a method that is correctly matched to emigration patterns in the population. If incorrect assumptions regarding site fidelity (non-movement) are made, it may be difficult or impossible as well as costly to change the study design once the incorrect assumption is discovered. Subtleties in characteristics of movement (e.g. life history-dependent emigration, nomads vs territory holders) can lead to mixtures in the probability of being available for capture among members of the same population. The result of these mixtures may be only a partial unconfounding of emigration from other CMR model parameters. Biologically-based differences in individual movement can combine with constraints on study design to further complicate the problem. Because of the intricacies of movement and its interaction with other parameters in CMR models, quantification of and solutions to these problems are needed. Based on our work with stream-dwelling populations of Atlantic salmon Salmo salar, we used a simulation approach to evaluate existing CMR models under various mixtures of movement probabilities. The Barker joint data model provided unbiased estimates of true survival under all conditions tested. The CJS and robust design models provided similarly unbiased estimates of true survival but only when emigration information could be incorporated directly into individual encounter histories. For the robust design model, Markovian emigration (future

  10. Catchment conceptualisation for examining applicability of chloride mass balance method in an area of historical forest clearance


    H. Guan; Love, A.; Simmons, C.T.; Ding, Z.; J. Hutson


    Among various approaches for estimating groundwater recharge, chloride mass balance (CMB) method is one of the most frequently used, in particular, for arid and semiarid regions. Widespread native vegetation clearance, common history in many areas globally, has changed land surface boundary condition, posing a question whether the current system has reached new chloride equilibrium for CMB application. To examine CMB applicability for catchments, conceptual catchment types of various chloride...

  11. Tsunami evacuation modelling as a tool for risk reduction: application to the coastal area of El Salvador (United States)

    González-Riancho, P.; Aguirre-Ayerbe, I.; Aniel-Quiroga, I.; Abad, S.; González, M.; Larreynaga, J.; Gavidia, F.; Gutiérrez, O. Q.; Álvarez-Gómez, J. A.; Medina, R.


    Advances in the understanding and prediction of tsunami impacts allow the development of risk reduction strategies for tsunami-prone areas. This paper presents an integral framework for the formulation of tsunami evacuation plans based on tsunami vulnerability assessment and evacuation modelling. This framework considers (i) the hazard aspects (tsunami flooding characteristics and arrival time), (ii) the characteristics of the exposed area (people, shelters and road network), (iii) the current tsunami warning procedures and timing, (iv) the time needed to evacuate the population, and (v) the identification of measures to improve the evacuation process. The proposed methodological framework aims to bridge between risk assessment and risk management in terms of tsunami evacuation, as it allows for an estimation of the degree of evacuation success of specific management options, as well as for the classification and prioritization of the gathered information, in order to formulate an optimal evacuation plan. The framework has been applied to the El Salvador case study, demonstrating its applicability to site-specific response times and population characteristics.


    Brew, David A.; Kimball, A.L.


    The Tracy Arm-Fords Terror Wilderness study area lies on the southwest flank of the Coast Range about 45 mi southeast of Juneau, Alaska. A mineral-resource survey of the area identified two areas with substantiated mineral-resource potential: the Sumdum Glacier mineral belt with gold, copper, and zinc potential; and the Endicott Peninsula area with zinc, silver, and gold potential. The Sumdum Glacier belt is estimated to contain between 3 and 15 mineral deposits and there are 5 known mining areas in the Endicott Peninsula. Further work, particularly in the southern part of the belt, would be of significant help in refining the evaluation of that area. Relatively little activity has occurred in the Endicott Peninsula area; intense geochemical and geophysical work would remove many of the present uncertainties and probably would refine the present limit of the favorable areas. 2 refs.

  13. Study and application of temporal index technology

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    YE XiaoPing; TANG Yong; CHEN LuoWu; GUO Huan; ZHU Jun; CHEN KaiYuan


    This paper addresses the mathematical relation on a set of periods and temporal indexing constructions as well as their applications. First we introduce two concepts, i.e. the temporal connection and temporal inclusion, which are equivalence relation and preorder relation respectively. Second, by studying some basic topics such as the division of "large" equivalence classes and the overlaps of preorder relational sets, we propose a temporal data index model (TDIM) with a tree-structure consisting of a root node, equivalence class nodes and linearly ordered branch nodes. Third, we study algorithms for the temporal querying and incremental updating as well as dynamical management within the framework of TDIM. Based on a proper mathematical supporting, TDIM can be applied to researching some significant practical cases such as temporal relational and temporal XML data and so on.

  14. Study renewable energy - sugarcane ethanol. Traditional areas. Final report; Estudo energias renovaveis - etanol de cana. Areas tradicionais. Relatorio final

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This report presents the mapping of areas with potential for ethanol production in traditional areas of the Brazil. In the traditional areas, with clear emphasis in the Northeast region of Brazil, was selected ten areas in the states of Bahia, Sergipe, Alagoas, Pernambuco, Paraiba, Rio Grande do Norte and Ceara. In the Southeast region two areas, between the Norte Fluminense, Southern of the Espirito Santo and eastern of the Minas Gerais.

  15. Results of preliminary Microwave Multi-Applications Payload (MMAP) study (United States)


    A preliminary feasibility study of the microwave multi-applications payload (MMAP) system for the Spacelab has been carried out. The initial objectives of this study have been to determine the minimum equipment requirements of the MMAP and the feasibility of placing the numerous large aperture antennas in the Spacelab. The study was begun by reviewing the experimental objectives and techniques and determining areas of commonality. Emphasis was given to the determination of common RF equipment requirements. These requirementers were considered after agreement among the experiments had been reached on limiting the number of frequencies to be used in the system. This was done so that the number of antennas, transmitters, and receivers could be minimized. The electronics system block diagram and the antenna configurations were considered in some details. It was concluded that the MMAP is feasible and can be an economical method of achieving a large number of experimental goals.

  16. Reconnaissance geologic map of the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness Study Area, south-central Colorado (United States)

    Johnson, Bruce R.; Lindsey, David A.; Bruce, R.M.; Soulliere, Sandra J.


    The Wilderness Act (Public Law 88-577, September 3, 1964) and related acts require the U.S. Geological Survey and the U.S. Bureau of Mines to survey certain areas on Federal lands to determine the mineral values, if any, that may be present. Results must be made available to the public and to be submitted to the President and Congress. This report presents the results of geologic studies in the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness Study Area in the Rio Grande and San Isabel National Forests, south-central Colorado. The area was designated as a wilderness study area under Public Lay 96-560 in 1980. 

  17. Bayesian classifier applications of airborne hyperspectral imagery processing for forested areas (United States)

    Kozoderov, Vladimir; Kondranin, Timofei; Dmitriev, Egor; Kamentsev, Vladimir


    Pattern recognition problem is outlined in the context of textural and spectral analysis of remote sensing imagery processing. Main attention is paid to Bayesian classifier that can be used to realize the processing procedures based on parallel machine-learning algorithms and high-productive computers. We consider the maximum of the posterior probability principle and the formalism of Markov random fields for the neighborhood description of the pixels for the related classes of objects with the emphasis on forests of different species and ages. The energy category of the selected classes serves to account for the likelihood measure between the registered radiances and the theoretical distribution functions approximating remotely sensed data. Optimization procedures are undertaken to solve the pattern recognition problem of the texture description for the forest classes together with finding thin nuances of their spectral distribution in the feature space. As a result, possible redundancy of the channels for imaging spectrometer due to their correlations is removed. Difficulties are revealed due to different sampling data while separating pixels, which characterize the sunlit tops, shaded space and intermediate cases of the Sun illumination conditions on the hyperspectral images. Such separation of pixels for the forest classes is maintained to enhance the recognition accuracy, but learning ensembles of data need to be agreed for these categories of pixels. We present some results of the Bayesian classifier applicability for recognizing airborne hyperspectral images using the relevant improvements in separating such pixels for the forest classes on a test area of the 4 × 10 km size encompassed by 13 airborne tracks, each forming the images by 500 pixels across the track and from 10,000 to 14,000 pixels along the track. The spatial resolution of each image is near to 1 m from the altitude near to 2 km above the ground level. The results of the hyperspectral imagery

  18. Agricultural Land Use Optimal Allocation System in Developing Area:Application to Yili Watershed, Xinjiang Region

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    ZHANG Ying; ZHANG Hongqi; NI Dongying; SONG Wei


    In developing countries,land productivity involves little market,where the agricultural land use is mainly determined by the food demands as well as the land suitability.The land use pattern will not ensure everywhere enough land for certain cropping if spatial allocation just according to land use suitability.To solve this problem,a subzone and a pre-allocation for each land use are added in spatial allocation module,and land use suitability and area optimization module are incorporated to constitute a whole agricultural land use optimal allocation (ALUOA) system.The system is developed on the platform.Net 2005 using ArcGIS Engine (version 9.2) and C# language,and is tested and validated in Yili watershed of Xinjiang Region on the newly reclaimed area.In the case study,with the help of soil data obtained from 69 points sampled in the fieldwork in 2008,main river data supplied by the Department of Water Resources of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in China,and temperature data provided by Data Center for Resources and Environmental Sciences,Chinese Academy of Sciences,land use suitability on eight common crops are evaluated one by one using linear weighted summation method in the land use suitability model.The linear programming (LP) model in area optimization model succeeds to give out land area target of each crop under three scenarios.At last,the land use targets are allotted in space both with a six subzone file and without a subzone file.The results show that the land use maps with a subzone not only ensure every part has enough land for every crop,but also gives a more fragmental land use pattern,with about 87.99% and 135.92% more patches than the one without,while at the expense of loss between 15.30% and 19.53% in the overall suitability at the same time.

  19. Comparative study of fuel cell, battery and hybrid buses for renewable energy constrained areas (United States)

    Stempien, J. P.; Chan, S. H.


    Fuel cell- and battery-based public bus technologies are reviewed and compared for application in tropical urban areas. This paper scrutinizes the reported literature on fuel cell bus, fuel cell electric bus, battery electric bus, hybrid electric bus, internal combustion diesel bus and compressed natural gas bus. The comparison includes the capital and operating costs, fuel consumption and fuel cycle emissions. To the best of authors knowledge, this is the first study to holistically compare hydrogen and battery powered buses, which is the original contribution of this paper. Moreover, this is the first study to focus on supplying hydrogen and electricity from fossil resources, while including the associated emissions. The study shows that compressed natural gas and hybrid electric buses appear to be the cheapest options in terms of total cost of ownership, but they are unable to meet the EURO VI emissions' standard requirement. Only fuel cell based buses have the potential to achieve the emissions' standard when the fuel cycle based on fossil energy was considered. Fuel cell electric buses are identified as a technology allowing for the largest CO2 emission reduction, making ∼61% decrease in annual emissions possible.

  20. The Land Use Change in the Scenic Area: A Case Study of Huangguoshu

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Xiaozhu; CHEN


    Based on information entropy theory and ecological footprint theory,we analyze the changes in land use and land ecological carrying capacity in Huangguoshu scenic area during 2009- 2012. The results show that the area of arable land and construction land was relatively increased while the area of grassland and woodland was relatively reduced in Huangguoshu scenic area during 2009- 2012,and the information entropy showed a wavy change. It indicates that the land use in the study area poses increasing pressure on the ecological environment,and there is a need to strengthen ecological protection and achieve the coordinated development of land use and ecological environment construction.

  1. Study on Eco-climate Type Regionalization of Wheat Growing Areas in Yunnan Province

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Yongxin; LU; Limin; CAO; Zhongping; ZHANG; Hongbo; LI


    In order to provide an objective and scientific theoretical basis for rational distribution of wheat growth in Yunnan Province,according to the relationship between Yunnan weather conditions and wheat growth adaptability,a study on eco-climate type regionalization of wheat growing areas in Yunnan was conducted using principal component analysis and GIS technology. The results show that Yunnan Province could be divided into four types,namely southern warm and humid wheat growing area,central semi-arid wheat growing area,central semi-humid wheat growing area and north-central cold wheat growing area.

  2. AWideAreaMeasurementandControlSystemforSmartDistributionGridsandItsProtectionandControlApplications%A Wide Area Measurement and Control System for Smart Distribution Grids and Its Protection and Control Applications

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    With the massive integration of distributed generators (DGs) and the ever-increasing demand on power supply quality and system efficiency, the protection and control of the distribution network is facing new challenges. The traditional centralized and local measurement based protection and control methods have either slow responses or poor performance due to limited information inputs. A wide area measuring and control system (WAMCS) able to support all kinds of centralized, local and distributed intelligence (DI) control methods and provide a unified and open platform for monitoring, protection and control applications of the smart distribution grid is proposed. DI based applications in WAMCS, such as DGs interconnection control, wide area protection, fast fault isolation and the service restoration and self-healing solutions for earth faults in a non-effectively earthed network, are presented. With further progress and improvement of the technologies, the WAMCS and its applications will provide a solid foundation for the development of smart distribution grids.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    C. F. Lo


    Full Text Available There are many disasters happened because the weather changes extremely in these years. To facilitate applications such as environment detection or monitoring becomes very important. Therefore, the development of rapid low cost systems for collecting near real-time spatial information is very critical. Rapid spatial information collection has become an emerging trend for remote sensing and mapping applications. This study develops a Direct Georeferencing (DG based Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV helicopter photogrammetric platform where an Inertial Navigation System (INS/Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS integrated Positioning and Orientation System (POS system is implemented to provide the DG capability of the platform. The performance verification indicates that the proposed platform can capture aerial images successfully. A flight test is performed to verify the positioning accuracy in DG mode without using Ground Control Points (GCP. The preliminary results illustrate that horizontal DG positioning accuracies in the x and y axes are around 5 meter with 100 meter flight height. The positioning accuracy in the z axis is less than 10 meter. Such accuracy is good for near real-time disaster relief. The DG ready function of proposed platform guarantees mapping and positioning capability even in GCP free environments, which is very important for rapid urgent response for disaster relief. Generally speaking, the data processing time for the DG module, including POS solution generalization, interpolation, Exterior Orientation Parameters (EOP generation, and feature point measurements, is less than 1 hour.

  4. Financial Resources of the National Economy Development: Formation and Priority Application Areas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tetiana Frolova


    Full Text Available The issue of formation and uses of the national economy financial resources was considered. In theory, the essence of definition of "financial resources" was summarized and substantiated at the micro, meso- and macrolevel. The problems of forming the financial resources of the state, namely the state budget, as a major national fund of the centralized financial resources were summarized and substantiated. The basic macroeconomic indicators characterizing the status of the financial resources of Ukraine and their use in 2005-2015 were analyzed. The structure of tax and non-tax revenues to the state budget was shown. Much attention was paid to the budget spending, reflecting the priorities of socio-economic development. The changes in the budget deficit ratio to the GDP of Ukraine and its relationship with the public debt were studied. The priority areas of using the national financial resources were revealed.

  5. Application of fractal theory in refined reservoir description for EOR pilot area

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Yue Li; Yonggang Duan; Yun Li; Yuan Lu


    A reliable reservoir description is essential to investigate scenarios for successful EOR pilot test. Reservoir characterization includes formation composition, permeability, porosity, reservoir fluids and other petrophysical parameters. In this study, various new tools have been applied to characterize Kilamayi conglomerate formation. This paper examines the merits of various statistical methods for recognizing rock property correlation in vertical columns and gives out methods to determine fractal dimension including R/S analysis and power spectral analysis. The paper also demonstrates that there is obvious fractal characteristics in conglomerate reservoirs of Kilamayi oil fields. Well log data in EOR pilot area are used to get distribution profile of parameters including permeability, porosity, water saturation and shale content.

  6. 47 CFR 54.805 - Zone and study area above benchmark revenues calculated by the Administrator. (United States)


    ... 47 Telecommunication 3 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Zone and study area above benchmark revenues... Mechanism § 54.805 Zone and study area above benchmark revenues calculated by the Administrator. (a) The following steps shall be performed by the Administrator to determine Zone Above Benchmark Revenues for...

  7. Road and street smart lighting control systems as a new application area of the hot-potato protocol

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kiedrowski, Piotr; Gutierrez Lopez, Jose Manuel; Boniewicz, Piotr


    This paper presents the new application area of the hot-potato routing protocol, which is a “last-mile” communication network for controlling systems of road and street lighting. Four variants of the hot-potato protocol are analyzed with use of the graph theory. For the assessment of the traffic...

  8. Real time PCR. Application in dengue studies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jeanette Prada-Arismendy


    Full Text Available PCR (polymerase chain reaction is a routinely used tool in every diagnostic and research laboratory. This technique has been used in detection of mutations and pathogens, forensic investigation, and even is the base tool for human genome sequencing. A modification of PCR technique, real time PCR, allows the quantification of nucleic acids with higher sensibility, specificity and reproducibility. This article is intended to clarify the foundations of real-time PCR, using an application model for virology. In the actual work, it was quantified the viral load of dengue virus serotype 2 produced from infected murine macrophages; the obtained results in this work established that murine strain BALB/c presents a greater susceptibility to dengue virus infection, which establishes BALB/c murine strain as a best model of study for investigation of dengue virus infection physiopathology.

  9. Transpirative Deficit Index (TDI) for the management of water scarcity in irrigated areas: development and application in northern Italy (United States)

    Borghi, Anna; Facchi, Arianna; Rienzner, Michele; Gandolfi, Claudio


    In Europe, the monitoring and assessment of drought is entrusted to the European Drought Observatory (EDO). EDO indicators are calculated considering rainfed agriculture and delivered on a 5 km grid. However, in southern Europe, irrigation may compensate for potentially severe agricultural droughts and specific water scarcity indicators that explicitly consider irrigation are needed. In the Po River Plain, irrigated crops cover more than 70% of the agricultural land, massive amounts of water are diverted from rivers for irrigation, and surface irrigation methods are largely applied. Nowadays, the region is not a water scarce basin, but irrigation water shortages have occurred with increased frequency during the last two decades. Moreover, a recent EU report shows that the Po River Plain is included among areas in Europe that by 2030 shall be affected by water scarcity. In this context, a study was started to select and develop indicators for the management and prevention of Water Scarcity and Drought (WS&D) based on the synergic use of hydrological modelling and Earth Observation data applied at a spatial scale of interest for end-users (250m grid). These indicators shall be better suited for the assessment of WS&D in Italy as well as in other southern European countries. This work presents the development and the application of the TDI (Transpirative Deficit Index) to a study area, within the Po River Plain. TDI is an agricultural drought index based on the transpiration deficit (TDx, calculated as the difference between potential and actual transpiration), computed by the spatially distributed hydrological model IDRAGRA and cumulated over a period of x days. TDx for each day of a specific year is compared to the long-term TDx probability distribution (e.g., over 20-30 years), which is transformed into a standardized normal distribution. The non-exceedance probability of TDx is finally expressed in terms of unit of standard deviation (TDI), following the approach


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Riha, B; Brian02 Looney, B; Miles Denham, M; Christopher Bagwell, C; Richard Hall, R; Carol Eddy-Dilek, C


    The purpose of these studies was to determine the feasibility of using edible oils for remediation of the low but persistent chlorinated solvent (cVOC) groundwater contamination at the SRS T-Area. The following studies were completed: (1) Review of cVOC degradation processes and edible oil delivery for enhanced bioremediation. (2) Column studies to investigate placing neat oil on top of the water table to increase oil saturation and sequestration. (3) Analysis of T-Area groundwater geochemistry to determine the applicability of edible oils for remediation at this site. (4) Microcosm studies to evaluate biotic and abiotic processes for the T-Area groundwater system and evaluation of the existing microbial community with and with out soybean oil amendments. (5) Monitoring of a surrogate vadose zone site undergoing edible oil remediation at the SRS to understand partitioning and biotransformation products of the soybean oil. (6) Design of a delivery system for neat and emulsified edible oil deployment for the T-Area groundwater plume. A corresponding white paper is available for each of the studies listed. This paper provides a summary and overview of the studies completed for the remediation of the T-Area groundwater plume using edible oils. This report begins with a summary of the results and a brief description of the preliminary oil deployment design followed by brief descriptions of T-Area and current groundwater conditions as related to edible oil deployment. This is followed by a review of the remediation processes using edible oils and specific results from modeling, field and laboratory studies. Finally, a description of the preliminary design for full scale oil deployment is presented.

  11. Feasibility study and application of development seismic inversion -a case study from northern Changyuan oilfield of Daqing area%开发地震反演可行性研究及应用——以大庆长垣北部油田为例

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李占东; 赵伟; 李阳; 彭政; 张海翔


    -tied seismic sedimentary facies study was also carried out to refine prediction of sandbody volume on sides of channel, channel sand connectivity,channel sand scale change,channel combination and timing of channels. Large distributary channel sandbodies are high in oil potential and remaining oil is commonly caused by imperfect injection-production well pattern. Small distributary channel sandbodies locally have high oil potential, and remaining oil is commonly caused by limited control area of well patterns.

  12. Application of MRI and biomedical engineering in speech production study. (United States)

    Ventura, S R; Freitas, D R; Tavares, João Manuel R S


    Speech production has always been a subject of interest both at the morphological and acoustic levels. This knowledge is useful for a better understanding of all the involved mechanisms and for the construction of articulatory models. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a powerful technique that allows the study of the whole vocal tract, with good soft tissue contrast and resolution, and permits the calculation of area functions towards a better understanding of this mechanism. Thus, our aim is to demonstrate the value and application of MRI in speech production study and its relationship with engineering, namely with biomedical engineering. After vocal tract contours extraction, data were processed for 3D reconstruction culminating in model construction of some of the sounds of European Portuguese. MRI provides useful morphological data about the position and shape of the different speech articulators, and the biomedical engineering computational tools for its analysis.

  13. Multiple bout rTMS on spatial working memory: a comparison study of two cortical areas. (United States)

    Pearce, Alan J; Lum, Jarrad A G; Seth, Sunaina; Rafael, Olivia; Hsu, Chia-Ming K; Drury, Hannah G K; Tooley, Gregory A


    It has been established that acute (within-session) repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) improves spatial working memory (SWM). However, questions remain regarding the safety and effectiveness of multiple bouts of rTMS and the optimal cortical area to stimulate. This preliminary study investigated, in healthy participants, multiple bouts of rTMS over the dorsolateral pre-frontal cortex (DLPFC), or posterior parietal cortex (PPC) on SWM. Twenty participants (10m, 10f), all naïve to rTMS, where randomized into a DLPFC or PPC group, receiving six sessions of rTMS (5Hz at 80% of motor threshold) every second day over two weeks. Prior to and post rTMS bouts, all participants completed testing for SWM measuring individuals' accuracy, strategy, and speed. Following repeated bouts of rTMS, significant improvements were observed with no contraindications in stimulating PPC but not DLPFC. This preliminary study has demonstrated that repeated rTMS bouts improve SWM safety providing potential for clinical application.

  14. Application of RAD-BCG calculator to Hanford's 300 area shoreline characterization dataset

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Antonio, Ernest J.; Poston, Ted M.; Tiller, Brett L.; Patton, Gene W.


