Sample records for amphi-beringian area closes

  1. Temporal, spatial and ecological dynamics of speciation among amphi-Beringian small mammals (United States)

    Hope, Andrew G.; Takebayashi, Naoki; Galbreath, Kurt E.; Talbot, Sandra L.; Cook, Joseph A.


    Quaternary climate cycles played an important role in promoting diversification across the Northern Hemisphere, although details of the mechanisms driving evolutionary change are still poorly resolved. In a comparative phylogeographical framework, we investigate temporal, spatial and ecological components of evolution within a suite of Holarctic small mammals. We test a hypothesis of simultaneous divergence among multiple taxon pairs, investigating time to coalescence and demographic change for each taxon in response to a combination of climate and geography.

  2. 50 CFR 648.73 - Closed areas. (United States)


    ... 50 Wildlife and Fisheries 8 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Closed areas. 648.73 Section 648.73... Clam and Ocean Quahog Fisheries § 648.73 Closed areas. (a) Areas closed because of environmental degradation. Certain areas are closed to all surf clam and ocean quahog fishing because of...

  3. 50 CFR 648.97 - Closed areas. (United States)


    ... 50 Wildlife and Fisheries 8 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Closed areas. 648.97 Section 648.97... Multispecies and Monkfish Fisheries § 648.97 Closed areas. (a) Oceanographer Canyon Closed Area. No fishing vessel or person on a fishing vessel may enter, fish, or be in the area known as Oceanographer...

  4. E-cigarettes forbidden in offices and closed areas

    CERN Multimedia


    Be reminded that all people on the CERN site must comply with the following notice from the Medical Service: “In the same manner as for ordinary cigarettes, the use of e-cigarettes is forbidden in all offices and closed areas.” If you have any question, please write to HSE Unit/ GS-ME Department

  5. Effect of closed areas on distribution of fish and epibenthos

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hoffmann, Erik; Dolmer, Per


    fishing area in the fjord was closed on dredging in 1988. This made it possible to investigate changes in the distribution of fish and benthos based on experimental fishing with trawl, set net and traps, and scuba diving during 1981-1998. The investigations showed no long-term effects of mussel dredging...

  6. A dispersion study of CO2 in a closed area (United States)

    Korinek, Tomas; Frana, Karel


    Predictions of air pollution dispersion in an indoor environment are important outputs to control a fresh air ventilation or energy building efficiency. This study deals with numerical simulations of a formation and dispersion of carbon dioxide (CO2) in a closed area. Numerical simulations were carried out by the Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) approach. A simple domain with one pollution source was used for a validation of the mathematical model, in which values of the CO2 concentration were calculated using CFD and measured. The CO2 was created as a combustion product of the ethanol. There were used two different methods for the calculation of the CO2 formation. The first method adopted the species transport model with reactions and the second method was the non-premix combustion model based on the mixture fraction theory. The third method used in numerical simulations was a constant mass flow inlet of CO2. All computational methods provided a sufficient agreement of the CO2 concentration with the experimental data.

  7. Fisheries Closed Areas Strengthen Scallop Larval Settlement and Connectivity Among Closed Areas and Across International Open Fishing Grounds: A Model Study (United States)

    Davies, Kimberley T. A.; Gentleman, W. C.; DiBacco, C.; Johnson, C. L.


    This study examined whether a measured increase in average body size of adult sea scallops inside three fishery closed areas on Georges Bank (GB), United States (US), was sufficient to increase larval supply to closed areas and open fishing areas in both US and Canadian areas of the Bank. The effects of adult scallop density-at-size and fecundity-at-size on egg production were compared among open and closed fishery areas, countries, and time periods before and after the closed areas were established. Estimated egg production was then used to define spawning conditions in a coupled biological-physical larval tracking model that simulated larval development, mortality, and dispersal. Results showed that order of magnitude increases in larval settlement after closure were facilitated by increases in size-dependant egg production inside and dispersal from Closed Areas I and II, but not Nantucket Lightship Closed Area. The distributions of both egg production and larval settlement became more uniform across the Bank, causing the relative contribution of Canadian larvae to US scallop aggregations to decrease after establishment of Closed Areas I and II. Decreases in small and medium-sized scallop density in Canada and decreases in large scallops over the US-Southern Flank after closure caused local declines in egg production but were not sufficient to negatively affect larval settlement at the regional scale. Our model suggests that the establishment of fishery closed areas on GB considerably strengthened larval supply and settlement within and among several adult scallop aggregations.

  8. 50 CFR 660.507 - Closed areas to reduction fishing. (United States)


    ... area that extends offshore 4 miles from the mainland shore between lines running 250° true from the...., 188°40.8′ W. long.) to Rocky Point (Palos Verdes Point) (33°46.5′ N. lat., 118°25.7′ W. long.). (3... 6 miles from the mainland shore south of a line running 225° true from the tip of the...

  9. Respiratory health risk assessment of children living close to industrial areas in Indonesia. (United States)

    Salami, Indah R S; As, Zulfikar A; Marselina, Mariana; Roosmini, Dwina


    Industrial areas are considered to have higher risk of air pollution impact especially to children living close to the industry. Two separate industrial areas in Indonesia were compared. The first location was in the area of coal transportation activity in South Kalimantan, and the second location was in the area of Bogor, West Java where used battery processing industry was often found. Fifty children (boys and girls, aged 6-15 years) were involved in South Kalimantan whereas in West Java there were 48 children (boys and girls, aged 10-12 years) involved. The control groups were also studied in both areas. Predicted average daily intake (ADD) of respirable particulate was estimated and respiratory function was measured using spirometer. The study showed that the PM2.5 concentration in industrial area was 3 times higher than those found in the control location. As a result, the predicted ADD of particulate of children living close to industry in South Kalimantan was 25.45±10.55 µg/ whereas in West Java, the ADD was 1.5 times higher. For both studied area, boys' respirable particulate intake was shown to have higher intake than those in girls. Lung function of children revealed that more than 68% of children in the coal transportation area had decreased pulmonary function. The study also noted that some children in West Java had indicated an obstructive and restrictive respiratory condition. The risk of girls having mild lung disease was found to be 1.3 times greater than those in the control group whereas in boys, the risk was 1.9 times than those in control area. Respiratory function of children in West Java study area was considered to worsen by the higher Pb emission from used battery processing activity.

  10. How habitat area, local and regional factors shape plant assemblages in isolated closed depressions (United States)

    Herault, Bruno; Thoen, Daniel


    Classifying species by shared life-history traits is important if common ecological response groups are to be identified among different species. We investigated how habitat area, local and regional factors shape plant communities in small isolated closed depressions, and how the species richness is related to the interplay between environmental factors and specific life-history trait combinations. In Central-Western Europe, 169 closed depressions were completely surveyed for plant presence in two highly contrasted landscapes (forested and open landscapes). All species were clustered into 9 Emergent Groups based on 10 life-history traits related to plant dispersal, establishment and persistence. Habitat areas were related to species presence using logistic regressions. Most Emergent Groups were more area-dependent in open than in forested landscapes, owing to heterogeneous light levels in forest weakening the species-area relationship. In open landscapes, Floating Hydrophytes were severely underrepresented in very small depressions, owing to the absence of waterfowl population. Local environmental and regional factors were related to species richness using Generalized Linear Models. In open landscapes, local environmental factors such as water conductivity or soil productivity are respectively the main predictors. In forested landscapes, the abundance of most Emergent Groups was better predicted by regional factors, i.e., habitat connectivity and distance to the forest edge. Forested landscapes strongly impeded the closed depressions' colonization by the less mobile Emergent Groups such as Large-seeded Perennials.

  11. Enumeration of closed random walks in the square lattice according to their areas

    CERN Document Server

    Mohammad-Noori, Morteza


    We study the area distribution of closed walks of length $n$, beginning and ending at the origin. The concept of area of a walk in the square lattice is generalized and the usefulness of the new concept is demonstrated through a simple argument. It is concluded that the number of walks of length $n$ and area $s$ equals to the coefficient of $z^s$ in the expression $(x+x^{-1}+y+y^{-1})^n$, where the calculations are performed in a special group ring $R[x,y,z]$. A polynomial time algorithm for calculating these values, is then concluded. Finally, the provided algorithm and the results of implementation are compared with previous works.

  12. Development of Closed-Loop Simulation Methods for a Next-Generation Terminal Area Automation System (United States)

    Robinson, John E., III; Isaacson, Douglas R.


    A next-generation air traffic decision support tool, known as the Active Final Approach Spacing Tool (aFAST), will generate heading, speed and altitude commands to achieve more precise separation of aircraft in the terminal area. The techniques used to analyze the performance of earlier generation decision support tools are not adequate to analyze the performance of aFAST. This paper summarizes the development of a new and innovative fully closed-loop testing method for aFAST. This method, called trajectory feedback testing, closes each aircraft's control loop inside of the aFAST scheduling algorithm. Validation of trajectory feedback testing by examination of the variation of aircraft time-of-arrival predictions between schedule updates and the variation of aircraft excess separation distances between simulation runs is presented.

  13. Detection of Emerging and Re-Emerging Pathogens in Surface Waters Close to an Urban Area

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stefania Marcheggiani


    Full Text Available Current knowledge about the spread of pathogens in aquatic environments is scarce probably because bacteria, viruses, algae and their toxins tend to occur at low concentrations in water, making them very difficult to measure directly. The purpose of this study was the development and validation of tools to detect pathogens in freshwater systems close to an urban area. In order to evaluate anthropogenic impacts on water microbiological quality, a phylogenetic microarray was developed in the context of the EU project µAQUA to detect simultaneously numerous pathogens and applied to samples from two different locations close to an urban area located upstream and downstream of Rome in the Tiber River. Furthermore, human enteric viruses were also detected. Fifty liters of water were collected and concentrated using a hollow-fiber ultrafiltration approach. The resultant concentrate was further size-fractionated through a series of decreasing pore size filters. RNA was extracted from pooled filters and hybridized to the newly designed microarray to detect pathogenic bacteria, protozoa and toxic cyanobacteria. Diatoms as indicators of the water quality status, were also included in the microarray to evaluate water quality. The microarray results gave positive signals for bacteria, diatoms, cyanobacteria and protozoa. Cross validation of the microarray was performed using standard microbiological methods for the bacteria. The presence of oral-fecal transmitted human enteric-viruses were detected using q-PCR. Significant concentrations of Salmonella, Clostridium, Campylobacter and Staphylococcus as well as Hepatitis E Virus (HEV, noroviruses GI (NoGGI and GII (NoGII and human adenovirus 41 (ADV 41 were found in the Mezzocammino site, whereas lower concentrations of other bacteria and only the ADV41 virus was recovered at the Castel Giubileo site. This study revealed that the pollution level in the Tiber River was considerably higher downstream rather than

  14. What is the importance of open habitat in a predominantly closed forest area to the dung beetle (Coleoptera, Scarabaeinae assemblage?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fábio C. Costa


    Full Text Available What is the importance of open habitat in a predominantly closed forest to the dung beetle assemblage? The Atlantic Forest in Brazil is one of the most highly disturbed ecosystems and is mainly represented by fragmented areas. However, in places where human disturbances have ceased, certain areas are showing a natural regeneration pattern. The aim of the present study was to determine how the dung beetle assemblage responds to distinct habitat structures in a fragment of Atlantic Forest. For such, open and closed forest areas were sampled in a fragment of the Atlantic Forest in the northeastern region of Brazil. Pitfall traps baited with excrement and carrion were used to collect the beetles. A total of 7,267 individuals belonging to 35 species were captured. Canthon chalybaeus and C. mutabilis were restricted to open areas. Nearly 90% of the individuals of C. aff. simulans and Deltochilum aff. irroratum were identified in these areas. A higher percentage (> 50% of Canthon staigi, Dichotomius aff. depressicolis and D. aff. sericeus occurred in closed areas. Abundance differed between areas, with higher values in closed areas. Richness was not influenced by the habitat structure. NMDS ordination exhibited the segregation of areas and ANOSIM confirmed that this variable explained the assemblage of dung beetle species. The findings of the present study validate that open areas are associated to more restrictive conditions, limiting a higher abundance of dung beetle. Although situated near preserved fragments, the studied open areas increase the heterogeneity of the general landscape.



    Anbarasan, S.; R. Sakthivel


    Close-Range Photogrammetry is an accurate, cost effective technique of collecting measurements of real world objects and conditions, directly from photographs. Photogrammetry utilizes digital images to obtain accurate measurements and geometric data of the object or area of interest, in order to provide spatial information for Engineering design, spatial surveys or 3D modeling. The benefits of close-range Photogrammetry over other field procedures are purported to be: Increased accur...

  16. Thoughts on Urban Closed Residential Areas%对城市封闭住区的思考

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘永强; 孙银莉


    Based on the situation of sprawling closed residential areas, this paper analyzed the historical origin of the Chinese popular closed residential areas and the corresponding negative inlfuence on urban development, introduced the advantages and disadvantages of the closed residential areas and proposed development patterns that feasible to the current residential planning.%针对封闭式住区的无序蔓延现状,分析了封闭住区在中国深受欢迎的历史渊源及其对城市发展的不良影响,阐明了封闭住区存在的利与弊,提出了适合目前住区规划的封闭住区发展模式。

  17. Effort allocation of the Dutch beam trawl fleet in response to a temporarily closed area in the North Sea

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Rijnsdorp, A.D.; Piet, G.J.; Poos, J.J.


    The spawning stock of North Sea cod is at a historic low level and immediate management measures are needed to improve this situation. As a first step, the European Commission in 2001 closed a large area in the North Sea between February 15 and April 30 to all cod related fishing fleets in order to

  18. Land Subsidence Detection in Agricultural Areas of Konya Closed Basin by PS-InSAR and GNSS Observations (United States)

    Canaslan Comut, Fatma; Lazecky, Milan; Ustun, Aydin; Yalvack, Sefa


    The aim of this study is to determine and to monitor the areas affected by land subsidence caused by the decrease of groundwater, by using geodetic methods in Konya Closed Basin, Turkey. The GPS and InSAR techniques which complement each other perfectly will be used to deduce spatial deformations caused by the land subsidence. The land subsidence activity in the area of Küçükköy situated at the Konya Closed Basin (KCB) of the Central Anatolia Region in Turkey has been studied using the Stanford Method for Persistent Scatterers (StaMPS) InSAR technique. Significant movements of land subsidence ranging from mm to cm per year were detected with ENVISAT ASAR data between 2003 and 2010 above the city center. Results are also compared with GNSS measurements. Estimated deformation rate of KCKY GPS station is approximately - 2 cm/yr.

  19. A curve shortening flow rule for closed embedded plane curves with a prescribed rate of change in enclosed area. (United States)

    Dallaston, Michael C; McCue, Scott W


    Motivated by a problem from fluid mechanics, we consider a generalization of the standard curve shortening flow problem for a closed embedded plane curve such that the area enclosed by the curve is forced to decrease at a prescribed rate. Using formal asymptotic and numerical techniques, we derive possible extinction shapes as the curve contracts to a point, dependent on the rate of decreasing area; we find there is a wider class of extinction shapes than for standard curve shortening, for which initially simple closed curves are always asymptotically circular. We also provide numerical evidence that self-intersection is possible for non-convex initial conditions, distinguishing between pinch-off and coalescence of the curve interior.

  20. 50 CFR 648.81 - NE multispecies closed areas and measures to protect EFH. (United States)


    ... for the areas fished apply, including, but not limited to, gear restrictions and trip limits. (1... Island, NY. 6 South-facing shoreline of CT. (3) Gear restrictions. Unless otherwise authorized pursuant... must carry the authorization letter on board. (5) Trip limits. A limited access NE multispecies...

  1. PDCI Wide-Area Damping Control: PSLF Simulations of the 2016 Open and Closed Loop Test Plan

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wilches Bernal, Felipe [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Pierre, Brian Joseph [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Elliott, Ryan Thomas [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Schoenwald, David A. [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Byrne, Raymond H. [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Neely, Jason C. [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Trudnowski, Daniel J. [Montana Tech of the Univ. of Montana, Butte, MT (United States); Donnelly, Matthew K. [Montana Tech of the Univ. of Montana, Butte, MT (United States)


    To demonstrate and validate the performance of the wide-are a damping control system, the project plans to conduct closed-loop tests on the PDCI in summer/fall 2016. A test plan details the open and closed loop tests to be conducted on the P DCI using the wide-area damping control system. To ensure the appropriate level of preparedness, simulations were performed in order to predict and evaluate any possible unsafe operations before hardware experiments are attempted. This report contains the result s from these simulations using the power system dynamics software PSLF (Power System Load Flow, trademark of GE). The simulations use the WECC (Western Electricity Coordinating Council) 2016 light summer and heavy summer base cases.

  2. Technical Area V (TA-V) transformation project close-out report.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) Technical Area V (TA-V) has provided unique nuclear experimental environments for decades. The technologies tested in TA-V facilities have furthered the United States Nuclear Weapons program and has contributed to the national energy and homeland security mission. The importance of TA-V working efficiently to produce an attractive and effective platform for experiments should not be underestimated. Throughout its brief history, TA-V has evolved to address multiple and diverse sets of requirements. These requirements evolved over many years; however, the requirements had not been managed nor communicated comprehensively or effectively. A series of programmatic findings over several years of external audits was evidence of this downfall. Today, these same requirements flow down through a new TA-V management system that produces consistently applied and reproducible approaches to work practices. In 2008, the TA-V department managers assessed the state of TA-V services and work activities to understand how to improve customer interfaces, stakeholders perceptions, and workforce efficiencies. The TA-V management team initiated the TA-V Transformation Project after they deemed the pre-June 2008 operational model to be ineffective in managing work and in providing integrated, continuous improvement to TA-V processes. This report summarizes the TA-V Transformation Project goals, activities, and accomplishments.

  3. Analysis of Double Meridian Distance for a Closed Traverse Area towards Developing a Contour Map and Land Title

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    T. U. Ganiron Jr


    Full Text Available This research aimed to analyze double meridian distance for a closed traverse area in developing a land title for a propose gymnasium in Qassim University. Theodolite, leveling rod and steel tape plays an important role in measuring elevations, bearings and distances of the boundaries of a lot. Contour map is necessary to determine the traces of level surfaces of successive elevation. This will enable to identify the type of contour map and type of contour lines necessary for this project. Corel draw software is used to draw contour map and guide to interpret the significance of the variables. It is essential to check the error of closure for interior angles and for both latitude and departure before applying the Double Meridian Distance (DMD method to obtain the total area of the lot. Technical descriptions of the land such as distance, bearing, boundaries and area are necessary to visualize the shape & exact location of the land. Developing a land title will be obtained using the technical descriptions of the lot in preparation for the type of gymnasium necessary for Qassim University.

  4. The study of a new PARRNe experimental area using an electron linac close to the Orsay tandem

    CERN Document Server

    Essabaa, S; Ausset, P; Baronick, J P; Bergot, J P; Boulot, A; Clapier, F; Coacolo, J L; Curaudeau, J M; Dupont, F; Galès, Sydney; Gardès, D; Grialou, D; Ibrahim, F; Junquera, T; Kandry-Rody, S; Lefort, H; Le Scornet, J C; Lesrel, J; M'Garrech, S; Müller, A C; Rouvière, N; Tkatchenko, A; Waast, B; Rinolfi, Louis; Rossat, G; Bienvenu, G; Bourdon, J C; Garvey, Terence; Jacquemard, B; Omeich, M


    The Production of neutron-rich radioactive nuclei through fission is currently prime of research interest for the future radioactive beam facilities. For example in the EURISOL[1] project, photo-fission and fast neutron induced fission are proposed. The photo-fission cross-section for 238U is about 0.16 barn (against 1.6 barn for fast neutrons of 40 MeV) but the conversion electrons/gammas is much more efficient than that of deuterons/neutrons. It was necessary, to test this new method of production, to carry out, in equivalent conditions, an experiment of the type PARRNe-1 using a 50 MeV electron beam. In April 2001, production of fission fragments induced by gammas proved to be successful. Bremsstrahlung gamma rays were produced by the few nA-50 MeV electron beam delivered by the CERN LEP Injector Linac (LIL). This promising alternative has stimulated the study of a new experimental area at IPNO based on an electron Linac close to the Tandem, through a collaboration with LAL and CERN PS groups.

  5. 傅里叶级数求等周闭曲线的面积%Fourier Series and Other Peripheral Area of a Closed Curve of Demand

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    周柯宇; 朱兆全; 严兴杰


    傅里叶级数在数学、物理、工程技术、信息处理等学科中发挥着重要的作用。本文主要考虑一个几何问题,等周闭曲线的面积问题。应用傅里叶级数的方法,我们求证出等周闭曲线所围面积中圆的面积最大,并给出了最大的面积值。%Fourier series in mathematics,physics,engineering technology,information processing and other subjects plays an important role.In this paper,we consider a geometry problem,such as weeks the area of the closed curve.Appli-cation of the Fourier series method,we prove the isoperimetric closed curve in the area around the area of a circle is the largest,and the area of the largest value is presented.

  6. Arabidopsis hybrid speciation processes. (United States)

    Schmickl, Roswitha; Koch, Marcus A


    The genus Arabidopsis provides a unique opportunity to study fundamental biological questions in plant sciences using the diploid model species Arabidopsis thaliana and Arabidopsis lyrata. However, only a few studies have focused on introgression and hybrid speciation in Arabidopsis, although polyploidy is a common phenomenon within this genus. More recently, there is growing evidence of significant gene flow between the various Arabidopsis species. So far, we know Arabidopsis suecica and Arabidopsis kamchatica as fully stabilized allopolyploid species. Both species evolved during Pleistocene glaciation and deglaciation cycles in Fennoscandinavia and the amphi-Beringian region, respectively. These hybrid studies were conducted either on a phylogeographic scale or reconstructed experimentally in the laboratory. In our study we focus at a regional and population level. Our research area is located in the foothills of the eastern Austrian Alps, where two Arabidopsis species, Arabidopsis arenosa and A. lyrata ssp. petraea, are sympatrically distributed. Our hypothesis of genetic introgression, migration, and adaptation to the changing environment during the Pleistocene has been confirmed: We observed significant, mainly unidirectional gene flow between the two species, which has given rise to the tetraploid A. lyrata. This cytotype was able to escape from the narrow ecological niche occupied by diploid A. lyrata ssp. petraea on limestone outcrops by migrating northward into siliceous areas, leaving behind a trail of genetic differentiation.

  7. Haloalkalitolerant Actinobacteria with capacity for anthracene degradation isolated from soils close to areas with oil activity in the State of Veracruz, Mexico. (United States)

    Lara-Severino, Reyna Del C; Camacho-López, Miguel A; Casanova-González, Edgar; Gómez-Oliván, Leobardo M; Sandoval-Trujillo, Ángel H; Isaac-Olivé, Keila; Ramírez-Durán, Ninfa


    The use of native strains of microorganisms from soils is an excellent option for bioremediation. To our knowledge, until now there has been no other group working on the isolation of Actinobacteria from contaminated soils in Mexico. In this study, samples of soils close to areas with oil activity in the State of Veracruz, Mexico, were inoculated for the isolation of Actinobacteria. The strains isolated were characterized morphologically, and the concentrations of NaCl and pH were determined for optimal growth. Strain selection was performed by the detection of a phylogenetic marker for Actinobacteria located at the 23S rRNA gene, followed by species identification by sequencing the 16S rRNA gene. Several haloalkalitolerant Actinobacteria were isolated and identified as: Kocuria rosea, K. palustris, Microbacterium testaceum, Nocardia farcinica and Cellulomonas denverensis. Except for C. denverensis, the biomass of all strains increased in the presence of anthracene. The strains capacity to metabolize anthracene (at 48 h), determined by fluorescence emission, was in the range of 46-54%. During this time, dihydroxy aromatic compounds formed, characterized by attenuated total reflectance Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy bands of 1205 cm-1 and 1217 cm-1. Those Actinobacteria are potentially useful for the bioremediation of saline and alkaline environments contaminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon compounds. [Int Microbiol 2016; 19(1):15-26].

  8. Transport phenomena in the close-spaced sublimation deposition process for manufacture of large-area cadmium telluride photovoltaic panels: Modeling and optimization (United States)

    Malhotra, C. P.

    With increasing national and global demand for energy and concerns about the effect of fossil fuels on global climate change, there is an increasing emphasis on the development and use of renewable sources of energy. Solar cells or photovoltaics constitute an important renewable energy technology but the major impediment to their widespread adoption has been their high initial cost. Although thin-film photovoltaic semiconductors such as cadmium sulfide-cadmium telluride (CdS/CdTe) can potentially be inexpensively manufactured using large area deposition techniques such as close-spaced sublimation (CSS), their low stability has prevented them from becoming an alternative to traditional polycrystalline silicon solar cells. A key factor affecting the stability of CdS/CdTe cells is the uniformity of deposition of the thin films. Currently no models exist that can relate the processing parameters in a CSS setup with the film deposition uniformity. Central to the development of these models is a fundamental understanding of the complex transport phenomena which constitute the deposition process which include coupled conduction and radiation as well as transition regime rarefied gas flow. This thesis is aimed at filling these knowledge gaps and thereby leading to the development of the relevant models. The specific process under consideration is the CSS setup developed by the Materials Engineering Group at the Colorado State University (CSU). Initially, a 3-D radiation-conduction model of a single processing station was developed using the commercial finite-element software ABAQUS and validated against data from steady-state experiments carried out at CSU. A simplified model was then optimized for maximizing the steady-state thermal uniformity within the substrate. It was inferred that contrary to traditional top and bottom infrared lamp heating, a lamp configuration that directs heat from the periphery of the sources towards the center results in the minimum temperature

  9. [Closing diastemas]. (United States)

    Vieira, L C; Pereira, J C; Coradazzi, J L; Francischone, C E


    The authors describe a clinical case of closing upper central incisives diastema, reconstructiva of a conoid upper lateral and the rechaping of an upper canine to a lateral incisive. The material used was composite resin.

  10. Characteristics of small areas with high rates of hospital-treated self-harm: deprived, fragmented and urban or just close to hospital? A national registry study.

    LENUS (Irish Health Repository)

    O'Farrell, I B


    Previous research has shown an inconsistent relationship between the spatial distribution of hospital treated self-harm and area-level factors such as deprivation and social fragmentation. However, many of these studies have been confined to urban centres, with few focusing on rural settings and even fewer studies carried out at a national level. Furthermore, no previous research has investigated if travel time to hospital services can explain the area-level variation in the incidence of hospital treated self-harm.

  11. DNA damage, acetylcholinesterase activity and lysosomal stability in native and transplanted mussels (Mytilus edulis) in areas close to coastal chemical dumping sites in Denmark

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rank, Jette; Lehtonen, Kari K.; Strand, Jakob


    potentially affected by anthropogenic pollution originating from chemical dumping sites. The results indicate responses to pollution in all the biomarkers applied at the suspected areas, but the results were not consistent. Seasonal fluctuations in exposure situations at the study sites make interpretation...

  12. Pd Close Coupled Catalyst

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Zhong Hua SHI; Mao Chu GONG; Yao Qiang CHEN


    A catalyst comprised novel high surface area alumina support was prepared to control emission of automobiles. The results showed that prepared catalyst could satisfy the requirements of a high performance close coupled catalyst for its good catalytic activity at low temperature and good stability at high temperature.

  13. Assessing the Land Subsidence Governance in Ningbo City: By a Close Study of the Building Collapse at the Strictly Protected Land Subsidence Area (United States)

    Yu, Xia


    Ningbo is a coastal city in East China, its land subsidence problem was noticed in the 1960s. However, scientific management was insufficient at that time, so with the fast city development from the 1980s, groundwater was used by a large amount of small factories, and tall buildings were built on the land. It was in 2008, scientists predicted that if without doing anything to prevent the land from subsiding, the city will be covered by the East Sea in 2030. From then on, the local government implied several policies, such as shut down most of the groundwater pumping wells, set up a new authority to enhance the cooperation among different administration departments, and also set up a land subsidence monitoring center for the city. Recently, it is declared that a Stereo regulatory system of land subsidence governance has been achieved. However, in 2012, a 23-years old building in the city center collapsed. According to the City Planning 2009, this building is located just in the strictly protected land subsidence area. The experts, however, think that land subsidence is not the main reason, since there are many illegal changes to the building during the past 23 years. The aim of my research is to assess the land subsidence governance in Ningbo city. I studied the collapsed building, how it was built, what has changed after building, how the environment changed in this area, and how this area became the strictly protected land subsidence area, and what kind of protections have been made. Actually, during the case study I discuss the land subsidence governance design of Ningbo, and to see what practices and lessons we can learn from this case.

  14. A Survey of the Effect of Some Heavy Metals in Plant on the Composition Of The Essential Oils Close to Veshnaveh-Qom Mining Area

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohammad Hadi Givianrad


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of copper and silver in the plants on the mining area and the ingredients of essential oils. Plants collected from the same family, but they were collected randomly from various regions. The concentration of heavy metal in plant samples collected from Veshnave, Qom, Iran have been determined by Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (FAAS. The chemical composition of essential oil isolated by hydrodistillation from Tanacetum polycephalum and was determined using Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC- MS. Results obtained from unidirectional variance analysis suggest that there is a meaningful statistical difference between various regions.

  15. Groundwater flow in a closed basin with a saline shallow lake in a volcanic area: Laguna Tuyajto, northern Chilean Altiplano of the Andes. (United States)

    Herrera, Christian; Custodio, Emilio; Chong, Guillermo; Lambán, Luis Javier; Riquelme, Rodrigo; Wilke, Hans; Jódar, Jorge; Urrutia, Javier; Urqueta, Harry; Sarmiento, Alvaro; Gamboa, Carolina; Lictevout, Elisabeth


    Laguna Tuyajto is a small, shallow saline water lake in the Andean Altiplano of northern Chile. In the eastern side it is fed by springs that discharge groundwater of the nearby volcanic aquifers. The area is arid: rainfall does not exceed 200mm/year in the rainiest parts. The stable isotopic content of spring water shows that the recharge is originated mainly from winter rain, snow melt, and to a lesser extent from some short and intense sporadic rainfall events. Most of the spring water outflowing in the northern side of Laguna Tuyajto is recharged in the Tuyajto volcano. Most of the spring water in the eastern side and groundwater are recharged at higher elevations, in the rims of the nearby endorheic basins of Pampa Colorada and Pampa Las Tecas to the East. The presence of tritium in some deep wells in Pampa Colorada and Pampa Las Tecas indicates recent recharge. Gas emission in recent volcanoes increase the sulfate content of atmospheric deposition and this is reflected in local groundwater. The chemical composition and concentration of spring waters are the result of meteoric water evapo-concentration, water-rock interaction, and mainly the dissolution of old and buried evaporitic deposits. Groundwater flow is mostly shallow due to a low permeability ignimbrite layer of regional extent, which also hinders brine spreading below and around the lake. High deep temperatures near the recent Tuyajto volcano explain the high dissolved silica contents and the δ(18)O shift to heavier values found in some of the spring waters. Laguna Tuyajto is a terminal lake where salts cumulate, mostly halite, but some brine transfer to the Salar de Aguas Calientes-3 cannot be excluded. The hydrogeological behavior of Laguna Tuyajto constitutes a model to understand the functioning of many other similar basins in other areas in the Andean Altiplano.

  16. Groundwater flow in a closed basin with a saline shallow lake in a volcanic area: Laguna Tuyajto, northern Chilean Altiplano of the Andes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Herrera, Christian, E-mail: [Departamento de Ciencias Geológicas, Universidad Católica del Norte, Casilla 1280, Antofagasta (Chile); Centro de Investigación Tecnológica del Agua en el Desierto (CEITSAZA), Universidad Católica del Norte, Casilla 1280, Antofagasta (Chile); Custodio, Emilio [Department of Geo-Engineering, Technical University of Catalonia/Barcelona Tech (UPC), Barcelona (Spain); Chong, Guillermo [Departamento de Ciencias Geológicas, Universidad Católica del Norte, Casilla 1280, Antofagasta (Chile); Lambán, Luis Javier [Geological Institute of Spain (IGME), Zaragoza (Spain); Riquelme, Rodrigo; Wilke, Hans [Departamento de Ciencias Geológicas, Universidad Católica del Norte, Casilla 1280, Antofagasta (Chile); Jódar, Jorge [Department of Geo-Engineering, Technical University of Catalonia/Barcelona Tech (UPC), Barcelona (Spain); Urrutia, Javier; Urqueta, Harry [Departamento de Ciencias Geológicas, Universidad Católica del Norte, Casilla 1280, Antofagasta (Chile); Centro de Investigación Tecnológica del Agua en el Desierto (CEITSAZA), Universidad Católica del Norte, Casilla 1280, Antofagasta (Chile); Sarmiento, Alvaro [Departamento de Ciencias Geológicas, Universidad Católica del Norte, Casilla 1280, Antofagasta (Chile); and others


    Laguna Tuyajto is a small, shallow saline water lake in the Andean Altiplano of northern Chile. In the eastern side it is fed by springs that discharge groundwater of the nearby volcanic aquifers. The area is arid: rainfall does not exceed 200 mm/year in the rainiest parts. The stable isotopic content of spring water shows that the recharge is originated mainly from winter rain, snow melt, and to a lesser extent from some short and intense sporadic rainfall events. Most of the spring water outflowing in the northern side of Laguna Tuyajto is recharged in the Tuyajto volcano. Most of the spring water in the eastern side and groundwater are recharged at higher elevations, in the rims of the nearby endorheic basins of Pampa Colorada and Pampa Las Tecas to the East. The presence of tritium in some deep wells in Pampa Colorada and Pampa Las Tecas indicates recent recharge. Gas emission in recent volcanoes increase the sulfate content of atmospheric deposition and this is reflected in local groundwater. The chemical composition and concentration of spring waters are the result of meteoric water evapo-concentration, water–rock interaction, and mainly the dissolution of old and buried evaporitic deposits. Groundwater flow is mostly shallow due to a low permeability ignimbrite layer of regional extent, which also hinders brine spreading below and around the lake. High deep temperatures near the recent Tuyajto volcano explain the high dissolved silica contents and the δ{sup 18}O shift to heavier values found in some of the spring waters. Laguna Tuyajto is a terminal lake where salts cumulate, mostly halite, but some brine transfer to the Salar de Aguas Calientes-3 cannot be excluded. The hydrogeological behavior of Laguna Tuyajto constitutes a model to understand the functioning of many other similar basins in other areas in the Andean Altiplano. - Highlights: • Recent volcanism formations play a key role in producing recharge. • Groundwater can flow across local

  17. Live music therapy in waiting area of intensive care units: a novel concept for betterment of close relatives of ICU patients

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sundar Sumathy


    Full Text Available Family members of ICU patients experience high levels of stress and anxiety. We explored a novel concept of live music therapy for relatives of ICU patients. Weekly 1-hour sessions of live music therapy consisting of devotional songs and prayers were performed in waiting area of ICU in a tertiary care hospital. Responses of 100 first degree relatives of ICU patients were documented using an 8-item questionnaire. 69% of the subjects rated live music therapy sessions as and ldquo;excellent and rdquo;; 50% of the subjects reported that they felt and ldquo;excellent and rdquo; after a single session. Such sessions were reported as a felt need by 77% of the subjects; 92% of the subjects reported that there were high chances that they would recommend such sessions in the hospital in future. In our study, we found our concept to be feasible, acceptable and highly appreciated as well as encouraged by first degree relatives of ICU patients. [Int J Res Med Sci 2016; 4(3.000: 947-949

  18. Lichens from Simeonof Wilderness, Shumagin Island, Southwestern Alaska (United States)

    Talbot, Stephen S.; Talbot, Sandra L.; Thomson, J.W.; Daniels, F.J.A.; Schofield, W.B.


    One hundred eighty-eight taxa of lichens are reported from Simeonof Island in the Shumagin Islands of southwestern Alaska. Wide-ranging arctic-alpine and boreal species dominate the lichens; a coastal element is moderately represented, while amphi-Beringian species form a minor element. The lichen component of Empetrum nigrum dwarf shrub heath, the dominant vegetation type, was analyzed to identify the most frequently occurring lichens within this community.

  19. Close to the Sky (United States)


    Today, a new ALMA outreach and educational book was publicly presented to city officials of San Pedro de Atacama in Chile, as part of the celebrations of the anniversary of the Andean village. ESO PR Photo 50a/07 ESO PR Photo 50a/07 A Useful Tool for Schools Entitled "Close to the sky: Biological heritage in the ALMA area", and edited in English and Spanish by ESO in Chile, the book collects unique on-site observations of the flora and fauna of the ALMA region performed by experts commissioned to investigate it and to provide key initiatives to protect it. "I thank the ALMA project for providing us a book that will surely be a good support for the education of children and youngsters of San Pedro de Atacama. Thanks to this publication, we expect our rich flora and fauna to be better known. I invite teachers and students to take advantage of this educational resource, which will be available in our schools", commented Ms. Sandra Berna, the Mayor of San Pedro de Atacama, who was given the book by representatives of the ALMA global collaboration project. Copies of the book 'Close to the sky' will be donated to all schools in the area, as a contribution to the education of students and young people in northern Chile. "From the very beginning of the project, ALMA construction has had a firm commitment to environment and local culture, protecting unique flora and fauna species and preserving old estancias belonging to the Likan Antai culture," said Jacques Lassalle, who represented ALMA at the hand-over. "Animals like the llama, the fox or the condor do not only live in the region where ALMA is now being built, but they are also key elements of the ancient Andean constellations. In this sense they are part of the same sky that will be explored by ALMA in the near future." ESO PR Photo 50c/07 ESO PR Photo 50c/07 Presentation of the ALMA book The ALMA Project is a giant, international observatory currently under construction on the high-altitude Chajnantor site in Chile

  20. Surviving a School Closing (United States)

    De Witt, Peter M.; Moccia, Josephine


    When a beloved school closes, community emotions run high. De Witt and Moccia, administrators in the Averill Park School District in upstate New York, describe how their district navigated through parents' anger and practical matters in closing a small neighborhood elementary school and transferring all its students to another school. With a group…

  1. Skew-closed categories

    CERN Document Server

    Street, Ross


    Spurred by the new examples found by Kornel Szlach\\'anyi of a form of lax monoidal category, the author felt the time ripe to publish a reworking of Eilenberg-Kelly's original paper on closed categories appropriate to the laxer context. The new examples are connected with bialgebroids. With Stephen Lack, we have also used the concept to give an alternative definition of quantum category and quantum groupoid. Szlach\\'anyi has called the lax notion {\\em skew monoidal}. This paper defines {\\em skew closed category}, proves Yoneda lemmas for categories enriched over such, and looks at closed cocompletion.

  2. Mitigation : Closed Basin Project (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The upcoming meeting on waterfowl mitigation for the Closed Basin Project will have several people talk about possible changes to the waterfowl mitigation program. A...

  3. Closed Loop Subspace Identification

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Geir W. Nilsen


    Full Text Available A new three step closed loop subspace identifications algorithm based on an already existing algorithm and the Kalman filter properties is presented. The Kalman filter contains noise free states which implies that the states and innovation are uneorre lated. The idea is that a Kalman filter found by a good subspace identification algorithm will give an output which is sufficiently uncorrelated with the noise on the output of the actual process. Using feedback from the output of the estimated Kalman filter in the closed loop system a subspace identification algorithm can be used to estimate an unbiased model.

  4. On closed weak supplemented modules

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    ZENG Qing-yi; SHI Mei-hua


    A module M is called closed weak supplemented if for any closed submodule N of M, there is a submodule K of M such that M=K+N and K(c)N<<M. Any direct summand of closed weak supplemented module is also closed weak supplemented.Any nonsingular image of closed weak supplemented module is closed weak supplemented. Nonsingular V-rings in which all nonsingular modules are closed weak supplemented are characterized in Section 4.

  5. Close partner relationships

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stefanović-Stanojević Tatjana Z.


    Full Text Available According to the theory of emotional attachment, specific emotional relationships are being established at an early age between a child and its parents. On the basis of the quality of these relationships the child creates the so-called internal working model ie the image of itself as well as others. The working model persists throughout one's lifetime, shaping in part the quality of adult relationships. Thus, a dominant adult relationship is a close, partner or love one. Within the indicated theoretical context, we were interested in finding out whether there is a statistically significant link between the emotional ties of parents and their children formed in early childhood. The investigation included 180 grown-ups of the same sex and age. For investigating close partner relationships the test Experience in Close Relationship by the American authors (Brenan K.A., Clark C.L., & Shaver P.R. 1998. was used, while the early emotional relationships were investigated using a test which has been the only one so far to measure this quality in adults - Adult Attachment Interview, (Main M., Casidy J., & Kaplan N., 1985. The results show there is a statistically significant link between the observed variables.

  6. Post-accident response of near-surface {sup 129}I levels and {sup 129}I/{sup 127}I ratios in areas close to the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant, Japan

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Matsunaka, Tetsuya, E-mail: [Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Group, University of Tsukuba, 1-1-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8577 (Japan); Sasa, Kimikazu; Sueki, Keisuke; Takahashi, Tsutomu; Matsumura, Masumi; Satou, Yukihiko [Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Group, University of Tsukuba, 1-1-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8577 (Japan); Kitagawa, Jun-ichi [Radiation Science Center, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK), 1-1 Oho, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0801 (Japan); Kinoshita, Norikazu [Institute of Technology, Shimizu Corporation, 3-4-17 Etchujima, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-8530 (Japan); Matsuzaki, Hiroyuki [The University Museum, The University of Tokyo, 2-11-16 Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0032 (Japan)


    The deposition density and extent of subsurface infiltration of {sup 129}I were investigated within the area highly contaminated by the March 2011 accident at the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant (FDNPP) in Japan. Depth profiles of {sup 129}I activity and {sup 129}I/{sup 127}I ratios were measured in 5-cm-long soil cores that were collected 20–27 months after the accident from three sites (S-1, S-2, and S-3) within 10 km to the west and northwest of the FDNPP. These profiles were compared with the background levels of {sup 129}I from the same areas. The deposition densities of {sup 129}I were 2.17 Bq m{sup −2} at S-1, 0.80 Bq m{sup −2} at S-2, and 1.41 Bq m{sup −2} at S-3, which are, respectively, about 160, 60, and 100 times larger than the background level (12.8–14.8 mBq m{sup −2}). The average {sup 129}I/{sup 127}I ratios in each soil core after the accident (S-1: 2.1 × 10{sup −6}; S-2: 4.2 × 10{sup −7}; S-3: 2.3 × 10{sup −6}) were similar to the value typically found in contaminated surface soil within 80 km of the FDNPP. Therefore, accident-derived {sup 129}I deposited at S-1 (4.3 km west of the FDNPP) was 2.7 times larger than at S-2 (8.2 km west of the FDNPP), and 1.5 times larger than at S-3 (7.5 km northwest of the FDNPP). Depth profiles showed that the {sup 129}I activity and {sup 129}I/{sup 127}I ratios decayed exponentially with depth. ∼90% of accident-derived {sup 129}I deposited in the soil cores was concentrated in the upper 25.2–26.4 kg m{sup −2} of mass depth (2.1–3.1 cm depth). The relaxation mass depths (h{sub 0}) of {sup 129}I were 9.49–11.2 kg m{sup −2} at the three sampling sites, and these values are comparable to those of accident-derived {sup 131}I (10.4 kg m{sup −2}) at a site 40 km northwest of the FDNPP.

