Sample records for analysis issues relating


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Angela Eliza MICU


    Full Text Available In most companies, there is ongoing conflict between managers in charge of covering costs (finance and accounting and managers in charge of satisfying customers (marketing and sales. Accounting journals warn against prices that fail to cover full costs, while marketing journals argue that customer willingness-to-pay must be the sole driver of prices. This article will further explain these reasons to conduct an independent reasonableness of executive/professional practitioner compensation analysis. In addition, this article will discuss many of the typical factors that the independent analyst will consider in assessing the reasonableness of executive compensation for controversy, taxation, corporate planning, and corporate governance purposes.

  2. Framing Islam-related issues during GE13: An analysis of Malaysian mainstream newspapers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aini Maznina A.Manaf


    Full Text Available Abstract: The two major political coalitions in Malaysia are Barisan Nasional  (BN and Pakatan Rakyat (PR, which are dominated by the Malay-Muslim majority. During the 13th national election, to gain public votes, the government used mainstream newspapers to frame Islam-related issues. This research focuses on the characterisation and information reported about Islam and Muslims during the 13th General Election. Using content analysis, we examine the coverage of such issues by the mainstream newspapers: Berita Harian, Utusan Malaysia, New Straits Times, and The Star. This analysis aims to provide a holistic review of the scope of the coverage during the period with a focus on how the Malaysian government framed Islam-related issues through the print media in order to gain the Malay votes. A total of 178 news articles were analysed, from which we found that 15 dominant issues were reported in the newspapers during that period. Among the most frequently reported Islam-related issues were hudud (prescribed punishments, Islamic state, and kalimah Allah (the word “Allah”, which were predominantly covered by the Malay newspapers. In addition, the data indicated that most of the news were inclined towards supporting the ruling coalition, i.e., Barisan Nasional.

  3. Current issues and related activities in seismic hazard analysis in Korea

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Seo, Jeong-Moon [Korea Atomic Energy Research Inst., Taejon (Korea, Republic of); Lee, Jong-Rim; Chang, Chun-Joong


    This paper discusses some technical issues identified from the seismic hazard analyses for probabilistic safety assessment on the operating Korean nuclear power plants and the related activities to resolve the issues. Since there are no strong instrumental earthquake records in Korea, the seismic hazard analysis is mainly dependent on the historical earthquake records. Results of the past seismic hazard analyses show that there are many uncertainties in attenuation function and intensity level and that there is a need to improve statistical method. The identification of the activity of the Yangsan Fault, which is close to nuclear power plant sites, has been an important issue. But the issue has not been resolved yet in spite of much research works done. Recently, some capable faults were found in the offshore area of Gulupdo Island in the Yellow Sea. It is anticipated that the results of research on both the Yangsan Fault and reduction of uncertainty in seismic hazard analysis will have an significant influence on seismic design and safety assessment of nuclear power plants in the future. (author)

  4. Ethical Issues Related to Restructuring. (United States)

    Mielke, Patricia L.; Schuh, John H.


    Offers a framework for thinking about ethical principles through the use of codes of ethics. Examines the ethical issues of restructuring and discusses specific ethical dilemmas. Specifically outlines ethics related to resources allocation and management, and details critical points in restructuring. Argues that ethical guidelines help shape…

  5. Analysis of economic issues relating to the dairy sector, with emphasis on price transmission


    Popovics, Peter Andras


    The dramatic decline in consumption after 1990 was an important problem during the analysis of the sector. Even today, consumption is still below the degree that was before the political change, and significantly lags behind the EU level. The importance of this topic is emphasized by the fact that surplus milk could be marketed through the increased domestic consumption; this would create a more stable and calculable situation for farmers. Therefore, I considered it important to reveal what f...

  6. Analysis of environmental issues related to small-scale hydroelectric development. III. Water level fluctuation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hildebrand, S.G. (ed.)


    Potential environmental impacts in reservoirs and downstream river reaches below dams that may be caused by the water level fluctuation resulting from development and operation of small scale (under 25MW) hydroelectric projects are identified. The impacts discussed will be of potential concern at only those small-scale hydroelectric projects that are operated in a store and release (peaking) mode. Potential impacts on physical and chemical characteristics in reservoirs resulting from water level fluctuation include resuspension and redistribution of bank and bed sediment; leaching of soluble organic matter from sediment in the littoral zone; and changes in water quality resulting from changes in sediment and nutrient trap efficiency. Potential impacts on reservoir biota as a result of water level fluctuation include habitat destruction and the resulting partial or total loss of aquatic species; changes in habitat quality, which result in reduced standing crop and production of aquatic biota; and possible shifts in species diversity. The potential physical effects of water level fluctuation on downstream systems below dams are streambed and bank erosion and water quality problems related to resuspension and redistribution of these materials. Potential biological impacts of water level fluctuation on downstream systems below dams result from changes in current velocity, habitat reduction, and alteration in food supply. These alterations, either singly or in combination, can adversely affect aquatic populations below dams. The nature and potential significance of adverse impacts resulting from water level fluctuation are discussed. Recommendations for site-specific evaluation of water level fluctuation at small-scale hydroelectric projects are presented.

  7. Analysis of Environmental Issues Related to Small-Scale Hydroelectric Development IV: Fish Mortality Resulting From Turbine Passage

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Turbak, Susan C. [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States); Reichle, Donna R. [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States); Shriner, Carole R. [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States)


    The purpose of this report is to provide summary information for use by potential developers and regulators of small-scale hydroelectric projects (defined as existing dams that can be retrofitted to a total site capacity of ≤30 MW), where turbine-related mortality of fish is a potential issue affecting site-specific development. Mitigation techniques for turbine-related mortality are not covered in this report.

  8. Deployment-related Respiratory Issues. (United States)

    Morris, Michael J; Rawlins, Frederic A; Forbes, Damon A; Skabelund, Andrew J; Lucero, Pedro F


    Military deployment to Southwest Asia since 2003 in support of Operations Enduring Freedom/Iraqi Freedom/New Dawn has presented unique challenges from a pulmonary perspective. Various airborne hazards in the deployed environment include suspended geologic dusts, burn pit smoke, vehicle exhaust emissions, industrial air pollution, and isolated exposure incidents. These exposures may give rise to both acute respiratory symptoms and in some instances development of chronic lung disease. While increased respiratory symptoms during deployment are well documented, there is limited data on whether inhalation of airborne particulate matter is causally related to an increase in either common or unique pulmonary diseases. While disease processes such as acute eosinophilic pneumonia and exacerbation of preexisting asthma have been adequately documented, there is significant controversy surrounding the potential effects of deployment exposures and development of rare pulmonary disorders such as constrictive bronchiolitis. The role of smoking and related disorders has yet to be defined. This article presents the current evidence for deployment-related respiratory symptoms and ongoing Department of Defense studies. Further, it also provides general recommendations for evaluating pulmonary health in the deployed military population.

  9. Analysis of environmental issues related to small-scale hydroelectric development. VI. Dissolved oxygen concentrations below operating dams

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cada, G.F.; Kumar, K.D.; Solomon, J.A.; Hildebrand, S.G.


    Results are presented of an effort aimed at determining whether or not water quality degradation, as exemplified by dissolved oxygen concentrations, is a potentially significant issue affecting small-scale hydropower development in the US. The approach was to pair operating hydroelectric sites of all sizes with dissolved oxygen measurements from nearby downstream US Geological Survey water quality stations (acquired from the WATSTORE data base). The USGS data were used to calculate probabilities of non-compliance (PNCs), i.e., the probabilities that dissolved oxygen concentrations in the discharge waters of operating hydroelectric dams will drop below 5 mg/l. PNCs were estimated for each site, season (summer vs remaining months), and capacity category (less than or equal to 30 MW vs >30 MW). Because of the low numbers of usable sites in many states, much of the subsequent analysis was conducted on a regional basis. During the winter months (November through June) all regions had low mean PNCs regardless of capacity. Most regions had higher mean PNCs in summer than in winter, and summer PNCs were greater for large-scale than for small-scale sites. Among regions, the highest mean summer PNCs were found in the Great Basin, the Southeast, and the Ohio Valley. To obtain a more comprehensive picture of the effects of season and capacity on potential dissolved oxygen problems, cumulative probability distributions of PNC were developed for selected regions. This analysis indicates that low dissolved oxygen concentrations in the tailwaters below operating hydroelectric projects are a problem largely confined to large-scale facilities.

  10. Southern Nevada residents` views about the Yucca Mountain high-level nuclear waste repository and related issues: A comparative analysis of urban and rural survey data

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Krannich, R.S.; Little, R.L. [Utah State Univ., Logan, UT (United States); Mushkatel, A.; Pijawka, K.D.; Jones, P. [Arizona State Univ., Tempe, AZ (United States)


    two separate surveys were undertaken in 1988 to ascertain southern Nevadans` views about the Yucca Mountain repository and related issues. The first of these studies focused on the attitudes and perceptions of residents in the Las Vegas metropolitan area. The second study addressed similar issues, but focused on the views of residents in six rural communities in three counties adjacent to the Yucca Mountain site. However, parallel findings from the two data sets have not been jointly analyzed in order to identify ways in which the views and orientations of residents in the rural and urban study areas may be similar or different. The purpose of this report is to develop and present a comparative assessment of selected issues addressed in the rural and urban surveys. Because both urban and rural populations would potentially be impacted by the Yucca Mountain repository, such an analysis will provide important insights into possible repository impacts on the well-being of residents throughout southern Nevada.

  11. Daily newspaper reporting on elderly care in Sweden and Finland: a quantitative content analysis of ethnicity- and migration-related issues

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sandra Torres


    Full Text Available Media representations are important sources of information especially about contexts that people have limited access to (such as the one we address here, that is, elderly care. Representations of this also give us an insight into how ethnicity-, culture-, and migration-related issues are regarded. This article aims to shed light on media representations related to the nexus of elderly care, ethnicity, and migration in Sweden and Finland, given that the two countries have similar elderly care regimes but different migration regimes. The study uses quantitative content analysis to analyze all of the daily newspaper articles on elderly care that have touched upon these issues and have been published in one major newspaper in each country between 1995 and 2011 (N=347. In this article, we present the topics that these newspaper articles discuss; the elderly care actors that the articles focus on (i.e. whether the focus has been on elderly care recipients, elderly care providers or informal caregivers; the ethnic backgrounds of those who expressed themselves in the articles (i.e. whether the focus has been on the ethnic majority or on ethnic minorities; and the type of explanatory frameworks used in the daily press reporting in question. The article problematizes the media representations of ethnicity- and migration-related issues within the Swedish and Finnish elderly care sectors that the analysis has unveiled in relation to the debate on the challenges that the globalization of international migration poses to the elderly care sector.

  12. Security Issues related with cloud computing

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    Full Text Available The term CLOUD means Common Location Independent Online Utility on Demand. It‟s an emerging technology in IT industries. Cloud technologies are improving day by day and now it become a need for all small and large scale industries. Companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft etc. is providing virtualized environment for user by which it omits the need for physical storage and others. But as the advantage of cloud computing is increasing day by day the issues are also threatening the IT industries. These issues related with the security of the data. The basic idea of this review paper is to elaborate the security issues related with cloud computing and what methods are implemented to improve these security. Certain algorithms like RSA, DES, and Ceaser Cipher etc. implemented to improve the security issues. In this paper we have implemented Identity based mRSA algorithm in this paper for improving security of data.

  13. U.S.-China Relations: Policy Issues (United States)


    Interview with Marsha Cooke of CBS, Ritz Carlton Hotel , Beijing, May 3, 2012. U.S.-China Relations: Policy Issues Congressional Research Service 6...United States filed a case against China at the WTO over China’s imposition of anti-dumping and countervailing duty measures on broiler chicken

  14. Teachers' Attitudes Toward Death-Related Issues (United States)

    Perkes, A. Cordell


    Reports a study to assess teachers attitudes toward death-related issues. A questionnaire was given to 61 teachers in a graduate education course. It was found that the teachers tended to favor liberal abortion laws (67 percent), euthanasia (83 percent), and the majority (65 percent) believed in life after death. (SLH)

  15. Addressing Issues Related to Technology and Engineering (United States)

    Technology Teacher, 2008


    This article presents an interview with Michael Hacker and David Burghardt, codirectors of Hoftra University's Center for Technological Literacy. Hacker and Burghardt address issues related to technology and engineering. They argue that teachers need to be aware of the problems kids are facing, and how to present these problems in an engaging…

  16. Analysis of environmental issues related to small-scale hydroelectric development IV: fish mortality resulting from turbine passage

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Turbak, S. C.; Reichle, D. R.; Shriner, C. R.


    This document presents a state-of-the-art review of literature concerning turbine-related fish mortality. The review discusses conventional and, to a lesser degree, pumped-storage (reversible) hydroelectric facilities. Much of the research on conventional facilities discussed in this report deals with studies performed in the Pacific Northwest and covers both prototype and model studies. Research conducted on Kaplan and Francis turbines during the 1950s and 1960s has been extensively reviewed and is discussed. Very little work on turbine-related fish mortality has been undertaken with newer turbine designs developed for more modern small-scale hydropower facilities; however, one study on a bulb unit (Kaplan runner) has recently been released. In discussing turbine-related fish mortality at pumped-storage facilities, much of the literature relates to the Ludington Pumped Storage Power Plant. As such, it is used as the principal facility in discussing research concerning pumped storage.

  17. Issues Relating to Confounding and Meta-analysis When Including Non-Randomized Studies in Systematic Reviews on the Effects of Interventions (United States)

    Valentine, Jeffrey C.; Thompson, Simon G.


    Background: Confounding caused by selection bias is often a key difference between non-randomized studies (NRS) and randomized controlled trials (RCTs) of interventions. Key methodological issues: In this third paper of the series, we consider issues relating to the inclusion of NRS in systematic reviews on the effects of interventions. We discuss…

  18. Labour Rights Protection in Industrial Relations Issues

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eko Adi Susanto


    Full Text Available Many violations of the terms of employment at Surabaya, employment protection  and working conditions for workers who are not provided by employers to the maximum, according to the legislation in force, while the legal protection for workers constrained because of the weakness in the system of employment law, both the substance and the culture built by governments and companies. How To Cite: Susanto, E. (2015. Labour Rights Protection in Industrial Relations Issues. Rechtsidee, 2(2, 109-120. doi:

  19. The Related Issues Analysis on Audit of Internal Control%企业内部控制审计相关问题浅析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    2008年5月我国有关部门联合发布了《企业内部控制基本规范》,这标志着我国内部控制审计业务从此即将开展,这对我国企业财务报告信息质量的提高产生深远影响。随着我国内部控制体系的施行,我国许多企业内部控制审计相继出现问题。本文通过对我国企业内部控制审计相关问题进行分析,找出企业实施内部控制审计时存在的问题,提出加强企业内部控制审计的对策,以保证内部控制审计在企业中顺利快速的开展。%The“Basic Standard for Enterprise Internal Control”was issued by China’s relevant departments. This indicates that our internal control audit services commence soon, it will be improve the quality of financial reporting information have a profound impact in our country. With the implementation of the internal control system in our country, internal control audit have problems in succession. This paper based on the related issues analysis for audit of internal control, find out the problems when enterprises to implement internal control audit and give the solutions, to ensure the internal control audit in the enterprise carried out smoothly and quickly.

  20. Unsolved issues related to human mitochondrial diseases. (United States)

    Lombès, Anne; Auré, Karine; Bellanné-Chantelot, Christine; Gilleron, Mylène; Jardel, Claude


    Human mitochondrial diseases, defined as the diseases due to a mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation defect, represent a large group of very diverse diseases with respect to phenotype and genetic causes. They present with many unsolved issues, the comprehensive analysis of which is beyond the scope of this review. We here essentially focus on the mechanisms underlying the diversity of targeted tissues, which is an important component of the large panel of these diseases phenotypic expression. The reproducibility of genotype/phenotype expression, the presence of modifying factors, and the potential causes for the restricted pattern of tissular expression are reviewed. Special emphasis is made on heteroplasmy, a specific feature of mitochondrial diseases, defined as the coexistence within the cell of mutant and wild type mitochondrial DNA molecules. Its existence permits unequal segregation during mitoses of the mitochondrial DNA populations and consequently heterogeneous tissue distribution of the mutation load. The observed tissue distributions of recurrent human mitochondrial DNA deleterious mutations are diverse but reproducible for a given mutation demonstrating that the segregation is not a random process. Its extent and mechanisms remain essentially unknown despite recent advances obtained in animal models.

  1. Issues Related to EU's Foreign Policy

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    @@ The European Union (EU) is widely regarded as an important international actor, and usually referred to as a big power like the U. S. , Russia, China and Japan. So naturally the foreign policy of the EU has caught attention of both officials and scholars over the world. However, the EU is also a combination of sovereign states, its foreign policy is different from others, and perhaps this is often ignored. For instance, unlike a single nation state, the EU's influence and power are different in various policy fields due to its different ways of decision-making and implementation. Also, different from the common currency, the forming of the common foreign policy of the EU doesn't mean the disappearance of respective member state's foreign policy. Only seeing or emphasizing one respect will lead to a misunderstanding of the EU. Moreover, as a unique "supranational and intergovernmental" organization in the world, the EU has too many complex institutions, names and terms. Of course, the situation is not better in the field of foreign policy, and it easily leads to confusion and misunderstanding. It is also necessary to point out that the EU is still in the process of evolvement, and in particular, as one of the major reforms of the EU in recent years, the foreign policy-making mechanism has been in the center of change and adjustment. It is no doubt that this adds to the difficulties of studying and understanding the EU's foreign policy. In a word, the author thinks it is necessary to raise some major issues related to the EU's foreign policy and delve into it in connecting with the EU's current development.

  2. Nuclear power plant safety related pump issues

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Colaccino, J.


    This paper summarizes of a number of pump issues raised since the Third NRC/ASME Symposium on Valve and Pump Testing in 1994. General issues discussed include revision of NRC Inspection Procedure 73756, issuance of NRC Information Notice 95-08 on ultrasonic flow meter uncertainties, relief requests for tests that are determined by the licensee to be impractical, and items in the ASME OM-1995 Code, Subsection ISTB, for pumps. The paper also discusses current pump vibration issues encountered in relief requests and plant inspections - which include smooth running pumps, absolute vibration limits, and vertical centrifugal pump vibration measurement requirements. Two pump scope issues involving boiling water reactor waterlog and reactor core isolation cooling pumps are also discussed. Where appropriate, NRC guidance is discussed.

  3. Web Based Research Mapping and Analysis: ICT-AGRI's Meta Knowledge Base Centralizes ICT and Robotics Development in Agriculture and Related Environmental Issues


    Mertens, Koen C.; Jürgen Vangeyte; Stephanie Van Weyenberg; Christiane Von Haselberg; Martin Holpp; Renate L. Doerfler; Iver Thysen


    Ample research is conducted on ICT, automation and robotics in agriculture and related environmental issues. ICT and Robotics innovations are rapidly emerging and have the ability to revolutionize future farming through their major impacts on productivity and profitability. Unfortunately human and financial resources and efforts are fragmented and limited. This led to the creation of the ICT-AGRI ERA-NET that provides a central structured framework. Its main objective is to strengthen and coo...

  4. U.S.-China Relations: Policy Issues (United States)


    Energy Competition and Energy Security in Northeast Asia: Issues for U.S. Policy, by Emma Chanlett-Avery. CRS Report RL34659, China’s Greenhouse Gas...melamine since 2008, once again called into question the effectiveness of PRC product safety controls. The Obama Administration has regarded China...of deforestation in some countries in Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America,42 while the proliferation of hydropower projects in China has

  5. Sampling Issues in Bibliometric Analysis

    CERN Document Server

    Williams, Richard


    Bibliometricians face several issues when drawing and analyzing samples of citation records for their research. Drawing samples that are too small may make it difficult or impossible for studies to achieve their goals, while drawing samples that are too large may drain resources that could be better used for other purposes. This paper considers three common situations and offers advice for dealing with each. First, an entire population of records is available for an institution. We argue that, even though all records have been collected, the use of inferential statistics and significance testing is both common and desirable. Second, because of limited resources or other factors, a sample of records needs to be drawn. We demonstrate how power analyses can be used to determine in advance how large the sample needs to be to achieve the study's goals. Third, the sample size may already be determined, either because the data have already been collected or because resources are limited. We show how power analyses c...

  6. Analysis of the Contradictions and Issues in China-ASEAN Relations%试析中国与东盟关系中的矛盾与问题

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张艺卓; 郑毅


    自1991年中国与东盟开启对话以来,双边关系不断深化,在政治、经济等多个领域实现了合作、互利、共赢。但是近几年,南海问题的加速升温、台湾当局的"南向政策"及其影响、中国与东盟经贸关系中的竞争与利益冲突、"中国威胁论"加剧了东盟国家复杂的心态等问题与矛盾影响着中国与东盟的团结与合作。重视并采取适当的方式处理双边关系中的主要矛盾和问题,有利于巩固并加强中国与东盟的友好合作关系。%Since the dialogue between China and ASEAN in 1991 ,the bilateral relations have been deepe- ning. They cooperate in political, economic and other fields and achieve mutual benefits and a win-win situa- tion. But recently, the accelerated tension of the South Sea Issue in China, Taiwan authorities "Southward Poli- cy" and its impact, competition and conflict of interest in the economic and trade relations between China and ASEAN, and "China threat theory " increase the complex mentality of the Southeast Asian countries. These is- sues and conflicts can do harm to the unity and cooperation between China and ASEAN. Emphasis on the main issues in bilateral relations, and taking the appropriate way to deal with these conflicts are conducive to main- tain and strengthen the friendly and cooperative relations between China and ASEAN.

  7. NATO, MBFR and Some Related Issues (United States)


    34flexible reoponse" is briefly mentioned above. TheBe three strategic doctrines were briefly related to the tactical nuclear weapon superiority, noted...üKely that was discussed in the previous section of this paper. ln most ca3e3 theBe proposals were not linfcsd to specific types of outcomes. To

  8. Ethical issues related to screening for Preeclampsia

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jørgensen, Jennifer M.; Hedley, Paula L.; Gjerris, Mickey;


    The implementation of new methods of treating and preventing disease raises many question of both technical and moral character. Currently, many studies focus on developing a screening test for preeclampsia (PE), a disease complicating 2–8% of pregnancies, potentially causing severe consequences...... feasibility and clinical efficacy, it also requires an analysis of how the test influences the conditions and choices for those tested. This study evaluates state-of-the-art techniques for preeclampsia screening in an ethical framework, pointing out the central areas of moral relevance within the context...

  9. Management issues in automated audit analysis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jackson, K.A.; Hochberg, J.G.; Wilhelmy, S.K.; McClary, J.F.; Christoph, G.G.


    This paper discusses management issues associated with the design and implementation of an automated audit analysis system that we use to detect security events. It gives the viewpoint of a team directly responsible for developing and managing such a system. We use Los Alamos National Laboratory`s Network Anomaly Detection and Intrusion Reporter (NADIR) as a case in point. We examine issues encountered at Los Alamos, detail our solutions to them, and where appropriate suggest general solutions. After providing an introduction to NADIR, we explore four general management issues: cost-benefit questions, privacy considerations, legal issues, and system integrity. Our experiences are of general interest both to security professionals and to anyone who may wish to implement a similar system. While NADIR investigates security events, the methods used and the management issues are potentially applicable to a broad range of complex systems. These include those used to audit credit card transactions, medical care payments, and procurement systems.

  10. Ethical issues related to screening for preeclampsia. (United States)

    Jørgensen, Jennifer M; Hedley, Paula L; Gjerris, Mickey; Christiansen, Michael


    The implementation of new methods of treating and preventing disease raises many question of both technical and moral character. Currently, many studies focus on developing a screening test for preeclampsia (PE), a disease complicating 2-8% of pregnancies, potentially causing severe consequences for pregnant women and their fetuses. The purpose is to develop a test that can identify pregnancies at high risk for developing PE sufficiently early in pregnancy to allow for prophylaxis. However, the question of implementing a screening test for PE does not only involve an evaluation of technical feasibility and clinical efficacy, it also requires an analysis of how the test influences the conditions and choices for those tested. This study evaluates state-of-the-art techniques for preeclampsia screening in an ethical framework, pointing out the central areas of moral relevance within the context of such screening activity. Furthermore, we propose ethical guidelines that a screening programme for PE should meet in order to become an uncontroversial addition to prenatal health care.

  11. Classification issues related to neuropathic trigeminal pain. (United States)

    Zakrzewska, Joanna M


    The goal of a classification system of medical conditions is to facilitate accurate communication, to ensure that each condition is described uniformly and universally and that all data banks for the storage and retrieval of research and clinical data related to the conditions are consistent. Classification entails deciding which kinds of diagnostic entities should be recognized and how to order them in a meaningful way. Currently there are 3 major pain classification systems of relevance to orofacial pain: The International Association for the Study of Pain classification system, the International Headache Society classification system, and the Research Diagnostic Criteria for Temporomandibular Disorders (RDC/TMD). All use different methodologies, and only the RDC/TMD take into account social and psychologic factors in the classification of conditions. Classification systems need to be reliable, valid, comprehensive, generalizable, and flexible, and they need to be tested using consensus views of experts as well as the available literature. There is an urgent need for a robust classification system for neuropathic trigeminal pain.

  12. Cowichan Valley energy mapping and modelling. Report 4 - Analysis of opportunity costs and issues related to regional energy resilience. Final report. [Vancouver Island, Canada

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The driving force behind the Integrated Energy Mapping and Analysis project was the identification and analysis of a suite of pathways that the Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD) can utilise to increase its energy resilience, as well as reduce energy consumption and GHG emissions, with a primary focus on the residential sector. Mapping and analysis undertaken will support provincial energy and GHG reduction targets, and the suite of pathways outlined will address a CVRD internal target that calls for 75% of the region's energy within the residential sector to come from locally sourced renewables by 2050. The target has been developed as a mechanism to meet resilience and climate action target. The maps and findings produced are to be integrated as part of a regional policy framework currently under development. Based on the outputs from the first three tasks, a suite of coherent pathways towards the overall target of 75% residential local energy consumption was created, and the costs and benefits for the region were calculated. This was undertaken via a scenario analysis which also highlighted the risks and robustness of the different options within the pathways. In addition to a direct economic comparison between the different pathways, more qualitative issues were described, including potential local employment, environmental benefits and disadvantages, etc. The main tool utilised in this analysis was a tailor made Excel energy model that includes mechanisms for analysing improvements in the CVRD energy system down to an area level, for example renewable energy in residential buildings, renewable energy generation, and the effects of energy efficiency improvements. For the industrial, commercial, and transport sectors, simple and generic forecasts and input possibilities were included in the model. The Excel 'technology cost' and 'energy' models are accompanied with a user manual so that planners within the CVRD can become well

  13. Issues in midterm analysis and forecasting 1998

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Issues in Midterm Analysis and Forecasting 1998 (Issues) presents a series of nine papers covering topics in analysis and modeling that underlie the Annual Energy Outlook 1998 (AEO98), as well as other significant issues in midterm energy markets. AEO98, DOE/EIA-0383(98), published in December 1997, presents national forecasts of energy production, demand, imports, and prices through the year 2020 for five cases -- a reference case and four additional cases that assume higher and lower economic growth and higher and lower world oil prices than in the reference case. The forecasts were prepared by the Energy Information Administration (EIA), using EIA`s National Energy Modeling System (NEMS). The papers included in Issues describe underlying analyses for the projections in AEO98 and the forthcoming Annual Energy Outlook 1999 and for other products of EIA`s Office of Integrated Analysis and Forecasting. Their purpose is to provide public access to analytical work done in preparation for the midterm projections and other unpublished analyses. Specific topics were chosen for their relevance to current energy issues or to highlight modeling activities in NEMS. 59 figs., 44 tabs.

  14. Web Based Research Mapping and Analysis: ICT-AGRI's Meta Knowledge Base Centralizes ICT and Robotics Development in Agriculture and Related Environmental Issues

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Koen C. Mertens


    Full Text Available Ample research is conducted on ICT, automation and robotics in agriculture and related environmental issues. ICT and Robotics innovations are rapidly emerging and have the ability to revolutionize future farming through their major impacts on productivity and profitability. Unfortunately human and financial resources and efforts are fragmented and limited. This led to the creation of the ICT-AGRI ERA-NET that provides a central structured framework. Its main objective is to strengthen and coordinate European research regarding ICT and robotics in agriculture. Besides the creation of the Meta Knowledge Base (MKB, a common European research agenda will be developed and common research calls are launched. The Meta Knowledge Base ( is attempting to map all relevant research and development within the selected research area. To accomplish the mapping, two types of information are collected: research profiles and research postings. To organize the postings, a three-dimensional task-technology oriented framework was designed. The results indicated that the three axes: task, technology and scope seemed insufficient to describe the whole research area. Therefore, an improved framework was developed. By extending the task-technology oriented framework with a process-control–information system, a useful framework was designed.

  15. Korea: U.S.-Korean Relations -- Issues for Congress (United States)


    wounded in the Korean War (1950-53). The United States agreed to defend South Korea from external aggression in the 1954 Mutual Defense Treaty. The... Korean RelationsIssues for Congress Updated June 16, 2005 Larry A. Niksch Foreign Affairs, Defense , and Trade Division Report Documentation Page...A 3. DATES COVERED - 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Korea : U.S.- Korean Relations -- Issues for Congress 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c

  16. Practical Issues in Component Aging Analysis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dana L. Kelly; Andrei Rodionov; Jens Uwe-Klugel


    This paper examines practical issues in the statistical analysis of component aging data. These issues center on the stochastic process chosen to model component failures. The two stochastic processes examined are repair same as new, leading to a renewal process, and repair same as old, leading to a nonhomogeneous Poisson process. Under the first assumption, times between failures can treated as statistically independent observations from a stationary process. The common distribution of the times between failures is called the renewal distribution. Under the second process, the times between failures will not be independently and identically distributed, and one cannot simply fit a renewal distribution to the cumulative failure times or the times between failures. The paper illustrates how the assumption made regarding the repair process is crucial to the analysis. Besides the choice of stochastic process, other issues that are discussed include qualitative graphical analysis and simple nonparametric hypothesis tests to help judge which process appears more appropriate. Numerical examples are presented to illustrate the issues discussed in the paper.

  17. Meeting the challenges related to material issues in chemical industries

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Baldev Raj; U Kamachi Mudali; T Jayakumar; K V Kasiviswanathn; K Natarajan


    Reliable performance and profitability are two important requirements for any chemical industry. In order to achieve high level of reliability and excellent performance, several issues related to design, materials selection, fabrication, quality assurance, transport, storage, inputs from condition monitoring, failure analysis etc. have to be adequately addressed and implemented. Technology related to nondestructive testing and monitoring of the plant is also essential for precise identification of defect sites and to take appropriate remedial decision regarding repair, replacement or modification of process conditions. The interdisciplinary holistic approach enhances the life of critical engineering components in chemical plants. Further, understanding the failure modes of the components through the analysis of failed components throws light on the choice of appropriate preventive measures to be taken well in advance, to have a control over the overall health of the plant. The failure analysis also leads to better design modification and condition monitoring methodologies, for the next generation components and plants. At the Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR), Kalpakkam, a unique combination of the expertise in design, materials selection, fabrication, NDT development, condition monitoring, life prediction and failure analysis exists to obtain desired results for achieving high levels of reliability and performance assessment of critical engineering components in chemical industries. Case studies related to design, materials selection and fabrication aspects of critical components in nuclear fuel reprocessing plants, NDT development and condition monitoring of various components of nuclear power plants, and important failure investigations on critical engineering components in chemical and allied industries are discussed in this paper. Future directions are identified and planned approaches are briefly described.

  18. Analysis on the Issues of Characterization to Foreign-Related Trusts%涉外信托中的法律识别问题探析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Characterization is a recognition process of private international law that defines the corresponding relationship between specific issues and abstract norms, and it is also the prerequisite to find the conflict rules of foreign-related civil relations.As a unique institution originating from Anglo -American Legal system, trusts is very different from the similar institutions of Continental Legal system in the construction of legal concepts, so it need a complicated distinguishing work to identify the classification of controversial cases, and only through characterization, would the applicable law be fixed according to the guidance of connecting points.Therefore, characterization plays a significant role in the application of laws.In view of the trusts’ unique characteristic, the scope of its characterization should include the factual determinations and interpretation to the category and attribution of the conflict rules.As to the conflict existing in the characterization of trusts, the author thinks that applying different criteria in the light of the different forums’ attitudes to the trusts is a wisdom choice.Meanwhile, according to the principle of party autonomy in private law, the author suggests that in order to resolve the difficult question of conflicts of characterization to trusts, it is a better choice to enact a worldwide unified model trusts’ law or to get the unification in the specific cases via the agreement to lex voluntatis.%识别是一种确定具体事实与抽象规范的对应关系的认识过程,也是寻找涉外民事关系冲突规范的逻辑前提。信托作为一项起源于英美法系的独特法律制度,在法律理念的构造上与大陆法系存在显著的不同,需要经过复杂的比较甄别才能够相对准确地识别出争议案件的类型归属,据连接因素之指引,找出用以规范涉外信托关系的准据法。因此,识别在涉外信托的法律适用中至关重要。鉴于信托

  19. Issues in Quantitative Analysis of Ultraviolet Imager (UV) Data: Airglow (United States)

    Germany, G. A.; Richards, P. G.; Spann, J. F.; Brittnacher, M. J.; Parks, G. K.


    The GGS Ultraviolet Imager (UVI) has proven to be especially valuable in correlative substorm, auroral morphology, and extended statistical studies of the auroral regions. Such studies are based on knowledge of the location, spatial, and temporal behavior of auroral emissions. More quantitative studies, based on absolute radiometric intensities from UVI images, require a more intimate knowledge of the instrument behavior and data processing requirements and are inherently more difficult than studies based on relative knowledge of the oval location. In this study, UVI airglow observations are analyzed and compared with model predictions to illustrate issues that arise in quantitative analysis of UVI images. These issues include instrument calibration, long term changes in sensitivity, and imager flat field response as well as proper background correction. Airglow emissions are chosen for this study because of their relatively straightforward modeling requirements and because of their implications for thermospheric compositional studies. The analysis issues discussed here, however, are identical to those faced in quantitative auroral studies.

  20. Nutrition and cancer: issues related to treatment and survivorship. (United States)

    Witham, Gary


    This paper reviews nutritional issues related to cancer treatment and further explores nutritional needs pertinent to cancer survivorship. It examines the major problems with nutrition when patients undergo the main cancer treatment modalities of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. Particular attention is paid to long-term dietary advice in acknowledgement of the improved effectiveness of cancer treatment and the chronic nature of the condition.

  1. Do medical students require education on issues related to plagiarism? (United States)

    Varghese, Joe; Jacob, Molly


    In the course of our professional experience, we have seen that many medical students plagiarise. We hypothesised that they do so out of ignorance and that they require formal education on the subject. With this objective in mind, we conducted a teaching session on issues related to plagiarism. As a part of this, we administered a quiz to assess their baseline knowledge on plagiarism and a questionnaire to determine their attitudes towards it. We followed this up with an interactive teaching session, in which we discussed various aspects of plagiarism. We subjected the data obtained from the quiz and questionnaire to bivariate and multivariate analysis. A total of 423 medical students participated in the study. Their average score for the quiz was 4.96±1.67 (out of 10). Age, gender and years in medical school were not significantly associated with knowledge regarding plagiarism. The knowledge scores were negatively correlated with permissive attitudes towards plagiarism and positively correlated with attitudes critical of the practice. Men had significantly higher scores on permissive attitudes compared to women . In conclusion, we found that the medical students' knowledge regarding plagiarism was limited. Those with low knowledge scores tended to have permissive attitudes towards plagiarism and were less critical of the practice. We recommend the inclusion of formal instruction on this subject in the medical curriculum, so that this form of academic misconduct can be tackled.

  2. Several Legal Issues Relating to Service Technological Results

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    How "the rights and interests in the intellectual property rights of the scientists and technicians should be protected and the entity achieving the service-related technological results should remunerate, under law, those achieving the service-related technological results and those making outstanding contribution to the transfer of the technological results" are important issues encountered in China in its efforts to improve its innovation capacity and build up a new nation. The current legal system in...

  3. Issues relating to airborne applications of HTS SQUIDs

    CERN Document Server

    Foley, C P; Binks, R A; Lam, S H K; Du, J; Tilbrook, D L; Mitchell, E E; MacFarlane, J C; Lee, J B; Turner, R; Downey, M; Maddever, A


    Airborne application of HTS SQUIDs is the most difficult environment for their successful deployment. In order to operate with the sensitivity required for a particular application, there are many issues to be addressed such as the need for very wide dynamic range electronics, motion noise elimination, immunity to large changing magnetic fields and cultural noise sources. This paper reviews what is necessary to achieve an airborne system giving examples in geophysical mineral exploration. It will consider issues relating to device design and fabrication, electronics, dewar design, suspension system requirements and noise elimination methods.

  4. Analysis of high burnup fuel safety issues

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lee, Chan Bock; Kim, D. H.; Bang, J. G.; Kim, Y. M.; Yang, Y. S.; Jung, Y. H.; Jeong, Y. H.; Nam, C.; Baik, J. H.; Song, K. W.; Kim, K. S


    Safety issues in steady state and transient behavior of high burnup LWR fuel above 50 - 60 MWD/kgU were analyzed. Effects of burnup extension upon fuel performance parameters was reviewed, and validity of both the fuel safety criteria and the performance analysis models which were based upon the lower burnup fuel test results was analyzed. It was found that further tests would be necessary in such areas as fuel failure and dispersion for RIA, and high temperature cladding corrosion and mechanical deformation for LOCA. Since domestic fuels have been irradiated in PWR up to burnup higher than 55 MWD/kgU-rod. avg., it can be said that Korea is in the same situation as the other countries in the high burnup fuel safety issues. Therefore, necessary research areas to be performed in Korea were derived. Considering that post-irradiation examination(PIE) for the domestic fuel of burnup higher than 30 MWD/kgU has not been done so far at all, it is primarily necessary to perform PIE for high burnup fuel, and then simulation tests for RIA and LOCA could be performed by using high burnup fuel specimens. For the areas which can not be performed in Korea, international cooperation will be helpful to obtain the test results. With those data base, safety of high burnup domestic fuels will be confirmed, current fuel safety criteria will be re-evaluated, and finally transient high burnup fuel behavior analysis technology will be developed through the fuel performance analysis code development.

  5. 电网废旧物资销售涉税问题分析与对策%Analysis and Countermeasures of Tax-related Issues in Sales of Grid Waste Materials

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    In sales activities of grid enterprises′waste materials, the disputes on tax-related invoice issu-ing often happens in performance of contracts with recyclers. In an example of State Grid Anhui Electric Power Corporation′s business practices, through the analysis of the relevant tax-related issues and state tax-related policies, based on compliance with laws and regulations, for ″win-win″ as the goal between power grid enterprises and waste recyclers, the countermeasures on tax invoice management in the dispos-al and sales activities of waste materials are presented, to provide a reference for regulating the disposal and sales activities of waste materials.%电网企业在废旧物资销售活动中,与回收商之间经常发生有关涉税发票开具问题的合同履行纠纷。文章以国网安徽省电力公司业务实践为例,通过对相关涉税问题和国家涉税政策的分析,在依法合规的基础上,以电网企业与废旧物资回收商“互利共赢”为目标,提出了在废旧物资处置和销售活动中的税收发票管理对策,为规范废旧物资处置销售活动提供参考。

  6. Assistance to States on Policies Related to Wind Energy Issues

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Brown, Matthew, H; Decesaro, Jennifer; DOE Project Officer - Keith Bennett


    This final report summarizes work carried out under agreement with the US Department of Energy, related to wind energy policy issues. This project has involved a combination of outreach and publications on wind energy, with a specific focus on educating state-level policymakers. Education of state policymakers is vitally important because state policy (in the form of incentives or regulation) is a crucial part of the success of wind energy. State policymakers wield a significant influence over all of these policies. They are also in need of high quality, non-biased educational resources which this project provided. This project provided outreach to legislatures, in the form of meetings designed specifically for state legislators and legislative staff, responses to information requests on wind energy, and publications. The publications addressed: renewable energy portfolio standards, wind energy transmission, wind energy siting, case studies of wind energy policy, avian issues, economic development, and other related issues. These publications were distributed to legislative energy committee members, and chairs, legislative staff, legislative libraries, and other related state officials. The effect of this effort has been to provide an extensive resource of information about wind information for state policymakers in a form that is useful to them. This non-partisan information has been used as state policymakers attempt to develop their own policy proposals related to wind energy in the states.

  7. Artificial intelligence issues related to automated computing operations (United States)

    Hornfeck, William A.


    Large data processing installations represent target systems for effective applications of artificial intelligence (AI) constructs. The system organization of a large data processing facility at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center is presented. The methodology and the issues which are related to AI application to automated operations within a large-scale computing facility are described. Problems to be addressed and initial goals are outlined.

  8. U.S.-Mexico Economic Relations: Trends, Issues, and Implications (United States)


    Relations: Trends, Issues, and Implications Congressional Research Service 16 Canada, Chile, Bolivia, Costa Rica , Nicaragua, Uruguay, Colombia...According to the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR), some Mexican fishing vessels use this method when fishing for tuna...labeling provisions are legitimate and that any adverse effects felt by Mexican tuna producers are the result of choices made by Mexico’s own fishing

  9. Environmentally related taxes in OECD countries: issues and strategies

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Economic instruments, including environmentally related taxes, play an increasing role in the environmental policies of developed countries. This publication addresses the use of environmental taxes and their effectiveness in reducing environmental damage. It finds these taxes are a powerful tool for implementing environmental strategy. It also describes obstacles to increased use of such taxes (e.g. concerns about competitiveness and distributional effects) and suggests ways to overcome such barriers. Particular attention is given to issues and options related to taxes on greenhouse gases. 18 figs., 13 tabs.

  10. Materials Issues Related to Catalysts for Treatment of Diesel Exhaust

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Narula, Chaitanya Kumar [ORNL; Daw, C Stuart [ORNL; Hoard, John W. [Ford Motor Company; Hammer, T. [Siemens AG, Germany


    The driver for lean NO{sub x} treatment is the need to meet regulatory standards for diesel engines and gasoline direct injection spark-ignited engines that offer better fuel economy. Efforts over the last decade have been focused toward finding an active lean NO{sub x} catalyst that can reduce NO{sub x} under oxidizing conditions or strategies such as selective catalytic reduction (SCR), plasma-catalysis, plasma catalyst SCR, and lean NO{sub x} traps with varying degrees of success. At present, it appears that SCR with urea and lean NO{sub x} traps are the leading contender technologies for commercial deployment. Key issues that remain to be resolved for these two technologies include byproduct formation, dosing control, and durability. In this review, we summarize material-related issues that are unique to each of these technologies, and point out the improvements necessary to facilitate their deployment.

  11. Antimicrobial resistance and related issues: An overview of Bangladesh situation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Md. Sayedur Rahman


    Full Text Available The present study was designed to understand Bangladesh situation about antimicrobial resistance. Half of the Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas and Klebsiella showed resistance against older and common antimicrobials. Most (50% common reasons to prescribe antimicrobial are fever, respiratory and urinary tract infection. About 70% prescriber mentioned diagnostic uncertainty and emergence of resistance as causes for increase in antimicrobial prescribing. 51.9% of prescribers opined that physicians prescribe antimicrobial more than the actual need. About two-third of 5th year medical students answered correctly on different issues related to antimicrobials and resistance. Antimicrobial and resistance received little emphasis in Pharmacology and Microbiology written questions at both undergraduate (0.7 to 16.1% and postgraduate (0.9 to 18.4% level. Print (0.02% to 2.0% and electronic media (0.0 to 0.6% attaches small importance on the issues. Nothing related to ‘antimicrobials’ and ‘measure to contain resistance’ were mentioned in related policy documents.

  12. Codes of practice and related issues in biomedical waste management

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Moy, D.; Watt, C. [Griffith Univ. (Australia)


    This paper outlines the development of a National Code of Practice for biomedical waste management in Australia. The 10 key areas addressed by the code are industry mission statement; uniform terms and definitions; community relations - public perceptions and right to know; generation, source separation, and handling; storage requirements; transportation; treatment and disposal; disposal of solid and liquid residues and air emissions; occupational health and safety; staff awareness and education. A comparison with other industry codes in Australia is made. A list of outstanding issues is also provided; these include the development of standard containers, treatment effectiveness, and reusable sharps containers.

  13. The Gwadar Port Issue in Sino-U.S. Relations

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Because of its unique geopolitical importance,China's aid to construct Gwadar Port has caused much concern in the U.S. and other countries. The U.S. sees it as strategic expansion in the Indian Ocean and claims that China is intent on using Gwadar Port as a naval base in its "string of pearls strategy." The U.S. and China maintain conflicting interests on this issue. Although Sino-U.S.relations may not be affected greatly in the near future, the negative influence in the long term cannot be ignored.

  14. Experiments in human multi-issue negotiation: analysis and support

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bosse, T.; Jonker, C.M.; Schut, M.C.; Treur, J.


    The purpose of this paper is to report on experiments in (human) multi-issue negotiation and their analysis, and to present a generic software environment supporting such an analysis. First, the paper presents a System for Analysis of Multi-Issue Negotiation (SAMIN). SAMIN is designed to analyse neg

  15. High temperature corrosion issues in energy-related systems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stringer John


    Full Text Available The large majority of electric power that is generated world-wide involves heat engines of one kind or another. The significant exceptions are hydroelectric generation; wind; and photovoltaics. The thermal sources for the heat engines include: fossil fuels, nuclear fission, biomass, geothermal sources, and solar radiation. There has been a progressive move to higher overall cycle efficiencies for at least one hundred years, and in the case of fossil fuels this has accelerated recently in part because of concerns about greenhouse gas emissions, notably CO2. For a heat engine, the overall efficiency is closely related to the difference between the highest temperature in the cycle and the lowest temperature. In most cases, this has resulted in an increase in the high temperature, and this in turn has led to increasing demands on the materials of construction used in the high temperature end of the systems. One of the issues is the chemical degradation because of reactions between the materials of construction and the environments to which they are exposed: this is high temperature corrosion. This paper will describe the issues for a range of current heat engines.

  16. Environmental Issues Related to Chemical Fertilizer Use in China

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    The current status of chemical fertilizers production and consumption in China as well as their important roles in Chinese modern agriculture are discussed with special concerns to the environmental issues related to chemical fertilizer use.On the one hand.the total amount of chemical fertilizer produced is insufficient to meet the agricultural needs.On the other hand.the production and consumption of chemical fertilizers in China are obviously not balanced.In some areas over application of nitrogen fertilizers and loss of phosphate fertilizer due to soil erosion have resulted in some undesirable environmental problems such as increase of nitrate in water and eutrophication of water bodies.Maximum scientific uses of organic manures in combination with reasonable use of chemical fertilizers are part of good practices not only in increasuing soil productivity and keeping sustainable agriculture development but also in minimizing their detrimental effects on the environment.

  17. Niche applications of metal hydrides and related thermal management issues

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lototskyy, M., E-mail: [HySA Systems Competence Centre, South African Institute for Advanced Materials Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of the Western Cape, Private Bag X17, Bellville 7535 (South Africa); Satya Sekhar, B. [HySA Systems Competence Centre, South African Institute for Advanced Materials Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of the Western Cape, Private Bag X17, Bellville 7535 (South Africa); Muthukumar, P. [Mechanical Department, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, Guwahati 781039 (India); Linkov, V.; Pollet, B.G. [HySA Systems Competence Centre, South African Institute for Advanced Materials Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of the Western Cape, Private Bag X17, Bellville 7535 (South Africa)


    Highlights: • MH H{sub 2} storage, compression & heat management: developments/thermal management. • Thermodynamic criteria for proper selection of MH for different gas phase applications. • Factors influencing on H{sub 2} charge/discharge dynamic performance and energy efficiency. • The improvement of MH heat transfer characteristics is crucial. • Ways of improvement of heat transfer in the MH systems. - Abstract: This short review highlights and discusses the recent developments and thermal management issues related to metal hydride (MH) systems for hydrogen storage, hydrogen compression and heat management (refrigeration, pump and upgrade, etc.). Special attention is paid to aligning the system features with the requirements of the specific application. The considered system features include the MH material, the MH bed on the basis of its corresponding MH container, as well as the layout of the integrated system.

  18. Module Cluster: IFE-003.00 (GSC) Analysis of Selected Educational Issues. (United States)

    Zahn, R. D.

    This module is one of several designed for the Camden Teacher Corps project. The general objectives of the module are a) to develop or increase the student's awareness of selected, abiding issues related to education facing New Jersey and the nation; b) to develop the student's thinking and analysis as they relate to the issues; and c) to provide…

  19. Issues related to a programme of activities under the CDM

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ellis, J.


    Emissions of CO2 from the energy and land-use change and forestry sectors are responsible for the majority of emissions in non-Annex I Parties to the UNFCCC. Tackling greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from these sectors is a key to slowing the growth in GHG emissions in non-Annex I countries. Implementing Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects can help achieve this aim, while also assisting non-Annex I countries to move towards sustainable development and Annex I countries achieve their emission commitments under the Kyoto Protocol. There has been rapid progress in the CDM over the last year - in terms of the number of projects in the pipeline and registered, and in terms of credits issued. However, some important sectors are notable by their small share in the CDM portfolio. Several countries have also called attention to the need to accelerate the process of approving CDM methodologies and projects. In order to improve the effectiveness of the CDM to achieve its dual objectives, the COP/MOP agreed a decision on 'further guidance relating to the clean development mechanism. This decision lays out guidance on how to improve the operation of the CDM, and includes provisions that allow: (1) Bundling of project activities; and (2) Project activities under a programme of activities, to be registered as a CDM project activity. At present, of the 172 currently registered CDM project activities, 27 involve programmes or bundles. These project activities can include more than one project type, be implemented in several locations, and/or occur in more than one sector. This paper assesses how project activities under a programme of activities under the CDM (referred to here as PCDM) could help to increase the effectiveness of the CDM by encouraging a wide spread of emission mitigation activities. This paper also explores the key issues that may need to be considered for the PCDM concept to be further implemented. The paper concludes that: (1) Key concepts and issues

  20. Addressing security issues related to virtual institute distributed activities (United States)

    Stytz, Martin R.; Banks, Sheila B.


    One issue confounding the development and experimentation of distributed modeling and simulation environments is the inability of the project team to identify and collaborate with resources, both human and technical, from outside the United States. This limitation is especially significant within the human behavior representation area where areas such as cultural effects research and joint command team behavior modeling require the participation of various cultural and national representatives. To address this limitation, as well as other human behavior representation research issues, NATO Research and Technology Organization initiated a project to develop a NATO virtual institute that enables more effective and more collaborative research into human behavior representation. However, in building and operating a virtual institute one of the chief concerns must be the cyber security of the institute. Because the institute "exists" in cyberspace, all of its activities are susceptible to cyberattacks, subterfuge, denial of service and all of the vulnerabilities that networked computers must face. In our opinion, for the concept of virtual institutes to be successful and useful, their operations and services must be protected from the threats in the cyber environment. A key to developing the required protection is the development and promulgation of standards for cyber security. In this paper, we discuss the types of cyber standards that are required, how new internet technologies can be exploited and can benefit the promulgation, development, maintenance, and robustness of the standards. This paper is organized as follows. Section One introduces the concept of the virtual institutes, the expected benefits, and the motivation for our research and for research in this area. Section Two presents background material and a discussion of topics related to VIs, uman behavior and cultural modeling, and network-centric warfare. Section Three contains a discussion of the

  1. Special issue on Operational Modal Analysis

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kirkegaard, Poul Henning; Brincker, Rune


    Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) is not really a new discipline; it has been present from the very beginning of the development of modal testing and analysis going back to the sixties and early seventies.......Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) is not really a new discipline; it has been present from the very beginning of the development of modal testing and analysis going back to the sixties and early seventies....

  2. Conceptual issues specifically related to health-related quality of life in critically ill patients

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Hofhuis, Jose G. M.; van Stel, Henk F.; Schrijvers, Augustinus J. P.; Rommes, Johannes H.; Bakker, Jan; Spronk, Peter E.


