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  1. Anecdotal therapies. (United States)

    Millikan, L E


    Traditionally, many advances in medicine have been serendipitous. Are serendipitous and anecdotal synonymous? Many of our materia medica today relate to initial probes and anecdotal reports that matured to full investigation and therapeutic indications. The recent situation regarding Skin Cap is one that highlights the downside of this scenario. Several drugs in the US continue usage largely related to anecdotal indications, and anecdotal extension of legend indications is a standard for American Dermatology. The situation with systemic drugs, such as Trental, zinc preparations, imidazoles for extended indications, lysine and melatonin, all will be discussed. Topical preparations such as skin cap, cantharone, Vioform, all also are included in this category. It is important to place this topic in perspective in regards to geographic variation and therapeutic need. Many diseases lacking specific therapy are important targets for anecdotal therapy, and this will foster continued approaches in this area. The growing standardization of medicine and pharmaceutical regulation, threatens the anecdotal approach, but it provides still an important link to the future for some forms of therapy in diseases that are difficult to treat. Traditionally, the anecdote has been the first step in the therapeutic chain. Withering discovery of the benefits of the common fox glove in dropsy, was followed by many other anecdotes arriving via folk-medicine in the New World. This approach of utilizing folk medicine has now reached new heights, with very active searches by major pharmaceutical companies throughout the third world for remedies that may have potential. Couched with this is the history of anecdotal "snake-oil" remedies, that clearly had no benefit to anyone except the huckster marketing same. The excesses in this area of unproven and false therapies, led to the gradual organization of therapeutic trials and the Food and Drug Administration in the US as we know it today. The

  2. Anecdotes of the Forbidden City

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Everyone who passes through Beijing's Forbidden City leaves the grounds with two words on their lips: magnificent and awe-inspiring. The seat of imperial power during the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368 - 1911), some twenty-four emperors ruled the nation from within these walls. Now more commonly known as the Palace Museum, the Forbidden City lies at the center of the Chinese capital. Extending 750 meters from east to west and 960 meters from north to south, the 720,000-square-meter city is the largest palatial complex in the world. Guarding the city is a 52-meter-wide, six-meter-deep moat, and a huge wall, which runs three kilometers around the city and stands 10 meters high. Construction lasted 15 years, involving 100,000 artisans and some one million civilians. If the bricks that make up the Forbidden City could speak, they would have many an interesting story to tell. Here are just a few anecdotes.

  3. Nursing Students' Perceptions of Anecdotal Notes as Formative Feedback. (United States)

    Quance, Margaret Ann


    Anecdotal notes are a method of providing formative feedback to nursing students following clinical experiences. The extant literature on anecdotal notes is written only from the educator perspective, focusing on rationale for and methods of production, rather than on evaluation of effectiveness. A retrospective descriptive study was carried out with a cohort of 283 third year baccalaureate nursing students to explore their perceptions of anecdotal notes as effective formative feedback. The majority of students valued verbal as well as anecdotal note feedback. They preferred to receive feedback before the next learning experience. Students found the quality of feedback varied by instructor. The anecdotal note process was found to meet identified formative feedback requirements as well as the nursing program's requirement for transparency of evaluation and due process. It is necessary to provide professional development to clinical nurse educators to assist them develop high quality formative feedback using anecdotal notes.

  4. Stories, Proverbs, and Anecdotes as Scaffolds for Learning Science Concepts (United States)

    Mutonyi, Harriet


    Few research studies in science education have looked at how stories, proverbs, and anecdotes can be used as scaffolds for learning. Stories, proverbs, and anecdotes are cultural tools used in indigenous communities to teach children about their environment. The study draws on Bruner's work and the theory of border crossing to argue that stories,…

  5. Anecdotal notes. Effective clinical evaluation and record keeping. (United States)

    Liberto, T; Roncher, M; Shellenbarger, T


    Faculty use numerous techniques to evaluate student nurses' clinical performance. The development of keen observational skills is crucial to evaluating students' performance, but this is only the first step. Fair student evaluations require the faculty member to recall incidents and draw sound conclusions about clinical performance events. There are various tools to assist the nurse educator in evaluating students' clinical performance. The authors describe one such tool, the anecdotal record, used by nursing faculty for clinical record keeping and evaluation. Guidelines for anecdotal record keeping and solutions to common management issues related to anecdotal record keeping are provided.

  6. Books Day by Day: Anniversaries, Anecdotes, and Activities. (United States)

    Ohanian, Susan

    Celebrating centuries of the written word--from the works of Confucius, Shakespeare, and Ben Franklin to the adventures of Nancy Drew and Harry Potter--this book offers a literary smorgasbord of milestones, anecdotes, and quotes, along with smart, fun, practical activities for exploring and enjoying a wide range of literature. More than a calendar…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pierre Fresnault-Deruelle


    Full Text Available Le présent article poursuit un double objectif : construire des relais entre narratologie générale et construction du récit en bande dessinée ; remettre en valeur une des unités minimales du récit les plus négligées par la recherche : l’anecdote. S’appuyant sur des exemples venus de la production contemporaine, dont Le Cahier bleu d’André Juillard, il développe une poétique de l’anecdote susceptible de rendre compte de la profonde polyfonctionnalité d’une figure qui produit l’intrigue selon des voies souvent marginales.

  8. Sexual Harassment And Public Accounting: Anecdotal Evidence From The Profession

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gerald J. Miller


    Full Text Available This article reports on anecdotal evidence gathered from a recent survey of women public accounting professionals.  Stanko and Schneider (1999 conducted the first national survey on sexual harassment in the public accounting profession and Stanko et al followed up with a more recent 2009 study.  In this paper, the anecdotal evidence gathered from the Stanko et al study is reported on. Analysis of written comments is important in that many respondents spent a great deal of time providing comprehensive and concise professional comments on specific recent experiences involving sexual harassment, rather than simply checking a box. The findings of this study show sexual harassment remains a serious concern, and that sexual discrimination in the workplace is a concern as well.  Although preventive measures have been put in place, these measures may not be working as well as intended, suggesting that public accounting firms need to revisit this issue to manage risk.

  9. Anecdotes from the history of anesthesia in dentistry.


    Trieger, N.


    I believe that dentists have made important contributions to anesthesiology and patient care. Medical anesthesiology is now being required to provide more same-day or ambulatory care. Where it was once good sport to criticize dentists providing brief anesthesia services for their patients, it has now become appropriate for physician anesthesiologists to use shorter-acting agents, improved physiologic monitoring, reversal agents, and early discharge as part of their care of patients. Anecdotes...

  10. Doctors telling stories: the place of anecdote in GP registrar training. (United States)

    Alderson, T St J; Bateman, H


    Observational studies within a hospital setting confirm the widespread use of anecdotes in hospital-based medical education and hypothesize a number of reasons for this. Whilst anecdotes may be used effectively in teaching there can be dangers in their inappropriate use. There is no information on the level and nature of the use of anecdotes within medical education in the community. The authors undertook a questionnaire study that asked GP trainers about how they used anecdote in their GP registrar teaching. The results suggested that GP trainers use anecdotes frequently in their registrar teaching, recognize the use of anecdotes described in the literature and have little concern that anecdotes might mislead. The authors discuss how anecdotes may be used to help build registrars' illness scripts, and to develop ways of thinking and working congruent with the existing professional community.

  11. When Allport Met Freud: Using Anecdotes in the Teaching of Psychology. (United States)

    Kaufman, James C.; Bristol, Adam S.


    Proposes using anecdotes in introductory psychology courses to teach key points, principles, and people. Offers theoretical and empirical support for anecdotes as teaching tools. Believes that anecdotes, such as when Gordon Allport met Sigmund Freud, provide an enjoyable experience and enable students to better remember information. (CMK)

  12. Kenneth G. Wilson: Renormalized After-Dinner Anecdotes

    CERN Document Server

    Ginsparg, Paul


    This is the transcript of the after-dinner talk I gave at the close of the 16 Nov 2013 symposium "Celebrating the Science of Kenneth Geddes Wilson" [1] at Cornell University (see Fig. 1 for the poster). The video of my talk is on-line [2], and this transcript is more or less verbatim, with the slides used included as figures. I've also annotated it with a few clarifying footnotes, and provided references to the source materials where available. The talk itself pulls together anecdotes from various points in his career, discusses my own graduate student experiences with him, and finishes with some video excerpts from an interview he did in 2010.

  13. In defence of "anecdotal data". A case study from a caribou area in West Greenland

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Otto Blehr


    Full Text Available The author pleads for a modification of ethological science that allows for the presentation of even tentative hypotheses, based on what is at present disparagingly referred to as "anecdotal data". It is argued that such data are crucial for the neglected study of the habituation of free-ranging large mammals. In such studies of learning, relevant behavioural observations lie outside the ethologist's control, and can only be replicated by further chance encounters. Observations in their anecdotal form should therefore be made available to other ethologists despite their lack of quantifiable data. This would allow for the creation of a pool of more or less unique observations helping to better understand behaviour.

  14. Folklore anecdote between memorata and fabulata: Field research of Serbs in Medina (Hungary

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ilić Marija


    Full Text Available This work is based on folklore material, which was gathered during ethno linguistic field research of Serbian traditional lexicon and spiritual culture in Medina village in Hungary in 2002. Folklore material is composed of the sayings by the informer Sava Sokic and primarily can be defined as a series of comical narrations. If we look upon these narrations as a genre of oral speech and within context of ethno linguistic interview, we can notice a complex structure of this oral genre. That is, this genre functions as a memorat with typical beginnings and met textual comments. On the other hand, it respects almost all genre norms, which are characteristic for folklore anecdote. Therefore, comic narrations of Save Sokic, and that are valid also for folklore anecdote in general, can be classified as borderline genre - between memorata and fabulata.

  15. “May I please tell you a little anecdote?”

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Røn Larsen, Maja


    This article addresses inter-professional work and decision-making around inclusion in school, using an approach inspired by social practice theory. Based on a case analysis, the article presents analytical examples of the ways in which knowledge from children's everyday life tends to be considered...... anecdotal and disregarded in the decision-making processes. This leads to an institutional blindness to life aspects important to children, such as their peer relationships, and the ways in which interventions sometimes further complicate children's life situations, hence leading to mutual processes...... of powerlessness among children, parents, and professionals....

  16. Does contraceptive treatment in wildlife result in side effects? A review of quantitative and anecdotal evidence. (United States)

    Gray, Meeghan E; Cameron, Elissa Z


    The efficacy of contraceptive treatments has been extensively tested, and several formulations are effective at reducing fertility in a range of species. However, these formulations should minimally impact the behavior of individuals and populations before a contraceptive is used for population manipulation, but these effects have received less attention. Potential side effects have been identified theoretically and we reviewed published studies that have investigated side effects on behavior and physiology of individuals or population-level effects, which provided mixed results. Physiological side effects were most prevalent. Most studies reported a lack of secondary effects, but were usually based on qualitative data or anecdotes. A meta-analysis on quantitative studies of side effects showed that secondary effects consistently occur across all categories and all contraceptive types. This contrasts with the qualitative studies, suggesting that anecdotal reports are insufficient to investigate secondary impacts of contraceptive treatment. We conclude that more research is needed to address fundamental questions about secondary effects of contraceptive treatment and experiments are fundamental to conclusions. In addition, researchers are missing a vital opportunity to use contraceptives as an experimental tool to test the influence of reproduction, sex and fertility on the behavior of wildlife species.

  17. A suggested computer-based model for using Nasreddin Hodja’s anecdotes in preschool education

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abdulkadir Kabadayı


    Full Text Available Researchers have been manipulating the technology in education as well as in other fields and investigating the most effective ways of using it in the classroom. Therefore, they try to present any material which has an affect on the learners’ development, by integrating technological devices in the classroom atmosphere. Being aware of the fact that 70 percent of the children’s mental, language and cognitive domains have developed during preschool education, pedagogues are quite sensitive to preschool education and are in search for taking necessary precautions to enable them cognitive, psycho-motor and affective domains in the community. It is clear that preschool children are quite interested in the cartoons and motivated to perceive the world via cartoons on TV. Taking the point into consideration, in this article, a technology-based model is suggested by explaining the methods and techniques of use of the Nasreddin Hodja’s anecdotes as educational equipments in virtual atmosphere. In this model, it is explained how the Nasreddin Hodja’s anecdotes will develop students’ cognitive, affective and psycho-motor domains effectively displaying grade by grade illustration.

  18. A suggested computer-based model for using Nasreddin Hodja’s anecdotes in preschool education

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Abdulkadir Kabadayı


    Full Text Available Researchers have been manipulating the technology in education as well as in other fields and investigating the most effective ways of using it in the classroom. Therefore, they try to present any material which has an affect on the learners’ development, by integrating technological devices in the classroom atmosphere. Being aware of the fact that 70 percent of the children’s mental, language and cognitive domains have developed during preschool education, pedagogues are quite sensitive to preschool education and are in search for taking necessary precautions to enable them cognitive, psycho-motor and affective domains in the community. It is clear that preschool children are quite interested in the cartoons and motivated to perceive the world via cartoons on TV. Taking the point into consideration, in this article, a technology-based model is suggested by explaining the methods and techniques of use of the Nasreddin Hodja’s anecdotes as educational equipments in virtual atmosphere. In this model, it is explained how the Nasreddin Hodja’s anecdotes will develop students’ cognitive, affective and psycho-motor domains effectively displaying grade by grade illustration.

  19. A Wise Fool’s Anecdotal Cycle in Malta: A Reappraisal

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ġorġ (George Mifsud-Chircop


    Full Text Available The predominant anti-hero in Maltese folk narrative is Ġaħan(/'djahan/. He is the wise fool, popular with one and all in contemporary Malta. However, in the first half of the twentieth century there was a historical undercurrent which, through children’s literature, has manipulated and bowdlerised the discursive richness of Maltese folk culture to the extent of framing Ġaħan as a “light-headed” fool, at times defining his anecdotes, brimming with sagacity, slyness, guile, cheats and deceits, as “stupidities”. It is the aim of this article to show how through his research and publications the author has challenged this pseudo-scientific assertion which has been crystallised in the native language of the Maltese archipelago. Humour is not only a device to uphold interest in the tale. Above all it facilitates the comprehension of the progression of events, thus heightening effectiveness and efficiency of the narration. Although artificially indulging in anti-social behaviour, the Maltese wise fool semantically also takes the role of a social critic in his farce as well as that of an interceder for the injured and the insulted. He is a poetic vehicle to express folk wisdom, often putting the fool’s cap on himself. His tales are a kind of “ritual of rebellion” which represents an institutionalized way of expressing antagonism towards authority. His anecdotes, better known in Maltese as praspar (/p'ra:spar/, constitute the temporary subversion of a conscious, symbolic order in the interests of a pleasure-oriented subconscious. Ġaħan’s duty is to change chaos to its inverse, cosmos, social disorder to order, the indistinct to the distinct, disequilibrium to equilibrium, to create life and the symbolic universe of our life.

  20. Exploring the relationship between childhood adversity and oral health: An anecdotal approach and integrative view. (United States)

    Kirkengen, Anna Luise; Lygre, Henning


    During the past two decades, increasing recognition has been given to a relationship between oral health and systemic diseases. Associated systemic conditions include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, low birth weight and preterm births, respiratory diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, osteoporosis, and, in particular among oral conditions, periodontal disease. Low-grade inflammation is a common denominator linking these disorders. Applying an anecdotal approach and an integrative view, the medical and dental histories of two women document increasing ill health subsequent to incidences of maltreatment and sexual abuse, including oral penetration, at an early age. Comprehensive oral rehabilitation was required in both cases. These cases open for medical insight with regard to their implicit patho-physiology, when integrated with current evidence from neuroscience, endocrinology, and immunology, converging in the concepts of allostasis and allostatic load. In cases such as those presented in this paper, primary care physicians (family doctors, General Practitioners) and dentists may be the first to identify an etiological pattern. This report underlines the importance of increased and enhanced multidisciplinary research cooperation among health professionals. Our hypothesis is that childhood adversity may affect all aspects of human health, including adult oral health.

  1. Steroid analysis and doping control 1960-1980: scientific developments and personal anecdotes. (United States)

    Shackleton, Cedric


    Definitive proof of anabolic steroid abuse in sports was not possible prior to the introduction of combined gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS).This is a report of the early history (1960-1980) of GC/MS and radioimmunoassay, and how these techniques were utilized in the first years of steroid doping control in athletics. There were several key individuals and research groups involved in the early technical developments, and their essential contributions have been acknowledged. Our laboratory was the first IAAF (International Association of Athletic Federations) sanctioned site to do steroid GC/MS steroid analysis resulting in athletes being disqualified from competition. We had notable successes, including the only East German female competitor ever suspended during the tenure of the DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik). This paper not only covers scientific advances and milestones in the incorporation of steroid testing into international athletics, but also includes personal anecdotes of these early years before doping control became justifiably regimented. By the early 1980s, in anticipation of the Los Angeles Olympic games, dedicated year-round sports testing facilities had been established and part-time amateurs could step aside.

  2. Personal Insights and Anecdotes about the Weatherization Assistance Program Process Field Study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Treitler, Inga [Anthropology Imagination, Inc., Knoxville, TN (United States)


    The present report is based on the research conducted for the Process Field Study between March and September 2011. The Process Field Study documents how Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) services were delivered to clients, and the quality with which those services were delivered. The assessments were conducted by visiting 19 agencies in 19 states around the country interviewing agency managers, staff, and contractors; observing program intake along, with 43 audits, 45 measure installation and 37 final inspections; and conducting debriefing interviews with clients and weatherization staff following the observation of service delivery. In this report, we turn to detailed observations of a few field interactions. The client stories from our observations illustrate some of the ways clients and crew interact to build the success of the program, but shows there will always be unanticipated obstacles to building trust and getting the program to the public. Stories of staff and crew career paths indicate that weatherization technology and techniques are being learned and used by technicians out of the new home construction industry and that their new knowledge provides them with technical tools and methods that many hope to take back into the construction industry if and when they return. This report is organized according to the four stages of weatherization: intake, audit, installation, and inspection. It contributes to our understanding of the area where policy, environment, culture, and individual decisions influence social innovation. The anecdotes reveal the realities of implementing programs for the benefit of the greater good at minimal cost and sacrifice in times of ever restricting budgets. As the authors revisited their field notes and compiled memorable narratives to communicate the essence of the weatherization experience, they identified three key takeaways that summarize the major issues. First, in WAP as in all services there will always be

  3. An expanded look at evaluating clinical performance: faculty use of anecdotal notes in the U.S. and Canada. (United States)

    Hall, Mellisa A


    The evaluation of students in a clinical setting is often subjective and completed differently among faculty. To describe and compare evaluation practices, faculty were asked to rank order student clinical activities important enough to write an anecdotal note regarding. A total of 15 behaviors were presented and faculty were asked to prioritize their importance. Faculty were also asked demographic information regarding clinical teaching status. The frequency of writing an anecdotal note was requested, and if student notes were documented routinely or only at the end of the semester. After securing Institutional Review Board (IRB) review, ten percent of nursing programs were selected randomly using online data websites for listings of all public and private U.S. and Canadian nursing programs. A 23% response rate was obtained from the electronic survey (n = 849). A small percent of faculty reported the use of anecdotal notes only when they felt disciplinary action against a student was required, and eleven percent reported they were able to complete clinical evaluations without supplemental records. Describing faculty record-keeping practices provides greater understanding of nursing student evaluation. Nursing is the largest health profession in the world, and faculty accuracy in identifying clinical proficiency is vital to patient outcomes.

  4. Fire history of the Peron Peninsula, Shark Bay, Western Australia based on remote sensing, dendrochronology, and anecdotal evidence (United States)

    Beller, Benjamin J.

    Remote sensing data, dendrochronology, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), and anecdotal information were used to describe the fire regime of the 180,000 ha Peron Peninsula of Western Australia. Fire scars present in 1944 aerial photos were still visible in 2009, both in imagery and on the ground. Tree-ring dates from specimens sampled within these burned areas indicated the occurrence of at least three separate fires before 1944. The oldest fire occurred ca. 1911 and burned at least 5,880 ha. Subsequent fires ca. 1922 and 1936 burned across 8,240 ha and 9,400 ha respectively. The fire dates determined from tree-ring counts were consistent with precipitation data which showed conditions particularly favorable for fire before or during the estimated year of each fire. Plant communities most often burned before 1944 were the Acacia ramulosa var. linophylla Scrub and the Acacia - Lamarchea hakefolia Thicket with, respectively, 73% and 75% of these plant community types at the study area found to have been burned at some time. Remote sensing imagery from 1944-2009 identified only 300 additional hectares burned, a 25 ha fire in 1991 in the combined Acacia ramulosa var. linophylla Scrub and A.ligulata and A. rostellifora Thicket, ten prescribed burns in 1995 totaling 274 ha in various habitats, and two late 1990's scars from prescribed burns designed to create fire buffers, one 4.6 km and the other 7.4 km long. Combined data for all years assessed showed 59,000 ha (66%) of the total study area to have been burned or reburned since ca. 1911, most prior to 1944, with a total of nearly 24,000 ha (27%) of the study area unburned for more than 110 years. Birridas, which cannot burn, accounted for the remaining 6,000 ha (7%) of the study area. These results show fire occurred more frequently 100 years ago (fires every 10-15 years) than at present (> 65 years between fires) suggesting that more frequent prescribed burning than occurs at present on the Peron Peninsula would

  5. Evidence for anecdotes: Examining use of stories in introductory biology courses with a mixed-methods approach (United States)

    Kreps, Jennifer Susan


    Instructional stories can be an effective way to teach science concepts. However, research has not examined the extent to which stories are being used, and how they are received. More research on the use of story in biology classes may lead to more conscious use of story by instructors, which may lead to a better understanding of biological concepts by students. The purpose of this study was to examine how instructors and students use stories in university introductory biology courses, and the degree to which these stories are perceived to be effective. To examine this phenomenon, a nationwide instructor survey, a university-wide student survey, and multiple case studies were used. Two case studies included observation of lectures, interviews with (36) students, and interviews with instructors (4) over two semesters of an organismal biology course. Instructor survey participants (N = 78) were gathered by posting email invitations, and student survey participants (N = 260) were volunteers from introductory biology courses at a middle-sized university. Several types of stories were observed, including personal experience stories, historical anecdotes, and "you" stories. Students reported increased affective learning when stories were told, and remembered mostly humorous stories. In the instructor survey, no significant differences emerged between genders, type of biology taught, or communicator style and instructional story frequency. However, reports of personal experience story frequency did increase significantly (p < .01) with teaching experience, until 26 years of teaching, when it declined. The student survey uncovered no significant differences in story use by gender or ethnicity, although non-science majors reported that their instructors used stories significantly more frequently (p < .01) than did science majors. Simultaneous-entry multiple regression analyses indicated that there was a significant positive relationship between story use and cognitive and

  6. Use of Anecdotal Occurrence Data in Species Distribution Models: An Example Based on the White-Nosed Coati (Nasua narica in the American Southwest

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    James N. Stuart


    Full Text Available Species distributions are usually inferred from occurrence records. However, these records are prone to errors in spatial precision and reliability. Although influence of spatial errors has been fairly well studied, there is little information on impacts of poor reliability. Reliability of an occurrence record can be influenced by characteristics of the species, conditions during the observation, and observer’s knowledge. Some studies have advocated use of anecdotal data, while others have advocated more stringent evidentiary standards such as only accepting records verified by physical evidence, at least for rare or elusive species. Our goal was to evaluate the influence of occurrence records with different reliability on species distribution models (SDMs of a unique mammal, the white-nosed coati (Nasua narica in the American Southwest. We compared SDMs developed using maximum entropy analysis of combined bioclimatic and biophysical variables and based on seven subsets of occurrence records that varied in reliability and spatial precision. We found that the predicted distribution of the coati based on datasets that included anecdotal occurrence records were similar to those based on datasets that only included physical evidence. Coati distribution in the American Southwest was predicted to occur in southwestern New Mexico and southeastern Arizona and was defined primarily by evenness of climate and Madrean woodland and chaparral land-cover types. Coati distribution patterns in this region suggest a good model for understanding the biogeographic structure of range margins. We concluded that occurrence datasets that include anecdotal records can be used to infer species distributions, providing such data are used only for easily-identifiable species and based on robust modeling methods such as maximum entropy. Use of a reliability rating system is critical for using anecdotal data.

  7. 北宋历史琐闻笔记观念简论%The Concept of Notes of Historical Anecdotes in the Northern Song Dynasty

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    历史琐闻笔记创作在北宋极为繁荣,产生了近四十部作品,而且其作者大多是北宋知名文人、学者和政治家,比如宋庠、欧阳修、司马光、苏轼等。北宋笔记观念跟前代相比,在目录学著录、虚实观念、创作观念等方面都出现了不少变化,已经逐渐摆脱了与小说故事类笔记相混的状态,注重真实性,具有独特的价值体系和内容特点,体现了北宋士大夫的审美趣味和艺术追求。在这种观念的影响下,历史琐闻笔记得以在北宋逐渐成熟、定型,并作为一种范型深刻影响了后世的笔记创作。%The creation of notes of historical anecdotes was prosperous in the Northern Song Dynasty, producing nearly 40 pieces of works, of which most authors were famous literati, scholars and statesmen like Song Xiang,Ouyang Xiu,Sima Guang and Su Shi. Compared with the previous dynasties,there appeared quite a lot of changes in the concept of notes of historical anecdotes during the Northern Song Dynasty, in connection with the making of bibliography, the concept of authenticity and fictitiousness, and the concept of writing. The creation of notes of historical anecdotes gradually freed itself from its confusion with the creation of story notes. It not only paid attention to authenticity, but also had its the unique system of values and features in content, reflecting the aesthetic taste and artistic pursuit of the scholar-bureaucrats in the Northern Song Dynasty. Influenced by such a concept,the creation of notes of historical anecdotes gradually became mature, finalized its format, and acting as a model, produced a profound influence On the creation of notes in the later periods.

  8. Buddhism and Monks in Poetry Literature of Anecdotes in Song Dynasty%宋代轶事类诗话中的佛与僧

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    宋代开始盛行的诗话是禅宗语录这一文体移植到文学领域的体现。宋代分别以《六一诗话》和《沧浪诗话》代表了两种诗话类型———可称之为“轶事类诗话”和“说理类诗话”———恰好反映体现了佛教对文艺的两种不同层面的影响。如果说前者表现的是禅门语录“随意举扬,任运不拘”的风格,那么后者则表现了“提唱纲宗,眼空今古”的另一种风格,表现了佛教富于思辨的特点。宋诗话中,哪怕只是一则小小的轶事,背后皆有很多可以深入探究的佛理存在,此种佛理又与诗意密切相关,充分体现了佛禅精神对诗话这种文体的影响。%The poetry literature, which was popular in Song Dynasty, is the reflection of transplantation from Chan recorded say-ings to the literature domain. Two major types of poetry literature, poetry literature of anecdotes and poetry of reasoning, repre-sented by “Liuyi’s Notes on Poetry” and“Notes on Poetry by Canglang” respectively, adequately show the different influences upon the literature from Buddhism. The former displays a free and spontaneous style of Chan recorded sayings, while the latter a different style of obsession with the tradition and discipline, characterized by its critical thinking. In the poetry literature in Song Dyansty, any piece of anecdote is supposed to embody a deep Buddhist truth. Moreover, the Buddhist truth is often close-ly related to the poem, which indicates an obvious influence on the poetry literature from the spirit of Zen Buddhism.

  9. PeoplePersonality: Chris Clarke - a physicist who studies ice cream Teaching Anecdotes: Annie Jump Cannon Obituary: György Marx 1927-2002 Starting Out: What Katie did next: part 3 Opinions: What is really important? (United States)


    Featuring relationships, personalities, interactions, environments and reputations involved in physics and education PERSONALITY (156) Chris Clarke - a physicist who studies ice cream TEACHING ANECDOTES (157) Annie Jump Cannon OBITUARY (158) György Marx 1927-2002 Steven Chapman STARTING OUT (159) What Katie did next: part 3 Katie Pennicott OPINIONS (160) What is really important? Kerry Parker

  10. 论《世说新语》对《诗经》的引用%On Literary Allusion Quoted From the Book of Songs in the Book New Anecdotes of the Time

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    善于"引用"是《世说新语》一种主要的修辞手法,其中对《诗经》的引用量大且效果极佳,通过对《世说新语》引用《诗经》的典故分析,可以看出,作者的用典与他的政治思想、身份地位和个人爱好有关。《世说新语》用各种方式引用《诗经》,使这部志人小说充满了诗意,增强了美感。%Quotation is one of the most important rhetoric methods in the book New Anecdotes of the Time,which quoted a lot of literary allusions from the Book of Songs.With the analysis of those allusions used in New Anecdotes of the Time,we understand that this is associated with the author's political attitude,the social status and personal hobbies.It is the allusions quoted from the Book of Songs that makes New Anecdotes of the Time full of poetical feeling and sense of beauty.

  11. Les spots politiques télévisés britanniques : de l’anecdote télévisuelle à la mémoire collective British Party Political Broadcasts: From television anecdote to collective memory

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David Haigron


    Full Text Available At the beginning of the 1950s the Party Election and Political Broadcasts (PEBs and PPBs first started as a mere anecdote. They are now the parties’ major medium to address the voters directly and political communication has entered a “television era”. As a matter of fact, this evolution implies certain consequences and constitutes a new step in the chronology of Britain’s political history. The first expression of this evolution is a shift of the space of political representation towards television. In this respect, PEBs and PPBs can be regarded as a prism through which it is possible to assess the different histories that they are part of, i.e. that of the British media , that of political communication and that of society and its changes. Yet Party Broadcasts have a bipolar relation to History. On the one hand, their message is meant to be circumstantial and linked to an election. On the other, their linguistic and iconic discourse aims at leaving a lasting print in collective memory.

  12. 李大钊著作编注与研究的前沿成果--评李继华、冯铁金等《李大钊轶文辑注与研究》%The Frontier Achievement of Edition, Annotation and Study on Li Da-zhao's Anecdotal Literature---A book Review of Edition and Annotation and Study on Li Da-zhao's Anecdotal Literature by Li Ji-hua, Feng Tie-jin

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    The authors of Edition and Annotation and Study on Li Dazhao's Anecdotal Literature have made focused searching for newspapers publishing Li Daozhao's anecdotes, and analyzed deeply those manuscripts without a signature or with a signature but difficult to confirm author's identity, and have verified that some works may be written by Li Dazhao. At the same time, they collect Li Dazhao's other anecdotes found by the other scholars in this book. There are several main features in this book:collecting extensively and striving to complete, combining search with textual research and structural integrity, treating innovation as equal as question.%李继华、冯铁金等编注的《李大钊轶文辑注与研究》一书,对曾经发表过李大钊文章的报刊进行了重点搜索,对那些没有署名,或虽有署名却难以确定作者的文稿进行深入辨析,考证出部分文章应该为李大钊所作;同时收录其他学者发现的李大钊轶文,一并汇集于《辑注与研究》之中。该书的主要特点有:广泛搜集,力求完备;搜考结合,结构完整;创新与存疑并重。

  13. Collections of Anecdotes Covering With Absurd Aesthetics---On YU Hua’ s“The Seventh Day”%被荒诞美学遮蔽的杂闻汇编--评余华的小说《第七天》

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    “The Seventh Day” is fictional,collections of anecdotes,with absurd aesthetics. The mixture of ideologies and vulgar taste is the result of marketing.The producing process of this work is a miniature of commercial writing model since 1990s.It is of great importance to re-flect this writing model for constructing modern literature value.%虽然混杂着荒诞美学,同时汇编了时事杂闻,但《第七天》依然呈现出一种失真感。文本所包含的各种意识形态及其媚俗趣味,是其迎合商业化运作模式的必然结果。《第七天》的生产过程是上世纪90年代以来所形成的商业写作模式的缩影,反思这种写作模式对当代文学价值的建构具有重要意义。


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Patricia Fernández Martín


    Full Text Available The aim of this paper is to contribute to the improvement of educational effectiveness in teaching Spanish as a second language, by analyzing a classroom experience made in the 2011-2012 academic year. In that classroom experience we follow a course in Spanish phonetics and spelling for Morroccan immigrants, which was designed five years ago for a different centre. For that, after introduction we have divided the text into two parts. In the first one, we expose the contextual factors of each case, considering as essential pillars the characteristics of each centre as well as the human factors of the students. In the second part, we show, firstly, the way we have applicated the contents and the objectives in the second one of the centres and, secondly, we offer some didactic anecdotes taken from daily classroom experience. The conclusions suggest that the course, in general, can be useful for every pupil, regardless of their mother tongue, provided they have been literate and are used to a certain learning style. RESUMEN El objetivo de este texto es contribuir, mediante el análisis de una experiencia de aula realizada en el curso 2011-2012, a la mejora de la eficacia educativa en la enseñanza del Español como segunda lengua. Concretamente, en dicha experiencia de aula se sigue un curso de fonética y ortografía españolas para inmigrantes marroquíes diseñado hace cinco años para un centro distinto a aquél en el que se ha impartido en el presente año académico. Para ello, tras la introducción dividimos el texto en dos claras partes. Por un lado, exponemos los factores contextuales de ambos casos, tomando como pilares esenciales las características de cada centro, de una parte, y las de sendos alumnos, de otra. Por otro lado, mostramos la aplicación didáctica correspondiente en cada uno de los centros, atendiendo tanto a los objetivos y los contenidos del curso diseñado como a algunas anécdotas de aula. Las conclusiones apuntan a

  15. Review on Wu Zetian's Anecdotes: from historical reality to film and television reality%《武则天秘史》影评:从历史真实到影视真实

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    2011年年底电视剧《武则天秘史》走红之后,武则天及唐代宫廷历史为人们所高度关注。作为一种大众娱乐现象,这非常值得研究。唐代的大气磅礴在武则天时期表现得特别明显。对武则天的女性认识与形象进行分析,发现人们对武则天的女性认识有一个明显的演变过程,这是历史学界和影视学界"性别书写"的例证。女性意识在初唐的初步松动,到武则天称帝时期妇女开放观念达到高潮,武则天玩弄各种权术达到中国封建社会女权时代的巅峰。通过三部影视作品三个不同的武则天和太子形象分析,从历史真实到影视真实,作为武则天的"她"把女人的妩媚与刚强娇柔浑然一体地结合在一起,造就帝王风范和媚女风流。%Since the TV series of Wu Zetian's Anecdotes had its moments at the end of 2011, Wu Zetian and the royal history of the Tang dynasty have been paid particular attention. As a phenomenon of mass entertainment, it is worthy of studying. The power and prosperity of the Tang dynasty was especially obvious during Wu Zetian' s rule. Through analyzing Wu' s image and character, we find a clear evolution process for people to understand her, which is the example of "gender writing', in the circle of history and film and television. Female consciousness was awoken in the early Tang. When Wu Zetian proclaimed herself empress, it reached its climax. The power tactics which was practiced by Wu Zetian reached to the peak of feminist era of China feudal society. Through analyzing three works of film and television, and three different images of Wu Zetian and prince from the historical truth to film and television reality, we comes to the conclusion that Wu Zetian which was regarded as the women's charm and strength, combined consistently to bring up the imperial style and seductive female.