    Abstract. In 2001, a multi-agency study was conducted to characterize potential environmental effects from radiological and chemical contaminants on the near-shore environment of the Columbia River at the 300 Area of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Hanford Site. Historically, the 300 Area was the location of nuclear fuel fabrication and was the main location for research and development activities from the 1940s until the late 1980s. During past waste handling practices uranium, copper, and other heavy metals were routed to liquid waste streams and ponds near the Columbia River shoreline. The Washington State Department of Health and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Surface Environmental Surveillance Project sampled various environmental components including river water, riverbank spring water, sediment, fishes, crustaceans, bivalve mollusks, aquatic insects, riparian vegetation, small mammals, and terrestrial invertebrates for analyses of radiological and chemical constituents. The radiological analysis results for water and sediment were used as initial input into the RAD-BCG Calculator. The RAD-BCG Calculator, a computer program that uses an Excel® spreadsheet and Visual Basic® software, showed that maximum radionuclide concentrations measured in water and sediment were lower than the initial screening criteria for concentrations to produce dose rates at existing or proposed limits. Radionuclide concentrations measured in biota samples were used to calculate site-specific bioaccumulation coefficients (Biv) to test the utility of the RAD-BCG-Calculator’s site-specific screening phase. To further evaluate site-specific effects, the default Relative Biological Effect (RBE) for internal alpha particle emissions was reduced by half and the program’s kinetic/allometric calculation approach was initiated. The subsequent calculations showed the initial RAD-BCG Calculator results to be conservative, which is appropriate for screening purposes.

  15. Mineral resource potential map of the Muddy Mountains Wilderness Study Area, Clark County, Nevada (United States)

    Bohannon, Robert G.; Leszcykowski, Andrew M.; Esparza, Leon E.; Rumsey, Clayton M.


    The Muddy Mountains Wilderness Study Area (WSA 050-0229), Clark County, Nevada, has a high potential for mineral deposits of calcium borates and lithium. The known and potential mineral deposits are concentrated in the east-central and south-central parts of the study area (see map). Zeolites (in particular clinoptilolite) are present in some tuff beds throughout much of the study area, and this resource potential is probably moderate to high. Stream-sediment sampling suggests that the Muddy Mountains area has little potential for mineral deposits of metals (other than lithium). Clay minerals are mined at one locality in the (!rea (see map). Building stone and silica sand have moderate to low potential in some places. Oil and gas potential within the study area is low, but complete evaluation of its potential is not possible without drilling.

  16. Application of Adjoint Methodology to Supersonic Aircraft Design Using Reversed Equivalent Areas (United States)

    Rallabhandi, Sriram K.


    This paper presents an approach to shape an aircraft to equivalent area based objectives using the discrete adjoint approach. Equivalent areas can be obtained either using reversed augmented Burgers equation or direct conversion of off-body pressures into equivalent area. Formal coupling with CFD allows computation of sensitivities of equivalent area objectives with respect to aircraft shape parameters. The exactness of the adjoint sensitivities is verified against derivatives obtained using the complex step approach. This methodology has the benefit of using designer-friendly equivalent areas in the shape design of low-boom aircraft. Shape optimization results with equivalent area cost functionals are discussed and further refined using ground loudness based objectives.

  17. Effects of weld residual stresses on crack-opening area analysis of pipes for LBB applications

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dong, P.; Rahman, S.; Wilkowski, G. [and others


    This paper summarizes four different studies undertaken to evaluate the effects of weld residual stresses on the crack-opening behavior of a circumferential through-wall crack in the center of a girth weld. The effect of weld residual stress on the crack-opening-area and leak-rate analyses of a pipe is not well understood. There are no simple analyses to account for these effects, and, therefore, they are frequently neglected. The four studies involved the following efforts: (1) Full-field thermoplastic finite element residual stress analyses of a crack in the center of a girth weld, (2) A comparison of the crack-opening displacements from a full-field thermoplastic residual stress analysis with a crack-face pressure elastic stress analysis to determine the residual stress effects on the crack-opening displacement, (3) The effects of hydrostatic testing on the residual stresses and the resulting crack-opening displacement, and (4) The effect of residual stresses on crack-opening displacement with different normal operating stresses.

  18. CO2-C emissions associated to soil tillage, liming and gypsum applications in sugarcane areas under green and burned harvest (United States)

    Figueiredo, E. B.; Panosso, A. R.; La Scala, N., Jr.


    Debate regarding the potential of bioenergy crops to substitute fossil fuel in an efficient way is still opened. New management strategies from agricultural crops should be identified to increase their potential contributing to avoid the climate changes. This study quantified the impact of sugarcane harvest systems and other management practices on CO2-C fluxes following crop replanting. Two agricultural systems were considered: burned and green harvest, in plots where residues were left or removed from soil surface, from no till and after conventional tillage, with or without dolomite and agricultural gypsum applications. Soil CO2 emission, moisture and soil temperature were taken since 24 hours after tillage, totalizing 25 days after tillage with 18 measuring days. NT plots emissions were kept lower than others during the whole period studied, presenting in some cases fluctuations which were mostly related to changes in soil moisture associated to the occurrence of rain precipitations. Changes in CO2-C emission, in each of the harvest systems can be clearly seen when tillage, dolomite or gypsum were applied. The removal of sugarcane residues from soil surface resulted in almost immediate reduction of soil moisture (6% in volume) following an increase in soil NT CO2 emission of + 64%. The additional soil carbon emission due to the simple operation of removing the crop residues from soil surface was 252.4 kg CO2-C ha-1, as higher as the soil CO2 losses induced by tillage operation. Dolomite and agricultural gypsum applications did not always result in higher emissions, especially when applied at the presence of crop residues on soil surface. Reducing tillage frequency in green harvested sugarcane areas could reduce CO2 emissions and probably increasing the soil carbon stock considering long-term period crop system, while maintaining the sugarcane crop residues on soil surface has shown to be also a GHG mitigation option.

  19. State Waste Discharge Permit application for industrial discharge to land: 200 East Area W-252 streams

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    This document constitutes the WAC 173-216 State Waste Discharge Permit application for six W-252 liquid effluent streams at the Hanford Site. Appendices B through H correspond to Section B through H in the permit application form. Within each appendix, sections correspond directly to the respective questions on the application form. The appendices include: Product or service information; Plant operational characteristics; Water consumption and waterloss; Wastewater information; Stormwater; Other information; and Site assessment.

  20. Mineral Resources of the Antelope Wilderness Study Area, Nye County, Nevada (United States)

    Hardyman, Richard F.; Poole, Forrest G.; Kleinhampl, Frank J.; Turner, Robert L.; Plouff, Donald; Duval, Joe S.; Johnson, Fredrick L.; Benjamin, David A.


    At the request of the U.S. Bureau of land Management, 83,100 acres of the Antelope Wilderness Study Area (NV-4)60-231/241) was studied. In this report the studied area is called the 'wilderness study area', or simply the 'study area.' No identified mineral or energy resources occur within the study area. The southern part of the area has moderate mineral resource potential for undiscovered gold and silver, and the Woodruff Formation in the southern part of the area has high resource potential for undiscovered vanadium, zinc, selenium, molybdenum, and silver (fig. 1). This assessment is based on field geochemical studies in 1984 and 1985 by the U.S. Bureau of Mines and field geochemical studies and geologic mapping by the U.S. Geological Survey in 1984 and 1985. The remainder of the study area has low resource potential for undiscovered gold, silver, lead, zinc, manganese, tin, and molybdenum. The study area also has low resource potential for undiscovered oil and gas resources. The Antelope Wilderness Study Area is about midway between Tonopah and Eureka, Nev., in the northern Hot Creek Range and southern Antelope Range of central Nevada. It is accessible by unimproved dirt roads extending 20 mi (miles) north from U.S. Highway 6 and 40 mi south from U.S. Highway 50 (fig. 2). Most of the study area consists of rugged mountainous terrain having approximately 2,600 ft (feet) of relief. The mountain range is a block tilted gently to the east and bounded on both sides by normal faults that dip steeply to moderately west and have major displacements. Most of the study area is underlain by a thick sequence of Tertiary volcanic rocks that predominantly consist of silicic ash-flow tuff, the Windous Butte Formation. Paleozoic and lower Mesozoic (see geologic time chart in appendix) marine sediments occur along the southern margin of the study area, and lower Paleozoic rocks are exposed in the northeast corner. The areas of exposed Paleozoic-Mesozoic rocks along the southern

  1. CSM research: Methods and application studies (United States)

    Knight, Norman F., Jr.


    Computational mechanics is that discipline of applied science and engineering devoted to the study of physical phenomena by means of computational methods based on mathematical modeling and simulation, utilizing digital computers. The discipline combines theoretical and applied mechanics, approximation theory, numerical analysis, and computer science. Computational mechanics has had a major impact on engineering analysis and design. When applied to structural mechanics, the discipline is referred to herein as computational structural mechanics. Complex structures being considered by NASA for the 1990's include composite primary aircraft structures and the space station. These structures will be much more difficult to analyze than today's structures and necessitate a major upgrade in computerized structural analysis technology. NASA has initiated a research activity in structural analysis called Computational Structural Mechanics (CSM). The broad objective of the CSM activity is to develop advanced structural analysis technology that will exploit modern and emerging computers, such as those with vector and/or parallel processing capabilities. Here, the current research directions for the Methods and Application Studies Team of the Langley CSM activity are described.

  2. A study about the prevalence and the related factors of metabolic syndrome and fatty liver comparing the urban area to tbe industrial area

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jeong, Hyo Eun; Cho, Pyong Kon [Dept. of of Radiological Science, Catholic University of Daegu. Daegu (Korea, Republic of)


    As the tertiary industry is being developed, many problems are introduced in an industrial area in Korea. This study aims to investigate the residents' health conditions, such as the prevalence of metabolic syndrome and fatty liver diagnosed by ultrasonography, comparing the urban with the industrial areas. The subjects were 378 adults in the urban area and 376 adults in the industrial area. Subject variables accounted for were gender, age, drinking habits, smoking habits, physical activities, waist circumferences and BMI. In blood tests, fasting blood glucose, triglyceride, HDL, blood pressures, total cholesterol, AST, ALT and GGT were examined. Also, the presence and absence of fatty liver, diagnosed using ultrasonography, was investigated. As a result, the prevalence of metabolic syndrome were 43.7% in the urban area and 51.6% in the industrial area, hence it was significantly higher in the industrial area than in the urban area. Fasting blood glucose, triglyceride and waist circumference in the distribution of the individual components were 47.4, 53.7, and 16.1% in the urban area and 54.5, 61.5, and 22.9% in the industrial area respectively, so it was substantially higher in the industrial area than in the urban area. On the other hand, HDL, diastolic blood pressure, and fatty liver were 25.7, 43.4, and 44.7% in the urban area and 21.3, 19.9, and 36.7% in the industrial area respectively and thus it was much higher in the urban area than in the industrial area. In conclusion, this study shows that there were significant differences between the residents' health condition, comparing the urban area to the industrial area. Therefore, the precaution and aggressive management of metabolic syndrome may be necessary, in accordance with the characteristics of the industrial zone.

  3. [Application of niche theory in evaluation of main tourism scenic areas in Zhangjiajie City]. (United States)

    Xiang, Yan-ping; Xiang, Chang-guo; Chen, You-lian


    Five tourism scenic areas in Zhangjiajie City were selected as research objects, and fifty kinds of resource conditions affecting the development of tourism scenic area were taken as evaluation indices. Through disposing and consolidating the indices level by level, an analysis was made on the niche breadth and niche overlap of the five tourism scenic areas at three levels (I, II, and III). In the five scenic areas, index level had significant effects on the niche breadth (F = 10.278, P = 0.006), but less effects on the relative niche breadth, suggesting that in the evaluation of the development potential of tourism scenic area, relative niche breadth was more reasonable than absolute niche breadth. From level III to level I, the niche overlap of the five scenic areas was increasing, indicating that level choice would affect the evaluation of the actual niche overlap of the scenic areas. With the progressive refinement of the indices to certain level, and when the difference between observed and Monte Carlo-simulated Pianka indices achieved to significant level, this index level could be used as the minimum standard of the refinement, and the simulated niche overlap could be taken as an important reference in the competition evaluation of tourism scenic area.

  4. Heavy minerals clustering analysis in application of provenance analysis of Kong 2 Member in Kongnan area

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    The main task of provenance analysis is to determine the source of sediments and the position of parent rocks. Provenance analysis may find out the relationship between erosion districts and sediment zone, between the uplift and the depression in the process of basin development. The authors use the method of heavy mineral clustering analysis and estimate the provenance direction of Huanghua Depression in the Paleogene Kong 2 Member. Research shows that there were five provenance areas of Kong 2 Member in Kongnan area.They are western (Shenusi), northwestern (Cangzhou), eastern (Ganhuatun), northeastern and southeastern. The main provenance areas were northwestern and western, while the southern provenance could not be ruled out. And these areas are consistent with the known provenance areas.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available The landslides incidence in the piedmont of baia mare urbana area cae studies. The General Urban Plan (GUP of Baia Mare municipality requires the study of expected susceptibility for landslides in order to build infrastructure within sustainable development conditions. The complexity and diversity of local geographic area factors, strongly affected by the human pressure, favours the triggering and extension of slope processes in the municipality’s piedmont area. To prevent some major imbalances it is imperative to implement some adequate measures based on in-depth studies.

  6. Studies of the flora in Darmian area in the Southern Khorasan province


    Samaneh Sabaghi; Valliollah Mozaffarian; Taher Nejad-Sattari


    The basin area of the Furk and Darmian river is located in northern-east of the Southern Khorasan province. The whole area was 11137 hectares. The area is mountainous with mild weather and dry climate and the average precipitation is about 250 mm per year. In this study, 268 species belonging to 47 families were investigated and 194 genus were identified. The Asteraceae family with 44 species and 34 genera was the largest family in the area. The largest genera were Cousinia with 6 species and...

  7. Study on environmental etiology of high incidence areas of liver cancer in China

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Nian-Feng Lin; Jie Tang; Hoteyi S. Mohamed Ismael


    China is a country with a high incidence of liver cancer in some areas[1]. Liver cancer has a wide distribution and threatens human health seriously. A rough estimation shows that out of a population of 1.2 × 108 in liver cancer areas patients are more than 1.0 × 105. The environment of the liver cancer area is very complicated and has different characteristics in different regions. But the epidemic regularity of liver cancer is obvious, and the environment in the cancer areas has also distinct characteristics that contribute to the study on the environmental etiology of liver cancer[2-5].

  8. Application of agrometeorological spectral model in rice area in southern Brazil (United States)

    Leivas, Janice F.; de C. Teixeira, Antonio Heriberto; Andrade, Ricardo G.; de C. Victoria, Daniel; Bayma-Silva, Gustavo; Bolfe, Edson L.


    The southern region is responsible for 70% of rice production in Brazil. In this study, rice areas of Rio Grande do Sul were selected, using the land use classification, scale 1: 100,000, provided by Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE). MODIS Images were used and meteorological data, available by National Institute of Meteorology (INMET). The period of analysis was crop season 2011/2012, October to March. To obtain evapotranspiration was applied agrometeorological-spectral model SAFER (Simple Algorithm For Retrieving Evapotranspiration). From the analysis of the results, on planting and cultivation period , the average evapotranspiration (ET) daily was 1.93 +/- 0.96 In the vegetative development period of rice, the daily ET has achieved 4.94, with average value 2,31+/- 0.97 In the period of harvest, evapotranspiration daily average was 1.84 +/- 0.80 From results obtained, the estimation of evapotranspiration from satellite images may assist in monitoring the culture during the cycle, assisting in estimates of water productivity and crop yield.

  9. Activation of cortical areas in music execution and imagining: a high-resolution EEG study. (United States)

    Kristeva, Rumyana; Chakarov, Vihren; Schulte-Mönting, Jürgen; Spreer, Joachim


    Neuroimaging studies have shown that execution of a musical sequence on an instrument activates bilateral frontal opercular regions, in addition to bilateral sensorimotor and supplementary motor areas. During imagining activation of the same areas without primary sensorimotor areas was shown. We recorded EEG from 58 scalp positions to investigate the temporal sequence and the time course of activation of these areas while violin players prepared to execute, executed, prepared to imagine, or imagined a musical sequence on a violin. During the preparation for the sequence in three of seven musicians investigated the bilateral frontal opercular regions became active earlier than the motor areas and in one of them simultaneously with the motor areas. In two of the musicians a rather variable pattern of activation was observed. The frontal opercular regions were also strongly involved throughout the period of music execution or imagining. The supplementary motor area was involved in both preparation for the sequence and during execution and imagining of the sequence. The left primary sensorimotor area was involved in the preparation and termination of the musical sequence for both execution and imagining. The right sensorimotor area was strongly involved in the preparation for and during the execution of the sequence. We conclude that the bilateral frontal opercular regions are crucial in both preparation for and during music execution and imagining. They may have "mirror neurone" properties that underlie observation or imagining of one's own performance. The motor areas are differentially activated during the preparation and execution or imagining the sequence.

  10. Effects of Land Use Change on Carbon Emission:A Case Study of Yuheng Mining Area

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Yarui; WU; Wenhai; XIA


    Land use is the main factor affecting the carbon emission. Taking Yuheng Mining Area as the research object,this paper chose two periods of remote sensing data of 1999 and 2006,and adopted the remote sensing image interpretation and supervised classification to study the changes in land use types and carbon sink in different periods in the mining area. The results showed that the area of arable land was reduced from 166. 96 km2 to 81. 10 km2,the area of woodland was increased from 46.79 km2 to 134. 53 km2,and arable land decreased by 51%,but carbon sink in the mining area still showed a rising trend; the carbon sink value increased by 16. 4 million yuan in 2006 compared to 1999,an increase of 40%,indicating that the reasonable land use pattern can improve the ecological environment,and promote the sustainable development of environment and economy in the mining area.

  11. Mission Profile Based Sizing of IGBT Chip Area for PV Inverter Applications

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Shen, Yanfeng; Wang, Huai; Yang, Yongheng;


    Maximizing the total energy generation is of importance for Photovoltaic (PV) plants. This paper proposes a method to optimize the IGBT chip area for PV inverters to minimize the annual energy loss of the active switches based on long-term operation conditions (i.e., mission profile). The design...... process is firstly introduced. Then the power loss, thermal characteristic and lifetime for IGBT modules with different chip areas are modeled. After that, the dependence of the annual energy loss and maximum junction temperature on the IGBT chip area and switching frequency is derived under a specific...

  12. Understanding Pharmaceutical Sustainable Supply chains - A Case Study Application

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana Margarida Santos Bravo


    Full Text Available A major paradigmchange is occurring in the pharmaceutical industry and an increase of returnsand recalls has been seen; although this industry in known for the continuoussearch for quality and regulatory compliance.Hence, in this paperwe combine the findings of previous literature reviews conducted by theauthors. Essentially, explore the links between pharmaceutical drugs quality,reverse logistics, and sustainability. A case study on a global corporationmanufacturing in the area of generic drug products has been selected andcorrelations are done with regards to returns and recalls from hospitalpharmacies, in particular. With this approach it is expected to link bothparties in the application of a quality by design risk management approach aswell as reduce variability and risk of noncompliance.

  13. Artificial neural network applications in ionospheric studies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    L. R. Cander


    Full Text Available The ionosphere of Earth exhibits considerable spatial changes and has large temporal variability of various timescales related to the mechanisms of creation, decay and transport of space ionospheric plasma. Many techniques for modelling electron density profiles through entire ionosphere have been developed in order to solve the "age-old problem" of ionospheric physics which has not yet been fully solved. A new way to address this problem is by applying artificial intelligence methodologies to current large amounts of solar-terrestrial and ionospheric data. It is the aim of this paper to show by the most recent examples that modern development of numerical models for ionospheric monthly median long-term prediction and daily hourly short-term forecasting may proceed successfully applying the artificial neural networks. The performance of these techniques is illustrated with different artificial neural networks developed to model and predict the temporal and spatial variations of ionospheric critical frequency, f0F2 and Total Electron Content (TEC. Comparisons between results obtained by the proposed approaches and measured f0F2 and TEC data provide prospects for future applications of the artificial neural networks in ionospheric studies.

  14. Technical Studies of Treatment Basins and Ravines of Area of Sanghe (Senegal

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M.L. Lo


    Full Text Available he Sustainable Management Project (RSM of Sanghe area, Rural Community (RC of Notto Diobass, region of Thies in Senegal, is the implementation of control technologies against water erosion that is the main soil degradation in the rural community region. It affects about 80% of the area and, to address this degradation, extensive diagnostic recommendations made by the Senegalese Institute of Agricultural Research (ISRA focus on comprehensive care of this deterioration through actions in trays, basins and crop areas. To do this, several meetings and site visits were conducted. They led to the concerted following decision: the first action will be used to apply treatment technologies to trays and secondly to slope sand areas of crops recovered. The present study aims mainly the second action that is to say, the technical study for the treatment of slopes and ravines of the Sanghe area.

  15. Emergency assessment of seismic landslide susceptibility: a case study of the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake affected area

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Tang Chuan; Zhu Jing; Liang Jingtao


    The 8.0 Mw Wenchuan earthquake triggered widespread and large scale landslides in mountainous regions.An approach was used to map and assess landslide susceptibility in a given area. A numerical rating system was applied to five factors that contribute to slope instability. Factors such as lithology, topography, streams and faults have an important influence as event-controlling factors for landslide susceptibility assessment. A final map is provided to show areas of low,medium, and high landslide susceptibility. Areas identified as having high landslide susceptibility were located in the central,northeastern, and far south regions of the study area. The assessment results will help decision makers to select safe sites for emergency placement of refuges and plan for future reconstruction. The maps may also be used as a basis for landslide risk management in the study area.

  16. Development and Application of Environmental Quality of Life Scale among People Residing near Three Types of Industrial Areas, Southern Thailand (United States)

    Sopsuk, Jirawan; Chongsuvivatwong, Virasakdi; Sornsrivichai, Vorasith; Hasuwanakit, Supat


    To compare QOL among rural people living in three different industrial areas and one non-industrial area in southern Thailand. A questionnaire based on the WHOQOL-BREF with environmental assessment was initially developed. After consultation with experts and pilot study, it was tested to check internal reliability and further modified as…

  17. Shaping vibrant urban places in Chinese inner-city station areas: A case study of Beijing West station areas

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Wang, X.


