Sample records for air force personnel

  1. Treatment Seeking Beliefs and Behaviors in Air Force Nursing Personnel (United States)


    and resilience related to mental health treatment-seeking by AF nursing personnel? To assess the extent accessing MH services in AF nursing ...personnel are influenced by: perceived stigma and barriers to care , resilience, perceived stress, demographic characteristics, military grade and previous deployment.

  2. Air Force Integrated Personnel and Pay System (AFIPPS) (United States)


    3 Program Information 4 Responsible Office 4 References 4 Program Description 5 Business Case 5 Program Status 6 Schedule...service system. The system represents the AF commitment to modernize business practices and provide enhanced support for today’s service members and...their families . AFIPPS will align with DoD data standards for personnel, pay, and accounting, including the Common Human Resource Information

  3. Motivation a Necessary Personnel Management Tool in the Air Force. (United States)


    psychologists has written on the subject of job motivation. Some greats such as Abraham H. Maslow, Douglas McGregor, and Frederick Herzberg have become... Frederick Herzberg , Instructor 7. Herzberg , Frederick . Work and the Nature of Man. Cleveland, OH: World Publishing Company, 1966 8. Air Command and Staff...Individuals , such as Maslow, McGregor, Herzberg , Likert, Vroom, Argyris, and others tried to formulate theories to "explain the complex behavior of

  4. A Methodology for Modeling the Flow of Military Personnel Across Air Force Active and Reserve Components (United States)


    for pilots will depend on the • number of active component pilots who separate • fraction of separating pilots who affiliate with the reserve ...when tracking economic output over a period of time. GDP data were collected from the Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED), Federal Reserve Bank of St...C O R P O R A T I O N Research Report A Methodology for Modeling the Flow of Military Personnel Across Air Force Active and Reserve Components

  5. Stigma and barriers to accessing mental health services perceived by Air Force nursing personnel. (United States)

    Hernandez, Stephen H A; Bedrick, Edward J; Parshall, Mark B


    We investigated perceptions of stigma and barriers associated with accessing mental health services among active component U.S. Air Force officer and enlisted nursing personnel (N = 211). The Britt and Hoge et al Stigma scale and Hoge et al Barriers to Care scale were administered via an anonymous, online survey. Stigma items pertained to concerns that might affect decisions to seek mental health treatment. Most of the sample agreed with the items "Members of my unit might have less confidence in me" and "My unit leadership might treat me differently." Approximately 20% to 46% agreed with the other four stigma items. Officer nursing personnel were significantly more likely than enlisted to agree that accessing mental health services would be embarrassing, harm their career, or cause leaders to blame them for the problem (p ≤ 0.03 for each comparison). Getting time off from work for treatment and scheduling appointments were perceived as barriers by 41% and 21% of respondents, respectively. We conclude that proportions of Air Force nursing personnel reporting concerns about potential stigmatizing consequences of seeking mental health care are substantial and similar to ranges previously reported by military service members screening positive for mental health problems after deployment.

  6. Disqualifying Medical Conditions of Flying Personnel in Chinese Army and Air Force

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Chun-wei Wang; Shu-xuan Xu; Xian-rong Xu; Tong-xin Chen


    @@ After inpatient aircrews of Chinese Army and Air Force are treated at local hospitals,their health status will be evaluated.If it is aeronantieally adaptable,the conclusion would be flying qualification;if it may impact the flight safety or the flight environment may aggravate the illness,the conclusion would be flight suspension,and then the patient should be forwarded from local hospital to our hospital.After detailed examination,if the conditions of flying personnel are considered not qualified for flight,the conclusion of flying disqualification should be made finally.

  7. Epidemiology of HIV among US Air Force Military Personnel, 1996-2011.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Shilpa Hakre

    Full Text Available The objectives of this study were to describe the epidemiology of HIV in the United States Air Force (USAF from 1996 through 2011 and to assess whether socio-demographic characteristics and service-related mobility, including military deployments, were associated with HIV infection.We conducted a retrospective cohort analysis of USAF personnel who were HIV-infected during the study period January 1, 1996 through December 31, 2011 and a matched case-control study. Cases were USAF personnel newly-diagnosed with HIV during the study period. Five randomly-selected HIV-uninfected controls were matched to each case by age, length of service, sex, race, service, component, and HIV test collection date. Socio-demographic and service-related mobility factors and HIV diagnosis were assessed using conditional logistic regression.During the study period, the USAF had 541 newly diagnosed HIV-infected cases. HIV incidence rate (per 100,000 person-years among 473 active duty members was highest in 2007 (16.78, among black/ African-American USAF members (26.60 and those aged 25 to 29 years (10.84. In unadjusted analysis restricted to personnel on active duty, 10 characteristics were identified and considered for final multivariate analysis. Of these single (adjusted odds ratio [aOR], 8.15, 95% confidence interval [CI] 5.71-11.6 or other marital status (aOR 4.60, 95% CI 2.72-7.75, communications/ intelligence (aOR 2.57, 95% CI 1.84-3.60 or healthcare (aOR 2.07, 95% CI 1.28-3.35 occupations, and having no deployment in the past 2 years before diagnosis (aOR 2.02, 95% CI 1.47-2.78 conferred higher odds of HIV infection in adjusted analysis.The highest risk of HIV infection in the USAF was among young unmarried deployment-naïve males, especially those in higher risk occupation groups. In an era when worldwide military operations have increased, these analyses identified potential areas where targeted HIV prevention efforts may be beneficial in reducing HIV

  8. Challenges to United States Tactical Air Force Aircraft Maintenance Personnel: Past, Present and Future (United States)


    Korean War. MS thesis, AFIT/GSM/L/88S-7. School of Systems and Logistics, Air Force Institute of Technology, Wright-Patterson APB OH, September 1988 (AD...1.5-billion program, MSIP is upgrading 15 line replaceable units (LRUs) in the Hughes APG-63 radar and other key avionics systems to extend the...1980. 11. Forney, Captain James I. Logistics Of Aircrnt Mmintenance During The Korean War. MS thesis, AFIT/GSM/LS/88S-7. School of Systems and Logistics

  9. Air Force Personnel Can Improve Compliance With the Berry Amendment and Buy American Act (United States)


    oversight. In December 2015 the 502d contracting personnel verified that noncompliant Buy American Act items were delivered from China , a items N/A3 Yes 26 FA3047-15-P-0050 37,900 Blue cotton blanket No Yes 27 FA3047-14-P-0375 46,666 Hand and measuring tools No Yes 28 FA3047-15-P-0062

  10. Evaluation of the effects of exposure to organic solvents and hazardous noise among US Air Force Reserve personnel

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Hayley Hughes


    Full Text Available Hearing loss affects many workers including those in the military and may be caused by noise, medications, and chemicals. Exposures to some chemicals may lead to an increase in the incidence of hearing loss when combined with hazardous noise. This retrospective study evaluated the risk for hearing loss among Air Force Reserve personnel exposed to occupational noise with and without exposures to toluene, styrene, xylene, benzene, and JP-8 (jet fuel. Risk factors associated with hearing loss were determined using logistic and linear regression. Stratified analysis was used to evaluate potential interaction between solvent and noise exposure. The majority of the subjects were male (94.6% and 35 years or older on the date of their first study audiogram (66%. Followed for an average of 3.2 years, 9.2% of the study subjects had hearing loss in at least one ear. Increasing age (odds ratio [OR] = 1.03 per year of age and each year of follow-up time (OR = 1.23 were significantly associated with hearing loss. Low and moderate solvent exposures were not associated with hearing loss. Linear regression demonstrated that hearing loss was significantly associated with age at first study audiogram, length of follow-up time, and exposure to noise. Hearing decreased by 0.04 decibels for every decibel increase in noise level or by almost half a decibel (0.4 dB for every 10 decibel increase in noise level.

  11. US Air Force Base Observations (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Hourly observations taken by U.S. Air Force personnel at bases in the United States and around the world. Foreign observations concentrated in the Middle East and...

  12. National Guard and Reserves: Air Force Needs to Consistently Assess Personnel Requirements to Appropriately Size Its Headquarters Reserve Components (United States)


    Headquarters Reserve Components Report to Congressional Committees August 2016 GAO-16-538 United States Government Accountability Office...United States Government Accountability Office Highlights of GAO-16-538, a report to congressional committees August 2016 NATIONAL...Report 114-49 included a provision for GAO to review DOD’s Army and Air Force Reserve Components’ headquarters. Among other things, this report (1

  13. 驻高原与驻平原空军官兵口腔健康现状调查%Oral Health Status of Air Force Personnel on Plateau and on Plain

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    佘建祯; 冯帆; 周兴田; 何漪; 陈成; 张文


    Objective To investigate the oral health statue of air force personnel on plateau and on plain so as to provide reference guidance for the prevention and treatment of oral diseases of air force personnel on plateau. Methods An investigation of oral health, in-cluding the occurrence of dental caries, dental calculus, gingivitis and periodontitis, was made in 990 air force personnel on plateau of an average altitude of 3900m (plateau group) and in 910 air force personnel on plain of an average altitude of 500 (plain group). Results The occurrence of oral diseases in personnel in plateau group was higher than that in personnel in plain group and it increased with the time going of station on plateau;the occurrence of dental caries, dental calculus, gingivitis and periodontitis in plateau group was higher than that in plain group (P<0.05). Conclusions The occurrence of oral diseases in air force personnel on plateau is higher than that in air force personnel on plain;it is important to strengthen the education of oral health in the personnel on plateau and to improve their medi-cal and health facilities so as to decrease the disease occurrence and to promote the battle effectiveness.%目的调查对比驻高原与驻平原空军官兵口腔健康状况,为驻高原空军官兵口腔疾病防治提供参考依据。方法对驻高原(平均海拔3900m)空军某部官兵990人(高原组)和驻平原(平均海拔500m)空军某部官兵910人(平原组)进行口腔健康调查。调查内容包括龋病、牙结石、牙龈炎和牙周炎发病情况。结果高原组官兵较平原组官兵口腔疾病发生率高,且驻高原时间越长,口腔患病率越高;高原组患龋病率、牙结石检出率、牙龈炎和牙周炎患病率均高于平原组(Ρ<0.05)。结论驻高原空军官兵口腔疾病患病率较平原官兵高,加强对高原官兵口腔卫生宣传教育,改善高原医疗卫生条件和环境对降低高原官兵口腔

  14. Royal Danish Air Force. Air Operations Doctrine

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Nørby, Søren

    This brief examines the development of the first Danish Air Force Air Operations Doctrine, which was officially commissioned in October 1997 and remained in effect until 2010. The development of a Danish air power doctrine was heavily influenced by the work of Colonel John Warden (USAF), both...... through his book ”The Air Campaign” and his subsequent planning of the air campaign against Iraq in 1990-1991. Warden’s ideas came to Denmark and the Danish Air Force by way of Danish Air Force students attending the United States Air Force Air University in Alabama, USA. Back in Denmark, graduates from...... the Air University inspired a small number of passionate airmen, who then wrote the Danish Air Operations Doctrine. The process was supported by the Air Force Tactical Command, which found that the work dovetailed perfectly with the transformation process that the Danish Air Force was in the midst...

  15. Epidemiologic investigation of health effects in Air Force personnel following exposure to herbicides. Summary mortality update, 1989. Interim report 1979-1987

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wolfe, W.H.; Michalek, J.E.; Miner, J.C.


    The purpose of the Air Force Health Study is to determine whether those individuals involved in the spraying of herbicides in Vietnam during the Ranch Hand operation have experienced any adverse health effects as a result of their participation in that program. The study is designed to evaluate both the mortality (death) and morbidity (disease) in these individuals over a 20-year beginning in 1982. The Baseline Mortality Report was released in June 1983, the Baseline Morbidity Report in February 1984. Follow-up mortality reports were released in 1984, 1985, and 1986. This study has not demonstrated health effects which can be conclusively attributed to herbicide or dioxin exposure. This report contains analyses of cumulative deaths occurring up to 31 December 1987. The overall cumulative mortality of the Ranch Hands remains statistically indistinguishable from that of both their matched Comparisons and the entire Comparison, population, although there is a statistically significant increasing trend in post-1983 death rates among Ranch Hand flying officers and a statistically significant increase in Ranch Hand digestive system deaths relative to the Comparison population; these findings are not suggestive of a herbicide effect. Ranch Hands are equivalent to all Comparisons in cumulative accidental, malignant neoplasm and circulatory system mortality.

  16. Legal constraints imposed on security force personnel

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Cadwell, J.J.


    It is argued that the penalty for most mistakes made by security is the payment of money by the utility. The security personnel has only to act reasonably and not in a negligent manner. Preventing of sabotage is more important than obtaining a conviction, so it is better to search and not get a conviction than it is not to search. (DLC)

  17. Assignment Procedures in the Air Force Procurement Management Information System. (United States)

    Ward, Joe H., Jr.; And Others

    An overview is presented of the procedure for offering jobs in the Air Force Procurement Management Information System (PROMIS), an assignment system which makes possible the use of human resources research findings to improve individual personnel assignments. A general framework for viewing personnel assignment systems is presented; then job…

  18. Combat Support Execution Planning and Control: An Assessment of Initial Implementations in Air Force Exercises (United States)


    operators, civil engineers, C2 planners, and mobility planners throughout the Department of Defense, espe - cially those in the Air Force and those who rely...ACS for the entire Air Force. Teach ACS critical thinking and problem-solving in an operational environment. Invest in the education of personnel who...common vocabulary for these personnel. In addition to the on-site assess- ment team, RAND Project AIR FORCE and Air Force participants gathered a group

  19. United States Air Force Statistical Digest, Fiscal Year 1979, Thirty-Fourth Edition (United States)


    Force Simpson Historical Research Center Air Force Service Information and News Center Air Force Intelligence Service. Air Force Inspection and Saftey ...Examination (Standard Form 88); physical inspections of food handlers or barbers are not included nor are examina- tions of personnel who are ill

  20. Air Force Utilization of Social Actions Personnel (United States)


    the charter for Social Actin " 4 -1nuate to con, it. its mission in today’s social and work environment (Item 63). Some support for this also exists at...fuzctlznal areas’ ’ ___-_ (You nay selec: tzre :han zne c:riqn, 5. ’ hCV atO -:-g Atse Answer --n :.oer of years.) c. suosn R. atc’zs s:,catl~n

  1. Food Preferences of Air Force Enlisted Personnel (United States)


    u> U. u. O 0 o a K z UJ UJ UJ co e, <J 1 Etc 3 a LI zee . a a a «* Q UJ o E LI o o or 1/1 H -J O </) Ui .j < to Ul ■1 I K...New Mexico o 05 California o 32 New York o 06 Colorado o 33 North Carolina O 07 Connecticut o 34 North Dakota O 08 Delaware o 35 Ohio o 09

  2. Job Attitudes of Pacific Air Force Personnel (United States)


    5tuy#J1n, by Katz, Maccoby and Morse, found that supervisors of high producing sections act differently than supervisors of lower producing sections...Katz, D., Maccoby , N., & Morse, N. C. (1950). Productivity, supervision, and morale in an office situation. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan

  3. US Air Force Balloon Observations (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Worksheets containing pilot balloon data computed from releases at Air Force stations in the western United States. Elevation and azimuth angles are used to compute...

  4. Air Force Civil Engineer Center Management of Energy Savings Performance Contracts Needs Improvement (United States)


    generated a database of trained Air Force personnel. Air Force Energy Office officials stated that they did not reach out to DOE-FEMP to track Air Force...completed, and terminated Air Force energy -savings performance-contract projects. The database should include, but not be limited to, appropriate...Force Civil Engineer Center Management of Energy Savings Performance Contracts Needs Improvement M A Y 4 , 2 0 1 6 Report No. DODIG-2016-087 Mission

  5. The Development of Air Force Undergraduate Space Training. LTTC Special Study. (United States)

    Levy, Michael H.

    This historical study traces the development of an undergraduate program at Lowry Technical Training Center (LTTC) situated in the Lowry Air Force Base, Colorado, to train Air Force officers and enlisted personnel for the space operations career field. The report begins in the 1950s when Air Force Systems Command examined the concept of a manned…

  6. Annual US Air Force Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Report, 1995. (United States)


    This report evaluates the 1995 US Air Force (USAF) Sexually Transmitted Diseases ( STD ) Prevention and Control Program. The report analyzes data from...88 medical treatment facilities worldwide and compares 1995 data with that from 1992-94. The 1995 USAF active duty total STD incidence rate was 7.64...cases per 1,000 personnel. This rate represents a 18.9% decline from the 1994 reported STD incidence rate of 9.41 per 1,000 personnel. Among active

  7. Shift designs for freight handling personnel at air cargo terminals

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rong, Aiying; Grunow, Martin


    This paper presents an integrated mixed integer linear programming (MILP) model for determining manpower requirements and related personnel shift designs for the build-up and break-down of the unit load devices (ULDs) at the air cargo terminal to minimize manpower costs. To utilize the manpower...

  8. United States Air Force Statistical Digest 1947, Second Annual Number (United States)


    those personnel chargeable to the Air Force Troop Bases. The tables are based on audited and coordinated data and in all eeeee the htest available...96 442 344 98 482 384 98 Sgt • , . 947 819 128 855 694 161 858 684 174 827 654 173 Cpl. . 665 544 121 482 347 135 413 305 108 380 280 100 Pfe • . 202

  9. CHANGE@CERN:Task Force 4: Matching personnel to activities

    CERN Multimedia


    Our series on the work of the Task Forces moves on to Human Ressources at CERN. Staff mobility and topics related to contract policy were the main personnel issues to be considered by Task Force 4, led by John Ferguson, head of AS Division. The aim, as with the other Task Forces, was to find ways to focus resources on the LHC, and once again the recommendations recognise the opportunity to make constructive changes, in this case in Human Resources policy at CERN. Movement of staff between divisions at CERN has generally not been easy, with 'staff complements' (total numbers) set for each sector (research, accelerator, technical and administration). However, the restructuring of the accelerator sector (proposed by Task Force 5 and already agreed in principle) should allow some staff to move to LHC activities. More generally, Task Force 4 recommends that the Laboratory carries out a review of all activities, at a relatively detailed level, so as to identify the resources required to achieve specific goals (t...

  10. Current Air Force Combat Search and Rescue Challenges (United States)


    keep patients alive that had holes through them from RPGs, shrapnel, 7.62, and multiple amputations ...Army MEDEVAC birds have similar countermeasures to Air Force Pavehawks, but lack any door guns whatsoever.14 The Pavehawks, flying with mini...with the Task Force TOC as they hit checkpoints, giving ETAs and routing for the next leg . Other‟s have Personnel Locator Beacons (PLBs), SATPHONEs

  11. 78 FR 49484 - Exchange of Air Force Real Property for Non-Air Force Real Property (United States)


    ... Department of Air Force Exchange of Air Force Real Property for Non-Air Force Real Property SUMMARY: Notice identifies excess Federal real property under administrative jurisdiction of the United States Air Force it intends to exchange for real property not currently owned by the Federal government that will be...

  12. Annotated Bibliography of the Air Force Human Resources Laboratory Technical Reports--1976. (United States)

    Barlow, Esther M., Comp.

    This annotated bibliography presents a listing of technical reports (1976) dealing with personnel and training research conducted by the Air Force Human Resources Laboratory, an institution charged with the planning and execution of United States Air Force exploratory and advanced development programs for selection, motivation, training,…

  13. Combat Support Execution Planning and Control. An Assessment of Initial Implementations in Air Force Exercises (United States)


    espe - cially those in the Air Force and those who rely on Air Force bases and support to shape their combat capability. This study is one of a series of...means for building knowledge of best practices across ACS for the entire Air Force. Teach ACS critical thinking and problem-solving in an operational...consensus, at least greater understanding and a common vocabulary for these personnel. In addition to the on-site assess- ment team, RAND Project

  14. Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station NPDES Permit (United States)

    Under NPDES permit CO-0034762, the Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station is authorized to discharge from the interior storm drainage system and air exhaust stacks at the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, in El Paso County, Colorado, to tributaries Fountain Creek.

  15. Personnel Management - The Key for Making Force Modernization Payoff. (United States)


    moving away. The trauma of a Permanent Change of Station move for families and soldiers ordered to join the division has been delayed in some cases...officials, in conjunction with commanders and personnel managers. This predicted personnel nightmare was partially a result of TOE changes and the

  16. US Air Force Data Processing Manuals (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Data Processing Reference manual for United States Air Force surface stations, circa 1960s. TDF-13 stands for Tape Deck Format number 13, the format in which the...

  17. Air Force Geophysics Laboratory Magnetometer Network (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This file is comprised of the variation one minute values of the geomagnetic components X, Y and Z. These data were calculated by the Air Force Geophysics Laboratory...

  18. Measuring Air Force Contracting Customer Satisfaction (United States)


    firm’s market research budget (Olsen, Witell & Gustafsson, 2014). With all the research and popularity surrounding Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ... Customer Relationship Management CS Contracting Specialist DAU Defense Acquisition University DFARS Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement...AFSVA Air Force Services Activity AMC Air Mobility Command CE Civil Engineering CEM Customer Experience Management CO Contracting Officer COA

  19. Canadian Air Force Leadership and Command: Implications for the Human Dimension of Expeditionary Air Force Operations (United States)


    Thierry Gongora , “The meaning of Expeditionary Operations from an Air Force Perspective,” in Allan D. English, ed., Canadian Expeditionary Air Forces...2002 (revised November 2002), 6. DRDC Toronto CR 2006-297 129 the other hand, as Thierry Gongora has noted, define an expedition as...342 Thierry Gongora , “The Meaning of Expeditionary Operations from an Air Force Perspective,” paper

  20. Air Force Issues Book 1992 (United States)


    woft te TraWNWg prgram 1outlind In the 1M9 Training Aircraft Mastpla? While we have continued to make adjustments to the Masterplan to reflect force...the Bomber-Fighter Training System. This is potentially the most expensive proposition in the Masterplan , and we are seeking ways to minimize the

  1. Force Structure: Preliminary Observations on Air Force A-10 Divestment (United States)


    disclosure . Therefore, this report omits certain information about military plans or operations, vulnerabilities or capabilities of systems or...Special Operations Command; Headquarters Air Force (A3, A5, A8, A9, and Financial Management); Air Combat Command (A3, A4, A5, and A8); Army (G-3/5/7 and...copyrighted images or other material , permission from the copyright holder may be necessary if you wish to reproduce this material separately. Page 9

  2. Air Force Security Forces Professionalism: Useful Insights for Leaders (United States)


    Enforcement, and Security.66 The division’s intent to improve technical competence in each area by providing a sharper focus was controversial. Some...credential for Security Forces members and provided assurance to Air Force communities that competent professionals were protecting them. Secrest 26...Rand Corp, 2002. Bachman , Jerald G., David R. Segal, Peter Freedman-Doan, and Patrick M. O’Maley. Who Chooses Military Service? Correlates of

  3. 77 FR 55465 - US Air Force Exclusive Patent License (United States)


    ... Department of the Air Force US Air Force Exclusive Patent License AGENCY: Air Force Research Laboratory... an Exclusive Patent License. SUMMARY: Pursuant to the provisions of part 404 of Title 37, Code of... interest the United States Air Force has in: U.S. Patent No. 8,051,475, filed on March 27, 2007 and...

  4. Personnel Security during Joint Operations with Foreign Military Forces (United States)


    century society into the twenty-first century encounters a number of obstacles. Illiteracy and innumeracy rates are high, and repressive social values are...Operations with Foreign Military Forces Feature quickly degraded into executions for social infractions like blasphemy. Repression soon followed, and the...the Soviets inherited. Objective: Why Do They Hate Us? This article addresses the primary issue of the dramatic increase in the number of insider

  5. Improving Energy Security for Air Force Installations (United States)

    Schill, David

    Like civilian infrastructure, Air Force installations are dependent on electrical energy for daily operations. Energy shortages translate to decreased productivity, higher costs, and increased health risks. But for the United States military, energy shortages have the potential to become national security risks. Over ninety-five percent of the electrical energy used by the Air Force is supplied by the domestic grid, which is susceptible to shortages and disruptions. Many Air Force operations require a continuous source of energy, and while the Air Force has historically established redundant supplies of electrical energy, these back-ups are designed for short-term outages and may not provide sufficient supply for a longer, sustained power outage. Furthermore, it is the goal of the Department of Defense to produce or procure 25 percent of its facility energy from renewable sources by fiscal year 2025. In a government budget environment where decision makers are required to provide more capability with less money, it is becoming increasingly important for informed decisions regarding which energy supply options bear the most benefit for an installation. The analysis begins by exploring the field of energy supply options available to an Air Force installation. The supply options are assessed according to their ability to provide continuous and reliable energy, their applicability to unique requirements of Air Force installations, and their costs. Various methods of calculating energy usage by an installation are also addressed. The next step of this research develops a methodology and tool which assesses how an installation responds to various power outage scenarios. Lastly, various energy supply options are applied to the tool, and the results are reported in terms of cost and loss of installation capability. This approach will allow installation commanders and energy managers the ability to evaluate the cost and effectiveness of various energy investment options.

  6. The Evolution of Air Force Targeting (United States)


    the idea of the “strategic” application of air power. German Zeppelin raids on London in 1917 are probably the first known uses of air forces beyond...bombardment led to an increasing emphasis on targeting. Then- Maj Donald Wilson, an instructor at the ACTS, believed that attack- ing a few critical targets...the organic industrial, economic, and civic systems that maintained the life of the enemy nation itself.13 This doctrine led to an even greater

  7. Project Air Force Annual Report 2007 (United States)


    effective fighting unit, the Al Nida Armored Division, disinte- grated totally as a result of precision air strikes. “The Al Nida troops concluded they...Richard Fallon, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Robert H. Brook, Vice President and Director, RAND Health Eugene C. Gritton, Vice President...Defense Research Institute) Eugene C. Gritton, Vice President and Director RAND Project AIR FORCE Andrew R. Hoehn, Vice President and Director

  8. Air Force JROTC: Introduction and Information Brief (United States)


    Requirements • Leaders, Teachers, Mentors, & Guides who care about making a positive impact on our cadets • Instructor Training - Junior Instructor...Curriculum In Action (Field Trips) • Kitty Hawk Air Society • Orienteering • Model Rocketry & Radio Controlled Aircraft Clubs • Incentive flights in...Support unit’s AFJROTC Booster Club • Encourage parent support & involvement • Visit & partner with other AFJROTC units, ROTC units, Air Force

  9. Tactical Automated Security System Air Force expeditionary security (United States)

    Butler, Ken


    The US Air Force's TASS (Tactical Automated Security System) program has been in existence since 1996. The TASS program meets the growing need to supplement security personnel with modern technology, when these forces are deployed around the world. TASS combines five equipment elements into an integrated security solution, providing both a detection and an assessment capability. TASS does this in a way which maximizes the mobility and user friendliness objectives of the system. In this paper, we will take a closer look at TASS. We will examine the concepts that drive the TASS development process. We will provide an overview of the TASS technical elements, and provide a roadmap for further development of those elements. Finally, we will provide recommendations to security providers who aim to have their products included in the TASS baseline of equipment.