  16. The power of anecdotes on resident HVCCC curriculum

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paragkumar Patel


    Full Text Available A formal high value, cost-conscious care (HVCCC curriculum was implemented at a community hospital-based university-affiliated residency program starting January 1, 2014, based on the recommendations of the American Board of Internal Medicine's (ABIM Choosing Wisely campaign. The program included a competition requiring each resident to write a HVCCC case based on an actual patient experience. Residents completed a questionnaire assessing their understanding of HVCCC near the end of the program. Residents subsequently reviewed two actual cases that had vividly described unexpected adverse outcomes (‘anecdotal’ cases. Postexposure data were collected and the results were analyzed.

  17. Anecdotes of an Obsolete Object, a Thing Astir Called Book

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paulina Aroch Fugellie


    Full Text Available What is a book? Perhaps the notion refers firstly to an articulate format: to a substantive amount of printed pages bound together. Yet it also presupposes an articulate discourse: these pages are bound together for a reason, they have a single organizing principle in the conceptual as in the material level. The order in which the pages are arranged corresponds to the gradual spinning out of an overall sense. Furthermore, this coherent material and discursive entity circulates in social worlds, becoming charged with different attributes according to context. A consistent symbolic role in a given time and place may lead a book to operate as the book, or at least allow the generic idea of the book to act as a constant mediation in our relationship with any particular volume. Homi Bhabha, for example, has described how “the English book” – a blanket reference to canonical Western texts such as The Bible – impacted the postcolonial contexts in which it was introduced. According to Bhabha, the English book is emblematic of original truth, whether it be the word of God, the entrance into history by way of the written record, or the universal truths proclaimed by humanist literary traditions. All these truths tend to become reified by means of the foreign, imposed, printed text in contexts of reception that hold different configurations of orality and writing (102-122.

  18. [Alcohol and the heart : Anecdotes on the history of a checkered relationship]. (United States)

    Lüderitz, B


    The cultural and natural scientific ambivalence of the heart and alcohol has long been the subject of philosophical, artistic, intellectual and emotional discussions, not uncommonly in a romanticizing manner. The indulgence of alcoholic beverages in moderation is contrasted by the inestimable risks and dangers of alcohol abuse with many cardiovascular implications, such as cardiac arrhythmia, cardiomyopathy and arterial hypertension. The inspirational mental effects of alcohol have been emphasized in many citations from Classical Antiquity through the Middle Ages and even in modern times. In addition to wine and beer many alcoholic drinks, such as Champagne, sparkling wines, whisky (or whiskey), brandy (Cognac) and fruit brandies have a nearly ritual culture of traditions and customs, without which social life would be unthinkable. The interplay between enjoyment and displeasure is emphasized in the year 2016 with the 500-year jubilee of the German purity requirements for beer with countless events, including the Bavarian State Exhibition 2016. Recently, evidence of a neuroprotective effect of alcohol was reported with an improvement of intellectual capacity, which could counteract the widely occurring dementia syndrome. Millions of people could profit from this effect.

  19. Heuristics, Anecdote and Applying "Art": Why War Theorists are Kidding Themselves (United States)


    century author and futurist Isaac Asimov . Pareto was able to demonstrate the non-random (or non-Gaussian) distribution of wealth in various European...population as well. 20 Isaac Asimov , Foundation (New York: Gnome Press, 1951). Asimov described (in admittedly vague terms) a theory of psychohistory, which...societies, and conclude that this represented a general feature of human populations.19 Asimov suggested that human behavior might be modeled in the

  20. Opening ACompulsory Course of Modern Olympic Anecdotes in Physical Education Colleges

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    With the widely application of bilingual course in colleges or universities,sports colleges are faced with the enhancement of capability of English communication by opening bilingual compulsory course via combining the special majors.The paper explores the necessity,difficulties,and ways to strengthen students’ mental education by opening bilingual compulsory course(BCC)in sports colleges.

  1. Opening ACompulsory Course of Modern Olympic Anecdotes in Physical Education Colleges

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    With the widely application of bilingual course in colleges or universities,sports colleges are faced with the enhancement of capability of English communication by opening bilingual compulsory course via combining the special majors.The paper explores the necessity,difficulties,and ways to strengthen students' mental education by opening bilingual compulsory course(BCC)in sports colleges.

  2. Homosexuality and scientific evidence: On suspect anecdotes, antiquated data, and broad generalizations. (United States)

    Kinney, Robert L


    The American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association have suggested for many years now that there is significant empirical evidence supporting the claim that homosexuality is a normal variant of human sexual orientation as opposed to a mental disorder. This paper summarizes and analyzes that purported scientific evidence and explains that much (if not all) of the evidence is irrelevant and does not support the homosexuality-is-not-a-mental-disorder claim. As a result of their deficiencies and arbitrariness, the credibility those two groups that are typically deemed authoritative and trustworthy is called into question. Lay summary: At one time, homosexuality was considered to be mentally disordered. Since the 1970s, however, major medical associations in the U.S. have labeled homosexuality as a normal counterpart of heterosexuality. Those medical associations have proposed that their homosexuality-is-normal claim is based on "scientific evidence." This article critically reviews that "scientific evidence" and finds that much of their literature does not support the claim that homosexuality is normal. This article suggests that instead of supporting their claim with scientific evidence, those major medical associations arbitrarily label homosexuality as normal.

  3. Masaya, the “Mouth of Hell”, Nicaragua: Volcanological interpretation of the myths, legends and anecdotes (United States)

    Viramonte, José G.; Incer-Barquero, Jaime


    Nicaragua's conquest started only 30years after Christopher Columbus arrived to America in 1492. At that moment the Masaya and Momotombo volcanoes were erupting simultaneously. The former was the first permanent lava lake observed by Europeans, and this produced a strong impression and interest in it. For more than a century there was great controversy over the nature of this phenomenon. Some people believed that it was the Mouth of Hell, whereas others could greedily see in the lava a source of gold or silver. This fact led to many attempts trying to prove it. In this paper, aboriginal myths about the volcano are described as well as different ideas and "supported evidence" given by the Spaniards regarding whether it was or not indeed the Mouth of Hell. Moreover, the first detailed geological descriptions are exposed as well as interesting interpretations found in the chronicles. It is also narrated the first descent into the volcano's mouth to extract samples of that "gold", a real exploit for that time. From these descriptions, a volcanological interpretation is proposed, which is a contribution to the understanding of the eruptive history and evolution of the Masaya volcanic complex, one of the largest, shallow magma chamber systems in Central America.

  4. Giardia Myth-Buster: How Hearsay and Anecdotal Evidence Has Created a False Industry Standard (United States)

    Schlimmer, Erik


    There are many things outdoor educators agree on. For example, a warm meal feels great at the end of the day. Cotton fabrics take forever to dry in the field and should thus be avoided. Most small groups generate less impact than large groups do. Mosquitoes and black flies come straight from hell. And, all backcountry water must be treated due to…

  5. Corporate Environmentalism: Notes on Conceptualization and Explanation with Anecdotal Evidence from the Oil Industry

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tranoey, B.S.


    This paper originates from a project on the oil industry`s reaction to calls for environmental reform caused by concern about climate change. It discusses two sets of related questions: (1) how can corporate responses in politics and industry be measured and conceptualized, and (2) how can variance in corporate environmental behaviour be accounted for. A multidimensional typology of corporate environmental responses in the ``industrial sphere`` is presented and the role of large companies as political actors and links between corporate environmental behaviour is explored. Some attempts to explain variance in corporate environmental strategy are made in the form of two ``models``. This is done by combining fragments of various theoretical bodies, like microeconomic theory, theories of strategic marketplace interaction and organizational theory. Finally, the author illustrates his ideas by drawing on findings from research on the environmental strategies of the three oil companies BP, Shell and Statoil. 51 refs., 3 tabs.

  6. Anecdotes, stories and tales of seven Caribbean physicians - The cardiologist´ s Hearts


    Torres-José Vicente; Bermúdez Rafael; Díaz Israel; Vásquez Hugo; Sierra Óscar; Olivares Armando; Tinoco Eduardo; Sotomayor-Herazo Arístides


    ANÉCDOTAS, CUENTOS Y RELATOS DE SIETE MÉDICOS CARIBEÑOSLos doctores José Vicente Torres, Rafael Bermúdez, Israel Díaz, Hugo Vásquez, Óscar Sierra, Armando Olivares Prados y Eduardo Tinoco, egresados de la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de Cartagena en 1952, nos presentan una visión amplia de su discurrir como estudiantes de medicina y su crecimiento profesional y personal. Todos los autores de este magnífico libro, son oriundos de la provincia de la costa Caribe de Colombia. Todos vin...

  7. Treatment of Autoimmune Pancreatitis with the Anecdotes of the First Report

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Terumi Kamisawa


    Full Text Available The first case that led researchers to put forward a new concept of autoimmune pancreatitis (AIP was treated with steroids by gastroenterologists in Tokyo Women’s Medical University. It is important to differentiate AIP from pancreatic cancer before treatment with steroids is started. Today, steroids are standard therapy for AIP worldwide. In the Japanese consensus guidelines, steroid therapy is indicated for symptomatic AIP. After management of glucose levels and obstructive jaundice, oral prednisolone is initiated at 0.6 mg/kg/day for 2–4 weeks and is gradually tapered to a maintenance dose of 2.5–5 mg/day over 2-3 months. To prevent relapse, maintenance therapy with low-dose prednisolone is used. For relapsed AIP, readministration or increased doses of steroids are effective. The presence of proximal bile duct stenosis and elevated serum IgG4 levels may be predictive of relapse of AIP. It is necessary to verify the validity of the Japanese regimen of steroid therapy for AIP. The necessity, drugs, and duration of maintenance therapy for AIP need to be clarified by prospective studies.

  8. Boy-lovers and their influence on boys: distorted research and anecdotal observations. (United States)

    Brongersma, E


    A wide experience with boy-lovers has convinced the author that one can often learn more about them from reading some excellent novels than from so-called scientific studies. All too often research is unreliable because (1) it assumes pedosexual activity is a positive indicator of pedophilia; (2) no distinction is drawn between pseudo-pedophiles and real pedophiles; (3) no difference is recognized between boys and girls as partners; and (4) it is highly distorted by bias. Representative samples for research cannot be drawn from members of boy-love organizations. The incidence of violence is very low in pedophile contacts with boys. The influence can be strong in lasting relationships; it can be either wholesome or unwholesome. Within a relationship, sex is usually only a secondary element, although it can be important in sexual instruction and education. The impact of the law, the hostility of parents and the problem of the partners' inequality are discussed.

  9. Un diplomate dans le siècle souvenirs et anecdotes

    CERN Document Server

    de Rose, François


    Diplomate français, François de Rose a connu une vie tout à fait extraordinaire. S'il a représenté la France à la Commission des Nations Unies pour le contrôle de l'énergie atomique, il fut aussi l'un des créateurs du CERN, Centre européen pour la recherche nucléaire. Ce livre est un bouquet d'impressions où s'entremêlent la politique, l'évolution de la société et des considérations plus privées. Avec beaucoup d'esprit et de complaisance, François de Rose nous fait revivre les rencontres qui ont ponctué sa vie. C'est ainsi qu'en 1946, il fait la connaissance de Robert Oppenheimer, le scientifique le plus célèbre de cette époque, responsable de la mise au point de l'arme nucléaire, mais également de Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Isidor Isaac Rabi, le général de Gaulle, Albert Einstein. Un parcours très original qui offre un regard éclairé sur le XXe siècle, l'évolution de la recherche scientifique et sur notre époque contemporaine.

  10. Correlating the Metabolic Stability of Psychedelic 5-HT2A Agonists with Anecdotal Reports of Human Oral Bioavailability

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Leth-Petersen, Sebastian; Bundgaard, Christoffer; Hansen, Martin


    2,5-Dimethoxyphenethylamines and their N-benzylated derivatives are potent 5-HT2A agonists with psychedelic effects in humans. The N-benzylated derivatives are among the most selective 5-HT2A agonists currently available and their usage as biochemical and brain imaging tools is increasing, yet ve...

  11. Death from 1918 pandemic influenza during the First World War: a perspective from personal and anecdotal evidence. (United States)

    Wever, Peter C; van Bergen, Leo


    The Meuse-Argonne offensive, a decisive battle during the First World War, is the largest frontline commitment in American military history involving 1.2 million U.S. troops. With over 26,000 deaths among American soldiers, the offensive is considered "America's deadliest battle". The Meuse-Argonne offensive coincided with the highly fatal second wave of the influenza pandemic in 1918. In Europe and in U.S. Army training camps, 1918 pandemic influenza killed around 45,000 American soldiers making it questionable which battle should be regarded "America's deadliest". The origin of the influenza pandemic has been inextricably linked with the men who occupied the military camps and trenches during the First World War. The disease had a profound impact, both for the military apparatus and for the individual soldier. It struck all the armies and might have claimed toward 100 000 fatalities among soldiers overall during the conflict while rendering millions ineffective. Yet, it remains unclear whether 1918 pandemic influenza had an impact on the course of the First World War. Still, even until this day, virological and bacteriological analysis of preserved archived remains of soldiers that succumbed to 1918 pandemic influenza has important implications for preparedness for future pandemics. These aspects are reviewed here in a context of citations, images, and documents illustrating the tragic events of 1918.

  12. Little-known truths, quirky anecdotes, seething scandals, and even some science in the history of (primarily achievement) motivation. (United States)

    Weiner, Bernard


    This article presents a history of the study of motivation from approximately 1900-1975, focusing on achievement strivings and containing little-known and often surprising facts about the main contributors to this field. Four theorists are highlighted: David McClelland, Kurt Lewin, John Atkinson, and Fritz Heider, each associated with a different theoretical approach (respectively and in order of historical emergence: trait, Gestalt, expectancy/value, and attribution theory). A fifth conception, drive theory, is also represented. In addition, a number of individuals who influenced these theorists and others who followed them are discussed. The article emphasizes the interrelations between the theorists and the interaction between personal and scientific life.

  13. Mahalli Fıkra Tipine Bir Örnek: Erzurumlu Naim Hoca One Type of Anecdote of Local Example: Hoca Erzurumlu Naim

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yusuf KOTAN


    Full Text Available One of the important types of folk literature satire, in a large geographical area consisting of many thousands of years, products of oral tradition of folk literaturen. These products, although oral edebiyatımız as a kind of took its place in the literature long ago, particularly after the Tanzimat era has gained vitality. This vitality,though no doubt in some quarters that the jokes have suffered tab, inalmost every nation acquires an important social and cultural life.Feeling and thinking, of a nation, intelligence, humor, and mostimportantly the power of judgment to reflect the common opinion is ofgreat importance in terms of paragraphs. One of the important elementsin the formation of these clauses in the clause types. These types, asdescribed in the paragraph is the hero, as well as to express thecommon characteristics of living is important for society. These typeswith almost every region of Anatolia, and they faced a yararlanmaktayızthis narrative. Who live in this very important region in terms ofreflecting the properties of typecasting, giving expressions to represent aparticular feature of the local stage.Erzurum folklore, is a rich resource for Turkish folklore. Althoughthis has been a rich source folklorumuzun on the part of many researchstudies conducted on jokes is almost negligible. Based on theseapproaches, we also provide a contribution to the folklore of Erzurum inboth types of clause in Erzurum, an important place in the memory ofour people who had said Naim Hodja jokes we introduce this valuableanecdotes of people will try to share with you. Halk edebiyatımızın önemli türlerinden biri olan fıkralar, çok geniş bir coğrafi alan içinde oluşan binlerce yıldan beri sözlü gelenekte yaşayan halk edebiyatı ürünleridir. Bu ürünler, sözlü edebiyatımız içerisinde yerini çok öncelerden almış olsa da bir tür olarak edebiyatımızda bilhassa Tanzimat döneminden sonra canlılık kazanmıştır. Bu canlılık, bazı dönemlerde sekmeye uğramış olsa da hiç şüphesiz ki fıkralar, hemen her milletin sosyal ve kültürel hayatında mühim bir yer edinir. Bir milletin duyuş ve düşünüşünü, zekâsını, esprilerini, muhakeme gücünü ve en önemlisi de ortak görüşlerini yansıtması bakımından fıkraların önemi büyüktür. Bu fıkraların oluşumunda yer alan önemli öğelerden biri de fıkra tipleridir. Bu tipler, hem anlatılan fıkranın kahramanı olup, hem de yaşadığı toplumun ortak özelliklerini dile getirmeleri bakımından önemlidir. Anadolu coğrafyasının hemen her yöresinde bu tiplerle karşılaşılmakta ve onların bu anlatılarından yararlanmaktayız. Yaşadıkları yörenin özelliklerini yansıtması bakımından oldukça önem arz eden bu tiplemeler, özellikle mahalli ifadelere yer vererek bir temsil özelliği sergilerler. Erzurum folkloru, Türk folkloru için oldukça zengin bir kaynaktır. Bu zengin kaynak üzerine pek çok araştırmalar yapılmış olsa da folklorumuzun bir parçası olan fıkralar üzerine yapılmış çalışmalar yok denecek kadar azdır. Biz de bu yaklaşımlardan yola çıkarak hem Erzurum folkloruna bir katkı sağlamaya hem de Erzurum’daki fıkra tipleri içerisinde, söylemiş olduğu fıkralarıyla halkımızın hafızasında önemli bir yer edinen Naim Hoca’yı sizlere tanıtıp, bu değerli insanın fıkralarını sizlerle paylaşmaya çalışacağız.

  14. Enumerating the anecdotal of "First Dog in White House"%历数"白宫第一狗"奇闻轶事

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    @@ 美国第44任总统的奥巴马在当选演讲中曾向两个年幼的女儿许诺,她们入住白宫后将拥有自己的新宠物犬.事实上,奥巴马对女儿承诺的不仅仅是一个慈爱的姿态,同时也是在遵循一个流行多年的白宫老传统--饲养一头"白宫第一狗".

  15. 以自己的话语言说人生--论《乡里旧闻》%A Review of Sun Li's Anecdotes of My Hometown

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    晚年的孙犁历尽沧桑,洗尽铅华,他所失去的并不是进取之心和呼唤之力,而只是更多地关注内心真实的感受,努力寻找属于自己的价值观念,以难得的“赤子之心”面对世界。无论是在逝去的世界中咀嚼人生,还是接续小说家散文的余脉,《乡里旧闻》的写作宗旨在于寻找自己的话语方式,以表现云淡风轻之后孙犁对于这个世界的独特认识。%Sun Li had gone through a great many changes in his later years and returned to nature. However,he never lost an enterprising heart and voice to call. He paid more attention to his true feelings,trying to find the values of his own,in the face of the world with a rare “utter innocence”. Chewing life in the passed world,or following the flows of a novelist's prose,his writing purpose of A necdotes of My Hometown is to find their own way to show his u-nique understanding of the world.

  16. Spring Scenes in Clean Pool-water,Natural Melody in Old Mirror——Artistic Souls of WeiJin People in New Anecdotes of the Time%空潭泻春古镜照神——从《世说新语》看魏晋人的艺术心灵

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)




  17. Keeping the Records Straight. (United States)

    Clift, Phil; Keynes, Milton


    Guidelines are given regarding keeping and using educational records for exceptional children in Great Britain. Procedures related to anecdotal records, observation inventories, and rating scales are delineated. (CL)

  18. Misrepresenting Chinese Folk Happiness: A Critique of a Study (United States)

    Ip, Po-Keung


    Discourses on Chinese folk happiness are often based on anecdotal narratives or qualitative analysis. A recent study on Chinese folk happiness using qualitative method seems to provide some empirical findings beyond anecdotal evidence on Chinese folk happiness. This paper critically examines the study's constructed image of Chinese folk happiness,…

  19. If You Build It, They Will Come: From a "Field of Dreams" to a More Realistic View of Extensive Reading in an EFL Context (United States)

    Mori, Setsuko


    There is no shortage of studies that have reported the beneficial effects of extensive reading (ER) on various aspects of second/foreign language acquisition, including reading comprehension, reading speed, and vocabulary development. Anecdote after anecdote shows the effectiveness of ER, and no one seems to repudiate the power of reading in large…

  20. School Uniforms: A Critical Review of the Literature. From Inquiry to Practice. (United States)

    Brunsma, David L.

    The debate surrounding the effectiveness of school-uniform policies, as well as discussions concerning when and how to implement them, is rooted in anecdote. This review summarizes anecdotal literature on which the current debate is based and critically reviews the empirical literature, including theoretical underpinnings, findings, and…

  1. Mycosis inhibits cannibalism by Melanoplus sanguinipes, M. differentialis, Schistocerca americana, and Anabrus simplex (United States)

    Cannibalism is common among the Acrididae and the Mormon cricket, Anabrus simplex, a tettigonid. These behaviors have been proposed as mechanisms for the horizontal transmission of Microsporida and entomopathogenic fungi. After anecdotal observations that Melanoplus sanguinipes and A. simplex did ...

  2. Putting Science FIRST: Memories of Family Science Experiences. (United States)

    Science and Children, 1996


    Presents anecdotes from prominent citizens including Bill Clinton, Alan Alda, Carl Sagan, Gerald Wheeler, JoAnne Vasquez, and Lynn Margulis in which they reminisce about interesting science experiences with their families. (JRH)

  3. Nicotine Replacement Combined with a Novel Compound (ProBAN for Smoking Cessation: A Pilot Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Richard Leigh


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Smoking cessation rates with available pharmacological therapies remain suboptimal. Anecdotal observations with a combination of sublingual pralidoxime and ipratropium (ProBAN suggested that these agents in combination with nicotine gum improved quit rates.

  4. Of men and numbers the story of the great mathematicians

    CERN Document Server

    Muir, Jane


    Fascinating accounts of the lives and accomplishments of history's greatest mathematical minds, from Pythagoras to Georg Cantor. Muir also provides charming anecdotes about Descartes, Euler, Pascal, and many others, as well as accessible discussions of their contributions to mathematical thought.

  5. NCCOS Habitat Assessment and Monitoring Photographs, La Parguera, Puerto Rico, (2001 - Present) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The habitat photo database provides anecdotal and permanent visual descriptions of benthic organisms, benthic habitat composition, substrate complexity, and other...

  6. NCCOS Habitat Assessment and Monitoring Photographs, St. Croix, USVI, (2001 - Present) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The habitat photo database provides anecdotal and permanent visual descriptions of benthic organisms, benthic habitat composition, substrate complexity, and other...

  7. NCCOS Fish Assessment and Monitoring Photographs, La Parguera, Puerto Rico, (2001 - Present) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The fish photo database provides anecdotal and permanent visual descriptions of benthic organisms, benthic habitat composition, substrate complexity, and other...

  8. Elusive Achievement Effects of Haptic Feedback (United States)

    Moore, David; Williams, Robert L., II; Luo, Tian; Karadogan, Ernur


    Research on haptic feedback has demonstrated limited empirical evidence of its positive learning effects. This research contrasts supportive anecdotal evidence and reports of increased motivation. In an attempt to unify these contrasting results we attempted to identify empirical evidence supporting

  9. Tallahatchie NWR and Black Bayou Unit (Coldwater River NWR) Bird Observations 1996 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Anecdotal bird observations from Tallahatchie NWR, the Black Bayou Unit (Coldwater River NWR) surrounding areas throughout 1996 were recorded by the refuge biologist...

  10. Tallahatchie NWR and Black Bayou Unit (Coldwater River NWR) Bird Observations 1998 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Anecdotal bird observations from Tallahatchie NWR, the Black Bayou Unit (Coldwater River NWR) and surrounding areas throughout 1998 were recorded by the refuge...

  11. North Mississippi Refuge Complex Bird Observations 1999 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Anecdotal bird observations from Tallahatchie NWR, the Black Bayou Unit (Coldwater River NWR) and surrounding areas throughout 1999 were recorded by the refuge...

  12. Dahomey NWR, Tallahatchie NWR and Coldwater River NWR Bird Observations 2003 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Anecdotal bird observations from Dahomey NWR, Tallahatchie NWR and Coldwater River NWR surrounding areas throughout 2003 were recorded by the refuge biologist and...

  13. Tallahatchie NWR and Black Bayou Unit (Coldwater River NWR) Bird Observations 1997 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Anecdotal bird observations from Tallahatchie NWR, the Black Bayou Unit (Coldwater River NWR) surrounding areas throughout 1997 were recorded by the refuge biologist...

  14. Tallahatchie NWR and Coldwater River NWR Bird Observations 2000 (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — Anecdotal bird observations from Tallahatchie NWR and Coldwater River NWR surrounding areas throughout 2000 were recorded by the refuge biologist and several other...

  15. Oncolytic Newcastle Disease Virus as treatment for pancreatic cancer

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    P.R.A. Buijs (Pascal)


    markdownabstractAbstract In this thesis, experiments are presented that were undertaken to develop oncolytic NDV for the treatment of pancreatic adenocarcinoma. Oncolytic viruses (OVs), reported first halfway the previous century, have undergone a tremendous evolution from anecdotal experimental an

  16. Mycobacterial factors relevant for transmission of tuberculosis

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Verhagen, L.M.; Hof, S. van den; Deutekom, H. van; Hermans, P.W.M.; Kremer, K.; Borgdorff, M.W.; Soolingen, D. van


    BACKGROUND: Tuberculosis (TB) transmission is associated with patient-related risk factors. However, DNA fingerprint analysis has provided anecdotal evidence suggesting a role for bacteriological factors. METHODS: To examine the importance of the bacteriological component in TB transmission, we inve

  17. They Call it Orienteering (United States)

    Wexler, Mark


    Through the use of personal anecdotes, the author details his initial experience with orienteering, a sport rapidly increasing in popularity that teaches people not to get lost in the woods. Sources of information about orienteering are provided. (BT)

  18. Promoter propagation in prokaryotes

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Matus-Garcia, M.; Nijveen, H.; Passel, van M.W.J.


    Transcriptional activation or 'rewiring' of silent genes is an important, yet poorly understood, phenomenon in prokaryotic genomes. Anecdotal evidence coming from experimental evolution studies in bacterial systems has shown the promptness of adaptation upon appropriate selective pressure. In many c

  19. Hyperimitation of Actions Is Related to Reduced Understanding of Others' Minds in Autism Spectrum Conditions

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Spengler, S.; Bird, G.; Brass, M.


    Background - Anecdotal evidence has noted that individuals with autism spectrum conditions (ASC) frequently exhibit heightened spontaneous imitative behavior, with symptoms of echolalia and echopraxia. This is contrasted by empiric reports that ASC results in decreased imitation and an underlying de

  20. NCCOS USVI Fish Assessment and Monitoring Photographs, St. Croix, (2001 - Present) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The fish photo database provides anecdotal and permanent visual descriptions of benthic organisms, benthic habitat composition, substrate complexity, and other...

  1. NCCOS Fish Assessment and Monitoring Photographs, St. John, USVI, (2001 - Present) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The fish photo database provides anecdotal and permanent visual descriptions of benthic organisms, benthic habitat composition, substrate complexity, and other...

  2. NCCOS Habitat Assessment and Monitoring Photographs, St. John, USVI , (2001 - Present) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — The habitat photo database provides anecdotal and permanent visual descriptions of benthic organisms, benthic habitat composition, substrate complexity, and other...

  3. More consistent, yet less sensitive : Interval timing in autism spectrum disorders

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Falter, Christine M.; Noreika, Valdas; Wearden, John H.; Bailey, Anthony J.


    Even though phenomenological observations and anecdotal reports suggest atypical time processing in individuals with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), very few psychophysical studies have investigated interval timing, and the obtained results are contradictory. The present study aimed to clarify wh

  4. Sources of project financing in health care systems. (United States)

    Smith, D G; Wheeler, J R; Rivenson, H L; Reiter, K L


    Through discussions with chief financial officers of leading health care systems, insights are offered on preferences for project financing and development efforts. Data from these same systems provide at least anecdotal evidence in support of pecking-order theory.

  5. Exercise and Depression: Swapping Sweat for Serenity? (United States)

    Monahan, Terry


    Individuals who engage in regular exercise of varying intensity report significant reduction in anxiety and depression. While most evidence is anecdotal, research has provided support for exercise in depression therapy. (Author/MT)

  6. Historical Connections: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz: The Universal Genius. (United States)

    Reimer, Wilbert; Reimer, Luetta


    Contains biographical facts, contributions, quotations, and anecdotes about mathematician Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. Presents an activity in which students discover patterns in the sums of the reciprocals of the triangular numbers. Contains reproducible student worksheet. (MKR)

  7. Giovanni Bignami per Mostra Centenario Pontecorvo

    CERN Multimedia

    CERN Visual Media Office; Vincenzo Cavasinni


    Giovanni Bignami tells anecdote reported by Giuseppe occhialini on Bruno Pontecorvo's departure to the USSR. The clip will be used within the Pontecorvo exhibition organized by Pisa Univesrity on the occasion of Pontecorvo's 100th anniversary.

  8. The White Adolescent's Drug Odyssey. (United States)

    Lipton, Douglas S.; Marel, Rozanne


    Presents a "typical" case history of a White middle-class teenager who becomes involved with marihuana and subsequently begins to abuse other drugs. Sociological findings from other research are interspersed in the anecdotal account. (GC)

  9. Cot Deaths. (United States)

    Tyrrell, Shelagh


    Addresses the tragedy of crib deaths, giving particular attention to causes, prevention, and medical research on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Gives anecdotal accounts of coping strategies used by parents and families of SIDS infants. (DT)

  10. Poliitiline anekdoot. III

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kadi Sarv


    Full Text Available The majority of material used in this article originates from the Estonian Folklore Archives. In the third part of the article series an overview is given of political anecdotes told in the period of soviet occupation. There is given a selection of anecdotes about Lenin, Stalin, Breznev, Hrushtshov. In the article there are given several audio examples and a self-composed song of Lenin.

  11. Terror and bliss? Commonalities and distinctions between sleep paralysis, lucid dreaming, and their associations with waking life experiences


    Denis, D.L.; Poerio, G.L.


    Sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming are both dissociated experiences related to rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. Anecdotal evidence suggests that episodes of sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming are related but different experiences. In this study we test this claim systematically for the first time in an online survey with 1928 participants (age range: 18–82 years; 53% female). Confirming anecdotal evidence, sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming frequency were related positively and this associatio...

  12. Terror and bliss? Commonalities and distinctions between sleep paralysis, lucid dreaming, and their associations with waking life experiences


    Denis, Dan; Poerio, Giulia L.


    Summary Sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming are both dissociated experiences related to rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. Anecdotal evidence suggests that episodes of sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming are related but different experiences. In this study we test this claim systematically for the first time in an online survey with 1928 participants (age range: 18–82 years; 53% female). Confirming anecdotal evidence, sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming frequency were related positively and this as...

  13. El discurso narrativo kawésqar. Textos narrativos no míticos (primera parte

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Óscar E. Aguilera F.


    Full Text Available Este trabajo examina el discurso narrativo no mítico kawésqar desde el punto de vista de la gramática del discurso, tomando en cuenta los tipos oracionales que aparecen tanto en discursos no híbridos (anecdóticos, históricos y relatos de viaje, como híbridos, siendo éstos combinaciones de discursos expositivo-narrativos, autobiográfico-anecdóticos, anecdóticos-viajes, históricos-procesos e históricos-viajes. (This paper analyzes Kawesqar non-mythical narrative discourse from the point of view of discourse grammar, taking into account the sentence types that occur in both non-hybrid (anecdotic and historical discourses, as well as travelogues, and hybrid discourses, being the latter combinations of declarative-narrative, autobiographic-anecdotic, anecdotic-travelogue, historical-process, and historical-travelogue discourses.

