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    by US soldiers during the Indian wars of the 19th century . The conflict against the Native Americans did not constitute a “normal war” and therefore...eighteenth centuries …”3 Since 1945, Americans have developed a slew of terms to dismiss new forms of warfare as anomalies: unconventional warfare, low...MILITARY MEDALS: AMERICAN STRATEGIC CULTURE & AIR POWER BY ALEXANDER MACPHAIL A THESIS PRESENTED TO THE FACULTY OF

  2. Jewish Culture and the American Military

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Goldberg, Adam M


    This study explores the Jewish experience within the American military. The history of military service by persons of the Jewish faith corresponds roughly to that of persons from many other ethnic or religious groups...

  3. Limits of Military Power for National Security. (United States)

    Melman, Seymour


    Reviews the post World War II nuclear-military arms race and claims that it is possible to define significant limits of military power for national security. Topics discussed include public opinion regarding the arms race, constraints on military power, conventional forces, checkmating conventional strategy, and the seriousness of nuclear false…

  4. The Military Dimension of American Hegemony

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available A Political Economy of American Hegemony - Buildups, Booms and Busts by Thomas Oatley offers relevant historical and statistical evidence regarding military buildups in postwar America, assessing the economic and political impact of deficit financed military spending. From this point of view the book proves to be a very instructive and challenging reading. Thomas Oatley is professor of political science at North Carolina University, teaching courses on international politics and political economy. He is also the author of a series of papers and books on international political economy. His main theme of research is the interaction between economic interests and political institutions and how it shaped governments’ foreign economic policies. A Political Economy of American Hegemony Buildups, Booms and Busts is the most recent and also the most challenging of his books, in terms of inquired questions and defended theses.

  5. The Native American: Warriors in the U.S. Military (United States)


    most Native Americans, war is a rite of passage that transforms them from boys to men. "It was more than simply a painful human experience; it had...United States government are imperfect, but the marriage ’ between Native American wanior and the military has been a successful endeavor. It is a

  6. American Military History: A Selected Bibliography (United States)


    showfile.exe?CISOROOT=/ndupress&CISOPTR=40021&CISOMODE= print Puryear, Edgar F., Jr. Nineteen Stars: A Study in Military Character and Leadership...A469-633) Toner , Sheila C. George Washington: America’s First Strategic Leader. Strategy Research Project

  7. Nuclear power plant safety under military threats

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Stritar, A.; Mavko, B.


    The Krsko nuclear power plant in Slovenia was probably the first in the world that found itself in the middle of a war region. A number of preventive measures performed during and immediately after the war in summer 1991 by the plant personnel as well as some of related activities of the Reactor Engineering Division of the 'Jozef Stefan' Institute are described. All efforts were aimed at the minimization of the possible public radiological consequences during a military attack. The critical safety functions in such conditions were checked. Concern was further devoted to maintenance of the core cooling in the core and to integrity of the spent fuel pit. The cold shutdown mode was found to be the most appropriate option. After selecting the cold shutdown mode as a most suitable operational state of the plant, further studies of the vulnerability were done. In addition to possible direct damage to structures, that would cause release of radioactivity, two important subjects were considered: AC and DC power supply and the ultimate heat sink. A quick analysis during the crisis has shown that the consequences of a military attack against the plant by jet fighters could be serious, but with the proper preventive measures and preparedness the environmental consequences could be minimized. (Z.S.) 1 fig., 1 ref

  8. The American Military Advisor: Dealing with Senior Foreign Officials in the Islamic World

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Metrinko, Michael J


    "The American Military Advisor: Dealing with Senior Foreign Officials in the Islamic World" is a comprehensive guide for American military officers assigned as advisors to regional officials in places very different from the United States...

  9. American acceptance of nuclear power

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Barrett, W.


    The characteristic adventurous spirit that built American technology will eventually lead to American acceptance of nuclear power unless an overpowering loss of nerve causes us to reject both nuclear technology and world leadership. The acceptance of new technology by society has always been accompanied by activist opposition to industralization. To resolve the debate between environmental and exploitive extremists, we must accept with humility the basic premise that human accomplishment is a finite part of nature

  10. Canada's Global Role: A Strategic Assessment of its Military Power

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Nunez, Joseph R


    ... to be taken very seriously, and is certainly not a middle power by military measure. In concrete terms, it is certainly wise for Canada to further institutionalize its partnership with the United States in defense of North...

  11. The Scroll and the Sword: Synergizing Civil-Military Power (United States)


    scroll is indeed mightier than the sword , both are mightiest in unison. This synergy, more than anything else, will help ensure that America and its...USAWC STRATEGY RESEARCH PROJECT THE SCROLL AND THE SWORD : SYNERGIZING CIVIL-MILITARY POWER by Colonel Christopher J. Holshek United States Army... Sword Synergizing Civil-Military Power 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S) Christopher Holshek 5d. PROJECT

  12. Atomic power engineering as military and nuclear deterrence

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Koryakin, Yu.I.


    The legislative aspects of the nuclear power facilities protection during military actions are discussed. The IAEA position on this question is considered. Absence in the IAEA subject scope of the works on preparation of the treaty on prohibiting the destruction of nuclear power facilities means that the IAEA countries differently understand the necessity for introducing the legislative positions of the international atomic law. However, observation of the unwritten codex of mutual nuclear deterrence gives rise to the hope for the wise solution of the problem on the nuclear power objects protection during the military actions [ru

  13. Expanding Combat Power Through Military Cyberpower Theory (United States)


    systems (ICS) and supervisory control and data acquisition systems ( SCADA ) are public-facing, providing more avenues of approach for an adversary. ICS...and SCADA are the two primary means for cyber adversaries to achieve direct physical effects through cyberspace. Strategic Attribution. From a...increased attention to the need for a military cyberpower theory and consequently, updates to doctrine, organization, and education to inculcate the

  14. Atomic power engineering as military and nuclear deterrence

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Koryakin, Yu.I.


    The consequences of the NPP destruction in the course of the military actions, which are related to the powerful release of radioactivity, are analyzed. The ways of protection of the NPPs and other industrial objects during the war are considered. Special attention is paid to the advisability of the NPPs underground location. The data on the costs of the NPP units underground construction in the USA, Canada, Norway and Sweden are presented. The conclusion is made, that the NPPs underground location by itself does not increase their failure-proof operation and does not solve all safety problems during the military actions [ru

  15. Ramgen Power Systems for Military Engine Applications

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Holcomb, Franklin H; Sohn, Chang W; Tamm, Gunnar; Brown, Daniel; Mahoney, Daniel; Baldwin, Peter; Belshaw, Karen; Koopman, Aaron; Witmer, Dennis


    Ramgen Power Systems, Inc. (RPS) is developing two high efficiency gas turbine engine concepts that combine many of the proven features of supersonic compression and expansion systems, commonly used in supersonic flight inlet...

  16. Bad Stories: The American Media-Military Relationship

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Porch, Douglas


    The 1999 air war over Kosovo re-ignited a feud between the military and the news media that is generally believed to have been a permanent undercurrent of media-military relations since the Vietnam War...

  17. Ramgen Power Systems for Military Engine Applications (United States)


    combustor and expander technologies in the 250-400kW range, low pressure ratio, recuperated cycle gas turbine . The engine will be a single spool ... shaft power requirements. The scalability of the ASCE will make it competitive in both the diesel and gas turbine markets. RPS is proposing a 1000 hp...are positioned in the gas turbine in three configurations: • annular • can-annular • single can only. The number of fuel injectors for each “can

  18. Global Demographic Change and Its Implications for Military Power (United States)


    Latin America , northern Africa, Turkey, Lebanon, Iran, formerly Soviet Central Asia, south - western India, and Southeast Asia—have also fallen sharply...2020s, include Latin America , 112 Global Demographic Change and Its Implications for Military Power North Africa, South Africa, Turkey, Iran... migration rates and that the demographics of Summary xvii Europe’s Muslim population resemble those of the countries from which it draws its

  19. The Imperative Military Need for Portable Power and the Critical Problems With Power Today (United States)


    Justin Govar USMC Marvin Wilkerson Tiburon Associates Charlie Neal IMTI Reviewed and edited by the NDIA Manufacturing Division’s...Military Power Sources Committee Jim Gucinski, Chair Tiburon Associates Tom Byrd, Co Chair Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire control Rebecca Morris, Co Chair ACI Technologies, Inc. Jim Hess, Co Chair SAFT

  20. Military Spending and Economic Well-Being in the American States: The Post-Vietnam War Era (United States)

    Borch, Casey; Wallace, Michael


    Using growth curve modeling techniques, this research investigates whether military spending improved or worsened the economic well-being of citizens within the American states during the post-Vietnam War period. We empirically test the military Keynesianism claim that military spending improves the economic conditions of citizens through its use…

  1. Nuclear power reactors: reactor safety and military and civil defence

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Hvinden, T.


    The formation of fission products and plutonium in reactors is briefly described, followed by a short general discussion of reactor safety. The interaction of reactor safety and radioactive release considerations with military and civil defence is thereafter discussed. Reactors and other nuclear plants are factors which must be taken into account in the defence of the district around the site, and as potential targets of both conventional and guerilla attacks and sabotage, requiring special defence. The radiological hazards arising from serious damage to a power reactor by conventional weapons are briefly discussed, and the benefits of underground siting evaluated. Finally the author discusses the significance of the IAEA safeguards work as a preventive factor. (JIW)

  2. American Military History and its Insights into Fourth Generation Warfare

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Davis, Scott A


    .... The case studies of Braddock's Campaign, the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution, and the Philippines Insurrection provide justification for the presence of the tenets of 4GW throughout...

  3. Military Power of the People’s Republic of China (United States)


    deception have played in Chinese doctrine. In recent decades, there has been a resurgence of the study of classic Chinese military figures Sun Zi, Sun ...China has also established small satellite design and production facilities and is developing microsatellites – weighing less than 100 kilograms...PLA’s exercises with foreign militaries are categorized as counterterrorism exercises even if they depict scenarios that hold little bearing on

  4. A Historic Context for the African American Military Experience (United States)


    advance along the Moselle River. Just prior to their assault on 10 November, the commander of the 365th walked sadly along his front line troops: looking...adoption of a sweeping civil rights platform. The other faction of southern delegates was furious and walked of the convention to form the...National Archives, Washington DC. Pkiladepkia Afro-American 1939 "Only 3,604 Colored in U.S. Army." October 28:1. 1939 "U.S. Army Men Get Sissy

  5. The Presence of the American Troops in Romania: Civil-Military Challenges Beyond a Military Relationship (United States)


    practical point of view, but also from a political and psychological point of view, as American Ambassador, Taubman, states in the July 4 edition of the...These actions included also the eastern sector of Berlin gaining psychological values in responding to the Soviets’ action. “As Berlin’s fate became... EBSCO Publishing, Vital Speeches of the Day, Vol LII No 18, July 1, 1986. 148 There also is agreement among NATO countries that the defense

  6. United States Security Assistance Training of Latin American Militaries: Intentions and Results. (United States)


    los Derechos Humanos en Colombia y el Papel del Gobierno y las Fuerzas Armadas para su Defensa," Military Review. (Hispanic Edition) 60-82. (April...Guatemalan efforts were in opposition to subversion of the Partido Guatemalteco de Trabajo (PGT), or the communist party. The PGT had received some...Training School Noncommissioned Officer Organization of American States Partido Guatemalteco de Trabajo (Guatemalan Communist Party) Peace Keeping

  7. The Military Power of Russia – a Means for Activating an Expansionist Policy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kaukas Erikas


    Full Text Available The majority of scientific research on the international behavior of Russia has so far been largely grounded on political decisions made exceptionally by its political elite. However, in this article, the author is trying to prove that political decisions are first of all based on material resources of the state, and this, in turn, can likely determine the causality between the military power of the state and its foreign policy. Therefore, Russian military power is treated in this article as a means of carrying out expansionist foreign policy. The premise is raised that the growth of Russia‘s military power is related to its aspiration to strengthen its influence in the post-Soviet region. The analysis of Russia‘s security and defense policy, defense expenditure, military capabilities and military activeness reveals that the military power of Russia is growing with a dual aim: (1 to deter NATO and the EU from further enlargement; and (2 to retain and/or expand its influence in the post-Soviet states.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Blerim Ramadani


    Full Text Available Recent crises show clearly that Europeans security depends on external developments. The Common Security and Defense Policy failed to provide security, while the European Union military missions were limited in terms of their scope. This inability threatens the interests and security of the member states. Exactly, this research explores the concept of military power of the EU. In order to elaborate anatomy of military power of the EU, the descriptive-analytic method is used. Military performance analysis proves that the EU is able to have the greatest impact in the global arena. The research shows that with the achievement of a political strategy among the stakeholder, on which the replacement of the consensus mechanism with an ordinary majority is predicted, the EU would be able to lead a proactive and efficient security policy.

  9. The Phenomenon of Private Military Companies in the Military and Power Policies of States in the 21st Century

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Konstantin Kurilev


    Full Text Available Two main issues are considered in this article. The first is the changing historical and legal status of private military companies (PMCs. Emerging after the end of World War II, the PMC phenomenon became wellestablished by the mid-1990s. In the first decade of the 21st century, PMCs not only engaged in military activity in different regions of the world but also participated as independent economic actors capable of occupying a certain niche in the military segment of the world economy. Following this review, the article examines the practical activities of PMCs drawing on the example of the conflict in Ukraine during the civil war that began there after the coup d’etat of February 2014 and which saw the removal of the legally elected president V. Yanukovych and the rise of nationalist radicals to power. It should be noted that the Ukrainian crisis is only one of many examples of the use of PMCs. Moreover, as demonstrated in this study, the most powerful PMCs in the world are represented in the territory of Ukraine, pointing to the extreme importance of the processes occurring in Ukraine from the view point of the interests of the dominant actors in the modern international system involved in Ukrainian affairs.

  10. The great power game and Thai military rule

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Schmidt, Johannes Dragsbæk


    There are a variety of suggestions trying to explain why the Thai military decided, in 2006, to stage the 18th coup in 75 years. Some point to corruption and declining growth and investment rates, others to the security problems in the South. A third explanation has tried to relate the coup...

  11. Feasibility of Nuclear Power on U.S. Military Installations. 2nd Revision (United States)


    Feasibility of Nuclear Power on U.S. Military Installations Marcus King • LaVar Huntzinger • Thoi Nguyen CRM D0023932.A5/2REV March 2011 2o\\[o...fuels were cheap , plentiful, and simple to use. Oilier drivers for abandoning nuclear projects included an accident at Three Mile Island nuclear power

  12. The Political and Military Impact of the Spanish-American War (United States)


    become a better Marine Corps Officer, thank you. Todo es para la familia . iv EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Title: The Political and Military Impact of the...division toward Las Guásimas to conduct a reconnaissance in force in order to develop the Spanish position. General Shafter’s actions significantly...Admiral Manuel de la Cámara. These powerful Spanish warships were sent from Cadiz to defeat Dewey; however, the naval expedition returned to Spain after

  13. Music for the injured soldier: a contribution of American women's military bands during World War II. (United States)

    Sullivan, Jill M


    This study is an investigation of the contributions of women's military bands in the United States to the reconditioning of the injured American troops during World War II. Primary and secondary sources revealed that these bands welcomed home hospital ships, performed for convalescing soldiers in hospitals, and provided music for hospital dances. While each of the bands investigated served in similar capacities, only one, the 403rd Women's Army Corps (WAC) Band, was stationed at a hospital. While entertainment by women's bands was an important part of the Army Reconditioning Program for the injured, the study also revealed a working partnership that developed between these musicians and the medical community. Sixty years after the war, band members believe their performances in hospitals were the most important contribution of their service. Some historians have concluded that music used in military hospitals during the war was the impetus for the music therapy profession.

  14. American Military Veteran Entrepreneurs: A Comprehensive Profile of Demographic, Service History, and Psychosocial Characteristics. (United States)

    Heinz, Adrienne J; Freeman, Michael A; Harpaz-Rotem, Ilan; Pietrzak, Robert H


    American military veterans are nearly twice as likely to be self-employed compared to non-veterans, and are majority owners in nine percent of all businesses nationwide. Despite their contribution to the broader economy and the potential for training programs to cultivate and foster successful self-employment and veteran-lead entrepreneurial ventures, research on veteran entrepreneurs remains limited. In order to gain a better understanding of the potential strengths and vulnerabilities of veteran entrepreneurs, the current study utilized data from a large, nationally representative sample to profile self-employed veterans (n=230) and compare them to veterans who work as employees (n=1,055) with respect to demographic, military service history, and psychosocial characteristics. Results indicated that self-employed veterans were older and more educated and more likely to utilize VA healthcare. Self-employed veterans were more likely to serve in Vietnam and to serve in the military for fewer years. No differences were noted in perceived military experience, level of combat exposure, or military branch served as a function of self-employment. Although reporting more lifetime traumas, self-employed veterans did not experience higher rates of current or lifetime psychopathology or lower perceived quality of life. Potential protective resilience-promoting factors may be associated with the higher levels of openness, extraversion, optimism, achievement-orientation (purpose in life), and greater need for autonomy and professional development observed among self-employed veterans. Moreover, self-employed veterans demonstrated higher levels of gratitude, community integration, and altruistic service to others. Findings have potential to inform human resources management strategies and vocational training and reintegration initiatives for veterans.

  15. American Military Veteran Entrepreneurs: A Comprehensive Profile of Demographic, Service History, and Psychosocial Characteristics (United States)

    Heinz, Adrienne J.; Freeman, Michael A.; Harpaz-Rotem, Ilan; Pietrzak, Robert H.


    American military veterans are nearly twice as likely to be self-employed compared to non-veterans, and are majority owners in nine percent of all businesses nationwide. Despite their contribution to the broader economy and the potential for training programs to cultivate and foster successful self-employment and veteran-lead entrepreneurial ventures, research on veteran entrepreneurs remains limited. In order to gain a better understanding of the potential strengths and vulnerabilities of veteran entrepreneurs, the current study utilized data from a large, nationally representative sample to profile self-employed veterans (n=230) and compare them to veterans who work as employees (n=1,055) with respect to demographic, military service history, and psychosocial characteristics. Results indicated that self-employed veterans were older and more educated and more likely to utilize VA healthcare. Self-employed veterans were more likely to serve in Vietnam and to serve in the military for fewer years. No differences were noted in perceived military experience, level of combat exposure, or military branch served as a function of self-employment. Although reporting more lifetime traumas, self-employed veterans did not experience higher rates of current or lifetime psychopathology or lower perceived quality of life. Potential protective resilience-promoting factors may be associated with the higher levels of openness, extraversion, optimism, achievement-orientation (purpose in life), and greater need for autonomy and professional development observed among self-employed veterans. Moreover, self-employed veterans demonstrated higher levels of gratitude, community integration, and altruistic service to others. Findings have potential to inform human resources management strategies and vocational training and reintegration initiatives for veterans. PMID:29290645

  16. Use of fuel cells to meet military requirements for mobile power

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Andrukaitis, E.


    'Full text:' The use of fuel cell technology in military applications will depend on safe, high energy density systems being developed. An important part of using this technology is also the development of alternative hydrogen producing fuels with high energy densities and are easy to transport. Fuel cells are now a very large R and D effort for several military applications around the world. The major reason is because of the high power demands needed requires electrical energy sources that far exceed the capabilities of batteries currently being fielded for portable applications. Fuel cells are regarded as highly efficient, tactical energy converters that can be adapted for wide range of power requirements. They are potentially the lowest weight power source when coupled with batteries or capacitors to form hybrid systems. Generally electrical power is needed to support a number of applications from ultra-high power for electrical pulses (radios, sensors) to reliable, conditioned power for command and control systems. In the future, sustained power for electric drive systems, will also be required. Some of the promising applications in the military and the R and D challenges that remain to reach performance and reliability targets suitable for military requirements will be discussed. (author)

  17. Application of a bi-modal PBR nuclear propulsion and power system to military missions (United States)

    Venetoklis, Peter S.


    The rapid proliferation of arms technology and space access combined with current economic realities in the United States are creating ever greater demands for more capable space-based military assets. The paper illustrates that bi-modal nuclear propulsion and power based on the Particle Bed Reactor (PBR) is a high-leverage tehcnology that can maximize utility while minimizing cost. Mission benefits offered by the bi-modal PBR, including enhanced maneuverability, lifetime, survivability, payload power, and operational flexibility, are discussed. The ability to deliver desired payloads on smaller boosters is also illustrated. System descriptions and parameters for 10 kWe and 100 kWe power output levels are summarized. It is demonstrated via design exercise that bi-modal PBR dramtically enhances performance of a military satellite in geosynchronous orbit, increasing payload mass, payload power, and maneuverability.



    Jaroslav Usiak; Erik Gorner


    States have many functions. The core one should be keeping its sovereignty and territorial integrity. Diplomacy and international law cannot guarantee their security. An armed force is an inherent part of each state that wants to be truly independent. Small states and middle powers have more difficulties when recruiting manpower for the military service compared to the great powers. The aim of this article is to find out what kind of recruitment model is the most suitable for small states and...

  19. Military Leadership as an Element of National Power (United States)


    result of this comfortable theory is mental strangulation. As the cricket ball bounds through the air the cannon ball bounds out of mind. Soldier... Encyclopedia of American History (1st ed., 1953), p. 231. -’See pp. 40-41, above. "See pp. 57-60 for this argument. 65 While the case for strong individual...34Esprit de What? Our Army and Morale." The Reporter, XI (Sep. 23, 1954), pp. 35-37. 9. Boatner, Mark M. III. Encyclopedia of the American Revolu- tlon

  20. Pulsed power for particle beam accelerators in military applications

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Smith, I.D.


    Techniques useful for generating and conditioning power for high energy pulsed accelerators with potential weapon applications are described. Pulsed electron accelerators are exemplified by ETA and ATA at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories and RADLAC at Sandia Laboratories Albuquerque. Pulse-power techniques used in other applications are briefly mentioned, including some that may be useful for collective ion accelerators. The limitations of pulse-power and the general directions of desirable development are illustrated. The main needs are to increase repetition rate and to decrease size

  1. A Novel Photovoltaic Power Converter for Military and Space Applications

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Fernandez, Randyll R. M., Jr


    .... Solar cell panels are exposed to sunlight at different angles and with variable intensity, therefore the resulting output power varies depending on the illumination angle as well as the light intensity of each panel...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jaroslav Usiak


    Full Text Available States have many functions. The core one should be keeping its sovereignty and territorial integrity. Diplomacy and international law cannot guarantee their security. An armed force is an inherent part of each state that wants to be truly independent. Small states and middle powers have more difficulties when recruiting manpower for the military service compared to the great powers. The aim of this article is to find out what kind of recruitment model is the most suitable for small states and middle powers, focusing on the example of European democratic states. The article concludes that the best military recruitment system is based on a strong link between armed forces and society. National defence education is also of high importance. Regular armed forces should be composed of highly trained professionals backed by reserves

  3. The Impact of the 1973 War Powers Resolution on the Military (United States)


    shall have power "to declare war, grant letters of marque and reprisal, and make rules concerning cap- tures on land and water." Only Congress can declare...Congress power "to declare War, grant Letters of Marque , order "Reprisal," "raise and support Armies"---for no more than two years at a time, "provide and...the War Powers Reso- lution does restrain the use of military forces in situa- tions of uncertain duration. Ctme are inhibited from c3JImg a sAde a smde

  4. Hard Power and Soft Power: The Utility of Military Force as an Instrument of Policy in the 21st Century (United States)


    that the soft power of their civilization and culture is truly potent, we are all but programmed by our enculturation to assume that the American...misassessed by the politicians who attempt to govern soft power’s societal owners and carriers. Few thor- oughly encultured Americans are likely to

  5. Mental health of Asian American and Pacific Islander military veterans: brief review of an understudied group. (United States)

    Tsai, Jack; Kong, Grace


    The mental health of American military soldiers and veterans is of widespread concern; yet, there has been no prior review of studies on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) veterans. This article provides a brief, but comprehensive review of the mental health of AAPI veterans. An exhaustive literature search was conducted using the major medical and mental health literature databases. Of 13 identified articles, nine were empirical studies on either post-traumatic stress disorder among AAPI Vietnam veterans or health functioning of AAPI veterans based on national veteran surveys. Findings from these studies showed that some AAPI veterans who served during the Vietnam War encountered racism from fellow soldiers and race-related stressors were associated with more severe post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms. As a group, AAPI veterans were found to be physically healthier than other veterans, but reported poorer mental health and were less likely to use mental health services. However, these findings were limited by the paucity of studies on AAPI veterans and suggest a need for more research on this subpopulation.

  6. Execution of the highest power in military sphere by the dictators of Early

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dementieva, Vera


    Full Text Available The Roman dictators regularily (invested with power by the Roman state in the 5th – 3rd bce с. in the situations of serious military treats to the Republic had to accomplish three legally regulated public acts. They closed the courts, declare, if necessary, a levy in mass (if the warriors already called up for military service by ordinary magistrates were not numerous enough for starting a campaign, and personally supervised recruitment and training of the troops. Their orders were published in the form of an edictum which, most probably, contained all these regulations. Regardless of the purpose of its declaration, the dictatorship transferred the civil life of the city in the state of militiae. The newly formed army swore fidelity (called sacramentum to the commander and – from the time of the Second Punic war – made a formal declaration of loyalty, ius iurandum. Contrary to a widespread scholarly opinion the author argues that it is the applicable legal rules, rather then the sphere of their applicability that distinguishes the imperium of an ordinary magistrate from this of an extraordinary one. Therefore, talking (not quite correctly about “military imperium” of an extraordinary magistrate, the historians of Roman law are in reality dealing with an application of his imperium in military sphere.

  7. Transmission Reinforcements in the Central American Regional Power System

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Elizondo, Marcelo A.; Vallem, Mallikarjuna R.; Samaan, Nader A.; Makarov, Yuri V.; Vyakaranam, Bharat; Nguyen, Tony B.; Munoz, Christian; Herrera, Ricardo; Midence, Diego; Shpitsberg, Anna


    The Central American regional interconnected power system (SER) connects the countries members of the Central American regional electricity market (MER): Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. The SER was a result of a long term regional effort, and was initially conceived to transfer 300 MW between countries. However, the current transfer limits between countries range from 70 MW to 300 MW. Regional entities, like CRIE (Regional Commission of Electrical Interconnection), EOR (Central American Regional System Operator), and CDMER (Board of Directors of the Central American Market) are working on coordinating the national transmission expansion plans with regional transmission planning efforts. This paper presents experience in Central America region to recommend transmission reinforcements to achieve 300 MW transfer capacity between any pair of member countries of the Central American regional electricity market (MER). This paper also provides a methodology for technical analysis and for coordination among the regional and national entities. This methodology is unique for transmission systems of these characteristics.

  8. Military Ethnomusicology: Understanding the Positive Impact of Music on the United States Military within the American Society (United States)


    Corps, typically have a martial or patriotic style or genre of music . Military music in the U.S. generally refers to music orchestrated, performed...war and peace. Martial music has been used to communicate, enhance disCipline, as a psychological instrument of war, to calm troops, and to improve... music plays an instrumental part of building and maintaining the elan, for which the Marine Corps is famous. Recognizing how martial music influences

  9. Development of highly compact and low power consumption athermal military laser designators (United States)

    Sijan, A.


    The utility of military lasers, particularly in the area of laser designation for laser-guided weapons, is well understood. Laser systems based on Nd:YAG have been fielded since the 1980's and over the last three decades have introduced incremental technology steps to improve performance and weight. The most recent technology step has been the introduction of athermal lasers based on laser-diode pumping of Nd:YAG and products are now emerging for use on the battlefield. The technical performance, efficiency, size, weight and power for these lasers, has been key to driving the new production designs. In this paper, we review the development of the laser designs and their introduction since the advent of laser designation. In particular, we compare the relative performance and characteristics over the evolution of fielded laser designators. Moreover, we will review the key building blocks for the design of athermal lasers and describe some critical design issues for engineering and productionisation of a military laser system, including removal of thermal lensing, novel diode-pumping schemes and robustness over the environment. These will be exemplified using results from the development of the SELEX Galileo Type 163 Laser Target Designators. These will cover not only technical performance, power and efficiency, but also thermal management, mass, volume, cost and overall complexity for manufacture.

  10. The Politics of Stalemate: Local Power, U.S. Military Bases, and the Japanese Courts

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luke Franks


    Full Text Available The continued controversy over the presence of American bases in Okinawa has once again raised the question of whether the issue will ultimately be resolved by the Japanese courts. An examination of the history surrounding the judiciary’s involvement in previous base-related disputes in mainland Japan suggests that the court is itself deeply conflicted over its proper role in mediating these cases, leading to continued uncertainty over the ultimate legal status of the U.S. military presence. Unwilling to take a strong position in support of either the state or of increasingly active local officials, the court’s rulings have repeatedly given way to stalemate, which has ultimately benefitted local opponents to the bases. Local politicians such as mayors and prefectural governors have successfully used anti-base rhetoric to their advantage, promoting local resistance as legitimate expressions of Japan’s postwar democratic ideals, and local and national identities of peace.

  11. From Militant to Military: The Ambivalent Politics of Liberal Feminism in the American War on Terror


    Liao, Amanda


    The widespread use of feminist, human rights, and international development discourse for justifying military intervention is part of a long and storied tradition of imperial feminism – a tradition which is deeply embedded into the normative Western ideologies of neoliberalism and modernization. However, the narrative of feminism that has been appropriated by the US military in order to justify the war on terror is that of liberal feminism; it is a discourse of feminism that privileges a whit...

  12. U.S. Training for Latin American Militaries: Avoiding An Internal Security Role Creep (United States)


    being integrated in the “ Sistema Nacional” as one unit that reported to the President.47 In this model there is more civilian and military...with Paraguayan military officer, 13 March 2012. 31. Ibid. 32. Ibid. 33. Carlos Marcelo Aquino. " Operativo medico con ayuda de EEUU llega a...sampedranos." Ultima Hora, 14 November 2010. Operativo -medico- con-ayuda-de-EEUU-llega-a-sampedranos 34

  13. Emerging Patterns of American Civil-Military Relations in Sub-Saharan Africa (United States)


    Research Service, August :25, 2008. Us. Military Operations in the Global War on Terrorism: Afghanistan, Africa, the Philippines, and Colombia . RL32758...17,2009). Mani, Kristina. "Militaries in Business State-Making and Entrepreneurship in the Developing World." Armed Forces & Society 33, no. 4...Approved for Public Release; Distribution is Unlimited REPORT DOCUMENTATION PAGE Form Approved OMB No. 0704-0188 The public reporting burden for this

  14. U.S. Foreign Policy, The South American Integration, and the case of the military bases in Colombia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Manuel Iglesias-Cavicchioli


    Full Text Available This article analyzes the nature of the conflict generated in South America by the adoption of the new military agreement between the U.S. and Colombia. The article will evaluate the political and the geostrategic implications of this agreement, especially its repercussions for the regional integration process of South America. It will also analyze the stances of the local actors in order to consider prospective scenarios, and will assess the U.S. approach to South American integration under the Obama administration.

  15. Military influence upon the development of anaesthesia from the American Civil War (1861-1865) to the outbreak of the First World War. (United States)

    Metcalfe, N H


    The American Civil War (1861-1865) helped cement the place of anaesthesia in American medical practice and offered new insights into the specialty. The advantages that ensued were to offer long-term security to anaesthesia but the short-term gains were negligible. The Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871) exerted a negative influence upon nitrous oxide and oxygen research through the loss of leading civilian scientists to military duty. Later, the Boer Wars (1899-1902) helped stabilise the popularity of chloroform after the Hyderabad Commissions but were of little experimental value to anaesthesia. In the early 20th Century, the military continued to be operational without either specialist anaesthetists or an interest in developing military anaesthesia. However, the lack of anaesthetic development was largely due to problems with economics and academic infrastructure rather than to simple military neglect.

  16. The Impact of Political-Military Relations on the Use of German Military Power during Operation Barbarossa (United States)


    international serpent , and to stop the inner contamination of our blood, in order that the forces of the nation thus set free can be thrown in to safeguard...communications and intelligence gathering forced the Germans to detail more forces to anti-partisan duty. German forces in turn increased the brutality...20Office of Military Government for Germany (US), Office of the Director of Intelligence , Himmler’s Files from Hallein (Washington, DC, 1945), 1

  17. Proceedings of the American power conference: Volume 61-1

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    McBride, A.E.


    This is volume one of the proceedings of the American Power Conference of 1999. The topics of the papers include multi-skilled work forces for the next century; global climate change and mitigation; distributed generation prospects in an open market; US DOE--EPRI wind turbine verification program; operations and maintenance cost reduction strategies; surviving deregulation and competition; power markets risk management and trading; interconnected operations; commercializing reliability; utility automation; electrical impacts of facilities operation; training for the future; SOX/PM2.5/air toxic; turbine-generator plant advances; codes and standards -- competing globally; business opportunities; the changing regulatory environment; advanced fuel design and engineering analysis: mandate for competing under regulation; unit commitment and dispatch; strategies for the open market; outage management; distribution reliability; and NOX control

  18. Proliferation of nuclear weapons. Civilian and military exploitation of nuclear power

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Andresen, S.; Kongstad, S.


    Following brief technical and historical surveys the structure of the nuclear power market is discussed. In the 1970s a major change has been the decline of USA's virtual monopoly and the active entry of West Germany, France and Canada into the merket. Another development has been the commercialisation of progressively more of the fuel cycle, vide the agreements between Brazil and W. Germany, and Pakistan and France. These tendencies, added to the general spread of nuclear technologial ability and the adoption of nuclear power in more and more developing countries is presumed to increase the danger of nuclear weapon proliferation. The motives for, and means of, such proliferation are analysed. The tripartite agreement between Brazil, W. Germany and USA is discussed in great detail to illustrate the situation. The role of the NPT is not found to be significant. It is concluded that though proliferation may be inevitible, the motives may be for prestige and negotiating power, rather than use, and that the policy of the superpowers seems in the long run to lead to a reduction of their military dominance, and possible also their economic and political position in the international community. (JIW)

  19. Stigma, American military personnel and mental health care: challenges from Iraq and Afghanistan. (United States)

    Schreiber, Michael; McEnany, Geoffry Phillips


    Since 2001, more than 2.5 million United States military personnel have been deployed for combat. Over one million have served multiple deployments. Combat generally involved repeated exposure to highly traumatic events. Personnel were also victims of military sexual trauma (MST), a major risk factor for psychiatric illness. Most survivors do not seek or receive mental health care. Stigma is one of the main barriers to that care. To explore the impact of stigma on personnel with psychiatric illness, and suggest some innovative ways to potentially reduce stigma and improve care. Cinahl and PubMed databases were searched from 2001 to 2014. Anonymity, the use of non-stigmatizing language, peer-to-peer, and stigma-reduction programs help military personnel receive mental health care. Technology offers the opportunity for effective and appropriate education and treatment. Although stigma is formidable, several innovative services are available or being developed for military victims of trauma. Commitment of resources for program development and further research to explore which interventions offer the best clinical outcomes are needed to increase efforts to combat stigma and ensure quality care.

  20. Military Representation: The Theoretical and Practical Implications of Population Representation in the American Armed Forces (United States)


    It can be seen chat the middle- income "squeeze" occurs for each Service. The "squeeze" is slightly tighter in the Army. The Army also has noticeably...word pedo , a foot soldier. The "lowly life" of a G.I. is an old story, and a story which is now being retold and reapplied to the volunteer military

  1. Latin American electric power developments and hydrocarbon demands

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Sierra, G.S.


    Energy sectors in Latin American countries are undergoing a series of far-reaching changes in institutional arrangements and roles. These changes will have a decisive influence on energy sector evolution in coming decades. The results of two decades of mismanagement in the region's energy sector are outlined, showing stagnation in the electric power and petroleum industries caused by such factors as bureaucratic management, preferential treatment given to public enterprises, the adoption of objectives other than economic profitability, insufficient self-generation of resources due to tariffs not reflecting economic costs, and heavy debt burdens. If forecasts of future energy demand in Latin America are correct, the region's hydrocarbon sector will have to invest ca US$20 billion/y and the electric power sector nearly the same amount. This is considered beyond the capacity of the region's industries. Private sector participation is expected to raise the efficiency level of the hydrocarbon and power industries through such initiatives as privatization (complete or partial), joint government-private ventures, subcontracting, direct investment, and opening of monopolies such as power distribution to third-party competition. The state role in this process will be to create a suitable environment for private enterprise including clear and stable rules and regulatory frameworks. Financing options are discussed along with ways to reduce investment requirements. It is especially possible to reduce such requirements in the power sector through such means as retrofitting of plants with more modern equipment, reducing power losses, improved metering and billing, energy substitution, demand-side management, and energy conservation programs

  2. Constraints on the Soft Power Efforts of Authoritarian States: The Case of the 2015 Military Parade in Beijing

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nørup Sørensen, Camilla Tenna


    Is it possible for authoritarian states such as China, Russia, and Iran to combine the soft power narratives directed primarily towards an international audience with the narratives directed primarily towards a domestic audience that are aimed at maintaining regime security? To investigate...... this question, this article analyses the 2015 military parade in Beijing, using this case to highlight and discuss the constraints on Chinese leaders’ efforts to project soft power. The key finding is that soft power will continue to be the weak link in China’s pursuit of a great power position and status...

