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  1. Implementation of an Online Climate Science Course at San Antonio College (United States)

    Reyes, R.; Strybos, J.


    San Antonio College (SAC) plans to incorporate an online climate science class into the curriculum with a focus on local weather conditions and data. SAC is part of a network of five community colleges based around San Antonio, Texas, has over 20,000 students enrolled, and its student population reflects the diversity in ethnicity, age and gender of the San Antonio community. The college understands the importance of educating San Antonio residents on climate science and its complexities. San Antonio residents are familiar with weather changes and extreme conditions. The region has experienced an extreme drought, including water rationing in the city. Then, this year's El Niño intensified expected annual rainfalls and flash floods. The proposed climate science course will uniquely prepare students to understand weather data and the evidence of climate change impacting San Antonio at a local level. This paper will discuss the importance and challenges of introducing the new climate science course into the curriculum, and the desired class format that will increase the course's success. Two of the most significant challenges are informing students about the value of this class and identifying the best teaching format. Additionally, measuring and monitoring enrollment will be essential to determine the course performance and success. At the same time, Alamo Colleges is modifying the process of teaching online classes and is officially working to establish an online college. Around 23% of students enrolled in SAC offered courses are currently enrolled in online courses only, representing an opportunity to incorporate the climate science class as an online course. Since the proposed course will be using electronic textbooks and online applications to access hyperlocal weather data, the class is uniquely suited for online students.

  2. Biological and associated water-quality data for lower Olmos Creek and upper San Antonio River, San Antonio, Texas, March-October 1990 (United States)

    Taylor, R. Lynn


    Biological and associated water-quality data were collected from lower Olmos Creek and upper San Antonio River in San Antonio, Texas, during March-October 1990, the second year of a multiyear data-collection program. The data will be used to document water-quality conditions prior to implementation of a proposal to reuse treated wastewater to irrigate city properties in Olmos Basin and Brackenridge Parks and to augment flows in the Olmos Creek/San Antonio River system.

  3. San Antonio Bay 1986-1989 (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The effect of salinity on utilization of shallow-water nursery habitats by aquatic fauna was assessed in San Antonio Bay, Texas. Overall, 272 samples were collected...

  4. 77 FR 36041 - San Antonio Central Railroad, L.L.C.-Lease Exemption-Port Authority of San Antonio (United States)


    ... control of SAC upon SAC becoming a Class III rail carrier. As a result of this transaction, SAC will provide common carrier rail service over the rail lines owned by the Port in the East Kelly Railport (the... and operate approximately four miles of rail line owned by the Port Authority of San Antonio (the Port...

  5. United States Air Force Personalized Medicine and Advanced Diagnostics Program Panel: Representative Research at the San Antonio Military Medical Center (United States)


    health system. dedicated to excellence in global care PROCESSING OF PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS/PRESENTATIONS INSTRUCTIONS 1. The...present this research at the University of Texas at San Antonio/SAMHS & Universities Research Forum, SURF 2016 in San Antonio, TX, on 20 May 2016. San Antonio/SAMHS & Universities Research Forum, SURF 2016 in San Antonio, TX, on 20 May 2016. 3. LAWS AND REGULATIONS: DoD 5500.07-R, Joint

  6. Feasibility study on rehabilitation of ICE San Antonio Power Plant

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Costa Rica takes a power generation system using hydro power generation as the main source, and possesses medium-capacity gas turbines to supplement needs in the dry season and the peak load. However, a problem has come up that, in addition to the cost rise in gas turbine fuel, the power generation efficiency has been aggravating due to aged deterioration of the generators being used. In association therewith, the problem is now a factor to increase CO2 emission, which is a worldwide problem. Keeping in mind to link it to the clean development mechanism (CDM), the present project is, taking up the SAN ANTONIO power plant as the investigation object, intended to perform a comprehensive discussion on the CO2 emission reducing effect, profitability, and proliferation effect, by executing the conceptual plant design. The up-grading plan for thermal power generation systems in Costa Rica consists of replacement of the gas turbines, handling of phase modifiers, and achievement of the combined cycle. The plan agrees with the present feasibility study intended of CO2 emission reduction, consisting of the modification plan of the SAN ANTONIO power plant, that is the plan to replace the over-aged gas turbines at the power plant. Its necessity has been identified. It was disclosed that the project has the effects of reducing CO2 of 82,000 tons annually, and the investment can be recovered in nine years. (NEDO)

  7. Late Quaternary evolution of the San Antonio Submarine Canyon in the central Chile forearc (∼33°S) (United States)

    Laursen, Jane; Normark, William R.


    Hydrosweep swath-bathymetry and seismic-reflection data reveal the morphology, sedimentary processes, and structural controls on the submarine San Antonio Canyon. The canyon crosses the forearc slope of the central Chile margin for more than 150 km before it empties into the Chile Trench near 33°S latitude. In its upper reaches, the nearly orthogonal segments of the San Antonio Canyon incise ∼1 km into thick sediment following underlying margin-perpendicular basement faults and along the landward side of a prominent margin-parallel thrust ridge on the outer mid-slope. At a breach in the outer ridge, the canyon makes a sharp turn into the San Antonio Reentrant. Resistance to erosion of outcropping basement at the head of the reentrant has prevented the development of a uniformly sloping thalweg, leaving gentle gradients (6°) across the lower slope. Emergence of an obstruction across the head of the San Antonio Reentrant has trapped sediment in the mid-slope segments of the canyon. Presently, little sediment appears to reach the Chile Trench through the San Antonio Canyon. The development of the San Antonio Canyon was controlled by the impact of a subducted seamount, which formed the San Antonio Reentrant and warped the middle slope along its landward advancing path. Incision of the canyon landward of the outer mid-slope ridge may be ascribed to a combination of headward erosion and entrenchment by captured unconfined turbidity currents. Flushing of the canyon was likely enhanced during the lowered sea level of the last glaciation. Where the canyon occupies the triangular embayment of the reentrant at the base of the slope, sediment has ponded behind a small accretionary ridge. On the trench floor opposite the San Antonio Canyon mouth, a 200-m-thick levee–overbank complex formed on the left side of a distributary channel emanating from a breach in the accretionary ridge. Axial transfer of sediment was inhibited to the north of the San Antonio Canyon mouth

  8. LaRC Modeling of Ozone Formation in San Antonio, Texas (United States)

    Guo, F.; Griffin, R. J.; Bui, A.; Schulze, B.; Wallace, H. W., IV; Flynn, J. H., III; Erickson, M.; Kotsakis, A.; Alvarez, S. L.; Usenko, S.; Sheesley, R. J.; Yoon, S.


    Ozone (O3) is one of the most important trace species within the troposphere and results from photochemistry involving emissions from a complex array of sources. Ground-level O3 is detrimental to ecosystems and causes a variety of human health problems including respiratory irritation, asthma and reduction in lung capacity. However, the O3 Design Value in San Antonio, Texas, was in violation of the federal threshold set by the EPA (70 ppb, 8-hr max) based on the average for the most recent three-year period (2014-2016). To understand the sources of high O3 concentrations in this nonattainment area, we assembled and deployed a mobile air quality laboratory and operated it in two locations in the southeast (Traveler's World RV Park) and northwest (University of Texas at San Antonio) of downtown San Antonio during summer 2017 to measure O3 and its precursors, including total nitrogen oxides (NOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Additional measurements included temperature, relative humidity, pressure, solar radiation, wind speed, wind direction, total reactive nitrogen (NOy), carbon monoxide (CO), and aerosol composition and concentration. We will use the campaign data and the NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) Zero-Dimensional Box Model (Crawford et al., 1999; Olson et al., 2006) to calculate O3 production rate, NOx and hydroxyl radical chain length, and NOx versus VOCs sensitivity at different times of a day with different photochemical and meteorological conditions. A key to our understanding is to combine model results with measurements of precursor gases, particle chemistry and particle size to support the identification of O3 sources, its major formation pathways, and how the ozone production efficiency (OPE) depends on various factors. The resulting understanding of the causes of high O3 concentrations in the San Antonio area will provide insight into future air quality protection.

  9. Biological and associated water-quality data for lower Olmos Creek and upper San Antonio River, San Antonio, Texas, April - September 1989 (United States)

    Taylor, R. Lynn; Ferreira, Rodger F.


    Biological and associated water-quality data were collected from lower Olmos Creek and upper San Antonio River in San Antonio, Texas, during April-September 1989. Benthic macroinvertebrate, periphyton, and phytoplankton communities were sampled at three sites along the Olmos Creek/San Antonio River system. Total mean densities of benthic macroinvertebrates for the three sites ranged from 670 to 10,000 organisms per square meter. The most abundant macroinvertebrates were the class Insecta (insects). Total densities of periphyton ranged from 2,900 to 110,000 cells per square millimeter. Cyanophyta (blue-green algae) and Bacillariophyta (diatoms) were the predominant periphyton organisms. Total densities of phyto- plankton ranged from 5,000 to 47,000 cells per square milliliter. Blue-green algae accounted for more than one- half of the phytoplankton in each sample. Hardness ranged from 160 to 250 milligrams per liter as calcium carbonate, and alkalinity ranged from 130 to 220 milligrams per liter as calcium carbonate. The largest dissolved nitrite concentration was 0.038 milligram per liter. The largest total phosphorus concentration was 0.150 milligram per liter, over one-half of which was dissolved orthophosphate. Total aluminum and total iron were the only trace elements in water to exceed the reporting threshold by large concen- trations. Total aluminum concentrations ranged from 70 to 280 micrograms per liter, and total iron concentrations ranged from 70 to 340 micrograms per liter. Lead was the most prominent trace element in bottom-material samples, with concentrations ranging from 30 to 230 micrograms per gram.

  10. City of San Antonio, Texas Better Buildings Program

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Meyer, Liza C. [City of San Antonio, TX (United States); Hammer, Mary C. [City of San Antonio, TX (United States)


    The San Antonio Better Buildings Program is a unified single-point-of-service energy efficiency delivery mechanism targeting residential, commercial, institutional, industrial and public buildings. This comprehensive and replicable energy efficiency program is designed to be an effective demand side management initiative to provide a seamless process for program participants to have turn-key access to expert analysis, support and incentives to improve the performance of their in-place energy using systems, while reducing electrical energy use and demand.

  11. Bridging the Scholar-Practitioner Gap: The San Antonio Export Leaders Program (United States)

    Jackson, Sara C.


    Bridging the gap between theory and practice enables trade service providers to effectively reach the small business community interested in entering foreign markets. This paper describes how the award-winning San Antonio Export Leaders program is a model for applying theoretical concepts to the practice of international business.

  12. Report on investigations in fiscal 2000 on the basic investigation on promotion of joint implementation. Rehabilitation of ICE/SAN ANTONIO power plant; 2000 nendo kyodo jisshi nado suishin kiso chosa hokokusho. ICE/SAN ANTONIO hatsudensho rihabiri

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Costa Rica takes a power generation system using hydro power generation as the main source, and possesses medium-capacity gas turbines to supplement needs in the dry season and the peak load. However, a problem has come up that, in addition to the cost rise in gas turbine fuel, the power generation efficiency has been aggravating due to aged deterioration of the generators being used. In association therewith, the problem is now a factor to increase CO2 emission, which is a worldwide problem. Keeping in mind to link it to the clean development mechanism (CDM), the present project is, taking up the SAN ANTONIO power plant as the investigation object, intended to perform a comprehensive discussion on the CO2 emission reducing effect, profitability, and proliferation effect, by executing the conceptual plant design. The up-grading plan for thermal power generation systems in Costa Rica consists of replacement of the gas turbines, handling of phase modifiers, and achievement of the combined cycle. The plan agrees with the present feasibility study intended of CO2 emission reduction, consisting of the modification plan of the SAN ANTONIO power plant, that is the plan to replace the over-aged gas turbines at the power plant. Its necessity has been identified. It was disclosed that the project has the effects of reducing CO2 of 82,000 tons annually, and the investment can be recovered in nine years. (NEDO)

  13. Water quality modelling in the San Antonio River Basin driven by radar rainfall data

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Almoutaz Elhassan


    Full Text Available Continuous monitoring of stream water quality is needed as it has significant impacts on human and ecological health and well-being. Estimating water quality between sampling dates requires model simulation based on the available geospatial and water quality data for a given watershed. Models such as the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT can be used to estimate the missing water quality data. In this study, SWAT was used to estimate water quality at a monitoring station near the outlet of the San Antonio River. Precipitation data from both rain gauges and weather radar were used to force the SWAT simulations. Virtual rain gauges which were based on weather radar data were created in the approximate centres of the 163 sub-watersheds of the San Antonio River Basin for SWAT simulations. This method was first tested in a smaller watershed in the middle of the Guadalupe River Basin resulting in increased model efficiency in simulating surface run-off. The method was then applied to the San Antonio River watershed and yielded good simulations for surface run-off (R2 = 0.7, nitrate (R2 = 0.6 and phosphate (R2 = 0.5 at the watershed outlet (Goliad, TX – USGS (United States Geological Survey gauge as compared to observed data. The study showed that the proper use of weather radar precipitation in SWAT model simulations improves the estimation of missing water quality data.

  14. An Assessment of the Effectiveness of Remedial Reading Courses at San Antonio College. (United States)

    Florio, Charles Bernard

    This study investigates the effectiveness of remedial reading courses for nontraditional students in San Antonio College, a large, urban, and public community college in Texas. The subjects were students who enrolled the fall semester of 1972 and persisted through the fall semester of 1973. The remedial reading courses were described in terms of…

  15. Food, feeding, and refuelling of Red Knots during northward migration at San Antonio Oeste, Rio Negro, Argentina

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Gonzalez, PM; Piersma, T; Verkuil, Y; González, Patricia M.


    We studied the food and feeding ecology of Red Knots Calidris canutus rufa on an area of rocky flat, or restinga, near San Antonio Oeste in the northwest of Golfo San Matias, Provincia de Rio Negro, Argentina in March 1992. These Red Knots are on their way north, from ''wintering'' areas in Tierra

  16. Como güelfos y gibelinos: los colegios de San Bernardo y San Antonio Abad en el Cuzco durante el siglo XVII

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Guibovich Pérez, Pedro M


    Full Text Available This article deals with the conflicts that involved the San Bernardo and San Antonio schools all along the seventeenth century. The author proposes a new approach to explain the social history of colonial Cuzco. He mantains that the root of the confrontation has to do with the privileges that enjoy the jesuits in the provision of academical degrees, a basic requirement to obtain appointments in the civil and eclesiastical administration. To understand this social dinamic, he reconstructs the institutional history of both schools, and reveals the interests that defend the main actors of this secular conflict.

    Los conflictos que enfrentaron a los colegios de San Bernardo y San Antonio Abad a lo largo del siglo XVII es el tema central de estudio de este ensayo. El autor propone una nueva lectura a este episodio de la historia social del Cuzco colonial. Sostiene que en la raíz de los enfrentamientos estuvo el privilegio que gozaban los jesuitas para la concesión de grados académicos, requisitos fundamentales para obtener cargos en la administración civil y eclesiástica. Para entender la dinámica social, el autor reconstruye la historia institucional de los colegios y los intereses en juego de los principales protagonistas del secular conflicto.

  17. Financial Reporting for the Other Defense Organizations - General Funds at the Defence Finance and Accounting Service San Antonio

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library


    ...) for inclusion in the FY 2001 Other Defense Organizations Financial Statements. Specifically, we looked at the abnormal balances reported in trial balances prepared by the Defense Finance and Accounting Service San Antonio...

  18. Local adaptation of the National Physical Activity Plan: creation of the Active Living Plan for a Healthier San Antonio. (United States)

    Esparza, Laura A; Velasquez, Katherine S; Zaharoff, Annette M


    Physical inactivity and related health consequences are serious public health threats. Effective strategies to facilitate and support active-living opportunities must be implemented at national, state, and local levels. San Antonio, Texas, health department officials launched the Active Living Council of San Antonio (ALCSA) to engage the community in developing a 3- to 5-year plan to promote active living. A steering committee set preliminary ALCSA aims and established a multisector membership structure modeled after the US National Physical Activity Plan (NPAP). ALCSA adopted governance standards, increased knowledge of physical activity and health, and engaged in an 18-month collaborative master plan writing process. ALCSA selected overarching strategies and evidence-based strategies for each societal sector and adapted strategies to the local context, including tactics, measures of success, and timelines. Community and expert engagement led to a localized plan reflecting national recommendations, the Active Living Plan for a Healthier San Antonio. Multisector collaborations among governmental agencies and community organizations, which were successfully developed in this case to produce the first-ever local adaptation of the NPAP, require clearly defined expectations. Lessons learned in ALCSA's organizational and plan development can serve as a model for future community-driven efforts to increase active living.

  19. Calidad de atención y su influencia en el usuario externo en el centro de salud San Antonio de Pedregal 2015


    Lozano Sotil, Ruth Consuelo


    El trabajo de investigación titulada “Calidad de atención y su influencia en el usuario externo en el Centro de Salud San Antonio de Pedregal Chosica 2015”se realizó con el objetivo de determinar el nivel de satisfacción del usuario externo sobre calidad de atención percibida en el Centro de Salud San Antonio de Pedregal 2015. La variable de estudio es calidad de atención en el usuario externo El estudio fué cuantitativo de tipo descriptivo transversal tuvo como población mu...

  20. 77 FR 38078 - U.S. Nominations to the World Heritage List: San Antonio Franciscan Missions (United States)


    ... ownership rights in U.S. World Heritage Sites, which continue to be subject only to U.S. law. Inclusion in... group should be considered as an extension to the Mexican missions of the Sierra Gorda already on the... experts in the topic in San Antonio, including Mexican World Heritage officials, concluded that the...

  1. [B_Erandio_Martiartu] Documentación del conjunto formado por la Torre de Martiartu y la ermita de San Antonio (Erandio, Bizkaia)


    Álvarez González, Irantzu; Lopetegi Galarraga, Ane; Mesanza Moraza, Amaia; Rodríguez Miranda, Álvaro; Valle Melón, José Manuel


    [ES] El conjunto está formado por la torre de Martiartu (de unas 16 x 16 metros de planta), la pequeña ermita de la San Antonio y el área circundante. La documentación de la torre se realiza mediante fotogrametría estereoscópica y rectificación fotográfica para la obtención de las ortoimágenes. La ermita de San Antonio y el entorno se ha documentado mediante estación total y mallado para crear un modelo de superficies tridimensional. Posteriormente se presentan los modelos 3D y la colecció...

  2. 77 FR 35376 - San Antonio Water System; Notice of Petition for Declaratory Order and Soliciting Comments... (United States)


    ... in large diameter water pipelines. The water flow in the CRP pipeline at Naco is reduced from a 36... Water System; Notice of Petition for Declaratory Order and Soliciting Comments, Protests, and/or Motions...-000. c. Date Filed: May 29, 2012. d. Applicant: San Antonio Water System (SAWS). e. Name of Project...

  3. Appraisal of ground-water resources in the San Antonio Creek Valley, Santa Barbara County, California (United States)

    Hutchinson, C.B.


    A nearly threefold increase in demand for water in the 154-square-mile San Antonio Creek valley in California during the period 1958-77 has increased the potential for overdraft on the ground-water basin. The hydrologic budget for this period showed a perennial yield of about 9,800 acre-feet per year and an annual ground-water discharge of about 11,400 acre-feet per year, comprising net pumpage of 7,100 acre-feet, phreatophyte evapotranspiration of 3,000 acre-feet, and base streamflow of 1 ,300 acre-feet. The base flow in San Antonio Creek could diminish to zero when net pumpage reaches 13,500 acre-feet per year. The environmentally sensitive marshland area of Barka Slough may then become stressed as water normally lost through evapotranspiration is captured by pumpage. The aquifer consists of alluvial valley fill that ranges in thickness from 0 to 3,500 feet. Ground water moves seaward from recharge areas along mountain fronts to a consolidated rock barrier about 5 miles east of the Pacific coast. Upwelling of ground water just east of the barrier has resulted in the 550-acre Barka Slough. Transmissivity of the aquifer ranges from 2,600 to 34,000 feet squared per day, with the lowest values occurring in the central part of the valley where the aquifer is thickest but probably finer grained. The salinity problems are increasing in the agricultural parts of the valley, which is east of the barrier. West of the barrier, stream and ground-water quality is poor, owing to seepage of saline water from the marine shale that underlies the area at shallow depths. A proposed basinwide monitoring program includes 17 water-level sites, 12 water-quality sampling sites, 3 streamflow measuring sites, and periodic infrared aerial photography of Barka Slough. A computer model of the ground-water flow system could be developed to assess the impact of various water-management alternatives. (USGS)

  4. Rodriquez V. San Antonio Independent School District: Gathering the Ayes of Texas--The Politics of School Finance Reform (United States)

    Yudof, Mark G.; Morgan, Daniel C.


    An historical account is given of movements toward educational finance reform in Texas, culminating in the Rodriquez v. San Antonio Independent School District case and its aftermath. The role of political pressures applied by various interest groups is traced and the prospects for future reform assessed. (EH)

  5. Discharge between San Antonio Bay and Aransas Bay, southern Gulf Coast, Texas, May-September 1999 (United States)

    East, Jeffery W.


    Along the Gulf Coast of Texas, many estuaries and bays are important habitat and nurseries for aquatic life. San Antonio Bay and Aransas Bay, located about 50 and 30 miles northeast, respectively, of Corpus Christi, are two important estuarine nurseries on the southern Gulf Coast of Texas (fig. 1). According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, “Almost 80 percent of the seagrasses [along the Texas Gulf Coast] are located in the Laguna Madre, an estuary that begins just south of Corpus Christi Bay and runs southward 140 miles to South Padre Island. Most of the remaining seagrasses, about 45,000 acres, are located in the heavily traveled San Antonio, Aransas and Corpus Christi Bay areas” (Shook, 2000).Population growth has led to greater demands on water supplies in Texas. The Texas Water Development Board, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, and the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission have the cooperative task of determining inflows required to maintain the ecological health of the State’s streams, rivers, bays, and estuaries. To determine these inflow requirements, the three agencies collect data and conduct studies on the need for instream flows and freshwater/ saline water inflows to Texas estuaries.To assist in the determination of freshwater inflow requirements, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), in cooperation with the Texas Water Development Board, conducted a hydrographic survey of discharge (flow) between San Antonio Bay and Aransas Bay during the period May–September 1999. Automated instrumentation and acoustic technology were used to maximize the amount and quality of data that were collected, while minimizing personnel requirements. This report documents the discharge measured at two sites between the bays during May–September 1999 and describes the influences of meteorologic (wind and tidal) and hydrologic (freshwater inflow) conditions on discharge between the two bays. The movement of water between the bays is

  6. The new library building at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. (United States)

    Kronick, D A; Bowden, V M; Olivier, E R


    The new University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Library opened in June 1983, replacing the 1968 library building. Planning a new library building provides an opportunity for the staff to rethink their philosophy of service. Of paramount concern and importance is the need to convey this philosophy to the architects. This paper describes the planning process and the building's external features, interior layouts, and accommodations for technology. Details of the move to the building are considered and various aspects of the building are reviewed.

  7. Modernizing "San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez": How Evolving Supreme Court Jurisprudence Changes the Face of Education Finance Litigation (United States)

    Saleh, Matthew


    This article aims to "modernize" the current legal debate over inequitable public school funding at the state and local level. The 1973 Supreme Court case of "San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez" established precedent, allowing for property-tax based education funding programs at the state-level--a major source…

  8. Automated vehicle identification tags in San Antonio : lessons learned from the metropolitan model deployment initiative : unique method for collecting arterial travel speed information (United States)


    This report demonstrates a unique solution to the challenge of providing accurate, timely estimates of arterial travel times to the motoring public. In particular, it discusses the lessons learned in deploying the Vehicle Tag Project in San Antonio, ...

  9. Simulation of flow in the Edwards Aquifer, San Antonio region, Texas, and refinement of storage and flow concepts (United States)

    Maclay, Robert W.; Land, Larry F.


    The Edwards aquifer is a complexly faulted, carbonate aquifer lying within the Balcones fault zone of south-central Texas. The aquifer consists of thin- to massive-bedded limestone and dolomite, most of which is in the form of mudstones and wackestones. Well-developed secondary porosity has formed in association with former erosional surfaces within the carbonate rocks, within dolomitized-burrowed tidal and evaporitic deposits, and along inclined fractures to produce an aquifer with transmissivities greater than 100 ft2/s. The aquifer is recharged mainly by streamflow losses in the outcrop area of the Edwards aquifer and is discharged by major springs located at considerable distances, as much as 150 mi, from the areas of recharge and by wells. Ground-water flow within the Edwards aquifer of the San Antonio region was simulated to investigate concepts relating to the storage and flow characteristics. The concepts of major interest were the effects of barrier faults on flow direction, water levels, springflow, and storage within the aquifer. A general-purpose, finite-difference model, modified to provide the capability of representing barrier faults, was used to simulate ground-water flow and storage in the aquifer. The approach in model development was to conduct a series of simulations beginning with a simple representation of the aquifer framework and then proceeding to subsequent representations of increasing complexity. The simulations investigated the effects of complex geologic structures and of significant changes in transmissivity, anisotropy, and storage coefficient. Initial values of transmissivity, anisotropy, and storage coefficient were estimated based on concepts developed in previous studies. Results of the simulations confirmed the original estimates of transmissivity values (greater than 100 square feet/s) in the confined zone of the aquifer between San Antonio and Comal Springs. A storage coefficient of 0.05 in the unconfined zone of the aquifer

  10. Occurrence of the haemocyte parasite Bonamia sp. in flat oysters Ostrea puelchana farmed in San Antonio Bay (Argentina). (United States)

    Kroeck, Marina A; Montes, Jaime


    Culture of native flat oysters Ostrea puelchana d'Orbigny in San Antonio Bay (San Matías Gulf, Argentina) began in 1995. After elevated mortality (33%) occurred in September 1996, 18 mo after immersion, histopathological analysis and evaluation of parasitic prevalence was carried out. In October 1997, after 31 mo of cultivation, cumulative mortality was 80%, and in December of the same year, when individuals reached marketable size, mortality was 95% and culture was discontinued. The present study describes the haemocytic parasitism that affected O. puelchana, and suggests that a Bonamia sp. was the etiological agent. This parasite should be considered as a different species from Bonamia sp. detected in Australia and New Zealand until more studies are made to determine the correct taxonomy. This work constitutes the first record of this haemocyte parasite in flat oysters from the Argentinean coast.

  11. Annual compilation and analysis of hydrologic data for Escondido Creek, San Antonio River basin, Texas (United States)

    Reddy, D.R.


    IntroductionHistory of Small Watershed Projects in TexasThe U.S. Soil Conservation Service is actively engaged in the installation of flood and soil erosion reducing measures in Texas under the authority of the "Flood Control Act of 1936 and 1944" and "Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act" (Public Law 566), as amended. The Soil Conservation Service has found a total of approximately 3,500 floodwater-retarding structures to be physically and economically feasible in Texas. As of September 30, 1970, 1,439 of these structures had been built.This watershed-development program will have varying but important effects on the surface and ground-water resources of river basins, especially where a large number of the floodwater-retarding structures are built. Basic hydrologic data under natural and developed conditions are needed to appraise the effects of the structures on the yield and mode of occurrence of runoff.Hydrologic investigations of these small watersheds were begun by the Geological Survey in 1951 and are now being made in 12 study areas (fig. 1). These investigations are being made in cooperation with the Texas Water Development Board, the Soil Conservation Service, the San Antonio River Authority, the city of Dallas, and the Tarrant County Water Control and Improvement District No. 1. The 12 study areas were chosen to sample watershed having different rainfall, topography, geology, and soils. In five of the study areas, (North, Little Elm, Mukewater, little Pond-North Elm, and Pin Oak Creeks), streamflow and rainfall records were collected prior to construction of the floodwater-retarding structures, thus affording the opportunity for analyses of the conditions "before and after" development. A summary of the development of the floodwater-retarding structures in each study areas of September 30, 1970, is shown in table 1.Objectives of the Texas Small Watersheds ProjectThe purpose of these investigations is to collect sufficient data to meeting the

  12. Attractiveness of botanical infusions to ovipositing Culex quinquefasciatus, Cx. nigripalpus, and Cx. erraticus in San Antonio, Texas. (United States)

    McPhatter, Lee P; Debboun, Mustapha


    Field experiments were conducted on the Fort Sam Houston Military Reservation, San Antonio, TX, in fall 2008 to observe the attractiveness of selected botanical infusions to ovipositing female mosquitoes. The following infusions were tested in Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gravid traps: Bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon), oak leaf (Quercus virginiana), acacia leaf (Acacia schaffneri), rabbit chow (alfalfa pellets), and algae (Spirogyra sp.). Four (Bermuda, acacia, oak, and algae) of the 5 infusions were effective in collecting Culex quinquefasciatus, Cx. nigripalpus, and Cx. erraticus. Of the 4 infusions, Bermuda collected the greatest number of the mosquitoes sampled. Female Aedes albopictus mosquitoes were collected in moderate numbers during this study.

  13. Aerial radiometric and magnetic survey: San Antonio National Topographic Map, Texas. Final report

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    The results of analyses of the airborne gamma radiation and total magnetic field survey flown for the region identified as the San Antonio National Topographic Map NH14-8 are presented. The airborne data gathered are reduced by ground computer facilities to yield profile plots of the basic uranium, thorium, and potassium equivalent gamma radiation intensities, ratios of these intensities, aircraft altitude above the earth's surface, total gamma ray and earth's magnetic field intensity, correlated as a function of geologic units. The distribution of data within each geologic unit, for all surveyed map lines and tie lines, has been calculated and is included. Two sets of profiled data for each line are included, with one set displaying the above-cited data. The second set includes only flight line magnetic field, temperature, pressure, altitude data plus magnetic field data as measured at a base station. A general description of the area, including descriptions of the various geologic units and the corresponding airborne data, is included also

  14. Comportamiento del cáncer cérvicouterino en el municipio San Antonio del Sur de Guantánamo


    Salvent Tames, Adrian; Rodríguez Lara, Osvaldo; Leyva Lambert, Marlenis; Gamboa Rodríguez, Mailin; Columbié Gámez, Mirta


    Introducción: no son pocos los esfuerzos que se realizan para combatir el cáncer cérvicouterino, a pesar de que existe un programa de detección precoz, estamos lejos aún de alcanzar la meta propuesta. Objetivo: conocer el comportamiento del cáncer cérvicouterino en el municipio de San Antonio del Sur de la provincia Guantánamo en el periodo 2006-2010. Métodos: el universo de estudio quedó constituido por las 254 pacientes que tuvieron una citología orgánica con diagnóstico positivo de lesione...

  15. Preliminary three-dimensional geohydrologic framework of the San Antonio Creek Groundwater Basin, Santa Barbara County, California (United States)

    Cromwell, G.; Sweetkind, D. S.; O'leary, D. R.


    The San Antonio Creek Groundwater Basin is a rural agricultural area that is heavily dependent on groundwater to meet local water demands. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is working cooperatively with Santa Barbara County and Vandenberg Air Force Base to assess the quantity and quality of the groundwater resources within the basin. As part of this assessment, an integrated hydrologic model that will help stakeholders to effectively manage the water resources in the basin is being developed. The integrated hydrologic model includes a conceptual model of the subsurface geology consisting of stratigraphy and variations in lithology throughout the basin. The San Antonio Creek Groundwater Basin is a relatively narrow, east-west oriented valley that is structurally controlled by an eastward-plunging syncline. Basin-fill material beneath the valley floor consists of relatively coarse-grained, permeable, marine and non-marine sedimentary deposits, which are underlain by fine-grained, low-permeability, marine sedimentary rocks. To characterize the system, surficial and subsurface geohydrologic data were compiled from geologic maps, existing regional geologic models, and lithology and geophysical logs from boreholes, including two USGS multiple-well sites drilled as part of this study. Geohydrologic unit picks and lithologic variations are incorporated into a three-dimensional framework model of the basin. This basin (model) includes six geohydrologic units that follow the structure and stratigraphy of the area: 1) Bedrock - low-permeability marine sedimentary rocks; 2) Careaga Formation - fine to coarse grained near-shore sandstone; 3) Paso Robles Formation, lower portion - sandy-gravely deposits with clay and limestone; 4) Paso Robles Formation, middle portion - clayey-silty deposits; 5) Paso Robles Formation, upper portion - sandy-gravely deposits; and 6) recent Quaternary deposits. Hydrologic data show that the upper and lower portions of the Paso Robles Formation are

  16. Work to diminish the danger of forest fires in the municipalities San Antonio del Sur and Imías, Guantánamo


    Edelmys Perez Pereda; Lianet Ramírez Fernández; Jessika Massó Matos; Francisco Duran Manual


    The research was carried out in the forest patrimony in San Antonio and Imías municipality in the province of Guantánamo, with the aim to propose actions to diminish the occurrence and propagation of the forest fires in the municipalities objects of study. For this, the temporal distribution of fires and burned areas, in the period 2006-2015, through the year, the week and the day was taken into account and also the causes that povoque the fires. With these elements, the activities to be carr...

  17. Updated numerical model with uncertainty assessment of 1950-56 drought conditions on brackish-water movement within the Edwards aquifer, San Antonio, Texas (United States)

    Brakefield, Linzy K.; White, Jeremy T.; Houston, Natalie A.; Thomas, Jonathan V.


    In 2010, the U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the San Antonio Water System, began a study to assess the brackish-water movement within the Edwards aquifer (more specifically the potential for brackish-water encroachment into wells near the interface between the freshwater and brackish-water transition zones, referred to in this report as the transition-zone interface) and effects on spring discharge at Comal and San Marcos Springs under drought conditions using a numerical model. The quantitative targets of this study are to predict the effects of higher-than-average groundwater withdrawals from wells and drought-of-record rainfall conditions of 1950–56 on (1) dissolved-solids concentration changes at production wells near the transition-zone interface, (2) total spring discharge at Comal and San Marcos Springs, and (3) the groundwater head (head) at Bexar County index well J-17. The predictions of interest, and the parameters implemented into the model, were evaluated to quantify their uncertainty so the results of the predictions could be presented in terms of a 95-percent credible interval.

  18. Simulations of groundwater flow and particle-tracking analysis in the zone of contribution to a public-supply well in San Antonio, Texas (United States)

    Lindgren, Richard L.; Houston, Natalie A.; Musgrove, MaryLynn; Fahlquist, Lynne S.; Kauffman, Leon J.


    In 2006, a public-supply well in San Antonio, Texas, was selected for intensive study to assess the vulnerability of public-supply wells in the Edwards aquifer to contamination by a variety of compounds. A local-scale, steady-state, three-dimensional numerical groundwater-flow model was developed and used in this study to evaluate the movement of water and solutes from recharge areas to the selected public-supply well. Particle tracking was used to compute flow paths and advective traveltimes throughout the model area and to delineate the areas contributing recharge and zone of contribution for the selected public-supply well.

  19. Building America Case Study: Occupant Comfort from a Mini-Split Heat Pump, San Antonio, Texas

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    IBACOS worked with builder Imagine Homes to evaluate the performance of an occupied new construction test house following construction of the house in the hot, humid climate of San Antonio, Texas. The project measures the effectiveness of a space conditioning strategy using a multihead mini-split heat pump (MSHP) system in a reduced-load home to achieve acceptable comfort levels (temperature and humidity) and energy performance. IBACOS collected long-term data and analyzed the energy consumption and comfort conditions of the occupied house after one year of operation. Although measured results indicate that the test system provides comfort both inside and outside the ASHRAE Standard 55-2010 range, the occupants of the house claimed both adequate comfort and appreciation of the ease of use and flexibility of the installed MSHP system. IBACOS also assisted the builder to evaluate design and specification changes necessary to comply with Zero Energy Ready Home, but the builder chose to not move forward with it because of concerns about the 'solar ready' requirements of the program.

  20. ¿“Tierra de Gauchos” o “Gaucholandia”? Autenticidad en San Antonio de Areco (Argentina.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cecilia Pérez Winter


    Full Text Available En este artículo proponemos analizar cómo la autenticidad es definida por diversos sujetos que se involucran en los procesos de valorización patrimonial y turística de una ciudad. En particular, cómo esa cualidad es disputada, discursiva y materialmente, a través del tiempo. Sostenemos que el discurso, o la idea de, autenticidad puede ser implementada por diferentes sectores de una comunidad, ya sea como un forma de legitimar/deslegitimar proyectos turísticos ‑patrimoniales, o para controlar la activación de los “patrimonios/atractivos”. Proponemos como estudio de caso la ciudad de San Antonio de Areco, localizada en la provincia de Buenos Aires ‑Argentina. Allí nos interesar indagar estos temas, a partir de examinar las tensiones que emergen entre las representaciones identitarias y la lógica turística/comercial, al mercantilizar elementos significativos asociados a la activación de un tipo de tradición y de gaucho.

  1. Antonio Mollari fra Canova e Valadier / Antonio Mollari between Canova and Valadier

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elisa Debenedetti


    Full Text Available Non è difficile inserire Antonio Mollari in un contesto europeo. Ad Antonio Canova lo lega una prima, importantissima lettera del 4 maggio 1807 nella quale, in seguito ad un invito trasmessogli dallo scultore, ma di cui è responsabile Filippo III Colonna, enumera tutte le sue opere; la seconda risale al 25 febbraio 1809. Dalla prima missiva si riescono a stabilire numerosi contatti con Giuseppe Valadier: a Corridonia (Collegiata dei Santi Pietro, Paolo e Donato; Ospedale e Chiesa di San Salvatore e a Macerata (Palazzo Conti già Ugolini. Tanto da giungere a considerare Mollari come il continuatore del Valadier nei cantieri marchigiani, dove la presenza del Maestro si manifesta come una sovrapposizione di motivi francesizzanti a soluzioni palladiane: componenti entrambe presenti nel Palazzo Tomassini a Corridonia, ricondotto al Maceratese. Fra l’altro le pagine di due Taccuini valadieriani, certo a lui note, si possono considerare a metà strada fra l’esercizio tipologico ed il modello. It’s not difficult to insert Antonio Mollari into a European context. A first very important letter, dated May 4th 1807, links him to Antonio Canova whereby, after inviting him, by wish of Phillip Colonna III , he then makes a list of all his works of art; the second is dated February 25th 1809. Various contacts with Giuseppe Valadier can be established from the first letter: in Corridonia (Saints Peter, Paul and Donato Collegiate church; St. Saviour’s Hospital and Church and in Macerata (Conti Palace ex Ugolini. So much so as to regard Mollari as Valadier’s continuator in the Marche construction sites, where the Maestro’s presence is expressed like a superimposition of Frenchified motives for Palladian solutions: both components being present in the Tomassini Palace in Corridonia, which can be traced back to Mollari. Moreover the pages of two Valdier Notebooks, which he must have known about, can be considered half way between a typological exercise

  2. Abetti, Antonio (1846-1928) and Abetti, Giorgio (1882-1982) (United States)

    Murdin, P.


    Antonio was born in San Pietro di Gorizia, Italy. A civil engineer, he turned to astronomy and became director of the observatory in Arcetri and professor of astronomy at the University of Florence. His main interest was positional astronomy, observation of minor planets, comets and star occultations. In 1874 he observed the transit of Venus across the Sun's disk through a spectroscope. His son, ...

  3. 33 CFR 110.74c - Bahia de San Juan, PR. (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Bahia de San Juan, PR. 110.74c Section 110.74c Navigation and Navigable Waters COAST GUARD, DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY ANCHORAGES ANCHORAGE REGULATIONS Special Anchorage Areas § 110.74c Bahia de San Juan, PR. The waters of San Antonio...

  4. 40 CFR 52.2285 - Control of evaporative losses from the filling of gasoline storage vessels in the Houston and San... (United States)


    ... 40 Protection of Environment 4 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Control of evaporative losses from the filling of gasoline storage vessels in the Houston and San Antonio areas. 52.2285 Section 52.2285... of gasoline storage vessels in the Houston and San Antonio areas. (a) Definitions: (1) Gasoline means...

  5. Geochemistry of the thermal springs from San Antonio El Bravo zone, Chihuahua, Mexico; Geoquimica de manantiales termales de la zona de San Antonio El Bravo, Chihuahua, Mexico

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tello Hinojosa, Enrique [Gerencia de Proyectos Geotermoelectricos de la Comision Federal de Electricidad, Morelia (Mexico)


    Isotopic and chemical analysis o water produced by 14 springs in the San Antonio El Bravo, Chihuahua, Mexico geothermal area, were carried out in order to establish the geochemical characteristics of the groundwater and to know their interaction with deeper geothermal fluids. We made two samplings of water and gases in 1984 and 1995. The chemical composition of waters produced by the springs in of sodium-bicarbonate-chloride type. It was found, according to the Na:K:Mg relative content, that most hot springs are located in the partial equilibrium zone, whereas the lowest temperature hot springs shift toward the groundwaters domain. The temperature estimated from gas geothermometry was 129 degrees celsius. The isotopic composition at Ojo Caliente and Infiernito springs presents enrichment in {delta}{sup 18}O, product rock-water interaction at high temperature. The Agua Roque spring is located in the line of meteoric waters. Analysis of metals was carried out too, the concentration of gold element is 0.09 mg/l in Ojo Caliente and Infiernito springs, whereas silver, aluminum and iron elements were not detected. The water quality of the springs for agricultural use, is classified between C2-S1, C3-S1, C3- S2, C4-S3 and C4-S4 types, that suggests that only the water from Agua Roque can be used for irrigation. The arsenic element was not detected but the concentration of the boron element is high for irrigation use (2.39 ppm). [Espanol] Los analisis quimicos e isotopicos de agua de 14 manantiales de la zona de San Antonio El Bravo. Chihuahua, Mexico, fueron realizados con el fin de conocer las caracteristicas geoquimicas del acuifero somero y su interaccion con fluidos geotermicos. Se realizaron 2 muestreos tanto de agua como de gases en 1984 y 1995. En ambos muestreos se encontro que la composicion quimica del agua de todos los manantiales es del tipo bicarbonatado-clorurado-sodico. De acuerdo con el contenido relativo de Na:K:Mg el agua de los manantiales mas calientes

  6. Regional scale flood modeling using NEXRAD rainfall, GIS, and HEC-HMS/RAS: a case study for the San Antonio River Basin Summer 2002 storm event. (United States)

    Knebl, M R; Yang, Z-L; Hutchison, K; Maidment, D R


    This paper develops a framework for regional scale flood modeling that integrates NEXRAD Level III rainfall, GIS, and a hydrological model (HEC-HMS/RAS). The San Antonio River Basin (about 4000 square miles, 10,000 km2) in Central Texas, USA, is the domain of the study because it is a region subject to frequent occurrences of severe flash flooding. A major flood in the summer of 2002 is chosen as a case to examine the modeling framework. The model consists of a rainfall-runoff model (HEC-HMS) that converts precipitation excess to overland flow and channel runoff, as well as a hydraulic model (HEC-RAS) that models unsteady state flow through the river channel network based on the HEC-HMS-derived hydrographs. HEC-HMS is run on a 4 x 4 km grid in the domain, a resolution consistent with the resolution of NEXRAD rainfall taken from the local river authority. Watershed parameters are calibrated manually to produce a good simulation of discharge at 12 subbasins. With the calibrated discharge, HEC-RAS is capable of producing floodplain polygons that are comparable to the satellite imagery. The modeling framework presented in this study incorporates a portion of the recently developed GIS tool named Map to Map that has been created on a local scale and extends it to a regional scale. The results of this research will benefit future modeling efforts by providing a tool for hydrological forecasts of flooding on a regional scale. While designed for the San Antonio River Basin, this regional scale model may be used as a prototype for model applications in other areas of the country.

  7. Cuadros de Juan del Castillo y Antonio del Castillo en el Ermitage

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kagané, L.


    Full Text Available Juan del Castillo y Antonio del Castillo son dos pintores que trabajaron en Andalucía. Hace algún tiempo se consideraba que Antonio era el sobrino de Juan, actualmente es sabido que no es así, aunque no se excluye que fuesen parientes. Al ingresar los cuadros de estos pintores en el Ermitage tuvo lugar una confusión debida al parecido de sus apellidos y las obras de uno de ellos se atribuían en los inventarios al otro. Así ocurrió con el pequeño cuadro Visitación (Fig. 1. Fue adquirido en 1834 a Juan Miguel Páez de la Cadena, embajador de España en San Petersburgo, e incluido en el catálogo manuscrito del museo sin haber indicado el nombre. En el Livret y en todos los posteriores catálogos del Ermitage de antes de la revolución, el cuadro fue asignado bajo el nombre de Antonio del Castillo…

  8. Antonio Mollari, un problema di comunicazione / Antonio Mollari, a communication problem

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gianfranco Berchiesi


    Full Text Available La riscoperta della figura di Antonio Mollari, in seguito al ritrovamento presso il Comune di Petriolo di cinque sue tavole acquerellate, ebbe inizio con la mostra del 2006, nella quale l’esposizione di alcune delle più interessanti tavole conservate a Trieste, Foligno e Macerata e una conferenza del Prof. Cruciani Fabozzi, seguita dalla storia della famiglia Mollari ad opera dell’Ing. Carratù, delinearono un primo “ritratto” della personalità di Antonio Mollari. Da quella data è poi maturata l’idea di indagare in maniera più adeguata la sua attività, giungendo al Convegno tenuto all’Abbadia di Fiastra nel 2013. L’autore mette in evidenza come la figura di Antonio Mollari, al di là del giudizio tecnico che possono esprimere i relatori che si sono succeduti nel Convegno, ha un problema legato alla comunicazione. Chi era Mollari e come potrebbe essere adeguatamente presentato in una riunione di persone non addette ai lavori? Era architetto, ingegnere, tecnico? Oppure, alla bisogna, era l’una o l’altra di queste figure? In this report it is narrated that in 2006 the figure of Antonio Mollari was reproposed, after the discovery of five watercolor maps at the municipality of Petriolo, by means of a small exhibition to which Prof. Cruciani Fabozzi gave the right approach. From that date an interest in the idea of a more appropriate and extensive discussion on Antonio Mollari is later gained, reaching the Conference held in the Abbey of Fiastra in 2013. The author highlights how the figure of Antonio Mollari has a problem with the communication, beyond the technical opinion, expressed by the speakers that have taken place in the conference. Who was Mollari and how could he be adequately presented at a meeting of persons not qualified in this matter? It was Architect or Engineer? Or, as needed, was the one or the other of these figures?

  9. Assessing the vulnerability of public-supply wells to contamination—Edwards aquifer near San Antonio, Texas (United States)

    Jagucki, Martha L.; Musgrove, MaryLynn; Lindgren, Richard J.; Fahlquist, Lynne; Eberts, Sandra M.


    This fact sheet highlights findings from the vulnerability study of a public-supply well field in San Antonio, Texas. The well field consists of six production wells that tap the Edwards aquifer. Typically, one or two wells are pumped at a time, yielding an average total of 20-21 million gallons per day. Water samples were collected from public-supply wells in the well field and from monitoring wells installed along general directions of flow to the well field. Samples from the well field contained some constituents of concern for drinking-water quality, including nitrate; the pesticide compounds atrazine, deethylatrazine, and simazine; and the volatile organic compounds tetrachloroethene (also called perchloroethene, or PCE), chloroform, bromoform, and dibromochloromethane. These constituents were detected in untreated water at concentrations much less than established drinking-water standards, where such standards exist. Overall, the study findings point to four primary factors that affect the movement and fate of contaminants and the vulnerability of the public-supply well field in San Antonio, Texas: (1) groundwater age (how long ago water entered, or recharged, the aquifer), (2) fast pathways for flow of groundwater through features formed or enlarged by dissolution of bedrock, (3) recharge characteristics of the aquifer, and (4) natural geochemical processes within the aquifer. A computer-model simulation of groundwater flow and transport was used to estimate the traveltime (or age) of water particles entering public-supply well W4 in the well field. Modeled findings show that almost half of the water reaching the public-supply well is less than 2 years old. Such a large percentage of very young water indicates that (1) contaminants entering the aquifer may be transported rapidly to the well, (2) there is limited time for chemical reactions to occur in the aquifer that may attenuate contaminants, and (3) should recharge water become contaminated with

  10. Annual compilation and analysis of hydrologic data for urban studies in the Bryan, Texas, metropolitan area, 1969 (United States)

    Robbins, W.D.


    Hydrologic investigations of urban areas in Texas were begun by the U.S. Geological Survey in 1954. These studies are now in progress in Austin, Houston, Dallas, Dallas County, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Bryan. Hydrologic investigations of urban areas in Texas were begun by the U.S. Geological Survey in 1954. These studies are now in progress in Austin, Houston, Dallas, Dallas County, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Bryan. 1. To determine, on the basis of historical data and hydrologic analyses, the magnitude and frequency of floods. 2. To document and define the areal extent of floods of greater than ordinary magnitude. 3. To determine the effect of urban development on flood peaks and volume. 4. To provide applied research facilities for studies at Texas A & M University at College Stations. This report, the first in a series of reports to be published annually, is primarily applicable to objectives 2, 3, and 4. The report presents the basic hydrologic data collected in two study areas during the 1969 water year (October 1, 1968, to September 30, 1969) and basic hydrologic data collected during part of the 1968 water year (April 5, 1968, to September 30, 1968). The locations of the two basins within the study area, Burton Creek and Hudson Creek, are shown on figure 1.

  11. Calidad de los Servicios Académicos y Administrativos de la Facultad de Ciencias Sociales de la Universidad Nacional de San Antonio Abad del Cusco, Según la Percepción del Personal docente y estudiantes, Año 2015


    Vargas Béjar, Juan Fernando


    La calidad de los servicios académicos y administrativos de la Facultad de Ciencias Sociales de la Universidad Nacional de San Antonio Abad del Cusco (UNSAAC), es un tema que será visto desde el enfoque de los docentes y estudiantes quienes brindan la información necesaria para poder comprender la estructura de dichos servicios y si éstos son utilizados coherentemente. Las actividades dentro de la mencionada Facultad, representan el ámbito académico y administrativo para el adecuado desemp...

  12. Making lemonade from lemons: a case study on loss of space at the Dolph Briscoe, Jr. Library, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. (United States)

    Tobia, Rajia C; Feldman, Jonquil D


    The setting for this case study is the Dolph Briscoe, Jr. Library, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, a health sciences campus with medical, dental, nursing, health professions, and graduate schools. During 2008-2009, major renovations to the library building were completed including office space for a faculty development department, multipurpose classrooms, a 24/7 study area, study rooms, library staff office space, and an information commons. The impetus for changes to the library building was the decreasing need to house collections in an increasingly electronic environment, the need for office space for other departments, and growth of the student body. About 40% of the library building was remodeled or repurposed, with a loss of approximately 25% of the library's original space. Campus administration proposed changes to the library building, and librarians worked with administration, architects, and construction managers to seek renovation solutions that meshed with the library's educational mission.

  13. Work to diminish the danger of forest fires in the municipalities San Antonio del Sur and Imías, Guantánamo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Edelmys Perez Pereda


    Full Text Available The research was carried out in the forest patrimony in San Antonio and Imías municipality in the province of Guantánamo, with the aim to propose actions to diminish the occurrence and propagation of the forest fires in the municipalities objects of study. For this, the temporal distribution of fires and burned areas, in the period 2006-2015, through the year, the week and the day was taken into account and also the causes that povoque the fires. With these elements, the activities to be carried out to reduce the occurrence and propagation of forest fires were planned. The data were obtained in the fire reports of the CGB of Guantánamo province. Among the significant results train, the recent years the number of fire events has increased, most of them occur between march and may; usually from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm and the weekend is where there is the greatest risk of occurrence. The general cause that provoque the greatest number of fires is negligence. Therefore, it is necessary to implement an adequate protection plan against fire making great emphasis on the prevention of fires provoqued by humans and to take measures to modify the structure and composition of the combustible material.