  7. Rings from Close Encounters (United States)

    Kohler, Susanna


    Weve recently discovered narrow sets of rings around two minor planets orbiting in our solar system. How did these rings form? A new study shows that they could be a result of close encounters between the minor planets and giants like Jupiter or Neptune.Unexpected Ring SystemsPositions of the centaurs in our solar system (green). Giant planets (red), Jupiter trojans (grey), scattered disk objects (tan) and Kuiper belt objects (blue) are also shown. [WilyD]Centaurs are minor planets in our solar system that orbit between Jupiter and Neptune. These bodies of which there are roughly 44,000 with diameters larger than 1 km have dynamically unstable orbits that cross paths with those of one or more giant planets.Recent occultation observations of two centaurs, 10199 Chariklo and 2060 Chiron, revealed that these bodies both host narrow ring systems. Besides our four giant planets, Chariklo and Chiron are the only other bodies in the solar system known to have rings. But how did these rings form?Scientists have proposed several models, implicating collisions, disruption of a primordial satellite, or dusty outgassing. But a team of scientists led by Ryuki Hyodo (Paris Institute of Earth Physics, Kobe University) has recently proposed an alternative scenario: what if the rings were formed from partial disruption of the centaur itself, after it crossed just a little too close to a giant planet?Tidal Forces from a GiantHyodo and collaborators first used past studies of centaur orbits to estimate that roughly 10% of centaurs experience close encounters (passing within a distance of ~2x the planetary radius) with a giant planet during their million-year lifetime. The team then performed a series of simulations of close encounters between a giant planet and a differentiated centaur a body in which the rocky material has sunk to form a dense silicate core, surrounded by an icy mantle.Some snapshots of simulation outcomes (click for a closer look!) for different initial states of

  8. Closed lung trauma. (United States)

    Feden, Jeffrey P


    Pulmonary injuries from blunt thoracic trauma are seen regularly with high-energy mechanisms but described less frequently in association with sports. Pneumothorax, hemothorax, pneumomediastinum, and pulmonary contusion are uncommon with athletic participation and often follow a benign clinical course. Life-threatening complications may arise, and athletes with chest trauma deserve close attention. Appropriate diagnosis is suggested by history and physical examination; conventional chest radiography is preferred as the initial imaging study but has limitations. Use of CT for trauma has improved diagnostic sensitivity for occult injury, although this may not alter management or outcomes. Return to play is guided by resolution of symptoms and radiographic findings.

  9. Przegląd metody leczenia i najczęstszych przyczyn amputacji otwartych i zamkniętych w obrębie kończyny górnej = Review of the methods of treatment and the most common causes of open and closed amputations within areas upper extremity


    Pietkun, Katarzyna; Siminska, Joanna; Stocka, Joanna; Ogurkowski, Karol; Hagner, Wojciech; Nowacka, Krystyna


    Pietkun Katarzyna, Siminska Joanna, Stocka Joanna, Ogurkowski Karol, Hagner Wojciech, Nowacka Krystyna. Przegląd metody leczenia  i najczęstszych przyczyn amputacji otwartych i zamkniętych w obrębie kończyny górnej = Review of the methods of treatment and the most common causes of open and closed amputations within areas upper extremity. Journal of Education, Health and Sport. 2015;5(3):311-324. ISSN 2391-8306. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.16770

  10. Variants of closing the nuclear fuel cycle (United States)

    Andrianova, E. A.; Davidenko, V. D.; Tsibulskiy, V. F.; Tsibulskiy, S. V.


    Influence of the nuclear energy structure, the conditions of fuel burnup, and accumulation of new fissile isotopes from the raw isotopes on the main parameters of a closed fuel cycle is considered. The effects of the breeding ratio, the cooling time of the spent fuel in the external fuel cycle, and the separation of the breeding area and the fissile isotope burning area on the parameters of the fuel cycle are analyzed.

  11. Closing the loop. (United States)

    Dassau, E; Atlas, E; Phillip, M


    Closed-loop algorithms can be found in every aspect of everyday modern life. Automation and control are used constantly to provide safety and to improve quality of life. Closed-loop systems and algorithms can be found in home appliances, automobiles, aviation and more. Can one imagine nowadays driving a car without ABS, cruise control or even anti-sliding control? Similar principles of automation and control can be used in the management of diabetes mellitus (DM). The idea of an algorithmic/technological way to control glycaemia is not new and has been researched for more than four decades. However, recent improvements in both glucose-sensing technology and insulin delivery together with advanced control and systems engineering made this dream of an artificial pancreas possible. The artificial pancreas may be the next big step in the treatment of DM since the use of insulin analogues. An artificial pancreas can be described as internal or external devices that use continuous glucose measurements to automatically manage exogenous insulin delivery with or without other hormones in an attempt to restore glucose regulation in individuals with DM using a control algorithm. This device as described can be internal or external; can use different types of control algorithms with bi-hormonal or uni-hormonal design; and can utilise different ways to administer them. The different designs and implementations have transitioned recently from in silico simulations to clinical evaluation stage with practical applications in mind. This may mark the beginning of a new era in diabetes management with the introduction of semi-closed-loop systems that can prevent or minimise nocturnal hypoglycaemia, to hybrid systems that will manage blood glucose (BG) levels with minimal user intervention to finally fully automated systems that will take the user out of the loop. More and more clinical trials will be needed for the artificial pancreas to become a reality but initial encouraging

  12. Close to ASEAN

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    @@ When looking at the process of regionalization, the birth of the Association Of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has been a great step forward. Like the EU in Europe,ASEAN plays a similar role in Southeast Asia, an area that has seen increasing influence not only in Asia but in the rest of the world.

  13. Jealousy and Relationship Closeness

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mark Attridge


    Full Text Available This study confirmed a hypothesis from the Emotion-in-Relationships conceptual model, which predicts that greater interdependence between relationship partners—or closeness—creates the potential for jealousy. The study also sought to better define the positive side of romantic jealousy in addition to its more negative attributes. College students in premarital relationships (N = 229 completed a questionnaire, including 27 different measures and the Multidimensional Jealousy Scale. Select data were obtained from 122 cases at 3-month follow-up. Each jealousy scale was tested for associations with demographic (age, sex, and race, person (life satisfaction, loneliness, romantic attachment styles, love styles, and romantic beliefs, and relationship (affective, closeness, and social exchange theory constructs. Results clearly distinguished emotional/reactive jealousy as mostly “good” and cognitive/suspicious jealousy as “bad.” Behavioral jealousy was associated with few measures. Implications are discussed for the interdependence model of relationships and the transactional model of jealousy.

  14. Do closed universes recollapse? (United States)

    Tipler, Frank J.

    The conditions for recollapse in universes with compact maximal hypersurfaces are investigated theoretically, reviewing the results of recent investigations. The importance of recollapse for observational astrophysics is briefly discussed, and particular attention is given to the implications of maximal hypersurfaces and to recollapse in S3 Friedmann universes. It is conjectured that all globally hyperbolic C2 maximally extended spatially homogeneous closed universes with S3 or S2 x S1 topology and with stress-energy tensors obeying the strong-energy, positive-pressure, dominant-energy, and matter-regularity conditions do expand from an all-encompassing initial singularity to a maximal hypersurface and then recollapse to an all-encompassing final singularity.

  15. Science policy up close

    CERN Document Server

    Marburger, John H


    In a career that included tenures as president of Stony Brook University, director of Brookhaven National Laboratory, and science advisor to President George W. Bush, John Marburger (1941 2011) found himself on the front line of battles that pulled science ever deeper into the political arena. From nuclear power to global warming and stem cell research, science controversies, he discovered, are never just about science. Science Policy Up Close" presents Marburger s reflections on the challenges science administrators face in the twenty-first century. In each phase of public service Marburger came into contact with a new dimension of science policy. The Shoreham Commission exposed him to the problem of handling a volatile public controversy over nuclear power. The Superconducting Super Collider episode gave him insights into the collision between government requirements and scientists expectations and feelings of entitlement. The Directorship of Brookhaven taught him how to talk to the public about the risks ...

  16. Millisecond Pulsars in Close Binaries

    CERN Document Server

    Tauris, Thomas M


    In this Habilitationsschrift (Habilitation thesis) I present my research carried out over the last four years at the Argelander Institute for Astronomy (AIfA) and the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy (MPIfR). The thesis summarizes my main findings and has been written to fulfill the requirements for the Habilitation qualification at the University of Bonn. Although my work is mainly focused on the topic of millisecond pulsars (MSPs), there is a fairly broad spread of research areas ranging from the formation of neutron stars (NSs) in various supernova (SN) events, to their evolution, for example, via accretion processes in binary and triple systems, and finally to their possible destruction in merger events. The thesis is organized in the following manner: A general introduction to neutron stars and millisecond pulsars is given in Chapter 1. A selection of key papers published in 2011-2014 are presented in Chapters 2-10, ordered within five main research areas (ultra-stripped SNe in close binaries, ma...

  17. 50 CFR 32.8 - Areas closed to hunting. (United States)


    ... Wildlife Regudge 21 FR 6513. 2370 Oct. 16, 1939 Virginia Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge 3 CFR, Cum. Supp... Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge 27 FR 104; 27 FR 858. Aug. 21, 1963 Mackay Island..., 1939 Arkansas Big Lake National Wildlife Refuge 3 CFR Cum. Supp. 4 FR 1309. Oct. 24, 1958......

  18. Closed suction drain with bulb (United States)

    ... page: // Closed suction drain with bulb To use the sharing features on this page, please enable JavaScript. A closed suction drain is used to remove fluids that build up ...

  19. Closing photoconductive semiconductor switches

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Loubriel, G.M.; Zutavern, F.J.; Hjalmarson, H.P.; O' Malley, M.W.


    One of the most important limitations of Photoconductive Semiconductor Switches (PCSS) for pulsed power applications is the high laser powers required to activate the switches. In this paper, we discuss recent developments on two different aspects of GaAs PCSS that result in reductions in laser power by a factor of nearly 1000. The advantages of using GaAs over Si are many. First of all, the resistivity of GaAs can be orders of magnitude higher than that of the highest resistivity Si material, thus allowing GaAs switches to withstand dc voltages without thermal runaway. Secondly, GaAs has a higher carrier mobility than Si and, thus, is more efficient (per carrier). Finally, GaAs switches can have naturally fast (ns) opening times at room temperature and low fields, microsecond opening times at liquid nitrogen temperature of 77 K, or, on demand, closing and opening at high fields and room temperature by a mechanism called lock-on (see Ref. 1). By contrast, Si switches typically opening times of milliseconds. The amount of laser light required to trigger GaAs for lock-on, or at 77 K, is about three orders of magnitude lower than at room temperature. In this paper we describe the study of lock-on in GaAs and InP, as well as switching of GaAs at 77 K. We shall show that when GaAs is switched at 77 K, the carrier lifetime is about three orders of magnitude longer than it is at room temperature. We shall explain the change in lifetime in terms of the change in electron capture cross section of the deep levels in GaAs (these are defect or impurity levels in the band gap). In the second section, we describe the lock-on effect, now seen in GaAs and InP, and at fields as high as 70 kV/cm. We show how lock-on can be tailored by changing the GaAs temperature or by neutron bombardment. In the third section, we discuss possible lock-on mechanisms. 5 refs., 5 figs.

  20. Preliminary health cancer risk assessment for arsenic exposure in a contaminated area close to a fertilizer plant in Moscow region (Russia); Valutazione preliminare del rischio sanitario cancerogeno per esposizione ad arsenico in un'area contaminata da un'industria di fertilizzanti nella regione di Mosca (Russia)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zakharova, T. [Moscow Univ., Moscow (Russian Federation). Dept. of Chemistry, Lab. of Industrial Safety, Div. of Chemical Technology; Tatano, F. [Urbino Univ., Urbino (Italy). Facolta' di Scienze Ambientali


    At present, fertilizer plants are considered as one of the main sources of potentially contaminated areas in Russia. In this paper, an interesting experimental case-study area located in Moscow Region has been considered for the preliminary health cancer risk assessment for arsenic exposure. Arsenic has been selected as the individual contaminant indicator, according to a specific, original selection procedure presented in the paper. For estimating the human exposure to arsenic through multiple pathways, the original McKone and Daniels 91 model has been used. As a result of this preliminary assessment step for the case-study area, the calculated individual cancer risk levels for arsenic exposure through (in risk ranking order) consumption of agricultural products - consumption of drinking water - dermal contact - direct soil ingestion - ingestion of dairy products are significant. The present paper could be assumed too as a contribution (for comparison and stimulus) to the actual, Italian situation of soil quality criteria, especially regarding the agricultural land use. [Italian] Le aree interessate dalla presenza di impianti di produzione di fertilizzanti, rappresentano attualmente una rilevante sorgenti di siti potenzialmente contaminati in Russia. Nel presente lavoro, viene affrontato un interessante caso sperimentale di studio localizzato nella Regione di Mosca, per il quale viene condotta la valutazione preliminare del rischio sanitario cancerogeno per esposizione ad arsenico (contaminante selezionato come indicatore, mediante apposita procedura descritta nel lavoro). Allo scopo, e' stato implementato l'originale modello multiplo di valutazione dell'esposizione umana cosiddetto McKone and Daniels 91. Per l'area in studio, i livelli massimi possibili risultanti di rischio cancerogeno per l'arsenico connessi alle vie di migrazione (nell'ordine) ingestione di prodotti agricoli - assunzione di acqua di falda - contatto dermico

  1. Gauss-Bonnet's Formula and Closed Frenet Frames

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Røgen, Peter


    Our main result is that integrated geodesic curvature of a (non-simple) closed curve on the unit 2-sphere equals a half integer weighted sum of the areas of the connected components of the complement of the curve. These weights that gives a spherical analogy to the winding number of closed plane ...

  2. On fuzzy weakly-closed sets


    Mahanta, J.; P. K. Das


    A new class of fuzzy closed sets, namely fuzzy weakly closed set in a fuzzy topological space is introduced and it is established that this class of fuzzy closed sets lies between fuzzy closed sets and fuzzy generalized closed sets. Alongwith the study of fundamental results of such closed sets, we define and characterize fuzzy weakly compact space and fuzzy weakly closed space.

  3. Rotational mixing in close binaries

    CERN Document Server

    de Mink, S E; Langer, N; Yoon, S -Ch; Brott, I; Glebbeek, E; Verkoulen, M; Pols, O R


    Rotational mixing is a very important but uncertain process in the evolution of massive stars. We propose to use close binaries to test its efficiency. Based on rotating single stellar models we predict nitrogen surface enhancements for tidally locked binaries. Furthermore we demonstrate the possibility of a new evolutionary scenario for very massive (M > 40 solar mass) close (P < 3 days) binaries: Case M, in which mixing is so efficient that the stars evolve quasi-chemically homogeneously, stay compact and avoid any Roche-lobe overflow, leading to very close (double) WR binaries.

  4. Closed planar curves without inflections

    CERN Document Server

    Ohno, Shuntaro; Umehara, Masaaki


    We define a computable topological invariant $\\mu(\\gamma)$ for generic closed planar regular curves $\\gamma$, which gives an effective lower bound for the number of inflection points on a given generic closed planar curve. Using it, we classify the topological types of locally convex curves (i.e. closed planar regular curves without inflections) whose numbers of crossings are less than or equal to five. Moreover, we discuss the relationship between the number of double tangents and the invariant $\\mu(\\gamma)$ on a given $\\gamma$.

  5. Riscos à saúde em áreas próximas a aterros de resíduos sólidos urbanos Riesgos en la salud en áreas próximas a rellenos de residuos sólidos urbanos Health risks in areas close to urban solid waste landfill sites

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nelson Gouveia


    bitos por cáncer de hígado, 160 de vejiga y 224 por leucemia en adultos, 25 óbitos por leucemia entre niños y 299 por malformación congénita en las áreas próximas a los rellenos sanitarios. Almacenes intermedios con área de 2 km en torno de 15 depósitos delimitaron las áreas expuestas. Tasas de mortalidad estandarizadas de cada resultado fueron analizadas en modelos espaciales bayesianos. RESULTADOS: De modo general, los mayores valores de las tasas de mortalidad estandarizadas se encuentran en áreas más centrales del municipio, mientras que los rellenos se localizan en las áreas más periféricas. Las tasas de mortalidad estandarizadas no indicaron exceso de riesgo para los residentes en las áreas próximas a los rellenos de residuos sólidos en el municipio de Sao Paulo. Para rellenos en funcionamiento se encontró riesgo aumentado de cáncer de vejiga, hígado y para muertes por malformaciones congénitas; sin embargo, sin significancia estadística. CONCLUSIONES: No se encontró aumento en el riesgo de cáncer o de malformaciones congénitas en las áreas vecinas a los rellenos de residuos urbanos del municipio de Sao Paulo. Las débiles asociaciones y la imprecisión de las estimaciones obtenidas no permiten establecer relación causal.OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the association between living close to solid waste landfill sites and occurrences of cancer and congenital malformations among populations in their vicinity. METHODS: Deaths among people living in the municipality of São Paulo, Southeastern Brazil, between 1998 and 2002 were selected and geocoded, according to selected causes. Over the period evaluated, there were 351 deaths due to liver cancer, 160 due to bladder cancer and 224 due to leukemia, among adults, 25 due to childhood leukemia and 299 due to congenital malformation, in areas close to landfill sites. Buffer zones of radius 2 km around the 15 sites delimited the areas exposed. Standardized mortality ratios for each outcome were analyzed in

  6. Pollution hazard closes neutrino lab

    CERN Multimedia

    Jones, Nicola


    "A leading astrophysics laboratory in Italy has closed down all but one of its experiments over concerns that toxic polluants could leak form the underground lab into the local water supply" (0.5 page)

  7. Proposed Closing Order : St. Vincent (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The attached letter directed to Secretary Morton from the Florida Chapter of The Nature Conservancy recommends the establishment of a Secretarial closing order on...

  8. Vegetation of eastern Unalaska Island, Aleutian Islands, Alaska (United States)

    Talbot, Stephen S.; Schofield, Wilfred B.; Talbot, Sandra L.; Daniëls, Fred J. A.


    Plant communities of Unalaska Island in the eastern Aleutian Islands of western Alaska, and their relationship to environmental variables, were studied using a combined Braun-Blanquet and multivariate approach. Seventy relevés represented the range of structural and compositional variation in the matrix of vegetation and landform zonation. Eleven major community types were distinguished within six physiognomic–ecological groups: I. Dry coastal meadows: Honckenya peploides beach meadow, Leymus mollis dune meadow. II. Mesic meadows: Athyrium filix-femina – Aconitum maximum meadow, Athyrium filix-femina – Calamagrostis nutkaensis meadow, Erigeron peregrinus – Thelypteris quelpaertensis meadow. III. Wet snowbed meadow: Carex nigricans snowbed meadow. IV. Heath: Linnaea borealis – Empetrum nigrum heath, Phyllodoce aleutica heath, Vaccinium uliginosum – Thamnolia vermicularis fellfield. V. Mire: Carex pluriflora – Plantago macrocarpa mire. VI. Deciduous shrub thicket: Salix barclayi – Athyrium filix-femina thicket. These were interpreted as a complex gradient primarily influenced by soil moisture, elevation, and pH. Phytogeographical and syntaxonomical analysis of the plant communities indicated that the dry coastal meadows, most of the heaths, and the mire vegetation belonged, respectively, to the widespread classes Honckenyo–Elymetea, Loiseleurio–Vaccinietea, and Scheuchzerio–Caricetea, characterized by their circumpolar and widespread species. Amphi-Beringian species were likely diagnostic of amphi-Beringian syntaxa, many of these yet to be described.

  9. Crafting Creative Nonfiction: From Close Reading to Close Writing (United States)

    Dollins, Cynthia A.


    A process writing project in a third-grade classroom explored the idea of using nonfiction mentor texts to assist students in writing their own creative informational texts about animals. By looking at author craft and structure during close reading activities with nonfiction Twin Texts, students were taught how to emulate these techniques in…

  10. Evolution of Close Binary Systems

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Yakut, K; Eggleton, P


    We collected data on the masses, radii, etc. of three classes of close binary stars: low-temperature contact binaries (LTCBs), near-contact binaries (NCBs), and detached close binaries (DCBs). They restrict themselves to systems where (1) both components are, at least arguably, near the Main Sequence, (2) the periods are less than a day, and (3) there is both spectroscopic and photometric analysis leading to reasonably reliable data. They discuss the possible evolutionary connections between these three classes, emphasizing the roles played by mass loss and angular momentum loss in rapidly-rotating cool stars.

  11. Closed surfaces and character varieties

    CERN Document Server

    Chesebro, Eric


    The powerful character variety techniques of Culler and Shalen can be used to find essential surfaces in knot manifolds. We show that module structures on the coordinate ring of the character variety can be used to identify detected boundary slopes as well as when closed surfaces are detected. This approach also yields new number theoretic invariants for the character varieties of knot manifolds.

  12. Works close to gate B

    CERN Multimedia

    GS Department


    In connection to the TRAM project, drainage works will be carried out close to gate B until the end of next week. In order to avoid access problems, if arriving by car, please use gates A and E. Department of General Infrastructure Services (GS) GS-SE Group

  13. Brookhaven leak reactor to close

    CERN Multimedia

    MacIlwain, C


    The DOE has announced that the High Flux Beam Reactor at Brookhaven is to close for good. Though the news was not unexpected researchers were angry the decision had been taken before the review to assess the impact of reopening the reactor had been concluded (1 page).

  14. Ecological Challenges for Closed Systems (United States)

    Nelson, Mark; Dempster, William; Allen, John P.


    Closed ecological systems are desirable for a number of purposes. In space life support systems, material closure allows precious life-supporting resources to be kept inside and recycled. Closure in small biospheric systems facilitates detailed measurement of global ecological processes and biogeochemical cycles. Closed testbeds facilitate research topics which require isolation from the outside (e.g. genetically modified organisms; radioisotopes) so their ecological interactions and fluxes can be studied separate from interactions with the outside environment. But to achieve and maintain closure entails solving complex ecological challenges. These challenges include being able to handle faster cycling rates and accentuated daily and seasonal fluxes of critical life elements such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, water, macro- and mico-nutrients. The problems of achieving sustainability in closed systems for life support include how to handle atmospheric dynamics including trace gases, producing a complete human diet and recycling nutrients and maintaining soil fertility, the sustaining of healthy air and water and preventing the loss of crucial elements from active circulation. In biospheric facilities the challenge is also to produce analogues to natural biomes and ecosystems, studying processes of self-organization and adaptation in systems that allow specification or determination of state variables and cycles which may be followed through all interactions from atmosphere to soils. Other challenges include the dynamics and genetics of small populations, the psychological challenges for small isolated human groups and measures and options which may be necessary to ensure long-term operation of closed ecological systems.

  15. Changing closed agricultural policy communities

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Termeer, C.J.A.M.; Werkman, R.A.


    Agricultural policy networks have served as classic examples of closed policy communities facing pressure to open up. However, attempts to change them are slowly moving forward. The dialogues on Common Agricultural Policy reforms in which the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture is engaged with a range of

  16. Chuck Close: "Off the Wall." (United States)

    Gardner, Michael


    Describes the planning and design process of "Off the Wall," a student-developed CD-ROM multimedia project about the life and work of artist Chuck Close-the product of a studio-based course in Learning Experiments Design at the University of Georgia. The design includes an element of gaming; text is kept sparse; navigational elements are rendered…

  17. Closed Orbits in Phase Space (United States)

    Murphy, Andrew; Haestad, Jace; Morgan, Thomas


    We report characteristics of closed classical orbits in an electric field in phase space produced in photoabsorption. Rydberg states of atomic and molecular hydrogen and helium are considered. The core potential used for the hydrogen molecule is an effective one electron one center core potential evaluated at the internuclear equilibrium distance. Poincare surfaces of section in phase space are generated by integrating the equations of motion in semiparabolic coordinates u = (r + z) 1 / 2 and v = (r - z) 1 / 2, and plotting the location in phase space (pv versus v) whenever u = 0, with the electric field in the z direction. Combination orbits produced by Rydberg electron core scattering are studied and the evolution in phase space of these combination orbits due to scattering from one closed orbit into another is investigated. Connections are made to measured laser photoabsorption experiments that excite Rydberg states (20 recurrence spectra. The phase space structures responsible for the spectra are identified.

  18. Close supermassive binary black holes (United States)

    Gaskell, C. Martin


    It has been proposed that when the peaks of the broad emission lines in active galactic nuclei (AGNs) are significantly blueshifted or redshifted from the systemic velocity of the host galaxy, this could be a consequence of orbital motion of a supermassive blackhole binary (SMB). The AGN J1536+0441 (=SDSS J153636.22+044127.0) has recently been proposed as an example of this phenomenon. It is proposed here instead that 1536+044 is an example of line emission from a disc. If this is correct, the lack of clear optical spectral evidence for close SMBs is significant and argues either that the merging of close SMBs is much faster than has generally been hitherto thought, or if the approach is slow, that when the separation of the binary is comparable to the size of the torus and broad-line region, the feeding of the black holes is disrupted.

  19. Morphological sampling of closed sets:


    Christian Ronse; Mohamed Tajine


    We briefiy survey the standard morphological approach (Heijmans, 1994) to the sampling (or discretization) of sets. Then we summarize the main results of our metric theory of sampling (Ronse and Tajine, 2000; 2001; 2002; Tajine and Ronse, 2002), which can be used to analyse several sampling schemes, in particular the morphological one. We extend it to the sampling of closed sets (instead of compact ones), and to the case where the sampling subspace is boundedly compact (instead of boundedly f...

  20. Anchorage Areas (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — An anchorage area is a place where boats and ships can safely drop anchor. These areas are created in navigable waterways when ships and vessels require them for...

  1. Close range ISR (PRISTA) and close quarters combat (CQC) with unmanned aerial systems (UAS) (United States)

    Maynell, Jon


    Ironically, the final frontiers for the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) are the closest spaces at hand. There is an urgent operational capability gap in the area of proximate reconnaissance, intelligence, surveillance, and target acquisition (PRISTA) as well as close quarters combats (CQC). Needs for extremely close range functionality in land, sea and urban theaters remain unfilled, largely due to the challenges presented by the maneuverability and silent operating floor required to address these missions. The evolution of small, nimble and inexpensive VTOL UAV assets holds much promise in terms of filling this gap. Just as UAVs have evolved from large manned aircraft, so have MAVs (Micro Aerial Vehicles) evolved from UAVs. As unmanned aviation evolves into aerial robotics, NAV (Nano Aerial Vehicle) research will become the next hotbed of unmanned aerial systems development as these systems continue to mature in response to the need to find robotic replacements for humans in PRISTA, CQC, and many other hazardous duties.

  2. AA, closed orbit observation pickup

    CERN Multimedia


    Electrostatic pickups around the circumference of the AA served for the measurement of the closed orbits across the wide momentum range of +- 3% to either side of central orbit. The pickups were of the "shoebox" type, with diagonal cuts, a horizontal and a vertical one mechanically coupled together. They were located where they would not require extra space. The wide ones (very wide indeed: 70 cm), like the one we see here, were placed inside the vacuum chamber of the wide quadrupoles, QFW, at maximum dispersion. See also 8001372,8001383, 8010042

  3. AA, closed orbit observation pickup

    CERN Multimedia


    Electrostatic pickups around the circumference of the AA served for the measurement of the closed orbits across the wide momentum range of +- 3% to either side of central orbit. The pickups were of the "shoebox" type, with diagonal cuts, a horizontal and a vertical one mechanically coupled together. They were located where they would not require extra space. The small ones, like the one we see here, were inserted into the vacuum chamber of the BLG (long and narrow) bending magnets. Werner Sax contemplates his achievement. See also 8001383, 8010042, 8010045.

  4. AA, closed orbit observation pickup

    CERN Multimedia


    Electrostatic pickups around the circumference of the AA served for the measurement of the closed orbits across the wide momentum range of +- 3% to either side of central orbit. The pickups were of the "shoebox" type, with diagonal cuts, a horizontal and a vertical one mechanically coupled together. They were located where they would not require extra space. The small ones, like the one we see here, were inserted into the vacuum chamber of the BLG (long and narrow) bending magnets. See also 8001372, 8010042, 8010045

  5. AA, closed orbit observation pickup

    CERN Multimedia


    Electrostatic pickups around the circumference of the AA served for the measurement of the closed orbits across the wide momentum range of +- 3% to either side of central orbit. The pickups were of the "shoebox" type, with diagonal cuts, a horizontal and a vertical one mechanically coupled together. They were located where they would not require extra space. The wide ones (very wide indeed: 70 cm), like the one we see here, were placed inside the vacuum chamber of the wide quadrupoles QFW, at maximum dispersion. See also 8001372, 8001383, 8010045

  6. Closed inductively coupled plasma cell (United States)

    Manning, Thomas J.; Palmer, Byron A.; Hof, Douglas E.


    A closed inductively coupled plasma cell generates a relatively high power, low noise plasma for use in spectroscopic studies. A variety of gases can be selected to form the plasma to minimize spectroscopic interference and to provide a electron density and temperature range for the sample to be analyzed. Grounded conductors are placed at the tube ends and axially displaced from the inductive coil, whereby the resulting electromagnetic field acts to elongate the plasma in the tube. Sample materials can be injected in the plasma to be excited for spectroscopy.

  7. Closing the technological gap in Latin America

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Street, J.H.; James, D.D.


    The 19 oil-importing countries of Latin America were severely affected by the 1973 oil embargo and price increases, which revealed a widening technological gap that has made stability and economic growth difficult for these countries. Unstable price levels and massive inflation have produced unprecedented balance-of-payments deficits. The area's technological gap leaves it unprepared to produce adequate food supplies or to make major resource substitutions. Internal weaknesses are evident in the educational and research biases of South America that have limited the progress of universities and research institutes. New policies are needed to promote viable science and technology by setting priorities and expanding indigenous research programs. Several case studies of indigenous innovation and adaptation are noted to illustrate the potential for closing the technological gap in a peaceful, constructive way. 44 references.

  8. Scorpion: Close Air Support (CAS) aircraft (United States)

    Allen, Chris; Cheng, Rendy; Koehler, Grant; Lyon, Sean; Paguio, Cecilia


    The objective is to outline the results of the preliminary design of the Scorpion, a proposed close air support aircraft. The results obtained include complete preliminary analysis of the aircraft in the areas of aerodynamics, structures, avionics and electronics, stability and control, weight and balance, propulsion systems, and costs. A conventional wing, twin jet, twin-tail aircraft was chosen to maximize the desirable characteristics. The Scorpion will feature low speed maneuverability, high survivability, low cost, and low maintenance. The life cycle cost per aircraft will be 17.5 million dollars. The maximum takeoff weight will be 52,760 pounds. Wing loading will be 90 psf. The thrust to weight will be 0.6 lbs/lb. This aircraft meets the specified mission requirements. Some modifications have been suggested to further optimize the design.

  9. A Closed Universe Expanding Forever

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Silva N. P.


    Full Text Available In a recent paper, the expression a ( t = e H 0 T 0 [ ( t T 0 where = 0 : 5804, was proposed for the expansion factor of our Universe. According to it, gravity dominates the expan- sion ( matter era until the age of T ⋆ = 3 : 214 Gyr and, after that, dark energy dominates ( dark energy era leading to an eternal expansion, no matter if the Universe is closed, flat or open. In this paper we consider only the closed version and show that there is an upper limit for the size of the radial comoving coordinate, beyond which nothing is observed by our fundamental observer, on Earth. Our observable Universe may be only a tiny portion of a much bigger Universe most of it unobservable to us. This leads to the idea that an endless number of other fundamental observers may live on equal number of Universes similar to ours. Either we talk about many Universes — Multiverse — or about an unique Universe, only part of it observable to us.

  10. Pornography use and closeness with others in women

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Popović Miodrag


    Full Text Available Introduction. Closeness/intimacy and pornography are sometimes linked and frequently presented as competing with each other. They have been the subject of some research but many issues in the area remain controversial and indeterminate. Objective. The aim of this pilot study was to establish whether female pornography users and non-users’ ratings in terms of socio-emotional closeness differed, i.e. to examine the association between pornography use and aspects of socio-emotional closeness in a non-clinical sample of females. Methods. Sixty-six females participated in the study. Their actual and ideal socioemotional closeness was measured by the Perceived Interpersonal Closeness Scale/PICS, while their pornography use was examined by the Background and Pornography Use Information Questionnaire. Potential links between the two variables and comparisons with the relevant results obtained by males are presented. Results. The results showed that there were no significant differences between self-reported female pornography users and non-users in terms of total closeness numbers and scores and also in specific socioemotional closeness with the most significant adults in their lives (i.e., partners, closest friends, mothers and fathers. Conclusion. The results confirmed that there were differences between females and males’ approaches to pornography and closeness; females had lower interest in pornography and their use of it had not been associated with higher total closeness numbers and scores. Due to the participant group’s size (N limitations, this sample was rather used for preliminary investigations that would enable some elementary insight into females’ relevant behaviours. Further investigations of pornography’s complex links with socio-emotional and sexual closeness on larger samples may allow more reliable comparisons between gender and pornography users groups.

  11. Closed-universe recollapse conjecture

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Barrow, J.D.; Galloway, G.J.; Tipler, F.J.


    It is widely believed that all expanding S/sup 3/ closed universes that satisfy the standard energy conditions recollapse to a second singularity. It is shown that this is false even for Friedmann universes: an ever-expanding S/sup 3/ Friedmann universe is constructed in which the matter tensor satisfies the strong, weak and dominant energy conditions and the generic condition. A general recollapse theorem for Friedmann universes is proved if the positive pressure criterion, dominant enery condition and matter regularity condition hold, then an S/sup 3/ Friedmann universe must recollapse. It is shown that all known vacuum solutions with Cauchy surface topology S/sup 3/ or S/sup 2/XS/sup 1/ recollapse, and we conjecture that this is a property of all vacuum solutions of Einstein's equations with such Cauchy surfaces.

  12. Closing the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rebecca Vogel


    Full Text Available The current consensus is that there is a worldwide gap in skills needed for a competent cybersecurity workforce. This skills gap has implications for the national security sector, both public and private. Although the view is that this will take a concerted effort to rectify, it presents an opportunity for IT professionals, university students, and aspirants to take-up jobs in national security national intelligence as well military and law enforcement intelligence. This paper examines context of the issue, the nature of the cybersecurity skills gap, and some key responses by governments to address the problem. The paper also examines the emerging employment trends, some of the employment challenges, and what these might mean for practice. The paper argues that the imperative is to close the cyber skills gap by taking advantage of the window of opportunity, allowing individuals interested in moving into the cybersecurity field to do so via education and training.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Correction is provided in the oral language class-room to help learners identify problematic areas,re-formulate rules in their minds,so speak more accu-rately.However,many correction techniques seem tofrustrate and intimidate rather than enlighten.Thisarticle reviews current correction techniques.It thendescribes how certain features of the cloze procedurecan be adapted into a simple correction procedure ef-fective in eliciting self-and peer-correction from stu-dents.

  14. Simulations of Closed Timelike Curves (United States)

    Brun, Todd A.; Wilde, Mark M.


    Proposed models of closed timelike curves (CTCs) have been shown to enable powerful information-processing protocols. We examine the simulation of models of CTCs both by other models of CTCs and by physical systems without access to CTCs. We prove that the recently proposed transition probability CTCs (T-CTCs) are physically equivalent to postselection CTCs (P-CTCs), in the sense that one model can simulate the other with reasonable overhead. As a consequence, their information-processing capabilities are equivalent. We also describe a method for quantum computers to simulate Deutschian CTCs (but with a reasonable overhead only in some cases). In cases for which the overhead is reasonable, it might be possible to perform the simulation in a table-top experiment. This approach has the benefit of resolving some ambiguities associated with the equivalent circuit model of Ralph et al. Furthermore, we provide an explicit form for the state of the CTC system such that it is a maximum-entropy state, as prescribed by Deutsch.

  15. Kasza: design of a closed water system for the greenhouse horticulture. (United States)

    van der Velde, Raphaël T; Voogt, Wim; Pickhardt, Pieter W


    The need for a closed and sustainable water system in greenhouse areas is stimulated by the implementation in the Netherlands of the European Framework Directive. The Dutch national project Kasza: Design of a Closed Water System for the Greenhouse Horticulture will provide information how the water system in a greenhouse horticulture area can be closed. In this paper the conceptual design of two systems to close the water cycle in a greenhouse area is described. The first system with reverse osmosis system can be used in areas where desalination is required in order to be able to use the recycle water for irrigation of all crops. The second system with advanced oxidation using UV and peroxide can be applied in areas with more salt tolerant crops and good (low sodium) water sources for irrigation. Both systems are financially feasible in new greenhouse areas with substantial available recycle water.

  16. Revitalization Areas (United States)

    Department of Housing and Urban Development — Revitalization areas are HUD-designated neighborhoods in need of economic and community development and where there is already a strong commitment by the local...

  17. Wooded areas (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This report summarizes the management of wooded areas on Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge (formerly Walnut Creek National Wildlife Refuge) between 1992 and 2009.

  18. 700 Area (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The 700 Area of the Hanford Site is located in downtown Richland.Called the Federal Office Building, the Richland Operations Site Manager and the Richland Operations...

  19. A Cmparison of Closed World Assumptions

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    In this Paper.we introduce a notion of the family of closed world assumptions and compare several well-known closed world approaches in the family to the extent to whic an incomplete database is com pleted.

  20. Physics at the closed shells

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    G de France


    Radioactive beams obtained via fragmentation of the projectile on a primary target have shown to be a powerful tool to produce exotic nuclei and some typical results obtained at GANIL in this area will be shown. To go further, and in particular , to get beams of exotic nuclei, new facilities have been developed recently. The physics expected from the use of these radioactive ion beam facilities is extremely ambitious as stated in the scientific motivations justifying their construction. At GANIL the SPIRAL facility is ready and will hopefully deliver the first radioactive beams in 2001. New experimental devices have been developed to fully exploit the potentiality expected from SPIRAL. EXOGAM is a new, efficient and powerful gamma ray spectrometer currently under installation at GANIL. The design and the performances expected from this array will be discussed.

  1. Design Principles for Closed Loop Supply Chains

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    H.R. Krikke (Harold); C.P. Pappis (Costas); G.T. Tsoulfas; J.M. Bloemhof-Ruwaard (Jacqueline)


    textabstractIn this paper we study design principles for closed loop supply chains. Closed loop supply chains aim at closing material flows thereby limiting emission and residual waste, but also providing customer service at low cost. We study 'traditional' and 'new' design principles known in the l

  2. 45 CFR 702.53 - Closed meetings. (United States)


    ... 45 Public Welfare 3 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Closed meetings. 702.53 Section 702.53 Public..., REPORTS, AND MEETINGS OF THE COMMISSION Meetings § 702.53 Closed meetings. (a) The Commission may close a portion or portions of a meeting and withhold information pertaining to such meeting when it...

  3. 18 CFR 375.205 - Closed meetings. (United States)


    ... 18 Conservation of Power and Water Resources 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Closed meetings. 375... § 375.205 Closed meetings. (a) Meetings will be closed to public observation where the Commission properly determines, according to the procedures set forth in § 375.206, that such meeting or portion...

  4. 22 CFR 708.5 - Closed meetings. (United States)


    ... 22 Foreign Relations 2 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 true Closed meetings. 708.5 Section 708.5 Foreign... Closed meetings. (a) Meetings of the Board of Directors will be closed to public observation where the... such portion or portions of the meeting or disclosure of such information is likely to: (1)...

  5. 50 CFR 510.7 - Closed meetings. (United States)


    ... 50 Wildlife and Fisheries 7 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Closed meetings. 510.7 Section 510.7....7 Closed meetings. (a) Whenever the committee seeks to have all or a portion of a meeting closed to... Designee at least 30 days before the scheduled date of the meeting. The notification shall be in...

  6. 50 CFR 560.5 - Closed meetings. (United States)


    ... 50 Wildlife and Fisheries 7 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Closed meetings. 560.5 Section 560.5....5 Closed meetings. (a) A meeting or portions thereof may be closed, and information pertaining to such meeting or portions thereof may be withheld from the public, only if the Commission...


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mark A. Carl


    The Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC) engaged in numerous projects outlined under the scope of work discussed in the United States Department of Energy (DOE) grant number DE-FG26-01BC15336 awarded to the IOGCC. Numerous projects were completed that were extremely valuable to state oil and gas agencies as a result of work performed utilizing resources provided by the grant. There are numerous areas in which state agencies still need assistance. This additional assistance will need to be addressed under another grant because funding resources have been exhausted under The scope of work objectives for the eight projects covered under this grant is as follows: (1) Improve uniformity within state oil and gas data management efforts. (2) Conduct environmental compliance workshops and related educational projects on natural gas and oil exploration and production. (3) Improve regulatory efficiency through partnering opportunities provided by the Appalachian Illinois Basin Directors. (4) Promote the development and implementation of risk-based environmental regulation at the state level through an expertise-sharing program that brings stakeholders together to develop guidelines and models to meet regulatory challenges. (5) Support the IOGCC's regulatory streamlining efforts, including the identification and elimination of unnecessary duplications of effort between state and federal programs dealing with exploration and production on public lands, and identify the need to enhance and regionalize regulatory coordination and cooperation among the states. (6) Involve states and provinces of Canada that have offshore petroleum exploration and production in a regulatory sharing alliance to identify areas of concern that may be incorporated into standard practices for offshore environmental and regulatory compliance. (7) Coordinate efforts with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure that adequate information is available to the public

  8. 75 FR 7370 - Closed Captioning of Video Programming; Closed Captioning Requirements for Digital Television... (United States)


    ... Television Receivers AGENCY: Federal Communications Commission. ACTION: Final rule; announcement of effective... Closed Captioning of Video Programming; Closed Captioning Requirements for Digital Television...

  9. So close: remaining challenges to eradicating polio. (United States)

    Toole, Michael J


    The Global Polio Eradication Initiative, launched in 1988, is close to achieving its goal. In 2015, reported cases of wild poliovirus were limited to just two countries - Afghanistan and Pakistan. Africa has been polio-free for more than 18 months. Remaining barriers to global eradication include insecurity in areas such as Northwest Pakistan and Eastern and Southern Afghanistan, where polio cases continue to be reported. Hostility to vaccination is either based on extreme ideologies, such as in Pakistan, vaccination fatigue by parents whose children have received more than 15 doses, and misunderstandings about the vaccine's safety and effectiveness such as in Ukraine. A further challenge is continued circulation of vaccine-derived poliovirus in populations with low immunity, with 28 cases reported in 2015 in countries as diverse as Madagascar, Ukraine, Laos, and Myanmar. This paper summarizes the current epidemiology of wild and vaccine-derived poliovirus, and describes the remaining challenges to eradication and innovative approaches being taken to overcome them.

  10. Close encounters of the prototype kind

    CERN Multimedia


    CERN is building a new control centre for the operation of its entire accelerator complex and technical infrastructure. The prototype console for the new centre has just been installed and tested. Close encounters of the prototype kind CERN is building a new control centre for the operation of its entire accelerator complex and technical infrastructure. The prototype console for the new centre has just been installed and tested. The prototype of the control consoles that will be at the heart of the future CERN Control Centre (CCC) has just been installed in the Roy Billinge Room in Building 354. Until now, there have been four separate control rooms for the CERN accelerators and technical infrastructure. The CCC, which will be located on the Prévessin site, will bring them all together in a single room. The Centre will consist of 40 consoles for four different areas (LHC, SPS, PS complex and technical infrastructure). The prototype was tested by the technicians for a month. Following installation and con...

  11. Closed internal degloving injury with conservative treatment. (United States)

    Lin, Hsing-Lin; Lee, Wei-Che; Kuo, Liang-Chi; Chen, Chao-Wen


    In the emergency department, we frequently manage patients with multiple contusions and bruise over the trunk without severe injuries. Emergency department discharge is a common option for these patients, and we may neglect the existence of closed internal degloving injury, which is a soft tissue injury with pelvic trauma, combining the subcutaneous tissue torn away from the underlying fascia followed by a cavity being filled with hematoma and liquefied fat created in the next few days (Harefuah 2006;145:111-3:66, J Trauma 1997;42:1046). We report the unusual occurrence of this entity in an 18-year-old man. He encountered a scooter accident and experienced a few days of hospitalization because of thoracispinal (T10 and T11) process fracture. He was discharged, but a fluctuating mass developed at the lumbar area 10 days later. The comprehensive survey excluded the cerebrospinal fluid leakage associated with spinal fracture, and internal degloving injury was diagnosed. Percutaneous drainage with compressive bondage was aggressively used. Even though the treatment course was time consuming, the lesion eventually disappeared 10 months after his first visit.

