Sample records for airbridges

  1. Fabrication and characterization of aluminum airbridges for superconducting microwave circuits (United States)

    Chen, Zijun; Megrant, A.; Kelly, J.; Barends, R.; Bochmann, J.; Chen, Yu; Chiaro, B.; Dunsworth, A.; Jeffrey, E.; Mutus, J. Y.; O'Malley, P. J. J.; Neill, C.; Roushan, P.; Sank, D.; Vainsencher, A.; Wenner, J.; White, T. C.; Cleland, A. N.; Martinis, John M.


    Superconducting microwave circuits based on coplanar waveguides (CPW) are susceptible to parasitic slotline modes which can lead to loss and decoherence. We motivate the use of superconducting airbridges as a reliable method for preventing the propagation of these modes. We describe the fabrication of these airbridges on superconducting resonators, which we use to measure the loss due to placing airbridges over CPW lines. We find that the additional loss at single photon levels is small, and decreases at higher drive powers.

  2. Fabrication and characterization of aluminum airbridges for superconducting microwave circuits

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chen, Zijun; Kelly, J.; Barends, R.; Bochmann, J.; Chen, Yu; Chiaro, B.; Dunsworth, A.; Jeffrey, E.; Mutus, J. Y.; O' Malley, P. J. J.; Neill, C.; Roushan, P.; Sank, D.; Vainsencher, A.; Wenner, J.; White, T. C. [Department of Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara, California 93106-9530 (United States); Megrant, A. [Department of Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara, California 93106-9530 (United States); Department of Materials, University of California, Santa Barbara, California 93106 (United States); Cleland, A. N.; Martinis, John M., E-mail: [Department of Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara, California 93106-9530 (United States); California NanoSystems Institute, University of California, Santa Barbara, California 93106-9530 (United States)


    Superconducting microwave circuits based on coplanar waveguides (CPW) are susceptible to parasitic slotline modes which can lead to loss and decoherence. We motivate the use of superconducting airbridges as a reliable method for preventing the propagation of these modes. We describe the fabrication of these airbridges on superconducting resonators, which we use to measure the loss due to placing airbridges over CPW lines. We find that the additional loss at single photon levels is small, and decreases at higher drive powers.

  3. Fabrication and Characterization of Aluminum Airbridges for Superconducting Qubit Circuits (United States)

    Chen, Zijun; Megrant, Anthony; Kelly, Julian; Barends, Rami; Bochmann, Joerg; Chen, Yu; Chiaro, Benjamin; Dunsworth, Andrew; Jeffrey, Evan; Mutus, Joshua; O'Malley, Peter; Neill, Charles; Roushan, Pedram; Sank, Daniel; Vainsencher, Amit; Wenner, James; White, Theodore; Cleland, Andrew; Martinis, John


    Superconducting circuits based on coplanar waveguides (CPWs) are susceptible to parasitic slotline modes which can lead to loss and decoherence. We motivate the use of superconducting airbridges as a reliable method for preventing the propagation of these modes. We describe the fabrication of these airbridges on superconducting resonators, which we use to measure the loss due to placing airbridges over CPW lines. We find that the additional loss at single photon levels is small, and decreases at higher drive powers. These results pave the way for building airbridge crossovers on more complex qubit circuits.

  4. Generalization and extensions of capillary thinning driven self-assembly of nanostructured air-bridges (United States)

    Pabba, Santosh

    In Harfenist's brush-on method (Nano Lett., 2004, 4, 1931), polymer dissolved in a volatile solvent is manually brushed over an array of micro-machined pillars, which causes the self assembly of arrays of air-bridges, often of nanometer diameter. This study considers ways to extend the brush-on method by incorporating new materials and new reactions that self-assemble into air-bridges. The study also considers ways to broaden the complexity of device fabrication built up on self assembled air-bridges. These developments include (1) A number of different functional polymeric materials (biocompatible, biodegradable, nanocomposite and amphiphilic copolymers) at different mass fractions and molecular weights are used for demonstrating the applicability of drawing fiber air-bridges by brush-on. Fiber air-bridges with a diameter as small as 20 nm spanning an air gap of 1 mum are fabricated. (2) Considering molecular weight and concentration, it is demonstrated that brush-on can be successful of low concentrations of 1 wt % (10x lower than previously reported) if 5x higher molecular weight polymers are used than previously reported. This is significant both in working with polymers that have low solubility or for solutions of lower viscosities. The viscosity only needs to be large at the later stages of capillary thinning. This is achieved by strain hardening that occurs for highly entangled polymers and polymers of sufficient molecular weight that can entangle at low concentrations. (3) Enzymatic biopolymerization is used for the first time to self assemble highly ordered arrays of air-bridges by brush-on. When fibrinogen solutions are brushed over a thrombin primed surface, or monomeric actin over a KCI primed array, fiber air-bridges are formed, sometimes reaching diameters as small as 16 nm. The uniformity in diameter of one hand-brushed array of 358 parallel fibrin air-bridges was 36.4 nm (6.8 nm standard deviation). (4) Rather than brushing liquid polymers onto an

  5. Fabrication of air-bridged Kerr nonlinear polymer photonic crystal slab structures in near-infrared region

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Ziming Meng; Xiaolan Zhong; Chen Wang; Zhiyuan Li


    Fabrication details of air-bridged Kerr nonlinear polymer photonic crystal slab structures are presented.Both the two-dimensional photonic crystal slab and the one-dimensional nanobeam structures are fabricated using direct focused ion beam etching and subsequent wet chemical etching.The scanning electron microscopy images show the uniformity and homogeneity of the cylindrical air holes.The optical measurement in the near-infrared region is implemented using the tapered fiber coupling method,and the results agree with the numerical calculations by using the three-dimensional finite-difference time-domain method.

  6. Self-Aligned InP/InGaAs Single Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor with Novel Micro-airbridge Structure and Quasi-coplanar Contacts

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    李献杰; 蔡道民; 曾庆明; 刘式墉; 梁春广


    The fabrication and performance of a self-aligned InP/InGaAs single heterojunction bipolar transistor (SHBT)with a novel micro-airbridge structure and co-planar-contacts are described. The reported structure is based on anisotropy wet, etching of InP and selective wet, etching between InP and InGaAs. The device with a 1.5 × 5 μm2emitter demonstrates a current gain of 30 at collector current Ic = 10 mA and extrapolates the current-gain cutoff frequency Ft of 53 GHz and the maximum oscillation frequency Fmax of 72 GHz. Compared with the one using the conventional structure, the maximum oscillation frequency of the device with micro-airbridge is dramatically improved from 45 GHz to 72 GHz. This result reveals that the extrinsic capacitance of small size SHBT can be greatly reduced.

  7. Dynamic Antenna Alignment Control in Microwave Air-Bridging for Sky-Net Mobile Communication Using Unmanned Flying Platform

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chin E. Lin


    Full Text Available This paper presents a preliminary study on establishing a mobile point-to-point (P2P microwave air-bridging (MAB between Unmanned Low Altitude Flying Platform (ULAFP and backhaul telecommunication network. The proposed Sky-Net system relays telecom signal for general mobile cellphone users via ULAFP when natural disaster sweeps off Base Transceiver Stations (BTSs. Unlike the conventional fix point microwave bridging application, the ULAFP is cruising on a predefined mission flight path to cover a wider range of service. The difficulty and challenge fall on how to maintain antenna alignment accurately in order to provide the signal strength for MAB. A dual-axis rotation mechanism with embedded controller is designed and implemented on airborne and ground units for stabilizing airborne antenna and tracking the moving ULAFP. The MAB link is established in flight tests using the proposed antenna stabilizing/tracking mechanism with correlated control method. The result supports backbone technique of the Sky-Net mobile communication and verifies the feasibility of airborne e-Cell BTS.

  8. Prolonged spontaneous emission and dephasing of localized excitons in air-bridged carbon nanotubes (United States)

    Sarpkaya, Ibrahim; Zhang, Zhengyi; Walden-Newman, William; Wang, Xuesi; Hone, James; Wong, Chee W.; Strauf, Stefan


    The bright exciton emission of carbon nanotubes is appealing for optoelectronic devices and fundamental studies of light-matter interaction in one-dimensional nanostructures. However, to date, the photophysics of excitons in carbon nanotubes is largely affected by extrinsic effects. Here we perform time-resolved photoluminescence measurements over 14 orders of magnitude for ultra-clean carbon nanotubes bridging an air gap over pillar posts. Our measurements demonstrate a new regime of intrinsic exciton photophysics with prolonged spontaneous emission times up to T1=18 ns, about two orders of magnitude better than prior measurements and in agreement with values hypothesized by theorists about a decade ago. Furthermore, we establish for the first time exciton decoherence times of individual nanotubes in the time domain and find fourfold prolonged values up to T2=2.1 ps compared with ensemble measurements. These first observations motivate new discussions about the magnitude of the intrinsic dephasing mechanism while the prolonged exciton dynamics is promising for applications.

  9. Procedures Used in Narcotics Airbridge Denial Program in Peru, 1995-2001 (United States)


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  10. Sharp photonic Crystal Defect Modes and Their Response to Ultrashort Optical Pulses

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Kyozo Kanamoto; Sheng Lan; Naoki Ikeda; Yoshimasa Sugimoto; Kiyoshi Asakawa; Hiroshi Ishikawa


    Single photonic crystal defects based on an air-bridge structure were fabricated. We obtained sharp defect modes with quality factors higher than 600 and observed their response to ultrashort optical pulses by utilizing two-photon absorption.

  11. Enhancement of luminescence from Er-doped Si by photonic crystal gradient double-heterostructuremicrocavity (United States)

    Wang, Y.; An, J. M.; Wu, Y. D.; Hu, X. W.


    We experimentally demonstrate efficient enhancements of luminescence at wavelength of 1550 nm from two-dimensional (2D)-slab hexagonal photonic crystal (PC) non-airbridge and air bridge gradient double-heterostructure microcavities with Er/O co-implanted silicon (Si) as light emitters on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafer. The maximum measured Q-factor of 6284 of airbridge cavity has been achieved at the pumping power of 1.5 mW at room temperature. The airbridge cavity has stronger enhancement, but weaker heat dissipation than the non-airbridge one. The obvious red-shift and degraded Q-factor of resonant peak are present with the pumping power increasing. The resonant peak is observed to shift depending on the structural parameters of PC, which indicates a possible method to control the wavelength of enhanced luminescence for Si-based light emitters based on PC microcavity.

  12. Slow Light by Two-Dimensional Photonic Crystal Waveguides

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    ZHANG Chao; HUANG Yan; MAO Xiao-Yu; CUI Kai-Yu; HUANG Yi-Dong; ZHANG Wei; PENG Jiang-De


    A simple and effective way to measure the group velocity of photonic crystal waveguides (PCWGs) is developed by using a fiber Mach-Zehnder interferometer. A PCWG with perfect air-bridge structure is fabricated and slow light with group velocity slower than c/80 is demonstrated.

  13. Design of a photonic crystal microcavity for biosensing

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Li Junhua; Kan Qiang; Wang Chunxia; Su Baoqing; Xie Yiyang; Chen Hongda


    We have designed an air-bridged PhC microcavity with high sensitivity and a high quality factor.The structure parameters of the microcavity are optimized by three-dimensional finite-difference time-domain method.We compare the performance of a silicon-on-insulator PhC microcavity and an air-bridged PhC microcavity,and analyze the effect of the thickness of the slab and the radius of the defect hole on the performance of the air-bridged PhC microcavity.For a thinner slab and a larger defect hole,the sensitivity is higher while the quality factor is lower.For the air-bridged photonic crystal slab,the sensitivity can reach 320-nm/RIU (refractive index unit) while the quality factor keeps a relatively high value of 120 by selecting the proper slab thickness and the defect hole radius,respectively,when the refractive index is 1.33.This is meaningful for low-detection-limit biosensing.

  14. High extinction ratio bandgap of photonic crystals in LNOI wafer (United States)

    Zhang, Shao-Mei; Cai, Lu-Tong; Jiang, Yun-Peng; Jiao, Yang


    A high-extinction-ratio bandgap of air-bridge photonic crystal slab, in the near infrared, is reported. These structures were patterned in single-crystalline LiNbO3 film bonded to SiO2/LiNbO3 substrate by focused ion beam. To improve the vertical confinement of light, the SiO2 layer was removed by 3.6% HF acid. Compared with photonic crystals sandwiched between SiO2 and air, the structures suspending in air own a robust photonic bandgap and high transmission efficiency at valence band region. The measured results are in good agreement with numerically computed transmission spectra by finite-difference time-domain method. The air-bridge photonic crystal waveguides were formed by removing one line holes. We reveal experimentally the guiding characteristics and calculate the theoretical results for photonic crystal waveguides in LiNbO3 film.

  15. Advanced manufacturing techniques for next generation power FET technology



    The development and incorporation of an evaporated airbridge technology into an established power pHEMT device is described. Advantages of this technology over a conventional plated technology are discussed. Use of this technology has resulted in improvements to the process flow in terms of reduced complexity and cycle time. Improvements in uniformity and reduced feature size have enabled the use of an automated visual inspection capability to reliably differentiate good and bad die.

  16. Fabrication, Packaging, and Performance of VCSELs and Photodetectors for Space Applications

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Armendariz, M.G.; Briggs, R.D.; Choquette, K.D.; Geib, K.M.; Serkland, D.K.


    Optocouplers are used for a variety of applications aboard spacecraft including electrical isolation, switching and power transfer. Commercially available light emitting diode (LED)-based optocouplers have experienced severe degradation of light output due to extensive displacement damage occurring in the semiconductor lattice caused by energetic proton bombardment. A new optocoupler has been designed and fabricated which utilizes vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) and resonant cavity photodetector (RCPD) technologies for the optocoupler emitter and detector, respectively. Linear arrays of selectively oxidized GaAs/AlGaAs VCSELS and RCPDS, each designed to operate at a wavelength of 850nm, were fabricated using an airbridge contacting scheme. The airbridged contacts were designed to improve packaging yields and device reliability by eliminating the use of a polyimide planarizing layer which provided poor adhesion to the bond pad metallization. Details of the airbridged optocoupler fabrication process are reported. Discrete VCSEL and RCPD devices were characterized at temperatures between {minus}100 to 100 C. Devices were packaged in a face-to-face configuration to form a single channel optocoupler and its performance was evaluated under conditions of high-energy proton bombardment.

