Sample records for alternating current

  1. An Alternative to Maxwell's Displacement Current

    CERN Document Server

    Wolsky, Alan M


    Though sufficient for local conservation of charge, we show that Maxwells displacement current is not necessary. An alternative to the Ampere Maxwell equation is exhibited and the alternative s electric and magnetic fields and scalar and vector potentials are expressed in terms of the charge and current densities. The alternative describes a theory in which action is instantaneous and so may provide a good approximation to Maxwells equations where and when the finite speed of light can be neglected. The result is reminiscent of the Darwin approximation which arose from the study classical charged point particles to order (v/c)2 in the Lagrangian. Unlike Darwin, this approach does not depend on the constitution of the electric current. Instead, this approach grows from a straightforward revision of the Ampere Equation which revision enforces the local conservation of charge.

  2. Sediment Movement in Periodic Alternating Current

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    CAO Zude; KONG Lingshuang; LIU Defu


    The present paper summarizes the results of previous studies, including the structure and principle of the rotaryring flume for researching the fine sediment movement, the mechanism of the flume, method of eliminating the influence ofthe centrifugal force and sediment movement experiments with periodic alternating current. Also included are the experi-ment-based relationship among sediment concentration, bed shear stress and silt carrying capacity, a proposed erosion-depo-sition function and bed erosion-deposition calculation together with the results of verification.

  3. Tiling by rectangles and alternating current

    KAUST Repository

    Prasolov, M. V.


    This paper is on tilings of polygons by rectangles. A celebrated physical interpretation of such tilings by R.L. Brooks, C.A.B. Smith, A.H. Stone and W.T. Tutte uses direct-current circuits. The new approach of this paper is an application of alternating-current circuits. The following results are obtained: •a necessary condition for a rectangle to be tilable by rectangles of given shapes;•a criterion for a rectangle to be tilable by rectangles similar to it but not all homothetic to it;•a criterion for a "generic" polygon to be tilable by squares. These results generalize those of C. Freiling, R. Kenyon, M. Laczkovich, D. Rinne, and G. Szekeres. © 2010 Elsevier Inc.

  4. Transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrea eAntal


    Full Text Available Transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS seems likely to open a new era of the field of noninvasive electrical stimulation of the human brain by directly interfering with cortical rhythms. It is expected to synchronize (by one single resonance frequency or desynchronize (e.g. by the application of several frequencies cortical oscillations. If applied long enough it may cause neuroplastic effects. In the theta range it may improve cognition when applied in phase. Alpha rhythms could improve motor performance, whereas beta intrusion may deteriorate them. TACS with both alpha and beta frequencies has a high likelihood to induce retinal phosphenes. Gamma intrusion can possibly interfere with attention. Stimulation in the ripple range induces intensity dependent inhibition or excitation in the motor cortex most likely by entrainment of neuronal networks, whereas stimulation in the low kHz range induces excitation by neuronal membrane interference. TACS in the 200 kHz range may have a potential in oncology.

  5. Alternating Current Influences Anaerobic Electroactive Biofilm Activity. (United States)

    Wang, Xin; Zhou, Lean; Lu, Lu; Lobo, Fernanda Leite; Li, Nan; Wang, Heming; Park, Jaedo; Ren, Zhiyong Jason


    Alternating current (AC) is known to inactivate microbial growth in suspension, but how AC influences anaerobic biofilm activities has not been systematically investigated. Using a Geobacter dominated anaerobic biofilm growing on the electrodes of microbial electrochemical reactors, we found that high frequency AC ranging from 1 MHz to 1 kHz (amplitude of 5 V, 30 min) showed only temporary inhibition to the biofilm activity. However, lower frequency (100 Hz, 1.2 or 5 V) treatment led to 47 ± 19% permanent decrease in limiting current on the same biofilm, which is attributed to the action of electrohydrodynamic force that caused biofilm damage and loss of intercellular electron transfer network. Confocal microscopy images show such inactivation mainly occurred at the interface between the biofilm and the electrode. Reducing the frequency further to 1 Hz led to water electrolysis, which generated gas bubbles that flushed all attached cells out of the electrode. These findings provide new references on understanding and regulating biofilm growth, which has broader implications in biofouling control, anaerobic waste treatment, energy and product recovery, and general understanding of microbial ecology and physiology.

  6. Overview of current and alternative slaughter practices

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Troeger K.


    Full Text Available The conventional cattle slaughtering process includes some critical stages where a dissemination of Specified Risk Material (SRM: brain, spinal cord within or onto the carcass and within the slaughterhouse environment can occur. These processes are captive bolt stunning, removal of the head and first of all carcass splitting (sawing the spine lengthways. Captive bolt (CB stunning results in massive brain tissue damage with bleeding, and in some cases brain tissue also emerges from the CB hole. As the heart is still functioning, there is a risk of brain tissue particles being transferred v i a the blood flow to heart and lungs or even in the whole carcass. This contamination risk is actually assessed to be low, but a continuing leakage of Central Nervous System (CNS material from the captive bolt aperture in the further slaughter process may lead to direct and indirect contamination of carcass, meat and equipment. Therefore alternative stunning methods like electrical stunning or concussion stunning are discussed. A further critical point is the treatment of the head. When the head is removed, the spinal cord is cut with a knife. There is a danger of cross contamination due to spinal protein that may adhere to the knife and because of liquid cerebralis, which leaks from the foramen occipitale magnum. Further head cleaning with hand-held hoses following skinning also includes the danger of cross contamination from cleaning water or aerosol. Therefore measures regarding the safe handling of head and harvesting of head meat are proposed. The most critical point in terms of contamination of the meat surface with SRM is the currently common practise of sawing the spine vertically in the middle with hand-guided belt-type saws. A m i x t u r e of sawing residues and rinsing water (“sawing sludge” collects in the housing of the saw, and if it contains infectious material this leads to contamination of the subsequent carcasses. The most promising

  7. Influence of alternating current on the adsorption of indigo carmine. (United States)

    Kesraoui, Aida; Selmi, Taher; Seffen, Monig; Brouers, François


    The main purpose of this work is to study the effect of a new process of accelerating which consist to couple the electrochemical process with the adsorption to remove an anionic dye, the indigo carmine. That is why, we investigated the effects of the new process of accelerating the adsorption process by using alternating current (AC) on the retention of an anionic dye, the indigo carmine. The adsorption capacity of dye (mg/g) was raised with the raise of current voltage in solution, temperature, and initial indigo carmine concentration and decreased with the increase of initial solution pH, current density, and mass of carbon. The results demonstrate that the removal efficiency of 97.0 % with the current voltage of 15 V is achieved at a current density of 0.014 A/cm(2), of pH 2 using zinc as electrodes and contact time of 210 min for adsorption in the presence of AC. Concerning the adsorption without AC, the results obtained showed that for an initial concentration equal to 20 mg/L, more than 95 % amount of adsorbed dye was retained after 405 min of contact in batch system. The comparison between adsorption in the presence and absence of an alternating current shows the importance of the alternating current in the acceleration of the adsorption method and improve the performances of FILTRASORB 200. For both cases, the adsorption mechanism follows the fractal kinetics BSf(n,α) model and the Brouers-Sotolongo isotherm model provides a good fit of the experimental data for both adsorption with and without alternating current.

  8. Describing current and potential markets for alternative-fuel vehicles

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Motor vehicles are a major source of greenhouse gases, and the rising numbers of motor vehicles and miles driven could lead to more harmful emissions that may ultimately affect the world`s climate. One approach to curtailing such emissions is to use, instead of gasoline, alternative fuels: LPG, compressed natural gas, or alcohol fuels. In addition to the greenhouse gases, pollutants can be harmful to human health: ozone, CO. The Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 authorized EPA to set National Ambient Air Quality Standards to control this. The Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPACT) was the first new law to emphasize strengthened energy security and decreased reliance on foreign oil since the oil shortages of the 1970`s. EPACT emphasized increasing the number of alternative-fuel vehicles (AFV`s) by mandating their incremental increase of use by Federal, state, and alternative fuel provider fleets over the new few years. Its goals are far from being met; alternative fuels` share remains trivial, about 0.3%, despite gains. This report describes current and potential markets for AFV`s; it begins by assessing the total vehicle stock, and then it focuses on current use of AFV`s in alternative fuel provider fleets and the potential for use of AFV`s in US households.

  9. Alternating current organic light emitting diodes based on polymer heterojunction

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Yewen Jiang(蒋业文); Haishu Tan(谭海曙); Jianquan Yao(姚建铨)


    Most alternating current (ac) polymer EL (electroluminescent) devices to date are based on symmetricalstructure. Here novel alternating current EL devices with asymmetric structure are successfully fabricatedby using a hole type polymer PDDOPV [poly (2,5-bis (dodecyloxy)-phenylenevinylene)] and an electrontype polymer PPQ [poly (phenyl quinoxaline)]. We report that performance of polymer devices withheterojunction in ac operation is not so sensitive to thickness of the two polymer layers as in direct current(dc) operation. This new advantage of ac operation mode over dc means easy production and cheapfacilities in large-scale production in the near future. Different emission spectra are obtained when ourac devices operate in ac mode, forward and reverse bias. Emission spectrum at reverse bias includes twoparts: one is from PDDOPV, the other is from PPQ.

  10. Experimental Study on Current Decay Characteristics of Persistent Current HTS Magnet by Alternating Magnetic Field (United States)

    Park, Young Gun; Lee, Chang Young; Hwang, Young Jin; Lee, Woo Seung; Lee, Jiho; Jo, Hyun Chul; Chung, Yoon Do; Ko, Tae Kuk

    This paper deals with a current decay characteristics of a high temperature superconducting (HTS) magnet operated in persistent current mode (PCM). In superconducting synchronous machine applications such as linear synchronous motor (LSM), the superconducting coil is designed to operate in the PCM to obtain steady magnetic field with DC transport current. This superconducting magnet operates on a direct current, but it can be exposed to alternating magnetic field due to the armature winding. When the magnet is subjected to an external time-varying magnetic field, it is possible to result in a decay of the current in PCM system due to AC loss. In this research, a PCM system with armature coil which generates time-varying magnetic field was fabricated to verify current decay characteristics by external alternating magnetic field. The current decay rate was measured by using a hall sensor as functions of amplitude and frequency of armature coil.

  11. A Treatise on the Theory of Alternating Currents (United States)

    Russell, Alexander


    1. Introduction. Electrostatics. Magnetism. Electrodynamics; 2. Alternating current in an inductive circuit. Self inductance formulae. Rectangle concentric main. Cylindrical wires; 3. The inductance of circular and helical currents. Rayleigh's formula. Maximum inductance. Mutual inductance of coaxial coils. Lorenz's formula. Mathematical tables; 4. Effective values. Choking coil and condenser currents. Effects of wave shape. Resonance; 5. Electrostatic capacity. Maxwell's equations. Capacity formulae for parallel cylinders. The capacities of three core cables in terms of Maxwell's coefficients; 6. Capacity formulae for cables. The capacity coefficients of overhead wires; 7. High frequency currents. Complete solution for a concentric main. Parallel conductors. Mathematical tables; 8. Problems in connection with spherical electrodes. The capacity coefficients. The attractions and repulsion. The maximum value of the electric stress; 9. Current oscillations. Inductively coupled electric circuits. Forced oscillations; 10. The theory of the power factor. Phase difference; 11. The method of the complex variable. Graphical solution; 12. Vectors in space. Failure of graphical methods; 13. The measurement of power. Watt-hour meters; 14. The air core transformer. Circle diagrams; 15. The theory of three phase currents. Power measurement; 16. The theory of two phase currents. Power measurement; 17. The conversion of polyphase systems. Phase indicators; 18. Rotating magnetic fields. Guiding magnetic fields; 19. The magnetic field bound single and polyphase cables. Losses in single, two and three phase cables. Dielectric losses; 20. Eddy current losses. Metal plates. Metal cylinders; 21. The method of duality. Reciprocal theorems; Index; Symbols; Index.

  12. Transcranial Alternating Current and Random Noise Stimulation: Possible Mechanisms

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andrea Antal


    Full Text Available Background. Transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS is a relatively recent method suited to noninvasively modulate brain oscillations. Technically the method is similar but not identical to transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS. While decades of research in animals and humans has revealed the main physiological mechanisms of tDCS, less is known about the physiological mechanisms of tACS. Method. Here, we review recent interdisciplinary research that has furthered our understanding of how tACS affects brain oscillations and by what means transcranial random noise stimulation (tRNS that is a special form of tACS can modulate cortical functions. Results. Animal experiments have demonstrated in what way neurons react to invasively and transcranially applied alternating currents. Such findings are further supported by neural network simulations and knowledge from physics on entraining physical oscillators in the human brain. As a result, fine-grained models of the human skull and brain allow the prediction of the exact pattern of current flow during tDCS and tACS. Finally, recent studies on human physiology and behavior complete the picture of noninvasive modulation of brain oscillations. Conclusion. In future, the methods may be applicable in therapy of neurological and psychiatric disorders that are due to malfunctioning brain oscillations.

  13. Conventional alternating-current generators and engine generator sets

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Segaser, C.L.


    Available data and techniques relevant to the selection and analysis of appropriate electrical generating equipment for application in the ICES program are presented. Of the general classes of commercially available a-c generators, the synchronous, rotating field alternator is most suited to ICES applications, and the focus of this technology evaluation. Conventional 60-Hz, alternating-current generators, with standard ratings ranging from 1.25 kVA to 10,000 kVA at voltages from 125 single-phase to 14,400 volts three-phase and speeds up to 1800 rpm are covered. Technical data for representative diesel engine-generator sets for continuous prime power ratings up to 6445 kW are presented. Approximate 1976 costs of standard electrical generating equipment are given for: (1) standard conventional alternating current generators and (2) packaged engine-generator sets. The data indicate a decrease in unit costs as the power ratings increase, with the cost of the slow-speed units somewhat greater than that of the higher speed units. Maintenance data for a typical total energy plant presently in operation indicate that the average cost of maintenance amounts to 41 cents/kWh. A plot of available data also indicates a trend to decreasing operating costs with increasing unit size.

  14. New hot wire anemometer with alternate current and synchronic detection (United States)

    Stoian, Monica; Rachek, Adil; Chirtoc, Mihai


    The feasibility of hot wire anemometer in to a new measurement configuration is demonstrated in this work and we validate our results by a numerical model. We have created an anemometer probe with hot wire using a new scheme, in alternate current and synchronic detection (3ω method). We use this instrument to register the velocity magnitude in boundary layer for a forced convection flow. The probe and its alimentation also the measuring support and bridge Wheatstone, have been created by us. The physical parameter was recorded is an exchange heat quantity between hot wire and fluid flow. In steady state, experimental data verify the numerical results with an average error of 3%.

  15. Closed-loop transcranial alternating current stimulation of slow oscillations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Wilde Christian


    Full Text Available Transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS is an emerging non-invasive tool for modulating brain oscillations. There is evidence that weak oscillatory electrical stimulation during sleep can entrain cortical slow oscillations to improve the memory consolidation in rodents and humans. Using a novel method and a custom built stimulation device, automatic stimulation of slow oscillations in-phase with the endogenous activity in a real-time closed-loop setup is possible. Preliminary data from neuroplasticity experiments show a high detection performance of the proposed method, electrical measurements demonstrate the outstanding quality of the presented stimulation device.

  16. Alternating current electrospinning for preparation of fibrous drug delivery systems. (United States)

    Balogh, Attila; Cselkó, Richárd; Démuth, Balázs; Verreck, Geert; Mensch, Jürgen; Marosi, György; Nagy, Zsombor Kristóf


    Alternating current electrospinning (ACES) was compared to direct current electrospinning (DCES) for the preparation of drug-loaded nanofibrous mats. It is generally considered that DCES is the solely technique to produce nanofibers using the electrostatic force from polymer solutions, however, less studied and also capable ACES provides further advantages such as increased specific productivities. A poorly water-soluble drug (carvedilol) was incorporated into the fibers based on three different polymeric matrices (an acid-soluble terpolymer (Eudragit(®) E), a base-soluble copolymer (Eudragit(®) L 100-55) and a nonionic homopolymer (polyvinylpyrrolidone K90)) to improve the dissolution of the weak base drug under different pH conditions. Morphology and fiber diameter evaluation showed similar electrospun fibers regardless the type of the high voltage and the major differences in feeding rates. The amorphous ACES and DCES fibers provided fast and total drug dissolutions in all cases. The presented results show that ACES can be a more feasible novel alternative to formulate fibers for drug delivery purposes.

  17. Real-time control for long ohmic alternate current discharges

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Carvalho, Ivo S., E-mail:; Duarte, Paulo; Fernandes, Horácio; Valcárcel, Daniel F.; Carvalho, Pedro J.; Silva, Carlos; Duarte, André S.; Neto, André; Sousa, Jorge; Batista, António J.N.; Hekkert, Tiago; Carvalho, Bernardo B.; Gomes, Rui B.


    Highlights: • 40 Alternate plasma current (AC) semi-cycles without loss of ionization, more than 1 s of operation. • AC discharges automatic control: feedback loops, time-windows control strategy, goal oriented time-windows and exception handling. • Energy deposition and Carbon radiation evolution during the AC discharges. - Abstract: The ISTTOK tokamak has a long tradition on alternate plasma current (AC) discharges, but the old control system was limiting and lacked full system integration. In order to improve the AC discharges performance the ISTTOK fast control system was updated. This control system developed on site based on the Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA) standard now integrates the information gathered by all the tokamak real-time diagnostics to produce an accurate observation of the plasma parameters. The real-time actuators were also integrated, allowing a Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) control environment with several synchronization strategies available. The control system software was developed in C++ on top of a Linux system with the Multi-threaded Application Real-Time executor (MARTe) Framework to synchronize the real-time code execution under a 100μs control cycle. In addition, to simplify the discharge programming, a visual Human–Machine Interface (HMI) was also developed using the BaseLib2 libraries included in the MARTe Framework. This paper presents the ISTTOK control system and the optimizations that extended the AC current discharges duration to more than 1 s, corresponding to 40 semi-cycles without apparent degradation of the plasma parameters. This upgrade allows ISTTOK to be used as a low-cost material testing facility with long time exposures to nuclear fusion relevant plasmas, comparable (in duration) with medium size tokamaks.

  18. Alternatives to animal testing: current status and future perspectives. (United States)

    Liebsch, Manfred; Grune, Barbara; Seiler, Andrea; Butzke, Daniel; Oelgeschläger, Michael; Pirow, Ralph; Adler, Sarah; Riebeling, Christian; Luch, Andreas


    On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Center for Alternative Methods to Animal Experiments (ZEBET), an international symposium was held at the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) in Berlin. At the same time, this symposium was meant to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the publication of the book "The Principles of Humane Experimental Technique" by Russell and Burch in 1959 in which the 3Rs principle (that is, Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement) has been coined and introduced to foster the development of alternative methods to animal testing. Another topic addressed by the symposium was the new vision on "Toxicology in the twenty-first Century", as proposed by the US-National Research Council, which aims at using human cells and tissues for toxicity testing in vitro rather than live animals. An overview of the achievements and current tasks, as well as a vision of the future to be addressed by ZEBET@BfR in the years to come is outlined in the present paper.

  19. Alternative donor transplants for severe aplastic anemia: current experience. (United States)

    Bacigalupo, Andrea; Sica, Simona


    Patients with acquired severe aplastic anemia (SAA), who lack a human leukocyte antigen (HLA) identical sibling donor (SIB), have two therapeutic options: immunosuppressive therapy with anti-thymocyte globulin (ATG) and cyclosporine (CsA), or a transplant from an alternative donor. In these patients, the current guidelines of the European Group for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT) call for a course of ATG + CsA first and transplantation in case of no response. The alternative donor source can be an unrelated donor (UD), a cord blood (CB) unit, or a family mismatched member, in most instances genetically HLA haplo-mismatched (HAPLO). In the present review, we will discuss recent results of transplants from matched UD and SIB donors, with significantly improved outcome, especially with UD in the past decade. We will also be looking at CB transplants, and the problems of limited stem cell dose. Finally HAPLO grafts have been explored in patients lacking or having rejected an unrelated or CB graft: early results seem encouraging, though the procedure should still be considered experimental.

  20. Alternating-current relaxation of a rotating metallic particle (United States)

    Guo-Xi, Nie; Wen-Jia, Tian; Ji-Ping, Huang; Guo-Qing, Gu


    Based on a first-principles approach, we establish an alternating-current (AC) relaxation theory for a rotating metallic particle with complex dielectric constant . Here is the real part, the conductivity, ω 0 the angular frequency of an AC electric field, and . Our theory yields an accurate interparticle force, which is in good agreement with the existing experiment. The agreement helps to show that the relaxations of two kinds of charges, namely, surface polarized charges (described by ) and free charges (corresponding to ), contribute to the unusually large reduction in the attracting interparticle force. This theory can be adopted to determine the relaxation time of dynamic particles in various fields. Project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 11222544), the Fok Ying Tung Education Foundation (Grant No. 131008), the Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University, China (Grant No. NCET-12-0121), and the National Key Basic Research Program of China (Grant No. 2011CB922004).

  1. Current Pharmaceutical Treatments and Alternative Therapies of Parkinson's Disease. (United States)

    Dong, Jie; Cui, Yanhua; Li, Song; Le, Weidong


    Over the decades, pharmaceutical treatments, particularly dopaminergic (DAergic) drugs have been considered as the main therapy against motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease (PD). It is proposed that DAergic drugs in combination with other medications, such as monoamine oxidase type B inhibitors, catechol-O-methyl transferase inhibitors, anticholinergics and other newly developed non-DAergic drugs can make a better control of motor symptoms or alleviate levodopa-induced motor complications. Moreover, non-motor symptoms of PD, such as cognitive, neuropsychiatric, sleep, autonomic and sensory disturbances caused by intrinsic PD pathology or drug-induced side effects, are gaining increasing attention and urgently need to be taken care of due to their impact on quality of life. Currently, neuroprotective therapies have been investigated extensively in pre-clinical studies, and some of them have been subjected to clinical trials. Furthermore, non-pharmaceutical treatments, including deep brain stimulation (DBS), gene therapy, cell replacement therapy and some complementary managements, such as Tai chi, Yoga, traditional herbs and molecular targeted therapies have also been considered as effective alternative therapies to classical pharmaceutics. This review will provide us updated information regarding the current drugs and non-drugs therapies for PD.

  2. Therapies for Parkinson's diseases: alternatives to current pharmacological interventions. (United States)

    Li, Song; Dong, Jie; Cheng, Cheng; Le, Weidong


    Parkinson's disease (PD) is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder caused by the selective and progressive loss of dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra pars compacta. Although PD has been heavily researched, the precise etiology and pathogenesis for PD are still inconclusive. Consequently, current pharmacological treatments for PD are largely symptomatic rather than preventive and there is still no cure for this disease nowadays. Moreover, nonmotor symptoms caused by intrinsic PD pathology or side effects induced by currently used pharmacological interventions are gaining increasing attention and urgently need to be treated due to their influence on quality of life. As ancient traditional healing systems, Tai Chi, Yoga, acupuncture and natural products have long been considered as complementary or alternative therapeutic options for PD. Recently, several newly developed non-pharmacological therapeutic strategies, including deep brain stimulation, repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation, near-infrared light, gene therapy and cell replacement therapy, have also been suggested to give benefits to relieve parkinsonian symptoms. This review will summarize and update the therapeutic potential and the most recent research progresses of these traditional and modern therapeutic options and highlight their clinical meaning for the therapy of not only PD but also other neurodegenerative diseases.

  3. Investigation of Si(001) stable surfaces in alternating current heating (United States)

    Doi, T.; Koguchi, M.


    The topography of a Si(001) vicinal surface is investigated using reflection electron microscopy (REM) during alternating current (AC) heating of the surface in ultra-high vacuum. The normal direction of the surface is slightly tilted from the [001] direction at θx or θy on the x or y axis (they are orthogonal directions in the Si(001) surface), and the average widths of the terraces (a or b in x or y axis) are determined by θx or θy; the direction perpendicular to the incidence electron beam on the surface is selected as the x (horizontal) axis in each REM image. Alternating current heating changes each initial surface from stable to double-domain (DD), in which 2 × 1 and 1 × 2 terraces are arranged regularly with approximately equal width, at its transition temperature Tc; the dimer rows are parallel to the x or y axis in the 1 × 2 or 2 × 1 terraces. There are two types of stable surfaces in the vicinal surface. At temperatures below its Tc, the surface with horizontally (vertically) long terraces, where b a), changes to a 2 × 1 (1 × 2) surface with wide 2 × 1 (1 × 2) and narrow 1 × 2 (2 × 1) terraces. The terrace, the short side of which is parallel to its dimer row direction, grows to create a stable surface by thermal diffusion of Si atoms at temperatures below Tc. During AC heating, thermal diffusion plays a key role in analyzing the kinetics of the atoms on the surface because the thermal effect acts as the driving force for the atoms that have not yet evaporated from the surface. Then, by evaporating atoms from the vicinal surface, AC heating creates a DD surface at temperatures between its Tc and 1100 °C and a rugged surface consisting of small 2 × 1 and 1 × 2 terraces at temperatures above 1100 °C.

  4. Characteristics of alternating current hopping conductivity in DNA sequences

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Ma Song-Shan; Xu Hui; Wang Huan-You; Guo Rui


    This paper presents a model to describe alternating current (AC) conductivity of DNA sequences,in which DNA is considered as a one-dimensional (1D) disordered system,and electrons transport via hopping between localized states.It finds that AC conductivity in DNA sequences increases as the frequency of the external electric field rises,and it takes the form of σac(ω)~ω2 ln2(1/ω).Also AC conductivity of DNA sequences increases with the increase of temperature,this phenomenon presents characteristics of weak temperature-dependence.Meanwhile,the AC conductivity in an off diagonally correlated case is much larger than that in the uncorrelated case of the Anderson limit in low temperatures,which indicates that the off-diagonal correlations in DNA sequences have a great effect on the AC conductivity,while at high temperature the off-diagonal correlations no longer play a vital role in electric transport. In addition,the proportion of nucleotide pairs p also plays an important role in AC electron transport of DNA sequences.For p<0.5,the conductivity of DNA sequence decreases with the increase of p,while for p > 0.5,the conductivity increases with the increase of p.

  5. Inflammatory bowel diseases: an update of current treatment alternatives.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lucrecia Suárez


    Full Text Available Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD are characterized for having an unpredictable clinical course with periods of inactivity alternating with relapses, a very variable response to treatment and the constant threat of diverse complications. Management of IBD in children may be of particular complexity, added to the fact that published clinical trials are limited, and scientific evidence seems contradictory, explain in part why to current date there is no international consensus regarding treatment in this age group. A suitable therapy should aim at inducing and maintaining remission for as long as possible, encourage adequate growth and preventing potential complications from appearing. In more recent years, development of new therapeutic agents has allowed a more integrative approach which takes in consideration other aspects of the disease such as nutritional status, psychological welfare and general quality of life. One must also keep in mind that none of these therapeutic resources is exempt of side effects on short and long term basis, consequently, it is imperative to be thoughtful of individual features in order to make accurate clinical decisions and offer a tailored management plan which should be able to modify the disease evolution.

  6. Depolarization of a piezoelectric film under an alternating current field (United States)

    Kwok, K. W.; Cheung, M. K.; Chan, H. L. W.; Choy, C. L.


    In this article, we demonstrate that a sol-gel-derived niobium-doped lead zirconate titanate film can be depolarized by the application of alternating current (ac) fields of diminishing amplitude and we explain the phenomenon based on the concept of the Preisach model. The amplitude of the ac fields is decreased from 20 to 2 MV/m in ten steps. The observed piezoelectric coefficient of the film decreases after each ac field step. Depending on the initial polarization and the direction of the ac fields, the piezoelectric coefficient can decrease to a very small value indicating the complete depolarization of the film. Our results reveal the existence of a distribution of the switching fields in the microdomains (Preisach dipolar units), and that because of mutual interactions the magnitudes of the switch-up and switch-down fields for each microdomain are not necessarily the same. Our results also suggest that the sputter deposition of the top electrode can induce more "down-state" microdomains, thus giving rise to an initial polarization in the film. Because of interactions with other microdomains or other effects, part of these microdomains exhibit very high switching fields.

  7. Ground Return Current Behaviour in High Voltage Alternating Current Insulated Cables

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roberto Benato


    Full Text Available The knowledge of ground return current in fault occurrence plays a key role in the dimensioning of the earthing grid of substations and of cable sealing end compounds, in the computation of rise of earth potential at substation sites and in electromagnetic interference (EMI on neighbouring parallel metallic conductors (pipes, handrails, etc.. Moreover, the ground return current evaluation is also important in steady-state regime since this stray current can be responsible for EMI and also for alternating current (AC corrosion. In fault situations and under some assumptions, the ground return current value at a substation site can be computed by means of k-factors. The paper shows that these simplified and approximated approaches have a lot of limitations and only multiconductor analysis can show the ground return current behaviour along the cable (not only the two end values both in steady-state regime and in short circuit occurrence (e.g., phase-to-ground and phase-to-phase-to-ground. Multiconductor cell analysis (MCA considers the cable system in its real asymmetry without simplified and approximated hypotheses. The sensitivity of ground return current on circuit parameters (cross-bonding box resistances, substation earthing resistances, soil resistivity is presented in the paper.

  8. Precision electronic speed controller for an alternating-current motor (United States)

    Bolie, V.W.

    A high precision controller for an alternating-current multi-phase electrical motor that is subject to a large inertial load. The controller was developed for controlling, in a neutron chopper system, a heavy spinning rotor that must be rotated in phase-locked synchronism with a reference pulse train that is representative of an ac power supply signal having a meandering line frequency. The controller includes a shaft revolution sensor which provides a feedback pulse train representative of the actual speed of the motor. An internal digital timing signal generator provides a reference signal which is compared with the feedback signal in a computing unit to provide a motor control signal. The motor control signal is a weighted linear sum of a speed error voltage, a phase error voltage, and a drift error voltage, each of which is computed anew with each revolution of the motor shaft. The speed error signal is generated by a novel vernier-logic circuit which is drift-free and highly sensitive to small speed changes. The phase error is also computed by digital logic, with adjustable sensitivity around a 0 mid-scale value. The drift error signal, generated by long-term counting of the phase error, is used to compensate for any slow changes in the average friction drag on the motor. An auxillary drift-byte status sensor prevents any disruptive overflow or underflow of the drift-error counter. An adjustable clocked-delay unit is inserted between the controller and the source of the reference pulse train to permit phase alignment of the rotor to any desired offset angle. The stator windings of the motor are driven by two amplifiers which are provided with input signals having the proper quadrature relationship by an exciter unit consisting of a voltage controlled oscillator, a binary counter, a pair of read-only memories, and a pair of digital-to-analog converters.

  9. Alternative methods in toxicity testing: the current approach


    Araújo,Gabrielle Luck de; Campos,Maria Augusta Amaral; Valente,Maria Anete Santana; Silva,Sarah Cristina Teixeira; França,Flávia Dayrell; Chaves,Miriam Martins; Tagliati, Carlos Alberto


    Alternative methods are being developed to reduce, refine, and replace (3Rs) animals used in experiments, aimed at protecting animal welfare. The present study reports alternative tests which are based on the principles of the 3Rs and the efforts made to validate these tests. In Europe, several methodologies have already been implemented, such as tests of irritability, cell viability, and phototoxicity as well as in vitro mathematical models together with the use of in silico tools. This is a...

  10. Current Status of Helium-3 Alternative Technologies for Nuclear Safeguards

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Henzlova, Daniela [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Kouzes, R. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); McElroy, R. [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States); Peerani, P. [European Commission, Ispra (Italy). Joint Research Centre; Aspinall, M. [Hybrid Instruments Ltd., Birmingham (United Kingdom); Baird, K. [Intl Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Vienna (Austria); Bakel, A. [National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), Washington, DC (United States); Borella, M. [SCK.CEN, Mol (Belgium); Bourne, M. [Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI (United States); Bourva, L. [Canberra Ltd., Oxford (United Kingdom); Cave, F. [Hybrid Instruments Ltd., Birmingham (United Kingdom); Chandra, R. [Arktis Radiation Detectors Ltd., Zurich (Sweden); Chernikova, D. [Chalmers Univ. of Technology (Sweden); Croft, S. [Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States); Dermody, G. [Symetrica Inc., Maynard, MA (United States); Dougan, A. [National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), Washington, DC (United States); Ely, J. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Fanchini, E. [Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN), Milano (Italy); Finocchiaro, P. [Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN), Milano (Italy); Gavron, Victor [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Kureta, M. [Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA), Tokai (Japan); Ianakiev, Kiril Dimitrov [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Ishiyama, K. [Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA), Tokai (Japan); Lee, T. [Intl Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Vienna (Austria); Martin, Ch. [Symetrica Inc., Maynard, MA (United States); McKinny, K. [GE Reuter-Stokes, Twinsburg, OH (United States); Menlove, Howard Olsen [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Orton, Ch. [National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), Washington, DC (United States); Pappalardo, A. [Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN), Milano (Italy); Pedersen, B. [European Commission, Ispra (Italy). Joint Research Centre; Peranteau, D. [National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), Washington, DC (United States); Plenteda, R. [Intl Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Vienna (Austria); Pozzi, S. [Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI (United States); Schear, M. [Symetrica Inc., Maynard, MA (United States); Seya, M. [Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA), Tokai (Japan); Siciliano, E. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Stave, S. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Sun, L. [Proportional Technologies Inc., Houston, TX (United States); Swinhoe, Martyn Thomas [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Tagziria, H. [European Commission, Ispra (Italy). Joint Research Centre; Vaccaro, S. [DG Energy (Luxembourg); Takamine, J. [Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA), Tokai (Japan); Weber, A. -L. [Inst. for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN), Fontenay-aux-Roses (France); Yamaguchi, T. [Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA), Tokai (Japan); Zhu, H. [National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), Washington, DC (United States)


    International safeguards inspectorates (e.g., International Atomic Energy Agency {IAEA}, or Euratom) rely heavily on neutron assay techniques, and in particular, on coincidence counters for the verification of declared nuclear materials under safeguards and for monitoring purposes. While 3He was readily available, the reliability, safety, ease of use, gamma-ray insensitivity, and high intrinsic thermal neutron detection efficiency of 3He-based detectors obviated the need for alternative detector technologies. However, the recent decline of the 3He gas supply has triggered international efforts to develop and field neutron detectors that make use of alternative materials. In response to this global effort, the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and Euratom launched a joint effort aimed at bringing together international experts, technology users and developers in the field of nuclear safeguards to discuss and evaluate the proposed 3He alternative materials and technologies. The effort involved a series of two workshops focused on detailed overviews and viability assessments of various 3He alternative technologies for use in nuclear safeguards applications. The key objective was to provide a platform for collaborative discussions and technical presentations organized in a compact, workshop-like format to stimulate interactions among the participants. The meetings culminated in a benchmark exercise providing a unique opportunity for the first inter-comparison of several available alternative technologies. This report provides an overview of the alternative technology efforts presented during the two workshops along with a summary of the benchmarking activities and results. The workshop recommendations and key consensus observations are discussed in the report, and used to outline a proposed path forward and future needs foreseeable in the area of 3He-alternative

  11. Evaluation of constant current alternating current iontophoresis for transdermal drug delivery. (United States)

    Yan, Guang; Li, S Kevin; Higuchi, William I


    Previous studies in our laboratory have demonstrated that alternating current (AC) iontophoresis can significantly decrease skin electric resistance and enhance the transport of charged permeants across skin. Flux variability of neutral permeants during AC iontophoresis was also found to be less than that of conventional direct current (DC) iontophoresis. The objectives of the present study were to evaluate flux enhancement of constant current AC transdermal iontophoresis and compare the AC flux with that of constant current DC iontophoresis. Iontophoresis studies of AC amplitude of 1, 2, and 5 mA were conducted in side-by-side diffusion cells with donor solution of 0.015, 0.15, and 1.0 M tetraethylammonium (TEA) chloride and receiver solution of phosphate buffered saline (PBS) using human epidermal membrane (HEM). Conventional constant current DC iontophoresis of 0.2 mA was also performed under similar conditions. TEA and mannitol were the model permeants. The following are the major findings in the present study. The flux of TEA increased proportionally with the AC current for all three TEA chloride concentrations and at the AC frequency used in the present study. When the permeant and its counter ion were the only ionic species in the donor chamber, the fluxes during DC iontophoresis were weakly dependent of its donor concentration. The fluxes of TEA during constant current AC iontophoresis were moderately related to the donor concentration with the highest TEA flux observed under the 1.0 M TEA chloride condition although the relationship between flux and donor concentration was not linear. A trend of decreasing electroosmotic transport with increasing donor TEA chloride concentration was observed with significant sample-to-sample variability during DC iontophoresis. Mannitol permeability was also observed to decrease with increasing TEA chloride concentration in the donor under the AC conditions, but data variability under AC was significantly smaller than that

  12. Hysterectomy—Current Methods and Alternatives for Benign Indications

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michail S. Papadopoulos


    Full Text Available Hysterectomy is the commonest gynecologic operation performed not only for malignant disease but also for many benign conditions such as fibroids, endometrial hyperplasia, adenomyosis, uterine prolapse, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, and cervical intraepithelial neoplasia. There are many approaches to hysterectomy for benign disease: abdominal hysterectomy, vaginal hysterectomy, laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy (LAVH where a vaginal hysterectomy is assisted by laparoscopic procedures that do not include uterine artery ligation, total laparoscopic hysterectomy (TLH where the laparoscopic procedures include uterine artery ligation, and subtotal laparoscopic hysterectomy (STLH where there is no vaginal component and the uterine body is removed using a morcelator. In the last decades, many new techniques, alternative to hysterectomy with conservation of the uterus have been developed. They use modern technologies and their results are promising and in many cases comparable with hysterectomy. This paper is a review of all the existing hysterectomy techniques and the alternative methods for benign indications.

  13. Josephson effects in an alternating current biased transition edge sensor

    CERN Document Server

    Gottardi, Luciano; Akamatsu, Hiroki; van der Kuur, Jan; Bruijn, Marcel P; Hartog, Roland H den; Hijmering, Richard; Khosropanah, Pourya; Lambert, Colin; van der Linden, Anton J; Ridder, Marcel L; Suzuki, Toyo; Gao, Jan R


    We report the experimental evidence of the ac Josephson effect in a transition edge sensor (TES) operating in a frequency domain multiplexer and biased by ac voltage at MHz frequencies. The effect is observed by measuring the non-linear impedance of the sensor. The TES is treated as a weakly linked superconducting system and within the resistively shunted junction model framework. We provide a full theoretical explanation of the results by finding the analytic solution of the non-inertial Langevian equation of the system and calculating the non-linear response of the detector to a large ac bias current in the presence of noise.

  14. Alternating current calorimetry at very high pressure and low temperature

    CERN Document Server

    Wilhelm, H


    The specific heat of CePd sub 2 sub . sub 0 sub 2 Ge sub 1 sub . sub 9 sub 8 has been measured with an ac calorimetric technique up to 22 GPa for temperatures in the range 0.3 K <=T <=10 K. A thermocouple allowed the temperature oscillations to be read when an ac heating current was sent through the sample. The inverse of the thermovoltage V sub a sub c recorded at low temperature exhibits a pronounced anomaly as a function of pressure. It is shown that 1/V sub a sub c extrapolated to zero temperature is a measure of the Sommerfeld coefficient gamma.

  15. Alternating Pulse Current in Electrocoagulation for Wastewater Treatment to Prevent the Passivation or Al Electrode

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    MAO Xuhui; HONG Song; ZHU Hua; LIN Hui; WEI Lin; GAN Fuxing


    A novel current feed style, alternating pulse current, was proposed in electrocoagulation aiming at preventing the passivation of electrode materials. The open circuit potential (OCP) measurements after anodic and cathodic potentiodynamic polarization showed that cathodic polarization could activate Al electrode. The surface of Al electrode after alternating pulse current electrocoagulation was investigated by scanning electron microscope (SEM) and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), and the results indicate that passivation of Al is not observed. Furthermore, the simulated wastewater treatment tests show that alternating pulse current electrocoagulation has a visible energy saving effect and is worthy of generalization.

  16. Alternating Current All-electrical Gun Control System in Tanks

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zang Kemao


    Full Text Available The ac all-electrical gun control system is composed of permanent magnetic synchronous machine-drive control systems and the ball-screw by replacing the complicated electrohydraulic systems. At the same time, the variable-structure system with sliding modes makes the gun control systems to have higher performances using the only rate flexure gyroscope. Thereby, vehicle hull gyroscope and angular gyroscope are left out.The new ac all-electrical gun control systems developed are reduced by 40 per cent in weight, decreased by 30 per cent in volume, increased by 35 per cent in efficiency, and enhanced by three times in service life as compared to the current gun control systems.

  17. Laser agitates probability flow in atoms to form alternating current and its peak-dip phenomenon

    CERN Document Server

    Cui, Huai-Yang


    By using trajectory-based approaches to quantum transition, it is found that laser can agitate the probability flow in atoms to form alternating current with the frequency of the laser. The detailed physical process of quantum transition is investigated, during which the alternating current in atomic probability flow becomes a key role connecting the external electromagnetic wave with the evolution of the quantum states in atoms. Computer was employed to simulate the physical process. The atomic alternating current may have the peak-dip phenomenon.

  18. Stable overload conditions of high-temperature superconductors at alternating current injection (United States)

    Romanovskii, V. R.


    The stability of alternating current injected into a high-temperature superconductor or into a current-carrying element on its basis is studied under weak cooling. The stability conditions of the current varying with time by a sinusoidal law are studied versus its frequency. It is shown that before unstable states set in, the peak values of the electric field intensity, current, and temperature in the superconductor are higher than the values determining a thermal electrodynamic stability boundary of the current permanently flowing through the superconductor—the so-called thermal quench current. It is found that ultimate stable alternating currents cause high stable thermal losses in superconductors; these losses being not considered in the modern theory of losses. Such stable conditions can be referred to as overload conditions. Analysis shows that there are characteristic times determining the time intervals within which alternating current is stable under overload conditions. Main thermoelectrodynamic mechanisms behind the existence of these intervals are formulated. They explain why the superconductor stable overheating and induced electric field reach high values before the injected alternating current becomes unstable. The existence of overload conditions considerably extends the application area of high-temperature superconductors.

  19. Cutaneous retinal activation and neural entrainment in transcranial alternating current stimulation: A systematic review

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Schutter, D.J.L.G.


    Transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) applies exogenous oscillatory electric field potentials to entrain neural rhythms and is used to investigate brain-function relationships and its potential to enhance perceptual and cognitive performance. However, due to current spread tACS can cau

  20. Alternating current-assisted on-plate proteolysis for MALDI-TOF MS peptide mapping. (United States)

    Wang, Sheng; Wei, Bangguo; Yang, Pengyuan; Chen, Gang


    In this report, alternating current-assisted on-plate proteolysis has been developed for rapid peptide mapping. Protein solutions containing trypsin were allowed to digest directly on the spots of a stainless steel MALDI plate with the assistance of low-voltage alternating current electricity. Alternating current (AC) was allowed to pass through the protein solutions via the MALDI plate and a platinum disc electrode. The feasibility and performance of the novel proteolysis approach were investigated by the digestion of BSA and cytochrome c (Cyt-c). It was demonstrated that AC substantially enhanced the efficiency of proteolysis and the digestion time was significantly reduced to 5 min. The digests were identified by MALDI-TOF MS with sequence coverages of 42% (BSA) and 77% (Cyt-c) that were comparable to those obtained by using conventional in-solution tryptic digestion. The present proteolysis strategy is simple and efficient, offering great promise for MALDI-TOF MS peptide mapping.

  1. Direct-current-like Phase Space Manipulation Using Chirped Alternating Current Fields

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    P.F. Schmit and N.J. Fisch


    Waves in plasmas can accelerate particles that are resonant with the wave. A dc electric field also accelerates particles, but without a resonance discrimination, which makes the acceleration mechanism profoundly different. Whereas wave-particle acceleration mechanisms have been widely discussed in the literature, this work discusses the direct analogy between wave acceleration and dc field acceleration in a particular parameter regime explored in previous works. Apart from the academic interest of this correspondence, there may be practical advantages in using waves to mimic dc electric fields, for example, in driving plasma current with high efficiency.

  2. Comparative study between an alternating current (AC) and a direct current (DC) electrification of an urban railway


    Garriga Turu, Jordi


    This study will evaluate technically, energetic and economically the traction electrification network of the line Barcelona – Vallès operated by Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) in the existing voltage system (1500 Vdc) and a new electrification under alternative current (25 kVac) will be proposed to be as well studied. The results obtained will be compared in order to obtain decision factors on which system best fits.

  3. Effect of decreasing electrical resistance in Characeae cell membranes caused by the flow of alternating current

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Edward Śpiewla


    Full Text Available By means of the techniques of external electrodes and microelectrodes, it was found that evanescent flow of an alternating current through plasmalemma of Characeae cells neutralises oscillatory change in their electrical resistance and reversibly diminishes its value. This effect is particularly significant in the case of "high resistance cells", but it weakens with increasing temperature. The value of the estimated activation energy indicates that, after flow of the alternating current through the membrane, a rapid increase in the conductivity may be caused by an increase in conductivity of potassium channels. This result seems to support the hypothesis of electroconformational feedback.

  4. Alternative methods for skin irritation testing: the current status : ECVAM skin irritation task force report 1

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Botham, P.A.; Earl, L.K.; Fentem, J.H.; Roguet, R.; Sandt, J.J.M.


    The ECVAM Skin Irritation Task Force was established in November 1996, primarily to prepare a report on the current status of the development and validation of alternative tests for skin irritation and corrosion and, in particular, to identify any appropriate non-animal tests for predicting human sk

  5. Method and apparatus for detecting cyber attacks on an alternating current power grid

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    McEachern, Alexander; Hofmann, Ronald


    A method and apparatus for detecting cyber attacks on remotely-operable elements of an alternating current distribution grid. Two state estimates of the distribution grid are prepared, one of which uses micro-synchrophasors. A difference between the two state estimates indicates a possible cyber attack.

  6. Effect of Modulated Alternating and Direct Current Iontophoresis on Transdermal Delivery of Lidocaine Hydrochloride

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gaurav Bhatia


    Full Text Available The objective of this study was to investigate the iontophoretic delivery of lidocaine hydrochloride through porcine skin and to compare the effects of modulated alternating and direct current iontophoresis. Continuous and modulated iontophoresis was applied for one hour and two hours (0-1 h and 4-5th h using a 1% w/v solution of lidocaine hydrochloride. Tape stripping was done to quantify the amount of drug permeated into stratum corneum and skin extraction studies were performed to determine the amount of drug in stripped skin. Receptor was sampled and analyzed over predefined time periods. The amount of lidocaine delivered across porcine skin after modulated direct current iontophoresis for 2 h was 1069.87±120.03 μg/sq·cm compared to 744.81±125.41 μg/sq·cm after modulated alternating current iontophoresis for 2 h. Modulated direct current iontophoresis also enhanced lidocaine delivery by twelvefold compared to passive delivery as 91.27±18.71 μg/sq·cm of lidocaine was delivered after passive delivery. Modulated iontophoresis enhanced the delivery of lidocaine hydrochloride across porcine skin compared to the passive delivery. Modulated alternating current iontophoresis for duration of 2 h at frequency of 1 kHz was found to be comparable to the continuous direct current iontophoresis for 1 h.

  7. Effect of modulated alternating and direct current iontophoresis on transdermal delivery of lidocaine hydrochloride. (United States)

    Bhatia, Gaurav; Banga, Ajay K


    The objective of this study was to investigate the iontophoretic delivery of lidocaine hydrochloride through porcine skin and to compare the effects of modulated alternating and direct current iontophoresis. Continuous and modulated iontophoresis was applied for one hour and two hours (0-1 h and 4-5th h) using a 1% w/v solution of lidocaine hydrochloride. Tape stripping was done to quantify the amount of drug permeated into stratum corneum and skin extraction studies were performed to determine the amount of drug in stripped skin. Receptor was sampled and analyzed over predefined time periods. The amount of lidocaine delivered across porcine skin after modulated direct current iontophoresis for 2 h was 1069.87 ± 120.03 μ g/sq · cm compared to 744.81 ± 125.41 μ g/sq · cm after modulated alternating current iontophoresis for 2 h. Modulated direct current iontophoresis also enhanced lidocaine delivery by twelvefold compared to passive delivery as 91.27 ± 18.71 μ g/sq · cm of lidocaine was delivered after passive delivery. Modulated iontophoresis enhanced the delivery of lidocaine hydrochloride across porcine skin compared to the passive delivery. Modulated alternating current iontophoresis for duration of 2 h at frequency of 1 kHz was found to be comparable to the continuous direct current iontophoresis for 1 h.

  8. Use of Biosensors as Alternatives to Current Regulatory Methods for Marine Biotoxins

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Luis M. Botana


    Full Text Available Marine toxins are currently monitored by means of a bioassay that requires the use of many mice, which poses a technical and ethical problem in many countries. With the exception of domoic acid, there is a legal requirement for the presence of other toxins (yessotoxin, saxitoxin and analogs, okadaic acid and analogs, pectenotoxins and azaspiracids in seafood to be controlled by bioassay, but other toxins, such as palytoxin, cyclic imines, ciguatera and tetrodotoxin are potentially present in European food and there are no legal requirements or technical approaches available to identify their presence. The need for alternative methods to the bioassay is clearly important, and biosensors have become in recent years a feasible alternative to animal sacrifice. This review will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using biosensors as alternatives to animal assays for marine toxins, with particular focus on surface plasmon resonance (SPR technology.

  9. Effects of alternating and direct current in electrocoagulation process on the removal of cadmium from water

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Vasudevan, Subramanyan, E-mail: [CSIR-Central Electrochemical Research Institute, Karaikudi 630 006 (India); Lakshmi, Jothinathan; Sozhan, Ganapathy [CSIR-Central Electrochemical Research Institute, Karaikudi 630 006 (India)


    Highlights: {yields} Very high removal efficiency of cadmium was achieved by electrocoagulation. {yields} Alternating current (AC) avoids oxide layer and corrosion on anode surface. {yields} Good current transfer between anode and cathode results more removal efficiency. {yields} Compact treatment facility and complete automation. {yields} Aluminum alloy anode prevents residual aluminum in treated water. - Abstract: In practice, direct current (DC) is used in an electrocoagulation processes. In this case, an impermeable oxide layer may form on the cathode as well as corrosion formation on the anode due to oxidation. This prevents the effective current transfer between the anode and cathode, so the efficiency of electrocoagulation processes declines. These disadvantages of DC have been diminished by adopting alternating current (AC) in electrocoagulation processes. The main objective of this study is to investigate the effects of AC and DC on the removal of cadmium from water using aluminum alloy as anode and cathode. The results showed that the removal efficiency of 97.5 and 96.2% with the energy consumption of 0.454 and 1.002 kWh kl{sup -1} was achieved at a current density of 0.2 A/dm{sup 2} and pH of 7.0 using aluminum alloy as electrodes using AC and DC, respectively. For both AC and DC, the adsorption of cadmium was preferably fitting Langmuir adsorption isotherm, the adsorption process follows second order kinetics and the temperature studies showed that adsorption was exothermic and spontaneous in nature.

  10. Trace level determination of titanium in real samples by alternating current voltammetry

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Locatelli, C.; Fagioli, F.; Garai, T.; Bighi, C.


    The fundamental and second harmonic alternating current voltammetric determination of titanium(IV) in the presence of a large excess of iron(III) is reported. The measurements were carried out with a semistationary mercury electrode (long-lasting sessile-drop mercury electrode) as the working electrode. The analytical procedure was controlled by the analysis of standard reference materials: Portland cement BCS 372, stainless steel (AISI 321) SRM 121 d, and highly alloyed steel (Eurostandard 281-1). The confidence interval of the experimental data was in agreement with the certified values for the titanium(IV) content of the samples. The precision, expressed by the relative standard deviation, and the accuracy, expressed by the relative error, were on the order of 3-5%. The standard addition technique was found to improve the resolution of alternating current voltammetric methods, even in the case of very high c/sub Fe:c/sub Tl/ concentration ratios.

  11. Transcranial alternating current stimulation: a review of the underlying mechanisms and modulation of cognitive processes


    Herrmann, Christoph S; Rach, Stefan; Neuling, Toralf; Strüber, Daniel


    Brain oscillations of different frequencies have been associated with a variety of cognitive functions. Convincing evidence supporting those associations has been provided by studies using intracranial stimulation, pharmacological interventions and lesion studies. The emergence of novel non-invasive brain stimulation techniques like repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) and transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) now allows to modulate brain oscillations directly. Pa...

  12. What are the reasons for the difference between the effects of direct and alternating currents on the heart

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Antoni, H.; Hohloser, S.; Weirich, J.


    Life-threatening ventricular fibrillation of the heart is more easily induced by alternating current than by direct current. Moreover, alternating current may exert considerable autonomic effects in the heart. These different influences are explained by the fact that alternating current acts like a series of impulses, whereas direct current exerts its stimulatory effects mainly when being switched on or off. An attempt is made to derive these phenomena from the basic mechanism of cardiac excitation and from the re-entry concept of fibrillation.

  13. Transcranial alternating current stimulation with sawtooth waves: simultaneous stimulation and EEG recording

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    James eDowsett


    Full Text Available Transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS has until now mostly been administered as an alternating sinusoidal wave. Despite modern tACS stimulators being able to deliver alternating current with any arbitrary shape there has been no systematic exploration into the relative benefits of different waveforms. As tACS is a relatively new technique there is a huge parameter space of unexplored possibilities which may prove superior or complimentary to the traditional sinusoidal waveform. Here we begin to address this with an investigation into the effects of sawtooth wave tACS on individual alpha power. Evidence from animal models suggests that the gradient and direction of an electric current should be important factors for the subsequent neural firing rate; we compared positive and negative ramp sawtooth waves to test this. An additional advantage of sawtooth waves is that the resulting artefact in the electroencephalogram (EEG recording is significantly simpler to remove than a sine wave; accordingly we were able to observe alpha oscillations both during and after stimulation.We found that positive ramp sawtooth, but not negative ramp sawtooth, significantly enhanced alpha power during stimulation relative to sham (p<0.01. In addition we tested for an after-effect of both sawtooth and sinusoidal stimulation on alpha power but in this case did not find any significant effect. This preliminary study paves the way for further investigations into the effect of the gradient and direction of the current in tACS which could significantly improve the usefulness of this technique.

  14. Continuous electromagnetic separation of inclusion from aluminum melt using alternating current

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    A novel scheme about the continuous electromagnetic purification of aluminum melt was put forward based on the utilization of a square separation pipe and a 50 Hz alternating current to produce electromagnetic force. It is experimentally found that with electrical current of 400 A/cm2, it takes only 10 s to remove 95% inclusion from aluminum melt. Comprehensive numerical simulations were carried out to investigate the dynamics mechanisms behind the process. The results show that the removal of inclusion is attributed to the cooperative effects of electromagnetic buoyancy and the secondary flow induced by the rotational electromagnetic force, and the removal efficient increases with the size of inclusion and the electrical current imposed. Theoretical predictions on the distribution and removal efficiency of inclusion were supported by the experiments.

  15. 30 CFR 75.900 - Low- and medium-voltage circuits serving three-phase alternating current equipment; circuit... (United States)


    ... 30 Mineral Resources 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Low- and medium-voltage circuits serving three... STANDARDS-UNDERGROUND COAL MINES Underground Low- and Medium-Voltage Alternating Current Circuits § 75.900 Low- and medium-voltage circuits serving three-phase alternating current equipment; circuit...

  16. 30 CFR 77.900 - Low- and medium-voltage circuits serving portable or mobile three-phase alternating current... (United States)


    ... 30 Mineral Resources 1 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Low- and medium-voltage circuits serving... Medium-Voltage Alternating Current Circuits § 77.900 Low- and medium-voltage circuits serving portable or mobile three-phase alternating current equipment; circuit breakers. Low- and medium-voltage...

  17. AC losses in monofilamentary MgB{sub 2} round wire carrying alternating transport currents

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kajikawa, K [Research Institute of Superconductor Science and Systems, Kyushu University, Fukuoka 819-0395 (Japan); Kawano, T [Department of Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering, Kyushu University, Fukuoka 819-0395 (Japan); Osaka, R [Department of Electrical Engineering, Kyushu University, Fukuoka 819-0395 (Japan); Nakamura, T [Department of Electrical Engineering, Kyoto University, Kyoto 615-8510 (Japan); Sugano, M [Department of Electronic Science and Engineering, Kyoto University, Kyoto 615-8510 (Japan); Takahashi, M; Wakuda, T, E-mail: [Hitachi Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd, Hitachi 319-1292 (Japan)


    AC losses in a monofilamentary MgB{sub 2} round wire with niobium and copper metal sheaths and carrying alternating transport currents are evaluated at several temperatures and frequencies. First, the transport current losses are observed electrically using a lock-in amplifier. Experimental results show that the AC losses decrease with an increase in the temperature if the amplitude of the transport current normalized by the corresponding critical current is maintained constant. On the other hand, the AC losses increase slightly with the frequency. Next, the AC losses are calculated numerically by a finite difference method. The numerical results for the superconductor filament show a good agreement with the results of the conventional theoretical expression formulated using the Bean model over a wide range of current amplitudes. It is also found that the AC losses in the niobium sheath are negligible whereas those in the copper sheath are comparable with those in the superconductor. On the basis of the numerical calculations, an expression is analytically derived for estimating the eddy current loss occurring in a metal sheath. The derived expression well reproduces the AC loss properties of both the copper and niobium sheaths.

  18. AC losses in monofilamentary MgB2 round wire carrying alternating transport currents (United States)

    Kajikawa, K.; Kawano, T.; Osaka, R.; Nakamura, T.; Sugano, M.; Takahashi, M.; Wakuda, T.