  3. ALTERNATIVE AVIATION FUELS FOR USE IN MILITARY APUS AND ENGINES VERSATILE AFFORDABLE ADVANCED TURBINE ENGINE (VAATE), PHASE II AND III. Delivery Order 0007: Alternative Aviation Fuels for Use in Military Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) and Engines (United States)


    PHASE II AND III Delivery Order 0007: Alternative Aviation Fuels for Use in Military Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) and Engines Brad Culbertson and Randy...PHASE II AND III Delivery Order 0007: Alternative Aviation Fuels for Use in Military Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) and Engines 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER...the entire exit annulus. The fast-scan method was employed for all cases using both forward and reverse traverses in order to ensure repeatable

  4. The social context of the aeronautical education experience of African-American civilian, commercial, and military pilots (United States)

    Walker, Taurean Mashawn

    The purpose of this research is to explore the social context (the nature and cultural environment) of the aeronautical training experience of African-American civilian, commercial, and military pilots. This research highlights the challenges African-American pilots are exposed to in addition to drawing parallels between the social context and the obstacles they are subjected to along the way. This study is valuable for stakeholders, African-American pilot aspirants, aviation corporations, Federal Aviation Administration, flight schools - in the aviation industry in understanding ways to initiate a paradigm shift and increase awareness about representation and participation of African-American aviation professionals. The qualitative approach was selected to gather a better understanding of the sociological hurdles black aviators face while going through the journey of becoming a pilot. Hardiman (2010) states, "While quantitative research is valuable, qualitative research provides the researcher the ability to view real world situations as they naturally unfold" ( p. 25). According to OBAP (2014), less than 2% of pilots in the United States are African-American. The experiences shared by the participants can provide helpful insight of possible policy implications for the aeronautical industry. There were three research questions in the study: 1) What factors hindered pilot training? 2) What were the resilience factors experienced during pilot training? 3) What were the defining features of the social context surrounding pilot training? Semi-structured, face-to-face interviews were conducted of six professional pilots. A qualitative data analysis was conducted to illustrate the context of the social challenges during the course of pilot training. Three themes were revealed: 1) access, 2) perception of inferiority, and 3) support. Implications of the significance of providing social networks to expose African-Americans to aviation were discussed. Additional means of

  5. Seeing Off the Bear: Anglo-American Air Power Cooperation During the Cold War, (United States)


    Legislative History, Executive Orders, Etc., Senate Report No. 1068, Sept 13, 1949, pp. 1991-2039. 14. Hansard’s Parliamentary Debates (Commons), 5th ser...they were in the American hemisphere and they carried that weight of Victorian colonialism about them which makes Americans uncomfortable. They were...Parliament, Hansard’s Parliamentary Debates (Commons), 5th series, vol. 462 (1949), col. 1931. 6. Barnes, Shorts Aircraft, p. 427; Goldberg, "Military

  6. The constraints on the soft power efforts of authoritarian states. The case of the 2015 military parade in Beijing – strengthening patriotic pride, soft power and strategic deterrence

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sørensen, Camilla T. N.


    Is it possible for authoritarian states such as China, Russia and Iran to combine the soft power narratives directed primarily towards an international audience with the narratives directed primarily towards a domestic audience and aimed at maintaining regime security? To investigate this question...... further, this article analyses the 2015 military parade in Beijing and uses this case to highlight and discuss the constraints on the Chinese leaders’ efforts to project soft power. The key finding is that soft power will continue to be the weak link in China’s pursuit for a great power position...

  7. What's So "Powerful" about African American Children's Literature?: Let's Ask the Students. (United States)

    Hefflin, Bena R.


    Outlines what educators and academics describe as the "power" of children's literature and multicultural children's literature, which includes African American children's literature. Explores what four African American third-graders have to say about the "power" of six African American children's books. Concludes with the…

  8. Effect of the Civil-Military Relationship on the Philippine-American War (United States)


    fraught with insurgency which is, historically, incredibly difficult to win . 1 S. SUBJECT TERMS Civi l Military Relations, Philippine War 16...Accepted this 101h day of May 2016 by: Robert F. Baumann, PhD The opinions and conclusions expressed herein are those of the student author and do not...proved to be the key to victory in a contentious and dynamic war fraught with insurgency which is, historically, incredibly difficult to win . The

  9. Incidence and epidemiology of spinal cord injury within a closed American population: the United States military (2000-2009). (United States)

    Schoenfeld, A J; McCriskin, B; Hsiao, M; Burks, R


    Cohort study. The objective of this study was to characterize the incidence of spinal cord injury (SCI) within the population of the United States military from 2000-2009. This investigation also sought to define potential risk factors for the development of SCI. The population of the United States military from 2000-2009. The Defense Medical Epidemiology Database was queried for the years 2000-2009 using the International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification codes for SCI (806.0, 806.1, 806.2, 806.3, 806.4, 806.5, 806.8, 806.9, 952.0, 952.1, 952.2, 952.8, 952.9). The raw incidence of SCI was calculated and unadjusted incidence rates were generated for the risk factors of age, sex, race, military rank and branch of service. Adjusted incidence rate ratios were subsequently determined via multivariate Poisson regression analysis that controlled for other factors in the model and identified significant independent risk factors for SCI. Between 2000 and 2009, there were 5928 cases of SCI among a population at-risk of 13,813,333. The raw incidence of SCI within the population was 429 per million person-years. Male sex, white race, enlisted personnel and service in the Army, Navy or Marine Corps were found to be significant independent risk factors for SCI. The age groups 20-24, 25-29 and >40 were also found to be at significantly greater risk of developing the condition. This study is one of the few investigations to characterize the incidence, epidemiology and risk factors for SCI within the United States. Results presented here may represent the best-available evidence for risk factors of SCI in a large and diverse American cohort.

  10. Native American Historic Context for the United States Military Academy, West Point, New York (United States)


    Delaware,” pp 385-387 in Vol 1 of Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico, Frederick W. Hodge, ed. 2 vols. Bureau of American Ethnology ... Ethnology Bulletin 145; and Monique J. Tyndall, 2004, “Ridge Hill Yonkers, New York: Study of the Weckquasgeek Chieftancy and the Present Site Known as...Indian Tribes of North America,” Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin 145. 33 Swanton, 1952. 14 (site of Peekskill), and


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michaelene Cox


    Full Text Available Visualizing power is an imaginative and multifaceted undertaking. Those who can use imagery to harness and transform cultural expectations about authority can influence how societies face current and future challenges. For instance, we find a concern with security to be one of the most pressing issues at the individual, state and international levels. Perceptions of law enforcement and the armed services certainly have bearing on our confidence in those institutions to safeguard lives, property and cultural values. We understand that impressions mirror reality to varying degree and are manipulated by a myriad of forces, including nonverbal communication. It is valuable then to consider the nature of images furnished today for public consumption. Photographs from one of the world’s largest electronic image banks reveal attributes of contemporary representations of the military and police. Although such collections have not been mined by many scholars yet, the study herein finds room for considerable investigation and reflection across disciplines about the role of stock photography in shaping and reflecting cultural norms and identities.

  12. The American Military Advisor: Dealing with Senior Foreign Officials in the Islamic World (United States)


    influence. 4. The advisor must be a true American, but not an Ugly American. Whatever his own religious and political convictions, the advisor must show...sheep’s tail and pulled out a large wad of semi raw fat , holding it up to the American official’s mouth and saying, “Eat. It’s the best part...tea from an unfamiliar plant, mint tea, red cinnamon tea, yellow cardamom tea, black tea, or green tea? Is there a tea bag, or are there fresh

  13. Military Service and Economic Mobility: Evidence from the American Civil War. (United States)

    Lee, Chulhee


    How did geographic and occupational mobility after the Civil War differ between Union Army veterans and nonveterans? By 1880, Union veterans were more likely to migrate to a different state or region than nonveterans. The higher geographic mobility of veterans is likely attributable to their experience of traveling away from their hometowns while in service. Union veterans who held unskilled jobs prior to enlistment were more likely to move up to white-collar or farming jobs by 1880 than unskilled nonveterans. In contrast, unskilled veterans were less likely to become artisans than nonveterans. The differences in occupational mobility by veteran status might be explained by the effects of military experiences such as learning from comrades in the company.

  14. China's Military Potential

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Wortzel, Larry


    The People's Republic of China (PRC) is seen by many as an economic powerhouse with the world's largest standing military that has the potential to translate economic power into the military sphere...

  15. Observations on Occupation and Military Governance: An Analysis of the American Occupation of Japan and Germany in World War II

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Duray, Jr, Paul H


    Prior to the current Global War on Terror (GWOT), the United States military had not participated in occupation and military governance mission on as a massive a scale as that experienced in World War II...

  16. Proliferation of Russian Military Equipment: Implications for United States Air and Space Power

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Kwast, Steven


    Russia is flooding world markets with military equipment. This flood of equipment is acting like a fuel source for terrorist organizations and countries around the world to use force against their enemies...

  17. A note on the pricing of the perpetual American capped power put option


    Sakagami, Yoshitaka


    We give an explicit solution to the perpetual American capped power put option pricing problem in the Black-Scholes-Merton Model. The approach is mainly based on free-boundary formulation and verification. For completeness we also give an explicit solution to the perpetual American standard power (≥1) option pricing problem.

  18. American Air Power: Multiple Services or Multiple Capabilities? (United States)


    our eventual battle in the desert "through what at the time had been criticized as duplication and oversupply of forces,... aviation in North Africa demonstrated during WW II and have reaffirmed in Desert Storm, aviation assets are so flexible and so maneuverable that they are...diminished. The ongoing Somalian deployment and the threat of increased involvement in Bosnia are two examples of current military concern. Regional

  19. Dilemmas in Forward Basing: Understanding the Impact of the American Military Presence in Bahrain (United States)


    chewing soldiers shooting Iraqis at a wedding in a popular movie.35 These events in Turkey highlight a growing lack of trust and understanding where...political ideologies and interests. Members ranged from communists, to religious clergy both Catholic and Protestant, pacifists, socialists and ever made with an estimated budget of $10 million. The film portrays American soldiers chewing gum and killing innocent people at an Iraqi wedding

  20. Consortium for Health and Military Performance and American College of Sports Medicine consensus paper on extreme conditioning programs in military personnel. (United States)

    Bergeron, Michael F; Nindl, Bradley C; Deuster, Patricia A; Baumgartner, Neal; Kane, Shawn F; Kraemer, William J; Sexauer, Lisa R; Thompson, Walter R; O'Connor, Francis G


    A potential emerging problem associated with increasingly popularized extreme conditioning programs (ECPs) has been identified by the military and civilian communities. That is, there is an apparent disproportionate musculoskeletal injury risk from these demanding programs, particularly for novice participants, resulting in lost duty time, medical treatment, and extensive rehabilitation. This is a significant and costly concern for the military with regard to effectively maintaining operational readiness of the Force. While there are certain recognized positive aspects of ECPs that address a perceived and/or actual unfulfilled conditioning need for many individuals and military units, these programs have limitations and should be considered carefully. Moreover, certain distinctive characteristics of ECPs appear to violate recognized accepted standards for safely and appropriately developing muscular fitness and are not uniformly aligned with established and accepted training doctrine. Accordingly, practical solutions to improve ECP prescription and implementation and reduce injury risk are of paramount importance.

  1. Military Dictatorship in Greece (1967-1974): The Genesis of Greek Anti-Americanism. (United States)


    government, formed by S. Stephanopoulos , finally garnered enough Center Union defectors to obtain a vote of confi- dence. His government remained in power...Tsirimokos 20 Aug 1965- No (EK) 29 Aug 1965 S. Stephanopoulos 17 Sep 1965- Yes (FIDIK) 21 Dec 1966 J. Paraskevopoulos 22 Dec 1966- Caretaker 30 Mar

  2. Access issues associated with U.S. military presence in Thailand and the Philippines


    Dilag, Bayani C.


    Approved for public release, distribution is unlimited In pursuit of the objectives of the U.S. National Security Strategy and the National Military Strategy, the U.S. Armed Forces require access to military and logistics facilities overseas to be able to support and sustain its combat power projection. Access to these places translates into capabilities. An American military forward presence in time of peace as well as during a regional crisis lends credibility to U.S. diplomacy. Moreover...

  3. Power supplies and equipment for military field research: lessons from the British Service Dhaulagiri Research Expedition 2016. (United States)

    Howard, Matt; Bakker-Dyos, J; Gallagher, L; O'Hara, J P; Woods, D; Mellor, A


    The British Service Dhaulagiri Research Expedition (BSDMRE) took place from 27 March to 31 May 2016. The expedition involved 129 personnel, with voluntary participation in nine different study protocols. Studies were conducted in three research camps established at 3600, 4600 and 5140 m and involved taking and storing blood samples, cardiac echocardiography and investigations involving a balance plate. Research in this remote environment requires careful planning in order to provide a robust and resilient power plan. In this paper we aim to report the rationale for the choices we made in terms of power supply, the equipment used and potential military applicability. This is a descriptive account from the expedition members involved in planning and conducting the medical research. Power calculations were used to determine estimates of requirement prior to the expedition. The primary sources used to generate power were internal combustion engine (via petrol fuelled electric generators) and solar panels. Having been generated, power was stored using lithium-ion batteries. Special consideration was given to the storage of samples taken in the field, for which electric freezers and dry shippers were used. All equipment used functioned well during the expedition, with the challenges of altitude, temperature and transport all overcome due to extensive prior planning. Power was successfully generated, stored and delivered during the BSDMRE, allowing extensive medical research to be undertaken. The challenges faced and overcome are directly applicable to delivering military medical care in austere environments, and lessons learnt can help with the planning and delivery of future operations, training exercises or expeditions. © Article author(s) (or their employer(s) unless otherwise stated in the text of the article) 2018. All rights reserved. No commercial use is permitted unless otherwise expressly granted.

  4. Citizens, Soldiers, and War: Comparing American Societal-Military Relationships with the Use of Forces Abroad, 1975-2014 (United States)


    presidents have been precluded from emulating Washington’s example entirely, and most citizens will not become the archetype citizen- soldier of the...military force in the country’s counter-terrorism efforts. The literature on civil-military relations raises several important questions that...Global War on Terror provides the environmental context for the present study. Literature from the field of civil-military relations provides the

  5. Is there a parliamentary peace? Parliamentary veto power and military interventions from Kosovo to Daesh

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Wagner, W.M.


    The paper outlines the causal mechanisms that specify why parliamentary control is expected to make the use of force less likely and reviews the empirical evidence thus far. It then analyses liberal democracies’ (non-)participation in the military interventions 1999 (Kosovo), 2001 (Afghanistan),

  6. Transpacific Partnership (TPP Agreement. Is the commercial solution for political-military tension at the region? or Is an american strategy to diminish China influence in Asia?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eduardo Ramírez Zamudio


    Full Text Available China and the United States have had a difficult relation over the past 10 years. First of all, the rise of China as a military and economic superpower on the world´s stage is seen under suspicion and discontent by the American political, military and even economic authorities. The United States government does not fully believe China´s intention of pacific rise and has perceived the Chinese government more as a strategic rival than a partner. On the economic field the Americans manufacturing companies complain of China´s distorted economic policies that keep its currency undervalued and subsidise its own companies at the expense of foreign enterprises. On the political side, the American Congress has repeatedly accused the Chinese government of systematically violating its people´s fundamental Human Rights and has pointed out the Chinese governments´ attempts to stop democratic manifestations in the country. As for the military, the U.S. Pentagon publishes each year an updated document on the Chinese military capabilities, rising concerns about China´s fast-growing military modernisation.All these accusations have been replied by the Chinese counterparts of Commerce, Military and Political agencies, whose general answer is to point out the American’s lack of knowledge about China’s development. Whenever the Pentagon makes a statement about China’s military capabilities; the Chinese Military Speaker replies that his country has no intention to compete militarily with the United States army. Whenever the U.S. Secretary of State argues that China does not respect Human Rights; the Chinese government question the American interference in other countries’ internal affairs. Whenever the American industrialists complain about China’s economic subsidies; the Chinese government remind them about the United States’ tendency of subsidising its own economic sectors, such as the agriculture. China and the United States disagree upon

  7. Soft power geopolitics: how does the diminishing utility of military power affect the Russia – West confrontation over the “Common Neighbourhood”

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vasif HUSEYNOV


    Full Text Available This paper is based on the fact that a number of factors, but particularly the restricting utility of military force between great powers, increase the significance of soft power as a tool both for legitimization and expansion in international relations in general, and in the West – Russia confrontation over the “common (or shared neighbourhood” in particular. It explores how this fact affects the policies of the Western powers and Russia within the frame of the confrontation they are in. The paper narrows down its analytical focus on the efforts of the Kremlin to affect the public opinion in its neighbourhood and to counter Western soft power. It is argued that the Ukraine crisis has affected Russia’s perception of soft power, re-constructed its counter-revolutionary agenda, and increased the profile of propaganda in its foreign policy. The paper concludes that the soft power competition between Russia and West and the policies of the two powers to win over the hearts and minds of people in the shared neighbourhood re-define the character of geopolitical games in the Former Soviet Union.

  8. International Military Education and Multinational Military Cooperation

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Moskos, Charles


    .... This report is based on interviews with international officers (IOs) at American war, command and staff colleges in each of the services who participate in International Military and Education and Training (IMET...

  9. Power and Ideology in American Sport. A Critical Perspective. (United States)

    Sage, George H.

    This book offers a critical perspective in examining how the dominant power interests influence sport and its role in society. It provides insights into how government, big business, the mass media, and educational institutions gain and maintain power and wealth while sport participants and spectators look to sport for enjoyment, creative…

  10. Annual Report on the Military Power of the People’s Republic of China (United States)


    advancing its military space capabilities across the board, including reconnaissance, navigation, communications, meteorology, small satellite technology...seeking foreign assistance on small satellites and has launched a number of them, including a scientific mission satellite , SJ-5 (Practice-5), in 1999 and...a constellation of seven minisatellites with 50-meter-resolution remote-sensing payloads. Russia launched the first satellite in June 2000. Later

  11. Sea Power and American Interests in the Western Pacific (United States)


    the mid-1930s on, the United States re- deployed much of its Pacific fleet from California to Hawaii to dis- suade Japan from further the Dragon; Chinese Takeovers ,” November 13, 2010, p. 81. U.S. and Chinese Interests and Sea Power in the Western Pacific 75 War I will be taken...

  12. Gendered power in cultural contexts: Part II. Middle class African American heterosexual couples with young children. (United States)

    Cowdery, Randi S; Scarborough, Norma; Knudson-Martin, Carmen; Seshadri, Gita; Lewis, Monique E; Mahoney, Anne Rankin


    When race and gender intersect, understanding gendered power may be complicated. The authors first describe the historical context that serves as important background for understanding gender and power in heterosexual African American relationships. Then they show how family solidarity in the face of social injustices often overrides gender equality as a goal for middle class African American couples with young children. The findings illustrate pragmatic equality within couple relationships and the willful suspension of gender roles for the well-being of the family as a whole. However, gendered power impacts couples in a variety of ways. Sometimes a woman's fear that the man might leave, for example, diminished her power in the relationship. Often a woman accommodated a man's greater power in the family because of her perception that he was often denied power in the larger society. Societal discrimination of women was less visible to couples. Implications for practice are provided.

  13. A Strategy for American Power: Energy, Climate and National Security (United States)


    farming, and while biofuels loom larger as a part of the Midwest economy, this sector’s preferences are a bit up for grabs , depend- ing upon what...our health, and caring for the land . • The leaders and opinion-makers who shape public life in America need to do more to share good information...coal, including natural gas, nuclear power, biofuels , solar, wind, hydrogen, methanol, wind, and ocean tides, but none of these fuel sources can yield

  14. Liberation psychological implications for pastoral care of Korean military wives. (United States)

    Chang, Bocheol


    Native Korean women frequently suffer poverty, sexual violence, and Confucian gender discrimination. Once in America Korean military wives also experience racial and sexual oppression, intercultural familial conflicts and violence, and identity crisis and lead to feelings of isolation and non-belonging, a sense of anomie. Korean American pastors tend to understate and oversimplify the complexity of psychological and spiritual suffering of Korean military wives and overemphasize individual faith development as a solution. Liberation psychology evolved from an awareness of similar dehumanizing realities. The context-based perspective of liberation psychology offers a model to interpret and assist in the psychological and spiritual healing of Korean military wives. The healing power of conscientization offered in Liberation psychology for oppressed individuals encourages self-awakening suggesting it as an ideal interventional model to help Korean military wives and would be a useful approach for Korean American pastors.

  15. Funding "Non-Traditional" Military Operations: The Alluring Myth of a Presidential Power of the Future

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Rosen, Richard


    .... In recent years, a number of scholars and operational lawyers have asserted the President has the inherent constitutional power to direct spending deemed essential to national security, including...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jari Eloranta


    Full Text Available This article explores the complicated phenomenon of military spending among a sample of eight Western democracies in the interwar period by analyzing especially the possibility of economic and/or military competition between the Western Great Powers and the ensuing impacts on the smaller states included here. The hegemonic paradigm suggested by e.g. Paul Kennedy predicts that the economic leader in a system will increasingly invest on maintaining security; thus eventually bringing economic growth to a halt. The military spending patterns respective of economic growth at first seem to suggest that not only the totalitarian states, as is the traditional view, but also the UK and France stepped in to fill the void created by the lack of American leadership. However, the military expenditures of these nations were too low to warrant the conclusion that they had any impact on their respective economic performance. This result is also verified here by employing Granger non-causality tests between the military spending and economic growth variables. Moreover, regression analysis on the military spending variables for the UK and France points towards competition on the level. The smaller states, respectively, seemed to follow the UK and France fairly closely in their military spending decisions.

  17. Military Power of the People's Republic of China 2006. Annual Report to Congress

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library


    China's rapid rise as a regional political and economic power with global aspirations is an important element of today's strategic environment - one that has significant implications for the region and the world...

  18. Incidence and epidemiology of spinal cord injury within a closed American population: the United States military (2000–2009)


    Schoenfeld, AJ; McCriskin, B.; Hsiao, M.; Burks, R.


    The objective of this study was to characterize the incidence of spinal cord injury (SCI) within the population of the United States military from 2000–2009. This investigation also sought to define potential risk factors for the development of SCI.

  19. The American Military and the Far East, Proceedings of the Ninth Military History Symposium, United States Air Force Academy, 1-3 October 1980, (United States)


    revolution against Spain and then the Americans, but also participating in highly spiritual millennial movements or engaging in social banditry, com- mon...mission failed in its ultimate purpose because the goal was unachievable. The impulse was not Chinese.... China was a problem for which there was no...extended their perimeter into the surrounding countryside, trying not to overtax their meager numbers. Their object was to buy time until the Army

  20. Hazardous Waste Cleanup: American Motive Power Incorporated in Dansville, New York (United States)

    The American Motive Power, Inc. is located at 9431 Foster Wheeler Road, Town of North Dansville in Livingston County in New York. The facility was a metal fabrication plant where a variety of industrial processes occurred over the years from 1927 through 2

  1. 75 FR 32171 - American Electric Power Service Corporation's Mountaineer Commercial Scale Carbon Capture and... (United States)


    ... consisting of planning, design, construction, and operation of the CCS system. There will be a four-year DOE... for the construction and operation of a project proposed by American Electric Power Service... absence of strong incentives. The CCPI program was established in 2002 as a government and private sector...

  2. Authorities to Use US Military Force Since the Passage of the 1973 War Powers Resolution (United States)


    of a series of hearings held by the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, to discuss “ inflated executive interpretations of the president’s power to...States embargo. The US Navy was part of a joint coalition of naval forces from Canada, France, Argentina , the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. 79

  3. Settler colonial power and the American Indian sovereignty movement: forms of domination, strategies of transformation. (United States)

    Steinman, Erich


    The article extends the multi-institutional model of power and change through an analysis of the American Indian Sovereignty Movement. Drawing upon cultural models of the state, and articulating institutionalist conceptions of political opportunities and resources, the analysis demonstrates that this framework can be applied to challenges addressing the state as well as nonstate fields. The rational-legal diminishment of tribal rights, bureaucratic paternalism, commonsense views of tribes as racial/ethnic minorities, and the binary construction of American and Indian as oppositional identities diminished the appeal of "contentious" political action. Instead, to establish tribes' status as sovereign nations, tribal leaders aggressively enacted infrastructural power, transposed favorable legal rulings across social fields to legitimize sovereignty discourses, and promoted a pragmatic coexistence with state and local governments. Identifying the United States as a settler colonial society, the study suggests that a decolonizing framework is more apt than racial/ethnicity approaches in conceptualizing the struggle of American Indians.

  4. Femme Fatale: An Examination of the Role of Women in Combat and the Policy Implications for Future American Military Operations (United States)


    the calls for the Marines to close their recruiting station in Berkeley and attempts to ban military recruiters on college campuses has further...attacks who have usually lost husbands or children, or been raped by occupying soldiers. For many of these women, their sacrifice provides them a...Ravensbrück concentration camp.14 Another French woman, Lucienne Guezennec used the metaphor of rape to describe the occupation. Guezennec explained

  5. Review of the State-of-the-Art in Power Electronics Suitable for 10-KW Military Power Systems

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Staunton, R.H.


    The purpose of this report is to document the technological opportunities of integrating power electronics-based inverters into a TEP system, primarily in the 10-kW size range. The proposed enhancement offers potential advantages in weight reduction, improved efficiency, better performance in a wider range of generator operating conditions, greater versatility and adaptability, and adequate reliability. In order to obtain strong assurance of the availability of inverters that meet required performance and reliability levels, a market survey was performed. The survey obtained positive responses from several manufacturers in the motor drive and distributed generation industries. This study also includes technology reviews and assessments relating to circuit topologies, reliability issues, vulnerability to pulses of electromagnetic energy, potential improvements in semiconductor materials, and potential performance improvement through cryogenics.

  6. China as a nuclear power: its military policy and its role in world politics

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Liu, B.


    With their current conventional weapons, it is impossible for the Chinese to check a Soviet invasion. And, given China's defense technology and the priority of economic development, the prospect of a rapid defense modernization is also not too good. More importantly, since China has changed from a revolutionary power into a status quo power, it can no longer lure the enemy deep and use the strategy of people's war to sink the enemy. Under these circumstances, China has no choice but to use nuclear weapons for national defense. Resting national security on nuclear weapons is a matter of necessity rather than of choice to China. But his strategy unavoidably conflicts with another of China's needs: the need to polish its peace-loving image. To extricate itself from the dilemma, China has chosen to actively participate in the game of arms control - a tactic that can make China appear peace-loving and, if it really leads the superpowers to cut their nuclear arsenals, can also bolster China's national security. In fact, even if Chinese participation in arms control does not force the superpowers to cut their nuclear weapons, it has already encouraged the mounting global anti-nuclear movement, and increased the pressure on the superpowers

  7. That’s Not What I Joined to Do, Sir -- Understanding Military Culture and Ethos is Critical for the Correct Use of the Military Instrument of Power (United States)


    programmed by U.S. military superiority.‖ 4 The shifting definition of victory will be discussed later in the thesis as it is one of the underlying...the Berlin Wall fell, the U.S. increasingly saw itself as the global policemen and counselor. To retain this role in today‘s world of globalised ...uncontrollable hinterland beyond the definitive actions of ―Hard Power‖. If ―Soft Power‖ is brought into the realm of warfare it can place restraints on

  8. Influence of method of development speed-power qualities on military-professional activity of students

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Payevsky V.V.


    Full Text Available The fixed assets and methods of the special physical preparation are certain. Their influence is rotined on development of the professionally oriented motive qualities of students. The results of implementation of tests of the combat training and control of physical exercises are rotined. Provided funds and their intercommunication development of separate groups of muscles with the indexes of the special capacity. It is marked that speed of implementation of professional actions is determined ability to develop the considerable sizes of force for short time. It is set that considerable is universalism speed-power qualities. It is marked about his importance from the methodological point of view in the conditions of the limited amount of time.

  9. Transforming Military Leaders

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Weiss, Bartholomew W


    ... a catastrophic event in another part. Consequentially, the United States must transform its military instrument of power to defeat its enemies and show its alliance with friends to defeat this adverse aspect of globalization...

  10. NAS battery demonstration at American Electric Power:a study for the DOE energy storage program.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Newmiller, Jeff (Endecon Engineering, San Ramon, CA); Norris, Benjamin L. (Norris Energy Consulting Company, Martinez, CA); Peek, Georgianne Huff


    The first U.S. demonstration of the NGK sodium/sulfur battery technology was launched in August 2002 when a prototype system was installed at a commercial office building in Gahanna, Ohio. American Electric Power served as the host utility that provided the office space and technical support throughout the project. The system was used to both reduce demand peaks (peak-shaving operation) and to mitigate grid power disturbances (power quality operation) at the demonstration site. This report documents the results of the demonstration, provides an economic analysis of a commercial sodium/sulfur battery energy storage system at a typical site, and describes a side-by-side demonstration of the capabilities of the sodium/sulfur battery system, a lead-acid battery system, and a flywheel-based energy storage system in a power quality application.

  11. The North American power delivery system: Balancing market restructuring and environmental economics with infrastructure security

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Massoud Amin, S.; Gellings, Clark W.


    The North American electric power system was developed over the last 100 years without a conscious awareness and analysis of the system-wide implications of its current evolution under the forces of deregulation, system complexity, power-market impacts, terrorism, and human error. The possibility of power delivery beyond neighboring areas was a distant secondary consideration. Today, the North American power network may realistically be considered to be the largest machine in the world. With the advent of deregulation and competition in the electric power industry, new ways are being sought to improve the efficiency of that network without seriously diminishing its reliability and security. Controlling a heterogeneous, widely dispersed, yet globally interconnected system is a serious technological problem in any case. It is even more complex and difficult to control it for optimal efficiency and maximum benefit to the ultimate consumers while still allowing all its business components to compete fairly and freely. In this paper we present an overview of key issues and the context in which the electricity infrastructure is being operated under the above forces along with a strategic vision extending to a decade, or longer, that would enable more secure and robust systems operation, security monitoring, and efficient energy markets. (author)

  12. J. F. Powers and Betty Wahl: Irish Americans and Returning Yanks

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    John L. Murphy


    Full Text Available The limited critical attention given J.F. Powers (1917-99 has concentrated on his engagement with Catholicism. Powers also applies Irish American motifs to his fiction. This article analyzes the depiction that Powers and his wife Betty Wahl (1924-88, who left postwar America to live on and off in Ireland, made of the Irish in both their homeland and in America. Powers only once directly addressed his own experience as a sporadic Irish resident, in the final story, “Tinkers,” anthologized in his third and last collection in 1975. Wahl’s writing career proved limited. Her only novel, Rafferty and Co. (1969, semi-fictionalizes the Powers family’s decision to move to Ireland, for a series of extended stays in the 1950s and early 1960s. This article examines these writers’ dramatization of postwar Ireland as expatriate Americans. Powers’ story and Wahl’s novel depict the stresses of living in suburbs south of Dublin while struggling to sustain a countercultural yet conservative idealism. That combination drove the family away from the Midwest, in both fiction and fact, to settle in an economically destitute and patriotically insecure Ireland.

  13. The Politics of Air Power: From Confrontation to Cooperation in Army Aviation Civil-Military Relations, 1919-1940

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Rice, Rondall


    .... In order to sway public opinion and elected officials, air leaders used propaganda to arouse public sentiment and circumvented military and civilian superiors to appeal directly to like-minded congressmen...

  14. Trends on nuclear power generation and industry in European and American nations

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Tokai, Kunihiro


    In European and American nations, competitive principle was also recently introduced to electric industry allowed its local exclusion as a public business before today by liberalization of electric power market due to regulative relaxation, and then the existing electric power companies are now under serious competition with the other companies, of course with IPP which is its new comer. And, as nuclear power generation has already established there its position for an important source essential for electric power supply, by liberalization of electric power economy has also been severely required to the nuclear power generation. Then, the electric power companies intend to carry out cost-down by various means such as contraction of periodical inspection, and so on. Especially, in U.S.A., not only rationalization effort at a pace of every company but also various cost-down procedures ranging to reorganization of business such as purchase of other company power station, establishment of operation company integrally carrying out operation management of some companies, and so on, As a result, the nuclear power generation has come to obtain an evaluation to be an electric source sufficiently capable of competing with the other sources even at competitive market. On the other hand, its new construction continues at difficult condition. By adding to traditional objection against nuclear energy, in general, by recently entering of environmental protection party to the regime in some nations of western Europe, political environment around nuclear energy becomes unstable. And, liberalization of electric power also forms an investment environment advantageous for natural gas burning thermal power plants capable of carrying out short term capital recovery, in general. Therefore, the electric companies tend strongly to correspond to rather life elongation of the present plant than new plan construction. (G.K.)


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Carl R. Bozzuto; Nsakala ya Nsakala; Gregory N. Liljedahl; Mark Palkes; John L. Marion


    ALSTOM Power Inc.'s Power Plant Laboratories (ALSTOM) has teamed with American Electric Power (AEP), ABB Lummus Global Inc. (ABB), the US Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory (DOE NETL), and the Ohio Coal Development Office (OCDO) to conduct a comprehensive study evaluating the technical feasibility and economics of alternate CO{sub 2} capture and sequestration technologies applied to an existing US coal-fired electric generation power plant. The motivation for this study was to provide input to potential US electric utility actions concerning GHG emissions reduction. If the US decides to reduce CO{sub 2} emissions, action would need to be taken to address existing power plants. Although fuel switching from coal to natural gas may be one scenario, it will not necessarily be a sufficient measure and some form of CO{sub 2} capture for use or disposal may also be required. The output of this CO{sub 2} capture study will enhance the public's understanding of control options and influence decisions and actions by government, regulators, and power plant owners in considering the costs of reducing greenhouse gas CO{sub 2} emissions. The total work breakdown structure is encompassed within three major reports, namely: (1) Literature Survey, (2) AEP's Conesville Unit No.5 Retrofit Study, and (3) Bench-Scale Testing and CFD Evaluation. The report on the literature survey results was issued earlier by Bozzuto, et al. (2000). Reports entitled ''AEP's Conesville Unit No.5 Retrofit Study'' and ''Bench-Scale Testing and CFD Evaluation'' are provided as companion volumes, denoted Volumes I and II, respectively, of the final report. The work performed, results obtained, and conclusions and recommendations derived therefrom are summarized.

  16. Will Military Reductions Create Shortages of Trained Personnel and Harm the Career Prospects of American Youth? EQW Working Papers WP26. (United States)

    Barley, Stephen R.

    Although returns to military service may have been positive prior to Vietnam, since Vietnam the average veteran has neither benefited nor suffered economically from military service. Educational attainment is the primary reason veterans have earned more than nonveterans. Because the population as a whole has become more educated, military service…

  17. Rebalancing US Military Power (United States)


    Stuart Faris write, “America’s land forces should look to develop a global landpower network. This network would consist of allies, expedi- tionary...operations, and debates from various US perspectives. 2 LTG Charles Cleveland and LTC Stuart Faris , “Toward Strategic Landpower,” Army, July 2013

  18. Soviet Military Power (United States)


    S~104 Meters • ALFA-Class SSN Armament: Torpedoes, SS-N-15 ASW missile Propulsion: Nuclear R .Submerged Displacement: 3,700 MT 79 Meters OSCAR missile attack submarines. During the cluded the activation of the second unit of the next 10 years, while there may be a slight de. OSCAR -Class...reconnaissance programs that are e"r" wao ."t"" geared to meet the intelligence requirements for Soviet forces in war. In wartime, SPETS- Organized into

  19. Telemedicine Based Ultrasound for Detecting Neonatal Heart Disease in Babies at Remote Military or Native American Health Care Facilities (United States)


    power supply is preventing the codec from dialing out. In addition, the Navy will make the same network upgrade as USAMITC at which time the...Polycom 512 is still operational; however, a bad Polycom power supply is preventing the codec from dialing out. In addition, the Navy will make the...calls demonstrate very good audio and video quality. USAMITC forgot to notify anyone in the TeleEcho Project regarding a planned network upgrade

  20. Fetal growth curves for an ethnically diverse military population: the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine-accredited platform experience. (United States)

    Elliott, Dawn; Patience, Troy; Boyd, Emily; Hume, Roderick F; Calhoun, Byron C; Napolitano, Peter G; Apodaca, Christina C


    To determine which fetal growth curve provided the best estimates of fetal weight for a cohort of ethnically diverse patients at sea level. The study consisted of a population of 1,729 fetuses examined at sea level between January 1, 1997, and June 30, 2000, at 18 weeks, 28 weeks, and term. Gestational age (GA) based on menstrual dates was confirmed or adjusted by crown-rump length or early second-trimester biometry. Fetal weight was estimated by using biparietal diameter, head circumference, abdominal circumference, and femur length. Our fetal growth curves were analyzed with fourth-order polynomial regression analysis, applying four previously defined formulae for fetal growth. Fetal growth curves for estimated fetal weight demonstrated the expected parabolic shape, which varied according to the formulae used. Our curve best fit the following equation: estimated fetal weight = 4.522 - 0.22 x GA age + 0.25 x GA(2) - 0.001 x GA(3) + 5.248 x 10(-6) x GA(4) (R2 = 0.976). SD increased in concordance with GA. Madigan Army Medical Center serves a racially mixed, culturally diverse, military community with unrestricted access to prenatal care. Determination of the optimal population-appropriate growth curve at the correct GA assists clinicians in identifying fetuses at risk for growth restriction or macrosomia and therefore at risk for increased perinatal morbidity and death.

  1. Racism and Power: Arizona Politicians' Use of the Discourse of Anti-Americanism against Mexican American Studies (United States)

    Orozco, Richard A.