  17. A Study of the Parasitic Properties of the Schottky Barrier Diode (United States)

    Ren, Tianhao; Zhang, Yong; Liu, Shuang; Guo, Fangzhou; Jin, Zhi; Zhou, Jingtao; Yang, Chengyue


    In this paper, we present a newly designed parameter extraction method of the Schottky barrier diode (SBD) with the purpose of measuring and studying its parasitic properties. This method includes three kinds of auxiliary configurations and is named as three-configuration parameter extraction method (TPEM). TPEM has such features as simplicity of operation, self-consistence, and accuracy. With TPEM, the accurate parasitic parameters of the diode can be easily obtained. Taking a GaAs SBD as an example, the pad-to-pad capacitance is 7 fF, the air-bridge finger self-inductance 11 pH, the air-bridge finger self-resistance 0.6 Ω, and the finger-to-pad capacitance 2.1 fF. A more accurate approach to finding the value of the series resistant of the SBD is also proposed, and then a complete SBD model is built. The evaluation of the modeling technology, as well as TPEM, is implemented by comparing the simulated and measured I-V curves and the S-parameters. And good agreements are observed. By using TPEM, the influence of the variation of the geometric parameters is studied, and several ways to reduce the parasitic effect are presented. The results show that the width of the air-bridge finger and the length of the channel are the two largest influencing parameters, with the normalized impact factors 0.56 and 0.29, respectively. By using TPEM and the modeling technology presented in this paper, a design process of the SBD is proposed. As an example, a type of SBD suitable for 500-600 GHz zero-biased detection is designed, and the agreement between the simulated and measured results has been improved. SBDs for other applications could be designed in a similar way.

  18. A Study of the Parasitic Properties of the Schottky Barrier Diode (United States)

    Ren, Tianhao; Zhang, Yong; Liu, Shuang; Guo, Fangzhou; Jin, Zhi; Zhou, Jingtao; Yang, Chengyue


    In this paper, we present a newly designed parameter extraction method of the Schottky barrier diode (SBD) with the purpose of measuring and studying its parasitic properties. This method includes three kinds of auxiliary configurations and is named as three-configuration parameter extraction method (TPEM). TPEM has such features as simplicity of operation, self-consistence, and accuracy. With TPEM, the accurate parasitic parameters of the diode can be easily obtained. Taking a GaAs SBD as an example, the pad-to-pad capacitance is 7 fF, the air-bridge finger self-inductance 11 pH, the air-bridge finger self-resistance 0.6 Ω, and the finger-to-pad capacitance 2.1 fF. A more accurate approach to finding the value of the series resistant of the SBD is also proposed, and then a complete SBD model is built. The evaluation of the modeling technology, as well as TPEM, is implemented by comparing the simulated and measured I-V curves and the S-parameters. And good agreements are observed. By using TPEM, the influence of the variation of the geometric parameters is studied, and several ways to reduce the parasitic effect are presented. The results show that the width of the air-bridge finger and the length of the channel are the two largest influencing parameters, with the normalized impact factors 0.56 and 0.29, respectively. By using TPEM and the modeling technology presented in this paper, a design process of the SBD is proposed. As an example, a type of SBD suitable for 500-600 GHz zero-biased detection is designed, and the agreement between the simulated and measured results has been improved. SBDs for other applications could be designed in a similar way.

  19. Ultraflexible nanostructures and implications for future nanorobots (United States)

    Cohn, Robert W.; Panchapakesan, Balaji


    Several high aspect ratio nanostructures have been made by capillary force directed self-assembly including polymeric nanofiber air-bridges, trampoline-like membranes, microsphere-beaded nanofibers, and intermetallic nanoneedles. Arrays of polymer air-bridges form in seconds by simply hand brushing a bead of polymeric liquid over an array of micropillars. The domination of capillary force that is thinning unstable capillary bridges leads to uniform arrays of nanofiber air-bridges. Similarly, arrays of vertically oriented Ag2Ga nanoneedles have been formed by dipping silvercoated arrays of pyramidal silicon into melted gallium. Force-displacement measurements of these structures are presented. These nanostructures, especially when compressively or torsionally buckled, have extremely low stiffnesses, motion due to thermal fluctuations that is relatively easily detected, and the ability to move great distances for very small changes in applied force. Nanofibers with bead-on-a-string structure, where the beads are micron diameter and loaded with magnetic iron oxide (maghemite), are shown to be simply viewable under optical microscopes, have micronewton/ m stiffness, and have ultralow torsional stiffnesses enabling the bead to be rotated numerous revolutions without breaking. Combination of these high aspect ratio structures with stretched elastomers offer interesting possibilities for robotic actuation and locomotion. Polydimethylsiloxane loaded with nanomaterials, e.g. nanotubes, graphene or MoS2, can be efficiently heated with directed light. Heating produces considerable force through the thermoelastic effect, and this force can be used for continuous translation or to trigger reversible elastic buckling of the nanostructures. The remote stimulation of motion with light provides a possible mechanism for producing cooperative behavior between swarms of semiautonomous nanorobots.

  20. Lumped elements for RF and microwave circuits

    CERN Document Server

    Bahl, Inder


    Due to the unprecedented growth in wireless applications over the past decade, development of low-cost solutions for RF and microwave communication systems has become of great importance. This practical new book is the first comprehensive treatment of lumped elements, which are playing a critical role in the development of the circuits that make these cost-effective systems possible. The books offers you an in-depth understanding of the different types of RF and microwave circuit elements, including inductors, capacitors, resistors, transformers, via holes, airbridges, and crossovers. Support

  1. High-sensitivity and high-Q-factor glass photonic crystal cavity and its applications as sensors. (United States)

    Siraji, Ashfaqul Anwar; Zhao, Yang


    We investigate the properties of a planar photonic crystal cavity on glass and its applications as sensors. An airbridged twofold defect cavity on Schott glass background and Gorilla glass substrate has been designed for high Q-factor up to 4459. The average sensitivity of the cavity resonance to background refractive index is 388 nm/Refractive Index Unit. The resonant wavelength is sensitive to background temperature by 18.5 pm/°C. The designed sensors show much higher sensitivity than those based on waveguide interferometers or photonic bandgap structures without cavity resonance. The results are also useful for experimental studies of glass photonic devices.

  2. Design, Fabrication, and Characterization of Low - Quantum Devices (United States)

    Chang, Hong

    The realization of a two-dimensional electron gas in semiconductor heterostructures due to advanced epitaxial growth techniques has led to novel high-speed devices such as modulation-doped field effect transistors and quantum well lasers. High resolution lithography and pattern transfer techniques now make it possible to further restrict the electronic motion to lower dimensions. A variety of interesting quantum confinement phenomena have been observed in these mesoscopic systems. This thesis describes the design principle, fabrication technique, and transport characterization of various low-dimensional quantum devices. Nanostructure fabrication techniques are presented in detail in the thesis, from high resolution electron beam lithography, pattern transfer techniques, to various one-dimensional (1D) and zero-dimensional (0D) structures with dimensions in the nanometer scale. The effective wire width as well as sidewall damage for both deep etched and shallow etched quantum wires are characterized by the electrical conductance measurement. Artificial lateral surface superlattice (LSSL) structures of line and dot arrays are fabricated using multilayer resist techniques. A typical 1D quantized conductance of rm 2e^2/h is shown in an airbridge split gate device. Plateaulike transport characteristics are demonstrated in airbridge LSSL gate devices due to electrostatic confinement modulation. Laterally tunable single-gate quantum dot and double-bend quantum dot devices are fabricated and investigated. Negative differential conductance is observed at various drain bias conditions in both of these quantum dot devices. Conductance oscillations observed at a temperature as high as 10 K are, to our understanding, the highest temperature reported in similar laterally confined quantum dot devices.

  3. Isolated Islands by Selective Local Oxidation (islo): a Silicon-On (soi) Technology for Nanoelectronic and Nanoelectromechanical Applications. (United States)

    Arney, Susanne Christine

    The development of an advanced fully-integrated nanometer-scale isolation technology called the Isolated Islands of Substrate-Silicon by Selective Lateral Oxidation (ISLO) technology is reported. The versatility and applicability of the ISLO technology for diverse nanoelectronic and nanoelectromechanical devices and systems are described relative to the challenging issues of isolation and contacts. The basic ISLO structure is fabricated using electron beam lithography and standard VLSI reactive ion etching and oxidation processes. Single crystal silicon (SCS) islands 100-300-nm-wide, and 500 -2000-nm-tall are electrically and thermally isolated from the underlying substrate by selective lateral thermal oxidation at the base of the islands. Dislocation-free fully-isolated islands are obtained. Full-isolation of the basic ISLO structure depends on island linewidth, oxidation-masking film thicknesses, recess etch profile, and oxidation time and temperature. The extended ISLO technology provides 100-nm-wide, movable, suspended, high stiffness, low mass, SCS or SCS-dielectric-composite beam segments with integrated electrical contacts and metallization for high frequency (5-10 MHz) nanodynamic applications. Fixed or cantilevered beam segments are isolated from the underlying substrate -silicon by thermally grown oxide or an air-bridge. Wedge -pairs or tip-pairs vertically opposed across the isolation oxide or air-bridge have application to electron tunneling or field emission devices. A selectively-sharpened tip -above-a-tip structure is formed at the intersection of cantilevered beam segments. Vertical triple-tip and quadruple -tip structures are demonstrated. A new deep-submicron self-aligned sidewall source/drain, top-surface gate Thin -Film-Silicon-On-Insulator (TFSOI) MOSFET (ISLO FET) based on the inherently three-dimensional, non-planar ISLO structure is presented. Stress-related defect generation and dopant segregation during the oxidation, erosion of the high

  4. Design and Fabrication of Planar GaAs Gunn Diodes (United States)

    Kim, Mi-Ra; Lee, Seong-Dae; Chae, Yeon-Sik; Rhee, Jin-Koo

    We studied planar graded-gap injector GaAs Gunn diodes designed for operation at 94GHz. Two types of planar Gunn diodes were designed and fabricated. In the first diode, a cathode was situated inside a circular anode with a diameter of 190μm. The distance between the anode and cathode varied from 60μm to 68μm depending on the cathode size. Also, we designed a structure with a constant distance between the anode and cathode of 10μm. In the second diode, the anode was situated inside the cathode for the flip-chip mounting on the oscillator circuits. The fabrication of the Gunn diode was based on ohmic contact metallization, mesa etching, and air-bridge and overlay metallization. DC measurements were carried out, and the nature of the negative differential resistance, the operating voltage, and the peak current in the graded-gap injector GaAs Gunn diodes are discussed for different device structures. It is shown that the structure with the shorter distance between the cathode and anode has a higher peak current, higher breakdown voltage, and lower threshold voltage than those of the structure with the larger distance between the cathode and anode.

  5. Room temperature strong light-matter coupling in 3D THz meta-atoms (Conference Presentation) (United States)

    Paulillo, Bruno; Manceau, Jean-Michel; Li, Lianhe; Linfield, Edmund; Colombelli, Raffaele


    We demonstrate strong light-matter coupling at room temperature in the terahertz (THz) spectral region using 3D meta-atoms with extremely sub-wavelength volumes. Using an air-bridge fabrication scheme, we have implemented sub-wavelength 3D THz micro-resonators that rely on suspended loop antennas connected to semiconductor-filled patch cavities. We have experimentally shown that they possess the functionalities of lumped LC resonators: their frequency response can be adjusted by independently tuning the inductance associated the antenna element or the capacitance provided by the metal-semiconductor-metal cavity. Moreover, the radiation coupling and efficiency can be engineered acting on the design of the loop antenna, similarly to conventional RF antennas. Here we take advantage of this rich playground in the context of cavity electrodynamics/intersubband polaritonics. In the strong light-matter coupling regime, a cavity and a two-level system exchange energy coherently at a characteristic rate called the vacuum Rabi frequency ΩR which is dominant with respect to all other loss mechanisms involved. The signature, in the frequency domain, is the appearance of a splitting between the bare cavity and material system resonances: the new states are called upper and a lower polariton branches. So far, most experimental demonstrations of strong light-matter interaction between an intersubband transition and a deeply sub-wavelength mode in the THz or mid-infrared ranges rely on wavelength-scale or larger resonators such as photonic crystals, diffractive gratings, dielectric micro-cavities or patch cavities. Lately, planar metamaterials have been used to enhance the light-matter interaction and strongly reduce the interaction volume by engineering the electric and magnetic resonances of the individual subwavelength constituents. In this contribution we provide evidence of strong coupling between a THz intersubband transition and an extremely sub-wavelength mode (≈λ/10