  14. Medicine in Dr Samuel Johnson's Dictionary of the English Language. (United States)

    Sharma, Om P


    When compiling the Dictionary of the English Language, Johnson read and annotated over two hundred thousand passages from innumerable English authors of various disciplines across four centuries. Most of the literary anecdotes came from Shakespeare, Milton, Dryden and Pope. The medical and scientific anecdotes came from 31 scientists, physicians, pharmacologists and surgeons. This reflects Johnson's admiration for science and its benefit to the public. He told Boswell, 'Why Sir, if you have but one book with you upon a journey let it be a book of science. When you read through a book of entertainment, you know it, and it can do no more for you, but a book of science is inexhaustible'.

  15. An electronic stroll through the global village

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chew, J.


    This paper is a semi-random walk through Usenet News, a bulletin board system that exists on the vast Internet computer network. Interaction in such a medium is an interesting hybrid of speech and writing, of monologue and dialogue and sometimes an open shouting match in a crowded room. Those who are intrigued by these matters will be able to see a number of research areas exposed in this frankly anecdotal paper. In addition to being anecdotal, this paper is a work of participatory observation. In fact, I occasionally let it be known that I was observing the sociology and rhetoric of the newsgroups. The natives appeared unimpressed.

  16. Not an Inexhaustible Resource: Valuation and Depreciation of Library Collections in the Queensland Department of Education. (United States)

    Cram, Jennifer


    Anecdotal evidence suggests that valuation of library collections is not being addressed by library managers, despite the growing popularity of accrual accounting in publicly funded institutions. This article discusses the implications of asset valuation and describes the development and implementation a method for valuing the library collections…

  17. Nitrogen fertilization for young established hybrid hazelnuts in the Upper Midwest of the USA (United States)

    Hybrids of Corylus avellana, C. americana, and C. cornuta are proposed as a new crop for the Upper Midwest. Anecdotal information from midwestern growers suggests that these hybrid hazelnuts have high N requirements, but this has not been confirmed in replicated trials. Current nitrogen (N) recommen...

  18. Writing for Publication While in Graduate School: An Accessible Reality (United States)

    Collins, Joshua C.


    The purpose of this Writer's Forum is to share eight tips about writing for publication as a graduate student. These tips demonstrate writing for publication as an accessible reality for students. This Writer's Forum advances ideas, advice, and anecdotes focused on helping graduate students to see themselves as valued experts who are…

  19. Mycosis Inhibits Grasshopper Necrophagy (United States)

    Necrophagy is common among the Acrididae and the tettigonid, Anabrus simplex; these behaviors have been proposed as mechanisms for the horizontal transmission of Microsporida and entomopathogenic fungi. After anecdotal observations that Melanoplus sanguinipes and A. simplex did not eat cadavers tha...

  20. Making the Case for Formalizing the Lingo and Acronyms of Virtual Environments Communication to Meet Global Demands (United States)

    Malala, John N.


    There is overwhelming research and anecdotal evidence suggesting that traditional letter writing has significantly dwindled due to the increase use of email, online chats, telephone, and other electronic communication devices. People who became mainly dependent on internet relay chats in the late 1990s found themselves developing a new phraseology…

  1. True Confessions: Fundraisers Share Some of Their Worst Moments (United States)

    Silver, Diane


    This article begins with an anecdote that serves as one of several that advancement professionals shared recently when asked to recount their worst moments in fundraising. Examining best practices is a great way to improve a development program, but looking at worst practices can also be enlightening. This article shares some stories that have…

  2. Signs of Disengagement? The Changing Undergraduate Experience in Australian Universities. Inaugural Professorial Lecture. (United States)

    McInnis, Craig

    Anecdotal reports of students working more in paid employment and studying less have been coming from academics in Australia in recent years. Researchers there are seeing patterns of student disengagement and new forms of engagement to which institutions have not adapted. This paper explores the nature of the shift in forms of student engagement…

  3. In-Class Laptop Use and Its Effects on Student Learning (United States)

    Fried, Carrie B.


    Recently, a debate has begun over whether in-class laptops aid or hinder learning. While some research demonstrates that laptops can be an important learning tool, anecdotal evidence suggests more and more faculty are banning laptops from their classrooms because of perceptions that they distract students and detract from learning. The current…

  4. Objects in Telescope Are Farther than They Appear (United States)

    Graney, Christopher M.


    The wave nature of light is not part of students' common experiences, so often physics teachers and textbooks will add a historical anecdote about how scientists, too, were tricked by light. A common one is how, in the early 19th century, Poisson declared that since Fresnel's ideas on the wave nature of light implied that the shadow cast by a disk…

  5. Examining the Role of Friendship in Mentoring Relationships between Graduate Students and Faculty Advisors (United States)

    Beres, Jacqueline L.; Dixon, Jess C.


    Although previous studies have offered empirical and anecdotal support for academic mentoring, there are still considerable gaps in understanding the specific actions or components that are present in these relationships. Research has shown that academic faculty mentors provide all of Kram's (1988) mentoring functions to their graduate student…

  6. Teaching Business Ethics in Hong Kong: Challenges and Response. (United States)

    McCann, Dennis P.; Lam, Joanna Kit Chun; Chiu, Randy K.


    Describes a program for teaching business ethics to undergraduate business students at the Hong Kong Baptist University. Provides an anecdotal account to illustrate that in non-Western cultural contexts, figurative rather than scientific language often captures the essence of qualitative phenomena. Underscores the importance of understanding and…

  7. Southern Nevada Library Services; Serving Lincoln County, Nye County, Esmeralda County through the Clark County Library District: An Evaluation. (United States)

    Dalton, Phyllis I.

    An anecdotal review covers the first year of increased library service in Nye, Lincoln, and Esmeralda Counties, Nevada, under the Southern Nevada Library Services project funded by the Library Services and Construction Act. Using information from questionnaires and site visits, the extent of library services in each community in the area is…

  8. Shorebird avoidance of nearshore feeding and roosting areas at night correlates with presence of a nocturnal avian predator

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Piersma, Theunis; Gill, Robert E.; Goeij, Petra de; Dekinga, Anne; Shepherd, Marnie L.; Ruthrauff, Daniel; Tibbitts, Lee


    We here report two anecdotes about avian interactions relevant to the interpretation of differences in shorebird habitat use between day and night. Several studies have reported that shorebirds avoid feeding and roosting along nearshore areas at night yet commonly use these sites during daytime. Thi

  9. The Experimental Detection of an Emotional Response to the Idea of Evolution (United States)

    Bland, Mark W.; Morrison, Elizabeth


    Evolution is widely regarded as biology's unifying theme, yet rates of rejection of evolutionary science remain high. Anecdotal evidence suggests that cognitive dissonance leading to an emotional response is a barrier to learning about and accepting evolution. We explored the hypothesis that students whose worldviews may be inconsistent with the…

  10. WindVOiCe, a Self-Reporting Survey: Adverse Health Effects, Industrial Wind Turbines, and the Need for Vigilance Monitoring (United States)

    Krogh, Carmen M. E.; Gillis, Lorrie; Kouwen, Nicholas; Aramini, Jeff


    Industrial wind turbines have been operating in many parts of the globe. Anecdotal reports of perceived adverse health effects relating to industrial wind turbines have been published in the media and on the Internet. Based on these reports, indications were that some residents perceived they were experiencing adverse health effects. The purpose…

  11. Occupational Health and Industrial Wind Turbines: A Case Study (United States)

    Rand, Robert W.; Ambrose, Stephen E.; Krogh, Carmen M. E.


    Industrial wind turbines (IWTs) are being installed at a fast pace globally. Researchers, medical practitioners, and media have reported adverse health effects resulting from living in the environs of IWTs. While there have been some anecdotal reports from technicians and other workers who work in the environs of IWTs, little is known about the…

  12. Concepts of Chinese Folk Happiness (United States)

    Ip, Po Keung


    Discourses on Chinese folk happiness are often based on anecdotal narratives or qualitative analysis. Two traditional concepts of happiness popular in Chinese culture are introduced. The paper constructs a concept of Chinese folk happiness on basis of the findings of a scientific survey on the Taiwanese people regarding their concepts of…

  13. "Gone fishing": modeling diversity in work ethics

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Freyberg-Inan, A.; Koçer, R.G.


    In his "Anecdote Concerning the Lowering of Productivity", written in 1963, the West-German writer Heinrich Böll humorously contrasts the mindset of an enterprising capitalist, bent on the maximization of profit, with that of a person we might call a profit "satisficer," a maximizer of leisure or ha

  14. Registered nurse peer evaluation in the perioperative setting. (United States)

    Gentry, Melanie B


    ANNUAL PERFORMANCE evaluations can be difficult to prepare and may rely, in part, on anecdotal information. PERIOPERATIVE RNs at CHRISTUS St Patrick Hospital, Lake Charles, La, developed and implemented a peer evaluation as part of nurses' annual performance evaluations. THE EVALUATION FORMS created were considered to be useful and fair by both staff members and managers.

  15. Free: Why Authors Are Giving Books Away on the Internet (United States)

    Hilton, John, III; Wiley, David


    With increasing frequency, authors in academic and non-academic fields are releasing their books for free digital distribution. Anecdotal evidence suggests that exposure to both authors and books increases when books are available as free downloads, and that print sales are not negatively affected. For this study we interviewed ten authors to…

  16. ESL Students' Attitudes toward Punctuation (United States)

    Hirvela, Alan; Nussbaum, Alexander; Pierson, Herbert


    Punctuation is a surprisingly underexplored area of second language writing and learning. The small body of published literature about punctuation tends to look at ways in which punctuation can be taught. Little is known, except anecdotally, about how English as a second language (ESL) students actually feel about using English punctuation,…

  17. Melatonin Decreases Daytime Challenging Behaviour in Persons with Intellectual Disability and Chronic Insomnia (United States)

    Braam, W.; Didden, R.; Maas, A. P. H. M.; Korzilius, H.; Smits, M. G.; Curfs, L. M. G.


    Background: Persons with intellectual disability (ID) and sleep problems exhibit more daytime challenging behaviours than persons with ID without sleep problems. Several anecdotal reports suggest that melatonin is not only effective in the treatment of insomnia, but also decreases daytime challenging behaviour. However, the effect of melatonin…

  18. Specific Oral Communication Skills Desired in New Accountancy Graduates (United States)

    Gray, F. Elizabeth


    International research findings and anecdotal evidence alike suggest that new accountancy graduates often begin their careers with inadequate oral communication skills. However, there is a lack of well-grounded empirical data concerning precisely what accountancy employers mean by "oral communication" and what specific skills they value…

  19. Melatonin decreases daytime challenging behaviour in persons with intellectual disability and chronic insomnia

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Braam, W.J.; Didden, H.C.M.; Maas, A.P.H.M.; Korzilius, H.P.L.M.; Smits, M.G.; Curfs, L.M.G


    Background Persons with intellectual disability (ID) and sleep problems exhibit more daytime challenging behaviours than persons with ID without sleep problems. Several anecdotal reports suggest that melatonin is not only effective in the treatment of insomnia, but also decreases daytime challengin

  20. Appreciative Assessment: Inquire! (United States)

    Neal, Mary-Anne


    Appreciative Inquiry builds on positive experiences to spark positive change; appreciative assessment is all about helping students find and build on their unique abilities and aptitudes by providing positive, supportive feedback with a focus on capabilities and possibilities. Positive stories and anecdotes about best learning practices are the…

  1. Parental somatic mosaicism is underrecognized and influences recurrence risk of genomic disorders

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Campbell, I.M.; Yuan, B.; Robberecht, C.; Pfundt, R.P.; Szafranski, P.; McEntagart, M.E.; Nagamani, S.C.; Erez, A.; Bartnik, M.; Wisniowiecka-Kowalnik, B.; Plunkett, K.S.; Pursley, A.N.; Kang, S.H.; Bi, W.; Lalani, S.R.; Bacino, C.A.; Vast, M.; Marks, K.; Patton, M.; Olofsson, P.; Patel, A.; Veltman, J.A.; Cheung, S.W.; Shaw, C.A.; Vissers, L.E.L.M.; Vermeesch, J.R.; Lupski, J.R.; Stankiewicz, P.


    New human mutations are thought to originate in germ cells, thus making a recurrence of the same mutation in a sibling exceedingly rare. However, increasing sensitivity of genomic technologies has anecdotally revealed mosaicism for mutations in somatic tissues of apparently healthy parents. Such som

  2. Financial Management of New York's Charter Schools: A Normative, Descriptive, and Prescriptive Analysis (United States)

    Brent, Brian O.; Finnigan, Kara S.


    Surprisingly little is known about the financial management practices of charter schools. The literature offer policymakers only anecdotal answers to the following important questions: Who manages charter school finances and what educational and previous employment experiences do they bring to their positions? What do audited financial statements…

  3. Innovative uses of ASL stories : teaching literary elements through digital video



    This thesis investigates the challenges and opportunities for teaching English to Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. Based on Dr. Jim Cummins' theory of linguistic interdependence, an innovative teaching strategy is offered to teach Literary Analysis. Rubrics, surveys, and anecdotal notes are the methods of generating data. Findings suggest that English skills in the primary language will successfully transfer to the second language

  4. Lost in the Lifeworld: Technology Help Seeking and Giving on Diverse, Post-Secondary Campuses (United States)

    Tannis, Derek


    Information and communications technology (ICT) is integrated throughout a student's lived experience in their post-secondary learning environment. In order for students with limited or no background with ICT to achieve their academic goals, a central part of their adaptation involves an intensive period of ICT help seeking. Using anecdotes from…

  5. Santa Fe Community College and the CCSSE: Using Data to Make Meaningful Change (United States)

    Reynolds, Chantel


    Like many institutions, Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) has struggled to move beyond anecdotal sketches of student experiences to a more detailed picture of student engagement supported by methodically and systematically collected quantitative data. In 2004, as part of its ongoing commitment to data-informed or data-based decision making, the…

  6. Challenges Affecting Field Instructors in Wilderness Therapy (United States)

    Marchand, Genevieve


    The understanding of stress and burnout in camp counselors (Magnuson, 1992; Voekl, Austin, & Szymanski, 1985), teachers (Troman & Woods, 2001), and therapists (Maslach, 1976) has been commonly studied in the past. In contrast, the outdoor education industry has relied on anecdotal information when addressing the problems of stress, burnout, and…

  7. Radioactivity--Killer or the "Elixir of Life"? (United States)

    Kennedy, Paula


    It is frequently said that a good teacher will spice up their lessons with anecdotes and stories associated with the subject as these help to bring the subject alive. This is true in teaching radioactivity but it is not always easy to find a useful fund of stories--especially for a non-specialist. Paula Kennedy shares the stories and anecdotes…

  8. The Tide Is High, but We Can Hold On: One Kindergarten Teacher's Thoughts on the Rising Tide of Academic Expectations (United States)

    DeVault, Laurie


    DeVault shares strategies, enlivened with examples and anecdotes, for dealing with pressures for academic kindergarten. For example, teachers can embrace the positive elements in new methodologies; document children's meaningful activities and progress using photographs, videos, and slide shows to share with parents and administrators; share…

  9. Ernst Moerk and the Puzzle of Zero-Trial Learning (United States)

    Palmer, David C.


    In this article, the author shares an anecdote demonstrating one-trial learning which is commonplace in human behavior. The demonstration suggests that under some conditions, when people hear someone speak, their behavior changes, even in the absence of an apparent contingency of reinforcement, but only if they have in their repertoire verbal…

  10. Evaluating a College-Prep Laboratory Exercise for Teenaged Homeschool Students in a University Setting (United States)

    Hercules, Daniel A.; Parrish, Cameron A.; Whitehead, Daniel C.


    We devised a half-day laboratory exercise for a group of 10th grade homeschooled students enrolled in an honors-level high school general chemistry course organized by a collective of homeschooling families associated with local Christian churches. Anecdotal evidence suggested that the students met the learning objectives of the exercise. The…

  11. Peddling Pablo: Escobar's Cultural Renaissance (United States)

    Pobutsky, Aldona Bialowas


    Nearly two decades after his death, Pablo Escobar has reemerged in a number of autobiographical publications that revisit the era of the Medellín cartel and its most infamous capo. Rather than providing strictly historical information, these texts adopt an anecdotal and intimate angle from the positions of Escobar's hitman, his lover, his…

  12. Births outside of Marriage: Perceptions vs. Reality. Child Trends Research Brief. (United States)

    Terry-Humen, Elizabeth; Manlove, Jennifer; Moore, Kristin A.

    Research supports the anecdotal observation that unmarried mothers and their children face greater obstacles and suffer greater strains than married couples and their children. Less is known about the specific characteristics of the women who have births outside of marriage. This research brief paints a fuller picture of nonmarital childbearing.…

  13. Spectrum Approach to Mentoring: An Evidence-Based Approach to Mentoring for Academics Working in Higher Education (United States)

    Harvey, Marina; Ambler, Trudy; Cahir, Jayde


    Anecdotal and empirical evidence indicates that mentoring can be a successful strategy for supporting professional learning, yet limited literature exists on approaches to mentoring designed specifically for academics working in higher education. The aim of this study was to create an approach to mentoring tailored to the needs of academics and…

  14. Portfolio Development, Reflection, Personal Instructional Theory and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (United States)

    Minott, Mark A.


    The aim of this anecdotal essay is to encourage college lecturers and classroom teachers to examine and articulate their personal instructional theory. This is important for two reasons. One, doing so brings an awareness of personal instructional practices, and two, it is an important facet of the scholarship of teaching and learning. To achieve…

  15. Protection from livestock fails to deter shrub proliferation in a desert landscape with a history of heavy grazing (United States)

    Desertification is often characterized by the replacement of mesophytic grasses with xerophytic shrubs. Livestock grazing is considered a key driver of shrub encroachment, although most evidence is anecdotal or confounded by other factors. Mapping of velvet mesquite (Prosopis velutina) shrubs in and...

  16. An Investigation of the Interrelationships between Motivation, Engagement, and Complex Problem Solving in Game-Based Learning (United States)

    Eseryel, Deniz; Law, Victor; Ifenthaler, Dirk; Ge, Xun; Miller, Raymond


    Digital game-based learning, especially massively multiplayer online games, has been touted for its potential to promote student motivation and complex problem-solving competency development. However, current evidence is limited to anecdotal studies. The purpose of this empirical investigation is to examine the complex interplay between…

  17. Improving the Effectiveness of Fundraising Messages: The Impact of Charity Goal Attainment, Message Framing, and Evidence on Persuasion (United States)

    Das, Enny; Kerkhof, Peter; Kuiper, Joyce


    This experimental study assessed the effectiveness of fundraising messages. Based on recent findings regarding the effects of message framing and evidence, effective fundraising messages should combine abstract, statistical information with a negative message frame and anecdotal evidence with a positive message frame. In addition, building on…

  18. Innocents Abroad: The Politics of Cross-Cultural Communication. (United States)

    Dufva, Hannele

    Some failure types that occur in cross-cultural interactions are described, mainly from the point of view of Finns and Finland and from primarily anecdotal and "folk theoretical" data. Material from such sources as newspapers, joke collections, proverbs, and student experiences are used as the basis of the discussion. Non-grammatical errors, or…




  20. Research and Reflection: Animal-Assisted Therapy in Mental Health Settings. (United States)

    Parshall, Debra Phillips


    Although animals have been historically associated with promoting physical and mental health benefits for humans, only recently has there been support for such claims in the literature. This article is a preliminary attempt to bring together scientific studies and anecdotal reports that provide evidence of the benefits of using animals in…

  1. Mind Wandering and the Incubation Effect in Insight Problem Solving (United States)

    Tan, Tengteng; Zou, Hong; Chen, Chuansheng; Luo, Jin


    Although many anecdotes suggest that creative insights often arise during mind wandering, empirical research is still sparse. In this study, the number reduction task (NRT) was used to assess whether insightful solutions were related to mind wandering during the incubation stage of the creative process. An experience sampling paradigm was used to…

  2. Want to Reduce Guessing and Cheating While Making Students Happier? Give More Exams! (United States)

    Laverty, James T.; Bauer, Wolfgang; Kortemeyer, Gerd; Westfall, Gary


    It is almost universally agreed that more frequent formative assessment (homework, clicker questions, practice tests, etc.) leads to better student performance and generally better course evaluations. There is, however, only anecdotal evidence that the same would be true for more frequent summative assessment (exams). There maybe many arguments…

  3. Influence of obesity and bariatric surgery on gastric cancer

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Anna Carolina Batista Dantas; Marco Aurelio Santo; Roberto de Cleva; Rubens Antônio Aissar Sallum; Ivan Cecconello


    Esophageal and gastric cancer (GC) are related to obesity and bariatric surgery. Risk factors, such as gastroesophageal reflux and Helicobacter pylori, must be investigated and treated in obese population. After surgery, GC reports are anecdotal and treatment is not standardized. This review aims to discuss GC related to obesity before and after bariatric surgery.

  4. Spotted phenotypes in horses lost attractiveness in the Middle Ages

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Wutke, Saskia; Benecke, Norbert; Sandoval-Castellanos, Edson;


    Horses have been valued for their diversity of coat colour since prehistoric times; this is especially the case since their domestication in the Caspian steppe in ~3,500 BC. Although we can assume that human preferences were not constant, we have only anecdotal information about how domestic hors...

  5. Tracking Ecstasy Trends in the United States with Data from Three National Drug Surveillance Systems (United States)

    Yacoubian, George S., Jr.


    Anecdotal reports have suggested that the use of 3,4-methylenedioxymeth-amphetamine (MDMA or "ecstasy") is a prodigious problem across the United States. Unfortunately, no longitudinal evidence exists to support this contention. In the current study, data from the Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN), Monitoring the Future (MTF), and National…

  6. 2007 Presidential Address: Fear of Losing Control--Power, Perfectionism, and the Psychology of Women (United States)

    Chrisler, Joan C.


    Anecdotal evidence and popular culture suggest that fear of losing control of oneself is common among North American women, yet there is little in the way of data or theory to show why so many women fear loss of control or how to help them to leave that fear behind. In this article a commonly accepted definition of self-regulation is examined…

  7. Transcendental meditation for autism spectrum disorders? A perspective

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David O. Black


    Full Text Available Anecdotal reports suggest that Transcendental Meditation (TM may be helpful for some children and young adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs. In this perspective piece, we present six carefully evaluated individuals with diagnosed ASDs, who appear to have benefitted from TM, and offer some thoughts as to how this technique might help such individuals.

  8. Ethylmethanesulfonate Saturation Mutagenesis in Arabidopsis to Determine Frequency of Herbicide Resistance (United States)

    Plant resistance to glyphosate has been reported far less frequently than resistance to sulfonylurea and imidazolinone herbicides. However, these studies tend to be anecdotal, without side by side comparisons for a single species or natural isolate. In this study, we tested the frequencies of resist...

  9. Considering Culturally Responsive Teaching, Children, and Place in the Music Room (United States)

    Wiens, Kimberly Friesen


    In this article, the author explores how culturally responsive teaching and the concept of children and place relate in the music room. The article begins with a brief explanation of both culturally responsive teaching and children and place. Through the use of anecdotes and ideas to consider, this article provides elementary music teachers with…

  10. RNA interference in Lepidoptera: An overview of successful and unsuccessful

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Terenius, O.; Papanicolaou, A.; Garbutt, J.S.; Eleftherianos, I.; Huvenne, H.; Kanginakudru, S.; Albrechtsen, M.; An, Chunju; Aymeric, J.L.; Barthel, A.; Bebas, P.; Bitra, K.; Bravo, A.; Chevalier, F.; Collinge, D.P.; Crava, C.M.; Maagd, de R.A.; Duvic, B.; Erlandson, M.; Faye, I.; Felfoldi, G.; Fujiwara, H.; Futahashi, R.; Gandhe, A.S.; Gatehouse, H.S.; Gatehouse, L.N.; Giebultowicz, J.M.; Gomez, I.; Grimmelikhuijzen, C.J.P.; Groot, A.T.; Hauser, F.; Heckel, D.G.; Hegedus, D.D.; Hrycaj, S.; Huang, L.; Hull, J.J.; Iatrou, K.; Iga, M.; Kanost, M.R.; Kotwica, J.; Li, Changyou; Li, Jianghong; Liu, Jisheng; Lundmark, M.; Matsumoto, S.; Meyering-Vos, M.; Millichap, P.J.; Monteiro, A.; Mrinal, N.; Niimi, T.; Nowara, D.; Ohnishi, A.; Oostra, V.; Ozaki, K.; Papakonstantinou, M.; Popadic, A.; Rajam, M.V.; Saenko, S.; Simpson, R.M.; Soberon, M.; Strand, M.R.; Tomita, S.; Toprak, U.; Wang, Ping; Wee, Choon Wei; Whyard, S.; Zhang, Wenqing; Nagaraju, J.; Ffrench-Constant, R.H.; Herrero, S.; Gordon, K.; Swevers, L.; Smagghe, G.


    Gene silencing through RNA interference (RNAi) has revolutionized the study of gene function, particularly in non-model insects. However, in Lepidoptera (moths and butterflies) RNAi has many times proven to be difficult to achieve. Most of the negative results have been anecdotal and the positive ex

  11. RNA interference in Lepidoptera: an overview of successful and unsuccessful studies and implications for experimental design

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Terenius, O.; Papanicolaou, A.; Garbutt, J.S.; Eleftherianos, I.; Huvenne, H.; Kanginakudru, S.; Albrechtsen, M.; An, C.; Aymeric, J.L.; Barthel, A.; Bebas, P.; Bitra, K.; Bravo, A.; Chevalier, F.; Collinge, D.P.; Crava, C.M.; de Maagd, R.A.; Duvic, B.; Erlandson, M.; Faye, I.; Felföldi, G.; Fujiwara, H.; Futahashi, R.; Gandhe, A.S.; Gatehouse, H.S.; Gatehouse, L.N.; Giebultowicz, J.M.; Gómez, I.; Grimmelikhuijzen, C.J.P.; Groot, A.T.; Hauser, F.; Heckel, D.G.; Hegedus, D.D.; Hrycaj, S.; Huang, L.; Hull, J.J.; Iatrou, G.; Iga, M.; Kanost, M.R.; Kotwica, J.; Li, C.; Li, J.H.; Liu, J.S.; Lundmark, M.; Matsumoto, S.; Meyering-Vos, M.; Millichap, P.J.; Monteiro, A.; Mrinal, N.; Niimi, T; Nowara, D.; Ohnishi, A.; Oostra, V.; Ozaki, K.; Papakonstantinou, M.; Popadic, A.; Rajam, M.V.; Saenko, S.; Simpson, R.M.; Soberón, M.; Strand, M.R.; Tomita, S.; Toprak, U.; Wang, P.; Wee, C.W.; Whyard, S.; Zhang, W.; Nagaraju, J.; Ffrench-Constant, R.H.; Herrero, S.; Gordon, K.; Smagghe, G.


    Gene silencing through RNA interference (RNAi) has revolutionized the study of gene function, particularly in non-model insects. However, in Lepidoptera (moths and butterflies) RNAi has many times proven to be difficult to achieve. Most of the negative results have been anecdotal and the positive ex

  12. Keys to Detecting Writing Flexibility over Time: Entropy and Natural Language Processing (United States)

    Snow, Erica L.; Allen, Laura K.; Jacovina, Matthew E.; Crossley, Scott A.; Perret, Cecile A.; McNamara, Danielle S.


    Writing researchers have suggested that students who are perceived as strong writers (i.e., those who generate texts rated as high quality) demonstrate flexibility in their writing style. While anecdotally this has been a commonly held belief among researchers and educators, there is little empirical research to support this claim. This study…

  13. Visuospatial Superiority in Developmental Dyslexia: Myth or Reality? (United States)

    Brunswick, Nicola; Martin, G. Neil; Marzano, Lisa


    Anecdotal evidence indicates that dyslexia is positively associated with superior visuospatial ability but empirical evidence is inconsistent. We explicitly tested the hypothesis that dyslexia is associated with visuospatial advantage in 20 dyslexic and 21 unimpaired adult readers using paper-and-pencil measures and tests of "everyday"…

  14. Emergency department crowding in The Netherlands: managers’ experiences

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    C. van der Linden (Christien); R. Reijnen (Resi); R. Derlet (Robert); N. van der Linden (Naomi); R. Lindeboom (Robert); C. Lucas (Cees); J. Richards (John)


    markdownabstract__Abstract__ __Background__ In The Netherlands, the state of emergency department (ED) crowding is unknown. Anecdotal evidence suggests that current ED patients experience a longer length of stay (LOS) compared to some years ago, which is indicative of ED crowding. However, no multi

  15. Cell Phones Transform a Science Methods Course (United States)

    Madden, Lauren


    A science methods instructor intentionally encouraged cell phone use for class work to discover how cell phones can be used as research tools to enhance the content and engage the students. The anecdotal evidence suggested that students who used their smartphones as research tools experienced the science content and pedagogical information…

  16. Identifying and Describing Tutor Archetypes: The Pragmatist, the Architect, and the Surveyor (United States)

    Harootunian, Jeff A.; Quinn, Robert J.


    In this article, the authors identify and anecdotally describe three tutor archetypes: the pragmatist, the architect, and the surveyor. These descriptions, based on observations of remedial mathematics tutors at a land-grant university, shed light on a variety of philosophical beliefs regarding and pedagogical approaches to tutoring. An analysis…

  17. Historiography 101 for psychoanalysts. (United States)

    Abrams, Samuel


    I plant to propose an outline for a course for psychoanalytic clinicians called Historiography 101. My presentation is made up of three parts: an argument justifying the proposal, a clinical anecdote to anchor the argument, and a description of what the course might actually look like.

  18. PowerPoint® presentation flaws and failures: a psychological analysis

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kosslyn, S.M.; Kievit, R.A.; Russell, A.G.; Shepard, J.M.


    Electronic slideshow presentations are often faulted anecdotally, but little empirical work has documented their faults. In Study 1 we found that eight psychological principles are often violated in PowerPoint® slideshows, and are violated to similar extents across different fields - for example, ac

  19. Engagement with Electronic Portfolios: Challenges from the Student Perspective (United States)

    Tosh, David; Light, Tracy Penny; Fleming, Kele; Haywood, Jeff


    Much of the evidence and research available on the use of e-portfolios focuses on faculty and institutional perspectives and/or consists mainly of anecdotes about how useful the e-portfolio has been to learners. While it is generally agreed that e­-portfolios have great potential to engage students and promote deep learning, the research that has…

  20. Feeding Problems in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Review (United States)

    Ledford, Jennifer R.; Gast, David L.


    Many parents of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) report that their children have feeding problems. A body of literature targeted toward parents of children with ASD includes information about possible interventions for this problem. Most intervention suggestions within this literature have been only anecdotally reported to be…

  1. Manufactured Memory, Altered Belief and Self Report Mirage: The Alleged False Memory of Jean Piaget Revisited. (United States)

    Leavitt, Frank


    It is argued that a Jean Piaget anecdote about an alleged memory implanted in a young child leading to both a visual and semantic memory that persists despite disconfirming evidence is entirely different than the recovered memory debate, which is about the alleged introduction of memories to grown adults. (CR)

  2. WHO Meeting on EMF Biological Effects and Standards Harmonization in Asia and Oceania, 22-24 October, 2001, Shilla Hotel, Seoul, Korea (United States)


    Parkinson health effects, but require further research to and Alzheimer’s diseases, and many other diseases have determine if exposure to EMF at the low... neurochemistry in a manner have also been anecdotal reports from several countries consistent with responses to stress. Effects on behaviour of subjective

  3. Understanding bifurcation of slow versus fast cyber-attackers

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Wieren, van Maarten; Doerr, Christian; Jacobs, Vivian; Pieters, Wolter; Livraga, Giovanni; Torra, Vicenç; Aldini, Alessandro; Martinelli, Fabio; Suri, Neeraj


    Anecdotally, the distinction between fast “Smash-and-Grab” cyber-attacks on the one hand and slow attacks or “Advanced Persistent Threats” on the other hand is well known. In this article, we provide an explanation for this phenomenon as the outcome of an optimization from the perspective of the att

  4. Quality Assurance: Adapting SERVQUAL to Measure the Perceived Quality of Pre-Service Teachers' Teaching Practice Experience (United States)

    Oliver, Henry; Koeberg, Jeremy


    This article describes a work in progress study which extends traditional quality assurance mechanisms through the application of the SERVQUAL instrument. It assesses the difference between pre-service teacher expectations and actual experience during a Teaching Practice period. Anecdotal evidence points to students being the recipients of poor…

  5. Vignettes of Ambiguity (United States)

    Gotz, Ignacio L.