  10. Institutional Memory and the US Air Force (United States)


    War forced the US military first to wage and then constantly prepare for total war. For the US Air Force, this preparation meant that for the first...War consis- tently reveals incredible nuance. Clausewitz’s logic is exemplified as his dialectical method acknowledges a vast gap between “absolute...but none of them is a fragile or failing state. An acquisition plan that includes lower technology and lower-cost solutions to capability gaps gives

  11. The Character Strengths of Special Forces Personnel: Insights for Civilian Health Care Practitioners. (United States)

    Gayton, Scott D; Kehoe, E James


    Civilian employees, contractors, and private community clinicians are increasingly providing health treatment to currently serving and former military personnel. This study addresses recent calls for evidence-based information to assist civilian practitioners in understanding the perspectives of their military clients. To this end, the self-reported character strengths of military personnel were elicited as an operationalized expression of their underlying personal values that shape their perspectives and conduct as soldiers. Specifically, Australian Army Special Forces operators and support personnel (N = 337) were asked to rank themselves on 24 character strengths. The three character strengths of integrity, teamworker, and good judgment were ranked significantly above random assignment. Nearly all the respondents (84%) gave a top rank to at least one of these character strengths. Differences between the operators and support personnel were modest. Results are discussed with respect to establishing an effective relationship between military clients and civilian health care practitioners.

  12. Annotated Bibliography of the Air Force Human Resources Laboratory Technical Reports--1979. Final Report. (United States)

    Barlow, Esther M.

    This annotated bibliography presents summaries of 81 reports on personnel and training research conducted by the Air Force Human Resources Laboratory (AFHRL). Topics addressed include electronics, aeronautics, computers, mathematics, and operational research, as they relate to the selection, motivation, training, retention, education, utilization,…

  13. Role Conflict, Role Ambiguity, and Role Strain in United States Air Force Chief Nurse Administrators. (United States)


    Lirtzman. 1970, published in Adminitative Science Ouartrlv 12), p. 156. by permission of Administrative Science Ouarwri. Copyright @1970 by Cornell...76, Air Force Personnel Survey Program. b. Principal Purposes. The survey is being conducted to collect infor- mation to be used in research aimed at

  14. Analysis of Air Force Wartime Contracted Construction Project Performance (United States)


    Hoff, Captain, USAF AFIT-ENV-15-M-174 DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE AIR UNIVERSITY AIR FORCE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Wright-Patterson Air...Systems Engineering and Management Graduate School of Engineering and Management Air Force Institute of Technology Air University Air Education and...experienced delays from poor design, and 15.4% experienced delays from change orders. 18 Overall, all project genres had a mean actual completion time

  15. United States Air Force Annual Financial Statements (United States)


    gains and losses NRV = Net Realizable Value O = Other Inventory, Gross Value Revaluation Allowance Inventory, Net 2002 2001 United States Air Force...losses NRV = Net Realizable Value O = Other For the most part, DMAG is using the consumption method of accounting for OM&S, since OM&S is defined in the

  16. Reinvigorating the Air Force Nuclear Enterprise (United States)


    MAJCOMs became stewards for nuclear investment, it became more challenging to advocate with one voice. Without strong investment advocacy, the Air Force...did not pay close attention to the schedule components. CDI-07 The 2 OG has fundamentally changed the calculus to conventional weaponry at all

  17. Air Force Implementation is Off the Ground (United States)


    actions taken by the Air Force that have a permanent, positive effect resulting from a particular action area of BBP 2.0. The KC-46 Tanker, F-22 Raptor Europe was able to save $57 million on a back-to-basics approach on its six largest acquisitions by en- couraging early industry involvement to

  18. The use of air-conditioning to improve performances of personnel; Airco inzet voor betere prestaties

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Havenaar, D.


    The combination of temperature, air humidity, ventilation and air movement highly determines the comfort feeling of personnel. Moreover, these factors enable optimal performance. Air-conditioning, but particularly temperature control are important instruments in realizing such an optimal performance climate. [Dutch] De combinatie van temperatuur, luchtvochtigheid, luchtverversing en luchtbeweging bepaalt in hoge mate het behaaglijkheidsgevoel van personeel. Daarnaast zorgen deze factoren ervoor dat optimaal gepresteerd kan worden. Om dit optimale prestatieklimaat te realiseren is airconditioning maar vooral temperatuurbeheersing een belangrijk hulpmiddel.

  19. Rand Project AIR FORCE Annual Report 2010 (United States)


    Andrés Bello No. 10 Piso 6 Col. Polanco C.P. 11560 México, D.F. Tel +52.55.3601.0700 FAx +52.55.3601.0601 PROJECT AIR...Bello No. 10 Piso 6 Col. Polanco C.P. 11560 México, D.F. Tel +52.55.3601.0700 FAx +52.55.3601.0601 PROJECT AIR FORCE

  20. Air Force Roles and Missions: A History (United States)


    Magna Carta ” of an independent air force, providing a formal statement of the equality of air power and land power. It linked the interdependence of...Indianapolis, Ind., Sep. 11, 1925; Ltr, Gen. Mason Patrick to Lt. Col. C. B. Amorous , Feb. 12, 1926. National Archives, RG 18. 57. Maj. Gen. Benjamin D...K112.1- 3. 63. Armstrong and Van Fleet, Naval Avia- tion, pp 62. 64. Ltr, Maj. Gen. Mason Patrick to Lt. Col. C. B. Amorous , New York, NY, Feb. 24, 1926

  1. Risk and Resilience in Deployed Air Force Medical Personnel Study (United States)


    2005 Presentations Maguen, S., Turcotte , D. M., Peterson, A. L., Dremsa, T. L., Garb, H. N., McNally, R. J., & Litz, B. T. (2005, November... Turcotte , D. M., Peterson, A. L., Dremsa, T. L., Garb, H. N., McNally, R. J., Maguen, S., & Litz, B. T. (2005, November). The relationship...Hebenstreit, C., Turcotte , D., Papa, A., Peterson, A. L., McNally, R. & Litz, B (2006, November). Attitudes about military service in military

  2. Neural Networks and Their Application to Air Force Personnel Modeling (United States)


    researchers have also made similar suggestions (Darken & Moody, 1990; DeSieno, 1988; Kangas, Kohonen, Leaksones, Simula, & Venta , 1989). LVQ is also...failure time data. New York: John Wiley & Sons. . Kangr’s, J., Kohonen, T., Leaksones, J., Simula, 0., & Venta , 0. (1989). Variants of self-organizing

  3. Job Attitudes of Air Force Systems Command Personnel. (United States)


    setting on employee motivation and performance has been recognized many times (Greller & Herold, 1975; Ilgen, Fisher, & Taylor, 1979; Pavett, 1983; Weiss...satisfaction and employee motivation . It concentrated on job satisfaction theory and specific research in AFSC-type environments. The next chapter provides...goals somewhat difficult to establish. Numerous studies report the correlation between organizational goal-setting and a positive impact on employee

  4. Multivariate Modelling of the Career Intent of Air Force Personnel. (United States)


    motivation, Victor H . Vroom developed in 1964 what is known today as the first integrated model of expectancy theory. Adding the historical perspective...LSSR 72-80. Vroom , Victor H . Work and Motivation. New York: Wiley, 1964. Vrooman, Roger M. "An Analysis of Factors Associated With the Job...results of the research may, in fact, be ip nt. Whether or not you were able to establish an equivalent value for h research (3 above), what is your

  5. United States Air Force Personnel and Exposure to Herbicide Orange (United States)


    other than hepatitis, Jaundice , or cirrhosis veri- fied by medical record while two of 773 comparisons had the same (p-0.004). Throughout the hepatic...suggest th•j TCDD toxicity may b? associated with radical-induced lipid peroxidation. Kociba and colleaguesŖ saw an Wcreased incidence of arteritis in...Wiley and Sons, NY, 1980. 43. Albro PW, Corbett JT, Harris M, et al: Effects of 2,3,7,8-Tetrachloro- dibenzo-p-Dioxin on Lipid Profiles in Tissue of

  6. Air Force Officers: Personnel Policy Development, 1944-1974 (United States)


    quarters or finger printed them before cashing travelers checks? How did requiring officers to join the officers’ club or wear a uniform with blouse ...military services carte blanche to retain such officers involuntarily or for an indefinite period. Involuntary retention had to be on a case-by-case basis

  7. Use of Alternative Therapies by Active Duty Air Force Personnel (United States)


    are led by lay people. Table I Healing Matrix Orthodox Marginal Alternative Physical Surgery Chiropractic Rolfing Cranial-sacral Manipulation...and. finally chiropractic therapy (9) . Commercial weight loss programs and self-help groups were also used by the respondents. Symptoms for which...mainstream of conventional medicine. These unconventional or alternative therapies include treatments by chiropractors, acupuncturists, herbal therapists , and

  8. Air Force Personnel Research Issues: A Manager’s Handbook (United States)


    other domains including personality, human factors, cognitive engineering, artificial intelligence, and chronobiology . The program also led to many...the military the clustering method has been used to establish taxonomies for plants and animals with respect to genetic background and to organize and...personality factors 66, 101, 109-111 Bombardier selection 79 Brogden table 53 C Career intent 75-77 Chronobiology 66-67 Chronotype assessment

  9. Effects of Shift Work on Air Force Security Police Personnel. (United States)


    rotating shifts. TERMS AND DEFINITIONS To ensure clear understanding of this thesis, terms used throughout the study are defined below. Chronobiology ...environmental lIght/dark cycles and were apparently genetically inherited by ofspring. More recently. researchers would identify a number of functions in...light/dark cycles and were apparently genetically inherited by offspring. More recently, researchers identifed a number of functions in man which are

  10. Air Force and Diversity: The Awkward Embrace (United States)


    Air Force Academy in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Western European history, Middlebury College in 1994 with a Masters of Arts in French...survey focused on reasons why women leave active duty.84 However, this effort could be expanded to include crowdsourcing techniques. That is, instead...accession programs. There have been solid efforts started at the Jeanne M. Holm Center for Officer Accessions and Citizen Development, which oversees

  11. Annual Report 2009 (Project Air Force) (United States)


    occurs at fas- tener holes and is marked by bubbling up or flaking of material, similar to the way lumber that has been attacked by termites flakes...were flown at higher OPTEMPOs over longer service lives. However, the option is currently not attractive for several reasons. 48 RAND Project AIR FORCE...operating at high-altitude runways and/or in hot temperatures , winglets may improve the aircraft’s climb performance and shorten the runway length

  12. Fuel Reduction for the Mobility Air Forces (United States)


    20 Michael Kennedy, Laura H. Baldwin , Michael Boito, Katherine M. Calef, James Chow, Joan Cornuet, Mel Eisman, Chris Fitzmartin, J.R. Gebman, Elham...Michael, Laura H. Baldwin , Michael Boito, Katherine M. Calef, James Chow, Joan Cornuet, Mel Eisman, Chris Fitzmartin, J. R. Gebman, Elham Ghashghai...C O R P O R A T I O N Research Report Fuel Reduction for the Mobility Air Forces Christopher A. Mouton, James D. Powers, Daniel M. Romano

  13. Air Force Research Laboratory Integrated Omics Research (United States)


    the goals of Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) is the development of new methods to assess warfighter performance by using advanced...other researchers . Statistically significant group classification based on NMR spectral analysis has been previously shown by Clayton et al53 in a... psychological research in the DoD. We are getting closer, but further research is needed to realize the full potential of Ornics applications in

  14. Air Force Engineering Research Initiation Grant Program (United States)


    Wisconsin "Investigation of the Role of Structure in the Dynamic Response of Electrorheological Suspensions" RI-B-92-08 Prof. Yozo Mikata Old Dominion...on a direct output feedback control law. In this study, piezoelectric ceramic elements were used as both actuator and sensor. The rod vibration was... ELECTRORHEOLOGICAL SUSPENSIONS FINAL REPORT Air Force Engineering Research Initiation Grant RI-B-92-07 D. J. Klingenberg Department of Chemical

  15. Air Bag Momentum Force Including Aspiration

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Guy Nusholtz


    Full Text Available A gas-jet momentum force drives the air bag into position during a crash. The magnitude of this force can change as a result of aspiration. To determine the potential magnitude of the effect on the momentum force and mass flow rate in an aspirated system, a series of experiments and simulations of those experiments was conducted. The simulation consists of a two-dimensional unsteady isentropic CFD model with special “infinite boundaries”. One of the difficulties in simulating the gas-jet behavior is determining the mass flow rate. To improve the reliability of the mass flow rate input to the simulation, a sampling procedure involving multiple tests was used, and an average of the tests was adopted.

  16. 50 Years Air Force Issues Book 1997 (United States)


    in 1996 51 Satelltea on Orbit JointU Guard U* , r I Nworthern Counter Drug Ops ’c U ~Southern Watc * FY96/97 Humanitarian Aid Bosnia-Herzegovina...MLV-D MLV-A HLV -L HLV -G McDonnell Douglas EELV proposal Lockheed Martin EELV proposal launch costs by 25 to 50 percent as a result. In Together, these... HLV -L HLV -G vehicles. - ! Program Description and Key Points The Air Force, as the DoD’s executive agent for space launch, is charged with executing

  17. History of Turkish Air Force Aviation School and the Process of Transition to Air Force Academy

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Osman YALÇIN


    Full Text Available Turkish aviation has started as a military entity. The foundation of ‘’Tayyare Komisyonu’’ (Airplane Comission in June 1, 1911 has been accepted as the official starting point. The organization of aviation includes pilot training, airplane supply, fondation of aviation school, establishment of combatant units, and building the air vehicles with local and national endeavour. Later, air defense systems, meteorology, training observers, machine specialist and technicians has gained importance as well. Turkish aviation has been built upon the ruins of the last wars of Ottoman Empire. After the invasion of the British and the French, Ottoman aviators moved to Maltepe and then to various parts of Anatolia eventually. During the Independence War, aviation school was founded in Eskişehir, moved to Adana, Konya, and came back to Adana again. After the Greek forces were expelled from Anatolia via İzmir, aviation school was moved to İzmir. In 1925, it was brought back to Eskişehir on October 1, 1951. After WWII, the duration of training in order to be a pilot was six years. In 1929, aviation school turned out to be an academic institution as well. On October 1, 1951, Air Force Academy was established in Eskişehir. Due to high sound of jet air planes, the academy was moved to İzmir in 1954. Education and training were restructured there and the quality was raised. In 1967, Air Force Academy was moved back to Yeşilköy where Turkish aviation was born some 47 years ago. Due to academic diversity and rich culture heritage, a productive period has started in Istanbul. Air Force Academy has been an institution offering BA level education since 2001 whose process goes back to 1990s. Around 90 civilian and 50 military academicians conduct education and research per year. Military training including Yalova encampment site, affective domain training, and sports activities are also conducted as well. With a 103 years history and around 16.000 graduates

  18. Air Force Civil Engineer, Volume 9, Number 1, Spring 2001 (United States)


    I had to convince people of.� Young, a heavy equipment operator who has worked snow removal at Grand Forks Air Force Base, N.D.; Osan Air Base, tanks at Spangdahlem AB, Germany. Geer is a 2000 Lance P. Sijan Air Force Leadership Award recipient. (Photo by SrA Esperanza Berrios) 31 CE

  19. Business Case Analysis: Increasing Air Force Dining Hall Use as an Alternative to Closure (United States)


    authorize officers to eat meals in the dining facility after determining other facilities, including NAF food activities, base exchange cafeteria ...Personnel and Services for the Air Force, testified before Congress regarding the initiative and stated that the goal of the program is to improve “food...a financial standpoint. For government projects, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) publishes and updates a forecast of nominal or market

  20. Air Force Organizational Transformation: Merging the Active and Reserve Components (United States)


    34Future Total Force." 18 34 Ibid. 35 Ibid. 36 John A. Tirpak, "The Blended Wing Goes to War," Air Force Magazine, October 2003. [ Jounal on-line...Space Power 3 (Fall 2004): 41-53. Tirpak, John A. "The Blended Wing Goes to War," Air Force Magazine, October 2003. Jounal on-line. Available from

  1. Closing the Irregular Warfare Air Capability Gap. The Missing Puzzle Piece: Rugged Utility Aircraft and Personnel (United States)


    Army Air Forces initially found itself unprepared. In the Pacific theater, the First Air Commando Group performed a daring glider operation in...hatch with a trainable gun and hanging standoff weap- ons under the wings (or both) convert it into a gunship. The Pilatus has almost limit- less

  2. Promoting Sound Ethical Decisions in the Air Force: CGO Solutions to Air Force Moral and Ethical Lapses (United States)


    Beliefs and the Impact of Moral Distress on Conscientious Objection,” Nursing Ethics 19, no. 6 (2012): 739 25Air Force Instruction (AFI) 1-1, Air Force... Ethical Beliefs and the Impact of Moral Distress on Conscientious Objection." Nursing Ethics 19, no. 6 (2012). Department of Defense, Office of...Recent ethical and moral lapses, defined as decisions or actions not in line with the Air Force Core Values, are not isolated occurrences. Rather

  3. United States Air Force Statistical Digest, Fiscal Year 1954. Ninth Edition (United States)


    Table 69 Tabla 70 Table 71 Table 7Z Table 73 :r’ab1e 7. Department of the Air Force - Amounts Available for Obligation Durinl FY 195. Refiecting New...216 VI TABLE OF CONTENTS - (CONTINUED) PART XII - PERSONNl:L MILITARY PERSONNEL (CONTINUED) COMMANDSTR~N~ Table lOa Table 𔃺’ Table 110 Table 111...Warrant Officers. FY 1954 Air National Guard Participation in TTaining Assemblies - FY 1954 .........•.... 483 484 485 486 487 487 489 490 492 493 XII

  4. Location Problem of Air Materials Supply Center for Air Force

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王涛; 何亚群; 陶学禹


    Based on the analysis of three influencing factors on the air material supply center location, the location model of air material supply center was established. By solving the model, the rational supply center of air materials was also determined.

  5. Shaping the Air Force Narrative for the 21st Century (United States)


    themselves via the internet in the form of social networking sites and blogs, present both a challenge to the Air Force as well as an opportunity to more...opportunity for Airmen to take advantage of new media to communicate the Air Force Story to the American people via social networking sites such as

  6. Strategic Airpower Elements in Interwar German Air Force Doctrine (United States)


    Werner von Blomberg . The Air Ministry had civilian functions and at the time performed as the front for the still-secret air force. When the Luftwaffe...Force in the European War 1939- 1945. Hertfordshire, UK: Wordsworth Editions Limited, 1997. Townsend, Peter . Duel of Eagles. New York: Pocket Books, 1972...18-36. Gray, Peter W. “The Battle of Britain.” Royal Air Force Air Power Review 3, no. 3 (2000): 16-32. Homze, Edward L. “The Luftwaffe’s Failure

  7. The Struggle for Air Force Independence, 1943-1947 (United States)


    advocated a separate Department of Air, coequal with the Army and Navy. For- restal stressed that he was opposed to a separate Air Force, but that steps...certain important respects, however, For- restal was a logical selection. He had headed the Navy Department, and as Secre- tary of Defense he might be...func- tions from the Army to the Air Force. The first transfer order was signed by For- restal on September 26, 1947. It stipulated that functions of

  8. AFCYBER: Postured to Support Air Force and USCYBERCOM Cyber Needs? (United States)


    stated in September 2012 at the Air Force Association Convention that he “still twitches ” when he says “cyber.”32 He believes cyber is a black hole with...Army Cyber Command capitalizes on existing Army Cyber Command resources and achieves efficiencies by bringing cyber resources under a single support both USCYBERCOM and Air Force requirements. General Alexander considers having trained and ready forces as the single most important

  9. 77 FR 5781 - Record of Decision for the Air Space Training Initiative Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina... (United States)


    ... Department of the Air Force Record of Decision for the Air Space Training Initiative Shaw Air Force Base... Decision (ROD). SUMMARY: On December 9, 2011, the United States Air Force signed the ROD for the Airspace Training Initiative Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The...

  10. Air Force Research Laboratory Technology Milestones 2007 (United States)


    Veterinary Sciences Warfighter/Weapons Systems Integration AF echnologies Information Directorate Mission Statement: The Information Directorate leads...Advanced Industrial Practices Advanced Inspection Technologies Advanced Metallics Air Mobile Systems Research Airbase Infrastructure Technologies...Air Mobility Command, and the C- 130 System Program Office-will help to raise awareness regarding these technologies. Tip tanks are fuel tanks

  11. 77 FR 33202 - Department of the Air Force (United States)


    ..., Massachusetts 01887, a partially exclusive license, the exclusive portion limited to the field of cyber security... amended; the Department of the Air Force announces its intention to grant SCADA Security Innovation,...

  12. A decade of U.S. Air Force bat strikes (United States)

    Peurach, Suzanne C.; Dove, Carla J.; Stepko, Laura


    From 1997 through 2007, 821 bat strikes were reported to the U.S. Air Force (USAF) Safety Center by aircraft personnel or ground crew and sent to the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, for identification. Many samples were identified by macroscopic and or microscopic comparisons with bat specimens housed in the museum and augmented during the last 2 years by DNA analysis. Bat remains from USAF strikes during this period were received at the museum from 40 states in the United States and from 20 countries. We confirmed that 46% of the strikes were caused by bats, but we did not identify them further; we identified 5% only to the family or genus level, and 49% to the species level. Fifty-five of the 101 bat-strike samples submitted for DNA analysis have been identified to the species level. Twenty-five bat species have been recorded striking USAF planes worldwide. The Brazilian free-tailed bat (Tadarida brasiliensis; n = 173) is the species most commonly identified in USAF strike impacts, followed by the red bat (Lasiurus borealis; n = 83). Bat strikes peak during the spring and fall, with >57% occurring from August through October; 82% of the reports that included time of strike were recorded between 2100 and 0900 hours. More than 12% of the bat strikes were reported at >300 m above ground level (AGL). Although $825,000 and >50% of this sum was attributable to 5 bat-strike incidents. Only 5 bats from the 10 most damaging bat strikes were identified to the species level, either because we did not receive remains with the reports or the sample was insufficient for identification.