  14. Annual Historical Report - AMEDD Activities (United States)


    47) and 2 (age 33) were considerably more obese than subject 3 (age 36), subjects 1 and 2 exhibited more intense flushing and greater core temperature... Malaysia , 27 Jan 88. Askew, E.W. New operational ration development in the United States. Commonwealth Defense Science Organization Conference...Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia , 27 Jan 88. Askew, E.W. Nutrient requirements for a high stress environment. Research Development Associates Meeting. San Antonio

  15. U.S. Geological Survey Karst Interest Group Proceedings, San Antonio, Texas, May 16–18, 2017 (United States)

    Kuniansky, Eve L.; Spangler, Lawrence E.


    Buffalo National River in the southern Ozarks, and a keynote presentation on paleokarst in the United States was delivered by Art and Peggy Palmer. The sixth KIG workshop was hosted by the National Cave and Karst Research Institute (NCKRI) in 2014, in Carlsbad, New Mexico. George Veni, Director of the NCKRI, served as a co-chair of the workshop with Eve Kuniansky of the USGS. The workshop featured speaker Dr. Penelope Boston, Director of Cave and Karst Studies at New Mexico Tech, Socorro, and Academic Director at the NCKRI, who addressed the future of karst research. The field trip on evaporite karst of the lower Pecos Valley was led by Lewis Land (NCKRI karst hydrologist), and the field trip on the geology of Carlsbad Caverns National Park was led by George Veni.This current seventh KIG workshop is being held in San Antonio at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). This 2017 workshop is being hosted by the Department of Geological Sciences’ Student Geological Society (SGS), and student chapters of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) and Association of Engineering Geologists (AEG), with support by the UTSA Department of Geological Sciences and Center for Water Research. The UTSA student chapter presidents, Jose Silvestre (SGS), John Cooper (AAPG), and Tyler Mead (AEG) serve as co-chairs of the 2017 workshop with Eve Kuniansky of the USGS. The technical session committee is chaired by Eve Kuniansky, USGS, and includes Michael Bradley, Tom Byl, Rebecca Lambert, John Lane, and James Kaufmann, all USGS, and Patrick Tucci, retired USGS. The logistics committee includes Amy Clark, Yongli Gao, and Lance Lambert (Department Chair), UTSA Department of Geological Sciences; and Ryan Banta and Allan Clark, USGS, San Antonio, Texas. The field trip committee is chaired by Allan Clark and includes Amy Clark, Yongli Gao, and Keith Muehlestein, UTSA; Marcus Gary, Edwards Aquifer Authority and University of Texas at Austin; Ron Green, Southwest Research

  16. Antonio Caldara v kontextu své doby

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Jonášová, Milada


    Roč. 24, č. 11 (2016), s. 36-37 ISSN 1210-9525. [Antonio Caldara im Kontext seiner Zeit. Český Krumlov, 17.09.2016-18.09.2016] Institutional support: RVO:68378076 Keywords : Antonio Caldara * conference * Český Krumlov * opera performance Subject RIV: AL - Art, Architecture, Cultural Heritage

  17. Pietro Antonio Tomasello de Padua : un ingeniero militar véneto en la Sicilia de Carlos V

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maurizio Vesco


    Full Text Available En 1522 el virrey de Sicilia, Ettore Pignatelli, conde de Monteleone, inició una gran campaña para fortalecer las defensas de las principales ciudades de la costa de Sicilia: Palermo, Trapani, Milazzo, Siracusa y, algunos años más tarde, incluso Messina. El ingeniero real Pietro Antonio Tomasello de Padua, un técnico militar Veneto, pidió renovar el sistema de defensas de la isla, con la introducción por primera vez de bastiones circulares y poligonales en fortalezas y murallas de la ciudad. La obra, desconocida hasta ahora, de este importante ingeniero militar activo en Sicilia desde 1523 hasta 1537, año de su muerte, está siendo reconstruida con una importante documentación de archivo. La investigación destaca líneas de continuidad en la estrategia de guerra de Carlos V, lanzada en Sicilia desde la época del virrey Conde de Monteleone. En consecuencia, se hace necesario revisar este extraordinario carácter general dado por los historiadores de la política militar de Ferrante Gonzaga. También hay que revisar la actualización y la autoría de muchas de las fortificaciones más importantes de Sicilia: el fuerte de San Salvador de Messina, anteriormente atribuido a Antonio Ferramolino de Bérgamo, las fortificaciones de defensa y escarpes del castillo de Milazzo y la torre circular de Castellammare de Palermo (estos últimos fechados en la segunda mitad del siglo XV, todas las obras son de Pietro Antonio Tomasello, realizadas en el segundo cuarto del siglo XVI.In 1522 the Viceroy of Sicily Ettore Pignatelli, Count of Monteleone, started a significant campaign for the strengthening of the outworks of the main cities located along the Sicilian coast: Palermo, Trapani, Milazzo, Siracusa and, after a few years, also Messina. The Royal Engineer Pietro Antonio Tomasello from Padua, a military technician from the Veneto region, was charged with renovating the island’s defensive system and introducing for the first time modern circular

  18. Aplicación de canciones infantiles y su influencia en el aprendizaje del vocabulario del idioma francés en los niños del nivel inicial de la Institución Educativa San Antonio de Padua, Chosica - Lima 2016


    Gómez Hermoza, Cecilia del Pilar


    Aplica las canciones infantiles en el aprendizaje del vocabulario del idioma francés en los niños del nivel inicial de la Institución Educativa San Antonio de Padua Chosica - Lima 2016. Se realiza un estudio cuasi experimental en el cual participan dos grupos, uno de 24 niños de 5 años del aula “A”, que constituyó el grupo de control y el otro, con 24 niños de 5 años del aula “B”, que conformó el cuasi experimental; se utilizan estrategias para el aprendizaje práctico asistido por la profesor...

  19. Current Topics and Trends in Military Dental Research: A Tri-Service Panel Discussion (United States)


    Tri- Service Panel Discussion presented at/published to SURF 2016 (San Antonio Military Health System & Universities Research Forum), UT San Antonio...meting.) SURF 2016 (San Antonio Mili tary Health System & U niversities Research Forum), UT San Antonio, TX; 20 May 2016 D 11e. OTHER (Describe...if you are a Graduate Health Sciences Education student and your department has told you they cannot fund your publication, the 59th Clinical Research

  20. Coal exploration in the Alto San Jorge area, Cordoba Department. Exploracion de carbones en el Ato San Jorge, Departamento de Cordoba

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ospina, L H; Oquendo, G G [Geominas Ltda, Medellin (Colombia)


    A Mining Feasibility Study in the Area of Alto San Jorge, Department of Cordoba, Colombia, was commissioned by CARBOCOL S.A. to the Consortium Geominas-NACI. An area of 800 Ka2 was explored to define surface mining possibilities within two subareas referred to as Alto San Jorge and San Pedro Ure. Rocks of Cretaceous, Tertiary and Quaternary age crop out in the zone. In the subarea Alto San Jorge the principal structure is a syncline with a south-north direction. The San Pedro Ure subarea is formed by undulations with flanks of low dip, the most important being the San Antonio Syncline because it contains the mining block. The geological study of the surface demonstrated the existence of coal in the Oligocene Cienaga de Oro Formation and the Niocene Cerrito Formation, with potential resources of 6.3 billion tons. The subsequent exploration of the subsoil, with 20.618 m of drilling, permitted determination of demonstrated reserves in the order of 2.9 billion tons within two areas. In the sector selected for the mine plan, in the area of San Pedro-Puerto Libertador, 7.791 m of drilling was accomplished to define a demonstrated reserve of 515 million tons of coal down to a depth of 200. The combustible type coal has 5.000 cal/g. Complete mining schedules were developed at the prefeasibility level for two surface mines with productions of 1.5 MMTY and 4 MMTY. 9 figs., 3 tabs., 28 refs.

  1. Antonio Lupi maailm

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Vannitoa mööbli, peeglite, vannide, kraanikausside ja aksessuaaride valmistamisele spetsialiseerunud Antonio Lupi tehasest Itaalias. Koostööd tehakse itaalia disaineritega, nagu Carlo Colombo, Mauro Carlesi, Nevio Tellatin, Anne ja Patrick Poirier. Eestis saab tootenäidistega tutvuda salongis Gerhard Vannitoad (Maakri 19/21, Tallinn)

  2. Performance of the Defense Acquisition System, 2016 Annual Report (United States)


    reversing the trend . However, competition rates declined again in FY 2015 despite an increased goal and strong management emphasis by the DAE through; industrial and contract property management ; information technology; life-cycle logistics ; production, quality, and manufacturing; program...Helicopter Army LONGBOW HELLFIRE Longbow Apache Precision Strike Missile System Army LMP Logistics Modernization Program Army LPD 17 San Antonio

  3. Antonio Porta and Seventeenth-Century Central European Architecture

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Krummholz, Martin

    -, 0118 (2015), s. 1-24 ISSN 2190-3328 Institutional support: RVO:68378033 Keywords : Antonio Porta * Francesco Caratti * J. B. Mathey * architecture * palace * chateau * Vienna * Turin * F. Luchese * G. P. Tencalla * Roudnice nad Labem Subject RIV: AL - Art, Architecture , Cultural Heritage

  4. 1993 Annual Report: San Francisco estuary regional monitoring program for trace substances (United States)

    Thompson, B.; Lacy, Jessica; Hardin, Dane; Grovhaug, Tom; Taberski, K.; Jassby, Alan D.; Cloern, James E.; Caffrey, J.; Cole, B.; Schoellhamer, David H.


    This first annual report of the San Francisco Estuary Regional Monitoring Program contains the results of monitoring measurements made in 1993. Measurements of conventional water quality parameters and trace contaminant concentrations were made at 16 stations throughout the Estuary three times during the year: the wet period (March), during declining Delta outflow (May), and during the dry period (September). Water toxicity tests were conducted at 8 of those stations. Measurements of sediment quality and contaminant concentrations were made at the same 16 stations during the wet and dry sampling periods. Sediment toxicity was measured at 8 of those stations. Transplanted, bagged bivalve bioaccumulation and condition was measured at 11 stations during the wet and dry sampling periods.

  5. 75 FR 59989 - Final Flood Elevation Determinations (United States)


    ... Road. Caracol Creek Approximately 600 feet +770 City of San Antonio. upstream of the confluence with... Stage Road. Leon Creek Tributary M Approximately 1,300 feet +1,202 City of San Antonio. downstream of... Northwest Loop 1604. Unnamed Tributary 5 to Caracol......... Approximately 900 feet +828 City of San Antonio...

  6. Mecenazgo religioso y estrategias familiares en la Segovia del siglo XV: Diego Árias de Ávila y el Hospital de San Antonio

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rábade Obradó, María del Pilar


    Full Text Available The present work studies the foundation of Saint Anthony´s hospital of Segovia during the XVth century. The foundation was an initiative of Diego Arias de Ávila, one of the most influential personalities of the reign of Henry IV of Castila. The foundation was determined on very varied reasons, not only charitative and religious reasons. Among these reasons, the use of the hospital as an instrument of the family strategies. These family strategies tried to hidden the hebrew origins of the lineage. They also tried to guarantee the perennity of the lineage, and to leave an endurable memory behind. Lasdy, these family strategies tried to consolidate the domination that the lineage had on Segovia.

    El presente trabajo estudia la fundación del hospital de San Antonio de Segovia en el siglo XV. La fundación fue una iniciativa de Diego Arias de Ávila, uno de los personajes más influyentes durante el reinado de Enrique IV de Castilla. La fundación estuvo determinada por motivaciones muy diversas, no sólo caritativas y religiosas. Entre ellas, el uso del hospital como instrumento de las estrategias familiares. Esas estrategias familiares pretendían ocultar los orígenes judíos del linaje, garantizar su perennidad, dejar una memoria perdurable del mismo, y, finalmente, consolidar la dominación que el linaje ejercía sobre Segovia.

  7. A Sacrificial Lam: A Divided School Board, a Beleaguered Superintendent, and an Urgent Need to Improve Student Achievement (United States)

    Fossey, Richard


    This case describes the confrontational relationship between four trustees on the San Antonio School Board and the San Antonio School District's superintendent Diana Lam, a nationally recognized school reformer, who came to San Antonio in 1994. The case includes a dramatic board meeting where a closely divided board meets to buy out Lam's…

  8. Entrevista com Antonio Candido

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pontes Heloisa


    Full Text Available Concedida em agosto de 1987, revista pelo autor em julho de 2001, esta entrevista aborda dimensões relevantes da trajetória intelectual de Antonio Candido. Por meio do rastreamento do impacto da revolução de 1930 na cultura brasileira e do papel decisivo que a fundação da Faculdade de Filosofia da Universidade de São Paulo teve na implantação de um novo padrão de trabalho intelectual, Antonio Candido arma o contexto necessário para entendermos os desafios culturais e políticos perseguidos por ele e por figuras de ponta de sua geração, como Florestan Fernandes e vários dos integrantes do Grupo Clima. O resultado é uma imagem vívida e palpitante do caldo de cultura que permeou o processo de institucionalização das Ciências Sociais em São Paulo.

  9. San Marino. (United States)


    San Marino, an independent republic located in north central Italy, in 1983 had a population of 22,206 growing at an annual rate of .9%. The literacy rate is 97% and the infant mortality rate is 9.6/1000. The terrain is mountainous and the climate is moderate. According to local tradition, San Marino was founded by a Christian stonecutter in the 4th century A.D. as a refuge against religious persecution. Its recorded history began in the 9th century, and it has survived assaults on its independence by the papacy, the Malatesta lords of Rimini, Cesare Borgia, Napoleon, and Mussolini. An 1862 treaty with the newly formed Kingdom of Italy has been periodically renewed and amended. The present government is an alliance between the socialists and communists. San Marino has had its own statutes and governmental institutions since the 11th century. Legislative authority at present is vested in a 60-member unicameral parliament. Executive authority is exercised by the 11-member Congress of State, the members of which head the various administrative departments of the goverment. The posts are divided among the parties which form the coalition government. Judicial authority is partly exercised by Italian magistrates in civil and criminal cases. San Marino's policies are tied to Italy's and political organizations and labor unions active in Italy are also active in San Marino. Since World War II, there has been intense rivalry between 2 political coalitions, the Popular Alliance composed of the Christian Democratic Party and the Independent Social Democratic Party, and the Liberty Committee, coalition of the Communist Party and the Socialist Party. San Marino's gross domestic product was $137 million and its per capita income was $6290 in 1980. The principal economic activities are farming and livestock raising, along with some light manufacturing. Foreign transactions are dominated by tourism. The government derives most of its revenue from the sale of postage stamps to

  10. ANTONIO LAMELA - beyond innovation In Memory

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    P. Cassinello


    Full Text Available Spanish architecture is in mourning. One of its most beloved referents, Antonio Lamela passed away on April 1, 2017. He has left us an extensive and polyhedral legacy that continues to live in the urban fabric of our cities, in the pages of his books, and in the model of thought and action, which presided over by the effort and the desire to innovate, led him to reach the highest levels of our profession. A model with which he founded his office in 1954 and which today, directed for many years by his son Carlos Lamela, has a relevant international representation having carried out projects in 32 countries. Beyond the formal and technological innovation of his buildings, in the 1950s Antonio Lamela established in Spain companies such as Prebetong and Shokbeton to modernize Spanish construction, actively intervening in the necessary expansion of “Caja de Elementos of Construction” demanded by Le Corbusier since the twenties. Changing his perspective, Antonio Lamela has also bequeathed us his pioneering reflections on the proper management of natural resources and the necessary sustainability of the architecture of our planet within the cosmos in which it lives. He will always be an unavoidable model for future generations.

  11. Bilimsel Toplantı Duyuruları


    Adli Tıp Uzmanları Derneği ATUD


    57th American Academy of Forensic Science Annual Meeting February 21-26 2005. New Orleans, Louisiana, TX, USA. Further Information: Nancy J. Jackson, Director of Administration AAFS, P.O. Box 669, Colorado Springs, CO 80901-0669, USA. Phone: 1-719-6361100; Fax:1-719-6361993 94th Annual Meeting United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology February 26-March 4, 2005. San Antonio, TX, USA Further information: United States andCanadianAcademy of Pathology, 3643Wa...

  12. En el entierro de Antonio Ucrós Cuéllar.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zoilo Cuéllar-Montoya


    Hoy el destino pone en mis labios el adiós definitivo a quien más que tío, fue un gran amigo, colega y profesor y me corresponde hacerlo a título personal y a nombre de la Academia Nacional de Medicina de Colombia, de la cual fue Antonio, su ilustre Miembro de Número. Quiero pintar con las palabras, para que permanezca en nuestros corazones, la figura señera de Antonio; su sonrisa abierta y franca; su forma de ser, directo, concreto y, ciertamente, incondicional en el afecto y la amistad; fue vertical en sus conceptos éticos e intachable en su vida, tanto en la profesional como en la privada. Se destacó, indiscutiblemente, como brillante profesional de la endocrinología, dentro de la cual fue pionero en la subespecialidad pediátrica. Brilló como docente, pues fue indiscutible maestro de su ciencia, cofundador de la Facultad de Medicina del Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario, como Miembro de Número que era de la Sociedad de Cirugía de Bogotá y del Cuerpo facultativo del Hospital de San José, Facultad de la cual ocupó la Decanatura. Pero fue, sobre todo, consecuencia lógica de su bonhomía, verdadero honor a su estirpe, un incansable apóstol de su profesión: son incontables los menesterosos de salud para el cuerpo y para el alma que, en el curso de su valiosa vida, en su consultorio particular, en los vetustos pabellones de los hospitales que frecuentó, en su casa de campo o aún en la de Bogotá, recibieron de él una generosa y desinteresada ayuda, material y espiritual...

  13. Regulation of EGF and Prostaglandin Expression during Neonatal Gastrointestinal Injury in a Non-Human Primate Explant Model (United States)


    Neonatal Gastrointestinal Injury in a Non-Human Primate Explant Model presented at/published to Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting, San Francisco CA...Medical Center, San Antonio, Texas’ 2Department of Biology, Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas’ JDepartment of Pediatrics /Division of Neonatology

  14. DoD Global Emerging Infections System Annual Report, Fiscal Year 2001 (United States)


    Singapore Brunei Kenya South Korea Bolivia Laos Suriname Cambodia Malaysia Syria Canada Mexico Trinidad and Tobago Djibouti Myanmar Thailand Ecuador Nepal...34 Varicella Susceptibility And Vaccine Use In Young Adults Enlisting In The U.S. Navy." Shah KV, Daniel RW, Tennant MK, Shah N, McKee KT, Jr, Gaydos...Symposium, 17-20 April 2001, San Antonio, TX. Ryan MAK, Smith TC, Honner WK, Gray GC. " Varicella Susceptibility And Vaccine Use In Young Adults

  15. Reflections on Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri’s Book “Assembly”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christian Fuchs


    Full Text Available This contribution presents reflections on Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri’s book “Assembly” (2017, Oxford: Oxford University Press, ISBN 978-0190677961. Keywords: assembly, Michael Hardt, Antonio Negri, multitude, common, entrepreneurship of the multitude, the new Prince, digital capitalism, digital assemblage, neoliberalism, finance

  16. 76 FR 58411 - Changes in Flood Elevation Determinations (United States)


    ..., Mayor, City of Antonio Express- San Antonio, P.O. Box News. 839966, San Antonio, TX 78283. Collin (FEMA.... Potter and Randall (FEMA City of Amarillo (10- August 20, 2010; The Honorable Debra August 13, 2010...- Amarillo, P.O. Box 1971, News. Amarillo, TX 79105. Rockwall (FEMA Docket No.: B- City of Rockwall (10...

  17. L'uomo inquieto. Identità e alterità nell'opera di Antonio Tabucchi

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lausten, Pia Schwarz

    Italiensk litteratur 1980-2000, Gianni Vattimo, Michail Bachtin, Identitetsproblematik i Antonio Tabucchis forfatterskab, subjektivitetsforståelse......Italiensk litteratur 1980-2000, Gianni Vattimo, Michail Bachtin, Identitetsproblematik i Antonio Tabucchis forfatterskab, subjektivitetsforståelse...

  18. US Army Institute of Surgical Research Annual Research Progress Report for Fiscal Year 1988 (United States)


    ANGIOTENSIN ANALOGUES ......................................... 273 Takeshi Shimazu, MD; Hisashi Ikeuchi, MD; Robert C. Allen, MD, PhD; Gene B. Hubbard, DVM...malnourished animals. Surgery 96:308-14, 1984. 14. Jaffe BM, LaRosa CA, and Kimura K: Prostaglandins and surgical diseases. Curr Prob Surg 25:679-706...SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS 78234-5012 1 October 1987 - 30 September 1988 INVESTIGATORS Takeshi Shimazu, MD Hisashi Ikeuchi, MD Robert C. Allen, MD, PhD Gene

  19. Antonio Ricci en Madrid: 1586-1635

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    García López, David


    Full Text Available Life of painter Antonio Ricci is studied by new documents from his arrived at Escorial with Federico Zuccari in 1586. Ricci worked in the Palace of Madrid and was involved in the birth of the Academy of Painting. Here are studied his work as Painter and Appraiser, or his portrait of Philip IV of Spain and his relationship with Jeronimo Gratti, Caballero de Gracia.

    Nuevas aportaciones documentales aclaran la vida del pintor Antonio Ricci en la Corte española desde su llegada a El Escorial junto a Federico Zuccari en 1586. Ricci trabajó como pintor en el entorno palaciego y estuvo involucrado desde el principio en el intento de creación de la Academia madrileña de pintores. Se detallan aquí su trabajo como tasador, su retrato del futuro Felipe IV o su cercana relación con un personaje tan singular como Jeronimo Gratti, el Caballero de Gracia.

  20. Antonio Lopez: Fashion, Art, Sex & Disco

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Langkjær, Michael Alexander


    Book review. Roger Padilha and his brother Mauricio may already be familiar to some as the New York-based fashion publicists, creators of the fashion public relations agency MAO PR, and as authors of The Stephen Sprouse Book (Rizzoli, 2009). Antonio Lopez: Fashion, Art, Sex & Disco, their second...

  1. Influencia de los patrones de uso actual de la tierra sobre la dinámica de la vegetación en el páramo de Rabanal, vereda San Antonio, municipio de Guachetá

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luis Miguel Borrás S.


    Full Text Available The patterns of current land use in the Rabanal paramo suggest a slow and progressive deterioration of the vegetation of this ecosystem, probably due to the current practice of disturbances imposed apparently largely by human causes, mainly the expansion of the agricultural frontier (mechanized potato crops and grazing. The typical situation of the pattern of occupation and land-holding in these places, as well as the established production system, is the starting point to determine its effect on this sector of the Rabanal paramo ecosystem and define whether or not this fact is crucial to its conservation and management.The study was conducted in three stages that included the characterization of the area done through surveys, a review of primary and secondary education, followed by field work, and final tabulation of information.The present study obtained results which were intended to contribute to the knowledge of current land use in a sector of the settlement of San Antonio - Township Guachetá, bordering the Rabanal Paramo and with this give the necessary foundation for understanding how anthropogenic intervention operates in the area and its implications for vegetation dynamics and knowledge of its production systems.

  2. The business and technical case for Continuous Commissioning(reg Trade Mark) for enhanced building operations. A case study: Alamo Community College District San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Verdict, Malcolm; Wei, Guanghua [Texas A and M Univ. System, College Station, TX (United States). Energy Systems Laboratory


    This paper provides both the business and technical cases for the 'Continuous Commissioning' of large [>25,000 square feet], buildings through a whole building diagnostic and HVAC optimization approach known as 'Continuous Commissioning'. 'Continuous Commissioning' is defined as the ongoing engineering process to resolve operating problems, improve comfort, optimize energy use and identify retrofits in existing buildings and central plant facilities. It is also known as 'building retro-commissioning' or 'building tune-up'. It involves a rigorous, whole-building, engineering evaluation of the heating and cooling systems to identify mechanical problems, inadequate or ineffective control strategies. Some of the most common problems are: 1) Improper calibration of sensors and metering, 2) inadequate control strategies for optimum operation and comfort, 3) incorrect scheduling of heating and cooling equipment, 4) lack of air and water-side economizer equipment, 5) inadequate building automation systems, and 6) inadequate operations and maintenance. The CC process, described in this paper, was successfully applied at Alamo Community College District (ACCD) in San Antonio, Texas, USA by the Energy Systems Laboratory (ESL), a part of the Texas A and M Univ. System. ACCD has multiple buildings on 4 campuses with total conditioned area of 2.35 Million square feet. ACCD's business approach was unique because the cost of conducting the CC process was financed as an Energy Cost Reduction Measure (ECRM) along with several energy efficiency retrofits.

  3. Water quality, streamflow conditions, and annual flow-duration curves for streams of the San Juan–Chama Project, southern Colorado and northern New Mexico, 1935-2010 (United States)

    Falk, Sarah E.; Anderholm, Scott K.; Hafich, Katya A.


    The Albuquerque–Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority supplements the municipal water supply for the Albuquerque metropolitan area, in central New Mexico, with water diverted from the Rio Grande. Water diverted from the Rio Grande for municipal use is derived from the San Juan–Chama Project, which delivers water from streams in the southern San Juan Mountains in the Colorado River Basin in southern Colorado to the Rio Chama watershed and the Rio Grande Basin in northern New Mexico. The U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with Albuquerque–Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority, has compiled historical streamflow and water-quality data and collected new water-quality data to characterize the water quality and streamflow conditions and annual flow variability, as characterized by annual flow-duration curves, of streams of the San Juan–Chama Project. Nonparametric statistical methods were applied to calculate annual and monthly summary statistics of streamflow, trends in streamflow conditions were evaluated with the Mann–Kendall trend test, and annual variation in streamflow conditions was evaluated with annual flow-duration curves. The study area is located in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado and includes the Rio Blanco, Little Navajo River, and Navajo River, tributaries of the San Juan River in the Colorado River Basin located in the southern San Juan Mountains, and Willow Creek and Horse Lake Creek, tributaries of the Rio Chama in the Rio Grande Basin. The quality of water in the streams in the study area generally varied by watershed on the basis of the underlying geology and the volume and source of the streamflow. Water from the Rio Blanco and Little Navajo River watersheds, primarily underlain by volcanic deposits, volcaniclastic sediments and landslide deposits derived from these materials, was compositionally similar and had low specific-conductance values relative to the other streams in the study area. Water from the Navajo River

  4. Geochemical evolution processes and water-quality observations based on results of the National Water-Quality Assessment Program in the San Antonio segment of the Edwards aquifer, 1996-2006 (United States)

    Musgrove, MaryLynn; Fahlquist, Lynne; Houston, Natalie A.; Lindgren, Richard J.; Ging, Patricia B.


    As part of the National Water-Quality Assessment Program, the U.S. Geological Survey collected and analyzed groundwater samples during 1996-2006 from the San Antonio segment of the Edwards aquifer of central Texas, a productive karst aquifer developed in Cretaceous-age carbonate rocks. These National Water-Quality Assessment Program studies provide an extensive dataset of groundwater geochemistry and water quality, consisting of 249 groundwater samples collected from 136 sites (wells and springs), including (1) wells completed in the shallow, unconfined, and urbanized part of the aquifer in the vicinity of San Antonio (shallow/urban unconfined category), (2) wells completed in the unconfined (outcrop area) part of the regional aquifer (unconfined category), and (3) wells completed in and springs discharging from the confined part of the regional aquifer (confined category). This report evaluates these data to assess geochemical evolution processes, including local- and regional-scale processes controlling groundwater geochemistry, and to make water-quality observations pertaining to sources and distribution of natural constituents and anthropogenic contaminants, the relation between geochemistry and hydrologic conditions, and groundwater age tracers and travel time. Implications for monitoring water-quality trends in karst are also discussed. Geochemical and isotopic data are useful tracers of recharge, groundwater flow, fluid mixing, and water-rock interaction processes that affect water quality. Sources of dissolved constituents to Edwards aquifer groundwater include dissolution of and geochemical interaction with overlying soils and calcite and dolomite minerals that compose the aquifer. Geochemical tracers such as magnesium to calcium and strontium to calcium ratios and strontium isotope compositions are used to evaluate and constrain progressive fluid-evolution processes. Molar ratios of magnesium to calcium and strontium to calcium in groundwater typically

  5. Past Informing Present: Parallels Between Racial Integration in the Armed Forces and Repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (United States)


    Military (pp. 121- 133). New York, New York: Aldine de Gruyter. Schiefer, M. (2010, October 21). Email Correspondence: Race on OSB . San Antonio TX...M. (2010, October 21). Email Correspondence: Race on OSB . San Antonio TX. 73 Military Leadership Diversity Commission. (n.d.). Recent Enlisted

  6. Heart Rate Variability during Simulated Hemorrhage with Lower Body Negative Pressure in High and Low Tolerant Subjects (United States)


    Army Institute of Surgical Research, Fort Sam Houston, TX, USA 2 Department of Health and Kinesiology , University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio...reduced HRV (Thayer and Sternberg, 2006).HRVhas been extensively studied in hospital settings such as intensive care units to assess cardiovascular

  7. Specialty education in periodontics in Japan and the United States: comparison of programs at Nippon Dental University Hospital and the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. (United States)

    Osawa, Ginko; Nakaya, Hiroshi; Mealey, Brian L; Kalkwarf, Kenneth; Cochran, David L


    Japan has institutions that train qualified postdoctoral students in the field of periodontics; however, Japan does not have comprehensive advanced periodontal programs and national standards for these specialty programs. To help Japanese programs move toward global standards in this area, this study was designed to describe overall differences in periodontics specialty education in Japan and the United States and to compare periodontics faculty members and residents' characteristics and attitudes in two specific programs, one in each country. Periodontal faculty members and residents at Nippon Dental University (NDU) and the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA) Dental School participated in the survey study: four faculty members and nine residents at NDU; seven faculty members and thirteen residents at UTHSCSA. Demographic data were collected as well as respondents' attitudes toward and assessment of their programs. The results showed many differences in curriculum structure and clinical performance. In contrast to the UTHSCSA respondents, for example, the residents and faculty members at NDU reported that they did not have enough subject matter and time to learn clinical science. Although the residents at NDU reported seeing more total patients in one month than those at UTHSCSA, they were taught fewer varieties of periodontal treatments. To provide high-quality and consistent education for periodontal residents, Japan needs to establish a set of standards that will have positive consequences for those in Japan who need periodontal treatment.

  8. Comprehensive College Plan for 2000-2001. (United States)

    San Antonio Coll., TX.

    The document describes San Antonio College's (Texas) strategic goals and objectives for 2000-2001. San Antonio College's comprehensive planning and evaluation process monitors the achievement of college-wide goals and initiatives supporting the college's Vision and Mission Statement and the Alamo Community College District's Strategic Plan. The…

  9. Reflections on the future of assessment as a human and social endeavour


    Brown, Gavin


    These 2 presentations are the introduction and concluding presentations in a symposium entitled "Classroom realities that need to be understood to make good assessments” at the 2017 National Council for Measurement in Education annual meeting in San Antonio Texas. Four other presentations were given by: 1. James H. McMillan, Virginia Commonwealth University; 2. Susan M. Brookhart, Duquesne University; 3. Helen S. Timperley, University of Auckland; and 4. Guillermo Solano-Flores, Stanfor...

  10. Bridging the Gap: Developing a Tool to Support Local Civilian and Military Disaster Preparedness (United States)


    open house and air show), the National Basketball Association ( NBA ) All-Star Game, or NASCAR 34 Bridging the Gap: Developing a Tool to Support Local...Americas] protest in Columbus, the National Col- legiate Athletic Association [NCAA] Final Four basketball games in San Antonio, and annual New Year’s...there are large events, such as the NBA All-Star Game, which pose some difficulties related to law enforcement. Other recent events with potential

  11. Juan Antonio Rubio Rodriguez (1944 – 2010)

    CERN Multimedia

    His colleagues and friends


    It was with deep sorrow and great sadness that we learnt that Juan Antonio Rubio Rodriguez had passed away on 16th January 2010. Juan Antonio was born in Madrid on 4th June 1944, and received his Ph. D. in Physics in 1971 from“Universidad Complutense de Madrid”. He was a CERN Fellow (1968 – 1971) and subsequently worked at JEN (currently CIEMAT) as a researcher (1971 – 1976). He was leader of the HEP group (1977 – 1981), leader of the Nuclear and Particle Physics Division (1981 – 1983), Director for Basic Research (1983 – 1987) and Scientific Director (1984 – 1987). He was instrumental in the Spanish accession to CERN approved by the Spanish Government at the end of 1982 and ratified by the Spanish Parliament in June 1983. He served at CERN (1987 – 2004) as Group Leader (1987 – 1990), Scientific Advisor to the Director-General (1990 – 2000) and as Division Leader of the Education and Technology T...

  12. Harnessing Neuroplasticity to Promote Rehabilitation: CI Therapy for TBI (United States)


    the Tampa VAMC and San Antonio VAMC, which both host Polytrauma Rehabilitation Centers. In addition, we plan to work with the Alabama Brain Injury...sites with those funds, e.g., the Tampa VAMC and San Antonio VAMC, which both host Polytrauma Rehabilitation Centers. In addition, we are seeking

  13. 78 FR 49264 - Nationwide Categorical Waivers Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Recovery... (United States)


    ... specified infra) to be utilized in the San Antonio River Walk Project, being performed under a subgrant from... quantities and of a satisfactory quality. The above items, utilized in the San Antonio River Walk Project... Standards and Technology (NIST) Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), in order to scour the domestic...

  14. Antonio Gramsci on intellectual thought – Challenging nursing


    Goodman, B


    publisher: Elsevier articletitle: Antonio Gramsci on intellectual thought – Challenging nursing journaltitle: Nurse Education Today articlelink: content_type: simple-article copyright: © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  15. IBC's 23rd Annual Antibody Engineering, 10th Annual Antibody Therapeutics international conferences and the 2012 Annual Meeting of The Antibody Society: December 3-6, 2012, San Diego, CA. (United States)

    Klöhn, Peter-Christian; Wuellner, Ulrich; Zizlsperger, Nora; Zhou, Yu; Tavares, Daniel; Berger, Sven; Zettlitz, Kirstin A; Proetzel, Gabriele; Yong, May; Begent, Richard H J; Reichert, Janice M


    The 23rd Annual Antibody Engineering, 10th Annual Antibody Therapeutics international conferences, and the 2012 Annual Meeting of The Antibody Society, organized by IBC Life Sciences with contributions from The Antibody Society and two Scientific Advisory Boards, were held December 3-6, 2012 in San Diego, CA. The meeting drew over 800 participants who attended sessions on a wide variety of topics relevant to antibody research and development. As a prelude to the main events, a pre-conference workshop held on December 2, 2012 focused on intellectual property issues that impact antibody engineering. The Antibody Engineering Conference was composed of six sessions held December 3-5, 2012: (1) From Receptor Biology to Therapy; (2) Antibodies in a Complex Environment; (3) Antibody Targeted CNS Therapy: Beyond the Blood Brain Barrier; (4) Deep Sequencing in B Cell Biology and Antibody Libraries; (5) Systems Medicine in the Development of Antibody Therapies/Systematic Validation of Novel Antibody Targets; and (6) Antibody Activity and Animal Models. The Antibody Therapeutics conference comprised four sessions held December 4-5, 2012: (1) Clinical and Preclinical Updates of Antibody-Drug Conjugates; (2) Multifunctional Antibodies and Antibody Combinations: Clinical Focus; (3) Development Status of Immunomodulatory Therapeutic Antibodies; and (4) Modulating the Half-Life of Antibody Therapeutics. The Antibody Society's special session on applications for recording and sharing data based on GIATE was held on December 5, 2012, and the conferences concluded with two combined sessions on December 5-6, 2012: (1) Development Status of Early Stage Therapeutic Antibodies; and (2) Immunomodulatory Antibodies for Cancer Therapy.

  16. Valued Youth Partnerships: Programs in Caring. Cross-Age Tutoring Dropout Prevention Strategies. (United States)

    Intercultural Development Research Association, San Antonio, TX.

    This booklet provides information about the Valued Youth Partnership (VYP) program for dropout prevention. Begun in 1984 with the support of the Coca-Cola Company and the collaboration of the Intercultural Development Research Association, the VYP program is being implemented in the Edgewood and South San Antonio school districts in San Antonio,…

  17. Magmatic controls on eruption dynamics of the 1950 yr B.P. eruption of San Antonio Volcano, Tacaná Volcanic Complex, Mexico-Guatemala (United States)

    Mora, Juan Carlos; Gardner, James Edward; Macías, José Luis; Meriggi, Lorenzo; Santo, Alba Patrizia


    San Antonio Volcano, in the Tacaná Volcanic Complex, erupted ~ 1950 yr. B.P., with a Pelean type eruption that produced andesitic pyroclastic surges and block-and-ash flows destroying part of the volcano summit and producing a horse-shoe shaped crater open to the SW. Between 1950 and 800 yr B.P. the eruption continued with effusive andesites followed by a dacite lava flow and a summit dome, all from a single magma batch. All products consist of phenocrysts and microphenocrysts of zoned plagioclase, amphibole, pyroxene, magnetite ± ilmenite, set in partially crystallized groundmass of glass and microlites of the same mineral phases, except for the lack of amphibole. Included in the andesitic blocks of the block-and-ash flow deposit are basaltic andesite enclaves with elongated and ellipsoidal forms and chilled margins. The enclaves have intersertal textures with brown glass between microphenocrysts of plagioclase, hornblende, pyroxene, and olivine, and minor proportions of phenocrysts of plagioclase, hornblende, and pyroxene. A compositional range obtained of blocks and enclaves resulted from mixing between andesite (866 °C ± 22) and basaltic andesite (enclaves, 932 °C ± 22), which may have triggered the explosive Pelean eruption. Vestiges of that mixing are preserved as complex compositional zones in plagioclase and clinopyroxene-rich reaction rims in amphibole in the andesite. Whole-rock chemistry, geothermometry, experimental petrology and modeling results suggest that after the mixing event the eruption tapped hybrid andesitic magma (≤ 900 °C) and ended with effusive dacitic magma (~ 825 °C), all of which were stored at ~ 200 MPa water pressure. A complex open-system evolution that involved crustal end-members best explains the generation of effusive dacite from the hybrid andesite. Amphibole in the dacite is rimmed by reaction products of plagioclase, orthopyroxene, and Fe-Ti oxides produced by decompression during ascent. Amphibole in the andesite

  18. Comparing Different Versions of Road to Mental Readiness to Determine Optimal Content: Testing Instruction Type, Homework, and Intelligence Effects at Two Timepoints (United States)


    intelligence including the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale III (WAIS III, Wechsler , 1997) and the Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence there a resolution? Chest 2011,140(1), 16-18. Wechsler , D. (1997). Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale , Third Edition. San Antonio, TX...Psychological Corporation. Wechsler , D. (1999). Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence . San Antonio, TX: Psychological

  19. Abstracts of the Annual Meeting of Planetary Geologic Mappers, San Antonio, TX, 2009 (United States)

    Bleamaster, Leslie F., III (Editor); Tanaka, Kenneth L.; Kelley, Michael S.


    Topics covered include: Geologic Mapping of the Beta-Atla-Themis (BAT) Region of Venus: A Progress Report; Geologic Map of the Snegurochka Planitia Quadrangle (V-1): Implications for Tectonic and Volcanic History of the North Polar Region of Venus; Preliminary Geological Map of the Fortuna Tessera (V-2) Quadrangle, Venus; Geological Map of the Fredegonde (V-57) Quadrangle, Venus; Geological Mapping of the Lada Terra (V-56) Quadrangle, Venus; Geologic Mapping of V-19; Lunar Geologic Mapping: A Preliminary Map of a Portion of the LQ-10 ("Marius") Quadrangle; Geologic Mapping of the Lunar South Pole, Quadrangle LQ-30: Volcanic History and Stratigraphy of Schr dinger Basin; Geologic Mapping along the Arabia Terra Dichotomy Boundary: Mawrth Vallis and Nili Fossae, Mars; Geologic Mapping Investigations of the Northwest Rim of Hellas Basin, Mars; Geologic Mapping of the Meridiani Region of Mars; Geology of a Portion of the Martian Highlands: MTMs -20002, -20007, -25002 and -25007; Geologic Mapping of Holden Crater and the Uzboi-Ladon-Morava Outflow System; Mapping Tyrrhena Patera and Hesperia Planum, Mars; Geologic Mapping of Athabaca Valles; Geologic Mapping of MTM -30247, -35247 and -40247 Quadrangles, Reull Vallis Region, Mars Topography of the Martian Impact Crater Tooting; Mars Structural and Stratigraphic Mapping along the Coprates Rise; Geology of Libya Montes and the Interbasin Plains of Northern Tyrrhena Terra, Mars: Project Introduction and First Year Work Plan; Geology of the Southern Utopia Planitia Highland-Lowland Boundary Plain: Second Year Results and Third Year Plan; Mars Global Geologic Mapping: About Half Way Done; New Geologic Map of the Scandia Region of Mars; Geologic Mapping of the Medusae Fossae Formation on Mars and the Northern Lowland Plains of Venus; Volcanism on Io: Insights from Global Geologic Mapping; and Planetary Geologic Mapping Handbook - 2009.

  20. Pictures to a story. Notes on Vita di San Filippo Neri at the Civic Museum of Bassano del Grappa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Federica Vettori


    Full Text Available During the eighteenth century the venetian publishing knows a flowering season thanks to the involvement of great artists in the field of illustration. Pietro Antonio Novelli was one of the most prolific inventors of decorations for illustrated books. He sketched the illustrations of Vita di San Filippo Neri engraved by Innocente Alessandri and printed in Venice in 1793. At the Museum of Bassano del Grappa we can find a special watercolored edition: sixty large prints that tell, as if they were history paintings, the life of the saint.

  1. Interview of Antonio Vergara Fernandez about the First Beam

    CERN Multimedia

    Antonio Vergara Fernandez


    Antonio Vergara Fernandez : Engineer of the LHC commissioning Questions asked : 1. What does it take to start up the LHC machine? 2. What's the plan for 1st injection day? 3. How do you feel about this?

  2. March 2014 Arizona thoracic society notes


    Robbins RA


    No abstract available. Article truncated after 150 words. The March 2014 Arizona Thoracic Society meeting was a special meeting. In conjunction with the Valley Fever Center for Excellence and the Arizona Respiratory Center the Eighteenth Annual Farness Lecture was held in the Sonntag Pavilion at St. Joseph's Hospital at 6 PM on Friday, April 4, 2014. The guest speaker was Antonio "Tony" Catanzaro, MD from the University of California San Diego and current president of the Cocci Study Group. T...

  3. Los realismos en Beatus Ille de Antonio Muñoz Molina.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Papa Mamour Diop


    Full Text Available ENGLISH: This work deals with the current debate about reality and its literary and artistic expression: realism. In Beatus Ille, Antonio Muñoz Molina’s first novel, the fictional universe reveals three kinds of realism: the epic and elegiac realism, the historic realismand the magic realism. SPANISH: En este trabajo, abordamos el actual debate sobre la realidad y su expresión literaria y artística: el realismo. En Beatus Ille, primera novela de Antonio Muñoz Molina, eluniverso novelesco permite percibir tres tipos de realismos: el realismo épico elegiaco, el realismo histórico o contrafactual y el realismo mágico.

  4. Texas Yehaa !!!

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kjellberg, Kurt


    Indtryk fra et besøg på SLA, Special Libraries Associations årlige konference, San Antonio, Texas, USA, 9.-13. juni 2001. "An Information Odyssey: Seizing the Competitive Advantage"......Indtryk fra et besøg på SLA, Special Libraries Associations årlige konference, San Antonio, Texas, USA, 9.-13. juni 2001. "An Information Odyssey: Seizing the Competitive Advantage"...

  5. 78 FR 53113 - Approval and Promulgation of Implementation Plans; California; San Joaquin Valley; Contingency... (United States)


    ...] Approval and Promulgation of Implementation Plans; California; San Joaquin Valley; Contingency Measures for... California to address Clean Air Act nonattainment area contingency measure requirements for the 1997 annual... Air Act Requirements for Contingency Measures III. Review of the Submitted San Joaquin Valley PM 2.5...

  6. Gastric Injury From Oral Iron Supplementation (United States)


    SAUSHEC, San Antonio, TX 2. Department of Gastroenterology, SAUSHEC, San Antonio, TX ABSTRACT BODY: Learning Objective 1: Recognize that iron...pill gastritis is a known complication of oral supplementation but is not well recognized Learning Objective 2: Recognize that the toxic effect of iron...prevalence worldwide (WHO). The typical treatment for iron deficiency anemia is through oral iron tablet supplementation. Iron pill gastritis is a known

  7. Sympathetic Responses to Central Hypovolemia: New Insights from Microneurographic Recordings (United States)


    Surgical Research, Fort Sam Houston, TX, USA 2 Department of Health and Kinesiology , The University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX, USA Edited...suggested that this phenomenon may represent sympathetic baroreflex deafferentation (Cooke et al., 2009), as the fused bursts observed during intense ...Convertino, V. A. (2009). Muscle sympathetic nerve activity during intense lower body negative pressure to presyn- cope in humans. J. Physiol. (Lond


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jorge Fernández Gonzalo


    Full Text Available Nuestro estudio trata de analizar el concepto de memoria y olvido en la producción poética de Antonio Gamoneda a través de obras como Descripción de la mentira, Lápidas, Libro del frío o Arden las pérdidas, y en relación al período histórico que le tocó vivir al autor.

  9. Diurnal and Intra-Annual Variations in Greenhouse Gases at Fixed Sites in the San Francisco Bay Area (United States)

    Newman, S.; Guha, A.; Martien, P. T.; Bower, J.; Perkins, I.; Randall, S.; Young, A.; Stevenson, E.; Hilken, H.


    The Bay Area Air Quality Management District, the San Francisco Bay Area's air quality regulatory agency, has set a goal to reduce the region's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to 80% below 1990 levels by 2050, consistent with the State of California's climate goals. Recently, the Air District's governing board adopted a 2017 Clean Air Plan which lays out the agency's vision and includes actions to put the region on a path towards achieving the 2050 goal while also reducing air pollution and related health impacts. The Plan includes GHG rule-making efforts, policy initiatives, local government partnerships, outreach, grants, and incentives, encompassing over 250 specific implementation actions across all economic sectors to effect ambitious emission reductions in the region. To track trends in atmospheric observations of GHGs and associated species and monitor changes in regional emission patterns, the Air District has established a fixed site network (CO2, CH4, CO) of one generally upwind site (Bodega Bay - on the coast north of Marin County) and three receptor sites (Bethel Island - east of the major refineries, in the Sacramento River Delta; Livermore - east of the bulk of the East Bay cities; and San Martin - south of the major city of San Jose). Having collected over a year of data for each of the fixed sites, the Air District is now investigating spatial and temporal variations in GHG emissions. Concentrating on variations in diurnal cycles, we see the commonly observed pattern of seasonal changes in diurnal amplitude at all sites, with larger variations during the winter than the summer, consistent with seasonally varying daily changes in planetary boundary layer heights. Investigations explore the weekday/weekend effect on the diurnal patterns and the effect of seasonal wind direction changes on the intra-annual variations of the local enhancements. The Air District is beginning to investigate the ways in which the fixed site network reflects the dominant

  10. Plant Growth Regulators as Potential Tools in Aquatic Plant Management: Efficacy and Persistence in Small-Scale Tests (United States)


    gratefully acknowledge the support of the Waterways Experi- ment Station and Drs. Howard Westerdahl and Kurt Getsinger as this research was being conducted...E. Westerdahl , eds., Plant Growth Regulator Society of America, San Antonio, TX, 127-45. Anderson, L. W. J., and Dechoretz, N. (1988). "Bensulfuron...Vegetation Management. J. E. Kaufman and H. E. Westerdahl , eds., Plant Growth Regulator Society of America, San Antonio, TX, 155-86. Herbicide Handbook

  11. Effectiveness of Cognitive, Exposure, and Skills Group Manualized Treatments in OIF/OEF Female Veterans (United States)


    and Trial 5 Recall. 4. Processing Speed was examined with the Processing Speed Index of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale -IV ( Wechsler , 2008...utility. In San Antonio, TX. Wechsler , D. (2008). Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale —Fourth Edition (WAIS-IV). (4 ed.) San Antonio: Pearson. Wild, J...General Intelligence was examined with the Wechsler Test of Adult Reading [WTAR (PsychCorp, 2001)]. 3. Learning and Memory was assessed with the

  12. La presidencia de Miguel Antonio Caro

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Beatriz González


    Full Text Available Cien años de los mil días: Los mil días en treinta y dos pasos. Capítulo 2 El gobierno de Miguel Antonio Caro mantenía un ejército relativamente grande, de unos seis mil hombres. Para su reforma y organización trajo una misión francesa. En el ambiente belicista que se vivía en el país. se publicaron y reeditaron libros sobre la técnica del manejo de las armas.

  13. O conceito de redução estrutural na crítica de Antonio Candido

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Franscisca Fernanda de Sales Teixeira


    Full Text Available RESUMO: O presente artigo apresenta o conceito de redução estrutural na crítica literária de Antonio Candido. Para tanto, foram analisados três ensaios referentes a obras da literatura nacional: “De cortiço a cortiço”, “Crítica e sociologia” e “Dialética da malandragem”. A partir deles, investigou-se como se dá o processo de formalização em cada obra, construindo assim uma compreensão acerca da estrutura literária e suas relações com a internalização, no romance, de aspectos externos à obra. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Antonio Candido Redução estrutural, Internalização do externo. __________________________________ ABSTRACT: This abstract presents a summary of literary analysis papers based on reviews writen by Antonio Candido. For that, three of his essays were analized: “De cortiço a cortiço”, “Crítica e sociologia” and “Dialética da malandragem”. From these studies, it was possible to investigate the formalization process in each work, constructing the comprehension around the literary structures and the aspects surrounding the essence of the novels.  KEYWORDS: Antonio Candido, Structural reduction, Internalization of the external.

  14. Estudio y recuperación de la Iglesia de San Lorenzo, Úbeda (Jaén = Study and Recovery of the Church of San Lorenzo, Úbeda (Jaén

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Manuel Almansa Moreno


    Full Text Available Suprimida como parroquia en el siglo XIX y expoliada durante la Guerra Civil de 1936, la antigua iglesia parroquial de San Lorenzo de Úbeda (Jaén inició un imparable proceso de deterioro que amenazó incluso con arruinar totalmente la fábrica. Gracias a la intervención privada de la Fundación “Huerta de San Antonio”, dicho deterioro se ha frenado y se han iniciado tareas de consolidación del templo. Durante las últimas intervenciones se han descubierto numerosos vestigios de gran interés, que han venido a arrojar nuevos datos sobre la evolución histórica del edificio, y que pasamos a analizar en este estudio. Suppressed as a parish in the 19th century and plundered during the Civil War in 1936, the ancient Church of Sant Lawrence of Úbeda (Jaén started an unstoppable process of deterioration which threatened even with completely ruin of the factory. Thanks to the intervention of the private foundation «Huerta de San Antonio», the process of damage has been stopped and the recovering and consolidation works in the temple have started. During this intervention, several remains of great interest have been discovered, which offer new data on the historical evolution of the building, that will be analyzed in this study.