    During recent years increasing attention has been given to the quality of survival in critical care. Health-related quality of life (HRQOL) is an important issue both for patients and their families. Furthermore, admission to the intensive care unit can have adverse psychological effects in critical

  3. A Survey of Solver-Related Geometry and Meshing Issues (United States)

    Masters, James; Daniel, Derick; Gudenkauf, Jared; Hine, David; Sideroff, Chris


    There is a concern in the computational fluid dynamics community that mesh generation is a significant bottleneck in the CFD workflow. This is one of several papers that will help set the stage for a moderated panel discussion addressing this issue. Although certain general "rules of thumb" and a priori mesh metrics can be used to ensure that some base level of mesh quality is achieved, inadequate consideration is often given to the type of solver or particular flow regime on which the mesh will be utilized. This paper explores how an analyst may want to think differently about a mesh based on considerations such as if a flow is compressible vs. incompressible or hypersonic vs. subsonic or if the solver is node-centered vs. cell-centered. This paper is a high-level investigation intended to provide general insight into how considering the nature of the solver or flow when performing mesh generation has the potential to increase the accuracy and/or robustness of the solution and drive the mesh generation process to a state where it is no longer a hindrance to the analysis process.

  4. Monitoring asthma in childhood: management-related issues

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bart L. Rottier


    Full Text Available Management-related issues are an important aspect of monitoring asthma in children in clinical practice. This review summarises the literature on practical aspects of monitoring including adherence to treatment, inhalation technique, ongoing exposure to allergens and irritants, comorbid conditions and side-effects of treatment, as agreed by the European Respiratory Society Task Force on Monitoring Asthma in Childhood. The evidence indicates that it is important to discuss adherence to treatment in a non-confrontational way at every clinic visit, and take into account a patient's illness and medication beliefs. All task force members teach inhalation techniques at least twice when introducing a new inhalation device and then at least annually. Exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke, combustion-derived air pollutants, house dust mites, fungal spores, pollens and pet dander deserve regular attention during follow-up according to most task force members. In addition, allergic rhinitis should be considered as a cause for poor asthma control. Task force members do not screen for gastro-oesophageal reflux and food allergy. Height and weight are generally measured at least annually to identify individuals who are susceptible to adrenal suppression and to calculate body mass index, even though causality between obesity and asthma has not been established. In cases of poor asthma control, before stepping up treatment the above aspects of monitoring deserve closer attention.

  5. Material issues relating to high power spallation neutron sources (United States)

    Futakawa, M.


    Innovative researches using neutrons are being performed at the Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility (MLF) at the Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex (J-PARC), in which a mercury target system is installed for MW-class pulse spallation neutron sources. In order to produce neutrons by the spallation reaction, proton beams are injected into the mercury target. At the moment, when the intense proton beam hits the target, pressure waves are generated in mercury because of the abrupt heat deposition. The pressure waves interact with the target vessel, leading to negative pressure that may cause cavitation along the vessel wall, i.e. on the interface between liquid and solid metals. On the other hand, the structural materials are subjected to irradiation damage due to protons and neutrons, very high cycle fatigue damages and so-called "liquid metal embrittlement". That is, the structural materials must be said to be exposed to the extremely severe environments. In the paper, research and development relating to the material issues in the high power spallation neutron sources that has been performed so far at J-PARC is summarized.

  6. Relating realist metatheory to issues of gender and mental health. (United States)

    Bergin, M; Wells, John S G; Owen, Sara


    This paper seeks to advance the debate that considers critical realism as an alternative approach for understanding gender and mental health and its relatedness to mental health research and practice. The knowledge base of how 'sex' and 'gender' affect mental health and illness is expanding. However, the way we conceptualize gender is significant and challenging as quite often our ability to think about 'gender' as independent of 'sex' is not common. The influences and interplay of how sex (biological) and gender (social) affect mental health and illness requires consideration. Critical realism suggests a shared ontology and epistemology for the natural and social sciences. While much of the debate surrounding gender is guided within a constructivist discourse, an exploration of the concept 'gender' is reflected on and some key realist propositions are considered for mental health research and practice. This is achieved through the works of some key realist theorists. Critical realism offers potential for research and practice in relation to gender and mental health because it facilitates changes in our understanding, while simultaneously, not discarding that which is already known. In so doing, it allows the biological (sex) and social (gender) domains of knowledge for mental health and illness to coexist, without either being reduced to or defined by the other. Arguably, greater depth and explanations for gender and mental health issues are presented within a realist metatheory.

  7. Ethical and medicolegal issues related to percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy placement. (United States)

    Ritchie, Christine S; Wilcox, C Mel; Kvale, Elizabeth


    Enteral nutrition, in many respects more than other medical interventions, has been in the limelight concerning the ethics of withdrawing or withholding nutritional support. This article describes the ethical and legal issues surrounding enteral nutrition, identifies the elements of informed consent for enteral nutrition, provides an overview of the endoscopic gastrostomy procedure, and offers recommendations for addressing ethicolegal issues in enteral nutrition.

  8. Call for Papers for a special issue/section on Environmental Economics and Related Issues in China

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    (Deadline:15 December 2015)Economic and Political Studies(EPS,ISSN 2095-4816),a biannual journal published by Renmin University of China,calls for papers for a special issue/section on "Environmental Economics and Related Issues in China."China is facing an enormous challenge in environment destruction,which has severely

  9. The Burma Issue in Sino-U.S. Relations

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    In January 2007, China and Russia vetoed a UN draft resolution on Burma with the result that the Burma issue has become yet another point of conflict between the U.S. and China. Although the Burma issue has been present for nearly 20 years, China and the U.S. have both successfully kept their differences under control. In the short term, it is unlikely that conflict will break out between China and U.S. over Burma. However, in the long term,there is still the possibility that the Burma issue could trigger a conflict between China and the U.S..

  10. Central Issue Facility at Fort Benning and Related Army Policies (United States)


    such as boots, T-shirts, underwear, and socks , are not required to be returned. G-4 (Logistics) personnel informed us that the PPG is currently under...of this process slipped to June 1, 2010. This CIF is intended to provide issue,2 2 Issue means...0 Yes Elbow Pads 1 0 0 Yes Glove System, Summer 1 0 0 No Glove System, Intermediate 1 0 0 No T-Shirts, Moist Wick 0 0 4 No Socks , Cotton 0 0 4

  11. Mexico-U.S. Relations: Issues for Congress (United States)


    commercial and cultural ties and cooperation on a range of bilateral and international issues. In recent years, security issues have dominated American filmmaker who was shot while documenting civil unrest in Oaxaca . As of December 2009, none of the 2,500 police officers who had...somewhat low-cost supplier of wind energy coming from the states of Oaxaca and Baja California. Some also argue that renewable energy projects could

  12. Issues in midterm analysis and forecasting, 1996

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This document consists of papers which cover topics in analysis and modeling that underlie the Annual Energy Outlook 1996. Topics include: The Potential Impact of Technological Progress on U.S. Energy Markets; The Outlook for U.S. Import Dependence; Fuel Economy, Vehicle Choice, and Changing Demographics, and Annual Energy Outlook Forecast Evaluation.

  13. Awareness of legal and social issues related to reproductive health among adolescent girls in rural Varanasi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sangeeta Kansal


    Full Text Available Background: Data on awareness of adolescent's on the legal and social issues/acts related to reproductive health, especially in rural areas, are scarce. Objectives: The aim of the present cross-sectional study is to assess the awareness level of legal and social issues related to reproductive health and its association with the various individual and family/household level characteristics. Methods: 650 adolescent girls in the age group of 15–19 years were interviewed with the help of pretested and semistructured questionnaire and focus group discussions were also conducted for qualitative findings in Chiraigaon block of district Varanasi. Results: It was observed that 42.9% of the respondents were aware of legal age of marriage, 14.9% knew about the right age of childbearing. Dowry prohibition act and domestic violence act were known to 46% and 27% respondents, respectively, and only 2.6% were aware of medical termination of pregnancy act. Logistic regression analysis shows the significant effect of education on awareness of legal age of marriage, right age of childbearing, domestic violence, and dowry prohibition acts, which is also supported by qualitative findings. Conclusion: All the important legal issues/acts should be included in high school curriculum and female teachers should be involved in training program for adolescents. Role of mass media in creating awareness about these issues in their routine programs should be ascertained. Accredited Social Health Activist and Anganwadi workers should be aware of and include these issues/acts in adolescent meetings.

  14. Mining Health-Related Issues in Consumer Product Reviews by Using Scalable Text Analytics. (United States)

    Torii, Manabu; Tilak, Sameer S; Doan, Son; Zisook, Daniel S; Fan, Jung-Wei


    In an era when most of our life activities are digitized and recorded, opportunities abound to gain insights about population health. Online product reviews present a unique data source that is currently underexplored. Health-related information, although scarce, can be systematically mined in online product reviews. Leveraging natural language processing and machine learning tools, we were able to mine 1.3 million grocery product reviews for health-related information. The objectives of the study were as follows: (1) conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis on the types of health issues found in consumer product reviews; (2) develop a machine learning classifier to detect reviews that contain health-related issues; and (3) gain insights about the task characteristics and challenges for text analytics to guide future research.

  15. Cloud Based Development Issues: A Methodical Analysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sukhpal Singh


    Full Text Available Cloud based development is a challenging task for various software engineering projects, especifically for those which demand extraordinary quality, reusability and security along with general architecture. In this paper we present a report on a methodical analysis of cloud based development problems published in major computer science and software engineering journals and conferences organized by various researchers. Research papers were collected from different scholarly databases using search engines within a particular period of time. A total of 89 research papers were analyzed in this methodical study and we categorized into four classes according to the problems addressed by them. The majority of the research papers focused on quality (24 papers associated with cloud based development and 16 papers focused on analysis and design. By considering the areas focused by existing authors and their gaps, untouched areas of cloud based development can be discovered for future research works.

  16. Optimization Issues with Complex Rotorcraft Comprehensive Analysis (United States)

    Walsh, Joanne L.; Young, Katherine C.; Tarzanin, Frank J.; Hirsh, Joel E.; Young, Darrell K.


    This paper investigates the use of the general purpose automatic differentiation (AD) tool called Automatic Differentiation of FORTRAN (ADIFOR) as a means of generating sensitivity derivatives for use in Boeing Helicopter's proprietary comprehensive rotor analysis code (VII). ADIFOR transforms an existing computer program into a new program that performs a sensitivity analysis in addition to the original analysis. In this study both the pros (exact derivatives, no step-size problems) and cons (more CPU, more memory) of ADIFOR are discussed. The size (based on the number of lines) of the VII code after ADIFOR processing increased by 70 percent and resulted in substantial computer memory requirements at execution. The ADIFOR derivatives took about 75 percent longer to compute than the finite-difference derivatives. However, the ADIFOR derivatives are exact and are not functions of step-size. The VII sensitivity derivatives generated by ADIFOR are compared with finite-difference derivatives. The ADIFOR and finite-difference derivatives are used in three optimization schemes to solve a low vibration rotor design problem.

  17. Editorial: Special Issue on Algorithms for Sequence Analysis and Storage

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Veli Mäkinen


    Full Text Available This special issue of Algorithms is dedicated to approaches to biological sequence analysis that have algorithmic novelty and potential for fundamental impact in methods used for genome research.

  18. Employed Farmers in the Pearl River Delta and Related Issues

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    As a special weak group in agricultural floating population,employed farmers make special historic contribution to socio-economic development of the Pearl River Delta.However,employed farmers are faced with survival difficulties,which lead to a series of social issues.From historical origin,current situations and social issues,we put forward countermeasures to solve problems of employed farmers:solve the household registration of employed farmers;raise the compensation standard of land expropriation and demolition;cancel the admission threshold;provide reemployment guidance;and establish management funds of employed farmers.

  19. Current issues in libraries, information science and related fields

    CERN Document Server

    Woodsworth, Anne


    This volume is unusual in that the theme is quite broad in scope yet focused on a specific topic; innovations and boundary-pushing studies in areas not usually found in library literature. It examines the periphery of the field surveyed in previous volumes. The chapters are grouped in two categories: professional issues and transforming services.

  20. Relating Social Inclusion and Environmental Issues in Botanic Gardens (United States)

    Vergou, Asimina; Willison, Julia


    Botanic gardens have been evolving, responding to the changing needs of society, from their outset as medicinal gardens of monasteries and university gardens to more recently as organizations that contribute to the conservation of plant genetic resources. Considering that social and environmental issues are deeply intertwined and cannot be tackled…

  1. Methodological issues in HIV-related social research in Nigeria. (United States)

    Erinosho, Olayiwola; Joseph, Richard; Isiugo-Abanihe, Uche; Dike, Nkem; Aderinto, Adeyinka A


    This paper is about methodological issues in a community-wide study in Nigeria on an infectious disease, namely HIV/AIDS. The study was designed to ascertain the risk factors that contribute to the spread of HIV/AIDS and how that can be tackled in order to bring about behavioural change. The research team believed at the onset that a study on the interplay between HIV/AIDS and sensitive issues like sexual mores and sexuality requires much more than a straightjacket social science method, such as simply doing a cross-section study and/or using interview schedule. This paper reviews the essence of cross-disciplinary approach; team building; as well as the use of a non-participatory observational approach in data collection. It also shows why ample consideration was given to ethical issues which are often glossed over in social research in developing countries. The lessons from the study underscore the methodological imperatives in social research that focus on sensitive issues in largely non-literate context like Nigeria. Although there are formidable challenges in community-based studies in largely non-literate societies, nevertheless they could easily be surmounted if there are ample time and resources to navigate the various sticking points.

  2. Teacher-Student Sexual Relations: Key Risks and Ethical Issues (United States)

    Sikes, Pat


    Researching actual or purported sexual contact between teachers and students raises many difficult ethical issues, questions and dilemmas, which may help to explain why few have ventured into the field. This experientially based paper addresses key problem areas under the headings of: the ethics of researching a sensitive taboo topic; the ethics…

  3. Ecological Issues Related to Children's Health and Safety (United States)

    Aldridge, Jerry; Kohler, Maxie


    Issues concerning the health and safety of children and youth occur at multiple levels. Bronfenbrenner (1995) proposed an ecological systems approach in which multiple systems interact to enhance or diminish children's development. The same systems are at work in health promotion. The authors present and review articles that reflect the multiple…

  4. Safety, Efficacy, and Legal Issues Related to Dietary Supplements (United States)

    Powers, Michael


    This article focuses on the effects of dietary supplements on collegiate and adult populations. Anabolic steroids, amphetamines, and other drugs have been used for decades to improve athletic performance. However, the legal issues and dangers associated with these drugs have resulted in reluctance by many athletes to use them. Because dietary…

  5. Revised classification/nomenclature of vitiligo and related issues: the Vitiligo Global Issues Consensus Conference



    During the 2011 International Pigment Cell Conference (IPCC), the Vitiligo European Taskforce (VETF) convened a consensus conference on issues of global importance for vitiligo clinical research. As suggested by an international panel of experts, the conference focused on four topics: classification and nomenclature; definition of stable disease; definition of Koebner’s phenomenon (KP); and ‘autoimmune vitiligo’. These topics were discussed in seven working groups representing different geogr...

  6. Security Requirements – Analysis of the Issue

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jhon Vincent


    Full Text Available Needs about security are matters little taken into account when managing requirements engineering , and when considered in the life cycle of the system , they tend to become a general list of functions, as password of protection , firewalls , virus detection tools , and other similar. But in fact, they cannot be considered as requirements of security, because they are implementation mechanisms to try to meet unspecified requirements, as an authenticated access. As a result, the security requirements for the system are ignored, which are required to protect essential services and assets, besides, when are specified, is not considered the prospect of future attacks. This paper describes the need for a systematic approach to managing security requirements engineering, in order to help avoid the problem of generic lists and take into account the future perspective. Several related approaches are described and also are provided references additional material that can help requirements engineers to ensure that their products be taken into account, effectively , the security requirements.

  7. Behavior analysts and cultural analysis: Troubles and issues (United States)

    Malagodi, E. F.; Jackson, Kevin


    Three strategic suggestions are offered to behavior analysts who are concerned with extending the interests of our discipline into domains traditionally assigned to the social sciences: (1) to expand our world-view perspectives beyond the boundaries commonly accepted by psychologists in general; (2) to build a cultural analytic framework upon the foundations we have developed for the study of individuals; and (3) to study the works of those social scientists whose views are generally compatible with, and complementary to, our own. Sociologist C. Wright Mills' distinction between troubles and issues and anthropologist Marvin Harris's principles of cultural materialism are related to topics raised by these three strategies. The pervasiveness of the “psychocentric” world view within psychology and the social sciences, and throughout our culture at large, is discussed from the points of view of Skinner, Mills, and Harris. It is suggested that a thorough commitment to radical behaviorism, and continuation of interaction between radical behaviorism and cultural materialism, are necessary for maintaining and extending an issues orientation within the discipline of behavior analysis and for guarding against dilutions and subversions of that orientation by “deviation-dampening” contingencies that exist in our profession and in our culture at large. PMID:22478014

  8. Ground motion issues for seismic analysis of tall buildings: A status report (United States)

    Bozorgnia, Y.; Campbell, K.W.; Luco, N.; Moehle, J.P.; Naeim, F.; Somerville, P.; Yang, T.Y.


    The Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center (PEER) is coordinating a major multidisciplinary programme, the Tall Buildings Initiative (TBI), to address critical technical issues related to the design and analysis of new tall buildings located in coastal California. The authors of this paper, listed alphabetically, are involved in various research studies related to ground motion modelling, selection, modification and simulation for analysis of tall buildings. This paper summarizes the scope and progress of ongoing activities related to ground motion issues for response history analysis of tall buildings.

  9. U.S.-Mexico Economic Relations: Trends, Issues, and Implications (United States)


    NAFTA, the U.S. Economy, and Maquiladoras,” El Paso Business Frontier, 2001. maquiladora operation, Delphi Automotive Systems, headquartered in the...Dallas, El Paso Branch, “Workers’ Remittances to Mexico,” El Paso Business Frontier, Issue 1, 2004. 20 The Federal Reserve Bank report “Workers...when returning from other North American countries.25 U.S. Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez and Mexican Economy Minister Fernando Canales met on


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Norhashimah Mohd Yasin


    Full Text Available Malaysia has always aspired to be the hub for Islamic banking and finance. Various measures have been, and are being, carried out to promote Malaysia as an international Islamic banking and financial centre. As the backbone for this, the national Shariah Advisory Council (SAC has been established under the auspices of the Central Bank of Malaysia Act 1958 (CBMA. Under the CBMA, the SAC has been conferred a statutory function as the authority for the ascertainment of Islamic law for the purposes of Islamic banking, as well as business and other types of Islamic financial businesses. In 2009, the CBMA 1958 was replaced and repealed. With the coming into force of the CBMA 2009, the role and functions of the SAC was reinforced and upgraded in terms of appointments of members and, most importantly, that the Shariah rulings pursuant to any reference made to the SAC by the Civil court or arbitrator concerning Shariah matters shall be binding on the Islamic financial institutions as well as on the court and any arbitrator. The issue of whether or not the SAC is the final arbiter on Islamic banking and finance disputes or, in other words, there is no longer a process of judicial review where it involves Shariah matters, will be the highlight of this paper. To what extent does the post CBMA 2009 solve the binding nature of the SAC upon the Civil courts of Malaysia as its rulings and directives are only relevant to ‘Shariah’ issues? What would be the situations if the issues of the Islamic banking and finance cases are deemed not to amount to a ‘Shariah’ issue, but are purely on banking, land matters or contractual interpretations? Has there any actual legal reform been brought about by this amendment or is it merely a cosmetic changes? If the court were to be bound by the SAC rulings, does this not usurp the independence of the judiciary which is the corner stone of the principle of separation of powers between the executive, the legislature and

  11. 对我国民族传统体育项目评价研究的分析%An analysis of issues in relation to the study of traditional national sports event evaluation in China

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    祝娅; 周次保


    对我国民族传统体育项目评价研究进行了分析,指出我国民族传统体育项目评价研究的不足,并就此提出相应的解决措施。研究认为,功利性与超功利性的统一是民族传统体育项目评价的关键;文化的精神价值是民族传统体育项目评价的立足点;评价方法的可操作性与通用性是民族传统体育项目评价实践的保证;制度化的约束与激励机制是民族传统体育项目可持续发展的保障。%The authors analyzed issues in relation to the study of traditional national sports event evaluation in China, pointed out deficiencies in issues in relation to the study of traditional national sports event evaluation in China, and accordingly put forward corresponding measures for solving these issues. In the authors’ opinion, the unification of utilitarian and super-utilitarian is the key to traditional national sports event evaluation; cultural spirit value is the foothold of traditional national sports event evaluation; the operability and universality of evaluation methods are the assurance for the practice of traditional national sports event evaluation; institutionalized restraining and stimulating mechanisms are the guarantees for the sustainable development of traditional national sports events.

  12. 商业人身保险涉及的艾滋病相关问题探讨%Analysis of issues of HIV/AIDS related commercial life insurance

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李佳; 陈清峰


    Objective To analyze the issues of HIV/AIDS related commercial life insurance and explore the ways to tackle them in perspectives of conflicting views.Methods Literature concerning these issues were reviewed.Resuits Three conflicting views were present in regards to HIV/AIDS related commercial life insurance: 1)Whether differential treatments concerning HIV/AIDS related commercial life insurance constituted discrimination and stigma; 2)Whether provision of HIV/AIDS related insurance would impact on risk management and control of insurance companies; 3) Whether HIV/AIDS related life insurance is part of social responsibilities undertaken by insurance companies.Conclusion Three issues have led to the conflicting views in regards to HIV/AIDS related commercial life insurance: 1)Perceptions on features of commercial insurance could influence understanding of HIV/AIDS discrimination and stigma in commercial life insurance; 2)Insurance companies are faced with pricing and "non-moral"judgment of HIV/AIDS related risk; 3) There is different understanding of relation between HIV/AIDS related life insurance and social responsibilities of insurance companies.Hence, it is suggested that HIV/AIDS related risk,and scientific definition of differential treatments and HIV/AIDS discrimination in commercial life insurance be objectively assessed, regulations on exclusion clauses of commercial life insurance concerning HIV/AIDS be enhanced,and participation by insurance companies in the fight against HIV/AIDS be promoted.%目的 从艾滋病相关商业人身保险服务现状及针对这些现状的不同观点人手,理清艾滋病相关商业人身保险服务所面临的问题,探讨解决商业人身保险涉及的艾滋病相关问题.方法 采取文献研究方法.结果 对艾滋病相关商业人身保险服务主要有三个对立观点:商业人身保险服务中,艾滋病相关的区别对待是否构成歧视;将艾滋病纳入商业人身保险责任范围,是否对

  13. Dealing with quantum weirdness: Holism and related issues

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Elby, Andrew Richard [Univ. of California, Berkeley, CA (United States)


    Various issues are discussed in interpretation of quantum mechanics. All these explorations point toward the same conclusion, that some systems are holistically connected, i.e., some composite systems have properties that cannot, even in principle, be reduced to the properties of its subsystems. This is argued to be the central metaphysical lesson of quantum theory; this will remain pertinent even if quantum mechanics gets replaced by a superior theory. Chap. 2 discusses nonlocality and rules out hidden-variable theories that approximately reproduce the perfect correlations of quantum mechanics, as well as theories that obey locality conditions weaker than those needed to derive Bell`s inequality. Chap. 3 shows that SQUID experiments can rule out non-invasive measurability if not macrorealism. Chap. 4 looks at interpretational issues surrounding decoherence, the dissipative interaction between a system and its environment. Decoherence klcan help ``modal`` interpretations pick out the desired ``preferred`` basis. Chap. 5 explores what varieties of causation can and cannot ``explain`` EPR correlations. Instead of relying on ``watered down`` causal explanations, we should instead develop new, holistic explanatory frameworks.

  14. Issues related to waste sewage sludge drying under superheated steam

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hamawand Ihsan


    Full Text Available Sewage sludge was dried in a rotary drum dryer under superheated steam. Particle size and moisture content were shown to have significant influences on sticking and agglomeration of the materials. Pouring partially dried sludge (70–80% moisture content, wet basis directly into the screw feeder of the drum dryer resulted in a significant sticking to the surface of the drum and the final particle size of the product was greater than 100 mm in diameter. The moisture content of this product was slightly less than its initial value. To overcome this issue, the sludge was mixed with lignite at variety ratios and then chopped before being introduced to the feeding screw. It was found that mixing the sludge with lignite and then sieving the chopped materials through a four millimetre mesh sieve was the key to solve this issue. This technique significantly reduced both stickiness and agglomeration of the material. Also, this enabled for a significant reduction in moisture content of the final product.

  15. Dealing with Quantum Weirdness: Holism and Related Issues (United States)

    Elby, Andrew Richard


    I discuss a variety of issues in the interpretation of quantum mechanics. All of these explorations point toward the same conclusion, that some systems are holistically connected. In other words, some composite systems possess properties that cannot, even in principle, be reduced to (or "built up" from) the properties of its subsystems. This, I argue, is a central metaphysical lesson of quantum theory, a lesson that will pertain even if quantum mechanics eventually gets replaced by a superior theory. After outlining this dissertation in chapter 1, I jump into issues of nonlocality in chapter 2. There, I establish a new, probabilistic framework in which to formulate "algebraic" (perfect correlations) nonlocality proofs. Working within that framework, I rule out hidden -variable theories that approximately reproduce the perfect correlations of quantum mechanics, as well as theories that obey locality conditions weaker than those needed to derive Bell's inequality. In chapter 3, I discuss Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices (SQUIDs). Contra Leggett, I show that SQUID experiments cannot rule out Macrorealism. What they can rule out is non-invasive measurability, the assumption that it's possible (in principle) to measure a system with arbitrarily small disturbance to its future dynamics. Failure of non-invasive measurability is best explained as resulting from a holistic connection between measuring device and measured system. Chapter 4 looks at the interpretational issues surrounding decoherence, the dissipative interaction between a system and its environment. Decoherence alone neither constitutes nor points to a specific interpretation of the quantum formalism. It can, however, help "modal" interpretations pick out the desired "preferred" basis. After raising some potentially fatal objections to the modal interpretation, I show in detail how decoherence comes to the rescue. Modal interpretations explicitly incorporate holism. Finally, in chapter 5, I

  16. Levothyroxine: therapeutic use and regulatory issues related to bioequivalence. (United States)

    Wartofsky, Leonard


    Levothyroxine is the overwhelming choice of clinicians for the treatment of hypothyroidism and for the suppression of goitre and thyroid nodules in selected cases. The monitoring of serum levels of thyroid stimulating hormone is necessary for appropriate dosage adjustment of levothyroxine. Levothyroxine has a narrow therapeutic index: both underdosage (subclinical hypothyroidism) and excessive dosage (subclinical hyperthyroidism) are associated with adverse symptoms and pathophysiological effects and are to be avoided. The consequent necessity for careful titration of doses has had an impact on the issue of switchability, or bioequivalence, of the various marketed levothyroxine products. In this article, the basis for concern about currently accepted standards of the FDA for pharmacological bioequivalence are examined in the context of levothyroxine. The history and status of the recent request by the FDA for a new drug application for all levothyroxine products, and its impact on the market leader Synthroid, is also discussed.

  17. Survey on Issues related to National Nuclear Promotion Policy

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Woo, Byungchool; Lee, Youngjoon; Lee, Youngcheol; Jeong, I. K.; Kim, Hyunjun; Kim, Youngsoo; Yun, Sungwon; Moon, Keehwan; Chung, Whansam


    Ο Major issues surrounding nuclear are including suspicions about nuclear safety, spent-fuel management, acquiring the advanced R and D capabilities and making the nuclear a creative industry Ο Solid measures for securing safety should be formulated and implemented for reducing public anxiety of nuclear use Ο The long-term R and D performance system from a scientific perspective should be established for expanding Research and Development for safer use of nuclear Ο The spent-fuel management policy should be determined through publicizing process Ο Establishing small and medium enterprises-oriented supply system of reactors and SMRs and Encouraging the radiation fusion technology industrialization for promoting creative industry utilizing nuclear.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    A precision measurement of the anomalous g value, a{sub {mu}}=(g-2)/2, for the positive muon has been made using high intensity protons available at the Brookhaven AGS. The result based on the 1999 data a{sub {mu}}=11659202(14)(6) x 10{sup 10} (1.3ppm) is in good agreement with previous measurements and has an error one third that of the combined previous data. The current theoretical value from the standard model is a{sub {mu}} (SM)=11659159.6(6.7) x 10{sup 10} (0.57 ppm) and differ by over 2.5 standard deviation with experiment. Issues with reducing systematic errors and enhancing the injection and storage efficiencies are discussed.

  19. Revised classification/nomenclature of vitiligo and related issues: the Vitiligo Global Issues Consensus Conference. (United States)

    Ezzedine, K; Lim, H W; Suzuki, T; Katayama, I; Hamzavi, I; Lan, C C E; Goh, B K; Anbar, T; Silva de Castro, C; Lee, A Y; Parsad, D; van Geel, N; Le Poole, I C; Oiso, N; Benzekri, L; Spritz, R; Gauthier, Y; Hann, S K; Picardo, M; Taieb, A


    During the 2011 International Pigment Cell Conference (IPCC), the Vitiligo European Taskforce (VETF) convened a consensus conference on issues of global importance for vitiligo clinical research. As suggested by an international panel of experts, the conference focused on four topics: classification and nomenclature; definition of stable disease; definition of Koebner's phenomenon (KP); and 'autoimmune vitiligo'. These topics were discussed in seven working groups representing different geographical regions. A consensus emerged that segmental vitiligo be classified separately from all other forms of vitiligo and that the term 'vitiligo' be used as an umbrella term for all non-segmental forms of vitiligo, including 'mixed vitiligo' in which segmental and non-segmental vitiligo are combined and which is considered a subgroup of vitiligo. Further, the conference recommends that disease stability be best assessed based on the stability of individual lesions rather than the overall stability of the disease as the latter is difficult to define precisely and reliably. The conference also endorsed the classification of KP for vitiligo as proposed by the VETF (history based, clinical observation based, or experimentally induced). Lastly, the conference agreed that 'autoimmune vitiligo' should not be used as a separate classification as published evidence indicates that the pathophysiology of all forms of vitiligo likely involves autoimmune or inflammatory mechanisms.

  20. Current Issues in the Neurology and Genetics of Learning-Related Traits and Disorders: Introduction to the Special Issue. (United States)

    Gilger, Jeffrey W.


    This introductory article briefly describes each of the following eight articles in this special issue on the neurology and genetics of learning related disorders. It notes the greater appreciation of learning disability as a set of complex disorders with broad and intricate neurological bases and of the large individual differences in how these…

  1. Software Defined Networking: A Concept and Related Issues

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Deepak Kumar


    Full Text Available SDN (Software Defined Networking is the networking architecture that has gained attention of researchers in recent past. It is the future of programmable networks. Traditional networks were very complex and difficult to manage. SDN is going to change this by offering a standard interface (OpenFlow between the control plane and the networking devices (data plane. Its implementation is fully supported by software so that we can control the behavior of networking devices through programmatic control. This programmatic control provides various new ways to find breakpoints and failures in networking devices. Today SDN has become an important part of networking, so it is important to emulate its behavior. SDN support virtualization which makes it scalable and flexible. Data traffic resides in the data plane. The main function of intelligent controller is to decide the routing policy and manage the traffic in data plane. So effectively SDN emerges as a networking architecture that has the ability to solve all problems those were found in traditional architecture In this paper the authors discussed historical perspective of SDN, languages that support SDN, emulation tools, security issues with SDN and advantages that makes SDN suitable choice for today’s network.

  2. [Related reproductive issues on male autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease]. (United States)

    Cai, Hong-cai; Shang, Xue-jun; Huang, Yu-feng


    Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) is a most common inherited renal disease, about 50% with a family history, although the exact etiology not yet clear. To date, ADPKD, a multisystem disorder without effective preventive and therapeutic means, has been shown to be detrimental to human health. Recent studies show that severe oligoasthenozoospermia, necrospermia, immotile sperm, azoospermia, epididymal cyst, seminal vesicle cyst, and ejaculatory duct cyst found in male ADPKD patients may lead to male infertility, though the specific mechanisms remain unknown. Structural anomaly of spermatozoa, defect of polycystin, mutation of PKD genes, and micro-deletion of the AZF gene could be the reasons for the higher incidence of abnormal semen quality in male ADPKD patients. Assisted reproductive techniques can increase the chances of pregnancy, whereas the health of the offspring should be taken into consideration. This article presents an overview of reproductive issues concerning infertile male ADPKD patients from the perspective of the morbidity, pathophysiological mechanism, diagnosis, and management of the disease.

  3. Problematic Issues Related to the Systematic Teaching of Affective Skills. (United States)

    Ruff, Frances K.; Roberts, Jane M. E.

    This paper presents a discussion of three problem areas that were delineated during the course of a field test designed to assess the effects of the "Heartsmart Adventures," an interpersonal skills curriculum developed from the Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation (FIRO) Theory as described by William C. Schutz. Students and teachers…

  4. Ethical issues related to biomonitoring studies on children

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pedersen, Marie; Merlo, Domenico Franco; Knudsen, Lisbeth E.


    -off and the recruitments. In the initial phase of planning a biomonitoring study consideration of communication of results including risk and means of risk prevention should be made. Ethical considerations regarding the study protocol should take into account (a) justification of biological sampling related...

  5. American intergovernmental relations: foundations, perspectives, and issues, 5th ed

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    O'Toole, Laurence J.; Christensen, Robert K.; O'Toole, Laurence J.; Christensen, Robert K.


    With the addition of brand new co-editor, Robert Christensen, this trusted reader is back in a fresh and insightful fifth edition. To the general structure that has made American Intergovernmental Relations so enduring, the editors have added a new section that incorporates the importance of law and

  6. Fuzzy Relational Databases: Representational Issues and Reduction Using Similarity Measures. (United States)

    Prade, Henri; Testemale, Claudette


    Compares and expands upon two approaches to dealing with fuzzy relational databases. The proposed similarity measure is based on a fuzzy Hausdorff distance and estimates the mismatch between two possibility distributions using a reduction process. The consequences of the reduction process on query evaluation are studied. (Author/EM)

  7. Quality of life issues relating to endocrine treatment options

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Iversen, P


    treatments for prostate cancer, such as castration, combined androgen blockade and non-steroidal antiandrogen monotherapy, have shown similar results in terms of time to progression and survival. The main difference between these treatments is their impact on patients' quality of life. Instruments...... for measuring health-related quality of life should assess both overall and disease-specific quality of life. Data from two large studies of bicalutamide monotherapy show that this non-steroidal antiandrogen is associated with significant health-related quality of life advantages in the treatment of patients...... with locally advanced (M0) disease compared with castration, suggesting that this treatment may benefit patients with early disease. Bicalutamide was favoured in 8 out of 9 evaluable quality of life dimensions, and this was statistically significant for sexual interest and physical capacity. Endocrine...

  8. Special Issues Related to the Landslides of Romania

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available On Romanian territory, landslides are encountered i n all relief units; the existing differences being related to several factors, among which important roles are played by rock, slope, relief fragmentation density, clearing s, moisture degree of deposits. The importance of landslides within prese nt-day processes is very different from one region to another. Landslides play a determinant role in the slopes’ modeling of the Carpathians, the Subcarpathians, the Moldavian Tableland or the Transylvanian Tableland.

  9. Beyond BMI: Conceptual Issues Related to Overweight and Obese Patients

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Manfred James Müller


    Full Text Available BMI is widely used as a measure of weight status and disease risks; it defines overweight and obesity based on statistical criteria. BMI is a score; neither is it biologically sound nor does it reflect a suitable phenotype worthwhile to study. Because of its limited value, BMI cannot provide profound insight into obesity biology and its co-morbidity. Alternative assessments of weight status include detailed phenotyping by body composition analysis (BCA. However, predicting disease risks, fat mass, and fat-free mass as assessed by validated techniques (i.e., densitometry, dual energy X ray absorptiometry, and bioelectrical impedance analysis does not exceed the value of BMI. Going beyond BMI and descriptive BCA, the concept of functional body composition (FBC integrates body components into regulatory systems. FBC refers to the masses of body components, organs, and tissues as well as to their inter-relationships within the context of endocrine, metabolic and immune functions. FBC can be used to define specific phenotypes of obesity, e.g. the sarcopenic-obese patient. Well-characterized obesity phenotypes are a precondition for targeted research (e.g., on the genomics of obesity and patient-centered care (e.g., adequate treatment of individual obese phenotypes such as the sarcopenic-obese patient. FBC contributes to a future definition of overweight and obesity based on physiological criteria rather than on body weight alone.

  10. Two-dimensional mesoscopic Wigner crystallization and related issues

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Jean-Louis Pichard


    The quantum-classical crossover from the Fermi liquid towards the Wigner solid is numerically revisited using small square lattice models where electrons interact via a Coulomb / potential. From exact numerical diagonalizations, one finds that the mesoscopic electron solid is formed in two stages, giving rise to an intriguing solid–liquid regime at intermediate couplings. The roles of a random substrate and of the spin degrees of freedom are investigated. Possible relations with the 2 metal–insulator transition observed in various field effect devices are suggested.

  11. Plan for addressing issues relating to oil shale plant siting

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Noridin, J. S.; Donovan, R.; Trudell, L.; Dean, J.; Blevins, A.; Harrington, L. W.; James, R.; Berdan, G.


    The Western Research Institute plan for addressing oil shale plant siting methodology calls for identifying the available resources such as oil shale, water, topography and transportation, and human resources. Restrictions on development are addressed: land ownership, land use, water rights, environment, socioeconomics, culture, health and safety, and other institutional restrictions. Descriptions of the technologies for development of oil shale resources are included. The impacts of oil shale development on the environment, socioeconomic structure, water availability, and other conditions are discussed. Finally, the Western Research Institute plan proposes to integrate these topics to develop a flow chart for oil shale plant siting. Western Research Institute has (1) identified relative topics for shale oil plant siting, (2) surveyed both published and unpublished information, and (3) identified data gaps and research needs. 910 refs., 3 figs., 30 tabs.

  12. Delay related issues in integrated voice and data networks (United States)

    Gruber, J. G.


    The described investigation is concerned with the problem of transmitting voice with data in a computer communications network. The motivations for considering mixed voice and data traffic in such a shared network environment include the advent of new voice related applications with the technology now existing to economically support them, and the desire to plan for and design future integrated networks for reasons of economy and flexibility. Attention is given to the problem of variable delays in a shared network environment handling voice traffic. Previous work in packetized voice, as well as various approaches to integrated voice and data transmission, are reviewed. These approaches may be regarded as enhanced versions of circuit, packet, and hybrid switching. The impact of network interfacing and delay considerations for voice traffic is discussed.

  13. 32 CFR 536.35 - Unique issues related to environmental claims. (United States)


    ... 32 National Defense 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 true Unique issues related to environmental claims... issues related to environmental claims. Claims for property damage, personal injury, or death arising in... reported by USARCS to the Environmental Law Division of the Army Litigation Center and the...

  14. Critical issues related to transfersomes - novel vesicular system

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kombath Ravindran Vinod


    Full Text Available It has become increasingly apparent that vesicular drug delivery elicits modest possessions in drug targeting. Transfersomes are a form of elastic or deformable vesicle, which were first introduced in the early 1990s. Elas ticity can be achieved by using an edge activator in the lipid bilayer structure. Molecules greater than 500 Da normally do not cross the skin. This prevents epicutaneous delivery of the high molecular weight therapeutics as well as non-invasive transcutaneous immunisation. Transdermal route will always remain a lucrative area for drug delivery. With the advent of new categories of drugs like peptides this route has captured more focus to combat the problems related to their delivery through oral route. But the transdermal route is equally filled with the hopes and disappointments as the transport of drug through this route faces many problems especially for the large molecules. To answer this problem many approaches were adopted. One of the very recent approaches is the use of ultra-deformable carrier systems (transfersomes. They have been used as drug carriers for a range of small molecules, peptides, proteins and vaccines, both in vitro and in vivo. Transfersomes penetrate through the pores of stratum corneum which are smaller than its size and get into the underlying viable skin in intact form. This is because of its deformable nature. The aim of this article is explanation the formation of micelle and vesicles, various types of vesicles, specifically focusing on transfersomes.

  15. Mass Generation and Related Issues from Exotic Higher Dimensions

    CERN Document Server

    Rojas, M; Colatto, L P; Matheus-Valle, J L; De Assis, L P G; Helayel-Neto, J A


    The main purpose of this work is to show that massless Dirac equation formulated for non-interacting Majorana-Weyl spinors in higher dimensions, particularly in D=1+9 and D=5+5, can lead to an interpretation of massive Majorana and Dirac spinors in D=1+3. By adopting suitable representations of the Dirac matrices in higher dimensions, we pursue the investigation of which higher dimensional space-times and which mass-shell relation concerning massless Dirac equations in higher dimensions may induce massive spinors in D=1+3. The mixing of the chiral fermions in higher dimensions may induce a mechanism such that four massive Majorana fermions may show up and, at an appropriate limit an almost zero and a huge mass show up with corresponding left-handed and right-handed eigenstates. This mechanism, in a peculiar way, could reassess the See-Saw scheme associated to neutrino with Majorana-type masses. Remarkably the masses of the particles are fixed by the dimension decoupling/reduction scheme based on the mass Lore...

  16. Breaking bad news: issues relating to nursing practice. (United States)

    Warnock, Clare


    The breaking of bad news was traditionally regarded to be the time when a doctor and nurse sat down with a patient and family members to provide information about, for example, a life-limiting diagnosis or a poor prognosis. However, breaking bad news is now generally accepted as a process, not a one-off event, and is considered to refer to any bad, sad or difficult information that alters patients' perceptions of their present and future. Nurses have an important role in the process of providing information and helping patients prepare for, receive, understand and cope with the bad news they have been given. This article aims to help nurses understand the process of breaking bad news and discuss the challenges and difficulties that nurses can face when they are involved with patients who have been given bad news. It also provides guidance with regard to preparing for breaking bad news, giving difficult information, responding to possible reactions, and supporting patients and their relatives after they have received bad news.

  17. Analysis on Issues of Variable Flow Water System

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jinming Yang


    Full Text Available Variable flow water system has played an important role in the field of energy saving with the Electronic Variable Frequency Drive (VFD widely used in practical projects. How to control the frequency converter to work properly is an essential issue which we must first emphatically solve. The control technology of frequency converter is closely related to characteristics of pumps. Based on the mathmatical a model of pumps with or without inverters, the article discusses some issues in detail, such as inverters configuration, flow rate regulation and overload. These are key issues of control technology of variable flow water system. For those multiple-pump water systems, the engineers may select synchronous frequency conversion control technology or Add-Sub pumps control technology to achieve the maximum energy-saving benefits.  

  18. Analysis on Issues with Related to the Terms of Service Regarding Web Disk under Cloud Storage Surroundings%云存储环境下网络存储服务条款问题分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    韩元牧; 吴莉娟


    users .The legal protection shall be serving as the pioneer in the meantime .This essay tries to summarize the provisions of terms of services with related to cloud storage by collecting , analyzing and summarizing the terms of services provided by several web disk companies both domestically and internationally , and conduct discussion on issue including the ownership of the contents uploaded by the users and provisions concerning the use by the ISPs , the provision of the copyright-related terms , whether the web disk providers shall be burdened with due diligence with a degree higher than when applying safe harbor principles , and issues related to safety in cloud storage .Some advice has been pro-vided in order to promote the active and healthy development of the industry of cloud storage .

  19. Probabilistic analysis and related topics

    CERN Document Server

    Bharucha-Reid, A T


    Probabilistic Analysis and Related Topics, Volume 2 focuses on the integrability, continuity, and differentiability of random functions, as well as functional analysis, measure theory, operator theory, and numerical analysis.The selection first offers information on the optimal control of stochastic systems and Gleason measures. Discussions focus on convergence of Gleason measures, random Gleason measures, orthogonally scattered Gleason measures, existence of optimal controls without feedback, random necessary conditions, and Gleason measures in tensor products. The text then elaborates on an

  20. Examination of issues related to U. S. Lake Erie natural gas development

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    McGregor, D.L.


    A report is presented which marks the culmination of a preliminary identification and examination of issues related to U.S. Lake Erie (USLE) natural gas development. A brief synopsis of the Canadian Lake Erie gas development program is presented. Also reviewed are (1) relevant natural gas economics, (2) the existing institutional framework for administering a USLE gas development program, and (3) drilling technology related to Lake Erie gas exploitation. The issues were identified through a structured selection process, and are examined using a question-response format following each of the topical (economic, institutional, technological) overviews. The results of research and analysis efforts described briefly at the end of the report are crucial to conclusions developed in the final environmental impact statement. The study region addressed is defined by U.S. waters extending eastward from a north-south boundary line between Marblehead, Ohio, and the tip of Pt. Pelee, Ontario, to Buffalo, New York--an area which corresponds roughly to the U.S. portion of the central and eastern basins of Lake Erie. The inland portion of the study area includes those counties of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York adjacent to the Lake, from Ottawa, Ohio, to Erie, New York. This region was defined to concentrate assessment efforts to those areas where development and production activities would have direct environmental consequences. However, where appropriate, the study area was expanded to meet the needs of issue identification and examination. Examination of natural gas economics often required expansion of investigation to a state, regional, or national level. Also, many environmental parameters were examined to gain a Great Lakes watershed perspective.

  1. Inclusion of ethical issues in dementia guidelines: a thematic text analysis.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hannes Knüppel


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Clinical practice guidelines (CPGs aim to improve professionalism in health care. However, current CPG development manuals fail to address how to include ethical issues in a systematic and transparent manner. The objective of this study was to assess the representation of ethical issues in general CPGs on dementia care. METHODS AND FINDINGS: To identify national CPGs on dementia care, five databases of guidelines were searched and national psychiatric associations were contacted in August 2011 and in June 2013. A framework for the assessment of the identified CPGs' ethical content was developed on the basis of a prior systematic review of ethical issues in dementia care. Thematic text analysis and a 4-point rating score were employed to assess how ethical issues were addressed in the identified CPGs. Twelve national CPGs were included. Thirty-one ethical issues in dementia care were identified by the prior systematic review. The proportion of these 31 ethical issues that were explicitly addressed by each CPG ranged from 22% to 77%, with a median of 49.5%. National guidelines differed substantially with respect to (a which ethical issues were represented, (b whether ethical recommendations were included, (c whether justifications or citations were provided to support recommendations, and (d to what extent the ethical issues were explained. CONCLUSIONS: Ethical issues were inconsistently addressed in national dementia guidelines, with some guidelines including most and some including few ethical issues. Guidelines should address ethical issues and how to deal with them to help the medical profession understand how to approach care of patients with dementia, and for patients, their relatives, and the general public, all of whom might seek information and advice in national guidelines. There is a need for further research to specify how detailed ethical issues and their respective recommendations can and should be addressed in dementia

  2. Mixing Qualitative and Quantitative Methods: Insights into Design and Analysis Issues (United States)

    Lieber, Eli


    This article describes and discusses issues related to research design and data analysis in the mixing of qualitative and quantitative methods. It is increasingly desirable to use multiple methods in research, but questions arise as to how best to design and analyze the data generated by mixed methods projects. I offer a conceptualization for such…

  3. Corporate Social Responsibility Issues in Media Releases: A Stakeholder Analysis of Australian Banks

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christopher J. Reinig


    Full Text Available This paper investigates Australia's four major national banks, analysing the use of media releases in the marketing and communication of corporate social responsibility (CSR. Using content analysis, the extent and nature of the media releases issued in 2006, and aimed at specific stakeholders, is determined for each bank. The findings indicate that over one-third of the banks' media releases discuss CSR, predominantly communicating issues related to community involvement. Furthermore, customers and communities are found to be the intended audiences for the majority of the CSR-related media releases.

  4. Mobile Adhoc Network(MANETS : Proposed solution to Security Related Issues

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rachika Gupta


    Full Text Available Most of the research in MANETS has been focused on Routing issues. Security on the other hand has been given low priority. This paper provides an introduction to Mobile Adhoc Networks, Routing related issues and overview of security problems for MANETS, by distinguishing the threats on the basic mechanisms and securitymechanisms. It then addresses the possible solution to protect the security mechanism, which involves availability, integrity, authentication and non repudiation. These securities related issues are well addressed if one can provide methods that are pertinent for authentication, key distribution, and intrusion detection andrerouting in case of Byzantine failure in MANETS.

  5. An Analysis of Policy Issues in Natural Gas Industry Restructuring

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Seo, J.K. [Korea Energy Economics Institute, Euiwang (Korea)


    This report explores controversial issues and problems that could emerge in the process of implementing the government's restructuring plan for natural gas industry and aims to suggest policy directions regarding the restructuring. To begin with, it examines current conditions surrounding natural gas industry including domestic demand and supply conditions, world LNG market trend, structural changes of the industry in OECD countries, possibilities of introducing effective competition and assignment of existing import contracts. In doing so, we probe whether the direction of the natural gas industry restructuring is proper and suggest that the results be reflected when a more detailed restructuring implementation plan is formulated. Also, this report suggests possible schemes related to major institutional changes expected by the basic restructuring plan and the detailed restructuring implementation plan announced by the government. First, it presents several alternative ways to properly divide up the import/wholesales section of Korea Gas Corporation. Second, it examines critical issues such as the method of using gas supply facilities and gas balancing mechanism, and presents adoptable alternatives for each issue. These issues constitute the core of network and market operation rules which need to be in place when adopting an open access system, which in turn is a prerequisite for sales competition. Third, the report examines price systems, including gas commodity pricing and rate-making design for transportation service, by first anticipating the direction of changes in gas rate regulation. Specifically, it presents possible ways to design the service rate for each function of pipeline network and import terminals, and discusses controversial issues in determining total cost-of-service and allocating the cost-of-service to each functional service offered such as distance-related rates, interruptible service rate. Lastly, in relation to the opening of retail

  6. Interdisciplinary team discussion on work environment issues related to low back disability: a multiple case study. (United States)

    Costa-Black, Kátia M; Durand, Marie-José; Imbeau, Daniel; Baril, Raymond; Loisel, Patrick


    From both a social and cost-benefit perspective, disability prevention and associated management strategies for assisting employees with back pain are only successful if they address critical return-to-work (RTW) determining factors present in the workplace, including ergonomic factors. Despite our current knowledge of the importance of an integrated team approach targeting these factors, questions remain regarding the conceptual framework adopted by contemporary rehabilitation teams as it relates to work-oriented interventions to accommodate employees back to work. The purpose of this study was to explore and describe the work environment issues discussed by an interdisciplinary team engaged in the work rehabilitation process of low back disability cases. A qualitative content analysis was conducted for 10 sample cases that underwent a rehabilitation program in Quebec (Canada). Drawing on the results of these analyses, a framework representing a synopsis of practitioners' involvement in the person-environment dynamic is presented and discussed. This study makes a unique contribution to the understanding of the 'real-life' content of an interdisciplinary activity in disability management, thus, helping rehabilitation practitioners to build knowledge on the practical application of a cross-disciplinary framework to address work environment issues during the RTW process of those patients sick-listed due to back pain.

  7. Methods uncovering usability issues in medication-related alerting functions: results from a systematic review. (United States)

    Marcilly, Romaric; Vasseur, Francis; Ammenwerth, Elske; Beuscart-Zephir, Marie-Catherine


    This paper aims at listing the methods used to evaluate the usability of medication-related alerting functions and at knowing what type of usability issues those methods allow to detect. A sub-analysis of data from this systematic review has been performed. Methods applied in the included papers were collected. Then, included papers were sorted in four types of evaluation: "expert evaluation", "user- testing/simulation", "on site observation" and "impact studies". The types of usability issues (usability flaws, usage problems and negative outcomes) uncovered by those evaluations were analyzed. Results show that a large set of methods are used. The largest proportion of papers uses "on site observation" evaluation. This is the only evaluation type for which every kind of usability flaws, usage problems and outcomes are detected. It is somehow surprising that, in a usability systematic review, most of the papers included use a method that is not often presented as a usability method. Results are discussed about the opportunity to provide usability information collected after the implementation of the technology during their design process, i.e. before their implementation.

  8. Seismic Analysis Issues in Design Certification Applications for New Reactors

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Miranda, M.; Morante, R.; Xu, J.


    The licensing framework established by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission under Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations (10 CFR) Part 52, “Licenses, Certifications, and Approvals for Nuclear Power Plants,” provides requirements for standard design certifications (DCs) and combined license (COL) applications. The intent of this process is the early reso- lution of safety issues at the DC application stage. Subsequent COL applications may incorporate a DC by reference. Thus, the COL review will not reconsider safety issues resolved during the DC process. However, a COL application that incorporates a DC by reference must demonstrate that relevant site-specific de- sign parameters are within the bounds postulated by the DC, and any departures from the DC need to be justified. This paper provides an overview of several seismic analysis issues encountered during a review of recent DC applications under the 10 CFR Part 52 process, in which the authors have participated as part of the safety review effort.