    The article discusses a legislation that would effectively terminate Mexican American Studies programs in k-12 was passed in Arizona in 2010. In this article, the author traces how this legislation drew from discourses of anti-Americanism and wickedness initiated by the state's superintendent of public instruction against Mexican American Studies…

  2. Military and Political Studies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexey I. Podberyozkin


    Full Text Available Military-political issues is an important area of research work at MGIMO. The difference in this direction from the classical international specialization is that it is at the intersection of several disciplines: military science, military-technical and military-industrial as well as International Relations. A specialist in military and political issues should not only be an expert in the field of international relations and diplomacy, but also have a deep knowledge of military-technical issues to understand the basic trends in the development of scientific and technological progress and its impact on the balance of forces in the world. Global changes in the balance of power and the nature of the conflict, the emergence of new types of weapons are changing the basic methods and approaches to the art of war, which requires a science-based perspective on problem solving and multi-disciplinary approach in achieving the goals. Military and political studies allow us to understand how the development of military technology and military organization of the state affected by the political situation in the world, the national security of the country and its place in the system of international relations. Military-political research has been developing at MGIMO for a few decades. It laid down the basis for a scientific school of political-military studies. Its founding fathers were such prominent scholars of international affairs, as I.G. Usachyov, A.D. Nikonov, A.G. Arbatov, V.G. Baranovsky, V.M. Kulagin, A.N. Nikitin and other well-known experts. Their work covers a wide range of military and political issues, including the topics of arms control and disarmament, international, and especially European security, military policy, NATO, the Western military-political doctrines and their practical application. Now the lead in the development of this research at MGIMO has taken Center for Military-Political Studies, which became a concentration of relevant

  3. History, power, and electricity: American popular magazine accounts of electroconvulsive therapy, 1940-2005. (United States)

    Hirshbein, Laura; Sarvananda, Sharmalie


    Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is a psychiatric treatment that has been in use in the United States since the 1940s. During the whole of its existence, it has been extensively discussed and debated within American popular magazines. While initial reports of the treatment highlighted its benefits to patients, accounts by the 1970s and 1980s were increasingly polarized. This article analyzes the popular accounts over time, particularly the ways in which the debates over ECT have revolved around different interpretations of ECT's history and its power dynamics. Copyright (c) 2008 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  4. Alex Houen. Powers of Possibility: Experimental American Writing since the 1960s.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Despoina Feleki


    Full Text Available After building a socio-political background on Fredric Jameson’s late capitalist postmodernism, Michel Foucault’s “biopolitics,” Herbert Marcuse’s “automatization” of social life and György Lukács’s “abstract” and “concrete” potentials, Alex Houen investigates in his work Powers of Possibility: Experimental American Writing since the 1960s (2012 the main political and technological events which have had a decisive impact on cultural production since the 60s in the U.S. Since Vietnam War, Col...

  5. The Need for American Hegemony (United States)


    military power.17 The first ended abruptly with “the war to end all wars.”18 Yet, liberal internationalists, like Professor Noam Chomsky of MIT...December 2008. 16. Krauthammer, 11. 17. Kagan, “Benevolent Empire,” 30. 18. Kagan, “Benevolent Empire,” 30. 19. Noam Chomsky , Hegemony or...Era of American Empire. London: Routledge, 2003. Chomsky , Noam . Hegemony or Survival: America’s Quest for Global Dominance. New York

  6. Renewable energy and power cooperation between China and six Latin American nations (United States)

    Xie, Yuetao; Yan, Bingzhong; Zhou, Shichun


    China has been entitled the biggest supplier and largest market of renewable energy for the past few years. With One Belt and One Road initiative carrying on, the China’s renewable energy industry is looking for opportunities across the world. Latin America, which has rich renewable energy resources and urge demand for a cleaner and more sustainable energy system, may become an important target market for China. The prospect and potential of renewable energy cooperation between China and Latin America are promising. In this paper, six Latin American nations of varied background were selected as study cases. Their nation profile, energy resources, power market, and energy development trends were analysed, and the cooperation prospect and potential between these nations and China in renewable energy sector were discussed. The results indicate that Argentina and Bolivia are most potential cooperation partners, and project development and equipment manufacturing of non-hydro renewable energy, along with power grid upgrading are the prioritized areas. In addition, recommendations and solutions addressing the issues and challenges incurred in the current bilateral energy cooperation between China and Latin American nations were proposed.

  7. Influence of French Air Power Strategy in the European Union’s Military Operations in Africa (2003-2009) (United States)


    each function separately . French airlift capabilities are the first under scrutiny. French Military Airlift in Africa Boosted by its long...of bombs has been rare . 46 Furthermore, deploying attack aircraft capable of bombing missions is a strong message France sends to the political...the Aviation Légere de l‟Armée de Terre (ALAT, French Army aviation) operates attack helicopters, the air force is specialized in CSAR missions

  8. The U.S.-China Military Scorecard: Forces, Geography, and the Evolving Balance of Power, 1996-2017 (United States)


    Laser system, could potentially be used to dazzle Chinese satellites’ optical sensors. Finally, the U.S. military could potentially use improved...the United States, China operates laser -ranging stations, which might be able to dazzle U.S. satellites or track their orbits to facilitate other forms...the United States and, therefore, could not be used to dazzle Chinese satellites in the Western Pacific or South China Sea. Some of these lasers are

  9. Visions of the North American natural gas and power markets in the next millennium

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Rounding, M.C.


    The state of affairs in the North American energy markets was discussed. Significant changes are taking place in the energy industry at a greater pace than ever before. These changes include more strategic alliances, mergers, acquisitions and name changes. This paper also discussed the issue of climate change and how it will effect business operations in the energy industry in the next millennium. It was suggested that climate change should be viewed as a business issue. Marketing 'green power' will become a significant business tool in the next century. The role that natural gas will play in new business opportunities was also discussed. Future gas supply and demand forecasts indicate that there is enough natural gas to last well into the twenty second century. Natural gas prices are not expected to climb high enough to deter its use. The future for natural gas looks promising

  10. Steven E. Miller and Dmitri V. Trenin, eds., The Russian Military: Power and Policy, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2004.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mikhail Tsypkin


    Full Text Available The Russian military largely went below the radar of Western interest after the disintegration of the Soviet Union.  More than a decade after the creation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, they have become again the object of interest for scholars – this time, both Western and Russian, as demonstrated by the reviewed volume, whose editors assembled a group of extraordinarily knowledgeable experts from Russia and the West.  In his introduction, Steven Miller explains that the purp...

  11. The Barracks Subculture of Military School Students (United States)

    Poliakov, R. Iu.


    The subcultures that develop among military students have a powerful influence on their values and behavior, and in some situations are more influential than the official, military culture. Any attempt to improve levels of discipline in the military cannot afford to ignore these subcultures. [This article was translated by Kim Braithwaite.

  12. Propulsion and Power Generation Capabilities of a Dense Plasma Focus (DPF) Fusion System for Future Military Aerospace Vehicles (POSTPRINT)

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Knecht, Sean D; Mead, Franklin B; Thomas, Robert E; Miley, George H; Froning, David


    ...) fusion power and propulsion technology, with advanced "waverider"-like airframe configurations utilizing air-breathing MHD propulsion and power technology within a reusable single-stage-to-orbit vehicle...

  13. A comparison of allometric scaling methods for normalizing strength, power, and speeed in American football players. (United States)

    Jacobson, B H


    Assessments of physical abilities are consistently and systematically done in American football in order to determine progress and effectiveness of conditioning programs. Typically, such assessment are recorded as absolute values without regard to the influence of body mass (BM) on the performance variables. Test results were collected on NCAA football players (mean + SD: age = 20.1+1.3, mass=107.38+20.30 kg, height=186.76+8.6 cm). Players were categorized into seven weight groups. Data by weight groups were compared by absolute and by allometrically scaled values for 1-RM squat (N.=566), vertical jump (N.=581), and 40 yd (36.58 m) sprint (N.=560) over a seven-year period. Results of ANOVAs yielded significant (P<0.05) and a near linear pattern of absolute strength by BM. Allometrically scaled 1-RM squat resulted in normalized data void of significant wt group differences while allometrically scaled power and speed did not normalize data to the point that the data could be compared regardless of BM. Results suggest that it may be possible to determine if an athlete falls within an a normal range of the established standards derived from allometric scaling for the 1-RM squat. However, caution should be taken when applying allometric scaling for power and speed. It is suggested that additional research look into the possibility of adjusting the exponent (performance variable x BMx) to better reflect a normalized condition for more accurate comparisons of athletes.

  14. Comparison of allometric scaling methods for normalizing strength, power, and speeed in American football players. (United States)

    Jacobson, B H


    Assessments of physical abilities are consistently and systematically done in American football in order to determine progress and effectiveness of conditioning programs. Typically, such assessment are recorded as absolute values without regard to the influence of body mass (BM) on the performance variables. Test results were collected on NCAA football players (mean + SD: age = 20.1+1.3, mass=107.38+20.30 kg, height=186.76+8.6 cm). Players were categorized into seven weight groups. Data by weight groups were compared by absolute and by allometrically scaled values for 1-RM squat (N.=566), vertical jump (N.=581), and 40 yd (36.58 m) sprint (N.=560) over a seven-year period. Results of ANOVAs yielded significant (P<0.05) and a near linear pattern of absolute strength by BM. Allometrically scaled 1-RM squat resulted in normalized data void of significant wt group differences while allometrically scaled power and speed did not normalize data to the point that the data could be compared regardless of BM. Results suggest that it may be possible to determine if an athlete falls within an a normal range of the established standards derived from allometric scaling for the 1-RM squat. However, caution should be taken when applying allometric scaling for power and speed. It is suggested that additional research look into the possibility of adjusting the exponent (performance variable x BMx) to better reflect a normalized condition for more accurate comparisons of athletes.

  15. War powers: reforming the law, with case studies of U.S. Military participation in the Persian Gulf and Haiti


    Polloni, Mario


    The thesis studies the U.S. legal framework on war powers, concluding that it has not allowed the President and Congress to work together on war powers issues. From the constitutional viewpoint, this lack of friendly environment arises from the fact that the Constitution shares war powers between the presidency and the Congress, producing the conflict. From a political viewpoint, this dispute is explained by the presidential willingness to use the war powers without congressional authorizatio...

  16. China’s Influence on U.S.-Latin American Relations (United States)


    discussed. U.S.-Latin American history in military cooperation is explained by a pendulum like oscillation regarding cooperation. Early on there was...58 Abraham Newman and Elliot Posner, “International Interdependence and Regulatory Power: Authority, Mobility ...and Elliot Posner. “International Interdependence and Regulatory Power: Authority, Mobility , and Markets.” European Journal of Economic Relations

  17. The Level and Structure of Power Delegated to High-Ranking Military Officials in a Democracy: A Case Study of the United States

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Makk, Lazlo


    .... The process of establishing democratic civil-military relations, adequate command and force structures as well as re-professionalization of the military personnel is based on Euro-Atlantic model...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Oana-Andreea Pirnuta


    Full Text Available In an interconnected world where foreign relations matter not only for resources or military alliances but also for cultural relationships, it is highly important to have a better understanding of the power relations among nations. The information carries certain meanings that have important outcomes thus defining the power of a given nation. Foreign policy is the channel through which global politics is exercised. International politics is a hierarchy of power being determined by important cultural, economic as well as geographical aspects. The reasons and strategies that are used in order to reach the outcomes in global politics represent the focus of the present paper. The United States has been the leader in international politics since the early 20th century due to its vast resources and wealth as well as its cultural output. America’s interest in preserving a democratic and free world has its foundation in the beliefs and values it stands for the aim of this paper is to question whether or not there is a concrete premise for the idea of American exceptionalism.

  19. Military Strategy vs. Military Doctrine

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Barfoed, Jacob


    The article argues that while doctrine represents the more scientific side of warfare, strategy represents the artistic side. Existing doctrine will almost never meet the requirements for winning the next war; it is through the artistic application of generic peacetime doctrine to the specific st...... strategic and operational context, using doctrine as building blocks for a context specific military strategy, that the military commander outwits and defeats or coerces the adversary and achieves the military objectives....

  20. Location, duration, and power; How Americans' driving habits and charging infrastructure inform vehicle-grid interactions (United States)

    Pearre, Nathaniel S.

    The substitution of electrical energy for gasoline as a transportation fuel is an initiative both with a long history, and one made both pressing and important in today's policy discussion by renewed interest in plug-in vehicles. The research presented in this dissertation attempts to inform the policy discussion for governments, for electric utilities, for the makers of electric cars, and for the industries developing and planning charging infrastructure. To that end, the impacts of variations to several possible system design parameters, on several metrics of evaluation, are assessed. The analysis is based on a dataset of vehicle trips collected by Georgia Institute of Technology, tracking almost 500 vehicles that commute to, from or within the Atlanta city center, comprising Atlanta `commuter-shed'. By assuming that this dataset of trips defines the desired travel behavior of urban and suburban American populations, the effects of travel electrification in personal vehicles can be assessed. Several significant and novel findings have emerged from this research. These include the conclusion that at-work charging is not necessarily the logical next step beyond home-charging, as it will in general add little to the substitutability of electric vehicles. In contrast, high power en-route charging, combined with modest power home charging is shown to be surprisingly effective, potentially requiring of EV drivers a total time spent at en-route recharging stations similar to that for liquid fueled cars. From the vehicle marketing perspective, a quantification of the hybrid household effect, wherein multi-vehicle households own one EV, showed that about a quarter of all households could adopt a vehicle with 80 miles of range with no changes to travel patterns. Of interest to grid management, this research showed an apparent maximum fleet-wide load from unregulated charging of about 1 kW per vehicle, regardless of EVSE power or EV battery size. This contrasts with a

  1. War Powers: Reforming the Law, With Case Studies of U.S. Military Participation in the Persian Gulf and Haiti

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Polloni, Mario


    .... From the constitutional viewpoint, this lack of friendly environment arises from the fact that the Constitution shares war powers between the presidency and the Congress, producing the conflict...

  2. Music Videos and Sexual Risk in African American Adolescent Girls: Gender, Power and the Need for Media Literacy (United States)

    Robillard, Alyssa


    Background: Music videos contain sexual content often reflecting women as promiscuous, submissive, or passive. Few studies have examined gender- and sex-related attitudes in African American females, particularly across genres of music videos. Purpose: Using constructs from Cultivation Theory, Theory of Gender and Power and Social Cognitive…

  3. Atomic-powered democracy: Policy against politics in the quest for American nuclear energy

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Williams, R.W.


    This dissertation focuses on the relationship of American nuclear energy to democracy. It examines whether the nuclear policy processes have furthered the legitimacy-government accountability and citizen participation-which the democratic institutes are based. Nuclear policy and its institutions have placed severe limitations on democratic practices. Contravened democracy is seen most clearly in the decoupling of policy from politics. Decoupling refers to the weakening of institutional linkages between citizens and government, and to the erosion of the norms that ground liberal democracy. Decoupling is manifested in policy centralization, procedural biases, technical rationality, and the spatial displacement of conflict. Decoupling has normative implications: While federal accountability was limited and citizen participation was shackled, other major groups enjoyed privileged access to policy making. The decoupling of nuclear policy from politics arose within the context of US liberal-democratic capitalism. The federal government pursued its own goals of defense and world leadership. Yet, it was not structurally autonomous from the hegemony of the political-economic context. Economically, the Atomic Energy Act did not permit federal agencies to directly invest in power plant construction, and did not authorize them to commercially generate electricity. Private industry was structurally placed to domesticate the atom. Politically, the liberal-democratic system hampered an unquestioning pursuit of atomic energy. Federal institutions have been forced to heed some of the anti-nuclear concerns. The pervasive influence of the US political economy on nuclear policy has come to transgress democracy. Nuclear power's growth faltered during the 1970s. The political and economic constraints on federal actions have limited the means available to revive a becalmed nuclear industry; this has exerted strong pressure on federal institutions to decouple policy from

  4. Atomic-powered democracy: Policy against politics in the quest for American nuclear energy

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Williams, R.W.


    This dissertation focuses on the relationship of American nuclear energy to democracy. It examines whether the nuclear policy processes have furthered the legitimacy-government accountability and citizen participation-which the democratic institutes are based. Nuclear policy and its institutions have placed severe limitations on democratic practices. Contravened democracy is seen most clearly in the decoupling of policy from politics. Decoupling refers to the weakening of institutional linkages between citizens and government, and to the erosion of the norms that ground liberal democracy. Decoupling is manifested in policy centralization, procedural biases, technical rationality, and the spatial displacement of conflict. Decoupling has normative implications: While federal accountability was limited and citizen participation was shackled, other major groups enjoyed privileged access to policy making. The decoupling of nuclear policy from politics arose within the context of US liberal-democratic capitalism. The federal government pursued its own goals of defense and world leadership. Yet, it was not structurally autonomous from the hegemony of the political-economic context. Economically, the Atomic Energy Act did not permit federal agencies to directly invest in power plant construction, and did not authorize them to commercially generate electricity. Private industry was structurally placed to domesticate the atom. Politically, the liberal-democratic system hampered an unquestioning pursuit of atomic energy. Federal institutions have been forced to heed some of the anti-nuclear concerns. The pervasive influence of the US political economy on nuclear policy has come to transgress democracy. Nuclear power's growth faltered during the 1970s. The political and economic constraints on federal actions have limited the means available to revive a becalmed nuclear industry; this has exerted strong pressure on federal institutions to decouple policy from participation

  5. The decommissioning of nuclear power stations. France and the American experience

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Tonnac, Alain de; Perves, Jean-Pierre


    After having noticed that many electronuclear reactors have already been stopped, and that some research reactors have just been dismantled in Grenoble by the CEA, and evoked the main involved actors (ASN, IRSN, ANDRA), some characteristics of the French situation are outlined: the strategy adopted by EDF for a fast dismantling process, the long legal delays for stopping, dismantling and downgrading of sites, the absence of waste radioactivity release thresholds, and the responsibility of operators for dismantling operations. The main steps of a station dismantling are indicated and discussed: end of exploitation; steps of deconstruction (evacuation of big components, elimination of building radioactivity, building destruction, site partial or total reconversion). The French authorization process is briefly commented. Then, the American experience and situation is commented in terms of number of concerned sites, of site situation, but also in terms of organisation and selected technologies. Critical steps are outlined as well as improvements obtained in terms of exposure, of waste volumes, of effluent filtration capacities, and of cutting methods. The next part proposes an overview of the situation or steps of decommissioning in France for different sites: the Chooz PWR, the fleet of first generation reactors, graphite gas reactors, the Brennilis power station and Super Phenix in Creys Malville. Costs and delays are briefly evoked for the USA as well as for France

  6. The Paradox of Power: Sino-American Strategic Restraint in an Age of Vulnerability (United States)


    plant doubts in the oppo- nent’s mind. Because of the wide spectrum of threats and unpredictability it faces, the U.S. military is disinclined to...Investment in WiFi is shifting from telecom and end-users to institutions. See Analysys In- ternational, The Market for Wi-Fi® in China: Opportunities...natively, the United States could rely increasingly on deterrence by threat- ening escalation and thus planting doubts in Chinese leaders’ minds about

  7. Military Strategy Of India

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. S. Zaitsev


    Full Text Available The article analyzes the evolution of military strategy of the Republic of India and key factors that influences its development. New Delhi keeps an eye on the balance of power in South Asia to create favorable conditions for its economic and social development, yet the remaining threats and new challenges still undermine the security and stability in India. The ambitions of China aspiring to power in Asia-Pacific region, combined with its immense military build-up and territorial disputes, cause disturbance in New Delhi. The remaining tensions between India and Pakistan also cause often border skirmishes and medium-scale conflicts. Close relations between China and Pakistan, labeled as “all-weather friendship”, are a source of major concern for India. The fact that both Beijing and Islamabad wield nuclear weapons means that without effective mechanisms of nuclear deterrence any military conflict may turn into a full-scale nuclear war. Terrorist activities and insurgency in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir and in the North-Eastern regions of the country, along with maritime piracy and illicit drug trafficking contribute to the complicated nature of the challenges to the Indian security. Indian military strategy is considered as a combination of the army doctrine, maritime doctrine and nuclear doctrine. The Indian political and military leadership wants to meet the challenges of changing geopolitical environment and thus continuously adapts its strategy. However, there is still a gap between theory and practice: Indian armed forces lack the capacity to implement the declared goals because of bulky bureaucratic system, outdated military equipment and insufficient level of command and control. The government needs to mobilize political will and administrative resources to upgrade its defense sector to counter its security threats and challenges.

  8. Rediscovering Interwar American Theorists (United States)


    common perception, the early 20th century was a period of significant intellectual development in American military theory. Organizational changes in...Rediscovering Interwar American Theorists A Monograph by MAJ Russell McKelvey United States Army School of Advanced Military Studies United...DATES COVERED (From - To) JUN 2016 – MAY 2017 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Rediscovering Interwar American Theorists 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER

  9. Military Vortices

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Lovell, D


    .... This topic area will not be considered further in this paper, but results from current research indicate that military organizations should derive large potential benefits from this technology when it reaches maturity...

  10. Slaves No More: The Caring Power of African-American Female Leaders (United States)

    Sernak, Kathleen S.


    In this article the author examines the historical significance of the cultural aspect of race on African American females' leadership values and styles that encourage caring in schools. The author focuses her study by asking: What aspects of their (African American female leaders) cultural backgrounds as Africans and as African Americans…

  11. Partnering with a Higher Power: Academic Engagement, Religiosity, and Spirituality of African American Urban Youth (United States)

    Holland, Nicole E.


    Engagement in and transitions between academic institutions may be enhanced for African American urban youth if we consider the role of religiosity, spirituality, and places of worship. This article presents the manner by which African American university students, who attended public high schools, conveyed the influence of their religious and…

  12. Indirect Rise of Power: China’s Economic and Military Growth and its Changing Relationship with the United States (United States)


    States pedestrian 1.8% Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) places China’s growth into perspective.xx China is steadily making significant end roads in...power is unrivaled by any other nation. During this time, she has sustained a GDP surplus of 10%.xxi In 2010, China became the second largest global...economic prosperity even extends to its adversarial neighbor Taiwan. In 2010, Beijing and Taipei signed the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement

  13. 77 FR 28759 - Military Spouse Appreciation Day, 2012 (United States)


    ... communities across America and around the world. We know them as our neighbors and friends, colleagues and... serve our military families. In only 1 year, Joining Forces has rallied American businesses to hire tens... military children, and the medical community has vowed better care for military families. And from small...

  14. ?-Alanine supplementation and military performance


    Hoffman, Jay R.; Stout, Jeffrey R.; Harris, Roger C.; Moran, Daniel S.


    During sustained high-intensity military training or simulated combat exercises, significant decreases in physical performance measures are often seen. The use of dietary supplements is becoming increasingly popular among military personnel, with more than half of the US soldiers deployed or garrisoned reported to using dietary supplements. ?-Alanine is a popular supplement used primarily by strength and power athletes to enhance performance, as well as training aimed at improving muscle grow...

  15. Lessons from American-German nuclear power plant construction. Quality, safety and costs of an attempt to integrate American and German nuclear power plant technology

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Buchwald, K.


    The 1300 MW nuclear power plant at Muelheim-Kaerlich has been under construction since the beginning of 1975. It is being equipped with a pressurised water reactor which has been adapted to the German client's requirements and German licensing practice, based on a license held by Babcock and Wilcox USA (B and W). The problems which have arisen in making this adaptation are the result of different requirements in the USA and the Federal Republic of Germany which make it very difficult to integrate the two technologies. Full integration will almost certainly be impossible, but integration to the widest possible extent is important because it might mean both greater safety and reduced costs. In this article it is intended to show where the problems of integration lie and how they might perhaps be overcome. (author)

  16. China’s Forbearance Has Limits: Chinese Threat and Retaliation Signaling and Its Implications for a Sino-American Military Confrontation (United States)


    of Czechoslovakia in 1968, and the announcement of the Brezhnev doctrine, which led Mao Zedong to initiate a small military skirmish as a...both originating in the mind of Mao Zedong in 1930s and 1940s.21 In those years, the Chinese Communist Party faced much stronger adversaries in China and one Taiwan’” 11/6‒7 Vice President WU XUEQIAN meets Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) delegation in Beijing, calls for talks 12/11

  17. Modern African, Asian, Latin American, and Middle Eastern Military History: A Bibliography of English-Language Books and Articles Published From 1960-2013 (United States)


    and Healing in Zimbabwe.” Journal of Southern African Studies XVIII 3 (September 1992): 698-707. Redding, Sean. “Government Witchcraft : Taxation...1976. Khan, Iqtidar Alam. Gunpowder and Firearms: Warfare in Medieval India. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004. Kolff, Dirk H.A. Naukar...Conflict of 1941- 1945. New York: Oxford University Press, 1985. Tien Chen-ya. Chinese Military Theory: Ancient, Medieval , and Modern. Oakville

  18. Knowledge is (not) power: healthy eating and physical activity for African-American women. (United States)

    Barnett, Tracey Marie; Praetorius, Regina T


    African-American women are more likely to be overweight or obese as compared to other ethnic groups. The purpose of this Qualitative Interpretive Meta-Synthesis (QIMS) was to explore the experiences that African-American women encounter when trying to eat healthily and maintain physical activity to inform practice and research. The QIMS included studies from various disciplines to understand the experiences of African-American women with eating healthily and being physically active. Five themes were identified: family; structured support; translating knowledge into behavior modifications; barriers to physical activity; and God is my healer. These themes enhance understanding of what African-American women know, their support system(s), and how cultural barriers impact nutrition and physical activity.

  19. Military Hybrid Vehicle Survey (United States)


    III Composite 4.3% Integrated starter generator for engine shut down, regenerative braking and avoidance of inefficient engine operation [28]. FMTV...eliminating the inefficiencies associated with idling, vehicle braking and low engine speed part load efficiency, many improvements can be realized...batteries or delivering power back into an electrical grid . Additionally, new military vehicles are demanding an excess of 100kW, which can only be

  20. The Inter-American Human Rights Court; Some Recent Decisions Affecting the Independence of Partner Nations Military Justice Systems, and Their Impact on the Future of Human Rights. (United States)


    America Though only noticeably active towards the end of last century , the Inter- American Human Rights System traces its modern structure back to 1948... American Human Rights system laid virtually toothless and silent for decades.31 The second half of the twentieth century saw a series of changes in...government is a rear-view mirror into the actions of authoritarian Latin American governments of last century which left the region with the tarnished

  1. Military Review: Airland Battle Future (United States)


    of inc to the exclusion of other factors may be ideal for enemy forces). Since Anglo-American military a bar room brawl, but should it be the pnme...our periods of war, featuring such stars as Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Martha Raye , Marilyn Monroe, and more recently,Lee Greenwood, Steve Martin and Jay

  2. Ideals and Reality in Foreign Policy: American Intervention in the Caribbean. Teacher and Student Manuals. (United States)

    Jamieson, Alfred

    Centering around case studies of American military intervention (1898 to 1933) in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Nicaragua, this unit invites the student to compare the results of such intervention with the foreign policy goals and ideals the interventions were intended to implement. It confronts him with the dilemma of power in international…

  3. Strategies for Allocation of the US Federal Budget: Military and Innovative Dimension

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Glukhova Darya A.


    Full Text Available The aim of the article is to define the conceptual framework and features of priority directions in redistribution of the US federal funds. This subject is very relevant because it discloses a system of financing and allocations of the most powerful state in the world in many aspects. The article describes the structure of government funding of the national military sector and directions of the modernization of the US military-industrial complex. It has been determined that in the global expansion of military actions the USA in no case remain aloof from the given events. Manufacturing the US military products plays a key role in the defense industry not only of the country itself but also the international community as a whole. For Ukraine, with the complications in its military-political situation, the cooperation with the United States and inclusion of the financial assistance to our country in its federal budget are very important. The mentioned directions for allocating the received funds in the amount of $ 300 mln by the Ukrainian government confirm the support by the American state of our military equipment and modernization of the national defense industry

  4. Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir John Cotesworth Slessor and the Anglo-American Air Power Alliance, 1940-1945

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Connolly, Corvin


    .... He played a remarkable and extensive role in building the Anglo-American air power partnership as an air planner on the Royal Air Force Staff, the British Chiefs of Staff, and the Combined Chiefs of Staff...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available In tax behavior research field, two dimensions compiling the “slippery slope framework” are regarded as main drivers of compliance, i.e., perceived trust in authorities and perceived power of authorities. The former grasps citizens’ cognitions towards the efforts tax authorities render in benevolently supplying public goods. The latter covers general cognitions about authorities’ capacity of detecting and efficiently inflicting punishments on tax dodgers. Following interactions which involve both parties of the tax game, a society’s common good is secured through the ensued tax compliance level. Nevertheless, like any outcome depending on cooperation, compliance is frail. This happens mainly because authorities are called to mediate an ongoing clash between citizens who abide by legal prescriptions, through voluntary or enforced compliance, and citizens who eschew them if opportunities arise, through avoidance or evasion. Depending on the chosen mediation approach (trust-based or power-based, one type of compliance prevails over another. The present writing explores new insights of the framework’s chief dimensions within the perimeter of the Latin American interaction tax climate (viz. Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru by dint of economic, fiscal and psychological determinants. The proposed methodological apparatus ranges from operationalizing World Bank governance indicators (government effectiveness, rule of law, regulatory quality, control for corruption as trust and power proxies, assessing economic growth through chain base indexes and rating ease of tax compliance based on reliable benchmarks (e.g., Paying Taxes indicators, shadow economy, corruption perceptions. The leading goal of the study is to make authorities, investors, international organizations and laypeople cognizant of the role trust in and power of authorities play for compliance levels reached in the Latin American tax climate. Grounding

  6. TURNER LECTURE Military education and the study of War

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    flint-lock musket." Matthew Forney Steele, author of the first serious military text produced specifically for use in an American military context - American Campaigns (1909) - and convinced by Prussian .... Make no mistake, history is not a 'magic bullet', it provides no automatic understanding of complex situations in either the ...

  7. Being a Korean Studying Koreans in an American School: Reflections on Culture, Power, and Ideology (United States)

    Lim, Minjung


    Recent debates on situated knowledge highlight the issue of the researcher's position in the research process, challenging the traditional assumption of the insider/outsider dichotomy. Drawing on my fieldwork among Korean immigrant parents in an American school, I describe my shifting positions in negotiation and scrutinize the ways my reflexivity…

  8. Eliminating Health Disparities in the African American Population: The Interface of Culture, Gender, and Power (United States)

    Airhihenbuwa, Collins O.; Liburd, Leandris


    Since the release of former Secretary Margaret Heckler's "Secretary's Task Force Report on Black and Minority Health" more than two decades ago, excess death from chronic diseases and other conditions between African Americans and Whites have increased. The conclusion of that report emphasized excess death and thus clinical care, paying…

  9. The Power of Peers: Influences on Postsecondary Education Planning and Experiences of African American Students (United States)

    Holland, Nicole E.


    This investigation demonstrates the effect that peers have on students' academic engagement and educational aspirations. Forty-nine African American university students retrospectively discuss the manner by which their friends influenced their academic commitment and activity while in high school; their postsecondary education aspirations,…

  10. High-resolution modeling of the western North American power system demonstrates low-cost and low-carbon futures

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Nelson, James; Johnston, Josiah; Mileva, Ana; Fripp, Matthias; Hoffman, Ian; Petros-Good, Autumn; Blanco, Christian; Kammen, Daniel M.


    Decarbonizing electricity production is central to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Exploiting intermittent renewable energy resources demands power system planning models with high temporal and spatial resolution. We use a mixed-integer linear programming model – SWITCH – to analyze least-cost generation, storage, and transmission capacity expansion for western North America under various policy and cost scenarios. Current renewable portfolio standards are shown to be insufficient to meet emission reduction targets by 2030 without new policy. With stronger carbon policy consistent with a 450 ppm climate stabilization scenario, power sector emissions can be reduced to 54% of 1990 levels by 2030 using different portfolios of existing generation technologies. Under a range of resource cost scenarios, most coal power plants would be replaced by solar, wind, gas, and/or nuclear generation, with intermittent renewable sources providing at least 17% and as much as 29% of total power by 2030. The carbon price to induce these deep carbon emission reductions is high, but, assuming carbon price revenues are reinvested in the power sector, the cost of power is found to increase by at most 20% relative to business-as-usual projections. - Highlights: ► Intermittent generation necessitates high-resolution electric power system models. ► We apply the SWITCH planning model to the western North American grid. ► We explore carbon policy and resource cost scenarios through 2030. ► As the carbon price rises, coal generation is replaced with solar, wind, gas and/or nuclear generation ► A 450 ppm climate stabilization target can be met at a 20% or lower cost increase.

  11. Project proposals on the creation of Russian-American joint enterprise for investigation, development and manufacture of power plants on the basis of solid oxide fuel cells

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Smotrov, N.V.; Kleschev, Yu.N.


    This paper describes a proposal for a joint Russian-American enterprise for performing scientific investigations, development, and manufacture of fuel cell power plants on the basis of the solid oxide fuel cell. RASOFCo. Russian-American Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Company. RASOFCo will provide the series output of the electrochemical generator (ECG) of 1kW power, then of 5kW and 10kW as well as the development and the output of 10kW power plant with the subsequent output of a power plant of greater power. An ECG based on solid oxide fuel cells uses methane as a fuel. Predicted technical characteristics, market analysis, assessment of potential demands for power plants of low power for Tyumentransgas, participants of the joint enterprise and their founding contributions, strategy for manufacture and financing, and management of RASOFCo are discussed.

  12. 32 CFR 809a.10 - Military commanders' responsibilities. (United States)


    ... authorities as soon as possible. (c) Military forces will ordinarily exercise police powers previously... 32 National Defense 6 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Military commanders' responsibilities. 809a.10... Disturbance Intervention and Disaster Assistance § 809a.10 Military commanders' responsibilities. (a...

  13. U.S. Forward Operating Base Applications of Nuclear Power

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Griffith, George W.


    This paper provides a high level overview of current nuclear power technology and the potential use of nuclear power at military bases. The size, power ranges, and applicability of nuclear power units for military base power are reviewed. Previous and current reactor projects are described to further define the potential for nuclear power for military power.

  14. Military Periodicals. (United States)


    Frances Roedy Global Defense Roport (Q) Defense Research International, Inc. 1905 Kalorama Rd., #3 Washington, D.C. 20009 Telephone: (202) 232-8426...Benning, Georgia 31905 Telephone: (404) 544-4951 AUTOVON 784-4951 Editor: CPT Michael D. Bollinger $10.00 -"- r r •~ "• • • • Military Chaplains...Joffre 75700 Paris, France Telephone: 555-92-30 Editor-in-Chief: Contre-Amiral 0. Sevaistre Fr. 75 Europaische Wehrkunde (M) (Formerly


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bety Mawarni


    This paper used sociology of literature as an approach that covers Gramsci‘s hegemony and feminism. The concept of hegemony was used to reveal a phenomenon in the novel where there is an attempt to maintain power done by the ruler. Meanwhile, feminism was used to define women‘s position as well as to construct the ideas of how women‘s freedom and equality should be attained. The data available in this paper were analyzed qualitatively. Then the results were explained and written descriptively to meet the objective. The result indicates that the corruption of women‘s power in the 1930s American Dream can be seen through a number of attitudes and behaviors represented by the male characters in the ranch towards the only female character in the novella, Curley‘s wife. The corruption is covering several aspects such as (1 positioning women as the secondclass in the society, (2 seeingwomen as men‘s attribute, (3 considering women as trouble makers, and (4 regarding women as object of prejudice. Meanwhile the depiction of women‘s attempt to gain freedom and equality as their efforts of reaching the American Dream can be revealed through Curley‘s wife attitude, behavior, gesture, and statement in clarifying her existence. In addition, it can be also seen on the way of her characterization determine other character‘s life in the novella by indirectly cause the death of the main character of the story.

  16. The potential for enhancing the power of genetic association studies in African Americans through the reuse of existing genotype data.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gary K Chen


    Full Text Available We consider the feasibility of reusing existing control data obtained in genetic association studies in order to reduce costs for new studies. We discuss controlling for the population differences between cases and controls that are implicit in studies utilizing external control data. We give theoretical calculations of the statistical power of a test due to Bourgain et al (Am J Human Genet 2003, applied to the problem of dealing with case-control differences in genetic ancestry related to population isolation or population admixture. Theoretical results show that there may exist bounds for the non-centrality parameter for a test of association that places limits on study power even if sample sizes can grow arbitrarily large. We apply this method to data from a multi-center, geographically-diverse, genome-wide association study of breast cancer in African-American women. Our analysis of these data shows that admixture proportions differ by center with the average fraction of European admixture ranging from approximately 20% for participants from study sites in the Eastern United States to 25% for participants from West Coast sites. However, these differences in average admixture fraction between sites are largely counterbalanced by considerable diversity in individual admixture proportion within each study site. Our results suggest that statistical correction for admixture differences is feasible for future studies of African-Americans, utilizing the existing controls from the African-American Breast Cancer study, even if case ascertainment for the future studies is not balanced over the same centers or regions that supplied the controls for the current study.

  17. 76 FR 7840 - American Hydro Power Company; Notice of Termination of Exemption by Implied Surrender and... (United States)


    ... Power Company; Notice of Termination of Exemption by Implied Surrender and Soliciting Comments, Protests... the Commission: a. Type of Proceeding: Termination of exemption by implied surrender. b. Project No... if any term or condition of the exemption is violated. The project has not operated since 2004, and...

  18. Foie Gras with Ketchup: Understanding Differences and Improving Military Cooperation with the French

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Gibson, Scott


    ....-France security relationship. The assessment of France in terms of military, economic, and political strength reveals a French capacity to disrupt American defense policy and underscores the desirability of French military cooperation...

  19. U.S. Military Schools for Latin America: A Unique Plus for Uncle Sam

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Barber, Kenneth H


    This essay discusses the missions, objectives and operations of three relatively unknown military schools, sponsored by the United States, which train members of Latin American armed forces in military skills...