    AC losses in a monofilamentary MgB2 round wire with niobium and copper metal sheaths and carrying alternating transport currents are evaluated at several temperatures and frequencies. First, the transport current losses are observed electrically using a lock-in amplifier. Experimental results show that the AC losses decrease with an increase in the temperature if the amplitude of the transport current normalized by the corresponding critical current is maintained constant. On the other hand, the AC losses increase slightly with the frequency. Next, the AC losses are calculated numerically by a finite difference method. The numerical results for the superconductor filament show a good agreement with the results of the conventional theoretical expression formulated using the Bean model over a wide range of current amplitudes. It is also found that the AC losses in the niobium sheath are negligible whereas those in the copper sheath are comparable with those in the superconductor. On the basis of the numerical calculations, an expression is analytically derived for estimating the eddy current loss occurring in a metal sheath. The derived expression well reproduces the AC loss properties of both the copper and niobium sheaths.

  19. Alternate current interference in pipeline; Interferencia por corrente alternada em dutos

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Oliver, Joao Hipolito de Lima [TRANSPETRO - PETROBRAS Transporte S.A., Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)


    This paper regards to the concerning that the pipeline operators should take in to account to better understand and control the alternate current interference (AC- interference). Pipelines sharing rights-of-way with AC high voltage power lines are subjected to AC interference that can cause risk for personnel, operational safety and environment. The AC-interference shall be evaluated, in such way that mitigating action can be applied in order to assure the pipeline is operated in a safety way. The AC-interference evaluation should take in to account the pipeline and the electrical generation/transmission design data. Three approaches are considered: the coating integrity, the personnel chock hazards and the pipeline integrity. The coating integrity is affected by the possibility of high-voltage be induced on the pipeline during power line current fault. The operation and maintenance personnel can be prone to chock hazards (touch voltage and step voltage), depending upon the level of the induced voltage on the pipeline and the ground current. An induced voltage evaluation is then necessary to identify AC potentials in pipeline higher than the safe criteria. The pipeline integrity is concerning to the possibility of occurring alternate current corrosion (AC-corrosion) on the pipe wall. This kind of corrosion is still been investigated, and although it is less critical than the direct current corrosion, it can happen in specific situation. Parameters that affect AC-corrosion are discussed in this paper. Finely it is presented a brief guide to evaluate the possibility of occurring AC- interference in a pipeline and a mitigation measures summary. (author)

  20. [Transcranial alternating current stimulation. Entrainment and function control of neuronal networks]. (United States)

    Vosskuhl, J; Strüber, D; Herrmann, C S


    Transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) is a new technique for the modulation of oscillatory brain activity as measured in the electroencephalogram (EEG). In contrast to well-established stimulation techniques, such as transcranial direct current stimulation and transcranial magnetic stimulation, tACS applies a sinusoidal alternating current at a specific frequency. This enables the modulation of the amplitude and frequency of endogenous brain oscillations as well as related cognitive processes. Therefore, the use of tACS has the possibility to evaluate well-known correlations between brain oscillations and cognitive processes in terms of causality. Such causal relationships have been documented in numerous neurocognitive studies on sensory, motor and perceptual processes; however, the clinical application of tACS is still in its infancy. In principle, any pathology that can reliably be connected with brain oscillations of a defined frequency is treatable. A current main focus of clinical research is on symptoms of Parkinson's disease and to a lesser degree, tinnitus. For an effective application of tACS it is important to choose the electrode positions as well as the frequency, intensity and duration of the stimulation in a theory-based and symptom-related manner. A successful therapeutic intervention requires the persistence of the tACS effect after stimulation has ceased. A mechanism that offers not only an explanation to the origin of persistent tACS effects but is also of high therapeutic benefit is neural plasticity. Therefore, one current focus of research aims at a better understanding of tACS after effects.

  1. Alternating Current Cloud Point Extraction on a Microfluidic Chip: the Use of Ferrocenyl Surfactants. (United States)

    Usui, Yuya; Sasaki, Naoki


    Alternating current cloud point extraction (ACPE) is a preconcentration technique that can be employed in the analysis of membrane proteins on a microfluidic chip. However, the selectivity of ACPE relies on the hydrophobicity of the analytes. In this study, 11-ferrocenyltrimethylundecylammonium bromide (FTMA) was utilized to introduce electrostatic interaction as part of the ACPE technique. The use of ACPE with oxidized FTMA resulted in efficient concentration of fluorescently labeled anionic membrane proteins. We expect the approach outlined in this report to be useful in the preconcentration technique of microchip electrophoresis.

  2. Effect of Modulated Alternating and Direct Current Iontophoresis on Transdermal Delivery of Lidocaine Hydrochloride


    Gaurav Bhatia; Banga, Ajay K.


    The objective of this study was to investigate the iontophoretic delivery of lidocaine hydrochloride through porcine skin and to compare the effects of modulated alternating and direct current iontophoresis. Continuous and modulated iontophoresis was applied for one hour and two hours (0-1 h and 4-5th h) using a 1% w/v solution of lidocaine hydrochloride. Tape stripping was done to quantify the amount of drug permeated into stratum corneum and skin extraction studies were performed to determi...

  3. Enhancement of crystal homogeneity of protein crystals under application of an external alternating current electric field

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Koizumi, H.; Uda, S.; Fujiwara, K.; Nozawa, J. [Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University, 2-1-1 Katahira, Aoba-ku, Sendai, 980-8577 (Japan); Tachibana, M. [Graduate School of Nanobioscience, Yokohama City University, 22-2 Seto, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama, 236-0027 (Japan); Kojima, K. [Department of Education, Yokohama Soei University, 1 Miho-tyou, Midori-ku, Yokohama, 226-0015 (Japan)


    X-ray diffraction rocking-curve measurements were performed on tetragonal hen egg white (HEW) lysozyme crystals grown with and without the application of an external alternating current (AC) electric field. The crystal quality was assessed by the full width at half maximum (FWHM) value for each rocking curve. For two-dimensional maps of the FWHMs measured on the 440 and the 12 12 0 reflection, the crystal homogeneity was improved under application of an external electric field at 1 MHz, compared with that without. In particular, the significant improvement of the crystal homogeneity was observed for the 12 12 0 reflection.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Chang-feng Ma


    We propose in this paper an alternating A-φ method for the quasi-magnetostatic eddy current problem by means of finite element approximations. Bounds for continuous and discrete error in finite time are given. And it is verified that provided the time step τ is sufficiently small, the proposed algorithm yields for finite time T an error of (h + τ1/2)in the L2-norm for the magnetic field H(=μ-1△× A), where h is the mesh size, μ the magnetic permeability.

  5. Calorimetric apparatus for alternating current loss measurements on high-temperature superconductors (United States)

    Magnusson, N.; Hörnfeldt, S.


    The use of high-temperature superconductors in electric power components requires the knowledge of their alternating current (ac) losses. Methods are therefore needed to characterize the conductors with respect to their ac losses under applicationlike conditions. In this article we describe a calorimetric setup for ac loss measurements on long length high-temperature superconductors carrying ac transport currents in ac external magnetic fields at variable temperatures. The variable temperature is achieved by a thermal connection between the sample and a cooling machine. Current in copper coils generates the magnetic field parallel to the plane of the tape and perpendicular to the transport current. This current can be induced in the coil-formed sample. Two slightly different methods are used to determine the ac losses, one in which the temperature rise of the sample, caused by the ac losses, is compared to the temperature rise caused by a reference heater and another in which the increase in power dissipation of the sample is compensated for by a reduction of the power dissipation in the heater. Typical results of the ac loss measurements are presented.

  6. Transcranial alternating current stimulation: a review of the underlying mechanisms and modulation of cognitive processes. (United States)

    Herrmann, Christoph S; Rach, Stefan; Neuling, Toralf; Strüber, Daniel


    Brain oscillations of different frequencies have been associated with a variety of cognitive functions. Convincing evidence supporting those associations has been provided by studies using intracranial stimulation, pharmacological interventions and lesion studies. The emergence of novel non-invasive brain stimulation techniques like repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) and transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) now allows to modulate brain oscillations directly. Particularly, tACS offers the unique opportunity to causally link brain oscillations of a specific frequency range to cognitive processes, because it uses sinusoidal currents that are bound to one frequency only. Using tACS allows to modulate brain oscillations and in turn to influence cognitive processes, thereby demonstrating the causal link between the two. Here, we review findings about the physiological mechanism of tACS and studies that have used tACS to modulate basic motor and sensory processes as well as higher cognitive processes like memory, ambiguous perception, and decision making.

  7. Investigation of properties of human epidermal membrane under constant conductance alternating current iontophoresis. (United States)

    Zhu, Honggang; Peck, Kendall D; Miller, David J; Liddell, Mark R; Yan, Guang; Higuchi, William I; Li, S Kevin


    Previous studies in our laboratory have shown that enhanced, constant permeant fluxes across human skin can be achieved by applying an alternating current (AC) to maintain skin electrical conductance at a constant level. Relative to conventional direct current (DC) iontophoresis, for which current is maintained at a constant level, this newly developed constant conductance alternating current (CCAC) method achieves constant fluxes with less inter- and intra-sample variability. The present study focused upon further investigating the permeability properties of human skin during CCAC iontophoresis at a variety of target resistance/conductance values. A three-stage experimental protocol was used with flux measurements determined on 3 consecutive days. Stage I was an AC only protocol (symmetrical AC square-wave signal), stage II was an AC plus DC protocol (AC square-wave with DC offset voltage), and stage III was a repeat of stage I. During this three-stage protocol, the skin electrical resistance was maintained at a constant target value by manually adjusting the applied AC voltage. Radiolabeled mannitol and urea were model permeants in all experiments. Their fluxes were determined and used to characterize the permeability properties of human skin. The results from the present study established that: (i) the CCAC protocol made it possible to reduce HEM electrical resistance to different target levels as low as 0.8 kOmega cm(2) and maintain the specific resistance level throughout the flux experiment, (ii) permeant fluxes are proportional to skin electrical conductance, (iii) under the studied CCAC passive conditions, membrane pore size tends to increase as skin resistance decreases, and (iv) as the membrane breaks down, its pore sizes become larger.

  8. Preparation of scanning tunneling microscopy tips using pulsed alternating current etching

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Valencia, Victor A.; Thaker, Avesh A.; Derouin, Jonathan; Valencia, Damian N.; Farber, Rachael G.; Gebel, Dana A.; Killelea, Daniel R., E-mail: [Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Loyola University Chicago, 1068 W. Sheridan Rd., Chicago, Illinois 60660 (United States)


    An electrochemical method using pulsed alternating current etching (PACE) to produce atomically sharp scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) tips is presented. An Arduino Uno microcontroller was used to control the number and duration of the alternating current (AC) pulses, allowing for ready optimization of the procedures for both Pt:Ir and W tips using a single apparatus. W tips prepared using constant and pulsed AC power were compared. Tips fashioned using PACE were sharper than those etched with continuous AC power alone. Pt:Ir tips were prepared with an initial coarse etching stage using continuous AC power followed by fine etching using PACE. The number and potential of the finishing AC pulses was varied and scanning electron microscope imaging was used to compare the results. Finally, tip quality using the optimized procedures was verified by UHV-STM imaging. With PACE, at least 70% of the W tips and 80% of the Pt:Ir tips were of sufficiently high quality to obtain atomically resolved images of HOPG or Ni(111)

  9. Effects of alternating current stimulation on the healthy and diseased brain

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aini Ismafairus eAbd Hamid


    Full Text Available Cognitive and neurological dysfunctions can severely impact a patient’s daily activities. In addition to medical treatment, non-invasive transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS has been proposed as a therapeutic technique to improve the functional state of the brain. Although during the last years tACS was applied in numerous studies to improve motor, somatosensory, visual and higher order cognitive functions, our knowledge is still limited regarding the mechanisms as to which type of ACS can affect cortical functions and altered neuronal oscillations seem to be the key mechanism. Because alternating current send pulses to the brain at predetermined frequencies, the online- and after-effects of ACS strongly depend on the stimulation parameters so that ‘optimal’ ACS paradigms could be achieved. This is of interest not only for neuroscience research but also for clinical practice. In this study, we summarize recent findings on ACS-effects under both normal conditions and in brain diseases.

  10. Current progress on truffle submerged fermentation: a promising alternative to its fruiting bodies. (United States)

    Tang, Ya-Jie; Liu, Rui-Sang; Li, Hong-Mei


    Truffle (Tuber spp.), also known as "underground gold," is popular in various cuisines because of its unique and characteristic aroma. Currently, truffle fruiting bodies are mostly obtained from nature and semi-artificial cultivation. However, the former source is scarce, and the latter is time-consuming, usually taking 4 to 12 years before harvest of the fruiting body. The truffle submerged fermentation process was first developed in Tang's lab as an alternative to its fruiting bodies. To the best of our knowledge, most reports of truffle submerged fermentation come from Tang's group. This review examines the current state of the truffle submerged fermentation process. First, the strategy to optimize the truffle submerged fermentation process is summarized; the final conditions yielded not only the highest reported truffle biomass but also the highest production of extracellular and intracellular polysaccharides. Second, the comparison of metabolites produced by truffle fermentation and fruiting bodies is presented, and the former were superior to the latter. Third, metabolites (i.e., volatile organic compounds, equivalent umami concentration, and sterol) derived from truffle fermentation could be regulated by fermentation process optimization. These findings indicated that submerged fermentation of truffles can be used for commercial production of biomass and metabolites as a promising alternative to generating its fruiting bodies in bioreactor.

  11. Regional economic impacts of current and proposed management alternatives for Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    Koontz, Lynne; Sexton, Natalie; Ishizaki, Asuka; Ritten, John


    The National Wildlife Refuge System Improvement Act of 1997 requires all units of the National Wildlife Refuge System to be managed under a Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP). The CCP must describe the desired future conditions of a refuge and provide long-range guidance and management direction to achieve refuge purposes. Charles M. Russell (CMR) National Wildlife Refuge, located in north-central Montana, is in the process of developing a range of management goals, objectives, and strategies for the CCP. The CCP for the Refuge must contain an analysis of expected effects associated with current and proposed refuge-management strategies. For refuge CCP planning, an economic analysis provides a means of estimating how current management (No Action Alternative) and proposed management activities (Alternatives) affect the local economy. This type of analysis provides two critical pieces of information: (1) it illustrates a refuge’s contribution to the local community; and (2) it can help in determining whether economic effects are or are not a real concern in choosing among management alternatives. It is important to note that the economic value of a refuge encompasses more than just the impacts on the regional economy. Refuges also provide substantial nonmarket values (values for items not exchanged in established markets) such as maintaining endangered species, preserving wetlands, educating future generations, and adding stability to the ecosystem (Carver and Caudill, 2007). However, quantifying these types of nonmarket values is beyond the scope of this study. This report first presents a description of the local community and economy near the Refuge. Next, the methods used to conduct a regional economic impact analysis are described. An analysis of the final CCP management strategies that could affect stakeholders and residents and the local economy is then presented. The refuge management activities of economic concern in this analysis are:

  12. Quantitative study of electrophoretic and electroosmotic enhancement during alternating current iontophoresis across synthetic membranes. (United States)

    Yan, Guang; Li, S Kevin; Peck, Kendall D; Zhu, Honggang; Higuchi, William I


    One of the primary safety and tolerability limitations of direct current iontophoresis is the potential for electrochemical burns associated with the necessary current densities and/or application times required for effective treatment. Alternating current (AC) transdermal iontophoresis has the potential to eliminate electrochemical burns that are frequently observed during direct current transdermal iontophoresis. Although it has been demonstrated that the intrinsic permeability of skin can be increased by applying low-to-moderate AC voltages, transdermal transport phenomena and enhancement under AC conditions have not been systematically studied and are not well understood. The aim of the present work was to study the fundamental transport mechanisms of square-wave AC iontophoresis using a synthetic membrane system. The model synthetic membrane used was a composite Nuclepore membrane. AC frequencies ranging from 20 to 1000 Hz and AC fields ranging from 0.25 to 0.5 V/membrane were investigated. A charged permeant, tetraethyl ammonium, and a neutral permeant, arabinose, were used. The transport studies showed that flux was enhanced by increasing the AC voltage and decreasing AC frequency. Two theoretical transport models were developed: one is a homogeneous membrane model; the other is a heterogeneous membrane model. Experimental transport data were compared with computer simulations based on these models. Excellent agreement between model predictions and experimental data was observed when the data were compared with the simulations from the heterogeneous membrane model.

  13. Dimensionless factors for an alternating-current non-thermal arc plasma (United States)

    Zhang, Si-Yuan; Li, Xiao-Song; Liu, Jin-Bao; Liu, Jing-Lin; Li, He-Ping; Zhu, Ai-Min


    A gliding arc discharge, as a source of warm plasma combining advantages of both thermal and cold plasmas, would have promising application prospects in the fields of fuel conversion, combustion enhancement, material synthesis, surface modifications, pollution control, etc. In order to gain insight into the features of an alternating-current gliding arc discharge plasma, three dimensionless factors, i.e., the extinction span (ψ), current lag (δ), and heating lag (χ) factors are proposed in this letter based on the measured waveforms of the discharge voltage and current in an AC gliding arc discharge plasma. The influences of the driving frequency of the power supply (f) on these three dimensionless parameters are investigated experimentally with the explanations on the physical meanings of these factors. The experimental results show that a higher value of f would lead to the lower values of ψ and δ, as well as a higher value of χ. These experimental phenomena indicate a lower threshold ignition voltage of the discharges, a lower current-growth inertia of the gliding arcs and a larger relative thermal inertia of the plasmas with increase the driving frequency of the power supply in the operating parameter range studied in this letter.

  14. Alternative (non-animal) methods for cosmetics testing: current status and future prospects-2010. (United States)

    Adler, Sarah; Basketter, David; Creton, Stuart; Pelkonen, Olavi; van Benthem, Jan; Zuang, Valérie; Andersen, Klaus Ejner; Angers-Loustau, Alexandre; Aptula, Aynur; Bal-Price, Anna; Benfenati, Emilio; Bernauer, Ulrike; Bessems, Jos; Bois, Frederic Y; Boobis, Alan; Brandon, Esther; Bremer, Susanne; Broschard, Thomas; Casati, Silvia; Coecke, Sandra; Corvi, Raffaella; Cronin, Mark; Daston, George; Dekant, Wolfgang; Felter, Susan; Grignard, Elise; Gundert-Remy, Ursula; Heinonen, Tuula; Kimber, Ian; Kleinjans, Jos; Komulainen, Hannu; Kreiling, Reinhard; Kreysa, Joachim; Leite, Sofia Batista; Loizou, George; Maxwell, Gavin; Mazzatorta, Paolo; Munn, Sharon; Pfuhler, Stefan; Phrakonkham, Pascal; Piersma, Aldert; Poth, Albrecht; Prieto, Pilar; Repetto, Guillermo; Rogiers, Vera; Schoeters, Greet; Schwarz, Michael; Serafimova, Rositsa; Tähti, Hanna; Testai, Emanuela; van Delft, Joost; van Loveren, Henk; Vinken, Mathieu; Worth, Andrew; Zaldivar, José-Manuel


    The 7th amendment to the EU Cosmetics Directive prohibits to put animal-tested cosmetics on the market in Europe after 2013. In that context, the European Commission invited stakeholder bodies (industry, non-governmental organisations, EU Member States, and the Commission's Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety) to identify scientific experts in five toxicological areas, i.e. toxicokinetics, repeated dose toxicity, carcinogenicity, skin sensitisation, and reproductive toxicity for which the Directive foresees that the 2013 deadline could be further extended in case alternative and validated methods would not be available in time. The selected experts were asked to analyse the status and prospects of alternative methods and to provide a scientifically sound estimate of the time necessary to achieve full replacement of animal testing. In summary, the experts confirmed that it will take at least another 7-9 years for the replacement of the current in vivo animal tests used for the safety assessment of cosmetic ingredients for skin sensitisation. However, the experts were also of the opinion that alternative methods may be able to give hazard information, i.e. to differentiate between sensitisers and non-sensitisers, ahead of 2017. This would, however, not provide the complete picture of what is a safe exposure because the relative potency of a sensitiser would not be known. For toxicokinetics, the timeframe was 5-7 years to develop the models still lacking to predict lung absorption and renal/biliary excretion, and even longer to integrate the methods to fully replace the animal toxicokinetic models. For the systemic toxicological endpoints of repeated dose toxicity, carcinogenicity and reproductive toxicity, the time horizon for full replacement could not be estimated.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jiri Matej


    or on alternating reduction and re-forming of oxidic layer on the electrode in the transition range, has been suggested. Start of bubble evolution at low alternating current density has also been observed in simple sodium-calcium-silicate glass melt. A relation between bubble release and platinum corrosion caused by reduced silicon has been suggested

  16. Efficacy of lidocaine lontophoresis using either alternating or direct current in hairless rats. (United States)

    Nakajima, Atsushi; Wakita, Ryo; Haida, Haruka; Fukayama, Haruhisa


    The aim of this study was to determine transport of lidocaine ions through a hairless rat skin in vivo and to compare the efficacy of alternating current (AC) with that of direct current (DC) iontophoresis (IOP). We measured the concentration of lidocaine transported through a cellophane membrane or a hairless rat dorsal skin applying either AC-IOP or DC-IOP. The results revealed that lidocaine concentration increased in a time-dependent manner in vitro in both DC-IOP and AC-IOP. However, the in vivo study showed different tendencies in lidocaine concentration. In the DCIOP group, lidocaine concentration reached its maximum 20 min after current application and then decreased rapidly; the AC-IOP group showed an increase in lidocaine concentration in a time-dependent manner. There were no side effects such as electrical burns in the rats. In conclusion, AC can be applied for long periods and DC for short periods, or their application time can be appropriately scheduled. Our study also suggests the mechanism by which voltage waveforms affect the skin when applied by IOP. In the future, these findings will be a solid foundation for developing various kinds of medical equipment such as scheduled drug delivery system that can easily deliver various types of drug.

  17. Alternating current cloud point extraction on a microchip: the effect of electrode geometry. (United States)

    Sasaki, Naoki; Maekawa, Chisaki; Sato, Kae


    We report on the effect of electrode geometry on alternating current cloud point extraction (ACPE). ACPE is a technique utilized to extract membrane-associated biomolecules in an electrode-integrated microfluidic channel. In this study, we investigated the effect of gap size (4∼22 μm) between microband electrodes on ACPE. A decrease in gap size resulted in efficient and rapid concentration of fluorescent-labeled phospholipids, a model of membrane-associated biomolecules. We also investigated the effect of applied voltage amplitude on ACPE using devices with decreased electrode gap size. When the gap was small, ACPE was achieved with low applied voltages. ACPE of membrane proteins extracted from HeLa cells was also studied to demonstrate the applicability of the ACPE to real samples. The results provide a guideline to improve the performance of ACPE and facilitate application of the ACPE technique as part of an overall analytical process.

  18. Alternating Current Zeeman and Stark Interference Effect in Ramsey Separated Oscillating Fields

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    CHEN Jing-Biao; WANG Feng-Zhi; YANG Dong-Hai; WANG Yi-Qiu


    Analytic expressions have been derived of the alternating current (ac) Zeeman and ac Stark effect in an atomic beam magnetic resonance method using Ramsey separated oscillating fields. An interesting feature which will affect the normal Ramsey pattern is that an interference fringe is superimposed on the dispersion lineshapes of the normal ac Zeeman or ac Stark effect. We point out that this new character of ac Zeeman (ac Stark) effect generally exists in all kinds of Ramsey method, for example, in the optical Ramsey atomic interferometer and atomic beam frequency standard. An important implication is that, particularly in an atomic beam frequency standard using Ramsey method, this effect has an influence on the evaluation of the second-order Doppler frequency shift.PACS: 32. 60. +i, 06. 20. Fn, 32. 30. Dx

  19. Targeting the neurophysiology of cognitive systems with transcranial alternating current stimulation. (United States)

    Fröhlich, Flavio; Sellers, Kristin K; Cordle, Asa L


    Cognitive impairment represents one of the most debilitating and most difficult symptom to treat of many psychiatric illnesses. Human neurophysiology studies have suggested that specific pathologies of cortical network activity correlate with cognitive impairment. However, we lack demonstration of causal relationships between specific network activity patterns and cognitive capabilities and treatment modalities that directly target impaired network dynamics of cognition. Transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS), a novel non-invasive brain stimulation approach, may provide a crucial tool to tackle these challenges. Here, we propose that tACS can be used to elucidate the causal role of cortical synchronization in cognition and, eventually, to enhance pathologically weakened synchrony that may underlie cognitive deficits. To accelerate such development of tACS as a treatment for cognitive deficits, we discuss studies on tACS and cognition performed in healthy participants, according to the Research Domain Criteria of the National Institute of Mental Health.

  20. Novel Alternating Current Electroluminescent Devices with an Asymmetric Structure Based on a Polymer Heterojunction

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    谭海曙; 姚建铨; 王昕; 王鹏; 谢洪泉


    Novel alternating current electroluminescent devices with an asymmetric structure are successfully fabricated by using a hole-type polymer, poly(2,5-bis (dodecyloxy)-phenylenevinylene) (PDDOPV), and an electron-type polymer, poly(phenyl quinoxaline) (PPQ). The performance of the polymer devices with heteto junctions under ac operation is insensitive to the thickness of the two polymer layers, compared to that under dc operation. This new advantage means easy and cheap production facility on a large scale in the near future. Different emission spectra are obtained when our ac devices are operated in an ac mode, forward or reverse bias. The emission spectrum at reverse bias includes two parts: one from PDDOPV and the other from PPQ.

  1. Rapid determination of phenolic compounds in water samples by alternating-current oscillopolarographic titration

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    XIAO Jun-ping; WANG Xue-feng; ZHOU Qing-xiang; FAN Xiao-yuan; SU Xian-fa; Bai Hua-hua; DUAN Hai-jing


    A rapid, simple and sensitive method was demonstrated for the determination of phenolic compounds in water samples by alternating-current oscillopolarographic titration. With the presence of sulfuric acid, phenol could be transferred into a nitroso-compound by reacting with NaNO2. The titration end-point was obtained by the formation of a sharp cut in the oscillopolarographic with infinitesimal NaNO2 on double platinum electrodes. The results showed that phenol had an excellent linear relationship over the range of 4.82×10-6 -9.65×10-3 mol/L, the RSD of the proposed method was lower than 1.5%, and the spiked recoveries of three real water samples were in the range of 95.6%-106.9%.

  2. The relation between the duty cycle and anesthetic effect in lidocaine iontophoresis using alternating current. (United States)

    Wakita, Ryo; Nakajima, Atsushi; Haida, Yu; Umino, Masahiro; Fukayama, Haruhisa


    We assessed the effect of the duty cycle on the anesthetic effect during lidocaine alternating current (AC) iontophoresis. A solution of 2% lidocaine was delivered to the medial antecubital skin for 20 minutes using AC iontophoresis with a duty cycle of 60%, 70%, or 80%. The von Frey test was then performed to evaluate the anesthetic effect. In the groups treated with a duty cycle of 80% or 70% the touch thresholds (TT) were significantly elevated from 0 minutes to 30 minutes and from 0 minutes to 20 minutes. TT were significantly elevated at 0 minutes in the group treated with a 60% duty cycle. The anesthetic effect was significantly enhanced in a duty cycle-dependent manner.

  3. Characterization of antiarrhythmic drugs by alternating current induced arrhythmias in isolated heart tissues. (United States)

    Borchard, U; Bösken, R; Greeff, K


    A new method for inducing arrhythmias or asystolia by the application of a 50 HZ alternating current (ac) to electrically driven heart preparations has been developed and applied to isolated left atria and right ventricular papillary muscles of the guinea-pig. An increase in driving frequency from 1 to 3 HZ effects a significant reduction of the threshold of ac-arrhythmia in guinea-pig papillary muscles but no change in atria. A decrease in temperature from 31 degrees C to 25 degrees C and an increase in [Ca2+]0 from 1.25 to 5 mmol/l elevates threshold for ac-arrhythmia and -asystolia. The fast sodium channel inhibitors quinidine, carticaine and benzylamino-5,6-dihydro-8,9-dimethoxy-imidazo-5,1-a-isoquinoline hydrochloride (HE-36) increase threshold of ac-arrhythmia in left atria and papillary muscles, whereas the slow channel inhibitor verapamil is ineffective in concentrations up to 6 mumol/l. Threshold of ac-arrhythmia is elevated by quinidine predominantly in papillary muscles. Carticaine and HE-36 are effective in left atria and papillary muscles to almost the same extent. Threshold of ac-asystolia is increased mainly in papillary muscles by quinidine and HE-36; carticaine produces a similar increase in left atria and papillary muscles. Verapamil even leads to a decrease in threshold predominantly in papillary muscles. It is concluded that model arrhythmias induced by alternating current are brought about mainly by an increase in Na+-conductance of cardiac cell membranes. The negative chronotropic potency in right atria occurs in the sequence verapamil greater than quinidine greater than carticane approximately HE-36. The negative inotropic potency in papillary muscle occurs in the same sequence but HE-36 increases force of contraction.

  4. Transcranial alternating current stimulation: A review of the underlying mechanisms and modulation of cognitive processes

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Christoph S Herrmann


    Full Text Available Brain oscillations of different frequencies have been associated with a variety of cognitive functions. Convincing evidence supporting those associations has been provided by studies using intracranial stimulation, pharmacological interventions and lesion studies. The emergence of novel non-invasive brain stimulation techniques like repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS and transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS now allows to modulate brain oscillations directly. Particularly, tACS offers the unique opportunity to causally link brain oscillations of a specific frequency range to cognitive processes, because it uses sinusoidal currents that are bound to one frequency only. Using tACS allows to modulate brain oscillations and in turn to influence cognitive processes, thereby demonstrating the causal link between the two. Here, we review findings about the physiological mechanism of tACS and studies that have used tACS to modulate basic motor and sensory processes as well as higher cognitive processes like memory, ambiguous perception, and decision making.

  5. On the possible role of stimulation duration for after-effects of transcranial alternating current stimulation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniel eStrüber


    Full Text Available Transcranial alternating current stimulation is a novel method that allows application of sinusoidal currents to modulate brain oscillations and cognitive processes. Studies in humans have demonstrated tACS after-effects following stimulation durations in the range of minutes. However, such after-effects are absent in animal studies using much shorter stimulation protocols in the range of seconds. Thus, stimulation duration might be a critical parameter for after-effects to occur. To test this hypothesis, we repeated a recent human tACS experiment with a short duration. We applied alpha tACS intermittently for one second duration while keeping other parameters identical. The results demonstrate that this very short intermittent protocol did not produce after-effects on amplitude or phase of the electroencephalogram. Since synaptic plasticity has been suggested as a possible mechanism for after-effects, our results indicate that a stimulation duration of one second is too short to induce synaptic plasticity. Future studies in animals are required that use extended stimulation durations to reveal the neuronal underpinnings. A better understanding of the mechanisms of tACS after-effects is crucial for potential clinical applications.

  6. Alternating current scanning electrochemical microscopy with simultaneous fast-scan cyclic voltammetry. (United States)

    Koch, Jason A; Baur, Melinda B; Woodall, Erica L; Baur, John E


    Fast-scan cyclic voltammetry (FSCV) is combined with alternating current scanning electrochemical microscopy (AC-SECM) for simultaneous measurements of impedance and faradaic current. Scan rates of 10-1000 V s(-1) were used for voltammetry, while a high-frequency (100 kHz), low-amplitude (10 mV rms) sine wave was added to the voltammetric waveform for the ac measurement. Both a lock-in amplifier and an analog circuit were used to measure the amplitude of the resultant ac signal. The effect of the added sine wave on the voltammetry at a carbon fiber electrode was investigated and found to have negligible effect. The combined FSCV and ac measurements were used to provide simultaneous chemical and topographical information about a substrate using a single carbon fiber probe. The technique is demonstrated in living cell culture, where cellular respiration and topography were simultaneously imaged without the addition of a redox mediator. This approach promises to be useful for the topographical and multidimensional chemical imaging of substrates.

  7. Cutaneous retinal activation and neural entrainment in transcranial alternating current stimulation: A systematic review. (United States)

    Schutter, Dennis J L G


    Transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) applies exogenous oscillatory electric field potentials to entrain neural rhythms and is used to investigate brain-function relationships and its potential to enhance perceptual and cognitive performance. However, due to current spread tACS can cause cutaneous activation of the retina and phosphenes. Several lines of evidence suggest that retinal phosphenes are capable of inducing neural entrainment, making the contributions of central and peripheral stimulation to the effects in the brain difficult to disentangle. In this literature review, the importance of this issue is further illustrated by the fact that photic stimulation can have a direct impact on perceptual and cognitive performance. This leaves open the possibility that peripheral photic stimulation can at least in part explain the central effects that are attributed to tACS. The extent to which phosphene perception contributes to the effects of exogenous oscillatory electric fields in the brain and influence perception and cognitive performance needs to be examined to understand the working mechanisms of tACS in neurophysiology and behaviour.

  8. The AC (Alternating Current) Electrical Behavior of Multi-layered Thermoelectric Devices (United States)

    Alim, Mohammad A.; Budak, Satilmis; Bhattacharjee, Sudip


    In this study the ac (alternating current) small-signal electrical data in the frequency range 5 Hz ≤ f ≤ 13 MHz are obtained for the multi-layered thermoelectric (TE) devices to extract underlying operative mechanisms via an equivalent circuit model. This model is developed from the complex plane plots in conjunction with the Bode plot. It is observed that the inductive behavior is prevalent for both unbombarded and bombarded TE devices regardless of the doses as both types are observed as somewhat weak in thermoelectric properties. The bombarded multi-layered devices followed a systematic pattern in ac behavior via semicircular relaxation both in the impedance and admittance planes for the same measured data. This pattern is attributed to the transition from one lumped behavior to two distinct mechanisms. It is observed that the conductive nature of the equivalent circuit model via non-blocking (non-capacitive) elements, attributed to the underlying operative electrical paths between the two opposite electrodes across the multi-layered device exists, satisfying direct current conditions of the equivalent circuit model. The inductive behavior at high frequencies originates from the conductive aspect of the lumped response of the device in addition to the contribution of the electrode leads. Thus, the proposed equivalent circuit model contains external inductance that verifies a meaningful representation of the multi-layered TE device, though weak in thermoelectric properties.

  9. Effects of high-frequency alternating current on axonal conduction through the vagus nerve (United States)

    Waataja, Jonathan J.; Tweden, Katherine S.; Honda, Christopher N.


    High-frequency alternating current (HFAC) is known to disrupt axonal conduction in peripheral nerves, and HFAC has much potential as a therapeutic approach for a number of pathological conditions. Many previous studies have utilized motor output as a bioassay of effects of HFAC on conduction through medium- to large-diameter motor axons. However, little is known about the effectiveness of HFAC on smaller, more slowly conducting nerve fibres. The present study tested whether HFAC influences axonal conduction through sub-diaphragmatic levels of the rat vagus nerve, which consists almost entirely of small calibre axons. Using an isolated nerve preparation, we tested the effects of HFAC on electrically evoked compound action potentials (CAPs). We found that delivery of charge-balanced HFAC at 5000 Hz for 1 min was effective in producing reversible blockade of axonal conduction. Both Aδ and C components of the vagus CAP were attenuated, and the degree of blockade as well as time to recovery was proportional to the amount of HFAC current delivered. The Aδ waves were more sensitive than C waves to HFAC blockade, but they required more time to recover.

  10. Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation: A Potential Risk for Genetic Generalized Epilepsy Patients (Study Case) (United States)

    San-Juan, Daniel; Sarmiento, Carlos Ignacio; Hernandez-Ruiz, Axel; Elizondo-Zepeda, Ernesto; Santos-Vázquez, Gabriel; Reyes-Acevedo, Gerardo; Zúñiga-Gazcón, Héctor; Zamora-Jarquín, Carol Marina


    Transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) is a re-emergent neuromodulation technique that consists in the external application of oscillating electrical currents that induces changes in cortical excitability. We present the case of a 16-year-old female with pharmaco-resistant juvenile myoclonic epilepsy to 3 antiepileptic’s drugs characterized by 4 myoclonic and 20 absence seizures monthly. She received tACS at 1 mA at 3 Hz pulse train during 60 min over Fp1–Fp2 (10–20 EEG international system position) during 4 consecutive days using an Endeavor™ IOM Systems device® (Natus Medical Incorporated, Middleton, WI, USA). At the 1-month follow-up, she reported a 75% increase in seizures frequency (only myoclonic and tonic–clonic events) and developed a 24-h myoclonic status epilepticus that resolved with oral clonazepam and intravenous valproate. At the 2-month follow-up, the patient reported a 15-day seizure-free period. PMID:27965623

  11. Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation: A potential risk for genetic generalized epilepsy patients (Study Case

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniel San Juan Orta


    Full Text Available Transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS is a re-emergent neuromodulation technique that consists in the external application of oscillating electrical currents that induces changes in cortical excitability. We present the case of a 16-year-old female with pharmaco-resistant juvenile myoclonic epilepsy to three antiepileptic’s drugs characterized by four myoclonic and 20 absence seizures monthly. She received tACS at 1mA@3Hz pulse train during 60 minutes over Fp1-Fp2 (10-20 EEG international system position during 4 consecutive days using an Endeavor™ IOM Systems device® (Natus Medical Incorporated, Middleton, WI, USA. At the one-month follow-up, she reported a 75% increase in seizures frequency (only myoclonic and tonic-clonic events and developed a 24h myoclonic status epilepticus that resolved with oral clonazepam and intravenous valproate. At the two-month follow-up, the patient reported a 15-day seizure-free period.

  12. Flow instability in laminar jet flames driven by alternating current electric fields

    KAUST Repository

    Kim, Gyeong Taek


    The effect of electric fields on the instability of laminar nonpremixed jet flames was investigated experimentally by applying the alternating current (AC) to a jet nozzle. We aimed to elucidate the origin of the occurrence of twin-lifted jet flames in laminar jet flow configurations, which occurred when AC electric fields were applied. The results indicated that a twin-lifted jet flame originated from cold jet instability, caused by interactions between negative ions in the jet flow via electron attachment as O +e→O when AC electric fields were applied. This was confirmed by conducting systematic, parametric experiment, which included changing gaseous component in jets and applying different polarity of direct current (DC) to the nozzle. Using two deflection plates installed in parallel with the jet stream, we found that only negative DC on the nozzle could charge oxygen molecules negatively. Meanwhile, the cold jet instability occurred only for oxygen-containing jets. A shedding frequency of jet stream due to AC driven instability showed a good correlation with applied AC frequency exhibiting a frequency doubling. However, for the applied AC frequencies over 80Hz, the jet did not respond to the AC, indicating an existence of a minimum flow induction time in a dynamic response of negative ions to external AC fields. Detailed regime of the instability in terms of jet velocity, AC voltage and frequency was presented and discussed. Hypothesized mechanism to explain the instability was also proposed.

  13. Transcranial alternating current stimulation enhances individual alpha activity in human EEG.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tino Zaehle

    Full Text Available Non-invasive electrical stimulation of the human cortex by means of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS has been instrumental in a number of important discoveries in the field of human cortical function and has become a well-established method for evaluating brain function in healthy human participants. Recently, transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS has been introduced to directly modulate the ongoing rhythmic brain activity by the application of oscillatory currents on the human scalp. Until now the efficiency of tACS in modulating rhythmic brain activity has been indicated only by inference from perceptual and behavioural consequences of electrical stimulation. No direct electrophysiological evidence of tACS has been reported. We delivered tACS over the occipital cortex of 10 healthy participants to entrain the neuronal oscillatory activity in their individual alpha frequency range and compared results with those from a separate group of participants receiving sham stimulation. The tACS but not the sham stimulation elevated the endogenous alpha power in parieto-central electrodes of the electroencephalogram. Additionally, in a network of spiking neurons, we simulated how tACS can be affected even after the end of stimulation. The results show that spike-timing-dependent plasticity (STDP selectively modulates synapses depending on the resonance frequencies of the neural circuits that they belong to. Thus, tACS influences STDP which in turn results in aftereffects upon neural activity.The present findings are the first direct electrophysiological evidence of an interaction of tACS and ongoing oscillatory activity in the human cortex. The data demonstrate the ability of tACS to specifically modulate oscillatory brain activity and show its potential both at fostering knowledge on the functional significance of brain oscillations and for therapeutic application.

  14. Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation (tACS) Enhances Mental Rotation Performance during and after Stimulation (United States)

    Kasten, Florian H.; Herrmann, Christoph S.


    Transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) has been repeatedly demonstrated to modulate endogenous brain oscillations in a frequency specific manner. Thus, it is a promising tool to uncover causal relationships between brain oscillations and behavior or perception. While tACS has been shown to elicit a physiological aftereffect for up to 70 min, it remains unclear whether the effect can still be elicited if subjects perform a complex task interacting with the stimulated frequency band. In addition, it has not yet been investigated whether the aftereffect is behaviorally relevant. In the current experiment, participants performed a Shepard-like mental rotation task for 80 min. After 10 min of baseline measurement, participants received either 20 min of tACS at their individual alpha frequency (IAF) or sham stimulation (30 s tACS in the beginning of the stimulation period). Afterwards another 50 min of post-stimulation EEG were recorded. Task performance and EEG were acquired during the whole experiment. While there were no effects of tACS on reaction times or event-related-potentials (ERPs), results revealed an increase in mental rotation performance in the stimulation group as compared to sham both during and after stimulation. This was accompanied by increased ongoing alpha power and coherence as well as event-related-desynchronization (ERD) in the alpha band in the stimulation group. The current study demonstrates a behavioral and physiological aftereffect of tACS in parallel. This indicates that it is possible to elicit aftereffects of tACS during tasks interacting with the alpha band. Therefore, the tACS aftereffect is suitable to achieve an experimental manipulation. PMID:28197084

  15. Paired associative transcranial alternating current stimulation increases the excitability of corticospinal projections in humans. (United States)

    McNickle, Emmet; Carson, Richard G


    Many types of non-invasive brain stimulation alter corticospinal excitability (CSE). Paired associative stimulation (PAS) has attracted particular attention as its effects ostensibly adhere to Hebbian principles of neural plasticity. In prototypical form, a single electrical stimulus is directed to a peripheral nerve in close temporal contiguity with transcranial magnetic stimulation delivered to the contralateral primary motor cortex (M1). Repeated pairing of the two discrete stimulus events (i.e. association) over an extended period either increases or decreases the excitability of corticospinal projections from M1, contingent on the interstimulus interval. We studied a novel form of associative stimulation, consisting of brief trains of peripheral afferent stimulation paired with short bursts of high frequency (≥80 Hz) transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) over contralateral M1. Elevations in the excitability of corticospinal projections to the forearm were observed for a range of tACS frequency (80, 140 and 250 Hz), current (1, 2 and 3 mA) and duration (500 and 1000 ms) parameters. The effects were at least as reliable as those brought about by PAS or transcranial direct current stimulation. When paired with tACS, muscle tendon vibration also induced elevations of CSE. No such changes were brought about by the tACS or peripheral afferent stimulation alone. In demonstrating that associative effects are expressed when the timing of the peripheral and cortical events is not precisely circumscribed, these findings suggest that multiple cellular pathways may contribute to a long term potentiation-type response. Their relative contributions will differ depending on the nature of the induction protocol that is used.

  16. Effects of alternating and direct electrical current application on the odontoblastic layer in human teeth : an in vitro study

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Alwas-Danowska, HM; Huysmans, MCDNJM; Verdonschot, EH


    Aim The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of a low intensity alternating current on the odontoblasts and odontoblast layer and compare this with the effects of a direct current. Methodology Teeth extracted for orthodontic were immersed in physiological saline stabilized with thymol

  17. Effects of electrophoresis and electroosmosis during alternating current iontophoresis across human epidermal membrane. (United States)

    Yan, Guang; Peck, Kendall D; Zhu, Honggang; Higuchi, William I; Li, S Kevin


    Previous studies in our laboratory have demonstrated that skin electrical resistance can be controlled by an alternating current (AC) electric field. By maintaining constant skin resistance, AC iontophoresis has been shown to reduce the iontophoretic flux variability of neutral permeants. Recently, it was found that symmetric square-wave AC could enhance iontophoretic transport of both neutral and ionic permeants by means of electrophoresis and/or electroosmosis in a synthetic membrane system, and a model was presented to describe the experimental results. The objective of the present study was to assess the effects of AC voltage and frequency and direct current (DC) offset on the flux of neutral and ionic model permeants with human epidermal membrane (HEM). Experiments were conducted under two different conditions: constant AC voltage iontophoresis and iontophoresis using constant HEM resistance with DC offset voltage. The following are the main findings in these experiments. In the constant AC voltage study, when the permeability data were compared at the same HEM electrical resistance, it was demonstrated that AC even at high frequency (approximately 1 kHz) could enhance the transport of the ionic permeant (tetraethylammonium ion) across HEM, but no enhancement was observed for the neutral permeant (arabinose). For the ionic permeant flux enhancement, the higher the applied AC voltage, the greater the flux enhancement. There was little or no AC frequency dependence of the flux enhancement in the frequency range of 50-1000 Hz. In the constant HEM resistance study of AC with DC offset, approximately linear relationships were observed between flux enhancement and the DC offset voltage for both the neutral and ionic permeants, and these results were found to be consistent with predictions of the modified Nernst-Planck model for conventional constant voltage DC iontophoresis. When the DC offset voltage was increased, the AC component of the flux enhancement for the

  18. DC bias effect on alternating current electrical conductivity of poly(ethylene terephthalate)/alumina nanocomposites (United States)

    Nikam, Pravin N.; Deshpande, Vineeta D.


    Polymer nanocomposites based on metal oxide (ceramic) nanoparticles are a new class of materials with unique properties and designed for various applications such as electronic device packaging, insulation, fabrication and automotive industries. Poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET)/alumina (Al2O3) nanocomposites with filler content between 1 wt% and 5 wt% were prepared by melt compounding method using co-rotating twin screw extruder and characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and precision LCR meter techniques. The results revealed that proper uniform dispersion at lower content up to 2 wt% of nano-alumina observed by using TEM. Aggregation of nanoparticles was observed at higher content of alumina examined by using SEM and TEM. The frequency dependences of the alternating current (AC) conductivity (σAC) of PET/alumina nanocomposites on the filler content and DC bias were investigated in the frequency range of 20Hz - 1MHz. The results showed that the AC and direct current (DC) conductivity increases with increasing DC bias and nano-alumina content upto 3 wt%. It follows the Jonscher's universal power law of solids. It revealed that σAC of PET/alumina nanocomposites can be well characterized by the DC conductivity (σDC), critical frequency (ωc), critical exponent of the power law (s). Roll of DC bias potential led to an increase of DC conductivity (σDC) due to the creation of additional conducting paths with the polymer nanocomposites and percolation behavior achieved through co-continuous morphology.

  19. Alternating Current Electrophoretic Deposition of Antibacterial Bioactive Glass-Chitosan Composite Coatings

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sigrid Seuss


    Full Text Available Alternating current (AC electrophoretic deposition (EPD was used to produce multifunctional composite coatings combining bioactive glass (BG particles and chitosan. BG particles of two different sizes were used, i.e., 2 μm and 20–80 nm in average diameter. The parameter optimization and characterization of the coatings was conducted by visual inspection and by adhesion strength tests. The optimized coatings were investigated in terms of their hydroxyapatite (HA forming ability in simulated body fluid (SBF for up to 21 days. Fourier transform infrared (FTIR spectroscopy results showed the successful HA formation on the coatings after 21 days. The first investigations were conducted on planar stainless steel sheets. In addition, scaffolds made from a TiAl4V6 alloy were considered to show the feasibility of coating of three dimensional structures by EPD. Because both BG and chitosan are antibacterial materials, the antibacterial properties of the as-produced coatings were investigated using E. coli bacteria cells. It was shown that the BG particle size has a strong influence on the antibacterial properties of the coatings.

  20. Characterization of an electrochemical mercury sensor using alternating current, cyclic, square wave and differential pulse voltammetry. (United States)

    Guerreiro, Gabriela V; Zaitouna, Anita J; Lai, Rebecca Y


    Here we report the characterization of an electrochemical mercury (Hg(2+)) sensor constructed with a methylene blue (MB)-modified and thymine-containing linear DNA probe. Similar to the linear probe electrochemical DNA sensor, the resultant sensor behaved as a "signal-off" sensor in alternating current voltammetry and cyclic voltammetry. However, depending on the applied frequency or pulse width, the sensor can behave as either a "signal-off" or "signal-on" sensor in square wave voltammetry (SWV) and differential pulse voltammetry (DPV). In SWV, the sensor showed "signal-on" behavior at low frequencies and "signal-off" behavior at high frequencies. In DPV, the sensor showed "signal-off" behavior at short pulse widths and "signal-on" behavior at long pulse widths. Independent of the sensor interrogation technique, the limit of detection was found to be 10nM, with a linear dynamic range between 10nM and 500nM. In addition, the sensor responded to Hg(2+) rather rapidly; majority of the signal change occurred in <20min. Overall, the sensor retains all the characteristics of this class of sensors; it is reagentless, reusable, sensitive, specific and selective. This study also highlights the feasibility of using a MB-modified probe for real-time sensing of Hg(2+), which has not been previously reported. More importantly, the observed "switching" behavior in SWV and DPV is potentially generalizable and should be applicable to most sensors in this class of dynamics-based electrochemical biosensors.

  1. The effects of theta transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) on fluid intelligence. (United States)

    Pahor, Anja; Jaušovec, Norbert


    The objective of the study was to explore the influence of transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) on resting brain activity and on measures of fluid intelligence. Theta tACS was applied to the left parietal and left frontal brain areas of healthy participants after which resting electroencephalogram (EEG) data was recorded. Following sham/active stimulation, the participants solved two tests of fluid intelligence while their EEG was recorded. The results showed that active theta tACS affected spectral power in theta and alpha frequency bands. In addition, active theta tACS improved performance on tests of fluid intelligence. This influence was more pronounced in the group of participants that received stimulation to the left parietal area than in the group of participants that received stimulation to the left frontal area. Left parietal tACS increased performance on the difficult test items of both tests (RAPM and PF&C) whereas left frontal tACS increased performance only on the easy test items of one test (RAPM). The observed behavioral tACS influences were also accompanied by changes in neuroelectric activity. The behavioral and neuroelectric data tentatively support the P-FIT neurobiological model of intelligence.

  2. Bi-frontal transcranial alternating current stimulation in the ripple range reduced overnight forgetting

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Géza Gergely eAmbrus


    Full Text Available High frequency oscillations in the hippocampal structures recorded during sleep have been proved to be essential for long-term episodic memory consolidation in both animals and in humans. The aim of this study was to test if transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation (tACS of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC in the hippocampal ripple range, applied bi-frontally during encoding, could modulate declarative memory performance, measured immediately after encoding, and after a night’s sleep. An associative word-pair learning test, taken from Marshall and colleagues, was used. During an evening encoding phase, participants received 1 mA 140 Hz tACS or sham stimulation over both DLPFCs for 10 minutes while being presented twice with a list of word-pairs. Cued recall performance was investigated 10 minutes after training and the morning following the training session. Forgetting from evening to morning was observed in the sham condition, but not in the 140 Hz stimulation condition. 140 Hz tACS during encoding may have an effect on the consolidation of declarative material.

  3. Atmospheric pressure chemical ionization of explosives using alternating current corona discharge ion source. (United States)

    Usmanov, D T; Chen, L C; Yu, Z; Yamabe, S; Sakaki, S; Hiraoka, K


    The high-sensitive detection of explosives is of great importance for social security and safety. In this work, the ion source for atmospheric pressure chemical ionization/mass spectrometry using alternating current corona discharge was newly designed for the analysis of explosives. An electromolded fine capillary with 115 µm inner diameter and 12 mm long was used for the inlet of the mass spectrometer. The flow rate of air through this capillary was 41 ml/min. Stable corona discharge could be maintained with the position of the discharge needle tip as close as 1 mm to the inlet capillary without causing the arc discharge. Explosives dissolved in 0.5 µl methanol were injected to the ion source. The limits of detection for five explosives with 50 pg or lower were achieved. In the ion/molecule reactions of trinitrotoluene (TNT), the discharge products of NOx (-) (x = 2,3), O3 and HNO3 originating from plasma-excited air were suggested to contribute to the formation of [TNT - H](-) (m/z 226), [TNT - NO](-) (m/z 197) and [TNT - NO + HNO3 ](-) (m/z 260), respectively. Formation processes of these ions were traced by density functional theory calculations. Copyright © 2015 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  4. Bead-on-string structure printed by electrohydrodynamic jet under alternating current electric field (United States)

    Liu, Juan; Lin, Yihuang; Jiang, Jiaxin; Liu, Haiyan; Zhao, Yang; Zheng, Gaofeng


    Electrohydrodynamic printing (EHDP) under alternating current (AC) electric field provides a novel way for the precise micro-/nano-droplet printing. The AC electric field induces the free charge to reciprocate along the EHDP jet and changes the electric field force on the jet periodically. The stability of jet can be enhanced by increasing the voltage frequency, and the regular bead-on-string structure is direct-written along the trajectory of collector. The deposition frequency of bead structure increases with the increasing of voltage frequency, due to the short period of AC electric field. As the voltage frequency is increased from 10 to 60 Hz, the diameter of bead structure decreases from 200 to 110 µm. As the duty ration increased from 10 to 60 %, the diameter of bead structure increased from 100 to 140 µm. This work would accelerate the development and the application of micro-/nano-printing technology in the fields of flexible electronic and micro-/nano-system.

  5. From amusic to musical?--Improving pitch memory in congenital amusia with transcranial alternating current stimulation. (United States)

    Schaal, Nora K; Pfeifer, Jasmin; Krause, Vanessa; Pollok, Bettina


    Brain imaging studies highlighted structural differences in congenital amusia, a life-long perceptual disorder that is associated with pitch perception and pitch memory deficits. A functional anomaly characterized by decreased low gamma oscillations (30-40 Hz range) in the right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) during pitch memory has been revealed recently. Thus, the present study investigates whether applying transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) at 35 Hz to the right DLPFC would improve pitch memory. Nine amusics took part in two tACS sessions (either 35 Hz or 90 Hz) and completed a pitch and visual memory task before and during stimulation. 35 Hz stimulation facilitated pitch memory significantly. No modulation effects were found with 90 Hz stimulation or on the visual task. While amusics showed a selective impairment of pitch memory before stimulation, the performance during 35 Hz stimulation was not significantly different to healthy controls anymore. Taken together, the study shows that modulating the right DLPFC with 35 Hz tACS in congenital amusia selectively improves pitch memory performance supporting the hypothesis that decreased gamma oscillations within the DLPFC are causally involved in disturbed pitch memory and highlight the potential use of tACS to interact with cognitive processes.

  6. Effects of Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation on Cognitive Functions in Healthy Young and Older Adults

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daria Antonenko


    Full Text Available Recently, transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS has emerged as a tool to enhance human cognitive processes. Here, we provide a brief summary of the rationale behind tACS-induced effects on task-relevant brain oscillations and associated cognitive functions and review previous studies in young subjects that have applied tACS in cognitive paradigms. Additionally, we present pilot data where we administered theta-tACS (6 Hz over the temporoparietal cortex and a supraorbital reference for 20 min during implicit language learning in healthy young (mean/SD age: 22/2 and older (mean/SD age: 66/4 adults, in a sham-controlled crossover design. Linear mixed models revealed significantly increased retrieval accuracy following tACS-accompanied associative learning, after controlling for session order and learning success. These data provide the first implementation of tACS during cognitive performance in older adults and support recent studies suggesting that tACS in the theta frequency range may serve as a tool to enhance cognition, possibly through direct modulation of task-relevant brain oscillations. So far, studies have been heterogeneous in their designs, leaving a number of issues to be addressed in future research, including the setup of electrodes and optimal stimulation frequencies to be employed, as well as the interaction with age and underlying brain pathologies in specific patient populations.

  7. Friends, not foes: Magnetoencephalography as a tool to uncover brain dynamics during transcranial alternating current stimulation. (United States)

    Neuling, Toralf; Ruhnau, Philipp; Fuscà, Marco; Demarchi, Gianpaolo; Herrmann, Christoph S; Weisz, Nathan


    Brain oscillations are supposedly crucial for normal cognitive functioning and alterations are associated with cognitive dysfunctions. To demonstrate their causal role on behavior, entrainment approaches in particular aim at driving endogenous oscillations via rhythmic stimulation. Within this context, transcranial electrical stimulation, especially transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS), has received renewed attention. This is likely due to the possibility of defining oscillatory stimulation properties precisely. Also, measurements comparing pre-tACS with post-tACS electroencephalography (EEG) have shown impressive modulations. However, the period during tACS has remained a blackbox until now, due to the enormous stimulation artifact. By means of application of beamforming to magnetoencephalography (MEG) data, we successfully recovered modulations of the amplitude of brain oscillations during weak and strong tACS. Additionally, we demonstrate that also evoked responses to visual and auditory stimuli can be recovered during tACS. The main contribution of the present study is to provide critical evidence that during ongoing tACS, subtle modulations of oscillatory brain activity can be reconstructed even at the stimulation frequency. Future tACS experiments will be able to deliver direct physiological insights in order to further the understanding of the contribution of brain oscillations to cognition and behavior.

  8. Mapping entrained brain oscillations during transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS). (United States)

    Witkowski, Matthias; Garcia-Cossio, Eliana; Chander, Bankim S; Braun, Christoph; Birbaumer, Niels; Robinson, Stephen E; Soekadar, Surjo R


    Transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS), a non-invasive and well-tolerated form of electric brain stimulation, can influence perception, memory, as well as motor and cognitive function. While the exact underlying neurophysiological mechanisms are unknown, the effects of tACS are mainly attributed to frequency-specific entrainment of endogenous brain oscillations in brain areas close to the stimulation electrodes, and modulation of spike timing dependent plasticity reflected in gamma band oscillatory responses. tACS-related electromagnetic stimulator artifacts, however, impede investigation of these neurophysiological mechanisms. Here we introduce a novel approach combining amplitude-modulated tACS during whole-head magnetoencephalography (MEG) allowing for artifact-free source reconstruction and precise mapping of entrained brain oscillations underneath the stimulator electrodes. Using this approach, we show that reliable reconstruction of neuromagnetic low- and high-frequency oscillations including high gamma band activity in stimulated cortical areas is feasible opening a new window to unveil the mechanisms underlying the effects of stimulation protocols that entrain brain oscillatory activity.