  9. Probabilistic analysis and related topics

    CERN Document Server

    Bharucha-Reid, A T


    Probabilistic Analysis and Related Topics, Volume 3 focuses on the continuity, integrability, and differentiability of random functions, including operator theory, measure theory, and functional and numerical analysis. The selection first offers information on the qualitative theory of stochastic systems and Langevin equations with multiplicative noise. Discussions focus on phase-space evolution via direct integration, phase-space evolution, linear and nonlinear systems, linearization, and generalizations. The text then ponders on the stability theory of stochastic difference systems and Marko


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Silvane Aparecida de Freitas


    Full Text Available In this investigation, the reading is characterized as a discursive process that considers the individual reader as a producer of meaning. It considering all the socio-historical-ideological situation in which the reader and author are inserted. From this perspective, we intend to discuss some actual concepts in the academic debate on the teaching of reading, the external evaluation and its relation to public policy. Specifically, it discussing the conceptions of reading and analyzing the reading issues in the exam of the last year of High School. The focus is to verify that these issues are in line with current conceptions of reading. Therefore, we conclude that the reading questions of this external evaluation SAEMS – system of external evaluation of Mato Grosso do Sul, seeks an interpretation with a single answer. It leaving no margin for polyphony, assuming that there is always a single response. The meaning is ready and finished, so these issues do not cause the student/reader interacts with the text. He/she can not be consider as a responsive active subject.

  11. 会展专业教育中的《安全管理》课程教学研究%Analysis of Several Important Issues Related to Curriculum Teaching of MICE Safety Management in MICE Education

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    付业勤; 郑向敏


      随着经济社会的发展和国际交流的日益深入,我国举办的会展活动在数量和质量上都有极大提升,然而会展活动安全形势不容乐观,对会展从业人员的安全素质提出了较高要求。本文在文献分析和对相关学科研究成果借鉴的基础上,首先,从产业实践和学校培养的角度,分析了开设《会展安全管理》课程的必要性。其次,探讨《会展安全管理》课程的内涵:通过对相关核心概念的辨析,界定了会展安全管理的定义;基于会展活动事故成因分析模型,从活动、人、机、环境和管理五个方面分析了会展活动的风险因素,总结了会展活动的主要突发事件,以识别影响会展活动的不安全因素;通过讨论会展安全管理和安全科学与工程的关系,明确了会展安全管理的学科属性,并介绍了会展安全管理的理论基础。最后,从课程属性、教学目标、课堂教学与实践教学环节、教学方法以及评价考核方法五个方面,对《会展安全管理》课程教学进行设计。%  On the basis of literature analysis and drawing on the findings of related disciplines, First of all, from the view of industry practice and school teaching, the paper analyses the necessity of setting up MICE safety management curriculum. Second, the paper explores the connotations of MICE safety management curriculum: it understands the definition of MICE safety management by discriminating some relevant core concepts. Based on the analysis model of accident causes in the MICE activities, the paper analyses the risk factors of the MICE activities from 5 aspects including the activity, person, machine, environment and management, sums up the main emergencies of the MICE activities to identify the unsafe factors affecting the MICE activities. The paper defines the subject property of MICE safety management and introduces the theory basis of it by

  12. Popper and Dingle on special relativity and the issue of symmetry (United States)

    Dotson, Allen Clark


    Karl Popper and Herbert Dingle engaged in a fascinating debate concerning the kind of theory the special theory of relativity is. One of the issues was whether applications of the theory could be made consistent with the principle of relativity, a cornerstone of the theory itself. The principle of relativity seems to imply some sort of symmetry in results obtained for similar experiments as observed in two different inertial reference frames. Peter Hayes has recently dealt with the Dingle-Popper debate on this matter, as well as other issues. The present paper seeks to clarify what kind of symmetry is appropriate in a situation discussed by Popper, Dingle, and Hayes.

  13. Introduction to the Special Issue: New and Interdisciplinary Approaches to Linguistic Relativity (United States)

    Athanasopoulos, Panos; Bylund, Emanuel; Casasanto, Daniel


    This Special Issue of "Language Learning" presents an interdisciplinary state-of-the-art overview of current approaches to linguistic relativity. It contains empirical and theoretical studies and reflections on linguistic relativity from a variety of perspectives, such as associative learning, conceptual transfer, multilingual awareness,…

  14. 76 FR 52731 - On-Line Complaint Form for Service-Related Issues in Air Transportation (United States)


    ... Office of the Secretary On-Line Complaint Form for Service-Related Issues in Air Transportation AGENCY... is complaining, flight date, flight number, and origin and destination cities of complainant's trip...- travel related information from the ACPD. The Department has limited its informational request to...

  15. University Intervention into Community Issues as Dialogic Public Relations: A Case Study (United States)

    Byrne, Jamie M.


    This paper examines a study of the wastewater collection and treatment issues of Little Rock and North Little Rock, Arkansas by University of Arkansas at Little Rock personnel and how it constitutes dialogic public relations. The paper defines dialogic public relations using Kent and Taylor's work and then uses their criteria to describe how this…

  16. National Technology Standards for K-12 Schools: A Case Study of Unresolved Issues in Public Relations (United States)

    Mullen, Carol A.; Kealy, William A.; Sullivan, Ashley


    This article addresses an important need--the dissemination of information relating to technology as a public relations tool--and the associated exigency for administrator and teacher technology training. Specifically, we identify the increased expectations for the performance of school leaders and teachers, as well as unresolved issues in public…

  17. Analysis and control of issues that delay pharmaceutical projects

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nallam Sai Nandeswara Rao


    Full Text Available Every project will have certain objectives and service levels to be achieved. The success of a project depends on several dimensions like time, cost/budget, quality, etc. and managing a project involves completing the project within time, within budget and with quality to satisfy the users. Because of the significance of health, pharmaceutical companies realized the importance of project management methods and techniques to make available the life saving drugs in time to the needy patients and hospitals. In literature, there is meager information about pharmaceutical project management oriented towards analysis of issues and factors that contribute to the failure or success of projects. This study attempts to analyse different issues that contribute to time delays in pharmaceutical product-based projects, group them under a finite set of prominent factors and identify remedial measures to control those delays. The feedback of project people of some big pharmaceutical firms of Indian sub-continent was collected for this purpose. Exploratory factor analysis (EFA has been used to reduce the reasons for time delays to a limited number of prominent factors and the EFA model has been further examined by confirmatory factor analysis (CFA for its validation. Remedial measures under each factor of time delays have been gathered and a framework designed to mitigate the time delays in pharmaceutical projects. The derived factors that delay the pharmaceutical projects include resource, monitoring & control, scheduling and planning problems. Important remedial measures like blended resource approach, estimation and forecast of shortage of labour and skills, regular quality training, etc. have been recommended.

  18. Stochastic Analysis and Related Topics

    CERN Document Server

    Ustunel, Ali


    The Silvri Workshop was divided into a short summer school and a working conference, producing lectures and research papers on recent developments in stochastic analysis on Wiener space. The topics treated in the lectures relate to the Malliavin calculus, the Skorohod integral and nonlinear functionals of white noise. Most of the research papers are applications of these subjects. This volume addresses researchers and graduate students in stochastic processes and theoretical physics.

  19. Analysis of Related Issues of Efficient Severs Based on Cloud Computing in IaaS%基于IaaS云计算的高效服务器管理相关问题探析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service)infrastructure as a service is the most fundamental part of cloud computing services through IaaS deployments for computing, data storage, networking and management of various IT resources can be optimized resource pool,and it could cost lowly to meet a variety of external resources services. Firstly,the IaaS cloud computing concepts are described,and traditional VPS services are compared.On the basis of this,the relevant issues for efficient server management based IaaS cloud are discussed.%IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service)基础设施即服务是进行云服务的基础工作部分,通过这种基础服务设施可以对多种数据资源进行资源池优化,真正做到最低成本同时又能够满足各种外部资源服务。首先对IaaS云计算的相关概念进行了阐述,并与传统VPS业务进行了对比,在此基础上对基于IaaS云计算的高效服务器管理相关问题进行了探讨。

  20. Cost-utility analysis: Current methodological issues and future perspectives

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mark J C Nuijten


    Full Text Available The use of cost-effectiveness as final criterion in the reimbursement process for listing of new pharmaceuticals can be questioned from a scientific and policy point of view. There is a lack of consensus on main methodological issues and consequently we may question the appropriateness of the use of cost-effectiveness data in health care decision-making. Another concern is the appropriateness of the selection and use of an incremental cost-effectiveness threshold (Cost/QALY. In this review, we focus mainly on only some key methodological concerns relating to discounting, the utility concept, cost assessment and modelling methodologies. Finally we will consider the relevance of some other important decision criteria, like social values and equity.

  1. Assessment of computational issues associated with analysis of high-lift systems (United States)

    Balasubramanian, R.; Jones, Kenneth M.; Waggoner, Edgar G.


    Thin-layer Navier-Stokes calculations for wing-fuselage configurations from subsonic to hypersonic flow regimes are now possible. However, efficient, accurate solutions for using these codes for two- and three-dimensional high-lift systems have yet to be realized. A brief overview of salient experimental and computational research is presented. An assessment of the state-of-the-art relative to high-lift system analysis and identification of issues related to grid generation and flow physics which are crucial for computational success in this area are also provided. Research in support of the high-lift elements of NASA's High Speed Research and Advanced Subsonic Transport Programs which addresses some of the computational issues is presented. Finally, fruitful areas of concentrated research are identified to accelerate overall progress for high lift system analysis and design.

  2. Proliferation resistance for fast reactors and related fuel cycles: issues and impacts

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pilat, Joseph F [Los Alamos National Laboratory


    will offer an assessment of the issues surrounding, and the prospects for, efforts to develop proliferation resistance for fast reactors and related fuel cycles in the context of a nuclear renaissance. The focus of the analysis is on fast reactors.

  3. Mediating Effects of Stress, Weight-Related Issues, and Depression on Suicidality in College Students (United States)

    Smith, Sydney S.; Smith Carter, Jocelyn; Karczewski, Sabrina; Pivarunas, Bernadette; Suffoletto, Shannon; Munin, Art


    Objective: Through a holistic health lens, the current study examines the effects of weight-related issues and stress on suicidality while controlling for depressive symptoms in college students. Participants: In total, 872 undergraduate and graduate students at DePaul University completed the American College Health Association-National College…

  4. Prospective Teachers' Perceptions about the Concept of Sustainable Development and Related Issues in Oman (United States)

    Ambusaidi, Abdullah; Al Washahi, Maryam


    This study aims to investigate, from the Omani's prospective, teachers' perceptions about the concept of sustainable development (SD) and three related issues (cultural diversity, renewable energy and equity). The sample consisted of 159 prospective teachers from Sultan Qaboos University. Data were collected via a questionnaire comprising a list…

  5. Introducing GaLA: Serious Game potentials, challenges and TEL-related issues

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Earp, Jeffrey; Klemke, Roland


    Earp, J., & Klemke, R. (2011, 21 September). Introducing GaLA: Serious Game potentials, challenges and TEL-related issues. Presented at TEL-Think-Tank Workshop at the 6th European conference on Technology enhanced learning: towards ubiquitous learning (EC-TEL 2011), Palermo, Italy.

  6. Students' Understandings of Religious Identities and Relations: Issues of Social Cohesion and Citizenship (United States)

    Keddie, Amanda


    The focus in this article is on issues of social cohesion and citizenship as they relate to students' understandings of religion and religious identity. The article draws on data gathered from a study conducted at a highly diverse English comprehensive school and is set amid broader anxieties about religion, community disharmony and national…

  7. Key issues of public relations of Europe: findings from the European Communication Monitor 2007-2014

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Verčič, D.; Verhoeven, P.; Zerfass, A.


    European Communication Monitor is the largest longitudinal research project in public relations practice in the world. Data collected annually from 2007 to 2014 show that practitioners perceive five issues as the most important for their work: linking business strategy and communication, coping with

  8. How Do Learners in Developed and Developing Countries Relate to Environmental Issues? (United States)

    Trumper, Ricardo


    The present study was carried out in the framework of earlier research on environmental education for sustainability, using data collected in the ROSE Project. Attention was focused mainly on students' responses to sections and items related to environmental issues, regarding their countries' degree of development. The research questions dealt…

  9. African American College Students' Health Behaviors and Perceptions of Related Health Issues. (United States)

    Ford, Denyce S.; Goode, Carolyn R.


    A study of African American college students compared students' health-related behaviors with their perceptions of corresponding health issues. Students had low smoking rates but higher alcohol consumption. Most students did not practice good nutrition or daily physical activity. Over half managed stress well, and three-quarters were sexually…

  10. Musicians’ profession-related health issues and their evolving transformative learning through biography

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Smilde, Rineke


    Within a study on ‘musicians as lifelong learners’, explorative biographical research was used. When analysing the learning biographies informed by grounded theory, the emergence of profession-related health issues was striking. More than half of the portrayed musicians suffered from both physical a

  11. Allostatic Load: Single Parents, Stress-Related Health Issues, and Social Care (United States)

    Johner, Randy L.


    This article explores the possible relationships between allostatic load (AL) and stress-related health issues in the low-income single-parent population, using both a population health perspective (PHP) and a biological framework. A PHP identifies associations among such factors as gender, income, employment, and social support and their…

  12. Teacher to Teacher: What Texts Effectively Raise Issues Related to 9/11 for Secondary Students? (United States)

    English Journal, 2006


    This article deals with texts that effectively raise issues related to 9/11 for secondary students, as discussed by several teachers. Kevin J. Collins from St. Thomas Aquinas High School says, "Elephant," Gus Van Sant's exploration of a Columbine-like tragedy, underscores the current generation's attempt to define the meaning of events in…

  13. Early Childhood Education: Status, Trends, and Issues Related to Electronic Delivery. (United States)

    Rothenberg, Donna

    As part of a broad investigation of the role of large-scale, satellite-based, educational telecommunication systems, the trends and issues in early childhood education in relation to electronic delivery are discussed in some detail. The population and numbers currently served by pre-primary programs, and school setting by type of control (public…

  14. The Portability of Computer-Related Educational Resources: An Overview of Issues and Directions. (United States)

    Collis, Betty A.; De Diana, Italo


    Provides an overview of the articles in this special issue, which deals with the portability, or transferability, of educational computer software. Motivations for portable software relating to cost, personnel, and time are discussed, and factors affecting portability are described, including technical factors, educational factors, social/cultural…

  15. Development of a General Package for Resolution of Uncertainty-Related Issues in Reservoir Engineering

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Liang Xue


    Full Text Available Reservoir simulations always involve a large number of parameters to characterize the properties of formation and fluid, many of which are subject to uncertainties owing to spatial heterogeneity and insufficient measurements. To provide solutions to uncertainty-related issues in reservoir simulations, a general package called GenPack has been developed. GenPack includes three main functions required for full stochastic analysis in petroleum engineering, generation of random parameter fields, predictive uncertainty quantifications and automatic history matching. GenPack, which was developed in a modularized manner, is a non-intrusive package which can be integrated with any existing commercial simulator in petroleum engineering to facilitate its application. Computational efficiency can be improved both theoretically by introducing a surrogate model-based probabilistic collocation method, and technically by using parallel computing. A series of synthetic cases are designed to demonstrate the capability of GenPack. The test results show that the random parameter field can be flexibly generated in a customized manner for petroleum engineering applications. The predictive uncertainty can be reasonably quantified and the computational efficiency is significantly improved. The ensemble Kalman filter (EnKF-based automatic history matching method can improve predictive accuracy and reduce the corresponding predictive uncertainty by accounting for observations.

  16. Key issues of public relations of Europe: Findings from the European Communication Monitor 2007-2014

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dejan Vercic


    Full Text Available European Communication Monitor is the largest longitudinal research project in public relations practice in the world. Data collected annually from 2007 to 2014 show that practitioners perceive five issues as the most important for their work: linking business strategy and communication, coping with the digital evolution and social web, building and maintaining trust, dealing with the demand for more transparency and active audiences, and dealing with the speed and volume of information flow. Perception of the importance of various issues for the practice of public relations is largely dependent on the gender, geography (division between Northern and Western vs. Southern and Eastern Europe, and sector in which a practitioner works (corporate, government, NGO or agency. While gender and sectorial differences studied in academic public relations literature, divisions in public relations practice between North-Western and South-Eastern Europe are largely ignored.

  17. Product liability and small wind energy conversion systems (SWECS): an analysis of selected issues and policy alternatives

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Noun, R.J.


    An overview is presented of the various legal issues regarding SWECS performance and safety, according to when such issues may arise during the SWECS manufacturing and marketing processes. Next, the most significant issues are translated into a series of questions, followed by a legal analysis that addresses these questions within the framework of the present product litigation system. The special problems presented to SWECS by judicial treatment of design defect cases and the relevance of industry standards in product cases are emphasized. Finally, a number of policy alternatives for DOE and others to consider are examined concerning their relative advantages and disadvantages in dealing with selected issues.

  18. An Empirical Analysis of the Argumentativeness Scale: The Issue of Issues. (United States)

    Flint, Lyle; Dowling, Ralph E.

    A study examined some of the questions that have been raised regarding D. A. Infante and A. S. Rancer's (1982) Argumentativeness Scale. Specifically, the wording of the scale was examined. Operating under the principle that the use of the process word "arguing" and the product word "argument," as well as mention of issues or…

  19. Water resources and environmental input-output analysis and its key study issues: a review (United States)

    YANG, Z.; Xu, X.


    inland water resources IOA. Recent internal study references related to environmental input-output table, pollution discharge analysis and environmental impact assessment had taken the leading position. Pollution discharge analysis mainly aiming at CO2 discharge had been regard as a new hotspot of environmental IOA. Environmental impact assessment was an important direction of inland environmental IOA in recent years. Key study issues including Domestic Technology Assumption(DTA) and Sectoral Aggregation(SA) had been mentioned remarkably. It was pointed out that multiply multi-region input-output analysis(MIOA) may be helpful to solve DTA. Because there was little study using effective analysis tools to quantify the bias of SA and the exploration of the appropriate sectoral aggregation degree was scarce, research dedicating to explore and solve these two key issues was deemed to be urgently needed. According to the study status, several points of outlook were proposed in the end.

  20. 股权众筹:制度构建与疑义相析%To Build the Equity Crowdfunding:System Construction and the Analysis on Related Issues

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    股权众筹作为互联网浪潮下新兴产物,一直处于“蛮生长状态。存在着法律地位不明、市场准入缺失以及投资者利益保障不利等诸多法律风险。《私募股权众筹融资管理办法(试行)(征求意见稿)》的出台,明确了股权众筹的法律地位,将股权众筹定性为非公开发行,并制定了配套的市场准入规则和合格投资者范围。但是,出于对新生事物的警惕,“征求意见稿”的监管手段和条件过于严苛,不利于股权众筹行业的发展,对此,本文提出相关建议。%As a new product of the Internet popularity, the equity crowdfunding has been in a state of the unorderly growth. There exist many legal risks such as ambiguous legal status, lack of the market access and insufficient investors’ interest protection. The is-suance of Measures for the Administration of Private Equity Crowdfunding (trial) (draft) clarifies the legal status of the equity crowd-funding, classifies equity crowdfunding to the non-public issuance, and makes corresponding rules on the market access and the range the qualified investors. However, out of alert for new things, the regulatory measures and conditions of the draft are too harsh to be good to the development of the equity crowdfunding. Therefore, the paper puts forward related suggestions.

  1. Climate and climate-related issues for the safety assessment SR-Can

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Naeslund, Jens-Ove (comp.)


    The purpose of this report is to document current scientific knowledge of the climate-related conditions and processes relevant to the long-term safety of a KBS-3 repository to a level required for an adequate treatment in the safety assessment SR-Can. The report also includes a concise background description of the climate system. The report includes three main chapters: A description of the climate system (Chapter 2); Identification and discussion of climate-related issues (Chapter 3); and, A description of the evolution of climate-related conditions for the safety assessment (Chapter 4). Chapter 2 includes an overview of present knowledge of the Earth climate system and the climate conditions that can be expected to occur in Sweden on a 100,000 year time perspective. Based on this, climate-related issues relevant for the long-term safety of a KBS-3 repository are identified. These are documented in Chapter 3 'Climate-related issues' to a level required for an adequate treatment in the safety assessment. Finally, in Chapter 4, 'Evolution of climate-related conditions for the safety assessment' an evolution for a 120,000 year period is presented, including discussions of identified climate-related issues of importance for repository safety. The documentation is from a scientific point of view not exhaustive, since such a treatment is neither necessary for the purposes of the safety assessment nor possible within the scope of a safety assessment. As further described in the SR-Can Main Report and in the Features Events and Processes report, the content of the present report has been audited by comparison with FEP databases compiled in other assessment projects. This report follows as far as possible the template for documentation of processes regarded as internal to the repository system. However, the term processes is not used in this report, instead the term issue has been used. Each issue includes a set of processes together resulting in the

  2. An Analysis of the Face Issues in The Wedding Banquet

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    SUN Yan-ni


    After a review of current studies both home&abroad about face issue, the thesis analyzes the face issues in the movie The Wedding Banquet from four perspectives with face theory to show the different degrees of concern, understanding, and views of face between Chinese and American.

  3. Using public relations to promote health: a framing analysis of public relations strategies among health associations. (United States)

    Park, Hyojung; Reber, Bryan H


    This study explored health organizations' public relations efforts to frame health issues through their press releases. Content analysis of 316 press releases from three health organizations-the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, and the American Diabetes Association-revealed that they used the medical research frame most frequently and emphasized societal responsibility for health issues. There were differences, however, among the organizations regarding the main frames and health issues: the American Diabetes Association was more likely to focus on the issues related to social support and education, while the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society were more likely to address medical research and scientific news. To demonstrate their initiatives for public health, all the organizations employed the social support/educational frame most frequently. Researchers and medical doctors frequently were quoted as trusted sources in the releases.

  4. Leveraging People-Related Maturity Issues for Achieving Higher Maturity and Capability Levels (United States)

    Buglione, Luigi

    During the past 20 years Maturity Models (MM) become a buzzword in the ICT world. Since the initial Crosby's idea in 1979, plenty of models have been created in the Software & Systems Engineering domains, addressing various perspectives. By analyzing the content of the Process Reference Models (PRM) in many of them, it can be noticed that people-related issues have little weight in the appraisals of the capabilities of organizations while in practice they are considered as significant contributors in traditional process and organizational performance appraisals, as stressed instead in well-known Performance Management models such as MBQA, EFQM and BSC. This paper proposes some ways for leveraging people-related maturity issues merging HR practices from several types of maturity models into the organizational Business Process Model (BPM) in order to achieve higher organizational maturity and capability levels.

  5. Properly Handling the Third Party Issues in Sino-U.S. Relations

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    @@ The relationship between China and the United States is becoming increasingly important in the world; no longer is it limited to bilateral issues, and the third party issue has grown in significance. There are various kinds of third party countries.Some of these, such as Japan, South Korea, Australia and the European countries are U.S. allies. Some, like the central Asian and ASEAN states, are neighbors of China. In the category of major world powers we can also include Russia, India, Japan and the EU, while African and some Latin American countries are relatively marginalized. An important aspect of China's diplomacy in recent years has been to work hard on two fronts:to develop relations with the above mentioned countries, while at the same time taking note of the interests and concerns of the United States. China has achieved a successful balance between the two.





    This paper describes types of technology studies that have been conducted related to young children’s early education. A systematic review of studies was undertaken using EBSCOhost, Blackwell Synergy, and ScienceDirect databases, to identify all studies published between 2003 and 2009 according to specific criteria. The studies were selected on the basis of the following three issues: (1) the role of technology in children’s development, (2) the role of technology in teachers’ teaching pract...

  7. Global Civil Society and Health Advocacy in Intellectual Property Related Issues


    Bennett, Alexandra


    Civil society organizations and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) act as policy watchdogs and often represent the voices of marginalized populations. The importance of advocates in the field of Intellectual Property is apparent now more than ever. The global stage is changing; what were previously considered domestic issues have been thrust onto the international stage by agreements such as the Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights agreement (TRIPS) (Sell & Praka...

  8. The Issues of Human Rights in the India-U.S. Relations


    Zakharov Aleksey I.


    The article presents a brief overview of India-U.S. relations during the period of Narendra Modi’s government and Barack Obama’s administration. The author analyzes the dynamics of cooperation development after the victory of Bharatiya Janata Party in the 2014 Parliamentary elections in India and studies the key directions of bilateral agenda. The current condition of India-U.S. strategic dialogue and the influence of human rights issues on the countries’ cooperation are characterized. Si...

  9. Invariance of molecular charge transport upon changes of extended molecule size and several related issues

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ioan Bâldea


    Full Text Available As a sanity test for the theoretical method employed, studies on (steady-state charge transport through molecular devices usually confine themselves to check whether the method in question satisfies the charge conservation. Another important test of the theory’s correctness is to check that the computed current does not depend on the choice of the central region (also referred to as the “extended molecule”. This work addresses this issue and demonstrates that the relevant transport and transport-related properties are indeed invariant upon changing the size of the extended molecule, when the embedded molecule can be described within a general single-particle picture (namely, a second-quantized Hamiltonian bilinear in the creation and annihilation operators. It is also demonstrates that the invariance of nonequilibrium properties is exhibited by the exact results but not by those computed approximately within ubiquitous wide- and flat-band limits (WBL and FBL, respectively. To exemplify the limitations of the latter, the phenomenon of negative differential resistance (NDR is considered. It is shown that the exactly computed current may exhibit a substantial NDR, while the NDR effect is absent or drastically suppressed within the WBL and FBL approximations. The analysis done in conjunction with the WBLs and FBLs reveals why general studies on nonequilibrium properties require a more elaborate theoretical than studies on linear response properties (e.g., ohmic conductance and thermopower at zero temperature. Furthermore, examples are presented that demonstrate that treating parts of electrodes adjacent to the embedded molecule and the remaining semi-infinite electrodes at different levels of theory (which is exactly what most NEGF-DFT approaches do is a procedure that yields spurious structures in nonlinear ranges of current–voltage curves.

  10. On the Conceptual Issues Surrounding the Notion of Relational Bohmian Dynamics (United States)

    Vassallo, Antonio; Ip, Pui Him


    The paper presents a program to construct a non-relativistic relational Bohmian theory, that is, a theory of N moving point-like particles that dispenses with space and time as fundamental background structures. The relational program proposed is based on the best-matching framework originally developed by Julian Barbour. In particular, the paper focuses on the conceptual problems that arise when trying to implement such a program. It is argued that pursuing a relational strategy in the Bohmian context leads to a more parsimonious ontology than that of standard Bohmian mechanics without betraying the original motivations for adopting a primitive ontology approach to quantum physics. It is also shown how a relational Bohmian approach might clarify the issue of the timelessness of the dynamics resulting from the quantization of a classical relational system of particles.

  11. On the Conceptual Issues Surrounding the Notion of Relational Bohmian Dynamics

    CERN Document Server

    Vassallo, Antonio


    The paper presents a program to construct a non-relativistic relational Bohmian theory, that is, a theory of $N$ moving point-like particles that dispenses with space and time as fundamental background structures. The relational program proposed is based on the best-matching framework originally developed by Julian Barbour. In particular, the paper focuses on the conceptual problems that arise when trying to implement such a program. It is argued that pursuing a relational strategy in the Bohmian context leads to a more parsimonious ontology than that of standard Bohmian mechanics without betraying the original motivations for adopting a primitive ontology approach to quantum physics. It is also shown how a relational Bohmian approach might clarify the issue of the timelessness of the dynamics resulting from the quantization of a classical relational system of particles.

  12. Issues Related to University Education in Ukraine in the Context of Globalization, European Integration and Bologna Process

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maryna V. Bosenko


    Full Text Available The article deals with the analysis of issued linked to the development of Ukrainian education in the contexts of globalization, European integration and Bologna Process. The needs for reforms related to the university education in Ukraine is linked with job market and social services, including educational services, globalization of economics and IT technologies: enhancing of socio-economical and pedagogical processes, informatization in society, transition to ‘knowledge societies’, changing the system f values, expanding the core of university education, emergence and distribution of innovative technologies, freedom of choice in electing the university curriculum, fundamentalization and humanization of education etc.

  13. Resolving plant operational issues related to pressurizer safety relief valve piping

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bain, R.A. [Stone and Webster Engineering Corp., Boston, MA (United States). Mechanical Engineering Div.; Testa, M.F. [Duquesne Light Co., Shippingport, PA (United States). Mechanical Engineering Dept.


    Pressurizer safety and relief valve (PSARV) piping has many technical issues related to the qualification and operation of the system that have been addressed at Beaver Valley Unit 2. The PSARV piping is part of a system that must meet Code requirements while being subjected to very significant fluid transient loadings. Valve components include safety valves, power operated relief valves (PORVs), and motor operated block valves. Fluid slugs upstream of these valves can be steam or can be hot or cold water, resulting in a significant variance in possible slug densities. Problems with design options and hardware installed to decrease slug density such as heat tracing, and the susceptibility of the PORVs to leak are issues that affect plant operation, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

  14. Special Education Hearings in Indiana: An Analysis of Fiscal Issues. (United States)

    Wood, R. Craig; Carros, Dawn


    Investigates due process hearing officer decisions in issues (under the Education for All Handicapped Children Act) that could result in increased local education agency (LEA) expenditures in Indiana. Parents prevailed in 64 percent of the cases, indicating no hearing officer bias against increased LEA expenditures for required additional…

  15. Analysis of Intellectual Property Protection Issues in Offshore Outsourcing (United States)

    Singh, Satinder Pal


    Offshore outsourcing is a business strategy that involves contracting with a partner who can take over certain aspects of a company's business, such as information technology (IT) functions, in the interests of efficiency and cost savings. The purpose of this study was to analyze the intellectual property protection issues to achieve a better…

  16. Research of Current Issues and Preliminary Sensitivity Analysis of Level 3 PSA

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Shin, So Eun; Lee, Yong Suk [FNC Technology Co. Ltd., Yongin (Korea, Republic of); Lee, Seung Woo [Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety, Daejeon (Korea, Republic of)


    Thus, in this study, key current issues came from research on previous studies related to L3 PSA. L3 PSA has been carried out by using MACCS code in Korea on a trial basis. The technique of assessing an off-site radiation effect quantitatively is required because the interest in off-site consequence analysis has been increased after the Fukushima accident. Therefore, in order to use Level 3 PSA(L3 PSA) in Korea, methods of calculating MACCS(MELCOR Accident Consequence Code System) code to be adequate for domestic circumstances in Korea were investigated. If L3 PSA is performed in Korea, it will be possible to raise many issues. Since MACCS code is based on the U.S., input parameters and the scope of analysis were set by considering circumstances of the U.S. For this reason, by focusing on solutions to current issues, the method for reflecting circumstances of Korea in L3 PSA was investigated. It is also required to find out methods for decreasing uncertainty of L3 PSA in Korea.

  17. Rearward Visibility Issues Related to Agricultural Tractors and Self-Propelled Machinery: Contributing Factors, Potential Solutions. (United States)

    Ehlers, S G; Field, W E


    As the size, complexity, and speed of agricultural tractors and self-propelled machinery have increased, so have the visibility-related issues, placing significant importance on the visual skills, alertness, and reactive abilities of the operator. Rearward movement of large agricultural equipment has been identified in the literature as causing both fatalities and injuries to bystanders who were not visible to the operator and damage to both the machine and stationary objects. The addition of monitoring assistance, while not a new concept, has advanced significantly, offering agricultural machinery operators greater options for increasing their awareness of the area surrounding the machine. In this research, we attempt to (1) identify and describe the key contributors to agricultural machinery visibility issues, i.e., operator-related and machine-related factors, and (2) enumerate and evaluate the potential solutions being offered that address these factors. Enhanced operator safety and efficiency should result from a better understanding of the efforts to solve the visibility problems inherent in large tractors and self-propelled agricultural machinery.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Özgür ÇATIKKAŞ


    Full Text Available In Turkey, publicly traded companies, which operate under the Law of Capital Markets, have been distributing advance dividends since 2001. With the introduction of the new Turkish Commercial Code, this right was also granted to corporations. In this respect, Ministry of Customs and Trade have become the authority to introduce new legislation. The Ministry published “The Notification of the Distribution of Advance Dividend” in the Official Gazette No 28379 dated 9.8.2012. In this notification, the decision of the general assembly of the company and the existence of the relevant interim profit are necessary for the distribution of the advance dividend. There are three tax-related issues in the distribution of the advance dividend. Firstly, there is an income tax cut, which is 15%. Secondly, there are concealed gains through transfer pricing. Thirdly, there is a refund of the tax cuts made by the recalled dividend advance. In this study, some mistakes and their reasons are presented in initial accounting transactions related to advance dividends. Moreover, alternative suggestions are shown. There are three main sections in the study. Firstly, the concept of the advance dividend and relevant legislation and tax issues are explained. Secondly, the principles of the calculation of the advance dividend are described. Thirdly, there is an example related to the above-mentioned sections. This includes a specific case and accounting transactions.

  19. 75 FR 62514 - Notice of Availability of Report on Data Access and Privacy Issues Related to Smart Grid... (United States)


    ... of Availability of Report on Data Access and Privacy Issues Related to Smart Grid Technologies AGENCY... Access and Privacy Issues Related to Smart Grid Technologies.'' In this report, DOE discusses existing... accommodate the deployment of Smart Grid technologies. DOE also provides a comprehensive summary of...

  20. 75 FR 28610 - Draft EPA's Reanalysis of Key Issues Related to Dioxin Toxicity and Response to NAS Comments (United States)


    ... AGENCY Draft EPA's Reanalysis of Key Issues Related to Dioxin Toxicity and Response to NAS Comments... Issues Related to Dioxin Toxicity and Response to NAS Comments'' (EPA/600/R- 10/038A). This draft report responds to the key recommendations and comments included in the National Academy of Sciences (NAS)...

  1. Impact of direct-to-consumer advertising (DTCA) on patient health-related behaviors and issues. (United States)

    Polen, Hyla H; Khanfar, Nile M; Clauson, Kevin A


    The pharmaceutical industry spends billions of dollars annually on direct-to-consumer advertising (DTCA). Patient perspectives on the impact of televised DTCA on health-related behaviors and issues were assessed by means of a 68-question survey. 58.6% of respondents believed that DTCA allowed consumers to have a more active role in managing their health. However, 27.6% felt DTCA caused confusion, and an alarming 17.8% of respondents stopped taking their medication because of concerns about serious side effects mentioned in DTCA. Overall, participants believed DTCA plays a useful role in health self-management; however, a considerable percentage thought that the cost outweighs the benefits.

  2. Power system technical performance issues related to the application of long HVAC cables

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Wiechowski, on behalf of Cigre WG C4.502, W.; Sluis, L. V. der; Ohno, Teruo


    This paper reports the progress of work of Cigre Working Group C4.502 “Power system technical performance issues related to the application of long HVAC cables”. The primary goal of the WG C4.502 is to write a technical brochure that will serve as practical guide for performing studies necessary...... for assessing the technical performance of HV/EHV systems with large share of AC cable lines. This paper besides providing a background for formulation of WG C4.502 and its overall aim, describes the tasks that were accomplished before the interim report was submitted to Study Committee C4 System Technical...

  3. Power System Technical Performance Issues related to the Application of Long HVAC Cables

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Wiechowski, W.; der Sluis, L.V.; Ohno, Teruo


    This paper reports the progress of work of Cigre Working Group C4.502 “Power system technical performance issues related to the application of long HVAC cables”. The primary goal of the WG C4.502 is to write a technical brochure that will serve as practical guide for performing studies necessary...... for assessing the technical performance of HV/EHV systems with large share of AC cable lines. This paper besides providing a background for formulation of WG C4.502 and its overall aim, describes the tasks that were accomplished before the interim report was submitted to Study Committee C4 System Technical...

  4. Design and analysis issues in gene and environment studies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Liu Chen-yu


    Full Text Available Abstract Both nurture (environmental and nature (genetic factors play an important role in human disease etiology. Traditionally, these effects have been thought of as independent. This perspective is ill informed for non-mendelian complex disorders which result as an interaction between genetics and environment. To understand health and disease we must study how nature and nurture interact. Recent advances in human genomics and high-throughput biotechnology make it possible to study large numbers of genetic markers and gene products simultaneously to explore their interactions with environment. The purpose of this review is to discuss design and analytic issues for gene-environment interaction studies in the “-omics” era, with a focus on environmental and genetic epidemiological studies. We present an expanded environmental genomic disease paradigm. We discuss several study design issues for gene-environmental interaction studies, including confounding and selection bias, measurement of exposures and genotypes. We discuss statistical issues in studying gene-environment interactions in different study designs, such as choices of statistical models, assumptions regarding biological factors, and power and sample size considerations, especially in genome-wide gene-environment studies. Future research directions are also discussed.

  5. Economic and demographic issues related to deployment of the Satellite Power System: (SPS)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Baldwin, T. E.; Hill, L. G.; Santini, D. J.; Stenehjem, E. J.


    Growth in energy consumption has stimulated interest in exploitation of renewable sources of electric energy. One technology that has been proposed is the Satellite Power System (SPS). Before committing the U.S. to such a large program, the Department of Energy and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration are jointly participating in an SPS Concept Development and Evaluation Program. This white paper on industrial and population relocation is part of the FY 1978 preliminary evaluation of related socio-economic issues. Results of four preliminary assessment activities are documented, namely: review existing literature dealing with industrial location, attendant population migration, and the role of electricity availability and pricing as factors influencing economic movements; identify economic and demographic issues relating to the deployment of SPS; consider the potential significance of these sociodemographic impacts in terms of expected public acceptance by appropriate interest groups; and recommend additional study needs and the most advantageous approaches to these studies. The conclusion of this preliminary assessment is that FY 1979 study should be concentrated in four assessment areas: (1) rectenna siting strategies, (2) expected effects of marginal and average-cost pricing on industrial and population relocation, (3) future impact of rectennae siting, and (4) responsiveness of industry to locate facilities according to the availability and cost of electricity. Long-term research should address the question of whether SPS will contribute to the centralization or decentralization of economic activity and society.

  6. Developing a research agenda on ethical issues related to using social media in healthcare. (United States)

    Adams, Samantha A; Van Veghel, Dennis; Dekker, Lukas


    The consequences of using publicly available social media applications specifically for healthcare purposes are largely unaddressed in current research. Where they are addressed, the focus is primarily on issues of privacy and data protection. We therefore use a case study of the first live Twitter heart operation in the Netherlands, in combination with recent literature on social media from other academic fields, to identify a wide range of ethical issues related to using social media for health-related purposes. Although this case reflects an innovative approach to public education and patient centeredness, it also illustrates the need for institutions to weigh the various aspects of use and to develop a plan to deal with these on a per case basis. Given the continual development of technologies, researchers may not yet be able to oversee and anticipate all of the potential implications. Further development of a research agenda on this topic, the promotion of guidelines and policies, and the publication of case studies that reveal the granularity of individual situations will therefore help raise awareness and assist physicians and institutions in using social media to support existing care services.

  7. Sports related musculoskeletal disorders in children and adolescents: A review of the emerging issues

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Eugénia R. C. Pinho


    Full Text Available Regular physical activity promotes better general state of health and is essential for the prevention of many illnesses, including musculoskeletal disorders. The promotion of both physical activity and its beneficial effects on health have contributed to the fast growth in the number of children and adolescents involved in organized or recreational sports activities which, unfortunately, has been followed by a significant increase on the number of injuries related to its practice. Taking into account that children and adolescents musculoskeletal system is still developing, its overuse particularly associated to competition sports activities may have long-term effects on their health. This paper aims to review the main questions of sports-related musculoskeletal disorders in children and adolescents, including the involved ethical issues, as well as to identify some of the main risk factors and to point out some of the measures to be adopted for its prevention.

  8. Report and analysis of techno-economic issues within SII Chain projects

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Takhokorpi, Markku; Falch, Morten; Skouby, Knud Erik;


    This document reports the finings related to techno-economic issues within the SII-trial projects and analyses profitability of various proposed networked multimedia architectures.......This document reports the finings related to techno-economic issues within the SII-trial projects and analyses profitability of various proposed networked multimedia architectures....

  9. Linear and synchrosqueezed time-frequency representations revisited. Part I: Overview, standards of use, related issues and algorithms

    CERN Document Server

    Iatsenko, Dmytro; Stefanovska, Aneta


    Time-frequency representations (TFRs) of signals, such as windowed Fourier transform (WFT), wavelet transform (WT) and their synchrosqueezed variants (SWFT, SWT), provide powerful analysis tools. However, there are many important issues related to the practical use of TFRs that need to be clarified. Here we present a thorough review of these TFRs, summarizing all theoretical, practical and numerical aspects of their use, reconsidering some conventions and introducing new concepts and procedures. The purposes of this work are: (i) to provide a consistent overview of the computation, properties, and use of the (S)WFT/(S)WT methods; (ii) to establish general standards related to their use, both theoretical and practical; and (iii) to provide clean and optimized algorithms and MatLab codes, appropriate for any window or wavelet.

  10. The Issues of Human Rights in the India-U.S. Relations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zakharov Aleksey I.


    Full Text Available The article presents a brief overview of India-U.S. relations during the period of Narendra Modi’s government and Barack Obama’s administration. The author analyzes the dynamics of cooperation development after the victory of Bharatiya Janata Party in the 2014 Parliamentary elections in India and studies the key directions of bilateral agenda. The current condition of India-U.S. strategic dialogue and the influence of human rights issues on the countries’ cooperation are characterized. Since 2014 the states’ cooperation has been growing rapidly. The bilateral investment, trade and economic interdependence have significantly increased. Some experts and mass media note that Barack Obama and Narendra Modi are having friendly relations. From a different angle, a number of agreements between countries still remain unaccomplished. For instance, the U.S. support for India’s permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council, its accession to APEC and the implementation of nuclear deal have yet to be turned into achievement. Together with strengthening the bilateral strategic dialogue, the U.S. has intensified the criticism of India’s human rights record. The main part of it includes the cases of religious intolerance, which are observed in the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom reports and the remarks given by U.S. lawmakers and official representatives, including the Ambassador to India. Washington’s careful attention to the human rights issues and religious violence in particular is one of the major irritants in the U.S.-India relations. The engagement of Indian Americans in the local U.S. politics and their lobbying efforts in the context of U.S.-India relations are revealed. The author outlines the near-terms perspectives of bilateral cooperation.

  11. Current issues in the analysis of consumer food choice

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Grunert, Klaus G.


    The Total Food Quality Model is used as a framework for highlighting a number of issues of current concern in understanding consumer food choice, and where promising avenues for research are seen. Consumer food choice is seen as a process where consumers form expectations about product quality...... before or during purchase, and then have a quality experience after the purchase. However, an increasing role of credence characteristics in food choice assigns communication a stronger role in understanding food choice, and consumer concern for food production technologies gives prior attitudes...

  12. tDCS for Memory Enhancement: Analysis of the Speculative Aspects of Ethical Issues (United States)

    Voarino, Nathalie; Dubljević, Veljko; Racine, Eric


    Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) is a promising technology to enhance cognitive and physical performance. One of the major areas of interest is the enhancement of memory function in healthy individuals. The early arrival of tDCS on the market for lifestyle uses and cognitive enhancement purposes lead to the voicing of some important ethical concerns, especially because, to date, there are no official guidelines or evaluation procedures to tackle these issues. The aim of this article is to review ethical issues related to uses of tDCS for memory enhancement found in the ethics and neuroscience literature and to evaluate how realistic and scientifically well-founded these concerns are? In order to evaluate how plausible or speculative each issue is, we applied the methodological framework described by Racine et al. (2014) for “informed and reflective” speculation in bioethics. This framework could be succinctly presented as requiring: (1) the explicit acknowledgment of factual assumptions and identification of the value attributed to them; (2) the validation of these assumptions with interdisciplinary literature; and (3) the adoption of a broad perspective to support more comprehensive reflection on normative issues. We identified four major considerations associated with the development of tDCS for memory enhancement: safety, autonomy, justice and authenticity. In order to assess the seriousness and likelihood of harm related to each of these concerns, we analyzed the assumptions underlying the ethical issues, and the level of evidence for each of them. We identified seven distinct assumptions: prevalence, social acceptance, efficacy, ideological stance (bioconservative vs. libertarian), potential for misuse, long term side effects, and the delivery of complete and clear information. We conclude that ethical discussion about memory enhancement via tDCS sometimes involves undue speculation, and closer attention to scientific and social facts would

  13. Dimensional Analysis and General Relativity (United States)

    Lovatt, Ian


    Newton's law of gravitation is a central topic in the first-year physics curriculum. A lecturer can go beyond the physical details and use the history of gravitation to discuss the development of scientific ideas; unfortunately, the most recent chapter in this history, general relativity, is not covered in first-year courses. This paper discusses…

  14. Coming out of the Dark: Content Analysis of Articles Pertaining to Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Issues in Couple and Family Therapy Journals (United States)

    Hartwell, Erica E.; Serovich, Julianne M.; Grafsky, Erika L.; Kerr, Zachary Y.


    The present study seeks to extend previous research regarding literature related to gay, lesbian, and bisexual (GLB) issues published in couple and family therapy (CFT)-related journals by presenting the results from a content analysis of GLB studies in CFT-related journals from 1996 to 2010. Results of the analysis revealed a 238.8% increase in…

  15. Clinical gait analysis in a rehabilitation context : some controversial issues

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Mulder, T; Nienhuis, B; Pauwels, J


    Objective: To determine the focus of clinical gait analysis in order to explain the observed mismatch between the available technology for movement analysis and the aims of clinical rehabilitation medicine. Design: Literature search using two different interactive computerized search systems. Outcom

  16. Relational issues of law and economic integration in Africa : perspectives from constitutional, public and private international law.


    Oppong, Richard F.


    This thesis examines how relational issues of law in economic integration are being approached in Africa. At its core, relational issues deal with the legal interactions among community, national, regional and international legal systems within the context of economic integration. The theory is that effective economic integration is the product of properly structuring and managing – within well-defined legal frameworks – vertical, horizontal and vertico-horizontal relations among states, lega...

  17. Motivational Issues Related to the Business Foreign Language Class in Higher Education

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Armasar, P.I.


    Full Text Available The present student-centred paradigm in education aims at developing the motivational dimension of the stakeholders within the educational process, i.e. the teacher and the student. Considering the dynamics of the system of needs in the present highly technologized consumer society, motivation allows the understanding of a series of psycho-social phenomena within which it establishes a functional cycle together with the activity and the conduct. It is worth considering the motivational and cognitive education of teachers who teach foreign languages to economics students, as well as the informative side of their training, because all their linguistic, cultural and pedagogical competences attend on economics students. The humanistic, cultural and ludic components of the foreign language class may constitute predominantly intrinsic motivation for economics students. The didactic strategy, the need for feedback,the inter- determination relationship between teacher and student, issues related to the organizational and social culture are solutions for decoding motivational issues.The final aim of the formative-motivational elements is represented by the preparation of individuals for self-learning and continuous learning throughout their entire life.

  18. A Needs Assessment of Health Issues Related to Maternal Mortality Rates in Afghanistan: A Pilot Study. (United States)

    Naim, Ali; Feldman, Robert; Sawyer, Robin


    Maternal death rates in Afghanistan were among the highest in the world during the reign of the Taliban. Although these figures have improved, current rates are still alarming. The aim of this pilot study was to develop a needs assessment of the major health issues related to the high maternal mortality rates in Afghanistan. In-depth interviews were conducted with managerial midwives, clinical midwives, and mothers. Results of the interviews indicate that the improvement in the maternal mortality rate may be attributed to the increase in the involvement of midwives in the birthing process. However, barriers to decreasing maternal mortality still exist. These include transportation, access to care, and sociocultural factors such as the influence of the husband and mother-in-law in preventing access to midwives. Therefore, any programs to decrease maternal mortality need to address infrastructure issues (making health care more accessible) and sociocultural factors (including husbands and mother-in-laws in maternal health education). However, it should be noted that these findings are based on a small pilot study to help develop a larger scale need assessment.

  19. Attitudes of cystic fibrosis patients and parents toward carrier screening and related reproductive issues. (United States)

    Janssens, Sandra; Chokoshvilli, Davit; Binst, Carmen; Mahieu, Inge; Henneman, Lidewij; De Paepe, Anne; Borry, Pascal


    Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a life-limiting autosomal recessive disorder affecting ~1 in 2500-4000 Caucasians. As most CF patients have no family history of the disorder, carrier screening for CF has the potential to prospectively identify couples at risk of conceiving an affected child. At-risk couples may consequently choose to act on the provided information and take steps to avoid the birth of a child with CF. Although carrier screening is widely believed to enhance reproductive autonomy of prospective parents, the practice also raises important ethical questions. A written questionnaire was administered to adult patients and parents of children with CF with the aim to explore participants' attitudes toward CF carrier screening and related reproductive issues. The study population was recruited from a CF patient registry in Belgium and comprised 111 participants (64 parents, 47 patients aged 16 or older). We found that more than 80% of all participants were in favor of preconception carrier screening for CF. However, some were concerned over potential negative consequences of population-wide CF carrier screening. Regarding future reproductive intentions, 43% of the participants indicated a desire to have children. Among these, preimplantation genetic diagnosis was found to be the most preferred reproductive option, closely followed by spontaneous pregnancy and prenatal diagnosis. Although the findings of our study suggest that patients and parents of children with CF support a population-based carrier screening program for CF, they also highlight some issues deserving particular attention when implementing such a program.

  20. A discussion of major issues related to the archiving of office business records

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LIU; Jiazhen; LIAO; Ru


    Based on our research and data analysis,we have made an in-depth study of the elements that have had an impact on the archiving of those office records from the automated office management system.In addition,we also offered a few suggestions about archiving such electronic office records more efficiently and effectively from a holistic perspective.In this paper,these authors discussed at some length about the following issues which included but limited to the unique features and requirements about the offline record transmission,the online record archiving,the requirements of electronic archiving stemming from the automated office document generating system,how to make the electronic business management system more congenial to its task-specific requirements for business records management and how to protect the system users’interest during the process of the system’s continuous evolutionary development.

  1. Review of Technical Issues Related to Predicting Isotopic Compositions and Source Terms for High-Burnup LWR Fuel

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gauld, I. C.; Parks, C. V.


    This report has been prepared to review the technical issues important to the prediction of isotopic compositions and source terms for high-burnup, light-water-reactor (LWR) fuel as utilized in the licensing of spent fuel transport and storage systems. The current trend towards higher initial 235U enrichments, more complex assembly designs, and more efficient fuel management schemes has resulted in higher spent fuel burnups than seen in the past. This trend has led to a situation where high-burnup assemblies from operating LWRs now extend beyond the area where available experimental data can be used to validate the computational methods employed to calculate spent fuel inventories and source terms. This report provides a brief review of currently available validation data, including isotopic assays, decay heat measurements, and shielded dose-rate measurements. Potential new sources of experimental data available in the near term are identified. A review of the background issues important to isotopic predictions and some of the perceived technical challenges that high-burnup fuel presents to the current computational methods are discussed. Based on the review, the phenomena that need to be investigated further and the technical issues that require resolution are presented. The methods and data development that may be required to address the possible shortcomings of physics and depletion methods in the high-burnup and high-enrichment regime are also discussed. Finally, a sensitivity analysis methodology is presented. This methodology is currently being investigated at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory as a computational tool to better understand the changing relative significance of the underlying nuclear data in the different enrichment and burnup regimes and to identify the processes that are dominant in the high-burnup regime. The potential application of the sensitivity analysis methodology to help establish a range of applicability for experimental

  2. General Issues Concerning Needs Analysis in Local Public Institutions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Veronica JUNJAN


    Full Text Available Needs assessment in local public institutions was not very present so far in a systematic manner in Romanian specialized literature on administrative reform. Current study uses interviews with candidates for a public administration master program to investigate civil servants motivation of pursuing graduatelevel studies and their perception on current needs of the work in local public institutions. Motivation for pursuing graduate studies is located mainly on the need to update and diversify their professional knowledge, and not as much on promotion-related reasons. The perceived needs are related to management of public institutions, structure of information system, legislation and European integration, human resource management and public relations.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available This paper describes types of technology studies that have been conducted related to young children’s early education. A systematic review of studies was undertaken using EBSCOhost, Blackwell Synergy, and ScienceDirect databases, to identify all studies published between 2003 and 2009 according to specific criteria. The studies were selected on the basis of the following three issues: (1 the role of technology in children’s development, (2 the role of technology in teachers’ teaching practices, and (3 studies that aimed to investigate the impact of technology usage on not only teacher practices but also young children’s development in school settings. In for each type of study the methodology, types of technology used, purposes and findings and other features including the publication year, and study locations are given in detail.