    Cities in China are embarked on ambitions plans to create renewed inner-city station areas, particularly evident after a series of redevelopment projects; these projects mainly focus on the development of transport infrastructures, rather than turning station areas into vibrant urban spaces. Therefo

  18. Multispectral thermal airborne TASI-600 data to study the Pompeii (IT) archaeological area (United States)

    Palombo, Angelo; Pascucci, Simone; Pergola, Nicola; Pignatti, Stefano; Santini, Federico; Soldovieri, Francesco


    The management of archaeological areas refers to the conservation of the ruins/buildings and the eventual prospection of new areas having an archaeological potential. In this framework, airborne remote sensing is a well-developed geophysical tool for supporting the archaeological surveys of wide areas. The spectral regions applied in archaeological remote sensing spans from the VNIR to the TIR. In particular, the archaeological thermal imaging considers that materials absorb, emit, transmit, and reflect the thermal infrared radiation at different rate according to their composition, density and moisture content. Despite its potential, thermal imaging in archaeological applications are scarce. Among them, noteworthy are the ones related to the use of Landsat and ASTER [1] and airborne remote sensing [2, 3, 4 and 5]. In view of these potential in Cultural Heritage applications, the present study aims at analysing the usefulness of the high spatial resolution thermal imaging on the Pompeii archaeological park. To this purpose TASI-600 [6] airborne multispectral thermal imagery (32 channels from 8 to 11.5 nm with a spectral resolution of 100nm and a spatial resolution of 1m/pixel) was acquired on December the 7th, 2015. Airborne survey has been acquired to get useful information on the building materials (both ancient and of consolidation) characteristics and, whenever possible, to retrieve quick indicators on their conservation status. Thermal images will be, moreover, processed to have an insight of the critical environmental issues impacting the structures (e.g. moisture). The proposed study shows the preliminary results of the airborne deployments, the pre-processing of the multispectral thermal imagery and the retrieving of accurate land surface temperatures (LST). LST map will be analysed to describe the thermal pattern of the city of Pompeii and detect any thermal anomalies. As far as the ongoing TASI-600 sensors pre-processing, it will include: (a) radiometric

  19. 我国农业信息化中的物联网技术应用需求评价与对策研究——以苏南地区为例%Assessment of and countermeasures to the needs of Internet of Things application in Chinese agricultural informationization: a case study of Southern Jiangsu area

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    储成祥; 戴啸涛; 杨晓冬


    Taking Southern Jiangsu area as an example, this paper, based on an empirical analysis of the agricultural-enterprises and the factor analysis of the investigation data by SPSS, proposes five major common factors and respective needs priorities. It evaluates and shows the need priorities of the five cities in Southern Jiangsu area in terms of regions, and provides the score of the five common factors and the overall needs of applying Internet of things in agriculture by means of fuzzy assessment. It further sets up a need index system of Internet of Things application in agriculture, and puts forward policy recommendations for the development of Internet of Things in agriculture in China such as setting up model enterprises and step-by-step promotion.%以苏南地区涉农企业的实证分析为基础,结合SPSS软件对调研数据进行因子分析,提取出五大公共因子和各自的需求优先级;以区域为维度,评价出苏南五市的需求优先级;以模糊评价方法为工具,给出物联网农业应用五类公共因子及总需求的得分;建立农业物联网技术应用需求指标体系,并据此为我国发展农业物联网提出树典型企业、循序渐进推广等政策建议。

  20. Study area boundary for the Death Valley regional ground-water flow system, Nevada and California (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This digital data set represents the Death Valley regional ground-water flow system (DVRFS) study area which encompasses approximately 100,000-square kilometers in...

  1. Huron Islands and Seney Wilderness study areas : Huron Islands and Seney National Wildlife Refuges (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This document is a brief report on wilderness study areas located in the Huron Islands and Seney National Wildlife Refuges. It discusses the exact location of the...

  2. Washington DC Metropolitan Area Drug Study Homeless and Transient Population (DC-MADST-1991) (United States)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — The DC Metropolitan Area Drug Study (DCMADS) was conducted in 1991, and included special analyses of homeless and transient populations and of women delivering live...

  3. Washington DC Metropolitan Area Drug Study Household and Non-Household Populations (DC-MADSH-1991) (United States)

    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — The DC Metropolitan Area Drug Study (DCMADS) was conducted in 1991, and included special analyses of homeless and transient populations and of women delivering live...

  4. Studies on normal incidence backscattering in nodule areas using the multibeam-hydrosweep system

    Digital Repository Service at National Institute of Oceanography (India)

    Pathak, D.; Chakraborty, B.

    The acoustic response from areas of varying nodule abundance and number densities in the Central Indian Ocean has been studied by using the echo peak amplitudes of the normal incidence beam in the Multibeam Hydrosweep system. It is observed...

  5. Dta points used in assessment of coal in the southern Piceance basin study area (psptg) (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This is a shapefile and point coverage of 627 data points used in the assessment of coal in the southern Piceance Basin study area. Information in this file includes...

  6. The network structure of adaptive governance - A single case study of a fish management area

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Annica Charlotte Sandström


    Full Text Available The challenge of establishing adaptive management systems is a widely discussed topic in the literature on natural resource management. Adaptive management essentially focuses on achieving a governance process that is both sensitive to and has the capacity to continuously react to changes within the ecosystem being managed. The adoption of a network approach that perceives governance structures as social networks, searching for the kind of network features promoting this important feature, has been requested by researchers in the field. In particular, the possibilities associated with the application of a formal network approach, using the tools and concepts of social network analysis (SNA, have been identified as having significant potential for advancing this branch of research. This paper aims to address the relation between network structure and adaptability using an empirical approach. With the point of departure in a previously generated theoretical framework as well as related hypotheses, this paper presents a case study of a governance process within a fish management area in Sweden. The hypotheses state that, although higher levels of network density and centralisation promote the rule-forming process, the level of network heterogeneity is important for the existence and spread of ecological knowledge among the actors involved. According to the empirical results, restricted by the single-case study design, this assumption is still a well-working hypothesis. However, in order to advance our knowledge concerning these issues and test the validity of the hypotheses, more empirical work using a similar approach in multiple case study designs is needed.

  7. Diagnostic test of predicted height model in Indonesian elderly: a study in an urban area

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fatmah Fatmah


    Full Text Available Aim In an anthropometric assessment, elderly are frequently unable to measure their height due to mobility and skeletal deformities. An alternative is to use a surrogate value of stature from arm span, knee height, and sitting height. The equations developed for predicting height in Indonesian elderly using these three predictors. The equations put in the nutritional assessment card (NSA of older people. Before the card which is the first new technology in Indonesia will be applied in the community, it should be tested. The study aimed was to conduct diagnostic test of predicted height model in the card compared to actual height.Methods Model validation towards 400 healthy elderly conducted in Jakarta City with cross-sectional design. The study was the second validation test of the model besides Depok City representing semi urban area which was undertaken as the first study.Result Male elderly had higher mean age, height, weight, arm span, knee height, and sitting height as compared to female elderly. The highest correlation between knee height and standing height was similar in women (r = 0.80; P < 0.001 and men (r = 0.78; P < 0.001, and followed by arm span and sitting height. Knee height had the lowest difference with standing height in men (3.13 cm and women (2.79 cm. Knee height had the biggest sensitivity (92.2%, and the highest specificity on sitting height (91.2%.Conclusion Stature prediction equation based on knee-height, arm span, and sitting height are applicable for nutritional status assessment in Indonesian elderly. (Med J Indones 2010;19:199-204Key words: diagnostic test, elderly, predicted height model

  8. PMGA and its application in area and power optimization for ternary FPRM circuit (United States)

    Pengjun, Wang; Kangping, Li; Huihong, Zhang


    Based on the research of population migration algorithms (PMAs), a population migration genetic algorithm (PMGA) is proposed, combining a PMA with a genetic algorithm. A scheme of area and power optimization for a ternary FPRM circuit is proposed by using the PMGA. Firstly, according to the ternary FPRM logic function expression, area and power estimation models are established. Secondly, the PMGA is used to search for the best area and power polarity. Finally, 10 MCNC Benchmark circuits are used to verify the effectiveness of the proposed method. The results show that the ternary FPRM circuits optimized by the PMGA saved 13.33% area and 20.00% power on average than the corresponding FPRM circuits optimized by a whole annealing genetic algorithm. Project supported by the Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province (No. LY13F040003), the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Nos. 61234002, 61306041), and the K. C. Wong Magna Fund in Ningbo University.

  9. High-surface-area, dual-function oxygen electrocatalysts for space power applications (United States)

    Ham, David O.; Moniz, Gary; Taylor, E. Jennings


    The processes of hydration/dehydration and carbonation/decarbonation are investigated as an approach to provide higher surface area mixed metal oxides that are more active electrochemically. These materials are candidates for use as electrocatalysts and electrocatalyst supports for alkaline electrolyzers and fuel cells. For the case of the perovskite, LaCoO3 , higher surface areas were achieved with no change in structure and a more active oxygen electrocatalyst.

  10. Application of image quality metamerism to investigate gold color area in cultural property (United States)

    Miyata, Kimiyoshi; Tsumura, Norimichi


    A concept of image quality metamerism as an expansion of conventional metamerism defined in color science is introduced, and it is applied to segment similar color areas in a cultural property. The image quality metamerism can unify different image quality attributes based on an index showing the degree of image quality metamerism proposed. As a basic research step, the index is consisted of color and texture information and examined to investigate a cultural property. The property investigated is a pair of folding screen paintings that depict the thriving city of Kyoto designated as a nationally important cultural property in Japan. Gold-colored areas painted by using high granularity colorants compared with other color areas are evaluated based on the image quality metamerism index locally, then the index is visualized as a map showing the possibility of the image quality metamer to the reference pixel set in the same image. This visualization means a segmentation of areas where color is similar but texture is different. The experimental result showed that the proposed method was effective to show areas of gold color areas in the property.

  11. Application of synthetic principal component analysis model to mine area farmland heavy metal pollution assessment

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    WANG Cong-lu; WU Chao; WANG Wei-jun


    Referring to GB5618-1995 about heavy metal pollution, and using statistical analysis SPSS, the major pollutants of mine area farmland heavy metal pollution were identified by variable clustering analysis. Assessment and classification were done to the mine area farmland heavy metal pollution situation by synthetic principal components analysis (PCA). The results show that variable clustering analysis is efficient to identify the principal components of mine area farmland heavy metal pollution. Sort and clustering were done to the synthetic principal components scores of soil sample, which is given by synthetic principal components analysis. Data structure of soil heavy metal contaminations, relationships and pollution level of different soil samples are discovered. The results of mine area farmland heavy metal pollution quality assessed and classified with synthetic component scores reflect the influence of both the major and compound heavy metal pol-lutants. Identification and assessment results of mine area farmland heavy metal pollution can provide reference and guide to propose control measures of mine area farmland heavy metal pollution and focus on the key treatment region.

  12. Development of Vocational Secondary School Students Competitiveness for Studies in the European Area of Higher Education


    Olga Dementjeva


    ABSTRACT OF THE PROMOTION THESIS DEVELOPMENT OF VOCATIONAL SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS’ COMPETITIVENESS FOR STUDIES IN THE EUROPEAN AREA OF HIGHER EDUCATION The promotion thesis „Development of Vocational Secondary School Students’ Competitiveness for Studies in the European Area of Higher Education” in the field of general pedagogy of pedagogical science has been worked out by Olga Dementjeva under the supervision of Dr. chem. Professor Andrejs Rauhvargers at the Depart...

  13. Determination of fluoride source in ground water using petrographic studies in Dashtestan area, south of Iran (United States)

    Battaleb-Looie, Sedigheh; Moore, Farid, ,, Dr.


    The groundwater occurs in Dashtestan area, contains a high level of fluoride. Since groundwater is vastly used for drinking and irrigation purposes, the local residents are at high risk of fluoride toxicity, as already evidenced by the occurrence of dental Fluorosis in many residents. 35 surface and groundwater samples were collected in September, 2009. The results show that in 23 samples the fluoride concentration is above the permissible level (1.5ppm). Petrographic study of lithological units in the catchment area indicates that mica minerals are the most probable source of fluoride content in the study area.

  14. Portrayal of fuzzy recharge areas for water balance modelling - a case study in northern Oman (United States)

    Gerner, A.; Schütze, N.; Schmitz, G. H.


    The research project IWAS Oman aims at implementing integrated water resources management (IWRM) to a pilot area in Al Batinah, Oman. This requires - amongst others - a realistic assessment of groundwater recharge to the alluvial aquifer which obviously has to be based upon the extension of recharge areas. In this context, the subsequent investigation focuses on the role of vagueness as regards the portrayal of the areas that provide water for particular aquifers. For that purpose, concepts of fuzziness in spatial analysis are applied to describe possible extents of recharge areas. In general, any water assessment is based on clearly delineated boundaries. However, in many cases, aquifer recharge areas are not clearly defined due to the nature of the study area. Hence, surfaces indicating a gradual membership to the recharge area of a particular aquifer are used in this investigation. These surfaces, which are based on available qualitative information, visualise a potential range of spatial extension. With regard to water balance calculations, functional relationships in tabular form are derived as well. Based on a regionalisation approach providing spatially distributed recharge rates, the corresponding recharge volume is calculated. Hence, this methodology provides fuzzy input data for water balance calculations. Beyond the portrayal of one singular aquifer recharge area, this approach also supports the complementary consideration of adjacent areas.

  15. Study on land use changes of the coal mining area based on TM image

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    WU Wen-bo; YAO Jing; KANG Ting-jun


    Based on the two temporal TM images of 1995 and 2001 of one coal mining area, analyzed the variety information of the coal mining area. Relative registration were done with the two images firstly, then cut out the study area for experimental data, classified the coal mining area using supervised classification in ERDAS, the coal mining area will be divided into five categories as water body, agricultural land, construction land, coal mining area and other land. Make land use change matrix, the result shows that in the six years of 1995 to 2001, the change of the utilize of the land is greatly, the main represent is showed as follows: the area of water body, agricultural land and coal mining land had continually increased, on the contrary, construction area and other decreased. The percentage speed of the construction land is the biggest, the value reach -1.08%. The main reasons is that with the exploitation of the coal mine and the reclaim of the land, the exploitation of the coal mining land make the agricultural land and construction area convert into coal mining land, on the other hand with the backfill of the subsided waterlogged land and the reclaim of the subsided land make the coal mining land convert into agricultural land.

  16. A study of ecological red-line area partitioning in the Chishui River Basin in Guizhou (United States)

    Yang, S. F.; An, Y. L.


    Maintaining ecosystem balance and realizing the strategic goal of sustainable development are key objectives in the field of environmental sciences. Accordingly, drawing ecological red lines in sensitive and vulnerable environmental areas and important ecological function areas, determining the distribution range of ecological red-line areas, providing scientific guidance for developmental activities, and effectively managing the ecological environment are significant work tasks supported by policy guidance from the State Council and from knowledge gained in educational circles. Taking the Chishui River Basin in Guizhou as the study object, this research selected water and soil loss sensitivity, as well as assessments of karst rocky desertification sensitivity as background assessments of the eco-environment. Furthermore, the functions of soil conservation, water conservation, and biodiversity protection were integrated with exploitation-prohibited areas, and an organic combination of ecological needs and social service functions was created. Spatial comprehensive overlay analysis and processing revealed that the combination marked nine major ecological red-line areas in a total area of 5,030.58 km2, which occupied 44.16% of the total basin area. By combining the current eco-environmental situation of the Chishui River Basin with the marked out red-line areas, this research proposed corresponding ecological red-line area management suggestions. These suggestions are expected to provide a scientific foundation for eco-environmental protection and subsequent scientific research in Chishui River Basin.

  17. Simultaneous formation of fine and large-area electrode patterns using screen-offset printing and its application to the patterning on adhesive materials (United States)

    Nomura, Ken-ichi; Ushijima, Hirobumi; Nagase, Kazuro; Ikedo, Hiroaki; Mitsui, Ryosuke; Sato, Junya; Takahashi, Seiya; Nakajima, Shin-ichiro; Arai, Masahiro; Kurata, Yuji; Iwata, Shiro


    Additive-type printing techniques such as gravure-offset printing and screen printing are effective for low-cost and ecofriendly electrode pattern formation. Gravure-offset printing is effective for fine pattern formation with widths on the order of 10-20 µm, whereas screen printing is effective for the formation of large-area patterns. However, it is difficult to simultaneously form fine and large-area patterns using these printing techniques. In this study, we demonstrate that fine (minimum width of 15 µm) and medium- as well as large-area patterns can be formed simultaneously using our developed screen-offset printing technique, which is a combination of screen printing on a silicone blanket and transfer printing from the blanket to a substrate. Furthermore, we demonstrate the application of our method to printing on adhesive materials, which allows electrode formation without applying heat to the film substrate.

  18. Land Use Planning in the Urban Sensitive Areas Case Study, Farahzad Valley Stream-Tehran

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. Rafieian


    zoning ordinances likes Floating zones, Overlay zones, Cluster development, Incentive zones and Impact fees.Transferable development rights (TDR-Under this program, a landowner is assigned rights to develop which cannot be used on sensitive land but can be transferred to other land or sold to other developers.Purchase of development rights (PDR-Under this program, landowners can volunteer to sell the development rights to their land to the local government or a nonprofit group while retaining ownership of the land. The current and future owners of the land are restricted from development activities.Conservation easements-Conservation easements that permanently restrict the use of a particular tract of land can be purchased by local agencies or by private groups.Priority funding areas (PFA-Under this program control growth by limiting State support for growth-related projects such as sewer and water systems to locally designated growth areas.Open-space preservation-Open or green space is defined as agricultural and forestry land in a natural state or land developed only to the extent consistent with the protection of the environment.3-methodologyThe rapid development of IT technology and gradually maturing of GIS technology applications provides the foundation for urban planning from the qualitative analysis to quantitative analysis. Through the evaluation method, we can clearly determine the space relationship of "strict protection - appropriate protection - general use - optimal use - key development" in different policy conditions, so as to provide a solid theoretical foundation and serviceable content for urban planning. In this research, it is tried to use urban sensitive area theory framework; utilizing AHP model, geographic information system (GIS, and conservation- based approach, urban land use planning process in Farahzad’s valley stream is considered. In general, the current study focuses on taking GIS as evaluation tools, but does not make in-depth research


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Simona Raluca GRĂDINARU


    Full Text Available The compact city is regarded as an important concept in promoting sustainable development, especially within the European Union. The socialist urban planning system maintained a high compactness of the urban areas through almost exclusive predominance of the public sector in housing provision, and ideological nature of the planning strategies. After the 1990’s, the administrative decentralization allowed local authorities to adopt particular urban development strategies. However, development was directly influenced by the importance of the urban administrative centre. The aim of the paper is to determine if post-socialist urban areas maintained their compact urban form or they encountered different evolution trajectories. We determined the type of changes by calculating urban form indicators at two time moments: 1990 and 2006. Furthermore, the two-way repeated-measurement ANOVA was used to identify significant changes, and to assess the effect of the development level of the urban area on the variance of form indicators. The results show that Romanian post-socialist urban areas either shifted from the compact form, "inherited" after the collapse of socialism, to more dispersed patterns, either expanded in a compact manner. Moreover, as development level got higher, urban areas were more likely to be affected by suburbanization and periurbanization. In order to respond to these challenges, new instruments such as setting of metropolitan areas or spatial framework plans could be used. Furthermore, planning should be adapted to local circumstances and to the different development trajectories of big and mid-sized urban areas.

  20. Development pattern of the industry form in mountains area:Case study of the Three Gorges Reservoir area

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Feng Quanguang


    The mountainous areas (mountain,plateau and hilly area) cover more than 85% of the total land territory of China.Nature and humanity in very mountainous area has its own geographic characteristics.In the process of industrialization and urbanization in China realizing the sustainable development of the mountainous areas optiinizing man-land system,and adopting and continuously developing corresponding economic modes of the mountainous areas with mulli-functiorns of economy,ecology,culture and society to charactertze production content,mode of production,mode of operation is not only helpful to economy,society and ecological value and is of great aesthetic value,but also solve the technological problems of the subject of starting undertaking to finally transform the region al resource advantage of the mountainous area into the advantage of capital and technology for economic develop ment and to get rid of the contradiction between underdeveloped economy,and abundant resources.This paper takes the Three Gorges Reservoir (TGR) area for example to show that it's of great practical and theoretical significance to develop"Five Types of Agriculture" and to optimize eco-environment,industrial structure,department structure regional distribution,variety structure and quality structure.

  1. Catchment conceptualisation for examining applicability of chloride mass balance method in an area with historical forest clearance


    H. Guan; Love, A. J.; Simmons, C.T.; J. Hutson; Ding, Z.


    Of the various approaches for estimating groundwater recharge, the chloride mass balance (CMB) method is one of the most frequently used, especially for arid and semiarid regions. Widespread native vegetation clearance, common in many areas globally, has changed the land surface boundary condition, posing the question as to whether the current system has reached new chloride equilibrium, required for a CMB application. Although a one-dimensional CMB can be applied at a point where the water a...

  2. Truck-mounted Area-wide Application of Pyriproxyfen Targeting Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus in Northeast Florida (United States)


    larval control , Aedes aegypti , Aedes albopictus INTRODUCTION Aedes albopictus (Skuse) (Asian tiger mosquito) and Ae. aegypti (L.) (yellow fever...Bull Fla Mosq Control Assoc 9:48– 52. Seng CM, Setha T, Nealon J, Socheat D, Nathan MB. 2008. Six months of Aedes aegypti control with a novel...TRUCK-MOUNTED AREA-WIDE APPLICATION OF PYRIPROXYFEN TARGETING AEDES AEGYPTI AND AEDES ALBOPICTUS IN NORTHEAST FLORIDA1 CARL W. DOUD,2,3 ANTHONY M

  3. GPS (Global Positioning System) Range Applications Study. (United States)


    Portability + + All; Improved Due to Fewer Resources * Availabilty - + All; (-) Small Satellite Window, (+) Better MTMF * Data Timeliness 0 0 GPS APPLICABILITY...calculations to maxi- mum and minimum values based on the spread evidenced in his- torical range usage . 7-23 THE ANALYTIC SCIENCES CORPORATION accuracy... Availabilty 0 + Less Reliance on Older Equipment a Data Timeliness + 0 Labor Intensive Optics for Velocity GPS APPLICABILITY HIGH HIGH Accuracy and Coverage in

  4. Plotting and application of predominance area diagram of Me-S-O system based on topological rules

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    谢富春; 尹周澜; 谭军; 刘常青; 张平民


    The mathematical topological rule was applied to plot the predominance area diagram. Based on the analysis of the mutually conjugated, only two diagrams were the best topological embryonic graphs to build the predominance area diagram of Me-S-O system. Combined with topological rules and thermodynamic calculation, four relation-diagrams were denoted asαandβstable and unstable plane-topological diagrams, which were plotted for the Pb-S-O system and Zn-S-O system. The results show thatβ stable plane-topological diagram of Pb-S-O system and α stable one of Zn-S-O system are in accordance with the traditional predominance area diagram,which indicates that it is feasible to plot the predominance area diagram based on mathematical topological rules. Meanwhile, αunstable plane-topological diagram of Pb-S-O system can elucidate the phenomenon that metallic lead exists in higher oxygen and sulfur pressure area in modern bath smelting furnace. The mathematical topological rules broaden the application scope of the predominance area diagram and enrich the practice of its plotting.

  5. Surface-area-controlled synthesis of porous TiO2 thin films for gas-sensing applications (United States)

    Park, Jae Young; Kim, Ho-hyoung; Rana, Dolly; Jamwal, Deepika; Katoch, Akash


    Surface-area-controlled porous TiO2 thin films were prepared via a simple sol–gel chemical route, and their gas-sensing properties were thoroughly investigated in the presence of typical oxidizing NO2 gas. The surface area of TiO2 thin films was controlled by developing porous TiO2 networked by means of controlling the TiO2-to-TTIP (titanium isopropoxide, C12H28O4Ti) molar ratio, where TiO2 nanoparticles of size ∼20 nm were used. The sensor’s response was found to depend on the surface area of the TiO2 thin films. The porous TiO2 thin-film sensor with greater surface area was more sensitive than those of TiO2 thin films with lesser surface area. The improved sensing ability was ascribed to the porous network formed within the thin films by TiO2 sol. Our results show that surface area is a key parameter for obtaining superior gas-sensing performance; this provides important guidelines for preparing and using porous thin films for gas-sensing applications.

