Sample records for al qasim province

  1. Lithostratigraphic classification and depositional history of the Permian rocks in Al Qasim Province, Saudi Arabia

    Khalifa, M. A.


    Surface and subsurface investigations on the Permian rocks (Khuff Formation) in Al Qasim Province, Saudi Arabia led to the subdivision of these rocks into two formal rock units. The lower is the Sark Formation and the upper is the Al Watah Formation. The Sark Formation consists of carbonates with interbeds of claystones and marl. Its type locality lies south of Unayzah (lat. 26° 02' N and long.44° 00' E). The Al Watah comprises two members, the lower is the Midhnab Shale Member and the upper is the Khartam Limestone Member. The type section of the Al Watah Formation lies at Jal Al Watah (lat. 26° 30'N and long. 44° 02' E). The Sark Formation exhibits facies change along the strike of the Arabian basin. Southeastwards at Al Arid, the environment was coastal marine, while at Al Mulayh the environment was quiet marine shelf, where the facies are fine-grained wackestones. In Al Qasim Province, the environment is open marine platform where the sequence consists of shallowing-upward carbonate cycles which were deposited under subtidal-supratidal conditions. The Al Watah Formation also shows gradual transition from one environment to another along southeast-northwest direction. At Al Arid, the depositional environment is coastal marine which changes northwestwards at Al Mulayh to lagoonal shelf since the facies are mostly of fine-grained dolostones. In Al Qasim Province, deeper open marine is recognized depositing the Midhnab Shale Member in low sea level and the Khartam Limestone Member in submerged platform (subtidal zone).

  2. The Hikaya of Abu al-Qasim al-Baghdadi: The Comic Banquet in Greek, Latin, and Arabic

    Selove, Emily Jane


    This study centers on an unusual medieval Arabic text, probably from the 11th century, called Hikayat Abi al-Qasim (The Imitation of Abu al-Qasim). The Hikaya tells the tale of a Baghdadi party-crasher crashing a party in Isfahan, and the author informs us in his introduction that this party-crasher is meant to represent a microcosm of the city of Baghdad. The author also tells us that this text can be read in the same amount of time that the events portrayed take to occur, creating a real-...

  3. A little known astronomer in the late Islamic period. A study of Qasim ali al-Qayini's manuscripts

    Akbari, Marjan


    It is widely believed that the advance of science in the Islamic world after the mid-fifteenth century A.D. suffered a decline. For the purpose of examining this belief, a manuscript by Qasim ali al-Qayini (ca. A.D.1685) was chosen based on previous works which considered it a valuable source on the history of optics that had not been studied before. After studying his major optical manuscript, titled Manazir wa Maraya, it was found very interesting that the majority of al-Qayini's propositions relating to natural phenomena were not merely geometrical definitions, but that the proofs related to astronomy. As an example, in one case, which had not been explained in previous astronomical and optical manuscripts, al-Qayini tried, despite lacking a vigorous proof, to show how a special point in a room could be lit up by sunlight throughout the year. His particular interest in astronomy led us to a general study of his other works, and it is worth noting that out of the nineteen works that have been attributed to ...


    Eliana Siregar


    Full Text Available The aim of this research is to explore the idea belong to Qosim Amin "Tahrir al-Mar'ah" as the main theme  of Qasim Amin reformation is an idea that is based on the spirit of liberation and empowerment of women. This idea emerged as a reflection and manifestation of concern intellectualism against the reality of Egyptian woman, who had reached the threshold of tolerance limits area . By using library research method, this research used book, journal, and others as the data resouces. As the cosequency, content analysis was used to analyse the data. Qasim Amin stresses that Islam should be granted rights of women in proportion tha is the right in education and acquire  same right in tasting educational right between men and women, because Islaic value is full of fairness and required the responsibility to Allah. The resut of this research shows that Qosim Amin concern on vision and educational issues in his Idea. There was an awareness of Egytianson the important position of women on education, chance of women to wear veily the government’s attention on the revision of religions justice. These changes have in fired the Egypt women todays.

  5. Fractures system within Qusaiba shale outcrop and its relationship to the lithological properties, Qasim area, Central Saudi Arabia

    Ibrahim, Mohamed I. M.; Hariri, Mustafa M.; Abdullatif, Osman M.; Makkawi, Mohammad H.; Elzain, Hussam


    The basal Qusaiba hot shale member of Qalibah Formation is considered to be an important source rock in the Paleozoic petroleum system of Saudi Arabia and an exploration target for tight shale as one of the Unconventional resources of petroleum. This work has been carried out to understand the fractures network of Qusaiba shale member in outcrops located to the west of Qusayba' village in Al-Qasim area, Central Saudi Arabia. The main objective of this study is to understand the distribution of natural fractures over different lithological units. Description data sheets were used for the detailed lithological description of Qusaiba shale member on two outcrops. Spot-7 and Landsat ETM+ satellite images were used for lineament mapping and analyses on a regional scale in a GIS environment. Fractures characterization in outcrop-scale was conducted by using linear scanline method. Qusaiba shale member in the study area consists of 5 main lithofacies, divided based on their sedimentary structures and petrographical properties, from base to top in the outcrops, the lithofacies are; fissile shale, very fine-grained micaceous siltstone, bioturbated mudstone, very fine to fine-grained hummocky cross-stratified sandstone, and fine to medium-grained low/high angle cross-stratified sandstone lithofacies. Lineaments interpretation of the Spot-7 and Landsat ETM+ satellite images showed two major directions in the study area; 320° that could be related to Najd fault system and 20° that could be related to the extensional activities which took place after Amar collision. Fractures are much denser in the fissile shale and mudstone lithofacies than sandstones lithofacies, and average spacing is smaller in the fissile shale and mudstone lithofacies than sandstones lithofacies. Lineaments and large-scale fractures are Non-Stratabound fractures and they deal with the area as one big mechanical unit, but small-scale fractures are Stratabound fractures that propose different mechanical

  6. Geologic Provinces of the Far East, 2000 (prv3al)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This coverage includes arcs, polygons and polygon labels that describe U.S. Geological Survey defined geologic provinces of the Far East (China, Mongolia, North and...

  7. Al Sahawa - The Awakening, Volume 4: Al Anbar Province, Area of Operations Topeka, Ramadi


    into that what- soever. Flyers, things dropped from the sky , were all worthless. I would have liked to have been on TV every day if it had develop relationship with the tribes, intel sky rockets, because you’ve got much better situational awareness. And pretty soon, Al Qaeda is...August 2006); his body was hidden preventing burial for three days, violating both tribal and Islamic custom; catalyst for tribal resistance to AQI

  8. Measurements of radon gas concentrations in dwellings of Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah province in Saudi Arabia.

    Mohamed, R I; Alfull, Z Z; Dawood, N D


    Indoor radon concentration levels in a large number of dwellings in Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah Province have been measured. Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah is in the western region of Saudi Arabia. It is the second holiest city in Islam after Mecca, because it is the burial place of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad. The city was divided into four regions: western (contains nine sites), eastern (contains six sites), northern (contains nine sites) and southern (contains five sites). Radon gas concentration was measured using the closed chamber technique employing 2×2 cm(2) sheets of CR-39 solid-state nuclear track detectors. The detectors were kept for a period of 5 to 6 months from September 2010 to February 2011 in order to expose to radon gas. The results of the survey in the western and eastern sites showed that the overall minimum, maximum and average radon concentration levels were 20±1.6, 27±3.2 and 21±2.5 Bq m(-3), respectively. The lowest average radon concentration (20±1.6 Bq m(-3)) was found in Al Anabes and Al Suqya in the western region and Bani Dhafar in the eastern region, while the highest average concentration (27±3.2 Bq m(-3)) was found in Teeyba in the western region and Al 'Aridh in the eastern region, with an average of 21±2.5 Bq m(-3) in the western and eastern sites of Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah. Also in the northern region, the minimum radon concentration was 20±1.6 Bq m(-3) in Oyun, while the maximum was 42±1.6 Bq m(-3) in Sayyed al Shuhadd and Hai Nasr. In the southern region, the minimum radon concentration was 25±2.6 Bq m(-3) at Hai Al Hejrah, while the maximum value was 37±2.6 Bq m(-3) at Al Awali and Dawadia. The average radon concentration was 26±2.5 Bq m(-3) for Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah (western, eastern, northern and southern regions). The corresponding annual effective dose E (mSv y(-1)) to public from (222)Rn and its progeny was estimated to be 0.66 mSv y(-1) as an average value for Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah. The authors concluded that all

  9. Molecular characterization of Leishmania infection in sand flies from Al-madinah Al-munawarah province, western Saudi Arabia.

    El-Beshbishy, Hesham A; Al-Ali, Khalil H; El-Badry, Ayman A


    Cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) is caused by various species of the genus Leishmania. The disease is considered a major health problem in different areas of Saudi Arabia including Al-madinah Al-munawarah province. We aimed to identify Leishmania species isolated from sand fly vectors by molecular analysis. Sand fly sampling was carried out from May 2010 to October 2010 in province of Al-madinah Al-munawarah from four different localities. Female sand flies collected were subjected to DNA extraction followed by molecular analysis using the semi-nested PCR and conventional PCR protocols, respectively, against minicircle kDNA and ribosomal internal transcribed spacer 1 (ITS1-rDNA). The PCR positive specimens against ITS1-rDNA locus were digested for further confirmation of species identification. A total of 2910 sand flies were collected. Phlebotomus papatasi accounted for 93.8% (1673 males and 1057 females), however, the number of Phlebotomus sergenti was only 180 (109 males and 71 females). Sixty-two out of 250 (23.7%) female P. papatasi tested for Leishmania parasite were positive for Leishmania major using the semi-nested PCR method against kDNA. All of the 62 positive specimens produced a band size 650 bp. A 31% of female P. sergenti were positive against kDNA of Leishmania tropica and produced a 720 bp band. These positive P. sergenti for L. tropica DNA produced ITS1-PCR-RFLP profile showed two bands of ∼200 bp and 57 bp which are specific for L. tropica, confirming the presence of L. tropica in P. sergenti. However, the ITS1-PCR-RFLP profile showed two bands of ∼203 bp and 132 bp which are specific for L. major in P. papatasi. We concluded that, the semi-nested PCR method against kDNA and the ITS1-PCR-RFLP analysis are useful tools for molecular identification of both L. major and L. tropica. A multicenter study is necessary in order to evaluate the extent of the disease and functional analysis of new Leishmania genes.

  10. Volcano-tectonics of the Al Haruj Volcanic Province, Central Libya

    Elshaafi, Abdelsalam; Gudmundsson, Agust


    The Al Haruj intra-continental Volcanic Province (AHVP), located at the south-western margin of the Sirt Basin, hosts the most extensive and recent volcanic activity in Libya - which is considered typical for plate interiors. From north to south the AHVP is divided into two subprovinces, namely Al Haruj al Aswad and Al Haruj al Abiyad. The total area of the AHVP is around 42,000 km2. Despite the great size of the AHVP, its volcano-tectonic evolution and activity have received very little attention and are poorly documented and understood. Here we present new field data, and analytical and numerical results, on the volcano-tectonics of the AHVP. The length/thickness ratio of 47 dykes and volcanic fissures were measured to estimate magmatic overpressure at the time of eruption. The average dyke (length/thickness) ratio of 421 indicates magmatic overpressures during the associate fissure eruptions of 8-19 MPa (depending on host-rock elastic properties). Spatial distributions of 432 monogenetic eruptions sites/points (lava shields, pyroclastic cones) in the AHVP reveal two main clusters, one in the south and another in the north. Aligned eruptive vents show the dominating strike of volcanic fissures/feeder-dykes as WNW-ESE to NW-SE, coinciding with the orientation of one of main fracture/fault zones. Numerical modelling and field observations suggest that some feeder-dykes may have used steeply dipping normal-fault zones as part of their paths to the surface.

  11. Analysis of elemental concentration using ICP-AES and pathogen indicator in drinking water of Qasim Abad, District Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

    Sehar, Shama; Naz, Iffat; Ali, Naeem; Ahmed, Safia


    The present study was conducted to investigate drinking water quality (groundwater) from water samples taken from Qasim Abad, a locality of approximately 5,000 population, situated between twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad in Pakistan. The main sources of drinking water in this area are water bores which are dug upto the depth of 250-280 ft in almost every house. The study consists of the determination of physico-chemical properties, trace metals, heavy metals, rare earth elements and microbiological quality of drinking water. The data showed the variation of the investigated parameters in samples as follows: pH 6.75 to 8.70, electrical conductivity 540 to 855 μS/cm, total dissolved solids 325.46 to 515.23 ppm and dissolved oxygen 1.50 to 5.64 mg/L which are within the WHO guidelines for drinking water quality. The water samples were analysed for 30 elements (aluminium, iron, magnesium, manganese, silicon, zinc, molybdenum, titanium, chromium, nickel, tungsten, silver, arsenic, boron, barium, beryllium, cadmium, cobalt, copper, gallium, mercury, lanthanum, niobium, neodymium, lead, selenium, samarium, tin, vanadium and zirconium) by using inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy. The organic contamination was detected in terms of most probable number (MPN) of faecal coliforms. Overall, elemental levels were lower than the recommended values but three water bores (B-1, B-6, B-7) had higher values of iron (1.6, 2.206, 0.65 ppm), two water bores (B-1, B-6) had higher values of aluminium (0.95, 1.92 ppm), respectively, and molybdenum was higher by 0.01 ppm only in one water bore (B-11). The total number of coliforms present in water samples was found to be within the prescribed limit of the WHO except for 5 out of 11 bore water samples (B-2, B-3, B-4, B-8, B-11), which were found in the range 5-35 MPN/100 mL, a consequence of infiltration of contaminated water (sewage) through cross connection, leakage points and back siphoning.

  12. Composition and diversity of weed communities in Al-Jouf province, northern Saudi Arabia.

    Gomaa, Nasr H


    The aim of this study was to identify the main weed communities in Al-Jouf province in northern Saudi Arabia. Moreover, the composition and diversity of these communities were studied in relation to soil variables and crop type. Some 54 stands representing olive orchards, date palm orchards, wheat crop and watermelon crop were studied, using ten quadrats (1 × 1 m) per stand. A total of 71 species belonging to 22 families and 61 genera were observed. The classification of vegetation using the Two Way Indicator Species Analysis (TWINSPAN) resulted in the recognition of four vegetation groups representing wheat crop, orchards in winter season, orchards in summer season and watermelon crop. These results suggested the importance of both crop and season for the formation of weed community. Detrended Correspondence Analysis (DCA) showed that these groups are clearly distinguished by the first two DCA axes. The species richness was higher in both olive and date palm orchards than in wheat and watermelon crops. This pattern of species richness could be related to farm management practices and habitat micro-heterogeneity. Soil electrical conductivity, organic carbon and soil texture showed significant correlations with species richness and the cover values of some dominant species, suggesting the significant role of soil characteristics in weed community structure and diversity.

  13. Al-in-olivine thermometry evidence for the mantle plume origin of the Emeishan large igneous province

    Xu, Rong; Liu, Yongsheng


    The Emeishan large igneous province (ELIP) is renowned for its world-class Ni-Cu-(PGE) deposits and its link with the Capitanian mass extinction. The ELIP is generally thought to be associated with a deep mantle plume; however, evidence for such a model has been challenged through geology, geophysics and geochemistry. In many large igneous province settings, olivine-melt equilibrium thermometry has been used to argue for or against the existence of plumes. However, this method involves large uncertainties such as assumptions regarding melt compositions and crystallisation pressures. The Al-in-olivine thermometer avoids these uncertainties and is used here to estimate the temperatures of picrites in the ELIP. The calculated maximum temperature (1440 °C) is significantly ( 250 °C) higher than the Al-in-olivine temperature estimated for the average MORB, thus providing compelling evidence for the existence of thermal mantle plumes in the ELIP.

  14. Experimental evaluation of ALS point cloud ground extraction over different land cover in the Malopolska Province

    Korzeniowska, Karolina; Mandlburger, Gottfried; Klimczyk, Agata


    The paper presents an evaluation of different terrain point extraction algorithms for Airborne Laser Scanning (ALS) point clouds. The research area covers eight test sites in the Małopolska Province (Poland) with varying point density between 3-15points/m² and surface as well as land cover characteristics. In this paper the existing implementations of algorithms were considered. Approaches based on mathematical morphology, progressive densification, robust surface interpolation and segmentation were compared. From the group of morphological filters, the Progressive Morphological Filter (PMF) proposed by Zhang K. et al. (2003) in LIS software was evaluated. From the progressive densification filter methods developed by Axelsson P. (2000) the Martin Isenburg's implementation in LAStools software (LAStools, 2012) was chosen. The third group of methods are surface-based filters. In this study, we used the hierarchic robust interpolation approach by Kraus K., Pfeifer N. (1998) as implemented in SCOP++ (Trimble, 2012). The fourth group of methods works on segmentation. From this filtering concept the segmentation algorithm available in LIS was tested (Wichmann V., 2012). The main aim in executing the automatic classification for ground extraction was operating in default mode or with default parameters which were selected by the developers of the algorithms. It was assumed that the default settings were equivalent to the parameters on which the best results can be achieved. In case it was not possible to apply an algorithm in default mode, a combination of the available and most crucial parameters for ground extraction were selected. As a result of these analyses, several output LAS files with different ground classification were achieved. The results were described on the basis of qualitative and quantitative analyses, both being in a formal description. The classification differences were verified on point cloud data. Qualitative verification of ground extraction was

  15. A preliminary study on the insect fauna of Al-Baha Province, Saudi Arabia, with descriptions of two new species

    Magdi El-Hawagry


    Full Text Available A preliminary study was carried out on the insect fauna of Al-Baha Province, south-western part of Saudi Arabia. A total number of 582 species and subspecies (few identified only to the genus level belonging to 129 families and representing 17 orders were recorded. Two of these species are described as new, namely: Monomorium sarawatensis Sharaf & Aldawood sp. n. [Formicidae, Hymenoptera] and Anthrax alruqibi El-Hawagry sp. n. [Bombyliidae, Diptera]. Another eight species are recorded for the first time in Saudi Arabia, namely: Xiphoceriana arabica (Uvarov, 1922 [Pamphagidae, Orthoptera], Pyrgomorpha conica (Olivier, 1791 [Pyrgomorphidae, Orthoptera], Catopsilia florella (Fabricius, 1775 [Pieridae, Lepidoptera], Anthrax chionanthrax (Bezzi, 1926 [Bombyliidae, Diptera], Spogostylum near tripunctatum Pallas in Wiedemann, 1818 [Bombyliidae, Diptera], Cononedys dichromatopa (Bezzi, 1925 [Bombyliidae, Diptera], Mydas sp. [Mydidae, Diptera], and Hippobosca equina Linnaeus, 1758 [Hippoboscidae, Diptera]. Al-Baha Province is divided by huge and steep Rocky Mountains into two main sectors, a lowland coastal plain at the west, known as “Tihama”, and a mountainous area with an elevation of 1500 to 2450 m above sea level at the east, known as “Al-Sarat or Al-Sarah” which form a part of Al-Sarawat Mountains range. Insect species richness in the two sectors (Tihama and Al-Sarah was compared, and the results showed that each of the two sectors of Al-Baha Province has a unique insect community. The study generally concluded that the insect faunal composition in Al-Baha Province has an Afrotropical flavor, with the Afrotropical elements predominant, and a closer affiliation to the Afrotropical region than to the Palearctic region or the Eremic zone. Consequently, we tend to agree with those biogeographers who consider that parts of the Arabian Peninsula, including Al-Baha Province, should be included in the Afrotropical region rather than in the

  16. Occurrence of {sup 222}Rn in irrigation water from Wadi Al-Rummah Qassim province, Saudi Arabia

    El-Taher, Atef; Alashrah, Saleh [Physics department, College of Science, Qassim University, P. O. 6644, Buraidah 51452 (Saudi Arabia)


    Naturally accruing radioactive materials in the environment have received attention since they may be present in high level and pose risk to human health. The present work deals with measuring of {sup 222}Rn in irrigation water samples from Wadi Al-Rummah, Qassim province, in central of Saudi Arabia. {sup 222}Rn concentrations were measured by RAD7. It was found that the concentration of {sup 222}Rn ranged from 2.1 ± 1.2 to 7.2 ± 1.5 BqL{sup −1}. These values are below 11.1 BqL{sup −1} the maximum contamination level recommended from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The calculated annual effective dose (AED) ranging from 7.5 to 26.1 µSv/y. It was evident that the total annual effective dose resulting from radon in irrigation groundwater in Wadi Al-Rummah in Qassim area were significantly lower than the recommended limit 1 mSv/y for the public.

  17. Al Sahawa - The Awakening: Volume III-A: Al Anbar Province, Western Euphrates River Valley, Area of Operations Denver Al Qaim


    arms, rocket propelled grenades, and machine gun—from houses adjacent to Gannon. Foreign fighters had infiltrated the area the night before...reportedly laden with explosives and embedded in a village near Al Asad. The Coalition did not dispose of it because of the collat - eral damage it...with about everything the insurgents had—small arms, machine gun, rocket propelled grenades, mortar fire—it was not a con- tested area, the insurgents

  18. Al Sahawa - The Awakening. Volume III-A: Al Anbar Province, Western Euphrates River Valley, Area of Operations Denver - Al Qaim


    arms, rocket propelled grenades, and machine gun—from houses adjacent to Gannon. Foreign fighters had infiltrated the area the night before...village near Al Asad. The Coalition did not dispose of it because of the collat - eral damage it could cause in the area. The truck, a high value...everything the insurgents had—small arms, machine gun, rocket propelled grenades, mortar fire—it was not a con- tested area, the insurgents owned it


    Azmi D. Hawari


    Full Text Available The primary objective of this study was to establish data on mastitis in Awassi Sheep in Al-Balqa Province of Jordan. Milk samples were collected from 260 lactating ewes that selected randomly from eight flocks. California Mastitis Test (CMT gave result with 220 milk samples; 122 samples (55.5% showed positive CMT. Infection with some bacterial species was associated with positive CMT. About 26% of the ewes revealed clinical signs of mastitis. The highest percentage of bacterial count, which range from 3×102 to <3.0 103 cfu mL-1 was founded in the milk samples. The most predominant bacteria isolated were Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus agalactiae, Streptococcus spp., Escherichia coli, Corynebacterium spp. and Coagulase negative Staphylococci. Sensitivity tests were applied to different isolated strains., Gentamycim, Ampicillin and Tetracycline were the most effective antimicrobial agents against the bacterial isolates.




    Full Text Available Two well preserved specimens of Fuyuanperleidus dengi Geng et al., 2012 are described from the Upper Member of the Guanling Formation (Pelsonian, Anisian, Middle Triassic in Luoping County, Yunnan Province, South China. The attribution  to Perleidiformes is confirmed according to a combination of features such as the general skull pattern, with the large preoperculum showing a prominent infraorbital process, the maxilla with deep posterior region and a dentition made of  long and stout peg-like teeth with an acuminate apex, the deep mid-lateral flank scales and the caudal fin with epaxial fin rays. However, this taxon shows an unique arrangement of the squamation (here considered as autapomorphy given by the insertion of several scales in each vertical row posterior to the pelvic fin, just below the scales carrying the lateral line, when their depth decreases abruptly. Owing to this unique character, and  in spite of the very recent description of this genus, the authors considered necessary the erection of a new family, Fuyuanperleididae offering also new insights on the evolutionary trends and morphological specializations of the “subholosteans”. A cladistic analysis of the well known perleidiformes, with this taxon included, supports a possible monophyly of the order, and matches well the paleobiogeographic relationships of the Gondwana fresh-water taxa. The specialized deep-bodied Gondwana and Tethyan perleidiformes are independently evolved, ascertained by the parsimony analysis. 

  1. Some Silurian (Llandovery) monograptids from Saudi Arabia

    El-Khayal, A.A.


    Three species of Monograptus are recognized from Qusayba, Al-Qasim Province, Saudi Arabia. The Qusayba Shales Member of the Tabuk Formation in central Saudi Arabia contains M. decipiens decipiens, M. ex gr. barrandei and M. elongatus, associated with other graptolites. This assemblage is indicative

  2. The artificial recharge as supply support town. Experiences in the province of Jaen; La recarga artificial como apoyo al abastecimiento de poblaciones. Experiencias en la provincia de Jaen

    Gonzalez-Ramon, A.; Martin-Montanes, C.; Gollonet, J.; Martos-Rosillo, S.; Rubio-Campos, J. C.


    Since several decades, the Geological Survey of Spain works in the province of Jaen, with other institutions, for the resolution in urban supply. Among these works, the artificial recharge has been raised as a possible solution to problems in the urban supply. This paper describes the outcome of the experiences in the Miocene aquifer use for Mancha Real; in the Gracia-Morenita karstic aquifer for supply at Comarca de Martos, and the Llanos grainstone aquifer use for Alcala la Real. The three experiences were positive and demonstrated its utility, but nowadays there is no permanent installation in province of Jaen. (Author) 14 refs.

  3. Vulnerabilidad al ascenso del nivel del mar en la costa de la provincia de Río Negro Vulnerability to sea-level rise of the coast of the Río Negro province

    R.R. Kokot


    Full Text Available Los escenarios elaborados a escala mundial por el Panel Internacional de Cambio Climático (IPCC respecto al ascenso del nivel del mar, debido principalmente a la expansión térmica del océano y a las pérdidas de masa de los glaciares, prevén valores que en promedio oscilan entre 0,09 y 0,88 m desde 1990 al 2100, con tendencia a la aceleración. Los impactos potenciales por la elevación del mar conducen a cambios en el área costera, que incluyen inundación, incremento en el retroceso costero, e intrusión salina en los acuíferos y estuarios. Con el objeto de posibilitar un adecuado manejo de la costa de la provincia de Río Negro, se efectuó una zonificación que permite disponer de información referente a la vulnerabilidad por ascenso del nivel del mar, a través de un mapa de simple lectura. Las áreas de peligrosidad geológica, referidas a inundación permanente y/o episódica se identificaron mediante índices de vulnerabilidad costera, también denominados índices de susceptibilidad, obtenidos a través de la aplicación de un algoritmo que relaciona variables obtenidas a partir de información geológica costera, oceanográfica y climatológica. Las zonas más vulnerables al ascenso del nivel del mar, corresponden a Balneario El Salado (Playas Doradas, San Antonio Oeste - San Antonio Este, Caleta de los Loros y la desembocadura del río Negro, mientras que el tramo de costa correspondiente a la costa acantilada ubicada al oeste del río Negro y al sur de punta Pórfido, muestra una vulnerabilidad baja.According to the global predictions by the International Panel of Climate Change (IPCC, the sea-level rise due to ocean thermal expansion and glacier mass loss will average 0.09 - 0.88 m between 1990 and 2100, with a trend toward an increasing rise rate. Potential impacts of this increasing rise rate relate to changes in the coastal area, including floods, increased coastal retreat, and saline intrusion in the coastal acquiferous

  4. Model-based choice between different alternatives of solid waste management applied to the province of Trent; Applicazione di un modello decisionale per la gestione dei rifiuti solidi al caso del Trentino

    Canziani, R. [Milan Politecnico, Milan (Italy). Dipt. di Ingegneria Idraulica, Ambientale e del Rilevamento; Ragazzi, M. [Trent Univ., Trent (Italy). Dipt. di Ingegneria Civile e Ambientale; Tonolli, E.


    Model-based decision systems are useful tools that may help decision makers in defining the terms of any problem, identifying the objectives, suggesting and comparing different alternative solutions, and avoiding those which are ineffective and/or inefficient. A model for supporting decision in the choice of a municipal solid waste management scheme in the Province of Trent is presented here. The model is based on the so-called analytic hierarchy process (AHP), extensively used in life-cycle assessment procedures and is basically an application of multiple-criteria analysis. This method allows a comparison between different choices based on a priority scale defined by the decision maker and allows to identify which choice is more consistent with the original priority scale. Each choice is described by several environmental, economic and technical indicators. Different weights are given to each indicator, according to the application involved in the alternative (e.g.: a heavier weight will be given to groundwater pollution due to landfills than to incineration). At the end of the AHP, a weighted average will yield the final score associated to each choice. Indicators have been taken by literature and cover environmental issues (such as global warming potential, acidification potential, human toxicological classification for air and water), economic issues (such as unit disposal cost), energy-related issues (such as material recovery ratios, the period of time during which final disposal of residues is assured by landfills, without exporting waste outside the Province). In particular, two alternative choices have been compared. The first is the waste management provincial plan of Trent, in which landfills still play a major role. The second is more oriented towards energy-recovery incineration. The model considered all the indicators listed above simultaneously and the final result showed that the second choice gains a higher score, mainly because environmental and

  5. Uranium Provinces in China


    Three uranium provinces are recognized in China, the Southeast China uranium province, the Northeast China-lnner Mongolia uranium province and the Northwest China (Xinjiang) uranium province. The latter two promise good potential for uranium resources and are major exploration target areas in recent years. There are two major types of uranium deposits: the Phanerozoic hydrothermal type (vein type) and the Meso-Cenozoic sandstone type in different proportions in the three uranium provinces. The most important reason or prerequisite for the formation of these uranium provinces is that Precambrian uranium-enriched old basement or its broken parts (median massifs) exists or once existed in these regions, and underwent strong tectonomagmatic activation during Phanerozoic time. Uranium was mobilized from the old basement and migrated upwards to the upper structural level together with the acidic magma originating from anatexis and the primary fluids, which were then mixed with meteoric water and resulted in the formation of Phanerozoic hydrothermal uranium deposits under extensional tectonic environments. Erosion of uraniferous rocks and pre-existing uranium deposits during the Meso-Cenozoic brought about the removal of uranium into young sedimentary basins. When those basins were uplifted and slightly deformed by later tectonic activity, roll-type uranium deposits were formed as a result of redox in permeable sandstone strata.

  6. China Forest Aboveground Biomass Estimation by Fusion of Inventory and Remote Sensing Data: 1st results from Heilongjiang Province and Yunnan Province

    Pang, Y.; Li, Z.; Huang, G.; Sun, G.; Cheng, Z.; Zhang, Z.; Zhang, G.


    Forests play an irreplaceable role in maintaining regional ecological environment, global carbon balance and mitigating global climate change. Forest aboveground biomass (AGB) is an important indicator of forest carbon stocks. Estimating forest aboveground biomass accurately could significantly reduce the uncertainties in terrestrial ecosystem carbon cycle. LIDAR provides accurate information on the vertical structure of forests (Lefsky et al., 2007; Naesset et al., 2004; Pang et al., 2008). Combining airborne LiDAR and spaceborne LiDAR for regional forest biomass retrieval could provide a more reliable and accurate quantitative information in regional forest biomass estimate (Boudreau et al., 2008; Nelson et al., 2009; Pang et al., 2011; Saatchi et al., 2011). The Heilongjiang Province and Yunnan Province are rich in forest resources and suffers intensive forest management activities for timber products. The Heilongjiang Province is typical in temperate forest and the Yunnan Province contains multiple forest types including tropical forest. These two provinces also have good ground inventory system with thousands of permanent field plots. Two campaign consists of in-situ measurement, airborne Lidar data and spaceborne data fusion were designed and implemented. First results show that i). Both spaceborne lidar and forest inventory data are useful for AGB mapping at province level. ii). The combination of spaceborne lidar and forest inventory data gave better biomass estimation with less bias. iii). A pixel level bias mapping was also proposed and gave spatial explicit map of estimation uncertainties. This method will be investigated further with more reference data and tested in other area.

  7. Refractory Minerals in Henan Province

    JIN Qinguo; LI Jing; LIU Jiehua; LIU Yanjun


    Henan province is very rich in refractory minerals of many varieties including silica, dolomite, graphite,pearlite, sepiolite, olivine, and sillimanite group minerals, besides the abundant reserves of fireclay and bauxite,which lay a good foundation for the development of the refractories industry of the province. The paper introduces the reserves, distribution and character of the refractory minerals in Henan province.

  8. ALS Association

    ... ALS and their families in areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. Learn More The ALS Association Disaster Relief Fund ... ALS and their families in areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. Learn More Our Mission To discover treatments and ...

  9. Nine Provinces Submerged



    @@ After being plagued with severe drought earlier this year,the southern part of China has been ravaged by heavy rainfall since May. According to the China Meteorological Administration (CMA),from June 23-25 a new round of storms swept the southern part of the country including all nine provinces in the south.It was the 11th round of storms since May 5,said CMA.

  10. Contribución al conocimiento de los reservorios del Trypanosoma cruzi (Chagas,1909 en la Provincia de Corrientes, Argentina Contribution to knowledge of reservoirs of Trypanosoma cruzi (Chagas, 1909 in Corrientes Province, Argentina

    María Esther Bar


    Full Text Available Con el propósito de identificar a reservorios del Trypanosoma cruzi se investigaron 60 mamíferos en los Departamentos Capital y San Luis del Palmar. Se examinaron: primates, roedores, marsupiales, carnívoros y edentados; 40 vivían en cautiverio y 20 fueron capturados mediante trampas en una comunidad rural forestal. Los mamíferos fueron analizados por xenodiagnóstico, empleándose ninfas de 3o o 4o estadío de Triatoma infestans ayunadas durante 2 semanas. Las heces de los triatominos fueron observadas al microscopio (400x a los 30, 60 y 90 días post-alimentación. En 2 Saimiri sciureus y en 1 Cebus apella se constató infección por tripanosomas cruziformes. Se concluye que la parasitemia detectada fue baja. La presencia de Didelphis albiventris, reservorio potencial del Trypanosoma cruzi , en una zona de transmisión activa del parásito representa un factor de riesgo, por lo que son necesarias futuras investigaciones epidemiológicas para determinar la real diagnosis de esta parasitosis en la provincia de Corrientes, Argentina.In order to identify Trypanosoma cruzi reservoirs in transmission areas, 60 mammals in Capital and San Luis del Palmar Departments, Corrientes, Argentina were studied. Primates, rodents, carnivores, marsupials and edentates were investigated, 40 of them living in captivity and 20 caught with traps in a rural area. The mammals were examined by xenodiagnosis and third or fourth instars nymphs of Triatoma infestans starved for 2 weeks were used. The feces were microscopically observed (400x for Trypanosoma cruzi infection at 30, 60 and 90 days after feeding. Trypanosoma cruzi-like parasites were identified in 2 Saimiri sciureus and 1 Cebus apella analyzed by xenodiagnosis. It was concluded that parasitemia was low. Howewer, the presence in a forest area of Didelphis albiventris, potential reservoir of the parasite, indicates a risk factor and deserves further epidemiological study for a true diagnosis of this

  11. Intestinal acariasis in Anhui Province

    Chao-Pin Li; Jian Wang


    The mites found in stored food and house comprise a large group of subclass Acari, belonging to the suborder Acardida of the order Acarifornes. They can be found in dust and vacuum samples from floors, furniture, mattresses, Chinese herbal medicine, dry fruit, grain, flour, sugar, and bedding. These mites are nidicolous and feed on organic debris, including sloughed human skin, fungi, spilled food, pollen, etc. These mites are particularly prevalent in Chinese herbal medicine, dry fruit, grain, flour, sugar, beds, though carpeted floors near beds or couches may also have large numbers. The most common species are Acarus siro, Tyrophagus putrescentiae , Dermatophagoides farinae , D . pteronyssinus, Glycyphagus domesticus, G. Ornatus, Carpoglyphus lactis and Tarsonemus granarius, etc. The viability of mites in storage is quite strong and they can invade and parasitize the intestines of humans[1 -15]. They can cause pulmonary acariasis[16-25] , urinary acariasis[26-33] and so on. The dejecta of mites is a quite strong allergen and can cause different allergic diseases[34-44]. Intestinal acariasis can be caused by some mites related to the way of diet intake and invading against intestinal mucosa, intestinal muscle[45-5a]. The first report of intestinal acariasis caused by these mites was made by Hinman et al (1934)[45]. From then on, all kinds of studies on the disease have been reported gradually. In order to make an epidemiological survey of intestinal acariasis the investigation of the disease was taken in some areas of Anhui Province from 1989 to 1996.

  12. Silicic Large Igneous Provinces

    Scott Bryan


    @@ Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs) are the end-product of huge additions of magma to the continental crust both at the surface and at depth. Since the first categorisation of LIPs by Coffin & Eldholm (1994), it has been recognised that LIPs are more varied inform, age and character, and this includes the recognition of Silicic LIPs. Silicic LIPs are the largest accumulations of primary volcaniclastic rocks at the Earth's surface with areal extents >0.1 Mkm2 and extrusive and subvolcanic intrusive volumes >0.25 Mkm3. The Late Palaeozoic to Cenozoic Silicic LIP events are the best recognised and are similar in terms of their dimension, crustal setting, volcanic architecture and geochemistry.

  13. Propiedades hidrofísicas de un hapludol típico de Córdoba en relación al pisoteo animal Hydrophysical properties of a typical hapludol of Córdoba province, Argentina, in relation to animal trampling

    Flavia Soledad Cabrera


    Full Text Available El objetivo del presente trabajo fue evaluar el efecto del pisoteo animal sobre algunas propiedades hidrofísicas de un Hapludol típico implantado con Triticale (Triticosecale Wittmack, mediante un sistema de pastoreo rotativo (7 días de ocupación y 42 días de descanso con cuatro niveles de carga animal que correspondieron a asignaciones de forraje de 2, 4, 6 y 8 kg materia seca cada 100 kg (% de peso vivo animal por día, en dos condiciones de humedad edáfica: Suelo Seco, con 11% y Suelo Húmedo con 18%. Se tomó como referencia un sistema no pastoreado. El ensayo se realizó en el campo experimental de la Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto, al suroeste de Córdoba, bajo un diseño experimental en bloques al azar con arreglo en parcelas divididas. Se evaluó densidad aparente (DA, compactación relativa (CR, porosidad total (PT a 0-5 cm y 5-10 cm de profundidad y velocidad de infiltración inicial (VII y final (VIF. La DA presentó un aumento (pThe aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of animal trampling on some hydrophysical properties of a typical Hapludol implanted with «Triticosecale Wittmack», by means of a rotational grazing system (7 days of occupation and 42 days off with four stocking rates corresponding to forage allowances of 2, 4, 6 and 8 kg dry matter/100 kg of live animal weight per day, under two soil moisture contents: dry soil, with 11% and moist soil, with 18% water content. The results were compared to an ungrazed reference system. The study was conducted at the experimental station of the Universidad Nacional de Rio Cuarto, southwestern Córdoba province, Argentina, under an experimental design in randomized blocks with a split plot arrangement. The parameters assessed were: bulk density (BD, relative compaction (RC, total porosity (TP at 0-5 cm and 5-10 cm depths, and initial and final infiltration rate (IIR and FIR, respectively. BD showed an increase (p <0.05 at the 0-10 cm depth, which was more pronounced

  14. Strategy of converting Jiangsu Province A Foreign-trade Large Province into A Foreign-trade Strong Province


    @@ Jiangsu Province, after executing economic internationalization strategy and establishing the strategic goal of foreign-trade strong province,meaning to pursue a dominating position in the foreign trade relations, has become one of the foreign-trade large provinces of China and provided considerable international competitive power in some important fields.

  15. Strategy of converting Jiangsu Province A Foreign-trade Large Province into A Foreign-trade Strong Province


      Jiangsu Province, after executing economic internationalization strategy and establishing the strategic goal of foreign-trade strong province,meaning to pursue a dominating position in the foreign trade relations, has become one of the foreign-trade large provinces of China and provided considerable international competitive power in some important fields.……

  16. Fjve Ways to Revive Liaoning Province


    Construction of development zones along the Liaoning Province coastline could be the next big attraction for multinational investors Though the infrastructure is still under construction, Li Wancai, Vice Governor of Liaoning Province, is highly confident about the future of

  17. A Mesoproterozoic continental flood rhyolite province, the Gawler Ranges, Australia: the end member example of the Large Igneous Province clan

    M. J. Pankhurst


    Full Text Available Rhyolite and dacite lavas of the Mesoproterozoic upper Gawler Range Volcanics (GRV (>30 000 km3 preserved, South Australia, represent the remnants of one of the most voluminous felsic magmatic events preserved on Earth. Geophysical interpretation suggests eruption from a central cluster of feeder vents which supplied large-scale lobate flows >100 km in length. Pigeonite inversion thermometers indicate eruption temperatures of 950–1100 °C. The lavas are A-type in composition (e.g. high Ga/Al ratios and characterised by elevated primary halogen concentrations (~1600 ppm fluorine, ~400 ppm chlorine. These depolymerised the magma such that temperature-composition-volatile non-Arrhenian melt viscosity modelling suggests they had viscosities of <3.5 log η (Pa s. These physicochemical properties have led to the emplacement of a Large Rhyolite Province, which has affinities in emplacement style to Large Basaltic Provinces. The low viscosity of these felsic magmas has produced a unique igneous system on a scale which is either not present or poorly preserved elsewhere on the planet. The Gawler Range Volcanic Province represents the erupted portion of the felsic end member of the family of voluminous, rapidly emplaced terrestrial magmatic provinces.

  18. A mesoproterozoic continental flood rhyolite province, the Gawler Ranges, Australia: the end member example of the Large Igneous Province clan

    M. J. Pankhurst


    Full Text Available Rhyolite and dacite lavas of the Mesoproterozoic upper Gawler Range Volcanics (GRV (>30 000 km3 preserved, South Australia, represent the remnants of one of the most voluminous felsic magmatic events preserved on Earth. Geophysical interpretation suggests eruption from a central cluster of feeder vents which supplied large-scale lobate flows >100 km in length. Pigeonite inversion thermometers indicate eruption temperatures of 950–1100 °C. The lavas are A-type in composition (e.g. high Ga/Al ratios and characterised by elevated primary halogen concentrations (~1600 ppm Fluorine, ~400 ppm Chlorine. These depolymerised the magma such that temperature-composition-volatile non-Arrhenian melt viscosity modelling suggests they had viscosities of <3.5 log η (Pa s. These physicochemical properties have led to the emplacement of a Large Rhyolite Province, which has affinities in emplacement style to Large Basaltic Provinces. The low viscosity of these felsic magmas has produced a unique igneous system on a scale which is either not present or poorly preserved elsewhere on the planet. The Gawler Range Volcanic Province represents the erupted portion of the felsic end member of the family of voluminous, rapidly emplaced terrestrial magmatic provinces.

  19. An epidemiological study of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Al-jabal Al-gharbi, Libya.

    Abdellatif, Manal Z M; El-Mabrouk, Khamis; Ewis, Ashraf A


    Cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) is an endemic parasitic infection in the Mediterranean region, including Libya and its Al-jabal Al-gharbi province. We aimed at studying the occupational relevance as well as other epidemiological aspects of CL. We investigated 140 CL cases who attended at Gharyan outpatient polyclinic during a period of 6 months in 2009. CL infection was clinically diagnosed and confirmed by demonstration of Leishmania parasites on smears from lesions. Our findings showed that males were more affected than females (P=0.04), and people above 10-years were more affected than younger ones (P=0.0001). A significant percent of CL cases belonged to Al-Kawasem subprovince (P=0.0001). Farm-related activities were the most frequent occupations among CL cases (P=0.04). In addition to farm workers, housewives and students are at risk groups since they are engaged at farm activities. Moreover, those who have occupations that require staying outdoors for a part of night, e.g., policemen, are also at risk. Compared to children, adult CL patients had multiple lesions (P=0.001) that were more prevalent in their upper and lower extremities than the face (P=0.0001). We conclude that CL is a major health problem in Al-jabal Al-gharbi province of Libya. The presence of rodents and sandflies makes it a suitable environment for Leishmania to spread in an endemic epidemiological pattern. Being engaged in farming activities or outdoor occupations increases the risk of infection. Various clinical patterns of CL suggest the presence of more than 1 species of Leishmania at Al-jabal Al-gharbi province. We propose that the 2 species responsible for CL in this area are L. major and L. tropica. Further investigations to identify the leishmanial species responsible for CL at Al-jabal Al-gharbi together with adoption of preventive and control programs are needed.

  20. Al Sahawa - The Awakening. Volume 4: Al Anbar Province, Area of Operations Topeka, Ramadi


    So, it was really a significant development , and I probably didn’t recognize at the time how important that language really was. It became evident...that do strategic language teaching . Because the program that we had done in 2003 was successful, I think DoD [Department of Defense] and others threw...The open area out back was a soccer field, and it allowed us to develop a class four point where we were able to drop off barrier material in a

  1. Al Sahawa - The Awakening. Volume V: Al Anbar Province, Area of Operations Raleigh, Fallujah


    been called the spiritual energy behind the nationalist in- surgency in Iraq.32 He remained in Iraq until he fled in 2006 when the Iraqi Minister of...Fallujah as well as within the city itself, forced AQI out. Most moved to the north in the Tharthar area and into other prov- inces , looking for...get his son back, but the insurgents beheaded his son and threw his body in Saddam Tharthar. The insur- gents were being financed from other countries

  2. Yihuang Opera of Jiangxi Province


    JIANGXI Province hosts many mountains and rivers. Wherever you stroll on the winding mountain passes or sail along rivers, you will hear a kind of local opera similar to the sounds of Beijing opera. That is Yihuang opera. In fact, Jiangxi is considered a birth-place of Chinese opera. Opera was at its

  3. AL Amyloidosis

    Desport Estelle


    Full Text Available Abstract Definition of the disease AL amyloidosis results from extra-cellular deposition of fibril-forming monoclonal immunoglobulin (Ig light chains (LC (most commonly of lambda isotype usually secreted by a small plasma cell clone. Most patients have evidence of isolated monoclonal gammopathy or smoldering myeloma, and the occurrence of AL amyloidosis in patients with symptomatic multiple myeloma or other B-cell lymphoproliferative disorders is unusual. The key event in the development of AL amyloidosis is the change in the secondary or tertiary structure of an abnormal monoclonal LC, which results in instable conformation. This conformational change is responsible for abnormal folding of the LC, rich in β leaves, which assemble into monomers that stack together to form amyloid fibrils. Epidemiology AL amyloidosis is the most common type of systemic amyloidois in developed countries with an estimated incidence of 9 cases/million inhabitant/year. The average age of diagnosed patients is 65 years and less than 10% of patients are under 50. Clinical description The clinical presentation is protean, because of the wide number of tissues or organs that may be affected. The most common presenting symptoms are asthenia and dyspnoea, which are poorly specific and may account for delayed diagnosis. Renal manifestations are the most frequent, affecting two thirds of patients at presentation. They are characterized by heavy proteinuria, with nephrotic syndrome and impaired renal function in half of the patients. Heart involvement, which is present at diagnosis in more than 50% of patients, leading to restrictive cardiopathy, is the most serious complication and engages prognosis. Diagnostic methods The diagnosis relies on pathological examination of an involved site showing Congo red-positive amyloid deposits, with typical apple-green birefringence under polarized light, that stain positive with an anti-LC antibody by immunohistochemistry and


    YU Shu-xia; SHANG Jin-cheng; GUO Huai-cheng


    The main purpose of this study is to give evaluation of ecological services of Jilin Province,Northeast China.To take this value into decision-making and GDP accounting system is considered to be one of the economic solutions for ecological problems.The evaluation is based on the methods proposed by COSTANZA et al.,and some modifications about unit value of forest and cropland system were made according to the real characters of ecosystem,climate,natural conditions etc.,in Jilin Province.Total value of ecosystem services is about 554.404×109yuan(RMB)/a,which is about 4.9 times of GDP of the corresponding period.The results of this study could be used as a fundamental work for the construction of ecological province,which was carried out from 2001,and could provide ecological information for decision-making.Furthermore,the necessities for the further studies on the evaluation of ecological services and natural capital were discussed.

  5. Income and health inequality across Canadian provinces.

    Safaei, Jalil


    This paper uses the aggregate data from the Public Use Microdata Files (PUMF) of Canadian National Population Health Survey to estimate income related health inequalities across the ten Canadian provinces. The unique features of the PUMF allow for a meaningful cross-provincial comparison of health indices and their measured inequalities. It concludes that health inequalities favouring the higher income people do exist in all provinces when health status is either self assessed or measured by the health utility index. Moreover, it finds considerable variations in measured health inequalities across the provinces with consistent rankings for certain provinces.

  6. Ground-water provinces of southern Rhodesia

    Dennis, Philip Eldon; Hindson, L.L.


    Ground-water development, utilization, and occurrence in nine ground-water provinces of Southern Rhodesia are summarized in this report. Water obtained from drilled wells for domestic and stock use has played an important part in the social and economic development of Southern Rhodesia from the beginnings of European settlement to the present. Most of the wells obtain water from fractures and weathered zones in crystalline rocks, before recently, there has been an interest in the possibility of obtaining water for irrigation from wells. Studies of the authors indicate that quantities of water sufficient for irrigation can be obtained from alluvial sediments in the S'abi Valley, from Kalahari sands in the western part of the country, are perhaps from aquifers in other areas. The ground-water provinces fall into two groups--those in the crystalline rocks and those in the noncrystalline rocks. Historically, the wells in crystalline rocks, especially the Gold belts province and the Intrusive granites province, have played a major role in supplying water for the needs of man. These provinces, together with two other less important crystalline rock provinces, form the broad arch which constitutes the central core of the country. The noncrystalline rocks overlie and flank the crystalline rocks to the southeast, northwest, and north. The noncrystalline rock provinces, especially the Alluvium-Kalahari province, contain the most productive or potentially productive ground-water reservoirs in Southern Rhodesia and offer promise of supplying water for irrigation and for other purposes.

  7. South West Province Eye Care Programme, Cameroon

    Joseph Enyegue Oye


    Full Text Available Situation analysis The South West Province of Cameroon is one of two English speaking provinces, much of which is situated in the equatorial rainforest. Most of the estimated 1.2 million inhabitants live in rural areas. The main occupation is agriculture for subsistence and employment in agro-industrial estates.

  8. [Mortality from respiratory diseases in the provinces of Apulia Region (Southern Italy) from 1933 to 2010].

    Montinari, Maria Rosa; Gianicolo, Emilio Antonio Luca; Vigotti, Maria Angela


    OBIETTIVI: valutare l'andamento temporale della mortalità per patologie respiratorie nelle province pugliesi utilizzando dati omogenei per fonte e metodologia di calcolo. DISEGNO: analisi ecologica storica degli andamenti temporali di mortalità per tumori e patologie dell'apparato respiratorio nelle province pugliesi, in Puglia e nelle ripartizioni geografiche italiane dal 1933 al 2010. SETTING E PARTECIPANTI: i dati di mortalità e le popolazioni residenti sono di fonte Istat. Sono state esaminate tutte le cause di decesso, il tumore della laringe, il tumore del polmone, l'insieme dei tumori respiratori, la bronchite, la polmonite e la broncopolmonite considerate congiuntamente, e l'insieme delle patologie respiratorie. Le analisi sono disaggregate per sesso dal 1969. PRINCIPALI MISURE DI OUTCOME: rapporti standardizzati di mortalità (SMR%) in riferimento all'Italia, con intervalli di confidenza al 95%, e tassi di mortalità standardizzati col metodo diretto (TSD ) in riferimento alla popolazione standard europea. RISULTATI: dal 1933 al 2010, i TSD per tumori respiratori e per bronchiti diminuiscono in tutte le aree analizzate. Tuttavia, nelle province di Taranto, Brindisi e Lecce, l'SMR% per tumori respiratori, inferiore al riferimento nazionale fino agli anni Sessanta, si allinea (a Brindisi) e supera (a Lecce e Taranto) il riferimento negli anni successivi. Nelle province di Foggia e Bari il numero dei decessi per tumore del polmone è costantemente inferiore all'atteso. CONCLUSIONI: la ricostruzione storica e l'analisi dei trend temporali di mortalità dal 1933 al 2010 mostrano alcune criticità sanitarie in periodi specifici. L'elaborazione dei dati di mortalità per un arco temporale di circa 80 anni ha messo in evidenza la maggiore rilevanza di queste criticità con l'avvio dello sviluppo industriale.

  9. Why historians of medicine called Ibn al-Nafis second Avicenna?

    Masic, Izet; Dilic, Mirza; Solakovic, Emir; Rustempasic, Nedzad; Ridjanovic, Zoran


    At the end of IX and beginning of the X century begins development and renaissance of the medicine called Arabic, and which main representatives were: Ali at-Taberi, Ahmed at-Taberi, Ar-Razi (Rhazes), Ali ibn al-Abbas al-Magusi (Haly), ibn al-Baitar, ibn al-Qasim al-Zahrawi (Abulcasis), ibn Sina (Avicenna), ibn al-Haitam (Alhazen), ibn Abi al-Ala Zuhr (Avenzor), ibn Rushd (Averroes) and ibn al-Nafis. Doctors Taberi, Magusi and Razi were born as Persians. Each of the listed great doctors of the Arab medicine in their own way made legacy to the medical science and profession, and left lasting impression in the history of medicine. Majority of them is well known in the West well and have their place in the text-books as donors of significant medical treasure, without which medicine would probably, especially the one at the Middle dark century, be pale and prosaic, insufficiently studied and misunderstood, etc. Abdullah ibn Sina (Avicenna) remained unsurpassed in the series of above listed. Close to him can only come Alauddin ibn al-Nafis, who will in mid-XII century rebut some of the theories made by Avicenna and all his predecessors, from which he collected material for his big al-Kanun fit-tibb (Cannon of medicine). Cannon will be commended for centuries and fulfilled with new knowledge. One of the numerous and perhaps the best comments-Excerpts is from Nafis-Mugaz al-Quanun, article published as a reprint in War Sarajevo under the siege during 1995 in Bosnian language, translated from Arabic by the professor Sacir Sikiric and chief physician Hamdija Karamehmedovic in 1961. Today, at least 740 years since professor from Cairo and director of the Hospital A-Mansuri in Cairo Alauddin ibn Nefis (1210-1288), in his paper about pulse described small (pulmonary) blood circulatory system and coronary circulation. At the most popular search engines very often we can find its name, especially in English language. Majority of quotes about al-Nafis are on Arabic or Turkish

  10. Aluminium in food and daily dietary intake assessment from 15 food groups in Zhejiang Province, China.

    Zhang, Hexiang; Tang, Jun; Huang, Lichun; Shen, Xianghong; Zhang, Ronghua; Chen, Jiang


    Aluminium was measured in 2580 samples of 15 food groups and dietary exposure was estimated. Samples were purchased and analysed during 2010 to 2014. High aluminium levels were found in jellyfish (mean 4862 mg/kg), laver (mean 455.2 mg/kg) and fried twisted cruller (mean 392.4 mg/kg). Dietary exposure to aluminium was estimated for Zhejiang residents. The average dietary exposure to aluminium via 15 food groups in Zhejiang Province was 1.15 mg/kg bw/week, which is below the provisional tolerable weekly intake of 2 mg/kg bw /week. Jellyfish is the main Al contributor, providing 37.6% of the daily intake via these 15 food groups. This study provided new information on aluminium levels and assessment of aluminium (Al) dietary exposure in Zhejiang Province of China.

  11. Geologic Provinces of the Arctic, 2000 (prvarcst)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This coverage includes arcs, polygons and polygon labels that describe Arctic portion of the U.S. Geological Survey defined geologic provinces of the World in 2000.

  12. Ectomycorrhizal Fungi in Jiangsu Province, China

    LIAN Bin; DONG Yuan-Rong; HOU Wei-Guo; TONG Li-Hua; YUAN Sheng


    A survey was conducted for about 3 years to study the abundance and diversity of ectomycorrhizal fungi (EMF) in Jiangsu Province, China. The identification of the fungal species was based on the microscopic and macroscopic characteristics of their fruiting bodies. About 126 species of EMF were found in Jiangsu Province. These fungi were largely categorized into three orders (of 121 species), four families (of 96 species), and six genera (of about 86 species).

  13. Study on Banana Cooperatives in Hainan Province

    Huang, Huide; ZHANG, Wanzhen; Liu, Enping; ZHANG, Xizhu


    This paper gives an overview of the distribution, member scale, production and operation of banana cooperatives in Hainan Province, and points out the market risk and natural risk faced by the production of banana cooperatives in Hainan Province. In order to promote the banana cooperatives to form new agricultural management system integrating organization and intensification, this paper puts forth the production and operation recommendations, such as joint production of banana cooperatives, ...

  14. Economic Periodicity Analysis of Shandong Province

    Liu Zhaode; Yao Lili; Sun Jinfang; Yu Wei


    The paper analyses the periodical characteristics of the economic development of Shandong Province by using the mini-mum variation analysis model. The analysis shows that the eco-nomic development process of Shandong Province has short, medium and long cycles respectively for 6, 12, 19 years, and the fluctuation of the economic development becomes gentler with time passing by. The fluctuation of macro-control policy, invest-ment and consumption are the main reasons of the economic fluc-tuation.

  15. An ethnobotanical survey on hormozgan province, Iran

    Omid Safa


    Full Text Available Objective: The present study is based on an ethnobotanical research project conducted in Hormozgan province that is located in south of Iran, bordering waters of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea. This survey was carried out in order to recover the ethnobotanical and ethnomedicinal knowledge of the residents of this province. They are using medicinal and functional plants for treating or preventing several diseases. Materials and Methods: Ethnobotanical data sheets were run with the native inhabitants and people of the province by arranging frequent field trips to different parts of the province and direct interviews with them especially those who were more familiar with the plants and their usage.Results: A total of 150 plant species belonging to 53 families were recorded for their ethnobotanical and ethnomedicinal uses among the people of province. The records were developed by scientific names, family names, local names, medicinal parts used, different ways of their application, and traditional uses of the plants. There was high compliance in the use of plants in painful disorders, gastrointestinal, and dermatological diseases.Conclusion: This study revealed that the people of Hormozgan province have a rich knowledge of natural resources. The use and consumption of medicinal plants are still important parts of their life. Rational use of native medicinal plants may benefit and improve their living standards and quality of life. The results of this study can be used as a basis for selecting herbs for further pharmacological, phytochemical, and pharmacognostical studies.