  6. 工业技术%Industrial Technology

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    TB323 01050395 复合掺杂(Ca+Nd)α-sialon的研究=Study on Multi-Cation α-Sialon Containing Calcium and Neodymium[刊, 中]/李雅文(中科院上海硅酸盐所),王佩玲…∥硅酸盐学报.&2000, 28(3).&229~233 用热压制备了复合掺杂(Ca+Nd)α-Sialon.藉助XRD和SEM研究了相形成规律和显微结构.图5参12 国家自然科学基金(59872049)资助 TB331 01050396 Al与SiO2玻璃反应的显微组织结构及其演变=The Microstructures and Their Evolution between Aluminum and Silica Glass Reaction[刊, 中]/周正(重庆大学),王健…∥硅酸盐学报.&2000, 28(3).&285~287 研究表明,在反应得到的复合组织前沿存在过渡层,Al在过渡层中存在一定浓度梯度.图2参9 国家自然科学基金(59474013)资助 TB331 01050397 用分离共晶法制备表面复合材料=Preparation of Surface Composite by Using Separated Eutectic[刊, 中]/金俊泽(大连理工大学),朴龙云…∥材料研究学报.&2000, 14(5).&489~492 根据电磁搅拌下定向凝固时形成分离共晶的原理,制备了表面为Si和Al3Fe,Al3Ni,Al6Mn等金属间化合物的表面复合材料.分析了复合材料的组织,探讨了转速、晶体生长速度等参数与分离层厚度之间的关系,分析了分离共晶层在轴向和周向分布的特点,测定了分离层的耐磨性.图6参7 国家自然科学基金(59571044,59995442)资助 TB333 01050398 活性填料铝在聚碳硅烷裂解瓷中的应用=Application of Aluminium in the Preparation of Polycarbosilane Derived Ceramics[刊, 中]/谢征芳(国防科技大学),陈朝辉…∥硅酸盐学报.&2000, 28(3).&240~244 国家自然科学基金(59682009)资助 TB383 01050399 溅射功率对Ge2Sb2Te5薄膜光学常数的影响=Effects of Sputtering Power on the Optical Constants of Ge2Sb2Te5 Thin Films[刊, 中]/谢泉(中科院上海光学精密机械所),侯立松…∥材料研究学报.&2000, 14(5).&501~504 国家自然科学基金重大项目(59832060)资助 TB383 01050400 二氧化钛/多孔硅/硅异质结的表面光电压谱=Surface Photovoltaic Spectroscopy of Heterostructures of TiO2/PS/p-Si[刊, 中]/李旦振(福州大学),刘平…∥材料研究学报.&2000, 14(5).&558~560 首次在多孔硅(PS)的表面镀纳米二氧化钛(TiO2)薄膜,表面光电压谱(SPS)测试表明:镀膜后多孔硅的光电压信号增强约2~3个数量级.图3参5 国家自然科学基金(29843003)资助 TB553 01050401 电弧超声谐振机理研究=Research on Resonance Mechanism of Arc-Ultrasonic[刊, 英]/张春雷(清华大学),吴敏生∥Journal of Materials Science & Technology.&2000, 16(5).&525~528 国家自然科学基金(59775061)资助 TB877 01050402 准边缘照明彩虹全息图的制作技术=Technique of Making Quasi-Edge Illuminated Rainbow Holograms[刊, 中]/刘守(厦门大学),张向苏…∥厦门大学学报(自然科学版).&2000, 39(4).&458~462 福建省科委国际合作项目 TD42 01050403 用表面电渗法减少煤与外物的切向阻力=Reducing Coal Tangential Resistance by Surface Electroosmosis Method[刊, 中]/丛茜(吉林工业大学),王文涛…∥吉林工业大学自然科学学报.&2000, 30(4).&4~6 分析了煤的含水量及所受的正压力对煤与工作部件切向阻力的影响,并应用表面电渗技术减少煤的切向阻力.图4参5 国家自然科学基金(59835200)资助 TD524 01050404 矿车的粘附规律与粘附机理=Adhesion Law and Adhesion Mechanism Analysis for Tub[刊, 中]/杨晓东(吉林工业大学),柴雄良…∥吉林工业大学自然科学学报.&2000, 30(4).&66~69 在对矿车粘附问题进行大量调研的基础上,对粘湿煤与矿车的粘附现象、粘附规律、粘附机理进行了分析,提出了解决问题的初步分案,并进行了效益分析.图5表1参3 国家自然科学基金(59835200)资助 TE122 01050405 巴楚地区与塔北地区中新生代油气构造成藏史对比研究=Comparision of Tectonic Evolution of Oil and Gas Traps between the Bachu Uplift and the North Tarim Uplift[刊, 中]/何文渊(北京大学),李江海…∥石油实验地质.&2000, 22(3).&220~224 国家自然科学基金(49832040,49832030)资助 TF01 01050406 钢铁制造流程的解析和集成=Analysis and Integration of Steel Manufacturing Process[刊, 中]/殷瑞钰(钢铁研究总院)∥金属学报.&2000, 36(10).&1077~1084 对钢铁制造流程中若干深层次的理论问题进行了学科分支意义上的讨论.对工序功能集的解析-优化、工序关系集的协调-优化和流程工序集的集成-优化等给予物理-数学方面的概括和描述,提出了对可能发展起来的学科分支&&冶金流程学的展望.同时进一步指出,制造流程的系统理论和制造过程的信息系统是21世纪制造科学、制造工业发展的共性基础理论.图6表1参6 国家自然科学基金(5944002)资助 TF046 01050407 CO/CO2气氛下含碳球团还原动力学模型及其应用=Mathematical Model for Direct Reduction of Carbon-Containing Pellet and Its Application[刊, 中]/唐惠庆(北京科技大学),郭兴敏∥钢铁研究学报.&2000, 12(6).&1~6 分析了CO/CO2气氛下含碳球团的还原步骤,以此为基础建立了含碳球团还原动力学的微分方程组,并编制了相应的计算机程序,在验证了该数学模型准确性的基础上,对CO/CO2气氛中含碳球团的还原行为进行了计算机模拟.图4参19 国家自然科学基金资助 TF535 01050408 铁水氧势对铁水预处理脱硅脱磷的影响=Effect of Oxygen Potential on De-Si and De-P during Hot Metal Pretreatment[刊, 中]/王海川(华东冶金学院),张友平∥钢铁研究学报.&2000, 12(6).&11~15 在实验室条件下,利用Fe2O3-CaO-CaF2渣系研究了在高炉铁水预处理过程中铁水氧势对脱硅、脱磷效果的影响,根据铁水的氧势分析了伴随铁水预处理脱硅过程发生的脱磷反应,研究了铁水初始硅含量对脱磷效果的作用.图4表3参2 国家自然科学基金资助 TF762 01050409 改善弹簧钢中氧化物夹杂形态的热力学条件=Thermodynamic Conditions for Oxide Inclusion Modification in Spring Steels[刊, 中]/薛正良(钢铁研究总院),李正邦∥钢铁研究学报.&2000, 12(6).&20~24 为了控制钢中析出氧化物夹杂的组成和形态,通过钢液-夹杂物、钢液-熔渣之间的化学平衡关系,以弹簧钢为例,计算了1 823 K时钢中强脱氧元素钙和铝的残余含量对析出夹杂物组成的影响,并给出了可使钢中析出具有良好变形能力的CaO*Al2O3*2SiO2夹杂物的钙、铝含量的控制范围和控制方法.图4表1参20 国家自然科学基金资助 TF777 01050410 双辊铸轧不锈钢薄带的三维有限元数值模拟=Three-Dimensional Simulation on the Twin Roll Casting Process of Stainless Strip[刊, 中]/苗雨川(东北大学),邸洪双…∥金属学报.&2000, 36(10).&1109~1112 采用三维有限元法模拟了双辊铸轧不锈钢过程的流热耦合问题,分析了铸轧速度以及浇铸温度对熔池内流场、温度场的影响,给出了凝固过程中熔池与铸轧辊之间的热流密度变化趋势及凝固终了位置随浇铸温度的变化规律.图4参12 国家自然科学基金(59995440)资助 TF777 01050411 连铸结晶器内卷渣过程的数学模型=Mathematical Modeling of Slag Entrapment in Continuous Casting Mould[刊, 中]/雷洪(东北大学),朱苗勇…∥金属学报.&2000, 36(10).&1113~1117 基于功能原理和速度边界层理论,建立了一个数学模型来研究结晶器内渣金卷混机理,提出了引起界面卷渣的钢液临界流速和渣滴直径计算公式,并利用物理模型进行了验证.图3表3参8 国家自然科学基金重点项目(59734080)资助 TG111 01050412 液态Al凝固过程的微观结构转变特性=Microstructural Transition during Solidification of Liquid Aluminum[刊, 中]/易双萍(广东工业大学),刘让苏…∥金属学报.&2000, 36(10).&1030~1032 采用分子动力学方法对液态Al的凝固过程中的微观结构转变特性进行了模拟研究.发现在凝固过程中以1551键型数目的变化最为显著.模拟结果表明:随着温度降低,系统有序度增加,无序度下降.图1表2参7 国家自然科学基金(59871016)资助 TG111 01050413 Al-Zn-Mg合金的热变形组织演化=Microstructure Evolution of Al-Zn-Mg Alloy during Hot Deformation[刊, 中]/沈健(北京有色金属研究总院),唐京辉…∥金属学报.&2000, 36(10).&1033~1036 采用Gleeble 1500热压缩模拟试验机研究了Al-Zn-Mg(7005) 合金的高温变形组织演化行为.利用TEM分析了合金在不同压缩条件下的组织形貌特征,采用EBSP分析了晶粒间的取向差,研究了其动态再结晶行为.通过回归分析建立了7005合金热变形条件与变形亚晶尺寸间关系的半经验模型.图5参13 国家自然科学基金(59701007)资助 TG111 01050414 低碳钢奥氏体晶粒尺寸的控制=Control of Austenite Grain Size in a Low Carbon Steel[刊, 中]/杨王C027(北京科技大学),胡安民…∥金属学报.&2000, 36(10).&1050~1054 国家科技部资助 TG111 01050415 应力幅对LY12CZ铝合金腐蚀疲劳应变电流响应的影响=Influences of Stress Amplitude on the Transient Current Behavior for LY12CZ Aluminum Alloy during Corrosion Fatigue[刊, 中]/张波(中科院金属腐蚀与防护所),李劲…∥金属学报.&2000, 36(10).&1089~1093 国家重点基础研究专项经费资助 TG111 01050416 纳米结构Ag块体的负温度系数=Negative Temperature Coefficient of Resistivity in Bulk Nanostructured Ag[刊, 英]/刘予双(中国科技大学),牟季美∥Journal of Materials Science & Technology.&2000, 16(5).&521~524 研究了纳米结构Ag块体试样的电阻温度系数(α)随颗粒尺寸(dp)和晶粒尺寸(dc)的变化.不同的dp和dc是通过在393至453 K范围内不同温度下热处理纳米Ag粉体来获得的.热处理后的纳米Ag粉经压制得到电阻测量用的纳米结构Ag块体试样.图4参9 国家自然科学基金(19974041)资助 TG113 01050417 高钼不锈钢热变形软化行为及微观组织研究=Investigation of Softening Behavior and Microstructure Change under Hot Deformation for High Mo Stainless Steel[刊, 中]/徐有容(上海大学),陈良生…∥钢铁.&2000, 35(10).&51~54 通过双道次热压缩实验,对00Cr20Ni18Mo6Cu[N]奥氏体不锈钢的静态回复再结晶和亚动态再结晶等过程进行了系统研究,建立了亚动态再结晶的动力学模型,分别得到了静态再结晶、亚动态再结晶的激活能;研究了道次间停留过程对最终的微观组织的影响,为该钢种实际轧制生产过程中的参数优化提供了依据.图5参6 国家自然科学基金(59571065)资助 TG113 01050418 冷轧15CrMnMoV钢中弱界面对性能的影响=Efect of Weak Interface on Mechanical Properties of Cold Rolled 15CrMnMoV Steel[刊, 中]/张静武(燕山大学),荆天辅∥钢铁.&2000, 35(10).&55~58 15CrMnMoV钢冷轧&时效后,钢中存在大量弱界面,力学性能有明显提高.应用TEM原位拉伸方法,对15CrMnMoV钢中弱界面的开裂进行了原位观察及扫描电镜断口分析.图7表1参3 国家自然科学基金(59681006)资助 TG136 01050419 冷轧FeCo合金退火过程中的形核及其对再结晶织构的影响=Nucleation of Cold Rolled FeCo Alloy during Annealing and Its Influence on the Formation of Recrystallization Texture[刊, 英]/朱国辉(北京科技大学),毛卫民∥Journal of Materials Science & Technology.&2000, 16(5).&543~545 国家自然科学基金(59671008)资助 TG139 01050420 Ca/P层对NiTi形状记忆合金生物相容性的影响=Effect on the Biocompatibility of Ca/P Coating Layer on NiTi Shape Memory Alloy[刊, 中]/杨贤金(天津大学),崔振铎…∥材料研究学报.&2000, 14(5).&481~484 用化学法在NiTi形状记忆合金表面修饰了一层Ca/P层.X射线分析表明,Ca/P层的主要成分是Ca5(PO4)3(OH),还有少量的α-Ca2P2O7和β-Ca3(PO4)2.原子吸收光谱的测量表示,Ca/P层抑制镍离子在人体模拟溶液中的溶出.植入试验的结果表明,Ca/P层改善了NiTi形状记忆合金的生物相容性.图5参15 国家自然科学基金(59971032)资助 TG139 01050421 锆基大块非晶合金玻璃转变和晶化的动力学效应[刊, 中]/庄艳歆(中科院物理所),赵德乾…∥中国科学(A辑).&2000, 30(5).&445~450 国家自然科学基金(59871059)资助 TG14 01050422 金属材料工程力学行为学及其微细观过程理论=Science of Enginering Mechanical Behaviors of Metallic Materials and Its Micro-Meso-Processes Theory[刊, 中]/姚枚(燕山大学),王仁智∥机械工程学报.&2000, 36(11).&1~4 分析了金属零部件在实际服役条件下力学行为(工程学结构)的研究现状,建议建立以微细观过程理论为指导思想的金属材料工程力学行为学,从晶粒范畴内产生的微观过程、在周围晶粒范围及中介区域内产生的细观过程,及其最后形成的有工程意义的宏观效应出发,综合地研究工程力学行为发生和发展的全过程,以形成更符合实际的物理力学模型及定量化理论.参27 国家自然科学基金(58870042,59375195,59171035)资助 TG142 01050423 强脉冲离子注入中的脉冲能量效应研究=Study of Intense Pulsed Energy Effects for High Power Pulsed Ion Beam Implantation[刊, 中]/赵渭江(北京大学),颜莎…∥核技术.&2000, 23(10).&689~696 在脉冲离子束流密度为15~120 A/cm2、脉宽为50~150 ns、加速电压为150~260 kV范围内,在1×1014 cm-2的低注量水平上,研究了高功率Cn++H+混合离子束注入45号钢样品的强脉冲能量效应.