  6. Surface-area-controlled synthesis of porous TiO2 thin films for gas-sensing applications. (United States)

    Park, Jae Young; Kim, Ho-Hyoung; Rana, Dolly; Jamwal, Deepika; Katoch, Akash


    Surface-area-controlled porous TiO2 thin films were prepared via a simple sol-gel chemical route, and their gas-sensing properties were thoroughly investigated in the presence of typical oxidizing NO2 gas. The surface area of TiO2 thin films was controlled by developing porous TiO2 networked by means of controlling the TiO2-to-TTIP (titanium isopropoxide, C12H28O4Ti) molar ratio, where TiO2 nanoparticles of size ∼20 nm were used. The sensor's response was found to depend on the surface area of the TiO2 thin films. The porous TiO2 thin-film sensor with greater surface area was more sensitive than those of TiO2 thin films with lesser surface area. The improved sensing ability was ascribed to the porous network formed within the thin films by TiO2 sol. Our results show that surface area is a key parameter for obtaining superior gas-sensing performance; this provides important guidelines for preparing and using porous thin films for gas-sensing applications.

  7. Study of the wide area of a lake with remote sensing (United States)

    Lazaridou, Maria A.; Karagianni, Aikaterini C.


    Water bodies are particularly important for environment and development issues. Their study requires multiple information. Remote sensing has been proven useful in the above study. This paper concerns the wide area of Lake Orestiada in the region of Western Macedonia in Greece. The area is of particular interest because Lake Orestiada is included in the Natura 2000 network and is surrounded by diverse landcovers as built up areas and agricultural land. Multispectral and thermal Landsat 5 satellite images of two time periods are being used. Their processing is being done by Erdas Imagine software. The general physiognomy of the area and the lake shore are examined after image enhancement techniques and image interpretation. Directions of the study concern geomorphological aspects, land covers, estimation of surface temperature as well as changes through time.

  8. Hydrologically sensitive areas: theory and application to Barigui river watershed, PR, Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Irani dos Santos


    Full Text Available The concept of hydrologically sensitive area (HSA is discussed and applied to Barigui river watershed (58.5 km², located in Almirante Tamandaré city, Parana State, Brazil. The HSA is considered as the area of the watershed with a higher probability of reaching a soil saturation condition, and is, therefore, defined as the area that remains saturated for more than 30% of the time. The Topmodel was used to simulate the saturated zone dynamics in the watershed. The model assumes that the saturated zone dynamics can be obtained by hydrological similarity given by the spatial distribution of topographic index, based on the construction of the soil saturation probability in the watershed. The Topmodel showed good results in observed flow data, confirming a high performance in the meso-scale watersheds, with humid climate and smooth relief. The HSA's in the watershed totaling 17.1 km² or 27% of the total area. Considering the HSAs as those of interest for environmental preservation, an increase of 13.2 km² of the permanent preservation areas in the watershed was found according to the Forest Code (Law n° 4.771 / 69. It makes a total of 44% of the whole watershed environmentally important.

  9. Studies of the flora in Darmian area in the Southern Khorasan province

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Samaneh Sabaghi


    Full Text Available The basin area of the Furk and Darmian river is located in northern-east of the Southern Khorasan province. The whole area was 11137 hectares. The area is mountainous with mild weather and dry climate and the average precipitation is about 250 mm per year. In this study, 268 species belonging to 47 families were investigated and 194 genus were identified. The Asteraceae family with 44 species and 34 genera was the largest family in the area. The largest genera were Cousinia with 6 species and Astragalus and Ephorbia with 5 species.The largest life forms in the Darmian area belong to Therophytes with 43% and Hemicryptophytes 37%, Phanaerophytes 9%, Chamaephytes 6%, Bulbous Geophytes and Rhizomatous Geophytes each with 2% and Tuberous Geophytes 1%.

  10. Vegetation assessment in a pipeline influence area: the case study of PETROBRAS ammonia pipeline

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Basbaum, Marcos A.; Porciano, Patricia P.; Bonafini, Fabio L. [SEEBLA - Servicos de Engenharia Emilio Baumgart Ltda., Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)], e-mail:, e-mail:, e-mail:; Guimaraes, Ricardo Z.P.; Torggler, Bianca F.; Fernandes, Renato; Vieira, Elisa D.R. [PETROBRAS S.A., Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)], e-mail:, e-mail:, e-mail:, e-mail:


    This ammonia pipeline is about 30 km long and links the Fertilizer Plant (FAFEN-BA) to the Urea Marine Terminal (TMU) at the Port of Aratu in Candeias (Bahia State, Brazil). In this study, we characterize the remnants of vegetation and quantify the Permanent Preservation Areas. Furthermore, we propose areas and techniques for their recovery and / or management. The methodology was based on the Rapid Ecological Assessment, which combines selection of areas through remote sensing image analysis, with rapid field campaigns in the selected points. This methodology, successfully applied in PETROBRAS refineries, is first applied in a pipeline influence area. During these campaigns, the main aspects of vegetation, such as phyto physiognomy and ecological succession stages, were registered in field data sheets prepared for this purpose. The most representative remnants of vegetation that could be quantified were Atlantic Forest fragments, as well as those in the Permanent Preservation Areas. (author)

  11. Confirmative laboratory tests and one example of forensic application of the probabilistic approach to the area of convergence in BPA

    CERN Document Server

    Camana, Francesco; Gravina, Nicola; Quintarelli, Marco


    One of the most important results in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (BPA) is the determination of the area of convergence of blood-drop trajectories. This area is directly related to the point of origin of the projections and is often indicative of the point where the main action of a crime has occurred. One of us has recently proposed a method to statistically characterize this area by mean of a probabilistic approach based on the uncertainties of the angles of impact of the stains in the pattern. In our work we present some laboratory tests that confirm the validity of the method, returning good agreement between the empirical and the theoretical data. By comparing the results of different operators, we also show the robustness of the method, in that the results are independent of the analytical approach of the single experimenter. Finally, we describe an example of application to a real forensic case.

  12. How much drinking water can be saved by using rainwater harvesting on a large urban area? application to Paris agglomeration. (United States)

    Belmeziti, Ali; Coutard, Olivier; de Gouvello, Bernard


    This paper is based on a prospective scenario of development of rainwater harvesting (RWH) on a given large urban area (such as metropolitan area or region). In such a perspective, a new method is proposed to quantify the related potential of potable water savings (PPWS) indicator on this type of area by adapting the reference model usually used on the building level. The method is based on four setting-up principles: gathering (definition of buildings-types and municipalities-types), progressing (use of an intermediate level), increasing (choice of an upper estimation) and prioritizing (ranking the stakes of RWH). Its application to the Paris agglomeration shows that is possible to save up to 11% of the total current potable water through the use of RWH. It also shows that the residential sector offers the most important part because it holds two-thirds of the agglomeration PPWS.

  13. The Coastal Area Development Using GIS (Review of GIS Application Models

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Prastowo Sutanto


    Full Text Available GIS, Geographical Information System, is a means that an be used to plan and to develop the coastal area because in carrying out the analysis this system combines the space data and their  attributes. The activities done among others the prototype development of algae cultivation and tourism ativities, the development of fish pond location, the reclamation of the Jakarta Bay, and the concept of development the floating “Keramba” for pearl oysters and white sea fish similar to sole. GIS analysis with heaviness and overlay mapping yields the appropriate map to plan and to develop the coastal area. The result of GIS analysis can be used to plan and to develop the coastal area.

  14. Prediction of Seasonal Temperature Using Soft Computing Techniques: Application in Benevento (Southern Italy) Area

    CERN Document Server

    Rampone, Salvatore


    In this work two soft computing methods, Artificial Neural Networks and Genetic Programming, are proposed in order to forecast the mean temperature that will occur in future seasons. The area in which the soft computing techniques were applied is that of the surroundings of the town of Benevento, in the south of Italy, having geographic coordinates (lat. 41{\\deg}07'50"N; long.14{\\deg}47'13"E). This area is not affected by maritime influences as well as by winds coming from the west. The methods are fed by data recorded in the meteorological stations of Benevento and Castelvenere, located in the hilly area, which characterizes the territory surrounding this city, at 144 m a.s.l. Both the applied methods show low error rates, while the Genetic Programming offers an explicit rule representation (a formula) explaining the prevision. Keywords Seasonal Temperature Forecasting; Soft Computing; Artificial Neural Networks; Genetic Programming; Southern Italy.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李新春; 范力军


    It always adopts the direct hierarchy analysis to value the exploitation conditions of surface mining areas. This way has some unavoidable shortcomings because it is mainly under theaid of experts and it is affected by the subjective thinking of the experts. This paper puts forwards a new approach that divides the whole exploitation conditions into sixteen subsidiary systems and each subsidiary system forms a neural network system. The whole decision system of exploitation conditions of surface mining areas is composed of sixteen subsidiary neural network systems. Each neural network is practiced with the data of the worksite, which is reasonable and scientific. This way will be a new decision approach for exploiting the surface mining areas.

  16. Designing area optimized application-specific network-on-chip architectures while providing hard QoS guarantees.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sajid Gul Khawaja

    Full Text Available With the increase of transistors' density, popularity of System on Chip (SoC has increased exponentially. As a communication module for SoC, Network on Chip (NoC framework has been adapted as its backbone. In this paper, we propose a methodology for designing area-optimized application specific NoC while providing hard Quality of Service (QoS guarantees for real time flows. The novelty of the proposed system lies in derivation of a Mixed Integer Linear Programming model which is then used to generate a resource optimal Network on Chip (NoC topology and architecture while considering traffic and QoS requirements. We also present the micro-architectural design features used for enabling traffic and latency guarantees and discuss how the solution adapts for dynamic variations in the application traffic. The paper highlights the effectiveness of proposed method by generating resource efficient NoC solutions for both industrial and benchmark applications. The area-optimized results are generated in few seconds by proposed technique, without resorting to heuristics, even for an application with 48 traffic flows.

  17. Application of Enhanced-2D-CWT in Topographic Images for Mapping Landslide Risk Areas

    CERN Document Server

    Valenzuela, V V Vermehren; de Oliveira, H M


    There has been lately a number of catastrophic events of landslides and mudslides in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Those were caused by intense rain in localities where there was unplanned occupation of slopes of hills and mountains. Thus, it became imperative creating an inventory of landslide risk areas in densely populated cities. This work presents a way of demarcating risk areas by using the bidimensional Continuous Wavelet Transform (2D-CWT) applied to high resolution topographic images of the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro.

  18. Application of spatial methods to identify areas with lime requirement in eastern Croatia (United States)

    Bogunović, Igor; Kisic, Ivica; Mesic, Milan; Zgorelec, Zeljka; Percin, Aleksandra; Pereira, Paulo


    With more than 50% of acid soils in all agricultural land in Croatia, soil acidity is recognized as a big problem. Low soil pH leads to a series of negative phenomena in plant production and therefore as a compulsory measure for reclamation of acid soils is liming, recommended on the base of soil analysis. The need for liming is often erroneously determined only on the basis of the soil pH, because the determination of cation exchange capacity, the hydrolytic acidity and base saturation is a major cost to producers. Therefore, in Croatia, as well as some other countries, the amount of liming material needed to ameliorate acid soils is calculated by considering their hydrolytic acidity. For this research, several interpolation methods were tested to identify the best spatial predictor of hidrolitic acidity. The purpose of this study was to: test several interpolation methods to identify the best spatial predictor of hidrolitic acidity; and to determine the possibility of using multivariate geostatistics in order to reduce the number of needed samples for determination the hydrolytic acidity, all with an aim that the accuracy of the spatial distribution of liming requirement is not significantly reduced. Soil pH (in KCl) and hydrolytic acidity (Y1) is determined in the 1004 samples (from 0-30 cm) randomized collected in agricultural fields near Orahovica in eastern Croatia. This study tested 14 univariate interpolation models (part of ArcGIS software package) in order to provide most accurate spatial map of hydrolytic acidity on a base of: all samples (Y1 100%), and the datasets with 15% (Y1 85%), 30% (Y1 70%) and 50% fewer samples (Y1 50%). Parallel to univariate interpolation methods, the precision of the spatial distribution of the Y1 was tested by the co-kriging method with exchangeable acidity (pH in KCl) as a covariate. The soils at studied area had an average pH (KCl) 4,81, while the average Y1 10,52 cmol+ kg-1. These data suggest that liming is necessary

  19. A low cost Mobile Network System for monitoring climate and air quality of urban areas at high resolution: a preliminary application in Florence (IT) metropolitan area (United States)

    Dibari, Camilla; Moriondo, Marco; Matese, Alessandro; Sabatini, Francesco; Trombi, Giacomo; Zaldei, Alessandro; Bindi, Marco


    specifically for buses or tramways and four MWSs were then installed on Florence public transport means (tramways and buses); the system is designed either to log further pollution parameters (i.e. fine particles) and to be extended to other Florence mobile vectors in order to get high resolution maps (in space and time) of meteo/environmental variables in the urban area. Coupling spatial distribution of the extreme events with information regarding those areas frequented by individuals more sensitive to climate extremes (e.g. elder people and children), prompt countermeasures (e.g. pre-warning of the nearest sanitary structures) could be timely taken. References: Pascal M, Laaidi K, Ledrans M, Baffert E, Caserio-Schönemann C, Le Tertre A, Manach J, Medina S, Rudant J, Empereur-Bissonnet P (2006) France's heat health watch warning system. Int.J.Biometeorol 50:144-153. Petralli M, Massetti L, Orlandini S (2010) Five years of thermal intra-urban monitoring in Florence (Italy) and application of climatological indices. Theor.Appl.Climatol 104:349-356. Schär C, Vidale PL, Lüthi, D, Frei C, Häberli C, Liniger MA, Appenzeller C (2004) The role of increasing temperature variability in European summer heatwaves. Nature 427:332-336.

  20. Market definition studies for photovoltaic highway applications (United States)


    Prospects for solar electric power in applications related to highways within the continental United States are examined. Principal prospective users are found to be the highway departments of the various states. Economic analysis is employed to demonstrate that suitable applications can occur when powering apparatus such as signs, crossing signals, or instruments which consume less than 100 watts on the average, provided they are located at least one-half mile from existing utility power. Such applications are projected to occur two or three times per state per year. Attitudes of highway officials toward possible use of solar power are sampled and described. Although falling photovoltaic cell prices are expected to have little effect on sales potential here, methods for federal stimulation of this market are discussed.

  1. Ethernet-Based Passive Optical Local-Area Networks for Fiber-to-the-Desk Application

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Radovanovic, Igor; Etten, van Wim; Freriks, Hennie


    We introduce optical local-area network (LAN) architectures based on multimode optical fiber and components, short wavelength lasers and detectors, and the widely used fast Ethernet protocol. These architectures are designed to lower the costs associated with passive optical LAN implementation. Furt

  2. Multi-scale wavelet separation of aeromagnetic anomaly and study of faults in Beijing area

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    ZHANG Xian; ZHAO Li; LIU Tian-you; YANG Yu-shan


    In this paper, through a multi-scale separation of the aeromagnetic anomaly by wavelet transform technique, we reprocessed the aeromagnetic data collected 20 years ago in Beijing area and analyzed the aeromagnetic anomaly qualitatively, integrating geological structure features in the area. In particular, we studied the spatial distributions of the two main faults called Shunyi-Liangxiang fault and Banqiao-Babaoshan-Tongxian fault, which have cut and gone through the central Beijing area striking in NE and EW directions, respectively. The influences of these two faults on the earthquakes have also been discussed briefly.

  3. Study on Control Strategy of Sulfur Dioxide Concentration in the Urban Area of Shijiazhuang

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李光军; 于立军; 范丽; 王宇新; 赵根喜


    Two Gaussian air quality dispersion models, the industrial source complex short-term model (ISCST3) with and without modification have been used to simulate the pollutant concentration distribution in urban areas based on the meteorological data and the emissions distribution of sulfur dioxide. The verified data show that the modified model is more accurate in the urban area of Shijiazhuang. Using the modified model predictions, the control strategies of sulfur dioxide in the urban area have been studied, and the result show that the second long-term (to 2010) strategy can mitigate air pollution significantly and maintain pollution levels within permissible limits.

  4. Application of stereological methods to estimate post-mortem brain surface area using 3T MRI

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Furlong, Carolyn; García-Fiñana, Marta; Puddephat, Michael


    cortex. The material comprises eight human cadaveric cerebri which had been separated into sixteen cerebral hemisphere specimens prior to embedding in agar gel. The results from MRI were compared with corresponding 'gold standard' values subsequently obtained by application of the same methodology using...

  5. 无人机核辐射航测技术在日本广域辐射监测中的应用研究%The Study Based on the Application of UAV Radiation Monitoring Technology for Wide Area in Japan

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    马晓宇; 孟德


    福岛事故中大量的放射性物质被释放到环境中。日本政府、地方政府、当地居民等要求获得直观易懂的辐射剂量率分布和放射性铯累积状况等信息。并且,剂量率会随着放射性物质的衰减、降雨、去污等导致大幅度的变化,所以广域的放射性物质过渡评价日益受到人们关注。但是,测量仪等的固定点监测和车载移动监测对污染程度整体把握和研究防护措施是不够的。论文介绍了日本的无人机核辐射航测在广域辐射剂量率分布监测、放射性铯的扩散抑制等方面的技术应用状况,以期为我国的核安全监测和防护提供参考。%Substantial radioactive substances are released into environment in Fukushima nuclear accident .The Japanese government , local governments , local residents ask for straightforward information such as radiation dose rate distribution , and radioactive cesium accumulation conditions .And dose rate will subject to substantial change by the decay of radioactive substances , rainfall, decontamination , so the radioactive material transition evaluation in wide area is getting more and more attention by people .However , measuring instrument such as fixed point monitoring devices and vehicle -mounted mobile monitoring devices are not enough for grasping the overall pollution levels and deciding on the protective measures .The application of UAV radiation monitoring technology such as the monitoring of radiation dose rate distribution , the inhibition of radioactive cesium spread in wide area in Japan are introduced , in order to provide reference for our country's nuclear safety surveillance and protection .

  6. An Investigation on the Characteristics of Mobile Applications: A Survey Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Harleen K. Flora


    Full Text Available Swift advances in mobile communication technology have spawned almost unlimited new mobile applications. Mobile application development is an extremely well growing industry across the globe that created new opportunities of modern businesses and pioneered new technologies in the area. In order to build high quality mobile applications, it is imperative to understand the key characteristics that define mobile applications, which if wisely considered and implemented, can facilitate the delivery of truly exceptional, valuable and user friendly mobile apps that satisfy users’ needs. Only few scientific publications can be found which specifically identify the key characteristics and what makes mobile applications different from traditional software. For this purpose, we conducted an online survey from the mobile research and development community. The survey questions covered the entire mobile application development lifecycle starting from inception to the maintenance stage. This paper presents the survey results by classifying the key characteristics that differentiate mobile applications from traditional ones into three categories: Hardware, Software (application interaction, application development, and application security and Communication. The study contributes towards a greater understanding of mobile software and the current trends in the mobile application development. It also highlights various features and attributes that assist in developing high quality mobile software applications.

  7. A comparative study on the extracurricularreading environment of urban and rural children in Chongqing Reservoir Area

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Xiaozhao; DENG; Haiyan; YAO; Shubei; ZHU


    Purpose: So far, there have been few studies that discussed children’s reading environment in China’s poverty-stricken areas, this study aims to explore differences existed in extracurricular reading environment between urban and rural children in Chongqing Reservoir Area with empirical evidence.Design/methodology/approach: Using a questionnaire survey, empirical data was collected from 105 participants. Then proposed hypotheses and the reliability of the observation variables were respectively examined with ANOVA and factor analysis. The statistical analysis software SPSS19.0 was used to analyze the data.Findings: Our results showed that 1) differences did exist in school and social reading environment between urban and rural children in Chongqing Reservoir Area; 2) differences in family reading environment between urban and rural children in Chongqing Reservoir Area were not obviously observed.Research limitations: The empirical data were collected from only one county of Chongqing Reservoir Area, which may have partially affected the generalization of our conclusions. In addition, the response rate of questionnaires was comparatively low due to a relatively limited research period. Practical implications: This study would provide some reference for governments, libraries, schools and families to consider how to jointly narrow the gap in the extracurricular reading circumstance between urban and rural children in Chongqing Reservoir Area.Originality value: This is one of the first studies to explore similarities and differences in extracurricular reading environment between urban and rural children in Chinese povertystricken areas, which will help research communities to gain a deeper understanding of children’s reading environment in Chinese Reservoir Area.

  8. Soil quality and sustainable land use in urban rural marginal area: a case study of Kaifeng

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    By using the basic theories of physical geography, land resourcesand ecology, this article analyzes the soil quality of the rural-urban marginal area in Kaifeng. Computer techniques, based on soil samples analysis, are used to study soil quality changes in the Kaifeng's rural-urban marginal area. While focusing on nutrient circle key links of input and output in soil, relying on numerous practical survey data, this article reveals clearly the impact of land use change on soil quality.

  9. A study on African animal trypanosomosis in four areas of Senegal


    Ravel, Sophie; Mediannikov, Oleg; Bossard, G.; Desquesnes, M; Cuny, Gérard; Davoust, B.


    In Senegal, several areas provide great potential for agriculture and animal production, but African animal trypanosomosis (AAT) is one of the major constraints to the development of more effective livestock production systems. A study was conducted to assess the current situation of AAT in this country. Surveys were carried out between June 2011 and September 2012 in four different areas: Dakar, Sine Saloum, Kedougou region and Basse Casamance in several animal species: dogs (152), donkeys (...

  10. Soils Activity Mobility Study: Methodology and Application

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Silvas, Alissa; Yucel, Vefa


    and labor- and data-intensive methods. For the watersheds analyzed in this report using the Level 1 PSIAC method, the risk of erosion is low. The field reconnaissance surveys of these watersheds confirm the conclusion that the sediment yield of undisturbed areas at the NNSS would be low. The climate, geology, soils, ground cover, land use, and runoff potential are similar among these watersheds. There are no well-defined ephemeral channels except at the Smoky and Plutonium Valley sites. Topography seems to have the strongest influence on sediment yields, as sediment yields are higher on the steeper hill slopes. Lack of measured sediment yield data at the NNSS does not allow for a direct evaluation of the yield estimates by the PSIAC method. Level 2 MUSLE estimates in all the analyzed watersheds except Shasta are a small percentage of the estimates from PSIAC because MUSLE is not inclusive of channel erosion. This indicates that channel erosion dominates the total sediment yield in these watersheds. Annual sediment yields for these watersheds are estimated using the CHAN-SEDI and CHAN-SEDII channel sediment transport models. Both transport models give similar results and exceed the estimates obtained from PSIAC and MUSLE. It is recommended that the total watershed sediment yield of watersheds at the NNSS with flow channels be obtained by adding the washload estimate (rill and inter-rill erosion) from MUSLE to that obtained from channel transport models (bed load and suspended sediment). PSIAC will give comparable results if factor scores for channel erosion are revised towards the high erosion level. Application of the Level 3 process-based models to estimate sediment yields at the NNSS cannot be recommended at this time. Increased model complexity alone will not improve the certainty of the sediment yield estimates. Models must be calibrated against measured data before model results are accepted as certain. Because no measurements of sediment yields at the NNSS are

  11. Application of human and animal viral microbial source tracking tools in fresh and marine waters from five different geographical areas. (United States)

    Rusiñol, Marta; Fernandez-Cassi, Xavier; Hundesa, Ayalkibet; Vieira, Carmen; Kern, Anita; Eriksson, Irene; Ziros, Panos; Kay, David; Miagostovich, Marize; Vargha, Marta; Allard, Annika; Vantarakis, Apostolos; Wyn-Jones, Peter; Bofill-Mas, Sílvia; Girones, Rosina


    due to the low temperatures and/or the lack of solar inactivation. Porcine and bovine markers were detected where intensive livestock and agricultural activities were present; mean concentration values of 10(3) GC/L indicated that farms were sometimes unexpected and important sources of fecal contamination in water. During spring and summer, when livestock is outdoors and river flows are low, animal pollution increases due to diffuse contamination and direct voiding of feces onto the catchment surface. The field studies described here demonstrate the dynamics of fecal contamination in all catchments studied, and the data obtained is currently being used to develop dissemination models of fecal contamination in water with respect to future climate change scenarios. The results concerning human and animal targets presented in this study demonstrate the specificity and applicability of the viral quantitative parameters developed to widely divergent geographical areas and their high interest as new indicators of human and animal fecal contamination in water and as MST tools.