  20. Seeking Clocks in the Clouds: Nonlinearity and American Precision Air Power (United States)


    Our Posthuman Future: Consequences of the Biotechnology Revolution (New York: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 2002), 164. 64 Gleick, Chaos, 20. 65...159. 67 Eliot Cohen, "The Mystique of U.S. Air Power," Foreign Affairs 73/1 (January/February 1994), 119. See also Fukuyama, Our Posthuman Future, 164...sciences is taken from Ilachinski, Land Warfare and Complexity, Part II, 17-18. See also Fukuyama, Our Posthuman Future, 162-166. 133 For a concise

  1. Development of a modified Margaria-Kalamen anaerobic power test for American football athletes. (United States)

    Hetzler, Ronald K; Vogelpohl, Rachele E; Stickley, Christopher D; Kuramoto, Allison N; Delaura, Mel R; Kimura, Iris F


    This study examined a modification of the Margaria-Kalamen test for football players. The football stair climb test (FST) protocol used in this study increased the vertical displacement (20 steps, 3.12 m) so that the mean best time for the test was 2.048 +/- 0.267 seconds. Fifty-eight Division I-A football players volunteered to participate (mean +/- SD age = 20.2 +/- 1.8 yr, height = 184.1 +/- 7.7 cm, weight = 102.5 +/- 19.4 kg). Subjects performed 25 trials with 30 to 40 seconds of rest between trials. Test-retest reliability was determined using 34 subjects by way of intraclass correlation coefficients with a value of 0.73 for peak power and SEM of 105.4 W, indicating an acceptable level of reliability. Subjects were divided into 3 groups by position: linemen (Line), skill, and linebackers (LB). Alpha level was p football players, which, theoretically, should provide more accurate measures of peak power caused by increased vertical displacement and longer duration, resulting in a decreased influence of cheating strategies during test administration. To achieve maximal power in stair climbing tasks, coaches may need to incorporate a greater number of trials or a more intense warm-up than has been previously reported.

  2. Addressing Culture, Gender, and Power with Asian American Couples: Application of Socio-Emotional Relationship Therapy. (United States)

    ChenFeng, Jessica; Kim, Lana; Wu, Yuwei; Knudson-Martin, Carmen


    Asian Americans juggle the intersections of multiple social identities and societal discourses as they respond to experiences of immigration, marginalization, and patriarchy, integrate collectivist and individualistic family values, and form families and intimate relationships. In this study we examine what we have learned as we apply Socio-Emotional Relationship Therapy (SERT) with heterosexual couples of Asian heritage. SERT begins with sociocultural attunement and the assumption that relationships should mutually support each partner. Drawing on case examples, we illustrate how we practice sociocultural attunement as couples respond to the relational processes that comprise the Circle of Care (mutual influence, vulnerability, attunement, and shared relational responsibility). We emphasize three key socioemotional themes that intersect with gender: (1) intangible loss; (2) quiet fortitude/not burdening others; and (3) duty to the family. © 2016 Family Process Institute.

  3. Patriarchy, Power, and Pay: The Transformation of American Families, 1800-2015. (United States)

    Ruggles, Steven


    This article proposes explanations for the transformation of American families over the past two centuries. I describe the impact on families of the rise of male wage labor beginning in the nineteenth century and the rise of female wage labor in the twentieth century. I then examine the effects of decline in wage labor opportunities for young men and women during the past four decades. I present new estimates of a precipitous decline in the relative income of young men and assess its implications for the decline for marriage. Finally, I discuss explanations for the deterioration of economic opportunity and speculate on the impact of technological change on the future of work and families.

  4. "Polite People" and Military Meekness: the Attributes of Military Ethics

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pavel V. Didov


    Full Text Available The article analyzes the phenomenon of "polite people" from the point of view of the history and theory of ethical thought. Identify and specify ethical principles that form the basis of military courtesy. On the basis of the revealed regularities, the study proves that ethics is impossible without a certain power attributes, which constitute its core. In relation to the traditions of Russian warriors revealed the key role to their formation of the Orthodox ethics and the military of meekness. The obtained results can serve as material for educational activities for the formation of fighting spirit.

  5. Translating Sexual Assault Prevention from a College Campus to a United States Military Installation: Piloting the Know-Your-Power Bystander Social Marketing Campaign (United States)

    Potter, Sharyn J.; Stapleton, Jane G.


    One population that shares both similar and different characteristics with traditional college-age students is the U.S. Military. Similarities include a high concentration of 18- to 26-year-olds dealing with new found independence, peer pressure, and the presence of social norms that support violence and hypermasculinity. Sexual violence is a…

  6. Shrinking the Civil-Military Divide: A Military Perspective (United States)


    steps can military members take to ensure their actions contribute to a strong relationship with their civilian leaders? Is it incumbent on...was Africa-American. Campbell Gibson and Kay Jung . Historical Census Statistics on Population Totals by Race, 1790 to 1990, and by Hispanic Origin...such as the MV-22 Osprey, the perceived obtuseness to the problem of sexual assault, and the leaking of sensitive information to media outlets by

  7. Condom use negotiation in heterosexual African American adults: responses to types of social power-based strategies. (United States)

    Otto-Salaj, Laura; Reed, Barbara; Brondino, Michael J; Gore-Felton, Cheryl; Kelly, Jeffrey A; Stevenson, L Yvonne


    This study examined gender differences and preferences in the use of and response to six different styles of condom use negotiation with a hypothetical sexual partner of the opposite gender. Participants were 51 heterosexually active African American adults attending an inner-city community center. Participants completed a semistructured qualitative interview in which they were presented with six negotiation strategies based on Raven's 1992 Power/Interaction Model of Interpersonal Influence. Results showed that female participants responded best to referent, reward, and legitimate strategies, and worst to informational tactics. Male participants responded best to reward strategies, and worst to coercion to use condoms. Further, responses given by a subset of participants indicated that use of negotiation tactics involving coercion to use condoms may result in negative or angry reactions. Response to strategies may vary with the value of the relationship as viewed by the target of negotiation. Implications for HIV prevention efforts are discussed.

  8. Installation of the first Distributed Energy Storage System (DESS) at American Electric Power (AEP).

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Nourai, Ali (American Electric Power Company, Columbus, OH)


    AEP studied the direct and indirect benefits, strengths, and weaknesses of distributed energy storage systems (DESS) and chose to transform its entire utility grid into a system that achieves optimal integration of both central and distributed energy assets. To that end, AEP installed the first NAS battery-based, energy storage system in North America. After one year of operation and testing, AEP has concluded that, although the initial costs of DESS are greater than conventional power solutions, the net benefits justify the AEP decision to create a grid of DESS with intelligent monitoring, communications, and control, in order to enable the utility grid of the future. This report details the site selection, construction, benefits and lessons learned of the first installation, at Chemical Station in North Charleston, WV.

  9. Femme Fatale: An Examination of the Role of Women in Combat and the Policy Implications for Future American Military Operations (Drew Paper Number 5, August 2009) (United States)


    young Americans, turning 18 years old marks a certain rite of passage . It acknowledges adult status, including the right to vote, marry, and make...hands of the Sinhalese or Indian soldiers, a stigma that destroys her prospects for marriage and rules out procreation.”37 Not only does suicide...and so on. Acting as a human bomb is an understood and accepted offering for a woman who will never be a mother.”38 The lack of marriage prospects and

  10. Aerobic power, huddling and the efficiency of torpor in the South American marsupial, Dromiciops gliroides

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marcela Franco


    During periods of cold, small endotherms depend on a continuous supply of food and energy to maintain euthermic body temperature (Tb, which can be challenging if food is limited. In these conditions, energy-saving strategies are critical to reduce the energetic requirements for survival. Mammals from temperate regions show a wide arrange of such strategies, including torpor and huddling. Here we provide a quantitative description of thermoregulatory capacities and energy-saving strategies in Dromiciops gliroides, a Microbiotherid marsupial inhabiting temperate rain forests. Unlike many mammals from temperate regions, preliminary studies have suggested that this species has low capacity for control and regulation of body temperature, but there is still an incomplete picture of its bioenergetics. In order to more fully understand the physiological capacities of this “living fossil”, we measured its scope of aerobic power and the interaction between huddling and torpor. Specifically, we evaluated: (1 the relation between basal (BMR and maximum metabolic rate (MMR, and (2 the role of huddling on the characteristics of torpor at different temperatures. We found that BMR and MMR were above the expected values for marsupials and the factorial aerobic scope (from CO2 was 6.0±0.45 (using CO2 and 6.2±0.23 (using O2, an unusually low value for mammals. Also, repeatability of physiological variables was non-significant, as in previous studies, suggesting poor time-consistency of energy metabolism. Comparisons of energy expenditure and body temperature (using attached data-loggers between grouped and isolated individuals showed that at 20°C both average resting metabolic rate and body temperature were higher in groups, essentially because animals remained non-torpid. At 10°C, however, all individuals became torpid and no differences were observed between grouped and isolated individuals. In summary, our study suggests that the main response of Dromiciops gliroides to

  11. Environmental Assessment for Central Power and Light Company`s proposed Military Highway-CFE tie 138/69-kV transmission line project Brownsville, Cameron County, Texas

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    Central Power and Light Company (CPL) intends to upgrade its existing transmission line ties with the Commision Federal de Electricidad (CFE) system in Mexico. CPL currently has a single 69-kilovolt (kV) transmission line in the Brownsville area which connects CPL`s system with the system of CFE. This existing line runs between the Brownsville Switching Station, located on Laredo Road in Brownsville, Cameron County, Texas, and an existing CFE 69-kV line at the Rusteberg Bend of the Rio Grande in Cameron County. Under current conditions of need, the existing 69-kV line does not possess sufficient capability to engage in appropriate power exchanges. Therefore, CPL is proposing to build a new line to link up with CFE. This proposed line would be a double-circuit line, which would (1) continue (on a slightly relocated route) the existing 69-kV tie from CPL`s Brownsville Switching Station to CFE`s facilities, and (2) add a 138-kV tie from the Military Highway Substation, located on Military Highway (US Highway 281), to CFE`s facilities. The proposed 138/69-kV line, which will be constructed and operated by CPL, will be built primarily on steel single-pole structures within an average 60-foot (ft) wide right-of-way (ROW). It will be approximately 6900--9200 ft (1.3--1.7 miles) in length, depending on the alternative route constructed.

  12. American Illuminations

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nye, David

    Illuminated fêtes and civic celebrations began in Renaissance Italy and spread through the courts of Europe. Their fireworks, torches, lamps, and special effects glorified the monarch, marked the birth of a prince, or celebrated military victory. Nineteenth-century Americans rejected such monarch......Illuminated fêtes and civic celebrations began in Renaissance Italy and spread through the courts of Europe. Their fireworks, torches, lamps, and special effects glorified the monarch, marked the birth of a prince, or celebrated military victory. Nineteenth-century Americans rejected...... such monarchial pomp and adapted spectacular lighting to their democratic, commercial culture. In American Illuminations, David Nye explains how they experimented with gas and electric light to create illuminated cityscapes far brighter and more dynamic than those of Europe, and how these illuminations became......, commercial lighting that defined distinct zones of light and glamorized the city’s White Ways, skyscrapers, bridges, department stores, theaters, and dance halls. Poor and blighted areas disappeared into the shadows. American illuminations also became integral parts of national political campaigns...

  13. Questioning power structures and competitiveness in pedagogy insights from North American Indian and Philippine pedagogies (United States)

    Bramwell, Roberta; Foreman, Kathleen


    This paper begins with case studies of innovative approaches to the education of Aboriginal Canadian Peoples and Philippine Aboriginal Peoples. These illustrate that, in such situations, where more traditional approaches have little success, the power to design, implement and evaluate educational programs can beneficially be shared between teacher and learner. Learners co-operate with each other in deciding what they need to learn. They examine their own needs and issues and assess their learning in terms of their cultural, economic and community value systems. Leadership is shared with the teacher/facilitators and word, image, number, gesture and sound are all employed to acquire knowledge and to demonstrate what that knowledge means to the group. In this particular enterprise, popular theatre has a major role to play in democratizing the provision of education and in encouraging educational development in circumstances where other approaches have been ineffectual. In the latter part of the paper, a model of education implied by the case studies is constructed and examined to provide alternatives to the traditional views of epistemology, of ethics and of pedagogy based on a notion of democracy as a daily struggle.

  14. Leishmaniose tegumentar americana em centro de treinamento militar localizado na Zona da Mata de Pernambuco, Brasil American cutaneous leishmaniasis in military training unit localized in Zona da Mata of Pernambuco State, Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sinval P. Brandão-Filho


    Full Text Available Um surto de leishmaniose tegumentar americana ocorreu em 1996 em unidade de treinamento militar situada na Zona da Mata de Pernambuco, com o registro de 26 casos humanos. Um inquérito epidemiológico foi realizado através da realização de levantamento entomológico e da aplicação do Teste de Montenegro. Lutzomyia choti apresentou predominância de 89,9% dos flebótomos identificados. De 545 homens que participaram de treinamentos no período, 24,1% (incluindo os casos clínicos foram positivo para o Teste de Montenegro.An outbreak of American cutaneous leishmaniasis has been occurred in military training unit localized in 'Zona da Mata' of Pernambuco State, Brazil, where were registered 26 human cases. An epidemiological survey was carried out by entomological investigation and Montenegro skin test (MST. Lutzomyia choti presents predominance (89.9% in sandflies identified. Out of 545 men who realized training activities were 24.12% positive to MST.

  15. The power of play: Innovations in Getting Active Summit 2011: a science panel proceedings report from the American Heart Association. (United States)

    Lieberman, Debra A; Chamberlin, Barbara; Medina, Ernie; Franklin, Barry A; Sanner, Brigid McHugh; Vafiadis, Dorothea K


    To examine the influence active-play video gaming (also referred to as exergaming, exertainment, and active gaming) might have on improving health-related skills, enhancing self-esteem and self-efficacy, promoting social support, and ultimately motivating positive changes in health behaviors, the American Heart Association convened The Power of Play: Innovations in Getting Active Summit. The summit, as well as a follow-up science panel, was hosted by the American Heart Association and Nintendo of America. The science panel discussed the current state of research on active-play video gaming and its potential to serve as a gateway experience that might motivate players to increase the amount and intensity of physical activity in their daily lives. The panel identified the need for continued research on the gateway concept and on other behavioral health outcomes that could result from active-play video games and considered how these games could potentially affect disparate populations. The summit represented an exciting first step in convening healthcare providers, behavioral researchers, and professionals from the active-play video game industry to discuss the potential health benefits of active-play video games. Research is needed to improve understanding of processes of behavior change with active games. Future games and technologies may be designed with the goal to optimize physical activity participation, increase energy expenditure, and effectively address the abilities and interests of diverse and targeted populations. The summit helped the participants gain an understanding of what is known, identified gaps in current research, and supported a dialogue for continued collaboration.

  16. Pending crisis in Russian civil military relations

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ball, D.Y.


    A key issue in the study of civil-military relations has been how to create a military sufficiently strong to ensure security from external threats while simultaneously preventing the military from using its preponderance of power in the domestic arena. This dilemma arises from the fear engendered by a large armed force created to combat foreign threats, but which is also inherently a threat to the society that created it. In Russia, however, the question is not how the civilian leadership can keep the military out of politics, but how the military can keep the leadership from politicizing the armed forces. The Russian military has no interest in resolving Russia`s domestic political problems. It is a professional military that prefers to leave politics to the politicians, and to carry out its mission of defending the nation against external attack. But the lack of responsible central leadership and the poor state of the economy are driving the military toward involvement in domestic politics if for no other reason than to ensure its own survival.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Military infantry recruits, although trained, lacks experience in real-time combat operations, despite the combat simulations training. Therefore, the choice of including them in military operations is a thorough and careful process. This has left top military commanders with the tough task of deciding, the best blend of inexperienced and experienced infantry soldiers, for any military operation, based on available information on enemy strength and capability. This research project delves into the design of a mission combat efficiency estimator (MCEE. It is a decision support system that aids top military commanders in estimating the best combination of soldiers suitable for different military operations, based on available information on enemy’s combat experience. Hence, its advantages consist of reducing casualties and other risks that compromises the entire operation overall success, and also boosting the morals of soldiers in an operation, with such information as an estimation of combat efficiency of their enemies. The system was developed using Microsoft Asp.Net and Sql server backend. A case study test conducted with the MECEE system, reveals clearly that the MECEE system is an efficient tool for military mission planning in terms of team selection. Hence, when the MECEE system is fully deployed it will aid military commanders in the task of decision making on team members’ combination for any given operation based on enemy personnel information that is well known beforehand. Further work on the MECEE will be undertaken to explore fire power types and impact in mission combat efficiency estimation.

  18. Exclusion and Inclusion in the Danish Military

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Muhr, Sara Louise; Sløk-Andersen, Beate


    a historically produced gender narrative – based on (fictional) stories on what women can and cannot do – is perceived as true and thereby casts women as less suitable for a military career. Thus, despite the current equal legal rights of men and women in the military, the power of the narrative limits female......Purpose The purpose of this paper is to examine why and how past stories of women’s insufficiency for military work survive and how they come to form a gendered organizational narrative dominant in constructing current opinions on women in the military. Design/methodology/approach The analysis...... soldiers’ career possibilities. Originality/value The paper is unique as it, in drawing on archival data, is able to trace how an organizational narrative comes to be and due to its ethnographic data how this creates limitations for women’s careers. This narrative is stronger and much more powerful than...

  19. Analysing the practical feasibility of FOSSGIS in military operations - A cholera outbreak use case

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Henrico, SJ


    Full Text Available Remaining ahead of the enemy in all circumstances is crucial to any military power. Geographic information systems (GIS) can provide the military commander with geospatial information about the theatre of war to assist with the planning...

  20. Perspective on the Military Involvement in the War on Drugs - Is There a Better Way?

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Whitten, Daniel


    .... However, we seem determined on expanding military roles in the region. During the past two decades the administrations in power have continued to escalate the military's involvement in this fight...

  1. O estável poder de veto Forças Armadas sobre o tema da anistia política no Brasil The stable military power as veto players in issues related to the political amnesty in Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maria Celina D'Araujo


    Full Text Available O trabalho propõe-se a demonstrar porque desde 1979 foi possível aos militares brasileiros atuarem como veto players sempre que entrou em debate a revisão da Lei de Anistia. Nossa hipótese é que esse poder de veto explica-se pela existência de uma grande autonomia militar antes, durante e depois da ditadura, associada aos baixos níveis de respeito aos direitos humanos na sociedade brasileira e ao baixo interesse do Congresso e do governo em geral pelo tema das Forças Armadas.The study aims to show why since 1979 the Brazilian military had been able to act as veto players whenever the debate about Amnesty Law was argued. Our hypothesis is that this veto power is explained by the existence of a large military autonomy before, during and after the dictatorship, associated with low levels of human rights culture in Brazilian society and the low interest of Congress and government in general about Armed Forces issues.

  2. The ironic photography during the military dictatorship in Argentina: an weapon against the powerLa fotografía irónica durante la dictadura militar argentina: un arma contra el poder

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cora Edith Gamarnik


    Full Text Available Ironic photography was historically a field with great possibilities for social criticism with a dose of humour. This paper examines how, in Argentina, during the last military coup (1976-1983, these type of images became an effective tool for to denunciation. To ridicule those in power and skip the barriers of what could not besaid of censorship, undermining the consensus, the terror and the indiference that the military regime had been able to create.La fotografía irónica fue históricamente un terreno de grandes posibilidades para formular críticas sociales con dosis dehumor. En este artículo nos proponemos estudiar cómo, en Argentina,durante la última dictadura militar (1976-1983, este tipo de imágenes se transformaron en una eficaz herramienta de denuncia. Ridiculizaron a quienes detentaban el poder represor y posibilitaron saltear las barreras de lo decible por la censura, ayudando a horadar el consenso, el terror y la indiferencia que el régimen militar había logrado generar.

  3. Condom Use Negotiation in Heterosexual African-American Adults: Responses to Types of Social Power-Based Strategies (United States)

    Otto-Salaj, Laura L.; Reed, Barbara; Brondino, Michael J.; Gore-Felton, Cheryl; Kelly, Jeffrey A.; Stevenson, L. Yvonne


    Little research has been performed on how people respond to different strategies to negotiate condom use in sexual situations, and whether certain strategies tend to be perceived as more or less effective in condom use negotiation. This study examined gender differences and preferences in the use of and response to six different styles of condom use negotiation with a hypothetical sexual partner of the opposite gender. Participants were 51 heterosexually-active African-American men and women between the ages of 18 and 35, attending an inner-city community center. Study participants completed a semi-structured qualitative interview in which they were presented with six negotiation strategies —coercive, reward, legitimate, expert, referent, and informational--based on Raven’s 1992 Power/Interaction Model of Interpersonal Influence. Results showed that women participants responded best to referent, reward, and legitimate strategies, and worst to informational tactics. Men participants responded best to reward strategies, and worst to coercion to use condoms. Further, responses given by a subset of both women—and, to a greater extent, men--indicated that use of negotiation tactics involving coercion to use condoms may result in negative or angry reactions. Finally, response to strategies may vary with the value of the relationship as viewed by the target of negotiation. Implications for HIV prevention programs and media campaigns are discussed. PMID:18569536

  4. Weightlifting exercises as means of developing physical training of military personnel

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fedak S.S.


    Full Text Available The method of physical preparation of military personnel of higher soldiery educational establishments is improved. In an inspection took part 32 servicemen. Military personnel executed tests: at run on 100 and 3000 meters, undercutting on a cross-beam. Influence of employments is certain power exercises on speeding up, force and endurance of military personnel of speciality physical education. The level of influence of employments power exercises is set on physical possibilities of military personnel.

  5. This time it's different. An inevitable decline in world petroleum production will keep oil product prices high, causing military conflicts and shifting wealth and power from democracies to authoritarian regimes

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Leder, Frederic; Shapiro, Judith N.


    There is virtual agreement among geologists that world production of conventional oil will peak at some point in the future. Oil, after all, is a finite resource, while demand will only grow over time. Geologists disagree, however, exactly when the peak will occur. Using data from the International Energy Agency, the US Department of Energy, the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas, and petroleum industry sources, we argue that conventional oil production will reach a worldwide maximum within the next 5-10 years, earlier than generally estimated, thus leaving a very short time frame within which to plan for conversion to alternative sources of energy. Unless planning is initiated immediately, the United States and other Western democracies will see their positions in the global economy undercut as military conflicts over limited energy resources increase, and wealth and power are shifted to authoritarian regimes in Russia, Venezuela, Africa and the Middle East. (author)

  6. This time it's different. An inevitable decline in world petroleum production will keep oil product prices high, causing military conflicts and shifting wealth and power from democracies to authoritarian regimes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Leder, Frederic [2742 Sturges Highway, Westport, CT 06880 (United States); Shapiro, Judith N. [796 Sport Hill Road, Easton, CT 06612 (United States)


    There is virtual agreement among geologists that world production of conventional oil will peak at some point in the future. Oil, after all, is a finite resource, while demand will only grow over time. Geologists disagree, however, exactly when the peak will occur. Using data from the International Energy Agency, the US Department of Energy, the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas, and petroleum industry sources, we argue that conventional oil production will reach a worldwide maximum within the next 5-10 years, earlier than generally estimated, thus leaving a very short time frame within which to plan for conversion to alternative sources of energy. Unless planning is initiated immediately, the United States and other Western democracies will see their positions in the global economy undercut as military conflicts over limited energy resources increase, and wealth and power are shifted to authoritarian regimes in Russia, Venezuela, Africa and the Middle East. (author)

  7. Price of military uranium

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Klimenko, A.V.


    The theoretical results about optimum strategy of use of military uranium confirmed by systems approach accounts are received. The numerical value of the system approach price of the highly enriched military uranium also is given

  8. Military Psychology for Africa

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Van Heerden, Adelaide


    Full Text Available African Military Psychology community. Twenty-two years into democracy, this book Military psychology for Africa brings ‘wholeness’ for African soldiers, their families, psychological scientists, university scholars and practitioners. The scope...

  9. Military Classics (United States)


    and peace research in the United States. In assembling information on armaments, the 10 balance of power, technology, law , social organization, and...Irttewiew ?V%h Earle E. Partridge, Jacob E. Smart, and John W; Vog& Jr. (1986); and Charles A. Ravenstein , X&e O~anization and Lineage of the United States

  10. National Military Family Association (United States)

    ... Take Action Volunteer Mark Your Calendar Donate Twitter Facebook Instagram Donate Appreciating Military Families: Meet the Wilsons This ... © 2017 - National Military Family Association Twitter Facebook Pinterest Instagram Charity Navigator Four Star Charity GuideStar Exchange Better ...

  11. Power

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Elmholdt, Claus Westergård; Fogsgaard, Morten


    In this chapter, we will explore the dynamics of power in processes of creativity, and show its paradoxical nature as both a bridge and a barrier to creativity in organisations. Recent social psychological experimental research (Slighte, de Dreu & Nijstad, 2011) on the relation between power...... and floating source for empowering people in the organisation. We will explore and discuss here the potentials, challenges and pitfalls of power in relation to creativity in the life of organisations today. The aim is to demonstrate that power struggles may be utilised as constructive sources of creativity...

  12. Ethical Lapses and the Military Profession

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Crosbie, Thomas Alexander; Kleykamp, Meredith


    In a recent issue of this journal, we published an article titled “Fault Lines of the American Military Profession”. Donald S. Travis subsequently wrote a Dipustatio Sine Fine rejoinder that raised a number of criticisms of our piece and suggested several ways forward. For our part, we detect three...

  13. Young Australians’ Attitudes to the Military and Military Service

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ben Wadham


    Full Text Available What are young Australians’ understandings of, and attitudes to, the military and military service? This article describes a pilot study of 320 young Australian university students’ attitudes to the military and military service during a time when Australia was engaged in the Afghanistan war. The main purpose of this study was to develop a survey instrument for further work in researching civil–military relations in Australia. Civil–military relations describe the complex set of relationships between the civil and military spheres. The role of the military, the relationship between the state and the military, the division of labor between civilian and military entities, foreign policy, and knowledge of military service are some of the fields that constitute a study of civil–military relations. This article reports on beliefs about, and attitudes to the specificities of military service and responses to the broader field of civil–military relations.

  14. A National Military Strategy Process for the Future (United States)


    NATIONAL MILITARY - Strategic Direction ESTRATEGY Military Strategy Strategic Landscape Security Needs fDEF PLAN GUID (DPG) JOIN PLANNING DOCUMENT...United States Government has not attempted to codify a national security strategy nor has the Department of Defense published a document entitled National...Military Strategy. Certainly, the government has developed security policies for using the elements of national power. In June, 1986 the President’s

  15. Land rover military one-tonne

    CERN Document Server

    Taylor, James


    A fully illustrated history of the Land Rover 101 One-Tonne - the forward-control military vehicle developed as a gun tractor for the British Army, in production from 1975-1978. This essential guide to these small yet powerful 4 x 4 vehicles covers: production histories; design and prototypes; specification guides; the 101 in British military service between 1975 and 1998; the 101 variants - ambulances, Rapier tractors, hard-bodied versions for electronic warfare and special field conversions; sales to overseas military authorities and, finally, advice on buying and owning a 101 today. Of great interest to Land Rover and military vehicle enthusiasts, historians and owners' clubs and illustrated with 207 original colour photographs.

  16. Role of nuclear reactors in future military satellites

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Buden, D.; Angelo, J.A. Jr.


    Future military capabilities will be profoundly influenced by emerging Shuttle Era space technology. Regardless of the specific direction or content of tomorrow's military space program, it is clear that advanced space transportation systems, orbital support facilities, and large-capacity power subsystems will be needed to create the generally larger, more sophisticated military space systems of the future. This paper explores the critical role that space nuclear reactors should play in America's future space program and reviews the current state of nuclear reactor power plant technology. Space nuclear reactor technologies have the potential of satisfying power requirements ranging from 10 kW/sub (e)/ to 100 MW/sub (e)/

  17. Military men and sexual practices: Discourses of 'othering' in safer ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Military men and sexual practices: Discourses of 'othering' in safer sex in the light of HIV/AIDS. ... Military men are particularly vulnerable to HIV because of their working conditions; for example, working far from home and being among communities where they have greater economic and political power, as well as in relation ...

  18. The American Military on the Frontier (United States)


    fa’kan?qr tc Fort llbson. via fouth Fork of Canadl’in-n’-rth F^exicc and north-v/ estem Texas. Nonran: University of Oklahoma Press, 1972. (F...University of Oklahoma Pre^s, lr^8. fF 801 Ml?) Mansfield, Joseph Klnf Fenno. Mansfield on the condition nf the V.’ estem Forts. Harper’s Monthly 91:1*2-62, June 1895. Sates, John M. General Oeorpe Crook’s first Apache carpalpr. (the use of mobile, self -contained

  19. Reforming the American Military Officer Personnel System (United States)


    to Page 16 The RAND Corporation is a nonprofit institution that helps improve policy and decisionmaking through research and analysis. This...electronic document was made available from as a public service of the RAND Corporation . CHILDREN AND FAMILIES EDUCATION AND THE ARTS ENERGY...This product is part of the RAND Corporation testimony series. RAND testimonies record testimony presented by RAND associates to federal, state, or

  20. Americans View the Military: A 1984 Update. (United States)


    interracial differences within regions are statistically significant and they suggest three groups: (1) Southern whites, relatively pro- draft and anti-AVF...individual is to adopt an attitude of Wgrim realism"--increasing arms buildup but no atomic war. ATOMIC WAR: Young adults (aged 20-29) and lower SES2

  1. Who Serves? The American All-Volunteer Force

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Schaub Jr, Gary John; Lowther, Adam


    Who serves in the military? When the United States ended conscription and began to acquire its military personnel voluntarily, significant concerns were voiced. Would the military attract sufficient and appropriate personnel? Would the self-selected force reflect American society in terms...... force by the leadership of the Department of Defense....

  2. Air Power and Warfare. The Proceedings of the Military History Symposium (8th), United States Air Force Academy, 18-20 October 1978, (United States)


    constantly.* No other accounts are available. It was admitted by Air University officials that the massive Vietnam history project known as " Corona ...April 16. 1915, in E. L. Jones, "Chronology on American Flight" (no pagination), microfilm in NASM Libr ~y (M-104), NACA secretariat shared offices with...aircraft industry could progress only at a snail’s pace because of the lack of a machine-tool industry, the shortage of metals of any quality, and the

  3. Expeditionary Economics: The Military’s Role in Conflict-Related Development (United States)


    the respective strengths of each element of national power. Additionally, joint doctrine indicates a supporting role for the military in...and military strengths and capabilities. The policy directs U.S. development efforts to accomplish this by strengthening our international partners... Auckland , New Zealand: University of Auckland , 2008), 6. U.S. military development efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq Although lacking

  4. How Power-Laws Re-Write The Rules Of Cyber Warfare

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    David L. Bibighaus


    Full Text Available All warfare contains and element of randomness. This article will argue that, the kind uncertainty encountered in cyber warfare (Power-Law randomness is fundamentally different from the uncertainty the military has evolved to deal with in the physical world (Gaussian-Randomness. The article will explain the difference between these two kinds of randomness, and how cyber weapons appear to operate under Power-Law randomness. It then will show how in cyberspace, key aspects of strategic thought are based on a flaws assumption of randomness. Finally, this article shall argue that if the American military is going to be effective in cyberspace, it must re-examine the way the military assumes risk, recruits is forces, plans for war and maintains the peace.

  5. Renewable energy technology handbook for military engineers (United States)


    Renewable energy applications are introduced that are considered promising for military use in the 1980s. These are: solar hot water for buildings, active solar hot water and space heating for buildings, passive solar heating and cooling of buildings, solar industrial process heata, solar ponds, photovoltaic power for homes, photovoltaic power for remote applications, parabolic dish solar systems for remote applications, wind energy for buildings, wind energy for central power plants, wind energy for water pumping, biomass energy systems for buildings, biomass energy systems for central power plants, geothermal energy for process heat, and geothermal energy for central power plants. For each of these is given: a brief history of the technology and information on how the technology works; a detailed technical and economic profile of an operating system; and a summary listing of operating civilian and military systems that are open for public viewing.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Oleg Jurevich Efremov


    Full Text Available Purpose. The article considers the psychological-pedagogical bases of preparation of employees of power structures of the USA to the use of weapons in a combat situation.Methodology. The article is based on an analysis of the views of foreign military psychologists on the nature of psychological mechanisms to overcome the fear to kill and to be killed on the battlefield.Results. It is noted that the «science of murder» helps to better understand the psychology of the American military and police personnel and their activities in situations of risk to life.Practical implications. In educational work with the Russian military personnel are encouraged to focus attention on an impartial study and rational use of the experience of military psychologists in the USA.

  7. German Involvement in the War against International Terrorism. End of Civilian Power?


    Zdeněk Kříž


    The September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks forced Germany to face a number of questions. One of them is determining the proper level of German political and military support for the USA in their war against terrorism. For Germany, i.e. for a country, whose foreign and security policies relies on the strategy of civilian power, it is a greater problem than in the case of other countries. American military operations in the fight against international terrorism take place in the context of a nati...

  8. About Military Sexual Trauma

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  9. Vedr.: Military capacity building

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Larsen, Josefine Kühnel; Struwe, Lars Bangert


    Military capacity building has increasingly become an integral part of Danish defence. Military capacity is a new way of thinking Danish defence and poses a new set of challenges and opportunities for the Danish military and the Political leadership. On the 12th of december, PhD. Candidate Josefine...... Kühnel Larsen and researcher Lars Bangert Struwe of CMS had organized a seminar in collaboration with Royal Danish Defense Colleg and the East African Security Governance Network. The seminar focused on some of the risks involved in Military capacity building and how these risks are dealt with from...

  10. About Military Sexual Trauma

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  11. The Military's Business

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rasmussen, Mikkel Vedby

    militaries and explore what kind of strategies can overcome this gap between input and output. Instead of focusing on military strategy, Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen seeks to draw on the ideas of business strategy to assess alternative business cases - reforming military HR to combat instability in the 'Global......If the military were a business, would you buy shares? Over recent years, Western armed forces, particularly the US, have been costing more yet achieving less. At the same time, austerity measures are reducing defence budgets. This book uses defence data to examine the workings of modern Western...

  12. About Military Sexual Trauma

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  13. About Military Sexual Trauma

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  14. About Military Sexual Trauma

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  15. The Military's Business

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rasmussen, Mikkel Vedby

    If the military were a business, would you buy shares? Over recent years, Western armed forces, particularly the US, have been costing more yet achieving less. At the same time, austerity measures are reducing defence budgets. This book uses defence data to examine the workings of modern Western...... militaries and explore what kind of strategies can overcome this gap between input and output. Instead of focusing on military strategy, Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen seeks to draw on the ideas of business strategy to assess alternative business cases - reforming military HR to combat instability in the 'Global...

  16. Irregular Warfare: Impact on Future Professional Military Education

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Paschal, David G


    ... to operate effectively in an irregular warfare environment. The utility of a decisive war between nation states continues to decline and will eventually reach critical mass based upon the extreme imbalance of military power and a U.S. monopoly...

  17. Power of Peer Support to Change Health Behavior to Reduce Risks for Heart Disease and Stroke for African American Men in a Faith-Based Community. (United States)

    Lee, Sohye; Schorr, Erica; Hadidi, Niloufar Niakosari; Kelley, Robin; Treat-Jacobson, Diane; Lindquist, Ruth


    Peer support has powerful potential to improve outcomes in a program of health behavior change; yet, how peer support is perceived by participants, its role, and how it contributes to intervention efficacy is not known, especially among African Americans. The purpose of this study was to identify the subjectively perceived experience and potential contributions of peer support to the outcomes of a peer group behavioral intervention designed to change health behavior to reduce risks for heart disease and stroke in African American men in a faith-based community. A peer support group intervention was implemented to increase health knowledge and to improve health behaviors in line with the American Heart Association's Life Simple 7 domains (get active, control cholesterol, eat better, manage blood pressure, lose weight, reduce blood sugar, and stop smoking). Fourteen peer group sessions and eight follow-up interviews with program participants were recorded, transcribed, and analyzed. Seven key themes emerged, including (1) enhancing access to health behavior information and resources, (2) practicing and applying problem-solving skills with group feedback and support, (3) discussing health behavior challenges and barriers, (4) sharing health behavior changes, (5) sharing perceived health outcome improvements and benefits, (6) feelings of belonging and being cared for, and (7) addressing health of family and community. Qualitative findings revealed a positive perception of peer support and greater understanding of potential reasons why it may be an effective strategy for African American men.

  18. Examining the impact of alternative power measures on individual time use in American and Danish couple households

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Datta Gupta, Nabanita; Stratton, Leslie S.


    We exploit time diary data for couple households in Denmark and the United States to examine the impact alternative measures of intrahousehold bargaining power have upon different measures of individual time use. Power measures have traditionally been based on current earnings, but earnings...

  19. β-Alanine supplementation and military performance. (United States)

    Hoffman, Jay R; Stout, Jeffrey R; Harris, Roger C; Moran, Daniel S


    During sustained high-intensity military training or simulated combat exercises, significant decreases in physical performance measures are often seen. The use of dietary supplements is becoming increasingly popular among military personnel, with more than half of the US soldiers deployed or garrisoned reported to using dietary supplements. β-Alanine is a popular supplement used primarily by strength and power athletes to enhance performance, as well as training aimed at improving muscle growth, strength and power. However, there is limited research examining the efficacy of β-alanine in soldiers conducting operationally relevant tasks. The gains brought about by β-alanine use by selected competitive athletes appears to be relevant also for certain physiological demands common to military personnel during part of their training program. Medical and health personnel within the military are expected to extrapolate and implement relevant knowledge and doctrine from research performed on other population groups. The evidence supporting the use of β-alanine in competitive and recreational athletic populations suggests that similar benefits would also be observed among tactical athletes. However, recent studies in military personnel have provided direct evidence supporting the use of β-alanine supplementation for enhancing combat-specific performance. This appears to be most relevant for high-intensity activities lasting 60-300 s. Further, limited evidence has recently been presented suggesting that β-alanine supplementation may enhance cognitive function and promote resiliency during highly stressful situations.