    This article is an exploration of ambiguity as it appears in various guises in philosophical, social, political, and educational situations. Among these situations is the experience of exile. The exploration is conducted by means of literary anecdotes and real-life instances, hence the use of vignettes. The suggestion is made that ambiguity can be…

  6. Three Essays on Information Security Policies (United States)

    Yang, Yubao


    Information security breaches pose a significant and increasing threat to national security and economic well-being. In the Symantec Internet Security Threat Report (2003), companies surveyed experienced an average of about 30 attacks per week. Anecdotal evidence suggests that losses from cyber-attacks can run into millions of dollars. The CSI-FBI…

  7. Effective Instruction and Assessment Methods That Lead to Gains in Critical Thinking as Measured by the Critical Thinking Assessment Test (CAT) (United States)

    Leming, Katie P.


    Previous qualitative research on educational practices designed to improve critical thinking has relied on anecdotal or student self-reports of gains in critical thinking. Unfortunately, student self-report data have been found to be unreliable proxies for measuring critical thinking gains. Therefore, in the current interpretivist study, five…

  8. Promoting Entrepreneurship Studies in the Community College Setting. (United States)

    Watts, Karen Southall

    This document examines the current promotional methods used by North Carolina community colleges to advance entrepreneurship education and identifies practical strategies for improving promotional efforts and outcomes. The observations, interviews, and anecdotal information presented in the paper are based on the author's three years of community…

  9. Las anécdotas en las Memorias del conde de Ségur

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mª del Carmen Marrero Marrero


    Full Text Available The account of anecdotes in memoirs gives an insight into the writer’s personality at the same time that it unfolds their verisimilitude and individuality, two features which are present in Count Louis Philippe de Ségur’s Mémoires ou souvenirs et anecdotes.Within the genre of memoirs, literary anecdotes are a useful source of information about the author who evokes them and the topic he writes about. After careful reading of his memoirs, I have been able to value his subtle literary style, which reveals his enormous skill to evoke events and to give an objective view about them. In this work, I have distinguished two types of anecdotes: those which are of a more personal kind and those which are historical, social and cultural, having the latter an important influence on these fields.Thanks to this work, I have been able to get to know more deeply Count Segur’s life, who always tried to give an objective view of reality to counteract the negative foreign criticisms against French politics in the pre-revolutionary period.

  10. Fostering incremental and radical innovation through performance-based contracting in buyer-supplier relationships

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Sumo, Regien; van der Valk, Wendy; Bode, Christoph; van Weele, A.J.


    Purpose While anecdotal evidence suggests that performance-based contracts (PBCs) may foster innovation in buyer-supplier relationships, our understanding of the underlying mechanisms is limited to date. This study draws on transaction cost economics and agency theory to develop a theoretical model

  11. Data Sharing in Interpretive Engineering Education Research: Challenges and Opportunities from a Research Quality Perspective (United States)

    Walther, Joachim; Sochacka, Nicola W.; Pawley, Alice L.


    This article explores challenges and opportunities associated with sharing qualitative data in engineering education research. This exploration is theoretically informed by an existing framework of interpretive research quality with a focus on the concept of Communicative Validation. Drawing on practice anecdotes from the authors' work, the…

  12. Greek Membership: The Relationship with First-Year Academic Performance (United States)

    DeBard, Robert; Sacks, Casey


    Much has been written about the need for student involvement to build a sense of belonging on college campuses. However, when it comes to membership in Greek social organizations, such involvement has been largely cast as negative. Unlike many of the anecdotal articles critical of the influence joining a Greek social organization can have on…

  13. Bilingualism and Early Language Acquisition--Great Assets. (United States)

    Cataldi, Ricardo J.


    Growing up bilingual can have many positive effects. Research and anecdotal evidence suggests that experience with two language systems builds mental flexibility, superior concept formation, and a more diversified set of mental abilities. To encourage bilingualism, schools must teach foreign languages earlier and more efficiently, nurture…

  14. About Television. (United States)

    Mayer, Martin

    The entire broadcast television industry is the subject of this book. An attempt is made to present history, theory, and anecdotes about television programing, television advertising, television and politics, and network news, focusing all the while on American television, but with consideration given to alternative structures and methods.…

  15. Improving Organizational Skills Through the Use of Graphic Organizers. (United States)

    Capretz, Kari; Ricker, Barbara; Sasak, Amanda

    This research provides information for improving organizational skills in writing through the use of graphic organizers. The targeted population consisted of second, third and fifth grade students in a suburban community. Evidence for the existence of this problem included anecdotal records, teacher observations, student surveys, and assessments…

  16. School Empowerment Surges Ahead in 2007-2008 (United States)

    Snell, Lisa


    School empowerment and weighted student formula programs continue to grow across the United States. This article explores the key components of school empowerment programs and describes several existing programs from Baltimore to San Francisco. The article examines some of the anecdotal outcomes for these types of public school choice programs.…

  17. Reading Culturally Relevant Literature Aloud to Urban Youths with Behavioral Challenges (United States)

    Verden, Claire E.


    This article discusses the viability of reading culturally relevant literature aloud to urban middle school youth. The findings from a research study are shared and guidelines for implementing a culturally sensitive read aloud program in your own middle school or high school classroom are discussed. Anecdotes from students involved in the study…

  18. Reading words, seeing style : The neuropsychology of word, font and handwriting perception

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Barton, Jason J. S.; Sekunova, Alla; Sheldon, Claire; Johnston, Samantha; Iaria, Giuseppe; Scheel, Michael


    The reading of text is predominantly a left hemisphere function. However, it is also possible to process text for attributes other than word or letter identity, such as style of font or handwriting. Anecdotal observations have suggested that processing the latter may involve the right hemisphere. We

  19. The Importance of the Default Mode Network in Creativity--A Structural MRI Study (United States)

    Kühn, Simone; Ritter, Simone M.; Müller, Barbara C. N.; van Baaren, Rick B.; Brass, Marcel; Dijksterhuis, Ap


    Anecdotal reports as well as behavioral studies have suggested that creative performance benefits from unconscious processes. So far, however, little is known about how creative ideas arise from the brain. In the current study, we aimed to investigate the neural correlates of creativity by means of structural MRI research. Given that unconscious…

  20. How's Your Story Arsenal? (United States)

    Armstrong, Coleen


    Principals who wax eloquent over learning outcomes or socioeconomic factors are bound to bore their audiences. This article suggests ways to put zip into speeches and illustrate important points. Story and anecdotal material ranges from "the community leader who taught for a day" to "the worst child abuse case." All highlight people trying to…

  1. Physics Education Research: A Research Subfield of Physics with Gender Parity (United States)

    Barthelemy, Ramón S.; Van Dusen, Ramón S.; Henderson, Charles


    Women currently outnumber men in obtaining undergraduate degrees but are underrepresented within STEM fields. However, women's representation varies by STEM field, and even further by STEM subfield. One field that has held a persistent low representation of women is physics. This paper seeks to uncover the truth behind an anecdotal claim that the…

  2. Using Nail Polish to Teach about Gender and Homophobia (United States)

    Edwards, Nelta M.


    How might teachers help students investigate the relationship between gender and homophobia? This article describes an exercise that uses fingernail polish to do just that. The authors uses anecdotal evidence to describe the exercise in which students pair with someone of the opposite gender and paint each other's fingernails. Additionally, the…

  3. The Red Flags of Persuasion. (United States)

    Jacobs, Don Trent


    Analyzes the discourse of radio personality Rush Limbaugh, pointing out that he uses the following rhetorical strategies to deliver his political message: anecdotes, stories, and metaphors; double bind; contingency; rapport; authority; humor; emotional words; pacing; questions; missing words; and absolutes. (PA)

  4. Turning Them On the First Day of Class. (United States)

    Mugleston, William F.


    Suggests using humor on the first day of class as a remedy for student apathy and to encourage interest in history. Provides 39 humorous anecdotes about famous individuals in history that can serve to initiate class discussions about women's history, Black history, and politics. (RW)

  5. Self-Entitled College Students: Contributions of Personality, Parenting, and Motivational Factors (United States)

    Greenberger, Ellen; Lessard, Jared; Chen, Chuansheng; Farruggia, Susan P.


    Anecdotal evidence suggests an increase in entitled attitudes and behaviors of youth in school and college settings. Using a newly developed scale to assess "academic entitlement" (AE), a construct that includes expectations of high grades for modest effort and demanding attitudes towards teachers, this research is the first to investigate the…

  6. A review of hydrofluoric acid burn management


    McKee, Daniel; Thoma, Achilleas; Bailey, Kristy; Fish, Joel


    The clinical presentation and severity of hydrofluoric acid burns vary considerably, making management particularly challenging. Given that current knowledge of HF burns is derived from small case series, case reports, animal studies and anecdotal evidence, this narrative review discusses the current understanding of the effects associated with severe hydrofluoric acid burns, describing the mechanism of injury, systemic toxicity and treatment options.

  7. Working Memory Benefits Creative Insight, Musical Improvisation, and Original Ideation Through Maintained Task-Focused Attention

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    De Dreu, Carsten K. W.; Nijstad, Bernard A.; Baas, Matthijs; Wolsink, Inge; Roskes, Marieke


    Anecdotes from creative eminences suggest that executive control plays an important role in creativity, but scientific evidence is sparse. Invoking the Dual Pathway to Creativity Model, the authors hypothesize that working memory capacity (WMC) relates to creative performance because it enables pers

  8. Special Speciation (United States)

    Countryman, Lyn L.; Maroo, Jill D.


    Considerable anecdotal evidence indicates that some of the most difficult concepts that both high school and undergraduate elementary-education students struggle with are those surrounding evolutionary principles, especially speciation. It's no wonder that entry-level biology students are confused, when biologists have multiple definitions of…

  9. Teachers' Perceptions of the Emotional and Behavioral Functioning of Children Raised by Grandparents (United States)

    Edwards, Oliver W.


    Increasing numbers of grandparents are becoming full-time surrogate parents to their grandchildren. Grandparents who raise their grandchildren reportedly endure high levels of stress, and grandchildren purportedly experience childhood trauma that can lead to poor psychological adjustment. While anecdotal reports have suggested that grandchildren…

  10. Creativity: The Role of Unconscious Processes in Idea Generation and Idea Selection (United States)

    Ritter, Simone M.; van Baaren, Rick B.; Dijksterhuis, Ap


    Today's world of continuous change thrives on creative individuals. Anecdotal reports suggest that creative performance benefits from unconscious processes. Empirical research on the role of the unconscious in creativity, though, is inconsistent and thus far has focused mainly on one aspect of the creative process--idea generation. This is the…

  11. Promoter reuse in prokaryotes

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Nijveen, H.; Matus-Garcia, M.; Passel, van M.W.J.


    Anecdotal evidence shows promoters being reused separate from their downstream gene, thus providing a mechanism for the efficient and rapid rewiring of a gene’s transcriptional regulation. We have identified over 4000 groups of highly similar promoters using a conservative sequence similarity search

  12. The Relationship between Spirituality, Spiritual Intelligence, and Leadership Practices in Student Leaders in the BYU-Idaho Student Activities Program (United States)

    Dougherty, Troy J.


    Very little research exists to empirically support a spiritual component to leadership. Most of the literature connecting spirituality to leadership is either theory based or anecdotal. Even less research exists involving college students and the contribution of spirituality to their attitudes and behaviors as leaders. Spiritual intelligence has…

  13. Visible aging signs as risk markers for ischemic heart disease

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Christoffersen, Mette; Tybjærg-Hansen, Anne


    Association of common aging signs (i.e., male pattern baldness, hair graying, and facial wrinkles) as well as other age-related appearance factors (i.e., arcus corneae, xanthelasmata, and earlobe crease) with increased risk of ischemic heart disease was initially described in anecdotal reports from...

  14. The Effects of a Dog Reading Visitation Program on Academic Engagement Behavior in Three Elementary Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities: A Single Case Design (United States)

    Bassette, Laura A.; Taber-Doughty, Teresa


    Background: Children with emotional and behavioral disabilities (EBD) struggle with behavioral problems during reading activities in school. One way to address these concerns may be through dog reading programs which are increasing in popularity in schools and libraries. Preliminary anecdotal research suggests dog reading programs may improve…

  15. 76 FR 40822 - Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Endangered Status for the Largetooth Sawfish (United States)


    ... anecdotal evidence that P. perotteti is currently being targeted in Brazil for the lucrative Chinese shark... especially copious gelatine it produces when cooked. This Chinese dried seafood book gives the current... are largely unknown, though most appear to be from the nineteenth century. An archeological site...

  16. Psychological Vulnerability in Children Next-Born after Stillbirth: A Case-Control Follow-Up Study (United States)

    Turton, Penelope; Badenhorst, William; Pawlby, Susan; White, Sarah; Hughes, Patricia


    Background: Case studies and anecdotal accounts suggest that perinatal loss may impact upon other children in the family, including those born subsequent to loss. However, there is a dearth of systematically collected quantitative data on this potentially vulnerable group. Methods: Case-controlled follow-up of 52 mothers with history of stillbirth…

  17. An Emerging Strategy of "Direct" Research. (United States)

    Mintzberg, Henry


    Discusses seven basic themes that underlie the author's "direct research" activities. These themes include reliance on research based on description and induction instead of prescription and deduction, and the measurement of many elements in real settings, supported by anecdote, instead of few variables in perceptual terms from a…

  18. Drug-induced Fanconi syndrome associated with fumaric acid esters treatment for psoriasis: A case series

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    D.M.W. Balak (Deepak); J.N.B. Bavinck (Jan Nico Bouwes); De Vries, A.P.J. (Aiko P. J.); Hartman, J. (Jenny); Martino Neumann, H.A. (Hendrik A.); R. Zietse (Bob); H.B. Thio (Bing)


    textabstractBackground: Fumaric acid esters (FAEs), an oral immunomodulating treatment for psoriasis and multiple sclerosis, have been anecdotally associated with proximal renal tubular dysfunction due to a drug-induced Fanconi syndrome. Few data are available on clinical outcomes of FAE-induced Fan

  19. Self-motion perception compresses time experienced in return travel. (United States)

    Seno, Takeharu; Ito, Hiroyuki; Shoji, Sunaga


    It is often anecdotally reported that time experienced in return travel (back to the start point) seems shorter than time spent in outward travel (travel to a new destination). Here, we report the first experimental results showing that return travel time is experienced as shorter than the actual time. This discrepancy is induced by the existence of self-motion perception.

  20. Toxicity Profiles and Colony Effects of Liquid Baits on Tawny Crazy Ants (plus an update on their U.S. distribution) (United States)

    Tawny crazy ants, Nylanderia fulva, is an invasive ant that are known to readily forage on the liquid, carbohydrate rich honeydew produced by hemipterans such as aphids and scales. There is interest in developing liquid ant baits that can eliminate tawny crazy ant colonies. Preliminary and anecdot...

  1. Biodiversity of the Saba Bank supports status of Particularly Sensitive Sea Area (PSSA)

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Meesters, H.W.G.


    This report contains a study regarding the biodiversity of the Saba Bank, one of the three largest atolls in the world. All scientific and anecdotic evidence suggests that the area is a hot spot of biodiversity and one of the few areas in the Caribbean that is still in a relatively pristine conditio

  2. Does Problem-Based Learning Improve Problem Solving Skills?--A Study among Business Undergraduates at Malaysian Premier Technical University (United States)

    Kadir, Z. Abdul; Abdullah, N. H.; Anthony, E.; Salleh, B. Mohd; Kamarulzaman, R.


    Problem-based Learning (PBL) approach has been widely used in various disciplines since it is claimed to improve students' soft skills. However, empirical supports on the effect of PBL on problem solving skills have been lacking and anecdotal in nature. This study aimed to determine the effect of PBL approach on students' problem solving skills…

  3. Four lives a celebration of Raymond Smullyan

    CERN Document Server

    Rosenhouse, Jason


    This ""best of"" collection of works by Raymond Smullyan features excerpts from his published writings, including logic puzzles, explorations of mathematical logic and paradoxes, retrograde analysis chess problems, jokes and anecdotes, and meditations on the philosophy of religion. In addition, numerous personal tributes salute this celebrated professor, author, and logic scholar who is also a magician and musician.

  4. The Role of Schizotypy in Predicting Performance on Figural and Verbal Imagery-Based Measures of Creativity (United States)

    LeBoutillier, Nicholas; Barry, Richard; Westley, David


    There are many anecdotal reports of a link between psychopathology and creativity. The strongest links have been purported between creativity psychosis, schizotypy, and personality. The aim of this study was to investigate the link between schizotypy and imagery-based measures of creativity; Barron's (1988) Symbolic Equivalence Test and Finke's…

  5. Gesture and Symbolic Representation in Italian and English-Speaking Canadian 2-Year-Olds (United States)

    Marentette, Paula; Pettenati, Paola; Bello, Arianna; Volterra, Virginia


    Analyses of elicited pantomime, primarily of English-speaking children, show that preschool-aged children are more likely to symbolically represent an object with gestures depicting an object's form rather than its function. In contrast, anecdotal reports of spontaneous gesture production in younger children suggest that children use multiple…

  6. A Study on Pragmatic Failure in Cross-Cultural Communication (United States)

    Fang, Jie


    Through analyzing and comparing the anecdotes of pragmatic failure in cross-cultural communication from the aspects of lexicon, syntax and discourse, some pragmatic strategies are suggested in intercultural communication. To improve learners' cultural awareness and communicative competence, a cultural-linguistic approach in foreign language…

  7. Assessment of Social Competence of Boys with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Problematic Peer Entry, Host Responses, and Evaluations (United States)

    Ronk, Marla J.; Hund, Alycia M.; Landau, Steven


    Anecdotally and empirically, there is clear evidence that children with the Combined subtype of Attention-deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) experience disturbed peer relations, yet the field has not clearly established the origin of these difficulties. This is the first known investigation to examine the role of peer entry as a means to…

  8. Student Learning through Service Learning: Effects on Academic Development, Civic Responsibility, Interpersonal Skills and Practical Skills (United States)

    Hébert, Ali; Hauf, Petra


    Although anecdotal evidence and research alike espouse the benefits of service learning, some researchers have suggested that more rigorous testing is required in order to determine its true effect on students. This is particularly true in the case of academic development, which has been inconsistently linked to service learning. It has been…

  9. Secondary Physical Education Avoidance and Gender: Problems and Antidotes (United States)

    Ryan, Thomas; Poirier, Yves


    Our goal was to locate and evaluate the barriers that impact and cause females to avoid secondary elective physical education courses. We sought to find answers to stop the further decline of female enrolment in secondary physical education by looking into curricula, program and instructional variables. Anecdotal evidence informed this study which…

  10. Topographical ability in Developmental Prosopagnosia

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Klargaard, Solja; Starrfelt, Randi; Petersen, Anders


    Anecdotal evidence suggests a relation between impaired spatial (navigational) processing and developmental prosopagnosia (DP). To address this formally, we tested nine individuals with DP and 18 matched controls on a four-choice match-to-sample test of (concurrent) topographical perception and t...

  11. Prevalence and Severity of Voice and Swallowing Difficulties in Mitochondrial Disease (United States)

    Read, Jennifer L.; Whittaker, Roger G.; Miller, Nick; Clark, Sue; Taylor, Robert; McFarland, Robert; Turnbull, Douglass


    Background: Mutations of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) cause a broad spectrum of clinical phenotypes. Anecdotal evidence suggests that voice and swallow problems are a common feature of these diseases. Aims: To characterize accurately the prevalence and severity of voice and swallow problems in a large cohort of patients with mitochondrial disease.…

  12. LSD: Still with Us after All These Years. (United States)

    Henderson, Leigh A., Ed.; Glass, William J., Ed.

    This volume offers insight for parents, counselors, and educators as to why young people in the 1990s are using LSD--its appeal, the experience, and where kids are getting it. Current studies and anecdotes are woven with recent statistics to create a clear picture of contemporary LSD use. The introduction offers some history and background on the…

  13. Breaking All the Rules (United States)

    James, Alyssa


    This piece is an academic reflection on personal experiences of the education system through the critical lens of anti-oppressive and multicultural education. The author divides the page into academic discourse and personal experience, reflecting the boundaries between anecdotal evidence and academic discourse. Suggestions and observations are…

  14. When the Personal Becomes Professional: Stories from Reentry Adult Women Learners about Family, Work, and School. (United States)

    Jackman, Mary Kay


    Describes an ethnographic study of a first-year writing classroom focusing on narrative's role in that particular classroom culture at a mid-size state university. Argues for narrative's constitutive and epistemic value in a writing classroom and for the autobiographical anecdote in particular as a bridge between teaching and learning. (SC)

  15. Affirmative Action, the Academy and Compromised Standards: Does Affirmative Action Lower Standards in University Hiring, Tenure and Promotion? (United States)

    Hanks, Lawrence J.; Sullivan, Jas; Spencer, Sara B.; Rogers, Elgin


    The literature opposed to affirmative action in hiring, granting tenure and promotion in the university claims that it lowers standards. However, anecdotal evidence suggests that in the decades prior to the institutionalization of affirmative action in the Academy, hiring, tenure and promotion standards were quite lax--resembling an "old boys…

  16. Graphic Novels and Teacher Research in the Knowledge Society (United States)

    Schwarz, Gretchen


    Graphic novels offer an exciting new medium across the curriculum, but classroom research must be done. Anecdotal evidence is a start, but reform requires thoughtful study. Teachers are in the best place to do this research, as they have ready access, currency, and credibility. Teacher research on graphic novels, indeed all new media, is also…

  17. An evolutionary basis for pollination ecology

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Willemstein, S.C.


    In the introduction and chapter 2 the incentives and way of reasoning are given for the description of an evolutionary basis of pollination ecology. Starting from the until recently rather anecdotical character of the study of pollination ecology as a whole, and in the absence of large-scale correla

  18. Pledges of Allegiance, Bandana Wristbands, and Spanish Pig Latin: A Teacher's Reflections on Rituals, Resistance, and Working toward Multicultural Classrooms (United States)

    Isaac, Lauren B.


    The author begins this article with an anecdote describing the behavior of a few members of her ESL class, and their behavior during the morning "Pledge of Allegiance." Not only did these students not stand, they displayed a dramatic performance of "remaining seated." The narrative that follows is an attempt by the the author…

  19. Caring for Caregivers: Addressing the Employment Needs of Long Term Care Workers. A Report. (United States)

    Loeb, Laura E.

    Research confirms anecdotal impressions of the following causes of high turnover among both home health and nursing home aides: low wages; inadequate benefits; excessive workloads; poor training, supervision, and working conditions; and job-related stress. Public policy initiatives can dramatically alleviate or exacerbate the crisis among…

  20. Behavioural Assessment of Wilderness Therapy Participants: Exploring the Consistency of Observational Data (United States)

    Lariviere, Michel; Couture, Roger; Ritchie, Stephen D.; Cote, Daniel; Oddson, Bruce; Wright, Jesse


    Wilderness therapy (WT) provides an alternative treatment modality for a number of mental health issues. It holds particular appeal for at-risk youth, a population that is often less responsive to traditional psychotherapeutic interventions. Anecdotal accounts on the effectiveness of WT often show positive outcomes. Still, some researchers have…

  1. An Investigation of the Interrelationships between Motivation, Engagement, and Complex Problem Solving in Game-Based Learning (United States)

    Eseryel, Deniz; Law, Victor; Ifenthaler, Dirk; Ge, Xun; Miller, Raymond


    Digital game-based learning, especially massively multiplayer online games, has been touted for its potential to promote student motivation and complex problem-solving competency development. However, current evidence is limited to anecdotal studies. The purpose of this empirical investigation is to examine the complex interplay between learners'…

  2. The Secondary School Principalship: The Task and the Constraints. (United States)

    Watts, O. B.

    Inspired by Franz Kafka's predatory leopard anecdote, this speech explores the plight of Canadian secondary school principals trying to meet students' educational needs within the constraints imposed by politics and finance. A cross-country survey of 60 principals disclosed some typical problems. Principals must be reponsive to public opinion…

  3. Testing a Model to Predict Online Cheating--Much Ado about Nothing (United States)

    Beck, Victoria


    Much has been written about student and faculty opinions on academic integrity in testing. Currently, concerns appear to focus more narrowly on online testing, generally based on anecdotal assumptions that online students are more likely to engage in academic dishonesty in testing than students in traditional on-campus courses. To address such…

  4. An Evaluation of Knowledge Transfer from Microworld Programming to Conventional Programming (United States)

    Xinogalos, Stelios


    Programming microworlds are being used for introducing students to programming for many years. Although many professors and school teachers report positive results from using programming microwords, these results are usually based on anecdotal evidence rather than rigorous empirical evaluation. A question that has not been answered yet with…

  5. The New Birth Order Book: Why You Are the Way You Are. Revised Edition. (United States)

    Leman, Kevin

    Based on the premise that birth order powerfully influences one's personality, one's marital partner, and one's parenting style, this book presents personal anecdotes, testimonials, and descriptions of well-known individuals or individuals seen in counseling to illustrate the impact of birth order. The book also presents practical ways to take…

  6. Exposure to media information about a disease can cause doctors to misdiagnose similar-looking clinical cases

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Schmidt, Henk G.; Mamede, Sílvia; Van Den Berge, Kees; Van Gog, Tamara; Van Saase, Jan L C M; Rikers, Remy M J P


    Purpose: Anecdotal evidence indicates that exposure to media-distributed disease information, such as news about an outbreak, can lead physicians to errors; influenced by an availability bias, they misdiagnose patients with similar-looking but different diseases. The authors investigated whether exp

  7. Peripartum Cardiomyopathy as a Part of Familial Dilated Cardiomyopathy

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    van Spaendonck-Zwarts, Karin Y.; van Tintelen, J. Peter; van Veldhuisen, Dirk J.; van der Werf, Rik; Jongbloed, Jan D. H.; Paulus, Walter J.; Dooijes, Dennis; van den Berg, Maarten P.


    Background-Anecdotal cases of familial clustering of peripartum cardiomyopathy (PPCM) and familial occurrences of PPCM and idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) together have been observed, suggesting that genetic factors play a role in the pathogenesis of PPCM. We hypothesized that some cases of

  8. Peripartum cardiomyopathy as a part of familial dilated cardiomyopathy

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    K.Y. van Spaendonck-Zwarts (Karin); J.P. van Tintelen (Peter); D.J. van Veldhuisen (Dirk); R. van der Werf (Rik); J.D.H. Jongbloed (Jan); W.J. Paulus (Walter); D. Dooijes (Dennis); M.P. van den Berg (Maarten)


    textabstractBACKGROUND-: Anecdotal cases of familial clustering of peripartum cardiomyopathy (PPCM) and familial occurrences of PPCM and idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) together have been observed, suggesting that genetic factors play a role in the pathogenesis of PPCM. We hypothesized that

  9. Learning through Tutoring: Low-Achieving Children as Tutors. (United States)

    Feldman, Robert S.; Allen, Vernon L.

    Recent evidence suggests that the use of children acting as tutors for their peers may prove beneficial to the tutor as well as to the tutee. There is now abundant, unsubstantiated anecdotal evidence, and some controlled experimental work, which suggests that the tutor benefits greatly from his involvement in teaching. The enactment of the role of…

  10. Perspectives of Opera Singer Training and Education through an Examination of Collegiate-Level Opera Programs (United States)

    Graham, Carleen Ray


    The publication and exchange of pedagogical information on opera singer training has traditionally been anecdotal and not derived from empirical investigation. There appears to be a lack of communication or understanding between the educators who train aspiring opera singers and others who work with them in professional performing environments…

  11. Examining the Enigmatic Einstein (United States)

    Khoon, Koh Aik


    Albert Einstein is the icon of scientific genius. His is one the most recognizable faces in the history of mankind. This paper takes a cursory look at the man who is commonly perceived to be the epitome of eccentricity. We manage to sum up his salient traits which are associated with his name. The traits are based on anecdotal evidence. This…

  12. The Pacific Child: Investing in the Future. Conference Evaluation. Annual Pacific Educational Conference (9th, Pago Pago, August 3-5, 1992). (United States)

    Craven, Diane

    Proceedings of the Pacific Region Educational Laboratory's (PREL) 9th Annual Pacific Educational Conference, held August 3-5, 1992, in Pago Pago, American Samoa are evaluated in this document. Data were collected from an overall conference evaluation survey, individual workshop surveys, workshop program information, anecdotal information, and…

  13. The Effects of Disturbed Adolescents on Their Teachers. (United States)

    Bloom, Robert B.


    The author first reviews emotional hazards and conflicts of teachers of the emotionally disturbed, then describes, with frequent anecdotes, nine examples of the "interpersonal underworld of special education" such as helplessness rage, anger at teammates, and implementation despair. Suggests recognizing feelings to disengage from unproductive…

  14. Lobster trap detection at the Saba Bank

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Beek, van I.J.M.


    According to previous studies and anecdotal evidence there are a lot of lost lobster traps at the Saba Bank. One study estimated the loss to be between 210 and 795 lobster traps per year. The Saba Bank is an approximately 2,200 km2 submerged area and spiny lobster (Panulirus argus) is one of the mai

  15. Sounding the Object: A Timebase Archive

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David Toop


    Full Text Available A proposition for a hypothetical environment in which intangible multi-sensory events can be experienced as if in a museum. This museum of the imagination displays various sounding devices and listening events, all of which are footnoted by ancillary theoretical, conceptual and anecdotal material from the author’s sound work practice and research between 1971 and the present.

  16. Exploring the Relationship between Student-Instructor Interaction on Twitter and Student Perceptions of Teacher Behaviors (United States)

    McArthur, John A.; Bostedo-Conway, Kristen


    With much attention being placed on the use of Twitter and other social media in the classroom, educators are grappling with the question, "Is Twitter a valid tool to increase classroom effectiveness?" Yet, many responses to this question come from anecdotal and case-study-based information. The present study offers a preliminary quantitative…

  17. A Research Agenda for Geospatial Technologies and Learning (United States)

    Baker, Tom R.; Battersby, Sarah; Bednarz, Sarah W.; Bodzin, Alec M.; Kolvoord, Bob; Moore, Steven; Sinton, Diana; Uttal, David


    Knowledge around geospatial technologies and learning remains sparse, inconsistent, and overly anecdotal. Studies are needed that are better structured; more systematic and replicable; attentive to progress and findings in the cognate fields of science, technology, engineering, and math education; and coordinated for multidisciplinary approaches.…

  18. Peddling Pablo: Escobar's Cultural Renaissance (United States)

    Pobutsky, Aldona Bialowas


    Nearly two decades after his death, Pablo Escobar has reemerged in a number of autobiographical publications that revisit the era of the Medellín cartel and its most infamous capo. Rather than providing strictly historical information, these texts adopt an anecdotal and intimate angle from the positions of Escobar's hitman, his lover, his…

  19. Identifying Students' Mathematical Skills from a Multiple-Choice Diagnostic Test Using an Iterative Technique to Minimise False Positives (United States)

    Manning, S.; Dix, A.


    There is anecdotal evidence that a significant number of students studying computing related courses at degree level have difficulty with sub-GCE mathematics. Testing of students' skills is often performed using diagnostic tests and a number of computer-based diagnostic tests exist, which work, essentially, by testing one specific diagnostic skill…

  20. Reflections on Collaborative Teaching of Science Information Literacy and Science Writing: Plans, Processes and Pratfalls (United States)

    Huerta, Deborah; McMillan, Victoria


    Examines the philosophy behind development of two team-taught courses in scientific writing: one for first-year students, the second for advanced students preparing for graduate and professional careers in science. Using student self-evaluations, course evaluations, and anecdotal evidence, chronicles some strengths and weaknesses of our ten-year…

  1. The power of fat and its adipose-derived stromal cells : emerging concepts for fibrotic scar treatment

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Spiekman, Maroesjka; van Dongen, Joris A; Willemsen, Joep C; Hoppe, Delia L; van der Lei, Berend; Harmsen, Martin C


    Lipofilling or lipografting is a novel and promising treatment method for reduction or prevention of dermal scars after injury. Ample anecdotal evidence from case reports supports the scar-reducing properties of adipose tissue grafts. However, only a few properly controlled and designed clinical tri

  2. The Entry-Level Gap: Breaking in to the Profession Is Harder than Ever--If You're Fresh out of Library School (United States)

    Holt, Rachel; Strock, Adrienne L.


    Data from the library job market and mounting anecdotal evidence show that there is cause for alarm. The number of full-time, professional positions in libraries is dwindling, salaries continue to be depressed, more entry-level positions are being liquidated or "deprofessionalized," and qualified job seekers are having trouble securing work.…

  3. STAR Calorimetry

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jacobs, W W, E-mail: jacobsw@indiana.ed [Indiana University Cyclotron Facility and Department of Physics, 2401 Milo B. Sampson Lane, Bloomington IN 47408 (United States)


    The main STAR calorimeters comprise a full Barrel EMC and single Endcap EMC plus a Forward Meson Spectrometer. Together they give a nearly complete coverage over the range -1 < pseudorapidity < 4 and provide EM readout and triggering that help drive STAR physics capabilities. Their description, status, performance and operations (and a few physics anecdotes) are briefly presented and discussed.

  4. Confucianism in Today's Changing China

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    @@ With a deft hand and a pocketful of anecdotes,Daniel Bell has been able to breathe fresh life into an ancient and once largely-dismissed subject-and by doing so,has shown readers the possible benefits of the reintroduction of parts of Confucianism into modern Chinese society.