  4. Thin Solid Films Topical Special Issue on ZnO related transparent conductive oxides

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chu, Jinn P.; Endo, Tamio; Ellmer, Klaus; Gessert, Tim; Ginley, David


    World-wide research activities on ZnO and related transparent conductive oxides (TCO) in thin film, nanostructured, and multilayered forms are driven by the vast potential of these materials for optoelectronic, microelectronic, and photovoltaic applications. Renewed interest in ZnO applications is partly stimulated by cost reduction in material processing and device development. One of the most important issues is doping and alloying with Al, Ga, In, Sn, etc. in order to tune properties. When highly doped, these materials are used as transparent-conducting contacts on solar cells, as well as in catalytic, spintronic, and surface acoustic wave devices. Film growth conditions, including substrate type and orientation, growth temperature, deposition rate, and ambient atmosphere, all play important roles in determining structural, electrical, magnetic, and optical properties.

  5. International Conference on Harmonisation; choice of control group and related issues in clinical trials; availability. Notice. (United States)


    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is announcing the availability of a guidance entitled "E10 Choice of Control Group and Related Issues in Clinical Trials." The guidance was prepared under the auspices of the International Conference on Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use (ICH). The guidance sets forth general principles that are relevant to all controlled trials and are especially pertinent to the major clinical trials intended to demonstrate drug (including biological drug) efficacy. The guidance describes the principal types of control groups and discusses their appropriateness in particular situations. The guidance is intended to assist sponsors and investigators in the choice of control groups for clinical trials.

  6. 中国-东盟关系与东盟地区主义近期互动解析--以南海问题为例%An Analysis on China-ASEAN Relations and Recent Interaction of ASEAN Regionalism:Based on the Case of the South China Sea Issue

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Closely connected China⁃ASEAN relations and ASEAN regionalism is an important subject in China diplomacy, as well as in regionalism. In recent years, with the changes in the international situation in the Asia⁃Pacific region, the relationship between the two sides has emerged new features, new challen⁃ges, so it needs more comprehensive and in⁃depth analysis. This is especially true at the moment when the Asia⁃Pacific region is undergoing constant and dramatic changes, with distinctive features. By analyzing the“duality” of China⁃ASEAN relations, this article reviews ASEAN�s perceptions on China and the strategic trends of ASEAN regionalism. It also analyzes the most crucial factors that affect ASEAN�s perception of China . The study sought to explicitly illustrate the logic of regionalism embedded in China⁃ASEAN relations through the case study of the South China Sea issue, therefore, it depicted the behaviors, positions and di⁃vergences of ASEAN states on the South China Sea issue, and explained the severe challenges ASEAN re⁃gionalism faced with and the adjustments ASEAN had made as a response to such challenges. The interac⁃tion between ASEAN regionalism and China⁃ASEAN relations presents a long⁃term non⁃lineal process. Ob⁃servation of such interaction from ASEAN�s perspectives will render insights on China⁃ASEAN relations, based on which China may choose appropriate policy that helps improve China⁃ASEAN relations further.%中国-东盟关系和东盟地区主义的紧密相连是中国外交、也是地区主义研究的重要课题,近年来,随着亚太地区国际形势的转变,二者关系出现了新特征、新挑战,需要得到更全面更深入的考察。本文从中国-东盟关系发展的“双重性”特征出发,阐述东盟对华认知及相应的地区主义战略取向,归纳出其最重要的影响因素;随后,为了更清楚地说明中国-东盟关系包含的地区主义

  7. Issues relating to the subtraction phase in EOG artefact correction of the EEG. (United States)

    Croft, Rodney J; Barry, Robert J


    An important method for removing the effect of ocular artefact from the EEG is 'EOG correction'. This method estimates the proportion of ocular artefact that is in the EEG, and removes it by subtraction. To date, EOG correction research has focused on problems relating to the estimation of the correction coefficients. Using both mathematical rationale and empirical data, this paper addresses issues relating to the subtraction phase, such as the magnitude of error that can be expected due to EOG correction. Using ERP methodology, principal component and regression analyses, it is shown that the N1P2 complex propagates forward to the horizontal and radial (but not vertical) electrooculograms (EOG), and it is shown mathematically that this will result in EOG-correction error. Assuming an accurate estimate of ocular contamination of the EEG, maximal subtraction-phase error of the N1P2 complex was found to be a prefrontal attenuation of 15-22%, decreasing to central and occipital enhancements of 3-4% and 13-14%, respectively. The magnitude of this subtraction-phase error is compared to between-subject ERP variability and to error associated with EOG rejection (omitting data contaminated by ocular artefact). It is argued that such EOG correction error is small relative to both artefact rejection procedures and to normal variability found in ERP studies, and that it is less pernicious than artefact rejection procedures.

  8. Issues in qualitative and quantitative risk analysis for developmental toxicology. (United States)

    Kimmel, C A; Gaylor, D W


    The qualitative and quantitative evaluation of risk in developmental toxicology has been discussed in several recent publications. A number of issues still are to be resolved in this area. The qualitative evaluation and interpretation of end points in developmental toxicology depends on an understanding of the biological events leading to the end points observed, the relationships among end points, and their relationship to dose and to maternal toxicity. The interpretation of these end points is also affected by the statistical power of the experiments used for detecting the various end points observed. The quantitative risk assessment attempts to estimate human risk for developmental toxicity as a function of dose. The current approach is to apply safety (uncertainty) factors to the no observed effect level (NOEL). An alternative presented and discussed here is to model the experimental data and apply a safety factor to an estimated risk level to achieve an "acceptable" level of risk. In cases where the dose-response curves upward, this approach provides a conservative estimate of risk. This procedure does not preclude the existence of a threshold dose. More research is needed to develop appropriate dose-response models that can provide better estimates for low-dose extrapolation of developmental effects.

  9. Economic feasibility, cost and issues related to acquiring water right options to secure drought water supplies for Lahontan Valley Wetlands (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The focus of this study, prepared for The Nature Conservancy, is on the economic feasibility and issues related to implementing water supply option contracts to...

  10. Hydrocarbon Biocomponents use in Aviation Fuels - Preliminary Analysis of Issues

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gawron Bartosz


    Full Text Available Article is related to the aspect of the introduction of biofuels to power turbine aircraft engines. The paper presents the current trends in the use of alternative fuels in aviation and the problems connected with the introduction of hydrocarbon biocomponents. It is pointed to the need to take research and implementation works in the field of the subject, also in Poland.

  11. Application of Radiation Chemistry to Some Selected Technological Issues Related to the Development of Nuclear Energy. (United States)

    Bobrowski, Krzysztof; Skotnicki, Konrad; Szreder, Tomasz


    The most important contributions of radiation chemistry to some selected technological issues related to water-cooled reactors, reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive wastes, and fuel evolution during final radioactive waste disposal are highlighted. Chemical reactions occurring at the operating temperatures and pressures of reactors and involving primary transients and stable products from water radiolysis are presented and discussed in terms of the kinetic parameters and radiation chemical yields. The knowledge of these parameters is essential since they serve as input data to the models of water radiolysis in the primary loop of light water reactors and super critical water reactors. Selected features of water radiolysis in heterogeneous systems, such as aqueous nanoparticle suspensions and slurries, ceramic oxides surfaces, nanoporous, and cement-based materials, are discussed. They are of particular concern in the primary cooling loops in nuclear reactors and long-term storage of nuclear waste in geological repositories. This also includes radiation-induced processes related to corrosion of cladding materials and copper-coated iron canisters, dissolution of spent nuclear fuel, and changes of bentonite clays properties. Radiation-induced processes affecting stability of solvents and solvent extraction ligands as well oxidation states of actinide metal ions during recycling of the spent nuclear fuel are also briefly summarized.

  12. Topical issues of psychological research materials on matters related to extremism

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sekerazh T.N.


    Full Text Available The article deals with methodological support psychological and linguistic research "extremist" materials. Presents a comprehensive psycho-linguistic approach to the examination of information materials on matters related to combating extremism and terrorism, and certain provisions of the methodology developed by the Russian federal center of judicial examination of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. Based on the analysis of the "verbal" crimes related to criminal legal interpretation of extremism and terrorism, highlighted the types of prohibited public expression of communicative action, corresponding to the seven types of "extremist" values. The article outlines the key features of psychological analysis "extremist" materials research stages. It is shown that the complex (psycho-linguistic approach to the study of materials of extremist orientation, is scientifically sound, methodically proven, appropriate to the needs of law enforcement, judicial and investigative practice.

  13. Computational issue in the analysis of adaptive control systems (United States)

    Kosut, Robert L.


    Adaptive systems under slow parameter adaption can be analyzed by the method of averaging. This provides a means to assess stability (and instability) properties of most adaptive systems, either continuous-time or (more importantly for practice) discrete-time, as well as providing an estimate of the region of attraction. Although the method of averaging is conceptually straightforward, even simple examples are well beyond hand calculations. Specific software tools are proposed which can provide the basis for user-friendly environment to perform the necessary computations involved in the averaging analysis.

  14. Cultural Crisis? An Analysis of the Issues Affecting the Ascension of Women in the Australian Army (United States)


    publication of The Army Wife Handbook.92 In spite of the author’s attempt to downplay the stereotyped title, it clearly portrays the role of women ...CULTURAL CRISIS? AN ANALYSIS OF THE ISSUES AFFECTING THE ASCENSION OF WOMEN IN THE AUSTRALIAN ARMY A thesis presented to the...To) AUG 2013 – JUNE 2014 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Cultural Crisis? An Analysis of the Issues Affecting the Ascension of Women in the Australian

  15. Relativity Concept Inventory: Development, Analysis, and Results (United States)

    Aslanides, J. S.; Savage, C. M.


    We report on a concept inventory for special relativity: the development process, data analysis methods, and results from an introductory relativity class. The Relativity Concept Inventory tests understanding of relativistic concepts. An unusual feature is confidence testing for each question. This can provide additional information; for example,…

  16. Analysis on Design Issues of Educational Website Standards

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jatinder Manhas


    Full Text Available With the introduction of WWW (World Wide Web by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989, in computer, the use of web site and its importance become visible to the world. [1] Today’s web sites have so many features than in the past. With the increase of features in web sites, it becomes necessary for the developer to have compliance to the standards so that websites work properly. The standards that the W3C creates help establish consistency in the way that Web document are authored and how they are rendered in the browser. [2] Based on the evaluation of these standards, developers can measure the efficiency of the website. In this paper author analysed the web site by evaluating its certain features and then compared them against standards. For evaluating website’s features, author uses a tool called Website Optimization. This tool gives a detailed analysis of parameters for a website. [3] The author took 25 educational websites of north-India, analyse their different parameters and on the basis of analysis shows their overall standards compliance.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available This paper surveys the workflow analysis in the view of business process for all organizations. The business can be defined as an organization that provides goods and services to others, who want or need them. The concept of managing business processes is referred to as Business Process Management (BPM. A workflow is the automation of a business process, in whole or part, during which documents, information or tasks are passed from one participant to another for action, according to a set of procedural rules. The process mining aims at extracting useful and meaningful information from event logs, which is a set of real executions of business process at any organizations. This paper briefly reviews the state-or-the-art of business processes developed so far and the techniques adopted. Also presents, the survey of workflow analysis in the view of business process can be broadly classified into four major categories, they are Business Process Modeling, Ontology based Business Process Management, Workflow based Business Process Controlling and Business Process Mining.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohd. Shamim Ansari


    Full Text Available The purpose of an efficient capital market is to mobilize funds from those who have it and route each them to those who can utilize it in the best possible way. India’s financial market is multi-facet but not balanced. It has state of art equity market but relatively less developed and immature corporate bond market. The Indian capital market in the recent year has undergone a lot of innovation in term regulation and mode of operation. A well developed corporate bond market is also essential for financial system stability, efficiency and overall economic growth. However, If we look at the scenario of capital market in India we find that Indian households have traditionally preferred parking their surpluses in bank deposits, government savings schemes and less than 10% of their investments in financial assets in shares, debentures and mutual funds. The Indian capital market has recently put the worst behind and moved towards strong growth. In this back drop the present paper aims to (i identify various grey points of Indian capital market; (ii Evaluated how it performed during post financial crisis period; and (iii suggests necessary policy reforms for a relatively mature capital market.

  19. Issues in benchmarking human reliability analysis methods : a literature review.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lois, Erasmia (US Nuclear Regulatory Commission); Forester, John Alan; Tran, Tuan Q. (Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Falls, ID); Hendrickson, Stacey M. Langfitt; Boring, Ronald L. (Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Falls, ID)


    There is a diversity of human reliability analysis (HRA) methods available for use in assessing human performance within probabilistic risk assessment (PRA). Due to the significant differences in the methods, including the scope, approach, and underlying models, there is a need for an empirical comparison investigating the validity and reliability of the methods. To accomplish this empirical comparison, a benchmarking study is currently underway that compares HRA methods with each other and against operator performance in simulator studies. In order to account for as many effects as possible in the construction of this benchmarking study, a literature review was conducted, reviewing past benchmarking studies in the areas of psychology and risk assessment. A number of lessons learned through these studies are presented in order to aid in the design of future HRA benchmarking endeavors.

  20. Multitemporal image analysis of the green space dynamics: raising issues from the Bucharest case study (United States)

    Gaman, Florian; Aldea, Mihaela; Petrescu, Florian; Parlow, Eberhard; Luca, Oana; Sercaianu, Mihai; Iacoboaea, Cristina


    The dynamics of the green space in urban areas are key components for the urban environment monitoring options and of the urban planning strategies. In the European Union, specific regulations provide the quantitative measures for green space areas necessary for each inhabitant of a city. To assess the situation in the case of Bucharest, we used the multitemporal analysis of remotely sensed imagery based on Landsat archive available. This enabled us to characterize the possibility to monitor and assess the changes in the vegetation cover over a quarter of a century, and raised a series of issues based on the remote sensing observations and image processing. The quantitative assessment of the green spaces is further developed into proposals related to the green space provisions in urban planning, but also revisions of the quantitative measures used in regulations.

  1. Developmental and ethnic issues experienced by emerging adult African American women related to developing a mature love relationship. (United States)

    Tyson, Sheryl Y


    This qualitative study explored perspectives of emerging adult African American women on the development of mature love relationships. Inductive analysis of focus group interviews, conducted with a purposive sample of 31 African American women, yielded themes related to relationship goals and characteristics, and interpersonal and societal challenges to finding the right partner and developing a mature love relationship. Core categories that emerged from analysis of the discussions were (1) age and relationship goal differences within the emerging adult group, (2) mature love relationship goals and characteristics, (3) interpersonal obstacles to finding the right partner, and (4) societal obstacles to finding the right partner. Two approaches-black womanist/feminist thought (Collins, 2000 ; Walker, 1983 ) and relationship maturity theory (Paul & White, 1990 )-were then combined to explain the influence of historic and contemporary interpersonal and societal factors on developmental and ethnic issues that challenge positive gender identity formation, hasten intimacy maturity, and hinder the development of mature love relationships among emerging adult African American women. For these women, premature responsibility, especially early caregiver burden, was related to the early development of intimacy capacity and the desire for a mature love relationship, to be protected, and to have someone to help carry the load. Interracial dating, negative stereotypic images of African American women, and even positive images of enduring black love relationships posed difficult challenges to positive identity formation and intimacy maturity. A primary challenge was to counteract negative stereotypic images, so that they could develop their own self-identities as women and as relationship partners.

  2. Issues related to handling Exploration Seismic data within the EU FP7 GeoSeas project (United States)

    Diviacco, Paolo; Cox, Simon


    GeoSeas is a sibling of the SeaDataNet initiative, aiming at creating an e-infrastructure where users will be able to identify, locate and access pan-European, harmonized and federated marine Geological and Geophysical data. GeoSeas adopts many of the technologies developed within SeaDataNet. While for most of the designated data types, only minor tuning is required, the case of Exploration Seismics poses several issues needing specific solutions. The main issue is the sampling strategy, where the technologies, practices and the legacies of exploration geophysics differ considerably from those found in Oceanography (the original research field considered by SeaDataNet). Specific extensions to the SeaDataNet framework were required at many levels. The most significant interventions concerned the Common Data Index (CDI) metadatabase and data access mechanisms. The primary feature of interest in marine exploration geophysics is the seismic line (in the 2D case) or the seismic volume (3D). For various reasons seismic lines are often segmented, which poses serious problems to the one-to-one correspondence between the CDI and data files. Furthermore, common practice is for positioning and the observation data to be managed separately. Another issue is that the catalogue of metadata items needed for Seismic data discovery and browsing needs parameters that are not available in the standard CDI. However, in the context of data discovery a common framework for all data types is preferable, so we should avoid unnecessary customization for this data type. Both of these issues have been addressed using the framework provided by the OGC Observations and Measurements standard (O&M - see Cox, this conference). O&M provides a structure for observation metadata, allowing the description of the feature of interest, observation procedure, sampling features and the relationships between them, while still allowing the original encoding of the actual observation result. Thus, the

  3. Vocational technical and adult education: Status, trends and issues related to electronic delivery (United States)

    Rothenberg, D.


    Data are analyzed, and trends and issues are discussed to provide information useful to the systems designer who wishes to identify and assess the opportunities for large scale electronic delivery in vocational/technical and adult education. Issues connected with vocational/technical education are investigated, with emphasis on those issues in the current spotlight which are relevant to the possibilities of electronic delivery. The current role of media is examined in vocational/technical instruction.

  4. Is there artisanal fishing territoriality in the Ubatumirim Bay (Ubatuba, SP? Scale issues in community relations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cristiana Simão Seixas


    Full Text Available Scale issues are fundamental in the analysis of temporal and institutional dimensions of fishing territory. To understand actions and decisions at local and regional levels regarding fishing activity, we studied fishing communities at the Ubatumirim Bay, giving particular attention to the Almada community – north coast of the state of São Paulo. Data were collected between 2004 and 2005, a period in which artisanal fishers, officials and representatives of non-governmental organizations were interviewed. The results indicate the absence of territoriality at local level (within the community, but it exists implicitly at regional level (between communities. Both intercommunity relationships and fishing in areas outside the communities contributed to the building of a perception among fishers that “the sea belongs to everyone”. However, such perception that the sea is public does not imply the kind of free access that is unbound by rules. On the contrary, a large number of fishers believe that is important to have some mechanisms of control, and this must be agreed upon by officials and grassroots organizations within a horizontal institutional arrangement, i.e., all the stakeholders must have equal rights to vote and to make decisions.

  5. Addressing Practical Issues Related Tto Nursing Care For International Visitors To Hiroshima

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mariko Nishikawa


    Full Text Available When nine million foreigners visited Japan in 2013, the federal government set a goal to attract an additional two and a half million visitors including medical tourists by 2020. This research investigates the attitudes and concerns of Japanese nurses when they are in a situation dealing with foreign patients. The data were collected from March through September 2010, from 114 nurses at three hospitals, in close proximity to popular tourist destinations in Hiroshima. A questionnaire was developed for this research, named Mari Meter, which included a section to write answers to an open question for the nurses to express their opinions. These responses were examined statistically and by word analysis using Text Mining Studio. Japanese nurses expressed greatest concern about payment options, foreign language skills, and issues of informed consent, when dealing with foreigners. The results confirm that, in order to provide a high quality of patient care, extra preparation and a greater knowledge of international workers and visitors are required by nursing professionals in Japan.

  6. Energy Issues In Mobile Telecom Network: A Detailed Analysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    P. Balagangadhar Rao


    Full Text Available Diesel and Conventional energy costs are increasing at twice the growth rate of revenues of Mobile Telecom Network infrastructure industry. There is an urgent need to reduce the Operating Expenditure (OPEX in this front. While bridging the rural and urban divide, Telecom Operators should adopt stronger regulations for climate control by reducing the Green house gases like CO2.This strengthens the business case for renewable energy technology usage. Solutions like Solar, Fuel Cells, Wind, Biomass, and Geothermal can be explored and implemented in the arena of energy starving Telecom sector. Such sources provide clean and green energy. They are free and infinitely available. These technologies which use the natural resources are not only suitable for stand alone applications but also have long life span. Their maintenance cost is quite minimal. Most important advantage of the use of these natural resources is to have a low Carbon foot print. These are silent energy sources. Out of these, Solar-based solutions are available as Ground (or Tower mounted variants. Hybrid Technology solutions like Solar-Solar, Solar-DCDG (Direct Current Diesel Generators or Solar-battery bank are to be put into use in order to cut down the OPEX (Operating Expenditure. Further, a single Multi Fuel Cell can also be used, which can run on Ethanol/Bio Fuel/Compressed Natural Gas (CNG/Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG/Pyrolysis oil. Also, storage solutions like Lithium ion batteries reduce the Diesel Generator run hours, offering about fifty percent of savings in operating expenditure front. A detailed analysis is made in this paper in respect of the Energy requirements of Mobile Telecom Network; Minimising the Operating Costs by the usage of the technologies that harvest Natural resources; Sharing the Infrastructure by different Operators and bringing Energy efficiency by adopting latest Storage back up technologies.

  7. Doubly-Special Relativity: Facts, Myths and Some Key Open Issues

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Giovanni Amelino-Camelia


    Full Text Available I report, emphasizing some key open issues and some aspects that are particularly relevant for phenomenology, on the status of the development of “doubly-special” relativistic (“DSR” theories with both an observer-independent high-velocity scale and an observer-independent small-length/large-momentum scale, possibly relevant for the Planck-scale/quantum-gravity realm. I also give a true/false characterization of the structure of these theories. In particular, I discuss a DSR scenario without modification of the energy-momentum dispersion relation and without the қ-Poincaré Hopf algebra, a scenario with deformed Poincaré symmetries which is not a DSR scenario, some scenarios with both an invariant length scale and an invariant velocity scale which are not DSR scenarios, and a DSR scenario in which it is easy to verify that some observable relativistic (but non-special-relativistic features are insensitive to possible nonlinear redefinitions of symmetry generators.

  8. Compliance with treatment: related-issues and insights for pharmacist intervention

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nilcéia Lopes da Silva


    Full Text Available Low patient compliance with pharmacotherapy remains one of the greatest challenges for success of treatments, especially in chronic diseases, since it can negatively influence treatment effectiveness and patient quality of life, increase health expenses and decrease productivity of the patient. Compliance is an important but complex issue in clinical practice. Its complexity begins with the difficulty in adopting terminology that can express its exact meaning. Moreover, many methods to evaluate compliance have been established but no consensus exists on which method should be considered the gold standard. Additionally, socioeconomic, disease and therapy-related factors, healthcare team and system related-factors and patient-related factors can simultaneously influence compliance levels. In this highly complex scenario, pharmacist interventions have been identified as an effective strategy to enhance patient compliance with treatment. The objectives of this paper were: (1 to provide useful information for pharmacists about issues related to compliance such as terminology and definitions; methods for measuring compliance and persistence; influencing factors and the impact of low compliance; and (2 to offer insight into how these healthcare professionals can effectively contribute toward improved compliance levels.A baixa adesão dos pacientes ao tratamento medicamentoso de doenças crônicas continua sendo um dos maiores desafios da medicina, por comprometer a efetividade do tratamento, repercutindo na qualidade de vida, aumentando os gastos com saúde e diminuindo a produtividade do indivíduo doente. O tema adesão é tão relevante para a prática clínica quanto complexo, a começar pelas tentativas de adoção de uma terminologia que expresse com exatidão o seu significado. Além disso, vários métodos para sua determinação foram estabelecidos sem, contudo, se chegar a um consenso sobre qual seria o "ótimo". Adicionalmente, as condi

  9. Issues about axial diffusion during segmental hair analysis. (United States)

    Kintz, Pascal


    matrix or changes in the hair structure due to cosmetic treatments might mislead the final result of hair analysis. To qualify for a single exposure in hair, the author proposes to consider that the highest drug concentration must be detected in the segment corresponding to the period of the alleged event (calculated with a hair growth rate at 1 cm/mo) and that the measured concentration be at least 3 times higher than those measured in the previous or the following segments. This must only be done using scalp hair after cutting the hair directly close to the scalp.

  10. Current Issues Related to Associate Degree Nursing: Their Impact on Directors, Faculty, and Students. (United States)

    Cavenar, Mary G.

    Perceptions of students, faculty members, and associate degree nursing (ADN) program directors/coordinators concerning seven issues affecting ADN programs were obtained in 1982. The issues, which were identified through a review of the literature, were: entry into practice, professional and technical nurses, developing competency statements,…

  11. Legal and Program Issues Related to Child Custody and Late Parents. (United States)

    Southern Regional Education Board, Atlanta, GA. Training for Child Care Project.

    This bulletin, the third in a series on selected issues in day care, addresses two problems involving legal issues: (1) what are the implications for the day care program when parents or other legal guardians are involved in a dispute over the custody of children? and (2) what are the rights and responsibilities of day care programs when parents…

  12. School Administrators' Perceptions of Trends, Issues, and Responsibilities Relating to the Modern Educational Climate. (United States)

    Sharp, William L.; Walter, James K.

    In 1995, a group of school administrators affiliated with the Indiana Executive Fellows Program identified important educational issues. This paper presents findings of a 1997 study that asked a different sample of superintendents to rank a list of educational issues on the basis of importance. Questionnaires were sent to 325 superintendents in…

  13. Economic analysis of U.S. ethanol expansion issues (United States)

    Chaudhuri, Malika

    The dependency of the U.S. economy on crude oil imported from politically unstable countries, escalating energy demand world wide, growing nationwide environmental consciousness, and the Renewable Fuels Standards (RFS) government mandates are some of the primary factors that have provided a favorable environment for the growth and development of the U.S. ethanol industry. The first essay derives decision rules for a discrete-time dynamic hedging model in a multiple commodity framework under expected utility maximization and basis risk. It compares hedging performance of three types of hedging models, namely constant hedging, time-varying static hedging model and the new dynamic hedging rule derived in this study. Findings show that natural gas futures contracts were effective instruments for hedging ethanol spot price risk before March, 2005, when ethanol futures trading was initiated on the CBOT. However, post-March, 2005, corn and ethanol futures contracts proved to be efficient hedging instruments. Results also indicate that ethanol producers may effectively decrease variance of cumulative cash flows by hedging using ethanol, natural gas and corn futures prices using the traditional techniques. The study concludes that using the new dynamic hedge model in a three period and two commodity set up, producers can effectively reduce variance of cumulative cash flow by 13.2% as compared to the 'no hedge' scenario. In my second essay, I use choice based, conjoint analysis methods to estimate consumers' willingness to pay (WTP) for alternative transportation fuels in the U.S. In this study, I consider unleaded gasoline and ethanol, which may be derived from corn or three different sources of cellulosic biomass as alternative transportation fuels. Results suggest that age and household income are some of the socioeconomic variables that significantly influence consumer's choice behavior. Results indicate considerable consumer preference heterogeneity. Welfare effects are

  14. Optimal Management Strategy for Groundwater Protection and Restoration Along with Discussions on Related Issues (United States)

    Wang, M.


    Contamination of groundwater systems is an increasingly critical problem. The limited available resources or budget for groundwater protection and restoration and sustainable development in a country or region require a corresponding strategy for groundwater protection and restoration to maximize resource or budget utilization and minimize an adverse impact on the sustainable development. An innovative strategy for groundwater protection and restoration has been established based on the optimization principles and considerations of both risk assessments of groundwater contamination and difficulties or costs of groundwater remediation and protection measures. Site investigations and groundwater modeling are two critical components to implement this strategy. Cost for groundwater protection and restoration can be categorized as Existing Contaminated Site Investigation Cost (ECSIC), Existing Contaminated Site Remediation Cost (ECSRC), Projected Contamination Site Investigation Cost (PCSIC), Projected Contamination Site Protection Cost (PCSPC), and Projected Contamination Site Remediation Cost (PCSRC). The objective function for optimization analyses consists of risk reduction components with variables of the above different costs from all individual site remediation and protection measures. The optimal distribution of the limited available resources is determined by such proper selections of those variables that the objective function reaches its maximum. Several important issues related to implementations of the strategy for groundwater protection and restoration are discussed. Those issues include uncertainty from aquifer heterogeneity, modeling for fractured geologic media, irreversible sorption, and implementations of natural attenuation. Specifically, Monte Carlo simulations through a numerical flow and transport model can be performed to develop a heterogeneity dispersivity matrix to account for the effects of different attributes of aquifer heterogeneity. In

  15. Climate and climate-related issues for the safety assessment SR-Site

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    The purpose of this report is to document current scientific knowledge on climate and climate-related conditions, relevant to the long-term safety of a KBS-3 repository, to a level required for an adequate treatment in the safety assessment SR-Site. The report also presents a number of dedicated studies on climate and selected climate-related processes of relevance for the assessment of long term repository safety. Based on this information, the report presents a number of possible future climate developments for Forsmark, the site selected for building a repository for spent nuclear fuel in Sweden (Figure 1-1). The presented climate developments are used as basis for the selection and analysis of SR-Site safety assessment scenarios in the SR-Site main report /SKB 2011/. The present report is based on research conducted and published by SKB as well as on research reported in the general scientific literature

  16. What some African development plans say on population related issues in development. (United States)


    This discussion reviews what development plans say about population related issues in development in the countries of Botswana, Kenya, Lesotho, Senegal, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Somalia Democratic Republic, Sudan, The United Republic of Cameroon, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Botswana's 1970-73 development plan recognized the need to have fewer children who would be better fed, well clothed, properly housed, and better educated. The government set a target of population growth not to exceed 2.5% for the 1970-80 period. The government of Kenya has expressed much concern about population growth and is devoted to continuing and strengthening the official family planning program instituted in 1967. Lesotho's 1980-81 to 1984-85 development plan emphasizes the need to enhance the well-being of the rural population. The orientation of the health sector strategy is towards primary health care, health education, family planning, water supply, sanitation, and nutrition. Nigeria's 1975-80 plan indicates that demographic factors do not appear as yet to constitute a significant or serious obstacle to domestic economic progress. The objective of the Ivory Coast's 1976-80 plan for economic, social, and cultural development is to increase population since the Ivory Coast still seems to be an underpopulated country. The 1979-83 National Development Plan of Seychelles includes the following objectives: to remedy the housing problem, to achieve full employment, and to introduce responsible family planning. Sierra Leone's development plan for 1974-75 to 1978-79 did not indicate a need to decrease population growth. Population variables in relation to development are not well articulated in the plan of the Somalia Democratic Republic. Like many other developing countries, Sudan's plan has objectives to improve all aspects of the standard of living. It recognizes the serious problem of absorbing a larger population in urban areas. In Tanzania family planning is

  17. Modeling and resonance issues of wind farm integration with related facts applications (United States)

    Auddy, Soubhik

    This thesis deals with electromechanical oscillations, torsional oscillations and resonance issues in power systems fed by conventional steam-turbine generators and emerging wind turbine generators. Solutions to several of these problems are proposed using Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) Controllers. Inter-area oscillations are investigated in the IEEE 39 bus system and are damped by a novel Static VAR Compensator (SVC) control signal utilizing a weighted sum of remote generator speeds derived from bus voltage angles. The weights are calculated from participation factor analysis using commercial software Dynamic Security Assessment (DSA) Power Tools and are validated by EMTDC/PSCAD simulations. Subsynchronous resonance (SSR) in steam-turbine generators has been traditionally damped with SVC using either local signals or signals derived from a combination of local signals. This thesis proposes a novel SVC controller based on remote generator speed for alleviating SSR. This controller is shown from EMTDC/PSCAD simulations to be much more effective than the previously reported controllers for the IEEE First SSR Benchmark system. The efficacy is demonstrated for all the four critical series compensation levels. With the worldwide growth of renewable energy, large wind farms are likely to be connected to series compensated networks for evacuation of bulk power. This may lead to the potential of SSR in the wind turbine generators. For the first time, a detailed electromagnetic transient study using EMTDC/PSCAD has been conducted in this thesis to demonstrate that subsynchronous resonance can be a cause of concern in series compensated wind farms at realistic levels of power flow and series compensation levels. Novel controllers for two FACTS devices - a Static VAR Compensator (SVC) and a Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC) - are proposed to mitigate SSR under all realistic compensation levels in a modified IEEE First Benchmark system. It is further

  18. Evaluation of structural issues related to isolation of the 100-KE/100-KW discharge chute

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Winkel, B.V.; Hyde, L.L.


    The issue of excessive post-seismic leakage in the discharge chute of the K East and K West fuel storage basins was resolved by designing isolation barriers to maintain basin water levels if the discharge chute should drain. This report addresses the structural issues associated with isolation of the discharge chute. The report demonstrates the structural adequacy of the components associated with chute isolation for normal and seismic loading. Associated issues, such as hardware drop accidents and seismic slosh heights are also addressed.

  19. Metallomics integrated with proteomics in deciphering metal-related environmental issues. (United States)

    González-Fernández, Macarena; García-Barrera, Tamara; Arias-Borrego, Ana; Jurado, Juan; Pueyo, Carmen; López-Barea, Juan; Gómez-Ariza, Jose L


    The present work shows the possibilities of metallomics to characterize metal-linking proteins in Mus Musculus that could be used in environmental assessment. The laboratory mouse M. musculus is used as reference of gene/protein sequence databases to address methodological approaches based on changes in transcripts regulation, proteins expression and metalloproteins profiles in the environmental bioindicator Mus spretus that has been demonstrated to be genetically homologous to M. Musculus. A metallomic approach using size exclusion chromatography with inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry detection (SEC-ICP-MS) was applied to cytosolic extracts from different M. musculus organs: lung, liver, spleen, kidney, brain, testicle, hearth and muscle. The resulting profiles of metallobiomolecules revealed the presence of a Cu-binding fraction in the 7-10 kDa range which was not present in the other tissues, can be associated to low molecular mass metallothionein-like proteins. The application of reverse phase chromatography with ICP-MS detection to this fraction gives two peaks that have been isolated for later identification by tandem mass spectrometry. The mass balance of copper evaluated by ICP-MS analysis of the digested brain fractions isolated by SEC and RP chromatography reveals good recoveries of the separations. The application of 2-DE to both crude brain extract and SEC fraction (7-10 kDa) reveals the considerably reduction of the number of proteins confirming that a good purification has been attained by SEC. This integration of metallomics with proteomics and transcriptomics can be useful in further studies involving the free-living mouse M. spretus for assessment of environmental issues.

  20. Special Issue of Selected Papers from Visualization and Data Analysis 2011 (United States)

    Kao, David L.; Wong, Pak Chung


    This special issue features the best papers that were selected from the 18th SPIE Conference on Visualization and Data Analysis (VDA 2011). This annual conference is a major international forum for researchers and practitioners interested in data visualization and analytics research, development, and applications. VDA 2011 received 42 high-quality submissions from around the world. Twenty-four papers were selected for full conference papers. The top five papers have been expanded and reviewed for this special issue.

  1. Comprehensive Analysis of the Light Speed Issue%光速问题综合分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



      In light of the challenges faced by the postulate of light speed constancy in special relativity, a suggestion is made here to reexamine the light speed issue, and for this purpose, we propose an ether-like hypothesis which is based on the concept of a nonempty vacuum. The theory employs a fundamental force analysis as its foundation and it aims to explore the ways and characteristics of how this ether-like material move and interact among itself, and how it acts upon or influences the speed of light. We then use the theory to explain some historical experiments in light speed measurement, explore some possible directions of establishing a variable light speed and super light speed, propose relevant experimental method. It is hoped that the theory will contribute to the final solution of the light speed issue and provoke further reflections on, and reexaminations of, the special theory of relativity.%  本文针对光速不变假设面临的问题,提出对光速问题进行重新考查。依据真空不空的观点提出了“类以太假说”,以基本力分析为基础,探讨了类以太的作用特点与运动特性,论述了类以太对光速的作用影响,解释了历史上的光速实验,探讨了光速可变与超光速的检验方向,提出了相应的实验方法。希望以此促进光速问题的研究与解决,推动对相对论的再认识与再考查

  2. Legal and Ethical Issues Related to the Management of Cultural Heritage in Space (United States)

    Walsh, Justin

    in space. The United Nations Outer Space Treaty of 1967 -the primary document governing how nations act in outer space -is now hopelessly out-of-date. There is no mention in the treaty of cultural heritage (the UNESCO convention that concerns international protection of cultural heritage on Earth was not completed until 1970), nor was there any recognition of the role private groups and individuals might play in space exploration. This paper will outline key legal and ethical issues related to cultural heritage management and protection. It will also suggest some ways in which culturally significant sites in space can be protected for future study and even touristic appreciation.

  3. Ethical issues in genetics. (United States)

    Shannon, T A


    The first section of the Notes on Moral Theology reviews ethical issues in genetics through the lenses of privacy-confidentiality; risk-benefit analysis in relation to prenatal diagnosis and gene therapy; and freedom-determinism/human dignity in the context of cloning. The author provides an overview of developments in genetics and highlights thematic issues common to these developments.

  4. Global climate change policy issues related to the movement of industry from developed to rapidly industrializing countries

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lesperance, A.M.; Waltemath, L.A.


    Global climate change policies adopted by developed countries may encourage industries to move to countries with less restrictive policies. The purpose of this study is to identify policy-driven issues that may result in such a movement. This report (1) summarizes the conclusions of previous studies that have explored the relationship between environmental regulations and industrial movement, (2) identifies and summarizes existing and proposed US global climate change policy options, and (3) discusses issues and topics relating to possible industrial relocation because of the global climate change policy options. It concludes with recommendations for further research. Although federal global climate change policy options are the primary focus of this report, some international and regional efforts addressing this issue are also included. A potential regional industrial migration issue is highlighted. 14 refs., 2 figs., 3 tabs.

  5. A preliminary examination of audience-related communications issues for the Hanford Environmental Dose Reconstruction Project

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Holmes, C.W.


    The Hanford Environmental Dose Reconstruction (HEDR) Project will estimate radiation doses people may have received from exposure to radioactive materials released during past operations at the US Department of Energy's (DOE) Hanford Site near Richland, Washington. The HEDR Project was initiated in response to public concerns about possible health impacts from past releases of radioactive materials from Hanford. The TSP recognized early in the project that special mechanisms would be required to effectively communicate to the many different concerned audiences. Accordingly, the TSP directed PNL to examine methods for communicating causes and effects of uncertainties in the dose estimates. After considering the directive and discussing it with the Communications Subcommittee of the TSP, PNL undertook a broad investigation of communications methods to consider for inclusion in the TSP's current communications program. As part of this investigation, a literature review was conducted regarding risk communications. A key finding was that, in order to successfully communicate risk-related information, a thorough understanding of the knowledge level, concerns and information needs of the intended recipients (i.e., the audience) is necessary. Hence, a preliminary audience analysis was conducted as part of the present research. This report summarizes the results of this analysis. 1 ref., 9 tabs.

  6. Surveillance of social and geographic inequalities in housing-related issues: the case of the Eastern Townships, Quebec (Canada). (United States)

    Roy, Mathieu; Généreux, Mélissa; Laverdière, Emélie; Vanasse, Alain


    Even though health inequalities are conditioned by many aspects of the environment, much of the existing research focuses on the social environment. This emphasis has the effect to neglect other environmental aspects such as its physical dimension. The physical environment, which is linked to housing conditions, may contribute to the uneven distribution of health. In this study, we examined 19 housing-related issues among a representative sample of 2,000 adults residing in a Quebec (Canada) health region characterized by a mix of rural, semi-rural, and urban areas. The distribution of these issues was examined according to socioeconomic and geographic indicators of social position. Summary measures of inequalities were assessed. Our results showed that the prevalence of nearly all housing-related issues was higher among low-income households compared to more affluent ones. Highly educated individuals showed better housing conditions, whereas different issues tended to cluster in deprived or densely populated areas. To conclude, we observed steep gradients between social class and poor housing conditions. This may explain a substantial part of health inequality on the regional scale. The surveillance of housing-related issues is therefore essential to properly inform and mobilize local stakeholders and to develop interventions that target vulnerable groups on this level.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R. INGWE


    Full Text Available The Nigerian Gas Master-Plan, Investment Opportunities, Challenges, Issues Affecting Power Sector: an Analysis. The objective of this article is to contribute towards understanding of the Nigerian Gas Master Plan (NGMP/Plan and its bifurcations with key socio-economic development factors. I applied the method of discourse to bring to being some points that have hitherto been unknown about the Master-plan and its inter-relationships and bifurcations. Elaborated here are the spectacular gains that have accrued to the Latin American country, Trinidad and Tobago, from its recent development of natural gas resources. This was considered suitable and significant here for highlighting that if such spectacular achievements could be realized from Trinidad and Tobago’s relatively smaller gas deposit (15.3 tcf, probable reserves (8.4 tcf, possible reserves (6.2 tcf would be by far greater considering Nigeria’s larger natural gas reserves (184 tcf wealth as earlier stated. I show that the Plan is well designed relevant to addressing Nigeria’s current development needs generally. It presents potentials for stimulating Nigeria’s economic growth by harnessing the country’s abundant natural gas reserves. The Plan enumerates/ elaborates huge investment opportunities. Some challenges likely to be faced in the implementation/management of the Plan are already being surmounted as recent reports show that some of its key investments have been realized and the required infrastructure are being provided. Regarding the issues in the Master-plan that are likely to affect and are affecting Nigeria’s power sector development, I reckon that they are mostly positive factors due to the way the plan promises to stimulate electricity generation in our country.

  8. The Asilomar Survey: Stakeholders’ Opinions on Ethical Issues Related to Brain-Computer Interfacing

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Nijboer, F.; Clausen, J.; Allison, B.Z.; Haselager, W.F.G.


    Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) research and (future) applications raise important ethical issues that need to be addressed to promote societal acceptance and adequate policies. Here we report on a survey we conducted among 145 BCI researchers at the 4th International BCI conference, which took place

  9. The Asilomar Survey: Stakeholders' Opinions on Ethical Issues Related to Brain-Computer Interfacing

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Nijboer, Femke; Clausen, Jens; Allison, Brendan Z.; Haselager, Pim


    Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) research and (future) applications raise important ethical issues that need to be addressed to promote societal acceptance and adequate policies. Here we report on a survey we conducted among 145 BCI researchers at the 4th International BCI conference, which took place

  10. An Exploration of School Leadership Issues Relating to the "December Dilemma" (United States)

    Fox, Anna L.; Vasek, Austin; Davis, Derek


    School leadership is required to navigate difficult issues concerning the religious liberties of their students. December is a month filled with secular and religious holidays. It is the one month on the school calendar filled with joyous cultural celebrations. However, it can also become a quandary for leadership when attempting to balance the…

  11. Team Deliberate Practice in Medicine and Related Domains: A Consideration of the Issues (United States)

    Harris, Kevin R.; Eccles, David W.; Shatzer, John H.


    A better understanding of the factors influencing medical team performance and accounting for expert medical team performance should benefit medical practice. Therefore, the aim here is to highlight key issues with using deliberate practice to improve medical team performance, especially given the success of deliberate practice for developing…

  12. Secondary School Students' Interests, Attitudes and Values Concerning School Science Related to Environmental Issues in Finland (United States)

    Uitto, Anna; Juuti, Kalle; Lavonen, Jari; Byman, Reijo; Meisalo, Veijo


    This paper explores the relationship between students' interests in environmental issues, attitudes to environmental responsibility and biocentric values in school science education. The factors were investigated within the framework of three moderators: gender, school and residential area of the school. The survey was carried out using the…

  13. Work-Related Issues Facing Nurse Anesthetists During Deployment on Military Operation Other Than War (United States)


    sites. There were mosquitoes, banana rats, iguanas , and sand crabs in Cuba; camel spiders, mice, scorpions, snakes, and "attack" flies in Saudi Arabia...doctrine/jel/new_pubs/jplO2. pdf NURSE ANESTHETIST DEPLOYMENT ISSUES 62 Kincheloe, J.L., & McLaren, P.L. (1994). Rethinking critical theory and qualitative

  14. Work-Related Issues Facing Nurse Anesthetists During Deployment on a Military Operation Other Than War (United States)


    an every day occurrence at the majority of sites. There were mosquitoes, banana rats, iguanas , and sand crabs in Cuba; camel spiders, mice, pdf NURSE ANESTHETIST DEPLOYMENT ISSUES 62 Kincheloe, J.L

  15. Using Popular Culture Texts in the Classroom to Interrogate Issues of Gender Transgression Related Bullying (United States)

    Happel-Parkins, Alison; Esposito, Jennifer


    This article examines how undergraduate instructors of pre-service educators can address complex issues of sexuality and sexual orientation within the classroom. First, we explain our own backgrounds and positionalities to provide a context for our ensuing ideas and discussions. Second, by reviewing the literature on homophobic bullying, we…

  16. Ethical Issues Relative to Autonomy and Personal Control in Independent and Cognitively Impaired Elders. (United States)

    Rice, Virginia Hill; And Others


    Discusses ethical issues surrounding health care for independent elders, those in long-term care, and those with cognitive impairments, as well as death, dying, euthanasia, and assisted suicide. Suggests that nurses should focus on older adults' choice, autonomy, and personal control. (SK)

  17. DOD Financial Management: Actions Are Needed on Audit Issues Related to the Marine Corps 2012 Schedule of Budgetary Activity (United States)


    management , acquisition, supply chain , and logistics.11 However, progress in making system and process improvements has been slow, and weaknesses in...military services nearly 100 percent of the consumable items they need to operate, including food , fuel and energy, uniforms, medical supplies , and...DOD FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Actions Are Needed on Audit Issues Related to the Marine Corps’ 2012 Schedule of Budgetary

  18. EPA's Reanalysis of Key Issues Related to Dioxin Toxicity and Response to NAS Comments (Volume 1) (Interagency Science Discussion Draft) (United States)

    EPA is releasing the draft report, EPA's Reanalysis of Key Issues Related to Dioxin Toxicity and Response to NAS Comments (Volume 1), that was distributed to Federal agencies and White House Offices for comment during the Science Discussion step of the 75 FR 35800 - Draft EPA's Reanalysis of Key Issues Related to Dioxin Toxicity and Response to NAS Comments (United States)


    ... AGENCY Draft EPA's Reanalysis of Key Issues Related to Dioxin Toxicity and Response to NAS Comments... Dioxin Toxicity and Response to NAS Comments'' (EPA/600/R-10/038A) for independent external review, and... Sciences (NAS) 2006 report. In addition, it includes new analyses on potential human effects that...

  19. Dealing with wicked problems: conducting a causal layered analysis of complex social psychological issues. (United States)

    Bishop, Brian J; Dzidic, Peta L


    Causal layered analysis (CLA) is an emerging qualitative methodology adopted in the discipline of planning as an approach to deconstruct complex social issues. With psychologists increasingly confronted with complex, and "wicked" social and community issues, we argue that the discipline of psychology would benefit from adopting CLA as an analytical method. Until now, the application of CLA for data interpretation has generally been poorly defined and overwhelming for the novice. In this paper we propose an approach to CLA that provides a method for the deconstruction and analysis of complex social psychological issues. We introduce CLA as a qualitative methodology well suited for psychology, introduce the epistemological foundations of CLA, define a space for it adoption within the discipline, and, outline the steps for conducting a CLA using an applied example.

  1. Recent safety issues concerning steam generators in France and their analysis by IRSN

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Sollier, T.; Le Calvar, M.; Balestreri, F.; Mermaz, F. [Inst. de Radioprotection ed de Surete Nucleaaire (IRSN) (France)


    In France between 2004 and 2008, there were recurrent safety issues concerning the operation of Steam Generators (SGs). Among these issues, at least three are generic to the EDF Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) fleet: In 2004, 2005 and 2006, a total of three primary to secondary leaks occurred at Cruas NPP. The root cause of these leaks was a modification of the thermal-hydraulic condition of the SG due to a heavy build-up of oxide deposits at the flow holes of the quatrefoil-shaped Tube Support Plates (TSPs). The clogging of the TSPs, meant that the water/steam flow accelerated at the U-bend location and that tubes were subjected to high cycle fatigue near the uppermost TSPs due to flow-induced vibration. For each unscheduled outage, the origin of the leaks was a circumferential fatigue crack located at the upper edge of the uppermost TSP; In 2008, a primary to secondary leak occurred at Fessenheim NPP. The source of the leak was a circumferential crack located at the edge of the uppermost TSP at approximately the same location where cracks were found on Cruas Units. However, the SGs of Fessenheim Unit 2 have circular flow holes without significant flow section reduction due to oxide deposits. The root cause of the event was determined to be fluid-elastic instability in the U-Bend for a tube not supported by an Anti-Vibration Bar (AVB). The AVB position in the tube bundle deviated from the manufacturing design, something which affects a large number of SGs in France; In 2008, a plug failure was observed at Saint Alban NPP. A plug was propelled from the hot to the cold leg during the primary coolant circuit hydrotest. The plugging operation had been performed before the hydrotest. In this paper, IRSN presents its technical analysis of these events. It includes the SG secondary side water conditioning operation, the non-destructive testing methods in relation to the clogging-rate evaluation and tube integrity assessment, and the mechanical issues due to tube vibration

  2. Genetic structure of populations and conservation issues relating to an endangered catfish, Clarias batrachus, in India. (United States)

    Khedkar, Gulab D; Tiknaik, Anita; Kalyankar, Amol D; A, Chandra Sekhar Reddy; Khedkar, Chandraprakash D; Ron, Tetsuzan Benny; Haymer, David


    The Asian catfish, Clarias batrachus (Linnaeus, 1758), is a highly valued species endemic to India that is currently in drastic decline in most of its natural habitat. The present study was undertaken to document the genetic structure of populations of this species using mitochondrial DNA markers, specifically from the cytochrome B and D-loop regions. Specimens from eight wild populations were collected and analyzed from different regions in India. The genetic variation within and among populations was evaluated using a range of descriptive statistics. The analysis described here provides a broad and consistent view of population structure and demographic history of populations of C. batrachus. Although there was some genetic structuring consistent with regional differences, all eight populations examined here showed relatively low levels of genetic variation in terms of both haplotype and nucleotide diversities in the different analyses used. However, a number of private haplotypes were discovered, and this may provide valuable information for future selective breeding program and conservation management. The results may aid in the design and implementation of strategies for the future management of this endangered catfish C. batrachus in India.

  3. Critical Discourse Analysis of American News Reports on South China Sea Issue

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Critical discourse analysis (CDA) is an influential and useful approach to comprehend a discourse, which helps reveal the embedded ideology within the discourse. According to the CDA and systemic-functional grammar, this paper tries to analyze two American news reports on South China Sea issue and to explore the hidden ideology behind them.

  4. Identifying sustainability issues using participatory SWOT analysis - A case study of egg production in the Netherlands

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Mollenhorst, H.; Boer, de I.J.M.


    The aim of this paper was to demonstrate how participatory strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis can be used to identify relevant economic, ecological and societal (EES) issues for the assessment of sustainable development. This is illustrated by the case of egg production

  5. Pain related inflammation analysis using infrared images (United States)

    Bhowmik, Mrinal Kanti; Bardhan, Shawli; Das, Kakali; Bhattacharjee, Debotosh; Nath, Satyabrata


    Medical Infrared Thermography (MIT) offers a potential non-invasive, non-contact and radiation free imaging modality for assessment of abnormal inflammation having pain in the human body. The assessment of inflammation mainly depends on the emission of heat from the skin surface. Arthritis is a disease of joint damage that generates inflammation in one or more anatomical joints of the body. Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most frequent appearing form of arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is the most threatening form of them. In this study, the inflammatory analysis has been performed on the infrared images of patients suffering from RA and OA. For the analysis, a dataset of 30 bilateral knee thermograms has been captured from the patient of RA and OA by following a thermogram acquisition standard. The thermograms are pre-processed, and areas of interest are extracted for further processing. The investigation of the spread of inflammation is performed along with the statistical analysis of the pre-processed thermograms. The objectives of the study include: i) Generation of a novel thermogram acquisition standard for inflammatory pain disease ii) Analysis of the spread of the inflammation related to RA and OA using K-means clustering. iii) First and second order statistical analysis of pre-processed thermograms. The conclusion reflects that, in most of the cases, RA oriented inflammation affects bilateral knees whereas inflammation related to OA present in the unilateral knee. Also due to the spread of inflammation in OA, contralateral asymmetries are detected through the statistical analysis.

  6. Anticipating issues related to increasing preimplantation genetic diagnosis use: a research agenda. (United States)

    Klitzman, Robert; Appelbaum, Paul S; Chung, Wendy; Sauer, Mark


    Increasing use of preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) poses numerous clinical, social, psychological, ethical, legal and policy dilemmas, many of which have received little attention. Patients and providers are now considering and using PGD for a widening array of genetic disorders, and patients may increasingly seek 'designer babies.' In the USA, although governmental oversight policies have been discussed, few specific guidelines exist. Hence, increasingly, patients and providers will face challenging ethical and policy questions of when and for whom to use PGD, and how it should be financed. These issues should be better clarified and addressed through collection of data concerning the current use of PGD in the USA, including factors involved in decision making about PGD use, as well as the education of the various communities that are, and should be, involved in its implementation. Improved understanding of these issues will ultimately enhance the development and implementation of future clinical guidelines and policies.