  16. Thematic cartography in Tigrai Province

    Marini, A.; Melis, Maria T.


    Tigre Province is in northern Ethiopia between Eritrea on the north and east, and Begemdir and Wollo on the south. The area is comprised of five main physiographic units: Danakil Depression, Escarpment, Tigre and Eritrea Plateau, Semien Mountains and the Western Lowlands. The first two drain into the closed drainage basin of Dallol whilst the other three drain into the Nilo Through the Tezeke, Mareb and Barka River. Three main rock complexes build up the prospect area. The metamorphic and intrusive rocks of the Precambrian basement, the Paleozoic-Mesozoic Sediments and Tertiary Trap Volcanics, and the Young Sedimentary and Volcanic Rocks of the Danakil Depression. The only existing geological data on this area is represented by maps assembled from different sources on very large scale. Thanks to interactive computer processing, it is becoming possible to trace, on the relief as it appears on the display unit, lithological boundaries and the faults which affect them, measuring each of their geometric characteristics. Image processing coupled with pattern recognition programs has made it possible to take into consideration landscape units combining morphological, botanical and geological signatures, and more generally to quantify the morphological elements. Satellite images (Landsat TM and Spot XS) have been processed to produce thematic maps.

  17. Abu al-Layth al-Libi


    weaponry, antiaircraft missiles) and explosives, first aid, topography ; and lectures by jihadi preachers.9 Given that al-Libi was originally groomed in...antiaircraft guns, explosives, grenades and topography . See “Embassy Bombing Documents Offer Window into al Qaeda Operations,” Intelwire, 15 January 2011...was the commander of the military operations in al-Qa`ida. `Abdallah Sa`id was killed by an U.S. drone airstrike in North Waziristan in mid

  18. Al Sahawa - The Awakening: An Education and Training Resource Guide


    Joint Forces Command; the Deputy, Joint Operations Support , Assistant Secretary of Defense for Acquisition; the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense...fod- der for a growing insurgency. The young firebrand Shia cleric, Muqtada al-Sadr, seized the opportunity and with his militia and other supporters ...destroying and then transforming the social fabric of the province. Notable Fallujah area residents such as Farhan De Hal Farhan and Sheikh Mishan Albu

  19. Epidemiology of Ectopic Pregnancy in Hamadan Province

    Fatemeh Shobeiri


    Full Text Available Background: The blastocyst implantation in any place other than uterus cavity endometrium is called ectopic pregnancy. The prevalence of ectopic pregnancy is different in various countries. This study has been conducted to investigate the epidemiology of ectopic pregnancy in Hamadan province during 2000-2010.Materials and Methods: The present study is a retrospective descriptive study. The data on 872 ectopic pregnancies were extracted by questionnaires from the files in the records department of hospitals and delivery centers in Hamadan province during 2000-2010. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and the obtained data were analyzed using SPSS-16 software.Results: The frequency of ectopic pregnancy in Hamadan province during 2000-2010 was averagely 2.6 per 1000 pregnancies. Tubal pregnancy with 95.2% is the most prevalent type of ectopic pregnancy most of which had occurred in the right tube (52.4%. Most ectopic pregnancies (52.2% were in the age group of 25-34.Conclusion: The prevalence of ectopic pregnancy in Hamadan province during the mentioned years has been 2.6 in 1000 pregnancies, which is lower compared to many existing data. However, the prevalence of ectopic pregnancy in this province has increased over time, so that it has become 3.3 times as much from 2000-2010.

  20. /Cu-Al System

    Kish, Orel; Froumin, Natalya; Aizenshtein, Michael; Frage, Nachum


    Wettability and interfacial interaction of the Ta2O5/Cu-Al system were studied. Pure Cu does not wet the Ta2O5 substrate, and improved spreading is achieved when relatively a high fraction of the active element (~40 at.% Al) was added. The Al2O3 and AlTaO4 phases were observed at the Ta2O5/Cu-Al interface. A thermodynamic evaluation allowed us to suggest that the lack of wetting bellow 40 at.% Al is due to the presence of a native oxide, which covers the drop. The conditions of the native oxide decomposition and the formation of the volatile Al2O suboxide strongly depend on the vacuum level during sessile drop experiments and the composition of the Cu-Al alloy. In our case, Al contents greater than 40% provides thermodynamic conditions for the formation of Al2O (as a result of Al reaction with Al2O3) and the drop spreading. It was suggested that the final contact angle in the Ta2O5/Cu-Al system (50°) is determined by Ta adsorption on the newly formed alumina interlayer.

  1. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

    ... ALS Neurons' broken machinery piles up in ALS Esclerosis Lateral Amiotrófica Dormant viral genes may awaken to ... Dementia Information Page Multifocal Motor Neuropathy Information Page Multiple Sclerosis Information Page Muscular Dystrophy Information Page Myasthenia ...

  2. Aussprache als motorische Fertigkeit

    Bonner, Maria


    Authentische Aussprache gilt im Fremdsprachenunterricht als schwer erreichbares Ziel, fremdsprachlicher Akzent wird als nahezu unvermeidbar gesehen. Weder die Hypothese einer kritischen Periode für den Erwerb einer authentischen Aussprache noch das Konzept der Fossilierung im Sprachlernprozess...

  3. Study on Banana Cooperatives in Hainan Province

    Huide; HUANG; Wanzhen; ZHANG; Enping; LIU; Xizhu; ZHANG


    This paper gives an overview of the distribution,member scale,production and operation of banana cooperatives in Hainan Province,and points out the market risk and natural risk faced by the production of banana cooperatives in Hainan Province. In order to promote the banana cooperatives to form new agricultural management system integrating organization and intensification,this paper puts forth the production and operation recommendations,such as joint production of banana cooperatives,timely planting of banana,brand management,and improvement of production and operation technical level.


    Christina GOMULKA


    Full Text Available Polish-Russian Cooperation of Pomorskie Province commenced in 1999 and was based on the intergovernmental agreements. The new agreement, executed between the authorities of the Pomeranian Province and Kaliningrad Oblast in 2002, provided for cooperation in many areas. The contacts between the partners were dominated by economic cooperation. The Polish–Russian cooperation stopped with Polish accession to the Schengen zone. Cooperation resumed when in 2011 and agreement on small cross-border traffic was signed and then ratified in 2012. 

  5. [Terrestrial gastropods from Misiones Province, Argentina].

    Gregoric, Diego Eduardo Gutiérrez; Núñez, Verónica; Vogler, Roberto Eugenio; Beltramino, Ariel Aníbal; Rumi, Alejandra


    The Atlantic Forest represents one of the global priority eco-regions for biodiversity conservation. In Argentina, this is represented by the Paranense Forest, which occupies much of the Misiones Province. In this paper, an updated list of land mollusks from Misiones Province is presented, and its species richness was evaluated comparing protected and unprotected areas. For this, we reviewed La Plata Museum Mollusk Collection, updated the literature review, and developed some field work between 2009 and 2010. For the areographic work, a grid (50 x 50 km) was applied to a Misiones province map. In this region, large areas of native vegetation constituting the Paranaense Forest still persist, and include protected areas such as the Iguazú National Park and Puerto Peninsula Provincial Park. These areas have been the most explored at the malacological level (both terrestrial and aquatic environments), a fact that is consistent with the greater number of records found, which may also be the explanation for the highest number of species recorded in the region. A database containing 497 records was compiled. The number of species occurring in this Province was increased from 28 to 56; 11 of which were exotic species. A total of 38 of the species occurred in protected areas and 53 in unprotected areas; and 25 species were micro-mollusks. Orthalicidae was the family with the highest species number (10) and the widest distribution, occupying 16/20 sampling units. Megalobulimus was the genus found in a greater number of sampling units (14/20). The highest values of specific richness of land gastropods were found in Northern Misiones (R=32). This richness was similar to that previously reported for the Tucumán Province, although species occurring in both provinces were mostly different. The richness in Misiones Province border areas, as the Republic of Paraguay and the state of Santa Catarina (Brazil), was about twice that found in the province. The present study showed the

  6. Geologic Provinces of the Caribbean Region, 2004 (prv6bg)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This dataset includes a modified subset of polygon features that describe U.S. Geological Survey's defined geologic provinces of the World. Each province has a set...

  7. Silicate Adsorption in Paddy Soils of Guangdong Province, China

    HUANG Li-Yuan; LI Hua-Xing; ZHANG Xin-Ming; LU Wei-Sheng; LIU Yuan-Jin


    Silicate adsorption in eight paddy soils developed from four different parent materials in Guangdong Province, China was examined to obtain fundamental knowledge of silicate adsorption to improve the efficacy of silicate fertilizer use in these areas. A correlation analysis showed that silicate adsorption did not obey the Langmuir equation (r = -0.664-0.301) but did obey the Freundlich and Temkin equations (P ≤ 0.01, r = 0.885-0.990). When the equilibrium silicate concentration (Ci) was less than 45 mg SiO2 kg-1, the adsorption capacity was in the following decreasing order of paddy soils: basalt-derived > Pearl River Delta sediment-derived > granite-derived > sand-shale-derived. Stepwise regression and path analysis showed that for the investigated paddy soils amorphous MnO and Al2O3 were the two most important materials that affected silicate adsorption. Moreover, as Ci increased, amorphous Al2O3 tended to play a more important role in silicate adsorption, while the effects of amorphous MnO on silicate adsorption tended to decrease.

  8. Comprehensive Evaluation of Circular Economic Development in North Anhui Province

    Hu, Shuheng; Zhang, Simei; Chen, Guangzhou; Xu, Min


    In view of the characteristics of north Anhui Province, an index system was constructed for evaluating the development level of circular economy according to relevant principles, Principal Component Analysis and Analytic Hierarchy Process were adopted to evaluate the circular economic development in north Anhui Province, and corresponding measures were put forward to promote the circular economy in north Anhui Province.

  9. USMC Rethinking Coin in Helmand Province Afghanistan


    2010 and the introduction of the United States Marines and their brand of counter insurgency (COIN) did the people of Helmand province fully embrace the...incapable of operating a shadow government. They encountered a society in upheaval with cultural baggage attached to century old battles at Maiwand

  10. Payenia volcanic province, southern Mendoza, Argentina

    Søager, Nina; Holm, Paul Martin; Llambias, Eduardo Jorge


    The Pleistocene to Holocene Payenia volcanic province is a backarc region of 60,000 km2 in Mendoza, Argentina, which is dominated by transitional to alkaline basalts and trachybasalts. We present major and trace element compositions of 139 rocks from this area of which the majority are basaltic...

  11. Two Mysteries of Nature in Liaoning Province


    JUST to the north of Shenyang,the capital of Liaoning Province,motorists along the Harbin-Dalian highway will encounter apeculiar slope khat is much easier to ascend than to descend.Theslope,approximately 90 meters long and 15 meters wide,slants abouttwo degrees toward the west.

  12. Investigation on Atmospheric Corrosiveness in Hainan Province


    According to the results of four-year exposure tests for carbon steel samples in Hainan province, the influences of meteorological factors and Cl- on atmospheric corrosion were investigated. The feature of atmospheric corrosion in this area was summarized. A corrosive map for the area was drawn. The corrosion products on carbon steel at some typical places were analyzed by XRD and XPS.

  13. Nontyphoidal Salmonella Infection, Guangdong Province, China, 2012.

    Huang, Xi; Huang, Qiong; Dun, Zhongjun; Huang, Wei; Wu, Shuyu; Liang, Junhua; Deng, Xiaoling; Zhang, Yonghui


    We used active and passive surveillance to estimate nontyphoidal Salmonella (NTS) infection during 2012 in Guangdong Province, China. Under passive surveillance, for every reported NTS infection, an estimated 414.8 cases occurred annually. Under active surveillance, an estimated 35.8 cases occurred. Active surveillance provides remarkable advantages in incidence estimate.

  14. Metallogenetic and geochemical provinces : book review

    Schuiling, R.D.


    In November 1972 a symposium on metallogenetic and geochemical provinces was organized in Leoben by Prof. W.E. Petrascheck; the proceedings of this symposium have now appeared. The book is recommended to all those who want to combine their interest in economic geology with a somewhat wider

  15. Metallogenetic and geochemical provinces : book review

    Schuiling, R.D.


    In November 1972 a symposium on metallogenetic and geochemical provinces was organized in Leoben by Prof. W.E. Petrascheck; the proceedings of this symposium have now appeared. The book is recommended to all those who want to combine their interest in economic geology with a somewhat wider outlook i

  16. Evaluación de la recarga natural al acuífero de la cuenca superior del arroyo Napostá Grande, provincia de Buenos Aires Natural recharge evaluation of the aquifer in the upper Arroyo Napostá Grande basin, province of Buenos Aires

    Jorge C. Carrica


    Full Text Available La cuenca superior del arroyo Napostá Grande constituye un área de interés para la explotación del recurso hídrico subterráneo como fuente alternativa de abastecimiento de agua a núcleos urbanos de la región entre los que se encuentra la ciudad de Bahía Blanca. El acuífero freático del sector recibe recarga directa de la lluvia a través de la zona no saturada, recarga localizada en el piedemonte serrano y, en mucha menor cuantía, la indirecta por almacenamiento de banco durante las crecidas del arroyo. El objetivo del estudio es determinar cuantitativamente el valor de la recarga y cuales de los mencionados mecanismos son los más importantes, mediante el empleo de distintos métodos: balances hidrológicos diarios a escala de cuenca (programa Visual Balan y de suelo (programa Balshort, balance de cloruros entre el agua de lluvia y el agua de la capa freática y análisis de la curva de recesión de hidrogramas fluviales. Se concluye que la recarga pluvial, localizada en el piedemonte serrano, es la principal fuente de alimentación del acuífero y que, según el método de estimación empleado, la recarga total al acuífero se cifra entre un 7 y un 9% de la precipitación anual media.The upper river basin of Napostá Grande creek constitutes an area of interest for ground water exploitation as an alternative source of water supply to Bahía Blanca city and other urban nuclei of the region. The phreatic aquifer in this area receives direct rain recharge through the unsaturated zone, recharge located in the piedmont area and indirect recharge from bank storage during the streamflow peak in smaller quantity. The objective of the study is to determine quantitatively the recharge and the ranking of the mentioned mechanisms through different methods: daily hydrologic balance both on basin scale (Visual Balan program and soil (Balshort program; chloride balance between rainwater and groundwater and analysis of the hydrograph recession

  17. Al Este del Cerro Pampa: ampliación del área de disponibilidad de obsidiana de la Pampa del Asador (Provincia de Santa Cruz East of the Cerro Pampa: enlargement of the obsidian availability area from Pampa del Asador (Santa Cruz Province

    Juan Bautista Belardi


    Full Text Available La Pampa del Asador ha sido identificada como el lugar de proveniencia de distintos tipos de obsidiana, mayoritariamente negra, y el Cerro Pampa, ubicado en el extremo suroeste de la pampa, ha sido un punto central a partir del cual se ha medido la dispersión de los artefactos confeccionados en esta materia prima. Sobre la base de la interpretación de imágenes satelitales, análisis químicos y trabajos de campo se presenta y discute la evidencia provista por nódulos y artefactos de obsidiana recuperados en paleocauces y un abanico aluvial que se origina en la Pampa del Asador. Los resultados muestran la ampliación del área de disponibilidad de obsidiana 65 km hacia el este y 75 km al noreste del Cerro Pampa y, aunque presentando menor frecuencia relativa de nódulos y el decrecimiento de sus tamaños, el área se amplía a lo largo de la Pampa La Chispa. Estos resultados tienen implicaciones tanto en términos de la distribución de frecuencias de artefactos de obsidiana en el registro arqueológico regional como en los costos de aprovisionamiento de la roca.Pampa del Asador has been identified as the source of distinct types of obsidian (generally black, and Cerro Pampa, located in the extreme southwest of the Pampas, has been the central point from which the dispersal of artifacts fashioned from this obsidian has been measured. Based on the interpretation of satellite images, geochemical analysis, and field work, we present and discuss evidence provided by nodules and artifacts of obsidian recovered from paleo-drainage channels and an alluvial fan which originates in Pampa del Asador. The results expand the area of availability of obsidian 65 km east and 75 km northeast of Cerro Pampa, and also across Pampa La Chispa, although the relative frequency of nodules decreases and smaller size increases. These results have implications both in terms of the distribution and frequency of obsidian artifacts in the regional archaeological record

  18. Al SahawaThe Awakening Volume III-B: Al Anbar Province, Area of Operations Denver, HadithahHit Corridor


    normal meat and potatoes CAX, the only thing we cut off was the FINEX [final exercise] at the end, but we had all the combined arms things first. Even...single street corner in Hadithah. We pushed back on that guidance. Not knowing what we didn’t know, and even though we had done the map and cultural ...a very intellectually flexible, culturally adept Marine. At the end of OIF I, when we were in Baghdad and we had gone firm and were starting to work

  19. Al SahawaThe Awakening: Volume 3-B: Al Anbar Province Area of Operations Denver, HadithahHit Corridor


    normal meat and potatoes CAX, the only thing we cut off was the FINEX [final exercise] at the end, but we had all the combined arms things first. Even...single street corner in Hadithah. We pushed back on that guidance. Not knowing what we didn’t know, and even though we had done the map and cultural ...a very intellectually flexible, culturally adept Marine. At the end of OIF I, when we were in Baghdad and we had gone firm and were starting to work

  20. Al SahawaThe Awakening Volume III: Al Anbar Province, Western Euphrates River Valley, Area of Operations Denver- Transcripts


    may sound . Constructing all of the material gathered during the interviews into a multimedia product begins where most case studies, historical...lessons learned, we understand that. The smarter, younger guys who came up behind us never lost sight of that and were even more nu- anced. That’s part...where they can control the Ramana/Golden Gate Bridge. Alford: He was awarded the Silver Star for his actions. Davis: I believe there was an incomplete

  1. Cultivar Selection and Test Site Evaluation of Cotton Regional Trials in Jiangsu Province Based on GGE Biplot

    Jian LI; Naiyin XU


    This study was to evaluate the high yielding and stability of candidate cultivars, depict the adaptive planting region, analyze trial location discrim-ination ability and representativeness, as wel as identify the ideal cultivar and trial location, with the aim to provide theory background for cultivar selection and rea-sonable scheme of test location in Jiangsu Province. [Method] The GGE biplot method was used to analyze the lint cotton yield of 12 experimental genotypes in the 6 test locations (three replicates in each) of the cotton regional trial in Jiangsu Province in 2013. [Result] The effects of genotype (G), environment (E), and geno-type by environment interaction (G×E) on lint cotton yield were al highly significant (P<0.01), which made it necessary to further explore the specific pattern of geno-type by environment interaction. Jinmian118 (G4) and SF3303 (G5) were the best ideal genotypes screened by the "ideal cultivar" and "ideal location" view of GGE biplot, and the ordination of test sites based on the ideal index were in the order of Dafeng (DF), Yanliang (YL), Liuhe (LH), Dongtai (DT), Yancheng (YC), and Nantong (NT), among which NT was relatively weak in representing of the whole target cot-ton planting region in Jiangsu Province. The "similarity among locations" view of GGE biplot clustered al trial locations into one group, showing that the test sites in the cotton planting region in Jiangsu Province were in the same mega-environment. The "which-won-where" view of GGE biplot indicated that cotton cultivar Jinmian118 (G4) was the most appropriate cultivar in the homogeneous cotton planting region in Jiangsu Province. [Conclusion] Among the candidate cultivars, Jinmian118 and SF3303 were identified as the most ideal cultivars in this set of conventional cotton regional trial in Jiangsu Province; the test site of Dafeng ranked the first out of al locations in terms of discrimination and representativeness, and al test locations were clustered into

  2. Analysis on the inbound tourist source market in Fujian Province

    YU, Tong


    The paper analyzes the development and structure of inbound tourism in Fujian Province by Excel software and conducts the cluster analysis on the inbound tourism market by SPSS 23.0 software based on the inbound tourism data of Fujian Province from 2006 to 2015. The results show: the rapid development of inbound tourism in Fujian Province and the diversified inbound tourist source countries indicate the stability of inbound tourism market; the inbound tourist source market in Fujian Province can be divided into four categories according to the cluster analysis, and tourists from the United States, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore are the key of inbound tourism in Fujian Province.

  3. Volver al desarrollo

    Jaime Ornelas Delgado


    Full Text Available El desarrollo, categoría empleada para expresar el crecimiento económico, surge durante la "guerra fría" y si bien fue propuesta por teóricos metropolitanos, se asumió en Latinoamérica como parte de los instrumentos disponibles para lograr el crecimiento y alternativa al socialismo. El desarrollo mantuvo su vigencia entre 1945 y 1975, cuando al advenimiento del neoliberalismo fue paulatinamente retirado de la agenda de las preocupaciones nacionales e internacionales. Al iniciarse el siglo xxi, el fracaso del mercado autorregulado trajo de nueva cuenta al debate los problemas del desarrollo, lo que obliga a revisarlo críticamente, tanto como al concepto mismo para mostrar su carácter colonial, si se quiere construir caminos ajenos al neoliberal y superar los problemas que han hecho de Latinoamérica una de las regiones más desiguales del mundo.

  4. Pornographie als Metapher

    Caroline Schubarth


    Full Text Available In diesem Artikel werden unterschiedliche metaphorische Verwendungen des Pornografiebegriffs und deren Implikationen untersucht. Während die Existenz von Pornografie der feministischen Anti-Porno-Bewegung als Erklärung für die anhaltende Diskriminierung von Frauen in westlichen Gesellschaften dient, nutzen rechtskonservative Kräfte den Pornografievorwurf als Rechtfertigung für die Zensur von als deviant empfundenen Identitäten und sexuellen Praktiken.

  5. Shopping for high-technology treatment in another province.

    Revah, Giselle; Bell, Chaim


    In order to address long healthcare waits, political and professional groups have recommended sending patients to other provinces for diagnostic procedures or treatment. We investigated the feasibility of such recommendations, specifically, whether residence in one province can impede access to MRIs in another province. We contacted all public MRI facilities in Canada and found no difference in wait times between prospective in- and out-of-province patients, although wait times were highly variable from province to province. Over one-fifth (19/86=22%) of centres imposed barriers for out-of-province patients to access care. We discuss several jurisdictional, financial and logistic considerations regarding the feasibility and appropriateness of implementing a national strategy of interprovincial patient transfer for healthcare.

  6. The Agricultural Export Competitiveness and Independent Innovation in Liaoning Province

    Guimin; WANG; Haixian; XIA


    Through the vertical and horizontal analysis of agricultural export data in Liaoning Province during the period 2006-2010,we can find that Liaoning Province has already a major exporter of agricultural products,but there is no significant increase in many indicators with great fluctuation or declining trend. Meanwhile,compared with other provinces,the competitive advantages of agricultural export in Liaoning Province are not obvious,lacking competitive potential. Analysis shows that it is a strenuous task for Liaoning Province to transform from a major exporter of agricultural products to strong export province; during the course,relying on independent innovation is the fundamental guarantee. Liaoning Province should rely on independent innovation,to create new agricultural varieties,lead the international standards of agricultural products,form the brand agriculture,and improve the agricultural industry chain.

  7. Comparative research on the influence of varied Al component on the active layer of AlGaN photocathode

    He, Minyou; Chen, Liang; Su, Lingai; Yin, Lin; Qian, Yunsheng


    To theoretically research the influence of a varied Al component on the active layer of AlGaN photocathodes, the first principle based on density functional theory is used to calculate the formation energy and band structure of Al x Ga1-x N with x at 0, 0.125, 0.25, 0.325, and 0.5. The calculation results show that the formation energy declines along with the Al component rise, while the band gap is increasing with Al component increasing. Al x Ga1-x N with x at 0, 0.125, 0.25, 0.325, and 0.5 are direct band gap semiconductors, and their absorption coefficient curves have the same variation tendency. For further study, we designed two kinds of reflection-mode AlGaN photocathode samples. Sample 1 has an Al x Ga1-x N active layer with varied Al component ranging from 0.5 to 0 and decreasing from the bulk to the surface, while sample 2 has an Al x Ga1-x N active layer with the fixed Al component of 0.25. Using the multi-information measurement system, we measured the spectral response of the activated samples at room temperature. Their photocathode parameters were obtained by fitting quantum efficiency curves. Results show that sample 1 has a better spectral response than sample 2 at the range of short-wavelength. This work provides a reference for the structure design of the AlGaN photocathode. Project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Nos. 61308089, 6144005) and the Public Technology Applied Research Project of Zhejiang Province (No. 2013C31068).

  8. Distribution and size of lava shields on the Al Haruj al Aswad and the Al Haruj al Abyad Volcanic Systems, Central Libya

    Elshaafi, Abdelsalam; Gudmundsson, Agust


    The Al Haruj Volcanic Province (AHVP) consists of two distinct volcanic systems. In the north is the system of Al Haruj al Aswad, covering an area of 34,200 km2, while in the south the system of Al Haruj al Abyad, covering an area of 7,850 km2. The systems have produced some 432 monogenetic volcanoes, primarily scoria (cinder) cones, lava shields, and maars. The density distribution of the volcanoes in each system, plotted as eruption points or sites, has a roughly elliptical surface expression, suggesting similar plan-view geometry of the magma sources, here suggested as deep-seated reservoirs. More specifically, the Al Haruj al Aswad magma reservoir has major and minor axes of 210 km and 119 km, respectively, and an area of 19,176 km2, the corresponding figures for the Haruj al Abyad reservoir being 108 km and 74 km, for the axes, and 6209 km2 for the area. We measured 55 lava shields on the AHVP. They are mostly restricted to the northern and southern parts of AHVP and date from late Miocene to (at least) the end of Pleistocene, while some may have been active into Holocene. In fact, although primarily monogenetic, some of the lava shields show evidence of (possibly Holocene) fissure eruptions in the summit parts. The early lava shields tend to be located at the edges of volcanic systems and with greater volumes than later (more central) shields. The average lava shield basal diameter is 4.5 km and height 63 m. There is strong linear correlation between lava shield volume and basal area, the coefficient of determination (R2) being about 0.75. When 22 Holocene Icelandic lava shields are added to the dataset, for comparison, the correlation between volume and basal area becomes R2 = 0.95. Numerical models suggest that the local stress fields favoured rupture and dyke injection at the margins of the source reservoirs during late Miocene - early Pliocene, in agreement with the distribution of the early, large-volume shields.

  9. Ogunsile et al (18)


    The effects of time and the volume of extract to silver salt solution were investigated on the ... agar well diffusion method. XRD analysis ... attributed to their large surface area to volume ratio (Cho et al., 2005; Mittal et al., 2013). Synthetically ...

  10. Gezondheid als marketinginstrument

    Vijver, van de L.P.L.; Berg, van den I.


    Is biologisch voedsel beter dan gangbaar? Hoe hard zijn de bewijzen daarvoor? En hoe sterk moet het bewijs zijn voordat je het als claim op een product mag zetten? In dit Biokennis bericht een overzicht van de wetenschappelijke conclusies en de mogelijkheden om biologisch te promoten als beter, neer

  11. Alles is al uitgevonden

    J.G.M. van Marrewijk (Charles)


    textabstractDe voordelen van vrijhandel zijn zeer beperkt, al-thans als we de empirische schattingen van vooraanstaande economen en internationale organisaties mogen geloven. Zo worden de voordelen van liberalisatie voor de Europese Unie geraamd op ongeveer 0,5% van het bnp 1. De door het IMF gescha

  12. Initial Symptoms of ALS

    ... Research In Your Community Advocate Get Involved Donate Symptoms and Diagnosis En español Symptoms The initial symptoms of ALS can be quite ... the eyes and bladder are generally not affected. Diagnosis ALS is a difficult disease to diagnose. There ...

  13. Interview als Text vs. Interview als Interaktion

    Arnulf Deppermann


    Full Text Available Das Interview ist nach wie vor das beliebteste sozialwissenschaftliche Verfahren des Datengewinns. Ökonomie der Erhebung, Vergleichbarkeit und die Möglichkeit, Einsicht in Praxisbereiche und historisch-biografische Dimensionen zu erhalten, die der direkten Beobachtung kaum zugänglich sind, machen seine Attraktivität aus. Zugleich mehren sich Kritiken, die seine Leistungsfähigkeit problematisieren, indem sie auf die begrenzte Reichweite der Explikationsfähigkeiten der Befragten, die Reaktivität der Erhebung oder die Differenz zwischen Handeln und dem Bericht über Handeln verweisen. Im Beitrag wird zwischen Ansätzen, die das Interview als Text, und solchen, die es als Interaktion verstehen, unterschieden. Nach dem Text-Verständnis werden Interviews unter inhaltlichen Gesichtspunkten analysiert und als Zugang zu einer vorgängigen sozialen oder psychischen Wirklichkeit angesehen. Das Interaktions-Verständnis versteht Interviews dagegen als situierte Praxis, in welcher im Hier und Jetzt von InterviewerInnen und Befragten gemeinsam soziale Sinnstrukturen hergestellt werden. Anhand ubiquitärer Phänomene der Interviewinteraktion – Fragen, Antworten und die Selbstpositionierung von InterviewerInnen und Befragten – werden Praktiken des interaktiv-performativen Handelns im Interview dargestellt. Ihre Relevanz für die Interviewkonstitution und ihre Erkenntnispotenziale für die Interviewauswertung werden aufgezeigt. Es wird dafür plädiert, die interaktive Konstitutionsweise von Interviews empirisch zu erforschen und methodisch konsequent zu berücksichtigen. URN:

  14. JPRS Report, China, Work Reports: Northeast Provinces.


    cultural market . [passage omitted] county and township People’s Congresses throughout the province. By conscientiously performing functions and III...nationalities," thus promoting the work concerning cultural market by deeply waging the antipornography minority nationalities. We actively promoted the...pornography" or enhance the mechanism of having leading personnel thoroughly, and further purify the cultural market . be responsible for the family planning

  15. US Local Government Delegation Visits Sichuan Province

    Chuan; You


    A 12-member US Local Government Delegationled by Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch visited Sichuan Province December 11-13 at the invitation of the CPAFFC.Consisting of lieutenant governors,state legislators,mayors,government officials of cities and counties from eight states—Wisconsin,Washington,New York,Colorado,Illinois,Tennessee,Kansas and Missouri—the delegation was organized by the China-United States Exchange Foundation(CUSEF).Established in Hong Kong in 2008

  16. A Glance at Bohai Bay Oil Province

    Gao Shoubai


    @@ Chinese oil industry keeps on developing in 1994. The oil production of Bohai Bay Oil Province located in East China also keeps on growing. Geologically,the total area of Bohai Bay Basin is about 200 000 km2 and the main structural units are: Liaohe Depression, Huanghua Depression,Jizhong Depression, Linqing Depression, Jiyang Depression, Changwei Depression, Bozhong Depression,Chengning Uplift and Cangjing Uplift (see figure 1). Area of the main structural units is listed in following:

  17. Links between environmental geochemistry and rate of birth defects: Shanxi Province, China

    Yu Haiying [State Key Laboratory of Earth Surface Processes and Resource Ecology, School of Geography, Beijing Normal University, Beijing 100875 (China); College of Resources and Environmental Sciences, Sichuan Agricultural University, Ya' an, Sichuan 625014 (China); Zhang Keli, E-mail: [State Key Laboratory of Earth Surface Processes and Resource Ecology, School of Geography, Beijing Normal University, Beijing 100875 (China)


    The rate of birth defects in Shanxi Province is among the highest worldwide. In order to identify the impacts of geochemical and environmental factors on birth defect risk, samples of soil, water and food were collected from an area with an unusually high rate of birth defects (study area) and an area with a low rate of birth defects (control area) in Shanxi Province, China. Element contents were determined by ICP-OES, and the results were analyzed using a non-parametric test and stepwise regression. Differences in the level and distribution of 14 geochemical elements, namely arsenic (As), selenium (Se), molybdenum (Mo), zinc (Zn), strontium (Sr), iron (Fe), tin (Sn), magnesium (Mg), vanadium (V), calcium (Ca), copper (Cu), aluminum (Al), potassium (K) and sulfur (S) were thus compared between the study and control areas. The results reveal that the geochemical element contents in soil, water and food show a significant difference between the study area and control area, and suggest that the study area was characterized by higher S and lower Sr and Al contents. These findings, based on statistical analysis, may be useful in directing further epidemiological investigations identifying the leading causes of birth defects. - Research Highlights: {yields} Environmental geochemistry has an significant impact on birth defects in the regions with an unusually high rate of birth defects. {yields} An excess of S and deficiency of Sr and Al are the distinctive environmental features associated with the high rate of birth defects in the Shanxi Province of China. {yields} Geochemical anomalies is a non-medical basis for effective prevention and cure of birth defects.

  18. Curie surface of Borborema Province, Brazil

    Correa, Raphael T.; Vidotti, Roberta M.; Oksum, Erdinc


    The Curie surface interpreted from magnetic data through spatial frequency domain techniques is used to provide information on the thermal structure of Borborema Province. The Borborema Province is part of the neoproterozoic collision of an orogenic system situated between the São Francisco-Congo and São Luís-West Africa cratons, which formed the Gondwana Supercontinent. The Curie surface of Borborema Province varies from 18 to 59 km, which reveals the complexity in the crustal composition of the study area. The thermal structure shows different crustal blocks separated by the main shear zones, which corroborates the evolution model of allochthonous terranes. The Curie surface signature for the west portion of Pernambuco Shear Zone may indicate processes of mantle serpentinization, once the Curie isotherm is deeper than Mohorovic discontinuity. In this region, the amplitude of Bouguer anomaly decreases, which corroborates long wavelength anomaly observed in the magnetic anomaly. We interpreted this pattern as evidence of the Brasiliano-Pan-Africano's subduction/collision event. Earthquakes in the region are concentrated mainly in shallow Curie surface regions (less resistant crust) and in transition zones between warm and cold blocks. We calculated the horizontal gradient of the Curie depth to emphasize the signature of contact between the thermal blocks. These regions mark possible crustal discontinuities, and have high correlation with orogenic gold occurrence in the study area.

  19. Simulated water productivity in Gansu Province, China

    Zhan, Jinyan; Sun, Zhongxiao; Wang, Zhan; Chen, Jiancheng; Li, Zhaohua

    Economic value of water and economic analysis of water use management in Gansu Province of China have attracted widespread public attention. With the socioeconomic development, research on water resources has become more important than before. In this study, we define "water productivity" as the changes of economic production outputs of sectoral activities in every cubic meter of water input, which is also the technical coefficient of water resource use in each sector. According to Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) framework, based on the Input-Output Table 2007 and water resources bulletin of Gansu Province, we introduced the water into the ORANI-G (A Generic Single-Country Computable General Equilibrium model) model through the nested constant elasticity of substitution (CES) production function to analyze the changes of economic productions caused by water supply changes. We then examined water productivity in different sectors. Empirical results showed that current water productivity is underestimated. Agricultural water productivity is lower than that of the secondary and tertiary industries, even although agricultural water use is the largest part of water use in Gansu Province, and therefore improving agricultural water productivity can greatly mitigate the water shortage. Simulation results indicate that industrial transformation and development of water-saving industries will also mitigate water scarcity. Moreover, sensitivity analysis shows that the empirical results are robust under different scenarios. The results also show that higher constant elasticity of substitution rate (CES) between water and other production factors will contribute to sustainable development.

  20. Rodent consumption in Khon Kaen Province, Thailand.

    Suwannarong, Kanokwan; Chapman, Robert S


    Rodents are important reservoirs of rodent-borne infections worldwide, including Southeast Asia and Northeast Thailand (Isaan), where rodent consumption may be a source of rodent-borne diseases. The behavior of consuming rodents is related to a population's traditions, knowledge, cultural, and household contexts, among other factors. This cross-sectional survey was conducted in Khon Kaen Province, Thailand during November-December 2011. It aimed to elicit information about rodent consumption among residents of this province, and to identify factors associated with rodent consumption there. Multiple logistic regression analysis indicated that male gender, large family size, and use of rainwater as the main source of drinking water were positively associated with reported rodent consumption in this province, while having proper knowledge/attitudes towards animal-borne disease was negatively associated. These results provide evidence-base information for further studies, such as participatory ac- tion research, to further explore how people interact with rodents in different contexts. Further research is also needed to characterize risk of zoonotic diseases in relation to rodent consumption.

  1. Comment on "Atmospheric PCO₂ perturbations associated with the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province".

    Rampino, Michael R; Caldeira, Ken


    Schaller et al. (Research Article, 18 March 2011, p. 1404) proposed that carbon dioxide (CO(2)) released by the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province eruptions over periods of about 20,000 years led to substantial increases of up to 2000 parts per million (ppm) in the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide (PCO(2)) near the Triassic-Jurassic boundary. Use of an atmosphere-ocean model coupled to a carbon-cycle model predicts PCO(2) increases of less than 400 ppm from magmatic volatiles, with only a small climatic impact.

  2. Volver al desarrollo

    Jaime Ornelas Delgado


    El desarrollo, categoría empleada para expresar el crecimiento económico, surge durante la "guerra fría" y si bien fue propuesta por teóricos metropolitanos, se asumió en Latinoamérica como parte de los instrumentos disponibles para lograr el crecimiento y alternativa al socialismo. El desarrollo mantuvo su vigencia entre 1945 y 1975, cuando al advenimiento del neoliberalismo fue paulatinamente retirado de la agenda de las preocupaciones nacionales e internacionales. Al iniciarse el siglo xxi...

  3. Accessory phases in Karelian Province sanukitoids (Finland): Towards understanding temporal changes in subduction style?

    Bruand, Emilie; Fowler, Mike; Storey, Craig; Heilimo, Esa


    The Archean-Proterozoic transition is marked by the appearance of sanukitoids, which have been found on every continent, whose occurrence is believed to be a consequence of the initiation of the so called "Modern Plate Tectonics". Whole rock geochemistry and experimental petrology have suggested that they result from the interaction between a mantle wedge and a metasomatism agent (either oceanic crust melt or sediments). Sanukitoids from the Karelian Province (Finland) have been dated at ~ 2.7 Ga (U-Pb on zircon; Heilimo et al., 2011), and whole rock geochemical data, oxygen and hafnium isotopes in zircons have been interpreted as the result of the interaction between a depleted mantle wedge and a recycled crustal component during a slab-breakoff event at the end stage of the subduction (Heilimo et al., 2010, Heilimo et al., 2012). Geochemistry of accessory phases can give additional information about the petrogenesis and the sources of their host rocks (e.g. Hoskin et al., 2000; Chu et al., 2002). In this contribution, we present new geochemical data on the accessory phases (titanite, apatite, zircon) of the Karelian Province sanukitoids. We demonstrate that trace elements analysis and a detailed petrographic work on these phases give us a direct access to their petrogenesis. These data are compared to new data obtained on "modern" sanukitoids (High Ba-Sr suite, Scotland) and on a BADR suite (Guernsey, Channel Islands) in order to highlight potential geochemical signatures of each. This study will be followed by a systematic analysis of accessory phases in TTG, in order to have a whole record of accessory phases chemistry in plutonic rocks through the crustal evolution.

  4. Seismic hazard analysis of Sinop province, Turkey using probabilistic and statistical methods

    Recai Feyiz Kartal; Günay Beyhan; Ayhan Keskinsezer


    Using 4.0 and greater magnitude earthquakes which occurred between 1 January 1900 and 31 December 2008 in the Sinop province of Turkey this study presents a seismic hazard analysis based on the probabilistic and statistical methods. According to the earthquake zonation map, Sinop is divided into first, second, third and fourth-degree earthquake regions. Our study area covered the coordinates between 40.66°–42.82°N and 32.20°–36.55°E. The different magnitudes of the earthquakes during the last 108 years recorded on varied scales were converted to a common scale (Mw). The earthquake catalog was then recompiled to evaluate the potential seismic sources in the aforesaid province. Using the attenuation relationships given by Boore et al. (1997) and Kalkan and Gülkan (2004), the largest ground accelerations corresponding to a recurrence period of 475 years are found to be 0.14 g for bedrock at the central district. Comparing the seismic hazard curves, we show the spatial variations of seismic hazard potential in this province, enumerating the recurrence period in the order of 475 years.

  5. Empirical Analysis of the Vegetable Industry in Hebei Province


    We first introduce the status quo of the development of vegetable industry in Hebei Province,and then conduct empirical analysis of the development of vegetable industry in Hebei Province.Further,we analyze the development advantage of the vegetable industry in Hebei Province using SAI(Scale Advantage Indices) and SCA(Symmetric Comparative Advantage),drawing the conclusion that the vegetable industry in Hebei Province has much room for development;at the same time,we analyze the factors influencing vegetable consumption of residents in Hebei Province through the regression model,drawing the conclusion that the vegetable consumer price index is the main factor affecting the consumption.Finally we make recommendations for the development of vegetable industry in Hebei Province as follows:increasing financial input,promoting policy guarantee capacity;implementing brand strategy,promoting the competitiveness of products;improving the ecological environment,promoting industrialization of pollution-free vegetables.

  6. Tussentijds Toetsen als Leerstrategie

    Dirkx, Kim; Kester, Liesbeth; Kirschner, Paul A.


    Dirkx, K. J. H., Kester, L., & Kirschner, P. A. (2013, April). Tussentijds toetsen als Leerstrategie [Testing as Learning Strategy]. Presentation at the Miniconference on Assessment from the Mastersprogram Educational Sciences, Heerlen, The Netherlands.

  7. Ileke et al (5)

    big timmy

    extracts of the stem bark are commonly used to treat malaria and ... 2013). Aqueous extracts of the leaf and stem bark ... Ileke et al.: Toxicological and Histopathological Effects of Cheese Wood ..... to reduced production of the metabolic product.

  8. Sociale media als leermiddel

    Rubens, Wilfred


    Rubens, W. (2012, 5 juni). Sociale media als leermiddel. Presentatie over het gebruik van sociale media binnen het onderwijs, verzorgd tijdens een ouderraadbijeenkomst van de Katholieke Scholengemeenschap Etten-Leur, Etten-Leur, Nederland.

  9. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

    Lou Gehrig disease; ALS; Upper and lower motor neuron disease; Motor neuron disease ... 98. Shaw PJ. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and other motor neuron diseases. In: Goldman L, Schafer AI, eds. Goldman's Cecil ...

  10. Ismail et al (6)


    ... pumps selection as well as provide necessary information for water, hydraulics, mechanical and .... The analysis of hydraulic and design ... design; Tay et al. ...... Energetical optimization of water ... Wood D J,1981 Algorithms for pipe network.

  11. Analyzing Al Qaedaism

    Yuan Hua


    Three major events are responsible for the rampancy today of Al Qaedaism, the doctrine of Al Qaeda, an Islam extremist organization. They are: the Anti-Soviet Afghanistan War for the birth of the group; the September 11 terrorist attacks for the spread of its extremist demagogy and the war on terror for its branches networking into alliances worldwide.Al Qaedaism aims at driving away Western forces on the Moslem lands, overthrowing local Pro-West regimes, destroying Israel and setting up a Caliphate empire. Its rampancy has resulted from a combination of diverse factors at work under specific historical conditions rather an inevitable outcome of the growth of the Islam religion.As an ideological weapon for launching Jihad to oust Western influence and topple local regimes, Al Qaedaism reflects an extremist portrayal of modern Islam society, politics, economy and culture.

  12. Advanced Light Source (ALS)

    Federal Laboratory Consortium — The Advanced Light Source (ALS), a world leader in soft x-ray science, generates light in the wavelengths needed for examining the atomic and electronic structure of...

  13. Development Status and Countermeasures of Kiwifruit Industry in Sichuan Province

    Meiyan; TU; Guoliang; JIANG; Dong; CHEN; Hongjiang; XIE; Jingcheng; DU; Shuxia; SUN; Jing; LI


    The kiwifruit industry is one of the dominant agricultural industries in Sichuan province. A kiwifruit industrial zone with Cangxi county,Dujiangyan city,Shifang city,Pengzhou city,Pujiang county,Qionglai city and Dayi county as the core; An county,Beichuan county, Ya’an city,Wenchuan county et al. as radiation zone has been developed during the last 30 years. The kiwifruit cultivation area has reached to 2. 97 × 10 4 hm 2 with an annual fresh kiwifruit output of 1. 3 × 10 5 t; and the production value was nearly 110 million RMB in 2011. The production acreage and yield ranked the second over the country. Advice and ideas were proposed based on the circumstance and problems of kiwifruit industry in Sichuan. According to the advantages of developing kiwifruit industry in Sichuan,measures including strengthening scientific and reasonable planning,optimizing industrial layout,speeding up the breeding,adjusting product structure,standardizing demonstration garden, integrating and innovating the key technology,setting up research alliances,and fostering the leading enterprises were put forward.

  14. Trauer als Biografiegenerator

    Winkel, Heidemarie


    Der Tod eines Alter Ego erweist sich für Trauernde als gravierende Kontingenzerfahrung. Sie vermag das individuelle Selbstverständnis in umfassender Weise zu erschüttern, wobei sich Trauer als Schmerz von unvergleichlicher Intensität und Tiefe konstituiert. Die emotionale Erfahrung wird hierbei – nach Maßgabe psychologischer und therapeutischer Vorstellungen – zum Ausgangspunkt und zum Maßstab individueller Selbstvergewisserung. Diese Auffassung von Trauer korrespondiert mit einer allgemeinen...

  15. No Security Without Us: Tribes and Tribalism in Al Anbar Province, Iraq


    generosity, hospitality, self - esteem , honesty, integrity, safeguarding of women, and protection of the weak (see Figure 3). To...of vengeance, it further serves as a measure of deterrence and self -protection. Since retribution for an injury could be directed at any lineage...tribe recurrent problems may find himself ostracized by his own tribe, thus relieving the group of blood liability. Shame and Honor Acquisition of

  16. Study on Sustainable Development Capability of Shandong Province

    Ren Ziping; Luo Qishan; Wang Yanchun; Deng Hongbing; Zhao Jingzhu


    Based on the indicator system of Sustainable Development ( SD ), Shandong Province was selected as an example for assessment with AHP method and the standard year was 1978. The conclusion was that Shandong Province' s ability of SD was being strengthened step by step, and there were also some restrictive factors, and according to the basic conditions of Shandong Province, countermeasures and strategy of SD were put forward.

  17. CBERS-2B Monitored Forest Fires In Yunnan Province



    @@ Several forest fires hit Yunnan Province,in the southwest of China from April 6 to 9.Two disastrous fires happened near Shangri-La County,Yunnan Province.According to the requirement of the Land and Surveying Department of Yunnan Province,the China Center for Resources Satellite Data & Application (CRESDA) provided satellite monitoring images to detect the events.The processed CBERS-2B images were delivered to the related departments for decision making and disaster relief.

  18. Leakage current behaviors of Al/ZrO2/Al and Al/YSZ/Al devices

    Yeh, Tsung-Her; Lin, Ruei-De; Cherng, Bo-Ruei; Cherng, Jyh-Shiarn


    The leakage current behaviors of Al/ZrO2/Al and Al/yttria stabilized zirconia (YSZ)/Al devices are investigated for resistive random access memory (RRAM) applications. A silicon oxide layer (450 nm) is first formed on a Si wafer by thermal oxidation. Onto it an Al bottom electrode (270 nm), a ZrO2 or YSZ nano-film (75 nm), and an Al top electrode (270 nm) are sequentially deposited by sputtering. These RRAM devices exhibit ohmic behaviors in the low-field region, while Schottky and Poole-Frenkel emissions take over in the high-field regions. Both the Schottky and trap barrier levels are decreased when monoclinic ZrO2 is replaced by cubic YSZ in the metal/oxide/metal structure. This is attributed not only to the higher symmetry crystal structure and lower binding energy of YSZ, but also to the formation of more oxygen vacancies and their re-distribution associated with yttria doping.

  19. Testing the Law of One Price under Nonlinearity for Egg Market of Selected Provinces of Iran

    M. Ghahremanzadeh


    Full Text Available Introduction: Regarding to the ever-increasing consumption of egg and consequently enhancement of its production during recent years, consideration to this output's market integration has special importance. Considering the fact that information on market integration may provide specific evidence as to the competitiveness of market, the effectiveness of arbitrage and the efficiency of pricing could be, likewise, useful to guide subsequent interventions aimed at improving the performance of market. In this context, in present study, validity of Law of One Price (LOP will be tested in the egg market and among selected provinces. Materials and Methods: Nonlinearity naturally extracted from local market due to existence of transportation and other transaction costs, so common cointegration test results are not suitable for market integration. In this study, at first, for being sure that series follow nonlinear behavior, Luukkonen et al. (1988 and BDS nonlinearity tests were used. Then for testing Law of One price in the egg market, nonlinear unit root test proposed by Emmanouilides and Fousekis (2012, which is an auxiliary regression for ESTAR model, was used. The data are daily retail prices of egg with the sample period ranging from April 2006 to march 2014 for north-west provinces of Iran including West Azerbaijan, East Azerbaijan, Ardebil, Tehran and Zanjan, which were obtained from State Live Stock Affairs Logistics Incorporated Company. Results and Discussion: Based on the DF-GLS unit root test, the null hypothesis of unit root for egg price differentials was rejected. So, all series of price differentials are stationary. In the next step nonlinearity of price differentials of egg between two provinces was examined. In BDS test, at the beginning, an ARMA model was estimated then the test was carried out to the residual of estimated model with embedding dimension (m 2-8 and the dimensional distance (ε chosen equals to 0.5 and 2 times of

  20. Argentinian phlebotomine fauna, new records of Phlebotominae (Diptera: Psychodidae) for the country and the province of Chaco.

    Szelag, Enrique A; Filho, Jose D Andrade; Rosa, Juan R; Parras, Matias A; Quintana, Maria G; Quintana, Maria G; Salomon, Oscar D


    Sand flies are insects of medical and veterinary importance, because some species are able to transmit several pathogens such as Bartonella spp., Phlebovirus spp., and protozoan parasites of the genus Leishmania (Ross). They are widely distributed in the Americas, with recordings ranging from Canada to Argentina. Approximately 500 Phlebotominae species are known in the Americas, of which it is considered that at least 56 are involved in the transmission of leishmaniasis (Maroli et al. 2012). Previous studies have shown that the phlebotomine fauna in Argentina consists of 32 species distributed in 14 provinces (Quintana et al. 2012; Sábio et al. 2015; Salomón et al. 2010). Of these species, Lutzomyia longipalpis (Lutz & Neiva), Nyssomyia neivai (Pinto), Ny. whitmani (Antunes & Countinho), Cortelezzii complex [Evandromyia cortelezzii (Brèthes) - Ev. sallesi (Galvão & Coutinho)], Micropygomyia quinquefer (Dyar) and Migonemyia migonei (França) have been found with DNA of Leishmania spp. (Moya et al. 2015). Five new records of species in the province of Chaco, obtained from different projects carried out between 2001 and 2015, four of which are also new records for Argentina, are described in this article. Their importance as potential vectors and the correct determination of the sympatric species is also discussed.

  1. Evaluation of the Rural Human Settlement in Shandong Province

    Xu Hong; Shen Meiyu; Chen Xiangxiang


    Taking Shandong Province as the research object, this paper uses the principal component analysis method to evaluate the status of the rural human settlement in Shandong Province. It establishes the evaluation index system of the rural residential environment in Shandong Province, including living environment, economy, infrastructure, public service facilities, and ecological environment, in total five comprehensive index, and 20 second~ ary indexes. Through measurement and sorting of rural human environment development level of Shandong Province in 2010, the 17 cities are divided into-excellent, good, ordinary, poor-four development areas and are analyzed based on the restriction factor in the development of the region.

  2. Assessing Hospital Disaster Preparedness of Bushehr province

    Hakimeh Vahedparast


    Full Text Available Background: In disasters, large number of causalities rash into the hospitals in order to get health facilities. So, hospitals are the reference point for delivering the health services in all levels for helping to the most percent of injured people. Aim of study was to assess hospital disaster preparedness of Bushehr province. Maretial and Methods: This was a cross-sectional descriptive study which has been done in all Bushehr province hospitals. In order to collect data, we used 210 questions checklist with 10 different aims each aim had consisted of 6 different domains (equipment, working stuff, physical space, structure, protocols and functional chart. The checklists were completed by direct observation and evaluation of equipment, programs and documents based on their domains with different people. Results: The hospital preparedness in traffic base was very poor with mean number of 19/04±16/10 evaluation of security education and management domain with mean number 35/29±26/52, 38/65±19/46, 36/36±24/05, respectively were poor. In logistics, workforce, communications, excused transportation and addition to the hospitals with the mean number of 53/26±26/31, 49/65±27/61, 45/53±18/29, 43/33±19/72, and 40/47±20/37 were estimated as average. The most number was belonged to the emergency with the mean number of 53/80±19/18. Conclusion: The Bushehr province hospitals have not enough preparation against unexpected disasters and cannot be a good supporter for disaster happening, and in the occasions of happenings so many serious problems will occur. It will be suggested that the hospital managers should pay more attention to the unexpected disasters.

  3. Prenatal Care Services in Aydin Province

    Erdal BESER


    Full Text Available Aim of the study was to evaluate the quality and quantity of prenatal care in Aydin province. It was a cross-sectional study. 195 women (pregnant/women at postpartum period living in the Aydin province participated in the study. Cluster and simple random sampling method was used in the selection of women from 10 health centers (one rural-one urban health station each. Data obtained by face to face interview technique. Turkey Demografic Health Survey criteria were used for evaluation of the quantity of prenatal care as “sufficient” or “insufficient” and quality of prenatal care was scored as “1-2”(bad, “3-4”(moderate and “5-6”(good. Chi-square, Mann Whitney-U and t tests were used for analysis. One fifth of each pregnant women who were in last trimester and 11.3% of women in postpartum period stated that they were not followed up by an health personnel during pregnancy. One third of pregnant women who were in last trimester and 58.5% of women in postpartum period said they weren’t visited by an health personnel in the first trimester. Besides, quality points of prenatal care were found low, both in pregnant women and women in post partum period. It was found that living in urban areas, high education level and presence of social security effected getting adequate prenatal care. The quality and quantity of prenatal care was found less than expected in Aydin province which is located in the western region of Turkey. It is necessary that, health personnel must be more sensitive to convey “adequate” prenatal care especially women who are living in rural areas, who have low educational level and who have no social security. [TAF Prev Med Bull 2007; 6(2.000: 137-141

  4. Prenatal Care Services in Aydin Province

    Erdal BESER


    Full Text Available Aim of the study was to evaluate the quality and quantity of prenatal care in Aydin province. It was a cross-sectional study. 195 women (pregnant/women at postpartum period living in the Aydin province participated in the study. Cluster and simple random sampling method was used in the selection of women from 10 health centers (one rural-one urban health station each. Data obtained by face to face interview technique. Turkey Demografic Health Survey criteria were used for evaluation of the quantity of prenatal care as “sufficient” or “insufficient” and quality of prenatal care was scored as “1-2”(bad, “3-4”(moderate and “5-6”(good. Chi-square, Mann Whitney-U and t tests were used for analysis. One fifth of each pregnant women who were in last trimester and 11.3% of women in postpartum period stated that they were not followed up by an health personnel during pregnancy. One third of pregnant women who were in last trimester and 58.5% of women in postpartum period said they weren’t visited by an health personnel in the first trimester. Besides, quality points of prenatal care were found low, both in pregnant women and women in post partum period. It was found that living in urban areas, high education level and presence of social security effected getting adequate prenatal care. The quality and quantity of prenatal care was found less than expected in Aydin province which is located in the western region of Turkey. It is necessary that, health personnel must be more sensitive to convey “adequate” prenatal care especially women who are living in rural areas, who have low educational level and who have no social security. [TAF Prev Med Bull. 2007; 6(2: 137-141

  5. Colorectal cancer trends in Kerman province, the largest province in Iran, with forecasting until 2016.

    Roya, Nikbakht; Abbas, Bahrampour


    Colorectal cancer is one of the most common cancers. The aim of this study is determination its trends in Kerman province and individual cities separately until year 2016. This analytical and modeling study was based of cancer registry data of Kerman University of Medical Sciences, collected during 2001-2010. Among 20,351 cancer case, 792 were colorectal cancer cases in age group 18-93 years with a mean of 59.4 and standard deviation of 15.1. By applying time series and data trends, incidences were predicted until 2016 for the province and each city, with adjustment for population size. In colorectal cases, 413 (52%) were male, and 379 (48%) were female. The annual increasing rate in Kerman province overall was and can be expected to be 6%, and in the cities of the province Rafsanjan, Bardsir, Bam, Kerman, Baft, Sirjan, Jiroft, Kahnuj and Manujan had an increasing range from 5 to 14% by the year 2016. But in Ravar, Zarand and Shahrbabak reduction in rates of at least 2% could be predicted. The time series showed that the trend of colorectal cancer in female will increase 15% and in male 7% by year 2016. Given the trend of this cancer is increasing so that resources will be consumed in the treatment of the patients, efforts shoudlbe focused on prevention and early diagnosis of the disease. Screening could have an important role leading to improved survival.

  6. Cuidando al adulto y al anciano

    Alba Lucero López Díaz


    Full Text Available El propósito del artículo es describir, desde el ámbito universitario, la experiencia en la aplicación de la Teoría del Déficit de Autocuidado (TDAC con la población adulta y anciana. Se explican los procesos y resultados desde la preparación docente, la conformación de la asignatura, hasta el desarrollo de la experiencia práctica en el ámbito hospitalario y de la vida cotidiana. La experiencia muestra la adecuación de la TDAC para abordar el cuidado de esta población y la necesidad de desarrollar otros estudios al respecto.

  7. The petrology and geochemistry of Gharyan volcanic province of NW Libya

    Al-Hafdh, N. M.; Gafeer, A. S.