  9. Alternating current cloud point extraction on a microchip: a comprehensive study. (United States)

    Sasaki, Naoki; Takemura, Azusa; Sato, Kae


    We present a comprehensive study of alternating current cloud point extraction (ACPE) on a microchip. ACPE is an extraction technique for preconcentration of membrane-associated biomolecules. To characterize and optimize ACPE, we carried out ACPE experiments under various experimental conditions including amplitude and frequency of applied voltages, flow velocity, and concentration of surfactant, analyte, and salt. We found that ACPE has an amplitude threshold (15 V(p-p)), above which the extraction was more efficient. The dependence of the extraction on frequency (>5 MHz) was insignificant. Efficient extraction was achieved when the velocity of the test solution was 0.10∼0.67 mm s⁻¹ and the concentration of surfactant was 0.10∼1.0%. In contrast, the extraction was independent of the concentration of analytes (0.20∼20 μmol dm⁻³). The technique was applicable to solutions with a salt concentration of 0.050∼0.15 mol dm⁻³ under temperature control of the devices. Solution temperature in ACPE was also studied. These results provide guidelines for use of the ACPE technique in microfluidic chemical and biochemical analyses.

  10. Perception of the environmental impacts of current and alternative modes of pig production by stakeholder groups. (United States)

    Petit, Jean; van der Werf, Hayo M G


    The current industrial pig production model is in crisis, due to its association with environmental pollution, doubtful product quality and lack of animal well-being. In Bretagne (France), a region of intensive pig production, a survey of seven stakeholder groups concerned with pig production was conducted, as part of a research programme dedicated to the assessment of the environmental impact of different modes of pig production. A very large majority of pig producers (93%) and their suppliers (100%) considers pig farms as an asset for the region, whereas a majority of scientists (58%), activists (78%) and consumers (54%) sees it as a handicap. Differences among stakeholder groups are minor with respect to the perceived importance of environmental and social issues. Stakeholders agree on the relative level of responsibility of pig farms with respect to specific problems. For all groups unpleasant odours and water quality come first with respect to responsibility, for most groups soil quality comes second, followed by product safety and air quality. For a future improved mode of pig production, 76% of pig producers and their suppliers prefer to adapt the current model, for all other groups the majority prefers an alternative model. While pig producers and their suppliers prefer a slurry-based housing system, all other groups prefer a straw-based system. Pig producers see the slurry-based system as technically superior and associate the straw-based system with poor working conditions, whereas consumers associate the slurry-based system in the first place with poor water quality and associate the straw-based system with less pollution. These results will be of use in the research programme on the environmental impact of modes of pig production, as they indicate the environmental impacts to be considered and their relative importance. The results will also help in deciding which options should be assessed. It is concluded that the poor image of the current pig

  11. The effect of 10 Hz transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS on corticomuscular coherence

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Claudia eWach


    Full Text Available Synchronous oscillatory activity at alpha (8-12 Hz, beta (13-30 Hz, and gamma (30-90 Hz fre-quencies is assumed to play a key role for motor control. Corticomuscular coherence (CMC represents an established measure of the pyramidal system’s integrity. Transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS offers the possibility to modulate ongoing oscillatory activity. Behaviourally, 20 Hz tACS in healthy subjects has been shown to result in movement slowing. However, the neurophysiological changes underlying these effects are not entirely understood yet. The present study aimed at ascertaining the effects of tACS at 10 and 20 Hz in healthy subjects on CMC and local power of the primary sensorimotor cortex. Neuromagnetic activity was recorded during isometric contraction before and at two time points (2-10 min and 30-38 min after tACS of the left primary motor cortex (M1, using a 306 channel whole head magnetoencephalo-graphy (MEG system. Additionally, electromyography (EMG of the right extensor digitorum communis (EDC muscle was measured. TACS was applied at 10 and 20 Hz, respectively, for 10 min at 1 mA. Sham stimulation served as control condition. The data suggest that 10 Hz tACS significantly reduced low gamma band CMC during isometric contraction. This implies that tACS does not necessarily cause effects at stimulation frequency. Rather, the findings suggest cross-frequency interplay between alpha and low gamma band activity modulating functional interaction between motor cortex and muscle.

  12. Effects of cerebellar transcranial alternating current stimulation on motor cortex excitability and motor function. (United States)

    Naro, Antonino; Bramanti, Alessia; Leo, Antonino; Manuli, Alfredo; Sciarrone, Francesca; Russo, Margherita; Bramanti, Placido; Calabrò, Rocco Salvatore


    The cerebellum regulates several motor functions through two main mechanisms, the cerebellum-brain inhibition (CBI) and the motor surround inhibition (MSI). Although the exact cerebellar structures and functions involved in such processes are partially known, Purkinje cells (PC) and their surrounding interneuronal networks may play a pivotal role concerning CBI and MSI. Cerebellar transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) has been proven to shape specific cerebellar components in a feasible, safe, effective, and non-invasive manner. The aim of our study was to characterize the cerebellar structures and functions subtending CBI and MSI using a tACS approach. Fifteen healthy individuals underwent a cerebellar tACS protocol at 10, 50, and 300 Hz, or a sham-tACS over the right cerebellar hemisphere. We measured the tACS aftereffects on motor-evoked potential (MEP) amplitude, CBI induced by tACS (tiCBI) at different frequencies, MSI, and hand motor task performance. None of the participants had any side effect related to tACS. After 50-Hz tACS, we observed a clear tiCBI-50Hz weakening (about +30%, p  0.6). Our preliminary data suggest that PC may represent the last mediator of tiCBI and that the surrounding interneuronal network may have an important role in updating MSI, tiCBI, and M1 excitability during tonic muscle contraction, by acting onto the PC. The knowledge of these neurophysiological issues offers new cues to design innovative, non-invasive neuromodulation protocols to shape cerebellar-cerebral functions.

  13. Combined transcranial alternating current stimulation and continuous theta burst stimulation: a novel approach for neuroplasticity induction. (United States)

    Goldsworthy, Mitchell R; Vallence, Ann-Maree; Yang, Ruiting; Pitcher, Julia B; Ridding, Michael C


    Non-invasive brain stimulation can induce functionally relevant plasticity in the human cortex, making it potentially useful as a therapeutic tool. However, the induced changes are highly variable between individuals, potentially limiting research and clinical utility. One factor that might contribute to this variability is the level of cortical inhibition at the time of stimulation. The alpha rhythm (~ 8-13 Hz) recorded with electroencephalography (EEG) is thought to reflect pulsatile cortical inhibition; therefore, targeting non-invasive brain stimulation to particular phases of the alpha rhythm may provide an approach to enhance plasticity induction. Transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) has been shown to entrain cortical oscillations in a frequency-specific manner. We investigated whether the neuroplastic response to continuous theta burst stimulation (cTBS) was enhanced by timing bursts of stimuli to the peak or the trough of a tACS-imposed alpha rhythm. While motor evoked potentials (MEPs) were unaffected when cTBS was applied in-phase with the peak of the tACS-imposed oscillation, MEP depression was enhanced when cTBS was applied in-phase with the trough. This enhanced MEP depression was dependent on the individual peak frequency of the endogenous alpha rhythm recorded with EEG prior to stimulation, and was strongest in those participants classified as non-responders to standard cTBS. These findings suggest that tACS may be used in combination with cTBS to enhance the plasticity response. Furthermore, the peak frequency of endogenous alpha, as measured with EEG, may be used as a simple marker to pre-select those individuals likely to benefit from this approach.

  14. Gas-solid carbonation as a current alternative origin for carbonates in Martian regolith (United States)

    Garenne, A.; Montes-Hernandez, G.; Beck, P.; Schmitt, B.; Brissaud, O.


    Carbonates are abundant sedimentary minerals at the surface and sub-surface of Earth and they have been proposed as tracers of liquid water in extraterrestrial environments (e.g. at Mars surface). Its formation mechanism is since generally associated with aqueous alteration processes. Recently, carbonates minerals have been discovered on Mars surface by different orbital or rovers missions. In particular, the phoenix mission has measured from 1 to 5% of calcium carbonate (calcite type). These occurrences have been reported in area were the relative humidity is significantly high (Boynton et al., 2009). The small concentration of carbonates suggests an alternative process than carbonation in aqueous conditions. Such an observation might rather point toward a possible formation mechanism by dust-gas reaction under current Martian conditions. For this reason, in the present study, we designed an experimental setup consisting of an infrared microscope coupled to a cryogenic reaction cell (IR-CryoCell setup) in order to investigate the gas-solid carbonation of three different mineral precursors for carbonates (Ca and Mg hydroxides, and a hydrated Ca silicate formed from Ca2SiO4) at low temperature (from -10 to 25°C) and at reduced CO2 pressure (from 100 to 1000 mbar). These mineral materials are crucial precursors to form respective Ca and Mg carbonates in humid environments (0 < relative humidity < 100%) at dust-CO2 or dust-water ice-CO2 interfaces. The results have revealed a significant and fast carbonation process for Ca hydroxide and hydrated Ca silicate. Conversely, slight carbonation process was observed for Mg hydroxide. These results suggest that gas-solid carbonation process or carbonate formation at the dust-water ice-CO2 interfaces could be a currently active Mars surface process. We note that the carbonation process at low temperature (<0°C) described in the present study could also have important implications on the dust-water ice-CO2 interactions in

  15. Influence of a Transverse Electric Field on the Alternating Currents Rectification Effect in Superstructures with Non-additive Energy Spectrum

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    V.I. Konchenkov


    Full Text Available It is investigated the effect of mutual rectification of alternating currents, induced by an electric field of two uniformly polarized electromagnetic waves with different frequencies in two-dimensional superlattice with non-additive energy spectrum under the influence of a constant transverse electric field. The possibility of control of constant component of electric current (amplification, change of sign, suppression by the transverse electric field is shown. The abilities of the practical use of the results are discussed.

  16. Characterization of an electrochemical mercury sensor using alternating current, cyclic, square wave and differential pulse voltammetry

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Guerreiro, Gabriela V.; Zaitouna, Anita J.; Lai, Rebecca Y., E-mail:


    Graphical abstract: -- Highlights: •An electrochemical Hg(II) sensor based on T–Hg(II)–T sensing motif was fabricated. •A methylene blue-modified DNA probe was used to fabricate the sensor. •Sensor performance was evaluated using ACV, CV, SWV, and DPV. •The sensor behaves as a “signal-off” sensor in ACV and CV. •The sensor behaves as either a “signal-on” or “signal-off” sensor in SWV and DPV. -- Abstract: Here we report the characterization of an electrochemical mercury (Hg{sup 2+}) sensor constructed with a methylene blue (MB)-modified and thymine-containing linear DNA probe. Similar to the linear probe electrochemical DNA sensor, the resultant sensor behaved as a “signal-off” sensor in alternating current voltammetry and cyclic voltammetry. However, depending on the applied frequency or pulse width, the sensor can behave as either a “signal-off” or “signal-on” sensor in square wave voltammetry (SWV) and differential pulse voltammetry (DPV). In SWV, the sensor showed “signal-on” behavior at low frequencies and “signal-off” behavior at high frequencies. In DPV, the sensor showed “signal-off” behavior at short pulse widths and “signal-on” behavior at long pulse widths. Independent of the sensor interrogation technique, the limit of detection was found to be 10 nM, with a linear dynamic range between 10 nM and 500 nM. In addition, the sensor responded to Hg{sup 2+} rather rapidly; majority of the signal change occurred in <20 min. Overall, the sensor retains all the characteristics of this class of sensors; it is reagentless, reusable, sensitive, specific and selective. This study also highlights the feasibility of using a MB-modified probe for real-time sensing of Hg{sup 2+}, which has not been previously reported. More importantly, the observed “switching” behavior in SWV and DPV is potentially generalizable and should be applicable to most sensors in this class of dynamics-based electrochemical biosensors.

  17. Sustained diffusive alternating current gliding arc discharge in atmospheric pressure air

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Zhu, Jiajian; Gao, Jinlong; Li, Zhongshan


    Rapid transition from glow discharge to thermal arc has been a common problem in generating stable high-power non-thermal plasmas especially at ambient conditions. A sustained diffusive gliding arc discharge was generated in a large volume in atmospheric pressure air, driven by an alternating...

  18. Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Rural Communities: Current Research and Future Directions (United States)

    Wardle, Jon; Lui, Chi-Wai; Adams, Jon


    Contexts: The consumption of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in rural areas is a significant contemporary health care issue. An understanding of CAM use in rural health can provide a new perspective on health beliefs and practice as well as on some of the core service delivery issues facing rural health care generally. Purpose: This…

  19. Study for the electric arc of alternative current at the single phase welding machine using the Matlab/Simulink environment (United States)

    Baciu, I.; Ghiormez, L.; Vasar, C.


    In this paper is presented a mathematical model of the electric arc for an alternative current welding machine of low power. The electric arc model is based on dividing the voltage-current characteristic of the electric arc in many functioning zones. For the model of the entire welding machine are used real parameters as the ones of the proper welding machine. The voltage and current harmonics spectrum that is obtained during the welding process is presented. Also, the waveforms for the current and voltage of the electric arc plotted against time and the voltage-current characteristic of the electric arc are illustrated. The electric arc is considered as being supplied by alternative voltage from the electrical power network using a single phase transformer which has the output voltage of 80 volts. The model of the welding machine is developed in Simulink and the variations of some parameters of the electric arc are obtained by modifying of them in a Matlab function. Also, in this paper is presented the total harmonic distortion for the voltage and current of the electric arc obtained during simulation of the welding machine.

  20. Alternative (non-animal) methods for cosmetics testing: current status and future prospects-2010

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Adler, Sarah; Basketter, David; Creton, Stuart


    The 7th amendment to the EU Cosmetics Directive prohibits to put animal-tested cosmetics on the market in Europe after 2013. In that context, the European Commission invited stakeholder bodies (industry, non-governmental organisations, EU Member States, and the Commission's Scientific Committee...... methods would not be available in time. The selected experts were asked to analyse the status and prospects of alternative methods and to provide a scientifically sound estimate of the time necessary to achieve full replacement of animal testing. In summary, the experts confirmed that it will take...... on Consumer Safety) to identify scientific experts in five toxicological areas, i.e. toxicokinetics, repeated dose toxicity, carcinogenicity, skin sensitisation, and reproductive toxicity for which the Directive foresees that the 2013 deadline could be further extended in case alternative and validated...

  1. The impact of current alternative herbal remedies on dental patient management. (United States)

    Karimi, K


    With the recent boom in holistic and herbal medicine and an ever-growing trend among the general population to refer to herbal remedies as an alternative to traditional pharmaceutical therapies, dental health care providers must be aware of the wide consumption of such products and understand their nature. It becomes imperative, therefore, to include questions regarding the use of herbal preparations as a matter of routine in the patient's drug history, since this may impact a safe dental patient care delivery.

  2. How a charge conserving alternative to Maxwells displacement current entails a Darwin like approximation to the solutions of Maxwells equations

    CERN Document Server

    Wolsky, Alan M


    Though sufficient for local conservation of charge, Maxwells displacement current is not necessary. An alternative to the Ampere-Maxwell equation is exhibited and the alternatives electric and magnetic fields and scalar and vector potentials are expressed in terms of the charge and current densities. The magnetic field is shown to satisfy the Biot_Savart Law. The electric field is shown to be the sum of the gradient of a scalar potential and the time derivative of a vector potential which is different from but just as tractable as the simplest vector potential that yields the Biot_Savart Law The alternative describes a theory in which action is instantaneous and so may provide a good approximation to Maxwells equations where and when the finite speed of light can be neglected. The result recalls the Darwin approximation which arose from the study classical charged point particles to order (v/c)2 in the Lagrangian. Unlike Darwin, this approach does not depend on the constitution of the electric current. Instea...

  3. Choice Of Input Data Type Of Artificial Neural Network To Detect Faults In Alternative Current Systems

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    T. Benslimane


    Full Text Available This paper present a study on different input data types of ANN used to detect faults such as over-voltage in AC systems (AC network , induction motor. The input data of ANN are AC voltage and current. In no fault condition, voltage and current are sinusoidal. The input data of the ANN may be the instantaneous values of voltage and current, their RMS values or their average values after been rectified. In this paper we presented different characteristics of each one of these data. A digital software C++ simulation program was developed and simulation results were presented.

  4. Study of criterion for assuring the effectiveness of cathodic protection of buried steel pipelines being interfered with alternative current

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    He, X.; Jiang, G.; Qiu, Y.; Tang, H. [College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan (China); Zhang, G.; Jin, X.; Xiang, Z. [Huazhong Natural Gas Subsidiary of PetroChina Pipeline Company, Wuhan (China); Zhang, Z. [Dwell Company Limited, PetroChina Engineering Company, Ltd, Beijing (China)


    Interference of alternative current (AC) on corrosion of X65 steel was investigated in soil. It was observed that the unfavorable effect of interfering AC was able to be effectively inhibited by increasing the direct current density of the cathodic protection (CP) system. A clear correlation was established between the CP current density and the tolerable AC current density. This led to a new criterion for assuring the effectiveness of CP of buried pipelines being interfered with AC. Field experimental results on a buried pipeline running below a 500 kV transmission line showed that the criterion could satisfactorily predict the risk of AC interfering on the CP system. (Copyright copyright 2012 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH and Co. KGaA, Weinheim)

  5. Alternating current for the West; Un courant alternatif pour le grand ouest

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    In the framework of the reactor EPR construction in the Manche, the authors wonder on the pertinence of this energy choice for the economy and the environment of the West France. They show that there is an alternative to this choice. In a first part a state of the situation concerning the electricity supply and demand in the region is detailed. Then from the local potential of renewable electric power production and the electricity conservation, they propose many concrete actions. (A.L.B.)

  6. Overview of Alternative Bunching and Current-shaping Techniques for Low-Energy Electron Beams

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Piot, Philippe [Northern Illinois U.


    Techniques to bunch or shape an electron beam at low energies (E <15 MeV) have important implications toward the realization of table-top radiation sources [1] or to the design of compact multi-user free-electron lasers[2]. This paper provides an overview of alternative methods recently developed including techniques such as wakefield-based bunching, space-charge-driven microbunching via wave-breaking [3], ab-initio shaping of the electron-emission process [4], and phase space exchangers. Practical applications of some of these methods to foreseen free-electron-laser configurations are also briefly discussed [5].

  7. Regional economic effects of current and proposed management alternatives for Sand Lake National Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This report first provides a description of the local community and economy near Sand Lake NWR. An analysis of current and proposed management strategies that could...

  8. An alternative explanation for the occurrence of short circuit current increases in the small intestine following challenge by bacterial enterotoxins. (United States)

    Lucas, M L


    Secretory diarrhoeal disease due to enterotoxins is thought to arise from the enhancement to pathologically high rates of normally occurring chloride ion and therefore fluid secretion from enterocytes. In support of this concept, many enterotoxins increase intestinal short-circuit current, regarded now as faithfully reflecting the increased chloride ion secretion. Contradicting this assumption, STa reduces absorption but does not cause secretion in vivo although short-circuit current is increased in vitro. There is therefore a mismatch between an assumed enterocyte mediated secretory event that should but does not cause net fluid secretion and an undoubtedly increased short-circuit current. It is proposed here that short-circuit current increases are not themselves secretory events but result from interrupted fluid absorption. A noteworthy feature of compounds that inhibit the increase in short-circuit current is that the majority are vasoactive, neuroactive or both. In general, vasodilator substances increase current. An alternative hypothesis for the origin of short-circuit current increases is that these result from reflex induction of electrogenic fluid absorption. This reflex enhances a compensatory response that is also present at a cellular level. An intestinal reflex is therefore proposed by which decreases in interstitial and intravascular volume or pressure within the intestine initiate an electrogenic fluid absorption mechanism that compensates for the loss of electrically neutral fluid absorption. This hypothesis would explain the apparently complex pharmacology of short-circuit current increases since many depressor substances have receptors in common with enterocytes and enteric nerves. The proposed alternative view of the origin of short-circuit current increases assumes that these do not represent chloride secretion from the enterocytes. This view may therefore aid the successful development of anti-diarrhoeal drugs to overcome a major cause of

  9. Assessing the Liquidity of Firms: Robust Neural Network Regression as an Alternative to the Current Ratio (United States)

    de Andrés, Javier; Landajo, Manuel; Lorca, Pedro; Labra, Jose; Ordóñez, Patricia

    Artificial neural networks have proven to be useful tools for solving financial analysis problems such as financial distress prediction and audit risk assessment. In this paper we focus on the performance of robust (least absolute deviation-based) neural networks on measuring liquidity of firms. The problem of learning the bivariate relationship between the components (namely, current liabilities and current assets) of the so-called current ratio is analyzed, and the predictive performance of several modelling paradigms (namely, linear and log-linear regressions, classical ratios and neural networks) is compared. An empirical analysis is conducted on a representative data base from the Spanish economy. Results indicate that classical ratio models are largely inadequate as a realistic description of the studied relationship, especially when used for predictive purposes. In a number of cases, especially when the analyzed firms are microenterprises, the linear specification is improved by considering the flexible non-linear structures provided by neural networks.

  10. Determination of aniline in environmental water samples by alternating-current oscillopolarographic titration

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Jun Ping Xiao; Qing Xiang Zhou; Xiao Ke Tian; Hua Hua Bai; Xian Fa Su


    A new method for the determination of aniline in environmental water based on oscillopolarographic titration was presented in this paper.Several factors including the kind, concentration, and volume of acid, the dosage of potassium bromide, the temperature and concentration of concomitant substances were investigated in detail.The experimental results indicated that this method was simple, rapid, and sensitive.The linear range was 8.367 x 10-4 to 2.789 x 10-2 mol L-1, the relative standard deviation (R.S.D.) was lower than 0.96%, and the spiked recoveries of aniline in environmental water samples were in the range of 99.4-106.9% under the optimal conditions.The results indicated that the present method could be used as an alternative method for aniline determination in realworld water samples.

  11. Research of resisting of the biological active point for constant and alternative current

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. N. Peregudov


    Full Text Available Is conducted research of resistance of biologically active point (BAT on a direct and variable current. Research results are presented. The estimation of intercommunication between resistance of skin and by an electromagnetic radiation in BAT is done. Is shown possibility of the use of experimental information for diagnostics of the state of human to the organism.

  12. The role of augmentative and alternative communication for children with autism: current status and future trends

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Iacono T


    Full Text Available Teresa Iacono,1 David Trembath,2 Shane Erickson3 1Living with Disability Research Centre, La Trobe University, Bendigo, VIC, Australia; 2Menzies Health Institute Queensland, Griffith University, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia; 3Living with Disability Research Centre, La Trobe University, Melbourne, VIC, Australia Background: Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC interventions are used for children with autism, often as stand-alone communication interventions for those who are minimally verbal. Our aim was to synthesize the evidence for AAC interventions for children (up to 21 years, and then consider the role of AAC within established, comprehensive, evidence-based autism interventions targeting learning across multiple developmental domains.Design: We completed a systematic search of three databases (OVID Medline, PsycINFO, ERIC as well as forward citation and hand searches to identify systematic reviews of AAC intervention efficacy research including children with autism, published between 2000 and March 2016 in peer-reviewed journals. Data pertaining to the quality indicators of included studies, effect sizes for intervention outcomes, and evidence for effectiveness were extracted for descriptive analysis.Results: The search yielded 17 systematic reviews. Most provided indicators of research quality for included studies, of which only relatively few provided conclusive results. Communication targets tended to be focused on teaching children to make requests. Still, effect size measures for included studies indicated that AAC was effective to highly effective.Conclusion: There is growing evidence for the potential benefits of AAC for children with autism, but there is a need for more well-designed studies and broader, targeted outcomes. Furthermore, a lack of evidence for the role of AAC within comprehensive intervention programs may account for a tendency by autism researchers and practitioners to neglect this intervention. Attempts to

  13. Our Approach to Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis and Review of Current Treatment Alternatives

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fatih Uygur


    Full Text Available Toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN is a clinical entity which has a 30 to 40 % mortality rate, with necrolysis affecting the entire epidermis. Antibiotics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and anticonvulsants are offender drugs in TEN etiology. A standard treatment protocol with proven efficacy is still lacking. In this study, current treatment practice and our treatment strategy for TEN is discussed and eight patients treated in our clinic between the years 2001 and 2008 are reviewed.

  14. Investigating Effects of Nano- to Micro-Ampere Alternating Current Stimulation on Trichophyton rubrum Growth (United States)

    Kwon, Dong Rak; Kwon, Hyunjung; Lee, Woo Ram


    Background Fungi are eukaryotic microorganisms including yeast and molds. Many studies have focused on modifying bacterial growth, but few on fungal growth. Microcurrent electricity may stimulate fungal growth. Objective This study aims to investigate effects of microcurrent electric stimulation on Trichophyton rubrum growth. Methods Standard-sized inoculums of T. rubrum derived from a spore suspension were applied to potato dextrose cornmeal agar (PDACC) plates, gently withdrawn with a sterile pipette, and were applied to twelve PDACC plates with a sterile spreader. Twelve Petri dishes were divided into four groups. The given amperage of electric current was 500 nA, 2 µA, and 4 µA in groups A, B, and C, respectively. No electric current was given in group D. Results In the first 48 hours, colonies only appeared in groups A and B (500 nA and 2 µA exposure). Colonies in group A (500 nA) were denser. Group C (4 µA) plates showed a barely visible film of fungus after 96 hours of incubation. Fungal growth became visible after 144 hours in the control group. Conclusion Lower intensities of electric current caused faster fungal growth within the amperage range used in this study. Based on these results, further studies with a larger sample size, various fungal species, and various intensities of electric stimulation should be conducted. PMID:27746636

  15. Analysis of current and alternative phenol based RNA extraction methodologies for cyanobacteria

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lindblad Peter


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The validity and reproducibility of gene expression studies depend on the quality of extracted RNA and the degree of genomic DNA contamination. Cyanobacteria are gram-negative prokaryotes that synthesize chlorophyll a and carry out photosynthetic water oxidation. These organisms possess an extended array of secondary metabolites that impair cell lysis, presenting particular challenges when it comes to nucleic acid isolation. Therefore, we used the NHM5 strain of Nostoc punctiforme ATCC 29133 to compare and improve existing phenol based chemistry and procedures for RNA extraction. Results With this work we identify and explore strategies for improved and lower cost high quality RNA isolation from cyanobacteria. All the methods studied are suitable for RNA isolation and its use for downstream applications. We analyse different Trizol based protocols, introduce procedural changes and describe an alternative RNA extraction solution. Conclusion It was possible to improve purity of isolated RNA by modifying protocol procedures. Further improvements, both in RNA purity and experimental cost, were achieved by using a new extraction solution, PGTX.

  16. Internal heating of lithium-ion batteries using alternating current based on the heat generation model in frequency domain (United States)

    Zhang, Jianbo; Ge, Hao; Li, Zhe; Ding, Zhanming


    This study develops a method to internally preheat lithium-ion batteries at low temperatures with sinusoidal alternating current (AC). A heat generation rate model in frequency domain is developed based on the equivalent electrical circuit. Using this model as the source term, a lumped energy conservation model is adopted to predict the temperature rise. These models are validated against the experimental results of preheating an 18650 cell at different thermal insulation conditions. The effects of current amplitude and frequency on the heating rate are illustrated with a series of simulated contours of heating time. These contours indicate that the heating rate increases with higher amplitude, lower frequency and better thermal insulation. The cell subjected to an alternating current with an amplitude of 7 A (2.25 C) and a frequency of 1 Hz, under a calibrated heat transfer coefficient of 15.9 W m-2 K-1, can be heated from -20 °C to 5 °C within 15 min and the temperature distribution remains essentially uniform. No capacity loss is found after repeated AC preheating tests, indicating this method incurs little damage to the battery health. These models are computationally-efficient and can be used in real time to control the preheating devices in electric vehicles.

  17. Regional economic effects of current and proposed management alternatives for Arrowwood National Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    Koontz, Lynne; Lambert, Heather


    The National Wildlife Refuge System Improvement Act of 1997 requires all units of the National Wildlife Refuge System to be managed under a Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP). The CCP must describe the desired future conditions of a Refuge and provide long range guidance and management direction to achieve Refuge purposes. Arrowwood National Wildlife Refuge (NWR), located along the James River in east central North Dakota, is in the process of developing a range of management goals, objectives, and strategies for the CCP. The CCP for Arrowwood NWR must contain an analysis of expected effects associated with current and proposed Refuge management strategies.

  18. Regional economic effects of current and proposed management alternatives for Sand Lake National Wildlife Refuge (United States)

    Koontz, Lynne; Lambert, Heather


    The National Wildlife Refuge System Improvement Act of 1997 requires all units of the National Wildlife Refuge System to be managed under a Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP). The CCP must describe the desired future conditions of a Refuge and provide long range guidance and management direction to achieve Refuge purposes. Sand Lake National Wildlife Refuge (NWR), located 27 miles northeast of Aberdeen, South Dakota, is in the process of developing a range of management goals, objectives, and strategies for the CCP. The CCP for Sand Lake NWR must contain an analysis of expected effects associated with current and proposed Refuge management strategies.

  19. The age of alternative energies: the current status of new energy technology development

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kawaguchi, Y.


    This paper outlines Japan's Sunshine Project and presents the current status of the principal research and development programs involved. These are as follows: 1) solar energy (solar photovoltaic power generation, solar energy systems for industrial use); 2) geothermal energy (technology for geothermal exploration and excavation, hydrothermal power generation, discovery of high-temperature rock); 3) coal energy (coal liquefaction and gasification technology); 4) hydrogen energy (technology for production, transport, storage and utilization of hydrogen); 5) others (wind power and ocean thermal power generation). 7 figs., 3 tabs.

  20. Thermal Dissipation Modelling and Design of ITER PF Converter Alternating Current Busbar (United States)

    Guo, Bin; Song, Zhiquan; Fu, Peng; Jiang, Li; Li, Jinchao; Wang, Min; Dong, Lin


    Because the larger metallic surrounds are heated by the eddy current, which is generated by the AC current flowing through the AC busbar in the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) poloidal field (PF) converter system, shielding of the AC busbar is required to decrease the temperature rise of the surrounds to satisfy the design requirement. Three special types of AC busbar with natural cooling, air cooling and water cooling busbar structure have been proposed and investigated in this paper. For each cooling scheme, a 3D finite model based on the proposed structure has been developed to perform the electromagnetic and thermal analysis to predict their operation behavior. Comparing the analysis results of the three different cooling patterns, water cooling has more advantages than the other patterns and it is selected to be the thermal dissipation pattern for the AC busbar of ITER PF converter unit. The approach to qualify the suitable cooling scheme in this paper can be provided as a reference on the thermal dissipation design of AC busbar in the converter system. supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 51407179)

  1. Attributes of direct current aperiodic and alternating current harmonic components derived from large amplitude Fourier transformed voltammetry under microfluidic control in a channel electrode. (United States)

    Matthews, Sinéad M; Shiddiky, Muhammad J A; Yunus, Kamran; Elton, Darrell M; Duffy, Noel W; Gu, Yunfeng; Fisher, Adrian C; Bond, Alan M


    The flow rate dependencies of the aperiodic direct current (dc) and fundamental to eighth alternating current (ac) harmonic components derived from large-amplitude Fourier transformed ac (FT-ac) voltammetry have been evaluated in a microfluidic flow cell containing a 25 μm gold microband electrode. For the oxidation of ferrocenemethanol ([FcMeOH]/[FcMeOH](+) process) in aqueous 0.1 M KNO(3) electrolyte, standard "Levich-like" dc behavior is observed for the aperiodic dc component, which enables the diffusion coefficient for FcMeOH to be obtained. In experimental studies, the first and second ac harmonic components contain contributions from the double layer capacitance current, thereby allowing details of the non-Faradaic current to be established. In contrast, the higher order harmonics and dc aperiodic component are essentially devoid of double layer capacitance contributions allowing the faradaic current dependence on flow rate to be studied. Significantly, flow rate independent data conforming to linear diffusion controlled theory are found in the sixth and higher ac harmonics at a frequency of 15 Hz and for all ac harmonics at a frequency of ≥ 90 Hz. Analysis of FT-ac voltammograms by theory based on stationary microband or planar electrode configurations confirms that stationary microband and planar electrode configurations and experimental data all converge for the higher order harmonics and establishes that the electrode kinetics are very fast (≥1 cms(-1)). The ability to locate, from a single experiment, a dc Faradaic component displaying Levich behavior, fundamental and second harmonics that contain details of the double layer capacitance, and Faradaic ac higher order harmonic currents that are devoid of capacitance, independent of the volume flow rate and also conform closely to mass transport by planar diffusion, provides enhanced flexibility in mass transport and electrode kinetic analysis and in understanding the performance of hydrodynamic

  2. Including Alternative Resources in State Renewable Portfolio Standards: Current Design and Implementation Experience

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Heeter, J.; Bird, L.


    Currently, 29 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico have instituted a renewable portfolio standard (RPS). An RPS sets a minimum threshold for how much renewable energy must be generated in a given year. Each state policy is unique, varying in percentage targets, timetables, and eligible resources. This paper examines state experience with implementing renewable portfolio standards that include energy efficiency, thermal resources, and non-renewable energy and explores compliance experience, costs, and how states evaluate, measure, and verify energy efficiency and convert thermal energy. It aims to gain insights from the experience of states for possible federal clean energy policy as well as to share experience and lessons for state RPS implementation.

  3. Analysis of operations and cyber security policies for a system of cooperating Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System (FACTS) devices.

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Phillips, Laurence R.; Tejani, Bankim; Margulies, Jonathan; Hills, Jason L.; Richardson, Bryan T.; Baca, Micheal J.; Weiland, Laura


    Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems (FACTS) devices are installed on electric power transmission lines to stabilize and regulate power flow. Power lines protected by FACTS devices can increase power flow and better respond to contingencies. The University of Missouri Rolla (UMR) is currently working on a multi-year project to examine the potential use of multiple FACTS devices distributed over a large power system region in a cooperative arrangement in which the FACTS devices work together to optimize and stabilize the regional power system. The report describes operational and security challenges that need to be addressed to employ FACTS devices in this way and recommends references, processes, technologies, and policies to address these challenges.

  4. Silver eel migration, wind power and alternating current fields; Blankaalsvandring, vindkraft och vaexelstroemsfaelt, 2011

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lagenfelt, Ingvar; Andersson, Ingemar; Westerberg, Haakan


    How are eels affected by large offshore wind farms? The study follows the silver eels' migration and behavior at Lillgrund wind farm in Oeresund and the passage over an 130 kV AC cable between the mainland and Oeland. The aim is to see if the AC cable precludes or otherwise affects the eel's ability to reach its destination. Eels migrate up to 7500 km from the Baltic Sea to spawn in the Sargasso Sea. Every delay is of importance for the silver eels, which must be able to travel the entire distance on a single energy reserve. Fish, which make use of the earth's magnetic field for navigation or which are sensitive to electromagnetic fields, may be affected by AC cables on the seabed. The study shows that the silver eels swimming speed was reduced when there was more current in the cable and there was an average delay of 40 minutes before they passed it

  5. The effects of ultrasound and alternating current on the laser penetration in the tissue. (United States)

    Dawood, Munqith Saleem


    The visible (VIS) and near-infrared (NIR) lasers are now widely used in therapeutic and other medical applications. Some of these applications require to deliver the laser energy deep toward the desired tissue target or organ. The aim of this in vitro study is to investigate practically whether the modulation of laser energy by employing the therapeutic ultrasound or electrical energies can increase the penetration depth of the laser light inside the tissue. Such modulation was implemented in this study by coupling the (c.w.) diode and Nd:YAG laser energies with the ultrasound or AC current simultaneously as they pass through preprepared ex vivo bovine muscular tissue strips. Two wavelengths of diode lasers were used, 637 and 808 nm beside the 1064-nm Nd:YAG laser. The results showed a noticeable decrease of these laser attenuation factors as they pass through the tissue strips in the presence of the ultrasound or AC energies. By using this coupling modulation, the capability of increasing the laser penetration depths inside the tissue was confirmed without having to increase their applied power.

  6. NTM stabilization by alternating O-point EC current drive using a high-power diplexer (United States)

    Kasparek, W.; Doelman, N.; Stober, J.; Maraschek, M.; Zohm, H.; Monaco, F.; Eixenberger, H.; Klop, W.; Wagner, D.; Schubert, M.; Schütz, H.; Grünwald, G.; Plaum, B.; Munk, R.; Schlüter, K. H.; ASDEX Upgrade Team


    At the tokamak ASDEX Upgrade, experiments to stabilize neoclassical tearing modes (NTMs) by electron cyclotron (EC) heating and current drive in the O-points of the magnetic islands were performed. For the first time, injection into the O-points of the revolving islands was performed via a fast directional switch, which toggled the EC power between two launchers synchronously to the island rotation. The switching was performed by a resonant diplexer employing a sharp resonance in the transfer function, and a small frequency modulation of the feeding gyrotron around the slope of the resonance. Thus, toggling of the power between the two outputs of the diplexer connected to two articulating launchers was possible. Phasing and control of the modulation were performed via a set of Mirnov coils and appropriate signal processing. In the paper, technological issues, the design of the diplexer, the tracking of the diplexer resonance to the gyrotron frequency, the generation and processing of control signals for the gyrotron, and the typical performance concerning switching contrast and efficiency are discussed. The plasma scenario is described, and plasma experiments are presented, where the launchers scanned the region of the resonant surface continuously and also where the launchers were at a fixed position near to the q  =  1.5-surface. In the second case, complete stabilization of a 3/2 NTM could be reached. These experiments are also seen as a technical demonstration for the applicability of diplexers in large-scale ECRH systems.

  7. Direct current in the future. HVDC better than a high-voltage alternating current cable; Gelijk in de toekomst. HVDC-verbonding beter dan hoogspanningskabel met wisselstroom

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Van Velzen, T.


    For the development of a pan-European high-voltage grid the application of direct current (DC) technology is obvious. However, a series of incidents involving a link between the Netherlands and Norway raises questions about the reliability. An alternative conversion method seems more suited for a European supernetwork. DC transmission with insulated-gate bipolar transistor is the technology of the future. [Dutch] Voor de ontwikkeling van een pan-Europees hoogspanningsnet ligt toepassing van gelijkstroomtechnologie voor de hand. Een reeks incidenten met zo'n verbinding tussen Nederland en Noorwegen roept echter vragen op over de betrouwbaarheid. Een alternatieve conversietechniek lijkt echter geschikter voor een Europees supernet. Gelijkstroomtransmissie met 'insulated-gate bipolar' transistors is de techniek van de toekomst.

  8. Effects of weak transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation on brain activity – a review of known mechanisms from animal studies

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Davide eReato


    Full Text Available Rhythmic neuronal activity is ubiquitous in the human brain. These rhythms originate from a variety of different network mechanisms, which give rise to a wide-ranging spectrum of oscillation frequencies. In the last few years an increasing number of clinical research studies have explored transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS with weak current as a tool for affecting brain function. The premise of these interventions is that tACS will interact with ongoing brain oscillations. However, the exact mechanisms by which weak currents could affect neuronal oscillations at different frequency bands are not well known and this, in turn, limits the rational optimization of human experiments. Here we review the available in vitro and in vivo animal studies that attempt to provide mechanistic explanations. The findings can be summarized into a few generic principles, such as periodic modulation of excitability, shifts in spike timing, modulation of firing rate, and shifts in the balance of excitation and inhibition. These effects result from weak but simultaneous polarization of a large number of neurons. Whether this can lead to an entrainment or a modulation of brain oscillations, or whether AC currents have no effect at all, depends entirely on the specific dynamic that gives rise to the different brain rhythms, as discussed here for slow wave oscillations (~1 Hz and gamma oscillations (~30 Hz. We conclude with suggestions for further experiments to investigate the role of AC stimulation for other physiologically relevant brain rhythms.

  9. Alternating-Current InGaN/GaN Tunnel Junction Nanowire White-Light Emitting Diodes. (United States)

    Sadaf, S M; Ra, Y-H; Nguyen, H P T; Djavid, M; Mi, Z


    The current LED lighting technology relies on the use of a driver to convert alternating current (AC) to low-voltage direct current (DC) power, a resistive p-GaN contact layer to inject positive charge carriers (holes) for blue light emission, and rare-earth doped phosphors to down-convert blue photons into green/red light, which have been identified as some of the major factors limiting the device efficiency, light quality, and cost. Here, we show that multiple-active region phosphor-free InGaN nanowire white LEDs connected through a polarization engineered tunnel junction can fundamentally address the afore-described challenges. Such a p-GaN contact-free LED offers the benefit of carrier regeneration, leading to enhanced light intensity and reduced efficiency droop. Moreover, through the monolithic integration of p-GaN up and p-GaN down nanowire LED structures on the same substrate, we have demonstrated, for the first time, AC operated LEDs on a Si platform, which can operate efficiently in both polarities (positive and negative) of applied voltage.

  10. Investigation of the effects of transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) on self-paced rhythmic movements. (United States)

    Varlet, Manuel; Wade, Alanna; Novembre, Giacomo; Keller, Peter E


    Human rhythmic movements spontaneously entrain to external rhythmic stimuli. Such sensory-motor entrainment can attract movements to different tempi and enhance their efficiency, with potential clinical applications for motor rehabilitation. Here we investigate whether entrainment of self-paced rhythmic movements can be induced via transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS), which uses alternating currents to entrain spontaneous brain oscillations at specific frequencies. Participants swung a handheld pendulum at their preferred tempo with the right hand while tACS was applied over their left or right primary motor cortex at frequencies equal to their preferred tempo (Experiment 1) or in the alpha (10Hz) and beta (20Hz) ranges (Experiment 2). Given that entrainment generally occurs only if the frequency difference between two rhythms is small, stimulations were delivered at frequencies equal to participants' preferred movement tempo (≈1Hz) and ±12.5% in Experiment 1, and at 10Hz and 20Hz, and ±12.5% in Experiment 2. The comparison of participants' movement frequency, amplitude, variability, and phase synchrony with and without tACS failed to reveal entrainment or movement modifications across the two experiments. However, significant differences in stimulation-related side effects reported by participants were found between the two experiments, with phosphenes and burning sensations principally occurring in Experiment 2, and metallic tastes reported marginally more often in Experiment 1. Although other stimulation protocols may be effective, our results suggest that rhythmic movements such as pendulum swinging or locomotion that are low in goal-directedness and/or strongly driven by peripheral and mechanical constraints may not be susceptible to modulation by tACS.

  11. Alternating and direct current electrochemical studies of a wool wax-based corrosion preventive coating on aluminum alloy 2024

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Su, P.C.; Devereux, O.F. [Univ. of Connecticut, Storrs, CT (United States). Dept. of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering


    The corrosion behavior of Al 2024-T3 treated with a wool wax (lanolin)-based corrosion preventive coating in aqueous 0.5 M sodium chloride was studied using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) and direct current electrode polarization. DC measurements were modeled by three reactions: oxidation of aluminum, reduction of oxygen, and reduction of hydrogen. Alternating current behavior of untreated specimens was modeled using the Randles circuit, and that of inhibited specimens was modeled using parallel resistance-capacitance circuits representing the coating and the charge-transfer process. AC and DC estimates of the polarization resistance of coated specimens were 50 M{Omega}-cm{sup 2} and 32 M{Omega}-cm{sup 2}, respectively. AC and DC values for bare control specimens were of the order of 3 k{Omega}-cm{sup 2} and 15 k{Omega}-cm{sup 2}, respectively. The wool wax coating was found to be a very effective corrosion preventative for this alloy in the aqueous saline environment whether applied to freshly prepared surfaces or to corroded specimens removed from simulated service.

  12. Novel Method for Sizing Metallic Bottom Crack Depth Using Multi-frequency Alternating Current Potential Drop Technique

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Li Yuting


    Full Text Available Potential drop techniques are of two types: the direct current potential drop (DCPD technique and alternating current potential drop (ACPD technique, and both of them are used in nondestructive testing. ACPD, as a kind of valid method in sizing metal cracks, has been applied to evaluate metal structures. However, our review of most available approaches revealed that some improvements can be done in measuring depth of metal bottom crack by means of ACPD, such as accuracy and sensitivity of shallow crack. This paper studied a novel method which utilized the slope of voltage ratio-frequency curve to solve bottom crack depth by using a simple mathematic equation based on finite element analysis. It is found that voltage ratio varies linearly with frequency in the range of 5-15 Hz; this range is slightly higher than the equivalent frequency and lower than semi-permeable frequency. Simulation and experiment show that the novel method can measure the bottom crack depth accurately.

  13. Two-way shape memory effect and alternating current driving characteristics of a TiNi alloy spring

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    WANG Zhiguo; ZU Xiaotao


    Two-way shape memory effect (TWSME) was induced into the TiNi shape memory alloys (SMAs) spring by thermomechanical training after annealing treatment, which has promising application in micro-actuating fields. The TWSME spring can contract upon heating and extend upon cooling. The results show that there is an increase of the recovery ratio up to a maximum TWSME of 45%. During the training procedure, transformation temperatures and hysteresis were measured by different scanning calorimetry (DSC). The results show that As (reverse transformation start temperature) and Af (revere transformation finish temperature) shift to lower temperature after training. The intervals of Af-As and Ms-Mr (Ms and Mf are the martensite start and finish temperatures, respectively) increase and the heat of transformation decreases after training. The electrothermal driving characteristics of the TWSME springs were also investigated with alternating current density of 3.2-14.7 A/mm2. It is found that the time response and the maximum contraction ratio greatly depend on the magnitude of the electrical current density.

  14. Probing Electrode Heterogeneity Using Fourier-Transformed Alternating Current Voltammetry: Application to a Dual-Electrode Configuration. (United States)

    Tan, Sze-Yin; Unwin, Patrick R; Macpherson, Julie V; Zhang, Jie; Bond, Alan M


    Quantitative studies of electron transfer processes at electrode/electrolyte interfaces, originally developed for homogeneous liquid mercury or metallic electrodes, are difficult to adapt to the spatially heterogeneous nanostructured electrode materials that are now commonly used in modern electrochemistry. In this study, the impact of surface heterogeneity on Fourier-transformed alternating current voltammetry (FTACV) has been investigated theoretically under the simplest possible conditions where no overlap of diffusion layers occurs and where numerical simulations based on a 1D diffusion model are sufficient to describe the mass transport problem. Experimental data that meet these requirements can be obtained with the aqueous [Ru(NH3)6](3+/2+) redox process at a dual-electrode system comprised of electrically coupled but well-separated glassy carbon (GC) and boron-doped diamond (BDD) electrodes. Simulated and experimental FTACV data obtained with this electrode configuration, and where distinctly different heterogeneous charge transfer rate constants (k(0) values) apply at the individual GC and BDD electrode surfaces, are in excellent agreement. Principally, because of the far greater dependence of the AC current magnitude on k(0), it is straightforward with the FTACV method to resolve electrochemical heterogeneities that are ∼1-2 orders of magnitude apart, as applies in the [Ru(NH3)6](3+/2+) dual-electrode configuration experiments, without prior knowledge of the individual kinetic parameters (k(0)1 and k(0)2) or the electrode size ratio (θ1:θ2). In direct current voltammetry, a difference in k(0) of >3 orders of magnitude is required to make this distinction.

  15. Unusual dc electric fields induced by a high frequency alternating current in superconducting Nb films under a perpendicular magnetic field (United States)

    Aliev, F. G.; Levanyuk, A. P.; Villar, R.; Sierra, J. F.; Pryadun, V. V.; Awad, A.; Moshchalkov, V. V.


    We report a systematic study of dc electric fields produced by sinusoidal high frequency ac currents in Nb superconducting films subject to a constant magnetic field perpendicular to the film plane. At frequencies in the 100 kHz to MHz range appears a new rectification effect which has not been previously observed at lower frequencies. We have observed the dc electric field generated in this regime in films without intentionally created anisotropic pinning centres, i.e. plain films, both in strip geometry as in cross-shape geometry, and also in films with symmetric periodic pinning centres. The electric field appears in both directions along and transverse to the alternating current and is essentially different at opposite film sides. It depends strongly on the intensity of the magnetic field and may exceed by nearly an order of magnitude the rectified electric fields recently reported at lower frequencies (few kHz) in systems with artificially induced anisotropic vortex pinning. The effect has a non-monotonic dependence on the drive current frequency, being maximum around a few 100 kHz to MHz, and shows a complicated temperature dependence. It is found to be different in long strips and cross shape samples. In the case of films with symmetric periodic pinning centres the rectified voltage shows a lower magnitude than in plain films, and shows an interesting structure when the applied magnetic field crosses the matching fields. We are only able to put forward tentative ideas to explain this phenomenon, which irrespective of its explanation should be taken into account in experimental studies of rectification effects in superconductors.

  16. Synthetic tactile perception induced by transcranial alternating-current stimulation can substitute for natural sensory stimulus in behaving rabbits. (United States)

    Márquez-Ruiz, Javier; Ammann, Claudia; Leal-Campanario, Rocío; Ruffini, Giulio; Gruart, Agnès; Delgado-García, José M


    The use of brain-derived signals for controlling external devices has long attracted the attention from neuroscientists and engineers during last decades. Although much effort has been dedicated to establishing effective brain-to-computer communication, computer-to-brain communication feedback for "closing the loop" is now becoming a major research theme. While intracortical microstimulation of the sensory cortex has already been successfully used for this purpose, its future application in humans partly relies on the use of non-invasive brain stimulation technologies. In the present study, we explore the potential use of transcranial alternating-current stimulation (tACS) for synthetic tactile perception in alert behaving animals. More specifically, we determined the effects of tACS on sensory local field potentials (LFPs) and motor output and tested its capability for inducing tactile perception using classical eyeblink conditioning in the behaving animal. We demonstrated that tACS of the primary somatosensory cortex vibrissa area could indeed substitute natural stimuli during training in the associative learning paradigm.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    徐龙君; 刘成伦; 鲜学福


    导电高聚物及某些非晶态材料或结构无序材料等的导电性质具有分形特征,而中低变质煤属非晶态物质.用分形几何理论研究了煤的交流表观电导率与频率的关系.结果表明,煤的导电性具有分形特征,电导率与频率的关系遵从指数规律,且该指数与分形维数和Euclid维数有关.%The conductivity of high polymers or some of non-crystal materials or structural disordered materials has fractal characteristic and the medium metamorphism coal is one kind of non-crystal matters. So, the quantitative relationship between the alternating current conductivity of coal and frequency has been studied. The results show that electric conduct property of coal has fractal characteristic. The index number law could be used to describe the relationship between conductivity and frequency, and the index is correlative to the conductivity fractal dimension of coal and Eucild dimension.

  18. Evaluation of calcium alginate gel as electrode material for alternating current iontophoresis of lidocaine using excised rat skin. (United States)

    Ebisawa, Tomoko; Nakajima, Atsushi; Haida, Haruka; Wakita, Ryo; Ando, Shizuka; Yoshioka, Tomohiko; Ikoma, Toshiyuki; Tanaka, Junzo; Fukayama, Haruhisa


    Iontophoresis (IOP) is a noninvasive method of delivering medication transcutaneously through the skin. The electrodes used in this method should tightly fit to rough and irregular surfaces and be biologically safe, easy to handle and prepare, and cost-effective. To satisfy these requirements, calcium alginate gel can be a candidate electrode for IOP. Using calcium alginate gel electrodes, we examined whether lidocaine can be effectively transported across an excised rat skin by squarewave alternating current (AC) application. A squarewave AC with either a 70% or 80% duty cycle was continuously applied to 0.5% calcium alginate gel electrodes containing 10% lidocaine at 10 V and 1 kHz for 60 min. Lidocaine concentration was measured using a spectrophotometer and the temperature of the gel was determined. The lidocaine concentrations for AC-IOP at the 70% and 80% duty cycles were significantly higher than that without AC-IOP. Furthermore, the group with the 80% duty cycle showed higher lidocaine concentrations than the group with the 70% duty cycle. The temperatures of all the groups were lower than 28 °C throughout the procedure. In conclusion, the calcium alginate gel can be used as a possible matrix for IOP electrodes.

  19. Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation in Patients with Chronic Disorder of Consciousness: A Possible Way to Cut the Diagnostic Gordian Knot? (United States)

    Naro, Antonino; Bramanti, Placido; Leo, Antonino; Russo, Margherita; Calabrò, Rocco Salvatore


    Unresponsive wakefulness syndrome (UWS) is a chronic disorder of consciousness (DOC) characterized by a lack of awareness and purposeful motor behaviors, owing to an extensive brain connectivity impairment. Nevertheless, some UWS patients may retain residual brain connectivity patterns, which may sustain a covert awareness, namely functional locked-in syndrome (fLIS). We evaluated the possibility of bringing to light such residual neural networks using a non-invasive neurostimulation protocol. To this end, we enrolled 15 healthy individuals and 26 DOC patients (minimally conscious state-MCS- and UWS), who underwent a γ-band transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) over the right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. We measured the effects of tACS on power and partial-directed coherence within local and long-range cortical networks, before and after the protocol application. tACS was able to specifically modulate large-scale cortical effective connectivity and excitability in all the MCS participants and some UWS patients, who could be, therefore, considered as suffering from fLIS. Hence, tACS could be a useful approach in supporting a DOC differential diagnosis, depending on the level of preservation of the cortical large-scale effective connectivity.

  20. Compositionally graded Fe(1-x)-Pt(x) nanowires produced by alternating current electrodeposition into alumina templates (United States)

    Fardi-Ilkhchy, Ali; Nasirpouri, Farzad; Bran, Cristina; Vázquez, Manuel


    Fe(1-x)-Pt(x) (0length) were fabricated by alternating current (AC) electrodeposition into nanoporous aluminum oxide templates through a systematic approach. The effect of AC electrodeposition parameters such as frequency, voltage and electrolyte concentration on morphology and chemical composition of Fe-Pt alloy nanowires was studied. Based on experimental data, AC sine wave deposition at an intermediate voltage of 12 Vrms and a frequency of 50 Hz, produces nanowires with nearly stoichiometric composition (Fe42Pt58) and a reasonably good uniformity of pore filling. However, there is a gradual change of composition in Fe-Pt alloy nanowires along the length under certain AC parameters. The observed dependency of alloy composition on the deposition voltage and frequency of AC electrodeposition is explained by an interplay between reduction potentials and diffusion coefficients of Fe and Pt ions which makes FePt system able to access compositionally graded nanowires. Magnetic measurements of nanowires of as-deposited nanowires confirm that maximum coercivity of 1.55 kOe is observed for nearly stoichiometric composition which increases up to 1.81 kOe after thermal annealing at 550 °C.

  1. Alternating current characterization of nano-Pt(II) octaethylporphyrin (PtOEP) thin film as a new organic semiconductor (United States)

    M, Dongol; M, M. El-Nahass; A, El-Denglawey; A, A. Abuelwafa; T, Soga


    Alternating current (AC) conductivity and dielectric properties of thermally evaporated Au/PtOEP/Au thin films are investigated each as a function of temperature (303 K-473 K) and frequency (50 Hz-5 MHz). The frequency dependence of AC conductivity follows the Jonscher universal dynamic law. The AC-activation energies are determined at different frequencies. It is found that the correlated barrier hopping (CBH) model is the dominant conduction mechanism. The variation of the frequency exponent s with temperature is analyzed in terms of the CBH model. Coulombic barrier height W m , hopping distance R ω , and the density of localized states N(E F) are valued at different frequencies. Dielectric constant ɛ 1(ω,T) and dielectric loss ɛ 2(ω,T) are discussed in terms of the dielectric polarization process. The dielectric modulus shows the non-Debye relaxation in the material. The extracted relaxation time by using the imaginary part of modulus (M″) is found to follow the Arrhenius law.

  2. Effect of Low-Frequency Alternative-Current Magnetic Susceptibility in Ni80Fe20 Thin Films

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yuan-Tsung Chen


    Full Text Available X-ray diffraction (XRD results indicate that the NiFe thin films had a face-centered cubic (FCC structure. Post-annealing treatment increased the crystallinity of NiFe films over those at room temperature (RT, suggesting that NiFe crystallization yields FCC (111 texturing. Post-annealing treatments increase crystallinity over that obtained at RT. This paper focuses on the maximum alternative-current magnetic susceptibility (χac value of NiFe thin films with resonance frequency (fres at low frequencies from 10 Hz to 25000 Hz. These results demonstrate that the χac of NiFe thin films increased with post-annealing treatment and increasing thickness. The NiFe (111 texture suggests that the relationship between magneto-crystalline anisotropy and the maximum χac value with optimal resonance frequency (fres increased spin sensitivity at optimal fres. The results obtained under the three conditions revealed that the maximum χac value and optimal fres of a 1000 Å-thick NiFe thin film are 3.45 Hz and 500 Hz, respectively, following postannealing at TA=250°C for 1 h. This suggests that a 1000 Å NiFe thin film post-annealed at TA=250°C is suitable for gauge sensor and transformer applications at low frequencies.

  3. Comparison of atmospheric air plasmas excited by high-voltage nanosecond pulsed discharge and sinusoidal alternating current discharge (United States)

    Zhang, Shuai; Wang, Wen-chun; Jiang, Peng-chao; Yang, De-zheng; Jia, Li; Wang, Sen


    In this paper, atmospheric pressure air discharge plasma in quartz tube is excited by 15 ns high-voltage nanosecond pulsed discharge (HVNPD) and sinusoidal alternating current discharge (SACD), respectively, and a comparison study of these two kinds of discharges is made through visual imaging, electrical characterization, optical detection of active species, and plasma gas temperature. The peak voltage of the power supplies is kept at 16 kV while the pulse repetition rate of nanosecond pulse power supply is 100 Hz, and the frequency of sinusoidal power supply is 10 kHz. Results show that the HVNPD is uniform while the SACD presents filamentary mode. For exciting the same cycles of discharge, the average energy consumption in HVNPD is about 1/13 of the SACD. However, the chemical active species generated by the HVNPD is about 2-9 times than that excited by the SACD. Meanwhile, the rotational and vibrational temperatures have been obtained via fitting the simulated spectrum of N2 (C3Πu → B3Πg, 0-2) with the measured one, and the results show that the plasma gas temperature in the HVNPD remains close to room temperature whereas the plasma gas temperature in the SACD is about 200 K higher than that in HVNPD in the initial phase and continually increases as discharge exposure time goes on.