  12. Route Scherrer closed for construction work

    CERN Multimedia


    Please note that Route Scherrer will be inaccessible for two and a half months from the beginning of March.   The part of Route Scherrer between Building 510 and Building 53 (see Figure) will be closed from the beginning of March until mid-May for civil engineering works. The superheated water pipes supplying the buildings in this area date back to 1959 and therefore present a significant risk of leakage. In order to ensure the reliable supply of superheated water, and, by extension, heating, to all premises near the Main Building (i.e. Buildings 500, 501, 503, 60, 62, 63 and 64), a new buried service duct will be installed between the basements of Buildings 53 and 61 to house a new superheated water pipe. The following car parks will, however, remain accessible for the duration of the works: the Cèdres car park, the car park for Buildings 4 and 5, and the car park situated between Buildings 32, 38 and 168.

  13. Closed-Loop and Activity-Guided Optogenetic Control (United States)

    Grosenick, Logan; Marshel, James H.; Deisseroth, Karl


    Advances in optical manipulation and observation of neural activity have set the stage for widespread implementation of closed-loop and activity-guided optical control of neural circuit dynamics. Closing the loop optogenetically (i.e., basing optogenetic stimulation on simultaneously observed dynamics in a principled way) is a powerful strategy for causal investigation of neural circuitry. In particular, observing and feeding back the effects of circuit interventions on physiologically relevant timescales is valuable for directly testing whether inferred models of dynamics, connectivity, and causation are accurate in vivo. Here we highlight technical and theoretical foundations as well as recent advances and opportunities in this area, and we review in detail the known caveats and limitations of optogenetic experimentation in the context of addressing these challenges with closed-loop optogenetic control in behaving animals. PMID:25856490

  14. Aerial Triangulation Close-range Images with Dual Quaternion

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    SHENG Qinghong


    Full Text Available A new method for the aerial triangulation of close-range images based on dual quaternion is presented. Using dual quaternion to represent the spiral screw motion of the beam in the space, the real part of dual quaternion represents the angular elements of all the beams in the close-range area networks, the real part and the dual part of dual quaternion represents the line elements corporately. Finally, an aerial triangulation adjustment model based on dual quaternion is established, and the elements of interior orientation and exterior orientation and the object coordinates of the ground points are calculated. Real images and large attitude angle simulated images are selected to run the experiments of aerial triangulation. The experimental results show that the new method for the aerial triangulation of close-range images based on dual quaternion can obtain higher accuracy.

  15. Pneumococcal disease: Closing the gap

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ashfaq Hasan


    Full Text Available oday, India is home to 99 million elderly people. By 2050, the number of elderly in this country will have gone up to 300 million1. With an increase in life expectancy from 32 years at the time of independence to 67.14 years in 20121, 10% of the population finds itself labeled as ‘senior citizen’. Inevitably, age brings with it comorbidities, immune senescence and pneumococcal disease. Pneumonia, in deference to its considerable morbidity and mortality, was exalted by Sir William Osler to its dubious pedestal of “Captain of all these Men of Death”. Unsurprisingly, immune debility and in several regions of the planet increasing antibiotic resistance, have ensured that pneumococcal pneumonia continues to take a large toll of senior citizens. Death rates have hardly budged over the last three decades. In India, pneumonia accounts for 25-30% deaths in the elderly3, a fatality rate almost unrivalled by most other terminal diseases. Among 15 high-burden countries, India has the dubious distinction of ranking third from last in the Global Action Plan for Pneumonia and Diarrhea (GAPPD4. During the World Immunization Week 2015 (April 24th to 30th, the ‘Close the Immunization Gap’ campaign gains crucial importance. Immunization, long vaunted as one of the most successful and cost-effective health interventions there is, prevent 2 to 3 million deaths every year, and saves enor-mous hospitalization costs and prevents loss of productivity. The recently published CAPiTA study (Community Acquired Pneumonia Immunization Trial in Adults, evaluated the efficacy of a novel 13-valent conju-gate vaccine for Pneumococcal pneumonia a vac-cine proven for its efficacy in children for the first time in older adults over 85,000 of them. Childhood vaccination with ‘PCV-13’, of course, was instrumental in reducing nasopharyngeal carriage of Strep pneumonia and decreasing the prevalence of Pneumococcal disease in the community at large. Altogether, the idea

  16. Rangelands: a closing carbon sink? (United States)

    Kuhn, Nikolaus J.


    Two thirds of the world's agricultural land is suitable for grazing only. Much of this land has experienced severe erosion due to mismanagement, massive redistribution of soil and sediment, and significant degradation of vegetation. As a consequence, geochemical cycles have changed. Unlike croplands, the impact of degradation on nutrient fluxes is hardly compensated on rangelands, potentially disturbing the carbon cycle because of the declining biomass production and the subsequent conversion of litter into soil organic matter. Over time, the degradation leads to a decline in soil C stocks and, if associated with soil erosion, also to a decline in carbon transfer from soil into sediment sinks. A priory reasoning suggests that during the degradation process, with soil productivity not yet massively affected, the Carbon transfer initially increases because soil erosion rates are also greater than in the non-disturbed system. With most soil degradation in rangelands occurring during the past 200 years, this mechanism on a large part of the global land area could have generated an unintentional terrestrial carbon sink during a time period with increasing industrial CO2 emissions. Using global data on soil degradation, soil erosion, soil carbon stocks and dynamics to simulate their interaction and potential role for rangeland carbon cycles supports the assumption that rangelands may have functioned as a carbon sink, but reveals major uncertainties with regards to the size. This highlights the need to improve our knowledge and understanding of rangeland erosion, landscape change and soil formation, both with regards to the recent past, but also the impacts of their future use and climate.

  17. Fabrication of Closed Hollow Bulb Obturator Using Thermoplastic Resin Material

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bidhan Shrestha


    Full Text Available Purpose. Closed hollow bulb obturators are used for the rehabilitation of postmaxillectomy patients. However, the time consuming process, complexity of fabrication, water leakage, and discoloration are notable disadvantages of this technique. This paper describes a clinical report of fabricating closed hollow bulb obturator using a single flask and one time processing method for an acquired maxillary defect. Hard thermoplastic resin sheet has been used for the fabrication of hollow bulb part of the obturator. Method. After fabrication of master cast conventionally, bulb and lid part of the defect were formed separately and joined by autopolymerizing acrylic resin to form one sized smaller hollow body. During packing procedure, the defect area was loaded with heat polymerizing acrylic resin and then previously fabricated smaller hollow body was adapted over it. The whole area was then loaded with heat cure acrylic. Further processes were carried out conventionally. Conclusion. This technique uses single flask which reduces laboratory time and makes the procedure simple. The thickness of hollow bulb can be controlled and light weight closed hollow bulb prosthesis can be fabricated. It also minimizes the disadvantages of closed hollow bulb obturator such as water leakage, bacterial infection, and discoloration.

  18. Fabrication of Closed Hollow Bulb Obturator Using Thermoplastic Resin Material. (United States)

    Shrestha, Bidhan; Hughes, E Richard; Kumar Singh, Raj; Suwal, Pramita; Parajuli, Prakash Kumar; Shrestha, Pragya; Sharma, Arati; Adhikari, Galav


    Purpose. Closed hollow bulb obturators are used for the rehabilitation of postmaxillectomy patients. However, the time consuming process, complexity of fabrication, water leakage, and discoloration are notable disadvantages of this technique. This paper describes a clinical report of fabricating closed hollow bulb obturator using a single flask and one time processing method for an acquired maxillary defect. Hard thermoplastic resin sheet has been used for the fabrication of hollow bulb part of the obturator. Method. After fabrication of master cast conventionally, bulb and lid part of the defect were formed separately and joined by autopolymerizing acrylic resin to form one sized smaller hollow body. During packing procedure, the defect area was loaded with heat polymerizing acrylic resin and then previously fabricated smaller hollow body was adapted over it. The whole area was then loaded with heat cure acrylic. Further processes were carried out conventionally. Conclusion. This technique uses single flask which reduces laboratory time and makes the procedure simple. The thickness of hollow bulb can be controlled and light weight closed hollow bulb prosthesis can be fabricated. It also minimizes the disadvantages of closed hollow bulb obturator such as water leakage, bacterial infection, and discoloration.

  19. Will current trends close major crop yield gaps by 2025? (United States)

    Ray, D. K.; Mueller, N. D.; Gerber, J. S.; Johnston, M.; Foley, J. A.


    Several studies have projected a need to double global agricultural production by 2050 to meet the demands posed by population growth, increased dairy and meat consumption, and biofuel use. However, recent work shows many regions where there are shortfalls in production compared to the regions with the highest yield. While these "yield gaps" could be closed through more intensive and advanced management, already between 24% and 39% of the global crop growing regions are witnessing yield stagnation. In this presentation we will identify the areas across the globe where yield gaps (as quantified circa the year 2000) are projected to either close or persist given observed rates of yield increases. Major investments in better management are needed in areas where yield gaps are projected to persist.

  20. Quiet areas

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Petersen, Rikke Munck


    This paper argues that drone filming can substantiate our understanding of multisensorial experiences of quiet areas and urban landscapes. Contrary to the distanced gaze often associated with the drone, this paper discusses drone filming as an intimate performativity apparatus that can affect...... perception as a result of its interrelationships between motion, gaze, and sound. This paper uses four films, one of which is a drone flyover, to launch a discussion concerning a smooth and alluring gaze, a sliding gaze that penetrates landscapes, and site appearance. Films hold the capacity to project both...... and transcendence can facilitate a deeper understanding of intimate sensations, substantiating their role in the future design and planning of urban landscapes. Hence, it addresses the ethics of an intimacy perspective (of drone filming) in the qualification of quiet areas....

  1. Experimental Study of Heat Transfer of Boreholes in Closed Loop Vertical Ground Heat Exchangers in a Cold Winter and Hot Summer Area%两种土壤热物性测试方法试验研究及影响因素分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    郑晓红; 任倩; 钱华


    地源热泵空调系统目前在国内已得到广泛使用,而地埋管周围岩土体的热物性的获取对于其系统设计及研究至关重要.本文通过对近水源和较远水源的测试井进行实地测试,对比了应用热响应原理的岩土体热物性的测定方法与直接测试法所得出的土壤导热系数和热扩散率,结果表明热响应原理测试计算所得的热物性具有较高的准确性.%As a renewable energy technology for space heating and cooling, ground source heat pump ( GSHP) systems have been encouraged to be used by China government. In Jiangsu Province, located at the East China, the zone with hot summer and cold winter, the number of closed loop vertical ground source heat pump systems is increasing rapidly in recent years. Accurate soil property is helpful for properly using ground source heat pump. This paper reported the preliminary results investigate the soil parameters and the potential to use ground heat source pump for a stage of long term project. Thermal response and measured soil samples from borehole were used to measure the conductivity of soil and results are compared. Results show that thermal response measured synthetic soil conductivity is higher than that measured samples directly. And the borehole close to river has higher water content and higher synthetic conductivity which is due to the enhancement of heat transfer by slowly water flow.

  2. 12 CFR 604.435 - Record of closed meetings or closed portion of a meeting. (United States)


    ... 12 Banks and Banking 6 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Record of closed meetings or closed portion of a meeting. 604.435 Section 604.435 Banks and Banking FARM CREDIT ADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATIVE PROVISIONS FARM CREDIT ADMINISTRATION BOARD MEETINGS § 604.435 Record of closed meetings or closed portion...

  3. The Closed Subsemigroups of a Clifford Semigroup

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Fu Yin-yin; Zhao Xian-zhong


    In this paper we study the closed subsemigroups of a Clifford semigroup. It is shown that{∪}Gα | Y′ ∈ P (Y ) is the set of all closed subsemigroups ofα∈Y′a Clifford semigroup S = [Y;Gα;ϕα,β], where Y′ denotes the subsemilattice of Y generated by Y′. In particular, G is the only closed subsemigroup of itself for a group G and each one of subsemilattices of a semilattice is closed. Also, it is shown that the semiring P (S ) is isomorphic to the semiring P (Y ) for a Clifford semigroup S=[Y;Gα;ϕα,β].

  4. The identification of physical close galaxy pairs

    CERN Document Server

    Soares, D S L


    A classification scheme for close pairs of galaxies is proposed. The scheme is motivated by the fact that the majority of apparent close pairs are in fact wide pairs in three-dimensional space. This is demonstrated by means of numerical simulations of random samples of binary galaxies and the scrutiny of the resulting projected and spatial separation distributions. Observational strategies for classifying close pairs according to the scheme are suggested. As a result, physical -- i.e., bound and spatially -- close pairs are identified.

  5. Close range photogrammetry and machine vision

    CERN Document Server

    Atkinson, KB


    This book presents the methodology, algorithms, techniques and equipment necessary to achieve real time digital photogrammetric solutions, together with contemporary examples of close range photogrammetry.

  6. 77 FR 61723 - Felgates Creek and Indian Field Creek Along the York River in Yorktown, VA; Restricted Area (United States)


    ... areas historically noted on nautical charts as closed to the public and traditionally enforced by... amend an existing restricted area to include areas historically noted on nautical charts as closed...

  7. Global inventory of closed-off Tidal basins and developments after the closure

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Schultz, B.; Hayde, L.G.; Sang-Hyun, P.; Tanaka, K.


    Closed-off tidal basin reclamation represents a special type of reclamation. In several countries enclosing dams have been built to close off estuaries, shallow seas, or lagoons, and lands up to 5~6¿m - MSL (below mean sea level) have been reclaimed in the former tidal basins. Although these areas w

  8. Kasza: Design of a closed water system for the greenhouse horticulture

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Velde, van der R.T.; Voogt, W.; Pickhardt, P.W.


    The need for a closed and sustainable water system in greenhouse areas is stimulated by the implementation in the Netherlands of the European Framework Directive. The Dutch national project Kasza: Design of a Closed Water System for the Greenhouse Horticulture will provide information how the water

  9. 77 FR 33474 - Center for Scientific Review; Notice of Closed Meetings (United States)


    ... HUMAN SERVICES National Institutes of Health Center for Scientific Review; Notice of Closed . Name of Committee: Endocrinology, Metabolism, Nutrition and Reproductive Sciences Integrated... Scientific Review Special Emphasis Panel; Muscle Physiology and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation AREA...

  10. U.S. Small Business HUBZone Base Closure Areas (United States)

    Small Business Administration — HUBZone Qualitified Base Closure Areas - the lands within the boundaries of a military installation that was closed through a privatization process under the Federal...

  11. Photopatterning of Hydrogel Microarrays in Closed Microchips. (United States)

    Gumuscu, Burcu; Bomer, Johan G; van den Berg, Albert; Eijkel, Jan C T


    To date, optical lithography has been extensively used for in situ patterning of hydrogel structures in a scale range from hundreds of microns to a few millimeters. The two main limitations which prevent smaller feature sizes of hydrogel structures are (1) the upper glass layer of a microchip maintains a large spacing (typically 525 μm) between the photomask and hydrogel precursor, leading to diffraction of UV light at the edges of mask patterns, (2) diffusion of free radicals and monomers results in irregular polymerization near the illumination interface. In this work, we present a simple approach to enable the use of optical lithography to fabricate hydrogel arrays with a minimum feature size of 4 μm inside closed microchips. To achieve this, we combined two different techniques. First, the upper glass layer of the microchip was thinned by mechanical polishing to reduce the spacing between the photomask and hydrogel precursor, and thereby the diffraction of UV light at the edges of mask patterns. The polishing process reduces the upper layer thickness from ∼525 to ∼100 μm, and the mean surface roughness from 20 to 3 nm. Second, we developed an intermittent illumination technique consisting of short illumination periods followed by relatively longer dark periods, which decrease the diffusion of monomers. Combination of these two methods allows for fabrication of 0.4 × 10(6) sub-10 μm sized hydrogel patterns over large areas (cm(2)) with high reproducibility (∼98.5% patterning success). The patterning method is tested with two different types of photopolymerizing hydrogels: polyacrylamide and polyethylene glycol diacrylate. This method enables in situ fabrication of well-defined hydrogel patterns and presents a simple approach to fabricate 3-D hydrogel matrices for biomolecule separation, biosensing, tissue engineering, and immobilized protein microarray applications.

  12. Climatic evaluation of semi-closed greenhouses

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Campen, J.B.; Kempkes, F.L.K.


    In the Netherlands the development of semi-closed greenhouses is going on for eight years. Increased carbon dioxide levels, reduced pesticide use, and energy saving are the main benefits of semi-closed greenhouses. Companies have developed several concepts with the goal to reduce the ventilation wit

  13. 16 CFR 16.8 - Closed meetings. (United States)


    ... 16 Commercial Practices 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Closed meetings. 16.8 Section 16.8... COMMITTEE MANAGEMENT § 16.8 Closed meetings. (a) Paragraphs (e), (f), and (g) of § 16.7 of this part, which require that meetings shall be open to the public and that the public shall be afforded an opportunity...

  14. 10 CFR 9.104 - Closed meetings. (United States)


    ... 10 Energy 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Closed meetings. 9.104 Section 9.104 Energy NUCLEAR REGULATORY COMMISSION PUBLIC RECORDS Government in the Sunshine Act Regulations § 9.104 Closed meetings. (a) Except where the Commission finds that the public interest requires otherwise, Commission meetings...

  15. 44 CFR 12.9 - Closed meetings. (United States)


    ... 44 Emergency Management and Assistance 1 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Closed meetings. 12.9 Section... SECURITY GENERAL ADVISORY COMMITTEES § 12.9 Closed meetings. (a) The requirements of § 12.8 (c) and (d) of this part that meetings shall be open to the public and that the public shall be afforded...

  16. Climate and Yield in a closed greenhouse

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Heuvelink, E.; Bakker, M.J.; Marcelis, L.F.M.; Raaphorst, M.


    The so-called closed greenhouse (closed ventilation windows) is a recent innovation in Dutch greenhouse industry. The technical concept consists of a heat pump, underground (aquifer) seasonal energy storage as well as daytime storage, air treatment units with heat exchangers, and air distribution du


    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    de Boer, Jan; van Smaalen, Sander; Petricek, Vaclav; Dusek, Michal P.; Verheijen, Marcel A.; Meijer, G.


    C60 crystals were grown from purified powder material with a multiple sublimation technique. In addition to crystals wit a cubic close-packed (ccp) arrangement, crystals were found with a hexagonal close-packed (hcp) structure. Detailed crystallographic evidence is given, including complete refineme

  18. Equivalence of open/closed strings

    CERN Document Server

    Wang, Peng; Yang, Haitang


    In this paper, we prove that the open and closed strings are $O(D,D)$ equivalent. The equivalence requires an AdS geometry near the boundaries. The $O(D,D)$ invariance is introduced into the Polyakov action by the Tseytlin's action. Traditionally, there exist disconnected open-open or closed-closed configurations in the solution space of the Tseytlin's action. The open-closed configuration is ruled out by the mixed terms of the dual fields. We show that, under some very general guidances, the dual fields are consistently decoupled if and only if the near horizon geometry is $AdS_5$. We then have open-closed and closed-open configurations in different limits of the distances of the $D3$-brane pairs. Inherited from the definition of the theory, these four configurations are of course related to each other by $O(D,D)$ transformations. We therefore conclude that both the open/closed relation and open/closed duality can be derived from $O(D,D)$ symmetries. By analyzing the couplings of the configurations, the low ...

  19. Structures closed into cycles in globular proteins. (United States)

    Efimov, A V


    Different types of structures closed into cycles are widespread at all the levels of structural organization of proteins. β-Hairpins, triple-stranded β-sheets, and βαβ-units represent simple structural motifs closed into cycles by systems of hydrogen bonds. Secondary closing of these simple motifs into larger cycles by means of different superhelices, split β-hairpins, or SS-bridges results in formation of complex structural motifs such as abcd-units, φ-motifs, five- and seven-segment α/β-motifs, etc. At the level of tertiary structure many proteins and domains fold into structures closed into cylinders. Apparently, closing the motifs and domains into cycles and cylinders results in formation of more cooperative and stable structures as compared with open ones, and this may be the reason for high frequencies of occurrence of the motifs in proteins.

  20. Closed bioregenerative life support systems: Applicability to hot deserts (United States)

    Polyakov, Yuriy S.; Musaev, Ibrahim; Polyakov, Sergey V.


    Water scarcity in hot deserts, which cover about one-fifth of the Earth's land area, along with rapid expansion of hot deserts into arable lands is one of the key global environmental problems. As hot deserts are extreme habitats characterized by the availability of solar energy with a nearly complete absence of organic life and water, space technology achievements in designing closed ecological systems may be applicable to the design of sustainable settlements in the deserts. This review discusses the key space technology findings for closed biogenerative life support systems (CBLSS), which can simultaneously produce food, water, nutrients, fertilizers, process wastes, and revitalize air, that can be applied to hot deserts. Among them are the closed cycle of water and the acceleration of the cycling times of carbon, biogenic compounds, and nutrients by adjusting the levels of light intensity, temperature, carbon dioxide, and air velocity over plant canopies. Enhanced growth of algae and duckweed at higher levels of carbon dioxide and light intensity can be important to provide complete water recycling and augment biomass production. The production of fertilizers and nutrients can be enhanced by applying the subsurface flow wetland technology and hyper-thermophilic aerobic bacteria for treating liquid and solid wastes. The mathematical models, optimization techniques, and non-invasive measuring techniques developed for CBLSS make it possible to monitor and optimize the performance of such closed ecological systems. The results of long-duration experiments performed in BIOS-3, Biosphere 2, Laboratory Biosphere, and other ground-based closed test facilities suggest that closed water cycle can be achieved in hot-desert bioregenerative systems using the pathways of evapotranspiration, condensation, and biological wastewater treatment technologies. We suggest that the state of the art in the CBLSS design along with the possibility of using direct sunlight for

  1. Closed-Loop and Robust Control of Quantum Systems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chunlin Chen


    Full Text Available For most practical quantum control systems, it is important and difficult to attain robustness and reliability due to unavoidable uncertainties in the system dynamics or models. Three kinds of typical approaches (e.g., closed-loop learning control, feedback control, and robust control have been proved to be effective to solve these problems. This work presents a self-contained survey on the closed-loop and robust control of quantum systems, as well as a brief introduction to a selection of basic theories and methods in this research area, to provide interested readers with a general idea for further studies. In the area of closed-loop learning control of quantum systems, we survey and introduce such learning control methods as gradient-based methods, genetic algorithms (GA, and reinforcement learning (RL methods from a unified point of view of exploring the quantum control landscapes. For the feedback control approach, the paper surveys three control strategies including Lyapunov control, measurement-based control, and coherent-feedback control. Then such topics in the field of quantum robust control as H∞ control, sliding mode control, quantum risk-sensitive control, and quantum ensemble control are reviewed. The paper concludes with a perspective of future research directions that are likely to attract more attention.

  2. Closed-loop and robust control of quantum systems. (United States)

    Chen, Chunlin; Wang, Lin-Cheng; Wang, Yuanlong


    For most practical quantum control systems, it is important and difficult to attain robustness and reliability due to unavoidable uncertainties in the system dynamics or models. Three kinds of typical approaches (e.g., closed-loop learning control, feedback control, and robust control) have been proved to be effective to solve these problems. This work presents a self-contained survey on the closed-loop and robust control of quantum systems, as well as a brief introduction to a selection of basic theories and methods in this research area, to provide interested readers with a general idea for further studies. In the area of closed-loop learning control of quantum systems, we survey and introduce such learning control methods as gradient-based methods, genetic algorithms (GA), and reinforcement learning (RL) methods from a unified point of view of exploring the quantum control landscapes. For the feedback control approach, the paper surveys three control strategies including Lyapunov control, measurement-based control, and coherent-feedback control. Then such topics in the field of quantum robust control as H(∞) control, sliding mode control, quantum risk-sensitive control, and quantum ensemble control are reviewed. The paper concludes with a perspective of future research directions that are likely to attract more attention.

  3. A generalization of $ H $-closed spaces

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    C. K. Basu


    Full Text Available Whereas a space $ X $ can be embedded in a compact space if and only if it is Tychonoff, every space $ X $ can be embedded in an $H$-closed space(a generalization of compact space. In this paper, we further generalize, the concept of $H$-closedness into $ gH $-closedness and have shown that every connected space is either a $ gH $-closed space or can be embedded in a $ gH $-closed space. Also, in a locally connected regular space the concept of $ gH $-closedness is equivalent to the concepts of $ J $-ness and strong $ J $-ness due to E. Michael [7] and $ \\theta $J-ness due to C.K. Basu et. al [1]. Several characterizations and properties of $ gH $-closed spaces with respect to subspaces, products and functional preservations (along with various examples are given.

  4. A theory of desynchronisable closed loop system

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Harsh Beohar


    Full Text Available The task of implementing a supervisory controller is non-trivial, even though different theories exist that allow automatic synthesis of these controllers in the form of automata. One of the reasons for this discord is due to the asynchronous interaction between a plant and its controller in implementations, whereas the existing supervisory control theories assume synchronous interaction. As a consequence the implementation suffer from the so-called inexact synchronisation problem. In this paper we address the issue of inexact synchronisation in a process algebraic setting, by solving a more general problem of refinement. We construct an asynchronous closed loop system by introducing a communication medium in a given synchronous closed loop system. Our goal is to find sufficient conditions under which a synchronous closed loop system is branching bisimilar to its corresponding asynchronous closed loop system.

  5. Closed surface modeling with helical line measurement data

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LI Ruqiong; LI Guanghu; WANG Yuhan


    Models for surface modeling of free-form surface and massive data points are becoming an important feature in commercial computer aided design/computer-aided manu- facturing software. However, there are many problems to be solved in this area, especially for closed free-form surface modeling. This article presents an effective method for cloud data closed surface modeling from asynchronous profile modeling measurement. It includes three steps: first, the cloud data are preprocessed for smoothing; second, a helical line is segmented to form triangle meshes; and third, Bezier surface patches are created over a triangle mesh and trimmed to shape on an entire surface. In the end, an illustrative example of shoe last surface modeling is given to show the availability of this method.

  6. Protected area gap analysis of important bird areas in Tanzania

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sritharan, Shakthi; Burgess, Neil David


    Analyses of gaps in protected area (PA) coverage of species distributions have been carried out extensively for the past two decades, aiming to better locate new PAs and conserve species. In this study, progress to close gaps in the protection of the Important Bird Areas (IBAs) of Tanzania......% wetland and 12% agricultural land. This analysis provides a simple template for defining where further action to protect remaining IBA sites in Tanzania would lead to enhanced conservation of avian biodiversity in that country and provides a methodology for analysis leading to conservation action...

  7. Laser welding closed-loop power control

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bagger, Claus; Olsen, Flemming Ove


    A closed-loop control system is developed to maintain an even seam width on the root side of a laser weld by continually controlling the output laser power of a 1500 W CO2 laser.......A closed-loop control system is developed to maintain an even seam width on the root side of a laser weld by continually controlling the output laser power of a 1500 W CO2 laser....

  8. On Dimer Models and Closed String Theories


    Sarkar, Tapobrata


    We study some aspects of the recently discovered connection between dimer models and D-brane gauge theories. We argue that dimer models are also naturally related to closed string theories on non compact orbifolds of $\\BC^2$ and $\\BC^3$, via their twisted sector R charges, and show that perfect matchings in dimer models correspond to twisted sector states in the closed string theory. We also use this formalism to study the combinatorics of some unstable orbifolds of $\\BC^2$.

  9. Geology and health:closing the gap

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    It was discovered several decades ago that the natural geo-environment could substantially impact on the health of animals and humans. However, despite the growth of evidence supporting this discovery, there has not been a close interaction between geoscientists and health scientists in assessing the need to study the various facets of the relationships between human and animal health and air, water, soils and rocks. This book is timely in closing that gap as stated in its title.

  10. Principal normal indicatrices of closed space curves

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Røgen, Peter


    A theorem due to J. Weiner, which also is proven by B. Solomon, implies that a principal normal indicatrix of a closed space curve with non-vanishing curvature has integrated geodesic curvature zero and contains no sub arc with integrated geodesic curvature Pi. We prove that the inverse problem a...... to the negative.Keywords: An inverse to Jacobi's theorem, differential geometry of closed space curves, Frenet ApparatusAMS-classification (1991): 53A04...

  11. A Mean Value Theorem for Closed Geodesics on Congruence Surfaces


    Lukianov, Vladimir


    We define a weighted multiplicity function for closed geodesics of given length on a finite area Riemann surface. These weighted multiplicities appear naturally in the Selberg trace formula, and in particular their mean square plays an important role in the study of statistics of the eigenvalues of the Laplacian on the surface. In the case of the modular domain, E. Bogomolny, F. Leyvraz and C. Schmit gave a formula for the mean square, which was rigorously proved by M. Peter. In this paper we...

  12. 50 CFR 648.59 - Sea Scallop Access Areas. (United States)


    ... September 1 through October 31 of each year the Delmarva Access Area is open to scallop fishing as a Sea... Closed Area I Sea Scallop Access Area is open to scallop vessels, unless transiting pursuant to paragraph... each year the Elephant Turnk Access Area is open to scallop fishing as a Sea Scallop Access...

  13. 36 CFR 13.1226 - Brooks Falls area. (United States)


    ... 36 Parks, Forests, and Public Property 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Brooks Falls area. 13.1226... Developed Area § 13.1226 Brooks Falls area. The area within 50 yards of the ordinary high water marks of the Brooks River from the Riffles Bear Viewing Platform to a point 100 yards above Brooks Falls is closed...

  14. Production of Spirulina biomass in closed photobioreactors

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Torzillo, G.; Pushparaj, B.; Bocci, F.; Balloni, W.; Materassi, R.; Florenzano, G.


    The results of six years investigation on the outdoor mass culture of Spirulina platensis and S. maxima in closed tubular photobioreactors are reported. On average, under the climatic conditions of central Italy, the annual yield of biomass obtained from the closed culture units was equivalent to 33 t dry weight/ha per year. In the same climatic conditions the yield of the same organisms grown in open ponds was about 18 t/ha per year. This considerable difference is due primarily to better temperature conditions in the closed culture system. The main problems encountered relate to the control of temperature and oxygen concentration in the culture suspension. This will require an appropriate design and management of the photobioreactor as well as the selection of strains specifically adapted to grow at high temperature and high oxygen concentration. 8 references.

  15. Experimental Simulation of Closed Timelike Curves

    CERN Document Server

    Ringbauer, Martin; Myers, Casey R; White, Andrew G; Ralph, Timothy C


    Closed timelike curves are among the most controversial features of modern physics. As legitimate solutions to Einstein's field equations, they allow for time travel, which instinctively seems paradoxical. However, in the quantum regime these paradoxes can be resolved leaving closed timelike curves consistent with relativity. The study of these systems therefore provides valuable insight into non-linearities and the emergence of causal structures in quantum mechanics-essential for any formulation of a quantum theory of gravity. Here we experimentally simulate the non-linear behaviour of a qubit interacting unitarily with an older version of itself, addressing some of the fascinating effects that arise in systems traversing a closed timelike curve. These include perfect discrimination of non-orthogonal states and, most intriguingly, the ability to distinguish nominally equivalent ways of preparing pure quantum states. Finally, we examine the dependence of these effects on the initial qubit state, the form of t...

  16. Soil microflora over the closed Donbas mines

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kurdish, I.K.; Kisten, A.G.; Roi, A.A.; Iakovenko, E.A.; Bezborodov, V.A.


    Composition of soil air and microflora in different soil horizons (to 30 cm depth) over some closed Donbas coal mines has been studied. The intensive methane leakages have been found in some soil zones over the closed coal mines. This results in formation of explosive and inflammable gas mixtures. Methane content in soil gas mixtures could vary from trace amounts to 34 %. The essential decrease of oxygen (to 3-4%) and increasing (up to 5 %) of CO2 concentrations that evidences for active microbiological processes in such soils is marked in the latter case. Methanotrophic bacteria involving methane into biogenic cycle are widespread (up to 106 cells per 1 g) in methane-containing soils over the closed coal mines. Microorganisms of different physiological groups in the community with methanotrophic bacteria were found in the given technogenic econiche.

  17. [Soil microflora over the closed Donbas mines]. (United States)

    Kurdish, I K; Kisten', A G; Roĭ, A A; Iakovenko, E A; Bezborodov, V A


    Composition of soil air and microflora in different soil horizons (to 30 cm depth) over some closed Donbas coal mines has been studied. The intensive methane leakages have been found in some soil zones over the closed coal mines. This results in formation of explosive and inflammable gas mixtures. Methane content in soil gas mixtures could vary from trace amounts to 34 %. The essential decrease of oxygen (to 3-4%) and increasing (up to 5 %) of CO2 concentrations that evidences for active microbiological processes in such soils is marked in the latter case. Methanotrophic bacteria involving methane into biogenic cycle are widespread (up to 106 cells per 1 g) in methane-containing soils over the closed coal mines. Microorganisms of different physiological groups in the community with methanotrophic bacteria were found in the given technogenic econiche.

  18. Close approach maneuvers around an oblate planet (United States)

    Oliveira, G. M. C.; Prado, A. F. B. A.; Sanchez, D. M.


    There are many applications of the close approach maneuvers in astronautics, and several missions used this technique in the last decades. In the present work, those close approach maneuvers are revisited, but now considering that the spacecraft passes around an oblate planet. This fact changes the distribution of mass of the planet, increasing the mass in the region of the equator, so increasing the gravitational forces in the equatorial plane. Since the present study is limited to planar trajectories, there is an increase in the variation of energy given by the maneuver. The planet Jupiter is used as the body for the close approach, but the value of J2 is varied in a large range to simulate situations of other celestial bodies that have larger oblateness, but the same mass ratio. This is particularly true in recent discovered exoplanets, and this first study can help the study of the dynamics around those bodies.

  19. Centaur's ring system formation by close encounters (United States)

    De Santana, Thamiris; Winter, Othon


    Rupture of small bodies due to close approach to a massive body is a frequent event in the Solar System. Some of these small bodies can just disintegrate completely or suffer a material loss.In this work we study the gravitational interaction between a giant planet and a small body in close encounters in order to simulate the formation of a planetary ring system around a centaur by the partial rupture of the small body.Considering the current Chariklo's body and a disk of particles around it, we simulated the system under close encounters with one of giant planets.Another motivation for the study is also the centaur Chiron, that is a candidate to have a ring system like Chariklo. The characteristics of the encounters are defined by the impact parameter and the velocity at infinity.The results are presented in terms of conditions that could lead to a rupture that could generate a ring like system.

  20. On closed embeddings of free topological algebras

    CERN Document Server

    Banakh, T


    Let $\\mathcal K$ be a complete quasivariety of completely regular universal topological algebras of continuous signature $\\mathcal E$ (which means that $\\mathcal K$ is closed under taking subalgebras, Cartesian products, and includes all completely regular topological $\\mathcal E$-algebras algebraically isomorphic to members of $\\mathcal K$). For a topological space $X$ by $F(X)$ we denote the free universal $\\mathcal E$-algebra over $X$ in the class $\\mathcal K$. Using some extension properties of the Hartman-Mycielski construction we prove that for a closed subspace $X$ of a metrizable (more generally, stratifiable) space $Y$ the induced homomorphism $F(X)\\to F(Y)$ between the respective free universal algebras is a closed topological embedding. This generalizes one result of V.Uspenskii concerning embeddings of free topological groups.

  1. Measuring Visual Closeness of 3-D Models

    KAUST Repository

    Morales, Jose A.


    Measuring visual closeness of 3-D models is an important issue for different problems and there is still no standardized metric or algorithm to do it. The normal of a surface plays a vital role in the shading of a 3-D object. Motivated by this, we developed two applications to measure visualcloseness, introducing normal difference as a parameter in a weighted metric in Metro’s sampling approach to obtain the maximum and mean distance between 3-D models using 3-D and 6-D correspondence search structures. A visual closeness metric should provide accurate information on what the human observers would perceive as visually close objects. We performed a validation study with a group of people to evaluate the correlation of our metrics with subjective perception. The results were positive since the metrics predicted the subjective rankings more accurately than the Hausdorff distance.

  2. Leaf-closing substance in Leucaena leucocephala. (United States)

    Sohtome, Yoshihiro; Tokunaga, Takashi; Ueda, Katsuhiro; Yamamura, Shosuke; Ueda, Minoru


    Potassium (2R,3R)-2,3,4-trihydroxy-2-methylbutanoate (1) was identified as a leaf-closing substance in the nyctinastic plant, Leucaena leucocephala. Compound 1 showed strong leaf-closing activity toward L. leucocephala and was not effective against other nyctinastic plants. The potassium ion was indispensable for the bioactivity of 1. Compound 1 gradually lost its bioactivity because of the exchange of the counter cation during isolation. A leaf-opening substance was also observed in the same plant.

  3. Biologically closed electrical circuits in venus flytrap. (United States)

    Volkov, Alexander G; Carrell, Holly; Markin, Vladislav S


    The Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula Ellis) is a marvel of plant electrical, mechanical, and biochemical engineering. The rapid closure of the Venus flytrap upper leaf in about 0.1 s is one of the fastest movements in the plant kingdom. We found earlier that the electrical stimulus between a midrib and a lobe closes the Venus flytrap upper leaf without mechanical stimulation of trigger hairs. The Venus flytrap can accumulate small subthreshold charges and, when the threshold value is reached, the trap closes. Here, we investigated the electrical properties of the upper leaf of the Venus flytrap and proposed the equivalent electrical circuit in agreement with the experimental data.

  4. Flow damping in stellarators close to quasisymmetry

    CERN Document Server

    Calvo, Ivan; Velasco, J L; Alonso, J Arturo


    Quasisymmetric stellarators are a type of optimized stellarators for which flows are undamped to lowest order in an expansion in the normalized Larmor radius. However, perfect quasisymmetry is impossible. Since large flows may be desirable as a means to reduce turbulent transport, it is important to know when a stellarator can be considered to be sufficiently close to quasisymmetry. The answer to this question depends strongly on the size of the spatial gradients of the deviation from quasisymmetry and on the collisionality regime. Recently, formal criteria for closeness to quasisymmetry have been derived in a variety of situations. In particular, the case of deviations with large gradients was solved in the $1/\

  5. Closing extraction spaces with lingual orthodontics. (United States)

    Ishida, Aya; de la Iglesia, Fernando; Molina, Anna; Hiro, Toshiaki; Puigdollers, Andreu


    There are different ways of closing extraction spaces with lingual orthodontics. One is to use loop mechanics and the other is to use sliding mechanics. This case report describes the treatment of closing spaces using sliding mechanics with and without the use of microscrews. Understanding and applying basic biomechanical principles is necessary for lingual orthodontics and the use of miniscrews. The purpose of this article is to demonstrate the effect of orthodontic miniscrews in controlling anchorage and the basic biomechanical considerations in understanding the influence of the anterior teeth.

  6. An introduction to closed cycle cryogenic coolers (United States)

    Chellis, F. F.


    Closed cycle cryogenic coolers are used extensively for cooling infrared detectors and other specialized electronic devices. Because of the special requirements of each electro-optical system it is generally necessary to custom design the cryocooler to fit the requirements. Early and close cooperation between the electro-optical systems designer and the cryocooler manufacturer is important to the successful marriage of the cryocooler with the total electro-optical system. Limitations of various cryocooling techniques are presented, and consideration for cryocooling integration are addressed.

  7. Colliding black holes the close limit

    CERN Document Server

    Price, R H; Richard H Price; Jorge Pullin


    The problem of the mutual attraction and joining of two black holes is of importance as both a source of gravitational waves and as a testbed of numerical relativity. If the holes start out close enough that they are initially surrounded by a common horizon, the problem can be viewed as a perturbation of a single black hole. We take initial data due to Misner for close black holes, apply perturbation theory and evolve the data with the Zerilli equation. The computed gravitational radiation agrees with and extends the results of full numerical computations.

  8. Rotation and massive close binary evolution

    CERN Document Server

    Langer, N; Yoon, S -C; Hunter, I; Brott, I; Lennon, D J; de Mink, S E; Verheijdt, M


    We review the role of rotation in massive close binary systems. Rotation has been advocated as an essential ingredient in massive single star models. However, rotation clearly is most important in massive binaries where one star accretes matter from a close companion, as the resulting spin-up drives the accretor towards critical rotation. Here, we explore our understanding of this process, and its observable consequences. When accounting for these consequences, the question remains whether rotational effects in massive single stars are still needed to explain the observations.

  9. Physiological Disorders in Closed, Controlled Environment Crops (United States)

    Wheeler, Raymond M.; Morrow, Robert C.


    This slide presentation reviews some of the physiological disorders that affect crops grown in closed controlled environments. A physiological disorder is understood to be a problem resulting from the influence of environmental and horticultural factors on plan development other than a problem caused by a pathogen or some other abiotic cause. The topics that are addressed are: (1) Calcium-Related Disorders (2) Oedema (Intumescence) (3) Long-Photoperiod Injury (4) Light Spectral Quality Effects (5) Super-Elevated CO2 Injuries (6) Ethylene (7) Other Disorders (8) Considerations for Closed Space Environments. Views of plant with the disorders are shown.

  10. Sodium fast reactors with closed fuel cycle

    CERN Document Server

    Raj, Baldev; Vasudeva Rao, PR 0


    Sodium Fast Reactors with Closed Fuel Cycle delivers a detailed discussion of an important technology that is being harnessed for commercial energy production in many parts of the world. Presenting the state of the art of sodium-cooled fast reactors with closed fuel cycles, this book:Offers in-depth coverage of reactor physics, materials, design, safety analysis, validations, engineering, construction, and commissioning aspectsFeatures a special chapter on allied sciences to highlight advanced reactor core materials, specialized manufacturing technologies, chemical sensors, in-service inspecti

  11. On closed loop transient response system identification

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christer Dalen


    Full Text Available Some methods for transient closed loop step response system identification presented in the literature are reviewed. Interestingly some errors in a method published in the early 80's where propagated into a recently published method. These methods are reviewed and some improved methods are suggested and presented. The methods are compared against each other on some closed loop system examples, e.g. a well pipeline-riser severe-slugging flow regime example, using Monte Carlo simulations for comparison of the methods.

  12. Closed World Assumption for Disjunctive Reasoning

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    WANG Kewen; ZHOU Lizhu


    In this paper, the relationship between argumentation and closed world reasoning for disjunctive information is studied. In particular, the authors propose a simple and intuitive generalization of the closed world assumption (CWA) for general disjunctive deductive databases (with default negation). This semantics,called DCWA, allows a natural argumentation-based interpretation and can be used to represent reasoning for disjunctive information. We compare DCWA with GCWA and prove that DCWA extends Minker's GCWA to the class of disjunctive databases with default negation. Also we compare our semantics with some related approaches.In addition, the computational complexity of DCWA is investigated.

  13. High resolution interface circuit for closed-loop accelerometer*

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Yin Liang; Liu Xiaowei; Chen Weiping; Zhou Zhiping


    This paper reports a low noise switched-capacitor CMOS interface circuit for the closed-loop operation of a capacitive accelerometer. The time division multiplexing of the same electrode is adopted to avoid the strong feedthrough between capacitance sensing and electrostatic force feedback. A PID controller is designed to ensure the stability and dynamic response o fa high Q closed-loop accelerometer with a vacuum package. The architecture only requires single ended operational amplifiers, transmission gates and capacitors. Test results show that a full scale acceleration of ±3 g, non-linearity of 0.05% and signal bandwidth of 1000 Hz are achieved. The complete module operates from a ±5 V supply and has a measured sensitivity of 1.2 V/g with a noise of floor of 0.8μg/√(Hz) in closed-loop. The chip is fabricated in the 2 μm two-metal and two-poly n-well CMOS process with an area of 15.2 mm2. These results prove that this circuit is suitable for high performance micro-accelerometer applications like seismic detection and oil exploration.