    Gharyan Volcanic Province (GVP) is one of the four major outpouring volcanic provinces (Jabal as Sawda, Jabal Al Haruj, and Jabal Nuqay) in Libya. It culminates the extreme NNW-SSE linear trend with the other province which defines a systematic decrease in age from NWW to SSE. The voluminous petrologic and chronologic episode in GVP is the Old Lava Series (OLS). This OLS (55-50 Ma) is flown over 1000 km of Mesozoic rocks that are sliced by Wadi Ghan fault zone. The second cycle is represented by the phonolite-trachyte intrusions (40 Ma). Those intrusions occur in the form of laccoliths and plugs where Wadi Ghan fault zone has a conspicuous effect in their emplacement behavior. The Late Volcanic Center (LVC) is the main young volcanic activity in the province (<12 Ma). They show different mode of eruptions on the continuous plateau of OLS. Young Lava Series (YLS) are minor eruptions that have a distinctive appearance on the field and landsat image by occupying an ancient buried wadies. The compound phonolite laccoliths in Garyat Gamatat al-Gharyiha area increase in relief northwardly due to the imparity of denudation with the OLS flows at the southern portions of the area. One of those phonolite samples shows a crustal contamination due to its anomalous in Sr content. The radial pattern of OLS flows in urban area has some differentiation degree by their relative evolution from basalts to basaltic andesites. The chemistry of LVC in the same area does not show close concordance with the LVC basanitic suite of Busrewil and Wadsworth (1980). On other hand, the basaltic sill in Garyat Gamatat al-Gharyiha area is belonging to the LVC activity in GVP by their concordant with the geochemistry of LVC basanitic phase. The ultrabasic rocks in the investigated areas are four-phase lherzolite (olivine + orthopyroxene + clinopyroxene + spinel) restrict only in LVC phase as sub-rounded nodules. These xenoliths penetrate the whole crust with relatively large velocity by melts with

  8. Fortschritt als Fortschrittsdiskurs

    Rainer Schmid-Zartner


    Full Text Available Zur Erzielung gesellschaftlichen Fortschritts in demokratisch verfassten Gesellschaften soll die Möglichkeit am Fortschrittsdiskurs teilnehmen zu können für alle Mitglieder der Gesellschaft als selbstverständliche Prämisse gelten. Fortschritt wird also als Bewusstseinsbildung dem Fortschritt selbst gegenüber und als Entscheidungs- und Handlungsfähigkeit auf individueller und gesellschaftlicher Ebene definiert. Dies setzt entsprechende Maßnahmen zur Befähigung dazu voraus, die alle Mitglieder der Gesellschaft erfassen. Dabei ist der Bildungsbereich angesprochen, insbesondere der Schulunterricht. Neben dem in der aktuellen blidungspolitischen Debatte forcierten Fokus auf den Aspekt der Kompetenzorientierung, der hier nicht infrage gestellt wird, ist als notwendige Ergänzung ein reflexionsorientierter Schulunterricht in allen Bildungsfächern einzufordern und umzusetzen. Im Weiteren beschreibt der Text den Weg von der Brauchbarkeit zur Bedeutsamkeit von schulischem Wissen durch Relevanzreflexionsprovokationen im Schulunterricht, um Sinn und Bedeutung der vermittelten Bildungsinhalte zu verhandeln. Am Beispiel von Mathematik als Bildungsfach wird der Inhalt von reflexionsorientertem Unterricht verdeutlicht. Darüber hinaus beschreibt der Text eine Reihe von konkreten Fallbeispielen aus der aktuell versuchsweise durchgeführten Unterrichtspraxis in Mathematik.

  9. Modification of residual stress in Al-[AlBO]w/Al compound plate

    姜传海; 吴建生; 王德尊


    The application of compound parts of Al-[AlBO]w/Al not only reduces the cost of the parts but also improves its properties. However, there is a large thermal residual stress between Al and [AlBO]w/Al, and it is harmful for practical application. From the theoretical analyses and experimental results, it was found that by the compressive pre-plastic deformation perpendicular to the interface between Al and [AlBO]w/Al, the interlayer residual stress of compound parts can be reduced, while the mechanical properties of compound parts can be improved.

  10. Hydrogeologic Provinces for California based upon established groundwater basins and watershed polygons.

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — Ten hydrogeologic provinces of California are represented by a region- class feature called "provinces" within this digital data set. These provinces were identified...

  11. Altern als Widerstand

    Roberta Maierhofer


    Full Text Available Gullettes kulturwissenschaftliche Untersuchung Aged by Culture ist wie bereits ihre zwei vorangehenden Werke, die sich mit Altern beschäftigen – Safe at Last in the Middle Years: The Invention of the Midlife Progress Novel (1988 und Declining to Decline. Cultural Combat and the Politics of the Middle (1997 –, von großem persönlichen Engagement und durch ein politisches Anliegen motiviert. Sowohl die Dringlichkeit als auch der Widerstand, den Gullette, die sich als „age critic“ definiert, als moralische und politische Notwendigkeit postuliert, werden in der Zweiteilung der Abhandlung angesprochen: „Cultural Urgencies“ und „Theorizing Age Resistantly“. Während Gullette den Begriff „aged by culture“ bereits in Declining to Decline einführt, stellt sie ihn nun in den Mittelpunkt ihrer Untersuchung. Das Buch ist einerseits einer gesellschaftspolitischen Analyse der USA gewidmet, andererseits wird eine Theorie des Widerstands gegenüber Altersdiskriminierung entwickelt.

  12. Pornographie als Metapher

    Caroline Schubarth


    Full Text Available In diesem Artikel werden unterschiedliche metaphorische Verwendungen des Pornografiebegriffs und deren Implikationen untersucht. Während die Existenz von Pornografie der feministischen Anti-Porno-Bewegung als Erklärung für die anhaltende Diskriminierung von Frauen in westlichen Gesellschaften dient, nutzen rechtskonservative Kräfte den Pornografievorwurf als Rechtfertigung für die Zensur von als deviant empfundenen Identitäten und sexuellen Praktiken.This article examines different metaphorical uses of the term pornography and the resulting implications. While the existence of pornography for the feminist anti-porno movement serves as factor in the continuing discrimination of women in western societies, conservative powers on the right use the allegation of pornography as a justification for censorship of those identities and sexual practices deemed deviant.

  13. Der Glaube als Erkenntnisquelle

    Andrea Hartwig


    Full Text Available Seit ihrer Kanonisation 1998 und Ernennung zur Mit-Patronin Europas 1999 steht die 1942 in Auschwitz ermordete Phänomenologin Edith Stein, 1922 vom jüdischen zum christlichen Glauben konvertiert und 1933 als Benedicta vom Kreuz in den Kölner Karmel eingetreten, mehr denn je im Blickfeld der Öffentlichkeit. Die Bedeutung ihrer wissenschaftlichen Arbeit u. a. als Assistentin von Edmund Husserl in Freiburg und als Dozentin am Deutschen Institut für wissenschaftliche Pädagogik in Münster, aber auch in privaten Studien wurden im Juli 2000 im Rahmen eines Symposiums des Internationalen Edith Stein Instituts in Würzburg diskutiert. Die Beiträge der vorliegenden Publikation beleuchten breit gefächert Aspekte des Werks und seiner Interpretation mit dem Ziel, die Philosophin neu zu entdecken und die bisherige Forschung zu intensivieren.

  14. Archaean associations of volcanics, granulites and eclogites of the Belomorian province, Fennoscandian Shield and its geodynamic interpretation

    Slabunov, Alexander


    An assembly of igneous (TTG-granitoids and S-type leucogranites and calc-alkaline-, tholeiite-, kometiite-, boninite- and adakite-series metavolcanics) and metamorphic (eclogite-, moderate-pressure (MP) granulite- and MP amphibolite-facies rocks) complexes, strikingly complete for Archaean structures, is preserved in the Belomorian province of the Fennoscandian Shield. At least four Meso-Neoarchaean different-aged (2.88-2.82; 2.81-2.78; ca. 2.75 and 2.735-2.72 Ga) calc-alkaline and adakitic subduction-type volcanics were identified as part of greenstone belts in the Belomorian province (Slabunov, 2008). 2.88-2.82 and ca. 2.78 Ga fore-arc type graywacke units were identified in this province too (Bibikova et al., 2001; Mil'kevich et al., 2007). Ca.2.7 Ga volcanics were generated in extension structures which arose upon the collapse of an orogen. The occurrence of basalt-komatiite complexes, formed in most greenstone belts in oceanic plateau settings under the influence of mantle plumes, shows the abundance of these rocks in subducting oceanic slabs. Multiple (2.82-2.79; 2.78-2.76; 2.73-2.72; 2.69-2.64 Ga) granulite-facies moderate-pressure metamorphic events were identified in the Belomorian province (Volodichev, 1990; Slabunov et al., 2006). The earliest (2.82-2.79 Ga) event is presumably associated with accretionary processes upon the formation of an old continental crust block. Two other events (2.78-2.76; 2.73-2.72 Ga) are understood as metamorphic processes in suprasubduction setting. Late locally active metamorphism is attributed to the emplacement of mafic intrusions upon orogen collapse. Three groups of crustal eclogites with different age were identified in the Belomorian province: Mesoarchaean (2.88-2.86 and 2.82-2.80 Ga) eclogites formed from MORB and oceanic plateau type basalts and oceanic high-Mg rocks (Mints et al., 2011; Shchipansky at al., 2012); Neoarchaean (2.72 Ga) eclogites formed from MORB and oceanic plateau type basalts. The formation of

  15. The polypores of Guizhou Province I


    Thirty five species of polypores (Basidiomycetes,Aphyllophorales) from Guizhou Province are found from a field trip in Kuankuoshui Nature Reserve and Mt. Qianling, among which 6 species are new to China and 19 species are new to Guizhou. Three taxa in Antrodiella and Perenniporia were identified to genus, but no names were found for them in the literature, and they are evidently previously unkown species. Fomitopsis pinicola ( Sw.: Fr. ) P. Karst., Ganoderma applanatum (pers. ) Pat., Ganoderma tsunodae (Lloyd) Trott. and Rigidoporus lineatus (Pers. :Fr. ) Ryvarden are the pathogens on several trees of angiosperms in the province.%对贵州省宽阔水自然保护区和黔灵山的多孔菌进行了初步研究,共发现多孔菌35种,其中中国新纪录种6个,贵州新记录种19个.3个分类单位只鉴定到属,它们明显是中国以前未报道的种类,或为新种.松生层孔菌Fomitopsispinicola(Sw.:Fr.)P.Karst.,树舌灵芝Ganoderma applanatum(pers.)Pat.,粗皮灵芝Ganodermatsunodae(Lloyd)Trott.和平丝硬孔菌Rigidoporus lineatus(Pers.:Fr.)Ryvarden为树木病原菌.

  16. Carta al Editor

    José Andrés Burgos Zuleta


    Full Text Available La medicina al basarse generalmente en la clínica, correlacionaexámenes complementarios y organiza un diagnóstico y tratamiento, es una disciplina donde es imprescindible saber recolectar, analizar, interpretar y concretar una respuesta adecuada, es así que la información que se recibe es esencial para el desempeño médico.La certeza es una realidad que se da en algunas situaciones y enotras las probabilidades establecen conclusiones. Lo normal muchas veces se define sobre la base de criterios estadísticos, basados en riesgos poblacionales que no necesariamente se aplican al caso boliviano.

  17. Selbstkritik als wissenschaftliches Projekt?

    Barbara Scholand


    Full Text Available Wallner kritisiert die aktuelle feministische Darstellung der rund 30jährigen Geschichte der Mädchenarbeit als „Legendenbildung“ (S. 9: Sie verkürze und verschweige im Interesse einer Selbst-Heroisierung und sei daher ideologisch. Als eine derjenigen, die seit zwanzig Jahren feministische Mädchenarbeit und -politik betreibt, arbeitet die Autorin damit auch ihre eigenen (Nicht-Bezugnahmen kritisch auf. Ihr grundlegendes Interesse ist es, eine aus ihrer Sicht erforderliche Neupositionierung der Mädchenarbeit in der Jugendhilfe im Zeitalter von Gender Mainstreaming zu befördern.

  18. Guide the Construction of Ecological Province of China with the Ecological Economics Theory



    A major issue in China's present ecological economic construction is to build the ecological province. In March of 1999,Hainan Province of China proposed setting up the first ecological province and was accredited by the Bureau of State Environment Protection as the pilot project. Up to now for only four years, Hainan, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Fujian, Zhejiang,Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu, eight provinces in the wholecountry, having launched the establishment of the ecological province. Meanwhile, the provinces such as Shaanxi, Hebei,

  19. Hainan Province Obtained 61 Exploration Rights in Multiple Countries


    <正>According to news sources from Hainan Province Land and Resources Department, Hainan Province actively implemented geological prospecting "Walking out" strategy, up till now Hainan geological prospecting units and enterprises have acquired 61 exploration rights, and 4 mining rights in Mozambique, Madagascar,

  20. A Low-Li Geochemical Province in the NE Atlantic

    Bailey, J. C.; Gwozdz, R.


    Lithium was analysed in 392 basalts and related igneous rocks from the North Atlantic Tertiary-Recent province using activation analysis and Čerenkov counting. Monotonous Li values of 5.5±2 ppm in NE Atlantic basalts define a low-Li geochemical province which has persisted for 60 million years...

  1. Integrated Coastal Management in the Province Ca Mau - Vietnam

    Stoop, B.; Bouziotas, D.; Hanssen, J.L.J.; Dunnewolt, J.; Postma, M.G.


    The province of Ca Mau is the southernmost part of Vietnam and the Mekong Delta. The water system of Ca Mau faces multiple challenges, both in its coastal zone and in its inland regions. the coastal zone in the province. In view of this, this study presents an integrated approach for combined coasta

  2. The Development Model of Agricultural Insurance in Anhui Province

    Pu; YOU


    The agricultural economy in Anhui Province is developing so fast,but farmers are severely affected by the frequent occurrence of natural disasters. The current agricultural insurance mode is not suitable,therefore,the research on agricultural insurance modes of Anhui Province helps to promote the steady development of the agricultural production. Starting from situation of agricultural insurance in Anhui Province,learning from both experience of foreign country and the latest successful domestic modes,we try to put forward agricultural insurance mode framework which is suitable for Anhui Province. Based on the actual situation of Anhui Province,it is necessary to adopt the mode of government leading combined with agricultural mutual aid rather than copy the existing mode.

  3. Developmental Strategies of Betel Nut Industry in Hainan Province


    The developmental status of the betel nut industry is introduced, including cultivation situation, processing and development situation, and consumer market situation. The result shows that the cultivation of betel nut in Hainan Province develops rapidly and the primary processing of betel nut has formed certain scale, but the deep processing of betel nut is backward. Except for the mino amount of the betel nuts consumed by Hainan Island, a large majority of the betel nuts are processed into dry fruit to sell to Hunan Province to reprocess. The problems exist in the development of betel nut industry in Hainan Province are analyzed, covering blind cultivation, extensive management, backward processing, lagged new product development and the single and concentrated consumer market. The strategic choice of developing the betel nut industry of Hainan Province is analyzed as well. Hainan Province should carry out the green, sustainable, diversified, cooperative and export-oriented industrial developmental strategy.


    Osmo; BULLER


    Skuis min la novajo, ke mia amiko kajkolego Dai Song’en forlais nin por iam. Lakruela fatalo foriris lin, kiam li ankoraǚ estismeze de sia laboro, plena de planoj kaj tiel ju-ha. Kun muta senpovo ni devas subii al lasenkompata trudo de la sorto, kvankam la men-so ribelas kaj rifuzas kredi ke ipovas esti vero.

  5. Ongelijkheid als beleidsvraagstuk

    Wilterdink, N.


    Op het hoogtepunt van de hype rond het ongelijkheidsonder­zoek van Piketty presenteerde de WRR zijn verkenningHoe ongelijk is Nederland? Voor de onafhankelijke denktank is stelling nemen in een politiek vraagstuk als dat van ongelijkheid best ingewikkeld.

  6. Comentarios al Salto Social

    Facultad de Ciencias Económicas


    Full Text Available 1. El Plan considera que la política social es un componente central de la estrategia macroeconómica. A diferencia de la administración Gaviria, lo social ha dejado de ser un asunto marginal, es consustancial al desarrollo y, por tanto, se le confiere una dimensión cualitativamente diferente.

  7. Kulturmorphologie als Zivilisationskritik

    Peters, Rikke Alberg


    Der Untergang des Abendlandes wird oft als dasjenige Werk betrachtet, das am tiefsten die national gefärbte Gegenüberstellung von Kultur und Zivilisation in der Zwischenkriegszeit geprägt und propagiert hat. Wie auch bei anderen Autoren der Konservativen Revolution, vor allem bei Thomas Mann und...

  8. Abraham Kuyper als theoloog

    W. H. Velema


    Full Text Available Men zou in Nederland de herdenking van Kuypers honderdvijftigste geboortedag hebben kunnen aangrijpen als een gelegenheid om diens theologie en diens levenswerk in kerk en samenleving te evalueren. Niemand kan ontkennen dat er in genoemde publicaties iets van een evaluatie is te vinden.

  9. ahadzie et al


    3Department of Computer Science, KNUST, Kumasi ... competencies relating to achieving the standard ... Brill et al., (2006) using a web- ... practical application of the core competencies .... culties and delays, poor coordination and com- ..... for subjective judgment and hence creating .... Ghana (Technical Document). Accra ...

  10. Aderoju et al (18)


    The digital aeromagnetic data were processed to produce total magnetic intensity and .... filters to TMI-RTE data as outlined by Stone et al. (2004). ... 2D-forward modeling of some ... primarily an image-based recognition of patterns, trends ...

  11. ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)

    ... the processes leading to cell death. Using both animal models and cell culture systems, scientists are trying to determine how and why ALS-causing gene mutations lead to the destruction of neurons. These animal models include fruit flies, zebrafish, and rodents. Initially, ...

  12. Proton irradiation studies on Al and Al5083 alloy

    Bhattacharyya, P.; Gayathri, N.; Bhattacharya, M.; Gupta, A. Dutta; Sarkar, Apu; Dhar, S.; Mitra, M. K.; Mukherjee, P.


    The change in the microstructural parameters and microhardness values in 6.5 MeV proton irradiated pure Al and Al5083 alloy samples have been evaluated using different model based techniques of X-ray diffraction Line Profile Analysis (XRD) and microindendation techniques. The detailed line profile analysis of the XRD data showed that the domain size increases and saturates with irradiation dose both in the case of Al and Al5083 alloy. The corresponding microstrain values did not show any change with irradiation dose in the case of the pure Al but showed an increase at higher irradiation doses in the case of Al5083 alloy. The microindendation results showed that unirradiated Al5083 alloy has higher hardness value compared to that of unirradiated pure Al. The hardness increased marginally with irradiation dose in the case of Al5083, whereas for pure Al, there was no significant change with dose.

  13. Calculation of interaction of AlCl, AlCl2 and AlCl3 on Al4C3 (001) Al4CO4 (001) and Al2CO (001) planes

    段少飞; 陈秀敏; 杨斌; 郁青春; 徐宝强; 刘大春


    To make sure the intermediate products of the carbothermic reduction of Al2O3 process, such as Al4CO4, Al2CO and Al4C3, and the interaction of AlCl, AlCl2, AlCl3 with Al4CO4, Al2CO and Al4C3, respectively, thermodynamic analyses were used to study the chloride reaction production of them under the vacuum situation. The stable structures and electronic properties of AlCl, AlCl2 and AlCl3 adsorbed on Al4CO4, Al2CO and Al4C3 were calculated by first-principles calculations by the CASTEP module in the Materials Studio program. The results show that the AlCl3 and AlCl2 molecules have decomposed on the plane of Al4C3 (001), while there are no obvious decomposition of AlCl3 and AlCl2 on Al4CO4 (001) and Al2CO (001) planes. The adsorption of AlCl on the Al4CO4 (001) and Al2CO (001) planes is stronger than that on the Al4C3(001) plane. The interaction strength of AlCl3, as well as AlCl2, with Al4CO4, Al2CO and Al4C3 is in the sequence of Al4CO4Al2CO>Al4C3.

  14. Chemical zoning of muscovite megacrystal from the Brazilian Pegmatite Province

    Rúbia R. Viana


    Full Text Available Macroscopically homogenous muscovite plate from the Cruzeiro pegmatite, located in the Eastern Pegmatite Province in Minas Gerais, may show complex distribution patterns of some trace elements. In geochronological and petrological studies, as for example in the distinction of magmatic and post-magmatic mica, the cause of zoning could be taken into consideration. The complex chemical zoning in the studied mica plate can be best explained by growth in an evolving magma followed by alteration due to percolation of hydrothermal fluids. Enrichment of Rb towards the border is interpreted as resulting from the chemical evolution of the residual magma during crystal growth. The depletion in (IV Al+VI Al as well as the increase in (Fe+Mg and Si along a fracture could be due to the hydrothermal celadonitic substitution of muscovite. This alteration also caused depletion in the contents of Rb, Ga, Y, Nb, Sn, and Zn and residual concentration of Ti. Elements such as Ga, Y, Nb, Sn, and Zn, rarely considered in the discussion of differentiation or alteration processes in micas, have been shown to be as significant as the alkali-elements.Um grande cristal de muscovita, macroscopicamente homogêneo, procedente do Pegmatito Cruzeiro, localizado na Província Pegmatítica Oriental, em Minas Gerais, exibe padrão de distribuição complexa para alguns elementos traços. Em estudos geocronológicos e petrológicos, como, por exemplo, na separação entre micas magmáticas e pós-magmáticas, a causa de zoneamento deve ser levada em consideração. O complexo zoneamento químico no cristal de mica estudado é melhor explicado pelo crescimento em um magma evoluído, seguido pela alteração, proveniente da percolação de fluidos hidrotermais. O enriquecimento de Rb nas bordas é interpretado como resultado da evolução química do magma residual durante o crescimento do cristal. A diminuição em (IV Al+VI Al, bem como o aumento de (Fe+Mg e Si ao longo da fratura

  15. Dengue virus serotype in Aceh Province



    Full Text Available WHO estimated 50 million dengue infections happen every year in the world. In Indonesia, there were 90,245 DHF cases on 2012 with 816 deaths. In the Province of Aceh, 2,269 cases happened in the same year. This study aimed to identify dengue virus serotype in Aceh. Sampling was done in Kota Banda Aceh Hospital, Kota Lhokseumawe Hospital, Kabupaten Aceh Tamiang Hospital, Kabupaten Aceh Barat Hospital, and Kabupaten Simeulue Hospital between May to December 2012. This was a clinical laboratory research with observation design using cross sectional approach. Research’s population was sample from patients with dengue clinical symptom. Using purposive sampling technique, we have collected 100 samples from the five hospitals (20 samples from each hospital. From RT-PCR, we found 16 positive samples (9 samples were DENV-4, 3 samples were DENV-1, 2 samples were DENV-2, and 2 samples were DENV-3.

  16. Agricultural Investment Environment in Shaanxi Province


    The features of ageing,low educational level and female domination on the part of agricultural labor forces,determine that the sustainable development of agriculture can not rely entirely on farmers,who are engaged in dispersed planting and small-scale operation,therefore,improving agricultural investment environment,and taking positive measures to promote diversification of the main body of agricultural investment,is the key to the healthy development of agriculture.From four aspects(the industrial base of agriculture,arable land resource conditions,capital investment capacity,input of means of production),this article establishes evaluation indicator system of agricultural investment environment in Shaanxi Province,and based on this,make recommendations for improvement of agricultural investment environment in Shaanxi.

  17. Full-length clone and characterization of a human immunodeficiency virus type 1 subtype B' isolated from Hubei Province, China

    TAN Jian-xin; KANG Xian-jiang; ZHANG Wei; LIU Ping-ping; TONG Xiao; YANG Rong-ge


    @@ There are two types of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV): HIV-1 and HIV-2. HIV-1 dominates epidemics in many different parts of the world, and HIV-2 is principally responsible for the epidemic in western Africa. In China, Zeng et al1 have reported the first individual infected with HIV-1 in 1985. And in the 1990s,there was a severe epidemic involving the HIV-1 B' strain among people who sold blood and plasma in Henan,Hubei and adjacent provinces.2 To further study in HIV/AIDS vaccines and HIV-1 drug resistance for people in these regions, we need to construct an infectious HIV-1 B' molecular clone which is representative of the virus in these areas.3 To this end, we have isolated a HIV-1 B' virus from a child who was infected with HIV-1 from his mother in Hubei province, and have constructed a full-length clone from this genome.

  18. Avian influenza protection knowledge, awareness, and behaviors in a high-risk population in Suphan Buri Province, Thailand.

    Maton, Tavorn; Butraporn, Piyarat; Kaewkangwal, Jaranit; Fungladda, Wijitr


    Avian influenza (Al) had outbreaks in Thailand from January 2004 to December 2005, which resulted in 22 human cases, and 14 deaths. Three confirmed cases were reported in Suphan Buri Province in 2004, one of whom died. A cross-sectional study aimed to investigate knowledge, attitudes, and practices about AI in Song Phi Nong District of Suphan Buri Province. Most of the respondents had moderate levels of knowledge. Most of their attitudes towards and practices of the prevention and control of AI were also appropriate. However, the peoples' knowledge about major signs and symptoms of AI was limited. The study suggested that those who had received information from media had better attitudes towards and practices of AI prevention and control, compared with those who had not received information from media. Therefore, the media played an important role in improving knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors; but for the better protection from AI, continuing health education will be necessary in Thailand.

  19. Pediatric burns in Khuzestan Province, Iran.

    Houshyarikhah, Hojjat; Shayestehfard, Marzieh; Javaherizadeh, Hazhir; Cheraghian, Bahman; Latifzadeh, Shila; Madari, Zahra


    Burn injuries are the most frequently occurring injuries among pediatric populations worldwide, and they are significant pediatric injuries in Iran. This study was conducted to analyze the pattern of pediatric burns in Khuzestan province in the south-west of Iran from April 2006 to March 2007. The location of the study was Taleghani Hospital, a sole center for burn patients in Khuzestan province. The number of patients with burns admitted to the center in 1 year (from April 2006 to March 2007) was 211. Data were obtained by reviewing the medical records of patients hospitalized at the center. Of the patients, 85 (40.3%) were female and 126 (59.7%) were male. Of the 85 female patients, 50 were from urban areas and 35 were from rural areas. Of the 126 male patients, 68 (54%) were from urban areas and 58 (46%) were from rural areas. The mean ± SE age of the children ranging between 0 and 11 years was 3.20 ± 0.188. Scalding was the predominant cause of burns and caused 86.7% of the burns. The age of the patients with scald injuries (2.95 ± 2.56 years) was significantly lower than that of patients with flame injuries (4.28 ± 3.3 years) (P=0.007). Correlation analysis showed that younger children and urban residents are more vulnerable to scald injuries. The mean body surface area of burns was 20.5 ± 10.26 cm in all patients. Scalding was the most common cause of burns. Age burn accidents in children in Khuzestan. An appropriate burn prevention program, with focus on education, is needed to prevent this injury.

  20. Derecho al desarrollo y globalidad

    Álvarez Vita, Juan


    La presente disertación, que he intitulado Derecho al Desarrollo y Globalidad, consta de cuatropuntos principales:I. El derecho al desarrollo en el contexto de los derechos humanosII. La noción del derecho al desarrolloIII. El derecho al desarrollo en el marco de las llamadas generaciones de derechos humanosIV. El derecho al desarrollo y la aldea globalPalabras clave: derechos humanos, Derecho Natural, Derecho Positivo, sociedad global.

  1. Factores asociados al bajo peso al nacer

    Georgina J Peraza Roque


    Full Text Available El bajo peso al nacer (BPN ha constituido un enigma en la ciencia a través de los tiempos. Múltiples son las investigaciones realizadas acerca de las causas que lo producen y las consecuencias que provoca. Su importancia no solo radica en lo que significa en la morbilidad y la mortalidad infantil, sino que estos niños tienen habitualmente múltiples problemas posteriores. El Programa para la Reducción del BPN señala que los niños nacidos con un peso inferior a los 2 500 g presentan riesgo de mortalidad 14 veces mayor durante el primer año de vida, en comparación con los niños que nacen con un peso normal a término. Dentro de los factores de riesgo del BPN se han encontrado con mayor frecuencia en estudios realizados por diferentes autores, los siguientes: el embarazo en la adolescencia, la desnutrición en la madre, el hábito de fumar, la hipertensión arterial durante el embarazo, la sepsis cervicovaginal, la anemia y los embarazos gemelares, entre otros. Es innegable la influencia que el BPN tiene sobre las futuras generaciones, por lo que debe constituir la diana de los esfuerzos que el médico y la enfermera deben desarrollar en su prevención, sobre todo en la comunidadLow birth weight has been an enigma for Science through times. A lot of research works have been carried out about its causes and consequences. The importance of LBW not only lies in its meaning for infant mortality and morbidity but also in the many problems that low birth weight children regularly face in the future. The program for the reduction of LBW points out that newborns weighing under 2500g have during his/her first year of life a mortality risk 14 times higher than newborns with a normal weight at term. Among the low birth weight risk factors, a number of studies by various authors have frequently found the following; pregnancy at adolescence; undernourishment in mothers, smoking, blood hypertension during pregnancy, cervix-vaginal sepsis; anemia, twin

  2. [Vibrational spectra of Caesious nephrite from Qinghai Province].

    Chen, Quan-li; Xu, Ya-lan; Ai, Su-jie; He, An-qi; Yin, Zuo-wei


    Qinghai caesious nephrite is discovered in the 1990s in the Golmud area of Qinghai Province. The conventional gemological testing methods, electron microprobe, infrared absorption spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy were used in this study to analyze the chemical composition and infrared spectra characteristics of the caesious nephrite, selected from the jade mine of Xiaozhaohuo river in Golmud area. The results show that, the gemological physical properties of the Qinghai caesious nephrite are similar to other origin nephrite. Electron microprobe analysis indicates that the MgO, CaO and SiO2 are the major and stable composition for the caesious nephrite. The content of MgO and CaO are 18. 572%-23.603% and 12.333%-12.807% respectively. Moreover, the content of SiO2 is 56.799%-59.926%. In addition, it also contains a higher content of FeOr(Wt%: 1.924%-8.699%) and an amount of Al2O3, TiO2 and Na2O. Infrared absorption and Raman spectra show that the Qinghai caesious nephrite has a characteristic spectral features of tremolite indicating it is mainly composed of tremolite. The different frequency of the infrared absorption bands is due to the difference of Mg--Fe2+ isomorphous substitutionand Fe2+ content of the caesious nephrite. Comprehensive analysis of chemical composition and vibrational spectroscopy indicate that the color of dark gray blue for the Qinghai nephrite is mainly related to its high content of FeOr, and the Fe is a main coloring element.

  3. De GPS al mapa

    Esteban Dörries


    Full Text Available Las coordenadas Lambert obtenidas a partir de mediciones con equipos GPS de mano, llamados a veces navegadores, en ciertos casos confunden al usuario, por diferir claramente de su posición real al ser graficadas en un mapa del Instituto Geográfico Nacional (IGN: Esto puede resolverse con suficiente exactitud mediante una transformación de Molodensky, seguida de la correspondiente proyección cartográfica. Sin embargo, los tres parámetros necesarios para la transformación, supuestamente válidos para Costa Rica, se encuentran en muchas variantes y producen obviamente resultados diferentes. En este trabajo se analizan los fundamentos del problema y sus posibles soluciones, culminando con un estudio comparativo de ocho casos, que permite seleccionar los valores más adecuados para los parámetros.

  4. Del crimen al amor

    Óscar Osorio


    Full Text Available Este ensayo ofrece un análisis de la adaptación al cine de la novela La Virgen de los sicarios de Fernando Vallejo que hace Barbet Schroeder en el año 2000. Se demuestra cómo, a través de un sutil proceso de supresión, atenuación y/o realce de elementos fundamentales a la novela, esta adaptación resulta en un filme en el que se advierte un proyecto ético-estético diferente al del texto original y en algunos aspectos opuesto a este. Ello a pesar de que los contenidos diegéticos son bastante similares. Gracias a este proceso, el filme resulta menos abrumador que la novela.

  5. Mantle xenoliths from Marosticano area (Northern Italy): a comparison with Veneto Volcanic Province lithospheric mantle

    Brombin, Valentina; Bonadiman, Costanza; Coltorti, Massimo


    The Tertiary Magmatic Province of Veneto, known as Veneto Volcanic Province (VVP), in the North-East of Italy, represents the most important volcanic distric of Adria Plate. It is composed by five volcanic bodies: Val d'Adige, Marosticano, Mts. Lessini, Berici Hills and Euganean Hills. Most of the volcanic products are relatively undifferentiated lavas and range in composition from nephelinites to tholeiites. Often VVP nephelinites and basanites carry mantle xenoliths (mainly harzburgites and lherzolite). This study reports petrological comparison between Marosticano xenoliths (new outcrop) and xenoliths from the Lessinean and Val d'Adige areas already studied by many Authors (Siena & Coltorti 1989; Beccaluva et al., 2001, Gasperini et al., 2006). Mineral major elements analyses show that the Marosticano lherzolites and harzburgites reflect "more restitic" composition than the mantle domain beneath the other VVP districts (Lessini Mts. and Val d'Adige). In fact, olivine and pyroxene of Marosticano xenoliths have the highest mg# values of the entire district (Marosticano→90-93; literature→86-92). At comparable mg# (45-85 wt%) Marosticano spinels tend to be higher in Cr2O3 (23-44 wt%) contents with respect to the other VVP sp (7-25 wt%). It is worth noting that, Ni contents of Marosticano olivines in both harzburgites and lherzolites are higher (2650-3620 ppm) than those of the Lessinean xenoliths (1500- 3450 ppm), and similar to that of Val d'Adige lherzolites (3000-3500 ppm), approaching the contents of Archean cratonic mantle (Kelemen, 1998). In turn, Lessinean olivines properly fall in the Ni-mg# Phanerozoic field. At fixed pressure of 15 kbar, the equilibration temperature of Marosticano xenoliths are similar (Brey & Köhler: 920-1120°C) to those of Lessini (O'Neill & Wall: 990-1110°C; Beccaluva et al., 2007), but higher than those of Val d'Adige (Wells: 909-956°C; Gasperini et al., 2006). Finally, Marosticano mantle fragment show similar relatively high

  6. Religion als soziale Deutungspraxis

    Ulrike Lingen-Ali


    Full Text Available ENGLISH: During the last decades, the topos religion transformed into a powerful category of difference, which is also relevant for educationsystems and settings. Religion as a tool to differentiate between subjects is linked with power and dominance and, thus,with ideas about the constructed identities of “the other”. With this respects, religion functions as a code to define in- andexclusions and mark “the other”, e.g. “the Muslim” in predominantly Christian societies in Europe. Critical theories on racismenable to recognize, describe and define these practices and their effects. They can provide a useful tool to question and challengeintercultural and interreligious educational approaches which potentially reproduce and, thus, strengthen cultural/religiousdifferentiations. DEUTSCH: Die Differenz- und Heterogenitätskategorie Religion hat sich in den letzten Jahren im europäischen und auch deutschsprachigenDiskursraum zu einer medial, wissenschaftlich und politisch wirkmächtigen Kategorie entwickelt. Dabei zeigt sich Religion sowohlals soziale Unterscheidungspraxis (auch in pädagogischen Arrangements, als auch als Mittel zur Identifikation und Charakterisierungbestimmter Gruppen und Individuen als religiöse Subjekte. Religion stellt in diesem Zusammenhang einen Zugehörigkeitscodedar, mit dem Personen als natio-ethno-kulturell Andere markiert werden, wie die Markierung von MuslimInnen durchAngehörige der mehrheitlich christlichen Dominanzgesellschaft zeigt. Rassismuskritische Ansätze ermöglichen es zumeist eherimplizit an Rassekonstruktionen anschließende Unterscheidungen zu erkennen und zu beschreiben, den Bedingungen ihres Wirksamwerdensnachzugehen sowie ihre Konsequenzen zu bestimmen. Eine rassismuskritische und migrationspädagogisch informierteReligionspädagogik ermöglicht AkteurInnen, weniger auf gewaltvolle Unterscheidungspraxen angewiesen zu sein undalternative Veränderungs- und Handlungsmöglichkeiten zu

  7. Carta al editor

    Harry Pachajoa


    Full Text Available Recently, Valencia et al., published a very interesting article called «Lipid profile in a group of patients with Turner’s syndrome at Clínica Universitaria Bolivariana in the city of Medellín between 2000 and 2009". An article which evaluated lipid levels in patients withTurner syndrome in a Colombian clinic, the study associated results of lipid profile with karyotype and other risk factors for coronary heart disease.

  8. Augmented Reality als Bildungsenhancement?

    Damberger, Thomas


    Die Realität, die sich mithilfe von Datenbrillen und Smartphone Applikationen in die virtuelle Welt hinein ausdehnt, erfährt eine Form des Enhancements. Ein solches Enhancement kann unter bestimmten Voraussetzungen als Bildungsenhancement verstanden werden. Der Text befasst sich mit Formen der erweiterten Realität, ferner mit dem, um was es wesentlich bei der Bildung geht und zuletzt mit den Bedingungen, die erforderlich sind, um diesem Wesentlichen mit Hilfe von augmented reality besser zum ...

  9. 四川名茶矿质元素含量研究%Analysis of Mineral Elements in 13 Famous Tea Varieties in Sichuan Province

    李春华; 王云


    This study was to analyze the mineral elements in famous tea varieties in Sichuan Province. Eighteen mineral elements in the samples of 13 famous tea varieties in Sichuan Province were measured via related instruments. The results showed, of all the 18 measured samples, that the contents of K, P, S, Ca and Mg were relatively higher(>1 500 mg/kg) in famous tea varieties in Sichuan Province, while those of Ba, Cr, V, Co and Se were relatively lower(< 10 mg/kg); compared to common green tea, the famous tea varieties in Sichuan Province contained higher contents of K, Zn, P, Na, Ni, Cu, S, Se and Co(0.38%-115.65% higher than that in common green tea), and lower contents of Mg, Mn, Al, Ca, V, Rb, Fe and Cr(7.20%-46.67% lower than that in common green tea); of the 13 tested tea varieties, Hongyanyingchun, Yongchuanxiuya and Qingchengxueya were rich in mineral elements, while Yuchengyunwu and Yuqiancha lacked in mineral elements. The results show that Hongyanyingchun, Yongchuanxiuya and Qingchengxueya are the elites in the famous tea varieties in Sichuan Province.

  10. Strategic Ideas of Greenway Construction in Ecological Zhejiang Province

    LIUBinyi; XUWenhui


    This article grasps the implication of ecology based on the theory of greenway, With the purpose of making Zhejiang Province become an ecological province, it points out that the problems exist in the greenway construction and makes it clear that the greenway construction is very important. Furthermore, in combination with the linear green open spaces, such as greening passages, tourist areas, and administration facilities in Zhejiang Province, this article puts forward the strategic ideas of the greenways construction and the strategies, measures to apply the greenways construction.

  11. Contribution on the Tabanidae (Diptera Fauna of Antalya Province

    Ferhat Altunsoy


    Full Text Available In this study, carried out 35 species in Antalya province. Totally 35 species, belonging Tabanidae were determined. The species Silvius alpinus, Chrysops viduatus, Atylotus loewianus, Tabanus atropathenicus, T. bifarius, T. cordiger, T. darimonti, T. glaucopis, T. leleani, T. lunatus, T. maculicornis; T. miki, T. portschinski, T. prometheus, T. spodopteroides, T. tinctus, T. sudeticus, Hemotopota italica, H. ocelligera, H. pallens, and H. subcylindrica are the first records for this province. The total number of determined species in Antalya province reaches to 52 with the result of this study and the previous studies.

  12. The Path Analysis of Farmers’ Income Structure in Yunnan Province

    Yongtian; XIAO; Yu; CUI; Lijia; HU


    The problem of farmers’ income growth is the key of issues concerning agriculture,countryside and farmers,so the farmers’ income growth is the fundamental starting point for agricultural and rural economic development. In this paper,we use the statistics concerning farmers’ income in Yunnan Province from 1995 to 2012,to perform the path analysis of components of farmers’ income in Yunnan Province,study the path of influence of components of farmers’ income on farmers’ net income,and then set forth the policy recommendations for increasing farmers’ income in Yunnan Province.

  13. Rheocasting Al matrix composites

    Girot, F.A.; Albingre, L.; Quenisset, J.M.; Naslain, R.


    A development status account is given for the rheocasting method of Al-alloy matrix/SiC-whisker composites, which involves the incorporation and homogeneous distribution of 8-15 vol pct of whiskers through the stirring of the semisolid matrix melt while retaining sufficient fluidity for casting. Both 1-, 3-, and 6-mm fibers of Nicalon SiC and and SiC whisker reinforcements have been experimentally investigated, with attention to the characterization of the resulting microstructures and the effects of fiber-matrix interactions. A thin silica layer is found at the whisker surface. 7 references.

  14. Teatro al aire libre

    Philippe Canac


    Full Text Available Siendo cada vez más frecuentes y numerosas las peregrinaciones a la basílica de Notre Dame, de Laus (Altos Alpes, su capacidad resultaba hace tiempo insuficiente para acoger a sus peregrinos. Este fue el motivo de crear, en un terreno situado ante el atrio de la basílica, un conjunto, que permitiese celebrar misas al aire libre, ceremonias litúrgicas o representaciones de teatro religioso y que dispusiese de todas las posibilidades para conseguir la libertad del juego escénico.

  15. El culto al pixel

    Pérez-Gómez, Miguel Ángel


    Podemos considerar el retrogaming como el culto a las plataformas antiguas y sus respectivos videojuegos, tanto de ordenador como de las consolas de 8-bits. Este artículo trata de hacer una aproximación de carácter etnográfico sobre el fenómeno del retrogaming. Podemos considerar a este colectivo como un “fandom” al uso, que posee actividades de carácter colectivo, publicaciones digitales y en papel, y convenciones en las que se venden los juegos, las consolas y hardware. Retrogaming can b...

  16. Highlights from Johannesburg, Gauteng Province, South Africa


    Although the extraction of mineral wealth has been the major influence in the history of Johannesburg and the surrounding Witwatersrand regions (with about 45% of all gold ever mined coming from there), the discovery of now-famous hominid fossils at the Sterkfontein Caves, and the convening of the world's largest-ever conference on environment and development, are setting a new stage for the future. The United Nations began the second Development and Environment Conference in Johannesburg on August 26, 2002. This meeting addresses the implementation of international goals to fight poverty and protect the global environment that were established at the first such conference held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. The Johannesburg summit involves about forty thousand participants, and perhaps 100 world leaders. One of several official opening ceremonies for the conference was held at the Sterkfontein Caves to recognize the outstanding universal value of the paleo-anthropological fossils found there.These views from the Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) highlight a number of the land use, vegetation, and geological features found within Gauteng Province (including the urban center of Johannesburg and the capital city Pretoria) and parts of the North West and Free State Provinces. The image on the right displays vegetation in red hues and is a false-color view utilizing data from MISR's near-infrared, red and blue bands. Both the natural-color view (left) and the false-color version were acquired by MISR's nadir camera on June 16, 2002. The urban areas appear as gray-colored pixels in the natural-color view, and exhibit colors corresponding with the relative abundance of vegetation found in the urban parts of this arid region.The mountains trending east-west near the center of the images extend from Pretoria in the east to Rustenberg in the west. These ranges, the Magaliesberg and Witwatersberg, separate the low-lying, hotter bushveld to the north from the cooler

  17. Frequently Asked Questions about ALS and the ALS Registry

    ... Muscular Dystrophy Association ( The Les Turner ALS Foundation ( Back to Top ... als. Back to Top Why was incidence (new cases of ALS) not provided in the report? Date of diagnosis is needed to calculate incidence. ...

  18. Detection of quinolones in poultry meat obtained from retail centers in Santiago Province, the Dominican Republic.

    Silfrany, R O; Caba, R E; Solís de Los Santos, F; Hanning, I


    In the Dominican Republic, poultry consumption per capita is greater than 34 kg of poultry meat per year. However, antibiotics, specifically the quinolone group, may be overused and can result in residues in the poultry meat. These residues are of concern because consumers may have allergies to antibiotics and antibiotic-resistant bacteria can develop from overuse of antibiotics in production. Little is known concerning this issue specifically for Santiago Province in the Dominican Republic. Thus, the main purpose of this research was to evaluate the incidence of residual quinolones in poultry meat and determine whether any residues detected were higher than the residue maximum limits (100 μg/kg) established by food industry authorities, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and European Food Safety Authority. A total of 135 samples of chicken breast were taken from different retail meat centers in the nine municipalities of Santiago Province (Santiago, Tamboril, Sabana Iglesia, Villa Bisonó, Puñal, Villa González, Licey, Jánico, and San José De Las Matas) and were analyzed using the Equinox test (Immunotec, Swanton, VT). Of the 135 samples analyzed, 50% from Sabana Iglesia, 20% from Licey, 20% from San Jose De Las Matas, and 6.25% from Santiago contained residues of quinolones higher than the residue maximum limits. No quinolone residues were detected in samples obtained from Janico, Punal, Tamboril, Villa Bisono, or Villa Gonzalez. The results of this investigation suggest that some poultry meat sold for human consumption in Santiago Province of the Dominican Republic contains quinolone residues and may represent a health risk to some consumers.

  19. Healthcare system responsiveness in Jiangsu Province, China.

    Chao, Jianqian; Lu, Boyang; Zhang, Hua; Zhu, Liguo; Jin, Hui; Liu, Pei


    The perceived responsiveness of a healthcare system reflects its ability to satisfy reasonable expectations of the public with respect to non-medical services. Recently, there has been increasing attention paid to responsiveness in evaluating the performance of a healthcare system in a variety of service settings. However, the factors that affect the responsiveness have been inconclusive so far and measures of improved responsiveness have not always thoroughly considered the factors. The aim of this study was to evaluate both the responsiveness of the healthcare system in Jiangsu Province, China, the factors that influence responsiveness and the measures of improved responsiveness considering it, as determined by a responsiveness survey. A multistage, stratified random sampling method was used to select 1938 adult residents of Jiangsu Province in 2011. Face-to-face interviews were conducted using a self-designed questionnaire modeled on the World Health Organization proposal. The final analysis was based on 1783 (92%) valid questionnaires. Canonical correlation analysis was used to assess the factors that affect responsiveness. The average score of all responsiveness-related domains in the surveyed healthcare system was satisfactory (7.50 out of a maximum 10.0). The two highest scoring domains were dignity and confidentiality, and the two lowest scoring domains choice and prompt attention. The factors affecting responsiveness were age, regional economic development level, and geographic area (urban vs. rural). The responsiveness regarding basic amenities was rated worse by the elderly than by younger respondents. Responsiveness ranked better by those with a poorer economic status. Choice in cities was better than in rural regions. The responsiveness of the Jiangsu healthcare system was considered to be satisfactory but could be improved by offering greater choice and providing more prompt attention. Perceptions of healthcare system responsiveness differ with age

  20. Women in Poverty: Experience from Limpopo Province, South Africa ...

    Nekky Umera

    unemployment, vulnerable people, poverty strategy. Introduction. This study .... socio-economic development in the province is very poor compared to any ... unemployment rate and lower education status than those not working in agriculture.

  1. SWOT Analysis of Vinegar Export of Shanxi Province



      This article is based on the SWOT theory, and analyze the vinegar export situations of Shanxi province. Finding out the opportunities and challenges the vinegar plants confronts is this article’s main purpose.

  2. The evaluation of public psychiatric services in three provinces of ...

    To describe the quality of care in communityand hospital-based care in three ... of care were addressed covering a comprehensive array of indicators of care. ... On another three all the provinces fared poorly (management, regular review ...

  3. Geologic Provinces of Southeast Asia, 2000 (prv3bl)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This coverage includes arcs, polygons and polygon labels that describe U.S. Geological Survey defined geologic provinces of Southeast Asia (Brunei, Indonesia,...

  4. Basin and Range Province, Western US, USGS Grids, #1

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These grid files were used to produce gravity and basin depth maps of the Basin and Range Province, western United States. The maps show gravity values and modeled...

  5. South America Province Boundaries, 1999 (prv6ag)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — South America is part of Region 6 (Central and South America) for the World Energy Assessment. South America was divided into 107 geologic provinces as background...

  6. Alumina Producers in Shandong Province Allied to Win Negotiation


    <正>Faced with the soaring bauxite price,five alu- mina producers in Shandong Province jointly established Shangdong Bauxite Import Compa- nies Club to gain a better position in price ne- gotiation with foreign counterparts by getting

  7. Basin and Range Province, Western US, USGS Grids #5

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These grid files were used to produce gravity and basin depth maps of the Basin and Range Province, western United States. The maps show gravity values and modeled...

  8. Comparative Study on Property Income of Farmers in Shaanxi Province

    DONG Hong


    According to statistic data of Shaanxi Province during 1997 to 2010,I conducted a comparative analysis on farmers’ property income from region,urban and rural factors and structure,established regression model,and studied the relationship between farmers’ property income and gross income.Results show that the growth of average property income of farmers in Shaanxi Province is clearly slow,and the gap is widening from the average national level;except 2001 and 2002,the average property income of urban and rural residents of Shaanxi Province kept a great difference;the proportion of rural residents’ property income is very small,basically not higher than 3%;there is a significant correlation between the property income and gross income of farmers in Shaanxi Province.Energetically developing rural economy and increasing farmers’ property are favorable to growth of farmers’ property income.

  9. Development Strategy of Sugarcane Industry in Guangdong Province

    CHEN Yue-gui; WU Jian-tao; YANG Jun-xian; LI Qi-wei; XIE Jing; PAN Fang-yin; WU Wen-long; LIU Fu-ye; DENG Hai-hua; QI Yong-wen


    Guangdong Province is one of the main producing areas of sugarcane in China, and one of China’s three regions with dominant advantage in sugarcane, having good basis and conditions for developing sugarcane industry. In this research, using the SWOT-AHP method, we set 20 assessment indicators (such as the regions with dominant advantage in sugarcane, huge demand for domestic sugar, increased production costs and backward system of sugarcane), to analyze the development strategy of sugarcane industry in Guangdong Province, from strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges of sugarcane industrial development in Guangdong Province. The results show that in order to promote the development of sugarcane industry in Guangdong Province, it is necessary to adopt the SO development strategy (relying on its own strengths and using favorable external environment), to achieve the rapid development.


    JIANG Hui-ming; GU Li-li


    Jilin Province is one of the main grain-producing provinces of China, which has dominant position in maize production, by the view of its advantages in policy, location, breed and market. And after entering WTO,some measures have been taken to enhance maize competitive ability. But there are some difficulties in concentrating production to maize advantaged areas. This paper expounds the basis that Jilin Province becomes the advantage area of maize, analyzes the problems and puts forward the supporting policy. Some strategic measures are proposed,as developing comparable advantages, carrying out the strategy of un-equilibrium development and cultivating advantaged product areas of maize to rapidly improve the international competitive ability and productivity of maize in Jilin Province, cast the agricultural predicament off and promote the agricultural development into a new stage.

  11. Basin and Range Province, Western US, USGS Grids #3

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These grid files were used to produce gravity and basin depth maps of the Basin and Range Province, western United States. The maps show gravity values and modeled...

  12. Geologic provinces of Iran, 2000 (prv2cg)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This data set includes arcs, polygons, and polygon labels for geologic and petroleum provinces interpreted and designated by R.M. Pollastro based on numerous...

  13. Derivados vinculados al seguro.

    De Paz Cobo, Sonia


    Full Text Available El presente trabajo tiene como objetivo la presentación de los derivados financieros como instrumentos de cobertura de los riesgos del seguro, así como de los principales proyectos que se desarrollan a través de los mismos, como por ejemplo los derivados sobre el clima. Hay que tener presente las pérdidas multimillonarias ocasionadas en casos como el de la banca Baring’s, o el de Orange County, por citar algunas, que si bien ciertos autores afirman que están en relación directa con el uso de estos productos, no podemos olvidar que los instrumentos derivados se desarrollaron con el objetivo principal de proteger al usuario de la posible volatilidad del activo subyacente. Ya en la industria aseguradora los derivados vinculados a tal actividad son instrumentos donde el pago se condiciona a la ocurrencia de su suceso de siniestro, o serie de sucesos múltiples que disparen las pérdidas. Tras el repaso efectuado y la descripción que este tipo de instrumentos puede tener en la gestión del riesgo por parte de la industria aseguradora, concluiremos con la exposición de las relaciones con el reaseguro tradicional así como una breve referencia al futuro de este tipo de instrumentos

  14. Gliricidia sepium al establecimiento

    J. L. Valle


    Full Text Available Se asoció Cenchrus ciliaris (Cc y Gliricidia sepium (Gs para evaluar la producción de biomasa y la composición química de los forrajes en la fase de establecimiento, en el estado de Morelos, México, en condiciones de trópico seco. Se empleó un análisis de varianza con diseño en bloques al azar, en donde T1 fue pasto solo, T2 Cc más Gs con 5,000 plantas ha-1 y el T3 Cs más Gs con 14,285 plantas ha-1. Se midió la producción de forraje individual y asociado con materia seca (t MS/Ha, la altura (A en cm, la proteína cruda (PC%, las fracciones de fibra (FDN% y FDA% y la digestibilidad in vitro de la materia seca (DIVMS%. El T3 tuvo una mejor producción de biomasa (P0.05. La asociación de 14,285 plantas ha-1 de G. sepium con pasto Cenchrus ciliaris mejoró la producción de biomasa y la disponibilidad total de nutrientes por superficie cultivada al establecimiento

  15. Modeling neuronal vulnerability in ALS.

    Roselli, Francesco; Caroni, Pico


    Using computational models of motor neuron ion fluxes, firing properties, and energy requirements, Le Masson et al. (2014) reveal how local imbalances in energy homeostasis may self-amplify and contribute to neurodegeneration in ALS.

  16. AL-USRCRN Station Information

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Documentation of United States Alabama Regional Climate Reference Network (AL-USRCRN) installations in 2006. Installations documented are for AL-USRCRN pilot project...


    Devita Zuliati


    Full Text Available This study aimed at analyzing the translation of 53 poems in Tata Bahasa Arab book written by Chatibul Umam, et al. in view of the context theory. This study was based on a contextual translation theory that the understanding the right and proper context of Arabic texts translated into Indonesian plays an important role in determining the quality of a translation that is easily understood, contextual and functional. The qualitative data were read using the linguistic approach and critical translation. This study concluded that the translation work of Chatibul Umam, et al. tended to be literal not based on the complete understanding of the context, internal context (linguistic context and socio-cultural context of the texts. The role of the external context of the texts is less utilized in the translation process of poetry (nazham, so that the translation of the book is neither communicative nor functional.

  18. Developing Potential of Low-carbon Agriculture in Heilongjiang Province

    Yang Hui; Li Cui-xia; Chen Yao; Fu Rao


    Based on the trace of origin and development process of low-carbon economy, the paper defined the concept of low- carbon agriculture. As a case, the development of low-carbon advantage and disadvantage of agriculture in Heilongjiang Province made a systematic analysis of factors; it based on the empirical and comparative analysis of low-carbon development in Heilongjiang Province and put forward countermeasures and suggestions of agriculture. At last, the low-carbon agriculture was prospected in the future.

  19. Pharmacovigilance in children in Camagüey Province, Cuba

    Bárzaga Arencibia, Z.; López Leyva, A.; Mejías Peña, Y.; González Reyes, A.R.; Fernández Manzano, E.; Choonara, Imti


    Purpose: Our aim was to describe the adverse drug reactions (ADRs) detected following increased education about pharmacovigilance and drug toxicity in children in Camagüey Province, Cuba. Methods: Over a period of 24 months (January 2009 to December 2010), all reports of suspected ADRs in children to the Provincial Pharmacovigilance Centre in Camagüey Province were analysed. ADRs were classified in relation to causality and severity. Results: There were 533 reports involvi...

  20. Measuring drought and drought impacts in Red Sea Province, Sudan

    Cole, R.


    Metadata only record The report assesses the 1987 and 1988 drought in Red Sea Province, Sudan putting it in the wider context of other droughts and floods, and the impact of food aid on the province. There are three major coping strategies employed in times of drought, which are essentially intensification of activities already performed. The first of these involves food consumption reduction, the consumption of bush foods, borrowing, the sale of livestock, and herd splitting. The medial r...

  1. Philonotis calcarea (Bryophyta) in the Opole Province (Poland)

    Stebel Adam


    Philonotis calcarea (Bruch & Schimp.) Schimp. in Poland is a montane species, very rarely occurring in lowland, strictly protected by law. In the Opole Province till this time it has been known from four localities, reported from the 19th and first half of the 20th century. The paper presents description of the new locality and list of stations of P. calcarea in the Opole Province. Current distribution of this species is presented on the map.

  2. Philonotis calcarea (Bryophyta in the Opole Province (Poland

    Stebel Adam


    Full Text Available Philonotis calcarea (Bruch & Schimp. Schimp. in Poland is a montane species, very rarely occurring in lowland, strictly protected by law. In the Opole Province till this time it has been known from four localities, reported from the 19th and first half of the 20th century. The paper presents description of the new locality and list of stations of P. calcarea in the Opole Province. Current distribution of this species is presented on the map.


    Al-Ameer, Ali M.; Al-Akloby, Omar M.


    Objective: This study aims to review the clinical pattern of acne vulgaris cases referred to one hospital in the Eastern Province. Methods: Two hundred cases diagnosed in the Dermatology Department at King Fahad Hospital of the University (KFHU), Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia were studied Results: Inflammatory acne was the predominant type observed in both males and females (76% and, 79%, respectively). Seborrhea (greasy skin) was the most frequently associated condition 22 (11%) followed by dandru...