  4. Alternating Current-Dielectrophoresis Collection and Chaining of Phytoplankton on Chip: Comparison of Individual Species and Artificial Communities

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Coralie Siebman


    Full Text Available The capability of alternating current (AC dielectrophoresis (DEP for on-chip capture and chaining of the three species representative of freshwater phytoplankton was evaluated. The effects of the AC field intensity, frequency and duration on the chaining efficiency and chain lengths of green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. and diatom Cyclotella meneghiniana were characterized systematically. C. reinhardtii showed an increase of the chaining efficiency from 100 Hz to 500 kHz at all field intensities; C. meneghiniana presented a decrease of chaining efficiency from 100 Hz to 1 kHz followed by a significant increase from 1 kHz to 500 kHz, while Synechocystis sp. exhibited low chaining tendency at all frequencies and all field intensities. The experimentally-determined DEP response and cell alignment of each microorganism were in agreement with their effective polarizability. Mixtures of cells in equal proportion or 10-times excess of Synechocystis sp. showed important differences in terms of chaining efficiency and length of the chains compared with the results obtained when the cells were alone in suspension. While a constant degree of chaining was observed with the mixture of C. reinhardtii and C. meneghiniana, the presence of Synechocystis sp. in each mixture suppressed the formation of chains for the two other phytoplankton species. All of these results prove the potential of DEP to discriminate different phytoplankton species depending on their effective polarizability and to enable their manipulation, such as specific collection or separation in freshwater.

  5. Heating ability of La-Sr-Mn-Cu perovskite spheres under an alternating current magnetic field for magnetic hyperthermia mediators

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Horiki, Mayumi [Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University, 2-1 Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka 565-0871 (Japan); Nakagawa, Takashi, E-mail: [Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University, 2-1 Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka 565-0871 (Japan); Seino, Satoshi; Yamamoto, Takao A. [Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University, 2-1 Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka 565-0871 (Japan)


    La{sub 0.666}Sr{sub 0.373}Mn{sub 0.943}Cu{sub 0.018}O{sub 3} spheres (average diameter: 2.4 mm) were used as magnetic hyperthermia mediators. They were prepared by the polymerized complex method and alginate gelation. A starch paste containing nine such spheres (0.1034 g) was maintained at a constant temperature when it was exposed to an alternating current magnetic field (frequency: 1 MHz; magnetic field strength: 20-55 Oe-rms). After exposure to a magnetic field with a field strength of 55 Oe-rms for 60 min, a temperature of T{sub 60}=73.5 Degree-Sign C was obtained. T{sub 60} for field strengths of 40 and 55 Oe-rms differed by only 2.6 Degree-Sign C. La{sub 0.666}Sr{sub 0.373}Mn{sub 0.943}Cu{sub 0.018}O{sub 3} spheres satisfy the following important requirements for heating mediators: their amount can be controlled in tumors, their temperature can be controlled without monitoring, and their heating ability is independent of the field strength and direction. Thus, La{sub 0.666}Sr{sub 0.373}Mn{sub 0.943}Cu{sub 0.018}O{sub 3} spheres are promising heating mediators for inducing magnetic hyperthermia. - Highlights: Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer We prepared La-Sr-Mn-Cu perovskite spheres used as magnetic hyperthermia mediators. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer Our perovskite spheres were maintained at a constant temperature under AC field. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer The heating ability is independent of the field strength and direction.

  6. Transcorneal alternating current stimulation after severe axon damage in rats results in "long-term silent survivor" neurons. (United States)

    Henrich-Noack, Petra; Lazik, Stefanie; Sergeeva, Elena; Wagner, Sebastian; Voigt, Nadine; Prilloff, Sylvia; Fedorov, Anton; Sabel, Bernhard A


    Transcorneal alternating current stimulation (tACS) was proposed to decrease acute death of retinal ganglion cells after optic nerve transection in rats, but it is not known if cell survival is long-term and associated with functional restoration. We therefore evaluated the effects of tACS in a rat model of optic nerve crush using anatomical, electrophysiological and behavioural measures. Rats were trained in a brightness discrimination visual task and the retinal ganglion cell number was quantified with in vivo confocal neuroimaging. Thereafter, severe optic nerve crush or sham crush was performed and rats were treated under anaesthesia either with tACS or sham stimulation immediately after the lesion and on day 3, 7, 11, 15, 19 and 23. Brightness discrimination was evaluated for 6 weeks and retinal ganglion cells were counted in vivo on post-crush days 7 and 28. In additional rats we studied the influence of tACS on bioelectrical activity. On post-lesion day 28, the tACS-treated group showed a neuronal survival of 28.2% which was significantly greater than in sham operates (8.6%). All animals with optic nerve crush were significantly impaired in brightness discrimination and did not recover performance, irrespective to which group they belonged. In accordance with this, there was no significant influence of the stimulation on EEG power spectra. In conclusion, tACS induced long-term neuronal protection from delayed retrograde cell death, but in this case of severe axonal damage tACS did not influence functional restoration and EEG signals recorded over the visual cortex.

  7. Palm oil production in Peruvian Amazon Basin. A case study of current effects and emerging localized alternatives in Loreto district


    Jensen, Charlotte Bratberget


    An analysis of palm oil production in the Peruvian Amazon basin was carried out in a systemic way, as part of a whole, with its complexities. With an agroecological perspective, the social, ecological and economic effects of this production are discussed. Additionally, alternatives that could better fulfil the necessities of farmers were explored. The oil palm, Elaeis guineensis, originally from West Africa, is a common plant in an enormous industry that is extensive in South East Asia, ma...

  8. High Voltage Resistive Divider Based on Cast Microwire in Glass Insulation on 6–24 kV Alternating Current of Commercial Frequency.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juravleov A.


    Full Text Available It is presented the analysis and description of the construction of the high voltage resistive divider on the base of cast microwire in glass insulation on 6–24 kV alternating current of commercial frequency. It is presented the procedure of compensation of frequency error during the process of fabrication of divides and results of tests of the sample model of the divider as well.

  9. Why Current Doppler Ultrasound Methodology Is Inaccurate in Assessing Cerebral Venous Return: The Alternative of the Ultrasonic Jugular Venous Pulse

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Paolo Zamboni


    Full Text Available Assessment of cerebral venous return is growing interest for potential application in clinical practice. Doppler ultrasound (DUS was used as a screening tool. However, three meta-analyses of qualitative DUS protocol demonstrate a big heterogeneity among studies. In an attempt to improve accuracy, several authors alternatively measured the flow rate, based on the product of the time average velocity with the cross-sectional area (CSA. However, also the quantification protocols lacked of the necessary accuracy. The reasons are as follows: (a automatic measurement of the CSA assimilates the jugular to a circle, while it is elliptical; (b the use of just a single CSA value in a pulsatile vessel is inaccurate; (c time average velocity assessment can be applied only in laminar flow. Finally, the tutorial describes alternative ultrasound calculation of flow based on the Womersley method, which takes into account the variation of the jugular CSA overtime. In the near future, it will be possible to synchronize the electrocardiogram with the brain inflow (carotid distension wave and with the outflow (jugular venous pulse in order to nicely have a noninvasive ultrasound picture of the brain-heart axis. US jugular venous pulse may have potential use in neurovascular, neurocognitive, neurosensorial, and neurodegenerative disorders.

  10. Why Current Doppler Ultrasound Methodology Is Inaccurate in Assessing Cerebral Venous Return: The Alternative of the Ultrasonic Jugular Venous Pulse. (United States)

    Zamboni, Paolo


    Assessment of cerebral venous return is growing interest for potential application in clinical practice. Doppler ultrasound (DUS) was used as a screening tool. However, three meta-analyses of qualitative DUS protocol demonstrate a big heterogeneity among studies. In an attempt to improve accuracy, several authors alternatively measured the flow rate, based on the product of the time average velocity with the cross-sectional area (CSA). However, also the quantification protocols lacked of the necessary accuracy. The reasons are as follows: (a) automatic measurement of the CSA assimilates the jugular to a circle, while it is elliptical; (b) the use of just a single CSA value in a pulsatile vessel is inaccurate; (c) time average velocity assessment can be applied only in laminar flow. Finally, the tutorial describes alternative ultrasound calculation of flow based on the Womersley method, which takes into account the variation of the jugular CSA overtime. In the near future, it will be possible to synchronize the electrocardiogram with the brain inflow (carotid distension wave) and with the outflow (jugular venous pulse) in order to nicely have a noninvasive ultrasound picture of the brain-heart axis. US jugular venous pulse may have potential use in neurovascular, neurocognitive, neurosensorial, and neurodegenerative disorders.

  11. 金属管道交流腐蚀研究新进展%New progress in studying alternating current corrosion on metal pipelines

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李自力; 杨燕


    交流腐蚀对金属管道的危害不容忽视,交流电不仅可以通过杂散电流的形式对金属管道造成腐蚀危害,还可以通过感应使金属管道中产生交流电流,形成交流干扰破坏.分别从交流腐蚀的实验研究、理论分析及腐蚀机理角度,对近年来国内外开展的交流腐蚀研究进行系统综述.实验证明交流电不仅能加速金属的腐蚀,破坏金属表面的钝化膜,诱发点蚀,还能造成阴极保护系统的阴极保护电流激增,保护电位严重波动,甚至引起牺牲阳极极性逆转等危害.交流腐蚀的机理十分复杂,人们试图通过理论分析和实验归纳对这一复杂行为进行解释,形成了几类较为典型的腐蚀机理假说.虽然交流腐蚀的研究已有百年的历史,但仍存在许多难点问题亟待解决,通过对目前研究中存在的重点问题进行探讨,展望这一领域的研究前景及发展趋势,为相关领域的研究人员提供新思路.%A damage caused by alternating current (AC) corrosion on buried metal pipelines can not be ignored because alternating current may not only result in corrosion on metal pipelines through stray current but also generate an alternating electric current within metal pipelines by induction, which creates alternating current interference. Moreover, risks of AC corrosion or overprotec-tion on buried metal pipelines are increasing with the increase of laying coated pipelines in proximity to AC powered rail transit systems or high voltage AC power transmission lines. Here we made a systematic review on AC corrosion researches of recent years in terms of the experimental study, theoretical analysis and corrosion mechanism, respectively. It is generally believed that a higher alternating current could lead to a higher risk of AC corrosion. The results of laboratory experiments on the influence of AC interference show that an alternating electric current can not only accelerate metal corrosion, destroy the

  12. Inflight Microbial Monitoring - An Alternative Method to Culture Based Detection Currently Used on the International Space Station (United States)

    Khodadad, Christina L.; Birmele, Michele N.; Hummerick, Mary E.; Roman, Monsi; Smith, David J.


    Microorganisms including potential human pathogens have been detected on the International Space Station (ISS). The potential to introduce new microorganisms occurs with every exchange of crew or addition of equipment or supplies. Current microbial monitoring methods require enrichment of microorganisms and a 48-hour incubation time resulting in an increase in microbial load, detecting a limited number of unidentified microorganisms. An expedient, low-cost, in-flight method of microbial detection, identification, and enumeration is warranted.

  13. Analysis of the Alternating-current Circuits with Matlab%利用Matlab分析交流电路

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    陆朝华; 蓝海江


    探讨利用Matlab软件辅助分析交流电路的方法。以Matlab软件为辅助工具,具体分析了动态电路、正弦稳态电路及非正弦交流电路。结果表明,利用Matlab软件辅助分析交流电路问题,逻辑清晰、程序简短、结果精确。因此,Matlab软件是分析和研究电路的有效工具。%By using Matlab software,the aided analysis method of alternating-current(AC) circuits was explored.Taking Matlab software as aids,the dynamic circuit,sinusoidal steady state circuit and non-sinusoidal AC circuit were discussed.The results show that,it has such features: a clear logic,a short program and an accurate result,which analyzing the problems of AC circuits on using Matlab software.Therefore,the Matlab software is an effective tool for analyzing and researching AC circuits.

  14. Study of the underlying electrochemistry of polycrystalline gold electrodes in aqueous solution and electrocatalysis by large amplitude fourier transformed alternating current voltammetry. (United States)

    Lertanantawong, Benchaporn; O'Mullane, Anthony P; Surareungchai, Werasak; Somasundrum, Mithran; Declan Burke, L; Bond, Alan M


    Polycrystalline gold electrodes of the kind that are routinely used in analysis and catalysis in aqueous media are often regarded as exhibiting relatively simple double-layer charging/discharging and monolayer oxide formation/removal in the positive potential region. Application of the large amplitude Fourier transformed alternating current (FT-ac) voltammetric technique that allows the faradaic current contribution of fast electron-transfer processes to be emphasized in the higher harmonic components has revealed the presence of well-defined faradaic (premonolayer oxidation) processes at positive potentials in the double-layer region in acidic and basic media which are enhanced by electrochemical activation. These underlying quasi-reversible interfacial electron-transfer processes may mediate the course of electrocatalytic oxidation reactions of hydrazine, ethylene glycol, and glucose on gold electrodes in aqueous media. The observed responses support key assumptions associated with the incipient hydrous oxide adatom mediator (IHOAM) model of electrocatalysis.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    董亮; 路民旭; 杜艳霞; 姜子涛


    Alternating current (AC) corrosion on buried pipelines has drawn much attention. Current status of the researches is reviewed in this article. The understanding of AC corrosion is mentioned. Characteristics, mechanisms, and mitigations of AC corrosion and the evaluation methods for AC corrosion risk are concluded. Finally, the issues for further investigations are proposed.%综述了埋地管道交流腐蚀的研究现状,包括人们对交流腐蚀的认识过程,交流腐蚀的特征和机理,交流腐蚀风险的评价方法以及交流腐蚀的缓解措施.最后提出了埋地管道交流腐蚀有待解决的问题.

  16. Current and future prospects of integrating traditional and alternative medicine in the management of diseases in Tanzania. (United States)

    Moshi, M J


    Traditional medicine and medicinal plants, in general, continue to be a powerful source of new drugs, now contributing about 90% of the newly discovered pharmaceuticals. Traditional medicine continues to provide health coverage for over 80% of the world population, especially in the developing world. The past and the present are all full of living examples of discoveries of drugs, ranging from anticancer, antiasthma, antidiabetic, antihypertensives and many others which owe their origin to traditional medicine. The current era of HIV/AIDS is not short of contributions from traditional medicine. The recent discovery of the non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI), calanolide A, is a new addition from traditional medicine. Many more such discoveries are yet to come. While this potential is much acknowledged, little has been done in African countries, to utilize the plants that are already known and proven to be safe for use by patients. A number of plants could be widely cultivated for local industrial production of medicines and herbal nutritional supplements. There is need to ensure that what is known is made use of, for financial gain, and for improvement of the health of our people. We need to establish the necessary expertise for development of traditional medicines and deliberate efforts should be made to encourage local industrial production of traditional/herbal medicines so that cultivation may become possible and hence contribute to poverty reduction.

  17. Inflight Microbial Monitoring-An Alternative Method to Culture Based Detection Currently Used on International Space Station (United States)

    Khodadad, Christina L.; Birmele, Michele N.; Roman, Monsi; Hummerick, Mary E.; Smith, David J.; Wheeler, Raymond M.


    Previous research has shown that microorganisms and potential human pathogens have been detected on the International Space Station (ISS). The potential to introduce new microorganisms occurs with every exchange of crew or addition of equipment or supplies. Previous research has shown that microorganisms introduced to the ISS are readily transferred between crew and subsystems and back (i.e. ECLSS, environmental control and life support systems). Current microbial characterization methods require enrichment of microorganisms and a 48-hour incubation time. This increases the microbial load while detecting a limited number of microorganisms. The culture based method detects approximately 1-10% of the total organisms present and provides no identification, To identify and enumerate ISS samples requires that samples to be returned to Earth for complete analysis. Therefore, a more expedient, low-cost, in-flight method of microbial detection, identification, and enumeration is warranted. The RAZOR EX, a ruggedized, commercial off the shelf, real-time PCR field instrument was tested for its ability to detect microorganism at low concentrations within one hour. Escherichia coli, Salmonella enterica Typhimurium, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa were detected at low levels using real-time DNA amplification. Total heterotrophic counts could also be detected using a 16S gene marker that can identify up to 98% of all bacteria. To reflect viable cells found in the samples, RNA was also detectable using a modified, single-step reverse transcription reaction.

  18. Current levels and composition profiles of PBDEs and alternative flame retardants in surface sediments from the Pearl River Delta, southern China: Comparison with historical data

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chen, She-Jun [State Key Laboratory of Organic Geochemistry, Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou 510640 (China); Feng, An-Hong; He, Ming-Jing; Chen, Man-Ying [State Key Laboratory of Organic Geochemistry, Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou 510640 (China); Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049 (China); Luo, Xiao-Jun [State Key Laboratory of Organic Geochemistry, Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou 510640 (China); Mai, Bi-Xian, E-mail: [State Key Laboratory of Organic Geochemistry, Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou 510640 (China)


    Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) and alternative flame retardants were measured in surface sediments collected during 2009–2010 from the Pearl River Delta, southern China (a large manufacturing base for electronics/electrical products), to evaluate the influence of China's RoHS directive (adopted in 2006) on their environmental occurrence. The concentrations in sediments from different water systems ranged from 3.67 to 2520 ng/g (average of 17.1–588 ng/g) for PBDEs and from 0.22 to 5270 ng/g (average of 11.3–454 ng/g) for the alternative retardants. Although the PBDE levels have decreased significantly compared with those in sediments collected in 2002 in this region, the levels of alternative decabromodiphenyl ethane (DBDPE) have exceeded those of BDE209 (two predominant halogenated flame retardants (HFRs) in China) in the majority of sediments. This finding suggests a different contaminant pattern of HFRs in current sediments due to the replacement of the deca-BDE mixture with DBDPE in this region. In addition, sediment concentrations of discontinued PBDEs in the rural area are clearly elevated due to e-waste dismantling. The congener profiles of PBDEs in the current sediments (with more abundant lower-brominated congeners) differed substantially from those in 2002 and from the technical products, suggesting that biological or photolytic debromination of PBDEs may have occurred in the environment. - Highlights: ► PBDE levels in sediments have decreased substantially since China's RoHS directive. ► Contamination of novel DBDPE has exceeded that of deca-BDE in the PRD sediments. ► The congener profiles of PBDEs in the sediments have changed significantly. ► Significant biological or photolytic degradation of PBDEs may occur in the environment.

  19. Induced- and alternating-current electro-osmotic control of the diffusion layer growth in a microchannel-membrane interface device (United States)

    Park, Sinwook; Yossifon, Gilad


    The passage of an electric current through an ionic permselective medium under an applied electric field is characterized by the formation of ionic concentration gradients, which result in regions of depleted and enriched ionic concentration at opposite ends of the medium. Induced-current electro-osmosis (ICEO) and alternating-current-electro-osmosis (ACEO) are shown to control the growth of the diffusion layer (DL) which, in turn, controls the diffusion limited ion transport through the microchannel-membrane system. We fabricated and tested devices made of a Nafion membrane connecting two opposite PDMS microchannels. An interdigitated electrode array was embedded within the microchannel with various distances from the microchannel-membrane interface. The induced ICEO (floating electrodes) / ACEO (active electrodes) vortices formed at the electrode array stir the fluid and thereby suppress the growth of the DL. The intensity of the ACEO vortices is controlled by either varying the voltage amplitude or the frequency, each having its own unique effect. Enhancement of the limiting current by on-demand control of the diffusion length is of importance in on-chip electro-dialysis, desalination and preconcentration of analytes.

  20. Signal sensitivity of alternating current potential drop measurement for crack detection of conductive substrate with tunable coating materials through finite element modeling (United States)

    Sandeep Rao, Simha; Liu, Ming; Peng, Fei; Zhang, Bo; Zhao, Huijuan


    We adopt a finite element numerical modeling approach to investigate the electromagnetic coupling effect of two parallel electric conductors with tunable electric conductivity σ and magnetic permeability μ. For two parallel conductors C and S (μ C   ṡ  σ C   ≤  μ S   ṡ  σ S), we find that the shape of current density profile of conductor S is dependent on the product of μ C   ṡ  σ C, while the magnitude is determined by the AC current frequency f. On the other hand, the frequency f affects not only the shape but also the magnitude of the current density profile of conductor C. We further adopt a coplanar model to investigate the signal sensitivity of alternating current potential drop (ACPD) measurement for both surface crack and inner crack detection. We find that with modified coating materials (lower electric conductivity and higher magnetic permeability, compared with the substrate material properties), the crack detection signal sensitivity can be greatly enhanced for both the cracks within the coating and at the coating/substrate interface, where cracks are most commonly encountered in real situations.

  1. Control strategy minimizing the converter-alternating current motor losses: application to electric traction; Strategies de commande minimisant les pertes d'un ensemble convertisseur - machine alternative: application a la traction electrique

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bastiani, Ph.


    Improving the efficiency of the converter-alternating current motor system is a major task in electric traction. Global energy optimisation implies a specific approach at system scale. To reach this goal, we have chosen an algebraic method using sub-system models. To start with, a synchronous machine Park model is developed to take account magnetic saturation and iron losses. Then, an averaged model of the voltage inverter is used in order to obtain a simplified model of the losses to be implemented in our optimisation method. This is how the global model is built including losses in the synchronous machine along with the losses of the power converter. Experimental results are there to validate our approach. This study proposes a method based on algebraic formulation of the general laws to control torque. Algorithms take into account magnetic circuits saturation and power losses in both the machine and its converter. Here again, experimental results validate the algorithm on several test benches. Achieved efficiency improvement is important compared to existing usual control strategies. The proposed method can be generalised to other machine-converter systems. As a matter of fact we have extended our study to the induction machine. As a complement ti this study we have looked at the effects natural limitations of voltages and currents in the torque-speed plane. Therefore algebraic formulation of the torque-speed plane and optimisation strategies are proposed including those constraints. (author)

  2. Facts for improving the efficiency and quality of alternating current transmission systems; Facts para mejorar la eficacia y la calidad de los sistemas de transmision de corriente alterna

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Grunbaum, R.


    The power supply industry is undergoing change as a result of deregulation and political and economical detente in many parts of the world. This new market environment puts growing demands for flexibility and power quality into focus. Also, trade of electric power between countries is gaining momentum, and wind power is starting to yield serious contributions to the generation balance. With Facts (Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems), more power can be transmitted with unimpeded availability at an investment cost and time expenditure lower, or in cases even far lower than it would cost to achieve the same with more extensive grids. Also, in many cases, money can be saved on a decrease of power transmission losses. From an environmental point of view, Facts enables the transmission of power with less right-of-way impact than would otherwise be possible. Furthermore, the saving in transmission losses may well bring about a correspond decrease in need of power generation. (Author)

  3. 医学动物替代研究发展现状研究%Study on the Current Status of Medical Alternative Animal Researches

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Objective:To investigate the current status of alternative animal researches in China and thus find the problems and put forward countermeasures. Method: This study was carried out by the methods of literature search and qualitative description. The authors precisely searched the medicine databases commonly used in China ( CNKI, VIP, and Wanfang Data) using the MeSH word, title, or keyword namely"animal alternative","animal decrease" or"animal optimization", and added to find the related researches′references. Then the author included the literature regarding to the organization construction, legislation, medical education, and alternative research methods, and conducted a qualitative description. The deadline was July 20, 2015. Results:There were 219 ini-tial quotations published from 1999 to 2014, and mainly were descriptive researches. The fields of alternative ani-mal researches included skin and eye stimulating toxicology test, thermal hyperalgesia and animal model replace-ment, and etc. The information communication platform of replacement researches had established, part of teachers were in practice using the substitution principle, the related monographs had been published, but the law and regu-lation construction and validation system were lag, the cognitive of replacement researches was not optimistic, and the validation method researches were insufficient. Conclusion: The domestic alternative animal researches were insufficient and lacking of systematic construction. It should strengthen the study on alternative animal research sys-tem, focused on legislation, policy leading, medical education, talent cultivation, and research methods.%目的:了解我国动物替代研究发展现状,发现问题,提出对策。方法文献检索与定性描述法。以主题、篇名或关键词“动物替代”或“动物减少”或“动物优化”精确检索中文医学常用数据库中国知网、维普数据和万方数据库,补充查找相关研

  4. Alternative Solar Indices

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lantz, L.J.


    Possible alternative Solar Indices which could either be a perturbation from the currently defined Solar Index or possible indices based on current technologies for other media markets are discussed. An overview is given of the current project, including the logic that was utilized in defining its current structure and then alternative indices and definitions are presented and finally, recommendations are made for adopting alternative indices.

  5. 交流发光二极管热特性的模拟分析%Thermal Simulation of Alternating Current Light Emitting Diodes

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    邓辉; 陈忠; 吕毅军; 高玉琳; 朱丽虹; 陈莹亮; 林岳; 郭自泉; 王凯; 陈国龙


    由于交流发光二极管(AC-LED)在实际应用中无需交流/直流整流变压器,它的发展越来越被关注.随着器件功率的增大,芯片结温升高,对器件的光通量、光功率及寿命等产生负面影响,所以精确掌握AC-LED的温升规律就成为芯片设计的关键.运用FloEFD有限元软件进行模拟仿真1W白光AC-LED分别在直流和交变功率驱动下的瞬态热特性,结果表明在加载交变信号情况下,器件结温会以直流信号的结温为中心周期振荡,振荡的频率与输入功率频率相同,但有明显的相位移动.同时,AC-LED在不同的输入功率和频率下的结温变化显示稳态时的平均结温和结温振荡幅度都随功率的增大而线性上升,但随着频率的增大而降低.%Alternating current light emitting diodes (AC-LED) have attracted more and more attentions due to the advantage of free of alternate current (AC)/direct current (DC) converter in practical application. With the increase of input power, the rising junction temperature will have negative influence on the the luminous flux, the optical power, the lifetime and other parameters of LED. Therefore, the understanding of the principle of accurate temperature rise of AC-LED is the key to the chip design. The finite-element analysis software (FloEFD) is used to simulate the transient thermal properties of 1 W white AC-LED driven by DC and AC power respectively. The results show that the junction temperature of AC-LED driven by AC power, fluctuates periodically around that driven by DC power and the fluctuation frequency is the same as that of the input signal, but with an apparent phase shift. Meanwhile, the variation of junction temperature of AC-LED driven at different powers and frequencies shows that the average junction temperature and its fluctuation amplitude increases linearly with the input power at steady state, however, decreases with the increase of frequency.

  6. 直流控制系统对直流近区交流线路短路电流幅值的影响%Impacts of Direct Current Control System on Alternating Current Circuit Short-Circuit Current Amplitude near Direct Current Region

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    樊佳辉; 都洪基


    在故障期间良好的直流控制系统可以减少故障对电网的伤害。介绍了目前主流的直流控制系统逆变侧的结构及其主要参数,分析了控制系统的低压限流、最大触发角控制、电流放大器和换相失败预测等环节的基本结构,通过PSCAD/EMTDC软件搭建仿真模型,在故障期间分别限制不同控制环节的信号输出,研究其对短路电流幅值的影响,指出换相失败预测环节是影响直流近区交流线路短路电流幅值的直接因素,最大触发角控制和电流放大器环节间接影响短路电流幅值。%During malfunction a good direct current control system could reduce harm to grid from faults. Introduction was made to the structure of the main stream direct current control system at the side of inverter side and its major parameter at present. Analysis was made to the basic struc-ture of low-voltage current-limiting, maximum ifring angle control, current ampliifer and commutation defeating prediction etc links. The software PSCAD/EMTDC was used to construct the simulation model. During malfunction the signal outputs of different control links were limited. This paper studied its impact on the short-circuit current amplitude, and pointed out that the commutation defeating prediction link is the direct factor inlfuencing on the alternating current circuit short-circuit current amplitude near direct current region and the maximum ifring angle control and cur-rent ampliifer links indirectly affect on the short-circuit current amplitude.

  7. High-performance alternating current field-induced chromatic-stable white polymer electroluminescent devices employing a down-conversion layer

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Xia, Yingdong; Chen, Yonghua; Smith, Gregory M. [Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials, Department of Physics, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC 27105 (United States); Sun, Hengda; Yang, Dezhi [State Key Laboratory of Polymer Physics and Chemistry, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changchun 130022 (China); Nie, Wanyi; Li, Yuan; Huang, Wenxiao [Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials, Department of Physics, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC 27105 (United States); Ma, Dongge [State Key Laboratory of Polymer Physics and Chemistry, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changchun 130022 (China); Carroll, David L., E-mail: [Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials, Department of Physics, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC 27105 (United States)


    In this work, a high-performance alternating current (AC) filed-induced chromatic-stable white polymer electroluminescence (WFIPEL) device was fabricated by combining a fluorophor Poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene) (PFO)-based blue device with a yellow down-conversion layer (YAG:Ce). A maximum luminance of this down-conversion FIPEL device achieves 3230 cd m{sup −2}, which is 1.41 times higher than the device without the down-conversion layer. A maximum current efficiency and power efficiency of the down-conversion WFIPEL device reach 19.7 cd A{sup −1} at 3050 cd m{sup −2} and 5.37 lm W{sup −1} at 2310 cd m{sup −2} respectively. To the best of our knowledge, the power efficiency is one of the highest reports for the WFIPEL up to now. Moreover, Commison Internationale de L’Eclairage (CIE) coordinates of (0.28, 0.30) is obtained by adjusting the thickness of the down-conversion layer to 30 μm and it is kept stable over the entire AC-driven voltage range. We believe that this AC-driven, down-conversion, WFIPEL device may offer an easy way towards future flat and flexible lighting sources. - Highlights: • A high-performance AC filed-induced chromatic-stable white polymer electroluminescence (WFIPEL) device was fabricated. • A maximum luminance, current efficiency, and power efficiency achieves 3230 cd m{sup −2}, 19.7 cd A{sup −1}, and 5.37 lm W{sup −1}, respectively. • The power efficiency is one of the highest reports for the WFIPEL up to now. • The EL spectrum kept very stable over the entire AC-driven voltage range.

  8. Comparison of Removal Effects in Azo Dyed Wastewater between Direct Current and Alternating Current Electrocoagulation%直流电和交流电凝聚法处理偶氮染料废水的对比研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    赵玉华; 苍晓艺; 赵首权; 金德才; 董瑞蛟


    The paper aimed to compare the different effects of removing azo dye in wastewater between direct current(DC) and alternating current(AC) electrocoagulation methods, and explored the impact of current density on the treatment effect. In this experiment, iron was served as anode, graphite column was served as cathode, the current density was changed, contrastive experiments were carried out with DC and AC electrocoagulation methods. The results showed that the removal ratio of azo dye concentration increased with the increase of the current density, when the current density was 0. 083 mA/cm2, the removal ratio of azo dye concentration arrived at 97.63%, which also removed colority, CODcr, NH3-N to a certain degree. But the treatment ability of azo dye in wastewater by AC electrocoagulation was poor, and the maximum removal ratio of azo dye concentration was only 16. 01%. Thus, DC electrocoagulation combined with electrolysis,flocculation,and other functions could treat azo dyed wastewater effectively. However, removal of azo dye from wastewater by AC electrocoagulation could not get significant effect.%目的 考查直流电凝聚法和交流电凝聚法对偶氮染料废水处理效果的差异.探索电流密度对处理效果的影响.方法 以铁皮为阳极,石墨柱为阴极,改变电流密度,分别用直流电和交流电进行电凝聚对比试验.结果 直流电凝聚法对染料质量浓度的去除率随电流密度的增大而增大,当电流密度为0.083 mA/cm2时,染料质量浓度的去除率达到97.63%.同时,色度、CODCr、氨氮也有一定的去除效果.而交流电凝聚法对偶氮染料废水的处理能力较差,其染料质量浓度的最大去除率为16.01%.结论 直流电凝聚法在电解、絮凝等共同作用下可有效的处理偶氮染料废水,而交流电凝聚法对偶氮染料废水的处理无明显效果.

  9. Human epidermal membrane constant conductance iontophoresis: alternating current to obtain reproducible enhanced permeation and reduced lag times of a nonionic polar permeant. (United States)

    Song, Yang; Li, S Kevin; Peck, Kendall D; Zhu, Honggang; Ghanem, Abdel-Halim; Higuchi, William I


    An experimental protocol, using an initial 1 min direct current (DC) applied potential of 4 V followed by alternating current (AC), was established to: (a) increase conductance and permeability and decrease lag time for human epidermal membrane (HEM) relative to unaltered HEM and; (b) maintain constant conductance and permeability during flux studies. The protocol allowed specific permeation parameters of the membrane to be characterized under electrically enhanced, constant flux conditions. The permeability, lag time, and effective membrane thickness were determined using a nonionic polar permeant, urea, while the enhanced conductance was maintained at a constant level with AC. A tortuous pore pathway model was employed to analyze the data. The AC protocol increased membrane permeability, and decreased lag time and effective membrane thickness relative to similar parameters obtained in previous studies from unaltered HEM. Lag times ranged from 32.0 to 105.5 min, and permeability coefficients calculated from steady state fluxes ranged from 1.68 to 6.03x10(-7) cm/s for HEM samples with electrical resistance values during transport of 2.3-8.0 kOmega x cm2. Effective membrane thicknesses were calculated to range from 0.34 to 0.61 cm during AC iontophoresis. Significant additional results were obtained when the protocol was applied for two consecutive runs using the same HEM sample, with time for the HEM sample to recover between runs. During the second run, the applied potential was adjusted to reproduce the conductance obtained on the first run. Under these conditions, the consecutive runs yielded essentially the same lag time, permeability and effective membrane thickness values. These results suggest that constant fluxes can be achieved by keeping HEM electrical conductance constant during AC iontophoresis.

  10. 振荡磁场量子点中自旋流的交流响应%Alternating response of spin current in a magnetic-oscillating quantum dot

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    宋红岩; 宋小龙; 张爱芳; 吴留坡; 施耀铭


    We investigate alternating response of the spin current in a quantum dot system coupled to a normal metal electrode, to which an alternating driving voltage and a pumping rotating magnetic field are applied. The expression of the time-averaged spin current and its differential is obtained based on a non-equilibrium Green's function method. We find that for a given rotating frequency, the spin current increases rapidly and appears to have small steps when the driven frequency increases. As the driven frequency is further increasing, the spin current can be significantly enhanced and approaches a stable value. The photon-assisted processes bring about interesting features of spin current. The influence of the gate voltage and temperature on the spin current is examined in detail.

  11. Novel method for immunofluorescence staining of mammalian eggs using non-contact alternating-current electric-field mixing of microdroplets. (United States)

    Hiromitsu, Shirasawa; Jin, Kumagai; Emiko, Sato; Katsuya, Kabashima; Yukiyo, Kumazawa; Wataru, Sato; Hiroshi, Miura; Ryuta, Nakamura; Hiroshi, Nanjo; Yoshihiro, Minamiya; Yoichi, Akagami; Yukihiro, Terada


    Recently, a new technique was developed for non-catalytically mixing microdroplets. In this method, an alternating-current (AC) electric field is used to promote the antigen-antibody reaction within the microdroplet. Previously, this technique has only been applied to histological examinations of flat structures, such as surgical specimens. In this study, we applied this technique for the first time to immunofluorescence staining of three-dimensional structures, specifically, mammalian eggs. We diluted an antibody against microtubules from 1:1,000 to 1:16,000, and compared the chromatic degree and extent of fading across dilutions. In addition, we varied the frequency of AC electric-field mixing from 5 Hz to 46 Hz and evaluated the effect on microtubule staining. Microtubules were more strongly stained after AC electric-field mixing for only 5 minutes, even when the concentration of primary antibody was 10 times lower than in conventional methods. AC electric-field mixing also alleviated microtubule fading. At all frequencies tested, AC electric-field mixing resulted in stronger microtubule staining than in controls. There was no clear difference in a microtubule staining between frequencies. These results suggest that the novel method could reduce antibody consumption and shorten immunofluorescence staining time.

  12. A FRAME response to the Draft Report on Alternative (Non-animal) Methods for Cosmetics Testing: Current Status and Future Prospects--2010. (United States)

    Balls, Michael; Clothier, Richard


    This response on behalf of FRAME to the European Commission's consultation on the five chapters of the Draft Report on Alternative (Non-animal) Methods for Cosmetics Testing: Current Status and Future Prospects--2010, is via a Comment in ATLA, rather than via the template supplied by the Commission. This is principally so that a number of general points about cosmetic ingredient testing can be made. It is concluded that the five draft chapters do not provide a credible basis for the Commission's forthcoming report to the European Parliament and the European Council on the five cosmetic ingredient safety issues for which the 7th Amendment to the Cosmetic Directive's ban on animal testing was postponed until 2013. This is mainly because there is insufficient focus in the draft chapters on the specific nature of cosmetic ingredients, their uses, their local effects and metabolism at their sites of application, and, in particular, on whether their possible absorption into the body would be likely to lead to their accumulation in target sites at levels approaching Thresholds of Toxicological Concern. Meanwhile, there continues to be uncertainty about how the provisions of the Cosmetics Directive should be applied, given the requirements of the REACH system and directives concerned with the safety of other chemicals and products.

  13. Novel method for rapid in-situ hybridization of HER2 using non-contact alternating-current electric-field mixing (United States)

    Saito, Yoshitaro; Imai, Kazuhiro; Nakamura, Ryuta; Nanjo, Hiroshi; Terata, Kaori; Konno, Hayato; Akagami, Yoichi; Minamiya, Yoshihiro


    Human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2)-targeted agents are an effective approach to treating HER2-positive breast cancer patients. However, the lack of survival benefit in HER2-negative patients as well as the toxic effects and high cost of the drugs highlight the need for accurate and prompt assessment of HER2 status. Our aim was to evaluate the clinical utility of a novel rapid dual in-situ hybridization (RISH) method developed to facilitate hybridization. The method takes advantage of the non-contact mixing effect of an alternating current (AC) electric field. One hundred sixty-three specimens were used from patients diagnosed with primary breast cancers identified immunohistochemically as HER2 0/1(+), (2+) or (3+). The specimens were all tested using conventional dual in-situ hybridization (DISH), DISH with an automated slide stainer, and RISH. With RISH the HER2 test was completed within 6 h, as compared to 20–22 h needed for the standard protocol. Although RISH produced results more promptly using smaller amounts of labeled antibody, the staining and accuracy of HER2 status evaluation with RISH was equal to or greater than with DISH. These results suggest RISH could be used as a clinical tool to promptly determine HER2 status. PMID:27443187

  14. Alternative current conduction mechanisms of organic-inorganic compound [N(CH3)3H]2CuCl4 (United States)

    Ben Bechir, M.; Karoui, K.; Tabellout, M.; Guidara, K.; Ben Rhaiem, A.


    The [N(CH3)3H]2CuCl4 single crystal has been analyzed by X-ray powder diffraction patterns, differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), and electrical impedance spectroscopy. [N(CH3)3H]2CuCl4 crystallizes at room temperature in the monoclinic system with P21/C space group. Three phase transitions at T1 = 226 K, T2 = 264 K, and T3 = 297 K have been evidenced by DSC measurements. The electrical technique was measured in the 10-1-107 Hz frequency range and 203-313 K temperature intervals. The frequency dependence of alternative current (AC) conductivity is interpreted in terms of Jonscher's law (developed). The AC electrical conduction in [N(CH3)3H]2CuCl4 compound is studied by two processes which can be attributed to a hopping transport mechanism: the correlated barrier hopping model in phases I, II, and III, the non-overlapping small polaron tunneling model in phase IV. The conduction mechanism is interpreted with the help of Elliot's theory, and the Elliot's parameters are found.

  15. Treating waste waters in small agglomerations. The current situation, commitments and alternatives; Depuracion de las aguas residuales en pequenos nuclear. Situacion actual, compromisos y alternativas

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Collado Lara, R. [Universidad de Cantabria. (Spain)


    In 1991, the European Economic Community issued a directive on urban waste water treatment: (91/27/EEC). This directive laid down that such treatment had to be in place ny the period 2000-2005, depending on the application of different requirements according to the size of the agglomeration and the discharge area. A large number of sewage plants are being built in Spain at the present time, especially in medium-size and large agglomeration (pop>10.000 inhabitants). However, in the smaller agglomeration, over 50% of the waste waters have still to be treated. In agglomerations of less than 10.000 inhabitants, which make up 95% of the municipalities in Spain, it is possible to apply a greater diversity of treatments not all of them conventional that comply with the directive in question. Natural systems and biofilm processes are low-cost solutions that are well adapted to the natural environment. However, conventional technologies are virtually essential in medium-size and large agglomerations, as the lack of space and the exacting demands render them irreplaceable (Collado, 2002). This article describes the distribution of the municipalities in Spain according to the number of inhabitants, the current state os sewage treatment,the commitments made by the European Economic Community and the viable alternatives. Some comments have been added regarding the running of such systems and the need for them to be managed by associations of local councils or regional bodies. (Author)

  16. Enhancing the versatility of alternate current biosusceptometry (ACB) through the synthesis of a dextrose-modified tracer and a magnetic muco-adhesive cellulose gel

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Martins, Murillo L., E-mail: [Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, DK-2100 Copenhagen (Denmark); Instituto de Biociências, Universidade Estadual Paulista, CP 510, 18618–970 Botucatu SP (Brazil); Calabresi, Marcos F.; Quini, Caio; Matos, Juliana F.; Miranda, José R.A.; Saeki, Margarida J. [Instituto de Biociências, Universidade Estadual Paulista, CP 510, 18618–970 Botucatu SP (Brazil); Bordallo, Heloisa N. [Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, DK-2100 Copenhagen (Denmark)


    Alternate Current Biosusceptometry (ACB) is a promising bio-magnetic method, radiation free and easily performed used for gastric emptying exams. Due to development on its sensitivity level, interesting nature, noninvasiveness and low cost it has attracted a lot of attention. In this work, magnetic nanoparticles of Mn–Zn ferrite as well as dextrose-modified nanoparticles were synthesized to be used as possible tracers in ACB gastric emptying exams. In addition, a magnetic muco-adhesive gel was obtained by modifying the ferrite nanoparticles with cellulose. Based on in-vivo tests in rats, we show that the pure ferrite nanoparticles, whose isoelectric point was found to be at pH = 3.2, present a great sensitivity to pH variations along the gastrointestinal tract, while the reduction of the isoelectric point by the dextrose modification leads to suitable nanoparticles for rapid gastric emptying examinations. On the other hand, the in-vivo tests show that the muco-adhesive cellulose gel presents substantial stomach adhesion and is a potential drug delivery system easily traceable by the ACB system.

  17. Magnetostrictive Alternator (United States)

    Dyson, Rodger; Bruder, Geoffrey


    This innovation replaces the linear alternator presently used in Stirling engines with a continuous-gradient, impedance-matched, oscillating magnetostrictive transducer that eliminates all moving parts via compression, maintains high efficiency, costs less to manufacture, reduces mass, and eliminates the need for a bearing system. The key components of this new technology are the use of stacked magnetostrictive materials, such as Terfenol-D, under a biased magnetic and stress-induced compression, continuous-gradient impedance-matching material, coils, force-focusing metallic structure, and supports. The acoustic energy from the engine travels through an impedancematching layer that is physically connected to the magnetostrictive mass. Compression bolts keep the structure under compressive strain, allowing for the micron-scale compression of the magnetostrictive material and eliminating the need for bearings. The relatively large millimeter displacement of the pressure side of the impedance-matching material is reduced to micron motion, and undergoes stress amplification at the magnetostrictive interface. The alternating compression and expansion of the magnetostrictive material creates an alternating magnetic field that then induces an electric current in a coil that is wound around the stack. This produces electrical power from the acoustic pressure wave and, if the resonant frequency is tuned to match the engine, can replace the linear alternator that is commonly used.

  18. Beta band transcranial alternating (tACS and direct current stimulation (tDCS applied after initial learning facilitate retrieval of a motor sequence

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Vanessa eKrause


    Full Text Available The primary motor cortex (M1 contributes to the acquisition and early consolidation of a motor sequence. Although the relevance of M1 excitability for motor learning has been supported, the significance of M1 oscillations remains an open issue. This study aims at investigating to what extent retrieval of a newly learned motor sequence can be differentially affected by motor-cortical transcranial alternating (tACS and direct current stimulation (tDCS. Alpha (10 Hz, beta (20 Hz or sham tACS was applied in 36 right-handers. Anodal or cathodal tDCS was applied in 30 right-handers. Participants learned an eight-digit serial reaction time task (SRTT; sequential vs. random with the right hand. Stimulation was applied to the left M1 after SRTT acquisition at rest for ten minutes. Reaction times were analyzed at baseline, end of acquisition, retrieval immediately after stimulation and reacquisition after eight further sequence repetitions.Reaction times during retrieval were significantly faster following 20 Hz tACS as compared to 10 Hz and sham tACS indicating a facilitation of early consolidation. TDCS yielded faster reaction times, too, independent of polarity. No significant differences between 20 Hz tACS and tDCS effects on retrieval were found suggesting that 20 Hz effects might be associated with altered motor-cortical excitability. Based on the behavioural modulation yielded by tACS and tDCS one might speculate that altered motor-cortical beta oscillations support early motor consolidation possibly associated with neuroplastic reorganization.

  19. Transcranial alternating current stimulation at beta frequency: lack of immediate effects on excitation and interhemispheric inhibition of the human motor cortex

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Viola Rjosk


    Full Text Available Transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS is a form of noninvasive brain stimulation and is capable of influencing brain oscillations and cortical networks. In humans, the endogenous oscillation frequency in sensorimotor areas peaks at 20 Hz. This beta-band typically occurs during maintenance of tonic motor output and seems to play a role in interhemispheric coordination of movements. Previous studies showed that tACS applied in specific frequency bands over primary motor cortex (M1 or the visual cortex modulates cortical excitability within the stimulated hemisphere. However, the particular impact remains controversial because effects of tACS were shown to be frequency, duration and location specific. Furthermore, the potential of tACS to modulate cortical interhemispheric processing, like interhemispheric inhibition (IHI, remains elusive. Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS is a noninvasive and well-tolerated method of directly activating neurons in superficial areas of the human brain and thereby a useful tool for evaluating the functional state of motor pathways. The aim of the present study was to elucidate the immediate effect of 10 min tACS in the β-frequency band (20 Hz over left M1 on IHI between M1s in 19 young, healthy, right-handed participants. A series of TMS measurements (MEP size, RMT, IHI from left to right M1 and vice versa was performed before and immediately after tACS or sham using a double-blinded, cross-over design. We did not find any significant tACS-induced modulations of intracortical excitation (as assessed by MEP size and RMT and/or interhemispheric inhibition (IHI. These results indicate that 10 min of 20 Hz tACS over left M1 seems incapable of modulating immediate brain activity or inhibition. Further studies are needed to elucidate potential aftereffects of 20 Hz tACS as well as frequency-specific effects of tACS on intracortical excitation and interhemispheric inhibition.

  20. BOLD signal effects of transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) in the alpha range: A concurrent tACS-fMRI study. (United States)

    Vosskuhl, Johannes; Huster, René J; Herrmann, Christoph S


    Many studies have proven transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) to manipulate brain activity. Until now it is not known, however, how these manipulations in brain activity are represented in brain metabolism or how spatially specific these changes are. Alpha-tACS has been shown to enhance the amplitude of the individual alpha frequency (IAF) and a negative correlation between alpha amplitude and occipital BOLD signal was reported in numerous EEG/fMRI experiments. Thus, alpha-tACS was chosen to test the effects of tACS on the BOLD signal. A reduction thereof was expected during alpha-tACS which shows the spatial extent of tACS effects beyond modeling studies. Three groups of subjects were measured in an MRI scanner, receiving tACS at either their IAF (N=11), 1Hz (control; N=12) or sham (i.e., no stimulation - a second control; N=11) while responding to a visual vigilance task. Stimulation was administered in an interleaved pattern of tACS-on runs and tACS-free baseline periods. The BOLD signal was analyzed in response to tACS-onset during resting state and in response to seldom target stimuli. Alpha-tACS at 1.0mA reduced the task-related BOLD response to visual targets in the occipital cortex as compared to tACS-free baseline periods. The deactivation was strongest in an area where the BOLD signal was shown to correlate negatively with alpha amplitude. A direct effect of tACS on resting state BOLD signal levels could not be shown. Our findings suggest that tACS-related changes in BOLD activity occur only as a modulation of an existing BOLD response.

  1. Why were alternating-current-driven electrochemiluminescence properties from Ru(bpy)3(2+) dramatically improved by the addition of titanium dioxide nanoparticles? (United States)

    Tsuneyasu, Shota; Ichihara, Kazuki; Nakamura, Kazuki; Kobayashi, Norihisa


    Electrochemiluminescence (ECL) is a phenomenon in which light is emitted from the excited state of a redox-active material generated by electrochemical reactions. Among light-emitting devices, ECL devices have various advantages in terms of structure and ease of fabrication, and therefore, they are expected to be next-generation emitting devices. In this study, we introduced rutile-type titanium dioxide nanoparticles (TiO2 NPs) in a Ru(ii)-complex-based electrolyte to improve the emission properties of an alternating current (AC)-driven ECL device. The properties of the ECL device with TiO2 NPs were greatly improved (emission luminescence, 165 cd m(-2); half-life time, 1000 s) compared to a previously reported AC-driven ECL device without nanoparticles. To determine how TiO2 NPs helped in achieving high emission luminescence and long-term stability, we measured the optical and electrochemical properties of the Ru(bpy)3(2+)-based ECL solution in detail. The PL intensity of Ru(bpy)3(2+) was increased by adding TiO2 NPs, which indicated that the suppression of non-radiative quenching of the complex's excited states could improve the ECL intensity. With respect to the enhanced stability, electron transfers between Ru(bpy)3(2+) and TiO2 were suggested by detailed electrochemical measurements. These electron transfers occurred from the reduced Ru(bpy)3(2+) species to the TiO2, and subsequently, from the TiO2 to the oxidized Ru(bpy)3(2+) species. Such electron transfers are thought to improve the balance of the redox reactions in the ECL device, leading to long-term stability.

  2. Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation at Beta Frequency: Lack of Immediate Effects on Excitation and Interhemispheric Inhibition of the Human Motor Cortex. (United States)

    Rjosk, Viola; Kaminski, Elisabeth; Hoff, Maike; Gundlach, Christopher; Villringer, Arno; Sehm, Bernhard; Ragert, Patrick


    Transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) is a form of noninvasive brain stimulation and is capable of influencing brain oscillations and cortical networks. In humans, the endogenous oscillation frequency in sensorimotor areas peaks at 20 Hz. This beta-band typically occurs during maintenance of tonic motor output and seems to play a role in interhemispheric coordination of movements. Previous studies showed that tACS applied in specific frequency bands over primary motor cortex (M1) or the visual cortex modulates cortical excitability within the stimulated hemisphere. However, the particular impact remains controversial because effects of tACS were shown to be frequency, duration and location specific. Furthermore, the potential of tACS to modulate cortical interhemispheric processing, like interhemispheric inhibition (IHI), remains elusive. Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a noninvasive and well-tolerated method of directly activating neurons in superficial areas of the human brain and thereby a useful tool for evaluating the functional state of motor pathways. The aim of the present study was to elucidate the immediate effect of 10 min tACS in the β-frequency band (20 Hz) over left M1 on IHI between M1s in 19 young, healthy, right-handed participants. A series of TMS measurements (motor evoked potential (MEP) size, resting motor threshold (RMT), IHI from left to right M1 and vice versa) was performed before and immediately after tACS or sham using a double-blinded, cross-over design. We did not find any significant tACS-induced modulations of intracortical excitation (as assessed by MEP size and RMT) and/or IHI. These results indicate that 10 min of 20 Hz tACS over left M1 seems incapable of modulating immediate brain activity or inhibition. Further studies are needed to elucidate potential aftereffects of 20 Hz tACS as well as frequency-specific effects of tACS on intracortical excitation and IHI.

  3. Detailed electrochemical studies of the tetraruthenium polyoxometalate water oxidation catalyst in acidic media: identification of an extended oxidation series using Fourier transformed alternating current voltammetry. (United States)

    Lee, Chong-Yong; Guo, Si-Xuan; Murphy, Aidan F; McCormac, Timothy; Zhang, Jie; Bond, Alan M; Zhu, Guibo; Hill, Craig L; Geletii, Yurii V


    The electrochemistry of the water oxidation catalyst, Rb(8)K(2)[{Ru(4)O(4)(OH)(2)(H(2)O)(4)}(γ-SiW(10)O(36))(2)] (Rb(8)K(2)-1(0)) has been studied in the presence and absence of potassium cations in both hydrochloric and sulfuric acid solutions by transient direct current (dc) cyclic voltammetry, a steady state dc method in the rotating disk configuration and the kinetically sensitive technique of Fourier transformed large-amplitude alternating current (ac) voltammetry. In acidic media, the presence of potassium ions affects the kinetics (apparent rate of electron transfer) and thermodynamics (reversible potentials) of the eight processes (A'/A to H/H') that are readily detected under dc voltammetric conditions. The six most positive processes (A'/A to F/F'), each involve a one electron ruthenium based charge transfer step (A'/A, B'/B are Ru(IV/V) oxidation and C/C' to F/F' are Ru(IV/III) reduction). The apparent rate of electron transfer of the ruthenium centers in sulfuric acid is higher than in hydrochloric acid. The addition of potassium cations increases the apparent rates and gives rise to a small shift of reversible potential. Simulations of the Fourier transformed ac voltammetry method show that the B'/B, E/E', and F/F' processes are quasi-reversible, while the others are close to reversible. A third Ru(IV/V) oxidation process is observed just prior to the positive potential limit via dc methods. Importantly, the ability of the higher harmonic components of the ac method to discriminate against the irreversible background solvent process allows this (process I) as well as an additional fourth reversible ruthenium based process (J) to be readily identified. The steady-state rotating disk electrode (RDE) method confirmed that all four Ru-centers in Rb(8)K(2)-1(0) are in oxidation state IV. The dc and ac data indicate that reversible potentials of the four ruthenium centers are evenly spaced, which may be relevant to understanding of the water oxidation

  4. Electrical engineering of engineers 2. Alternative current engineering, loci diagrams, transformers, multiphase systems. A lecture and working book for the basic study. 8 ed.; Elektrotechnik fuer Ingenieure 2. Wechselstromtechnik, Ortskurven, Transformator, Mehrphasensysteme. Ein Lehr- und Arbeitsbuch fuer das Grundstudium

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Weissgerber, Wilfried


    The book under consideration covers the basics and calculation methods of the alternating current technology, the transformer, loci diagrams as well as three-phase systems. The book is dedicated to the students of engineering and natural sciences, electrical engineering, technical informatics and physics at higher institutes of applied sciences, technical colleges, universities and universities of cooperative education.

  5. Alternative energies; Energies alternatives

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bonal, J.; Rossetti, P


    The earth took millions years to made the petroleum, the gas the coal and the uranium. Only a few centuries will be needed to exhaust these fossil fuels and some years to reach expensive prices. Will the wold continue on this way of energy compulsive consumption? The renewable energies and some citizen attitudes are sufficient to break this spiral. This book proposes to discuss these alternative energies. It shows that this attitude must be supported by the government. It takes stock on the more recent information concerning the renewable energies. it develops three main points: the electricity storage, the housing and the transports. (A.L.B.)

  6. Alternative additives; Alternative additiver

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    In this project a number of industrial and agricultural waste products have been characterised and evaluated in terms of alkali-getter performance. The intended use is for biomass-fired power stations aiming at reducing corrosion or slagging related problems. The following products have been obtained, characterised and evaluated: 1) Brewery draff 2) Danish de-gassed manure 3) Paper sludge 4) Moulding sand 5) Spent bleaching earth 6) Anorthosite 7) Sand 8) Clay-sludge. Most of the above alternative additive candidates are deemed unsuitable due to insufficient chemical effect and/or expensive requirements for pre-treatment (such as drying and transportation). 3 products were selected for full-scale testing: de-gassed manure, spent bleaching earth and clay slugde. The full scale tests were undertaken at the biomass-fired power stations in Koege, Slagelse and Ensted. Spent bleaching earth (SBE) and clay sludge were the only tested additive candidates that had a proven ability to react with KCl, to thereby reduce Cl-concentrations in deposits, and reduce the deposit flux to superheater tubes. Their performance was shown to nearly as good as commercial additives. De-gassed manure, however, did not evaluate positively due to inhibiting effects of Ca in the manure. Furthermore, de-gassed manure has a high concentration of heavy metals, which imposes a financial burden with regard to proper disposal of the ash by-products. Clay-sludge is a wet clay slurring, and drying and transportation of this product entails substantial costs. Spent bleaching does not require much pre-treatment and is therefore the most promising alternative additive. On the other hand, bleaching earth contains residual plant oil which means that a range of legislation relating to waste combustion comes into play. Not least a waste combustion fee of 330 DKK/tonne. For all alternative (and commercial) additives disposal costs of the increase ash by-products represents a significant cost. This is

  7. Biological nitrogen fixation by alternative nitrogenases in boreal cyanolichens: importance of molybdenum availability and implications for current biological nitrogen fixation estimates. (United States)

    Darnajoux, Romain; Zhang, Xinning; McRose, Darcy L; Miadlikowska, Jolanta; Lutzoni, François; Kraepiel, Anne M L; Bellenger, Jean-Philippe


    Cryptogamic species and their associated cyanobacteria have attracted the attention of biogeochemists because of their critical roles in the nitrogen cycle through symbiotic and asymbiotic biological fixation of nitrogen (BNF). BNF is mediated by the nitrogenase enzyme, which, in its most common form, requires molybdenum at its active site. Molybdenum has been reported as a limiting nutrient for BNF in many ecosystems, including tropical and temperate forests. Recent studies have suggested that alternative nitrogenases, which use vanadium or iron in place of molybdenum at their active site, might play a more prominent role in natural ecosystems than previously recognized. Here, we studied the occurrence of vanadium, the role of molybdenum availability on vanadium acquisition and the contribution of alternative nitrogenases to BNF in the ubiquitous cyanolichen Peltigera aphthosa s.l. We confirmed the use of the alternative vanadium-based nitrogenase in the Nostoc cyanobiont of these lichens and its substantial contribution to BNF in this organism. We also showed that the acquisition of vanadium is strongly regulated by the abundance of molybdenum. These findings show that alternative nitrogenase can no longer be neglected in natural ecosystems, particularly in molybdenum-limited habitats.

  8. Alternative approaches for vertebrate ecotoxicity tests in the 21st century: A review of developments over the last 2 decades and current status (United States)

    The need for alternative approaches to the use of vertebrate animals for hazard assessing chemicals and pollutants has become of increasing importance. It is now the first consideration when initiating a vertebrate ecotoxicity test, to ensure that unnecessary use of vertebrate or...