  20. Power Preservation

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Galster, Kjeld

    Power Preservation (Abstract) In the 17th century, just as today, coalitions needed ‘lead nations’. This was assumed to be a power with great military and economic potentials, and Denmark endeavoured to act as such a leader in the Thirty Years War from 1626 to 28. The results were not encouraging...... in the military field and they were disastrous as far as fiscal matters were concerned. Sweden took over the leadership of the protestant side and she took over Denmark’s place amongst the great powers of the Baltic Region. From that time onwards, Danish influence and options on the international stage gradually...... declined. Thus, Denmark of the 17th century is not to be counted amongst the great powers, but since Christian V’s accession to the throne in 1670 Denmark-Norway has developed into one of Europe’s most highly militarised states. Apart from a permanently combat ready navy, the country maintains a standing...

  1. Spain: Democracy and the Military. (United States)


    1980, p.54. 68. Los Angeles Times, June 10, 1981, p.2 . 69. Ibid. 70. Christian Science Monitor, December 11, 1981, p.3 . 71. Lt. Col. J. Sanchez Mendez ...Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), The Military Balance, 1980-1981, IISS, 1980, p.36 . 75. Sanchez Mendez , p.1490-1491. 76. Ibid, p.1491-1493. 77. Ibid...transformation in which King Juan Carlos I, Franco’s handpicked successor, inherited the authoritarian powers of a dictator and promptly used them to turn

  2. Ingredients of military genius. Student essay

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Blair, J.M.


    This article deals with military genius from an historical and a classical theory perspective. The author modifies an approach developed by Carl von Clausewitz that makes use of theory as a framework for the study of history. Clausewitz used theory to study campaigns of Napoleon. This article uses Clausewitz's theory of military genius to study some of the great captains of the American Civil War and World War II. Using seven qualities of military genius that Clausewitz lists in his ON WAR, a study was made to ascertain commonalities of behavior displayed by great battlefield generals. Historical examples are given which reflect the qualities of military genius. The basic hypothesis of the article is that successful generals command their armies with their total being and not just one predominate aspect of their person. The underlying theme is that body, emotions, mind, and spirit must work in a relatively balanced manner which results in military genius being displayed. Historical example urges each senior officer to continually train and discipline his being in preparation for his possible future destiny.

  3. Nuclear power and its alternatives

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Hendee, W.R.


    For nuclear power to contribute significantly to the alleviation of demands for increased electricity by the year 2000, a further obstacle must be overcome, namely the present nuclear phobia of the American public. This phobia can be addressed only through public education leading to a balanced perspective of the benefits and hazards of nuclear power compared with those of alternate sources of energy and to the risks associated with an insufficient supply of energy in a few years. Also to be considered in a public education effort should be the precarious and capricious nature of this country's continued reliance on energy sources imported from politically unstable countries, as well as the risk this importation poses for the nation's economic, social and military security

  4. Iraqi Military Academies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nodar Z. Mossaki


    Full Text Available The article analyzes the system of training of officers in military academies in Iraq – in Zakho, Qalacholan, ar-Rustamiyah and an-Nasiriyah. The author describes the history of creation, process of evolution, challenges and features of training in these colleges. Particular attention paid to military academies in the territory of Iraqi Kurdistan, which actually do not obey the central government of Iraq, however, have the highest level of training. Currently, Iraq's military academies operate on the basis of the NATO standards. Iraqi military academies paid miuch attention to the specifics of the military and political situation in Iraq – counterinsurgency and counterterrorism operations, patrolling cities, fighting in an urban environment etc. Significant place in the curriculum take the courses contributing to the formation of pro-Western sentiment.

  5. Living in Tension: Secularism and Christianity in the Military (United States)


    homosexual persons to serve in the military. This project seeks to analyze the growing tension that is created by the move to increased...person to be promoted to higher levels of responsibility and leadership within the military structure. All Soldiers have equal opportunity to serve and...practice any or no religion without fear of coercion, discrimination , or injury, is one of the great hallmarks of American society and government. One

  6. Foreseeing techniques and control of emissions in thermal power plants. Workshop Latin American. [Selected Papers]; Control y tecnicas de prevision de las emisiones de centrales termoelectricas

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Saldana, R.; Morales, F.; Urrutia, M. [eds.] [Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas, Cuernavaca (Mexico)


    This document contains the conference proceedings of the Latin-American Workshop ``Control and Prevision Techniques of Emissions in Power Plants`` carried out in Cuernavaca, Mexico on June 1996, with the participation of representatives of Argentina, Chile, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama and Venezuela, as well as specialists from the European Union. The core issue analyzed in this workshop was the control and the evaluation techniques of polluting emissions in Power Plants [Espanol] Este documento contiene las memorias de conferencia del Taller Latinoamericano ``Control y tecnicas de prevision de las emisiones de centrales termoelectricas`` que se llevo a cabo en Cuernavaca, Mexico en junio de 1996. Participaron representantes de Argentina, Chile, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama y Venezuela, asi como especialistas de la Union Europea. El tema central tratado en este taller fue el control y tecnicas de evaluacion de las emisiones contaminantes en centrales termoelectricas

  7. Integration in the Ranks: Explaining the Effects of Social Pressure and Attitudinal Change on U.S. Military Policy

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Bailey, Jr., Richard J


    When compared to other organizations in the American bureaucracy, and perhaps American society as a whole, the military is generally regarded as having been one of the pioneers of racial integration...

  8. American Association of Orthodontists Foundation Craniofacial Growth Legacy Collection: Overview of a powerful tool for orthodontic research and teaching. (United States)

    Baumrind, Sheldon; Curry, Sean


    This article reports on the current status of the American Association of Orthodontists Foundation (AAOF) Craniofacial Growth Legacy Collection--an AAOF-supported multi-institutional project that uses the Internet and cloud computing to collect and share craniofacial images and data for orthodontic research and education. The project gives investigators and clinicians all over the world online access to longitudinal information on craniofacial development in untreated children with malocclusions of various types. It also is a unique source of control samples for testing the validity of consensually accepted beliefs about the effects of orthodontic treatment or of failure to treat. Copyright © 2015 American Association of Orthodontists. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  9. The military and violations of human rights : a comparative study of Guatemala and Honduras military and violations of human rights


    Høgdahl, Kristin


    «THE MILITARY AND VIOLATIONS OF HUMAN RIGHTS. A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF GUATEMALA AND HONDURAS» The study explores the extent of and reasons for military involvement in violations of human rights by focusing on developments in two Central American countries: Guatemala and Honduras throughout the 1980s. There is currently a need for greater understanding of why human rights are violated since the international community is seeking to improve implementation of internationally recognized human r...

  10. Optical Coherence Tomography–Based Corneal Power Measurement and Intraocular Lens Power Calculation Following Laser Vision Correction (An American Ophthalmological Society Thesis) (United States)

    Huang, David; Tang, Maolong; Wang, Li; Zhang, Xinbo; Armour, Rebecca L.; Gattey, Devin M.; Lombardi, Lorinna H.; Koch, Douglas D.


    Purpose: To use optical coherence tomography (OCT) to measure corneal power and improve the selection of intraocular lens (IOL) power in cataract surgeries after laser vision correction. Methods: Patients with previous myopic laser vision corrections were enrolled in this prospective study from two eye centers. Corneal thickness and power were measured by Fourier-domain OCT. Axial length, anterior chamber depth, and automated keratometry were measured by a partial coherence interferometer. An OCT-based IOL formula was developed. The mean absolute error of the OCT-based formula in predicting postoperative refraction was compared to two regression-based IOL formulae for eyes with previous laser vision correction. Results: Forty-six eyes of 46 patients all had uncomplicated cataract surgery with monofocal IOL implantation. The mean arithmetic prediction error of postoperative refraction was 0.05 ± 0.65 diopter (D) for the OCT formula, 0.14 ± 0.83 D for the Haigis-L formula, and 0.24 ± 0.82 D for the no-history Shammas-PL formula. The mean absolute error was 0.50 D for OCT compared to a mean absolute error of 0.67 D for Haigis-L and 0.67 D for Shammas-PL. The adjusted mean absolute error (average prediction error removed) was 0.49 D for OCT, 0.65 D for Haigis-L (P=.031), and 0.62 D for Shammas-PL (P=.044). For OCT, 61% of the eyes were within 0.5 D of prediction error, whereas 46% were within 0.5 D for both Haigis-L and Shammas-PL (P=.034). Conclusions: The predictive accuracy of OCT-based IOL power calculation was better than Haigis-L and Shammas-PL formulas in eyes after laser vision correction. PMID:24167323

  11. USSR Report, Military Affairs, No. 1711. (United States)


    leaders of China are asisting the most aggressive forces of imperial- ism in tbeir plans. tUder these conditions the CPSU and the Soviet state...concept of American strategists, by using such missiles to launch highly accurate "preenptive" nuclear strikes against objectives virtually throughout...right to discuss virtually any political. military, economic, and scientific-technical problems and to provide recoamendations on them to the WEU council

  12. Ethnic Conflict: Imperatives for US Military Strategy

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Lohide, Kurtis D


    .... Recent fighting in Bosnia, Central Africa, and Kosovo seems to provide this context. Such outbreaks of internecine fighting present compelling evidence that ethnic warfare will be a major source of conflict in the new millennium. Therefore, if 21st century American military thinkers are to craft a successful strategy, they must address the imperatives of ethnic conflict. This paper discusses the theoretical imperatives, doctrinal imperatives, and force structure imperatives of ethnic warfare.

  13. Joint Task Force - Bravo: The U.S. Military Presence in Honduras, U.S. Policy for an Evolving Region (United States)


    cultural machismo of Latin American militaries makes rank very important in the minds of Latin American officers. Also, the DAO and USMilGP positions are...elected in Nicaragua. The military dictatorship in Haiti, recent coup attempt in Venezuela and insurgency in Mexico point to a Hemisphere that is not

  14. Birth of the American Force Projection Army: The Impact of Political, Military, and National Culture and Strategic Position on US Efforts to Incorporate a Prussian-Style General Staff System (United States)


    to Adjutant General Henry C. Corbin . Initially, McKinley relieved neither Alger nor Miles (Alger would eventually be relieved by McKinley and Miles...prestige or importance. To the contrary, first 28 General Henry Halleck and then General Ulysses Grant, both West Point graduates, succeeded...had spawned wars in Europe for centuries. 1Lt Col Marvin A. Kreidberg and 1st Lt Merton G. Henry , History of Military Mobilization in the United

  15. The Politics of Bicycle Innovation: Comparing the American and Dutch Human-Powered Vehicle Movements, 1970s—present

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Stoffers, M.; Oldenziel, R; Trischler, H


    This paper deals with the history of the international Human-Powered Vehicle (HPV) movement, originally launched in the 1970s by engineers and scientists who believed that bicycle innovation could give a major impetus to a coveted western bicycle renaissance. Based on a reading of magazines and

  16. Power and Liberty: A Long-Term Course Planning Strategy to Encourage the Contextualization of Events in American History (United States)

    Endacott, Jason L.


    Applying a consistent historical theme throughout a social studies course is an effective long-term planning strategy that can promote student engagement, retention of information, and contextualized knowledge of history's continuity and change. This article demonstrates how one such theme, power and liberty, might be incorporated into a secondary…

  17. Serbia's Military Neutrality: Origins, effects and challenges

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ejdus Filip


    Full Text Available Serbia is the only state in the Western Balkans that is not seeking NATO membership. In December 2007, Serbia declared military neutrality and in spite of its EU membership aspirations, developed very close relations with Moscow. The objective of this paper is threefold. First, I argue that in order to understand why Serbia declared military neutrality, one has to look both at the discursive terrain and domestic power struggles. The key narrative that was strategically used by mnemonic entrepreneurs, most importantly by the former Prime Minister Vojislav Koštunica, to legitimize military neutrality was the trauma of NATO intervention in 1999 and the ensuing secession of Kosovo. In the second part of the paper, I discuss the operational consequences of the military neutrality policy for Serbia's relations with NATO and Russia, as well as for military reform and EU accession. Finally, I spell out the challenges ahead in Serbia's neutrality policy and argue that its decision makers will increasingly be caught between pragmatic foreign policy requirements on the one hand and deeply entrenched traumatic memories on the other.

  18. Production of Liquid Synthetic Fuels from Carbon, Water and Nuclear Power on Ships and at Shore Bases for Military and Potential Commercial Applications

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Locke Bogart, S.; Schultz, Ken; Brown, Lloyd; Russ, Ben


    It is demonstrable that synthetic fuels (jet/diesel/gasoline ≅ (CH 2 ) n ) can be produced from carbon, water, and nuclear energy. What remains to be shown is that all system processes are scalable, integrable, and economical. Sources of carbon include but are not limited to CO 2 from the atmosphere or seawater, CO 2 from fossil-fired power plants, and elemental carbon from coal or biomass. For mobile defense (Navy) applications, the ubiquitous atmosphere is our chosen carbon source. For larger-scale sites such as Naval Advance Bases, the atmosphere may still be the choice should other sources not be readily available. However, at many locations suitable for defense and, potentially, commercial syn-fuel production, far higher concentrations of carbon may be available. The rationale for this study was manifold: fuel system security from terrorism and possible oil embargoes; rising demand and, eventually, peaking supply of conventional petroleum; and escalating costs and prices of fuels. For these reasons, the initial parts of the study were directed at Syn-fuel production for mobile Naval platforms and shore sites such as Rokkasho, Japan (as an exemplar). Nuclear reactors would provide the energy for H 2 from water-splitting, Membrane Gas Absorption (MGA) would extract CO 2 from the atmosphere, the Reverse Water-Gas Reaction (RWGR) would convert the CO 2 to CO, and the resultant H 2 and CO feeds would be converted to (CH 2 )n by the Fischer-Tropsch reaction. Many of these processes exist at commercial scale. Some, particularly MGA and RWGR, have been demonstrated at the bench-scale, requiring up-scaling. Likewise, the demonstration of an integrated system at some scale is yet to be done. For ship-based production, it has been shown that the system should be viable and, under reasonable assumptions, both scalable and economical for defense fuels. For the assumptions in the study, fuel cost estimates range from ∼ $2.55 to $4.75 per gallon with a nominal cost of

  19. Inpatient Psychiatric Admission Rates in a U.S. Air Force Basic Military Training Population (United States)


    Force Basic Military Training Population presented at/published to 2017 American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, 20-24 May...ADMISSION RATES IN AN U.S. AIR FORCE BASIC MILITARY TRAINING POPULATION 7. FUNDING RECEIVED FOR THIS STUDY? 0 YES 181 NO FUNDING SOURCE: 8. DO YOU NEED...U.S. AIR FORCE BASIC MILITARY TRAINING POPULATION Background: Mental health admission rates for those with no active mental health disorders have

  20. About Military Sexual Trauma

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    Full Text Available ... it free Find out why Close About Military Sexual Trauma Veterans Health Administration Loading... Unsubscribe from Veterans ... is Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) [for posttraumatic stress disorder]? - Duration: 2:01. Veterans Health Administration 27,844 ...

  1. About Military Sexual Trauma

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  2. About Military Sexual Trauma (United States)

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  3. The Military Cooperation Group

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Renzi, Jr, Alfred E


    .... This thesis will describe a structure to assist with both those needs. The premise is that an expanded and improved network of US Military Groups is the weapon of choice for the war on terror, and beyond...

  4. About Military Sexual Trauma

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  5. German Involvement in the War against International Terrorism. End of Civilian Power?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zdeněk Kříž


    Full Text Available The September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks forced Germany to face a number of questions. One of them is determining the proper level of German political and military support for the USA in their war against terrorism. For Germany, i.e. for a country, whose foreign and security policies relies on the strategy of civilian power, it is a greater problem than in the case of other countries. American military operations in the fight against international terrorism take place in the context of a nation’s right to individual and collective self-defence. Despite this, the extent to which German participation in these operations is compatible with the policy of a civil power remains unclear. Most of the attributes of a military operation led by a civilian power are present – but not all of them. The main problem is the impossibility of assessing the degree of violence used by German soldiers within Operation Enduring Freedom. However, the findings we have obtained so far do not imply that the German military support of the U.S.A. contradicts a priori the policy expected from a civilian power.

  6. Real Origins of the Great Depression: Monopoly Power, Unions and the American Business Cycle in the 1920s


    Monique Ebell; Albrecht Ritschl


    We attempt to explain the severe 1920-21 recession, the roaring 1920s boom, and the slide into the Great Depression after 1929 in a unified framework. The model combines monopolistic product market competition with search frictions in the labor market, allowing for both individual and collective wage bargaining. We attribute the extraordinary macroeconomic and financial volatility of this period to two factors: Shifts in the wage bargaining regime and in the degree of monopoly power in the ec...

  7. Managing Military Readiness (United States)


    Managing Military Readiness by Laura J. Junor STRATEGIC PERSPECTIVES 23 Center for Strategic Research Institute for National Strategic Studies...Marine Corps) Managing Military Readiness Institute for National Strategic Studies Strategic Perspectives, No. 23 Series Editor: Laura J. Junor National...discussion is a basic tenet of production theory , it had not been commonly applied to readiness management until recently. The important point here is that

  8. Soviet Union, Military Affairs. (United States)


    officers in the field of military art but also to contribute to the mastery of effective forms and methods of training and educating personnel of units...into account the latest achievements of military thought, and high competence in questions of tactics and operational art are the foremost qualities...first time, and the new embroidery had to be interspersed with the old canvas. In spite of everything they decided to continue the experiment. 84

  9. Military Working Dog Procurements (United States)


    1998 and 1999 showed that the Europeans did not have an advantage in the selection of their dogs . Officials of the 341st TRS offered two possible...DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A Approved for Public Release Distribution Unlimited MILITARY WORKING DOG PROCUREMENTS Report No. D-2000-102 March 14...A . Report Title: Military Working Dog Procurements B. DATE Report Downloaded From the Internet: 03/28/99 C. Report’s Point of Contact: (Name

  10. Evolving societal risks and necessary precautions in the age of nuclear power and therapeutic radiation: an American perspective. (United States)

    Pham, Martin H; Yu, Cheng; Rusch, Mairead; Holloway, Charles; Chang, Eric; Apuzzo, Michael L J


    Terrorism involving nuclear or radiologic weapons can devastate populations, city infrastructures, and entire sociopolitical systems. In our age of nuclear medicine and therapeutic radiation delivery, the unauthorized and illegal acquisition of radioactive materials needed for such an attack is always a possibility and risk. Physicians handling high-energy isotopes for medical radiotherapy must be aware of the basic security requirements as outlined by the Nuclear Regulation Commission, which include background checks and authorized access, physical protection during radionuclide use, and physical protection during its transit. The Leksell Gamma Knife and its Category 1 cobalt-60 radioactive source are discussed because of their significant potential for deployment in a weaponized device. Although this article presents a perspective relating to American rules and regulations, these precautions are applicable anywhere that similar situations exist. Understanding these materials and the security they require is essential to preventing the disastrous outcomes should these isotopes fall into terrorists' hands. Published by Elsevier Inc.

  11. The pending crisis in Russian civil-military relations

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Ball, D.Y.


    A key issue in the study of civil-military relations has been how to create a military sufficiently strong to ensure security from external threats while simultaneously preventing the military from using its preponderance of power in the domestic arena. This dilemma arises from the fear engendered by a large armed force created to combat foreign threats, but which is also inherently a threat to the society that created it. In Russia, however, the question is not how the civilian leadership can keep the military out of politics, but how the military can keep the leadership from politicizing the armed forces. The Russian military has no interest in resolving Russia's domestic political problems. It is a professional military that prefers to leave politics to the politicians, and to carry out its mission of defending the nation against external attack. But the lack of responsible central leadership and the poor state of the economy are driving the military toward involvement in domestic politics if for no other reason than to ensure its own survival

  12. History of development and modern condition of Chinese military psychology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aleksandr G. Karayani


    Full Text Available Background. Russian military psychology is actively analyzing the achievements gained over the years of its reform and with great interest turns to the military psychological experience of foreign armies. Acquaintance with this experience allows Russian military psychology to assess its place in the world military psychological science, to assess the dynamics and fidelity of the general direction of development. In this regard, it is quite interesting to get acquainted with the state, capabilities, and the most important guidelines for the development of the Chinese military psychology. Objective. The objective of this paper is to get acquainted with the invaluable experience of trial and error, ups and downs, stagnation and real breakthroughs, which can be learnt through getting acquainted with the history and modern functioning of the psychological structures of the Chinese army. Design. The paper considers the centuries-old history and a modern condition of military psychology in China. The methodological foundations of the Chinese military psychology are proved to be the philosophical ideas of Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism. Theoretical sources Chinese military psychology is rooted in the writings of the great thinkers and generals of ancient China – Sun Tzu, Wu Tzu, Zhuge Liang. The two most vigorously developing areas of military psychology: the psychological selection of military personnel, theory and practice of psychological warfare. The historical analysis of traditions and technologies development for the period of four thousand years is given. The development of psychological selection in the army of China was affected by cooperation with the American psychologists during the Second World War. The overall state and program approach to perfect the system of selecting military men using the psychology methods is underlined. Historical development tendencies and the Chinese paradigm of the theory and practice of psychological war

  13. National Principles of War: Guiding National Power to Victory

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Muenchow, Jonathan C


    .... The current set of principles, however, was developed by military men for military applications and does not meet the intent of a guide to war for the diplomatic, informational, and economic elements of national power...

  14. Japan’s Potential Role in a Military-Technical Revolution (United States)


    manga.77 The American Occupation heavily censored comics to eliminate references to feudal and militaristic values. Samurai tales and judo stories...finding Japanese technology - civil or military: the American search may be ineffective; a "not invented here" psychology may blind American engineers

  15. Selling petroleum to the military

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Uscher, R.H.


    This article examines what petroleum products and services the US military buys, the contracts awarded to Asian and European refiners for supplies outside the USA, and military specifications and test methods including the specifications of JP-8 battlefield fuel and the JP-8+100 additive package for military aircraft. The way in which the military buys petroleum products is described, and details are given of the types of military contracts, the bidding on Defense Energy Support Center (DESC) petroleum contracts, the performance of military petroleum contracts, socio-economic programmes, the Prompt Payment Act requiring contractors to be paid promptly, and procedures for claims and disputes

  16. Theoretical Implications of Gender, Power, and Sexual Scripts for HIV Prevention Programs Aimed at Young, Substance-Using African-American Women. (United States)

    Hill, Mandy; Granado, Misha; Stotts, Angela


    HIV continues to be a major public health problem for African-American (AA) women, and the burden of new cases to our society is significant because each case is at risk of infecting others. Substance use worsens the risk of HIV transmission to AA women. We provide specific recommendations to move the concept of tailoring HIV prevention interventions for substance users forward by focusing on young, sexually active, substance-using AA women and applying a culturally relevant revision to existing theoretical frameworks to include the Sexual Script Theory and the Theory of Gender and Power. We encourage use of these theories to guide adaptation of interventions to demonstrate efficacy within this hard-to-reach population. Consistent use of theories designed to exploit powerlessness and sexual scripts as barriers to adoption of protective sexual behaviors has potential to permeate sexual and substance use networks among African-Americans. This recommendation is being made because this theoretical framework has not been used in HIV prevention interventions targeting young, sexually active, substance-using AA women.

  17. Role of the operator in nuclear power plants as determined from a survey of the North American nuclear community

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Spelt, P.F.


    Results of an empirical survey, one of the first to deal with the Role of the Operator in nuclear power plants in North America, are presented. The survey showed that the theoretical match between operators' responsibility and control (written definition of ''role'') is not supported by the numerical evaluations of these two concepts. Across a dimension from existing to advanced reactors, there is increasingly a shift from hands-on manipulation and readout-by-readout information integration by the operators to a role in which the operator is a passive monitor whose primary task is to give permissives to the automated control system. There is a decreasing degree of control for operators, while responsibility remains high. Decreased control coupled with high responsibility may create shift operating staff problems

  18. Private Investment in Power Sector in Developing Countries: Lessons from Reforms in Asian and Latin American Countries.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Singh, Anoop


    The demand for investment in the electricity sector in the world between 2000 and 2030 is estimated to be USD9.8 trillion. Developing countries would require more than half of this investment. Given the limited fiscal space for public investment, a number of developing countries have undertaken policy initiatives to improve the investment climate for the private sector. The pace, scope, sequencing and outcome of reform process varies across countries. This paper undertakes a comparative evaluation of policy and regulatory reforms in Argentina, Brazil, India, Mexico, PRC and Thailand. The paper concludes that apart from macroeconomic stability, the pace and sequencing of reforms influences private investment in the power sector. Distribution reforms and setting up of an independent regulatory institution reduces risk for investors. A peace-meal approach to reform keeps uncertainties alive for investors and does not translate in significant investment in the sector. (auth)

  19. Decline of Civilian power in Japan's Defense Policy


    SEBATA, TAKAO; 瀬端, 孝夫


    Over the last thirty years, military official of Japan's Self-Defense Forces (SDF) have begun voicing their opinions more aggressively, exerting influence and power in such areas as: the right of personnel management, budget formulation, organization, and defense policy decision-making. Due to the enhanced status of military officials, change of power balance between civilians and military is taking place. This paper examines civil-military relations in the above areas and discusses how this ...

  20. The development, retention and decay rates of strength and power in elite rugby union, rugby league and American football: a systematic review. (United States)

    McMaster, Daniel Travis; Gill, Nicholas; Cronin, John; McGuigan, Michael


    Strength and power are crucial components to excelling in all contact sports; and understanding how a player's strength and power levels fluctuate in response to various resistance training loads is of great interest, as it will inevitably dictate the loading parameters throughout a competitive season. This is a systematic review of training, maintenance and detraining studies, focusing on the development, retention and decay rates of strength and power measures in elite rugby union, rugby league and American football players. A literature search using MEDLINE, EBSCO Host, Google Scholar, IngentaConnect, Ovid LWW, ProQuest Central, ScienceDirect Journals, SPORTDiscus and Wiley InterScience was conducted. References were also identified from other review articles and relevant textbooks. From 300 articles, 27 met the inclusion criteria and were retained for further analysis. STUDY QUALITY: Study quality was assessed via a modified 20-point scale created to evaluate research conducted in athletic-based training environments. The mean ± standard deviation (SD) quality rating of the included studies was 16.2 ± 1.9; the rating system revealed that the quality of future studies can be improved by randomly allocating subjects to training groups, providing greater description and detail of the interventions, and including control groups where possible. Percent change, effect size (ES = [Post-Xmean - Pre-Xmean)/Pre-SD) calculations and SDs were used to assess the magnitude and spread of strength and power changes in the included studies. The studies were grouped according to (1) mean intensity relative volume (IRV = sets × repetitions × intensity; (2) weekly training frequency per muscle group; and (3) detraining duration. IRV is the product of the number of sets, repetitions and intensity performed during a training set and session. The effects of weekly training frequencies were assessed by normalizing the percent change values to represent the weekly changes in

  1. Review of Fuel Cell Technologies for Military Land Vehicles (United States)


    Methanol Fuel Cell ICE Internal Combustion Engine MOTS Military Off-the-Shelf...refuelled. Fuel cells’ advantages over internal combustion engine auxiliary power units (ICE APUs) are their near silent operation and higher internal combustion engine (ICE) auxiliary power unit (APU) which can be run when the vehicle’s main engine is off. When considering

  2. Military Geology in War and Peace, GSA Reviews in Engineering, Vol. XIII (United States)

    Patrick, David M.

    Military Geology in War and Peace is the published version of a military geology symposium held during the 1994 annual meeting of the Geological Society of America in Seattle. The book consists of a foreword by Frank Whitmore and 25 chapters by American and British specialists in this field. The volume is a rather broadly based collection of case histories from previous and ongoing military operations, including information on data collection and management, dissemination of geologic products to troops in the field, and views on the effectiveness of the integration of geology and Earth science data within the military.

  3. Mapping of selected markets with Nodal pricing or similar systems. Australia, New Zealand and North American power markets

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mathiesen, Vivi (ed.)


    This report shows that the principals of nodal pricing can be implemented in different ways. A common denominator for markets with nodal pricing is a central market based nodal dispatch, where prices and flows are determined simultaneously close to real time. This stands apart from the European market design, which is based on a highly simplified version of the grid, and a physical point auction day ahead. Congestion management is handled by the TSO during the operational hour and not through the market as is the case in nodal pricing systems. Nodal pricing yields optimal dispatch and congestion management through the market, and as such an optimal utilisation of energy generation and network. However, whether this short term optimisation delivers the highest overall efficiency for the market in terms of competition in the wholesale and retail market, price discovery, possibilities for hedging, long term price signals etc. is difficult to determine. The markets investigated handle issues such as market power, risk management, investment signals and retail markets in very different ways. New Zealand and PJM are examples of markets with full nodal pricing, i.e. both generators and the demand side are exposed to nodal prices. The PJM market has more 'additional features' than the New Zealand market. Examples of these are separate capacity market to trigger investments in generation and generator price caps to deal with situations of market power. In addition PJM offers liquid and mature markets for risk management, such as aggregates of nodes where market participant can chose to be settled (rather than to be settled directly at the node). A general finding though, seems to be that risk management at peripheral nodes is challenging in nodal markets, particularly for independent retailers. In New Zealand generators and retailers were permitted to 'reintegrate' in order to cope with the nodal prices. The Australian market has central market based

  4. Proceedings of the 11. annual North American natural gas and electricity market conference and trade show : GasFair power 2002. CD-Rom ed.

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    The electricity market is undergoing changes, from deregulation to competition and convergence. This conference provided an opportunity for North American natural gas and electricity industries representatives and stake holders to share their views concerning the many challenges, issues and opportunities in this field. Emerging market developments, issues and strategies are some of the topics discussed during this conference and trade show. The organizers placed emphasis on energy purchasers and managers, and the opportunities facing them for the improvement of their company's financial health by means of savings on natural gas costs and electricity purchases. In addition, there are several opportunities for improved energy efficiency and technologies and integrated energy and risk management programs which were all discussed. The economic challenges and opportunities arising from the supply, demand, marketing and pricing for gas and power products and services facing energy marketers, traders, producers, utilities and transporters were addressed. A detailed and practical examination of ways by which energy consumers can address issues of volatile gas and power prices was provided. Effective, cost saving purchasing options and risk management strategies and tools, contracting, outsourcing, aggregating and cost-effective energy management programs were also explored. In all, approximately 900 delegates attended the conference and trade show from all across Canada and the United States. refs., tabs., figs


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Carlos Arevalo


    Full Text Available All companies, regardless of the sector they belong to, can positively or negatively impact human rights. Governments are increasingly aware of the benefits that free trade brings their nations, which has led them to do whatever is necessary to attract foreign investment, even if it means to act against the interests of their own people. The power relationship between corporations and states generates a tension derived from their nature: while the objective of states is the welfare of its members, the purpose of corporations is profit. It is in the crack generated by the collision of powers and purposes between these two actors, that this article is intended to raise the discussion on the need to establish an international framework for corporate liability for human rights violations. To achieve its goal, the article will analyze the opportunities and obstacles raised by the exercise of extraterritorial jurisdiction in the American context and its relationship with the developments in the business and human rights field.

  6. Enlisting in the Military

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kevin M. Beaver


    Full Text Available Given that enlistment in the U.S. military is completely voluntary, there has been a great deal of interest in identifying the various factors that might explain why some people join the military, whereas others do not. The current study expanded on this line of literature by estimating the extent to which genetic and environmental factors explained variance in the liability for lifetime participation in the military. Analysis of twin pairs drawn from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health (Add Health revealed that 82% of the variance was the result of genetic factors, 18% of the variance was the result of nonshared environmental factors, and none of the variance was accounted for by shared environmental factors. In light of a number of limitations, replication studies are needed to determine the robustness of these findings and whether they are generalizable to other samples and populations.

  7. Arab Americans: Into the Multicultural Mainstream (United States)

    Wingfield, Marvin


    Long-standing anti-Arab racism in the U.S. has worsened in recent decades, fueled by U.S. military involvement in the Middle East and by the September 11 attack on the U.S. Arab American and Muslim children have been the targets of misunderstanding and discrimination. Following a historical introduction, discrimination against Arab American and…

  8. Current military laser applications

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Flinchbaugh, D.E.


    Several important military applications with the predominant laser type used are reviewed. Most of these lasers are infrared lasers of one sort or another. Airborne tactical programs utilizing laser designator/illuminators are pictorially summarized, including range finding, target seeking, designation, tracking, reconnaissance, and surveillance. A typical designator optical system configuration is presented and discussed. Examples of operational laser systems are given. It is seen that many of the laser applications in the civilian community have either direct or indirect analogs in the military field. A self-contained HF/DF chemical laser weapon that recirculates its by-products is examined.

  9. Autonomous military robotics

    CERN Document Server

    Nath, Vishnu


    This SpringerBrief reveals the latest techniques in computer vision and machine learning on robots that are designed as accurate and efficient military snipers. Militaries around the world are investigating this technology to simplify the time, cost and safety measures necessary for training human snipers. These robots are developed by combining crucial aspects of computer science research areas including image processing, robotic kinematics and learning algorithms. The authors explain how a new humanoid robot, the iCub, uses high-speed cameras and computer vision algorithms to track the objec

  10. Military wheeled vehicles

    CERN Document Server

    Hansen, Grace


    Wheeled vehicles are used in militaries around the world every single day. Readers will learn that wheeled vehicles in the military are not just for getting from place-to-place, but can also act as necessary protection for soldiers travelling through dangerous areas. Big full-bleed photographs, new glossary terms, and a close up look at a vehicle will keep readers wanting more! Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. Abdo Kids Jumbo is an imprint of Abdo Kids, a division of ABDO.

  11. Military Intervention in South America, (United States)


    size and com- position of the armed forces, and the traditional role of the 3 military in the political system. A third approach to military intervention...Structure and Military Intervention in Latin America," Archives Europeenes de Sociologie , 1I (Spring, 1961), 62-81; Ernest A. Duff and John F. McCamant

  12. microbial deterioration studies of military cotton and leather based ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)


    using test-fungi earlier isolated from the uniforms stored in the Military Warehouses. These fungi includes ... ASTMD 1456T (American Society for Testing and Materials 1956) and BS 6085 (British. Standards ... its service life while some like treated metals, fluorinated plastic polymers are recalcitrant and persit even at ...

  13. Promoting Effective Physical Education for Migrant and Military Youth (United States)

    Culp, Brian


    Th e rise in residential mobility among families has created a pervasive issue in American schools that impacts the academic, social, and physical achievements of youth. This article aims to outline the profiles of two unique populations--migrant and military youth--impacted by residential mobility and provide recommendations for how their needs…

  14. Scientia Militaria: South African Journal of Military Studies - Vol 34 ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    The Internment of Japanese Americans during World War II: A Case study of National Trauma and Institutional Violence · EMAIL FREE FULL TEXT EMAIL FREE ... Attitudes and Perceptions of South African Military Academy Students towards information and Communication Technology and Computers · EMAIL FREE FULL ...

  15. Syria’s Military Capabilities and Options for Military Intervention

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Pradhan-Blach, Flemming


    This background paper does not endorse any military action towards Syria. The document does not reflect or express any official Danish policy or a position of the University of Copenhagen or the Centre for Military Studies. The purpose of this paper is to briefly describe military capabilities...... and options in order to provide a factual background for the ongoing discussion on possible military intervention in the Syrian conflict and Denmark’s possible participation in such an intervention. The paper is primarily based on the Military Balance published by the International Institute for Strategic...

  16. Russia’s Military Economy and Military Security in 2007


    Vasily Zatsepin; Vitaly Tsymbal


    The development of the RF military economy in 2007 was mainly determined by the economic and political factors typical of the Russian economy as a whole and also by the necessity to carry on a struggle against terrorist bands. At the same time, the military economy was to a certain extent influenced (at least conceptually) by the military-political declarations and unfriendly intentions on the part of NATO and the USA, as well as by the requirements of military and military-technological coop...

  17. The PLA and Chinas Rejuvenation: National Security and Military Strategies, Deterrence Concepts, and Combat Capabilities (United States)


    domestic stability. To that end, the PLA is expected to perform a range of operations, including HADR. During the 2008 Sichuan earth - quake , Congress on China’s military power notes that U.S.-China military-to-military rela- tions have increased in frequency , and the types of activities...cyber- attacks from China on U.S. government institutions occur with increasing frequency , with no 52 The PLA and China’s Rejuvenation clear

  18. Examination of U.S. Department of Defense support of the U.S. national action plan for women, peace, and security: Can the use of U.S. military power achieve increased gender integration in Liberia (United States)


    Samuel Doe, from the Liberian Army, led a rebellion to overthrow Tolbert which would plunge the country into strife, corruption, and conflict until...the U.S. military had “approximately 350,000 women” serving primarily as nurses, in administrative roles, and other non-combat roles ( Beckett and...


    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Dictionary in 1954, the product of the Military. Language Board (Krygstaalraad). During World War II the men in the forces con- tinued the development of the two official lan- ... words and terms reflecting typical South African conditions: Sonfontein (solar still), pantserbreek- granate (armour-piercing squash head shells),.

  20. The Military's Business

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rasmussen, Mikkel Vedby

    South' or utilising new technologies to overcome the prohibitive costs of current systems. Analysing the philosophical, strategic and budgetary underpinnings of these alternatives, he concludes that a more radical break from current military organisational practices is needed which would allow them...

  1. About Military Sexual Trauma

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... count__/__total__ Find out why Close About Military Sexual Trauma Veterans Health Administration Loading... Unsubscribe from Veterans ... views 4:50 Prolonged Exposure for PTSD - Duration: 2:45. Veterans Health Administration 53,436 views 2: ...