图9表1参11 国家自然科学基金(19575001)资助 TG142 01050424 低合金Cr-Mo-V钢中VC沉淀相的精细结构=Microstructural Characterization of VC Precipitates in a Low Alloy Cr-Mo-V Steel[刊, 中]/孙树文(哈尔滨工业大学),茅建富…∥金属学报.&2000, 36(10).&1009~1014 中国博士后科研基金资助 TG142 01050425 脉冲激光合金化形成含非晶相表层的微观组织=Microstructural Characteristics of Surface Composite Layer Containing Amorphous Phase by Pulsed Laser Alloying SiO2[刊, 中]/武晓雷(中科院力学所),洪友士∥金属学报.&2000, 36(10).&1041~1044 国家自然科学基金重大项目(19891180)、国家杰出青年科学基金(19525205)资助 TG142 01050426 装甲钢板中绝热剪切带的特征=Characteristics of the Adiabatic Shear Band in the Armor Steel Plate[刊, 中]/时捷(钢铁研究总院),董瀚…∥金属学报.&2000, 36(10).&1045~1049 国家科技部"九五”科技攻关课题 TG142 01050427 低碳钢奥氏体晶粒控制对应变强化相变的影响=Effect of Austenite Grain Size on Strain Enhanced Transformation in a Low Carbon Steel[刊, 中]/杨王C027(北京科技大学),胡安民…∥金属学报.&2000, 36(10).&1055~1060 国家科技部资助 TG142 01050428 低温变形低碳钢超细铁素体的形成=Formation of Ultra-Fine Ferrite Grains in Low Carbon Steels through Low Temperature Heavy Deformation[刊, 中]/杨忠民(钢铁研究总院),赵燕…∥金属学报.&2000, 36(10).&1061~1066 国家重点基础研究发展规划项目 TG142 01050429 厚度比对不锈钢复合铝板性能的影响=Effect of Thickness Ratio on the Properties of Stainless Steel Clad Aluminum Sheet[刊, 中]/彭志辉(中南工业大学),佘旭凡∥金属学报.&2000, 36(10).&1067~1071 湖南省重点实验室项目 TG142 01050430 高速钢W18Cr4V离子渗氮层组织对TiN膜与基体结合强度的影响=The Influence of the Nitrided Layer Structure of W18Cr4V High Speed Steel on the Bonding Strength of PECVD TiN Films[刊, 中]/谢飞(江苏石油化工学院),何家文∥金属学报.&2000, 36(10).&1099~1103 采用W18Cr4V高速钢进行离子渗氮-PECVD TiN复合处理.运用透射电子显微镜、X射线衍射仪和光学显微镜研究试样的表层组织结构.采用连续压入法研究TiN膜与基体的结合强度.图6表1参11 国家自然科学基金(19392300-5)资助 TG146 01050431 Cu单晶中疲劳早期位错花样演化的观察与模拟=Observation and Simulation of Dislocation Pattern Evolution in the Early Stages of Fatigue in a Copper Single Crystal[刊, 中]/杨继红(东北大学),李勇…∥金属学报.&2000, 36(10).&1015~1020 采用离散的位错动力学方法,用计算机模拟循环形变单滑移取向Cu单晶中疲劳早期位错花样的形成和演化过程,并利用扫描电镜电子通道衬度技术对其进行了观察.图5参21 国家自然科学基金(59971058)资助 TG146 01050432 Al-Ti-C系中TiC形成的热力学与动力学研究=Thermodynamics and Kinetic of Forming TiC in Al-Ti-C System[刊, 中]/张作贵(山东工业大学),刘相法…∥金属学报.&2000, 36(10).&1025~1029 山东省优秀青年科学家科研奖励基金资助项目 TG146 01050433 泡沫Al合金的压缩性能及其能量吸收=Compressive Property and Energy-Absorption of Foamed Al Alloy[刊, 中]/王斌(东南大学),何德坪…∥金属学报.&2000, 36(10).&1037~1040 研究了泡沫纯铝和泡沫AlSi7Mg0.45在单向压缩条件下的应力-应变曲线,分析了它们的变形行为,并讨论了其能量吸收和能量吸收效率.图8参7 国家自然科学基金(19982001)资助 TG146 01050434 LY12铝合金的再结晶织构、晶界特征分布及抗腐蚀性能=Recrystallization Texture, CSL Grain Boundary Distribution and Corrosion-Resisting Property of LY12 Alloy[刊, 中]/王轶农(东北大学),武保林…∥金属学报.&2000, 36(10).&1085~1088 国家自然科学基金(59774035)资助 TG146 01050435 反应球磨中Mg的直接氢化=Direct Hydrogenation of Mg in Reaction Ball Milling[刊, 中]/王平(中科院金属所),张海峰…∥金属学报.&2000, 36(10).&1118~1120 采用反应球磨法使Mg在ZrFe1.4Cr0.6的催化作用下直接氢化生成纳米结构的MgH2和γ-MgH2.利用X射线衍射及热重分析对氢化相的生成进行分析和表征.在反应球磨过程中存在动态的氢化平衡.图4参13 国家自然科学基金(59671027)资助 TB146 01050436 一种新型的电流变分散相:TiO2包覆石墨颗粒=New Dispersed Phase of Electrorheological Fluids: TiO2 Coating Graphite Particles[刊, 英]/许素娟(哈尔滨工业大学),陆坤权∥Journal of Materials Science & Technology.&2000, 16(5).&529~530 制备了一种以导电石墨颗粒为核,以电介质TiO2为包覆层的,用作电流变液分散相.与TiO2颗粒相比,这种包覆颗粒用作电流变液的分散相,其剪切应力可提高一个数量级.实验结果为新型电流变液的研究提供了一种可能的方法.图1参4 国家自然科学基金(19834020)资助 TG146 01050437 钛碳化硅(Ti3SiC2)的温度涨落合成源位错密化及显微结构控制=Temperature Fluctuation Synthesis/Simultaneous Densification and Microstructure Control of Titanium Silicon Carbide (Ti3SiC2) Ceramics[刊, 英]/孙志梅(中科院金属所),周延春∥Journal of Materials Science & Technology.&2000, 16(5).&461~465 研究结果表明温度涨落合成/原位致密化是制备钛碳化硅(Ti3SiC2)体材料最具有潜力和实用的方法之一.其主要优点有合成温度低、反应时间短、反应合成与致密化一步完成、显微结构可以控制等优点.图6表1参16 国家杰出青年基金(59925208)、国家自然科学基金(59772021)资助 TG146 01050438 自发液态金属渗透制备SiC/Al共连续复合材料=Synthesis of SiC/Al Co-Continuous Composite by Spontaneous Melt Infiltration[刊, 英]/韩光炜(钢铁研究总院),冯涤∥Journal of Materials Science & Technology.&2000, 16(5).&466~470 对自发液态金属渗透制备SiC/Al共连续复合材料的工艺进行了研究.发现氮气环境是液态铝自发渗透到SiC预制件中连通空洞的必要条件.图6参23 国家自然科学基金(59601001)资助 TG156 01050439 微合金钢超细组织的控制轧制=Controlled Rolling of Microalloyed Steels for Ultrafine Ferrite[刊, 中]/刘清友(钢铁研究总院),侯豁然∥钢铁研究学报.&2000, 12(6).&29~32 国家重点基础研究发展规划项目 TG17 01050440 关于微动磨损与微动疲劳的研究=On Fretting Wear and Fretting Fatigue[刊, 中]/周仲荣(西南交通大学)∥中国机械工程.&2000, 11(10).&1146~1150 研究了位移幅度、压力和疲劳应力3个基本微动参数,并以获得的微动区域、微动图为基础,分析了微动磨损与微动疲劳的运行机制和破坏规律.图6参15 国家杰出青年科学基金(59725513)资助 TG171 01050441 应力腐蚀参量间的相关性=Relationship among Parameters Evaluating Stress Corrosion Cracking[刊, 英]/褚武扬(北京科技大学),乔利杰∥Journal of Materials Science & Technology.&2000, 16(5).&504~508 测量了各种油井管钢及管线钢在H2S中应力腐蚀的门槛应力、临界应力以及相对塑性损失及断裂应力比.图4表5参19 国家自然科学基金(19891180,59725104,59895150)资助 TG174 01050442 环氧粉末涂层的抗冲蚀性能=Erosion Resistance of Epoxy Powder Coating[刊, 中]/骆素珍(中科院金属腐蚀与防护所),郑玉贵…∥材料研究学报.&2000, 14(5).&517~523 在金刚砂砂浆中,用旋转圆盘式冲刷腐蚀试验机研究了流速、含砂量、砂粒粒径等环境参数对SEBF-2型熔融结合环氧粉末涂层冲蚀特性的影响,并观察了涂层形貌.图6参14 国家自然科学基金重点项目(59831030)资助 TG221 01050443 铸型涂层对熔体过冷度和凝固组织的影响=Effect of Structure of SiO2 Coating on the Undercoolability and Microstructure of Cu70Ni30 Melts[刊, 中]/郭学锋(西安理工大学),杨根仓…∥材料研究学报.&2000, 14(5).&543~547 国家自然科学基金(59871041)资助 TG245 01050444 RT工艺凝固过程中铸件尺寸精度的热力耦合分析=Coupled Thermo-Mechanical Analysis of the Dimensional Accuracy for the Solidification Process of Casting for Rapid Tooling[刊, 中]/宋玉华(清华大学),颜永年…∥中国机械工程.&2000, 11(10).&1108~1111 论述了铸造凝固过程分析中的非线性及热力耦合问题,用热力耦合分析方法对典型件凝固过程的尺寸精度进行了分析;并将其应用于汽车覆盖件凹模尺寸精度的分析.图10参5 国家自然科学基金(59635040)资助 TG335 01050445 H型钢热轧变形过程的计算机模拟=Computer Simulation for H-Beam Deformations during Hot Rolling[刊, 中]/崔振山(燕山大学),刘才∥钢铁研究学报.&2000, 12(6).&25~28 教育部博士点专项基金资助 TG391 01050446 管坯电磁成形电磁力解析=Analysis of Magnetic Pressure in Electromagnetic Tube Forming[刊, 中]/黄尚宇(武汉理工大学),常志华…∥中国机械工程.&2000, 11(10).&1169~1172 国家自然科学基金(5995071)资助 TG402 01050447 超细晶粒钢HAZ晶粒长大的规律=Grain Growth in HAZ of Ultra-Fine Grain Steels[刊, 中]/屈朝霞(天津大学),田志凌∥焊接学报.&2000, 21(4).&9~12 国家重点基础研究发展规划资助项目 TG409 01050448 铝合金直流点焊神经网络建模=Neural Network Model for DC Spot Welding of Aluminum-Alloy[刊, 中]/陈益平(南昌航空工业学院),胡德安∥焊接学报.&2000, 21(4).&20~23 航空自选课题资助项目 TG44 01050449 焊缝跟踪FUZZY-P控制规则的研究=Study on the Fuzzy-P Control Rules in the Seam Tracking[刊, 中]/胡绳荪(天津大学),孟英谦…∥机械工程学报.&2000, 36(12).&50~53 介绍了一种非接触超声传感焊缝跟踪系统.该焊缝跟踪系统采用了Fuzzy-P控制理论,即在大偏差时采用比例控制,在小偏差时采用自调整模糊控制.研究了Fuzzy-P控制的阈值和比例控制的规则.介绍了自调整模糊控制的原理,提出了焊缝跟踪中的双因数自调整模糊控制方法.在试验的基础上确定了双因数的数值.图4表5参2 国家自然科学基金(59575060)资助 TG444 01050450 表面活性剂对TIG焊电弧现象及焊接熔深的影响=Effect of Surface Active Flux on Welding Pool Depth and Arc Phenomenon in TIG Welding[刊, 中]/杨春利(哈尔滨工业大学),牛尾诚夫…∥机械工程学报.&2000, 36(12).&43~46 国家教委留学基金资助 TG453 01050451 弹簧钢点焊熔核温度场的有限元模型=Study on the Infinite-unit Model of Spring Steel Spot Welding Nugget Thermal Field[刊, 中]/徐国成(吉林工业大学),赵熹华∥吉林工业大学自然科学学报.&2000, 30(4).&12~16 在充分考虑接触电阻、液态熔核温度、相变潜热等因素对点焊熔核温度场影响的条件下,建立了65 Mn弹簧钢点焊熔核温度场的有限元模型.图4参4 国家自然科学基金(59271058、59875033)资助 TG456 01050452 等离子焊接熔池小孔尺寸的电弧信号检测=Detection of Keyhole Size by Arc Signal Processing[刊, 中]/王海燕(清华大学),陈强∥焊接学报.&2000, 21(3).&24~26 国家自然科学基金(59975050)资助 TG457 01050453 球罐全位置焊接机器人智能控制系统=Intelligent Control System of All-Position Welding Robot[刊, 中]/焦向东(北京石油化工学院),蒋力培∥焊接学报.&2000, 21(4).&1~4 国家863高技术计划资助项目 TG506 01050454 变参数振动钻削微孔的最佳振动参数的非线性回归=Non-Linear Regression of Optimal Vibration Parameters for Machining Micro Holes under Changed Parameters[刊, 中]/杨兆军(吉林工业大学),王立江…∥吉林工业大学自然科学学报.&2000, 30(4).&7~11 提出了三区段变参数振动钻削微孔的新工艺;探讨了用非线性回归求取各区段最佳振动参数的方法;验证了以三区段最佳振动参数做变参数时,用振动钻孔可以全面降低微孔加工误差的优良工艺效果.表4参8 国家自然科学基金(59675059)资助 TG51 01050455 超光滑基底表面污染微粒的激光清洗技术=Research on Mechanism of Laser-Assisted Cleaning Micron Contaminate Particulates on Substrate with Supersmooth Surface[刊, 中]/史兴宽(西北工业大学),徐传义…∥中国机械工程.&2000, 11(10).&1138~1141 介绍了激光清洗的特点及超光滑表面激光辅助清洗表面微细污染微粒的机理,并通过实验性验证,表明该方法在清除超光滑表面微细污染物方面效果很好.图6参9 国家自然科学基金(59775075)资助 TG580 01050456 机器人超声&电火花复合加工模具曲面的干涉预报与实验研究=Study on Collision Prediction and Experiment of Ultrasonic and Electric Spark Finishing on Mould Curved Surface by Robot[刊, 中]/祝佩兴(吉林大学),赵继…∥中国机械工程.