  9. Diclofenac sodium topical solution with dimethyl sulfoxide, a viable alternative to oral nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories in osteoarthritis: review of current evidence


    Fuller P; Roth SH


    Philip Fuller¹, Sanford Roth²¹Covidien, Hazelwood, MO; ²Arizona Research and Education, Arthritis Research Laboratory, Arizona State University, Phoenix, AZ, USAAbstract: Topical nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) may offer a safer alternative to their oral counterparts for the management of osteoarthritis. Diclofenac sodium topical solution with dimethyl sulfoxide (TDiclo) was evaluated in five randomized, controlled trials and is indicated for ...

  10. 脉冲交变磁场测量技术缺陷识别与定量评估%Pulsed Alternating Current Field Measurement Technique for Defect Identification and Quantification

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    胡祥超; 罗飞路; 何赟泽; 唐莺


    传统的交变磁场测量(Alternating current field measurement,ACFM)技术具有缺陷定量准确、无需接触等优点,但是不能检测深层缺陷;脉冲涡流检测技术(Pulsed eddy current testing,PECT)具有较好的深层缺陷检测能力,但由于采用瞬态响应信号分析方法,容易受到提离效应干扰,工程实际应用较为困难,并且定量能力弱于ACFM技术.结合ACFM和PECT的优势,提出了脉冲交变磁场测量技术(Pulsed alternating current field measurement,PACFM).该技术采用脉冲周期信号作为激励信号源,基于瞬态脉冲响应信号,采用三维场量测量和瞬态信号分析相结合的方法实现缺陷识别与定量评估.对瞬态响应信号中能够表征磁场变化规律的特征量进行提取,通过研究发现PACFM不仅具有与ACFM等同的表面缺陷检测能力,而且具有优异的深层缺陷识别与定最评估能力,抗干扰能力强,具有较高的应用价值和前景.%Traditional alternating current field measurement (ACFM) technique has advantages of quantitative defect detection and noncontact, but poor detective performances on deep-layer defects. Pulsed eddy current testing (PECT) has a better detectability in deep-layer defect, but poorer quantitative performances than ACFM, and moreover, it is easily interfered by lift-off due to using transient response signal analysis method so it is difficult to be applied practically. A method of alternating current filed measurement with pulsed signal excitation is proposed, which implements defect detection and quantitative evaluation by approach of transient signal analysis combined with 3D magnetic filed measurement based on pulsed response signal. Characteristics in the transient response signal which can reflect the variation law of magnetic field are extracted. Through the study it is found that the pulsed alternating current field measurement has not only the same detectability of surface defects as ACFM, but also an

  11. Alternative approaches to vertebrate ecotoxicity tests in the 21st century: A review of developments over the last 2 decades and current status (United States)

    Lillicrap, Adam; Belanger, Scott; Burden, Natalie; Du Pasquier, David; Embry, Michelle; Halder, Marlies; Lampi, Mark; Lee, Lucy; Norberg-King, Teresa J.; Rattner, Barnett A.; Schirmer, Kristin; Thomas, Paul


    The need for alternative approaches to the use of vertebrate animals for hazard assessment of chemicals and pollutants has become of increasing importance. It is now the first consideration when initiating a vertebrate ecotoxicity test, to ensure that unnecessary use of vertebrate organisms is minimized wherever possible. For some regulatory purposes, the use of vertebrate organisms for environmental risk assessments has been banned; in other situations, the number of organisms tested has been dramatically reduced or the severity of the procedure refined. However, there is still a long way to go to achieve a complete replacement of vertebrate organisms to generate environmental hazard data. The development of animal alternatives is based not just on ethical considerations but also on reducing the cost of performing vertebrate ecotoxicity tests and in some cases on providing better information aimed at improving environmental risk assessments. The present Focus article provides an overview of the considerable advances that have been made toward alternative approaches for ecotoxicity assessments over the last few decades.

  12. 利用低音炮和 Audalyzer探究电感电容对交变电流的影响%Using the subwoofer and Audalyzer to explore the impact of inductance and capacitance on alternating current

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    The experiment of the impact of inductance and capacitance on alternating current were relatively complex to understand .The method of using the subwoofer and Audalyzer to explore the impact of inductance and capacitance on alternating current was present in this paper .The experimen‐tal phenomena became more obvious ,visualized and easy to understand .%“探究电感、电容对交变电流的影响”的实验现象相对抽象,难以理解。利用低音炮和Audalyzer从不同的角度对电感、电容对交变电流的影响的几种情况进行了研究,现象明显、直观,容易理解。

  13. 智能斜极面交流接触器动态优化设计与分析%Dynamic Optimization Design and Analysis for Intelligent Inclined Surface Alternating Current Contactor

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    鲍光海; 张培铭


    采用ANSYS电磁场分析软件与基于遗传算法的人工鱼群优化算法对智能平极面交流接触器进行以快速分断、提高零电流分断准确性与稳定性为目标的动态优化计算,并验证了优化算法的正确性.考虑到斜极面交流电磁系统的优越性,对平极面交流接触器与斜极面交流接触器静态特性进行比较分析,提出了智能斜极面交流接触器的结构方案.根据上述优化算法,对智能斜极面交流接触器进行了智能动态优化设计.优化结果表明:智能斜极面交流接触器与智能平极面交流接触器相比,其用铜量减小45%,用铁量减小23%,而且具有更好的动态特性、更高的零电流分断准确性与稳定性.%We conducted dynamic optimized calculation of electromagnetic mechanism for the goal of breaking quickly and zero current break stability by using artificial fish swarm optimization algorithm based on genetic algorithm, and verifies the validity of optimization algorithm. According to the advantage of inclined surface alternating current contactor, the proposal of intelligent inclined surface alternating current contactor was proposed. The method of intelligent dynamic optimization design was used to optimization design the intelligent inclined surface alternating current contactor base on the previous optimized algorithm. The optimization results showed that the coil volume of intelligent incline surface alternating current contactor decrease 45% than that of flat surface,and the iron core volume decrease 23 %. Moreover, its dynamic characteristics were better than those of intelligent flat surface alternating current contactor.

  14. Higher harmonic large-amplitude Fourier transformed alternating current voltammetry: analytical attributes derived from studies of the oxidation of ferrocenemethanol and uric acid at a glassy carbon electrode. (United States)

    O'Mullane, Anthony P; Zhang, Jie; Brajter-Toth, Anna; Bond, Alan M


    An analytical evaluation of the higher ac harmonic components derived from large amplitude Fourier transformed voltammetry is provided for the reversible oxidation of ferrocenemethanol (FcMeOH) and oxidation of uric acid by an EEC mechanism in a pH 7.4 phosphate buffer at a glassy carbon (GC) electrode. The small background current in the analytically optimal fifth harmonic is predominantly attributed to faradaic current associated with the presence of electroactive functional groups on the GC electrode surface, rather than to capacitive current which dominates the background in the dc, and the initial three ac harmonics. The detection limits for the dc and the first to fifth harmonic ac components are 1.9, 5.89, 2.1, 2.5, 0.8, and 0.5 microM for FcMeOH, respectively, using a sine wave modulation of 100 mV at 21.46 Hz and a dc sweep rate of 111.76 mV s (-1). Analytical performance then progressively deteriorates in the sixth and higher harmonics. For the determination of uric acid, the capacitive background current was enhanced and the reproducibility lowered by the presence of surface active uric acid, but the rapid overall 2e (-) rather than 1e (-) electron transfer process gives rise to a significantly enhanced fifth harmonic faradaic current which enabled a detection limit of 0.3 microM to be achieved which is similar to that reported using chemically modified electrodes. Resolution of overlapping voltammetric signals for a mixture of uric acid and dopamine is also achieved using higher fourth or fifth harmonic components, under very low background current conditions. The use of higher fourth and fifth harmonics exhibiting highly favorable faradaic to background (noise) current ratios should therefore be considered in analytical applications under circumstances where the electron transfer rate is fast.

  15. Complicaciones respiratorias de la tetraplejia: Una mirada a las alternativas terapéuticas actuales Respiratory complications in tetraplegia: Overview to current therapeutic alternatives

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Las complicaciones respiratorias son la principal causa de muerte en los pacientes con tetraplejia, tanto en el período agudo como crónico. En esta categoría se incluyen diversas alteraciones como neumonías recurrentes, atelectasias, mal manejo de las secreciones, insuficiencia respiratoria e hipoventilación. Además, son frecuentes patologías más complejas como el tromboembolismo pulmonar y la apnea obstructiva del sueño. Se postula que las causas principales de los problemas respiratorios son la debilidad de los músculos intercostales y abdominales, y la disfunción parcial o total del diafragma. Hoy en día existen múltiples alternativas terapéuticas para prevenir, manejar y tratar en forma específica las diversas complicaciones. El propósito de este artículo es revisar las opciones terapéuticas actualmente vigentes y despertar el interés entre los clínicos para profundizar más en este importante temaRespiratory complications are the first cause of death in patients with tetraplegia, including both the acute and chronic stage of the disease. They include a wide variety of respiratory problems, such as repeated pneumonias, atelectasis, unsatisfactory secretions manage, respiratory failure, hypoventilation, and other complex pathologies such as pulmonary embolism and sleep apnea syndrome. It has been postulated that the main cause of all these respiratory complications is weakness of inter costáis and abdominal muscles, and partial or complete dysfunction of the diaphragm. Today we have multiple therapeutic alternatives to prevent, manage and specifically treat the multiple types of complications. The main objective of this article is to review the different therapeutical alternatives and encourage the study of this important topic

  16. Calculation of alternating current losses in stacks and coils made of second generation high temperature superconducting tapes for large scale applications

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Zermeno, Victor M. R.; Abrahamsen, Asger Bech; Mijatovic, Nenad;


    A homogenization method to model a stack of second generation High Temperature Superconducting tapes under AC applied transport current or magnetic field has been obtained. The idea is to find an anisotropic bulk equivalent for the stack such that the geometrical layout of the internal alternatin...

  17. Diclofenac sodium topical solution with dimethyl sulfoxide, a viable alternative to oral nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories in osteoarthritis: review of current evidence

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fuller P


    Full Text Available Philip Fuller¹, Sanford Roth²¹Covidien, Hazelwood, MO; ²Arizona Research and Education, Arthritis Research Laboratory, Arizona State University, Phoenix, AZ, USAAbstract: Topical nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs may offer a safer alternative to their oral counterparts for the management of osteoarthritis. Diclofenac sodium topical solution with dimethyl sulfoxide (TDiclo was evaluated in five randomized, controlled trials and is indicated for treatment of the signs and symptoms associated with osteoarthritis of the knee. Three studies showed that TDiclo is superior to placebo and vehicle control with respect to pain, physical function, and perception of osteoarthritis symptoms. Two studies showed that benefits are similar to those of oral diclofenac, with one study demonstrating statistical equivalence. The most common adverse event associated with TDiclo in these studies was dry skin. Incidences of gastrointestinal adverse events and abnormal levels of liver enzymes were lower with TDiclo compared with oral diclofenac in active-controlled studies. Based on these studies, TDiclo represents a practical, evidence-based option for the management of osteoarthritis of the knee.Keywords: osteoarthritis, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, diclofenac, topical analgesic

  18. Private Housing or Alternative Financing? (United States)

    Bruno, Nick


    Explores the history of privatizing university housing and some current financing options, including use of developer and private foundations. Examples of successful alternative financing methods are highlighted. (GR)

  19. Discrimination and evaluation of the effects of uncompensated resistance and slow electrode kinetics from the higher harmonic components of a fourier transformed large-amplitude alternating current voltammogram. (United States)

    Zhang, Jie; Guo, Si-Xuan; Bond, Alan M


    The influence of uncompensated resistance (also called the IRu effect, where I is current and Ru is uncompensated resistance) and slow electrode kinetics have been assessed for the dc and first five ac harmonics derived from Fourier transformed large-amplitude ac voltammetry. Resistance and rate constant conditions emphasized correspond to those where separation of effects attributable to either parameter is essentially impossible under conditions of dc cyclic voltammetry. Results derived from simulations and experiments demonstrate that it is relatively easy to discriminate and quantify contributions from these two effects over a wide range of values using the fourth and fifth harmonic ac components derived from single large-amplitude ac voltammetric measurement. Furthermore, these ac components also are essentially devoid of background charging current. Concepts developed initially from simulations are confirmed by experimental studies on the following: (a) the oxidation of ferrocene, in moderately resistive CH3CN and highly resistive CH2Cl2 (represents examples of IRu effect on a reversible electron-transfer process); (b) the reduction of a low 0.2 mM concentration of [Fe(CN)6]3- in the highly conductive 3 M KCl electrolyte media (case of slow kinetics with negligible IRu effect); (c) and reduction of a high 10 mM concentration of [Fe(CN)6]3- in less conductive aqueous 0.5 M KCl electrolyte media (example where the simultaneous effects of both IRu and slow kinetics need to be resolved).

  20. Unit commitment considering alternating current power flow constraints%交流潮流约束下的机组组合求解

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    潘志远; 韩学山; 刘超男


    With the parallel development of distributed generation technology and large power grid technology, a great amount of renewable energy generation was introduced to the electrical power grid. Under this circumstance, a unit commitment model was established by considering the constraints of transmission safety using AC (alternating current) power flow. This model also involved reactive and voltage constraints, as well as safe operation limits of generators. According to the Benders decomposition, the model was decomposed into a master problem and a sub-problem. The master problem could solve the unit commitment without AC constraints, and then the sub-problem could check the AC constraints according to the result of the master problem. Benders cuts might develop from the sub problem, and the cuts would form additional associated constraints, which could connect the master problem and the sub problem. Simulation results of modified IEEE-14 buses case proved that the proposed method could effectively solve unit commitment problems with constraints of AC power flow.%针对当前大电网与分布式发电并进,可再生资源发电大量接入的电网发展格局,构建交流潮流约束下的机组组合模型,在传统考虑有功网络安全约束的基础上,引入无功电压的制约,并计及机组的安全运行极限。依据Benders分解思想,将该模型分解为主、子两个问题,主问题为单母线模型机组组合,子问题为交流潮流约束的检验,通过子问题导引的Benders割形成主、子问题之间关联的附加约束。修正的IEEE-14节点仿真结果表明,该方法能够有效解决交流潮流约束下的机组组合问题。

  1. Large-amplitude Fourier transformed high-harmonic alternating current cyclic voltammetry: kinetic discrimination of interfering Faradaic processes at glassy carbon and at boron-doped diamond electrodes. (United States)

    Zhang, Jie; Guo, Si-Xuan; Bond, Alan M; Marken, Frank


    Significant advantages of Fourier transformed large-amplitude ac higher (second to eighth) harmonics relative to responses obtained with conventional small-amplitude ac or dc cyclic voltammetric methods have been demonstrated with respect to (i) the suppression of capacitive background currents, (ii) the separation of the reversible reduction of [Ru(NH(3))(6)](3+) from the overlapping irreversible oxygen reduction process under conditions where aerobic oxygen remains present in the electrochemical cell, and (iii) the kinetic resolution of the reversible [Ru(NH(3))(6)](3+/2+) process in mixtures of [Fe(CN)(6)](3-) and [Ru(NH(3))(6)](3+) at appropriately treated boron-doped diamond electrodes, even when highly unfavorable [Fe(CN)(6)](3-) to [Ru(NH(3))(6)](3+) concentration ratios are employed. Theoretical support for the basis of kinetic discrimination in large-amplitude higher harmonic ac cyclic voltammetry is provided.

  2. An expert consortium review of the EC-commissioned report "alternative (Non-Animal) methods for cosmetics testing: current status and future prospects - 2010"

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hartung, Thomas; Blaauboer, Bas J; Bosgra, Sieto


    The European cosmetics legislation foresees a review in 2011 and possible postponement of the 2013 marketing ban to enforce the testing ban for systemic and repeated-dose animal tests. For this purpose, a 119-page report commissioned by the European Commission was published recently. Here, a group...... of 17 independent experts from the US, Europe, and Japan was brought together to evaluate the report. The expert panel strongly endorsed the report and its conclusions. A number of important options not considered were identified; these do not, however, affect the overall conclusions regarding...... the current lack of availability of a full replacement, especially for the areas of repeated dose toxicity, carcinogenicity testing, and reproductive toxicity, though a roadmap for change is emerging. However, some of these options may provide adequate data for replacement of some animal studies in the near...

  3. An expert consortium review of the EC-commissioned report "alternative (Non-Animal) methods for cosmetics testing: current status and future prospects - 2010". (United States)

    Hartung, Thomas; Blaauboer, Bas J; Bosgra, Sieto; Carney, Edward; Coenen, Joachim; Conolly, Rory B; Corsini, Emanuela; Green, Sidney; Faustman, Elaine M; Gaspari, Anthony; Hayashi, Makoto; Wallace Hayes, A; Hengstler, Jan G; Knudsen, Lisbeth E; Knudsen, Thomas B; McKim, James M; Pfaller, Walter; Roggen, Erwin L


    The European cosmetics legislation foresees a review in 2011 and possible postponement of the 2013 marketing ban to enforce the testing ban for systemic and repeated-dose animal tests. For this purpose, a 119-page report commissioned by the European Commission was published recently. Here, a group of 17 independent experts from the US, Europe, and Japan was brought together to evaluate the report. The expert panel strongly endorsed the report and its conclusions. A number of important options not considered were identified; these do not, however, affect the overall conclusions regarding the current lack of availability of a full replacement, especially for the areas of repeated dose toxicity, carcinogenicity testing, and reproductive toxicity, though a roadmap for change is emerging. However, some of these options may provide adequate data for replacement of some animal studies in the near future pending validation. Various recommendations expand the original report. The reviewers agree with the report that there is greater promise in the short term for the areas of sensitization and toxicokinetics. Additional opportunities lie in more global collaborations and the inclusion of other industry sectors.

  4. Lowering of the firing voltage and reducing of the discharge delay time in alternating current plasma display panels by a discontinuous spin-coated LaB{sub 6} film on the MgO protective layer

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Deng, Jiang, E-mail: [School of Physical Electronic, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, No.4, Section 2, Jianshe North Road, 610054 Chengdu (China); Zeng, Baoqing [School of Physical Electronic, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, No.4, Section 2, Jianshe North Road, 610054 Chengdu (China); Zhongshan Institute, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, 528402 zhongshan (China); Wang, Xiaoju; Lin, Zulun; Qi, Kangcheng; Cao, Guichuan [School of Opto-electronic Information, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, No.4, Section 2, Jianshe North Road, 610054 Chengdu (China)


    A spin coated LaB{sub 6} discontinuous film is covered on MgO protective layer to improve the discharge performance of alternating current plasma display panels. Under the premise of high transmittance of more than 90%, a very small amount of polycrystal LaB{sub 6} powders added in an organic solvent are chosen as the coating solution. The discharge characteristics results show that with 250 torr 5% Xe-Ne pressure, the firing voltage and discharge delay time of the test panel with LaB{sub 6}/MgO double protective layer are decreased by 13.4% and 36.5%, respectively, compared with that of conventional MgO protective layer, likely owing to the low work function of LaB{sub 6.} Furthermore, the aging time of the proposed structure is comparable to that of pure MgO protective layer. Therefore, it will not increase the production costs and is highly suitable to be applied for alternating current plasma display panels with low electrical power consumption.

  5. Alternative metrics (United States)


    As the old 'publish or perish' adage is brought into question, additional research-impact indices, known as altmetrics, are offering new evaluation alternatives. But such metrics may need to adjust to the evolution of science publishing.

  6. Incorporating future change into current conservation planning: Evaluating tidal saline wetland migration along the U.S. Gulf of Mexico coast under alternative sea-level rise and urbanization scenarios (United States)

    Enwright, Nicholas M.; Griffith, Kereen T.; Osland, Michael J.


    In this study, the U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, quantified the potential for landward migration of tidal saline wetlands along the U.S. Gulf of Mexico coast under alternative future sea-level rise and urbanization scenarios. Our analyses focused exclusively on tidal saline wetlands (that is, mangrove forests, salt marshes, and salt flats), and we combined these diverse tidal saline wetland ecosystems into a single grouping, “tidal saline wetland.” Collectively, our approach and findings can provide useful information for scientists and environmental planners working to develop future-focused adaptation strategies for conserving coastal landscapes and the ecosystem goods and services provided by tidal saline wetlands. The primary product of this work is a public dataset that identifies locations where landward migration of tidal saline wetlands is expected to occur under alternative future sea-level rise and urbanization scenarios. In addition to identifying areas where landward migration of tidal saline wetlands is possible because of the absence of barriers, these data also identify locations where landward migration of these wetlands could be prevented by barriers associated with current urbanization, future urbanization, and levees.

  7. 45钢表面交流电场增强粉末法铝氮复合渗研究%Study on Alternating Current Field Enhanced Pack Aluminizing Plus Nitriding of 4 5 Carbon Steel Surface

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张格; 谢飞; 潘建伟


    Alternating current field enhanced pack aluminizing plus nitriding (ACFEPAN)was carried out on 45 steel surface by applying ACF to the sample and treating agents with a pair of electrodes for overco-ming shortcomings of thin cases and long treating time in conventional pack aluminizing plus nitriding process.By investigating cases�structures,phases and hardness distributions of differently treated sam-ples,a preliminary study was made on characterizations of ACFEPAN on the surface of 45 steel.The re-sults show that the alternating current field (ACF)not only speed up aluminizing but also can avoid the formation of aluminium-rich phases during the alternating current field enhanced pack aluminizing.The a-luminium-rich phases formed by conventional pack aluminizing prevent the diffusion of N into the alumini-zing case during the later nitriding.By applying ACF to nitriding,the infiltration of nitrogen into the alu-minizing case is promoted,and N reacts with the aluminizing case to form AlN and Fe3 N.A case with an effective thickness of more than 150μm can be obtained by alternating current field enhanced 4h pack alu-minizing plus 4h nitriding.%针对现有铝氮复合渗工艺存在的渗层薄、渗扩时间长等问题,对置于两电极间的45钢试样与渗剂施加交流电场,进行交流电场增强粉末法铝氮复合渗。通过观察分析不同工艺所得试样的渗层组织、相结构与硬度分布,初步研究了交流电场增强45钢表面粉末法铝氮复合渗特性。结果表明:在复合渗的渗铝阶段施加交流电场不仅加快渗铝速度,还能够避免常规粉末法渗铝在表面形成富铝相对后续渗氮的阻碍;在后续渗氮中施加交流电场可促进氮渗入与渗铝层反应,在共渗层表层形成 AlN和 Fe3 N;通过将4 h 的交流电场增强渗铝与4 h 电场渗氮复合,能够获得有效厚度在150μm以上的复合渗层。

  8. Alternating Current Heating Technique of Hollow Rod

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Na Weisheng; Shi Tonghao


    @@ In recent years, wellbore heat tracing technique is widely used in development of high viscosity and high pour point crude oil. Theory and experiences show that wellbore heat tracing has obvious effect on increasing liquid yield of oil wells.

  9. Stability of alternating current gliding arcs

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Kusano, Yukihiro; Salewski, Mirko; Leipold, Frank;


    that the critical length can be increased by increasing the AC frequency, decreasing the serial resistance and lowering the gas flow rate. The predicted dependence of gas flow rate on the arc length is experimentally demonstrated. The gap width is varied to study an optimal electrode design, since the extended non...

  10. Enhanced Cancer Cell (HeLa Killing Efficacy of Mixed Αlpha and Gamma Iron Oxide Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles under Combined AC (Alternating Current Magnetic-Field and Photoexcitation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Md. Shariful Islam, Yoshihumi Kusumoto, Md. Abdulla Al-Mamun and Yuji Horie


    Full Text Available We synthesized mixed α and γ-Fe2O3 nanoparticles and investigated their toxic effects against HeLa cells under induced AC (alternating current magnetic-fields and photoexcited conditions at room temperature. The findings revealed that the cell-killing percentage was increased with increasing dose for all types of treatments. Finally, 99% cancer cells were destructed at 1.2 mL dose when exposed to combined AC magnetic-field and photoexcited conditions (T3 whereas 89 and 83 % of HeLa cells were killed under only AC magnetic-field induced (T1 or only photoexcited (T2 condition at the same dose.ABSTRAK: Campuran α dan zarah γ-Fe2O3 bersaiz nano disintesiskan dan kesan toksidnya terhadap sel HeLa dikaji dibawah aruhan medan magnet arus ulang-alik (alternating current (AC dan keadaan photoexcited (proses ransangan atom atau molekul suatu bahan dengan penyerapan tenaga sinaran pada suhu bilik. Penemuan mendedahkan bahawa peratusan sel yang musnah bertambah dengan pertambahan dos untuk semua jenis rawatan. Akhirnya, 99% sel kanser dimusnahkan pada kadar dos 1.2mL setelah didedahkan terhadap kombinasi medan magnet AC dan keadaan photoexcited (T3 dimana 89% dan 83% sel HeLa dimusnahkan dengan hanya di bawah aruhan medan magnet AC (T1 atau hanya pada keadaan photoexcited (T2 pada kadar dos yang sama.KEY WORDS : Cancer, Hyperthermia, Iron oxide nanoparticles, Heat dissipation,    Cytotoxicity, HeLa cell.

  11. Efficient Found of Insulation Defect in Alternating Current Withstand Voltage Test of Gas Insulated Switchgear%GIS交流耐压试验中绝缘缺陷的高效发现

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    严鹏志; 黄烜城; 刘全; 赵凯强


    Introduction was made to the corresponding standard of alternating current withstand voltage test of gas insulated switchgear (GIS) type in state grid corporation of China. This paper compared the differences of two kinds of auxiliary detection methods, ultrahigh frequency (UHF) and ultrasonic (AE) and the detection effect of similar signal sources. Aiming at the two breakdown events of withstand voltage tests, this paper analyzed the process of insulation defect discovery in test. The results show that the seriously executive standard plays an important role in finding the hidden dangers of equipment insulation for alternating current withstand voltage tests. The comprehensive application of UHF and AE detection methods could compensate each other's advantages, suppressing the impacts of interference factors on identification signals.%介绍了国家电网公司对气体绝缘开关设备(GIS)类设备交流耐压的相关标准,比较了两种辅助检测方法特高频法(UHF)和超声波法(AE)的差异及对同类信号源的检测效果。针对两起耐压试验击穿事件,对试验中绝缘缺陷发现的过程进行分析,结果表明从严执行标准对交接耐压试验中高效发现设备绝缘隐患具有重要作用,综合运用UHF和AE检测法,实现两者的优势互补,可排除干扰因素对判读信号的影响。

  12. Growing Alternatives

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Bagger-Petersen, Mai Corlin


    From 2014, Anhui Province will pilot a reform of the residential land market in China, thus integrating rural Anhui in the national housing market. In contrast, artist and activist Ou Ning has proposed the Bishan time money currency, intending to establish an alternative economic circuit in Bishan...

  13. Alternative Treatments (United States)

    ... triglyceride (fat) produced by processing coconut oil or palm kernel oil. The body breaks down caprylic acid into substances called “ketone bodies.” The theory behind Axona is that the ketone bodies derived from caprylic acid may provide an alternative energy source for brain cells that have lost ...

  14. Investigation of an alternating current plasma as an element selective atomic emission detector for high-resolution capillary gas chromatography and as a source for atomic absorption and atomic emission spectrometry (United States)

    Ombaba, Jackson M.

    This thesis deals with the construction and evaluation of an alternating current plasma (ACP) as an element-selective detector for high resolution capillary gas chromatography (GC) and as an excitation source for atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) and atomic emission spectrometry (AES). The plasma, constrained in a quartz discharge tube at atmospheric pressure, is generated between two copper electrodes and utilizes helium as the plasma supporting gas. The alternating current plasma power source consists of a step-up transformer with a secondary output voltage of 14,000 V at a current of 23 mA. The device exhibits a stable signal because the plasma is self-seeding and reignites itself every half cycle. A tesla coil is not required to commence generation of the plasma if the ac voltage applied is greater than the breakdown voltage of the plasma-supporting gas. The chromatographic applications studied included the following: (1) the separation and selective detection of the organotin species, tributyltin chloride (TBT) and tetrabutyltin (TEBT), in environmental matrices including mussels (Mvutilus edullus) and sediment from Boston Harbor, industrial waste water and industrial sludge, and (2) the detection of methylcyclopentadienyl manganesetricarbonyl (MMT) and similar compounds used as gasoline additives. An ultrasonic nebulizer (common room humidifier) was utilized as a sample introduction device for aqueous solutions when the ACP was employed as an atomization source for atomic absorption spectrometry and as an excitation source for atomic emission spectrometry. Plasma diagnostic parameters studied include spatial electron number density across the discharge tube, electronic, excitation and ionization temperatures. Interference studies both in absorption and emission modes were also considered. Figures of merits of selected elements both in absorption and emission modes are reported. The evaluation of a computer-aided optimization program, Drylab GC, using

  15. Alternative Energies

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Planting, A.; De saint Jacob, Y.; Verwijs, H.; Belin, H.; Preesman, L.


    In two articles, one interview and one column attention is paid to alternative energies. The article 'A new light on saving energy' discusses the option to save energy by modernising lighting systems in urban areas. The column 'View from Paris' focuses on investment decisions in France with regard to renewable energy and energy savings. The article 'Europe turns a blind eye to big battery' discusses developments in batteries to store energy. The interview concerns fuel cell expert and formerly President of UTC Power Jan van Dokkum. The last article gives a brief overview of the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) and the challenges this alliance will have to face with regard to climate change and energy security.

  16. Metamaterials critique and alternatives

    CERN Document Server

    Munk, Ben A


    A Convincing and Controversial Alternative Explanation of Metamaterials with a Negative Index of Refraction In a book that will generate both support and controversy, one of the world's foremost authorities on periodic structures addresses several of the current fashions in antenna design-most specifically, the popular subject of double negative metamaterials. Professor Munk provides a comprehensive theoretical electromagnetic investigation of the issues and concludes that many of the phenomena claimed by researchers may be impossible. While denying the existence of negative refractio

  17. 直流与交流电气线路中铜导线短路痕迹的分析%Analysis on short circuit trace of copper wire in direct and alternating current electric circuits

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王连铁; 高伟; 赵长征; 袁晓光


    直流电气线路及交流电气线路中铜导线发生短路故障时所形成的熔痕的组织特征不同,为区分二者之间的差别,利用模拟试验手段制备出金相样品,并采用宏观分析、金相分析等各种技术手段进行分析总结,归纳出二者发生短路故障时所形成的痕迹特征规律.模拟研究结果表明,直流线路一次短路熔痕的金相组织以细小的柱状晶为主,且孔洞较少;在交流线路中,一次短路故障形成的熔痕的金相组织胞状晶较多,且交、直流电气线路中铜导线发生短路故障时所形成的熔痕的组织特征明显不同,这些特征可用于实际鉴定工作中.%The microstructural characteristics of melted marks formed due to the short circuit fault of copper wire in direct current(DC) and alternating current(AC) electric circuits are different.In order to distinguish the difference between them,the metallographic samples were prepared through the simulation tests.In addition,such technical means as macro analysis and metallographic analysis were used to analyze and summarize the characteristics of the mark formed due to the short circuit fault in DC and AC electric circuits.The simulation results show that the microstructures of melted marks formed due to the primary short circuit fault in DC circuit are mainly composed of fine columnar crystals with fewer holes.However,the microstructures of melted marks formed due to the primary short circuit fault in AC circuit contain more cellular crystals.Furthermore,the microstructural characteristics of melted marks formed due to the short circuit faults of copper wire in DC and AC electric circuits are obviously different,and can provide the reference for the actual identification work.

  18. Looking for an Alternative. (United States)

    Kennedy, Jack


    Argues that high school newspapers might do well to create stronger ties with alternative weeklies. Discusses issues of niche marketing, alternative content, and alternative presentation. Notes that high school papers could learn a lot from alternative newspapers. (SR)

  19. 海洋平台钻机底座焊缝的交流电磁场检测%Detection of Critical Welds of Ocean Platform Drilling Rig Substructure Using Alternating Current Field Measurement Technique

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    葛运春; 张翼; 冷建成; 周国强; 吴泽民


    A new method using alternating current field measurement(ACFM)has been proposed in order to nondestructively inspect the critical welds of the in-service offshore platform drilling rig substructure with coatings. The detection principle of ACFM method is first introduced and is compared and analyzed with other nondestructive testing methods for surface defects,including MT and ET.Based on the structural characteristics and the special working environment of the platform drilling rig substructure,the corresponding ACFM detection system is presented,which is applied successfully to test surface or sub-surface defects of the critical welds of the rig substructure,and the scanning methods and signal recognition for the longitudinal and transversal cracks are emphatically discussed.At last,the general process and detection procedure of engineering application using ACFM method are summarized systematically,providing a good reference for ACFM inspection of other engineering structures.%为了对带有涂层的在役海洋平台钻机底座焊缝进行检测,使用了交流电磁场(ACFM)检测方法。介绍了 ACFM 检测的基本原理,并与磁粉检测、涡流检测等表面缺陷检测方法进行了对比分析。基于平台底座结构及其所处环境的特点,确定了将 ACFM 检测系统成功应用于底座关键焊缝的表面或近表面缺陷检测,重点探讨了纵向裂纹和横向裂纹的 ACFM 扫描方法和信号识别。总结了 ACFM 现场工程应用的一般流程和检测程序,对其他工程结构的 ACFM 检测具有很好的借鉴意义。

  20. Alternative Fuels: Research Progress

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Maher A.R. Sadiq Al-Baghdadi


    Full Text Available Chapter 1: Pollutant Emissions and Combustion Characteristics of Biofuels and Biofuel/Diesel Blends in Laminar and Turbulent Gas Jet Flames. R. N. Parthasarathy, S. R. Gollahalli Chapter 2: Sustainable Routes for The Production of Oxygenated High-Energy Density Biofuels from Lignocellulosic Biomass. Juan A. Melero, Jose Iglesias, Gabriel Morales, Marta Paniagua Chapter 3: Optical Investigations of Alternative-Fuel Combustion in an HSDI Diesel Engine. T. Huelser, M. Jakob, G. Gruenefeld, P. Adomeit, S. Pischinger Chapter 4: An Insight into Biodiesel Physico-Chemical Properties and Exhaust Emissions Based on Statistical Elaboration of Experimental Data. Evangelos G. Giakoumis Chapter 5: Biodiesel: A Promising Alternative Energy Resource. A.E. Atabani Chapter 6: Alternative Fuels for Internal Combustion Engines: An Overview of the Current Research. Ahmed A. Taha, Tarek M. Abdel-Salam, Madhu Vellakal Chapter 7: Investigating the Hydrogen-Natural Gas Blends as a Fuel in Internal Combustion Engine. ?lker YILMAZ Chapter 8: Conversion of Bus Diesel Engine into LPG Gaseous Engine; Method and Experiments Validation. M. A. Jemni , G. Kantchev , Z. Driss , R. Saaidia , M. S. Abid Chapter 9: Predicting the Combustion Performance of Different Vegetable Oils-Derived Biodiesel Fuels. Qing Shu, ChangLin Yu Chapter 10: Production of Gasoline, Naphtha, Kerosene, Diesel, and Fuel Oil Range Fuels from Polypropylene and Polystyrene Waste Plastics Mixture by Two-Stage Catalytic Degradation using ZnO. Moinuddin Sarker, Mohammad Mamunor Rashid

  1. The Alternating Current Phase Tracking Homodyne Compensation Method and Its Implementation Using CORDIC%基于CORDIC的交流相位跟踪零差补偿方法及其实现

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    伯恩; 段发阶; 吕昌荣; 张甫恺; 冯帆; 梁春疆


    为了消除温度、振动等环境因素在光纤干涉测量中的影响,发展了一种基于交流相位跟踪零差补偿( PTAC)的干涉条纹相位稳定技术。利用马赫-泽德光纤干涉仪结构和杨氏双孔干涉原理实现高密度的余弦分布干涉条纹投射。光纤端面菲涅尔反射与光纤耦合器构成迈克尔逊干涉结构,光电探测器检测迈克尔逊干涉仪的输出信号。相位稳定子系统采用相位生成载波( PGC)方法提取环境因素引起的光纤干涉臂相位差,结合坐标旋转数字式计算机( CORDIC)求解相位差,并生成补偿信号反馈给压电陶瓷(PZT)驱动器,实现条纹相位的稳定。该系统相位解调精度达2.75 mrad,环境因素对干涉条纹相位的影响低于53.43 mrad。实验结果验证了该相位稳定方法的可行性。%In order to eliminate the effection of the environmental factors,such as temperature and vibration,a phase stabilization method of interference fringe map based on the Alternating Current Phase Tracking homodyne compensation( PTAC) is developed. The system makes use of the Mach-Zehnder interferometer structure and Young’s double pinhole interference principle to achieve the high-density interference fringe projection of cosine distribution. The Fresnel reflection on its fiber end face and optical fiber coupler make up a Michelson interferometer structure,the photodetector detects the interference signal. The Phase Generated Carrier ( PGC) method is utilized to achieve the phase difference between interference arms,and the Coordinated Rotation Digital Computer( CORDIC) counts out it. The compensation signal acts as a feedback to the Piezoelectric Transducer(PZT)driver,and a well stability of the fringe phase is achieved. The demodulated phase can be measured with a precision of 2. 75 mrad,the environmental disturbance can be reduced to 53. 43 mrad for the fringe map. The experiment result has verified the availability of the phase

  2. Alternative medicine - pain relief (United States)

    Alternative medicine refers to treatments that are used instead of conventional (standard) ones. If you use an alternative ... with conventional medicine or therapy, it is considered complementary therapy. There are many forms of alternative medicine. Acupuncture ...

  3. Alternative engines for road vehicles

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Poulton, M.L. [Transport Research Lab., Crowthorne (United Kingdom)


    The book discusses the development of each alternative engine and discloses current manufacturing research and experimental testing, together with the results where available. Prospects for further development of conventional engines are discussed and comparisons are made with reference to fuel economy and exhaust emissions. Cost issues are made generally, with definitive data where it exists. (UK)

  4. Alternative Therapies for PKU

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Norma Spécola MD


    Full Text Available The phenylalanine (PHE-restricted diet has improved in quality and diversity over time and has proven to be effective in all patients. Nevertheless, this treatment imposes a heavy social and economic burden to patient and family and impacts quality of life. Sustained adherence to PHE restriction is difficult to maintain. Moreover, even patients with phenylketonuria (PKU with normal intelligence quotient (IQ have lower IQ than matched individuals without PKU and can have deficits in multiple other aspects of neuropsychological function, including cognitive and executive function, working memory. They can also have behavior problems, depression, and low self-esteem. In recent years, alternative treatments for PKU have been developed and their use has been indicated for some patients who are candidates for options besides traditional treatment. Sapropterindihydrochloride, large neutral amino acids, and glycomacropeptide are alternative treatment options in use for selected patients. The aim of this article is to review the current knowledge of these new approaches to PKU treatment.

  5. All About Alternatives (United States)

    Barr, Robert D.; And Others


    A primer on alternative schools. Described are existing programs in different areas, philosophy of the alternative schools, funding, student behavior, community relations, accountability, State regulations, management, and the environment of the alternative school. A list of sources of additional information on alternative schools is included.…

  6. Overview of alternative sources in the Brazilian electric matrix: incentive policies, the current market and future prospects; Panorama das fontes alternativas na matriz eletrica brasileira: politicas de incentivo, mercado atual e perspectivas futuras

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Nogueira, Larissa Goncalves; Dedecca, Joao Gorestein; Jannuzzi, Gilberto de Martinno [Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), SP (Brazil). Fac. de Engenharia Mecanica; Gomes, Rodolfo Dourado [International Energy Initiative (IEI), Campinas, SP (Brazil)


    The Brazilian power matrix is among the cleanest in the world due to the large share of hydroelectric generation. In recent years, several efforts have been concentrated in an attempt to diversify the matrix from the insertion of other renewable alternatives sources. The aim of this study is to analyze the state of generation through biomass, wind and small hydropower sources, covered by specific auctions and the Proinfa, and solar energy (photovoltaic and thermal high temperature) in Brazil, besides trends development of these generation sources. (author)

  7. Alternative splicing interference by xenobiotics. (United States)

    Zaharieva, Emanuela; Chipman, J Kevin; Soller, Matthias


    The protein coding sequence of most eukaryotic genes (exons) is interrupted by non-coding parts (introns), which are excised in a process termed splicing. To generate a mature messenger RNA (mRNA) hundreds of combinatorial protein-protein and RNA-protein interactions are required to splice out often very large introns with high fidelity and accuracy. Inherent to splicing is the use of alternative splice sites generating immense proteomic diversity from a limited number of genes. In humans, alternative splicing is a major mode of regulating gene expression, occurs in over 90% of genes and is particularly abundant in the brain. Only recently, it has been recognized that the complexity of the splicing process makes it susceptible to interference by various xenobiotics. These compounds include antineoplastic substances, commonly used drugs and food supplements and cause a spectrum of effects ranging from deleterious inhibition of general splicing to highly specific modifications of alternative splicing affecting only certain genes. Alterations in splicing have been implicated in numerous diseases such as cancer and neurodegeneration. Splicing regulation plays an important role in the execution of programmed cell death. The switch between anti- and pro-apoptotic isoforms by alternative splice site selection and misregulation of a number of splicing factors impacts on cell survival and disease. Here, our current knowledge is summarized on compounds interfering with general and alternative splicing and of the current methodology to study changes in these processes relevant to the field of toxicology and future risk assessments.

  8. Consumer Health: Alternative Therapy (United States)

    Healthy Lifestyle Consumer health What's considered an alternative therapy is a moving target. Get the facts about what CAM means and ... Original article: . Mayo ...

  9. Biofuel as an alternative to oil——current industry progress and sustainable development%生物燃料替代石油——产业现状与可持续发展

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    As modern transport has provided facilities to people' s lives, it has triggered significant air pollution and oil depletion in the meanwhile. For the purpose of a sustainable social-economic development, biofuel is the most viable alternative to oil, as well as the best option. This paper summarizes research and practice development process of biofuel, with a focus on the application as motor fuel and aviation fuel. Also, proposed strategies and their significance about biofuel development in China are also presented in this study.%文章分析了用生物燃料替代石油以实现控制全球气候变化、减少石油消耗和环境污染、创造就业机会,实现社会经济的可持续发展的重要性;介绍了国内外生物燃料产业发展历程和趋势,以及在汽车燃料和航空燃料领域的应用现状,提出了我国当前发展生物燃料的战略和对策.

  10. Potential alternative approaches to xenotransplantation. (United States)

    Mou, Lisha; Chen, Fengjiao; Dai, Yifan; Cai, Zhiming; Cooper, David K C


    There is an increasing worldwide shortage of organs and cells for transplantation in patients with end-stage organ failure or cellular dysfunction. This shortage could be resolved by the transplantation of organs or cells from pigs into humans. What competing approaches might provide support for the patient with end-stage organ or cell failure? Four main approaches are receiving increasing attention - (i) implantable mechanical devices, although these are currently limited almost entirely to devices aimed at supporting or replacing the heart, (ii) stem cell technology, at present directed mainly to replace absent or failing cells, but which is also fundamental to progress in (iii) tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, in which the ultimate aim is to replace an entire organ. A final novel potential approach is (iv) blastocyst complementation. These potential alternative approaches are briefly reviewed, and comments added on their current status and whether they are now (or will soon become) realistic alternative therapies to xenotransplantation.

  11. Estimulação transcraniana por corrente direta: uma alternativa promissora para o tratamento da depressão maior? Transcranial direct current stimulation: a promising alternative for the treatment of major depression?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marcelo T. Berlim


    esclarecer seu real papel no manejo dos transtornos depressivos.OBJECTIVE: In recent years, a number of new somatic (non-pharmacological treatments have been developed for the treatment of major depression and other neuropsychiatric disorders. Among these, one of the most promising is transcranial direct current stimulation. Method: For the present literature review we searched the PubMed between January 1985 and February 2009. To be included, articles should have been published in English and should address general principles of transcranial direct current stimulation and its use in major depression. DISCUSSION: Current protocols for the treatment of major depression with transcranial direct current stimulation usually involve the application of two sponge-electrodes in the scalp. In general, the positive electrode is applied in the region above the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (i.e., F3 region of the 10/20 International System for EEG and the negative electrode is applied in the region above the right supra-orbital area. A direct electrical current of 1-2 mA is then applied between the electrodes for about 20 minutes, with sessions being daily performed for one to two weeks. Initial studies (including a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial showed that transcranial direct current stimulation is effective for the treatment of non-complicated major depression and that this technique, when used in depressed patients, is associated with improvement in cognitive performance (including working memory. Finally, transcranial direct current stimulation is safe and well tolerated. CONCLUSION: Recent studies show that transcranial direct current stimulation is an important neuromodulatory method that may be useful for the treatment of depressed patients. However, further studies are needed to better clarify its precise role in the management of depressive disorders.

  12. Alternative HTS coated conductors (United States)

    Blaugher, R. D.; Bhattacharya, R. N.; Chen, J.; Padmanabhan, R.


    The availability of Bi-2223 high-temperature-superconductor (HTS) powder-in-tube (PIT) tape, with acceptable performance for long lengths, has provided the ability to construct a wide range of HTS electric power components. As a result, there are major worldwide projects in developing HTS electric power components for demonstration in a utility environment. Utility acceptance for superconducting power equipment will depend on several key factors: improved system performance, lower life-cycle costs, higher efficiency versus conventional technology, reliability and maintenance comparable to conventional power equipment, and a competitive installed cost. The latter is impacted by the current high cost of HTS conductors, which must be lowered to costs comparable to conventional Nb-Ti wire, i.e., $2-5/kAm. The present performance and cost of state-of-the-art Bi-2223 HTS tape, although acceptable for prototype construction, is viewed as a major deterrent that may compromise eventual commercialization for most of these electric power devices. The so-called second-generation coated conductor development, with emphasis on conductors employing HTS YBCO films, is viewed as the solution to this performance and cost issue. The potential for the Tl, Hg, and Bi-oxide superconductors for producing an HTS tape as alternatives to Bi-2223 PIT (and YBCO) will be discussed with some recent results on Bi-2212 “coated conductor” development.

  13. Alternative Compression Garments (United States)

    Stenger, M. B.; Lee, S. M. C.; Ribeiro, L. C.; Brown, A. K.; Westby, C. M.; Platts, S. H.


    Orthostatic intolerance after spaceflight is still an issue for astronauts as no in-flight countermeasure has been 100% effective. Future anti-gravity suits (AGS) may be similar to the Shuttle era inflatable AGS or may be a mechanical compression device like the Russian Kentavr. We have evaluated the above garments as well as elastic, gradient compression garments of varying magnitude and determined that breast-high elastic compression garments may be a suitable replacement to the current AGS. This new garment should be more comfortable than the AGS, easy to don and doff, and as effective a countermeasure to orthostatic intolerance. Furthermore, these new compression garments could be worn for several days after space flight as necessary if symptoms persisted. We conducted two studies to evaluate elastic, gradient compression garments. The purpose of these studies was to evaluate the comfort and efficacy of an alternative compression garment (ACG) immediately after actual space flight and 6 degree head-down tilt bed rest as a model of space flight, and to determine if they would impact recovery if worn for up to three days after bed rest.

  14. 交流电刺激对家兔食管运动功能影响的实验研究%The effect of alternating current stimulation on the esophageal motility of rabbits

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    赵春山; 赵威; 张莉莉; 晋弘; 周国建; 王邦茂


    Objective To observe the effect of electrical stimulation on the movement of rabbits esophagus, and to promote effective esophageal peristalsis and determine the best electrical pacing parameters. Methods After anesthesia, 24 healthy rabbits underwent open surgery and the lower esophagus was exposed. The esophagus was stimulated with the multi-channel signal generator, and the changes of esophagus pressure and the length of esophageal contraction with high resolution manometry were recorded. (1) The effects on contraction pressure of esophagus body and lower esophageal sphincter (LES) after single site electrical stimulation under different parameters were observed. The stimulation modes utilized were electric current 3 mA, 5 mA and 8 mA, frequency 5 Hz, 10 Hz and 20 Hz, pulsewidth 0. 25 ms, 25 ms and 50 ms, waveform of single phase and double phase. (2) The esophagus was sequentially stimulated. The stimulation mode utilized was electric current 5 mA, frequency 20 Hz, pulsewidth 25 ms, stimulation duration 3 s, single phase square wave. Results At electrical stimulation on the esophagus body and LES, contraction delay was 13. 00±1. 54 ms and 12. 00±0. 73 ms respectively. The contraction pressure of esophageal body was significantly positively related tothe electric current (R=0. 968, P<0. 01), the pulse width(R=0. 971, P<0. 01), and the frequency (R =0. 947, P <0. 01). The length of contraction in 10 Hz group was shorter than that of the 20 Hz group(1. 33±0. 06 cm VS 1. 80±0. 00 cm, P<0. 05). The contraction pressure of LES was also significantly positively related to the electric current(R=0. 965, P<0. 01),the pulse width (R=0. 973, P<0. 01), and the frequency (R=0. 842, P<0. 01). The pressure of lower esophageal sphincter of single phase square wave was greater than that of the double phase square group (P<0. 05). Under the same parameters, the contraction pressure of LES group was lower than that of the esophageal body group (27. 33±1. 15 mmHg VS 104. 00

  15. On alternating quantum walks (United States)

    Rousseva, Jenia; Kovchegov, Yevgeniy


    We study an inhomogeneous quantum walk on a line that evolves according to alternating coins, each a rotation matrix. For the quantum walk with the coin alternating between clockwise and counterclockwise rotations by the same angle, we derive a closed form solution for the propagation of probabilities, and provide its asymptotic approximation via the method of stationary phase. Finally, we observe that for a x03c0;/4 angle, this alternating rotation walk will replicate the renown Hadamard walk.

  16. On an Alternative Cosmology

    CERN Document Server

    Vankov, A


    The suggested alternative cosmology is based on the idea of barion symmetric universe, in which our home universe is a representative of multitude of typical matter and antimatter universes. This alternative concept gives a physically reasonable explanation of all major problems of the Standard Cosmological Model. Classification Code MSC: Cosmology 524.8 Key words: standard cosmological model, alternative cosmology, barionic symmetry, typical universe, quasars, cosmic rays.

  17. Alternative energies. Updates on progress

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ferreira, German (ed.) [CIRCE - Centre of Research for Energy Resources and Consumption, Zaragoza (Spain)


    Presents fundamental and applied research of alternative energies. Address key pillars in the alternative energy field, such as: biomass energy, hydrogen energy, solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectric power, geothermal energy and their environmental implications, with the most updated progress. Includes the life cycle assessment and thermoeconomic analysis as tools for evaluating and optimising environmental and cost subjects. This book presents nine chapters based on fundamental and applied research of alternative energies. At the present time, the challenge is that technology has to come up with solutions that can provide environmentally friendly energy supply options that are able to cover the current world energy demand. Experts around the world are working on these issues for providing new solutions that will break the existing technological barriers. This book aims to address key pillars in the alternative energy field, such as: biomass energy, hydrogen energy, solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectric power, geothermal energy and their environmental implications, with the most updated progress for each pillar. It also includes the life cycle assessment (LCA) and thermoeconomic analysis (TA) as tools for evaluating and optimising environmental and cost subjects. Chapters are organized into fundamental research, applied research and future trends; and written for engineers, academic researches and scientists.

  18. Brandmodstandsbidrag for alternative isoleringsmaterialer

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hansen, Ernst Jan de Place


    Resume af rapport om alternative isoleringsmaterialers brandmodstandsbidrag, udarbejdet af Dansk Brandteknisk Institut under Energistyrelsens udviklingsprogram "Miljø- og arbejdsmiljøvenlig isolering"...

  19. Alternating Current Electroosmosis Flow Rate Analysis Based on Electric-triple-layer Model%基于三电层模型的交流电渗流速分析

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李姗姗; 敖宏瑞; 侯珍秀; 姜洪源


    微通道内交流电渗微泵的流速与电极表面双电层的结构与电荷分布密切相关,根据传统双电层理论和交流电渗速度公式可以预测交流电渗流速分布和速度峰值处的转折频率.试验发现,由此得出的交流电渗流速峰值比试验值大数倍.考虑紧密层和中间层厚度对交流电渗流的影响,提出三电层模型,给出三电层等效厚度和等效相对介电常数的求解方法,对传统的交流电渗速度公式进行修正,得出修正后的时间平均流速、位置平均流速和转折频率表达式.以宽度和间距均为20 μm的平行电极阵列为试验对象,对其施加相位差90°的四相行波电场,用电荷耦合元件(Charge-coupled device,CCD)记录流场中荧光粒子的轨迹并用micro-PIV方法计算流场速度.设置不同的电层厚度参数对试验进行仿真.结果表明,紧密层厚度为几个溶剂分子大小(0.5 nm),而且中间层厚度为电极表面微观起伏高度(5nm)时,仿真和试验结果非常接近,这表明三电层模型和修正后流速公式的有效性.%ACEO(altemating current electroosmosis) flow rate is intimately associated with the structure and charge distribution of electric double layer(EDL). Flow field distribution and cross-over frequency at which velocity reaches its peak can be predicted by classic EDL theory and flow rate formula. But the maximum velocity obtained theoretically is several times bigger than the experimental value. Considering the influences of Stern layer and middle layer thickness on ACEO flow rate, the ETL (electric-triple-layer) model is presented and effective thicknesses and relative permittivity of each layer are described herein, and then the formula for the description of time average and position average flow rate, as well as die cross frequency, are deduced. In the tests, a four-phase travelling wave electric field with 90° phase difference is applied to interdigitated electrode array with equal

  20. Alternative Schools, Mainstream Education (United States)

    McKee, Jan; Conner, Evguenia


    Alternative education has its own history. Having emerged in the sixties as a response to the social crisis, its goal was primarily to fight increasing bureaucracy and the depersonalization of public education by giving students more freedom and minimal adult supervision. In the eighties, the understanding of "alternative education" narrowed to…

  1. Alternative Fuels Data Center

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Fact sheet describes the Alternative Fuels Data Center, which provides information, data, and tools to help fleets and other transportation decision makers find ways to reduce petroleum consumption through the use of alternative and renewable fuels, advanced vehicles, and other fuel-saving measures.

  2. Acquisition of Voicing Alternations

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Kerkhoff, Annemarie


    "Morpho-phonological alternations are central to phonological theory, but little is known about how they are acquired. Acquiring alternations amounts to dealing with variation in a morpheme’s shape depending on its morphological context. It is generally assumed that children start with an initial st

  3. Alternative health insurance schemes

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Keiding, Hans; Hansen, Bodil O.


    In this paper, we present a simple model of health insurance with asymmetric information, where we compare two alternative ways of organizing the insurance market. Either as a competitive insurance market, where some risks remain uninsured, or as a compulsory scheme, where however, the level...... competitive insurance; this situation turns out to be at least as good as either of the alternatives...

  4. Fourth annual report to Congress, Federal Alternative Motor Fuels Programs

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This annual report to Congress presents the current status of the alternative fuel vehicle programs being conducted across the country in accordance with the Alternative Motor Fuels Act of 1988. These programs, which represent the most comprehensive data collection effort ever undertaken on alternative fuels, are beginning their fifth year. This report summarizes tests and results from the fourth year.

  5. Computation of te distribution of current density in a system of rectangular solid conductors for alternating current by combining the separation and boundary integral equation method; Berechnung der Stromverteilung in einem System rechteckiger Massivleiter bei Wechselstrom durch Kombination der Separations- mit der Randintegralgleichungsmethode

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Fichte, Lars Ole


    The author of the contribution under consideration investigates the distribution of the current density in the interior of a plurality of straight parallel conductors with a rectangular cross section after the decay of the transient switch-on processes. The cross-sectional dimensions of the electrical conductors substantially are smaller than the longitudinal extension of the arrangement. Only those conductors are investigated in which the edges of the conductor cross-sections are parallel to each other. The resulting spatially varying distributions of the current density are computed numerically. The results of the numerical computations are compared with solutions from commercial field calculation programs.

  6. Alternative, complementary and traditional medicine in Malaysia. (United States)

    Talib, N


    This paper sets out the practice of traditional, alternative and/or complementary medicine in Malaysia. It gives an overview of the types of alternative medicine available, and the legal regulation, or lack of it within the current setting. The relevant policies and governmental action in this area are highlighted. Relevant case law decisions in this area are also included. The practice of spiritual healing as one form of traditional medicine, and its role within the spectrum of alternative medicine is dealt with briefly. The significant question of integration of alternative medicine within the existing allopathic system is addressed. The paper concludes that as interest in, and usage of alternative medicine is not likely to decrease, certain measures must be taken by the relevant authorities to ensure among others, the safety and efficacy of these medicines.

  7. Spin current

    CERN Document Server

    Valenzuela, Sergio O; Saitoh, Eiji; Kimura, Takashi


    In a new branch of physics and technology called spin-electronics or spintronics, the flow of electrical charge (usual current) as well as the flow of electron spin, the so-called 'spin current', are manipulated and controlled together. This book provides an introduction and guide to the new physics and application of spin current.

  8. Advancing practice relating to SEA alternatives

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    González, Ainhoa, E-mail: [School of Natural Sciences, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2 (Ireland); Thérivel, Riki, E-mail: [Levett-Therivel Sustainability Consultants (United Kingdom); Fry, John, E-mail: [School of Agriculture and Food Science, University College Dublin, Dublin 4 (Ireland); Foley, Walter, E-mail: [School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Policy, University College Dublin, Dublin 4 (Ireland)


    Developing and assessing alternatives is a key and central stage to Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). However, research has repeatedly reported this stage as one of the most poorly undertaken aspects of the SEA process. Current practice limitations include belated consideration of reasonable alternatives, narrow scope of alternatives that often include unrealistic or retrofitted options, limited stakeholder and public involvement in their identification, assessment and selection, lack of systematic approaches to their assessment and comparison, and inadequate reporting of the ‘storyline’ on how they were identified, what the potential impacts are and why the preferred alternative was selected. These issues have resulted in objections and judicial reviews. On the positive side, a number of good practice case studies enable extraction of key lessons and formulation of a set of general recommendations to advance practice in SEA alternatives. In this paper, practical guidance on the identification and development of alternatives, their assessment and comparison, selection of the preferred option, and documentation of the process and the reasons for selection is provided and discussed to frame good practice approaches. - Highlights: • Alternatives are one of the most poorly completed aspects of Strategic Environmental Assessment. • Current practice limitations need to be addressed to enhance SEA effectiveness. • A set of recommendations are extracted from good practice case studies. • These recommendations can be applied across jurisdictions and sectors and tailored as necessary.