  14. Successful closed suction drain management of a canine elbow hygroma. (United States)

    Pavletic, M M; Brum, D E


    A 1-year-old castrated male St. Bernard dog presented to Angell Animal Medical Center with bilateral elbow hygromas which had been present for several weeks. The largest hygroma involving the left elbow was managed with a closed suction (active) drain system to continuously collapse the hygroma pocket over a 3-week period. Soft bedding was used to protect the elbows from further impact trauma to the olecranon areas. Following drain removal, there was no evidence of hygroma recurrence based on periodic examinations over an 18-month period. The smaller non-operated right elbow hygroma had slightly enlarged during this period. Closed suction drain management of the hygroma proved to be a simple and economical method of collapsing the left elbow hygroma. This closed drainage system eliminated the need for the postoperative bandage care required with the use of the Penrose (passive) drain method of managing elbow hygromas. The external drain tube should be adequately secured in order to minimise the risk of its inadvertent displacement.

  15. Wθg-Closed and Wδg-Closed in [0,1]-Topological Spaces

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. E. El-Shafei


    Full Text Available We investigate various classes of generalized closed fuzzy sets in [0,1]-topological spaces, namely, Wθg-closed fuzzy sets and Wδg-closed fuzzy sets. Also, we introduce a new separation axiom FT3/4∗ of the [0,1]-topological spaces, and we prove that every FT3/4∗-space is a FT3/4-space. Furthermore, we using the new generalized closed fuzzy sets to construct new types of fuzzy mappings.

  16. The Liquid Metal Plasma Valve Closing Switch, (United States)


    Table 1. Switch Specification s Closing HVDC LMPV Switch Converter LMPV Circuit Parameter...Parameters Rating Breaker Rating Peak Voltage 50-200 kV 150 kV nominal 30 kV Pulse Width 20-50 1isec 6 msec 20 msec Peak Current 8-4 kA 1.8 kA nominal


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    The purpose,classification,required accuracy and surveying methods of contr ol work for close range photogrammetry have been briefly stated.The different me thods for definition of space object coordinate system are also reviewed.It is suggested that the hab itually-practised rotation angle system for aerophotogrammetry in China should b e used for the future teaching and researching work in the close range photogram metry,and that the rotation angle system for terrestrial deformation photogramme try should be left out in order to avoid the confuse and reduce the amount of ex panse for making softwares.It has been emphasized that there are three improtant aspects in the close range control work with high accuracy using the convention al method of engineering surveying:the use of standard scale for measurement of distance between two general stations,the accurate determination of start direct io n line between two general stations and the handling method of influence of 2C change.A method for se tting up industrial surveying control net with extra-high accuracy ±(0.05-0.2 0 ) mm is presented by the author.This kind of industrial control net is necessa ry for batch process of large industrial components with purposes of measurement,i nspect and lofting.There are some special methods of control work in the close r ange photogrammetry,including two methods presented by the author.

  18. Close Associations and Memory in Brainwriting Groups (United States)

    Coskun, Hamit


    The present experiment examined whether or not the type of associations (close (e.g. apple-pear) and distant (e.g. apple-fish) word associations) and memory instruction (paying attention to the ideas of others) had effects on the idea generation performances in the brainwriting paradigm in which all participants shared their ideas by using paper…

  19. The close environment of Supermassive Black Holes (United States)

    Matt, Giorgio


    There are two main scientific goals of the "Close environment of SMBH" Athena Topical Panel: the determination of the BH spin distribution in the local Universe, and of the geometry of the hot X-ray emitting corona via time lag measurements. The rationale behind these goals, and how they will be achieved with Athena, will be discussed in this talk.

  20. Closed depression topography and Harps soil, revisited (United States)

    The Harps soil (Fine-loamy, mixed superactive, mesic Typic Calciaquoll) developed around wetland depressions. The purpose of this study is 1) to delineate surface deposition of carbonates representing Harps soil which results from outward and upward flow around closed depressions, and 2) to relate t...

  1. Close-Range Gunfire around DC Schools (United States)

    Bieler, Sam; La Vigne, Nancy


    This report examines the incidence of gunfire as measured by gunshot detection technology using data from the 2011-2012 school year. It finds that a disproportionate volume of gunfire happened near a small share of DC schools. About half of DC schools covered by gunshot detection sensors are in close proximity to gunfire, and four schools were…

  2. The Olympic of Textile Machinery closed

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    The five days 2012 China International Textile Machinery Exhibition ITMA Asia Exhibition, which attracted much attention from the industry, was closed at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on June 16, more than 1300 textile enterprises from nearly 30 countries around the world gathered on the exhibition, the world’s latest textile machinery technologies, crafts and equipments were also presented one by one.

  3. Principal normal indicatrices of closed space curves

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Røgen, Peter


    A theorem due to J. Weiner, which is also proven by B. Solomon, implies that a principal normal indicatrix of a closed space curve with nonvanishing curvature has integrated geodesic curvature zero and contains no subarc with integrated geodesic curvature pi. We prove that the inverse problem alw...

  4. Closed forms and multi-moment maps

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Madsen, Thomas Bruun; Swann, Andrew Francis


    We extend the notion of multi-moment map to geometries defined by closed forms of arbitrary degree. We give fundamental existence and uniqueness results and discuss a number of essential examples, including geometries related to special holonomy. For forms of degree four, multi-moment maps are gu...

  5. Closed-Form Approximation of MIMO Capacity


    Akhtman, Jos; Hanzo, Lajos


    A closed-form expression is provided for the calculation of the minimum SNR required to achieve a target data-rate using a generic MIMO-aided $M$-QAM transceiver. The computationally efficient technique proposed facilitates the convenient characterization of MIMO-assisted wireless systems.

  6. Closed intraocular microsurgery in ocular trauma. (United States)

    Kanski, J J


    A series of 53 eyes that had suffered severe trauma was treated by closed intraocular microsurgery with vitreous cutters. The cases were divided into three categories: (a) anterior segment reconstruction for traumatic cataracts and post-traumatic pupillary membranes, (b) vitreous haemorrhage with and without retinal detachment, and (c) traumatically dislocated lenses.

  7. Closed-loop control of magnetotactic bacteria

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Khalil, I.S.M.; Pichel, M.P.; Abelmann, L.; Misra, S.


    Realization of point-to-point positioning of a magnetotactic bacterium (MTB) necessitates the application of a relatively large magnetic field gradients to decrease its velocity in the vicinity of a reference position. We investigate an alternative closed-loop control approach to position the MTB. T

  8. Firms Closed Down in Food Safety Inspection

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    @@ Ten people have been arrested and more than 100 companies closed down as officials continue their crackdown on the use of banned animal drugs and toxic pesticides in farm produce. Agricultural safety inspections have been stepped up to guarantee food quality, a senior Chinese agricultural official said recently.

  9. Key ecological challenges for closed systems facilities (United States)

    Nelson, Mark; Dempster, William F.; Allen, John P.


    Closed ecological systems are desirable for a number of purposes. In space life support systems, material closure allows precious life-supporting resources to be kept inside and recycled. Closure in small biospheric systems facilitates detailed measurement of global ecological processes and biogeochemical cycles. Closed testbeds facilitate research topics which require isolation from the outside (e.g. genetically modified organisms; radioisotopes) so their ecological interactions and fluxes can be studied separate from interactions with the outside environment. But to achieve and maintain closure entails solving complex ecological challenges. These challenges include being able to handle faster cycling rates and accentuated daily and seasonal fluxes of critical life elements such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, water, macro- and mico-nutrients. The problems of achieving sustainability in closed systems for life support include how to handle atmospheric dynamics including trace gases, producing a complete human diet, recycling nutrients and maintaining soil fertility, the maintenance of healthy air and water and preventing the loss of critical elements from active circulation. In biospheric facilities, the challenge is also to produce analogues to natural biomes and ecosystems, studying processes of self-organization and adaptation in systems that allow specification or determination of state variables and cycles which may be followed through all interactions from atmosphere to soils. Other challenges include the dynamics and genetics of small populations, the psychological challenges for small isolated human groups and backup technologies and strategic options which may be necessary to ensure long-term operation of closed ecological systems.

  10. State estimation for random closed sets

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Lieshout, van M.N.M.; Stein, Alfred; Allard, Denis


    State estimation entails the estimation of an unobserved random closed set from (partial) observation of an associated random set. Examples include edge effect correction, cluster detection, filtering and prediction. We focus on inference for random sets based on points sampled on its boundary. Such

  11. Closed cycle propulsion for small unmanned aircraft (United States)

    Hays, Thomas Chadwick

    This study evaluates the merit of closed cycle propulsion systems for use in unmanned systems. The complexity and added weight of closed cycle engines is offset by benefits in high altitude performance, operation in polluted air environments, multi-fuel operation, and potential for flight in low oxygen environments using generic thermal heat sources. Although most closed thermal cycles cannot match the efficiency and power density potential of internal combustion engines (ICE) and turbomachines in aircraft propulsion applications, the addition of design requirements regarding noise output, and operation at high altitude results in IC and CC engine's performance becoming much more comparable. Muffling devices increase backpressure on internal combustion engines thereby reducing power output and efficiency. Multi stage turbo supercharging for operation at high altitude can in some cases increase efficiency of ICE's, but at the result of significant additional complexity and cost that also reduces practical reliability because of the often intricate mechanisms involved. It is in these scenarios that closed cycle engines offer a comparable performance alternative that may prove to be simpler, cheaper, and more reliable than high altitude or low noise internal combustion or turbomachine propulsion systems.

  12. Sequences of Closed Operators and Correctness

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sabra Ramadan


    Full Text Available In applications and in mathematical physics equations it is very important for mathematical models corresponding to the given problem to be correct given. In this research we will study the relationship between the sequence of closed operators An→A and the correctness of the equation Ax = y. Also we will introduce the criterion for correctness.

  13. Board Size Effects in Closely Held Corporations

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bennedsen, Morten; Kongsted, H.C.; Meisner Nielsen, Kasper


    Previous work on board size effects in closely held corporationshas established a negative correlation between board size and firm performance.We argue that this work has been incomplete in analysing the causalrelationship due to lack of ownership information and weak identificationstrategies in ...

  14. Close Range Digital Photogrammetry Applied to Topography and Landslide Measurements (United States)

    Liu, Wen-Cheng; Huang, Wei-Che


    Landslide monitoring is a crucial tool for the prevention of hazards. It is often the only solution for the survey and the early-warning of large landslides cannot be stabilized. The objective of present study is to use a low-cost image system to monitor the active landslides. We adopted the direct linear transformation (DLT) method in close range digital photogrammetry to measure terrain of landslide at the Huoyen Shan, Miaoli of central Taiwan and to compare measured results with e-GPS. The results revealed that the relative error in surface area was approximately 1.7% as comparing the photogrammetry with DLT method and e-GPS measurement. It showed that the close range digital photogrammetry with DLT method had the availability and capability to measure the landslides. The same methodology was then applied to measure the terrain before landslide and after landslide in the study area. The digital terrain model (DTM) was established and then was used to calculate the volume of the terrain before landslide and after landslide. The volume difference before and after landslides was 994.16 m3.

  15. Essential Closed Surfaces in a Class of Surface Sum of I-Bundle of Closed Surfaces

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Shu Xin WANG; Rui Feng QIU


    In this paper,we will characterize all types of essential closed surfaces in a class of surface sum of I-bundle of closed surfaces,and give an application of the classification in the surface sum of two 3-manifolds.

  16. RF Tomography for Below-Ground Imaging of Extended Areas and Close-in Sensing (United States)


    23:21:03 UTC from IEEE Xplore . Restrictions apply. 498 IEEE GEOSCIENCE AND REMOTE SENSING LETTERS, VOL. 7, NO. 3, JULY 2010 investigation region D...targets Authorized licensed use limited to: WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES. Downloaded on August 16,2010 at 23:21:03 UTC from IEEE Xplore . Restrictions...Authorized licensed use limited to: WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES. Downloaded on August 16,2010 at 23:21:03 UTC from IEEE Xplore . Restrictions apply

  17. 36 CFR 13.1178 - Closed waters, islands and other areas. (United States)


    ... Rock, or any adjacent rock, including all of the near-shore rocks located along the outer coast, for a... imposed in this section are minimum distances. Park visitors are advised that protection of park wildlife... protection)....

  18. Environmental effect of radon from waste rock piles at closed uranium mine

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Furuta, Sadaaki; Ito, Kimio; Ishimori, Yuu; Nakajima, Yuuji [Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corp., Kamisaibara, Okayama (Japan). Ningyo Toge Works


    The radon concentrations at working area had been measured during uranium exploration by Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corporation (PNC). Although the uranium exploration was closed by 1987, the measurements of environmental radon and the confirmation of public dose under 1 mSv/year out of supervising area has been necessary by the regulation since 1989, the year of the change of Japanese mine safety law. However radon exists in natural environment, it`s quite difficult to distinguish the radon from closed uranium mine from natural`s. Therefore the effective doses were estimated by the calculations using the atmospheric dispersion models, and by the measurements of radon emanation from the waste rock area of closed uranium mines. The radon influence from the waste rock was also investigated by the tracer gas dispersion experiments. Consequently the effective doses from the mining facilities were confirmed under the public limits 1 mSv/year of the regulations by this study. (author)

  19. Gemini helium closed cycle cooling system (United States)

    Lazo, Manuel; Galvez, Ramon; Rogers, Rolando; Solis, Hernan; Tapia, Eduardo; Maltes, Diego; Collins, Paul; White, John; Cavedoni, Chas; Yamasaki, Chris; Sheehan, Michael P.; Walls, Brian


    The Gemini Observatory presents the Helium Closed Cycle Cooling System that provides cooling capacity at cryogenic temperatures for instruments and detectors. It is implemented by running three independent helium closed cycle cooling circuits with several banks of compressors in parallel to continuously supply high purity helium gas to cryocoolers located about 100-120 meters apart. This poster describes how the system has been implemented, the required helium pressures and gas flow to reach cryogenic temperature, the performance it has achieved, the helium compressors and cryocoolers in use and the level of vibration the cryocoolers produce in the telescope environment. The poster also describes the new technology for cryocoolers that Gemini is considering in the development of new instruments.

  20. An efficient algorithm for mining closed itemsets. (United States)

    Liu, Jun-qiang; Pan, Yun-he


    This paper presents a new efficient algorithm for mining frequent closed itemsets. It enumerates the closed set of frequent itemsets by using a novel compound frequent itemset tree that facilitates fast growth and efficient pruning of search space. It also employs a hybrid approach that adapts search strategies, representations of projected transaction subsets, and projecting methods to the characteristics of the dataset. Efficient local pruning, global subsumption checking, and fast hashing methods are detailed in this paper. The principle that balances the overhead of search space growth and pruning is also discussed. Extensive experimental evaluations on real world and artificial datasets showed that our algorithm outperforms CHARM by a factor of five and is one to three orders of magnitude more efficient than CLOSET and MAFIA.

  1. Topology and Closed Timelike Curves I: Dynamics

    CERN Document Server

    Monroe, H


    No closed timelike curve (CTC) on a Lorentzian manifold can be continuously deformed as a CTC to a point. Otherwise, any of the point's neighborhoods would contain a CTC, a contradiction as Lorentzian manifolds are locally causally well-behaved. Every CTC must pass through some topological feature, to be called a timelike wormhole, which prevents the it from being deformed to a point. Tipler showed that a closed timelike geodesic exists in a compact Lorentzian manifold if the covering space contains a compact Cauchy surface. A test particle free falling along this geodesic transits the timelike wormhole; in the test particle's frame of reference, the wormhole propagates toward the test particle, exhibiting photon-like behavior. In addition, a space-time that violates chronology at every point can experience topology change consistent with theorems of Geroch and Tipler.

  2. An efficient algorithm for mining closed itemsets

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LIU Jun-qiang (刘君强); PAN Yun-he (潘云鹤)


    This paper presents a new efficient algorithm for mining frequent closed itemsets. It enumerates the closed set of frequent itemsets by using a novel compound frequent itemset tree that facilitates fast growth and efficient pruning of search space. It also employs a hybrid approach that adapts search strategies, representations of projected transaction subsets, and projecting methods to the characteristics of the dataset. Efficient local pruning, global subsumption checking, and fast hashing methods are detailed in this paper. The principle that balances the overheads of search space growth and pruning is also discussed. Extensive experimental evaluations on real world and artificial datasets showed that our algorithm outperforms CHARM by a factor of five and is one to three orders of magnitude more efficient than CLOSET and MAFIA.

  3. Tidal heating in close binary stellar systems

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rieutord, M.; Bonazzola, S.


    Tidal heating of a low-mass star in a close binary system, resulting from the conjugate effect of angular momentum loss and tidal action, is investigated via detailed study of the flow inside the secondary. It is found in the case of cataclysmic binaries that viscous dissipation is at most 10/sup -3/ x the nuclear luminosity of the star. It is shown, however, that the dissipation is very sensitive to the turbulent viscosity in the envelope of the secondary. The case of very close pairs of white dwarfs is also considered. It is shown that such pairs, which are thought to be the progenitors of Type I Supernovae may dissipate a power as large as 10/sup 38/ erg s/sup -1/, provided that they reach synchronization; such a heating will strongly modify the conditions in which the nuclear explosion starts.

  4. FHFA Underserved Areas (United States)

    Department of Housing and Urban Development — Federal Housing Finance Agency's (FHFA) Underserved Areas establishes underserved area designations for census tracts in Metropolitan Areas (MSAs), nonmetropolitan...

  5. On a type of generalized closed sets

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dhananjoy Mandal


    Full Text Available The purpose of this paper is to introduce and study a new class ofgeneralized closed sets in a topological space X, defined in terms of a grill G on X. Explicit characterization of such sets along with certain other properties of them are obtained. As applications, some characterizations of regular and normal spaces are achieved by use of the introduced class of sets.

  6. Closing CMS to hunt cosmic rays

    CERN Multimedia

    Claudia Marcelloni


    Every second the Earth is bombarded by billions of cosmic rays and occasionally one of these cosmic particles will collide with the Earth's atmosphere generating a shower of particles known as an 'air shower'. This is similiar to the collisions and subsequent particle showers observed in accelerators such as the LHC. Here the CMS detector is closed so that systems can be tested using muon cosmic rays in the 'Cosmic Challenge'.

  7. Masses of nuclei close to the dripline

    CERN Document Server

    Herfurth, F; Beck, D; Blaum, K; Bollen, G; Kellerbauer, A G; Kluge, H J; Lunney, M D; Rodríguez, D; Schwarz, S; Sikler, G; Weber, C


    Mass measurements of radioactive nuclides are one of the cornerstones of our understanding of the nucleus. The Penning trap spectrometer ISOLTRAP performs direct mass measurements far away from the valley of stability, as well as high-precision measurements of key nuclei to anchor long decay chains. Both schemes provide valuable information on the dripline itself and on nuclei in its close vicinity. (10 refs) .

  8. CERN Infirmary closed for building work

    CERN Multimedia


    The CERN Infirmary (Bldg 57, ground floor) will be closed from 11 December 2013 to 19 January 2014 due to building work.   A minimum service will be provided during this period by nurses and doctors, on the first floor of the Medical Service, bldg. 57. For any questions, please contact the nurses (73802) or the secretariat (73186 / 78435). Note: no complementary examination (audio, visiotest, EFR, etc.) will be possible. Thank you for your understanding and seasons greetings! Medical Service Team

  9. Engineering Challenges for Closed Ecological System facilities (United States)

    Dempster, William; Nelson, Mark; Allen, John P.


    Engineering challenges for closed ecological systems include methods of achieving closure for structures of different materials, and developing methods of allowing energy (for heating and cooling) and information transfer through the materially closed structure. Methods of calculating degree of closure include measuring degradation rates of inert trace gases introduced into the system. An allied problem is developing means of locating where leaks are located so that they may be repaired and degree of closure maintained. Once closure is achieved, methods of dealing with the pressure differentials between inside and outside are needed: from inflatable structures which might adjust to the pressure difference to variable volume chambers attached to the life systems component. These issues are illustrated through the engineering employed at Biosphere 2, the Biosphere 2 Test Module and the Laboratory Biosphere and a discussion of methods used by other closed ecological system facility engineers. Ecological challenges include being able to handle faster cycling rates and accentuated daily and seasonal fluxes of critical life elements such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, water, macro- and mico-nutrients. The problems of achieving sustainability in closed systems for life support include how to handle atmospheric dynamics including trace gases, producing a complete human diet and recycling nutrients and maintaining soil fertility, healthy air and water and preventing the loss of crucial elements from active circulation. In biospheric facilities the challenge is also to produce analogue to natural biomes and ecosystems, studying processes of self-organization and adaptation in systems that allow specification or determination of state variables and cycles which may be followed through all interactions from atmosphere to soils.

  10. Thermal Interaction of Closely Spaced Persons

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Brohus, Henrik; Nielsen, Peter V.; Tøgersen, Michael


    This paper presents results from a pilot study on the thermal interaction of closely spaced persons in a large enclosure. The surface temperature at different densities of persons is evaluated using a high resolution thermo vision camera in a controlled thermal environment. The corresponding...... thermal sensation is evaluated using questionnaires for the various densities. The results indicate that it may be acceptable to consider persons standalone, in a thermal sense, disregarding thermal interaction at usual densities in the design of large enclosures....

  11. Closing the Knowledge Gap in Foreign Markets

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lyles, Marjorie A.; Pedersen, Torben; Petersen, Bent

    The study explores how firms close their knowledge gaps in relation to business environments of foreign markets. Potential determinants are derived from traditional internationalization process theory as well as more recent literature on organizational learning processes, including the concept...... of absorptive capacity. Building on these two literature streams a conceptual model is developed and tested on a set of primary data of Danish firms and their foreign market operations. The empirical study suggests that factors considered essential in traditional internationalization process theory...

  12. On closed embeddings of free topological algebras



    Let $\\mathcal K$ be a complete quasivariety of completely regular universal topological algebras of continuous signature $\\mathcal E$ (which means that $\\mathcal K$ is closed under taking subalgebras, Cartesian products, and includes all completely regular topological $\\mathcal E$-algebras algebraically isomorphic to members of $\\mathcal K$). For a topological space $X$ by $F(X)$ we denote the free universal $\\mathcal E$-algebra over $X$ in the class $\\mathcal K$. Using some extension propert...

  13. Computational Topology for Regular Closed Sets


    project, The I-TANGO; :; Peters, T J; Bisceglio, J.; Ferguson, D. R.; Hoffmann, C.M.; Maekawa, T.; Patrikalakis, N.M.; Sakkalis, T.; N F Stewart


    The Boolean algebra of regular closed sets is prominent in topology, particularly as a dual for the Stone-Cech compactification. This algebra is also central for the theory of geometric computation, as a representation for combinatorial operations on geometric sets. However, the issue of computational approximation introduces unresolved subtleties that do not occur within "pure" topology. One major effort towards reconciling this mathematical theory with computational practice is our ongoing ...

  14. Overlap in Facebook Profiles Reflects Relationship Closeness. (United States)

    Castañeda, Araceli M; Wendel, Markie L; Crockett, Erin E


    We assessed the association between self-reported Inclusion of Other in the Self (IOS) and Facebook overlap. Ninety-two participants completed online measures of IOS and investment model constructs. Researchers then recorded Facebook data from participants' profile pages. Results from multilevel models revealed that IOS predicted Facebook overlap. Furthermore, Facebook overlap was associated with commitment and investment in ways comparable to self-reported IOS. These findings suggest that overlap in Facebook profiles can be used to measure relationship closeness.

  15. Closed-Loop Resuscitation of Hemorrhagic Shock (United States)


    of care arterial blood pressure. We collected data from hemorrhaged sheep experiments (funded by this ONR grant), and from a series of hemorrhaged...ongoing, and is the focus of engineering graduate student Ben Voigt. 9) We continued close collaborations with the Institute of Surgical Research on...finger), and pigs (tail). This provides the opportunity to perform testing in reproducible animal models. CareTaker will have to be tested in patients

  16. Closed-loop, open-source electrophysiology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    John D Rolston


    Full Text Available Multiple extracellular microelectrodes (multi-electrode arrays, or MEAs effectively record rapidly varying neural signals, and can also be used for electrical stimulation. Multi-electrode recording can serve as artificial output (efferents from a neural system, while complex spatially and temporally targeted stimulation can serve as artificial input (afferents to the neuronal network. Multi-unit or local field potential recordings can not only be used to control real world artifacts, such as prostheses, computers or robots, but can also trigger or alter subsequent stimulation. Real-time feedback stimulation may serve to modulate or normalize aberrant neural activity, to induce plasticity, or to serve as artificial sensory input. Despite promising closed-loop applications, commercial electrophysiology systems do not yet take advantage of the bidirectional capabilities of multi-electrodes, especially for use in freely moving animals. We addressed this lack of tools for closing the loop with NeuroRighter, an open-source system including recording hardware, stimulation hardware, and control software with a graphical user interface. The integrated system is capable of multi-electrode recording and simultaneous patterned microstimulation triggered by recordings with minimal stimulation artifact. The potential applications of closed-loop systems as research tools and clinical treatments are broad; we provide one example where epileptic activity recorded by a multi-electrode probe is used to trigger targeted stimulation, via that probe, to freely moving rodents.

  17. Close the high seas to fishing?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Crow White


    Full Text Available The world's oceans are governed as a system of over 150 sovereign exclusive economic zones (EEZs, ∼42% of the ocean and one large high seas (HS commons (∼58% of ocean with essentially open access. Many high-valued fish species such as tuna, billfish, and shark migrate around these large oceanic regions, which as a consequence of competition across EEZs and a global race-to-fish on the HS, have been over-exploited and now return far less than their economic potential. We address this global challenge by analyzing with a spatial bioeconomic model the effects of completely closing the HS to fishing. This policy both induces cooperation among countries in the exploitation of migratory stocks and provides a refuge sufficiently large to recover and maintain these stocks at levels close to those that would maximize fisheries returns. We find that completely closing the HS to fishing would simultaneously give rise to large gains in fisheries profit (>100%, fisheries yields (>30%, and fish stock conservation (>150%. We also find that changing EEZ size may benefit some fisheries; nonetheless, a complete closure of the HS still returns larger fishery and conservation outcomes than does a HS open to fishing.

  18. Closed Loop System Identification with Genetic Algorithms (United States)

    Whorton, Mark S.


    High performance control design for a flexible space structure is challenging since high fidelity plant models are di.cult to obtain a priori. Uncertainty in the control design models typically require a very robust, low performance control design which must be tuned on-orbit to achieve the required performance. Closed loop system identi.cation is often required to obtain a multivariable open loop plant model based on closed-loop response data. In order to provide an accurate initial plant model to guarantee convergence for standard local optimization methods, this paper presents a global parameter optimization method using genetic algorithms. A minimal representation of the state space dynamics is employed to mitigate the non-uniqueness and over-parameterization of general state space realizations. This control-relevant system identi.cation procedure stresses the joint nature of the system identi.cation and control design problem by seeking to obtain a model that minimizes the di.erence between the predicted and actual closed-loop performance.

  19. Water limits to closing yield gaps (United States)

    Davis, Kyle Frankel; Rulli, Maria Cristina; Garrassino, Francesco; Chiarelli, Davide; Seveso, Antonio; D'Odorico, Paolo


    Agricultural intensification is often seen as a suitable approach to meet the growing demand for agricultural products and improve food security. It typically entails the use of fertilizers, new cultivars, irrigation, and other modern technology. In regions of the world affected by seasonal or chronic water scarcity, yield gap closure is strongly dependent on irrigation (blue water). Global yield gap assessments have often ignored whether the water required to close the yield gap is locally available. Here we perform a gridded global analysis (10 km resolution) of the blue water consumption that is needed annually to close the yield gap worldwide and evaluate the associated pressure on renewable freshwater resources. We find that, to close the yield gap, human appropriation of freshwater resources for irrigation would have to increase at least by 146%. Most study countries would experience at least a doubling in blue water requirement, with 71% of the additional blue water being required by only four crops - maize, rice, soybeans, and wheat. Further, in some countries (e.g., Algeria, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, and Yemen) the total volume of blue water required for yield gap closure would exceed sustainable levels of freshwater consumption (i.e., 40% of total renewable surface and groundwater resources).

  20. Class 1 Areas (United States)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — A "Class 1" area is a geographic area recognized by the EPA as being of the highest environmental quality and requiring maximum protection. Class I areas are areas...

  1. Towards a more liveable life for close relatives of individuals diagnosed with bipolar disorder. (United States)

    Rusner, Marie; Carlsson, Gunilla; Brunt, David; Nyström, Maria


    The life of close relatives of persons with bipolar disorder (BD) is associated with emotional distress, depression, and a high level of use of mental health care. Illness-related changes of their life situation endanger relationships, social life, finances, and occupational functioning. Understanding of facilitating conditions for close relatives is still a neglected research area. The aim of the present study thus was to explore what makes the life of close relatives of persons with BD more liveable. A lifeworld phenomenological approach was used. The findings reveal that keeping distance, having stability in everyday life, and strengthening equality through transparent communication are conditions that enable close relatives to influence the unpredictable and its consequences and thus make life more liveable. This implies contributions from close relatives, the person with BD, and the caring services. We propose that health-care support should not be divided in support for the patient and/or the close relatives but instead be designed as support for the 'patient and close relatives' as a unit. Professional caregivers need to take responsibility for creating intersubjective settings for the person with BD and their close relatives to share their needs and make joint plans for how to influence the illness-related life issues.

  2. Close to me? The influence of affective closeness on space perception. (United States)

    Morgado, Nicolas; Muller, Dominique; Gentaz, Edouard; Palluel-Germain, Richard


    Recent data show that psychosocial factors affect visual perception. We tested this hypothesis by investigating the relationship between affective closeness and the perception of apertures between two people. People feel discomfort when they are near someone they are not affectively close to. Therefore, we predict that they will be less likely to perceive that they can pass between two people not affectively close to them. Participants had to imagine passing through the aperture between two life-size classmate pictures. We found that the closer participants felt to their classmates, the more they felt able to pass between them. This provides the first evidence of a relationship between affective closeness and the perception of aperture between two people, suggesting that psychosocial factors constrain space perception.

  3. The ecology of micro-organisms in a closed environment (United States)

    Fox, L.


    Microorganisms under closed environmental ecological conditions with reference to astronauts infectious diseases, discussing bacteria growth in Biosatellite 2 and earth based closed chamber experiments

  4. Tracking a closing volcanic system using repeating earthquakes (United States)

    Buurman, H.; West, M. E.; Grapenthin, R.


    Repeating, volcano-tectonic (VT) earthquakes were recorded at the end of the explosive phase of the 2009 eruption of Redoubt Volcano, Alaska. The events cluster into several families which exhibit cross-correlation values greater than 0.8 and are distributed between 0-10 km below the edifice. The earthquake magnitudes decline gradually with time, and the events also appear to shallow as the sequence progresses. This activity continued for over 2 months and accompanied steady dome growth, which halted around the same time that the last of the repeating VTs were recorded. The repetitive nature of these earthquakes, their relatively deep locations and their occurrence following 3 weeks of major explosive eruptions suggest that they are related to changes around the conduit system and/or the magma storage area as the last of the magma was removed from the mid-crustal storage area. Geodetic data indicate that the deflation of the edifice, which had been continuous throughout the explosive activity, ceased coincident with the onset of the repeating VT earthquakes. We use evidence from earthquake relocations and earthquake focal mechanisms to investigate the source for the repeating VT earthquakes. We propose a model in which the repeating earthquakes are closely related to the adjustment of the conduit system and mid crustal storage area in response to the last of the ascending magma.

  5. Recultivation of the cavity of the closed open pit Bor

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lilić Jasmina


    Full Text Available Copper ore is one of the most important raw materials for industrial production. Increasing demands have been increasing its extraction generally. Shallow deposits with higher copper grade are mostly exhausted and the open pits become deeper, also the amount of overburden and the problems of its disposal are increased. In some cases large quantities of overburden can solve the problem of recultivation of degraded areas. This is the case of recultivation of degraded areas on the location of the closed open pit Bor. Here, the overburden from another open pit, Veliki Krivelj, is disposed into the cavity of the open pit Bor. In this way the overburden is disposed without further area degradation and the cavity is primarily, technically recultivated. When the filling process is finished, waste depot will have a flat top at the level K+450 [2], which is above the neighboring terrain, and the slopes height will vary. This problem was not especially considered up to date, so the experiences in this field are humble. This paper intends to be the basis for further research.

  6. PDE Surface Generation with Combined Closed and Non-Closed Form Solutions

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Jian-Jun Zhang; Li-Hua You


    Partial differential equations (PDEs) combined with suitably chosen boundary conditions are effective in creating free form surfaces. In this paper, a fourth order partial differential equation and boundary conditions up to tangential continuity are introduced. The general solution is divided into a closed form solution and a non-closed form one leading to a mixed solution to the PDE. The obtained solution is applied to a number of surface modelling examples including glass shape design, vase surface creation and arbitrary surface representation.

  7. Closed ecological life-support systems and their applications (United States)

    Gitelson, Josef I.

    The advent of man-made closed ecosystems (CES) is a solution of the fundamental problem-egress of humans beyond the Earth's biosphere, providing biological basis for exploitation of Space and celestial bodies. Yet, before proceeding to these ambitious project elements of closed life-support biotechnologies, there can be found diverse applications on Earth in human settlements providing for high quality of life under extreme environment conditions: high latitudes, deserts, mountains and industrially polluted areas. This presentation considers these variations of terrestrial applications of CELSS technologies. The version of CES under development is based on making direct use of the light energy in plant photosynthesis. In this case life support of one man on the Earth orbit requires solar light collected from 5-10m2. Among terrestrial applications of prime importance is the development of an ecohome designed to provide people with a high quality of life in Arctic and Antarctic territories. The developed technology of cascade employment of energy makes possible (expending 10-15 kw of installed power per a house-3-5 member family) to provide for: permanent supply of fresh vitamin-full vegetables, absorption and processing oaf excreta, purification of water and air in the living quarters, habitual colour and light conditions in the premises in winter making up to sensorial deprivation and, finally, psychological comfort of close contact with the plants during the long polar night. Ecohabitat based on the technology described in realistic today and depends only on the energy available and the resolution and readiness (sagacity) of the decision-makers to be committed with ecohome assigning. The ecological and economical significance of construction of ecohabitats for the northern territories of Canada, Alaska and Russia is apparent. This principle can be used (with considerable economy of energy and construction costs) to maintain normal partial pressure of oxygen inside

  8. Behaviorism and the beginnings of close reading. (United States)

    Gang, Joshua


    Many of close reading's most enduring assumptions and techniques have their origins in psychological behaviorism. Beginning with I. A. Richards's critical work from the 1920s, this article demonstrates the central place of behaviorist ideas in New Critical theories of poetry. Despite explicitly disparaging Richards's behavioristic poetics, Brooks's Well Wrought Urn and Wimsatt and Beardsley's "intentional fallacy" perpetuated behaviorism's influence on literary criticism. This article traces how the New Critics translated behavioristic psychology into poetic formalism and discusses the implications of this for contemporary critical practice.

  9. Closing the R&D Gap


    Thomas Karier


    This study identifies a clear need for government policy to address the widening R&D gap between the United States, Japan and Germany. In 1991, the United States spent only 1.9 percent of its GDP on nondefense R&D compared to 3 percent for Japan and 2.7 percent for Germany. The possibility that his gap can be closed through tax incentives, such as the Research and Experimentation tax credit, appears highly unlikely. A detailed review of this credit shows that it had a relatively minor impact ...

  10. Closed power cycles thermodynamic fundamentals and applications

    CERN Document Server

    Invernizzi, Costante Mario


    With the growing attention to the exploitation of renewable energies and heat recovery from industrial processes, the traditional steam and gas cycles are showing themselves often inadequate. The inadequacy is due to the great assortment of the required sizes power and of the large kind of heat sources. Closed Power Cycles: Thermodynamic Fundamentals and Applications offers an organized discussion about the strong interaction between working fluids, the thermodynamic behavior of the cycle using them and the technological design aspects of the machines. A precise treatment of thermal engines op

  11. Improving the hygienic design of closed equipment

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Friis, Alan; Jensen, Bo Boye Busk


    Maintenance of proper hygiene in closed process equipment is in many ways a complex task. The interaction between the physical design and the nature of fluid flow is of main concern. During cleaning the main performance of the flow is to bring cleaning agents in the right doses to all parts of th...... computational fluid dynamics models to be able to predict the cleaning efficiency in especially complex parts of process plants has excellent potentials for desktop improvements and computer pre-validation of the hygienic performance of process plants....

  12. Close Air Support for the Field Army (United States)


    90. 76 of the 12th Air Support C omand , for consideration.4 From D plus 4 to D plus 7, requests for attacks on tar,:ets of’ opportunity were not...ibid. 3 8 Ibid. 9o evolved into the "Rover Joe" svstem of close air suooort. Rover Joe was based to an extent on the "Rover David " orinciple used in...tentacles (air sunport oart-4, air sunoort control, and rear links (liaison officer at iir force airfields). Rover David vas intended to be located

  13. Care of the patient close to death. (United States)

    Lickiss, J N; Hacker, N F


    The recognition that the patient is close to death is essential and usually possible. Assessment must be meticulous, goals clearly articulated, and strategies for symptom relief and comprehensive care defined and monitored. Death should not be obstructed by futile measures. The wish of a patient to be allowed to die needs to be respected, as well as a patient's anguish in the face of imminent and unwanted death. The final phase of life (hours or days) should not be seen as a time of treatment failure, but as a time for completion of tasks in peace and dignity, even in the mist of weakness and profound surrender.

  14. Radiation damping in closed expanding universes (United States)

    Bernui, Armando

    The dynamics of a coupled model (harmonic oscillator-relativistic scalar field) in Conformal Robertson-Walker (k = +1) spacetimes is investigated. The exact radiation-reaction equation of the source-including the retarded radiation terms due to the closed space geometry - is obtained and analyzed. A suitable family of Lyapunov functions is constructed to show that, if the spacetime expands monotonely, then the source's energy damps. A numerical simulation of this equation for expanding Universes, with and without Future Event Horizon, is performed.

  15. Radiative transfer in closely packed realistic regoliths

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. Vahidinia


    Full Text Available We have developed a regolith radiative transfer model (RRT based on a first-principles approach to regolith modeling that is essential for near-to-far infrared observations of grainy surfaces, and is readily configured to answer fundamental questions about popular models with which all remote observations of all airless solar system bodies with granular surfaces are currently interpreted. Our model accounts for wavelength-size regolith particles which are closely packed and can be heterogeneous in composition and arbitrarily shaped. Here we present preliminary results showing the role of porosity on layer reflectivity.

  16. Speckle interferometric observations of close binary stars

    CERN Document Server

    Saha, S K; Yeswanth, L; Anbazhagan, P


    Speckle interferometric technique is employed to record a series of hundreds of short-exposure images of several close binary stars with sub-arcsecond separation through a narrow band filter at the Cassegrain focus of the 2.34 meter (m) Vainu Bappu telescope (VBT), situated at Vainu Bappu Observatory (VBO), Kavalur, India. The data are recorded sequentially by a Peltier-cooled intensified CCD camera with 10 ms exposure. The auto-correlation method is applied to determine the angular separations and position angles of these binary systems.

  17. Quantum mechanics of the closed collapsing Universe

    CERN Document Server

    Viarenich, K A; Cherkas, S L


    Two approaches to quantization of Freedman's closed Universe are compared. In the first approach, the Shrodinger's norm of the wave function of Universe is used, and in the second approach, the Klein-Gordon's norm is used. The second one allows building the quasi-Heisenberg operators as functions of time and finding their average values. It is shown that the average value of the Universe scale factor oscillates with damping and approaches to some constant value at the end of the Universe evolution.

  18. Closed forms and multi-moment maps

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Madsen, Thomas Bruun; Swann, Andrew Francis

    We extend the notion of multi-moment map to geometries defined by closed forms of arbitrary degree. We give fundamental existence and uniqueness results and discuss a number of essential examples, including geometries related to special holonomy. For forms of degree four, multi-moment maps...... are guaranteed to exist and are unique when the symmetry group is (3, 4)-trivial, meaning that the group is connected and the third and fourth Lie algebra Betti numbers vanish. We give a structural description of some classes of (3, 4)-trivial algebras and provide a number of examples....

  19. Close-range photogrammetry with video cameras (United States)

    Burner, A. W.; Snow, W. L.; Goad, W. K.


    Examples of photogrammetric measurements made with video cameras uncorrected for electronic and optical lens distortions are presented. The measurement and correction of electronic distortions of video cameras using both bilinear and polynomial interpolation are discussed. Examples showing the relative stability of electronic distortions over long periods of time are presented. Having corrected for electronic distortion, the data are further corrected for lens distortion using the plumb line method. Examples of close-range photogrammetric data taken with video cameras corrected for both electronic and optical lens distortion are presented.

  20. Forest as Underground-Closed Dendrocenoecosystem

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. N. Sannikov


    Full Text Available As a result of quantitative «microecosystem» analysis of structural and functional relationships between biogeocenosis components in coniferous forests, the leading role of stand-edificator's root competition factor has been identified in determining the undergrowth and lower layer plant’s growth, compared with its «light» competition. Considering the dominant role of a tree stand root competition in the formation of other forest biogeocenosis components, new definition of «forest» as «underground-closed dendrocenoecosystem» have been proposed.

  1. Crawling cells can close wounds without purse strings or signaling.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pilhwa Lee


    Full Text Available When a gash or gouge is made in a confluent layer of epithelial cells, the cells move to fill in the "wound." In some cases, such as in wounded embryonic chick wing buds, the movement of the cells is driven by cortical actin contraction (i.e., a purse string mechanism. In adult tissue, though, cells apparently crawl to close wounds. At the single cell level, this crawling is driven by the dynamics of the cell's actin cytoskeleton, which is regulated by a complex biochemical network, and cell signaling has been proposed to play a significant role in directing cells to move into the denuded area. However, wounds made in monolayers of Madin-Darby canine kidney (MDCK cells still close even when a row of cells is deactivated at the periphery of the wound, and recent experiments show complex, highly-correlated cellular motions that extend tens of cell lengths away from the boundary. These experiments suggest a dominant role for mechanics in wound healing. Here we present a biophysical description of the collective migration of epithelial cells during wound healing based on the basic motility of single cells and cell-cell interactions. This model quantitatively captures the dynamics of wound closure and reproduces the complex cellular flows that are observed. These results suggest that wound healing is predominantly a mechanical process that is modified, but not produced, by cell-cell signaling.

  2. Route Scherrer and Route Einstein closed for construction work

    CERN Multimedia


    Please note that Route Scherrer will be inaccessible for two and a half months from the beginning of March and that part of Route Einstein will be closed for two weeks from the end of February.   Figure 1. The part of Route Scherrer between Building 510 and Building 53 (see Figure 1) will be closed from the beginning of March until mid-May for civil engineering works.   The superheated water pipes supplying the buildings in this area date back to 1959 and therefore present a significant risk of leakage. In order to ensure the reliable supply of superheated water, and, by extension, heating, to all premises near the Main Building (i.e. Buildings 500, 501, 503, 60, 62, 63 and 64), a new buried service duct will be installed between the basements of Buildings 53 and 61 to house a new superheated water pipe. Figure 2. The following car parks will, however, remain accessible for the duration of the works: the Cèdres car park, the car park for Buildings 4 and 5, and the ca...