  15. Antonio Aliprandi, un estucador lombardo en la Valencia de 1700

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pablo González Tornel


    Full Text Available En torno a 1700 aparecen en Valencia varios artistas extranjeros que residirán en la ciudad varios años dejando en ella un considerable volumen de obras. Uno de ellos, Antonio Aliprandi, se especializará en la factura de revestimientos de estuco para interiores principalmente eclesiásticos. En el presente texto se realiza un recorrido por las obras de Aliprandi en Valencia y se documentan varias de ellas hasta el momento sólo atribuidas a su mano.Around 1700 many foreign artists appear in Valencia where they will stand for several years leaving in our town quite a lot of handcrafts. One among them, Antonio Aliprandi, will specialize himself on recovering many buildings with stucco, mainly in churches. This text makes a journey along Aliprandi's art pieces in Valencia after working on files to find the documents refered to them.

  16. Éxodo a la “tierra prometida”: Del demonio y otros monstruos en la obra de Juan de Dios Mora

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adriana Miramontes Olivas


    Full Text Available Juan de Dios Mora es grabador y docente en la Universidad de Texas en San Antonio, donde comenzó a enseñar pintura, dibujo y grabado en 2010. Mora es un artista prolífico cuyos grabados han sido publicados en numerosos sitios incluyendo los catálogos New Arte Nuevo: San Antonio 2010 y New Art/Arte Nuevo San Antonio 2012. Este año su obra se exhibió en distintos lugares incluyendo el Museo de Arte McNay en San Antonio, Texas en Juan Mora: Cultural Clash (Juan Mora: Choque Cultural, junio 8 a agosto 13 de 2017 y en el Centro de Arte the Cole en la Galería Reavley en Nacogdoches, Texas, en Juan de Dios Mora. En 2016, Mora participó en la exhibición colectiva Los de abajo: Garbage as an Artistic Source (Los de abajo: la basura como una fuente artística en el Centro Cultural Guadalupe en San Antonio (de junio 10 a julio 29 de 2016. Mora también ha sido curador de la exhibición Print It Up por varios años, organizada por el artista en el área del centro de San Antonio dándoles una visibilidad sin precedentes a numerosos artistas. Para esta exhibición Mora guía y aconseja tanto a estudiantes como a exalumnos sobre el proceso de exhibición, desde cómo crear un portafolio, enmarcar e instalar obras, hasta realizar contratos con galeristas y vender las obras al público.  Adriana Miramontes Olivas es estudiante de doctorado en el Departamento de Historia del Arte y Arquitectura en la Universidad de Pittsburgh. Completó su licenciatura en la Universidad de Texas de El Paso y la maestría en la Universidad de Texas de San Antonio. Sus intereses en materia de investigación incluyen arte moderno y contemporáneo global con un enfoque en Latinoamérica, estudios de género, sexualidad e identidad nacional. La Dra. Deborah Caplow es historiadora del arte, curadora y autora del libro sobre el ilustrador Mexicano Leopoldo Méndez (Leopoldo Méndez: arte revolucionario y el grabado mexicano, publicado por la Universidad de Texas. Ella ense

  17. Antonio Machado y Ruiz (1875-1939) / koost. ja tlk. Andres Ehin

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae


    Hispaania luuletajast Antonio Machadost. Sisaldab ka autori luuletusi "Vanasõnad ja laulud XXIX", "Kas mu süda on uinunud?", "Kõrgmaa laulud", "Tuul, toreda päeva tuul", "Eile öösel nägin und", "Neli luuletust"

  18. A la memoria de José Antonio Rojas Tercero, 1959-2008

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Miguel Fernández Fernández


    Full Text Available La revista recuerda la figura de José Antonio Rojas, Catedrático de Economía Financiera y Contabilidad dde la Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha desde el punto de vista humani y profesional

  19. Professor Antonio Branco Lefèvre: the forefather of child neurology in Brazil Professor Antonio Branco Lefèvre o pai da neurologia infantil no Brasil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rubens Reimão


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: To report on the life and works of Prof. Antonio Branco Lefèvre and the relevance that led him to be considered the Forefather of Child Neurology in Brazil. METHOD: The method utilized was the historical documents research; bibliographical. RESULTS: Antonio Branco Lefèvre (1916-1981 was born in São Paulo city; graduated in 1941 from the São Paulo Medical School. The date - 1950 - can be considered when Child Neurology took shape for a fully specialty, when Lefèvre presented his two internationally acclaimed thesis. Lefèvre was recognized as he founder of Child Neurology in Brazil since the early years of his brilliant academic activities. In 1967 achieved the title of professor in the Child Neurology Clinic. His numerous trainees and Residents - from -1950 to 1981 - held today key positions in Brazilian Child Neurology. CONCLUSION: The extension and importance of the Child Neurology School of which he is the legitimate founder is recognized.OBJETIVO: Relatar a vida e obra do Prof. Antonio Branco Lefèvre e a relevância que leva a ser denominado o Pai da Neurologia Infantil no Brasil. MÉTODO: Pesquisa de documentos históricos e bibliográfica. RESULTADOS: Antonio Branco Lefèvre (1916-1981 nascido em São Paulo; formou-se na Faculdade de Medicina de São Paulo em 1941. A data de 1950 pode ser considerada quando a Neurologia Infantil tornou-se uma especialidade completa quando Lefèvre defendeu suas duas teses aclamadas internacionalmente. Lefévre foi reconhecido como o Pai da Neurologia Infantil no Brasil desde os primeiros anos de sua carreira acadêmica brilhante. Em 1967 atingiu o título de Professor de Neurologia Clínica Infantil. Seus numerosos estagiários e Residentes - de 1950 a 1981 - têm hoje posições de destaque na Neurologia Infantil brasileira. CONCLUSÃO: É reconhecida a extensão e a relevância da escola de Neurologia Infantil da qual Lefèvre é o legítimo fundador.

  20. Daily Streamflow Predictions in an Ungauged Watershed in Northern California Using the Precipitation-Runoff Modeling System (PRMS): Calibration Challenges when nearby Gauged Watersheds are Hydrologically Dissimilar (United States)

    Dhakal, A. S.; Adera, S.


    Accurate daily streamflow prediction in ungauged watersheds with sparse information is challenging. The ability of a hydrologic model calibrated using nearby gauged watersheds to predict streamflow accurately depends on hydrologic similarities between the gauged and ungauged watersheds. This study examines daily streamflow predictions using the Precipitation-Runoff Modeling System (PRMS) for the largely ungauged San Antonio Creek watershed, a 96 km2 sub-watershed of the Alameda Creek watershed in Northern California. The process-based PRMS model is being used to improve the accuracy of recent San Antonio Creek streamflow predictions generated by two empirical methods. Although San Antonio Creek watershed is largely ungauged, daily streamflow data exists for hydrologic years (HY) 1913 - 1930. PRMS was calibrated for HY 1913 - 1930 using streamflow data, modern-day land use and PRISM precipitation distribution, and gauged precipitation and temperature data from a nearby watershed. The PRMS model was then used to generate daily streamflows for HY 1996-2013, during which the watershed was ungauged, and hydrologic responses were compared to two nearby gauged sub-watersheds of Alameda Creek. Finally, the PRMS-predicted daily flows between HY 1996-2013 were compared to the two empirically-predicted streamflow time series: (1) the reservoir mass balance method and (2) correlation of historical streamflows from 80 - 100 years ago between San Antonio Creek and a nearby sub-watershed located in Alameda Creek. While the mass balance approach using reservoir storage and transfers is helpful for estimating inflows to the reservoir, large discrepancies in daily streamflow estimation can arise. Similarly, correlation-based predicted daily flows which rely on a relationship from flows collected 80-100 years ago may not represent current watershed hydrologic conditions. This study aims to develop a method of streamflow prediction in the San Antonio Creek watershed by examining PRMS

  1. Det 'svage' subjekt. En undersøgelse af det litterære subjekts forandring i Antonio Tabucchis og Gianni Celatis forfatterskaber

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lausten, Pia Schwarz

    Italiensk litteratur efter 1980; postmodernisme; subjektsforståelse; Antonio Tabucchi; Gianni Celati; Michail Bachtin; Gianni Vattimo......Italiensk litteratur efter 1980; postmodernisme; subjektsforståelse; Antonio Tabucchi; Gianni Celati; Michail Bachtin; Gianni Vattimo...

  2. Dom Antonio de Noronha and the secret plan for the Cuieté

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Laura de Mello e Souza


    Full Text Available Filed in the Manuscript Division of the National Library, the work Livro Segundo das Cartas que o Ilmo. e Exmo. Sr. D. Antonio de Noronha Capitão General da Capitania de Minas Gerais escreveu durante o seu governo que teve princípio em 28 de maio de 1776(Second Book of the Letters that His Illustrious Excellency Mr. D. Antonio de Noronha, Captain General of the Captaincy of Minas Gerais, wrote during his government that began on May 28, 1776 is a remarkable set of documents not only about the government of Minas Gerais, but also about important administrative authorities of that period. This Codex includes the Plano secreto para a nova conquista do Cuieté(Secret plan for the new conquest of the Cuieté and the letters to the Marquis of Angeja and the minister Martinho de Mello e Castro, which are herein published. Written by the governor D. Antonio de Noronha himself, the documents show instructions and measures to be taken regarding the Cuieté region, in the sertão (hinterland of Minas Gerais, and reflect on critical issues in the context of the colonization of Portuguese America, such as the exercise of power by part of the metropolitan authorities, the specificity of the colonial population, the settlement of border areas, and the expansion of government and bureaucracy.

  3. Nii kauge, kuid nii omane Brasiilia / Antonio Claudio Carvalho ; interv. Reet Varblane

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Carvalho, Antonio Claudio


    Vestlus brasiilia kunstniku Antonio Claudio Carvalhoga 15. X, päeval pärast tema näituse avamist Kunstihoone galeriis. Kunstist, kunstnikest, endast, oma loomingust, kunsti tähendusest praeguses Brasiilias jm.

  4. Gestos efêmeros e obras tangíveis: a trajetória de Antonio Manuel

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cynthia Marie Canejo


    Full Text Available Ainda que tributária do construtivismo brasileiro, a produção artística de Antonio Manuel se manteve única e, muitas vezes, radical. Este artigo examina as especificidades do trabalho do artista, principalmente a partir de suas semelhanças e diferenças com os postulados do neoconcretismo.Even though related to Brazilian constructivism, Antonio Manuel's artistic production has remained unique, and, sometimes, radical. This article examines the particularities of his work, mainly from the point of view of its relations to neoconcretism's postulates.

  5. Wastewater characterization of the community 'Antonio Maceo' of the Oriente University

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Crombet Grillet, Sandra; Perez Pompa, Norma; Abalos Rodriguez, Arelis; Rodriguez Perez, Suyen


    The main environmental problems of the Universidad de Oriente are associated with the emission of uncontrolled and untreated solid and liquid waste to the environment. In the university community 'Antonio Maceo' 1 360 people now living, of which 70 % are students of the institution. This community poured about 23 462,7 L/d of wastewater residual liquids composed of 15 buildings and the waters of the kitchen and cafeteria. In this paper we evaluate the physico-chemical and microbiological wastewater university community Antonio Maceo, determining environmental parameters of highest incidence. The waters are neutral and proper salinity. They have gray color, odor and cloudy appearance, without the presence of floating material. The organic matter content is above discharge limits and detected total and fecal coli forms. The greatest variability (46,5 %) of wastewater depends on the turbidity, COD, BOD 5 , sulfide, ammonium, oil and grease and total solids and fixe

  6. El anhelo metafísico de Antonio Machado


    Carlos Llano Cifuentes


    In Antonio Machado's poetry, a dissatisfied agnosticism appears; that is, a kind of agnosticism which wants to quit being such, an agnosticism with metaphysical longings. Machado knows that the absence of trascendence does not offer peacefulness, but tediousness and resignation against the changing reality. Being lacks the plenitude it once had and, in this sense, there exists in Machado a double way to understand reality: longing for what was and confirmation of the present. All this generat...

  7. is-à-vis : Antonio Tabucchi et Fernando Pessoa. Étude de la médiation culturelle dans les fictions biographiques d’Antonio Tabucchi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Audrey Lemieux


    Full Text Available Comment un écrivain écrit-il à propos d’un autre écrivain – non seulement l’histoire d’une vie, mais la singularité, la vérité particulière d’un homme ? Cet article examine les différentes stratégies par lesquelles l’écrivain-biographe Antonio Tabucchi, dans ses fictions biographiques, parvient à mettre en scène le personnage de Fernando Pessoa, malgré la distance qui les sépare – distance qui semble reposer, à première vue, sur des enjeux culturels, mais qui se révèle être essentiellement ontologique. How does one author undertake writing about another–not only in terms of recounting the story of a life, but also the singularity, the inner truth of a human being? This paper will explore the different strategies by means of which the author/biographer Antonio Tabucchi manages to portray the character of Fernando Pessoa in his biographical fictions, in spite of the distance between them–a distance that initially appears to be rooted in cultural issues, but later reveals itself to be of an essentially ontological order.

  8. Sediment transport of streams tributary to San Francisco, San Pablo, and Suisun Bays, California, 1909-66 (United States)

    Porterfield, George


    A review of historical sedimentation data is presented, results of sediment-data collection for water years 1957-59 are summarized, and long-term sediment-discharge estimates from a preliminary report are updated. Comparison of results based on 3 years of data to those for the 10 water years, 1957-66, provides an indication of the adequacy of the data obtained during the short period to define the long-term relation between sediment transport and streamflow. During 1909-66, sediment was transported to the entire San Francisco Bay system at an average rate of 8.6 million cubic yards per year. The Sacramento and San Joaquin River basins provided about 83% of the sediment inflow to the system annually during 1957-66 and 86% during 1909-66. About 98% of this inflow was measured or estimated at sediment measuring sites. Measured sediment inflow directly to the bays comprised only about 40% of the total discharged by basins directly tributary to the bays. About 90% of the total sediment discharge to the delta and the bays in the San Francisco Bay system thus was determined on the basis of systematic measurements. (USGS)

  9. Hydrology of the middle San Pedro area, southeastern Arizona (United States)

    Cordova, Jeffrey T.; Dickinson, Jesse; Beisner, Kimberly R.; Hopkins, Candice B.; Kennedy, Jeffrey R.; Pool, Donald R.; Glenn, Edward P.; Nagler, Pamela L.; Thomas, Blakemore E.


    In the middle San Pedro Watershed in southeastern Arizona, groundwater is the primary source of water supply for municipal, domestic, industrial, and agricultural use. The watershed comprises two smaller subareas, the Benson subarea and the Narrows-Redington subarea. Early 21st century projections for heavy population growth in the watershed have not yet become a reality, but increased groundwater withdrawals could have undesired consequences - such as decreased base flow to the San Pedro River, and groundwater-level declines - that would lead to the need to deepen existing wells. This report describes the hydrology, hydrochemistry, water quality, and development of a groundwater budget for the middle San Pedro Watershed, focusing primarily on the elements of groundwater movement that could be most useful for the development of a groundwater modelPrecipitation data from Tombstone, Arizona, and base flow at the stream-gaging station on the San Pedro River at Charleston both show relatively dry periods during the 1960s through the mid-1980s and in the mid-1990s to 2009, and wetter periods from the mid-1980s through the mid-1990s. Water levels in four out of five wells near the mountain fronts show cyclical patterns of recharge, with rates of recharge greatest in the early 1980s through the mid-1990s. Three wells near the San Pedro River recorded their lowest levels during the 1950s to the mid-1960s. The water-level record from one well, completed in the confined part of the coarse-grained lower basin fill, showed a decline of approximately 21 meters.Annual flow of the San Pedro River, measured at the Charleston and Redington gages, has decreased since the 1940s. The median annual streamflow and base flow at the gaging station on the river near Tombstone has decreased by 50 percent between the periods 1968–1986 and 1997–2009. Estimates of streamflow infiltration along the San Pedro River during 1914–2009 have decreased 44 percent, with the largest decreases in

  10. Rimi juht : Citymarket kaob, hinnad alanevad / Antonio Soares ; interv. Toivo Tänavsuu

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Soares, Antonio


    Kesko Foodi ja ICA ühisettevõtte Rimi Balticu juht Antonio Soares ei pea võimalikuks Balti turu väiksuse tõttu Citymarketi kaubamärgi jätmist Eestisse. Citymarketid kujundatakse ümber Rimi Hüpermarketiteks

  11. Irregular recurrence of large earthquakes along the san andreas fault: evidence from trees. (United States)

    Jacoby, G C; Sheppard, P R; Sieh, K E


    Old trees growing along the San Andreas fault near Wrightwood, California, record in their annual ring-width patterns the effects of a major earthquake in the fall or winter of 1812 to 1813. Paleoseismic data and historical information indicate that this event was the "San Juan Capistrano" earthquake of 8 December 1812, with a magnitude of 7.5. The discovery that at least 12 kilometers of the Mojave segment of the San Andreas fault ruptured in 1812, only 44 years before the great January 1857 rupture, demonstrates that intervals between large earthquakes on this part of the fault are highly variable. This variability increases the uncertainty of forecasting destructive earthquakes on the basis of past behavior and accentuates the need for a more fundamental knowledge of San Andreas fault dynamics.

  12. Solar Energy (United States)

    Building Design and Construction, 1977


    Describes 21 completed projects now using solar energy for heating, cooling, or electricity. Included are elementary schools in Atlanta and San Diego, a technical school in Detroit, and Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. (MLF)

  13. Plan de Comunicación La Cantina Portmany


    Moreno Sánchez, Claudia; Llopis Ortega, Anna


    Treball de Final de Grau en Publicitat i Relacions Públiques. Codi: PU0932. Curs acadèmic 2016/2017 Este proyecto de fin de grado se centra en un plan de comunicación para el restaurante La Cantina de Portmany, situado en San Antonio, en la localidad de Ibiza. La Cantina es un restaurante con una larga trayectoria, exactamente desde 1933 cuando empezó siendo el primer Hotel de San Antonio. Desde entonces ha ido pasando de generación en generación hasta la actualidad. Ahora el hotel no s...

  14. Las características de los órganos italianos en la época de Antonio de Cabezón

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Donati, Pier Paolo


    Full Text Available In 1548 Antonio de Cabezon was able to take a trip to Italy. On that occasion, he could certainly learn and play the organ Italian. New sources and unpublished documents have recently enabled us to identify a new and reliable profi le of the organs of Italian origins. Eliminated false history, errors of chronology and clichés, the acquisition of technical data other than those handed down by tradition have opened a new historical perspective of which is here given an account. Updated illustration of the characteristics of the organs of the Italian Renaissance follow the guidelines of performance practice entailed and a comparison with the Spanish instruments practiced by Antonio de Cabezon.En 1548 Antonio de Cabezón fue capaz de hacer un viaje a Italia. En esa ocasión, él sin duda podría aprender y tocar el órgano italiano. Las nuevas fuentes y documentos inéditos, nos han permitido recientemente para identifi car un perfi l nuevo y confi able de los órganos de origen italiano. Eliminado los errores históricos, falsos de fecha y clichés, la adquisición de los datos técnicos distintos de los transmitida por tradición han abierto una nueva perspectiva histórica de la cual aquí se da cuenta. Ilustración actualizada de las características de los órganos del Renacimiento italiano sigue las directrices de la práctica interpretativa que derivan de ella y un enfrentamiento con los instrumentos españoles practicadas por Antonio de Cabezón. [it] Le caratteristiche degli organi italiani al tempo di Antonio de Cabezón Nel 1548 Antonio de Cabezón ebbe modo di compiere un viaggio in Italia. In quell’occasione poté sicuramente conoscere e suonare gli organi italiani. Nuove fonti e inediti documenti hanno recentemente permesso di delineare un nuovo ed attendibile profi lo degli organi italiani delle origini. Eliminati falsi storici, errori di cronologia e luoghi comuni, l’acquisizione di dati tecnici diversi da quelli tramandati

  15. Underground storage of imported water in the San Gorgonio Pass area, southern California (United States)

    Bloyd, Richard M.


    The San Gorgonio Pass ground-water basin is divided into the Beaumont, Banning, Cabazon, San Timoteo, South Beaumont, Banning Bench, and Singleton storage units. The Beaumont storage unit, centrally located in the agency area, is the largest in volume of the storage units. Estimated long-term average annual precipitation in the San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency drainage area is 332,000 acre-feet, and estimated average annual recoverable water is 24,000 acre-feet, less than 10 percent of the total precipitation. Estimated average annual surface outflow is 1,700 acre-feet, and estimated average annual ground-water recharge is 22,000 acre-feet. Projecting tack to probable steady-state conditions, of the 22.000 acre-feet of recharge, 16,003 acre-feet per year became subsurface outflow into Coachella Valley, 6,000 acre-feet into the Redlands area, and 220 acre-feet into Potrero Canyon. After extensive development, estimated subsurface outflow from the area in 1967 was 6,000 acre-feet into the Redlands area, 220 acre-feet into Potrero Canyon, and 800 acre-feet into the fault systems south of the Banning storage unit, unwatered during construction of a tunnel. Subsurface outflow into Coachella Valley in 1967 is probably less than 50 percent of the steady-state flow. An anticipated 17,000 .acre-feet of water per year will be imported by 1980. Information developed in this study indicates it is technically feasible to store imported water in the eastern part of the Beaumont storage unit without causing waterlogging in the storage area and without losing any significant quantity of stored water.

  16. Spinoza «protobiologo». Emozioni e sentimenti secondo Antonio Damasio

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mariagrazia Portera


    Full Text Available My essay reconstructs the broad outline of Antonio Damasio's thought, with particoular reference to his book Looking for Spinoza: Joy, Sorrow and the Feeling Brain (2003, where Damasio describes from a neurobiological point of view human feelings and emotions. In doing that, he highlights how most of the main outcomes of contemporary neurobiological research confirms Spinoza's conception about feelings and emotions (Ethica, 1677.

  17. Antonio Buero Vallejo y Rodolfo Usigli: Historiografía y dramaturgia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Guillermo Schmidhuber de la Mora


    Full Text Available The article proposes a comparative analysis of the historical plays written by Mexican Rodolfo Usigli and by Spanish Antonio Buero Vallejo in the critical light of Friedrich Nietzsche and Hayden White, so as to explore the validity of Iberoamerican theatre as historiography. It also examines the relationship between history, metaphor, synecdoche and metonymy in their plays

  18. Antonio Buero Vallejo y Rodolfo Usigli: Historiografía y dramaturgia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Guillermo Schmidhuber de la Mora


    Full Text Available The article proposes a comparative analysis of the historical plays written by Mexican Rodolfo Usigli and by Spanish Antonio Buero Vallejo in the critical light of Friedrich Nietzsche and Hayden White, so as to explore the validity of Iberoamerican theatre as historiography. It also examines the relationship between history, metaphor, synecdoche and metonymy in their plays

  19. A reading of Antonio Tabucchi's Il filo dell'orizzonte | Wilson | Italian ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Questa lettura de Il filo dell'orizzonte (1986) di Antonio Tabucchi esamina il percorso del protagonista, Spino, attraverso gli spazi di una città. La sua è una ricerca ossessiva delle “segrete ragioni” che guidano una vita. Nel tentativo di restituire l'esistenza ad un morto, Spino percepisce che la reciprocità del legame fra vita e ...

  20. Measuring the Sustainability of Tourism in Manuel Antonio and Texel: a Tourist Perspective

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Cottrell, S.P.; Duim, van der V.R.; Ankersmid, P.; Kelder, L.


    This paper examines tourist perceptions of sustainability in Manuel Antonio/Quepos, Costa Rica and Texel, The Netherlands. It also reviews tourist opinions of site-specific sustainability aspects and assesses differences between tourist types and their perceptions of sustainability. The ecological

  1. Metallothionein and heavy metals in daphnia pulex from Jose Antonio Alzate reservoir

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Avila Perez, P.; Zarazua Ortega, G.; Barcelo Quintal, D.; Rosas, I.; Diazdelgado, C.


    Water and specimens of the freshwater cladoceran Dhapnia pulex were collected at 4 different sites located in an area influenced by industrial, agricultural and urban activities in the Jose Antonio Alzate Reservoir in two different seasons. The Jose Antonio Alzate Reservoir fed by the Lerma river is the first significant water reservoir downstream of the main industrial areas in the State of Mexico. There are about 2,500 industrial discharges between the river source and the Alzate Reservoir which makes the Lerma river and the Jose Antonio Alzate Reservoir the most contaminated water bodies in the State of Mexico. The Monitoring National Network recognises these waters as highly contaminated, especially in the zone located between the Mexico-Toluca highway and the Alzate Reservoir. Water samples and freshwater cladoceran were analysed for Cu and Zn by Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) and for Hg and Cd by Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA). As a general feature, the heavy metal concentrations of the water were found to decrease in the sequence: Cu > Zn > Hg > Cd. Metallothioneins (MT) were determined by silver saturation method. Tissue concentrations of MT in Dhapnia pulex varied between 5.69 and 8.96 (mg MT/ g wet wt) in rain season and between 48.87 and 74.00 (mg MT/ g wet wt) in dry season. Metallothioneins levels in Dhapnia pulex were significantly correlated (P < 0.01) with tissue Hg concentrations. In contrast, correlations between MT and tissue levels of Cu and Zn were weak. These observations suggest that Hg2+ activity is the key environmental factor to which metallothionein levels in Daphnia pulex are responding in the studied reservoir

  2. A report from the 2011 annual meeting of the american academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (March 18-22, 2011 - San Francisco, California, USA). (United States)

    Rabasseda, X


    San Francisco held this year's annual meeting of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology at the Moscone Center, where oral and poster sessions, educational courses and informal discussions called to the mind of attendees important news on a wide range of topics, including the main subject of this report: therapies for immune-based disorders as common as asthma or allergic rhinoconjunctivitis. A lot of important news from clinical and preclinical studies was disclosed to specialists attending this year's meeting. Most of the new research directly related to therapy for immunological diseases and disorders is summarized in the following report. 2011 Prous Science, S.A.U. or its licensors. All rights reserved.

  3. Manuel Antonio Noriega. Panama kindral liigub vanglast vanglasse / Arko Olesk

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Olesk, Arko, 1981-


    Ilmunud ka: Postimees : na russkom jazõke 7. sept. lk. 13. Narkootikumide salakaubaveo, väljapressimise ja rahapesu eest USA vanglas viibiva Panama endise sõjaväejuhi Manuel Antonio Noriega vabanemisest, uuest kohtuteest Prantsusmaal, Panamas tagaselja tehtud kohtuotsusest mõrvade, inimõiguste rikkumise ja korruptsiooni eest. Panama sõjalise diktaatori eluteest, võimulepääsemisest ning USA sõjalisest invasioonist 1989. aastal, mis lõpetas kindrali võimu

  4. San Antonio's 1983 Bus Passenger Survey (United States)


    Many transit operators routinely collect ridership data in order to provide a : basis for the planning of bus services. Often a survey is conducted of bus : riders to determine their riding habits, their views about the quality of : current service, ...

  5. Sources of suspended-sediment loads in the lower Nueces River watershed, downstream from Lake Corpus Christi to the Nueces Estuary, south Texas, 1958–2010 (United States)

    Ockerman, Darwin J.; Heitmuller, Franklin T.; Wehmeyer, Loren L.


    The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), in cooperation with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District; City of Corpus Christi; Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority; San Antonio River Authority; and San Antonio Water System, developed, calibrated, and tested a Hydrological Simulation Program-FORTRAN (HSPF) watershed model to simulate streamflow and suspended-sediment concentrations and loads during 1958-2010 in the lower Nueces River watershed, downstream from Lake Corpus Christi to the Nueces Estuary in south Texas. Data available to simulate suspended-sediment concentrations and loads consisted of historical sediment data collected during 1942-82 in the study area and suspended-sediment concentration data collected periodically by the USGS during 2006-7 and 2010 at three USGS streamflow-gaging stations (08211000 Nueces River near Mathis, Tex. [the Mathis gage], 08211200 Nueces River at Bluntzer, Tex. [the Bluntzer gage], and 08211500 Nueces River at Calallen, Tex. [the Calallen gage]), and at one ungaged location on a Nueces River tributary (USGS station 08211050 Bayou Creek at Farm Road 666 near Mathis, Tex.). The Mathis gage is downstream from Wesley E. Seale Dam, which was completed in 1958 to impound Lake Corpus Christi. Suspended-sediment data collected before and after completion of Wesley E. Seale Dam provide insights to the effects of the dam and reservoir on suspended-sediment loads transported by the lower Nueces River downstream from the dam to the Nueces Estuary. Annual suspended-sediment loads at the Nueces River near the Mathis, Tex., gage were considerably lower for a given annual mean discharge after the dam was completed than before the dam was completed.

  6. San Francisco folio, California, Tamalpais, San Francisco, Concord, San Mateo, and Haywards quadrangles (United States)

    Lawson, Andrew Cowper


    The five sheets of the San Francisco folio the Tamalpais, Ban Francisco, Concord, Ban Mateo, and Haywards sheets map a territory lying between latitude 37° 30' and 38° and longitude 122° and 122° 45'. Large parts of four of these sheets cover the waters of the Bay of San Francisco or of the adjacent Pacific Ocean. (See fig. 1.) Within the area mapped are the cities of San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda, Ban Rafael, and San Mateo, and many smaller towns and villages. These cities, which have a population aggregating about 750,000, together form the largest and most important center of commercial and industrial activity on the west coast of the United States. The natural advantages afforded by a great harbor, where the railways from the east meet the ships from all ports of the world, have determined the site of a flourishing cosmopolitan, commercial city on the shores of San Francisco Bay. The bay is encircled by hilly and mountainous country diversified by fertile valley lands and divides the territory mapped into two rather contrasted parts, the western part being again divided by the Golden Gate. It will therefore be convenient to sketch the geographic features under four headings (1) the area east of San Francisco Bay; (2) the San Francisco Peninsula; (3) the Marin Peninsula; (4) San Francisco Bay. (See fig. 2.)

  7. In Memoriam Antonio Reales Orozco (1917-1997

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Efraim Otero Ruiz


    Full Text Available

    Para la academia Nacional de Medicina, en su ámbito más nacional, constituye motivo de sincera condolencia la desaparición, el pasado 23 de febrero, del Académico de Número Dr. Antonio Reales Orozco. Nacido, criado y educado en Barranquilla, el Dr. Reales Orozco se graduó de médico de la Universidad Nacional en 1944 y desde entonces se orientó por la Psiquiatría, especialidad que ejerció por más de cincuenta años.

    Además de haber ocupado por varios años la dirección de diversos frenocomios de hombres y de mujeres en su ciudad natal, fue fundador, codirector y copropietario de la Clínica Psiquiátrica del Atlántico, institución privada en que durante más de treinta años prestó destacados servicios a toda la región de la costa atlántica.

    Ingresó como Miembro Correspondiente en 1983 con el trabajo “El hombre y las ciencias del comportamiento” para posteriormente, en 1986 ascender a la categoría de Miembro de Número con su trabajo “Estudio de mil casos médico-psiquiátricos” que recibió calurosos elogios del ya desaparecido Académico Profesor José Francisco Socarrás.

    Retirado del ejercicio activo de la profesión se dedicó, a partir de ese año, a investigar temas históricos de trascendental importancia que publicó en dos libros, cuyas presentaciones formales se hicieron en el recinto de la Academia: uno, en 1988, titulado Bolívar frente a los médicos y la medicina, en que hace un profundo análisis psicológico de la desconfianza que sentía el Libertador hacia los médicos y analiza la trayectoria de aquellos galenos ejemplares que lo acompañaron en la última etapa de su vida, cuando viaja de Bogotá hacia la costa del Caribe para ir a morir finalmente en la Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino.}

    El otro, titulado Santander; fundador del Estado Colombiano trazó, en 24 vigorosos capítulos, que van desde el nacimiento hasta la enfermedad y muerte del General Francisco de

  8. Reproductive traits of the small Patagonian octopus Octopus tehuelchus (United States)

    Storero, Lorena P.; Narvarte, Maite A.; González, Raúl A.


    This study evaluated the reproductive features of Octopus tehuelchus in three coastal environments of San Matías Gulf (Patagonia). Monthly samples of O. tehuelchus were used to estimate size at maturity, compare seasonal changes in oocyte size frequency distributions between sites as well as oocyte number and size between female maturity stage and sites. Females in Islote Lobos had a smaller size at maturity than females in San Antonio Bay and El Fuerte, probably as a consequence of a generally smaller body size. Males in San Antonio Bay were smaller at maturity than females. O. tehuelchus is a simultaneous terminal spawner. Fecundity (expressed as number of vitellogenic oocytes in ovary) was lower in Islote Lobos, and an increase in oocyte number in relation to female total weight was found. Females in San Antonio Bay had the largest oocytes, which may indicate higher energy reserves for the embryo and therefore higher juvenile survival. There was a close relationship between reproduction, growth and condition, represented as size at maturity, number and size of vitellogenic oocytes and period of maturity and spawning. Given the local variation in some reproductive features of O. tehuelchus, studies should focus on the environmental factors, which bring about this variation, and on how it affects the dynamics of local populations.

  9. A basin-scale approach for assessing water resources in a semiarid environment: San Diego region, California and Mexico

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    L. E. Flint


    Full Text Available Many basins throughout the world have sparse hydrologic and geologic data, but have increasing demands for water and a commensurate need for integrated understanding of surface and groundwater resources. This paper demonstrates a methodology for using a distributed parameter water-balance model, gaged surface-water flow, and a reconnaissance-level groundwater flow model to develop a first-order water balance. Flow amounts are rounded to the nearest 5 million cubic meters per year.

    The San Diego River basin is 1 of 5 major drainage basins that drain to the San Diego coastal plain, the source of public water supply for the San Diego area. The distributed parameter water-balance model (Basin Characterization Model was run at a monthly timestep for 1940–2009 to determine a median annual total water inflow of 120 million cubic meters per year for the San Diego region. The model was also run specifically for the San Diego River basin for 1982–2009 to provide constraints to model calibration and to evaluate the proportion of inflow that becomes groundwater discharge, resulting in a median annual total water inflow of 50 million cubic meters per year. On the basis of flow records for the San Diego River at Fashion Valley (US Geological Survey gaging station 11023000, when corrected for upper basin reservoir storage and imported water, the total is 30 million cubic meters per year. The difference between these two flow quantities defines the annual groundwater outflow from the San Diego River basin at 20 million cubic meters per year. These three flow components constitute a first-order water budget estimate for the San Diego River basin. The ratio of surface-water outflow and groundwater outflow to total water inflow are 0.6 and 0.4, respectively. Using total water inflow determined using the Basin Characterization Model for the entire San Diego region and the 0.4 partitioning factor, groundwater outflow from the San Diego region, through

  10. El Área de Contabilidad de la UCLM y José Antonio Rojas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francisco Javier Quesada Sánchez


    Full Text Available Breve historia de los cinco primeros cursos del Área de Contabilidad de la Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha con especial referencia a la dedicación y protagonismo del Profesor José Antonio Rojas Tercero, a quien se rinde homenaje.

  11. Los artículos sobre libertad de imprenta de Bentham y Miguel Antonio Caro: divergencias y eventuales correspondencias

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gonzalo A. Ramírez Cleves


    Full Text Available El artículo analiza los escritos del jurista inglés Jeremy Bentham sobre libertad de prensa y su influencia en Venezuela y Colombia en el siglo XIX, teniendo en cuenta la publicación que se hizo de un artículo sobre el tema en La Bagatela de Antonio Nariño en 1811. El escrito compara el pensamiento de Bentham sobre el tema con las ideas conservadoras de Miguel Antonio Caro a finales del siglo XIX publicadas en el periódico El Nacional.

  12. Los artículos sobre libertad de imprenta de Bentham y Miguel Antonio Caro: divergencias y eventuales correspondencias

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gonzalo A. Ramírez Cleves


    Full Text Available El artículo analiza los escritos del jurista inglés jeremy bentham sobre libertad de prensa y su influencia en Venezuela y Colombia en el siglo XIX, teniendo en cuenta la publicación que se hizo de un artículo sobre el tema en La Bagatela de antonio nariño en 1811. El escrito compara el pensamiento de bentham sobre el tema con las ideas conservadoras de miGuel antonio caro a finales del siglo xix publicadas en el periódico El Nacional.

  13. Antonio Boroni e il suo dramma giocoso „L’amore in musica“, Italský kulturní institut v Praze, 13. června 2015

    Czech Academy of Sciences Publication Activity Database

    Jonášová, Milada


    Roč. 53, č. 1 (2016), s. 99-101 ISSN 0018-7003. [Antonio Boroni e il suo dramma giocoso „L’amore in music a“. Praha, 13.06.2015] Institutional support: RVO:68378076 Keywords : Antonio Boroni * G. B. Locatelli * reception * Mozart * Salieri * Fischietti * Gassmann Subject RIV: AL - Art, Architecture, Cultural Heritage

  14. Cineclube Antonio das Mortes and its independent film production

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marina da Costa Campos


    Full Text Available This article analysis the production of experimental films made by Cineclube Antonio das Mortes (CAM in 1980, in Goiania, Through the term "independent film". This work is an initial study, therefore, it’s intended, first, to discuss the various conceptions given to “independent cinema” in Brazilian cinema history, from the late 1940s until 1980. Then, this work will try to understand how this production of this Cineclube approaches or moves away from the different conceptions that this term has acquired over the decades.

  15. Antonio Maceo: Agent General of the Provisional Revolutionary Government to the Cuban emigration (I

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Antonio Navarro Álvarez


    Full Text Available This article describes the role of paramount importance played by Antonio Maceo y Grajales as General Agent of the Provisional Government, one of the less studied and known roles of this preeminent patriot of our wars of independence.

  16. Franco and José Antonio: Chief and Prophet of Spain. Construction of Charisma during the Civil War

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María Luisa RICO GÓMEZ


    Full Text Available This paper examines how the person of the general Francisco Franco and of the Falangist leader Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera were transfigured symbolically by means of the construction and spread of its charismatic image into the speech, the rites and the liturgies of the ‘new State’ during the civil war into Spain from 1936 to 1939. The charismatic thing like carrier of an essence transcendente appeared in a dual way between the exaltation of Franco, the Caudillo, hero recognized as political chief for his warlike exploits, and the worship in memory of Jose Antonio, prophet dedicated to the death as redeeming sacrifice of Spain.

  17. Antonio Candido de Mello e Souza e Florestan Fernandes: breves perfis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Claudinei Carlos Spirandelli


    Full Text Available Este artigo enfoca, de maneira didática, perfis e trajetórias de importantes sociólogos paulistas: Antonio Candido de Mello e Souza e Florestan Fernandes. Nosso texto pretende mostrar suas origens, características de obras, os grupos sob suas lideranças e heranças legadas. Neste artigo, pretendemos uma melhor divulgação desses grandes nomes da sociologia brasileira.

  18. El cardo, el ave y la verdad. Entrevista con el pintor Antonio López

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jean-Philippe Peynot


    Full Text Available Antonio López es reconocido como uno de los más grandes pintores actuales por numerosas instituciones y por un público muy amplio. Al escoger pintar su entorno más cercano, de manera realista y sin imponer siquiera un estilo, supo que su camino sería difícil y solitario, lejos de los críticos de arte, curadores, galeristas y otros actores de la escena contemporánea. De la fidelidad de su mirada nació una obra, y de esta obra nació el pintor, que nos habla en esta entrevista, al horizonte de una verdad. Entre otros reconocimientos Antonio López recibió el Premio Príncipe de Asturias de las Artes en 1985 y el Premio Velázquez de Artes Plásticas en 2006.

  19. 75 FR 38412 - Safety Zone; San Diego POPS Fireworks, San Diego, CA (United States)


    ...-AA00 Safety Zone; San Diego POPS Fireworks, San Diego, CA AGENCY: Coast Guard, DHS. ACTION: Temporary... waters of San Diego Bay in support of the San Diego POPS Fireworks. This safety zone is necessary to... San Diego POPS Fireworks, which will include fireworks presentations conducted from a barge in San...

  20. Marco Antonio Chaer Nascimento a festschrift from theoretical chemistry accounts

    CERN Document Server

    Ornellas, Fernando R


    In this Festschrift dedicated to the 65th birthday of Marco Antonio Chaer Nascimento, selected researchers in theoretical chemistry present research highlights on major developments in the field. Originally published in the journal Theoretical Chemistry Accounts, these outstanding contributions are now available in a hardcover print format. This volume will be of benefit in particular to those research groups and libraries that have chosen to have only electronic access to the journal. It also provides valuable content for all researchers in theoretical chemistry.

  1. Archaeometric studies in the Franciscan convent of Santo Antonio - Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Azevedo, Renata L.; Asfora, Viviane K.; Ribeiro, Guilherme B.; Ferreira, Joao Victor C.; Khoury, Helen J.; Sullasi, Henry S.L.; Rego, Nuno Jose S.; Mello, Jose Aylton C. de


    The purpose of this paper is to characterize the tiles placed on the walls of the Franciscan convent of Santo Antonio (Recife-PE) and to obtain information about the several expansions and structural reforms performed on the convent by dating the bricks. For this purpose, a portable energy dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) was used to characterize the tiles. The dating of the bricks was performed using the Thermoluminescence (TL) technique. The results of the EDXRF analysis show that the dominant component of the white pigment is Lead [2PbCO 3 .Pb (OH) 2 ], used since the ancient times until the twentieth century, while the dominant element of the blue pigment is Cobalt (CoO.Al 2 O 3 ), that has been used from 1807 until nowadays. The TL dating of bricks indicate that there were walls with different periods of construction, being one built around 1765, with a deviation of 28 years, whereas other was built later, around 1874, with a deviation of 15 years. These results provide new data towards understanding how and when the Recife Franciscan Convent of Santo Antonio was designed and built, contributing to other research works presently underway on site. (author)

  2. Antonio Zambrana Lara, docente y pintor. Técnica y procedimientos dentro del Realismo Sevillano del último tercio del siglo XX


    Domínguez Moreno, Gustavo


    El trabajo que aquí se presenta, cuyo título es Antonio Zambrana Lara, docente y pintor. Técnica y procedimiento dentro del Realismo Sevillano del último tercio del siglo XX, procurará analizar en profundidad las cuestiones relacionadas con la personalidad artística de Antonio Zambrana, a través de diversos asuntos, como por ejemplo su contextualización, intentando profundizar en un momento apasio nante del arte sevillano y especialmente en aquellos apartados que de manera más concreta se ref...

  3. Is Heart Period Variability Associated with the Administration of Lifesaving Interventions in Individual Prehospital Trauma Patients with Normal Standard Vital Signs? (United States)


    heart period variability as an indicator of mortality in intensive care unit patients many hours before death. Similarly, re- cent studies using data...the Department of Health and Kinesiology (CAR), The University of Texas at San Antonio, San An- tonio, TX; U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research (CAR

  4. Antonio José Ponte: el espacio como texto

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María Guadalupe Silva


    This essay examines Antonio José Ponte’s tale "Un arte de hacer ruinas" (An Art of making ruins from the perspective of its narrative strategies. Considering the general structure of the book, in which this tale holds a central place, the essay inquires into the meanings of the very notion of "center" in Ponte’s literary project. Since the structuration of space, in particular, urban space, which is the first political space, is a matter of permanent reflection in his work, here I offer a reading of the allegorical "engineering" of the tale, establishing relations with other critical texts by Ponte which defies the metaphysics of Cuban nationalism and the centralizing ideology of the Estate.

  5. Reflective Mindreading: Theory of Mind and the Search for Self in Antonio Machado's "Soledades" (United States)

    Mills, Steven


    In Antonio Machado's collection "Soledades", the poet's search for identity guides an introspective quest where context, body, and mind form an intricate and inseparable connection. By extending cognitive capabilities to his natural environment, the poet, through embodied cognition and Theory of Mind, reads other people's and nature's minds to…

  6. BrainMap '95 workshop. Final report

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    The fourth annual BrainMap workshop was held at La Mansion del Rio Hotel in San Antonio December 3--4, 1995. The conference title was ''Human Brain Mapping and Modeling.'' The meeting was attended by 137 registered participants and 30 observers from 82 institutions representing 12 countries. The meeting focused on the technical issues associated with brain mapping and modeling. A total of 23 papers were presented covering the following topics: spatial normalization and registration; functional image analysis; metanalysis and modeling; and new horizons in biological databases. The full program with abstracts was available on the Research Imaging Center's web site. A book will be published by John Wiley and Sons prior to the end of 1998

  7. BrainMap `95 workshop

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The fourth annual BrainMap workshop was held at La Mansion del Rio Hotel in San Antonio December 3--4, 1995. The conference title was ``Human Brain Mapping and Modeling.`` The meeting was attended by 137 registered participants and 30 observers from 82 institutions representing 12 countries. The meeting focused on the technical issues associated with brain mapping and modeling. A total of 23 papers were presented covering the following topics: spatial normalization and registration; functional image analysis; metanalysis and modeling; and new horizons in biological databases. The full program with abstracts was available on the Research Imaging Center`s web site. A book will be published by John Wiley and Sons prior to the end of 1998.

  8. Biblioteca gramsciana: os livros da prisão de Antonio Gramsci

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lincoln Secco


    Full Text Available This article presents preliminary conclusions from research on the books read by Antonio Gramsci in the prison library. Although he had only a few books by Marxist authors at his disposal, Gramsci still was able to face the most important issues of his time. In addition, the article argues that in his Prison Notebooks, Gramsci analyzed these books and their publishers as a means of showing the link between culture and the public.

  9. Viagem, identidade e memória textual em Antonio Tabucchi


    Melissa Cobra Torre


    Esta dissertação apresenta uma reflexão sobre a viagem, a identidade, o jogo e a memória textual na obra de Antonio Tabucchi, tendo em vista o romance 'Noturno Indiano' e os contos 'A frase a seguir é falsa. A frase anterior é verdadeira', 'Il gioco del rovescio', 'Piccoli equivoci senza importanza' e 'I treni che vanno a Madras'. Tem como objetivos repensar o tema da viagem em 'Noturno Indiano'; enfocar a questão da identidade no referido romance; discutir o jogo textual em 'Noturno Indiano'...

  10. Fundamentos de Inteligencia Artificial: Entrevista con Antonio Benítez


    Asier Arias


    Antonio Benítez, profesor de Lógica en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, ha dedicado buena parte de su labor docente e investigadora a la inteligencia artificial y a la filosofía de la mente y de la ciencia cognitiva. Recientemente ha publicado una obra en tres volúmenes titulada Fundamentos de Inteligencia Artificial (el tercer volumen, dedicado a la inteligencia artificial bioinspirada, aparecerá en los próximos meses). La misma ofrece una guía práctica de introducción a la programación...

  11. Commercial production of ethanol in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. Final report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hewlett, E.M.; Erickson, M.V.; Ferguson, C.D.; Boswell, B.S.; Walter, K.M.; Hart, M.L.; Sherwood, P.B.


    The commercial feasibility of producing between 76 and 189 million liters (20 to 50 million gallons) of ethanol annually in the San Luis Valley, Colorado using geothermal energy as the primary heat source was assessed. The San Luis Valley is located in south-central Colorado. The valley is a high basin situated approximately 2316 meters (7600 feet) above sea level which contains numerous warm water wells and springs. A known geothermal resource area (IGRA) is located in the east-central area of the valley. The main industry in the valley is agriculture, while the main industry in the surrounding mountains is lumber. Both of these industries can provide feedstocks for the production of ethanol.

  12. O que é a Multidão? Questões para Michael Hardt e Antonio Negri

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nicholas Brown


    Full Text Available Multidão, livro mais recente de Michael Hardt e Antonio Negri, é uma tentativa de nomear e compreender as condições que envolvem a dinâmica social do século xxi. Na entrevista a seguir, Hardt e Negri discorrem sobre as possibilidades de constituição da multidão como agente político, discutem os fundamentos do livro e defendem conceitos que consideram determinantes para a compreensão dos novos tempos, tais como biopolítica e biopoder.Multitude, Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri’s latest book, is an attempt at understanding conditions involving social dynamics in the xxi century. In the interview below, Hardt and Negri consider the constitution of the multitude as a political agent, discuss the structure of their book and support concepts seen as crucial for the comprehension of our time, such as biopolitics and biopower.

  13. Carnaval de Sodoma de Pedro Antonio Valdez: retratos y vestiduras travestis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Julio Penenrey Navarro


    Full Text Available El travestimiento y las identidades queer son temas obviados y desentendidos por la crítica literaria que la novela Carnaval de Sodoma (2002, del escritor dominicano Pedro Antonio Valdez, ha merecido hasta el momento. A través del surgimiento de tres personajes travestidos de la obra —Tora, el Barón del cementerio-La Fortunata y Changsán- Princesa de Jade— examinaremos cómo la acción travesti desestabiliza el imaginario de naturalización y de complementariedad que el discurso normativo ha asignado a los géneros tradicionales (masculino/femenino, y repensaremos nociones como género y sexualidad, comúnmente establecidas por el pensamiento heterocentrado como entidades fijas e inmutables. Cross-dressing and queer identities constitute themes that are ignored and neglected by the literary critic that the novel Carnaval de Sodoma (2002, by Dominican writer Pedro Antonio Valdez has had until now. We will analyze three transvestite characters —Tora, the Baron of the graveyard-La Fortunata and Changsán-Princess of Jade— and examine how the transvestite action destabilize the naturalization and complementarization imaginary that the normative discourse has assigned to the traditional genders (masculine/femenine. We will rethink notions such as gender and sexuality, usually established by the heterocentered thought as fixe and immutable entities.

  14. 78 FR 19103 - Safety Zone; Spanish Navy School Ship San Sebastian El Cano Escort; Bahia de San Juan; San Juan, PR (United States)


    ...-AA00 Safety Zone; Spanish Navy School Ship San Sebastian El Cano Escort; Bahia de San Juan; San Juan... temporary moving safety zone on the waters of Bahia de San Juan during the transit of the Spanish Navy... Channel entrance, and to protect the high ranking officials on board the Spanish Navy School Ship San...

  15. Radon 222 levels in deep well waters of Toluca municipality (county)

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Olguin Gutierrez, Maria Teresa.


    The levels of Radon 222 were determined in 46 deep (50-180m) wells in the city and county of Toluca, as well as the annual radiation dose that the stomach admits when ingesting such water. The method used for the quantification of Radon 222 was liquid scintillation counting. The result revealed that levels of Radon 222 in the studied area in the range of 0 to 320 pCi l -1 . In the case of the equivalent annual dose that the stomach (empty) admits due to ingestion of water from the wells, values are in an interval between 0 to 95 mrem a -1 . This values are well below the level established by the International Commission of Radiological Protection (ICRP). The wells that had the higher concentration of Radon 222 were found in the regions of Lodo Prieto, Seminario; San Antonio Buenavista and La Trinidad Huichochitlan. (Author)

  16. Seasonal and inter-annual variability of aerosol optical properties during 2005-2010 over Red Mountain Pass and Impact on the Snow Cover of the San Juan Mountains (United States)

    Singh, R. P.; Gautam, R.; Painter, T. H.


    Growing body of evidence suggests the significant role of aerosol solar absorption in accelerated seasonal snowmelt in the cryosphere and elevated mountain regions via snow contamination and radiative warming processes. Characterization of aerosol optical properties over seasonal snow cover and snowpacks is therefore important towards the better understanding of aerosol radiative effects and associated impact on snow albedo. In this study, we present seasonal variations in column-integrated aerosol optical properties retrieved from AERONET sunphotometer measurements (2005-2010) at Red Mountain Pass (37.90° N, 107.72° W, 3368 msl) in the San Juan Mountains, in the vicinity of the North American Great Basin and Colorado Plateau deserts. The aerosol optical depth (AOD) measured at 500nm is generally low (pollutant transport. In addition, the possibility of the observed increased coarse-mode influence associated with mineral dust influx cannot be ruled out, due to westerly-airmass driven transport from arid/desert regions as suggested by backward trajectory simulations. A meteorological coupling is also found in the summer season between AOD and column water vapor retrieved from AERONET with co-occurring enhanced water vapor and AOD. Based on column measurements, it is difficult to ascertain the aerosol composition, however, the summer-time enhanced aerosol loading as presented here is consistent with the increased dust deposition in the San Juan mountain snow cover as reported in recent studies. In summary, this study is expected to better understand the seasonal and inter-annual aerosol column variations and is an attempt to provide an insight into the effects of aerosol solar absorption on accelerated seasonal snowmelt in the San Juan mountains.