  7. Particle creation, classicality and related issues in quantum field theory: I. Formalism and toy models

    CERN Document Server

    Mahajan, Gaurang


    The quantum theory of a harmonic oscillator with a time dependent frequency arises in several important physical problems, especially in the study of quantum field theory in an external background. While the mathematics of this system is straightforward, several conceptual issues arise in such a study. We present a general formalism to address some of the conceptual issues like the emergence of classicality, definition of particle content, back reaction etc. In particular, we parametrize the wave function in terms of a complex number (which we call excitation parameter) and express all physically relevant quantities in terms it. Many of the notions -- like those of particle number density, effective Lagrangian etc., which are usually defined using asymptotic in-out states -- are generalized as time-dependent concepts and we show that these generalized definitions lead to useful and reasonable results. Having developed the general formalism we apply it to several examples. Exact analytic expressions are found ...

  8. The effect of plant aging on equipment qualification and human performance issues related to license renewal

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gunther, W.E.; Higgins, J.C. (Brookhaven National Lab., Upton, NY (United States)); Aggarwal, S.K. (Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington, DC (United States))


    The aging of nuclear power plants is one of the most important issues facing the nuclear industry worldwide. Aging encompasses as forms of degradation to nuclear power plant components, systems, and structures that result from exposure to environmental conditions or from operational stresses. Both the degradation from aging and actions taken to address the aging, such as increased maintenance and testing, can significantly impact human performance in the plant. Research into the causes and effects of aging as obtained through the assessment of operating experience and testing have raised questions regarding the adequacy of existing industry standards for addressing the concerns raised by this research. This paper discusses these issues, with particular emphasis in the area of equipment qualification and human performance.

  9. The effect of plant aging on equipment qualification and human performance issues related to license renewal

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gunther, W.E.; Higgins, J.C. [Brookhaven National Lab., Upton, NY (United States); Aggarwal, S.K. [Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington, DC (United States)


    The aging of nuclear power plants is one of the most important issues facing the nuclear industry worldwide. Aging encompasses as forms of degradation to nuclear power plant components, systems, and structures that result from exposure to environmental conditions or from operational stresses. Both the degradation from aging and actions taken to address the aging, such as increased maintenance and testing, can significantly impact human performance in the plant. Research into the causes and effects of aging as obtained through the assessment of operating experience and testing have raised questions regarding the adequacy of existing industry standards for addressing the concerns raised by this research. This paper discusses these issues, with particular emphasis in the area of equipment qualification and human performance.

  10. Human Reliability Analysis for Design: Using Reliability Methods for Human Factors Issues

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ronald Laurids Boring


    This paper reviews the application of human reliability analysis methods to human factors design issues. An application framework is sketched in which aspects of modeling typically found in human reliability analysis are used in a complementary fashion to the existing human factors phases of design and testing. The paper provides best achievable practices for design, testing, and modeling. Such best achievable practices may be used to evaluate and human system interface in the context of design safety certifications.

  11. China-U.S. Relations: Current Issues and Implications for U.S. Policy (United States)


    part of multilateral meetings. The visit to China of Japan’s new Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe , on October 8, 2006, signaled a thaw in Sino-Japanese...diplomatic achievements. China routinely protested former Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi’s annual visits to the Yasukuni Shrine , where war criminals are...also enshrined. After Koizumi first visited the shrine in 2001, China used the issue to justify its refusal to engage in bilateral summitry, except as

  12. U.S.-Vietnam Relations in 2011: Current Issues and Implications for U.S. Policy (United States)


    a policy of neutrality on the claims by the parties, which also include Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia , the Philippines, and Taiwan. Throughout 2009...territorial disputes. Roughly one and a half times the size of the Mediterranean Sea, it is ringed by China, Vietnam, Malaysia , Indonesia, Brunei...government to monitor data processed by these companies and/or more susceptible to government pressure on issues such as censorship .36 Many of the

  13. A Critical Review of Mineral Matter Related Issues during Gasification of Coal in Fixed, Fluidized, and Entrained Flow Gasifiers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vijayaragavan Krishnamoorthy


    Full Text Available Gasification of coal is gaining more popularity due to its clean operation, and its ability to generate products for various markets. However, these technologies are not widely commercialized due to reliability and economic issues. Mineral matter in coal plays an important role in affecting the availability/reliability of a gasifier. Agglomeration in the bed, slag mobility and blockage of the syngas exit section are some of the operations related concerns in fixed-bed gasifiers, while ash deposition and sudden defluidization are the major concerns in fluidized bed gasifiers. In the case of entrained flow gasifiers, syngas cooler fouling and blockage, corrosion and erosion of refractory, and slag mobility are some of the major issues affecting the operations and the reliability of the gasifier. This review is aimed at critically examining various mineral matter related issues contributing to the operation and reliability problems in three types of generic gasifiers (fixed bed, fluidized bed and entrained flow gasifiers. Based on the review, some strategies to counter the potential mineral matter related issues are presented.

  14. Research Trends on Socioscientific Issues: A Content Analysis of Publications in Selected Science Education Journals (United States)

    Tekin, Nurcan; Aslan, Oktay; Yilmaz, Suleyman


    Socioscientific issues (SSIs) have gained recently more importance in science education. SSIs are an important component of scientific literacy. SSIs are social dilemmas including conceptual or technological links to science. The present study aims to determine SSIs related research trends via content analyses of the articles published from 2004…

  15. A Review: Passive System Reliability Analysis – Accomplishments and Unresolved Issues

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Reliability assessment of passive safety systems is one of the important issues, since safety of advanced nuclear reactors rely on several passive features. In this context, a few methodologies such as Reliability Evaluation of Passive Safety System (REPAS, Reliability Methods for Passive Safety Functions (RMPS and Analysis of Passive Systems ReliAbility (APSRA have been developed in the past. These methodologies have been used to assess reliability of various passive safety systems. While these methodologies have certain features in common, but they differ in considering certain issues; for example, treatment of model uncertainties, deviation of geometric and process parameters from their nominal values, etc. This paper presents the state of the art on passive system reliability assessment methodologies, the accomplishments and remaining issues. In this review three critical issues pertaining to passive systems performance and reliability have been identified. The first issue is, applicability of best estimate codes and model uncertainty. The best estimate codes based phenomenological simulations of natural convection passive systems could have significant amount of uncertainties, these uncertainties must be incorporated in appropriate manner in the performance and reliability analysis of such systems. The second issue is the treatment of dynamic failure characteristics of components of passive systems. REPAS, RMPS and APSRA methodologies do not consider dynamic failures of components or process, which may have strong influence on the failure of passive systems. The influence of dynamic failure characteristics of components on system failure probability is presented with the help of a dynamic reliability methodology based on Monte Carlo simulation. The analysis of a benchmark problem of Hold-up tank shows the error in failure probability estimation by not considering the dynamism of components. It is thus suggested that dynamic reliability

  16. Mixed thermal convection: fundamental issues and analysis of the planar case

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available This paper aims to renew interest on mixed thermal convection research and to emphasize three issues that arise from the present analysis: (i a clear definition of the reference temperature in the Boussinesq approximation; (ii a practical delimitation of the three convective modes, which are the forced convection (FC, mixed convection (MC and natural (or free convection (NC; (iii and, finally, a uniform description of the set FC/MC/NC in the similarity framework. The planar case, for which analytical solutions are available, allows a detailed illustration of the answers here advanced to the above issues.

  17. Work design and analysis for space-based manufacturing: a case analysis of initial design issues. (United States)

    Casler, J G; Cook, J R


    The purpose of the present research was to investigate the nature of potential manufacturing tasks humans may execute in a space environment. The success of space-based manufacturing (SBM) is suggested to be a precursor to permanent human presence in space. A working hypothesis for this study was that human work in the SBM environment would be substantially different from terrestrial manufacturing work. To investigate this hypothesis, a case analysis approach was developed that employed a function allocation and task analysis of a representative SBM process: the production of tailored industrial crystals. This research approach was chosen as the current state of engineering design for SBM is in the conceptual and early flow sheeting phases of a system life cycle. Results of the task analysis and function allocation process suggest response to corrective maintenance functions and to abnormal system conditions should be allocated to humans as opposed to automation. These results are discussed in relation to human factors engineering challenges associated with long-duration human presence in an SBM environment.

  18. QA/QC Issues Related to Data From Volunteer Citizen Scientist Networks (United States)

    Woodard, G. C.; Crimmins, M.; Vazquez, R.; Rupprecht, C.


    Earth science researchers increasingly are using field data gathered by volunteer citizen scientists, particularly where there is a need for dense or far-flung networks of instruments, or qualitative observations of environmental conditions (e.g., drought-caused plant stress, bird migration, spring ice break-up). Precipitation monitoring is a popular form of citizen science, with hundreds of local networks, and two regional networks - CoCoRaHS with observers in over 20 states, and RainLog, with over 1,200 observers in the Southwestern U.S. Dense networks of rain gages are especially valuable for capturing localized, convective storm events, with the data used for multiple purposes, including research, flood early warning, drought monitoring, and weather reporting. Researchers may be hesitant to use data collected by citizen scientists because of Quality Assurance/Quality Control issues associated with networks of volunteers. Gages vary in precision and accuracy, and citizen scientists have different levels of skill and experience. Backyard gages are not always ideally sited with respect to buildings and trees. Data entry issues include delays in reporting and input errors. Missing data are not only more prevalent than for official gages, the missing data are non-random. Spatial patterns of volunteers' gages reflect development patterns and socio-demographic factors, resulting in clusters and voids in gage distribution. Current interpolation methodologies do not handle these gage patterns well. RainLog is systematically quantifying these QA/QC issues, and where possible, developing procedures to mitigate them. Citizen scientists are kept informed and engaged and informed through a variety of web-based data visualization approaches. Automated monthly data reviews glean missing data and offer an opportunity to check outlier values. Various statistical approaches are used to estimate accuracy and precision for each gage. Finally, we are developing and implementing more

  19. Relative risk regression analysis of epidemiologic data. (United States)

    Prentice, R L


    Relative risk regression methods are described. These methods provide a unified approach to a range of data analysis problems in environmental risk assessment and in the study of disease risk factors more generally. Relative risk regression methods are most readily viewed as an outgrowth of Cox's regression and life model. They can also be viewed as a regression generalization of more classical epidemiologic procedures, such as that due to Mantel and Haenszel. In the context of an epidemiologic cohort study, relative risk regression methods extend conventional survival data methods and binary response (e.g., logistic) regression models by taking explicit account of the time to disease occurrence while allowing arbitrary baseline disease rates, general censorship, and time-varying risk factors. This latter feature is particularly relevant to many environmental risk assessment problems wherein one wishes to relate disease rates at a particular point in time to aspects of a preceding risk factor history. Relative risk regression methods also adapt readily to time-matched case-control studies and to certain less standard designs. The uses of relative risk regression methods are illustrated and the state of development of these procedures is discussed. It is argued that asymptotic partial likelihood estimation techniques are now well developed in the important special case in which the disease rates of interest have interpretations as counting process intensity functions. Estimation of relative risks processes corresponding to disease rates falling outside this class has, however, received limited attention. The general area of relative risk regression model criticism has, as yet, not been thoroughly studied, though a number of statistical groups are studying such features as tests of fit, residuals, diagnostics and graphical procedures. Most such studies have been restricted to exponential form relative risks as have simulation studies of relative risk estimation

  20. How would we deal with radiation related issues in high school educational programs?

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Saeki, Kuniko [Attached High School of Akita Keizai Houka Univ., Akita (Japan)


    Current educational curriculum will be more improved and the materials in schools will be somewhat different by the year of 2002 when students have two days off in a week. It is a well known fact that recent Japanese people's level of understanding about Science and Technology is the second from the bottom among OECD nations and, as a matter of fact, few schools are dealing with scientific issues such as atomic energy or radiation. High school teachers need to survey what students know about atomic power and radiation, how deep they studied in previous schools and what kind of interest they have in conservation of world energy sources or environmental issues discussed today. Through questionnaires to 328 students, it became clear that they were most interesting to the effect of radiation or radioactivity on any kind of things in the environment, and that they want to know solutions for those problems such as greenhouse effect, ozone layers and Garbage disposal. (M. Suetake)

  1. Language and thinking: analysis of breathing-related phraseology. (United States)

    Niebrój, L T


    In the contemporary bioethics, patient's autonomy is often recognized as the most important issue. This autonomy is interpreted as the right to self-determination regarding all medical-related decisions. An essential condition of autonomous decisions is the adequate knowledge of the issues involved. The "informed consent" has become a gold standard of bioethics. All this leads to focusing on the problems related to communication, and, in consequence, on the language as a fundamental tool of communication. The aim of the article was to reveal the meaning of "breath(e)/breathing" and in that way to contribute to a better communication between doctors and patients. An analysis was performed using a method of non-analytical philosophy of language. English, Italian, and Polish were chosen as subjects of this study. The results clearly show the multiplicity and variety of meanings that assume breathing-related linguistic expressions. All of them are classified in four main groups. In conclusion, the author submits that an improvement in the understanding of different meanings of words used in the doctor-patient relationship can contribute to maintaining ethical standards in medical practice.

  2. An Examination of Issues Related to a Europa Subsurface Component for the JIMO Mission (United States)

    Carsey, F. D.; Hecht, M. H.; Wilcox, B. H.; Behar, A. E.; Holland, P. M.


    The Galileo Europa data set served to revolutionize our view of Europa. In particular the strong evidence of a large, cold, salty Ocean beneath 5-30 km of ice has profoundly altered the significance of Europa in our thinking, especially of context of habitability in the solar system. While much remains to be learned from spacecraft observations of several sorts, there are significant questions answerable only by in-situ techniques; these relate to the formation of Europa, the nature of its ocean, and the prospects for life in its ocean, sediments, and ice. We feel that wide-ranging discussion of an in-situ subsurface mission to Europa, as part of JIMO, should proceed. The science objective of the mission is to characterize the icy shell of Europa to resolve its provenance, estimate the composition of brine of the Europa ocean, and search for evidence of Earth-like life. Probably anyone would agree that an in-situ mission to Europa would be of great value, but he or she would also immediately take the position that such a mission is utterly impractical. We take the position here of defining the least complex mission that can nonetheless justify its cost and to argue that such a mission is realistic enough that it should be seriously considered. Our mission thinking has been: 1) Soft landing. A soft lander is required on a site sufficiently flat to offer a stable platform; no further site selectivity is required. 2) Subsurface exploration. The Europa subsurface must be examined. Surficial processes on Europa arguably have exposed the upper 200 m of shell to chemical effects from the Jovian radiation belts as well as cometary infall, etc; to examine native ice we must descend below that point to, for discussion, 300 m. At that depth we argue that the ice is characteristic of ice at depth and possibly is effectively sea ice. 3) Science data. A few simple measurements at various depths and at 300 m constitute a scientifically successful mission. Measurements would

  3. Preface to the special issue on seismoelectromagnetics: Earthquake-related phenomena, laboratory evidences and their mechanism

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Jiadong Qian


    The earthquake prediction is commonly recognized as one of the most difficult problems in natural science with globalization of the world and also one of the most important social issues concerning the human survival and social securities due to the possible paroxysmal and huge disasters from strong earthquakes.Its difficulties in science,have caused long term of disputations in the world,about whether or not it is worth making the researches on it in the present stage;and its importance in society development,however,has made the governments in many countries to adopt the countermeasures not only for mitigating,in maximum possibilities,the losses in peoples live and properties,but also for,supporting scientific researches on earthquake prediction.

  4. Partnership Versus Public Ownership of Accounting Firms: Exploring RelativePerformance, Performance Measurement and Measurement Issues

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mark E Pickering


    Full Text Available Despite theoretical arguments that partnerships are the most efficient ownership form for professional service firms (PSFs, PSFs are increasingly moving to other ownership structures, such as publicly listed companies (PLCs. Research on the comparative performance of PSF, PLCs and partnerships is sparse with conflicting results suggesting that some segments of PSFs are moving to a less efficient form. This study explores the performance of two Australian accounting PLCs compared to a sample of similar sized mid tier accounting firms. The accounting PLCs achieved substantially higher revenue growth rates but lower productivity than the partnership sample. Measurement issues were identified in the use of closing resource numbers and different treatment of reporting merger and acquisition revenues which may partially explain the underperformance of publicly owned PSFs in prior studies. The need for research at a more detailed level exploring the market and service focus, organisational structures, resources utilised and resource costs across different PSF ownership forms is suggested.

  5. Relations between Parenting Style and Children's Play Behavior. Issues in Education. (United States)

    Clawson, Mellisa A.; Robila, Mihaela


    Studied Baumrind's approach to parenting style to examine the relations between parenting style and preschool children's social competence manifested through peer play. Found that mothers' and fathers' parenting style is related to children's play with peers, with an authoritative parenting style correlating to more complex levels of play. (SD)

  6. A multi-set extended relational algebra: a formal approach to a practical issue

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Grefen, Paul W.P.J.; By, de Rolf A.


    The relational data model is based on sets of tuples, i.e. it does not allow duplicate tuples an a relation. Many database languages and systems do require multi-set semantics though, either because of functional requirements or because of the high costs of duplicate removal in database operations.

  7. Domestic violence against women in eastern India: a population-based study on prevalence and related issues


    Babu Bontha V; Kar Shantanu K


    Abstract Background Violence against women is now widely recognised as an important public health problem, owing to its health consequences. Violence against women among many Indian communities on a regularly basis goes unreported. The objective of this study is to report the prevalence and other related issues of various forms of domestic violence against women from the eastern zone of India. Methods It is a population-based study covering both married women (n = 1718) and men (n = 1715) fro...

  8. A pilot study exploring awareness among general public toward issues related to medication safety in the state of Penang, Malaysia


    Mohamed Azmi Hassali; Shafie, Asrul A.; Fahad Saleem; Harith Al-Qazaz; Imran Masood; Muhammad Atif; Hisham Aljadhey


    Context: A better understanding of medication safety ensures better health state among healthcare consumers. Aim: The study aims to assess general public awareness toward issues related to medication safety. Settings and Design: A cross-sectional study was conducted among general public selected conveniently in the state of Penang, Malaysia. Materials and methods: A total of 500 respondents were approached and 476 consumers participated in the survey giving a response rate of 95.2%. Statistic...

  9. A pilot study exploring awareness among general public toward issues related to medication safety in the state of Penang, Malaysia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohamed Azmi Hassali


    Full Text Available Context: A better understanding of medication safety ensures better health state among healthcare consumers. Aim: The study aims to assess general public awareness toward issues related to medication safety. Settings and Design: A cross-sectional study was conducted among general public selected conveniently in the state of Penang, Malaysia. Materials and methods: A total of 500 respondents were approached and 476 consumers participated in the survey giving a response rate of 95.2%. Statistical analysis: Data were analyzed by using SPSS version 12.0 and descriptive statistics were reported where appropriate. Results: Majority of the respondents (n=292, 61.3% stated that they were well aware of the possible side effects of their current medications. A total of 196 respondents (41.17% believed that all medicines registered in Malaysia are safe to use as these medicines have no side effects. About 40.33% (n=192 of the respondents claimed that they share their unused medicines with family and friends who are having similar illness. Majority of respondents 57.7% (n=275 were satisfied with the drug information provided by the healthcare professionals. This study also found that more than 80% of the respondents (n=409 did report that they read the labels of their medication before using. Conclusions: In this study, it was revealed that there is a moderate level of public knowledge regarding medication safety. It is evident that public underestimates the risk of their medications. There is a general lack of awareness and understanding among the public especially toward side effects.

  10. Knowledge of laws regulating issues related to HIV and AIDS: development of the HIV/AIDS and the law scale. (United States)

    Paniagua, F A; Black, S A; O'Boyle, M; Jones, P


    42 middle-aged and older adults, ranging in age from 51 to 85 years, completed 10 items dealing with the assessment of knowledge regarding laws regulating issues related to HIV and AIDS. Participants also completed 40 items involving knowledge of risks for HIV infection. The Cronbach coefficient alpha and test-retest reliability coefficient on the HIV/AIDS and the Law Scale were .74 and .83, respectively. Over-all, the grand mean for correct answers was 46.9%, whereas the grand means for incorrect answers and "don't know" responses were 13.6% and 39.5%, suggesting substantial lack of knowledge of laws regulating issues related to HIV and AIDS. Women (50%) and younger participants (51 to 66 years old; 48.2%) showed more of this knowledge (50%) than men (43.0%) and older participants (46.2%). The sample reported a substantial amount of knowledge regarding HIV transmission assessed with factual (92.2% correct) and misconception (87.5% correct) items. The correlation between this knowledge and knowledge of laws regulating issues related to HIV and AIDS was .42 (p young adults as well as the utility of the scale in areas of clinical, legal, and policy development are discussed.

  11. Use of Informal Networks to Resolve Logistics-related Issues in Humanitarian Assistance Disaster Response (United States)


    configuration or explanation and merge data into a more meaningful and parsimonious unit of analysis ( Miles & Huberman , 1994). Pattern Coding is...patterns of human relationships ( Miles & Huberman , 1994). The last three in this list were pertinent to this research, leading to the selection of...Online. Miles , M.B., & Huberman , A.M. (1994). Qualitative Data Analysis. (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Nahapiet

  12. The Context of Current Content Analysis of Gender Roles: An Introduction to a Special Issue. (United States)

    Rudy, Rena M; Popova, Lucy; Linz, Daniel G


    The aim of this paper is to provide context for the quantitative content analyses of gender roles that are to be included in both parts of this special issue. First, a timeline of historical uses of the content analysis methodology is presented. Second, research objectives that frequently drive content analysis of gender roles are described; these include: to support feminist claims, to compare media with real life, to predict effects on audiences, and to detect effects of media producers on content. Third, previous content analyses published in Sex Roles and other gender-focused journals are reviewed and categorized in terms of medium, genre, time span, gender, and nationality. Finally, contributions of each of the articles in this special issue are outlined.

  13. The Nunn-McCurdy Act: Background, Analysis, and Issues for Congress (United States)


    Armed Services Committees. FY1985 Department of Defense Authorization Act (P.L. 98-525) Definition of Procurement Unit Cost and Major Contract...Department of Defense Fellow May 12, 2016 Congressional Research Service 7-5700 R41293 The Nunn-McCurdy Act: Background, Analysis...and Issues for Congress Congressional Research Service Summary The Nunn-McCurdy Act (10 U.S.C. §2433) requires the Department of Defense (DOD

  14. Calculating Contingencies in Natural Environments: Issues in the Application of Sequential Analysis (United States)

    McComas, Jennifer J.; Moore, Timothy; Dahl, Norm; Hartman, Ellie; Hoch, John; Symons, Frank


    Analysis and interpretation of behavior-environment relations are increasingly being conducted with data that have been derived descriptively. This paper provides an overview of the logic that underlies a sequential analytic approach to the analysis of descriptive data. Several methods for quantifying sequential relations are reviewed along with…

  15. Issues of Security and Informational Privacy in relation to an Environmental Scanning System for Fighting Organized Crime

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)


    This paper clarifies privacy challenges related to the EU project, ePOOLICE, which aims at developing an environmental scanning system for fighting organized crime by improving law enforcement agencies opportunities for strategic proactive planning in response to emerging organized crime threats....... The environmental scanning is carried out on public online data streams, focusing on modus operandi and crime trends, not on individuals. Hence, ethical and technical issues - related to societal security and potential privacy infringements in public online contexts - are being discussed in order to safeguard...... privacy all through the system design process....

  16. Students as Non-Standard Employees. Exploring Work Related Issues in Students’ Perceptions on their Term-time Job

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Winkler, Ingo


    The article presents the results of an explorative study that aimed at exploring work related issues in students’ perceptions of their job as atypical employees. An individual picture of the experienced work reality of students is drawn according to work task, flexible working hours, instructions...... and training opportunities, students’ relations to other employees, and social integration. By adopting a qualitative design, I was able to emphasize the subjective perspective of students describing their very own experiences as flexible workers. The study revealed various perceptions of students working...

  17. Marketing nutrition & health-related benefits of food & beverage products: enforcement, litigation & liability issues. (United States)

    Roller, Sarah; Pippins, Raqiyyah


    Over the past decade, the liability risks associated with food and beverage product marketing have increased significantly, particularly with respect to nutrition and health-related product benefit claims. FDA and FTC enforcement priorities appear to have contributed to the increasing liability trends that are associated with these nutrition and health-related claims. This article examines key enforcement and litigation developments involving conventional food and beverage product marketing claims during the first 18 months of President Obama's administration: Part I considers FDA enforcement priorities and recent warning letters; Part II considers FTC enforcement priorities, warning letters, and consent orders; and Part III considers the relationship between FDA and FTC enforcement priorities and recent false advertising cases brought by private parties challenging nutrition and health-related marketing claims for food and beverage products. The article makes recommendations concerning ways in which food and beverage companies can help minimize liability risks associated with health-related marketing claims. In addition, the article suggests that federal policy reforms may be required to counter the perverse chilling effects current food liability trends appear to be having on health-related marketing claims for food and beverage products, and proposes a number of specific reforms that would help encourage the responsible use of well-substantiated marketing claims that can help foster healthy dietary practices. In view of the obesity prevention and other diet-related public health priorities of the Obama administration, the article suggests that this is an opportune time to address the apparent chilling effects increasing food liability risks are having on nutrition and health-related marketing claims for healthy food and beverage products, and potential adverse consequences for public health.

  18. Integrated Systems for NGS Data Management and Analysis: Open Issues and Available Solutions. (United States)

    Bianchi, Valerio; Ceol, Arnaud; Ogier, Alessandro G E; de Pretis, Stefano; Galeota, Eugenia; Kishore, Kamal; Bora, Pranami; Croci, Ottavio; Campaner, Stefano; Amati, Bruno; Morelli, Marco J; Pelizzola, Mattia


    Next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies have deeply changed our understanding of cellular processes by delivering an astonishing amount of data at affordable prices; nowadays, many biology laboratories have already accumulated a large number of sequenced samples. However, managing and analyzing these data poses new challenges, which may easily be underestimated by research groups devoid of IT and quantitative skills. In this perspective, we identify five issues that should be carefully addressed by research groups approaching NGS technologies. In particular, the five key issues to be considered concern: (1) adopting a laboratory management system (LIMS) and safeguard the resulting raw data structure in downstream analyses; (2) monitoring the flow of the data and standardizing input and output directories and file names, even when multiple analysis protocols are used on the same data; (3) ensuring complete traceability of the analysis performed; (4) enabling non-experienced users to run analyses through a graphical user interface (GUI) acting as a front-end for the pipelines; (5) relying on standard metadata to annotate the datasets, and when possible using controlled vocabularies, ideally derived from biomedical ontologies. Finally, we discuss the currently available tools in the light of these issues, and we introduce HTS-flow, a new workflow management system conceived to address the concerns we raised. HTS-flow is able to retrieve information from a LIMS database, manages data analyses through a simple GUI, outputs data in standard locations and allows the complete traceability of datasets, accompanying metadata and analysis scripts.

  19. Integrated systems for NGS data management and analysis: open issues and available solutions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Valerio eBianchi


    Full Text Available Next-generation sequencing (NGS technologies have deeply changed our understanding of cellular processes by delivering an astonishing amount of data at affordable prices; nowadays, many biology laboratories have already accumulated a large number of sequenced samples. However, managing and analyzing these data poses new challenges, which may easily be underestimated by research groups devoid of IT and quantitative skills. In this perspective, we identify five issues that should be carefully addressed by research groups approaching NGS technologies. In particular, the five key issues to be considered concern: 1 adopting a laboratory management system (LIMS and safeguard the resulting raw data structure in downstream analyses; 2 monitoring the flow of the data and standardizing input and output directories and file names, even when multiple analysis protocols are used on the same data; 3 ensuring complete traceability of the analysis performed; 4 enabling non-experienced users to run analyses through a graphical user interface (GUI acting as a front-end for the pipelines; 5 relying on standard metadata to annotate the datasets, and when possible using controlled vocabularies, ideally derived from biomedical ontologies. Finally, we discuss the currently available tools in the light of these issues, and we introduce HTS-flow, a new workflow management system (WMS conceived to address the concerns we raised. HTS-flow is able to retrieve information from a LIMS database, manages data analyses through a simple GUI, outputs data in standard locations and allows the complete traceability of datasets, accompanying metadata and analysis scripts.

  20. Current issues relating to the transfusion of stored red blood cells. (United States)

    Zimrin, A B; Hess, J R


    The development of blood storage systems allowed donation and transfusion to be separated in time and space. This separation has permitted the regionalization of donor services with subsequent economies of scale and improvements in the quality and availability of blood products. However, the availability of storage raises the question of how long blood products can and should be stored and how long they are safe and effective. The efficacy of red blood cells was originally measured as the increment in haematocrit and safety began with typing and the effort to reduce the risk of bacterial contamination. Appreciation of a growing list of storage lesions of red blood cells has developed with our increasing understanding of red blood cell physiology and our experience with red blood cell transfusion. However, other than frank haemolysis, rare episodes of bacterial contamination and overgrowth, the reduction of oxygen-carrying capacity associated with the failure of some transfused cells to circulate, and the toxicity of lysophospholipids released from membrane breakdown, storage-induced lesions have not had obvious correlations with safety or efficacy. The safety of red blood cell storage has also been approached in retrospective epidemiologic studies of transfused patients, but the results are frequently biased by the fact that sicker patients are transfused more often and blood banks do not issue blood products in a random order. Several large prospective studies of the safety of stored red blood cells are planned.

  1. Asbestos: current issues related to cancer and to uses in developing countries

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eduardo Algranti


    Full Text Available Asbestos is one of the main occupational carcinogens recognized and studied in the literature. Its uses have undergone major changes in recent decades, with severe restrictions on commercial amphiboles according to different patterns: in developed countries asbestos is strictly controlled or banned, except in Japan, while in developing countries consumption has leveled off or increased. As an example, Brazil is one the seven world leaders in asbestos production and consumption. Although there is a clear excess of mesotheliomas linked to amphibole exposure, mainly to crocidolite, there is no evidences that chrysotile is harmless to the pleura. Also, the relationship between fibrogenesis and carcinogenesis is not sufficiently understood to defend the concept that there are protective exposure limits to both diseases. "Controlled use" policy may be effective at the occupational level in a select group of companies, representing only a fraction of the exposed population. In developing countries subject to economic pressures, these issues merit proper discussion to avoid unnecessary disease and death.

  2. Accelerator-based conversion (ABC) of weapons plutonium: Plant layout study and related design issues

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cowell, B.S.; Fontana, M.H. [Oak Ridge National Lab., TN (United States); Krakowski, R.A.; Beard, C.A.; Buksa, J.J.; Davidson, J.W.; Sailor, W.C.; Williamson, M.A. [Los Alamos National Lab., NM (United States)


    In preparation for and in support of a detailed R and D Plan for the Accelerator-Based Conversion (ABC) of weapons plutonium, an ABC Plant Layout Study was conducted at the level of a pre-conceptual engineering design. The plant layout is based on an adaptation of the Molten-Salt Breeder Reactor (MSBR) detailed conceptual design that was completed in the early 1070s. Although the ABC Plant Layout Study included the Accelerator Equipment as an essential element, the engineering assessment focused primarily on the Target; Primary System (blanket and all systems containing plutonium-bearing fuel salt); the Heat-Removal System (secondary-coolant-salt and supercritical-steam systems); Chemical Processing; Operation and Maintenance; Containment and Safety; and Instrumentation and Control systems. Although constrained primarily to a reflection of an accelerator-driven (subcritical) variant of MSBR system, unique features and added flexibilities of the ABC suggest improved or alternative approaches to each of the above-listed subsystems; these, along with the key technical issues in need of resolution through a detailed R&D plan for ABC are described on the bases of the ``strawman`` or ``point-of-departure`` plant layout that resulted from this study.

  3. Secondary School Students' Knowledge and Opinions on Astrobiology Topics and Related Social Issues. (United States)

    Oreiro, Raquel; Solbes, Jordi


    Astrobiology is the study of the origin of life on Earth and the distribution of life in the Universe. Its multidisciplinary approach, social and philosophical implications, and appeal within the discipline and beyond make astrobiology a uniquely qualified subject for general science education. In this study, student knowledge and opinions on astrobiology topics were investigated. Eighty-nine students in their last year of compulsory education (age 15) completed a written questionnaire that consisted of 10 open questions on the topic of astrobiology. The results indicate that students have significant difficulties understanding the origin of life on Earth, despite exposure to the topic by way of the assigned textbooks. The students were often unaware of past or present achievements in the search for life within the Solar System and beyond, topics that are far less commonly seen in textbooks. Student questionnaire answers also indicated that students had problems in reasoning and critical thinking when asked for their opinions on issues such as the potential for life beyond Earth, the question of whether UFOs exist, or what our place is in the Universe. Astrobiology might help initiate student awareness as to current thinking on these matters and should be considered for general science education. Key Words: Astrobiology-Students' views-Science education. Astrobiology 17, 91-99.

  4. Pregnancy related issues in inflammatory bowel disease:Evidence base and patients' perspective

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Christian P Selinger; Rupert WL Leong; Simon Lal


    Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) affects women of childbearing age and can influence fertility,pregnancy and decisions regarding breastfeeding.Women with IBD need to consider the possible course of disease during pregnancy,the benefits and risks associated with medications required for disease management during pregnancy and breastfeeding and the effects of mode of delivery on their disease.When indicated,aminosalicylates and thiopurines can be safely used during pregnancy.Infliximab and Adalimumab are considered probably safe during the first two trimesters.During the third trimester the placenta can be crossed and caution should be applied.Methotrexate is associated with severe teratogenicity due to its folate antagonism and is strictly contraindicated.Women with IBD tend to deliver earlier than healthy women,but can have a vaginal delivery in most cases.Caesarean sections are generally recommended for women with active perianal disease or after ileo-anal pouch surgery.While the impact of disease activity and medication has been addressed in several studies,there are minimal studies evaluating patients' perspective on these issues.Women's attitudes may influence their decision to have children and can positively or negatively influence the chance of conceiving,and their beliefs regarding therapies may impact on the course of their disease during pregnancy and/or breastfeeding.This review article outlines the impact of IBD and its treatment on pregnancy,and examines the available data on patients' views on this subject.

  5. Indoor air quality issues related to the acquisition of conservation in commercial buildings

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Baechler, M.C.; Hadley, D.L.; Marseille, T.J.


    The quality of indoor air in commercial buildings is dependent on the complex interaction between sources of indoor pollutants, environmental factors within buildings such as temperature and humidity, the removal of air pollutants by air-cleaning devices, and the removal and dilution of pollutants from outside air. To the extent that energy conservation measures (ECMs) may affect a number of these factors, the relationship between ECMs and indoor air quality is difficult to predict. Energy conservation measures may affect pollutant levels in other ways. Conservation measures, such as caulking and insulation, may introduce sources of indoor pollutants. Measures that reduce mechanical ventilation may allow pollutants to build up inside structures. Finally, heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems may provide surface areas for the growth of biogenic agents, or may encourage the dissemination of pollutants throughout a building. Information about indoor air quality and ventilation in both new and existing commercial buildings is summarized in this report. Sick building syndrome and specific pollutants are discussed, as are broader issues such as ventilation, general mitigation techniques, and the interaction between energy conservation activities and indoor air quality. Pacific Northwest Laboratory (PNL) prepared this review to aid the Bonneville Power Administration (Bonneville) in its assessment of potential environmental effects resulting from conservation activities in commercial buildings. 76 refs., 2 figs., 19 tabs.

  6. Secondary School Students' Knowledge and Opinions on Astrobiology Topics and Related Social Issues (United States)

    Oreiro, Raquel; Solbes, Jordi


    Astrobiology is the study of the origin of life on Earth and the distribution of life in the Universe. Its multidisciplinary approach, social and philosophical implications, and appeal within the discipline and beyond make astrobiology a uniquely qualified subject for general science education. In this study, student knowledge and opinions on astrobiology topics were investigated. Eighty-nine students in their last year of compulsory education (age 15) completed a written questionnaire that consisted of 10 open questions on the topic of astrobiology. The results indicate that students have significant difficulties understanding the origin of life on Earth, despite exposure to the topic by way of the assigned textbooks. The students were often unaware of past or present achievements in the search for life within the Solar System and beyond, topics that are far less commonly seen in textbooks. Student questionnaire answers also indicated that students had problems in reasoning and critical thinking when asked for their opinions on issues such as the potential for life beyond Earth, the question of whether UFOs exist, or what our place is in the Universe. Astrobiology might help initiate student awareness as to current thinking on these matters and should be considered for general science education.

  7. Background issues relating to the proposed Mass Literacy Campaign in Nigeria (United States)

    Akinde, Charles O.; Omolewa, Michael


    Literacy education in Nigerian history finds its roots in the efforts of missionary endeavour. Subsequent work in the field has always been piecemeal and unco-ordinated, even though a degree of success has been achieved and valuable experience gained. The Federal Government's decision to launch a Mass Literacy Campaign in 1982 is primarily a political response to the needs and exigencies of a developing country rich both in natural and manpower resources. The campaign is seen not only as a necessary means of creating a permanently literate society within ten years but also as an assertion of the nation's unity. The problems of undertaking such a project are immensely complicated by the plethora of local languages and cultures, the preservation of which is seen to be imperative. But the campaign can succeed if the crucial issues identified in the article — functionality, personnel, training and materials, motivation, and above all the language to be used as the medium of literacy education — are resolved; if assistance from national development organisations and international bodies is matched by the determination of the government to create an environment capable of sustaining and reinforcing literacy and conducive to the use of the skills acquired; and if the illiterate respond with initiative and perseverence to the opportunity offered them.

  8. Personnel selection with grey relational analysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nilsen Kundakcı


    Full Text Available Selection of the qualified and the most appropriate employee plays crucial role for the success of the businesses. The selection process is complex and contains both subjective and objective criteria to be considered. For this reason, in this paper, Grey Relational Analysis (GRA is proposed for employee selection. To illustrate the applicability of the proposed method, the most appropriate software engineer is selected for a technology firm. By this way, a scientific multi criteria decision making (MCDM method is proposed to the firm that determines the best candidate intuitively with traditional methods.

  9. Module Cluster: IFE - 001.00 (GSC) Basic Terminology and Analysis of Writings Concerned with Educational Issues. (United States)

    Zahn, R. D.

    This document is one of the module clusters developed for the Camden Teacher Corps project. The purpose of this module cluster is to enable students to define and use basic terminology in the discussion and analysis of educational issues, to use various approaches in studying an issue, and to apply critical analysis skills to written and spoken…

  10. Power System Technical Performance Issues Related to the Application of Long HVAC Cables

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bak, Claus Leth

    The aim of this TB is to serve as a practical guide for preparing models and performing studies necessary during the assessment of the technical performance of HV/EHV systems with a large share of (long) AC cables. The brochure follows all phases of planning and analysis of a typical underground ...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ali Muhammad Ali Rushdi


    Full Text Available There is an established equivalence between relational database Functional Dependencies (FDs and a fragment of switching algebra that is built typically of Horn clauses. This equivalence pertains to both concepts and procedures of the FD relational database domain and the switching algebraic domain. This study is an exposition of the use of switching-algebraic tools in solving problems typically encountered in the analysis and design of relational databases. The switching-algebraic tools utilized include purely-algebraic techniques, purely-visual techniques employing the Karnaugh map and intermediary techniques employing the variable-entered Karnaugh map. The problems handled include; (a the derivation of the closure of a Dependency Set (DS, (b the derivation of the closure of a set of attributes, (c the determination of all candidate keys and (d the derivation of irredundant dependency sets equivalent to a given DS and consequently the determination of the minimal cover of such a set. A relatively large example illustrates the switching-algebraic approach and demonstrates its pedagogical and computational merits over the traditional approach.

  12. Distributed analysis of simultaneous EEG-fMRI time-series: modeling and interpretation issues. (United States)

    Esposito, Fabrizio; Aragri, Adriana; Piccoli, Tommaso; Tedeschi, Gioacchino; Goebel, Rainer; Di Salle, Francesco


    Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and electroencephalography (EEG) represent brain activity in terms of a reliable anatomical localization and a detailed temporal evolution of neural signals. Simultaneous EEG-fMRI recordings offer the possibility to greatly enrich the significance and the interpretation of the single modality results because the same neural processes are observed from the same brain at the same time. Nonetheless, the different physical nature of the measured signals by the two techniques renders the coupling not always straightforward, especially in cognitive experiments where spatially localized and distributed effects coexist and evolve temporally at different temporal scales. The purpose of this article is to illustrate the combination of simultaneously recorded EEG and fMRI signals exploiting the principles of EEG distributed source modeling. We define a common source space for fMRI and EEG signal projection and gather a conceptually unique framework for the spatial and temporal comparative analysis. We illustrate this framework in a graded-load working-memory simultaneous EEG-fMRI experiment based on the n-back task where sustained load-dependent changes in the blood-oxygenation-level-dependent (BOLD) signals during continuous item memorization co-occur with parametric changes in the EEG theta power induced at each single item. In line with previous studies, we demonstrate on two single-subject cases how the presented approach is capable of colocalizing in midline frontal regions two phenomena simultaneously observed at different temporal scales, such as the sustained negative changes in BOLD activity and the parametric EEG theta synchronization. We discuss the presented approach in relation to modeling and interpretation issues typically arising in simultaneous EEG-fMRI studies.

  13. Thermal analysis on the EAST tungsten plasma facing components with shaping structure counteracting the misalignment issues (United States)

    Baoguo, Wang; Dahuan, Zhu; Rui, Ding; Junling, Chen


    Tungsten monoblock type tiles with ITER dimensions along with supporting cassette components were installed at EAST’s upper diverter during 2014 and EAST’s lower diverter will also be upgraded in the future. These cassette structures pose critical issues on the high cumulative incident heat flux due to the leading edges and misalignments (0 ˜ 1.5 mm), which may result in the destruction or even melting of the tungsten tile. The present work summarizes the thermal analysis using ANSYS multiphysics software 15.0 performed on the actively cooled W tiles to evaluate the shaping effect on surface temperature. In the current heat flux conditions (Q|| ˜ 100 MW m-2), the adopted chamfer shaping (1 × 1 mm) can only reduce the maximum temperature by about 14%, but it also has a melting risk at the maximum misalignment of 1.5 mm. The candidate shaping solutions elliptical (round) edge, dome and fish-scale are analyzed for comparison and are identified not as good as the dual chamfer structure. A relatively good dual chamfer (2 × 13 mm) shaping forming a symmetrical sloping roof structure can effectively counteract the 1.5 mm misalignment, reducing the maximum temperature by up to 50%. However, in the future heat flux conditions (Q|| ˜ 287 MW m-2), it may only endure about 0.5 mm misalignment. Moreover, no proper shaping solution has been found that can avoid melting at the maximum misalignment of 1.5 mm. Thus, the engineering misalignment has to be limited to an acceptable level. Supported by the National Magnetic Confinement Fusion Science Program of China (Nos. 2013GB107004 and 2013GB105003) and National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 11405209).

  14. The IMAGE project: methodological issues for the molecular genetic analysis of ADHD

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Faraone Stephen V


    Full Text Available Abstract The genetic mechanisms involved in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD are being studied with considerable success by several centres worldwide. These studies confirm prior hypotheses about the role of genetic variation within genes involved in the regulation of dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin neurotransmission in susceptibility to ADHD. Despite the importance of these findings, uncertainties remain due to the very small effects sizes that are observed. We discuss possible reasons for why the true strength of the associations may have been underestimated in research to date, considering the effects of linkage disequilibrium, allelic heterogeneity, population differences and gene by environment interactions. With the identification of genes associated with ADHD, the goal of ADHD genetics is now shifting from gene discovery towards gene functionality – the study of intermediate phenotypes ('endophenotypes'. We discuss methodological issues relating to quantitative genetic data from twin and family studies on candidate endophenotypes and how such data can inform attempts to link molecular genetic data to cognitive, affective and motivational processes in ADHD. The International Multi-centre ADHD Gene (IMAGE project exemplifies current collaborative research efforts on the genetics of ADHD. This European multi-site project is well placed to take advantage of the resources that are emerging following the sequencing of the human genome and the development of international resources for whole genome association analysis. As a result of IMAGE and other molecular genetic investigations of ADHD, we envisage a rapid increase in the number of identified genetic variants and the promise of identifying novel gene systems that we are not currently investigating, opening further doors in the study of gene functionality.

  15. Value impact analysis of Generic Issue 143, Availability of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Chilled Water Systems

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Daling, P.M.; Marler, J.E.; Vo, T.V.; Phan, H.; Friley, J.R. [Pacific Northwest Lab., Richland, WA (United States)


    This study evaluates the values (benefits) and impacts (costs) associated with potential resolutions to Generic Issue 143, ``Availability of HVAC and Chilled Water Systems.`` The study identifies vulnerabilities related to failures of HVAC, chilled water, and room cooling systems; develops estimates of room heatup rates and safety-related equipment vulnerabilities following losses of HVAC/room cooler systems; develops estimates of the core damage frequencies and public risks associated with failures of these systems; develops three proposed resolution strategies to this generic issue; and performs a value/impact analysis of the proposed resolutions. Existing probabilistic risk assessments for four representative plants, including one plant from each vendor, form the basis for the core damage frequency and public risk calculations. Both internal and external events were considered. It was concluded that all three proposed resolution strategies exceed the $1,000/person-rem cost-effectiveness ratio. Additional evaluations were performed to develop ``generic`` insights on potential design-related and configuration-related vulnerabilities and potential high-frequency ({approximately}1E-04/RY) accident sequences that involve failures of HVAC/room cooling functions. It was concluded that, although high-frequency accident sequences may exist at some plants, these high-frequency sequences are plant-specific in nature or have been resolved through hardware and/or operational changes. The plant-specific Individual Plant Examinations are an effective vehicle for identification and resolution of these plant-specific anomalies and hardware configurations.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Danciu Radu


    Full Text Available The issue of accounting depreciation is an older concern of this study's authors on the incidence over the true and fair view of the earning and the net value of the non- current assets. Proceeding from the consideration that the present depreciation methods, acknowleged by the accounting standards and regulations are not sufficient to render the reality of the irreversible impairment of the fixed assets nor that of the material and immaterial investment recovery we performed a research on the indicators reported by 20 companies in Cluj county and we applied a questionnaire to each entity on the depreciation methods used, their incidence on the true and fair view and their proposals for the completion of the depreciation methods. The objective of the research is to identify the most appropriate depreciation methods, truthfully illustrating the effects of the irreversible impairment on the net asset and on the earning, to introduce the excluded assests in the cathegory of the non-current assets ( like property and plant, goodwill, intangible assets created with ones own strengths and the enforcement of appropriate treatments to the revaluation differences and their own overhead investments. The International Accounting Standard IAS 16 - Property, plant and equipment refers to three depreciation methods: the straightline method, the diminishing balance method and the technical depreciation method (units of production method. In Romania only two of these methods are accepted: the straightline method, the diminishing balance method and the accelerated method was additionally instilled, which is used internationally in exceptional situations and not currently. The results of the research led us to the following conclusions: - for the depreciation of the machinery, facilities and technological equipments it is recommended to use the technical depreciation method or the units of production method; -taking into consideration the financial conception on

  17. Experimental microbiological issues related to biocontamination and human life support inside manned space modules (United States)

    Canganella, Francesco; Rettberg, Petra; Bianconi, G.; di Mattia, E.; Taddei, A. R.; Iylin, V.; Novikova, N.; Fani, R.; Brigidi, P.; Vitali, B.; Candela, M.; Lobascio, C.; Saverino, A.; Simone, A.; Fossati, F.; Ferraris, M.

    The issue of biocontamination in manned space modules is very important for the International Space Station (ISS) as well as for future planetary bases. We have previously carried out re-search activities concerning biofilm metabolic activities of some reference bacteria on materials commonly used for aerospace industry and currently examined for space greenhouses. It was evaluated the effect on these materials of a mixture of emulsifiers produced by Pseudomonas strain AD1 and recently characterized by chemical methods. The following materials were in-vestigated: Kevlar, Nomex, Betacloth, aluminized Kapton, conventional Kapton, Combitherm, Mylar, copper foil, Teflon, aluminum, carbon fiber composite, aluminum thermo-dissipating tex-tile, aluminum tape, Zylon, Ergoflex, Vectran. Results showed a diverse affinity of materials for bacterial biofilm formation and occasionally sessile colonization was rejected. Pre-conditioning with the emulsifying extract led in some cases to a diminish of biofilm dehydrogenase activity and development compared to untreated materials, taking into account both concentrations and experimental conditions. This also concerned the relationship between the physical traits of materials and the level of bacterial biofilm developed under the experimental conditions. Presently we are investigating microbial biofilm development on either conventional or innova-tive space materials, experimentally treated by biological or chemo-physical coating. VIABLE ISS is a flight experiment concerning the exposure of these materials inside an ISS module for about 4 years. Another initiative (MICHA) on progress is part of the MARS500 Programme, presently going on at the IBMP facility in Moscow. Data will be useful to select appropriate material to be used for life support hardware to decrease the risk of surface biocontamination and health problems inside space modules, a great challenge for both biological and medical research.

  18. Issues Related to Defining and Measuring Violence Against Women: Response to Kilpatrick (United States)

    Saltzman, Linda E.


    This paper asserts that although there is considerable agreement in the U.S. and internationally about the importance of uniform terminology and measurement related to violence against women, we need a strategy for choosing standardized definitions and measures. Responding to Kilpatrick's comments at the October 2003 national research conference…

  19. Technical and perceptual issues on head-related transfer functions sets for use in binaural synthesis

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Toledo, Daniela

    Head-related transfer functions (HRTFs) are the filters used in binaural synthesis that provide the necessary cues to localize virtual sound sources in virtual 3D space. HRTFs are recorded at the ears of either humans or dummy-heads and are usually implemented as non-individual filters. The succe...

  20. Fundamental Issues Related to the Origin of Melatonin and Melatonin Isomers during Evolution: Relation to Their Biological Functions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dun-Xian Tan


    Full Text Available Melatonin and melatonin isomers exist and/or coexist in living organisms including yeasts, bacteria and plants. The levels of melatonin isomers are significantly higher than that of melatonin in some plants and in several fermented products such as in wine and bread. Currently, there are no reports documenting the presence of melatonin isomers in vertebrates. From an evolutionary point of view, it is unlikely that melatonin isomers do not exist in vertebrates. On the other hand, large quantities of the microbial flora exist in the gut of the vertebrates. These microorganisms frequently exchange materials with the host. Melatonin isomers, which are produced by these organisms inevitably enter the host’s system. The origins of melatonin and its isomers can be traced back to photosynthetic bacteria and other primitive unicellular organisms. Since some of these bacteria are believed to be the precursors of mitochondria and chloroplasts these cellular organelles may be the primary sites of melatonin production in animals or in plants, respectively. Phylogenic analysis based on its rate-limiting synthetic enzyme, serotonin N-acetyltransferase (SNAT, indicates its multiple origins during evolution. Therefore, it is likely that melatonin and its isomer are also present in the domain of archaea, which perhaps require these molecules to protect them against hostile environments including extremely high or low temperature. Evidence indicates that the initial and primary function of melatonin and its isomers was to serve as the first-line of defence against oxidative stress and all other functions were acquired during evolution either by the process of adoption or by the extension of its antioxidative capacity.

  1. Talking about epilepsy: Challenges parents face when communicating with their child about epilepsy and epilepsy-related issues. (United States)

    O'Toole, Stephanie; Lambert, Veronica; Gallagher, Pamela; Shahwan, Amre; Austin, Joan K


    The aim of this qualitative study was to explore the challenges that parents of children with epilepsy experienced when engaging in dialog with their child about epilepsy and epilepsy-related issues. Using a qualitative exploratory approach, interviews were conducted with 34 parents of children with epilepsy (aged 6-16 years), consisting of 27 mothers and 7 fathers. Data were transcribed verbatim and thematically analyzed. Findings revealed five main themes: normalizing epilepsy, the invisibility of epilepsy, information concealment, fear of misinforming the child, and difficulty in discussing particular epilepsy-related issues. Many of the communicative challenges experienced by parents impacted on their ability to engage openly in parent-child dialog about epilepsy in the home. Parents face specific challenges when choosing to communicate with their child about epilepsy, relating to creating a sense of normality, reducing fear of causing their child worry, and having a lack of epilepsy-related knowledge. Healthcare professionals who work closely with families living with epilepsy should remain mindful of the importance of discussing family communication surrounding epilepsy and the challenges parents of children with epilepsy face when talking about epilepsy within the home.