  3. NASA Research For Instrument Approaches To Closely Spaced Parallel Runways (United States)

    Elliott, Dawn M.; Perry, R. Brad


    Within the NASA Aviation Systems Capacity Program, the Terminal Area Productivity (TAP) Project is addressing airport capacity enhancements during instrument meteorological condition (IMC). The Airborne Information for Lateral Spacing (AILS) research within TAP has focused on an airborne centered approach for independent instrument approaches to closely spaced parallel runways using Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) and Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) technologies. NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC), working in partnership with Honeywell, Inc., completed in AILS simulation study, flight test, and demonstration in 1999 examining normal approaches and potential collision scenarios to runways with separation distances of 3,400 and 2,500 feet. The results of the flight test and demonstration validate the simulation study.

  4. Asymptotic expansions for large closed and loss queueing networks

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kogan Yaakov


    Full Text Available Loss and closed queueing network models have long been of interest to telephone and computer engineers and becoming increasingly important as models of data transmission networks. This paper describes a uniform approach that has been developed during the last decade for asymptotic analysis of large capacity networks with product form of the stationary probability distribution. Such a distribution has an explicit form up to the normalization constant, or the partition function. The approach is based on representing the partition function as a contour integral in complex space and evaluating the integral using the saddle point method and theory of residues. This paper provides an introduction to the area and a review of recent work.

  5. Closed cycle electric discharge laser design investigation (United States)

    Baily, P. K.; Smith, R. C.


    Closed cycle CO2 and CO electric discharge lasers were studied. An analytical investigation assessed scale-up parameters and design features for CO2, closed cycle, continuous wave, unstable resonator, electric discharge lasing systems operating in space and airborne environments. A space based CO system was also examined. The program objectives were the conceptual designs of six CO2 systems and one CO system. Three airborne CO2 designs, with one, five, and ten megawatt outputs, were produced. These designs were based upon five minute run times. Three space based CO2 designs, with the same output levels, were also produced, but based upon one year run times. In addition, a conceptual design for a one megawatt space based CO laser system was also produced. These designs include the flow loop, compressor, and heat exchanger, as well as the laser cavity itself. The designs resulted in a laser loop weight for the space based five megawatt system that is within the space shuttle capacity. For the one megawatt systems, the estimated weight of the entire system including laser loop, solar power generator, and heat radiator is less than the shuttle capacity.

  6. A close encounter of the massive kind (United States)

    Maíz Apellániz, J.; Sana, H.; Barbá, R. H.; Le Bouquin, J.-B.; Gamen, R. C.


    We have used (i) Hubble Space Telescope Advanced Camera for Surveys imaging and Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph spectroscopy, (ii) ground-based Precision Integrated-Optics Near-infrared Imaging ExpeRiment/Very Large Telescope long-baseline interferometry, and (iii) ground-based spectroscopy from different instruments to study the orbit of the extreme multiple system HD 93 129 Aa,Ab, which is composed of (at least) two very massive stars in a long-period orbit with e > 0.92, which will pass through periastron in 2017/2018. In several ways, the system is an η Car precursor. Around the time of periastron passage, the two very strong winds will collide and generate an outburst of non-thermal hard X-ray emission without precedent in an O+O binary since astronomers have been able to observe above Earth's atmosphere. A coordinated multiwavelength monitoring in the next two years will enable a breakthrough understanding of the wind interactions in such extreme close encounters. Furthermore, we have found evidence that HD 93 129 Aa may be a binary system itself. In that case, we could witness a three-body interaction which may yield a runaway star or a stellar collision close to or shortly after the periastron passage. Either of those outcomes would be unprecedented, as they are predicted to be low-frequency events in the Milky Way.

  7. Recreation Carrying Capacity Facts and Considerations. Report 5. Lake Shelbyville Project Area. (United States)


    the short-term V or selectively to problem areas are favored (particularly if done in a crisis setting). Techniques which call for reductions in...stricter enforcement of rules 73 9 18 Close areas when natural resource " - destruction reaches critica oint 7 Close areas when they become "too full" 64

  8. Closing the loop: towards strategic defence management

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    S. de Spiegeleire; P. van Hooft; C. Culpepper; R. Willems


    How do defence-organisations (or organisations with comparable profiles) of other countries map out policy goals and how are policy goals related to activities and capabilities and the required financial means, and finally how does the feedback loop on the performance in all these areas take place?

  9. Limits to agricultural growth in the Sistan Closed Inland Delta, Iran

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Beek, van E.; Bozorgy, B.; Vekerdy, Z.; Meijer, K.


    The Sistan Delta in Iran is located at the end of a closed basin with nearly 100% of the supply coming from Afghanistan. This supply is supporting irrigated agriculture in the area and is the source for the lake system around the delta. These Hamoun lakes are ecological very valuable wetlands; a num

  10. The Impact of Cultural Diversification on Education in a Closed Culture. (United States)

    Dawidowicz, Paula Marie

    During the past 20 years, several of Utah's more populous areas have developed large, immigrant, non-Mormon populations. A study examined the effects over these years of the challenges caused by such cultural diversification on Utah's previously closed educational environment. Challenges were identified specifically by examining changes in…

  11. Divided attention years after severe closed head injury : The effect of dependencies between the subtasks

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Brouwer, W; Verzendaal, M; van der Naalt, J; Smit, J; van Zomeren, E


    Lesions of white matter which connects distant brain areas are characteristic for closed head injury (CHI). It was predicted that this impairs divided attention only if dependent subtasks are used which require communication between corresponding brain processes. Fourteen chronic severe CHI patients

  12. Translating Research into Practice in Nursing Homes: Can We Close the Gap? (United States)

    Rahman, Anna N.; Applebaum, Robert A.; Schnelle, John F.; Simmons, Sandra F.


    Purpose: A gap between research and practice in many nursing home (NH) care areas persists despite efforts by researchers, policy makers, advocacy groups, and NHs themselves to close it. The reasons are many, but two factors that have received scant attention are the dissemination process itself and the work of the disseminators or change agents.…

  13. Closed String Amplitudes from Gauge Fixed String Field Theory


    Drukker, Nadav


    Closed string diagrams are derived from cubic open string field theory using a gauge fixed kinetic operator. The basic idea is to use a string propagator that does not generate a boundary to the world sheet. Using this propagator and the closed string vertex, the moduli space of closed string surfaces is covered, so closed string scattering amplitudes should be reproduced. This kinetic operator could be a gauge fixed form of the string field theory action around the closed string vacuum.

  14. On the design of closed recapture experiments. (United States)

    Alunni Fegatelli, Danilo; Farcomeni, Alessio


    We propose a method to plan the number of occasions of recapture experiments for population size estimation. We do so by fixing the smallest number of capture occasions so that the expected length of the profile confidence interval is less than or equal to a fixed threshold. In some cases, we solve the optimization problem in closed form. For more complex models we use numerical optimization. We detail models assuming homogeneous, time-varying, subject-specific capture probabilities, behavioral response to capture, and combining behavioral response with subject-specific effects. The principle we propose can be extended to plan any other model specification. We formally show the validity of the approach by proving distributional convergence. We illustrate with simulations and challenging examples in epidemiology and ecology. We report that in many cases adding as few as two sampling occasions may substantially reduce the length of confidence intervals.

  15. Inflationary perturbations in a closed FLRW universe (United States)

    Yokomizo, Nelson; Bonga, Beatrice; Gupt, Brajesh


    We investigate the evolution of gauge invariant quantum perturbations in the closed FLRW model in the presence of an inflationary potential. We first find out initial conditions for the background geometry which lead to a desired slow-roll phase that is compatible with observation. Providing the initial conditions for the quantum field at the onset of slow-roll we study the influence of the spatial curvature on the scalar and tensor power spectra at the end of inflation. By comparing our results with the recent Planck data we discuss the role of spatial curvature on the estimation of various cosmological parameters. We highlight the main differences from the standard inflationary scenario in a flat FLRW model and potential implications for future observations. Finally, we comment on the quantum gravitational extension of this scenario to the Planck scale. Supported by CNPq-Brazil and NSF.

  16. Geneva motorway bypass closed for two nights

    CERN Multimedia


    The carriageways heading towards France on the airport section of the motorway will be closed from 8.30 p.m. to 5.00 a.m. in the night of 1 to 2 October and those heading towards Lausanne during the same hours in the night of 2 to 3 October. This is to allow dry-surface road-marking and signage work to be performed. The work will be postponed in the event of bad weather, in which case the new date will be announced on Radio RSR and Radio Lac as well as on the telephone traffic news service 163. Diversions will be in operation. Thank you in advance for your understanding. For further information, tel. 163 or Civil Engineering Department, DCTI, State of Geneva

  17. Open string amplitudes of closed topological vertex

    CERN Document Server

    Takasaki, Kanehisa


    The closed topological vertex is the simplest "off-strip" case of non-compact toric Calabi-Yau threefolds with acyclic web diagrams. By the diagrammatic method of topological vertex, open string amplitudes of topological string theory therein can be obtained by gluing a single topological vertex to an "on-strip" subdiagram of the tree-like web diagram. If non-trivial partitions are assigned to just two parallel external lines of the web diagram, the amplitudes can be calculated with the aid of techniques borrowed from the melting crystal models. These amplitudes are thereby expressed as matrix elements, modified by simple prefactors, of an operator product on the Fock space of 2D charged free fermions. This fermionic expression can be used to derive $q$-difference equations for generating functions of special subsets of the amplitudes. These $q$-difference equations may be interpreted as the defining equation of a quantum mirror curve.

  18. Closed-loop approach to thermodynamics

    CERN Document Server

    Goupil, C; Herbert, E; Benenti, G; D'Angelo, Y; Lecoeur, Ph


    We present the closed-loop approach to linear nonequilibrium thermodynamics considering a generic heat engine dissipatively connected to two temperature baths. The system is usually quite generally characterized by two parameters: the output power $P$ and the conversion efficiency $\\eta$, to which we add a third one, the working frequency $\\omega$. We establish that a detailed understanding of the effects of the dissipative coupling on the energy conversion process, necessitates the knowledge of only two quantities: the system's feedback factor $\\beta$ and its open-loop gain $A_{0}$, the product of which, $A_{0}\\beta$, characterizes the interplay between the efficiency, the output power and the operating rate of the system. The feedback loop approach thus provides a versatile and economical, hence efficient, tool for the study of any conversion engine operation for which a feedback factor may be defined as illustrated with a thermoelectric system.

  19. Closed Die Hammer Forging of Inconel 718

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. Chenna Krishna


    Full Text Available A method for the production of Inconel 718 (IN-718 hemispherical domes by closed die hammer forging is proposed. Different combination of operations employed for production are as follows: (i preforging + final forging + air cooling, (ii preforging + final forging + controlled cooling, (iii direct forging + controlled cooling, and (iv direct forging + air cooling. Last three combinations yielded a crack free hemispherical dome. The forged hemispherical domes were solution annealed at 980°C for 1 h and air cooled. The grain size of the domes at all locations was finer than ASTM No 4. Mechanical properties of the forged dome in solution treated and aged condition (STA were better than feedstock used.

  20. Interstellar Dust Close to the Sun

    CERN Document Server

    Frisch, Priscilla C


    The low density interstellar medium (ISM) close to the Sun and inside of the heliosphere provides a unique laboratory for studying interstellar dust grains. Grain characteristics in the nearby ISM are obtained from observations of interstellar gas and dust inside of the heliosphere and the interstellar gas towards nearby stars. Comparison between the gas composition and solar abundances suggests that grains are dominated by olivines and possibly some form of iron oxide. Measurements of the interstellar Ne/O ratio by the Interstellar Boundary Explorer spacecraft indicate that a high fraction of interstellar oxygen in the ISM must be depleted onto dust grains. Local interstellar abundances are consistent with grain destruction in ~150 km/s interstellar shocks, provided that the carbonaceous component is hydrogenated amorphous carbon and carbon abundances are correct. Variations in relative abundances of refractories in gas suggest variations in the history of grain destruction in nearby ISM. The large observed ...

  1. The closed-universe recollapse conjecture (United States)

    Barrow, John D.; Galloway, Gregory J.; Tipler, Frank J.


    It is widely believed that all expanding S3 closed universes that satisfy the standard energy conditions recollapse to a second singularity. The authors show that this is false even for Friedmann universes: they construct an ever-expanding S3 Friedmann universe in which the matter tensor satisfies the strong, weak and dominant energy conditions and the generic condition. The authors prove a general recollapse theorem for Friedmann universes: if the positive pressure criterion, dominant energy condition and matter regularity condition hold, then an S3 Friedmann universe must recollapse. The authors show that all known vacuum solutions with Cauchy surface topology S3 or S2×S1 recollapse, and they conjecture that this is a property of all vacuum solutions of Einstein's equations with such Cauchy surfaces. The authors consider a number of Kantowski-Sachs and Bianchi IX universes with various matter tensors, and formulate a new recollapse conjecture for matter-filled universes.

  2. Microorganism billiards in closed plane curves

    CERN Document Server

    Krieger, Madison S


    Recent experiments have shown that many species of microorganisms leave a solid surface at a fixed angle determined by steric interactions and near-field hydrodynamics. This angle is completely independent of the incoming angle. For several collisions in a closed body this determines a unique type of billiard system, an aspecular billiard in which the outgoing angle is fixed for all collisions. We analyze such a system using numerical simulation of this billiard for varying tables and outgoing angles, and also utilize the theory of one-dimensional maps and wavefront dynamics. When applicable we cite results from and compare our system to similar billiard systems in the literature. We focus on examples from three broad classes: the ellipse, the Bunimovich billiards, and the Sinai billiards. The effect of a noisy outgoing angle is also discussed.

  3. Closed-loop approach to thermodynamics (United States)

    Goupil, C.; Ouerdane, H.; Herbert, E.; Benenti, G.; D'Angelo, Y.; Lecoeur, Ph.


    We present the closed-loop approach to linear nonequilibrium thermodynamics considering a generic heat engine dissipatively connected to two temperature baths. The system is usually quite generally characterized by two parameters: the output power P and the conversion efficiency η , to which we add a third one, the working frequency ω . We establish that a detailed understanding of the effects of the dissipative coupling on the energy conversion process requires only knowing two quantities: the system's feedback factor β and its open-loop gain A0, which product A0β characterizes the interplay between the efficiency, the output power, and the operating rate of the system. By raising the abstract hermodynamic analysis to a higher level, the feedback loop approach provides a versatile and economical, hence fairly efficient, tool for the study of any conversion engine operation for which a feedback factor can be defined.

  4. Closed Loop Requirements and Analysis Management (United States)

    Lamoreaux, Michael; Verhoef, Brett


    Effective systems engineering involves the use of analysis in the derivation of requirements and verification of designs against those requirements. The initial development of requirements often depends on analysis for the technical definition of specific aspects of a product. Following the allocation of system-level requirements to a product's components, the closure of those requirements often involves analytical approaches to verify that the requirement criteria have been satisfied. Meanwhile, changes that occur in between these two processes need to be managed in order to achieve a closed-loop requirement derivation/verification process. Herein are presented concepts for employing emerging Team center capabilities to jointly manage requirements and analysis data such that analytical techniques are utilized to effectively derive and allocate requirements, analyses are consulted and updated during the change evaluation processes, and analyses are leveraged during the design verification process. Recommendations on concept validation case studies are also discussed.

  5. Closed loop supply chain in printing operation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marcius Fabius Henriques Carvalho


    Full Text Available There is a clear change in focus in large companies, previously dedicated primarily to the production of physical goods, toward offering complimentary services and changing their focus toward more service-oriented businesses, in order to increase their competitiveness. At the same time, companies are facing increasing product returns due to various reasons leading to reverse logistics practices and toward the introduction of a Closed Loop Supply Chain management perspective. The purpose of this work is to identify, using a case study in the printing industry,  specific characteristics, regarding product returns, both in a product-oriented and a service-oriented operation. Furthermore, the current work performs a diagnosis of current practices applications of CLSC models in the two operating models. The paper concludes that indeed there are relevant differences in managing the CLSC for each case and identify the main gaps for each operation.

  6. Populating the Galaxy with close Be binaries

    CERN Document Server

    Kiel, P D; Murray, J R; Hayasaki, K


    Be/X-ray binaries comprise roughly two-thirds of the high-mass X-ray binaries (HMXBs), which is a class of X-ray binaries that results from the high mass of the companion or donor star (> 10 solar masses). Currently the formation and evolution of X-ray producing Be binaries is a matter of great debate. Modelling of these systems requires knowledge of Be star evolution and also consideration of how the evolution changes when the star is in close proximity to a companion. Within this work we complete a full population synthesis study of Be binaries for the Galaxy. The results for the first time match aspects of the observational data, most notably the observed upper limit to the period distribution. We conclude that greater detailed studies on the evolution of Be stars within X-ray binaries needs to be completed, so that rapid binary evolution population synthesis packages may best evolve these systems.

  7. Realistic Detectability of Close Interstellar Comets

    CERN Document Server

    Cook, Nathaniel V; Granvik, Mikael; Stephens, Denise C


    During the planet formation process, billions of comets are created and ejected into interstellar space. The detection and characterization of such interstellar comets (also known as extra-solar planetesimals or extra-solar comets) would give us in situ information about the efficiency and properties of planet formation throughout the galaxy. However, no interstellar comets have ever been detected, despite the fact that their hyperbolic orbits would make them readily identifiable as unrelated to the solar system. Moro-Mart\\'in et al. 2009 have made a detailed and reasonable estimate of the properties of the interstellar comet population. We extend their estimates of detectability with a numerical model that allows us to consider "close" interstellar comets, e.g., those that come within the orbit of Jupiter. We include several constraints on a "detectable" object that allow for realistic estimates of the frequency of detections expected from the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) and other surveys. The inf...

  8. Measurements of radon around closed uranium mines

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Furuta, Sadaaki E-mail:; Ito, Kimio; Ishimori, Yuu


    There are several waste rock yards at closed uranium mines around Ningyo-toge, in the Western Honshu Island of Japan, and measurements of radon were carried out by both the passive method and the sampling method around these yards. As comparatively high radon concentrations were observed in two districts through routine measurements, more detailed measurements were made by the passive method in these districts. The impact of radon emanation from the waste rock yards was small for both residential districts and around these yards when considering the natural background level of radon. In addition, by simultaneous continuous measurements of radon and its progeny at two locations, it was estimated that the effective dose caused by the representative uranium waste rock yards was less than the public effective dose limit of 1 mSv year{sup -1} at the fenced boundary of the waste rock site.

  9. The primordial closed string gas is unstable

    CERN Document Server

    Cobas, M A; Suárez, M; Cobas, Manuel A.; Su\\'arez, Mar\\'{\\i}a


    We recast the study of a closed string gas in a toroidal container in the physical situation in which the single string density of states is independent of the volume because energy density is very high. This includes the gas for the well known Brandenberger-Vafa cosmological scenario. We describe the gas in the grandcanonical and microcanonical ensembles. In the microcanonical description, we find a result that clearly confronts the Brandenberger-Vafa calculation to get the specific heat of the system. The important point is that we use the same approach to the problem but a different regularization and we take into account all the necessary terms in the single string density of states.

  10. Closed Brayton cycle power conversion systems for nuclear reactors :

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wright, Steven A. [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Lipinski, Ronald J. [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Vernon, Milton E. [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Sanchez, Travis [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States)


    This report describes the results of a Sandia National Laboratories internally funded research program to study the coupling of nuclear reactors to gas dynamic Brayton power conversion systems. The research focused on developing integrated dynamic system models, fabricating a 10-30 kWe closed loop Brayton cycle, and validating these models by operating the Brayton test-loop. The work tasks were performed in three major areas. First, the system equations and dynamic models for reactors and Closed Brayton Cycle (CBC) systems were developed and implemented in SIMULINKTM. Within this effort, both steady state and dynamic system models for all the components (turbines, compressors, reactors, ducting, alternators, heat exchangers, and space based radiators) were developed and assembled into complete systems for gas cooled reactors, liquid metal reactors, and electrically heated simulators. Various control modules that use proportional-integral-differential (PID) feedback loops for the reactor and the power-conversion shaft speed were also developed and implemented. The simulation code is called RPCSIM (Reactor Power and Control Simulator). In the second task an open cycle commercially available Capstone C30 micro-turbine power generator was modified to provide a small inexpensive closed Brayton cycle test loop called the Sandia Brayton test-Loop (SBL-30). The Capstone gas-turbine unit housing was modified to permit the attachment of an electrical heater and a water cooled chiller to form a closed loop. The Capstone turbine, compressor, and alternator were used without modification. The Capstone systems nominal operating point is 1150 K turbine inlet temperature at 96,000 rpm. The annular recuperator and portions of the Capstone control system (inverter) and starter system also were reused. The rotational speed of the turbo-machinery is controlled by adjusting the alternator load by using the electrical grid as the load bank. The SBL-30 test loop was operated at

  11. Closing the Gap GEF Experiences in Global Energy Efficiency

    CERN Document Server

    Yang, Ming


    Energy efficiency plays and will continue to play an important role in the world to save energy and mitigate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. However, little is known on how much additional capital should be invested to ensure using energy efficiently as it should be, and very little is known which sub-areas, technologies, and countries shall achieve maximum greenhouse gas emissions mitigation per dollar of investment in energy efficiency worldwide. Analyzing completed and slowly moving energy efficiency projects by the Global Environment Facility during 1991-2010, Closing the Gap: GEF Experiences in Global Energy Efficiency evaluates impacts of multi-billion-dollar investments in the world energy efficiency. It covers the following areas: 1.       Reviewing the world energy efficiency investment and disclosing the global energy efficiency gap and market barriers that cause the gap; 2.       Leveraging private funds with public funds and other resources in energy efficiency investments; using...

  12. Post-Closure Report for Closed Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Corrective Action Units, Nevada National Security Site, Nevada for fiscal year 2013 (October 2012 - September 2013)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This report serves as the combined annual report for post-closure activities for the following closed Corrective Action Units (CAUs): CAU 90, Area 2 Bitcutter Containment; CAU 91, Area 3 U-3fi Injection Well; CAU 92, Area 6 Decon Pond Facility; CAU 110, Area 3 WMD U-3ax/bl Crater; CAU 111, Area 5 WMD Retired Mixed Waste Pits; and, CAU 112, Area 23 Hazardous Waste Trenches.

  13. Keeping Cool Close to the Sun

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hazi, A


    The germanium detector in the gamma-ray spectrometer (GRS) aboard the MESSENGER spacecraft is only the size and weight of a can of peaches but will play a critical role in investigating Mercury, the planet closest to the Sun. The MESSENGER (MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry, and Ranging) spacecraft travels at about 38 kilometers per second and is named after the scientific goals of the mission. It is the first spacecraft to visit Mercury since 1975. MESSENGER must take an oblique route to approach Mercury so that it does not fly past the planet and fall directly into the Sun. The spacecraft will travel 7.9 billion kilometers, flying by Earth once, Venus twice, and Mercury three times before settling into orbit around this mysterious planet. Of all the terrestrial planets, which include Venus, Earth, and Mars, Mercury is the smallest and the densest; its days are 176 Earth days long, two complete orbits of the planet around the Sun. Temperatures range from a high of 450 C on the Sun side during its long day to a low of -185 C on its night side. By studying this extreme planet, scientists hope to better understand how Earth formed and evolved. The GRS, one of the seven lightweight scientific instruments on MESSENGER, will be used to help scientists determine the abundance of elements in Mercury's crust, including the materials that might be ice at its poles. Livermore engineer Norman Madden led the West Coast team effort to design and build the GRS in a collaboration led by Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHUAPL). The team included Lawrence Berkeley and Lawrence Livermore national laboratories as well as University of California at Berkeley (UCB) Space Sciences Laboratory (SSL). The JHUAPL MESSENGER project is a National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Discovery Mission. Because the detector needs to operate at very low temperatures and MESSENGER is close to the Sun, the thermal design to protect the detector was

  14. Unsteady mixed flows in non uniform closed water pipes: a Full Kinetic Appraoch

    CERN Document Server

    Bourdarias, Christian; Gerbi, Stéphane


    We recall the \\PFS} model constructed for the modeling of unsteady mixed flows in closed water pipes where transition points between the free surface and pressurized flow are treated as a free boundary associated to a discontinuity of the gradient of pressure. Then we present a numerical kinetic scheme for the computations of unsteady mixed flows in closed water pipes. This kinetic method that we call FKA for "Full Kinetic Approach" is an easy and mathematically elegant way to deal with multiple transition points when the changes of state between free surface and pressurized flow occur. We use two approaches namely the "ghost waves approach" and the "Full Kinetic Approach" to treat these transition points. We show that this kinetic numerical scheme has the following properties: it is wet area conservative, under a CFL condition it preserves the wet area positive, it treats "naturally" the drying and flooding area and most of all it preserves every stationary flow. Finally numerical experiment versus laborator...

  15. Close Contact Fluctuations: Time of Contact

    CERN Document Server

    Bush, Daniel R


    The letter resolves the long standing debate as to the proper time scale ($$) of the onset of the immunological synapse (IS) bond, the non-covalent chemical bond defining the immune pathways involving T-cells and antigen presenting cells (APC). Results from our model calculations show $$ to be of the order of seconds instead of minutes. Close to the linearly stable regime, we show that in between the two critical spatial thresholds defined by the integrin:ligand pair ($\\Delta_2\\sim$ 40-45 nm) and the T cell receptor (TCR):pMHC bond ($\\Delta_1\\sim$ 14-15 nm), $$ grows monotonically with increasing co-receptor bond length separation $\\delta$ (= $\\Delta_2-\\Delta_1\\sim$ 26-30 nm) while $$ decays with $\\Delta_1$ for fixed $\\Delta_2$. The non-universal $\\delta$-dependent power-law structure of the probability density function (PDF) further explains why only the TCR:pMHC bond is a likely candidate to form a stable synapse.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    白以龙; 夏蒙棼; 柯孚久; 李晖凌


    Damage and failure due to distributed microcracks or microvoidsare on the challenging frontiers of solid mechanics. This appeals strongly to toolsnot yet fully developed in continuum damage mechanics, in particular to irreversiblestatistical thermodynamics and a unified macroscopic equations of mechanics andkinetic equations of microstructural transformations. This review provides the stateof the art in statistical microdamage mechanics.(1) It clarifies on what level of approximation continuum damage mechanicsworks. Particularly, D-level approximation with dynamic function of damage appearsto be a proper closed trans-scale formulation of the problem.(2) It provides physical foundation of evolution law in damage mechanics. Es-sentially, the damage-dependent feature of the macroscopic evolution law is due tothe movement of microdamage front, resulting from microdamage growth.(3) It is found that intrinsic Deborah number D*, a ratio of nucleation rateover growth rate of microdamage, is a proper indication of critical damage in damagemechanics, based on the idea of damage localization.(4) It clearly distinguishes the non-equilibrium damage evolution from equilib-rium phase transition, like percolation.Finally, some comments on its limitations are made.

  17. A close encounter of the massive kind

    CERN Document Server

    Apellániz, J Maíz; Barbá, R H; Bouquin, J -B Le; Gamen, R C


    We have used (a) HST ACS imaging and STIS spectroscopy, (b) ground-based PIONIER/VLT long-baseline interferometry, and (c) ground-based spectroscopy from different instruments to study the orbit of the extreme multiple system HD 93 129 Aa,Ab, which is composed of (at least) two very massive stars in a long-period orbit with e>0.92 that will pass through periastron in 2017/2018. In several ways, the system is an eta Car precursor. Around the time of periastron passage the two very strong winds will collide and generate an outburst of non-thermal hard X-ray emission without precedent in an O+O binary since astronomers have been able to observe above Earth's atmosphere. A coordinated multiwavelength monitoring in the next two years will enable a breakthrough understanding of the wind interactions in such extreme close encounters. Furthermore, we have found evidence that HD 93 129 Aa may be a binary system itself. In that case, we could witness a three-body interaction that may yield a runaway star or a stellar c...

  18. A closed recirculated sea-water system (United States)


    Study of a virus disease in the chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) necessitated the use of a marine environment to study the long range effects of the disease and to complete the life cycle of its etiologic agent. A closed recirculated sea-water system was designed for use under experimental laboratory conditions so that controlled studies of the disease could be made. As others may wish to do marine environment studies in the laboratory, the design and operation of our system are presented. Other systems currently in use have been described by Chin (1959), DeWitt and Salo (1960), McCrimmon and Berst (1966), and the authors of collected papers edited by Clark and Clark (1964). Preparatory to the design and construction of the system in use in this laboratory, visits were made to marine systems in use at the University of Washington's College of Fisheries, Seattle, -washington, and Friday Harbor Laboratory, San Juan Island, Washington; the Washington State Department of Fisheries' Point whitney Shellfish Laboratory, Brinnon, Washington; Humboldt State College, Arcata, California; and the Steinhart Aquarium of the California Academy of Science, San Francisco, California.

  19. Closed head injury--an inflammatory disease? (United States)

    Schmidt, Oliver I; Heyde, Christoph E; Ertel, Wolfgang; Stahel, Philip F


    Closed head injury (CHI) remains the leading cause of death and persisting neurological impairment in young individuals in industrialized nations. Research efforts in the past years have brought evidence that the intracranial inflammatory response in the injured brain contributes to the neuropathological sequelae which are, in large part, responsible for the adverse outcome after head injury. The presence of hypoxia and hypotension in the early resuscitative period of brain-injured patients further aggravates the inflammatory response in the brain due to ischemia/reperfusion-mediated injuries. The profound endogenous neuroinflammatory response after CHI, which is phylogenetically aimed at defending the intrathecal compartment from invading pathogens and repairing lesioned brain tissue, contributes to the development of cerebral edema, breakdown of the blood-brain barrier, and ultimately to delayed neuronal cell death. However, aside from these deleterious effects, neuroinflammation has been recently shown to mediate neuroreparative mechanisms after brain injury as well. This "dual effect" of neuroinflammation was the focus of extensive experimental and clinical research in the past years and has lead to an expanded basic knowledge on the cellular and molecular mechanisms which regulate the intracranial inflammatory response after CHI. Thus, head injury has recently evolved as an inflammatory and immunological disease much more than a pure traumatological, neurological, or neurosurgical entity. The present review will summarize the so far known mechanisms of posttraumatic neuroinflammation after CHI, based on data from clinical and experimental studies, with a special focus on the role of pro-inflammatory cytokines, chemokines, and the complement system.

  20. Tidal friction in close-in planets (United States)

    Rodríguez, Adrián; Ferraz-Mello, Sylvio; Hussmann, Hauke


    We use Darwin's theory (Darwin, 1880) to derive the main results on the orbital and rotational evolution of a close-in companion (exoplanet or planetary satellite) due to tidal friction. The given results do not depend on any assumption linking the tidal lags to the frequencies of the corresponding tide harmonics (except that equal frequency harmonics are assumed to span equal lags). Emphasis is given to the study of the synchronization of the planetary rotation in the two possible final states for a non-zero eccentricity : (1) the super-synchronous stationary rotation resulting from the vanishing of the average tidal torque; (2) the capture into a 1:1 spin-orbit resonance (true synchronization), which is only possible if an additional torque exists acting in opposition to the tidal torque. Results are given under the assumption that this additional torque is produced by a non-tidal permanent equatorial asymmetry of the planet. The indirect tidal effects and some non-tidal effects due to that asymmetry are considered. For sake of comparison with other works, the results obtained when tidal lags are assumed proportional to the corresponding tidal wave frequencies are also given.

  1. Close encounters of three black holes

    CERN Document Server

    Campanelli, Manuela; Zlochower, Yosef


    We present the first fully relativistic longterm numerical evolutions of three equal-mass black holes in a hierarchical system consisting of a third black hole in orbit about a black-hole binary at twice the binaries separation. We find that these close-three-black-hole systems can have very different merger dynamics than black-hole binaries. In particular, we see distinctive waveforms, a suppression of the emitted gravitational radiation, and a redistribution of the energy of the system that can impart substantial kicks to one of the members of the binary. We evolve two such configurations and find very different behaviors. In one configuration the binary is quickly disrupted and the individual holes follow complicated trajectories and merge with the third hole in rapid succession, while in the other, the binary completes a half-orbit before the initial merger of one of the members with the third black hole, and the resulting two-black-hole system forms a highly elliptical, well separated binary that shows n...

  2. WTS-2 b: Too close for comfort?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kovács G.


    Full Text Available We report the discovery of WTS-2 b, a typical hot Jupiter in an unusually close 1.02-day orbit to a K-dwarf star. This is the second planet to be discovered in the infrared light curves of the WFCAM Transit Survey (WTS and is only one-and-a-half times the separation from its host star at which is would be destroyed by Roche lobe overflow. The predicted remaining lifetime of the planet is just 38 Myrs, assuming a tidal dissipation quality factor of Q'* = 106. The magnitude of Q'* is largely unconstrained by observations, thus WTS-2 b provides a useful calibration point for theories describing how frictional processes within a host star affect the tidal orbital evolution of its companion giant planets. It is expected that stars with large convective envelopes are more efficient at dissipating the orbital energy of the planet, and WTS-2 b provides an observational constraint in the sparsely populated K-dwarf regime. In addition, despite its relatively faint magnitude, the favourable size ratio of the WTS-2 star-planet system and the predicted hot equilibrium temperature of the planet will make it possible to characterise the planet's atmosphere via secondary eclipse measurements using existing ground-based instrumentation.

  3. Coccolithophorid algae culture in closed photobioreactors. (United States)

    Moheimani, Navid R; Isdepsky, Andreas; Lisec, Jan; Raes, Eric; Borowitzka, Michael A


    The feasibility of growth, calcium carbonate and lipid production of the coccolithophorid algae (Prymnesiophyceae), Pleurochrysis carterae, Emiliania huxleyi, and Gephyrocapsa oceanica, was investigated in plate, carboy, airlift, and tubular photobioreactors. The plate photobioreactor was the most promising closed cultivation system. All species could be grown in the carboy photobioreactor. However, P. carterae was the only species which grew in an airlift photobioreactor. Despite several attempts to grow these coccolithophorid species in the tubular photobioreactor (Biocoil), including modification of the airlift and sparger design, no net growth could be achieved. The shear produced by turbulence and bubble effects are the most likely reasons for this failure to grow in the Biocoil. The highest total dry weight, lipid and calcium carbonate productivities achieved by P. carterae in the plate photobioreactors were 0.54, 0.12, and 0.06 g L(-1) day(-1) respectively. Irrespective of the type of photobioreactor, the productivities were P. carterae > E. huxleyi > G. oceanica. Pleurochrysis carterae lipid (20-25% of dry weight) and calcium carbonate (11-12% of dry weight) contents were also the highest of all species tested.

  4. The solar system in close-up

    CERN Document Server

    Wilkinson, John


    In response to the new information gained about the Solar System from recent space probes and space telescopes, the experienced science author Dr. John Wilkinson presents the state-of-the art knowledge on the Sun, solar system planets and small solar system objects like comets and asteroids. He also describes space missions like the New Horizon’s space probe that provided never seen before pictures of the Pluto system; the Dawn space probe, having just visited the asteroid Vesta, and the dwarf planet Ceres; and the Rosetta probe inorbit around comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko that has sent extraordinary and most exciting pictures. Those and a number of other probes are also changing our understanding of the solar system and providing a wealth of new up close photos. This book will cover all these missions and discuss observed surface features of planets and moons like their compositions, geisers, aurorae, lightning phenomena etc. Presenting the fascinating aspects of solar system astronomy this book is a c...

  5. Formation of contact in massive close binaries

    CERN Document Server

    Wellstein, S; Braun, H


    We present evolutionary calculations for 74 close binaries systems with initial primary masses in the range 12...25 M_sun, and initial secondary masses between 6 and 24 M_sun. The initial periods were chosen such that mass overflow starts during the core hydrogen burning phase of the primary (Case A), or shortly thereafter (Case B). We assume conservative evolution for contact-free systems, i.e., no mass or angular momentum loss from those system except due to stellar winds. We investigate the borderline between contact-free evolution and contact, as a function of the initial system parameters. We also investigate the effect of the treatment of convection, and found it relevant for contact and supernova order in Case A systems, particularly for the highest considered masses. For Case B systems we find contact for initial periods above approximate 10 days and below. However, in that case (and for not too large periods) contact occurs only after the mass ratio has been reversed, due to the increased fraction of...

  6. Guide to Closing and Conditioning Ventilated Crawlspaces

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Dickson, B.


    This how-to guide explains the issues and concerns with conventional ventilated crawlspaces and provides prescriptive measures for improvements that will create healthier and more durable spaces. The methods described in this guide are not the only acceptable ways to treat a crawlspace but represent a proven strategy that works in many areas of the United States. The designs discussed in this guide may or may not meet the local building codes and as such will need to be researched before beginning the project.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    V. V. Nevdakh


    Full Text Available Computer simulation of the initial fire stages in closed compartment with the volume of ≈ 60 m3 and with a burner on a floor and 2 m above floor have been carried using FDS software. Fires with different t 2 –power low heat release rates have been modeled. Fires which growth times to reach 1055 kW were 100 s and 500 s have been considered as fast and slow fires respectively. Dynamics of heat release rates and detected fire factors such as spatial distributions of air temperature, smoke obscuration and variations of indoor pressure have been studied. It has been obtained that dynamics of heat release rates of the initial fire stages in closed compartment consists of two stages. During the first stage the heat release rate is proportional to mass burning rate and flaming occurs only above a burner. At the second stage dynamics of heat release rates has a form of irregular in amplitude and duration pulsations, which are caused by self-ignition in the smoke layer. The compartment air volume may be layered with respect to the height and every layer has its oven temperature, smoke obscuration, self-ignition areas have been shown. The layer thickness, gradients of temperature and obscuration depend on a fire growth rate and on a burner height above floor have been concluded. The spatial distributions of air temperature and pressure variation have the opposite gradients on a height have been obtained. Maximal pressure variation and its gradient occurs under the fast fire with a burner on a floor have been obtained too. 

  8. Areas of Triangles

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    <正>We know that the area of any right triangle is half the area of the rectangle which has the same height and the same base with the triangle.The area of rectangle DFEG below is bh.So the area of triangle DFG is 1/2bh. Now we can give a proof of the conclusion that every triangle has half the area of a related rectangle.

  9. [Diagnosis of pancreatic injuries in closed combined trauma]. (United States)

    Panasenko, S I; Baramiia, N M; Dorosh, V M


    Problems of diagnosis of the closed pancreatic injury (CPI) in combined trauma are discussed. The CPI peculiarity in closed combined trauma is the absence of pathognomonic symptoms. Rational application of instrumental diagnostic methods permits to diagnose CPI in combined trauma.

  10. Beach Advisory and Closing Online Notification (BEACON) system (United States)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — Beach Advisory and Closing Online Notification system (BEACON) is a colletion of state and local data reported to EPA about beach closings and advisories. BEACON is...

  11. Iterated index formulae for closed geodesics with applications

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    In this paper, various precise iteration equalities and inequalities of Morse indices for the closed geodesics are established. As applications of these formulae, multiplicity results of closed geodesics on some Riemannian manifolds are proved.

  12. 78 FR 53497 - Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee; Closed Session (United States)


    ... Federal Aviation Administration Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee; Closed Session AGENCY: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), DOT. ACTION: Notice of Commercial Space Transportation Advisory... closed session of the Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee (COMSTAC). The special...

  13. Should close contacts of returning travellers with typhoid fever be protected by vaccination? (United States)

    Kantele, A


    Increasing international travel to areas endemic for typhoid fever correlates with increased risk for travellers to contract the disease. At home, the acutely ill/convalescent patients may pose some risk to their close contacts. In Finland an unofficial guideline suggests vaccination for close contacts of patients with acute typhoid fever; in other developed countries, routine typhoid vaccinations are only recommended to contacts of chronic carriers. This paper discusses the possibilities and limitations of prophylactic/post-exposure typhoid vaccination for contacts of patients with acute disease.

  14. Closed and quasi-closed yoke configurations for travelling wave induction heaters

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ali K. Al-shaikhli


    Full Text Available The salient features of the travelling wave induction heating (TWIH make them very important technique in the field of heating flat metals. This study proposed two novel configurations, closed and quasi-closed, of the heater yoke. The proposed yokes designed to reduce the problems of slot effects and reduce the leakage flux, in order to focus the magnetic field within the heating region, which lead to improve the performance of the TWIH system. A finite-element simulation and analysis is represented in this study by using ANSYS^® programme code. A comparison analysis between the proposed configurations and the traditional one shows a superior performance of the proposed types for workpiece thickness >2 mm. The proposed methods give progress in produced power, efficiency and temperature about; 7–23, 15–40 and 10–25%, respectively, for thickness >2 mm. Moreover, wider and uniformed heat distributions are achieved with conjunction of typical yoke.

  15. Idealized Closed Form Performance Modeling of a Closed Cycle Joule-Thomson Cryocooler (United States)

    Maytal, B.-Z.


    The characteristic parameters of a closed cycle Joule-Thomson cryocooler would be: the charging pressure, discharge and suction volumes of the loop, volumetric displacement of the compressor and the extent of throttling restriction. A series of idealizing assumption are applied. The volumetric behavior of the coolant is assumed to obey the ideal gas equation. The recuperator and compressor's volumetric delivery are completely efficient. There are no pressure losses along the circulating path. On this basis is developed a closed form model of the system, interrelating the relevant parameters. Performance at steady state is expressed in terms of the circulating flow rate, discharge and suction pressures and cooling power. The model predicts the optimal size of equivalent orifice and the maximized cooling power. Also derived is the hydrodynamic time constant of building up the discharge pressure. This analysis is relevant for mixed coolants as well as for pure coolants closed cycles. The former typically employ lower pressure and therefore the idealized assumptions are even more applicable.

  16. Program solicitation: Closing date, January 22, 1988

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    DOE invites small business firms to submit proposals in this sixth annual solicitation for the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. Firms with strong research capabilities in science or engineering in any of the topic areas described are encouraged to participate. DOE will support high-quality research or research and development (R and D) on advanced concepts concerning important energy related scientific or engineering problems and opportunities that could lead to significant public benefit if the research is successful. Objectives of this program include stimulating technological innovation in the private sector, strengthening the role of small business in meeting Federal R and D needs, increasing the commercial application of DOE-supported research results, and improving the return on investment from Federally funded research for economic and social benefits to the Nation.

  17. Program solicitation. Closing date: March 1, 1995

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    This document is a solicitation for small business to participate in innovation research. The Department of Energy (DOE) invites small business concerns to submit grant applications under this thirteenth annual solicitation for the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. Firms with strong research capabilities in science or engineering in any of the topic areas described in Appendix 1 are encouraged to participate. DOE will support high-quality research or research and development (R and D) on advanced concepts concerning important energy related scientific or engineering problems and opportunities that could lead to significant public benefit if the research is successful. Objectives of this program include increasing private sector commercialization of technology developed through DOE-supported R and D, stimulating technological innovation in the private sector, strengthening the role of small business in meeting Federal research and R and D needs, and improving the return on investment from Federally funded research for economic and social benefits to the Nation.

  18. An overview of climate and crop yield in closed greenhouses

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Gelder, de A.; Dieleman, J.A.; Bot, G.P.A.; Marcelis, L.F.M.


    The closed greenhouse is a recent innovation in the horticulture industry. Cooling by ventilation is replaced partly (in semi-closed greenhouses) or completely (in closed greenhouses) by mechanical cooling. Excess solar energy is collected and stored to be reused to heat the greenhouse. In temperate

  19. 46 CFR 153.980 - Isolation of automatic closing valves. (United States)


    ... 46 Shipping 5 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Isolation of automatic closing valves. 153.980 Section... Transfer Procedures § 153.980 Isolation of automatic closing valves. The person in charge of cargo transfer may isolate automatic closing valves described in § 153.408(b) from a cargo containment system if...

  20. The mass of (1 Ceres obtained from four close encounters

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kovačević Anđelka B.


    Full Text Available The technique of asteroid mass determination from perturbation during close approach requires as many as possible different close approaches in order to derive reliable mass of a perturber. Here are presented some results for the mass of (1 Ceres obtained using newly found close approaches.