    Full Text Available RACT Protein consumption level of society in Yogyakarta Province has yet to meet the target, but the beef is a source of animal protein that is easily obtainable. Therefore, research on the analysis of demand for beef in this province needs to be done. Objective: (1 Determine the factors that affect the demand for beef in Yogyakarta. (2 Determine the own price elasticity and income elasticity of demand for beef in this province, and to know the cross-price elasticity of demand for beef to changes in the price of mutton, chicken, rice, and cooking oil. Metode: descriptive statistics, followed by inductive statistics , and hypothesis testing. The data used are primary and secondary data. Data were analyzed by multiple linear regression with the value of t and F tests, and analysis of the coefficient of determination. Results: Taken together, the factors that affect the demand for beef in the province is the price of beef, mutton, chicken, rice, cooking oil, income, number of inhabitants. Individually, beef demand is influenced by the price of beef and income residents. Beef inelastic demand means that beef is the daily necessities that are affordable and easy to obtain population of Yogyakarta Province. The increase in income population does not add to demand for beef. Substitutes of beef in the province is goat and chicken, while the complementary goods are rice and cooking oil.

  5. Municipal solid waste management in Cartago province

    Silvia M. Soto-Córdoba


    Full Text Available This paper resumes the principals results obtained by the grant EUROPEAID/126635/M/ACT/CR”, that was realized by FUNDATEC, and whose bene­ficiary was the “Federación de Municipalidades de Cartago, Costa Rica”, the Project received a funding of 74,920 euros. We work with all the Municipalities of the Cartago Province. In addition, we show the results of the interviews of social actors, visits to the recycle sites, visits of municipalities, during the years 2010, 2011 and 2012, and the review of literature. We describe the actual situation of the management of solid waste in Cartago, determinate the gene­ration rates by person and identified the principal landfill disposes, the recycle companies and deter­minate the main problems associated with the solid waste. It is hope that the information presented here, pro­vides the basis for the future construction of plans of municipal solid waste management, and for the capacitation of community organization in the pro­vince of Cartago.

  6. Church Tourism in Batangas Province, Philippines



    Full Text Available Church tourism has clearly increased over the past ten years. Churches are an important part of the tourism product of many parts of the country. This study aimed to determine the contribution of the churches in terms of social, cultural and economic aspects of the place, to identify the problems encountered in the promoting church tourism and propose plan of action to sustain the tourism of the Province of Batangas through churches. The researchers used the descriptive method of research and utilized self-made questionnaire as the main data gathering instrument of the study. The respondents were consisting of 5 people in the offices of the pilgrim churches from Batangas City and 10 churchgoers. The respondents agree that pilgrim churches contribute to tourism in terms of social and economics aspect while they strongly agree in term of cultural aspect. The most commonly experienced problems were the accessibility of the transportation and an action plan was proposed to address the problems encountered. The recommendation addressed that roving guards should be provided to ensure the safety and security of the tourists during their visit in the church. The church personnel may provide creative and command activities that will encourage people. Also they may have a briefing about the history of the church so that if visitor needs information it easy for them to answer and an action plan may be implemented to solve the problem encountered.

  7. ICT Strategic Planning for Mazandaran Province

    Mohammad Reza Shojaie


    Full Text Available Today, regarding rapid changes in the environment, any organization, institution or country that overlooks its capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, will face real challenges. Strategic planning in organizations is a common response to these challenges which also facilitate achieving goals in an organization. Today, the importance of ICT is increased, which necessitates ICT strategic planning to use ICT in organizations. So, this study aimed to propose ICT strategic plans for Mazandaran province. For this end, at first using stakeholders' viewpoints, the vision, mission and goals are provided. Then, Internal & External Matrix was suggested and identified factors were ranked using Analytic Network Processing (ANP. Then, concerning strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and using SWOT analysis, ICT strategies were provided. Finally, using QSPM matrix, the strategies were ranked. Regarding this ranking, dedicated budget to ICT in governmental organizations, using integration architecture, developing organizational and inter-organizational information systems, developing mechanisms to absorb national and local financial resources for extending ICT infrastructures and finally concerning ICT trainings for managers and people, were in the top of the list.

  8. Vegetative Compatibility and Asexual Recombination in Magnaporthe grisea from Jiangsu Province, China

    WANG Yan-li; ZHANG Zheng-guang; ZHENG Xiao-bo


    Vegetative compatibility among isolates of different races in Magnaporthe grisea collectedfrom Jiangsu Province and asexual recombination among compatible isolates by anastomosis were tested.Twenty isolates involving seven races from diseased rice plants were paired on polished rice rose bengal mediumand incubated at 25℃ in darkness for 18 days. Among 173 pairings tested, solid hyphai fusion lines formed byanastomosis between 124 pairings, indicated that these isolates were vegetative compatible with each other.The result showed that most M. grisea isolates were vegetative compatible. Furthermore, 17 vegetative com-patible pairings between monoconidial isolates with MBCsIPTr marker and isolates with MBCrIPTs markerwere selected to detect the asexual recombination between the compatible isolates of different races. The asexu-al recombinants with MBCrIPTr marker were detected in single hyphal fragment progenies in thirteen of theseventeen pairings. The percentage of recombinants was about 0.6 - 11.3%. Results showed that vegetative com-patibility was prevailing among isolates of M. grisea in Jiangsu Province in vitro. These results also suggested thatasexual recombination may be an important mechanism for M. grisea to maintain genetic diversity in nature.


    Alberto Contreras Clunes


    Full Text Available El fallo en el caso Pinochet tiene distintas formas de ser analizado. De partida, desde un punto de vista político, también constitucional, del derecho penal. Sin embargo, nos abocaremos al estudio desde el punto de vista procesal, en especial a lo referido al Debido Proceso. Para ello se analizará los presupuestos, la solución dada por la Excma. Corte Suprema y las consecuencias del mismo. Además, se criticará la solución dada, desde la óptica de las garantías procesales del imputado, contenidas en el nuevo proceso penal y lo dispuesto en la Constitución y la Convención Americana de Derechos Humanos. Finalmente, se argumentará en favor de una interpretación finalista y armónica de la Constitución y los tratados internacionales de derechos humanos.The verdict of the Pinochet Case has different ways of being analyzed: from the political, the constitutional, and the penal law points of view. However, we will approach this study from the legal point of view, especially to that referred to as the Proper Process. To do this, the budgets, the solution given by the Most Excellent Supreme Court, and its consequences will be analyzed. Furthermore, the given solution will be criticized from the point of view of the legal guarantees of the accused contained in the new penal process and what is contained in the Constitution and in the American Convention of Human Rights. In conclusion, we will argue in favor of a final and harmonious interpretation of the Constitution and the international agreement of human rights.

  10. Carta al Editor

    Darío Maldonado Romero


    Full Text Available

    Bogotá, 01 de Agosto de 1990
    Miembros del Consejo Editorial
    Academia Nacional de Medicina

    Señores doctores:

    Con toda consideración y respeto me permito agregar algunas anotaciones al escrito del Académico Alberto Cárdenas Escobar, aparecido en el No. 22 de Medicina, para destacar algunos aspectos de la personalidad del doctor Alberto Schweitzer galardonado con el Premio Nobel de la Paz.

    A los 30 años de edad tomó una decisión dramática: Estudiar Medicina para trabajaren el África Ecuatorial. Cuando terminó sus investigaciones sobre enfermedades tropicales y sus prácticas hospitaLarias, partió para el Gabon al pequeño pueblo de Lambarené. La tarea era desconsoladora; La atención médica había que prestarla al aire libre; iba con su esposa, como enfermera y amanuense, y no se encontraba ni un intérprete, ni un ayudante. Cuando le llegaron la medicina y el equipaje hubo que acomodarlos en un viejo gallinero abandonado; el calor era insoportable y le venían enfermos de varias millas a la redonda, a pie o en Canoas.

    Las enfermedades más difundidas eran Malaria, Disentería, estreptococias y la más mortífera, la Tripanosomiasis Gambiense, para la que empezaban a llegar medicinas nuevas eficaces y las medidas preventivas como el suministro de agua potable y enmallado de ventanas impedían muchas contaminaciones.

    Pero la que causaba mayores dificultades y trabajo era la Mycobacteriasis Anestesiante, incurable, de difícil diagnóstico, afectando a varios miembros de la misma familia, de aspecto horripilante, con complicaciones neuríticas muy dolorosas, frecuente ceguera, e invalideces y procesos erisepelatososacrotéricos, que exigían acompañante para el cambio y lavado de vendas y suministro de alimentos.

    A menos de un año de

  11. [Concentration and speciation of arsenic in greenhouse vegetable soil in Shouguang County of Shandong Province].

    Hu, Liu-Jie; Zeng, Xi-Bai; Bai, Ling-Yu; Li, Lian-Fang


    A sampling survey was conducted in the typical areas in Shouguang County of Shandong Province to study the characteristics of arsenic (As) concentration and speciation in greenhouse vegetable soil. The total As concentration in the surface (0-20 cm) and subsurface (20-40 cm) soil was averagely 8.27 and 7.93 mg x kg(-1), being 19% and 23% higher than that of the control (open field soil), and the soluble As (AE-As) concentration was 0.13 and 0.06 mg x kg(-1), 63% and 200% higher than that of the control, respectively. The ratio of residual As (O-As) to total arsenic reached more than 63.0%, and the concentrations of different As speciation decreased in the order of O-As > iron-bound As (Fe-As) > calcium bound As (Ca-As) > aluminum bound As (AlAs) > AE-As. With the increasing planting years, the AE-As concentration enhanced significantly, and the Al-As concentration also increased to some degree. After 15 years planting, the AE-As concentration in surface and subsurface soil increased by 75.0% and 150.0%, and Al-As concentration increased by 51.6% and 190.4%, respectively, while the concentrations of Fe-As and Ca-As all decreased to some degree.

  12. Dinosaur Footprints of Early Cretaceous in Site 1, Yanguoxia, Yongjing Country, Gansu Province


    @@After the report of dinosaur footprints in the Early Cretaceous in 2000 (Li et al., 2000), we followed to unearth, investigate and research the footprints with the support of National Natural Science Fundation and Stadholder Fund of Gansu Province. At present, there are ten track sites about 286 footprints within 2 km2 area in Yanguoxia, three of which are being unearthed. Among all the sites, the footprints are best preserved in Site 1, where 187 footprints are found and they are arranged into 17 trackways within about 600 m2 (Fig.1). In the site 2, 51 footprints in 17 trackways are found within the 80 m2. And 4 footprints in 2 trackways are preserved within 50 m2 of site 3. In other footprint sites, the number of footprints is different, ranging from 1 to 12.

  13. Konsep Hati Menurut al-Hakim al-Tirmidzi

    Ryandi Ryandi


    Full Text Available Dalam khazanah sufi, hati atau qalb adalah salah satu term sentral yang dibahas secara mendalam. Karena bagi sufi, hati adalah entitas metafisik (latifah rabbaniyyah ruhaniyyah yang dengannya manusia dapat mencapai ma’arifatullah dan mengetahui rahasia-rahasia-Nya. Salah satu sufi klasik yang mengkaji hati secara mendalam adalah Abu ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Ali ibn al-Hasan ibn Basyar al-Hakim al-Tirmidzi (w 320 H. Ia mengkonsepsikan hati sebagai entitas metafisik universal yang terkandung di dalamnya tingkatan-tingkatan batin (maqamat al-qalb, yaitu: sadr, qalb, fu’ad, dan lubb. Pemetaan ini dimunculkan sesuai dengan fungsi linguistiknya dan penggunaannya dalam al-Qur’an dan Hadis Nabi SAW. Tiap-tiap tingkatan batin tersebut berkaitan dengan tingkatan pengetahuan, keilmuan, spiritual, dan jiwa manusia. Kaitan tersebut menunjukan bahwa qalb merupakan eksistensi ruhani manusia (al-kainunah al-ruhiyyah, yang berfungsi sebagai instrumen penyempurna bagi manusia (al-jihaz al-mutakamil li al-insan yang meliputi seluruh kekuatan dan potensi manusia: ruhani, ‘aqliyah, dan kehendak, di mana manusia dengannya dapat merasa, berpikir, mengetahui, bahkan dapat mencapai ma’rifatullah dan dekat dengan-Nya.

  14. Crust structure beneath Jilin Province and Liaoning Province in China based on seismic ambient noise tomography

    Pang, Guanghua; Feng, Jikun; Lin, Jun


    We imaged the crust structure beneath Jilin Province and Liaoning Province in China with fundamental mode Rayleigh waves recorded by 60 broadband stations deployed in the region. Surface-wave empirical Green's functions were retrieved from cross-correlations of inter-station data and phase velocity dispersions were measured using a frequency-time analysis method. Dispersion measurements were then utilized to construct 2D phase velocity maps for periods between 5 and 35 s. Subsequently, the phase-dispersion curves extracted from each cell of the 2D phase velocity maps were inverted to determine the 3D shear wave velocity structures of the crust. The phase velocity maps at different periods reflected the average velocity structures corresponding to different depth ranges. The maps in short periods, in particular, were in excellent agreement with known geological features of the surface. In addition to imaging shear wave velocity structures of the volcanoes, we show that obvious low-velocity anomalies imaged in the Changbaishan-Tianchi Volcano, the Longgang-Jinlongdingzi Volcano, and the system of the Dunmi Fault crossing the Jingbohu Volcano, all of which may be due to geothermal anomalies.

  15. Marine resources in the tropics

    Qasim, S.Z.; Wafar, M.V.M.

    ), presumably because of the increased addition of nutrients and the ability of several phytoplankton species in these waters to optimize photosynthesis at salinities ranging from 10 to 20% (Qasim el al., !972 a). Maximum primary production occurs in the post... of photosynthesis. Within the vast expanse oceanic waters with low productivity, however, equatorial upwelling zones are distinguished as regions of high productivity, as a result of the semi-pennanem upwelling of intennediate waters of high nutrient content...

  16. Edible Macrofungi of Çorum Province

    Sinan Alkan


    Full Text Available According to the scientists, the world's population by 2050 is estimated to exceed 9 billion, in order to meet the nutritional needs of people, it is expected that in the future to need more food production than today. Therefore in the world, food organizations, institutions and communities various action plans provide in the reports published. In these plans, diversification of the production, fast, quick and easy way to produce food, less harmful farming practices to the nature and the environment, and etc. topics are included. In line these plans with last years, the greater the number of species used as food and with ease of cultivation, mushrooms and mushroom cultivations are gaining importance. For this purpose, the determination of the diversity of edible mushrooms in nature and investigation that how can be taken to culture, it will also provide support to the production of different species of mushrooms. In the field studies performed between 2011 and 2013, after taking pictures on their habitats mushroom samples, collected within the Çorum province limits, were brought to the laboratory wrapped in aluminum foil properly. After measuring and studying on special structures under a microscope in the laboratory, they were identified according to the literature. Fungarium tag were prepared for identified mushrooms. These mushrooms, made into the Fungarium materials, were stored in Fungarium of the Directorate of Mushroom Application and Research Centre of Selçuk University. In conclusion, according to the literature four taxa belong to Ascomycota and 52 taxa belong to Basidiomycota, in totally of 56 taxa were found to be edible feature. These 56 taxa were represented by two divisio, four ordo and 14 families. The localities of identified species in the provincial boundaries are given. The names of species known among people with ethno mycological research, done during field studies, also were detected.

  17. Retention of chromium by modified Al-Bentonite Retenção de cromo por Al-bentonita modificada

    C. Volzone


    Full Text Available Retention of chromium (III from a tanning wastewater by modified Al-bentonites was studied. One bentonite from San Juan province, Argentina, was used. Al-bentonite was prepared by contact of bentonite with hydrolyzed OH-Al solutions (0.10 M in Al for 24 hours. The modified Al-bentonites were obtained by: a treatment with 0.5 M sodium chloride; b with 0.5 M sodium chloride adjusted at pH 8; and c treatment with an hexametaphosphate solution after sodium addition. Then, the samples were dried at 100 °C and heated at 500 °C. The chromium (III retention by samples was carried out in batch system putting in contact the material with a 2000 ppm Cr tannery waste at different times. The retained chromium was characterized by analyzing the supernatant using UV-visible spectroscopy. The different chromium retention was correlated with structural characteristics of the solids.Foi estudada a retenção de cromo (III de águas residuais por meio de Al-bentonitas modificadas. Foi usada uma bentonita da província de San Juan, Argentina. As bentonitas-Al forma preparadas colocando-as em contato com soluções (0,10 M Al hydrolizadas de OH-Al durante 24 horas. As bentonitas-Al modidicadas foram obtidas por meio de: a tratamento com cloreto de sódio 0,5 M; b com cloreto de sódio 0,5 M sodium com pH ajustado para 8; e c tratamento com uma solução de hexametafosfato após a adição de sódio. As amostras foram então secas a 100 °C e aquecidas a 500 °C. A retenção do cromo (III pelas amostras foi feita em lotes colocando o material em contato em diferentes tempos com um resíduo contendo 2000 ppm de cromo. O cromo retido foi caracterizado por meio de análise do sobrenadante usando espectroscopia UV-visível. As diferentes retenções de cromo foram correlacionadas com características estruturais dos sólidos.

  18. Editorial: Cartas al Editor

    Guillermo Llanos


    Full Text Available En todas las revistas biomédicas del mundo existe una sección habitual denominada como el título de este editorial y que en Colombia Médica la llamamos correspondencia. Este espacio tiene como objetivo fundamental que los lectores escriban a los autores (investigadores comentando los artículos que se han publicado en números anteriores de la revista. Las cartas son, entonces, breves comentarios de desacuerdo o acuerdo (conceptual, metodológico, interpretativo sobre falencias ubicadas por un lector alerta al tema debatido en cualquiera de las secciones como en los artículos originales, editoriales, revisiones, presentación de casos, etc. publicados previamente en la revista. Las cartas deben permitir el intercambio de opiniones y formas de pensar y analizar los problemas planteados entre los autores y los lectores. En ocasiones una serie de cartas motivadas por un artículo original puede ser tan o más interesante como el artículo que generó la correspondencia. Las cartas son también un formato adecuado para comunicar un hecho novedoso de una observación clínica juiciosa no descrita antes. Un ejemplo de ello es la carta de un gineco-obstetra australiano cuando informó a Lancet los primeros efectos adversos informados de la talidomida. Colombia Médica, a pesar de mantener vigente esta sección, no ha sido muy afortunada en establecer una buena cultura del envío de cartas al editor. Pero últimamente han llegado juiciosas observaciones a las cuales se les ha dado prioridad en su publicación. Toda carta que comenta los hallazgos de un artículo es enviada a los autores para su respuesta, porque ello genera el debate académico buscado, y luego se publican, tanto la carta como su respuesta. El Estilo Vancouver recomienda que la carta y su respuesta deban ser breve, no pasar de dos o tres párrafos y contener sólo cuatro o cinco referencias. En lo posible (a menos que sea indispensable no presentar ni cuadros ni gráficos. El t

  19. Idaaratu al Wahdah al Namthiyah li at Tathwiri al Tarbiyah al Islamiyah

    Ahmad Danusiri


    Full Text Available Islam, through the Quran, proclaims that its mission includes the teachings to the whole universe, Everything in the universe is maintained by Islam, and none of the symptoms are ignored. The revelations also include the traditions of the Prophet that are authentic (shahih and good (hasan in quality. Both the Quran and maqbulah hadiths are accepted by Muslims on the basis of faith. When some experts of UIN Walisongo from various disciplines try to understand the sacred words of these two resources, their understanding continues, reaching the paradigm of the unity of science which essentially unites the normative, social, and natural sciences. The effect of this paradigm has brought up an issue for the author. Is there any hadiths or Prophetic traditions that can be used as a grand theory in the management disciplines of Islamic education.To address this issue, the authors conducted a literature research with the title Development of Islamic Education Management Module. Sources of data were focused on nine books of Hadiths : Sahih al-Bukhari, Sahih al-Muslim, Sunan Abu Dawud, Sunan at-Turmudzi, Sunan an-Nasai, Sunan Ibn Majah, Sunan ad-Darimi, Muwatta Malik, and Musnad Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal in the form of digital data Lidwa Reader Software Book 9 Imam Hadith. The findings of the study stated that the meaning of the word Rabb includes: creating, nurturing, maintaining, teaching, educating, and organizing. Thus, in an academic term, the word Rabb implies a manager or leader. Meanwhile, in the concept of comprehensive manager it contains at least 14 nomenclature denotations: planning, responsibility, organization, coordination, system of employee payroll, learning, resources, humanity, principle of making it easier for the manager to the employee, motivated to achieve optimal performance, preventing unproductivity, education participation, institutional costs, monitoring, and evaluation system. Each nomenclature has numerous hadiths that could serve

  20. Malamih al-Ashwat al-'Arabiyyah wa Makharijaha

    Amrah Muhammad Kasim


    Full Text Available This writing discusses on al-ashwat al-‘arabiyyah that is known with “phonetic” term. It talks and interprets makharij al-huruf or place for producing sounds and also processing production of sounds by parts of mouth in Arabic language. The problems of sounds and its systems in Arabic language have been conducted by the scholars of al-ashwat al-‘arabiyyah attractively, neatly, and detail and gotten ahead the phonetic western scholars. Part of their analysis results formulate the study about al-ashwat al-sakinah (al-Shamit is known with vocal and consonant sounds in research questions shawait – shawamit. Ibnu Jinni has formulated “harakat”(wowel in Arabic language and dimension of letter  mad and liyn on alif  letter - waw - ya’ (ا و ي, from these letters create  harakat fathah, dammah, and kasrah. Moreover, in this writing also exist the description of hija’i letters and its makhraj that are correct from parts of mouth and the unity of coordinative sounds that produce sounds in morphemes arrangement, in one word that produces meaning. The result of phonological study has divided al-ashwat to be kinds of sound like the pronounced sounds, produced sounds from mouth, and heard sound.

  1. Kirchengeschichte als Ketzergeschichte

    Susanne Lanwerd


    Full Text Available Die katholische Theologin Daniela Müller spricht am Ende ihres Buches von der „Notwendigkeit der Ketzerei“ und begründet diesen Gedanken wie folgt: „‚Ketzer‘ und ‚Ketzerinnen‘ sind die dunklen Geschwister, ohne die man nicht so wäre wie man ist, die man deshalb so bekämpft, weil sie solch starke Gefühle mit uns teilen, weil sie die gleichen Eltern, den gleichen Ursprung haben wie wir und das gleiche Ziel: zur Familie Gottes zu gehören"; die Kirche als „Hüterin der Glaubenswahrheit“ solle daher die „Ketzergeschichte […] in den immerwährenden Prozess der Wahrheitsfindung“ einbeziehen (S. 233 f.. In diesen Prozess will auch die Autorin mit ihrer Studie eingreifen, und zwar am Beispiel der Katharerinnen, deren Geschichte sie für den Zeitraum von 1143 bis 1275 rekonstruiert; sie verfolgt das fragwürdige Ziel, die Geschichte der Katharerinnen im Modus einer emotionalen und identifikatorischen „Aneignung“ dem „eigenen Leben, der eigenen Sinngebung, der eigenen Verarbeitung“ integrieren zu wollen (S. 15.

  2. Vulnerability assessment to Drought in Various Provinces, approach towards risk management in the country

    F. Nasrnia


    Full Text Available Introduction: The water crisis is one of the main challenges of the current century. Drought is one of the most costly natural disasters in Iran. During the past 40 years, our country has experienced 27 droughts. It seems a necessary step to deal with the consequences of drought and reducing its effects, thorough understanding and knowledge of each region's vulnerability, which is neglected in our country, unfortunately. It is necessary to study the influencing factors in determining vulnerability and makes it visible. On the other hand, due to the continuing drought conditions intensified in recent years and its impact on different economic sectors, especially the agricultural sector in the country need to assess vulnerability to drought in the country will double. Materials and Methods: Fuzzy AHP method based on the concept of fuzzy sets introduced by LotfeiZadeh. There are several ways to use fuzzy theory and hierarchical structure proposed merger. Cheng in 1996 suggested a new approach to solve problems using Fuzzy AHP calibration values within the membership and (TFNs. Extent Analysis Method proposed by Chang is one of the common ways to solve problems. In this study, we developed a method based on fuzzy analytic hierarchy Chang that has been developed by Zhu et al. and Van Alhag. Results and Discussion: Vulnerability to drought conditions is determined by factors such as economic, social and physical sensitivity to the damaging effects of drought increases. This study is designed in the hierarchy. The purpose of this study is assessing the vulnerability of the country to drought. Vulnerability of this study includes economic vulnerability, social vulnerability and physical vulnerability. Economic vulnerability to drought indicates that the economy is vulnerable to external shocks due to drought and the inability of the economy to withstand the effects of the event and recover the situation. Social vulnerability determines the capacity to

  3. Hydrocarbon provinces and productive trends in Libya and adjacent areas

    Missallati, A.A. (Agip (N.A.M.E.)Ltd., Tripoli (Libya))


    According to the age of major reservoirs, hydrocarbon occurrences in Libya and adjacent areas can be grouped into six major systems which, according to their geographic locations, can be classified into two major hydrocarbon provinces: (1) Sirte-Pelagian basins province, with major reservoirs ranging from middle-late Mesozoic to early Tertiary, and (2) Murzog-Ghadames basins province, with major reservoirs ranging from early Paleozoic to early Mesozoic. In the Sirte-Pelagian basins province, hydrocarbons have been trapped in structural highs or in stratigraphic wedge-out against structural highs and in carbonate buildups. Here, hydrocarbon generation is characterized by the combined effect of abundant structural relief and reservoir development in the same hydrocarbon systems of the same age, providing an excellent example of hydrocarbon traps in sedimentary basins that have undergone extensive tensional fracturing in a shallow marine environment. In the Murzog-Ghadames basins province, hydrocarbons have been trapped mainly in structural highs controlled by paleostructural trends as basement arches which acted as focal points for oil migration and accumulation.

  4. Urbanization of Jilin Province and Its Spatial Pattern

    WANG Bo; GUO Qinghai; Dou Sen


    Urbanization is a crucial criterion of assessing a nation's or a particular region's level of modernization. It has been accelerated all over the world in the 21th century. The main purpose of this research is to provide a strategy of spatial pattern ofurbanization for rural areas in Jilin Province based on the reality of economic development in Jilin and the imbalance of natural resources distribution. The strategy divides the nine central cities of Jilin Province into three economic circles. The outer economic circle, open circle, includes Yanbian, Baishan, Tonghua and Baicheng, covering the eastern and western parts of Jilin Province. The middle one includes Jilin, Liaoyuan, Siping and Songyuan. The inner one, centring as Changchun, includes Gongzhuling, Yitong, Nong'an, Jiutai and Dehui. It needs to centre as Changchun which has the good foundation of economic development and more economic increase, then by economic effect extending out gradually, other areas develop subsequently. To construct Jilin as a green ecological province, cultivation in the outer circle should be controlled, with the main aim to recover grassland. Large population should be moved to other places by developing labor economy. From economy and ecology, to decrease the load of the land can reduce the loss of the resources and benefit the balance of ecology. Subsequently, the whole province's economy will be developed sustainably.

  5. Landscape Analysis of Geographical Names in Hubei Province, China

    Xixi Chen


    Full Text Available Hubei Province is the hub of communications in central China, which directly determines its strategic position in the country’s development. Additionally, Hubei Province is well-known for its diverse landforms, including mountains, hills, mounds and plains. This area is called “The Province of Thousand Lakes” due to the abundance of water resources. Geographical names are exclusive names given to physical or anthropogenic geographic entities at specific spatial locations and are important signs by which humans understand natural and human activities. In this study, geographic information systems (GIS technology is adopted to establish a geodatabase of geographical names with particular characteristics in Hubei Province and extract certain geomorphologic and environmental factors. We carry out landscape analysis of mountain-related geographical names and water-related geographical names respectively. In the end, we calculate the information entropy of geographical names of each county to describe the diversity and inhomogeneity of place names in Hubei province. Our study demonstrates that geographical names represent responses to the cultural landscape and physical environment. The geographical names are more interesting in specific landscapes, such as mountains and rivers.

  6. Environmental factors of urinary stones mineralogy, Khouzestan Province, Iran

    Zarasvandi, Alireza; Carranza, E. J. M.; Heidari, Majid; Mousapour, Esmaeil


    Urinary stone diseases in the Khouzestan province (southwest Iran) are growing in number and it required extensive studies on various factors of the urinary stones formation in this province. In this research, in addition to distribution of urinary stones in different areas of province, the role of bioenvironmental (race), climate (temperature) and geology (water hardness) factors in urinary stones diversity has been studied. Mineralogical studied using X-ray diffraction showed that uricite and whewellite are the most frequency mineral phases. Struvite, Cystine, hydroxyapatite, weddellite, and Niahite can be observed as urinary stones, too. These data show that the urinary stone in the Khouzestan province can divide into 7 groups: calcium oxalate, phosphate, calcium oxalate/ phosphate, Urate, Urate/calcium, Urate/calcium oxalate/phosphate, Cystine/calcium oxalate. Also the results which attained from temperature effect investigation on the mineralogy of urinary stones, confirms that from Mediterranean sub-humid climates (northeastern area) to warm and dry climates (south and southwest area), calcium oxalate stones and urate stones concentration decreases and increases respectively. Comparison of data related to the drinking water hardness and mineralogy of urinary stones in different areas of Khouzestan province show that the combination of drinking water (especially water hardness) affects mineralogy of urinary stones in some areas (such az Ramhormoz and Hendijan). Finally, the data suggest that frequency of calcium oxalate in women is more than that of men. Moreover, there is direct relationship between the age (>45 years) and the increase in frequency of Urate minerals.

  7. Spatial distribution of cancer in Kohgilooyeh and Boyerahmad province

    M Fararouei


    Full Text Available Spatial distribution of cancer is one of the powerful tools in epidemiology of cancer. The present study is designed to understand the geographical distribution of most frequent types of cancer in K&B province. Methods: All registered cases of cancer are reviewed and duplicate cases were removed. The data was analyzed using Arcgis software. Results: Of all registered cases, 1273  remained for analysis of which 57% were residences of urban areas. Cities including  Sisakht, Yasuj and Dehdsasht were shown to have highest incidence rates among the Urban areas. Dena, Sepidar and Kohmare Khaleghi had the highest rates among the rural areas in the province. Skin cancer was the most common type of cancer which had the highest rates of incidence in Sisakht and Dehdasht and Dena and Sepidar among urban and rural areas respectively. Conclusion: The distribution of cancer was not even in the province. Attitude and consumption of wild and regional plants are introduced as the potential risk factors for such a spatial distribution of the common cancers I the province. The results of this study could be used for further analytical studies to understand the regional etiology of cancer in the province.

  8. [Emergy analysis of ecological-economic system in Liaoning Province].

    Liu, Hao; Wang, Qing; Li, Xiu-Juan; Song, Yang; Li, Guang-Jun


    By the methods of emergy analysis, this paper studied the emergy flow in the ecological-economic system in Liaoning Province in 1990-2005, and the relationships between the environmental stress caused by resources' input, output and consumption and the sustainable development of the Province. The results showed that in Liaoning Province, the non-renewable resources occupied over 74% of the total consumed emergy, and the realistic population in 2005 was 3.26 times higher than the supportable population. In 1990-2005, the emergy yield ratio decreased from 65.40 to 10.13, emergy loading ratio increased from 2.72 to 7.18, and emergy sustainable index decreased from 24.03 to 1.41. The rapid economic growth in Liaoning Province was chiefly supported by the consumption of vast non-renewable resources, which caused the pressure of economic development on ecosystem getting more and more intense, the economic development increasingly depending on exogenous resources, and the sustainable development of Liaoning ecological-economic system having a continuing decrease. To realize the sustainable development in Liaoning Province, the principles of reduction, reutilization and recycling should be taken as the guidelines for promoting the reuse of wastes and the closed fine circulation of resources to minimize the discharge of wastes.

  9. Porosity of porous Al alloys


    Two porosity models of porous Al alloys with different pore types (ball and polygon shape) were established. The experimental results coincide well with theoretical computations. The porosity of Al alloys (Prc) consists of three parts, porosity caused by preform particles (Prp), additional porosity (Pra), and porosity caused by solidification shrinkage (Prs). Prp is the main part of Prc while Pra is the key for fabricating porous Al alloys successfully in spite of its little contribution to Prc.

  10. The Evolution of Al Qaeda

    2007-06-15; Internet. 26Muhammad Abd al-salam Faraj, Al-Farīdah al-Ghā’ibah, trans. Johannes J.G. Jansen and... Theo Van Gogh.91 Hoffman also supports the idea proposed by other experts like Benjamin Orbach and Keith Blanchard of the Congressional Research...religious intolerance over cartoons in Danish newspapers, the assassination of Theo Van Goeh, and increasing discontent among disassociated Muslim

  11. Magmatic systems of large continental igneous provinces

    E. Sharkov


    Full Text Available Large igneous provinces (LIPs formed by mantle superplume events have irreversibly changed their composition in the geological evolution of the Earth from high-Mg melts (during Archean and early Paleoproterozoic to Phanerozoic-type geochemically enriched Fe-Ti basalts and picrites at 2.3 Ga. We propose that this upheaval could be related to the change in the source and nature of the mantle superplumes of different generations. The first generation plumes were derived from the depleted mantle, whereas the second generation (thermochemical originated from the core-mantle boundary (CMB. This study mainly focuses on the second (Phanerozoic type of LIPs, as exemplified by the mid-Paleoproterozoic Jatulian–Ludicovian LIP in the Fennoscandian Shield, the Permian–Triassic Siberian LIP, and the late Cenozoic flood basalts of Syria. The latter LIP contains mantle xenoliths represented by green and black series. These xenoliths are fragments of cooled upper margins of the mantle plume heads, above zones of adiabatic melting, and provide information about composition of the plume material and processes in the plume head. Based on the previous studies on the composition of the mantle xenoliths in within-plate basalts around the world, it is inferred that the heads of the mantle (thermochemical plumes are made up of moderately depleted spinel peridotites (mainly lherzolites and geochemically-enriched intergranular fluid/melt. Further, it is presumed that the plume heads intrude the mafic lower crust and reach up to the bottom of the upper crust at depths ∼20 km. The generation of two major types of mantle-derived magmas (alkali and tholeiitic basalts was previously attributed to the processes related to different PT-parameters in the adiabatic melting zone whereas this study relates to the fluid regime in the plume heads. It is also suggested that a newly-formed melt can occur on different sides of a critical plane of silica undersaturation and can

  12. Discovery of a Miaohe-type Biota from the Neoproterozoic Doushantuo Formation in Jiangkou County,Guizhou Province,China

    ZHAO Yuanlong; CHEN Meng'e; PENG Jin; YU Meiyi; HE Minghua; WANG Yue; YANG Rongjun; WANG Pingli; ZHANG Zhenhan


    @@ A megascopic algal fossil assemblage was first discovered by Ma Guogan and Chen Meng'e in the black shales of the Neoproterozoic Doushantuo Formation in Miaohe Town, Zigui County, Hubei Province in 1978[1]. Formal naming of the Miaohe Biota was proposed by Cheng Meng'e and Xiao Zongzheng in 1991[2], and eleven morphological genera have been previously described, including megascopic algae and putative metazoans[3]. Ding et al.[4] greatly expanded the scope of the Miaohe Biota to 9 phyla consisting of 140 genera, including microphytoplanctons, megascopic algae, metazoans, sponges and trace fossils. Xiao et al.[5] further restudied this fossil assemblage, concluding that only about 18 distinct taxa could be recognized and that many Miaohe taxa are poorly defined or synonymous.

  13. Al versus Si competition in FeSiAl alloys

    Legarra, E. [Dpto. Electricidad y Electronica, Facultad de Ciencia y Tecnologia, Universidad del Pais Vasco (UPV/EHU), CP 644, 48080 Bilbao (Spain)], E-mail:; Apinaniz, E. [Dpto. Fisica Aplicada I, Escuela de Ingenieria Tecnica Superior, Universidad del Pais Vasco, Alameda de Urquijo s/n 48013 Bilbao (Spain); Plazaola, F. [Dpto. Electricidad y Electronica, Facultad de Ciencia y Tecnologia, Universidad del Pais Vasco (UPV/EHU), CP 644, 48080 Bilbao (Spain); Jimenez, J.A. [Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Metalurgicas (CENIM), Avda. Gregorio del amo 8, 28040 Madrid (Spain); Pierna, A.R. [Chemical Engineering and Environmental Department, UPV/EHU, Box 1379, 20008 San Sebastian (Spain)


    In FeSiAl alloys, when Si substitutes for Al, important changes take place in the magnetism as well as in the structural properties. Alloys in the two composition series Fe{sub 75}Al{sub 25-x}Si{sub x} (x=0, 7.5, 12.5, 17.5, 25) and Fe{sub 70}Al{sub 30-x}Si{sub x} (x=0, 9, 15, 21, 30) were prepared by induction melting; afterwards they were crushed and then annealed in order to recover the DO{sub 3} stable phase. The deformed FeAl samples show larger lattice parameters than the ordered ones; however, this difference ({delta}a) decreases when Si substitutes for Al until it becomes zero (i.e. until the ordered samples and the deformed ones have the same lattice parameters). This trend is the same for both sample series and does not depend on the Fe content of the alloy. However, the magnetization has a different behaviour depending on the Fe content. For deformed Fe{sub 75}Al{sub 25-x}Si{sub x} alloys the saturation magnetization decreases with increasing Si content while for Fe{sub 70}Al{sub 30-x}Si{sub x} deformed alloys the saturation magnetization has a plateau in which the saturation magnetization values do not vary.

  14. [Malignant pustule in province of Milan, Italy (author's transl)].

    Gelosa, L


    Preliminary the statistical data are reported about human malignant pustule denounced in Italy in different Districts, in Lombardia and in Province of Milan. Correlatively the outbreaks and cases of haematic anthrax in animals declared in Italy, in different Districts, in Lombardia and in Province of Milan. Then the outbreaks of malignant pustule in Province of Milan are related in 1975-1977 period in the resident population where is considerable concentration of the leather manufactures. The epidemiological and microbiological researches have determined the relation among the outbreak of malignant pustule and the working of the hides imported from African Countries (Nigeria, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Africa, Burundi-Kenya, Uganda) containing the spores of b. anthrax. The spores besides to cause infections of the workmen employed in the hide manufacture (industrial anthrax) through the effluents and solid refuses from the tanneries, are dispended upon the tiled ground and determine outbreak the haematic anthrax in the animals and agricultural coutaneus anthrax in the men.

  15. The Mycetophagidae (Coleoptera of the Maritime Provinces of Canada

    Christopher Majka


    Full Text Available The Mycetophagidae (hairy fungus beetles of the Maritime Provinces of Canada are surveyed. Seven species in the genera Mycetophagus, Litargus, and Typhaea are found in the region. Six new provincial records are reported including Mycetophagus punctatus and Mycetophagus flexuosus, whichare newly recorded in the Maritime Provinces. The distribution of all species is mapped, colour habitus photographs of all species are figured, and an identification key to species is provided. The discussion notes that four of the species found in the region are apparently rare, possibly due to the history of forest management practices in the region; a situation similar to that of a significant proportion of other saproxylic beetles found in the Maritime Provinces.

  16. The application of environmental certification to the Province of Siena.

    Ridolfi, R; Andreis, D; Panzieri, M; Ceccherini, F


    The SPIn-Eco project has provided very broad and precise data collection regarding the Province of Siena. These data and their elaborations have also been developed as a basis for the environmental certification of this organization. In this way, the Administration of the Province of Siena (the first Province in Italy) has reached its goal of obtaining better knowledge of the state of the system and of constructing its environmental management system (EMS) according to the environmental aspects directly and indirectly arising from the organization's activities. Indirect aspects are mainly related to the territorial monitoring and planning. Indicators based on the classical pressure-state-response approach, as well as more complex ones based on CO(2) balance, emergy and ecological footprint analyses, have been used to assess the environmental performance of the EMS. This paper presents how this EMS is constructed, as well as the indicators that are used to analyze the system, paying particular attention to sustainability indicators.

  17. Health Technology Assessment of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Shanxi Province

    Yueze Liu; Jianwen Cao; Zuxun Lu


    Assess the current status of MRI in Shanxi province by health technology assessment method to provide suggestion and guidelines for future government decisions on the procurement and installation of new high-tech medical equipments. All of the 21 hospitals installed MRIs were surveyed.The results showed that 1 ) Diffusion of MRI is consistent with the economic development in different regional districts and hospital levels in Shanxi province. 2) There are better monetary returns of MRI in higher level hospitals than lower level hospitals. 3) Most MRIs in Shanxi province had been running at a loss, and the first class tertiary level hospitals had been making profit from providing MRI services to patients. 4) Better cost-benefit accorded with higher hospital level, more patients serviced etc. 5 ) The biggest investment risk is the initial purchase and installation of MRI. 6) Positive rates and veracity of MRI diagnosis were higher. 7) MRI is a safe equipment.

  18. Contribution to the Tabanidae (Insecta: Diptera Fauna of Kayseri Province

    Ferhat Altunsoy


    Full Text Available As a result of study in Kayseri province subfamily Pangonine depending 1 species, subfamily Chrysopsinae depending 3 species and subfamily Tabaninae depending 36 species. Totally 40 species, belonging Tabanidae were determined. The species Chrysops caecutiens, Atylotus fulvus, Atylotus loewianus, Hybomitra acuminata, Tabanus armeniacus, Tabanus atropathenicus, Tabanus autumnalis, Tabanus cordiger, Tabanus eggeri, Tabanus glaucopis, Tabanus holtzianus, Tabanus indrae, Tabanus prometheus, Tabanus quatuornatatus, Tabanus regularis, Tabanus rupium, Tabanus spodopterus, Tabanus tergestinus, Tabanus tinctus, Haematopota crassicornis, Haematopota grandis, Haematopota pallens, Haematopota subcylindrica, Dasyrhamphis carbonarius and Philipomyia aprica are the first records for this province. The total number of determined species in Kayseri province reaches to 42 with the result of this study and the previous studies.

  19. Political Ideology and Economic Freedom across Canadian Provinces

    Bjørnskov, Christian; Potrafke, Niklas

    This paper examines how political ideology influenced economic freedom in the Canadian provinces. We analyze the dataset of economic freedom indicators compiled by the Fraser Institute in 10 Canadian provinces over the 1981-2005 period and introduce two different indices of political ideology: go...... leftist and rightwing governments concerning the role of government in the economy and (2) indicates that ideological polarization concerns governments but less parliamentary fractions in the Canadian provinces. ......: government and parliament ideology. The results suggest that government ideology influenced labor market reforms: market-oriented governments promoted liberalization of the labor market. Parliamentary ideology did not influence economic liberalization at all. This finding (1) identifies differences between...

  20. Empirical Analysis of Agricultural Production Efficiency in Shaanxi Province


    This article analyses the agricultural production efficiency of all cities and areas in Shaanxi Province in the period 2006-2009 using data envelopment analysis method,and compares the agricultural production efficiency between all cities and areas.The results show that the agricultural production efficiency and scale efficiency of agriculture of Shaanxi Province are high on the whole,but the efficiency of agricultural technology is very low,agricultural development still relies on factor inputs,and the driving role of technological progress is not conspicuous.Finally the following countermeasures are put forward to promote agricultural productivity in Shaanxi Province:improve the construction of agricultural infrastructure,and increase agricultural input;accelerate the project of extending agricultural technology into households,and promote the conversion and use rate of agricultural scientific and technological achievements;establish and improve industrial system of agriculture,and speed up the building of various agricultural cooperative economic organizations.

  1. Thermodynamic analysis of the province of Ravenna (Italy).

    Bastianoni, Simone; Marchettini, Nadia; Panzieri, Margherita; Ridolfi, Roberto


    This is a thermodynamic analysis of the Province of Ravenna (Italy) and its districts (Ravenna, Faenza and Lugo) and an evaluation of entropy waste production based on a balance sheet of greenhouse gases. The method used is energy analysis. The results show that the Province and Ravenna are characterized by a heavy exploitation of local non renewable resources, Faenza strikes a good balance between economic development and environment conservation and Lugo is less sustainable than the others. The greenhouse gas balance shows that the Province emits 10.5 times the quantity of greenhouse gases that it adsorbs and that the emissions reduction is required in the energy sector, which is responsible for 92% of the total.

  2. Interfacial characterization of Al-Al thermocompression bonds

    Malik, N., E-mail: [Centre for Materials Science and Nanotechnology, University of Oslo, P.O. Box 1032, Blindern, N-0315 Oslo (Norway); SINTEF ICT, Department of Microsystems and Nanotechnology, P.O. Box 124 Blindern, N-0314 Oslo (Norway); Carvalho, P. A. [SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, Department of Materials and Nanotechnology, P.O. Box 124 Blindern, N-0314 Oslo (Norway); Poppe, E. [SINTEF ICT, Department of Microsystems and Nanotechnology, P.O. Box 124 Blindern, N-0314 Oslo (Norway); Finstad, T. G. [Centre for Materials Science and Nanotechnology, University of Oslo, P.O. Box 1032, Blindern, N-0315 Oslo (Norway)


    Interfaces formed by Al-Al thermocompression bonding were studied by the transmission electron microscopy. Si wafer pairs having patterned bonding frames were bonded using Al films deposited on Si or SiO{sub 2} as intermediate bonding media. A bond force of 36 or 60 kN at bonding temperatures ranging from 400–550 °C was applied for a duration of 60 min. Differences in the bonded interfaces of 200 μm wide sealing frames were investigated. It was observed that the interface had voids for bonding with 36 kN at 400 °C for Al deposited both on Si and on SiO{sub 2}. However, the dicing yield was 33% for Al on Si and 98% for Al on SiO{sub 2}, attesting for the higher quality of the latter bonds. Both a bond force of 60 kN applied at 400 °C and a bond force of 36 kN applied at 550 °C resulted in completely bonded frames with dicing yields of, respectively, 100% and 96%. A high density of long dislocations in the Al grains was observed for the 60 kN case, while the higher temperature resulted in grain boundary rotation away from the original Al-Al interface towards more stable configurations. Possible bonding mechanisms and reasons for the large difference in bonding quality of the Al films deposited on Si or SiO{sub 2} are discussed.

  3. Note on Cladonia species (lichenized Ascomycota from Ardahan province (Turkey

    Piotr Osyczka


    Full Text Available This paper is the first report on Cladonia species from Ardahan, a north-eastern province of Turkey. A circumpolar boreal-low arctic species, Cladonia acuminata, rarely reported from Asia, and the recently described Cladonia monomorpha are reported as new for Turkey. Their detailed descriptions and taxonomical remarks are provided. Localities of other ascertained Cladonia species in the province supplement the knowledge of their distribution patterns in the country. In addition, the typically corticolous/lignicolous species Vulpicida pinastri is mentioned as also growing on primary squamules and podetia of C. pyxidata.

  4. Genetic diversity of Tricholoma matsutake in Yunnan Province

    SHA Tao; ZHANG HanBo; DING HuaSun; LI ZongJu; CHENG LiZhong; ZHAO ZhiWei; ZHANG YaPing


    To investigate the genetic diversity of Tricholoma matsutake, we studied ITS and IGS1 sequences and PCR polymorphism of a retrotransposon in 56 fruit bodies collected from 13 counties of 9 regions in Yunnan Province. We found one and three haplotypes based on ITS and IGS1 sequences, respectively.Moreover, there was no significant difference in PCR polymorphism of the retrotransposon among different populations. Compared with Jilin Province (China) and Japanese populations, although Yunnan was highly homogenous to Japanese populations, Iow genetic diversity of T. matsutake in Yunnan did not support the view that this species originated from Yunnan.

  5. Quaternary basaltic volcanism in the Payenia volcanic province, Argentina

    Søager, Nina

    The extensive Quaternary volcanism in the Payenia volcanic province, Mendoza, Argentina, is investigated in this study by major and trace element analyses, Sr, Nd, Hf and Pb-isotopic analyses and Zr-Hf isotope dilution data on samples from almost the entire province. The samples are mainly...... in basalts from all the studied volcanic fields in Payenia is signs of lower crustal contamination indicating assimilation of, in some cases, large amounts of trace element depleted, mafic, plagioclase-bearing rocks. The northern Payenia is dominated by backarc basalts erupted between late Pliocene to late...

  6. Formal and Informal Rural Credit in Four Provinces of Vietnam

    Barslund, Mikkel Christoffer; Tarp, Finn

    This paper uses a survey of 932 rural households to uncover how the rural credit market operates in four provinces of Vietnam. Households obtain credit through formal and informal lenders. Formal loans are almost entirely for production and asset accumulation, while informal loans are used for co...... are striking. A ‘one size fits all' approach to credit policy in Vietnam would be inappropriate......This paper uses a survey of 932 rural households to uncover how the rural credit market operates in four provinces of Vietnam. Households obtain credit through formal and informal lenders. Formal loans are almost entirely for production and asset accumulation, while informal loans are used...

  7. RTG resource book for western states and provinces: Final proceedings



    The Western Interstate Energy Board held a workshop and liaison activities among western states, provinces, and utilities on the formation of Regional Transmission Groups (RTGs). Purpose of the activities was to examine the policy implications for western states and provinces in the formation of RTGs in the West, the implications for western ratepayers and utilities of the RTG formation and potential impacts of RTGs on the western electricity system. The workshop contributed to fulfilling the transmission access and competition objectives of Title VII of the Energy Policy Act of 1992.

  8. Thermal Modeling of Al-Al and Al-Steel Friction Stir Spot Welding

    Jedrasiak, P.; Shercliff, H. R.; Reilly, A.; McShane, G. J.; Chen, Y. C.; Wang, L.; Robson, J.; Prangnell, P.


    This paper presents a finite element thermal model for similar and dissimilar alloy friction stir spot welding (FSSW). The model is calibrated and validated using instrumented lap joints in Al-Al and Al-Fe automotive sheet alloys. The model successfully predicts the thermal histories for a range of process conditions. The resulting temperature histories are used to predict the growth of intermetallic phases at the interface in Al-Fe welds. Temperature predictions were used to study the evolution of hardness of a precipitation-hardened aluminum alloy during post-weld aging after FSSW.

  9. Explosive destruction of 26Al

    Kahl, D.; Yamaguchi, H.; Shimizu, H.; Abe, K.; Beliuskina, O.; Cha, S. M.; Chae, K. Y.; Ge, Z.; Hayakawa, S.; Kwag, M. S.; Kim, D. H.; Moon, J. Y.; Park, S. Y.; Yang, L.


    The γ -ray emission associated with the radioactive decay of 26Al is one of the key pieces of observational evidence indicating stellar nucleosynthesis is an ongoing process in our Galaxy, and it was the first such radioactivity to be detected. Despite numerous efforts in stellar modeling, observation, nuclear theory, and nuclear experiment over the past four decades, the precise sites and origin of Galactic ^{26} Al remain elusive. We explore the present experimental knowledge concerning the destruction of ^{26} Al in massive stars. The precise stellar rates of neutron-induced reactions on ^{26} Al, such as (n,p) and (n, α , have among the largest impacts on the total ^{26} Al yield. Meanwhile, reactions involving the short-lived isomeric state of ^{26} Al such as radiative proton capture are highly-uncertain at present. Although we presented on-going experimental work from n_TOF at CERN with an ^{26} Al target, the present proceeding focuses only on the ^{26} Al isomeric radioactive beam production aspect and the first experimental results at CRIB.

  10. Philosophieren als Unterrichtsprinzip im Mathematikunterricht

    Meerwaldt, Diana

    Philosophieren und Mathematik scheinen zunächst gegensätzliche Bereiche zu sein, die sich kaum vereinbaren lassen. Dies trifft für eine Auffassung zu, die Philosophieren als "Gerede" disqualifiziert und Mathematik als eine reine "Formelwissenschaft" begreift. Beide Auffassungen werden den Gegenständen nicht gerecht.

  11. 81 - 87 Iwuala et al.


    given to patients suffering from kidney diseases. (Okujagu et al., 2006). ... management of rheumatism has been documented. (Ikewuchi et al . ... such as light, water as well as salinity are important variables ..... Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 60: 324- ... Nigerian Journal of Pharmacy, 11: 117-118. Sofowora, A.

  12. Empirical Analysis on the Determinants of Economic Growth in Shaanxi Province, China


    Status of economic development in Shaanxi Province is analyzed, showing that Shaanxi Province has achieved the fast and stable economic growth; and total GDP and fixed assets investment have shown a sustainable growth. According to the time series statistics of Shaanxi Province in the years 1978-2008, Cobb-Douglas Function is used to carry out the empirical analysis on the contribution of fixed assets investment and labor input to economic growth of Shaanxi Province, China. Result shows that capital and labor input are the major driving forces for the economic growth of Shaanxi Province. In other words, economic growth mode of Shaanxi Province is still extensive. Economic growth of Shaanxi Province is increasingly dependent on capital investment and technological progress. Contribution rates of capital and labor to economic growth are 66.9% and 33.1%, respectively. Therefore, investment is a source of economic growth in Shaanxi Province through the reform and opening up in the last three decades.

  13. Geologic Provinces of the Former Soviet Union, 2000 (prv1ec)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — These data represent geologic and petroleum provinces interpreted and designated by the authors and based on numerous literature and map resources. Geologic province...

  14. The Emeishan large igneous province: A synthesis

    J. Gregory Shellnutt


    Full Text Available The late Permian Emeishan large igneous province (ELIP covers ∼0.3 × 106 km2 of the western margin of the Yangtze Block and Tibetan Plateau with displaced, correlative units in northern Vietnam (Song Da zone. The ELIP is of particular interest because it contains numerous world-class base metal deposits and is contemporaneous with the late Capitanian (∼260 Ma mass extinction. The flood basalts are the signature feature of the ELIP but there are also ultramafic and silicic volcanic rocks and layered mafic-ultramafic and silicic plutonic rocks exposed. The ELIP is divided into three nearly concentric zones (i.e. inner, middle and outer which correspond to progressively thicker crust from the inner to the outer zone. The eruptive age of the ELIP is constrained by geological, paleomagnetic and geochronological evidence to an interval of ≤3 Ma. The presence of picritic rocks and thick piles of flood basalts testifies to high temperature thermal regime however there is uncertainty as to whether these magmas were derived from the subcontinental lithospheric mantle or sub-lithospheric mantle (i.e. asthenosphere or mantle plume sources or both. The range of Sr (ISr ≈ 0.7040–0.7132, Nd (ɛNd(t ≈ −14 to +8, Pb (206Pb/204Pb1 ≈ 17.9–20.6 and Os (γOs ≈ −5 to +11 isotope values of the ultramafic and mafic rocks does not permit a conclusive answer to ultimate source origin of the primitive rocks but it is clear that some rocks were affected by crustal contamination and the presence of near-depleted isotope compositions suggests that there is a sub-lithospheric mantle component in the system. The silicic rocks are derived by basaltic magmas/rocks through fractional crystallization or partial melting, crustal melting or by interactions between mafic and crustal melts. The formation of the Fe-Ti-V oxide-ore deposits is probably due to a combination of fractional crystallization of Ti-rich basalt and fluxing of CO2-rich fluids

  15. Some Environmental Consequences of Large Igneous Provinces

    Coffin, M. F.


    The formation of large igneous provinces (LIPs)—continental flood basalts, ‘volcanic’ margins, and oceanic plateaus—may impact the atmosphere, oceans, and biosphere by rapidly releasing huge amounts of particulates, magmatic volatiles (CO2, SO2, Cl, F, etc.), and potentially volatiles (CO2, CH4, SO2, etc.) from intruded sediments (e.g., carbonates, organic-rich shales, evaporites). A key factor affecting the magnitude of volatile release is whether eruptions are subaerial or marine; hydrostatic pressure inhibits vesiculation and degassing of relatively soluble volatile components (H2O, S, Cl, F) in deep water submarine eruptions, although low solubility components (CO2, noble gases) are mostly degassed even at abyssal depths. Directly or indirectly, such injections may cause changes in the atmosphere/ocean system that can lead to perturbations of atmosphere/ocean chemistry, circulation, ecology, and biological productivity. These changes can be global in extent, particularly if environmental conditions were at or near a threshold state or tipping point. LIPs may have been responsible for some of the most dramatic and rapid changes in the global environment. For example, between ~145 and ~50 Ma, the global ocean was characterized by chemical and isotopic variations (especially in C and Sr isotope ratios, trace metal concentrations, and biocalcification), relatively high temperatures, high relative sea level, episodic deposition of black shales (oceanic anoxic events), high production of hydrocarbons, mass extinctions of marine organisms, and radiations of marine flora and fauna. Temporal correlations between the intense pulses of igneous activity associated with LIP formation and environmental changes suggest more than pure coincidence. The 1783-84 eruption of Laki on Iceland provides the only historical record of the type of volcanism that constructs transient LIPs. Although Laki produced a basaltic lava flow representing only ~1% of the volume of a typical

  16. El miedo al rey

    François FORONDA


    Full Text Available La peur du roi. Sources et premières réflexions à propos d’une émotion aristocratique dans la Castille du XIVe siècleFace à un roi qui à présent pousse les effets de son ire jusqu’au meurtre pour faire le vide autour de lui et imposer sa différence souveraine, ses parents et les riches hommes, soit les principaux visés par cette politique de l’arbitraire qui enfreint les règles du jeu autant qu’elle contribue à les redéfinir, disent la peur (metus qu’ils ressentent, qu’ils utilisent aussi afin de donner à leur stratégie de pouvoir un fondement légitime. Et l’expression de cette émotion politique, qui tend à se muer en un stéréotype d’un discours aristocratique d’opposition, surtout présente dans les chroniques, mises ici en relation ici avec d’autres sources, notamment des correspondances, marque profondément l’histoire des relations souvent conflictuelles au sein de cette compagnie en définitive très étroite pendant un siècle, de la fin du XIIIe siècle à la fin du XIVe siècle. Cet article se propose d’ébaucher une première réflexion sur le sujet et d’en présenter les principales sources.El miedo al rey. Fuentes y primeras reflexiones acerca de una emoción aristocrática en la Castilla del siglo XIVFrente a un rey que ahora lleva hasta la muerte los efectos de su ira para hacer el vacío entorno a su persona e imponer su soberana, sus parientes y ricos hombres, o sea los principales afectados por esta política de la arbitrariedad que rompe las reglas del juego a la vez que contribuye a redefinirlas, dicen el miedo (metus que sienten, que utilizan también para darle a su estrategia de poder un fundamento legítimo. Y la expresión de esta emoción política, que tiende a convertirse en un estereotipo de un discurso aristocrático de oposición, sobre todo presente en la crónicas, aquí puestas en relación con otras fuentes, en particular cartas, marca profundamente la historia de


    Muhammad Qadhafi


    Full Text Available This study aimed to identify the contents of listening and reading skills in the Arabic textbook “Durus al-Lughah al-Arabiyah.” This study was conducted qualitatively and employed a descriptive analysis technique. The population was the Arabic textbook which applied 2013 Curriculum for the tenth graders at the Islamic senior high schools. Data collection procedures involved making the checklist, analyzing the contents of the textbook, coding, tabulating data, and concluding. The research found both listening and reading skill materials in the textbook was sufficient according to Abd al-Rahman al-Fauzan. However, there were still some weaknesses. There were no introductory materials about the sound and the introduction of the long and short vowels. In addition, the CD/recording was unavailable for listening. Lastly, there was no picture in each title to help students’ comprehension. But, the content of listening and reading skills in the textbook were relevant to 2013 Curriculum for Arabic language subject.