  5. Slaying the Writing Monsters: Scaffolding Reluctant Writers through a Writing Workshop Approach (United States)

    Gair, Marina


    Drawing on four years of anecdotal data and student feedback on course evaluations, this paper provides a retrospective account of the author's experience with teacher candidates in an elementary writing instruction course as first-time authors of children's books, in particular focusing on a writing workshop approach as an effective pedagogical…

  6. In Memory of Dorothy Heathcote, MBE (29 August 1926 to 8 October 2011) (United States)

    Saxton, Juliana; Miller, Carole


    In this article, the authors aim to provide a multifaceted lens on to Dorothy Heathcote's enormous influence on the field of drama education. They choose to order the reminiscences historically, focusing on Heathcote's consistency of passion and purpose. The anecdotes, lesson descriptions, and reminiscences capture her voice, her energy, and her…

  7. Evaluation of the Massage in Schools Programme in One Primary School (United States)

    Marsh, Lesley J.


    This article discusses the potential benefits of the Massage in Schools Programme (MISP), a programme originating in Scandinavia, which has been introduced into schools in the United Kingdom (UK) since 2001. Meeting four out of five outcomes of the Every Child Matters agenda, the review of the literature aims to separate anecdotal and media…

  8. From Isolation to Insulation: The Impact of Campus Culture on the Existence of Two Cultural Centers (United States)

    Pinchback-Hines, Cynthia Juanesta


    This case study examined how the campus culture influences the existence of a Black cultural center and a multicultural center at a predominantly White university. A qualitative ethnography was conducted using focus group interviews, personal interviews, archival research, and anecdotal observation. The results of the study identified five themes:…

  9. Special Report: Fluoridation of Water. (United States)

    Hileman, Bette


    Reviews the controversy regarding water fluoridation in the United States during the last 50 years. Discusses the current status; benefits; and health risks including skeletal fluorosis, kidney disease, hypersensitivity, mutagenic effects, birth defects, and cancer. Presents statistics and anecdotal accounts. (CW)

  10. Building Social Infrastructure through Public-Private Partnerships: The Case of Student Housing in Public Higher Education (United States)

    Cole, Bruce Kevin


    Evaluations of Public-Private Partnership arrangements as alternatives to traditional government procurement methods for the delivery of public infrastructure projects have been anecdotal at best. This paper proposes a framework to evaluate a public university's infrastructure asset management performance and a specific measure based on a new…

  11. Manual Activity and Onset of First Words in Babies Exposed and Not Exposed to Baby Signing (United States)

    Seal, Brenda C.; DePaolis, Rory A.


    Support for baby signing (BS) with hearing infants tends to converge toward three camps or positions. Those who advocate BS to advance infant language, literacy, behavioral, and cognitive development rely heavily on anecdotal evidence and social media to support their claims. Those who advocate BS as an introduction to another language, such as…

  12. 76 FR 34054 - Marine Mammal Stock Assessment Reports (United States)


    ... describe the troll and charter boat fisheries and the practice of ``fishing'' dolphins, note the existence... fisheries. Response: Acknowledgement of anecdotal reports of bycatch of spotted dolphins by the Hawaii troll...) by the commercial and recreational troll fishery has also been noted in the SARs for...

  13. Complement factor H-associated atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome in monozygotic twins: Concordant presentation, discordant response to treatment

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    J.C. Davin; K.H. Olie; R. Verlaak; F. Horuz; S. Florquin; J.J. Weening; J.W. Groothoff; L. Strain; T.H.J. Goodship


    Hemolytic uremic syndrome not associated with diarrhea (diarrhea negative, atypical) is less common than the diarrhea-positive typical form, but frequently results In end-stage renal failure. Although there are anecdotal cases of successful treatment with fresh frozen plasma alone, the value of this

  14. What Did Kramers and Kronig Do and How Did They Do It? (United States)

    Bohren, Craig F.


    Over time the account of how the Kramers-Kronig (dispersion) relations between the real and imaginary parts of response functions were derived in 1926 and 1927 has been transmogrified into anecdotes about what might have been done but was not. Although Kramers obtained both members of a pair of relations, Kronig obtained only one. Both authors…

  15. Autonomy as a Predictor of Marital Violence. (United States)

    Byrne, Christina A.; And Others

    Recent qualitative investigations of abusive men have indicated that power and control of the wife are central themes in incidents of marital violence. Furthermore, anecdotal and empirical evidence suggest that abusive husbands hold more traditional sex-role stereotypes, are more possessive and jealous, and are more controlling than nonabusive…

  16. The Lifetime Value of a Loyal Customer: What Can a Child Care Director Learn from Domino's Pizza and a Cadillac Dealer in Dallas? (United States)

    Copeland, Margaret Leitch; Gimilaro, Susan


    In "The Service Profit Chain," Harvard Business School professors James Heskett, Earl Sasser, and Leonard Schlesinger (1997) offer two anecdotes--from Domino's Pizza and a Dallas Cadillac dealership--that illuminate the concept of valuing a lifetime customer. Experts estimate that the lifetime value of a loyal Domino's Pizza customer is $4,000 and…

  17. Ideological Expansion in Higher Education Discourse: A Study of Interdisciplinarity in Undergraduate Education (United States)

    Golden, Catherine Anne


    Anecdotal evidence suggests interdisciplinary ideas receive significant, positive press. The prevailing commentary details the promises and theoretical benefits of interdisciplinarity, yet countervailing viewpoints are noticeably absent from the conversation in major media sources. Moreover, there is a lack of empirical data exploring the values…

  18. The importance of the default mode network in creativity: A structural MRI study

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kühn, S.; Ritter, S.M.; Müller, B.C.N.; Baaren, R.B. van; Brass, M.; Dijksterhuis, A.J.


    Anecdotal reports as well as behavioral studies have suggested that creative performance benefits from unconscious processes. So far, however, little is known about how creative ideas arise from the brain. In the current study, we aimed to investigate the neural correlates of creativity by means of

  19. Open and Accessible: The Relationship between Closures and Circulation in School Library Media Centers (United States)

    Dickinson, Gail; Gavigan, Karen; Pribesh, Shana


    A hallmark of school library media best practice is for the library media center to be open and accessible to patron use before, during, and after the school day and throughout the entire school year. Anecdotal evidence and informal discussion among school library media specialists indicate that library media facilities are sometimes used for…

  20. The Construction and Evaluation of Three Measures of Affectionate Behaviour for Children with Asperger's Syndrome (United States)

    Sofronoff, Kate; Lee, Jessica; Sheffield, Jeanie; Attwood, Tony


    Children with Asperger's syndrome are often reported by their parents as having difficulties communicating affection. This study aimed to develop a valid measure of affectionate behaviour that could be used to investigate and quantify these anecdotal reports and then be used in further intervention research. Using parent and expert focus…

  1. Spooning of the nails and webbing of the esophagus: koilonychia and Plummer-Vinson Syndrome. (United States)

    Mangla, Ankit; Agarwal, Nikki; Yu, Jie; Telfer, Margaret


    Chronic iron deficiency can be associated with nail deformities like Koilonychia and Platynychia. It can also be associated with esophageal webs (Plummer-Vinson syndrome or Patterson-Brown-Kelly syndrome) causing dysphagia in the patient. Though the pathogenesis of this association remains anecdotal and presence of these physical findings should prompt the clinician towards considering chronic iron deficiency as the cause of anemia.

  2. The Problematic Relationship between Institutionalised Irish Terminology Development and the Gaeltacht Speech Community: Dynamics of Acceptance and Estrangement (United States)

    Ni Ghearain, Helena


    This article analyses the findings of a study which investigated the hypothesis--based thus far on anecdotal evidence--that Irish speakers in traditional Gaeltacht areas do not accept official terminology planning, both in terms of their language practices and beliefs. While the findings provide some qualitative support for the hypothesis, in…

  3. Properties of Publications on Anatomy in Medical Education Literature (United States)

    Vorstenbosch, Marc; Bolhuis, Sanneke; van Kuppeveld, Sascha; Kooloos, Jan; Laan, Roland


    Publications on anatomy in medical education appear to be largely anecdotal. To explore this, we investigated the literature on anatomy in medical education, aiming first to evaluate the contribution of the literature on anatomy in medical education to "best evidence medical education" (BEME) and second to evaluate the development of this…

  4. Prednisone versus prednisone plus ciclosporin versus prednisone plus methotrexate in new-onset juvenile dermatomyositis : a randomised trial

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Ruperto, Nicolino; Pistorio, Angela; Oliveira, Sheila; Zulian, Francesco; Cuttica, Ruben; Ravelli, Angelo; Fischbach, Michel; Magnusson, Bo; Sterba, Gary; Avcin, Tadej; Brochard, Karine; Corona, Fabrizia; Dressler, Frank; Gerloni, Valeria; Apaz, Maria T; Bracaglia, Claudia; Cespedes-Cruz, Adriana; Cimaz, Rolando; Couillault, Gerard; Joos, Rik; Quartier, Pierre; Russo, Ricardo; Tardieu, Marc; Wulffraat, Nico; Bica, Blanca; Dolezalova, Pavla; Ferriani, Virginia; Flato, Berit; Bernard-Medina, Ana G; Herlin, Troels; Trachana, Maria; Meini, Antonella; Allain-Launay, Emma; Pilkington, Clarissa; Vargova, Veronika; Wouters, Carine; Angioloni, Simona; Martini, Alberto


    BACKGROUND: Most data for treatment of dermatomyositis and juvenile dermatomyositis are from anecdotal, non-randomised case series. We aimed to compare, in a randomised trial, the efficacy and safety of prednisone alone with that of prednisone plus either methotrexate or ciclosporin in children with

  5. How Do School Librarians Perceive Dispositions for Learning and Social Responsibility? (United States)

    Arnone, Marilyn


    This article discusses the implication of the study involving school librarians regarding how they perceive dispositions for learning and social responsibility. It also presents descriptive results of the most common areas discussed by participants, and provides anecdotal data from the transcripts and some subjective impressions of the researcher.…

  6. On the Frontlines of Teaching the History of the First World War (United States)

    Pennell, Cationa


    It is very common for people in politics and the media to make assumptions about what happens in history classrooms. Too often these preconceptions are based on little more than anecdote, examples from the Internet or memories of what someone experienced at school themselves. In this article, Catriona Pennell reports on an empirical study that set…

  7. Contagious Fire? An Empirical Assessment of the Problem of Multi-Shooter, Multi-Shot Deadly Force Incidents in Police Work (United States)

    White, Michael D.; Klinger, David


    Recent police shootings in which multiple officers fired numerous rounds at suspects have led some observers to assert that such situations involve "contagious fire," where an initial officer's shots launch a cascade of gunfire from other officers present. Although there is anecdotal recognition of the contagious fire phenomenon among police and…

  8. Towards the Katakanization of English in Japan: Implications for Language Learning. (United States)

    Reedy, Sean

    This study investigated the extent to which foreign words have become assimilated into the Japanese lexicon during the decade of the 1990s. Since the 1980s, a number of linguists and educators have argued that the rate of loan word absorption into Japanese has increased dramatically. However, most of the studies are speculative or anecdotal. This…

  9. A Comparison of Community and State College Leader Perceptions of Trustee Involvement in Decision-Making (United States)

    Morris, Adam A.; Miller, Michael T.


    Trustees play an important role in determining the direction, priorities, and future of higher education institutions, and as such, are critical actors in the decision-making and policy formation process. Numerous anecdotal reports have concluded that there are often competing interests in the use and structure of trustees throughout higher…

  10. Immunomodulatory effects of amino acid-based formulae (AAF) in gastrointestinal non-IgE mediated food allergy

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hartog, Anita; Jones, Hannah E.; Harthoorn, Lucien F.; Garssen, Johan; Stephenson, Holly; Brunner, Katja; Köglmeier, Jutta; Shah, Neil; Bajaj-Elliot, Mona; Lindley, Keith J.


    RATIONALE: Management of non-IgE mediated food allergies in early childhood involves allergen avoidance by using extensively hydrolysed (eHF) or amino acid-based formulas (AAF). Clinical anecdote suggests that AAF relieve symptoms more effectively in some patients than using eHF or simple allergen a

  11. Addressing Prospective Elementary Teachers' Mathematics Subject Matter Knowledge through Action Research (United States)

    Hourigan, Mairéad; O'Donoghue, John


    There is international dissatisfaction regarding the standard of mathematics subject matter knowledge (MSMK) evident among both qualified and prospective elementary teachers. Ireland is no exception. Following increasing anecdotal evidence of prospective elementary teachers in one Irish College of Education (provider of initial teacher education…

  12. Sensory Over-Responsivity in Adults with Autism Spectrum Conditions (United States)

    Tavassoli, Teresa; Miller, Lucy J.; Schoen, Sarah A.; Nielsen, Darci M.; Baron-Cohen, Simon


    Anecdotal reports and empirical evidence suggest that sensory processing issues are a key feature of autism spectrum conditions. This study set out to investigate whether adults with autism spectrum conditions report more sensory over-responsivity than adults without autism spectrum conditions. Another goal of the study was to identify whether…

  13. Involving Software Engineering Students in Open Source Software Projects: Experiences from a Pilot Study (United States)

    Sowe, Sulayman K.; Stamelos, Ioannis G.


    Anecdotal and research evidences show that the Free and Open Source Software (F/OSS) development model has produced a paradigm shift in the way we develop, support, and distribute software. This shift is not only redefining the software industry but also the way we teach and learn in our software engineering (SE) courses. But for many universities…

  14. A Psychology Fulbright Year in China (United States)

    Portnoy, Robert N.


    This article shares a series of personal observations and anecdotes about central issues in college mental health in China based on my Fulbright year there. There are many cultural and structural forces that both support and constrain the growth of the mental health field in China. This article addresses these forces in terms of their impact on…

  15. Getting Personal: Feminist Occasions and Other Autobiographical Acts. (United States)

    Miller, Nancy K.

    This book reflects upon the ways in which contingencies of identity and location shape the writing of academic argument and the living of an academic life. Experimenting with a mode of writing called "narrative criticism," the book interweaves the personal and the theoretical, anecdote and text. It is organized around a number of…

  16. Twitter as a Tool to Warn Others about Sobriety Checkpoints: A Pilot Observational Study (United States)

    Seitz, Christopher M.; Orsini, Muhsin Michael; Fearnow-Kenney, Melodie; Hatzudis, Kiki; Wyrick, David L.


    Anecdotal evidence suggests that young people use the website Twitter as a tool to warn drivers about the locations of sobriety checkpoints. Researchers investigated this claim by independently analyzing the website's content regarding a sample of 10 sobriety checkpoints that were conducted in cities throughout the United States during the weekend…

  17. Using "Monopoly" to Introduce Concepts of Race and Ethnic Relations (United States)

    Waren, Warren


    In this paper I suggest a technique which uses the familiar Parker Brother's game "Monopoly" to introduce core concepts of race and ethnic relations. I offer anecdotes from my classes where an abbreviated version of the game is used as an analog to highlight the sociological concepts of direct institutional discrimination, the legacy of…

  18. Qualitative Analysis of the Barriers College Students with Disabilities Experience in Higher Education (United States)

    Hong, Barbara S. S.


    Students with disabilities are increasingly enrolling in colleges and universities. However, many institutions are still unprepared to support them beyond the basic federal mandate of equal access and reasonable accommodations. This qualitative study utilized a nontraditional media of reflective journaling to capture the anecdotal experiences of…

  19. The Literacy Line! Napa Valley Adult School: Final Report. (United States)

    Napa Valley Unified School District, Napa, CA.

    This report is an evaluation of an adult workplace literacy and English-as-a-Second-Language program for Napa Valley (California) vineyard workers of limited English proficiency. Many of the classes were held at the worksite. The first section of the report details the project's stated objectives and measures of accomplishment, anecdotal success…

  20. Big Brother Is Helping You: Supporting Self-Access Language Learning with a Student Monitoring System (United States)

    Reinders, Hayo


    Self-access and language advising are relatively recent and increasingly common types of language support offered in schools and tertiary institutions around the world. There is a great deal of anecdotal support for the positive contribution of such support to student learning. Self-access and language advising hold strong potential as…

  1. More than Comic Books (United States)

    Boerman-Cornell, Bill


    Graphic novels (book-length fiction or nonfiction narratives told using the conventions of a comic book) bring together text and image in a way that seems to capture students' imaginations. Right now, there is little more than anecdotal research about how graphic novels can be used within specific middle school and high school disciplines. As…

  2. Debating the Origins of Democracy: Overview of an Annotated Bibliography. Commentary. (United States)

    Johansen, Bruce E.


    The idea that Native American confederacies practiced a form of democracy that influenced development of the U.S. Constitution has become established in general discourse. An anecdotal overview of a 550-item bibliography focuses on the idea's spread to unanticipated places, academic debates, and conservative critics' horror story of the outcomes…

  3. Multimodal Pedagogies for Teacher Education in TESOL (United States)

    Yi, Youngjoo; Angay-Crowder, Tuba


    As a growing number of English language learners (ELLs) engage in digital and multimodal literacy practices in their daily lives, teachers are starting to incorporate multimodal approaches into their instruction. However, anecdotal and empirical evidence shows that teachers often feel unprepared for integrating such practices into their curricula…

  4. Student Consumerism in Higher Education: An Analysis of Relationships with Institutions (United States)

    Bossick, Michael John


    There has been much discussion in recent years concerning student consumerism and its potentially negative impact on higher education. Much of the literature has been anecdotal (Bellah 1999; Delucchi and Smith 1997; Edmundson 1997; Smith 2000), while some studies have been more empirical in nature (Levine and Cureton 1998; Delucchi and Korgen…

  5. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (85th, Miami, Florida, August 5-8, 2002). Media Ethics Division. (United States)


    The Media Ethics division of the proceedings contains the following 6 papers: "A Masochist's Teapot: Where to Put the Handle in Media Ethics" (Thomas W. Hickey); "Stalker-razzi and Sump-pump Hoses: The Role of the Media in the Death of Princess Diana" (Elizabeth Blanks Hindman); "The Promise and Peril of Anecdotes in News…

  6. Teaching Vocabulary through Movement: What Are the Outcomes for Children? (United States)

    Skoning, Stacey N.; Wegner, Theresa; Mason-Williams, Loretta


    Although past literature regarding the use of dance and creative movement to teach content has been supportive, it has been primarily anecdotal in nature. This study provided a systematic approach to evaluating the relationship between the use of dance and creative movement to teach character-trait vocabulary and students' understanding of those…

  7. Properties of publications on anatomy in medical education literature.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Vorstenbosch, M.A.T.M.; Bolhuis, S.; Kuppeveld, S. van; Kooloos, J.G.M.; Laan, R.F.J.M.


    Publications on anatomy in medical education appear to be largely anecdotal. To explore this, we investigated the literature on anatomy in medical education, aiming first to evaluate the contribution of the literature on anatomy in medical education to "best evidence medical education" (BEME) and se

  8. Beyond Transmissional Pedagogies in Christian Education: One School's Recasting of Values Education (United States)

    Collier, John; Dowson, Martin


    This article presents the efforts of one Christian school to counteract secular societal norms and foster Christian values in its students. Anecdotal observations led to an empirical study to ascertain students' thinking about values. In turn, the study results led to the school staff taking specific actions to address the realities discovered in…

  9. How to Get Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Children with Cerebral Palsy or Brain Injury: Navigating Insurance Denials, Red Tape, and Other Challenges (United States)

    Console, Richard P., Jr.


    Medical professionals who use hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) say that recent studies, as well as anecdotal evidence, indicate that this treatment significantly improves the lives of many children with cerebral palsy and other types of chronic brain injury. So why do many children with these diagnoses not have access to this treatment? Simply…

  10. Single-Sex Schools and Classrooms. The Informed Educator Series (United States)

    Clarke, Suzanne


    In October 2006, the U.S. Department of Education introduced the so-called "single-sex regulations," which brought the issue of single-sex education to the forefront of discussion among educators, policymakers, and parents. Anecdotal evidence suggests that single-sex education can have a positive impact on student achievement. However,…

  11. Specific Oral Communication Skills Desired in New Accountancy Graduates (United States)

    Gray, F. Elizabeth


    International research findings and anecdotal evidence alike suggest that new accountancy graduates often begin their careers with inadequate oral communication skills. However, there is a lack of well-grounded empirical data concerning precisely what accountancy employers mean by "oral communication" and what specific skills they value most…

  12. A Qualitative Study of Irish Teachers' Perspective of Student Substance Use (United States)

    Van Hout, Marie Claire; Connor, Sean


    Research Aim: This research aimed to provide an anecdotal perception of student substance use according to the teachers' personal experience in the Irish secondary level educational setting. Methodology: Sampling Interviews were conducted with teachers (n=95) at 10 randomly selected schools in County Carlow in the South East of Ireland, as part of…

  13. Climate-proofing spatial planning and water management projects: an analysis of 100 local and regional projects in the Netherlands

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Sedee, A.G.J.; Swart, R.J.; Pater, de F.; Goosen, H.; Pijnappels, M.H.J.; Vellinga, P.


    Since the turn of the century, an increasing number of local and regional authorities in Europe started making their city or region resilient to climate change, or ‘climate-proof’. Publications about the actual experiences with implementing these adaptation policies are as yet anecdotal, determined

  14. Dialectical Inquiry: A Structured Qualitative Research Method (United States)

    Berniker, Eli; McNabb, David E.


    This paper presents Dialectical Inquiry (DI) as a structured qualitative research method for studying participant models of organizational processes. The method is applied to rich secondary anecdotal data on technology transfer, gathered by subject-matter experts in a large firm. DI assumes that the imposition of a dialectical structure will…

  15. Comparison of Iontophoretic Lidocaine to EMLA Cream for Pain Reduction Prior to Intravenous Fannulation in Adults (United States)


    1957, used iontophoresis of local anesthetics for the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia . Gibson and Cooke, in 1959, used lidocaine and 1994). Other clinical uses of EMLA cream include: lumbar puncture, epidural injections, drug reservoir injections, skin surgery,, ear, nose, throat, oral surgery, lithotripsy, and there are some anecdotal reports of its use for the treatment of postherpetic neuralgia

  16. Considering New Paths for Success: An Examination of the Research and Methods on Urban School-University Partnerships Post-No Child Left Behind (United States)

    Flynn, Joseph E.; Hunt, Rebecca D.; Johnson, Laura Ruth; Wickman, Scott A.


    This article examines urban school-university partnership research after No Child Left Behind. Central to the review is an analysis in the trend of research methods utilized across studies. It was found that many studies are single-case studies or anecdotal. There are few quantitative, sustained qualitative, or mixed-methods studies represented in…

  17. Classroom Response Systems: A Review of the Literature (United States)

    Fies, Carmen; Marshall, Jill


    As the frequency with which Classroom Response Systems (CRSs) are used is increasing, it becomes more and more important to define the affordances and limitations of these tools. Currently existing literature is largely either anecdotal or focuses on comparing CRS and non-CRS environments that are unequal in other aspects as well. In addition, the…

  18. Doing Business: Knowledges in the Internationalised Business Lecture (United States)

    Doherty, Catherine Ann


    This paper investigates the oracy (listening/speaking) genres enacted in an undergraduate entry point unit in the internationalised university and the kind of knowledges these genres elicit and perform. Focusing on a series of lectures in a business studies unit, it explores how anecdotal knowledge from both the lecturer's and the students' lived…

  19. Camping in the Disciplines: Assessing the Effect of Writing Camps on Graduate Student Writers (United States)

    Busl, Gretchen; Donnelly, Kara Lee; Capdevielle, Matthew


    In the past ten years, an increasing number of universities have begun organizing writing "camps," or full-week immersion experiences, in an effort to address the increased need to support graduate student writing. Outside of anecdotes and testimonials, we have previously had very little data about these camps' success. This study,…

  20. Teen Courts: A Focus on Research. OJJDP Bulletin. (United States)

    Butts, Jeffrey A.; Buck, Janeen

    The teen court concept has gained popularity in recent years as juvenile courts have had to deal with increased numbers of serious, violent, and chronic juvenile offenders. Its acceptance has been fueled, in part, by positive anecdotal reports from those involved with this peer-centered approach. Growing from a handful of programs in the 1960s,…

  1. Accountability Incentives: Do Schools Practice Educational Triage? (United States)

    Springer, Matthew G.


    Increasingly frequent journalistic accounts report that schools are responding to No Child Left Behind (NCLB) by engaging in what has come to be known as "educational triage." Although these accounts rely almost entirely on anecdotal evidence, the prospect is of real concern. The NCLB accountability system divides schools into those in…

  2. The Effects of Job Sharing on Student Performance Literature Review. (United States)

    Garman, Dorothy

    The River Forest (Illinois) District 90 wished to examine the educational literature on the effects of job sharing by teachers on student performance. This document presents a review of the literature and summarizes and synthesizes this information. Only limited information was found on this subject. However, anecdotal reports of the impact of job…

  3. The effect of consignment to broodmare Sales on physiological stress measured by faecal glucocorticoid metabolites in pregnant Thoroughbred mares.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Schulman, Martin; Becker, Annet; Ganswindt, Stefanie; Guthrie, Alan; Stout, Tom; Ganswindt, Andre


    BACKGROUND: Validation of a method for the minimally-invasive measurement of physiological stress will help understanding of risk factors that may contribute to stress-associated events including recrudescence of Equid herpesvirus (EHV), which is anecdotally associated with sales consignment of preg

  4. 45 CFR 1308.10 - Eligibility criteria: Mental retardation. (United States)


    ... FAMILIES, HEAD START PROGRAM HEAD START PROGRAM PERFORMANCE STANDARDS ON SERVICES FOR CHILDREN WITH... to age-appropriate coping with the demands of the environment through independent skills in self-care... use of an established scale and appropriate behavioral/anecdotal records. An assessment of the...

  5. Failure Rates in Introductory Programming

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bennedsen, Jens; Caspersen, Michael Edelgaard


    It is a common conception that CS1 is a very difficult course and that failure rates are high. However, until now there has only been anecdotal evidence for this claim. This article reports on a survey among institutions around the world regarding failure rates in introductory programming courses...

  6. "Comfort" as a Critical Success Factor in Blended Learning Courses (United States)

    Futch, Linda S.; deNoyelles, Aimee; Thompson, Kelvin; Howard, Wendy


    There are substantial quantitative research and anecdotal reports on blended learning and blended learning courses. However, few research studies focus on what happens at the classroom level. This research study aims to consider the highly contextual environment of effective blended learning courses by identifying the strategies instructors use to…

  7. Anomalous Type I Error Rates for Identifying One Type of Differential Item Functioning in the Presence of the Other (United States)

    Finch, W. Holmes; French, Brian F.


    A number of statistical methods exist for the detection of differential item functioning (DIF). The performance of DIF methods has been widely studied and generally found to be effective in the detection of both uniform and nonuniform DIF. Anecdotal reports suggest that these techniques may too often incorrectly detect the presence of one type of…

  8. Corporate Bankruptcy Tourists

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Couwenberg, Oscar; Lubben, Stephen J.


    Foreign corporations facing financial distress have a choice: resructure in their home jurisdiction or file for bankruptcy in the United States. And some number of foreign corporations do file bankruptcy petitions in the United States. But besides the occasional anecdotal account, how frequently thi

  9. High School Forum: Boyle's/Hooke's/Towneley and Power's/Mariotte's Law. (United States)

    Hawthorne, Robert M.; Herron, J. Dudley, Ed.


    This column for high school teachers, written by high school teachers, discusses several interesting anecdotes related to the formulation of laws and the determination of constants. Science history is presented in a manner that can enliven classroom presentations and aid in understanding the principle itself. (Authur/SA)

  10. The Role of National Culture in Advertising’s Sensitivity to Business Cycles: An Investigation Across All Continents

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    B. Deleersnyder (Barbara); M.G. Dekimpe (Marnik); J-B.E.M. Steenkamp (Jan-Benedict); P.S.H. Leeflang (Peter)


    textabstractCutting advertising budgets has traditionally been a popular reaction by companies around the globe when faced with a slacking economy. Still, anecdotal evidence suggests the presence of considerable cross-country variability in the cyclical sensitivity of advertising expenditures. We co

  11. Localization of Head-Mounted Vibrotactile Transducers (United States)


    follicles themselves are aiding in tactor detection and identification as their hair strands are subjected to the stimuli. This result is anecdotal...14 4.4 The Effect of Hair ... targets on a computer screen. The use of tactile feedback in the task produced a quicker motor response than other feedback systems. The tactile

  12. MGMT promoter hypermethylation is a frequent, early, and consistent event in astrocytoma progression, and not correlated with TP53 mutation

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    F.H. Groenendijk (Floris); W. Taal (Walter); H.J. Dubbink (Erik Jan); C.R. Haarloo (Cathleen); M.C.M. Kouwenhoven (Mathilde); M.J. van den Bent (Martin); J.M. Kros (Johan); W.N.M. Dinjens (Winand)


    textabstractHypermethylation of the MGMT gene promoter and mutation of the TP53 tumor-suppressor gene are frequently present in diffuse astrocytomas. However, there is only anecdotal information about MGMT methylation status and TP53 mutations during progression of low-grade diffuse astrocytoma (AII

  13. Resits in Higher Education: Merely a Bar to Jump Over, or Do They Give a Pedagogical "Leg Up"? (United States)

    Proud, Steven


    When students fail an examination at the end of their first year, they are offered a resit examination, which they merely need to pass to progress into the second year. These resits anecdotally provide a dual purpose of testing that students have achieved the required level of attainment to progress, and incentivising additional effort. This paper…

  14. Sign-supported Dutch in children with severe speech and language impairments : A multiple case study

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Wijkamp, I.; Gerritsen, B.; Bonder, F.; Haisma, H.H.; van der Schans, C.P


    In the Netherlands, many educators and care providers working at special schools for children with severe speech and language impairments (SSLI) use sign-supported Dutch (SSD) to facilitate communication. Anecdotal experiences suggest positive results, but empirical evidence is lacking. In this mult

  15. Creativity-the unconscious foundations of the incubation period

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Ritter, S.M.; Dijksterhuis, A.J.


    Creativity is one of the most important assets we have to navigate through the fast changing world of the 21st century. Anecdotal accounts of creative individuals suggest that oftentimes, creative discoveries result from a process whereby initial conscious thought is followed by a period during whic

  16. Working memory benefits creative insight, musical improvisation, and original ideation through maintained task-focused attention

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    de Dreu, C.K.W.; Nijstad, B.A.; Baas, M.; Wolsink, I.; Roskes, M.


    Anecdotes from creative eminences suggest that executive control plays an important role in creativity, but scientific evidence is sparse. Invoking the Dual Pathway to Creativity Model, the authors hypothesize that working memory capacity (WMC) relates to creative performance because it enables pers

  17. Student Opinions and Perceptions of Undergraduate Thermodynamics Courses in Engineering (United States)

    Ugursal, V. Ismet; Cruickshank, Cynthia A.


    Thermodynamics is a fundamental foundation of all engineering disciplines. A vast majority of engineering undergraduate programmes contain one or more courses on thermodynamics, and many engineers use thermodynamics every day to analyse or design energy systems. However, there is extensive anecdotal evidence as well as a wide range of published…

  18. Teachers Talk: Views from Inside City Schools. (United States)

    Fuchs, Estelle

    Excerpts from tape recorded interviews with 14 beginning teachers in slum schools form the basis of this volume. Written to help neophyte teachers gain insights into the problems and experiences of teaching in such schools, the book presents anecdotes followed by discussion of relevant social science and cultural anthropological theory. There are…

  19. College Football Games and Crime (United States)

    Rees, Daniel I.; Schnepel, Kevin T.


    There is a great deal of anecdotal evidence that college football games can lead to aggressive and destructive behavior by fans. However, to date, no empirical study has attempted to document the magnitude of this phenomenon. We match daily data on offenses from the NIBRS to 26 Division I-A college football programs in order to estimate the…

  20. The Test-Optional Movement at America's Selective Liberal Arts Colleges: A Boon for Equity or Something Else? (United States)

    Belasco, Andrew S.; Rosinger, Kelly O.; Hearn, James C.


    The test-optional movement in the United States emerged largely in response to criticism of standardized admissions tests as inadequate and potentially biased measures of postsecondary promise. Although anecdotal reports suggest that test-optional policies have improved campus diversity, empirical research has not yet confirmed this claim.…

  1. Living under the dome

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Johnson, Thomas; Mol, Arthur P.J.; Zhang, Lei; Yang, Shuai


    Although poor air quality has been a fact of life for millions of Chinese citizens for at least two decades, individual actions to alleviate the impact of air pollution are a more recent phenomenon. Anecdotal evidence suggests that individualized responses to environmental risks and threats, whic

  2. Introduction to "The Function of Talk in the Writing Conference: A Study of Tutorial Conversation" (United States)

    Pemberton, Michael A.


    "The Function of Talk in the Writing Conference: A Study of Tutorial Conversation" is, the author thinks, an excellent example of what a well-designed analytical study of conversational narratives can reveal. People in this field have long made the claim--anecdotally, for the most part--that writing center tutors occupy a liminal space between…


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This paper presents the history of Professor T. D. Lee's seminal work on the theory of relativistic heavy ion collisions, and the founding and development of the Riken Brookhaven Center. A number of anecdotes are given about Prof. Lee, and his strong positive effect on his colleagues, particularly young physicists.