  1. 24 CFR 401.407 - Closing conducted by PAE. (United States)


    ... 24 Housing and Urban Development 2 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Closing conducted by PAE. 401.407... (MARK-TO-MARKET) Restructuring Plan § 401.407 Closing conducted by PAE. After the owner has executed the Restructuring Commitment, the PAE must arrange for a closing to execute all documents necessary...

  2. 45 CFR 614.2 - Grounds for closing meetings. (United States)


    ... 45 Public Welfare 3 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Grounds for closing meetings. 614.2 Section 614.2... IN THE SUNSHINE ACT REGULATIONS OF THE NATIONAL SCIENCE BOARD § 614.2 Grounds for closing meetings. (a) The National Science Board may by record vote close any portion of any meeting if it...

  3. 18 CFR 375.206 - Procedures to close meetings. (United States)


    ... meetings. 375.206 Section 375.206 Conservation of Power and Water Resources FEDERAL ENERGY REGULATORY... Sunshine Act § 375.206 Procedures to close meetings. (a) General rule. A meeting or a portion of a meeting may be closed only when the Commission votes by a majority of the membership to close the meeting....

  4. 24 CFR 3285.803 - Interior close-up. (United States)


    ... 24 Housing and Urban Development 5 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Interior close-up. 3285.803 Section... DEVELOPMENT MODEL MANUFACTURED HOME INSTALLATION STANDARDS Exterior and Interior Close-Up § 3285.803 Interior close-up. (a) All shipping blocking, strapping, or bracing must be removed from appliances, windows,...

  5. 24 CFR 3285.801 - Exterior close-up. (United States)


    ... 24 Housing and Urban Development 5 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Exterior close-up. 3285.801 Section... DEVELOPMENT MODEL MANUFACTURED HOME INSTALLATION STANDARDS Exterior and Interior Close-Up § 3285.801 Exterior close-up. (a) Exterior siding and roofing necessary to join all sections of the home must be...

  6. 40 CFR 63.983 - Closed vent systems. (United States)


    ... inspections for visible, audible, or olfactory indications of leaks. (ii) If the closed vent system is... 40 Protection of Environment 10 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Closed vent systems. 63.983 Section 63... Emission Standards for Closed Vent Systems, Control Devices, Recovery Devices and Routing to a Fuel...

  7. Drilling in areas subject to environmental protection; A perfuracao em area de protecao ambiental

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mendonca, Ricardo Teixeira; Guimaraes, Antimio Santos [PETROBRAS, XX (Brazil). Distrito de Perfuracao do Nordeste. Div. Tecnica; Santana, Manoel Messias de [PETROBRAS, XX (Brazil). Regiao de Producao do Nordeste. Setor de Seguranca Industrial


    This paper presents the practices developed for pollution control in areas subject to environmental protection. This well drilling operation was carried out in the Municipality of Marechal Deodoro, in the State of Alagoas, in locality named Massagueira. We stress the preventive methods for liquid and solid effluent generation and the use of Closed Fluid System or Anti-Dike System. (author) 3 figs.

  8. Global Polio Eradication: So Close, yet so Far

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Samad EJ Golzari


    Full Text Available Launched in 1988, the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI never seemed as close to its sole target as by 2012; polio cases decreased by over 99% thanks to the global efforts restricting endemic areas into three countries, i.e. Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria. However, the enchantment did not last long as WPV1 and confirmed new polio cases were reported in Syria (1. Re-emergence of the virus, related to the WPV1 still endemic in Pakistan, had already been identified in some of the Middle Eastern countries and caused an outbreak in China (2. In previous experiences, for instance in Egypt, international outbreak response guidelines issued by the World Health Assembly (WHA in Resolution WHA59 were implemented comprehensively and supplementary immunization activities (SIAs were conducted carefully. Such global measures should immediately be taken in order to halt the risk of transmission and spread of WPV as a public health threat (2.Thanks to the continuing support of WHO and Iranian health ministry, Iran is the only country which has achieved the goal of polio eradication yet neighbouring two of the three polio endemic countries. However, the on-going challenge has become even more daunting as the threat has the potential of exacerbation due to the imported cases or carriers. Although Iran has been successful in eradication of some infectious diseases, imported cases contribute immensely to the failure in realizing the eradication aim for some other infectious diseases (3,4. Bordering Pakistan (909 km (565 mi and Afghanistan (936 km (582 mi to the east is one of the few major obstacles to be perceived as important. In some parts of Pakistan, immunization activities were suspended since June 2012 (2. It is pivotal to the polio eradication goals that immunization is restarted in the halted areas and reinforced in neighboring high-risk areas in order to prevent further spread of this outbreak.Surveillance for cases of acute flaccid

  9. The Investigation of Close-Contacts in Soldier Patients with Pulmonary Tuberculosis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mustafa Harun Ugan


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: The aim of this study is to estimate the average numbers of close contacts of soldiers patients with tuberculosis (TB, who admitted to Chest Diseases Hospital, in their troops, and to reveal active patients and the cases who needs for chemoprophylaxis, and to evaluate the treatment results. METHODS: This study was done in Pulmonary Division of GATA Haydarpasa Training Hospital between 1st of January 2005 and 31st of March 2006. Persons who worked with soldier patients bacteriologially diagnosed with TB in our hospital, in closed areas, and/or sleeping in the same dormitory were accepted as close contacts. Contacts were performed tuberculin skin test (TST, and taken their chest roentgenogram at 0, 3rd, and 6th months. More than 10 mm indurations in cases with no BCG and 15 mm indurations in cases with BCG were accepted as positive TCT. Close contacts that had positive TST or more than 6 mm increase in their controls were given the chemoprophylaxis with isoniasid for six months. Ninety-two smear positive patients with PTB were enrolled into the study. RESULTS: The mean age was 21.6±2.3 years. Of the 4501 close contacts, 89% were screened during the first period and the control rates at 3rd and 6th months decreased to 58% and 42%, respectively. 11 new tuberculosis cases were found by screening of close contacts (with an incidence of 244/100.000. TST positivity or conversion was shown in 420 contacts, and were given chemoprophylaxis. Of 165 (39.2% were completed six month therapy. COCLUSION: In our study, although the number of close contacts per patients was significantly higher, the incidence of patients in close contacts was low. [TAF Prev Med Bull. 2008; 7(3: 199-204

  10. Some new properties of fuzzy strongly ${{g}^{*}}$-closed sets and $delta {{g}^{*}}$-closed sets in fuzzy topological spaces

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anahid Kamali


    Full Text Available ‎In this paper, a new class of fuzzy sets called fuzzy strongly ${{g}^{*}}$-closed sets is introduced and its properties are investigated. Moreover, we study some more properties of this type of closed spaces.

  11. Plutonium focus area. Technology summary

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The Assistant Secretary for the Office of Environmental Management (EM) at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) chartered the Plutonium Focus Area (PFA) in October 1995. The PFA {open_quotes}...provides for peer and technical reviews of research and development in plutonium stabilization activities...{close_quotes} In addition, the PFA identifies and develops relevant research and technology. The purpose of this document is to focus attention on the requirements used to develop research and technology for stabilization, storage, and preparation for disposition of nuclear materials. The PFA Technology Summary presents the approach the PFA uses to identify, recommend, and review research. It lists research requirements, research being conducted, and gaps where research is needed. It also summarizes research performed by the PFA in the traditional research summary format. This document encourages researchers and commercial enterprises to do business with PFA by submitting research proposals or {open_quotes}white papers.{close_quotes} In addition, it suggests ways to increase the likelihood that PFA will recommend proposed research to the Nuclear Materials Stabilization Task Group (NMSTG) of DOE.

  12. Drainage area data for Alabama streams (United States)

    Stallings, J.S.; Peirce, L.B.


    The drainage area of a river basin is an important parameter in many engineering equations used for hydrologic design. It is not a parameter, however, that always requires precise measurement. Factors in the hydrologic cycle such as rainfall, runoff, transpiration, and infiltration cannot be measured nearly as closely as drainage area. Largely for this reason, drainage areas are often measured to varying degrees of precision depending upon the immediate need, with little thought to some other use or some other user of the figure obtained. It can readily be appreciated that this practice, continued for long by many different agencies, will result in a heterogeneous collection of drainage area figures, often discordant and of an accuracy unknown to any but those who computed them. Figures of drainage area published by various Federal agencies are frequently discrepant or contradictory, giving rise to confusion in the use of drainage area data. Seeking to better this situation, the Federal Inter-Agency River Basin Committee (FIARBC) in November 1951 published its Bulletin No. 4, Inter-Agency Coordination of Drainage Area Data. That Bulletin recommended procedures to be followed by the interested Federal agencies “for coordinating drainage area data in the interest of promoting uniformity, reducing confusion and contradiction of published figures, and improving the ready availability of drainage area data pertaining to drainage basins of the United States and its possessions.”

  13. LeaseAreas (United States)

    Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Department of the Interior — Federal outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Sand and Gravel Borrow Areas (Lease Areas) are polygons which are maintained by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM),...

  14. BOEM Wind Planning Areas (United States)

    Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Department of the Interior — This data set represents the most recent changes for the Wind Development Planning Areas in the Atlantic. Wind Planning Areas in this dataset represent up to six...

  15. Sunk Lake Natural Area (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The Sunk Lake Natural Area Management Plan guides the long-range development of the Natural Area by identifying and integrating appropriate habitats, management...

  16. Infrastructure Area Simplification Plan

    CERN Document Server

    Field, L.


    The infrastructure area simplification plan was presented at the 3rd EMI All Hands Meeting in Padova. This plan only affects the information and accounting systems as the other areas are new in EMI and hence do not require simplification.

  17. Vermont Designated Natural Areas (United States)

    Vermont Center for Geographic Information — Under Natural Areas Law (10 Vermont Statutes Annotated, Chapter 83 § 2607) the FPR commissioner, with the approval of the governor, may designate and set aside areas...

  18. The Unidimensional Relationship Closeness Scale (URCS): Reliability and Validity Evidence for a New Measure of Relationship Closeness (United States)

    Dibble, Jayson L.; Levine, Timothy R.; Park, Hee Sun


    A fundamental dimension along which all social and personal relationships vary is closeness. The Unidimensional Relationship Closeness Scale (URCS) is a 12-item self-report scale measuring the closeness of social and personal relationships. The reliability and validity of the URCS were assessed with college dating couples (N = 192), female friends…

  19. Selected areas in cryptography

    CERN Document Server

    Oorschot, Paul


    Selected Areas in Cryptography brings together in one place important contributions and up-to-date research results in this fast moving area. Selected Areas in Cryptography serves as an excellent reference, providing insight into some of the most challenging research issues in the field.

  20. The Ethiopean Language Area. (United States)

    Ferguson, Charles A.

    This paper constitutes the fifth chapter of the forthcoming volume "Language in Ethiopia." In an effort to better define the particular linguistic area, the author analyzes phonological and grammatical features that languages in the area have in common. A number of features have been identified as characteristic of the area, and this…

  1. A design method for closed loop solar energy systems with concentrating collectors (United States)

    Ryan, W. A.


    A method of performance prediction and design for closed loop concentrating solar collector systems is presented, along with a comparison of prediction with results using a compound parabolic concentrating collector. The numerical model is an extension of Collares-Pereira and Rabl (1978) model for concentrating collectors to a closed-loop scenario, using a monthly average utilizability factor and the f-chart technique. The predictions were compared with simulations using the TRNSYS program, considering 1.5, 3.0, and 5.0 concentration factors, and a sensible heat storage system. Performance predictions were found to depart from the simulations by an average of 14.04% for all cases, with the predictions giving consistently lower results. The method is concluded to be useful for optimizing collector areas and concentration ratios in closed-loop systems.

  2. Closing the Gap on Measuring Heat Waves (United States)

    Perkins, S. E.; Alexander, L.


    compare the temperature of a three-day window to the previous 30 days and the climatological 95th percentile (see Nairn and Fawcett, 2012, CAWCR Technical Report). Based on a previously defined methodology (Fischer and Shar, 2010, Nature Geoscience), each index is analysed with respect to five properties - heat wave number (HWN) and length (HWD), the number of participating days (HWF), the amplitude or peak of the hottest day (HWA), and mean heat wave magnitude (HWM), thereby assessing the occurrence, intensity and duration of heat waves for each index. The methodology is demonstrated for characterizing changes in observed heat waves at the global scale and regionally over Australia for the latter half of the 20th Century. Overall, general increases in heat wave intensity and duration occur, although the magnitude and significance of this trend shows variation both regionally and among the indices. Trend magnitudes also differ for "warm-spell" (year-round) and summer only events. This framework therefore allows for the broad examination of heat waves, such that the results presented are informative to multiple sectors affected by such events. Indeed, it "closes the gap" on heat wave measurement by reducing the number of indices employed, yet realizing that heat wave measurement cannot be a one size fits all approach, and that there is more than one feature of heat waves that causes adverse impacts.

  3. A novel biased proportional navigation guidance law for close approach phase

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Su Wenshan; Yao Dangnai; Li Kebo; Chen Lei


    A novel biased proportional navigation guidance (BPNG) law is proposed for the close approach phase, which aims to make the spacecraft rendezvous with the target in specific relative range and direction. Firstly, in order to describe the special guidance requirements, the concept of zero effort miss vector is proposed and the dangerous area where there exists collision risk for safety consideration is defined. Secondly, the BPNG, which decouples the range control and direc-tion control, is designed in the line-of-sight (LOS) rotation coordinate system. The theoretical anal-ysis proves that BPNG meets guidance requirements quite well. Thirdly, for the consideration of fuel consumption, the optimal biased proportional navigation guidance (OBPNG) law is derived by solving the Schwartz inequality. Finally, simulation results show that BPNG is effective for the close approach with the ability of evading the dangerous area and OBPNG consumes less fuel compared with BPNG.

  4. The effect of close relatives on unsupervised Bayesian clustering algorithms in population genetic structure analysis. (United States)

    Rodríguez-Ramilo, Silvia T; Wang, Jinliang


    The inference of population genetic structures is essential in many research areas in population genetics, conservation biology and evolutionary biology. Recently, unsupervised Bayesian clustering algorithms have been developed to detect a hidden population structure from genotypic data, assuming among others that individuals taken from the population are unrelated. Under this assumption, markers in a sample taken from a subpopulation can be considered to be in Hardy-Weinberg and linkage equilibrium. However, close relatives might be sampled from the same subpopulation, and consequently, might cause Hardy-Weinberg and linkage disequilibrium and thus bias a population genetic structure analysis. In this study, we used simulated and real data to investigate the impact of close relatives in a sample on Bayesian population structure analysis. We also showed that, when close relatives were identified by a pedigree reconstruction approach and removed, the accuracy of a population genetic structure analysis can be greatly improved. The results indicate that unsupervised Bayesian clustering algorithms cannot be used blindly to detect genetic structure in a sample with closely related individuals. Rather, when closely related individuals are suspected to be frequent in a sample, these individuals should be first identified and removed before conducting a population structure analysis.

  5. Closed hollow bulb obturator--one-step fabrication: a clinical report. (United States)

    Buzayan, Muaiyed M; Ariffin, Yusnidar T; Yunus, Norsiah


    A method is described for the fabrication of a closed hollow bulb obturator prosthesis using a hard thermoforming splint material and heat-cured acrylic resin. The technique allowed the thickness of the thermoformed bulb to be optimized for weight reduction, while the autopolymerized seal area was covered in heat-cured acrylic resin, thus eliminating potential leakage and discoloration. This technique permits the obturator prosthesis to be processed to completion from the wax trial denture without additional laboratory investing, flasking, and processing.

  6. Open and Closed World Models in Kaluza-Klein-Theory with Variables G and Λ (United States)

    Nashed, Gamal G. L.


    The field equation of higher dimensions theory, have been applied in the area of cosmology. The resulting differential equations are solved for open and closed. We derive a relation between the Einstein constant G( t) and the cosmological constant Λ( t) from the conservation law T μ ν ; ν =0. We give a specific form of Λ( t) to solve the non-linear differential equations. Some cosmological parameters are calculated and some relevant cosmological problems are discussed.

  7. Application of Close Range Photogrammetry to Deck Measurement in Recreational Ships


    Celestino Ordóñez; Belén Riveiro; Pedro Arias; Julia Armesto


    In this article, we present results that demonstrate the utility of close range photogrammetry in the measurement of decks in recreational craft as an alternate measurement system to the one based on direct acquisition of coordinates. The areas of deck covered with teakwood for aesthetic or security reasons were measured. Both methods were compared in terms of precision of measurements, time consumption, equipment cost, and ease of manipulation and equipment transportation. Based on the resul...

  8. Lower Bound for Convex Hull Area and Universal Cover Problems

    CERN Document Server

    Khandhawit, Tirasan; Sriswasdi, Sira


    In this paper, we provide a lower bound for an area of the convex hull of points and a rectangle in a plane. We then apply this estimate to establish a lower bound for a universal cover problem. We showed that a convex universal cover for a unit length curve has area at least 0.232239. In addition, we show that a convex universal cover for a unit closed curve has area at least 0.0879873.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Langton, C.; Burns, H.; Stefanko, D.


    In 1997, the first two United States Department of Energy (US DOE) high level waste tanks (Tanks 17-F and 20-F: Type IV, single shell tanks) were taken out of service (permanently closed) at the Savannah River Site (SRS). In 2012, the DOE plans to remove from service two additional Savannah River Site (SRS) Type IV high-level waste tanks, Tanks 18-F and 19-F. These tanks were constructed in the late 1950's and received low-heat waste and do not contain cooling coils. Operational closure of Tanks 18-F and 19-F is intended to be consistent with the applicable requirements of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) and will be performed in accordance with South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC). The closure will physically stabilize two 4.92E+04 cubic meter (1.3 E+06 gallon) carbon steel tanks and isolate and stabilize any residual contaminants left in the tanks. The closure will also fill, physically stabilize and isolate ancillary equipment abandoned in the tanks. A Performance Assessment (PA) has been developed to assess the long-term fate and transport of residual contamination in the environment resulting from the operational closure of the F-Area Tank Farm (FTF) waste tanks. Next generation flowable, zero-bleed cementitious grouts were designed, tested, and specified for closing Tanks 18-F and 19-F and for filling the abandoned equipment. Fill requirements were developed for both the tank and equipment grouts. All grout formulations were required to be alkaline with a pH of 12.4 and chemically reduction potential (Eh) of -200 to -400 to stabilize selected potential contaminants of concern. This was achieved by including Portland cement and Grade 100 slag in the mixes, respectively. Ingredients and proportions of cementitious reagents were selected and adjusted, respectively, to support the mass placement strategy developed by

  10. Panorama of the Opening-Closing Tectonics Theory in China

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    YANG Weiran; ZHENG Jiandong


    The opening-closing tectonics theory, a theory about opening-closing tectonics, is a viewpoint regarding geotectonics suggested by a group of Chinese scientists. Opening and closing are two basic geological movements, which may result in a series of structures. The highest level of opening is the appearance of oceans and the highest level of closing is the consolidation of continents. Based on field investigations, the authors consider that identifying the marks of openingclosing tectonics is the basis of the issue and classifying the types of opening-closing tectonics is the key of the issue. This paper briefly discusses the substance and the future of the study on the opening-closing tectonics in China. The authors hope to share relevant information with geoscientists in the world in this field.

  11. Effective theory for close limit of two branes

    CERN Document Server

    Shiromizu, T; Takahashi, K; Shiromizu, Tetsuya; Koyama, Kazuya; Takahashi, Keitaro


    We discuss the effective theory for the close limit of two branes in a covariant way. To do so we solve the five dimensional Einstein equation along the direction of extra dimension. Using the Taylor expansion we formally solve the bulk and derive the effective theory describing the close limit systems. We will also discuss the radion dynamics and braneworld black holes for the close limit in our formulation.

  12. Fishing Access Areas (United States)

    Vermont Center for Geographic Information — The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department maintains developed fishing access areas. These sites provide public access to waters in Vermont for shore fishing...

  13. CVP Service Area (United States)

    California Department of Resources — Federal Water Contract Service Area boundaries are incorporated boundaries of districts having contracts with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation), within...

  14. Aperture area measurement facility (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — NIST has established an absolute aperture area measurement facility for circular and near-circular apertures use in radiometric instruments. The facility consists of...

  15. Northwest Area Science (United States)

    Fuentes, Tracy L.; van Heeswijk, Marijke; Grossman, Eric E.


    Northwest Area Facts * Population about 12 million * 43 federally recognized Tribes * Hydropower provides about two-thirds of electricity supply * 78 federally listed threatened and endangered species * 12 active or potentially active volcanoes * Columbia River system drains more than 260,000 square miles, an area about the size of Texas * More than 175 square miles covered by glaciers * More than 900 miles of Pacific Ocean coastline * More than 2,300 miles of greater Puget Sound coastline * Some forests store more carbon per unit area than any other area in the world, including the tropics * 51 percent federal lands * Significant lead, zinc, silver, and phosphate deposits

  16. Available area isotherm

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Bosma, JC; Wesselingh, JA


    A new isotherm is presented for adsorption of proteins, the available area isotherm. This isotherm has a steric basis, unlike the (steric) mass action model. The shape of the available area isotherm is determined only by geometric exclusion. With the new isotherm, experimental results can be fitted

  17. ECOFERM. The closed-cycle farm; ECOFERM. De kringloopboerderij

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Van Liere, J. [Van Liere Management, Utrecht (Netherlands); Boosten, G. [Stichting DOTank, Bussum (Netherlands); Van Dijk, L. [Sustec Consulting Contracting, Wageningen (Netherlands); Hemke, G. [Hemke Nutriconsult, Best (Netherlands); Verschoor, A. [Ingrepro, Borculo (Netherlands); Van Kasteren, J. (ed.)


    . The pre-cultivation of the algae is carried out in a closed bioreactor, with the further growing process taking place in an open pond (hybrid cultivation). The algae serve as a partial substitute for soy pellets and fish oil in the animal feed, but can also be used as a source for medicines or food supplements. The health-promoting substances (such as omega 3 fatty acids) in the algae and the healthier stall climate improve the animals' overall condition and well-being - so that less antibiotics are necessary. The ECOFERM concept breaks with current pig farming practices in certain essential areas. It leads to better animal well-being and health while limiting the usage of antibiotics, providing a substitute for soy and fish oil, and reducing harmful emissions by closing cycles [Dutch] De Nederlandse varkenshouderij staat onder druk. De maatschappelijke weerstand groeit en uit zich onder meer in het verzet tegen de bio-industrie in zijn algemeenheid en 'megastallen' in het bijzonder. Individuele burgers en maatschappelijke organisaties - met in hun kielzog bestuurders en politici - maken zich sterk voor waardigere leefomstandigheden voor de dieren. De gezondheid van de dieren en het veelvuldig gebruik van antibiotica roepen vragen op, mede vanwege de effecten op antibioticaresistentie en de gevolgen voor de menselijke gezondheid. Ook de effecten van mest en broeikasgassen op milieu en klimaat staan hoog op de agenda. De omvangrijke importen van soja als veevoer leiden in de landen van productie tot vernietiging van natuur en biodiversiteit, terwijl hierdoor in Nederland een hardnekkig mestoverschot is ontstaan. Door de samenhang tussen deze problemen zijn op vele fronten fundamentele veranderingen nodig. InnovatieNetwerk heeft een idee ontwikkeld om de varkenshouderij duurzamer te maken en de kringlopen te sluiten: ECOFERM. Centraal in het concept ECOFERM staat het sluiten van kringlopen. De 'afval'-producten van de varkenshouderij (mest

  18. Value Engineering Study for Closing Waste Packages Containing TAD Canisters

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Colleen Shelton-Davis


    The Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management announced their intention to have the commercial utilities package spent nuclear fuel in shielded, transportable, ageable, and disposable containers prior to shipment to the Yucca Mountain repository. This will change the conditions used as a basis for the design of the waste package closure system. The environment is now expected to be a low radiation, low contamination area. A value engineering study was completed to evaluate possible modifications to the existing closure system using the revised requirements. Four alternatives were identified and evaluated against a set of weighted criteria. The alternatives are (1) a radiation-hardened, remote automated system (the current baseline design); (2) a nonradiation-hardened, remote automated system (with personnel intervention if necessary); (3) a nonradiation-hardened, semi-automated system with personnel access for routine manual operations; and (4) a nonradiation-hardened, fully manual system with full-time personnel access. Based on the study, the recommended design is Alternative 2, a nonradiation-hardened, remote automated system. It is less expensive and less complex than the current baseline system, because nonradiation-hardened equipment can be used and some contamination control equipment is no longer needed. In addition, the inclusion of remote automation ensures throughput requirements are met, provides a more reliable process, and provides greater protection for employees from industrial accidents and radiation exposure than the semi-automated or manual systems. Other items addressed during the value engineering study as requested by OCRWM include a comparison to industry canister closure systems and corresponding lessons learned; consideration of closing a transportable, ageable, and disposable canister; and an estimate of the time required to perform a demonstration of the recommended closure system.

  19. An ultrasonic horn atomizer with closed loop driving circuit (United States)

    Chou, Yuan-Fang; Chen, Kai-Jhong; Hsu, Jui-Mei; Chou, Pei-En


    A novel ultrasonic horn atomizer is developed for the purpose of obtaining small size droplets at a large flow rate. The ultrasonic horn has a non-monotonically decreasing cross sectional area to provide a large atomizing surface. Consisting of two horns and one actuator section, the 301 kHz atomizer nozzle is made of {100} silicon wafer with its axis aligned in the direction to minimize the length. Two PZT plates are adhered to each side of the actuator section to provide driving power. This device atomizes the liquid film on its nozzle tip to generate droplets. It is capable of atomizing more than 350 μl/min water into droplet. The mean diameter of droplet is 9.61 μm and the size distribution is quite narrow. The atomizing mechanism is based on the capillary wave on liquid surface. Once the wave amplitude exceeds the critical value, the motion of surface liquid becomes unstable and releases droplets. Therefore, driving at resonant frequency is the most effective way for atomizing. Dimension deviation combined with different kind of liquid to be atomized causes resonant frequencies of nozzles changed from time to time. Due to the high Q nature of nozzles, atomizing performance will drop drastically once the driving frequency is different from its resonant frequency by very little amount. Therefore, a feedback circuit is designed to tracking resonant frequency automatically instead of adjusting driving frequency manually. Comparing the atomizing performance between the open loop system and the closed loop system, significant improvement is obtained.

  20. Plague in the genomic area. (United States)

    Drancourt, M


    With plague being not only a subject of interest for historians, but still a disease of public health concern in several countries, mainly in Africa, there were hopes that analyses of the Yersinia pestis genomes would put an end to this deadly epidemic pathogen. Genomics revealed that Y. pestis isolates evolved from Yersinia pseudotuberculosis in Central Asia some millennia ago, after the acquisition of two Y. pestis-specific plasmids balanced genomic reduction parallel with the expansion of insertion sequences, illustrating the modern concept that, except for the acquisition of plasmid-borne toxin-encoding genes, the increased virulence of Y. pestis resulted from gene loss rather than gene acquisition. The telluric persistence of Y. pestis reminds us of this close relationship, and matters in terms of plague epidemiology. Whereas biotype Orientalis isolates spread worldwide, the Antiqua and Medievalis isolates showed more limited expansion. In addition to animal ectoparasites, human ectoparasites such as the body louse may have participated in this expansion and in devastating historical epidemics. The recent analysis of a Black Death genome indicated that it was more closely related to the Orientalis branch than to the Medievalis branch. Modern Y. pestis isolates grossly exhibit the same gene content, but still undergo micro-evolution in geographically limited areas by differing in the genome architecture, owing to inversions near insertion sequences and the stabilization of the YpfPhi prophage in Orientalis biotype isolates. Genomics have provided several new molecular tools for the genotyping and phylogeographical tracing of isolates and description of plague foci. However, genomics and post-genomics approaches have not yet provided new tools for the prevention, diagnosis and management of plague patients and the plague epidemics still raging in some sub-Saharan countries.


    Armstrong, Augustus K.; Scott, Douglas F.


    A geologic and mineral survey was conducted in the Pyramid Roadless Area, California. The area contains mineral showings, but no mineral-resource potential was identified during our studies. Three granodiorite samples on the west side of the roadless area contained weakly anomalous concentrations of uranium. Two samples of roof-pendant rocks, one metasedimentary rock and one metavolcanic rock, contain low concentrations of copper, and of copper and molybdenum, respectively. Although none was identified, the geologic terrane is permissive for mineral occurrences and large-scale, detailed geologic mapping of the areas of metasedimentary and metavolcanic roof pendants in the Pyramid Roadless Area could define a mineral-resource potential for tungsten and precious metals.

  2. Efficiency of voluntary closing hand and hook prostheses

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Smit, G.; Plettenburg, D.H.


    The Delft Institute of Prosthetics and Orthotics has started a research program to develop an improved voluntary closing, body-powered hand prosthesis. Five commercially available voluntary closing terminal devices were mechanically tested: three hands [Hosmer APRL VC hand, Hosmer Soft VC Male hand,

  3. Closeness, autonomy, equity, and relationship satisfaction in lesbian couples

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Schreurs, KMG; Buunk, BP


    It is often assumed that in lesbian relationships a high degree of closeness is reached at the expense of autonomy of the partners. The present study among 119 Dutch lesbian couples examined the effect on relational satisfaction of two dimensions of closeness, emotional dependency and intimacy, and


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Santhi R.


    Full Text Available Neutrosophic set and Neutrosophic Topological spaces has been introduced by Salama. Neutrosophic Closed set and Neutrosophic Continuous Functions were introduced by Salama et. al.. In this paper, we introduce the concept of Nω- closed sets and their properties in Neutrosophic topological spaces.

  5. A charaterization of closed maps using the whyburn construction

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yvonne O. Stallings


    Full Text Available In this paper we modify the Whyburn construction for a continuous function f:X→Y. If the range is first countable, we get a characterization of closed maps; namely, the constructions are the same if and only if the map is closed.

  6. 46 CFR 78.17-5 - Valves and closing appliances. (United States)


    ... 46 Shipping 3 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Valves and closing appliances. 78.17-5 Section 78.17-5..., Drills, and Inspections § 78.17-5 Valves and closing appliances. (a) It shall be the duty of the master to see that all valves, including cross connecting valves where fitted, and other appliances such...

  7. 46 CFR 78.47-38 - Valves and closing appliances. (United States)


    ... 46 Shipping 3 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Valves and closing appliances. 78.47-38 Section 78.47-38 Shipping COAST GUARD, DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY (CONTINUED) PASSENGER VESSELS OPERATIONS Markings for Fire and Emergency Equipment, Etc. § 78.47-38 Valves and closing appliances. (a) All valves and...

  8. 12 CFR 225.129 - Activities closely related to banking. (United States)


    ... 12 Banks and Banking 3 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Activities closely related to banking. 225.129 Section 225.129 Banks and Banking FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM (CONTINUED) BOARD OF GOVERNORS OF THE FEDERAL... Holding Companies Interpretations § 225.129 Activities closely related to banking. Courier activities....

  9. 12 CFR 225.123 - Activities closely related to banking. (United States)


    ... 12 Banks and Banking 3 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Activities closely related to banking. 225.123 Section 225.123 Banks and Banking FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM (CONTINUED) BOARD OF GOVERNORS OF THE FEDERAL... Holding Companies Interpretations § 225.123 Activities closely related to banking. (a) Effective June...

  10. 7 CFR 1927.57 - Preparation of closing documents. (United States)


    ... 1927.57 Agriculture Regulations of the Department of Agriculture (Continued) RURAL HOUSING SERVICE... AGRICULTURE PROGRAM REGULATIONS TITLE CLEARANCE AND LOAN CLOSING Real Estate Title Clearance and Loan Closing... estates. When the agency security interest is a leasehold estate, unless State law or State...

  11. Fracture of open- and closed-cell metal foams

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Onck, P; van Merkerk, R.; Raaijmakers, A; De Hosson, JTM


    Two closed cell aluminium foams and one open cell nickel-chromium foam were subjected to microstructural characterization, in situ fracture tests and fractography. The failure process of the open cell foam was observed to be rather ductile, while that of the closed cell foams was found to be brittle

  12. Process of Compassion: Pastoral Care during School Closings (United States)

    McDevitt, Patrick J.; Dosen, Anthony J.; Ryan, Frances


    Catholic education in the United States continues to face mounting economic challenges. Dioceses are being challenged with the painful reality of closing Catholic schools that have long served communities. These school closings leave behind wounded and disillusioned professionals. The Process of Compassion Workshop was developed to provide…

  13. Tonal bilingualism : the case of two closely related Chinese dialects

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Wu, Junru


    Tonal bilinguals of two closely related Chinese dialects handle two tonal systems in their mind; their two vocabularies are from closely related dialects; and they write translation equivalents with common Chinese characters. Their unique language situation makes their mind special. This thesis inve

  14. Close Readings and Children's Literature (United States)

    Serafini, Frank


    The concept of close reading is an important consideration when addressing the Common Core State Standards. In addition, "close reading" permeates the CCSS and suggests a particular way of reading and responding to texts. Trying to help students become successful readers in both school based settings and in the world outside of school is…

  15. Closing open SDL-systems for model checking with DTSpin

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Ioustinova, N.; Sidorova, N.; Steffen, M.


    Model checkers like Spin can handle closed reactive systems, only. Thus to handle open systems, in particular when using assume-guarantee reasoning, we need to be able to close (sub-)systems, which is commonly done by adding an environment process. For models with asynchronous message-passing commun

  16. An Experiment in Closed-Circuit Television at Millfield School. (United States)

    Turner, Peter; Atkinson, C. R. M.

    The Millfield School in Great Britain followed a three-stage six-year plan in developing the use of closed-circuit television in their secondary school. Stage one consisted of the purchase of basic equipment--a videotape recorder, two cameras, two monitors, microphones, tripods, pan and tilt heads, and a video switcher. The closed-circuit program…

  17. Delayed presentation of pseudoaneurysm complicating closed humeral fracture: MR diagnosis

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Harris, O. [Dept. of Radiology, Whiston Hospital, Liverpool (United Kingdom); Roche, C.J.; Torreggiani, W.C.; Munk, P.L. [Dept. of Radiology, Vancouver General Hospital (Canada); Ritchie, D.A.; McWilliams, R. [Dept. of Radiology, Royal Liverpool University Hospital (United Kingdom); Jane, M. [Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery, Royal Liverpool University Hospital (United Kingdom)


    Vascular injuries resulting from closed fractures of the humerus are rare. We describe two patients who developed unsuspected pseudoaneurysms following closed humeral fracture. Both patients presented with a mass, suspicious for malignancy. In each case, diagnosis was made by magnetic resonance imaging. (orig.)

  18. 75 FR 7369 - Closed Captioning of Video Programming (United States)


    ... COMMISSION 47 CFR Part 79 Closed Captioning of Video Programming AGENCY: Federal Communications Commission... the effectiveness of the closed captioning rule that requires video programming distributors in... Programming, CG Docket No. 05- 231, Order Suspending Effective Date, adopted September 8, 2009, and...

  19. 75 FR 7368 - Closed Captioning of Video Programming (United States)


    ... COMMISSION 47 CFR Part 79 Closed Captioning of Video Programming AGENCY: Federal Communications Commission... another method by which video programming distributors may provide contact information to the Commission... document FCC 09-109, Closed Captioning of Video Programming, CG Docket No. 05-231, Order, adopted...

  20. The sintering behavior of close-packed spheres

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bjørk, Rasmus; Tikare, V.; Frandsen, Henrik Lund


    The sintering behavior of close-packed spheres is investigated using a numerical model. The investigated systems are the body-centered cubic (bcc), face-centered cubic (fcc) and hexagonal close-packed spheres (hcp). The sintering behavior is found to be ideal, with no grain growth until full dens...

  1. 18 CFR 1301.46 - Criteria for closing meetings. (United States)


    ... meetings. 1301.46 Section 1301.46 Conservation of Power and Water Resources TENNESSEE VALLEY AUTHORITY PROCEDURES Government in the Sunshine Act § 1301.46 Criteria for closing meetings. Except in a case where the... apply to any portion of a meeting and such portion may be closed to the public, and the requirements...

  2. 40 CFR 1517.5 - Procedure for closing meetings. (United States)


    ... 40 Protection of Environment 32 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Procedure for closing meetings. 1517.5 Section 1517.5 Protection of Environment COUNCIL ON ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY PUBLIC MEETING PROCEDURES OF THE COUNCIL ON ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY § 1517.5 Procedure for closing meetings. (a) A majority of the...

  3. 18 CFR 1301.45 - Procedure for closing meetings. (United States)


    ... meetings. 1301.45 Section 1301.45 Conservation of Power and Water Resources TENNESSEE VALLEY AUTHORITY PROCEDURES Government in the Sunshine Act § 1301.45 Procedure for closing meetings. (a) Action under § 1301.46 to close a meeting shall be taken only when a majority of the members vote to take such action....

  4. 18 CFR 1301.47 - Transcripts of closed meetings. (United States)


    ... meetings. 1301.47 Section 1301.47 Conservation of Power and Water Resources TENNESSEE VALLEY AUTHORITY PROCEDURES Government in the Sunshine Act § 1301.47 Transcripts of closed meetings. (a) For every meeting closed pursuant to § 1301.46, the presiding officer of the meeting shall prepare a statement...

  5. 40 CFR 1517.7 - Records of closed meetings. (United States)


    ... 40 Protection of Environment 32 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Records of closed meetings. 1517.7 Section 1517.7 Protection of Environment COUNCIL ON ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY PUBLIC MEETING PROCEDURES OF THE COUNCIL ON ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY § 1517.7 Records of closed meetings. (a) A record of each meeting...

  6. 46 CFR 308.533 - Closing report, Form MA-313. (United States)


    ... 46 Shipping 8 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Closing report, Form MA-313. 308.533 Section 308.533 Shipping MARITIME ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION EMERGENCY OPERATIONS WAR RISK INSURANCE War Risk Cargo Insurance Ii-Open Policy War Risk Cargo Insurance § 308.533 Closing report, Form...

  7. Rare causes of closed rupture of the flexor tendon

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Stenekes, Martin W.; Ruttermann, Mike; Werker, Paul M. N.


    Closed injuries to the flexor tendon are relatively rare. We present three rare causes of closed injury to the flexor tendon. Early recognition and adequate treatment by a specialised hand surgeon are crucial for the prognosis of such cases. Delayed diagnosis and treatment often require secondary re

  8. 75 FR 9588 - Defense Intelligence Agency Advisory Board; Closed Meeting (United States)


    ... Office of the Secretary Defense Intelligence Agency Advisory Board; Closed Meeting AGENCY: Defense Intelligence Agency, DoD. ACTION: Notice of closed meeting. SUMMARY: Pursuant to the provisions of subsection... hereby given that the Defense Intelligence Agency Advisory Board, will meet on March 22 and 23, 2010....

  9. On computing closed forms for summations. [polynomials and rational functions (United States)

    Moenck, R.


    The problem of finding closed forms for a summation involving polynomials and rational functions is considered. A method closely related to Hermite's method for integration of rational functions derived. The method expresses the sum of a rational function as a rational function part and a transcendental part involving derivatives of the gamma function.

  10. Learning people's names following severe closed-head injury

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Milders, M.V.


    Although problems remembering people's names rank highly among the subjective complaints of patients with closed-head injuries, very few studies have examined their memory for people's names by objective measurements. An experiment is reported in which patients with severe closed-head injuries and n

  11. 49 CFR 22.63 - Loan close outs. (United States)


    ... 49 Transportation 1 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Loan close outs. 22.63 Section 22.63 Transportation Office of the Secretary of Transportation SHORT-TERM LENDING PROGRAM (STLP) Loan Administration... Form. The form is available at

  12. Prediction of close binarity based on planetary nebula morphology

    CERN Document Server

    Miszalski, B; Jones, D; Santander-García, M; Rodríguez-Gil, P; Rubio-Díez, M M


    A thorough search of the OGLE-III microlensing project has more than doubled the total sample of PNe known to have close binary central stars. These discoveries have enabled close binary induced morphological trends to be revealed for the first time. Canonical bipolar nebulae, low-ionisation structures and polar outflows are all identified within the sample and are provisionally associated with binarity. We have embarked upon a large photometric monitoring program using the Flemish Mercator telescope to simultaneously test the predictive power of these morphological features and to find more close binaries. Early results are very positive with at least five binaries found so far. This suggests our method is an effective means to expedite the construction of a statistically significant sample of close binary shaped nebulae. Such an authoritative sample will be essential to quantify the degree to which close binary nuclei may shape PNe.

  13. Why Closely Coupled Work Matters in Global Software Development

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jensen, Rasmus Eskild


    We report on an ethnographic study of an offshore global software development project between Danish and Philippine developers in a Danish company called GlobalSoft. We investigate why the IT- developers chose to engage in more closely coupled work as the project progressed and argue that closely...... coupled work supported the collaboration in a very challenging project. Three key findings are presented: 1) Closely coupled work practices established connections across the collaboration ensuring knowledge exchange and improving coordination between project members, 2) Closely coupled work practices...... diminished the formation of sub-groups locally and established new faultlines across the geographical distance, and 3) Closely coupled work enabled the creation of connections across organizational hierarchies allowing information to travel seamlessly between layers in the organization and consequently...

  14. Lung Morphological Changes in Closed Chest Injury (an experimental study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. M. Golubev


    Full Text Available Objective: to study lung morphological changes in a closed chest injury model in laboratory animals. Material and methods. Experiments were carried out in 30 male albino nonbred rats weighing 350—380 g. Closed chest injury was simulated, by exposing the chest of anesthetized rats to a 300-g metal cylinder falling from a height of 30 cm. The observation periods were 1, 3, 6, and 24 hours. Results. The signs of evident perivenular edema that was uncharas-teristic to acute respiratory distress syndrome induced by other causes are an important peculiarity of lung morphological changes in this experimental model of closed chest injury. Conclusion. The experimental studies clarified the pattern of lung morphological changes in the early period after closed chest injury. Key words: closed chest injury, pulmonary edema.

  15. Protected areas and poverty (United States)

    Brockington, Daniel; Wilkie, David


    Protected areas are controversial because they are so important for conservation and because they distribute fortune and misfortune unevenly. The nature of that distribution, as well as the terrain of protected areas themselves, have been vigorously contested. In particular, the relationship between protected areas and poverty is a long-running debate in academic and policy circles. We review the origins of this debate and chart its key moments. We then outline the continuing flashpoints and ways in which further evaluation studies could improve the evidence base for policy-making and conservation practice. PMID:26460124

  16. Extensive closed cell marine stratocumulus downwind of Europe—A large aerosol cloud mediated radiative effect or forcing? (United States)

    Goren, Tom; Rosenfeld, Daniel


    Marine stratocumulus clouds (MSC) cover large areas over the oceans and possess super sensitivity of their cloud radiative effect to changes in aerosol concentrations. Aerosols can cause transitions between regimes of fully cloudy closed cells and open cells. The possible role of aerosols in cloud cover has a big impact on the amount of reflected solar radiation from the clouds, thus potentially constitutes very large aerosol indirect radiative effect, which can exceed 100 Wm-2. It is hypothesized that continentally polluted clouds remain in closed cells regime for longer time from leaving continent and hence for longer distance away from land, thus occupying larger ocean areas with full cloud cover. Attributing this to anthropogenic aerosols would imply a very large negative radiative forcing with a significant climate impact. This possibility is confirmed by analyzing a detailed case study based on geostationary and polar-orbiting satellite observations of the microphysical and dynamical evolution of MSC. We show that large area of closed cells was formed over the northeast Atlantic Ocean downwind of Europe in a continentally polluted air mass. The closed cells undergo cleansing process that was tracked for 3.5 days that resulted with a rapid transition from closed to open cells once the clouds started drizzling heavily. The mechanism leading to the eventual breakup of the clouds due to both meteorological and aerosol considerations is elucidated. We termed this cleansing and cloud breakup process maritimization. Further study is needed to assess the climatological significance of such situations.