  17. Compact High Resolution SANS using very cold neutrons (VCN-SANS)

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Kennedy, S.; Yamada, M.; Iwashita, Y.; Geltenbort, P.; Bleuel, M.; Shimizu, H.


    SANS (Small Angle Neutron Scattering) is a popular method for elucidation of nano-scale structures. However science continually challenges SANS for higher performance, prompting exploration of ever-more exotic and expensive technologies. We propose a compact high resolution SANS, using very cold neutrons, magnetic focusing lens and a wide-angle spherical detector. This system will compete with modern 40 m pinhole SANS in one tenth of the length, matching minimum Q, Q-resolution and dynamic range. It will also probe dynamics using the MIEZE method. Our prototype lens (a rotating permanent-magnet sextupole), focuses a pulsed neutron beam over 3-5 nm wavelength and has measured SANS from micelles and polymer blends. (authors)

  18. Illegal drug use and its correlates in San Juan, Puerto Rico. (United States)

    Caetano, Raul; Vaeth, Patrice A C; Canino, Glorisa


    Data on the prevalence and correlates of illegal drug use in Puerto Rico are now almost 20 years old. This study sought to estimate the 12-month prevalence of illegal and non-prescribed medical drug use in San Juan, Puerto Rico and identify sociodemographic correlates of use. Data are from a random household sample of 1510 individuals, 18-64 years of age in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The 12-month prevalence of any illegal or non-prescribed drug use was 16.5%. Prevalence among men (20.7%) was higher than among women (12.9%; chi 2  = 16.308; df = 1; p  .05) were negatively associated with drug use compared to annual income up to $10,000. As in many other places in the U.S., drug use in San Juan, Puerto Rico is high, affecting about 1 in 6 adults in the population. The highest prevalence is for marijuana use, which cannot be medically prescribed and of which recreational use is illegal on the island. Copyright © 2018 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  19. Problematizing the "Taken for Granted" in Educational Issues: Karl Marx, Antonio Gramsci, and Michel Foucault. (United States)

    Qi, Jie

    This paper explores how educators would raise different questions about educational issues by using Karl Marx's framework, Antonio Gramsci's conception, and Michel Foucault's notions, respectively. First, the paper compares the historical perspectives of Marx and Foucault. Marx concludes that history is a progressive linear production and that…

  20. Una curiosa poesía de Alacrán Posada

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Restrepo Posada


    Full Text Available Don Benito de Posada Frade nació por los años de 1766 en San Pedro de Pría (provincia de Oviedo, Asturias y era hijo de don Juan Antonio Posada y de Manuela Frade. La antigua casa solariega de los Posadas, que existe en S. Pedro de Pría, con escudo de armas esculpido en el portal, tiene una inscripción que dice: "Redificó esta obra don lván Antonio Posada, año de 1758. Este don Juan Antonio era precisamente el padre de don Benito.

  1. 75 FR 41235 - National Register of Historic Places; Notification of Pending Nominations and Related Actions (United States)


    ... County Administrative Building, 800 University Dr, Maryville, 10000504 MONTANA Stillwater County United... Bexar County Toltec, The, 131 Taylor St, San Antonio, 10000498 Karnes County Karnes County Courthouse...

  2. Proceedings of the 1996 USAF Aircraft Structural Integrity Program Conference. Volume I. ASIP

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Waggoner, Gary


    .... The conference, which was sponsored by the Aeronautical Systems Center's Engineering Directorate and tile Wright Laboratory's Flight Dynamics and Materials Directorates, was hosted by the San Antonio...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Murilo Lyra Pinto


    Full Text Available O objetivo deste artigo é relatar as experiências iniciais vivenciadas, em 2015, pelo Projeto de Extensão Antonio Gramsci: fomentando a concepção ativista de educação, da Universidade do Vale do Itajaí, SC. A abordagem dialética foi adotada como método e matriz epistêmica. Na oficina-base do Projeto, intitulada Universidade, os extensionistas foram instigados para responder qual o papel da Universidade e que papel a Universidade deveria ter na sociedade brasileira. A síntese dos questionamentos deu-se na interlocução entre transformação, vontade coletiva e participação. Ancorados em Antonio Gramsci, concluíram que a produção de trabalhadores reflexivos e críticos para o Sistema Único de Saúde (SUS exige o caráter orgânico na formação acadêmica e que a vontade coletiva é uma atividade ético-política. A execução deste Projeto expressa a natureza pública da Instituição e seu compromisso com o desenvolvimento humano.

  4. A tradição esquecida: estudo sobre a sociologia de Antonio Candido

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jackson Luiz Carlos


    Full Text Available Este artigo pretende avaliar a importância de Antonio Candido nas Ciências Sociais brasileiras e a relação entre Sociologia e crítica literária na obra do autor. Nesse sentido, Os Parceiros do Rio Bonito (tese defenfida em 1954 na USP, publicada em livro em 1964 é filiado ao ensaísmo e aproximado de Formação da Literatura Brasileira (1959. Discute-se em que medida Os Parceiros do Rio Bonito deve ser lido como monografia antropológica e produto acadêmico da FFCL/USP e/ou como interpretação mais ampla da formação social brasileira. Nossa hipótese afirma que o livro responde, apesar da evidente distância temática, à mesma preocupação que orientou a redação de Formação da Literatura Brasileira, apontando para uma unidade interna à diversidade da produção intelectual de Antonio Candido, o que a vincula a problemas típicos da tradição ensaística brasileira.

  5. 76 FR 45693 - Safety Zone; San Diego POPS Fireworks, San Diego, CA (United States)


    ...-AA00 Safety Zone; San Diego POPS Fireworks, San Diego, CA AGENCY: Coast Guard, DHS. ACTION: Temporary... San Diego Bay in support of the San Diego POPS Fireworks. This safety zone is necessary to provide for... of the waterway during scheduled fireworks events. Persons and vessels will be prohibited from...

  6. Office of Naval Research-Interns in Biomolecular Sciences Multi-Institutional Research Enhancement Partnership Program: Research Leadership for the 21st Century

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Avila, Diana; Chigbu, Paulinus; Garcia-Rios, Mario; Wild, James R


    .... The participants are from four minority-serving teaching institutions: Jackson State University (JSU), Jackson, MS; St. Mary's University (StMU), San Antonio, TX); Texas A & M International University...

  7. Commercial production of ethanol in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. Final Report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hewlett, E.M.; Erickson, M.V.; Ferguson, C.D.; Sherwood, P.B.; Boswell, B.S.; Walter, K.M.; Hart, M.L.


    The purpose of this study is to assess the commercial feasibility of producing between 76 and 189 million liters (20 and 50 million gallons) of ethanol annually in the San Luis Valley, Colorado using geothermal energy as the primary heat source. The San Luis Valley is located in south-central Colorado. The valley is a high basin situated approximately 2316 meters (7600 feet) above sea level which contains numerous warm water wells and springs. A known geothermal resource area (KGRA) is located in the east-central area of the valley. The main industry in the valley is agriculture, while the main industry in the surrounding mountains is lumber. Both of these industries can provide feedstock for the production of ethanol.

  8. José Antonio Portuondo Valdor, Understanding Aesthetic Education from Humanity

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kisimira Díaz-Machado


    Full Text Available The purpose of the paper is to analyze the specificities in the thought about Aesthetic Education present in Jose Antonio Portuondo. There are exposed elements of the point of view that the Cuban intellectual has about Aesthetic Education from an updated approach, and linked to his idea of building a better society, based on justice and ethic. The research process was conducted through historical-logic and hermeneutic methods. The value of this work lays on it goes deep in the intellectual contribution of Portuondo to the national culture and the Cuban philosophical thought.

  9. 33 CFR 165.754 - Safety Zone: San Juan Harbor, San Juan, PR. (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Safety Zone: San Juan Harbor, San Juan, PR. 165.754 Section 165.754 Navigation and Navigable Waters COAST GUARD, DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND... Zone: San Juan Harbor, San Juan, PR. (a) Regulated area. A moving safety zone is established in the...

  10. Sea change under climate change: case studies in rare plant conservation from the dynamic San Francisco Estuary (United States)

    We present case studies supporting management of two rare plant species in tidal wetlands of the San Francisco Estuary. For an annual hemiparasite, we used demographic analyses to identify factors to enhance population establishment, survivorship and fitness, and to compare reintroduced with natura...

  11. Isotopic investigation of ground water resources in the Ojo Alamo sandstone, Nacimiento, and San Jose Formations, San Juan Basin, New Mexico. Technical completion report

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Phillips, F.M.; Peeters, L.A.; Tansey, M.K.


    The San Juan Basin, in northwest New Mexico, has vast reserves of strippable, low-sulfur coal. Development of the resource will require large quantities of water, from an area where water resources are not abundant. Since surface-water supplies are fully allocated, increased future water demands will have to be met through ground-water development. The study concentrates on the Ojo Alamo, Nacimiento, and San Jose Formations, the aquifers directly above the principal coal unit. Carbon-14 and tritium methods were used to date the ground water in these units. Initial radiocarbon activities were calculated using the models of Vogel, Tamers, Pearson, Mook and Fontes. The observation lends support to the hypothesis of isotopically lighter Pleistocene precipitation. Such lighter recharge was most likely due to a colder mean annual temperature and perhaps increased winter precipitation. A similar change is obtained from noble-gas paleothermometry

  12. Annual energy analysis of concrete containing phase change materials for building envelopes

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Thiele, Alexander M.; Jamet, Astrid; Sant, Gaurav; Pilon, Laurent


    Highlights: • Adding PCM to concrete walls can significantly reduce the cooling needs of buildings. • Climate, season, and wall orientation strongly affect energy and cost savings. • The PCM melting temperature should be near the desired indoor temperature. • Benefits are maximum for outdoor temperature oscillating around set indoor temperature. • Adding PCM had little effect on heating energy needs and associated cost savings. - Abstract: This paper examines the annual energy and cost savings potential of adding microencapsulated phase change material to the exterior concrete walls of an average-sized single family home in California climate zones 3 (San Francisco, CA) and 9 (Los Angeles, CA). The annual energy and cost savings were larger for South- and West-facing walls than for other walls. They were also the largest when the phase change temperature was near the desired indoor temperature. The addition of microencapsulated phase change material to the building walls reduced the cooling load in summer substantially more than the heating load in winter. This was attributed to the cold winter temperatures resulting in nearly unidirectional heat flux on many days. The annual cooling load reduction in an average-sized single family home in San Francisco and in Los Angeles ranged from 85% to 100% and from 53% to 82%, respectively, for phase change material volume fraction ranging from 0.1 to 0.3. The corresponding annual electricity cost savings ranged from $36 to $42 in San Francisco and from $94 to $143 in Los Angeles. From an energy standpoint, the best climate for using building materials containing uniformly distributed microencapsulated phase change material would have outdoor temperature oscillations centered around the desired indoor temperature for the entire year

  13. Tradición y modernidad en la obra de Antonio López = Tradition and Modernity in Antonio López’s works

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María Ruiz de Loizaga Martín


    Full Text Available Resumen: A lo largo de su trayectoria artística, son muchas y muy variadas las influencias que ha recibido Antonio López hasta emerger como el principal representante del realismo español. Esas fuentes tan diversas –pintores del Trecento y el Quattrocento, el cubismo, el surrealismo, la pintura metafísica, el mundo clásico, el arte español, Velázquez, Vermeer, etc.– reflejan su progresiva evolución pictórica, que no presenta rupturas, y evidencian la admiración que siente hacia otros artistas y su conocimiento de la historia del arte antiguo y contemporáneo. Asimismo, algunas de sus obras, como sus vistas aéreas, sugieren su comparación con el impresionismo. El papel que juega la fotografía es un elemento fundamental en esta comparativa. La admiración que despierta no es sólo a nivel profesional, sino también humano. A través de las entrevistas, el receptor es consciente de la humanidad de este genio y del sentido e intención última de su obra.Abstract: Antonio López has been the recipient of many different influences throughout his artistic career, crowned by the unofficial title of main figure of Spanish Realism. These sources, that range from Trecento and Quattrocento paintings to Cubism, Surrealism, metaphysical painting, the classic world, Spanish art, Velázquez or Vermeer show a steady pictorial development and demonstrate his admiration for other artists and his knowledge of Ancient and Contemporary art history. In addition, his aerial views can be compared with Impressionism. Photography’s role is a basic element in this comparison. His works trigger the admiration both from a technical and a human point of view. By the interviews, the public is aware of the humanity of this genius as well as the meaning and the final intention of his work.

  14. 76 FR 75897 - Endangered and Threatened Species Permit Applications (United States)


    ...: EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Lewisville, Texas. Applicant requests a new permit for... atricapilla) within Texas. Permit TE-37047A Applicant: Sea World Parks and Entertainment, San Antonio, Texas...

  15. «Un esclavo que se llama Antonio»: venta de dos esclavos asiáticos en Galicia a inicios del siglo XVII

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ménard, Caroline


    Full Text Available Slavery has existed in the Iberian Peninsula since the Antiquity and up to the Modern Era - and moreover, it was not restricted to the submission of people coming from Africa. This paper will look at the sale of two slaves originally from Asia, Antonio and Domingo, in 1603 in the port of Vigo - it will explore their journey, the role of the Carreira da India Portuguese mariners as sailors, their origin and sale price. Antonio and Domingo might represent a minority compared to all the slaves living at that time in Galicia, but their difference is a rich illustration of the process as it was then working.

    La esclavitud era conocida en la Península Ibérica desde la Antigüedad y durante la Época Moderna y no se limitó a la sumisión de personas de origen africana. Este artículo trata de la venta de dos esclavos de origen asiático, Antonio y Domingo, en el puerto de Vigo en 1603; en él se analiza la ruta emprendida por éstos, el papel desempeñado por los marineros portugueses de la Carreira da India como vendedores, así como su origen y precio. Antonio y Domingo representan una minoria dentro del conjunto de los esclavos viviendo en ese momento en Galicia, pero su presencia es un ejemplo ilustrativo de la dinámica vigente en la época. [gl] A escravitude era coñecida na Península Ibérica dende a Antigüidade e durante a Época Moderna e non se limitou a sumisión de persoas de orixe africana. Este artigo trata da venda de dous escravos de orixe asiática, Antonio e Domingo, no porto de Vigo no 1603. No artigo analízase a ruta realizada por estes e a súa orixe e prezo, así como o papel xogado polos mariñeiros portugueses na Carreira da India como vendedores. Antonio y Domingo representan unha corrente minoritaria dentro do conxunto dos escravos que viven en Galicia nesta época, mais a sua presencia é un bon exemplo da dinamica vivida nesta época.

  16. Download this PDF file

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    communication performance so that a diagnosis and appropriate goals for clinical management ... For successful communication to take place, the speaker must take the knowledge state ..... Pretoria: Human Sciences .... San Antonio: Pearson.

  17. El anhelo metafísico de Antonio Machado

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carlos Llano Cifuentes


    Full Text Available In Antonio Machado's poetry, a dissatisfied agnosticism appears; that is, a kind of agnosticism which wants to quit being such, an agnosticism with metaphysical longings. Machado knows that the absence of trascendence does not offer peacefulness, but tediousness and resignation against the changing reality. Being lacks the plenitude it once had and, in this sense, there exists in Machado a double way to understand reality: longing for what was and confirmation of the present. All this generates a vacuum in the human being, a thirst of trascendence not satisfied and, at the sme time, hope as longing of trascendence which can only be expressed in metaphysics and poetry. Machado's account on trascendence does not exclude immanence. It is found in and from the self, for itself and in other, and even in the absolutely other.

  18. Water chemistry, seepage investigation, streamflow, reservoir storage, and annual availability of water for the San Juan-Chama Project, northern New Mexico, 1942-2010 (United States)

    McKean, Sarah E.; Anderholm, Scott K.


    The Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority supplements the municipal water supply for the Albuquerque metropolitan area, in central New Mexico, with surface water diverted from the Rio Grande. The U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority, undertook this study in which water-chemistry data and historical streamflow were compiled and new water-chemistry data were collected to characterize the water chemistry and streamflow of the San Juan-Chama Project (SJCP). Characterization of streamflow included analysis of the variability of annual streamflow and comparison of the theoretical amount of water that could have been diverted into the SJCP to the actual amount of water that was diverted for the SJCP. Additionally, a seepage investigation was conducted along the channel between Azotea Tunnel Outlet and the streamflow-gaging station at Willow Creek above Heron Reservoir to estimate the magnitude of the gain or loss in streamflow resulting from groundwater interaction over the approximately 10-mile reach. Generally, surface-water chemistry varied with streamflow throughout the year. Streamflow ranged from high flow to low flow on the basis of the quantity of water diverted from the Rio Blanco, Little Navajo River, and Navajo River for the SJCP. Vertical profiles of the water temperature over the depth of the water column at Heron Reservoir indicated that the reservoir is seasonally stratified. The results from the seepage investigations indicated a small amount of loss of streamflow along the channel. Annual variability in streamflow for the SJCP was an indication of the variation in the climate parameters that interact to contribute to streamflow in the Rio Blanco, Little Navajo River, Navajo River, and Willow Creek watersheds. For most years, streamflow at Azotea Tunnel Outlet started in March and continued for approximately 3 months until the middle of July. The majority of annual streamflow

  19. Utilisation de l'espace dans la communauté de San Juan

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)


    Full Text Available Quelques aspects de la mise en valeur et de l'exploitation agro-pastorale du terroir de San Juan sont présentés à l'aide d'une série de cartes et de tableaux: carte de l'intensité de l'utilisation annuelle de la terre, circuit annuel du bétail, système foncier, évolution de l'irrigation au cours de l'année, rotation des cultures à proximité du village, rotation de terres d'altitude, évolution du bétail et enfin systèmes de mise en valeur du sol, on étudie en conclusion deux types d'évolution possibles de ce village. -Una serie de mapas y de cuadros presenta algunos aspectos del manejo y de 1a explotación agropastoral del terruño de la Comunidad de San Juan, teniendo en cuenta las limitaciones naturales ,y socioculturales: mapa de la intensidad del uso anual de la tierra con respecto al riego, rotación del ganado durante el año, sistema predial, evolución del riego a lo largo del año, rotación de los cultivos entre los corrales ubicados cerca del pueblo, rotación de los cultivos en las tierras de altura, evolución del ganado y sistemas de uso del suelo. Se examinan en conclusión dos tipos de evolución posibles para el pueblo. Some aspects of agro-pastoral management and exploitation in the San Juan lands are presented with a series of maps and tables: map of annual land utilization intensity, annual cattle rotation, land tenure system, irrigation process during the year, rotation of crops near the village, rotation of altitude lands, cattle evolution and soil use systems. Finally, two possible types of evolution for this village are discussed.

  20. Examining Dimethyl Sulfide Emissions in California's San Joaquin Valley (United States)

    Huber, D.; Hughes, S.; Blake, D. R.


    Dimethyl Sulfide (DMS) is a sulfur-containing compound that leads to the formation of aerosols which can lead to the formation of haze and fog. Whole air samples were collected on board the NASA C-23 Sherpa aircraft during the 2017 Student Airborne Research Program (SARP) over dairies and agricultural fields in the San Joaquin Valley. Analysis of the samples indicate average DMS concentrations of 23 ± 9 pptv, with a maximum concentration of 49 pptv. When compared with DMS concentrations from previous SARP missions (2009-2016), 2017 by far had the highest frequency of elevated DMS in this region. For this study, agricultural productivity of this region was analyzed to determine whether land use could be contributing to the elevated DMS. Top down and bottom up analysis of agriculture and dairies were used to determine emission rates of DMS in the San Joaquin Valley. Correlations to methane and ethanol were used to determine that DMS emissions were strongly linked to dairies, and resulted in R2 values of 0.61 and 0.43, respectively. These values indicate a strong correlation between dairies and DMS emissions. Combined with NOAA HySPLIT back trajectory data and analysis of ground air samples, results suggest that the contribution of dairies to annual DMS emissions in the San Joaquin Valley exceeds those from corn and alfalfa production.

  1. El mayor laboratorio en física del mundo Juan Antonio Rubio, candidato a dirigir el CERN

    CERN Multimedia


    The spanish Government presented last Friday at the CERN Council Juan Antonio Rubio, as candidate for the post of Director General of CERN. It's the first time that the spanish Government proposes a candidate for the Direction of this international research center. (2/3 page)

  2. Rio de Janeirost Tallinna, 75 kraadi Celsiuse järgi / Antonio Claudio Carvalho ; tõlk. Reet Varblane

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Carvalho, Antonio Claudio


    Juhendaja Antonio Claudio Carvalho Eesti Kunstiakadeemia üliõpilastele toimunud maalimeistriklassist "Ava oma silmad" ja lõpunäitusest Eesti Kunstiakadeemia galeriis. Enne näitust näitasid üliõpilased tööd, mida nad ise pidasid parimaks, kunstikriitik Heie Treierile

  3. Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics 2016: The Antibody Society's annual meeting, December 11-15, 2016, San Diego, CA. (United States)

    Larrick, James W; Alfenito, Mark R; Scott, Jamie K; Parren, Paul W H I; Burton, Dennis R; Bradbury, Andrew R M; Lemere, Cynthia A; Messer, Anne; Huston, James S; Carter, Paul J; Veldman, Trudi; Chester, Kerry A; Schuurman, Janine; Adams, Gregory P; Reichert, Janice M

    Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics, the largest meeting devoted to antibody science and technology and the annual meeting of The Antibody Society, will be held in San Diego, CA on December 11-15, 2016. Each of 14 sessions will include six presentations by leading industry and academic experts. In this meeting preview, the session chairs discuss the relevance of their topics to current and future antibody therapeutics development. Session topics include bispecifics and designer polyclonal antibodies; antibodies for neurodegenerative diseases; the interface between passive and active immunotherapy; antibodies for non-cancer indications; novel antibody display, selection and screening technologies; novel checkpoint modulators / immuno-oncology; engineering antibodies for T-cell therapy; novel engineering strategies to enhance antibody functions; and the biological Impact of Fc receptor engagement. The meeting will open with keynote speakers Dennis R. Burton (The Scripps Research Institute), who will review progress toward a neutralizing antibody-based HIV vaccine; Olivera J. Finn, (University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine), who will discuss prophylactic cancer vaccines as a source of therapeutic antibodies; and Paul Richardson (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute), who will provide a clinical update on daratumumab for multiple myeloma. In a featured presentation, a representative of the World Health Organization's INN expert group will provide a perspective on antibody naming. "Antibodies to watch in 2017" and progress on The Antibody Society's 2016 initiatives will be presented during the Society's special session. In addition, two pre-conference workshops covering ways to accelerate antibody drugs to the clinic and the applications of next-generation sequencing in antibody discovery and engineering will be held on Sunday December 11, 2016.

  4. Lab-on-a-Robot Platform for in-situ Planetary Compositional Analysis, Phase I (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — HJ Science & Technology, Inc. and the University of Texas at San Antonio propose a joint venture to demonstrate the feasibility of a mobile "lab-on-a-robot"...

  5. 77 FR 20051 - Meeting of the Compact Council for the National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact (United States)


    ... provides a legal framework for the establishment of a cooperative federal-state system to exchange such... will take place at The St. Anthony Hotel, 330 East Terrace, San Antonio, Texas, telephone (210) 227...

  6. An E-mail Service in a Military Adolescent Medicine Clinic: will teens ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Arun Kumar Agnihotri

    *Adolescent Medicine Physician, Brooke Army Medical Center, San Antonio, TX,. USA. **Assistant ... into the patient's electronic medical record. At the end of the .... our patients or parents, and privacy concerns were easily addressed.

  7. Rainfall-runoff characteristics and effects of increased urban density on streamflow and infiltration in the eastern part of the San Jacinto River basin, Riverside County, California (United States)

    Guay, Joel R.


    To better understand the rainfall-runoff characteristics of the eastern part of the San Jacinto River Basin and to estimate the effects of increased urbanization on streamflow, channel infiltration, and land-surface infiltration, a long-term (1950?98) time series of monthly flows in and out of the channels and land surfaces were simulated using the Hydrologic Simulation Program- FORTRAN (HSPF) rainfall-runoff model. Channel and land-surface infiltration includes rainfall or runoff that infiltrates past the zone of evapotranspiration and may become ground-water recharge. The study area encompasses about 256 square miles of the San Jacinto River drainage basin in Riverside County, California. Daily streamflow (for periods with available data between 1950 and 1998), and daily rainfall and evaporation (1950?98) data; monthly reservoir storage data (1961?98); and estimated mean annual reservoir inflow data (for 1974 conditions) were used to calibrate the rainfall-runoff model. Measured and simulated mean annual streamflows for the San Jacinto River near San Jacinto streamflow-gaging station (North-South Fork subbasin) for 1950?91 and 1997?98 were 14,000 and 14,200 acre-feet, respectively, a difference of 1.4 percent. The standard error of the mean for measured and simulated annual streamflow in the North-South Fork subbasin was 3,520 and 3,160 acre-feet, respectively. Measured and simulated mean annual streamflows for the Bautista Creek streamflow-gaging station (Bautista Creek subbasin) for 1950?98 were 980 acre-feet and 991 acre-feet, respectively, a difference of 1.1 percent. The standard error of the mean for measured and simulated annual streamflow in the Bautista Creek subbasin was 299 and 217 acre-feet, respectively. Measured and simulated annual streamflows for the San Jacinto River above State Street near San Jacinto streamflow-gaging station (Poppet subbasin) for 1998 were 23,400 and 23,500 acre-feet, respectively, a difference of 0.4 percent. The simulated

  8. Minería, conflicto y mediadores locales: Minera San Xavier en Cerro de San Pedro, México Mineira, conflito e mediadores locais: Minera San Xavier em Cerro de San Pedro Mining, conflict and local brokers: Minera San Xavier in Cerro de San Pedro

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hernán Horacio Schiaffini


    Full Text Available Este trabajo indaga en las instancias de mediación que intervienen en la articulación de procesos económicos de gran escala y su puesta en práctica local. Basándonos en el conflicto que se produjo en el Municipio de Cerro de San Pedro (San Luis Potosí, México entre la empresa Minera San Xavier y el Frente Amplio Opositor (FAO a la misma, aplicamos el método etnográfico con el objetivo de describir las estructuras locales de mediación política y analizar sus prácticas y racionalidad. Intentamos demostrar así la importancia de los factores políticos locales en las vinculaciones entre estado, empresa y población.Este trabalho indaga nas instâncias de mediação que intervêm em processos econômicos de grande escala e sua posta em prática local. Baseando-nos no conflito no Cerro de San Pedro (San Luis Potosí, México entre a empresa Minera San Xavier e a Frente Amplio Opositor (FAO aplicamos o método etnográfico pra descrever as estruturas de mediação política locais e analisar suas práticas e racionalidade. Tenta-se demonstrar assim a importância dos fatores políticos locais nas vinculações entre estado, empresa e população.This paper investigates in instances of mediation involved in large-scale economic processes and local implementation. Analyzing the conflict in Cerro de San Pedro (San Luis Potosí, México among San Xavier mining company and the Frente Amplio Opositor (FAO, it applies an ethnographic approach to describe the local structures of political mediation and its practices and rationality. The work shows the relevance of local factors in the relationships between State, company and people.

  9. Dialogando con los autores "Dr. Antonio María Béguez César in memoriam" Talking to the authors «Dr. Antonio María Béguez César in memoriam»

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María Antonia Peña Sánchez

    Full Text Available Como parte de las actividades efectuadas en la XIX Feria Internacional del Libro en Santiago de Cuba, se desarrolló en el Teatro Heredia de esta ciudad el primer encuentro denominado Dialogando con los autores "Dr. Antonio María Béguez César in memoriam", al que asistieron escritores del Repertorio "Los profesionales de la salud santiagueros en las editoriales cubanas y extranjeras", así como otras personalidades de la comunidad científica del territorio y de la Editorial Oriente, algunos de los cuales fueron homenajeados por su encomiable labor en defensa de la veracidad y divulgación de las ciencias médicas y ramas afines.As part of the activities undertaken in the XIX International Book Fair in Santiago de Cuba, the first meeting called Talking to the Authors "Dr. Antonio María Béguez Cesar in memoriam" took place in Heredia theater, attended by writers of the Repertoire "Santiago health professionals in Cuban and foreign publishing houses", as well as other personalities of the scientific community in the territory and the Editorial Oriente, some of whom were honored by their commendable work in defense of truthfulness and spread of medical sciences and related branches.

  10. 25th Annual Meeting of the SNE. Closing Session

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Garcia Rodriguez, A.


    After a brief review of the world energy scene, highlighting nuclear energy as a safe, reliable, potentially economical and reasonably environmentally friendly source of energy, this paper points out that nuclear energy is the only energy source that is capable of replacing fossil fuels in the medium and long term, thereby contributing to solving the problem of climatic change. The current nuclear energy crisis is attributed to social rejection and the article emphasises the Spanish Nuclear Forum's role in informing the media and making the public aware of the work carried out by the nuclear industry-finding energy sources for the future-and that the existing nuclear power plants are only the first phase, which has demonstrated its economic viability, of a long development process that has only just begun. The conference ends with an outline of the activities of the Spanish Nuclear Forum: courses at different levels, information to the media and to various political organisations, prizes aware to secondary school children presenting projects on energy, publications aimed at different groups, etc. All these activities are financed by the 37 constituent companies and performed by a team led by Santiago San Antonio, the General Manager. (Author)

  11. Ground-water data, 1969-77, Vandenberg Air Force Base area, Santa Barbara County, California (United States)

    Lamb, Charles E.


    The water supply for Vandenberg Air Force Base is obtained from wells in the Lompoc Plain, San Antonio Valley, and Lompoc Terrace groundwater basins. Metered pumpage during the period 1969-77 from the Lompoc Plain decreased from a high of 3,670 acre-feet in 1969 to a low of 2,441 acre-feet in 1977, while pumpage from the San Antonio Valley increased from a low of 1 ,020 acre-feet in 1969 to a high of 1,829 acre-feet in 1977. Pumpage from the Lompoc Terrace has remained relatively constant and was 187 acre-feet in 1977. In the Barka Slough area of the San Antonio Valley, water levels in four shallow wells declined during 1976 and 1977. Water levels in observation wells in the two aquifers of the Lompoc Terrace ground-water basin fluctuated during the period, but show no long term trends. Chemical analyses or field determinations of temperature and specific conductance were made of 219 water samples collected from 53 wells. In the Lompoc Plain the dissolved-solids concentration in all water samples was more than 625 milligrams per liter, and in most was more than 1,000 milligrams per liter. The manganese concentration in analyzed samples equaled or exceeded the recommended limit of 50 micrograms per liter for public water supplies. Dissolved-solids concentrations increased with time in water samples from two wells east of the Air Force Base in San Antonio Valley. In the base well-field area, concentrations of dissolved solids ranged from 290 to 566 milligrams per liter. Eight analyses show manganese at or above the recommended limit of 50 milligrams per liter. In the Lompoc Terrace area dissolved-solids concentrations ranged from 470 to 824 milligrams per liter. Five new supply wells, nine observation wells, and two exploratory/observation wells were drilled on the base during the period 1972-77. (USGS)

  12. Teaching Climate Science in Non-traditional Classrooms (United States)

    Strybos, J.


    San Antonio College is the oldest, largest and centrally-located campus of Alamo Colleges, a network of five community colleges based around San Antonio, Texas with a headcount enrollment of approximately 20,000 students. The student population is diverse in ethnicity, age and income; and the Colleges understand that they play a salient role in educating its students on the foreseen impacts of climate change. This presentation will discuss the key investment Alamo Colleges has adopted to incorporate sustainability and climate science into non-traditional classrooms. The established courses that cover climate-related course material have historically had low enrollments. One of the most significant challenges is informing the student population of the value of this class both in their academic career and in their personal lives. By hosting these lessons in hands-on simulations and demonstrations that are accessible and understandable to students of any age, and pursuing any major, we have found an exciting way to teach all students about climate change and identify solutions. San Antonio College (SAC) hosts the Bill R. Sinkin Eco Centro Community Center, completed in early 2014, that serves as an environmental hub for Alamo Colleges' staff and students as well as the San Antonio community. The center actively engages staff and faculty during training days in sustainability by presenting information on Eco Centro, personal sustainability habits, and inviting faculty to bring their classes for a tour and sustainability primer for students. The Centro has hosted professors from diverse disciplines that include Architecture, Psychology, Engineering, Science, English, Fine Arts, and International Studies to bring their classes to center to learn about energy, water conservation, landscaping, and green building. Additionally, Eco Centro encourages and assists students with research projects, including a solar-hydroponic project currently under development with the support

  13. National Allergy Bureau Pollen and Mold Report (United States)

    ... Search AAAAI National Allergy Bureau Pollen and Mold Report Date: May 19, 2018 Location: San Antonio (2), ... 18/2018 ( click here to view ). Our Allergen Report Email Service can automatically email you daily pollen ...

  14. Antonio Boggeri. Considerazioni su un protagonista della grafica italiana

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Camilla Chiappini


    Full Text Available Antonio Boggeri is often remembered in the history of graphics only as the Studio Boggeri’s holder. Indeed he is one of the most important figures of Italian advertising graphics and this not for the works he materially made in this field but for his centrality in the Studio he created: in fact he was the unifying element in it among artists of different personality and sensibility.This article does not pretend to explain in a comprehensive manner his importance but it wants to represent a starting point in a research that reconsiders all round Boggeri. Not only, therefore, for his central role in the Studio, but even for his important contribution as a writer and as a photographer, compensating, in part, the lack of works that fully analyze his figure.

  15. Technical proposal on the treatment of the influent of the Jose Antonio Alzate dam using aerobic pond system; Propuesta tecnica sobre el tratamiento del influente de la presa Jose Antonio Alzate a traves un sistema lagunar aerobio

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rosas de Alba, S.G. [Instituto Tecnologico de Toluca, Metepec, Estado de Mexico (Mexico)]. E-mail:; Barcelo Quintal, I.D.; Bussy Beaurain, A.L.; lopez Galvan, E. [Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Unidad Azcapotzalco (Mexico)]. E-mail:;;


    In Mexico, discharge of waste water not treated is a common problem; this is the case of the Lerma river, where the original clean water contribution of the Almoloya-Lerma-San Bartolo timber-roof system, located in the valley of Toluca, State of Mexico, was replaced by the wastewater of the valley. The attempts to clean the water before their spill have been unfruitful and this has caused the present anaerobic conditions of the river in its entire route including the first receiving stage that is the Jose Antonio Alzate Dam (PJAA), becoming a potential source of diseases and a useless water body. In this work we evaluate the treatment efficiency of experimental waste water pond system. The treatment system was constructed with 5 screens which formed 6 internal channels and it had an operation in continuous form by 26 weeks, providing it with continuously polluted water of the Lerma river. We found that the efficiency of reduction of the organic matter reported as BOD, was 83% and it is carried out in the first channel after 7 days of hydraulic retention verifying that the channels do not work like lagoons in series. With the collected data we calculated, through the application of design equations, the factor of decay of organic matter k and the number of dispersion d, specific for the type of treatment and environmental conditions of the site. The required surface of treatment calculated to reach the efficiency of reduction of the DOD5 obtained experimentally. Thus, a surface of: 1 281.6 hectares distributed in 13 lagoons that can deal with a volume 8646.70 m{sup 3}/h was determined. Since this was a bigger surface than that of the dam, the available area was evaluated to make a proposal closer to reallity. [Spanish] La descarga de aguas residuales a los sistemas acuaticos, sin previo tratamiento, es un problema generalizado en Mexico; como es el caso del rio Lerma en donde se sustituyo el aporte de agua limpia proveniente del sistema lagunar Almoloya-Lerma-San

  16. Experience with integrated exploitation systems in narrow, very steep seams in HUNOSA. Experiencias con sistemas de explotacion integral en capas estrechas y muy inclinadas en HUNOSA

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ongallo Acedo, J.M.; Fernandez Villa, A.; Iglesias Alvarez, J.L. (HUNOSA, Madrid (Spain))


    This summary relates the experience in the Hunosa Pits of Polio and San Antonio with full starting mechanization in narrow coal layers of less than 2 m. and very inclined slopes of more than 40[degree]. The selection of the coal layer, the kind of infrastructure to be used, the form of the ascent channel and the design of the workshop, as well as the auxiliary services for assistance to the workshop are mentioned. The methods are not described but details about the mechanized supports according to the slopes (Asturfalia) in the Polio Pit and on the mining with descending shield (ANSHA) in the San Antonio Pit are emphasized. To conclude, the results obtained and the possibilities found in the mining systems are mentioned and commented on. 6 refs., 8 figs., 2 tabs.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Oscar R. Gómez


    Full Text Available En este artículo se presenta la biografía de Antonio de Monserrat con el objeto de insertar en el pensamiento crítico budista a quien se considera el primer occidental iniciado en la filosofía tántrica e impulsor de ésta en Occidente a través de la Compañía de Jesús. Para ello, primero se hace un recorrido histórico que pone en foco cómo el budismo es desplazado de la India y se refugia entre las poblaciones de Asia central como la etnia Uigur en la actual Turquestán, cómo es adoptado por los emperadores chinos y se expande a lo largo de toda la Ruta de la Seda. La combinación del budismo indio con influencias occidentales (grecobudismo dio origen a diversas escuelas budistas en Asia Central y en China. Luego se caracteriza en forma sintética la versión esotérica que adquiere el budismo (el tantra y que se consolida en el siglo VIII en el Tíbet como budismo vajrayana (tántrico. Ésta es la forma de budismo que toman los gobernantes, que promueve la igualdad completa de personas y género, la idea del sujeto como una construcción de la cultura y la noción de deidades metafóricas —útiles para modelar el carácter de las personas pero de absoluta inexistencia— además del postulado budista de verdad relativa. Esta visión no teísta —o transteísta, como Gómez la prefiere llamar— se reflejaba en la total tolerancia religiosa del imperio Chino, Uigur y Mongol, que garantizaba la seguridad y el libre intercambio por la Ruta de la Seda. Es esta visión de sujetos no divididos en castas ni diferenciados por sangre lo que maravilla a de Montserrat al decir que los tibetanos “no tienen reyes entre sí” e inflama la avidez de quienes viajaron especialmente (a partir de los escritos de éste a iniciarse en el budismo tántrico tibetano como los jesuitas Antonio de Andrade y Juan de Brito. El tercer apartado se dedica de lleno a la biografía de Antonio de Monserrat y a precisar su contacto con el tantra. Abstract This

  18. Los liberalismos de José María Vigil y Antonio Caso y el realismo directo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Hernández


    Full Text Available Jose Maria Vigil (1829-1909 and Antonio Caso (1883-1946 were two defenders of liberal democracy and of the possibility of a limited but effective conscious management of public and social affairs, within the adverse contexts of Mexico during the administration of Porfirio Diaz as well as the post-revolutionary period. Both authors based their positions on a critique concerning positivism and social-historical determinism, which would aim at a way of thinking quite distant from subjectivist thought, although very close to an epistemological "direct realism" that establishes that the world is not actually a subjective or inter-subjective construction, that may be interpreted in the same subjective or inter-subjective way. However, it is not either something that might be known through a mental or conceptual copy or representation of its entities and processes. Perhaps, the most evocative defender of direct realism in history has been the 18* Century Scottish philosopher, Thomas Reid (1710-1796, a great "common-sensist", explicitly recovered by Vigil and vindicated in a tacit manner by Antonio Caso.

  19. Emerging pollutants in the Esmeraldas watershed in Ecuador: discharge and attenuation of emerging organic pollutants along the San Pedro– Guayllabamba–Esmeraldas rivers


    Voloshenko-Rossin, A.; Gasser, G.; Cohen, K.; Gun, J.; Cumbal-Flores, L.; Parra- Morales, W.; Sarabia, F.; Ojeda, F.; Lev, O.


    Water quality characteristics and emerging organic pollutants were sampled along the San Pedro–Guayllabamba–Esmeraldas River and its main water pollution streams in the summer of 2013. The annual flow rate of the stream is 22 000 Mm3 y 1 and it collects the wastewater of Quito-Ecuador in the Andes and supplies drinking water to the city of Esmeraldas near the Pacific Ocean. The most persistent emerging pollutants were carbamazepine and acesulfame, which were found to be stable along the San ...

  20. Francisco Antonio Zea: periodista, botánico y político

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Soto Arango, Diana E.


    Full Text Available This work analyzes the journalistic facet of Francisco Antonio Zea, whose first article, «Avisos de Hebephilo», was published in 1791 in the Papel Periódico de la ciudad de Santa Fé de Bogotá. His interest for the press shows at his stage of student in the National Institute of France, but won't be up to 1803, at his return to Madrid, when he proves his talent for the organization and journalistic administration on The Mercury and on the Gazette de Madrid. Later on, being manager of the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid, he shares the management of the Semanario de Agricultura y Artes, and, finally, in 1818 establishes and directs the Venezuelan Correo del Orinoco.

    Este trabajo analiza la faceta periodística de Francisco Antonio Zea, cuyo primer artículo, «Avisos de Hebephilo», se publicó en 1791 en el Papel Periódico de la ciudad de Santa Fé de Bogota. Su interés por la prensa se manifiesta en su etapa de estudiante en el Instituto Nacional de Francia, pero no será hasta 1803, a su regreso a Madrid, cuando evidencie sus dotes para la organización y dirección periodísticas en El Mercurio y en la Gaceta de Madrid. Posteriormente, siendo director del Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid, comparte la dirección del Semanario de Agricultura y Artes, y, finalmente, en 1818 funda y dirige el venezolano Correo del Orinoco.

  1. 76 FR 1386 - Safety Zone; Centennial of Naval Aviation Kickoff, San Diego Bay, San Diego, CA (United States)


    ...-AA00 Safety Zone; Centennial of Naval Aviation Kickoff, San Diego Bay, San Diego, CA AGENCY: Coast... zone on the navigable waters of San Diego Bay in San Diego, CA in support of the Centennial of Naval... February 12, 2010, the Centennial of Naval Aviation Kickoff will take place in San Diego Bay. In support of...

  2. San Francisco District Laboratory (SAN) (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — Program CapabilitiesFood Analysis SAN-DO Laboratory has an expert in elemental analysis who frequently performs field inspections of materials. A recently acquired...

  3. 78 FR 52123 - Atlantic Highly Migratory Species; 2006 Consolidated Highly Migratory Species Fishery Management... (United States)


    ... Management Act (Magnuson-Stevens Act) and the Atlantic Tunas Convention Act (ATCA). Under the Magnuson... August 28, 2013, 6 San Antonio, TX.... Hilton Palacio Del Rio, 200 S. with the Gulf of Mexico Fishery p.m...

  4. Examining the design and developmental factors associated with crashes involving pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists in urban environments. (United States)


    "Using a parcel-level database of crash incidence and urban form developed for the San Antonio-Bexar : County metropolitan region, this study examined how urban form-related variables affect the incidence of : crashes involving pedestrians, bicyclist...

  5. Data from theodolite measurements of creep rates on San Francisco Bay region faults, California, 1979-2012 (United States)

    McFarland, Forrest S.; Lienkaemper, James J.; Caskey, S. John


    Our purpose is to annually update our creep-data archive on San Francisco Bay region active faults for use by the scientific research community. Earlier data (1979-2001) were reported in Galehouse (2002) and were analyzed and described in detail in a summary report (Galehouse and Lienkaemper, 2003). A complete analysis of our earlier results obtained on the Hayward Fault was presented in Lienkaemper, Galehouse and Simpson (2001) and updated in Lienkaemper and others (2012). Lienkaemper and others (2014a) provide a new overview and analysis of fault creep along all sections of the northern San Andreas Fault system, from which they estimate by how much fault creep reduces the seismic hazard for each fault section.

  6. Antonio Canova and the Whatever Body

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cora Hatshepsut Gilroy-Ware


    Full Text Available This article looks at the persistence of classicizing art in postmodern imagery. Specifically, I posit the art of Antonio Canova as a precursor to contemporary fashion advertising, arguing against the notion that his oeuvre is wholly irrelevant to contemporary culture. I focus on a selection of paintings by Canova, works that, having received scant attention from scholars, are obscure in relation to the artist’s corpus of sculpture. At first glance, these paintings are little more than odd pastiches of 16th century old master works, only with figures marked by a highly refined and conspicuously modern appropriation of ideal beauty. Rather than marginal curiosities or footnotes to his figures in marble, these paintings will be discussed for their distinctive treatment of the female form. I frame the artist as a transitional figure, one whose overturning of moralizing deployments of ideal beauty initiated a new corporeal type that endures in the figure of the fashion model. Returning Canova to the central position he once occupied in the nineteenth century, I incorporate the work of Giorgio Agamben, John Berger and Frederic Jameson. Like Aby Warburg’s 'Mnemosyne Atlas', my argument is largely founded on the eloquence of the images themselves.

  7. Miguel Antonio Caro, el Banco Nacional y el Estado

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Salomón Kalmanovitz


    Full Text Available La Regeneración fue el movimiento político y Miguel Antonio Caro el ideólogo que hicieron que Colombia retornara a la matriz institucional centralizada legada por los españoles, en reacción a la dirección liberal y federalista que pretendió orientarla por la senda del desarrollo capitalista, vía su integración al mercado mundial. Esta fue una tendencia continental, de acuerdo con Douglass North, aún en países donde los liberales ganaron las guerras civiles del siglo XIX (North, 134-135. En este ensayo se trata de analizar el pensamiento económico de Caro y más precisamente sus percepciones sobre la banca central, como parte integral de su concepción del Estado que terminaron por imponerse para la Colombia del siglo XX.

  8. Calzadas y soleras de Santiago como elementos patrimoniales: los casos de las calles Lira y Antonio Ricaurte, una tentativa polémica. /The pavements of the streets: Lira and Antonio Ricaute in Santiago, Chile. Heritage objects.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Larrañaga, Itxiar


    Full Text Available La calle Lira, desde Avda. del Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins hasta Manuel Antonio Matta, destaca por su admirable adoquinado en granito entre soleras del mismo material, y la línea central de tranvía con las tapas de alcantarillado en el centro de la línea. La factura del adoquinado refleja que su realización es de una época del siglo XX en que ya se tenía madurez en el arte de su construcción. Se reflexiona sobre la eventual consideración de estos elementos como objetos culturales y patrimoniales./Lira street, from Libertador Bernardo O’higgins Avenue to Manuel Antonio Matta Avenue, features an admirable cobbled pavement made out of granite as well as the curbs on each side. Along the middle of the street there is a streetcar line, and in between its rails there are sewer lids along the line.The quality of the placing of the cobbles and their materials is proof of a certain maturity in the art of construction during the 20th century. The article proposes that these elements should be considered as cultural heritage objects.

  9. Cuerpos invadidos : cuerpo y corporalidad en algunos relatos de Antonio Di Benedetto


    Varela, Fabiana Inés


    Mundo Animal (1953) es una colección de cuentos que inicia la carrera literaria del narrador mendocino, Antonio Di Benedetto. Libro de difícil ubicación genérica, tiene una marcada intencionalidad ética que el mismo autor señala de modo explícito. Es además, evidente la filiación kafkianas de muchas de estas historias. Esta relación se observa, especialmente, en el clima fuertemente onírico y opresivo tanto para los personajes como para los lectores, en el escaso interés por la realidad circu...

  10. [Physical factors influencing the floristic relationships of pinyon pine (Pinaceae) from San Luis Potosi, Mexico]. (United States)

    Romero, Angélica; Luna, Mario; García, Edmundo


    In plant communities, the species distribution patterns and their relationships with environmental factors are of central importance in ecology. In San Luis Potosí of Mexico, woodlands of Pinus cembroides and P. johannis are sympatric, but P. cembroides tends to be located in South and Southwest slopes, in more disturbed sites; unlike, P. johannis, is mostly distributed in mesic areas, in North and Northeast slopes. The aim of this study was to analyze the influence of some physical factors on the floristic similarity of pinyon pine P. cembroides and P. johannis. The study area was located in the Sierra San Miguelito, San Luis Potosí, Mexico. We selected 40 sampling units spread over an area of 50km2. In each unit, we laid out two 20m long lines perpendicular to each other, in which we recorded cover data of the plant species intercepted. We developed two data matrices, the first one including cover values of 91 species, and the second one, considering seven topographical, climatic, and solar radiation variables. We applied cluster analysis and ordination to explore the influence of environmental variables on the floristic differentiation of pinyon pine woodlands. Clustering showed six groups, the first three characterized by P. cembroides. The ordination showed that variance represented by the first three axes was 65.9%. Axis 1 was positively correlated with altitude and negatively with mean annual temperature; axes two and three, showed low correlation with the variables tested. P. cembroides woodlands and accompanying flora tend to be located in lower altitude, higher mean annual temperature, and mainly in South-Southwestern slopes. In contrast, stands of P. johannis, mixed stands of P. johannis-P. cembroides, and Quercus potosina, were usually founded in greater altitudes, mean annual temperature slightly lower, and North-Northeastern exposure. The sites of these monospecific and mixed woodlands with associated species, indicators of environmental variables

  11. 76 FR 9709 - Water Quality Challenges in the San Francisco Bay/Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Estuary (United States)


    ... Water Quality Challenges in the San Francisco Bay/Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Estuary AGENCY... the San Francisco Bay/ Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Estuary (Bay Delta Estuary) in California. EPA is... programs to address recent significant declines in multiple aquatic species in the Bay Delta Estuary. EPA...

  12. The effects of repeated Ozurdex injections on ocular hypertension

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bahadorani S


    Full Text Available Sepehr Bahadorani,1 Chelsey Krambeer,2 Kendall Wannamaker,1 Wayne Tie,1 Michael Jansen,1 Jason Espitia,2 Jeong-Hyeon Sohn,1 Michael A Singer2 1Department of Ophthalmology, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX, USA; 2Medical Center Ophthalmology Associates, San Antonio, TX, USA Purpose: The purpose of this study was to correlate the degree of ocular hypertension with the number of Ozurdex injections.Methods: Intraocular pressure (IOP fluctuations for a total of 183 injections were studied over a period of at least 12 months. The main indications for treatment were uveitis, diabetic macular edema, and retinal vein occlusion.Results: Results of the study demonstrate that repeated Ozurdex injections do not increase the frequency of IOP spikes beyond 30 mmHg. For lower IOPs, however, a positive correlation exists. Furthermore, patients with primary open angle glaucoma and uveitis had the highest IOP response to repeated injections. On average, patients with an IOP of ≥28.6 mmHg received pressure lowering medications, after which their IOP reached a stable level (16.7 mmHg without the need for additional interventions.Conclusion: The data support the conclusion that multiple Ozurdex injections does not increase the frequency of IOP spikes beyond 30 mmHg, but patients still must be closely monitored if they have a history of primary open angle glaucoma. Keywords: Ozurdex, dexamethasone, glaucoma, intraocular pressure, ocular hypertension

  13. Authentication at a small museum: the kindness of strangers (United States)

    Hyland, Douglas K. S.