&2000, 11(10).&1173~1175 对利用机器人进行超声&电火花复合精加工模具自由曲面进行研究,探讨加工过程预报干涉的方法和加工规律,为进一步实现模具自由曲面精加工自动化提供理论和实验基础.图7参3 国家自然科学基金(59575064)资助 TG665 01050457 光束横截面能量分布的变化对激光焊接的影响=Influence of High-Power CO2 Laser Beams Transverse Intensity Distribution on Laser Welding[刊, 中]/王智勇(北京工业大学),陈铠∥焊接学报.&2000, 21(3).&17~19 国家自然科学基金(59635170)资助 TG729 01050458 新型陶瓷涂层硬质合金刀具的涂层机理和切削性能=Coating Mechanism and Cutting Performance of Novel Ceramic Coated Carbide[刊, 中]/陈元春(山东大学),艾兴…∥机械工程学报.&2000, 36(11).&44~49 国家自然科学基金(59875091)资助 TH111 01050459 基于曲线几何特征量化提取的轨迹机构检索生成方法=New Approach to Rapid Searching Path Generating Mechanisms[刊, 中]/孙晓斌(华中理工大学),肖人彬…∥机械工程学报.&2000, 36(11).&98~105 国家自然科学基金(59500009)资助 TH112 01050460 平面闭链五杆机构柔性工作空间的研究=Study on the Flexible Workspace of Plane Closed-Loop Five-Bar Mechanism[刊, 中]/周双林(上海交通大学),邹慧君…∥机械工程学报.&2000, 36(11).&10~15 应用隐函数定理,推导出平面闭链五杆机构柔性工作空间边界的条件.然后利用两个开链二杆的工作空间的交集和四杆机构连架杆的转动范围,分析平面闭链五杆机构满足工作空间边界条件的边界曲线的构成.在此基础上建立相应的数学模型,提出平面闭链五杆机构的工作空间求解算法.图7参8 国家自然科学基金(59875058)资助 TH112 01050461 关联6自由度平台机构误差识别算法=Calibration Algorithm for the Stewart Platform Type Mechanism[刊, 中]/赵新华(天津理工学院),解宁…∥机械工程学报.&2000, 36(12).&25~28 天津市自然科学基金资助 TH112 01050462 高速弹性连杆机构振动的几种主动控制器设计方法比较研究=Active Vibration Controller Designing for High-Speed Flexible Linkage Mechanisms[刊, 中]/邵长健(汕头大学),张宪民…∥机械工程学报.&2000, 36(12).&54~58 在含有压电元件的弹性机构振动有限元模型的基础上,基于复模态理论,研究了高速机构的振动主动控制问题.给出了三种控制器设计方法:缩敛模态控制、经典H∞控制和鲁棒H∞控制,并对它们在连杆机构振动控制中的性能进行了比较.图5表2参13 国家自然科学基金(59975056,59605001)资助 TH112 01050463 平面四杆机构函数综合新方法=New Approach to Function Synthesis of Planar Mechanisms[刊, 中]/李涛(大连理工大学),王德伦∥大连理工大学学报.&2000, 40(6).&721~724 将实现给定函数的型与尺度综合统一为圆的逼近问题,并对于不同类型机构的函数综合,给出了统一的误差评定方法和鞍点规划模型.图4表3参7 国家自然科学基金资助 TH113 01050464 带阻尼器的滑动轴承转子系统动态特性研究=Dynamic Characteristics of the System for Squeeze Film Damper-Sliding Bearing-Rigid Rotor[刊, 中]/陆永忠(华中理工大学),廖道训∥华中理工大学学报.&2000, 28(10).&34~36 国家"九五”攀登计划资助项目 TH117 01050465 油润滑对微动摩擦特性影响的研究=Effect of the Oil-Lubricated on Fretting Characteristics[刊, 中]/刘启跃(西南交通大学),周仲荣…∥机械工程学报.&2000, 36(12).&1~4 研究了钢摩擦副在油润滑工况下不同位移幅值对微动润滑摩擦特性的影响,分析了表面形貌.图5表1参4 国家杰出青年科学基金(59725513)资助 TH12 01050466 基于RP的生物活性仿生制造研究=Research on Bioactive Bionics Fabrication Based on RP[刊, 中]/吴永辉(西安交通大学),李涤尘…∥中国机械工程.&2000, 11(10).&1090~1093 根据对仿生制造发展的认识,重新定义了仿生制造的概念.基于迅速发展的RP技术和生物医学技术,从全新的角度提出仿生制造实施的新途径&&基于RP的生物活性仿生制造方法,论述了此技术的理论基础和实施手段.理论上该方法可以制造任意形状的生物活性结构.图3参5 国家自然科学基金(59975074)资助 TH122 01050467 组合夹具结构设计自动化系统研究=Research on the System of Modular Fixture Design Automation[刊, 中]/徐志刚(山东大学),黄克正…∥机械工程学报.&2000, 36(12).&105~108 国家863课题资助项目 TH122 01050468 基于CORBA的并行工程产品开发过程管理系统=Process Management System of CORBA-Based Product Development in Concurrent Engineering[刊, 中]/赵晋敏(华中理工大学),刘继红∥华中理工大学学报.&2000, 28(9).&91~93 国家高技术研究发展计划主题资助项目 TH124 01050469 定向公差带数学定义理论及应用的研究=Theory and Application of Mathematical Definition for Orientation Tolerance Zone[刊, 中]/蔡敏(浙江大学),杨将新…∥机械工程学报.&2000, 36(11).&54~58 在ANSI Y 14.5.1 M-1994的定向公差数学定义的基础上,提出隐含基准的概念,采用点集的形式用矢量方程严格定义国标中各定向公差带;将度量几何学中的运动理论与定向公差的数学定义理论相结合,给出适合于计算机表达、处理以及在各阶段数据传递的严格公差数学定义方式.图9参6 国家自然科学基金资助 TH132 01050470 滚动直线导轨副数控工作台系统的稳定性研究=Study on the Stability of Linear Motion Rolling Guide System by NC[刊, 中]/周传宏(华中理工大学),孙健利∥华中理工大学学报.&2000, 28(10).&37~39 国家火炬计划资助项目 TH137 01050471 铁路车辆多级拟合线性油压减振器=A Multi-Stage-Fitted Linear Oil Damper for Railway Vehicles[刊, 中]/王文林(浙江大学),潘双夏…∥中国机械工程.&2000, 11(10).&1165~1168 运用液压流体力学理论,对铁路车辆线性油压减振器的多级拟合原理和设计理论进行了研究,建立了其动态数学模型,提出采用动态模型法设计并开发了相应的计算机辅助设计和虚拟试验应用软件.图7表2参7 国家自然科学基金重点项目(59635150)资助 TH137 01050472 工程塑料在水压元件中的应用研究=Research on Applications of Engineering Plastics in Raw Water Hydraulic Components[刊, 中]/杨曙东(华中科技大学),吴双成…∥中国机械工程.&2000, 11(10).&1193~1195 国家自然科学基金(59975031)资助 TH137 01050473 广义脉码调制液压伺服控制的研究=Research on the Hydraulic Servo Control with Generalized Pulse Code Modulation[刊, 中]/王宣银(浙江大学),陶国良∥机械工程学报.&2000, 36(12).&14~17 提出了广义脉码调制液压伺服控制,研究了用开关阀代替比例阀或伺服阀实现液压伺服控制的理论和方法.分析了开关阀控非对称液压缸伺服系统的动静态特性.为减少力负载对液压位置伺服控制精度的影响,设计了负载观测器;利用观测出来的等效负载进行反馈控制,抑制力负载干扰的影响,提高液压位置伺服控制的精度.图5参7 国家自然科学基金(59805016)资助 TH165 01050474 自由曲面数控加工中过切的小波分析=Analysis of Over-Cutting Signals in CNC Manufacture Using the Wavelet Transform Theory[刊, 中]/许树新(国家链条质量检验中心),赵继…∥农业机械学报.&2000, 31(6).&104~106 将小波分析方法应用于自由曲面数控加工中过切信号分析和处理,在给出小波分析概念的基础上,较为详细地讨论了离散二进正交小波算法&&Mallat算法.通过小波变换将原始信号分解到不同频带,进而观察到过切的特征.图4参4 国家自然科学基金(59575064)资助 TH165 01050475 机床设备选择的多级模糊综合评判模型=A Multi-Level Fuzzy Synthesis Model for Machine Tools Selection[刊, 中]/邵新宇(华中理工大学),李培根∥华中理工大学学报.&2000, 28(10).&1~3 教育部留学回国人员基金资助 TH165 01050476 NMGS质量数据库的设计与实现=Design and Implementation of Quality Database for NGMS[刊, 中]/付成东(华中理工大学),陈志祥∥华中理工大学学报.&2000, 28(10).&28~30 国家高技术研究发展计划资助 TH165 01050477 巴特沃斯小波变换算法在故障诊断中的应用=Butterworth Based on Discrete Wavelet Transform and Its Application in Machine Fault Diagnosis[刊, 中]/何岭松(华中理工大学),王峻峰∥华中理工大学学报.&2000, 28(10).&31~33 国家"九五”攀登预选项目 TH166 01050478 车间管理控制系统信息模型研究=The Information Model of a Shop Floor Management and Control System[刊, 中]/刘世平(华中理工大学),饶运清∥华中理工大学学报.&2000, 28(10).&4~6 对背景车间的活动过程进行了研究,并用面向对象技术进行了建模.在对应车间管理控制系统中引入了Multi-Agent System技术,并建立了各个Agent间的协调模型,以表达各个Agent相互作用的机制,系统整体功能正是通过该机制而实现的.图3参6 国家自然科学基金资助 TH166 01050479 基于制造过程的产品建模研究=Research into the Manufacturing Process-Based Product[刊, 中]/张天兵(华中理工大学),王启付∥华中理工大学学报.&2000, 28(10).&22~24 国家重点科技项目(攻关)计划资助 TH166 01050480 基于网络的协同设计方法研究=Collaborative Design Method on Network[刊, 中]/李健(清华大学),张鸿梁…∥清华大学学报(自然科学版).&2000, 40(9).&93~96 国家自然科学基金(69904006)资助 TH38 01050481 基于原子力显微镜的纳米加工研究=Research on Micro/Nano-Machining Using an Atomic Force Microscope Combined with Diamond Tip[刊, 中]/赵清亮(哈尔滨工业大学),董申…∥机械工程学报.&2000, 36(11).&64~69 以原子力显微镜作为加工工具对单晶硅进行了基于金刚石针尖的纳米加工试验,运用不同的方法对纳米加工区域的特性、材料在不同垂直载荷下的去除机理及切屑形成特征进行了系统的研究和分析,提出了一种在纳米尺度下研究加工机理的新方法.图7参10 国家自然科学基金(59835180)资助 TH54 01050482 复杂螺旋曲面铣削加工的几何特性分析=Geometric Characteristic Analysis of the Milling of Helicoids[刊, 中]/汪国平(清华大学),华宣积…∥清华大学学报(自然科学版).&2000, 40(9).&49~52 针对现有加工方法受加工曲面复杂性影响的局限性,通过引进刀具的侧倾角参数,讨论了一般位置下的成型盘铣刀加工螺旋曲面的铣削加工法,分析了刀具与工件作共轭运动时的接触点轨迹的几何特性,并给出了一般位置下的成型盘铣刀加工的计算公式和成型刀加工中产生干涉的判别方法.图5参6 国家自然科学基金(69772019)资助 TH69 01050483 激光冲击强化效果的控制及人工神经网络预报研究=Investigation on Control of Effect of Laser Shock-Processing and Prediction by Using Artificial Neural Network[刊, 中]/於自岚(江苏理工大学),曾丹勇…∥机械工程学报.&2000, 36(12).&89~94 江苏省应用基金和教育部博士点基金资助 TH741 01050484 圆分度静态精密测量新方法=New Method for Static Accurate Measurement of Circular Indexing[刊, 中]/彭东林(重庆大学),刘成康…∥机械工程学报.&2000, 36(12).&59~61 对差频测量法的本质进行了深入探讨,进而将原有的差频式动态传动误差测量方法移植成为一种圆分度静态精密测量新方法,并总结出一套时空对偶的新概念&&"齿波对偶法”.图5参4 国家自然科学基金(59675089)资助 TH772 01050485 胸阻抗信号中的呼吸波的去除=Methods for Removing Respiratory Interference from Thoracic Electrical Bioimpedance[刊, 中]/李全政(清华大学),高小榕…∥清华大学学报(自然科学版).&2000, 40(9).&13~16 国家自然科学基金(39670275)资助 TH78 01050486 DNC系统设备组动态重构技术的研究=Research on the Dynamic Equipment-Grouped in DNC System[刊, 中]/王时龙(重庆大学),孙命…∥机械工程学报.&2000, 36(12).&82~84 研究了DNC环境下设备组重构技术与FMS环境下动态重构单元的区别与联系,在借鉴FMS的生产计划方法的基础上,提出了DNC系统设备组重构决策新理论,并研制了一套适合设备组重构的实用模型及算法.图2表1参10 国家自然科学基金(59805021)资助 TK05 01050487 机械信号奇异熵研究=Study on the Singular Entropy of Mechanical Signal[刊, 中]/杨文献(西北工业大学),姜节胜∥机械工程学报.&2000, 36(12).&10~13 基于信号奇异值分解技术,提出了奇异熵的概念,并通过试验揭示了奇异熵在机械信号信息量评估、信息成分分析、信噪比估计,以及信号降噪技术等多方面的独特性能,从而充分展示了奇异熵在机械信号综合特性分析方面重要的科学价值.图8参5 国家自然科学基金(10072050)资助 TK124 01050488 池内核态沸腾换热新模型=New Model for Pool Mucleate Boilling Heat Transfer[刊, 中]/柴立和(清华大学),彭晓峰∥化工学报.&2000, 51(5).&598~603 考虑多个活化核心或汽泡间非线性相互作用及核化过程的非线性动力学特征,指出沸腾系统具有强非线性和随机性等特征.从随机性的物理机理出发,利用汽泡数目平衡的概念导出了汽泡尺寸分布函数,在此基础上提出了计算核态沸腾换热的新思路.图5参16 国家自然科学基金资助 TK16 01050489 水平碳粒填充床上方气体热辐射对阴燃影响=Influence of Gas Radiation in Layer over Horizontal Carbon Particle Bed on Smoldering[刊, 中]/郭晓平(大连理工大学),解茂昭…∥大连理工大学学报.