  13. Air Force Deployment Reintegration Research: Implications for Leadership (United States)


    Air Force Deployment Reintegration Research: Implications for Leadership Wendy Sullivan-Kwantes Angela R. Febbraro Ann-Renee Blais...TITLE AND SUBTITLE Air Force Deployment Reintegration Research: Implications for Leadership 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT...Form 298 (Rev. 8-98) Prescribed by ANSI Std Z39-18 DRDC Toronto TR 2004-149 i Abstract Expanding on previous research on the reintegration

  14. Air Force Pilot Retention: A Look at 1996 (United States)


    PILOT RETENTION A LOOK AT 1996 BY COLONEL DANIEL F . CRUM DISTRIBUTIlON STATEMENT A: Approved f or public releasel distribution to un1ated. 7 APRIL the appropriate mli.tar- service or government agency. AIR FORCE PILOT RETENTION A LOOK AT 1996 AN INDIVIDUAL STUDY PROJECT by Colonel Daniel F . Crum...35 I ABSTRACT AUTHOR: Daniel F . Crum TITLE: Air Force Pilot Retention: A Look at 1996 FORMAT: Individual Study

  15. The Burden of Disability among Active Duty Air Force Members (United States)


    regarding active duty pilots and navigators who experienced a cardiac event, which included myocardial infarctions, angina , and sudden death. The study...a Cohort of Active-Duty U.S. Air Force Members Authors: Anthony S. Robbins, MD, PhD, Susan Y. Chao, MS, Vincent P. Fonseca, MD, MPH, Michael R...Physical Fitness in a Cohort of Active-Duty U.S. Air Force Members Anthony S. Robbins, Susan Y. Chao, Vincent P. Fonseca, Michael R

  16. Developing Air Force Strategic Leadership - A Career Long Process (United States)


    describes Air Force resistance to co-fund RPAs with Central Intelligence Agency in 1992. He also notes continued service resistance to building...experience, the Air Force as an organization is more prone to parochialism, myopia and monistic thinking. 27 Besides providing a historical record of... myopia and monistic thinking.” 120 Worden also claims the uniformity of perspective hindered strategic leaders from understanding or recognizing the

  17. The Air Force Role in Low-Intensity Conflict (United States)


    American scrap steel in 1940 . The United States may have to apply force to guarantee access to the materials American industry needs and to ensure...Unwin Brothers Ltd ., 1940 ), 173. 4. Flight Lieutenant F. A . Skoulding, "With Z Unit in Somaliland," The Royal Air Force Quarterly (July 1931): 390 . 5...Since 1918," lecture given at the RAF Staff College, Andover, England, 1923 . 10 . N. N. Golovine , Air Strategy (London: Gae and Polden, Ltd ., 1936), 24

  18. Operations Research in a New Spanish Air Force Planning System (United States)


    8. Gomez-Coll, Gen. Carlos. " Politica Area a corto y medio plazo," Revista de Aeronautica y Astronautica 569, pages 553-558 (May 1988). 9. Howard...Department of the Air Force. Basic Aerospace Doctrine of the United States Air Force. AFM 1-1. Washington: HQ USAF, March 1984. 5. Editorial. " Politica de...Defensa y Planeamiento Militar," Revista de Aeronautica y Astronautica 565 (January 1988). 6. Ferguson, Lt. Gen. Thomas R. "Requirements Planning

  19. United States Air Force Geophysics Scholar Program, 1982-1983. (United States)


    gold surface with < 0.1 eV of kinectic energy . The beam direction will be maintained at low energies by using a set of Helmholtz coils surrounding the...NATIONAL BUREAU Of STANDARDS 1963 A t II 1982-1983 LSAF/SCEEE AIR FORCE GEOPHYSICS SCHOLAR PROGRAM conducted by Southeastern Center for Electrical ...Bolling Air Force Base Washington D.C. by Southeastern Center for Electrical Engineering Education March 1984 IL ’a’ [ .1 Ai UNCLASSIFIED SECURITY

  20. Culture Wars: Air Force Culture and Civil-Military Relations (United States)


    their place, the complexities of com- bat require an actual—or virtual—human presence over the battlefield. Autonomously Decisive The technological...war-fighting domains, unique subcultures have developed within insulated commands. Then–Chief of Staff of the Air Force Merrill Mc- Peak lamented... Wood , “Workloads and Pay Woes Driving Veteran Pilots Out of Air Force,” The Star-Ledger (Newark, NJ), 29 May 1997, 12; Paul K. White, Crises after the

  1. Seconds Before Disaster. Air Force Civil Engineer, Volume 14, Number 1, 2006 (United States)


    drill. The light cans were then installed in PVC liners and encased in concrete. This gave a very clean result that didn’t require patching around...anti-personnel mine, designed to blow up not when weight is put on it, but when it is removed. As he stepped off the mine, it exploded, blowing off...young NCO develop and practice those quality Air Force traits. Those traits molded my son into an outstanding NCO with a bright future,” CMSgt

  2. Deployed Flight Test of the Iraqi Air Force Comp Air 7SLX (CA-7) (United States)


    airframe, performance, flying qualities, and avionics . The program was highly visible, drawing the interest of the commander of AFMC, 3 General Bruce...Air Force Historical Research Agency, Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala . (hereafter AFHRA). 2 Brfg (U), “Coordination/Approval Briefing for the Limited

  3. The Maharaja’s New AVTAAR: Air-Refuelling Strategy for the Indian Air Force (United States)


    and Lolita C Baldor, "Boeing gets $35 Billion Air Force Tanker Order," Aviation on NBC Feruary 24, 2011. (accessed March 23, 2013). Cassata, Donna, and Lolita C Baldor. "Boeing gets $35 Billion Air Force

  4. Air Force Cyber Warfare: Now and the Future (United States)


    keystrokes or to fend off adversaries with a smartphone, a pa- per clip, and an ingenious plan. These socially awkward heroes and heroines fill pro- visioning ( dynamic construction), hardening, and configuration management. Twenty-Fourth Air Force manages the AFNet—the Air Force’s por

  5. What It Takes. Air Force Command of Joint Operations (United States)


    Vago Muradian, “USAF Struggles with Budget Shortfall,” Defense News, August 20, 2007, p. 4. 50 Headquarters, U.S. Air Force, Air and Space Operations...Antonio III, USMC, NATO Command and Control: Bridging the Gap, Newport, R.I.: Naval War College, February 5, 2001. Muradian, Vago , “USAF Struggles with

  6. The Slippery Slope of Air Force Downsizing: A Strategy Connection (United States)


    Meinhart , Richard M. "Chapter 7 - National Military Strategies: 1990-2009." U.S. Army War College, n.d. National Security Strategy Archives. n.d...service can be seen in comparison. 3 Force structure follows military expenditures as associated with GDP. 11 Army and Marine Corps Force... Army or Marines, as resources become tighter, the Air Force will not have wartime increases from which to reduce. (see Figure 4-212). In FY2001 the

  7. An Unfolding Model of Voluntary Turnover of Air Force Reservists and Air National Guard Members (United States)


    was at the Civil Engineering School at Wright Patterson Air Force Base for a two week course on the management of Air Force installation maintenance ...Mount, M. K. (1996). Effects of impression management and self deception on the predicitive validity of personality constructs. Journal of Applied...While with the 320th Air Expeditionary Group, she served as the Chief of Maintenance Engineering. In August 2002, she entered the Graduate School of

  8. Air Force F-22 Fighter Program (United States)


    Operational Capability (IOC). On January 21, 2006, the F-22 flew its first operational sorties, taking part in an on-going air superiority mission over...47 Antonie Boessenkool, “F-22 Program’s Demise Makes Dubai Debut Possible,” Defense News, November 9, 2009: 16. Material

  9. Designing Forced-Air HVAC Systems

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This guide explains proper calculation of heating and cooling design loads for homes.used to calculated for the home using the protocols set forth in the latest edition of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America’s (ACCA) Manual J (currently the 8th edition), ASHRAE 2009 Handbook of Fundamentals, or an equivalent computation procedure.

  10. RAND Project Air Force Annual Report 2008 (United States)


    Competency Development: Experience from Prince Sultan Air Base and Eskan Village in Saudi Arabia, by Laura Werber Castaneda , Lawrence M. Hanser, and...Company Carlos Slim Helú, Honorary Life Chairman, Grupo CARSO, S. A. de C. V. Donald Tang, Vice Chairman, Bear, Stearns & Company, Inc.; Chairman and

  11. Medical screening reference manual for security force personnel at fuel cycle facilities possessing formula quantities of special nuclear materials

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Arzino, P.A.; Brown, C.H. (California State Univ., Hayward, CA (United States). Foundation)


    The recommendations contained throughout this NUREG were provided to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) as medical screening information that could be used by physicians who are evaluating the parameters of the safe participation of guards, Tactical Response Team members (TRTs), and all other armed response personnel in physical fitness training and in physical performance standards testing. The information provided in this NUREG will help licensees to determine if guards, TRTs, and other armed response personnel can effectively perform their normal and emergency duties without undue hazard to themselves, to fellow employees, to the plant site, and to the general public. The medical recommendations in this NUREG are similar in content to the medical standards contained in 10 CFR Part 1046 which, in part, specifies medical standards for the protective force personnel regulated by the Department of Energy. The guidelines contained in this NUREG are not requirements, and compliance is not required. 3 refs.

  12. Secondary traumatic stress among Internet Crimes Against Children task force personnel: impact, risk factors, and coping strategies. (United States)

    Bourke, Michael L; Craun, Sarah W


    Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task force personnel face various forms of child exploitation on a daily basis; their jobs require them to view child pornography, participate in undercover chats, interact with offenders in person, and interview abuse survivors. Although exposure to child exploitation and sexual violence has been shown to cause secondary traumatic stress (STS) in certain professions, this is the first large-scale study to investigate risk for STS among ICAC personnel. We circulated an Internet-based survey to ICAC personnel throughout the country and more than 600 individuals responded. Results provide insight into how STS impacts personal and professional well-being. In addition, they highlight which coping mechanisms were inversely related to STS scores. Implications and limitations of the results are discussed.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Siegfried Ripperger; Konrad Hein


    The vibration method represents a practical method for the measurement of adhesion forces and adhesion force distributions. This method causes sinusoidally altemating stresses and yields detachment and contact forces between particles and substrate of the same order of magnitude. Alternating contact forces of the vibration method can cause an adhesion force intensification through flattening of asperities. The measuring principle of the vibration method and the analysis of experimental results are described in the article. Normal adhesion forces (pull-off forces) are measured using the vibration method and the colloidal probe technique. The results of both methods show good agreement for small particle sizes. The influence of the detachment force direction is shown by comparing tangential and normal adhesion forces measured using particle reentrainment in a turbulent air flow and the vibration method, respectively. The surface roughness of the substrate and the relative humidity are shown to significantly influence the measured adhesion forces. For the calculation of the adhesion forces, an approach by Rabinovich was combined with approximations of plastic micro asperity flattening. The Rabinovich approach accounts for roughness effects on the van der Waals force by incorporating the rms roughness of the interacting surfaces. rms-values of the particles and substrates were measured with atomic force microscopy at different scanning areas.

  14. U.S. Air Force Physician Retention (United States)


    sustain the readiness of the active force and provide "Quality of Life" daily medical care to the members’ families? The maxim.,.m number of...have used a widely accepted motivaidon theory developed by Abraham Maslow . Accord- ing to Maslow , all Self humans live with a ctualization hierarchy of...Also, by satisfying the social needs of the new member, it is possible for him to move 31 further up his own pyramid and become a better satisfied

  15. Design and Development of an Enlisted Force Management System for the Air Force (United States)


    Manager Progression Grm,,r CFG Career Field Group CJR Career Job Reservation CMDB Command Manpower Database (file) CPG Career Progression Group CONUS...resulting authorizations are stored in the Command Manpower Database ; CMDB ). Ideally they would become the targets for the personnel prograliiners and...FP data and the latest CMDB to produce itb projections. Thus, it combines the currency of the F’DP with the "I lhe Air Forci, rpcently chanrged the

  16. Aviation Security Force Assistance: Joint General Purpose Forces as Air Advisors (United States)


    David E. Thaler et al., Building Partner Health Capacity with U.S. Military Forces: Enhancing AFSOC Health Engagement Missions (Santa Monica, CA: RAND...language, and diplomacy.” 36 Similarly, the advisor must be careful to avoid demonstrating frustration with host nation personnel and must be...Africa. 12 USAFRICOM conducted the first APF event in Accra, Ghana in March, 2012, with participation of service members from Ghana , Togo, Benin

  17. OCONUS Compliance Assessment Protocols Air Force Supplement (United States)


    effective - Nonconformance and Checking and Corrective Actions: assessing the installation’s compliance with regula- tory requirements and conformance with...below 100 °F (37.8 °C) and having a vapor pressure not exceeding 40 pounds per square inch, guage (psig) (2068 mm Hg) at 100 °F (37.8 °C). Flammable...accordance with the DOD 4500.9R, DTR (AFI 32-7086, para 2.7) - coordinates with the installation Force Protection Working Group and the HMMP team (see

  18. 76 FR 75453 - Restricted Areas and Danger Zones at Eglin Air Force Base, FL (United States)


    ... follows: Sec. 334.700 Choctawhatchee Bay, aerial gunnery ranges, Air Armament Center, Eglin Air Force Base... Mexico adjacent to Santa Rosa Island, Headquarters Air Armament Center, Eglin Air Force Base, Fla. (a... Santa Rosa Island, Armament Center, Eglin Air Force Base, Fla. (a) The areas. (1) The danger zone....

  19. Air Force B-21 Long Range Strike Bomber (United States)


    element 0604015F. 12 Air Force briefing to and discussion with CRS and other think tanks , September 1, 2015. This meeting was conducted under and discussion with CRS and other think tanks , September 1, 2015. 15 By 2008, for example, the man-hours required to maintain the B-2 fleet’s low...18 Air Force briefing to and discussion with CRS and other think tanks , September 1, 2015. 19 B-21’s timeline more closely approximates F-22 and F

  20. Air Force Civil Engineer, Volume 14, Number 3, 2006 (United States)


    Preparatory School. SrA Jeremiah Celis, TSgt Harold Ackett and then-A1C Lee set up the Trimble 5700 Base Station and Trimble Trimark III Radio receiver...U.S. Air Forces in Europe is working dili- gently to ensure that all civil works are completed on time. MSgt John Lasky Air Force Print News...MSgt Harold Hailer, 27th FW EOD Flight Chief. “Capt Evans’ comrades will always remember the big smile he had on his face since setting off his

  1. Reptiles and Amphibians of Fairchild Air Force Base, WA (United States)


    ER D C/ CE R L TR -1 3 -5 Reptiles and Amphibians of Fairchild Air Force Base, WA C on st ru ct io n E n gi n ee ri n g R es ea library at ERDC/CERL TR-13-5 May 2013 Reptiles and Amphibians of Fairchild Air Force Base, WA...Washington, DC 20314-1000 ERDC/CERL TR-13-5 ii Abstract Many reptile and amphibian (collectively termed “herpetofauna”) populations are declining at a

  2. 78 FR 17185 - U.S. Air Force Space Command Notice of Test (United States)


    ... Department of the Air Force U.S. Air Force Space Command Notice of Test AGENCY: U.S. Air Force Space Command... inform users of an upcoming event related to the GPS satellite constellation. U.S. Air Force Space... process L2C or L5 CNAV. U.S. Air Force Space Command ] expects to conduct one to two CNAV tests per...

  3. Death by a Thousand Cuts: Micro-Air Vehicles (MAV) in the Service of Air Force Missions (United States)


    exotic approaches as air suction/injection along the wing surface (which might require micro -valves and micro - pumps ), wall heat transfer, or...AU/AWC/___/2001-4 AIR WAR COLLEGE AIR UNIVERSITY DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS: MICRO -AIR VEHICLES (MAV) IN THE SERVICE OF AIR FORCE MISSIONS by...Dates Covered (from... to) - Title and Subtitle Death by a thousand Cuts: Micro -Air Vehicles (MAV) in the Service of Air Force Missions Contract

  4. Prevalence of Careerism among U.S. Air Force Officers (United States)


    1978), 18. 16. Bruce W. Tuckman , "Getting at the Attitudes Problem: Career Development and the Affective Domain," in 90 Career Education: A Lifelong...Hypercareerism. ............................ 16 Measurement of Attitudes................... 17 A Linking Model ............................ 19 Notes... Model with Examples ........... 19 Table 1 Sample Distribution for 1985 Air Force Computer-Assisted Telephone Interview Prototype

  5. Shaw Air Force Base Infrastructure Project Environmental Assessment (United States)


    various sunfish, bullhead catfish , and largemouth bass and birds such as resident Canada geese, mallards, and kingfishers (Air Force, 2004a...Reptiles Micrurus fulvius Eastern coral snake ─ SC Hardwood forest; pine flatwoods; marshes Mammals Corynorhinus rafinesquii Rafinesque’s big-eared

  6. How DLA’s Supply Performance Affects Air Force Readiness (United States)


    used by the Air Force, Navy, and Army, as well) are described in a paper by Victor J. Presutti, Jr., and Richard C. Trepp , "More Ado About wholesale safety-level requirements for consumables were to be computed. The basic approach of the Presutti/ Trepp method is to minimize ordering

  7. Post-Service Utilization of Air Force-Gained Skills. (United States)

    Winkler, Anthony J.; Thompson, Paul D.

    More complete information is needed to determine the extent of utilization in the civilian economy of skills developed during military service. Post-service occupation data have been obtained through a questionnaire mailed ten months after separation to each first-term Air Force enlisted man separated between 1 July 1968 and 31 March 1970. As of…

  8. Environmental Assessment: Multiple Projects at Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas (United States)


    Publico sobre el La Evaluation de lmpacto Ambiental de MUltiples Proyectos en Ia Base de Ia Fuerza Aerea Laughlin De acuerdo con el Acta Nacional de 1...EPA Coordinator 4171 North Me~a, Suite C-100 El Paso TX 79902-1441 · · Dear NEP A Coordinator . I I ; The United States Air Force (USAF) is

  9. Shaping an Air Force: A Chief’s Perspective (United States)


    from the United States Air Force Academy in 1998. Following a casual status assignment to Moody AFB, Georgia , he graduated from Specialized...military and political science from Duke University in 1970, and taught as an associate professor of history at his alma mater.2 Prior to command

  10. San Antonio Creek Restoration, Vandenberg Air Force Base, California (United States)


    constrictor Racer Potential Masticophis lateralis Chaparral whipsnake Potential Lampropeltis getula California kingsnake Observed Pituophis catenifer...Unpublished master’s thesis, University of California , Santa Barbara. Grant, C. 1978a. Chumash: Introduction . In California , edited by Robert F. Heizer, pp...Final Draft Environmental Assessment San Antonio Creek Restoration Vandenberg Air Force Base California

  11. Air Force Follow-On Review. Protecting The Force: Lessons From Fort Hood (United States)


    review emerged as a result of the shootings at Fort Hood in November 2009, the study expanded its focus beyond traditional force protection mea- sures by...installation’s emergency-response capabilities. The Air Force has studied and defined system requirements for sharing common information at both the tactical...2.3  page 20 DoD standards for denying requests for recognition as an ecclesiastical endorser of chaplains may be inadequate. Finding 2.4  pages

  12. Innovating to integrate the intangibles into the learning Air Force. (United States)

    Hazen, Benjamin T; Weigel, Fred K; Overstreet, Robert E


    United States federal law and other regulations require the US military services to provide professional military education to their forces. Meeting that requirement will become increasingly difficult with the absence of a federal government budget, significant cuts to defense spending, and expected future cuts to both defense spending and manpower. Additionally, the operations tempo remains high despite the withdrawal of troops from Iraq and the planned withdrawal from Afghanistan. The resulting time and budget constraints will likely make it more difficult for the services to provide every member with the opportunity to compete for positions in coveted in-residence professional military education programs. Thus, the Air Force is considering a new lifetime learning approach to professional military education. As the Air Force seeks to develop its new paradigm, we must understand what benefits of the current system should be retained and what drawbacks should be allayed. Unfortunately, there is little research in this area. We content analyze data collected from Air Force officers attending in-residence professional military education, synthesize our findings with education and technology literature, and suggest innovative technologies that can maximize the intangible benefits and minimize the drawbacks of professional military education. The blended approach we present can create a richer, more meaningful learning experience for the service member, while simultaneously lowering the cost per member and providing greater opportunity to attend in-residence professional military education.

  13. Air Force Civil Engineer, Volume 11, Number 4, Winter 2003 (United States)


    and MSgt Paul Fazzini, AMC/PA, Scott AFB, Ill. Above: Members of the 615th Air Mobility Squadron, Travis AFB, Calif., erect tents on Naval Air...Col Jeffrey Pitchford , commander of the 16th CES, at Aviano AB, Italy. Both were members of the advance on-site team sent to Diyarbakir to do initial...joined Lt Col Pitchford and SMSgt Dewar in Diyarbakir. They were the first CE forces at the Diyarbakir site, arriving in mid-February to begin their

  14. Provision of Personnel and Administrative Support to the Forward Deployed Forces (United States)


    10™ 1S ?!! nonessential functions and personnel would be removed from the corps and divisions. u u oe removea (^ .~ept*OZ ^ P1 ^61Ś^ OEMätiong in...Tor thaaa aystams to onerate reliably during combat. m. Baau.^hU^s^. A. Any cant,n.apay p.aa davalopad fan str^naU, and acca „„ti„s/pars

  15. Initiative in Soviet Air Force Tactics and Decision Making. (United States)


    to operate with the GCI operators. The Jay Bird radar in 1970 gave Fishbed S""pilots a better picture of the fight. In 1971 the MiG-23 entered service...N.Y., Leites Nathan, edited by Derek Leebeart, edie bty. 9. Asher Lee,The Sovie Air Force, Gerald Duckworth and Co. , London, 1950. 10. Chernitskiy...Barbarossa to Stalingrad," in Lee, Asher , L Soviet AI_ and Rocket Forces, Praeger, NY, 1959. 53. Werth Alexander, R at War, 1941-1945, Berrie and

  16. Steady Thermal Field Simulation of Forced Air-cooled Column-type Air-core Reactor

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    DENG Qiu; LI Zhenbiao; YIN Xiaogen; YUAN Zhao


    Modeling the steady thermal field of the column-type air-core reactor,and further analyzing its distribution regularity,will help optimizing reactor design as well as improving its quality.The operation mechanism and inner insulation structure of a novel current limiting column-type air-core reactor is introduced in this paper.The finite element model of five encapsulation forced air-cooled column type air-core reactor is constructed using Fluent.Most importantly,this paper present a new method that,the steady thermal field of reactor working under forced air-cooled condition is simulated without arbitrarily defining the convection heat transfer coefficient for the initial condition; The result of the thermal field distribution shows that,the maximum steady temperature rise of forced air-cooled columntype air-core reactor happens approximately 5% to its top.The law of temperature distribution indicates:In the 1/3part of the reactor to its bottom,the temperature will rise rapidly to the increasing of height,yet the gradient rate is gradually decreasing; In the 5 % part of the reactor to its top,the temperature will drop rapidly to the increasing of height; In the part between,the temperature will rise slowly to the increasing of height.The conclusion draws that more thermal withstand capacity should be considered at the 5 % part of the reactor to its top to achieve optimal design solution.

  17. 76 FR 57026 - Air Force Scientific Advisory Board Notice of Meeting (United States)


    ... Force Research Laboratory overview focusing on the Air Force Science and Technology plan emphasizing... challenges amid new era of defense policy and lessons learned from challenged acquisition programs;...

  18. Air Force Health Study. An Epidemiologic Investigation of Health Effects in Air Force Personnel Following Exposure to Herbicides. Volume 2 (United States)


    sarcoma (STS) and non- Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL) may be associated with dioxin exposure . Traditional difficulties in extrapolating animal data to humans...34. An evaluation of reports of dioxin exposure and soft tissue sarcoma I pathology in U.S. chemical workers. In Banbury Report 18: Biological

  19. Air Force Health Study. An Epidemiologic Investigation of Health Effects in Air Force Personnel Following Exposure to Herbicides. Volume 1 (United States)


    possibility that a subtle, chronic inflammatory response may be related to higher levels of dioxin exposure . The malignancy assessment determined that serum... dioxin exposure . The white blood cell count revealed statistically significant associations consistent with a positive dose-response effect in all...iow-ievel, cnronic inflammatory response related to higher levels of dioxin exposure . The analyses did not indicate any relationship between renal

  20. A Review of Anthropometric Data of German Air Force and United States Air Force Flying Personnel 1967-1968 (United States)


    BREADTH .12q .27? .364 .258 .227 417 .292 .135 .453 .465 43 CHEST CEFTH -",6i .152 ,.66 &222 .113 e297 .213 .03’ .412 .347 44 WAIST CEFTH .1139 .070...225 *330 .188 .151 127 MAX HEAD U"AG/MF NT .223 .2115 e127 .210 e297 o15 .S 311 .306 .217 b235 128 MAX HEAO LJIAG/NUCH .108 o269 .134 .074 .223 .156

  1. Air Force Health Study. An Epidemiologic Investigation of Health Effects in Air Force Personnel Following Exposure to Herbicides. Volume 3 (United States)


    M.S. Col Judson C. Miner, D.V.M., M.P.H. Amy S. Brockman, M.S. Scott C. Henderson, M.S. David E. Williams. M.D., SC2F Prolect Manager: R.H. effects of environmental 2,3,7,8-TCDD in Missouri. Am. J. of Ind. Med. 11:685-91. 20. Webb, K.B., R.G. Evans, A.P. Knutsen, S.T. Roodman , D.W

  2. Defining a 21st Century Air Force (Services) Business Model (United States)


    information and technology age. Understanding this generation is important because Air Force millennial generation Airmen comprise 69 percent of...multi-tasking and are extremely savvy with electronics. Even though it is well known that millennials are technologically savvy, the Air Force has...Activity Business Model……………………3 The Millennial Generation……………………………………………………………….9 Sequestration Impacts………………………………………………………………...…10 Failures of

  3. Eielson Air Force Base Operable Unit 2 baseline risk assessment

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Lewis, R.E.; Jarvis, T.T.; Jarvis, M.R.; Whelan, G.


    Operable Unit 2 at Eielson Air Force Base (AFB) near Fairbanks, is one of several operable units characterized by petroleum, oil, and lubricant contamination, and by the presence of organic products floating at the water table, as a result of Air Force operations since the 1940s. The base is approximately 19,270 acres in size, and comprises the areas for military operations and a residential neighborhood for military dependents. Within Operable Unit 2, there are seven source areas. These source areas were grouped together primarily because of the contaminants released and hence are not necessarily in geographical proximity. Source area ST10 includes a surface water body (Hardfill Lake) next to a fuel spill area. The primary constituents of concern for human health include benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylenes (BTEX). Monitored data showed these volatile constituents to be present in groundwater wells. The data also showed an elevated level of trace metals in groundwater.