  4. The Elephants Teach: Creative Writing since 1880 (United States)

    Myers, David Gershom


    When Vladimir Nabokov was up for a chair in literature at Harvard, the linguist Roman Jakobson protested: "What's next? Shall we appoint elephants to teach zoology?" That anecdote, with which D. G. Myers begins "The Elephants Teach", perfectly frames the issues this book tackles. Myers explores more than a century of debate over how writing should…

  5. "A Long-Legged Fly upon the Stream": Poetry, Memory and the Unconscious (United States)

    Bayley, Nicholas


    In this paper I introduce some concepts from psychoanalysis, a poem, a clinical vignette and a personal anecdote. I am asking what light the knowledge of unconscious processes can throw on the memorisation of poems and therefore what use to the individual can be derived from learning poems by heart. A version of the paper was first given at the…

  6. Creative production by angry people peaks early on, decreases over time, and is relatively unstructured

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    M. Baas; C.K.W. de Dreu; B.A. Nijstad


    Anecdotes and introspective reports from eminent scientists and artists aside, a systematic test of the putative creativity-enhancing effect of anger is missing. This article fills this void with three experiments examining creativity as a function of anger (vs. sad or a mood-neutral control state).

  7. Creativity: The role of unconscious processes in idea generation and idea selection

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Ritter, S.M.; Baaren, R.B. van; Dijksterhuis, A.J.


    Today's world of continuous change thrives on creative individuals. Anecdotal reports suggest that creative performance benefits from unconscious processes. Empirical research on the role of the unconscious in creativity, though, is inconsistent and thus far has focused mainly on one aspect of the c

  8. Four limb amputations due to peripheral gangrene from inotrope use – Case report and review of the literature

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ang Chuan Han


    CONCLUSION: Microvascular spasm is a rare complication of inotrope use which may lead to extensive peripheral gangrene. Anecdotal reports of reversal agents have been discussed. Four limb amputations are a reasonable option especially if done in an elective setting after the gangrene has demarcated itself. Rehabilitation with prosthesis after 4 limb amputations can result in good functional outcome.

  9. Beyond Integrative Motivation: The Development and Influence of Assimilative Motivation. (United States)

    Graham, C. Ray

    Research suggests that assimilative motivation is largely responsible for the development of native-like speech in both first and second languages. Analysis of anecdotal evidence of early bilingual development, studies of dialect acquisition, bilingual immersion programs, and studies of language pidginization illustrating the development of…

  10. The School Uniform Movement and What It Tells Us about American Education: A Symbolic Crusade (United States)

    Brunsma, David L.


    This book represents the most thorough exposition on the present understanding of the impetuses, debates, legalities, and effectiveness of school uniform policies that have rapidly entered the discourse of school reform in the United States. In it, David Brunsma provides an antidote to the ungrounded, anecdotal components that define the…

  11. How To Catch a Shark and Other Stories about Teaching and Learning. (United States)

    Graves, Donald H.

    This anthology of 32 autobiographical tales is based on both personal and professional experiences. The anthology's eclectic tales offer: recalled moments of childhood wonder; anecdotes about remarkable and not-so-remarkable students; lessons from the pulpit as well as the battlefield; and stories of painful loss, hilarious mishaps, and awesome…

  12. Teaching Inquiry with a Lens toward Curiosity (United States)

    von Renesse, Christine; Ecke, Volker


    This paper links educational psychology research about curiosity to teacher moves that are effective in an inquiry-based mathematics classroom. Three vignettes will show explicit teacher moves (staging disagreement, intriguing anecdotes, and creating a safe space) for different audiences (math majors, mathematics for liberal arts students, and…

  13. Why Volunteer? The Complexities of International Pre-Service Teachers' Intercultural Adjustment Experiences through Community Service Engagement (United States)

    Soong, Hannah


    Anecdotal evidence suggests that pre-service teachers who have volunteered in schools demonstrate greater awareness of the general operational aspects of a school and, thus, are better prepared for the teaching practicum. However, there is little documented evidence about the cross-cultural challenges of international pre-service teachers…

  14. Constructivism and Professional Development: A Stereoscopic View. (United States)

    Gurney, Bruce

    This paper proposed to apply the perspective of constructivism to the classroom setting. Secondary science teachers and university personnel jointly developed and experimented with a variety of constructivist teaching strategies. Data were collected in the form of teacher anecdotes, audio and videotapes of lessons and student interviews, teacher…

  15. Take It or Leave It: Students' Attitudes about Research Methods (United States)

    Wisecup, Allison K.


    This study employs a cross-sectional design to explore sociology majors' attitudes toward research methods. Survey data from a convenience sample of students enrolled in 16 departments are used to compare the attitudes of students who have and have not completed a research methods course. Despite consistent anecdotal claims that students harbor…


    Okeson, Danelle M; Higbie, Christine T; Mylniczenko, Natalie D; Haynes, April; Bennett, Suzanne; Klocke, Emily; Carpenter, James W


    Endometriosis has been reported in humans, great apes, and Old World monkeys. Although cases are noted anecdotally in Mandrillus spp., and a previously reported case was noted on postmortem examination, to the authors' knowledge, no previous reports of case management have been published in the peer-reviewed literature. This paper describes the medical and surgical management of endometriosis in two mandrills (Mandrillus sphinx).

  17. Are We There Yet? (United States)

    Scully, Maura King


    How things have changed. No longer can alumni relations rely on head counts or anecdotal feedback as indicators of a job well done. Alumni leaders now have to prove it, and to do that, they need to look at their programs with a critical eye, comparing where they stack up against peer and aspirant institutions on specific, measurable objectives. In…

  18. Outlier Ohio: A Case Study of Ohio Public Libraries and an Analysis of Their Collective Success (United States)

    Klentzin, Jacqueline Courtney


    This study examined the collective success and "Best in the Nation" status of Ohio public libraries as indicated in by various statistical rankings, like the HAPLR and "Library Journal" Star Libraries, as well as anecdotal reports in the trade literature. The study was qualitative in nature and utilized a single-subject case…

  19. Private Giving to Public Schools and Districts in Los Angeles County: A Pilot Study. (United States)

    Zimmer, Ron; Krop, Cathy; Kaganoff, Tessa; Ross, Karen E.; Brewer, Dominic J.

    In an era of dependence on nonflexible funding by states, private support is a desirable source of funding. Anecdotal reports and a limited body of documented research suggest districts and schools are pursuing private support with increased sophistication and aggressiveness. This pilot study is designed to provide schools and school districts…

  20. Lifeworld and Textualism: Reassembling the Researcher/ed and "Others" (United States)

    Payne, Phillip G.


    This response to McKenzie's "post-post" concerns about environmental education research draws upon empirical, conceptual, anecdotal, metaphorical, imaged and poetic means to help the researcher "reassemble" the researcher/ed by attending to her/his relational body and embodiment of various, often hegemonic, socially constructed environmental…

  1. Soul Warming Stories of Children with Special Needs (United States)

    Bazeghi, Barabara


    This article presents an anecdote that relates the "derailment" that a child with autism can experience with an event as seemingly innocuous as the cafeteria pizza being rectangular as opposed to round. Those who work with or are the family member's of a person with autism will certainly be able to relate to such an event.

  2. Pizza Parties, Pep Rallies, and Practice Tests: Strategies Used by High School Principals to Raise Percent Proficient (United States)

    Hollingworth, Liz; Dude, David J.; Shepherd, Julie K.


    This study explores ways high school principals are responding to the demands of education reform to raise student test scores on achievement tests used for accountability purposes. Anecdotal evidence suggests administrators have instituted pizza parties and pep rallies to motivate students to do their best and practice tests to prepare students…

  3. Extrahepatic manifestations of hepatitis C virus infection. (United States)

    Zignego, Anna Linda; Craxì, Antonio


    Hepatitis C virus may cause hepatic and extrahepatic diseases. Extrahepatic manifestations range from disorders for which a significant association with viral infection is supported by epidemiologic and pathogenetic data, to anecdotal observations without clear proof of causality. This article describes the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases.

  4. Migration Policy: When an Emergency Rule Becomes the Rule. Evidence from Italy

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Dalla Pellegrina, L.; Saraceno, M.; Suardi, M.


    Anecdotal evidence exists that migrants experience difficulties in complying with Italian immigration rules (i.e. permit of stay applications and renewals) because of an intricate and inconstant legal framework. As a consequence, migrants often need legal assistance in order to regularize their stat

  5. From the Party/State to Multiethnic Democracy: Education and Social Cohesion in Europe and Central Asia. (United States)

    Heyneman, Stephen P.


    Reviews anecdotal and field experience in Europe and Central Asia in meeting the challenges of social cohesion and draws some comparisons between the social cohesion of education systems in the European and Central Asian regions and that of the United States. Outlines ways in which public education has contributed to social cohesion in the West.…

  6. Open Access Scholarly Publications as OER (United States)

    Anderson, Terry


    This paper presents the rationale, common practices, challenges, and some personal anecdotes from a journal editor on the production, use, and re-use of peer-reviewed scholarly articles as open educational resources (OER). The scholarly and professional discourse related to open educational resources has largely focused on open learning objects,…

  7. Silence in the Second Language Classrooms of Japanese Universities (United States)

    King, Jim


    Japanese language learners' proclivity for silence has been alluded to by various writers (e.g. Anderson 1993; Korst 1997; Greer 2000) and is supported by plenty of anecdotal evidence, but large-scale, empirical studies aimed at measuring the extent of macro-level silence within Japanese university L2 classrooms are notably lacking. This article…

  8. Dance and Special Education (United States)

    Munsell, Sonya E.; Bryant Davis, Kimberly E.


    Arts activities have been included in the educational curriculum of public schools for a number of years. Most often, course offerings in the arts consist of visual art, vocal music, and instrumental music classes. Although not as common, dance has also been included in the educational curriculum. Research and anecdotal evidence suggest that…

  9. Pet therapy: dogs de-stress students. (United States)

    Young, Judith S


    Research supports the efficacy of the human-animal bond and pet therapy in a variety of settings. At nursing students' request at one school, the author began offering pet therapy prior to examinations. Anecdotal evidence of a study with the author's Golden Retriever, Goldilocks, demonstrates that pet therapy can reduce test anxiety and improve nursing student performance.

  10. Insulin Administration in Catholic Schools: A New Look at Legal and Medical Issues (United States)

    Huggins, Mike


    Anecdotal evidence indicates that more students with type 1 diabetes are enrolling in Catholic schools across the United States. Meeting the medical needs of these students appears to be a significant challenge--legally and logistically--for many Catholic schools. District officials, school leaders, and school staff need support to understand the…

  11. Pattern of Plagiarism in Novice Students' Generated Programs: An Experimental Approach (United States)

    Ahmadzadeh, Marzieh; Mahmoudabadi, Elham; Khodadadi, Farzad


    Anecdotal evidence shows that in computer programming courses plagiarism is a widespread problem. With the growing number of students in such courses, manual plagiarism detection is impractical. This requires instructors to use one of the many available plagiarism detection tools. Prior to choosing one of such tools, a metric that assures the…

  12. Testing of duplicate rinse aliquots for presence of Salmonella (United States)

    Testing of chicken carcass rinses for Salmonella prevalence is often performed in duplicate because of the potential importance of the results, but anecdotal reports indicate that duplicate samples often disagree. This might be due to normal variation in microbiological methods or to the testing of...

  13. Is Parental Alienation Disorder a Valid Concept? Not According to Scientific Evidence. A Review of "Parental Alienation, DSM-5 and ICD-11" by William Bernet (United States)

    Pepiton, M. Brianna; Alvis, Lindsey J.; Allen, Kenneth; Logid, Gregory


    This article reviews a recent book arguing how a concept known as parental alienation syndrome--now parental alienation disorder--should be included in official psychiatric/psychological and medical classification diagnostic manuals. Anecdotal cases and opinion are presented as research and scientific evidence, and stories are presented as…

  14. Categories of Insight and Their Correlates: An Exploration of Relationships among Classic-Type Insight Problems, Rebus Puzzles, Remote Associates and Esoteric Analogies (United States)

    Cunningham, J. Barton; MacGregor, James N.; Gibb, Jenny; Haar, Jarrod


    A central question in creativity concerns how insightful ideas emerge. Anecdotal examples of insightful scientific and technical discoveries include Goodyear's discovery of the vulcanization of rubber, and Mendeleev's realization that there may be gaps as he tried to arrange the elements into the Periodic Table. Although most people would regard…

  15. From Scratch to Notch: Understanding Private Tutoring Metamorphosis in the Philippines from the Perspectives of Cram School and Formal School Administrators (United States)

    de Castro, Belinda V.; de Guzman, Allan B.


    Although there is considerable anecdotal evidence that the scale of private tutoring is substantial in the Philippines, attempts to document its existence is limited. Using phenomenological inquiry, this study aimed to provide a more eidetic portrait of private tutoring transformation in the Philippines from the perspectives and collective…

  16. Determination of the acute toxicity of isoniazid to three invasive carp species and rainbow trout in static exposures (United States)

    Schreier, Theresa M.; Hubert, Terrance D.


    Three invasive fishes of considerable concern to aquatic resource managers are the Hypophthalmichthys nobilis (bighead carp),Hypophthalmichthys molitrix (silver carp), and Ctenopharyngodon idella (grass carp), collectively known as Asian carps. There is a need for an effective chemical control agent for Asian carps. Isoniazid was identified as a potential toxicant for grass carp. The selective toxicity of isoniazid to grass carp was verified as a response to an anecdotal report received in 2013. In addition, the toxicity of isoniazid to bighead carp, silver carp, and Oncorhynchus mykiss (rainbow trout) was evaluated. Isoniazid was not toxic to grass carp at the reported anecdotal concentration, which was 13 milligrams per liter. Isoniazid (130 milligrams per liter) was not selectively toxic to bighead carp, silver carp, or grass carp when compared to rainbow trout.

  17. Cannabis and Exercise Science: A Commentary on Existing Studies and Suggestions for Future Directions. (United States)

    Gillman, Arielle S; Hutchison, Kent E; Bryan, Angela D


    Policies regarding cannabis use are rapidly changing, yet public officials have limited access to scientific information that might inform the creation of these policies. One important area in which to begin investigations is the link between recreational cannabis use and health, specifically exercise. There are common anecdotal reports that cannabis decreases motivation, including motivation to exercise. On the other hand, there are also anecdotal reports that cannabis is used prior to athletic activity. In fact, the World Anti-Doping Agency includes cannabis as a prohibited substance in sport, partly because it is believed that it may enhance sports performance. At the current time, there is limited scientific evidence to support either one of these opposing lay perspectives. Given recent political, cultural, and legal trends, and the growing acceptance of recreational cannabis use, it is important to develop a more nuanced understanding of the relationship between cannabis and exercise, specifically the potential effects of use on exercise performance, motivation, and recovery.

  18. Welfare assessment in transgenic pigs expressing green fluorescent protein (GFP)

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Huber, Reinhard C.; Remuge, Liliana; Carlisle, Ailsa;


    Since large animal transgenesis has been successfully attempted for the first time about 25 years ago, the technology has been applied in various lines of transgenic pigs. Nevertheless one of the concerns with the technology—animal welfare—has not been approached through systematic assessment...... and statements regarding the welfare of transgenic pigs have been based on anecdotal observations during early stages of transgenic programs. The main aim of the present study was therefore to perform an extensive welfare assessment comparing heterozygous transgenic animals expressing GFP with wildtype animals...... months. The absence of significant differences between GFP and wildtype animals in the parameters observed suggests that the transgenic animals in question are unlikely to suffer from deleterious effects of transgene expression on their welfare and thus support existing anecdotal observations of pigs...

  19. Investigating aspects of explicitation in sometranslations of Sa'di's Golestan based on a parallel corpus

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    محمد رضا پهلوان نژاد


    Full Text Available The present study aims to test Explicitation Hypothesis using a parallel one-directional Persian-English corpus. To this end, ten anecdotes selected randomly form Sa'di's Golestan and their three English translations extracted from Gulistān's translations by Edward Rehatsek (2004, Edward B. Eastwick (1979, and James Ross (1890 were studied. The anecdotes and their translations were compared sentence by sentence to investigate aspects of explicitation and extract the explicitation cases using Klaudy's (2004 typology. The findings of the study confirmed the Explicitation Hypothesis and showed that all types of explicitation, namely obligatory, optional, pragmatic, and translation-inherent were used by the translators, with the obligatory explicitation having the highest frequency. Keywords: Explicitation Hypothesis, parallel corpus, Klaudy's typology, obligatory explicitation, optional explicitation, pragmatic explicitation, translation-inherent explicitation

  20. Disturbance promotes non-indigenous bacterial invasion in soil microcosms

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Liu, Manqiang; Strandmark, Lisa Bjørnlund; Rønn, Regin


    Invasion-biology is largely based on non-experimental observation of larger organisms. Here, we apply an experimental approach to the subject. By using microbial-based microcosm-experiments, invasion-biology can be placed on firmer experimental, and hence, less anecdotal ground. A better understa......Invasion-biology is largely based on non-experimental observation of larger organisms. Here, we apply an experimental approach to the subject. By using microbial-based microcosm-experiments, invasion-biology can be placed on firmer experimental, and hence, less anecdotal ground. A better...... understanding of the mechanisms that govern invasion-success of bacteria in soil communities will provide knowledge on the factors that hinder successful establishment of bacteria artificially inoculated into soil, e.g. for remediation purposes. Further, it will yield valuable information on general principles...

  1. An exploratory study on the user experience of foot reflexology therapy using reflexology artifacts (United States)

    Okere, Hector Chimeremeze; Sulaiman, Suziah; Rambli, Dayang Rohaya Awang; Foong, Oi-Mean


    The reputation and significance of foot reflexology therapy has continuously been on the rise. It is currently widely used as a complementary therapy, for stress relief and a potential diagnostic tool. In the society nowadays, there exist a lot of reflexology artifacts that claim to be an alternative substitutes to the traditional foot reflexology practice since the practices promote relaxation and stress relief. However, there has been very little or no attention given towards the verification of such anecdote and the identification of the similarities, differences and opportunities these reflexology artifacts offer. This paper hence aims to address this issue through the exploration of the practices. The study examined the interactive nature of four different sets of common reflexology artifacts from both the patients' and the experts' perspective. Data were collected through audio recorded semi-structured interview. The study findings revealed answers to those anecdotes, highlighting the similarities, difference and opportunities these reflexology artifacts offer. Implications for future research were also discussed.

  2. Mandela’s Meanings: a Translated and Adapted Life

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carli Coetzee


    Full Text Available This paper reflects on the seeming ubiquity of representations of Nelson Mandela, and contrasts this with the years of silence and facelessness that have entered the mythological sphere - the 18 years he spent on Robben Island. The period when Mandela (through text or image circulated the least has now in fact become the centrepiece of the narrative of his life. In this paper, I reconstitute some of the literary and photographic fragments of that era, one for which the biographical record is strikingly consistent ad repetitive. One anecdote that has been retold by every biographer is that of Mandela performing the role of King Creon in a production of Antigone. Interpreters typically cast this small incident in mythical and allegorical terms. Through reconstituting the scattered references to the performance, I show that these interpretations typically exaggerate and misread the anecdote. Thus the Antigone performance provides us instead, I argue, with an instance of a retrospective reading that exceeds the event.

  3. Computer Algebra Recipes for Mathematical Physics

    CERN Document Server

    Enns, Richard H


    Over two hundred novel and innovative computer algebra worksheets or "recipes" will enable readers in engineering, physics, and mathematics to easily and rapidly solve and explore most problems they encounter in their mathematical physics studies. While the aim of this text is to illustrate applications, a brief synopsis of the fundamentals for each topic is presented, the topics being organized to correlate with those found in traditional mathematical physics texts. The recipes are presented in the form of stories and anecdotes, a pedagogical approach that makes a mathematically challenging subject easier and more fun to learn. Key features: * Uses the MAPLE computer algebra system to allow the reader to easily and quickly change the mathematical models and the parameters and then generate new answers * No prior knowledge of MAPLE is assumed; the relevant MAPLE commands are introduced on a need-to-know basis * All MAPLE commands are indexed for easy reference * A classroom-tested story/anecdote format is use...

  4. The effect of improvisational music therapy on the treatment of depression: protocol for a randomised controlled trial


    Punkanen Marko; Ala-Ruona Esa; Fachner Jörg; Gold Christian; Erkkilä Jaakko; Vanhala Mauno


    Background. Music therapy is frequently offered to individuals suffering from depression. Despite the lack of research into the effects of music therapy on this population, anecdotal evidence suggests that the results are rather promising. The aim of this study is to examine whether improvisational, psychodynamically orientated music therapy in an individual setting helps reduce symptoms of depression and improve other health-related outcomes. In particul...

  5. Explorations in the uses of language in psychotherapy: complex empathic statements. (United States)

    Havens, L


    I have suggested (1978) that the language occurring to us in personal and psychotherapeutic speech reflects our distance from one another, and that the empathic position in particular evokes emotional reverberations and spontaneous verbal accompaniments which serve to identify that position. I have also suggested some prototypic forms of this spontaneous empathic speech. A clinical anecdote and two observations will illustrate these points and prepare for the discussion of more complex empathic forms.

  6. Athletic career transition : a qualitative inquiry into ex-athletes' experiences of the sports system in Singapore


    Suptu, M. Faisal


    Anecdotally, studies on athletic career development and/ or transition revealed that athletes tend to have difficulty immersing their lifestyle into the societal norm after the termination of their athletic career. Based on a cross-cultural study by Alfermann & Stambulova (2002), the phenomenon of athletes coping with this change is no different whether it is voluntary or involuntary termination, and whether the country’s existing sports system does provide assistance in their transitions; wi...

  7. Comparative Resuscitation Measures for Drug Toxicities Utilizing Lipid Emulsions (United States)


    Infusion of lipid emulsion may be effective in treating an otherwise fatal complication per anecdotal documentation. The proposed mechanism of...regimens and better understanding of the mechanism of lipid therapy. This multi-year study had been divided into 4 parts, with a drug completed each...after a Presumed Bupivicaine-related Cardiac Arrest. Anesthesiology, 105(1), 217-218. Ruetsch, Y, Boni T, Borgeat A (2001) From cocaine to

  8. PowerPoint® Presentation Flaws and Failures: A Psychological Analysis


    Kosslyn, Stephen M.; Kievit, Rogier A.; Russell, Alexandra G.; Shephard, Jennifer M.


    Electronic slideshow presentations are often faulted anecdotally, but little empirical work has documented their faults. In Study 1 we found that eight psychological principles are often violated in PowerPoint® slideshows, and are violated to similar extents across different fields – for example, academic research slideshows generally were no better or worse than business slideshows. In Study 2 we found that respondents reported having noticed, and having been annoyed by, specific problems in...

  9. PowerPoint® Presentation Flaws and Failures: A Psychological Analysis


    Stephen Michael Kosslyn; Kievit, Rogier A.; Russell, Alexandra G.; Shephard, Jennifer M.


    Electronic slideshow presentations are often faulted anecdotally, but little empirical work has documented their faults. Three studies reported here document psychological causes of their flaws. In Study 1 we found that eight psychological principles are often violated in PowerPoint® presentations, across different fields—for example, academic research presentations generally were no better or worse than business presentations. In Study 2 we found that respondents reported having noticed...

  10. Shorebird avoidance of nearshore feeding and roosting areas at night correlates with presence of a nocturnal avian predator


    Piersma, Theunis; Gill, Robert E.; Goeij, Petra de; Dekinga, Anne; Shepherd, Marnie L.; Ruthrauff, Daniel; Tibbitts, Lee


    We here report two anecdotes about avian interactions relevant to the interpretation of differences in shorebird habitat use between day and night. Several studies have reported that shorebirds avoid feeding and roosting along nearshore areas at night yet commonly use these sites during daytime. This suggests that nighttime avoidance of nearshore places is a response to increased danger of predation. When mist-netting during autumn 2005 on nearshore intertidal habitats along South Spit, Egegi...

  11. Nevill Mott reminiscences and appreciations

    CERN Document Server

    Davis, E A


    Sir Nevill Mott was Britain''s last Winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics. This is a tribute to the life and work of Nobel Laureate Nevill Mott, a hugely admired and appreciated man, and one of this countries greatest ever scientists. It includes contributions from over 80 of his friends, family and colleagues, full of anecdotes and appreciations for this collossus of modern physics.

  12. More Research on Veteran Employment Would Show What’s Good for Business and for Veterans (United States)


    assess veterans’ employment resource needs over time. An important component of assessing veterans’ civilian career success is their satisfaction with...contributing to these outcomes. Private-sector companies anecdotally report that veteran employees tend to have retention rates equivalent to or communicate what their industry and organization have to offer these potential employees . Companies must now sell themselves to veterans—the

  13. Steve Jobs or no jobs? Entrepreneurial activity and performance among Danish college dropouts and graduates


    Bünstorf, Guido; Nielsen, Kristian; Timmermans, Bram


    Are college dropouts successful entrepreneurs? Other than anecdotal evidence on illustrious college dropouts who managed to become self-made billionaires, there is only limited empirical evidence to answer this question. This paper addresses this issue by investigating the relationship between college dropout or graduation and entrepreneurship activity as well as performance. Using information from the Danish labor market register, we identify college students, whether these students graduate...

  14. Ettore Majorana unveiled genius and endless mysteries

    CERN Document Server

    Esposito, Salvatore


    This biography sheds new light on the life and work of physicist Ettore Majorana (including unpublished contributions), as well as on his mysterious disappearance in March 1938. Majorana is held by many, including Nobel Laureate, Enrico Fermi, to have been a genius of the rank of Galilei and Newton. In this intriguing story, the author, himself a leading expert on the work of Majorana, supplements the existing literature with new insights, anecdotes and personal accounts of contemporaries of Majorana.

  15. The value of patients' handwritten comments on HCAHPS surveys. (United States)

    Huppertz, John W; Smith, Robert


    Some patients write comments on their Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) surveys, but survey vendors do not record them, and the value of this anecdotal information is not well understood. However, many rating websites contain both numerical ratings and anecdotal comments from consumers who wish to share their experiences, and the option to write comments enhances the appeal of these survey forums. Recent research shows that numerical ratings do not sufficiently capture the range of consumer experiences and that comments contain additional information that complements survey responses. In this study, we investigate the contribution of anecdotal comments on HCAHPS surveys to the prediction of two global outcome measures: overall hospital rating and intention to recommend. HCAHPS surveys were collected retrospectively from 589 inpatients at two community hospitals, whose answers to the HCAHPS questions plus any handwritten comments were entered into a database. Nearly 20% of the surveys contained at least one written comment. A content analysis was performed, and comments were classified as positive, negative, neutral, or mixed. Regression analyses showed that negative comments significantly affected patients' overall hospital rating with and intention to recommend the hospital. After adjusting for their quantitative ratings on the HCAHPS questions, we found that patients who wrote negative comments gave the hospitals significantly lower satisfaction and intention scores. Consistent with prior research, our study showed that the information contained in numerical HCAHPS composite measures was enhanced by patients' commentary. In addition, quantitative HCAHPS ratings appear to underestimate the feelings of people who write negative comments, validating practices at hospitals that use surveys containing negative anecdotes in quality improvement initiatives.

  16. Self-entitled college students: Contributions of personality, parenting, and motivational factors


    Greenberger, E; Lessard, J.; Chen, C.; Farruggia, SP


    Anecdotal evidence suggests an increase in entitled attitudes and behaviors of youth in school and college settings. Using a newly developed scale to assess "academic entitlement" (AE), a construct that includes expectations of high grades for modest effort and demanding attitudes towards teachers, this research is the first to investigate the phenomenon systematically. In two separate samples of ethnically diverse college students comprised largely of East and Southeast Asian American, follo...

  17. JPRS Report, Science & Technology, USSR: Science & Technology Policy (United States)


    the basic source of our psychological exhaustion and apathy. It often reminds me of a famous anecdote of the philoso- pher Albert Camus . A person...Financing System For Academy of Sciences Explained [G. Chivadze; ZARYA VOSTOKA, 7 May 88] 27 Coordination, Funding Problems Plague New S&T Cost-Accounting...transformation of our society. 13362 JPRS-UST-88-011 7 November 1988 29 Budget, Finance Coordination, Funding Problems Plague New S&T Cost-Accounting

  18. Prosthetic valve endocarditis and bloodstream infection due to Mycobacterium chimaera. (United States)

    Achermann, Yvonne; Rössle, Matthias; Hoffmann, Matthias; Deggim, Vanessa; Kuster, Stefan; Zimmermann, Dieter R; Bloemberg, Guido; Hombach, Michael; Hasse, Barbara


    Prosthetic valve endocarditis (PVE) due to fast-growing nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) has been reported anecdotally. Reports of PVE with slowly growing NTM, however, are lacking. We present here one case of PVE and one case of bloodstream infection caused by Mycobacterium chimaera. Randomly amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD)-PCR indicated a relatedness of the two M. chimaera strains. Both patients had heart surgery 2 years apart from each other. A nosocomial link was not detected.

  19. Prosthetic Valve Endocarditis and Bloodstream Infection Due to Mycobacterium chimaera


    Achermann, Yvonne; Rössle, Matthias; Hoffmann, Matthias; Deggim, Vanessa; Kuster, Stefan; Zimmermann, Dieter R.; Bloemberg, Guido; Hombach, Michael; Hasse, Barbara


    Prosthetic valve endocarditis (PVE) due to fast-growing nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) has been reported anecdotally. Reports of PVE with slowly growing NTM, however, are lacking. We present here one case of PVE and one case of bloodstream infection caused by Mycobacterium chimaera. Randomly amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD)-PCR indicated a relatedness of the two M. chimaera strains. Both patients had heart surgery 2 years apart from each other. A nosocomial link was not detected.

  20. Foucault's Reading in American Dreams

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Peter Carey is a prominent novelist in Australia, who has won two Booker Prizes. American Dreams is one of the successful short stories, telling an anecdote in Australian small town: Mr. Gleason, the protagonist, secretly constructs an artful model of the town which later becomes a tourist attraction for Americans. The townsfolk's life and attitudes towards Americans before and after the event have great changes.

  1. The Army Reserve: Optimally Seeking Relevance and Readiness in a Fiscally Constrained Environment (United States)


    path, I want to thank Dr. Barry Stentiford for his anecdotes, enduring my procrastination , and regurgitative drafting style. Through Dr. Stentiford’ operational force, must overcome the apprehension of losing appropriations. Bureaucratic mentalities must transform and support evolving...future, they can overcome past mistakes and pursue a future that is “best for the country.”3 Methodology This study contains three primary sections

  2. Une restauration « spectaculaire », Le cas d’une Vierge à l’Enfant restaurée par Joseph Van der Veken


    VAN CALOEN, Veronique; Verbeeck, Muriel


    This article replaces the restoration of a Madonna and Child by Joseph Van der Vecken within the context of a period.Documented by the patron, the intervention did not meet his expectations and resulted in a de-restoration. This fact, far from being anecdotic, is proof of the change in mentalities and sensitivities in the first half of the twentieth century and of the emergence of a new concept of restoration Peer reviewed

  3. Observational and Synoptic Analyses of the Winter Precipitation Regime Change over Utah


    Gillies, Robert R.; Wang, Shih-Yu; Booth, Marty R.


    Previous studies have indicated a widespread decline in snowpack over Utah accompanied by a decline in the snow–precipitation ratio while anecdotal evidence claims have been put forward that measured changes in Utah’s snowpack are spurious and do not reflect actual change. Using two distinct lines of investigation, this paper further analyzes the winter precipitation regime in the state of Utah. First, by means of observation-based, gridded daily temperature, precipitation, and remotely sense...

  4. Consumer behaviour and sales forecast accuracy: what’s going on and how should revenue managers respond?


    Currie, Christine S.M.; Rowley, Ian T.


    Since the Lehman’s crash in 2008 anecdotal evidence from the Revenue Management Society in the UK suggests that consumer buying behaviour has changed significantly. Consumers are buying different things, at different times and through different channels. As a result forecast accuracy is poor and many companies are turning off the automated forecasting systems and relying on analysts to predict booking behaviour. Historical data alone cannot be used to predict future sales in times of flux suc...

  5. Demecology in the Cambrian: synchronized molting in arthropods from the Burgess Shale


    Haug, Joachim T; Caron, Jean-Bernard; Haug, Carolin


    Background The Burgess Shale is well known for its preservation of a diverse soft-bodied biota dating from the Cambrian period (Series 3, Stage 5). While previous paleoecological studies have focused on particular species (autecology) or entire paleocommunities (synecology), studies on the ecology of populations (demecology) of Burgess Shale organisms have remained mainly anecdotal. Results Here, we present evidence for mass molting events in two unrelated arthropods from the Burgess Shale Wa...

  6. A Chemical-Medical Mystery: Gold Jewelry and Black Marks on Skin (United States)

    Kebbekus, Barbara B.


    Gold jewelry at times makes a black mark or smudge on skin. This may be caused by abrasive powders on the skin (e.g. zinc oxide) but the phenomenon may also be caused by other skin conditions, possibly the presence of chloride ion, acidity, or sulfur-containing amino acids. Some anecdotal evidence is published, but properly designed studies to clarify the actual causes are not available.