  12. Monitoring Urban Areas with Sentinel-2A Data: Application to the Update of the Copernicus High Resolution Layer Imperviousness Degree

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Antoine Lefebvre


    Full Text Available Monitoring with high resolution land cover and especially of urban areas is a key task that is more and more required in a number of applications (urban planning, health monitoring, ecology, etc.. At the moment, some operational products, such as the “Copernicus High Resolution Imperviousness Layer”, are available to assess this information, but the frequency of updates is still limited despite the fact that more and more very high resolution data are acquired. In particular, the recent launch of the Sentinel-2A satellite in June 2015 makes available data with a minimum spatial resolution of 10 m, 13 spectral bands, wide acquisition coverage and short time revisits, which opens a large scale of new applications. In this work, we propose to exploit the benefit of Sentinel-2 images to monitor urban areas and to update Copernicus Land services, in particular the High Resolution Layer imperviousness. The approach relies on independent image classification (using already available Landsat images and new Sentinel-2 images that are fused using the Dempster–Shafer theory. Experiments are performed on two urban areas: a large European city, Prague, in the Czech Republic, and a mid-sized one, Rennes, in France. Results, validated with a Kappa index over 0.9, illustrate the great interest of Sentinel-2 in operational projects, such as Copernicus products, and since such an approach can be conducted on very large areas, such as the European or global scale. Though classification and data fusion are not new, our process is original in the way it optimally combines uncertainties issued from classifications to generate more confident and precise imperviousness maps. The choice of imperviousness comes from the fact that it is a typical application where research meets the needs of an operational production. Moreover, the methodology presented in this paper can be used in any other land cover classification task using regular acquisitions issued, for

  13. Feasibility study of a lunar landing area navigation network deployed by impacting micro-probes (United States)

    Weiss, P.; Yung, K. L.


    Exploration activities on the lunar surface will require precise knowledge of the position of a robotic or manned vehicle. This paper discusses the use of radio beacons as method to determine the position of a mobile unit on the surface. Previous concepts consider the installation of such equipment by the robot itself. A novel idea is discussed here, namely to use miniaturized radio beacons which are deployed (released) during the descent of the lander on the surface. This idea has three major advantages compared to previous proposals: (i) it avoids the time costly and energy consuming installation of the equipment by a rover. (ii) The impact velocities of the probes are in reasonable range since the probes are deployed at low altitude from the main lander that approaches its final landing site. (iii) The probes can take reconnaissance pictures during their free-fall to the surface. This method will therefore deliver charts of the proximity of the landing area with higher resolution than those done by orbital means. Such information will enable scientists and mission operators to precisely plan robotic excursions (and later Extra Vehicular Activity) through the identification of hazardous areas and spots of interest. The paper will study the feasibility of this system from different aspects. The first section will outline the application scenario and the potential outcome of such a system for the coming phase of lunar exploration. A technological readiness review was done to evaluate if the payload instrumentation for these high velocity impacting probes is available. The second section presents the simulation of the impact process of a preliminary probe model in nonlinear transient dynamic finite element analysis using the Lagrangian hydrocode LS-DYNA. The purpose of this simulation was to evaluate if the beacon is able to communicate with the mobile unit even when buried into the soil. The integration of this payload into coming lunar missions will contribute to

  14. Long-term studies on the effects of nonvolatile organic compounds on porous media surface areas. (United States)

    Khachikian, Crist S; Harmon, Thomas C


    This paper investigates the long-term behavior of porous media contaminated by nonvolatile organic compounds (NVOC) in terms of specific interfacial surface area. Specifically, a natural sand, Moffett sand (MS), was contaminated with naphthalene and the surface area was measured repeatedly over time using nitrogen adsorption-desorption techniques. A field-contaminated sand affected by lamp-black material (LB) from former manufactured gas plant operations was also studied. Lampblack is a carbonaceous skeleton containing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and other hydrocarbons. It is hypothesized that soils contaminated by these types of chemicals will exhibit significantly less surface area than their clean counterparts. The surface areas for the contaminated MS samples increased toward their clean-MS values during the 700-h aging period, but achieved the clean values only after pentane extraction or heating at 60 degrees C. Heating at 50 degrees C failed to achieve a similar recovery of the clean-MS surface area value. Nonspecific mass loss tracked the increase in surface area as indirect evidence that naphthalene loss was the cause of the surface area increase. For the LB samples, aging at 100 degrees C produced a slight decrease in surface area and mass while aging at 250 degrees C caused the surface area to increase roughly threefold while the mass decreased by approximately 1%. These results suggest that, under moderate heating and over the time scale of this investigation, there is a redistribution of the complex contaminant mixture on the solid matrix. Greater temperatures remove mass more efficiently and therefore exhibited the surface area increase expected in this experiment.

  15. A Detailed Study of Debris Flow Source Areas in the Northern Colorado Front Range. (United States)

    Arana-Morales, A.; Baum, R. L.; Godt, J.


    Nearly continuous, heavy rainfall occurred during 9-13 September 2013 causing flooding and widespread landslides and debris flows in the northern Colorado Front Range. Whereas many recent studies have identified erosion as the most common process leading to debris flows in the mountains of Colorado, nearly all of the debris flows mapped in this event began as small, shallow landslides. We mapped the boundaries of 415 September 2013 debris flows in the Eldorado Springs and Boulder 7.5-minute quadrangles using 0.5-m-resolution satellite imagery. We characterized the landslide source areas of six debris flows in the field as part of an effort to identify what factors controlled their locations. Four were on a dip slope in sedimentary rocks in the Pinebrook Hills area, near Boulder, and the other two were in granitic rocks near Gross Reservoir. Although we observed no obvious geomorphic differences between the source areas and surrounding non-landslide areas, we noted several characteristics that the source areas all had in common. Slopes of the source areas ranged from 28° to 35° and most occurred on planar or slightly concave slopes that were vegetated with grass, small shrubs, and sparse trees. The source areas were shallow, irregularly shaped, and elongated downslope: widths ranged from 4 to 9 m, lengths from 6 to 40 m and depths ranged from 0.7 to 1.2 m. Colluvium was the source material for all of the debris flows and bedrock was exposed in the basal surface of all of the source areas. We observed no evidence for concentrated surface runoff upslope from the sources. Local curvature and roughness of bedrock and surface topography, and depth distribution and heterogeneity of the colluvium appear to have controlled the specific locations of these shallow debris-flow source areas. The observed distribution and characteristics of the source areas help guide ongoing efforts to model initiation of the debris flows.

  16. Hydrogeological Study of Mangrove Areas Around Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gerson Cardoso da Silva Júnior;


    Full Text Available The study area covers part of the mangrove belt located around Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Representing a continental-marine transition, the mangrove ecosystem is very susceptible to environmental variations and impacts. The vegetation cover plays an important role in prevention of erosion and contamination processes in those areas. An ongoing extensive research effort in the Petrochemical Complex of Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil, focuses on the man-induced changes in the physical environment (soils, groundwater flow system, type and volumes of contaminants, geochemical aspects and the consequences on the neighboring mangrove ecosystem. This article describes the importance of hydrogeological studies in mangrove areas as part of an appropriate environmental assessment, taking as an example an industrial dumping area located in that Petrochemical Complex. Field work included extensive drilling and sampling to obtain basic geological and hydrogeological parameters and data in the pilot area, such as hydraulic conductivity and piezometric heads; emphasizing the tracking of possible contamination by industrial effluents and the marine influence; validation of the conceptual model with mathematical models (numerical and analytical models was carried out. Results show the great importance of well conducted and detailed hydrogeological studies to properly address environmental problems caused by industrial plants in mangrove areas.

  17. Personalized Mobile System Application: A Case Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sternly K. Simon


    Full Text Available This paper presents an overview of the components, approaches and techniques which are used to build a mobile phone- application that uses short messaging service (SMS text messages to improve interaction, information distribution and communication of stakeholders in a university setting. The proposed application is built upon a multiple compatible mobile phone menu-based subscription management application that is also customizable.  Since SMS has the potential to fill significant connectivity and service gaps, this application can provide support for them to become more ubiquitous. Event-based approach towards context-aware personalized notification service is adopted, i.e. user will receive relevant immediate SMS to his/her mobile phone based on his/her subscription for preferred notifications. A trigger enables event management system to send out (semi- automated personalized notification. Notification services that understand the context within which their users operate, i.e. identity, activity and time are derived based on a set of predetermined rules. This will benefit the stakeholders in terms of getting up-to-date notifications via the delivery system which implements SysMan TellMe V8.04 as the delivery protocol and SMS server.

  18. Study and introducing of flora of the protected area of Manesht and Qalarang in Ilam province

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hamid Darvishnia


    Full Text Available In this study, flora of the protected area of Manesht and Qalarang in Ilam province, was surveyed. The area was located in 46° 18´ E to 46° 37´ E and 33° 26´ N to 33° 45´ N. The method of plant study was classical method of taxonomic studies. Using different botanical references and differerent flora, collected plants were identified as families, genera and species, herbarium specimens are deposited in herbarium of Payame Noor University of Ilam. It was shown that there were 52 families, 156 genera and 231 plant species in this area. The largest family was Compositae with 18 genera and 29 species, and the largest genus was Astragalus (Fabaceae with 11 species. According to Raunkiaer, life forms of the studied plants were categorized as: Hemicryptophytes (42%, Therophytes 32%, Cryptophytes 13%, Phanerophytes 9% and Chamaephytes 4%. High percentage of Irano-Touranian elements indicated that the area belonged to this phytochorion. This study also showed high species richness and palpable predominance of Hemicryptophytes which probably resulted from high elevation and cold climate encompassing the area. Also, high abundance of Throphytes species was probably due to high elevation and severe destruction of habitat, over-grazingand contiguity to the city of Ilam.

  19. 77 FR 28582 - Applications for New Awards; Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language (UISFL... (United States)


    ... competition, applications are randomly grouped regardless of language or area studies region. International... that expand opportunities for learning foreign languages, including less commonly taught languages; or... of Education's list of less commonly taught languages (LCTLs) that would otherwise not be offered...

  20. ICESat's performance and the application in Dome A area in Antarctica

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    This paper summarized the on-orbit measurement performance of GLAS, and analyzed the precision of its data products. By comparing the high-accuracy ICESat measurements with the GPS ground surveys during 21st CHINARE inner ice sheets expedition, it is analyzed and validated that the suggested Dome A area and the measured peak point of Antarctica inner ice sheets defined during 21st CHINARE are both correct.

  1. Numerical model validation using experimental data: Application of the area metric on a Francis runner (United States)

    Chatenet, Q.; Tahan, A.; Gagnon, M.; Chamberland-Lauzon, J.


    Nowadays, engineers are able to solve complex equations thanks to the increase of computing capacity. Thus, finite elements software is widely used, especially in the field of mechanics to predict part behavior such as strain, stress and natural frequency. However, it can be difficult to determine how a model might be right or wrong, or whether a model is better than another one. Nevertheless, during the design phase, it is very important to estimate how the hydroelectric turbine blades will behave according to the stress to which it is subjected. Indeed, the static and dynamic stress levels will influence the blade's fatigue resistance and thus its lifetime, which is a significant feature. In the industry, engineers generally use either graphic representation, hypothesis tests such as the Student test, or linear regressions in order to compare experimental to estimated data from the numerical model. Due to the variability in personal interpretation (reproducibility), graphical validation is not considered objective. For an objective assessment, it is essential to use a robust validation metric to measure the conformity of predictions against data. We propose to use the area metric in the case of a turbine blade that meets the key points of the ASME Standards and produces a quantitative measure of agreement between simulations and empirical data. This validation metric excludes any belief and criterion of accepting a model which increases robustness. The present work is aimed at applying a validation method, according to ASME V&V 10 recommendations. Firstly, the area metric is applied on the case of a real Francis runner whose geometry and boundaries conditions are complex. Secondly, the area metric will be compared to classical regression methods to evaluate the performance of the method. Finally, we will discuss the use of the area metric as a tool to correct simulations.

  2. Assessment and application of potential food provisioning services of ecosystems in Three-gorge areas (United States)

    Tian, Yongzhong; Gao, Yanghua; Zhu, Lifen


    The assessment of food provisioning services of ecosystems in Three-gorge areas is helpful for better understanding the function of ecosystems in local human well-beings. In this paper, process-based models are used to assess the potential food provisioning services derived from agriculture ecosystems and grassland ecosystems, a modifying model along with normal woodlands and a set of modifying coefficients is built to assess the potential food from woodland ecosystems. A set of power regression models based on environment factors are built to estimate the potential fish production from water ecosystems. Land cover data stemmed from Landsat TM images, as well as other natural and social-economic data in 1km resolution such as temperature, precipitation, and DEM, are used to support these assessment models. It shows that the four ecosystems in Three-gorge areas can provide 85.98×10 12 calories heat, 2.49 billion kilograms protein and 823.4 million kilograms fat. Human carrying capacity model under the balance nutrition pattern is built in this paper, which results in two key findings: ecosystems in Three-gorge areas can feed 45.92 million people under wealthy living standard which is 1.53 times of the current population, and the sustainable population is from 9.69 to 36.23 million under that living standard. Multi-scale population pressure model is built to calculate the population pressure index in Three-gorge areas. The grain for green pressure index, a multivariate linear weighed model, is used to determine the spatial distribution of farmland fit for grain for green and fit for protecting.

  3. Assessing trail conditions in protected areas: Application of a problem-assessment method in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, USA (United States)

    Leung, Y.-F.; Marion, J.


    The degradation of trail resources associated with expanding recreation and tourism visitation is a growing management problem in protected areas worldwide. In order to make judicious trail and visitor management decisions, protected area managers need objective and timely information on trail resource conditions. This paper introduces a trail survey method that efficiently characterizes the lineal extent of common trail problems. The method was applied to a large sample of trails within Great Smoky Mountains National Park, a highuse protected area in the USA. The Trail ProblemAssessment Method (TPAM) employs a continuous search for multiple indicators of predefined tread problems, yielding census data documenting the location, occurrence and extent of each problem. The present application employed 23 different indicators in three categories to gather inventory, resource condition, and design and maintenance data of each surveyed trail. Seventy-two backcountry hiking trails (528 km), or 35% of the Park's total trail length, were surveyed. Soil erosion and wet soil were found to be the two most common impacts on a lineal extent basis. Trails with serious tread problems were well distributed throughout the Park, although wet muddy treads tended to be concentrated in areas where horse use was high. The effectiveness of maintenance features installed to divert water from trail treads was also evaluated. Water bars were found to be more effective than drainage dips. The TPAM was able to provide Park managers with objective and quantitative information for use in trail planning, management and maintenance decisions, and is applicable to other protected areas elsewhere with different environmental and impact characteristics.

  4. Gravity field at unrest caldera: an application to Campi Flegrei area (United States)

    Russo, Guido; Capuano, Paolo


    Campi Flegrei is a well known volcanic caldera which is characterized by a slow sequence of uplifts and downlifts (bradyseism) superimposed to a sporadic but remarkable explosive activity. Last eruption occurred in 1538, while the most recent uplift episodes (1970-72 and 1982-84) produced about 3 m of cumulative displacement at the town of Pozzuoli. This behavior and the proximity of the densely urbanized town of Naples increases the volcanic hazard of the area. The knowledge of the structural characteristics of the caldera is important to better understand and interpret measured data as well as the past volcanic history. In this frame, gravity data inversion can provide useful information. We collected and inverted about 1500 gravity data covering Campi Flegrei caldera and Ischia island, which is the other main volcanic center of the area, and was characterized in the past by several explosive eruptions (the last one in 1301), and presently by hydrothermal activity. The 3D inversion method was developed by us to deal with scattered data and the presence of topography, and is based on Thichonov regularization theory. As to Campi Flegrei caldera, its shape and bordering structure is clearly singled out in agreement with seismic tomography results. Less marked borders are also present at shallow depth on the NE part of the area. As to Ischia island, our results show the presence of a central high density block and the border of a caldera roughly coinciding with the coastline of the island.

  5. Hierarchical porous carbon with ultrahigh surface area from corn leaf for high-performance supercapacitors application (United States)

    Yang, Xiaoqing; Li, Chengfei; Chen, Yue


    A new class of hierarchical porous carbon (HPC) with ultrahigh surface area is successfully fabricated by carefully selecting biomass carbon precursors and activation reagent, through which corn leaf (CL) with natural well-defined macropore channels is used as the carbon precursor, and H3PO4 is used as the active agent by virtue of its pore-widening effect. The as-prepared CL-based HPC (CLHPC) with a H3PO4/semi-carbonized CL mass ratio of 2 (CLHPC-2) demonstrates the highest specific surface area of 2507 m2 g-1 donated by 28.3% of micropore and 71.6% of mesopore, while maintaining the channel-like macroporous structure derived from the well-defined natural structure in CL. The combination of the hierarchical porous structure and ultrahigh surface area enables rapid electrolyte diffusion and sufficient active sites for charge accumulation. As a result, CLHPC-2 exhibits excellent electrochemical performance, such as high specific capacitance of 230 F g-1 at the current density of 0.1 A g-1, excellent high-rate capability (retention of 91% from 0.1 to 5 A g-1), and good cycling stability (99% capacitance retention after 10 000 cycles).

  6. Application of frequency-domain helicopter-borne electromagnetics for groundwater exploration in urban areas (United States)

    Siemon, Bernhard; Steuer, Annika; Ullmann, Angelika; Vasterling, Margarete; Voß, Wolfgang

    Airborne geophysical methods have been used successfully in groundwater exploration over the last decades. Particularly airborne electromagnetics is appropriate for large-scale and efficient groundwater surveying. Due to the dependency of the electrical conductivity on both the clay content of the host material and the mineralisation of the water, airborne electromagnetics is suitable for providing information on groundwater resources, water quality, aquifer conditions and protection levels. Frequency-domain helicopter-borne electromagnetic systems are used to investigate near-surface groundwater occurrences in detail even in rough terrain and populated areas. In order to reveal the subsurface conductivity distribution, the quantities measured, the secondary magnetic fields, are generally inverted into resistivity-depth models. Due to the skin-effect the penetration depths of the electromagnetic fields depend on the system characteristics used: high-frequency data describe the shallower parts of the conducting subsurface and the low-frequency data the deeper parts. Typical maximum investigation depths range from some ten metres (highly conductive saltwater saturated sediments) to several hundred metres (resistive hard rocks). In urban areas there are a number of man-made sources affecting the electromagnetic measurements. These effects on the secondary field values are discussed on the basis of synthetic data as well as uncorrected and corrected field data. The case histories of different hydrogeological setups in Indonesia, The Netherlands and Germany demonstrate that airborne electromagnetics can be applied to groundwater exploration purposes even in urban areas.

  7. Studies of activated carbon and carbon black for supercapacitor applications

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Richner, R.; Mueller, S.; Koetz, R.; Wokaun, A. [Paul Scherrer Inst. (PSI), Villigen (Switzerland)


    Carbon Black and activated carbon materials providing high surface areas and a distinct pore distribution are prime materials for supercapacitor applications at frequencies < 0.5 Hz. A number of these materials were tested for their specific capacitance, surface and pore size distribution. High capacitance electrodes were manufactured on the laboratory scale with attention to ease of processability. (author) 1 fig., 1 ref.

  8. Mapping Model of Groundwater Catchment Area based on Geological Fault : Case Study in Semarang City

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Qudus, N.


    Full Text Available Groundwater is a naturally renewable resource because groundwater is an integral part of hydrological cycle. However, in reality, there are many limiting factors which influence its usage, in both quality and quantity, the provision ability of groundwater will decrease if its availability is exceeded. The problems of ground water potential in both quantity and quality are always related to its constituents' characteristics or its geological element where the groundwater resides. This present study aims at determining the groundwater catchment area based on the geological condition of an area so that groundwater recharge can be accomplished. In addition, it is necessary for groundwater catchment area to comply with the geological condition. The geologically unfit area will only result in land movement or landslide if it is used as groundwater catchment area. The results of geo-electricity analysis which was conducted in Semarang city showed that there are 3 faults; Sukorejo fault, Tinjomoyo fault and Jangli fault which will be explained in detail in the paper. Those faults intersect the underground water stream in Semarang from south to north towards the Java Sea. The majority of underground water stream in Semarang flows from south to north. In contrary, the results of the analysis showed that there are some points that become local basins such as in the south area and southwest of Semarang where flow direction is on the opposite direction. In addition, the results of the analysis showed that some coastal areas in Semarang have experienced salt water intrusion.

  9. Plasma Sources for Medical Applications - A Comparison of Spot Like Plasmas and Large Area Plasmas (United States)

    Weltmann, Klaus-Dieter


    Plasma applications in life science are currently emerging worldwide. Whereas today's commercially available plasma surgical technologies such as argon plasma coagulation (APC) or ablation are mainly based on lethal plasma effects on living systems, the newly emerging therapeutic applications will be based on selective, at least partially non-lethal, possibly stimulating plasma effects on living cells and tissue. Promising results could be obtained by different research groups worldwide revealing a huge potential for the application of low temperature atmospheric pressure plasma in fields such as tissue engineering, healing of chronic wounds, treatment of skin diseases, tumor treatment based on specific induction of apoptotic processes, inhibition of biofilm formation and direct action on biofilms or treatment of dental diseases. The development of suitable and reliable plasma sources for the different therapies requires an in-depth knowledge of their physics, chemistry and parameters. Therefore much basic research still needs to be conducted to minimize risk and to provide a scientific fundament for new plasma-based medical therapies. It is essential to perform a comprehensive assessment of physical and biological experiments to clarify minimum standards for plasma sources for applications in life science and for comparison of different sources. One result is the DIN-SPEC 91315, which is now open for further improvements. This contribution intends to give an overview on the status of commercial cold plasma sources as well as cold plasma sources still under development for medical use. It will discuss needs, prospects and approaches for the characterization of plasmas from different points of view. Regarding the manageability in everyday medical life, atmospheric pressure plasma jets (APPJ) and dielectric barrier discharges (DBD) are of special interest. A comprehensive risk-benefit assessment including the state of the art of commercial sources for medical use

  10. Feedback control in quantum optics: an overview of experimental breakthroughs and areas of application

    CERN Document Server

    Serafini, Alessio


    We present a broad summary of research involving the application of quantum feedback control techniques to optical set-ups, from the early enhancement of optical amplitude squeezing to the recent stabilisation of photon number states in a microwave cavity, dwelling mostly on the latest experimental advances. Feedback control of quantum optical continuous variables, quantum non-demolition memories, feedback cooling, quantum state control, adaptive quantum measurements and coherent feedback strategies will all be touched upon in our discussion.