  17. A new approach towards image based virtual 3D city modeling by using close range photogrammetry (United States)

    Singh, S. P.; Jain, K.; Mandla, V. R.


    3D city model is a digital representation of the Earth's surface and it's related objects such as building, tree, vegetation, and some manmade feature belonging to urban area. The demand of 3D city modeling is increasing day to day for various engineering and non-engineering applications. Generally three main image based approaches are using for virtual 3D city models generation. In first approach, researchers used Sketch based modeling, second method is Procedural grammar based modeling and third approach is Close range photogrammetry based modeling. Literature study shows that till date, there is no complete solution available to create complete 3D city model by using images. These image based methods also have limitations This paper gives a new approach towards image based virtual 3D city modeling by using close range photogrammetry. This approach is divided into three sections. First, data acquisition process, second is 3D data processing, and third is data combination process. In data acquisition process, a multi-camera setup developed and used for video recording of an area. Image frames created from video data. Minimum required and suitable video image frame selected for 3D processing. In second section, based on close range photogrammetric principles and computer vision techniques, 3D model of area created. In third section, this 3D model exported to adding and merging of other pieces of large area. Scaling and alignment of 3D model was done. After applying the texturing and rendering on this model, a final photo-realistic textured 3D model created. This 3D model transferred into walk-through model or in movie form. Most of the processing steps are automatic. So this method is cost effective and less laborious. Accuracy of this model is good. For this research work, study area is the campus of department of civil engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. This campus acts as a prototype for city. Aerial photography is restricted in many country

  18. Posterior Wall Capture and Femoral Artery Stenosis Following Use of StarClose Closing Device: Diagnosis and Therapy

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Stefanczyk, Ludomir [Medical University of Lodz, First Department of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (Poland); Elgalal, Marcin T., E-mail: [Medical University of Lodz, Second Department of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (Poland); Szubert, Wojciech; Grzelak, Piotr [Medical University of Lodz, First Department of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (Poland); Szopinski, Piotr [Institute of Haematology and Transfusion Medicine, Department of Vascular Surgery (Poland); Majos, Agata [Medical University of Lodz, Second Department of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (Poland)


    A case of femoral artery obstruction following application of a StarClose type arterial puncture closing device (APCD) is presented. Ultrasonographic and angiographic imaging of this complication was obtained. The posterior wall of the vessel was accidentally caught in the anchoring element of the nitinol clip. This complication was successfully resolved by endovascular treatment and the implantation of a stent.

  19. Ice Engineering Research Area (United States)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — Refrigerated Physical Modeling of Waterways in a Controlled EnvironmentThe Research Area in the Ice Engineering Facility at the Cold Regions Research and Engineering...

  20. Pilot Boarding Areas (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Pilot boarding areas are locations at sea where pilots familiar with local waters board incoming vessels to navigate their passage to a destination port. Pilotage is...

  1. Decontamination & decommissioning focus area

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    In January 1994, the US Department of Energy Office of Environmental Management (DOE EM) formally introduced its new approach to managing DOE`s environmental research and technology development activities. The goal of the new approach is to conduct research and development in critical areas of interest to DOE, utilizing the best talent in the Department and in the national science community. To facilitate this solutions-oriented approach, the Office of Science and Technology (EM-50, formerly the Office of Technology Development) formed five Focus AReas to stimulate the required basic research, development, and demonstration efforts to seek new, innovative cleanup methods. In February 1995, EM-50 selected the DOE Morgantown Energy Technology Center (METC) to lead implementation of one of these Focus Areas: the Decontamination and Decommissioning (D & D) Focus Area.

  2. SO2 Nonattainment Areas (United States)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — This data layer identifies areas in the U.S. where air pollution levels have not met the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for Sulfur dioxide and have...

  3. PM 10 Nonattainment Areas (United States)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — This data layer identifies areas in the U.S. where air pollution levels have not met the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for PM 10 and have been...

  4. Driftless Area NWR ROCSTAR (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — The Resources of Concern Selection Tool for Americas Refuges (ROCSTAR) was developed to assist national wildlife refuges, waterfowl production areas, wetland...

  5. Carbon Monoxide Nonattainment Areas (United States)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — This data layer identifies areas in the U.S. where air pollution levels have not met the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for Carbon Monoxide and have...

  6. Two-dimensional optical feedback control of Euglena confined in closed-type microfluidic channels. (United States)

    Ozasa, Kazunari; Lee, Jeesoo; Song, Simon; Hara, Masahiko; Maeda, Mizuo


    We examined two-dimensional (2D) optical feedback control of phototaxis flagellate Euglena cells confined in closed-type microfluidic channels (microaquariums), and demonstrated that the 2D optical feedback enables the control of the density and position of Euglena cells in microaquariums externally, flexibly, and dynamically. Using three types of feedback algorithms, the density of Euglena cells in a specified area can be controlled arbitrarily and dynamically, and more than 70% of the cells can be concentrated into a specified area. Separation of photo-sensitive/insensitive Euglena cells was also demonstrated. Moreover, Euglena-based neuro-computing has been achieved, where 16 imaginary neurons were defined as Euglena-activity levels in 16 individual areas in microaquariums. The study proves that 2D optical feedback control of photoreactive flagellate microbes is promising for microbial biology studies as well as applications such as microbe-based particle transportation in microfluidic channels or separation of photo-sensitive/insensitive microbes.

  7. Use of StarClose for brachial artery closure after percutaneous endovascular interventions. (United States)

    Puggioni, Alessandra; Boesmans, Evelyne; Deloose, Koen; Peeters, Patrick; Bosiers, Marc


    The objective of this study was to evaluate a percutaneous extravascular closure device (StarClose, Abbott Vascular, Redwood City, CA) after brachial endovascular approach. From 2004 to 2006, 29 patients received StarClose for brachial closure. Primary endpoints were successful deployment and absence of procedure-related morbidity, secondary endpoints were brachial artery patency on duplex and absence of late (> 30 days) complications. The device was successfully deployed in all patients. In two patients (6.8%) local complications occurred: one patient developed a large hematoma successfully treated with prolonged compression and a second patient presented with brachial artery occlusion requiring operative intervention. After a mean follow-up of 7.5+/-7.2 months, all patients had a palpable brachial/radial pulse; none had signs of infection, distal embolization or neurological deficits. On ultrasound b-mode imaging, the clip was visible as a 4 mm echolucent area at the outer anterior wall of the artery. Based on the peak systolic velocity ratios between the site of StarClose and proximal brachial artery (mean 1.08+/-0.2), none of the studied patients had a significant stenosis at the site of closure. StarClose is safe and effective in providing hemostasis following interventional procedures through the brachial artery; further advantages include patients comfort and early discharge.

  8. Filling Rules of Bevel Gears in the Closed-die Cold Forging

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Huamin LIU; Liangju HUANG; Shenhua YANG; Shihong ZHANG


    The closed-died cold forging technology of the bevel gears used in Jada car was investigated. With the analysis of the strain field and velocity field of the plastic deformation and the endured forces of the dies, the filling rules forthe metal were analyzed by the elastic-plastic finite element method (FEM). The results show that there is a great difference among closed-die cold forging, extrusion and forging, as far as the metal flowing is concerned. The outer addendum cannot be filled completely in the closed-die cold forging of the bevel gears, and the round angle will be formed. But it does not influence the application of the bevel gears. At the beginning, the rigid area is formed in the cavity of the lower die. And then it will move upwards to supply the metal for the gear filling. For the closed-die cold forging of the bevel gears, the force acting on the upper die and the lower die is significantly different.

  9. On the hysteresis of argon adsorption in a uniform closed end slit pore. (United States)

    Fan, Chunyan; Do, D D; Nicholson, D


    We present a molecular simulation study of adsorption and desorption in slit mesopores of uniform width with one end closed and explore the effects of pore dimensions (width and length), temperature and surface affinity on the hysteresis loop: its position, lower and upper closure points, area and shape. Our results show that the metastability, brought about by structural change in the adsorbate, is the reason for the existence of hysteresis, and contrast with reports suggesting that reversibility invariably prevails for adsorption in closed end pores. The shape, area and position of the hysteresis loop are complex functions of pore width, length and temperature. We establish a parametric map of the boundary separating reversible and hysteretic regions. Our simulation results also show a number of interesting observations that have not been previously reported or generally recognised: (1) the fluid within the core of the pore behaves like a bulk liquid as the pore is progressively filled, via the movement of the meniscus from the closed end to the pore mouth, but as the pore fills, the fluid in the core becomes structured, (2) the shape of the meniscus changes as adsorption progresses but is constant during desorption because of the constant thickness of the adsorbed layer in the two-phase region, (3) the hysteresis loop is larger for a longer pore, (4) the area of the hysteresis loop increases with pore width up to a certain width, beyond which it decreases and finally disappears, (5) as temperature approaches the critical hysteresis temperature, the hysteresis loop area decreases, but it retains its Type H1 character.

  10. Treatment of cervical contractures utilising a closed platysmotomy like approach: Case report and review of the literature. (United States)

    Haik, Josef; Prat, Daphna; Kornhaber, Rachel; Tessone, Ariel


    Contractures to the cervical region as a result of burns has the capacity to cause restrictions in range of movement, function of the lower face, cervical spine distortion and poor aesthetic outcomes that remain a surgical challenge. Consequently, physical and aesthetic deformities as a result of cervical contractures are reported to cause depression having implications for patients' quality of life and psychosocial wellbeing. At the time this research was conducted, there were no case reports describing a closed platysmotomy approach in burn patients. In this article, we review the literature surrounding closed platysmotomies and present what we believe to be the first reported case in the treatment of cervical contractures utilising a closed platysmotomy approach in a burns patient. A closed platysmotomy approach for the treatment of cervical contractures is a less invasive technique. Further investigation is warranted to determine the feasibility of this reconstructive approach in the area of burn scar management.

  11. Close pairs of relative equilibria for identical point vortices

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Dirksen, Tobias; Aref, Hassan


    Numerical solution of the classical problem of relative equilibria for identical point vortices on the unbounded plane reveals configurations that are very close to the analytically known, centered, symmetrically arranged, nested equilateral triangles. New numerical solutions of this kind are found...... also has this property, and new relative equilibria close to the nested, symmetrically arranged, regular heptagons have been found. The centered regular nonagon is also marginally stable. Again, a new family of close relative equilibria has been found. The closest relative equilibrium pairs occur...

  12. Closed proximal muscle rupture of the biceps brachii in wakeboarders. (United States)

    Pascual-Garrido, Cecilia; Swanson, Britta L; Bannar, Stephen M


    Closed proximal muscle rupture of the biceps brachii is a rare injury. In this report, two cases of closed proximal muscle rupture of the biceps brachii after wakeboard traumas are described. Both patients presented with a swollen arm, weakness during flexion, and a mass in the affected forearm. Magnetic resonance imaging showed displacement of the biceps brachii into the forearm. The rupture was successfully treated with muscle removal in one case and muscle repair in the other. In patients with a wakeboard trauma and similar presentations, closed proximal muscle rupture of the biceps brachii should be suspected.

  13. 200 Area Interim Storage Area Technical Safety Requirements

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The 200 Area Interim Storage Area Technical Safety Requirements define administrative controls and design features required to ensure safe operation during receipt and storage of canisters containing spent nuclear fuel. This document is based on the 200 Area Interim Storage Area, Annex D, Final Safety Analysis Report which contains information specific to the 200 Area Interim Storage Area.

  14. 5 CFR 591.207 - Which areas are COLA areas? (United States)


    ... 5 Administrative Personnel 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Which areas are COLA areas? 591.207... ALLOWANCES AND DIFFERENTIALS Cost-of-Living Allowance and Post Differential-Nonforeign Areas Cost-Of-Living Allowances § 591.207 Which areas are COLA areas? OPM has established the following COLA areas: (a) City...

  15. 5 CFR 591.205 - Which areas are nonforeign areas? (United States)


    ... 5 Administrative Personnel 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Which areas are nonforeign areas? 591.205... ALLOWANCES AND DIFFERENTIALS Cost-of-Living Allowance and Post Differential-Nonforeign Areas Cost-Of-Living Allowances and Post Differentials § 591.205 Which areas are nonforeign areas? (a) The nonforeign areas...

  16. Off-line integration of CE and MALDI-MS using a closed-open-closed microchannel system. (United States)

    Jacksén, Johan; Frisk, Thomas; Redeby, Theres; Parmar, Varun; van der Wijngaart, Wouter; Stemme, Göran; Emmer, Asa


    In this work, a new technique for off-line hyphenation between CE and MALDI-MS is presented. Two closed fused-silica capillaries were connected via a silicon chip comprising an open microcanal. The EOF in the system was evaluated using mesityloxide or leucine-enkephalin as a sample and with a running buffer that rendered the analyte neutrally charged. Comparison was made between the EOF in a closed system (first capillary solely included in the electrical circuit) and in a closed-open system (first capillary and microcanal included in the electrical circuit). It was concluded that the experimental values of the EOF agreed with the theory. The influence of the capillary outer diameter on the peak dispersion was investigated using a closed-open-closed system (first capillary, microcanal and second capillary included in the electrical circuit). It was clearly seen that a capillary with 375 microm od induced considerably higher peak dispersion than a 150 microm od capillary, due to a larger liquid dead volume in the connection between the first capillary outlet and the microcanal. Mass spectrometric analysis has also been performed following CE separation runs in a closed-open-closed system with cytochrome c and lysozyme as model proteins. It was demonstrated that a signal distribution profile of the separated analytes could be recorded over a 30 mm long microcanal.

  17. Closed timelike geodesics in a gas of cosmic strings

    CERN Document Server

    Grøn, Ø; Gron, Oyvind; Johannesen, Steinar


    We find a class of solutions of Einstein's field equations representing spacetime outside a spinning cosmic string surrounded by a gas of non-spinning cosmic strings, and show that there exist closed timelike geodesics in this spacetime.

  18. Physical/chemical closed-loop life support (United States)

    Lawless, James G.


    Information on physical/chemical closed-loop life support systems are given in viewgraph form. Information is given on program objectives, the elements of a life support system, and Pathfinder program elements.

  19. Closely Reading Informational Texts in the Primary Grades (United States)

    Fisher, Douglas; Frey, Nancy


    In this article we discuss the differences between close reading in the primary grades and upper elementary grades. We focus on text selection, initial reading. repeated reading, annotation, text-based discussions, and responding to texts.

  20. Preparation and characterization of hexagonal close-packed Ni nanoparticles

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Hexagonal close-packed Ni nanoparticles were synthesized using a heat-treating technique with the precursors prepared by the sol-gel method.The synthesis condition,structure,and morphology of the samples were characterized and analysed by thermogravimetric analysis (TG),differential thermal analysis (DTA),X-ray diffraction (XRD) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM).Results indicate that the hexagonal close packed Ni nanoparticles were synthesized at a heat-treating temperature of 300℃.The cell constants are calculated at a=0.2652 nm and c=0.4334 nm.The average grain size of the hexagonal close-packed Ni particles evaluated by Scherrer equation is about 12 nm.The phase transformation from a hexagonal close-packed Ni to a face-centered cubic Ni structure occurred when the heat-treating temperature was increased.

  1. Noncommutative-geometry model for closed bosonic strings (United States)

    Sen, Siddhartha; Holman, R.


    It is shown how Witten's (1986) noncommutative geometry may be extended to describe the closed bosonic string. For closed strings, an explicit representation is provided of the integral operator needed to construct an action and of an associative product on string fields. The proper choice of the action of the integral operator and the associative product in order to give rise to a reasonable theory is explained, and the consequences of such a choice are discussed. It is shown that the ghost numbers of the operator and associative product can be chosen arbitrarily for both open and closed strings, and that this construct can be used as an action for interacting closed bosonic strings.

  2. Random walks of cytoskeletal motors in open and closed compartments

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Lipowsky, R.; Klumpp, S.


    Random walks of molecular motors, which bind to and unbind from cytoskeletal filaments, are studied theoretically. The bound and unbound motors undergo directed and nondirected motion, respectively. Motors in open compartments exhibit anomalous drift velocities. Motors in closed compartments generat

  3. Cognitive Modeling for Closed-Loop Task Mitigation Project (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Intelligent Automation, Inc. (IAI) along with collaborators at the University of Iowa and Old Dominion University (ODU) developed an advanced closed-loop Adaptive...

  4. 78 FR 19275 - National Cancer Institute; Notice of Closed Meeting (United States)


    ... Committee: National Cancer Institute Special Emphasis Panel Tumor Immunology. Date: June 26-27, 2013. Time... HUMAN SERVICES National Institutes of Health National Cancer Institute; Notice of Closed Meeting... Training Review Branch, Division of Extramural Activities, National Cancer Institute, 6116...

  5. 76 FR 41273 - National Cancer Institute; Notice of Closed Meeting (United States)


    ...: Gail J Bryant, MD, Medical Officer, Resources and Training Review Branch, Division of Extramural... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES National Institutes of Health National Cancer Institute; Notice of Closed...

  6. Berry{close_quote}s conjecture and information theory

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Jarzynski, C. [Theoretical Astrophysics, T-6, MS B288, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico 87545 (United States)


    It is shown that, by applying a principle of information theory, one obtains Berry{close_quote}s conjecture regarding the high-lying quantal energy eigenstates of classically chaotic systems. {copyright} {ital 1997} {ital The American Physical Society}

  7. 75 FR 61101 - Closed Captioning of Video Programming (United States)


    ... COMMISSION 47 CFR Part 79 Closed Captioning of Video Programming AGENCY: Federal Communications Commission... and Governmental Affairs Bureau (Bureau), waives in part the requirement that video programming... video programming distributors to place contact information required by this section in local...

  8. Closed incision management with negative pressure wound therapy (CIM): biomechanics. (United States)

    Wilkes, Robert Peyton; Kilpad, Deepak V; Zhao, Yabin; Kazala, Richard; McNulty, Amy


    A novel closed incision management with negative pressure wound therapy (CIM) has been developed for convenient use with closed incisions that has the potential to be beneficial for patients at risk for postoperative complications. Incisions are typically under lateral tension. This study explored the biomechanical mechanisms by which integrity of the incisional closure is enhanced by CIM. CIM was hypothesized to affect local stresses around closed incisions in a beneficial manner. Finite element analyses (FEA) indicated that application of CIM decreased the lateral stresses ~50% around the incision and changed the direction of the stresses to a distribution that is typical of intact tissue. Bench evaluations corroborated findings that CIM significantly increased the force required to disrupt the closed incision by ~50% as compared with closure alone. In conclusion, using 2 FEAs and bench modeling, CIM was shown to reduce and normalize tissue stresses and bolster appositional forces at the incision.

  9. Generalized modal analysis for closed-loop piezoelectric devices (United States)

    Giraud-Audine, Christophe; Giraud, Frédéric; Amberg, Michel; Lemaire-Semail, Betty


    Stress in a piezoelectric material can be controlled by imposing an electrical field. Thanks to feedback, this electrical field can be a function of some strain-related measurement so as to confer on the piezoelectric device a closed-loop macroscopic behaviour. In this paper we address the modelling of such a system by extending the modal decomposition methods to account for the closed loop. To do so, the boundary conditions are modified to include the electrical feedback circuit, hence allowing a closed-loop modal analysis. A case study is used to illustrate the theory and to validate it. The main advantage of the method is that design issues such as the coupling factor of the device and closed-loop stability are simultaneously captured.

  10. Organizational Codependency: The Creation and Maintenance of Closed Systems. (United States)

    McMillan, Jill J.; Northern, Nickol A.


    Investigates communication and organizational codependency: (1) explores literature that presents human organizations as both "open" and "closed" systems; (2) reviews literature describing the symbolic construction of organizational systems; (3) identifies and describes communicative behaviors and strategies that fuel…

  11. 75 FR 13259 - Public Telecommunications Facilities Program: New Closing Date (United States)


    ... National Telecommunications and Information Administration Docket No. 100305127-0127-01 Public Telecommunications Facilities Program: New Closing Date AGENCY: National Telecommunications and Information... to increase digital power levels of public radio stations. SUMMARY: The National...

  12. Application of solar hot water and geothermal principles to closed-cycle aquaculture (United States)

    Yanzito, R. A.


    The design of an underground silo where warm water food fish could be raised to market size under controlled conditions. The building and solar concept analysis for the closed cycle aquaculture system are described. Energy conservation features of the design include Earth berming and insulation of the production silo and enclosure, a waste water reclaim system and a solar heating system. Much of the water surface area is covered with removable plants to minimize evaporative heat losses. An energy conservation analysis is also reported and the F-Chart computer program is described. The system chosen utilizes single glazed flat plate collectors in a closed loop antifreeze system. Makeup water is introduced during an 8 hour period each day. Solar energy is transferred from the antifreeze solution to the makeup water after it leaves the waste water heat exchanger.

  13. 'Design of CO-O2 recombination catalysts for closed-cycle CO2 lasers' (United States)

    Guinn, K.; Goldblum, S.; Noskowski, E.; Herz, R.


    Pulsed CO2 lasers have many applications in aeronautics, space research, weather monitoring and other areas. Full exploitation of the potential of these lasers is hampered by the dissociation of CO2 that occurs during laser operation. The development of closed-cycle CO2 lasers requires active CO-O2 recombination (CO oxidation) catalysts and design methods for implementation of catalysts inside lasers. This paper will discuss the performance criteria and constraints involved in the design of monolith catalyst configurations for use in a closed-cycle laser and will present a design study performed with a computerized design program that had been written. Trade-offs between catalyst activity and dimensions, flow channel dimensions, pressure drop, O2 conversion and other variables will be discussed.

  14. Closing LHCb's calorimeter around the beam-pipe

    CERN Multimedia

    Kristic, R


    Photos 1 and 2 show the pre-shower, lead absorber and the scintillating pad detector layers moving in towards the beam-pipe. Photos 3,4 and 5 show the hadron calorimeter with both halves closed around the beam-pipe, to the left of the picture and, in the centre, half of the electromagnetic calorimeter closed in towards the beam-pipe.

  15. Closed Loop Supply Chains for Sustainable Mass Customization

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nielsen, Kjeld; Brunø, Thomas Ditlev


    Closed loop supply chains reducing waste, energy consumption and natural resource depletion which all contribute to more sustainable production and products. For mass customization however, the challenges of closed loop supply chains are emphasized by the large variety of inbound end......-of-life products from customers which complicates handling and forecasting. This paper analyses these challenges in the specific context mass customization using theoretical considerations and three case studies....

  16. Active fault diagnosis in closed-loop uncertain systems

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Niemann, Hans Henrik


    Fault diagnosis of parametric faults in closed-loop uncertain systems by using an auxiliary input vector is considered in this paper, i.e. active fault diagnosis (AFD). The active fault diagnosis is based directly on the socalled fault signature matrix, related to the YJBK (Youla, Jabr, Bongiorno...... and Kucera) parameterization. Conditions are given for exact detection and isolation of parametric faults in closed-loop uncertain systems....

  17. Inference in {open_quotes}poor{close_quotes} languages

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Petrov, S. [Oak Ridge National Lab., TN (United States)


    Languages with a solvable implication problem but without complete and consistent systems of inference rules ({open_quote}poor{close_quote} languages) are considered. The problem of existence of a finite, complete, and consistent inference rule system for a {open_quotes}poor{close_quotes} language is stated independently of the language or the rule syntax. Several properties of the problem are proved. An application of the results to the language of join dependencies is given.

  18. Validation of Closed Loop Degaussing System for Double Hull Submarines


    Demilier, Laurent; Cauffet, Gilles; Chadebec, Olivier; Coulomb, Jean-Louis; Rouve, Laure-Line


    International audience; This paper presents last DCNS development on Closed Loop Degaussing System dedicated to high performance electromagnetic silent warship. This paper focuses on an evolution of the CLDG algorithm for degaussed warship. Developed in cooperation with Grenoble Electrical Engineering Lab, this genuine method allows to determine the hull unknown magnetization components, thus the predicted signature, based on real time magnetic measurements from sensors located very close to ...

  19. Learning to Control Opening and Closing a Myoelectric Hand



    Bouwsema H, van der Sluis CK, Bongers RM. Learning to control opening and closing a myoelectric hand. Arch Phys Med Rehabil 2010;91:1442-6. Objective: To compare 3 different types of myoelectric signal training. Design: A cohort analytic study. Setting: University laboratory. Participants: Able-bodied right-handed participants (N=34) randomly assigned to 1 of 3 groups. Interventions: Participants trained hand opening and closing on 3 consecutive days. One group trained with a virtual myoelect...

  20. Book review: the closing of the net by Monica Horten


    O’Connor, Courteney J.


    In The Closing of the Net, Monica Horten confronts the issue of how corporate structural power has shaped the online world, transforming the ideal of the open internet into an increasingly closed, market-driven space with negative consequences for individual freedoms. Courteney J. O’Connor recommends this well-researched book as an extremely relevant addition to cyber-related literature that will also be of use to those working in the fields of politics, law and media.

  1. Equivalent classes of closed three-level systems


    Plenio, M. B.


    In recent years a significant amount of research in quantum optics has been devoted to the analysis of atomic three-level systems and for many physical quantities the same effects have been predicted for different configurations. These configurations can be split into essentially two classes. One for which the system contains a metastable state and another where the system has two close-lying levels and coherence effects become important. We demonstrate when and why for a wide range of parame...

  2. Closed description of arbitrariness in resolving quantum master equation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Igor A. Batalin


    Full Text Available In the most general case of the Delta exact operator valued generators constructed of an arbitrary Fermion operator, we present a closed solution for the transformed master action in terms of the original master action in the closed form of the corresponding path integral. We show in detail how that path integral reduces to the known result in the case of being the Delta exact generators constructed of an arbitrary Fermion function.

  3. Closed description of arbitrariness in resolving quantum master equation

    CERN Document Server

    Batalin, Igor A


    In the most general case of the Delta exact operator valued generators constructed of an arbitrary Fermion operator, we present a closed solution for the transformed master action in terms of the original master action in the closed form of the corresponding path integral. We show in detail how that path integral reduces to the known result in the case of being the Delta exact generators constructed of an arbitrary Fermion function.

  4. Closed description of arbitrariness in resolving quantum master equation (United States)

    Batalin, Igor A.; Lavrov, Peter M.


    In the most general case of the Delta exact operator valued generators constructed of an arbitrary Fermion operator, we present a closed solution for the transformed master action in terms of the original master action in the closed form of the corresponding path integral. We show in detail how that path integral reduces to the known result in the case of being the Delta exact generators constructed of an arbitrary Fermion function.

  5. Closed description of arbitrariness in resolving quantum master equation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Batalin, Igor A., E-mail: [P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute, Leninsky Prospect 53, 119 991 Moscow (Russian Federation); Tomsk State Pedagogical University, Kievskaya St. 60, 634061 Tomsk (Russian Federation); Lavrov, Peter M., E-mail: [Tomsk State Pedagogical University, Kievskaya St. 60, 634061 Tomsk (Russian Federation); National Research Tomsk State University, Lenin Av. 36, 634050 Tomsk (Russian Federation)


    In the most general case of the Delta exact operator valued generators constructed of an arbitrary Fermion operator, we present a closed solution for the transformed master action in terms of the original master action in the closed form of the corresponding path integral. We show in detail how that path integral reduces to the known result in the case of being the Delta exact generators constructed of an arbitrary Fermion function.

  6. Cubic Subalgebras and Cubic Closed Ideals of B-algebras

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tapan Senapati


    Full Text Available In this paper, the concept of cubic set to subalgebras, ideals and closed ideals of B-algebras are introduced. Relations among cubic subalgebras with cubic ideals and cubic closed ideals of B-algebras investigated. The homomorphic image and inverse image of cubic subalgebras, ideals are studied and some related properties are investigated. Also, the product of cubic B-algebras are investigated.

  7. Grief following pet and human loss: Closeness is key. (United States)

    Eckerd, Lizabeth M; Barnett, James E; Jett-Dias, Latishia


    The authors compared grief severity and its predictors in two equivalent college student samples who had experienced the death of a pet (n = 211) or a person (n = 146) within the past 2 years. The human death sample reported higher grief severity, p grief severity; other predictors generally dropped out with closeness added to the model. Results highlight the importance of including closeness to deceased in grief research, and its centrality in understanding grief counseling clients.

  8. Large area LED package (United States)

    Goullon, L.; Jordan, R.; Braun, T.; Bauer, J.; Becker, F.; Hutter, M.; Schneider-Ramelow, M.; Lang, K.-D.


    Solid state lighting using LED-dies is a rapidly growing market. LED-dies with the needed increasing luminous flux per chip area produce a lot of heat. Therefore an appropriate thermal management is required for general lighting with LEDdies. One way to avoid overheating and shorter lifetime is the use of many small LED-dies on a large area heat sink (down to 70 μm edge length), so that heat can spread into a large area while at the same time light also appears on a larger area. The handling with such small LED-dies is very difficult because they are too small to be picked with common equipment. Therefore a new concept called collective transfer bonding using a temporary carrier chip was developed. A further benefit of this new technology is the high precision assembly as well as the plane parallel assembly of the LED-dies which is necessary for wire bonding. It has been shown that hundred functional LED-dies were transferred and soldered at the same time. After the assembly a cost effective established PCB-technology was applied to produce a large-area light source consisting of many small LED-dies and electrically connected on a PCB-substrate. The top contacts of the LED-dies were realized by laminating an adhesive copper sheet followed by LDI structuring as known from PCB-via-technology. This assembly can be completed by adding converting and light forming optical elements. In summary two technologies based on standard SMD and PCB technology have been developed for panel level LED packaging up to 610x 457 mm2 area size.

  9. Virtual grasping: closed-loop force control using electrotactile feedback. (United States)

    Jorgovanovic, Nikola; Dosen, Strahinja; Djozic, Damir J; Krajoski, Goran; Farina, Dario


    Closing the control loop by providing somatosensory feedback to the user of a prosthesis is a well-known, long standing challenge in the field of prosthetics. Various approaches have been investigated for feedback restoration, ranging from direct neural stimulation to noninvasive sensory substitution methods. Although there are many studies presenting closed-loop systems, only a few of them objectively evaluated the closed-loop performance, mostly using vibrotactile stimulation. Importantly, the conclusions about the utility of the feedback were partly contradictory. The goal of the current study was to systematically investigate the capability of human subjects to control grasping force in closed loop using electrotactile feedback. We have developed a realistic experimental setup for virtual grasping, which operated in real time, included a set of real life objects, as well as a graphical and dynamical model of the prosthesis. We have used the setup to test 10 healthy, able bodied subjects to investigate the role of training, feedback and feedforward control, robustness of the closed loop, and the ability of the human subjects to generalize the control to previously "unseen" objects. Overall, the outcomes of this study are very optimistic with regard to the benefits of feedback and reveal various, practically relevant, aspects of closed-loop control.

  10. Effect of closed drainage system on edema and ecchymosis following rhinoplasty: a randomized clinical trial

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kamran Asadi


    Full Text Available Background: The aim of this study was to minimize edema and ecchymosis following rhinoplasty through a closed drainage system to address concealed hemorrhage.Methods: This study was designed as a prospective، double blinded, randomized contr-olled study. Fifty one patients who underwent septorhinoplasty were included in this study and divided in two groups. In group A, a closed drainage system was applied in the most dependent posterior septal area following septal harvesting. Concealed bloody secretions were drained out of mouth in a vacutaner tube during three concecutive post operative days. In control group, group B, exactly the same classic rhinoplasty opera-tion by the same surgeon was done as for study group except omitting the closed drainage system. Degree of supra-tip and eyelid edema was evaluated on post operative days through photographic and software image analysis. Edema and ecchymosis rating of eyelids and ecchymosis of paranasal and cheek area done based on photographic analysis by independent plastic surgeons using a defined grading system.Results: Eyelid ecchymosis was reduced significantly on post operative day 14 in the study group (P=0.03. Ecchymosis of paranasal and check was reduced considerably likewise on days 7 and 14 in group A using Mann-Whitney test (P=0.03. There was no significant deference regarding supra tip edema on post operative days. The same hold true for the eyelids edema.Conclusion: Significant decrement observed in eyelids ecchymosis on day 14 and para-nasal and cheek ecchymosis on postoperative days 7 and 14 in study group. There were no positive effects regarding supra tip and eyelid edema reduction using closed drainage system to evacuate concealed haemorrhage in posterior septum space. There could be different etio-pathologies for two common morbidities following rhinoplasty that should be addressed separately.


    Miller, Fred K.; Benham, John R.


    On the basis of mineral-resource surveys the Selkirk Roadless Area, Idaho has little promise for the occurrence of mineral or energy resources. Molybdenum, lead, uranium, thorium, chromium, tungsten, zirconium, and several rare-earth elements have been detected in panned concentrates from samples of stream sediment, but no minerals containing the first five elements were found in place, nor were any conditions conducive to their concentration found. Zirconium, thorium, and the rare earths occur in sparsely disseminated accessory minerals in granitic rocks and no resource potential is identified. There is no history of mining in the roadless area and there are no oil, gas, mineral, or geothermal leases or current claims.

  12. OLED area illumination source (United States)

    Foust, Donald Franklin; Duggal, Anil Raj; Shiang, Joseph John; Nealon, William Francis; Bortscheller, Jacob Charles


    The present invention relates to an area illumination light source comprising a plurality of individual OLED panels. The individual OLED panels are configured in a physically modular fashion. Each OLED panel comprising a plurality of OLED devices. Each OLED panel comprises a first electrode and a second electrode such that the power being supplied to each individual OLED panel may be varied independently. A power supply unit capable of delivering varying levels of voltage simultaneously to the first and second electrodes of each of the individual OLED panels is also provided. The area illumination light source also comprises a mount within which the OLED panels are arrayed.

  13. Localization and traces in open-closed topological Landau-Ginzburg models

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Herbst, Manfred [Department of Physics, CERN, Theory Division, CH-1211 Geneva 23 (Switzerland); Lazaroiu, Calin-Iuliu [5243 Chamberlin Hall, University of Wisconsin at Madison, 1150 University Ave, Madison, Wisconsin 53706 (United States)


    We reconsider the issue of localization in open-closed B-twisted Landau-Ginzburg models with arbitrary Calabi-Yau target. Through careful analysis of zero-mode reduction, we show that the closed model allows for a one-parameter family of localization pictures, which generalize the standard residue representation. The parameter {lambda} which indexes these pictures measures the area of worldsheets with S {sup 2} topology, with the residue representation obtained in the limit of small area. In the boundary sector, we find a double family of such pictures, depending on parameters {lambda} and {mu} which measure the area and boundary length of worldsheets with disk topology. We show that setting {mu} = 0 and varying {lambda} interpolates between the localization picture of the B-model with a noncompact target space and a certain residue representation proposed recently. This gives a complete derivation of the boundary residue formula, starting from the explicit construction of the boundary coupling. We also show that the various localization pictures are related by a semigroup of homotopy equivalences.

  14. Interfacial area transport in bubbly flow

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ishii, M.; Wu, Q.; Revankar, S.T. [Purdue Univ., West Lafayette, IN (United States)] [and others


    In order to close the two-fluid model for two-phase flow analyses, the interfacial area concentration needs to be modeled as a constitutive relation. In this study, the focus was on the investigation of the interfacial area concentration transport phenomena, both theoretically and experimentally. The interfacial area concentration transport equation for air-water bubbly up-flow in a vertical pipe was developed, and the models for the source and sink terms were provided. The necessary parameters for the experimental studies were identified, including the local time-averaged void fraction, interfacial area concentration, bubble interfacial velocity, liquid velocity and turbulent intensity. Experiments were performed with air-water mixture at atmospheric pressure. Double-sensor conductivity probe and hot-film probe were employed to measure the identified parameters. With these experimental data, the preliminary model evaluation was carried out for the simplest form of the developed interfacial area transport equation, i.e., the one-dimensional transport equation.

  15. Area Handbook for Syria. (United States)

    Nyrop, Richard; And Others

    This volume on Syria is one of a series of handbooks prepared by the Foreign Area Studies (FAS) of the American University, designed to be useful to military and other personnel who need a convenient compilation of basic facts about the social, economic, political, and military institutions and practices of various countries. The emphasis is on…

  16. Plutonium focus area

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    To ensure research and development programs focus on the most pressing environmental restoration and waste management problems at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the Assistant Secretary for the Office of Environmental Management (EM) established a working group in August 1993 to implement a new approach to research and technology development. As part of this new approach, EM developed a management structure and principles that led to the creation of specific Focus Areas. These organizations were designed to focus the scientific and technical talent throughout DOE and the national scientific community on the major environmental restoration and waste management problems facing DOE. The Focus Area approach provides the framework for intersite cooperation and leveraging of resources on common problems. After the original establishment of five major Focus Areas within the Office of Technology Development (EM-50, now called the Office of Science and Technology), the Nuclear Materials Stabilization Task Group (EM-66) followed the structure already in place in EM-50 and chartered the Plutonium Focus Area (PFA). The following information outlines the scope and mission of the EM, EM-60, and EM-66 organizations as related to the PFA organizational structure.

  17. Area Handbook for Mozambique. (United States)

    Herrick, Allison Butler

    This publication is one of a series of handbooks prepared by the Foreign Areas Studies (FAS) of The American University, designed to be useful to military and other personnel who need a convenient compilation of basic facts about the social, economic, political and military institutions and practices of various countries. The present handbook…

  18. Protected areas in mountains

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hamilton, L. S.


    Full Text Available

    The importance of a global Protected Areas Network in sustaining appropriate mountain development is presented in this paper. Present status of the world’s “official” Protected Areas in the UN List, and the proportion that are in mountain areas, and including international designations (World Heritage and Biosphere Reserves. Current and future challenges in the management of these special areas are also commented.

    El autor destaca la importancia de una Red Mundial de Espacios Protegidos para el desarrollo sostenible de las montañas. Comenta luego el estatus actual de las Áreas Protegidas “oficiales” del Mundo en la Lista de las Naciones Unidas y qué proporción de ellas forma parte de las montañas, sin olvidar las figuras internacionales de protección como Patrimonio de la Humanidad y Reservas de Biosfera. Para terminar, se discuten los problemas de gestión actuales y futuros de estas áreas tan especiales

  19. Areas of Learning (United States)

    Coe, John


    This article examines the recommendations made by the Independent Review of the Primary Curriculum (the Rose Report in 2009) that the curriculum should be organised into areas of learning. The implications for teachers are considered. By drawing upon past experience some major weaknesses and strengths implicit in the approach are identified and…

  20. Subsurface contaminants focus area

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The US Department of Enregy (DOE) Subsurface Contaminants Focus Area is developing technologies to address environmental problems associated with hazardous and radioactive contaminants in soil and groundwater that exist throughout the DOE complex, including radionuclides, heavy metals; and dense non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPLs). More than 5,700 known DOE groundwater plumes have contaminated over 600 billion gallons of water and 200 million cubic meters of soil. Migration of these plumes threatens local and regional water sources, and in some cases has already adversely impacted off-site rsources. In addition, the Subsurface Contaminants Focus Area is responsible for supplying technologies for the remediation of numerous landfills at DOE facilities. These landfills are estimated to contain over 3 million cubic meters of radioactive and hazardous buried Technology developed within this specialty area will provide efective methods to contain contaminant plumes and new or alternative technologies for development of in situ technologies to minimize waste disposal costs and potential worker exposure by treating plumes in place. While addressing contaminant plumes emanating from DOE landfills, the Subsurface Contaminants Focus Area is also working to develop new or alternative technologies for the in situ stabilization, and nonintrusive characterization of these disposal sites.

  1. Local Area Networks. (United States)

    Marks, Kenneth E.; Nielsen, Steven


    Discusses cabling that is needed in local area networks (LANs). Types of cables that may be selected are described, including twisted pair, coaxial cables (or ethernet), and fiber optics; network topologies, the manner in which the cables are laid out, are considered; and cable installation issues are discussed. (LRW)

  2. Content Area Vocabulary Learning (United States)

    Fisher, Douglas; Frey, Nancy


    Students' vocabulary knowledge is a significant predictor of their overall comprehension. The Common Core State Standards are raising the expectations for word learning and there are now 4 distinct standards related to vocabulary as well as expectations in other standards, including content areas. To address these expectations, teachers need…

  3. Analysis of physical demands during bulk bag closing and sealing. (United States)

    Nasarwanji, Mahiyar F; Reardon, Leanna M; Heberger, John R; Dempsey, Patrick G


    Several tools are sold and recommended for closing and sealing flexible intermediate bulk containers (bulk bags) which are used to transport product that has been mined and processed. However, there is limited information on the risks, physical demands, or the benefits of using one tool over another. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the physical demands involved with two closing methods and several sealing tools in order to provide recommendations for selecting tools to reduce exposure to risk factors for work-related musculoskeletal disorders. In this study, twelve participants completed bag closing and sealing tasks using two different closing methods and eight sealing tools on two types of bulk bags. Physical demands and performance were evaluated using muscle activity, perceived exertion, subjective ratings of use, and time. Results indicate that using the "flowering" method to close bags required on average 32% less muscle activity, 30% less perceived exertion, 42% less time, and was preferred by participants compared to using the "snaking" method. For sealing, there was no single method significantly better across all measures; however, using a pneumatic cable tie gun consistently had the lowest muscle activity and perceived exertion ratings. The pneumatic cable tie gun did require approximately 33% more time to seal the bag compared to methods without a tool, but the amount of time to seal the bag was comparable to using other tools. Further, sealing a spout bulk bag required on average 13% less muscle activity, 18% less perceived exertion, 35% less time, and was preferred by participants compared to sealing a duffle bulk bag. The current results suggest that closing the spout bag using the flowering method and sealing the bag using the pneumatic cable tie gun that is installed with a tool balancer is ergonomically advantageous. Our findings can help organizations select methods and tools that pose the lowest physical demands when closing and

  4. Universal species-area and endemics-area relationships at continental scales. (United States)

    Storch, David; Keil, Petr; Jetz, Walter


    Despite the broad conceptual and applied relevance of how the number of species or endemics changes with area (the species-area and endemics-area relationships (SAR and EAR)), our understanding of universality and pervasiveness of these patterns across taxa and regions has remained limited. The SAR has traditionally been approximated by a power law, but recent theories predict a triphasic SAR in logarithmic space, characterized by steeper increases in species richness at both small and large spatial scales. Here we uncover such universally upward accelerating SARs for amphibians, birds and mammals across the world’s major landmasses. Although apparently taxon-specific and continent-specific, all curves collapse into one universal function after the area is rescaled by using the mean range sizes of taxa within continents. In addition, all EARs approximately follow a power law with a slope close to 1, indicating that for most spatial scales there is roughly proportional species extinction with area loss. These patterns can be predicted by a simulation model based on the random placement of contiguous ranges within a domain. The universality of SARs and EARs after rescaling implies that both total and endemic species richness within an area, and also their rate of change with area, can be estimated by using only the knowledge of mean geographic range size in the region and mean species richness at one spatial scale.

  5. Recent applications of ring-closing metathesis in the synthesis of lactams and macrolactams. (United States)

    Hassan, Hani Mutlak A


    Lactams are an important class of compounds owing to their presence in numerous biologically active molecules of natural and unnatural nature. They are also highly versatile intermediates that can be elaborated into interesting compounds for potential use in organic and medicinal chemistry endeavors. In this feature article, the reader will be given a background to olefin metathesis followed by concise discussions (with selected examples) to report recent applications of ring-closing metathesis to form lactams and macrolactams from acyclic diene precursors, an area which continues to deposit attractive applications in the chemical literature en route or in the final step to the target molecules.