  9. HL-LHC alternatives

    CERN Document Server

    Tomás, R; White, S


    The HL-LHC parameters assume unexplored regimes for hadron colliders in various aspects of accelerator beam dynamics and technology. This paper reviews three alternatives that could potentially improve the LHC performance: (i) the alternative filling scheme 8b+4e, (ii) the use of a 200 MHz RF system in the LHC and (iii) the use of proton cooling methods to reduce the beam emittance (at top energy and at injection). The alternatives are assessed in terms of feasibility, pros and cons, risks versus benefits and the impact on beam availability.

  10. Alternative loop rings

    CERN Document Server

    Goodaire, EG; Polcino Milies, C


    For the past ten years, alternative loop rings have intrigued mathematicians from a wide cross-section of modern algebra. As a consequence, the theory of alternative loop rings has grown tremendously. One of the main developments is the complete characterization of loops which have an alternative but not associative, loop ring. Furthermore, there is a very close relationship between the algebraic structures of loop rings and of group rings over 2-groups. Another major topic of research is the study of the unit loop of the integral loop ring. Here the interaction between loop rings and group ri

  11. Alternative disinfectant water treatments (United States)

    Alternative disinfestant water treatments are disinfestants not as commonly used by the horticultural industry. Chlorine products that produce hypochlorous acid are the main disinfestants used for treating irrigation water. Chlorine dioxide will be the primary disinfestant discussed as an alternativ...

  12. Alternative fuel information sources

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    This short document contains a list of more than 200 US sources of information (Name, address, phone number, and sometimes contact) related to the use of alternative fuels in automobiles and trucks. Electric-powered cars are also included.

  13. Seal design alternatives study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Van Sambeek, L.L. [RE/SPEC Inc., Rapid City, SD (US); Luo, D.D.; Lin, M.S.; Ostrowski, W.; Oyenuga, D. [Parsons Brinckerhoff Quade & Douglas, Inc., San Francisco, CA (US)


    This report presents the results from a study of various sealing alternatives for the WIPP sealing system. Overall, the sealing system has the purpose of reducing to the extent possible the potential for fluids (either gas or liquid) from entering or leaving the repository. The sealing system is divided into three subsystems: drift and panel seals within the repository horizon, shaft seals in each of the four shafts, and borehole seals. Alternatives to the baseline configuration for the WIPP seal system design included evaluating different geometries and schedules for seal component installations and the use of different materials for seal components. Order-of-magnitude costs for the various alternatives were prepared as part of the study. Firm recommendations are not presented, but the advantages and disadvantages of the alternatives are discussed. Technical information deficiencies are identified and studies are outlined which can provide required information.

  14. Alternatives to Nursing Homes (United States)

    ... this website may not be available. Alternatives to nursing homes Before you make any decisions about long ... live and what help you may need. A nursing home may not be your only choice. Discharge ...

  15. Breast Reconstruction Alternatives (United States)

    ... Breast Reconstruction Surgery Breast Cancer Breast Reconstruction Surgery Breast Reconstruction Alternatives Some women who have had a ... chest. What if I choose not to get breast reconstruction? Some women decide not to have any ...

  16. Vaginal dryness alternative treatments (United States)

    Alternative treatments for vaginal dryness ... Question: Is there a drug-free treatment for vaginal dryness? Answer: There are many causes of vaginal dryness . It may be caused by reduced estrogen level, infection, medicines, and ...

  17. Development of Alternatives to the Current Safe Powering Standard. (United States)


    A - Spoc if fies theIi( turn number or (fur’ SI A\\R I) the iIja I ru Idder po5 i. joil. if~Q( i - H s lii 111II1it(’i of seconlds f rom~ thle I d1 1...measures, such as increased education and more stringent enforcement, must be implemented to address accidents whose proximate cause(s) -- include

  18. Thermoionic generator of alternating current; Generador termoionico de corriente alterna

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Perez, Guillermo [Centro de Investigacionees en Dispositivos Semiconductores, Puebla, Puebla (Mexico); Estrada, Claudio A; Jimenez, Antonio E [Centro de Investigacion en Energia, UNAM, Temixco, Morelos (Mexico); Cervantes de Gortari, Jaime [Facultad de Ingenieria, UNAM, Mexico, D.F. (Mexico)


    The thermionic converter (TC) is a device that generates electrical power in the DC regime. Studies to improve its efficiency have been focused to increase the output potential and decrease is internal impedance. These two conditions have been obtained introducing cesium in its internal structure. However, it has been observed that internal impedance of the cesium TC can be reduced more, if electrical pulses are introduced to its internal structure. With this purpose, develop of a passive electric circuit that is capable to generate autopulsation to the TC, is presented. The developed circuit is itself a resonance interface, which is connected between the TC and the load; its principal function is to transform the DC power of the TC to AC power. The operation of the TC power in AC regime presents several advantages; the operational voltage at the load can be increased and simultaneously, the power transfer can be improved. The properties of this interface help directly and indirectly to improve the TC efficiency. This paper presents the theoretical model of the resonant interface that can be coupled directly to a low power vacuum TC. [Spanish] La celda termoionica (CT) es un dispositivo que genera potencia electrica en el regimen de CD. Los estudios que se han hecho para mejorar su eficiencia se han enfocado a aumentar el potencial de salida y a disminuir su impedancia interna. Estas dos condiciones se han conseguido introduciendo cesio en su estructura interna. Sin embargo, se ha observado que la impedancia interna de la celda termoionica de cesio, se puede reducir aun mas si se inyectan pulsos electricos a su estructura interna. Con este fin se presenta el desarrollo de un circuito electrico pasivo, que es capaz de generar autopulsamiento hacia la CT. El circuito desarrollado es propiamente una interfaz resonante que se conecta entre la CT y la carga, cuya funcion principal es convertir la potencia de CD de la CT en potencia de CA. El manejo de la potencia electrica de la CT en el regimen de CA presenta ciertas ventajas: se puede aumentar el voltaje de operacion en la carga y simultaneamente mejorar las transferencias de potencia. Las propiedades de esta interfaz coadyuvan directa e indirectamente al mejoramiento de la eficiencia de la CT. En este trabajo se presenta el desarrollo teorico de una interfaz resonante que puede acoplarse directamente a una celda termoionica de vacio de baja potencia.

  19. Lump Sum Alternatives to Current Veterans’ Disability Compensation (United States)


    with increase Average increase 4.9% 17 5.9% 22 2.4% * 3.4% 20 0.4% * 5.0% 18 Mental 9203 Schizophrenia , paranoid ...higher. Among the mental disabilities shown, schizophrenia is the condition with the smallest proportion (only 10 percent) with a 10-percent rating...Intervertebral disc syndrome (91,404) 37 29 0 15 17 100 5295 Lumbosacral strain (94,873) 71 21 0 6 1 100 Mental 9203 Schizophrenia

  20. Congressional Oversight of Intelligence: Current Structure and Alternatives (United States)


    JCAE, this joint panel was a short-term, periodic addition to Congress, set up by the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Act of 1985 ( GRH ). The panel could come...provision apparently was never activated and was not included in the 1987 revision of GRH . 27 Green and Rosenthal, Government of the Atom, p. 266

  1. Alternating current(AC) corrosion analyzed by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ha, Tae Hyun; Kim, Dae Kyeong; Bae, Jeong Hyo; Lee, Hyun Goo; Lee, Sung Jin [Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute, Changwon (Korea, Republic of)


    So far, many research results on AC corrosion have been reported but each one is not consistent with another. In order to understand the characteristics and factors affecting on AC corrosion, Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (E.I.S) was used and changes in kinetics and surface properties was analyzed. Generally, E.I.S. test has been used mainly for the diagnosis of the concrete corrosion and coating material. However, considering the outstanding functions of E.I.S. test, it can be adopted as a good method to study AC corrosion. Electrolyte resistance (R{sub sol}), double layer capacitance (C{sub dl}) and polarization resistance (R{sub p}) are the basic circuit elements. Using the model which is consist of these basic elements, various results of E.I.S. test can be interpreted. And through this method the mechanism and characteristics of AC corrosion can be explained

  2. Alternating current electrical properties of Argon plasma treated jute

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Md. Masroor Anwer


    Full Text Available Low temperature plasma (LTP treatment, a kind of environment friendly surface modification technique, was applied to biodegradable and environment friendly jute fibre with the use of nonpolymerizing gas, namely argon, at various discharge power levels and exposure times with a definite flow rate. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM microphotographs reveal that the roughness of the fibre surfaces increases with the increase of discharge power and exposure time. This is caused due to the bombardment of high energetic ions on the fibre surface and the fibres become sputtered. The capacitance and the electrical conductance of raw and LTP treated jute fibre were measured as a function of frequency at room temperature. The dielectric constant, conductivity, dielectric loss-tangent and the surface morphology of raw and LTP treated jute as a function of frequency were studied at room temperature. It was observed that for all the samples the dielectric constant almost constant at lower frequencies and then decreases gradually in the high frequency region. In addition, dielectric constant increases with the increase of plasma treatment time as well as discharge power. It is also observed for all the samples that the conductivity increases as the frequency increases with a lower slope in the low frequency region and with a higher slope in the higher frequency region. In addition, the conductivity decreases with the increase of plasma exposure time as well as discharge power. The conductivity increases with frequency due to the hopping mechanism of electrons. The dependence of the dielectric loss-tangent with frequency at different treatment times and discharge powers for all the jute samples show small relaxation peaks in the very low frequency region. The dielectric loss-tangent decreases with the increase of both plasma treatment time and discharge power. In addition, the relaxation peaks are shifted to the higher frequency region as the plasma treatment time as well as discharge power increases. At the low frequencies relaxation peaks indicate the possibility of interfacial polarization.

  3. Current Pharmaceutical Treatments and Alternative Therapies of Parkinson's Disease


    Dong, Jie; Cui, Yanhua; Li, Song; Le, Weidong


    Over the decades, pharmaceutical treatments, particularly dopaminergic (DAergic) drugs have been considered as the main therapy against motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease (PD). It is proposed that DAergic drugs in combination with other medications, such as monoamine oxidase type B inhibitors, catechol-O-methyl transferase inhibitors, anticholinergics and other newly developed non-DAergic drugs can make a better control of motor symptoms or alleviate levodopa-induced motor complications. M...


    The Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation (SITE) Program was authorized as part of the 1986 amendments to the Superfund legislation. It represents a joint effort between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Office of Research and Development and Office of Solid W...

  5. Graphene Electrostatic Loudspeaker as an Alternative to Current Loudspeaker Designs

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Runyuan Liu


    As a new nanomaterial graphene has broad application prospects.Its mechanical strength,low mass and other aspects of the superior features,enable the production of lighter, better quality loudspeakers.This paper wil brielfy describe the physical and structural properties of graphene,analyze the structure and advantages of graphene loudspeakers and then com-pare it with other loudspeakers.

  6. Hybrid Models of Alternative Current Filter for Hvdc

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ufa Ruslan A.


    Full Text Available Based on a hybrid simulation concept of HVDC, the developed hybrid AC filter models, providing the sufficiently full and adequate modeling of all single continuous spectrum of quasi-steady-state and transient processes in the filter, are presented. The obtained results suggest that usage of the hybrid simulation approach is carried out a methodically accurate with guaranteed instrumental error solution of differential equation systems of mathematical models of HVDC.

  7. Alternatives for nuclear fuel disposal

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ramirez S, J. R.; Badillo A, V.; Palacios H, J.; Celis del Angel, L., E-mail: ramon.ramirez@inin.gob.m [ININ, Carretera Mexico-Toluca s/n, Ocoyoacac 52750, Estado de Mexico (Mexico)


    The spent fuel is one of the most important issues in the nuclear industry, currently spent fuel management is been cause of great amount of research, investments in the construction of repositories or constructing the necessary facilities to reprocess the fuel, and later to recycle the plutonium recovered in thermal reactors. What is the best solution? or, What is the best technology for a specific solution? Many countries have deferred the decision on selecting an option, while other works actively constructing repositories and others implementing the reprocessing facilities to recycle the plutonium obtained from nuclear spent fuel. In Mexico the nuclear power is limited to two reactors BWR type and medium size. So the nuclear spent fuel discharged has been accommodated at reactor's spent fuel pools. Originally these pools have enough capacity to accommodate spent fuel for the 40 years of designed plant operation. However, currently is under process an extended power up rate to 20% of their original power and also there are plans to extend operational life for 20 more years. Under these conditions there will not be enough room for spent fuel in the pools. So this work describes some different alternatives that have been studied in Mexico to define which will be the best alternative to follow. (Author)

  8. Alternative fuels for vehicles; Alternative drivmidler

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    Up until 2020 and onwards the analysis indicates that especially electricity, biogas and natural gas as propellants is economically attractive compared to conventional gasoline and diesel while other fuels have the same or higher costs for petrol and diesel. Especially biogas and electricity will also offer significant reductions in CO{sub 2} emissions, but also hydrogen, methanol, DME and to a lesser extent the second generation bioethanol and most of the other alternative fuels reduce CO{sub 2} emissions. Use of the traditional food-based first generation biofuels involves, at best, only modest climate benefits if land use changes are counted, and at worst, significant negative climate effects. Natural gas as a propellant involves a moderate climate gain, but may play a role for building infrastructure and market for gaseous fuels in large fleets, thereby contributing to the phasing in of biogas for transport. The electric-based automotive fuels are the most effective due to a high efficiency of the engine and an increasing proportion of wind energy in the electricity supply. The methanol track also has a relatively high efficiency. Among the others, the track based on diesel engines (biodiesel) is more effective than the track based on gasoline/Otto engines (gas and ethanol) as a result of the diesel engine's better efficiency. For the heavy vehicles all the selected alternative fuels to varying degrees reduce emissions of CO{sub 2}, particularly DME based on wood. The only exception to this is - as for passenger cars - the propellant synthetic diesel based on coal. (LN).

  9. Current limiters

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Loescher, D.H. [Sandia National Labs., Albuquerque, NM (United States). Systems Surety Assessment Dept.; Noren, K. [Univ. of Idaho, Moscow, ID (United States). Dept. of Electrical Engineering


    The current that flows between the electrical test equipment and the nuclear explosive must be limited to safe levels during electrical tests conducted on nuclear explosives at the DOE Pantex facility. The safest way to limit the current is to use batteries that can provide only acceptably low current into a short circuit; unfortunately this is not always possible. When it is not possible, current limiters, along with other design features, are used to limit the current. Three types of current limiters, the fuse blower, the resistor limiter, and the MOSFET-pass-transistor limiters, are used extensively in Pantex test equipment. Detailed failure mode and effects analyses were conducted on these limiters. Two other types of limiters were also analyzed. It was found that there is no best type of limiter that should be used in all applications. The fuse blower has advantages when many circuits must be monitored, a low insertion voltage drop is important, and size and weight must be kept low. However, this limiter has many failure modes that can lead to the loss of over current protection. The resistor limiter is simple and inexpensive, but is normally usable only on circuits for which the nominal current is less than a few tens of milliamperes. The MOSFET limiter can be used on high current circuits, but it has a number of single point failure modes that can lead to a loss of protective action. Because bad component placement or poor wire routing can defeat any limiter, placement and routing must be designed carefully and documented thoroughly.

  10. Alternative Green Solvents Project (United States)

    Maloney, Phillip R.


    Necessary for safe and proper functioning of equipment. Mainly halogenated solvents. Tetrachloride, Trichloroethylene (TCE), CFC-113. No longer used due to regulatory/safety concerns. Precision Cleaning at KSC: Small % of total parts. Used for liquid oxygen (LOX) systems. Dual solvent process. Vertrel MCA (decafluoropentane (DFP) and trons-dichloroethylene) HFE-7100. DFP has long term environmental concerns. Project Goals: a) Identify potential replacements. b) 22 wet chemical processes. c) 3 alternative processes. d) Develop test procedures. e) Contamination and cleaning. f) Analysis. g) Use results to recommend alternative processes. Conclusions: a) No alternative matched Vertrel in this study. b) No clear second place solvent. c) Hydrocarbons- easy; Fluorinated greases- difficult. d) Fluorinated component may be needed in replacement solvent. e) Process may need to make up for shortcoming of the solvent. f) Plasma and SCC02 warrant further testing.

  11. Catalysis for alternative energy generation

    CERN Document Server


    Summarizes recent problems in using catalysts in alternative energy generation and proposes novel solutions  Reconsiders the role of catalysis in alternative energy generation  Contributors include catalysis and alternative energy experts from across the globe

  12. [Alternative scaffold proteins]. (United States)

    Petrovskaia, L E; Shingarova, L N; Dolgikh, D A; Kirpichnikov, M P


    Review is devoted to the challenging direction in modem molecular biology and bioengineering - the properties of alternative scaffold proteins (ASP) and methods for obtaining ASP binding molecules. ASP molecules incorporate conservative protein core and hypervariable regions, providing for the binding function. Structural classification of ASP includes several types which differ also in their molecular targets and potential applications. Construction of artificial binding proteins on the ASP basis implies a combinatorial library design with subsequent selection of specific binders with the use of phage display or the modem cell-free systems. Alternative binding proteins on non-immunoglobulin scaffolds find broad applications in different fields ofbiotechnology and molecular medicine.

  13. Experiment and Analysis of Car Alternator for Wind Turbine Application

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pudji Irasari


    Full Text Available This paper discusses experiment and analysis to find out the feasibility of a car alternator to be used as a generator for wind turbine. The experiment was conducted twice. The first experiment was to characterize the alternator to determine the mechanical transmission ratio. In this experiment the alternator was driven by a lathe machine and its output power was supplied to charge a battery. In the second experiment the alternator was integrated with the turbine blades and they were tested as a unit system. In both experiments, the electric generation of alternator was executed with fixed excitation current method. The correlation between the alternator characteristic and the tip speed ratio gives the mechanical transmission ratio of 1 : 3. The experiment results show that the efficiency of alternator is around 50% and cut-in wind speed (after correction is 6.35 m/s indicating that alternator is not feasible for wind turbine system application. 

  14. Alternative Design of Postgraduate English Writing Course

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    This paper presents an alternative design of postgraduate English writing course to meet the requirement of the current postgraduate English teaching reform.The author believes that efficiently-organized writing activities based on practical needs could refresh teaching frame- work and consequently assist postgraduates in English writing.

  15. Cornerstone Third Party Alternative Cost Study

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Vrieling, P. Douglas [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-CA), Livermore, CA (United States)


    The attached cost analyses sheets have been developed for use in planning during the Third Party Alternative study currently underway for the Sandia CREATE project. This cost analysis builds upon the previously submitted base estimate dated June 14, 2013 and includes comparison information collected during a Market Validation exercise conducted in August/September 2013.

  16. Girls and Gender in Alternative Education Provision (United States)

    Russell, Lisa; Thomson, Pat


    UK Government policy states that all young people aged 14-19 are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum, with access to "personalised" education and training pathways. With boys currently leading the statistics on exclusion, girls' educational and social needs are often sidelined in alternative education provision, as the majority…

  17. [Alternatives for Reading Teacher Educator Education]. (United States)

    Palmatier, Robert A., Ed.


    The "Epistle" is the publication forum of Professors of Reading Teacher Educators, a special-interest group of the International Reading Association. The topic considered in this issue is alternatives or positive approaches for dealing with current concerns in graduate education in reading. In "Speculations on the Management of Retrenchment in…

  18. Alternative Energy Busing (United States)

    LaFee, Scott


    In recent years, school districts have converted portions of their bus fleets to cleaner-burning, sometimes cheaper, alternative fossil fuels, such as compressed natural gas or propane. Others have adopted biodiesel, which combines regular diesel with fuel derived from organic sources, usually vegetable oils or animal fats. The number of biodiesel…

  19. Alternate dispute resolution.


    Webb, Paul F.


    In an effort to save taxpayer dollars and ease an overburdened administrative and judicial court system, this report presents evidence to encourage the use of alternate dispute resolution (ADR) in construction contracting within the Naval Facilities Engineering Command. Information is presented detailing the primary factors that contribute to this expensive and overburdened system, including: costs associated with litigation, contractual document formation, experience level ...

  20. Alternatives in solar energy (United States)

    Schueler, D. G.


    Although solar energy has the potential of providing a significant source of clean and renewable energy for a variety of applications, it is expected to penetrate the nation's energy economy very slowly. The alternative solar energy technologies which employ direct collection and conversion of solar radiation as briefly described.

  1. Environment and Alternative Development. (United States)

    Kothari, Rajni

    Stressing the global dimension to the adversary relationship between economic development and environmental conservation, this monograph examines the philosophical, historical, cultural, and ethnic underpinnings of modern science and technology. In addition, the monograph spells out policy implications of an alternative concept of development and…

  2. Complementary and Alternative Medicine (United States)

    ... the practitioner to ask about the risks and benefits of treatment — the same kinds of things you'd do if you were interviewing a new doctor. You may have already used a complementary or alternative practice, like yoga or massage, and not even thought about it! ...

  3. DoD use of Domestically-Produced Alternative Fuels and Alternative Fuel Vehicles (United States)


    fuels and vehicles. 15. SUBJECT TERMS alternative fuel infrastructure, electric vehicles, biofuels, ethanol , biodiesel , drop-in, synthetic fuel...control number. 1. REPORT DATE 10 APR 2014 2. REPORT TYPE Final 3. DATES COVERED 06 JAN 2014 - 2014 APR 10 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE DoD use of...based fuels and biodiesel , in DoD vehicles; (2) current and projected actions by the DoD to increase the use of alternative fuels in vehicles; (3) a

  4. Alternating current CMT and high frequency pulse composite arc on A1-Li alloys welding technique%铝锂合金交流CMT焊接高频脉冲复合电弧焊接技术研究进展

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    汪殿龙; 张志洋; 王波; 梁志敏; 王军


    随着兵器工业和航空航天领域对高强、轻质A1-Li系合金结构件的迫切需求,实现Al-Li合金的可靠高效连接显得日益重要.针对在焊接Al-Li合金使用传统焊接方法易出现热输入量大、焊接稳定性差导致的组织性能差及气孔、热裂纹缺陷等问题,提出采用交流CMT焊接与DC-DC变换高频脉冲复合电弧焊接技术进行A1-Li系合金焊接,利用低热输入量的交流CMT焊接电孤破除合金表面氧化膜,减小熔池气孔和热裂纹敏感性,利用高频脉冲电弧的高频效应及其电弧超声细化晶粒,提高接头强度,获得良好的结合性能.%With the urgent needs of high strength, lightweight Al-Li alloy structure in weapons industry and aerospace areas, reliable and efficient connection of Al-Li alloy appears increasingly important. It is prone to porosity, thermal cracks and other defects in traditional Al-Li alloy welding methods because of oversized heat input and poor welding stability. In response to these issues, this paper proposed a novel technique using alternating current CMT and DC-DC high-frequency pulsed composite arc on Al-Li alloy welding. In order to get good bonding properties, the low heat input of alternating current CMT arc is used to break oxidation film in alloy surface, reduce porosity and the thermal crack sensitivity of weld pool. The high frequency effect of high frequency pulse arc and its arc ultrasonic is used to refine grains and improve joint strength.

  5. A structural bridge between alternant and non-alternant hydrocarbons

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Richard Francis Langler


    Full Text Available A simple set of trimethylene-substituted even, fully-pi-bonded, non-alternant monocycles is shown to have several key features in common with acyclic, even alternant polyenes at the Hückel level. These non-alternant molecules provide a bridge between alternant and non-alternant hydrocarbons. This topic might serve as a useful addition to Hückel theory courses targeted at senior undergraduate students.

  6. Current Titles

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This booklet is published for those interested in current research being conducted at the National Center for Electron Microscopy. The NCEM is a DOE-designated national user facility and is available at no charge to qualified researchers. Access is controlled by an external steering committee. Interested researchers may contact Jane Cavlina, Administrator, at 510/486-6036.

  7. Alternative Medicine Review简介

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李霄茜; 周庆辉


    @@ Alternative Medicine Review(;ISSN:1089-5159)是由美国Thorne Research公司于1996年出版发行的一本同行评议补充替代医学杂志,旨在为预防保健从业者提供准确、及时并且与临床相关的各类原创文章、摘要及文献综述等.该杂志现已被Index Medicus/Medline、EMBASE、CINAHL、Current Contents/Clinical Medicine及Science Citation Index Expanded等多个数据库收录.最新影响因子为3.111.

  8. Alternative propulsion for automobiles

    CERN Document Server

    Stan, Cornel


    The book presents – based on the most recent research and development results worldwide - the perspectives of new propulsion concepts such as electric cars with batteries and fuel cells, and furthermore plug in hybrids with conventional and alternative fuels. The propulsion concepts are evaluated based on specific power, torque characteristic, acceleration behaviour, specific fuel consumption and pollutant emissions. The alternative fuels are discussed in terms of availability, production, technical complexity of the storage on board, costs, safety and infrastructure. The book presents summarized data about vehicles with electric and hybrid propulsion. The propulsion of future cars will be marked by diversity – from compact electric city cars and range extender vehicles for suburban and rural areas up to hybrid or plug in SUV´s, Pick up´s and luxury class automobiles.

  9. Adaptive Alternating Minimization Algorithms

    CERN Document Server

    Niesen, Urs; Wornell, Gregory


    The classical alternating minimization (or projection) algorithm has been successful in the context of solving optimization problems over two variables or equivalently of finding a point in the intersection of two sets. The iterative nature and simplicity of the algorithm has led to its application to many areas such as signal processing, information theory, control, and finance. A general set of sufficient conditions for the convergence and correctness of the algorithm is quite well-known when the underlying problem parameters are fixed. In many practical situations, however, the underlying problem parameters are changing over time, and the use of an adaptive algorithm is more appropriate. In this paper, we study such an adaptive version of the alternating minimization algorithm. As a main result of this paper, we provide a general set of sufficient conditions for the convergence and correctness of the adaptive algorithm. Perhaps surprisingly, these conditions seem to be the minimal ones one would expect in ...

  10. [Alternatives to animal testing]. (United States)

    Fabre, Isabelle


    The use of alternative methods to animal testing are an integral part of the 3Rs concept (refine, reduce, replace) defined by Russel & Burch in 1959. These approaches include in silico methods (databases and computer models), in vitro physicochemical analysis, biological methods using bacteria or isolated cells, reconstructed enzyme systems, and reconstructed tissues. Emerging "omic" methods used in integrated approaches further help to reduce animal use, while stem cells offer promising approaches to toxicologic and pathophysiologic studies, along with organotypic cultures and bio-artificial organs. Only a few alternative methods can so far be used in stand-alone tests as substitutes for animal testing. The best way to use these methods is to integrate them in tiered testing strategies (ITS), in which animals are only used as a last resort.

  11. Alternative nanostructures for thermophones (United States)

    Mayo, Nathanael; Aliev, Ali; Baughman, Ray


    There is a large promise for thermophones in high power sonar arrays, flexible loudspeakers, and noise cancellation devices. So far, freestanding aerogel-like carbon nanotube sheets demonstrate the best performance as a thermoacoustic heat source. However, the limited accessibility of large size freestanding carbon nanotube sheets and other even more exotic materials published recently, hampers the field. We present here new alternative materials for a thermoacoustic heat source with high energy conversion efficiency, additional functionalities, environmentally friendly and cost effective production technologies. We discuss the thermoacoustic performance of alternative nanoscale materials and compare their spectral and power dependencies of sound pressure in air. The study presented here focuses on engineering thermal gradients in the vicinity of nanostructures and subsequent heat dissipation processes from the interior of encapsulated thermoacoustic projectors. Applications of thermoacoustic projectors for high power SONAR arrays, sound cancellation, and optimal thermal design, regarding enhanced energy conversion efficiency, are discussed.

  12. Alternate-Fueled Combustion-Sector Emissions (United States)

    Saxena, Nikita T.; Thomas, Anna E.; Shouse, Dale T.; Neuroth, Craig; Hendricks, Robert C.; Lynch, Amy; Frayne, Charles W.; Stutrud, Jeffrey S.; Corporan, Edwin; Hankins, Terry


    In order to meet rapidly growing demand for fuel, as well as address environmental concerns, the aviation industry has been testing alternate fuels for performance and technical usability in commercial and military aircraft. Currently, alternate aviation fuels must satisfy MIL-DTL- 83133F(2008) (military) or ASTM D 7566- Annex(2011) (commercial) standards and are termed drop-in fuel replacements. Fuel blends of up to 50% alternative fuel blended with petroleum (JP-8), which have become a practical alternative, are individually certified on the market. In order to make alternate fuels (and blends) a viable option for aviation, the fuel must be able to perform at a similar or higher level than traditional petroleum fuel. They also attempt to curb harmful emissions, and therefore a truly effective alternate fuel would emit at or under the level of currently used fuel. This paper analyzes data from gaseous and particulate emissions of an aircraft combustor sector. The data were evaluated at various inlet conditions, including variation in pressure and temperature, fuel-to-air ratios, and percent composition of alternate fuel. Traditional JP-8+100 data were taken as a baseline, and blends of JP- 8+100 with synthetic-paraffinic-kerosene (SPK) fuel (Fischer-Tropsch (FT)) were used for comparison. Gaseous and particulate emissions, as well as flame luminosity, were assessed for differences between FT composition of 0%, 50%, and 100%. The data showed that SPK fuel (a FT-derived fuel) had slightly lower harmful gaseous emissions, and smoke number information corroborated the hypothesis that SPK-FT fuels are cleaner burning fuels.

  13. Outlook for alternative transportation fuels

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gushee, D.E. [Univ. of Illinois, Chicago, IL (United States)


    This presentation provides a brief review of regulatory issues and Federal programs regarding alternative fuel use in automobiles. A number of U.S. DOE initiatives and studies aimed at increasing alternative fuels are outlined, and tax incentives in effect at the state and Federal levels are discussed. Data on alternative fuel consumption and alternative fuel vehicle use are also presented. Despite mandates, tax incentives, and programs, it is concluded alternative fuels will have minimal market penetration. 7 refs., 5 tabs.

  14. Alternative Energy Sources

    CERN Document Server

    Michaelides, Efstathios E (Stathis)


    Alternative Energy Sources is designed to give the reader, a clear view of the role each form of alternative energy may play in supplying the energy needs of the human society in the near and intermediate future (20-50 years).   The two first chapters on energy demand and supply and environmental effects, set the tone as to why the widespread use of alternative energy is essential for the future of human society. The third chapter exposes the reader to the laws of energy conversion processes, as well as the limitations of converting one energy form to another. The sections on exergy give a succinct, quantitative background on the capability/potential of each energy source to produce power on a global scale. The fourth, fifth and sixth chapters are expositions of fission and fusion nuclear energy. The following five chapters (seventh to eleventh) include detailed descriptions of the most common renewable energy sources – wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, hydroelectric – and some of the less common sources...


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The overall objectives of this program are to investigate potential technologies for the conversion of synthesis gas to oxygenated and hydrocarbon fuels and industrial chemicals, and to demonstrate the most promising technologies at DOE's LaPorte, Texas, Slurry Phase Alternative Fuels Development Unit (AFDU). The program will involve a continuation of the work performed under the Alternative Fuels from Coal-Derived Synthesis Gas Program and will draw upon information and technologies generated in parallel current and future DOE-funded contracts.

  16. Alternative Fuels and Chemicals from Synthesis Gas

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    None, None


    The overall objectives of this program are to investigate potential technologies for the conversion of synthesis gas to oxygenated and hydrocarbon fuels and industrial chemicals, and to demonstrate the most promising technologies at DOE's LaPorte, Texas, Slurry Phase Alternative Fuels Development Unit (AFDU). The program will involve a continuation of the work performed under the Alternative Fuels from Coal-Derived Synthesis Gas Program and will draw upon information and technologies generated in parallel current and future DOE-funded contracts.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Peter Tijrn


    The overall objectives of this program are to investigate potential technologies for the conversion of synthesis gas to oxygenated and hydrocarbon fuels and industrial chemicals, and to demonstrate the most promising technologies at DOE's LaPorte, Texas, Slurry Phase Alternative Fuels Development Unit (AFDU). The program will involve a continuation of the work performed under the Alternative Fuels from Coal-Derived Synthesis Gas Program and will draw upon information and technologies generated in parallel current and future DOE-funded contracts.

  18. Alternative fuels and chemicals from synthesis gas

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The overall objectives of this program are to investigate potential technologies for the conversion of synthesis gas to oxygenated and hydrocarbon fuels and industrial chemicals, and to demonstrate the most promising technologies at DOE's LaPorte, Texas, Slurry Phase Alternative Fuels Development Unit (AFDU). The program will involve a continuation of the work performed under the Alternative Fuels from Coal-Derived Synthesis Gas Program and will draw upon information and technologies generated in parallel current and future DOE-funded contracts.

  19. Alternative Fuels and Chemicals from Synthesis Gas

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Peter Tijrn


    The overall objectives of this program are to investigate potential technologies for the conversion of synthesis gas to oxygenated and hydrocarbon fuels and industrial chemicals, and to demonstrate the most promising technologies at DOE's LaPorte, Texas, Slurry Phase Alternative Fuels Development Unit (AFDU). The program will involve a continuation of the work performed under the Alternative Fuels from Coal-Derived Synthesis Gas Program and will draw upon information and technologies generated in parallel current and future DOE-funded contracts.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The overall objectives of this program are to investigate potential technologies for the conversion of synthesis gas to oxygenated and hydrocarbon fuels and industrial chemicals, and to demonstrate the most promising technologies at DOE's LaPorte, Texas, Slurry Phase Alternative Fuels Development Unit (AFDU). The program will involve a continuation of the work performed under the Alternative Fuels from Coal-Derived Synthesis Gas Program and will draw upon information and technologies generated in parallel current and future DOE-funded contracts.

  1. Alternative Fuels and Chemicals From Synthesis Gas

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The overall objectives of this program are to investigate potential technologies for the conversion of synthesis gas to oxygenated and hydrocarbon fuels and industrial chemicals, and to demonstrate the most promising technologies at DOE's LaPorte, Texas, Slurry Phase Alternative Fuels Development Unit (AFDU). The program will involve a continuation of the work performed under the Alternative Fuels from Coal-Derived Synthesis Gas Program and will draw upon information and technologies generated in parallel current and future DOE-funded contracts.

  2. Evaluating the economy of alternative energies to petroleum

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mitate, H.


    An account is given of the present state of the use of alternative energies to petroleum. This is followed by descriptions of current economic evaluations of such energies (energy choice and economy, cost analysis of alternative energy use) and of future tasks for economic evaluations (international comparisons of energy prices, comprehensive evaluations of alternative energies and economic evaluations of new energy technologies.) (1 ref.) (In Japanese)

  3. The impact of alternate fuels on future candidate automotive engines

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rahnke, C.J.; Nichols, R.J.


    The thermal efficiency that could occur in the future for a variety of automotive engine candidates operating on conventional and alternate fuels is projected based on current automotive engine development trends and the special characteristics of the various alternate fuels. The multi-fuel engine candidates include mixture cycle and direct injection reciprocating engines, as well as adiabatic turbocompound engines and advanced gas turbine and Stirling engines. The alternate fuels considered are propane, methanol, ethanol, diesel and methane.

  4. Research on Single-phase Boot-Buck Power Factor Correction Converter Controlled With Dual Indispensable and Alternately-effect Current Loop%双电流环交替控制的单相升-降压功率因数校正变换器研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    毛鹏; 王川云; 徐明; 臧强


    Working principle of single-phase Boost-Buck power factor correction converter was analyzed, and the current control method of the converter in pure Boost and pure Buck mode was analyzed also. A new dual-mode control scheme constituting average current mode control and charge control was proposed. With this control scheme, input current of the converter can be well controlled not only in Boost mode, but also in Buck mode when the peak input voltage is larger than the output voltage, and high input power factor can be achieved meanwhile. Diagram of the dual-mode alternative control scheme was given, and the realizing method of charge control in digital control system was proposed. Validity of the theory analysis and the control scheme was verified through experimental results. Research results of this paper are referable for the control of single-phase cascaded Buck-Boost converter.%分析单相Boost-Buck功率因数校正变换器的工作原理,并对变换器在纯Boost和纯Buck模式下的电流控制问题进行分析.针对交流侧输入电压峰值大于输出电压的情况,提出由平均电流控制和电荷控制构成的双模式控制方案,确保变换器在一个基波周期内,不论在Boost,还是在Buck工作模式期间都可实现对输入电流的控制,达到功率因数校正的目的.文中给出双模式交替控制方案控制框图,并给出电荷控制方案的数字实现方法,最后通过实验对理论分析的正确性和控制方案的有效性进行验证.研究成果对于单相级联型Boost-Buck变换器的控制也有一定参考价值.

  5. Current titles

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This booklet is published for those interested in current research being conducted at the National Center for Electron Microscopy. The NCEM is a DOE-designated national user facility and is available at no charge to qualified researchers. Access is controlled by an external steering committee. Interested researchers may contact Gretchen Hermes at (510) 486-5006 or address below for a User`s Guide. Copies of available papers can be ordered from: Theda Crawford National Center for Electron Microscopy, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, One Cyclotron Rd., MS72, Berkeley, California, USA 94720.

  6. Prediction of survival with alternative modeling techniques using pseudo values

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    T. van der Ploeg (Tjeerd); F.R. Datema (Frank); R.J. Baatenburg de Jong (Robert Jan); E.W. Steyerberg (Ewout)


    textabstractBackground: The use of alternative modeling techniques for predicting patient survival is complicated by the fact that some alternative techniques cannot readily deal with censoring, which is essential for analyzing survival data. In the current study, we aimed to demonstrate that pseudo

  7. Alternating current-generated plasma discharges for the controlled direct current charging of ferroelectrets (United States)

    Cury Basso, Heitor; Monteiro, José Roberto B. de A.; Baladelli Mazulquim, Daniel; Teixeira de Paula, Geyverson; Gonçalves Neto, Luiz; Gerhard, Reimund


    The standard charging process for polymer ferroelectrets, e.g., from polypropylene foams or layered film systems involves the application of high DC fields either to metal electrodes or via a corona discharge. In this often-used process, the DC field triggers the internal breakdown and limits the final charge densities inside the ferroelectret cavities and, thus, the final polarization. Here, an AC + DC charging procedure is proposed and demonstrated in which a high-voltage high-frequency (HV-HF) wave train is applied together with a DC poling voltage. Thus, the internal dielectric-barrier discharges in the ferroelectret cavities are induced by the HV-HF wave train, while the final charge and polarization level is controlled separately through the applied DC voltage. In the new process, the frequency and the amplitude of the HV-HF wave train must be kept within critical boundaries that are closely related to the characteristics of the respective ferroelectrets. The charging method has been tested and investigated on a fluoropolymer-film system with a single well-defined cylindrical cavity. It is found that the internal electrical polarization of the cavity can be easily controlled and increases linearly with the applied DC voltage up to the breakdown voltage of the cavity. In the standard charging method, however, the DC voltage would have to be chosen above the respective breakdown voltage. With the new method, control of the HV-HF wave-train duration prevents a plasma-induced deterioration of the polymer surfaces inside the cavities. It is observed that the frequency of the HV-HF wave train during ferroelectret charging and the temperature applied during poling of ferroelectrics serve an analogous purpose. The analogy and the similarities between the proposed ferroelectret charging method and the poling of ferroelectric materials or dipole electrets at elevated temperatures with subsequent cooling under field are discussed.

  8. Alternate fuels; Combustibles alternos

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Romero Paredes R, Hernando; Ambriz G, Juan Jose [Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana. Iztapalapa (Mexico)


    In the definition and description of alternate fuels we must center ourselves in those technological alternatives that allow to obtain compounds that differ from the traditional ones, in their forms to be obtained. In this article it is tried to give an overview of alternate fuels to the conventional derivatives of petroleum and that allow to have a clear idea on the tendencies of modern investigation and the technological developments that can be implemented in the short term. It is not pretended to include all the tendencies and developments of the present world, but those that can hit in a relatively short term, in accordance with agreed with the average life of conventional fuels. Nevertheless, most of the conversion principles are applicable to the spectrum of carbonaceous or cellulosic materials which are in nature, are cultivated or wastes of organic origin. Thus one will approach them in a successive way, the physical, chemical and biological conversions that can take place in a production process of an alternate fuel or the same direct use of the fuel such as burning the sweepings derived from the forests. [Spanish] En la definicion y descripcion de combustibles alternos nos debemos centrar en aquellas alternativas tecnologicas que permitan obtener compuestos que difieren de los tradicionales, al menos en sus formas de ser obtenidos. En este articulo se pretende dar un panorama de los combustibles alternos a los convencionales derivados del petroleo y que permita tener una idea clara sobre las tendencias de la investigacion moderna y los desarrollos tecnologicos que puedan ser implementados en el corto plazo. No se pretende abarcar todas las tendencias y desarrollos del mundo actual, sino aquellas que pueden impactar en un plazo relativamente corto, acordes con la vida media de los combustibles convencionales. Sin embargo, la mayor parte de los principios de conversion son aplicables al espectro de materiales carbonaceos o celulosicos los cuales se

  9. Current ornithology

    CERN Document Server


    The appearance of the first volume of a projected series is the occasion for comment on scope, aims, and genesis of the work. The scope of Current Ornithology is all of the biology of birds. Ornithology, as a whole-organism science, is concerned with birds at every level of bi­ ological organization, from the molecular to the community, at least from the Jurassic to the present time, and over every scholarly discipline in which bird biology is done; to say this is merely to expand a dic­ tionary definition of "ornithology. " The aim of the work, to be realized over several volumes, is to present reviews or position statements con­ cerning the active fields of ornithological research. The reviews will be relatively short, and often will be done from the viewpoint of a readily­ identified group or school. Such a work could have come into being at any time within the past fifty years, but that Current Ornithology appears now is a result of events that are only seven to eight years old. One important event wa...

  10. Selection and evaluation of alternative solvents for caprolactam extraction

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Delden, van Mathijs L.; Kuipers, Norbert J.M.; Haan, de André B.


    Because of the strict legislation for currently applied solvents in the industrial extraction of caprolactam, being benzene, toluene and chlorinated hydrocarbons, a need exists for alternative, environmentally benign solvents. An experimental screening procedure consisting of several steps was used

  11. Alternative Medicine and Your Child (United States)

    ... 1- to 2-Year-Old Complementary and Alternative Medicine KidsHealth > For Parents > Complementary and Alternative Medicine A ... works. previous continue How CAM Differs From Traditional Medicine CAM is frequently distinguished by its holistic methods, ...

  12. Alternative Anode Reaction for Copper Electrowinning

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    This report describes a project funded by the Department of Energy, with additional funding from Bechtel National, to develop a copper electrowinning process with lower costs and lower emissions than the current process. This new process also includes more energy efficient production by using catalytic-surfaced anodes and a different electrochemical couple in the electrolyte, providing an alternative oxidation reaction that requires up to 50% less energy than is currently required to electrowin the same quantity of copper. This alternative anode reaction, which oxidizes ferric ions to ferrous, with subsequent reduction back to ferric using sulfur dioxide, was demonstrated to be technically and operationally feasible. However, pure sulfur dioxide was determined to be prohibitively expensive and use of a sulfur burner, producing 12% SO{sub 2}, was deemed a viable alternative. This alternate, sulfur-burning process requires a sulfur burner, waste heat boiler, quench tower, and reaction towers. The electrolyte containing absorbed SO{sub 2} passes through activated carbon to regenerate the ferrous ion. Because this reaction produces sulfuric acid, excess acid removal by ion exchange is necessary and produces a low concentration acid suitable for leaching oxide copper minerals. If sulfide minerals are to be leached or the acid unneeded on site, hydrogen was demonstrated to be a potential reductant. Preliminary economics indicate that the process would only be viable if significant credits could be realized for electrical power produced by the sulfur burner and for acid if used for leaching of oxidized copper minerals on site.

  13. Altern als Widerstand

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roberta Maierhofer


    Full Text Available Gullettes kulturwissenschaftliche Untersuchung Aged by Culture ist wie bereits ihre zwei vorangehenden Werke, die sich mit Altern beschäftigen – Safe at Last in the Middle Years: The Invention of the Midlife Progress Novel (1988 und Declining to Decline. Cultural Combat and the Politics of the Middle (1997 –, von großem persönlichen Engagement und durch ein politisches Anliegen motiviert. Sowohl die Dringlichkeit als auch der Widerstand, den Gullette, die sich als „age critic“ definiert, als moralische und politische Notwendigkeit postuliert, werden in der Zweiteilung der Abhandlung angesprochen: „Cultural Urgencies“ und „Theorizing Age Resistantly“. Während Gullette den Begriff „aged by culture“ bereits in Declining to Decline einführt, stellt sie ihn nun in den Mittelpunkt ihrer Untersuchung. Das Buch ist einerseits einer gesellschaftspolitischen Analyse der USA gewidmet, andererseits wird eine Theorie des Widerstands gegenüber Altersdiskriminierung entwickelt.

  14. Alternatives to neoliberalism?

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Warring, Niels; Ahrenkiel, Annegrethe; Nielsen, Birger Steen;

    This paper will discuss the consequences of neoliberal governance in Danish day care centres, the social educators’ response, and the possible development of alternatives based on collective participation of social educators and union representatives. We will show how important and unnoticed...... professional competencies come under pressure, and how collective interest representation is challenged. We will discuss how concepts of “gestural knowledge”, “coherence” and “rhythm” open for a new understanding of professional competence. And we will conclude that the social educators and their unions have...... the possibility to contribute to the development of a new welfare paradigm. The paper is based on material from two research projects (Ahrenkiel et al. 2009, 2011) involving social educators and union representatives in day care institutions. We have observed everyday work activities in day care centres...

  15. Multimedia communications: architectural alternatives (United States)

    McGarty, Terrence P.; Treves, S. T.


    Multimedia communications systems are a combination of human interfaces and end users interacting with multimedia data bases and highly disparate but interconnected communications networks. This paper discusses several architectural alternatives and system requirements that will assist in the design and development of MMCS in actual environments. The approaches taken in this paper are based upon the development of such systems in both medical and printing and publishing environments. This paper develops several key concepts as how best to define and structure data in a multimedia environment, how best to integrate the communications elements, and how best to permit the maximum flexibility to the end user to utilize the system's capabilities in the context of a fully conversational environment.

  16. International research into chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) alternatives

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Marseille, T.J.; Shankle, D.L.; Thurman, A.G.


    Selected researchers from 21 countries were queried through questionnaires about their current and planned research activities. The results of the survey show that the majority of research being conducted by the respondents is devoted to investigating the hydrogenated fluorocarbon HFC-134a as a replacement for CFC-12 in refrigeration applications. The main issue with this alternative is identifying compatible lubricants that do not reduce its effectiveness.

  17. Lipase supplementation therapy: standards, alternatives, and perspectives. (United States)

    Layer, Peter; Keller, Jutta


    Treatment of steatorrhea by lipase supplementation therapy has become more successful in the last decade due to better understanding of the physiology and pathophysiology of the digestive process. Porcine lipase has been the therapeutic standard for several decades and will continue to be the treatment of choice in pancreatic exocrine insufficiency. Modern therapeutic concepts recommend administration of 25,000-40,000 units of porcine lipase per meal using pH-sensitive pancreatin microspheres. In case of treatment failure, the dose should be increased, compliance should be checked, and other reasons for malabsorption should be excluded. Still, in most patients, lipid digestion cannot be completely normalized by current standard therapy, and future developments are needed for optimizing treatment. In this article, pathophysiologic characteristics of pancreatic exocrine insufficiency, prerequisites for use of alternative lipase sources as well as currently available lipases of nonporcine origin, and new developments are discussed. Current literature suggests that bovine lipase products present a theoretical alternative but play no major role in the western world. Fungal lipase has inferior properties compared with conventional products. Bacterial lipase products show promising potential and offer future therapeutic alternatives. Moreover, human pancreatic lipase gene transfer and application of bioengineered human gastric lipase appear on the horizon.

  18. Ordering alternatives in MCDM problems

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    De Baets, B. [Ghent Univ. (Belgium). Dept. of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science


    A new approach to the study of a set of alternatives in a multi-criteria decision making problem is presented. Alternatives are described by means of fuzzy sets in the set of criteria, expressing the degrees to which they fulfill the different criteria. The concept of a fuzzy inclusion is introduced and is discussed from an axiomatic point of view. To each implication operator corresponds a fuzzy inclusion. The fuzzy inclusion corresponding to the Goedel operator is used to measure the degree to which the scores of one alternative are contained in the scores of another one. Repeating this for all couples of alternatives yields a fuzzy quasi-order relation in a set of alternatives. The cuts of this fuzzy relation are then classical quasi-order relations: they express orderings of the alternatives, allowing alternatives to be indifferent or incomparable, corresponding to different degrees of confidence.

  19. Potential Alternatives Report for Validation of Alternative Low-Emission Surface PreparationlDepainting Technologies for Structural Steel (United States)

    Lewis, Pattie


    For this project, particulates and solvents used during the depainting process of steel structures were the identified hazardous material (HazMat) targeted for elimination or reduction. This Potential Alternatives Report (PAR) provides technical analyses of identified alternatives to the current coating removal processes, criteria used to select alternatives for further analysis, and a list of those alternatives recommended for testing. The initial coating removal alternatives list was compiled using literature searches and center participant recommendations. The involved project participants initially considered fifteen (15) alternatives. In late 2004, stakeholders down-selected the list and identified specific processes as potential alternatives to the current depainting methods. The selected alternatives were: 1. Plastic Blast Media 2. Hard Abrasive Media 3. Sponge Blast Media 4. Mechanical Removal with Vacuum Attachment 5. Liquid Nitrogen 6. Laser Coating Removal Available information about these processes was used to analyze the technical merits and the potential environmental, safety, and occupational health (ESOH) impacts of these methods. A preliminary cost benefit analysis will be performed to determine if implementation of alternative technologies is economically justified. NASA AP2

  20. Alternative to Nitric Acid Passivation (United States)

    Kessel, Kurt R.


    The Ground Systems Development and Operations (GSDO) Program at NASA John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC), Florida, has the primary objective of modernizing and transforming the launch and range complex at KSC to benefit current and future NASA programs along with other emerging users. Described as the launch support and infrastructure modernization program in the NASA Authorization Act of 2010, the GSDO Program will develop and implement shared infrastructure and process improvements to provide more flexible, affordable, and responsive capabilities to a multi-user community. In support of NASA and the GSDO Program, the objective of this project is to qualify citric acid as an environmentally-preferable alternative to nitric acid for passivation of stainless steel alloys. This project is a direct follow-on to United Space Alliance (USA) work at KSC to optimize the parameters for the use of citric acid and verify effectiveness. This project will build off of the USA study to further evaluate citric acids effectiveness and suitability for corrosion protection of a number of stainless steels alloys used by NASA, the Department of Defense (DoD), and the European Space Agency (ESA).

  1. Detecting alternative graph clusterings. (United States)

    Mandala, Supreet; Kumara, Soundar; Yao, Tao


    The problem of graph clustering or community detection has enjoyed a lot of attention in complex networks literature. A quality function, modularity, quantifies the strength of clustering and on maximization yields sensible partitions. However, in most real world networks, there are an exponentially large number of near-optimal partitions with some being very different from each other. Therefore, picking an optimal clustering among the alternatives does not provide complete information about network topology. To tackle this problem, we propose a graph perturbation scheme which can be used to identify an ensemble of near-optimal and diverse clusterings. We establish analytical properties of modularity function under the perturbation which ensures diversity. Our approach is algorithm independent and therefore can leverage any of the existing modularity maximizing algorithms. We numerically show that our methodology can systematically identify very different partitions on several existing data sets. The knowledge of diverse partitions sheds more light into the topological organization and helps gain a more complete understanding of the underlying complex network.

  2. Alternative nuclear technologies (United States)

    Schubert, E.


    The lead times required to develop a select group of nuclear fission reactor types and fuel cycles to the point of readiness for full commercialization are compared. Along with lead times, fuel material requirements and comparative costs of producing electric power were estimated. A conservative approach and consistent criteria for all systems were used in estimates of the steps required and the times involved in developing each technology. The impact of the inevitable exhaustion of the low- or reasonable-cost uranium reserves in the United States on the desirability of completing the breeder reactor program, with its favorable long-term result on fission fuel supplies, is discussed. The long times projected to bring the most advanced alternative converter reactor technologies the heavy water reactor and the high-temperature gas-cooled reactor into commercial deployment when compared to the time projected to bring the breeder reactor into equivalent status suggest that the country's best choice is to develop the breeder. The perceived diversion-proliferation problems with the uranium plutonium fuel cycle have workable solutions that can be developed which will enable the use of those materials at substantially reduced levels of diversion risk.

  3. Hospital diversification: evaluating alternatives. (United States)

    Hammer, L


    The appropriateness of diversification as a growth strategy for hospitals is discussed, and planning for diversification is described. Because new forms of health-care delivery are now in direct competition with hospitals, many hospitals are confronting environmental pressures and preparing for future survival through diversification. To explore the potential risks and benefits of diversification, the hospital must identify opportunities for new business ventures. Diversification can be "related," through an expansion of the primary product line (health care), or "unrelated," into areas not directly associated with health care. The hospital must establish specific criteria for evaluating each diversification alternative, and the two or three most attractive options should be analyzed further through a financial feasibility study. The hospital should also seek legal advice to determine the implications of diversification for maintenance of tax status, antitrust limitations, and applicability of certificate of need. Although diversification may not be appropriate for every institution, hospitals should consider it as a strategy for increasing their revenue base, confronting environmental pressures, and securing future survival.

  4. Alternating hemiplegia of childhood. (United States)

    Kansagra, Sujay; Mikati, Mohamad A; Vigevano, Federico


    Alternating hemiplegia of childhood (AHC) is a very rare disease characterized by recurrent attacks of loss of muscular tone resulting in hypomobility of one side of the body. The etiology of the disease due to ATP1A3 gene mutations in the majority of patients. Few familial cases have been described. AHC has an onset in the first few months of life. Hemiplegic episodes are often accompanied by other paroxysmal manifestations, such as lateral eyes and head deviation toward the hemiplegic side and a very peculiar monocular nystagmus. As the attack progresses, hemiplegia can shift to the other side of the body. Sometimes the attack can provoke bilateral paralysis, and these patients may have severe clinical impairment, with difficulty in swallowing and breathing. Hemiplegic attacks may be triggered by different stimuli, like bath in warm water, motor activity, or emotion. The frequency of attacks is high, usually several in a month or in a week. The duration is variable from a few minutes to several hours or even days. Sleep can stop the attack. Movement disorders such as dystonia and abnormal movements are frequent. Cognitive delay of variable degree is a common feature. Epilepsy has been reported in 50% of the cases, but seizure onset is usually during the third or fourth year of life. Many drugs have been used in AHC with very few results. Flunarizine has the most supportive anecdotal evidence regarding efficacy.

  5. Enhanced Design Alternative IV

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    N. E. Kramer


    This report evaluates Enhanced Design Alternative (EDA) IV as part of the second phase of the License Application Design Selection (LADS) effort. The EDA IV concept was compared to the VA reference design using criteria from the ''Design Input Request for LADS Phase II EDA Evaluations'' (CRWMS M&O 1999b) and (CRWMS M&O 1999f). Briefly, the EDA IV concept arranges the waste packages close together in an emplacement configuration known as ''line load''. Continuous pre-closure ventilation keeps the waste packages from exceeding the 350 C cladding and 200 C (4.3.13) drift wall temperature limits. This EDA concept keeps relatively high, uniform emplacement drift temperatures (post-closure) to drive water away from the repository and thus dry out the pillars between emplacement drifts. The waste package is shielded to permit human access to emplacement drifts and includes an integral filler inside the package to reduce the amount of water that can contact the waste form. Closure of the repository is desired 50 years after first waste is emplaced. Both backfill and a drip shields will be emplaced at closure to improve post-closure performance.

  6. Alternative aviation turbine fuels (United States)

    Grobman, J.


    The efficient utilization of fossil fuels by future jet aircraft may necessitate the broadening of current aviation turbine fuel specifications. The most significant changes in specifications would be an increased aromatics content and a higher final boiling point in order to minimize refinery energy consumption and costs. These changes would increase the freezing point and might lower the thermal stability of the fuel and could cause increased pollutant emissions, increased smoke and carbon formation, increased combustor liner temperatures, and poorer ignition characteristics. This paper discusses the effects that broadened specification fuels may have on present-day jet aircraft and engine components and the technology required to use fuels with broadened specifications.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available Because of the big damages on the ozone layer given by the refrigerants cloroflorocarbons that has been used up to now, new alternative gases should be developped and product at once. In this study, some informations about alternative to presently used CFCs, R-134A refrigerant's characteristics and its suitability to cooling systems is given. As it would be understood from these informations there is no objection on using alternative R-134A refrigerant

  8. Alternative electrical transmission systems and their environmental impact

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schiefelbein, G.F.


    A general description is provided of electrical transmission systems as an aid in determining their environmental impacts. Alternating current, direct current, overhead systems, underground systems, and water crossings are treated. The cost, performance, reliability, safety, and environmental impact of these systems are compared.

  9. Alternative fuelds in urban fleets

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lindsay, T.


    In this presentation the author addresses four main objectives. They are to: discuss programs that are driving the introduction of alternative fuels into fleet operations in urban areas around the country; define alternative fuels; quantify the present use and future projections on alternative fuel vehicles (AVFs) in the Chicago metropolitan statistical area; and discuss benefits of increased use of alternative fuels in urban areas. Factors which touch on these points include: present domestic dependence on petroleum for autos, with usage exceeding production; the large populations in urban areas which do not meet Clean Air Standards; recent legislative initiatives which give guidance and aid in the adoption of such strategies.