  11. Feedback control in quantum optics: an overview of experimental breakthroughs and areas of application


    Alessio Serafini


    We present a broad summary of research involving the application of quantum feedback control techniques to optical set-ups, from the early enhancement of optical amplitude squeezing to the recent stabilisation of photon number states in a microwave cavity, dwelling mostly on the latest experimental advances. Feedback control of quantum optical continuous variables, quantum non-demolition memories, feedback cooling, quantum state control, adaptive quantum measurements and coherent feedback str...

  12. The Application of Criminal Reconciliation in Tibetan Areas of Sichuan Province

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    RAN Hui


    Tibetan areas in Sichuan province include Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture , Aba Tibetan and Qiang Prefecture , Muli Tibetan Autonomous County , and some Tibetan Autono-mous Townships scattered in Mianning County , Yuexi County , Ganluo County of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture , Baoxing County of Ya ’ an District, Pingwu County and Beichuan County of Mianyang District . Among these areas , Ganzi Prefecture and Aba Prefecture are the main Tibetan areas in Sichuan province . The stability and de-velopment of Tibetan areas in Sichuan Province are important for the stability of the Tibetan Region and even for the entire country.Historically, an important cause for the bloody conflicts and insta-bility of this region was the competition over the re-sources in the grasslands and border areas . For several decades after democratic reform , the num-bers of these kinds of criminal conflicts maintained a fixed level, and did not increase .This was ob-viously due to an overall lag of national economic development together with strong governmental con-trol.However, during the recent decade , rapid economic and social development in this Tibetan area of Sichuan and the diversification of the bene-fit structure became one of the main reasons for the increase in these kinds of criminal conflicts .The cause of these conflicts include the competition o-ver resources , such as the grasslands , Chinese caterpillar fungus , matsutake mushrooms , with neighboring provinces , counties , township or vil-lages.The conflicts are also caused by environ-mental issues resulting from present economic de-velopment projects , such as hydroelectric develop-ment , sand excavation and mining explorations . There are also conflicts due to traffic accidents , medical disputes and other events .These conflicts are always followed by serious consequences , in-cluding the loss of life and personal injury , the loss of property etc .Some cases are very difficult to resolve and control .In

  13. Hydrogen storage for vehicular applications: Technology status and key development areas

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Robinson, S.L.; Handrock, J.L.


    The state-of-the-art of hydrogen storage technology is reviewed, including gaseous, liquid, hydride, surface adsorbed media, glass microsphere, chemical reaction, and liquid chemical technologies. The review of each technology includes a discussion of advantages, disadvantages, likelihood of success, and key research and development activities. A preferred technological path for the development of effective near-term hydrogen storage includes both cur-rent DOT qualified and advanced compressed storage for down-sized highly efficient but moderate range vehicles, and liquid storage for fleet vehicle applications. Adsorbate media are also suitable for fleet applications but not for intermittent uses. Volume-optimized transition metal hydride beds are also viable for short range applications. Long-term development of coated nanoparticulate or metal matrix high conductivity magnesium alloy, is recommended. In addition, a room temperature adsorbate medium should be developed to avoid cryogenic storage requirements. Chemical storage and oxidative schemes present serious obstacles which must be addressed for these technologies to have a future role.

  14. Cellular Automata-Based Application for Driver Assistance in Indoor Parking Areas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cándido Caballero-Gil


    Full Text Available This work proposes an adaptive recommendation mechanism for smart parking that takes advantage of the popularity of smartphones and the rise of the Internet of Things. The proposal includes a centralized system to forecast available indoor parking spaces, and a low-cost mobile application to obtain data of actual and predicted parking occupancy. The described scheme uses data from both sources bidirectionally so that the centralized forecast system is fed with data obtained with the distributed system based on smartphones, and vice versa. The mobile application uses different wireless technologies to provide the forecast system with actual parking data and receive from the system useful recommendations about where to park. Thus, the proposal can be used by any driver to easily find available parking spaces in indoor facilities. The client software developed for smartphones is a lightweight Android application that supplies precise indoor positioning systems based on Quick Response codes or Near Field Communication tags, and semi-precise indoor positioning systems based on Bluetooth Low Energy beacons. The performance of the proposed approach has been evaluated by conducting computer simulations and real experimentation with a preliminary implementation. The results have shown the strengths of the proposal in the reduction of the time and energy costs to find available parking spaces.

  15. Application of Geographic Information System Methods to Identify Areas Yielding Water that will be Replaced by Water from the Colorado River in the Vidal and Chemehuevi Areas, California, and the Mohave Mesa Area, Arizona (United States)

    Spangler, Lawrence E.; Angeroth, Cory E.; Walton, Sarah J.


    elevation of the accounting surface. Differences in elevation between water levels and the accounting surface range from -0.2 to -11.3 feet, with most values exceeding -7.0 feet. In general, the ArcGIS Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) Contour and Natural Neighbor tools reasonably represent areas where the elevation of water levels in wells is above, below, and near (within ? 0.84 foot) the elevation of the accounting surface in the Vidal and Chemehuevi study areas and accurately delineate areas around outlying wells and where anomalies exist. The TIN Contour tool provides a strict linear interpolation while the Natural Neighbor tool provides a smoothed interpolation. Using the default options in ArcGIS, the Inverse Distance Weighted (IDW) and Spline tools also reasonably represent areas above, below, and near the accounting surface in the Vidal and Chemehuevi areas. However, spatial extent of and boundaries between areas above, below, and near the accounting surface vary among the GIS methods, which results largely from the fundamentally different mathematical approaches used by these tools. The limited number and spatial distribution of wells in comparison to the size of the areas, and the locations and relative differences in elevation between water levels and the accounting surface of wells with anomalous water levels also influence the contouring by each of these methods. Qualitatively, the Natural Neighbor tool appears to provide the best representation of the difference between water-level and accounting-surface elevations in the study areas, on the basis of available well data.

  16. Experimental Study of Coal and Gas Outbursts Related to Gas-Enriched Areas (United States)

    Tu, Qingyi; Cheng, Yuanping; Guo, Pinkun; Jiang, Jingyu; Wang, Liang; Zhang, Rong


    A coal and gas outburst can lead to a catastrophic failure in a coal mine. These outbursts usually occur where the distribution of coal seam gas is abnormal, commonly in tectonic belts. To study the effects of the abnormal distribution of this gas on outbursts, an experimental apparatus to collect data on simulated coal seam outbursts was constructed. Experiments on specimens containing discrete gas-enriched areas were run to induce artificial gas outbursts and further study of these outbursts using data from the experiment was conducted. The results suggest that more gas and outburst energy are contained in gas-enriched areas and this permits these areas to cause an outburst easily, even though the gas pressure in them is lower. During mining, the disappearance of the sealing effect of a coal pillar establishes the occurrence conditions for an outburst. When the enriched gas and outburst energy in the gas-enriched area is released suddenly, a reverse unloading wave and a high gas pressure gradient are formed, which have tension effects on the coal. Under these effects, the fragmentation degree of the coal intensifies and the intensity of the outburst increases. Because a high gas pressure gradient is maintained near the exposed surface and the enriched energy release reduces the coal strength, the existence of a gas-enriched area in coal leads to a faster outburst and the average thickness of the spall is smaller than where is no gas-enriched area.

  17. A medical geology study of an arsenic-contaminated area in Kouhsorkh, NE Iran. (United States)

    Tabasi, Samira; Abedi, Arezoo


    High concentrations of arsenic were determined in sediments from the Kouhsorkh area, Khorasan province, NE Iran. The main rock formations in the area consist of Tertiary volcanic rocks as Tuffaceous sandstone, polymictic conglomerate and andesite. Furthermore, some As-Sb-Au mineralization occurred in this area. Concentrations of arsenic in sediments were determined to range between 4.2 and 268.2 ppm, exceeding US EPA (2004) limits. It seems that young volcanic activity is one of the most important factors for arsenic contamination in this area. The first stage of this medical geology study was done at 2 villages in the Kouhsorkh area in which the arsenic concentration in water is high. People in this residential area suffer from skin diseases including hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, keratosis on head, hands, and feet. The 24-h urine specimens were tested for arsenic, the level of total arsenic in urine were determined to range between 13.66 and 75.92 μg/l day, exceeding permissible limits from 5 to 40 μg/day. More systematic studies are needed to determine the link between As exposure and its related diseases.

  18. Study of Virtual Machine and its application

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rohaan Chandra


    Full Text Available A virtual machine is software that’s capable of executing programs as if it were a physical machine—it’s a computer within a computer. A virtual machine (VM is a software implemented abstraction of the underlying hardware, which is presented to the application layer of the system. Virtual machines may be based on specifications of a hypothetical computer or emulate the computer architecture and functions of a real world computer.

  19. A Study of IEEE 802.15.4 Security Framework for Wireless Body Area Network

    CERN Document Server

    Saleem, Shahnaz; Kwak, Kyung Sup; 10.3390/s110201383


    A Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) is a collection of low-power and lightweight wireless sensor nodes that are used to monitor the human body functions and the surrounding environment. It supports a number of innovative and interesting applications, including ubiquitous healthcare and Consumer Electronics (CE) applications. Since WBAN nodes are used to collect sensitive (life-critical) information and may operate in hostile environments, they require strict security mechanisms to prevent malicious interaction with the system. In this paper, we first highlight major security requirements and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks in WBAN at Physical, Medium Access Control (MAC), Network, and Transport layers. Then we discuss the IEEE 802.15.4 security framework and identify the security vulnerabilities and major attacks in the context of WBAN. Different types of attacks on the Contention Access Period (CAP) and Contention Free Period (CFP) parts of the superframe are analyzed and discussed. It is observed that a sma...

  20. Epidemiological study of canine Trypanosomosis in an urban area of Ivory coast

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Keck N.


    Full Text Available Following confirmed cases of trypanosomosis in military working dogs, a cross-sectional study was undertaken to evaluate the source of infection and determine the prevalence of canine infection with Trypanosoma congolense in the urban focus of Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Blood from 123 dogs were collected and subjected to PCR using specific primers for Trypanosoma congolense “forest type”. In addition, an entomological study was conducted in an urban area near the forest surronding the military camp. The observed prevalence was 30.1% and PCR positivity to Trypanosoma congolense was not significantly associated with sex or age of animals. This study demonstrates the high contamination rate of dogs in enzootic zones, the potential risk of introduction of the disease in free animal populations and the ability of Glossina palpalis to adapt to urban areas and to transmit trypanosomosis in such areas. The factors leading to a possible emergence of canine trypanosomiasis in enzootic zones need further investigations.

  1. Study of Deep Carbonate Reservoirs in the Desert Areas by Transient Electromagnetic Method

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    HeZhanxiang; LiuZebin; SongQunhui; gangXianghao; LuJiangnan


    In 1997, the TZ- 162 well in Tazhong area of the Tarim basin hit the lower Paleozoic dolomite reservoir at a depth of 5,900 m. The distribution of the dolomite reservoir, however,was very difficult to delineate due to the complex surface conditions and poor seismic properties. High-precision transient electromagnetic sounding (TEM) was conducted and good results obtained in this area. This paper discussed the principle,data processing and interpretation of this method. The resultsof studying the dolomite reservoirs demonstrated the effectiveness of the method in studying the low-resistance dolomite reservoirs in the high-resistance carbonates. This method should be an effective one to study reservoirs in areas with similar physical properties as well.

  2. Filtering Techniques on Analysis of Archeology Areas Using RADARSAT Images: Case Study of Lembah Bujang, Malaysia (United States)

    Norzailawati, M. N.; Akma, R. S.; Alias, A.; Zuraini, M. A.


    Speckle noise present in radar imagery caused by interaction of out -of-phase waves with a target, the objective of this paper is attempt to test filtering techniques consist of Lee, Frost and Gamma Map to identify a potential shrines area in Lembah Bujang using RADARSAT imageries. The multi-temporal images of RADARSAT for years 2003 and 2014 have been used filtering techniques in identifying potential shrines consist of have been used and tested to selected study areas with using processing software of ENVI 4.8 and ArcGIS 10.2. Based on mathematical morphology, the speckles in these images were reduced, once the reduction is achieved, the enhancement of archaeological sites is accomplished. The finding shows that Local Adaptive Filtering on GAMMA Map filter is the best techniques in identifying potential shrines areas at once as guidance to pursuing an area as official gazette historical site in Malaysia context.

  3. Air pollution and decreased semen quality: a comparative study of Chongqing urban and rural areas. (United States)

    Zhou, Niya; Cui, Zhihong; Yang, Sanming; Han, Xue; Chen, Gangcai; Zhou, Ziyuan; Zhai, Chongzhi; Ma, Mingfu; Li, Lianbing; Cai, Min; Li, Yafei; Ao, Lin; Shu, Weiqun; Liu, Jinyi; Cao, Jia


    To investigate the association and effects of air pollution level on male semen quality in urban and rural areas, this study examines the outdoor concentrations of particulate matter (PM10), sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrous dioxide (NO2) and semen quality outcomes for 1346 volunteers in both urban and rural areas in Chongqing, China. We found the urban area has a higher pollution level than the rural area, contrasted with better semen quality in the rural residents, especially for sperm morphology and computer assistant semen analysis (CASA) motility parameters. A multivariate linear regression analysis demonstrates that concentrations of PM10, SO2, and NO2 significantly and negatively are associated with normal sperm morphology percentage (P urban ambient air may account for worse semen quality in urban males.

  4. Fisheries Closed Areas Strengthen Scallop Larval Settlement and Connectivity Among Closed Areas and Across International Open Fishing Grounds: A Model Study (United States)

    Davies, Kimberley T. A.; Gentleman, W. C.; DiBacco, C.; Johnson, C. L.


    This study examined whether a measured increase in average body size of adult sea scallops inside three fishery closed areas on Georges Bank (GB), United States (US), was sufficient to increase larval supply to closed areas and open fishing areas in both US and Canadian areas of the Bank. The effects of adult scallop density-at-size and fecundity-at-size on egg production were compared among open and closed fishery areas, countries, and time periods before and after the closed areas were established. Estimated egg production was then used to define spawning conditions in a coupled biological-physical larval tracking model that simulated larval development, mortality, and dispersal. Results showed that order of magnitude increases in larval settlement after closure were facilitated by increases in size-dependant egg production inside and dispersal from Closed Areas I and II, but not Nantucket Lightship Closed Area. The distributions of both egg production and larval settlement became more uniform across the Bank, causing the relative contribution of Canadian larvae to US scallop aggregations to decrease after establishment of Closed Areas I and II. Decreases in small and medium-sized scallop density in Canada and decreases in large scallops over the US-Southern Flank after closure caused local declines in egg production but were not sufficient to negatively affect larval settlement at the regional scale. Our model suggests that the establishment of fishery closed areas on GB considerably strengthened larval supply and settlement within and among several adult scallop aggregations.

  5. The Potential Application of Gasification for Biomass Power Generation in Isolated Area from National Electricity Company in Indonesia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kiman Siregar


    Full Text Available Indonesia has renewable energy source very large, as biomass. Installed capacity power plants of Indonesia now 53,585 MW, where the potential energy biomass is the largest of renewable sources of energy that owned by Indonesia. The machine of gasification is designed to produce combustible gas (CO, H2, CH4. These combustible gas are produced to replace fossil fuel as engine fuel to generate electricity. However, the properties and characteristics of these combustible gas should meet the characteristic of the engine as every engine has its own specific characteristic. In this research, Biomass Power Generation (BPG which work more properly with CO was used. High level of tar contained in produced combustible gas contaminates the engine filter rapidly. Therefore, the machine cannot be operated at a longer time. The objective of this research was to study the potential application of downdraft gasification machine with high content of CO and low production of tar. Downdraft gasification machine which designed in this research had installed capacity as much as 50 kW with reactor diameter and height were 900 mm and 1000 mm, respectively. The testing result showed that power generated from this machine was 40 kW, efficiency 80 % and can be operated for 6 hours. The optimum combustible gas produced by this machine occurred at CO, H2 and CH4 content were 21.75 %, 13.12 % and 1.12 %, respectively. Besides of using active carbon, tar removal was carried out using dust trap system (wet scrubber. The potential reduction of value of greenhouse gases emission is about 37 until 67 %. Based on an analysis calculation of financial , a test performance of gasification, and analysis of environmental impact, the use of system gasification can be used on a system a power plant in the isolated area from national electricity company in Indonesia.

  6. Geology, alteration, mineralization and geochemical study in Kalateh Taimour area, NE Iran

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zahra Alaminia


    Full Text Available The area is located 20 km northwest of Kashmar and about 4 km of Kalateh Taimour in Khorasan Razavi province. The study area is part of Tertiary volcanic-plutonic belt north of Daruneh fault and its situation in tectonic inliers between two important active faults, Doruneh and Taknar. Volcanic rocks are mainly intermediate to acid pyroclastic type. They formed during early Tertiary. The volcanic rocks of the Kalateh Taimour area are predominantly andesitic basalt, andesite, latite, trachyte, dacite and rhyodacite and are observed as lava, tuff, lapilli tuff and agglomerate. Field evidences and study show several subvolcanic bodies including quartz hornblende biotite monzodiorite porphyry, quartz biotite monzodiorite porphyry, quartz diorite porphyry and microdiorite which are intruded sometime in mid-Tertiary. In this belt, new methods of image processing were used for enhancing the alteration zones to help near infra red and short wavelength infrared and bands example band ratios and principle component method. Propylitic, sericitic and argillic are the main alteration types. Minor silicification is found in some areas. Alteration is extent but mineralization is limited. Mineralization is mainly controlled by fault system. Several mineralized faults are being discovered. Open space filling features are abundant. In the study area, disseminate and stock work mineralization are abundant. The amount of sulfide minerals is very small. Ancient mining is present in the area. Stream sediment geochemical study shows a very broad and high level of gold anomaly. Rock geochemical study show very high levels of Au, Ag, Cu, Pb, Zn and Au value is correlative to Cu, Pb, Zn and Ag values. Due to alteration modeling, non uniformity in mineralization and low abundance of sulfide mineralization suggest study in low sulphidation Au-Cu deposit.

  7. Prevalence of hypertension in rural areas of china: a meta-analysis of published studies.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Xiaofang Chen

    Full Text Available Hypertension is one of the leading causes of disease burden across the world. In China, the latest nationwide survey of prevalence of hypertension was ten year ago, and data in rural areas is little known. More information about hypertension prevalence could help to improve overall antihypertensive health care. We aimed to estimate the pooled prevalence of hypertension in rural areas of China.Comprehensive electronic searches of PubMed, Web of Knowledge, Chinese Web of Knowledge, Wangfang, Weipu and SinoMed databases were conducted to identify any study in each database published from January 1, 2004 to December 31, 2013, reporting the prevalence of hypertension in Chinese rural areas. Prevalence estimates were stratified by age, area, sex, publication year, and sample size. All statistical calculations were made using the Stata Version 11.0 (College Station, Texas and Statsdirect Version 2.7.9.We identified 124 studies with a total population of 3,735,534 in the present meta-analysis. Among people aged 18 years old in Chinese rural areas, the summarized prevalence is 22.81% (19.41%-26.41%. Subgroup analysis shows the following results: for male 24.46% (21.19%-27.89%, for female 22.17% (18.25%-26.35%. For 2004-2006: 18.94% (14.41%-23.94%, for 2007-2009, 21.24% (15.98%-27.01% for 2010-2013: 26.68%, (20.79%-33.02%. For Northern region 25.76% (22.36%-29.32%, for Southern region 19.30%, (15.48%-24.08%.The last decade witnessed the growth in prevalence of hypertension in rural areas of China compared with the fourth national investigation, which has climbed the same level as the urban area. Guidelines for screening and treatment of hypertension in rural areas need to be given enough attention.

  8. Trends in the development of large area photon detectors for Cherenkov light imaging applications

    CERN Document Server

    Nappi, E


    Since the successful operations of hi-tech devices at OMEGA, DELPHI and SLD, the technique of Cherenkov light imaging has gone through an impressive and fruitful evolution driven by the conception of novel large area photon detectors. The well-assessed potentialities of thin CsI films, employed as reflective photoconverters in gas counters operated at atmospheric pressure, will be compared with the promising features of hybrid and multianode vacuum photomultipliers. Recently proposed single-photon gaseous detectors based on GEMs will also be reviewed.

  9. 3.1.SUIT. Draft EA procedure applicable to historical areas active conservation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Algreen-Ussing, Gregers; Wedebrunn, Ola


    This document is a preliminary draft for an Environmental Impact Assessment procedure. Its aim is to provide draft guidelines for the assessment of likely significant effects of urban development projects on the urban environment including material assets and cultural heritage. This procedure...... is intended as a way to propose and ensure an active conservation policy for urban historical areas. It is based on state-of-the-art methods and the knowledge of the experts involved in the SUIT project. It is also based on the guidelines presenting the grid of analysis to be used by stakeholders in a joint...

  10. Chemically exfoliated large-area two-dimensional flakes of molybdenum disulfide for device applications

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vivek Pachauri


    Full Text Available A solution-based exfoliation method for obtaining large-area two-dimensional flakes of molybdenum disulfide, followed by the fabrication of electrical devices is presented in this manuscript. The exfoliation method is based on the use of an aprotic solvent, namely, acetonitrile under mild sonication steps. In order to fabricate devices, a dielectrophoresis technique is used for transferring MoS2 flakes site-specifically on to the electrode pairs pre-written on the glass chips. The devices fabricated thus can be operated as chemical sensor in liquids while investigations under photo illumination indicate that such devices can also efficiently function as photodetectors.

  11. Microfabrication of large-area circular high-stress silicon nitride membranes for optomechanical applications

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    E. Serra


    Full Text Available In view of the integration of membrane resonators with more complex MEMS structures, we developed a general fabrication procedure for circular shape SiNx membranes using Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE. Large area and high-stress SiNx membranes were fabricated and used as optomechanical resonators in a Michelson interferometer, where Q values up to 1.3 × 106 were measured at cryogenic temperatures, and in a Fabry-Pérot cavity, where an optical finesse up to 50000 has been observed.

  12. The Coastal Area Development Using GIS (Review of GIS Application Models)


    Prastowo Sutanto


    GIS, Geographical Information System, is a means that an be used to plan and to develop the coastal area because in carrying out the analysis this system combines the space data and their  attributes. The activities done among others the prototype development of algae cultivation and tourism ativities, the development of fish pond location, the reclamation of the Jakarta Bay, and the concept of development the floating “Keramba” for pearl oysters and white sea fish similar to sole. GIS analys...

  13. Competing Visions of Area Studies in the Interwar Period: The School of Oriental Languages in Berlin

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Larissa Schmid


    Full Text Available Focusing on the Seminar for Oriental Languages in Berlin, the article explores competing visions on the role of area studies between two prominent Orientalists in the interwar period. It shows that tensions between blue-sky research, applied research and the provision of educational services were at the centre of this argument. In sketching the development of the academic community of Orientalists since Germany’s imperial period, it will be argued that concepts of area studies continued to be linked to visions of nationalist and expansionist foreign policies, even after 1918.