  18. Study on the Driving Forces of Rocky Desertification in Guizhou Province Based on Variation Coefficient Method


    [Objective] The aim was to study the driving forces of rocky desertification in Guizhou Province. [Method] Based on GIS and RS technology, the main driving forces of rocky desertification in Guizhou Province were analyzed by means of correlation analysis and variation coefficient method, and then the distribution of rocky desertification in Guizhou Province was assessed synthetically. [Result] The main driving forces of rocky desertification in Guizhou Province were vegetation cover, rainfall, peasant incom...

  19. Actuality and Influencing Factors of Integrated Production Capacity of Foodstuff in Heilongjiang Province

    Zhou Hui-qiu; Zhang De-hua


    Heilongjiang Province is an important marketable grain depot in China. Since the reform and opening up, Heilongjiang Province production capacity of foodstuff is increasingly growing into a new level. This paper started with the actuality of Heilongjiang Province integrated production capacity of foodstuff, and analyzed its major factors empirically through the mathematical model, then proposed some measures to enhance Heilongjiang Province production capacity of foodstuff which ensured China foodstuff security

  20. Atomic-layer-deposited Al2O3 and HfO2 on InAlAs: A comparative study of interfacial and electrical characteristics

    Wu, Li-Fan; Zhang, Yu-Ming; Lv, Hong-Liang; Zhang, Yi-Men


    Al2O3 and HfO2 thin films are separately deposited on n-type InAlAs epitaxial layers by using atomic layer deposition (ALD). The interfacial properties are revealed by angle-resolved x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (AR-XPS). It is demonstrated that the Al2O3 layer can reduce interfacial oxidation and trap charge formation. The gate leakage current densities are 1.37 × 10-6 A/cm2 and 3.22 × 10-6 A/cm2 at +1 V for the Al2O3/InAlAs and HfO2/InAlAs MOS capacitors respectively. Compared with the HfO2/InAlAs metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) capacitor, the Al2O3/InAlAs MOS capacitor exhibits good electrical properties in reducing gate leakage current, narrowing down the hysteresis loop, shrinking stretch-out of the C-V characteristics, and significantly reducing the oxide trapped charge (Q ot) value and the interface state density (D it). Project supported by the National Basic Research Program of China (Grant No. 2010CB327505), the Advanced Research Foundation of China (Grant No. 914xxx803-051xxx111), the National Defense Advance Research Project, China (Grant No. 513xxxxx306), the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 51302215), the Scientific Research Program Funded by Shaanxi Provincial Education Department, China (Grant No. 14JK1656), and the Science and Technology Project of Shaanxi Province, China (Grant No. 2016KRM029).

  1. Quantum dots formed in InSb/AlAs and AlSb/AlAs heterostructures

    Abramkin, D. S.; Rumynin, K. M.; Bakarov, A. K.; Kolotovkina, D. A.; Gutakovskii, A. K.; Shamirzaev, T. S.


    The crystal structure of new self-assembled InSb/AlAs and AlSb/AlAs quantum dots grown by molecularbeam epitaxy has been investigated by transmission electron microscopy. The theoretical calculations of the energy spectrum of the quantum dots have been supplemented by the experimental data on the steady-state and time-resolved photoluminescence spectroscopy. Deposition of 1.5 ML of InSb or AlSb on the AlAs surface carried out in the regime of atomic-layer epitaxy leads to the formation of pseudomorphically strained quantum dots composed of InAlSbAs and AlSbAs alloys, respectively. The quantum dots can have the type-I and type-II energy spectra depending on the composition of the alloy. The ground hole state in the quantum dot belongs to the heavy-hole band and the localization energy of holes is much higher than that of electrons. The ground electron state in the type-I quantum dots belongs to the indirect X XY valley of the conduction band of the alloy. The ground electron state in the type-II quantum dots belongs to the indirect X valley of the conduction band of the AlAs matrix.

  2. 75 FR 36347 - Determination of Pest-Free Areas in Mendoza Province, Argentina; Request for Comments


    ... Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Determination of Pest-Free Areas in Mendoza Province... Argentina asked that we recognize the Southern and Central Oases in the southern half of Mendoza Province as... southern half of Mendoza Province meet the criteria of Sec. 319.56-5(a) and (b) with respect to freedom...

  3. 76 FR 51934 - Determination of Pest-Free Areas in Mendoza Province, Argentina; Request for Comments


    ... Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Determination of Pest-Free Areas in Mendoza Province... half of Mendoza Province as an area that is free of Medfly. In accordance with our process, we... in the area. The second commenter provided information to support a finding that the Mendoza Province...

  4. Geomorphic provinces of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland: A physiographic subdivision for earth and environmental scientists

    Partridge, TC


    Full Text Available . Distinct groups were, however, evident for macro-reaches within each province. These reflect the extent of uniformity in the slopes, valley widths, altitudes and shape descriptors of each province. A description of each of the 34 provinces and 12 sub...

  5. The marine mollusk fauna of the Virginian area as a basis for defining Zoogeographical provinces

    Coomans, H.E.


    The marine fauna of the American Atlantic coast between Cape Cod and Cape Hatteras, the Virginian area, is placed by zoogeographers in different provinces: in the Transatlantic, or in the Boreal province. It is sometimes considered to be a province of its own, or only a transition between the Boreal

  6. China's Most Populous Province to Ban Fetus Sex Identification


    Henan, the most populous province in central China,is plagued by an excessively high sex ratio imbalance at birth in certain parts of the province. To ameliorate the situation, the province will enact regulations to ban non-medically necessary fetus gender identification and sex-selective abortions.

  7. [Preliminary investigation on Paragonimus in Lvchun county of Yunnan province].

    Yang, Bin-Bin; Zhou, Ben-Jiang; Li, Ru-Qing; Bai, Zhong-Wen; Wu, Ou-Bao; Gao, Xiu-Fang


    69 crabs were collected from Daxing, Gekui and Niukong townships of Lvchun county, Yunnan Province in 2006 and excysted metacercariae were only obtained from crabs of Niukong. The infection rate was 27.6% (8/29) with an average metacercaria number of 2.25 each crab. No encysted metacercariae were found. The excysted metacercariae were morphologically identified as Paragonimus proliferus.

  8. Artifacts Attest to the Glorious Ancient Culture of Hunan Province



    HUNAN is located in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River and to the south of Dongting Lake. In Chinese, hu means lake and nan, south. The Xiangjiang River valley, which flows through the province from south to north, is the most developed region in the areas of politics, the economy and culture. Thus, Hunan is also called Xiang for short.

  9. Service Needs and Provision in the Northern Province.

    O'Leary, B. M., Ed.; Govind, V., Ed.; Schwabe, C. A., Ed.; Taylor, J. M., Ed.

    This book, one of a series that uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to outline the need for and provision of services (education, health, housing, electricity, roads, telecommunications, postal services, and police services) in each of the nine South African provinces, presents a global view or indicator of the simultaneous influence of the…

  10. Service Needs and Provision in the North West Province.

    O'Leary, B. M., Ed.; Govind, V., Ed.; Schwabe, C. A., Ed.; Taylor, J. M., Ed.

    This book, one of a series that uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to outline the need for and provision of services (education, health, housing, electricity, roads, telecommunications, postal services, and police services) in each of the nine South African provinces, presents a global view or indicator of the simultaneous influence of the…

  11. Malaria Epidemiology in Mersin Province, Turkey from 2002 to 2011



    Full Text Available Background: Malaria is an infectious disease caused by Plasmodium spp. with high morbidity and mortality in human in tropical and subtropical regions. In recent years, number of malaria cases has been significantly reduced because of fight with the disease in Turkey. This study intended to investigate the malaria epidemiology in Mersin Province from 2002 to 2011 using data from the provincial Public Health Directorate.Methods: Over ten years, 303573 blood samples were taken from the people by active and passive surveillance methods and blood smears were prepared. Smears were stained with Giemsa and examined under the microscope.Results: Totally, 73 people including 44 male and 29 female were positive in terms of Plasmodium spp. It was determined that P. vivax observed in 67 cases while P. falciparum in 6 cases. Cases were mainly observed in 15 to 44 years old range, showed an increase between June-September periods and a significant decrease after 2006. Out of the 73 malaria cases, 54 cases were from Mersin Province and 13 cases were imported from another province of Turkey. Six cases were transmitted from abroad.Conclusion: These results provide information about malaria epidemiology in an endemic area in Turkey and contribute its prevention in Mersin Province

  12. Characterizing preventive activity in Camagüey province

    Hernández, María


    Full Text Available The article describes the characteristic features of preventive activities within the System of Education at Camaguey province. This information herein gathers results from a research investigation project and might be of interest for teachers, principals and investigators as a professional tool.

  13. [Genetic subtyping of HIV-1 in Liaoning province of China].

    Han, X; Jiang, Y; Shang, H


    To study the prevalence of HIV-1 in Liaoning province of China. Nuclear acids were extracted from blood samples of 16 HIV-1 infected individuals collected locally in Liaoning province of China from Jun. 1997 to Dec. 2000. The 0.7 kb or 1.2 kb segments of HIV-1 env gene were amplified using nested-PCR and the HIV-1 genetic subtypes were then assayed by heteroduplex mobility assay. Fifteen of 16 samples were positive by PCR amplification of HIV-1 env region and samples were found to be genetic subtype A,B',C,E. The proportion due to sexual transmission in all HIV infection was 31.25% (5/15), among which subtype B' (3/5) was the majority. A man who returned from Africa together with his spouse both had type A (2/5) infection. Intravenous drug users (IDUs) took up 31.25% (5/15) of all the HIV infections. Subtype C (2/4) and E were predominant among intravenous drug users. However, there was one IDU with subtype B or E. Nearly all blood recipients and blood donors were B' (4/5) except one with C. There have been several subtypes of HIV-1 existed in Liaoning province, demonstrating the complexity of HIV epidemology in Liaoning province and the difficulty conducting prevention and treatment.

  14. Child Maltreatment among School Children in the Kurdistan Province, Iran

    Stephenson, Rob; Sheikhattari, Payam; Assasi, Nazilla; Eftekhar, Hassan; Zamani, Qasem; Maleki, Bahram; Kiabayan, Hamid


    Objective: This study examines the determinants of three types of child maltreatment: physical maltreatment, mental maltreatment, and child neglect among school children in the Kurdistan Province of Iran. The analysis examines the impact of socioeconomic, familial, demographic, and household dynamic factors on the three child maltreatment…

  15. Identification of mantle plumes in the Emeishan Large Igneous Province

    Yi-Gang Xu; Jifeng Xu; Yue-Jun Wang; Bin He; Xiaolong Huang; Zhenyu Luo; Sun-Lin Chung; Long Xiao; Dan Zhu; Hui Shao; Wei-Ming Fan


    @@ The plume hypothesis has been recently challengedlargely because some fundamental aspects predicted bythe modeling of plumes are found to be lacking in someclassic hotspot regions. This review paper summarizesrecent achievements made in the late Permian Emeishan continental flood basalt province in southwest China.

  16. Textile & Garment Export Situation from five Provinces in Nov


    Guangdong:The Decline Trend of Export Growth Rate Slowered In the first 11 months of 2008,the export of textile and garment in Guangdong province reached 30.8 billion USD,down 19.7%on the same periond of previous

  17. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (Glomeromycota of soils of the Lubuskie province

    Sławomir Kowalczyk


    Full Text Available In the year 2003, the occurrence of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF of the phylum Glomeromycota in cultivated and uncultivated soils of the Lubuskie province was investigated. The occurrence of AMF was examined based on 56 root and rhizosphere soils collected under 7 species of cultivated and uncultivated plants growing in 28 localities. Spores of AMF were isolated from both field-collected samples and trap cultures. They were revealed in 100% of field soils and 93.8% of trap cultures and represented 7 of the 8 recognized genera of the Glomeromycota. The arbuscular fungi occurring distinctly more frequently in the soil and root samples examined were members of the genus Glomus. The species of AMF most frequently occurring in cultivated soils of the Lubuskie province were G. claroideum, G. constrictum, G. deserticola and G. mosseae, whereas G. claroideum, G. constrictum, G. deserticola, G. mosseae, and S. dipurpurescens were more frequently found in uncultivated sites. The analysis of similarity of the species composition of AMF populations in sites of the Lubuskie province and the Western Pomeranian province earlier examined showed that (1 the occurrence in Poland of most taxa of these fungi detected in the study presented here is even and does not change with time, (2 the communities of AMF area are stable, despite the arduousness resulting from the agricultural and chemical practices conducted, and (3 the species diversity of the plants cultivated in a long period of time has no influence on the species composition of populations of AMF.

  18. From Friendship Provinces to University Teacher/Student Exchange

    Kao-Walter, Sharon; Huang, Yayu


    The establishment of the province friendship between Blekinge (Sweden) and Yunnan (China) has lead to a coperation agreement between two local Universities: Blekinge Institute of Technology and Kunming University of Science and Technology. It leads to the development of the cooperation of two provices in the fields of culture, business and education.

  19. Rice quality in relation to market prices in Yunnan Province

    CHENLijuan; FANXingming


    Factors affecting rice quality and their impacts on market price were investigated in this study. On-farm survey and market survey was undertaken in three selected sites namely Kunruing, Dali, and Xishuangbanna in Yunnan Province, China. Market sampling was conducted to determine important rice quality characteristics.

  20. Economic and nutritional conditions at settlement schemes in Coast Province

    Hoorweg, J.


    This report is concerned with land distribution and rural development and presents the final results of a survey carried out in 1985-1986 in four settlement schemes: Diani and Ukunda in Kwale District and Roka and Mtwapa in Kilifi District, Coast Province, Kenya. In each scheme 100 households were v

  1. Nutritional aspects of rice cultivation in Nyanza province, Kenya

    Niemeijer, R.


    Leiden [etc.] : African Studies Centre [etc.] (FNSP Report, no. 14), p. 156, 1985.Based on a survey conducted in 1984, the authors discuss the nutritional conditions prevailing among farming households engaged in irrigated rice cultivation in the Kano plain, Nyanza Province, Kenya. The survey covere

  2. Large-Scale Survey for Tickborne Bacteria, Khammouan Province, Laos

    Vongphayloth, Khamsing; Vongsouvath, Malavanh; Grandadam, Marc; Brey, Paul T.; Newton, Paul N.; Sutherland, Ian W.; Dittrich, Sabine


    We screened 768 tick pools containing 6,962 ticks from Khammouan Province, Laos, by using quantitative real-time PCR and identified Rickettsia spp., Ehrlichia spp., and Borrelia spp. Sequencing of Rickettsia spp.–positive and Borrelia spp.–positive pools provided evidence for distinct genotypes. Our results identified bacteria with human disease potential in ticks in Laos. PMID:27532491

  3. Cancer epidemiology and trends in Sistan and Baluchestan province, Iran.

    Rafiemanesh, Hosein; Mehtarpoor, Mojtaba; Mohammadian-Hafshejani, Abdollah; Salehiniya, Hamid; Enayatrad, Mostafa; Khazaei, Salman


    Cancer is the second leading cause of death in developing countries. In Iran, cancer is the third cause of death. The present study aimed at providing the incidence rates (crude and agestandardized) of different types of cancers in Sistan and Baluchestan province (Southeastern of Iran). Data were collected retrospectively reviewing all new cancer patients registered in Cancer Registry Center of Health Heputy for Sistan and Baluchestan province. Common cancers were defined based on the number of cases and standardized incidence rates. To compute the annual percentage change (APC), joinpoint software was applied. A total of 3535 cases of cancers registered during 2004-2009 were identified. Of these, 46.82% occurred in females and 53.18% in males. The most frequent cancer in women was breast cancer followed by esophagus, skin, colorectal and leukemia. The 5 most frequent cancers in men were stomach, skin, leukemia, esophagus and bladder. Joinpoint analyze showed a significant increasing trend for adjusted standard incidence rate (ASIR) for both sexes (p<0.05). According to The results of the present study and comparison to previous studies for other provinces in Iran, cancer incidence in Sistan and Baluchistan is less common but trends of cancers are increasing in Sistan and Baluchestan Province. It is necessary to have a comprehensive health policy for prevention and control of this problem.

  4. A biogenic volatile organic compounds emission inventory for Yunnan Province

    WANG Zhi-hui; BAI Yu-hua; ZHANG Shu-yu


    The first detailed inventory for volatile organic compounds(VOC) emissions from vegetation over Yunnan Province, China was presented. The spatially and temporally resolved inventory was developed based on a geographic information system (GIS), remote sensing(RS) data and field measurement data, such as digitized land-use data, normalized difference vegetation index (NDVl) and temperature data from direct real-time measurement. The inventory has a spatial resolution of 5 km × 5 km and a time resolution of 1 h.Urban, agriculture, and natural land-use distributions in Yunnan Province were combined with biomass factors for each land-use category to produce a spatially resolved biomass inventory. A biogenic emission inventory was developed by combining the biomass inventory with hourly emission rates for tree, shrub and ground cover species of the study area. Correcting for environmental factors, including light intensity and temperature, a value of 1.1 × 1012 gC for total annual biogenic VOC emissions from Yunnan Province, including 6.1 × 1011 gCfor isoprene, 2.1 × 1011 gC for monoterpenes, and 2.6 × 1011 gC for OVOC was obtained. The highest VOC emissions occurred in the northwestern, southwestern and north region of Yunnan Province. Some uncertainties were also discussed in this study.

  5. Genotyping Cryptosporidium andersoni in cattle in Shaanxi Province, Northwestern China.

    Guang-Hui Zhao

    Full Text Available The present study examined the prevalence and genotypes of Cryptosporidium andersoni in cattle in Shaanxi province, China. A total of 2071 fecal samples (847 from Qinchuan cattle and 1224 from dairy cattle were examined for the presence of Cryptosporidium oocysts, and 70 samples (3.4% were C. andersoni-positive and those positive samples were identified by PCR amplification of the small subunit ribosomal RNA (SSU rRNA and the Cryptosporidium oocyst wall protein (COWP genes. C. andersoni was the only species found in the examined cattle in this province. Fifty-seven C. andersoni isolates were characterized into 5 MLST subtypes using multilocus sequence typing analysis, including a new subtype in the native beef breed Qinchuan cattle. All of these C. andersoni isolates presented a clonal genetic structure. These findings provide new insights into the genetic structure of C. andersoni isolates in Shaanxi province and basic data of Cryptosporidium prevalence status, which in turn have implications for controlling cryptosporidiosis in this province.

  6. Peste des petits ruminants virus in Heilongjiang province, China, 2014.

    Wang, Jingfei; Wang, Miao; Wang, Shida; Liu, Zaisi; Shen, Nan; Si, Wei; Sun, Gang; Drewe, Julian A; Cai, Xuehui


    During March 25-May 5, 2014, we investigated 11 outbreaks of peste des petits ruminants in Heilongjiang Province, China. We found that the most likely source of the outbreaks was animals from livestock markets in Shandong. Peste des petits ruminants viruses belonging to lineages II and IV were detected in sick animals.

  7. Remediation of Legacy Arsenic Mining Areas in Yunnan Province, China

    Ian H. von Lindern


    Conclusions. The success of the demonstration project was recognized and has provided direction and momentum for a wider effort by the Province to address mining pollution and water contamination challenges. It demonstrates the success of using known techniques for environmental remediation in the US, with local partners in China responding to their communities’ health and environmental problems.

  8. Epidemiology of malt fever in Kermanshah province in 2011

    Yazdan Hamzavi


    Full Text Available Background: Brucellosis is a zoonotic, chronic and infectious disease in many developing countries, including Iran. This study investigated some of the epidemiological features of the disease in Kermanshah province in 2011. Methods: In this descriptive study, all of the patients with brucellosis reported to the health center of the province during the year 2011 were studied. The demographic and some epidemiologic parameters of the disease were recorded in the questionnaires. All collected data were analyzed using SPSS (version19 software. Results: Totally, 777 cases of brucellosis were reported to the health center of the province in 2011. The lowest incidence of brucellosis in the province was 40.8/100000 .The highest and lowest incidence rates were seen in Dalahoo (215.2/100 000 and Javanrood (12.6/100 000 districts, respectively. 47.4% of the patients were female and about half of the patients were under 30 years old. Raw milk was the most common cause of the disease consumed by 81.9% of the cases. Also, 87.6% of the patients were living in rural areas and the peak of disease was seen in the spring and summer months. Conclusion: Despite the significant reduction, it seems that the incidence of disease in some rural areas of the districts such as Dalahoo and Sarpol-e-Zahab are very high.

  9. Al3+-induced vesicle formation


    Aluminium laurate [Al(OOCC11H23)3] was synthesized as a surfactant, which can dissolve in micellar solution of a zwitterionic surfactant, tetradecycldimethylamine oxide (C14DMAO). The phase behavior of the mixtures of Al(OOCC11H23)3 and C14DMAO in water was studied and birefringent Lα-phase was observed. The birefringent Lα-phase consists of vesicles that were demonstrated by Polarizer and Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) micrographs. Al3+-coordinated vesicles could be used as templating-precursor, providing a vesicle-route for preparation of inorganic nanoscale particles.

  10. An Epidemiological Study of Psychiatric Disorders in Hamadan Province , 2001

    M.R. Mohammadi


    Full Text Available The burden of psychiatric disorders in the developed countries has been identified by the screening questionnaires and standard clinical interviews at a high level, but the epidemiological studies of psychiatric disorders in our country are brief and their numbers are few. Planning for providing essential mental health services to the people requires us to be knowledgeable about the present status of psychiatric disorders in the society. The objective of this research was to carry out the epidemiological study of the psychiatric disorders in the individuals 18 years and above in urban and rural areas of Hamadan province. 664 individuals selected through randomized clustered and systematic sampling methods among the existing families of Hamadan province and the Schedule for Affective Disorders and Schizophrenia (SADS questionnaires completed by the clinical psychologist. The diagnosis of the disorders was based on DSM-IV classification criteria.The results of the study showed that the overall prevalence of psychiatric disorders in the province was 11.28% (17.2% in women , 5.8% in men. The anxiety and mood disorders with 5.87 and 2.71% respectively had the highest prevalence in the province. The prevalence of psychotic disorders in this study was 0.60% , neuro- cognitive disorders 1.35% and dissociative disorders 0.75%. In the group of mood disorders, major depression with 2.56% and in the group of anxiety disorders, phobia with 2.56% had the higher prevalence. This study showed that 8.13% of studied individuals suffered from at least one of the psychiatric disorders. The prevalence of psychiatric disorders in the province among the individuals in the age group of 66 years and above was 13.33%, individuals whose spouses had passed away 18.75%, urban residents of province 9.81%, illiterate individuals 12.80% and housewife individuals 12.31% was more than other individuals in the sample. Being aware of this matter reveals the responsibility of the

  11. Seroprevalence of Toxocariasis in Children in East- Azerbaijan Province, Iran

    Yagoob Garedaghi


    Full Text Available Purpose: Toxocariasis is a zoonotic disease caused by the ascarid of dogs and cats, the main representative of which is a Toxocara canis. Distribution of the disease is world wide and is more prevalent in children. The present study was carried out in children of East Azerbaijan Province, Iran, to determine the toxocariasis seropositivity. Material and Methods: For the present seroepidemiological study, blood samples were collected at random from children of all the five districts of the East Azerbaijan Province. A total of 336 children, 187 males and 149 females in age group of 0-15 years were selected for the present study. ELISA was used for detection of IgG antibodies against Toxocara excretory secretary antigen. A questionnaire interview was conducted to obtain the data concerning their age, sex and habits. The particular points in the questionnaire asked were recorded on the format right on the spot. Results: Gender was found to be a significant risk factor for the Toxocara infection in children population. Male children were found more infected (41.71% as compared to females (24.16%. The total seroprevalence of T. canis antibodies in children of East Azerbaijan Province was 29.46 %. The risk factors that were found associated with the infection of toxocariasis in children population of East Azerbaijan Province include family back ground, status of living conditions, awareness, etc. Conclusion: The present study reveals high prevalence of T. canis infection in children of East Azerbaijan Province. It is important to raise the awareness of health professionals, public and educators to the fact that toxocariasis is a public health problem. Health promotion by means of a school based educational approach, diagnosis and continuous programme of treatment are necessary. [Cukurova Med J 2013; 38(4.000: 581-586

  12. New insights into the lowest Xuanwei Formation in eastern Yunnan Province, SW China: Implications for Emeishan large igneous province felsic tuff deposition and the cause of the end-Guadalupian mass extinction

    Zhao, Lixin; Dai, Shifeng; Graham, Ian T.; Li, Xiao; Zhang, Beibei


    A previous study suggested that the lowest Xuanwei Formation is derived from weathered clastic materials of silicic composition from the Emeishan large igneous province (ELIP) based on chemostratigraphic correlations (Al2O3/TiO2 ratios) between the two. In this study, we have adopted the model that the Emeishan mantle plume commenced and terminated within a short duration and have investigated the detailed mineralogy and geochemistry of carefully sampled rocks from the lower sections of the Xuanwei Formation, eastern Yunnan Province, Southwest China. These samples are intensely argillized and characterized by high proportions of clay minerals and quartz. The samples with Al2O3/TiO2 > 7 from the lowest Xuanwei Formation have an anomalous natural gamma response and high concentrations of Nb, Ta, Zr, Hf, Th, U, Ga and REY (rare earth elements and yttrium). Our results suggest that the samples with Al2O3/TiO2 > 7 from the lowest Xuanwei Formation represent felsic volcanic tuff instead of acidic clasts as originally proposed. The lowest Xuanwei Formation and the Wangpo Bed are the felsic tuffaceous layers interbedded with clastic rocks derived from the Emeishan high-Ti basalts. Such volcanic layers most likely represent ELIP felsic tuff originated from the extrusive equivalent of Nb-Zr-enriched alkaline syenitic magmatism at the waning stage of Emeishan mantle plume activity. This study has verified the existence of extensive alkaline felsic volcanism of early Late Permian age. Such alkaline volcanism may have been catastrophic and have contributed to the end-Guadalupian mass extinction.

  13. The significance of PGE variations with Sr-Nd isotopes and lithophile elements in the Emeishan flood basalt province from SW China to northern Vietnam

    Li, Chusi; Ripley, Edward M.; Tao, Yan; Hu, Ruizhong


    New analyses of siderophile-lithophile elements and Sr-Nd isotopes in the Permian basalts and picrites from northern Vietnam, the southernmost occurrence of the Emeishan flood basalt province, together with previously published data, are used to address the question of whether any meaningful correlation between these elements and isotopes exists at a province scale. The available data show that negative correlations between εNd, (87Sr/86Sr)i and mantle-normalized (Nb/Th)n are present in the basalts but not in the associated picrites. This indicates that crustal contamination is negligible in the picrites but significant in some of the basalts. The picrites and basalts from the entire province show negative correlations between (Rh/Ru)n, (Pt/Ru)n, (Pd/Ru)n and Mg-number. This indicates that Ru behaves compatibly whereas Rh, Pt and Pd behave incompatibly during magma differentiation. The incompatible behavior of Rh in natural basaltic systems is also supported by the fact that (Pt/Rh)n remains constant with decreasing Mg-number in the lavas. Depletions of Pd and Pt, and to a lesser degree Cu, in some basaltic samples characterized by relatively low εNd and (Nb/Th)n support the notion that sulfide saturation in the magmas was triggered by a combination of siliceous crustal contamination and addition of external sulfur. Within the entire flood basalt province only the picrites from Song Da, northern Vietnam show clear depletion in Ir relative to Ru. These picrites are also characterized higher Al2O3/TiO2 and lower mantle-normalized La/Yb (0.2-2.4) than those from elsewhere in the province, possibly due to the involvement of an Ir-depleted, fertile mantle component in magma generation at this location.

  14. AlN synthesis on AlN/SiC template using Li-Al-N solvent

    Kangawa, Yoshihiro [RIAM, Kyushu University, 6-1 Kasuga-koen, Kasuga, Fukuoka 816-8580 (Japan); PRESTO, Japan Science and Technology Agency, 4-1-8 Honcho Kawaguchi, Saitama 332-0012 (Japan); Kakimoto, Koichi [RIAM, Kyushu University, 6-1 Kasuga-koen, Kasuga, Fukuoka 816-8580 (Japan)


    We investigated the possibility of AlN synthesis using Li-Al-N solvent. In this work, Li-Al-N solvent was obtained by heating a mixture composed of Al and Li{sub 3}N. First, we studied the relationship between Al/Li{sub 3}N composition of the initial mixture and shape of obtained crystal. The results showed that polyhedral crystals instead of needle-like crystals were obtained under an Al-rich condition, i.e., 4/3<Al/Li{sub 3}N<4/1. Next, we performed AlN synthesis on an AlN/SiC template under an Al-rich condition. The results suggested that a large AlN single-phase region was formed by using the template. The possibility of growth of bulk AlN using Li-Al-N solvent was shown by the present investigations. (Abstract Copyright [2010], Wiley Periodicals, Inc.)

  15. Preliminary study on coseismic step-like changes of water-level in the Dazhai well, Simao city, Yunnan Province

    YANG Zhu-zhuan; DENG Zhi-hui; ZHAO Yun-xu; ZHU Pei-yao


    @@ The study on coseismic step-like changes of water-level is of theoretical and practical significance to the mitigation of secondary hazards, identification of earthquake precursors, tracking of the subsequent shocks, and the research of crustal activity (Nur and Booker, 1972; WANG et al, 1988). A lot of researches have been done by previous geoscientists. Among them, ZHANG et al (1994) inverted stress variation in the aquifers through the analysis of coseismic step-like changes of well water level. LI (1995), WANG (2000), and FU et al (2002) studied the relationship between coseismic step-like changes of water level and future seismic activity. HUANG et al (2000) investigated the water-level changes in many wells after the occurrence of one great earthquake. However,the analysis of the quantitative relation between the coseismic step-like changes of water level and earthquakes in China has not been reported so far. This paper describes the coseismic step-like changes of water level in the Dazhai well, Simao city, Yunnan Province, and tries to discuss the possible mechanism of these changes.

  16. Oke et al (3).cdr

    Timothy Ademakinwa

    The study revealed that flow in pipe network analysis varied with the method. ... Figure 2a: Global Sanitation Coverage Trends in urban and Rural Areas, 1990 – 2011 (JMP, 2013; Oke et al., ...... WaterResouces Management.28: 2012- 2034.

  17. 39 - 45_Maikai et al.


    and high mortality (Anosa, 1983; Allam et al., 2011; .... Values obtained are expressed as mean ± SEM. .... weight and haematological parameters in ... Trypanosoma brucei infection in deer mice .... rates and liver pathology of Trypanosoma.


    Verkita; de; Li; Shijun


    La Pekina Esperanto-Asocio preskaǚ sta-rigis tradicion organizi ekskurson printempe kajaǚtune. En la pasinta jaro, ni ekskursis al In-terna Mongolio kaj habis agrablajn renkontiojnkun geesperantistoj en Huhehot kaj Baotou. i-

  19. Obituaries: Zainab al-Ghazali

    Matt Horton


    An obituary for Zainab al-Ghazali, an outspoken advocate of shariah law and an ally of the underground Muslim Brotherhood who founded her own organization, the Muslim Women's Association in 1937, is presented...

  20. First description of Trypanosoma cruzi human infection in Esmeraldas province, Ecuador.

    Guevara, Ángel; Moreira, Juan; Criollo, Hipatia; Vivero, Sandra; Racines, Marcia; Cevallos, Varsovia; Prandi, Rosanna; Caicedo, Cynthia; Robinzon, Francisco; Anselmi, Mariella


    Chagas disease was described in Ecuador in 1930 in the province of Guayas and thereafter in various provinces. Triatomine were reported in the province of Esmeraldas but no human infection has been described. Here we report the first evidence that the disease does exist in the province of Esmeraldas. In indigenous Awá communities located in the northwest jungle of the Esmeraldas province, 144 individuals were tested using ELISA and PCR for T.cruzi of which 5 (3.47%) were positive. Twenty eight triatomine were collected, 27 were Triatoma dispar and 1 Pastrongylus rufotuberculatus, T.cruzi was detected in 11 (42.3%) of 26 insects.

  1. Sediment provenance and province of the southern Yellow Sea: Evidence from light mineral


    The distribution for percent content of light mineral is divided in detail to emphasize distributional trends of higher and lower contents by using 222 samples of light mineral in the southern Yellow Sea. 5 mineral provinces are divided, and they are Ⅰ-north mineral province of the southern Yellow Sea, the sediment dominantly derived from the Yellow River; Ⅱ-mixed mineral province, the sediment derived from both the Yellow River and Yangtze River; Ⅲ- middle mineral province, the sediment derived mainly from the Yellow River and a part of sediment derived from Yangtze River; Ⅳ-province east of Yangtze River mouth, the sediment derived dominantly from Yangtze River; and Ⅴ- south mineral province, sediment was affected by relict sediment and modern sediment of Yangtze River. In this paper, the assemblage of dominant mineral and diagnostic mineral for the five provinces are discerned.

  2. Sediment provenance and province of the southern Yellow Sea: Evidence from light mineral

    WANGKunshan; SHIXuefa; JIANGXiaoli


    The distribution for percent content of light mineral is divided in detail to emphasize distributional trends of higher and lower contents by using 222 samples of light mineral in the southern Yellow Sea. 5 mineral provinces are divided, and they are Ⅰ -north mineral province of the southern Yellow Sea, the sediment dominantly derived from the Yellow River; Ⅱ-mixed mineral province, the sediment derived from both the Yellow River and Yangtze River; Ⅲ-middle mineral province, the sediment derived mainly from the Yellow River and a part of sediment derived from Yangtze River; Ⅳ-province east of Yangtze River mouth, the sediment derived dominantly from Yangtze River; and Ⅴ-south mineral province, sediment was affected by relict sediment and modern sediment of Yangtze River. In this paper, the assemblage of dominant mineral and diagnostic mineral for the five provinces are discerned.

  3. Studi Perbandingan Arsitektur Bangunan Masjid Al – Osmani dan Masjid Azizi Tanjung Pura

    Zalina, Atika


    Masjid Al - Osmani and Masjid Azizi are both of Malay sultanate mosque, located in the province of North Sumatra. Not only in terms of the history of both buildings mosque, in terms of the architecture of the mosque which consists of the mosque, the mosque building structures, as well as ornaments contained in the both of the mosque is also the focus of interest to be described. The method used is the method of qualitative research conducted descriptively by describing how the part of the bui...

  4. 数字省建设技术体系研究%Technology Framework of Digital Province

    池天河; 王雷; 王钦敏; 陈崇成


    The construction of Digital Province and Digital City is the base and important factor of Digital Earth. During the construction of Digital Province,the technology framework of digital province is one of the key problems. This paper summarizes current construction status of digital province technology framework and content and key technology of digital fujian.

  5. Ab initio modeling of zincblende AlN layer in Al-AlN-TiN multilayers

    Yadav, S. K., E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:; Liu, X.-Y., E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [Materials Science and Technology Division, MST-8, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico 87545 (United States); Wang, J. [Mechanical and Materials Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska 68588 (United States)


    An unusual growth mechanism of metastable zincblende AlN thin film by diffusion of nitrogen atoms into Al lattice is established. Using first-principles density functional theory, we studied the possibility of thermodynamic stability of AlN as a zincblende phase due to epitaxial strains and interface effect, which fails to explain the formation of zincblende AlN. We then compared the formation energetics of rocksalt and zincblende AlN in fcc Al through direct diffusion of nitrogen atoms to Al octahedral and tetrahedral interstitials. The formation of a zincblende AlN thin film is determined to be a kinetically driven process, not a thermodynamically driven process.

  6. Al clamor de les vuvuzeles

    Javier Olivera Betrán


    Full Text Available El Mundial de Futbol de Sud-àfrica ha situat l’Àfrica al mapa mundial i ha mostrat al món el triomf de l’estil de futbol d’Espanya basat en la col·lectivitat, l’esperit d’equip, la humilitat, la cohesió interna i el joc bonic. L’organització africana, seriosa i eficaç, ha sabut mobilitzar i il·lusionar la població del país que ha participat en el mundial des de l’orgull de ser africà, amb l’esperit alegre, festiu i també reivindicatiu de la gent de l’Àfrica. Aquest esdeveniment suposa el llançament de la marca “Sud-àfrica” al món amb un avís clar d’optar a l’organització d’uns primers Jocs Olímpics a Àfrica (potser els de 2020. S’obre una finestra d’esperança al segle xxi per al continent perdut de la mà de l’esport espectacle tan universal, massiu, emocional i mercantil que també es juga a la canxa de la política i de l’economia.

  7. Geochemical and palaeontological evidence for the definition of the Silurian/Devonian boundary in the Changwantang Section, Guangxi Province, China

    Wen-jin Zhao


    Full Text Available Southern Guangxi Province is one of the important areas for the study of the Silurian/Devonian boundary (SDB in South China. Despite attempts to define the exact level of the SDB in the Yulin (Guangxi Province area using biostratigraphy, no consensus has been reached as the indicator fossils (e.g. graptolite Monograptus uniformis uniformis, conodont Icriodus woschmidti woschmidti and trilobite Warburgella rugulosa rugosa are not coexistent in South China. Since Mann et al. (2001: Dynamics of the Silurian/Devonian boundary sequence: sedimentary cycles vs. organic matter variation. Terra Nostra, 2001, 44–48 reported the first isotope curve based on organic carbon for the SDB at Klonk in the Czech Republic (GSSP, some comparable variation curves of δ13Corg across the SDB have been obtained at several locations including sections in Turkey and China. This distinct variation curve of the isotopic composition of organic carbon across the SDB provides a chemostratigraphic reference for a worldwide correlation of the SDB. In this study, organic geochemistry together with graptolite biostratigraphy is applied as a tool for identifying the SDB at the Changwantang Section in Yulin (Guangxi Province. The results suggest that the variations in some indexes of organic geochemistry can be correlated to the representative curve of the SDB in the Klonk and Esenyali sections. The exact level of the SDB in the Changwantang Section is positioned within the upper part of the Fangcheng Formation, which is consistent with the available palaeontological data from graptolites (e.g. Colonograptus colonus, Plectograptus sp., Monograptus uniformis, M. cf. M. praehercynicus and M. aequabilis.

  8. Origin of Quaternary Red Clay of Southern Anhui Province



    The particle-size distribution,heavy mineral constituents and rare earth elements(REE) characteristics of the Quaternary red clay of southern Anhui Province were studied to explore the origin of the clay.The results showed that the clay had some properties of areolian deposits,which could be compared with,those of the loess in North China ;and its chondrite-normalized curves of REE were similar to those of the Xiashu loess implying tha they shared the same orighin.It was concluded in combination with the results rported by other researchers that the Quaternary red clay of southern Anhui Province originated from aolian deposts, and this could reveal the cycles of warm and cold climates in the area during the Quaternary period.

  9. Ground-water geology of Kordofan Province, Sudan

    Rodis, Harry G.; Hassan, Abdulla; Wahadan, Lutfi


    For much of Kordofan Province, surface-water supplies collected and stored in hafirs, fulas, and tebeldi trees are almost completely appropriated for present needs, and water from wells must serve as the base for future economic and cultural development. This report describes the results of a reconnaissance hydrogeologic investigation of the Province and the nature and distribution of the ground-water resources with respect to their availability for development. Kordofan Province, in central Sudan, lies within the White Nile-Nile River drainage basin. The land surface is largely a plain of low relief; jebels (hills) occur sporadically, and sandy soils are common in most areas except in the south where clayey soils predominate. Seasonal rainfall, ranging from less than 100 millimeters in the north to about 800 millimeters in the south, occurs almost entirely during the summer months, but little runoff ever reaches the Nile or White Nile Rivers. The rocks beneath the surficial depsits (Pleistocene to Recent) in the Province comprise the basement complex (Precambrian), Nawa Series (upper Paleozoic), Nubian Series (Mesozoic), laterite (lower to middle Tertiary), and the Umm Ruwaba Series (Pliocene to Pleistocene). Perennial ground-water supplies in the Province are found chiefly in five hydrologic units, each having distinct geologic or hydrologic characteristics. These units occur in Nubian or Umm Ruwaba strata or both, and the sandstone and conglomerate beds form the :principal aquifers. The water is generally under slight artesian head, and the upper surface of the zone of saturation ranges from about 50 meters to 160 meters below land surface. The surficial deposits and basement rocks are generally poor sources of ground water in most of the Province. Supplies from such sources are commonly temporary and may dissipate entirely during the dry season. Locally, however, perennial supplies are obtained from the surficial deposits and from the basement rocks. Generally

  10. Development Prospect of Aromatherapy Industry in Yunnan Province

    Ziyun; PENG; Dantong; LI; Rui; CHEN; Min; QIAN; Yiqi; CHEN; Hongjun; YANG


    This paper firstly introduced domestic and foreign supply of products processed by aromatherapy plant. On the basis of predicting market demand of aromatherapy plant,it analyzed current development situation of the plant in Yunnan Province. It arrived at the conclusion that the industry has broad market prospect. Then,it analyzed competitive advantages and risk factors of aromatherapy plant in Yunnan Province. There are climate,location and price advantages,but due to lack of product standard,it is difficult to guarantee quality,and there are certain market risks. Finally,it put forward recommendations for development of aromatherapy industry:( 1) taking full advantage of preferential policies to set up leading enterprises and realize radiated development;( 2) bringing into play of resource advantages and introducing capitals and technologies;( 3) Fostering market and driving the industrial development.

  11. Atmospheric PCO₂ perturbations associated with the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province.

    Schaller, Morgan F; Wright, James D; Kent, Dennis V


    The effects of a large igneous province on the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide (PCO₂) are mostly unknown. In this study, we estimate PCO₂ from stable isotopic values of pedogenic carbonates interbedded with volcanics of the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province (CAMP) in the Newark Basin, eastern North America. We find pre-CAMP PCO₂ values of ~2000 parts per million (ppm), increasing to ~4400 ppm immediately after the first volcanic unit, followed by a steady decrease toward pre-eruptive levels over the subsequent 300 thousand years, a pattern that is repeated after the second and third flow units. We interpret each PCO₂ increase as a direct response to magmatic activity (primary outgassing or contact metamorphism). The systematic decreases in PCO₂ after each magmatic episode probably reflect consumption of atmospheric CO₂ by weathering of silicates, stimulated by fresh CAMP volcanics.

  12. Supervolcanoes within an ancient volcanic province in Arabia Terra, Mars.

    Michalski, Joseph R; Bleacher, Jacob E


    Several irregularly shaped craters located within Arabia Terra, Mars, represent a new type of highland volcanic construct and together constitute a previously unrecognized Martian igneous province. Similar to terrestrial supervolcanoes, these low-relief paterae possess a range of geomorphic features related to structural collapse, effusive volcanism and explosive eruptions. Extruded lavas contributed to the formation of enigmatic highland ridged plains in Arabia Terra. Outgassed sulphur and erupted fine-grained pyroclastics from these calderas probably fed the formation of altered, layered sedimentary rocks and fretted terrain found throughout the equatorial region. The discovery of a new type of volcanic construct in the Arabia volcanic province fundamentally changes the picture of ancient volcanism and climate evolution on Mars. Other eroded topographic basins in the ancient Martian highlands that have been dismissed as degraded impact craters should be reconsidered as possible volcanic constructs formed in an early phase of widespread, disseminated magmatism on Mars.

  13. Demand Response in the West: Lessons for States and Provinces

    Douglas C. Larson; Matt Lowry; Sharon Irwin


    OAK-B135 This paper is submitted in fulfillment of DOE Grant No. DE-FG03-015F22369 on the experience of western states/provinces with demand response (DR) in the electricity sector. Demand-side resources are often overlooked as a viable option for meeting load growth and addressing the challenges posed by the region's aging transmission system. Western states should work together with utilities and grid operators to facilitate the further deployment of DR programs which can provide benefits in the form of decreased grid congestion, improved system reliability, market efficiency, price stabilization, hedging against volatile fuel prices and reduced environmental impacts of energy production. This report describes the various types of DR programs; provides a survey of DR programs currently in place in the West; considers the benefits, drawbacks and barriers to DR; and presents lessons learned and recommendations for states/provinces.

  14. Quaternary basaltic volcanism in the Payenia volcanic province, Argentina

    Søager, Nina

    primitive basalts and trachybasalts but also more evolved samples from the retroarc region and the larger volcanoes Payún Matrú and Payún Liso are presented. The samples cover a broad range of compositions from intraplate lavas similar to ocean island basalts to arc andesites. A common feature found...... Pleistocene times. These basalts mark the end of a period of shallow subduction of the Nazca slab beneath the Payenia province and volcanism in the Nevado volcanic field apparently followed the downwarping slab in a north-northwest direction ending in the Northern Segment. The northern Payenia basalts...... the literature. The Nevado basalts have been modelled by 4-10 % melting of a primitive mantle added 1-5 % upper continental crust. In the southern Payenia province, intraplate basalts dominate. The samples from the Payún Matrú and Río Colorado volcanic fields are apparently unaffected by the subducting slab...

  15. Checklists of Parasites of Farm Fishes of Babylon Province, Iraq

    Furhan T. Mhaisen


    Full Text Available Literature reviews of all references concerning the parasitic fauna of fishes in fish farms of Babylon province, middle of Iraq, showed that a total of 92 valid parasite species are so far known from the common carp (Cyprinus carpio, the grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella, and the silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix as well as from three freshwater fish species (Carassius auratus, Liza abu, and Heteropneustes fossilis which were found in some fish farms of the same province. The parasitic fauna included one mastigophoran, three apicomplexans, 13 ciliophorans, five myxozoans, five trematodes, 45 monogeneans, five cestodes, three nematodes, two acanthocephalans, nine arthropods, and one mollusc. The common carp was found to harbour 81 species of parasites, the grass carp 30 species, the silver carp 28 species, L. abu 13 species, C. auratus one species, and H. fossilis one species. A host-parasite list for each fish species was also provided.

  16. Ore-forming fluids in the Dongping gold deposit, northwestern Hebei Province

    FAN; Hongrui


    [1]Song Guanxian, A gold deposit associated with alkali-complex: Dongping deposit in north Hebei (in Chinese with English abstract), Geology & Prospecting, 1991, 27(8): 1-8.[2]Song Guorui, Guo Nenglin, Ma Zilin et al., Geological characters and metallogenic model of Dongping gold deposit, in Proceedings of Gold Geology and Exploration (in Chinese) (ed. Gold Headquarter of the Chinese People's Armed Police), Beijing: Metallurgical Industry Press, 1992, 187-196.[3]Lu Delin, Metallogenetic times of Dongping gold deposit (in Chinese with English abstract), Mineral Deposits, 1993, 12(2): 182-188.[4]Zhao Zhenhua, Zhou Lingdi, Bao Zhiwei et al., Gold deposits related with alkaline rocks in Zhangjiakou (Dongping) area, in New Advances in China Gold Deposit Researches (in Chinese) (ed. Leadership Office for Gold Science-Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences), Beijing: Seismology Press, 1994, 399-418.[5]Chen Jinrong, Geological characters and genesis of Dongping gold deposit in Hebei Province, in Typical Gold Deposits in China (in Chinese) (eds. Cun Gui, Chen Jimin), Beijing: Geological Publishing House, 1995, 84-92.[6]Gold Headquarter of the Chinese People's Armed Police, Geology of Dongping Alkaline Complex-hosted Gold Deposit in Hebei Province (in Chinese), Beijing: Seismology Press, 1996, 1-181.[7]Bao Zhiwei, Zhao Zhenhua, Zhou Lingdi et al., Genesis of Shuiquangou syenite compelx in northwest Hebei, Acta Petrologica Sinica, 1996, 12(4): 562-572.[8]Nie F. J., Type and distribution of gold deposits along the northern margin of the North China craton, People's Republic of China, Int. Geol. Rev., 1997, 39: 151-180.[9]Bodnar, R. J., Revised equation and stable for determining the freezing point depression of H2O-NaCl solutions, Geo-chimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 1993, 57: 683-684.[10]Collins, P. L. F., Gas hydrates in CO2-bearing fluid inclusions and the use of freezing data for estimation of salinity, Economic Geology, 1979, 74

  17. Conjuntivitis alérgica

    Alejandro Tello Hernández


    Full Text Available La conjuntivitis alérgica es una de las causas más comunesde consulta externa en oftalmología y tiene una muy altarelación con las reacciones alérgicas sistémicas. Lafisiopatología de las reacciones de hipersensibilidad noshace entender los cuadros clínicos característicos de estapatología y sus diferentes grados de severidad. Eldiagnostico diferencial es amplio, sin embargo hay clavesdiagnosticas que nos orientan rápidamente al diagnosticocorrecto. El tratamiento se enfoca en las medidasfarmacológicas y no farmacológicas, utilizándolas enconjunto para disminuir la recurrencia del cuadro y prevenirsecuelas visuales.

  18. Al Zubarah - eine vergessene Legende

    Kinzel, Moritz


    Die im 18. Jahnhundert an der Nordwestküste Katars entstandene Handelsstadt Al Zubarah bildet den Forschungsschwerpunkt des Qatar Islamic Archaeology and Heritage Projects (QIAH), das die Universität Kopenhagen in Zusammenarbeit mit der Katarischen Museumsbehörde (QMA) seit 2009 durchführt. Neben...... der archäologischen Erforschung der Stadtanlage und ihrer Elemente, stehen die Erhaltung und Präsentation des Fundortes und seiner Bauten von Anfang an ebenfalls im Fokus der Arbeiten. Auf Grundlage der Projektarbeit wurde 2011 der Antrag auf Aufnahme von Al Zubarah in die Weltkulturerbe eingereicht....... Die Stadtanlage ist ein einzigartiges Beispiel für eine planmäßig angelegte Stadt mit allen typischen Elementen einer orientalischen Stadt: Souq, Moschee, Hofhausquartiere und turmbewehrter Stadtmauer. Die Blütezeit von Al Zubarah währte nur gut 50 Jahre. 1811 wurde sie bereits wieder zerstört. Einige...


    Syamsul Kurniawan


    Full Text Available Education reform efforts typically begin with a conceptual perspective before implementation. Thus, developing Islamic education usually begins with a study of a figure and his educational thought. And one of the most influential figures whose thought which has Sufi religious pattern has dominated educational thinking atmosphere over the centuries since his death. The purpose of education according to al-Ghazali was to get closer to Allah. He came with a view that the most noble job is to educate: to become a teacher. Al-Ghazali advised that his students, in the learning process, aim to become scientists who could disseminate their knowledge for the sake of humanity values. Keywords: Al-Ghazali, Thought, Islamic Education.

  20. FTD and ALS: genetic ties that bind.

    Orr, Harry T


    Curiously, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and frontotemporal dementia (FTD), seemingly disparate neurodegenerative disorders, can be inherited together. Two groups (DeJesus-Hernandez et al. and Renton et al.) show that the long sought after ALS/FTD mutation on chromosomal region 9p is a hexanucleotide expansion in C90RF72. These studies, plus a study on X-linked ALS/FTD, provide molecular starting points for identifying pathways that link ALS and FTD pathogenesis.

  1. Superconductivity in Al/Al2O3 interface

    Palnichenko, A. V.; Vyaselev, O. M.; Mazilkin, A. A.; Khasanov, S. S.


    Metastable superconductivity at Tc ≈ 65 K has been observed in Al foil subjected to special oxidation process, according to the ac magnetic susceptibility and electrical resistance measurements. Comparison of the ac susceptibility and the dc magnetization measurements infers that the superconductivity arises within the interfacial granular layer formed during the oxidation process between metallic aluminum and its oxide.

  2. Fenomenologi Niat : Antara al-Ghazali dan al-Sayuthi

    Mujiburrahman Mujiburrahman


    Full Text Available The evolusionist and functionalist approaches to religion are generally considered less sympathetic if not antipathy to religious phenomena. This is why, some western scholars propose another approach to study religion called ‘phenomenological’ approach. There have been a number of phenomenological studies of religion, but mostly not of  Islam. This article tries to fill in the gap by describing and analyzing the Islamic conception of intention (niyyah developed by al-Sayuthi and al-Ghazali. As a jurist, al-Sayuthi explores different formal rules on niyyah in Islamic jurisprudence, while al-Ghazali as a Sufi, tries to deepen the meaning of niyyah in relation to one’s sincerity to God. Apart from this difference, both conceptions of niyya indicate that as believers, Muslims always attempt to live in the sacred space and time, and make their speech and deed sacred based on the niyyah. Thus, niyya is the very basis of Muslim religious life.

  3. Strategic Marketing Plan for Huishang Bank in Anhui Province

    Qian, Yani


    Huishang Bank Corporation Limited Company was founded on December 28, 2005, and it has operated since January 1, 2006. Before it was established, it merged with six cities' commercial banks and seven urban credit banks in Anhui Province. It then became the first regional bank which had developed from city commercial bank in China. In the last five years, Huishang bank has already got significant progress, and it entered top 500 global banks in 2010. This thesis focuses on the strategic m...

  4. Patients' satisfaction evaluation with the health center of elis province.

    Karavida, Angeliki; Stamouli, Maria-Aggeliki; Balis, Charalampos


    Patient satisfaction related to the provided health services is a key indicator of the quality of the health sector. The SERVQUAL model was employed as a way of measuring the level of patient satisfaction with the services of the Health Center of Elis Province. Although certain aspects such as "Assurance" and "Empathy" meet the users' needs, improvements like a detailed medical record and an overhaul of the equipment need to be introduced.

  5. Malaria Situation and Anopheline Mosquitoes in Qom Province, Central Iran

    MR Abai


    Full Text Available "nAbstract "nBackground: The aims of this study was to analysis the current situation of malaria and to find the distribution of anopheline mosquitoes, as probable vectors of the disease, in Qom Province, central Iran. "nMethods: This study was carried out in two parts. First stage was data collection about malaria cases using recorded documents of patients in the Province health center, during 2001–2008. The second stage was entomological survey conducted by mosquito larval collection method in 4 villages with different geographical positions in 2008. Data were analyzed using Excel software. "nResults: Of 4456 blood slides, 10.9% out were positive. Most of cases were imported from other countries (90.4%, mainly from Afghanistan (56.5% and Pakistan (16.3%. Slide positive rate showed a maximum of 16.9% and a minimum of 2.9% in 2008 and 2007, respectively. Plasmodium vivax was causative agent of 93.75% of cases, fol­lowed by P. falciparum (6.25%. More than 15 years old age group contained the most malaria reported cases (66.7%. Two Anopheles species, An. superpictus and An. claviger were collected and identified. This is the first report of Anopheles claviger in Qom Province. "nConclusion: Malaria is in the control stage in Qom Province. The rate of local transmission is very low (only 1 case, shows Anopheles superpictus, as the main malaria vector of central part of Iran, can play its role in malaria transmission in the area. "n  "nKeywords: Malaria, Iran, Epidemiology

  6. Beijing Specialists Give Free Medical Treatment in Yunnan Province


    <正>To help improve the physical conditions of the people in the Hui ethnic minority areas of Yunnan Province, from December 6 to 11,2005, a 10-member medical team of specialists from the Capital went to the Weishan Yi and Hui Ethnic Minority Autonomous County of Dali Prefecture and Xundian Hui and Yi Ethnic Minority Autonomous County of Kunming City to give free medical treatment for 6 days. This activity was

  7. Sustained public preferences on hospital performance across Canadian provinces.

    Sandoval, Guillermo A; Barnsley, Jan; Berta, Whitney; Murray, Michael; Brown, Adalsteinn D


    To compare the Canadian public's view of various components of hospital performance at two points in time, and to investigate differences across provinces. Random telephone interviews were conducted across Canada in 2001 and again in 2004. Respondents were asked to rate the importance of 10 aspects of hospital performance including coordination, skills of providers, the use of technology, medical errors, and waiting times. Aggregate importance scores were estimated in 2001 and 2004 and compared using t-tests. Provincial comparisons were investigated using analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) with a Bonferroni correction of 0.005 (0.05/10). The covariates were sex, age, marital status, education, working status, and income. Public preferences were similar across provinces and consistent over the two periods; however, respondents from Quebec showed a pattern somewhat different in each year and over time. Overall, the importance scores in Quebec tended to be lower than those from the other provinces. Respondents from all provinces except Quebec ascribed the greatest value to 'skill of medical staff' in 2001 and 2004. Those from Quebec, however, gave the highest rating to 'skill of medical staff' in 2001 and 'medical errors' in 2004; the latter climbed from the 8th to the 1st place over time. All respondents gave 'waiting time for a non-emergency surgical procedure' the lowest score in both years, although its importance score increased a significant 18% between 2001 and 2004 excluding the responses from Quebec. Significant covariates were sex, marital status, and education. Public preferences can help inform the work of health care policy and decision makers, particularly that related to resource allocation decisions.