&2000, 40(6).&702~705 利用分区法计算了水平碳粒阴燃床上方气体层内的辐射换热.计算结果表明:气体辐射因素对阴燃转变成明火的影响较大,尤其对出现明火后的气体温度分布影响很大,而对填充床内的阴燃传播影响较小.图8参4 国家自然科学基金资助 TK223 01050490 用缩放环实现旋流燃烧器煤粉浓淡分离的研究=An Experimental Study of the Pulverized Coal Dense-Thin Separation of Swirl Burner[刊, 中]/张小可(华中理工大学),丘纪华∥华中理工大学学报.&2000, 28(9).&79~81 国家"九五”攻关项目 TK311 01050491 基于小波变换的三维温度场重建=Reconstruction of Wavelet-Based 3-D Temperature Field[刊, 中]/彭劲松(华中理工大学),黄素逸∥华中理工大学学报.&2000, 28(9).&76~78 国家教育部重点科学技术项目 TK412 01050492 甲烷-空气-稀释气的层流燃烧特性研究=A Study on the Laminar Flame Characteristics of Methane-Air-Diluent Mixture[刊, 中]/阎小俊(西安交通大学),蒋德明∥内燃机学报.&2000, 18(4).&353~358 介绍并分析了甲烷-空气-稀释气混合气在定容燃烧弹内进行火花点火预混层流燃烧的试验结果.通过对马克斯坦长度和马克斯坦数的测量研究了火焰拉伸对燃烧速度的影响.图10参8 国家自然科学基金(59776021)资助 TK421 01050493 溶有CO2燃油的闪急沸腾喷射过程研究=Study of Flash Boiling Injection of Fuel Containing Dissolved CO2[刊, 中]/黄震(上海交通大学),大圣泰弘…∥内燃机学报.&2000, 18(4).&335~339 采用高速摄影技术在一个定容容器内,对溶有CO2的燃油在常温常压、常温高压、高温高压3种环境条件下的喷射过程进行了观察和测量研究.图6参8 国家自然科学基金(59876020)资助 TK421 01050494 影响柴油机排气微粒测量结果的若干因素=Influence of Several Parameters on Measuring Particulate Matter in Diesel Engine Exhaust Gas[刊, 中]/余皎(吉林工业大学),刘忠长…∥内燃机学报.&2000, 18(4).&340~344 分析了影响柴油机排气微粒测量的各种因素,包括取样、排气温度、混合气温度、稀释比、系统壁面的沉积及随后粒子再入等.参10 国家自然科学基金(59676028)资助 TK421 01050495 生物短期试验(Ames试验法)用于柴油机排气微粒直接致突变性的研究=A Study on the Direct-Acting Mutagenic Characteristics of Diesel Exhaust Particulates with Ames Test[刊, 中]/宋崇林(天津大学),范国梁…∥内燃机学报.&2000, 18(4).&375~379 运用生物短期试验(Ames试验)探讨了柴油机排气微粒的直接致突变性,并对发动机不同工况下微粒的直接致突变性变化进行了评估.所用的菌种为TA98和TA100,主要考察碱基对置换突变和移码致突变.图9表2参5 国家自然科学基金(59776026)资助 TK421 01050496 柴油机模糊智能控制器和改进算法=The Fuzzy Intelligence Controller of Diesel Engines with Improved Algorithm[刊, 中]/曹恒(大连理工大学),孙宝元∥内燃机学报.&2000, 18(4).&409~413 国家自然科学基金(69774020)资助 TK421 01050497 柴油机喷油参数的优化=Optimization of Fuel Injection Parameter in Diesel Engines[刊, 中]/方昌良(华中理工大学),张宗杰∥华中理工大学学报.&2000, 28(8).&33~34 国防预研子课题资助 TL321 01050498 新型反应堆可视化设计方法研究=A Novel Design Method for Nuclear Fusion Reactor[刊, 中]/刘晓平(中科院等离子体物理所),李琳…∥核技术.&2000, 23(8).&536~539 国家博士后科学基金资助 TL51 01050499 对称型Cockcroft-Walton倍压器纹波的谐波特性=Ripple Harmonics in Symmetrical Cockcroft-Walton Voltage Multiplier[刊, 中]/冯仁剑(西安交通大学),张丹…∥核技术.&2000, 23(10).&683~688 在一个自制的模型倍压器上,通过测量纹波,分析了纹波的各次谐波成分与电路非对称性和负载的关系.图6参6 国家自然科学基金(19675029)资助 TL62 01050500 聚变中子源驱动的次临界清洁核能系统&&聚变能技术的早期应用途径=A Fusion Neutron Source Driven Sub-Critical Clear Nuclear Energy System: A Way of Early Application of Fusion Energy Technology[刊, 中]/吴宜灿(中科院等离子体物理所),邱励俭∥核技术.&2000, 23(8).&519~525 提出作为聚变能技术早期应用途径的聚变中子源驱动的清洁核能系统概念,并从国家的能源需求、国内外核电发展状况论述开发这种系统的必要性和意义,根据国内外聚变驱动器技术及次临界包层技术进展和国内多年的可行性研究结果,说明开发这种系统的现实性和基础.图1表1参29 国家自然科学基金(19385004和19985004)资助 TL921 01050501 电子束的轫致辐射生产123l的理论计算=Theoretical Calculation of 123l Yield Produced by Bremsstrahlung Irradiation of Electron Beam[刊, 中]/孙腊珍(中国科学技术大学),许炳…∥核技术.&2000, 23(8).&559~561 国家科技部攀登(B)项目资助 TM215 01050502 基于力学损耗和介质损耗参数分析大型发电机主绝缘的老化特性=The Analysis of Aging Characteristcs of Generator Statorinsulation Based on Loss Properties of Dynamics and Dielectric[刊, 中]/贾志东(西安交通大学),郝艳捧…∥中国电机工程学报.&2000, 20(11).&1~5 资助项目 国家自然科学基金重点 TM283 01050503 高能ZnO基复合陶瓷线性电阻的制备=Preparation of High Energy ZnO Composite Ceramic Linear Resistors[刊, 中]/袁方利(中科院化工冶金所),林元华…∥材料研究学报.&2000, 14(5).&497~500 在ZnO中添加Al2O3和MgO,制备了高能ZnO基复合陶瓷线性电阻,其电阻率为5~1300 Ω*cm、能量密度大于450 J/cm3、电阻温度系数小且近于线性.烧结温度、MgO添加量和降温速率分别对材料的电阻率、电阻温度特性以及线性度和能量密度有较大影响.图5参9 国家自然科学基金(69176033)资助 TM285 01050504 非硅组成有序介孔材料合成及应用=Synthesis and Applications of Ordered Non-Silica-Based Mesoporous Materials[刊, 中]/陈航榕(中科院上海硅酸盐所),施剑林…∥硅酸盐学报.&2000, 28(3).&259~263 综述了非硅组成有序介孔材料的合成现状、合成机理以及应用研究情况.图4表3参27 国家自然科学基金(59882007)资助 TM301 01050505 大型水轮发电机通风发热综合计算=Synthetic Calculation for the Ventilation and Heating of Large Water Wheel Generator[刊, 中]/温嘉斌(哈尔滨理工大学),孟大伟…∥中国电机工程学报.&2000, 20(11).&6~9 资助项目 国家自然科学基金重点 TN204 01050506 具有表面修饰的SnO2纳米微晶的光学性质研究=Optical Properties of SnO2 Nanocrystals with Surface Modification[刊, 中]/余保龙(河南大学),顾玉宗∥光学学报.&2000, 20(11).&1575~1579 给出了裸的及包覆的SnO2纳米微晶的吸收、荧光和激发谱的实验结果.发现随着粒子尺寸的减小,包覆一层有机分子的SnO2纳米微晶的吸收谱带边向长波方向发生位移,这与裸SnO2纳米微晶的结果是不一致.图5表1参16 国家自然科学基金资助 TN213 01050507 亚波长结构抗反射表面的设计方法=Design of Binary Sub-Wavelength Structured-Surfaces for Antireflection[刊, 中]/陈思乡(华中理工大学),易新建∥华中理工大学学报.&2000, 28(9).&94~95 国家高技术研究发展计划资助项目 TN247 01050508 原子力显微镜测试光学超光滑表面微轮廓的研究=Study on Testing Method for Microprofile of Optical Supersmooth Surface[刊, 中]/李剑白(江西省科学院应用物理研究所),李达成∥光学学报.&2000, 20(11).&1533~1537 论述了使用原子力显微镜测量超光滑光学表面的优点及其在光学领域中的重要应用,列举了用这种方法测试得到的超光滑光学表面微轮廓图及纳米量级的微缺陷,以及这些表面镀膜前后表面形态结构和微粗糙度的变化.图6表1参11 国家自然科学基金资助 TN247 01050509 利用彩虹强度角谱分布对圆柱直径的测量=Measurement of Infinite Cylindrical Diameter by Angular Frequencies of Rainbow Intensities[刊, 中]/吴振森(西安电子科技大学),郭立新∥光学学报.&2000, 20(11).&1538~1543 采用CCD线阵的散射光强角分布测量系统,测量了水、酒精液柱、光纤的彩虹角分布.根据严格米氏理论,数值研究了大尺寸参数圆柱的彩虹现象,获得与实验相吻合的数值结果.图10表1参5 国家自然科学基金资助 TN249 01050510 脉冲激光制备类金刚石薄膜及原位激光等离子体发射光谱=Preparation of Diamond-Like Carbon Films by Pulse Laser Deposition and in situ Laser Plasma Emission Spectroscopy[刊, 中]/马玉蓉(中国科学技术大学),郭骅∥光学学报.&2000, 20(11).&1565~1569 用YAG脉冲激光轰击真空室内的石墨靶,可以形成包含碳素的激光等离子体,并在硅或石英衬底上淀积形成某种类型的碳膜.原位测量了激光等离子体的发射光谱,给出反应空间可能存在的反应基团有碳原子、碳离子、碳分子等,用拉曼光谱研究了薄膜的结构.图6参13 国家自然科学基金资助 TN253 01050511 一种高分辨率的光纤光栅传感解调技术=A Scheme for Demodulation of Fiber Grating Sensors with High Resolution[刊, 中]/关柏鸥(南开大学),余有龙…∥光学学报.&2000, 20(11).&1509~1513 报道了一种基于光纤激光器波长扫描寻址的高分辨率的光纤光栅传感解调方案.光纤激光器的扫描寻址过程由微机来控制.图6参9 国家自然科学基金资助 TN256 01050512 弱限制MMI型光功分器=Weak Guided MMI Optical Splitter[刊, 中]/尹锐(浙江大学),杨建义…∥电子学报.&2000, 28(11).&93~95 采用导模数值计算法对MMI(多模干涉)型光功分器SIE干涉区内的导模进行计算并对输出波导位置进行优化,证明在一定条件的弱限制下器件的插入损耗和输出均匀度均超过强限制的情况,说明MMI型光功分器的制作可以采用方便的湿法刻蚀,在器件成本降低的同时其精度也得到改善.图3参5 国家自然科学基金(69677012)资助 TN29 01050513 WDM光网络OXC节点控制管理单元=Control and Management Unit for Optical Cross-Connects in WDM Optical Transport Networks[刊, 中]/宗磊(清华大学),李艳和…∥清华大学学报(自然科学版).&2000, 40(9).&21~24 采用了模块化结构的设计方法,针对自行研制的两条输入链路8个波长通道的OXC节点,实现了节点控制管理单元的硬件平台和软件平台.在WDM光实验网中,利用节点控制管理单元的自愈控制功能,实现了线路保护倒换和二纤单向环形网络复用段的自愈保护.图6参8 国家自然科学基金(69990540)资助 TN302 01050514 电子空穴对单电子陷阱存储器的设计与分析=Design and Analysis of Single Electron-Hole Trap Memory[刊, 中]/程子川(上海交通大学),蒋建飞…∥电子学报.&2000, 28(11).&134~136 论述了由Ti/TiOx/Ti介观隧道结阵列构成的电子空穴对耦合的单电子陷阱存储器,结合目前扫描隧道显微镜进行纳米加工的特点,设计了该存储器的电路结构及其结构参数,计算出电路的电容矩阵,并用Monte Carlo法对电路特性进行了模拟.图4参7 国家自然科学基金(69890224)资助 TN304 01050515 离子注入SOI薄膜材料的制备及性能=Formation of SOI Films by Ion Implantation into Si and Their Properties[刊, 中]/卢殿通(北京师范大学),黄栋…∥核技术.&2000, 23(10).&697~702 SOI-CMOS电路具有高速度、低功耗、抗辐照等优点.用氧、氮离子注入硅中,得到性能良好的SIMOX和SIMNI薄膜材料.用扩展电阻、霍耳效应和深能级瞬态谱等多种方法研究了SOI材料表面界面的电学性能.图2参7 国家自然科学基金(69776006)资助 TN304 01050516 微空气桥隔离的自对准AlGaAs/GaAs异质结双极晶体管=Self-Aligned AlGaAs/GaAs HBT with Micro-Airbridge Isolation[刊, 中]/严北平(西安电子科技大学),张鹤鸣…∥电子学报.&2000, 28(11).&132~133 利用微空气桥隔离和自对准技术成功地研制出了自对准结构的AlGaAs/GaAs异质结双极晶体管.器件展现出良好的直流和高频特性.图5参5 国家自然科学基金(69676033)资助 TN379 01050517 TMAH在压力传感器制作中的应用=Application of TMAH Solutions in Manufacturing of Pressure Sensor[刊, 中]/刘洪(天津大学),姚素英…∥电子科技大学学报.&2000, 29(6).&609~612 介绍了四甲基氢氧化铵(TMAH)溶液的腐蚀特性,论述了在单晶硅和多晶硅高温压力传感器的制作过程中,TMAH腐蚀液在浓硼终止腐蚀和各向异性硅杯腐蚀两个制作工艺中的应用.图6参2 国家自然科学基金(69876027)资助 TN384 01050518 (Ba0.6Sr0.3)TiO3铁电薄膜热敏电容器的研制=Fabrication of Thermal-Sensitive (Ba0.7Sr0.3) TiO3 Ferroelectric and Film Capacitors[刊, 中]/刘世建(华中理工大学),徐重阳∥华中理工大学学报.&2000, 28(10).&70~71 国防科技预研基金资助 TN386 01050519 PMOS剂量计的长期室温退火=Long-Term Anneal of PMOS Dosimeter at Room Temperature[刊, 中]/范隆(中科院新疆物理所),严荣良…∥核技术.&2000, 23(9).&642~645 中国科学院院长基金特别支持项目 TN405 01050520 基于PEEC结合网络缩减算法和递归卷积分析高速MCM电路中同步开关噪声=Analysis of SSN on the Power/Ground Planes in High-Speed MCM Based on PEEC Combined with Block Reduction Algorithm and Recursive Convolution Formula[刊, 中]/杨晓平(上海交通大学),李征帆…∥电子学报.