  14. Application of Remote Sensing Technology in Mineral Prospect Investigation:A Case Study in Mangai Area,Qinghai Province%遥感技术在矿产远景调查中的应用--以青海省茫崖地区为例

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    陈富强; 许祖璐; 焦超卫; 张文龙; 冯淳


    The study area is located in the Altyn Tagn Mountains which is adjacent to Qinghai and Xinjiang province. Because of the harsh natural environment,inconvenient traffic conditions,and little geology work which has been done before,it is hard to carry out mineral investigation.Based on remote sensing technology,taking the data of SPOT-5,ETM,and ASTER, the authors interpret some geological factors such as stratum,rock mass,linear structure,and annular structure,and also extract two kinds of remote sensing anomalies which are OH- and FA3 + .According to the information,the geological background, tectonic stress,mineralization-alteration features of this area has been initially established,which play an important part in field geological mapping and mineral exploration.%研究区位于我国西北部青海与新疆交界的阿尔金山脉周边,地理环境恶劣,交通极为不便,以往地质工作程度较低,矿产调查工作实施困难。采用遥感技术,利用 SPOT-5、ETM 和 ASTER 多源遥感数据,通过对该区的地层及岩体、线性构造、环形构造等进行综合的遥感地质解译工作,同时提取铁染、羟基蚀变异常信息,从而初步确认研究区地质背景、构造应力状态以及矿化蚀变特征,为野外地质填图及矿产勘查工作提供较为详细的地质信息和找矿线索。

  15. A study of area clustering using factor analysis in small area estimation (An analysis of per capita expenditures of subdistricts level in regency and municipality of Bogor) (United States)

    Wahyudi, Notodiputro, Khairil Anwar; Kurnia, Anang; Anisa, Rahma


    Empirical Best Linear Unbiased Prediction (EBLUP) is one of indirect estimating methods which used to estimate parameters of small areas. EBLUP methods works in using auxiliary variables of area while adding the area random effects. In estimating non-sampled area, the standard EBLUP can no longer be used due to no information of area random effects. To obtain more proper estimation methods for non sampled area, the standard EBLUP model has to be modified by adding cluster information. The aim of this research was to study clustering methods using factor analysis by means of simulation, provide better cluster information. The criteria used to evaluate the goodness of fit of the methods in the simulation study were the mean percentage of clustering accuracy. The results of the simulation study showed the use of factor analysis in clustering has increased the average percentage of accuracy particularly when using Ward method. The method was taken into account to estimate the per capita expenditures based on Small Area Estimation (SAE) techniques. The method was eventually used to estimate the per capita expenditures from SUSENAS and the quality of the estimates was measured by RMSE. This research has shown that the standard-modified EBLUP model provided with factor analysis better estimates when compared with standard EBLUP model and the standard-modified EBLUP without the factor analysis. Moreover, it was also shown that the clustering information is important in estimating non sampled area.

  16. Extraction of potential debris source areas by logistic regression technique: a case study from Barla, Besparmak and Kapi mountains (NW Taurids, Turkey) (United States)

    Tunusluoglu, M. C.; Gokceoglu, C.; Nefeslioglu, H. A.; Sonmez, H.


    Debris flow is one of the most destructive mass movements. Sometimes regional debris flow susceptibility or hazard assessments can be more difficult than the other mass movements. Determination of debris accumulation zones and debris source areas, which is one of the most crucial stages in debris flow investigations, can be too difficult because of morphological restrictions. The main goal of the present study is to extract debris source areas by logistic regression analyses based on the data from the slopes of the Barla, Besparmak and Kapi Mountains in the SW part of the Taurids Mountain belt of Turkey, where formation of debris material are clearly evident and common. In this study, in order to achieve this goal, extensive field observations to identify the areal extent of debris source areas and debris material, air-photo studies to determine the debris source areas and also desk studies including Geographical Information System (GIS) applications and statistical assessments were performed. To justify the training data used in logistic regression analyses as representative, a random sampling procedure was applied. By using the results of the logistic regression analysis, the debris source area probability map of the region is produced. However, according to the field experiences of the authors, the produced map yielded over-predicted results. The main source of the over-prediction is structural relation between the bedding planes and slope aspects on the basis of the field observations, for the generation of debris, the dip of the bedding planes must be taken into consideration regarding the slope face. In order to eliminate this problem, in this study, an approach has been developed using probability distribution of the aspect values. With the application of structural adjustment, the final adjusted debris source area probability map is obtained for the study area. The field observations revealed that the actual debris source areas in the field coincide with

  17. Life expectancy estimation in small administrative areas with non-uniform population sizes: application to Australian New South Wales local government areas (United States)

    Stephens, Alexandre S; Purdie, Stuart; Yang, Baohui; Moore, Helen


    Objective To determine a practical approach for deriving life expectancy estimates in Australian New South Wales local government areas which display a large diversity in population sizes. Design Population-based study utilising mortality and estimated residential population data. Setting 153 local government areas in New South Wales, Australia. Outcome measures Key performance measures of Chiang II, Silcocks, adjusted Chiang II and Bayesian random effects model methodologies of life expectancy estimation including agreement analysis of life expectancy estimates and comparison of estimate SEs. Results Chiang II and Silcocks methods produced almost identical life expectancy estimates across a large range of population sizes but calculation failures and excessively large SEs limited their use in small populations. A population of 25 000 or greater was required to estimate life expectancy with SE of 1 year or less using adjusted Chiang II (a composite of Chiang II and Silcocks methods). Data aggregation offered some remedy for extending the use of adjusted Chiang II in small populations but reduced estimate currency. A recently developed Bayesian random effects model utilising the correlation in mortality rates between genders, age groups and geographical areas markedly improved the precision of life expectancy estimates in small populations. Conclusions We propose a hybrid approach for the calculation of life expectancy using the Bayesian random effects model in populations of 25 000 or lower permitting the precise derivation of life expectancy in small populations. In populations above 25 000, we propose the use of adjusted Chiang II to guard against violations of spatial correlation, to benefit from a widely accepted method that is simpler to communicate to local health authorities and where its slight inferior performance compared with the Bayesian approach is of minor practical significance. PMID:24302503

  18. Three dimensional gravity modeling techniques with application to the Ennis Geothermal Area: Final report: Part 1

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Semmens, D.


    3-D gravity modeling was done in the area of the Ennis hot spring in an attempt to determine controlling structure of the Ennis hot spring. The modeling was done in a two-step process where: 1) The topography was modeled by modeling the valley fill from the highest elevation in the modeling area to some elevation below the lowest station elevation using Talwani and Ewing's (1960) method of modeling with vertically-stacked, horizontal, n-sided polygons. Once the gravity contributions of the valley fill included in this ''topographic model'' are calculated, they were removed from the original gravity data; 2) The remaining valley fill was modeled using blocks where the 3-D algorithm for modeling with blocks results from integrating the gravity formula in the X and Z directions and approximating the integration in the Y-direction using a quadrature formula. Finally, an inverse 3-D gravity modeling program was written to automatically adjust the bedrock topography output from this two-step modeling process. The gravity data calculated from the adjusted bedrock topography, output from the inverse modeling program, should match the observed gravity data within the error of the survey. 43 refs., 40 figs., 9 tabs.

  19. Recognition of Thermal Images of Direct Current Motor with Application of Area Perimeter Vector and Bayes Classifier

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Glowacz Adam


    Full Text Available Infrared thermography can measure the temperature of a surface remotely. In this article authors present a diagnostic method of incipient fault detection. The proposed approach is based on pattern recognition. It uses monochrome thermal images of the rotor with the application of an area perimeter vector and a Bayes classifier. The investigations have been carried out for direct current motor without faults and motor with shorted rotor coils. The measurements were performed in the laboratory. The efficiency of recognition using the area perimeter vector and the Bayes classifier was 100 %. The investigations show that the method based on recognition of thermal images can be profitable for engineers. The proposed method can be applied in mining, metallurgy, fuel industry and in factories where electrical motors are used.

  20. Truck-mounted area-wide application of pyriproxyfen targeting Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus in northeast Florida (United States)

    This study was conducted to determine the efficacy of truck-mounted ULV applications of pyriproxyfen against Aedes aegypti larvae in artificial water containers and wild adult Ae. albopictus populations in an urban setting. The study was conducted over a 3 ½ month period (Jun – Oct 2012), during wh...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. A. Sokolov


    Full Text Available The paper presents a review and comparative analysis of late years native and foreign literature on various energy storage devices: state of the art designs, application experience in various technical fields. Comparative characteristics of energy storage devices are formulated: efficiency, quality and stability. Typical characteristics are shown for such devices as electrochemical batteries, super capacitors, pumped hydroelectric storage, power systems based on compressed air and superconducting magnetic energy storage systems. The advantages and prospects of high-speed super flywheels as means of energy accumulation in the form of rotational kinetic energy are shown. High output power of a super flywheels energy storage system gives the possibility to use it as a buffer source of peak power. It is shown that super flywheels have great life cycle (over 20 years and are environmental. A distinctive feature of these energy storage devices is their good scalability. It is demonstrated that super flywheels are especially effective in hybrid power systems that operate in a charge/discharge mode, and are used particularly in electric vehicles. The most important factors for space applications of the super flywheels are their modularity, high efficiency, no mechanical friction and long operating time without maintenance. Quick response to network disturbances and high power output can be used to maintain the desired power quality and overall network stability along with fulfilling energy accumulation needs.

  2. Road Incidents Within an Georeferenced Area Analysis to Establish Odds of Hospitalization. An Application

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fernanda Martínez Micakoski


    Full Text Available The association analysis identifies the existence of a relationship between two or more variables, this usinga statistical test allows determining the influence between an attribute measured in a traffic event and thehospitalization of the participant, allowing obtaining patterns related the seriousness of the incident in connection totheir need for health care. Since the causes and consequences of the incident differ according to the sector beingstudied, in this case Trenque Lauquen Provincia de Buenos Aires of Argentina, city of about 40,000 habitants, themethodology developed use a grouping in zones and a grouping of measurements of each incident in responseto the changes of Humans, Vehicles and Environments factors. The application of statistical analysis is validatedbased on the application of the model with data not used in the analysis. The results in all cases allow concludedthat the model provides accurate information for make a diagnosis or assess an intervention. The present studyprovides the characterization of each zone according to their most critical result, which is the health impact onthe person involved. Based on this description it is possible to tailor preventive strategies efficiently and link thespending with simple evaluation programs.

  3. Electrode microwave discharge: Areas of application and recent results of discharge physics (United States)

    Lebedev, Yu A.; Epstein, I. L.; Tatarinov, A. V.; Shakhatov, V. A.


    The first paper on the electrode microwave discharge (EMD) appeared in 1996. Presently many problems of EMD physics and applications have already been solved. Several examples of EMD application are discussed: diamond growth, deposition of CNx films and nanotubes, deposition of metal films (Cu, Al), deposition of TiN and TiO2 films, generation of O2(a1Δ), and EMD as a plasma cathode. Results of EMD experiments and modeling give rise to the assumption that an EMD consists of a self-sustained domain (near-electrode plasma region with overcritical plasma density) which is surrounded by a region of a non-self-sustained discharge (ball shaped region with undercritical plasma density). We assumed that the layer of charge separation and of induced electrostatic field originated at the outer EMD boundary was one of the reasons for the abrupt decrease of the plasma density which leads to the formation of a compact plasma structure. Recent modeling results of the strongly nonuniform electrode microwave plasma based on a quasi static, 1D spherically symmetric model showed that such a layer can be generated at the point where a sudden increase of the total ionization rate takes place.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jaroslav HOMIŠIN


    Full Text Available Mechanical systems with combustion engines, compressors, pumps and fans, can be characterized as torsionally oscillating mechanical system (TOMS. It is therefore necessary to control their dangerous torsional vibrations. It was confirmed that dangerous torsional vibration can be reduced to acceptable level by an appropriate adjustment, respectively by tuning the TOMS. According to several authors, the most appropriate way of system tuning is application of suitable flexible element, which is flexible shaft coupling. It turned out that one of the types of shaft couplings, which are particularly suited to meeting this objective are pneumatic flexible shaft couplings, to act as so-called pneumatic tuners of torsional oscillations. The issue of research and development of pneumatic tuners of torsional oscillations, among other things is, long-term in the focus of the author. The existence of tuners creates the opportunity to develop new ways of tuning torsionally oscillating mechanical systems. The aim of article will highlight the author's patent activity in the development of pneumatic tuners of torsional oscillations and their applications in torsionally oscillating mechanical systems.

  5. Studies on RFQ accelerators and its applications

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    CHEN Jia-Er; GUO Zhi-Yu; FU Shi-Nian; FANG Jia-Xun; LU Yuan-Rong; YAN Xue-Qing


    Development activities of Radio Frequency Quadrupole (RFQ) accelerators in China are presented.A 1 MeV O~+ RFQ and a 3.5 MeV ADS proton RFQ have been constructed.A novel separated function RFQ is under beam test, a 2 MeV D~+ RFQ is under construction and a CSNS RFQ is going to be constructed.The RFQ dynamics and the simultaneous dual beam acceleration with positive and negative ions were investigated and related codes were developed.The applications of RFQ will be further promoted in China.

  6. The Study of Metaphor and Its Application

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Metaphor has been traditionally categorized as a special form of rhetoric.In fact it's not only a language issue,but also a conceptual reflection.Metaphor is widely used in our daily life.They appear not only in various texts but also in spoken English.Many subjects with universal meanings are described by metaphors.This paper makes a general introduction of metaphor,including its definition,classification,structure and analyze its application in daily life as well.It aims at helping the foreign language learners to have a better understanding of metaphor.

  7. Artificial Neural Network Application for Power Transfer Capability and Voltage Calculations in Multi-Area Power System

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Palukuru NAGENDRA


    Full Text Available In this study, the use of artificial neural network (ANN based model, multi-layer perceptron (MLP network, to compute the transfer capabilities in a multi-area power system was explored. The input for the ANN is load status and the outputs are the transfer capability among the system areas, voltage magnitudes and voltage angles at concerned buses of the areas under consideration. The repeated power flow (RPF method is used in this paper for calculating the power transfer capability, voltage magnitudes and voltage angles necessary for the generation of input-output patterns for training the proposed MLP neural network. Preliminary investigations on a three area 30-bus system reveal that the proposed model is computationally faster than the conventional method.

  8. The criterion of subscale sufficiency and its application to the relationship between static capillary pressure, saturation and interfacial areas (United States)

    Kurzeja, Patrick


    Modern imaging techniques, increased simulation capabilities and extended theoretical frameworks, naturally drive the development of multiscale modelling by the question: which new information should be considered? Given the need for concise constitutive relationships and efficient data evaluation; however, one important question is often neglected: which information is sufficient? For this reason, this work introduces the formalized criterion of subscale sufficiency. This criterion states whether a chosen constitutive relationship transfers all necessary information from micro to macroscale within a multiscale framework. It further provides a scheme to improve constitutive relationships. Direct application to static capillary pressure demonstrates usefulness and conditions for subscale sufficiency of saturation and interfacial areas.

  9. Multi-media applications in the area of renewable energies; Multimedia-Anwendungen im Bereich erneuerbare Energien

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Funtan, P.; John, A.; Ries, A.; Schnegelsberg, J. [Institut fuer Solare Energieversorgungstechnik (ISET), Kassel (Germany)


    The aim of the ISET is to develop an interactive application for technical students in the first year of their education, which includes the subject of photo-voltaics from the didactic/ pedagogical aspects. The possibilities of using the medium are mainly seen by ISET in the areas of training and further education or in the context of qualification measures. [Deutsch] Zielsetzung des ISET ist es, eine interaktive Anwendung fuer Berufsschueler im ersten Ausbildungsjahr zu entwickeln, die den Themenbereich Photovoltaik unter didaktisch-paedagogischen Aspekten auffaechert. Die Einsatzmoeglichkeiten des Mediums werden von Seiten des ISET schwerpunktmaessig in den Bereichen Aus- und Weiterbildung bzw. im Rahmen von Qualifikationsmassnahmen gesehen. (orig./RHM)

  10. NAVIS-An UGV Indoor Positioning System Using Laser Scan Matching for Large-Area Real-Time Applications

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jian Tang


    Full Text Available Laser scan matching with grid-based maps is a promising tool for real-time indoor positioning of mobile Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs. While there are critical implementation problems, such as the ability to estimate the position by sensing the unknown indoor environment with sufficient accuracy and low enough latency for stable vehicle control, further development work is necessary. Unfortunately, most of the existing methods employ heuristics for quick positioning in which numerous accumulated errors easily lead to loss of positioning accuracy. This severely restricts its applications in large areas and over lengthy periods of time. This paper introduces an efficient real-time mobile UGV indoor positioning system for large-area applications using laser scan matching with an improved probabilistically-motivated Maximum Likelihood Estimation (IMLE algorithm, which is based on a multi-resolution patch-divided grid likelihood map. Compared with traditional methods, the improvements embodied in IMLE include: (a Iterative Closed Point (ICP preprocessing, which adaptively decreases the search scope; (b a totally brute search matching method on multi-resolution map layers, based on the likelihood value between current laser scan and the grid map within refined search scope, adopted to obtain the global optimum position at each scan matching; and (c a patch-divided likelihood map supporting a large indoor area. A UGV platform called NAVIS was designed, manufactured, and tested based on a low-cost robot integrating a LiDAR and an odometer sensor to verify the IMLE algorithm. A series of experiments based on simulated data and field tests with NAVIS proved that the proposed IMEL algorithm is a better way to perform local scan matching that can offer a quick and stable positioning solution with high accuracy so it can be part of a large area localization/mapping, application. The NAVIS platform can reach an updating rate of 12 Hz in a feature

  11. State waste discharge permit application for the 200 Area Effluent Treatment Facility and the State-Approved Land Disposal Site

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    Application is being made for a permit pursuant to Chapter 173--216 of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC), to discharge treated waste water and cooling tower blowdown from the 200 Area Effluent Treatment Facility (ETF) to land at the State-Approved Land Disposal Site (SALDS). The ETF is located in the 200 East Area and the SALDS is located north of the 200 West Area. The ETF is an industrial waste water treatment plant that will initially receive waste water from the following two sources, both located in the 200 Area on the Hanford Site: (1) the Liquid Effluent Retention Facility (LERF) and (2) the 242-A Evaporator. The waste water discharged from these two facilities is process condensate (PC), a by-product of the concentration of waste from DSTs that is performed in the 242-A Evaporator. Because the ETF is designed as a flexible treatment system, other aqueous waste streams generated at the Hanford Site may be considered for treatment at the ETF. The origin of the waste currently contained in the DSTs is explained in Section 2.0. An overview of the concentration of these waste in the 242-A Evaporator is provided in Section 3.0. Section 4.0 describes the LERF, a storage facility for process condensate. Attachment A responds to Section B of the permit application and provides an overview of the processes that generated the wastes, storage of the wastes in double-shell tanks (DST), preliminary treatment in the 242-A Evaporator, and storage at the LERF. Attachment B addresses waste water treatment at the ETF (under construction) and the addition of cooling tower blowdown to the treated waste water prior to disposal at SALDS. Attachment C describes treated waste water disposal at the proposed SALDS.

  12. Constraints in Management of Protected Areas (Case Study: Buila - Vânturariţa National Park

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available This study offers a general perspective on conservation status and socio-economic constraints in Buila-Vânturariţa National Park. Buila-Vânturariţa National Park (BVNP is a protected area established in 2004. The park isalso a protected area in the European Union, as part of the Network European Ecological Natura 2000 (as Site ofCommunity Interest: ROSCI0015 Buila - Vânturariţa, and Special Protected Area: Cozia-Buila-VânturariţaROSPA0025. Buffer zone of the park is a fragile area where economic development of Bistriţa limestone quarry needsto respect the conservation of environmental components. From a legal perspective, the park buffer zone does not alloweconomic activities which are destructive to the environment. The main constraint remains the overlapping of thesouthern limit of BVNP and Natura 2000 sites over the operational perimeter of the quarry Bistriţa (area of about 16 haand access roads to the top of the quarry. The opening activity in the top of the quarry is important for regional socioeconomiccontext (chemical industry. An environmental impact assessment was applied for quarry which is placedvery close to the park. The problems of current and future constraints need to be carefully identified and quantified inprotected areas of Romania, as do the root causes and effects of these constraints.

  13. Applications of large-area nanopatterning to energy generation and storage devices (United States)

    Mills, Eric N.

    This dissertation encompasses the creation and testing of nanostructured, electrochemically-active energy generation and storage devices, and development of the associated fabrication techniques. The fabricated devices include nanopatterned, plasmonically-active, TiO2+Au thin films for Photocatalytic Water Splitting (PCW), TiO2-based Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSCs) incorporating nanopatterned, plasmonically-active metallic front electrodes, and Si nanopillar anodes for Li-ion batteries. Techniques were also developed for encapsulation and removal of wet-etched Si nanowires from their mother substrates. TiO2 was the first material to be widely used for PCW. Its use is hampered by its large bandgap (~3.2eV), and poor recombination lifetimes. Au nanoparticles (NPs) have been previously used to improve recombination lifetimes in TiO2 by separating photogenerated carriers near the NP edges, and to increase photocurrents by injecting plasmonically-excited hot electrons into the TiO2 conduction band. Using nanostructured TiO 2+Au electrodes, we aim to increase the PCW efficiency of TiO2 -based electrodes. Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) employ visible-absorbing dyes anchored to a high-surface-area semiconducting scaffold. The front transparent conducting electrode (TCE) is typically ITO, a scarce and expensive material. We aim to increase the efficiency of thin-film DSSCs and eliminate the use of ITO by using a metallic subwavelength array (MESH) of nanoholes as the front TCE. Silicon holds promise as a high-capacity anode material for Li-ion batteries, as it can store ~10x the Li of graphite, the current leading anode material (3569 vs. 372 mAh/g). However, Si undergoes dramatic (>300%) volume expansion upon "lithiation", pulverizing any structure with non-nanoscopic dimensions (>250nm). We created large-area arrays of "nanopillars" with sub-100nm diameters, using roll-to-roll-compatible flexible-mold NIL on commercially-available metal substrates. Ordered

  14. The application of near infrared spectroscopy in nutritional intervention studies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Philippa A Jackson


    Full Text Available Functional near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS is a non-invasive optical imaging technique used to monitor cerebral blood flow (CBF and by proxy neuronal activation. The use of NIRS in nutritional intervention studies is a relatively novel application of this technique, with only a small, but growing, number of trials published to date. These trials—in which the effects on CBF following administration of dietary components such as caffeine, polyphenols and omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids are assessed—have successfully demonstrated NIRS as a sensitive measure of change in haemodynamic response during cognitive tasks in both acute and chronic treatment intervention paradigms. The existent research in this area has been limited by the constraints of the technique itself however advancements in the measurement technology, paired with studies endeavouring increased sophistication in number and locations of channels over the head should render the use of NIRS in nutritional interventions particularly valuable in advancing our understanding of the effects of nutrients and dietary components on the brain.

  15. Study on Fluctuation of Grain Yield in China’s Major Grain Producing Areas

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    By using the statistical data of grain yield in China’s major grain producing areas from 1949 to 2008,and fluctuation theory,the historical process and main cause of fluctuation of grain yield in China’s major grain producing areas are analyzed.The results of research show that the grain yield in China’s major grain producing areas grows in unstable fluctuation,with high-frequency fluctuation cycle and regular length;the amplitude of fluctuation,on the whole,is moderate,with not strong stability;the fluctuation of grain yield has correspondence,reflecting the N-shape developmental trend of grain production at present;the fluctuation of grain yield has gradient characteristics;in the process of comparison of grain yield,the average growth rate annually of grain yield in China’s major grain producing areas is higher than that of the national average,but the relative fluctuation coefficient is also higher than that of the national average.From five aspects,namely natural disaster,agricultural policy,production input,grain price and grain circulation,the cause of fluctuation of grain yield in China’s major grain producing areas is analyzed,and measures of preventing and arresting super-long fluctuation of grain yield are put forward.Firstly,stick to strict farmland protection system,and strive to promote farmland quality;secondly,strengthen infrastructure construction of grain production and beef up the ability of preventing natural disaster;thirdly,quicken the pace of agricultural technology and establish robust technology supporting system;fourthly,lay stress on innovation of agricultural organization system and provide implementation path and vehicle for application of agricultural technology measures;fifthly,perfect disaster precaution system and grain market system,and strengthen the ability of preventing risk of grain production.