  2. Selected WDM Military Interests (United States)


    Photonic Networks BACKGROUND IP ATM (QOS) SONET SONET WDM 200420011998 WDM IP w/ MPLS 10Gb Ethernet WDM LAN / MAN IP Along with Ethernet technology, will become prominent in Metro Area Networking (MAN) and Local Area Networking (LAN) topologies. ---------------------------- Military...APPROVED FOR PUBLIC RELEASE, DISTRIBUTION UNLIMITED Research and Development – Components – Applications, e.g., CWDM Ethernet ; optical packet

  3. About Military Sexual Trauma

    Medline Plus

    Full Text Available ... count__/__total__ Find out why Close About Military Sexual Trauma Veterans Health Administration Loading... Unsubscribe from Veterans ... MST. Category Education License Standard YouTube License Show more Show less ...

  4. The Transgender Military Experience

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michelle Dietert


    Full Text Available Although there have been studies that focus on the experiences of the gay and lesbian population serving in the United States military, few have focused on the experience of active duty transgender service members. Transgender individuals transgress the binary conception of gender by deviating from societal gender norms associated with assigned sex at birth. The Department of Defense has set policies and standards that reflect a binary conception of gender, with a focus on conformity. We argue that able-bodied gender variant service personnel are just as capable of serving their country as anyone else. Because of the repercussions associated with active duty transgender military personnel, our sample is small and involves nine clandestine service members and two international service members who wanted to share their stories from a different perspective. Snowball sampling was aimed at finding current active duty and reserve transgender service members. Using a combination of telephone interviews and questionnaires, data were collected from active duty transgender service personnel throughout the United States and two from international militaries that allow transgender people to serve. Data collection focused on the overall experiences of the participants along with questions regarding workplace discrimination, suggestions for policy changes, and their views about the overturn of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Our findings add to a growing source of information about the transgender military experience in the U.S. armed forces and the importance of overturning discriminatory workplace policies that negatively impact transgender service members.

  5. USSR Report, Military Affairs (United States)


    Democratic Revolution in Ethiopia"] [Excerpts] On 12 September 1974, a Volkswagen escorted by military vehicles left the gates of the Imperial...time. ,. The question that comes up is how long will the KRASNAYA ZVEZDA delivery to Kamchatka be treated so scandalously ? 12511 CSO:1801/14 48

  6. Resilience among Military Youth (United States)

    Easterbrooks, M. Ann; Ginsburg, Kenneth; Lerner, Richard M.


    In this article, the authors present their approach to understanding resilience among military connected young people, and they discuss some of the gaps in their knowledge. They begin by defining resilience, and then present a theoretical model of how young people demonstrate resilient functioning. Next they consider some of the research on…

  7. The Military Instructor's Handbook

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sjøstedt, Peter; Grønlund, Thomas

    The Military Instructor's handbook was written for the basic professional training of instructors in the danish defence. The book describes the work of instructors and their areas of responsibility, and it offers guidance and direction on how to plan, conduct and evaluate learning activities...

  8. China and nuclear power

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Fouquoire-Brillet, E.


    This book presents the history of nuclear power development in China from the first research works started in the 1950's for the manufacturing of nuclear weapons to the recent development of nuclear power plants. This study tries to answer the main questions raised by the attitude of China with respect to the civil and military nuclear programs. (J.S.)

  9. Military purges and the recurrence of civil conflict

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jessica Maves Braithwaite


    Full Text Available Literature on coup-proofing often suggests that such activities reduce military effectiveness, which could provide an environment ripe for civil conflict. However, if coup-proofing is dangerous, why do leaders engage in these strategies? We argue that a specific type of coup-proofing, military purges, deters domestic unrest by demonstrating the strength of the regime via the removal of powerful but undesirable individuals from office. We use original data on military purges in non-democracies from 1969–2003 to assess quantitatively how this type of coup-proofing activity affects the likelihood of civil conflict recurrence. We find support for our expectation that purges of high-ranking military officials do in fact help prevent further civil conflict. Purges appear to provide real benefits to dictators seeking to preserve stability, at least in post-conflict environments.

  10. Utility of Military Strategy as an Instrument of Foreign Policy | Ebaye ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    This research has taken a critical appraisal of state actors in the international system, and the utility of military power as an instrument of foreign policy. The paper asserts as Osgood did, that one of the main prerequisite of a credible state actor is to develop the military compatibilities and political will, to back its diplomacy by ...

  11. Military Famine, Human Rights, and Child Hunger: A Cross-National Analysis, 1990-2000 (United States)

    Jenkins, J. Craig; Scanlan, Stephen J.; Peterson, Lindsey


    Discussions of world hunger have focused on economic growth and international food aid, assuming that food supply is the critical issue. The authors show that food access rooted in social stratification and military power is the central problem. Synthesizing the entitlement and military famine approaches to hunger, the authors examine the effects…

  12. Interagency Advanced Power Group meeting minutes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    This document contains the minutes and viewgraphs from a meeting of military personnel on the subject of power generation and distribution systems for military applications. Topics include heating and cooling systems for standard shelters, SDIO power programs, solar dynamic space power systems, hybrid solar dynamic/ photovoltaic systems, pulsed power technology, high-{Tc} superconductors, and actuators and other electronic equipment for aerospace vehicles. Attendees represented the US Air Force, Army, Navy, and NASA. (GHH)

  13. Interagency Advanced Power Group meeting minutes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    This document contains the minutes and viewgraphs from a meeting of military personnel on the subject of power generation and distribution systems for military applications. Topics include heating and cooling systems for standard shelters, SDIO power programs, solar dynamic space power systems, hybrid solar dynamic/ photovoltaic systems, pulsed power technology, high-{Tc} superconductors, and actuators and other electronic equipment for aerospace vehicles. Attendees represented the US Air Force, Army, Navy, and NASA. (GHH)

  14. The Transformation of American Revolutionary Forces (United States)


    become the first and only official American regulations of the eighteenth century , Regulations for the Order and Discipline of the Troops of the United...The Transformation of American Revolutionary Forces A Monograph by MAJ Grant A. Brown British Army School of Advanced Military Studies United...DATES COVERED (From - To) JUN 2016 – MAY 2017 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE The Transformation of American Revolutionary Forces 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b

  15. Advising Indigenous Forces: American Advisors in Korea, Vietnam, and El Salvador (United States)


    Team MATA Military Assistance Training and Advisory (course) MD Maryland MI military intelligence MILGROUP Military Group (El Salvador ) MILZONE...Advising Indigenous Forces: American Advisors in Korea, Vietnam, and El Salvador Robert D. Ramsey III Global War on Terrorism Occasional Paper 18...Advising Indigenous Forces: American Advisors in Korea, vietnam, and El Salvador 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6

  16. The Home Front and War in the Twentieth Century. The American Experience in Comparative Perspective: Proceedings of the Military History Symposium (10th) Held at the United States Air Force Academy on 20-22 October 1982 (United States)


    the National Endowment for the Humanities. A book tentatively titled, The Survival of American Feminism : The Women’s Movement 1945 to the 1960s, will...would become Malaysia , an independent nation Ut’lder local rulers, but only at such time as the insurgency was cleaned up. They asked for Malayan...57, 58, 60, 61, 64-65 Maier, Charles S.: 130 Malaya: 210, 2Il Malaysia : 210 Malcolm X: 153 Malta: 131 ManLhcster, England: 37 Mann, Golo: 32

  17. Militarism and American Foreign Policy: A Matter of Balance

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Fila, Brian D


    How could any serious student at the National War College assert that militarism is on the rise in American foreign policy in today's political environment characterized by military overutilization...

  18. Psychostimulants and military operations. (United States)

    Eliyahu, Uri; Berlin, Shai; Hadad, Eran; Heled, Yuval; Moran, Daniel S


    Sleep-deprived individuals appear to have decreased psychological and physical capabilities. Studies have shown how major psychological aspects, such as alertness, complex mental performance, and memory, are strongly affected by sleep deprivation. Military use of psychostimulants dates back many years, especially in units that operate over long hours and deprive soldiers of sleep. During prolonged military operations, pilots are regularly kept awake for hours and days without fulfilling their biological sleep requirements. This consequently affects their natural circadian rhythm. This article deals with both the benefits and the side effects of two kinds of psychostimulants, namely, dextroamphetamine, which is more popular and is most widely used, and modafinil, which is a relatively newer type. There is growing evidence that modafinil has fewer side effects, in comparison with its predecessor dextroamphetamine, while still maintaining all of the latter's beneficial characteristics.

  19. Military amphibious vehicles

    CERN Document Server

    Hansen, Grace


    Amphibious vehicles are necessary for militaries that need to get men and supplies from sea to shoreline. Readers will learn about the different kinds of amphibious vehicles and how they move over water and land! Big full-bleed photographs, new glossary terms, and a close up look at a vehicle will keep readers wanting more! Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. Abdo Kids Jumbo is an imprint of Abdo Kids, a division of ABDO.

  20. Slowing Military Change (United States)


    subjective. More objective measurements, such as statistics on youth crime, teenage pregnancy , drug use, literacy, and educational achievement...SLOWING MILITARY CHANGE Zhivan J. Alach October 2008 This publication is a work of the U.S. Government as defined in Title 17, United States Code...those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the New Zealand Defence Force, the New Zealand Government , the

  1. Acupuncture in Military Medicine (United States)


    Soldiers and family members, and to reduce excessive use, or supplement judicious use of pain medications. The Acupuncture in Modern Medicine336 Army ... acupuncture . Acupuncture in Military Medicine 331 3. A Holistic approach to pain Complementary and integrative (CI...medical care. More than other CI therapies, acupuncture has undergone a significant integration particularly as a complement to traditional pain manage

  2. Military Effectiveness: A Reappraisal (United States)


    policy of recruiting units on a national basis, with the old Germanic nations of Württemberg, Bavaria, Saxony , and especially Prussia all sending their...the landed nobility or the recent relevant tactical experience of the combat officer. From a synthesis of the two approaches emerges a picture of...complete picture of overall military effectiveness. One must address the interrelationship between the four levels of war. Without this aspect, one can

  3. Military radiobiology: A perspective

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Walker, R.I.; Conklin, J.J.


    Acute medical consequences affecting military personnel fall into two major classes: early events affecting performance and later more lethal events associated with single and combined injuries. If cells survive the radiation insult, they have the capability for repair. But the patient must survive fluid loss, infection, and bleeding defects until this can occur. Although no one can ever eliminate the incomprehensible destruction of human life associated with the use of nuclear weapons, significant medical advances can be achieved that will increase the performance and recovery of persons exposed to these weapons. Furthermore, these medical advances will go far toward improving the life and functioning of persons undergoing radiotherapy, trauma, accidental exposures, or a variety of other clinical situations. In the near future, the military battlefield will move into another dimension - space. Once outside the geomagnetic shield of the earth, military prsonnel will be exposed to a formidable array of new radiations. Among the new radiations will be high solar energy, solar particles and flares, and heavy nuclei from galactic cosmic arrays. Associated stresses will be microgravity, vibration, and isolation. To protect man in these new environments will truly challenge our ingenuity. This book looks at various medical consequences we face as a result of nuclear energy

  4. [Civilian-military coordination]. (United States)

    de Montravel, G


    Current humanitarian emergencies create complex, mutidimensional situations that stimulate simultaneous responses from a wide variety of sources including governments, non-governmental organizations (NGO), United Nations agencies, and private individuals. As a result, it has become essential to establish a coherent framework in which each actor can contribute promptly and effectively to the overall effort. This is the role of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. Regardless of the circumstances and level of coordination, cooperation and collaboration between humanitarian and military personnel, it is necessary to bear in mind their objectives. The purpose of humanitarian action is to reduce human suffering. The purpose of military intervention is to stop warfare. The author of this article will discuss the three major obstacles to civilian-military coordination (strategic, tactical, and operational). Operations cannot be conducted smoothly and differences cannot be ironed out without mutual respect between the two parties, an explicit definition of their respective duties and responsibilities, a clear understanding of their cultural differences, and the presence of an organization and facilities for coordination and arbitrage by a neutral referee.

  5. Triage in military settings. (United States)

    Falzone, E; Pasquier, P; Hoffmann, C; Barbier, O; Boutonnet, M; Salvadori, A; Jarrassier, A; Renner, J; Malgras, B; Mérat, S


    Triage, a medical term derived from the French word "trier", is the practical process of sorting casualties to rationally allocate limited resources. In combat settings with limited medical resources and long transportation times, triage is challenging since the objectives are to avoid overcrowding medical treatment facilities while saving a maximum of soldiers and to get as many of them back into action as possible. The new face of modern warfare, asymmetric and non-conventional, has led to the integrative evolution of triage into the theatre of operations. This article defines different triage scores and algorithms currently implemented in military settings. The discrepancies associated with these military triage systems are highlighted. The assessment of combat casualty severity requires several scores and each nation adopts different systems for triage on the battlefield with the same aim of quickly identifying those combat casualties requiring lifesaving and damage control resuscitation procedures. Other areas of interest for triage in military settings are discussed, including predicting the need for massive transfusion, haemodynamic parameters and ultrasound exploration. Copyright © 2016 Société française d’anesthésie et de réanimation (Sfar). Published by Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.

  6. Relocation of the U.S. Military Bases Problem in Japan - U.S. Relations: the Okinawa Vector

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    K R Voda


    Full Text Available In the article the problems of the U.S. military presence in Japan are observed. The author analyzes the U.S.-Japan joint actions to relocate American military facilities from Okinawa. The influence of the Okinawa factor on the resignation of Prime Minister Hatoyama, the leader of the Democratic party of Japan, is revealed.


    battery provides required power density and instantly available power while the fuel cell efficiently converts a primary fuel to electrical power at a...field supply, afford an extremely high energy density making the hybrid fuel cell system competitive on cost per kilowatt hour with standard military zinc-carbon primary batteries. (Author)

  8. The Role of United States Air Power in Peacekeeping

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Bash, Brooks


    .... Recognizing this trend and the fact that peacekeeping can serve US national security interests, US policymakers have earmarked military peacekeeping involvement, the employment of air power will...

  9. Civil military operations in Ecuador


    Camacho, Carlos Eduardo Paladines.


    Approved for public release; distribution in unlimited. Civil Military Operations (CMO) has often been blamed for the politicization of the armed forces and a loss of civilian control. This thesis confronts this traditional approach and argues that CMO need not lead to these outcomes. It introduces democratic civilian control of the armed forces, a well-established military mission, and civilian and military expertise as the basic requirements for the application of CMO. If the requirement...

  10. Conversion of Abbandoned Military Areas

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daiva Marcinkevičiūtė


    Full Text Available The article analyses the situation of abandoned military sites, their value and significance of their conservation. It also reviews their impact on their environment and their potential in tourism, environmental, economic and social spheres. Further the positive experiences in military sites' conversion are studied. The importance of society's involvement in the conversions is discussed. The situation of XIX-XX age's military object's, the significance of their conservation and their potential in tourism market is separately analysed. The results of two researches are introduced, one of which inquires about the Lithuanian military objects' potential in tourism sphere, another one explores the possibilities of conversion. Article in Lithuanian

  11. A Systems Approach to Biometrics in the Military Domain. (United States)

    Wilson, Lauren; Gahan, Michelle; Lennard, Chris; Robertson, James


    Forensic biometrics is the application of forensic science principles to physical and behavioral characteristics. Forensic biometrics is a secondary sub-system in the forensic science "system of systems," which describes forensic science as a sub-system in the larger criminal justice, law enforcement, intelligence, and military system. The purpose of this paper is to discuss biometrics in the military domain and integration into the wider forensic science system of systems. The holistic system thinking methodology was applied to the U.S. biometric system to map it to the system of systems framework. The U.S. biometric system is used as a case study to help guide other countries to develop military biometric systems that are integrated and interoperable at the whole-of-government level. The aim is to provide the system of systems framework for agencies to consider for proactive design of biometric systems. © 2018 American Academy of Forensic Sciences.

  12. Physiological and psychological fatigue in extreme conditions: the military example. (United States)

    Weeks, Sharon R; McAuliffe, Caitlin L; Durussel, David; Pasquina, Paul F


    The extreme conditions causing fatigue in military service members in combat and combat training deserve special consideration. The collective effects of severe exertion, limited caloric intake, and sleep deprivation, combined with the inherent stressors of combat, lead to both physiological and psychological fatigue that may significantly impair performance. Studies of combat training have revealed a myriad of endocrine, cognitive, and neurological changes that occur as a result of exposure to extreme conditions. Further contributory effects of multiple military deployments, post-traumatic stress disorder, and traumatic brain injury may also influence both the susceptibility to and expression of fatigue states. Further research is needed to explore these effects to enhance military readiness and performance as well as prevent injuries. Copyright (c) 2010 American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  13. Technology support for military capability based acquisition

    CSIR Research Space (South Africa)

    Thaba, Mphahlela


    Full Text Available The evolution of military warfare and its increasing complexity has made planning for future military deployments more difficult. The need to plan for more uncertain military operating environments makes it more complex. There exists a significant...

  14. The Civil Military Operations Center (CMOC) in Operation Uphold Democracy (Haiti)

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Wilkins, Aaron


    Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti was a huge military operational success. The US-led, multinational effort of September, 1994 restored President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and his democratic government back to power...

  15. Huntington Revisited: Is Conservative Realism Still Essential for the Military Ethic

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Mahoney-Norris, Kathleen A


    ...). Furthermore, Huntington has developed what appears to be a powerful argument as to why conservative realism should be considered a fundamental component of the professional ethic of the military officer...

  16. Suggestions to organizational structure of system of state administration of military-technical policy of Ukraine

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    O. F. Salnikova


    Full Text Available In the article the organizational structure of the system of state administration of military-technical policy is offered. Management of military-technical policy, as by the single integral system, is fixed in basis of construction of the system of state administration is considered. Connection of organizational structure of state administration of military-technical policy and development of its theory assist successful activity in military-technical sphere. In the article the spheres of cooperation of military-technical policy are distinguished with other systems. An author notices that military-technical policy can be examined as a certain result cooperations of many systems, that, in turn, feel the limited influence of military-technical policy, that, accordingly, can promote efficiency of functioning each of the cooperating with her systems. An author gives suggestions to the organizational structure of the system of state administration of military-technical policy, basic from which are: possibility of the balanced account in military-technical policy: political, soldiery, economic, resource, moral, cultural, social, educational and other interests of the state, society, different groups of population and separate members; possibility quickly to set rational technology of activity of the state of military-technical sphere and its constituents, including technology of development, creation and production of new standards, complexes of armament, taking into account world their progress and development of world military industry trends; possibility of coordination of activity of organs of executive power, ministries, at departments in military-technical sphere by decrees, commissions and orders of higher public servant of Ukraine in the real mode of time; possibility of establishment of single policy of the state in relation to the basic products of military-oriented and resources.

  17. Crimean Crisis and Military Balance in Asia

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yongshu Li


    Full Text Available As the Crimean Crisis goes on, many analysis have been focusing on the dynamics among parties of Ukraine, the EU, the US and Russia. Very few noticed another important strategic impact the Crisis may cause: the Chinese military rebalancing in East Asia. China has been increasingly confident in assuming both political and military power in the East Asian region. The confidence resulted in the South China Sea disputes with ASEAN countries, “Anti-Secession Law” against Taiwan, and the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands Dispute with Japan. Behind such confidence of China, the EU has consistently been exporting defence products to China since the end of the Cold War; Ukraine, although sometimes reluctantly, has also been backing China along the process of building up a stronger navy as well as other defense industry construction; Russia has traditionally been supplying China with a wide range of military hardware. It can be noticed that the Crimean Crisis involved three out of four countries and region that have been behind China’s rise. How will the Crimean Crisis influence China’s rebalance in East Asia then? The answers stay opaque. This paper will attempt to answer the questions.

  18. The Bundestag as champion of parliamentary control of military missions

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Wagner, W.M.


    With more than 140 votes since the end of the Cold War, the Bundestag has been an exceptionally powerful and active parliament in controlling the deployment of armed forces. A close look at the actual deployment votes shows that military missions are contested along a left/right axis: Whereas the

  19. Families in the Military (United States)

    ... O. Box 96106, Washington, DC 20090. The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) represents over 8,700 child and ... please dial 911. Copyright © 2015 by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Connect With Us Contact Us info@advsol. ...

  20. The Military Emergency Unit

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Gonzalez Requena, J. M.


    One of the most justified and pressing demands that society makes of the State, requiring a fast, forceful and effective response, is that it guarantees the safety of people and their assets when a disaster seriously endangers them. At the proposal of the President of the Government, the Cabinet of Ministers, in its meeting held on October 7, 2005, agreed to create the Military Emergency Unit, known since the as the UME. Its mission is to intervene anywhere in the national territory when the President of the Government, or the Minister to whom he delegates, so decides in order to assure the safety and welfare of citizens in cases of serious risk, disaster, catastrophe or any other public need. The UME is organically incorporated into the Ministry of Defense and its actions may be supported with all the available human and material needs of the Armed Forces. Availability and effectiveness, with calmness and humility, have characterized the early actions of the Military Emergency Unit and are the guidelines for future action. The first steps of this military unit have focused on a clear goal: collaboration and participation in situations whose seriousness requires the coordination of different forces in order to immediately respond to them. The UME is the States tool to join forces and, with other administration and institutions, help to rapidly and effectively deal with emergencies. It has taken its first step and achieved the capacity specified in the UME Operations Order for 2007. The 150 men and women per battalion, plus the 80 in the Gando detachment, are on active duty and have sufficient material means to deploy, if necessary and when requested by the regions, town councils an other administrative bodies, to help in the extinction of forest fires. (Author)

  1. Machismo as a Factor Affecting the Use of Power and Communication in the Managing of Personnel Disputes: Brazilian Versus American Men Managers. (United States)

    Rossi, Ana M.; Todd-Mancillas, William R.

    Acknowledging that the Latin American cultural concept of "machismo" influences the way in which Brazilian managers tend to use authority rather than communication when resolving disputes with subordinates, a study compared Brazilian and American male managers' self-reported preferences for resolving disputes with employees and peer…

  2. Burns and military clothing. (United States)

    McLean, A D


    Burn injury is a ubiquitous threat in the military environment. The risks during combat are well recognised, but the handling of fuel, oil, munitions and other hot or flammable materials during peacetime deployment and training also imposes an inherent risk of accidental burn injury. Over the last hundred years, the burn threat in combat has ranged from nuclear weapons to small shoulder-launched missiles. Materials such as napalm and white phosphorus plainly present a risk of burn, but the threat extends to encompass personnel in vehicles attacked by anti-armour weapons, large missiles, fuel-air explosives and detonations/conflagrations on weapons platforms such as ships. Large numbers of burn casualties were caused at Pearl Harbor, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Vietnam, during the Arab/Israeli Wars and in the Falkland Islands conflict. The threat from burns is unlikely to diminish, indeed new developments in weapons seek to exploit the vulnerability of the serviceman and servicewoman to burns. Clothing can be a barrier to some types of burn--both inherently in the properties of the material, but also by trapping air between clothing layers. Conversely, ignition of the clothing may exacerbate a burn. There is hearsay that burnt clothing products within a wound may complicate the clinical management, or that materials that melt (thermoplastic materials) should not be worn if there is a burn threat. This paper explores the incidence of burn injury, the mechanisms of heat transfer to bare skin and skin covered by materials, and the published evidence for the complication of wound management by materials. Even light-weight combat clothing can offer significant protection to skin from short duration flash burns; the most vulnerable areas are the parts of the body not covered--face and hands. Multilayered combat clothing can offer significant protection for short periods from engulfment by flames; lightweight tropical wear with few layers offers little protection. Under

  3. Military Mail Radio

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Bîlbîie Răduţ


    Full Text Available Cultural and scientific personalities from the army, military experts and creators of the doctrine have collaborated with the radio from the beginnings of radiophony, the educational role of this new, persuasive communication channel being evident not only for Romania or the Romanian army but also for all the countries that had radiophony services. This happens in the context of the end of the crisis and the start of economic and social development, promoting culture, creating a solid class of peasants with a certain social status, in villages, together with the priest, teacher and gendarme, increasing of the number of subscriptions and development of the Romanian radiophony.

  4. Military tracked vehicles

    CERN Document Server

    Hansen, Grace


    Tracked vehicles are important to militaries around the world, since they're usually supporting and carrying ground troops. Readers will learn what tracks are and why they're necessary for large, frontline battle tanks like the Bradley M2 Abrams. Big full-bleed photographs, new glossary terms, and a close up look at a vehicle will keep readers wanting more! Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. Abdo Kids Jumbo is an imprint of Abdo Kids, a division of ABDO.

  5. Psychological Safety During Military Integrations

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Wermser, Frederik; Täuber, Susanne; Essens, Peter; Molleman, Henricus; Beeres, Robert; Bakx, Gwendolyn; de Waard, Erik; Rietjens, Sebastiaan

    Increased military cooperation between member states of the European Union is a political given. The Netherlands and Germany form a spearhead in this process by integrating entire military units (i.e., brigades, battalions, companies) into higher-order units of the respective other nation (i.e.,

  6. The Death of Military Justice (United States)


    Military Court of Appeals ruled in United States v. Beeker that “the use or possession of marihuana was service connected because the use or...possession . . . of marihuana and narcotics has a special military significance since their use has ‘disastrous effects on the health, morale and fitness

  7. The Importance of Military Cultural Competence. (United States)

    Meyer, Eric G; Writer, Brian W; Brim, William


    Military cultural competence has recently gained national attention. Experts have posited that limited outcomes in the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder and depression in the military may be related to limited familiarity with the military. National surveys have indicated low military cultural competence among providers and limited educational efforts on military culture or pertinent military pathology in medical schools and residency training programs. Military families, with their own unique military cultural identity, have been identified as a population with increased risks associated with deployment. In response to these findings, several curricula regarding military culture have been established and widely distributed. Assessments of military cultural competence have also been developed. The clinical impact of enhanced cultural competence in general has thus far been limited. The military, however, with its highly prescribed cultural identity, may be a model culture for further study.

  8. Post-9/11 Civil-Military Relations: Room for Improvement (United States)


    affect the health of the civil-military relationship.6 In the last two decades, another factor has exacerbated these problems : the willingness of...responded by publicly challenging Presi- dent Clinton’s policies, particularly on the question of homosexuals in the military, and few in the American...organizations. Afghanistan posed problems : the country’s lack of infrastructure and the fact it had endured decades of warfare cre- ated few good targets for

  9. American World Empire or Declining Hegemony

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Terry Boswell


    Full Text Available Gowan challenges the usefulness of world-system theory in accounting for the emergence of an American world empire. His argument is based on one fundamental assumption, that of overwhelming U.S. power in the contemporary period. The assumption, however, is flawed. The U.S. is clearly an uncontested military superpower, a world leader with the ability to project its power and interests around the world. But its economic hegemony is in decline, and it is no longer the overwhelming presence it once was in the world-economy. Moreover, Gowan is unable to support his thesis that the U.S. is becoming an empire over Europe. Although the U.S. occupation and administration of Iraq is an example of colonial imperialism, there is no evidence to show that the U.S. has begun to establish a core-wide empire. On the contrary, U.S. political control over Europe has declined to its lowest level in the post-WWII period. The persuasiveness of world-system theory in explaining the changing global political economy remains strong.

  10. Can Russia's Military Expansion be Impossible Mission Force for its V-Shaped Growth Recovery under Declining Oil Prices?


    Kuboniwa, Masaaki


    This paper investigates whether Russia's expansion of military goods can be Impossible Mission Force (IMF) for its V-Shaped growth recovery under declining oil prices. Looking at long-run relationships between domestic outputs and international oil prices for 1995–2016, we focus on the impact of the military output expansion on growth of GDP and manufacturing for 2011–2016. We demonstrate that the military output expansion checked further growth retardation for 2012–2014 as a counter power ag...

  11. Cost of nuclear power generation judged by power rate

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Hirai, Takaharu


    According to estimation guidance, power rates in general are the proper cost plus the specific compensation and adjustment addition. However, the current system of power rates is of power-source development promotion type involving its tax. The structure of power rate determination must be restudied now especially in connection of nuclear power generation. The cost of nuclear power generation as viewed from power rate is discussed as follows: the fear of military application of power plants, rising plant construction costs, the loophole in fuel cost calculation, unreasonable unit power cost, depreciation and repair cost, business compensation, undue business compensation in nuclear power, the costs of nuclear waste management, doubt concerning nuclear power cost, personnel, pumping-up and power transmission costs in nuclear power, energy balance analysis, nuclear power viewed in entropy, the suppression of power consumption. (J.P.N.)

  12. Worldwide Emerging Environmental Issues Affecting the U.S. Military (United States)


    security Item 4. Renewed Protection for Refugees in Latin America The ― Brasilia Declaration...on the protection of refugees and stateless persons in the Americas‖ was adopted by the delegates of 18 Latin American countries meeting in Brasilia ...America‘s declaration on refugee protection Brasilia Declaration on

  13. Supporting Military Families with Young Children throughout the Deployment Lifecycle (United States)


    prevention and family orientation of the study. We continue to have impact on multiple disciplinary areas, including social work, psychology , and public...1. DeVoe, E.R, Dondanville, K., & Blankenship, A., (In press). Military Families. In B. Fiese (Ed.), APA Handbook of Contemporary Family Psychology ...American Psychological Association. 2. Cozza, S., DeVoe, E.R., Flake, E., Gewirtz, A., Gorman, L., Kees, M., Knobloch, L., Lerner, R., & Lester

  14. An Analysis of Medical Imaging Costs in Military Treatment Facilities (United States)


    LIST OF REFERENCES 2014. “Medical Student Education: Debt, Costs, and Loan Repayment Fact Card.”. College of Radiology, practice costs excluding physician compensation, average 39% for a non-academic radiology practice (Sunshine...the hospital’s cost data as military radiologists are usually trained in the Health Professions Scholarship Program which pays 100% of tuition and

  15. The Ambiguity of Foreign Military Assistance

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Laugesen, Henrik

    This study tests the argument that Foreign Military Assistance and the consequently professionalizing of the recipient military has a positive effect on the process of democratization in Kenya.......This study tests the argument that Foreign Military Assistance and the consequently professionalizing of the recipient military has a positive effect on the process of democratization in Kenya....

  16. Gender Dysphoria in the Military. (United States)

    Ford, Shannon; Schnitzlein, Carla


    With the announcement that members of the military who identify as transgender are allowed to serve openly, the need for Department of Defense behavioral health providers to be comfortable in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of this population becomes quickly evident. This population has been seeking care in the community and standards have been developed to help guide decision-making, but a comparable document does not exist for the military population. Previously published papers were written in anticipation of the policy allowing for open service. The civilian sector has treatment guidelines and evidence supporting the same for reference. There is no similar document for the military population, likely due to the recent change and ongoing development. This paper attempts to provide an overview of the recent Department of Defense policy and walks the reader through key considerations when providing care to a transgender member of the military as it relates to those who are currently serving in the military through the use of a case example. The military transgender population faces some unique challenges due to the need to balance readiness and deployability with medically necessary health care. Also complicating patient care is that policy development is ongoing-as of this publication, the decision has not yet been made regarding how people who identify as transgender will access into the military nor is there final approval regarding coverage for surgical procedures. Unique circumstances of this population are brought up to generate more discussion and encourage further evaluation and refinement of the process.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available The development of the Chilean military industry is closely related to the growing of the national industry. Similarly to the way the history of the Army and the country are tightly related, the history of the military engineering is an example of organic growth when compared to its civilian counterpart. Collaboration instead of competition is the distinctive seal that best shows the development of weaponry, explosives, cartography and nuclear power. This collaboration have lasted with the years and we can afirm today that the relationship within civilian professionals and technicians and their military counterparts has reached an state that has never seen before. The governmental policies that fund R&D of initiatives that facilitate the science and technology study and research, come of a futuristic vision, born in the rim of the independent movements, driven naturally by the need of self sustain as sovereign nations.

  18. Military laser weapons: current controversies. (United States)

    Seet, B; Wong, T Y


    Military laser weapons systems are becoming indispensable in most modern armies. These lasers have undergone many stages of development, and have outpaced research on eye protection measures, which continue to have inherent limitations. Eye injuries caused by military lasers are increasingly reported, leading to speculation that these would become an important cause of blinding in modern conflicts. As part of the effort to ban inhumane weapons, international laws have been passed to restrict the proliferation of such blinding weapons. However, there are controversies concerning the interpretation, implementation and effectiveness of these laws. The ophthalmic community can play a greater role in highlighting ocular morbidity from military lasers, and in preventing their further proliferation.

  19. A Study of Military Technopolitics

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nørgaard, Katrine

    , governments and military services hope to introduce game-changing military technologies that are ‘better, faster and cheaper’, investing heavily in research and development of AWS. In this paper, I wish to map the different and competing practices of critique and justification that shape the technopolitical...... controversy of AWS, showing its complexity and internal contradictions. In addition to identifying the dominant regimes of justification, that organize the discourse of AWS, I argue that the military bureau and its officeholders become technopolitical mediators and translators of risk in an emergent practice...

  20. Psychohistory before Hitler: early military analyses of German national psychology. (United States)

    Bendersky, J W


    As part of a grandiose post-World War I psychological project to predict the behavior of nations, the U.S. Military Intelligence Division (MID) utilized racial and social psychological theories to explain an alleged problematic German national character. Though unsuccessful, this project has major significance in the history of psychohistory. For the newly discovered MID files reveal that ideas, attitudes, and biases many psychohistorians subsequently identified as manifestations of a peculiar German national character had previously been held by American officers and reputable psychologists. What American analysts would, in 1940, view as symptoms of a maladjusted German mind, their predecessors had, in 1920, considered valid scientific concepts.

  1. Military Economy and the Military Reform in Russia in 2011


    Vasily Zatsepin; Elena Trofimova; Vitaly Tsymbal


    The transition to “a new image” of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation that started back in 2008 and continued through 2011 was clearly planned, as the Russian top military leaders affirmed. In practice, however, these plans proved to be “unbaked” and required online corrections and removal of deficiencies. This paper deals with the acute issues of the Russian Military Reform throughout 2011.

  2. Beyond the Paths of Heaven. The Emergence of Space Power Thought (United States)


    International, March 1993, 48–52. Corn , Jo seph J . The Winged Gospel : America’s Romance with Aviation . New York: Oxford University Press, 1983...power. Space Power’s Legacy The genesis of the American military space community’s focus on research and development (R&D), vice operational support...78. William Matthews , “The Digital Warrior,” Air Force Times, 6 J a n u a r y 1995, 36. 79. Ibid. The process s tar ts with a computer that

  3. 75 FR 9763 - Relief for U.S. Military and Civilian Personnel Who Are Assigned Outside the United States in... (United States)


    .... Military and Civilian Personnel Who Are Assigned Outside the United States in Support of U.S. Armed Forces..., many U.S. military and civilian personnel were assigned outside the United States in support of... between the Federal Government and the States, or on the distribution of power and responsibilities among...

  4. Military Rebellion and Reason of State : Pacification of Mutinies in the Habsburg Army of Flanders, 1599-1601

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kattenberg, L.


    The frequent mutinies in the Army of Flanders confronted the Spanish-Habsburg authorities with both military-strategic and political dilemmas. Although military rebellion violated moral and religious laws of authority, rulers depended on the army for the preservation of their state, or the power and

  5. Soft power da indústria cinematográfica estadunidense na era Vargas (1939-1943; Soft power de la industria cinematográfica estadunidense en era Vargas (1939-1943; Soft power of the american cinematographic industry in the Vargas era (1939-1943

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Haroldo Leme


    Full Text Available Resumo: Estudo bibliográfico que propõe a exploração do conceito de soft power e sua aplicação, pela ótica de Joseph Nye, no desenvolvimento de alianças estadunidenses com o Brasil, antecedendo a entrada dos Estados Unidos na Segunda Guerra Mundial, qual utiliza-se do contexto da Política da Boa Vizinhança de Roosevelt para estreitar o terreno político-estratégico utilizando-se da indústria cinematográfica como arma de propaganda, frente ao exponente sistema de poder alemão, na conquista do apoio da nação brasileira como seus aliados.    Palavras-chaves:  soft power; cinema; propaganda; guerra     Resumen: Estudio bibliográfico que propone la exploración del concepto de soft power y su aplicación, por la óptica de Joseph Nye, en el desarrollo de alianzas estadounidenses con Brasil, antecediendo a la entrada de Estados Unidos en la Segunda Guerra Mundial, que se utiliza del contexto de la Política de La buena vecindad de Roosevelt para estrechar el terreno político-estratégico utilizando la industria cinematográfica como arma de propaganda, frente al exponente sistema de poder alemán, en la conquista del apoyo de la nación brasileña como sus aliados.   Palabras clave: soft power; cine; propaganda; Guerra     Abstract: A bibliographic study which proposes the exploration of the concept of soft power and its application, through Joseph Nye’s perspective, in the development of the American alliances with Brazil, anteceding the entrance of the United States into the Second World War, in which the context of Roosevelt’s Good Neighbor Policy is employed to tighten the strategic-political terrain through the usage of the cinematographic industry as war propaganda weapon, facing the exponent German system of power, in conquering the Brazilian Nation as allies.   Keywords: soft power, cinema, war

  6. Outsourcing Small Wars: Expanding the Role of Private Military Companies in U.S. Military Operations

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Jorgensen, Brent M


    "Outsourcing Small Wars: Expanding the Role of Private Military Companies in U.S. Military Operations" argues that, under current domestic and international laws, and current military regulations and doctrine...

  7. Military Librarians Workshop: A Premier Gathering of Military Librarians, 1957-1999

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Palmer, William A., Jr; Hanna, Marcia


    The Military Librarian Workshop(MLW) is an annual meeting that brings together civilian and military personnel who serve as special librarians, library supervisors, or technical information officers in military or governmental...