&2000, 28(11).&4~8 提出了一种分析高速MCM电路系统中电源/接地板上同步开关噪声的高效方法,即基于PEEC结合块缩减算法和递归卷积公式.该方法具有参数提取简单、高效率、高精度特点.图3参6 国家重点自然科学基金(69931020)资助 TN431 01050521 一种高速宽带BJT模拟开关的设计与实现=Design and Actualization of a High Speed Wide Band BJT Analog Switch[刊, 中]/高文焕(清华大学),李冬梅∥电子学报.&2000, 28(11).&122~124 采用射极跟随器、电流镜、非饱和电流开关等高速单元电路设计了一种新颖的BJT模拟开关.它具有速度快,频带宽,隔离度高,动态范围大,线性好等优点.介绍了电路结构,分析了电路的工作原理,给出了电路性能的仿真结果和芯片电路指标测试结果,并总结了电路的主要特点.图6表1参6 国家自然科学基金(69572017)资助 TN432 01050522 MOSFET 1/f噪声相似性的子波鉴别方法=Wavelet Approach to Identify the Similarity of 1/f Noises in MOSFETs[刊, 中]/杜磊(西安电子科技大学),庄奕琪…∥电子学报.&2000, 28(11).&137~139 国家自然科学基金(69671003)资助 TN47 01050523 VLSI互连寄生电容准三维多极加速提取=A Virtual 3-D Multipole Accelerated Extractor for VLSI Parasitic Interconnect Capacitance[刊, 中]/杨钊志(清华大学),王泽毅…∥电子学报.&2000, 28(11).&129~131 介绍一个单介质准三维电容提取软件.在位势理论建立的间接边界积分方程中,它在导体表面采用线电荷近似面电荷的思想简化3-D结构,并采用多极加速法进一步降低计算复杂度.由于既保留了三维形体的空间架构,又使大量电荷积分降为一维,取得了精度与速度的良好平衡.图3表1参4 国家自然科学基金(69876024)资助 TN47 01050524 互连寄生电容器中屏蔽导体的快速判断=Fast Determination of Shielded Conductors in Parasitic Interconnect Capacitor[刊, 中]/古江春(清华大学),王泽毅…∥计算机辅助设计与图形学学报.&2000, 12(10).&721~725 应用层次式Z缓冲区可视性算法的思想,实现了一种互连寄生电容器中屏蔽导体的快速判断算法,能准确地确定对电容值影响较小的导体,并加以消除.当用边界元法提取甚多环境导体对关键路径产生的寄生电容时,可在满足计算精度的条件下,显著地提高计算速度.图5表1参6 国家自然科学基金(69876024)资助 TN605 01050525 粘合剂PVA对制造PTC粉体的影响=Binder PVA for Making PTC Powder[刊, 中]/章登宏(华中理工大学),汪小红∥华中理工大学学报.&2000, 28(9).&61~63 国家高技术研究发展计划资助项目 TN701 01050526 电磁轴承最优刚度与系统结构参数关系的研究=Study on Relationship between Optimal Stiffness and the Structure Parameters of AMB[刊, 中]/赵雷(清华大学),张德魁…∥机械工程学报.&2000, 36(12).&62~64 研究了这两个机电结构参数与轴承的基本性能的关系,得到了电磁力与位移之间线性与非线性关系的解析界限,并推导了在线性控制系统作用下,相对不同电磁轴承系统结构参数的最优线性范围和对应的最优刚度.图2表1参8 国家自然科学基金(59575030)资助 TN707 01050527 真空自动量热仪测温电路的改进=The Improvement of the Circuit for Measuring Temperature in the Automatic Vacuum Calorimeter[刊, 中]/李培丽(华中理工大学),陈清明∥华中理工大学学报.&2000, 28(9).&99~100 国家"九五”科技攻关项目 TN911 01050528 Shannon采样点到Daubechies小波采样点的转换=Transformation of Shannon Sampling Points into Daubechies' Wavelet Sampling Points[刊, 中]/张建康(西安电子科技大学),保铮…∥通信学报.&2000, 21(9).&58~61 获得了带限信号在Daubechies小波基下一个特殊预滤波算法采样点的转换误差和系统误差上界较精确的定量估计且这个算法关于尺度不再是线性收敛,而以N阶小波的消失矩收敛.参8 国家自然科学基金重点项目(69831040);国家自然科学基金(69772029)资助 TN911 01050529 逻辑过滤器用于检测乳腺肿瘤=A Logic Filter for Tumor Detection on Mammograms[刊, 英]/Alberto Rocha(上海大学),严壮志…∥Journal of Computer Science and Technology.&2000, 15(6).&629~632 阐述一种用于对数字化乳腺X光透视片中可疑区域进行监测的新方法.其要点是:采用一种改进的逻辑过滤器来增强乳腺图片中可疑区域的边缘后,经进一步的处理,给出一种具有明显特征的灰度直方图.利用这样的直方图,可以改善并简化对可疑肿块的分割处理.图4参8 国家自然科学基金资助 TN911 01050530 采用小波变换对自发耳声发射信号的检测研究=Continuous Wavelet Transform for the Detection of Spontaneous Otoacoustic Emissions[刊, 中]/宫琴(清华大学),叶大田…∥清华大学学报(自然科学版).&2000, 40(9).&1~4 国家自然科学基金(39870212)资助 TN911 01050531 大数幂剩余的二进制冗余数Montgomery算法=A New Montgomery Algorithm Based on Binary Redundant Representations for Modular Exponentiation with Very Large Operand[刊, 中]/陈运(电子科技大学),龚耀寰∥电子科技大学学报.&2000, 29(6).&587~590 电子部预研基金资助 TN911 01050532 Turbo码多级调制及性能分析=Turbo-Codes Multilevel Modulation and Their Performance[刊, 中]/张中培(电子科技大学),杨虹∥电子科技大学学报.&2000, 29(6).&591~594 电子部预研基金资助 TN912 01050533 集群通信中的代数CELP语音压缩编码=Algebraic Celp Speech Coding in Tetra[刊, 中]/傅寅飞(电子科技大学),刘亚康…∥电子科技大学学报.&2000, 29(6).&573~577 总装备部预研基金资助 TN913 01050534 按最小速率分配的ABR控制算法公平性的研究=A Study of Fairness of ABR Congestion Control Algorithm under Non-Max-Min Criterion[刊, 中]/王晟(电子科技大学),李乐民∥通信学报.&2000, 21(9).&1~6 提出了一种称为"既得利益”相等的设计思想.依据这一思想改造现有算法,原则上可以在原算法框架内实现任一准则下的公平性.图7参5 国家自然科学基金(69682008)资助 TN915 01050535 多媒体光纤专用网SMT测试系统=Testing System of Station Management in Multimedia Fiber Integrated Network[刊, 中]/孙小菡(东南大学),李锦辉…∥华中理工大学学报.&2000, 28(9).&52~54 国家重点科技攻关项目 TN915 01050536 一种基于有向无环图的实时任务调度算法=A Real-Time Task Schedule Algorithm Based on DAG[刊, 中]/何黎刚(华中理工大学),韩宗芬∥华中理工大学学报.&2000, 28(10).&88~90 国防预研基金资助项目 TN915 01050537 多媒体光纤专用网中的信道管理=Channel Management in FIN Based on FDDI-Ⅱ[刊, 中]/丁竹(东南大学),孙小菡∥华中理工大学学报.&2000, 28(9).&55~57 国家重点科技攻关项目 TN917 01050538 相干分布式目标一维波达方向搜索迭代估计方法=An Iterative Approach for DOA Estimation of Correlated Distributed Sources Based on 1-Dimensional DOA Search[刊, 中]/万群(电子科技大学),杨万麟∥电子科技大学学报.&2000, 29(6).&583~586 国家国防科技重点实验室试点项目 TN918 01050539 一种基于GF(p)上移位寄存器序列密钥交换体制的弱密钥=The Weak Private-Keys of a Public-Key Distribution Scheme Based on Shift Register Sequence over GF(p)[刊, 中]/白国强(西安电子科技大学),伊丽江…∥通信学报.&2000, 21(9).&13~18 国家自然科学基金(69972034)资助 TN918 01050540 基于矩阵的代替-置换网络抗差分密码分析=Matrix-Based Substitution-Permutation Network Against Differential Cryptanalysis[刊, 中]/朱峰(清华大学),郭宝安…∥清华大学学报(自然科学版).&2000, 40(9).&41~44 提出了一种基于矩阵的代替-置换网络模型.基于这一模型,设计了一个称为基于全非奇异矩阵的代替-转换网络的密码结构.给出了基于全非奇异矩阵的代替-置换网络的差分概率上界.图2参3 国家自然科学基金(69872019)资助 TN918 01050541 基于矩阵的代替-置换网络抗线性密码分析=Matrix-Based Substitution-Permutation Network Against Linear Cryptanalysis[刊, 中]/朱峰(清华大学),郭宝安…∥清华大学学报(自然科学版).&2000, 40(9).&45~48 介绍了一种基于全非奇异矩阵的代替-置换网络,它可有效的提高分组密码抗线性密码分析的能力.参4 国家自然科学基金(69872019)资助 TN925 01050542 基于C/S体系结构的移动通信综合管理系统=Mobile Telecommunication Management System Based on C/S System Architecture[刊, 中]/马争(电子科技大学),孟春雷∥电子科技大学学报.&2000, 29(6).&569~572 信息产业部专项资金资助 TN929 01050543 主动有理谐波锁模光纤激光器=Actively Rational Harmonic Mode-Locked Fibre Laser[刊, 中]/张劲松(深圳市中兴通讯股份有限公司),李唐军…∥电子学报.&2000, 28(11).&43~45 利用有理谐波锁模,实现了锁模光纤激光器输出光脉冲重复频率的倍增,得到了重复频率10GHz~50 GHz输出脉冲.图3参11 国家自然科学基金(69977003)资助 TN958 01050544 旋转目标RCS的二维成像=RCS 2D-Imaging of Rotating Targets[刊, 中]/阮成礼(电子科技大学),梁淮宁∥电子科技大学学报.&2000, 29(6).&604~608 电子部预研基金资助 TN959 01050545 不同小波基下的SAR图像相干斑抑制性能分析=Analysis of SAR Speckle Filtering with Different Wavelets[刊, 中]/韩春林(电子科技大学),赵志钦…∥电子科技大学学报.&2000, 29(6).&578~582 电子部预研基金资助 TP13 01050546 约束线性系统的最优控制=Optimal Control Scheme of Linear Systems with Constraints[刊, 中]/陈虹(吉林工业大学),靳慧敏…∥吉林工业大学自然科学学报.&2000, 30(4).&24~28 以预测控制的滚动优化原理为基础提出了一种约束线性系统的最优控制方法.此方法采用无限预测时域和有限控制时域,既能保证闭环稳定性又易于实现.图1参7 国家自然科学基金(69804004)资助 TP13 01050547 层次分析法的序相关分析=Order Correlation Analysis in AHP[刊, 中]/王明哲(华中理工大学)∥华中理工大学学报.&2000, 28(10).&80~82 国防预研基金资助项目 TP13 01050548 双线性系统状态反馈鲁棒控制的新方法=A New Method of Roubust Control of Bilinear System by State Feedback[刊, 中]/刘瑞民(华东理工大学),林家骏…∥华东理工大学学报.&2000, 26(5).&499~501 研究了存在扰动的一般双线性系统的非线性状态反馈控制方案及双线性系统进行状态反馈精确线性化的特点.结合线性系统鲁棒控制的研究成果及非线性系统输出稳定理论,给出了一种双线性不确定系统鲁棒控制的新方案.图1参7 国家自然科学基金(69874011)资助 TP13 01050549 基于活动的成本计算法(ABC)在BPR中的应用=Application of ABC (Activity Based Costing) Method in BPR[刊, 中]/张锋(清华大学),陈禹六∥清华大学学报(自然科学版).&2000, 40(9).&104~108 国家自然科学基金(69784005)资助 TP18 01050550 概念格及其应用进展=Advances in Concept Lattice and Its Application[刊, 中]/胡可云(清华大学),陆玉昌…∥清华大学学报(自然科学版).&2000, 40(9).&77~81 介绍了概念格的基本概念,讨论了现有的几种建格算法和在格上提取规则的方法及相关系统和应用.图1表1参23 国家自然科学基金(79990580)资助 TP18 01050551 基于Kalman滤波的Fuzzy系统参数估计=Fuzzy System Parameter Estimation Based on Kalman Filtering[刊, 中]/周小波(清华大学),王秋华…∥清华大学学报(自然科学版).&2000, 40(9).&97~99 研究了复模糊系统的参数估计,提出了用经典的Kalman滤波来估计模糊系统参数的一种新方法.在实例分析中,将复模糊系统用于通信信道均衡,用专家知识对信道输出建立一个模糊规则库,可以提高算法的速度和准确率.图1表1参6 国家自然科学基金(69772023)资助 TP18 01050552 基于Cauchy和Gaussian分布状态发生器的模拟退火算法=Simulated Annealing with the State Generator Based on Cauchy and Gaussian Distributions[刊, 中]/王凌(清华大学),郑大钟∥清华大学学报(自然科学版).&2000, 40(9).&109~112 主要研究函数优化中基于Cauchy分布的状态发生器和基于Gaussian分布的状态发生器对模拟退火算法性能的影响.图2表3参5 国家自然科学基金(69684001)资助 TP18 01050553 邻域搜索算法的统一结构和混合优化策略=Unified Framework for Neighbor Search Algorithms and Hybrid Optimization Strategies[刊, 中]/王凌(清华大学),郑大钟∥清华大学学报(自然科学版).&2000, 40(9).&125~128 通过对领域搜索算法的流程和主要环节的分析与归纳,基于空间分解和进程分解的思路提出了领域搜索算法的一种统一结构,为优化算法的系统化研究和新型混合优化算法的开发提供了可行途径.图2参5 国家自然科学基金(69684001)资助 TP18 01050554 赋值层化占先模型=Preferential Model with Rankd Valuation[刊, 中]/朱朝晖(南京航空航天大学),陈世福…∥计算机学报.&2000, 23(10).&1009~1014 提出两个新的占先模型类&&赋值层化占先模型与PRC模型,在有限语言情形下,利用这两个模型类分别建立了P+WD及P+RC后承的表示定理.并用P+WD的表示定理对他们提出的另一开问题给出否定的答案,即证明了P+WD NR在单射占先模型类中不成立.