  4. Managing the Air Force’s Most Important Resource (United States)


    the Selective Early Retirement Board is for lieutenant colonels that have been twice deferred for promotion and for colonels who have four years time...VSP and considered by the Selective Early Retirement Board, also experienced the same issues, except these individuals were closer to retirement at...Selective Early Retirement Board, the Air Force accepted volunteers in 2008, and canceled the boards and non-voluntary separations,11 resulting in more

  5. Feasibility of United States Air Force Finite Element Model Center (United States)


    wish to be removed from our mailing list, or if the addressee is no longer employed by your organization please notify AFWAL/ FIBRA , Wright-Patterson...ORGANIZATION FaIr Aylible) Flight Dynamics Laboratory (AFWAL/ FIBRA ) Failure Analysis Associates Air Force Wright Aeronautical Laboratories 6c. ADDRESS...TELEPHONE (Include Area Code) 22c. OFFICE SYMBOL Vipperla B. Venkayya , (513) 255-7191 AFWAL/ FIBRA DD Form 1473, JUN 86 Previous edt/or, are obsolete

  6. Diverse Communications Project at Vandenberg Air Force Base (United States)


    Assessment 37 5.0 LIST OF REFERENCES Arnold, R.A. 1983 Ecological studies of six Endangered butterflies ( Lepidoptera , Lycaenidae): Island...1996 Reptiles and Amphibians of Vandenberg Air Force Base, Santa Barbara County, California. Report No. 4, Museum of Systematics and Ecology...complex: recognition of a species and description of a new subspecies. (Lycaenidae). Journal ofResearch on the Lepidoptera 27: 173-185. Diverse

  7. Understanding Country Planning: A Guide for Air Force Component Planners (United States)


    day -to- day activities designed to engage specific partners and build relationships that pave the way for greater security. In the past, these types of...development of this report, particularly the last day of the Air Force Building Partnerships Conference. The RAND study team presented a briefing on...of Public Administration Research and Theory, Vol. 11, No. 2, April 2001, pp. 151–152. 6 McGuire and Silvia refer to this as the fragile nature of

  8. The United States Air Force Academy: A Bibliography: 1968 - 1972 (United States)


    University of Denver, 1969. 209 1. (Spec. Coll. UGB 861 Z7) 34 PART XII GRADUATES AIR FORCE REGULATIONS 284 AFR 36-7. Legal education...Indoctrination 10355 Merit lists 10356 Organization 10330 Wing strength 10354 Marihuana incidents 10912 Marriage of cadet 10326...10417 Marihuana incidents 10912 Marine Corps and airman students being taught same course as midshipmen 10422 Medical school, graduates who enter

  9. Fiscal Year 2012 United States Air Force Agency Financial Report (United States)


    equipment. The Air Force recognizes excess, obsolete, and unserviceable OM&S at a net realizable value of $0 pending development of an effective...Legend for Valuation Methods: LAC = Latest Acquisition Cost NRV = Net Realizable Value MAC = Moving Average Cost SP = Standard Price LCM...AFWCF recognizes excess, obsolete, and unserviceable inventory and OM&S at a net realizable value of $0 pending development of an effective means of

  10. U.S. Air Force Annual Financial Statement 2010 (United States)


    equipment. The Air Force recognizes excess, obsolete, and unserviceable OM&S at a net realizable value of $0 pending development of an effective...Latest Acquisition Cost NRV = Net Realizable Value MAC = Moving Average Cost SP = Standard Price LCM = Lower of Cost or Market AC = Actual...S. The AFWCF recognizes excess, obsolete, and unserviceable inventory and OM&S at a net realizable value of $0 pending development of an

  11. Air Force Civil Engineer, Volume 16, Number 2, 2008 (United States)


    Information Modeling “Red Bulls” at Gitmo Green Roofs Report Documentation Page Form ApprovedOMB No. 0704-0188 Public reporting burden for the collection of...reduce their energy cost, increase the life span of their roofs, and improve the quality of their environment. The Air Force and Green Roofs There...plants mature and become fully established. Pros & Cons of Green Roofs Vegetative roofs are not cheap; there is a large initial investment. Life

  12. United States Air Force Academy: A Bibliography 2011-2015 (United States)


    34 Structures of Our Time: 31 Buildings That Changed Modern Life. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2002. 216-21. Print. (NA 712 .S48 2002). 150. Skidmore...us_air_force_academy__center_for_character_ _leadership_development>.Print. 191. "The Story Behind the Structure : The Center for Character and Leadership Development...the Consistency and Reliability of the Defense Automated Neurocognitive Assessment Tool." Applied Psychological Measurement 39.7 (2015): 566–72

  13. Technology and the Air Force: A Retrospective Assessment (United States)


    environment, the French philosopher Jean Paul Sartre , som- berly remarking on the universe in general, postulated that, “Existence precedes essence,” that... Paul Sartre , with a little bit of Woody Allen thrown in. One advantage of being the commander of the History Support Office is that the Air Force...Development of Modern Aviation (London: Routledge & Kegan Paul , 1968), pp 47-97; Robert Schlaifer, Development of Aircraft Engines (Boston: Harvard

  14. Operationalizing Offensive Social Engineering for the Air Force (United States)


    for the Air Force Bryan E. Skarda, B.S. Major, USAF Approved: /signed/ 5 Mar 2008 Dr. Robert Mills (Chairman) date /signed/ 5 Mar 2008 Dr. Dennis...advisor, Dr. Robert Mills, for his patience and subtle course corrections that kept me going down the right path. Also, to Maj Paul Williams for his...Jan 2005. 12. Borgatti, Steve. “Introduction to Grounded Theory”. 13. Cialdini , R. B. and B. J. Sagarin. Persuasion: Psychological Insights and Per

  15. The United States Air Force Academy: A Bibliography 1954 - 1964 (United States)


    thumbs down on modernistic Air Force Academy, Bsns Wk 54ff, 23 July 1955. 270 Construction of AF Academy stalled, ArNavAF Jour 92:1365, 16 July...for Washington in May, AF Times 20:2, 2 April 1960. 1143 Academy cancels plans to make own bread , Sen subcom; bakery and dairy Indus reprs...Academy from making own ice cream, bread and pastry, NY Times 21:7, 19 August 1957. Senator Allott gives Eisenhower medal commemorating Academy

  16. Reinventing the Wheel: Structuring Air Forces for Foreign Internal Defense (United States)


    150. of the SAWC was changed to place training third in 22 CADRE PAPER priority, behind development of COIN doctrine and 42. Samuel B. Griffith. ed...Washington, D.C.: Office of Air Force History, 1979. Special Operations in US Strategy. Edited by Frank R. Barnett, B. Hugh Tovar , and Richard H. Shultz...Edited by Peter Paret. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1986. Mao Tse-tung on Guerrilla Warfare. Edited and translated by Samuel B

  17. Drainage Canal Survey, Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii (United States)


    der, The Water Encyclopedia, Second Edition, Chelsea, Michigan, Lewis Publishers, 1990. 4. Manahan , Stanley E., Environmental Chemistry , Fifth...OCCUPATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH DIRECTORATE L B2402 E Drive ABrooks Air Force Base, TX 78235P1I14 "• B ELECTEO P 0 •p3193 ER March 1993 A T Final...EDWARD F. MAHER, Col, USAF, BSC Environmental Engineer Consultant Chief, Bioenvironmental Engineering Division Form Approved REPORT DOCUMENTATION PAGE

  18. Wastewater Characterization Survey, Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho (United States)


    Water Pollution Control, Second Edition, New York, McGraw-Hill, 1989. 4. Manahan , Stanley E., Environmental Chemistry , Fifth Edition, Chelsea, Michigan...OCCUPATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH DIRECTORATE 0 BIOENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING DIVISION2402 E Drive Brooks Air Force Base, TX 78235-5114 G March...Royal Road, Springfield VA 22161. DARRIN L. CURTIS, Capt, USAF, BSC EDWARD F. MAHER, Col, USAF, BSC Environmental Engineer Consultant Chief

  19. 78 FR 32241 - U.S. Air Force Seeks Industry Input for National Security Space Launch Assessment (United States)


    ... Department of the Air Force U.S. Air Force Seeks Industry Input for National Security Space Launch Assessment AGENCY: Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force for Space, Department of the Air Force, DOD..., Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force for Space, seeks industry views and perspectives...


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lindelwa Simphiwe Mnyandu


    Full Text Available Between the end of 1999 and the early months of the year 2000, the south western parts of South Africa (SA were subjected to raging infernos that saw a lot of commercial wine farms as well as tourist spots almost irreparably ravaged. With volunteers and rescue personnel still gasping for fresh breath another disaster, in the form of torrential rains, struck the impoverished country of Mozambique and the north western parts of SA. The attendant floods did not only cripple agriculture but also drowned people and livestock alike. With them, also came the first "treebirth" in this new millennium (if not in the history of mankind. In both catastrophes, the men and women of the South African Air Force (SAAF, as well as thousands of other volunteers, worked tirelessly and unselfishly in efforts to save endangered lives and property and to bring a sense of normality in otherwise tragic circumstances.

  1. An analysis of post-traumatic stress symptoms in United States Air Force drone operators. (United States)

    Chappelle, Wayne; Goodman, Tanya; Reardon, Laura; Thompson, William


    Remotely piloted aircraft (RPA), commonly referred to as "drones," have emerged over the past decade as an innovative warfighting tool. Given there is a paucity of empirical research assessing drone operators, the purpose of this study was to assess for the prevalence of PTSD symptoms among this cohort. Of the 1084 United States Air Force (USAF) drone operators that participated, a total of 4.3% endorsed a pattern of symptoms of moderate to extreme level of severity meeting criteria outlined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-4th edition. The incidence of PTSD among USAF drone operators in this study was lower than rates of PTSD (10-18%) among military personnel returning from deployment but higher than incidence rates (less than 1%) of USAF drone operators reported in electronic medical records. Although low PTSD rates may be promising, limitations to this study are discussed.

  2. 32 CFR 806.29 - Administrative processing of Air Force FOIA requests. (United States)


    ... came from another Air Force element, or release of the requested records would affect another Air Force..., or are classified up to the SECRET level, send them separately to AFLSA/JACL, 1501 Wilson...

  3. Environmental Assessment for the Air Force Research Laboratory Security Fence Project, Edwards Air Force Base, California (United States)


    develop air and space vehicle propulsion and power technologies. Areas where turbine and rocket engines and propulsion systems are tested contain valuable...associated with the region. A seismic event and potential damage to the fence would not likely cause injury or death. No adverse geologic or seismic ...3-19 3.3.4 Seismicity .........................................................................................................3

  4. Air Force Training: Further Analysis and Planning Needed to Improve Effectiveness (United States)


    AIR FORCE TRAINING Further Analysis and Planning Needed to Improve Effectiveness Report to Congressional Committees...GAO-16-864, a report to congressional committees September 2016 AIR FORCE TRAINING Further Analysis and Planning Needed to Improve...Effectiveness Why GAO Did This Study For more than a decade, the Air Force focused its training on supporting operations in the Middle East. The Air Force

  5. 78 FR 66903 - Meeting of the National Commission on the Structure of the Air Force (United States)


    ... militia heritage and the history of the Air Force since 1947. This discussion will extend to accounting... between the regular and reserve components of the Air Force, taking advantage of the unique strengths and... States; (d) provides for sufficient numbers of regular members of the Air Force to provide a base...

  6. 76 FR 27003 - Notice of Meeting of the Agricultural Air Quality Task Force (United States)


    ... Natural Resources Conservation Service Notice of Meeting of the Agricultural Air Quality Task Force AGENCY...: Notice of meeting. SUMMARY: The Agricultural Air Quality Task Force (AAQTF) will meet to continue... Updates D. Federal Travel Regulations E. Air Quality Issues/Concerns from Previous Task Force...

  7. 78 FR 10127 - Request for Nominations to the Agricultural Air Quality Task Force (United States)


    ... Air Quality Task Force AGENCY: Natural Resources Conservation Service, United States Department of Agriculture. ACTION: Notice of Request for Nominations to the Agricultural Air Quality Task Force. SUMMARY... term on the Agricultural Air Quality Task Force (AAQTF) which was established by the...

  8. 75 FR 45091 - Notice of Request for Nominations to the Agricultural Air Quality Task Force (United States)


    ... Task Force AGENCY: Natural Resources Conservation Service, United States Department of Agriculture... the Agricultural Air Quality Task Force (AAQTF) and requests nominations for qualified persons to... Chief of the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) will establish a task force to...

  9. Tough Tommy’s Space Force: General Thomas S. Power and the Air Force Space Program (United States)


    118th Company focused on reforestation, cleaning up existing forest plots, building fire trails, digging water holes for forest fire protection...the development of the WDD, but also the creation of a unique systems engineering management process that overturned the traditional Air Force...contemplates bringing a noticeable mass up to sufficient velocity to orbit the earth and the ICBM to make it obvious that the closest of technical

  10. The Evolution of Armed Forces Enlisted Personnel Management Policies: Executive Summary. (United States)


    War except for the well-publicized exploits of Florence Nightingale in the Crimea. Statistics show that the Civil War soldier had roughly one chanc(e... Florence Nightingale . It was social pressure (as in the case of flogging) that forced official attention to the necessity for proper care and facilities

  11. The Air Force National Guard and the Air Force Reserve: Points to Ponder for the Future. (United States)


    COLONEL ALBERT J. LEFKO Jil’ _ _ = = _ _ , ’, £ " 4-p.4I, •i I A EDFOR PLUBUI AIR UNIVERSITYE FRE U ahIrtTItftM UNITED STATES AIRFRERL!E iiuu~u...tnc a k ei: o LI.. rir1 r~r IF SEF t. u E&U PAIE3 SLI d ’* 3 ~ . .r . - *i .e.O o ie s s-r td v repieEents the .,iews of t he Ruttflocs and djoes...i I C’ one I FRa k ph F. Ander-son 1. .. CLiaiwT:srsl iI.’.~ f h LI I - - inr t he A-LE. . F-.’m =Ezrve on aC c-f ~4t iv di.t tv t rcrj 1Yeu I + *~~i

  12. Ejection experience in Serbian air force, 1990-2010

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pavlović Miroslav


    Full Text Available Background/Aim. Ejection injuries are the problem for air forces. The present risk for injuries is still too high, approximately 30-50%. This study was an effort to determine factors responsible for and contributing to injuries in the Serbian Air Force (SAF in the last two decades. Methods. All ejection cases in the SAF between 1990 and 2010 were analyzed. The collected data were: aircraft type, ejection seat generation, pilots ´ age and experience, causes of ejection, aeronautical parameters, the condition of aircraft control and types of injuries. For ease of comparison the U.S. Air Force Safety Regulation was used to define of major injuries: hospitalization for 5 days or more, loss of consciousness for over 5 min, bone fracture, joint dislocation, injury to any internal organ, any third-degree burn, or second-degree burn over 5% of the body surface area. Results. There were 52 ejections (51 pilots and 1 mechanic on 44 airplanes. The ejected persons were from 22 to 46 years, average 32 years. Major injuries were present in 25.49% cases. Of all the ejected pilots 9.61% had fractures of thoracic spine, 11.53% fractures of legs, 3.48% fractures of arms. Of all major injuries, fractures of thoracic spine were 38.46%. None of the pilots had experienced ejection previously. Conclusion. Our results suggest to obligatory take preventive measures: magnetic resonance imaging (MRI scan must be included in the standard pilot selection procedure and procedure after ejection. Physical conditioning of pilots has to be improved. Training on ejection trainer has to be accomplished, too.

  13. Brazilian Air Force aircraft structural integrity program: An overview

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alberto W. S. Mello Junior


    Full Text Available This paper presents an overview of the activities developed by the Structural Integrity Group at the Institute of Aeronautics and Space - IAE, Brazil, as well as the status of ongoing work related to the life extension program for aircraft operated by the Brazilian Air Force BAF. The first BAF-operated airplane to undergo a DTA-based life extension was the F-5 fighter, in the mid 1990s. From 1998 to 2001, BAF worked on a life extension project for the BAF AT- 26 Xavante trainer. All analysis and tests were performed at IAE. The fatigue critical locations (FCLs were presumed based upon structural design and maintenance data and also from exchange of technical information with other users of the airplane around the world. Following that work, BAF started in 2002 the extension of the operational life of the BAF T-25 “Universal”. The T-25 is the basic training airplane used by AFA - The Brazilian Air Force Academy. This airplane was also designed under the “safe-life” concept. As the T-25 fleet approached its service life limit, the Brazilian Air Force was questioning whether it could be kept in flight safely. The answer came through an extensive Damage Tolerance Analysis (DTA program, briefly described in this paper. The current work on aircraft structural integrity is being performed for the BAF F-5 E/F that underwent an avionics and weapons system upgrade. Along with the increase in weight, new configurations and mission profiles were established. Again, a DTA program was proposed to be carried out in order to establish the reliability of the upgraded F-5 fleet. As a result of all the work described, the BAF has not reported any accident due to structural failure on aircraft submitted to Damage Tolerance Analysis.

  14. Contractor Logistics Support in the U.S. Air Force (United States)


    the Sacramento ALC at McClellan AFB . After the BRAC Commission voted in FY 1995 to close McClellan , the Air Force chose CLS for the F-117. The... Sacramento ALC at McClellan AFB would also have been the depot for the F-22. The original sustainment plan for organic sup- port was premised on a fleet of...major depots until the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Commission in 1995 recommended closure of two ALCs.1 Kelly and McClellan AFBs closed in

  15. Atomically resolved graphitic surfaces in air by atomic force microscopy. (United States)

    Wastl, Daniel S; Weymouth, Alfred J; Giessibl, Franz J


    Imaging at the atomic scale using atomic force microscopy in biocompatible environments is an ongoing challenge. We demonstrate atomic resolution of graphite and hydrogen-intercalated graphene on SiC in air. The main challenges arise from the overall surface cleanliness and the water layers which form on almost all surfaces. To further investigate the influence of the water layers, we compare data taken with a hydrophilic bulk-silicon tip to a hydrophobic bulk-sapphire tip. While atomic resolution can be achieved with both tip materials at moderate interaction forces, there are strong differences in force versus distance spectra which relate to the water layers on the tips and samples. Imaging at very low tip-sample interaction forces results in the observation of large terraces of a naturally occurring stripe structure on the hydrogen-intercalated graphene. This structure has been previously reported on graphitic surfaces that are not covered with disordered adsorbates in ambient conditions (i.e., on graphite and bilayer graphene on SiC, but not on monolayer graphene on SiC). Both these observations indicate that hydrogen-intercalated graphene is close to an ideal graphene sample in ambient environments.

  16. Mitigating Corruption in Government Security Forces: The Role of Institutions, Incentives, and Personnel Management in Mexico (United States)


    Preventive Police PJF Policía Judicial Federal, or Federal Judicial Police PRI Partido Revolucionario Institucional , or Institutional Revolutionary...Partido Revolucionario Institucional , or PRI) emerged as the dominating political force in Mexico in the 20th century. The PRI regime was... tradicional /default.aspx Jacob, Brian A., and Steven D. Levitt, “Rotten Apples: An Investigation of the Prevalence and Predictors of Teacher Cheating

  17. U. S. Air Force approach to plume contamination (United States)

    Furstenau, Ronald P.; McCay, T. Dwayne; Mann, David M.


    Exhaust products from rocket engine firings can produce undesirable effects on sensitive satellite surfaces, such as optical systems, solar cells, and thermal control surfaces. The Air Force has an objective of minimizing the effect of rocket plume contamination on space-craft mission effectiveness. Plume contamination can result from solid rocket motors, liquid propellant engines, and electric thrusters. To solve the plume contamination problem, the Air Force Rocket Propulsion Laboratory (AFRPL) has developed a plume contamination computer model which predicts the production, transport, and deposition of rocket exhaust products. In addition, an experimental data base is being obtained through ground-based vacuum chamber experiments and in-flight measurements with which to compare the analytical results. Finally, the experimental data is being used to verify and improve the analytical model. The plume contamination model, known as CONTAM, has been used to make contamination predictions for various engines. The experimental programs have yielded quantitative data, such as species concentrations and temperatures, in all regions of the plume. The result of the modelling and experimental programs will ultimately be computer models which can be used by the satellite designer to analyze and to minimize the effect plume contamination will have on a particular spacecraft system.

  18. Noise impacts from professional dog grooming forced-air dryers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Peter M Scheifele


    Full Text Available This study was designed to measure the sound output of four commonly used brands of forced-air dryers used by dog groomers in the United States. Many dog groomers have questions about the effect of this exposure on their hearing, as well as on the hearing of the dogs that are being groomed. Readings taken from each dryer at 1 meter (the likely distance of the dryer from the groomer and the dog showed average levels ranging from 105.5 to 108.3 dB SPL or 94.8 to 108.0 dBA. Using the 90 dBA criterion required by the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration, dog groomers/bathers are at risk if exposure to the lowest intensity dryer (94.8 dBA exceeds 4 hours per day. If the more stringent 85 dBA criterion and 3 dB tradeoff is applied, less than one hour of exposure is permissible in an 8 hour day. Cautions are recommended for any persons exposed to noise from forced-air dryers.

  19. Rome Air Development Center Air Force technical objective document fiscal year 1987 (United States)


    This TOD describes the RADC technical programs in support of the Air Force Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence (C3I) mission. The technical objectives have been aligned with the VANGUARD mission areas of Command, Control, and Communications (C3), Reconnaissance and Intelligence, Strategic Systems (Defense) and Technology as a means of focusing the RADC support of VANGUARD. This document is prepared to provide industry and universities with the midterm technical objectives in these areas.

  20. Knowledge and use of periconceptual folic acid supplements by British Forces Germany personnel and dependents. (United States)

    Roberts, L J


    Periconceptual dietary folic acid supplementation reduces the incidence of neural tube defects (NTDs). Their use has been advocated by the Chief Medical Officer (CMO), the Consultant Advisor in Obstetrics & Gynaecology (O&G), the Senior Consultant in O&G British Forces in Germany (BFG) and by Medical Administration & Technical Instruction (MA&TI) in all NAAFI outlets. An audit of awareness of the recommendations and use of such supplements amongst pregnant women in BFG was performed over a 12 week period in BMH Rinteln. 16.6% (5/6) and 17.6% (34/193) of those with and without a history of a pregnancy affected by a NTD respectively had taken the correct dose before conception. Knowledge of and compliance with the recommendations is poor. An opportunity to positively influence health in a "captive" population is being lost.

  1. Predicting Future Capabilities of the People’s Liberation Army Air Forces of China (United States)


    five variables describe expeditionary air force capabilities based on the AEF construct explained by Dr. Thierry Gongora , a defense scientist employed...40 Thierry Gongora . “The Meaning of Expeditionary Operations from an Air Force Prospective” (Paper... Gongora lists air superiority fighters, bomber aircraft, tankers, and medium lift (assuming inflight refuelable). Because of China’s lack of tankers

  2. Department of the Air Force Supporting Data for Fiscal Year 1983, Budget Estimates Submitted to Congress February 1982. Descriptive Summaries. Research, Development, Test and Evaluation. (United States)


    development or strength/Jtamlua criteria for Air Force job performance; computer analysis of disease prediction in aircrew personnel; quantification of laser...quarantine to rid animals of disease and stabilize animals before initiation of controlled research. "*« (U) FY 1984 Planned Program: New thrusts...A-10 «a. declared the winner In June 1974. The first DT4E aircrsft was delivered £ Fahr .,!™ 7 DT4E testing was initiated In Pebrusry 1,75 snd was

  3. The U.S. Air Force Academy Lacked Effective Controls Over Heritage Assets and Guest House Inventories, and Inappropriately Solicited and Accepted Monetary Gifts (United States)


    heritage asset, and assignment of a permanent accession number. 11 Air Force Form 3571 should include donor name or source, nomenclature , date, and...Blue and Silver Club, executing partnership agreements, pursuing corporate sales , and planning broadcasting appearances, among other things. For FY...NAF accounting personnel should have recorded $1,800 as revenue for the sale of football tickets, reserved parking lot access, pre-game buffets, press

  4. Why Is Outdoor Recreation Worth $30 Million to the Air Force? (United States)

    Heeg, Phillip

    The Air Force outdoor recreation program evolved from the Army "rest and recreation" areas set up during World War II. During the last decade, financial pressures and eroding support for recreation programs forced a reexamination of the objectives of such programs. Starting with the premise that the Air Force was the main customer and…

  5. 77 FR 41165 - Notice of Meeting of the Agricultural Air Quality Task Force (United States)


    ... Natural Resources Conservation Service Notice of Meeting of the Agricultural Air Quality Task Force AGENCY... Agriculture (USDA), Agricultural Air Quality Task Force (AAQTF) will meet to continue discussions on critical... for Task Force Anaerobic Digester Technologies Odor Management Technologies Committee Updates E....

  6. Planning and Organizing the Postwar Air Force 1943-1947, (United States)


    coordination as opposed to administration, For- restal now had the chance to head a National Defense Establishment in the major role of coordinator. The New...personnel strength proposed: 63. restal . James V.. Johnson. Louis A. Na- 76 tional Military Establishment: Secretary personnel strength: 135 of Defense

  7. Air Force Contingency Contracting: Reachback and Other Opportunities for Improvement (United States)


    person- nel in the “journeyman/ craftsman ” cohort of personnel with 11 to 15 years of experience. One potential approach to decreasing deployment stress...personnel at the “journey- man/ craftsman ” level of experience (11–15 years of service) in the career field from 20 percent in FY 2004 to 15 percent in

  8. Starfleet Deferred: Project Orion in the 1962 Air Force Space Program (United States)

    Ziarnick, B.

    Project Orion, the Cold War American program (1957-1965) studying nuclear pulse propulsion for space applications, has long interested space enthusiasts for what it was and what it might have been, but it has long been believed that neither the United States government nor the US Air Force took the program very seriously. However, recently declassified US Air Force documents shed more light on the classified history of Project Orion. Far from being ignored by Air Force leadership, through the efforts of the Strategic Air Command, Air Force leaders like General Curtis LeMay were convinced that Project Orion should be funded as a major weapons system. The high water mark of Project Orion was the 1962 Air Force Space Program proposal by the Air Force Chief of Staff to devote almost twenty percent of the Air Force space budget from 1962-1967 to Orion development before the program was cancelled by the civilian Secretary of the Air Force under pressure from the Department of Defense. This paper details the history of Project Orion in the 1962 Air Force Space Program proposal, and concludes with a few lessons learned for use by modern interstellar advocates.

  9. Space Nuclear Thermal Propulsion (SNTP) Air Force facility (United States)

    Beck, David F.


    The Space Nuclear Thermal Propulsion (SNTP) Program is an initiative within the US Air Force to acquire and validate advanced technologies that could be used to sustain superior capabilities in the area or space nuclear propulsion. The SNTP Program has a specific objective of demonstrating the feasibility of the particle bed reactor (PBR) concept. The term PIPET refers to a project within the SNTP Program responsible for the design, development, construction, and operation of a test reactor facility, including all support systems, that is intended to resolve program technology issues and test goals. A nuclear test facility has been designed that meets SNTP Facility requirements. The design approach taken to meet SNTP requirements has resulted in a nuclear test facility that should encompass a wide range of nuclear thermal propulsion (NTP) test requirements that may be generated within other programs. The SNTP PIPET project is actively working with DOE and NASA to assess this possibility.

  10. Small Satellites and the DARPA/Air Force Falcon Program (United States)

    Weeks, David J.; Walker, Steven H.; Sackheim, Robert L.


    The FALCON ((Force Application and Launch from CONUS) program is a technology demonstration effort with three major components: a Small Launch Vehicle (SLV), a Common Aero Vehicle (CAV), and a Hypersonic Cruise Vehicle (HCV). Sponsored by DARPA and executed jointly by the United States Air Force and DARPA with NASA participation, the objectives are to develop and demonstrate technologies that will enable both near-term and far-term capability to execute time-critical, global reach missions. The focus of this paper is on the SLV as it relates to small satellites and the implications of lower cost to orbit for small satellites. The target recurring cost for placing 1000 pounds payloads into a circular reference orbit of 28.5 degrees at 100 nautical miles is $5,000,000 per launch. This includes range costs but not the payload or payload integration costs. In addition to the nominal 1000 pounds to LEO, FALCON is seeking delivery of a range of orbital payloads from 220 pounds to 2200 pounds to the reference orbit. Once placed on alert status, the SLV must be capable of launch within 24 hours.

  11. Tinted Blue: Air Force Culture and American Civil-Military Relations (United States)


    debates of 2007–08—providing spectral variation on the depen- dent variable of cooperation or resistance. This variation creates a useful array for...roles and missions among the services spawned fractious debate and bureaucratic wrangling.48 These dynamics imbued the Air Force with a sensitivity to...among the services. In fact, the Air Force was eager to cooperate. As the following analysis highlights, the Air Force formed a unique en- clave of

  12. Innovation in the United States Air Force: Evidence from Six Cases (United States)

    Air Force senior leaders have initiated a conversation about what can and should be done to make the service more innovative . The purpose of is to contribute to that conversation by assessing a series of historical cases of Air Force innovation , or apparent failure to innovate , in the...context of the scholarly literature on military innovation . Our primary aim is to inform Air Force efforts to make the service more innovative .