  8. Le général et son cheval : figures du pouvoir militaire en démocratie, à l’exemple de la Suisse The general and his horse: Figures of military power in a democracy, as in the Swiss example

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Philippe Kaenel


    operations. Generals Ulrich Wille and Henri Guisan were two major figures in the public arena and the Swiss military. Besides the fact that they headed the Swiss army during World Wars I and II, Wille and Guisan represented an institution that was to play an ideological role inversely proportional to its strategic and military function. The portrayal of the general harks back to pictorial genres from Antiquity to the Galerie des Batailles at the Château de Versailles. How does the Swiss case fit into this history, and what functions did the portrayals of Wille and Guisan serve in the context in which they emerged? What position or attitude did the generals of this neutral, or non-belligerent, country adopt that might correspond to their very singular military status, and how did they imagine their relations with the political authority? The emblematic role of the horse in the two world wars and the symbolical functions of the equestrian portrait as a figure of military power are at the heart of this analysis touching on both history and the history of art.

  9. The Zoot Suit Riots: Exploring Social Issues in American History (United States)

    Chiodo, John J.


    The Zoot Suit Riots provide students with a case study of social unrest in American history. The influx of Latinos into the Los Angeles area prior to World War II created high levels of social unrest between Mexican Americans, military servicemen, and local residences. With large numbers of soldiers stationed in the area during the Second World…

  10. Obesity Prevention in the Military. (United States)

    Shams-White, Marissa; Deuster, Patricia


    The objective was to review prevention efforts and approaches attempting to limit the problem of obesity in the military. Various individual-level initiatives have emerged, including programs promoting healthy cooking, meal planning, and other behavior changes among service members. Importantly, the military is attempting to tackle environmental factors contributing to the rise of obesity, by focusing on many recent environmental-level interventions and initiatives to improve military dining facilities and examine and modify other aspects of installations' built environments. Although published research within the military setting directed towards obesity prevention is limited, many innovative programs have been launched and need to be followed forward. The review of past and ongoing efforts can be an important step in identifying specific areas needing improvement, gaps that should be considered, lessons learned, and characteristics of successful programs that should be disseminated as best practices and further expanded.

  11. Cohesion in Multinational Military Units (United States)


    might be focused on these dimensions. Is cohesion more difficult to build in multinational units comprised of contingents that come from individualistic ...societies or collectivistic societies? How the PD, uncertainty avoidance, and other dimensions affect multinational unit cohesion? Are military

  12. French military plans for Superphenix

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Albright, D.


    France refuses to rule out military use of the plutonium produced by the planned breeder reactor Superphenix, although other nations, including the US, have contributed nuclear materials to it. US policy has been to separate military and civilian nuclear programs to set an example. France has not stated an intention to use Superphenix for military purposes, but is reserving the right to do so. It does not separate the two kinds of nuclear materials for economic reasons. The Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) does not address the possibility that plutonium pledged to peaceful use might be commingled with plutonium for military use in a civilian facility within a weapons state. The US could work to strengthen the US-Euratom Agreement on the basis of the contamination principle. 11 references

  13. Military Officer Appraisal, An Examination

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Lewis, Jay


    .... One unfailing theme is that each service s goal is to document an individuals military career and provide a consistent stream of reliable information to promotion, administrative, and command selection boards...

  14. Army Military Land Tracts (AMLT) (United States)

    Federal Geographic Data Committee — This data set is part of a collection of real estate data concerning current and historic military installations whose real property interests are managed by the...

  15. Homosexuality, Morality, and Military Policy

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Peterson, Michael


    .... The objective of this thesis is to determine if personal religious beliefs of military members influence their responses to policies that they perceive to involve morality, specifically with regard...

  16. Military fathers' perspectives on involvement. (United States)

    Willerton, Elaine; Schwarz, Rona L; Wadsworth, Shelley M Macdermid; Oglesby, Mary Schultheis


    Military fathers endure repeated separations from their children. In this qualitative study we describe military fathers' range of involvement with their children, paying special attention to the implications of deployment separation and reintegration. We discuss father involvement using three overlapping major domains of functioning: cognitive, affective, and behavioral. Additionally, we consider how types of father involvement differ vis-à-vis child age. Data were gathered via focus groups conducted with 71 fathers at 14 U.S. military installations. Descriptions of involvement were rich and varied. Involvement with children was a major concern for fathers, despite or perhaps because of the challenges of military careers. We discuss factors that help explain variations in involvement and offer insights about the conceptualization of father involvement for occupations requiring prolonged absences from home.

  17. Energy Requirements of Military Personnel

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Tharion, William J; Lieberman, Harris R; Montain, Scott J; Young, Andrew J; Baker-Fulco, Carol J


    ...) have been measured while training under various conditions. Group mean total energy expenditures for 424 male military personnel from various units engaged in diverse missions ranged from 13.0 to 29.8 MJ per day...

  18. Comparative International Military Personnel Policies

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Harries-Jenkins, Gwyn


    .... It is particularly concerned with issues relating to the recruitment and retention within the military of homosexuals, that is, those individuals who have a sexual propensity for persons of their own gender...

  19. Genetic Counseling in Military Hospitals (United States)


    mother allegedly mistreated for preeclampsia at Tripler Army Medical Center could maintain an action for medical malpractice nothwithstanding Feres.1 2...perinatologists at most military hospitals perform genetic counseling. Due to their primary responsibilities fo management of high risk pregnancies

  20. MilitaryPayDecnService (United States)

    Department of Veterans Affairs — Supports operations to access/update data related to (Compensation and Pension) Awards. This service will also support business processes such as reading military...

  1. Military Adaptation to Climate Change (United States)


    of Defense United States of America Environment, Energy Security and Sustainability Symposium (May 9-12, 2011) Military Adaptation to Climate Change ...2011 2. REPORT TYPE 3. DATES COVERED 00-00-2011 to 00-00-2011 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Military Adaptation to Climate Change 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER... climate change . …” Remarks at the Halifax International Security Forum, Halifax, Nova Scotia Nov 2009 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review For the first

  2. Military Influence in Russian Politics (United States)


    militarization Union. I have concluded that the disappeared. 5 Indeed, a de -militarization military’s opportunity and motivation to of Soviet society and... sindrom 41-go." Novoe vremya, No. 8 (February volunteers over conscripts, and the Navy 1991); Maj. Gen. V.G. Strekozov, "Zakony ob oborone i statuse...for the military was 35 per of servicemen had such "backward" cent ( down from 44 per cent in political view•.iii One tends to agree December, 1989

  3. Space Power Theory: Controlling the Medium Without Weapons in Space

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Wilkerson, Don L


    ...) Modern theorists suggest today's military is poised to develop a space power theory, similar to Gorbett's sea power theory, that is relevant in the exploitation of the space medium The challenges...

  4. An Enhanced Role of the Economics Element of National Power in Military Operations: The Mexican Economy as a Case Study for U.S. Northern Command Theater Security Cooperation (TSC) Planning (United States)


    3 GEN. Victor E. Renuart Jr., USAF, North American Aerospace Defense Command and United States Northern Command Vision 2020, Headquarters...economic sectors. 6 Ibid. 7 Hugo G. Nutini and Barry L. Isaac, Social Stratification in Central...domestic- credit-private-sector-gdp (accessed OCTOBER 17, 2011). Nutini, Hugo G., and Barry L. Isaac. Social Stratification in Central Mexico: 1500-2000

  5. Regulatory Practices on Ageing Management and Long Term Operation of Nuclear Power Plants in the Ibero-American Region. Results of the FORO/IAEA Programme on Nuclear and Radiation Safety in Ibero-America

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)


    Although the operating lifetime of a nuclear power plant was originally anticipated to be in the range of 30-40 years, 200 of the 434 currently in operation are over 30 years old. In this context, Member States have assigned high priority to continuing the operation of nuclear power plants beyond the lifetime initially planned - while also maintaining the highest safety conditions possible. It is thus essential to encourage international cooperative efforts in the development of safety regulatory practices on ageing management and long term operation. Established in 1997, the Ibero-American Forum of Radiological and Nuclear Regulatory Agencies (FORO) aims to strengthen its members' radiological and nuclear safety regulatory organizations. Through a regional network of radiological and nuclear safety regulators, States in the Ibero-American region have worked together to strengthen radiation protection for patients, to improve safety at radiation installations, to tightten controls on radioactive sources used in medicine, agriculture and industry, and to improve safety and security at nuclear power plants. Since FORO's creation, it has cooperated with the IAEA in areas of mututal interest, and a technical programme administered by the IAEA was established in 2003 and formalized in Practical Arrangements signed in 2010. This publication presents the results of the 2009-2010 FORO/IAEA project on regulatory practices on ageing management and safety considerations for extending the operating lifetime of nuclear power plants. The purpose of the project was to provide nuclear regulators in the region with guidance on regulatory criteria, assessment, regulatory inspection and periodic safety reviews relating to ageing management and long term operation of nuclear power plants. The results are presented in a set of four reports, with guidelines for FORO members and a summary report of the project. These reports contain valuable information for the development of future

  6. Do Military Personnel Patent (United States)


    American psychologist, in high regard for his work on human creativity . During his time teaching and conducting research involving psychology of survival...taking is essential for attaining unusual achievements and constructive behavior. Torrance’s development of the Torrance Test of Creativity (TTCT...component. Treffinger, Young, Selby, and Shepardson (2002) have developed four behavioral categories of creative people. The first category consists

  7. Military Suicide Research Consortium (United States)


    continues to receive acknowledgement for its work and its contributions. This has come from peers, other research entities, respected trade publications...MSRC research for the National Network of Depression Centers (NNDC). He will also participate in their regular conference calls. o American...Joiner, T. (2007). Associations of serotonin transporter genotypes to components of the Tripartite Model of Depression and Anxiety. Personality

  8. Nigeria: Power and Democracy in Africa. Headline Series No. 257. (United States)

    Herskovits, Jean

    This booklet traces the emergence of a democratic government in Nigeria through military dictatorship to the writing of a constitution fashioned on the American model. Chapters include: (1) "Prologue"; (2) "Nigeria Defined"; (3) "Tragedy and Recovery: The First Republic and the Federal Military Government"; (4)…

  9. Economic analysis of the military health professions scholarship program for neurosurgeons. (United States)

    Ragel, Brian T; Klimo, Paul; Grant, Gerald A; Taggard, Derek A; Nute, David; McCafferty, Randall R; Ellenbogen, Richard G


    The 4-year military Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) provides funds for medical school tuition, books, and a monthly stipend in exchange for a 4-year military commitment (to receive all physician bonuses, an additional 3 months must be served). To analyze the economics of the HPSP for students with an interest in neurosurgery by comparing medical school debt and salaries of military, academic, and private practice neurosurgeons. Salary and medical school debt values from the American Association of Medical Colleges, salary data from the Medical Group Management Association, and 2009 military pay tables were obtained. Annual cash flow diagrams were created to encompass 14.25 years that spanned 4 years (medical school), 6 years (neurosurgical residency), and the first 4.25 years of practice for military, academic, and private practice neurosurgeons. A present value economic model was applied. Mean medical school loan debt was $154,607. Mean military (adjusted for tax-free portions), academic, and private practice salaries were $160,318, $451,068, and $721,458, respectively. After 14.25 years, the cumulative present value cash flow for military, academic, and private practice neurosurgeons was $1 193 323, $2 372 582, and $3 639 276, respectively. After 14.25 years, surgeons with medical student loans still owed $208 761. The difference in cumulative annual present value cash flow between military and academic and between military and private practice neurosurgeons was $1,179,259 and $2,445,953, respectively. The military neurosurgeon will have little to no medical school debt, whereas the calculated medical school debt of a nonmilitary surgeon was approximately $208,000.

  10. Military otolaryngology resident case numbers and board passing rates during the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. (United States)

    Scalzitti, Nicholas; Brennan, Joseph; Bothwell, Nici; Brigger, Matthew; Ramsey, Mitchell; Gallagher, Thomas; Maturo, Stephen


    During the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the US military has continued to train medical residents despite concern that postgraduate medical education at military training facilities has suffered. This study compares the experience of otolaryngology residents at military programs with the experience of their civilian counterparts. Retrospective review. Academic military medical centers. Resident caseload data and board examination passing rates were requested from each of the 6 Department of Defense otolaryngology residency programs for 2001 to 2010. The American Board of Otolaryngology and the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education provided the national averages for resident caseload. National board passing rates from 2004 to 2010 were also obtained. Two-sample t tests were used to compare the pooled caseloads from the military programs with the national averages. Board passing rates were compared with a test of proportions. Data were available for all but one military program. Regarding total cases, only 2001 and 2003 showed a significant difference (P < .05), with military residents completing more cases in those years. For individual case categories, the military averages were higher in Otology (299.6 vs 261.2, P = .033) and Plastics/Reconstruction (248.1 vs 149.2, P = .003). Only the Head & Neck category significantly favored the national average over the military (278.3 and 226.0, P = .039). The first-time board passing rates were identical between the groups (93%). Our results suggest that the military otolaryngology residency programs are equal in terms of caseload and board passing rates compared with civilian programs over this time period.

  11. Representin' and Disrespectin': African-American Wind Band Students' Meanings of a Composition-Based Secondary Music Curriculum and Classroom Power Structures (United States)

    Hoffman, Adria Rachel; Carter, Bruce Allen


    Although cultural diversity is important to the social context of classrooms, few researchers have explored school music experiences from the perspective of students of colour. Possibly of greater concern is the absence of research examining African-American students' educational experiences in early secondary education, during which time the…

  12. Pronoia in the Military Organization of the Byzantine Empire at Early Palaeologian Period (Part 2

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zolotovskiy Vladimir A.


    Full Text Available In the present study the author disclosed the role of pronoia in the military organization of the Byzantine Empire at early Palaeologian period. The concrete cases of the award allow recognizing the proniarety as the Byzantine military institution dealing exclusively with the military leadership. The grant of pronoia was a replacement for traditional rewards of military commanders of noble origin. However, in some cases it was identified that compulsory military service was a function of power which was granted to the proniares in addition to the tax quota. Holders of pronoia were not only the Romans military commanders but also the mercenaries. Such awards could reduce the costs of imperial treasury for direct payments. In the case of proniares-Byzantines, depending on posotis, we can talk about the conferring upon pronoia the representatives of various levels of the military leadership. The pronoias granted as a reward or the compensation for losses incurred as a result of the performance of official engagements, could be transferred to the commanders of low levels which were recruited from among stratiotes (obviously, dekarhes. Definition of the role of pronoia in military practice of the early palaeologian period which would be possible in the identification of the proportion of pronoiares and strateia contingents and the correlation of victories and defeats, won by them, is impossible in practice.

  13. Determining If the Actions of African American Combat Forces during World War I Positively Affected the Employment of African American Combat Soldiers during World War II

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Doward, Jr, Oscar W


    ... them to be combat multipliers for future conflicts. The thesis identifies trends in African Americans' military service from the Revolutionary War through their actions along the Mexican border during the first decade of the 20th century...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Smail Oštraković


    Full Text Available The transition requirement for post communism countries, especially the part that is about military forces is to establish those civil-military relation that will have prepared projects for awareness evolving of society and military about necessity of democratic control over military sector of country through development of many different communication forms and shapes. Before everything, it means the entire freedom and independence of media at access to military forces as the topic and subject of its interests and also the organization of public military communication system as integral part of information-communication system in society

  15. Winds of War: Enhancing Civilian and Military Partnerships to Assure Readiness: White Paper. (United States)

    Schwab, C William


    This White Paper summarizes the state of readiness of combat surgeons and provides action recommendations that address the problems of how to train, sustain, and retain them for future armed conflicts. As the basis for the 2014 Scudder Oration, I explored how to secure an improved partnership between military and civilian surgery, which would optimize learning platforms and embed military trauma personnel at America's academic medical universities for trauma combat casualty care (TCCC). To craft and validate these recommendations, I conducted an integrative and iterative process of literature reviews, interviews of military and civilian leaders, and a survey of military-affiliated surgeons. The recommended action points advance the training of combat surgeons and their trauma teams by creating an expanded network of TCCC training sites and sourcing the cadre of combat-seasoned surgeons currently populating our civilian and military teaching hospitals and universities. The recommendation for the establishment of a TCCC readiness center or command within the Medical Health System of the Department of Defense includes a military and civilian advisory board, with the reformation of a think tank of content experts to address high-level solutions for military medicine, readiness, and TCCC. Copyright © 2015 American College of Surgeons. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  16. Guinea’s 2008 Military Coup and Relations with the United States (United States)


    little popular support. In early April, a military junta calling itself the Military Committee of National Recovery ( Conseil Militaire de Redressement...multinational aluminum firm Alcoa, for instance, is a major shareholder in the Compagnie des Bauxites de Guinee, a bauxite mining and export partnership with...These protests, together with Conté’s ill health and reclusiveness, also led to power struggles within the cabinet and Conté’s inner circle

  17. The Effects of growing Indian military potential on South Asian stability (United States)


    response. Both sides will then be engaged in a series of actions and counteractions leading to a potential ascent up the escalation ladder. If...national power and military potential . The dangerous outcome associated with these actions is the primary cause of instability in South Asia. In this...THE EFFECTS OF GROWING INDIAN MILITARY POTENTIAL ON SOUTH ASIAN STABILITY A thesis presented to the Faculty of the U.S. Army

  18. Pakistan: Civil-Military Relations in a Post-Colonial State


    Ejaz Hussain


    This article has attempted to explain why the military has remained a powerful political institution/force in Pakistan. Its purpose was to test a hypothesis that posited that the colonial authority structure and the 1947 partition-oriented structural dynamics provided an important structural construct in explaining politics and the military in post-colonial Pakistan. To explain and analyse the problem, the study used books, journals, newspapers and government documents for quantitative/ expla...

  19. The Army vs. the People: The Opposition of the Soviet Military to Baltic Independence (United States)


    untouched. General Fyodor Kuz’min, the commander of the Baltic Military District became Gorbachev’s de facto "Military Governer", the only powerful and...Following the line laid down by Gorbachev, a writer in Krasnaya Zvezda allowed that "not all aspects of Soviet prewar foreign policy meet the high... Sindrome ’, Neustavshchinye i Natsional’noi Aspekte Voinskoi Sluzhby" [Youth Try on Overcoats: on the ’Occupation Syndrome’, Non-Regulation Behavior, and

  20. Assessing Israeli Military Effectiveness (United States)


    tactical and operational performance in the 1967 Arab-Israeli War. This attitude they had was a result of the lightning quick fashion they had achieved...invented to describe lightning attack utilizing combined-arms teams) against Egyptian fixed defenses, most notably in areas such as Rafah and Abu Ageila... balls …. You’ll never know what assets you’ll need on the ground to protect American interests” (Gould, 2014). 48 THIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT

  1. Foreign Policy, National Security Strategy, and Morality: The Enduring Relevance of the Just War Theory to Military Strategy and Intervention

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Rathbun, Cheryl J


    .... The United States' political tradition, at least since 1945, has encompassed the imperative to not only maintain its power -- political, economic and military -- but also to project its values...

  2. USMC Initiatives in Energy and Power (United States)


    Suitcase Battery Chargers (military batteries) • Special Purpose Battery Charger (AN/PRC-152 battery in storage) • Lead Acid Battery Chargers / Analyzers...Sustainment Systems x x x  Solar / Renewable Power Adaptors x x  On-Board Vehicle Power Systems x x  Family of Power Supplies x x  Mobile

  3. Haitian Americans. (United States)

    Catanese, Anthony V.


    Uses 1990 U.S. Census data to show the changing demographic profile of Haitian Americans. Haitian Americans are likely to live along the Atlantic seaboard and to have relatively low, although not the lowest, incomes. However, the demographic mosaic of Haitian Americans is diverse, showing the effects of Haitian national and ethnic history. (SLD)

  4. Ethics and the Military Profession. Sports and the Military (United States)


    s/V iJ SThe similarities-betWeen athletic competition and comibat have been frequently cited by both military and sports figures. The labels used in...oi’ punishing, is not -war; -and War, obviously,,, i’s never sImply a game . The feature rticle addresses the connection between sports and war Sand... competition and combat have been frequently cited by ,both military and sports figures. The labels used in -ne activity have bee6me metaphor s in the

  5. Russian Military Politics and Russia’s 2010 Defense Doctrine (United States)


    escala - tion towards a large-scale conflict (Borisov 2009). In line with other security documents of recent years of Putin and Medvedev, e.g...Russian-Chinese military exercises and their wider perspective: Power play in Central Asia , Russian Series 05/51, Swindon, UK: CSRC, UK Defence...doctrine” in response to increas- ing external instability and internal problems associ- ated with the Caucasus and Central Asia . He cited the

  6. David Packard’s Legacy on American Military Policy (United States)


    of those important lessons was, “Given equally good teamwork, the team with the strongest will to win will prevail.”7 He was on the football ...decentralized decision making, developed flextime, and made famous the concept of management by walking around before they were popular programs...personal qualities and position as the chief executive officer of a leading private sector business from commerce and industry. The Council seeks a wide

  7. Calling the Cavalry: Disaster Relief and the American Military (United States)


    49 vLex , ൒ Usc 334 - Sec. 334. Proclamation to Disperse," (2011), disperse-19222198#. (Accessed...Comprehensive Encyclopedia of America’s Founding. Santa Barbara, Calif.: ABC-CLIO, 2005. vLex . ൒ Usc 334 - Sec. 334. Proclamation to Disperse." (2011

  8. The Contributions of the American Military Working Dog in Vietnam. (United States)


    quantify, the greatest benefit to be derived from the 29 sentry dog program was the psychological effect that the teams had on the enemy and the... benefit to the troops following behind such a dog . Entries in monthly AARs filed by platoon commanders illustrate the life-saving benefits of the...significant benefits to be derived from the mere presence of dogs on a base’s security force. According to the report, "the major benefit of sentry

  9. Social and Cultural Dynamics of American Military Organization

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Segal, David


    .... The research program focuses on six areas. 1) Attitudes and behavior of youth, including patterns, trends, and correlates of enlistment propensity and the relationship between propensity and enlistment. 2...

  10. An Annotated Bibliography of Latin American Military Journals. (United States)



  11. Military-Economic Role of "Lend-Lease" for the Soviet Union

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Popov Grigory G.


    Full Text Available The paper contributes to the empirical analysis of the military-economic significance of Allied supplies to the Soviet Union through the "lend-lease". The author gives the description associated with the process of the formation of "lend-lease" for Soviet-American relations. The article describes the technical implementation of the program "lend-lease" at the initial stage of the great Patriotic war. For the first time in the domestic economic historiography author carries out the brief analysis of the scope of supplies of American products to the Soviet Union outside the program "lend-lease". For the first time also author analyzes the value of deliveries of military goods from the Western countries to the USSR on the base of valuation of Soviet military production in 1941 and 1942 on the basis of the actual exchange rate of Ruble to Dollar.

  12. 1997 Natural Gas Sourcebook and Powerbook: A directory of North American natural gas and power producers, consumers, marketers and utilities; 3. ed.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This publication is a directory of natural gas and electric companies, and brokers and suppliers of products of interest to the natural gas industry in Canada and the United States. The directory is designed to assist the user in finding natural gas and power industry contacts. The information contained in this publication has been compiled from company data questionnaires, and from lists of subscribers of other Enerdata publications, various registration lists, and other miscellaneous sources. Companies are listed alphabetically with names and telephone numbers of principal officers. Natural gas and electric power companies are organized into separate sections.

  13. Information Management: Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS)

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library


    .... It describes a program sponsored by the Department of Defense and supported by the Department of the Army in which military installations, military units, clubs, and volunteer licensed amateur radio...

  14. Committee on Military Nutrition Research Proposal

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Poos, Mary


    This publication, Military Sfrategies for Sustainment of Nufrition and Immune Function in the Field, is the latest in a series of reports based on workshops sponsored by the Committee on Military Nutrition Research (CMNR...

  15. Military Social Work Thinking in South Africa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adrian D. van Breda


    Full Text Available Military social workers in South Africa have developed distinctive ways of thinking about military social work. These developments have been influenced by various contextual factors, such as the transition of South Africa to a non-racial democracy in 1994 and the establishment of a military social work research capacity. These factors contributed to new ways of thinking, such as the recognition that military social work has a mandate to facilitate organizational change and the adoption of a resilience perspective. A central development in military social work thinking in South Africa was the formulation of a Military Social Work Practice Model, which is described and illustrated in some detail. This model emphasizes binocular vision (focusing on the interface between soldiers and the military organization and four practice positions, derived from occupational social work theory. The author notes the importance of creating appropriate contexts that facilitate further developments in military social work theory.

  16. Military Courts-Martial: An Overview

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Velez Pollack, Estela I


    The recent reports of abuse of prisoners held by the military in Iraq have raised questions about how the Armed Forces discipline and punish those who commit crimes or violate the rules and regulations of the military...

  17. Adult Attitudes Toward the Military: Poll Two

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Wang, Amie


    The Department of Defense s (DoD) is conducting a series of adult polls focused on attitudes of those who influence youth about the military and their likelihood to recommend military service to youth...

  18. The Military of the New South Africa

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Mandrup, Thomas

    in the book is based upon two underpinning major claims and one linked question: 1) Post-apartheid SA foreign policy is characterized by efforts to change South Africa’s image from “pariah” to “soft peacemaker”. 2) The SANDF has played an important and somewhat overlooked role in this transition. Its...... the impact of this will be for South African foreign. This will indirectly also impact on the African Union’s Security Architecture and its conflict resolution tools, such as the African Standby Force (ASF) and African Capacity for the Immediate Response the Crisis (ACIRC)   Structure of the book Chapter 1....... Introduction – Setting the Scene Chapter 2. Foreign Policy and Military Power in South Africa – framing the debate on RSA foreign policy in relation to Africa, Chapter 3. South Africa and the Concept of National Security Chapter 4. The SANDF: Capacity and Capabilities Chapter 5. Sorry Mr. Chairman, can we stop...

  19. A Framework for NGO-Military Collaboration (United States)


    NGO-military collaboration during operations. Rietjens, Van Fenema , and Essens write about the incorporation of military, NGOs, and others HADR, conflict, and post-conflict operations. Rietjens, Van Fenema , and Essens point out that for NGOs collaboration with the military can be...Rietjens, Van Fenema , and Essens 2013, 20). Common Effort was an attempt to familiarize NGOs, IGOs, and militaries with each other’s practices and

  20. Children of Military Service Members Resource Guide (United States)

    2012-01-01 developed by military pediatricians and adolescent-medicine specialists, this animated film, hosted by mr. poe, is designed to provide...military Communities youth ministries url: url: time: 92 minutes developed by military pediatricians developed by military pediatricians and adolescent-medicine specialists, this film is designed for older children and adolescents to help

  1. The Role of Communication in Military Leadership

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Monika Lewińska


    Full Text Available The aim of the paper is to discuss the role of communication in military leadership. First of all, basic terms related to communication, command and military leadership are explained. In the following parts of the paper it is intended to answer the question contained in the title: what is the role of communication in the military leadership? To precise the issue: is the role of communication in military organisations similar to civilian leadership and management or does it significantly differ?

  2. A Descriptive Study on the Military Leadership


    Muhammed Kürşad Özlen; Anes Zukic


    This study provides more complete deliberation of the current practices of leadership in the surveyed Armed Forces. This study aims to descriptively identify the degree of motivating military leadership, military environment, characteristics of military leaders and military leadership benefits in the selected army. The research method conducted was based on survey of 200 respondents in Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina and descriptive analyses of the survey data. According to the results...

  3. Childhood vaccination coverage rates among military dependents in the United States. (United States)

    Dunn, Angela C; Black, Carla L; Arnold, John; Brodine, Stephanie; Waalen, Jill; Binkin, Nancy


    The Military Health System provides universal coverage of all recommended childhood vaccinations. Few studies have examined the effect that being insured by the Military Health System has on childhood vaccination coverage. The purpose of this study was to compare the coverage of the universally recommended vaccines among military dependents versus other insured and uninsured children using a nationwide sample of children. The National Immunization Survey is a multistage, random-digit dialing survey designed to measure vaccination coverage estimates of US children aged 19 to 35 months old. Data from 2007 through 2012 were combined to permit comparison of vaccination coverage among military dependent and all other children. Among military dependents, 28.0% of children aged 19 to 35 months were not up to date on the 4:3:1:3:3:1 vaccination series excluding Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccine compared with 21.1% of all other children (odds ratio: 1.4; 95% confidence interval: 1.2-1.6). After controlling for sociodemographic characteristics, compared with all other US children, military dependent children were more likely to be incompletely vaccinated (odds ratio: 1.3; 95% confidence interval: 1.1-1.5). Lower vaccination coverage rates among US military dependent children might be due to this population being highly mobile. However, the lack of a military-wide childhood immunization registry and incomplete documentation of vaccinations could contribute to the lower vaccination coverage rates seen in this study. These results suggest the need for further investigation to evaluate vaccination coverage of children with complete ascertainment of vaccination history, and if lower immunization rates are verified, assessment of reasons for lower vaccination coverage rates among military dependent children. Copyright © 2015 by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

  4. A Guide for the Powerless and Those Who Don't Know Their Own Power: A Primer on the American Political Process. (United States)

    Halperin, Samuel

    Many U.S. citizens including educators, community leaders, youth workers, other human service persons, and young people tend to be apolitical, timid, cynical, or disdainful about the political process. But knowledge of the political process, when properly applied, is portable wealth and eminently usable power. Every vote can count when backed by…

  5. The Brief Military Career of Dr. William H. Welch. (United States)

    Gilman, James K


    The purpose of this article is to examine the Army service of Dr. William H. Welch during World War I. Archival research utilizing prime source documents in the William H. Welch Collection of the Alan M. Chesney Medical Archives for the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. Welch joined the Army at the age of 67 after serving as one of the principal transformational forces for reforming medical education in the United States and founding the first academic institution for educating public health professionals in the United States, the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and Hygiene. His longstanding relationship with Army Surgeon General William Gorgas served as the backdrop for Welch's service. Welch served as both a staff officer and as a traveling medical inspector general, assessing the medical care of troops preparing for overseas duty. He did not adapt particularly well to military dress and decorum but his status as one of the icons of American medicine rendered these shortcomings insignificant. Welch was joined in Army service by a number of American medical luminaries-both Mayo brothers, George Crile, and Harvey Cushing among them. Although Welch remained on active duty for only 13 months, he maintained a nominal relationship with Army medicine through appointment to the Medical Officer Reserve Corps until the time of his death. 2016 marks the centennial of the establishment of the first independent academic institution in America dedicated to education and training of professionals focused on public health and hygiene issues. 2017 marks the centennial of U.S. entry into World War I. Dr. William H. Welch played an important role in both of these historic events and, although his active service was brief, the impact of his example was substantial. Analysis of his military career in its full historical context provides insight into the relationship between academic medicine and military medicine during periods of armed conflict. Reprint & Copyright © 2017

  6. Private Military and Security Contractors

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    In Private Military and Security Contractors: Controlling the Corporate Warrior a multinational team of 16 scholars and a practitioner from political science, sociology, and law address a developing phenomenon: controlling the use of privatized force by states in international politics. Robust...... analyses of the evolving, multi-layered tapestry of formal and informal mechanisms of control include addressing the microfoundations of the market: the social and role identities of contract employees, their acceptance by military personnel, and potential tensions between them. The extent and willingness...

  7. Political change in Europe and the future of United States military presence in Germany


    Zduniak, Pawel Piotr


    This thesis analyzes American basing structure in Germany, in a new political environment at the beginning of the 21st century. The end of the Cold War changed the political and strategic situation in Europe and the substance of American military presence in Europe. The War on Terrorism suggests that the current threats are dynamic and unpredictable and the idea of a permanent U.S. basing structure in the heart of Europe should be reconsidered. Specifically, this thesis describes the reasons...

  8. India’s British Army: the Honorable East India Company’s Lasting Military Impact (United States)


    gaps which were as great or greater than that which American forces faced in 21st century Iraq and Afghanistan. Definitions and Terms The...between the Company’s model and that of American campaigns of the 21st century . While the employment of mercenaries was common during the Company’s era...18th, and 19th centuries by cultivating a privatized and indigenous military force there by way of the Honorable East India Company. In doing so

  9. 78 FR 43796 - Indebtedness of Military Personnel (United States)


    ... Department of the Army 32 CFR Part 513 Indebtedness of Military Personnel AGENCY: Department of the Army, DoD. ACTION: Final rule; removal. SUMMARY: This action removes regulations concerning indebtedness of military... CFR Part 112, ``Indebtedness of Military Personnel,'' and DoD Financial Management Review (FMR...

  10. Truth and (self) censorship in military memoirs

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kleinreesink, E.; Soeters, J.M.M.L.


    It can be difficult for researchers from outside the military to gain access to the field. However, there is a rich source on the military that is readily available for every researcher: military memoirs. This source does provide some methodological challenges with regard to truth and (self)

  11. 5 CFR 831.301 - Military service. (United States)


    ... disability retirement, who is receiving a Veterans Administration pension or compensation in lieu of military... Administration pension or compensation and have the military service added to civilian service for annuity... 5 Administrative Personnel 2 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Military service. 831.301 Section 831.301...

  12. National Leadership Summit on Military Families (United States)


    now offering a full range of services for military families, including nutrition programs, financial planning services, and other support. The...has a huge breadth of capacities to support military families, including nutrition programs, financial literacy report, community health and well...would develop policies, programs, and services for children with special needs, including those with autism (the autism rate among military children is

  13. 32 CFR 724.215 - Military representation. (United States)


    ... 32 National Defense 5 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Military representation. 724.215 Section 724.215... BOARD Authority/Policy for Departmental Discharge Review § 724.215 Military representation. Military... consult legal counsel before undertaking such representation. Such representation may be prohibited by 18...

  14. Mental Reservation and Military Testimony before Congress

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Roberts, Gordon R


    .... The cause for this apparent mental reservation on the part of military leaders can be found in their organizational bias and environmental influences, but the solution can be found in history. It is vital for the military to understand that a currency of truth is the most important contribution it can make to the civilian-military relationship.

  15. Building the Rule of Law: U.S. Assistance Programs and Police/Military Relations in Latin America (United States)


    1. REPORT DATE FEB 2003 2. REPORT TYPE N /A 3. DATES COVERED - 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Biulding the Rule of Law: U.S. Assistance Programs...military poses a far greater problem for democratically-elected civilian governments, as Bolivian President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozado once put it...Defense Minister Luis Fernando Ramirez Acuna, the army was key”.8 Latin American military and police forces are increasingly dependent upon foreign

  16. The Role of the Armed Forces in the Americas: Civil-Military Relations for the 21st Century (United States)


    politics, in nostalgic prose and poetry than in academic writings. Authors such as Octavio Paz, Pedro Nava or Jorge Luis Borges had a greater political...Democracy in the Americas Licenciado Luis Tibiletti Ser 2000, Argentina 77 Part Three: National Security and Civil-Military Relations in the 21st...Century: Three Views From Latin America 83 6. Civil-Military Relations in the Americas for the 21st Century: A Latin American Perspective Professor Luis

  17. Enhancing Interoperability Among Enlisted Medical Personnel. A Case Study of Military Surgical Technologists (United States)


    School ARC-ST Accreditation Review Committee on Education in Surgical Technology ASCAP Army Civilian Acquired Skills Program ASCP American Society...Acquired Skills Program ( ASCAP ) and the Navy’s Direct Procurement Enlistment Program (DPEP). Although the military does not use lateral entry

  18. The U.S. Army in a Civil-Military Support Role in Latin America (United States)


    American countries, but if 3 106 Carta de Conducta de Riobamba [Charter of Conduct] presented to the United Nations General Assembly by the Permanent...34Perspectives on Nationbuilding in Low-Intensity/High-Probability Conflicts: Medical Strategy." Military Review 2 (February 1989). Carta de Conducta

  19. Evaluating the Validity of the U.S. Military’s Global Empire (United States)


    gained some territory following the Spanish American War. Facilities in the Philippines, Guam, and Puerto Rico were some of the first overseas or OCONUS...of the military from 2004 to the present, these reductions are significant. While there is historically bureaucracy and unwillingness to shutter

  20. Military coups and military regimes in Africa | Japhet | Scientia ...

    African Journals Online (AJOL)

    Scientia Militaria: South African Journal of Military Studies. Journal Home · ABOUT THIS JOURNAL · Advanced Search · Current Issue · Archives · Journal Home > Vol 8, No 4 (1978) >. Log in or Register to get access to full text downloads.