    Over the last twenty years, I have served as curator and director of several small and medium size museums including the Helen Foresman Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas; the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, Memphis, Tennessee; the Birmingham Museum of Art, Birmingham, Alabama; the San Antonio Museum of Art, San Antonio, Texas, and most recently, the Fuller Museum of Art, Brockton, Massachusetts. The largest budget approached three million dollars, minute in comparison with the Metropolitan Museum of Art of the National Gallery. Our resources were limited and the demands of building maintenance, programs, acquisitions and conservation far outstripped the amount of money available to be spent. Each museum housed between five and thirty thousand art works and generally speaking the collections were eclectic. It is not unusual at these city museums to find extraordinary oddities ranging from the finest Wedgwood collection in the world in Birmingham to the most extensive group of Latin American folk art objects to be found anywhere in San Antonio. Each year museums of comparable size are offered thousands of art works on all shapes and sizes form all periods and cultures. Only rarely does the staff have the expertise to evaluate and determine the authenticity of the eclectic group of objects both in the collection and being offered. With few curators and in many cases even fewer local experts to call upon, the museum professional must be both bold and creative.

  14. Are You Bleeding? Validation of a Machine-learning Algorithm for Determination of Blood Volume Status: Application to Remote Triage (United States)


    University of North Texas Health Science Center, Fort Worth, Texas; 2Department of Health and Kinesiology , University of Texas at San Antonio, San...addition to the standard vital signs measured in the prehospital, emergency department, operating room, and intensive care settings. Current methods of...hemorrhage progression. The difficulty in tracking the change in SV with exercise was likely due to the supine exercise posture and the mild intensities of

  15. A measure to manage approach to characterizing the energy impact of residential building stocks

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Afamia Elnakat


    Full Text Available The city of San Antonio is the seventh largest in the United States by population and the second in the state of Texas, with a population of over 1.3 million people. As one of the fastest growing cities, the San Antonio residential real estate market has expanded to meet the demands of the growing population. Managing the energy footprint of single-family houses can be enhanced by big data analysis of combined metered energy consumption and building infrastructure characteristics. This study analyzes the energy intensity of 389,160 single family detached homes and identifies energy utilization trends across various residential building stock size and vintage categories. Supported by the “measure to manage” premise, this study highlights the value of this characterization as a forecasting and planning tool for sustainable growth and a more engaged consumer.

  16. Manifestaciones de la subjetividad en ‘Angustia’ (José Antonio Nieves Conde, 1947)


    Higueras Flores, Rubén


    En el presente texto pretendemos exponer cómo en el universo cinematográfico del thriller dirigido por José Antonio Nieves Conde se logra hacer copartícipe al espectador de la inquietud y la desazón experimentada por una subjetividad alienada, sirviéndose para ello de precisas estrategias formales que exteriorizan el malestar de unos personajes cercados por una realidad política, social y/o económica que oprime y coacciona al sujeto. La plasmación en el plano formal de la psicología del prota...

  17. The Historical Archive of the Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory: Antonio and Giorgio Abetti Archive (United States)

    Gasperini, Antonella; Baglioni, Roberto

    In 1993, during the renovation of the library, we found boxes containing letters, reports, papers, scientific notes, circulars, conference proceedings, astronomical data collections, books, maps, invoices, balance sheets, obituaries, pictures and spectrograms, drawings and journal cuttings. The archival material spanned the years from 1893 to the early 1970s. However, for the time being, only Giorgio Abetti's correspondences are being considered (about 2300 items). In addition, a complete bibliography of Antonio and Giorgio Abetti's publications have been prepared so it is possible to complete the reconstruction of both personalities.

  18. 33 CFR 165.776 - Security Zone; Coast Guard Base San Juan, San Juan Harbor, Puerto Rico (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Security Zone; Coast Guard Base San Juan, San Juan Harbor, Puerto Rico 165.776 Section 165.776 Navigation and Navigable Waters COAST... Guard District § 165.776 Security Zone; Coast Guard Base San Juan, San Juan Harbor, Puerto Rico (a...

  19. Hydrologic data for urban studies in the Houston, Texas, metropolitan area, 1980 (United States)

    Liscum, Fred; Hutchison, J.S.; Bruchmiller, J.P.; Walther, L.S.


    Hydrologic investigations of urban watersheds in Texas were begun by the U.S. Geological Survey in 1954. Studies are now in progress in Austin, and Houston. Studies have been completed in the Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio areas.

  20. Future travel demand and its implications for transportation infrastructure investments in the Texas Triangle. (United States)


    This study takes a megaregion approach to project future travel demand and choice of transport : modes in the Texas Triangle, which is encompassed by four major metropolitan areas, Dallas-Fort : Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. The model was ...

  1. Razonamiento a priori y argumento ontológico en Antonio Rosmini

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juan F. Franck


    Full Text Available Rosmini’s criticism of the ontological argument finds its place between those of Aquinas and of Kant. With the former he shares the denial of the evidence of God’s essence quoad nos, and with the latter, his acknowledgment of the decisive character of the nucleus of the ontological argument for all other proofs of God’s existence. Such nucleus consists for Rosmini in the possibility of developing an a priori reasoning, different from the ontological one, be it in its Anselmian, Cartesian or Leibnizian form, which would justify the validity of the other proofs and the fascination exercised by the ontological argument. Key words: A Priori Reasoning, Ontological Argument, Antonio Rosmini.

  2. Enhanced Preliminary Assessment Report: Presidio of San Francisco Military Reservation, San Francisco, California (United States)


    CAD981415656 Filmore Steiner Bay San Francisco 24 PG&E Gas Plant SanFran 502-IG CAD981415714 Bay North Point Buchanan Laguna 25 PG&E Gas Plant SanFran 502-1H...76-ioV /5,JO /0.7 /,230 PSF Water PSF, Main U.N. Lagunda Honda Analvte Plant Clearwell Reservoir Plaza Reservoi- Chlordane inetab. ə.2 ə.2 (1.2 ə.2

  3. Chemical characterization earthenware on the Alta California Frontier

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Skowronek, Russell K.; Ginn, Sarah; Blackman, M.; Bishop, Ronald L.; Garcia Herans, M.


    Throughout what was Alta California archaeological have found in Spanish and Mexican Period missions, presides, pueblos, and ranchos fragments of hand-modeled and wheel-thrown, unglazed, low fired earthenware's. the extraordinary visual similarities between earthenware's found hundreds of miles apart has been explained by some as the most of the ceramics were produced and used locally. The research presented in this paper is based on the use of neutron activation analysis to compositionally characterize the paste of a sample of these earthenware's. Samples from the missions sites of Dolores, Santa Clara, San Jose, Santa Cruz, San Antonio and San Juan Capistrano and the presiders of san Francisco, Monterey, and San Diego have been analyzed

  4. Antonio Scarpa y su obra Saggio di osservazioni e d’esperienze sulle principali malattie degli occhi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rolando Neri-Vela


    Full Text Available Antonio Scarpa fue un gran anatomista y cirujano del siglo xviii y principios del xix. Llamado «padre de la oftalmología italiana», escribió el Saggio di osservazioni e d’esperienze sulle principali malattie degli occhi, libro de gran valor científico y artístico.Scarpa describió varias partes del cuerpo humano, que tienen su nombre.

  5. Landscape concept in photography: from Luigi Ghirri to Antonio Ottomanelli

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Teodora Malavenda


    Full Text Available In the 80s of the last century the Italian photography, like other art forms, reflected the political, economic and cultural changes of the Nation. It was the time of a new documentary photography that investigated the transformation of the urban areas. Within this process the landscape was the subject of a new interpretation. In 2013 this process of documentation was worked out again, but in a modern way, by Antonio Ottomanelli. In his project "Collateral Landscape", he took pictures in different cities of the world such as Kabul, Baghdad, Sadr City, Herat, Dokan, New York, Gaza City. Distant places and only apparently different from each other. In fact, all of them have been destroyed by war or, in the case of New York, have been target of a terrorist attack.

  6. Uudiseid maailmast / Nele-Eva Steinfeld

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Steinfeld, Nele-Eva


    Lühisõnumeid muusikamaailmast: Tan Dun nimetati UNESCO hea tahte saadikuks. Risë Stevens (1913-2013). San Francisco sümfooniaorkestri streik. Antonio Pappano pole rahul noorte ooperilauljatega. Läti Suure Muusikaauhinna võitjad. Bachi medal Peter Schreierile. Amsterdami Concertgebouw 125

  7. Hydrologic data for urban studies in the Houston metropolitan area, Texas, 1984 (United States)

    Liscum, Fred; Bruchmiller, J.P.; Brown, D.W.; Paul, E.M.


    Hydrologic investigations of urban watersheds in Texas were begun by the U.S. Geological Survey in 1954. Studies are now in progress in the Austin and Houston areas, and have been completed in the Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio areas.

  8. Hydrologic data for urban studies in the Houston, Texas, metropolitan area, 1981 (United States)

    Liscum, Fred


    Hydro! oqic investigations of urban watersheds in Texas were begun by the U.S. Geological Survey in 1954. Studies are now in progress in Austin, and Houston. Studies have been completed in the Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio areas.

  9. A case for historic joint rupture of the San Andreas and San Jacinto faults. (United States)

    Lozos, Julian C


    The San Andreas fault is considered to be the primary plate boundary fault in southern California and the most likely fault to produce a major earthquake. I use dynamic rupture modeling to show that the San Jacinto fault is capable of rupturing along with the San Andreas in a single earthquake, and interpret these results along with existing paleoseismic data and historic damage reports to suggest that this has likely occurred in the historic past. In particular, I find that paleoseismic data and historic observations for the ~M7.5 earthquake of 8 December 1812 are best explained by a rupture that begins on the San Jacinto fault and propagates onto the San Andreas fault. This precedent carries the implications that similar joint ruptures are possible in the future and that the San Jacinto fault plays a more significant role in seismic hazard in southern California than previously considered. My work also shows how physics-based modeling can be used for interpreting paleoseismic data sets and understanding prehistoric fault behavior.

  10. A case for historic joint rupture of the San Andreas and San Jacinto faults (United States)

    Lozos, Julian C.


    The San Andreas fault is considered to be the primary plate boundary fault in southern California and the most likely fault to produce a major earthquake. I use dynamic rupture modeling to show that the San Jacinto fault is capable of rupturing along with the San Andreas in a single earthquake, and interpret these results along with existing paleoseismic data and historic damage reports to suggest that this has likely occurred in the historic past. In particular, I find that paleoseismic data and historic observations for the ~M7.5 earthquake of 8 December 1812 are best explained by a rupture that begins on the San Jacinto fault and propagates onto the San Andreas fault. This precedent carries the implications that similar joint ruptures are possible in the future and that the San Jacinto fault plays a more significant role in seismic hazard in southern California than previously considered. My work also shows how physics-based modeling can be used for interpreting paleoseismic data sets and understanding prehistoric fault behavior. PMID:27034977

  11. Além do eu: literatura, história e memória em Teresina etc., de Antonio Candido

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ligia Chiappini


    Full Text Available Análise de Teresina etc., como exemplar de retratos escritos por Antonio Candido, que transcendem o particular e acabam fazendo o retrato de uma época, afirmando ideais éticos, políticos e estéticos e configurando, discretamente, não sem certo distanciamento irônico, um interessante auto-retrato. Memória e história, realidade e ficção, razão e sensibilidade, crítica e compreensão são elementos que se tecem com arte, num texto muito atual, pelo tema e pela metodologia.Teresina etc. as an example of the written portraits by Antonio Candido, that transcend the private and end up depicting an epoch, stating ethical, political and aesthetic ideals and configuring, discretely but not without a certain ironic distance, an interesting self-portrait. Memory and history, reality and fiction, sense and sensibility, critique and understanding woven with art.

  12. Bilimsel Toplantı Duyuruları

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adli Tıp Uzmanları Derneği ATUD


    Full Text Available Forensic Science Society Conferences 27 January 2007 Student One Day Conference Kingston University The Forensic Science Society, 18A Mount Parade, Harrogate HG1 1BX UK Tel: +44 (0 1423 506 068 Fax: +44 (0 1423 566 391 Email: AAFS 59th Annual Scientific Meeting 19-24 February 2007, USA Further information: San Antonio, TX. Tel: (250 426-7282 Web: The American Academy of Forensic Sciences 59th Annual Scientific Meeting 19-24 February To be held at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, TX. CONTACT: Nancy J. Jackson Meetings & Expositions Manager AAFS 410 N. 21st Street Colorado Springs, CO 80904 (719 636-1100 Fax: (719 636-1993 The American Society of Forensic Odontology's 37th Annual Scientific Session - "Basic Forensic Odontology: Impact on the Global Stage" 20 February 2007 To be held in conjunction with the 2007 AAFS Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX. Fax: (250 426-7282 The American Board of Forensic Odontology Civil Litigation Committee's "The Art & Science of Expert Witness Testimony" Workshop 24 February 207 To be held in conjunction with the 2007 AAFS Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX. The deadline for applying to be an "Expert Witness" is September 1, 2006. CONTACT: Dr. Tom David (404 633-9742 or (770 565-2320 - SAFCON-2007 South Asian And VII Annual National Conference Of Indian Congress Of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology 24-25 March 2007, India Web: Forensic Science - Where Are We Now? 18-20 March 2007, Kingdom of Bahrain The Forensic Science Society, Clarke House, 18A Mount Parade, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England HG1 1BX Tel: +1423 506068 or email: Cambridge Healthtech Institute's Fourth Annual Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference 2007 28-March 2 To be held at the Moscone North Convention Center in San Francisco, CA. CONTACT

  13. 76 FR 10945 - San Luis Trust Bank, FSB, San Luis Obispo, CA; Notice of Appointment of Receiver (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY Office of Thrift Supervision San Luis Trust Bank, FSB, San Luis Obispo, CA; Notice of Appointment of Receiver Notice is hereby given that, pursuant to the authority... appointed the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation as sole Receiver for San Luis Trust Bank, FSB, San Luis...

  14. 76 FR 22809 - Safety Zone; Bay Ferry II Maritime Security Exercise; San Francisco Bay, San Francisco, CA (United States)


    ... DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY Coast Guard 33 CFR Part 165 [Docket No. USCG-2011-0196] RIN 1625-AA00 Safety Zone; Bay Ferry II Maritime Security Exercise; San Francisco Bay, San Francisco, CA AGENCY... Security Exercise; San Francisco Bay, San Francisco, CA. (a) Location. The limits of this safety zone...

  15. San Carlos Apache Tribe - Energy Organizational Analysis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rapp, James; Albert, Steve


    The San Carlos Apache Tribe (SCAT) was awarded $164,000 in late-2011 by the U.S. Department of Energy (U.S. DOE) Tribal Energy Program's "First Steps Toward Developing Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency on Tribal Lands" Grant Program. This grant funded:  The analysis and selection of preferred form(s) of tribal energy organization (this Energy Organization Analysis, hereinafter referred to as "EOA").  Start-up staffing and other costs associated with the Phase 1 SCAT energy organization.  An intern program.  Staff training.  Tribal outreach and workshops regarding the new organization and SCAT energy programs and projects, including two annual tribal energy summits (2011 and 2012). This report documents the analysis and selection of preferred form(s) of a tribal energy organization.

  16. Prophylactic Fasciotomy in a Porcine Model of Extremity Trauma (United States)


    Morrison, MRCS,b,c,d Jerry R. Spencer, BS,a James D. Ross, PhD,a and Todd E. Rasmussen, MD, FACSa,e,f,* a59th Medical Wing, Joint Base San Antonio, San...Vascular injury Extremity Ischemiaereperfusion Recovery Neuromuscular Functional Fasciotomy a b s t r a c t Background: Extremity injury, with...prophylactic fasciotomy on neuromuscular recovery, labora- tory markers of ischemiaereperfusion, and tissue injury as determined by histologic evaluation. We

  17. rendre les villes urbaines sûres et inclusives au Venezuela

    International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Digital Library (Canada)

    ont étudié ces institutions et leur lien avec le taux de criminalité et la cohésion sociale dans quatre villes : Caracas, Ciudad Guayana, San Cristóbal et San Antonio del Táchira. Leur objectif était de trouver des solutions favorisant la sécurité et l'inclusivité dans ces villes. Histoire à succès | Villes sûres et inclusiVes. FLiC kr.

  18. Area Handbook Series Guatemala, A Country Study, (United States)


    o’independencee, the cp tanc general of’ Guatemsala consisted of the present-day republics of’ C;entral Amierica-Guatemnala, El Salvador, (Ionduras, Nicar- agua ...countries that maintained significant political relationships with Guatemala were Chile and Argentina. Both had active military relationships with...1 d somiething tobreak (downi time, coliiitr\\s grossl\\yneItial 204 lburisf maZUrke’t San Anitoni o .Aguasv Cali’n tc. Resvidenats in San Antonio Aguas

  19. Photothermal killing of Staphylococcus aureus using antibody-targeted gold nanoparticles

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Millenbaugh NJ


    Full Text Available Nancy J Millenbaugh,1 Jonathan B Baskin,1 Mauris N DeSilva,1 W Rowe Elliott,1 Randolph D Glickman2 1Maxillofacial Injury and Disease Department, Naval Medical Research Unit San Antonio, Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston, TX, USA; 2Department of Ophthalmology, The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX, USAPurpose: The continued emergence of multidrug resistant bacterial infections and the decline in discovery of new antibiotics are major challenges for health care throughout the world. This situation has heightened the need for novel antimicrobial therapies as alternatives to traditional antibiotics. The combination of metallic nanoparticles and laser exposure has been proposed as a strategy to induce physical damage to bacteria, regardless of antibiotic sensitivity. The purpose of this study was to test the antibacterial effect of antibody-targeted gold nanoparticles combined with pulsed laser irradiation.Methods: Gold nanoparticles conjugated to antibodies specific to Staphylococcus aureus peptidoglycan were incubated with suspensions of methicillin-resistant and methicillin-sensitive S. aureus (MRSA and MSSA. Bacterial suspensions were then exposed to 8 ns pulsed laser irradiation at a wavelength of 532 nm and fluences ranging from 1 to 5 J/cm2. Viability of the bacteria following laser exposure was determined using colony forming unit assays. Scanning electron microscopy was used to confirm the binding of nanoparticles to bacteria and the presence of cellular damage.Results: The laser-activated nanoparticle treatment reduced the surviving population to 31% of control in the MSSA population, while the survival in the MRSA population was reduced to 58% of control. Significant decreases in bacterial viability occurred when the laser fluence exceeded 1 J/cm2, and this effect was linear from 0 to 5 J/cm2 (r2=0.97. Significantly less bactericidal effect was observed for nonfunctionalized nanoparticles or

  20. La cultura en los países no desarrollados: sobre un libro de Antonio Tovar

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María Mercedes Carranza


    Full Text Available El profesor Antonio Tovar es una de las personas más importantes e interesantes de la España contemporánea. Importante en el ámbito científico como investigador, filólogo, traductor de clásicos, ensayista, pedagogo, conocedor en fin de todos los saberes que implican el conocimiento de treinta idiomas y dialectos, desde el indoeuropeo y el sánscrito hasta las lenguas indígenas del Paraná.

  1. Contrasting trends of tuberculosis in the cities of San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 2005-2014. (United States)

    Varela-Martínez, Cecilia; Yadon, Zaida E; Marín, Diana; Heldal, Einar


    Objective To 1) describe and compare the trends of tuberculosis (TB) case notification rates (CNRs) and treatment outcomes in the two largest cities in Honduras (San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa) for the period 2005-2014 and 2) identify possible related socioeconomic and health sector factors. Methods This retrospective ecological operational research study used aggregated data from the National TB Program (socioeconomic and health sector information and individual data from the 2014 TB case notification report). Results TB CNRs declined steadily over the study period in Tegucigalpa (from 46 to 28 per 100 000 inhabitants) but remained high in San Pedro Sula (decreasing from 89 to 78 per 100 000 inhabitants). Similar trends were observed for smear-positive TB. While presumptive TB cases examined were similar for both cities, in San Pedro Sula the proportions of presumptive cases with a positive smear; (7.7% versus 3.6%) relapses (8.9% versus 4.2%); and patients lost to follow-up (10.9% versus 2.7%) were significantly higher, and the treatment success lower (75.7% versus 87.0%). San Pedro Sula had lower annual income per capita, fewer public sector health workers and facilities, and a higher and increasing homicide index. The 2014 TB case data from San Pedro Sula showed a significantly lower median age and a higher proportion of assembly plant workers, prisoners, drug abusers, and diabetes. Conclusions The TB rate was higher and treatment success lower, and health care resources and socio-demographic indicators less favorable, in San Pedro Sula versus Tegucigalpa. City authorities, the NTP, and the health sector overall should strengthen early case detection, treatment, and infection control, involving both public and private health sectors.

  2. Effects of roads on survival of San Clemente Island foxes (United States)

    Snow, N.P.; Andelt, William F.; Stanley, T.R.; Resnik, J.R.; Munson, L.


    Roads generate a variety of influences on wildlife populations; however, little is known about the effects of roads on endemic wildlife on islands. Specifically, road-kills of island foxes (Urocyon littoralis) on San Clemente Island (SCI), Channel Islands, California, USA are a concern for resource managers. To determine the effects of roads on island foxes, we radiocollared foxes using a 3-tiered sampling design to represent the entire population in the study area, a sub-population near roads, and a sub-population away from roads on SCI. We examined annual survival rates using nest-survival models, causes of mortalities, and movements for each sample. We found the population had high annual survival (0.90), although survival declined with use of road habitat, particularly for intermediate-aged foxes. Foxes living near roads suffered lower annual survival (0.76), resulting from high frequencies of road-kills (7 of 11 mortalities). Foxes living away from roads had the highest annual survival (0.97). Road-kill was the most prominent cause of mortality detected on SCI, which we estimated as killing 3-8% of the population in the study area annually. Based on movements, we were unable to detect any responses by foxes that minimized their risks from roads. The probabilities of road-kills increased with use of the road habitat, volume of traffic, and decreasing road sinuosity. We recommend that managers should attempt to reduce road-kills by deterring or excluding foxes from entering roads, and attempting to modify behaviors of motorists to be vigilant for foxes. ?? 2011 The Wildlife Society.

  3. 78 FR 14359 - Verizon Business Networks Services, Inc., Senior Analysts-Order Management, Voice Over Internet... (United States)


    ... Business Networks Services, Inc., Senior Analysts-Order Management, Voice Over Internet Protocol, Small And... Management, Voice Over Internet Protocol, Small And Medium Business, San Antonio, TX; Amended Certification... Business Networks Services, Inc., Senior Analysts-Order Management, Voice Over Internet Protocol, Small and...

  4. Improved safety culture and labor-management relations attributed to changing at-risk behavior process at Union Pacific. (United States)


    Changing At-Risk Behavior (CAB) is a safety process that is being conducted at Union Pacifics San Antonio Service Unit (SASU) with the aim of improving road and yard safety. CAB is an example of a proactive safety risk-reduction method called Clea...

  5. 77 FR 34026 - Procurement List; Proposed Additions (United States)


    ... provide interested persons an opportunity to submit comments on the proposed actions. Additions If the..., Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Office of Chief Counsel... Institute, Inc., San Antonio, TX. Contracting Activity: Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Immigration...

  6. 9 CFR 97.2 - Administrative instructions prescribing commuted traveltime. (United States)


    ... Port of Columbus Deming 2 New York: Alexandria Bay 1 Buffalo 2 Do Akron 2 Champlain 1 Do Highgate... Edinburgh, McAllen or Mission 6 Do Laredo or San Antonio 5 El Paso 1 Do Hatchita or Deming, NM 6 Do Las...

  7. Hydrologic data for urban studies in the Houston metropolitan area, Texas, 1983 (United States)

    Liscum, Fred


    Hydro!ogic investigations of urban watersheds in Texas were begun by the U.S. Geological Survey in 1954. Studies are now in progress in the Austin and Houston areas, and have been completed in the Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio areas.

  8. La cuestión de la forma en las sonatas de Antonio Soler


    Igoa Mateos, Enrique


    El objetivo de esta tesis doctoral es el estudio de la forma en las 140 sonatas de Antonio Soler (1729-1783). La terminología y las abreviaturas necesarias se exponen en el Cap. 0 (preliminar). El Cap. 1 ofrece una reseña biográfica de Soler, actualizando los datos ya conocidos con las últimas aportaciones bibliográficas. El Cap. 2 se centra en la teoría de la sonata (incorporando las aportaciones de W. Caplin y de Hepokoski & Darcy) y en su asimilación en la música ibérica para tecla d...

  9. Los avatares de la biblioteca privada de Nicolás Antonio (1687-1690

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Cuando fallece en Madrid Nicolás Antonio, el año de 1684, toda la fortuna que deja a sus herederos, son deudas; deudas a las que fundamentalmente le había llevado el afán investigador y publicista al que dedicó su vida entera. El único bien que le queda a sus deudos, será su colección particular de libros. Precisamente, lo que le sucede a la misma es el tema central de un documento manuscrito, inédito hasta ahora y que se encuentra depositado en la Biblioteca Universitaria Salmantina.

  10. Juan Antonio Rubio appointed as Director-General of CIEMAT

    CERN Multimedia


    Juan Antonio Rubio, Head of CERN's ETT unit (Education and Technology Transfer) has been appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science as the Director General of the Research Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology, CIEMAT. Dr Rubio's career began at the Spanish Nuclear Energy Commission where he held the posts of Investigator, Head of the High Energy Group and Head of Nuclear Physics and High Energy Division. Later, he was named Director of the Department of Basic Investigation and Scientific Director of the CIEMAT. In 1987 he joined CERN as Scientific Adviser to the Director General and Group Leader of the Scientific Assessment Group. Up to now, Dr Rubio has been the Head of the ETT unit, as well as Coordinator for Latin America and Commissioner for the 50th Anniversary of the Organization. He was born on 4 June 1944 in Madrid, and holds a Doctorate in Physical Sciences from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

  11. La poesía objetual de Antonio Gómez

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Felipe Muriel Durán


    Full Text Available Antonio Gómez hereda la estética surrealista a través del poeta catalán Joan Brossa. La mirada de Gómez aísla los objetos, los manipula y los reordena. Su objetivo es conmover y despertar en la mente del espectador una cadena de asociaciones. La obra de Gómez, recopilada hasta hoy en Made in Mérida (1993, Peccata minuta (2000, De acá para allá (2007, ofrece dos grupos de textos: los que reflexionan metapoéticamente sobre la creación y los que analizan críticamente temas como la Monarquía, la religión, el consumismo… Su poesía se define por el minimalismo. Sus materiales son los objetos humildes y los símbolos del Poder. El artículo contiene el análisis semiótico de más de una veintena de objetos poéticos.

  12. Water quality of springs and water wells which are used in human consumption, in the Jocotitlan volcano region at State of Mexico

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Baca G, A.; Segovia, N.; Iturbe, J.L.; Martinez, V.; Armienta, M.A.; Seidel, J.L.


    In this work are presented the results of water quality of seven springs (San Antonio Enchisi, Las Fuentes, El Cerro, Pasteje, Los Reyes, Santa Cruz and Tiacaque) and two water wells (Jocotitlan No. 2 and La Providencia No. 35) which are used for human consumption and that are located surrounding area to Jocotitlan volcano, state of Mexico. It was determined the 222 Rn concentration through liquid scintillation, the 226 Ra by Gamma spectroscopy, the physical-chemical parameters (major elements) and bacteriological, using standardized methods. The minor elements and trace in solution were determined by Icp-Ms mass spectroscopy. The water quality was established in function of the standing standards. Therefore Las Fuentes, El Cerro, Santa Cruz, Tiacaque springs and the Jocotitlan No. 2 well, are drinkable water. So, Pasteje, Los Reyes, San Antonio Enchisi springs and the La Providencia No. 35 well are chemically drinkable but presenting bacteriological pollution. (Author)

  13. Prediction, prevention and fight automatic control in mining an outburst prone coal seam; Control Automatico de las Medidas de Prediccion, Prevencion y Lucha, para la Explotacion Mecanizada de una Capa Susceptible de desprendimientos Instantaneos

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Outburst are instantaneous catastrophic failure of the coal mine structure, characterised by emissions of large quantities of finely divided coal dust and gas from a coal face. In Spain, outbursts have represented a serious problem in the zone of Aller (Asturias), particularly in San Antonio mine. The main objective of the research work was to determine whether outburst precursory micro seismic activity could be discerned by monitoring the coal mining district of San Antonio. Micro seismic activity on the underground seismometer contains distinct style of events: natural events, stress events and outburst events. The correlation between the rate of extraction and the number of micro seismic activity has been analysed. A real time software was developed which would discriminate mining activity from background seismic noise. the algorithm used for event detection in based on comparing the short term average (STA) with the long term average (LTA) of the signal energy. (Author)

  14. Fundamentos de Inteligencia Artificial: Entrevista con Antonio Benítez

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Asier Arias


    Full Text Available Antonio Benítez, profesor de Lógica en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, ha dedicado buena parte de su labor docente e investigadora a la inteligencia artificial y a la filosofía de la mente y de la ciencia cognitiva. Recientemente ha publicado una obra en tres volúmenes titulada Fundamentos de Inteligencia Artificial (el tercer volumen, dedicado a la inteligencia artificial bioinspirada, aparecerá en los próximos meses. La misma ofrece una guía práctica de introducción a la programación en inteligencia artificial de clara y cabal factura, además de una cuidada introducción a los aspectos teóricos de la disciplina. En esta entrevista nos habla de esta obra y de la ciencia cognitiva en general.

  15. The San Bernabe power substation; La subestacion San Bernabe

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chavez Sanudo, Andres D. [Luz y Fuerza del Centro, Mexico, D. F. (Mexico)


    The first planning studies that gave rise to the San Bernabe substation go back to year 1985. The main circumstance that supports this decision is the gradual restriction for electric power generation that has been suffering the Miguel Aleman Hydro System, until its complete disappearance, to give priority to the potable water supply through the Cutzamala pumping system, that feeds in an important way Mexico City and the State of Mexico. In this document the author describes the construction project of the San Bernabe Substation; mention is made of the technological experiences obtained during the construction and its geographical location is shown, as well as the one line diagram of the same [Espanol] Los primeros estudios de planeacion que dieron origen a la subestacion San Bernabe se remontan al ano de 1985. La circunstancia principal que soporta esta decision es la restriccion paulatina para generar energia que ha venido experimentando el Sistema Hidroelectrico Miguel Aleman, hasta su desaparicion total, para dar prioridad al suministro de agua potable por medio del sistema de bombeo Cutzamala, que alimenta en forma importante a la Ciudad de Mexico y al Estado de Mexico. En este documento el autor describe el proyecto de construccion de la subestacion San Bernabe; se mencionan las experiencias tecnologicas obtenidas durante su construccion y se ilustra su ubicacion geografica, asi como un diagrama unifilar de la misma

  16. Aerospace medicine at Brooks AFB, TX: hail and farewell. (United States)

    Nunneley, Sarah A; Webb, James T


    With the impending termination of USAF operations at Brooks Air Force Base (AFB) in San Antonio, TX, it is time to consider its historic role in Aerospace Medicine. The base was established in 1917 as a flight training center for the U.S. Army Air Service and in 1926 became home to its School of Aviation Medicine. The school moved to San Antonio's Randolph Field in 1931, but in 1959 it returned to Brooks where it occupied new facilities to support its role as a national center for U.S. Air Force aerospace medicine, including teaching, clinical medicine, and research. The mission was then expanded to encompass support of U.S. military and civilian space programs. With the abrupt termination of the military space program in 1969, research at Brooks focused on clinical aviation medicine and support of advanced military aircraft while continuing close cooperation with NASA in support of orbital spaceflight and the journey to the Moon. Reorganization in the 1990s assigned all research functions at Brooks to the Human Systems Division and its successors, leaving to USAFSAM the missions related to clinical work and teaching. In 2002 the USAF and the city of San Antonio implemented shared operation of Brooks as a "City-Base" in the hope of deflecting threatened closure. Nevertheless, under continuing pressure to consolidate military facilities in the United States, the 2005 Base Closure and Realignment Commission ordered Brooks closed by 2011, with its aerospace medicine functions relocated to new facilities at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, OH.

  17. Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Military Testing Association (19th), 17-21 October 1977, San Antonio, Texas (United States)


    to-?ir kills, especially since we will probably be atle to field only a relatively small number of fighter pilots in future wars. Fighter pilots have...Education and Training, Information, And Legal, too many colonel positlons were allocated. Overall, many jobs wer found to be undergraded, especially at the...t preparing the final eppmntice progress/status report, 4e avy C :-vs educacion specialist will regard previous work experience as distri±xtnd

  18. La politización en las lecturas canónicas: Miguel Antonio Caro, lector de Jorge Isaacs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carlos Arturo López Jiménez


    Full Text Available The article herein shows some conceptual features of Miguel Antonio Caro’s intellectual project and its intrinsic strengths. Furthermore, it details the type of politicization which Caro imposed on some of the work of his contemporaries politicization which, in turn, was later imposed on him-self by contemporary historiography. More to the point, I evidence how Caro, when asserting that a particular text by Jorge Isaacs (The native tribes of the Magdalena basin was scientific, immediately proceeded to politicize Isaac’s work, among other things, because he (Caro did not have the relevant arguments needed to confront Isaacs’ text in its own terms and framework. Thus, in order to dismiss Isaacs’ objections raised against the government of Nuñez, Caro places the aforementioned work by the author of María, among the texts that threatened social order by presenting it as part and parcel of positivism, empiricism, liberalism, and all other intellectual efforts based on a damaging sensualism.//Aquí muestran algunos aspectos conceptuales del proyecto intelectual de Miguel Antonio Caro y su consistencia interna. Además, preciso el tipo específico de politización que este escritor impuso sobre algunos trabajos que le fueron contemporáneos –politización de la cual el mismo Caro ha sido objeto por parte de historiografía contemporánea–. Específicamente, presento cómo Miguel Antonio Caro, al afirmar que un texto de Isaacs (Las tribus indígenas del Magdalena es científico, politiza su trabajo por la imposibilidad de atacarlo dentro de los límites argumentativos del texto de Isaacs. De esta forma, para hacer a un lado las objeciones que Isaac eleva contra el gobierno de Núñez, Caro ubica el trabajo del autor de María en el grupo de escritos que amenazan el orden social, al presentarlo de la mano con el positivismo, empirismo, liberalismo y demás esfuerzos intelectuales fundados en un “nocivo” criterio sensualista.

  19. Description of gravity cores from San Pablo Bay and Carquinez Strait, San Francisco Bay, California (United States)

    Woodrow, Donald L.; John L. Chin,; Wong, Florence L.; Fregoso, Theresa A.; Jaffe, Bruce E.


    Seventy-two gravity cores were collected by the U.S. Geological Survey in 1990, 1991, and 2000 from San Pablo Bay and Carquinez Strait, California. The gravity cores collected within San Pablo Bay contain bioturbated laminated silts and sandy clays, whole and broken bivalve shells (mostly mussels), fossil tube structures, and fine-grained plant or wood fragments. Gravity cores from the channel wall of Carquinez Strait east of San Pablo Bay consist of sand and clay layers, whole and broken bivalve shells (less than in San Pablo Bay), trace fossil tubes, and minute fragments of plant material.

  20. 78 FR 34123 - Notice of Inventory Completion: San Francisco State University NAGPRA Program, San Francisco, CA (United States)


    ... completion of an inventory of human remains and associated funerary objects under the control of the San....R50000] Notice of Inventory Completion: San Francisco State University NAGPRA Program, San Francisco, CA... NAGPRA Program has completed an inventory of human remains and associated funerary objects, in...

  1. 78 FR 21403 - Notice of Inventory Completion: San Francisco State University NAGPRA Program, San Francisco, CA (United States)


    ... completion of an inventory of human remains and associated funerary objects under the control of the San....R50000] Notice of Inventory Completion: San Francisco State University NAGPRA Program, San Francisco, CA... NAGPRA Program has completed an inventory of human remains and associated funerary objects, in...

  2. 77 FR 38070 - Office of Refugee Resettlement; Announcing the Award of a Single-Source Program Expansion... (United States)


    ....676] Office of Refugee Resettlement; Announcing the Award of a Single- Source Program Expansion... (BCFS) in San Antonio, TX AGENCY: Office of Refugee Resettlement, ACF, HHS. ACTION: The Office of Refugee Resettlement announces the award of a single-source program expansion supplement grant from its...

  3. Development of a Free-Electron Laser Center and Research in Medicine, Biology and Materials Science, (United States)


    the reduced electron- larons cause localized distortions in an ionic lattice lattice coupling strength leads to molecule emission, which are... syndrome . Health Science Center at San Antonio and the University Buerger’s disease, palmar hyperhidrosis, frostbite and of Mi.imi School of Medicine, Miami

  4. A History of the Huntsville Division U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 1988-1992 Update (United States)


    this project were in- terrelated : poor communication among various contrac- tors, untimely submission of required documerits, and "inadequate...Medal. A native of San Antonio, Texas, Colonel Myers is mar- ried to the former Fran~yan of Martinsville, Virginia. They have a daughter, Ann , and

  5. 75 FR 67765 - Endangered and Threatened Species Permit Applications (United States)


    ... collect leaf tissue and seeds from the following endangered plants: South Texas ambrosia (Ambrosia... transportation, at the Miller Park Zoo. Permit TE-24625A Applicant: Wendy Leonard, San Antonio, Texas. Applicant...-cheeked warbler (Dendroica chrysoparia) and black-capped vireo (Vireo atricapilla) within Texas. Permit TE...

  6. 75 FR 57980 - Notice of Determinations Regarding Eligibility To Apply for Worker Adjustment Assistance (United States)


    .... Machines (IBM), Global Technology Services Delivery Division, Off- Site Teleworkers. 73,637 Lexmark... Subsidiary of IMI, Margarita, CA. PLC, Leased Workers from Mattson, Axis Technology Group, etc. 74,527 Mahle... Personnel. 74,563 All American Sports Group San Antonio, TX..... August 20, 2009. Corporation, Leased...

  7. 75 FR 20400 - Submission for Review: Federal Cyber Service: Scholarship for Service (SFS) Registration Web Site (United States)


    ... OFFICE OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT Submission for Review: Federal Cyber Service: Scholarship for Service (SFS) Registration Web Site AGENCY: U.S. Office of Personnel Management. ACTION: 60-Day Notice and... applicable supporting documentation, may be obtained by contacting the San Antonio Services Branch, Office of...

  8. Colistin Pharmacokinetics in Burn Patients During Continuous Venovenous Hemofiltration (United States)


    Bethesda, Maryland, USAc; University of the Incarnate Word, Feik School of Pharmacy, San Antonio, Texas, USAd; Uniformed Services University of the Health ...survey of renal replacement therapy prescribing prac- tice for acute kidney injury in Malaysian intensive care units. Nephrology (Carlton) 19:507–512

  9. 77 FR 77087 - Changes in Flood Hazard Determinations (United States)


    ... INFORMATION CONTACT: Luis Rodriguez, Chief, Engineering Management Branch, Federal Insurance and Mitigation... (12-06-0857P)...... Judge, Paul Trinidad Street, Elizondo Tower, Suite 420, San 101 West Nueva Antonio.../lomrs.htm. County. Bexar County North Pecos- La (12-06-2935P)...... Judge, Paul Trinidad Street...

  10. Of Herbs, Animals and other Poisons: Magical Renewal in «El peregrino indiano» by Antonio Saavedra Guzmán

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Raúl Marrero-Fente


    Full Text Available El peregrino indiano by Antonio de Saavedra Guzmán incorporates new substances into the magic spell. In addition to La Araucana, there are ingredients that come from other discursive traditions: the Renaissance treatises of natural history, the Bible, bestiaries, emblematic literature, magic and grimoires.

  11. Antonio Costa, La mela di Cézanne e l’accendino di Hitchcock. Il senso delle cose nei film

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Beatrice Seligardi


    Full Text Available «Sono diecimila persone, forse, che non hanno dimenticato la mela di Cézanne ma sono un miliardo gli spettatori che si ricorderanno dell’accendino di Delitto per delitto» (5. Così Godard recitava all’interno delle Histoire(s du cinéma, e così si apre il saggio di Antonio Costa, prendendone spunto anche per il titolo.

  12. Stock of immobilized metals in 'Jose Antonio Alzate' dam mud sediment samples in the State of Mexico, Mexico

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Rodriguez, S.A.; Avila-Perez, P.


    'Jose Antonio Alzate' dam mud sediment samples were collected from six sampling sites. The samples were analyzed by combining multielemental studies with structural details, including heating to very high temperatures. Characterization of mud sediment samples have been shown to have low concentrations of metals (Cr, Mn, Ni, Cu, Zn, Pb). No systematic trend was observed as a function of the sampling points. (author)

  13. 75 FR 15611 - Safety Zone; United Portuguese SES Centennial Festa, San Diego Bay, San Diego, CA (United States)


    ...-AA00 Safety Zone; United Portuguese SES Centennial Festa, San Diego Bay, San Diego, CA AGENCY: Coast... navigable waters of the San Diego Bay in support of the United Portuguese SES Centennial Festa. This... Centennial Festa, which will include a fireworks presentation originating from a tug and barge combination in...

  14. Waterbird nest monitoring program in San Francisco Bay (2005-10) (United States)

    Ackerman, Joshua T.; Herzog, Mark P.


    -Term Restoration Project, 2004); thus, specific efforts are planned to ensure that the Restoration Project enhances the habitats of the remaining salt ponds for breeding waterbirds.Here, we provide a summary of nesting ecology data for Forster’s Terns, American Avocets, and Black-necked Stilts, collected from 2005 to 2010 in the areas of the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project, including lands managed by the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge and Eden Landing Ecological Reserve. These results provide baseline conditions for breeding waterbirds prior to implementation of most restoration actions and can be used to both guide future restoration actions as well as to determine the effect of the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project on breeding waterbirds. It is imperative to continue to collect nesting waterbird data annually to assess the response of birds to the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project.

  15. Performance of BATAN-SANS instrument

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ikram, Abarrul; Insani, Andon [National Nuclear Energy Agency, P and D Centre for Materials Science and Technology, Serpong (Indonesia)


    SANS data from some standard samples have been obtained using BATAN-SANS instrument in Serpong. The experiments were performed for various experimental set-ups that involve different detector positions and collimator lengths. This paper describes the BATAN-SANS instrument briefly as well as the data taken from those experiments and followed with discussion of the results concerning the performance and calibration of the instrument. The standard samples utilized in these experiments include porous silica, polystyrene-poly isoprene, silver behenate, poly ball and polystyrene-poly (ethylene-alt-propylene). Even though the results show that BATAN-SANS instrument is in good shape, but rooms for improvements are still widely open especially for the velocity selector and its control system. (author)

  16. A case for historic joint rupture of the San Andreas and San Jacinto faults


    Lozos, Julian C.


    The San Andreas fault is considered to be the primary plate boundary fault in southern California and the most likely fault to produce a major earthquake. I use dynamic rupture modeling to show that the San Jacinto fault is capable of rupturing along with the San Andreas in a single earthquake, and interpret these results along with existing paleoseismic data and historic damage reports to suggest that this has likely occurred in the historic past. In particular, I find that paleoseismic data...

  17. Training a Green Workforce With Stem Initiatives at the Alamo Colleges District (United States)

    Reyes, R.; Strybos, J.


    The Alamo Colleges District (ACD) includes minority serving institutions successfully incorporating climate science and sustainability-related projects to engage students in STEM courses. This network of five community colleges is based around San Antonio, Texas, and has a student population of approximately 60,000 that reflects the diversity of the community. San Antonio residents are familiar with recent extreme weather conditions, such as extreme droughts and intensified annual rainfalls, and the colleges understand the importance of education about climate science, climate change and sustainable solutions. This presentation will discuss initiatives to engage students in STEMS program while providing them with tools to solve climate change problems at a local level. ACD's innovative tools to train a green workforce is focused on engaging students in courses provided toward accredited certificates and degrees. Example of these courses include Wind Power Generation, Wind Turbine Troubleshooting, Solar Photovoltaics Systems, Wastewater Minimization and Waste Water Treatment. Students have access to a 400-kW PV system installed at the Center for Excellence that is used as a training tool in solar panel installation and maintenance. Also, solar panels on the rooftop of the Scobee Education Center and adjacent bus stops are connected to an eGauge system and used as simulation training about energy and space science. At Eco Centro, students have worked on solar hydroponic projects, the refurbishment of a shipping container for food production in a controlled atmosphere, and the installation of a shipping container home that will be used as a teaching facility about sustainable design and construction. Finally, a recent project to convert an old trailer into a Mobile Weather Station will be used as a STEM classroom to prepare students to understand weather data and its local applicability.

  18. The Enduring Legacy of "Rodriguez": Creating New Pathways to Equal Educational Opportunity (United States)

    Ogletree, Charles J., Jr., Ed.; Robinson, Kimberly Jenkins, Ed.


    In this ambitious volume, leading legal and educational scholars examine "San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez" (1973), the landmark US Supreme Court decision that held that the Constitution does not guarantee equality of educational opportunity. Charles J. Ogletree, Jr., and Kimberly Jenkins Robinson have brought…

  19. 78 FR 21399 - Notice of Inventory Completion: Center for Archaeological Research at the University of Texas at... (United States)


    ...-PPWOCRADN0] Notice of Inventory Completion: Center for Archaeological Research at the University of Texas at San Antonio, TX AGENCY: National Park Service, Interior. ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: The Center for... consultation with the appropriate Indian tribe, and has determined that there is a cultural affiliation between...

  20. DANCE Your Way to Healthier Lungs (United States)

    ... good it feels to move your body to music. It exhilarates you physically and mentally. It makes you feel alive. But Helen Sorenson, a registered respiratory therapist, gerontologist, and assistant professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, TX, has another version ...


    In a study of the San Antonio, Texas, SMSA, this report indicates that, while respondents believe the environment is deteriorating, they do not believe environmental problems are among the most important faced by the Nation. Analysis of the data shows that: (1) there is a signifi...

  2. Yoga Therapy as a Complement to Astronaut Health and Emotional Fitness Stress Reduction and Countermeasure Effectiveness Before, During, and in Post-Flight Rehabilitation: a Hypothesis (United States)


    School of Integrative Medicine (SIM), Hampton, VA; 4Department of Health and Kinesiology , The University of Texas at San Antonio, TX; ⁵US Army Institute...gene expression regulating stress and glucocorticoid receptors. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry . 110: 372-381. Lee, F.J., Stewart, M., and Brown

  3. Leadership, Self-Efficacy, and Student Achievement (United States)

    Grayson, Kristin


    This study examined the relationships between teacher leadership, science teacher self-efficacy, and fifth-grade science student achievement in diverse schools in a San Antonio, Texas, metropolitan school district. Teachers completed a modified version of the "Leadership Behavior Description Question" (LBDQ) Form XII by Stogdill (1969),…

  4. National Writing Project's Multimodal Literacies and Teacher Collaboration: Enhanced Student Learning on Global Social Issues (United States)

    Iyengar, Kalpana; Hood, Caleb


    Iyengar and Hood, both teacher consultants with the San Antonio Writing Project (SAWP), and instructors of an undergraduate society and social issues class, collaborated to enhance their undergraduate students' writing experiences using the National Writing Project model (Lieberman & Wood, 2003). Iyengar and Hood used strategies such as…

  5. Tracking Central Hypovolemia with ECG in Humans: Cautions for the Use of Heart Period Variability in Patient Monitoring (United States)


    US Army Institute of Surgical Research, Fort Sam Houston, Texas; and †Department of Health and Kinesiology , The University of Texas at San Antonio...higher in trauma patients both in prehospital and intensive care unit settings, suggesting that these metrics may not be useful for reliable and

  6. 76 FR 12992 - National Register of Historic Places; Notification of Pending Nominations and Related Actions (United States)


    ... Walnut. Also including the 100 block of W Campbell, Edinburgh, 11000126 Toner Historic District, E Main... Burnham St, Lowell, 11000120 Hohman Avenue Commercial Historic District, Approx. 3 blocks lining Hohman..., Limestone, 11000099 TEXAS Bexar County Lerma's Nite Club, 1602-1612 N Zarzamora, San Antonio, 11000135 Light...

  7. Antifungal Resistance Patterns in Molds Isolated from Wounds of Combat Related Trauma Patients (United States)


    and co 1S. SUBJECT TERMS 16. SECURITY CLASSIFICATION OF: 17. LIMITATION OF a. REPORT b.ABSTRACT c . THIS PAGE ABSTRACT uu 18. NUMBER OF PAGES...studies on molds Isolated from wounds of US service members treated at San Antonio Military Medlcal Center (SAMMC) were exam ined

  8. 77 FR 59953 - Changes in Flood Hazard Determinations (United States)


    ... INFORMATION CONTACT: Luis Rodriguez, Chief, Engineering Management Branch, Federal Insurance and Mitigation... North Pecos-La 0794P). Judge, Paul Trinidad, Suite Elizondo Tower, 420, San Antonio, 101 West Nueva TX....htm. County, (12-06- Bexar County North Pecos-La 2182P). Judge, Paul Trinidad, Suite Elizondo Tower...

  9. 78 FR 8170 - Changes in Flood Hazard Determinations (United States)


    ... INFORMATION CONTACT: Luis Rodriguez, Chief, Engineering Management Branch, Federal Insurance and Mitigation...). Judge, Paul North Pecos-La Elizondo Tower, Trinidad, Suite 101 West Nueva 420, San Antonio, Street, 10th... County Department, 233 lomrs.htm. 2751P). Judge, Paul North Pecos-La Elizondo Tower, Trinidad, Suite 101...

  10. Transition Plan For Moving AFOMS Occupational Analysis Report Contents to AFPC’s Human Resources Research Database (United States)


    improving formal course content (Metrica, 2000; Teachout, Sego & Ford, 1995; Teachout, Sego, & Olea , 1993). The conceptual foundation of TEEM is that in...System (TIDES) User’s Manual , Version 3.3. San Antonio TX: Metrica, Inc. Teachout, M.S., Sego, D.J., & Olea , M.M. (1993). Assessing training

  11. Water quality of springs and water wells which are used in human consumption, in the Jocotitlan volcano region at State of Mexico; Calidad del agua de manantiales y pozos que se utilizan para consumo humano, en la region del volcan Jocotitlan, Estado de Mexico

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Baca G, A.; Segovia, N.; Iturbe, J.L. [Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares, A.P. 18-1027, 11801 Mexico D.F. (Mexico); Martinez, V. [CIRA, UAEM, Unidad San Cayetabo, Toluca-Ixtlahuaca (Mexico); Armienta, M.A. [IGFUNAM, C. Universitaria, Mexico D.F. (Mexico); Seidel, J.L. [CNRS, Univ. Montpellier (France)


    In this work are presented the results of water quality of seven springs (San Antonio Enchisi, Las Fuentes, El Cerro, Pasteje, Los Reyes, Santa Cruz and Tiacaque) and two water wells (Jocotitlan No. 2 and La Providencia No. 35) which are used for human consumption and that are located surrounding area to Jocotitlan volcano, state of Mexico. It was determined the {sup 222} Rn concentration through liquid scintillation, the {sup 226} Ra by Gamma spectroscopy, the physical-chemical parameters (major elements) and bacteriological, using standardized methods. The minor elements and trace in solution were determined by Icp-Ms mass spectroscopy. The water quality was established in function of the standing standards. Therefore Las Fuentes, El Cerro, Santa Cruz, Tiacaque springs and the Jocotitlan No. 2 well, are drinkable water. So, Pasteje, Los Reyes, San Antonio Enchisi springs and the La Providencia No. 35 well are chemically drinkable but presenting bacteriological pollution. (Author)

  12. Maidservant as muse: The dramatic reinvention of Antonio Canova

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christina Ferando


    Full Text Available In the mid-1870s, the playwright Lodovico Muratori (1834-1919 wrote a play based on the life of the sculptor, Antonio Canova, that focused on a fictional, unconsummated passion between Canova and his housekeeper, Luigia Giuli. This play, published by the Milanese editor Carlo Barbini concurrently with several plays about famous Italian artists, including Michelangelo, Raphael, and Tintoretto, emphasized Canova’s connection to these great masters, in particular his role as both artist and lover. By examining the way political and artistic values changed in Italy over the course of the century, this paper arges that Muratori’s insistent repetition of the trope of ‘Luigia as muse’ is an implicit critique of neoclassicism. Artistic inspiration is disengaged from imitation and the rote act of copying and located instead in the very personal and subjective emotions of the artist. By the late nineteenth century, in order to maintain the validity of an otherwise outmoded style, neoclassicism and its suffocating image of repetition were necessarily recast to fit the political, sociological and artistic developments of the time.