  13. Government Accountability Office Bid Protests in Air Force Source Selections: Evidence and Options (United States)


    AFB ; and, before 2001, Sacramento ALC (SM-ALC), McClellan AFB ; San Antonio ALC (SA-ALC), Kelly AFB ; and the Aerospace Guidance and Metrology Center...and Training Command AFB Air Force Base AFMC Air Force Materiel Command AFLOA Air Force Legal Operations Agency AGMC Aerospace Guidance and...Selection Improvements,” briefi ng, Wright-Patterson AFB , Ohio: ASC Acquisition Center of Excellence, April 10, 2007; and Edward C. Martin and Daniel

  14. Air Force Office of Scientific Research, May/Jun 98 Research Highlights. (United States)


    quality of airfield pavements, proteins that protect against toxicity, compact laser development , scientist and engineer exchange program and technology transitions that benefit Air Force operations.

  15. The Newest Air Force Core Function: Building Partnerships (United States)


    pyramid (Figure 5) is growing at both its base and its apex. Figure 5. BP Personnel Roles, Missions, and Education/Training Levels 50 The expanding...base of the BP personnel pyramid reinforces that every Airman is a BP resource. Therefore, BP training commences on the first day of enlisted...crisis, the Egyptian military did not action against the anti- government protesters nor overtly support the Mubarak regime. 62 Admiral Mullen

  16. Agile Methods in Air Force Sustainment: Status and Outlook (United States)


    using a Fibonacci sequence for relative sizing, and cali- brates the sprint content to the team velocity, where the team skill at delivering story points...this time included in the traditional career field training available to personnel. Personnel have a natural tendency to revert back to what they...indicates that software sustainers, more and more, are leveraging Agile methods. On the surface, this seems like a natural fit: Agile methods tend to time

  17. An Epidemiologic Investigation of Health Effects in Air Force Personnel Following Exposure to Herbicides. Volume 8. (United States)


    Unspecified Disorder of Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue 17 11 2 4 7101 Systemic Sclerosis 1 0 0 1 7140 Rheumatoid Arthritis 1 0 1 0 71590 Osteoarthrosis ...Unspecified Involving Unspecified Site 1 0 1 0 71596 Osteoarthrosis , Unspecified Involving Lower Leg 2 0 1 1 71690 Unspecified Arthropathy, Site

  18. An Analysis of the Effects Housing Improvements Have on the Retention of Air Force Personnel (United States)


    facilities for preteens 3. Avaiablrity of recreational facilities for preteens 03. ionvenience of residence to playyards/playgrounds 4> Convenience of...t, but insulazion wou%, definitely save 3n c.ergy costs. No oiaygroundE c- preteen activity center is avai’a"’ -. se to base housing. ’..uui_ ’ r m...recreational facilities for preteens Cumulative Cumulative HSAT25 Frequency Percent Frequency Percent 17 5.1 17 5 a9 14.7 66 19. 3 40 12.0 106 31.3 69 20.7

  19. Prevalence of Energy-Drink and Supplement Usage in a Sample of Air Force Personnel (United States)


    drinks offer some cognitive benefits. Specifically, a study that compared a caffeinated- taurine drink (energy drink) to both sugar-free and sugar...installations areas (33.42%) creates the appearance that these beverages are acceptable alternatives to more natural alertness-enhancing strategies. The fact...Harv. Bus. Rev., 85(5), 84-92. 8. Warburton, D. M., & Bersellini, E., & Sweeney, E. (2001). “An evaluation of a caffeinated taurine drink on mood

  20. Inhalation Exposure to Jet Fuel (JP8) Among U.S. Air Force Personnel (United States)


    REPORT DOCUMENTATION PAGE Form Approved OMS No 0704-0133 , ~~~~~¥~~~E;~ 2. REPORT IT!’!:. "" .. ’ "’~ - "I 14-09-2010 lournal Anicle...per year.O) Due 10 the widespread use of lP8 and similar jct fuels in the military and commercial airline industry. over 2 million people per year

  1. Air Force Manpower, Personnel, and Training (MPT) in Systems Acquisition Research Program (United States)


    Weapon System Acquisition Planning and Specialty Structuring (Draft Informal Technical Information). Prepared for AFHRL/MODM. San Antonio, TX: Metrica ...Antonio, TX: Metrica , Inc. Driskill, W.E., Weismuller, J.J. & Hageman, D.C. (1989). Initial Procedures for Providing Weapon System-Specific Data. Final...Report for AFHRL. San Antonio, TX: Metrica , Inc. Driskill, W.E., Weismuller, J.J. & Staley, M.R. (1987, October). Task Identification and Evaluation

  2. Epidemoligic Investigation of Health Effects in Air Force Personnel Following Exposure to Herbicides: Baseline Questionnaires (United States)


    your marital history. 18. Have you ever b.w- legally married! Yea.( 1l( -I (ASK Q.19) NO ...... -2 (SKIP TO Q.24) 19. How many times have you been... legally married? (WRITE IN NUMBER) Il ( times FIRST/ONLY MARRIAGE SECOND MARRIAGE THIRD MARRIAGE 20a. In what month and year 21a. In what month and year...os champagne -’ Comb ast ion ...... - .. 3 -- I 57. Have you ever tried smoking marihuana ? Ver ...... (12( -1 (ASK q.57&) No........... _ -2 (SKIP TO

  3. The Role Of Food Proximity in Eating Behavior and Body Mass Index Among Air Force Personnel (United States)


    Pathology DOClorofPublic Health (Dr.P.H.) Physician Scientist (MDlPh.D.) Master of Science Degrees -Public Health Masters Degrees -Mi litary Medical...WEEK 3-4 times a WEEK 5+ times a WEEK Hamburgers, ground beef, meat burritos, tacos Beef or pork , such as steaks, roasts, ribs, or in

  4. Epidemiologic Investigation of Health Effects in Air Force Personnel Following Exposure to Herbicides: Study Protocol (United States)


    the potential effects of herbicide/ dioxin exposure on health outcomes. However, the flexibility of the statis- tical methodulogy, the comprehensive...34routine" work schedule or environment, thus complicating estimates of the level of herbicide and dioxin exposure . Since actual exposure data (e.g., mg of

  5. An Epidemiologic Investigation of Health Effects in Air Force Personnel Following Exposure to Herbicides. Extract. (United States)


    association between glucose intolerance, impaired insulin production, and dioxin exposure was revealed, but cause and effect...remain to be established. Also revealed was a significant association between selected peripheral pulses and dioxin exposure , and a significant...patterns within or across clinical areas that were suggestive of health detriment due to dioxin exposure

  6. An Epidemiologic Investigation of Health Effects in Air Force Personnel Following Exposure to Herbicides. Volume 1. (United States)


    Evidence for a possible association between glucose intolerance, impaired insulin production, and dioxin exposure was revealed, but cause and effect...remain to be established. Also revealed was a significant association between selected peripheral pulses and dioxin exposure , and a significant...patterns within or across clinical areas that were suggestive of health detriment due to dioxin exposure

  7. Analysis and Modeling of Motor Vehicle Crashes Involving Air Force Military Personnel (United States)


    protection systems are safety belts and airbags for four-wheeled vehicle users, and crash helmets for two-wheeled vehicle users. Almost all of the a recall of the product if it is necessary for public safety (GAO, 03-436: 27). The owner or operator of the vehicle is accountable for...frequently are: - re-experiencing, in which it is difficult for the MVCs’ victims to forget the traumatic experience because they recall

  8. Cross-Cultural Skills for Deployed Air Force Personnel: Defining Cross-Cultural Performance (United States)


    International Journal of Intercultural Relations , 27, 421–443. Harrison, J. K. (1992... International Journal of Intercultural Relations , 23, 77–90. Manacapilli, T., C. M. Hardison, B. Gifford, A. Bailey, and A. Bower (2007). Common Battlefield...Longitudinal Study of Psychological and Sociocultural Adjustment During Cross-Cultural Transition,” International Journal of Intercultural Relations , 22,

  9. Personnel Information Requirements for the Support of Air Force Squadron Commanders’ Information Systems (United States)


    With Graphic Format Generated By A Squadron Commander Emlis+ed Monning 20 110 1807 C-198 or-ly Ju e o Feb 0p u c e 512S 1988 Jon Mar May JuI S;p Nv...I I 1988 Jon Mar’ Ma’y Jul Sep Nov Feb Apr Jun Rug Oci Dec Mo n th 61 Bibliography 1. Barros, Oscar. "Information Requirements And Alternatives In...14. Gruber , W.H. and J.S. Niles. The New Management. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1976. 15. Hughes, David. "MAC Command and Control Center To Serve As

  10. A Theoretical Framework for Turnover Intention of Air Force Enlisted Information Systems Personnel (United States)


    Dorwin . “The Nature of Group Cohesiveness,” in Group Dynamics: Research and Theory (3rd Edition), Dorwin Cartwright and Alvin Zander (eds.). New...Study of Cohesiveness and Productivity,” in Group Dynamics: Research and Theory (3rd Edition), Dorwin Cartwright and Alvin Zander (eds.). New York...some manner (Bollen & Hoyle, 1990:480; Cartwright , 1968:91). Further, the literature distinguishes between objective and subjective measurement of

  11. The Development of Permanent Medical Standards for Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) Crew Personnel. (United States)


    5122 REPORT 93-26, SUPPORTED BY THE NAVAL SEA SYSTEMS COMMAND UNDER WORK UNIT NRAD REtaURsABLE. THE VIEWS EXPRESSED IN THIS ARTICLE ARE THIC, OF THE...Gastrointestinal System Some comments were made regarding the negative effects upon performance by any gastrointestinal problem, including gastritis , ulcers, or...3. LANDING CRAFT AIR CUSHION (LCAC) CREW MEDICAL STANDARDS (CHANGE 107) 87 88 Article 15-71A Manual of the Medical Department amination at a

  12. The United States Air Force and Profession: Why Sixty Percent of Air Force General Officers are Still Pilots When Pilots Comprise Just Twenty Percent of the Officer Corps (United States)


    even more vocal about the pilots taking back control of the Air Force. "After nearly a year of whittling away at the rated force and preparing for the...assorted fighter aircraft" strikes a chord within the officer corps. It stakes a claim that the general is a part of the inner corps of the officer

  13. Toward an Air and Space Force: Naval Aviation and the Implications for Space Power (United States)


    hour support center that manages all requests relating to USAF space systems. 85. Ibid. 86. Cliff D. Ozmun , “Air Force Space Command Establishes First...Shield Declares Victory.” Space Tactics Bulletin 2, Issue 1 (November 1994): 3–4. Ozmun , Cliff D. “Air Force Space Command Establishes First Space

  14. A Delphi Study of Additive Manufacturing Applicability for United States Air Force Civil Engineer Contingency Operations (United States)



  15. Air Force Operational Contracting Knowledge Assessment: Analyzing Explicit and Tacit Contracting Knowledge (United States)


    NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA MBA PROFESSIONAL REPORT Air Force Operational Contracting Knowledge Assessment...Analyzing Explicit and Tacit Contracting Knowledge By: Derek Aufderheide, Michael Corrigan, and Jeremy Maloy December 2011...SUBTITLE Air Force Operational Contracting Knowledge Assessment: Analyzing Explicit and Tacit Contracting Knowledge 5. FUNDING NUMBERS 6. AUTHOR(S

  16. 75 FR 48929 - Notice of Meeting of the Agricultural Air Quality Task Force (United States)


    ... Natural Resources Conservation Service Notice of Meeting of the Agricultural Air Quality Task Force AGENCY...; (919) 541-5400. The Agricultural Air Quality Task Force (AAQTF) will meet to continue discussions on... Register of July 28, 2010, Notice of a Meeting (75 FR 44214). This document corrects the location of...

  17. The Air Force Officer Qualifying Test: Validity, Fairness, and Bias. Technical Report (United States)

    Hardison, Chaitra M.; Sims, Carra S.; Wong, Eunice C.


    The Air Force has long recognized the importance of selecting the most qualified officers possible. For more than 60 years, it has relied on the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT) as one measure of those qualifications. A variety of concerns have been raised about whether the AFOQT is biased, too expensive, or even valid for predicting…

  18. Air Force Institute of Technology, Civil Engineering School: Environmental Protection Course. (United States)

    Air Force Inst. of Tech., Wright-Patterson AFB, OH. School of Engineering.

    This document contains information assembled by the Civil Engineering School to meet the initial requirements of NEPA 1969 and Executive Orders which required the Air Force to implement an effective environmental protection program. This course presents the various aspects of Air Force environmental protection problems which military personnel…

  19. 75 FR 22560 - Federal Advisory Committee; U.S. Air Force Scientific Advisory Board; Charter Renewal (United States)


    ... of the Secretary Federal Advisory Committee; U.S. Air Force Scientific Advisory Board; Charter... that it is renewing the charter for the U.S. Air Force Scientific Advisory Board (hereafter referred to as the Board). FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Jim Freeman, Deputy Advisory Committee...

  20. 76 FR 3617 - U.S. Air Force Academy Board of Visitors Notice of Meeting (United States)


    ...-annual Sexual Assault and Gender Relations Report; an overview of the USAFA diversity strategic plan; an... the public. The Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force, in consultation with the Office of the Air Force General Counsel, has determined in writing that the public interest requires...

  1. Installation Restoration Program. Phase I. Records Search, Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado. (United States)


    GUNN so" a. 105VI A [ads SALIDA to(, A- I Ponce, Tous 50 2 Haswell Creek AP ’all or & Ca , Lm enross Arlington Sargent, 1 10Park IF renc Sugar 6...headquartered at Ent Air Force Base near downtown Colorado Springs, thus reopening the base. When the 15th Air Force moved to California in December 1949

  2. 32 CFR 644.415 - Army military and Air Force lands-$50,000 limitation. (United States)


    ... 32 National Defense 4 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 true Army military and Air Force lands-$50,000 limitation. 644.415 Section 644.415 National Defense Department of Defense (Continued) DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY... Interests § 644.415 Army military and Air Force lands—$50,000 limitation. (a) 10 U.S.C. 2672 authorizes...

  3. Sitewide feasibility study Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Last, G.V.; Lanigan, D.C.; Josephson, G.B.; Bagaasen, L.M.


    The Sitewide Feasibility Study (FS) is required under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA), the National Contingency Plan (NCP), and the Federal Facility Agreement (FFA) for Eielson Air Force Base (AFB). It is based on findings presented in the Sitewide Remedial Investigation (RI) Report (USAF 1995a), and the Sitewide Baseline Risk Assessment (BLRA) Report (USAF 1995b). Under the FFA, 64 potential source areas were placed in one of six operable units, based on similar contaminant and environmental characteristics, or were included for evaluation under a Source Evaluation Report (SER). The sitewide RI was directed at contamination that was not confined to an operable unit (OU) or SER source area. The objectives of the sitewide RI were to: Provide information about site characteristics to support individual OU RI/FS efforts and the sitewide RI/FS, including site hydrogeology and determination of background soil and groundwater characteristics; identify and characterize contamination that is not confined or attributable to a specific source area through sitewide monitoring of groundwater and surface water; evaluate cumulative risks to human health and the environment from contamination on a sitewide basis; and provide a mechanism for continued cohesive sitewide monitoring.

  4. Phase 1 Environmental Baseline Survey for Construction of a Wastewater Transmission Pipeline by the City of North Las Vegas on Nellis Air Force Base Clark County, Nevada (United States)



  5. At the Crossroads of Cyber Warfare: Signposts for the Royal Australian Air Force (United States)


    M. Convertino, Lou Anne DeMattei, and Tammy M. Knierim, Flying and Fighting in Cyberspace, Maxwell Paper ; No. 40 (Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala .: Air...Communications technicians or avionic engineers with a one-month crash course on cyber will not magically become cyber warriors. It will take the training...Convertino, Sebastian M., Lou Anne DeMattei, and Tammy M. Knierim. Flying and Fighting in Cyberspace, Maxwell Paper ; No. 40. Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala

  6. Strategy, Requirements, and Forces The Rising Imperative of Air and Space Power (United States)


    Operations,” Inside the Air Force, Nov. 1, 2002. 195 Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz , Pentagon news briefing, May 8, 2002. 196James G. Roche, Defense...Air Force Magazine, February 2002. 208 Lt. Gen. Charles Wald , USAF Deputy Chief of Staff for Air & Space Operations, interview with John Tirpak...2002. _______ and Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz , Pentagon news briefing, May 8, 2002. RYAN, Gen. Michael E., Statement to the Senate Armed

  7. Analysis of Government Accountability Office Bid Protests in Air Force Source Selections over the Past Two Decades (United States)


    ALCs) include Oklahoma City ALC, Tinker AFB ; Ogden ALC, Hill AFB ; Warner Robins ALC, Robins AFB ; and, before 2001, Sacramento ALC, McClellan AFB ...she had worked with in the past. Megan McKeever was always ready to provide helpful administrative support. xvii Abbreviations AFB Air Force base...are Langley Air Force Base ( AFB ), Air Combat Command; Peterson AFB , Air Force Space Command; Scott AFB , Air Mobility Command; Ramstein Air Base

  8. Data Envelopment Analysis to Assess Productivity in the United States Air Force Medical Supply Chain (United States)


    correct strategy” ( Heizer & Bender, 2008). In an operational management environment, the more efficiently resources are transformed to goods and... Operational Sciences Graduate School of Engineering and Management Air Force Institute of Technology Air University Air Education and Training...when “it” is needed. ( Heizer & Render, 2008). While operating costs are certainly a deciding factor, the overarching importance of these decisions

  9. Designed to Win: An Agile Approach to Air Force Command and Control of Cyberspace (United States)


    The Air Force has gladly assumed the moniker of the technological force. From a force originated by the invention of the technological miracle ...from the Germans foreign office to the Mexican government imploring them to initiate an attack on the United States. 44 With the capability to

  10. 78 FR 75334 - Meeting of the National Commission on the Structure of the Air Force (United States)


    ...: Due to difficulties finalizing the meeting agenda for the scheduled meeting of the National Commission... and 35% Reserve Component. This force mix matches the force mix planned for fiscal year 2015. A second... will also be ] taken from the U.S. Air Force's Alternative Program Objective Memorandum for fiscal...

  11. Reliable Force Predictions for a Flapping-wing Micro Air Vehicle : A "Vortex-lift" Approach

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Thielicke, W.; Kesel, A. B.; Stamhuis, Eize


    Vertical and horizontal force of a flapping-wing micro air vehicle (MAV) has been measured in slow-speed forward flight using a force balance. Detailed information on kinematics was used to estimate forces using a blade-element analysis. Input variables for this analysis are lift and drag coefficien

  12. 78 FR 78944 - Meeting of the National Commission on the Structure of the Air Force (United States)


    ..., and other specific mission sets such as security forces, civil engineering and science and technology..., Homeland Security, and Defense Support to Civil Authorities. 4. Continuing growth of demand on traditional... of Air Force history since 1947. 2. Accounting for the socio-cultural dimensions of force...

  13. Air Force Human Resources Laboratory Annual Report, Fiscal Year 1985, (United States)


    Newton was awarded the Legion centralize AFHRL expertise in personnel and of Merit for his outstanding service as Vice training R&D, bring these 1985. Wright-Patterson AFB, OH. contractors and representatives from AF/MPPTS, AF/ LEYE , AFOSP, AFMPC, ATC, Joint Service Job Performance

  14. Residential Forced Air System Cabinet Leakage and Blower Performance

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Walker, Iain S.; Dickerhoff, Darryl J.; Delp, William W.


    This project evaluated the air leakage and electric power consumption of Residential HVAC components, with a particular focus on air leakage of furnace cabinets. Laboratory testing of HVAC components indicated that air leakage can be significant and highly variable from unit to unit ? indicating the need for a standard test method and specifying maximum allowable air leakage in California State energy codes. To further this effort, this project provided technical assistance for the development of a national standard for Residential HVAC equipment air leakage. This standard is being developed by ASHRAE and is called"ASHRAE Standard 193P - Method of test for Determining the Air Leakage Rate of HVAC Equipment". The final part of this project evaluated techniques for measurement of furnace blower power consumption. A draft test procedure for power consumption was developed in collaboration with the Canadian General Standards Board: CSA 823"Performance Standard for air handlers in residential space conditioning systems".

  15. A comparison of innovative air pollution control technology demonstrations at McClellan Air Force Base

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Chapman, T.E. [BDM Federal, McClellan AFB, CA (United States); Mook, P.H. Jr.; Wong, K.B. [SM-ALC/EMR, McClellan AFB, CA (United States)


    McClellan Air Force Base (AFB), located near Sacramento, California, is one of the Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program`s National Environmental Technology Test Sites. As part of the on-going environmental clean-up of McClellan AFB, the US Air Force has evaluated several innovative and conventional technologies for the treatment of vapor phase volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This paper presents an overview and comparison of the cost and performance of seven innovative technologies tested at McClellan AFB. McClellan AFB has found conventional off-gas treatment technologies to be effective but costly. Operation and maintenance (O and M) costs for treatment systems are increasingly becoming a major component of the environmental clean-up budget. The cost and performance of photolytic destruction, titanium dioxide photocatalytic oxidation, advanced polymer absorption media, flameless thermal oxidation, non-thermal plasma destruction, electron-beam destruction, and an advanced regenerative adsorption system are presented. Destruction removal efficiencies for VOCs have ranged from greater than 99.9 percent for flameless thermal oxidation to zero for the advanced polymer absorption media. Like the conventional technologies in use, all of the innovative technologies tested have been shown to be effective for treating a wide range of vapor phase contaminants, but each is only cost effective over limited range of off-gas concentrations. Some of the innovative technologies evaluated were found not to be useful over a wide range of contaminants or too costly to operate at their current stage of development. For example, titanium dioxide photocatalytic oxidation cannot effectively treat chlorinated VOCs in off-gas streams that contain moderate amounts of long-chain hydrocarbons.

  16. United States Air Force F-35A Operational Basing Environmental Impact Statement. Appendix E: Comments (United States)


    neighborhoods which are already being ruined by the F-15s. NO to the noise polution . No to the air polution . No to ruining the environment and ruining...No to the air polut ion . No to ruining the environment and rui ning people’s lives. Thank you for listening to the citizens. Ruth Drake 1...Headquarters Air Combat Command Installations and Mission Support Directorate, Engineering Division (A7N) 129 Andrews Street Langley Air Force Base, VA

  17. An Application of Course Scheduling in the Brazilian Air Force (United States)


    activities, and frequently overtime and dissatisfaction among the personnel impacted. The schedule of the courses for one year is prepared the classroom or the sharing of computers between two students in the lab. These possible solutions results in student dissatisfaction with the...of Operational Research Society, 56, pp 426-438. Drezet L.-E. and Billaut J. C. (2008) “A project scheduling problem with labour constraints and

  18. Air Force Human Resources Laboratory Annual Report - Fiscal Year 1982. (United States)


    Simulator for Pilot program was adjudged technically sound and well Training ( ASPT ) image generator, though limited, balanced, given the user needs even though current ASPT image related to the lack of depth in personnel resources generation capacity is inadequate to "decorate" and the...broad "front occur. Data from studies conducted on the end" look at some of the potential training Advanced Simulator for Pilot Training ( ASPT

  19. Environmental Assessment: Proposed Training Facilities, Hill Air Force Base, Utah (United States)


    8 Related to Hill AFB military personnel and civilian employees, the Bio-environmental Engineering Flight (75 AMDS /SGPB) is responsible for...area of Hill AFB to Pond 3, a wet detention pond that discharges to Kay’s Creek. Best management practices for Pond 3 are surface maintain construction opacity at less than 20 percent. Haul roads would be kept wet . Any soil that is deposited on nearby paved roads by

  20. The Early Retirement of Gen Ronald R. Fogleman, Chief of Staff, United States Air Force (United States)


    The Early Retirement of Gen Ronald R. Fogleman, Chief of Staff, United States Air Force *EDITED by DR. RICHARD H. KOHN Editorial Abstract: Air...Force chief of staff Gen Ronald Fogleman’s early retirement in 1997 has caused great speculation. Was this a “resignation in protest”? Here for the...COVERED 00-00-2001 to 00-00-2001 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE The Early Retirement of Gen Ronald R. Fogleman, Chief of Staff, United States Air Force 5a

  1. United States Air Force Summer Faculty Research Program. 1985 Technical Report. Volume 3. (United States)


    Air Force materials with polution potential include jet fuel, deicer, different pesticides and Aqueous Fire Fighting Foam (AFFF). Spills and leakage...L AD-Ai66 178 UNITED STATES AIR FORCE SUMMER FACULTY RESEARCH PROGRAM 1/11 1985 TECHNICAL RE..(U) UNIVERSAL ENERGY SYSTEMS INC DAYTON OH R C DARRAH...EIIIIEEEIIIEEE 36 Ml ROCOPY RESOLUTION TEST CHART NtATIONdAL "URI4 OF SVAOAS - 963 -A j AIR FORCE OFFICE OF SCIENTIFIC RESEAfjCH-- ;’’UNITEP.STATES A11R.-FORG

  2. Supplemental site inspection for Air Force Plant 59, Johnson City, New York, Volume 1: Investigation report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Nashold, B.; Rosenblatt, D.; Hau, J. [and others


    This summary describes a Supplemental Site Inspection (SSI) conducted by Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) at Air Force Plant 59 (AFP 59) in Johnson City, New York. All required data pertaining to this project were entered by ANL into the Air Force-wide Installation Restoration Program Information System (IRPIMS) computer format and submitted to an appropriate authority. The work was sponsored by the United States Air Force as part of its Installation Restoration Program (IRP). Previous studies had revealed the presence of contaminants at the site and identified several potential contaminant sources. Argonne`s study was conducted to answer questions raised by earlier investigations.

  3. Vandenberg Air Force Base Upper Level Wind Launch Weather Constraints (United States)

    Shafer, Jaclyn A.; Wheeler, Mark M.