  6. New trends in diabetes management: mobile telemedicine closed-loop system. (United States)

    Hernando, M Elena; Gómez, Enrique J; Gili, Antonio; Gómez, Mónica; García, Gema; del Pozo, Francisco


    The rapid growth and development of information technologies over recent years, in the areas of mobile and wireless technologies is shaping a new technological scenario of telemedicine in diabetes. This telemedicine scenario can play an important role for further acceptance by diabetic patients of the existing continuous glucose monitoring systems and insulin pumps with the final goal of improving current therapeutic procedures. This paper describes a Personal Smart Assistant integrated in a multi-access telemedicine architecture for the implementation of a mobile telemedicine closed-loop system for diabetes management. The system is being evaluated within the European Union project named INCA ("Intelligent Control Assistant for Diabetes").

  7. Time-resolved photoluminescence of polycrystalline CdTe grown by close-spaced sublimation (United States)

    Keyes, B.; Dhere, R.; Ramanathan, K.


    Polycrystalline CdTe has shown great promise as a low-cost material for thin-film, terrestrial photovoltaic applications, with efficiencies approaching 16% achieved with close-spaced sublimation (CSS)-grown CdTe. Due to the inherent complexities of polycrystalline material, much of the progress in this area has occurred through a slow trial-and-error process. This report uses time-resolved photoluminescence (TRPL) to characterize the CdTe material quality as a function of one basic growth parameter—substrate temperature. This characterization is done for two different glass substrate materials, soda-lime silicate and borosilicate.

  8. The Representation of Applied Psychology Areas in Introductory Psychology Textbooks (United States)

    Haselhuhn, Charlotte W.; Clopton, Kerri L.


    Many psychology majors indicate helping others as a reason for majoring in psychology, yet many enter positions not closely related to the field. This discrepancy may be due to a lack of student knowledge of the applied areas of psychology. The purpose of this study was to investigate the coverage of clinical, counseling,…

  9. New fast closing shutter for the PETRA III beamlines (United States)

    Hahn, U.; Hesse, M.; Müller, S.; Peters, H.-B.; Timmann, B.; Wengler, R.; Zink, H.


    The conversion of the PETRA storage ring at the Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron (DESY) to the third generation synchrotron radiation light source PETRAIII [1] poses a challenge to the design of the beamline transport system. One of these challenges is to supply 14 beamlines and experiments windowless with the extremely collimated undulator radiation from the storage ring. The windowless connection includes the risk of accidental venting of the storage ring by experiments connected to the beamlines. To stop the inrush of such an accidental venting fast closing shutter (FCS) systems with closing times in the 10msec range are mandatory. The strong radiation background in the storage ring tunnel requires the installation of all metal valves. A new small fast closing shutter with an aperture of 40mm fitting to the strong collimated undulator beams and with a closing time beam time losses for all users. The mechanical and electronic layouts as well as first experiences with the new fast closing shutter system developed for PETRAIII are presented.

  10. Social closeness and feedback modulate susceptibility to the framing effect. (United States)

    Sip, Kamila E; Smith, David V; Porcelli, Anthony J; Kar, Kohitij; Delgado, Mauricio R


    Although we often seek social feedback (SFB) from others to help us make decisions, little is known about how SFB affects decisions under risk, particularly from a close peer. We conducted two experiments using an established framing task to probe how decision-making is modulated by SFB valence (positive, negative) and the level of closeness with feedback provider (friend, confederate). Participants faced mathematically equivalent decisions framed as either an opportunity to keep (gain frame) or lose (loss frame) part of an initial endowment. Periodically, participants were provided with positive (e.g., "Nice!") or negative (e.g., "Lame!") feedback about their choices. Such feedback was provided by either a confederate (Experiment 1) or a gender-matched close friend (Experiment 2). As expected, the framing effect was observed in both experiments. Critically, an individual's susceptibility to the framing effect was modulated by the valence of the SFB, but only when the feedback provider was a close friend. This effect was reflected in the activation patterns of ventromedial prefrontal cortex and posterior cingulate cortex, regions involved in complex decision-making. Taken together, these results highlight social closeness as an important factor in understanding the impact of SFB on neural mechanisms of decision-making.

  11. Closed supermarket refrigerator and freezer cabinets. A feasibility study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ligthart, F.A.T.M. [ECN Energy in the Built Environment, Petten (Netherlands)


    The City of Amsterdam's Environmental and Building Department commissioned the Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) to calculate the time needed to recoup the cost of closing the existing refrigerator and freezer display cabinets used in supermarkets. We were asked to give particular consideration to the following aspects: (1) The cabinet's energy consumption; (2) The energy price; and (3) The cost of closing the cabinet. The payback period has been calculated by dividing the investment required to close the cabinet by the amount saved on energy each year, less any additional costs incurred as a result of the scheme. For existing upright refrigerator cabinets, that period works out at 2.9 years with a margin error of {+-}0.9 years. In the case of chest freezers, it is approximately 2.4 years, with a maximum of 2.5 and a minimum of 1.3 years. For chest refrigerators, the payback period is 9.4 years. If units are closed overnight only, the time needed to payback the cost of that measure ranges between 1.8 and 4.1 years. Moreover, research shows that closing refrigerator and freezer display units will not reduce turnover. In addition, it will significantly improve the ambient climate in supermarkets.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Grazier, K. R. [Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91109 (United States); Newman, W. I. [University of California, Los Angeles (United States); Sharp, P. W., E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [Department of Mathematics, University of Auckland, Private Bag 92019, Auckland (New Zealand)


    We present, analyze, and test a multirate Stoermer-based algorithm for integrating close encounters when performing N-body simulations of the Sun, planets, and a large number of test particles. The algorithm is intended primarily for accurate simulations of the outer solar system. The algorithm uses stepsizes H and h{sub i} , i = 1, ..., N{sub p} , where h{sub i} << H and N{sub p} is the number of planets. The stepsize H is used for the integration of the orbital motion of the Sun and planets at all times. H is also used as the stepsize for the integration of the orbital motion of test particles when they are not undergoing a close encounter. The stepsize h{sub i} is used to integrate the orbital motion of test particles during a close encounter with the ith planet. The position of the Sun and planets during a close encounter is calculated using Hermite interpolation. We tested the algorithm on two contrasting problems, and compared its performance with the existing method which uses the same stepsize for all bodies (this stepsize must be significantly smaller than H to ensure the close encounters are integrated accurately). Our tests show that the integration error for the new and existing methods are comparable when the stepsizes are chosen to minimize the error, and that for this choice of stepsizes the new method requires considerably less CPU time than the existing method.

  13. Moving droplets between closed and open microfluidic systems. (United States)

    Wang, Weiqiang; Jones, Thomas B


    In electric-field-mediated droplet microfluidics, there are two distinct architectures - closed systems using parallel-plate electrodes and open systems using coplanar electrodes fabricated on an open substrate. An architecture combining both closed and open systems on a chip would facilitate many of the chemical and biological processes now envisioned for the laboratory on a chip. To accomplish such an integration requires a means to move droplets back and forth between the two. This paper presents an investigation of the requirements for such manipulation of both water and oil droplets. The required wetting conditions for a droplet to cross the open/closed boundary is revealed by a force balance analysis and predictions of this model are compared to experimental results. Water droplets can be moved between closed and open systems by electrowetting actuation; droplet detachment from the upper plate is facilitated by the use of beveled edge. The force model predicts that driving an oil droplet from a closed to an open structure requires an oleophobic surface. This prediction has been tested and confirmed using silicon wafers made oleophobic by re-entrant microstructures etched into the surface.

  14. Sacramento Metropolitan Area, California (United States)


    resource of the river. Also, strips of riparian vegetation along the riverbank provide good areas for naturalists and birdwatching . Recreational resources...policies #1 and #2 when improvements are made costing at least 50 percent of the estimated current market value of the structure before improvements. o1 S 0...height and depth of flooding is provided in Table 1. Although depreciation values have been used in our analysis, market values also had to be considered

  15. Belize Area Study (United States)


    is greater than Costa Rica and Janica, similar to El Salvador and Mexico, but less than Guatemtala and Paraguay. In 1981, one-fourth to one-half well as increased poaching by foreign fishing boats. Poachery is difficult to control but with the addition of two patrol boats and two aircrafts...resettlement program. The U. N. effort is directed by Regina Coballer, whose office is located in Costa Rica . There are at least three resettlement areas in

  16. All Conservation Opportunity Areas (ECO.RES.ALL_OP_AREAS) (United States)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — The All_OP_Areas GIS layer are all the Conservation Opportunity Areas identified by MoRAP (produced for EPA Region 7). They designate areas with potential for...

  17. Frostbites in circumpolar areas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tiina Maria Ikäheimo


    Full Text Available Circumpolar areas are associated with prolonged cold exposure where wind, precipitation, and darkness further aggravate the environmental conditions and the associated risks. Despite the climate warming, cold climatic conditions will prevail in circumpolar areas and contribute to adverse health effects. Frostbite is a freezing injury where localized damage affects the skin and other tissues. It occurs during occupational or leisure-time activities and is common in the general population among men and women of various ages. Industries of the circumpolar areas where frostbite occurs frequently include transportation, mining, oil, and gas industry, construction, agriculture, and military operations. Cold injuries may also occur during leisure-time activities involving substantial cold exposure, such as mountaineering, skiing, and snowmobiling. Accidental situations (occupational, leisure time often contribute to adverse cooling and cold injuries. Several environmental (temperature, wind, wetness, cold objects, and altitude and individual (behavior, health, and physiology predisposing factors are connected with frostbite injuries. Vulnerable populations include those having a chronic disease (cardiovascular, diabetes, and depression, children and the elderly, or homeless people. Frostbite results in sequelae causing different types of discomfort and functional limitations that may persist for years. A frostbite injury is preventable, and hence, unacceptable from a public health perspective. Appropriate cold risk management includes awareness of the adverse effects of cold, individual adjustment of cold exposure and clothing, or in occupational context different organizational and technical measures. In addition, vulnerable population groups need customized information and care for proper prevention of frostbites.

  18. Vehicular road influence areas (United States)

    Huertas, María E.; Huertas, José I.; Valencia, Alexander


    Vehicle operation over paved and unpaved roads is an emission source that significantly contributes to air pollution. Emissions are derived from vehicle exhaust pipes and re-suspension of particulate matter generated by wind erosion and tire to road surface interactions. Environmental authorities require a methodology to evaluate road impact areas, which enable managers to initiate counter-measures, particularly under circumstances where historic meteorological and/or air quality data is unavailable. The present study describes an analytical and experimental work developed to establish a simplified methodology to estimate the area influenced by vehicular roads. AERMOD was chosen to model pollutant dispersion generated by two roads of common attributes (straight road over flat terrain) under the effects of several arbitrary chosen weather conditions. The resulting pollutant concentration vs. Distance curves collapsed into a single curve when concentration and distance were expressed as dimensionless numbers and this curve can be described by a beta distribution function. This result implied that average concentration at a given distance was proportional to emission intensity and that it showed minor sensitivity to meteorological conditions. Therefore, road influence was defined by the area adjacent to the road limited by distance at which the beta distribution function equaled the limiting value specified by the national air quality standard for the pollutant under consideration.

  19. Differential area profiles: decomposition properties and efficient computation. (United States)

    Ouzounis, Georgios K; Pesaresi, Martino; Soille, Pierre


    Differential area profiles (DAPs) are point-based multiscale descriptors used in pattern analysis and image segmentation. They are defined through sets of size-based connected morphological filters that constitute a joint area opening top-hat and area closing bottom-hat scale-space of the input image. The work presented in this paper explores the properties of this image decomposition through sets of area zones. An area zone defines a single plane of the DAP vector field and contains all the peak components of the input image, whose size is between the zone's attribute extrema. Area zones can be computed efficiently from hierarchical image representation structures, in a way similar to regular attribute filters. Operations on the DAP vector field can then be computed without the need for exporting it first, and an example with the leveling-like convex/concave segmentation scheme is given. This is referred to as the one-pass method and it is demonstrated on the Max-Tree structure. Its computational performance is tested and compared against conventional means for computing differential profiles, relying on iterative application of area openings and closings. Applications making use of the area zone decomposition are demonstrated in problems related to remote sensing and medical image analysis.

  20. Ghost Structure and Closed Strings in Vacuum String Field Theory

    CERN Document Server

    Gaiotto, D; Sen, A; Zwiebach, B; Gaiotto, Davide; Rastelli, Leonardo; Sen, Ashoke; Zwiebach, Barton


    We complete the construction of vacuum string field theory by proposing a canonical choice of ghost kinetic term -- a local insertion of the ghost field at the string midpoint with an infinite normalization. This choice, supported by level expansion studies in the Siegel gauge, allows a simple analytic treatment of the ghost sector of the string field equations. As a result, solutions are just projectors, such as the sliver, of an auxiliary CFT built by combining the matter part with a twisted version of the ghost conformal theory. Level expansion experiments lead to surprising new projectors -- butterfly surface states, whose analytical expressions are obtained. With the help of a suitable open-closed string vertex we define open-string gauge invariant operators parametrized by on-shell closed string states. We use regulated vacuum string field theory to sketch how pure closed string amplitudes on surfaces without boundaries arise as correlators of such gauge invariant operators.

  1. Circadian rhythms in biologically closed electrical circuits of plants. (United States)

    Volkov, Alexander; Waite, Astian J; Wooten, Joseph D; Markin, Vladislav S


    The circadian clock regulates a wide range of electrophysiological and developmental processes in plants. Here, we discuss the direct influence of a circadian clock on biologically closed electrochemical circuits in vivo. The biologically closed electrochemical circuits in the leaves of C. miniata (Kaffir lily), Aloe vera and Mimosa pudica, which regulate their physiology, were analyzed using the charge stimulation method. Plants are able to memorize daytime and nighttime. Even at continuous light or darkness, plants recognize nighttime or daytime and change the input resistance. The circadian clock can be maintained endogenously and has electrochemical oscillators, which can activate ion channels in biologically closed electrochemical circuits. The activation of voltage gated channels depends on the applied voltage, electrical charge, and the speed of transmission of electrical energy from the electrostimulator to plants.

  2. Don't Panic! Closed String Tachyons in ALE Spacetimes

    CERN Document Server

    Adams, A; Silverstein, E


    We consider closed string tachyons localized at the fixed points of noncompact nonsupersymmetric orbifolds. We argue that tachyon condensation drives these orbifolds to flat space or supersymmetric ALE spaces. The decay proceeds via an expanding shell of dilaton gradients and curvature which interpolates between two regions of distinct angular geometry. The string coupling remains weak throughout. For small tachyon VEVs, evidence comes from quiver theories on D-branes probes, in which deformations by twisted couplings smoothly connect non-supersymmetric orbifolds to supersymmetric orbifolds of reduced order. For large tachyon VEVs, evidence comes from worldsheet RG flow and spacetime gravity. For $\\IC^2/\\IZ_n$, we exhibit infinite sequences of transitions producing SUSY ALE spaces via twisted closed string condensation from non-supersymmetric ALE spaces. In a $T$-dual description this provides a mechanism for creating NS5-branes via {\\it closed} string tachyon condensation similar to the creation of D-branes ...

  3. Numerical Simulation of Random Close Packing with Tetrahedra

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LI Shui-Xiang; ZHAO Jian; ZHOU Xuan


    The densest packing of tetrahedra is still an unsolved problem.Numerical simulations of random close packing of tetrahedra are carried out with a sphere assembly model and improved relaxation algorithm. The packing density and average contact number obtained for random close packing of regular tetrahedra is 0.6817 and 7.21respectively,while the values of spheres are 0.6435 and 5.95.The simulation demonstrates that tetrahedra can be randomly packed denser than spheres.Random close packings of tetrahedra with a range of height are simulated as well.We find that the regular tetrahedron might be the optimal shape which gives the highest packing density of tetrahedra.

  4. Closed Loop Control of Soft Switched Interleaved Buck Converter

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    R. Shenbagalakshmi


    Full Text Available Design, Modeling and Simulation of a closed loop control is presented for Interleaved Buck Converter with Soft Switching. The features of the closed loop system are to reduce the switching losses and load current sharing among the parallel connected converters. The control system of the converter is designed using PWM technique. In order to improve the transient response and dynamic stability of the converters, the controller parameters are designed based on current mode control. Resonant components thus designed enable the application of zero current switching for both the converters connected in parallel thereby maintaining greater efficiency and minimizing voltage and current oscillations. The system analysis, design and performance are verified through simulation using MATLAB/Simulink environment. The simulation approach reveals the high speed dynamic performance of the closed loop system designed using robust PID controller. The laboratory prototype of the Buck converter is developed to verify the controller platform using PIC16F877A microcontroller.

  5. Mass-transfer in close binary and their companions (United States)

    Liao, Wenping; Qian, Shengbang; Zhu, Liying; Li, Linjia


    Secular and/or cyclical orbital period variations of close binaries can be derived by analyzing the (O-C) diagram. The secular variations are usually explained as mass transfer between components, while the most plausible explanation of the cyclic period changes is the light-travel time effect (LTTE) through the presence of a third body. Mass transfer and additional companions in close binary systems are important for understanding the formation and evolution of the systems. Here, UV light curves of several close binaries based on the Lunar-based Ultraviolet Telescope (LUT) observations are presented and analyzed with the Wilson-Devinney (W-D) method. Then, based on those light-curve solutions and new analysis of the orbital period variations, the multiplicity, geometrical structure and evolution state of targets are discussed.

  6. Sexual disclosures: connections to relational satisfaction and closeness. (United States)

    Coffelt, Tina A; Hess, Jon A


    This study examines sexual communication by describing the content of sexual disclosures within marital relationships and assessing the association between sexual disclosures and relational outcomes, specifically relational satisfaction and closeness. A survey administered to 293 married individuals (58% female) who had an average age of 40 years (range = 20-73), 13.7 years of marriage (range = 1 month to 54 years), and who reported high levels of relational satisfaction assessed the relation between the content of sexual disclosures and satisfaction and closeness. While sexual disclosures are made infrequently, positive affect and sexual preferences are disclosed more than negative topics and disclosing sexual information is positively related to relationship satisfaction, rρ(280) =.26, p sexual information and relationship satisfaction and closeness, as reported by individuals experiencing relationship satisfaction.

  7. Open vs Closed Access Femtocells in the Uplink

    CERN Document Server

    Xia, Ping; Andrews, Jeffrey G


    Femtocells are assuming an increasingly important role in the coverage and capacity of cellular networks. In contrast to existing cellular systems, femtocells are end-user deployed and controlled, randomly located, and rely on third party backhaul (e.g. DSL or cable modem). Femtocells can be configured to be either open access or closed access. Open access allows an arbitrary nearby cellular user to use the femtocell, whereas closed access restricts the use of the femtocell to users explicitly approved by the owner. Seemingly, the network operator would prefer an open access deployment since this provides an inexpensive way to expand their network capabilities, whereas the femtocell owner would prefer closed access, in order to keep the femtocell's capacity and backhaul to himself. We show mathematically and through simulations that the reality is more complicated for both parties, and that the best approach depends heavily on whether the multiple access scheme is orthogonal (TDMA or OFDMA, per subband) or no...

  8. Iterative LQG Controller Design Through Closed-Loop Identification (United States)

    Hsiao, Min-Hung; Huang, Jen-Kuang; Cox, David E.


    This paper presents an iterative Linear Quadratic Gaussian (LQG) controller design approach for a linear stochastic system with an uncertain open-loop model and unknown noise statistics. This approach consists of closed-loop identification and controller redesign cycles. In each cycle, the closed-loop identification method is used to identify an open-loop model and a steady-state Kalman filter gain from closed-loop input/output test data obtained by using a feedback LQG controller designed from the previous cycle. Then the identified open-loop model is used to redesign the state feedback. The state feedback and the identified Kalman filter gain are used to form an updated LQC controller for the next cycle. This iterative process continues until the updated controller converges. The proposed controller design is demonstrated by numerical simulations and experiments on a highly unstable large-gap magnetic suspension system.

  9. Monitoring Growth of Closed Fatigue Crack Using Subharmonic Phased Array (United States)

    Ohara, Y.; Endo, H.; Hashimoto, M.; Shintaku, Y.; Yamanaka, K.


    To ensure the safety and reliability of atomic power plants and airplanes, the technique of monitoring closed fatigue cracks is requisite. Here we monitored the distribution of the crack depths and closure behavior in the length direction after 48000 and 87000 fatigue cycles using subharmonic phased array for crack evaluation (SPACE). The crack depths in the subharmonic images were larger than those in the fundamental images. Specifically, the difference was larger at near the side surface than at the center. The percentage of the closed part varied with the crack growth in the specimen. In addition, we fabricated shoe for SPACE to facilitate mechanical scanning. Thus, it was demonstrated that SPACE is useful in monitoring closed fatigue crack growth.

  10. SOFIA Closed- and Open-Door Aerodynamic Analyses (United States)

    Cumming, Stephen; Frederick, Mike; Smith, Mark


    Work to evaluate the aerodynamic characteristics and the cavity acoustic environment of the SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy) airplane has been completed. The airplane has been evaluated in its closed-door configuration, as well as several open-door configurations. Work performed included: acoustic analysis tool development, cavity acoustic evaluation, stability and control parameter estimation, air data calibration, and external flow evaluation. Qualitative airflow data were obtained during the closed- and open-door flights using tufts on the aft portion of the fuselage. Video was taken from a chase plane. This video was analyzed for various flight conditions, and general flow descriptions of the aft fuselage of the 747SP were developed for the different closed and open door configurations.

  11. Closed central slip injuries--a missed diagnosis?

    LENUS (Irish Health Repository)

    Nugent, N


    The extensor apparatus of the finger is a complex structure and injury can lead to significant digital dysfunction. Closed central slip injuries may be missed or diagnosis delayed because of lack of an open wound and often no radiographic abnormality, and can result in boutonniere deformities if untreated. This study aimed to quantify the number of patients attending with closed central slip injuries and to ascertain if the initial diagnosis was correct. The number of patients presenting to us over a 6 month period was recorded. The original diagnosis, time to diagnosis of central slip injury and the presence\\/absence of a boutonniere deformity were recorded. Ten patients were included in the study. Seven (70%) injuries were due to sport. Eight (80%) had a delayed diagnosis of central slip injury. Six (60%) had previously presented to general practitioners or emergency departments. Seven (70%) had boutonniere deformities. Closed central slip injuries can be missed. Simple clinical tests can diagnose central slip disruption.

  12. Tangent lines, inflections, and vertices of closed curves

    CERN Document Server

    Ghomi, Mohammad


    We show that every smooth closed curve C immersed in Euclidean 3-space satisfies the sharp inequality 2(P+I)+V >5 which relates the numbers P of pairs of parallel tangent lines, I of inflections (or points of vanishing curvature), and V of vertices (or points of vanishing torsion) of C. We also show that 2(P'+I)+V >3, where P' is the number of pairs of concordant parallel tangent lines. The proofs, which employ curve shortening flow with surgery, are based on corresponding inequalities for the numbers of double points, singularities, and inflections of closed curves in the real projective plane and the sphere which intersect every closed geodesic. These findings extend some classical results in curve theory including works of Moebius, Fenchel, and Segre, which is also known as Arnold's "tennis ball theorem".

  13. Some Properties of Unbounded Operators with Closed Range

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    S H Kulkarni; M T Nair; G Ramesh


    Let $H_1, H_2$ be Hilbert spaces and be a closed linear operator defined on a dense subspace () in 1 and taking values in 2. In this article we prove the following results: (i) Range of is closed if and only if 0 is not an accumulation point of the spectrum $(T^* T)$ of $T^* T$, In addition, if $H_1=H_2$ and is self-adjoint, then (ii) $\\inf \\{\\| Tx\\|:x\\in D(T)\\cap N(T)^\\perp \\| x\\|=1\\}=\\inf\\{| |:0≠\\in(T)\\}$, (iii) Every isolated spectral value of is an eigenvalue of , (iv) Range of is closed if and only if 0 is not an accumulation point of the spectrum $(T)$ of , (v) () bounded implies is bounded. We prove all the above results without using the spectral theorem. Also, we give examples to illustrate all the above results.

  14. Geometric and Electronic Structure of Closed Graphene Edges

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lopez-Benzanilla, Alejandro [Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL); Campos-Delgado, Jessica [IPICyT; Sumpter, Bobby G [ORNL; Baptista, Daniel [National Institute of Metrology, Duque de Caxias, Brazil; Hayashi, Takuya [Institute of Carbon Science and Technology, Shinshu Unversity; Kim, Y A [Shinshu University; Muramatsu, H [Shinshu University; Endo, M [Shinshu University; Achete, Carlos [National Institute of Metrology, Duque de Caxias, Brazil; Terrones, M. [Universidad Carlos III, Madrid, Spain; Meunier, Vincent [ORNL


    We report theoretical and experimental results on single and multiple looped graphene sheets. Experimental images of stable closed-edge structures in few-layer graphene samples obtained by high-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM) are compared with first- principles density functional theory calculations. We demonstrate that the electronic structure of a graphene nanoribbon is not significantly perturbed upon closing. By contrast, a significant modulation of the electronic structure is observed for closed-edge graphene structures deposited on a planar graphene substrate. This effect is due to an enhanced reactivity of the looped (coalesced) edges observed experimentally. The coexistence of different degrees of curvature in the graphene sheet induced by folding indicates that these materials could be used for surface chemistry engineering.

  15. Differentiation of closely related fungi by electronic nose analysis

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Karlshøj, Kristian; Nielsen, Per Væggemose; Larsen, Thomas Ostenfeld


    In this work the potential of electronic nose analysis for differentiation of closely related fun has been described. A total of 20 isolates of the cheese-associated species Geotrichum candidum, Penicillium camemberti, P.nordicum, and Proqueford and its closely related species P paneum, P carneum...... as well as the noacheese ociated P. expansum have been investigated by electronic nose, GC-MS, and LGMS analysis. The isolates were inoculated on yeast extract sucroseagar in 20-mL headspace flasks and electronicnose analysis was performed daily for a-74period. To assess which volatile metabolites...... by high pressure liquid chromatography, coupled-to a diode array detector and a time of flight mass spectrometer. Several mycotoxins were detected in samples from the specles P.nordicum, P.roqueforti, P.paneum, P.carneum, and P.expansum. Differentiation of closely related mycotoxin producing fungi...

  16. Maximum precision closed-form solution for localizing diffraction-limited spots in noisy images. (United States)

    Larkin, Joshua D; Cook, Peter R


    Super-resolution techniques like PALM and STORM require accurate localization of single fluorophores detected using a CCD. Popular localization algorithms inefficiently assume each photon registered by a pixel can only come from an area in the specimen corresponding to that pixel (not from neighboring areas), before iteratively (slowly) fitting a Gaussian to pixel intensity; they fail with noisy images. We present an alternative; a probability distribution extending over many pixels is assigned to each photon, and independent distributions are joined to describe emitter location. We compare algorithms, and recommend which serves best under different conditions. At low signal-to-noise ratios, ours is 2-fold more precise than others, and 2 orders of magnitude faster; at high ratios, it closely approximates the maximum likelihood estimate.

  17. Study on Purification Diatomite with nitric acid by Thermal Closed System

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kuang Meng


    Full Text Available In this research, a purification approach using nitric acid leaching at thermal closed system was developed to improve the porous structure of raw diatomite by removal of impurities from its surface and clogged pores. The feasibility and efficiency of this approach were determined by XRF for chemical constitution of diatomite, SEM for morphology and BET for specific surface area of purified diatomite. The investigations indicated that the content of SiO2 was in order of 85.14% for raw diatomite and 98% for purified diatomite, the content of Fe2O3 decreases after purified; the integrity of the porous structure was confirmed by SEM, and increase in specific surface area from 18m2·g-1 to 36m2·g-1.

  18. An Application of Close-Up Photogrammetry in Viticulture (United States)

    Grazia D'Urso, Maria; Marino, Costantino Luis


    Within the context of Geomatic-based Agriculture an application of close-up photogrammetry is illustrated with reference to precision farming. The application has been carried out in a particularly attractive archaeological site and concerns some viticulture species produced in situ by following a farming technique dated about two thousand years. Specifically we illustrate and comment the photogrammetric close-range acquisitions, carried out both outdoor and indoor, aimed at producing a digital botanic atlas that can adequately replace the traditional ones drawn by hand. High precision geometric measurements of vineyard leaves and grapes, are suitable indices of their growth rate and an objective estimate of the relevant repening degree.

  19. A method for closed loop automatic tuning of PID controllers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tor S. Schei


    Full Text Available A simple method for the automatic tuning of PID controllers in closed loop is proposed. A limit cycle is generated through a nonlinear feedback path from the process output to the controller reference signal. The frequency of this oscillation is above the crossover frequency and below the critical frequency of the loop transfer function. The amplitude and frequency of the oscillation are estimated and the control parameters are adjusted iteratively such that the closed loop transfer function from the controller reference to the process output attains a specified amplitude at the oscillation frequency.

  20. Sub-millikelvin stabilization of a closed cycle cryocooler. (United States)

    Dubuis, Guy; He, Xi; Božović, Ivan


    Intrinsic temperature oscillations (with the amplitude up to 1 K) of a closed cycle cryocooler are stabilized by a simple thermal damping system. It employs three different materials with different thermal conductivity and specific heat at various temperatures. The amplitude of oscillations of the sample temperature is reduced to less than 1 mK, in the temperature range from 4 K to 300 K, while the cooling power is virtually undiminished. The damping system is small, inexpensive, can be retrofitted to most existing closed cycle cryocoolers, and may improve measurements of any temperature-sensitive physics properties.

  1. Average quantum dynamics of closed systems over stochastic Hamiltonians

    CERN Document Server

    Yu, Li


    We develop a master equation formalism to describe the evolution of the average density matrix of a closed quantum system driven by a stochastic Hamiltonian. The average over random processes generally results in decoherence effects in closed system dynamics, in addition to the usual unitary evolution. We then show that, for an important class of problems in which the Hamiltonian is proportional to a Gaussian random process, the 2nd-order master equation yields exact dynamics. The general formalism is applied to study the examples of a two-level system, two atoms in a stochastic magnetic field and the heating of a trapped ion.

  2. TV News Magazine Presentation: Close Up Gendai by NHK (2010)

    CERN Multimedia


    In this episode of Close Up Gendai, dark matter is the subject of investigation and one of the unsolved mysteries of the Universe. The show highlights the research being done around the globe to try to understand dark matter, including the research happening at the XMASS experiment in Japan, the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search experiment in the US, as well as CERN’s LHC experiments. Close Up Gendai will be presented on Friday, 8 April from 13:00 to 13:30 in the Council Chamber Language: Japanese  

  3. Iterated index formulae for closed geodesics with applications

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LIU; Chungen


    [1]Klingenberg, W., Riemannian Geometry, Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 1982.[2]Morse, M., The Calculus of Variations in the Large, Vol. 18,New York: Colloquium Publ., 1934.[3]Long, Y., Bott formula of the Maslov_type index theory, Pacific J. Math., 1999, 187: 113-149.[4]Hingston, N., On the lengths of closed geodesics on a two_sphere, Proc. Amer. Math. Soc., 1997, 125(10): 3099-3106.[5]Hingston, N., On the growth of the number of closed geodesics on the two_sphere, Inter. Math. Res. Notices, 1993, 9: 253-262.[6]Ballmann, W., Thorberrgsson, G., Ziller, W., Closed geodesics on positively curved manifolds, Annals of Math., 1982, 116: 213-247.[7]Bott, R., On the iteration of closed geodesics and the Sturm intersection theory, Commun. Pure Appl. Math., 1956, 9: 171-206.[8]Yakubovich, V., Starzhinskii, V., Linear Differential Equations with Periodic Ceofficients, New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1975.[9]Long, Y., Zhu, C., Closed characteristics on compact convex hypersurfaces in R2n, Nankai Inst. of Math., Preprint Series, No. 1999_M_002, Revised Dec. 2000.[10]Rademacher, H. _B., On the average indices of closed geodesics, J. Diff. Geom., 1989, 29: 65-83.[11]Liu, C., Long, Y., Iteration inequalities of the Maslov_type index theory with applications, J. Diff. Equa., 2000, 165: 355-376.[12]Liu, C., Long, Y., An optimal increasing estimate of the iterated Maslov_type indices, Chinese Science Bulletin, 1997, 42: 2275-2277.[13]Long, Y., Precise iteration formula of the Maslov_type index theory and ellipticity of closed characteristics,Advances in Math., 2000, 154: 76-131.[14]Bangert, V., On the existence of closed geodesics on two_spheres, Inter. J. of Math., 1993, 4: 1-10.[15]Bao, D., Chern, S. S., Shen, Z., An Introduction to Riemann_Finsler Geometry, New York: Springer_Verlag, 2000.[16]Bott, R., Lectures on More theory, old and new, Bull. Amer. Math. Soc., 1982, 7(2): 331-358.[17]Franks, J., Geodesics on S2 and

  4. Structural motifs are closed into cycles in proteins. (United States)

    Efimov, Alexander V


    Beta-hairpins, triple-strand beta-sheets and betaalphabeta-units represent simple structural motifs closed into cycles by systems of hydrogen bonds. Secondary closing of these simple motifs into large cycles by means of different superhelices, split beta-hairpins or SS-bridges results in the formation of more complex structural motifs having unique overall folds and unique handedness such as abcd-units, phi-motifs, five- and seven-segment alpha/beta-motifs. Apparently, the complex structural motifs are more cooperative and stable and this may be one of the main reasons of high frequencies of occurrence of the motifs in proteins.

  5. Fast multigrid solution of the advection problem with closed characteristics

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Yavneh, I. [Israel Inst. of Technology, Haifa (Israel); Venner, C.H. [Univ. of Twente, Enschede (Netherlands); Brandt, A. [Weizmann Inst. of Science, Rehovot (Israel)


    The numerical solution of the advection-diffusion problem in the inviscid limit with closed characteristics is studied as a prelude to an efficient high Reynolds-number flow solver. It is demonstrated by a heuristic analysis and numerical calculations that using upstream discretization with downstream relaxation-ordering and appropriate residual weighting in a simple multigrid V cycle produces an efficient solution process. We also derive upstream finite-difference approximations to the advection operator, whose truncation terms approximate {open_quotes}physical{close_quotes} (Laplacian) viscosity, thus avoiding spurious solutions to the homogeneous problem when the artificial diffusivity dominates the physical viscosity.

  6. Rolling Closed String Tachyons and the Big Crunch

    CERN Document Server

    Yang, H; Yang, Haitang; Zwiebach, Barton


    We study the low-energy effective field equations that couple gravity, the dilaton, and the bulk closed string tachyon of bosonic closed string theory. We establish that whenever the tachyon induces the rolling process, the string metric remains fixed while the dilaton rolls to strong coupling. For negative definite potentials we show that this results in an Einstein metric that crunches the universe in finite time. This behavior is shown to be rather generic even if the potentials are not negative definite. The solutions are reminiscent of those in the collapse stage of a cyclic universe cosmology where scalar field potentials with negative energies play a central role.

  7. Hamiltonian description of closed configurations of the vacuum magnetic field

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Skovoroda, A. A., E-mail: [National Research Centre Kurchatov Institute (Russian Federation)


    Methods of obtaining and using the Hamiltonians of closed vacuum magnetic configurations of fusion research systems are reviewed. Various approaches to calculate the flux functions determining the Hamiltonian are discussed. It is shown that the Hamiltonian description allows one not only to reproduce all traditional results, but also to study the behavior of magnetic field lines by using the theory of dynamic systems. The potentialities of the Hamiltonian formalism and its close relation to traditional methods are demonstrated using a large number of classical examples adopted from the fundamental works by A.I. Morozov, L.S. Solov’ev, and V.D. Shafranov.

  8. Reverse logistics and closed-loop supply chain

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Govindan, Kannan; Soleimani, Hamed; Kannan, Devika


    Based on environmental, legal, social, and economic factors, reverse logistics and closed-loop supply chain issues have attracted attention among both academia and practitioners. This attention is evident by the vast number of publications in scientific journals which have been published in recent...... years. Hence, a comprehensive literature review of recent and state-of-the-art papers is vital to draw a framework of the past, and to shed light on future directions. The aim of this paper is to review recently published papers in reverse logistic and closed-loop supply chain in scientific journals...

  9. Wet oxidation as a waste treatment in closed systems (United States)

    Onisko, B. L.; Wydeven, T.


    The chemistry of the wet oxidation process has been investigated in relation to production of plant nutrients from plant and human waste materials as required for a closed life-support system. Hydroponically grown lettuce plants were used as a model plant waste and oxygen gas was used as oxidant. Organic nitrogen content was decreased 88-100% depending on feed material. Production of ammonia and nitrogen gas account for all of the observed decrease in organic nitrogen content. No nitrous oxide (N2O) was detected. The implications of these results for closed life-support systems are discussed.

  10. Wet Oxidation as a Waste Treatment Method in Closed Systems (United States)

    Onisko, B. L.; Wydeven, T.


    The chemistry of the wet oxidation process was investigated in relation to production of plant nutrients from plant and human waste materials as required for a closed life support system. Hydroponically grown lettuce plants were used as a model plant waste, and oxygen gas was used as an oxidant. Organic nitrogen content was decreased 88-100%, depending on feed material. Production of ammonia and nitrogen gas accounted for all of the observed decrease in organic nitrogen content. No nitrous oxide (N2O) was detected. The implications of these results for closed life support systems are discussed.

  11. Equidistribution rates, closed string amplitudes, and the Riemann hypothesis (United States)

    Cacciatori, Sergio L.; Cardella, Matteo


    We study asymptotic relations connecting unipotent averages of {text{Sp}}left( {2g,mathbb{Z}} right) automorphic forms to their integrals over the moduli space of principally polarized abelian varieties. We obtain reformulations of the Riemann hypothesis as a class of problems concerning the computation of the equidistribution convergence rate in those asymptotic relations. We discuss applications of our results to closed string amplitudes. Remarkably, the Riemann hypothesis can be rephrased in terms of ultraviolet relations occurring in perturbative closed string theory.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Ren-zhong Feng; Ren-hong Wang


    In order to construct closed surfaces with continuous unit normal, we introduce a new spline space on an arbitrary closed mesh of three-sided faces. Our approach generalizes an idea of Goodman and is based on the concept of 'Geometric continuity' for piecewise polynomial parametrizations. The functions in the spline space restricted to the faces are cubic triangular polynomials. A basis of the spline space is constructed of positive functions which sum to 1. It is also shown that the space is suitable for interpolating data at the midpoints of the faces.

  13. The {open_quotes}first{close_quotes} problem

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Holsinger, R.F.


    This paper describes the first magnet design problem that Klaus and the author worked on together. At the time, over 30 years ago, Klaus was working as a plasma physicist in the Controlled Thermonuclear Research (CTR) Group, and the author was assigned from the Mechanical Engineering Department to help with the design of experimental equipment for various research projects. Klaus` primary research program was to develop a {open_quotes}plasma gun{close_quotes} for injecting plasma into {open_quotes}mirror machines.{close_quotes} As described, the magnet design aspect of this plasma gun was a challenging task, and led to some innovations that were quite advanced at that time.

  14. Using Close White Dwarf + M Dwarf Stellar Pairs to Constrain the Flare Rates in Close Stellar Binaries

    CERN Document Server

    Morgan, Dylan P; Becker, Andrew C


    We present a study of the statistical flare rates of M dwarfs (dMs) with close white dwarf (WD) companions (WD+dM; typical separations < 1 au). Our previous analysis demonstrated that dMs with close WD companions are more magnetically active than their field counterparts. One likely implication of having a close binary companion is increased stellar rotation through disk-disruption, tidal effects, and/or angular momentum exchange; increased stellar rotation has long been associated with an increase in stellar activity. Previous studies show a strong correlation between dMs that are magnetically active (showing H{\\alpha} in emission) and the frequency of stellar flare rates. We examine the difference between the flare rates observed in close WD+dM binary systems and field dMs. Our sample consists of a subset of 181 close WD+dM pairs from Morgan et al. (2012) observed in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Stripe 82, where we obtain multi-epoch observations in the Sloan ugriz-bands. We find an increase in the overa...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Treatment of rheumatic mitral stenosis ranges from conservative medical management to closed mitral valvotomy and the more recent balloon mitral valvoplasty. This is a prospective study to compare the results of closed mitral valvotomy with percutaneous b alloon valvoplasty in 100 cases (50 patients in each group of rheumatic non - calcific mitral stenosis. MATERIALS AND METHODS: From November 2011 to March 2012, 50 patient underwent closed mitral valvotomy and another 50 had percutaneous balloon mitral valv oplasty. Balloon mitral valvoplasty was performed by Inoue technique and closed mitral valvotomy was carried out through standard anterolateral thoracotomy with transventricular gradual Tubbs dilatation. NYHA functional status, left atrial size, transmitra l end diastolic gradient, mean diastolic gradient and mitral valve area were recorded. The results at the 4 day post procedure and the results at the 6 months follow up were compared. RESULTS: Residual atrial septal defect (ASD was present in 6 patients a t 6 month follow up after balloon mitral valvoplasty. Severe mitral regurgitation occurred in 3 cases of closed mitral valvotomy group as compared to 7 cases of balloon mitral valvoplasty group. Urgent mitral valve replacement was needed in 2 patient of ba lloon mitral valvoplasty group. There was single mortality in each group. CONCLUSION: No statistical significant difference between the result of closed mitral valvotomy and balloon mitral valvoplasty but better outcome obtained by closed mitral valvotomy. Hemodynamic and functional improvement was sustained through 6 month of follow up in both groups. Procedural cost of closed mitral valvotomy was significantly lower than the procedural cost of balloon mitral valvoplasty.

  16. Small Area Fair Market Rent (United States)

    Department of Housing and Urban Development — Due to the increasing demand for more localized rents for a variety of purposes, HUD is making Small Area FMRs for all metropolitan areas available. Small Area FMRs...

  17. Zeolites and Usage Areas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jale Gülen


    Full Text Available Zeolites are formed via several reactions from the minerals that consist of aluminium and silica. Zeolites, which have a growing significance in recent days are one of important industrial raw materials. As well as being used as a catalyst, theirability to do ion exchange and adsorption make them even more valuable. Zeolites are used in several industries such as energy, agriculture and animal husbandry, mining and metallurgy, construction, detergent, paper, etc. In this study, the definiton, formation and usage areas of zeolites are explained.

  18. Dementia in Taiwan area

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Yuanhan Yang


    Objective:Taiwan has an increasing aging population like other developed areas. The aging population will lead to an increased prevalence of dementia. Methods:This article will reflect the status of dementia in Taiwan, including updated epidemiology, diagnosis, subtypes, and optimal treatment of dementia. Results:The article also describes and interprets the Taiwan Dementia Policy to establish a clear, large view of the current state of management of dementia in Taiwan and future policy implementation. Conclusion:A comprehensive policy to dementia, from the basic researches to clinical care and treatment, is necessary to the increased aged population in Taiwan.

  19. Large area bulk superconductors (United States)

    Miller, Dean J.; Field, Michael B.


    A bulk superconductor having a thickness of not less than about 100 microns is carried by a polycrystalline textured substrate having misorientation angles at the surface thereof not greater than about; the bulk superconductor may have a thickness of not less than about 100 microns and a surface area of not less than about 50 cm.sup.2. The textured substrate may have a thickness not less than about 10 microns and misorientation angles at the surface thereof not greater than about Also disclosed is a process of manufacturing the bulk superconductor and the polycrystalline biaxially textured substrate material.

  20. Cholera in Azov area


    O. N. Domashenko; T. A. Belomerya; N. V. Martynova; G. N. Daragan; Demkovich, O.O.; U. V. Malakhova; G. I. Zemlyanskaya; Popova, D.M.


    The purpose of research is analysis of clinical course and treatment results of patients with cholera in the Azov area. Materials and methods. During the period from 29.05.2011 to 19.08.2011 33 cases of cholera (32 adults and 1 child) and 25 vibrio carriers (22 adults and 3 children), which were caused by toxigenic strains of Vibrio cholera El Tor serogroup O1 Ogawa. Results. Likely factors of disease transmission in Mariupol are sea and river water, and the fish that were caught in the water...