  13. Social media, publicidad y empresa. Entrevista a Antonio Fumero

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ana Mª Belmonte Jiménez


    Full Text Available Antonio Fumero es Ingeniero de Telecomunicación y MBA por la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM. Especialista en la Gestión de la Tecnología e Innovación, trabajó dos años en la Unidad de Desarrollo Tecnológico e Innovación de BBVA como asesor de Nuevas Tecnologías. Actualmente desarrolla su actividad como investigador en la UPM, colaborando con la Cátedra Telefónica para Internet de Nueva Generación y el Departamento de Ingeniería de Sistemas Telemáticos (DIT en la dinamización y coordinación de un grupo de investigadores en Redes y Software Social (iRSS. Desempeña labores de diseminación, asesoría y análisis como experto para distintas organizaciones corporativas e institucionales. Recientemente ha creado su propia empresa, Win Win consultores. También es community manager de Color-Uiris y senior consultant de TalentBrokers.

  14. Autores Clásicos en la biblioteca del ilustrado Antonio Ruiz De Padrón

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francisco Salas Salgado


    Full Text Available Se estudia en este artículo los libros de autores grecolatinos que poseía la amplia biblioteca del ilustrado canario Antonio Ruiz de Padrón (1757-1823, cuyo conocimiento debemos a los inventarios realizados en 1814 y 1823. Se comprueba de esta manera la vigencia de los autores clásicos propiciada con toda seguridad por enorme importancia que la corriente neoclásica tuvo en la época de la Ilustración.

  15. Situation related to the woman home violence in patients from the "Julio Antonio Mella" polyclinic


    Gil López, Odalys


    Introducción: La violencia doméstica hacia la mujer constituye un serio problema de salud, además de una violación flagrante a los derechos humanos, con impacto de la salud biopsicosocial, y afectación a la dinámica familiar. Objetivo: Identificar las características de la violencia doméstica contra las mujeres en el área del policlínico "Julio Antonio Mella", en el 2007. Métodos: Se realizó un estudio descriptivo, longitudinal, retrospectivo, en la población femenina que pertenece al citado ...

  16. Technical Proposal on the Treatment of the Influent of the José Antonio Alzate dam Using Aerobic Pond System

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    E. López–Galván


    Full Text Available In México, discharge of waste water not treated is a common problem; this is the case of the Lerma River, where the original clean water contribution of the Almoloya–Lerma–San Bartolo timber–roof system, located in the valley of Toluca, State of México, was replaced by the wastewater of the valley. The attempts to clean the water before their spill have been unfruitful and this has caused the present anaerobic conditions of the river in its entire route including the first receiving stage that is the José Antonio Alzate Dam (PJAA, becoming a potential source of diseases and a useless water body. In this work we evaluate the treatment efficiency of experimental waste water pond system. The treatment system was constructed with 5 screens which formed 6 internal channels and it had an operation in continuous form by 26 weeks, providing it with continuously polluted water of the Lerma River. We found that the efficiency of reduction of the organic matter reported as BOD5 was 83% and it is carried out in the first channel after 7 days of hydraulic retention verifying that the channels do not work like lagoons in series. With the collected data we calculated, through the application of design equations, the factor of decay of organic matter "k" and the number of dispersion "d", specific for the type of treatment and environmental conditions of the site. The required surface of treatment calculated to reach the efficiency of reduction of the BOD5 obtained experimentally. Thus, a surface of: 1 281.6 hectares distributed in 13 lagoons that can deal with a volume 8 646, 70 m3/h was determined. Since this was a bigger surfaces than that of the dam, the available area was evaluated to make a proposal closer to reallity.

  17. Eisenstein contemporain : entretien avec Antonio Somaini

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bruno Leites


    Full Text Available Entretien avec Antonio Somaini à propos des films, des écrits et des dessins de Sergei Eisenstein. Somaini est actuellement un des plus grands spécialistes de l’œuvre d’Eisenstein. À l’entretien, nous parlons de nombreux sujets : les défis de traduire les ouvrages d’Eisenstein, les phases de sa carrière, le développement de sa pensée, la relation de ses films avec ses écrits, sa pratique du dessin et sa passion pour les dessins de Walt Disney. C’est un long entretien dans laquelle nous parlons aussi des principaux concepts d’Eisenstein, tels que l’extase, le pathos, l’organicité, l’attraction, la régression et la plasmaticité. Somaini nous parle également de la spécificité de son travail et de l’urgence de reprendre Eisenstein. D’un côté, il faut le faire sortir de l’histoire du cinéma exclusivement et l’inclure dans le réseau le plus vaste des arts et de la pensée des années 1920, 1930 et 1940. De l’autre côté, il faut penser son projet comme essentiellement contemporain. Comme Somaini l’a dit, ce que nous pensons beaucoup aujourd’hui, le dispositif cinématographique, le rapport entre le cinéma et l’histoire de l’art, l'influence des images sur l’ensemble de l’expérience humaine, cela a toujours été le problème d’Eisenstein.

  18. Status of the First Permanent Molars in Students from the José Antonio Saco Elementary School


    Diosky Ferrer Vílchez; Ana Belkys Hernández Millán; Disney Tablada Peralta; Ana Ivis Betancourt García; Antonio Araujo Vílchez; Yenly Rodríguez Alonso


    Background: the first molars are among the first teeth affected by dental caries. Their premature loss leads to occlusion disorders. Objective: to determine the status of the first permanent molars in first-, fourth- and sixth- grade students from the Jose Antonio Saco elementary school in Cienfuegos. Methods: a cross-sectional study was conducted in a universe of 227 students treated at the Raúl González Pediatric Dental Clinic of the health area number 1 in Cienfuegos from October 2014 to M...

  19. Il nuovo volto delle città umbre nella restaurazione pontificia: Antonio Mollari a Foligno / The new aspect of Umbria cities during the papal restoration: Antonio Mollari in Foligno

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paolo Belardi


    Full Text Available Il «Concorso per la Decorazione della facciata, e ristauro della Torre», bandito nel febbraio del 1834 dal Comune di Foligno, inaugura la stagione umbra delle “facciate addossate”: vere e proprie maschere di pietra e stucco che non si sostituiscono alla facciate preesistenti, ma si giustappongono ad esse in guisa di contrafforte. In questo modo, nelle zone ad alto rischio sismico, l’esigenza di rinforzo strutturale si connette strettamente alle istanze di aggiornamento di gusto nell’ornato urbano. Antonio Mollari, autore del progetto prescelto dalla commissione deputata dalla Pontificia Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna, è un pioniere di tale strategia. Il suo progetto di concorso per la nuova facciata del Palazzo Comunale di Foligno lo inserisce a buon diritto nel novero degli architetti e degli ingegneri che, nella prima metà dell’Ottocento, cambiano radicalmente il volto delle città umbre con un lungo elenco di edifici pubblici di grande qualità: Pietro e Vincenzo Ghinelli, Luigi Poletti, Virginio Vespignani, Ireneo Aleandri. The “Concorso per la Decorazione della facciata, e ristauro della Torre” (contest for façade decoration and tower restoration announced in February 1834 by Foligno’s Municipality, inaugurates the Umbrian period of “leaned-against façade”: authentic stone and plaster masks that do not replace preexisting façades, but juxtapose to them as a buttress. Thus, in high seismic risk areas, the necessity of a structural support is strictly connected to the request of a revision of the urban decoration style. Antonio Mollari, author of the project selected by the appointed Bologna’s “Pontificia Accademia di Belle Arti” committee, is a pioneer of the above metioned strategy. His contest project for the new façade of Foligno’s Palazzo Comunale rightfully places him in that group of architects and engineers who, in the first half of the XIXth century, radically changed Umbrian cities aspect with

  20. Petroleum and Oil Fuel Lines (Apra Harbor through Antonio B. Won Pat Intl Airport to Tanguisson Power Plant), Guam, 2016, US EPA Region 9 (United States)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — This is a line feature dataset showing the track of petroleum and oil fuel lines that transport hazardous fluids from Apra Harbor through the Antonio B. Won Pat...

  1. San Marco C-2 (San Marco-4) Post Launch Report No. 1 (United States)


    The San Marco C-2 spacecraft, now designated San Marco-4, was successfully launched by a Scout vehicle from the San Marco Platform on 18 February 1974 at 6:05 a.m. EDT. The launch occurred 2 hours 50 minutes into the 3-hour window due co low cloud cover at the launch site. All spacecraft subsystems have been checked and are functioning normally. The protective caps for the two U.S. experiments were ejected and the Omegatron experiment activated on 19 February. The neutral mass spectrometer was activated as scheduled on 22 February after sufficient time to allow for spacecraft outgassing and to avoid the possibility of corona occurring. Both instruments are performing properly and worthwhile scientific data is being acquired.

  2. San Antonio Creek Restoration, Vandenberg Air Force Base, California (United States)


    Vandenberg Air Force Base Scientific Name Common Name Scientific Name Common Name Sambucus mexicana Blue elderberry Sonchus oleraceus * Common sow... Sonchus oleraceus Common sow-thistle exotic NI Spergularia bocconii Sand-spurry exotic FAC Spergularia marina Sand-spurry native FACW...border the existing roads within the project area. Both weedy non-native species adapted to frequent disturbance, such as sow thistle ( Sonchus

  3. 77 FR 34988 - Notice of Inventory Completion: San Diego State University, San Diego, CA (United States)


    .... ACTION: Notice. SUMMARY: San Diego State University Archeology Collections Management Program has... that believes itself to be culturally affiliated with the human remains and associated funerary objects may contact San Diego State University Archeology Collections Management Program. Repatriation of the...

  4. The Proceedings of the International Conference on Numerical Ship Hydrodynamics (3rd) Held in Paris, France on 16-19 June 1981 (United States)


    A.Erdelyi. Higher Tran- side the contact area. As the experi- scendental Functions. Vol.3, mente show (14] # the integral charac- He Graw -Hill Book Company...HENRICH. Itnt fOr Schiffibso, Hamburg. West Germany STEWART. STEPHEN IL. Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, U SA SULMONT’PATECE #cote Nationals

  5. "Siempre" and "todo el tiempo": Investigating Semantic Convergence in a Bilingual Dialect. (United States)

    Garcia, MaryEllen


    Investigates to what extent the variability between "siempre" and "todo el tiempo" in the San Antonio dialect demonstrates semantic convergence between them, and whether there will be a selection of the innovating form for the future. Examination of this variability may illuminate questions of how such changes occur…

  6. A Case Study of an Induction Year Teacher's Problem-Solving Using the LIBRE Model Activity (United States)

    Guerra, Norma S.; Flores, Belinda Bustos; Claeys, Lorena


    Background: A federally-funded program at the University of Texas at San Antonio adopted a holistic problem solving mentoring approach for novice teachers participating in an accelerated teacher certification program. Aims/focus of discussion: To investigate a novice teacher's problem-solving activity through self-expression of challenges and…

  7. Medical Modeling of Particle Size Effects for CB Inhalation Hazards (United States)


    London, UK Gobbell Hayes Partners, Inc., San Antonio, TX Gradient Corporation, Cambridge, MA Hospital del Sur, Bogotá, Colombia ICaRuS Japan...found in North America, while F. tularensis subsp. holarctica (Type B) is found in Eurasia. F. tularensis can remain viable for weeks in water, soil and

  8. Depot Maintenance Air Force Faces Challenges in Managing to 50-50 Ceiling

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Warren, David


    ... that is being moved from the closing Sacramento, California, and San Antonio, Texas, depots to other military depots or private sector sources. As you requested, my testimony today focuses on the basis for the waiver and the likelihood that the Air Force will need additional waivers in the future.

  9. 77 FR 37446 - Report to Congress on Abnormal Occurrences; Fiscal Year 2011; Dissemination of Information (United States)


    ... Energy fly-over survey between the cities of Austin and San Antonio, using a fixed wing plane. It should... under its significance determination process and determined that the licensee's history with regards to..., the licensee developed a thyroid interview and patient assessment history sheet and now requires a...

  10. Arte e movimento estudantil: análise de uma obra de Antonio Manuel

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Artur Freitas


    Full Text Available Podem as manifestações visuais, e no limite a própria visualidade, participar crítica e reflexivamente dos grandes debates do espaço público? Em linhas gerais, é justamente a crença nesse poder de intervenção crítica que manteve acesa, no caso das artes plásticas, uma intensa atividade pública, contestatória e coletiva das vanguardas brasileiras durante o regime militar, sobretudo em seus primeiros anos de vigência. E é a partir desse contexto histórico que este artigo pretende analisar algumas implicações estéticas e ideológicas presentes na obra Movimento estudantil 68, serigrafia de Antonio Manuel premiada no Salão Paranaense de 1968. Produzida em plena efervescência política do movimento estudantil, mas exibida ao público nos primeiros dias de vigência do Ato Institucional nº 5, Movimento estudantil 68 será aqui entendida como uma trama discursiva em que se cruzam história e visualidade.Can the visual manifestations participate critic and reflexively of the great debates of the public space? Usually, during the first years of military regime, the plastic arts believed in this participation, and this faith sustained the public, oppositional and collective activity of the Brazilian vanguards. In this historical context, therefore, this article will analyze some aesthetic and ideological implications presents in the work Movimento estudantil 68, engraving of Antonio Manuel rewarded in the Salão Paranaense of 1968. Movimento estudantil 68 was produced in the political effervescence peak of student movement, but it was exhibited for the public in the first days ofAct Institutional number 5.Thus, this art work will be understood here as a discursive plot, a crossing between history and visuality.

  11. Entrevista a Antonio Álamo: Dramaturgo y director del teatro Lope De Vega

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Valerio Durán


    Full Text Available Antonio Álamo es mucho más que un dramaturgo. Desde 2004 es el director del Teatro Lope de Vega de Sevilla, una faceta que deja entrever sus inquietudes por la escena teatral, la novela, y su pasión por los clásicos de siempre. Este cordobés licenciado en Derecho es un erudito de las letras y representa en pleno siglo XXI la frescura de un buen conocedor del mundo del teatro que acepta los nuevos cambios de la escena actual. A pesar de su juventud, ha escrito obras de teatro, novelas, relatos y ensayos, y sus innovadoras ideas le han dado grandes éxitos a nivel personal y profesional.

  12. Mito e le visioni musicali di Antonio Buero Vallejo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Giada Ferrante


    Full Text Available Nel corso della sua attività drammaturgica Antonio Buero Vallejo si confrontò con la scrittura di un unico «libreto para una ópera», intitolato Mito. Il libretto non fu mai musicato, ma venne pubblicato nel 1968 sulle pagine della rivista Primer Acto, preceduto da una breve introduzione dell’autore. Nel 1976, Mito apparve in un’edizione Espasa- Calpe curata da Francisco García Pavón, inseme a La doble historia del Doctor Valmy. Basandosi su quest’ultima pubblicazione, fedele al testo originale, l’articolo indaga la scrittura di Buero, attraverso una sistematica analisi delle didascalie e della costruzione dialogica dell’opera, evidenziando i numerosi suggerimenti musicali del drammaturgo. Dopo una breve introduzione all’opera, si esaminano nel dettaglio gli interventi dell’autore, cercando di rintracciare i diversi ambiti musicali entro cui si muove Buero, per poi arrivare a mostrare la possibile alternanza di un sistema musicale tonale e un sistema musicale dodecafonico. La scrittura musicale sottesa a «Mito» testimonia della spiccata sensibilità del drammaturgo, permettendo di affermare che Buero concepì il testo in forma musicata, fin dalle prime fasi della sua stesura, sostituendosi, in molti casi, all’eventuale compositore, fino a proporre originali e suggestive soluzioni sonore che questo articolo si prefigge di delineare. During his dramatic activity, Antonio Buero Vallejo measured himself with the writing of a single «libreto para una ópera», entitled Mito. This libretto was never set to music, but was published in 1968 in Primer Acto, preceded by a brief introduction of the author. In 1976 Mito appeared in an Espasa-Calpe volume, edited by Francisco García Pavón, together with La doble historia del Doctor Valmy. Based on this edition, true to the original text, the article investigates Buero’s writing through a methodical analysis of the stage directions and the dialogical construction of the text

  13. From bench to bedside: successful translational nanomedicine: highlights of the Third Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Nanomedicine. (United States)

    Wei, Chiming; Liu, Nanhai; Xu, Pingyi; Heller, Mike; Tomalia, Donald A; Haynie, Donald T; Chang, Esther H; Wang, Kuan; Lee, Yoon-Sik; Lyubchenko, Yuri L; Bawa, Raj; Tian, Ryan; Hanes, Justin; Pun, Suzie; Meiners, Jens-Christian; Guo, Peixuan


    The Third Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Nanomedicine (AANM) was held at the University of California San Diego, in San Diego, California during September 7-8, 2007. The meeting was focused on successful translational nanomedicine: from bench to bedside. There were four keynote lectures and eight scientific symposiums in this meeting. The researchers and investigators reported the results and process of current nanomedicine research and approaches to clinical applications. The meeting provided exciting information for nanomedicine clinical-related researches and strategy for further development of nanomedicine research which will be benefits to clinical practice.

  14. Un oscuro protagonista dell’affaire Moro: Antonio Chichiarelli e il falso comunicato n. 7

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Francesco Landolfi


    Full Text Available The Aldo Moro kidnapping by the Red Brigades was the most dramatic moment of Italian Republic history. The conflict against institutions dragged the nation into a state of impending civil war, resulting in the population mood a daily sense of dread. In this specific episode comes up the criminal picture of Antonio Chichiarelli: Red Brigades fan, neo-fascist, informant, document forger for the Magliana gang and performer of the fake n. 7 announcement. The essay purpose wants to highlight the possible operating links that may have happened between the roman underworld, the Red Brigades and security agencies inside an event still pervaded by several and unsolved issues.

  15. A Qualitative Study of Information Technology Managers' Experiences and Perceptions Regarding Outsourced Data Centers (United States)

    Reid, Eric Justin


    This qualitative study explored the perceptions and experiences of IT Managers in publicly traded companies within the San Antonio, Texas area about outsourced data centers. Narrative data was collected using open-ended questions and face-to-face interviews within semi-structured environments. The research questions guided the study: (1)…

  16. Forum: Reconsidering the Supreme Court's "Rodriguez" Decision--Is There a Federal Constitutional Right to Education? (United States)

    Ogletree, Charles J., Jr.; Robinson, Kimberly Jenkins; Lindseth, Alfred A.; Testani, Rocco E.; Peifer, Lee A.


    Does the U.S. Constitution guarantee a right to education? The Supreme Court declared that it does not in "San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez," a 1973 case alleging that disparities in spending levels among Texas school districts violated students' constitutional rights. This issue's forum contains two essays. The first…

  17. Public School Finance Problems in Texas. An Interim Report. (United States)

    Texas Research League, Austin.

    The U.S. District Court ruling in Rodriguez vs San Antonio Independent School District, which struck down Texas' school finance system as inequitable and unconstitutional, provided the impetus for publishing this interim report. The report documents the growing cost of State-supported public school programs--the primary concern prior to the…

  18. A Decision Support Model Using Life Cycle Cost (LCC) Analysis to Select Cost-Effective Alternatives for Hazardous Materials (United States)


    AF89-071. Washington: GPO, 1989. 159 14. Diaz , SSgt Laura, 648 Med Sq/SGHL. Personal interview. Brooks AFB, San Antonio TX, 14 July 1993. 15. EA...Training Strateav of the Acauisition Management of Hazardous Materials Program. Draft Report. McLean VA, August 1991. 36. Moore, SSgt Alicia . AL/OEVP

  19. 78 FR 53243 - Safety Zone; TriRock San Diego, San Diego Bay, San Diego, CA (United States)


    ... this rule because the logistical details of the San Diego Bay triathlon swim were not finalized nor... September 22, 2013. (c) Definitions. The following definition applies to this section: Designated...

  20. Proceedings: Annual Conference of the Military Testing Association (24th) Held at San Antonio, Texas on 1-5 November 1982 (United States)


    process in acqufsitTon. In E.T. Bilodeau & 1. McD . Bilodeau (Eds.). Principles of skill acquisition. New York: Academic Press, 1969, 141-170. Jones, M. B...revised to include questions on advertising and more questions on motives and economic incentives. Separate forms of the revised survey for active coloured layer- ing and, as an aid to intervisibility, valleys and ridges are highlighted by coloured lines. Around this map sit the commanders of

  1. Usurping the Apocryphal: Antonio Muñoz Molina's Cosmopolitan Memory of Max Aub's Rhetoric of Testimony


    Aguirre Oteiza, Daniel


    This paper focuses on a recent gesture by the Spanish novelist and public intellectual Antonio Muñoz Molina to publicly recuperate Aub’s testimony of uprootedness in France, Algeria, and Mexico, a gesture that relies on the concept of cosmopolitan memory as it has been developed in Holocaust studies. I critique Muñoz Molina’s use of the Holocaust as a template for a transnational cultural history based on a supposedly shared Jewish past. Muñoz Molina generalizes on two levels: he turns Aub in...

  2. 77 FR 59969 - Notice of Inventory Completion: San Francisco State University, Department of Anthropology, San... (United States)


    ... Inventory Completion: San Francisco State University, Department of Anthropology, San Francisco, CA... Francisco State University, NAGPRA Program (formerly in the Department of Anthropology). The human remains... State University Department of Anthropology records. In the Federal Register (73 FR 30156-30158, May 23...

  3. 33 CFR 165.1182 - Safety/Security Zone: San Francisco Bay, San Pablo Bay, Carquinez Strait, and Suisun Bay, CA. (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Safety/Security Zone: San... Navigable Waters COAST GUARD, DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY (CONTINUED) PORTS AND WATERWAYS SAFETY... Areas Eleventh Coast Guard District § 165.1182 Safety/Security Zone: San Francisco Bay, San Pablo Bay...

  4. Comprehensive College Plan for 2002-2003. (United States)

    San Antonio Coll., TX.

    This plan for San Antonio College (SAC) (Texas), a college of the Alamo Community College District (ACCD), offers vision and mission statements for both ACCD and SAC. In addition, it details the Institutional Effectiveness process and philosophy for SAC. The document also includes SAC strategic goals and initiatives, and unit strategic objectives,…

  5. Hispanic Americans in the News in Two Southwestern Cities. (United States)

    Turk, Judy VanSlyke; And Others


    Examines how Hispanic Americans and Hispanic issues were covered by daily newspapers in New Mexico and Texas, two states where complaints relating to media coverage were investigated by state human rights commissions. Reports that Hispanics appear to be receiving ample and fair coverage in San Antonio, Texas, and Albuquerque, New Mexico. (MM)

  6. Escaparate. Programa de lectura y ensenanza del lenguaje, Unidad C. Guia Para El Maestro (Show Window. Reading and Language Learning Program, Unit C. Teacher's Guide). (United States)

    Dissemination and Assessment Center for Bilingual Education, Austin, TX.

    Instructions for use of "Escaparate," the third of eight Spanish reading and language instruction units developed by Edgewood School District's Bilingual Program, San Antonio, Texas, are given in this teacher guide. Originally intended for grades four through six, the program may be used from fourth grade to secondary school in Spanish reading and…

  7. The Social Significance and Value Dimension of Current Mexican American Dialectal Spanish. A Glossary for the Human Service Professions. Part II. (United States)

    Gomez, Ernesto; Cerda, Gilberto

    Results of a study documenting the Mexican American's unique Spanish dialectal expressions used in the barrios of San Antonio, Texas, and its surrounding areas are presented. The expressions included are those which were not recorded in the "Diccionario de la Real Academia Espanola" (19th Edition) or which were recorded therein but with…

  8. Culinary School Gives Latinos a Taste of the Top (United States)

    Gardner, Lee


    With scholarships and other special programs, the Culinary Institute of America's (CIA) Texas campus hopes to make its Latino students into industry leaders. CIA is considered as the most august culinary school in the United States. CIA San Antonio dispatches chefs to study and document traditional cuisines throughout Latin America for its Center…

  9. La Pedagogia en el Barrio. (The Pedagogy in the Barrio) (United States)

    Diaz, Roberto Perez


    The article, written in Spanish, gives examples of the Barrio Education Project's work in San Antonio and poses some serious questions about the importance of Spanish for the Hispanic community. Illiteracy, or "functional illiteracy" is a growing problem in the U.S. among all sectors of the population--English- and Spanish-speaking.…

  10. 75 FR 82128 - Culturally Significant Objects Imported for Exhibition Determinations: “The Orient Expressed... (United States)


    ... Influence on Western Art, 1854-1918,'' imported from abroad for temporary exhibition within the United... the Mississippi Museum of Art, Jackson, Mississippi, from on or about February 19, 2011, until on or about July 17, 2011, the McNay Art Museum, San Antonio, Texas, from on or about October 5, 2011, until...

  11. Faigue Avoidance Scheduling Tool (FAST) Phase II SBIR Final Report, Part 1 (United States)


    Report No. AFRL-HE-BR-TR-2004-0015. 56 FASTTM Final Report NTI, Inc. F33615-00-C-6013 APPENDECES Appendix 1: Research Protocol entitled, "The Relative...stored in the testing facility. In the case of a true emergency, San Antonio Emergency Medical Service (EMS) will be called for acute cardiac life

  12. Day and night feeding habitat of Red Knots in Patagonia : Profitability versus safety?

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Sitters, HP; Gonzalez, PM; Piersma, T; Baker, AJ; Price, DJ; Sitters, Humphrey P.; González, Patricia M.; Baker, Allan J.; Price, David J.


    By radio-tracking and recording the movements of flocks. the distribution of feeding Red Knots (Calidris canutus rufa) was studied day and night at a migration stopover site near San Antonio Oeste, Rio Negro, Argentina in March and April 1998. By day, the birds fed in dense flocks of 500-4000 on an

  13. 76 FR 25701 - Center for Scientific Review; Notice of Closed Meetings (United States)


    ... Imaging Technology--A. Date: June 2-3, 2011. Time: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Agenda: To review and evaluate grant applications. Place: Hotel Valencia Riverwalk, 140 East Houston Street, San Antonio, TX 78205. Contact Person...: To review and evaluate grant applications. Place: Mayflower Park Hotel, 405 Olive Way, Seattle, WA...

  14. A Bilingual Approach: Education for Understanding. Leadership Report. (United States)

    Southwest Intergroup Relations Council, Inc., Austin, TX.

    The story of the bilingual education program in the United Consolidated School District (UCSD) of Webb County, Texas, began with testimony given by witnesses at the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights' San Antonio hearing (December 9-14, 1968). This testimony dealt with the devasting effect of common educational practices upon Mexican American…

  15. Exploring differences in adiposity in two U.S. Hispanic populations of Mexican origin using social, behavioral, physiologic and genetic markers: the IRAS Family Study. (United States)

    Young, Kendra A; Fingerlin, Tasha E; Langefeld, Carl D; Lorenzo, Carlos; Haffner, Steven M; Wagenknecht, Lynne E; Norris, Jill M


    The census classification of Hispanic origin is used in epidemiological studies to group individuals, even though there is geographical, cultural, and genetic diversity within Hispanic Americans of purportedly similar backgrounds. We observed differences in our measures of adiposity between our two Mexican American populations, and examined whether these differences were attributed to social, behavioral, physiologic or genetic differences between the two populations. In the IRAS Family Study, we examined 478 Hispanics from San Antonio, Texas and 447 Hispanics from the San Luis Valley, Colorado. Associations with body mass index (BMI), visceral adipose tissue area (VAT), and subcutaneous adipose tissue area (SAT) using social, behavioral, physiologic and genetic variables were examined. Hispanics of Mexican origin in our clinic population in San Antonio had significantly higher mean BMI (31.09 vs. 28.35 kg/m2), VAT (126.3 vs. 105.5 cm2), and SAT (391.6 vs. 336.9 cm2), than Hispanics of Mexican origin in the San Luis Valley. The amount of variation in adiposity explained by clinic population was 4.5% for BMI, 2.8% for VAT, and 2.7% for SAT. After adjustment, clinic population was no longer associated with VAT and SAT, but remained associated with BMI, although the amount of variation explained by population was substantially less (1.0% for BMI). Adiposity differences within this population of Mexican origin can be largely explained by social, behavioral, physiologic and genetic differences.

  16. SAN MICHELE. ENTRE CIELO Y MAR / San Michele, between sky and sea

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pablo Blázquez Jesús


    Full Text Available RESUMEN El cementerio es uno de los tipos arquitectónicos más profundos y metafóricos. El concurso para la ampliación del cementerio de San Michele, convocado en 1998 por la administración Municipal de Venecia, se convierte en un excelente campo de pruebas sobre el que poder analizar el contexto histórico en torno a esta tipología, y su relación con la ciudad y el territorio. El estudio de este caso concreto nos permite descubrir personajes, relaciones casuales y hallazgos que se despliegan a lo largo del texto. La historia del cementerio de San Michele es también la crónica de la transformación de la ciudad de Venecia y su Laguna. Interpretando este concurso como un instrumento de investigación, el objetivo del artículo es el de comprender la realidad contemporánea de la arquitectura funeraria a través de la isla de San Michele, Venecia, y las propuestas finalistas de Carlos Ferrater, Enric Miralles y David Chipperfield. Una historia bajo la cual se vislumbran claves que nos sirven para reflexionar acerca del cementerio contemporáneo, la ciudad y el territorio. SUMMARY The cemetery is one of the most profound and metaphorical kinds of architecture. The competition for the extension of the San Michele Cemetery, called in 1998 by the Venice municipal administration, is an excellent testing ground on which to analyse the historical context surrounding this type of architecture, and its relationship with the city and the region. The study of this particular case allows us to uncover characters, casual relationships and findings that unfold throughout the text. The history of the San Michele cemetery is also the chronicle of the transformation of the city of Venice and its Lagoon. Interpreting this competition as a research tool, the aim of the paper is to understand the contemporary reality of funerary architecture through the island of San Michele, Venice, and the finalist proposals of Carlos Ferrater, Enric Miralles and David

  17. Pleistocene Brawley and Ocotillo Formations: Evidence for initial strike-slip deformation along the San Felipe and San Jacinto fault zonez, Southern California (United States)

    Kirby, S.M.; Janecke, S.U.; Dorsey, R.J.; Housen, B.A.; Langenheim, V.E.; McDougall, K.A.; Steeley, A.N.


    We examine the Pleistocene tectonic reorganization of the Pacific-North American plate boundary in the Salton Trough of southern California with an integrated approach that includes basin analysis, magnetostratigraphy, and geologic mapping of upper Pliocene to Pleistocene sedimentary rocks in the San Felipe Hills. These deposits preserve the earliest sedimentary record of movement on the San Felipe and San Jacinto fault zones that replaced and deactivated the late Cenozoic West Salton detachment fault. Sandstone and mudstone of the Brawley Formation accumulated between ???1.1 and ???0.6-0.5 Ma in a delta on the margin of an arid Pleistocene lake, which received sediment from alluvial fans of the Ocotillo Formation to the west-southwest. Our analysis indicates that the Ocotillo and Brawley formations prograded abruptly to the east-northeast across a former mud-dominated perennial lake (Borrego Formation) at ???1.1 Ma in response to initiation of the dextral-oblique San Felipe fault zone. The ???25-km-long San Felipe anticline initiated at about the same time and produced an intrabasinal basement-cored high within the San Felipe-Borrego basin that is recorded by progressive unconformities on its north and south limbs. A disconformity at the base of the Brawley Formation in the eastern San Felipe Hills probably records initiation and early blind slip at the southeast tip of the Clark strand of the San Jacinto fault zone. Our data are consistent with abrupt and nearly synchronous inception of the San Jacinto and San Felipe fault zones southwest of the southern San Andreas fault in the early Pleistocene during a pronounced southwestward broadening of the San Andreas fault zone. The current contractional geometry of the San Jacinto fault zone developed after ???0.5-0.6 Ma during a second, less significant change in structural style. ?? 2007 by The University of Chicago. All rights reserved.

  18. The critical role of islands for waterbird breeding and foraging habitat in managed ponds of the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project, South San Francisco Bay, California (United States)

    Ackerman, Joshua T.; Hartman, C. Alex; Herzog, Mark P.; Smith, Lacy M.; Moskal, Stacy M.; De La Cruz, Susan E. W.; Yee, Julie L.; Takekawa, John Y.


    The South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project aims to restore 50–90 percent of former salt evaporation ponds into tidal marsh in South San Francisco Bay, California. However, large numbers of waterbirds use these ponds annually as nesting and foraging habitat. Islands within ponds are particularly important habitat for nesting, foraging, and roosting waterbirds. To maintain current waterbird populations, the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project plans to create new islands within former salt ponds in South San Francisco Bay. In a series of studies, we investigated pond and individual island attributes that are most beneficial to nesting, foraging, and roosting waterbirds.

  19. Annualized TASAR Benefits for Virgin America Operations (United States)


    The Traffic Aware Strategic Aircrew Request (TASAR) concept offers onboard automation for the purpose of advising the pilot of traffic compatible trajectory changes that would be beneficial to the flight. A fast-time simulation study was conducted to assess the benefits of TASAR to Virgin America. The simulation compares historical trajectories without TASAR to trajectories developed with TASAR and evaluated by controllers against their objectives. It was estimated that about 25,000 gallons of fuel and about 2,500 minutes could be saved annually per aircraft. These savings were applied fleet-wide to produce an estimated annual cost savings to Virgin America in excess of $5 million due to fuel, maintenance, and depreciation cost savings. Switching to a more wind-optimal trajectory was found to be the use case that generated the highest benefits out of the three TASAR use cases analyzed. Virgin America TASAR requests peaked at two to four requests per hour per sector in high-altitude Oakland and Salt Lake City center sectors east of San Francisco.

  20. Procesos de escritura en Beatus Ille (1986: primer estudio del “Archivo Personal de Antonio Muñoz Molina” (Arch. AMM/5/1.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pablo Valdivia


    Full Text Available Beatus Ille (1986 fue la primera novela publicada de Antonio Muñoz Molina. En este artículo estudiamos, de manera pormenorizada, el contenido de la carpeta Arch. AMM/5/1 que se encuentra dentro del “Archivo Personal de Antonio Muñoz Molina” en la Biblioteca Nacional de España. Mediante el análisis de una importante cantidad de material inédito hemos reconstruido en este artículo los procesos de escritura sobre los que se levanta esta novela. En las siguientes páginas, explicamos el origen y el desarrollo de todo un conjunto de personajes, espacios, escenas y elementos fundamentales para la arquitectura narrativa de Beatus Ille. Gracias a este trabajo el lector especializado podrá comprender mejor algunas claves de lectura del conjunto de la producción de Muñoz Molina y, más concretamente, de la construcción ficcional de Beatus Ille.

  1. Sul soggiorno del pittore Antonio Mancini in Irlanda nell’autunno del 1907

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michele Amedei


    Full Text Available This essay focuses on the portraits painted by Antonio Mancini (Rome, 1852-1930 during his stay in Dublin, in autumn 1907. Mancini, who belonged to the Italian Verismo movement, painted several self-portraits as well as portraits of well known Irish figures including Ruth Shine (Hugh Lane’s sister, Lady Augusta Gregory and William Butler Yeats. For the Irish intellectuals he met in Dublin Mancini became a symbol of individuality, humility and sincerity. As a result, Mancini’s imagination may be interpreted in relation with that of Martin, the young protagonist of Yeats and Lady Gregory’s play The Unicorn from the Stars (1907. This study concludes with an interpretation of Mancini’s painting entitled The Maker of Figures donated by John Singer Sargent to the Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane in the early 1900s.

  2. Vegetation - San Felipe Valley [ds172 (United States)

    California Natural Resource Agency — This Vegetation Map of the San Felipe Valley Wildlife Area in San Diego County, California is based on vegetation samples collected in the field in 2002 and 2005 and...

  3. El urbanismo de Santiago de Compostela : un plano con las plazuelas de San Martín y de San Miguel de 1709

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Miguel Taín Guzmán


    Full Text Available El presente artículo está dedicado al estudio de un plano inédito de 1709 donde se representan las plazuelas de San Martín y de San Miguel, en el barrio intramuros de la Puerta de la Peña de Santiago de Compostela. Gracias al referido dibujo, analizo al detalle el entramado urbano de ambos espacios públicos y los edificios que los delimitan, particularmente la iglesia de San Martín Pinario, el desaparecido Palacio del Tribunal de la Santa Inquisición y la iglesia parroquial de San Miguel dos Agros.The article focuses on the study of a 1709 inpublished street plan of two squares —San Martín and San Miguel— in the Puerta de la Peña quarter (Santiago de Compostela. This oíd drawing shows the urban framework of both public spaces and also the buildings around: San Martín Pinario, the lost Palacio del Tribunal de la Santa Inquisición and the paroquial church of San Miguel de los Agros.

  4. 78 FR 57482 - Safety Zone; America's Cup Aerobatic Box, San Francisco Bay, San Francisco, CA (United States)


    ...-AA00 Safety Zone; America's Cup Aerobatic Box, San Francisco Bay, San Francisco, CA AGENCY: Coast Guard... America's Cup air shows. These safety zones are established to provide a clear area on the water for... announced by America's Cup Race Management. ADDRESSES: Documents mentioned in this preamble are part of...

  5. Teachers' Memories of Schooling: The Sociocultural Injuries and the Mis-Education of Mexican Teachers in the Barrio (United States)

    Saldana, Lilliana P.


    Relying on life history and memory as methodology, this essay unearths the memories of schooling of five Mexican American teachers at a dual-language school in San Antonio, locating their memories of trauma within the history of language oppression and cultural exclusion in U.S. public schools. In re(membering) their schooling experiences as…

  6. Test and Evaluation Report of the IMED Volumetric Infusion Pump Model 960A (United States)


    tested Ambient tempera- ture was out of test lim- its. Windshield anti-ice X Pitot heat X Vent blower X Windshield wiper X Heater X APU X Generator #1 X...Patterson John A. Dellinger, Air Force Base, OH 45433 Southwest Research Institute P. 0. Box 28510 Henry L. Taylor San Antonio, TX 78284 Director

  7. An E-mail Service in a Military Adolescent Medicine Clinic: will teens ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The goal of this study was to determine utilization patterns of an Adolescent Medicine Clinic e-mail service. An e-mail service was offered to 6134 patients presenting for care to a military Adolescent Medicine Clinic in San Antonio, Texas over a 6-month period. Families had to complete an authorization form acknowledging ...

  8. An Interview with Larry Golden: Long-Time Marriage and Family Counselor and Counselor Educator (United States)

    Juhnke, Gerald A.; Yu, Fangzhou


    Larry Golden started the marriage and family therapy program at Our Lady of the Lake University and was founding chair of the Department of Counseling at the University of Texas at San Antonio. He has contributed substantially to the literature in marriage and family counseling. This interview secured his unique perspective on developments in the…

  9. USAFETAC Online Climatology: Dial-In Service Users Manual (United States)


    CLIPPERTON ISL(AUT) CA 999 10.18 N 109.13 U 0 91 03 6 800360 VALLEDUPAR/ALFONSO CO 138 10.26 N 73.15 W 4 * 88 08 6 804200 CUMANA/ANTONIO JOSE VN 4 10.27 N...NORTH ISLAND SAN DIEGO CA 92135-5130 ............................................. 1 NAVAL AIR WARFARE CENTER WEAPONS DIVISION GEOPHYSICAL SCIENCES

  10. Texas Hold Him (United States)

    Pohl, Robert J.


    On September 15, 2009, faculty members from four of the five community colleges in San Antonio delivered an overwhelming vote of no confidence in Chancellor Bruce H. Leslie to the Alamo Community College District's board of trustees. (One college, Northeast Lakeview, didn't participate in the vote because the college is not yet accredited.)…

  11. Chelant-aided enhancement of lead mobilization in residential soils

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Sarkar, Dibyendu; Andra, Syam S.; Saminathan, Sumathi K.M.; Datta, Rupali


    Chelation of metals is an important factor in enhancing solubility and hence, availability to plants to promote phytoremediation. We compared the effects of two chelants, namely, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) and ethylenediaminedisuccinic acid (EDDS) in enhancing mobilized lead (Pb) in Pb-based paint contaminated residential soils collected from San Antonio, Texas and Baltimore, Maryland. Batch incubation studies were performed to investigate the effectiveness of the two chelants in enhancing mobilized Pb, at various concentrations and treatment durations. Over a period of 1 month, the mobilized Pb pool in the San Antonio study soils increased from 52 mg kg -1 to 287 and 114 mg kg -1 in the presence of 15 mM kg -1 EDTA and EDDS, respectively. Stepwise linear regression analysis demonstrated that pH and organic matter content significantly affected the mobilized Pb fraction. The regression models explained a large percentage, from 83 to 99%, of the total variation in mobilized Pb concentrations. - Complexation by a biodegradable chelating agent, EDDS enhances mobilized Pb concentrations in Pb-paint contaminated residential soils

  12. High abundance and diversity of consumers associated with eutrophic areas in a semi-desert macrotidal coastal ecosystem in Patagonia, Argentina (United States)

    Martinetto, Paulina; Daleo, Pedro; Escapa, Mauricio; Alberti, Juan; Isacch, Juan Pablo; Fanjul, Eugenia; Botto, Florencia; Piriz, Maria Luz; Ponce, Gabriela; Casas, Graciela; Iribarne, Oscar


    Here we evaluated the response to eutrophication in terms of abundance and diversity of flora and fauna in a semi-desert macrotidal coastal system (San Antonio bay, Patagonia, Argentina, 40° 48' S) where signs of eutrophication (high nutrient concentration, seaweed blooms, high growth rate of macroalgae) have been reported. We compared abundances and species composition of macroalgae, small infaunal and epifaunal invertebrates, and birds associated with tidal channels of the San Antonio Bay subject to contrasting anthropogenic influence. Macroalgae were more abundant and diverse in the channel closer to human activity where nutrient concentrations were also higher. In contrast to what others have observed in eutrophic sites, small invertebrates and birds were also more abundant and diverse in the channel with macroalgal blooms and high nutrient concentration. The large water flushing during the tidal cycle could prevent anoxic or hypoxic events, making the environment suitable for consumers. Thus, this could be a case in which eutrophication supports high densities of consumers by increasing food availability, rather than negatively affecting the survival of organisms.

  13. 77 FR 42649 - Safety Zone: Sea World San Diego Fireworks, Mission Bay; San Diego, CA (United States)


    ... 1625-AA00 Safety Zone: Sea World San Diego Fireworks, Mission Bay; San Diego, CA AGENCY: Coast Guard... authorized by the Captain of the Port, or his designated representative. DATES: This rule is effective from 8... to ensure the public's safety. B. Basis and Purpose The Ports and Waterways Safety Act gives the...

  14. March 2014 Arizona thoracic society notes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Robbins RA


    Full Text Available No abstract available. Article truncated after 150 words. The March 2014 Arizona Thoracic Society meeting was a special meeting. In conjunction with the Valley Fever Center for Excellence and the Arizona Respiratory Center the Eighteenth Annual Farness Lecture was held in the Sonntag Pavilion at St. Joseph's Hospital at 6 PM on Friday, April 4, 2014. The guest speaker was Antonio "Tony" Catanzaro, MD from the University of California San Diego and current president of the Cocci Study Group. There were 57 in attendance representing the pulmonary, critical care, sleep, and infectious disease communities. After opening remarks by Arizona Thoracic Society president, Lewis Wesselius (a former fellow under Dr. Catanzaro at UCSD, John Galgiani, director of the Valley Fever Center for Excellence, gave a brief history of the Farness lecture before introducing Dr. Catanzaro. The lecture is named for Orin J. Farness, a Tucson physician, who was the first to report culture positive coccidioidomycosis (cocci or Valley Fever. ...

  15. Cataclastic rocks of the San Gabriel fault—an expression of deformation at deeper crustal levels in the San Andreas fault zone (United States)

    Anderson, J. Lawford; Osborne, Robert H.; Palmer, Donald F.


    The San Gabriel fault, a deeply eroded late Oligocene to middle Pliocene precursor to the San Andreas, was chosen for petrologic study to provide information regarding intrafault material representative of deeper crustal levels. Cataclastic rocks exposed along the present trace of the San Andreas in this area are exclusively a variety of fault gouge that is essentially a rock flour with a quartz, feldspar, biotite, chlorite, amphibole, epidote, and Fe-Ti oxide mineralogy representing the milled-down equivalent of the original rock (Anderson and Osborne, 1979; Anderson et al., 1980). Likewise, fault gouge and associated breccia are common along the San Gabriel fault, but only where the zone of cataclasis is several tens of meters wide. At several localities, the zone is extremely narrow (several centimeters), and the cataclastic rock type is cataclasite, a dark, aphanitic, and highly comminuted and indurated rock. The cataclastic rocks along the San Gabriel fault exhibit more comminution than that observed for gouge along the San Andreas. The average grain diameter for the San Andreas gouge ranges from 0.01 to 0.06 mm. For the San Gabriel cataclastic rocks, it ranges from 0.0001 to 0.007 mm. Whereas the San Andreas gouge remains particulate to the smallest grain-size, the ultra-fine grain matrix of the San Gabriel cataclasite is composed of a mosaic of equidimensional, interlocking grains. The cataclastic rocks along the San Gabriel fault also show more mineralogiec changes compared to gouge from the San Andreas fault. At the expense of biotite, amphibole, and feldspar, there is some growth of new albite, chlorite, sericite, laumontite, analcime, mordenite (?), and calcite. The highest grade of metamorphism is laumontite-chlorite zone (zeolite facies). Mineral assemblages and constrained uplift rates allow temperature and depth estimates of 200 ± 30° C and 2-5 km, thus suggesting an approximate geothermal gradient of ~50°C/km. Such elevated temperatures imply a

  16. Hydrogeologic Assessment of the East Bear Creek Unit, San LuisNational Wildlife Refuge

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Quinn, Nigel W.T.


    San Luis National Wildlife Refuge Complex to meetReclamation s obligations for Level 4 water supply under the CentralValley Project Improvement Act. Hydrogeological assessment of the EastBear Creek Unit of the San Luis National Wildlife Refuge was conductedusing a combination of field investigations and a survey of availableliterature from past US Geological Survey Reports and reports by localgeological consultants. Conservative safe yield estimates made using theavailable data show that the East Bear Creek Unit may have sufficientgroundwater resources in the shallow groundwater aquifer to meet aboutbetween 25 percent and 52 percent of its current Level II and between 17percent and 35 percent of its level IV water supply needs. The rate ofsurface and lateral recharge to the Unit and the design of the well fieldand the layout and capacity of pumped wells will decide both thepercentage of annual needs that the shallow aquifer can supply andwhether this yield is sustainable without affecting long-term aquiferquality. In order to further investigate the merits of pumping the nearsurface aquifer, which appears to have reasonable water quality for usewithin the East Bear Creek Unit -- monitoring of the potential sources ofaquifer recharge and the installation of a pilot shallow well would bewarranted. Simple monitoring stations could be installed both upstreamand downstream of both the San Joaquin River and Bear Creek and beinstrumented to measureriver stage, flow and electrical conductivity.Ideally this would be done in conjunction with a shallow pilot well,pumped to supply a portion of the Unit's needs for the wetland inundationperiod.

  17. The disappearing San of southeastern Africa and their genetic affinities. (United States)

    Schlebusch, Carina M; Prins, Frans; Lombard, Marlize; Jakobsson, Mattias; Soodyall, Himla


    Southern Africa was likely exclusively inhabited by San hunter-gatherers before ~2000 years ago. Around that time, East African groups assimilated with local San groups and gave rise to the Khoekhoe herders. Subsequently, Bantu-speaking farmers, arriving from the north (~1800 years ago), assimilated and displaced San and Khoekhoe groups, a process that intensified with the arrival of European colonists ~350 years ago. In contrast to the western parts of southern Africa, where several Khoe-San groups still live today, the eastern parts are largely populated by Bantu speakers and individuals of non-African descent. Only a few scattered groups with oral traditions of Khoe-San ancestry remain. Advances in genetic research open up new ways to understand the population history of southeastern Africa. We investigate the genomic variation of the remaining individuals from two South African groups with oral histories connecting them to eastern San groups, i.e., the San from Lake Chrissie and the Duma San of the uKhahlamba-Drakensberg. Using ~2.2 million genetic markers, combined with comparative published data sets, we show that the Lake Chrissie San have genetic ancestry from both Khoe-San (likely the ||Xegwi San) and Bantu speakers. Specifically, we found that the Lake Chrissie San are closely related to the current southern San groups (i.e., the Karretjie people). Duma San individuals, on the other hand, were genetically similar to southeastern Bantu speakers from South Africa. This study illustrates how genetic tools can be used to assess hypotheses about the ancestry of people who seemingly lost their historic roots, only recalling a vague oral tradition of their origin.

  18. Beyond Barriers: Involving Hispanic Families in the Education Process. Padres a la escuela (PAE). (United States)

    Lewis, Magdalena C.

    The Padres a la escuela (PAE) or Parents in the School program in San Antonio (Texas) encouraged the participation of Hispanic parents in the education of their children. The successes of the PAE program are used in this guidebook to help parents, program staff, and policy makers in similar efforts. This handbook describes the history,…

  19. The Cinematic Genesis of the Mel Casas Humanscape, 1965-1967 (United States)

    Cordova, Ruben C.


    The 153 paintings that San Antonio-based artist Mel Casas calls Humanscapes were inspired by a glimpse of a drive-in movie screen. This article treats the first three years of work on this series, a period in which the artist referenced cinematic settings and audiences while registering aspects of the sexual revolution. Marshall McLuhan's…

  20. Web Solutions Inspire Cloud Computing Software (United States)


    An effort at Ames Research Center to standardize NASA websites unexpectedly led to a breakthrough in open source cloud computing technology. With the help of Rackspace Inc. of San Antonio, Texas, the resulting product, OpenStack, has spurred the growth of an entire industry that is already employing hundreds of people and generating hundreds of millions in revenue.

  1. Modeling Trace Element Concentrations in the San Francisco Bay Estuary from Remote Measurement of Suspended Solids (United States)

    Press, J.; Broughton, J.; Kudela, R. M.


    Suspended and dissolved trace elements are key determinants of water quality in estuarine and coastal waters. High concentrations of trace element pollutants in the San Francisco Bay estuary necessitate consistent and thorough monitoring to mitigate adverse effects on biological systems and the contamination of water and food resources. Although existing monitoring programs collect annual in situ samples from fixed locations, models proposed by Benoit, Kudela, & Flegal (2010) enable calculation of the water column total concentration (WCT) and the water column dissolved concentration (WCD) of 14 trace elements in the San Francisco Bay from a more frequently sampled metric—suspended solids concentration (SSC). This study tests the application of these models with SSC calculated from remote sensing data, with the aim of validating a tool for continuous synoptic monitoring of trace elements in the San Francisco Bay. Using HICO imagery, semi-analytical and empirical SSC algorithms were tested against a USGS dataset. A single-band method with statistically significant linear fit (p Arsenic, Iron, and Lead in the southern region of the Bay were found to exceed EPA water quality criteria for human health and aquatic life. The results of this study demonstrate the potential of monitoring programs using remote observation of trace element concentrations, and provide the foundation for investigation of pollutant sources and pathways over time.

