Sample records for alloy-in-519

  1. Creep crack growth investigations for elevated temperature material application

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Krompholz, K.; Pierick, J.B.; Grosser, E.D.


    Creep crack growth data for the cast alloys IN-519 at 1123 K, Manaurite 36 X at 1123 K and 1173 K, and for the wrought alloys Incoloy 800 H and Inconel 617 at 1123 K, 1173 K, 1223 K, and 1273 K are reported. Up to 1273 K the crack lengths were measured by means of the potential drop technique. The data are plotted da/dt vs. net section stress. These results are compared with data on Inconel 617 analyzed according to stress intensity. (orig.)