图1参6 国家自然科学基金(69875007)资助 TP18 01050555 基于数据挖掘的普通话韵律规则学习=Data Mining for Learning Mandarion Prosodic Models[刊, 中]/朱廷劭(哈尔滨工业大学),高文∥计算机学报.&2000, 23(11).&1179~1183 为了更有效地进行韵律规则学习,利用数据挖掘技术从语料库中提取规则.通过聚类分析进行基频模式提取,并以此进行基频序列的离散化;由语言学分析的结果得出训练句子中每个音节的参数,利用决策树和神经网络学习音节的韵律变化规则.图3表4参12 国家自然科学基金重点项目(69789301)资助 TP18 01050556 多重改进型指数双向联想记忆模型及其在多证据推理中的决策性能=Multiple Improved Exponential Bidirectional Associative Memory and Its Decision-Making Performance in Multievidence Reasoning[刊, 中]/陈松灿(南京航空航天大学),蔡骏∥计算机学报.&2000, 23(11).&1184~1188 提出了多证据推理中采用神经网络来模拟信念组合学习的方法.网络由多个改进型指数双向联想记忆模型(IeBAM)构成,并且共享一个输出来同时进行多证据不确定性的管理.图2表1参7 国家自然科学基金(69701004)资助 TP18 01050557 求解广义最佳鉴别矢量集的一种迭代算法及人脸识别=An Iterative Algorithm for the Generalized Optimal Set of Discriminant Vectors and Its Application to Face Recognition[刊, 中]/郭跃飞(南京理工大学),杨静宇∥计算机学报.&2000, 23(11).&1189~1195 国家自然科学基金(69672013)资助 TP18 01050558 基于孤立波的多Agent系统超分布超并行自组织动态任务规划方法=A Solition Approach to Hyper-Distributed Hyper-Parallel Self-Organizing Dynamic Programming for MAS Task Allocation[刊, 中]/顾慧平(华东理工大学),帅典勋∥华东理工大学学报.&2000, 26(5).&492~498 国家自然科学基金(69773037)资助 TP18 01050559 前馈网络的一种超线性收敛BP学习算法=Super-Linearly Convergent BP Learning Algorithm for Feedforward Neural Netwroks[刊, 中]/梁久祯(北京航空航天大学),何新贵…∥软件学报.&2000, 11(8).&1094~1096 分析传统BP算法存在的缺点,并针对这些缺点提出一种改进的BP学习算法.图1表2参2 国家自然科学基金(69705001)资助 TP18 01050560 基于遗传算法的二叉树画树算法=Binary Tree Drawing Algorithm Based on Genetic Algorithms[刊, 中]/黄竞伟(武汉大学),康立山…∥软件学报.&2000, 11(8).&1112~1117 用遗传算法设计了一种通用二叉树画树算法框架.在该框架下,可以根据应用的不同,通过设计反映美观标准的不同目标函数来得到不同的画树算法,而且容易添加或减少美观标准以适应不同用户的需要.图4参5 国家自然科学基金(69635030)资助 TP18 01050561 支持Windows2000服务质量机制的多媒体会议系统=A Video Conference Based on Windows2000 QoS Technology[刊, 中]/郭乐深(电子科技大学),刘锦德∥电子科技大学学报.&2000, 29(6).&632~635 电子部预研基金资助 TP18 01050562 缺省推理与信念修正&&一种独立于语形的方法=Default Reasoning and Belief Revision: A Syntax-Independent Approach[刊, 英]/张东摩(南京航空航天大学),朱朝晖…∥Journal of Computer Science and Technology.&2000, 15(5).&430~438 国家自然科学基金资助 TP18 01050563 一种不平衡注意参数条件下的遗传协同学习算法=A Genetic-Synergetic Learning Algorithm under Unbalanced Attention Parameters[刊, 中]/王海龙(上海交通大学),戚飞虎…∥电子学报.&2000, 28(11).&25~28 讨论了目标识别的协同方法在不平衡注意参数条件下的动力学行为,并提出了不平衡注意参数条件下的遗传协同学习算法.图3表1参9 国家自然科学基金(69772002)资助 TP18 01050564 基于认知模拟的符号-神经网络系统的研究=Research of Symbolic-Neural Network System Based on Cognition Simulation[刊, 中]/王继成(同济大学)∥电子学报.&2000, 28(11).&99~101 提出了一个基于认知模拟的符号-神经网络系统.该系统不仅具有好的逻辑思维能力,而且具有好的形象思维能力,可以较好地模拟人类的感知、认知和思维等功能.图3参4 国家自然科学基金(69285005)资助 TP206 01050565 一种用于时滞测试的确定性测试生成器的设计=Exploiting Deterministic TPG for Path Delay Testing[刊, 英]/李晓维(北京大学),张英相∥Journal of Computer Science and Technology.&2000, 15(5).&472~479 提出一种用于时滞测试的确定性测试生成器的设计方法.给定一个(由确定型测试生成器)预先生成的、已知故障覆盖率的双向量测试集.图7表2参13 国家自然科学基金资助 TP212 01050566 自平衡电桥激励的压力传感器零点输出信号的电漂移特性=The Property of Electric Drift of Null Point Output for the Pressure Sensors Excited by a Self-Balanced Bridge[刊, 中]/孙以材(河北工业大学),范兆书…∥电子学报.&2000, 28(11).&39~42 国家自然科学基金(69672015)资助 TP242 01050567 多指手的操作灵巧性设计=Design of Multi-Fingered Hand with Manipulation Dexterity[刊, 中]/李剑锋(北京航空航天大学),张玉茹…∥机械工程学报.&2000, 36(11).&23~29 将多指手的设计分解为手指机构的灵巧性设计及手指的合理布位两个子问题.针对子问题一,确定了合理的手指杆长比例及指端的灵巧操作区间,给出了确定手指驱动器功率的算法.对于子问题二,给出手指布位的一般性原则.图7表1参8 国家自然科学基金(59985001)资助 TP27 01050568 样条类小波及其统一多分辨分析模型=Spline Class Wavelet and Its United Multi-Resolution Analysis Model[刊, 中]/何正友(西南交通大学),钱清泉∥铁道学报.&2000, 22(5).&33~36 在研究B样条小波构造方法的基础上,提出了用广义多分辨分析模型统一样条类小波的构造和快速变换,给出了已有样条小波在统一模型下的算子取值,探讨了各类样条小波的性质.图3参7 国家自然科学基金(59977019)资助 TP273 01050569 焦化塔双线性建模及变结构控制=The Bilinear Modeling and Variable Structure Control of the Coker[刊, 中]/张克进(华东理工大学),俞金寿∥华东理工大学学报.&2000, 26(5).&462~465 给出了基于综合优化方法的双线性系统建模和变结构控制设计方法,并将此用于延迟焦化装置,建立了焦化塔双线性模型和变结构控制器,较好地解决了抖振问题.图5参6 国家自然科学基金(69874011)资助 TP273 01050570 IPCA在故障检测与分离中的应用=Fault Detection and Diagnosis by Integrated Principal Component Analysis[刊, 中]/成成(华东理工大学),黄道∥华东理工大学学报.&2000, 26(5).&502~506 ‘863'项目 TP273 01050571 基于小波网络的非线性多变量约束预测控制=Non-Linear MIMO Predictive Control Based on Wavelet Networks[刊, 中]/黄德先(清华大学),金以慧…∥清华大学学报(自然科学版).&2000, 40(9).&116~119 为了解决非线性多变量系统的建模、控制和优化问题,扩展基于小波神经网络的单变量系统辨识到多变量系统辨识,并用它实现非线性预测控制.图4参8 国家自然科学基金重点项目(69635010)资助 TP274 01050572 同步迭代图像重建技术在电容层析成像系统中的应用=Simultaneous Iterative Reconstruction Technique for Electrical Capacitance Tomography[刊, 中]/苏邦良(清华大学),张以恒…∥清华大学学报(自然科学版).&2000, 40(9).&90~92 针对收敛速度和重建后图像的模糊效应,对同步迭代图像重建技术(SIRT)算法进行了改进.改进后的SIRT算法使重建图像的速度和质量都有了明显的提高.图3参5 国家自然科学基金(69874022)资助 TP274 01050573 GA-ANN算法在产品质量估计中的应用=The Application of GA-ANN Algorithm in Product Quality Estimation[刊, 中]/张克进(华东理工大学),徐敏…∥华东理工大学学报.&2000, 26(5).&512~516 高等学校博士学科点专项科研基金资助 TP274 01050574 低空突防用数字地形的平滑处理=Smoothing Approach to Digital Terrain for Low Altitude Penetration[刊, 中]/胡志忠(南京航空航天大学),徐克虎…∥南京航空航天大学学报.&2000, 32(5).&493~497 "九五”国防预研基金资助 TP301 01050575 对称三值元胞自动机的特征化表示=Characteristic Representation of Symmetric Ternary Cellular Automata[刊, 中]/许力(浙江大学)∥电子学报.&2000, 28(11).&106~107 提出对称三值系统中的元胞自动机(CA 3)的特征化表示方法.所有采用相加性规则的CA 3均可用一个对称三值特征矩阵来表达.在此基础上,该文在最大长度和吸引子等方面对CA 3和二值元胞自动机进行了比较,并发现CA 3在演变过程中存在诸如正负对称性等新的特性.参9 国家自然科学基金(69485001)资助 TP301 01050576 用Bayesian网络处理具有不完整数据的问题分析=Handling the Incomplete Data Problem Using Bayesian Networks[刊, 中]/王双成(清华大学),林士敏…∥清华大学学报(自然科学版).&2000, 40(9).&65~68 针对现有的Bayesian网络学习方法都不能有效处理缺失数据问题,论文给出了两种处理不完整数据问题的方法.参4 国家自然科学基金(79990580)资助 TP301 01050577 线性时段特性的时间自动机检验=Checking Timed Automata for Linear Duration Properties[刊, 英]/赵建华(南京大学),Dang Van Hung∥Jornal of Computer Science and Technology.&2000, 15(5).&423~429 国家自然科学基金资助 TP301 01050578 块三对角线性方程组的一种分布式并行算法=A Parallel Algorithm for Block-Tridagonal Linear Systems on Distributed-Memory Multicomputers[刊, 中]/骆志刚(国防科学技术大学),李晓梅∥计算机学报.&2000, 23(10).&1028~1034 提出了分布式环境下求解块三对角线性方程组的一种并行算法,分析了算法的复杂性,给出了在分布存储多计算机系统上的数值试验结果.图1表1参8 国家自然科学基金重点项目(69933030)资助 TP301 01050579 基于角色访问控制对象建模及实现=Object Modeling and Implementation of Access Control Based on Role[刊, 中]/严悍(南京理工大学),张宏…∥计算机学报.&2000, 23(10).&1064~1071 国家自然科学基金(69973020)资助 TP301 01050580 Petri网中的广义公平关系=Extended Fair Relation in Petri Net[刊, 中]/宁华(山东科技大学),蒋树强…∥计算机学报.&2000, 23(10).&1102~1106 在吴哲辉等提出的公平性和王培良等提出的弱公平性概念的基础上,提出了Petri网中的广义公平关系.文中讨论了存在准公平关系的可重复网结构,并在此基础上给出了菊花链式握手协议的一个Petri网模型.图4参10 国家自然科学基金(69873029)资助 TP301 01050581 基于神经网络混沌加密算法的专用芯片设计=ASIC Design of Chaotic Encryption Based on Neural Networks[刊, 中]/郭东辉(厦门大学),何小娟…∥计算机学报.&2000, 23(11).&1230~1232 根据一种基于神经网络混沌加密算法所提出的对称密钥密码方案,设计了一种安全实用的加解密专用芯片.该芯片是采用VHDL语言设计的,并用FPGAs实现.文中主要介绍该加解密专用芯片的设计原理和方法.图2参6 国家自然科学基金(69686004,69886002)资助 TP301 01050582 求一个包含点集所有点的最小圆的算法=An Algorithm for Finding the Smallest Circle Containing all Points in a Given Point Set[刊, 中]/汪卫(复旦大学),王文平…∥软件学报.&2000, 11(9).&1237~1240 提出一种算法,以解决求一个最小圆包含给定点集所有点的问题.图5参5 国家自然科学基金(69973028)资助 TP301 01050583 底层相关的VLSI高层次设计策略=Low Level Dependent Design Methodology for High Level VLSI Design[刊, 中]/边计年(清华大学)∥计算机辅助设计与图形学学报.&2000, 12(11).&827~829 提出与底层有关的VLSI高层次设计策略,将影响性能的底层参数和信息引入高层次设计中,使得高层次设计结果在进行物理实现之时能满足性能要求.图4参7 国家自然科学基金(69873026)资助 TP302 01050584 基2×2 FFT的地址映射算法=Dedicated Memory Accessing for Radix-2×2 FFT[刊, 中]/谢应科(中科院计算技术所),侯紫峰…∥计算机学报.&2000, 23(10).&1051~1055 国家自然科学基金重大项目(69896250)资助 TP302 01050585 布尔过程论的实验研究=An Experimental Study of Boolean Process[刊, 中]/于潇洋(中科院计算技术所),闵应骅…∥计算机学报.&2000, 23(11).&1196~1200 国家自然科学基金重点课题(69733010)资助 TP302 01050586 软件DSM系统中的一种有限多写(LMW)方法=Limited Multiple-Writer: An Approach to Dealing with False Sharing in Software DSMs[刊, 英]/谢向辉(中科院计算技术所),韩承德∥Journal of Computer Science and Technology.&2000, 15(5).&453~460 提出了一种实现多写的新的方法:有限多写.详细介绍了有限多写方法在基于工作站的软件DSM中的实现,并给出了一些应用程序的测试结果.图2表3参12 国家自然科学基金资助 TP302 01050587 CAD系统中工程剖视图的算法研究=Study on Algorithm of Engineering Cutaway View in CAD System[刊, 中]/刘晓平(合肥工业大学),王浩…∥计