  16. Comparative Area Studies and Middle East Politics after the Arab Uprisings

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    André Bank


    Full Text Available The Arab uprisings have brought about a new wave of Middle East political science research that seeks to comparatively account for the different political trajectories in the region. In order to situate these diverse post-2011 scholarly studies, this paper introduces Comparative Area Studies (CAS as an analytical perspective which combines the context sensitivity of area studies with the explicit and systematic use of comparisons. It finds that while intra-regional comparisons are the mainstay of political science studies of the Arab uprisings, there is also an emerging, very promising strand of cross-regional comparisons that draws on insights from, for example, the post-Soviet space or from European history. The paper concludes by evaluating the promises, risks and prospects of following a CAS perspective in the study of Middle East politics.

  17. Study of Value Assessment Model of Forest Biodiversity Based on the Habitat Area in China

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ying Zhang


    Full Text Available Forest biodiversity is an important part of biodiversity. There is an essential significance of studying forest biodiversity assessment for promoting the conservation of biodiversity and enhancing biodiversity management in China. This study collected forest biodiversity habitat area, output value of forestry and so on forest biodiversity assessment-related data from 2001 to 2010 in China and using optimal control methods in cybernetics to establish value assessment model of forest biodiversity based on the data of habitat area, as well as calculated the optimal price for forest biodiversity assessment. The result showed that forest biodiversity habitat assessment of the optimal price is 9,970 RMB Yuan/ha and there is a dynamic model for forest biodiversity assessment. Finally, the study suggested that studies of forest biodiversity assessment in China, in particular, studying of valuation of forest biodiversity should consider using shadow price and the social, economic and other factors should be taken into account

  18. GIS: Geographic Information System An application for socio-economical data collection for rural area

    CERN Document Server

    Nayak, S K; Kalyankar, N V


    The country India follows the planning through planning commission. This is on the basis of information collected by traditional, tedious and manual method which is too slow to sustain. Now we are in the age of 21th century. We have seen in last few decades that the progress of information technology with leaps and bounds, which have completely changed the way of life in the developed nations. While internet has changed the established working practice and opened new vistas and provided a platform to connect, this gives the opportunity for collaborative work space that goes beyond the global boundary. We are living in the global economy and India leading towards Liberalize Market Oriented Economy (LMOE). Considering this things, focusing on GIS, we proposed a system for collection of socio economic data and water resource management information of rural area via internet.

  19. Security of reconfigurable FSO mesh networks and application to disaster areas (United States)

    Kartalopoulos, Stamatios V.


    Optical transmission is recognized to be a cost-efficient method. Optical technology, lasers, detectors, fiber or free space and other photonic components support ultra-high data rates that exceed many Gbps per channel. Free space optical communication has an additional advantages over fiber; although it does not currently support many channels, it is fast deployable as it does not require long-term planning and installation as fiber does, and, the optical link has additional security features. In this paper we present a mesh free space optical network, which is reconfigurable, it supports "fused" payloads (voice, data, video, image) it supports wireless communication services, and it supports sensor grids. We also discuss FSO engineering, traffic and fault management, security features and deployability to disaster areas.

  20. Application of Rare Earth Phosphate Fertilizer in Western Area of China

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Rare earth phosphate fertilizer (REPF) as base fertilizer (750 kg per hm2) was applied in the western area of China during the "Tenth Five-Year Plan", and the results show as follows: compared with calcium superphosphate (CK), REPF increases crops yields for maize by 17.0%, for rice by 10.5%, for wheat by 24.2%, for potato by 18.5%, for cabbage by 16.3%, for Chinese cabbage by 16.4%, for beet by 6.5%; decreases the diseased plant rate for common smut of maize by 1.0%, for maize stalk rot by 1.2%, for wheat take-all disease by 7.8%, for wheat root rot by 3.2%, for potato blackleg disease by 1.4%, for potato late blight by 6.6%; increases the sugar content of beet by 0.9°S.

  1. Studies on application of radiation and radioisotopes -Studies on application of neutron activation analysis-

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jung, Yong Sam; Jung, Yung Joo; Jung, Eui Sik; Lee, Sang Mee [Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Taejon (Korea, Republic of); Kim, Nak Bae [Korea Institute of Geology, Mining and Materials, Taejon (Korea, Republic of)


    To apply Neutron activation analysis to routine analysis of environmental samples utilizing the research reactor (TRIGA MK-III), improving effects of analytical sensitivity have been investigated using both of thermal and epithermal neutron irradiating technique. Identification and development of analytical procedure was carried out using three kinds of standard reference materials (urban particulate matter, coal fly ash, soil). In addition, the confidence of this method was established by participation in collaborative research for the training and apply of international credit of analytical procedure. Practical studies on air dust samples have also been carried out regionally and seasonally. For the investigation on emission source of special element, enrichment factor was calculated in urban and rural area. Besides, a suitable process of biological sample (pine needle) analyses has been established by carrying out identification of uncertainty using standard reference material. The concentration of elements in practical samples were also determined regionally and seasonally. 14 figs, 26 tabs, 67 refs. (Author).

  2. High school and college introductory science education experiences: A study regarding perceptions of university students persisting in science as a major area of study (United States)

    Fredrick, L. Denise

    The focus of this study was to investigate college students' perception of high school and college introductory science learning experiences related to persistence in science as a major area of study in college. The study included students' perceptions of the following areas of science education: (1) teacher interpersonal relationship with students, (2) teacher personality styles, (3) teacher knowledge of the content, (4) instructional methods, and (5) science course content. A survey research design was employed in the investigative study to collect and analyze data. One hundred ninety two students participated in the research study. A survey instrument entitled Science Education Perception Survey was used to collect data. The researcher sought to reject or support three null hypotheses as related to participants' perceptions of high school and college introductory science education experiences. Using binomial regression analysis, this study analyzed differences between students persisting in science and students not persisting in science as a major. The quantitative research indicated that significant differences exist between persistence in science as a major and high school science teacher traits and college introductory science instructional methods. Although these variables were found to be significant predictors, the percent variance was low and should be considered closely before concluded these as strong predictors of persistence. Major findings of the qualitative component indicated that students perceived that: (a) interest in high school science course content and high school science teacher personality and interpersonal relationships had the greatest effect on students' choice of major area of study; (b) interest in college introductory science course content had the greatest effect on students' choice of major area of study; (c) students recalled laboratory activities and overall good teaching as most meaningful to their high school science

  3. Application of GIS in Ecological Land Type (ELT) mapping——A case in Changbai Mountain area

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    This paper depicted the physiographic landscape features and natural vegetation situation of study area (the eastern Jilin Province), and expatiates the definition, basic characters and its development of Ecological Land Classification (ELC). Based on the combination of relief map, satellite photography for study area and vegetation inventory data of 480 sample sites, a 5-class and a 15-class ecological land type map was concluded according to 4 important factors including slope, aspect, vegetation and elevation. Ecological Classification System (ECS) is a method to identify, characterize, and map ecosystems. The Ecological Land Type (ELT) was examined and applied initially in eastern Jilin Province.

  4. A biomonitoring study: trace metals in algae and molluscs from Tyrrhenian coastal areas. (United States)

    Conti, Marcelo Enrique; Cecchetti, Gaetano


    Marine organisms were evaluated as possible biomonitors of heavy metal contamination in marine coastal areas. Concentrations of Cd, Cr, Cu, Pb, and Zn were measured in the green algae Ulva lactuca L., the brown algae Padina pavonica (L.) Thivy, the bivalve mollusc Mytilus galloprovincialis Lamarck, and the two gastropod molluscs Monodonta turbinata Born and Patella cerulea L. collected at six coastal stations in the area of the Gulf of Gaeta (Tyrrhenian Sea, central Italy). The coastal area of the Regional Park of Gianola and Monte di Scauri (a "Protected Sea Park" area) was chosen as a control site. Seawater samples were also collected in each site to assess soluble and total metal concentrations and to gain additional information on both the environmental conditions of the area and possible bioaccumulation patterns. Metal concentrations detected in algae and molluscs did not show significant differences among all stations studied. Moreover, statistical analyses (ANOVA, multiple comparison tests, cluster analysis) showed that the Sea Park station was not significantly different from the others. The hypothesis that the Protected Sea Park would be cleaner than the others must therefore be reconsidered. Data from this study were also compared with those previously obtained from uncontaminated sites in the Sicilian Sea, Italy. The results show clearly differences between these two marine ecosystems. The species examined showed great accumulations of metals, with concentration factors (CFs) higher than 10,000 with respect to the concentrations (soluble fractions) in marine waters. Metal concentrations recorded in this area may be used for background levels for intraspecific comparison within the Tyrrhenian area, a body of water about which information is still very scarce.

  5. Transfer and characterization of large-area CVD graphene for transparent electrode applications

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Whelan, Patrick Rebsdorf

    from an electrochemical transfer method and from a transfer method based on interfacial Cu oxidation in alkaline solution are presented. Both methods leave the copper catalyst intact for regrowths of graphene. The structural integrity of the transferred graphene is retained by these transfer methods......The growth of chemical vapor deposited graphene on copper is approaching industrial maturity. A subsequent transfer of the graphene layer from its catalytic growth substrate is required for integration into optoelectronic devices and similar applications. It is well established that defects...... such as cracks, line defects, and wrinkles all contribute to lowering the quality and usability of graphene. This means that the development of transfer methods that does not introduce damage to the graphene layer and is non-destructive towards the catalytic growth substrate are of high importance. This thesis...

  6. An Application of Combined Model for Tehran Metropolitan Area Incorporating Captive Travel Behavior

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shahriar A. Zargari


    Full Text Available To overcome deficiencies of the sequential transportation planning approach, this research applies a Combined Trip Distribution and Assignment Model (CTDAM for the simultaneous prediction. The proposed combined model can itself be reformulated as an Equivalent Minimization Problem (EMP. When applying the Evans algorithm to the EMP, the CTDAM is expected to be usable in a realistic application. The objective of this research is to compare the conventional sequential procedure and CTDAM by applying both models to a large urban transportation network for captive trip purposes. Several evaluation measures were utilized to compare the results and confirm that the proposed model can efficiently satisfy several convergence criterions. It became clear that the User Equilibrium (UE assignment in the proposed model can be obtained relatively swifter than the Sequential Model (SM and can be efficiently used in large transportation networks. Furthermore, the comparing results point out the performance of the CTDAM is significantly better than SM.

  7. Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in a Nonendemic Area of South Rajasthan: A Prospective Study (United States)

    Balai, Manisha; Gupta, Lalit Kumar; Khare, Ashok Kumar; Srivastava, Ankita; Mittal, Asit; Singh, Ajit


    Background: Cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) usually occurs in areas with hot and dry climate. In India, the desert areas of Rajasthan, Gujarat, and the plains of Northwestern frontier are endemic for this disorder. Aims and Objectives: The present study was aimed to describe clinicoepidemiological profile of the cases of CL from South Rajasthan, which is a nonendemic area of Rajasthan. Materials and Methods: During a period of 4 years (2010–2014), a total of 23 patients with CL were diagnosed. All the suspected cases of CL were interrogated in detail regarding visit to areas where CL is known to occur. This was followed by clinical examination, relevant investigations, and treatment. All except one patient were treated with azole antifungals. In one patient, CO2 laser ablation was done. Results: There were 12 (52.17%) males and 11 (47.83%) females with age ranging from 3 to 72 years. Duration of disease ranged from 7 days to 10 months. Face (15; 65.22%) and extremities (12; 52.17%) were involved in majority of the patients. Common morphologies were noduloulcerative lesions and crusted plaques. Tissue smear for Leishmania donovani bodies was positive in all except one patient. Conclusion: The present report highlights occurrence of CL in nonendemic area. Further epidemiological studies are required for identification of vector and strain of Leishmania involved. PMID:27688441

  8. Hydrogeochemical and spectroscopic studies of radioactive materials in Ayrakan and Cheshmeh Shotori areas, northeastern Isfahan province

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mostafa Esmaeili Vardanjani


    Full Text Available Groundwaters hydrochemistry of Ayrakan and Cheshmeh Shotori areas and geochemistry of rare earth elements, indicate Ayrakan alkali granite as the origin of uranium and other dissolved elements in groundwaters of these areas. Geochemical and hydrogeochemical studies as well as the trend of uranium and thorium transition and mobility in aqueous environments of these areas indicate uranium adsorption by iron hydroxide (goethite as the deterrent agent against uranium transition and mobility from depth to surface. Gamma-ray spectroscopic study of sediments from Cheshmeh Shotori area by HPGe detector indicates the presence of 226Ra in high contents and as the radioactive nuclide that is the reason for high activity of these sediments. Production of 226Ra from 238U decay, shorter half-life of 226Ra compared to 238U, radium transition by groundwaters from depth to surface as well as hydrogeochemical evidences, all suggest the possibility of existence of hidden uranium deposit and uranium mineralization in depth and the distance between Ayrakan and Cheshmeh Shotori areas.

  9. The minimum area requirements (MAR) for giant panda: an empirical study. (United States)

    Qing, Jing; Yang, Zhisong; He, Ke; Zhang, Zejun; Gu, Xiaodong; Yang, Xuyu; Zhang, Wen; Yang, Biao; Qi, Dunwu; Dai, Qiang


    Habitat fragmentation can reduce population viability, especially for area-sensitive species. The Minimum Area Requirements (MAR) of a population is the area required for the population's long-term persistence. In this study, the response of occupancy probability of giant pandas against habitat patch size was studied in five of the six mountain ranges inhabited by giant panda, which cover over 78% of the global distribution of giant panda habitat. The probability of giant panda occurrence was positively associated with habitat patch area, and the observed increase in occupancy probability with patch size was higher than that due to passive sampling alone. These results suggest that the giant panda is an area-sensitive species. The MAR for giant panda was estimated to be 114.7 km(2) based on analysis of its occupancy probability. Giant panda habitats appear more fragmented in the three southern mountain ranges, while they are large and more continuous in the other two. Establishing corridors among habitat patches can mitigate habitat fragmentation, but expanding habitat patch sizes is necessary in mountain ranges where fragmentation is most intensive.

  10. Non-urban area ownership structure. Case study of Southern Poland (United States)

    Glowacka, Agnieszka; Janus, Jaroslaw; Bożek, Piotr


    The study shows a possible way of analyzing the diversity of ownership forms in non-urban areas, with particular focus on land co-ownership. The data in cadastral databases was processed with the use of the relational model which applied information on the geometry of areal spatial objects and descriptive attributes. The paper presents also the results of the analysis of Nowy Sącz District with the area of 1.550 and containing approximately 200.000 parcels. The area is representative for many countries in Central and Eastern Europe, where unfavorable land fragmentation indices and complex ownership structures complicate investing processes and development of rural areas what results in progressive degradation of agricultural and cultural landscape. The results indicate that the co-ownership phenomenon affects 13% of parcels in the study area. However, it varies greatly depending on the village and ranges from 3 to 67% of total parcels number. Suggested methods of analyzing the ownership structure are of universal character. In spite of this, when used during analyses conducted in other countries, certain modifications are required. It is mainly caused by the differences in cadastral data models used in those countries.

  11. Municipal Solid Waste Composition Study of Selected Area in Gambang, Pahang (United States)

    Mokhtar, Nadiah; Ishak, Wan Faizal Wan; Suraya Romali, Noor; Fatimah Che Osmi, Siti; Armi Abu Samah, Mohd


    The amount of municipal solid waste (MSW) generated continue to increase in response to rapid growth in population, change in life style and accelerated urbanization and industrialization process. The study on MSW is important in order to determine the composition further seeks an immediate remedy to minimize the waste generated at the early stage. As most of the MSW goes to the landfill or dumping sites, particularly in Malaysia, closure of filled-up landfill may become an alarm clock for an immediate action of proper solid waste management. This research aims to determine the waste composition generated from selected residential area at Gambang, Kuantan, Pahang which represent Old residential area (ORA), Intermediate residential area (IRA) and New residential area (NRA). The study was conducted by segregating and weighing solid waste in the residential area into 6 main components ie., food waste, paper, plastic, glass, metal and others. In a period of four weeks, samples from the residential unit were taken and analyzed. The MSW generation rates were recorded vary from 0.217 to 0.388 kg person-1day-1. Food waste has become the major solid waste component generated daily which mounted up to 50%. From this research, the result revealed that the recyclable composition of waste generated by residents have a potential to be reuse, recycle and reduce at the point sources.

  12. Non-urban area ownership structure. Case study of Southern Poland

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Glowacka Agnieszka


    Full Text Available The study shows a possible way of analyzing the diversity of ownership forms in non-urban areas, with particular focus on land co-ownership. The data in cadastral databases was processed with the use of the relational model which applied information on the geometry of areal spatial objects and descriptive attributes. The paper presents also the results of the analysis of Nowy Sącz District with the area of 1.550 and containing approximately 200.000 parcels. The area is representative for many countries in Central and Eastern Europe, where unfavorable land fragmentation indices and complex ownership structures complicate investing processes and development of rural areas what results in progressive degradation of agricultural and cultural landscape. The results indicate that the co-ownership phenomenon affects 13% of parcels in the study area. However, it varies greatly depending on the village and ranges from 3 to 67% of total parcels number. Suggested methods of analyzing the ownership structure are of universal character. In spite of this, when used during analyses conducted in other countries, certain modifications are required. It is mainly caused by the differences in cadastral data models used in those countries.

  13. Cyto-embryological studies on Astragalus glycyphyllos L. from the areas of northern and central Poland

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    K. Bijok


    Full Text Available The present paper reports karyolagical investigations on Astragalus glycyphyllos L. from sites in Poland, including development of pollen, embryo sac, process of fecundation, development of embryo and endosperm. These plaints have been examined by various authors, from the karyological aspect, but not from the area of Poland. As regards embryology, this species 'has so far not been studied.

  14. Building Virtually Free Subject Area Expertise through Social Media: An Exploratory Study (United States)

    Kooy, Brian K.


    Central to the ongoing success of the liaison model is the need for liaison librarians to stay informed and up-to-date about recent developments in the subject areas of their assigned academic departments and programs. This article describes an exploratory study conducted to determine whether information obtained from the social media accounts of…

  15. Recruiting Young Volunteers in an Area of Selective Education: A Qualitative Case Study (United States)

    Dean, Jon


    This article presents findings from a small qualitative case study of a youth volunteering brokerage organisation in England, operating in an area of selective state education. Data show how brokerage workers felt grammar schools managed their students in a concerted way to improve students' chances of attending university. Conversely, workers…

  16. A socio-economic evaluation of a protected area - A case study: Hamadan province, Iran

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Moradpanah Haniyeh


    Full Text Available The aim of this study was to investigate the socio-economic issues of a protected area and participation of the local stakeholders in conservation of the protected area. This study was conducted at 7 villages in Hamedan province in the midwest part of Iran. A questionnaire was used for data collection. Reliability of the data was determined by Cronbach's alpha. In order to investigate the relationship between the average incomes of different villages, a t-statistic test was used. Results indicated that at the 0.05 significance level, there were significant differences between most villages. Furthermore, the results indicated that there was no significant relationship between mean income of Jara and Saadat Abad villages. In order to investigate the interest for the preservation of different villages, a t-statistic test was used. Results indicated that at the 0.05 significance level of, there were significant differences between Shademaneh and Maloosan, Siyah Dare and Gheshlagh Najaf, Shademaneh and Taemeh, Taemeh and Gheshlagh Najaf villages. Results also showed that the Maloosan village has the highest income in the area and willingness to participate in conservation activities was highest at this village. The results of this study show a new approach to the protection of biodiversity of protected areas with connection to economic, biological and humanistic studies.

  17. Perspectives and Plans for Graduate Studies. 10. Physical Education, Kinesiology, and Related Areas 1974. (United States)

    Council of Ontario Universities, Toronto.

    This report is one of a series of disciplinary planning assessments for graduate studies in Ontario, Canada, concerning physical education, kinesiology, and related areas. Recommendations suggest: (1) There should be a limited number of discipline oriented Ph.D. programs focused on the generation of knowledge appropriate to sociology of sport,…

  18. 47 CFR 36.622 - National and study area average unseparated loop costs. (United States)


    ... nationwide average shall be used in determining the additional interstate expense allocation for companies... reflect the update filings shall not affect the amount of the additional interstate expense allocation for... study area. (1) If a company elects to, or is required to, update the data which it has filed with...

  19. Methodology of determining soil structure in important groundwater areas: case studies in Kauvonkangas, Finnish Lapland (United States)

    Kupila, Juho


    Finland is fully self-sufficient in clean groundwater and even has a capacity of exportation. There are approx. 6000 groundwater areas with a total yield of 5.4 million m3/day. Currently only 10% of this groundwater resource is in use. For the efficient and safe exploitation of these areas in the future, detailed modeling of soil structure is an important method in groundwater surveys. 3D -models improve the general knowledge of linkage between land use planning and groundwater protection. Results can be used as a base information in water supply service development and when performing the measures needed in case of environmental accidents. Also, when creating the groundwater flow models the collected information is utilized and is usually the main data source. Geological Survey of Finland has carried out soil structure studies in co-operation with authorities, municipalities and the local water suppliers. The main objectives of these projects are to determine the geological structure of groundwater area for estimating the validity of the present exclusion area, the quantity of ground water volume and recharge capability and possible risks to the groundwater. Research areas are usually under an active water supply service. Kauvonkangas groundwater area is located in the municipality of Tervola, in Southern part of Finnish Lapland. Extent of the area is 7.9 km2 and it is an important water source for the local and nearby population centers. There are two active water supply companies in the area. Field studies in the project will include general geological and hydrological mapping, soil drilling with observation pipe installation, test pumping and water sampling. Geophysical measures will play a key-role, including ground penetrating radar (GPR) and gravimetric measurements. Studies will be carried out in spring and summer 2016. The main results will be the models of the bedrock and groundwater level and main characteristics of the soil layers in the area. Results

  20. Numerical modeling of secondary migration and its applications to Chang-6 Member of Yanchang Formation (Upper Triassic), Longdong area, Ordos Basin, China

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Mathematic modeling, established on the basis of physical experiments, is becoming an increasingly important tool in oil and gas migration studies. This technique is based on the observation that hydrocarbon migration tends to take relative narrow pathways. A mathematical model of hydrocarbon migration and accumulation is constructed using the percolation theory. It is then calibrated using physical experimental results, and is tested under a variety of conditions, to understand the applicability of the model in different migration cases. Through modeling, dynamic conditions of large-scale migration pathways within homogeneous formations can be evaluated. Basin-scale hydrocarbon migration pathways and their characteristics are analyzed during the model application to the Chang-8 Member of the Triassic Yanchang Formation in Longdong area of Ordos Basin. In heterogeneous formations, spatial changes in fluid potential determine the direction of secondary migration, and heterogeneity controls the characteristics and geometry of secondary migration pathways.