  2. Water-quality observations of the San Antonio segment of the Edwards aquifer, Texas, with an emphasis on processes influencing nutrient and pesticide geochemistry and factors affecting aquifer vulnerability, 2010–16 (United States)

    Opsahl, Stephen P.; Musgrove, MaryLynn; Mahler, Barbara J.; Lambert, Rebecca B.


    As questions regarding the influence of increasing urbanization on water quality in the Edwards aquifer are raised, a better understanding of the sources, fate, and transport of compounds of concern in the aquifer—in particular, nutrients and pesticides—is needed to improve water management decision-making capabilities. The U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the San Antonio Water System, performed a study from 2010 to 2016 to better understand how water quality changes under a range of hydrologic conditions and in contrasting land-cover settings (rural and urban) in the Edwards aquifer. The study design included continuous hydrologic monitoring, continuous water-quality monitoring, and discrete sample collection for a detailed characterization of water quality at a network of sites throughout the aquifer system. The sites were selected to encompass a “source-to-sink” (that is, from aquifer recharge to aquifer discharge) approach. Network sites were selected to characterize rainfall, recharging surface water, and groundwater; groundwater sites included wells in the unconfined part of the aquifer (unconfined wells) and in the confined part of the aquifer (confined wells) and a major discharging spring. Storm-related samples—including rainfall samples, stormwater-runoff (surface-water) samples, and groundwater samples—were collected to characterize the aquifer response to recharge.Elevated nitrate concentrations relative to national background values and the widespread detection of pesticides indicate that the Edwards aquifer is vulnerable to contamination and that vulnerability is affected by factors such as land cover, aquifer hydrogeology, and changes in hydrologic conditions. Greater vulnerability of groundwater in urban areas relative to rural areas was evident from results for urban groundwater sites, which generally had higher nitrate concentrations, elevated δ15N-nitrate values, a greater diversity of pesticides, and higher pesticide

  3. 75 FR 27432 - Security Zone; Golden Guardian 2010 Regional Exercise; San Francisco Bay, San Francisco, CA (United States)


    ... can better evaluate its effects on them and participate in the rulemaking process. Small businesses... DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY Coast Guard 33 CFR Part 165 [Docket No. USCG-2010-0221] RIN 1625-AA87 Security Zone; Golden Guardian 2010 Regional Exercise; San Francisco Bay, San Francisco, CA AGENCY...

  4. Annualized TASAR Benefit Estimate for Virgin America Operations (United States)

    Henderson, Jeffrey


    The Traffic Aware Strategic Aircrew Request (TASAR) concept offers onboard automation for the purpose of advising the pilot of traffic compatible trajectory changes that would be beneficial to the flight. A fast-time simulation study was conducted to assess the benefits of TASAR to Virgin America. The simulation compares historical trajectories without TASAR to trajectories developed with TASAR and evaluated by controllers against their objectives. It was estimated that about 25,000 gallons of fuel and about 2,500 minutes could be saved annually per aircraft. These savings were applied fleet-wide to produce an estimated annual cost savings to Virgin America in excess of $5 million due to fuel, maintenance, and depreciation cost savings. Switching to a more wind-optimal trajectory was found to be the use case that generated the highest benefits out of the three TASAR use cases analyzed. Virgin America TASAR requests peaked at two to four requests per hour per sector in high-altitude Oakland and Salt Lake City center sectors east of San Francisco.

  5. «Tiziano?», «Correggio?». Due expertises di Ludwig Baldass e Roberto Longhi nell’archivio di Antonio Morassi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Giulio Zavatta


    Full Text Available The Photo Archive Antonio Morassi (Ca' Foscari University of Venice contains a unique file with photographs and expertises on two paintings attributed to Titian and Correggio. This paper aims to investigate the role played by the two art historians Ludwig Baldass and Roberto Longhi in this "affair", which represents an evocative case study for the history of Italian art market after the Second World War, and for the critical debate over Correggio and his legacy.

  6. Toxic phytoplankton in San Francisco Bay (United States)

    Rodgers, Kristine M.; Garrison, David L.; Cloern, James E.


    The Regional Monitoring Program (RMP) was conceived and designed to document the changing distribution and effects of trace substances in San Francisco Bay, with focus on toxic contaminants that have become enriched by human inputs. However, coastal ecosystems like San Francisco Bay also have potential sources of naturally-produced toxic substances that can disrupt food webs and, under extreme circumstances, become threats to public health. The most prevalent source of natural toxins is from blooms of algal species that can synthesize metabolites that are toxic to invertebrates or vertebrates. Although San Francisco Bay is nutrient-rich, it has so far apparently been immune from the epidemic of harmful algal blooms in the world’s nutrient-enriched coastal waters. This absence of acute harmful blooms does not imply that San Francisco Bay has unique features that preclude toxic blooms. No sampling program has been implemented to document the occurrence of toxin-producing algae in San Francisco Bay, so it is difficult to judge the likelihood of such events in the future. This issue is directly relevant to the goals of RMP because harmful species of phytoplankton have the potential to disrupt ecosystem processes that support animal populations, cause severe illness or death in humans, and confound the outcomes of toxicity bioassays such as those included in the RMP. Our purpose here is to utilize existing data on the phytoplankton community of San Francisco Bay to provide a provisional statement about the occurrence, distribution, and potential threats of harmful algae in this Estuary.

  7. ASTER Flyby of San Francisco (United States)


    The Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection radiometer, ASTER, is an international project: the instrument was supplied by Japan's Ministry of International Trade and Industry. A joint US/Japan science team developed algorithms for science data products, and is validating instrument performance. With its 14 spectral bands, extremely high spatial resolution, and 15 meter along-track stereo capability, ASTER is the zoom lens of the Terra satellite. The primary mission goals are to characterize the Earth's surface; and to monitor dynamic events and processes that influence habitability at human scales. ASTER's monitoring and mapping capabilities are illustrated by this series of images of the San Francisco area. The visible and near infrared image reveals suspended sediment in the bays, vegetation health, and details of the urban environment. Flying over San Francisco (3.2MB) (high-res (18.3MB)), we see the downtown, and shadows of the large buildings. Past the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island, we cross San Pablo Bay and enter Suisun Bay. Turning south, we fly over the Berkeley and Oakland Hills. Large salt evaporation ponds come into view at the south end of San Francisco Bay. We turn northward, and approach San Francisco Airport. Rather than landing and ending our flight, we see this is as only the beginning of a 6 year mission to better understand the habitability of the world on which we live. For more information: ASTER images through Visible Earth ASTER Web Site Image courtesy of MITI, ERSDAC, JAROS, and the U.S./Japan ASTER Science Team

  8. The Effect of Bangpungtongsung-san Extracts on Adipocyte Metabolism

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sang Min, Lee


    Full Text Available Objective : The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of Bangpungtongsung-san extracts on the preadipocytes proliferation, of 3T3-L1 cell line. lipolysis of adipocytes in rat's epididymis and localized fat accumulation of porcine by extraction methods(alcohol and water. Methods : Diminish 3T3-L1 proliferation and lipogenesis do primary role to reduce obesity. So, 3T3-L1 preadipocyte and adipocytes were performed on cell cultures, and using Sprague-Dawley rats for the lipogenesis, and treated with 0.01-1 ㎎/㎖ Bangpungtongsung-san Extracts depend on concentrations. Porcine skin including fat tissue after treated Bangpungtongsung-san Extracts by means of the dosage dependent variation are investigated the histologic changes after injection of these extracts. Results : Following results were obtained from the 3T3-L1 preadipocyte proliferation and lipolysis of adipocyte in rats and histologic investigation of fat tissue. 1. Bangpungtongsung-san extracts were showed the effect of decreased preadipocyte proliferation on the high dosage(1.0㎎/㎖. 2. Bangpungtongsung-san extracts were showed the effect of decreased the activity of glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase(GPDH on the high dosage(1.0㎎/㎖ and Specially, alcohol extract of Bangpungtongsung -san was clear as time goes by high concentration. 3. Bangpungtongsung-san extracts were showed tries to compare the effect of lipolysis, alcohol extract of Bangpungtongsung-san on the high dosage(1.0㎎/㎖ was observed the effect is higher than water extract. 4. Investigated the histological changes in porcine fat tissue after treated Bangpungtongsung-san extracts, we knew that water extract of Bangpungtongsung-san was showed the effect of lipolysis on the high dosage(10.0㎎/㎖ and alcohol extract of Bangpungtongsung-san was showed significant activity to the lysis of cell membranes in all concentration. Conclusion : These results suggest that Bangpungtongsung-san extracts efficiently

  9. Diagnóstico del uso de animales de tiro en una zona montañosa del norte del Cauca

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Herrera Gutiérrez Oscar Alonso


    Full Text Available

    The possibilities to stablish an organization of plowmen were studied in the northern zone of the Department del Cauca (Colombia in 1993. This research was carried out in four representative subzones, San Antonio, Mondomo, El Pital and Pescador. The factors included in the study were: the regional pattern of mechanization (PMR, draught offer, economical analysis and animal management. At the same time, a survey between the plowmen supplied information about feeding, health, criteria for the selection of draught animals, machines and implements, monthly income and regional pattern of mechanization (PMR. As a result, the Regional Organization of Plowmen of the Northern Cauca was created. The draught offer in the zone (number of oxen and plowmen was concentrated (more than 80% in the subzones of Pescador and Mondomo. San Antonio and El Pital were the most profitable subzones, The survey revealed a necessity for the education of plowmen and a supplementary action to diet and sanitary care of the oxen because it is difficult to define a feeding rule with reference to the energy requirements.

    En 1993, en la Zona norte del Departamento del Cauca, Colombia, se llevó a cabo un estudio que se ocupó de establecer las posibilidades de organización de los yunteros locales; de realizar, en cuatro subzonas representativas de la región -San Antonio, Mondomo, El Piral y Pescador-, estudios de caso respecto al Patrón de Mecanización Regional (PMR, oferta de tiro, análisis económico y manejo de los animales; igualmente, a través de 40 encuestas entre yunteros de la zona se indagó acerca de la alimentación, enfermedades y criterios de selección de los animales de tiro; y de los tipos de máquinas y de aperos utilizados, ingresos mensuales y Patrón de Mecanización Regional (PMR. Como resultado de varios encuentros regionales de yunteros se constituyó la ORGANIZACION REGIONAL DE BUEYEROS DEL NORTE DEL CAUCA. La oferta de tiro (número de

  10. Developing solar power programs : San Francisco's experience

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Schwartz, F.


    This keynote address discussed an array of solar programs initiated in government-owned buildings in San Francisco. The programs were strongly supported by the city's mayor,and the voting public. Known for its fog and varying microclimates, 11 monitoring stations were set up throughout the city to determine viable locations for the successful application of solar technologies. It was observed that 90 per cent of the available sunshine occurred in the central valley, whereas fog along the Pacific shore was problematic. Seven of the monitoring sites showed excellent results. Relationships with various city departments were described, as well as details of study loads, load profiles, electrical systems, roofs and the structural capabilities of the selected government buildings. There was a focus on developing good relations with the local utility. The Moscone Convention Center was selected for the program's flagship installation, a 675 kW solar project which eventually won the US EPA Green Power Award for 2004 and received high press coverage. Cost of the project was $4.2 million. 825,000 kWh solar electricity was generated, along with 4,500,000 kWh electricity saved annually from efficiency measures, resulting in a net reduction of 5,325,000 kWh. Savings on utilities bills for the center were an estimated $1,078,000. A pipeline of solar projects followed, with installations at a sewage treatment plant and a large recycling depot. A program of smaller sites included libraries, schools and health facilities. Details of plans to apply solar technology to a 500 acre redevelopment site in southeast San Francisco with an aging and inadequate electrical infrastructure were described. A model of efficient solar housing for the development was presented, with details of insulation, windows, heating ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), water heating, lighting, appliances and a 1.2 kilowatt solar system. Peak demand reductions were also presented. tabs., figs

  11. SANS studies of polymers

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Wignall, G.D.


    Before small-angle neutron scattering (SANS), chain conformation studies were limited to light and small angle x-ray scattering techniques, usually in dilute solution. SANS from blends of normal and labeled molecules could give direct information on chain conformation in bulk polymers. Water-soluble polymers may be examined in H 2 O/D 2 O mixtures using contrast variation methods to provide further information on polymer structure. This paper reviews some of the information provided by this technique using examples of experiments performed at the National Center for Small-Angle Scattering Research (NCSASR)

  12. Modeling pesticide loadings from the San Joaquin watershed into the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta using SWAT (United States)

    Chen, H.; Zhang, M.


    The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is an ecologically rich, hydrologically complex area that serves as the hub of California's water supply. However, pesticides have been routinely detected in the Delta waterways, with concentrations exceeding the benchmark for the protection of aquatic life. Pesticide loadings into the Delta are partially attributed to the San Joaquin watershed, a highly productive agricultural watershed located upstream. Therefore, this study aims to simulate pesticide loadings to the Delta by applying the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) model to the San Joaquin watershed, under the support of the USDA-ARS Delta Area-Wide Pest Management Program. Pesticide use patterns in the San Joaquin watershed were characterized by combining the California Pesticide Use Reporting (PUR) database and GIS analysis. Sensitivity/uncertainty analyses and multi-site calibration were performed in the simulation of stream flow, sediment, and pesticide loads along the San Joaquin River. Model performance was evaluated using a combination of graphic and quantitative measures. Preliminary results indicated that stream flow was satisfactorily simulated along the San Joaquin River and the major eastern tributaries, whereas stream flow was less accurately simulated in the western tributaries, which are ephemeral small streams that peak during winter storm events and are mainly fed by irrigation return flow during the growing season. The most sensitive parameters to stream flow were CN2, SOL_AWC, HRU_SLP, SLSUBBSN, SLSOIL, GWQMN and GW_REVAP. Regionalization of parameters is important as the sensitivity of parameters vary significantly spatially. In terms of evaluation metric, NSE tended to overrate model performance when compared to PBIAS. Anticipated results will include (1) pesticide use pattern analysis, (2) calibration and validation of stream flow, sediment, and pesticide loads, and (3) characterization of spatial patterns and temporal trends of pesticide yield.

  13. Coastal Bend Texas Benthic Habitat - San Antonio Bay 2007 Substrate (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — In 2006 and 2007 the NOAA Office for Coastal Management purchased services to process existing digital multi-spectral imagery (ADS-40) and create digital benthic...

  14. LPD 17 San Antonio Class Amphibious Transport Dock (LPD 17) (United States)


    Grumman’s shipbuilding division and deferred depreciation expenses for recovery of insurance proceeds associated with Hurricane Katrina damages. Contract...Safety and Health Administration and the Pension Protection Act. The government liability for deferred depreciation from Hurricane Katrina was...of engineering change proposals and negotiation of a contract price adjustment to cover the Navy’s share of deferred depreciation expenses for

  15. Engines/Fuels Workshop, 6-8 December 1982, San Antonio, Texas. (United States)


    occupies approximately 40% of cooled diesels of exclusive military design and the under - armor hull volume. Of that, only a use. The second is the range placed largely,or better yet, exelusively under armor *: protection. Thus, the more fuel needed for a , • • ’ v’ v• i given range requirement, the

  16. Butterfly fauna in Mount Gariwang-san, Korea

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cheol Min Lee


    Full Text Available The aim of this study is to elucidate butterfly fauna in Mt. Gariwang-san, Korea. A field survey was conducted from 2010 to 2015 using the line transect method. A literature survey was also conducted. A total of 2,037 butterflies belonging to 105 species were recorded. In the estimation of species richness of butterfly, 116 species were estimated to live in Mt. Gariwang-san. In butterfly fauna in Mt. Gariwang-san, the percentage of northern species was very high and the percentage of grassland species was relatively higher than that of forest edge species and forest interior species. Sixteen red list species were found. In particular, Mimathyma nycteis was only recorded in Mt. Gariwang-san. When comparing the percentage of northern species and southern species including those recorded in previous studies, the percentage of northern species was found to have decreased significantly whereas that of southern species increased. We suggest that the butterfly community, which is distributed at relatively high altitudes on Mt. Gariwang-san, will gradually change in response to climate change.

  17. Trends in nutrient concentrations, loads, and yields in streams in the Sacramento, San Joaquin, and Santa Ana Basins, California, 1975-2004 (United States)

    Kratzer, Charles R.; Kent, Robert; Seleh, Dina K.; Knifong, Donna L.; Dileanis, Peter D.; Orlando, James L.


    San Joaquin Basin but decreased in the Sacramento and Santa Ana Basins from 1982 to 2002. Tile drainage accounted for 22 percent of the total nitrogen load in the San Joaquin River near Vernalis for 1985-2004. Nutrient loads and trends were calculated by using the log-linear multiple-regression model, LOADEST. Loads were calculated for water years 1975-2004 for 22 sites in the Sacramento Basin, 15 sites in the San Joaquin Basin, and 6 sites in the Santa Ana Basin. The average annual load of total nitrogen and total phosphorus for 1985-2004 in subbasins in the Sacramento and San Joaquin Basins were divided by their drainage areas to calculate average annual yield. Total nitrogen yields were greater than 2.45 tons per square mile per year [(tons/mi2)/yr] in about 61 percent of the valley floor in the San Joaquin Basin compared with only about 12 percent of the valley floor in the Sacramento Basin. Total phosphorus yields were greater than 0.34 (tons/mi2)/yr in about 43 percent of the valley floor in the San Joaquin Basin compared with only about 5 percent in the valley floor of the Sacramento Basin. In a stepwise multiple linear-regression analysis of 30 subbasins in the Sacramento and San Joaquin Basins, the most important explanatory variables (out of 11 variables) for the response variable (total nitrogen yield) were the percentage of land use in (1) orchards and vineyards, (2) row crops, and (3) urban categories. For total phosphorus yield, the most important explanatory variable was the amount of fertilizer application plus manure production. Trends were evaluated for three time periods: 1975-2004, 1985-2004, and 1993-2004. Most trends in flow-adjusted concentrations of nutrients in the Sacramento Basin were downward for all three time periods. The decreasing nutrient trends in the American River at Sacramento and the Sacramento River at Freeport for 1975-2004 were attributed to the consolidation of wastewater in the Sacramento metropolitan area in December 1982 to

  18. Proceedings of the Annual DARPA/AFGL Seismic Research Symposium (11th) Held in San Antonio, Texas on 2-4 May 1989 (United States)


    Mokhtar, T. A., R. B. Herrmann, and D. R. Russell (1988). Seismic velocity and Q model for the shallow structure of the Arabian shield from short...edge of the Tibetan plateau and have thicknesses that range from 43-49 km. Kono (1974) examined the Bouguer gravity in eastern Nepal and found that the...8217.-.- -- - .~~ ~ ~ .. ..... . 37 7 30L𔃻 iD7. 115 37 30 0 500G 10000 15000 20000 16 7 METERS PRWVf )F MCPLj.NV BOUGUER ORRVITY 12000 KG/1i,31 Figure 1. The Bouguer

  19. La novela monstruo: La vejez de Heliogábalo de Antonio de Hoyos y el decadentismo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Begoña Sáenz Martínez


    Full Text Available In the complex conjuncture of the end of Spanish century, Antonio de Hoyos has been identified traditionally as an atypical member of decadent movement. But its narrative is something more than an old fashioned and eccentric intention to take decadent literature to Spain. It is necessary to locate to Pedro in a position that this surpasses the routine classification like "erotic narrative". When I analyze the thematic components based on the general scheme of the decadent literature, I can define the specific nature of this novel, that it is not other than being a Spanish accomplishment of a decadent way of the European narrative.

  20. Automation of Raw sugar Crystallizer tacho of Central Julio Antonio Mella

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mónica Mulet-Hing


    Full Text Available This paper treats about the analysis of the actual  situation and prospects for solutions that permit economical and efficient automation in the area of Tachos of Sugar Company Julio Antonio Mella, as part of the "Supervisory Control Systems", for the first level of automation in this industry, performing the proposed automation in the central area of cans by PLCs .This proposal arises from the need to improve the crystallization process tacho 5 of that area, since it has no automation, that is, everything is done manually, which will bring undoubtedly a quality improvement the final product. The structure and control system variables are defined, proving the feasibility of the proposed solution. The essential result of the work involves the submission of a proposal of automation that has the structure of a control algorithm, taking into account the requirements, technical resources for implementation, the variables that must be observed and processed, as well as elements of final action; the respective field instrumentation is proposed, to perform satisfactorily the control with the minimum possible investment.

  1. Las palabras ciegas: acercamiento a la poética de Antonio Gamoneda

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    María Pérez Heredia


    Full Text Available En este artículo se plantea la búsqueda de la poética de Antonio Gamoneda. Se trata de una poética que parte del dolor para buscar la luz, siempre centrándose en la reflexión metaliteraria. El poeta aprende a mirarse a sí mismo, en versos puramente introspectivos, para poder así mirar el mundo. Para exponer el hecho de que la lirica gamonediana es en sí misma metaliteraria, se parte del análisis de diversos poemas, que abarcan la mayor parte de la trayectoria poética del poeta. El silencio como elemento previo a la creación, expresado en la página en blanco, será fundamental, así como el hecho de nombrar, de dar nombre a las cosas. Gamoneda, a través de la contemplación de la adquisición del habla de su nieta Cecilia, explorará el poder creador de la palabra.

  2. Antonio Banderas: Hispanic Gay Masculinities and the Global Mirror Stage (1991-2001

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Joseba Gabilondo


    Full Text Available Here I map out the Atlantic intertwining between neo-liberal/neo-imperial Spain and cinema by analyzing Antonio Banderas's body politics as the postmodern (post- or neoimperialist Don Juan. Banderas's career trajectory from 1991 to 2001 coincides with larger political and historical developments. He arrived in Hollywood in the early 1990s, a moment when different but interconnected historical events came together— the end of the Cold War and the neo-liberal globalization of the United States with treaties such as NAFTA and GATT; the growing public profile of the fundamentalist religious right and gays; and the mainstream population's (unwilling acceptance of Latinos as a differentiated community. Hollywood needed a new kind of masculinity that gathered in all these new dimensions of United States identity while not completely shedding traditional Hollywood male typology, and Banderas fulfilled all the requirements. At the same time in Banderas Spain acquired a global card of presentation for its new neoimperialist and Atlantic pursuits in Latin America.

  3. Distribution and demography of San Francisco gartersnakes (Thamnophis sirtalis tetrataenia) at Mindego Ranch, Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve, San Mateo County, California (United States)

    Kim, Richard; Halstead, Brian J.; Wylie, Glenn D.; Casazza, Michael L.


    San Francisco gartersnakes (Thamnophis sirtalis tetrataenia) are a subspecies of common gartersnakes endemic to the San Francisco Peninsula of northern California. Because of habitat loss and collection for the pet trade, San Francisco gartersnakes were listed as endangered under the precursor to the Federal Endangered Species Act. A population of San Francisco gartersnakes resides at Mindego Ranch, San Mateo County, which is part of the Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve owned and managed by the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District (MROSD). Because the site contained non-native fishes and American bullfrogs (Lithobates catesbeianus), MROSD implemented management to eliminate or reduce the abundance of these non-native species in 2014. We monitored the population using capture-mark-recapture techniques to document changes in the population during and following management actions. Although drought confounded some aspects of inference about the effects of management, prey and San Francisco gartersnake populations generally increased following draining of Aquatic Feature 3. Continued management of the site to keep invasive aquatic predators from recolonizing or increasing in abundance, as well as vegetation management that promotes heterogeneous grassland/shrubland near wetlands, likely would benefit this population of San Francisco gartersnakes.

  4. Throughfall and fog deposition of nitrogen and sulfur at an N-limited and N-saturated site in the San Bernardino Mountains, southern California (United States)

    Mark E. Fenn; Mark A. Poth; Susan L. Schilling; David B. Grainger


    Inorganic nitrogen (N) and sulfur (S) deposition in bulk throughfall and fog were determined at two sites located at opposite ends (42 km apart) of a pollution gradient in the San Bernardino Mountains. Plot-level averages for total annual N and S deposition in throughfall in 1996 were 18.8 and 2.9 kg·ha–1, respectively, at Camp Paivika (CP) and 2...

  5. San Francisco Bay Long Term Management Strategy for Dredging (United States)

    The San Francisco Bay Long Term Management Strategy (LTMS) is a cooperative effort to develop a new approach to dredging and dredged material disposal in the San Francisco Bay area. The LTMS serves as the Regional Dredging Team for the San Francisco area.

  6. Columbian Secrets: Cristóbal Colón by Leonardo Balada and Antonio Gala

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Elías Gutiérrez Meza


    Full Text Available The play Cristóbal Colón premiered in 1989 at the Teatro del Liceu. Composed by the musician Leonardo Balada and the playwright Antonio Gala, this opera was commissioned by the Sociedad Estatal Quinto Centenario as part of the festivities organized by the Spanish government to commemorate the Discovery of America. Unlike the so-called "des-celebración del 92", Cristóbal Colón champions the figure of the discoverer and emphasizes the participation of Spain through the praised role of Martín Alonso Pinzón. However, the opera was cut at the last minute. This article asserts that such alteration may have been the result of political censorship attempting to counteract the criticism of the Discovery of America contained in the original version.

  7. El rastro y la ruina: tras la huella de Antonio José Ponte y Abilio Estévez Traces and ruins: tracking Antonio José Ponte and Abilio Estévez

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elena C. Palmero González


    Full Text Available Un tema recurrente en los estudios contemporáneos sobre la memoria es el de los rastros, huellas o vestigios memoriales. Tras una fecunda sistematización en el pensamiento filosófico, lo que podríamos llamar una teoría del rastro impacta hoy los estudios de la literatura y la cultura, sacando a la luz originales poéticas. Me intereso por la noción porque pretendo en este trabajo vincularla al tema de las autobiografías de artistas. Específicamente focalizo mi estudio en dos textos de carácter autobiográfico de escritores cubanos contemporáneos, que en la diversidad de sus estilos literarios, permiten al lector reconstituir un fragmento de la historia cultural reciente en la isla. Seguir las pistas dejadas por el autobiógrafo, escuchar el susurro de su relato íntimo, articulando su expresión subjetiva al horizonte problemático de lo colectivo son mis objetivos centrales al acometer el estudio de Inventario secreto de La Habana (2004 de Abilio Estévez y La fiesta vigilada (2007 de Antonio José Ponte.Um tópico frequente nos estudos contemporâneos sobre a memória é o dos rastros, marcas ou vestígios memoriais. Após uma fecunda sistematização no pensamento filosófico, o que poderíamos chamar de uma teoria do rastro impacta hoje os estudos da literatura e da cultura, trazendo à luz poéticas originais. Interesso-me por essa noção porque pretendo neste trabalho vinculá-la ao tema das autobiografias de artistas. Especificamente, meu artigo está focalizado em dois textos de caráter autobiográfico de escritores cubanos contemporâneos que, na diversidade de seus estilos literários, permitem ao leitor reconstituir um fragmento da história cultural recente da ilha. Seguir as pistas deixadas pelo autobiógrafo, escutar o sussurro de seu relato íntimo, articulando sua expressão subjetiva ao horizonte problemático do coletivo, são meus objetivos centrais ao empreender o estudo de Inventario secreto de La Habana (2004

  8. Source, variability, and transformation of nitrate in a regional karst aquifer: Edwards aquifer, central Texas. (United States)

    Musgrove, MaryLynn; Opsahl, Stephen P.; Mahler, Barbara J.; Herrington, Chris; Sample, Thomas; Banta, John


    Many karst regions are undergoing rapid population growth and expansion of urban land accompanied by increases in wastewater generation and changing patterns of nitrate (NO3−) loading to surface and groundwater. We investigate variability and sources of NO3− in a regional karst aquifer system, the Edwards aquifer of central Texas. Samples from streams recharging the aquifer, groundwater wells, and springs were collected during 2008–12 from the Barton Springs and San Antonio segments of the Edwards aquifer and analyzed for nitrogen (N) species concentrations and NO3− stable isotopes (δ15N and δ18O). These data were augmented by historical data collected from 1937 to 2007. NO3− concentrations and discharge data indicate that short-term variability (days to months) in groundwater NO3− concentrations in the Barton Springs segment is controlled by occurrence of individual storms and multi-annual wet-dry cycles, whereas the lack of short-term variability in groundwater in the San Antonio segment indicates the dominance of transport along regional flow paths. In both segments, longer-term increases (years to decades) in NO3− concentrations cannot be attributed to hydrologic conditions; rather, isotopic ratios and land-use change indicate that septic systems and land application of treated wastewater might be the source of increased loading of NO3−. These results highlight the vulnerability of karst aquifers to NO3− contamination from urban wastewater. An analysis of N-species loading in recharge and discharge for the Barton Springs segment during 2008–10 indicates an overall mass balance in total N, but recharge contains higher concentrations of organic N and lower concentrations of NO3−than does discharge, consistent with nitrification of organic N within the aquifer and consumption of dissolved oxygen. This study demonstrates that subaqueous nitrification of organic N in the aquifer, as opposed to in soils, might be a previously

  9. 47 CFR Appendix to Part 52 - Deployment Schedule for Long-Term Database Methods for Local Number Portability (United States)


    ... Sacramento, CA 36 Fresno, CA 68 San Antonio, TX 37 Oklahoma City, OK 55 Austin, TX 60 Salt Lake City, UT 45... Chicago, IL 3 Philadelphia, PA 4 Atlanta, GA 8 New York, NY 2 Los Angeles, CA 1 Houston, TX 7 Minneapolis..., FL 24 Fort Lauderdale, FL 39 Orlando, FL 40 Cincinnati, OH 30 Tampa, FL 23 Boston, MA 9 Riverside, CA...

  10. 77 FR 54787 - Airworthiness Directives; M7 Aerospace LLC Airplanes (United States)


    ... Airworthiness Directives; M7 Aerospace LLC Airplanes AGENCY: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), DOT. ACTION... Aerospace LLC Models SA226-AT, SA226-T, SA226-T(B), SA226-TC, SA227-AC (C-26A), SA227-BC (C-26A), SA227-CC..., contact M7 Aerospace LP, 10823 NE Entrance Road, San Antonio, Texas 78216; phone: (210) 824- 9421; fax...

  11. Correlating the Classes of Books Taken Out Of and Books Used Within an Open-Stack Library. Research Report. (United States)

    Domas, Ralph E.

    The purpose of this study was to determine if a correlation existed between the classes of books checked out of the San Antonio College Library and the classes of books used in the Library. Data for out-of-library and in-library use were collected during February, 1978, and arranged by Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) tens. By using the Pearson…

  12. Highlights of the 16th annual scientific sessions of the Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance. (United States)

    Carpenter, John-Paul; Patel, Amit R; Fernandes, Juliano Lara


    The 16th Annual Scientific Sessions of the Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR) took place in San Francisco, USA at the end of January 2013. With a faculty of experts from across the world, this congress provided a wealth of insight into cutting-edge research and technological development. This review article intends to provide a highlight of what represented the most significant advances in the field of cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) during this year's meeting.

  13. San Juan Uchucuanicu: évolution historique

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)


    Full Text Available La communauté de San Juan est reconnue depuis 1939. Une première partie concerne l’organisation de la reducción de San Juan vers le milieu du XVIe siècle. Le poids fiscal s’exerce durement sur le village et la crise est générale dans toute la vallée du Chancay au XVIIe. siècle. La christianisation des habitants est définitive au milieu de ce même siècle. C’est vers la fin du XVIIe siècle et durant tout le XVIIIe que se multiplient les conflits entre San Juan et les villages voisins liés aux terrains de pâture et à la possession de l’eau. La deuxième partie du travail concerne les rapports de la communauté de San Juan avec le Pérou contemporain : contrainte fiscale toujours très lourde durant la fin de l’époque coloniale, exactions des militaires juste avant l’indépendance. La période républicaine voit toujours les conflits avec les villages voisins mais aussi la naissance de familles qui cherchent à retirer le maximum de la communauté. Les terres sont divisées et attribuées : la détérioration de l’organisation communale traditionnelle est manifeste. L4es conflits se multiplient entre petits propriétaires, mais aussi avec les haciendas voisines : c’est l’apparition d’une véritable lutte de classes. La situation actuelle est incertaine, le poids de l’économie marchande se développe avec l’exode des jeunes. Que sera la communauté San Juan à la fin de ce siècle? La comunidad de San Juan está reconocida desde 1939. La primera parte concierne a la organización de la 'reducción' de San Juan hacia mediados del siglo XVI. El peso fiscal se ejerce duramente sobre el pueblo y en el siglo XVII la crisis es general en todo el valle de Chancay. Hacia mediados del mismo siglo la cristianización de los habitantes es definitiva. Es hacia fines del siglo XVII y durante todo el siglo XVIII que se multiplican los conflictos entre San Juan y los pueblos vecinos, los que están relacionados con los terrenos de

  14. Quaternary geology of Alameda County, and parts of Contra Costa, Santa Clara, San Mateo, San Francisco, Stanislaus, and San Joaquin counties, California: a digital database (United States)

    Helley, E.J.; Graymer, R.W.


    Alameda County is located at the northern end of the Diablo Range of Central California. It is bounded on the north by the south flank of Mount Diablo, one of the highest peaks in the Bay Area, reaching an elevation of 1173 meters (3,849 ft). San Francisco Bay forms the western boundary, the San Joaquin Valley borders it on the east and an arbitrary line from the Bay into the Diablo Range forms the southern boundary. Alameda is one of the nine Bay Area counties tributary to San Francisco Bay. Most of the country is mountainous with steep rugged topography. Alameda County is covered by twenty-eight 7.5' topographic Quadrangles which are shown on the index map. The Quaternary deposits in Alameda County comprise three distinct depositional environments. One, forming a transgressive sequence of alluvial fan and fan-delta facies, is mapped in the western one-third of the county. The second, forming only alluvial fan facies, is mapped in the Livermore Valley and San Joaquin Valley in the eastern part of the county. The third, forming a combination of Eolian dune and estuarine facies, is restricted to the Alameda Island area in the northwestern corner of the county.

  15. Variation in Annual Volume at a University Hospital Does Not Predict Mortality for Pancreatic Resections

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rita A. Mukhtar


    Full Text Available Annual volume of pancreatic resections has been shown to affect mortality rates, prompting recommendations to regionalize these procedures to high-volume hospitals. Implementation has been difficult, given the paucity of high-volume centers and the logistical hardships facing patients. Some studies have shown that low-volume hospitals achieve good outcomes as well, suggesting that other factors are involved. We sought to determine whether variations in annual volume affected patient outcomes in 511 patients who underwent pancreatic resections at the University of California, San Francisco between 1990 and 2005. We compared postoperative mortality and complication rates between low, medium, or high volume years, designated by the number of resections performed, adjusting for patient characteristics. Postoperative mortality rates did not differ between high volume years and medium/low volume years. As annual hospital volume of pancreatic resections may not predict outcome, identification of actual predictive factors may allow low-volume centers to achieve excellent outcomes.

  16. San Francisco Bay Water Quality Improvement Fund (United States)

    EPAs grant program to protect and restore San Francisco Bay. The San Francisco Bay Water Quality Improvement Fund (SFBWQIF) has invested in 58 projects along with 70 partners contributing to restore wetlands, water quality, and reduce polluted runoff.,

  17. Development of 40m SANS and Its Utilization Techniques

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Choi, Sung Min; Kim, Tae Hwan


    Small angle neutron scattering (SANS) has been a very powerful tool to study nanoscale (1-100 nm) bulk structures in various materials such as polymer, self assembled materials, nano-porous materials, nano-magnetic materials, metal and ceramics. Understanding the importance of the SANS instrument, the 8m SANS instrument was installed at the CN beam port of HANARO in 2001. However, without having a cold neutron source, the beam intensity is fairly low and the Q-range is rather limited due to short instrument length. In July 1, 2003, therefore, the HANARO cold neutron research facility project was launched and a state of the art 40m SANS instrument was selected as top-priority instrument. The development of the 40m SANS instrument was completed as a joint project between Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and the HANARO in 2010. Here, we report the specification of a state of art 40m SANS instrument at HANARO

  18. California Clean Air Act: A compliance strategy for the City of San Diego`s non-emergency fleet

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    Historically, parts of California have had the worst air quality in the nation. The California Energy Commission began experimenting with alternate fuels in the 1970`s in an effort to reduce harmful automobile emissions and hence, improve air quality. It is recognized that the costs to California which result from our air quality problems are immense. Ten to twenty billion dollars each year is the estimated damage in terms of health impacts, materials damages, lost agricultural crop output and forest damages. As the California population increases and health care costs escalate, the total monetary damages from air pollution will increase. The California Energy Commission goal to improve air quality became a mandate in 1988 with the passage of the California Clean Air Act (CCAA). The CCAA requires a revised air quality strategy for the San Diego district since we do not meet State air quality standards for smog, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. Smog remains San Diego`s major air quality problem, even though the annual number of days each year over the Federal standard has been reduced by 55 percent in the past ten years. Ten years ago about two-thirds of San Diego`s smog was transported from Los Angeles. Today more than 60 per cent of the days San Diego exceeds the State standard are from locally generated smog. It is estimated that 57% of the reactive hydrocarbon emissions (which react with nitrogen dioxide in the presence of sunlight to form smog) is from cars, trucks and buses. The Air Pollution Control District (part of the County of San Diego) is the office that the Air Resources Board has put in charge of creating regulations and designing strategy to reduce polluting emissions. The purpose of this project is to determine the full cost of acquiring and operating a municipal fleet which meets the mandates of the California Clean Air Act. With that information, a plan to meet the Clear Air Act (CCAA) requirements can be formulated by local government.

  19. San Diego's High School Dropout Crisis (United States)

    Wilson, James C.


    This article highlights San Diego's dropout problem and how much it's costing the city and the state. Most San Diegans do not realize the enormous impact high school dropouts on their city. The California Dropout Research Project, located at the University of California at Santa Barbara, has estimated the lifetime cost of one class or cohort of…

  20. Transgresores de la legalidad: los militares y su lucha legítima por el poder en San Luis Potosí, 1869-1870

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Flor de María Salazar Mendoza


    Full Text Available En este artículo, se analizan las razones que motivaron a un grupo de militares encabezados por el general Francisco Antonio Aguirre a inconformarse ante el desarrollo de las elecciones para gobernador en el año de 1869 ya que los miembros de la legislatura local, no declararon gobernador constitucional electo. Ante este escenario indefinido, los militares transgredieron el orden al iniciar un pronunciamiento para externar su inconformidad. El gobierno general intervino en la vida política interna de los potosinos al ordenar a una facción del ejército regular de la federación que sofocara a los pronunciados. El movimiento político tomó otra dimensión y los sublevados redactaron un Plan político en contra del presidente Benito Juárez y sus ministros. El movimiento se mantuvo vigente al iniciar 1870 así el gobierno general envió a San Luis Potosí al general Mariano Escobedo con el propósito de restablecer a las autoridades legítimas. Luego de conseguir su objetivo, Escobedo se postuló como gobernador y ganó las elecciones en ese año. Las fuentes documentales primarias que utilicé se localizan en archivos locales y del extranjero.

  1. Cenobios leoneses altomedievales ante la europeización: San Pedro y San Pablo de Montes, Santiago y San Martín de Peñalba y San Miguel de Escalada

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Martínez Tejera, Artemio Manuel


    Full Text Available The following paper analyses the behaviour of three of the most important monastic communities in the reing of Asturias-Leon for the ninth and then centuries. During this period we witness the implementation of a new ordo, or liturgical ritual that replaces the Hispanic one, strongly established in the Territorium. The liturgical adaptation produces tension and conflicts among the members of different monastic communities, and even between the Episcopate and the monarchy - being King Alfonso VI. In some of the monasteries, the arrival of the new ordo causes the adaptation of the liturgical space, with subsequent changes in liturgical furniture.

    El presente estudio pretende analizar el comportamiento de tres de las más importantes comunidades monásticas astur-leonesas de los siglos IX y X (San Pedro y San Pablo de Montes, Santiago y San Martín de Peñalba y San Miguel de Escalada ante la recepción e implantación de aquel nuevo ordo o ritual litúrgico que vino a sustituir al Hispánico, fuertemente asentado en el territorium. Readaptación litúrgica que, con distinta intensidad, producirá tensiones y enfrentamientos entre los miembros de las distintas comunidades monásticas, incluso entre el episcopado y la monarquía (personificada en la figura de Alfonso VI, pero no únicamente. En alguno de estos monasterios la llegada del nuevo ordo supondrá, además, la readaptación de su espacio litúrgico, lo que trajo consigo significativas modificaciones constructivas.

  2. AACR Annual Meeting 2008: Autophagy in the forefront of cancer research. (United States)

    Karantza, Vassiliki


    The 2008 American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting was held in San Diego, CA, April 12-16, 2008 (http:// More than 17,000 scientists from 60 countries participated in this meeting that was organized by AACR, the oldest and largest organization in the world focused on cancer research. The scientific presentations included more than 6,000 abstracts and 500 invited talks on new and significant discoveries in basic, clinical, and translational cancer research. Autophagy, as pertaining to tumorigenesis and response to anticancer therapies, was undoubtedly a "hot topic" in this meeting. An educational session, a forum, a minisymposium and several other talks dispersed in different sessions had a strong focus on autophagy. All autophagy-related presentations were very well attended and stimulated lively discussions, clearly indicating that the scientific community is greatly interested in this rapidly-progressing area of research.

  3. «Dios hará inquisición de vuestros juicios»: Antonio Enriquez Gómez' Search for Justice

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rose, Constance H.


    Full Text Available One theme uniting the work of Antonio Enríquez Gómez (1600-1663, a Spanish Marrano who resided in France for many years, was his search for justice— personal, earthly and divine. By examining two of his plays and two treatises, above all the comically sardonic Inquisición de Lucifer y Visita de todos los diablos (n.d., a text recently discovered in Amsterdam, it is possible to see that this author bases his thesis, in part, on two geographical locations: «Peralvillo», which symbolizes the miscarriage of earthly justice, and «el valle de Josafá», where divine justice will prevail.

    Un tema que une la obra de Antonio Enriquez Gómez (1600-1663, un marrano español que vivió un largo exilio en Francia, es la búsqueda de la justicia: personal, terrestre y divina. Al examinar dos comedias y dos tratados suyos, sobre todo su Inquisición de Lucifer y Visita de todos los diablos (s. f., un texto recién descubierto en Amsterdam, se puede ver cómo el autor desarrolla su tesis empleando dos topónimos antitéticos: «Peralvillo», que muestra la falta de justicia en este mundo, y «el valle de Josafá», donde Jehová dispensará la justicia divina y castigará a los enemigos de su pueblo, el pueblo judío.

  4. Antonio Mollari e l’architettura nelle Marche dal Neoclassico al Purismo / Antonio Mollari and architecture in Marche region from Neoclassicism to Purism

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fabio Mariano


    The early architectural "functionalist" Neoclassicism introduced in the Papal State by the genius of Vanvitelli, with his early works in the Marches, had defined a new design language and a particular simplified taste in architectural decorum, played on the widespread use of clay enriched with essential emphases stone, which will affect the architectural production in the Marches to beyond the eighteenth century. The Napoleonic invasion (1797 will shake the backwardness of the state papal introducing new modern principles of land management and planning, mapping and cadastral new tools, new types of architecture-related services, new roles assigned to public engineers and architects. Linearity, proportion and good taste became theoretical assumptions; constructive correctness and rational correspondence between functions and plans became the yardstick; a serene simplification of forms constantly connected to the economic program was married with recovery of the classical models and Vitruvian read back through the mediation treatises of Vignola and especially of Palladio. All news largely implemented after the Restoration of the Papal rule, where the professional figure of Antonio Mollari, after his exploits in the new Stock Exchange Building in Trieste, is inserted in the vein of architectural Purism. It was "more than a passing circumvention the neoclassical experience", it was a final declination of the broader cultural movement of the European neoclassical, by now exhausted, placed in a few decades, until the papacy of Pius IX, and before the next eclectic anthology of historical revivals.

  5. Characterization of the hydrologic resources of San Miguel County, New Mexico, and identification of hydrologic data gaps, 2011 (United States)

    Matherne, Anne Marie; Stewart, Anne M.


    The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), in cooperation with San Miguel County, New Mexico, conducted a study to assess publicly available information regarding the hydrologic resources of San Miguel County and to identify data gaps in that information and hydrologic information that could aid in the management of available water resources. The USGS operates four continuous annual streamgages in San Miguel County. Monthly discharge at these streamgages is generally bimodally distributed, with most runoff corresponding to spring runoff and to summer monsoonal rains. Data compiled since 1951 on the geology and groundwater resources of San Miguel County are generally consistent with the original characterization of depth and availability of groundwater resources and of source aquifers. Subsequent exploratory drilling identified deep available groundwater in some locations. Most current (2011) development of groundwater resources is in western San Miguel County, particularly in the vicinity of El Creston hogback, the hogback ridge just west of Las Vegas, where USGS groundwater-monitoring wells indicate that groundwater levels are declining. Regarding future studies to address identified data gaps, the ability to evaluate and quantify surface-water resources, both as runoff and as potential groundwater recharge, could be enhanced by expanding the network of streamgages and groundwater-monitoring wells throughout the county. A series of seepage surveys along the lengths of the rivers could help to determine locations of surface-water losses to and gains from the local groundwater system and could help to quantify the component of streamflow attributable to irrigation return flow; associated synoptic water-quality sampling could help to identify potential effects to water quality attributable to irrigation return flow. Effects of groundwater withdrawals on streamflow could be assessed by constructing monitoring wells along transects between production wells and stream reaches

  6. Interrupciones momentáneas de la convención: Aportes para la comprensión de Irredentos de Antonio Acevedo Hernández

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mauricio Barría Jara


    Full Text Available El artículo propone una lectura de la obra Irredentos de Antonio Acevedo Hernández, intentando mostrar las innovaciones dramatúrgicas que contiene en el contexto del teatro chileno de la época. Para ello se recurre a la aplicación de un marco de análisis que vincula la obra acevediana con tópicos de las vanguardias artísticas teatrales de inicios del siglo XX, especialmente sus vínculos con la categoría de teatro político propuesta por Erwin Piscator y el concepto de estructura de sentimiento propuesto por Raymond Williams. The article proposes a reading of the dramaturgical innovations of the play Irredentos by Antonio Acevedo Hernández in the context of the Chilean theater at the beginning of the 20th century. An analytical framework that links Acevedo’s work with topics of theatrical avant-garde of the period is applied. Emphasislies on the relationship between his work with the category of Political Theater by Erwin Piscator, and the concept of structure of feeling by Raymond Williams.

  7. Costo institucional de la crisis hipertensiva en el policlínico "Antonio Maceo" Institutional cost of hypertensive crisis in the "Antonio Maceo" polyclinic

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yosvany Tabares Silverio


    Full Text Available Introducción: la hipertensión arterial afecta la salud de las poblaciones en todas las partes del mundo. Representa por sí misma una enfermedad y también un factor de riesgo para otras afecciones cardiovasculares. Su impacto es en el área de la epidemiología, la salud pública, y en el aspecto económico. Objetivo: determinar el costo institucional de la atención al paciente con crisis hipertensiva en el servicio urgencia del policlínico "Antonio Maceo" de La Habana en el primer semestre del año 2008. Métodos: se realizó un estudio del tipo de descripción de costos. El enfoque metodológico utilizado fue el costo de la enfermedad, siguiendo los pasos recomendados en la Guía Metodológica para las Evaluaciones Económicas en Salud en Cuba. Los costos fueron expresados en pesos cubanos no convertibles del año 2008. La perspectiva de análisis adoptada fue la institucional. El universo de estudio estuvo constituido por 216 pacientes. En el cálculo del costo total institucional se consideraron las variables: costo por medicamentos, por medios diagnósticos, por salarios, entre otras. Resultados: se estudiaron 209 pacientes con urgencia hipertensiva (96,8 % y 7 con emergencia hipertensiva (3,2 %. El costo total de la atención del paciente con crisis hipertensiva ascendió a 5 451,68 pesos en moneda nacional y el costo promedio por paciente fue de 25,23. Conclusiones: el costo mayor en la atención al paciente con crisis hipertensiva estuvo relacionado con el salario directo. La adecuada dispensarización y tratamiento de los pacientes hipertensos pudiera disminuir el costo de la atención médica.Introduction: high blood pressure affects the health of populations at world scale. By itself represent a disease and a risk factor for other cardiovascular affections. Its impact is on the epidemiology, public health areas and in the economic feature. Objective: to determine the institutional cost of the patient care with hypertensive crisis

  8. 77 FR 46115 - Notice of Inventory Completion: San Diego Museum of Man, San Diego, CA (United States)


    ...The San Diego Museum of Man has completed an inventory of human remains in consultation with the appropriate Indian tribe, and has determined that there is a cultural affiliation between the human remains and a present-day Indian tribe. Representatives of any Indian tribe that believes itself to be culturally affiliated with the human remains may contact the San Diego Museum of Man. Repatriation of the human remains to the Indian tribe stated below may occur if no additional claimants come forward.

  9. Effects of Choto-san and Chotoko on thiopental-induced sleeping time


    JEENAPONGSA, Rattima; Tohda, Michihisa; Watanabe, Hiroshi


    Choto-san has been used for treatment of centrally regulated disorders such as dementia, hypertension, headache and vertigo. Our laboratory showed that Choto-san improved learning memory in ischemic mice. It is noticeable that Choto-san treated animals and animals that underwent conducting occlusion of common carotid arteries (2VO) operation slept longer than the normal animals. Therefore, this study aimed to clarify the effects of Choto-san and its related component; Chotoko and Choto-san wi...

  10. Permafrost distribution map of San Juan Dry Andes (Argentina) based on rock glacier sites (United States)

    Esper Angillieri, María Yanina


    Rock glaciers are frozen water reservoirs in mountainous areas. Water resources are important for the local populations and economies. The presence of rock glaciers is commonly used as a direct indicator of mountain permafrost conditions. Over 500 active rock glaciers have been identified, showing that elevations between 3500 and 4500 m asl., a south-facing or east-facing aspect, areas with relatively low solar radiation and low mean annual air temperature (-4 to 0 °C) favour the existence of rock glaciers in this region. The permafrost probability model, for Dry Andes of San Juan Province between latitudes 28º30‧S and 32°30‧S, have been analyzed by logistic regression models based on the active rock glaciers occurrence in relation to some topoclimatic variables such as altitude, aspect, mean annual temperature, mean annual precipitation and solar radiation, using optical remote sensing techniques in a GIS environment. The predictive performances of the model have been estimated by known rock glaciers locations and by the area under the receiver operating characteristic curve (AUROC). This regional permafrost map can be applied by the Argentinean Government for their recent initiatives which include creating inventories, monitoring and studying ice masses along the Argentinean Andes. Further, this generated map provides valuable input data for permafrost scenarios and contributes to a better understanding of our geosystem.

  11. 33 CFR 110.120 - San Luis Obispo Bay, Calif. (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false San Luis Obispo Bay, Calif. 110... ANCHORAGES ANCHORAGE REGULATIONS Special Anchorage Areas § 110.120 San Luis Obispo Bay, Calif. (a) Area A-1. Area A-1 is the water area bounded by the San Luis Obispo County wharf, the shoreline, a line drawn...

  12. Species Observations (poly) - San Diego County [ds648 (United States)

    California Natural Resource Agency — Created in 2009, the SanBIOS database serves as a single repository of species observations collected by various departments within the County of San Diego's Land...

  13. Mammal Track Counts - San Diego County [ds442 (United States)

    California Natural Resource Agency — The San Diego Tracking Team (SDTT) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the preservation of wildlife habitat in San Diego County through citizen-based...