    The 30th Operational Support Squadron Weather Flight (30 OSSWF) provides comprehensive weather services to the space program at Vandenberg Air Force Base (VAFB) in California. One of their responsibilities is to monitor upper-level winds to ensure safe launch operations of the Minuteman III ballistic missile. The 30 OSSWF tasked the Applied Meteorology Unit (AMU) to analyze VAFB sounding data with the goal of determining the probability of violating (PoV) their upper-level thresholds for wind speed and shear constraints specific to this launch vehicle, and to develop a tool that will calculate the PoV of each constraint on the day of launch. In order to calculate the probability of exceeding each constraint, the AMU collected and analyzed historical data from VAFB. The historical sounding data were retrieved from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Earth System Research Laboratory archive for the years 1994-2011 and then stratified into four sub-seasons: January-March, April-June, July-September, and October-December. The maximum wind speed and 1000-ft shear values for each sounding in each subseason were determined. To accurately calculate the PoV, the AMU determined the theoretical distributions that best fit the maximum wind speed and maximum shear datasets. Ultimately it was discovered that the maximum wind speeds follow a Gaussian distribution while the maximum shear values follow a lognormal distribution. These results were applied when calculating the averages and standard deviations needed for the historical and real-time PoV calculations. In addition to the requirements outlined in the original task plan, the AMU also included forecast sounding data from the Rapid Refresh model. This information provides further insight for the launch weather officers (LWOs) when determining if a wind constraint violation will occur over the next few hours on day of launch. The interactive graphical user interface (GUI) for this project was developed in

  4. Leadership Theory Taught in Air Force Distant Learning Programs (United States)


    the force, fundamental gaps in motivation could be an underlying cause. Sociability/ Charisma Sociability is the characteristic of a leader to be...underpin the development of our officer force. These leadership theories form the base of our leader training and drive future leader behavior. Aspects of...force. These leadership theories form the base of our leader training and drive future leader behavior. Aspects of leadership and management will

  5. Air Force Electronic Systems Center: Reorganization Resulted in Workforce Reassignments at Hanscom Air Force Base, but Other Possible Effects Are Not Yet Known (United States)


    Officer VERA/VSIP Voluntary Early Retirement Authority/Voluntary Separation Incentive Payments This is a work of the U.S. government and is not...force, Hanscom Air Force Base officials used three rounds of the Voluntary Early Retirement Authority/Voluntary Separation Incentive Payments ( early retirement , voluntary retirement, or resignation. The Homeland Security Act of 2002, Pub. L. No. 107-296, §1313(b), authorized these

  6. 77 FR 62221 - Renewal of the Board of Visitors of the U.S. Air Force Academy (United States)


    ... of the U.S. Air Force Academy AGENCY: DoD. ACTION: Renewal of Federal Advisory Committee. SUMMARY... notice that it is renewing the charter for the Board of Visitors of the U.S. Air Force Academy (hereafter... provide independent advice and recommendations on matters relating to the U.S. Air Force Academy,...

  7. Air Force Achieves Fuel Efficiency through Industry Best Practices

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    The U.S. Air Force’s Air Mobility Command (AMC) is changing the way it does business. It is saving energy and money through an aircraft fleet fuel-efficiency program inspired by private industry best practices and ideas resulting from the empowered fuel savings culture.

  8. Resilient Airmen: Pacific Air Forces’ Critical Enabler (United States)


    charged with seeking 11innovation that maxi - mizes the use of Total Force resources.൘ Equipping our forces with these new systems and capabilities in...know others, and know your en- vironment. This awareness includes strengths, resources, and assets at your disposal, as well as weaknesses , problems

  9. A Course in Air Force Logistics History Since 1940 (United States)


    gravity of Allied forces 1000 miles from Morotai and Palaus, next stepping stones to Philippines --- Had to move forces to Netherlands New Guinea...inaccurate ---- Underestimated rainfall --- By Dec, planned to have 380 heavy bomber hardstands, only had 104 --- Shipping schedules so tight, decided

  10. Social Security, Cash Payments and Awards to Servicemen of the Red Army Air Force in the Great Patriotic War of 1941–1945

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Alexander P. Abramov


    Full Text Available On the basis of the historical and sociological material presented materials about the Soviet state measures during the Great Patriotic War for the implementation of social policy in respect of the military air force of the Red Army, expressed in monetary incentives, rewards and social guarantees. The author notes that the implementation of social management practices at each stage of warfare timely adjustments depending on acquired combat experience and the strategic objectives of war. Existing wartime monetary awards system and social guarantees in respect of the personnel of the Red Army Air Force was not a major, but significant moral incentive for both pilots, as for representatives of other arms and services.

  11. 2008 Northwest Florida Water Management District (NWFWMD) Lidar: Eglin Air Force Base, Walton County, FL (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — In the summer of 2008, the Northwest Florida Water Management District collected lidar data over a portion of Walton County, FL (Eglin Air force Base) to support...

  12. (Environmental investigation of ground water contamination at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    This report presents information concerning field procedures employed during the monitoring, well construction, well purging, sampling, and well logging at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Activities were conducted in an effort to evaluate ground water contamination.

  13. 76 FR 22083 - U.S. Air Force Academy Board of Visitors Notice of Meeting (United States)


    ... Diversity; an Ethics briefing; and Air Force Academy fiscal issues in relation to the reduction of.... Supporting documentation may also be included as needed to establish the appropriate historical context...

  14. Temporal Geophysical Investigations of the FT-2-Plume at the Wurtsmith Air Force Base, Oscoda, Michigan (United States)

    The decommissioned Wurtsmith Air Force Base former Fire Training Cell (FT-02) facility has been the focus of several geophysical investigations. After several decades of fire training exercises, significant amounts of hydrocarbons and some solvents seeped into the subsurface cont...

  15. Report of Findings: Cold Bay Air Force Station (Grant Point) military contaminants: Fiscal year 1988 collections (United States)

    US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior — This report summarizes our contaminants investigation at the abandoned Cold Bay Air Force Station (Station), located on the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge at Grant...

  16. Pneumonia Outbreak Caused by Chlamydophila pneumoniae Among US Air Force Academy Cadets, Colorado, USA (United States)


    Article 3. DATES COVERED (From – To) Sep 2013 – May 2014 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Pneumonia Outbreak Caused by Chlamydophila pneumoniae among US Air Force...October 2013–May 2014, there were 102 cases of pneumonia diagnosed in US Air Force Academy cadets. A total of 73% of tested nasal washes contained...Chlamydophila pneumoniae . This agent can be considered to be present on campus settings during outbreaks with numerous, seemingly disconnected cases of

  17. The F-22 Acquisition Program: Consequences for the US Air Force’s Fighter Fleet (United States)


    1997 QDR, the Air Force implemented a new con- struct for its deployable forces. By 2000 all operational fighter squad- rons had been grouped into...production cost estimate by 648. 14. Eric V. Larson , David T. Orletsky, and Kristin Leuschner, Defense Planning in a Decade of Change: Lessons from...17. Larson , Orletsky, and Leuschner, Defense Planning, 39. 18. General Accounting Office, Status of the Air Force’s Efforts to Replace the A-10

  18. Leveraging Advanced Technology in Army and Air Force Readiness and Sustainment Training (United States)


    USAWC STRATEGY RESEARCH PROJECT LEVERAGING ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY IN ARMY AND AIR FORCE READINESS AND SUSTAINMENT TRAINING by Kathy Lindsey Department...of Air Force Colonel Richard M. Meinhart Project Advisor The views expressed in this academic research paper are those of the author and do not...necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the U.S. Government, the Department of Defense, or any of its agencies. U.S. Army War College CARLISLE

  19. No Winglets: What a Drag...Argument for Adding Winglets to Large Air Force Aircraft (United States)


    22134-5068 MASTER OF MILITARY STUDIES NO WINGLETS : WHAT A DRAG... ARGUMENT FOR ADDING WINGLETS TO LARGE AIR FORCE AIRCRAFT ,SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL...currently valid OMB control number. 1. REPORT DATE 2008 2. REPORT TYPE 3. DATES COVERED 00-00-2008 to 00-00-2008 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE No Winglets ...What a Drag...Argument for Adding Winglets to Large Air Force Aircraft 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR

  20. Integrated Planning for the Air Force Senior Leader Workforce. Background and Methods (United States)


    Matters Office AFSLMO Air Force Senior Leader Management Office C2ISR command, control, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance CMDB follows, using proxies available in the Air Force’s Command Manpower Data Base ( CMDB ). 2 Size. Organizational size was defined as the number of...organization. 2 For the analysis reported here, we used the CMDB as of the end of FY 2002. 3 Given the wide variations found in organizational sizes, we

  1. Investigating Team Collaboration of an Air Force Research Event October 2008 (United States)


    Joint Force Commander MARLO Marine Liaison Officer MIO Maritime Interdiction Operations MURI Multidisciplinary University Research...maritime interdiction operations ( MIO ) chat logs from three MIO exercises and air warfare audio transcripts from four different teams. A MIO is an...State University: Team Training Paradigm for Better CID . Retrieved on May 19, 2009 from Sirak, M. (2006). Air Force to Pick Contractor

  2. The Author’s Guide to Writing Air Force Flight Test Center Technical Reports (United States)


    can be used to identify special information in one cell. **A double asterisk can also be used to identify special information in one cell. Edwards... information in one cell. **A double asterisk can also be used to identify special information in one cell. Edwards Air Force Base Air Force Flight Test...All notes here apply to entire table. _____________________ *(U) An asterisk can be used to identify special information in one cell. **(U) A

  3. Air Force Research Laboratory Sensors Directorate Leadership Legacy, 1960-2011 (United States)


    State Uni- versity, Columbus, Ohio. In 1957, Dr. Ryles was employed as an aerospace engineer in the Air Force Powerplant Laboratory, Wright...from Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. In 1957, Dr. Ryles was employed as an aerospace engineer in the Air Force Powerplant Laboratory, Wright...Millimeter Wave Ra- dar, and Scanning Antenna Design. Composed from biographical text provided by Dr. Bodnar. Sensors Director- ate archives 149

  4. Improving Demographic Diversity in the U.S. Air Force Officer Corps (United States)


    research quality and objectivity. Improving Demographic Diversity in the U.S. Air Force Officer Corps Nelson Lim, Louis T. Mariano, Amy G. Cox, David ...Louis T. Mariano, Amy G. Cox, David Schulker, Lawrence M. Hanser Prepared for the United States Air Force Approved for public fields, 6 See Karen R. Humes , Nicholas A. Jones, and Roberto R. Ramirez, Overview of Race and

  5. Environmental Assessment: General Plan-Based Environmental Impact Analysis Process, Laughlin Air Force Base (United States)


    BASED ENVIROMENTAL IMPACT ANALYSIS PROCESS LAUGHLIN AIR FORCE BASE, TEXAS AGENCY: 47th Flying Training Wing (FTW), Laughlin Air Force Base (AFB), Texas...activities that take place in a particular area and generally refers to human modification of land, often for residential or economic purposes. It asphaltic and is generally not economical to drill. There are some small natural gas deposits being tapped in the northwest part of the county

  6. AIR FORCE1不完全手册VOL.1

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    恰逢AIR FORCE1 25周年之际,鞋帮带您回顾25年间AIR FORCE1的点点滴滴。在这里,汇集了数百双25年来的经典鞋款,在今后的三期里,我们将会为您悉数呈现。

  7. The Search for a Permanent Home: Explaining the Organizational Instability of Air Force Rescue (United States)


    general case study, the story of Air Force Rescue also suggests insights into organizational decision-making within the Air Force writ large...the skill and daring of the CSAR aircrews to do things like descend below a 100 foot cloud deck over a lake and wire hop to the objective, or fly...platforms. Rescue and SOF are two different missions that leverage different skills for different purposes.37

  8. Air Force Journal of Logistics: Spares Campaign 2002. Volume 26 Number 3 (United States)


    Logistics Management Agency, or the organization where the author works. The Journal is a refereed journal. Manuscripts are subject to expert and peer...Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff, Installations and Logistics, and Mr Gunselman is a consultant , Dynamics Research Corporation ( DRC ), Directorate of...Management, Directorate of Supply Chain Integration, Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff, Installations and Logistics; and Mr Grehawick is a consultant, DRC

  9. The United States Air Force Academy: A Bibliography, 2006-2010 (United States)


    W. Dunmire. Mountain Wildflowers of the Southern Rockies: Revealing Their Natural History. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2007...Siegenthaler, Kenneth E. et al. "Nurturing Our Rocket Space Workforce at the United States Air Force Academy." Space 2005. Long Beach, California ...AIAA, 2005. 743. ---. "Nurturing Our Satellite Space Workforce at the United States Air Force Academy." Space 2005. Long Beach, California

  10. Quality Control Review of Air Force Audit Agency’s Special Access Program Audits (United States)


    22350-1500 December 9, 2014 MEMORANDUM FOR AUDITOR GENERAL, DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE SUBJECT: Quality Control Review of Air Force Audit Agency’s...appropriate internal quality control system in place and undergo an external peer review at least once every three years by reviewers independent of all matters relating to the audit work, the audit organization and the individual auditor whether government or public must be independent. AFAA

  11. Numerical Analysis of Magnetic Force of Dry-Type Air-Core Reactor

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    LIUZhi-gang; GENGYing-san; WANGJian-hua


    This paper presents a coupled magnetic-circuit method for computing the magnetic force of air-core reactor under short-time current. The current and the magnetic flux density are computed first and then the magnetic force is obtained. Thus, the dynamic stability performance of air-core reactor can be analyzed at the design stage to reduce experimental cost and shorten the lead-time of product development.

  12. Air Force Research to Link Standards for Enlistment to On-the-Job Performance (United States)


    This report describes Air Force research supporting the Joint-Service Job Performance Measurement/Enlistment Standards Project. This project has...selection and classification standards on-the- job performance . This report describes those relationships. A brief overview of the Air Force Job Performance Measurement...enlistment test scores, job experience, educational attainment, and hands-on job performance test scores. Additional analyses indicating the reliability and

  13. Environmental Assessment for Developing Renewable Energy Enhanced Use Lease Facilities at Robins Air Force Base (United States)


    and effluent is monitored for biological oxygen demand, chemical oxygen demand, coliform bacteria, pH, oil and grease, ammonia , metals, suspended...on Airports and Aviation. Airport Cooperative Research Program. ACRP Synthesis 28. United States Air Force (USAF). 2013. U.S. Air Force Energy...battlegrounds, and a variety of other structures from the period of recorded history in the region. Architectural resources include structures or districts

  14. Earth, Wind, and Fire: Elemental Properties of Army and Air Force Cooperation in Close Air Support, 1945-1991 (United States)


    Syndrome : The Role of Air Power Theory in the Evolution and Fate of the U.S. Air Force (New Brunswick, New...New York: Penguin Group, 2005), 29. 5 Neil Sheehan , A Fiery Peace in a Cold War: Bernard Schriever and the Ultimate Weapon (New York, New York...Vintage Books, 2009), 85. 6 Gaddis, The Cold War, 28. 7 Sheehan , A Fiery Peace in a Cold War, 86. 8 Harry S. Truman, “NSC‐68” (Executive

  15. No Sense in Dwelling on the Past?: The Fate of the US Air Force’s German Air Force Monograph Project, 1952-69 (United States)


    107 E SELECTED MONOGRAPHS . . . . . . . . . . . . . 111 LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS AND TERMS . . . . 119 DRAMATIS PERSONAE ...Strategic Bombing Survey Wehrmacht German armed forces during the Nazi era 120 LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS AND TERMS 121 Dramatis Personae American Angell...Luftwaffe’s Agility: An Assessment of Rele- vant Concepts and Practices.” Paper presented at the bien - nial Air Power Conference. Hendon, UK, 20 July 2006

  16. Microbial Contamination on Used Surgical Masks among Hospital Personnel and Microbial Air Quality in their Working Wards: A Hospital in Bangkok

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pipat Luksamijarulkul


    Full Text Available Objective: To assess the relationship of bacterial and fungal contamination on used surgical masks worn by the hospital personnel and microbial air quality in their working wards. Methods: This is a cross-sectional study of 230 used surgical masks collected from 214 hospital personnel, and 215 indoor air samples collected from their working wards to culture for bacterial and fungal counts. This study was carried out at the hospital in Bangkok. Group or genus of isolated bacteria and fungi were preliminarily identified by Gram’s stain and lacto-phenol cotton blue. Data were analyzed using paired t-test and Pearson’s correlation coefficient at the significant level of p<0.050. Results: Means and standard deviation of bacterial and fungal contamination on inside area of the used masks were 47 ± 56 and 15 ± 9 cfu/ml/piece, and on outside area were 166 ± 199 and 34 ± 18 cfu/ml/piece, respectively, p<0.001. The bacterial and fungal contamination on used masks from hospital personnel working in the male and female medical wards and out-patient department, as well as the bacterial and fungal counts of the indoor air sample collected from the same area were relatively higher than the other wards. The predominant isolated bacteria and fungi contaminated on inside and outside areas of the used masks and air samples were similar (Staphylococcus spp. and Aspergillus spp.; respectively. For its relationship, results found that bacterial and fungal counts in air samples showed significantly positive correlation with the bacterial contamination load on outside area of the used masks, r=0.16, p=0.018 and r=0.21, p=0.003, respectively. Conclusion: High bacterial contamination on outside area of the used masks was demonstrated, and it showed a significant correlation with microbial air quality of working wards.

  17. Aerosol properties and radiative forcing for three air masses transported in Summer 2011 to Sopot, Poland (United States)

    Rozwadowska, Anna; Stachlewska, Iwona S.; Makuch, P.; Markowicz, K. M.; Petelski, T.; Strzałkowska, A.; Zieliński, T.


    Properties of atmospheric aerosols and solar radiation reaching the Earth's surface were measured during Summer 2011 in Sopot, Poland. Three cloudless days, characterized by different directions of incoming air-flows, which are typical transport pathways to Sopot, were used to estimate a radiative forcing due to aerosols present in each air mass.

  18. The Imperative to Integrate Air Force Command and Control Systems into Maritime Plans (United States)


    accurate surface picture and an institutionally joint culture , the E-8C is ideally suited and al- ready vetted to complement the sea services’ own... ZULU .” July–August 2014 Air & Space Power Journal | 116 Dalman, Kopp, & Redman Air Force Command and Control Systems in Maritime Plans Feature 18

  19. 78 FR 70540 - Meeting of the National Commission on the Structure of the Air Force (United States)


    ... mission sets such as security forces, civil engineering and science and technology. --Testimony from the... Security, and Defense Support to Civil Agencies. This will include implications for the structure of the... rooted in the American militia heritage and the history of the Air Force since 1947. This discussion...

  20. 78 FR 10608 - David Grant United States Air Force Medical Center Specialty Care Travel Reimbursement... (United States)


    ... demonstration would be initially conducted at DGMC and its satellite clinic, the McClellan Clinic (MCC) as well... also operates the McClellan satellite clinic (MCC) in Sacramento. This satellite clinic offers an... Force Base (AFB) is currently a 116-bed facility and fulfills a key role in the Air Force...

  1. A US Air Force Strategy for Africa (Drew Paper, Number 7) (United States)


    productivity costs of $ billion.5 This variability in climate will complicate air operations in Africa, while the disease profile of the continent makes...making their experience especially instructive. This similarity comes from “a planning environment characterized by chronic resource constraints...Seventeenth Air Force AOC to reflect its operational envi- ronment. Specifically, among the five divisions in the AOC, the Air Mobility Division ( AMD ) and

  2. The impact of international shipping on European air quality and climate forcing

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    van Aardenne, J. [European Environment Agency (EEA), Copenhagen (Denmark); Colette, A. [INERIS (France); Degraeuwe, B.; de Vlieger, I. [VITO (Belgium); Hammingh, P. [PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (Netherlands); Viana, M. [CSIC (Spain)


    This EEA Technical report provides an overview on the state of knowledge on the impact of international shipping in European waters to air quality and climate change. Based on literature review and model assessment studies information is provided on past and future emissions of air pollutants and greenhouse gases, monitoring of ship emissions, emission mitigation policies and impact on European air quality and radiative forcing. (Author)

  3. The learning portfolio in the Royal Danish Air Force

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Shapiro, Allan

    Integrating the resilience approach in the management curriculum is a challenge. The study claims that the epistemological constructivist mindset of sense-making delivered via the learning portfolio, can be an advantageous individual prerequisite in acknowledging resilience engineering, as an imp......Integrating the resilience approach in the management curriculum is a challenge. The study claims that the epistemological constructivist mindset of sense-making delivered via the learning portfolio, can be an advantageous individual prerequisite in acknowledging resilience engineering......, as an important new way of conceptualizing and designing aeronautic safety. By using this particular didactic design, the study shows promising results in terms of making highly specialized personnel (pilots) grasp the complexity of the sense-making approach - the human being as a complex autonomous meaning...

  4. The Strengthening of the Colombian Air Force: An Effective Strategy on the Road to Negotiation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Janiel Melamed Visbal


    Full Text Available This article discusses how the strengthening of the Colombian Air Force since the beginning of the new millennium, resulted in the military weakening of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC-EP. These circumstances, along with the overall strengthening of the national security forces allowed to develop the proper conditions to initiate a set of peace talks between the most remarkable insurgent organization and the Colombian State, in very different conditions from previous experiences.

  5. Physical fitness training reference manual for security force personnel at fuel cycle facilities possessing formula quantities of special nuclear materials

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Arzino, P.A.; Caplan, C.S.; Goold, R.E. (California State Univ., Hayward, CA (United States). Foundation)


    The recommendations contained throughout this NUREG are being provided to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) as a reference manual which can be used by licensee management as they develop a program plan for the safe participation of guards, Tactical Response Team members (TRTs), and all other armed response personnel in physical fitness training and in physical performance standards testing. The information provided in this NUREG will help licensees to determine if guards, TRTs, and other armed response personnel can effectively perform their normal and emergency duties without undue hazard to themselves, to fellow employees, to the plant site, and to the general public. The recommendations in this NUREG are similar in part to those contained within the Department of Energy (DOE) Medical and Fitness Implementation Guide which was published in March 1991. The guidelines contained in this NUREG are not requirements, and compliance is not required. 25 refs.

  6. Improved resiliency and well-being among military personnel in a Swedish Naval Force after a counter-piracy operation off the coast of Somalia. (United States)

    Bäccman, Charlotte; Hjärthag, Fredrik; Almqvist, Kjerstin


    The aim of this study was to explore: (1) how the psychological health of the members of the first European Union Naval Force (ME01) was affected by international deployment off the coast of Somalia; and (2) if and how organizational and personal factors (e.g., type of personnel category, previous experiences, and resilience) affected their psychological health and well-being post-deployment. The study had an exploratory longitudinal design, where the participants were assessed both before and after deployment (i.e., T1 and T2). The participants (n = 129, 120 men, 9 women) were equally distributed between officers (n = 68; 64 men, 4 women) and sailors (n = 61; 56 men, 5 women). The members' average age was 31 years, ranging from 20 to 61. For the majority (78%) ME01 was their first international deployment and officers were, in general, more experienced than sailors. The overall results showed that the members' reported a positive experience with improved resilience and well-being (e.g., sense of coherence). However, the result also showed that type of personnel category (i.e., officer or sailor) affected their psychological health. Why and how these differences among military personnel arise is discussed, but deserves further attention.

  7. Military personnel recognition system using texture, colour, and SURF features (United States)

    Irhebhude, Martins E.; Edirisinghe, Eran A.


    This paper presents an automatic, machine vision based, military personnel identification and classification system. Classification is done using a Support Vector Machine (SVM) on sets of Army, Air Force and Navy camouflage uniform personnel datasets. In the proposed system, the arm of service of personnel is recognised by the camouflage of a persons uniform, type of cap and the type of badge/logo. The detailed analysis done include; camouflage cap and plain cap differentiation using gray level co-occurrence matrix (GLCM) texture feature; classification on Army, Air Force and Navy camouflaged uniforms using GLCM texture and colour histogram bin features; plain cap badge classification into Army, Air Force and Navy using Speed Up Robust Feature (SURF). The proposed method recognised camouflage personnel arm of service on sets of data retrieved from google images and selected military websites. Correlation-based Feature Selection (CFS) was used to improve recognition and reduce dimensionality, thereby speeding the classification process. With this method success rates recorded during the analysis include 93.8% for camouflage appearance category, 100%, 90% and 100% rates of plain cap and camouflage cap categories for Army, Air Force and Navy categories, respectively. Accurate recognition was recorded using SURF for the plain cap badge category. Substantial analysis has been carried out and results prove that the proposed method can correctly classify military personnel into various arms of service. We show that the proposed method can be integrated into a face recognition system, which will recognise personnel in addition to determining the arm of service which the personnel belong. Such a system can be used to enhance the security of a military base or facility.

  8. Organizing for the Future: Aligning U.S. Air Force Cyber Support with Mission Assurance (United States)


    MAJCOM Commanders, memorandum, 7 June 2006. 8 Laura M. Colarusso , “The Deepest Cuts: USAF To Let Go of Hundreds of Planes, Thousands of Airmen” Defense...M. Colarusso and Rod Hafemeister, “Forced cuts - Air Force leaders plan to drop 40,000 airmen, civilians over 6 years, starting in 2006,” Air Force...Blue. New York, NY: St. Martin’s Press, 1997. Colarusso , Laura M. “The Deepest Cuts: USAF To Let Go of Hundreds of Planes, Thousands of Airmen

  9. Improving Air Force Command and Control Through Enhanced Agile Combat Support Planning, Execution, Monitoring, and Control Processes (United States)


    assess, plan, execute [ MAPE ] model) are an integral part of Air Force enterprise and joint command and control capability. In the revised copy of Air...operations. 2 Similar in construct, the Air Force uses the MAPE model when discussing ACS processes. 3 In the revised copy of AFDD 1, dated November 12, 2010...MAJCOM major command xliv Improving Air Force C2 Through Enhanced Agile Combat Support Processes MAJCOM/CC commander, major command MAPE monitor, assess

  10. AIR FORCE 1二十五周年庆典

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    继AIDAS SUPERSTAR 35TH之后,NIKE AIR FORCE1 25周年对于体育潮流界来说是不能忽视的重要事件!以NIKE传奇设计师Bruce Kilgore为核心的创作团队也致力让NIKE AIR FORCE1在25周年之际让它更加放射光芒!NIKE AIR FORCE1 25周年不仅包含了纪念意义,也包含了NIKE对于业界的野心和期望。随后发表的一系列NIKE AF1 25周年别注将代表NIKE最高级设计和制作工艺。据悉,之后每款NIKE AIR FORCE别注都将拍摄特别短片!