  7. Evidence of Combat in Triceratops


    Andrew A Farke; Wolff, Ewan D. S.; Tanke, Darren H.


    BACKGROUND: The horns and frill of Triceratops and other ceratopsids (horned dinosaurs) are interpreted variously as display structures or as weapons against conspecifics and predators. Lesions (in the form of periosteal reactive bone, healing fractures, and alleged punctures) on Triceratops skulls have been used as anecdotal support of intraspecific combat similar to that in modern horned and antlered animals. If ceratopsids with different cranial morphologies used their horns in such combat...

  8. Did Knut Hamsun suffer from seasonal variation in mood? : A prospective study.



    Background: Studies on creativity and mental illness and reports on Seasonal Affective Disorder in artist often have methodological weaknesses; in particular they tend to be retrospective. Knut Hamsun was an original writer and Nobel Prize winner in literature. Anecdotes from his life suggest that he suffered from SAD. Prospective methods were used to investigate if Hamsun revealed seasonal variations in mood. Methods: 3318 of Hamsuns’s letters are published and stored electronically in...

  9. A Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Seasickness (United States)


    and Wendy A. Law, Ph.D.: faculty in the Department of Medical and Clinical Psychology and Jerome E. Singer, Ph.D: Department Chair (retired) Medical...will increase feelings of nausea associated with seasickness ( Bruner , 1955). Another hypothesis regarding the nauseogenic effect ofcigarette smoking palliative for seasickness ( Bruner , 1939). Good physical condition in general has been anecdotally associated with low motion sickness

  10. Genital self-mutilation in a case of first episode psychosis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anuj Khandelwal


    Full Text Available Genital self-mutilation (GSM is a much rare finding and more commonly associated with psychosis when it comes to comparison with self-mutilation as a whole. There have been anecdotal case reports of GSM in psychotic disorders with most of them being in long standing psychoses. We describe herein a case of GSM during the first episode of psychosis where multiple phenomenological variables were seen responsible for the act.

  11. El espacio sadiano como museo de la anécdota

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juan Manuel Ibeas Altamira


    Full Text Available The Marquis of Sade was a man of his time and he enjoyed collecting art pieces, erotic histories and anecdotes, those parts of history that should not be published. He knew how to class his experiences and knowledge in a very particular space with the perfect ambient, his particular museum, creating a literary masterpiece really diversi-fied and unique in his kind.

  12. Improvement with ongoing Enzyme Replacement Therapy in advanced late-onset Pompe disease: a case study. (United States)

    Case, Laura E; Koeberl, Dwight D; Young, Sarah P; Bali, Deeksha; DeArmey, Stephanie M; Mackey, Joanne; Kishnani, Priya S


    Benefits of enzyme replacement therapy with Myozyme (alglucosidase alfa), anecdotally reported in late-onset Pompe disease, range from motor and pulmonary improvement in less severely affected patients, to stabilization with minimal improvement in those with advanced disease. We report a case of a 63-year-old patient with significant morbidity who made notable motor and pulmonary function gains after two years on therapy. Thus, improvements in those with advanced disease may be possible after long-term treatment.

  13. The effect of foot orthoses and in-shoe wedges during cycling: a systematic review


    Yeo, Boon K; Bonanno, Daniel R


    Background The use of foot orthoses and in-shoe wedges in cycling are largely based on theoretical benefits and anecdotal evidence. This review aimed to systematically collect all published research on this topic, critically evaluate the methods and summarise the findings. Methods Study inclusion criteria were: all empirical studies that evaluated the effects of foot orthoses or in-shoe wedges on cycling; outcome measures that investigated physiological parameters, kinematics and kinetics of ...

  14. Effect of tylosin on dogs with suspected tylosin-responsive diarrhea: a placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blinded, prospective clinical trial


    Louhelainen Maria; Skrzypczak Teresa; Syrjä Pernilla; Spillmann Thomas; Kilpinen Susanne; Westermarck Elias


    Abstract Background The macrolid antibiotic tylosin has been widely used to treat canine chronic diarrhea, although its efficacy is based on anecdotal reports and experimental studies in dogs and not on strong scientific evidence. The term tylosin-responsive diarrhea (TRD) refers to diarrheal disorders responding to tylosin therapy within a few days. In TRD, the stool remains normal as long as tylosin treatment continues, but diarrhea reappears in many dogs within weeks after discontinuation....

  15. A History of Dark Matter

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bertone, Gianfranco [U. Amsterdam, GRAPPA; Hooper, Dan [Fermilab


    Although dark matter is a central element of modern cosmology, the history of how it became accepted as part of the dominant paradigm is often ignored or condensed into a brief anecdotical account focused around the work of a few pioneering scientists. The aim of this review is to provide the reader with a broader historical perspective on the observational discoveries and the theoretical arguments that led the scientific community to adopt dark matter as an essential part of the standard cosmological model.

  16. The executive's guide to enterprise social media strategy how social networks are radically transforming your business

    CERN Document Server

    Barlow, Mike


    An actionable framework for developing and executing successful social media strategies supporting collaboration, teamwork and communication in modern corporationsUsing straightforward language, this book offers real-world stories and revealing anecdotes to demonstrate how executives and business leaders develop successful corporate social media strategies.High level guidance to developing the practical business frameworks and policies necessary for implementing and managing successful corporate social media strategiesDescribes the actual processes, organizational structures, and technology pl

  17. A review of gluten- and casein-free diets for treatment of autism: 2005–2015


    Elder, Jennifer; Kreider, Consuelo; Schaefer, Nancy; deLaosa,Mary


    Jennifer Harrison Elder,1 Consuelo Maun Kreider,2 Nancy M Schaefer,3 Mary B de Laosa4 1Department of Family and Community Health Nursing Science, 2Department of Occupational Therapy, 3Health Science Center Library, 4Department of Psychology, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA Background: The gluten-free, casein-free (GFCF) diet is heralded by strong anecdotal parental reports to greatly improve and even "cure" symptoms of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). Yet, to d...

  18. A review of gluten- and casein-free diets for treatment of autism: 2005–2015


    Elder JH; Kreider CM; Schaefer NM; de Laosa MB


    Jennifer Harrison Elder,1 Consuelo Maun Kreider,2 Nancy M Schaefer,3 Mary B de Laosa4 1Department of Family and Community Health Nursing Science, 2Department of Occupational Therapy, 3Health Science Center Library, 4Department of Psychology, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA Background: The gluten-free, casein-free (GFCF) diet is heralded by strong anecdotal parental reports to greatly improve and even "cure" symptoms of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). Yet, to date, lit...

  19. The HIV Antiretroviral Drug Efavirenz has LSD-Like Properties


    Gatch, Michael B; Kozlenkov, Alexey; Huang, Ren-Qi; Yang, Wenjuan; Nguyen, Jacques D; González-Maeso, Javier; Rice, Kenner C.; France, Charles P.; Dillon, Glenn H.; Forster, Michael J; Schetz, John A.


    Anecdotal reports have surfaced concerning misuse of the HIV antiretroviral medication efavirenz ((4S)-6-chloro-4-(2-cyclopropylethynyl)-4-(trifluoromethyl)-2,4-dihydro-1H-3,1-benzoxazin-2-one) by HIV patients and non-infected teens who crush the pills and smoke the powder for its psychoactive effects. Molecular profiling of the receptor pharmacology of efavirenz pinpointed interactions with multiple established sites of action for other known drugs of abuse including catecholamine and indola...

  20. Jellyfish envenoming syndromes: unknown toxic mechanisms and unproven therapies. (United States)

    Bailey, Paul M; Little, Mark; Jelinek, George A; Wilce, Jacqueline A


    Interest in envenoming syndromes caused by Australian jellyfish has been intense since the deaths in early 2002 of two tourists in Queensland, attributed to the Irukandji syndrome. We review current knowledge of these envenoming syndromes, mechanisms of venom action and therapy, focusing on the deadly box jellyfish, Chironex fleckeri, and the array of jellyfish thought to cause the Irukandji syndrome. Current understanding of jellyfish venom activity is very limited, and many treatments are unproven and based on anecdote.

  1. Paths to Lawful Immigration Status: Results and Implications from the PERSON Survey


    Wong, Tom K; Donald Kerwin; Jeanne M. Atkinson; Mary Meg McCarthy


    Anecdotal evidence suggests that a significant percentage of unauthorized immigrants are potentially eligible for some sort of immigration relief, but they either do not know it or are not able to pursue lawful immigration status for other reasons. However, no published study that we are aware of has systematically analyzed this question. The purpose of this study is thus to evaluate and quantify the number of unauthorized immigrants who, during the course of seeking out legal services, have ...

  2. The resilience of the eighteenth century hymn in contemporary Church of Ireland (Anglican) worship : a liturgical study / David Joseph Baxter


    Baxter, David Joseph


    The combination of observational, anecdotal and circumstantial evidence suggests that, in the present-day Christian church, older, traditional hymns are slowly but inexorably being replaced by modern, contemporary ones. Whilst it is a truism that hymnody, like every other aspect of civilisation, moves forward with the times, there still remains a large number of people, congregations and clergy for whom the early eighteenth century English hymn is a genre that remains ever-popu...

  3. Over-the-counter treatments for acne and rosacea. (United States)

    Rosamilia, Lorraine Larsen


    Acne and rosacea are common inflammatory processes historically classified in the same disease category, but evolving understanding of their disparate pathophysiology and exacerbating factors have generated an enormous armamentarium of therapeutic possibilities. Patients seek over-the-counter therapies first when managing cutaneous disease; therefore, this review defines ingredients considered to be effective over-the-counter acne and rosacea products, their mechanisms, and safe formulations, including botanical components, oral supplements, and other anecdotal options in this vast skin care domain.

  4. The business case: The missing link between information technology benefits and organisational strategies


    Carl Marnewick


    Purpose: Business cases are an integral part of information technology (IT) projects, providingthe linkage between the organisational strategies and the promised benefits. Most majorproject management standards and methodologies make reference to the business case andits intended usage.Problem investigated: The success of IT projects is measured based on the benefits they deliver; anecdotal evidence states that IT projects fail at an alarming rate. The benefits are promised in the business ca...

  5. Functional Rehabilitation of Low Back Pain With Core Stabilizations Exercises: Suggestions for Exercises and Progressions in Athletes


    Johnson, Joshua


    Introduction: Low back pain is very common in the adult population and accounts for more time lost form work than other diagnoses. It also affects athlete's at all different levels of competition and results in missed practice and game time. Diagnosing and treating a specific pathology is often difficult and because clinical evaluation and raidologic studies are often unable to find a root cause. A popular treatment approach with a high volume of anecdotal evidence is the use of core stabiliz...

  6. Patient-reported Outcomes as a Source of Evidence in Off-Label Prescribing: Analysis of Data From PatientsLikeMe



    Background Evaluating a new use for an existing drug can be expensive and time consuming. Providers and patients must all too often rely upon their own individual-level experience to inform clinical practice, which generates only anecdotal and unstructured data. While academic-led clinical trials are occasionally conducted to test off-label uses of drugs with expired patents, this is relatively rare. In this work, we explored how a patient-centered online research platform could supplement tr...

  7. Essentials of artificial intelligence

    CERN Document Server

    Ginsberg, Matt


    Since its publication, Essentials of Artificial Intelligence has beenadopted at numerous universities and colleges offering introductory AIcourses at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Based on the author'scourse at Stanford University, the book is an integrated, cohesiveintroduction to the field. The author has a fresh, entertaining writingstyle that combines clear presentations with humor and AI anecdotes. At thesame time, as an active AI researcher, he presents the materialauthoritatively and with insight that reflects a contemporary, first hand

  8. Protein supplementation and dietary behaviours of resistance trained men and women attending commercial gyms: a comparative study between the city centre and the suburbs of Palermo, Italy


    Bianco, A.; Mammina, C.; Thomas, E.; Bellafiore, M; G. Battaglia; Moro, T.; Paoli, A.; Palma, A.


    Background It is anecdotally recognized that commercial gym users assume supplements in order to improve performance or health. However, dietary behaviours of people and athletes attending commercial gyms have been poorly studied. The exact amount and frequency of dietary supplements consumption are still needed to be investigated. The main purpose of this study is to understand the quantity and quality of food intake, as well as dietary supplementation in people attending commercial gyms. Se...

  9. Measuring e-Commerce Technology Enabled Business Value: An Exploratory Research


    M. Adam Mahmood; Leopoldo Gemoets; Laura L. Hall; López, Francisco J.; Ritesh Mariadas


    While a plethora of anecdotal evidence exists, there is little empirical evidence on the value-creating potential of e-commerce technologies. The present research investigates whether firms using e-commerce technologies are successful in generating business value and, if so, what e-commerce drivers determine success and how to best use these drivers. This work shows how diffusion theory can be used to analyze the wide-spread utilization of e-commerce technologies and how they create business ...

  10. An Evaluation of the Implementation and Perceived Utility of the Airman Resilience Training Program (United States)


    to gauge its potential usefulness and value as perceived by deploying and reintegrating airmen and mental health professionals. This study does not...this study, consider developing all or part of ART as a videotaped presen - tation by an expert presenter with well-selected anecdotes. Someone from...with fellow airmen in the room. • Track implementation. For any program to be successful in meeting its intended goals, it is important to measure

  11. A Moderate Dose of Alcohol Does Not Influence Experience of Social Ostracism in Hazardous Drinkers


    J. Buckingham; Moss, A.; Gyure, K.; Ralph, N.; Hindocha, C.; Lawn, W.; Curran, H.V.; Freeman, T. P.


    Anecdotal and correlational evidence suggests a relationship between social ostracism and alcohol dependence. Furthermore, a recent fMRI investigation found differences in the neural correlates associated with ostracism in people with alcohol dependence compared to healthy controls. We predicted that acutely administered alcohol would reduce the negative effects of social ostracism. Alcohol (0.4 g/kg) or matched placebo was administered to a sample of 32 hazardous drinkers over two sessions i...

  12. Crescent marketing, Muslim geographies and brand Islam: reflections from the JIMA Senior Advisory Board


    Wilson, Jonathan (Bilal) A.J.; Belk, Russell W.; Gary J Bamossy; Sandikci, Özlem; Kartajaya, Hermawan; Sobh, Rana; Liu, Jonathan; Scott, Linda


    Purpose – To bring together the thoughts and opinions of key members of the Journal of Islamic Marketing’s (JIMA) Editorial Team, regarding the recently branded phenomenon of Islamic marketing - in the interests of stimulating further erudition. Design/methodology/approach – The authors adopted an ‘eagle eye’ method to investigate this phenomenon: Where attempts were made to frame general principles and observations; alongside a swooping view of key anecdotal observations - in order to gr...

  13. Crescent marketing, Muslim geographies and brand Islam: reflections from the JIMA Senior Advisory Board


    Wilson, Jonathan (Bilal) A.J.; Belk, Russell W.; Gary J Bamossy; Sandikci, Özlem; Kartajaya, Hermawan; Sobh, Rana; Liu, Jonathan; Scott, Linda


    Purpose – To bring together the thoughts and opinions of key members of the Journal of Islamic Marketing’s (JIMA) Editorial Team, regarding the recently branded phenomenon of Islamic marketing - in the interests of stimulating further erudition.\\ud \\ud Design/methodology/approach – The authors adopted an ‘eagle eye’ method to investigate this phenomenon: Where attempts were made to frame general principles and observations; alongside a swooping view of key anecdotal observations - in order to...

  14. Human Emotional State and its Relevance for Military VR Training (United States)


    experience of military VR simulation training: human emotional state. Anxiety is a common emotional state in military operating environments. Real world...anecdotally be seen when repeated exposure to stressful military training leads to a gradual decline in anxiety responses as the trainee learns to “manage...Ample evidence for such a habituation process can be seen in the fledgling VR/mental health field whereby phobic patients are able to effectively face

  15. Potentiated clinoptilolite reduces signs and symptoms associated with veisalgia


    Gandy JJ; Laurens I; Snyman JR


    Justin John Gandy, Ilze Laurens, Jacques Rene Snyman Department of Pharmacology, School of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa Introduction: Abundant anecdotal evidence for products claiming to reduce veisalgia after alcohol overindulgence are available on the Internet and as many advertisements in journals. None of these claims are, however, substantiated by research. The aim of this research was to ascertain the validity of such cla...

  16. The transformation of contemporary analyses of oral folklore: Fairy tale versus fantasy


    Otčenášek Jaroslav


    The study focuses on contemporary forms of folklore and their relationship to literary forms like Fantasy, Sci-fi, Horror and Fantasy Game. The first problem is the specification of the terms and the classification of the internal structure of these terms. A typical structure of contemporary oral folklore, such as urban legends, is a combination of classical forms of folklore (subject matter from fairy tales, anecdotes etc.) and the influence of films, television and books. This contami...

  17. Whay Montessori today?


    Trabalzini, Paola


    The article describes some of the reasons why today in Italy, pedagogy and the Montessori method arise interest both in the academic context as well as among families. In the last century, at the beginning of the nineties, in the academic context, there was a more objective research of historiography on the human and intellectual experience of the Italian pedagogue that brought to the overcoming of the reconstruction through anecdotes. Nowadays families choose the Montessori method because th...

  18. Introduction to the Lehmann special section


    Bühlmann, Peter; Cai, Tony


    The current Special Issue of The Annals of Statistics contains three invited articles. Javier Rojo discusses Erich's scientific achievements and provides complete lists of his scientific writings and his former Ph.D. students. Willem van Zwet describes aspects of Erich's life and work, enriched with personal and interesting anecdotes of Erich's long and productive scientific journey. Finally, Peter Bickel, Aiyou Chen and Elizaveta Levina present a research paper on network models: they dedica...

  19. The Post-9/11 American Serviceman (United States)


    and expected accultura- tion. For example, Army Field Manual 6–22, Army Leadership: Competent , Confident, and Agile, lists the Army’s seven core...are also likely to defer to others and cooperate rather than compete . This second finding is also supported by anecdotal evidence frequently...Widening Gap between the US Military and Civilian Society?” International Security 23, no. 3 (Winter 1998/1999), 5–42; Jerald Bachman et al



    Porter, K. L.; Green, F. H. Y.; Harley, R. A.; Vallyathan, V; Castranova, V.; Waldron, N. R.; Leonard, S.S.; Nelson, D E; Lewis, J. A.; Jackson, D A


    Anecdotal reports in the press and epidemiological studies suggest that deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan may be associated with respiratory diseases and symptoms in U.S. military personnel and veterans. Exposures during military operations were complex, but virtually all service members were exposed to high levels of respirable, geogenic dust. Inhalation of other dusts has been shown to be associated with adverse health effects, but the pulmonary toxicity of ambient dust from Iraq has not b...

  1. When Should a Cervical Collar be Used to Treat Neck Pain?



    Neck pain is one of the most prevalent and costly health problems in the United States. It remains a complex, subjective experience with a variety of musculoskeletal causes. Although, cervical collars are a seemingly benign intervention, they can have adverse effects, especially when used for longer periods of time. It is feared that a long period of immobilization, can result in atrophy-related secondary damage. Many physicians cite anecdotal evidence of their clinical utility and soft cervi...

  2. Cannulation in the Diseased Aorta: A Safe Approach Using the Seldinger Technique



    The Seldinger technique is a method of femoral cannulation that has been used to establish cardiopulmonary bypass. Reports of cannulation of the ascending aorta for antegrade perfusion using the Seldinger method are anecdotal. To the best of our knowledge, the approach described herein for direct cannulation of the ascending aorta with use of the Seldinger technique for antegrade perfusion has not been previously described in the English-language medical literature. This method is helpful whe...

  3. Genital Self-mutilation in a Case of First Episode Psychosis (United States)

    Khandelwal, Anuj; Chauhan, Khushboo; De Sousa, Avinash; Sonavane, Sushma; Pawar, Alka


    Genital self-mutilation (GSM) is a much rare finding and more commonly associated with psychosis when it comes to comparison with self-mutilation as a whole. There have been anecdotal case reports of GSM in psychotic disorders with most of them being in long standing psychoses. We describe herein a case of GSM during the first episode of psychosis where multiple phenomenological variables were seen responsible for the act. PMID:27570352

  4. Characterization of dental anatomy and gingival biotype in Asian populations. (United States)

    Lee, Stacey A; Kim, Alexis C; Prusa, Louis A; Kao, Richard T


    Gingival and dental characteristics are risk factors for periodontal problems. With short or fused roots, a decreased periodontium results in some attachment loss, compromising periodontal stability. Similarly, with an increased incidence of thin gingival biotype, inflammatory and traumatic insults may result in gingival recession. Anecdotally, Asian dentitions have been described as having short roots with "thin gingiva". This cross-sectional study will utilize clinical data and radiographic interpretation to ascertain whether this clinical impression is valid.

  5. Epidemiology of recreational exposure to freshwater cyanobacteria – an international prospective cohort study


    Burns John W; Fleming Lora E; Schluter Philip J; Webb Penelope M; Stewart Ian; Gantar Miroslav; Backer Lorraine C; Shaw Glen R


    Abstract Background Case studies and anecdotal reports have documented a range of acute illnesses associated with exposure to cyanobacteria and their toxins in recreational waters. The epidemiological data to date are limited; we sought to improve on the design of some previously conducted studies in order to facilitate revision and refinement of guidelines for exposure to cyanobacteria in recreational waters. Methods A prospective cohort study was conducted to investigate the incidence of ac...

  6. The Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics and Me--True Cooperation Based on True Friendship

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Guo Aike


    @@ I present a series of anecdotes illustrating the friendship and cooperation I have experienced with German scientists. As the sun's rays can be refracted in a tiny drop of water while a whole organism can be cloned from a single somatic cell, my own experiences depict the fruitful past, an encouraging present and a promising future for the flourishing long-term cooperation between the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the Max Planck Society (MPS).

  7. China QIUSHI SEEKING TRUTH no 2, 16 July 1988. (United States)


    warmth of the Motherland from the close relations of equality, friendship, mutual aid, and cooperation among various nationalities of our...of whether or not to set up a back door and handle interpersonal relations well. Yao, a kind-hearted young man is afterall too green in the ways of... judgement . He describes the scenery and the people throws in one or two anecdotes and jokes, talks to and teases his readers. His stories are both

  8. The Foreign Fighter Problem Analyzing the Impact of Social Media and the Internet (United States)


    Anecdotally, recent trends in these technologies, such as Twitter and Facebook , seem to matter for the current wave of foreign fighter activity...Instead, they advertise adventure and depict the jihad in Syria as fun.13 They also go beyond the defensive struggle depiction. ISIS plays up their...circles.17 The advent of social media technologies in the mid-2000s, primarily Facebook , YouTube, and Twitter, revolutionized the way jihadis link

  9. Helix Project Testbed - Towards the Self-Regenerative Incorruptible Enterprise (United States)


    target audience of the language, hardware architects. We have implemented a compiler for Caisson that translates designs into Verilog and then...tag for each bit in the memory and cache. We implemented the Base processor (from the Nios design) in Verilog with no additional security features...important test for the usability of a language. We find anecdotally that Caisson is easily usable by a programmer trained in Verilog . The original Base

  10. Fringe benefits of sexy science

    CERN Multimedia

    Highfield, R


    Simon Singh and Richard Wiseman are to take their new show to the Edinburgh Festival after good reviews followed its debut in London a few weeks ago. In the show, Singh talks about the mathematics of gambling and Wiseman lectures on the psychology of deception. The act is liberally interspersed with humour, anecdotes and demonstrations to make the experience fun but also informative (1/2 page).

  11. Cardiovascular physiology and diseases of the rabbit. (United States)

    Pariaut, Romain


    This article reviews what is known about the diagnosis and management of cardiovascular diseases in the pet rabbit. Current knowledge is based on anecdotal reports, derived from research data using the rabbit as an animal model of human cardiovascular diseases, but most importantly canine and feline cardiology. It is likely that, as cardiovascular diseases are more often recognized, more specific information will soon become available for the treatment of the pet rabbit with cardiac disease.

  12. Mathematical methods for physical and analytical chemistry

    CERN Document Server

    Goodson, David Z


    Mathematical Methods for Physical and Analytical Chemistry presents mathematical and statistical methods to students of chemistry at the intermediate, post-calculus level. The content includes a review of general calculus; a review of numerical techniques often omitted from calculus courses, such as cubic splines and Newton's method; a detailed treatment of statistical methods for experimental data analysis; complex numbers; extrapolation; linear algebra; and differential equations. With numerous example problems and helpful anecdotes, this text gives chemistry students the mathematical

  13. An Analysis of the Liberal/Negative Bias in Network News Coverage of the 1989-1990 Panama Invasion (Operation Just Cause) (United States)


    election in 1968. There is a wide diversity of anecdotal opinion about the impact of media coverage of the Vietnam war. Marshall McLuhan said, "A hot war...1986; Mayer, et al., 1980: Watson, Walcott, Barry, Clifton & Marshall , 1986). Some media critics, such as those who endorse 29 the oppositional media...47. Watson, R., Walcott, J., Barry, J., Clifton, T., & Marshall , R. (1986, April 7). Kaddafi’s crusade. Newsweek, pp. 20-24. Whitcover, J. (1971

  14. Foscarnet-related Hypercalcemia During CMV Treatment in an Infant With SCID: A Case Report and Review of Literature. (United States)

    Rabinowicz, Shira; Somech, Raz; Yeshayahu, Yonatan


    Foscarnet is a main treatment for disseminated cytomegalovirus infection in immunocompromised patients. One of its documented side effects is hypocalcemia. Hypercalcemia, in contrast, was described anecdotally before, almost exclusively in adults with human immunodeficiency virus infection or posttransplantation. We describe a case of severe hypercalcemia during foscarnet treatment in an infant with IL-7 Rα deficient severe combined immunodeficiency, resolved after treatment cessation. We speculate that this unusual side effect is caused by foscarnet binding to the inorganic matrix of bone.

  15. Plagiarism In English Language Theses In Indonesia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Like Raskova Octaberlina


    Full Text Available This article argues that plagiarism in Indonesia exists due to some reasons. The reasons range from the requirements on the part of the students to adhere to uniformity in terms of thesis format to failure on the part of the government to effectively enforce a regulation dealing with plagiarism. Anecdotal observations as a student in one Indonesian university will give color to the discussion throughout this article. A recommendation to subdue plagiarism in Indonesia will conclude the article.

  16. Baja California’s settlements and the influence of population policies during the Cardenista era

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alberto Prieto Calixto


    Full Text Available This essay deals with the captivity ordeal that Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca wrote in his autobiography Naufragios de Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca (1542- 1555. By means of the rethorical device of the anecdote, certain subversive situations to the order established by the official discourse are treated and Cabeza de Vaca is able to depict an overall positive and human image of his indigenous captors.

  17. Counterterrorism in African Failed States: Challenges and Potential Solutions (United States)


    observed in these three failed states were able to operate without attracting the attention or effective sanction of the United States or its allies...anecdotal rather than quantitative in methology .14 Sageman’s two-celled terrorist model discriminates between “hubs” and “nodes” in describing the... observing “its lack of a functioning central government” and “the absence of functioning police, immigration, customs, and intelligence agencies

  18. The Silence of Michelangelo

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Foote, Jonathan


    In one of the many anecdotes about Michelangelo, the master neared completion of his colossal Moses, tapped him on the knee with his hammer and exclaimed,"Perché non parli?" As an act that liberates latent thoughts or material potentials, his cadenced hammer spoke through careful, repetitive, and...... and distractive, instead activate a contemplative place of silence. Perhaps more than merely a tool for removing stone, the hammer was an instrument for sonorous meditation with materials and thinking....

  19. Licensing Strategies of the Entreprising – But Vulnerable – "Intellectual property” Vendors


    Davis, Lee


    This paper investigates in an exploratory manner the licensing strategies pursued by firms whose business model is based on developing and licensing out their intellectual property rights (IPRs). These are not traditional suppliers, since they do not engage in production or commercialization, but focus solely on invention. While considerable anecdotal evidence exists about these IP vendors, there has been no systematic investigation of how they use licensing to appropriate value from their in...

  20. Licensing Strategies of the Enterprising - but Vulnerable - "Intellectual Property" Vendors


    Lee Davis


    This paper investigates in an exploratory manner the licensing strategies pursued by firms whose business model is based on developing and licensing out their intellectual property rights (IPRs). These are not traditional suppliers, since they do not engage in production or commercialization, but focus solely on invention. While considerable anecdotal evidence exists about these IP vendors, there has been no systematic investigation of how they use licensing to appropriate value from their in...

  1. Operations of and Challenges to the Army Medical Department during the US-Mexican War, 1846-1848 (United States)


    caliber of medical education, and the people enrolled, varied greatly from state to state. Although generally distrusted by many lay individuals, doctors...were still considered gentleman. As such, men “too weakly to labor . . . indolent and averse to bodily exertion; or addicted to study but too stupid ...miasma theory, which held that bad air caused diseases. Because there was anecdotal evidence that people in unsanitary conditions were more

  2. Topographic processing in developmental prosopagnosia: Preserved perception but impaired memory of scenes

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Klargaard, Solja K.; Starrfelt, Randi; Petersen, Anders


    Anecdotal evidence suggests a relation between impaired spatial (navigational) processing and developmental prosopagnosia. To address this formally, we tested two aspects of topographic processing ? that is, perception and memory of mountain landscapes shown from different viewpoints. Participants...... deficit in visual processing or visual short-term memory. Interestingly, a classical dissociation could be demonstrated between impaired face memory and preserved topographic memory in two developmental prosopagnosics. We conclude that impairments in topographic memory tend to co-occur with developmental...

  3. Data Strategies to Support Automated Multi-Sensor Data Fusion in a Service Oriented Architecture (United States)


    PREVIOUS SOA WORK IN THE ISR DOMAIN The defense sector of the U.S. economy has already invested heavily in examining SOA as a method to increase...translators (XSLT) than attempt to create an “ Uber Schema.” From an anecdotal perspective the Office of Secretary of Defense, National, safety, economy , or environment of the United States.” MDA is a Joint DoD, Department of Homeland Defense (DHS), partner nation and

  4. On Writing Scientific Articles in English

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    If we examine the text of scientific articles it is clear that there is a generally accepted way of writing them. Scientific prose in English stereotypically uses the third person, the passive tense, complex terminology, and various footnoting and referencing systems. Scientific prose is not known for discursive anecdotes, humour, pictures, colour, bizarre typography or exclamation marks! Often the written text appears quite impersonal-the human element is removed.

  5. Information and Communication Technologies for Reconstruction and Development: Afghanistan Challenges and Opportunities (United States)


    Information Society (WSIS). These summits documented steps on how to establish and organize the Information Society , and their reports referenced the importance of ICT by frequently citing the phrase, ICTs as a tool for social and economic development. 1 While there is little doubt that ICTs are an engine for social and economic development, quantifying their impact is difficult. Evidence remains largely anecdotal, and the link between ICT deployment and reconstruction and development remains vague. The National Defense University (NDU) Center for

  6. Static magnets: what are they and what do they do? Magnetos estáticos: o que são e para que servem?


    Laakso, L.; Lutter,F; Young, C.


    INTRODUCTION: Therapeutic static magnets have gained wide community acceptance for neuromusculoskeletal pain relief in many countries yet, apart from strong anecdotal reports of benefit, there is a paucity of scientific evidence for their use. OBJECTIVES: In this review we describe the physical characteristics of traditional and commonplace unipolar and bipolar static magnets as well as newer quadripolar magnetic arrays; discuss what is known of the physiological effects of static magnets and...

  7. EEG Neurofeedback as a Tool to Modulate Creativity in Music Performance



    For millennia, anecdotal reports have described how creative insights have been experienced during the transition from wake to sleep (hypnagogia). In the 1970’s, it was reported that the fleeting moments in which hypnagogia and creativity interact are accompanied by characteristic neuroelectric activity, which is disclosed by a specific feature of the Electroencephalogram (EEG): the increase of spectral power in the theta range (5–8 Hz) in relation to alpha (8–11 Hz). Consequently, prior rese...

  8. Trends in the availability and usage of electrophysical agents in physiotherapy practices from 1990 to 2010: A review



    This is the Pre-print version of the Article. The official published version can be accessed from the link below - Copyright @ 2012 Maney Publishing Background: The use of electrophysical agents has a historically important role in physiotherapy practice. There are anecdotal reports that the availability and usage of electrotherapy modalities are declining, which may have implications for physiotherapy practice. The aim of this literature review was to provide scientific evidence on electr...

  9. Prevalence and predictors of grandparent childcare in Ireland: Findings from a nationally representative sample of infants and their families




    PUBLISHED Introduction: Anecdotal evidence suggests that grandparents provide a substantial amount of childcare support to parents of infants in Ireland yet there has been little attention to the provision of grandparent childcare at policy-level. Using nationally representative data on childcare provision in the Republic of Ireland, this study examined the prevalence of grandparent childcare provision for very young children, and associations between this choice of childcare and key infan...

  10. Collection and processing data for high quality CCD images.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Doerry, Armin Walter


    Coherent Change Detection (CCD) with Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images is a technique whereby very subtle temporal changes can be discerned in a target scene. However, optimal performance requires carefully matching data collection geometries and adjusting the processing to compensate for imprecision in the collection geometries. Tolerances in the precision of the data collection are discussed, and anecdotal advice is presented for optimum CCD performance. Processing considerations are also discussed.