  14. Species Observations (poly) - San Diego County [ds648 (United States)

    California Department of Resources — Created in 2009, the SanBIOS database serves as a single repository of species observations collected by various departments within the County of San Diego's Land...

  15. Uso e diversidade de plantas medicinais em Santo Antonio do Leverger, MT, Brasil Use and diversity of medicinal plants in Santo Antonio do Leverger, MT, Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Christina de Mello Amorozo


    Full Text Available O presente trabalho tem como objetivo fazer o levantamento etnobotânico de plantas com usos terapêuticos no município de Santo Antonio do Leverger, MT, e estimar a diversidade de espécies usadas. Foram entrevistados residentes adultos de ambos os sexos, junto com os quais foram coletadas as plantas, depositadas no Herbarium Rioclarense (HRCB. Identificaram-se 228 espécies, pertencentes a 73 famílias; 56% delas crescem espontaneamente em ambientes naturais ou antropicamente modificados, 41% são cultivadas e 3% são compradas. Os índices de diversidade encontrados comparam-se aos mais altos registrados na literatura para plantas medicinais em outras áreas tropicais. A riqueza e diversidade das plantas espontâneas podem espelhar até certo ponto a riqueza e diversidade de espécies no ambiente, enquanto tais parâmetros para as espécies cultivadas estariam mais ligados a fatores sócio-culturais que promovam a introdução de novas plantas e informações de uso a partir de fontes externas. Sugere-se que quando comunidades tradicionais se tornam mais expostas à sociedade nacional, o número de espécies e o conhecimento acerca de seu uso podem sofrer inicialmente um acréscimo, por aportes externos; mas, com o aprofundamento do contato, e as mudanças sócio-econômicas decorrentes, a tendência será que as plantas usadas com fins terapêuticos restrinjam-se às espécies cultivadas e invasoras cosmopolitas.This work describes an ethnobotanical survey of medicinal plants in Santo Antonio do Leverger Municipality, Mato Grosso State, Brazil and estimates the diversity of species with therapeutic use. Adult dwellers, male and female, were interviewed and plant gathering undertaken with their assistance. Voucher specimens were deposited at the Herbarium Rioclarense (HRCB. 228 species were identified, belonging to 73 families; 56% of the species grow spontaneously in natural and anthropically modified habitats, 41% are cultivated and 3% are

  16. Stability and change in kelp forest habitats at San Nicolas Island (United States)

    Kenner, Michael C.; Tinker, M. Tim


    Kelp forest communities are highly variable over space and time. Despite this complexity it has been suggested that kelp forest communities can be classified into one of 2 states: kelp dominated or sea urchin dominated. It has been further hypothesized that these represent “alternate stable states” because a site can remain in either of these states for decades before some perturbation causes a rapid shift to the other state. Our research group has maintained a subtidal community monitoring program for 38 years at San Nicolas Island consisting of twice-annual scuba-based surveys at 6 sites distributed within 4 regions around the island. Three types of perturbations are thought to be relevant to subtidal community dynamics at San Nicolas: (1) physical disturbances in the form of major storm and El Niño/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) events; (2) invertebrate diseases, which periodically decimate urchin populations; and (3) the reintroduction and subsequent increase of sea otters (Enhydra lutris nereis). These 3 perturbations differ in spatial and temporal specificity; physical disturbances and disease outbreaks occur periodically and could affect all 4 regions, while sea otter predation has been concentrated primarily at the West End sites over the last 15 years. The different types of perturbations and the duration of the time series at the kelp forests at San Nicolas make the data set ideal for testing the “alternate stable state” hypothesis. We use nonmetric multidimensional scaling (NMDS) to examine spatial and temporal patterns of community similarity at the 4 regions. In particular, we evaluate support for the existence of stable states, which are represented on NMDS plots as distinct spatial clusters. Community dynamics at each site approximated a biased random walk in NMDS space, with one or more basins of attraction and occasional jumps between basins. We found evidence for alternative stable states at some sites, and we show that transitions from one

  17. Risk Mitigation during Human Electromuscular Incapacitation Research (United States)


    Research Unit-San Antonio NIJ National Institute of Justice O2 Oxygen pCO2 Partial pressure of carbon dioxide PEA Pulseless electrical...Research Findings Muscle injury can occur before symptoms appear. Blood levels of the proteins , creatine kinase (CK) and myoglobin, are used to...Rhabdomyolysis occurs when the protein myoglobin is released from damaged muscle cells. Myoglobin is injurious to the kidneys. CK is another protein

  18. Resident Research Fundamentals Course Human Research Curves in the Road (United States)


    MDW/SGVU SUBJECT: Professional Presentation Approval 27 JULY 2017 Your paper, entitled Resident Research Fundamentals Course - "Human Research ...Curves in the Road" (27 Sep 2017) presented at/published to Resident Research Fundamentals Course - JBSA Lackland, San Antonio, TX - 27 Sep 2017 in...are a Graduate Health Sciences Education student and your department has told you they cannot fund your publication, the 59th Clinical Research

  19. Environmental Assessment Addressing the 301st Fighter Wing Managed Airspace, Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, Fort Worth, Texas (United States)


    Salle County McMullen County Terrell County Blanco County Comal County Texas Oklahoma Dallas- Ft. Worth San Antonio Austin Tulsa Oklahoma City Abilene...County Young County Crockett County Glasscock County Irion County Midland County Brown County Reagan County Sterling County Terrell County Upton...7909 Karl May Drive Waco, TX 76708 Margaret Wood Brown County Clerk 200 South Broadway Brownwood, TX 76801 Jo Ann Hale Coleman County

  20. The search for adenovirus 14 in children in Houston, Texas. (United States)

    Laham, Federico R; Jewell, Alan M; Schoonover, Shauna L; Demmler, Gail J; Piedra, Pedro A


    Adenovirus (Ad)14 has recently emerged in the United States causing outbreaks of severe respiratory disease. To determine if Ad14 circulated in Houston, Texas, during the same time as an outbreak in military recruits in nearby San Antonio, 215 pediatric adenovirus isolates were serotyped using microneutralization. None were Ad14; Ad1, Ad2, and Ad3 were the most common identified serotypes.

  1. Staphylococcus aureus Colonization of Healthy Military Service Members in the United States and Afghanistan (United States)


    different based on deployment status and exposure to an austere environment where antimalarial agents with MRSA/MSSA activity are used. However, the...adequate hygiene practices. Further, these deployments are often to geo- graphic regions that require antimalarial chemoprophy- laxis. The use of...genes. Methods Participants Two populations of healthy active duty service members (101 non-deployed personnel in San Antonio, Texas, USA and 100

  2. Leadership training in Endocrinology fellowship A survey of program directors and recent graduates (United States)


    Program Directors and Recent Graduates presented at/ published to SAMHS and Universities Research Forum (SURF) 2017, San Antonio, TX 16 June 2017 m...Research Division may pay for your basic journal publishing charges (to include costs for tables and black and white photos). We cannot pay for...efforts. LINDA STEEL-GOODWIN, Col, USAF, BSC Director , Clinical Investigations & Research Support Warrior Medics - Mission Ready - Patient Focused

  3. Lessons Learned from A System-Wide Evidence-Based Practice Program Implementation (United States)


    incorporating scientific evidence, clinical expertise and the patient’s values and preferences to provide quality healthcare . Despite growing...MEMORANDUM FOR ST DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE 59TH MEDICAL WING (AETC) JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO - LACKLAND TEXAS ATTN: LT COL JACQUELINE KILLIAN...FROM: 59 MDW/SGVU SUBJECT: Professional Presentation Approval 14 FEB 2017 1. Your paper, entitled Lesson Learned From A System-Wide Evidence- Based

  4. The Shock and Vibration Digest. Volume 13, Number 9 (United States)


    Nuclear Environment". ENVIRONMENTAL TESTING AND SIMULATION Dr. Henry F. Cooper, Deputy for Strategic Chairman: Mr. David 0. Smallwood , Sandia National... Norman Abramson, Vice President, Engineering Services, Southwest Research SPACE SHUTTLE LOADS AND DYNAMICS Institute, San Antonio, TX Subject: THE...on C.W. BERT and A.D. TRAN, University of Oklahoma, Rapidly Repaired Battle Damaged Surfaces - T.G. Norman , OK GERARDI and D.L. MORRIS, Air Force

  5. Understanding Optimal Military Decision Making: Year 2 Progress Report (United States)


    D. (2008). Weschler adult intelligence scale (4th ed.). San Antonio, TX: Psychological Corporation. ...test measures working memory ( Wechsler , 2008). In digit span forwards, the experimenter states a series of digits, starting with two digits, and the...the subject must repeat the digits in the reverse order. 23 Trails A and B Trails A and B test visual processing speed ( Wechsler , 2008). In Trails

  6. Cosmonaut Aleksey Leonov joins belly dancer on stage at Folklife Festival (United States)


    Cosmonaut Aleksey A. Leonov, in one of the lighter moments of activity involving Soviet Cosmonauts and American Astronauts, joins a belly dancer on stage as several visitors to weekend activity at the site of San Antonio's HemisFair look on. Leonov is commander of the Soviet Apollo Soyuz Test Project (ASTP) crew. The Lebanese dancing was just one feature among many during the Texas Folklife Festival.

  7. Re-integrating Influence and Cyber Operations (United States)


    30 3.6 Social Engineering ......................................................................................................... 33 3.7 The “ Sexy ...need to show results. 3.7 The “ Sexy Part” of IO In early 2001, the 92 nd Information Warfare Aggressor Squadron in San Antonio was struggling with...commander, “Network Operations is the Sexy Part of IO”. This commander was correct in a way, but for reasons unknown at the time. The Air Force has

  8. Design and Qualification of a High-Pressure Combustion Chamber for Ignition Delay Testing of Diesel Fuels (United States)


    for Research Consideration .................................................................3 Table 2. Properties of biodiesel fuels at STP (20°C...ACRONYMS AND ABBREVIATIONS ABE Acetone, n-Butanol, and Ethanol BD Biodiesel CAT Caterpillar Inc. DoD Department of Defense DSH Direct Sugar to...generator LPD-17 San Antonio-Class Amphibious Transport Dock Propulsion Colt-Pielstick PC 2.5 V-16, 1250 L (est.) 78 L (est.) 16 in Nozzle

  9. Remembering San Diego

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Chuyanov, V.


    After 6 years of existence the ITER EDA project in San Diego, USA, was terminated by desition of the US Congress. This article describes how nice it was for everybody as long as it lasted and how sad it is now

  10. Evaluating the Impacts of Urbanization on Hydrological Processes and Water Resources by Comparing Two Neighboring Basins (United States)

    Shao, M.; Zhao, G.; Gao, H.


    Texas, the fastest growing state in the US, has seen significant land cover/land use change due to urbanization over the past decades. With most of the region being arid/semi-arid, water issues are unprecedentedly pressing. Among the 15 major river basins, two adjacent river basins located in south-central Texas—the San Antonio River Basin (SARB) and the Guadalupe River Basin (GRB)—form an ideal testbed for evaluating the impacts of urbanization on both hydrological processes and water resources. These two basins are similar in size and in climate pattern, but differ in terms of urbanization progress. In SARB, where the city of San Antonio is located, the impervious area has increased from 0.6% (1929) to 7.8% (2011). In contrast, there is little land cover change in the GRB. With regard to the underground components, both basins intersect with the Edward Aquifer (more than 15% of basin area in both cases). The Edward Aquifer acts as one of the major municipal water supplies for San Antonio, and as the water source for local agricultural uses (and for the surrounding habitat). This aquifer has the characteristic of being highly sensitive to changes in surface water conditions, like the descending trend of the underground water table due to over exploitation. In this study, a distributed hydrologic model—DHSVM (the Distributed Hydrology Soil Vegetation Model)—is used to compare the hydrologic characteristics (and their impacts on water resources) over the two basins. With a 200m spatial resolution, the model is calibrated and validated during the historical period over both basins. The objectives of the comparisons are two-fold: First, the urbanization effects on peak flows are evaluated for selected extreme rainfall events; Second, the Edward Aquifer recharge rate from surface water under flood and/or drought conditions within the two basins is analyzed. Furthermore, future urbanization scenarios are tested to provide information relevant to decision making.

  11. Young Engineers & Scientists (YES) - Engaging Teachers in Space Research (United States)

    Boice, D. C.; Reiff, P. H.


    The Young Engineers and Scientists (YES) Program is a community partnership between Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) and local high schools in San Antonio. It provides talented high school juniors and seniors a bridge between classroom instruction and real world, research experiences in physical sciences, information sciences, and engineering. YES consists of two parts: 1) An intensive three-week summer workshop held at SwRI where students experience the research environment first-hand; develop skills and acquire tools for solving scientific problems, attend mini-courses and seminars on electronics, C++ programming, the Internet, careers, science ethics, social impact of technology, and other topics; and select their individual research project with their mentor (SwRI staff member) to be completed during the academic year; and 2) A collegial mentorship where students complete individual research projects under the guidance of their mentors and teachers during the academic year and earn honors credit. At the end of the school year, students publicly present and display their work, acknowledging their accomplishments and spreading career awareness to other students and teachers. YES has been highly successful during the past nineteen (19) years. A total of 258 students have completed or are currently enrolled in YES. Of these students, 38% are females and 57% are ethnic minorities, reflecting the local diversity of the San Antonio area. All YES graduates have entered college, several work or have worked for SwRI, two businesses have formed, and three scientific publications have resulted. Sixteen (16) teacher participants have attended the YES workshop and have developed classroom materials based on their experiences in research at SwRI in the past three (3) years. In recognition of its excellence, YES received the Celebrate Success in 1996 and the Outstanding Campus Partner-of-the-Year Award in 2005, both from Northside Independent School District (San Antonio

  12. Update: San Andreas Fault experiment (United States)

    Christodoulidis, D. C.; Smith, D. E.


    Satellite laser ranging techniques are used to monitor the broad motion of the tectonic plates comprising the San Andreas Fault System. The San Andreas Fault Experiment, (SAFE), has progressed through the upgrades made to laser system hardware and an improvement in the modeling capabilities of the spaceborne laser targets. Of special note is the launch of the Laser Geodynamic Satellite, LAGEOS spacecraft, NASA's only completely dedicated laser satellite in 1976. The results of plate motion projected into this 896 km measured line over the past eleven years are summarized and intercompared.

  13. Vabariigi aastapäev San Franciscos / Heino Valvur ; foto: Heino Valvur

    Index Scriptorium Estoniae

    Valvur, Heino


    veebruarikuu möödus San Franciscos Eesti Vabariigi 88. aastapäeva pühitsedes: traditsiooniliselt tähistas aastapäeva San Francisco Seenioride Klubi koosviibimisega, E.E.L.K. San Francisco koguduses peeti jumalateenistus ja koosviibimine, kus noored esitasid rahvalaule, San Francisco Eesti Selts tähistas aastapäeva 25. veebruaril aktuse ja koosviibimisega

  14. 76 FR 70480 - Otay River Estuary Restoration Project, South San Diego Bay Unit of the San Diego Bay National... (United States)


    ... River Estuary Restoration Project, South San Diego Bay Unit of the San Diego Bay National Wildlife...), intend to prepare an environmental impact statement (EIS) for the proposed Otay River Estuary Restoration... any one of the following methods. Email: [email protected] . Please include ``Otay Estuary NOI'' in the...

  15. Backwater Flooding in San Marcos, TX from the Blanco River (United States)

    Earl, Richard; Gaenzle, Kyle G.; Hollier, Andi B.


    Large sections of San Marcos, TX were flooded in Oct. 1998, May 2015, and Oct. 2015. Much of the flooding in Oct. 1998 and Oct. 2015 was produced by overbank flooding of San Marcos River and its tributaries by spills from upstream dams. The May 2015 flooding was almost entirely produced by backwater flooding from the Blanco River whose confluence is approximately 2.2 miles southeast of downtown. We use the stage height of the Blanco River to generate maps of the areas of San Marcos that are lower than the flood peaks and compare those results with data for the observed extent of flooding in San Marcos. Our preliminary results suggest that the flooding occurred at locations more than 20 feet lower than the maximum stage height of the Blanco River at San Marcos gage (08171350). This suggest that the datum for either gage 08171350 or 08170500 (San Marcos River at San Marcos) or both are incorrect. There are plans for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to construct a Blanco River bypass that will divert Blanco River floodwaters approximately 2 miles farther downstream, but the $60 million price makes its implementation problematic.

  16. 8th February 2011-Rector Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa Mexico Dr Victor Antonio Corrales Burgeño-Mexico-visiting ALICE cavern and tunnel with ALICE Spokesperson P. Giubellino

    CERN Multimedia

    Maximilien Brice


    Photo 1,3-14:The delegation visiting ALICE cavern Photo 2:Dra. Beatriz E. Rodríguez Pérez\tDirectora del Centro de Políticas de Género para la igualdad entre Hombres y Mujeres,Dr Victor Antonio Corrales Burgeño,P. Giubellino Photo 15-29:The delegation visiting LHC Tunnel Photo 30-57:Signature of the Guest Book with CERN Director-General R. Heuer and Head of International Relations F. Pauss Photo 58:Adviser for Mexico J. Salicio,ALICE Collaboration Universidad Autonoma de Sinaloa I. Leon Monzon,ALICE Collaboration Centro Invest. Estudios Avanz. IPN (Cinnestav) G. Herrera Corral,R. Heuer,Dr Victor Antonio Corrales Burgeño,F. Pauss,Dra. Beatriz E. Rodríguez Pérez,Directora de Relaciones InternacionalesMC. América M. Lizárraga González

  17. 33 CFR 165.1187 - Security Zones; Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, San Francisco Bay... (United States)


    ... Limited Access Areas Eleventh Coast Guard District § 165.1187 Security Zones; Golden Gate Bridge and the... Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, in San Francisco Bay, California. (b... siren, radio, flashing light, or other means, the operator of a vessel shall proceed as directed. [COTP...

  18. Groundwater quality in the San Diego Drainages Hydrogeologic Province, California (United States)

    Wright, Michael T.; Belitz, Kenneth


    More than 40 percent of California's drinking water is from groundwater. To protect this vital resource, the State of California created the Groundwater Ambient Monitoring and Assessment (GAMA) Program. The Priority Basin Project of the GAMA Program provides a comprehensive assessment of the State's groundwater quality and increases public access to groundwater-quality information. The San Diego Drainages Hydrogeologic Province (hereinafter referred to as San Diego) is one of the study units being evaluated. The San Diego study unit is approximately 3,900 square miles and consists of the Temecula Valley, Warner Valley, and 12 other alluvial basins (California Department of Water Resources, 2003). The study unit also consists of all areas outside defined groundwater basins that are within 3 kilometers of a public-supply well. The study unit was separated, based primarily on hydrogeologic settings, into four study areas: Temecula Valley, Warner Valley, Alluvial Basins, and Hard Rock (Wright and others, 2005). The sampling density for the Hard Rock study area, which consists of areas outside of groundwater basins, was much lower than for the other study areas. Consequently, aquifer proportions for the Hard Rock study area are not used to calculate the aquifer proportions shown by the pie charts. An assessment of groundwater quality for the Hard Rock study area can be found in Wright and Belitz, 2011. The temperatures in the coastal part of the study unit are mild with dry summers, moist winters, and an average annual rainfall of about 10 inches. The temperatures in the mountainous eastern part of the study unit are cooler than in the coastal part, with an annual precipitation of about 45 inches that occurs mostly in the winter. The primary aquifers consist of Quaternary-age alluvium and weathered bedrock in the Temecula Valley, Warner Valley, and Alluvial Basins study areas, whereas in the Hard Rock study area the primary aquifers consist mainly of fractured and

  19. The 1677 eruption of La Palma, Canary Islands

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rodríguez Badiola, E.


    Full Text Available The 1677 volcanic eruption, located close to the town of Fuencaliente at the south end of La Palma, has been associated with the large volcanic cone of San Antonio, an emission centre showing relatively high energy phreatomagmatic phases. However, detailed geological mapping and a reinterpretation of available eye-witness accounts elearly prove the San Antonio emission centre to be a preexisting volcano related to an eruption that occurred several thousands years earlier. The 1677 eruption, or Volcán de Fuencaliente is a low magnitude eruption composed of a small strombolian vent and a cluster of aligned spatter vents. About 75-125 x 106 m3 of lavas from these spatter vents covered an area of 4.5 x 106 m2 and formed a wide coastal platform with 1.6 x 106 m2 of new land gained from the sea. This modest magnitude eruption is in better accord with the negligible damage caused to the area reported in the contemporary accounts. This revision of the 1677 eruption and its magnitude is relevant for the precise reconstruction of the recent volcanism of La Palma and the correct definition of volcanic hazards in the island.La erupción de 1677, localizada cerca de la población de Fuencaliente en el S de la isla de La Palma, ha sido asociada hasta ahora con el cono volcánico denominado San Antonio. Este centro de emisión presenta fases eruptivas de energía relativamente elevada. El estudio geológico de detalle de esta erupción y la reinterpretación de los relatos de la época indican que el volcán San Antonio es, en realidad, un aparato volcánico preexistente, relacionado con algún episodio eruptivo de varios miles de años de antigüedad. La verdadera erupción de 1677 o Volcán de Fuencaliente, es de baja magnitud y está formada por pequeños centros eruptivos estrombolianos y conos alineados de escorias. El volumen de lavas emitidas es de unos 75-125 x 106 m3 y cubre una extensión de aproximadamente 4.5 x 106 m2, de los cuales 1.6 x 106 m2

  20. Fitting the datum of SANS with Pxy program

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Sun, Liangwei; Peng, Mei; Chen, Liang


    The thesis introduces the basic theory of Small-Angle neutron scattering, enumerates several approximate law. It simply describes the components of Small-Angle neutron spectrometer (SANS) and the parameters of SANS of Budapest Neutron Center (BNC) in Hungary. During the period of studying at Budapest Neutron Center in Hungary, the experiments of wavelength calibration was carried out with SIBE and the SANS experiments of sample Micelles. The experiments are briefly introduced. Pxy program is used to fit these datum, and the results of wavelength and sizes of sample Micelles are presented. (authors)

  1. Holocene slip rates along the San Andreas Fault System in the San Gorgonio Pass and implications for large earthquakes in southern California (United States)

    Heermance, Richard V.; Yule, Doug


    The San Gorgonio Pass (SGP) in southern California contains a 40 km long region of structural complexity where the San Andreas Fault (SAF) bifurcates into a series of oblique-slip faults with unknown slip history. We combine new 10Be exposure ages (Qt4: 8600 (+2100, -2200) and Qt3: 5700 (+1400, -1900) years B.P.) and a radiocarbon age (1260 ± 60 years B.P.) from late Holocene terraces with scarp displacement of these surfaces to document a Holocene slip rate of 5.7 (+2.7, -1.5) mm/yr combined across two faults. Our preferred slip rate is 37-49% of the average slip rates along the SAF outside the SGP (i.e., Coachella Valley and San Bernardino sections) and implies that strain is transferred off the SAF in this area. Earthquakes here most likely occur in very large, throughgoing SAF events at a lower recurrence than elsewhere on the SAF, so that only approximately one third of SAF ruptures penetrate or originate in the pass.Plain Language SummaryHow large are earthquakes on the southern San Andreas Fault? The answer to this question depends on whether or not the earthquake is contained only along individual fault sections, such as the Coachella Valley section north of Palm Springs, or the rupture crosses multiple sections including the area through the San Gorgonio Pass. We have determined the age and offset of faulted stream deposits within the San Gorgonio Pass to document slip rates of these faults over the last 10,000 years. Our results indicate a long-term slip rate of 6 mm/yr, which is almost 1/2 of the rates east and west of this area. These new rates, combined with faulted geomorphic surfaces, imply that large magnitude earthquakes must occasionally rupture a 300 km length of the San Andreas Fault from the Salton Sea to the Mojave Desert. Although many ( 65%) earthquakes along the southern San Andreas Fault likely do not rupture through the pass, our new results suggest that large >Mw 7.5 earthquakes are possible on the southern San Andreas Fault and likely

  2. Antonio de Capmany and the city of Barcelona: the value of experience in the path of progress

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available In his time, Antonio de Capmany (1742-1813 was the most prominent intellectual in the service of the interests of Barcelona, in a willingness to articulate the energy of that city with the efforts of enlightened despotism to relaunch Spain as a continental and colonial power. Extensive knowledge and assimilation of European culture of the Enlightenment allowed him to associate the historical experience of the Catalan capital with modern values. It was not a simple varnish, since the defense of Barcelona as the focus of progress was constructed from documented empirical data and sensory impressions, according to the principles preached by the great British philosophers against speculative rationalism and its incessant occurrences.

  3. City of San Francisco, California street tree resource analysis (United States)

    E.G. McPherson; J.R. Simpson; P.J. Peper; Q. Xiao


    Street trees in San Francisco are comprised of two distinct populations, those managed by the city’s Department of Public Works (DPW) and those managed by private property owners with or without the help of San Francisco’s urban forestry nonprofit, Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF). These two entities believe that the public’s investment in stewardship of San Francisco...

  4. Trouble Brewing in San Francisco. Policy Brief (United States)

    Buck, Stuart


    The city of San Francisco will face enormous budgetary pressures from the growing deficits in public pensions, both at a state and local level. In this policy brief, the author estimates that San Francisco faces an aggregate $22.4 billion liability for pensions and retiree health benefits that are underfunded--including $14.1 billion for the city…

  5. Trends in total rainfall, heavy rain events, and number of dry days in San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1955-2009

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pablo A. Méndez-Lázaro


    Full Text Available Climate variability is a threat to water resources on a global scale and in tropical regions in particular. Rainfall events and patterns are associated worldwide with natural disasters like mudslides and landslides, meteorological phenomena like hurricanes, risks/hazards including severe storms and flooding, and health effects like vector-borne and waterborne diseases. Therefore, in the context of global change, research on rainfall patterns and their variations presents a challenge to the scientific community. The main objective of this research was to analyze recent trends in precipitation in the San Juan metropolitan area in Puerto Rico and their relationship with regional and global climate variations. The statistical trend analysis of precipitation was performed with the nonparametric Mann-Kendall test. All stations showed positive trends of increasing annual rainfall between 1955 and 2009. The winter months of January and February had an increase in monthly rainfall, although winter is normally a dry season on the island. Regarding dry days, we found an annual decreasing trend, also specifically in winter. In terms of numbers of severe rainfall events described as more than 78 mm in 24 hours, 63 episodes have occurred in the San Juan area in the last decade, specifically in the 2000-2009 time frame, with an average of 6 severe events per year. The majority of the episodes occurred in summer, more frequently in August and September. These results can be seen as a clear example of the complexity of spatial and temporal of rainfall distribution over a tropical city.

  6. Developing and Implementing a Citywide Asthma Action Plan: A Community Collaborative Partnership. (United States)

    Staudt, Amanda Marie; Alamgir, Hasanat; Long, Debra Lynn; Inscore, Stephen Curtis; Wood, Pamela Runge


    Asthma affects 1 in 10 children in the United States, with higher prevalence among children living in poverty. Organizations in San Antonio, Texas, partnered to design and implement a uniform, citywide asthma action plan to improve asthma management capacity in schools. The asthma action plan template was modified from that of the Global Initiative for Asthma. School personnel were trained in symptom recognition, actions to take, and use of equipment before the asthma action plan implementation. The annual Asthma Action Plan Summit was organized as a forum for school nurses, healthcare providers, and members of the community to exchange ideas and strategies on implementation, as well as to revise the plan. The asthma action plan was implemented in all 16 local school districts. Feedback received from school nurses suggests that the citywide asthma action plan resulted in improved asthma management and student health at schools. The evidence in this study suggests that community organizations can successfully collaborate to implement a citywide health initiative similar to the asthma action plan.

  7. 77 FR 66499 - Environmental Impact Statement: San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties, CA (United States)


    ... San Bernardino, 285 East Hospitality Lane, San Bernardino, California 92408 (2) Sheraton Ontario..., November 13, 2012 from 5-7 p.m. at the Hilton San Bernardino, 285 East Hospitality Lane, San Bernardino...

  8. San Francisco Accelerator Conference

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Southworth, Brian


    'Where are today's challenges in accelerator physics?' was the theme of the open session at the San Francisco meeting, the largest ever gathering of accelerator physicists and engineers

  9. Sense

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Foged, Isak Worre; Pasold, Anke


    COMPETITION SPONSORS SKIN is generously sponsored by Buro Happold through engineering support and the A. Zahner Co. is the competition’s fabrication sponsor. INSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT TEX-FAB is generously supported in its mission of collecting, disseminating and generating information on digital fab...... fabrication within the Texas region by the University of Houston, University of Texas at Arlington, University of Texas at Austin and the University of Texas at San Antonio....

  10. Sodium Azide Associated Acute Hyperkalemia in a Swine Model of Sodium Azide Toxicity (United States)


    Sodium Azide Toxicity presented at/published to SURF , San Antonio, TX, 16 June 2017 in accordance with MDWI 41-108, has been approved and assigned local...Surgical Center (WHASC) internship and residency programs. 3. Please know that if you are a Graduate Health Sciences Education student and your... waves on electrocardiogram and continued acidosis (lactate mean 6.7 mmo/L). Statistics: Repeated measures ANOVA was used to determine statistically

  11. Clean Cities Now, Vol. 13, No. 2 - June 2009 (Brochure)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    The June 2009 issue of Clean Cities Now features stories about elementary school students establishing no-idle zones in San Antonio; recent Propane Road Shows in Virginia, Maryland, and South Carolina; green vehicles helping children's charities in California; and a new truck stop electrification system in South Carolina. The Fleet Experiences story features the University of Illinois-Chicago's mixed fleet of alternative fuel vehicles.

  12. A Preliminary Investigation into Cognitive Aptitudes Predictive of Overall MQ-1 Predator Pilot Qualification Training Performance (United States)


    of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale and Wechsler’s theory of intelligence [12]. The MAB-II manual has well-documented internal consistency... Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale -3rd Edition (WAIS-3®). San Antonio (TX): Harcourt Assessment; 1997. 13. Powell DH, Kaplan EF, Whitla D, Weintraub S...n = 46) Adequate Performers M (SD) (n = 43) r rc Intelligence Quotients Full Scale 120.26 (16.83) 118.30 (6.60) .08

  13. Bibliography of the Edwards Aquifer, Texas, through 1993 (United States)

    Menard, J.A.


    The bibliography comprises 1,022 multidisciplinary references to technical and general literature for the three regions of the Edwards aquifer, Texas-San Antonio area; Barton Springs segment, Austin area; and northern segment, Austin area. The references in the bibliography were compiled from computerized data bases and from published bibliographies and reports. Dates of references range from the late 1800's through 1993. Subject and author indexes are included.

  14. Trouble Brewing in San Diego. Policy Brief (United States)

    Buck, Stuart


    The city of San Diego will face enormous budgetary pressures from the growing deficits in public pensions, both at a state and local level. In this policy brief, the author estimates that San Diego faces total of $45.4 billion, including $7.95 billion for the county pension system, $5.4 billion for the city pension system, and an estimated $30.7…

  15. Corps sans organes et anamnèse

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Wilson, Alexander


    Je trace certains liens entre le corps sans organes de Deleuze et Guattari et les principes de l’organologie générale que décrit Bernard Stiegler.......Je trace certains liens entre le corps sans organes de Deleuze et Guattari et les principes de l’organologie générale que décrit Bernard Stiegler....

  16. Coastal Cactus Wren, San Diego Co. - 2009 [ds702 (United States)

    California Natural Resource Agency — The San Diego Multiple Species Conservation program (MSCP) was developed for the conservation of plants and animals in the southeast portion of San Diego County....

  17. Coastal Cactus Wren, San Diego Co. - 2011 [ds708 (United States)

    California Natural Resource Agency — The San Diego Multiple Species Conservation program (MSCP) was developed for the conservation of plants and animals in the southeast portion of San Diego County....

  18. Phytoplankton Regulation in a Eutrophic Tidal River (San Joaquin River, California

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alan D. Jassby


    Full Text Available As in many U.S. estuaries, the tidal San Joaquin River exhibits elevated organic matter production that interferes with beneficial uses of the river, including fish spawning and migration. High phytoplankton biomass in the tidal river is consequently a focus of management strategies. An unusually long and comprehensive monitoring dataset enabled identification of the determinants of phytoplankton biomass. Phytoplankton carrying capacity may be set by nitrogen or phosphorus during extreme drought years but, in most years, growth rate is light-limited. The size of the annual phytoplankton bloom depends primarily on river discharge during late spring and early summer, which determines the cumulative light exposure in transit downstream. The biomass-discharge relationship has shifted over the years, for reasons as yet unknown. Water diversions from the tidal San Joaquin River also affect residence time during passage downstream and may have resulted in more than a doubling of peak concentration in some years. Dam construction and accompanying changes in storage-and-release patterns from upstream reservoirs have caused a long-term decrease in the frequency of large blooms since the early 1980s, but projected climate change favors a future increase. Only large decreases in nonpoint nutrient sources will limit phytoplankton biomass reliably. Growth rate and concentration could increase if nonpoint source management decreases mineral suspensoid load but does not decrease nutrient load sufficiently. Small changes in water storage and release patterns due to dam operation have a major influence on peak phytoplankton biomass, and offer a near-term approach for management of nuisance algal blooms.

  19. Cacao use and the San Lorenzo Olmec (United States)

    Powis, Terry G.; Cyphers, Ann; Gaikwad, Nilesh W.; Grivetti, Louis; Cheong, Kong


    Mesoamerican peoples had a long history of cacao use—spanning more than 34 centuries—as confirmed by previous identification of cacao residues on archaeological pottery from Paso de la Amada on the Pacific Coast and the Olmec site of El Manatí on the Gulf Coast. Until now, comparable evidence from San Lorenzo, the premier Olmec capital, was lacking. The present study of theobromine residues confirms the continuous presence and use of cacao products at San Lorenzo between 1800 and 1000 BCE, and documents assorted vessels forms used in its preparation and consumption. One elite context reveals cacao use as part of a mortuary ritual for sacrificial victims, an event that occurred during the height of San Lorenzo's power. PMID:21555564

  20. Mito, magia e iconografia. I sortilegi di Medea nelle stampe di Giovanni Antonio Rusconi per le Trasformationi di Lodovico Dolce / Myth, magic and iconography. Medea’s sorceries in the woodcuts by Giovanni Antonio Rusconi for Lodovico Dolce’s “Trasformationi”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Giuseppe Capriotti


    Full Text Available Anche se dopo la famosa tragedia di Euripide fonti letterarie e iconografiche rappresentano Medea principalmente come madre infanticida, la Medea delle Metamorfosi di Ovidio è soprattutto una potente maga: una sapiente conoscitrice di erbe, con cui sa preparare efficaci pozioni magiche, e un’abile manipolatrice diricette prodigiose, che si attivano grazie all’aiuto di divinità infere, invocate con formule vocali nei suoi riti notturni. Allo stesso modo, nelle xilografie che decorano le edizioni rinascimentali delle Metamorfosi, in particolare in quelle di Giovanni Antonio Rusconi per le Trasformationi di Lodovico Dolce, Medea è raffigurata soprattutto come una avvenente maga, che compie i suoi sortilegi per amore o per vendetta. Specialmente nella stampa con Il ringiovanimento di Esone, Rusconi mescola i connotati della maga rinascimentale e quelli della strega nordica: Medea è ancora un’attraente e giovane donna, ma compie oramai operazioni magiche al limite della fattucchieria.   Even though after the famous tragedy of Euripides literary and iconographic sources represent Medea mainly as infanticide mother, the Medea of the Ovid’s Metamorphoses is above all a powerful sorceress: a wise expert of grasses, by which she prepares effective magic potions, and a skilled manipulator of prodigious recipes, that she activates thanks to the help of hellish divinities, invoked with vocal formulas in her nighttime rites. In the same way, in the woodcuts that decorate the Renaissance editions of the Metamorphoses, particularly in those of Giovanni Antonio Rusconi for the Lodovico Dolce’s Trasformationi, Medea is represented above all as a good-looking sorceress, that executes her sorceries for love or for revenge. Especially in the woodcut with The rejuvenation of Esone, Rusconi combines the characteristics of the Renaissance sorceress with those of the Northern witch: Medea is still an attractive and young woman, but she carry out, by now

  1. Technical Analysis of In-Valley Drainage Management Strategies for the Western San Joaquin Valley, California (United States)

    Presser, Theresa S.; Schwarzbach, Steven E.


    The western San Joaquin Valley is one of the most productive farming areas in the United States, but salt-buildup in soils and shallow groundwater aquifers threatens this area?s productivity. Elevated selenium concentrations in soils and groundwater complicate drainage management and salt disposal. In this document, we evaluate constraints on drainage management and implications of various approaches to management considered in: *the San Luis Drainage Feature Re-Evaluation (SLDFRE) Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) (about 5,000 pages of documentation, including supporting technical reports and appendices); *recent conceptual plans put forward by the San Luis Unit (SLU) contractors (i.e., the SLU Plans) (about 6 pages of documentation); *approaches recommended by the San Joaquin Valley Drainage Program (SJVDP) (1990a); and *other U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) models and analysis relevant to the western San Joaquin Valley. The alternatives developed in the SLDFRE EIS and other recently proposed drainage plans (refer to appendix A for details) differ from the strategies proposed by the San Joaquin Valley Drainage Program (1990a). The Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) in March 2007 signed a record of decision for an in-valley disposal option that would retire 194,000 acres of land, build 1,900 acres of evaporation ponds, and develop a treatment system to remove salt and selenium from drainwater. The recently proposed SLU Plans emphasize pumping drainage to the surface, storing approximately 33% in agricultural water re-use areas, treating selenium through biotechnology, enhancing the evaporation of water to concentrate salt, and identifying ultimate storage facilities for the remaining approximately 67% of waste selenium and salt. The treatment sequence of reuse, reverse osmosis, selenium bio-treatment, and enhanced solar evaporation is unprecedented and untested at the scale needed to meet plan requirements. All drainage management strategies that have been proposed

  2. Mammal Track Counts - San Diego County, 2010 [ds709 (United States)

    California Natural Resource Agency — The San Diego Tracking Team (SDTT) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the preservation of wildlife habitat in San Diego County through citizen-based...

  3. A Qualitative Study of Affordability: Virginia and San Antonio Class Programs (United States)


    under a cost-plus-fixed-fee (CPFF) contract for the electric plant and later added cost-plus-award fee for the construction of the ship (Schank et al...From Defense Acquisition University (DAU, n.d.) ACRONYMS ACWP Actual Cost of Wart PerRm!ed AlJW Authorizecl Urpiced Wak BAG Budge{ A1 Cornple5on

  4. A Qualitative Study of Affordability: Virginia and San Antonio Class Programs (United States)


    that actual costs and operational tempos resemble original assumptions is the most uncertain aspect of sustainment costs. Operators must respond to a...SSN 774 through SSN 787; this represents 47% of the total inventory, a typical variation for ships from the acquisition standard of 10%. Even... Goldberg , M., … MacKinnon, M. (1994). The U.S. submarine production base (MR-456-OSD). Santa Monica, CA: RAND. Blickstein, I. United States. Department

  5. SANS observations on weakly flocculated dispersions

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Mischenko, N.; Ourieva, G.; Mortensen, K.


    Structural changes occurring in colloidal dispersions of poly-(methyl metacrylate) (PMMA) particles, sterically stabilized with poly-(12-hydroxystearic acid) (PHSA), while varying the solvent quality, temperature and shear rate, are investigated by small-angle neutron scattering (SANS......). For a moderately concentrated dispersion in a marginal solvent the transition on cooling from the effective stability to a weak attraction is monitored, The degree of attraction is determined in the framework of the sticky spheres model (SSM), SANS and rheological results are correlated....

  6. Flows correlation of the Tuxtlas, Veracruz volcanic field. Dating by TL of ceramics found in leakages of the San Martin volcano; Correlacion de flujos del campovolcanico de los Tuxtlas, Veracruz. Fechamiento por TL de ceramicas encontradas en derrames del volcan San Martin

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ramirez, A.; Schaaf, P.; Espindola, J.M. [Instituto de Geofisica, UNAM, 04510 Mexico D.F. (Mexico); Zamora, A. [Posgrado en Ciencias de la Tierra, UNAM (Mexico)


    In this work the age estimation carried out to archaeological ceramics found inside the spills and one ash deposit both of the San Martin volcano. The technique used for its processing was that of fine grain (4-11 {mu}m). The paleodosis it was calculated using the additive method for the determination of the equivalent dose (Q) and the regenerative method for the determination of the factor by supralineality (l). The samples of ceramic were processed like total sample. In the case of the geologic sample (ash sample) one carries out the separation of minerals in particular glasses at 95% of purity. For the determination of the annual dose rate its were carried out in the place of sampling measurements with a gamma spectrometry equipment, with it the determinations of Uranium, thorium and potassium were obtained, besides the cosmic contribution. Once having both elements (paleodosis and annual dose rate) it was calculated the age of the samples and consequently of the flows, which were stratigraphically correlated. (Author)

  7. SANS-II at SINQ: Installation of the former Risø-SANS facility

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Strunz, P.; Mortensen, K.; Janssen, S.


    SANS-II facility at SINQ (Paul Scherrer Institute)-the reinstalled former Riso small-angle neutron scattering instrument-is presented. Its operational characteristics are listed. Approaches for precise determination of wavelength, detector dead time and attenuation factors are described as well. (C...

  8. Marketing San Juan Basin gas

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Posner, D.M.


    Marketing natural gas produced in the San Juan Basin of New Mexico and Colorado principally involves four gas pipeline companies with significant facilities in the basin. The system capacity, transportation rates, regulatory status, and market access of each of these companies is evaluated. Because of excess gas supplies available to these pipeline companies, producers can expect improved take levels and prices by selling gas directly to end users and utilities as opposed to selling gas to the pipelines for system supply. The complexities of transporting gas today suggest that the services of an independent gas marketing company may be beneficial to smaller producers with gas supplies in the San Juan Basin

  9. Transformation and reconstitution of Khoe-San identities : AAS le Fleur I, Griqua identities and post-apartheid Khoe-San revivalism (1894-2004)

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Besten, M.P.


    Focussing on AAS le fleur I (1867-1941), the Griqua, and post-apartheid Khoe-San revivalism, the dissertation examines changes in the articulation of Khoe-San identities in South-Africa. It shows the significance of shifting political, cultural and ideological power relations on the articulation of

  10. Antonio Gramsci: el consejo de fábrica, germen de la sociedad futura

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Martín Prestía


    Full Text Available El propósito general del presente trabajo es realizar una reflexión y problematización en torno de la concepción de Antonio Gramsci del “consejo de fábrica” desde tres dimensiones que se vinculan orgánicamente: el consejo de fábrica en tanto forma político-organizativa; la problemática de la escisión entre hombre y ciudadano propia de la modernidad y la resolución que, a partir del consejo, es posible darle; y, por último, el consejo de fábrica como instancia a partir de la cual es posible construir un orden alternativo, prefigurando la sociedad de nuevo tipo. A modo de conclusión, se incluye una recapitulación de las principales claves interpretativas utilizadas en el análisis de los desarrollos gramscianos, a la vez que se propone la identificación de algunas tensiones hacia el interior de la propia argumentación del militante sardo.

  11. Geological literature on the San Joaquin Valley of California (United States)

    Maher, J.C.; Trollman, W.M.; Denman, J.M.


    The following list of references includes most of the geological literature on the San Joaquin Valley and vicinity in central California (see figure 1) published prior to January 1, 1973. The San Joaquin Valley comprises all or parts of 11 counties -- Alameda, Calaveras, Contra Costa, Fresno, Kern, Kings, Madera, Merced, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, and Tulare (figure 2). As a matter of convenient geographical classification the boundaries of the report area have been drawn along county lines, and to include San Benito and Santa Clara Counties on the west and Mariposa and Tuolumne Counties on the east. Therefore, this list of geological literature includes some publications on the Diablo and Temblor Ranges on the west, the Tehachapi Mountains and Mojave Desert on the south, and the Sierra Nevada Foothills and Mountains on the east.

  12. 75 FR 61611 - Modification of Class E Airspace; San Clemente, CA (United States)


    ... INFORMATION CONTACT: Eldon Taylor, Federal Aviation Administration, Operations Support Group, Western Service... extension to a Class D surface area, at San Clemente Island NALF (Fredrick Sherman Field), San Clemente, CA... within the scope of that authority as it amends controlled airspace at San Clemente Island NALF (Fredrick...

  13. Análisis demográfico de tres poblaciones de Zidona dufresnei localizadas en el Atlántico sudoccidental

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alonso I Medina


    Full Text Available El estudio de los patrones demográficos en especies que soportan una presión pesquera es fundamental para la conservación y manejo de sus poblaciones. Zidona dufresnei es un caracol marino endémico del Atlántico sudoccidental, y es una de las principales especies capturadas por la pesca artesanal. Además se caracteriza por las marcadas diferencias entre sus poblaciones respecto a la talla máxima alcanzada. El objetivo de este estudio fue evaluar la estructura poblacional y los patrones morfogravimétricos intra- e interpoblacionales en tres localidades distribuidas a lo largo del Mar Argentino (Mar del Plata, Golfo San Matías, Bahía San Antonio. El rango de tallas varió entre 80 y 230 mm. Los ejemplares más pequeños correspondieron a la Bahía de San Antonio, mientras que los más grandes al Golfo San Matías. En todos los casos, las distribuciones de frecuencias de tallas y pesos siguieron una distribución unimodal. No se encontraron diferencias significativas en los pesos y tallas entre sexos. El ancho, largo y peso total de los ejemplares difirieron significativamente entre los tres sitios tanto en la prueba global como en las comparaciones a posteriori. La proporción de sexos no difirió de 1:1. Los resultados obtenidos en este estudio ampliaron el rango de distribución batimétrica de Z. dufresnei, estableciendo su variación entre 0 y 120 m. Además, se registró una nueva talla máxima de 230 mm para esta especie en el Mar Argentino. Las diferencias entre las tres poblaciones estudiadas se deberían a las presiones ambientales locales o a un flujo génico interrumpido o reducido.

  14. 77 FR 34984 - Notice of Intent To Repatriate a Cultural Item: San Diego Museum of Man, San Diego, CA (United States)


    ...The San Diego Museum of Man, in consultation with the appropriate Indian tribes, has determined that a cultural item meets the definition of unassociated funerary object and repatriation to the Indian tribes stated below may occur if no additional claimants come forward. Representatives of any Indian tribe that believes itself to be culturally affiliated with the cultural item may contact the San Diego Museum of Man.

  15. 40 CFR 81.176 - San Luis Intrastate Air Quality Control Region. (United States)


    ... 40 Protection of Environment 17 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false San Luis Intrastate Air Quality Control Region. 81.176 Section 81.176 Protection of Environment ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY (CONTINUED... Quality Control Regions § 81.176 San Luis Intrastate Air Quality Control Region. The San Luis Intrastate...

  16. Algunos digéneos de Rhinella marina (Anura: Bufonidae en Colombia Some digeneans of Rhinella marina (Anura: Bufonidae in Colombia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mauricio Bechara


    Full Text Available Se estudiaron 40 sapos Rhinella marina Linnaeus, 1758 (24 machos y 16 hembras del Valle de Aburrá, Antioquia, Colombia, 8 de los cuales se encontraron parasitados por 2 especies de digéneos: Pseudosonsinotrema chabaudi (Caballero y Caballero, 1969 Sullivan, 1974 (Pleurogenidae (primer registro para Colombia y para el hospedero y Mesocoelium monas (Rudolphi, 1819 Freitas, 1958 (Brachycoeliidae, previamente registrado para este país. De las 2 especies de helmintos recolectadas, la que alcanzó los mayores niveles de prevalencia (40% y abundancia media (14.7 fue P. chabaudi en San Antonio de Prado, y la intensidad promedio más elevada fue para M. monas, en los sapos de Barbosa (46.7.Eight of 40 Rhinella marina Linnaeus, 1758 (24 males and 16 females from Aburrá Valley, Antioquia, Colombia, were infected with 2 digenea species: Pseudosonsinotrema chabaudi (Caballero y Caballero, 1969 Sullivan, 1974 (Pleurogenidae, which represents new host and country records, and Mesocoelium monas (Rudolphi, 1819 Freitas, 1958 (Brachycoeliidae, which was previously reported for the country. Pseudosonsinotrema chabaudi in San Antonio de Prado reached the highest prevalence levels (40% and mean abundance (14.7, whereas the highest mean intensity was recorded for M. monas in cane toads from Barbosa (46.7.

  17. Caribe y exilio en La isla que se repite de Antonio Benítez Rojo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Arcadio Díaz Quiñones


    Full Text Available This paper suggests a reading of Antonio Benítez Rojo's unavoidable essay La isla que se repite (1989, in order to approach and meditate on Caribbean cultures, attempting both to delineate a possible understanding of the relationship between his poetics and exile, and to analyse some of his choices as an intellectual and the way he conceived Caribbean in his essays. In the map drawn by Benítez Rojo, paradise islands appear along with those ruled by violence and death, and are sometimes confused. Plantation and Utopia are the main topics. Essays from La isla que se repite allow us to examine his wish to link his work to other traditions by means of a long rodeo through the rich Caribbean cultural matrices. It was his way to escape and transcend "nation" authoritarian discourse prevailing in modern Cuban history.

  18. Caribe y exilio en La isla que se repite de Antonio Benítez Rojo

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Arcadio Díaz Quiñones


    Full Text Available This paper suggests a reading of Antonio Benítez Rojo's unavoidable essay La isla que se repite (1989, in order to approach and meditate on Caribbean cultures, attempting both to delineate a possible understanding of the relationship between his poetics and exile, and to analyse some of his choices as an intellectual and the way he conceived Caribbean in his essays. In the map drawn by Benítez Rojo, paradise islands appear along with those ruled by violence and death, and are sometimes confused. Plantation and Utopia are the main topics. Essays from La isla que se repite allow us to examine his wish to link his work to other traditions by means of a long rodeo through the rich Caribbean cultural matrices. It was his way to escape and transcend "nation" authoritarian discourse prevailing in modern Cuban history.

  19. Drawings for an exacting author: illustrations from Giovanni Antonio Scopoli's "Deliciae florae et faunae insubricae". (United States)

    Siviero, Monica; Violani, Carlo


    Giovanni Antonio Scopoli (1723-1788) was one of the most versatile naturalists in eighteenth-century Italy. In 1785, Scopoli conceived the ambitious publication, "Deliciae florae et faunae insubricae". Appearing in installments, this included descriptions and illustrations of plants, animals and minerals found in northern Italy. Unfortunately, Scopoli's sudden death halted publication of the "Deliciae" after its third installment. Recently, a corpus of 98 paintings, in the gouache style, were discovered in the Biblioteca Universitaria of Pavia. These gouaches appear to be the basis for plates planned in future installments of the "Deliciae". Marginal notes in Scopoli's handwriting are included. Because Scopoli's plant and animal specimens have been destroyed or dispersed, these drawings are crucial for reconstructing his scientific opus. Combined with other documents, Scopoli's marginal notes also reveal his exacting standards. He criticized the way his artists had poorly rendered the scientific details of the paintings.

  20. L’Europe et les sans-papiers


    Simonnot, Nathalie; Intrand, Caroline


    En Europe, les sans-papiers vivent des conditions socio-économiques particulièrement défavorables. Les systèmes de santé des pays européens sont peu performants pour le suivi des personnes sans papiers. Ils sont en outre souvent victimes de refus de soins. Pire, l’accès aux soins est dans certains pays progressivement instrumentalisé au profit du contrôle de l’immigration. Ces politiques grossissent les rangs des populations qui n’accèdent pas aux soins et doivent avoir recours à Médecins du ...