  10. Therapeutic manuka honey: no longer so alternative

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dee A Carter


    Full Text Available Medicinal honey research is undergoing a substantial renaissance. From a folklore remedy largely dismissed by mainstream medicine as alternative, we now see increased interest by scientists, clinical practitioners and the general public in the therapeutic uses of honey. There are a number of drivers of this interest: first, the rise in antibiotic resistance by many bacterial pathogens has prompted interest in developing and using novel antibacterials; second, an increasing number of reliable studies and case reports have demonstrated that certain honeys are very effective wound treatments; third, therapeutic honey commands a premium price, and the honey industry is actively promoting studies that will allow it to capitalize on this; and finally, the very complex and rather unpredictable nature of honey provides an attractive challenge for laboratory scientists. In this paper we review manuka honey research, from observational studies on its antimicrobial effects through to current experimental and mechanistic work that aims to take honey into mainstream medicine. We outline current gaps and remaining controversies in our knowledge of how honey acts, and suggest new studies that could make honey a no longer alternative alternative.

  11. Alternative energy in Nepal

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tiwari, H.B.; Bhandari, K.P.


    Renewable energy Technology (RET) becomes the mainstream option for rural Nepal to access modern source of energy. It focuses on the trend of RET applications consisting of biogas technology, solar thermal, micro and Pico hydropower, biomass technology bio fuel technology, wind power technology etc. The RET's which provide both electricity based as well as non electricity based services, have been shown to most immediately meet the needs of a cleaner indoor environment, better quality lightning for education and income generating, activities, alternative cooking fuels and agro processing as well as rural industries. Improved cooking stoves and much more beneficial than other technologies. Wind energy utilization is still not popular. Solar thermal to generate thermal energy to cook, warm and dry, biogas for lighting and cooking services. Micro hydropower for electric as well as mechanical use and solar PV mainly for domestic lighting may become choice. The most important Renewable Energy Technology (RET's) in Nepal are related to Pico hydropower and micro-hydropower, biomass energy (biogas, briquettes, gasifies, improved cooking stoves, bio-fuels etc.) solar photovoltaic energy, solar PV water pumping, solar thermal energy (solar heater, solar dryers, solar cookers etc.) and wind energy (such as wind generators, wind mills etc.). One renowned Non-governmental organization has been established in the Jhapa and Mornag Bhutanese refugee camp. Two families from all the seven camps in Nepal received one solar cooker, one hay box and two cooking posts to each family. Under this programme, a total of 6,850 solar cookers, 12600 hay boxes and 25,200 cooking pots have been distributed 2009. The number of beneficiaries from this program has reached 85,000. Before the distribution of the cookers and the utensils, the instruction and orientation training for the maintenance and repair and operation method was improved. The refugees were divided in 315 groups of 40

  12. Observing alternatives to inflation

    CERN Document Server

    Peter, P


    We discuss the possibility that the inflationary paradigm, undoubtfully today's best framework to understand all the present cosmological data, may still have some viable challengers. The underlying idea for such discussions is that although inflation already passed quite a large number of tests, indeed enough to make it part of the so-called ``standard model'' of cosmology, it has always been through indirect measurements: there is not a chance that we may ever directly check its validity, and therefore, in order to assert its factuality with increasing level of confidence, it is required that we compare its predictions not only to observations, but also to as many contenders as possible. Among other categories of possible models, we wish to put the emphasis in particular on bouncing cosmologies that, however not as complete as the inflation paradigm might be, could still represent a reasonnable way of explaining the current data. Hopefully, future data will be able to discriminate between these various sets...

  13. Alternative Astronomical FITS imaging

    CERN Document Server

    Varsaki, Eleni E; Fotopoulos, Vassilis; Skodras, Athanassios N


    Astronomical radio maps are presented mainly in FITS format. Astronomical Image Processing Software (AIPS) uses a set of tables attached to the output map to include all sorts of information concerning the production of the image. However this information together with information on the flux and noise of the map is lost as soon as the image of the radio source in fits or other format is extracted from AIPS. This information would have been valuable to another astronomer who just uses NED, for example, to download the map. In the current work, we show a method of data hiding inside the radio map, which can be preserved under transformations, even for example while the format of the map is changed from fits to other lossless available image formats.

  14. Purification of Carbon Nanotubes: Alternative Methods (United States)

    Files, Bradley; Scott, Carl; Gorelik, Olga; Nikolaev, Pasha; Hulse, Lou; Arepalli, Sivaram


    Traditional carbon nanotube purification process involves nitric acid refluxing and cross flow filtration using surfactant TritonX. This is believed to result in damage to nanotubes and surfactant residue on nanotube surface. Alternative purification procedures involving solvent extraction, thermal zone refining and nitric acid refiuxing are used in the current study. The effect of duration and type of solvent to dissolve impurities including fullerenes and P ACs (polyaromatic compounds) are monitored by nuclear magnetic reasonance, high performance liquid chromatography, and thermogravimetric analysis. Thermal zone refining yielded sample areas rich in nanotubes as seen by scanning electric microscopy. Refluxing in boiling nitric acid seem to improve the nanotube content. Different procedural steps are needed to purify samples produced by laser process compared to arc process. These alternative methods of nanotube purification will be presented along with results from supporting analytical techniques.

  15. Outlook for alternative energy sources. [aviation fuels (United States)

    Card, M. E.


    Predictions are made concerning the development of alternative energy sources in the light of the present national energy situation. Particular emphasis is given to the impact of alternative fuels development on aviation fuels. The future outlook for aircraft fuels is that for the near term, there possibly will be no major fuel changes, but minor specification changes may be possible if supplies decrease. In the midterm, a broad cut fuel may be used if current development efforts are successful. As synfuel production levels increase beyond the 1990's there may be some mixtures of petroleum-based and synfuel products with the possibility of some shale distillate and indirect coal liquefaction products near the year 2000.

  16. Alternative value chains for rare earths

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Machacek, Erika; Fold, Niels


    to market but inquiries on the currently most-advanced company strategies for alternative REE supplies form the cornerstone of this paper. The Anglo-REE deposit developer strategies are aligned with the value-adding segments and different approaches to integration and co-optation of REE processing......The 2011 peak in rare earth element (REE) prices revealed a vast knowledge gap on the REE-based industry considered to be almost monopolized by Chinese players. A global value chain (GVC) framework is used to provide an understanding of value-adding segments of REE in their transformation from mine...... competence are uncovered. On this basis the significance of alternative Anglo-REE-developer supplies is discussed and positioned in the perspective of Chinese industrial upgrading....

  17. Alternative Genres of IS Research

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Avital, Michel; Mathiassen, Lars; Crowston, Kevin;


    The potential value of alternative genres in IS research is the core question that drives this panel discussion. The term “Alternative Genres” refers to unconventional forms of thinking, doing, and communicating scholarship and practice. It relates to innovation with respect to epistemological pe...

  18. Difficulties of Alternatively Certified Teachers (United States)

    Schonfeld, Irvin Sam; Feinman, Samantha J.


    This daily diary study followed, over a 2-week period, 252 beginning New York City public school teachers. Seventy percent were alternatively certified (New York City Teaching Fellows) and the rest, traditionally certified teachers. Alternatively certified teachers were more likely to experience stressors such as violent incidents and classroom…

  19. Orion Project: Alternate Attitude Study (United States)

    Alvarez-Hernandez, A.; Miller, Stephen W.


    This slide presentation reviews the study done on alternate attitudes for the Orion project's crew exploration vehicle. The analysis focused on the thermal performance of the vehicle with the alternate attitudes. The pressure vessel heater power, other vehicle heaters and radiator sink temperatures were included in the analysis.

  20. Alternative Fuels in Cement Production

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Larsen, Morten Boberg

    for the most significant alternative fuel energy contributors in the German cement industry. Solid alternative fuels are typically high in volatile content and they may differ significantly in physical and chemical properties compared to traditional solid fossil fuels. From the process point of view......The substitution of alternative for fossil fuels in cement production has increased significantly in the last decade. Of these new alternative fuels, solid state fuels presently account for the largest part, and in particular, meat and bone meal, plastics and tyre derived fuels (TDF) accounted......, considering a modern kiln system for cement production, the use of alternative fuels mainly influences 1) kiln process stability (may accelerate build up of blockages preventing gas and/or solids flow), 2) cement clinker quality, 3) emissions, and 4) decreased production capacity. Kiln process stability...

  1. Verb aspect, alternations and quantification

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Svetla Koeva


    Full Text Available Verb aspect, alternations and quantification In this paper we are briefly discuss the nature of Bulgarian verb aspect and argue that the verb aspect pairs are different lexical units with different (although related meaning, different argument structure (reflecting categories, explicitness and referential status of arguments and different sets of semantic and syntactic alternations. The verb prefixes resulting in perfective verbs derivation in some cases can be interpreted as lexical quantifiers as well. Thus the Bulgarian verb aspect is related (in different way both with the potential for the generation of alternations and with the prefixal lexical quantification. It is shown that the scope of the lexical quantification by means of verbal prefixes is the quantified verb phrase and the scope remains constant in all derived alternations. The paper concerns the basic issues of these complex problems, while the detailed description of the conditions satisfying particular alternation or particular lexical quantification are subject of a more detailed study.

  2. Sliding mode observers for automotive alternator (United States)

    Chen, De-Shiou

    Estimator development for synchronous rectification of the automotive alternator is a desirable approach for estimating alternator's back electromotive forces (EMFs) without a direct mechanical sensor of the rotor position. Recent theoretical studies show that estimation of the back EMF may be observed based on system's phase current model by sensing electrical variables (AC phase currents and DC bus voltage) of the synchronous rectifier. Observer design of the back EMF estimation has been developed for constant engine speed. In this work, we are interested in nonlinear observer design of the back EMF estimation for the real case of variable engine speed. Initial back EMF estimate can be obtained from a first-order sliding mode observer (SMO) based on the phase current model. A fourth-order nonlinear asymptotic observer (NAO), complemented by the dynamics of the back EMF with time-varying frequency and amplitude, is then incorporated into the observer design for chattering reduction. Since the cost of required phase current sensors may be prohibitive, the most applicable approach in real implementation by measuring DC current of the synchronous rectifier is carried out in the dissertation. It is shown that the DC link current consists of sequential "windows" with partial information of the phase currents, hence, the cascaded NAO is responsible not only for the purpose of chattering reduction but also for necessarily accomplishing the process of estimation. Stability analyses of the proposed estimators are considered for most linear and time-varying cases. The stability of the NAO without speed information is substantiated by both numerical and experimental results. Prospective estimation algorithms for the case of battery current measurements are investigated. Theoretical study indicates that the convergence of the proposed LAO may be provided by high gain inputs. Since the order of the LAO/NAO for the battery current case is one order higher than that of the link

  3. Alternative Promoter Usage in Healthy and Inflamed Tissue

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Lilje, Berit

    and cell-lines covering the entire human body. This provides a unique dataset to study gene expression, with promoter level precision. Here we use this large collection of data to study alternative transcription start site usage throughout the human body. We find that many alternative transcription start...... the full-length version. Our results suggest alternative transcription start site usage currently is underappreciated, since these start sites often show high expression compared to canonical start sites. We further show that the usage of alternative transcription start sites can both be tissue specific......, as well as specific to certain differentiation states. By analysing CAGE data from two different inflammatory responses we also find that alternative transcription start site usage is an intrinsic part of the inflammatory response. CAGE was used to map transcription start sites in Caco-2 cells stimulated...

  4. Bleomycin: A worthy alternative

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gursev Sandlas


    Full Text Available Context : Lymphangiomas are developmental anomalies presenting mainly in the first two years of life. Surgical excision has been the mainstay of treatment; however a potentially disfiguring surgery along with presence of important structures in the vicinity and infiltration into surrounding structures makes the dissection difficult. Aims : To study the safety and efficacy of Bleomycin as a sclerosing agent for lymphatic malformations in children. Settings and Design : Prospective non comparative nonrandomized trial. Materials and Methods: The study was carried out in 15 children between Day 5 of life to 12 years of age who presented between May2008 to May 2009. Bleomycin aqueous solution was injected intralesionally at a dose not exceeding 0.6 to 0.8 mg. /kg Body wt. The response to therapy was monitored clinically by measuring the length, breadth and area as well as by measuring the two largest perpendicular dimensions. The response was graded as excellent [total disappearance], good [>50% reduction] and poor [50% reduction in the size of their swellings. 2 patients [13.33%] showed a poor response to therapy and achieved less than 50% reduction in the size of the swelling. Complications of the therapy were few and far between. 2 patients developed fever after injection, one patients reported a transient increase in size of swelling, 2 patients have developed discoloration of the overlying skin and are currently being followed up for final outcome. None of the patients developed leucopenia or leukocytosis. All of the complications were managed with conservatively. Patients are on long term follow up to evaluate long term effects, if any.

  5. 电压暂降起始点与相位跳变对交流接触器影响的分析%Influence Analysis of Point-on-wave of Voltage Sag Initiation and Sag Phase Jump on Alternating Current Contactor

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    徐永海; 洪旺松; 兰巧倩


    电压暂降是电能质量中较为严重的问题之一,它对交流接触器等敏感设备造成了严重的影响。除电压暂降幅值和持续时间两个特征量会影响交流接触器的正常运行外,暂降的起始点、相位跳变等特征量也会对交流接触器的通断造成较大影响。文中进行了电压暂降对交流接触器影响的机理分析,建立了仿真模型,进行了暂降起始点、相位跳变对交流接触器磁通变化的影响分析与接触器通断分析;选取主流厂家生产的8个交流接触器进行了试验研究,得到了与机理分析相一致的结果,并绘制了电压暂降不同起始点与相位跳变特征量下交流接触器的耐受度曲线,可为交流接触器应对电压暂降问题提供基础数据,以减小电压暂降对其造成的影响,降低经济损失。%Voltage sag is one of the serious problems of power quality,which would cause severe impact on sensitive equipment such as alternating current (AC) contactors.In addition to voltage sag amplitude and duration which will affect the normal operation of AC contactors,the characteristics such as point-on-wave of sag initiation,sag phase jump also have significant impact on the switching of AC contactors.This paper makes a mechanism analysis of the impact of voltage sag on the AC contactor and builds a simulation model of the sag for analyzing the impact of point-on-wave of sag initiation and phase jump on the flux variation and switching of the AC contactor.Then eight AC contactors from mainstream manufacturers are studied and test results consistent with the results of the mechanism analysis are obtained.Finally,the AC contactor”s tolerance curves with different voltage sag characteristics of point-on-wave of sag initiation and the phase jump are plotted,which can provide basic data for the AC contactor to deal with the problem of voltage sag and reduce the corresponding economic loss.

  6. Moral injury: A new challenge for complementary and alternative medicine. (United States)

    Kopacz, Marek S; Connery, April L; Bishop, Todd M; Bryan, Craig J; Drescher, Kent D; Currier, Joseph M; Pigeon, Wilfred R


    Moral injury represents an emerging clinical construct recognized as a source of morbidity in current and former military personnel. Finding effective ways to support those affected by moral injury remains a challenge for both biomedical and complementary and alternative medicine. This paper introduces the concept of moral injury and suggests two complementary and alternative medicine, pastoral care and mindfulness, which may prove useful in supporting military personnel thought to be dealing with moral injury. Research strategies for developing an evidence-base for applying these, and other, complementary and alternative medicine modalities to moral injury are discussed.

  7. Airports offer unrealized potential for alternative energy production. (United States)

    DeVault, Travis L; Belant, Jerrold L; Blackwell, Bradley F; Martin, James A; Schmidt, Jason A; Wes Burger, L; Patterson, James W


    Scaling up for alternative energy such as solar, wind, and biofuel raises a number of environmental issues, notably changes in land use and adverse effects on wildlife. Airports offer one of the few land uses where reductions in wildlife abundance and habitat quality are necessary and socially acceptable, due to risk of wildlife collisions with aircraft. There are several uncertainties and limitations to establishing alternative energy production at airports, such as ensuring these facilities do not create wildlife attractants or other hazards. However, with careful planning, locating alternative energy projects at airports could help mitigate many of the challenges currently facing policy makers, developers, and conservationists.

  8. NASA Alternative Aviation Fuel Research (United States)

    Anderson, B. E.; Beyersdorf, A. J.; Thornhill, K. L., II; Moore, R.; Shook, M.; Winstead, E.; Ziemba, L. D.; Crumeyrolle, S.


    We present an overview of research conducted by NASA Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate to evaluate the performance and emissions of "drop-in" alternative jet fuels, highlighting experiment design and results from the Alternative Aviation Fuel Experiments (AAFEX-I & -II) and Alternative Fuel-Effects on Contrails and Cruise Emissions flight series (ACCESS-I & II). These projects included almost 100 hours of sampling exhaust emissions from the NASA DC-8 aircraft in both ground and airborne operation and at idle to takeoff thrust settings. Tested fuels included Fischer-Tropsch (FT) synthetic kerosenes manufactured from coal and natural-gas feedstocks; Hydro-treated Esters and Fatty-Acids (HEFA) fuels made from beef-tallow and camelina-plant oil; and 50:50 blends of these alternative fuels with Jet A. Experiments were also conducted with FT and Jet A fuels doped with tetrahydrothiophene to examine the effects of fuel sulfur on volatile aerosol and contrail formation and microphysical properties. Results indicate that although the absence of aromatic compounds in the alternative fuels caused DC-8 fuel-system leaks, the fuels did not compromise engine performance or combustion efficiency. And whereas the alternative fuels produced only slightly different gas-phase emissions, dramatic reductions in non-volatile particulate matter (nvPM) emissions were observed when burning the pure alternative fuels, particularly at low thrust settings where particle number and mass emissions were an order of magnitude lower than measured from standard jet fuel combustion; 50:50 blends of Jet A and alternative fuels typically reduced nvPM emissions by ~50% across all thrust settings. Alternative fuels with the highest hydrogen content produced the greatest nvPM reductions. For Jet A and fuel blends, nvPM emissions were positively correlated with fuel aromatic and naphthalene content. Fuel sulfur content regulated nucleation mode aerosol number and mass concentrations within aging

  9. An Alternative To Common Content Management Techniques

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rares Vasilescu


    Full Text Available Content management systems use various strategies to store and manage information. One of the most usual methods encountered in commercial products is to make use of the file system to store the raw content information, while the associated metadata is kept synchronized in a relational database management system. This strategy has its advantages but we believe it also has significant limitations which should be addressed and eventually solved. In this paper we propose an alternative method of storing and managing content aiming at finding solutions for current limitations both in terms of functional and nonfunctional requirements.

  10. Scaling CMOS devices through alternative structures

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    The conventional wisdom holds that CMOS devices cannot be scaled much further from where they are today because of several device physics limitations such as the large tunneling current in very thin gate dielectrics. It is shown that alternative device structures can allow CMOS transistors to scale by another 20 times. That is as large a factor of scaling as what the semiconductor industry accomplished in the past 25 years. There will be many opportunities and challenges in finding novel device structures and new processing techniques, and in understanding the physics of future devices.

  11. An Alternative To Common Content Management Techniques

    CERN Document Server

    Vasilescu, Rares


    Content management systems use various strategies to store and manage information. One of the most usual methods encountered in commercial products is to make use of the file system to store the raw content information, while the associated metadata is kept synchronized in a relational database management system. This strategy has its advantages but we believe it also has significant limitations which should be addressed and eventually solved. In this paper we propose an alternative method of storing and managing content aiming at finding solutions for current limitations both in terms of functional and nonfunctional requirements.

  12. Aviation turbine fuels: An assessment of alternatives (United States)


    The general outlook for aviation turbine fuels, the effect that broadening permissible aviation turbine fuel properties could have on the overall availability of such fuels, the fuel properties most likely to be affected by use of lower grade petroleum crudes, and the research and technology required to ensure that aviation turbine fuels and engines can function satisfactorily with fuels having a range of fuel properties differing from those of current specification fuel are assessed. Views of industry representatives on alternative aviation turbine fuels are presented.

  13. Pheromone based alternative route planning

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Liangbing Feng


    Full Text Available In this work, we propose an improved alternative route calculation based on alternative figures, which is suitable for practical environments. The improvement is based on the fact that the main traffic route is the road network skeleton in a city. Our approach using nodes may generate a higher possibility of overlapping. We employ a bidirectional Dijkstra algorithm to search the route. To measure the quality of an Alternative Figures (AG, three quotas are proposed. The experiment results indicate that the improved algorithm proposed in this paper is more effective than others.

  14. Alternative Hamiltonian representation for gravity

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rosas-RodrIguez, R [Instituto de Fisica, Universidad Autonoma de Puebla, Apdo. Postal J-48, 72570, Puebla, Pue. (Mexico)


    By using a Hamiltonian formalism for fields wider than the canonical one, we write the Einstein vacuum field equations in terms of alternative variables. This variables emerge from the Ashtekar's formalism for gravity.

  15. Alternative medicine among college students. (United States)

    Gaedeke, R M; Tootelian, D H; Holst, C


    The use of "alternative" medicine has become increasingly popular in the United States. Books devoted to alternative medicine, e.g., Spontaneous Healing and 8 Weeks to Optimum Health, have become best sellers. Nevertheless, relatively few research studies have focused on the subject. This study examined the role of alternative medicine among college students. Issues addressed included students' familiarity with, use of, and perceptions regarding unconventional health therapies. The study substantiated a phenomenon health care providers across the country are discovering: a growing number of Americans with interest and financial resources support the development of "mainstream" alternative medicine programs. Results of the study also suggest that well-respected traditional health care organizations would not suffer reputation damage if they were to offer such programs.

  16. Disturbance maintains alternative biome states. (United States)

    Dantas, Vinícius de L; Hirota, Marina; Oliveira, Rafael S; Pausas, Juli G


    Understanding the mechanisms controlling the distribution of biomes remains a challenge. Although tropical biome distribution has traditionally been explained by climate and soil, contrasting vegetation types often occur as mosaics with sharp boundaries under very similar environmental conditions. While evidence suggests that these biomes are alternative states, empirical broad-scale support to this hypothesis is still lacking. Using community-level field data and a novel resource-niche overlap approach, we show that, for a wide range of environmental conditions, fire feedbacks maintain savannas and forests as alternative biome states in both the Neotropics and the Afrotropics. In addition, wooded grasslands and savannas occurred as alternative grassy states in the Afrotropics, depending on the relative importance of fire and herbivory feedbacks. These results are consistent with landscape scale evidence and suggest that disturbance is a general factor driving and maintaining alternative biome states and vegetation mosaics in the tropics.

  17. Cornflakes, Vouchers and Educational Alternatives (United States)

    Pedrick, W. Roberts


    In Cupertino, California, a growing "back to basics" alternative called Academics Plus (A+) is flourishing and is seen as a major source of strength in helping public education to survive. (Author/RK)

  18. Alternate Propellant Thermal Rocket Project (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — The Alternate Propellant Thermal Rocket (APTR) is a novel concept for propulsion of space exploration or orbit transfer vehicles. APTR propulsion is provided by...

  19. An Envoy for Alternative Energy

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    @@ The United States stands poised to cash in on China's growing appetite for alternative energy.This message rang loud and clear during a recent visit to China by U.S.Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke.

  20. Alternative concepts for treatment and disposal of Hanford site high-level waste in tanks

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Claghorn, R.D.; Powell, W.J.


    Some innovative approaches have recently been proposed that may have significant schedule, cost, or environmental advantages which could improve the current HLW program strategy. Three general categories of alternative concepts are now under consideration: (1) process/product alternatives, (2) facility layout options, and (3) contracting strategies. This report compares the alternate approaches to the current program baseline to illustrate their potential significance and to identify the risks associated with each approach.

  1. Introducing linear functions: an alternative statistical approach (United States)

    Nolan, Caroline; Herbert, Sandra


    The introduction of linear functions is the turning point where many students decide if mathematics is useful or not. This means the role of parameters and variables in linear functions could be considered to be `threshold concepts'. There is recognition that linear functions can be taught in context through the exploration of linear modelling examples, but this has its limitations. Currently, statistical data is easily attainable, and graphics or computer algebra system (CAS) calculators are common in many classrooms. The use of this technology provides ease of access to different representations of linear functions as well as the ability to fit a least-squares line for real-life data. This means these calculators could support a possible alternative approach to the introduction of linear functions. This study compares the results of an end-of-topic test for two classes of Australian middle secondary students at a regional school to determine if such an alternative approach is feasible. In this study, test questions were grouped by concept and subjected to concept by concept analysis of the means of test results of the two classes. This analysis revealed that the students following the alternative approach demonstrated greater competence with non-standard questions.

  2. Living artificial heart valve alternatives: a review

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Flanagan T. C.


    Full Text Available Conventional replacement therapies for heart valve disease are associated with significant drawbacks. The field of tissue engineering has emerged as an exciting alternative in the search for improved heart valve replacement structures. One of the principles behind this concept is the transplantation of living elements, embedded in a suitable scaffold material, to the diseased site where the structure becomes integrated with patients' tissue to restore natural function. Significant progress has been made in the last ten years in the development of a living artificial heart valve alternative (LAHVA, with the identification of potential replacement sources for valve cells, scaffolds to maintain the cells in a three-dimensional environment, and signals to promote tissue development. This review addresses the need for a tissue-engineered alternative to current prostheses and provides a detailed account of normal heart valve structure - the blueprint for LAHVA fabrication. The research efforts to create a viable LAHVA, including recent developments, are discussed. Particular attention is focused on the choice of cell source for LAHVA construction, the use of biodegradable natural and synthetic polymeric scaffolds as extracellular matrix derivatives, and exogenous stimulation of tissue growth. The critical challenges involved in LAHVA development and possible future areas of investigation are also discussed.

  3. A Technique: Generating Alternative Thoughts

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Serkan AKKOYUNLU


    Full Text Available Introduction: One of the basic techniques of cognitive therapy is examination of automatic thoughts and reducing the belief in them. By employing this, we can overcome the cognitive bias apparent in mental disorders. Despite this view, according to another cognitive perspective in a given situation, there are distinct cognitive representations competing for retrieval from memory just like positive and negative schemas. In this sense generating or strengthening alternative explanations or balanced thoughts that explain the situation better than negative automatic thoughts is one of the important process goals of cognitive therapy.Objective: Aim of this review is to describe methods used to generate alternative/balanced thoughts that are used in examining automatic thoughts and also a part of automatic thought records. Alternative/balanced thoughts are the summary and end point of automatic thought work. In this text different ways including listing alternative thoughts, using examining the evidence for generating balanced thoughts, decatastrophizing in anxiety and a meta-cognitive method named two explanations are discussed. Different ways to use this technique as a homework assignment is also reviewed. Remarkable aspects of generating alternative explanations and realistic/balanced thoughts are also reviewed and exemplified using therapy transcripts. Conclusion: Generating alternative explanations and balanced thoughts are the end point and important part of therapy work on automatic thoughts. When applied properly and rehearsed as homework between sessions, these methods may lead to improvement in many mental disorders

  4. Current perspectives on reflux laryngitis. (United States)

    Asaoka, Daisuke; Nagahara, Akihito; Matsumoto, Kenshi; Hojo, Mariko; Watanabe, Sumio


    Laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR) is an extraesophageal manifestation of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). With the increase of GERD patients, the importance of LPR is acknowledged widely. However, the pathophysiology of LPR is not understood completely and the diagnostic criteria for LPR remain controversial. Unfortunately, a gold standard diagnostic test for reflux laryngitis is not available. Recently, an experimental animal model for reflux laryngitis was developed to investigate the pathophysiology of reflux laryngitis. An empirical trial of lifestyle modification and proton pump inhibitor therapy is a reasonable approach for LPR symptoms. Alternatives after failure with aggressive medical treatment are limited and multichannel intraluminal impedance and pH monitoring is currently the best alternative to detect nonacid reflux. Additional prospective and evidence-based research is anticipated.

  5. Human cloning: three mistakes and an alternative. (United States)

    Baylis, Françoise


    The current debate on the ethics of cloning humans is both uninspired and uninspiring. In large measure this is because of mistakes that permeate the discourse, including the mistake of thinking that cloning technology is strictly a reproductive technology when it is used to create whole beings. As a result, the challenge this technology represents regarding our understanding of ourselves and the species to which we belong typically is inappropriately downplayed or exaggerated. This has meant that important (albeit disquieting) societal issues and species-type concerns have not been fully explored. This paper, intended as a corrective, suggests that we take an alternate view of human cloning as both an enhancement and a reproductive technology. This proposed shift in the framework for analysis counters the current narrow framing of the issues and introduces new questions about the prospect of modifying the species.

  6. Current situation of evaluation and application with alternative dosing regimens for piperacillin sodium-tazobactam sodium%哌拉西林钠-他唑巴坦钠优选给药方案的评估及应用的研究现状

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李园园; 于锋


    Objective To offer reference to reasonable clinical use of piperacillin sodium sodium-tazobactam sodium .Methods We reviewed pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic studies , clinical trails and implementation of piperacillin sodium-tazobactam sodi-um alternative dosing regimen in recent .Results The alternative dosing regimens , prolonged and continuous infusion , could maximise the likelihood of achieving desirable pharmacodynamic targets and improve clinical effectiveness .Conclusion It’ s needed to improve the strategies of alternative dosing regimens for clinical practice .%目的:为哌拉西林钠-他唑巴坦钠的临床合理用药提供参考。方法对哌拉西林钠-他唑巴坦钠的优选给药方案的药动/药效学研究、临床试验及具体实施情况进行综述。结果哌拉西林钠-他唑巴坦钠的优选给药方案(延长输注或持续输注)可最大化地达到药效学目标,改善临床有效性。结论需积极完善优化方案用于临床实践的策略。

  7. Bioartificial liver: current status. (United States)

    Pless, G; Sauer, I M


    Liver failure remains a life-threatening syndrome. With the growing disparity between the number of suitable donor organs and the number of patients awaiting transplantation, efforts have been made to optimize the allocation of organs, to find alternatives to cadaveric liver transplantation, and to develop extracorporeal methods to support or replace the function of the failing organ. An extracorporeal liver support system has to provide the main functions of the liver: detoxification, synthesis, and regulation. The understanding that the critical issue of the clinical syndrome in liver failure is the accumulation of toxins not cleared by the failing liver led to the development of artificial filtration and adsorption devices (artificial liver support). Based on this hypothesis, the removal of lipophilic, albumin-bound substances, such as bilirubin, bile acids, metabolites of aromatic amino acids, medium-chain fatty acids, and cytokines, should be beneficial to the clinical course of a patient in liver failure. Artificial detoxification devices currently under clinical evaluation include the Molecular Adsorbent Recirculating System (MARS), Single-Pass Albumin Dialysis (SPAD), and the Prometheus system. The complex tasks of regulation and synthesis remain to be addressed by the use of liver cells (bioartificial liver support). The Extracorporeal Liver Assist Device (ELAD), HepatAssist, Modular Extracorporeal Liver Support system (MELS), and the Amsterdam Medical Center Bioartificial Liver (AMC-BAL) are bioartificial systems. This article gives a brief overview on these artificial and bioartificial devices and discusses remaining obstacles.


    Stefan, Cornel; Batras, Mehdi; Iliescu Daniela, Adriana; Timaru Cristina, Mihaela; De Simone, Algerino; Hosseini-Ramhormozi, Jalaladin


    The purpose of this study is to review current surgical treatment and new and better alternatives for patients with glaucoma. Glaucoma refers to a group of related eye disorders that have in common an optic neuropathy associated with visual function loss. It is one of the leading causes of irreversible blindness worldwide. Optic nerve damage and glaucoma-related vision loss can be prevented or limited by early diagnosis and treatment. Surgery offers a better control of the intraocular pressure then medical therapy. Nowadays, research continues for improving current surgical alternatives for treatment.

  9. 49 CFR 192.620 - Alternative maximum allowable operating pressure for certain steel pipelines. (United States)


    ... integrity of the coating using direct current voltage gradient (DCVG) or alternating current voltage... pipeline segment. (ii) To address interference currents, perform the following: (A) Conduct an interference survey to detect the presence and level of any electrical current that could impact external...

  10. Autocratic strategies for alternating games. (United States)

    McAvoy, Alex; Hauert, Christoph


    Repeated games have a long tradition in the behavioral sciences and evolutionary biology. Recently, strategies were discovered that permit an unprecedented level of control over repeated interactions by enabling a player to unilaterally enforce linear constraints on payoffs. Here, we extend this theory of "zero-determinant" (or, more generally, "autocratic") strategies to alternating games, which are often biologically more relevant than traditional synchronous games. Alternating games naturally result in asymmetries between players because the first move matters or because players might not move with equal probabilities. In a strictly-alternating game with two players, X and Y, we give conditions for the existence of autocratic strategies for player X when (i) X moves first and (ii) Y moves first. Furthermore, we show that autocratic strategies exist even for (iii) games with randomly-alternating moves. Particularly important categories of autocratic strategies are extortionate and generous strategies, which enforce unfavorable and favorable outcomes for the opponent, respectively. We illustrate these strategies using the continuous Donation Game, in which a player pays a cost to provide a benefit to the opponent according to a continuous cooperative investment level. Asymmetries due to alternating moves could easily arise from dominance hierarchies, and we show that they can endow subordinate players with more autocratic strategies than dominant players.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available En Colombia, el procesamiento agroindustrial de fique genera aproximadamente 20 800 kg de residuos/ha sembrada que corresponden a. jugo y bagazo. Estos residuos son descartados al ambiente generando problemas de contaminación. El bagazo de fique tiene un valor calorífico de 3 297.91 kcal/kg, altas concentraciones de celulosa, hemicelulosa y una relación C/N favorable para tratar este residuo mediante conversión anaerobia. Sin embargo, la presencia de lignina en el bagazo hace que se requiera un consorcio microbiano específico para llevar a cabo la degradación. En este trabajo se estudio la producción de biogás a partir del bagazo de fique, empleando como inóculo una mezcla de líquido ruminal y lodo estiércol de cerdo. Se alcanzó una producción de metano de 0.35 m3CH4/kg Sólidos Volátiles (SV adicionados durante quince días de digestión, equivalente a 1.38 kWh/kg SV adicionado, indicando que el bagazo de fique es un residuo atractivo para ser usado como fuente de energía renovable.

  12. Revisiting the solar hydrogen alternative

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tomkiewicz, M. [Brooklyn College of CUNY, NY (United States)


    Research aimed at the development of technology to advance the solar-hydrogen alternative is per definition mission oriented. The priority that society puts on such research rise and fall with the priorities that we associate with the mission. The mission that we associate with the hydrogen economy is to provide a technological option for an indefinitely sustainable energy and material economies in which society is in equilibrium with its environment. In this paper we try to examine some global aspects of the hydrogen alternative and recommend formulation of a {open_quotes}rational{close_quotes} tax and regulatory system that is based on efforts needed to restore the ecological balance. Such a system, once entered into the price structure of the alternative energy schemes, will be used as a standard to compare energy systems that in turn will serve as a base for prioritization of publicly supported research and development.

  13. Alternative Fuels in Cement Production



    Substitutionen af fossilt med alternativt brændsel i cement produktionen er steget betydeligt i den sidste dekade. Af disse nye alternative brændsler, udgør de faste brændsler p.t. den største andel, hvor kød- og benmel, plastic og dæk i særdeleshed har været de alternative brændsler der har bidraget med mest alternativ brændsels energi til den tyske cement industri. De nye alternative brændsler er typisk karakteriseret ved et højt indhold af flygtige bestanddele og adskiller sig typisk fra t...

  14. Experiences in mainstreaming alternative energy

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cabraal, A.


    The author discusses efforts by the Asia Alternative Energy Unit (ASTAE) of the World Bank in supporting alternative energy source projects in Asia. Energy growth rates have been as high as 18% per year, with power capacity doubling each decade in the 1960`s, 70`s and 80`s. Much of this has come from fossil fuel projects coupled with major hydroelectric projects. One consequence is developing air pollution loads originating in Asia. ASTAE has been supporting pilot programs in applying alternative energy sources. The goal has been to mainstream renewable energy sources in World Bank operations, by working with managers from different countries to: include renewable energy in country assistance strategies and sectorial development plans; provide assistance to renewable energy initiatives; expand initiatives to new countries, sectors and technologies.

  15. Public opinion regarding alternative medicine

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M. Hammond


    Full Text Available Fairly widespread disillusionment in medicine since the 1950s (when many wonder drugs proved themselves either ineffective or harmful - or both, and when disease was found to be as prevalent as ever, even if in degenerative and stress-related guises, seems to have coincided with considerable public interest in alternative forms of healing. Some authors have given sympathetic attention to alternatives like homeopathy, chiropractic, herbalism and so on, but most of the literature still deals with these healers in a patronising if not blatantly biased manner. The abundance of emotive, highly critical reporting in the popular press, coupled with the relative lack of detailed, up-to-date studies and the persistence of ideas put forward by those in positions of power and status has caused a situation where most common knowledge about alternatives is nothing short of mythical.

  16. Gasohol - Analysis and biomass alternatives (United States)


    The economics of fermentation ethanol as a near-term alternative to liquid hydrocarbon fuels are analyzed and alternatives to grain-fermented ethanol are examined. Based on estimates of raw material and production costs and energy consumption, it is shown that net production costs for alcohol fuel from corn amount to $2.14/gallon, with no significant net consumption or gain in energy. It is also pointed out that the use of grain for alcohol production will influence quantities available for livestock production and export, and that land available for grain production is limited. Consideration is then given to the economic potential of using cellulosic biomass from agricultural and forest residues in the production of ethanol fuels and coal gasification for methanol production, and it is pointed out that these alternatives offer economic, energy and oil-savings advantages over ethanol production from grains.

  17. Genetics Home Reference: alternating hemiplegia of childhood (United States)

    ... Home Health Conditions alternating hemiplegia of childhood alternating hemiplegia of childhood Enable Javascript to view the expand/ ... Download PDF Open All Close All Description Alternating hemiplegia of childhood is a neurological condition characterized by ...

  18. FMDP reactor alternative summary report: Volume 4, Evolutionary LWR alternative

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    Significant quantities of weapons-usable fissile materials [primarily plutonium and highly enriched uranium (HEU)] have become surplus to national defense needs both in the United States and Russia. These stocks of fissile materials pose significant dangers to national and international security. The dangers exist not only in the potential proliferation of nuclear weapons but also in the potential for environmental, safety, and health (ES&H) consequences if surplus fissile materials are not properly managed. The purpose of this report is to provide schedule, cost, and technical information that will be used to support the Record of Process (ROD). Following the screening process, DOE/MD via its national laboratories initiated a more detailed analysis activity to further evaluate each of the ten plutonium disposition alternatives that survived the screening process. Three ``Alternative Teams,`` chartered by DOE and comprised of technical experts from across the DOE national laboratory complex, conducted these analyses. One team was chartered for each of the major disposition classes (borehole, immobilization, and reactors). During the last year and a half, the Fissile Materials Disposition Program (FMDP) Reactor Alternative Team (RxAT) has conducted extensive analyses of the cost, schedule, technical maturity, S&S, and other characteristics of reactor-based plutonium disposition. The results of the RxAT`s analyses of the existing LWR, CANDU, and partially complete LWR alternatives are documented in Volumes 1-3 of this report. This document (Volume 4) summarizes the results of these analyses for the ELWR-based plutonium disposition option.

  19. Preliminary ecotoxicity assessment of new generation alternative fuels in seawater. (United States)

    Rosen, Gunther; Dolecal, Renee E; Colvin, Marienne A; George, Robert D


    The United States Navy (USN) is currently demonstrating the viability of environmentally sustainable alternative fuels to power its fleet comprised of aircraft and ships. As with any fuel used in a maritime setting, there is potential for introduction into the environment through transport, storage, and spills. However, while alternative fuels are often presumed to be eco-friendly relative to conventional petroleum-based fuels, their environmental fate and effects on marine environments are essentially unknown. Here, standard laboratory-based toxicity experiments were conducted for two alternative fuels, jet fuel derived from Camelina sativa (wild flax) seeds (HRJ5) and diesel fuel derived from algae (HRD76), and two conventional counterparts, jet fuel (JP5) and ship diesel (F76). Initial toxicity tests performed on water-accommodated fractions (WAF) from neat fuels partitioned into seawater, using four standard marine species in acute and chronic/sublethal tests, indicate that the alternative fuels are significantly less toxic to marine organisms.

  20. Alternate-Fueled Flight: Halophytes, Algae, Bio-, and Synthetic Fuels (United States)

    Hendricks, R. C.


    Synthetic and biomass fueling are now considered to be near-term aviation alternate fueling. The major impediment is a secure sustainable supply of these fuels at reasonable cost. However, biomass fueling raises major concerns related to uses of common food crops and grasses (some also called "weeds") for processing into aviation fuels. These issues are addressed, and then halophytes and algae are shown to be better suited as sources of aerospace fuels and transportation fueling in general. Some of the history related to alternate fuels use is provided as a guideline for current and planned alternate fuels testing (ground and flight) with emphasis on biofuel blends. It is also noted that lessons learned from terrestrial fueling are applicable to space missions. These materials represent an update (to 2009) and additions to the Workshop on Alternate Fueling Sustainable Supply and Halophyte Summit at Twinsburg, Ohio, October 17 to 18, 2007.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ivan LUCHIAN


    Full Text Available An alternative investment is an investment product other than the traditional investments of stocks, bonds, cash, or property. The term is a relatively loose one and includes tangible assets such as art, wine, antiques, coins, or stamps and some financial assets such as commodities, hedge funds, venture capital,and others. At the moment it was created a global industry opportunities for making investments in nontraditional form. The aim of this paper consists in demonstrating the possibilities of these investments. For this have been studied related main international markets, a fter then deducted world dominant trends. This article is concerned to present some details of alternative investments global market.

  2. Spent-fuel-storage alternatives

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    The Spent Fuel Storage Alternatives meeting was a technical forum in which 37 experts from 12 states discussed storage alternatives that are available or are under development. The subject matter was divided into the following five areas: techniques for increasing fuel storage density; dry storage of spent fuel; fuel characterization and conditioning; fuel storage operating experience; and storage and transport economics. Nineteen of the 21 papers which were presented at this meeting are included in this Proceedings. These have been abstracted and indexed. (ATT)

  3. Bell's inequality without alternative settings

    CERN Document Server

    Cabello, A


    A suitable generalized measurement described by a four-element positive operator valued measure (POVM) on each particle of a two-qubit system in the singlet state is, from the point of view of Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen's (EPR's) criterion of elements of reality, equivalent to a random selection between two alternative projective measurements. It is shown that an EPR-experiment with a fixed POVM on each particle provides a violation of Bell's inequality without requiring local observers to choose between the alternatives. This approach could be useful for designing a loophole-free test of Bell's inequality.

  4. Millimeter Wave Alternate Route Study. (United States)



  5. Special Issue: Aviation Alternative Fuels

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yang Zhang


    Full Text Available The investigation of aviation alternative fuels has increased significantly in recent years in an effort to reduce the environment and climate impact by aviation industry. Special requirements have to be met for qualifying as a suitable aviation fuel. The fuel has to be high in energy content per unit of mass and volume, thermally stable and avoiding freezing at low temperatures. There are also many other special requirements on viscosity, ignition properties and compatibility with the typical aviation materials. There are quite a few contending alternative fuels which can be derived from coal, natural gas and biomass.[...

  6. Placental perfusion - a human alternative

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Mose, Tina; Knudsen, Lisbeth E


    Foetal exposures to environmental and medicinal products have impact on the growth of the foetus (e.g. cigarette smoke) and development of organs (e.g. methylmercury and Thalidomide). Perfusion studies of the human term placenta enable investigation of placental transport of chemical substances...... and represents a supplement and alternative to animal testing, bypassing the animal to human extrapolation. Placentas are readily obtainable from most births upon informed consent from the mothers and are considered a promising tissue alternative/supplement to animal experiments. The system is validated...

  7. Black Afrikaans: An alternative use

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Anna P. Maritz


    Full Text Available This article provides a first look at the nature of the alternative functions of Black Afrikaans. These functions realise when Black Afrikaans is imitated by Afrikaans mother-tongue speakers. The functions of the alternative use of Black Afrikaans centre on: the social nature of the variety, sensitivity as a deciding role-player, identity, humour, inclusivity and exclusivity, language repertoire and similar variety. Furthermore, because of the direct relationship between Black Afrikaans, Pidginised Afrikaans and the imitation of Black Afrikaans, these varieties are compared to establish a starting point description for the imitation of Black Afrikaans, as the variety has not yet been described.

  8. Low-frequency alternative-current magnetic susceptibility, photoelectric properties, and adhesive properties of Ni{sub 80}Fe{sub 20} (XÅ)/ZnO(500Å) and ZnO(500Å)/Ni{sub 80}Fe{sub 20}(YÅ) on glass substrate

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chen, Yuan-Tsung, E-mail:


    Graphical abstract: - Highlights: • ZnO(500Å)/Ni{sub 80}Fe{sub 20}(YÅ) is superior to Ni{sub 80}Fe{sub 20}/ZnO(500Å). • The ZnO (0 0 2) crystals at the bottom improves the magneto crystalline anisotropy of Ni{sub 80}Fe{sub 20}. • The maximum value of χ{sub ac} was reached 3.16 at post-annealing 250 °C ZnO(500Å)/Ni{sub 80}Fe{sub 20}(2500Å) and f{sub res} of 250 Hz. • The as-deposited ZnO(500Å)/Ni{sub 80}Fe{sub 20}(1000Å) had the highest transmittance of approximately 93%. • The strong ZnO (0 0 2) crystallization increased the magneto crystalline anisotropy NiFe (1 1 1) and importantly affected the magnetic and photoelectrical properties. - Abstract: The following conditions are deposited: (a) glass/Ni{sub 80}Fe{sub 20}(XÅ)/ZnO(500Å) and (b) glass/ZnO(500Å)/Ni{sub 80}Fe{sub 20}(YÅ), where each of X and Y is 1000Å, 1500Å, 2000Å or 2500Å. The substrate temperature was maintained at room temperature (RT), and post-annealing was performed with heating at (T{sub A}) = 150 °C for 1 h or (T{sub A}) = 250 °C for 1 h. The sputtering sequence and the thickness of the NiFe film were varied to study the effects of these factors on the low-frequency alternative-current magnetic susceptibility (χ{sub ac}), maximum χ{sub ac} with corresponding optimal resonance frequency (f{sub res}), transmission, electrical resistivity (ρ), and surface energy of the multilayered glass/Ni{sub 80}Fe{sub 20}(XÅ)/ZnO(500Å) and glass/ZnO(500Å)/Ni{sub 80}Fe{sub 20}(YÅ). Experimental results demonstrate that ZnO(500Å)/Ni{sub 80}Fe{sub 20}(YÅ) is superior to Ni{sub 80}Fe{sub 20}/ZnO(500Å) because diffraction from the ZnO (0 0 2) crystals at the bottom of ZnO(500Å)/Ni{sub 80}Fe{sub 20}(YÅ) improves the magneto crystalline anisotropy of Ni{sub 80}Fe{sub 20}, improving its magnetic and photoelectrical properties. X-ray diffraction patterns (XRD) reveal that the ZnO (0 0 2), ZnO (2 2 0), and NiFe (1 1 1) peaks of ZnO(500Å)/Ni{sub 80}Fe{sub 20

  9. Work and Work Alternatives for Disabled Young People. (United States)

    Kuh, D.; And Others


    The study compared the past and current work and work alternatives experienced by 383 disabled young people (aged 16-25 years) and 152 able-bodied controls in East Devon, United Kingdom. Also compared were the aspirations and expectations of the disabled with those of their families and service providers. (Author/DB)

  10. Survey and Analysis of Alternative Education Programs II (United States)

    Hosley, Nathaniel S.; Hosley, Jessica; Thein, Myint


    This research is a follow up to a similar study published by the Center for Rural Pennsylvania in 2003 in which researchers examined alternative education policies and practices among Pennsylvania school districts. The current study extended the previous research to include information on the perceptions of administrators and teachers on the…

  11. Perspectives on an alternative career path in regulatory science


    Fields, F. Owen


    Perspectives are provided on an alternative career path in regulatory science for those currently involved in basic biology research. This path is compared and contrasted with basic research, and factors to be examined if one is considering such a path are discussed.

  12. Perspectives on an alternative career path in regulatory science. (United States)

    Fields, F Owen


    Perspectives are provided on an alternative career path in regulatory science for those currently involved in basic biology research. This path is compared and contrasted with basic research, and factors to be examined if one is considering such a path are discussed.

  13. Alternative positron-target design for electron-positron colliders

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Donahue, R.J. (Lawrence Berkeley Lab., CA (United States)); Nelson, W.R. (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Menlo Park, CA (United States))


    Current electron-positron linear colliders are limited in luminosity by the number of positrons which can be generated from targets presently used. This paper examines the possibility of using an alternate wire-target geometry for the production of positrons via an electron-induced electromagnetic cascade shower. 39 refs., 38 figs., 5 tabs.

  14. Praktiske erfaringer med alternative isoleringsmaterialer

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rasmussen, Torben Valdbjørn; Hansen, Klavs Feilberg

    Borup Seniorby er et demonstrationsbyggeri hvori der både er anvendt alternative isoleringsmaterialer og mineraluld. Denne rapport introducerer byggeriet og redegør for byggeprocessen samt håndteringen af de valgte isoleringsprodukter. Ni forskellige produkter, enten i form af løsfyld eller forms...

  15. An Overview of Alternative Education (United States)

    Aron, Laudan Y.


    This publication represents the first in a series of papers on alternative education for the U.S. Department of Labor. The main focus of this review is community- or district-based programs that have as their primary focus the re-engagement of out-of-school youth in learning in order to better prepare these youth to successfully enter high growth…

  16. An Alternative to Process Recording (United States)

    Baker, Joan; And Others


    Some disadvantages in the use of process recordings as an assessment and teaching tool for evaluating the communication skills of the student in nurse-client interactions are discussed. A more useful alternative process requires actual observation and subsequent participation by the instructor during student-client interviews. (EC)

  17. Towards an Alternative Educational Technology. (United States)

    Mansfield, Roger; Nunan, E. E.


    Outlines an alternative form of educational technology based on an analysis of criticism levelled at the subject, both from within and without. Article contends that the future of educational technology rests on an expansion of its concerns, rather than a refinement or modification of its existing content. (Author)

  18. Mobile Alternative Fueling Station Locator

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    The Department of Energy's Alternative Fueling Station Locator is available on-the-go via cell phones, BlackBerrys, or other personal handheld devices. The mobile locator allows users to find the five closest biodiesel, electricity, E85, hydrogen, natural gas, and propane fueling sites using Google technology.

  19. [Delusional thematic alternation and cyclothymia]. (United States)

    Sizaret, P; Degiovanni, A; Chevrollier, J P; Gaillard, P


    The authors discuss the case of a 36 year old woman who, for several years, has been delirious and who has shown signs of an affective disorder, alternatively suffering from hypomanic and depressive episodes. What is most interesting is that she expresses erotomaniac delusions while she is elated and persecutory delusions while she is depressed. The authors propose an psychopathological explanation for her disorder.

  20. A Simple Alternative to Grading (United States)

    Potts, Glenda


    In this article, the author investigates whether an alternative grading system (contract grading) would yield the same final grades as traditional grading (letter grading), and whether or not it would be accepted by students. The author states that this study demonstrated that contract grading was widely, and for the most part, enthusiastically…

  1. Alternative instruments for the CAP?

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Silvis, H.J.; Rijswick, van C.W.J.; Bont, de C.J.A.M.


    With parallel negotiations taking place on enlargement of the EU and a new WTO agreement, EU's Common Agricultural Policy is facing further reforms. This report addresses the issue of whether any alternatives can be found for the instruments of this policy, and looks at decoupled payments, a net inc

  2. Alternative Design of Boat Fenders

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Banke, Lars


    On offshore platforms the purpose of fenders is to protect the oil-risers against minor accidental collisions with supply vessels. Normally, the fender is designed by use of thin-walled tubes. However, the tube itself is not capable of resisting the impact load of the boat. Therefore, alternative...

  3. Some Alternating Double Binomial Sums

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    ZHENG De-yin; TANG Pei-pei


    We consider some new alternating double binomial sums. By using the Lagrange inversion formula, we obtain explicit expressions of the desired results which are related to a third-order linear recursive sequence. Furthermore, their recursive relation and generating functions are obtained.

  4. Alternate Theory Formation by Students. (United States)

    Hanson, R. Keith

    Video tapes of student teachers micro-teaching in a high school biology class were analyzed. Attention was focussed on students' interpretations of data and the teacher's responses to these interpretations. Examples are given of student explanations which teachers find unsatisfactory but which are valid alternatives based on the data available to…

  5. The Commons Problem: Alternative Perspectives. (United States)

    Edney, Julian J.


    Reviews four contrasting theories bearing on the concept of the commons dilemma, which deals with conflicts of individual v group interests over time. Focuses on the threats that commons problems pose to democratic principles in community structure. Discusses alternative directions for the resolution of resource crises. (Author/GC)

  6. Not Just Another Alternative School (United States)

    Gulson, Kalervo N.; Webb, P. Taylor


    In this article, we problematize the establishment of an Africentric Alternative School in Toronto, Canada. We argue that policy, and race and racializations cannot be understood outside of, or immune to, neoliberalism. We contend that policy is a form of racial biopolitics, and race is now produced through neoliberal markets, in conjunction with…

  7. Traditional Assessment versus Alternative Assessment. (United States)

    Belle, Dana

    The purpose of this study was to determine whether a teacher can use one type of assessment to evaluate students' abilities fairly. The question is whether or not alternative assessment strategies are necessary to meet students' individual needs. The research, conducted with 28 fifth-grade students, compared their traditional and alternative…

  8. Assessment of alternative disposal concepts

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Autio, J.; Saanio, T.; Tolppanen, P. [Saanio and Riekkola Consulting Engineers, Helsinki (Finland); Raiko, H.; Vieno, T. [VTT Energy, Espoo (Finland); Salo, J.P. [Posiva Oy, Helsinki (Finland)


    Four alternative repository designs for the disposal of spent nuclear in the Finnish crystalline bedrock were assessed in the study. The alternatives were: (1) the basic KBS-3 design in which copper canisters are emplaced in vertical deposition holes bored in the floors of horizontal tunnels, (2) the KBS-3-2C design with two canisters in a deposition hole, (3) Short Horizontal Holes (SHH) in the side walls of the tunnels, and (4) the Medium Long Holes (MLH) concept in which approximately 25 canisters are emplaced in a horizontal deposition hole about 200 metres in length bored between central and side tunnels. In all the alternatives considered, the thickness of the layer of compacted bentonite between copper canister and bedrock is 35 cm. Two different copper canister designs were also assessed. Technical feasibility and flexibility, post-closure safety and repository cost were assessed for each of the alternative canister and repository designs. On the basis of this assessment it is recommended that further development and studies should focus on the vacuum- or inert gas-filled cast insert type copper canister and the basic KBS-3 type repository design with a single canister in a vertical deposition hole. The KBS-3 design is robust and flexible and provides excellent post-closure safety. The transfer, emplacement and sealing operations are technically uncomplicated. The alternative options assessed do not offer any significant benefits in safety or cost over the basic design, but they are technically more complex and also in some respects more vulnerable to malfunction during the emplacement of canisters and buffer, as well as common mode failures. (60 refs.).

  9. Eddy Currents: Levitation, Metal Detectors, and Induction Heating (United States)

    Wouch, G.; Lord, A. E., Jr.


    A simple and accessible calculation is given of the effects of eddy currents for a sphere in the field of a single circular loop of alternating current. These calculations should help toward the inclusion of eddy current effects in upper undergraduate physics courses. (BB)

  10. State of the Art on Alternative Fuels in Aviation. SWAFEA. Sustainable Way for Alternative Fuels and Energy in Aviation.

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Blakey, S.; Novelli, P.; Costes, P.; Bringtown, S.; Christensen, D.; Sakintuna, B.; Peineke, C.; Jongschaap, R.E.E.; Conijn, J.G.; Rutgers, B.; Valot, L.; Joubert, E.; Perelgritz, J.F.; Filogonio, A.; Roetger, T.; Prieur, A.; Starck, L.; Jeuland, N.; Bogers, P.; Midgley, R.; Bauldreay, J.; Rollin, G.; Rye, L.; Wilson, C.


    Currently, the aviation sector uses petroleum derived liquid fuels as the energy carrier of choice for flight. In light the present environmental, economical and political concerns as to the sustainability of this energy source, the question of which alternatives the aviation sector should pursue in

  11. Dipolarization front and current disruption (United States)

    Lui, A. T. Y.


    The modification of current density on the dawn-dusk cross section of the magnetotail with the earthward approach of a dipolarization front (DF) is examined through the recently published results of a three-dimensional (3-D) particle-in-cell (PIC) simulation. It is found that the current density intensifies by 37% abruptly within 1.5 ion gyrotime as the DF approaches and shows localized regions with north-south extrusions. After reaching its peak value, it undergoes a drastic current reduction (DCR) by 65% within 2 ion gyrotime. Breakdown of the frozen-in condition occurs in the neutral sheet region in association with DCR, demonstrating the non-MHD behavior of the phenomenon. The evolution of current density from this 3-D PIC simulation bears several similarities to those observed for the current disruption (CD) phenomenon, such as explosive growth and disruption of the current density leading to a breakdown of the frozen-in condition. The evolution is also similar to those from a previous two-dimensional (2-D) PIC simulation specially designed to investigate the nonlinear evolution of the cross-field current instability for CD. One interpretation of these findings is that CD and substorm triggering can be associated with earthward intrusion of a DF into the near-Earth plasma sheet as indicated by previous Cluster and Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms observations. An alternative interpretation is that both DF and CD are consequences of a global evolution from an ion-tearing-like instability of the magnetotail.