  1. Maxillofacial Gunshot Injuries: A Comparison of Civilian and Military Data. (United States)

    Guevara, Carlo; Pirgousis, Phillip; Steinberg, Barry


    To compare military with civilian gunshot wounds (GSWs) in the maxillofacial region in order to establish differences in presentation, morbidity, and surgical management. A cross-sectional study design was used. The University of Florida at Jacksonville oral and maxillofacial surgery operating room census and hospital trauma registry were both reviewed to identify maxillofacial GSW cases from 2005 through 2011. Military GSW data (2005 through 2011) were obtained from the US Department of Defense (DOD). The predictor variables were civilian versus military GSW events. The outcome variables of interest included the region of the face involved, race, gender, death during admission, hospital length of stay, and number of days in the intensive care unit (ICU). Descriptive statistics were computed. The sample was divided into military maxillofacial GSWs (n = 412) and civilian maxillofacial GSWs (n = 287 treated of 2,478 presented). A significant difference was measured between study groups regarding the region of the face involved (P = .0451), gender (P ≤ .0001), and race (P ≤ .0001). No significant relationship was measured regarding deaths during admission (P = .6510) for either study group. No standard deviation values for hospital length of stay or number of ICU days were provided by the DOD. The mean hospital length of stay for the military group was within the 95% confidence interval of the civilian group findings (6.0-7.6). The mean number of ICU days for the military group was not within the civilian group's 95% confidence interval (1.9-2.9). These data showed important differences in anatomic location, gender, and race distribution of maxillofacial GSWs between military and civilian populations. Limited analysis of hospital length of stay and number of ICU days might indicate no meaningful difference in hospital length of stay, although there was a statistical difference in the number of ICU days between the 2 populations. Future research comparing

  2. Pronoia in the Military Organization of the Byzantine Empire at Early Palaeologian Period. Part 1

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vladimir Alekseevich Zolotovskiy


    Full Text Available In the present study the author disclosed the role of pronoia in the military organization of the Byzantine Empire at early Palaeologian period. The concrete cases of the award allow recognizing the proniarety as the Byzantine military institution dealing exclusively with the military leadership. The grant of pronoia was a replacement for traditional rewards of military commanders of noble birth. However, in some cases it was identified that compulsory military service was a function of power which was granted to the proniares in addition to the tax quota. Holders of pronoia were not only the Romans military commanders but also the mercenaries. Such awards could reduce the costs of imperial treasury for direct payments. In the case of proniares-Byzantines, depending on posotis, we can talk about the conferring upon pronoia the representatives of various levels of the military leadership. The pronoias granted as a reward or the compensation for losses incurred as a result of the performance of official engagements, could be transferred to the commanders of low levels which were recruited from among stratiotes (obviously, dekarhes.

  3. American National Standard administrative controls and quality assurance for the operational phase of nuclear power plants, revision of N18.7-1972

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)



    This Standard provides requirements and recommendations for an administrative controls and quality assurance program necessary to provide assurance that operational phase activities at nuclear power plants are carried out without undue risk to the health and safety of the public. The requirements of this Standard apply to all activities affecting the safety-related functions of nuclear power plant structures, systems, and components. It is not intended to apply to test mobile and experimental reactors nor reactors not subject to U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission licensing. However, applicable sections of this Standard should be used as they apply to related activities. Activities included are: design changes, purchasing, fabricating, handling, shipping, storing, cleaning, erecting, installing, inspecting, testing, operating, maintaining, repairing, refueling and modifying

  4. Violent Video Games Recruit American Youth (United States)

    Lugo, William


    An expert on the sociology of video games highlights the power of this medium to popularize violence among children. But few are aware that some of the most technologically potent products are violent war games now being produced at taxpayer expense. These are provided free as a recruiting tool by the United States military. The author contends…

  5. Military experience can influence Women's eating habits. (United States)

    Breland, Jessica Y; Donalson, Rosemary; Nevedal, Andrea; Dinh, Julie V; Maguen, Shira


    Disordered eating, ranging from occasional binge eating or restriction to behaviors associated with eating disorder diagnoses, is common among military personnel and veterans. However, there is little information on how military service affects eating habits. To describe possible pathways between military service and disordered eating among women veterans, a high risk group. Twenty women veterans who reported changing eating habits in response to stress participated in audio-recorded focus groups or dyadic interviews between April 2013 and October 2014. We used thematic analysis of transcripts to identify and understand women's self-reported eating habits before, during, and after military service. Participants reported entering the military with varied eating habits, but little disordered eating. Participants described several ways military environments affected eating habits, for example, by promoting fast, irregular, binge-like eating and disrupting the reward value of food. Participants believed military-related stressors, which were often related to gender, also affected eating habits. Such stressors included military sexual trauma and the need to meet military weight requirements in general and after giving birth. Participants also reported that poor eating habits continued after military service, often because they remained under stress. For some women, military service can result in socialization to poor eating habits, which when combined with exposure to stressors can lead to disordered eating. Additional research is needed, including work to understand possible benefits associated with providing support in relation to military weight requirements and the transition out of military service. Given the unique experiences of women in the military, future work could also focus on health services surrounding pregnancy-related weight change and the stress associated with being a woman in predominantly male military environments. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

  6. Pushing the Limits of Military Coercion Theory

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jakobsen, Peter Viggo


    The centrality of military coercion in contemporary Western crisis and conflict management constitutes a major policy problem because the United States and its allies are poor at translating their overwhelming military superiority into adversary compliance. The standard explanation provided...... military coercion works and how the practical problems involved could be addressed. Our understanding of military coercion would be increased markedly if only coercion theorists would make a greater efforts to do three things, namely (1) provide clear operational definitions of key concepts and variables...... the principal theoretical propositions with a firmer empirical foundation and make military coercion theory more useful for policy makers....

  7. Military Construction: FY2017 Appropriations (United States)


    were codified by the Budget Control Act (BCA) of 2011(P.L. 112-25). 1 The effect on appropriations in general, with specific emphasis on defense, has...FY2015 Appropriations, by Sidath Viranga Panangala. CRS Report RL34024, Veterans and Homelessness , by Libby Perl. Military Construction: FY2017

  8. 'Military Thinkers and Academic Thinkers'

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Haugegaard, Rikke

    Culture analysis seems to create friction when we try to introduce academic concepts relating to culture to military planners. This friction might be related to the fact that officers and academics do their thinking in different 'spaces'. This paper argues the interface or overlapping space between...

  9. Stress fractures in military training

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Jofre, M.J.; Sierralta, M.P.


    During military training, the incidence of overuse injuries like stress fractures increase. The aim of the study was to investigate the utility of bone scan in a military population with clinical suspected stress fractures or periostitis. Material and methods: A three-year retrospective analysis was made on patients who were clinically diagnosed with stress fractures at the Military Hospital Nuclear Medicine Department. Thirty-seven patients were studied (mean age 23. +/- 8 y.o; 31 males), 28 cases of which (76%) had tibial stress syndrome. Other localizations were lumbar spine, femoral, fibular, tarsal or metatarsal. Bone scintigraphy was performed injecting 1036 MBq of Tc99m-MDP i.v. Whole body images and lateral projections of lower extremities were done. Results: Bone scan in tibial syndrome was positive for 23 cases (82%), 65% of them were bilateral and 13% also had femoral injuries. X-rays were done in 10 cases and were all negative. In other localizations, the bone scans were negative, but demonstrated other degenerative lesions. All stress fractures were conservatively treated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatories and suspension of physical activity. Conclusions: Bone scan is a reliable confirmatory tool for tibial stress syndrome diagnosis. In addition, it helps to determine both the severity and extension of the injury as well as support the indication of rest in the military population

  10. Cultural Dimensions of Military Training (United States)


    cross-cultural awareness training in various commercial sectors, the field of cross-cultural communication (also known as intercultural communication...advanced language skills, and culture and regional expertise with the goals to promote a rethinking of culture and intercultural competence, and how... Intercultural Competence” (Center for Languages, Cultures, and Regional Studies, United States Military Academy, West Point, NY), 4. 34Headquarters

  11. Hypersonic Technology for Military Application (United States)


    TechnologyL . for Military Application Air Force Studies Board Commission on Engineering and Technical Systems National Research Council .iA -iorn For NTIS CNA...because coinp:’ters can simulate fraction of the vehicle, simultaneously twe hypQ rsonic flighi parameters of velccit;, free stream 7) The laige fuel

  12. Father Absence in Military Families (United States)

    Hillenbrand, Elizabeth D.


    A sample of 73 boys and 53 girls in the sixth grade of a school for military dependents were assessed on intelligence, classroom behavior, parental dominance, parental identification and family constellation. Differences in how children cope with stress are discussed. (Author)

  13. National Museum of Military History

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A Nicolaides


    Full Text Available Attractions such as military history museums which exhibit a wide range of important historical artefacts are fundamental sub-elements in any tourism systems, and yet their study suffers from lack of theoretical depth. Military history is an integral element of the history of any nation and countless varieties of tourists both local and international, visit military museums whenever the opportunity presents itself because museums are generally stimulating places of interest. This article focuses predominantly on international tourists visiting the Ditsong National Museum of Military History. In addition to the interest that such museums generate, they play a key role as the organizational foundation stones of modernity. It is via their many interesting exhibits that museums enlighten us about the past that intrinsically highlights its distance from the present era. Museums also selectively reconstitute aspects of history and in so doing alienate many artefacts from their original context and yet manage to impart deep understanding of events that shaped the modern world. Museums of all types thus impart knowledge and have a wide range of tales to tell concerning the many and diverse assortments of objects they hold. National pride is an obvious reason for having a military museum where the comprehensive display of military equipment is exceptionally unique while exhibition halls also offer an educational narrative of a nation’s history. What is also of interest to many visitors is the type of research that is carried out in a multiplicity of ways. The huge global growth in tourism in recent years has contributed to many museums radically altering their exhibits in both content and manner of exhibition. This is significant given the reciprocal impact that museums and tourism have on one another. The attractions in museums are regarded by many to be central to the tourism process and these are very often the main reason for many tourists visiting

  14. Pharmacy in the American Civil War. (United States)

    Hasegawa, G R


    The role of pharmacists and the process of military drug supply in the American Civil War are described. Most raw drugs used in the United States in the mid-1800s were imported. During the Civil War, imports into the North continued, but the Union blockade forced the Confederacy to obtain medicines through means such as smuggling, capture of enemy supplies, and processing of indigenous medicinal plants. Medical supplies for Civil War troops were typically purchased by military physicians called medical purveyors and sometimes by pharmacists serving as acting medical purveyors. In the latter half of the war, U.S. Army medical laboratories, in which many pharmacists were employed, inspected purchases, repackaged supplies bought in bulk, and manufactured medicines from raw materials. The Confederacy also had medical laboratories, which were primarily responsible for manufacturing medicines from indigenous plant material but also inspected drugs that had been smuggled into the South. At a few large Union medical depots, pharmacists called medical storekeepers assumed many of the responsibilities of medical purveyors by receiving, storing, issuing, and accounting for supplies. Noncommissioned officers called hospital stewards assumed diverse duties that included dispensing drugs prescribed by military physicians. Although many hospital stewards were pharmacists or physicians, others had no previous pharmaceutical experience. Civilian pharmacists were employed in the medical laboratories and in military general hospitals. Pharmacists participated in nearly every aspect of military drug supply during the Civil War.

  15. American = Independent? (United States)

    Markus, Hazel Rose


    U.S. American cultures and psyches reflect and promote independence. Devos and Banaji (2005) asked, does American equal White? This article asks, does American equal independent? The answer is that when compared to people in East Asian or South Asian contexts, people in American contexts tend to show an independent psychological signature-a sense of self as individual, separate, influencing others and the world, free from influence, and equal to, if not better than, others (Markus & Conner, 2013). Independence is a reasonable description of the selves of people in the White, middle-class American mainstream. Yet it is a less good characterization of the selves of the majority of Americans who are working-class and/or people of color. A cultural psychological approach reveals that much of North American psychology is still grounded in an independent model of the self and, as such, neglects social contexts and the psychologies of a majority of Americans. Given the prominence of independence in American ideas and institutions, the interdependent tendencies that arise from intersections of national culture with social class, race, and ethnicity go unrecognized and are often misunderstood and stigmatized. This unseen clash of independence and interdependence is a significant factor in many challenges, including those of education, employment, health, immigration, criminal justice, and political polarization.

  16. Utilizing Maximum Power Point Trackers in Parallel to Maximize the Power Output of a Solar (Photovoltaic) Array (United States)


    input and output parameters required for efficiency calculations. 70 B. MPPT SELECTION 1. STEVAL SPV1020 MPPT with DC-DC Boost Converter The...the power output of the solar array. Currently, most military applications that utilize solar energy omit or use only a single MPPT per PV system. The...photovoltaic (PV) system to use a maximum power point tracker ( MPPT ) to increase the power output of the solar array. Currently, most military

  17. Global warming and nuclear power

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wood, L., LLNL


    Nuclear fission power reactors represent a potential solution to many aspects of global change possibly induced by inputting of either particulate or carbon or sulfur oxides into the Earth`s atmosphere. Of proven technological feasibility, they presently produce high-grade heat for large-scale electricity generation, space heating and industrial process-energizing around the world, without emitting greenhouse gases or atmospheric particulates; importantly, electricity production costs from the best nuclear plants presently are closely comparable with those of the best fossil-fired plants. However, a substantial number of issues currently stand between nuclear power and widespread substitution for large stationary fossil fuel-fired systems. These include perceptual ones regarding both long-term and acute operational safety, plant decommissioning, fuel reprocessing, radwaste disposal, fissile materials diversion to military purposes and - perhaps most seriously- readily quantifiable concerns regarding long-term fuel supply and total unit electrical energy cost. We sketch a road-map for proceeding from the present situation toward a nuclear power-intensive world, addressing along the way each of the concerns which presently impede widespread nuclear substitution for fossil fuels, particularly for coal in the most populous and rapidly developing portions of the world, e.g., China and India. This `design to societal specifications` approach to large-scale nuclear fission power systems may lead to energy sources meeting essentially all stationary demands for high-temperature heat. Such advanced options offer a human population of ten billion the electricity supply levels currently enjoyed by Americans for 10,000 years. Nuclear power systems tailored to local needs-and-interests and having a common advanced technology base could reduce present-day world-wide C0{sub 2} emissions by two-fold, if universally employed. By application to small mobile demands, a second two

  18. The Military Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Kerrigan, Kathleen


    .... Its interpretation affects both national security and the rights of American citizens overseas. This statute gives the United States judicial system the ability to exercise jurisdictional control over American civilians committing felonies on foreign soil...

  19. World atlas of nuclear industry: civil and military

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Alexandre, Nicolas


    Todays, with the energy supplies and global warming concerns, nuclear energy in making a come-back, witness the numerous nuclear programs launched or re-launched in the US, in Europe, China and India. In parallel, on the military side, the deterrence strategy remains in the center of security politics of big powers. This atlas takes stock of the overall issues linked with the nuclear technology: production, civil applications (power generation, medicine etc..), military usages (naval propulsion, weapons). It answers the main questions of this complex world, often dominated by secrecy: who does what in the nuclear domain in France? Is an accident, like the Chernobyl's one, possible today in Europe? What solutions for radioactive wastes? Do we take risks when we export our reactor technologies to Middle-East countries? Are we at the dawn of a new arms rush? What do international agreements foresee in this domain? Taking into account the costs, the hazards and the advantages of nuclear industry, the atlas shows that it is possible to establish solid technical and legal barriers between its civil and military sides. (J.S.)

  20. The American University of Beirut

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bertelsen, Rasmus Gjedssø


    in the Middle East and China and the new cases of transnational, private higher education flourishing in the Middle East and the wider Global South. AUB and these universities are central cases in International Relations for studying transnational actors and their transnational power. Universities have been...... with American society through its board of trustees. American civil society has been a major financial partner since the missionary days to modern day foundation philanthropy. American business has supported the university and recruited its graduates. American government has supported the university financially...

  1. The Power of Peer Pressure (United States)

    Wingle, Jane


    In a religion class of 26 bright creative sixth graders, one student demonstrates the power of peer pressure. Part of the morning ritual is to say prayer petitions. Students seems to be calmed by their expressions of care for their families, friends, pets, their military troops, victims of natural disasters, the homeless, etc. However, one student…

  2. The American University of Beirut

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bertelsen, Rasmus Gjedssø


    ) and modern day American–associated universities in the Middle East. Much policy attention, but little scholarly attention has been devoted to the question of soft power of especially higher education in the USA and much less American overseas higher education. This chapter will present analysis on the soft......This chapter will present the American University of Beirut as a central case for the study and discussion of the university as a transnational actor with possible transnational power in international politics. It will place the AUB among the cases of classical American missionary universities...... and politically. The chapter compares the transnational relations of the AUB, the other classical American overseas universities with missionary roots in the Middle East (AUC and LAU), the more than 20 American higher education institutions founded in China around 1900 (which did not survive the Korean War...

  3. Canadian Model of Military Leadership as a Successful Mixture of Civilian and Military Experiences

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Piotr Malinowski


    Full Text Available The origins of military leadership are rooted in ancient times and its embodiment are great chieftains and commanders. However, since the moment when in organisation and management sciences the civil theories of leadership started to emerge, the military forces have incorporated their solutions to structure the assumptions of new, coherent and effective models of military leadership. A good example of such solutions is the Canadian model of military leadership, competently merging the civil theories with experience and needs of the military environment. This solution may be a perfect example of effective application of leadership theory to modify the existing national model of military leadership and construct a more efficient one.

  4. Learning Large Lessons: The Evolving Roles of Ground Power and Air Power in the Post-Cold War Era. Executive Summary

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Johnson, David E


    U.S. post-Cold War military operations have witnessed a shift in the relative roles of ground power and air power in war fighting, but the joint war fighting potential of this shift is not being fully realized...

  5. Military Gay Ban Revisited: Is our Military Ready for Change? (United States)


    Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender] ( LGBT ) rights is exploited by those seeking to divide us. But at its core, this issue is about who we are from the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender ( LGBT ) community and in return made several campaign promises along the way. One of the campaign...No. 85. July 2007. Donnelly, Elaine. Who Will Confront the “ LGBT Left?”. Center for Military Readiness. (5 February 2008). Frank

  6. U.S. - Mexico Military to Military Cooperation Revisited (United States)


    level – as well as between officeholders to one another on a “horizontal” basis. Accountability measures in the US/ Mexico Bi- National Performance ...Code, Title 32, Chapter 1, Section 112 64 U.S.- Mexico Bi-National Cooperation Against Illicit Drugs, Main Results and Performance Measures of...NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL Monterey, California THESIS Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. U.S. - MEXICO MILITARY TO

  7. Cyber and the American Way of War (United States)


    modem society. The internet , networks , and thereby, cyber, relies on non-military components. Robert Latham uses the tenn "dual-coded" to refer to...should emphasize the possibility of collateral damage from unforeseen spillover due to network connectivity.එ The internet is ubiquitous and ever...8217systemic paralysis ’ of the enemy’s armed forces and infrastructure rather than their annihilation.ൕ To most of the American public, this is also

  8. [Psychopathological and psychosocial aspects of military crimes]. (United States)

    Woś, Jarosław; Florkowski, Antoni; Zboralski, Krzysztof


    Crimes in the military, as well as criminal behaviors in the civilian community are determined by multiple factors. However, in case of military crimes committed by soldiers on active duty, an important part of forensic psychiatric opinion, is to assess whether occurring mental disorder resulted in inability to perform military duties. was to investigate the psychopathological and psychosocial determinants of criminal behavior in soldiers who committed military crime. The study included 122 soldiers who committed military crime. Material for this study consisted of forensic psychiatric opinions formed on the order of military prosecutor and the military judicial authorities. The results indicate that military crimes are determined by multiple factors. In most cases, the criminal behavior was associated with personality disorder (70%), alcohol problems (43%) and psychoactive substance use (30%). Psychosocial factors analysis revealed more frequent behavioral problems during childhood and adolescence (51%), history of parental alcohol problem (31%) and previous criminal record (29%). Forensic psychiatric examinations revealed that military crimes are more frequent in soldiers on compulsory military service, and in those with personality disorder or/and alcohol problems.

  9. The policy of latent proliferation. Military use of ''peaceful'' nuclear engineering in Western Europe

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Kollert, R.


    The booklet contains five case studies on the planning and carrying out of (latent) 'atomic weapons' programmes and civil-military reactor construction in Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Sweden and Spain; an analysis of the aims and implementation of the American 'Atom-for-Peace' policy, based on secret documents of the national security council of the United States; a study of the foreign policy-military motives of the Federal German atomic export policy during the tug-of-war for the non-proliferation treaty; an introduction into the history of nuclear proliferation; a scientific-technological appendix of atomic explosives and their production. (orig.) [de

  10. Post-traumatic stress disorder in the military veteran. (United States)

    Friedman, M J; Schnurr, P P; McDonagh-Coyle, A


    1. Military personnel exposed to war-zone trauma are at risk for developing PTSD. Those at greatest risk are those exposed to the highest levels of war-zone stress, those wounded in action, those incarcerated as prisoners of war, and those who manifest acute war-zone reactions, such as CSR. 2. In addition to problems directly attributable to PTSD symptoms per se, individuals with this disorder frequently suffer from other comorbid psychiatric disorders, such as depression, other anxiety disorders, and alcohol or substance abuse/dependence. The resulting constellation of psychiatric symptoms frequently impairs marital, vocational, and social function. 3. The likelihood of developing chronic PTSD depends on premilitary and postmilitary factors in addition to features of the trauma itself. Premilitary factors include negative environmental factors in childhood, economic deprivation, family psychiatric history, age of entry into the military, premilitary educational attainment, and personality characteristics. Postmilitary factors include social support and the veteran's coping skills. 4. Among American military personnel, there are three populations at risk for unique problems that may amplify the psychological impact of war-zone stress. They are women whose war-zone experiences may be complicated by sexual assault and harassment; nonwhite ethnic minority individuals whose premilitary, postmilitary, and military experience is affected by the many manifestations of racism; and those with war-related physical disabilities, whose PTSD and medical problems often exacerbate each other. 5. The longitudinal course of PTSD is quite variable. Some trauma survivors may achieve complete recovery, whereas others may develop a persistent mental disorder in which they are severely and chronically incapacitated. Other patterns include delayed, chronic, and intermittent PTSD. 6. Theoretically primary preventive measures might include prevention of war or screening out vulnerable

  11. Black and Korean: Racialized Development and the Korean American Subject in Korean/American Fiction

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jeehyun Lim


    Full Text Available This article examines the representation of the encounters and exchanges between Asian and black Americans in Sŏk-kyŏng Kang’s “Days and Dreams,” Heinz Insu Fenkl’s Memories of My Ghost Brother, and Chang-rae Lee’s A Gesture Life. While one popular mode of looking at Asian and black Americans relationally in the postwar era is to compare the success of Asian American assimilation to the failure of black Americans, Lim argues that such a mode of comparison cannot account for the ways in which Asian American racialization takes places within the global currents of militarism and migration. Against the popular view that attributes Asian American success to cultural difference, Lim relies on political scientist Claire Kim’s understanding of culture as something that is constructed in the process of racialization to explore how the above texts imagine the terms of comparative racialization between black and Asian Americans. The black-Korean encounters in these texts demand a heuristic of comparative racialization that goes beyond the discussion of the black-white binary as a national construct and seeks the reification and modification of this racial frame as it travels along the routes of US military and economic incursions in the Pacific. Lim suggests that the literary imagining of black-Korean encounters across the Pacific illustrates race and racialization as effects of a regime of economic development that is supported by military aggression.

  12. Family Resilience in the Military (United States)

    Meadows, Sarah O.; Beckett, Megan K.; Bowling, Kirby; Golinelli, Daniela; Fisher, Michael P.; Martin, Laurie T.; Meredith, Lisa S.; Osilla, Karen Chan


    Abstract Military life presents a variety of challenges to military families, including frequent separations and relocations as well as the risks that service members face during deployment; however, many families successfully navigate these challenges. Despite a recent emphasis on family resilience, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) does not have a standard and universally accepted definition of family resilience. A standard definition is a necessary for DoD to more effectively assess its efforts to sustain and improve family resilience. RAND authors reviewed the literature on family resilience and, in this study, recommend a definition that could be used DoD-wide. The authors also reviewed DoD policies related to family resilience, reviewed models that describe family resilience and identified key family resilience factors, and developed several recommendations for how family-resilience programs and policies could be managed across DoD. PMID:28083409

  13. Military Retention. A Comparative Outlook

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vasile Sminchise


    Full Text Available One of the main goals for human resources management structures and for armed forces leaders is to maintain all necessary personnel, both qualitatively and quantitatively for operational needs or for full required capabilities. The retention of military personnel is essential to keep morale and unit readiness and to reduce the costs for recruiting, training, replacement of manpower. Retention rates depend not only on money or other social measures. The goal for retention is to keep in use the most valuable resource that belongs to an organization: the human beings and their knowledge. The aim pf this paper is to provide a comparative analysis of retention measures in various countries based on Research and Technology Organisation report released in 2007 and, thus, provide more examples of retention measures as far as the Romanian military system is concerned.

  14. Organizational commitment of military physicians. (United States)

    Demir, Cesim; Sahin, Bayram; Teke, Kadir; Ucar, Muharrem; Kursun, Olcay


    An individual's loyalty or bond to his or her employing organization, referred to as organizational commitment, influences various organizational outcomes such as employee motivation, job satisfaction, performance, accomplishment of organizational goals, employee turnover, and absenteeism. Therefore, as in other sectors, employee commitment is crucial also in the healthcare market. This study investigates the effects of organizational factors and personal characteristics on organizational commitment of military physicians using structural equation modeling (SEM) on a self-report, cross-sectional survey that consisted of 635 physicians working in the 2 biggest military hospitals in Turkey. The results of this study indicate that professional commitment and organizational incentives contribute positively to organizational commitment, whereas conflict with organizational goals makes a significantly negative contribution to it. These results might help develop strategies to increase employee commitment, especially in healthcare organizations, because job-related factors have been found to possess greater impact on organizational commitment than personal characteristics.

  15. Wind power

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Gipe, P.


    This book is a translation of the edition published in the USA under the title of ''wind power: renewable energy for home, farm and business''. In the wake of mass blackouts and energy crises, wind power remains a largely untapped resource of renewable energy. It is a booming worldwide industry whose technology, under the collective wing of aficionados like author Paul Gipe, is coming of age. Wind Power guides us through the emergent, sometimes daunting discourse on wind technology, giving frank explanations of how to use wind technology wisely and sound advice on how to avoid common mistakes. Since the mid-1970's, Paul Gipe has played a part in nearly every aspect of wind energy development from installing small turbines to promoting wind energy worldwide. As an American proponent of renewable energy, Gipe has earned the acclaim and respect of European energy specialists for years, but his arguments have often fallen on deaf ears at home. Today, the topic of wind power is cropping up everywhere from the beaches of Cape Cod to the Oregon-Washington border, and one wind turbine is capable of producing enough electricity per year to run 200 average American households. Now, Paul Gipe is back to shed light on this increasingly important energy source with a revised edition of Wind Power. Over the course of his career, Paul Gipe has been a proponent, participant, observer, and critic of the wind industry. His experience with wind has given rise to two previous books on the subject, Wind Energy Basics and Wind Power for Home and Business, which have sold over 50,000 copies. Wind Power for Home and Business has become a staple for both homeowners and professionals interested in the subject, and now, with energy prices soaring, interest in wind power is hitting an all-time high. With chapters on output and economics, Wind Power discloses how much you can expect from each method of wind technology, both in terms of energy and financial savings. The book updated models

  16. 32 CFR 635.17 - Military Police Report. (United States)


    ... 32 National Defense 4 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 true Military Police Report. 635.17 Section 635.17... CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS LAW ENFORCEMENT REPORTING Offense Reporting § 635.17 Military Police Report. (a... received or observed by military police. (2) Serve as a record of all military police and military police...

  17. Military Engagement with Social Media (United States)


    take advantages of the many languages supported by these social media tools to communicate with brothers in different regions of the continent. On...needs to properly engage and develop a comprehensive social media strategy to utilize the available social networks and stay current with the ever...or position of the Department of the Army, Department of Defense, or the U.S. Government. MILITARY ENGAGEMENT WITH SOCIAL MEDIA BY

  18. Afghanistan: Military Occupation and Ethnocracy


    Goodman, James; Razi, Wahid


    Afghanistan has been a key site of state-building, founded on pragmatic ethno-military consociationalism. The 2001 invasion and subsequent occupation consolidated ethnicity as a political force in Afghanistan. Inter-ethnic elite bargaining instituted an ethnocratic oligarchy, grounded in militarism. Against this, everyday politics in Afghanistan has centred on social clientelism, founded on kinship networks rather than ethnicity. At the same time, formal political structures, expressed in the...

  19. Military Suicide Research Consortium (MSRC) (United States)


    Osman, A., Gilpin , A. R., Panak, W. F., Kopper, B. A., Barrios, F. X., Gutierrez, P. M., & Chiros, C. E. (2000). The Multi-Attitude Suicide Tendency...Psychological Association Annual Conference, Chicago, IL, May 4, 2000. Kopper, B. A., Osman, A., Gilpin , A. R., Panak, W. F., Barrios, F. X., Gutierrez...investigator (PIs Robert Bossarte, Ph.D. & Ira Katz, MD); $569,222 for Patient Safety Center of Inquiry. 3/11-2/13 Department of Defense, Military



    limits to one’s loyalty. An understanding of the conflicting and competing values service members may possess because of religion , family, friends... School . He then continued his military education at the Army’s Command and Staff College in Fort Leavenworth, KS. From 2009-2011, LTC Gipson It necessarily traverses the boundaries of family, friendship, country, and religion by requiring the service members to subordinate

  1. Advancing Military Professionalism in Africa (United States)


    A modern example of a military that became more inclusive is the South African National Defence Force (SANDF). A concerted post- apartheid effort...its commandos in the post- apartheid transition. Upon creating the newly integrated SANDF, South Africa disbanded the country’s commando system...because of their apartheid origination. Unfortunately, however, the vacuum left by their departure has contributed to the skyrocketing criminality.71

  2. Civil Military Operations In Ecuador (United States)


    103 "Alarma por avance de la delincuencia", El Comercio, 28 of January of 2003 104 "Vaca: "Existen indicios de actividades terroristas...nation support (FNS). FNS refers to identifying, coordinating, and acquiring foreign nation (FN) resources such as supplies, materiel, and labor to...indigenous military forces as labor and is planned as short-term projects... The Projects should be useful to the local populace at all levels in

  3. Fuel cells for military applications - an overview of the DERA programme

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Lakeman, J.B.; Green, K.J.; Mepsted, G.O.; Browning, D.J.


    DERA is investigating fuel cells at all sizes for military applications, but two applications stand out: man-portable power and hybrid electric vehicles. The future fighting soldier will have various electrical equipments in order to maximise his combat effectiveness. Although electronic circuitry is becoming increasingly efficient, the soldier's power budget will significantly increase as more equipments are added and higher performances are specified. Consequently, there is a pressing need for high performance, man-portable power sources to replace the traditional, low performance, rechargeable nickel-cadmium battery. The paper reports a novel, potentially low cost, simple to construct, lightweight, polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) being developed at DERA Haslar as well as briefly mentioning alternatives. Another key application area could be military vehicles, both terrestrial and marine, where a fuel cell could be used as apart of a hybrid power train. The success of the fuel cell in military HEVs will depend on its ability to utilise a military logistic fuel, namely diesel. Two fuel cell options are described, which are being investigated by DERA: the high temperature proton conducting fuel cell (HTPCFC) and the high power PEMFC. (author)

  4. The Power of Poetry. (United States)

    Grimes, Nikki


    Discusses poetry and the power it can have in elementary school classes. Considers why poetry is effective and the value of memorizing poems, and recommends multicultural titles for Blacks, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans that can help motivate children to read and write. (LRW)

  5. U.S. and Soviet Agriculture: The Shifting Balance of Power. Worldwatch Paper 51. (United States)

    Brown, Lester R.

    Analysts of U.S.-Soviet balance of power usually focus on relative military strength. But other factors determine a country's overall power and influence. Among the most basic is a country's capacity to feed its people. By this measure the Soviet Union appears to be in deep trouble. Massive spending has increased Soviet military strength in recent…

  6. The Americanization of the Croatian language. (United States)

    Bosnar-Valković, Brigita; Blazević, Nevenka; Gjuran-Coha, Anamarija


    The USA is spreading their political, military, economic, scientific, artistic and cultural mission throughout the world. The aim of this paper is to bring to the attention the Americanization of the Croatian language particularly evident in the newly adopted language manners, in teenage language, in specialist languages, in the field of advertising and in political correctness. The spread of Americanization of the Croatian language has both negative and positive effects. Positive effects can be regarded as enrichment of the Croatian language, whereas the negative ones endanger its deep structure. Positive effects should be supported and negative minimized through the cooperation between experts in linguistics and politics.

  7. A Military and Industry Partnership Program: The Transfer of Military Simulation Technology Into Commercial Industry

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    McGuire, William


    This research thesis is a study through a military commercial industry partnership to seek whether investments in military modeling and simulation can be easily transferred to benefit commercial industry...

  8. Online Reporting of Military Sexual Trauma. (United States)

    Burgess, Ann W; Lee, Wendy J; Carretta, Carrie M


    Case finding and treatment of military sexual trauma (MST) remains a serious problem in military and veteran populations as well as in the civilian population. This report provides descriptive examples, with statistics, of persons serving in the military or while living/working on a military base when they experienced unwanted sex. Males, more than females, never disclosed MST before online survey, had more physical injuries as a result and reported chronic disturbing thoughts of the experience. Undisclosed and unreported intrafamilial childhood sexual experiences were cited before an MST by some respondents. Interprofessional collaboration is recommended between military nurse practitioners and behavioral health clinicians as well as innovative strategies using telecommunication and online counseling. Reprint & Copyright © 2016 Association of Military Surgeons of the U.S.

  9. Trial by Jury in Russian Military Courts

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nikolai P. Kovalev


    Full Text Available One of peculiar features of the military criminal justice system in Russia is that in some cases military defendants may apply for trial by jury. Unlike the existing U.S. court-martial jury and the Russian military jury of the early 1900s (World War I period which were comprised of the members of the armed forces, in modern Russia jurors trying military defendants are civilians. This article aims to provide a brief history of military jury in Russia and identify issues of independence and impartiality in Russian military courts with participation of lay decision-makers. In particular, the article will analyze two high-profile cases which resulted in acquittals of Russian officers accused of killing several Chechen civilians during counter-terrorist operations in Chechnya.

  10. American Ginseng (United States)

    ... and inflammation of the lining of the stomach (gastritis). American ginseng is also used for low iron in the blood (anemia), diabetes, insulin resistance related to HIV treatments, cancer-related fatigue, high blood pressure, trouble sleeping (insomnia), ...

  11. Military service and military vocational training effects on post-service earnings


    Bolin, Phil Warren


    Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. The influence of military service and military vocational training on post-service earnings was analyzed using the National Longitudinal Survey of young men (14-24 years of age in 1966) . When individuals were classified by their propensity to use training neither military service nor military vocational training was a significant determinant of post-service earnings. A disaggregation of the sample IQ revealed that m...

  12. Research on 6R Military Logistics Network (United States)

    Jie, Wan; Wen, Wang

    The building of military logistics network is an important issue for the construction of new forces. This paper has thrown out a concept model of 6R military logistics network model based on JIT. Then we conceive of axis spoke y logistics centers network, flexible 6R organizational network, lean 6R military information network based grid. And then the strategy and proposal for the construction of the three sub networks of 6Rmilitary logistics network are given.

  13. A Review of Military Recruiting Research. (United States)


    military, primarily youth unemployment rates and military/civilian pay ratios. Youth awareness of the military and the propensity of the youth cohort to...youth, Youth unemployment rate, and Federal spending for youth training programs by the Employment and Training Administration (ZTA). -.- Summary: - Study...Another factor that has a sizable effect is unemployment. A one point increase in the youth unemployment rate generates about 1700 high school graduate

  14. Democratic civilian control of the military


    Petri, Jack


    The paper discusses civilian control of the military. The aims of such control include disabling competition between armed forces and democratically elected government. Civilian control of the military is characterised by a degree of disharmony and tension, in even the best of circumstances, in democratic nations. Democratic control of the armed forces provides legitimacy to the military, and when it works well, credibility. At the highest level of the democratic control of the armed forces s...

  15. Regulation of human cytokines by Cordyceps militaris


    Sun, Yong; Shao, Yani; Zhang, Zhiguo; Wang, Lianfen; Mariga, Alfred M.; Pang, Guangchang; Geng, Chaoyu; Ho, Chi-Tang; Hu, Qiuhui; Zhao, Liyan


    Cordyceps (Cordyceps militaris) exhibits many biological activities including antioxidant, inhibition of inflammation, cancer prevention, hypoglycemic, and antiaging properties, etc. However, a majority of studies involving C. militaris have focused only on in vitro and animal models, and there is a lack of direct translation and application of study results to clinical practice (e.g., health benefits). In this study, we investigated the regulatory effects of C. militaris micron powder (3 dos...

  16. Banning nuclear power at sea

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Handler, J.


    This article argues that now that the East-West conflict is over, nuclear-powered vessels should be retired. Nuclear-powered ships and submarines lack military missions, are expensive to build and operate, generate large amounts of long-lived deadly nuclear waste from their normal operations and when they are decommissioned, and are subject to accidents or deliberate attack which can result in the sinking of nuclear reactors and the release of radiation. With the costs of nuclear-powered vessels mounting, the time has come to ban nuclear power at sea. (author)

  17. The P3 Power Generation System for Advanced Missile Defense Applications

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library


    .... With its flexible, modular design, the P3 power system has the potential to become the basic building block around which the Army can build power sources for a wide variety of military platforms...

  18. The importance of understanding military culture. (United States)

    Hall, Lynn K


    Social workers can make a significant contribution to military service members and their families, but first it is essential that the worldview, the mindset, and the historical perspective of life in the military are understood. Unless we understand how the unique characteristics of the military impact the service members and their families, we cannot work effectively with them. In addition, unless we understand their language, their structure, why they join, their commitment to the mission, and the role of honor and sacrifice in military service, we will not be able to adequately intervene and offer care to these families.

  19. Pastoral Care and Counseling with Military Families. (United States)

    Moon, Zachary


    The complex human experience of military service and the stress suffered by millions of military families each time a loved one deploys present unique challenges and opportunities in providing pastoral care and counseling. War and military service impact many facets of our society, as well as generational and interpersonal relationships. This article speaks to both academic and practitioner communities, and provides a vision for effective pastoral care and counseling with military families drawing on resources from family systems theory. © The Author(s) 2016.

  20. China's Military Modernization Effects on Operational Art

    National Research Council Canada - National Science Library

    Abitante, George


    China is developing capabilities with its ongoing military modernization that, when combined with regional diplomatic and economic initiatives, will affect the Operational Art of the Geographic Commander (CINC...