  2. Secondary school physics availability in an urban setting: Issues related to academic achievement and course offerings (United States)

    Kelly, Angela M.; Sheppard, Keith


    High school physics is a gateway course for post-secondary study in science, and an essential component in the formation of students' scientific literacy. The opportunity to study physics is not universally available for children in U.S. schools, particularly in urban areas. Restricted science opportunities result in inequitable participation and a barrier to future participation in STEM-related fields. Although the national trend in physics enrollment has recently shown an increase, the percentage of participation is much lower for students in urban schools. We examined the availability of physics in New York City, and whether access was related to academic achievement measures, such as prior science performance, and graduation and college attendance percentages. High schools that offered physics were compared to those that did not, and patterns in types of available physics courses were examined. The findings substantiate the compelling need to explore the barriers to increased physics access and participation for urban youth.

  3. Oil, Water, and Wildlife: The Gulf of Mexico Disaster and Related Environmental Issues

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bickman, John W. [Purdue University


    The BP Macondo oil field spill in the Gulf of Mexico is the largest oil spill in U.S. history and has the potential to impact sea turtle and marine mammal populations, and others. This presentation will review the genotoxic effects of oil exposure in wildlife and discuss the potential for an oil spill to impact wildlife populations. Whereas some aspects of a spill are predictable, each spill is different because oils are highly variable, as are the environments in which they occur. The presentation will discuss what has been learned from previous spills, including the Exxon Valdez and the soviet oil legacy in Azerbaijan, and the potential dangers of offshore oil development in the Arctic. Related Purdue University research efforts in oil-spill related engineering and science also will be highlighted.

  4. China-U.S. Relations: Current Issues and Implications for U.S. Policy (United States)


    Strains in Taiwan-U.S. Political Relations, by Kerry Dumbaugh. ! The Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate (AP6), announced in 2005...quality, agriculture, human health, and climate change. PRC leaders have recognized that this trend is not sustainable and have undertaken efforts to...representatives in Shenzhen , China.49 These also were described as “candid and frank,” but they did result in a decision to schedule a seventh round

  5. Sino-Russian Relations in the Twenty-First Century: Prospects and Issues (United States)


    testing and its ramifications for regional stability. In 1999, the meeting in Bishkek began to delve into the economic sphere of regional relations.101...of China. This exercise was a good test of its modernization efforts, its power projection capabilities, and its ability to provide adequate...information. 270 Zoltar Barany , “Resurgent Russia? A Still-Faltering Military,” Policy Review 147 (February/March 2008): 39–41. 74

  6. Whole-body effective half-lives for radiolabeled antibodies and related issues

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kaurin, D.G.L.; Carsten, A.L.; Baum, J.W.; Barber, D.E.


    Radiolabeled antibodies (RABs) are being developed and used in medical imaging and therapy in rapidly increasing numbers. Data on the whole body half effective half-lives were calculated from external dose rates obtained from attending physicians and radiation safety officers at participating institutions. Calculations were made using exponential regression analysis of data from patients receiving single and multiple administrations. Theses data were analyzed on the basis of age, sex, isotope label, radiation energy, antibody type, disease treated, administration method, and number of administrations.

  7. Energy Demand and Supply Analysis and Outlook - Energy Forecast for 2001 and Policy Issues

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Na, In Gang; Ryu, Ji Chul [Korea Energy Economics Institute, Euiwang (Korea)


    The energy consumption in Korea has grown at impressive rates during the last 3 decades, along with the economic growth. The global concern about the environment issue and the restructuring in Korea energy industry has an effect on the pattern and trend of energy demand in Korea. Under the situation, this research are focusing on the analysis of energy consumption and forecast of energy demand. First of all, we analyze the trends and major characteristics of energy consumption, beginning with 1970s and up to the third quarter of 2000. In the analysis of energy consumption by energy types, we also perform qualitative analysis on the trends and characteristics of each energy types, including institutional analysis. In model section, we start with the brief description of synopsis and outline the survey on empirical models for energy demand. The econometric model used in KEEI's short-term energy forecast is outlined, followed by the result of estimations. The 2001 energy demand forecast is predicted in detail by sectors and energy types. In the year 2001, weak demand is projected to continue through the First Half, and pick up its pace of growth only in the Second Half. Projected total demand is 201.3 million TOE or 4.4% growth. In the last section, the major policy issues are summarized in three sub-sections: the restructuring in energy industry, the security of energy demand and supply, international energy cooperation including south-north energy cooperation. (author). 86 refs., 43 figs., 73 tabs.

  8. Scientific issues related to Codex Alimentarius goals: a review of principles, with examples. (United States)

    Somogyi, Arpad; Hathcock, John; Biesalski, Hans Konrad; Blumberg, Jeffrey B; Antoine, Jean-Michel; Edwards, Gareth; Prock, Peter


    The Codex Alimentarius provides the food standards and guidelines recognized by the World Trade Organization as the primary authority for use in settlement of related trade disputes. Codex bases its decisions primarily on scientific principles and evidence, although other legitimate factors such as economic and societal values may be considered. Codex has two primary aims: to protect consumers' health and assure fair practices in food trade. Codex documents may provide templates for individual nations but are not binding for domestic policies. Despite many advances over the last couple of decades, misunderstandings and controversies have interfered with important aspects of progress which Codex needs to accomplish, especially in the areas of claims of benefits related to food or nutrient consumption and the establishment of the safety of these items. Claims for health benefits should be based on the totality of available scientific evidence, including observational data collected from large populations as well as the results from randomized clinical trials. Safety should be evaluated by risk assessment on high quality experimental data, with anecdotal information having a lesser role. Regulatory policy would be improved if "history of safe use" were to be better defined and described.

  9. Material-related issues at high-power and high-energy ion beam facilities

    CERN Document Server

    Bender, M.; Tomut, M.; Trautmann, C.


    When solids are exposed to energetic ions (MeV-GeV), their physical and chemical structure can be severely modified. The change is governed by ultrafast dynamical processes starting from the deposition of large energy densities, electronic excitation and ionization processes, and finally damage creation in the atomic lattice system. In many materials, each projectile creates a cylindrical track with a few nanometers in diameter and up to many μm in length. To study and monitor the creation of damage, the GSI irradiation facility dedicated to materials science provides different in-situ and on-line techniques such as high resolution microscopy, X-ray diffraction, optical absorption spectroscopy, thermal imaging and residual gas analysis. The irradiation experiments can be performed under various gas atmospheres and under cryogenic or elevated temperature.

  10. Relational Issues Within Couples Coping With Parkinson's Disease: Implications and Ideas for Family-Focused Care. (United States)

    Martin, Summer C


    The ways in which Parkinson's disease (PD) impacts, and is experienced by, the couple (i.e., the individual with PD and his or her spouse or other romantic partner) have not been fully elucidated. Such research is strongly warranted because when one member of a couple is chronically ill, it can cause major distress for not only the patient but also for his or her partner and their relationship. Therefore, the goal of this study was to examine how PD affects a couple's relationship. Data from 44 individual, in-depth interviews (with 21 persons with PD and 23 partners) revealed several challenges that PD commonly invokes in the patient-partner relationship, though most participants reported that PD had not decreased their overall relational closeness. The findings have significant practical implications for family-focused care.

  11. The relevance of the psychometrist category as a professional resource: Training-related issues

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    René van Eeden


    Full Text Available Orientation: The professional status of psychometrists places them in a position where they can provide a specialist function independently and their services should therefore be relevant to a variety of settings.Research purpose: The aim was to explore if the training of student psychometrists contributes to the relevance of this category in terms of the demographic profile of student psychometrists, the scope of services potentially provided by them and the content of training programmes.Motivation for the study: There is a paucity of research on training in the psychometrist category.Research design, approach and method: Data were obtained from the files of a cohort of student psychometrists who were registered in the Department of Psychology at the University of South Africa (UNISA. Follow-up surveys on training and work contexts were conducted amongst these students and their in-practice supervisors to confirm and supplement the data. In addition, a survey on the national availability of training programmes for psychometrists was conducted at South African universities.Main findings: Gender and racial skewness in terms of the demographic profile of the UNISA students seemed to reflect a national trend. In terms of the scope of services, training opportunities and perceived job opportunities for psychometrists seemed limited and despite the utilisation of the skills area in all the applied contexts, concerns related to the sectors being served were identified. With regard to the content of the training programmes, students and in-practice supervisors expressed a need for greater preparation in test use before related practical experience takes place. The importance of the university’s involvement during the practicum was also emphasised.Practical/managerial implications: Recommendations are made regarding the structure and content of training programmes. This information could be applied in adapting existing programmes and in developing

  12. Scientific and ethical issues related to stem cell research and interventions in neurodegenerative disorders of the brain. (United States)

    Barker, Roger A; de Beaufort, Inez


    Should patients with Parkinson's disease participate in research involving stem cell treatments? Are induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) the ethical solution to the moral issues regarding embryonic stem cells? How can we adapt trial designs to best assess small numbers of patients in receipt of invasive experimental therapies? Over the last 20 years there has been a revolution in our ability to make stem cells from different sources and use them for therapeutic gain in disorders of the brain. These cells, which are defined by their capacity to proliferate indefinitely as well as differentiate into selective phenotypic cell types, are viewed as being especially attractive for studying disease processes and for grafting in patients with chronic incurable neurodegenerative disorders of the CNS such as Parkinson's disease (PD). In this review we briefly discuss and summarise where our understanding of stem cell biology has taken us relative to the clinic and patients, before dealing with some of the major ethical issues that work of this nature generates. This includes issues to do with the source of the cells, their ownership and exploitation along with questions about patient recruitment, consent and trial design when they translate to the clinic for therapeutic use.

  13. Representations of the Americans with Disabilities Act Employment-Related Issues in the Wall Street Journal (1990-2008): A Feasibility Study (United States)

    Soffer, Michal; Rimmerman, Arie


    This feasibility study examines the coverage of employment-related issues related to people with disabilities in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. The study is a first in a series of future studies focusing on disability issues in the international economic media. A survey of 39 newspaper articles published in the "Wall Street…

  14. Stakeholder Analysis for Sharing Agro-environment Issues Towards Concerted Action: A Case Study on Diffuse Nitrate Pollution

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Giovanna Seddaiu


    Full Text Available There is increasing need for participatory approaches to support the development of sustainable farming systems, based on the active involvement of stakeholders in the definition of research objectives and priorities. This paper reports the experience of a team of agronomy researchers involved in the SLIM project (, around a case study of nitrate pollution. The agro-ecosystem analysis included biophysical processes at microcatchment scale and the stakeholders’ perceptions, interests and practices related to the nitrate issue (stakeholders analysis. The conceptual SLIM framework model supported new interactions among stakeholders, that were facilitated by researchers, using dialogical tools to enable them to use scientific data and to integrate their own knowledge on the farming system. The agro-environment policies, based on compulsory prescriptions, revealed weak assumptions and insufficient integration of scientific knowledge. The stakeholder analysis contributed to the identification of priorities both for scientific research and agro-environment policies. Researchers provided the site-specific scientific knowledge, in a way that enabled stakeholders to identify the relationships between agricultural practices, landscape values and the nitrate pollution issue and to elaborate shared strategies to develop concerted actions. New spaces for interaction between researchers and stakeholders should be created to face complex agro-environment issues at catchment scale, such as the nitrate pollution of groundwater. The implication for agronomy research is that the experiments should be designed to produce suitable results to facilitate participatory sessions and that it is worthwhile to invest in specific skills of communication science and group dynamics management within the agronomy researchers’ community, in order to integrate agronomy knowledge into high quality participatory processes.

  15. Stakeholder Analysis for Sharing Agro-environment Issues Towards Concerted Action: A Case Study on Diffuse Nitrate Pollution

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marco Toderi


    Full Text Available There is increasing need for participatory approaches to support the development of sustainable farming systems, based on the active involvement of stakeholders in the definition of research objectives and priorities. This paper reports the experience of a team of agronomy researchers involved in the SLIM project (, around a case study of nitrate pollution. The agro-ecosystem analysis included biophysical processes at microcatchment scale and the stakeholders’ perceptions, interests and practices related to the nitrate issue (stakeholders analysis. The conceptual SLIM framework model supported new interactions among stakeholders, that were facilitated by researchers, using dialogical tools to enable them to use scientific data and to integrate their own knowledge on the farming system. The agro-environment policies, based on compulsory prescriptions, revealed weak assumptions and insufficient integration of scientific knowledge. The stakeholder analysis contributed to the identification of priorities both for scientific research and agro-environment policies. Researchers provided the site-specific scientific knowledge, in a way that enabled stakeholders to identify the relationships between agricultural practices, landscape values and the nitrate pollution issue and to elaborate shared strategies to develop concerted actions. New spaces for interaction between researchers and stakeholders should be created to face complex agro-environment issues at catchment scale, such as the nitrate pollution of groundwater. The implication for agronomy research is that the experiments should be designed to produce suitable results to facilitate participatory sessions and that it is worthwhile to invest in specific skills of communication science and group dynamics management within the agronomy researchers’ community, in order to integrate agronomy knowledge into high quality participatory processes.

  16. Evaluation of Historic Indo-Pak Relations, Water Resource Issues and Its impact on Contemporary Bilateral Affairs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Muhammad Tayyab Sohail


    Full Text Available Being developed countries both Pakistan and India are striving for the economic development. Pakistan and India share a 1610 km long border. They share same language, dress and culture and also six watercourses, namely the Indus, Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Sutlej and Beas, along with their numerous tributaries. Pakistan, like other countries of the region depends heavily on agriculture, with the greater part of the population relying on it for livelihood. As a result, water is not only vital for everyday needs, but a critical source for economic development. Water is a resource on which there is dependency of economy and no substitute. Pakistan and India are close neighbors and lied in South East of Asia. Apart from sharing border and history both the countries have various same customs and traditions.Both countries gained independence in 1947 from British Government, from the day of independence Pakistan has been facing lots of internal and external challenges. Apart from other conflicts, water issues also exist between Pakistan and India. After the nine years negotiation with the help of World Bank, they solved this issue but after some time it started again. Some kind of historical issues including water issues has been discussed in this paper. To judge the public opinion of the both countries, an interview survey was conducted by some international expert and from the people who are directly involved in these kind of profession of Indo-Pak relation. Analyses of interview with some statistic information and on the behalf of history some conclusions and suggestions were including at the end of this study.

  17. Experiences of developed European countries in solving issues related to national minorities

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Raduški Nada


    Full Text Available Contemporary geopolitical change, inter-ethnic conflicts and clashes, the connection between minority and territorial problems, considerably influence the quality of inter-state relations and preservation of global peace and security. National problems and ethnic confrontations have found particularly fertile soil in the Balkans, although they are known in democratic West European countries as well, despite high human rights standards. However, even though such problems deserve special attention due to their seriousness, they remain exclusively in the jurisdiction of the respective states, as opposed to the countries in transition that are in the focus of interest and intervention of the international community. In developed countries, the method of regulating the minority question greatly depends on the position of the given country on the world economic and political scene, as well as on numerous historical and political factors. In each of these countries there are specific models of coexistence of majority and minority nations, therefore there can be no universal model that would be valid for all countries. Respecting basic human rights and liberties, as well as national minority protection, are among the basic factors of stability, security and democratic and socio-economic development of every country.

  18. Issues in Athletic Administration: A Content Analysis of Syllabi from Intercollegiate Athletics Graduate Courses (United States)

    Comeaux, Eddie; Brown, Alan; Sieben, Nicole P.


    This study examined courses focused on intercollegiate athletics in sport-related graduate programs (e.g., Sport Leadership, Sport Management, and Athletic/Sport Administration). A content analysis of course syllabi was used to determine the alignment of course scope and content. Analysis included course type (i.e., required or elective),…

  19. Practical Issues for Atom Probe Tomography Analysis of III-Nitride Semiconductor Materials



    This is the author accepted manuscript. The final version is available from Cambridge University Press via Various practical issues affecting atom probe tomography (APT) analysis of III-nitride semiconductors have been studied as part of an investigation using a c-plane InAlN/GaN heterostructure. Specimen preparation was undertaken using a focused ion beam microscope with a mono-isotopic Ga source. This enabled the unambiguous observation of impl...

  20. Unsupervised learning framework for large-scale flight data analysis of cockpit human machine interaction issues (United States)

    Vaidya, Abhishek B.

    As the level of automation within an aircraft increases, the interactions between the pilot and autopilot play a crucial role in its proper operation. Issues with human machine interactions (HMI) have been cited as one of the main causes behind many aviation accidents. Due to the complexity of such interactions, it is challenging to identify all possible situations and develop the necessary contingencies. In this thesis, we propose a data-driven analysis tool to identify potential HMI issues in large-scale Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA) dataset. The proposed tool is developed using a multi-level clustering framework, where a set of basic clustering techniques are combined with a consensus-based approach to group HMI events and create a data-driven model from the FOQA data. The proposed framework is able to effectively compress a large dataset into a small set of representative clusters within a data-driven model, enabling subject matter experts to effectively investigate identified potential HMI issues.

  1. A System Analysis for Determining Alternative Technological Issues for the Future (United States)

    Magistrale, V. J.; Small, J.


    A systems engineering methodology is provided, by which future technological ventures may be examined utilizing particular national, corporate, or individual value judgments. Three matrix analyses are presented. The first matrix is concerned with the effect of technology on population increase, war, poverty, health, resources, and prejudice. The second matrix explores an analytical technique for determining the relative importance of different areas of technology. The third matrix explores how an individual or corporate entity may determine how its capability may be used for future technological opportunities. No conclusions are presented since primary effort has been placed on the methodology of determining future technological issues.

  2. Analysis of Wave Nonlinear Dispersion Relation

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LI Rui-jie; TAO Jian-fu


    The nonlinear dispersion relations and modified relations proposed by Kirby and Hedges have the limitation of intermediate minimum value. To overcome the shortcoming, a new nonlinear dispersion relation is proposed. Based on the summarization and comparison of existing nonlinear dispersion relations, it can be found that the new nonlinear dispersion relation not only keeps the advantages of other nonlinear dispersion relations, but also significantly reduces the relative errors of the nonlinear dispersion relations for a range of the relative water depth of 1<kh<1.5 and has sufficient accuracy for practical purposes.

  3. An Analysis of Security and Privacy Issues in Smart Grid Software Architectures on Clouds

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Simmhan, Yogesh; Kumbhare, Alok; Cao, Baohua; Prasanna, Viktor K.


    Power utilities globally are increasingly upgrading to Smart Grids that use bi-directional communication with the consumer to enable an information-driven approach to distributed energy management. Clouds offer features well suited for Smart Grid software platforms and applications, such as elastic resources and shared services. However, the security and privacy concerns inherent in an information rich Smart Grid environment are further exacerbated by their deployment on Clouds. Here, we present an analysis of security and privacy issues in a Smart Grids software architecture operating on different Cloud environments, in the form of a taxonomy. We use the Los Angeles Smart Grid Project that is underway in the largest U.S. municipal utility to drive this analysis that will benefit both Cloud practitioners targeting Smart Grid applications, and Cloud researchers investigating security and privacy.

  4. Analysis of opinions issued in comment letters on the term prudence

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Victor Ranieri Bomfim Sampaio de Araújo


    Full Text Available Since 2001, the International Accounting Standards Board (Iasb has worked to revise the Conceptual Framework (CF. Therefore, it has issued Discussion papers (DP, aiming to collect the stakeholders’ opinions about different aspects of the CF. One of the aspects discussed is the inclusion or not of Prudence in the CF. Therefore, this study aims to analyze the opinions issued in the comment letters in response to the DPs between 2006 and 2013 about the exclusion of the term Prudence from the CF. The research was undertaken through the content analysis of 420 comment letters forwarded to the Iasb, among which 176 were identified that contain the terms Prudence/Conservatism, 117 of which are in favor of including the term. Among those against the inclusion, the main justification is the existence of conflict between Prudence and neutrality. The respondents’ opinions were also separated per location and interest groups, showing that the European respondents are more favorable to the inclusion of the term, while Anglo-Saxon America defends it least. What the interest groups is concerned, the group that was most in favor of the insertion of the term were the Preparers, while the Financial Institutions were the most unfavorable agents. Using Kappa Analysis, it was observed that the level of agreement among the respondents’ opinions indicates weak agreement with the total number of samples, suggesting that further debate and reflection on the theme is needed.

  5. Comparative analysis of safety related site characteristics

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Andersson, Johan (ed.)


    This document presents a comparative analysis of site characteristics related to long-term safety for the two candidate sites for a final repository for spent nuclear fuel in Forsmark (municipality of Oesthammar) and in Laxemar (municipality of Oskarshamn) from the point of view of site selection. The analyses are based on the updated site descriptions of Forsmark /SKB 2008a/ and Laxemar /SKB 2009a/, together with associated updated repository layouts and designs /SKB 2008b and SKB 2009b/. The basis for the comparison is thus two equally and thoroughly assessed sites. However, the analyses presented here are focussed on differences between the sites rather than evaluating them in absolute terms. The document serves as a basis for the site selection, from the perspective of long-term safety, in SKB's application for a final repository. A full evaluation of safety is made for a repository at the selected site in the safety assessment SR-Site /SKB 2011/, referred to as SR-Site main report in the following

  6. Level of analysis issues in assessing treatment beliefs in substance abuse clinics. (United States)

    Mitchelson, Jacqueline K; Dickson, Marcus W; Arfken, Cynthia L; Agius, Elizabeth


    The current study applies the growing literature in the organizational sciences regarding levels of analysis issues to the analysis of substance abuse treatment beliefs. Research on clinicians' beliefs in substance abuse treatment is often based on the assumption that the beliefs are sufficiently shared by clinicians within a clinic and sufficiently vary across clinics that they can be treated as a group-level phenomenon. Further, efforts to introduce new innovations are often focused at the group or clinic level without testing this assumption, which can lead to failure to adopt or to successfully implement the innovation. We tested the assumption of sharedness by examining if there was sufficient agreement about treatment beliefs within clinics, within groups of clinics or within groups of clinicians to justify treating these aggregations as meaningful groups. Using three statistical approaches to examining level of analysis (Within and Between Analysis (WABA I), Intraclass Correlation Coefficients (ICC(1)), and r(wg)), we found that variability in treatment beliefs largely occurred at the individual rather than at the tested aggregate levels of analysis. These findings serve as an example of the importance of testing the assumption of shared perceptions in future research.

  7. Level of analysis issues in assessing treatment beliefs in substance abuse clinics (United States)

    Mitchelson, Jacqueline K.; Dickson, Marcus W.; Arfken, Cynthia L.; Agius, Elizabeth


    The current study applies the growing literature in the organizational sciences regarding levels of analysis issues to the analysis of substance abuse treatment beliefs. Research on clinicians' beliefs in substance abuse treatment is often based on the assumption that the beliefs are sufficiently shared by clinicians within a clinic and sufficiently vary across clinics that they can be treated as a group-level phenomenon. Further, efforts to introduce new innovations are often focused at the group or clinic level without testing this assumption, which can lead to failure to adopt or to successfully implement the innovation. We tested the assumption of sharedness by examining if there was sufficient agreement about treatment beliefs within clinics, within groups of clinics or within groups of clinicians to justify treating these aggregations as meaningful groups. Using three statistical approaches to examining level of analysis (Within and Between Analysis (WABA I), Intraclass Correlation Coefficients (ICC(1)), and rwg), we found that variability in treatment beliefs largely occurred at the individual rather than at the tested aggregate levels of analysis. These findings serve as an example of the importance of testing the assumption of shared perceptions in future research. PMID:17570604

  8. Analysis of modern problems and state of land relations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Т. В. Козлова


    Full Text Available Problems of the current situation of land relations and public land policy in Ukraine are investigated. Key factors that cause inhibition of land reform are identified. It was noted that public land policy today does not correspond to the full European and world standards and requirements of effective land management, so creating modern public land management is the main task, which will create a clear mechanism for land relations regulation. It was found that land issues can not be seen in isolation from the complex related to social, economic, environmental and legal issues. The measures to be implemented at this stage of land reform are proposed.

  9. Differences in Moral Judgment on Animal and Human Ethics Issues between University Students in Animal-Related, Human Medical and Arts Programs. (United States)

    Verrinder, Joy M; Ostini, Remo; Phillips, Clive J C


    Moral judgment in relation to animal ethics issues has rarely been investigated. Among the research that has been conducted, studies of veterinary students have shown greater use of reasoning based on universal principles for animal than human ethics issues. This study aimed to identify if this was unique to students of veterinary and other animal-related professions. The moral reasoning of first year students of veterinary medicine, veterinary technology, and production animal science was compared with that of students in non-animal related disciplines of human medicine and arts. All students (n = 531) completed a moral reasoning test, the VetDIT, with animal and human scenarios. When compared with reasoning on human ethics issues, the combined group of students evaluating animal ethics issues showed higher levels of Universal Principles reasoning, lower levels of Personal Interest reasoning and similar levels of Maintaining Norms reasoning. Arts students showed more personal interest reasoning than students in most animal-related programs on both animal and human ethics issues, and less norms-based reasoning on animal ethics issues. Medical students showed more norms-based reasoning on animal ethics issues than all of the animal-related groups. There were no differences in principled reasoning on animal ethics issues between program groups. This has implications for animal-related professions and education programs showing that students' preference for principled reasoning on animal ethics issues is not unique to animal-related disciplines, and highlighting the need to develop student (and professional) capacity to apply principled reasoning to address ethics issues in animal industries to reduce the risk of moral distress.

  10. Perceptions of, and reactions to, environmental heat: a brief note on issues of concern in relation to occupational health

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Delia Rizpah Hollowell


    Full Text Available Average temperatures around the world are already increasing, and climate change projections suggest that global mean temperatures will continue to rise. As the effects, and projected effects, of climate change are becoming clearer, it is more apparent that the health effects of heat exposure will need further investigation. The risks associated with heat exposure are especially relevant to understandings of occupational health for people involved in labouring or agricultural work in low-income countries. This review is a partial look at the ways in which issues surrounding heat exposure and occupational health have been treated in some of the available literature. This literature focuses on military-related medical understandings of heat exposure as well as heat exposure in working environments. The ways that these issues have been treated throughout the literature reflect the ways in which technologies of observation are intertwined with social attitudes. The effects of heat on the health of working people, as well as identification of risk groups, will require further research in order to promote prophylactic measures as well as to add to understandings of the actual and potential consequences of climatic change.

  11. Some folded issues related to over-shielded and unplanned rooms for medical linear accelerators - A case study (United States)

    Muhammad, Wazir; Ullah, Asad; Hussain, Amjad; Ali, Nawab; Alam, Khan; Khan, Gulzar; Matiullah; Maeng, Seongjin; Lee, Sang Hoon


    A medical linear accelerator (LINAC) room must be properly shielded to limit the outside radiation exposure to an acceptable safe level defined by individual state and international regulations. However, along with this prime objective, some additional issues are also important. The current case-study was designed to unfold the issues related to over-shielded and unplanned treatment rooms for LINACs. In this connection, an apparently unplanned and over-shielded treatment room of 610 × 610 cm2 in size was compared with a properly designed treatment room of 762 × 762 cm2 in size ( i.e., by following the procedures and recommendations of the IAEA Safety Reports Series No. 47 and NCRP 151). Evaluation of the unplanned room indicated that it was over-shielded and that its size was not suitable for total body irradiation (TBI), although the license for such a treatment facility had been acquired for the installed machine. An overall 14.96% reduction in the total shielding volume ( i.e., concrete) for an optimally planned room as compared to a non-planned room was estimated. Furthermore, the inner room's dimensions were increased by 25%, in order to accommodate TBI patients. These results show that planning and design of the treatment rooms are imperative to avoid extra financial burden to the hospitals and to provide enough space for easy and safe handling of the patients. A spacious room is ideal for storing treatment accessories and facilitates TBI treatment.

  12. Introduction: The Transparency Issue

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Teurlings, J.; Stauff, M.


    Besides giving an overview on the individual contributions, this introduction to the special issue on transparency delineates a conceptual context for a critical analysis of the contemporary discourse on transparency and the media mechanisms related to it. It focuses on three ambivalences inherent t

  13. 越南的南海政策及中越关系走向--基于国际法与区域外大国因素的分析%The New Trends of Vietnam in the South China Sea Issue and the Future Path of Sino-Vietnam Relations---The Analysis of International Law and the Factors of External Major Powers

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    近年来,越南的南海政策正在发生微妙的变化。越南通过对南海诸岛法律地位的调整,和东盟各国基本达成了一致立场,同时也赢得了美、日、印等国的支持。虽然越南声称此举是希望与各国建立战略信任,以维护区域内的和平与安宁,但其真实目的是想通过操弄《联合国海洋法公约》某些条款、以中国的领土和海洋权益为筹码来联合东盟国家和区域外大国,从而达到其利益最大化的目标。“981事件”是越南为检验其政策调整成效与中国展开的第一次交锋。该事件后,中越关系斗争性的一面有所上升,但双方的实力对比和在南海问题上的态度,决定了中越关系总体和平稳定的大趋势在未来几年内难以根本改变。%In recent years,the South China Sea policy of Vietnam has changed subtly.Vietnam and other ASEAN members have reached consensus on the South China Sea issue by identifying the Xisha Islands and the Nansha Islands as coral reefs which cannot sustain human habitation or economic life on their own.Although Vi-etnam claims that it is aimed to build strategic trust with other countries for peace cooperation and prosperity in Asia-Pacific,its real intention is to meet the interests of Vietnam and gang with the great powers outside the re-gion and other ASEAN members at the expense of China’s interests.The conflict of “981 exploration platform”between China and Vietnam are the consequence of this scheme.Although Sino-Vietnam relations have many problems at present,the difference of military power between two countries,Vietnamese foreign and security strategies and different views in Vietnamese Communist Party make it possible to keep peace in recent years be-tween China and Vietnam.

  14. Designing health care environments: Part I. Basic concepts, principles, and issues related to evidence-based design. (United States)

    Cesario, Sandra K


    A 2001 Institute of Medicine report captured the nation's attention regarding the dangers that can result from the health care environment. This report, fueled by the need for new facilities to be constructed, led to an explosion of research that now links the physical structure and design of health care facilities to the health and well-being of patients, nurses, other health care workers, and visitors. Continuing nursing education that highlights the importance of evidence-based design has been associated with measurable improvement in health care facilities' clinical outcomes, economic performance, employee productivity, customer satisfaction, and cultural congruency. Three major categories of outcomes can be impacted by evidence-based design: stress reduction, safety, and overall health care quality and ecology. In this article, Part I of a two-part series, the basic concepts, principles, and issues related to evidence-based design are introduced. Part II will describe continuing education programs available for nurses.

  15. Regulatory issues related to functional foods and natural health products in Canada: possible implications for manufacturers of conjugated linoleic acid. (United States)

    Fitzpatrick, Kelley C


    The Canadian Food and Drugs Act and Regulations, through its definitions of food and drug, currently restricts health-related claims for foods, food ingredients, and natural health products (NHPs). Over the past few decades, scientific research has led to a large body of information that demonstrates the benefits for health of many food and NHP ingredients. Health Canada recognized the constraints of the current regulatory environment and started to develop regulations related to the allowance of health claims for functional foods and NHPs, including those foods and NHPs that would contain conjugated linoleic acid isomers. Health Canada has 3 initiatives under way in the area of health claims for foods: 1) to adopt the generic health claims of the United States within a Canadian context, 2) to develop scientific standards of evidence and a guidance document for supporting the validity of product-specific claims, and 3) to develop an overall regulatory framework for functional foods. In 2000, Health Canada announced approval for the use of 5 generic diet-related health claims: sodium and hypertension, calcium and osteoporosis, saturated and trans fat and cholesterol and coronary artery disease, fruits and vegetables and cancer, and sugar alcohols and dental caries. Under a separate initiative, Natural Health Products Regulations were published in the Canada Gazette Part II on June 18, 2003. The NHP Regulations came into force on January 1, 2004, with a transition period ranging from 2 y (for site licensing) to 6 y (for product licensing, for products already issued a drug identification number).

  16. Issues Elicitation and Analysis of CMMI Based Process Improvement in Developing Countries Theory and Practice

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shahbaz Ahmed Khan Ghayyur


    Full Text Available Researchers have tried to find out the pattern of rising and fall of Pakistani software industry and also the reasons for what is going exactly wrong with this industry. Different studies have witnessed that in Pakistan, the software industry is not following the international standards. Another surprising fact, being observed in the past analysis, is the companies which have initiated CMMI-based SPI program have not even achieved the higher levels of CMMI from past three years, which is an alarming sign of the declining attitude of the industry. Therefore, it has become mandatory to look for the weak points or critical barriers or issues which are actually, the reason for this slow progress of CMMI-based SPI in Pakistan software industry. This study has identified that the issues for CMMI based SPI in Pakistan are much different than what it reported in the literature. Giving proper attention to the root of the problem can help solve many of the problems in this regard.

  17. Transect based analysis versus area based analysis to quantify shoreline displacement: spatial resolution issues. (United States)

    Anfuso, Giorgio; Bowman, Dan; Danese, Chiara; Pranzini, Enzo


    Field surveys, aerial photographs, and satellite images are the most commonly employed sources of data to analyze shoreline position, which are further compared by area based analysis (ABA) or transect based analysis (TBA) methods. The former is performed by computing the mean shoreline displacement for the identified coastal segments, i.e., dividing the beach area variation by the segment length; the latter is based on the measurement of the distance between each shoreline at set points along transects. The present study compares, by means of GIS tools, the ABA and TBA methods by computing shoreline displacements recorded on two stretches of the Tuscany coast (Italy): the beaches of Punta Ala, a linear coast without shore protection structures, and the one at Follonica, which is irregular due to the presence of groins and detached breakwaters. Surveys were carried out using a differential global positioning system (DGPS) in RTK mode. For each site, a 4800-m-long coastal segment was analyzed and divided into ninety-six 50-m-long sectors for which changes were computed using both the ABA and TBA methods. Sectors were progressively joined to have a length of 100, 200, 400, and 800 m to examine how this influenced results. ABA and TBA results are highly correlated for transect distance and sector length up to 100 m at both investigated locations. If longer transects are considered, the two methods still produce good correlated data on the smooth shoreline (i.e. at Punta Ala), but correlation became significantly lower on the irregular shoreline (i.e., at Follonica).

  18. Combining MCDA and risk analysis: dealing with scaling issues in the multiplicative AHP

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Barfod, Michael Bruhn; van den Honert, Rob; Salling, Kim Bang

    This paper proposes a new decision support system (DSS) for applying risk analysis and stochastic simulation to the multiplicative AHP in order to deal with issues concerning the progression factors. The multiplicative AHP makes use of direct rating on a logarithmic scale, and for this purpose...... the progression factor 2 is used for calculating scores of alternatives and √2 for calculation of criteria weights when transforming the verbal judgments stemming from pair wise comparisons. However, depending on the decision context, the decision-makers aversion towards risk, etc., it is most likely...... using a short, natural, and long scale, the proposed paper suggests a new approach in order to capture the influence from the progression factors in terms of including probability distributions. Herein, the uncertainty both with regard to the scale and the inherent randomness from the factor...

  19. Differences in Moral Judgment on Animal and Human Ethics Issues between University Students in Animal-Related, Human Medical and Arts Programs


    Verrinder, Joy M.; Remo Ostini; Phillips, Clive J. C.


    Moral judgment in relation to animal ethics issues has rarely been investigated. Among the research that has been conducted, studies of veterinary students have shown greater use of reasoning based on universal principles for animal than human ethics issues. This study aimed to identify if this was unique to students of veterinary and other animal-related professions. The moral reasoning of first year students of veterinary medicine, veterinary technology, and production animal science was co...

  20. Ethical Issues in Living Related Liver Transplantation%活体肝移植的伦理学问题

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王宏光; 管文贤; 窦科峰; 李开宗


    Nowadays liver transplantation has been an effective therapy to terminal liver diseases.In the past 12 years,living related liver transplantation (LRLT) developed rapidly with a favorable curative effect.It alleviated the shortage of cadaveric liver supply.To LRLT,the graft must be acquired from a living donor.The donor and recipient usually come from the same family.Therefore there are some ethical issues in LRLT such as choice of donor,donor's contribution and risk,recipient's family,psychology and society etc.With the development of technique in LRLT,the ethical issues must be considered and some ethical principles must be followed.LRLT is satisfying in surgery and feasible in ethics.%目前,肝移植已成为治疗终末期肝病的有效手段。活体肝移植术部分解决了供肝短缺的问题,10多年来其发展迅速,并取得了良好的疗效。由于活体肝移植需从活的供体身上切取部分肝脏,且供体多为患者家属,故存在着供体的选择、供体的贡献与代价,患者的家庭、心理、社会等伦理学问题。因此在提高活体肝移植技术水平的同时,必须充分考虑活体肝移植的伦理学问题,遵守伦理原则,使活体肝移植不但能从技术上达到,在伦理学方面也是可行的。

  1. Issue Relating to The Production and Sale of Milk Products to SC Helvetika Milk SRL Pecica, Arad County

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Iuliana Ioana Merce


    Full Text Available Food quality and human health influences contemporary life. Today more than ever, quality products to be safe in terms of food to meet the needs and innocuity became major values ​​for all producers, processors, distributors, especially for food consumers who are becoming more aware that their health depends on the quality of the food they consume. The paper recently a case study in a Romanian company in the dairy industry and the manufacture of dairy products, and all commercial operations the object of transaction milk and milk products, a small company that combines managed but we consider traditionalism ( the products we offer to the market modernism ( European requirements, quick marketing, producer - client relationship etc. This paper analyzes the emergence and development aspects of the company, implementing and upgrading production technology, issues related to the introduction of quality management, promotion and sale of products, customer relations, etc. We believe that SC HELVETICA MILK SRL, the constant concern of food safety, raw material procurement stage till marketing - customer satisfaction by offering quality products and thereby ensure customer loyalty. In conclusion, we believe the company is a successful example of business succces Romanian food industry.

  2. Estimates of U.S. Commercial Building Electricity Intensity Trends: Issues Related to End-Use and Supply Surveys

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Belzer, David B.


    This report examines measurement issues related to the amount of electricity used by the commercial sector in the U.S. and the implications for historical trends of commercial building electricity intensity (kWh/sq. ft. of floor space). The report compares two (Energy Information Administration) sources of data related to commercial buildings: the Commercial Building Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS) and the reporting by utilities of sales to commercial customers (survey Form-861). Over past two decades these sources suggest significantly different trend rates of growth of electricity intensity, with the supply (utility)-based estimate growing much faster than that based only upon the CBECS. The report undertakes various data adjustments in an attempt to rationalize the differences between these two sources. These adjustments deal with: 1) periodic reclassifications of industrial vs. commercial electricity usage at the state level and 2) the amount of electricity used by non-enclosed equipment (non-building use) that is classified as commercial electricity sales. In part, after applying these adjustments, there is a good correspondence between the two sources over the the past four CBECS (beginning with 1992). However, as yet, there is no satisfactory explanation of the differences between the two sources for longer periods that include the 1980s.

  3. 异种角膜移植伦理学相关问题的研究进展%Research progress in ethics related issues of xenocorneal transplantation

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    隋东明; 张晶晶


    Objective To discuss and study the ethics related issues of xenocorneal transplantation.Methods The ethics related issues of xenocorneal transplantation were discussed through analysis of the cornea characteristics and present situation of corneal transplantation.Results The ethical problems faced by corneal transplantation mainly consisted of technical barriers social problems:immune rejection after corneal transplantation; species chosen whether or not to meet the ethical requirements,whether to violate the ethics; animal rights issues; whether can cause characteristics change of xenocorneal transplantation person; whether xenocorneal transplantation will lead to the spread of deadly diseases,and endanger public safety.Conclusions Xenocorneal transplantation can help patients regain their sight,its success requires not only the innovation breakthrough of science and technology,but also the attention of people on ethical issues of xenocorneal transplantation.%目的 对异种角膜移植的伦理学相关问题进行探讨与研究.方法 通过分析角膜的特性及异种角膜移植的现状,探讨异种角膜移植的伦理学问题.结果 异种角膜移植面临的伦理学问题主要有技术性伦理问题和社会性伦理问题:异种角膜移植后的免疫排斥问题;物种选择是否符合伦理要求,是否违背伦理道德;动物权利问题;异种角膜移植是否会引起人的特性改变;异种角膜移植是否会导致致命性疾病的传播,危害公共安全.结论 异种角膜移植能够帮助患者重获光明,其成功不但需要依靠科学技术的创新突破,更依赖人们对异种角膜移植伦理问题的重视.

  4. Some Discussions Related to Financing by Issuing Preference Stock in China%关于我国发行优先股融资的相关探讨

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    范利民; 张辉锋; 谢鸿华


    As a special security type , preference stock owns the characteristics of stock and bond , and is an additional way besides traditional financing methods .To solve financing problem , Chinese corporations can use such a creative means as issuing preference stock .The paper interprets the attribution of preference stock by comparing different types of preference stock contract and the main characteristics of preference stock , bonds, common stock three types of securities;discusses necessity and feasibility of financing by issuing preference stock in China based on the analysis of development situation of preference stock in those primary countries; puts forward some related advice on issuing strategy .%作为一种特殊的证券形式,优先股兼具股票与债券的特点,是企业传统融资工具之外的补充,发行优先股可作为解决我国企业目前融资困难的一种创新方式。本文通过比较不同类型的优先股合约及优先股、债券、普通股三类证券的主要特征,阐释了优先股的性质;在分析国内外优先股发展概况的基础上,探讨了我国发行优先股融资的必要性与可行性;并就优先股的发行提出了相关的政策建议。

  5. Health in the news: an analysis of magazines coverage of health issues in veterans and military service organizations. (United States)

    Jitnarin, Nattinee; Poston, Walker S C; Haddock, Christopher K; Jahnke, Sara


    The purpose of this study was to conduct a content analysis of Veterans and Military Service Organizations (VMSOs) magazines to determine what health-related topics VMSOs target and how they inform their constituencies about health issues. Health-related topics in 288 VMSOs' magazines from 21 VMSOs published in 2011 and 2012 were coded by trained raters using a standardized manual. The top three most addressed health topics were Health Services (Health care, Insurance), Disability and Disability benefits, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Topics least frequently covered were Tobacco and Smoking cessation, Illegal drugs, Alcohol, Gulf War Syndrome, and Weight and Body composition. VMSOs are concerned about the health and well-being of their members given the considerable amount of content devoted to certain health topics such as health insurance concerns, disability, and post-traumatic stress disorder. However, other health concerns that affect a considerable number of both current military personnel and veterans and cost both the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense millions annually, such as drug and alcohol problems, and tobacco use and smoking cessation, are infrequently covered. The results of this study improve our understanding of the health-related information that reaches the military and veteran populations through this important media outlet.

  6. An analysis on the licensing trends of nuclear power plant and outstanding licensing issues

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Han, Kyoo Sung; Nam, Seung Duk; Jang, Keun Sun; Yang, Joon Suk; Park, Tae Chul [Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Taejon (Korea, Republic of)


    In this paper, nuclear licensing politics, procedures and regulatory trends of the national practices of both Korea and United States are reviewed and analyzed to begin with. The resolution process and regulatory status of severe accident issues, Unresolved Safety Issues(USIs) and Generic Safety Issues(GSIs) are also traced. Subsequently, the author suggests a scheme for resolving and preparing for anticipated licensing issues for Ulchin units 3 and 4, together with the establishment of outstanding licensing issues and regulatory criteria applicable to Ulchin units 3 and 4. 10 figs., 10 tabs., 22 refs. (Author).

  7. Relating Actor Analysis Methods to Policy Problems

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Van der Lei, T.E.


    For a policy analyst the policy problem is the starting point for the policy analysis process. During this process the policy analyst structures the policy problem and makes a choice for an appropriate set of methods or techniques to analyze the problem (Goeller 1984). The methods of the policy anal

  8. Network theory: key issues for the analysis of the "brain drain"

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Diana Carolina Henao


    Full Text Available This paper offers an analysis of the brain drain from the perspective of the network theory. Some definitions and key concepts of the network theory have been discussed in relation to criteria and reasons that are taken into account by people with broad educational capital from developing countries who are involved in the research in different areas of knowledge and who seek to adapt to other scientific collaboration networks in the developed countries.

  9. Prevalence of Feeding Related Issues/Difficulties in Taiwanese Children with History of Prematurity, 2003-2006 (United States)

    Howe, Tsu-Hsin; Hsu, Chyong-Hsin; Tsai, Mei-Wun


    Feeding problems are common problems seen in premature infants following their discharge from the NICU. However, the prevalence of feeding issues and failure to thrive among preterm infants in Taiwan is uncertain. All former studies of prevalence and identifications of feeding issues were from western countries. Those findings are therefore not…

  10. Domestic violence against women in eastern India: a population-based study on prevalence and related issues

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Babu Bontha V


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Violence against women is now widely recognised as an important public health problem, owing to its health consequences. Violence against women among many Indian communities on a regularly basis goes unreported. The objective of this study is to report the prevalence and other related issues of various forms of domestic violence against women from the eastern zone of India. Methods It is a population-based study covering both married women (n = 1718 and men (n = 1715 from three of the four states of Eastern India selected through a systematic multistage sampling strategy. Interviews were conducted using separate pre-piloted structured questionnaires for women (victimization and men (perpetration. Women were asked whether their husband or any other family members committed violent acts against them. And men were asked whether they had ever perpetrated violent acts against their wives. Three principle domestic violence outcome variables (physical, psychological and sexual violence were determined by response to a set of questions for each variable. In addition, data on socio-economic characteristics were collected. Descriptive statistics, bi- and multivariate analyses were done. Results The overall prevalence of physical, psychological, sexual and any form of violence among women of Eastern India were 16%, 52%, 25% and 56% respectively. These rates reported by men were 22%, 59%, 17% and 59.5% respectively. Men reported higher prevalence of all forms of violence apart from sexual violence. Husbands were mostly responsible for violence in majority of cases and some women reported the involvement of husbands' parents. It is found that various acts of violence were continuing among majority of women who reported violence. Some socio-economic characteristics of women have significant association with the occurrence of domestic violence. Urban residence, older age, lower education and lower family income are associated with

  11. Experimental Design and Data Analysis Issues Contribute to Inconsistent Results of C-Bouton Changes in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (United States)

    Chihi, Aouatef


    The possible presence of pathological changes in cholinergic synaptic inputs [cholinergic boutons (C-boutons)] is a contentious topic within the ALS field. Conflicting data reported on this issue makes it difficult to assess the roles of these synaptic inputs in ALS. Our objective was to determine whether the reported changes are truly statistically and biologically significant and why replication is problematic. This is an urgent question, as C-boutons are an important regulator of spinal motoneuron excitability, and pathological changes in motoneuron excitability are present throughout disease progression. Using male mice of the SOD1-G93A high-expresser transgenic (G93A) mouse model of ALS, we examined C-boutons on spinal motoneurons. We performed histological analysis at high statistical power, which showed no difference in C-bouton size in G93A versus wild-type motoneurons throughout disease progression. In an attempt to examine the underlying reasons for our failure to replicate reported changes, we performed further histological analyses using several variations on experimental design and data analysis that were reported in the ALS literature. This analysis showed that factors related to experimental design, such as grouping unit, sampling strategy, and blinding status, potentially contribute to the discrepancy in published data on C-bouton size changes. Next, we systematically analyzed the impact of study design variability and potential bias on reported results from experimental and preclinical studies of ALS. Strikingly, we found that practices such as blinding and power analysis are not systematically reported in the ALS field. Protocols to standardize experimental design and minimize bias are thus critical to advancing the ALS field. PMID:28101533

  12. A State-Independent Education for Citizenship? Comparing Beliefs and Values Related to Civic and Moral Issues among Students in Swedish Mainstream and Steiner Waldorf Schools (United States)

    Dahlin, Bo


    In the wake of globalisation, multiculturalism, and the "marketisation" of schools the education-for-citizenship question in relation to state and independent schools seems increasingly relevant. This paper is based on a comparison of beliefs and values related to civic and moral issues among students in Swedish mainstream and Steiner…

  13. A State-Independent Education for Citizenship? Comparing Beliefs and Values Related to Civic and Moral Issues among Students in Swedish Mainstream and Steiner Waldorf Schools (United States)

    Dahlin, Bo


    In the wake of globalisation, multiculturalism, and the "marketisation" of schools the education-for-citizenship question in relation to state and independent schools seems increasingly relevant. This paper is based on a comparison of beliefs and values related to civic and moral issues among students in Swedish mainstream and Steiner Waldorf…

  14. Issues in dynamic analysis and design of interconnected DC-DC power supply systems

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Karppanen, M.


    This thesis studies issues in dynamic analysis and design of interconnected DC-DC power supply systems. The history of the dynamic analysis dates back to the 1970s, when the modeling method for an individual switched-mode converter was introduced. Later on, the methods to analyze stability and performance of interconnected systems have been widely discussed in literature. However, a full understanding of many issues regarding the impedance interactions within the systems still seems to be missing. Therefore, the main objective of the thesis is to show that the minor-loop gain, which is commonly used in the interaction analysis, contains perfect information on the stability of the interconnected system but not necessarily much information on the robustness of the stability and the interactions taken place inside the converters. As a consequence of this, the second objective is to introduce techniques with which the interactions can be reduced or totally removed, thus making the dynamic analysis and design of the systems deterministic. The thesis utilizes two-port networks and the concept of dynamic profile introduced recently in the analyses of converters. Comprehensive formalism is derived to analyze also the effect of output-voltage remote sensing on converter dynamics. Such formalism is not found in literature, although remote sensing is widely used to improve voltage regulation of a converter. The effect of source and load interactions on the converter dynamics are discussed by the general interaction formalisms and the minor-loop gains defined at the input and output of the converter. Peak-current-mode, input-voltage feedforward and output-current feedforward controls are treated in the thesis as an example of the methods with which the interactions can be reduced. It is shown that a converter under peak-current-mode or input-voltage feedforward control can have ideal input-voltage noise attenuation. Dynamically, this means that the converter would be invariant

  15. Issues and approach to develop validated analysis tools for hypersonic flows: One perspective (United States)

    Deiwert, George S.


    Critical issues concerning the modeling of low density hypervelocity flows where thermochemical nonequilibrium effects are pronounced are discussed. Emphasis is on the development of validated analysis tools, and the activity in the NASA Ames Research Center's Aerothermodynamics Branch is described. Inherent in the process is a strong synergism between ground test and real gas computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Approaches to develop and/or enhance phenomenological models and incorporate them into computational flowfield simulation codes are discussed. These models were partially validated with experimental data for flows where the gas temperature is raised (compressive flows). Expanding flows, where temperatures drop, however, exhibit somewhat different behavior. Experimental data for these expanding flow conditions is sparse and reliance must be made on intuition and guidance from computational chemistry to model transport processes under these conditions. Ground based experimental studies used to provide necessary data for model development and validation are described. Included are the performance characteristics of high enthalpy flow facilities, such as shock tubes and ballistic ranges.

  16. Race and Ethnicity in School Psychology Publications: A Content Analysis and Comparison to Publications in Related Disciplines (United States)

    Noltemeyer, Amity L.; Proctor, Sherrie L.; Dempsey, Allison


    Previous research has examined the quantity and types of diversity-related research in the field of school psychology, revealing gaps in the literature. Extension of this line of research with current data and comparison to related disciplines is needed. This study used content analysis to address these issues, with a specific focus on the racial…


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. V. Donchenko


    Full Text Available Purpose.Nowadays a problem of significant power consumption of the rolling stock during its operation is a current issue. In connection with staged electricity rates increase further development of the rail electric transport, including metro rolling stock is impossible without a use of modern energy saving solutions and energy-efficient systems. To solve the specified problem it is necessary to carry out analysis of measures and determine prospective directions in energy saving and increase of energy efficiency on the metro rolling stock. Methodology. Using methods of scientific analysis, generalization, comparative analysis, forecasting and using results of experimental studies, the authors determined main ways for reduction of energy consumption during operation of the metro rolling stock. Energy cost analysis for metro rolling stock of the public utility (PU «Kiev Metro» was carried out. A great number of research works of native and foreign authors concerning the above mentioned problem were analyzed. Findings. Principal directions in energy saving and increase of energy efficiency of the metro rolling stock are implementation of recuperation systems, energy storage systems and energy-efficient control systems. It was determined that implementation of recuperation and energy storage systems helps to save a considerable amount of energy, consumed for traction, but it involves substantial investments. It is pointed out that in current complicated conditions of economic development of Ukraine, use of energy-efficient control systems is a perspective direction in energy saving. Main advantage of this direction is the economic effect obtaining without significant investments. Originality. For the first time was performed potential assessment for energy saving as a result of energy-efficient control systems use at type routine rolling stock operation modes on sections «Khreschatik –Teatralnaya – Khreschatik» and «Shulyavskaya

  18. Market-Driven Solutions to Economic, Environmental, and Social Issues Related to Water Management in the Western USA

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jordan A. Clayton


    Full Text Available Water management issues continue to plague the western United States, including rapid population growth, degraded aquatic ecosystems, unfulfilled claims to American Indian users, the threat of global warming, an economic recession, and many other issues. This essay outlines some advantages of market-driven reforms to the management of water resources in the western USA. Historical and contemporary western water resource issues are examined from economic, environmental, and social viewpoints. In all such contexts, it is argued that regulated water markets provide flexible and just solutions to western water dilemmas, and reallocations may provide much-needed additional water supply.