  8. Development of Low Permeability Oilfields in Shengli Oil Province

    Wang Binhai; Fan Naifu


    @@ Shengli oil province,complicated in geology and rich in resources, is the second largest oil production basin of China. Except for some big/medium sized oil/gas field with high and medium permeability which have already been put into production. There are 11oil fields at great depth with low permeability of less than 50 ×10-3 μm2 have been discovered with 12. 2% of the total proved original oil in place.

  9. Formal and Informal Rural Credit in Four Provinces of Vietnam

    Barslund, Mikkel Christoffer; Tarp, Finn


    This paper uses a survey of 932 rural households to uncover how the rural credit market operates in four provinces of Vietnam. Households obtain credit through formal and informal lenders. Formal loans are almost entirely for production and asset accumulation, while informal loans are used for consumption smoothening. Interest rates fell from 1997 to 2002, reflecting increased market integration. Moreover, the determinants of formal and informal credit demand are distinct. While credit ration...

  10. A Miocene ostrich fossil from Gansu Province, northwest China

    HOU Lianhai; ZHOU Zhonghe; ZHANG Fucheng; WANG Zhao


    @@ A pelvic skeleton, recognized as a large terrestrial bird in the field, was recently collected by our paleomammalogist colleagues from the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology from the late Miocene sandy mudstones in the Linxia Basin in Gansu Province, northwest China. We have further referred this bird to as an early representative of ostrich. Ostrich fossils usually coexisted with the famous Hipparion Fauna from the Miocene to Pliocene.

  11. [Epidemiology of caprine and ovine brucellosis in Formosa province, Argentina].

    Russo, Ana M; Mancebo, Orlando A; Monzón, Carlos M; Gait, Juan J; Casco, Rubén D; Torioni de Echaide, Susana M


    An epidemiological study of brucellosis was carried out in 516 goats and mixed flocks (goat/sheep) from the three agro-ecological regions of Formosa province, Argentina. Serum samples from a total of 25401 goats and 2453 sheeps were analyzed using buffered plate agglutination test (BPAT) and complement fixation test (CFT). Bacteriological and PCR analyses on milk samples from goats in three flocks with a history of brucellosis and recent abortions were also performed. Brucellosis was detected in four of the nine departments of the province with an overall prevalence of 2% and an intra-flock prevalence ranging between 1% and 40%. The proportion of infected flocks was 3.6%, 12% and 36% for the eastern, central and western regions, respectively. Brucella melitensis bv. 1 was isolated efrom goats for the first time in the province. The expected fragments of 827bp from the omp2ab gene (Brucella spp.) and 731bp from the insert IS711 (B. melitensis) were amplified by PCR. Detection of antibodies by BPAT and FCT in sheep cohabiting with goats suggests that infections could have been caused by B. melitensis, posing an additional risk to public health. Control and eradication programs for brucellosis should consider mixed flocks as a single epidemiological unit. The results indicate that brucellosis by B. melitensis bv1 is highly endemic in the central and western regions of Formosa province. Copyright © 2015 Asociación Argentina de Microbiología. Publicado por Elsevier España, S.L.U. All rights reserved.

  12. Wood Destroying Insects in Düzce Province

    AKBULUT, Süleyman; KETEN, Akif; Yüksel, Beşir


    Wood destroying insects were investigated in forest depots, imported timbers, and wood products in use in Düzce province. In the collection of insect material trap logs, storage decks, and samples of wooden materials were used. In total, 63 insect species belonging to 31 families of 4 orders were found, and 34 of the identified species were categorized as pest species. In forest depots, the most common insects were bark beetles and longhorned beetles. Several wood-destroying insects were foun...

  13. Evaluation of Health Care System Reform in Hubei Province, China


    This study established a set of indicators for and evaluated the effects of health care system reform in Hubei Province (China) from 2009 to 2011 with the purpose of providing guidance to policy-makers regarding health care system reform. The resulting indicators are based on the “Result Chain” logic model and include the following four domains: Inputs and Processes, Outputs, Outcomes and Impact. Health care system reform was evaluated using the weighted TOPSIS and weighted Rank Sum Ratio met...

  14. Optimization Design of Warping Dam in Wangjiagou, Shanxi Province

    Zhang Yu; Cui Peng; Li Fa-bin; Wang Qing


    This paper introduces the simulating design of warping dam in the Loess Plateau, western Shanxi province.On the basis of collected data, the digital elevation model in the studied area has been created. Utilizing GIS (geographical information system) technology, this paper achieves some environmental based results with the simulation method. Also based on the parameter model of precipitation, the tendency of warping sand has been calculated, aiming at providing academic basis for optimization design in the small watershed.

  15. Optimization Design of Warping Dam in Wangjiagou, Shanxi Province

    ZhangYu; CuiPeng; LiFa-bin; WangQing


    This paper introduces the simulating design of warping dam in the Loess Plateau, western Shanxi province.On the basis of collected data, the digital elevation model in the studied area has been created. Utilizing GIS (geographical information system) technology, this paper achieves some environrnental based results with the simulation method. Also based on the parameter model of precipitation, the tendency of warping sand has been calculated, aiming at providing academic basis for optimization design in the small watershed.

  16. Social capital and the innovative performance of Italian provinces

    Crescenzi, Riccardo; Gagliardi, Luisa; Percoco, Marco


    Social capital has remained relatively underexplored in innovation literature due to the lack of consensus on the most suitable operationalisation for the analysis of innovative dynamics. This paper aims to fill this gap by looking at social capital as propensity towards civicness and prosocial behaviour that facilitates the circulation of nonredundant knowledge among otherwise disconnected groups. The quantitative analysis of the innovative performance of Italian provinces shows that social ...

  17. Influencing Factors on Farming System Development in Shandong Province


    The developmental situation of the farming system in Shandong Province is introduced.At present,Shandong Province is at the semi-intensive,semi-commercial and semi-sufficiency level of farming system.Eastern coast and central Shandong agricultural zones are moving in the direction of modern farming system,having formed a preliminary new pattern of the coordinated development of grain,feedstuff,economic and other crops.Influencing factors on the development of farming system in Shandong Province is analyzed,which are agricultural production condition and input level,population and food,policy measures,development of natural resources and regions,agricultural industrialization and urbanization level,and scientific and technological level.Total population will be within 100 million at the year 2020;per capita annual share of grain will be 475 kilograms;and there is great pressure on grain production.Therefore,we must change the pattern of agricultural development and accelerate the establishment of modern farming system.Agricultural machinery,water conservancy projects,and chemical fertilizer application have greatly affected the development of farming system.Improvement of production conditions has promoted the adjustment of agricultural structure,increased the planting ratio of winter wheat-summer maize,and improved multiple-cropping index.Development of agricultural industrialization has promoted the transfer of rural labor force and the establishment of modern farming system;while the unbalanced development of cities has restricted the establishment of modern farming system.Therefore,the appropriate policy,scientific and rational regional distribution,and advanced science and technology can help to set up the modern farming system in Shandong Province.

  18. estigma tolerable al estigma intolerable

    Nelson Arteaga Botello


    cristalización pasa por dos referentes de interacción y relación social al interior del espacio escolar. El primero está constituido por parámetros de normalidad y anormalidad a partir de la localización de estigmas. El segundo se encuentra, a contrapelo de la tendencia anterior, tratando de diluir los efectos de los estigmas al señalarlos como una práctica de tipificación social intolerable o inaceptable.

  19. La neuroplasticidad aplicada al deporte

    Fernández, Hernán


    Me decidí a realizar la siguiente ponencia, para analizar y reconocer la importancia que implica el trabajo cognitivo en el entrenamiento deportivo. El abordaje que efectuaré, está enfocado en el desarrollo del entrenamiento cognitivo, su fundamento y el desarrollo de la neuroplasticidad. Analizaré el concepto de neuroplasticidad y neurogénesis como base al sustento teórico de la neurociencia aplicada al deporte. También remarcaré diversas metodologías prácticas, con su fundamento teóri...

  20. De la contingencia al destino

    Heller, Agnes


    Full Text Available Not available.

    La modernidad no ha podido dar respuesta al problema de la contingencia histórica, El texto muestra, por medio de metáforas, que el abandono necesario de esta cuestión no significa que estemos abocados al relativismo respecto a la contingencia existencial. La contingencia existencial, individual, sigue presente en la vida de todo individuo. Se sostiene que podemos dar un destino a nuestras vidas, y ésta es la tarea principal del filósofo.

  1. Al-Qaeda Since 911

    Brahimi, Alia


    Seconds after smiling at her local MP and shaking his hand, Roshonara Choudhry plunged a knife into his stomach. The attack on Stephen Timms in May 2010 was not the most high profile assault inspired by al- Qaeda, nor was it fatal. It did, however, offer a commentary on the changing nature of the terrorist threat since 9/11, al-Qaeda’s major impact on international relations as well as its major failure, and the intimate, perhaps inevitable, connection between the two.

  2. La neuroplasticidad aplicada al deporte

    Fernández, Hernán


    Me decidí a realizar la siguiente ponencia, para analizar y reconocer la importancia que implica el trabajo cognitivo en el entrenamiento deportivo. El abordaje que efectuaré, está enfocado en el desarrollo del entrenamiento cognitivo, su fundamento y el desarrollo de la neuroplasticidad. Analizaré el concepto de neuroplasticidad y neurogénesis como base al sustento teórico de la neurociencia aplicada al deporte. También remarcaré diversas metodologías prácticas, con su fundamento teóri...

  3. Drogodependencia y derecho al honor

    Moliner Navarro, Rosa María


    Resulta frecuente hoy la divulgación de la drogodependencia de algunos personajes públicos en los medios que se dedican a la información social. Acudiendo a la jurisprudencia más reciente en la materia, el artículo analiza el habitual conflicto entre el derecho al honor y el derecho a la libertad de información; identifica los criterios actualmente vigentes en la protección del derecho al honor y señala el límite que la libertad de información nunca puede traspasar en la revela...

  4. ‘Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs)’: Definition, recommended terminology, and a hierarchical classification

    Sheth, Hetu C.


    This article is an appeal for the adoption of a correct and appropriate terminology with respect to the so-called Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs). The term LIP has been widely applied to large basaltic provinces such as the Deccan Traps, and the term Silicic Large Igneous Province (SLIP) to volcanic provinces of dominantly felsic composition, such as the Whitsunday Province. However, neither term (LIP, SLIP) has been applied to the large granitic batholiths of the world (e.g., Andes) to which both terms are perfectly applicable. LIP has also not been applied to broad areas of contemporaneous basalt magmatism (e.g., Indochina, Mongolia) and sizeable layered mafic intrusions (e.g., Bushveld) which in many significant respects may also be considered to represent 'Large Igneous Provinces'. Here, I suggest that the term LIP is used in its broadest sense and that it should designate igneous provinces with outcrop areas ≥ 50,000 km 2. I propose a simple hierarchical classification of LIPs that is independent of composition, tectonic setting, or emplacement mechanism. I suggest that provinces such as the Deccan and Whitsunday provinces should be called Large Volcanic Provinces (LVPs), whereas large intrusive provinces (mafic-ultramafic intrusions, dyke/sill swarms, granitic batholiths) should be called Large Plutonic Provinces (LPPs). LVPs and LPPs thus together cover all LIPs, which can be felsic, mafic, or ultramafic, of sub-alkalic or alkalic affinity, and emplaced in continental or oceanic settings. LVPs are subdivided here into four groups: (i) the dominantly/wholly mafic Large Basaltic Provinces (LBPs) (e.g., Deccan, Ontong Java); (ii) the dominantly felsic Large Rhyolitic Provinces (LRPs) (e.g., Whitsunday, Sierra Madre Occidental); (iii) the dominantly andesitic Large Andesitic Provinces (LAPs) (e.g., Andes, Indonesia, Cascades), and (iv) the bimodal Large Basaltic-Rhyolitic Provinces (LBRPs) (e.g., Snake River-High Lava Plains). The intrusive equivalents of LRPs

  5. A key to the Soricidae, Macroscelididae, Gliridae and Muridae of Gauteng, North West Province, Mpumalanga and the Northern Province, South Africa

    Christia H. Newbery


    Full Text Available A practical key to the shrews, elephant-shrews, dormice, rats and mice based on external field characteristics is presented. Size, tail features and lengths, dorsal and ventral body colour, etc. are the important characteristics, while habitat and distribution are also incorporated. The small mammals included in the key are from Gauteng, North West Province, Mpumalanga and the Northern Province.

  6. Field test of new poplar clone in Shangdong Province

    QIN Guang-hua; JIANG Yue-zhong; QIAO Yu-ling; B.Nottola


    Poplar is one of the dominant tree species for the establishment of fast growing plantations in Shandong Province. Eighteen poplar clones belonging to Populus aigeiros section were introduced from Italy, Turkey and domestic regions. Populus deltoides cv. 'Lux' I-69/55 (I-69), which was widely used in Shandong Province, China, was taken as control clone (I-69). Following a randomized complete block design, seedling test and controlled afforestation trials were carried out at Juxian County, Caoxian County and Laiyang City. The results showed that the poplar clone (Populus × euramericana cv. '102/74'), namely 102/74, performed well both in terms of adaptability and growth rate. The mean height of 13.9 m (H), diameter at breast height of 18.0 cm (DBH) and volume growth of 0.1445 m3 (V) were 2.2 %, 21.6% and 52.9 % higher than those of I-69 (CK), respectively, at the age of 5 years at three experimental sites. Moreover, the clone can be propagated easily and showed high resistance to poplar disease, pest as well as salinity and had longer growing period. Furthermore, wood basic density and fiber length of new poplar clone (102/74) were as same as I-69 (CK). It was concluded that the selected clone (102/74) was ideal for the establishment of fast-growing poplar plantations, especially for the pulpwood plantations in Shandong Province.

  7. Incidence of Childhood Cancers in Golestan Province of Iran

    Abbas Moghaddami


    Full Text Available Objective: This paper presents the incidence rates of childhood cancers using the data obtained from Golestan population based cancer registry (GPCR between 2004 and 2006.Methods: GPCR registers only primary cancers based on standard protocols of the international association of cancer registries (IACR. We collect data on newly diagnosed (incident cancer cases from all public and private diagnostic and therapeutic centers of the whole province. CanReg-4 software was used for data entry and analysis.Findings: Totally 5076 cancer cases (all ages were diagnosed in GPCR between 2004 and 2006. Of these, 139 (2.74 % were children (aged 0-14 years with mean (±SD age of 8.06 (±4.48 years. The age standardized incidence rates for childhood cancer were 119.8 and 78.3 per 1000000 person-years in male and female children, respectively. Leukemia was the most common childhood cancer in Golestan province of Iran. Lymphomas and central nervous system tumors were the second and third ones, respectively.Conclusion: The incidence rates of childhood cancers were relatively high in Golestan province of Iran. So, controlling of childhood cancers should be mentioned as an important issue in health policy making in this area.

  8. Incidence of Childhood Cancers in Golestan Province of Iran

    Moradi, Abdolvahab; Semnani, Shahryar; Roshandel, Gholamreza; Mirbehbehani, Narges; Keshtkar, Abbasali; Aarabi, Mohsen; Moghaddami, Abbas; Cheraghali, Fatemeh


    Objective This paper presents the incidence rates of childhood cancers using the data obtained from Golestan population based cancer registry (GPCR) between 2004 and 2006. Methods GPCR registers only primary cancers based on standard protocols of the international association of cancer registries (IACR). We collect data on newly diagnosed (incident) cancer cases from all public and private diagnostic and therapeutic centers of the whole province. CanReg-4 software was used for data entry and analysis. Findings Totally 5076 cancer cases (all ages) were diagnosed in GPCR between 2004 and 2006. Of these, 139 (2.74 %) were children (aged 0–14 years) with mean (±SD) age of 8.06 (±4.48) years. The age standardized incidence rates for childhood cancer were 119.8 and 78.3 per 1000000 person-years in male and female children, respectively. Leukemia was the most common childhood cancer in Golestan province of Iran. Lymphomas and central nervous system tumors were the second and third ones, respectively. Conclusion The incidence rates of childhood cancers were relatively high in Golestan province of Iran. So, controlling of childhood cancers should be mentioned as an important issue in health policy making in this area. PMID:23056726

  9. Malaria Situation and Anopheline Mosquitoes in Qom Province, Central Iran

    B Farzinnia


    Methods: This study was carried out in two parts. First stage was data collection about malaria cases using recorded documents of patients in the Province health center, during 2001–2008. The second stage was entomological survey conducted by mosquito larval collection method in 4 villages with different geographical positions in 2008. Data were analyzed using Excel software. Results: Of 4456 blood slides, 10.9% out were positive. Most of cases were imported from other countries (90.4%, mainly from Afghanistan (56.5% and Pakistan (16.3%. Slide positive rate showed a maximum of 16.9% and a minimum of 2.9% in 2008 and 2007, respectively. Plasmodium vivax was causative agent of 93.75% of cases, fol­lowed by P. falciparum (6.25%. More than 15 years old age group contained the most malaria reported cases (66.7%. Two Anopheles species, An. superpictus and An. claviger were collected and identified. This is the first report of Anopheles claviger in Qom Province. Conclusion: Malaria is in the control stage in Qom Province. The rate of local transmission is very low (only 1 case, shows Anopheles superpictus, as the main malaria vector of central part of Iran, can play its role in malaria transmission in the area.

  10. Natural Gamma Radiation in Primary Schools of Zanjan Province

    Faranak Saghatchi


    Full Text Available Background: Environmental gamma ray refers to the gamma radiation from terrestrial sources and building materials. In enclosed spaces radiation can become a health hazard leading to potential increase in the rates of lung cancer. The goal of this study is to assess the exposure to natural gamma radiation of children in the schools of Zanjan province. Method: The natural gamma radiation was assessed in 46 primary schools of Zanjan province. A total number of 75 classrooms were studied. The measurements were performed in classrooms and schoolyards using a Geiger–Muller detector (RDS-110. Alongside radiation measurements, all the data corresponding to the characteristics of each school building were collected. Results: The results showed that the outdoor dose rate ranged from 82 to 106nSv h-1 while gamma dose rate due to inside classrooms ranged from 106 to 137nSvh-1. The findings represented that the highest indoor gamma dose rate belonged to the buildings of more than 30 years and metal frame and brick (P<0.05. Conclusion: We concluded that the effective dose due to gamma radiation from terrestrial sources and building materials for students of primary schools in Zanjan province (0.83 mSv was higher than worldwide average of the annual effective dose (0.48 mSv.

  11. Spatial and Statistical Analysis of Leptospirosis in Guilan Province, Iran

    Nia, A. Mohammadi; Alimohammadi, A.; Habibi, R.; Shirzadi, M. R.


    The most underdiagnosed water-borne bacterial zoonosis in the world is Leptospirosis which especially impacts tropical and humid regions. According to World Health Organization (WHO), the number of human cases is not known precisely. Available reports showed that worldwide incidences vary from 0.1-1 per 100 000 per year in temperate climates to 10-100 per 100 000 in the humid tropics. Pathogenic bacteria that is spread by the urines of rats is the main reason of water and soil infections. Rice field farmers who are in contact with infected water or soil, contain the most burden of leptospirosis prevalence. In recent years, this zoonotic disease have been occurred in north of Iran endemically. Guilan as the second rice production province (average=750 000 000 Kg, 40% of country production) after Mazandaran, has one of the most rural population (Male=487 679, Female=496 022) and rice workers (47 621 insured workers) among Iran provinces. The main objectives of this study were to analyse yearly spatial distribution and the possible spatial clusters of leptospirosis to better understand epidemiological aspects of them in the province. Survey was performed during the period of 2009-2013 at rural district level throughout the study area. Global clustering methods including the average nearest neighbour distance, Moran's I and General G indices were utilized to investigate the annual spatial distribution of diseases. At the end, significant spatial clusters have been detected with the objective of informing priority areas for public health planning and resource allocation.

  12. Research on the Industrial Ecologicalization in Yunnan Province


    By using ecological carrying capacity, ecological footprint method and shift-share analysis and the data from Yunnan Statistical Yearbook and China Statistical Yearbook, the status quo of industrial ecologicalization development in Yunnan Province is analyzed from the aspects of consumption of resources and environment, production technology and industrial pollution and industrial structure. The results show that the economic growth in Yunnan Province is based on the huge consumption of resources; the consumption of natural environment has surpassed its carrying capacity; the production technology is relatively backward and the comprehensive use efficiency of the "three wastes" is low; the solid waste emission of the ten thousand GDP far exceeds the average level of the whole county; the total emissions of industrial waste gas and domestic sewage are increasing; the efficiency of industrial structure is bad. On the strength of the analysis, the relevant measures on ecological industrial development in Yunnan Province is put forward, covering strengthening the awareness of saving resources and protecting environment; establishing energy-saving type national economy and social system; actively adjusting industrial structure; strengthening ecological construction of the three major industries.

  13. Epidemiologic study of Phenylketonuria disease in Lorestan province

    Azita Zafar Mohtashami


    Full Text Available Background : Phenylketonuria (PKU is a metabolic disease with autosomal recessive pattern of inheritance caused by a deficiency or absence of the enzyme phenylalanine hydroxylase in the liver. Phenylketonuria incidence is 1 in 10,000 births. This study aimed to determine the epidemiological characteristics of phenylketonuria in Lorestan province. Materials and Methods: All 81 phenylketonuria patients known in Lorestan province up to winter 2014 were considered in this descriptive epidemiologic study. Based on the goals and variables of the study, a complete questionnaire was developed to collect data through interviews with parents and the records and they were analyzed by use of SPSS v.16 software with preparing tables and graphs and using chi-square and t-test. Results: Results showed that phenylketonuria prevalence is 4.3 out of 100,000 people in Lorestan province. Twenty of the patients (24.7% were identified through screening and 61 patients (75.3% through other methods. Forty-six of the samples (56.8% were female and 35 cases (43.2% were male. Nearly 75% of PKU patients had a positive history of consanguinity marriage in their parents. The prevalence of the disease was significantly different from other cities. Conclusion: Neonatal screening for phenylketonuria is necessary and should be done within 3-5 days of birth. In families with children suffering from PKU, prenatal diagnosis is necessary for other pregnancies.

  14. alpha-thalassemia mutations in Khuzestan Province, Southwest Iran.

    Zandian, Khodamorad; Nateghi, Jamal; Keikhaie, Bijan; Pedram, Mohammad; Hafezi-Nejad, Nima; Hadavi, Valeh; Oberkanins, Christian; Azarkeivan, Azita; Law, Hai-Yang; Najmabadi, Hossein


    Although alpha-thalassemia (alpha-thal) is the most common hereditary hemoglobin (Hb) disorder in Iran, no comprehensive data are so far available on the prevalence of the disease in the province of Khuzestan in Southwest Iran. This study investigates the spectrum of alpha-thal mutations in this region. One hundred and twenty-one subjects from Khuzestan Province, Iran, were initially tested for the three most common Iranian alpha-thal mutations (- alpha3.7, -alpha4.2, and --MED) by gap-polymerase chain reaction (gap-PCR). Reverse hybridization test strips and DNA sequencing were used to identify additional alpha-globin mutations. A total of 131 mutated alpha-globin alleles were identified in these patients. Of the 13 mutations that were detected in Khuzestan Province, Iran, the - alpha3.7 single gene deletion was the most frequently identified variant, representing 62.6% of the total; we also observed significant numbers of individuals with compound heterozygous mutations. On the basis of our results, we strongly recommend screening for the most common mutations to improve the molecular diagnosis of anemia in this region.

  15. Molecular Identification of Nosema species in East Azerbaijan province, Iran

    Razmaraii, N.


    Full Text Available Nosema is a genus of microsporidia, which have significant negative impacts on honeybees. The aim of thisstudy is the epidemiological evaluation and molecular characterization of Nosema spices in various countiesof East-Azerbaijan province (Northwest of Iran. 387 samples were collected from colonies maintained invarious counties of East-Azerbaijan province. Samples after preparation were examined by a lightmicroscope for presence of Nosema spores. PCR method (SSUrRNA gene was used to differentiatebetween Nosema apis (N. apis and N. ceranae. Descriptive statistics were used for data analysis. Totalinfection prevalence of the microscopic evaluation and PCR tests were 225 (58.1% and 260 (67.1%respectively, total validity of PCR test against the microscopic test was computed equal to 1.1 in this case.Disease distribution in various counties of study area was variable and N. ceranae was the only Nosema species found to infect honeybees. The one species presence and different distribution of Nosema positive samples in various counties of East-Azerbaijan province may be due to multiple reasons. Furthermore,epidemiological information helps us to improve disease management practices in the studied area, apply new hygiene policy and reduce extra costs of production.

  16. Research on Farmers’ Property Income in Jiangsu Province


    Relying on the statistics,the property income status of Jiangsu Province is expounded.In the first place,farmers’ property income takes a low proportion to the total income for its small cardinal number;in the second place,although farmers’ property income has increased continuously,the growth fluctuates;in the third place,the growth tempo of farmers’ property income is faster than the growth tempo of net income;in the fourth place,per capita property income of farmers is obviously lower than that of urban residents.The reasons that affect the property income of farmers in Jiangsu Province are analyzed,which cover low income level of rural residents,imperfect land system,imperfect rural financial system,imperfect rural housing system and imperfect rural social security system.On the basis of the above analysis,the targeted measures on improving the property income of farmers in Jiangsu Province are put forward.Firstly,the government should improve farmers’ income and lay solid foundation for property income;secondly,the government should clarify land property rights and explore the land transfer situation;thirdly,the government should accelerate rural financial system reform and perfect rural financial system;fourthly,the government should vigorously implement the transfer of houses in rural collective residents and perfect rural housing rent market;fifthly,the government should promote the reform of rural social security system and solve farmers’ worries.

  17. XML Parasitic Contamination of Consumed Vegetables in Golestan Province, 2012

    This paper should be cited as: Rahimi - Esboei B, Pagheh A, Fakhar M, Pagheh S, Dadimoghadam Y . [ Parasitic Contamination of Consumed Vegetables in Golestan Province, 2012 ]. mljgoums . 201 4 ; 8 ( 3 : 82 - 89 [Article in Persian] Rahimi - Esboei, B. (MSc


    Full Text Available Background and Objective: The Outbreak of human parasitic diseases associated with the consumption of raw vegetables often occurs in both developing and developed countries. This study aimed to evaluate parasitic contamination of edible vegetables in Golestan Province. Material and Methods: This cross-sectional study was carried out in the cities of Golestan Province for six months, 2012. The samples (N = 100 were randomly chosen among different vegetables (parsley, lettuce, radish, and cress, and examined for the presence of helminthic and protozoan parasitic contaminations following washing, centrifuging and sedimentation. Results: Thirty-seven (37% were found to have parasitic contamination, and of these 30 (81.1% and 7 (18.9% were helminths and protozoa, respectively. The highest rate of contamination was detected in parsley (37.9%, and the lowest in radish (12.0%. Moreover, free living larva with 58.6% and Hymenolepis nana ova with 5.1% were the highest and lowest contaminated rates, respectively. Conclusion: Based on our results, consumed vegetables in Golestan Province is considered as a potential risk for some human parasitic infections.

  18. Prevalence of intestinal parasites in Lorestan Province, West of Iran

    Ebrahim Badparva


    Full Text Available Objective: To study the prevalence of intestinal parasites in Lorestan Province, West of Iran. Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted on 2 838 stool samples in Khorramabad, Lorestan Province in 2013. Samples were examined by the several techniques. Results: The frequency of intestinal parasites was 465 (16.4% of which 188 (13.5% samples were for urban areas and 277 (19.2% for rural areas. Infection in rural areas was significantly higher than urban areas. Out of 465 infected samples, 456 (98% were contaminated with protozoan parasites and 9 (2% with helminthes. Infection in people who sometimes used the soap to wash hands was significantly more than those who always used soap (P<0.001. Infection in people with poor economic conditions was significantly more than the two groups with moderate and good economic conditions (P<0.001. Conclusions: Effective reasons for the reducing incidence of intestinal parasites in Lorestan Province could be the development of universities with more students led to increased awareness, improvement of the environment, increase of the ease of access to health care centers, increase of advertising in provincial mass media about health training, increased health culture, and dispose of sanitary waste properly.

  19. Traffic Perception in Eskişehir Province

    Karacasu, Murat; Altin, Arzu Yavuz; Ergül, Bariş; Berkhan Akalin, Kadir


    With the rapid growth of the world population that is becoming increasingly the use of motor vehicles. Also, due to technological advances that have become more accessible to a case having a motor vehicle. However, these developments have led to the emergence of some problems. Especially, highways of serious accidents occurred in transportation, to investigate measures that can be taken and identification of the problem is an important issue in Turkey. First, you need to identify the individual's perception of traffic. This process is important to identify gaps in the application. This study was planned and carried out in order to measure the traffic perceptions of living in Eskisehir Province. For this purpose, a questionnaire aimed at determining demographic and socio-economic characteristics and attitudes of the individual's perception of traffic was prepared. Data sets were analysed by factor analysis known as one of the most known multivariate statistical analysis techniques. The result of analysis obtained over the dimensions, traffic perceptions of individual's in Eşkisehir Province modelled. Looking for solutions for the traffic problem in institutions of the Eşkisehir Province has obtained a series of results that could benefit in creating attitudes and behaviours about traffic.

  20. Petroleum systems of the Malay Basin Province, Malaysia

    Bishop, Michele G.


    The offshore Malay Basin province is a Tertiary oil and gas province composed of a complex of half grabens that were filled by lacustrine shales and continental clastics.These deposits were overlain by clastics of a large delta system that covered the basin.Delta progradation was interupted by transgressions of the South China Sea to the southeast, which finally flooded the basin to form the Gulf of Thailand.Oil and gas from the Oligocene to Miocene lacustrine shales and Miocene deltaic coals is trapped primarily in anticlines formed by inversion of the half grabens during the late Miocene.Hydrocarbon reserves that have been discovered amount to 12 billion barrels of oil equivalent.The U.S. Geological Survey assessment of the estimated quantities of conventional oil, gas and condensate that have the potential to be added to reserves by the year 2025 for this province is 6.3 billion barrels of oil equivalent (BBOE) (U. S. Geological Survey World Energy Assessment Team, 2000).

  1. [Prevalence of mental subnormality recorded in the province of Jaen].

    Delgado Rodríguez, M; Moreno de la Casa, A; Rodríguez-Contreras Pelayo, R; Sillero Arenas, M; López Gigosos, R; Gálvez Vargas, R


    It is done a cross-sectional study of the prevalence of mental retardation in the province of Jaén (Spain), based on the cumulated cases reported to the Institute of Social Services of the Social Security (INSERSO) until January 1, 1984. The main objective of this research is to know the prevalence of mental retardation in our province, and to analize its relationship with some sociodemographic variables. The prevalence obtained has been 4.09%, being a 59.27% of the prevalence due to endogenous/unexplained etiology. Mild subnormality constitutes a 8.4% of cases, being closely related with the size of the locality (municipio). Prevalence of mental subnormality showed a significative linear association with the size of the locality (r = -0.904, p less than 0.05), and with the population growth (r = -0.929, p less than 0.01). This relationship was not observed neither with the level of per capita income nor the altitude of the locality. A multiple regression analysis is made for every etiology of mental retardation and several social and geographic variables. We conclude that the figures for mental retardation in our province show a direct relationship with local development parameters.


    Guang-hui Liu; Rong-fei Zhu; Wei Zhang; Wen-jing Li; Zhong-xi Wang; Huan Chen


    Objective To study the genera and seasonal distribution of airborne pollen in Hubei province of China,and its relationship with pollinosis.Methods From November 2003 to October 2004,an airborne pollen investigation was performed in 16 chosen areas in 12 cities of Hubei province using gravity sedimentation technique.Meanwhile,univalent skin prick tests of pollens were performed and the invasion season was studied on 2 300 patients with pollinosis.Among them,352 eases underwent the airway responsiveness measurements,and the correlation between airway responsiveness and results of pollen count was analyzed.Results A total of 61 pollen genera were observed and 257 520 pollens were collected.The peak of airborne pollen distribution occurred in two seasons each year:spring (March and April) and autumn (from August to October).The attack of pollinosis corresponded to the peak of pollen distribution.There was a significantly negative relationship between the provocation dose causing a 20% decrease of forced expiratory volume in one second (FEV1) from baseline and airborne pollen concentration (r=-0.6829,P<0.05).Conclusion This study provides useful information for airborne pollen epidemiology of Hubei province,and it provides important insights to clinical prevention,diagnosis,and treatment of pollen-related allergic diseases.

  3. Electrification ratio and renewable energy in Papua Province

    Innah, Herbert; Kariongan, Jackobus; Liga, Marthen


    Indonesia government through the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, in the beginning of year 2016, introduced a program named "Indonesia Terang" or Bright Indonesia. The aimed of this program is to speed up Electrification Rate (ER) with priority to the six provinces at Eastern area of Indonesia including Papua Province. The target of Indonesian's ER by 2019 is 97%. While the Indonesian's national ER already high (88.30%) in 2015, Papua still the lowest ER (45.93%) among the provinces. The scenario to boost up ER in the Eastern area by connected the consumers at villages which not electrified yet to the new Renewable Energy sources. This paper presents an overview of current situation of Electricity Infrastructure and Operation particularly on the mountain area which has high populated compare to coastal area but the average RE below 10%. Case studies of electricity infrastructure profile from mountain area were conducted to identify and reveal the challenge to achieve the Bright Indonesia objectives. Also, the assessment of the visibility according to the high target from this program will be presented.

  4. Experiences of lay counsellors who provide VCT for PMTCT of HIV and AIDS in the Capricorn district, Limpopo Province

    R. N. Malema


    Full Text Available Human Immune Deficiency Virus (HIV and Acquired Immune-Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS still carry a stigma in the community. Many people do not know their status and they are still reluctant to be tested including pregnant women despite the fact that Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT is offered for free in South Africa. In South Africa VCT for HIV and AIDS is offered by lay counsellors in public hospitals and clinics. The study conducted by Mate, Bennet, Mphatswe, Barker and Rollins (2009:5483 outlined that in South Africa the prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT of HIV guidelines have raised hope that the national goal of reducing perinatal HIV transmission rates to less than 5% can be attained. A qualitative, exploratory, descriptive and contextual study was conducted in 15 public clinics of the Polokwane Municipality in the Capricorn District, Limpopo Province. The purpose of the study was to determine the experiences of the lay counsellors who provide VCT for the PMTCT of HIV and AIDS in the Capricorn District, Limpopo Province. Data were collected through one-to-one interviews using a semi-structured guide (De Vos et al, 2006:296. The findings of the study reflected the following: the content of training and counselling skills received by lay counsellors were satisfactory, there was lack of counsellor support and in-service education. A program for in-service education and support for all lay counsellors who have had VCT training should be conceptualised and implemented.


    Luis Alberto Girón Murillo


    Full Text Available Es complejo para gestores y administradores conocer las implicaciones que la adopción de modelos de desarrollo de software tendría para una región. Este artículo ofrece una evaluación de las implicaciones dinámicas que para el desarrollo de software de una región tendría el apostar de forma excluyente al software libre, al software de fuente abierta y al software propietario. Se desarrolló un modelo de simulación en Vensim de la dinámica de sistemas en donde se evaluaron 3 escenarios: uno en donde se adopta de forma excluyente el software libre, uno en donde se adopta el software propietario y uno en donde se adopta el software de fuente abierta. Se ofrecen descripciones y explicaciones de los resultados que sugieren las potencialidades de cada uno de los modelos de desarrollo evaluados.

  6. English Language Teaching in Yunann Province: Opportunities & Challenges%English Language Teaching in Yunann Province:Opportunities&Challenges

    Fengqin Liu


    With the development of the relations between China and ASEAN, English language learning and teaching is playing a more and more important role -- especially, the importance of location of Yunnan province as a"major bridgehead" for international relations with Southeast Asia. Because of the policy of making English an official language in ASEAN,'Opportunities and Challenges' shall be discussed in this article. Also, some suggestions to enhance teacher training would be proposed.

  7. MOOCs; vanwaar al die ophef?

    Henderikx, Maartje; Kreijns, Karel


    MOOCs; vanwaar die ophef? Het nog maar zeer recente fenomeen MOOCs (massive open online courses) heeft zich in korte tijd al een onwrikbare positie weten in te nemen in het open online onderwijs. De hype rondom deze nieuwe manier van onderwijs geven bereikte zijn hoogtepunt in 2012, dat prompt werd

  8. Un controesempio al Modus Ponens

    Vann McGee


    Full Text Available La traduzione dell’articolo è stata resa possibile grazie al consenso dell’autore e del Journal of Philosophy. Riferimenti originali: Vann McGee (1985: “A Counterexample to Modus Ponens”, Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 82, No. 9 (Sep. 1985, pp. 462-47. [N.d.T.

  9. Al Zubarah - eine vergessene Legende

    Kinzel, Moritz


    Jahre später auf einem Sechstel der ursprünglichen Siedlungsfläche wiedererrichtet und dann im ausgehenden 19. Jahrhundert / beginnenden 20. Jahrhundert endgültig aufgeben. Die Stadt lebt als Legende im Bewusstsein der katarischen Bevölkerung, doch der Name wird heute nicht mit der Stadtanlage sondern...

  10. Kringloop als basis van bedrijfsvoering

    Linde, van der A.


    Gerard Keurentjes bekijkt zijn bedrijf als kringloop waarin grond en koeien de spil zijn. Het gebruik van microbiotica in plaats van antibiotica past daarin perfect. Een microbioticum bestaat uit een mengsel van acht kruiden opgelost in alcohol. Onderzoek toont aan dat het de productie van witte blo

  11. Der Nutzer als besserer Fachreferent?

    Robert Scheuble


    Full Text Available Am 9. Juli 2014 veranstaltete der VDB-Regionalverband Südwest in Kooperation mit der Deutschen Nationalbibliothek in Frankfurt am Main eine Fortbildungsveranstaltung zum Thema „Der Nutzer als besserer Fachreferent?”, die sich mit Formen von und Erfahrungen mit nutzergesteuerter Erwerbung (PDA in wissenschaftlichen Bibliotheken beschäftigte.

  12. AlGaN solar-blind avalanche photodiodes with AlInN/AlGaN distributed Bragg reflectors

    Yao, Chujun; Ye, Xuanchao; Sun, Rui; Yang, Guofeng; Wang, Jin; Lu, Yanan; Yan, Pengfei; Cao, Jintao


    AlGaN solar-blind avalanche photodiodes (APDs) with AlInN/AlGaN distributed Bragg reflectors (DBRs) operated at lower avalanche breakdown voltage are numerically demonstrated. The p-type AlGaN layer and the multiplicative layer with low Al composition are introduced to construct the polarization-induced electric field, which can significantly reduce the avalanche breakdown voltage of the APDs. Calculated results exhibit that the avalanche breakdown voltage of the designed APDs decrease by 13% compared with the conventional device structure. Simultaneously, an improved solar-blind spectral responsivity is achieved due to the inserted AlInN/AlGaN DBRs.

  13. Knowledge and Attitude Towards Epilepsy Among Biology Teachers in Fars Province, Iran

    Ali Akbar ASADI-POOYA


    Full Text Available How to Cite this Article: Asadi-Pooya AA, Torabi-Nami M. Knowledge and Attitude Towards Epilepsy Among Biology Teachers in Fars Province, Iran. IranianJournal of Child Neurology 2012;6(1:13-18.ObjectiveThis study investigates the awareness and perception on “epilepsy” amongst biology teachers in Fars province, Iran.Materials & MethodsA sample of high school biology teachers in Fars province, Iran, filled out an investigator designed questionnaire including questions about their knowledge and attitude concerning “epilepsy”. There were 17 questions in the questionnaire. Nine questions addressed the knowledge and the rest were about attitude and perception.ResultsForty two teachers completed the questionnaires. More than two-thirds of the participants had a fairly desirable awareness about the definition; whereas, only approximately 40% knew something about the etiology and treatment of epilepsy. More than two-thirds of the participants had a positive attitude towards epilepsy; however, misconceptions and negative attitudes were observed.ConclusionEducational programs for biology teachers and also other teachers are necessary to improve their knowledge, attitude and perception about epilepsy.References Sander JW, Shorvon SD. Incidence and prevalence studies in epilepsy and their methodological problems: a review. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 1987;50:829-39. Saraceno B. The WHO world health report 2001 on mental health. Epidemiol Psychiatr Soc 2002;11(2:83-7. Kim MK, Cho KH, Shin J, Kim SJ. A study of public attitudes towards epilepsy in Kwang-Juarea. J Kor Neurol Assoc 1994;12:410-27. DiIorio C, Shafer PO, Letz R, Henry T, Schomer DL, Yeager K, etal. The association of stigma with self-management and perception of health care among adults with epilepsy. Epilepsy Behav 2003;4(3:259-67. Aziz H, Akhtar SW, Hasan KZ. Epilepsy in Pakistan: stigma and psychological problems: a population-based epidemiologic study. Epilepsia 1997

  14. Personalidad y tolerancia al dolor



    Full Text Available Se examina la relación de algunas variables de personalidad -EPQ-A (Eysenck y Eysenck, 1975, NEO-PI (McCrae y Costa, 1988 y STA -personalidad esquizotípica- y STB -personalidad límite-, de Claridge y Broks (1984, con la tolerancia al dolor experimental inducido mediante agua fría (cold pressor test, según el procedimiento de Staats, Heckmat y Staats (1998 en una muestra filtrada mediante un cuestionario sobre dolor crónico, dolores de cabeza, de espalda, artritis, síndrome de Raynaud, y personas bajo medicación. La tolerancia al dolor experimental se evaluó mediante el Umbral del dolor (tiempo en segundos desde la introducción de la mano en el agua hasta el primer informe de dolor, Mantenimiento del dolor (duración en segundos de la inmersión de la mano desde la aparición del umbral hasta su retirada y Tolerancia al dolor (duración total en segundos de la inmersión de la mano desde su introducción hasta su retirada. Un análisis correlacional, factorial y de regresión por pasos mostraron un efecto cruzado entre medidas de ansiedad (tolerancia negativa al dolor y psicoticismo, siendo psicoticismo junto con control emocional predictores de tolerancia positiva al dolor. En cuanto a psicoticismo, parece que son sus elementos de naturaleza paranoide y de "dureza" los que afectan a una percepción atenuada del dolor.

  15. First principles calculation of ac conductance for Al-BDT-Al and Al-Cn-Al systems

    Jia-Ning Zhuang


    Full Text Available We perform first-principles calculation to investigate the dynamic conductance of atomic wires of the benzenedithiol (BDT as well as carbon chains with different length in contact with two Al(100 electrodes (Al-Cn-Al. Our calculation is based on the combination of the non-equilibrium Green's function and the density functional theory. For ac conductance, there are two theories that ensures the current conservation: (1. the global formula which is a phenomenological theory that partitions the total displacement current into each leads so that the current is conserved.(2. the local formula which is a microscopic theory that includes Coulomb interaction explicitly so that the current is conserved automatically. In this work, we use the local formula to calculate the dynamic conductance, especially the emittance. We give a detailed comparison and analysis for the results obtained from two theories. Our numerical results show that the global formula overestimates the emittance by two orders of magnitude. We also obtain an inequality showing that the emittance from global formula is greater than that from local formula for real atomic structures. For Al-Cn-Al structures, the oscillatory behavior as the number of carbon chain N varies from even to odd remains unchanged when local formula is used. However, the prediction of local formula gives rise to opposite response when N is odd (inductive-like as compared with that of global formula. Therefore, one should use the local formula for an accurate description of ac transport in nanoscale structures. In addition, the ‘size effect’ of the ac emittance is analyzed and can be understood by the kinetic inductance. Since numerical calculation using the global formula can be performed in orbital space while the local formula can only be used in real space, our numerical results indicate that the calculation using the local formula is extremely computational demanding.

  16. Large rectification magnetoresistance in nonmagnetic Al/Ge/Al heterojunctions.

    Zhang, Kun; Li, Huan-Huan; Grünberg, Peter; Li, Qiang; Ye, Sheng-Tao; Tian, Yu-Feng; Yan, Shi-Shen; Lin, Zhao-Jun; Kang, Shi-Shou; Chen, Yan-Xue; Liu, Guo-Lei; Mei, Liang-Mo


    Magnetoresistance and rectification are two fundamental physical properties of heterojunctions and respectively have wide applications in spintronics devices. Being different from the well known various magnetoresistance effects, here we report a brand new large magnetoresistance that can be regarded as rectification magnetoresistance: the application of a pure small sinusoidal alternating-current to the nonmagnetic Al/Ge Schottky heterojunctions can generate a significant direct-current voltage, and this rectification voltage strongly varies with the external magnetic field. We find that the rectification magnetoresistance in Al/Ge Schottky heterojunctions is as large as 250% at room temperature, which is greatly enhanced as compared with the conventional magnetoresistance of 70%. The findings of rectification magnetoresistance open the way to the new nonmagnetic Ge-based spintronics devices of large rectification magnetoresistance at ambient temperature under the alternating-current due to the simultaneous implementation of the rectification and magnetoresistance in the same devices.

  17. Research on Consumption Structure of Rural Residents in Gansu Province Based on ELES Model


    By using cross-section data on consumption structure of rural residents in Gansu Province in 2007 and 2008,this paper adopts ELES model to conduct empirical analysis on consumption structure of rural residents in Gansu Province.It indicates that in the current consumption structure of rural residents in Gansu Province,food expenditure is still at the most important and basic level;the overall consumption level of rural residents in Gansu Province is not high;at present,the consumption of rural residents in Gansu Province still hinges in a large measure on income,vulnerable to the price fluctuation.Consequently,increasing farmers’ income and stabilizing the level of commodity price,turns out to be a foundation as well as an important approach to improve consumption structure of rural residents in Gansu Province.

  18. Metal contamination of home gardens soils and cultivated vegetables in the province of Brescia, Italy: Implications for human exposure

    Ferri, Roberta; Hashim, Dana; Smith, Donald R.; Guazzetti, Stefano; Donna, Filippo; Ferretti, Enrica; Curatolo, Michele; Moneta, Caterina; Beone, Gian Maria; Lucchini, Roberto G.


    Background For the past century, ferroalloy industries in Brescia province, Italy produced particulate emissions enriched in manganese (Mn), lead (Pb), zinc (Zn), copper (Cu), cadmium (Cd), chromium (Cr), iron (Fe), aluminum (Al). This study assessed metal concentrations in soil and vegetables of regions with varying ferroalloy industrial activity levels. Methods Home gardens (n=63) were selected in three regions of varying ferroalloy plant activity duration in Brescia province. Total soil metal concentration and extractability were measured by X-ray fluorescence (XRF), aqua regia extraction, and modified Community Bureau of Reference (BCR) sequential extraction. Unwashed and washed spinach and turnips cultivated in the same gardens were analyzed for metal concentrations by flame atomic absorption spectrometry. Results Median soil Al, Cd, Fe, Mn, Pb, and Zn concentrations were significantly higher in home gardens near ferroalloy plants compared to reference home gardens. The BCR method yielded the most mobile soil fraction (the sum of extractable metals in Fractions 1 and 2) and all metal concentrations were higher in ferroalloy plant areas. Unwashed spinach showed higher metal concentrations compared to washed spinach. However, some metals in washed spinach were higher in the reference area likely due to history of agricultural product use. Over 60% of spinach samples exceeded the 2- to 4-fold Commission of European Communities and Codex Alimentarius Commission maximum Pb concentrations, and 10% of the same spinach samples exceeded 2- to 3-fold maximum Cd concentrations set by both organizations. Turnip metal concentrations were below maximum standard reference values. Conclusions Prolonged industrial emissions increase median metal concentrations and most soluble fractions (BCR F1+F2) in home garden soils near ferroalloy plants. Areas near ferroalloy plant sites had spinach Cd and Pb metal concentrations several-fold above maximum standard references. We

  19. Characterization of halloysite from Thung Yai District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, in Southern Thailand

    Sunaree Bordeepong


    Full Text Available Halloysite obtained from Thung Yai District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, Southern Thailand was characterized byX-Ray fluorescence (XRF, X-Ray diffraction (XRD, Fourier transform infrared (FTIR, a zeta potential analyzer, thermalanalysis (TGA and DTA, scanning (SEM, and transmission (TEM electron microscopy. SEM and TEM analysis showedthat it consisted mainly of hollow microtubules and plates with typical dimension of 0.08-0.20 m diameter and lengths of0.50-4.50 m. XRF analysis showed that it consisted mainly of Al2O3 and SiO2. The SiO2/Al2O3 molar ratio of 1.37 indicatedthat a 1:1 clay mineral was the dominant component. It had a high Fe2O3 (2.27% and TiO2 (2.72% content. XRD analysisshowed that the halloysite was mainly in its dehydrated (7Å basal spacing form with some kaolinite, quartz and anatase.Semi quantification in clay by XRD after formamide treatment showed that it was approx. 70% halloysite. FTIR was used todistinguish between the different types of clay minerals and provided information concerning their structure. TGA and DTAwere used to examine the dehydroxylation and other thermally induced caused changes of the halloysite. The charge (zetapotential behavior of the halloysite was negative over the relevant pH range (>2 and indicated that the material has apotential for binding of cationic drugs or could be used as a coating polymer from solution.

  20. A“Yellow Cap” on Quaternary Red Clay in Jiujiang,Jiangxi Province


    A thin layer of yellow-brown-colored earth was generally found on Quaternary red clay in Jiujing,Jiangxi Province,A typical profile was established.Both particle size distribution and REE(rare earth elements)characteristics of the yellow-brown-colored earth of the profile fully suggested its aeolian origin and close similarity of Nanjing Xiashu Loess.The study also implied aeolian origin of the underlying Quaternary red clay,Compared with the red clay,the yellow-brown-colored earth was less weathered because of its lower content of free iron and higher mole ratios of SiO2/Al2O3 and SiO2(Fe2O3+Al2O3) as well as its less developed chemical microtextures of quartz grains.In order to study the ages of the two deposits comparatively,the thermoluminescent dating method was used.As a result,the bottom of the yellow-brown-colored earth was dated to 60±5 ka B.P.and the upper part of the red clay 388±54 ka B.P.It was suggested that the yellow-brown-colored earth earth was formed in the Late Pleistocene and was probably the aeolian deposit of the Last Glacial,which corresponded with the Malan Loess in the Loess Plateau of the northwestern part of China,while the underlying red clay was formed in the Middle Pleistocene.A“yellow cap” on Quaternary red clay in Jiujiang implied a great climatic and environmental variation in the beginning of the Late Pleistocene in the southern part of China,especially in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River,The event not only halted the rubification,once dominating the region but also produced a widespread covering of aeolian deposit,as only occurred in the cold and dry environment.

  1. Tectonic discrimination of chromian spinels, olivines and pyroxenes in the Northeastern Jiangxi Province ophiolite, South China

    Guo, Guolin; Liu, Xiaodong; Yang, Jingsui; Pan, Jiayong; Fan, Xiujun; Zhou, Wenting; Duan, Gehong


    The peridotites of the Northeastern Jiangxi Province Ophiolite (NJO), including dunite, harzburgite and clinopyroxene-bearing harzburgite, are strongly altered under serpentinization, except for minor aggregations of partially-altered olivines, chromian spinels and pyroxenes. The forsterite content of olivines in dunites (Fo 93.6) is slightly higher than in harzburgites (Fo 91.4). Chromian spinels in harzburgites and dunites are very refractory, with restricted chemical compositions of high-Cr varieties. The unaltered cores of chromian spinels have low Al2O3 and TiO2 content, and display a large range of Mg# (100× [Mg/(Mg + Fe)], 41-64) and Cr# (100× [Cr/(Cr + Al)], 53-83) values, suggesting that the peridotites originated from a highly-depleted mantle. The spinels plotted in "olivine-spinel mantle array" (OSMA) diagram and Cr# versus. Mg# diagram both indicate the peridotite of NJO experienced a >25 % partial melting. The positive correlation between the Cr# and the TiO2 content probably resulted from the reaction between boninitic melt and mantle peridotite, as a consequence of melt-mantle interaction within the arc setting. The oxygen fugacity (ƒO2), calculated using chromian spinel-olivine pairs, indicates that the peridotites in the NJO were formed under relatively low oxidizing conditions quite different from those commonly found in supra-subductions zones (SSZ). This might be explained by the reaction between fore-arc magmas and residual mantle in a back-arc oceanic basin during a rapid subduction process. The Neoproterozoic subduction between the Yangtze and Cathaysia blocks was therefore probably rapid, and the addition of water and other volatiles to the mantle wedge beneath the island arc would have enhanced melting, leading to the production of highly depleted boninitic melts.

  2. Tectonic discrimination of chromian spinels, olivines and pyroxenes in the Northeastern Jiangxi Province ophiolite, South China

    Guo, Guolin; Liu, Xiaodong; Yang, Jingsui; Pan, Jiayong; Fan, Xiujun; Zhou, Wenting; Duan, Gehong


    The peridotites of the Northeastern Jiangxi Province Ophiolite (NJO), including dunite, harzburgite and clinopyroxene-bearing harzburgite, are strongly altered under serpentinization, except for minor aggregations of partially-altered olivines, chromian spinels and pyroxenes. The forsterite content of olivines in dunites (Fo 93.6) is slightly higher than in harzburgites (Fo 91.4). Chromian spinels in harzburgites and dunites are very refractory, with restricted chemical compositions of high-Cr varieties. The unaltered cores of chromian spinels have low Al2O3 and TiO2 content, and display a large range of Mg# (100× [Mg/(Mg + Fe)], 41-64) and Cr# (100× [Cr/(Cr + Al)], 53-83) values, suggesting that the peridotites originated from a highly-depleted mantle. The spinels plotted in "olivine-spinel mantle array" (OSMA) diagram and Cr# versus. Mg# diagram both indicate the peridotite of NJO experienced a >25 % partial melting. The positive correlation between the Cr# and the TiO2 content probably resulted from the reaction between boninitic melt and mantle peridotite, as a consequence of melt-mantle interaction within the arc setting. The oxygen fugacity (ƒO2), calculated using chromian spinel-olivine pairs, indicates that the peridotites in the NJO were formed under relatively low oxidizing conditions quite different from those commonly found in supra-subductions zones (SSZ). This might be explained by the reaction between fore-arc magmas and residual mantle in a back-arc oceanic basin during a rapid subduction process. The Neoproterozoic subduction between the Yangtze and Cathaysia blocks was therefore probably rapid, and the addition of water and other volatiles to the mantle wedge beneath the island arc would have enhanced melting, leading to the production of highly depleted boninitic melts.

  3. Human Influence on Heavy Metal Distribution in the Upper Lake Nansi Sediments, Shandong Province, China

    杨丽原; 沈吉; 张祖陆; 金章东; 朱育新


    Core and surface sediment samples were collected from three sub-lakes (Lake Nanyang, Lake Dushan and Lake Zhaoyang) in the Lake Nansi Basin, Shandong Province. In order to reveal the characteristics of spatial and historical distribution of heavy metals in different sub-lakes of the Upper Lake Nansi, heavy metal (As, Cr, Cu, Hg, K, Mn, Ni, Pb, Zn, Al, Fe, Ti and V) concentrations of sediment samples were investigated. Based on the activity of 137 Cs in the sediments, the modern accumulation rate of Lake Nansi sediments is 3.5 mm/a. Our results show that the whole Upper Lake Nansi has been already polluted by heavy metals, among which Lake Nanyang has been polluted seriously by mercury, as well as by lead and arsenic, while Lake Dushan has been most seriously polluted by lead and arsenic. Historical variation of heavy metal (Cr, Cu, K, Ni, Zn, Al, Fe, Ti and V) concentrations shows an abrupt shift in 1962, resulting in a division of two periods: from 1957 to 1962 when metal enrichment increased with time, and from 1962 to 2000 when it decreased with time, while that of some anthropogenic elements such as Hg, Pb and Mn tend to increase toward the surface. However, the variation trend of As in the sediments is different from that of Hg, Pb and Mn, with its maximum value appearing in 1982. Since 1982 the concentrations of As have decreased due to the forbidden use of arsenite pesticides. This variation trend revealed changes in manner of human activity (coal combustion, waste discharges from both industries and urban sewage) within the catchment during different periods.

  4. On-farm Energy Use (Case of Dire County, Kermanshah Province

    Nashmil Afsharzade


    Full Text Available This paper focuses on the amount of diesel consumption as one of the non-renewable energy sources consumed by the agricultural machinery and water pumps in wheat and corn farms in Dire County, Kermanshah Province, Iran. The population of the study was determined by Bartlett et al. (2001’s table. Stratified random sampling method and census was used for the selection of respondents. The sample was composed of 247 wheat growers, 235 corn growers, and 57 tractor drivers selected by Bartlett et al. (2001’s table. Combine drivers as well as farm irrigation diesel owners were selected by census (n=15, n=48, respectively. The data collection tool was a questionnaire and the data were analyzed by SPSS software package. The findings revealed that in wheat farms, soil preparation had the highest consumption of diesel by 49% and in corn farms inter culturing had the highest diesel consumption by 38%. Moreover, the amount of diesel consumed in 3600 ha wheat and a corn farm in Dire County was 403,852.6 lit/year equivalent to 15,346,399 MJ. Burning this amount of diesel produces about 1, 058,094 kg CO 2/year. Overall, farm machinery, water pumping and irrigation for two major crops in the county are extremely reliant on nonrenewable fossil fuel resulting in large amount of CO 2 emission. Hence, an aggressive and innovative policy is required to restructure and redesign energy system in agriculture sector at national and local levels. Finally, it seems that paradigm shift to sustainable agriculture and development of clean and renewable energy in Iran's agricultural sector is unavoidable.

