Sample records for alloy-s-590

  1. Long-term behaviour of high-temperature steels and other high-temperature materials. Langzeitverhalten warmfester Staehle und Hochtemperaturwerkstoffe

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    This volume includes 17 lectures with the following topics: (1) Latest results of current creep rupture tests of the working group 'Creep-Resistant Steels on Creep-Resistant Cast-Steel Grades'. (2) Creep-resistant cast steel GS-17 CrMoV 5 11 - contribution to the behaviour of simulated heat-affected-zone structures. (3) Metallographic follow-up check-ups of samples from welded joints of the steel X 20 CrMoV 12 1 after subjection to creep stress. (4) Long-term toughness behaviour of steels containing 3 to 3.5% NiCrMoV. (5) Creep-fatigue behaviour of a steel containing 1% CrMoNiV in the long-term range. (6) Long-term creep behaviour of the alloy S-590 up to 200,000 h. Creep equations for gas turbine materials. (8) Behaviour of heat-resisting steels and nickel base alloys subjected to varying creep stress. (9) Assessment of the creep behaviour of welded joints differently produced of materials of the type Alloy 800. (10) Investigations on monocrystalline superalloys for turbine blades. (11) Structure investigation on high-temperature nickel base alloys with consideration to previous impacts. (12) The influence of the grain boundary segregation of phosphorus on the tensile strength and the H-induced stress crack corrosion of Ni-20% Cr. (13) Mechanical behaviour of nickel base alloys for screw connections of steam turbines. (14) Investigations into the residual durability of creep-resistant bolts subjected to long-term operating stress. (15) Crack growth of intercrystalline cracks of the steel X 6 CrNi 18 11 subjected to creep stress. (16) Evaluation of fracture mechanics parameters for the description of creep crack growth. (17) Calculations of the deformation behaviour of pipe bends with finite elements in the creep range. (orig./MM).