  19. The problem involving OPMEs and the health plans contracts: outline and analysis of the issue

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    MARTINS, Paulo Roberto do Nascimento


    Full Text Available This paper has as its scope to introduce and analyze some of most polemic issues involving the indications of OPMEs within the health plans contracts. During the text, are exhibited normative elements related to this context, as well as some judicial decisions concerning this matter, aiming to defend, with reasonable grounds, that the indication of the patient’s doctor, when choosing prostheses and orthoses, cannot be taken as the unique nor necessarily the best opinion, given the existence of other interests, beyond the patient’s health, that are often in stake as well. At the end, it is explained that, in light of the currently existing regulation in Brazil, in the context of the supplementary health system, to the patient’s doctor is given the authority only to indicate the characteristics of the materials needed, leaving it to the health plans Operators the choice of the brand and the manufacturer. As long as the courts deny these rules, this serious problem will not be solved.

  20. Behavioral Issues Associated With Long Duration Space Expeditions: Review and Analysis of Astronaut Journals (United States)

    Struster, Jack


    Personal journals maintained by NASA astronauts during six-month expeditions onboard the International Space Station were analyzed to obtain information concerning a wide range of behavioral and human factors issues. Astronauts wrote most about their work, followed by outside communications (with mission control, family, and friends), adjustment to the conditions, interactions with crew mates, recreation/leisure, equipment (installation, maintenance), events (launches, docking, hurricanes, etc.), organization/management, sleep, and food. The study found evidence of a decline in morale during the third quarters of the missions and identified key factors that contribute to sustained adjustment and optimal performance during long-duration space expeditions. Astronauts reported that they benefited personally from writing in their journals because it helped maintain perspective on their work and relations with others. Responses to questions asked before, during, and after the expeditions show that living and working onboard the ISS is not as difficult as the astronauts anticipate before starting their six-month tours of duty. Recommendations include application of study results and continuation of the experiment to obtain additional data as crew size increases and operations evolve.

  1. [Advances in the experimental analysis of behavior: issues of choice behavior, comparative cognition, and human language]. (United States)

    Sakagami, T; Yamamoto, J; Jitsumori, M


    As the opportunity to contact with related areas has increased, the study of of the experimental analysis of behavior has experienced revolutionary changes. Some of the most active and important areas-studies of choice, comparative cognition, and human language--are reviewed to acquaint readers. Studies of CHOICE have linked to the molar theories of behavioral economics and behavioral ecology, which promoted research of choice by animals under uncertainty conditions. Further approach has been made to integrate the molar and molecular analyses on the basis of the ideas of behavior dynamics. COMPARATIVE COGNITION is a part of a larger field including cognitive science, behavioral neuroscience, and biological science. Recent developments, aided with a comparative perspective, made significant contributions to our understanding of the phylogeny and ontogeny of cognition. Advances in analysis of human behavior provided tools to study behavioral aspects of semantics, syntax, and pragmatics of HUMAN LANGUAGE. Using the paradigm of stimulus equivalence, the emergence of stimulus relations, stimulus-stimulus networks, hierarchical structure of verbal behavior, and other language-related behaviors have been investigated.

  2. Photovoltaic commercialization: an analysis of legal issues affecting a government-accelerated solar industry

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lamm, D.


    The Photovoltaics Research, Development, and Demonstration Act of 1978 is discussed. Legal issues, including solar access, the need for performance standards, the effects of building codes on photovoltaic system use and commercialization, and manufacturer and installer performance guarantees, are examined. Electric utility policies are examined, including interconnection, and rates and legal issues affecting them. (LEW)

  3. Issues of terrorism on the internet in the wave of democratization of post-reform Indonesia: A semiotic analysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aceng Ruhendi Saifullah


    Full Text Available The discourse of terrorism is a global issue but tends to be interpreted as controversial. This study sought to dismantle the controversy of meanings through the analysis of signs and meanings, with a view to explore and demonstrate the wave of democratization that took place in post-reform era in Indonesia. This study was a case study using readers’ responses to terrorism issues provided by cyber media on the Internet. It also rests primarily on the semiotic theory of Peirce and the concept of democratization of Huntington. The results showed that participation, freedom of expression, and equal power relations occurred in the interactive discourse in the cyber news media in the form of a dialogue between the responders, the media, and the debate among the responders. Responders tended to argue that signs and meanings are constructed by the media and to interpret information about terrorism as "political engineering" which was expressed by means of emotive tone. Meanwhile, the media tended to construct a "political imagery" which was expressed in a confrontational way, and the resources tended to understand it as "noise level of political elite ", which was expressed in a persuasive manner. Such differences occurred due to the factors of media context that tended to be "convivial" and the context of the communication situation on the Internet that tends to show "discretion". Based on these findings, this study concluded that interactive discourse in the Internet can be formulated as a democratic forum as the meaning making of the text is no longer dominated by media and the sources of information, but tend to be shared with the public. However, in terms of discourse process, interactive discourse in cyber media tends to be anarchic because the tone of interaction tends to be little, the relationship patterns tend to center on and be dominated by responders, the identities of responders tend to be anonymous, and linguistic expressions of the

  4. Returning a Research Participant's Genomic Results to Relatives: Analysis and Recommendations. (United States)

    Wolf, Susan M; Branum, Rebecca; Koenig, Barbara A; Petersen, Gloria M; Berry, Susan A; Beskow, Laura M; Daly, Mary B; Fernandez, Conrad V; Green, Robert C; LeRoy, Bonnie S; Lindor, Noralane M; O'Rourke, P Pearl; Breitkopf, Carmen Radecki; Rothstein, Mark A; Van Ness, Brian; Wilfond, Benjamin S


    Genomic research results and incidental findings with health implications for a research participant are of potential interest not only to the participant, but also to the participant's family. Yet investigators lack guidance on return of results to relatives, including after the participant's death. In this paper, a national working group offers consensus analysis and recommendations, including an ethical framework to guide investigators in managing this challenging issue, before and after the participant's death.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    郭定和; 吴学谋; 冯向军; 李永礼


    Based on new analysis modes and new definitions with relative mathematization and simplification or strengthening forms for concepts of generalized systems,panderivatives , pansymmetry , panbox principle, pansystems relativity, etc. , the framework and related principles of pansystems methodology and pansystems relativity are developed. Related contents include: pansystems with relatively universal mathematizing forns, 200 types of dualities, duality transformation, pansymmetry transformation,pansystems dialectics, the 8-domain method, pansystems mathematical methods,generalized quantification, the principles of approximation-transforming, pan-equivalence theorems , supply-demand analysis, thinking experiment, generalized gray systems, etc.

  6. An educational review of the statistical issues in analysing utility data for cost-utility analysis. (United States)

    Hunter, Rachael Maree; Baio, Gianluca; Butt, Thomas; Morris, Stephen; Round, Jeff; Freemantle, Nick


    The aim of cost-utility analysis is to support decision making in healthcare by providing a standardised mechanism for comparing resource use and health outcomes across programmes of work. The focus of this paper is the denominator of the cost-utility analysis, specifically the methodology and statistical challenges associated with calculating QALYs from patient-level data collected as part of a trial. We provide a brief description of the most common questionnaire used to calculate patient level utility scores, the EQ-5D, followed by a discussion of other ways to calculate patient level utility scores alongside a trial including other generic measures of health-related quality of life and condition- and population-specific questionnaires. Detail is provided on how to calculate the mean QALYs per patient, including discounting, adjusting for baseline differences in utility scores and a discussion of the implications of different methods for handling missing data. The methods are demonstrated using data from a trial. As the methods chosen can systematically change the results of the analysis, it is important that standardised methods such as patient-level analysis are adhered to as best as possible. Regardless, researchers need to ensure that they are sufficiently transparent about the methods they use so as to provide the best possible information to aid in healthcare decision making.

  7. A situational analysis of sexual and reproductive health issues in physically challenged people, attending a tertiary care hospital in New Delhi

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Utkarsha Agarwal


    Full Text Available Background and Objectives: Physically challenged people constitute the most stigmatized sections of society, and are excluded from outreach programs, besides being considered sexually inactive. They have unaddressed sexual and reproductive healthcare (SRH issues, predisposing them to sexual abuse and sexually transmitted infections (STIs. The huge paucity of data in this field prompted us to undertake this study. Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional survey was conducted on 100 people with more than 40% of permanent disability, attending various out/inpatient facilities of a tertiary care hospital in New Delhi, India. A structured, pretested questionnaire was used to assess SRH issues. Samples were collected from consenting individuals for diagnosis of various STIs, wherever relevant. Statistical analysis was done using Pearson's Chi-square test, considering significant at P <0.05. Results: Most people were in the age group of 15–30 years. Limbs were most commonly affected, and the use of assistive devices was statistically related to income levels (P = 0.045, 43% was married and 41% had children. Contraceptive usage was 33%, with a significant association (P = 0.03 with education levels. Issues related to sexual health included conditions ranging from nerve sensation loss in genitalia to fertility and gynecological issues, only 10% had received sexual counseling during rehabilitation. There were several misconceptions prevalent regarding HIV and STIs; 35% of the samples tested positive for chlamydia IgG. Interpretation and Conclusions: This is a pioneer study on a grossly neglected issue in India. There is a dire need to overcome hurdles and address the SRH issues of physically challenged people to achieve the universal WHO goal of “Health for All.”

  8. Business potentials related to smart grid. Issue paper - working group 5; Denmark. Smart Grid Network; Erhvervspotentialer i Smart Grid. Issue paper, arbejdsgruppe 5

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hauge, B. (Villawatt, Taastrup (Denmark)); Mortensen, E. (DI Energibranchen, Copenhagen (Denmark)); Lyck, L.L. (DONG Energy A/S, Fredericia (Denmark)); Hillingsoee Stubberup, M. (Udenrigsministeriet. Invest in Denmark, Copenhagen (Denmark)); Baadsgaard Trolle, M. (Dansk Energi, Frederiksberg (Denmark)); Lomholt Svensson, N. (Klima- og Energiministeriet, Copenhagen (Denmark)); Roemer Kofod, P. (ABB A/S, Skovlunde); Hauch, R. (IBM A/S, Kgs. Lyngby (Denmark)); Cajus, S. (DI ITEK, Copenhagen (Denmark)); Stroem, S. (Vindmoelleindustrien, Frederiksberg (Denmark))


    The Smart Grid Network was established in 2010 by the Danish climate and energy minister tasked with developing recommendations for future actions and initiatives that make it possible to handle up to 50% electricity from wind energy in the power system in 2020. The task of working group 5 provides an immediate assessment of business potential at the sector level based on the recommendations contained in the reports of the working groups 1-4. The working group has only drawn preliminary conclusions regarding business opportunities that may arise as a result of the other network groups' recommendations. In particular three areas, Denmark has at present the potential to strengthen the Danish business potential: 1) System Solutions. The intelligent energy system is more about interaction between different system components than the components themselves. Here Denmark belongs to the world elite, including the extensive use of cogeneration and wind power; 2) Market Solutions. The Nordic electricity trading system ''Nord Pool'' is the most efficient market-based electricity system in the world, and Denmark has thus a good basis for creating market-based solutions for future power systems; 3) Large-scale demonstration environments creates opportunities for companies to test and refine their products, solutions and services. In Denmark, and utility companies have opened up for companies to use the Danish network for testing solutions to real customers. More foreign players thus regard Denmark as an attractive market to test new technologies, partly because the Danish market is homogeneous and clear, and partly because Denmark in relation to the power system has a robust and well-managed network. Finally, the high share of fluctuating energy production helps to clarify the need for a flexible and intelligent power system. It is this combination of strengths that make Denmark a unique market for international companies to locate their

  9. An analysis of global problem issues in sixth-and seventh-grade textbooks (United States)

    Hamm, Mary; Adams, Dennis

    The study examines the extent to which the global issues of population growth, world hunger, air quality and atmosphere, and water resources were treated in sixth- and seventh-grade science textbooks. Ten textbooks were examined by five raters to determine the amount of content presented by different textbooks on global issues, the number of pages of content devoted to each issue, and the degree of depth in which issues were treated. Differences between grade levels were also explored. Of the 4,393 pages of content analyzed, less than 2 percent was devoted to these issues identified as the most serious human problems. No significant differences were found between textbook series. Significant differences were found in the number of pages of content presented on each issue. Most of the content fell into the categories of water resources, population growth, air quality, and atmosphere. The issue of war technology had the least amount of content. Distribution of content did not vary by grade level. Both levels addressed the issues of population growth, air quality, and water resources with a greater degree of depth than the issue of world hunger or war technology. The study concludes that the most widely used textbooks at the sixth- and seventh-grade levels avoid serious discussion of major global problems. And like the career indecision of a recent Miss America contestant, purchasers don't seem to be able to decide whether they want science textbooks to be a brain surgeon or a movie actress. Implications stemming from this dichotomy and its relationship to future science education curricular are also explored.

  10. Mothers' problem-solving skill and use of help with infant-related issues: the role of importance and need for action. (United States)

    Pridham, K F; Chang, A S; Hansen, M F


    Examination was made of the relationship of mothers' appraisal of the importance of and need for action around infant-related issues to maternal experience (parity and time since birth), use of help, and perceived problem-solving competence. Sixty-two mothers (38 primiparae and 24 multiparae) kept for 90 days post-birth a daily log of issues, rated for importance and for need for action, and of help used. Mothers also reported perceived problem-solving competence on an 11-item scale. Findings indicated tentativeness in ratings of importance and action. Ratings of importance were associated with action ratings, except for temperament issues. Action ratings for baby care and illness issues decreased significantly with time. Otherwise, maternal experience had no effect on ratings. More of the variance in perceived competence than use of help was explained by action and importance ratings.

  11. The Quality of Life of Employees in EU Member States. Issues Related to the Nature and Organization of Work

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available The quality of life of employees has become one of the main concerns of European employment policies in the last ten years, with the strategies that were developed taking into account the new emerging risks related to the changes in the way work is organized (flexible work arrangements, increased work intensity in order to meet deadlines, increased share of highly skilled non-manual workers, etc.. The article presents a comparative analysis between member states with respect to the quality of the life of employees, from the point of view of the nature and organization of work, focusing on one of the negative effects of overworking, especially in non-manual occupations in new member states, which has increased in incidence in the last years: stress.

  12. Application wavelet of the analysis for identification of acoustic issue's signals

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Bashkov; O.; V.; Semashko; N.A.; Bashkova; T.; I.; Shpak; D.; A.; Gololobova; I.; M.


    Acoustic issue at deformation and destruction of materials carries in itself weight of the information on the physical processes happening in structure of a material, mechanisms, to energy of destruction, intensity, speed of deformation, etc.……

  13. Application wavelet of the analysis for identification of acoustic issue's signals

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    @@ Acoustic issue at deformation and destruction of materials carries in itself weight of the information on the physical processes happening in structure of a material, mechanisms, to energy of destruction, intensity, speed of deformation, etc.

  14. Investigation of indoor air volatile organic compounds concentration levels in dental settings and some related methodological issues. (United States)

    Santarsiero, Anna; Fuselli, Sergio; Piermattei, Alessandro; Morlino, Roberta; De Blasio, Giorgia; De Felice, Marco; Ortolani, Emanuela


    The assessment of indoor air volatile organic compounds (VOCs) concentration levels in dental settings has a big health relevance for the potentially massive occupational exposure to a lot of diverse contaminants. The comparison of the VOCs profile relative to indoor conditions and to the corresponding outdoor concentrations, as well as the discovery of possible correlations between specific dental activities and VOCs concentration variations are of utmost importance for offering a reliable characterization of risk for dentists and dental staff health. In this study we review the most relevant environmental studies addressing the VOCs contamination level in dental settings. We analyze the methodological problems this kind of study must face and we report preliminary results of an indoor air investigation, carried out at dental hospital in Italy, the "Ospedale odontoiatrico George Eastman" of Rome, in which general lines for the analysis of dental settings in environmental terms are sketched. The aim of this work is to identify the kind of problems a typical enclosed (non-industrial) environment indoor air investigation has to cope with by means of the analysis of a case study.

  15. Statistical issues surrounding the analysis of forensic low-template DNA samples


    Steele, C. D.


    Increased sensitivity of forensic DNA profiling over the last decade has led to increased stochasticity in the resulting profiles, causing difficulties for interpretation that were acknowledged by the Caddy Report [Caddy et al., 2008]. These difficulties were largely overcome with the adoption of statistical models allowing for dropout and dropin, but interpretation issues remain, several of which are tackled in this thesis. One such issue concerns the choice of allele frequency databases whe...

  16. Analysis over Critical Issues of Implementation or Non-implementation of the ABC Method in Romania

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sorinel Cãpusneanu


    Full Text Available This article analyses the critical issues regarding implementation or non-implementation of the Activity-Based Costing (ABC method in Romania. There are highlighted the specialists views in the field opinions and own point of view of the authors regarding informational, technical, behavioral, financial, managerial, property and competitive issues regarding implementation or non-implementation of the ABC method in Romania.

  17. Danish WEEE management in the light of the WEEE and RoHS Directives: a quantitative analysis of critical issues

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pizzol, Massimo; Thomsen, Marianne

    substances in EEE (Ongondo, 2011). The present study analyses and describes the structure and the actors in the WEEE management system in Denmark. Furthermore, the two directives are considered by looking at critical aspects related to their implementation. Two problematic issues are individuated. First...

  18. Components of Candidate Images: Statistical Analysis of the Issue-Persona Dichotomy in the Presidential Campaign of 1996. (United States)

    Hacker, Kenneth L.; Zakahi, Walter R.; Giles, Maury J.; McQuitty, Shaun


    Describes the results of a study intended to test a specific hypothesis and a research question related to the theoretical development of the candidate image construct in political communication. Tests the long-standing assumption that there is a dichotomy between candidate issue positions and candidate persona impressions ("images").…

  19. Estudo Transcultural sobre Liderança em Relações Públicas e Gestão da Comunicação: análise quantitativa dos temas de maior importância para os brasileiros / Transcultural Study on Leadership in Public Relations and Communication Management: quantitative analysis of the issues of greatest importance to the Brazilians

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andréia Athaydes


    Full Text Available Este artigo apresenta o relato parcial de uma investigação realizada em âmbito internacional, sob coordenação da Universidade do Alabama e do The Plank Center Institute (EUA, a fim de compreender como as constantes e rápidas mudanças políticas, econômicas e sociais impactam nas rotinas e no desempenho dos gestores em RP e Comunicação. As impressões foram obtidas através de questionário online e entrevistas em profundidade com gestores de RP e Comunicação de diferentes organizações. Aqui, são detalhados os dados quantitativos referentes à primeira seção do questionário online, que buscou conhecer, entre 10 temas pré-definidos, quais os de maior importância para os participantes. Estar preparado para lidar eficazmente com as crises, lidar com a velocidade e volume do fluxo de informação e melhorar os indicadores de comunicação para demonstrar o valor do trabalho realizado são as principais preocupações dos gestores. / This article presents part of an investigation into an international, coordinated by the University of Alabama and The Plank Center Institute (USA in order to understand how the constant and rapidly changing political, economic and social impact in the routines and performance of managers in PR and Communications. The prints were obtained through online questionnaire and in-depth interviews with managers of PR and Communication of different organizations. Here are detailed quantitative data relating to the first section of the online questionnaire, which sought to know from 10 predefined themes, which are the most important to the participants. Be prepared to deal effectively with crises, handle the speed and volume of information flow and improve communication indicators to demonstrate the value of the work performed are the main concerns of managers.

  20. Stories of HERMES: An Analysis of the Issues Faced by Young European Researchers in Migration and Ethnic Studies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maren Borkert


    Full Text Available This article introduces contemporary migration research from the perspective of a cross-section of itinerant European academics at the early stages of their research career. Specifically, it examines self-reflexivity as an effective tool to support qualitative data analysis in light of the multiple dimensions of migration and ethnic research in Europe. As part of this reflexivity, the paper considers the complex relations and relationships that shape researcher-participant interaction. It shows how these are made even more intricate and confusing by research conducted outside ones home country and/ or with national communities to which one does not "naturally" belong. Over recent years, the European Commission has sought to foster inter-academic exchange, especially amongst new European researchers. Emphasis has been placed on the need to build up effective international and inter-disciplinary research networks but, we argue, very little attention has been directed towards how the processes of up-rooting and re-grouping facilitate and/ or restrict the research experience. Using self-reflexivity, and in light of the particular complexities of carrying out international migration research, the paper will review these issues and seek to increase our understanding of how young European academics become successful transnational researchers. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs060397

  1. An Analysis of the Ontological Causal Relation in Physics and Its Educational Implications (United States)

    Cheong, Yong Wook


    An ontological causal relation is a quantified relation between certain interactions and changes in corresponding properties. Key ideas in physics, such as Newton's second law and the first law of thermodynamics, are representative examples of these relations. In connection with the teaching and learning of these relations, this study investigated three issues: the appropriate view concerning ontological category, the role and status of ontological causal relations, and university students' understanding of the role and status of these relations. Concerning the issue of proper ontology, this study suggests an alternative view that distinguishes between interaction and property at the macroscopic level, in contrast to Chi and colleagues' influential view. Concerning the role and status of the relations, we conclude that fundamental ontological causal relations should be regarded as knowledge at the core of relevant physics theories. However, upon analysis of participants' responses, this study finds that university students' views on the status of the heat capacity relation and Newton's second law are quite different. Several possible educational implications of these results are discussed.

  2. The 1999-2000 ACC task analysis of nurse-midwifery/midwifery practice: a consideration of the concept of professional issues. (United States)

    Johnson, P G; Oshio, S; Fisher, M C; Fullerton, J T


    The American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) Certification Council periodically conducts a task analysis study as evidence supporting the content validity of the national certification examination in nurse-midwifery and midwifery. The purpose of this article is to report findings related to the examination of the relationship between professional issues and safe beginning-level midwifery as measured by the 1999-2000 Task Analysis of American Nurse Midwifery and Midwifery Practice. Study findings suggest that newly certified midwives place strong emphasis on the importance of tasks related to the ACNM "Hallmarks of Midwifery," which characterize the art and science of the profession: these include tasks dealing with health promotion and cultural competency. The beginning midwives, however, gave consistently low ratings to tasks related to ACNM "Core Competencies" that mirror the professional responsibilities of midwives; these include tasks related to the history of midwifery, research, or health policy. The study has implications for nurse-midwifery/midwifery educators, experienced midwifery mentors, and other persons interested in reinforcing the relevance of these important professional issues to the new midwife.

  3. 78 FR 33843 - Request for Comments on Issues Related to Incidental Findings That Arise in the Clinical... (United States)


    ... submit comments by email to or by mail to the following address: Public Commentary... Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues. Telephone: 202-233-3960. E-Mail: . Additional information may be obtained at . SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: On...

  4. The gay librarian: a comparative analysis of attitudes towards professional gender issues. (United States)

    Carmichael, J V


    Librarianship is a feminized profession, and like teaching, nursing, and social work with which it shares the occupational traits of a "semi-profession," its low status and prestige have been attributed to a negative feminine image. To date, discussion of a corresponding male librarian image, general male issues, and the broader topic of gender issues has been minimal within the profession, while serious discussion of gay male librarians and their professional identity has been virtually nil. This study compares the responses of straight and self-identified gay males to an exploratory survey of male members of the American Library Association. The topics covered by the survey include reasons for entry into the field, the existence and identity of a male librarian stereotype, and gender issues generally, including gender stratification of work and sexual discrimination and/or harassment. Self-identified gay subjects share many characteristics in common with the straight cohort, including the identification of a gay male stereotype and some denial surrounding gender equity issues. On the other hand, the tentative findings of this exploratory study raise the question of whether both gay and straight male subjects overestimate the number of gay men in librarianship. The report concludes with an update on gay issues within the profession since the survey was completed, and recommendations for further research.

  5. Multiple testing issues in discriminating compound-related peaks and chromatograms from high frequency noise, spikes and solvent-based nois in LC-MS data sets

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Nyangoma, S.O.; Van Kampen, A.A.; Reijmers, T.H.; Govorukhina, N.I; van der Zee, A.G.; Billingham, I.J; Bischoff, Rainer; Jansen, R.C.


    Multiple testing issues in discriminating compound-related peaks and chromatograms from high frequency noise, spikes and solvent-based noise in LC-MS data sets.Nyangoma SO, van Kampen AA, Reijmers TH, Govorukhina NI, van der Zee AG, Billingham LJ, Bischoff R, Jansen RC. University of Birmingham. Liq

  6. The Impact of Social Support on the Relation between Stress from Daily Life Issues and Depression among East Asian International Students in the United States (United States)

    Fang, Hong-Ning


    Moderation effects of social support on the relation between stress resulting from five daily life issues (i.e., acculturation, second language, academic performance, interpersonal relationships, and financial concerns) and psychological distress (i.e., the level of depression) among China, South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan international students…

  7. 17 CFR 270.12d3-1 - Exemption of acquisitions of securities issued by persons engaged in securities related businesses. (United States)


    ... investment company, or any company or companies controlled by such registered investment company (“acquiring company”) may acquire any security issued by any person that, in its most recent fiscal year, derived 15 percent or less of its gross revenues from securities related activities unless the acquiring...

  8. Theoretical Issues

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Marc Vanderhaeghen


    The theoretical issues in the interpretation of the precision measurements of the nucleon-to-Delta transition by means of electromagnetic probes are highlighted. The results of these measurements are confronted with the state-of-the-art calculations based on chiral effective-field theories (EFT), lattice QCD, large-Nc relations, perturbative QCD, and QCD-inspired models. The link of the nucleon-to-Delta form factors to generalized parton distributions (GPDs) is also discussed.

  9. Attitudes of policy makers in Hawaii towards public health and related issues before and after an economic recession in the United States

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jay E Maddock


    Full Text Available Legislation and regulation at the state and local level can often have a greater impact on the public’s health than individual-based approaches. Elected and appointed officials have an essential role in protecting and improving public health. Despite this important role, little systematic research has been done to assess the relative importance of public health issues compared to other policy issues in times of economic hardship. This study assessed attitudes of elected and appointed decision makers in Hawaii in 2007 and 2013 to determine if priorities differed before and after the economic recession. Methods: Elected and appointed state and county officials were mailed surveys at both time points. Respondents rated the importance of 23 specified problems, of which 9 asked about specific public health issues. Results: The survey was completed by 126 (70.4% respondents in 2007 and 117(60.9% in 2013. Among the public health issues, five saw significant mean decreases. These variables included: climate change, pedestrian safety, government response to natural disasters, access to healthcare, and pandemic influenza. Obesity was the only public health issue to increase in importance across the two time points. In terms of relative ranking across the time points, only drug abuse and obesity were among the top ten priorities. Lack of public health training, pandemic influenza, and government response to natural disasters were among the bottom five priorities. Conclusions: After the economic recession, many public health issues have a lower priority among Hawaii’s policy makers than before the downturn. Additional education and advocacy is needed to keep public health issues on the minds of decision makers during tough economic times.

  10. Standard guide for corrosion-related failure analysis

    CERN Document Server

    American Society for Testing and Materials. Philadelphia


    1.1 This guide covers key issues to be considered when examining metallic failures when corrosion is suspected as either a major or minor causative factor. 1.2 Corrosion-related failures could include one or more of the following: change in surface appearance (for example, tarnish, rust, color change), pin hole leak, catastrophic structural failure (for example, collapse, explosive rupture, implosive rupture, cracking), weld failure, loss of electrical continuity, and loss of functionality (for example, seizure, galling, spalling, swelling). 1.3 Issues covered include overall failure site conditions, operating conditions at the time of failure, history of equipment and its operation, corrosion product sampling, environmental sampling, metallurgical and electrochemical factors, morphology (mode) or failure, and by considering the preceding, deducing the cause(s) of corrosion failure. This standard does not purport to address all of the safety concerns, if any, associated with its use. It is the responsibili...

  11. Critical Issues of Lean Implementation in Indian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises-an Analysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M.M. Ravikumar


    Full Text Available Lean manufacturing is a strategic tool, which is used to reduce waste and to improve the efficiency of an organization. Indian MSME’s are struggling to implement these techniques. The aim of the study is to investigate the various critical issues faced by the Indian MSMEs while implementing lean. A questionnaire containing 29 problems under five categories was prepared and sent to 200 MSME’s all over India. Eighty two companies responded and their responses were analyzed using the IBM SPSS statistics 20 package to find the rating on various issues. Ratings were also obtained from three lean consultants and compared to find the closer value. This enables to have better understanding on critical issues for successful implementation.

  12. Analysis of Critical Issues in Biosphere Assessment Modelling and Site Investigation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Egan, M.J.; Thorne, M.C.; Little, R.H.; Pasco, R.F. [Quintessa Limited, Henley-on-Thames (United Kingdom)


    The aim of this document is to present a critical review of issues concerned with the treatment of the biosphere and geosphere-biosphere interface in long-term performance assessment studies for nuclear waste disposal in Sweden. The review covers three main areas of investigation: a review of SKB's plans for undertaking site investigations at candidate locations for the development of a deep geological repository for spent fuel; identification of critical uncertainties associated with SKB's treatment of the geosphere-biosphere interface in recent performance assessments; and a preliminary modelling investigation of the significance of features, events and processes in the near-surface environment in terms of their effect on the accumulation and redistribution of radionuclides at the geosphere-biosphere interface. Overall, SKB's proposals for site investigations are considered to be comprehensive and, if they can be carried out to the specification presented, will constitute a benchmark that other waste management organisations will have to work hard to emulate. The main concern is that expertise for undertaking the investigations and reporting the results could be stretched very thin. The authors have also identified weaknesses in the documentation concerning the collection of evidence for environmental change and on developing scenarios for future environmental change. A fundamental assumption adopted in the renewed assessment of the SFR 1 repository, which is not discussed or justified in any of the documentation that has been reviewed, is that radionuclides enter the water column of the coastal and lake models directly, without passing first through the bed sediments. The modelling study reported herein suggests that SKB's models are robust to range of alternative conceptual descriptions relating to the geosphere-biosphere interface. There are however situations, in which contaminated groundwater is released via sediment rather than directly

  13. Critical Discourse Analysis: Hegemony of the Social Media Twitter About National Issues in Indonesia and its Implications to the Discourse Analysis Subject in Colleges

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Elvi Susanti


    Full Text Available Abstract This research is linked with Twitter, as one of social media services on the Internet that are extremely popular in the world, including in Indonesia. This research is important because Twitter is effective in quickly and accurately delivering messages. In fact, everyone can act as a 'reporter' and form quick opinions through this social media. This research is aimed to investigate the emergence of the roots of hegemony based on text analysis that is linked with representation, relation, identity, and transformation of national issues that become trending topics on Twitter. Moreover, the research is to discuss the social media's discourse practice that influences media workers in producing news, and to see how it implicates the research on the study of discourse analysis. By using the Fairclough theory, especially on text analysis that is linked with representation, relation, and identity, the researcher attempts to explore how the roots of hegemony emerge in the national issues that become trending topics on Twitter. The researcher also offers a new function to complete the approach of Fairclough in text analysis on social media: transformation – which is an attempt to see the change in roles of news participants and amateur readers as 'reporters' and participate in forming opinions. Abstrak Penelitian ini berhubungan dengan twitter, sebagai salah satu media sosial di internet yang sangat populer di dunia, termasuk di indonesia. Penelitian ini penting karena twitter efektif dalam menyampaikan pesan dengan cepat dan akurat. Faktanya, semua orang dapat bertindak sebagai "reporter" dan membuat opini yang cepat melalui sosial media tersebut. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menyelidiki kemunculan dari akar hagemoni berdasarkan analisis teks yang berhubungan dengan representasi, hubungan, identitas, dan transformasi isu-isu nasional yang menjadi topik yang sedang tren di twitter. Selain itu, penelitian ini juga untuk mendiskusikan praktik

  14. RFID-enabled healthcare applications, issues and benefits: an archival analysis (1997-2011). (United States)

    Fosso Wamba, Samuel


    In this paper, a comprehensive review of articles published between 1997 and 2011 in the Journal of Medical Systems (JMS) on RFID technology is presented. A total of 22 papers are analyzed using a classification framework that has three dimensions: RFID-enabled healthcare applications, RFID-enabled healthcare issues, and RFID-enabled healthcare benefits. In addition, an invitation sent to all authors of the papers accepted for the special issue on RFID for the JMS allows them to position their various papers within the classification framework. Finally, a list of future research directions is presented.

  15. Analysis of Training-Related Issues in the Transition to Ada in the DON (United States)


    X. T Co-Advisor David I. Wi chairanDepartment of Adminit ences ii ABSTRACT The Department of Defense has been continually plagued with problems principals coupled with the programming power Ada has to offer, can lead to increased programming productivity. Productivity can be...shortages of software professionals. In addition, with more professionals trained in solid software engineering principals , code reusability will

  16. Emotional Issues and Peer Relations in Gifted Elementary Students: Regression Analysis of National Data (United States)

    Wiley, Kristofor R.


    Many of the social and emotional needs that have historically been associated with gifted students have been questioned on the basis of recent empirical evidence. Research on the topic, however, is often limited by sample size, selection bias, or definition. This study addressed these limitations by applying linear regression methodology to data…

  17. Interactive activities to stimulate debate and critical thinking about issues related to Earth sciences and sustainable development

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alessandra Magagna


    Full Text Available During the International Year of Planet Earth (2007-2009, the Department of Earth Sciences of Turin University and a local Museum of Natural History promoted a project entitled, Understanding how the Earth works: from local situations to global processes. In this context, two geothematic exhibitions on the Cape Verde Archipelago were designed and staged in local museums. The exhibition called Getting to know a volcano in order to live with it was the subject of action research that involved the design of interactive activities and the analysis of data collected during guided tours conducted with students of different ages. This study allowed the demonstration of the effectiveness of teaching strategies in which relevant Earth sciences topics are proposed, like risk and sustainable development, thus stimulating debate among the students. This approach enhances the cultural experience of individuals by sharing it with other people. The aim was to widen their awareness of the cultural value of the territory, and to stimulate a new critical way of thinking about the Earth sciences. These didactic tools were further developed when they were proposed and pursued by experienced museum guides and teachers, who were able to involve not only institutions (museums and schools in the knowledge construction process, but also families, relatives and the local community.

  18. Vil'njusskij vopros v mezhdunarodnyh otnoshenijah: istoriografija problemy [The Vilnius issue in international relations: the historiography of the problem

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mankevich Maria


    Full Text Available This article considers certain historiographical aspects of the Vilnius issue as an international problem. The author analyses the origins of the Polish-Lithuanian conflict, the role of the struggle for Vilnius in the general context of the Polish-Lithuanian confrontation, and the origin and nature of Lithuanian nationalism. The article also examines historiographical perspectives on the seizure of Vilnius by the troops of the Polish general, L. Żeligowsky, and the international consequences of the violation of the Suwałki Agreement. The author pays special attention to the positions of western powers, the decision of the Conference of Ambassadors on March 15, 1923, and the mediation of the League of Nations in the territorial dispute between Lithuania and Poland. The article considers the existing historiographical concepts and evaluations of the role of the Soviet diplomacy in the Vilnius issue. The author identifies new trends in the contemporary historiography of the Vilnius problem.

  19. The Association Between Age and Ethics-Related Issues in Using Social Media for HIV Prevention in Peru. (United States)

    Chiu, ChingChe J; Menacho, Luis; Young, Sean D

    Little research has focused on the ethical issues around using social media for HIV prevention in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), such as Peru. This study surveyed participants from the HOPE social media HIV intervention HIV intervention in Peru to assess their experiences and perceptions of ethical issues in the study and the impact of age on their experiences and perceptions. This study found that, compared to younger participants, older participants were more likely to express higher levels of understanding of the consent form and trust that other participants were real. Older participants also reported being less likely to benefit in learning about their HIV status. Findings suggest that age plays a role in participants' experiences in a social media-based HIV intervention.

  20. Some Issues Relating to Design and Development of an All-Composite Aero Gas Turbine Engine Rotor

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    K. Gupta


    Full Text Available The paper addresses some of the issues involved in the development of an all-composite aero gasturbine engine rotor with a view to reducing the total engine weight and increasing the thrust-weightratio beyond 20: I. It identifies the materials to be used for different components, i.e. shafts, discs andblades in the high and iow temperature regions. The various problems anticipated in its developmentare discussed and solutions recommended, wherever possible.

  1. Solution Examples of Selected Issues Related to Die Forging / Przykłady Rozwiązań Wybranych Zagadnień Związanych Z Kuciem Matrycowym

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gronostajski Z.


    Full Text Available The paper presents selected examples of solutions and specific user applications associated with the industrial forging processes. Various process specific issues encountered during many years of bilateral collaboration with the forging industry are addressed and analysis methods are presented. As demonstrated in numerous articles and publications, the parameters influencing the die forging process are subject to complicated and mutually related dependencies, which can affect and complicate the methods of analysis. For this reason, researchers, more and more frequently, involve the use of additional support tools such as CAD / CAM / CAE, numerical modelling based on FEM, tool surface scanning methods, physical modelling, advanced microstructural research and dedicated control-measurement systems to validate engaged solutions. The research conducted by the authors included mainly: an analysis of the preform preparation, the impact of the geometry on the forging quality and the heating methods of the material and the tools, analysis of the tribological conditions, as well as an optimization of selected processes in respect of the force parameters, strain and temperature distributions and finally, a weight minimization of the input material. The issues discussed by the authors in the article intend, on the basis of the experience of its creators, to review the issues of the current forging technology and to indicate its possible solutions and development directions.

  2. Mercury issues related to NPDES and the CERCLA watershed project at the Oak Ridge Y-12 Plant

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The purpose of this document is to present the current understanding of the issues and options surrounding compliance with the current National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit conditions. This is a complicated issue that directly impacts, and will be directly impacted by, ongoing CERCLA activities in Lower East Fork Poplar Creek and the Clinch River/Poplar Creek. It may be necessary to reconstitute the whole and combine actions and decisions regarding the entire creek (origin to confluence with the Clinch River) to develop a viable long-term strategy that meets regulatory goals and requirements as well as those of DOE`s 10-Year Plan and the new watershed management permitting approach. This document presents background information on the Reduction of Mercury in Plant Effluents (RMPE) and NPDES programs insofar as it is needed to understand the issues and options. A tremendous amount of data has been collected to support the NPDES/RMPE and CERCLA programs. These data are not presented, although they may be referenced and conclusions based on them may be presented, as necessary, to support discussion of the options.

  3. An Analysis of the Social and Political Issues in Jane Austen’s Novels

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Some researchers criticized Jane Austen for her seeming obliviousness to the big social and political upheavals in the outside world of her time. However, some hints of social and political issues could also be found through careful reading. This thesis tries to analyze them from the aspects of social class and female consciousness in her novels.

  4. Information Security Trends and Issues in the Moodle E-Learning Platform: An Ethnographic Content Analysis (United States)

    Schultz, Christopher


    Empirical research on information security trends and practices in e-learning is scarce. Many articles that have been published apply basic information security concepts to e-learning and list potential threats or propose frameworks for classifying threats. The purpose of this research is to identify, categorize and understand trends and issues in…

  5. Managing the Presence of Personal Issues in Career Counselling: Using Transactional Analysis with Possible Selves (United States)

    Parkin, Fran; Plimmer, Geoff


    Research indicates that career counsellors who integrate a client's personal issues into career counselling are rated more highly in terms of effective outcomes (Kirschner, Hoffman & Hill, 1994; Nevo, 1990). The challenge is how to address the personal and feeling component of clients' lives within career counselling contexts, where there is…

  6. Introduction to focus issue: Mixed mode oscillations: Experiment, computation, and analysis

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Brøns, Morten; Kaper, T.J.; Rotstein, H.G.


    Mixed mode oscillations ( MMOs ) occur when a dynamical system switches between fast and slow motion and small and large amplitude. MMOs appear in a variety of systems in nature, and may be simple or complex. This focus issue presents a series of articles on theoretical, numerical, and experimental...

  7. A Detailed Analysis over Some Important Issues towards Using Computer Technology into the EFL Classrooms (United States)

    Gilakjani, Abbas Pourhosein


    Computer technology has changed the ways we work, learn, interact and spend our leisure time. Computer technology has changed every aspect of our daily life--how and where we get our news, how we order goods and services, and how we communicate. This study investigates some of the significant issues concerning the use of computer technology…

  8. Privacy and Security of Criminal History Information. An Analysis of Privacy Issues. (United States)

    Trubow, George B.

    Policies and issues associated with the privacy and security of criminal history information are presented. The first chapter discusses general concepts regarding privacy and security of criminal justice information, including definitions of basic terms, considerations of interests requiring attention when developing policy, relevance of fair…

  9. Research Trends and Issues in Educational Technology: A Content Analysis of TOJET (2008-2011) (United States)

    Bozkaya, Mujgan; Aydin, Irem Erdem; Kumtepe, Evrim Genc


    This study has been conducted to evaluate the contents of articles published in the Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology (TOJET) between 2008 and 2011. General aim of the study is to review on what trends, issues and research methods on which studies of educational technology have concentrated in the last four years. Thus, articles…

  10. Introduction to the Special Issue on Specification Analysis and Verification of Reactive Systems

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Delzanno, Giorgio; Etalle, Sandro; Gabbrielli, Maurizio


    This special issue is inspired by the homonymous ICLP workshops that took place during ICLP 2001 and ICLP 2002. Extending and shifting slightly from the scope of their predecessors (on verification and logic languages) held in the context of previous editions of ICLP, the aim of the SAVE workshops w

  11. SPSS and SAS programs for addressing interdependence and basic levels-of-analysis issues in psychological data. (United States)

    O'Connor, Brian P


    Levels-of-analysis issues arise whenever individual-level data are collected from more than one person from the same dyad, family, classroom, work group, or other interaction unit. Interdependence in data from individuals in the same interaction units also violates the independence-of-observations assumption that underlies commonly used statistical tests. This article describes the data analysis challenges that are presented by these issues and presents SPSS and SAS programs for conducting appropriate analyses. The programs conduct the within-and-between-analyses described by Dansereau, Alutto, and Yammarino (1984) and the dyad-level analyses described by Gonzalez and Griffin (1999) and Griffin and Gonzalez (1995). Contrasts with general multilevel modeling procedures are then discussed.

  12. Data Analysis Strategies and Designs for Substance Abuse Research. Research Issues 13. (United States)

    Bentler, Peter M., Ed.; And Others

    This volume contains 10 original papers discussing methodologies applicable to performing psychosocial research on substance abuse, particularly abuse with drugs. Eight data analysis strategies are discussed by the authors: automatic interaction detection, actuarial prediction, cluster and typological analysis, path analysis, factor analysis,…

  13. PCR Based Microbial Monitor for Analysis of Recycled Water Aboard the ISSA: Issues and Prospects (United States)

    Cassell, Gail H.; Lefkowitz, Elliot J.; Glass, John I.


    added to a PCR assay; There are not likely to be contaminants in ISSA recycled water that would inhibit PCR resulting in false-negative results; The TaqMan PCR product detection system is the most promising method for developing a rapid, highly automated gene-based microbial monitoring system. The method is inherently quantitative. NASA and other government agencies have invested in other technologies that, although potentially could lead to revolutionary advances, are not likely to mature in the next 5 years into working systems; PCR-based methods cannot distinguish between DNA or RNA of a viable microorganism and that of a non-viable organism. This may or may not be an important issue with reclaimed water on the ISSA. The recycling system probably damages the capacity of the genetic material of any bacteria or viruses killed during processing to serve as a template in a PCR desinged to amplify a large segment of DNA (less than 650 base pairs). If necessary, vital dye staining could be used in addition to PCR, to enumerate the viable cells in a water sample; The quality control methods have been developed to insure that PCR's are working properly, and that reactions are not contaminated with PCR carryover products which could lead to the generation of false-positive results; and The sequences of the small rRNA subunit gene for a large number of microorganisms are known, and they consititue the best database for rational development of the oligonucleotide reagents that give PCR its great specificity. From those gene sequences, sets of oligonucleotide primers for PCR and Taqman detection that could be used in a NASA microbial monitor were constructed using computer based methods. In addition to space utilization, a microbial monitior will have tremendous terrestrial applications. Analysis of patient samples for microbial pathogens, testing industrial effluent for biofouling bacteria, and detection biological warfare agents on the battlefield are but a few of the diverse

  14. Social Scientists on Ethnic Relations in Croatia after 1989: Content Analysis of an Annotated Bibliography

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Árpád Baráth


    Full Text Available The article presents the main results of qualitative analysis of an annotated bibliography on ethnic relations in Croatia after 1989, prepared by the CEU, South-Eastern European Studies Department (Budapest. The bibliography was a selected sample of academic literature published, with few exceptions, by Croatian social and political scientists between 1989 and 1998. Five major classification criteria were found that “best” describe the mainstream of academic interest in-, and for Croatia during the past decade. These are issues dealing with: (1 ethnic identity, (2 nationalism & ethnic conflicts, (3 war & related human catastrophes, (4 human, ethnic & minority rights, (5 multiculturalism & democracy. The content analysis of abstracts and listed key words uncovered a significant shift of interest of Croatian scholars during the past 10 years from issues on ethnic identity & conflicts toward issues of multiculturalism & human rights. With the exception of few titles, the reviewer found the annotated bibliography complete with customary library search data, representative for a wide range of disciplines and balanced in selection.

  15. Relative value units and cost analysis, Part 3 of 4. (United States)

    Glass, Kathryn P; Anderson, Jeffery R


    In recent years, the interest in relative value unit (RVU) cost analysis has been on the rise. Why all the excitement? RVU cost analysis places the knowledge, and therefore the power, in the hands of the administrator to negotiate revenues, analyze expenditures, and control costs. Cost analysis at the per (relative)-unit level allows for procedure profitability (or loss) analysis, setting internal fee schedules based on costs, contract negotiation based on RVU cost and utilization, equitable provider compensation packages based on productivity and overhead coverage, and tracking ancillary and referral utilization risks. In short, RVU cost accounting uses the Resource-Based Relative Value Scale (RBRVS) instead of stopwatches and clipboards when measuring clinical costs and activity.

  16. Genetic testing and genomic analysis: a debate on ethical, social and legal issues in the Arab world with a focus on Qatar. (United States)

    El Shanti, Hatem; Chouchane, Lotfi; Badii, Ramin; Gallouzi, Imed Eddine; Gasparini, Paolo


    In 2013 both Saudi Arabia and Qatar launched genome projects with the aim of providing information for better diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases and, ultimately to realize personalized medicine by sequencing hundred thousands samples. These population based genome activities raise a series of relevant ethical, legal and social issues general, related to the specific population structure as well as to the Islamic perspective on genomic analysis and genetic testing. To contribute to the debate, the Authors after reviewing the existing literature and taking advantage of their professional experience in the field and in the geographic area, discuss and provide their opinions. In particular, the Authors focus on the impact of consanguinity on population structure and disease frequency in the Arab world, on genetic testing and genomic analysis (i.e. technical aspects, impact, etc.) and on their regulations. A comparison between the Islamic perspective and the ethical, social and legal issues raised in other population contexts is also carried. In conclusion, this opinion article with an up-to-date contribution to the discussion on the relevance and impact of genomic analysis and genetic testing in the Arab world, might help in producing specific national guidelines on genetic testing and genomic analysis and help accelerate the implementation and roll out of genome projects in Muslim countries and more specifically in Qatar, and other countries of the Gulf.

  17. The Dynamics of Slovak-Hungarian Relations – The Shift from Language Issues to Legal and Symbolic Questions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mihálik Jaroslav


    Full Text Available Language practice and its official recognition are considered crucial markers of national identities in the region of Central/Eastern Europe. The issue of language rights used to be a vital aspect of the agenda in national movements in the former Austrian (Austrian- Hungarian Monarchy, together with the process of territorializing and constructing of national identities in the region since the nineteenth century. The protection, persistence, preservation and further development of the national language was introduced as part of the moral obligations and commitments of the members of a community to the constructed national community.

  18. An Analysis of Sport Event Tourism Research: Trends, Issues and Future Directions


    Douglas Michele TURCO


    Sport tourism as an academic discipline and research focus has evolved considerably in the past two decades. Textbooks, academic conferences, undergraduate and graduate degree programmes, and a scientific journal, Journal of Sport and Tourism, now exist. This article examines the current body of research devoted to event-based sport tourism and identifies patterns of sport tourist behaviors, research issues, and future areas for research. Research focus areas covered include event economic im...

  19. Research on Social Issues and Related Planning Theory of Major Resettlement Project: A Case Study on Three Gorges Area

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Secondary disasters and crises such as disordered development and environmental pollution occurring amid the human resettlement process have been a heated academic focus in the field of urban and rural planning. However, the social issues involved in this process have not been given enough attention. This paper studies secondary man-caused disasters with respect to the natural environment and the social and cultural systems, which are linked together by the rapid urbanization process, in order to provide references for future theoretical and practical urban and rural planning studies. The study reveals that during resettlement, typical social issues such as societal anomie, social stratification, and individual poverty have occurred in the Three Gorges Area. The primary cause is that stimulated by rapid urbanization, human settlement development and social evolution have formed a double helix model composed of time and space that is similar to a DNA model, and any mismatched occurrences on either side will likely lead to a social structural problem. As an academic response to the significant urbanization process that is taking place in China, this study reflects the political and economic trends in global environmental change research, as well as the technology trends in humanity studies.

  20. Issues Related to Implementation of the EU Requirements on Plastic Crates and Pallets Containing Heavy Metals in Lithuania

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alis Lebedys


    Full Text Available The paper presents an analysis of problems which had to be dealt with by Lithuanian institutions while implementing environmental requirements laid down in Article 11 of European Parliament and Council Directive 94/62/EC on Packaging and Packaging Waste as well as in Decision 2009/292/EC of the European Commission establishing the conditions for derogation of plastic crates and plastic pallets related to heavy metal concentration limits set by Directive 94/62/EC. While the Directive puts ban on the usage of packaging with the aggregate concentration of 4 heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury and hexavalent chromium exceeding 100 ppm, Decision 2009/292/EC, instead, allows their usage if terms of derogation specified in the Decision are met. The implementation of the Decision means that each crate and/or pallet item circulating in the market with the concentration of the 4 heavy metals above the set level has to be identified, accounted, traced while in service, must at the end of service be delivered into a controlled recycling system and finally recycled in a way specified by the Decision. Therefore, the establishment of such a country-wide system presents a challenging task for the country as EU legislation sets no common requirements for its structure and leaves it to the country’s discretion. This paper systematises and summarises some principles and practices of managing the usage of plastic crates and plastic pallets containing the amount of heavy metals higher than 100 ppm (as set by Directive 94/62/EC in the EU Member States. The paper analyses possibilities and offers several scenarios for implementation of Directive 94/62/EC with respect to plastic crates and pallets with high concentration of heavy metals in Lithuania. Both the Directive and the Decision are based on using the data available from bookkeeping conducted by owners of crates and pallets and the EU environmental accounting/control system used in the country. The offered

  1. Overweight and obesity in India: policy issues from an exploratory multi-level analysis. (United States)

    Siddiqui, Md Zakaria; Donato, Ronald


    This article analyses a nationally representative household dataset-the National Family Health Survey (NFHS-3) conducted in 2005 to 2006-to examine factors influencing the prevalence of overweight/obesity in India. The dataset was disaggregated into four sub-population groups-urban and rural females and males-and multi-level logit regression models were used to estimate the impact of particular covariates on the likelihood of overweight/obesity. The multi-level modelling approach aimed to identify individual and macro-level contextual factors influencing this health outcome. In contrast to most studies on low-income developing countries, the findings reveal that education for females beyond a particular level of educational attainment exhibits a negative relationship with the likelihood of overweight/obesity. This relationship was not observed for males. Muslim females and all Sikh sub-populations have a higher likelihood of overweight/obesity suggesting the importance of socio-cultural influences. The results also show that the relationship between wealth and the probability of overweight/obesity is stronger for males than females highlighting the differential impact of increasing socio-economic status on gender. Multi-level analysis reveals that states exerted an independent influence on the likelihood of overweight/obesity beyond individual-level covariates, reflecting the importance of spatially related contextual factors on overweight/obesity. While this study does not disentangle macro-level 'obesogenic' environmental factors from socio-cultural network influences, the results highlight the need to refrain from adopting a 'one size fits all' policy approach in addressing the overweight/obesity epidemic facing India. Instead, policy implementation requires a more nuanced and targeted approach to incorporate the growing recognition of socio-cultural and spatial contextual factors impacting on healthy behaviours.