  5. Investigating Large Igneous Province Formation and Associated Paleoenvironmental Events: A White Paper for Scientific Drilling

    Michael R. Rampino


    Full Text Available Earth’s history has been punctuated over at least the last 3.5 billion years by massive volcanism on a scale unknown in the recent geological past. Largely unknown mechanical and dynamic processes, with unclear relationships to seafloor spreading and subduction, generated voluminous, predominately mafic magmas that were emplaced into the Earth’s lithosphere. The resultant large igneous provinces (LIPs; Coffin and Eldholm, 1994; Ernst and Buchan, 2001; Bryan and Ernst, 2008 were at times accompanied by catastrophic environmental changes. The interaction of the LIP-associated mantle processes with the Earth’s crust have produced a variety of surface expressions (Fig. 1a and 1b; the most common present-day examples are oceanic plateaus (e.g., Kerguelen/Broken Ridge, Ontong Java, Manihiki, Hikurangi, Shatsky, ocean basin flood basalts (e.g., Caribbean, Nauru, magma-dominated divergent continental margins (e.g., theNorth Atlantic, and continental flood basalts (e.g., Columbia River, Deccan Traps, Siberian Traps. Environmental effects associated with LIP formation include climate changes, mass and other extinctions, variations in ocean and atmospheric chemistry, and Oceanic Anoxic Events (OAEs. Therefore, the geodynamic processes in the mantle that produce LIPs have potentially profoundly affected the Earth’s environment, particularly the biosphere and climate. The IntegratedOcean Drilling Program (IODP affords unique opportunities to investigate LIPs and associated environmental effects, building upon results from the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP and Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP (Coffin et al., 2006. To this end, a workshop on LIPs, sponsored by IODP Management International (IODP-MI and the Consortium for Ocean Leadership, was held at the University of Ulster in Coleraine, Northern Ireland, U.K. on 22–25 July 2007 (Coffinet al., 2007.

  6. Silicic ash beds bracket Emeishan Large Igneous province to < 1 m.y. at ~ 260 Ma

    Huang, Hu; Cawood, Peter A.; Hou, Ming-Cai; Yang, Jiang-Hai; Ni, Shi-Jun; Du, Yuan-Sheng; Yan, Zhao-Kun; Wang, Jun


    Claystone beds directly below and above the Emeishan basalts in SW China formed around the Guadalupian-Lopingian (G - L) boundary. Zircons from both levels give U-Pb ages of 260 Ma, and are identical within-error to ages reported for the Emeishan Large Igneous Province (LIP). The claystones lack Nb - Ta anomalies on primitive mantle normalized elemental diagrams; zircons from these claystones have a geochemical affinity to within-plate-type magmas. These features, combined with the strong negative Eu anomalies in the zircons and high Al2O3/TiO2 ratios, indicate that claystones around the G - L boundary have a silicic volcanic component related to Emeishan LIP. Zircons from the underlying claystone bed have much higher U/Yb and Th/Nb ratios and lower εHf(t) values than those overlying the LIP, suggesting that early-stage silicic volcanic rocks had a higher crustal contamination or assimilation during magmatic processes. In terms of stratigraphic correlation, our data demonstrate that silicic eruptions occurred not only at the end, but also at the beginning of the Emeishan LIP, and the overall duration of the main basaltic phase was short (< 1 m.y).

  7. A new karyotype of Calomyscus from the Khorasan Province, Iran

    Esmaeeli Somayeh


    Full Text Available Abstract We report a new karyotype of Calomyscus from two localities of the Khorasan Province (Aghdarband, 36° 11’ 3”N, 60° 44’ 6” E and Khajemorad, 36° 8’ 5” N, 59° 41’ 58” E. Chromosomes were examined by conventional staining and C-banding techniques. The diploid chromosome number (2n and the fundamental autosomal arm number (FNa were 44 and 60 respectively. The autosomal set consisted of 12 pairs of telocentrics, 5 pairs of acrocentrics and 4 pairs of sub-metacentrics. Both heterosomes were small telocentrics. Riassunto Un nuovo cariotipo del genere Calomyscus dalla provincia di Khorasan, Iran. Si descrive un nuovo cariotipo appartenente al genere Calomyscus, scoperto in due località della provincia di Khorasan (Aghdarband, 36° 11’ 3”N, 60° 44’ 6” E e Khajemorad, 36° 8’ 5” N, 59° 41’ 58” E. I cromosomi sono stati analizzati con le tecniche standard di colorazione e bandeggio. Il numero diploide di cromosomi (2n e il numero fondamentale di bracci autosomici sono risultati pari a 44 e 60 rispettivamente. Il set di cromosomi autosomici è composto da 12 paia di telocentrici, 5 di acrocentrici e 4 di sub-metacentrici. Entrambi i cromosomi sessuali si presentano come piccoli telocentrici.

  8. Moessbauer spectroscopy description of limonite from Taraco, in the Huancane Province of the Puno Region, Peru

    Bustamante, A., E-mail: [San Marcos National University, School of Physical Sciences (Peru); Cabrera, J.; Garcia, V.; Urday, E. [Saint Augustine National University in Arequipa, Electron Microscopy Center (Peru); Abdu, Y. A.; Scorzelli, R. B. [Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Fisicas (Brazil)


    Natural iron oxides are very common in nature and are the main components of many minerals, rocks and soils. There are a great variety of these minerals in Peru, especially in the Andes region. The mineral studied was extracted from the Taraco District in the Huancane Province of the Puno Region. The extracted sample is a yellowish mineral with very small particles which is called limonite. X-ray diffraction indicates the presence of goethite as the principal mineralogical phase and quartz as the secondary phase. The {sup 57}Fe Moessbauer spectra at room temperature show broadened spectra that were fitted using a distribution model. The most probable field of the magnetic component is 21T, corresponding to the presence of small particles of goethite, confirmed by the 4.2 K spectrum. MS of the calcinated sample in air at 900 deg. C show the presence of two hematite sextets, one related to bulk particles and another to surface particles. Chemical analysis using Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometer indicates that O and Fe are the major components; other elements such as Al, Si, Mg and Ca are also present.




    Full Text Available This study aimed to reveal the students' writing skill, namely dictation (Imlâ’ and to analyze the use of the repeated reading technique in learning Qirâ'ah Jahriyyah, as well as to determine the effect of the use of al-Qirâ'ah al-Mutakarrirah technique on the students' skills in writing dictation. This method was used to improve students’ reading fluency at the beginners’ level, which was popularized by Samuel in 1979. This research used the experimental method through pretest and posttest control group design. The samples of the research were 44 students consisted of 22 students the experimental class and 22 students of the control class. The analysis of the data applied t-test. The results showed that the use of was significant on the students' writing skill in dictation. It was based on the tcount, 2.64, and ttable, 2.02, at the significance level of 5%. The al-Qirâ'ah al-Mutakarrirah technique was thus effectively used to develop the beginner-leveled students’ writing skill, especially dictation.

  10. Effect of interface geometry on electron tunnelling in Al/Al2O3/Al junctions

    Koberidze, M.; Feshchenko, A. V.; Puska, M. J.; Nieminen, R. M.; Pekola, J. P.


    We investigate how different interface geometries of an Al/Al2O3 junction, a common component of modern tunnel devices, affect electron transport through the tunnel barrier. We study six distinct Al/Al2O3 interfaces which differ in stacking sequences of the metal and the oxide surface atoms and the oxide termination. To construct model potential barrier profiles for each examined geometry, we rely on first-principles density-functional theory (DFT) calculations for the barrier heights and the shapes of the interface regions as well as on experimental data for the barrier widths. We show that even tiny variations in the atomic arrangement at the interface cause significant changes in the tunnel barrier parameters and, consequently, in electron transport properties. Especially, we find that variations in the crucial barrier heights and widths can be as large as 2 eV and 5 Å, respectively. Finally, to gain information about the average properties of the measured junction, we fit the conductance calculated within the Wentzel-Kramers-Brillouin approximation to the experimental data and interpret the fit parameters with the help of the DFT results.

  11. Research on Rural Consumer Demand in Hebei Province Based on Principal Component Analysis

    MA Hui-zi; Zhao, Bang-hong; Xuan, Yong-sheng


    By selecting me time sequence data concerning influencing factors of rural consumer demand in Hebei Province from 2000 to 2010, this paper uses the principal component analysis method in multiplex econometric statistical analysis, constructs the principal component of consumer demand in Hebei Province, conducts regression on the dependent variable of consumer spending per capita in Hebei Province and the principal component of consumer demand so as to get principal component regression, and t...

  12. Soybean's Scientific Research and Production Development in Hunan Province These 50 years


    @@There are three ecotypes of soybean cultivar in Hunan Province: spring soybean, summer soybean and autumn soybean. Spring soybean has become the leading cultivar used in soybean's commercial production in Hunan these 30-40 years along with the growing improvement of the double-cropping of rice in the province which has reduced the area of the summer and autumn soybean gradually. Soybean produced in the province is almost consumed as processed food.

  13. Analysis on the Climate Variation Characteristics of Frost in Shandong Province


    [Objective] The research aimed to study the climate variation characteristics of frost in Shandong Province. [Method] The daily minimum surface temperature ≤ 0 ℃ in autumn or spring was as the frost index. Based on the daily minimum surface temperature data in 67 meteorological observatories of Shandong Province during 1961-2008, the variation characteristics of first, last frost dates and frost-free period in Shandong Province were analyzed by using the climate diagnosis analysis method. [Result] The clima...

  14. Climatic Characteristics of Hail Disaster and Division of Defense Region in Guizhou Province


    [Objective] The aim was to study the climatic characteristics of hail disaster from 1984 to 2006 in Guizhou Province,China.[Method] Through statistical analysis,the climatic characteristics and disaster characteristics of hail from 1984 to 2006 in Guizhou Province were annalyzed and compared with previous results,then the classification standards of hail disaster were established,finally the defense zoning map of hail disaster in Guizhou Province was made.[Result] According to the statistical analysis on th...

  15. Agricultural water-saving potential and feasibility of developing semi-dryland farming in Henan Province

    Huang Xiuqiao; Wang Jinglei


    Based on the collected data in the current status of developing and utilizing water resources and imple-menting water-saving agriculture in Henan Province,and taking into account the influence of engineering,agro-nomic and management measures,the water-saving potential in past years and the feasibility of implementing semi-dryland farming were analyzed in Henan Province. Finally,specific technical measures of developing semi-dryland farming in different areas of Henan Province were proposed.

  16. Simulation of Change Trend of Drought in Shaanxi Province in Future Based on PRECIS Model


    [Objective] The aim was to predict the change trend of drought in Shaanxi Province in future. [Method] Based on the regional climate model PRECIS from Hadley Climate Center, British Meteorological Bureau, taking precipitation anomaly percentage as assessment index, the change trend of drought in Shaanxi Province in reference years (1971-1990) was simulated, and the change trend of drought in Shaanxi Province from 2071 to 2100 was predicted. [Result] The simulated value of drought frequency in reference year...

  17. Study on Improving Development Strategies of New Rural Social Pension Insurance System in Heilongjiang Province

    Zhang Qi-wen; Li Hui-fang; Gao Li-na


    Since 2009, the new rural pension insurance in Heilongjiang Province has obtained certain achievements, but the effects are not obvious. Reflection on the development process, we find that there are a lot of problems. Therefore, in order to guarantee the smooth implementation of new rural social pension insurance work in Heilongjiang Province, this paper combined with the reality to provide several suggestions for improving the new rural social pension insurance system in Heilongjiang Province.

  18. Measurement and Evaluation of Efficiency of Regional Technical Innovation Jiangsu Province

    龚荒; 王新宇


    The target system was built to evaluate the efficiency of technical innovation for 13 cities and three regions in Jiangsu province based on the data envelopment analysis. This paper comparatively analyzed the efficiency of innovation and scaling return for each region in Jiangsu province. The projection analysis on production frontier face for inefficient regions was also performed. Evolving rules and regional difference of technical innovation system of Jiangsu province were explored. Some important results and suggestion were obtained.

  19. Fish faunal provinces of the conterminous United States of America reflect historical geography and familial composition.

    Matamoros, Wilfredo A; Hoagstrom, Christopher W; Schaefer, Jacob F; Kreiser, Brian R


    Although the conterminous USA has a long history of ichthyological exploration, the description of biogeographical provinces has been ad hoc. In this study we quantitatively determined fish faunal provinces and interpreted them in the context of the geological history of North America. We also evaluated influences of major river basin occupancy and contemporary environmental factors on provincial patterns. Our data set comprised 794 native fishes, which we used to generate a presence and absence matrix for U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) four-digit hydrologic units. Three nested data sets were analysed separately: primary freshwater families, continental freshwater families (including primary and secondary families) and all freshwater families (including primary, secondary and peripheral families). We used clustering analysis to delimit faunal breaks and one-way analysis of similarity (ANOSIM) to determine significance among clusters (i.e. provinces). We used an indicator-species analysis to identify species that contributed most to province delineations and a similarity-percentage (SIMPER) analysis to describe the relative influence of representatives from each category (i.e. primary, secondary, peripheral) on provincial boundaries. Lastly, we used a parsimony redundancy analysis to determine the roles of historical (i.e. major river basin) and contemporary environmental factors in shaping provinces. Analysis of the nested data sets revealed lessening provincial structure with inclusion of more families. There were 10 primary freshwater provinces, 9 continental freshwater provinces and 7 all freshwater provinces. Major basin occupancy, but not contemporary environmental factors, explained substantial variance in faunal similarities among provinces. However, provincial boundaries did not conform strictly to modern river basins, but reflected river-drainage connections of the Quaternary. Provinces represent broad-scale patterns of endemism and provide a starting point

  20. Simulation Calculation and Distribution Characteristics of Terrain Reflected Radiation in Fujian Province


    [Objective] The aim was to study the distribution characteristics of terrain reflected radiation in Fujian Province.[Method] Based on solar radiation data,digital elevation model (DEM) and surface meteorological observation data in Fujian Province,plus surface albedo obtained by using remote sensing inversion method,the distribution of terrain reflected radiation in Fujian Province from 1988 to 2007 was simulated,and then its temporal and spatial distribution characteristics was studied.[Result] The simulat...

  1. [Monitoring the Microtus fuscus plague epidemic in Sichuan province during 2000 - 2008.

    Wang, Li-Mao; Song, Xiao-Yu; Zhu, Xiao-Ping


    OBJECTIVE: To analyze the epidemic tendency of Microtus fuscus plague during 2000 - 2008 in Sichuan province. METHODS: To investigate the plague each year according to "overall Plan of the Plague in the Whole Nation" and "Surveillance Program of Sichuan Province Plague". RESULTS: There were plague...... of fleas, Callopsylla sparsilis, Amphipsylla tutua tutua and Rhadinopsylla dahurica vicina, with the overall infection rate as 0.054%. CONCLUSION: Plague among Microtus fuscus showed a continuous epidemic in Sichuan province during 2000 - 2008....

  2. Al-Ḥaqīqah al-Muwāfaqah li al-Sharī‘ah: al-Taṣāluḥ bayn al-Taṣawuf wa al-Sharī‘ah bi Nusantara fi al-Qarn al-Sādis ‘Ashr al-Mīlādī

    Iin Suryaningsih


    This article discusses the reinterpretation of waḥdat al-wujūd doctrine among Muslims of the archipelago, using the sharī‘ah approach in Sufism as suggested by Al-Būrhanpūrī (d.1620) in his work al-Haqīqah al-Muwāfaqah li al-Sharī‘ah. This work is one of the commentaries (sharḥ) from al-Tuḥfah al-Mursalah ila rūḥ al-Nabī SAW, that invited much debate among Muslims of the archipelago. Al-Būrhanpūrī’s detailed interpretation of waḥdat al-wujūd doctrine proved that the essence of the concep...

  3. Transient shortening strain across an active extensional fault, Basin and Range Province, north-central Nevada, USA, based on geodetic and paleoseismologic data.

    Friedrich, A.; Wernicke, B.; Lee, J.; Sieh, K.


    The northern Basin and Range province is one of the largest continental extensional regions on earth. At 40 degrees N latitude, the province is 800 km wide and consists of 15 and 20 N-S striking normal faults. These faults accommodated mainly east-west directed extension of tens of kilometers since Mid-Miocene time and recent geodetic surveys show that extension is still active today at a rate of ~1.5 cm/yr across the province (e.g., Bennett et al. 2000; Thatcher et al. 1999). The distribution of this geodetically measurable strain accumulation within the province, however, contradicts geologic observations across some of the active normal faults. For example, coordinated geologic and geodetic measurements across the Crescent Valley fault (CVF), north-central Nevada, reveal a profound mismatch in deformation rates. Since 1996, the two ranges on either side of the CVF have been moving toward each other at ca. 2 mm/yr, indicating shortening. In contrast, new reconnaissance mapping and paleoseismological analyses along the CVF also indicate that this fault is one of the more active normal faults of the Basin and Range province. The 50 km long Cortez Mountains range front is characterized by relief of up to 1.3 km, steep (up to 36 degrees) triangular facets, and young (late Pleistocene to late Holocene) alluvial fans cut by normal fault scarps. Vertical displacement across the CVF is ca. 3 km; since 15 Ma the average long-term vertical displacement rate is ca. 0.2 mm/yr. Topographic profiling shows that fault scarps, 2-7 m high, are the result of a single rupture event and cut late Holocene alluvial fans. A trench across a faulted alluvial fan at Fourmile Canyon reveals a vertical displacement of 4.5 m distributed across two normal faults. 14C analyses on charcoal from a buried offset surface in the hanging wall of the trench and from the base of the overlying colluvial wedge tightly bracket the age of the most recent earthquake to between 2.8 +- 0.1 and 2.7 +- 0.1 ka

  4. Antimicrobial Resistance among Salmonella and Shigella Isolates in Five Canadian Provinces (1997 to 2000

    Leah J Martin


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: To describe rates of antimicrobial resistance (AMR among Salmonella and Shigella isolates reported in five Canadian provinces, focusing on clinically important antimicrobials.

  5. RT-PCR test for detecting porcine sapovirus in weanling piglets in Hunan Province, China.

    Liu, Guo-Hua; Li, Run-Cheng; Huang, Ze-Bin; Yang, Jun; Xiao, Chao-Ting; Li, Jing; Li, Man-Xiang; Yan, Yun-Qiu; Yu, Xing-Long


    The prevalence of porcine sapovirus infection in weanling pigs was investigated in Hunan Province, China, between August 2006 and October 2007. A total of 153 diarrheic fecal samples from ten intensive pig farms from ten representative administrative regions in Hunan province were examined for porcine sapoviruses using RT-PCR. Twenty-two of 153 (14.37 %) samples were found to contain porcine sapoviruses. Phylogenetic analysis showed that all the porcine sapovirus isolates in Hunan Province belonged to the porcine sapovirus genogroup III. The results of the present investigation have implications for the control of porcine sapovirus infection in pigs in Hunan Province, China.

  6. Strengths,Problems,and Recommendations of Potato Staple Food Development in Zhejiang Province

    Weifang; FAN; Aiping; LAI; Guoquan; LU


    China launched the potato staple food strategy in 2015. The potato staple food strategy focuses on increasing potato consumption and promoting potato production through processing and use of potato staple food. This provides new opportunity for development of potato in Zhejiang Province. This paper analyzed development strengths and existing problems of the potato industry in Zhejiang Province. On this basis,it came up with pertinent recommendations for potato staple food development in Zhejiang Province,so as to guide consumption with nutrition,and guide production with consumption,to provide theoretical foundation for development of potato industry in Zhejiang Province.

  7. On Promoting the Construction of Model Province of National Rural Informationization in Hubei

    Pengfei Zhang


    Full Text Available The construction of model province of national rural informationization, which needs more departments jointly and participants, is a systematic, socialized major project. Hubei provincial government, standing in the angle of planning the province's economic and social development as a whole, proposes the “one Yuan multi-level” development strategy and it has laid a solid foundation to make Hubei province become the construction pilot provinces of “model province of national rural informationization”. In the construction of model province of rural informationization, the open and inclusive concept is of great significance to realize national long-term goals and make the rural information service sustained and long efficient. At the same time, each department and each participation main body coordinate with each other, which realize the integration of rural information service resources and prevent rural information service from redundant and inefficient investment. Therefore, in the construction of model province of national rural informationization, Hubei province need to uphold the open and inclusive concept, further emancipate the mind, and complement each other. It should strengthen organizational leadership, complete the top planning and design, strengthen the department coordination, innovate information services operating mechanism, strengthen integration of information resources and integrated application of service platform, strengthen the system construction and examination management, strengthen the propaganda guidance, and further promote each work of model province carried out smoothly and orderly.

  8. Analysis on the Climatic Characteristics of Temperature in "24 Solar Terms" in Liaoning Province


    [Objective] The aim was to analyze the climatic characteristics of temperature in "24 solar terms" in Liaoning Province.[Method] Based on the daily temperature data from 56 stations in Liaoning Province from 1951 to 2009,the climatic characteristics of temperature in "24 solar terms" in Liaoning Province in recent 59 years were analyzed.[Result] The time series of average temperature in "24 solar terms" in Liaoning Province showed quasi normal distribution from 1951 to 2009,namely single peak type.Great Hea...

  9. Estimation on the Total Quantity of Biomass Energy and Its Environmental Benefit Analysis in Shandong Province


    [Objective] The aim was to estimate the total quantity of biomass energy and analyze its environmental benefit in Shandong Province.[Method] Based on the data from the statistics yearbook of Shandong Province in 2010,the total quantity of biomass resources and biomass energy in Shandong Province in 2009 was estimated,and its environmental benefit was analyzed.[Result] Biomass resources in Shandong Province mainly refer to crop residues,forest residues,grassland changed from degraded land.If degraded land be...

  10. Relativity and Al^+ Optical Clocks

    Chou, Chin-Wen; Hume, David B.; Wineland, David J.; Rosenband, Till


    We have constructed an optical clock based on quantum logic spectroscopy of an Al+ ion that has a fractional frequency inaccuracy of 8.6x10-18. The frequency of the ^1S0^3P0 clock transition is compared to that of a previously constructed Al^+ optical clock with a statistical measurement uncertainty of 7.0x10-18. The two clocks exhibit a relative stability of 2.8x10-15&-1/2circ;, and a fractional frequency difference of -1.8x10-17, consistent with the accuracy limit of the older clock. By comparing the frequencies of the clocks, we have observed relativistic effects, such as time dilation due to velocities less than 10 m/s and the gravitational red shift from a 0.33 m height change of one of the clocks.

  11. Al-Anon and recovery.

    Cermak, T L


    The history of Al-Anon and its current demographics are reviewed. In order to understand 12-step recovery and psychotherapy for family members of alcoholics, the concept of codependence is defined with a set of diagnostic criteria consistent with the DSM-III-R definition of personality traits and disorders. At the core of codependence are denial and an unrealistic relationship to willpower. The therapeutic implications of considering codependence as a personality disorder are explored, as are the characteristics that make codependence unique among personality disorders: the central role of denial and the existence of a self-help organization to facilitate recovery. The dynamics of working the 12 steps on codependent characteristics are outlined. A synergistic relationship between psychotherapy and the 12 steps is described. Special attention is given the emergence of Al-Anon adult children of alcoholic meetings, and the future of codependence is discussed.

  12. Magnetic properties of the Tertiary red clay from Gansu Province, China and its paleoclimatic significance

    LIU; Xiuming


    [1]Liu, T. S., Loess and the Environment, Beijing: China Ocean Press, 1985, 1-251.[2]Chen, L. X., Zhu, Q. G., Luo, H. B. et al., East Asian Monsoon, Beijing: China Meteorology Press, 1991, 28-61.[3]An, Z. S., Liu, T. S., Lu, Y. C. et al., The long-term palaeomonsoon variation recorded by the loess-palaeosol sequence in central China, Quaternary International, 1990, (7/8): 91-95.[4]Guo, Z. T., Liu, T. S., Fedoroff, N. et al., Shift of the monsoon intensity on the Loess Plateau at ca. 0.85 MaBP, Chinese Science Bulletin, 1993, 38(2): 586-591.[5]Chen, J., An, Z. S., Wang, Y. J. et al., Distributions of Rb and Sr in the Luochuan loess-paleosol sequence of China during the last 800 ka: Implications for paleomonsoon variations, Science in China, Ser. D, 1999, 42(3): 225-232.[6]Chen, J., Wang, Y. J., Ji, J. F. et al., Rb/Sr variations and its climatic stratigraphical significance of a loess-paleosol profile from Luochuan, Shaanxi Province, Quaternary Sciences (in Chinese), 1999, 19(4): 350-356.[7]Guo, Z. T.,Liu, T. S., Fedoroff, N. et al., Climate extremes in loess of China coupled with the strength of deep-water for-mation in the North Atlantic, Global and Planetary Change, 1998, 18: 113-128.[8]Guo, Z. T., Liu, T. S., An, Z. S., Paleosols of the last 0.15 Ma in the Weinan loess section and their paleoclimate signifi-cance, Quaternary Sciences (in Chinese), 1994, 14(3): 256-269.[9]Guo, Z, T,, Fedoroff, N., Liu, T. S., Micromorphology of the loess-paleosol sequence of the last 130 ka in China and pa-leoclimatic event, Science in China (in Chinese), Ser. D, 1996, 26(3): 392-398.[10]Guo, Z., Liu, T., Guiot, J., et al., High frequency pulses of East Asian monsoon climate in the last two glaciations: Link with the North Atlantic, Climate Dynamics, 1996, 12: 701-709.[11]Guo, Z. T., Peng, S. Z., Wei, L. Y. et al., Weathering signals of Millennial-Scale oscillations of the East Asian Summer monsoon over the last 220 ka, Chinese Science

  13. Namadhij Min al-Fikr al-Mali fi al-Islam: Waraqah Ma’lumat Asasiyyah

    Mustafa Dasuki Kasabah


    Full Text Available The renaissance of Islam in various countries has become new phenomenon in the global economy. At the same time it also become the challenge for the Western capitalism and Eastern socialism. This resurrection together with revised ideology and economic system is considered as the strategic solution. Frankly, Islam is the religion which has brought back the core of economy to its position proportionally. In order to get concrete and clear idea on Islamic economy, here the writer presents five books written by Muslim scholars, classic as well as contemporary. The first is Kitab al-Amwal written by Abu Ubaid bin Salam, according to Khalil Harras this book is considered as the best and the most comprehensive book of Islamic economy. The second is Kitab Al-Ahkam al-Sultaniyyah written by Imam Mawardi. The third is Al-Fikr al-Mali written by Ibnu Khaldun, which has high scientific authority from other books, it is systematic as well as contextual. The fourth is al-Iradat al-‘Ammah li al-Daulah al-Islamiyyah fi Sadr al-Islam wa Tatbiqatuha al-Mu’asirah written by Monzer Kahf. The fifth is Al-Nafaqat al-‘Ammah fi Al-Islam: Dirasah Muqaranah written by Yusuf Ibrahim Yusuf. The first three authors are classics and the rest are contemporary.

  14. Al Margen de las Cooperativas

    Gutiérrez Estrada Julio


    Full Text Available El sistema Cooperativista, propiamente hablando, no viene a constituir una doctrina económica, es más bien una práctica, un modo de proceder en provecho de determinada agrupación de individuos que se asocian para defenderse de la usura del comercio y del intermediarismo parasitario. "El movimiento cooperativo es tan viejo como la revolución industrial, y ha crecido paralelamente a ella, podría decirse como una protesta en contra del sistema capitalista industrial. Generalmente se considera que tres principios fundamentales determinan su carácter distintivo. 1-Se esfuerza por dar "servido al costo" a sus miembros antes que beneficiarse del negocio con el público en general. El servicio de un grupo organizado se considera como un medio para obtener el máximum de eficacia con mínimo de desperdicio. 2-Insiste en que los beneficios pecuniarios se distribuyan al miembro como productor, después de deducir solamente el interés del capital al tipo que compite, y los salarios y jornales de los trabajadores. 3-Mantiene el control democrático del negocio por todos los participantes en él".

  15. Wear behaviour of Al 261

    N. Mathan Kumar


    Full Text Available Al 2618 matrix material was mixed with the Silicon Nitride (Si3N4, Aluminium Nitride (AlN and Zirconium Boride (ZrB2 reinforced particles. AMC was synthesized successfully by the stir casting method with the various X-wt.% of reinforcements (X = 0,2,4,6,8. Tribological behaviour was studied in this composite with various temperature conditions. The working conditions were Temperature (°C, Load (N, Velocity (m/s and Sliding Distances (m. Before wear testing the mechanical behaviour has been analysed. EDAX was confirmed by the matrix material composition. The Al 2618 alloy and the reinforcement mixers were confirmed by the X-ray Diffraction analysis. Wear rate (mm3/m, Wear resistance (m/mm3, Specific Wear rate (m/Nm and Co-efficient of friction (μ were analysed with various conditions. The worn surfaces were analysed before and after wear testing by Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM. Influence of process parameters and Percentage of contribution were analysed by Taguchi and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA methods. Genetic Algorithm (GA was adopted for optimizing the best and mean of the wear rate and to identify the exact influence of input parameters.

  16. Vormundschaftsrecht als Grundlage politischer Herrschaft

    Arne Duncker


    Full Text Available In ihrer beachtlichen und sehr gewissenhaft dokumentierten Arbeit über vormundschaftliche Regentschaften im 16. und 17. Jahrhundert beschreibt Pauline Puppel unter ausführlichem Bezug auf zeitgenössische Literatur und Archivalien sowohl die allgemeine Rechtslage im damaligen Reich als auch die Anwendungsfälle in Hessen, wo zwischen 1500 und 1700 insgesamt viermal eine Landgräfin als Vormünderin des Fürsten zur Regentin ihres Landes wurde. Dies steht exemplarisch für eine bereits in der Frühen Neuzeit mögliche und nicht einmal ganz seltene Form politischer Frauenherrschaft, die bisher oft nicht hinreichend gewürdigt wurde. Puppels Untersuchung ist in zwei Hauptteile gegliedert. Der erste Teil (Das juristische Regelwerk“, S. 34-143 behandelt die zeitgenössischen Rahmenbedingungen der durch Frauen ausgeübten Vormundschaft und Regentschaft. Der zweite Abschnitt („Die Landgräfinnen von Hessen als Regentinnen“, S. 144-307 befasst sich mit der Ausfüllung dieser Regeln durch konkrete Fallbeispiele in Gestalt von Leben und Regentschaft der regierenden Landgräfinnen von Hessen.


    Sh. Sarafraz, M. R. Khani, K. Yaghmaeian


    Full Text Available Hospital wastewaters are one of the most contaminating wastewaters and need to be paid more attention due to containing infectious agents. In this study, which had been conducted in a period of one year, 7 public hospitals were selected out of 12 public hospitals in Hormozgan Province of Iran. For studying quality of wastewater in hospitals, both influent and effluent wastewaters of treatment plant, if any, were sampled once in each season and totally 30 mixed samples were obtained. In order to determine the quality of hospital wastewaters in all samples, parameters such as pH, BOD5, COD, TSS and temperature were measured. Results of investigation on annual water consumption indicated that average water consumption in hospitals of the province was 194m3/d., considering water-to-wastewater conversion ratio of 0.8 and green yard ratio of 0.3. Wastewater production rate had been estimated to be 47m3/d and 0.362 m3/d.bed. Results indicated that in 7 hospitals of Hormozgan province, mean values of BOD5 ,COD ,TSS in raw wastewater were 242.25 mg/L, 628.1 mg/L and 231.25 mg/L, respectively, pH=7.42 and temperature=30.17 ºC. In Khalij-e-Fars hospital which had wastewater treatment plant, values of these parameters in effluent were 12.53 mg/L and 51.7 mg/L, 19.68 mg/L, respectively, with pH=7.39 and temperature=26.1 ºC. Comparison between values of influent and effluent wastewaters indicated that in understudy cases, contamination rate was higher than determined limits, as compared to environmental standards of the country and it was necessary to establish appropriate treatment plants in these units.

  18. Healthcare Services Expenditure: A Case Study in Isfahan Province, Iran



    Full Text Available Background Determining and understanding of healthcare costs and its financing method is one of the most important subjects understatement of which can cause such major problems as excessive health costs for households due to the high rate of out-of-pocket expenses. Objectives The current study aimed to analyze the healthcare costs and determine the share of Isfahan province, Iran, from the total healthcare costs of the country from 2006 to 2011. Materials and Methods It was a retrospective and descriptive-analytical study. The required statistical data were gathered from statistical yearbooks of the country and the province, the website of the World Bank, the statistics provided by the Healthcare Department of Isfahan and Kashan Universities of Medical Sciences and the statistical data provided by Iran Statistics Center in 2011, all covering the period of six years from 2006 to 2011. Excel software was used for data analysis and computations of the research. Results During this period, the annual growth average of healthcare and treatment costs were 12% and 20%, respectively. The share of the healthcare sector declined from 33% in 2006 to 25.4% in 2011. In other words, healthcare cost per capita, being about one second of the treatment cost per capita, reduced to a third of treatment per capita in 2011. Conclusions Efficient allocation of financial resources in the healthcare system based on specific goals and strategies, coordination of public and private sectors in providing healthcare services, the rising share of the healthcare sector in GDP of the province and the country, and the preference of prevention over treatment measures can affect achieving the healthcare system goals and surmount challenges such as pay-out-of-pocket and rising healthcare costs, particularly the costs of integrated treatment with full performance.

  19. Assessment of HCV genotypes in Yunnan Province of Southwest China.

    Li, Qiongfen; Yao, Yufeng; Shen, Yunsong; Cao, Danfeng; Li, Yalin; Zhang, Shuqiong; Cun, Wei; Sun, Mingbo; Yu, Jiankun; Shi, Li; Dong, Shaozhong


    Recently, we reported that the frequency of hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotypes and subtypes has rapidly changed among intravenous drug users (IDUs) in Yunnan Province over the last 5 years; this is especially true for subtype 6a which has increased in frequency from 5 to 15%. Here, we assessed 120 HCV-positive plasma samples from the general population (GP). HCV NS5B fragments were amplified and sequenced by PCR. We identified four HCV genotypes (1, 2, 3 and 6) and seven HCV subtypes (1b, 2a, 3a, 3b, 6a, 6n, and 6k) in this population. Genotype 3 was predominant, with a distribution frequency of 0.484, followed by genotype 1 (0.283), genotype 6 (0.133) and genotype 2 (0.100). HCV subtypes 3b (frequency 0.292) and 1b (frequency 0.283) were the most common subtypes. A comparison of the current data with previous results reported for IDUs showed that the distribution frequencies of genotypes 1, 2 and 6 were significantly different between patients in the GP and IDUs (P HCV subtypes, the distribution frequencies of 1b, 2a, 6a, and 6n were significantly different between patients in the GP and IDU groups (P HCV subtype 6a strains isolated from IDUs and the GP were intermixed and not separately clustered. HCV subtype 6a was predominant not only among IDUs but also among those in the GP in the Guangdong Province and Vietnam. However, HCV subtype 6a was predominant only among IDUs and not among those in the GP in the Yunnan and Guangxi Provinces. Our results indicate that the HCV subtype 6a could rapidly spread across China.

  20. The Magellan mound province in the Porcupine Basin

    Huvenne, V. A. I.; Bailey, W. R.; Shannon, P. M.; Naeth, J.; di Primio, R.; Henriet, J. P.; Horsfield, B.; de Haas, H.; Wheeler, A.; Olu-Le Roy, K.


    The Magellan mound province is one of the three known provinces of carbonate mounds or cold-water coral banks in the Porcupine Seabight, west of Ireland. It has been studied in detail using a large and varied data set: 2D and 3D seismic data, sidescan sonar imagery and video data collected during ROV deployment have been used to describe the mounds in terms of origin, growth processes and burial. The aim of this paper is to present the Magellan mounds and their setting in an integrated, holistic way. More than 1,000 densely spaced and mainly buried mounds have been identified in the area. They all seem to be rooted on one seismic reflection, suggesting a sudden mound start-up. Their size and spatial distribution characteristics are presented, together with the present-day appearance of the few mounds that reach the seabed. The underlying geology has been studied by means of fault analysis and numerical basin modelling in an attempt to identify possible hydrocarbon migration pathways below or in the surroundings of the Magellan mounds. Although conclusive evidence concerning the processes of mound initiation proves to be elusive, the results of both fault analysis and 2D numerical modelling failed to identify, with confidence, any direct pathways for focused hydrocarbon flow to the Magellan province. Diffuse seepage however may have taken place, as drainage area modelling suggests a possible link between mound position and structural features in the Hovland-Magellan area. During mound development and growth, the interplay of currents and sedimentation seems to have been the most important control. Mounds which could not keep pace with the sedimentation rates were buried, and on the few mounds which maintained growth, only a few corals survive at present.

  1. Trachoma rapid assessment in Shandong province of China.

    Qu, Yi; Bi, Hongsheng; Wen, Ying; Li, Chaofeng; Wu, Hui


    This research aims at identifying relative interventions on trachoma and testing the effectiveness of control measures adopted by assessing its prevalence and related risk factors in Shandong province of China. Trachoma rapid assessment (TRA) was conducted in 6 sub-districts selected from Shandong province based on primary high risk assessment. Active trachoma in children aged 1-9 years and environmental risk factors of trachoma (unclean faces, absence of running water, and absence of flush toilets) were assessed (TRA 1). Control measures were taken in endemic areas. A second TRA (TRA 2) was conducted after 12 months in the same 6 districts and findings of the two TRAs were compared. In TRA 1, we found trachoma in 3 sub-districts and the detection rate was 4% (95% CI: 0.39%-11.12%), 6% (95% CI: 1.18%-14.17%), and 6% (95% CI: 1.18%-14.17%) respectively. We could not find trachoma cases in TRA 2. Research data supports that children living with environmental risk factors face an increased risk to active trachoma. However, we could not find statistical evidence for this association, which may be caused by the limited data on prevalence. This research indicates that the TRA methodology is easy to assess trachoma and its related risk factors. Based on the results of this study, we have already achieved the goal of "elimination of trachoma" in Shandong province, as the detection rate of trachomatous inflamation follicular/trachomatous inflammation intense in 1-9-year-old children was less than 5%.

  2. Prevalence of tuberculosis drug resistance in 10 provinces of China

    Wang Li


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The emergence of drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB hampers TB control. Ten provinces in China performed drug resistance surveys among tuberculosis (TB patients in 1996–2004 to assess levels of drug resistance. Methods Provincial drug resistance surveys included all isolates from newly diagnosed, smear-positive TB patients. Drug susceptibility testing (DST against isoniazid, rifampicin, streptomycin and ethambutol was carried out in the provincial laboratories. For purposes of quality assurance, a random sample (11.6% was re-tested by the national reference laboratory (NRL. Results Of 14,059 patients tested 11,052 (79% were new TB cases. The weighted mean prevalence of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB among all cases was 9.3% (range 2.2%–10.4%; 5.4% (range 2.1% – 10.4% among new cases and 25.6% (range 11.7%–36.9% among previously treated cases. Adjusting the drug resistance proportions using the re-testing results did not change the estimated national mean prevalence significantly. However, in some individual provinces the estimated resistance proportions were greatly influenced, especially among re-treatment patients. Conclusion MDR-TB levels varied greatly between provinces in China, but on average were high compared to the global estimated average of 4.8%. This study shows the importance of quality-assured laboratory performance. Programmatic management of drug-resistant TB, including high quality DST for patients at high risk of resistance and treatment with second-line drugs, should become the standard, especially in high MDR-TB settings.

  3. Main Clay Minerals in Soils of Fujian Province,China



    The clay minerals of more than 200 soil samples collected from various sites of Fujian Province were studied by the X-ray diffraction method and transmission electron microscopy to study their distribution and evolution.Montmorillonite was found in coastal solonchak,paddy soils derived from marine deposit,lacustrine deposit and river deposit,and some lateritic red soil,red soil and yellow soil with a low weathering degree.Chlorite existed mainly in coastal solonchak and paddy soil developed from marine deposit.1.4nm intergradient mineral appeared frequently in yellow soil,red soil and lateritic red soil.The content of 1.4nm intergradient mineral increased with the decrease of weathering degree from lateritic red soil to red soil to yellow soil.Hydrous micas were more in coastal solonchak,paddy soils derived from marine deposit,lacustrine deposit and river deposit.and puple soil from purple shale than in other soils.Kaolinte was the most important clay mineral in the soils iun this province.The higher the soil weathering degree,the more the kaolinite existed.From yellow soil to red soil to lateritic red soil,kaolinite increased gradually,Kaolinite was the predominant clay mineral accompanied by few other minerals in typical lateritic red soil. Tubular halloysite was a widespread clay mineral in soils of Fujian Province with varying quantities.The soil derived from the paent rocks rich in feldspar contained more tubular halloysite.Spheroidal halloysite was found in a red soil and a paddy soil developed from olivine basalt gibbsite in the soils in this district was largely“primary gibbsite” which formed in the early weathering stage.Gibbsite decreased with the increase of weathering degree from yellow soil to red soil to lateritic red soil.Goethite also decreased in the same sequence while hematite increased.

  4. Chronic patient care at North West Province clinics

    Claire van Deventer


    Full Text Available Background: Chronic illnesses are a significant burden to the health services in South Africa. There is a specific national health plan whereby chronically ill patients who are acceptably controlled should be managed at clinic level. The perception has emerged that the management of primary care has not been optimal in the Southern District of the North West Province. This provided the motivation to initiate this research, namely consideration of chronic patient care at clinics in the North West Province of South Africa.Method: A cross-sectional descriptive study was carried out at four randomly selected clinics covering four sub-districts in the Southern District (North West Province. This was done using charts and registers at the clinics. Inclusion criteria were patients older than 18, and presenting with the following chronic illnesses: asthma/chronic obstructive airways disease (COAD, hypertension, diabetes and epilepsy. The major focus areas were the regular assessment of the patients, the level of control of the illness and the use of the Essential Drugs List and Standard Treatment Guidelines (EDL/STG.Results: In the cases of all the chronic illnesses it was found that regular assessments were poorly done, with asthma (peak flow measurements being the most poorly done. Control was generally less than 50% for all the illnesses, although the EDL was followed fairly well by the personnel at the clinics.Conclusion: In the light of the burden of chronic illness the results give cause for great concern about the quality of care for chronically ill patients, and reasons were sought for some of the poor results. A subsequent decision was taken to carry out comprehensive quality improvement projects on each of the illnesses over the following five years.

  5. Echinococcosis/Hydatidosis in Ilam Province, Western Iran

    Jahangir Abdi


    Full Text Available Background: Hydatidosis is a zoonotic disease of global prevalence. It causes considerable health problems and economic losses throughout the world, including Iran. The objective of this study was to assess the current status of echinococco­sis/hydatidosis in the province of Ilam (western Iran. Methods: From April to September 2011, 65 stray dogs were collected from urban and rural areas of Ilam City. Parasites were isolated from the dogs and stained with carmine. A taxonomic study was carried out by measuring different parts of hel­minths. Meat inspection documents from slaughterhouses in Ilam were used to assess the prevalence of hydatidosis during a 3-year period in sheep, cattle, and goats. ELISA test was used to detect the presence of antibodies to hydatidosis in human sera. Clinical records from 2000 to 2010 of either treated or diagnosed pa­tients from public hospitals of this province were reviewed. Results: The prevalence of Echinococcus granulosus infection in stray dogs was 9%. A total of 81,726 animals were assessed for hydatidosis; 2.94% (2403 cases had liver hydatidosis and 2.34% (1918 cases had lung hydatidosis. Within a 10-year period, 140 patients (91 females and 49 males were treated for hydatidosis. Of 1200 hu­man sera, 2.25% (27 patients were seropositive for hydatidosis. Conclusion: Hydatidosis is endemic in Ilam Province especially in rural area. The health and economic losses caused by the disease are significant; thus, our efforts need to be focused on the control of this disease.

  6. Surface Water Resources Response to Climate Changes in Jilin Province


    [Objective] The response of surface water resources on climate changes was studied.[Method] By dint of monthly average temperature and precipitation in 45 meteorological stations in Jilin Province from 1960 to 2000,monthly runoff in 56 hydrological stations in Songhuajiang and Liaohe region,the surface runoff change and the response of surface water resources to climate change in 41 years were expounded.[Result] The runoff of Songliao region was limited during 1960s and 1970s.It began to increase slowly in ...

  7. Agro-ecosystem Emergy Evolution and Trend in Hunan Province


    Using the emergy analysis method, we conduct trend analysis of changes in the total emergy, input and output structure, various emergy indicators of agro-ecosystem in Hunan Province during the period 1999-2008. The results show that during the study period, total emergy input basically remained stable, but the emergy input structure was constantly optimized, of which the input of non-renewable industrial assistant emergy increased by 38.4%, from 4.00E+22 sej to 5.53E+22 sej, and the input of ...

  8. The Touristification of War Landscapes in the Province of Trento

    Elisa Tizzoni


    Full Text Available The paper aims to investigate the impact of the so-called touristification of the war landscapes in the Province of Trento (Italy, focusing on the role played by local communities.Due to the increasing interest by tourists in visiting former battlefields and places that display cultural heritage referring to conflicts and wars, contemporary social sciences consider war tourism as a complex blend between social memory and tourism exploitation of territorial resources.After a brief summary on the academic debate about the link between Great War heritage and tourism, the essay assesses the main features of war landscapes in Trentino (Italy and provides some suggestions for further research.

  9. Characterization of gas hydrates provinces off Norway-Svalbard

    Vanneste, M.; Kvalstad, T.J.; Forsberg, C.F.; Pfaffhuber, A. [NGI, Oslo (Norway); ICG, Oslo (Norway); Bunz, S.; Mienert, J. [Tromso Univ., Tromso (Norway)


    The characterization of gas hydrates provinces off Norway-Svalbard were discussed in this presentation. Relevant research and development projects and activities were listed. Bottom simulating reflectors as a key seismic proxy were discussed. Seismic techniques such as p-waves and s-waves were identified. The quantification and saturation from velocity anomalies were illustrated along with the gas hydrate reservoir potential off Norway-Svalbard. Some interesting cases were presented, including the Nankai; Lake Baikal in Siberia; and the Black Sea. The presentation concluded with a discussion of lessons learned. The presentation noted that mapping and quantification requires integration of methods and techniques. figs.

  10. Analysis of an Abrupt Rainstorm Process in Central Hunan Province


    [Objective] The aim is to expound the abrupt rainstorm in the central Hunan Province on May 6 in 2010.[Method] By dint of NCEP 1°×1° reanalysis data,routine observation data,auto-station precipitation and FY-2C satellite data,the large-scale circulation background and physical condition during the large rainstorm period from the night on May 5 to 6 in 2010 were analyzed.The large scale environment,meso-scale characteristics and potential causes for the formation of large precipitation were revealed.By dint ...

  11. Development Situation and Future Tendency of Liaohe Oil Province

    Cao Weigeng


    @@ Liaohe Oil Province is the third largest one stably developing in China. It's composed of more than 20 oil and gas fields with complicated geological conditions. It has various types of reservoir developing 14 sets of oil-bearig horizon with multi-types of crude oil (light oil,heavy oil and high pour-point oil). From 1970 to the end of 1993, there were 22 oilfields which have been put into exploitation, including Huaxiling Oilfield etc. More, Shuangnan and Kailu Oilfields are now on trial production. Since 1984,the annual incremental production of crude oil from these fields reached over 85× 104 t (see Fig. 1).

  12. Formal and Informal Rural Credit in Four Provinces of Vietnam

    Barslund, Mikkel Christoffer; Tarp, Finn

    This paper uses a survey of 932 rural households to uncover how the rural credit market operates in four provinces of Vietnam. Households obtain credit through formal and informal lenders. Formal loans are almost entirely for production and asset accumulation, while informal loans are used...... for consumption smoothening. Interest rates fell from 1997 to 2002, reflecting increased market integration. Moreover, the determinants of formal and informal credit demand are distinct. While credit rationing depends on education and credit history, in particular, regional differences in the demand for credit...

  13. Natural Gas Gathering and Transporting Pipeline Networks in Sichuan Province

    Zhou Xuehou


    @@ It is over 30 years since Baxian-Chongqing Gas Transmission Pipeline has been put into operation in 1960s. So far approximately 8 000 km pipelines of various kinds have been built in Sichuan, among which about 1 800 km are gas pipelines (the maximum diameter of 720 mm ),therefor a gathering pipeline system has been established which connects more than 80 gas fields over ten of major industrial cities in Sichuan, such as Chengdu, Chongqing,Zigong, Luzhou, Daxian, Deyang, Mianyang, Nanchong,and more than 600 large and medium size end-users and the chemical fertilizer manufacturing bases in the neighboring provinces of Yunnan and Guizhou.

  14. The Burden of Road Traffic Injuries in Yazd Province - Iran

    Mahmood Vakili


    Full Text Available Objectives: To estimate the Disabled-adjusted Life Years (DALYs of Road Traffic Accidents in patients referred to hospitals in Yazd Province, central Iran. Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted in Yazd province during 2010. To calculate the Years of Life Lost (YLL due to premature death and to calculate the incidence of non-fatal injuries and Years Lost due to Disability (YLD, the data were collected from Yazd death registration system and hospital records. The causes of death and nature of non-fatal injuries were classified using International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10. We estimated Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALYs on the guidelines of the Global Burden of Disease Study (discount rate: 0.03, age weight: 0.04, constant age weight correction factor: 0.165. Age and sex composition was taken from the National Statistical Center for the year 2010. Results: During 2009, 483 deaths were caused by traffic accidents in Yazd Province, 382 (79.09% of which were males, and 101 (20.91% were females. The mortality rates for males and females were 70.98 and 20.15 in 100,000, respectively. The years of life lost due to premature deaths were 15.84/1000 in men and 4.75/1,000 in women. Total YLLs caused by traffic accidents were 10,908 years . The injuries caused by traffic accidents were calculated as 15.21 and 3.73/1,000 in males and females, respectively. The total YLDs was calculated 1.51/1,000. The total burden of Road Traffic Injuries in Yazd province was 12478 years (DALYs, 87.41% of which was due to premature death, and 12.59% was related to disability. Also, 78.32% was lost in males. The age specific peak of burden was in 15-29 year. Conclusion: This study showed that traffic accidents in Yazd impose a high burden. It seems that it is one of the health sector priorities. It is recommended to revise laws on use of motorcycles, especially on helmet use for motorcyclists, enforce strict laws in residential areas, and review social

  15. Current Development Situation and Prospects of Blueberry in Guangdong Province

    Lixia; GAO; Hualan; XIAO; Sen; LI; Fengmin; LIU; Aiqiong; MO


    With high nutrition and health value,blueberry receives much concern in recent years. Blueberry experts in the world are cultivating new blueberry varieties. They have come up with constructive theoretical support and planting technology researches and are constantly devoted to expanding blueberry planting latitudes. This paper elaborated researches of blueberry at home and abroad,current development situation of blueberry in China and Guangdong Province,analyzed strengths of planting blueberry in Guangdong. Besides,it came up with recommendations for development of blueberry industry. Finally,it discussed development prospects of blueberry planting in Guangdong.

  16. Endometriosis in the north Italian province of South Tyrol.

    Steinkasserer, Martin; Engl, Bruno


    Here, we report regarding the health status and medical support for patients suffering from endometrioisis in South Tyrol, which is a politically autonomous province in the north of Italy containing three different ethnic groups. The health service is administered largely by the autonomous regional government. Because of the establishment of a centre for reproductive medicine and the introduction of laparoscopy as a prime surgery method, the gynaecological department of the hospital in Bruneck developed into a reference centre for diagnosis and surgical treatment for endometriosis. The planned future social, health care and insurance developments on local and national level regarding this illness will be discussed.

  17. On Translation of Tourist Attractions of Gansu Province



    Tourism develops and improves quickly as the more communication with foreign countries. Seas of tourists from different backgrounds and cultures come to China for sightseeing. So the translation of tourist attractions is vital and essential. The qualities of translation of tourist attractions will make different impressions on tourists. Based on the current situation of scenic spots translation in Gansu Province, this thesis tries to analyze the existing problems on translation of the names from the persepective of functionalist theory, then some suggestions are proposed on how to revise and correct them.

  18. Recent Trends of Epidemic Hypertension in Guangdong Province


    Hypertension survey was carried out in Guangdong Province in 1991, according to a national sampling survey program. 42 899 urban and rural men and women aged ≥ 15 were involved in the survey. The results revealed that the standardized prevalence rate of hypertension was 8.99% (definite 4. 24%, borderline 4.75% ) . It was higher in men than in women, in urban than in rural samples.Compared with the survey in 1979, the prevalence rate increased by 90% and the curve of aged- prevalence rates shifted leftward. This article also discuss the possible factors that lead to the increase of hypertension.

  19. Problems in Food Safety of Hunan Province and Countermeasures

    Fanfan; OUYANG; Fangming; DENG


    In recent years,serious food safety accidents are of frequent occurrence. Although government has taken many practical and feasible measures to contain food safety accidents,new food safety accidents still emerge in large numbers. In this situation,food safety control is a long-term and arduous task to be performed jointly by many government departments. Finally,it presents corresponding countermeasures and recommendations on the basis of current situations of food safety in Hunan Province,problem causes,in combination with control measures related to food safety both at home and abroad.

  20. Hydrobios and Control of Eutrophication in Dongping Lake, Shandong Province


    The Hydrobios in Dongping Lake, Shandong Province, mainly includes phytoplankton, zooplankton, benthic animals, fishes and hydrophytic vascular plants. Nitrogen and phosphorus are the restrictive factors for the growth and propagation of hydrophyta, therefore the key to the prevention and control of eutrophication in lakes lies in the control of the contents of the two elements in the water. Artificial fishing of algae can reduce the concentrations of trophic substances such as nitrogen and phosphorus in the water bodies, and biological measures may decrease the contents of these trophic substances in the bottom sediments and the water bodies, thereby playing an active role in modifying the eutrophication of the lake.

  1. Poliomyelitis surveillance in Shandong Province, China, 1990-92.

    Chiba, Y.; Xu, A.; Li, L.; T. Lei; Takezaki, T.; Hagiwara, A.; Yoneyama, T.; T Fujiwara; Hara, M.; Yamamoto, T


    In Shandong Province, China, programmes were initiated in 1991 for mass immunization against poliomyelitis and for the immediate reporting of acute flaccid paralysis (AFP). The incidence of non-poliomyelitis AFP was found to be 0.46-0.61 cases per 100,000 children per annum. It appeared that illness resembling the Guillain-Barré syndrome was underreported. The incidence of such illness peaked among children aged 2-3 years. Although laboratory investigations have improved, in 1992 they were st...

  2. On Translation of Tourist Attractions of Gansu Province



    Tourism develops and improves quickly as the mor communication with foreign countries. Seas of tourists from different backgrounds and cultures come to China for sightseeing So the translation of tourist attractions is vital and essential. Th qualities of translation of tourist attractions will make differen impressions on tourists. Based on the current situation of sceni spots translation in Gansu Province, this thesis tries to analyz the existing problems on translation of the names from th persepective of functionalist theory, then some suggestions ar proposed on how to revise and correct them.

  3. Armaflex in Burj al Arab; Armaflex im Burj al Arab

    Steiner, B.


    This article describes the Burj al Arab in Dubai, the unique seven-star high-rise hotel. The construction of the hotel, that is built on 250 piles driven into the sand of an artificial island in the Persian Gulf, is described. In particular, various special materials used in the building are described, as are the luxurious fittings and furnishings of the hotel. The cooling and air-conditioning installations that are necessary as a result of the desert climate of Dubai are described and the use of 'Armaflex' elastomer insulating material for the insulation of refrigeration machines and cold-water piping is discussed.

  4. Microstructure of interaction interface between Al-Si, Zn-Al alloys and Al2O3p/6061Al composite

    许志武; 闫久春; 吕世雄; 杨士勤


    Interaction behaviors between Al-Si, Zn-AI alloys and Al2O3p/6061AI composite at different heating temperatures were investigated. It is found that Al2O3p/6061Al composite can be wetted well by AlSi-1, AlSi-4 and Zn-Al alloys and an interaction layer forms between the alloy and composite during interaction. Little Al-Si alloys remain on the surface when they fully wet the composite and Si element in Al-Si alloy diffuses into composite entirely and assembles in the composite near the interface of Al-Si alloy/composite to form a Si-rich zone. The microstructure in interaction layer with Si penetration is still dense. Much more residual Zn-Al alloy exists on the surface of composite when it wets the composite, and porosities appear at the interface of Zn-Al alloy/composite. The penetration of elements Zn, Cu of Zn-Al alloy into composite leads to the generation of shrinkage cavities in the interaction layer and makes the microstructure of Al2 O3p/6061A1 composite loose.

  5. The Analysis of Road Networks' Influences on the Changes of Landuse in Fujian Province, China

    PAN Li-juan


    Full Text Available Based on the changes of landuse in Fujian Province during 2000-2010, this research used the buffer analysis to define the areas impacted by the road networks. Then, the study used the correlation analysis to achieve the relationship between the density of road networks and landuse transformation in the impacted areas under the different scales. Also, the terrain features of landuse conversion were analyzed. Finally, the threshold of road networks' density was achieved. The results showed that road networks' range of influence was 1 000 m, and the road construction in Fujian Province was one of the reasons that caused the following transformations: forest transformation to construction, shrub transformation to construction, wetland transformation to construction, farmland transformation to construction. According to the terrain features of landuse transformation under different scales, the following results were obtained: the transformation from forest to construction happened in the altitude of 230~360 m, the transformation from shrub to construction happened in the altitude of 100~180 m, the transforma-tion from wetland to construction happened in the altitude of 60~100 m, the transformation from farmland to construction happened in the al-titude of 110~200 m, the changes of landuse occurred in the south slope beneath 7°; According to the threshold of road networks' density, the study achieved the following results: the threshold of the transformation from forest to construction was between 1.98 km·km-2 and 2.27 km· km-2, the threshold of the transformation from shrub to construction was between 2.29 km·km-2 and 2.92 km·km-2, the threshold of the trans-formation from wetland to construction was between 2.61 km·km-2 and 3.01 km·km-2, the threshold of the transformation from farmland to construction was between 2.23 km·km-2 and 2.98 km·km-2.