  12. Alternatives to incineration. Technical area status report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Schwinkendorf, W.E. [BDM Federal, Inc., Albuquerque, NM (United States); McFee, J.; Devarakonda, M. [International Technology Corp., Albuquerque, NM (United States); Nenninger, L.L.; Fadullon, F.S. [Science Applications International Corp., Gaithersburg, MD (United States); Donaldson, T.L. [Oak Ridge National Lab., TN (United States); Dickerson, K. [Oak Ridge National Lab., TN (United States)]|[Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site, Golden, CO (United States)


    Recently, the DOE`s Mixed Waste Integrated Program (MWIP) (superseded by the Mixed Waste Focus Area) initiated an evaluation of alternatives to incineration to identify technologies capable of treating DOE organically contaminated mixed wastes and which may be more easily permitted. These technologies have the potential of alleviating stakeholder concerns by decreasing off-gas volurties and the associated emissions of particulates, volatilized metals and radionuclides, PICs, NO{sub x}, SO{sub x}, and recombination products (dioxins and furans). Ideally, the alternate technology would be easily permitted, relatively omnivorous and effective in treating a variety of wastes with varying constituents, require minimal pretreatment or characterization, and be easy to implement. In addition, it would produce secondary waste stream volumes significantly smaller than the original waste stream, and would minimize the environmental health and safety effects on workers and the public. The purpose of this report is to provide an up-to-date (as of early 1995) compendium of iternative technologies for designers of mixed waste treatment facilities, and to identify Iternate technologies that may merit funding for further development. Various categories of non-thermal and thermal technologies have been evaluated and are summarized in Table ES-1. Brief descriptions of these technologies are provided in Section 1.7 of the Introduction. This report provides a detailed description of approximately 30 alternative technologies in these categories. Included in the report are descriptions of each technology; applicable input waste streams and the characteristics of the secondary, or output, waste streams; the current status of each technology relative to its availability for implementation; performance data; and costs. This information was gleaned from the open literature, governments reports, and discussions with principal investigators and developers.

  13. Economic assessment of alternative energy policies

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Groncki, P J; Goettle, IV, R J; Hudson, E A


    Current US energy policy includes many programs directed toward the restructuring of the energy system so as to decrease US dependence on foreign supplies and to increase our reliance on plentiful and environmentally benign energy forms. However, recent events have led to renewed concern over the direction of current energy policy. This study describes three possible energy strategies and analyzes each in terms of its economic, environmental, and national security benefits and costs. Each strategy is represented by a specific policy. The first strategy is to initiate no additional programs or policies beyond those currently in effect or announced. The second is to direct policy toward reducing the growth in energy demand, i.e., energy conservation. The third is to promote increased supply through accelerated development of synthetic and unconventional fuels. The analysis focuses on the evaluation and comparison of these strategy alternatives with respect to their energy, economic, and environmental consequences. The analysis indicates that conservation can substantially reduce import dependence and slow the growth of energy demand, with only a small macroeconomic cost and with substantial environmental benefits; the synfuels policy reduces imports by a smaller amount, does not reduce the growth in energy demand, and involves substantial environmental costs and impacts on economic performance. However, these relationships could be different if the energy savings per unit cost for conservation turned out to be less than anticipated; therefore, both conservation and R, D, and D support for synfuels should be included in future energy policy.

  14. Informed Consent in Complementary and Alternative Medicine

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Opher Caspi


    Full Text Available The objective of this study was to examine complementary and alternative medicine (CAM practitioners’ (i attitudes toward informed consent and (ii to assess whether standards of practice exist with respect to informed consent, and what these standards look like. The design and setting of the study constituted face-to-face qualitative interviews with 28 non-MD, community-based providers representing 11 different CAM therapeutic modalities. It was found that there is great deal of variability with respect to the informed consent process in CAM across providers and modalities. No unique profession-based patterns were identified. The content analysis yielded five major categories related to (i general attitude towards the informed consent process, (ii type and amount of information exchange during that process, (iii disclosure of risks, (iv discussions of alternatives, and (v potential benefits. There is a widespread lack of standards with respect to the practice of informed consent across a broad range of CAM modalities. Addressing this problem requires concerted and systematic educational, ethical and judicial remedial actions. Informed consent, which is often viewed as a pervasive obligation is medicine, must be reshaped to have therapeutic value. Acknowledging current conceptions and misconception surrounding the practice of informed consent may help to bring about this change. More translational research is needed to guide this process.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    T. Joseph Sahaya Anand


    Full Text Available The study of the thermal, chemical and mechanical properties of pure nickel as an alternative automotive body material is presented in this paper. Current automotive components mainly use steel as the body material. Due to the increasing demand for high performance and related issues, interest is moving towards alternative materials to steel. The hardness values of both heat-treated and non-heat treated pure nickel do not change after annealing; the hardness values are in the range of 118 to 123 HV. As the annealing temperature increases, the ultimate tensile strength, yield strength and Young’s modulus decrease, which indicates that the ductility increases. The highest ultimate tensile strength of pure nickel at 300 °C annealed temperature is 758.78 MPa. X-ray diffraction (XRD studies confirmed pure nickel as a face centred cubic (FCC structure with a lattice constant measured as 0.3492 nm for the unannealed sample, which increases to 0.3512 nm for the annealed samples. The corrosion rate of both annealed and non-heat treated pure nickel is in the range of 0.0266 to 0.048 mm/year.

  16. Citric Acid Alternative to Nitric Acid Passivation (United States)

    Lewis, Pattie L. (Compiler)


    The Ground Systems Development and Operations GSDO) Program at NASA John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC) has the primary objective of modernizing and transforming the launch and range complex at KSC to benefit current and future NASA programs along with other emerging users. Described as the launch support and infrastructure modernization program in the NASA Authorization Act of 2010, the GSDO Program will develop and implement shared infrastructure and process improvements to provide more flexible, affordable, and responsive capabilities to a multi-user community. In support of the GSDO Program, the purpose of this project is to demonstratevalidate citric acid as a passivation agent for stainless steel. Successful completion of this project will result in citric acid being qualified for use as an environmentally preferable alternative to nitric acid for passivation of stainless steel alloys in NASA and DoD applications.

  17. Alternative Solvents through Green Chemistry Project (United States)

    Hintze, Paul E.; Quinn, Jacqueline


    Components in the aerospace industry must perform with accuracy and precision under extreme conditions, and surface contamination can be detrimental to the desired performance, especially in cases when the components come into contact with strong oxidizers such as liquid oxygen. Therefore, precision cleaning is an important part of a components preparation prior to utilization in aerospace applications. Current cleaning technologies employ a variety of cleaning agents, many of which are halogenated solvents that are either toxic or cause environmental damage. Thus, this project seeks to identify alternative precision cleaning solvents and technologies, including use of less harmful cleaning solvents, ultrasonic and megasonic agitation, low-pressure plasma cleaning techniques, and supercritical carbon dioxide extraction. Please review all data content found in the Public Data tab located at: https:techport.nasa.govview11697public

  18. The power of alternative assessments (AAs)

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    This article starts by discussing the potential disadvantages of traditional assessment towards young English as a Second Language (ESL) learners within the American public school education system. In response to such disadvantages, researchers ’call for the implementation of alternative assessments (AAs) is therefore introduced along with the various benefits of AAs. However, the current mainstream education policy in the US, namely No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Policy, is still largely based on the tra-ditional ways of testing, making policy-oriented implementation of AAs on large scales remarkably difficult. After careful analysis, the author points out several implications concerning how, under such an existing policy of NCLB, can practitioners effectively accommodate young ESL learners by applying the power of AAs.

  19. Alternatives to traditional transportation fuels 1995

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This report provides information on transportation fuels other than gasoline and diesel, and the vehicles that use these fuels. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) provides this information to support the U.S. Department of Energy`s reporting obligations under Section 503 of the Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPACT). The principal information contained in this report includes historical and year-ahead estimates of the following: (1) the number and type of alterative-fueled vehicles (AFV`s) in use; (2) the consumption of alternative transportation fuels and {open_quotes}replacement fuels{close_quotes}; and (3) the number and type of alterative-fueled vehicles made available in the current and following years. In addition, the report contains some material on special topics. The appendices include a discussion of the methodology used to develop the estimates (Appendix A), a map defining geographic regions used, and a list of AFV suppliers.

  20. Hedge Funds As a Alternative Investment Opportunities

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Michał Falkowski


    Full Text Available Hedge fund which became a popular alternative investment is a collective term for different types of investment fund. A common feature of these funds is that they have absolute earnings targets, that is they set targets for earnings irrespective of developments on, for example, the stock exchange. The paper deals with the current problem of the financial crisis and the effect it made worldwide for many institutional and private investors. It discusses the role played by hedge funds in developments on the financial markets, and to what extent they are affected by the effects of the crisis, as a recurring feature of every financial crisis. It also shows a wind range of strategies used by hedge funds to achieve their goal.

  1. Alternatives in polymerization contraction stress management

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Roberto R. Braga


    Full Text Available Polymerization contraction stress of dental composites is often associated with marginal and interfacial failure of bonded restorations. The magnitude of the stress depends on the composite's composition (filler content and matrix composition and its ability to flow before gelation, which is related to the cavity configuration and curing characteristics of the composite. This article reviews the variations found among studies regarding the contraction stress testing method, contraction stress values of current composites, and discusses the validity of contraction stress studies in relation to results from microleakage tests. The effect of lower curing rates and alternative curing routines on contraction stress values is also discussed, as well as the use of low elastic modulus liners. Moreover, studies with experimental Bis-GMA-based composites and recent developments in low-shrinkage monomers are described.

  2. Cohabitainos as alternative to marriage


    Papa Olesya Mikhaylovna


    This article is devoted consideration of some features to creation of "alternative" forms of a family and marriage, namely, to studying of such phenomenon as, co-habitation which conducts to loss of values of traditional forms of marriage, and also growth of process of illegitimate birth rate and other consequences. Now in a modern society "civil marriage" has got the certain legitimacy, with the given relations already to surprise nobody, and many justify its existence. In Russia "civil marr...

  3. Alternative to Nitric Acid Passivation (United States)

    Kessel, Kurt R.


    Corrosion is an extensive problem that affects the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and European Space Agency (ESA). The deleterious effects of corrosion result in steep costs, asset downtime affecting mission readiness, and safety risks to personnel. It is vital to reduce corrosion costs and risks in a sustainable manner. The primary objective of this effort is to qualify citric acid as an environmentally-preferable alternative to nitric acid for passivation of stainless steel alloys.

  4. Survey of Alternative Feedstocks for Commodity Chemical Manufacturing

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    McFarlane, Joanna [ORNL; Robinson, Sharon M [ORNL


    The current high prices for petroleum and natural gas have spurred the chemical industry to examine alternative feedstocks for the production of commodity chemicals. High feedstock prices have driven methanol and ammonia production offshore. The U.S. Chemical Industry is the largest user of natural gas in the country. Over the last 30 years, alternatives to conventional petroleum and natural gas feedstocks have been developed, but have limited, if any, commercial implementation in the United States. Alternative feedstocks under consideration include coal from unconventional processing technologies, such as gasification and liquefaction, novel resources such as biomass, stranded natural gas from unconventional reserves, and heavy oil from tar sands or oil shale. These feedstock sources have been evaluated with respect to the feasibility and readiness for production of the highest volume commodity chemicals in the United States. Sources of organic compounds, such as ethanol from sugar fermentation and bitumen-derived heavy crude are now being primarily exploited for fuels, rather than for chemical feedstocks. Overall, government-sponsored research into the use of alternatives to petroleum feedstocks focuses on use for power and transportation fuels rather than for chemical feedstocks. Research is needed to reduce cost and technical risk. Use of alternative feedstocks is more common outside the United States R&D efforts are needed to make these processes more efficient and less risky before becoming more common domestically. The status of alternative feedstock technology is summarized.

  5. Abnormalities in Alternative Splicing of Apoptotic Genes and Cardiovascular Diseases

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zodwa Dlamini


    Full Text Available Apoptosis is required for normal heart development in the embryo, but has also been shown to be an important factor in the occurrence of heart disease. Alternative splicing of apoptotic genes is currently emerging as a diagnostic and therapeutic target for heart disease. This review addresses the involvement of abnormalities in alternative splicing of apoptotic genes in cardiac disorders including cardiomyopathy, myocardial ischemia and heart failure. Many pro-apoptotic members of the Bcl-2 family have alternatively spliced isoforms that lack important active domains. These isoforms can play a negative regulatory role by binding to and inhibiting the pro-apoptotic forms. Alternative splicing is observed to be increased in various cardiovascular diseases with the level of alternate transcripts increasing elevated in diseased hearts compared to healthy subjects. In many cases these isoforms appear to be the underlying cause of the disease, while in others they may be induced in response to cardiovascular pathologies. Regardless of this, the detection of alternate splicing events in the heart can serve as useful diagnostic or prognostic tools, while those splicing events that seem to play a causative role in cardiovascular disease make attractive future drug targets.

  6. Current measurement apparatus (United States)

    Umans, Stephen D.


    Apparatus and methods are provided for a system for measurement of a current in a conductor such that the conductor current may be momentarily directed to a current measurement element in order to maintain proper current without significantly increasing an amount of power dissipation attributable to the current measurement element or adding resistance to assist in current measurement. The apparatus and methods described herein are useful in superconducting circuits where it is necessary to monitor current carried by the superconducting elements while minimizing the effects of power dissipation attributable to the current measurement element.

  7. Alternative bufferlayers for CIGS solarcells

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Beleanu, A.; Gruhn, T.; Blum, C.G.F.; Balke, B.; Felser, C. [Institute of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, Johannes Gutenberg - University, Mainz (Germany)


    Cadmium sulfide is a highly efficient buffer layer material in Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se2)[CIGS] solar devices, but for environmental reasons and possible gains in efficiency there is a great interest in replacing CdS by a cadmium-free alternative buffer layer. Using standard density functional theory (DFT) methods possible candidates like LiZnP and LiCuS have been proposed as alternative buffer layers. The experimental verification of the DFT results was quite challenging due to the fact that LiCuS was an unknow and completely new material. In a first step, we tried to synthesize LiCuS through solid state reactions in a corund crucible. After optimizing the parameters and successfully synthesizing the material its properties were investigated. In a second step, huge amounts of LiCuS and LiZnP were synthesized and pressed using Spark Plasma Sintering as 3 inch targets. LiCuS and LiZnP films were grown by radio-frequency magnetron sputtering from these target and their properties as an alternative buffer layer in CIGS solar cells were investigated. The 1:1:1 stoichiometry of the films was delivered from in-situ XPS measurements. Absorption measurements show a band gap of {approx}2.0 eV which is in good agreement with the theoretical estimates.

  8. Alternative Aviation Fuel Experiment (AAFEX) (United States)

    Anderson, B. E.; Beyersdorf, A. J.; Hudgins, C. H.; Plant, J. V.; Thornhill, K. L.; Winstead, E. L.; Ziemba, L. D.; Howard, R.; Corporan, E.; Miake-Lye, R. C.; Herndon, S. C.; Timko, M.; Woods, E.; Dodds, W.; Lee, B.; Santoni, G.; Whitefield, P.; Hagen, D.; Lobo, P.; Knighton, W. B.; Bulzan, D.; Tacina, K.; Wey, C.; VanderWal, R.; Bhargava, A.


    The rising cost of oil coupled with the need to reduce pollution and dependence on foreign suppliers has spurred great interest and activity in developing alternative aviation fuels. Although a variety of fuels have been produced that have similar properties to standard Jet A, detailed studies are required to ascertain the exact impacts of the fuels on engine operation and exhaust composition. In response to this need, NASA acquired and burned a variety of alternative aviation fuel mixtures in the Dryden Flight Research Center DC-8 to assess changes in the aircraft s CFM-56 engine performance and emission parameters relative to operation with standard JP-8. This Alternative Aviation Fuel Experiment, or AAFEX, was conducted at NASA Dryden s Aircraft Operations Facility (DAOF) in Palmdale, California, from January 19 to February 3, 2009 and specifically sought to establish fuel matrix effects on: 1) engine and exhaust gas temperatures and compressor speeds; 2) engine and auxiliary power unit (APU) gas phase and particle emissions and characteristics; and 3) volatile aerosol formation in aging exhaust plumes

  9. Intronic Alus influence alternative splicing.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Galit Lev-Maor

    Full Text Available Examination of the human transcriptome reveals higher levels of RNA editing than in any other organism tested to date. This is indicative of extensive double-stranded RNA (dsRNA formation within the human transcriptome. Most of the editing sites are located in the primate-specific retrotransposed element called Alu. A large fraction of Alus are found in intronic sequences, implying extensive Alu-Alu dsRNA formation in mRNA precursors. Yet, the effect of these intronic Alus on splicing of the flanking exons is largely unknown. Here, we show that more Alus flank alternatively spliced exons than constitutively spliced ones; this is especially notable for those exons that have changed their mode of splicing from constitutive to alternative during human evolution. This implies that Alu insertions may change the mode of splicing of the flanking exons. Indeed, we demonstrate experimentally that two Alu elements that were inserted into an intron in opposite orientation undergo base-pairing, as evident by RNA editing, and affect the splicing patterns of a downstream exon, shifting it from constitutive to alternative. Our results indicate the importance of intronic Alus in influencing the splicing of flanking exons, further emphasizing the role of Alus in shaping of the human transcriptome.

  10. Novel current monitoring techniques without shunt resistors

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    VODA Adriana


    Full Text Available Current measurement for automotiveelectrical actuator applications (with motors or valvesis necessary for appropriate control in many cases anda safety requirement in all cases: the control algorithmmay be dependent on the data but safety relevantfunctions will use it to determine possible over-current,over-temperature or failure conditions. This paperproposes an alternative method of monitoring thecurrent, without using sensors or current shunts.Instead, measurements are made on the motor in thedevelopment stages and low/high frequency variationsin the supply line are monitored, through low/highpassfilters, by available AD channels in the system.This results in cost reduction for the final product, byreducing hardware complexity.


    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    In order to meet contract requirements on the concentrations of strontium-90 and transuranic isotopes in the immobilized low-activity waste, strontium-90 and transuranics must be removed from the supernate of tanks 241-AN-102 and 241-AN-107. The process currently proposed for this application is an in-tank precipitation process using strontium nitrate and sodium permanganate. Development work on the process has not proceeded since 2005. The purpose of the evaluation is to identify whether any promising alternative processes have been developed since this issue was last examined, evaluate the alternatives and the baseline process, and recommend which process should be carried forward.

  12. Alternative methods for top quark mass measurements at the CMS

    CERN Document Server

    Kim, Ji Hyun


    The top quark mass is a fundamental parameter of the standard model and together with the W boson mass and the Higgs boson mass it provides a strong self-consistency check of the electroweak theory. Recently several new measurements of the top quark mass using alternative observables and reconstruction methods are performed by the CMS collaborations at the CERN LHC. Alternative methods can give a insight by providing different systematic sensitivities while standard ones are currently limited by jet energy uncertainties. We introduce various results from new methods including the one using a charmed meson, which are found to be consistent with what is obtained in standard measurements.

  13. Thyroid Disease and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) (United States)

    ... Alternative Medicine (CAM) Thyroid Disease and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) WHAT IS COMPLEMENTARY AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE (CAM)? Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is defined ...

  14. FMDP reactor alternative summary report. Volume 1 - existing LWR alternative

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Greene, S.R.; Bevard, B.B. [and others


    Significant quantities of weapons-usable fissile materials [primarily plutonium and highly enriched uranium (HEU)] are becoming surplus to national defense needs in both the United States and Russia. These stocks of fissile materials pose significant dangers to national and international security. The dangers exist not only in the potential proliferation of nuclear weapons but also in the potential for environmental, safety, and health (ES&H) consequences if surplus fissile materials are not properly managed. This document summarizes the results of analysis concerned with existing light water reactor plutonium disposition alternatives.

  15. When alternative organizations compete together: The case of the French mutual insurance sector for students


    Bousalham, Y.; Vidaillet, Bénédicte


    International audience; Interest in alternative organizations and their emancipatory potential has grown significantly among critical scholars. Among current inquiries, it has been shown that these organizations may be " contaminated " (i.e.: implement anti-alternative practices and/or adopt capitalist values) when competing, on their markets, with traditional capitalist organizations. But what happens when alternative organizations compete with one another or operate in a market that consist...

  16. Cryogenic current leads

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zizek, F.


    Theoretical, technical and design questions are examined of cryogenic current leads for SP of magnetic systems. Simplified mathematical models are presented for the current leads. To illustrate modeling, the calculation is made of the real current leads for 500 A and three variants of current leads for 1500 A for the enterprise ''Shkoda.''

  17. Learning the sequence determinants of alternative splicing from millions of random sequences. (United States)

    Rosenberg, Alexander B; Patwardhan, Rupali P; Shendure, Jay; Seelig, Georg


    Most human transcripts are alternatively spliced, and many disease-causing mutations affect RNA splicing. Toward better modeling the sequence determinants of alternative splicing, we measured the splicing patterns of over two million (M) synthetic mini-genes, which include degenerate subsequences totaling over 100 M bases of variation. The massive size of these training data allowed us to improve upon current models of splicing, as well as to gain new mechanistic insights. Our results show that the vast majority of hexamer sequence motifs measurably influence splice site selection when positioned within alternative exons, with multiple motifs acting additively rather than cooperatively. Intriguingly, motifs that enhance (suppress) exon inclusion in alternative 5' splicing also enhance (suppress) exon inclusion in alternative 3' or cassette exon splicing, suggesting a universal mechanism for alternative exon recognition. Finally, our empirically trained models are highly predictive of the effects of naturally occurring variants on alternative splicing in vivo.

  18. [Alternative medicine: really an alternative to academic medicine?]. (United States)

    Happle, R


    Numerous courses on alternative medicine are regularly advertised in Deutsches Arzteblatt, the organ of the German Medical Association. The present German legislation likewise supports this form of medicine, and this explains why Iscador, an extract of the mistletoe, is found in the Rote Liste, a directory of commercially available medical drugs, under the heading "cytostatic and antimetastatic drugs" although such beneficial effect is unproven. To give another example, a German health insurance fund was sentenced to pay for acupuncture as a treatment for hepatic failure. This judgement is characteristic of the present German judicial system and represents a victory of "oracling irrationalism" (Popper). The astonishing popularity of alternative medicine can be explained by a revival of romanticism. An intellectually fair opposite position has been delineated by Karl Popper in the form of critical rationalism. It is important to realize, however, that our decision to adhere to rational thinking is made in the innermost depth of our heart but not on the basis of rational arguing. Rather, the decision in favor of reason has a moral dimension.

  19. Analysis of the Reliability of the "Alternator- Alternator Belt" System

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ivan Mavrin


    Full Text Available Before starting and also during the exploitation of va1ioussystems, it is vety imp011ant to know how the system and itsparts will behave during operation regarding breakdowns, i.e.failures. It is possible to predict the service behaviour of a systemby determining the functions of reliability, as well as frequencyand intensity of failures.The paper considers the theoretical basics of the functionsof reliability, frequency and intensity of failures for the twomain approaches. One includes 6 equal intetvals and the other13 unequal intetvals for the concrete case taken from practice.The reliability of the "alternator- alternator belt" system installedin the buses, has been analysed, according to the empiricaldata on failures.The empitical data on failures provide empirical functionsof reliability and frequency and intensity of failures, that arepresented in tables and graphically. The first analysis perfO!med by dividing the mean time between failures into 6 equaltime intervals has given the forms of empirical functions of fa ilurefrequency and intensity that approximately cotTespond totypical functions. By dividing the failure phase into 13 unequalintetvals with two failures in each interval, these functions indicateexplicit transitions from early failure inte1val into the randomfailure interval, i.e. into the ageing intetval. Functions thusobtained are more accurate and represent a better solution forthe given case.In order to estimate reliability of these systems with greateraccuracy, a greater number of failures needs to be analysed.

  20. Current interruption transients calculation

    CERN Document Server

    Peelo, David F


    Provides an original, detailed and practical description of current interruption transients, origins, and the circuits involved, and how they can be calculated Current Interruption Transients Calculationis a comprehensive resource for the understanding, calculation and analysis of the transient recovery voltages (TRVs) and related re-ignition or re-striking transients associated with fault current interruption and the switching of inductive and capacitive load currents in circuits. This book provides an original, detailed and practical description of current interruption transients, origins,

  1. Cost-Benefit Analysis For Alternative Low-Emission Surface Preparation/ Depainting Technologies for Structural Steel (United States)

    Lewis, Pattie


    Stennis Space Center (SSC), Kennedy Space Center (KSC) and Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) identified particulate emissions and waste generated from the depainting process of steel structures as hazardous materials to be eliminated or reduced. A Potential Alternatives Report, Potential Alternatives Report for Validation of Alternative Low Emission Surface Preparation/Depainting Technologies for Structural Steel, provided a technical analyses of identified alternatives to the current coating removal processes, criteria used to select alternatives for further analysis, and a list of those alternatives recommended for testing. The initial coating removal alternatives list was compiled using literature searches and stakeholder recommendations. The involved project participants initially considered approximately 13 alternatives. In late 2003, core project members selected the following depainting processes to be further evaluated: (1) Plastic Blast Media-Quickstrip(R)-A. (2) Hard Abrasive-Steel-Magic(R). (3) Sponge Blasting-Sponge-Jet(R). (4) Liquid Nitrogen-NItroJet(R). (5) Mechanical Removal with Vacuum Attachment-DESCO and OCM Clean-Air (6) Laser Coating Removal Alternatives were tested in accordance with the Joint Test Protocol for Validation of Alternative Low-Emission Surface Preparation/Depainting Technologies for Structural Steel, and the Field Evaluation Test Plan for Validation of Alternative Low-Emission Surface Preparation/Depainting Technologies for Structural Steel. Results of the testing are documented in the Joint Test Report. This Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) focuses on the three alternatives (Quickstrip(R)-A, SteelMagic (R), and Sponge-Jet(R)) that were considered viable alternatives for large area operations based on the results of the field demonstration and lab testing. This CBA was created to help participants determine if implementation of the candidate alternatives is economically justified. Each of the alternatives examined reduced Environmental

  2. The emergence of alternative 3' and 5' splice site exons from constitutive exons.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Eli Koren


    Full Text Available Alternative 3' and 5' splice site (ss events constitute a significant part of all alternative splicing events. These events were also found to be related to several aberrant splicing diseases. However, only few of the characteristics that distinguish these events from alternative cassette exons are known currently. In this study, we compared the characteristics of constitutive exons, alternative cassette exons, and alternative 3'ss and 5'ss exons. The results revealed that alternative 3'ss and 5'ss exons are an intermediate state between constitutive and alternative cassette exons, where the constitutive side resembles constitutive exons, and the alternative side resembles alternative cassette exons. The results also show that alternative 3'ss and 5'ss exons exhibit low levels of symmetry (frame-preserving, similar to constitutive exons, whereas the sequence between the two alternative splice sites shows high symmetry levels, similar to alternative cassette exons. In addition, flanking intronic conservation analysis revealed that exons whose alternative splice sites are at least nine nucleotides apart show a high conservation level, indicating intronic participation in the regulation of their splicing, whereas exons whose alternative splice sites are fewer than nine nucleotides apart show a low conservation level. Further examination of these exons, spanning seven vertebrate species, suggests an evolutionary model in which the alternative state is a derivative of an ancestral constitutive exon, where a mutation inside the exon or along the flanking intron resulted in the creation of a new splice site that competes with the original one, leading to alternative splice site selection. This model was validated experimentally on four exons, showing that they indeed originated from constitutive exons that acquired a new competing splice site during evolution.

  3. Can Alternative Education Increase Children's Early School Engagement? A Longitudinal Study from Kindergarten to Third Grade (United States)

    de Bilde, Jerissa; Van Damme, Jan; Lamote, Carl; De Fraine, Bieke


    The current study examines the impact of alternative education on children's early school engagement in terms of school enjoyment and independent participation. A sample of 2,776 children from traditional (e.g., mainstream) and alternative (Freinet and Waldorf) Flemish schools was followed from their 3rd year of kindergarten until 3rd grade. The…

  4. Innovative Solutions for Words with Emphasis: Alternative Methods of Braille Transcription (United States)

    Kamei-Hannan, Cheryl


    The author of this study proposed two alternative methods for transcribing words with emphasis into braille and compared the use of the symbols for emphasis with the current braille code. The results showed that students were faster at locating words presented in one of the alternate formats, but that there was no difference in students' accuracy…

  5. Alternative routes of insulin delivery. (United States)

    Krishnankutty, Ranjith K; Mathew, Aju; Sedimbi, Saikiran K; Suryanarayan, Shrikumar; Sanjeevi, Carani B


    Parenteral route of insulin administration has been the mode of treatment for all Type 1 diabetics and Type 2 diabetics with complications. Patient compliance has really been a major concern for this route of administration. Several alternative routes of administration are under consideration for effective glycemic control, including oral, inhaled, buccal, nasal, and patch routes. One of the approaches involving inhaled insulin has now reached the market. Several other candidates may reach the market in the near future, the promising one being oral insulin.

  6. Alternative routes of insulin delivery

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Ranjith K. Krishnankutty; Aju Mathew; Saikiran K. Sedimbi; Shrikumar Suryanarayan; Carani B. Sanjeevi


    Parenteral route of insulin administration has been the mode of treatment for all Type 1 diabetics and Type 2 diabetics with complications. Patient compliance has really been a major concern for this route of administration. Several alternative routes of administration are under consideration for effective glycemic control, including oral, inhaled, buccal, nasal, and patch routes. One of the approaches involving inhaled insulin has now reached the market. Several other candidates may reach the market in the near future, the promising one being oral insulin.

  7. Ash Properties of Alternative Biomass

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Capablo, Joaquin; Jensen, Peter Arendt; Pedersen, Kim Hougaard


    The ash behavior during suspension firing of 12 alternative solid biofuels, such as pectin waste, mash from a beer brewery, or waste from cigarette production have been studied and compared to wood and straw ash behavior. Laboratory suspension firing tests were performed on an entrained flow...... analysis into three main groups depending upon their ash content of silica, alkali metal, and calcium and magnesium. To further detail the biomass classification, the relative molar ratio of Cl, S, and P to alkali were included. The study has led to knowledge on biomass fuel ash composition influence...... on ash transformation, ash deposit flux, and deposit chlorine content when biomass fuels are applied for suspension combustion....

  8. Bayesian Alternation During Tactile Augmentation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Caspar Mathias Goeke


    Full Text Available A large number of studies suggest that the integration of multisensory signals by humans is well described by Bayesian principles. However, there are very few reports about cue combination between a native and an augmented sense. In particular, we asked the question whether adult participants are able to integrate an augmented sensory cue with existing native sensory information. Hence for the purpose of this study we build a tactile augmentation device. Consequently, we compared different hypotheses of how untrained adult participants combine information from a native and an augmented sense. In a two-interval forced choice (2 IFC task, while subjects were blindfolded and seated on a rotating platform, our sensory augmentation device translated information on whole body yaw rotation to tactile stimulation. Three conditions were realized: tactile stimulation only (augmented condition, rotation only (native condition, and both augmented and native information (bimodal condition. Participants had to choose one out of two consecutive rotations with higher angular rotation. For the analysis, we fitted the participants’ responses with a probit model and calculated the just notable difference (JND. Then we compared several models for predicting bimodal from unimodal responses. An objective Bayesian alternation model yielded a better prediction (χred2 = 1.67 than the Bayesian integration model (χred2= 4.34. Slightly higher accuracy showed a non-Bayesian winner takes all model (χred2= 1.64, which either used only native or only augmented values per subject for prediction. However the performance of the Bayesian alternation model could be substantially improved (χred2= 1.09 utilizing subjective weights obtained by a questionnaire. As a result, the subjective Bayesian alternation model predicted bimodal performance most accurately among all tested models. These results suggest that information from augmented and existing sensory modalities in

  9. Ironmaking Process Alternative Screening Study, Volume 1

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lockwood Greene, . .


    Iron in the United States is largely produced from iron ore mined in the United States or imported from Canada or South America. The iron ore is typically smelted in Blast Furnaces that use primarily iron ore, iron concentrate pellets metallurgical coke, limestone and lime as the raw materials. Under current operating scenarios, the iron produced from these Blast Furnaces is relatively inexpensive as compared to current alternative iron sources, e.g. direct iron reduction, imported pig iron, etc. The primary problem the Blast Furnace Ironmaking approach is that many of these Blast furnaces are relatively small, as compared to the newer, larger Blast Furnaces; thus are relatively costly and inefficient to operate. An additional problem is also that supplies of high-grade metallurgical grade coke are becoming increasingly in short supply and costs are also increasing. In part this is due to the short supply and costs of high-grade metallurgical coals, but also this is due to the increasing necessity for environmental controls for coke production. After year 2003 new regulations for coke product environmental requirement will likely be promulgated. It is likely that this also will either increase the cost of high-quality coke production or will reduce the available domestic U.S. supply. Therefore, iron production in the United States utilizing the current, predominant Blast Furnace process will be more costly and would likely be curtailed due to a coke shortage. Therefore, there is a significant need to develop or extend the economic viability of Alternate Ironmaking Processes to at least partially replace current and declining blast furnace iron sources and to provide incentives for new capacity expansion. The primary conclusions of this comparative Study of Alternative Ironmaking Process scenarios are: (1) The processes with the best combined economics (CAPEX and OPEX impacts in the I.R.R. calculation) can be grouped into those Fine Ore based processes with no scrap

  10. Immunobiology of African Trypanosomes: Need of Alternative Interventions

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Toya Nath Baral


    Full Text Available Trypanosomiasis is one of the major parasitic diseases for which control is still far from reality. The vaccination approaches by using dominant surface proteins have not been successful, mainly due to antigenic variation of the parasite surface coat. On the other hand, the chemotherapeutic drugs in current use for the treatment of this disease are toxic and problems of resistance are increasing (see Kennedy (2004 and Legros et al. (2002. Therefore, alternative approaches in both treatment and vaccination against trypanosomiasis are needed at this time. To be able to design and develop such alternatives, the biology of this parasite and the host response against the pathogen need to be studied. These two aspects of this disease with few examples of alternative approaches are discussed here.

  11. Alternative therapies for postmenopausal women. (United States)

    Speroff, Leon


    Alternative therapies are being used by postmenopausal women in attempts to treat all of the complaints and medical conditions of the menopause. One-fifth of those who take prescription drugs for these indications also take herbal remedies and/or high-dose vitamins, most often without disclosing the fact to the physician. Although studies of alternative therapies are short-term and rarely focused on safety--let alone efficacy--in the long-term, there are many studies spread over the large number of substances involved. More than 130 studies, including meta-analyses, are reviewed in this article under the headings of phytoestrogens, especially from soy; therapies for hot flushes; and preventives for cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and breast cancer. Special attention is given to the recently recognized daidzein metabolite equol, and for the sake of completeness there are reviews of the unconventional, but not botanical, treatments estriol, transdermal progesterone, and dehydroepiandrosterone. The total picture produced by conscientious review of the studies is bleak overall, but there seems to be good reason to pursue the possibilities inherent in soy protein with phytoestrogens in populations of women who endogenously produce equol.

  12. Alternate Energy for National Security. (United States)

    Rath, Bhakta


    Recent price fluctuations at the gas pump have brought our attention to the phenomenal increase of global energy consumption in recent years. It is now evident that we have almost reached a peak in global oil production. Several projections indicate that total world consumption of oil will rise by nearly 60 per cent between 1999 and 2020. In 1999 consumption was equivalent to 86 million barrels of oil per day, which has reached a peak of production extracted from most known oil reserves. These projections, if accurate, will present an unprecedented crisis to the global economy and industry. As an example, in the US, nearly 40 per cent of energy usage is provided by petroleum, of which nearly a third is used in transportation. The US Department of Defense (DOD) is the single largest buyer of fuel, amounting to, on the average, 13 million gallons per day. Additionally, these fuels have to meet different requirements that prevent use of ethanol additives and biodiesel. An aggressive search for alternate energy sources, both renewable and nonrenewable, is vital. The presentation will review national and DOD perspectives on the exploration of alternate energy with a focus on energy derivable from the ocean. )

  13. Electroconvulsive Therapy: A Current Review

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gokben Hizli Sayar


    Full Text Available Most of the electroconvulsive therapy guidelines state that severe major depression with psychotic features, manic delirium, or catatonia are conditions where there is a clear consensus favoring early electroconvulsive therapy. The decision to administer electroconvulsive therapy is based on an evaluation of the risks and benefits for the individual patient and involves a combination of factors, including psychiatric diagnosis, type and severity of symptoms, prior treatment history and response, identification of possible alternative treatment options, and consumer preference. In this review history, mechanisms of action, side effects that have been referenced in the literature and clinical experience are discussed. [Psikiyatride Guncel Yaklasimlar - Current Approaches in Psychiatry 2014; 6(2.000: 107-125

  14. From alternative methods to a new toxicology. (United States)

    Hartung, Thomas


    Mechanistic toxicology has evolved by relying, to a large extent, on methodologies that substitute or complement traditional animal tests. The biotechnology and informatics revolutions of the last decades have made such technologies broadly available and useful, but regulatory toxicology has been slow to embrace these new approaches. Major validation efforts, however, have delivered the evidence that new approaches do not lower safety standards and can be integrated into regulatory safety assessments. Particularly in the EU, political pressures, such as the REACH legislation and the 7th Amendment to the cosmetic legislation, have prompted the need of new approaches. In the US, the NRC vision report calling for a toxicology for the 21st century (and its most recent adaptation by EPA for their toxicity testing strategy) have initiated a debate about how to create a novel approach based on human cell cultures, lower species, high-throughput testing, and modeling. Lessons learned from the development, validation, and acceptance of alternative methods support the creation of a new approach based on identified toxicity pathways. Conceptual steering and an objective assessment of current practices by evidence-based toxicology (EBT) are required. EBT is modeled on evidence-based medicine, which has demonstrated that rigorous systematic reviews of current practices and meta-analyses of studies provide powerful tools to provide health care professionals and patients with the current best scientific evidence. Similarly, a portal for high-quality reviews of toxicological approaches and tools for the quantitative meta-analyses of data promise to serve as door opener for a new regulatory toxicology.

  15. 7 CFR 982.36 - Alternates. (United States)


    ... and Orders; Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts), DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE HAZELNUTS GROWN IN OREGON AND WASHINGTON Order Regulating Handling Hazelnut Control Board § 982.36 Alternates. An alternate for a member...


    This presentation summarizes various electricity and electricity/steam cogeneration alternatives. Among these alternatives, are fossil fuel and biomass power generation plants. These plants have different designs due to the need in fossil fuel (coal) plants to include process u...

  17. EJSCREEN Version 1, EJ Index Alternatives (United States)

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — This map service displays alternative environmental justice (EJ) indexes used in EJSCREEN. The alternative EJ indexes combine each of the 12 environmental indicators...

  18. A Survey of Alternative Oxygen Production Technologies (United States)

    Lueck, Dale E.; Parrish, Clyde F.; Buttner, William J.; Surma, Jan M.; Delgado, H. (Technical Monitor)


    Utilization of the Martian atmosphere for the production of fuel and oxygen has been extensively studied. The baseline fuel production process is a Sabatier reactor, which produces methane and water from carbon dioxide and hydrogen. The oxygen produced from the electrolysis of the water is only half of that needed for methane-based rocket propellant, and additional oxygen is needed for breathing air, fuel cells and other energy sources. Zirconia electrolysis cells for the direct reduction of CO2 arc being developed as an alternative means of producing oxygen, but present many challenges for a large-scale oxygen production system. The very high operating temperatures and fragile nature of the cells coupled with fairly high operating voltages leave room for improvement. This paper will survey alternative oxygen production technologies, present data on operating characteristics, materials of construction, and some preliminary laboratory results on attempts to implement each. Our goal is to significantly improve upon the characteristics of proposed zirconia cells for oxygen production. To achieve that goal we are looking at electrolytic systems that operate at significantly lower temperatures, preferably below 31C to allow the incorporation of liquid CO2 in the electrolyte. Our preliminary results indicate that such a system will have much higher current densities and have simpler cathode construction than a porous gas feed electrode system. Such a system could be achieved based on nonaqueous electrolytes or ionic liquids. We are focusing our research on the anode reaction that will produce oxygen from a product generated at the cathode using CO2 as the feed. Operation at low temperatures also will open up the full range of polymer and metal materials, allowing a more robust system design to withstand the rigors of flight, landing, and long term unattended operation on the surface of Mars.

  19. HOLLYWOOD: a comparative relational database of alternative splicing. (United States)

    Holste, Dirk; Huo, George; Tung, Vivian; Burge, Christopher B


    RNA splicing is an essential step in gene expression, and is often variable, giving rise to multiple alternatively spliced mRNA and protein isoforms from a single gene locus. The design of effective databases to support experimental and computational investigations of alternative splicing (AS) is a significant challenge. In an effort to integrate accurate exon and splice site annotation with current knowledge about splicing regulatory elements and predicted AS events, and to link information about the splicing of orthologous genes in different species, we have developed the Hollywood system. This database was built upon genomic annotation of splicing patterns of known genes derived from spliced alignment of complementary DNAs (cDNAs) and expressed sequence tags, and links features such as splice site sequence and strength, exonic splicing enhancers and silencers, conserved and non-conserved patterns of splicing, and cDNA library information for inferred alternative exons. Hollywood was implemented as a relational database and currently contains comprehensive information for human and mouse. It is accompanied by a web query tool that allows searches for sets of exons with specific splicing characteristics or splicing regulatory element composition, or gives a graphical or sequence-level summary of splicing patterns for a specific gene. A streamlined graphical representation of gene splicing patterns is provided, and these patterns can alternatively be layered onto existing information in the UCSC Genome Browser. The database is accessible at

  20. Hardware Model of a Shipboard Zonal Electrical Distribution System (ZEDS): Alternating Current/Direct Current (AC/DC) (United States)


    shown in Figure 38. HFA60MC60C Ultrafast, Soft Recovery Diode ) OLA T ED EASE VR = 00V + V(tYP ) = 1 V F 6OA Qrr (typ) 2000C DC power Motors ANGCE...Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2009 [13] "LabJack UE9 User’s Guide," Mar . 10, 2010. [Online] Available: [Accessed May 12, 2010]. [14] E

  1. Hardware Model Of A Shipboard Zonal Electrical Distribution System (ZEDS): Alternating Current/Direct Current (AC/DC) (United States)


    Tach Tach K8061 USB Board DC 1 Power Supply Wall Outlet Power Supply Zach’s FPGA Board Computer Cycle Counter OpAmp B o ard DC 2...the Frequency (Counter) Opamp circuit card iv. Connect the 5v and ±12 Volts commons f. Verify power supply two (PS2), I used the White Cooling Fans 131 The Circuit Board Architectures USB Board Schematic 132 Zach’s FPGA Board 133 Rachel’s OpAmp /Cycle

  2. Magnetic current sensor (United States)

    Black, Jr., William C. (Inventor); Hermann, Theodore M. (Inventor)


    A current determiner having an output at which representations of input currents are provided having an input conductor for the input current and a current sensor supported on a substrate electrically isolated from one another but with the sensor positioned in the magnetic fields arising about the input conductor due to any input currents. The sensor extends along the substrate in a direction primarily perpendicular to the extent of the input conductor and is formed of at least a pair of thin-film ferromagnetic layers separated by a non-magnetic conductive layer. The sensor can be electrically connected to a electronic circuitry formed in the substrate including a nonlinearity adaptation circuit to provide representations of the input currents of increased accuracy despite nonlinearities in the current sensor, and can include further current sensors in bridge circuits.

  3. Currents for Arbitrary Helicity

    CERN Document Server

    Dragon, Norbert


    Using Mackey's classification of unitary representations of the Poincar\\'e group on massles states of arbitrary helicity we disprove the claim that states with helicity |h|>=1 cannot couple to a conserved current by constructing such a current.

  4. Effects of high, low, and thinning rates of alternative reinforcement on response elimination and resurgence. (United States)

    Sweeney, Mary M; Shahan, Timothy A


    A common treatment for operant problem behavior is alternative reinforcement. When alternative reinforcement is removed or reduced, however, resurgence of the target behavior can occur. Shahan and Sweeney (2011) developed a quantitative model of resurgence based on behavioral momentum theory that suggests higher rates of alternative reinforcement result in faster response elimination and greater resurgence when removed, whereas lower rates of alternative reinforcement result in slower response elimination but are followed by less resurgence. Thus, the present study was designed to examine whether faster target response elimination and less resurgence could be achieved by beginning with a high rate of alternative reinforcement and gradually thinning it such that a low rate is ultimately removed during a simulated treatment lapse. Results showed that high rates of alternative reinforcement were more effective than low or thinning rates at target response suppression but resulted in resurgence when discontinued. Low and thinning rates, on the other hand, were less effective at response suppression but target responding did not increase when alternative reinforcement was discontinued. The quantitative model cannot currently account for the finding that lower-rate alternative reinforcement may not effectively disrupt behavior relative to an extinction only control. Relative advantages of high, low, thinning, or no alternative reinforcement are discussed with respect to suppression of target response rate during treatment, resurgence when alternative reinforcement is removed, and alternative response persistence, while taking into account differences between this animal model and modern applied behavior analytic treatments.

  5. Current and Current Fluctuations in Quantum Shuttles

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Jauho, Antti-Pekka; Flindt, Christian; Novotny, Tomas


    theoretical tools needed for the analysis, e.g., generalized master equations and Wigner functions, and we outline the methods how the resulting large numerical problems can be handled. Illustrative results are given for current, noise, and full counting statistics for a number of model systems. Throughout...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Liviu-Adrian Cotfas


    Full Text Available In this paper, we present an alternate reality games platform that facilitates the creation of ARG projects with different themes and sizes. The platform is well integrated with the most important social media networks, thus facilitating both the involvement of the public and the creation of a more engaging interaction for the participants. A cloud-based architecture was used in order to allow the platform to easily accommodate projects of various sizes and to provide a good level of scalability. The platform is fully localizable in any language and multiple languages can be used at once to create projects that target users from different countries. An initial project that uses gamification to create an immersive learning environment has been created around the developed platform. The project combines professional and public feedback in order to provide an enhanced learning experience.

  7. Alternative approaches to plasma confinement (United States)

    Roth, J. R.


    The paper discusses 20 plasma confinement schemes each representing an alternative to the tokamak fusion reactor. Attention is given to: (1) tokamak-like devices (TORMAC, Topolotron, and the Extrap concept), (2) stellarator-like devices (Torsatron and twisted-coil stellarators), (3) mirror machines (Astron and reversed-field devices, the 2XII B experiment, laser-heated solenoids, the LITE experiment, the Kaktus-Surmac concept), (4) bumpy tori (hot electron bumpy torus, toroidal minimum-B configurations), (5) electrostatically assisted confinement (electrostatically stuffed cusps and mirrors, electrostatically assisted toroidal confinement), (6) the Migma concept, and (7) wall-confined plasmas. The plasma parameters of the devices are presented and the advantages and disadvantages of each are listed.

  8. Recent advances in alternative therapies. (United States)

    Ziment, I


    Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is becoming more popular, and CAM remedies are used instead of, or integrated with, orthodox allopathic therapies by many patients with asthma. Although most CAM remedies may have no discernible effects when analyzed by conventional medical techniques, some double-blind controlled studies do suggest that a meaningful benefit can be obtained with acupunture and homeopathic management in asthma. Herbal medicine is more popular, despite little evidence that the vast majority of herbs for asthma have any useful effects other than a nonspecific expectorant action. Dietary adjustment may benefit a small percentage of patients with asthma, but extreme measures are very rarely indicated. Formal pyschologic approaches can help some patients by reducing anxiety. Although most CAM approaches are harmless, the lack of benefit of many remedies and the potential harm from some of them must be recognized.

  9. An alternative to Zoe's Law. (United States)

    Dalmau, James


    Under the criminal law of New South Wales, the destruction of a foetus (other than in the course of a medical procedure) constitutes grievous bodily harm to the pregnant woman. Charges can be laid for offences against the woman, but not against the foetus. Many are dissatisfied with this. The Crimes Amendment (Zoe's Law) Bill 2013 (No 2) (NSW) aimed to change this by providing that a foetus is taken to be a living person for the purposes of certain offences. The Bill was strongly opposed on the basis that according personhood to a foetus in this way will have undesirable consequences that could erode the reproductive rights of women. The public debate over how the criminal law addresses the destruction of a foetus has centred on Zoe's Law. This article proposes an alternative amendment. that aims, to accommodate the concerns of the Bill's supporters and its detractors.

  10. Cost allocation policy review: options and preferred alternatives

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This policy review of the consultation process on the electricity cost allocation issue is presented with specific cost allocation policy issues addressed herein, such as: the new microFIT rate, accounting changes and the transition to IFRS, and review of allocating costs to load displacement generation. This report gave the current situation for all these issues, previous work, issues, viable options for dealing with these issues and the preferred alternatives.



    Kraenzel, David G.; Petry, Timothy A.; Nelson, Bill; Anderson, Marshall J.; Mathern, Dustin; Todd, Robert


    This report is in response to a national and state interest in the potential benefits of industrial hemp as an alternative crop. Industrial hemp has many uses which can be categorized into nine submarkets. North Dakota may have a comparative advantage in producing industrial hemp seed for oil because of the multi-oil processing facility in Carrington (AgGrow Oils) and the established infrastructure. Industrial hemp is currently legally produced in 22 countries with Canada being the closest an...

  12. Considerations Regarding Development of Alternative Propulsion in Aviation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sanja Steiner


    Full Text Available Ecological indications and the depletion of fossil fuel resourcesare the main reasons for current studies of alternativepropulsion in aviation i.e. for searching for new regenerativeenergy sources. The technical and technological presumptionsfor the transfer from the conventional to alternative fuel aremore radical than the transition from piston to jet propulsion.The main problems include the production of liquefied hydrogen,the necessary aircraft structure modifications, and the requiredinfrastntcture supporl.

  13. Alternative Solvents and Technologies for Precision Cleaning of Aerospace Components (United States)

    Grandelli, Heather; Maloney, Phillip; DeVor, Robert; Hintze, Paul


    Precision cleaning solvents for aerospace components and oxygen fuel systems, including currently used Vertrel-MCA, have a negative environmental legacy, high global warming potential, and have polluted cleaning sites. Thus, alternative solvents and technologies are being investigated with the aim of achieving precision contamination levels of less than 1 mg/sq ft. The technologies being evaluated are ultrasonic bath cleaning, plasma cleaning and supercritical carbon dioxide cleaning.

  14. Digital Rights Management - Promises, Problems and Alternative Solutions


    Syversen, Kristian


    This thesis presents the introduction of Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems used to protect copyrighted content, why these systems are emphasized and by whom. Legal and technical aspects of such methods are also introduced. Moreover, progress in anti-piracy techniques and reasons for the current situation with online piracy are explained. In addition to presenting an alternative model for digital entertainment business, a new distribution system based on direct subscription on downloadab...

  15. Potential Synthetic Biolubricant as an Alternative to Bovine Serum


    Scholes, Susan C.; Colledge, Coral J.; Naylor, Andrew; Mahdi, Mohammed H.; Smith, Alan M.; Joyce, Thomas


    It is crucial that orthopaedic implant materials are tested in conditions that replicate the natural body’s environment as closely as possible. Bovine serum is currently recommended for use by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) for the wear testing of these implant materials, however, the rheological properties of bovine serum do not match fully those of the body’s natural lubricant, synovial fluid. This study looks at a potential alternative to bovine serum for the test...

  16. Alternative calcination development status report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Boardman, R.D.


    The Programmatic Spent Nuclear Fuel and (INEEL) Environmental Restoration and Waste Management Programs Environmental Impact Statement Record of Decision, dated June 1, 1995, specifies that high-level waste stored in the underground tanks at the ICPP continue to be calcined while other options to treat the waste are studied. Therefore, the High-Level Waste Program has funded a program to develop new flowsheets to increase the liquid waste processing rate. Simultaneously, a radionuclide separation process, as well as other options, are also being developed, which will be compared to the calcination treatment option. Two alternatives emerged as viable candidates; (1) elevated temperature calcination (also referred to as high temperature calcination), and (2) sugar-additive calcination. Both alternatives were determined to be viable through testing performed in a lab-scale calcination mockup. Subsequently, 10-cm Calciner Pilot Plant scoping tests were successfully completed for both flowsheets. The results were compared to the standard 500 C, high-ANN flow sheet (baseline flowsheet). The product and effluent streams were characterized to help elucidate the process chemistry and to investigate potential environmental permitting issues. Several supplementary tests were conducted to gain a better understanding of fine-particles generation, calcine hydration, scrub foaming, feed makeup procedures, sugar/organic elimination, and safety-related issues. Many of the experiments are only considered to be scoping tests, and follow-up experiments will be required to establish a more definitive understanding of the flowsheets. However, the combined results support the general conclusion that flowsheet improvements for the NWCF are technically viable.

  17. Alternative Crops and Biofuel Production

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kenkel, Philip [Oklahoma State Univ., Stillwater, OK (United States); Holcomb, Rodney B. [Oklahoma State Univ., Stillwater, OK (United States)


    In order for the biofuel industry to meet the RFS benchmarks for biofuels, new feedstock sources and production systems will have to be identified and evaluated. The Southern Plains has the potential to produce over a billion gallons of biofuels from regionally produced alternative crops, agricultural residues, and animal fats. While information on biofuel conversion processes is available, it is difficult for entrepreneurs, community planners and other interested individuals to determine the feasibility of biofuel processes or to match production alternatives with feed stock availability and community infrastructure. This project facilitates the development of biofuel production from these regionally available feed stocks. Project activities are concentrated in five major areas. The first component focused on demonstrating the supply of biofuel feedstocks. This involves modeling the yield and cost of production of dedicated energy crops at the county level. In 1991 the DOE selected switchgrass as a renewable source to produce transportation fuel after extensive evaluations of many plant species in multiple location (Caddel et al,. 2010). However, data on the yield and cost of production of switchgrass are limited. This deficiency in demonstrating the supply of biofuel feedstocks was addressed by modeling the potential supply and geographic variability of switchgrass yields based on relationship of available switchgrass yields to the yields of other forage crops. This model made it possible to create a database of projected switchgrass yields for five different soil types at the county level. A major advantage of this methodology is that the supply projections can be easily updated as improved varieties of switchgrass are developed and additional yield data becomes available. The modeling techniques are illustrated using the geographic area of Oklahoma. A summary of the regional supply is then provided.

  18. So far away from one's partner, yet so close to romantic alternatives: avoidant attachment, interest in alternatives, and infidelity. (United States)

    Dewall, C Nathan; Lambert, Nathaniel M; Slotter, Erica B; Pond, Richard S; Deckman, Timothy; Finkel, Eli J; Luchies, Laura B; Fincham, Frank D


    Temptation pervades modern social life, including the temptation to engage in infidelity. The present investigation examines one factor that may put individuals at a greater risk of being unfaithful to their partner: dispositional avoidant attachment style. The authors hypothesize that avoidantly attached people may be less resistant to temptations for infidelity due to lower levels of commitment in romantic relationships. This hypothesis was confirmed in 8 studies. People with high, vs. low, levels of dispositional avoidant attachment had more permissive attitudes toward infidelity (Study 1), showed attentional bias toward attractive alternative partners (Study 2), expressed greater daily interest in meeting alternatives to their current relationship partner (Study 5), perceived alternatives to their current relationship partner more positively (Study 6), and engaged in more infidelity over time (Studies 3, 4, 7, and 8). This effect was mediated by lower levels of commitment (Studies 5-8). Thus, avoidant attachment predicted a broad spectrum of responses indicative of interest in alternatives and propensity to engage in infidelity, which were mediated by low levels of commitment.

  19. Salt disposition alternatives filtration at SRTC

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Walker, B. W.; Hobbs, D.


    Several of the prospective salt disposition alternative technologies require a monosodium titanate (MST) contact to remove strontium and actinides from inorganic salt solution feedstock. This feedstock also contains sludge solids from waste removal operations and may contain defoamers added in the evaporator systems. Filtration is required to remove the sludge and MST solids before sending the salt solution for further processing. This report describes testing performed using the Parallel Theological Experimental Filter (PREF). The PREF contains two single tube Mott sintered metal crossflow filters. For this test one filter was isolated so that the maximum velocities could be achieved. Previous studies showed slurries of MST and sludge in the presence of sodium tetraphenylborate (NaTPB) were filterable since the NaTPB slurry formed a filter cake which aided in removing the smaller MST and sludge particles. Some of the salt disposition alternative technologies do not use NaTPB raising the question of how effective crossflow filtration is with a feed stream containing only sludge and MST. Variables investigated included axial velocity, transmembrane pressure, defoamer effects, and solids concentration (MST and sludge). Details of the tests are outlined in the technical report WSRC-RP-98-O0691. Key conclusions from this study are: (1) Severe fouling of the Mott sintered metal filter did not occur with any of the solutions filtered. (2) The highest fluxes, in the range of .46 to 1.02 gpm/f{sup 2}, were obtained when salt solution decanted from settled solids was fed to the filter. These fluxes would achieve 92 to 204 gpm filtrate production for the current ITP filters. The filtrate fluxes were close to the flux of 0.42 gpm/f{sup 2} reported for In Tank Precipitation Salt Solution by Morrisey. (3) For the range of solids loading studied, the filter flux ranged from .04 to .17 gpm/f{sup 2} which would result in a filtrate production rate of 9 to 31 gpm for the current HP

  20. Synthetic and Biomass Alternate Fueling in Aviation (United States)

    Hendricks, R. C.; Bushnell, D. M.


    While transportation fueling can accommodate a broad range of alternate fuels, aviation fueling needs are specific, such as the fuel not freezing at altitude or become too viscous to flow properly or of low bulk energy density that shortens range. The fuel must also be compatible with legacy aircraft, some of which are more than 50 years old. Worldwide, the aviation industry alone uses some 85-95 billion gallons of hydrocarbon-based fossil fuel each year, which is about 10% of the transportation industry. US civil aviation alone consumes nearly 14 billion gallons. The enormity of the problem becomes overwhelming, and the aviation industry is taking alternate fueling issues very seriously. Biofuels (algae, cyanobacteria, halophytes, weeds that use wastelands, wastewater and seatwater), when properly sourced, have the capacity to be drop-in fuel replacements for petroleum fuels. As such, biojet from such sources solves the aviation CO2 emissions issue without the downsides of 'conventional' biofuels, such as competing with food and fresh water resources. Of the many current fundamental problems, the major biofuel problem is cost. Both research and development and creative engineering are required to reduce these biofuels costs. Research is also ongoing in several 'improvement' areas including refining/processing and biologics with greater disease resistance, greater bio-oil productivity, reduced water/nutrient requirements, etc. The authors' current research is aimed at aiding industry efforts in several areas. They are considering different modeling approaches, growth media and refining approaches, different biologic feedstocks, methods of sequestering carbon in the processes, fuel certification for aviation use and, overall, ensuring that biofuels are feasible from all aspects - operability, capacity, carbon cycle and financial. The authors are also providing common discussion grounds/opportunities for the various parties, disciplines and concerned organization to