  11. The Chinese Air Force: Evolving Concepts, Roles, and Capabilities (United States)


    Air and Cosmos [Paris], May 6, 2011, 16–17. 144 Ibid. 145 Nick Eftimiades, Chinese Intelligence Operations (Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press... html>; Nathan Hodge , “China’s J–20 Fighter: Stealthy or Just Stealthy Looking?” The Wall Street Journal

  12. Environmental Assessment, Project MOUNTAINVIEW Facility, Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado (United States)


    by East 40th Avenue. The undeveloped parcel is part of the Gateway Park development, which is composed of 1,300 acres of office, hotel , retail...60 Air conditioning unit (20 feet) Intrusive 70 Noisy restaurant or freeway traffic Telephone use difficult 80 Alarm clock (2 feet) Annoying 90

  13. United States Air Force Infrastructure Energy Strategic Plan (United States)


    sponsored Industry Companies ( ESCOs ) and utility providers Forums • American Public/Local Community • Print and broadcast media, industry trade shows App~n...Protection Agency BCE Base Civil Engineer EPAct Energy Policy Act of 2005 BLCC Building Life Cycle Cost ESCO Energy Services Company United States Air

  14. Environmental Assessment for Proposed Aircraft Replacement, 507th Tactical Air Control Wing, Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina (United States)


    7=1r LUIB MUM= 1ý14 . I.’D 󈨚 1 :-•.HC,• Tý4-7 DI-U’F_1 LAHILF__’ PFE ; ...4• - C, significant impact on the management of hazardous wraterfals, the...Detachment 1372, Air Force Audit Agency; the 2020th Information Systems Squadron; Field Training Detachment 307; and Detachment 9, Tactical

  15. Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicle Wing Manufacture and Force Testing (United States)


    include: stroke amplitude, wing beat frequency, wing angle of attack, stroke plane angle, downstroke/upstroke ratio, wing tip trajectory and timing for...Analogous to the Magnus effect 9 (production of lift by surface rotation), it was found that the lift force peaked at the termination of the half

  16. Air Force Research Laboratory’s 2006 Technology Milestones (United States)


    the model to different aerodynamic orientations, propeller speeds, nacelle angles, and blade angles. The researchers also performed forced...based cloud profiling radar and light detection and ranging ( lidar ), radiosondes, satellite imagery, and a surface observer collected data throughout...more than 26 different 3-hour cirrus episodes occurring between February and December. Radar and lidar data specified the top and base altitudes of

  17. The United States Air Force in Southeast Asia: Tactical Airlift (United States)


    29. Hist, 13th AF, Jul I-Dec 31, 1963, 1st Spec Forces Gp (Airb), subj: Re- 1, 1-12; rprt, Lt Col Garth L. Reynolds . quest for Doctrinal subj: Operation Junction City, 32 and 33-40, Apr 21, 1967; rprt, Apr 72; intvw, author with Maj Jessie 196th Light Inf Bde, AAR Junction City, H

  18. Role of Air Force Special Operations in Foreign Internal Defense (United States)


    forces in maintaining inter- Japan. and the newly Industrialized nal stability to promote an environment countries of Asia-have prompted a conducive to...can detract from the menta.’ legitimacy of the state. The Salvadoran The necessity to maintain the fragile Organizacion DemocratIca Nacionallsta

  19. Evaluation of Sulfide Control by Air-Injection in Sewer Force Mains: Field and Laboratory Study

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Juan T. García


    Full Text Available Chemical and biological processes consume dissolved oxygen (DO in urban wastewater during transportation along sewer systems. Anaerobic conditions (DO < 0.2 mg/L are easily reached, leading to sulfide (S2− generation. Release of free sulfide, hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S, from the liquid to the gaseous phase, causes odor, corrosion of pipes and supposes a risk for health of people working in sewers. These issues get worse in force mains, due to inability to take oxygen from the gaseous phase of pipe. Air injection is a suggested practice to control H2S emission in force mains. That technique aims to keep aerobic conditions in wastewater in order to avoid sulfide generation and favor a decrease of Biochemical Organic Demand (BOD. However, several force mains with air injection are not achieving their goals due to a limited oxygen transfer. Field measurements of dissolved oxygen in urban wastewater are presented in an existing force main with air injection during the summer of 2014 in the southeast of Spain. A laboratory scale model is constructed to quantify two-phase flow conditions in pipe due to air injection for different incoming flows rates of water and air. Particularly, for the case of plug flow, also known as elongated bubble flow. Velocity field measurement of water phase in laboratory allows estimating turbulent diffusivity of oxygen in the water, Em, and inter-phase mass transfer coefficient KL(T. In the laboratory, flow and air depth, bubble length, water velocity field, pressure inside force main and water and airflow rates are determined experimentally. These variables are used to assess DO in water phase of force main by comparison with those obtained from field measurements. This work allows assessing air injection efficiency in wastewater, and, therefore, to predict DO in wastewater in force mains.

  20. Prevalence and Correlates of Mental Health Problems in Canadian Forces Personnel Who Deployed in Support of the Mission in Afghanistan: Findings From Postdeployment Screenings, 2009–2012 (United States)

    Zamorski, Mark A; Rusu, Corneliu; Garber, Bryan G


    Objective: An important minority of military personnel will experience mental health problems after overseas deployments. Our study sought to describe the prevalence and correlates of postdeployment mental health problems in Canadian Forces personnel. Method: Subjects were 16 193 personnel who completed postdeployment screening after return from deployment in support of the mission in Afghanistan. Screening involved a detailed questionnaire and a 40-minute, semi-structured interview with a mental health clinician. Mental health problems were assessed using the Patient Health Questionnaire and the Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Checklist—Civilian Version. Logistic regression was used to explore independent risk factors for 1 or more of 6 postdeployment mental health problems. Results: Symptoms of 1 or more of 6 mental health problems were seen in 10.2% of people screened; the most prevalent symptoms were those of major depressive disorder (3.2%), minor depression (3.3%), and posttraumatic stress disorder (2.8%). The strongest risk factors for postdeployment mental health problems were past mental health care (adjusted odds ratio [AOR] 2.89) and heavy combat exposure (AOR 2.57 for third tertile, compared with first tertile). These risk groups might be targeted in prevention and control efforts. In contrast to findings from elsewhere, Reservist status, deployment duration, and number of previous deployments had no relation with mental health problems. Conclusions: An important minority of personnel will disclose symptoms of mental health problems during postdeployment screening. Differences in risk factors seen in different nations highlight the need for caution in applying the results of research in one population to another. PMID:25007406

  1. Potential of Visual Sensory Screening, Diagnostic Evaluation, and Training for Treatment of Postconcussive Symptoms and Performance Enhancement for Special Forces Qualified Personnel. (United States)

    Suttles, Sean T


    Mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) or concussive injuries remain a challenge for both athletes and clinicians, given high incidence rates and heterogeneous clinical trajectories. Moreover, exposure to blast in combat is compounded by chronic, frequent exposure to a variety of subclinical impacts and overpressure, in some cases annually over many years. Subsequent injuries are often more severe than the original and lead to higher incidence of chronic symptoms in combat units, particularly Special Operations Forces (SOF), which is compounded by a propensity to underreport or avoid Army medical systems altogether. The unique nature and psychological makeup of SOF Soldiers suggest that new guidelines for progressive return-to-activity and return-to-duty decision-making within the traditional medical setting may not be generalizable to this population. Further, the traditional criteria for return to duty and return to play in sport may be insensitive to persistent deficits, resulting in premature return. There is presidential and Department of Defense mandates for continued research in the areas of diagnostics, treatment, and assessments for return to duty. With recent shift toward understanding clinical trajectories, particularly visual and vestibular trajectories, promising new technology from the field of sports vision may prove useful toward that endeavor. Since the advent of performance programs within SOF units, these Soldiers build trust with performance personnel, which include rehabilitative personnel, through consistent and regular shared experience. Implementation of comprehensive vision and visual performance screening in conjunction with the study of sports vision technology within the performance setting, in conjunction with unit medical personnel, may yield important findings for diagnosis and treatment of mTBI; to include the chronically symptomatic postconcussive Soldiers. Last, with a wealth of literature supporting visual skills training for athlete

  2. Study on forced air convection cooling for electronic assemblies

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    The slotted fin concept was employed to improve the air cooling performance of plate-fin in heat sinks.Numerical simulations of laminar heat transfer and flow pressure drop were conducted for the integral plate fin,discrete plate fin and discrete slotted fin heat sinks.It is found that the performance of the discrete plate fin is better than that of the integral continuum plate fin and the performance of slotted fin is better than that of the discrete plate fin at the same pumping power of the fan.A new type of heat sink characterized by discrete and slotted fin surfaces with thinner fins and smaller spaces between fins is then proposed.Preliminary computation shows that this type of heat sink may be useful for the next generation of higher thermal load CPUs.The limit of cooling capacity for air-cooling techniques was also addressed.

  3. Environmental Assessment: Proposed Consolidated Warehouse, Hill Air Force Base, Utah (United States)


    pavements are identified, they would be properly handled during the demolition and construction process. Operational activities would generate the same...historic properties is extremely low . However, if any such properties are found during construction, ground-disturbing activities in the immediate...gas, and improve the capture of particulates during painting and abrasive blasting operations (in compliance with the base’s Title V air quality

  4. Probable Impacts of Space Operations on Air Force Civil Engineering (United States)


    University, Air Command and Staff College, Research Report). Bierling , James R ., Space Operations Professional Development Guide, Maxwell AFB, Alabama, April...basing containerized payloads self ferry Table S. NASP Technical Challenges and Confidence Factors4 1986 1988 1990 Airframe Structures and Materials R ...Y B Thermal Management Y G B Flight Vehicle Integration R G G Inlet/Nozzle Performane R Y 6 Slush Hydrogen Y Y 6 Propulsion Ramjet Y 6 B Scramjet

  5. United States Air Force Agency Financial Report 2014 (United States)


    net realizable value of $0 pending development of an effective means of valuing such materiel. 1.N. Investments in U.S. Treasury Securities The Air...666,842) $ 57,594,470 Legend for Valuation Methods: LAC = Latest Acquisition Cost NRV = Net Realizable Value MAC = Moving Average Cost SP...obsolete, and unserviceable inventory and OM&S at a net realizable value of $0 pending development of an effective means of valuing such materiel

  6. Environmental Assessment: Installation Development at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas (United States)


    Residential Area (South Leon Valley) 67.5 SD08 Residential Area (Huebner and Bandera Roads) 64.5 SD09 Residential Area (South O.P. Schnabel Park) 62.3...most of the winter. Southeasterly winds from the Gulf of Mexico are predominant in the summer but also occur frequently during the winter. The...Air Quality Control Region (AQCR Number 217), which includes Atascosa, Bandera , Bexar, Comal, Dimmit, Edwards, Frio, Gillespie, Guadalupe, Karnes

  7. Myrtle Beach Air Force Base Community Redevelopment Plan (United States)


    senior citizen cultural programs and uses. " The opportunity exists at MBAFB to encourage a high-quality destination resort with first-class which has several subareas within the entire facility which are built up around themes. As an example, Disneyland has areas such as Fantasyland and...Archaeological Historic Sites ’-- ( Cultural Resources Analysis, May, 1980) fo,,2 Installation Restoration Program Sites (Source: Myrtle Beach Air

  8. Validation of the Air Force Weather Agency Ensemble Prediction Systems (United States)


    to deterministic models. Results from ensemble weather input into operational risk management ( ORM ) destruction of enemy air defense simulations...growth during the analysis period (Toth and Kalnay, 1993; Toth and Kalnay, 1997). From this framework the ensemble transform bred vector, ensemble...features. Each of its 10 members is run independently using different configurations in the framework of the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF

  9. Parametric Estimation of Load for Air Force Data Centers (United States)


    optimization of data center ( electrical ) power, (network) ping, and ( cooling ) pipes. It has perhaps been the prevalence of Moore’s Law, popularly thought of...Force Base-level data centers. Review of commercial literature on data center design found emphasis in power efficiency, thermal modeling and cooling ...virtual machines for CPUs. The duration of these requests is a random variable, related to the myriad of enterprise applications being used. Load is

  10. America’s Air Force: A Call to the Future (United States)


    office. However, I know the issues will last beyond my tenure and are therefore woven into the key themes and vectors contained in this document...importance of airpower now and well into the future, this paper details our core missions and how—through the skill, commitment, dedication, and...dangerous future were gathering. Then, like now , some things were crystal clear. Among them, that force will remain an essential component of

  11. Airmen First: Shaping the Expeditionary Air Force for Counterinsurgency (United States)


    comparison to the ancient Roman Empire known as Pax Romana , Boot selects these words to justify the extensive deployment of American military forces...ideology, or social identity based on race, religion , or ethnicity. Whatever the issue, it impacts a broad swath of the population across the breadth of...colony where the residue of empire still persists. Often viewed as foreign by virtue of race, religion , or ethnicity, the established regime usually

  12. An Improved Calibration Method for Hydrazine Monitors for the United States Air Force

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Korsah, K


    This report documents the results of Phase 1 of the ''Air Force Hydrazine Detector Characterization and Calibration Project''. A method for calibrating model MDA 7100 hydrazine detectors in the United States Air Force (AF) inventory has been developed. The calibration system consists of a Kintek 491 reference gas generation system, a humidifier/mixer system which combines the dry reference hydrazine gas with humidified diluent or carrier gas to generate the required humidified reference for calibrations, and a gas sampling interface. The Kintek reference gas generation system itself is periodically calibrated using an ORNL-constructed coulometric titration system to verify the hydrazine concentration of the sample atmosphere in the interface module. The Kintek reference gas is then used to calibrate the hydrazine monitors. Thus, coulometric titration is only used to periodically assess the performance of the Kintek reference gas generation system, and is not required for hydrazine monitor calibrations. One advantage of using coulometric titration for verifying the concentration of the reference gas is that it is a primary standard (if used for simple solutions), thereby guaranteeing, in principle, that measurements will be traceable to SI units (i.e., to the mole). The effect of humidity of the reference gas was characterized by using the results of concentrations determined by coulometric titration to develop a humidity correction graph for the Kintek 491 reference gas generation system. Using this calibration method, calibration uncertainty has been reduced by 50% compared to the current method used to calibrate hydrazine monitors in the Air Force inventory and calibration time has also been reduced by more than 20%. Significant findings from studies documented in this report are the following: (1) The Kintek 491 reference gas generation system (generator, humidifier and interface module) can be used to calibrate hydrazine detectors. (2) The

  13. Trenchard and his Air Force Thinking%特伦查德的空军思想

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Trenchard was a well-known British military thinkers,the founder of the British Royal Air Force-the first independent air force in the early 20th century.Strategic delay and independent air force theory was his basic idea about Air Force in battle.These thoughts had ever made tremendous impact on the air force construction and battle theory in British and even in the world.%特伦查德是20世纪初英国著名的军事家、世界上第一支独立空军———英国皇家空军的创始人。其关于空军作战使用的基本思想是战略阻滞和独立空军思想,这些思想对英国乃至世界的空军建设和作战理论产生过巨大影响。

  14. The Air Force Air Program and Information Management System (APIMS): A flexible tool for managing your Title V Operating Permits

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Weston, A.A.; Gordon, S.R.


    The Air Force Command Core System (CCS) is an integrated, activity-based risk management system designed to support the information needs of Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health (ESOH) professionals. These professionals are responsible for managing a complex and often dynamic set of requirements, and therefore, have a need for an information system that can readily be customized to meet their specific needs. This dynamic environment also drives the need for flexibility in the system. The Air Program Information Management System (APIMS) is a module within CCS designed to not only manage permit compliance and emission inventories, but also support the monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting requirements related to air quality issues. This paper will describe the underlying foundation of CCS, the information linkages within the database, and then summarize the functionality available within the APIMS module to support the Air Quality Managers' information needs, placing emphasis on the flexibility the system provides to manage Title V Operating Permits.

  15. Building Sustainability into the Air Force Remediation Process (United States)


    Technology  GSR Through Optimization  In-depth Case Study : Travis AFB  Necessary  Optimization  GSR Treatment Train  In situ Bioreactor...y - S e r v i c e - E x c e l l e n c e Case Study : Travis AFB 12 Goals  Out of necessity  Reduce energy consumption, air emissions, material... Phytoremediation Biobarrier  Wrap-up  Future Direction 2 I n t e g r i t y - S e r v i c e - E x c e l l e n c e AF Environmental Restoration

  16. Combat Squadrons of the Air Force, World War II, (United States)


    ute Field, Ill, c. 12 Jul 1917; Garden \\ City, NY, 4 Nov-4 Dec 1917; St Maiz - .- ent, France, i Jan 1918; Tours, France, 24 Jan 1918; St Gervais...AAFId, SD, 3 May 1947; Amarillo AFB, Tex, 2o Feb 718th BOMBARDMENT 196o-1 Feb 1963. AcRAFr. B-2 4 , 1943-1945; B-1 7 , 1945; B-2 9 , 1946--195; B- 3...AFB, Utah, 23 Dec 1953; nines; Rhineland; Central Europe; Po Blytheville AFB, Ark, 8 Oct 1955-8 Jan Valley; Air Combat, EAME Theater. 1958. Amarillo AFB

  17. Air Force Space Command: A Transformation Case Study (United States)


    u soo, rate 1939.1 Wokrld War I saw the intr oduction ofd u ced o r p red icted to o ccu r so o n , create t c n l g e n a t c n a r a ,s b a i e a...erttay e 1W~, rd,"om adngteFuoe rIP ~ v~o ,’ elt ~a ~rod(abig:(m The Transformation itt Air Fitrce Space Cotmiaidr" Aitt hrirdge Uiiersity Press, 1r9r6). The

  18. Modernizing the Mobility Air Force for Tomorrow’s Air Traffic Management System (United States)


    Global Navigation Satellite System Panel meeting, Rio de Janeiro , Brazil, October 22–November 1, 2001. As of March 29, 2012: Methodology for Cost-effectiveness Analysis 17 Strategic airlifters deploy personnel, supplies , and equipment from an aerial port of...area of operation, fighter aircraft and tankers could rendezvous over coastal waters , eliminating or minimiz- ing the amount of time spent in airspace

  19. Air Force Human Resources Laboratory Annual Report - Fiscal Year 1979. (United States)


    A fourth central processing unit (CPI1) AEI RIl, study this problem..An interview technique plus peripherals has been intergrated into the was...imlprove’mc’nt in the quality of thce using the, c’ompjosite scores obicainc’d front [t-, % reiied offic-er fore’. S erv ies V ocatI ioena I %pl it ode ItattIer...Tpctrum of A ir Force uiavigation c’once’pts, de’sign ecf an e’xperimeutal ern Iev’es E xperts in eac’ vcatiocnal area will perocedeures learning task

  20. Operational Alternatives for Air Assault Forces in the 1990s. (United States)


    in emergency. Attack helicopters will go after hostile ADA to strip it out as soon as a flight is fired upon. Smoke and deception measures are also... Assesment , Incl. 2, p. 9. Paraphraae, not verbatim. 43. 101st Assesnent, Incl. 2, pp. 9-10. 44. Richard S. otite, BG, US Deptment of the Army, Forces...Reforg9r 76, p. Ill-I. Ihdes is a classified docment. Only unclassified portions are cited or excerpted.) (here- after cited ’ l Assesment .) 45. R==(i

  1. Impact of blower performance on residential forced-air heating system performance

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Phillips, B.G. [UNIES Ltd., Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada)


    A Canadian association of electric utilities commissioned a study on Blower Efficiency in Domestic Heating Systems because furnace blowers have undesirable load characteristics for electrical utilities; their loads often peak coincident with utility system winter (heating) and summer (air-conditioning) peaks. The study examined air-handling technologies used in domestic furnaces, surveyed residential heating and cooling system installer practices, and measured air-handling performance of 71 existing forced-air heating systems installed between 1960 and 1994. This paper summarizes study findings, including changes in furnace airflows, static pressures, air-handling efficiencies, power requirements, and noise levels. It relates air-handling power requirements and airflows of new furnaces to furnace thermal efficiency.

  2. Force Structure: Performance Measures Needed to Better Implement the Recommendations of the National Commission on the Structure of the Air Force (United States)


    measurable , objective measures and a baseline assessment of current performance. Moreover, because the commission’s recommendations were addressed...the current number of units; • unit manpower by component; • flying hours and cost per flying hour; • direct and indirect personnel costs ; and...FORCE STRUCTURE Performance Measures Needed to Better Implement the Recommendations of the National Commission on

  3. Jet Fuel Exposure and Neurological Health in Military Personnel (United States)


    Dominique Chevallier,, Laurent-Charles Antoinc,1 Odile Morin,, and Claire Segala,* *SEPIA- Sante , BAUD. France; fDRASS Pays de Loire, NANTES. France...neurobehavior, neurological health, exposure assessment 16. SECURITY CLASSIFICATION OF: 17. LIMITATION OF ABSTRACT 18. NUMBER OF PAGES 19a. NAME...Repeated workday exposure and central nervous system functioning among Air Force personnel. Tier I Inhalation exposure to jet fuel (JP8) among US Air

  4. In-Well Air Stripping/Bioventing Study at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida (United States)


    GROUND SURFACE " ^TT AIR LINE PIEZOMETER UPPER SCREEN WATER SAMPLING PROBE PACKER CONDUCTOR PIPE/AIR STRIPPING REACTOR LOWER SCREEN |—] SAND...calibrated according to the manufacturer’s directions using the provided calibration sleeve, and the electrolyte and membrane were replaced as needed

  5. Statistical Short-Range Guidance for Peak Wind Speed Forecasts at Edwards Air Force Base, CA (United States)

    Dreher, Joseph; Crawford, Winifred; Lafosse, Richard; Hoeth, Brian; Burns, Kerry


    The peak winds near the surface are an important forecast element for Space Shuttle landings. As defined in the Shuttle Flight Rules (FRs), there are peak wind thresholds that cannot be exceeded in order to ensure the safety of the shuttle during landing operations. The National Weather Service Spaceflight Meteorology Group (SMG) is responsible for weather forecasts for all shuttle landings. They indicate peak winds are a challenging parameter to forecast. To alleviate the difficulty in making such wind forecasts, the Applied Meteorology Unit (AMTJ) developed a personal computer based graphical user interface (GUI) for displaying peak wind climatology and probabilities of exceeding peak-wind thresholds for the Shuttle Landing Facility (SLF) at Kennedy Space Center. However, the shuttle must land at Edwards Air Force Base (EAFB) in southern California when weather conditions at Kennedy Space Center in Florida are not acceptable, so SMG forecasters requested that a similar tool be developed for EAFB. Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) personnel archived and performed quality control of 2-minute average and 10-minute peak wind speeds at each tower adjacent to the main runway at EAFB from 1997- 2004. They calculated wind climatologies and probabilities of average peak wind occurrence based on the average speed. The climatologies were calculated for each tower and month, and were stratified by hour, direction, and direction/hour. For the probabilities of peak wind occurrence, MSFC calculated empirical and modeled probabilities of meeting or exceeding specific 10-minute peak wind speeds using probability density functions. The AMU obtained and reformatted the data into Microsoft Excel PivotTables, which allows users to display different values with point-click-drag techniques. The GUT was then created from the PivotTables using Visual Basic for Applications code. The GUI is run through a macro within Microsoft Excel and allows forecasters to quickly display and

  6. A review of Air Force high efficiency cascaded multiple bandgap solar cell research and development (United States)

    Rahilly, W. P.


    At the time of their conception, the cell stack systems to be discussed represent the best semiconductor materials combinations to achieve Air Force program goals. These systems are investigated thoroughly and the most promising systems, from the standpoint of high efficiency, are taken for further development with large area emphasized (at least 4 sq cm). The emphasis in the Air Force cascaded cell program is placed on eventual nonconcentrator application. This use of the final cell design considerably relieves the low resistance requirements for the tunnel junction. In a high concentration application the voltage drop across the tunnel junction can be a very serious problem.

  7. Environmental Assessment of the Realignment of Units at McChord Air Force Base, Washington (United States)


    McChord AFB (Department of the Air Force 1986). 3.2.4 Water Resources Clovis Creek and Morey Creek are the primary surface water features at McChord AFB...Morey Creek originates at Spanaway Lake east of the base and merges Swith Clovis Creek at n the eastern portion of the base. Clovis Creek has been...estimated at $166.5 million (Department of the Air Force 1988). 3.2.8 Cultura - Resources In the area within and adjacent to McChord AFB, there is evidence

  8. Predicting Active Duty Air Force Pilot Attrition Given an Anticipated Increase in Major Airline Pilot Hiring (United States)


    the post???Vietnam War pilot exodus . Using logistic regression analysis and focusing on active duty Air Force pilots in the first three years...hiring that resembles the late 1990s surge, in which the Air Force endured its largest loss of pilots since the post–Vietnam War pilot exodus . Using...required). However, a large exodus of active duty 10,000 11,000 12,000 13,000 14,000 15,000 16,000 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 To ta

  9. Supporting the Future Total Force. A Methodology for Evaluating Potential Air National Guard Mission Assignments (United States)


    CIRF centralized intermediate repair facility CMDB Consolidated Manpower Database CMS component maintenance squadron COCOM combatant command COMAFFOR...strength.htm. 6 Roughly 83,854, or 23 percent. See Consolidated Manpower Database ( CMDB ), as of September 30, 2004. Data file provided by the Air Force...16,191 3,660 5,788 11,878 Total authorizations 35,315 12,831 12,394 21,105 SOURCE: CMDB as of September 30, 2004. Data file provided by the Air Force

  10. Nike Air Force 1 Hi Hyperfuse Prm完美整合

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    耐克(Nike)推出新款Nike Air Force 1 Hi Hyperfuse Prm运动鞋,将三种不同的材料融于一体,达到轻盈、透气的运动效果。同时将外在的色彩与内在的优越相结合,以崭新的运动美感整合NIKE Air Force 1的招牌鞋型,

  11. Force measurements in positive unipolar wire-to-plane corona discharges in air

    CERN Document Server

    de Haan, V O


    Measurements of force generated by a positive unipolar wire-to-plane corona discharge in air are compared with numerical simulations. The generated force does not depend on the ion or electron mobilities, preventing the influence of uncertainty and variation of these parameters. A method is described to simulate the voltage and charge distribution for a wire-to-plane set-up. This method enables the determination of the transition between unipolar and bipolar discharges. In the experimental set-up breakdown electric field of air reduces with increasing discharge current.