  6. Geochemistry of magnetite from Proterozoic Fe-Cu deposits in the Kangdian metallogenic province, SW China

    Chen, Wei Terry; Zhou, Mei-Fu; Gao, Jian-Feng; Hu, Ruizhong


    Fe-Cu deposits in the Kangdian Fe-Cu metallogenic province, SW China, are hosted in Paleoproterozoic meta-volcanic-sedimentary sequences and are spatially associated with coeval mafic intrusions. Several well-known examples are the giant Lala, Dahongshan, and Yinachang deposits. They have a common paragenetic sequence of an early Fe-oxide stage associated with sodic alteration and a late Cu-sulfide stage associated with potassic-carbonate alteration. Magnetite dominates the Fe-oxide stage of these deposits but is also present in the Cu-sulfide stage of the Lala deposit. This study uses trace element compositions of magnetite to examine the nature and origin of the ore-forming fluids. The magnetite has variable concentrations of Ti, Al, Mg, Mn, Si, V, Cr, Ca, Co, Ni, Sc, Zn, Cu, Mo, Sn, and Ga, which are thought to have been controlled mainly by fluid compositions and/or intensive parameters (e.g., temperature and oxygen fugacity ( fO2)). Fluid-rock interaction and coprecipitating mineral phases appear to be less important in controlling the magnetite compositions. Magnetite grains in the Fe-oxide stage of the Lala and Dahongshan deposits have comparable trace element compositions and were likely precipitated from chemically similar fluids. High Ni contents of magnetite in both deposits, coupled with previous isotopic data and the fact that the two deposits are spatially associated with coeval mafic intrusions, strongly suggest that the ore-forming fluids were genetically related to the mafic magmas that formed the intrusions. Magnetite grains in the Fe-oxide stage of the Yinachang deposit have much lower V and Ni but higher Sn and Mo contents than those of the Lala and Dahongshan deposits and are thus thought to have precipitated from more oxidized and Mo-Sn-rich fluids that may have evolved from relatively felsic magmas. Magnetite grains from the Cu-sulfide and Fe-oxide stages of the Lala deposit are broadly similar in composition, but those in the Cu

  7. Economic Value of Agroecosystem Services within Wheat Fields in Khorasan Razavi Province

    a Koocheki


    Full Text Available Introduction Due to its multifunctional nature agriculture play important roles in ecological processes such as carbon sequestration, flood control, groundwater recharge, nutrient cycling, and purifying water, soil and air in addition to providing food, feed and fiber. These cover almost all ecological services provided by natural ecosystems, including provisioning services, regulating services, supporting services and cultural services (MEA, 2005. Provisioning services are the products obtained from ecosystems, including food, fiber and fuel. Regulating services are the benefits arising from the regulation of ecosystem processes, such as climate regulation, water purification, pollination and the control of pests and diseases. Cultural services are the non-material benefits people obtain from ecosystems, as spiritual enrichment, recreation and aesthetic experiences. Supporting services are those services necessary for the production of all other ecosystem services, such as soil formation and nutrient cycling (Norris et al., 2010. However, most of these services are not recognized and their values are hidden to the society. On the other hand, unlike natural ecosystems that only produce positive ecological services, agro-ecosystems also contribute to some negative externalities e.g. emission of greenhouse gases, leaching of chemicals into soil and water resources and reduction of biodiversity that should be taken into account (Norris et al., 2010. Economic valuation of these services makes them attractive for the society and policymakers to pay more attention towards conservation of ecosystem services. In Iran, studies on ecosystem services are scared and in global scale researches are mainly focused on natural ecosystems. In this study the economic value of ecological services as well as negative environmental externalities of wheat fields were estimated in the Khorasan Razavi province. Materials and methods Information was extracted from

  8. Investigations of Al-Dalang and Al-Hawashat meteorites

    Gismelseed, A. M.; Abdallah, S. B.; Al-Rawas, A. D.; Al-Mabsali, F. N.; Widatallah, H. M.; Elzain, M. E.; Yousif, A. A.; Ericsson, T.; Annersten, H.


    Mössbauer spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction (XRD) measurements, and electron microprobe analysis (EMPA) have been performed on two meteorites named Al-Dalang and Al-Hawashat after identifying their falling sites in the Western region of Sudan. These two meteorites are ordinary chondrites with similar mineralogy. XRD and EMPA show that the two specimens consist of primary olivine, ortho-pyroxene and later crystallising clino-pyroxene as reaction rims against plagioclase. Fe-metal phases are dominated by kamacite (≈6 wt.% Ni) and minor amounts of tetrataenite (≈52 wt.% Ni). Troilite (FeS) and alabandite (MnS) are optically observed as sulphide phases. The Mössbauer measurements at 295 and 78 K are in agreement with the above characterizations, showing at least two paramagnetic doublets which are assigned to olivine and pyroxene and magnetic sextets assigned to kamacite (hyperfine field ≈33.5 T) and troilite FeS (hyperfine field ≈31 T).

  9. Investigations of Al-Dalang and Al-Hawashat meteorites

    Gismelseed, A. M., E-mail: [Sultan Qaboos University, College of Science (Oman); Abdallah, S. B. [University of Khartoum, Department of Geology, Faculty of Science (Sudan); Al-Rawas, A. D.; Al-Mabsali, F. N.; Widatallah, H. M.; Elzain, M. E.; Yousif, A. A. [Sultan Qaboos University, College of Science (Oman); Ericsson, T. [Uppsala University, Department of Physics and Material Sciences (Sweden); Annersten, H. [Uppsala University, Department of Earth Sciences (Sweden)


    Mössbauer spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction (XRD) measurements, and electron microprobe analysis (EMPA) have been performed on two meteorites named Al-Dalang and Al-Hawashat after identifying their falling sites in the Western region of Sudan. These two meteorites are ordinary chondrites with similar mineralogy. XRD and EMPA show that the two specimens consist of primary olivine, ortho-pyroxene and later crystallising clino-pyroxene as reaction rims against plagioclase. Fe-metal phases are dominated by kamacite (≈6 wt.% Ni) and minor amounts of tetrataenite (≈52 wt.% Ni). Troilite (FeS) and alabandite (MnS) are optically observed as sulphide phases. The Mössbauer measurements at 295 and 78 K are in agreement with the above characterizations, showing at least two paramagnetic doublets which are assigned to olivine and pyroxene and magnetic sextets assigned to kamacite (hyperfine field ≈33.5 T) and troilite FeS (hyperfine field ≈31 T).

  10. Ranking and Clustering of the Economic Status of Rural Residents in 31 Provinces and Regions in China


    In order to rank and cluster the economic status of rural residents in 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, the MATLAB software is used and the component analysis and the cluster analysis are conducted on the data reflecting the economic status of each area. The results show that the provinces or cities with high comprehensive , scores are Shanghai Municipality, Beijing Municipality, Zhejiang Province, Jiangsu Province, Tianjin Municipality, Guangdong Province, Fujian Province, Shandong Province and Liaoning Province according to priority; the provinces or autonomous regions with low comprehensive scores are Gansu Province, Guizhou Province , Tibet, Uygur autonomous region and Yunnan Province. The economic status of rural residents in the 31 provinces and autonomous regions are partly parallel with the comprehensive economic development. The improvement of the economic status of rural residents is helpful for the overall economic elevation. Therefore, the government should coordinate the economic development of urban and rural areas, industry and agricultural, developed region and undeveloped region, and coastal areas and central and western areas to maximize the social welfare of the whole nation.

  11. Electrical conductivity of (Na3AlF6-40%K3AlF6)-AlF3-Al2O3 melts


    The effects of contents of AlF3 and Al2O3,and temperature on electrical conductivity of (Na3AlF6-40%K3AlF6)-AlF3-Al2O3 were studied by continuously varying cell constant (CVCC) technique.The results show that the conductivities of melts increase with the increase of temperature,but by different extents.Every increasing 10 ℃ results in an increase of 1.85×10-2,1.86×10-2,1.89×10-2 and 2.20×10-2 S/cm in conductivity for the (Na3AlF6-40%K3AlF6)-AlF3 melts containing 0%,20%,24%,and 30% AlF3,respectively.An increase of every 10 ℃ in temperature results an increase about 1.89×10-2,1.94×10-2,1.95×10-2,1.99×10-2 and 2.10×10-2 S/cm for (Na3AlF6-40%K3AlF6)-AlF3-Al2O3 melts containing 0%,1%,2%,3% and 4% A12O3,respectively.The activation energy of conductance was calculated based on Arrhenius equation.Every increasing 1% of AlF3 results in a decrease of 0.019 and 0.020 S/cm in conductivity for (Na3AlF6-40%K3AlF6)-AIF3 melts at 900 and 1 000 ℃,respectively.Every increase of 1% Al2O3 results in a decrease of 0.07 S/cm in conductivity for (Na3AlF6-40%K3AlF6)-AlF3-Al2O3 melts.The activation energy of conductance increases with the increase in content of AlF3 and Al2O3.

  12. United modification of Al-24Si alloy by Al-P and Al-Ti-C master alloys

    韩延峰; 刘相法; 王海梅; 王振卿; 边秀房; 张均艳


    The modification effect of a new type of Al-P master alloy on Al-24Si alloys was investigated. It is foundthat excellent modification effect can be obtained by the addition of this new type of A1-P master alloy into Al-24Simelt and the average primary Si grain size is decreased below 47 μm from original 225 μm. It is also found that theTiC particles in the melt coming from Al8Ti2C can improve the modification effect of the Al-P master alloy. Whenthe content of TiC particles in the Al-24Si melt is 0.03 %, the improvement reaches the maximum and keeps steadywith increasing content of TiC particles. Modification effect occurs at 50 min after the addition of the Al-P master al-loy and TiC particles, and keeps stable with prolonging holding time.

  13. Salmonella carriers among expatriate workers in Al-Qatif area

    Albreiki Hassan


    Full Text Available Background: Salmonella infection and diarrhoeal diseases are major causes of morbidity and mortality in the developing world. All expatriates applying for work permits in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA have to undergo a governmental compulsory health check program. Aim of the study: To estimate the number of salmonella carriers who had previously been diagnosed as free of infection. Subjects and methods: Over a period of two years, a total of 17, 918 workers in Al-Qatif area, in the Eastern Province were tested for salmonella on stool samples. Results: Three hundred and twenty eight were found to be asymptomatic carriers of salmonella. The highest frequency was found among workers from Egypt (13.1 % while Filipinos and Indians were the lowest carriers (1.2%. Salmonella serogroups E, C 1 and C2 were most common ( 29%, 29% and 23.5% respectively followed by serogroups B, D and C (13%, 3.7% and 1% respectively. No Shigella species were isolated. All carriers were given antibiotics and were instructed in prophylactic hygiene measures. After completing the course of antibiotics, they were retested and found to be clear of infection. Conclusion: The health check system in this area will contribute towards the prevention of outbreaks of infection by salmonella

  14. Reply to Pachai et al.

    Harrison, William J; Bex, Peter J


    Peripheral vision is fundamentally limited by the spacing between objects. When asked to report a target's identity, observers make erroneous reports that sometimes match the identity of a nearby distractor and sometimes match a combination of target and distractor features. The classification of these errors has previously been used to support competing 'substitution' [1] or 'averaging' [2] models of the phenomenon known as 'visual crowding'. We recently proposed a single model in which both classes of error occur because observers make their reports by sampling from a biologically-plausible population of weighted responses within a region of space around the target [3]. It is critical to note that there is no probabilistic substitution or averaging process in our model; instead, we argue that neither substitution nor averaging occur, but that these are misclassifications of the distribution of reports that emerge when a population response distribution is sampled. This is a fundamentally different way of thinking about crowding, and on this basis we claim to have provided a mechanism unifying categorically distinct perceptual errors. Our goal was not to model all crowding phenomena, such as the release from crowding when target and flanks differ in color or depth [4]. Pachai et al.[5] have suggested that our model is not unifying because it inaccurately predicts perceptual performance for a particular stimulus. Although we agree that our model does not predict their data, this specific demonstration overlooks the critical aspect of the model: perceptual reports are drawn from a weighted population code. We show that Pachai et al.'s [5] own data actually provide evidence for the population code we have described [3], and we suggest a biologically-plausible analysis of their stimuli that provides a computational basis for their 'grouping' account of crowding.

  15. Kurzwortbildungen als Merkmal der Deutschenrechtssprache

    Ljubica Kordić


    Full Text Available In deutscher Rechtssprache kommen häufig die Nominalkomposita vor, die auf eineim Vergleich mit der Gemeinsprache ungewöhnliche Weise gebildet werden. Diese Wortbildungsform wird in deutschen Grammatiken unterschiedlich bestimmt: als Reduktion, Kurzwortbildung, Kontraktion bzw. Klammerform. Dieser Wortbildungstypkann mit dem Kompositum Mietblock illustriert werden, das durch Verkürzung aus Miet(wohnungsblock entstanden ist. Im Kroatischen, wo Komposition als Wortbildungstyp relativ schwach vertreten ist, ist die Bildung solcher Komposita theoretisch nur angedeutet. Da die Komposita dieses Bildungstyps in deutschen Rechtstexten stark vertreten sind, ist das Ziel dieses Beitrags, auf ihre Gebräuchlichkeit als ein für deutsche Rechtstexte charakteristisches Merkmal hinzuweisen. In der Einleitung befasstsich die Autorin mit der Begriffsbestimmung, der theoretischen Determinierung undder Abgrenzung dieser Kompositionsart von anderen Sonderfällen. Den Hauptteil der Arbeit bildet die Untersuchung der Kurzwortbildungen (Klammerformen, Reduktionen, Verschmelzungen, die dem geltenden deutschen Strafgesetzbuch von 2009 entnommensind, und ihrer kroatischen Entsprechungen. Der Beitrag hat die Aufgabe, auf Grund der gesammelten Belege die Häufigkeit und die Bildungsmuster der Komposita dieses Typs in deutscher Rechtssprache zu bestimmen und durch semantische Transformationsmuster ihren Informationswert in Bezug auf die Konstituenten festzustellen, aus denen sie gebildet wurden. Es wird auch untersucht, welche Bildungstypen ihrekroatischen Äquivalente aufweisen und ob es irgendwelche Unterschiede in ihrem informativen Wert gibt. Die Autorin bedient sich der Methode der Datensammlung, der qualitativen semantischen Analyse der Belege nach den Transformationsmodellen von Fleischer und Barz und der Synthese der Resultate. Die Resultate dieser Untersuchung sollten einen Beitrag zur Erforschung der der Rechtslinguistik im allgemeinen leisten, inbesondere im

  16. Evaluation of Congenital Hypothyroidism in Fars Province, Iran

    Hamdollah Karamifar


    Full Text Available Objective: In Iran thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH based neonatal screening program is included in health care services from 2005 for detection of patients with primary congenital hypothyroidism (CH. This study was performed for a critical evaluation of the screening program primary congenital hypothyroidism in Fars province,Iran.Methods: From November 2006 to September 2007, TSH serum concentrations of 63031 newborns, 3 to 5 days old born in Fars province, were measured by heel prick. The newborns with TSH ≥5mIU/L were recalled for measurement of serumT4 and TSH in venous blood samples Findings: Of 127 recalled subjects, 43 were confirmed to be hypothyroid, showing a prevalence of 1:1465 with F:M ratio of 1.05:1. The most common clinical and radiological findings were prolonged jaundice (73%, large anterior fontanel (56%, wide posterior fontanel (55%, absence of distal femoral epiphysis (20%, andumbilical hernia (11%. Scintigraphy of the thyroid with 99mTC revealed eutopia (67.4%, hypoplasia (23.3%,agenesis (4.7% and ectopia (2.3%.Conclusion: It is concluded that a cut off value of TSH≥5mIU/L overestimates recalling the number of patientswith CH. The most common cause of congenital hypothyroidism is not dysgenesis of the gland and perhaps dyshormonogenesis in Iran is more common than what is reported in other countries.

  17. Agro-ecosystem Emergy Evolution and Trend in Hunan Province

    ZHU Yu-lin; LI Ming-jie; HOU Mao-zhang; LI Sha; LONG Yu-zi; WANG Mao-xi


    Using the emergy analysis method,we conduct trend analysis of changes in the total emergy,input and output structure,various emergy indicators of agro-ecosystem in Hunan Province during the period 1999-2008.The results show that during the study period,total emergy input basically remained stable,but the emergy input structure was constantly optimized,of which the input of non-renewable industrial assistant emergy increased by 38.4%,from 4.00E +22 sej to 5.53E +22 sej,and the input of renewable organic emergy declined from 1.32E +23 sej to 1.20E + 23 sej;total emergy yield and yield efficiency of this system were promoted dramatically,and in 2008,the total emergy yield reached 1.69E +23 sej,increasing by 23.8% as against that in 1999,the net emergy yield ratio rose from 0.79 to 0.96;since the environmental loading ratio also tended to rise constantly,from 1.12 to 1.79,the sustainability index of this system also experienced the slow downward trend,from 0.71 to 0.54,always less than 1,indicating that the agriculture in Hunan Province is the high consumption-driven ecosystem in general,with obvious features of extensive development.

  18. Epidemiology of gastroenterologic cancer in Henan Province,China

    Jian-Bang Lu; Xi-Bin Sun; Di-Xin Dai; Shi-Kuan Zhu; Qiu-Ling Chang; Shu-Zheng Liu; Wen-Jie Duan


    AIM: To estimate the mortality rates of gastroenterologic cancers for the period between 1974 and 1999, in Henan Province, China and its epidemiologic features.METHODS: Information on death of patients with cancer was provided by the county-city registries. Population data were provided by the local police bureau. All the deaths of cancer registered were classified according to the threedigit rubric of the ICD-9. Cancer mortality rates reported herein were age-adjusted, using the world population as standard and weighted piecewise linear regression analysis.RESULTS: Total cancer age-adjusted mortality rates were 195.91 per 100 000 for males and 124.36 per 100 000 for females between 1996 and 1998. During the period of 19741999, a remarkable decrease took place in esophageal carcinoma, stomach cancer remained essentially stable and liver cancer, a moderate increase. Colorectal cancer was slightly increased over the last two decades.CONCLUSION: The population-based cancer registry can give an accurate picture of cancer in Henan Province, by providing a set of analyses of selected cancer mortality data as a source of reference for researchers in cancer, public health and health care services.

  19. Spatial Modeling in The Coastal Area of East Java Province

    Fadlilah Kurniawati, Ummi


    The existence of gaps that occur between regions, shows that it is a reasonable process considering that each region has different initial endowment factors. The first step that can be done to controll disparity is know what is the benchmark of the gap. The revenue growth indicator is one of benchmark for measuring regional disparities. The regional output is represented by the gross domestic regional income per capita. Concerning the phenomenon of regional disparity, East Java Province is concentrated in the north-south part, especially in coastal areas is an early indication of the gap. This is what prompted the analysis of predictor factors affecting the disparity in East Java Coastal Areas through a spatial modeling approach. Spatial modeling is done on the consideration that there are different local characteristics or potentials in each regency / city. Factors Economic growth, social factors, and physical development factors are the main factors in this study will be described in derived variables to obtain a clear picture of the influence of each factor to the disparity that occurred in the Coastal Region of East Java Province.

  20. The Characteristics of Earthquake Swarms in and around Jiangsu Province

    Huang Yun; Tian Jianming; Miao Ali


    This paper systematically analyzed 36 earthquake swarms in and around Jiangsu Province, summarized their characteristics and discussed the relationship between earthquske swarms and subsequent strong earthquakes. It also analyzed the judgment criteria for precursory earthquake swarms. Earthquake swarms in Jiangsu Province are concentrated in several areas. Most of them were of magnitude ML2. 0 ~ 3. 9. For most earthquake swarms, the number of earthquakes was less than 30. Time duration for about 55% of earthquake swarms was less than 15 days. The biggest magnitude of one earthquake swarm was not proportional to the number of earthquakes and time duration. There are 78% of earthquake swarms corresponded to the forthcoming earthquakes of M 〉 4. 6 in which there're 57% occured in one year, This shows a medium- and short-term criterion. Distance between earthquake swarm and future earthquake was distributed dispersedly. There were no earthquakes occurring in the same location as earthquake swarms. There was no good correlation between the magnitude and the corresponding rate of future earthquakes and the intensity of earthquake swarms. There was also no good correlation between the number of earthquakes in an earthquake swarm and the corresponding rate. The study also shows that it's better to use U-p or whole-combination to determine the type of earthquake swarm.

  1. Adsorption of mercury on laterite from Guizhou Province, China.

    Yu, Xiaohong; Zhu, Lijun; Guo, Baiwei; He, Shouyang


    The adsorption behaviors of Hg(II) on laterite from Guizhou Province, China, were studied and the adsorption mechanism was discussed. The results showed that different mineral compositons in the laterite will cause differences in the adsorption capacity of laterite to Hg(II). Illite and non-crystalloids are the main contributors to enhancing the adsorption capacity of laterite to Hg(II). The pH of the solution is an important factor affecting the adsorption of Hg(II) on laterite. The alkalescent environment (pH 7-9) is favorable to the adsorption of Hg(II). The amount of adsorbed Hg(II) increases with increasing pH. When the pH reaches a certain value, the amount of the adsorbed Hg(II) will reach the maximum level. The amount of adsorbed Hg(II) decreases with increasing pH. The optimal pHs of laterite and kaolinite are 9 and 8, respectively. The optimal initial concentrations of Hg(II) on laterite and kaolinite are 250 and 200 microg/ml, respectively. The adsorption isotherms were described by the Langmuir model. The adsorption of Hg(II) on laterite is a quick process while that of Hg(II) on kaolinite is a slow reaction. Laterite from Guizhou Province is a promising environmental material which can be used in the removal of Hg(II) from wastewater.

  2. Epidemiology of assaultive injuries in areas of Sichuan province, China

    DENG Zheng-hua; LI Lei-bo; ZHOU Xiao-rong; CHANG Yun-feng; CHEN Xiao-gang


    Objective: To scrutinize the epidemiologicalcharacteristics of assaultive injuries in Sichuan province,China.Methods: A survey of all cases of assaultive injuries reported by police was performed during 8 years in eight counties of Sichuan province, China. A total of 2862victims and 2856 offenders were registered.Results: The majority of victims and offenders were young men at the age of 20-39 and only received an education at secondary school or primary school. The largest fraction of these cases took place at farm or by-place during 10. 00-11.00 o'clock, 16.00-17.00 o'clock and 20.00-21.00 o'clock. The tangles caused by trifles were the most common factors inducing assaultive injuries and accounted for 42.1 percent of the causes of assaults. Blunt injuries were mainly caused by punching (40%) and kicking ( 17. 2 %). About 37.3 % of the lesions seriously happened in the regions of face and head. Open wounds accounted for 40.3 % of these different injuries.Conclusions: It is valuable to take some specific measures to prevent and control assaultive injuries according to their territorial characteristics.

  3. Neurological ct Scan Value for Ictus in Cienfuegos Province

    Idaylí Pérez Rodríguez


    Full Text Available Backgrounds: CT scan constitutes a very important technique in the diagnosis of the cerebrovascular disease. The impact this transcendental event had and will continue having in the medicine area is impossible to state in terms of dimensions during the next years. Objective: To determine the neurological CT scan value for ictus in our milieu. Methods: A retrospective, prospective, longitudinal study of a series of cases performed during a review of statistical reports as well as that of Stroke data base which stores information of patients with neurocitus in our province, and which is based on others aspects founds by means of neurological CT scan. Results: CT scan allowed us to diagnose the type of cerebrovascular event (75.55 % ischemic events, 24.45% hemorrhagic events. It also contributed to the necessary data such as the localization (with predominium of 35.55% in more than one area, and 7.40 % in the parietal area. The presence of cerebral edema was verified in 16.29% of the cases as well as displacement of the midline in 7.40 % both associated to a torpid evolution. It incorporated the Fisher and Le Roux scales showing their prognosis value with elevated measures for deceased patients and decreased values for survivors without disability. Conclusions: The diagnosis and prognosis value were proved as well as CT scan behavior in our milieu. These aspects permit the reliable introduction of new therapeutic modalities in our province.

  4. Quality Control Assessment of Radiology Devices in Kerman Province, Iran

    Zahra Jomehzadeh


    Full Text Available Introduction Application of quality control (QC programs at diagnostic radiology departments is of great significance for optimization of image quality and reduction of patient dose. The main objective of this study was to perform QC tests on stationary radiographic X-ray machines, installed in 14 hospitals of Kerman province, Iran. Materials and Methods In this cross-sectional study, QC tests were performed on 28 conventional radiographic X-ray units in Kerman governmental hospitals, based on the protocols and criteria recommended by the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI, using a calibrated Gammex QC kit. Each section of the QC kit incorporated different models. Results Based on the findings, kVp accuracy, kVp reproducibility, timer accuracy, timer reproducibility, exposure reproducibility, mA/timer linearity, and half-value layer were not within the acceptable limits in 25%, 4%, 29%, 18%, 11%, 12%, and 7% of the evaluated units (n=28, respectively. Conclusion As radiographic X-ray equipments in Kerman province are relatively old with a high workload, it is recommended that AEOI modify the current policies by changing the frequency of QC test implementation to at least once a year.

  5. Malaria incidence in Limpopo Province, South Africa, 1998–2007

    Grobusch Martin P


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Malaria is endemic in the low-altitude areas of the northern and eastern parts of South Africa with seasonal transmission. The aim of this descriptive study is to give an overview of the malaria incidence and mortality in Limpopo Province for the seasons 1998–1999 to 2006–2007 and to detect trends over time and place. Methods Routinely collected data on diagnosed malaria cases and deaths were available through the provincial malaria information system. In order to calculate incidence rates, population estimates (by sex, age and district were obtained from Statistics South Africa. The Chi squared test for trend was used to detect temporal trends in malaria incidence over the seasons, and a trend in case fatality rate (CFR by age group. The Chi squared test was used to calculate differences in incidence rate and CFR between both sexes and in incidence by age group. Results In total, 58,768 cases of malaria were reported, including 628 deaths. The mean incidence rate was 124.5 per 100,000 person-years and the mean CFR 1.1% per season. There was a decreasing trend in the incidence rate over time (p Conclusion Information from this study may serve as baseline data to determine the course and distribution of malaria in Limpopo province over time. In the study period there was a decreasing trend in the incidence rate. Furthermore, the study addresses the need for better data over a range of epidemic-prone settings.

  6. Ecological Construction Based on Land Use Zoning of Anhui Province

    Xin; YE; Zhongxiang; YU


    Anhui Province is divided into 6 zones according to land use. This paper firstly introduces ranges, characteristics and problems of land use zoning in Anhui Province. On these bases, it presents the respective ecological construction mode. Huaibei Plain Zone should focus on agriculture and implement water conservancy project, ecological shelterbelt project and mining subsidence area control works. Jianghuai Hilly Zone should make breakthrough in transforming slope land, speed up restoring forest, grass and vegetation, and implement water-saving agriculture and prevention and control of soil erosion. The Yangtze River Side Plain Zone should take the opportunity of agricultural structural adjustment to implement the ecological construction mode of "reconverting farmland to forests, wetland and lakes". Western Anhui Dabie Mountain Zone should concentrate on setting apart hills for tree growing and transforming slope land, restoring and expanding forest, grass and vegetation, and implementing prevention and control of soil erosion. Southern Anhui Mountain Zone should focus on protecting natural forest, setting apart hills for tree growing, conceding the land to forestry and developing eco-tourism. Residential area should pay close attention to new urbanization construction, center on citizenship of agricultural population, push forward integration of industry and city, coordination of urban and rural areas, and interactive development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries.

  7. Agricultural Development Mode Transformation and Government Functions in Guizhou Province


    Based on the brief account of the connotation of transforming economic development pattern and government functions,the thesis will introduce the development status of agricultural economy in Guizhou Province:firstly,single agricultural industrial structure;secondly,large gap between urban and rural development;thirdly,low-level utilization of agricultural science and technology;fourthly,fierce contradiction between agricultural mode of production and ecological environment.Then it analyzes the basic requirements for government functions in transforming the development pattern of agricultural economy in Guizhou Province:the first one is the function to guide sustainable development and the structural adjustment of agricultural production;the second is the function to coordinate urban-rural development and equally supply basic public goods;the third is the function to input science and technology to serve agriculture;the fourth one is the dominant function to promote the harmonious development of man and nature as well as to reduce the number of peasants.In order to promote the transformation of agricultural development mode and maintain the sound and rapid economic development,some corresponding measures and suggestions are proposed from the perspective of government functions:firstly,promoting the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure;secondly,the government should take the lead in providing rural public goods;thirdly,strengthening the skills training and technological education of rural labor force;fourthly,reducing the number of farmers and retaining the farmers.

  8. [Genomic characteristics of coxsakievirus A16 isolated in Henan Province].

    Huang, Xue-Yong; Xu, Yu-Ling; Wei, Hai-Yan; Wu, Jing-Fu; Kang, Kai; Wang, Yan-Xia; Chen, Hao-Min; Xu, Bian-Li


    To reveal the genomic sequence characteristics of coxsackievirus A16 (CoxA16) strain isolated from patients with hand-foot-mouth disease (HFMD) in Henan province. A total of 406 samples were detected by reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) and cell-culture-based isolation of coxsackievirus A16. The whole genome of CoxA16 isolate was amplified using 10 pairs of primers, the sequences were analyzed and phylogenetic tree was generated by bioinformatics software. The full length of HN1162/HN/CHN/2010 genome was 7411bp. Compared with the other CoxA16 strains released in GenBank, the nucleotide similarities were 87.0-97.9%, 77.0%-95.4%, 80.3%-96.9%, 77.9% 96.2%, 80.5-100% in 5'UTR, P1, P2, P3, 3'UTR region, respectively; The similarities of nucleotide and amino acid sequences in VP1 region were 91.4%-96.4% and 99.3%-99.7%, respectively. Phylogenetic tree analysis showed that CoxA16 strains isolated from Henan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Fujian belonged to the same cluster. The newly isolated CoxA16 from Henan province belonged to subgenotype C2/B-2. These results will have great significance in monitoring CoxA16 and for prevention and control of hand-foot-mouth disease.

  9. Liquefaction Susceptibility in the Northern Provinces of Thailand

    Supot Teachavorasinskun


    Full Text Available Problem statement: There are quite a few active faults recently found in the western and northern parts of Thailand, which could possibly induce earthquakes of magnitude (ML of 5.5-6.5. Although seismic design code has been enforced in the area since 1980, the fundamental knowledge on dynamic soil behavior has not been extensively attained. Approach: Collection of existing borehole information in the targeted areas to form a typical subsoil profile. This borehole information, together with analytical result obtained from logistic regression based on worldwide liquefaction database was used to conduct an effective stress analysis. Result: Literature reviews of the existing boreholes from the two largest provinces in the north, Chiang-Mai and Chiang-Rai, revealed that the areas were underlain by layers of loose to medium dense sand found at shallow depths. The corrected SPT N-value of those sand layers varies in the range of 5-20. A simple tool correlating the liquefaction probability, which correlated excess pore water pressure and peak ground acceleration, was proposed for the studied areas. Conclusion: The proposed correlation provided preliminary tool to evaluate risk of the shallow foundation from partial liquefaction in the two northern provinces of Thailand.

  10. [Establishement for regional pelvic trauma database in Hunan Province].

    Cheng, Liang; Zhu, Yong; Long, Haitao; Yang, Junxiao; Sun, Buhua; Li, Kanghua


    To establish a database for pelvic trauma in Hunan Province, and to start the work of multicenter pelvic trauma registry.
 Methods: To establish the database, literatures relevant to pelvic trauma were screened, the experiences from the established trauma database in China and abroad were learned, and the actual situations for pelvic trauma rescue in Hunan Province were considered. The database for pelvic trauma was established based on the PostgreSQL and the advanced programming language Java 1.6.
 Results: The complex procedure for pelvic trauma rescue was described structurally. The contents for the database included general patient information, injurious condition, prehospital rescue, conditions in admission, treatment in hospital, status on discharge, diagnosis, classification, complication, trauma scoring and therapeutic effect. The database can be accessed through the internet by browser/servicer. The functions for the database include patient information management, data export, history query, progress report, video-image management and personal information management.
 Conclusion: The database with whole life cycle pelvic trauma is successfully established for the first time in China. It is scientific, functional, practical, and user-friendly.

  11. Consanguineous marriages in the province of Antalya, Turkey.

    Alper, O M; Erengin, H; Manguoğlu, A E; Bilgen, T; Cetin, Z; Dedeoğlu, N; Lüleci, G


    To assess the trends in the frequency and the medical effects of consanguinity in the south coast of Turkish population using local and national data in the last 11 years. This cross-sectional study was carried out in Manavgat province, which is a major tourism center on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. The authors studied consanguineous marriages in rural and urban population in the Mediterranean coast, Manavgat province, Turkey, via a 1500 random survey sample of married couples. There has been a significant increase in the incidence of consanguineous marriages in rural areas (40.7%) since 1989 in the southern population of Turkey. The results showed that the most frequent type of marriage was between the first cousins. It is found that there is no statistically significant difference between the consanguineous and non-consanguineous marriages in the different age groups. The results were discussed on the basis of educational status, reasons for having consanguineous marriages and the general medical effects as well as with the relation of congenital malformations. The custom of consanguineous unions in the Mediterranean population of Turkey is still extremely high, and preventive measures should be done to decrease its frequency and associated complications.

  12. Prevalence of OV infection in Yasothon Province, Northeast Thailand.

    Saengsawang, Phubet; Promthet, Supannee; Bradshaw, Peter


    A liver fluke, Opisthorchis viverrrini (OV), is the major cause of the high incidence of cholangiocarcinoma in Thailand. The prevalence of OV infection remains high in various parts of the country, especially in Northeast Thailand and particularly in wetland rural areas where a large proportion of the community work in agriculture and continue the traditional practice of eating raw or undercooked cyprinoid fish products. The national control program seems to have had little impact in many of these areas, and it has been difficult to make precise assessments of the overall effectiveness of the program. This paper is the first report of prospective research project designed to monitor the impact of the national control program in rural communities located in a northeastern province and at high risk of OV infection. The participants in this initial survey were 1,569 villagers, aged 20-65 years, living in two subdistricts of Yasothon Province. Stool examinations showed that 38.68% were infected with OV. Males were slightly more likely to be infected than females, but the difference was not statistically significant. Infection was found to be positively associated with age in both males and females. The preliminary data indicate that the population selected for study is suitable for the purpose of the monitoring project.

  13. Infertility in Mazandaran province - north of Iran: an etiological study

    Karimpour Malekshah, Abbasali; Esmailnejad Moghaddam, Amir; Moslemizadeh, Narges; Peivandi, Sepideh; Barzegarnejad, Ayyub; Musanejad, Nadali; Jursarayee, Gholamali


    Background: The prevalence and etiology of infertility are not similar in different parts of the world. There are only few reports of this topic in Iran. Objective: This study was conducted to determine the clinical patterns and major causes of infertility in Mazandaran province in north of Iran. Materials and Methods: The medical records of 3734 consecutive couples attending two infertility clinics in Mazandaran province, from 2003 to 2008, were reviewed. The couples had not had a viable birth after at least 1 year of unprotected intercourse and were fully investigated. Results: Of the entire samples, 78.7% had primary infertility and 21.3% had secondary infertility. The mean duration of infertility in couples was 5.7±4 years. The etiology of infertility in couples revealed; male factor in 38.9%, female factor in 34.7%, combined factors in 14.6% and undetermined cause in 11.8%. Conclusion: In this study, delayed attendance of infertile couples to the infertility clinic was found. Therefore, there is a need to revise public health program on infertility to focus on the education and prevention of infertility and its risk factors. PMID:25356077

  14. Studying surface water balance in Kurdistan province using GIS

    Nader Fallah


    Full Text Available The study of water exchange in a region or area, which emphasizes the principle of conservation of matter in the water cycle, is called balance. Investigating their balance is the basis for managing the rivers’ water management, the results of which refer to the change rate in surface water supply and can efficiently be used in decision making and optimal use of water resources. The present study was carried out in order to investigate the surface water balance in Kurdistan province using GIS. In so doing, digital topographic maps, soil map of the area, and meteorological data retrieved from the regional stations were used to prepare layers of precipitation, evaporation and infiltration of rainwater into the soil. Discharge-arearegion comparative method was employed to measure the amount of runoff and base flow for each sub-basin in raster form saved per unit area which was subsequently overlapped based on balance equation, and the balance of the region was displayed in a graphical mode. The results indicated that more surface water is wasted in the southeast and central area of the province.

  15. Helminths of guineafowls in Limpopo Province, South Africa

    K. Junker


    Full Text Available Between July 2005 and November 2006 the gastro-intestinal helminths of 15 Helmeted guineafowls and a single Crested guineafowl from Musina, Limpopo Province were examined, and in July and August 2005 helminths were collected from five Helmeted guineafowls from Mokopane in the same province. The acanthocephalan Mediorhynchus gallinarum, the cestodes Abuladzugnia gutterae, Davainea nana, Hymenolepis cantaniana, Numidella numida, Octopetalum numida, Ortleppolepis multiuncinata, Porogynia paronai, Raillietina angusta, Raillietina pintneri, Raillietina steinhardti and Raillietina sp. and the nematodes Ascaridia numidae, Cyrnea parroti, Gongylonema congolense, Hadjelia truncata, Sicarius caudatus, Subulura dentigera, Subulura suctoria, Subulura sp., Tetrameres numida and an unidentified subulurid were recovered. A single trematode species, Dicrocoelium macrostomum, was present in the liver. Mediorhynchus gallinarum, A. gutterae, O. multiuncinata, H. truncata and S. caudatus are recorded for the first time from Helmeted guineafowls, as well as from South Africa. South Africa is a new geographic record for D. macrostomum, G. congolense and D. nana. Subulura suctoria, G. congolense and H. truncata from the Crested guineafowl constitute new host-parasite associations.

  16. Province Based Design and Simulation of Indonesian Education Grid Topology

    Heru Suhartanto


    Full Text Available This paper discusses the design and simulation of an e-learning computer network topology, based on Grid computing technology, for Indonesian schools called the Indonesian Education Grid (IndoEdu-Grid. The grid technology proposed to solve infrastructure problems faced by Indonesian ICT Network (Jardiknas. In previous study, we designed the topology which based on two scenarios: region based and island based topology. Each scenario run in the simulator using two packet scheduling algorithms, one will be FIFO (First In First Out Scheduler and the other SCFQ (Self-Clocked Fair Queuing Scheduler. In this paper we proposed a different scenario which based on province. The simulation treatments are the same with the two previous scenarios. The simulation results showed that when using FIFO algorithm, the province based scenario has the best performance compared to Region Based and Island Based. However, this scenario is not competitive with the others when using SCFQ algorithm which is due to higher packet lifetime.

  17. A probe into reasons for international migration in Fujian Province.

    Zhu, G


    In this paper, the author discusses the extent of international migration from China's Fujian Province and considers the reasons behind the migration. The most recent estimates place China's overseas population at 22.1 million, 19 million (88%) of which are concentrated in Southeast Asia. According to the author's calculations, at least 7 million of the Chinese overseas population are of Fujian descent. Indonesia alone holds some 3.3 million Fujianese. Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines account for most of the remaining Fujianese overseas population. Having established the extent of international migration from the Fujian Province, the author attempts to establish the reasons behind it. The author first considers the historical origins of Fujianese international migration, from its early states (end century B.C.-17th century) to modern times *18-early 20th century) to the current period (1949-present). The author then examines the reasons behind the migration, primarily the social environment and individual behavior. Finally, the author provides categories of international migration, stressing that these categories often overlap or coincide. Most of the early migration was "spontaneous" -- essentially, an unplanned occurrence. During the modern period, most migration was "forced" by the contract labor system instituted by colonialists. Political and social upheaval also prompted "provoked" international migration. And following the Chinese Revolution, "free" migration allowed many to return home or to join relative abroad.

  18. Adsorption of mercury on laterite from Guizhou Province, China

    YU Xiaohong; ZHU Lijun; GUO Baiwei; HE Shouyang


    The adsorption behaviors of Hg(Ⅱ) on laterite from Guizhou Province, China, were studied and the adsorption mechanism was discussed. The results showed that different mineral compositons in the laterite will cause differences in the adsorption capacity of latedte to Hg(Ⅱ). Illite and non-crystalloids are the main contributors to enhancing the adsorption capacity of laterite to Hg(Ⅱ). The pH of the solution is an important factor affecting the adsorption of Hg(Ⅱ) on laterite. The alkalescent environment (pH 7-9) is favorable to the adsorption of Hg(Ⅱ). The amount of adsorbed Hg(Ⅱ) increases with increasing pH. When the pH reaches a certain value, the amount of the adsorbed Hg(Ⅱ) will reach the maximum level. The amount of adsorbed Hg(Ⅱ) decreases with increasing pH. The optimal pHs of laterite and kaolinite are 9 and 8, respectively. The optimal initial concentrations of Hg(Ⅱ) on laterite and kaolinite are 250 and 200μg/ml, respectively. The adsorption isotherms were described by the Langmuir model. The adsorption of Hg(Ⅱ) on laterite is a quick process while that of Hg(Ⅱ) on kaolinite is a slow reaction. Laterite from Guizhou Province is a promising environmental material which can be used in the removal of Hg(Ⅱ) from wastewater.

  19. Competitive Strategy of Banking Industry (Studies in Bengkulu Province

    Syaiful Anwar AB


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study examines the competitive strategies tested the banking industry in the province of Bengkulu. Issues raised in this study is the extent the competitive strategy of banking and can ultimately increased customer. The aim to be achieved is to know what strategies can be applied. The analysis tool is to use qualitative paradigm mapping descriptive with banks in the province of Bengkulu with cluster analysis. Data collection method used in this study was secondary data collection and in-depth interviews. The results of this study conducted that the application of competitive strategy of Bank Rakyat Indonesia, Bank Mandiri, Bank Bengkulu and market penetration strategy was by opening a branch office network and cash office assistant sub-district area are yielded  positive results. From the aspect of services offered, the customer feels that the diversification of services has been able to meet customer needs. The aspect of competitive strategy, distribution aspects of a positive assessment, especially the ease of access, is felt more quickly. Customers feel that the branch offices is still lack, particularly for the Bank are classified as market followers. Customers feel that the promotion is still lacking, particularly those Bank whose branches or cash office in the area. The  strategy  that may be used is a segmentation strategy, developing target market, and positioning.

  20. Gettysburg: Monumento al mundo libre

    Neutra, Richard J.


    Full Text Available En el verano del año 1958 fui invitado, por las autoridades de la Universidad de Arizona, en Tucson, a la colocación de la primera piedra de su futuro taller, construido para favorecer el desarrollo técnico del Estado. Varios alcaldes y ministros presenciaron la ceremonia, que fue muy interesante, y uno de los periodistas presentes, John Riddick, del "Tucson Daily Citizen", invitó cordialmente, a mi esposa y a mí, a atravesar, al día siguiente, la frontera mejicana, que cruzaba un vasto desierto.

  1. Personalidad y tolerancia al dolor



    Se examina la relación de algunas variables de personalidad -EPQ-A (Eysenck y Eysenck, 1975), NEO-PI (McCrae y Costa, 1988) y STA -personalidad esquizotípica- y STB -personalidad límite-, de Claridge y Broks (1984), con la tolerancia al dolor experimental inducido mediante agua fría (cold pressor test), según el procedimiento de Staats, Heckmat y Staats (1998) en una muestra filtrada mediante un cuestionario sobre dolor crónico, dolores de cabeza, de espalda, artritis, síndrome de Raynaud, y ...

  2. La heredad junto al llanto

    Javier Arias Ramírez


    Full Text Available En "La heredad junto al llanto", Carlos Palacio La verde canta todo lo elemental y simple con sobriedad y elegancia que dan mérito a su poesía. Por eso consideramos un acierto de sus editores el divulgar la obra de este joven poeta, que como dice en su introducción René Uribe Ferrer, no es conocido porque ha rehuido casi sistemáticamente la publicidad, lo cual me asegura que en este proceder hay una grande honestidad intelectual, una verdadera personalidad poética.


    Gracia López Anguita


    ... el mundo árabo-islámico en sus diversas manifestaciones sociales, científicas, políticas o artísticas, con especial atención al ámbito andalusí. El alto nivel científico del que ha gozado desde un principio esta colección queda avalado por la incorporación, en este número, de un comité científico y un comité asesor, ajustándose, así, a lo...

  4. Alí Caro, alarife


    Quizá el más sobresaliente sea el de Alí Caro, un alarife que a finales del siglo xv proyectó y dirigió la construcción del castillo de Coca, la obra más insigne de la arquitectura militar mudéjar del siglo xv castellano. Efectivamente, encontramos que hacia 1486 fue reclamado por don Alonso FonsecaAvellaneda, señor de las villas de Coca y Alaejos, para levantar un impresionante castillo -que, a la vez, cumpliría las funciones de palacio nobiliar- en Coca, con la ayuda de sus hermanos Yuc;...

  5. Gender als Kategorie historischer Bildungsforschung

    Silvy Chakkalakal


    Full Text Available Die Beiträge der Festschrift für Juliane Jacobi befassen sich mit „Geschlecht, Religion und Pädagogik“ als Kategorien der historischen Bildungsforschung. Die Mehrzahl der Autorinnen des Sammelbandes richtet dabei den Blick insbesondere auf die Frage nach dem Einfluss von „Gender“ auf die Bildungsgeschichte der Moderne. Der durch die breite Fragestellung entstehenden Heterogenität der Beiträge wirken die Herausgeberinnen durch eine thematische Gliederung in vier Teilbereiche entgegen: Kindheit und Jugend, Religion und Geschlechteranthropologie, Frauenbewegung und pädagogische Berufe sowie Geselligkeitsformen.

  6. A melancolia em Al Berto

    Camila Emanuele Martins de Souza


    Este trabalho objetiva estudar, sob a perspectiva da melancolia, os livros Salsugem (1984) e Horto de Incêndio (1997), de Al Berto. O autor português produz escritos em que a temática da melancolia atravessa a palavra, o que justifica o debruçar-se sobre as construções textuais da poética albertiana, a fim de traçar-lhe novas possibilidades de leitura por esse ângulo. Para isso, com o intuito de compreender o discurso melancólico segue-se o embasamento teórico: de Klibansky, Panosfsky e Saxl ...

  7. Al-Ḥaqīqah al-Muwāfaqah li al-Sharī‘ah: al-Taṣāluḥ bayn al-Taṣawuf wa al-Sharī‘ah bi Nusantara fi al-Qarn al-Sādis ‘Ashr al-Mīlādī

    Iin Suryaningsih


    Full Text Available This article discusses the reinterpretation of waḥdat al-wujūd doctrine among Muslims of the archipelago, using the sharī‘ah approach in Sufism as suggested by Al-Būrhanpūrī (d.1620 in his work al-Haqīqah al-Muwāfaqah li al-Sharī‘ah. This work is one of the commentaries (sharḥ from al-Tuḥfah al-Mursalah ila rūḥ al-Nabī SAW, that invited much debate among Muslims of the archipelago. Al-Būrhanpūrī’s detailed interpretation of waḥdat al-wujūd doctrine proved that the essence of the concept did not contradict the basic principles of Islam as contained in the Quran and Hadith. Al-Būrhanpūrī  interpreted the concept through explanations that adjusted to the audience’s competence, utilizing oral language carefully in revealing spiritual experience not easily explained, as well as employing the bases of sharī‘ah. Al-Haqīqah al-Muwāfaqah has provided the information about the explanations of interpretation tradition among the archipelago sufis.Copyright (c 2014 by SDI. All right reserved.DOI: 10.15408/sdi.v20i1.350 

  8. Ti_3AlC_2-Al_2O_3-TiAl_3 composite fabricated by reactive melt infiltration

    HE Shan-shan; YIN Xiao-wei; ZHANG Li-tong; LI Xiang-ming; CHENG Lai-fei


    Porous preforms were fabricated by cold-pressing process using powder mixture of TiC, TiO_2 and dextrin. After pyrolysis and sintering, Al melt was infiltrated into the porous preforms, leading to the formation of Ti_3AlC_2-Al_2O_3-TiAl_3 composite. Effects of cold-pressing pressure of preforms on microstructures and mechanical properties of the composites were studied. Synthesis mechanism and toughening mechanism of composite were also analyzed. The results shows that TiO_2 is reduced into Ti_2O_3 by carbon, the decomposition product of dextrin, which causes the spontaneous infiltration of Al melt into TiC/Ti_2O_3 preform. Then, Ti_3AlC_2-Al_2O_3-TiAl_3 composite is in-situ formed from the simultaneous reaction of Al melt with TiC and Ti_2O_3. With the increase of cold-pressing pressure from 10 MPa to 40 MPa, the pore size distribution of the preforms becomes increasingly uniform after pre-sintering, which results in the reduction of defects, and the decrease of property discrepancy of composites. Nano-laminated Ti_3AlC_2 grains and Al_2O_3 particles make the fracture toughness of TiAl_3 increase remarkably by various toughening mechanisms including stress-induced microcrack, crack deflection and crack bridging.

  9. Ce对Al-Si-Cu合金中α(Al)-Al2Cu共晶形貌的影响%Effect of Ce on morphology ofα(Al)-Al2Cu eutectic in Al-Si-Cu alloy

    Maja VONINA; Joef MEDVED; Tonica BONINA; Franc ZUPANI


    The effect of Ce addition on the morphology of the α(Al)-Al2Cu eutectic in Al-Si-Cu alloy was investigated using thermal analysis, light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, focused ion beam and energy dispersive analysis. The results show that the eutectic α(Al)-Al2Cu forms within small space between dendrites, silicon and AlSiFeMn plates. Eutectic Al2Cu is not lamellar but degenerated. However, Al2Cu in Ce-modified alloys is more compact. Ce partially dissolves in Al2Cu, which is a viable reason for the formation of coarser Al2Cu. The addition of Ce also increases the microhardness of theα(Al)-Al2Cu eutectic by almost 10%compared with the basic Al-Si-Cu alloy.%采用热分析、光学显微镜技术、扫描电镜技术、聚焦离子束和能量色散谱分析方法研究Ce对Al-Si-Cu合金中α(Al)-Al2Cu共晶形貌的影响。结果表明,在枝晶、硅和AlSiFeMn之间较小空间内形成了α(Al)-Al2Cu共晶。Al2Cu为非层状的不规则共晶组织。Al2Cu在经Ce改性的合金中更加致密。部分Ce溶解于Al2Cu中,这是粗晶Al2Cu形成的原因。与基体Al-Si-Cu合金相比,Ce的加入能使α(Al)-Al2Cu共晶合金的显微硬度提高约10%。

  10. Betaalde arbeid als verdringer van vrijwilligerswerk? Overbelasting als mogelijke verklaring

    Angela Kok-Van Meer


    Full Text Available Do paid work activities displace volunteering? A potential explanation from role overload theoryRecent changes in Dutch society might lead to a shortage of volunteers. On the one hand, the demand for volunteers is increasing: in the social welfare domain because of governmental austerity policies and in other domains such as sports because of the higher supervision intensity of activities. On the other hand, the supply of volunteers is likely to decrease as more and more women and older workers are active in the labor market, which reduces the time that is available for volunteering. Role overload theory would suggest that the increasing labor participation rate of certain categories of workers goes along with a decline of participation in voluntary work. The secondary data analysis shows that various role loads (work, care for children living at home are associated with differences in participation in voluntary work. However, while a higher number of contractual work hours and hours spent on work-related training are negatively associated with volunteer work, care for children living at home is positively associated with volunteering. These results provide only limited support for role overload theory.Betaalde arbeid als verdringer van vrijwilligerswerk? Overbelasting als mogelijke verklaringDe afgelopen jaren hebben zich enkele maatschappelijke veranderingen voorgedaan, die wellicht tot schaarste op de Nederlandse vrijwilligersmarkt zouden kunnen leiden. Enerzijds neemt de vraag naar vrijwilligers toe doordat subsidieregelingen versoberen (bijvoorbeeld in zorg en welzijn en de begeleidingsintensiteit in bepaalde organisaties stijgt (bijvoorbeeld in sport. Anderzijds neemt het aanbod van vrijwilligers af doordat vrouwen en ouderen meer en langer op de arbeidsmarkt actief zijn, waardoor minder tijd beschikbaar is voor vrijwilligerswerk. In dit artikel wordt aan de hand van de role overload theorie nagegaan of het al dan niet deelnemen aan

  11. 76 FR 80870 - Notice of Determination of Pest-Free Areas in Mendoza Province, Argentina


    ... Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Notice of Determination of Pest-Free Areas in Mendoza Province... the public that we are recognizing the Southern and Central Oases in the southern half of Mendoza... information to support a finding that the Mendoza Province is free of the South American ] fruit fly...

  12. Malnutrition in China's Rural Boarding Schools: The Case of Primary Schools in Shaanxi Province

    Luo, Renfu; Shi, Yaojiang; Zhang, Linxiu; Liu, Chengfang; Rozelle, Scott; Sharbono, Brian


    The main goal of this paper is to document the nature of boarding schools and empirically analyse the difference in nutrition intake and malnutrition status between boarding and non-boarding students in western rural China. By using two data sets on boarding schools and boarding students in Shaanxi Province, a representative province in western…

  13. Earthquakes clustering based on the magnitude and the depths in Molluca Province

    Wattimanela, H. J., E-mail: [Pattimura University, Ambon (Indonesia); Institute of Technology Bandung, Bandung (Indonesia); Pasaribu, U. S.; Indratno, S. W.; Puspito, A. N. T. [Institute of Technology Bandung, Bandung (Indonesia)


    In this paper, we present a model to classify the earthquakes occurred in Molluca Province. We use K-Means clustering method to classify the earthquake based on the magnitude and the depth of the earthquake. The result can be used for disaster mitigation and for designing evacuation route in Molluca Province.

  14. A Case Study of a Joint Virtual Reference Network in Jiangsu Province, China

    Bing Wang


    Full Text Available This study discusses the development of a collaborative digital reference service in Jiangsu Province, China. 13 city and 6 county libraries have participated in the Joint Reference Network of Public Libraries in Jiangsu Province hosted by Nanjing Library.

  15. Recommendations for Construction and Management of Ecological Public Welfare Forest in Hainan Province

    Yang XUE; Renhui HONG; Dunxi LI; Zhipan LIN; Xiaoyan WANG; Shaofeng SU


    This paper firstly evaluated ecological service functions of ecological public welfare forest in Hainan Province. Then,it introduced value structure and existing problems of ecological service functions. Focusing on optimization and adjustment of scale and distribution of ecological public welfare forest,it came up with recommendations for construction and management of ecological public welfare forest in Hainan Province.

  16. Dietary intake of zinc in the population of Jiangsu Province, China.

    Yu, Q.; Boonstra, A.; Shi, Z.; Pan, X.; Yuan, B.; Dai, Yue; Zhao, J.; Zimmermann, M.B.; Kok, F.J.; Zhou, M.


    Objectives: To evaluate dietary zinc and other divalent minerals intake among the population of Jiangsu Province. Methods: 3,867 subjects aged 4-89 years were representatively sampled in two urban and six rural areas of Jiangsu Province. Dietary intake was assessed using 24-hour recalls on three con

  17. Research on Rural Consumer Demand in Hebei Province Based on Principal Component Analysis


    By selecting the time sequence data concerning influencing factors of rural consumer demand in Hebei Province from 2000 to 2010,this paper uses the principal component analysis method in multiplex econometric statistical analysis,constructs the principal component of consumer demand in Hebei Province,conducts regression on the dependent variable of consumer spending per capita in Hebei Province and the principal component of consumer demand so as to get principal component regression,and then conducts quantitative and qualitative analysis on the principal component.The results show that total output value per capita (yuan),employment rate,and income gap,are correlative with rural residents’ consumer demand in Hebei Province positively;consumer price index,upbringing ratio of children,and one-year interest rate are correlative with rural residents’ consumer demand in Hebei Province negatively;the ratio of supporting the elderly and medical care spending per capita are correlative with rural residents’ consumer demand in Hebei Province positively.The corresponding countermeasures and suggestions are put forward to promote residents’ consumer demand in Hebei Province as follows:develop county economy in Hebei Province and increase rural residents’ consumer demand;use industry to support agriculture and coordinate urban-rural development;improve rural medical care and health system and resolve actual difficulties of the masses.

  18. Investigation into the phenomenon of reduced household travel survey derived trip generation rates in Gauteng Province

    Nkosi, M


    Full Text Available Gauteng Province has carried out two household travel surveys (HTS) – the first was carried out in 2000 and the recent one was completed in 2014. HTSs are the mainstay of transport planning and modelling, being used by the province to update...

  19. Evaluation of portable water in five provinces of Zambia using a ...


    Lusaka Province is significantly high in nitrate and sodium concentration compared to other provinces considered in this ... inorganic ions and organic compounds such as oils, into rivers .... of water hyacinth and the bioaccumulation of heavy me- tals within ...... part of the ministry in charge of environmental issues. (Ministry ...

  20. Seafloor classification of the mound and channel provinces of the Porcupine Seabight: An application of the multibeam angular backscatter data

    Beyer, A.; Chakraborty, B.; Schenke, H.W.

    the Gollum and Kings channel data, and significant variability within the channel seafloor provinces. The segmentation of the channel seafloor provinces are made based on the computed grey scale levels for further analyses based on the angular backscatter...