Sample records for alloy-ni80cr20

  1. Investigation of average growth stresses in Cr2O3 scales measured by a novel deflection method

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    钱余海; 李美栓; 刘光明; 辛丽


    The stress in the oxide film plays an important role to keep it intact so it is necessary to determine the stress in the oxide scale. Average growth stresses in Cr2O3 scales formed on Ni-base alloy (Ni80Cr20) at 1000℃ in air were investigated by a novel deflection technique. It is found that the growth stress in the oxide scale is basically compressive and its average order is 100MPa. The stress values are high for the thin scales and become low for thick scales after oxidized for 10h. The planar stress distribution in metals is complex. It is both compressive and tensile at the beginning of oxidation procedure, and then become only tensile during further oxidation.

  2. Current Technology Research Status of Ni80Cr20 High Resistance Alloys for Electrical Heating%Ni80Cr20高电阻电热合金的工艺技术研究现状

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    于朝清; 易立; 徐永红; 章应; 朱强军; 代红伟


    The nickel-based alloy Ni80Cr20 is widely used as a kind of high resistance alloys for electrical heating materials. The paper introduces the research status of technology preparing Ni80Cr20 materials, including composition of design, smelting and ingot casting, processing, and heat treatment. The quality gap existing in the similar products in China and abroad, and the research focus in future are indicated.%镍基电阻合金Ni80Cr20是应用广泛的高电阻电热合金材料。本文介绍了Ni80Cr20高电阻电热合金材料的成分设计、熔炼铸锭、加工及热处理等工艺技术研究现状,并指出了国内外同类产品质量差距以及今后研究人员需要关注的重点。