  11. In right handed people, which hand is better at mirror writing? Are there any differences between unimanual and bimanual conditions?


    Thompson, Jade


    Mirror writing is a phenomenon which can be deliberate, spontaneous, or involuntary. It has been anecdotally reported that mirror writing is easiest when simultaneously writing forwards with the dominant hand. A study carried out by McIntosh and Della Sala on a mirror writing artist named KB, found that their results concurred with this, and that mirror motor movements were being used when KB mirror writes with the left hand while simultaneously writing forwards with the right, in a motor con...

  12. Ayahuasca enhances creative divergent thinking while decreasing conventional convergent thinking


    Kuypers, K.P.C.; Riba, J; de la Fuente Revenga, M.; Barker, S; Theunissen, E. L.; Ramaekers, J. G.


    Introduction Ayahuasca is a South American psychotropic plant tea traditionally used in Amazonian shamanism. The tea contains the psychedelic 5-HT2A receptor agonist N,N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT), plus β-carboline alkaloids with monoamine oxidase-inhibiting properties. Increasing evidence from anecdotal reports and open-label studies indicates that ayahuasca may have therapeutic effects in treatment of substance use disorders and depression. A recent study on the psychological effects of ayahu...

  13. Preparing a new book on ATLAS

    CERN Multimedia

    Claudia Marcelloni de Oliveira

    A book about the ATLAS project and the ATLAS collaboration is going to be published and available for sale in mid 2008. The book is intended to be a symbol of appreciation for all the people from ATLAS institutes, triggering fond memories through photos, interviews, short commentaries and anecdotes about the daily life and milestones encountered while designing, constructing and completing ATLAS. We would like to give you the opportunity to collaborate with this project in two different ways: Firstly, please send us the best anecdotes related to ATLAS that you remember. To submit anecdotes, send an email to Secondly, you are invited to participate in our PHOTO COMPETITION. Please send the best photos you have of ATLAS attached with a description, the location, and date taken. The categories are: Milestones in the process of designing and building the detector, People at work and Important gatherings. To submit photos you should go to the CDS page and select ATLAS Photo Competi...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Halil Erdem ÇOCUK


    Full Text Available In this study, column which cannot be found a place to itself in the child literature and which is a type of informative text of which appropriateness is questioned to child is taken as a question. In most of the books that were scanned, “colun” is not mentioned sufficiently, in the books in which “coulumn” is mentioned, it is not studied in detail. Columns takes its place under the title of anecdote in the literature. In the theoretical works written about child literature, anecdote part is just defined, and anecdote is mentioned as a type of folk literature. In this study, the concept of the child literature is emphasized, and the distinction between literature and child literature is discussed. Moreover, the contribution of column to the development of child’s physical, mental intellectual, and language development is emphasized by giving the general properties of column type of writing. Later, the question of how much the column type of writing emphasized in the Turkish course books is tried to be answered. At the end of the study, a text of column is written in the context of second level of primary Turkish programmes by taking the themes and outcomes into consideration. In this study, screening model is used.

  15. Using Evidence-Based Design to Improve Pharmacy Department Efficiency. (United States)

    Greenroyd, Fraser L; Hayward, Rebecca; Price, Andrew; Demian, Peter; Sharma, Shrikant


    Using a case study of a pharmacy department rebuild in the South West of England, this article examines the use of evidence-based design to improve the efficiency and staff well-being with a new design. This article compares three designs, the current design, an anecdotal design, and an evidence-based design, to identify how evidence-based design can improve efficiency and staff well-being by reducing walking time and distance. Data were collected from the existing building and used to measure the efficiency of the department in its current state. These data were then mapped onto an anecdotal design, produced by architects from interviews and workshops with the end users, and an evidence-based design, produced by highlighting functions with high adjacencies. This changed the view on the working processes within the department, shifting away from a focus on the existing robotic dispensing system. Using evidence-based design was found to decrease the walking time and distance for staff by 24%, as opposed to the anecdotal design, which increased these parameters by 9%, and is predicted to save the department 248 min across 2 days in staff time spent walking.

  16. El discurso narrativo kawésqar. Textos narrativos no míticos (segunda parte

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Óscar E. Aguilera F.


    Full Text Available Esta publicación es la segunda parte del examen descriptivo del discurso narrativo no mítico kawésqar desde el punto de vista de la gramática del discurso; se analizan aquí los diferentes tipos de párrafos que aparecen tanto en discursos no híbridos (anecdóticos, históricos y relatos de viaje como híbridos, siendo estos combinaciones de discursos expositivo-narrativos, autobiográfico-anecdóticos, anecdóticos-viajes, históricos-procesos e históricos-viajes. (This paper is the second part of a descriptive analysis of Kawesqar nonmythical narrative discourse from the point of view of discourse grammar; this part examines the different paragraph types that occur in both nonhybrid (anecdotic and historical discourses, as well as travelogues, and hybrid discourses, being the latter combinations of declarative-narrative, autobiographic-anecdotic, anecdotic-travelogue, historical-process, and historical-travelogue discourses.

  17. Spreading the Spirit Word: Print Media, Storytelling, and Popular Culture in Nineteenth-Century Spiritualism

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Simone Natale


    Full Text Available Spiritualists in the nineteenth century gave much emphasis to the collection of evidences of scientific meaning. During séances, they used instruments similar to those employed in scientific practice to substantiate their claims. However, these were not the only source of legitimization offered in support of the spiritualist claims. In fact, writers who aimed to provide beliefs in spiritualism with a reliable support relied very often on the testimonies of eyewitness that were reported in a narrative fashion. This article interrogates the role of such anecdotal testimonies in nineteenth-century spiritualism. It argues that they played a twofold role: on one side, they offered a form of evidentiary proof that was complementary to the collection of mechanical-based evidences; on the other side, they circulated in spiritualist publications, creating opportunities to reach a wide public of readers that was made available by the emergence of a mass market for print media. Able to convince, but also to entertain the reader, anecdotal testimonies were perfectly suited for publications in spiritualist books and periodicals. The proliferation of anecdotal testimonies in spiritualist texts, in this regard, hints at the relevance of storytelling in the diffusion of beliefs about religious matters as well as scientific issues within the public sphere. By reporting and disseminating narrative testimonies, print media acted as a channel through which spiritualism’s religious and scientific endeavors entered the field of a burgeoning popular culture.

  18. Antibiotics from predatory bacteria

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juliane Korp


    Full Text Available Bacteria, which prey on other microorganisms, are commonly found in the environment. While some of these organisms act as solitary hunters, others band together in large consortia before they attack their prey. Anecdotal reports suggest that bacteria practicing such a wolfpack strategy utilize antibiotics as predatory weapons. Consistent with this hypothesis, genome sequencing revealed that these micropredators possess impressive capacities for natural product biosynthesis. Here, we will present the results from recent chemical investigations of this bacterial group, compare the biosynthetic potential with that of non-predatory bacteria and discuss the link between predation and secondary metabolism.

  19. Etanercept therapy-associated acute uveitis: a case report and literature review. (United States)

    Wang, F; Wang, N-S


    A female patient diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis experienced a new onset acute iritis following the initiation of etanercept therapy and recurrent episodes of iritis continues during the treatment of etanercept. Etanercept-associated iritis was suspected. Anti-TNF therapies can alleviate uveitis in some studies, but in some other anecdotal reports etanercept is considered as the main cause of uveitis. A literature review is presented below. For clinicians, more attention must be paid to the potential association between uveitis or iritis and etanercept, and more careful surveillance of patients under etanercept treatment is necessary.

  20. Theory of pulsar magnetosphere and wind (United States)

    Pétri, Jérôme


    > leptons or does it contain a non-negligible fraction of protons and/or ions? Is it almost entirely filled or mostly empty except for some small anecdotal plasma filled regions? Answers to these questions will strongly direct the description of the magnetosphere to seemingly contradictory results leading sometimes to inconsistencies. Nevertheless, accounts are given as to the latest developments in the theory of pulsar magnetospheres and winds, the existence of a possible electrosphere and physical insight obtained from related observational signatures of multi-wavelength pulsed emission.

  1. Mind Matters: Contributions to Cognitive and Computer Science in Honor of Allen Newell (United States)


    crime against some ways, he strikes everyone in exactly the same humanity. That’s a direct quote. John did even- way. But it’s also been interesting to...see if I can il- crime that has saddened all of us deeply. lustrate some of this with a few anecdotes. It’s hard to believe that I will never again of just for the asking, they are always spent, those who cross them. first on foolishness, second on disaster For streetlights that care about

  2. Richard Feynman a life in science

    CERN Document Server

    Gribbin, John


    This text is a portrayal of one of the greatest scientists of the late 20th-century, which also provides a picture of the significant physics of the period. It combines personal anecdotes, writings and recollections with narrative. Richard Feynman's career included: war-time work on the atomic bomb at Los Alamos; a theory of quantum mechanics for which he won the Nobel prize; and major contributions to the sciences of gravity, nuclear physics and particle theory. In 1986, he was able to show that the Challenger disaster was due to the effect of cold on the booster rocket rubber sealings.

  3. To let hair be, or to not let hair be? Gender and body hair removal practices in Aotearoa/New Zealand


    Terry, Gareth; Braun, Virginia


    Research and anecdotal evidence suggest women continue to remove body hair, and there is some evidence for cultural changes in men’s hair removal practices. This paper reports on data collected using an online mix-methods survey from 584 New Zealanders between the ages of 18-35 (mean age 26, 48.9% male, 50.6% female). The data demonstrated that substantial proportions of both women and men in Aotearoa/New Zealand remove body hair from many sites. However, gendered differences remain, and a ke...

  4. Notes from the field--an adventure in multiculturalism. (United States)

    Sullivan, M C


    M.C. Sullivan was formerly the Executive Vice President of Midwest Bioethics Center. During her tenure at MBC, she was awarded a Kornfeld Foundation fellowship to pursue fieldwork in multicultural healthcare ethics. This article reports on her project, which involved travel in Europe, Asia, Central and North America, and the Caribbean, to experience indigenous culture, and to learn, in the United States, from established agencies serving immigrant populations. The research was not conducted scientifically. The methods and findings are anecdotal and attributable only to the author.

  5. State-of-the-Art Management of Complications of Myeloma and Its Treatment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Monique A. Hartley-Brown


    Full Text Available Multiple myeloma is an incurable disease, although patient survival has increased with the availability of novel agents. Both multiple myeloma and its therapies often affect the renal, immune, skeletal, hematologic, and nervous systems. The resulting organ dysfunctions often impair the quality of life of affected patients, complicate and limit subsequent therapies, and may result in significant mortality. Research on the treatment of complications of multiple myeloma has been limited; hence, preventative and management strategies for patients with these complications are heterogeneous and often based on anecdotal experience. In this paper, we review the effects of myeloma and the novel therapies on organ systems and suggest management strategies.

  6. Educating professionals

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Wahlgren, Bjarne


    The purpose of the professional bachelor’s degree is to qualify the students to act competently in a subsequent job situation. Anecdotal experience and research have shown that limited transfer between what is learned during the coursework and the subsequent professional practice. This article...... does that look in practice? Based on interviews with newly-educated social workers, I have analyzed which competences the social worker (hereafter ‘he’) uses in practice, how these competences are developed, and how the student learns to apply the competences acquired in the educational program....

  7. Evaluation and capacity building to improve precollege science and mathematics achievement in the US: 10 CFR, Part 605. Technical progress report, June--December 1992

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    The National Center for Improving Science Education has undertaken activities to achieve evaluation goals for DOE`s Precollege programs: develop means to determine program quality; develop means for determining the contribution of DOE precollege programs to both teacher enhancement and student achievement; provide evaluation designs and instruments and reports of program quality and impact; and strengthen both DOE`s and the Labs` capacity to do both short- and long-term planning as well as deliver effective programs and evaluation. Appendices include evaluation/technical assistance report, profiling teacher research participation and teacher development programs, teacher surveys, impact assessment design, and teacher research participation programs anecdotes for 8 labs.

  8. The comparative advantage of NGO (non-governmental organizations) in the health sector--a look at the evidence. (United States)

    Matthias, A R; Green, A T


    Attention being given to the development of an appropriate public/private mix in health-care delivery should not exclude the role of non-governmental organizations (NGOs). There is a widely accepted thesis of NGO comparative advantage over government, but evidence to support this thesis is generally more anecdotal than analytical. This paper considers evidence available in the literature and from field research in southern Africa, especially with regard to efficiency, innovation and reaching grass-roots communities. The paper concludes that the comparative advantage of the NGO sector needs to be analysed in relation to both the private for-profit sector and the public sector.

  9. Mayaro and Chikungunya; two alphaviruses with clinical and epidemiological similarities

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Salim Mattar V


    Full Text Available In 1780, Philadelphia suffered an unusual outbreak of hemorrhagic fever, which years later was identified as dengue (1. One hundred years later, in Memphis, 1500 people died from yellow fever, which caused residents to abandoned the city (2. Even though these stories may seem anecdotes, they show how dramatic hemorrhagic arbovirus outbreaks can be. The tropic host arboviruses such as Chikungunya (CHIKV, Dengue, and Zika (ZIKV; but there are others, such as Mayaro, Oropuche, and Bussuquara, among others, which have still not been studied in depth by the public health systems of our countries.

  10. Cybersecurity and cyberwar

    CERN Document Server

    Singer, PW


    In Cybersecurity and CyberWar: What Everyone Needs to KnowRG, New York Times best-selling author P. W. Singer and noted cyber expert Allan Friedman team up to provide the kind of easy-to-read, yet deeply informative resource book that has been missing on this crucial issue of 21st century life. Written in a lively, accessible style, filled with engaging stories and illustrative anecdotes, the book is structured around the key question areas of cyberspace and its security: how it all works, why it all matters, and what can we do?

  11. Authorship: "Law" and order. (United States)

    Gaeta, T J


    Publication is a marker of academic success. In academia, appointments and promotions are in many cases strongly linked to the candidate's bibliography. The "publish or perish" mindset has placed extraordinary pressures on scientists and academic physicians alike. Authorship controversies have received considerable attention in the medical literature. Although guidelines are available to help determine how attribution should be acknowledged, anecdotal experiences with disputes associated with authorship continue to exist. This paper addresses several key problems facing authorship. A discussion of who should be given authorship, the responsibilities of an author, and a method for assigning authorship in a multiauthored publication is provided.

  12. Snow, buses, and mobile data services

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Fomin, Vladislav


    and Daniel Robey [2002], in wich the authors use anecdotes to demonstrate what advanced service possibilities are afforded by ubiquitous technology as contrasted to the residue of social behavior.This story illustrates that the succes of establishing Information Society should not be measured by the number...... of available services to citizens over the wireline and mobile Internet. The ultimate measure for success must be the extent to which poeple are aware about the availability of relevant content and are using the services [Daniel and Wilson, 2003, p.285]....

  13. Mastering concurrency in Go

    CERN Document Server

    Kozyra, Nathan


    A practical approach covering everything you need to know to get up and running with Go, starting with the basics and imparting increasingly more detail as the examples and topics become more complicated. The book utilizes a casual, conversational style, rife with actual code and historical anecdotes for perspective, as well as usable and extensible example applications. This book is intended for systems developers and programmers with some experience in either Go and/or concurrent programming who wish to become fluent in building high-performance applications that scale by leveraging single-c

  14. Occlusal stability. (United States)

    Wiens, Jonathan P; Priebe, Jennifer W


    Occlusion is the foundation for clinical success in fixed, removable, and implant prosthodontic treatment. Understanding those principles is critical when restoring a patient's occlusion. Many philosophies, devices, and theories of occlusion have evolved based on anecdotal clinical observations and applied geometric perceptions. The literature has reported these classic and contemporary occlusal concepts. As evidence-based dentistry emerged, it championed scrutiny of previously held beliefs, resulting in the abandonment of many pragmatic, yet beneficial occlusal procedures. The impetus toward scientific discovery, whereby factual information might be universally applied in dental education and clinical practice, has renewed interest in occlusal studies.

  15. Data Analysis What Can Be Learned From the Past 50 Years

    CERN Document Server

    Huber, Peter J


    This book explores the many provocative questions concerning the fundamentals of data analysis. It is based on the time-tested experience of one of the gurus of the subject matter. Why should one study data analysis? How should it be taught? What techniques work best, and for whom? How valid are the results? How much data should be tested? Which machine languages should be used, if used at all? Emphasis on apprenticeship (through hands-on case studies) and anecdotes (through real-life applications) are the tools that Peter J. Huber uses in this volume. Concern with specific statistical techniq

  16. [Divine cadavers: gender, medical discourse, and anatomical collections in the legend of Pedro González de Velasco]. (United States)

    del Pozo, Alba


    This paper examines the relationship between the public image of Pedro Gonzólez de Velasco (1815-1882), famous for his anatomical collections and his Anthropological Museum, founded in 1875 in Madrid, and the popular legend related to the death, embalming and exhumation of his daughter Concepción. The doctor who is committed to the nation becomes a mad scientist, and his official biography is transformed into an urban legend. Beyond the merely anecdotal, I show how the aesthetics associated with female corpses and artificial women organize cultural imaginaries, bringing together medical discourses and literary and artistic representations.

  17. New Therapeutic Strategies for Systemic Sclerosis—a Critical Analysis of the Literature

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gisele Zandman-Goddard


    Full Text Available Systemic sclerosis (SSc is a multi-system disease characterized by skin fibrosis and visceral disease. Therapy is organ and pathogenesis targeted. In this review, we describe novel strategies in the treatment of SSc. Utilizing the MEDLINE and the COCHRANE REGISTRY, we identified open trials, controlled trials, for treatment of SSc from 1999 to April 2005. We used the terms scleroderma, systemic sclerosis, Raynaud's phenomenon, pulmonary hypertension, methotrexate, cyclosporin, tacrolimus, relaxin, low-dose penicillamine, IVIg, calcium channel blockers, losartan, prazocin, iloprost, N-acetylcysteine, bosentan, cyclophosphamide, lung transplantation, ACE inhibitors, anti-thymocyte globulin, and stem cell transplantation. Anecdotal reports were omitted.

  18. The drought of the century in the Amazon Basin: an analysis of the regional variation of rainfall in South America in 1926


    Williams, Earle; Dall' Antonia,Alaor; Dall' Antonia,Vitoria; Almeida,Jorge Mathias de; Suarez, Francisco; Liebmann,Brant; Malhado,Ana Claudia Mendes


    The most severe drought in tropical South America during the 20th century occurred in 1926. This extreme El Nino year is further documented anecdotally, in an update of the river stage observations at Manaus, and in annual rainfall records. The annual rainfall anomaly is an east-west dipole over tropical South America, with drought to the west over the Amazon basin whose discharge is documented at Manaus, and with a surplus to the east and including the Nordeste region of Brazil. Speculations...

  19. Occupational therapists as dog handlers: the collective experience with animal-assisted therapy in Iraq. (United States)

    Fike, Lorie; Najera, Cecilia; Dougherty, David


    The first pair of US Army animal-assisted therapy (AAT) dogs deployed to Iraq in December 2007 with the 85th Medical Detachment Combat and Operational Stress Control unit. As of this writing, 6 dogs have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, offering Soldiers a small reminder of home. Army occupational therapists led the way in this endeavor as primary handlers; the path has been rocky but ultimately rewarding. This article depicts how occupational therapists used AAT and animal-assisted activities to help Soldiers cope with the stressors of living in a deployed environment. Challenges and lessons-learned, including anecdotal examples, are discussed.

  20. Palliative care and use of animal-assisted therapy. (United States)

    Engelman, Suzanne R


    A growing body of research and clinical reports support the benefits of utilizing animal-assisted therapy (AAT) as a complementary, transdisciplinary treatment intervention in medical settings. However, fewer articles are found demonstrating AAT's use in palliative care settings. This article is a study of the effects of AAT in palliative care situations, presenting one anecdotal clinical vignette. In this way, the efficacy of this technique in decreasing patient pain, thereby increasing patient quality of life, and lowering staff stress levels may be illustrated.

  1. Animal-assisted therapy at Mayo Clinic: The time is now. (United States)

    Creagan, Edward T; Bauer, Brent A; Thomley, Barbara S; Borg, Jessica M


    The animal-human bond refers to an emotional, almost existential, relationship between animals and people. From the time of antiquity, domestic animals were an important source of economic vitality, but with the changing cultural landscape, the companion animal has become a faithful friend. Overwhelming anecdotal evidence supports the healing power of this relationship. We summarize the emerging literature on the neurobiochemical and cardiovascular benefits of companion pet ownership. We address the peer-reviewed data from myriad journal articles assessing the impact of the companion animal on the quality and often the length of life of select patients.

  2. Gabapentin: can it be misused? (United States)

    Howland, Robert H


    Gabapentin, a gamma-aminobutyric acid analog drug, appears to be safe and efficacious for the treatment of alcohol dependence. Gabapentin is not a controlled drug, but there are anecdotal reports of its misuse and abuse as well as reports of withdrawal symptoms associated with abrupt discontinuation. The risk of gabapentin misuse is inconsistent, the magnitude of the risk is small, and the risk is not comparable to the much higher risks associated with alcohol use; benzodiazepine, opioid, and stimulant drug use; or illicit drug use. Reports of gabapentin misuse are not unique to this drug, as misuse of prescription medications not typically considered "drugs of abuse" can also occur.

  3. Caesarean section: an historical riddle. (United States)

    Majumdar, S K


    Etymologically, the word 'Caesar' originates from the Latin word 'Caedaere' meaning - 'to cut'. So cutting remains the core point, but little is known about the real origin of the history of Caesarean Section. There is evidence that, the ancient Hindus excelled in surgery and many operations were performed, including caesarean section. This operation was mentioned several times in the Mishnah of Rabbi Judah, the first large commentary on the Hebrew Bible. There are also several mythological anecdotes in Hindu, Buddhist and Greek mythologies. The myth of caesarean section did not even escape the keen eyes of William Skakespeare. The landmarks, treatises and the advancement in this operative procedure are presented in this article.

  4. Women in physics in the United States: Recruitment and retention (United States)

    Abramzon, Nina; Benson, Patrice; Bertschinger, Edmund; Blessing, Susan; Cochran, Geraldine L.; Cox, Anne; Cunningham, Beth; Galbraith-Frew, Jessica; Johnson, Jolene; Kerby, Leslie; Lalanne, Elaine; O'Donnell, Christine; Petty, Sara; Sampath, Sujatha; Seestrom, Susan; Singh, Chandralekha; Spencer, Cherrill; Woodle, Kathryne Sparks; Yennello, Sherry


    Initiatives to increase the number, persistence, and success of women in physics in the United States reach preteen girls through senior women. Programs exist at both the local and national levels. In addition, researchers have investigated issues related to gender equity in physics and physics education. Anecdotal evidence suggests increased media coverage of the underrepresentation of women in science. All of these efforts are motivated and made more effective by the continued collection and presentation of data on the presence, persistence, and promise of women in physics.

  5. Skull-base Ewing sarcoma with multifocal extracranial metastases

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sumit Thakar


    Full Text Available Intracranial occurrence of Ewing sarcoma (ES is unusual, with a skull-base location being anecdotal. We report a 29-year-old man who presented with rapidly progressive ophthalmoplegia, and was found to be harboring an infiltrative lesion involving the sphenoid sinus, sella, and clivus. He underwent trans-sphenoidal decompression of the lesion which was histologically suggestive of ES. He developed paraparesis 2 weeks after commencing adjuvant therapy. Imaging revealed two thoracic extradural lesions and florid vertebral and pulmonary metastases. This is the first report in indexed literature of a primary intracranial ES on the skull-base with disseminated extracranial disease.

  6. Beautiful Testing Leading Professionals Reveal How They Improve Software

    CERN Document Server

    Goucher, Adam


    Successful software depends as much on scrupulous testing as it does on solid architecture or elegant code. But testing is not a routine process, it's a constant exploration of methods and an evolution of good ideas. Beautiful Testing offers 23 essays from 27 leading testers and developers that illustrate the qualities and techniques that make testing an art. Through personal anecdotes, you'll learn how each of these professionals developed beautiful ways of testing a wide range of products -- valuable knowledge that you can apply to your own projects. Here's a sample of what you'll find i

  7. India's nuclear fuel cycle unraveling the impact of the U.S.-India nuclear accord

    CERN Document Server

    Woddi, Taraknath VK


    An analysis of the current (February 2009) status and future potential of India's nuclear fuel cycle is presented in this book. Such a fuel cycle assessment is important, but relatively opaque because India regards various aspects of its nuclear fuel cycle as strategically sensitive. Any study therefore necessarily depends upon reverse calculations based on the information that is available, expert assessments, engineering judgment and anecdotal information. In this work every effort is made to provide transparency to these foundations, so that changes can be made in light of alternative expec

  8. Engagement with Electronic Portfolios: Challenges from the Student Perspective


    David Tosh; Tracy Penny Light; Kele Fleming; Jeff Haywood


    Much of the evidence and research available on the use of e-portfolios focuses on faculty and institutional perspectives and/or consists mainly of anecdotes about how useful the e-portfolio has been to learners. While it is generally agreed that e-portfolios have great potential to engage students and promote deep learning, the research that has been conducted to date focuses very little on student perceptions of value of the e-portfolio for their learning. If students do not accept the e-por...

  9. The CIO playbook strategies and best practices for IT leaders to deliver value

    CERN Document Server

    Colisto, Nicholas R


    Praise for The CIO Playbook "The most trusted advisors chief information officers have are other CIOs, and Nicholas Colisto capitalizes beautifully on that fact in The CIO Playbook. This highly readable guide to succeeding in one of the toughest jobs in the C-suite features a step-by-step framework that is practical, focused, and quite specific. The strategies Nicholas describes come to life through anecdotes and straightforward advice from many of the industry's most respected CIOs who share their advice on everything from partnering with business colleagues to innovating and delivering res

  10. Dental lasers and science. (United States)

    Zakariasen, K L; Dederich, D N


    We have attempted to accomplish two purposes in this article. First, we have presented the case that extensive scientific investigation must form the base of our profession, that it must be an ongoing, continuous process and that laser dentistry must be developed through extensive scientific inquiry--as all of our treatment modalities should be. Second, we have presented many examples of the science involved in the development of laser dentistry. Lasers do have far-reaching potential for application to dentistry. We, as a profession, must insist that such laser development is done properly, not foisted upon us based on anecdotal reports and incomplete research.

  11. Recommendation to standardize pediculicidal and ovicidal testing for head lice (Anoplura: Pediculidae). (United States)

    Burkhart, C N; Burkhart, C G


    Pediculosis capitis is a prevalent and highly communicable condition infesting millions of elementary school students annually. Topical insecticides are the present standard treatment for this condition. Because resistance of head lice to insecticides is a growing concern, assessment of efficacy of pediculicidal and ovicidal activity of the various agents is needed for public health interests. Given the number of anecdotal and market-driven reported studies, assessment of topical lice therapies requires standardized testing. Evaluations based on adaptations of World Health Organization guidelines are not ideal, whereas a protocol reflecting clinical exposure to insecticides is preferable.

  12. Malt liquor marketing in inner cities: the role of neighborhood racial composition. (United States)

    McKee, Pat; Jones-Webb, Rhonda; Hannan, Peter; Pham, Lan


    In response to anecdotal reports that African American neighborhoods are targeted for high-alcohol malt liquor advertising, the authors observed alcohol ads on off-premise alcohol outlets, billboards, and transit structures in 10 U.S. cities over 3 years. Malt liquor ads were prevalent on storefronts, but rare on billboards. Using Poisson regression, the authors found that storefront malt liquor ads were more common in neighborhoods with higher percentages of African Americans, even after controlling for social and physical disorder. Results suggest that policymakers attempting to reduce malt liquor-related harms may do well to consider regulations that limit storefront advertising exposure.

  13. Colony fusion and worker reproduction after queen loss in army ants

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kronauer, Daniel J C; Schöning, Caspar; d'Ettorre, Patrizia


    Theory predicts that altruism is only evolutionarily stable if it is preferentially directed towards relatives, so that any such behaviour towards seemingly unrelated individuals requires scrutiny. Queenless army ant colonies, which have anecdotally been reported to fuse with queenright foreign c...... loss might be more widespread, especially in spatially structured populations of social insects where worker reproduction is not profitable....... their reproductive success. We show that worker chemical recognition profiles remain similar after queen loss, but rapidly change into a mixed colony Gestalt odour after fusion, consistent with indiscriminate acceptance of alien workers that are no longer aggressive. We hypothesize that colony fusion after queen...

  14. Static magnets: what are they and what do they do?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    L Laakso

    Full Text Available INTRODUCTION: Therapeutic static magnets have gained wide community acceptance for neuromusculoskeletal pain relief in many countries yet, apart from strong anecdotal reports of benefit, there is a paucity of scientific evidence for their use. OBJECTIVES: In this review we describe the physical characteristics of traditional and commonplace unipolar and bipolar static magnets as well as newer quadripolar magnetic arrays; discuss what is known of the physiological effects of static magnets and the strength of the literature; and make suggestions for targeted future research for static magnets in the management of neuromusculoskeletal pain conditions.

  15. Identification of adulterants in a Chinese herbal medicine by LC-HRMS and LC-MS-SPE/NMR and comparative in vivo study with standards in a hypertensive rat model

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kesting, Julie Regitze; Huang, JingQi; Sørensen, Dan


    Based on anecdotal evidence of anti-hypertensive effect of Gold Nine Soft Capsules, an in vivo study of this complex Chinese "herbal-based" medicine was initiated. Dosage of the content of Gold Nine capsules in spontaneous hypertensive rats showed a remarkably good effect. This led to further...... of a combination of commercially purchased standards was shown to be equivalent to that of the capsule content. Adulteration of herbal remedies and dietary supplements with synthetic drugs is an increasing problem that may lead to serious adverse effects. LC-MS-SPE/NMR as a method for the rapid identification...

  16. The real business of web design

    CERN Document Server

    Waters, John


    Written by a veteran Web designer, The Real Business of Web Design goes beyond the usual philosophy of simply creating a better customer experience online. Instead, it provides an array of visual design practices and tested business principles for clarifying and simplifying the Web development process and making a Website more customer friendly. Filled with anecdotes from the author's own experiences in the web design trenches, this guide shows readers how to use the Web in crucial ways to streamline communications, speed up transactions, boost profits, and much more. Anyone who wants to use t

  17. Primary myoepithelial carcinoma of rib bone: Morphology, immunohistochemical evaluation and diagnostic dilemma in an unusual case. (United States)

    Biradar, Pramod; Menon, Santosh; Patil, Asawari; Karimundakal, George; Jambhekar, Nirmala


    Myoepithelial tumors are most commonly seen as salivary gland tumors. Tumors of similar morphology and nomenclature are also seen rarely in soft tissue, skin, lungs and breast. Bone is an uncommon anatomical site for occurrence of myoepithelial tumors. Histologically, they have variable admixture of epithelial elements in a gamut of patterns with myxoid matricial background. Most of these are benign with very anecdotal reports of malignant counterpart, myoepithelial carcinoma. Herein we describe an extremely rare case of a malignant myoepithelial tumor arising from the rib which owing to unusual location and immunohistochemical profile was diagnostically challenging.

  18. The cultural contagion of conflict (United States)

    Gelfand, Michele; Shteynberg, Garriy; Lee, Tiane; Lun, Janetta; Lyons, Sarah; Bell, Chris; Chiao, Joan Y.; Bruss, C. Bayan; Al Dabbagh, May; Aycan, Zeynep; Abdel-Latif, Abdel-Hamid; Dagher, Munqith; Khashan, Hilal; Soomro, Nazar


    Anecdotal evidence abounds that conflicts between two individuals can spread across networks to involve a multitude of others. We advance a cultural transmission model of intergroup conflict where conflict contagion is seen as a consequence of universal human traits (ingroup preference, outgroup hostility; i.e. parochial altruism) which give their strongest expression in particular cultural contexts. Qualitative interviews conducted in the Middle East, USA and Canada suggest that parochial altruism processes vary across cultural groups and are most likely to occur in collectivistic cultural contexts that have high ingroup loyalty. Implications for future neuroscience and computational research needed to understand the emergence of intergroup conflict are discussed. PMID:22271785

  19. Medical marijuana and children. (United States)

    Stubblefield, Sam


    Medical marijuana is legal for use by minors in many states, but not Delaware. Anecdotes have accumulated suggesting efficacy in managing seizures in children and several other conditions in adults. Currently well-designed studies in children are lacking. Challenges to effective pediatric medical marijuana use remain at the level of biochemistry, the individual patient, and society. Appropriate and effective use of medical marijuana in children will require significant legislative changes at the state and federal level, as well as high-quality research and standardization of marijuana strains.

  20. Group interaction and flight crew performance (United States)

    Foushee, H. Clayton; Helmreich, Robert L.


    The application of human-factors analysis to the performance of aircraft-operation tasks by the crew as a group is discussed in an introductory review and illustrated with anecdotal material. Topics addressed include the function of a group in the operational environment, the classification of group performance factors (input, process, and output parameters), input variables and the flight crew process, and the effect of process variables on performance. Consideration is given to aviation safety issues, techniques for altering group norms, ways of increasing crew effort and coordination, and the optimization of group composition.