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  1. STA heat treatment of beta-titanium alloys after various thermomechanical processing

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Ivasishin, O.M.; Markovsky, P.E.; Teliovich, R.V.; Matviychuk, Yu.V. [AN Ukrainskoj SSR, Kiev (Ukraine). Inst. Fiziki Metallov


    Commercial beta-titanium alloys are promising material for a wide range of applications due to essentially high strength/density ratio, sufficient fatigue performance and crack propagation resistance. Present work was aimed at systematical study the microstructure and mechanical properties of two commercial beta-titanium alloys VT22 and TIMETAL {sup trademark} -LCB in STA condition produced by special heat treatment, comprising from rapid heating into a single-phase beta field and subsequent aging, depending on previous thermomechanical processing employed. Three types of such a processing were studied: hot deformation at temperatures of alpha+beta field, hot deformation in single-phase beta field and cold deformation of as-quenched metastable beta phase. Solid solutionizing by rapid heating has proved to be efficient in receiving fine-grained beta microstructure with average grain size, which varies from 50 {mu}m to 12 {mu}m depending on initial microstructure. Such treatment allowed to obtain on subsequent aging yield strengths up to 1470 MPa while maintaining sufficient ductility. (orig.)