  2. Application of decision analysis to intelligent transportation system societal issues. Final report, 15 March 1996-14 March 1997

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Richardson, B.C.; Albers, W.A.; Kostyniuk, L.P.; Barnes, M.A.; Rodriguez, D.A.


    A demonstration of the use of decision analysis to address societal and institutional issues in an Intelligent Transportation System-based paratransit implementation was performed. A decision analysis technique called Multi-Organization Decision Analysis (MODA) was developed, and it is based on the Decision Risk Analysis process used widely in the private sector. Its objective is to facilitate consensus among the disparate public and private sector stakeholders in a decision process. The stakeholders are represented on a decision-making team, and they are supported by a team of analysts. MODA meetings are aided by facilitators. The process includes the development of a shared vision statement framing the problem, developing alternative solutions, analyzing the alternatives, and reaching a decision. Progression to the next step of the process does not occur until consensus is reached on the present step.

  3. Development and application of the Safe Performance Index as a risk-based methodology for identifying major hazard-related safety issues in underground coal mines (United States)

    Kinilakodi, Harisha

    The underground coal mining industry has been under constant watch due to the high risk involved in its activities, and scrutiny increased because of the disasters that occurred in 2006-07. In the aftermath of the incidents, the U.S. Congress passed the Mine Improvement and New Emergency Response Act of 2006 (MINER Act), which strengthened the existing regulations and mandated new laws to address the various issues related to a safe working environment in the mines. Risk analysis in any form should be done on a regular basis to tackle the possibility of unwanted major hazard-related events such as explosions, outbursts, airbursts, inundations, spontaneous combustion, and roof fall instabilities. One of the responses by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) in 2007 involved a new pattern of violations (POV) process to target mines with a poor safety performance, specifically to improve their safety. However, the 2010 disaster (worst in 40 years) gave an impression that the collective effort of the industry, federal/state agencies, and researchers to achieve the goal of zero fatalities and serious injuries has gone awry. The Safe Performance Index (SPI) methodology developed in this research is a straight-forward, effective, transparent, and reproducible approach that can help in identifying and addressing some of the existing issues while targeting (poor safety performance) mines which need help. It combines three injury and three citation measures that are scaled to have an equal mean (5.0) in a balanced way with proportionate weighting factors (0.05, 0.15, 0.30) and overall normalizing factor (15) into a mine safety performance evaluation tool. It can be used to assess the relative safety-related risk of mines, including by mine-size category. Using 2008 and 2009 data, comparisons were made of SPI-associated, normalized safety performance measures across mine-size categories, with emphasis on small-mine safety performance as compared to large- and

  4. Ethical Issues related to First Time Patient Encounters – reflected from the perspective of physiotherapists in private practice

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Præstegaard, Jeanette; Gard, Gunvor


    of the first physiotherapy session; the influence of the clinical environment on the first session and; reflections and actions upon beneficence towards the patient within the first session. The results show that the first session and the clinical context in private practice are essential from an ethical...... perspective. Conclusions Ethical issues do occur within the first session, the consciousness about ethical issuesdiffers in Danish physiotherapy private practice, and reflections and acts are to a lesser extent based on awareness of ethical theories, principles and ethical guidelines. Beneficence towards...... the patient is a fundamental aspect of the physiotherapists' understanding of the first session. However, if the physiotherapist lacks a deeper ethical awareness, the physiotherapist may reason and/or act ethically to a varying extent: only an ethically conscious physiotherapist will know when he or she...

  5. Coal gasification systems engineering and analysis. Appendix F: Critical technology items/issues (United States)


    Critical technology items and issues are defined in which there is a need for developmental research in order to assure technical and economic success for the state of the art of coal gasification in the United States. Technology development needs for the main processing units and the supporting units are discussed. While development needs are shown for a large number of systems, the most critical areas are associated with the gasifier itself and those systems which either feed the gasifier or directly receive products form the gasifier.

  6. Holographic analysis of the microstructure of atomized liquid issuing from centrifugal injectors (United States)

    Weclas, M.

    Holographs of sprays of atomized water issuing from centrifugal injectors have been analyzed, and the results are reported. The atomization spectrum was characterized by the presence of a principal maximum of distribution and distinct local maxima. Those extremum values occurred for the same droplet diameters, independently of the size of the injector and of the supply pressure. The character of the spectrum is independent of the distance from the injector outlet at any cross section of the spray. Most of the droplets are 20 to 60 microns in diameter, and the number of droplets within the 60 to 280 micron interval increases with increasing supply pressure.

  7. An appraisal of meta-analysis guidelines: how do they relate to safety outcomes? (United States)

    Bennetts, Meg; Whalen, Ed; Ahadieh, Sima; Cappelleri, Joseph C


    Although well developed to assess efficacy questions, meta-analyses and, more generally, systematic reviews, have received less attention in application to safety-related questions. As a result, many open questions remain on how best to apply meta-analyses in the safety setting. This appraisal attempts to: (i) summarize the current guidelines for assessing individual studies, systematic reviews, and network meta-analyses; (ii) describe several publications on safety meta-analytic approaches; and (iii) present some of the questions and issues that arise with safety data. A number of gaps in the current quality guidelines are identified along with issues to consider when performing a safety meta-analysis. While some work is ongoing to provide guidance to improve the quality of safety meta-analyses, this review emphasizes the critical need for better reporting and increased transparency regarding safety data in the systematic review guidelines. Copyright © 2016 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  8. Differentiation of closely related fungi by electronic nose analysis

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Karlshøj, Kristian; Nielsen, Per Væggemose; Larsen, Thomas Ostenfeld


    In this work the potential of electronic nose analysis for differentiation of closely related fun has been described. A total of 20 isolates of the cheese-associated species Geotrichum candidum, Penicillium camemberti, P.nordicum, and Proqueford and its closely related species P paneum, P carneum...... as well as the noacheese ociated P. expansum have been investigated by electronic nose, GC-MS, and LGMS analysis. The isolates were inoculated on yeast extract sucroseagar in 20-mL headspace flasks and electronicnose analysis was performed daily for a-74period. To assess which volatile metabolites...... by high pressure liquid chromatography, coupled-to a diode array detector and a time of flight mass spectrometer. Several mycotoxins were detected in samples from the specles P.nordicum, P.roqueforti, P.paneum, P.carneum, and P.expansum. Differentiation of closely related mycotoxin producing fungi...

  9. Measuring health lifestyles in a comparative analysis: theoretical issues and empirical findings. (United States)

    Abel, T


    The concept of lifestyle bears great potential for research in medical sociology. Yet, weaknesses in current methods have restrained lifestyle research from realizing its full potentials. The present focus is on the links between theoretical conceptions and their empirical application. The paper divides into two parts. The first part provides a discussion of basic theoretical and methodological issues. In particular selected lines of thought from Max Weber are presented and their usefulness in providing a theoretical frame of reference for health lifestyle research is outlined. Next, a theory guided definition of the subject matter is introduced and basic problems in empirical applications of theoretical lifestyle concepts are discussed. In its second part the paper presents findings from comparative lifestyle analyses. Data from the U.S. and West Germany are utilized to explore issues of measurement equivalence and theoretical validity. Factor analyses indicate high conceptual equivalence for new measures of health lifestyle dimensions in both the U.S. and West Germany. Divisive cluster analyses detect three distinct lifestyle groups in both nations. Implications for future lifestyle research are discussed.

  10. Thermal-Hydraulic Issues in the ITER Toroidal Field Model Coil (TFMC) Test and Analysis (United States)

    Zanino, R.; Bagnasco, M.; Fillunger, H.; Heller, R.; Savoldi Richard, L.; Suesser, M.; Zahn, G.


    The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) Toroidal Field Model Coil (TFMC) was tested in the Toska facility of Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe during 2001 (standalone) and 2002 (in the background magnetic field of the LCT coil). The TFMC is a racetrack coil wound in five double pancakes on stainless steel radial plates using Nb3Sn dual-channel cable-in-conduit conductor (CICC) with a thin circular SS jacket. The coil was cooled by supercritical helium in forced convection at nominal 4.5 K and 0.5 MPa. Instrumentation, all outside the coil, included voltage taps, pressure and temperature sensors, as well as flow meters. Additionally, differential pressure drop measurement was available on the two pancakes DP1.1 and DP1.2, equipped with heaters. Two major thermal-hydraulic issues in the TFMC tests will be addressed here: 1) the pressure drop along heated pancakes and the comparison with friction factor correlations; 2) the quench initiation and propagation. Other thermal-hydraulic issues like heat generation and exchange in joints, radial plates, coil case, or the effects of the resistive heaters on the helium dynamics, have been already addressed elsewhere.

  11. A rhetorical investigation of energy-related environmental issues and a proposed modeling of variables influencing the employment of domestic solar water heaters with a focus on mobilizing information (United States)

    Garner, Lilla Gayle

    A rhetorical investigation of energy-related environmental issues identifies significant contextual features and variables that should be considered in designing effective messages and information campaigns for energy consumers. This analysis reveals five components that should be examined and addressed in the construction of such messages and campaigns: (1) exigencies associated with energy-related environmental issues, (2) socio-political contextual features that influence public dialogue and the availability of energy-related environmental information, (3) competing paradigm structures that directly affect the forming of environmental publics, policy, and cultural norms, (4) theoretical concepts and models that can provide frameworks and guidelines for effective construction and promulgation of energy-related environmental messages, and (5) specific variables and factors that comprise and influence energy-related environmental beliefs, attitudes, intentions, and behaviors. The variables that comprise and influence energy-related environmental beliefs, attitudes, intentions, and behaviors are placed within Fishbein's Model of Reasoning so that the relationships among them can be illustrated and examined. This modeling of variables also provides a framework for testing and operationalizing particular variables with message content. Research findings identify four variables that constitute energy-related environmental beliefs: knowledge of the issue (i.e. perception of scarcity, know ledge of energy processes, personal contribution and con sequences, and general solution strategies), knowledge of action strategies and skills, prototypes and referents, and paradigm perspectives. These four beliefs variables, then, influence five variables that constitute energy-related environmental attitudes: personal evaluations of the issue, perception of personal responsibility, locus of control, personal evaluations of normative beliefs, and sensitivity. In order to illustrate

  12. Links between Bloom's Taxonomy and Gardener's Multiple Intelligences: The Issue of Textbook Analysis (United States)

    Tabari, Mahmoud Abdi; Tabari, Iman Abdi


    The major thrust of this research was to investigate the cognitive aspect of the high school textbooks and interchange series, due to their extensive use, through content analysis based on Bloom's taxonomy and Gardner's Multiple Intelligences (MI). This study embraced two perspectives in a grid in order to broaden and deepen the analysis by…

  13. Failure to engage the public in issues related to inland fishes and fisheries: strategies for building public and political will to promote meaningful conservation. (United States)

    Cooke, S J; Lapointe, N W R; Martins, E G; Thiem, J D; Raby, G D; Taylor, M K; Beard, T D; Cowx, I G


    Generating awareness of environmental conservation issues among the public is essential if there is an expectation of them to alter their behaviour, facilitate informed decisions and engage governments or regulatory authorities to take action. There are, however, exceedingly few public engagement success stories related to inland fishes and fisheries policy and resource allocation decisions. Inland aquatic resources and their associated fisheries provide employment, recreation, culture and, in developing regions, a considerable proportion of human nutrition and food security. Freshwater fishes are incredibly diverse but are among the most endangered organisms globally. Many threats to inland fisheries are driven largely by externalities to inland fisheries. The purpose of this paper is to draw attention to the role and plight of inland fishes and fisheries, and the need to generate the public and political will necessary to promote meaningful conservation. With this paper, the extent to which the scientific and environmental management communities have failed to engage the public in issues related to inland fishes and fisheries is characterized. Next, the barriers or factors that serve as the basis for the problem with public engagement are identified. The paper concludes by identifying strategies, including those focused on environmental education initiatives, for building the public and political will necessary to promote meaningful conservation of inland fishes and fisheries in developed and developing countries. Scientists, environmental managers, non-governmental organizations, politicians, regulatory authorities and the media all have important roles to play in overcoming challenges to inland fisheries. Failure to engage the public in freshwater conservation and management issues will impede efforts to stem the loss of freshwater habitats, fisheries and aquatic biodiversity. Thankfully, there are opportunities to learn from success stories related to other

  14. The federal government commissioner for patient issues in Germany: initial analysis of the user inquiries

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Seidel Gabriele


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The political objective in many countries worldwide is to give better consideration to the interests of patients within the health system. The establishment of a federal government commissioner for the issues of patients in the health system in Germany in 2004 is part of these endeavours. The structure and field of activities of this institution has been unique so far. This study investigates for the first time the inquiries the commissioner receives from the public. Methods A 33% sampling (n = 850 of the written inquiries (correspondence and e-mails addressed to the commissioner in the first six months of the year 2005 (n = 2580 was investigated. In a procedure comprising combined qualitative and quantitative levels, the material was thematically encoded and the inquiries allocated to the resulting categories (multiple nominations. The results are presented in descriptive form and investigated especially with respect to sex and age-specific differences. The interdependences between the categorized criteria are analysed. Results The inquirers are equally spread out amongst the sexes (49% women, 51% men. Older persons outweigh the younger (69% over 60 years. In most cases the issues take the form of claims (72%, n = 609. In every fifth inquiry (n = 168 the personal financial burden for health services is considered as being too high; about equally high (n = 159 is the proportion of persons who criticize the communication with health professionals, especially hospitals and doctors' surgeries. Every third who mentions a medical practice uses terms such as "uncertainty" and "anxiety". It is conspicuous that men more often than women write that they feel unfairly treated in the health system (62% vs. 38%, p Conclusion Predominantly older persons seek the assistance of the federal government commissioner for patient issues. Considerable uncertainty and anxiety with respect to services and charges within the system of the German

  15. Critical issues related to instrumented indentation on non-uniform materials: Application to niobium subjected to high pressure torsion

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Guo, Y.Z., E-mail: [School of Aeronautics, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi' an, Shaanxi 710072 (China); Behm, N.A. [Nanoscale Science PhD Program, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Charlotte, NC 28223-0001 (United States); Ligda, J.P. [WMRD, US Army Research Laboratory, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Aberdeen, MD 21005 (United States); Li, Y.L. [School of Aeronautics, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi' an, Shaanxi 710072 (China); Pan, Z. [Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Charlotte, NC 28223-0001 (United States); Horita, Z. [Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu University, Fukuoka 819-0395 (Japan); WPI, International Institute for Carbon-Neutral Energy Research (WPI-I2CNER), Kyushu University, Fukuoka 819-0395 (Japan); Wei, Q., E-mail: [Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Charlotte, NC 28223-0001 (United States)


    Nanoindentation is a powerful tool for characterizing the mechanical properties of materials at small length scales. Since the loading rate can be accurately recorded and controlled during a nanoindentation test, the strain rate dependence of these properties can also be determined. However, there are still a few problems that need to be addressed when it is applied to some special materials. High pressure torsion (HPT) processed metals are examples of these materials with non-uniform microstructures and mechanical properties. In this work, commercially pure niobium disks with diameter of ∼10.0 mm and thickness of ∼1.0 mm were processed by HPT. Grain sizes from a few nanometers to a few micrometers were generated due to a strong radial strain gradient in the disk. Instrumented nanoindentation tests were conducted at different radial locations of the HPT niobium disk. During each test, the loading rate was controlled so that the indentation strain rate was kept constant. Some key issues associated with the nanoindentation experiment, such as contact stiffness, contact area and the effect of pile-up or sink-in were evaluated and discussed carefully. The work-based method was used in data processing and it was compared with other approaches. The effects of indentation location, i.e., grain size, as well as indentation strain rate were characterized.

  16. Evidence from the field: Findings on issues related to planning, implementing and evaluating gender-based programs. (United States)

    Kowalczyk, Shelly; Randolph, Suzanne; Stokes, Shereitte; Winston, Stefanie


    An Initiative of the United States Department of Health and Human Services' Office on Women's Health (OWH), Coalition for a Healthier Community (CHC), supports ten grantees across the U.S. in the implementation of gender-based health interventions targeting women and girls. A national evaluation is assessing whether gender-focused public health systems approaches are sustainable and cost effective in addressing health disparities in women and girls. To inform the evaluation, a systematic examination was conducted of literature in both the public and private sector designed to track, assess, understand, and improve women's health, public health systems approaches, and the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of gender-based programs. A two-person team assured the quality of the results following the review of abstracts and full-text articles. Of 123 articles meeting eligibility criteria (See inclusion criteria described in Section 2.2 below), only 18 met inclusion criteria specific to a focus on a systems approach, cost-effectiveness and/or sustainability. Studies assessing systems approaches suggested their effectiveness in changing perceptions and increasing knowledge within a community; increasing involvement of local decision-makers and other community leaders in women's health issues; and increasing community capacity to address women and girls' health. Further evaluation of the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of gender-based approaches is needed.

  17. Principles and issues related to SBS-PCM based self-navigation of lasers on injected pellets

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kalal Milan


    Full Text Available Current status of recently proposed novel approach to inertial fusion energy technology, where phase conjugating mirrors generated by stimulated Brillouin scattering are employed to take care of automatic self-navigation of every individual laser beam on injected pellets, has been reviewed. This novel technology is of a particular importance to the direct drive schemes of pellets irradiation as assumed, e.g., in HiPER project. If successful also in its full scale realization, such an aiming scheme would greatly reduce the technical challenges of adjusting large and heavy optical elements on each shot in a system with a repetition rate of at least several Hertz. In the gradual step-by-step tuning of this technology, in this paper a close attention has been paid to the unconverted basic harmonic issue with a special Faraday isolator design proposed. However, a practical realization of this component in its simplest form might be somewhat difficult to achieve due to a suitable optical material shortage. Hence, a more elaborate scheme of this isolator which would make its realization much more realistic even for optical materials currently available has been examined and will be presented.

  18. Special Issue: SC13 – The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    William Gropp


    Full Text Available The technical papers program for SC13 received 449 submissions of which 90 where selected for the program giving an acceptance rate of 20%. A rigorous peer review process, including author rebuttals and a 1.5 day face-to-face program committee meeting ensured that selected papers were the very best in our field. One of the tasks at the face-to-face meeting was also to select finalists for the best paper award, from which one is selected by a committee during the conference. To further highlight their achievement of being selected as the very top tier of all the submitted papers to SC13, the authors of these finalist papers were offered the opportunity to publish extended versions of their papers in this special issue journal; all eight authors accepted.

  19. Processes of decision making on energy issues: micro and macro analysis (the case of Poland 2015

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Katarzyna Iwińska


    Full Text Available Article tackles the idea of environmental and participatory democracy in Poland. Due to Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-making and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters known as the Aarhus Convention people should be involved in decisions concerning environment and energy issues in the country. All large investments, and those are certainly investments in energy infrastructure, are associated with a variety of interest groups and organizations. The main goal of this article is to show the decision making processes do not come across the knowledge and public information on nuclear energy in Poland. We present the context and background for the structural model of energy decisions using and reinterpreting survey data from 2014 and 2015 from the opinion polls on various sources of energy in Poland. From this point of departure we distinguish the micro-, meso- and macro- level of energy decisions.

  20. Biomarker Analysis of Stored Blood Products: Emphasis on Pre-Analytical Issues

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Niels Lion


    Full Text Available Millions of blood products are transfused every year; many lives are thus directly concerned by transfusion. The three main labile blood products used in transfusion are erythrocyte concentrates, platelet concentrates and fresh frozen plasma. Each of these products has to be stored according to its particular components. However, during storage, modifications or degradation of those components may occur, and are known as storage lesions. Thus, biomarker discovery of in vivo blood aging as well as in vitro labile blood products storage lesions is of high interest for the transfusion medicine community. Pre-analytical issues are of major importance in analyzing the various blood products during storage conditions as well as according to various protocols that are currently used in blood banks for their preparations. This paper will review key elements that have to be taken into account in the context of proteomic-based biomarker discovery applied to blood banking.

  1. Analysis of research publications that relate to bioterrorism and risk assessment. (United States)

    Barker, Gary C


    Research relating to bioterrorism and its associated risks is interdisciplinary and is performed with a wide variety of objectives. Although published reports of this research have appeared only in the past decade, there has been a steady increase in their number and a continuous diversification of sources, content, and document types. In this analysis, we explored a large set of published reports, identified from accessible indices using simple search techniques, and tried to rationalize the patterns and connectivity of the research subjects rather than the detailed content. The analysis is based on a connectivity network representation built from author-assigned keywords. Network analysis reveals a strong relationship between research aimed at bioterrorism risks and research identified with public health. Additionally, the network identifies clusters of keywords centered on emergency preparedness and food safety issues. The network structure includes a large amount of meta-information that can be used for assessment and planning of research activity and for framing specific research interests.

  2. Promoting Positive Youth Development: Relational Data Analysis (RDA) (United States)

    Kurtines, William M.; Montgomery, Marilyn J.; Arango, Lisa Lewis; Kortsch, Gabrielle; Albrecht, Richard; Garcia, Arlene; Ritchie, Rachel; Eichas, Kyle


    This article provides an overview of the origins and use of relational data analysis (RDA). RDA is a multidimensional, multiphasic framework for unifying data analytic strategies across dimensions (quantitative/qualitative, causal/structural, observation/interpretation, etc.) and phases of analyses (conceptual, theoretical, and research analyses).…


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Néji Bettaibi; Kamel Mezlini; Moufida El Guénichi


    In this paper,a new formulation of the Rubin's q-translation is given,which leads to a reliable q-harmonic analysis.Next,related q-positive definite functions are introduced and studied,and a Bochner's theorem is proved.

  4. Statistical Analysis of Hypercalcaemia Data related to Transferability

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Frølich, Anne; Nielsen, Bo Friis


    In this report we describe statistical analysis related to a study of hypercalcaemia carried out in the Copenhagen area in the ten year period from 1984 to 1994. Results from the study have previously been publised in a number of papers [3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9] and in various abstracts and posters...

  5. Dependent data in social sciences research forms, issues, and methods of analysis

    CERN Document Server

    Eye, Alexander; Wiedermann, Wolfgang


    This volume presents contributions on handling data in which the postulate of independence in the data matrix is violated. When this postulate is violated and when the methods assuming independence are still applied, the estimated parameters are likely to be biased, and statistical decisions are very likely to be incorrect. Problems associated with dependence in data have been known for a long time, and led to the development of tailored methods for the analysis of dependent data in various areas of statistical analysis. These methods include, for example, methods for the analysis of longitudinal data, corrections for dependency, and corrections for degrees of freedom. This volume contains the following five sections: growth curve modeling, directional dependence, dyadic data modeling, item response modeling (IRT), and other methods for the analysis of dependent data (e.g., approaches for modeling cross-section dependence, multidimensional scaling techniques, and mixed models). Researchers and graduate stud...

  6. Statistical Analysis on the Corner Period of Site-Related Design Spectra

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Wu Jian; Gao Mengtan


    According to the results of site seismic hazard analysis accomplished in the past decades, 96site-related design spectra are selected as samples in this study. The result shows that the value of the corner period (Tg) of the design spectrum in GBJ11-89 (China Seismic Building Code,issued in 1989) is lower than the value obtained by site seismic hazard analysis. The same situation exists when we compare the design spectra of the Codes to the spectra according to the earthquake records. The value in current seismic design code, GBJ50011-2001 issued in 2001,is greater than that in GBJ11-89, but still less than the value obtained by site seismic hazard analysis. If we accept the value got by site seismic hazard analysis, we have a suspicion that 2/3 of buildings built according to GBJ11-89 will not be safe when an earthquake with 2%probability of exceedance in 50 years occurs.

  7. Geothermal water and gas: collected methods for sampling and analysis. Comment issue. [Compilation of methods

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Douglas, J.G.; Serne, R.J.; Shannon, D.W.; Woodruff, E.M.


    A collection of methods for sampling and analysis of geothermal fluids and gases is presented. Compilations of analytic options for constituents in water and gases are given. Also, a survey of published methods of laboratory water analysis is included. It is stated that no recommendation of the applicability of the methods to geothermal brines should be assumed since the intent of the table is to encourage and solicit comments and discussion leading to recommended analytical procedures for geothermal waters and research. (WHK)

  8. Analysis of correlation functions in Toda theory and AGT-W relation for SU(3) quiver

    CERN Document Server

    Kanno, Shoichi; Shiba, Shotaro


    We give some evidences of the AGT-W relation between SU(3) quiver gauge theories and A_2 Toda theory. In particular, we derive the explicit form of 5-point correlation functions in the lower orders and confirm the agreement with Nekrasov's partition function for SU(3)xSU(3) quiver gauge theory. The algorithm to derive the correlation functions can be applied to general n-point function in A_2 Toda theory which will be useful to establish the relation for more generic quivers. Partial analysis is also given for SU(3)xSU(2) case and we comment on some technical issues which need clarification before establishing the relation.

  9. Pantex Plant final safety analysis report, Zone 4 magazines. Staging or interim storage for nuclear weapons and components: Issue D

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    This Safety Analysis Report (SAR) contains a detailed description and evaluation of the significant environmental, safety, and health (ES&H) issues associated with the operations of the Pantex Plant modified-Richmond and steel arch construction (SAC) magazines in Zone 4. It provides (1) an overall description of the magazines, the Pantex Plant, and its surroundings; (2) a systematic evaluations of the hazards that could occur as a result of the operations performed in these magazines; (3) descriptions and analyses of the adequacy of the measures taken to eliminate, control, or mitigate the identified hazards; and (4) analyses of potential accidents and their associated risks.

  10. Ethical issues in the translation of social neuroscience: a policy analysis of current guidelines for public dialogue in human research. (United States)

    Zimmerman, Emma; Racine, Eric


    Social neuroscience and its potential implications create an interesting case study for examining human research ethics policies on the topic of public communication of research. We reviewed mainstream national and international human research ethics guidelines and policies on issues of public communication of research. Our analysis relied on five thematic nets to capture the interactions between research and the public: public understanding, knowledge translation, public participation, social outcomes, and dual use. Coverage of these topics is sparse and inconsistent in mainstream policies and guidelines. We identify three options to address these gaps and analyze their strengths and weaknesses.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: Evaluate the prevalence of thyroid disorder and sensitise women patients about thyroid health and its relation with goitrogenic foods. Method: By random selection method 300 female patients who attended outpatient clinic were subjected to thyroid Function test ( T3, T4, TSH and USG NECK. A questionnaire relating thyroid disorders and gaitrogens were given to them and analysis was done. RESULT: The results show prevalence of hypothyroidism is 7.3%, Goitre is 4% and hyper thyroidism is 0.6%. Analysis of ques tionnaire shows that though 81% of women population use iodised salt, 80% of women population are not aware of goitrogenic foods and its relation to thyroid disorder. CONCLUSION: Though implementation of universal salt iodisation was done in 1986, awarenes s of goitrogenic foods and its relevance to thyroid disorder is not known to women. Hence sensitisation of women population should be enhanced.

  12. Comparative Genomics via Wavelet Analysis for Closely Related Bacteria

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jiuzhou Song


    Full Text Available Comparative genomics has been a valuable method for extracting and extrapolating genome information among closely related bacteria. The efficiency of the traditional methods is extremely influenced by the software method used. To overcome the problem here, we propose using wavelet analysis to perform comparative genomics. First, global comparison using wavelet analysis gives the difference at a quantitative level. Then local comparison using keto-excess or purine-excess plots shows precise positions of inversions, translocations, and horizontally transferred DNA fragments. We firstly found that the level of energy spectra difference is related to the similarity of bacteria strains; it could be a quantitative index to describe the similarities of genomes. The strategy is described in detail by comparisons of closely related strains: S.typhi CT18, S.typhi Ty2, S.typhimurium LT2, H.pylori 26695, and H.pylori J99.

  13. Comparative Genomics via Wavelet Analysis for Closely Related Bacteria (United States)

    Song, Jiuzhou; Ware, Tony; Liu, Shu-Lin; Surette, M.


    Comparative genomics has been a valuable method for extracting and extrapolating genome information among closely related bacteria. The efficiency of the traditional methods is extremely influenced by the software method used. To overcome the problem here, we propose using wavelet analysis to perform comparative genomics. First, global comparison using wavelet analysis gives the difference at a quantitative level. Then local comparison using keto-excess or purine-excess plots shows precise positions of inversions, translocations, and horizontally transferred DNA fragments. We firstly found that the level of energy spectra difference is related to the similarity of bacteria strains; it could be a quantitative index to describe the similarities of genomes. The strategy is described in detail by comparisons of closely related strains: S.typhi CT18, S.typhi Ty2, S.typhimurium LT2, H.pylori 26695, and H.pylori J99.

  14. Histoire pondérale des femmes en relation avec la croissance foetale et l’issue de la grossesse


    Diouf, Ibrahima


    Birthweight is strongly and positively related to maternal preconceptional weight as well as with weight gain during pregnancy. Therefore, it would be expected that the increase in maternal weight before pregnancy, and weight gain during pregnancy, would be associated with an increase in birthweight in France. Animal models suggested that maternal weight changes in the periconceptional period can be considered as indicators of maternal energy balance and nutritional status, and may be involve...

  15. Bioinformatics analysis of metastasis-related proteins in hepatocellular carcinoma

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Pei-Ming Song; Yang Zhang; Yu-Fei He; Hui-Min Bao; Jian-Hua Luo; Yin-Kun Liu; Peng-Yuan Yang; Xian Chen


    AIM: To analyze the metastasis-related proteins in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and discover the biomark-er candidates for diagnosis and therapeutic intervention of HCC metastasis with bioinformatics tools.METHODS: Metastasis-related proteins were determined by stable isotope labeling and MS analysis and analyzed with bioinformatics resources, including Phobius, Kyoto encyclopedia of genes and genomes (KEGG), online mendelian inheritance in man (OHIH) and human protein reference database (HPRD).RESULTS: All the metastasis-related proteins were linked to 83 pathways in KEGG, including MAPK and p53 signal pathways. Protein-protein interaction network showed that all the metastasis-related proteins were categorized into 19 function groups, including cell cycle, apoptosis and signal transcluction. OMIM analysis linked these proteins to 186 OMIM entries.CONCLUSION: Metastasis-related proteins provide HCC cells with biological advantages in cell proliferation, migration and angiogenesis, and facilitate metastasis of HCC cells. The bird's eye view can reveal a global charac-teristic of metastasis-related proteins and many differen-tially expressed proteins can be identified as candidates for diagnosis and treatment of HCC.

  16. Principles and Issues Related to PsychologicalEvaluation of Parental Competence in the Arab MoslemSociety in Israel

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Emad Gith[1,2,3


    For the Arab Moslem citizens of Israel, the Shari'a court is the supreme judicial body competent to adjudicate and rule onmatters of divorce, custody, adoption, and custodianship. Under Shari'a law, a boy will be in the custody of his mother until the ageof seven and the girl, until the age of nine; at the end of this period, the children are transferred to the father's custody. In cases wherethere is no father, they are transferred to the custody of the grandfather. In cases of dispute between the parents regarding custody,the Shari'a court is called upon to rule, and for this purpose, it seeks a professional psychological evaluation of parenting competenceIt should be noted that this evaluation in Arab Moslem society involves professional and ethical issues since it is culturally-biased interms of Moslem culture: (l) Arab society is a collective comprised of extended families (hamula = clans); (2) Men have apreferential status over women; (3) The functions of the father and the mother with respect to the child's needs (instrumental,emotional, and educational) are distinct from each other. It is further noteworthy that the psychological evaluation is made bydiagnostic information and accredited tools of evaluation. In the present situation there are no psychological tests that were adaptedfor the Arab population. The test must be reliable and reflect the reality being tested. Lack of standardization for tests makes themirrelevant. Furthermore, it must be said that in the Arab world there is no consensus about the tools constructed for this purpose in theWest. Psycho-diagnostic tools including evaluations that deal with testing the level of general intellectual functioning are found innearly every psychological service or mental health clinic, but it is obvious to everyone that at the end of the testing, one must relyalso on the tester's experience and professional ability in order to determine the etiology or to make a diagnosis

  17. Links between Bloom's Taxonomy and Gardener's Multiple Intelligences: The issue of Textbook Analysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mahmoud Abdi Tabari


    Full Text Available The major thrust of this research was to investigate the cognitive aspect of the high school textbooks and interchange series, due to their extensive use, through content analysis based on Bloom's taxonomy and Gardner's Multiple Intelligences (MI. This study embraced two perspectives in a grid in order to broaden and deepen the analysis by determining the numbers and the types of intelligences with respect to their learning objectives tapped in the textbooks and comparing them. Through codification of Bloom’s learning objectives and Gardner's MI, the results showed that there was a significant difference between the numbers of intelligences with respect to their learning objectives in the textbooks. However, the interchange series enjoyed a large number of the spatial and the interpersonal intelligences across eight levels of learning objectives, whereas they had the least number of the intrapersonal, the musical, and the bodily-kinesthetic intelligences across knowledge understanding and application levels. Keywords: learning objectives, multiple intelligences, textbook analysis

  18. Spatial analysis of the Rio de Janeiro metropolitan area and social and environmental management issues

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Ribeiro, Gustavo


    This paper hopes to fill this gap by working with the notion of environmental justice and by introducing hydrographical systems as an important level of analysis, together with the municipal and metropolitan scales. In that sense, the environment figures as the basis to correlate social, economical...... and infrastructural data. Through these three levels of spatial analysis it is possible to develop and to support a more comprehensible study of urban development of the Rio de Janeiro Metropolitan Area. The aim of this study is (a) to develop an alternative spatial analysis leading to a more comprehensive...... understanding of the urban development process and its correlation not just with political-administrative borders but also to ecological systems: (b) to identify the correlations between infrastructure and socio-economical data in the Rio de Janeiro Metropolitan Area (c) to evaluate urban development dynamics...

  19. Clarifying a cloudy issue: Time-series analysis of atmospheric deposition

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Aramburu, J.C.; Parkhurst, W.J.


    The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), its coal-fired utility boilers the largest stationary sources of sulfur and nitrogen oxides emissions in the Eastern Central United States, was one of the first organizations in this country to recognize the acid rain issue from the perspective of environmental concern and its implications to the utility industry. In response to this TVA commenced, in 1971, a pre- and post-operational monitoring study of rainfall chemistry in the vicinity of the newly constructed 2600 megawatt Cumberland coal-fired steam plant. The results of this germinal study suggested that although power plant operation apparently resulted in increased rainwater sulfate it did not appear to influence acidity. To more clearly establish the long-term influence of power plant emissions on localized rainfall chemistry, it was decided to extend and expand the original study. In addition to its initial objective of detecting pre- and post-operational changes in rainfall chemistry, a second major objective was added--to establish long-term trends in wet and dry deposition chemistry. It is towards this second objective that this report is addressed.

  20. Ethical issues related to managed care: an in-depth discussion of an occupational therapy case study. (United States)

    Lohman, H; Brown, K


    What are the ethical responsibilities of occupational therapists when managed care plans override their clinical judgment and deny reimbursement for needed assessment or therapy? Using an example from a true case, this article presents an analysis of the ethical problems experienced in managed care when explicit business goals are in conflict with the humanistic commitments of our field. Strategies for ethical action are recommended, including: good communication with the case manager, effective advocacy for the patient, consultation with ethics resources, and advocacy at the policy-making level. [Article copies available for a fee from The Haworth Document Delivery Service: 1-800-342-9678. E-mail address:].

  1. The Experimental Analysis of the Phenomena Rebating Newly Issuing Shares%新股折价现象的实证分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    靳云汇; 杨文


    Through the cross section analysis of the first day transnormal yields of newly issuing shares in Shanghai Stock Market, the paper tests the applicability in China of the theory of the transcendental uncertain hypothesis of rebating newly issuing shares, the credit standing hypothesis of investment banks, the signal hypothesis and the market atmosphere hypothesis respectively.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Xing-qi Yan; Kang Tu; Lu Xie; Yi-xue Li; Bin Yin; Yan-hua Gong; Jian-gang Yuan; Bo-qin Qiang; Xiao-zhong Peng


    Objective To provide a set of useful analysis tools for the researchers to explore the microRNA data.Methods The R language was used for generating the Graphical Users Interface and implementing most functions.Some Practical Extraction and Report Language (Perl) scripts were used for parsing source fries.Results We developed a graphical R package named miRE,which was designated for the analysis of microRNA functions,genomic organization,etc.This package provided effective and convenient tools for molecular biologists to deal with routine analyses in microRNA-related research.With its help,the users would be able to build a desktopcentered microRNA research environment quite easily and effectively,miRE is freely available at detailed user manual and tutorials with example code and image are also available.Conclusion miRE is a tool providing an open-source,user-friendly,integrated interface for microRNA-related analysis.With its help,researchers can perform microRNA-related analysis more efficiently.

  3. Gender Issues on the Information Highway: An Analysis of Communication Styles in Electronic Discussion Groups. (United States)

    Rossetti, Paolo

    A study investigated gender differences in language use in electronic mail discussion groups. A review of research on discourse analysis identifies areas in which gender differences are found in interpersonal interaction and language use in general, and how these reflect differences in socialization. Research on electronic discussion groups…

  4. Some Empirical Issues in Research on Academic Departments: Homogeneity, Aggregation, and Levels of Analysis. (United States)

    Ramsey, V. Jean; Dodge, L. Delf


    The appropriateness of using academic departments as a level of analysis of organizational administration is examined. Factors analyzed include homogeneity of faculty responses to measures of organizational structure, environmental uncertainty, and task routineness. Results were mixed, demonstrating the importance of empirically testing rather…

  5. Graph analysis of functional brain networks: practical issues in translational neuroscience. (United States)

    De Vico Fallani, Fabrizio; Richiardi, Jonas; Chavez, Mario; Achard, Sophie


    The brain can be regarded as a network: a connected system where nodes, or units, represent different specialized regions and links, or connections, represent communication pathways. From a functional perspective, communication is coded by temporal dependence between the activities of different brain areas. In the last decade, the abstract representation of the brain as a graph has allowed to visualize functional brain networks and describe their non-trivial topological properties in a compact and objective way. Nowadays, the use of graph analysis in translational neuroscience has become essential to quantify brain dysfunctions in terms of aberrant reconfiguration of functional brain networks. Despite its evident impact, graph analysis of functional brain networks is not a simple toolbox that can be blindly applied to brain signals. On the one hand, it requires the know-how of all the methodological steps of the pipeline that manipulate the input brain signals and extract the functional network properties. On the other hand, knowledge of the neural phenomenon under study is required to perform physiologically relevant analysis. The aim of this review is to provide practical indications to make sense of brain network analysis and contrast counterproductive attitudes.

  6. Making Connections: Using Social Network Analysis for Program Evaluation. Issue Brief. Number 1 (United States)

    Honeycutt, Todd


    Social network analysis (SNA) is a methodological approach to measuring and mapping relationships. It can be used to study whole networks, all of the ties within a defined group, or connections that individuals have in their personal communities. The resulting graph-based structures illustrate the composition and effectiveness of networks on a…

  7. Joint Center for Operational Analysis Quarterly Bulletin. Volume 7, Issue 3, June 2005 (United States)


    War Conflicts. (San Francisco: Jossey- Bass Publishers, 2001), 211. 2"Coalition Building,” op.cit 4 Joint Center for Operational Analysis and Lessons...Lessons Learned (CALL) 10 Meade Avenue Bldg. 50 Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027 user name phone# COL Larry Saul , Director (Lawrence.saul) x2255 Mr. Larry

  8. Fuzzy MCDM Based on Fuzzy Relational Degree Analysis

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    This paper presents a new fuzzy multiple criteria (both qualitative and quantitative) decision-making (MCDM) method based on fuzzy relational degree analysis. The concepts of fuzzy set theory are used to construct a weighted suitability decision matrix to evaluate the weighted suitability of different alternatives versus various criteria. The positive ideal solution and negative ideal solution are then obtained by using a method of ranking fuzzy numbers, and the fuzzy relational degrees of different alternatives versus positive ideal solution and negative ideal solution are calculated by using the proposed arithmetic. Finally, the relative relational degrees of various alternatives versus positive ideal solution are ranked to determine the best alternative. A numerical example is provided to illustrate the proposed method at the end of this paper.

  9. The challenge of contemporary nurse education programmes. Perceived stressors of nursing students: mental health and related lifestyle issues. (United States)

    Timmins, F; Corroon, A M; Byrne, G; Mooney, B


    This study aimed to identify the lifestyle behaviours of nursing students. The research tool was a 146-item questionnaire based upon the College Lifestyle and Attitudinal National survey. Most students considered their mental health as either good or very good. Those in the final year were more likely to rate their mental health poorly. Many experienced programme-related stressors including examinations and assignments and studies in general. More than one-third also reported stressors related to relationships with clinical staff and clinical assessment of competence. There is a concern that the added demands of modern nursing programmes place the student under considerably more pressure, because of competing demands. While many students talk to their peers or family, many do not and prefer rather to go it alone, with some choosing to escape through alcohol or drugs. The support and encouragement of healthy coping mechanisms among nursing students is paramount to ensure a healthy nursing workforce for the future. Nursing students support the mental and physical health of others, and therefore in many ways ought to a role model. Nurturing and supporting their mental health is crucial to the future of profession.

  10. U-Pb zircon age for the Daohugou Biota at Ningcheng of Inner Mongolia and comments on related issues

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LIU Yongqing; LIU Yanxue; JI Shu'an; YANG Zhiqing


    SHRIMP U-Pb zircon dating was carried out for the Daohugou Biota near Ningcheng of Inner Mongolia and for lavas overlying or underlying salamander-bearing strata at Reshuitang in Lingyuan of West Liaoning. The results suggest that the Daohugou Biota occurred at an interval from 168 Ma to 164-152 Ma. Both the Daohugou Biota and the salamander-bearing fossil assemblage are the same biota and thus developed from 168 to 152 Ma, i.e.from late Middle Jurassic to the early Late Jurassic.The Daohugou Biota-bearing rocks, resting on the Jiulongshan Formation in disconformity and being overlain in unconformity by Late Jurassic Tuchengzi Formation and Early Cretaceous rocks containing the Jehol Biota, are mainly composed of volcanic-sedimentary rocks in a normal sequence. It is recommended that the Daohugou Biota and the related stratigraphy should be correlated with the Tiaojishan Formation (Lanqi Formation in West Liaoning) or its synchronous rocks. It is suggested that the Daohugou Biota and the Jehol Biota would be neither taken into one biota nor considered as the earliest elements of the Jehol Biota. The Daohugou Biota and the related rocks and the Yixian Formation were respectively formed in different periods of volcanic-sedimentary tectonics.

  11. Sensitivity issues in the bayesian analysis of failures in repairable systems

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ruggero, F.


    The paper arises from a consulting project in which failures (gas escapes) are considered in the steel pipelines of an urban gas distribution network. The available data are the 33 failure times from 1978 to 1997 over a network of 275 kilometres. More details on the data can be found in (1). Steel pipelines are subject to ageing and the global system reliability is barely affected by one failure. Thus, we consider the network as a repairable system, since it keeps the same reliability when minimal repairs immediately follow failures. Failures of Such systems are often described by non-homogeneous Poisson processes (NHPP), which take in account the degradation of the components; see, e. g. (2). In the paper we model the failures pattern with a NHPP with logarithmic intensity and present different sensitivity analyses when relaxing the assumption on the parametric model. We operate in a robust Bayesian framework, see (3) for a thoroughly illustration of the approach. In the paper we do not focus on the commonly addressed issue of sensitivity to the prior, but we are interested in model sensitivity and consider two ways to build classes of models around the NHPP. In the first approach, we consider the NHPP as an element of a class of processes, defined through differential equations whose solutions are mean value functions of NHPPs. In the second, nonparametric approach, we consider processes whose mean value functions are distribution functions of random measures. In both cases, we compare the models with the baseline, logarithmic NHPP. In Section 2 we analyse the logarithmic NHPP and the class of parametric models, whereas comparison between parametric and nonparametric models is performed in Section 3. Some concluding remarks are presented in Section. (Author) 12 refs.

  12. North Korean nuclear issues and the LWR project; analysis of the key technologies

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kim, Byung Koo; Kwack, E. H.; Shin, J. S.; An, J. S.; Lee, J. U.; Kim, H. T.; Kim, J. S.; Yoon, Y. C


    Year 2000 will be remembered as an epoch making period between two Koreas. Korean nuclear industries became activated with the KEDO LWR main contracts entering into force in February, 2000. Respective design, manufacturing and construction activities are mobilized in accordance with the total project schedule of about 100 months. What started out as the nuclear power plant design standardization project in the early '80s, is now being implemented as repeat construction of KSNPs at Yonggwang and Ulchin sites as well as at Kumho site in the DPRK. However, the KEDO construction schedule and the past nuclear inconsistency issues are closely linked due to the nonproliferation concerns. In practice, the IAEA must come to the conclusion that the correctness and completeness must be fulfilled before delivery of the first key component for the KEDO LWR unit 1. While the IAEA verification process tends to focus on the nuclear materials accountancy control, longer term objective between two Koreas is bound to take the form of confidence building. It is necessary to analyse the nuclear research and production facilities in order to make proper evaluation of a nation's nuclear capabilities. Close assessment on development status of graphite moderated reactors and their operation history, spent fuel reprocessing facilities, and HEU production capabilities would be essential. In addition, illicit trafficking possibilities should be addressed. Chapter 1 describes the graphite moderated reactors in general; Chapter 2 describes various reprocessing processes and their detection capabilities; Chapter 3 contains possible uranium enrichment processes with their detection capabilities, and Chapter 4 summarizes the international treaties in illicit trafficking control with the IAEA database.

  13. Introduction to the GEOBIA 2010 special issue: From pixels to geographic objects in remote sensing image analysis (United States)

    Addink, Elisabeth A.; Van Coillie, Frieke M. B.; De Jong, Steven M.


    Traditional image analysis methods are mostly pixel-based and use the spectral differences of landscape elements at the Earth surface to classify these elements or to extract element properties from the Earth Observation image. Geographic object-based image analysis (GEOBIA) has received considerable attention over the past 15 years for analyzing and interpreting remote sensing imagery. In contrast to traditional image analysis, GEOBIA works more like the human eye-brain combination does. The latter uses the object's color (spectral information), size, texture, shape and occurrence to other image objects to interpret and analyze what we see. GEOBIA starts by segmenting the image grouping together pixels into objects and next uses a wide range of object properties to classify the objects or to extract object's properties from the image. Significant advances and improvements in image analysis and interpretation are made thanks to GEOBIA. In June 2010 the third conference on GEOBIA took place at the Ghent University after successful previous meetings in Calgary (2008) and Salzburg (2006). This special issue presents a selection of the 2010 conference papers that are worked out as full research papers for JAG. The papers cover GEOBIA applications as well as innovative methods and techniques. The topics range from vegetation mapping, forest parameter estimation, tree crown identification, urban mapping, land cover change, feature selection methods and the effects of image compression on segmentation. From the original 94 conference papers, 26 full research manuscripts were submitted; nine papers were selected and are presented in this special issue. Selection was done on the basis of quality and topic of the studies. The next GEOBIA conference will take place in Rio de Janeiro from 7 to 9 May 2012 where we hope to welcome even more scientists working in the field of GEOBIA.

  14. Linear analysis of the vertical shear instability: outstanding issues and improved solutions (Research Note)

    CERN Document Server

    Umurhan, O M; Gressel, O


    The Vertical Shear Instability is one of two known mechanisms potentially active in the so-called dead zones of protoplanetary accretion disks. A recent analysis indicates that a subset of unstable modes shows unbounded growth - both as resolution is increased and when the nominal lid of the atmosphere is extended, possibly indicating ill-posedness in previous attempts of linear analysis. The reduced equations governing the instability are revisited and the generated solutions are examined using both the previously assumed separable forms and an improved non-separable solution form that is herewith introduced. Analyzing the reduced equations using the separable form shows that, while the low-order body modes have converged eigenvalues and eigenfunctions (as both the vertical boundaries of the atmosphere are extended and with increased radial resolution), it is also confirmed that the corresponding high-order body modes and the surface modes do indeed show unbounded growth rates. However, the energy contained ...

  15. A review of the scattering parameter extraction method with clarification of ambiguity issues in relation to metamaterial homogenization

    CERN Document Server

    Arslanagić, S; Mortensen, N A; Gregersen, A H; Sigmund, O; Ziolkowski, R W; Breinbjerg, O


    The scattering parameter extraction method of metamaterial homogenization is reviewed to show that the only ambiguity is the one related to the choice of the branch of the complex logarithmic function (or the complex inverse cosine function), whereas it has no ambiguity for the sign of the wave number and intrinsic impedance. While the method indeed yields two signs of the intrinsic impedance, and thus the wave number, the signs are dependent, and moreover, both sign combinations lead to the same permittivity and permeability, and are thus permissible. This observation is in distinct contrast to a number of statements in the literature where the correct sign of the intrinsic impedance and wave number, resulting from the scattering parameter method, is chosen by imposing additional physical requirements such as passivity. The scattering parameter method is reviewed through an investigation of a uniform plane wave normally incident on a planar slab in free-space, and the severity of the branch ambiguity is illu...

  16. A Review of the Scattering-Parameter Extraction Method with Clarification of Ambiguity Issues in Relation to Metamaterial Homogenization

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Arslanagic, Samel; Hansen, Troels Vejle; Mortensen, N. Asger;


    The scattering-parameter extraction method of metamaterial homogenization is reviewed to show that the only ambiguity is that related to the choice of the branch of the complex logarithmic function (or the complex inverse cosine function). It is shown that the method has no ambiguity for the sign...... of the wavenumber and intrinsic impedance. While the method indeed yields two signs for the intrinsic impedance and thus the wavenumber, the signs are dependent. Moreover, both sign combinations lead to the same permittivity and permeability, and are thus permissible. This observation is in distinct contrast...... to a number of statements in the literature where the correct sign of the intrinsic impedance and wavenumber resulting from the scattering-parameter method is chosen by imposing additional physical requirements, such as passivity. The scattering-parameter method is reviewed through an investigation...

  17. A multi-objective genetic algorithm for a mixed-model assembly U-line balancing type-I problem considering human-related issues, training, and learning (United States)

    Rabbani, Masoud; Montazeri, Mona; Farrokhi-Asl, Hamed; Rafiei, Hamed


    Mixed-model assembly lines are increasingly accepted in many industrial environments to meet the growing trend of greater product variability, diversification of customer demands, and shorter life cycles. In this research, a new mathematical model is presented considering balancing a mixed-model U-line and human-related issues, simultaneously. The objective function consists of two separate components. The first part of the objective function is related to balance problem. In this part, objective functions are minimizing the cycle time, minimizing the number of workstations, and maximizing the line efficiencies. The second part is related to human issues and consists of hiring cost, firing cost, training cost, and salary. To solve the presented model, two well-known multi-objective evolutionary algorithms, namely non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm and multi-objective particle swarm optimization, have been used. A simple solution representation is provided in this paper to encode the solutions. Finally, the computational results are compared and analyzed.

  18. [Research on the issues in the process of post-market surveillance for medical devices based on the typical case analysis]. (United States)

    Zhang, Sumin; Zhang, Liang


    Regarding the information collected, analysis and actions that have been taken, the issues in the process of the Post-market Surveillance for Medical Device were analyzed, and some suggestions were given at the same time.

  19. Hyperbolic Conservation Laws and Related Analysis with Applications

    CERN Document Server

    Holden, Helge; Karlsen, Kenneth


    This book presents thirteen papers, representing the most significant advances and current trends in nonlinear hyperbolic conservation laws and related analysis with applications. Topics covered include a survey on multidimensional systems of conservation laws as well as novel results  on liquid crystals, conservation laws with discontinuous flux functions, and applications to sedimentation.  Also included are articles on recent advances in the Euler equations and the Navier-Stokes-Fourier-Poisson system, in addition to new results on collective phenomena described by the Cucker-Smale model.    The Workshop on Hyperbolic Conservation Laws and Related Analysis with Applications at the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (Edinburgh, UK) held in Edinburgh, September 2011, produced this fine collection of original research and survey articles. Many leading mathematicians attended the event and submitted their contributions for this volume. It is addressed to researchers and graduate students inter...

  20. An empirical analysis of issues and trends in manufacturing productivity through a 30-year literature review

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lee, Choonghyun


    Full Text Available This paper analysed the keywords in manufacturing productivity- related studies over the last 30 years to consider the change in the concept of ‘productivity’, a longstanding and important factor in studies about manufacturing. After first identifying 110,269 keywords in related research through 11,237 academic papers, we narrowed them down to 97 in nine categories by applying certain criteria. Most of the previous studies dealt with productivity in the context of corporate data; but this study investigated the change in the concept of manufacturing productivity by analysing the keywords of many studies of this concept. We classified the 30 years from 1980 to 2009 into five eras of productivity, according to their representative characteristics, using the analysed keywords. We expect that this study will serve as a practical guideline for managers in industry, and as an academic foundation for future research into productivity.