  12. Environmental Assessment Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS) Operations Facility, Beale Air Force Base, California (United States)


    to: USAF_2014_0410_001 Gregory S. Capra , P.E., LEED AP Deputy Base Civil Engineer Department of the Air Force Headquarters 9th Mission Support...Facility, Main Base District, Beale Air Force Base, Yuba County Dear Mr. Capra : Thank you for initiating consultation regarding the United States...Reply Refer lo: 08ESM.l󈧄- 20l4-I-0371 Gregory S. Capra Deputy Base Civil Engineer 9 CES/CD 6601 B Street FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICE Sacramento

  13. Environmental Impact Statement. Disposal and Reuse of Wurtsmith Air Force Base, Michigan (United States)


    Boom Impact Technology, Human Systems Division, Air Force Systems Command, Brooks Air Force B&se, Texas 78235-5000. Frerichs, R.R., B.L. Beeman , and A.H...regarding the People is niehigee. bes-t "it acot. fTm truly. ty o -~~ c - ~ tm~w; "isgl matte ass Donald W. niews*. Jr.. Jam" Muscle. Cart Lewis. lPreeldeet...Honorable Donald Riegle U.S. House of Representatives The Honorable James Barcia The Honorable Joseph Knollenberg State of Michigan Officials Governor

  14. Analysis and Environmental Fate of Air Force Distillate and High Density Fuels (United States)


    the program, D. Thomas and C. Beeman for obtaining and interpreting the GC-MS data, and D. L. Haynes for his technical assistance throughout the program...practical. 6 About two-thirds of the way through this project, data were received from Major Donald Potter, U.S. Air Force, Wright-Patterson AFB. lajor...identifications were confirmed by compating the Kovats indexes with those compiled by Major Donald D. Potter, U.S. Air Force. Tables 5 through 7 list the major

  15. Final Environmental Assessment for the Disposal of the Former Lynn Haven Fuel Depot, Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida (United States)


    property has been deemed excess to Air Force needs, the Air Force cannot lease the property under the Military Leasing Act, 10 USC 2667, in lieu of...transfer by deed. However, if necessary, the Air Force could temporarily lease the property prior to final property conveyance. In September 2008...The planned development of the 40-acre FSU parcel for use as a satellite FSU campus is consistent with the current land use classification . A

  16. A Search for Warriors: The Effects of Technology on the Air Force Ethos (United States)


    of soma cures ten gloomy. — Aldous Huxley Brave New World Change In The Air Global Engagement Following the 1996 Fall CORONA1 the Air Force...history is bunk. � Aldous Huxley The Nature Of Conflict: Predatory Vs. Intraspecific Aggression Predatory: A Struggle For Survival Why do men go to...all drug the government gave the citizens of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World to solve their problems (the “gloomys.”) In so doing the government

  17. The Air Force’s Individual Mobilization Augmentee Program: Is the Current Organizational Structure Viable? (United States)


    Lt Gen George E. Stratemeyer, commander of Air Defense Command, assigned reservists to key command positions for training as understudies and...Management, 10 December 2001, http://www media /epubs/AFI36-2629.pdf; and Readiness Management Group, Readiness Management Group...Individual Reserve Guide [Robins AFB, GA: Air Force Reserve Command, March 2008], media /document /AFD-080408-050.pdf

  18. Environmental Assessment for BRAC Facilities and Remote Field Training Site, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (United States)


    Pensacola Naval Air Station , Florida 5. Sensors Directorate (AFRL/SN) presently located at Rome Laboratories, New York, and Hanscom Air Force Base (AFB...A water bladder would be used in warm weather and stored empty in the storage building during cold weather . At least 12 storage lockers would be...Facilities EA WPAFB Affected Environment March 2008 32 raspberry (Rubus spp.), multiflora rose (Rosa multiflora), and sumac (Rhus spp.). Areas

  19. Organizational Policy Levers Can Effect Acquisition Reform Implementation in Air Force Repair Contracts (United States)


    an Air Logistics Center and a Product Center, John Ausink, Laura H. Baldwin, Sarah Hunter, and Chad Shirley, RAND, DB-388-AF, 2002, which can be...Performance-Based Contracting in the Air Force: A Report on Experiences in the Field, John Ausink, Frank Camm, and Charles Cannon, RAND, DB-342-AF, 2001...change within private- sector firms argues that a key element to instituting such transfor- mation is leadership support (Strebel, 1996; Katzenbach

  20. Funding Cyberspace: The Case for an Air Force Venture Capital Initiative (United States)


    Additionally, an Air Force– branded VCI would likely attract additional private capital for technological advancement. The service can in fact innovate...previously caught in the valley between basic R&D funding and an acquisition program of record. Recognition of the Air Force brand , combined with VC business...Innovation,” Intel Corporation, accessed 4 April 2013, http:// museum -gordon-moore-law.html. 3. Capt Michael E

  1. Military Man in Space: A History of Air Force Efforts to Find a Manned Space Mission (United States)


    name and complete title of the study. This document may be reproduced for use in other researca reports or educacional pursuits contingent upon the...of the USAAF, began space biological research at Holloman Army Air Field in New Mexico . (26:57) By 1952 the United States Air Force began usinr.g...New Mexico , July-December, 1961. CONF..DENTlAL. Classified by Multiple Sources. Declassify on OADR. Unclassified information only used from this source

  2. Proclaiming Airpower: Air Force Narratives and American Public Opinion from 1917 to 2014 (United States)


    spaceship could be built in the near future. It is telling that the same year that the RAND Corporation (the brain- child of Arnold and Douglas...Icarus Syndrome : The Role of Air Power Theory in the Evolution and Fate of the U.S. Air Force, New Brunswick, N.J.: Transaction Publishers, 1994. 9...told with the intention of creating an effect in a particular audience.15 A coherent narrative has clear and natural movement from beginning to middle

  3. Improving the Development and Utilization of Air Force Space and Missile Officers (United States)


    positions in a given grade, and this only for O-6 positions. These “ big ” backgrounds include current operations, HQ AFSPC, Air Staff, and command. At lower...personnel data. aData as of time of promotion to next grade. RAND MG382-3.3 1–2 years 3–4 years 5 or more years O-2 O-3 O-4 O-5 14 41 22 11 2.9 3.5 3.6 2.4 O

  4. Air Force Policy for Advanced Education: Production of Human Capital or Cheap Signals? (United States)


    many reasons to be discouraged or dissatis­ fied with our current system —limited PME in-residence slots, limited advanced degree opportunities, or...improve their ability to serve the Air Force—or both. To help dissect and answer this question about the role of AADs in our promotion systems , the...analyzed promotion data, a perusal of the list of off-duty education programs mar­ keted to military personnel, such as those offered by American

  5. Environmental Assessment - Construct a Ground-to-Air Transmitter and Receiver (GATR) Facility at Grand Forks Air Force Base (United States)


    herbaceous plants. Included in the grasses and legumes vegetation species are tall wheat grass, brome grass, Kentucky bluegrass, sweet clover, and...grass, switchgrass, blue gramma, buffalo grass, and many native wildflower species. The Grand Forks AFB Natural Resources Manager and volunteers...Inventory and the BS Bioserve biological inventory update for Grand Forks Air Force Base. Two rare orchid species are known to exist on Grand Forks

  6. Environmental Assessment for the Hercules Tanker Plane Recapitalization at Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico (United States)


    377TH AIR BASE WING (AFMC) 2000 Wyoming Blvd SE Suite E-3 Kirtland AFB NM 87117-5000 Governor Michael Toledo Pueblo of Jemez P.O. Box 100 Jemez...Pueblo NM 87024 RE: Recapitalization of the Hercules Tanker Fleet Dear Governor Toledo APR ’"I 2011 The United States Air Force’s Air Combat Command...violations, please contact one or more of the following: the City of Albuquerque ( Victor Bessrra) at 505- 768-2629, email at; FAA

  7. Changing the balance of power – Worldwide air force`s capability turbulences

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Pavel NEČAS


    Full Text Available In past Century, the air power had undergone a significant journey. In its humble beginnings during WWI an airplane proved itself a perspective and highly capable new weapon. WWII demonstrated the importance of air superiority for waging a global warfare. The Cold War mastered technologies enabling air power to be not only a weapon a mass destruction but also a surgical tool. On one hand, an aircraft has become a state of art technology, yet on the other hand a cost for its development, procurement, and servicing grew into an astronomic levels. Therefore, since mid 1970s there have been trends to shift airpower from quantity into quality, which has gained a new moment with the end of the Cold War. Starting with the first Gulf War, in past two decades demonstrated a growing importance of a multirole fighter aircraft that is able to carry out a full specter of missions for minimal costs. When analyzing five most potent airpowers of the 21st century, we can witness that this is the trend is on and it will surely continue in future.

  8. Air Force Health Study. An Epidemiologic Investigation of Health Effects in Air Force Personnel Following Exposure to Herbicides. First Followup Examination Results. Volume 1 (United States)


    Bernadette A. Bannister, SAIC L. Jean Massie, SAIC Consultant Grace Verchek, SKIC Lenore C. Vagner, SAIC Anna B. Wittig, SAIC Consultant I xii Management...NS NS Insecticides NS NS NS NS Degreasing Chemicals NS NS NS NS 10-19 TABLA 10-6. (continued) Swmaa-y of Assoca.qttous Setveen Incidence Rates of Basal...UK la koessy Notmel 1,012 99.8 1,290 99.9 Neck xiI n 1,016 1,292 RaW RA ssa1 Abnrmal 61 6.0 84 6.5 0.92 (0.65,1.29) 0.666 of l055 94.0 1,2D3 93.5

  9. Air Force Health Study. An Epidemiologic Investigation of Health Effects in Air Force Personnel Following Exposure to Herbicides. Introduction, Background and Conclusions (Chapters 1-5, 18, 19) (United States)


    schizotypal, somatoform. psychotic thinking, and psychotic depression scores; neýative: histrionic and narcissistic scores). Most of these variables...background current dioxin category had significantly higher mean schizoid and schizotypal scores and a significanldy lower mean histrionic score. I

  10. Air Force Health Study (Project RANCH HAND II). An Epidemiologic Investigation of Health Effects in Air Force Personnel Following Exposure to Herbicides. Baseline Morbidity Study Results (United States)


    were sought in the participants in this study. In this chapter, enzyme levels, bilirubin levels and lipid values are presented, along Nwith...1.71%) reportec the same. V, *,, XIV-I14 .J. The study questionnaire also inquired about a medical history of hepatitis, jaundice , cirrhosis, and a...Hand Comparison P Value . Yes No Yes No Hepatitis 40 1005 32 741 >0.50 Jaundice 44 1001 35 738 >0.50 Cirrhosis 4 1041 3 770 >0.50 Other 16 1029 2 771

  11. Predator Force Structure Changes at Indian Springs Air Force Auxiliary Field, Nevada Environmental Assessment (United States)


    the North Las Vegas Library (Main Branch), the Indian Springs Library, and online at and A Notice of Availability...USGS (U.S. Geological Survey). 2001. Online Table of Seismic Hazards. Predator Force...Sincerely, __ ~~~-~ Heather K. Elliott Nevada State Clearinghouse/ SPOC NEVADA STATE CLEARINGHOUSE Department of Administration Budget and Planning

  12. Sustaining the US Air Force’s Force Support Career Field through Officer Workforce Planning (United States)


    communities upon establishment of the Force Support officer career field. With the 38F career field merger and creation of the FSS, officers previously...section. As the development of a competency model typically entails significant investments of time and money , one should ideally first define the...potential workforce management and assignment shortcomings. Dues (2011) utilized a simulation tool to determine how dynamic endogenous and exogenous

  13. Period Prevalence of Acute Neck Injury in US Air Force Pilots Exposed to High G Forces (United States)


    unquantified clinical and epidemiological problem in exposed pilots. There has been a paucity of research in this area. This proposal is a beginning, with a...larg-e majority of pilots. Thus neck injury and its sequelae are unquantified clinical and epidemiological problems in pilots exposed to high G forces...Basal Impression 19. Cervical Ribs 20. Scoliosis , 21. Intraspongy Nuclear Hernitation 22. Significant Compression or Loss of Height of Any Vertebral

  14. Force Measurements of Single and Double Barrier DBD Plasma Actuators in Quiescent Air (United States)

    Hoskinson, Alan R.; Hershkowitz, Noah; Ashpis, David E.


    We have performed measurements of the force induced by both single (one electrode insulated) and double (both electrodes insulated) dielectric barrier discharge plasma actuators in quiescent air. We have shown that, for single barrier actuators, as the electrode diameter decreased below those values previously studied the induced Force increases exponentially rather than linearly. This behavior has been experimentally verified using two different measurement techniques: stagnation probe measurements of the induced flow velocity and direct measurement of the force using an electronic balance. In addition, we have shown the the induced force is independent of the material used for the exposed electrode. The same techniques have shown that the induced force of a double barrier actuator increases with decreasing narrow electrode diameter.

  15. Comparisons of Force Measurement Methods for DBD Plasma Actuators in Quiescent Air (United States)

    Hoskinson, Alan R.; Hershkowitz, Noah; Ashpis, David E.


    We have performed measurements of the force induced by both single (one electrode insulated) and double (both electrodes insulated) dielectric barrier discharge plasma actuators in quiescent air. We have shown that, for single barrier actuators with cylindrical exposed electrodes, as the electrode diameter decrease the force efficiencies increase much faster than a previously reported linear trend. This behavior has been experimentally verified using two different measurement techniques: stagnation probe measurements of the induced flow velocity and direct measurement of the force using an electronic balance. Actuators with rectangular cross-section exposed electrodes do not show the same rapid increase at small thicknesses. We have also shown that the induced force is independent of the material used for the exposed electrode. The same techniques have shown that the induced force of a double barrier actuator increases with decreasing narrow electrode diameter.

  16. The United States Air Force Academy: a Bibliography 1972-1982 (United States)


    Predicitive modeling of the academic performance of USAF Academic Preparatory School graduates at the USAF Academy. Thesis, Air Force Institute of Technology...Magarrell, Jack, 21, 223 597, 598, 603, 605, 607 maintenance , Academy, 54, 56, 364, resignation, 609, 610, 613 389 theft, 482, 587, 588 Malamute, 620

  17. Building Combat Strength through Logistics: Translating the New Air Force Logistics Concept of Operations into Action (United States)


    Monica, California, in May 87 to define an Air Force game plan for implementing CLOUT. (11:9-15) This effort was later superceded by the AFLOGCON...LOGISTS - - P/60 SYSTEM ADtMINLOGISflCS /Go.. READINESS I ADAM III If CENTER L ---- - - - -. THEATER MOBa Name, WTrU SBSS RE7TAIL WrA"i,0 SATELLITE USERS

  18. 33 CFR 334.560 - Banana River at Patrick Air Force Base, Fla.; restricted area. (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Banana River at Patrick Air Force Base, Fla.; restricted area. 334.560 Section 334.560 Navigation and Navigable Waters CORPS OF ENGINEERS, DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY, DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE DANGER ZONE AND RESTRICTED AREA REGULATIONS § 334.560...

  19. Cognitive and Teaching Style Preferences of Officers Attending the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Instructor Course (United States)

    Kraska, Marie; Harris, Stephen


    The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between the cognitive style and teaching style preferences of instructors enrolled in the Reserve Officer Training Corps instructor course at the Academic Instructor School at Maxwell Air Force base. Sixty-five cases were examined for two research questions: (1) To what extent is there…

  20. Scientist and Engineer Career Patterns for Air Force Civilians and Officers (United States)


    Wendy Campbell, Colonel T. Jan Cerveny, Mr. John Miner, and Mr. Scott Petroski . vii AU/ACSC/029/1999-04 Abstract Technology will play a critical role in...Commanding General of the Army Air Forces (AAF), General of the Army Henry Harley “Hap” Arnold, was integral in his decision to activate the AAF Scientific

  1. An Analysis of the Design-Build Delivery Approach in Air Force Military Construction (United States)


    Budget projects awarded NLT 31 Mar 06. Congressional Insert Projects FY06 Congressional Insert projects awarded NLT 30 Sep 06 CWE/PA Ratio The sum of the...Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) (2004). Automated Civil Engineer System Project Management (ACES-PM) Desktop Reference Manual. Conifer CO: OLA

  2. Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps Indicators of Leadership Development in Undergraduate Military Education (United States)

    Shannon, Christopher C.


    The selection and retention assessment process is dynamic. Dipboye, Smith, and Howell (1994) argued that the most influential portion of the final hiring process is the result of the interviewer's impression of the applicants. The Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps program is responsible for selecting, retaining and ultimately hiring…

  3. Evaluating Cadet Leadership Position at the U.S. Air Force Academy (United States)


    Officer Development System PAR Prior Academic Record PEA Physical Education Average PITO Personal, Interpersonal , Team, Organizational ROC...positions (Kotter, 1990, p. 3; Cronin, 2011, p. 255). The Air Force perspective on leadership contains both inspirational and managerial interpersonal ...relationship between trait variables (e.g. intelligence, warmth , conformity) and subordinate and superior ratings of leadership behavior. The sample for

  4. Environmental Assessment. Increase Fuel Storage Capacity, Dover Air Force Base, Delaware (United States)


    in 1998. Grasshopper Sparrow 2 Observed on Bergold Farm 16 July 2003 and in 1998. Great blue heron 2 Observed many times foraging along both Pipe...ENVIRONMENTAL CONSEQUENCES Increase Fuels Capacity Dover Air Force Base, Delaware 28 calculations were derived from the same EPA software utilized to

  5. The Prevalence of Eating Disorders Within the Air Force Active Duty Female Nurse Corps (United States)


    Garfinkel, 1980; Minuchin , 1970). The mental health of all Air Force nurses is critical to the mission they perform. It is well documented that once the...why? Doctoral Dissertation, University of Hawaii. Minuchin , S.. (1970). The use of an ecological framework in the treatment of a child. In: Anthony J

  6. Air Force Commodity Councils: A Template for Future Implementation Comparing Successful and Failed Approaches (United States)


    Purchasing, Transaction Cost Analysis, Transaction Cost Economics, Air Force, Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Transformation 16. PRICE CODE 17...SOURCING .............................................................................7 C. TRANSACTION COST ECONOMICS... Transaction Cost Economics xv ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Our sincere gratitude and appreciation goes out to our advisors, LtCol Bryan Hudgens and Professor

  7. Analyzing Commodity Council Development and Implementation: The Air Force Furnishings Commodity Council (United States)


    13 1. Transaction Cost Economics .............................................................13 2. Agency Theory...Secretary of the Air Force (Contracting) SECDEF Secretary of Defense SET Social Exchange Theory SKU Stock Keeping Unit TCE Transaction Cost Economics...procurement processes and relationships. We summarized transaction cost economics, agency theory, institutional theory, social exchange theory, and

  8. Assessment of the Air Force Materiel Command Reorganization: Report for Congress (United States)


    Organization Design, Reading, Mass.: Addison Wesley Publishing Company, 1977; and Henry Mintzberg , The Structuring of Organizations: A Synthesis of the...many units reporting to the Electronic Systems Center were not collocated with the headquarters at Hanscom Air Force Base. 7 Mintzberg , 1979. 26...organizational design practitioners and scholars. According to Mintzberg , positions or workers that are grouped together typically share resources

  9. Environmental Impact Analysis Process. Environmental Impact Statement for the Closure of Mather Air Force Base (United States)


    the California Health and Safety Code). The Department would like to be informed of future activities and use plans associated with the Muther AFB...Page 2 cc: Lt. Col Richard Blank Chief, Environmental Management 323rd Flying Training Wing Mather Air Force Base, CA 95655-5000 Lt. Col. Jose Saenz

  10. Does the United States Air Force Academy’s Training Philosophy Really Work (United States)


    and the supervisor’s: (1) "goal emphasis", (2) " positive motivation " expressed, and (3) the absence of "harsh treatment". Significant (ja < .01...Abstracts International. Rosebush, M.A., & Bryant, C. (1984). Implementation of the positive motivation model. United States Air Force Academy: Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership. 35

  11. Environmental Assessment: 13th Street Bridge Emergency Repair and Retrofit Vandenberg Air Force Base California (United States)


    23-1 Acres on Vandenberg Air Force Base. Robert 0. Gibson, Archaeologist, Paso Robles, California. Submitted toURS Corporation, Santa Barbara...Timbrook (editors). 1977. The Eye (?f the Flute: Chwnash Traditional History and Ritual, as told by Fernando Librado Kitsepmvit to John P. Harrington

  12. Environmental Assessment: Proposed Deactivation and Closure of Federal Prison Camp Eglin Air Force Base, Florida (United States)


    shark . Other faunal remains represented in the Deptford middens include white-tail deer, gray squirrel, rabbit, opossum, rodents, striped skunk...chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), and mercury . According to the U.S. Air Force, radon is not considered a concern in this area, and no testing has ever

  13. (Environmental investigation of ground water contamination at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    This report presents information related to the sampling of ground water at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. It is part of an investigation into possible ground water contamination. Information concerns well drilling/construction; x-ray diffraction and sampling; soil boring logs; and chain-of-custody records.

  14. Desert Storm and the New American Way of War: Implications for Air Force 2030 (United States)


    8 Alexander Wendt , Social Theory of International Politics (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1999), 374...Alexander. Social Theory of International Politics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1999. Williams, Mel. Superfighters: The Next Generation...Internal Air Force choices, combined with external fiscal and social constraints, suggest a continuance of the current trend. The question is whether


    This report details a research project on Steam Enhanced Remediation (SER) for the recovery of volatile organic compounds from fractured limestone that was carried out at the Quarry at the former Loring Air Force Base in Limestone, Maine. This project was carried out by USEPA, Ma...

  16. Keeping the Edge. Air Force Materiel Command Cold War Context (1945-1991). Volume 3: Index (United States)


    485 The Architects Collaborative (Harvard University) see Gropius , Walter , under Architects and Engineers, across the Department of Defense The...Sons (Newark, New Jersey) Volume II: 250 Graham, Anderson, Probst & White (Chicago) Volume II: 392, 455, 460, 461,475 Gropius , Walter ...models for Air Force research and development centers Gropius , Walter (The Architects Collaborative) see Architects and Engineers, across the

  17. Design of a Prototype Microcomputer Driven Training Device for an Air Force Maintenance School (United States)


    digital system." 3. Kargo, Donald W. and Steffen, Dale A. Performance Training Carrel for Electronics Principles Course, Sept 76, AFHRL-TR 76-62(1), pg 1...June 1977 Kargo, Donald W. and Steffen, Dale A. Performance Training Corral for Electronics Principles Course, AFHRL-TR 76-62(i), Air Force Human

  18. Final A Street Pond Expansion Environmental Assessment at Beale Air Force Base, California (United States)


    Ms. Jennifer Marchek B.S. Engineering Years of Experience: 12 Mr. Matt Brown – GIS B.S. Art Years of Experience: 5 Beale Air Force Base Draft...information, call Cubmaster Shane Griego at 632-8968. Available NAF positions The following Non-Appropriated Fund positions are currently

  19. An Analysis of Turnover Intentions: A Reexamination of Air Force Civil Engineering Company Grade Officers (United States)


    Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES), shopping privileges at the commissary (military grocery store), and free access to gym facilities. Mitchell et al...of sex on intent and actual job changes. Human Relations, 46, 987-1006. Werbel, J. D., & Bedeian, A. G. (1989). Intended turnover as a function of

  20. Use of the Award Fee in Air Force System and Subsystem Acquisition (United States)


    as and 19Contrary to the " mythology ," Sapolsky (1972) has shown in the Polaris development case how little formal management systems (PERT. etc...Whereas higher Air Force levels stress the general utility of award ffee as a management tool, at lower levels it is more often vi.ý, wed simply as a

  1. 76 FR 18537 - U.S. Air Force Scientific Advisory Board; Notice of Meeting (United States)


    ... subject of this notice. Due to internal DoD difficulties, beyond the control of the U.S. Air Force... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE... 41 CFR 102-3.150(a). Accordingly, the Advisory Committee Management Officer for the Department...

  2. Height anomalies in tappingmode atomic force microscopy in air caused by adhesion

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Noort, van S. John T.; Werf, van der Kees O.; Grooth, de Bart G.; Hulst, van Niek F.; Greve, Jan


    Height anomalies in tapping mode atomic force microscopy (AFM) in air are shown to be caused by adhesion. Depending o­n the damping of the oscillation the height of a sticking surface is reduced compared to less sticking surfaces. It is shown that the height artefacts result from a modulation of osc

  3. Contemporary Quality Leadership Principles: Do They Fit the Air Force Model? (United States)


    Common Sense: Choosing Professionalism at the Air Force Quality Crossroads, National Security Program Discussion Paper Series 97-001. (National...Quality Crossroads, National Security Program Discussion Paper Series 97-001. (National Security Program, John F. Kennedy School of Government... Discussion Paper Series 97-001. (National Security Program, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University): 26 21 Phillip B. Crosby, Quality

  4. Personality: Its Use in Selecting Candidates for US Air Force Undergraduate Pilot Training (United States)


    Aviation Psychology, 1987. Fitschen, Maj Charles K. Cost Impact: Should Improved Screening Methods Be Implemented in the Undergraduate Pilot Training...Brooks AFB, Tex.: Air Force Systems Command, 1988. Spence, Janet T., Robert L. Helmreich, and Carole K. Holahan . "Negative and Positive Components of

  5. Personality: Its Use in Selecting Canditates for US Air Force Undergraduate Pilot Training (United States)


    Symposium on Aiation Psychology, 1987. Fitschen, Maj Charles K. Cost Impact: Should Improved Screening Methods Be Implemented in the Undergraduate Pilot...AFHRL-TR-87-62. Brooks AFB, Tex.: Air Force Systems Command, 1988. Spence, Janet T., Robert L. Helmreich, and Carole K. Holahan . "Negative and Positive

  6. AFSOC Assets Beddown at Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico Environmental Impact Statement (United States)


    the Notice of Availability (NOA) for this Draft EIS was filed in the Federal Register. Public hearings provided direct feedback to the Air Force...have no objection to signing them first. In addition, I have corrected th¢ ana~~ Elcctrollic Funds Transfer ( Efl ) Information sheet so that it includes

  7. Crew Resource Management Use in U.S. Air Force Flight and Family Medicine Clinics (United States)


    The study was designed as a cross-sectional quantitative analysis. Inclusion criteria were active duty Air Force base-level flight surgeons and family...Remember the Titans [videorecording]. Burbank, CA: Walt Disney Home Video; 2001. 14 Distribution A: Approved for public release

  8. Laser Dot Projection Photogrammetry and Force Balance Measurement Techniques for Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicles (United States)


    Parameters of Force Balance Channels ............................................................. 39  1 BIOMIMETIC MICRO AIR VEHICLE...used two high speed cameras to research the flight of butterflies in their natural habitat. They set-up the cameras in a butterfly vivarium and...captured images of multiple butterflies performing multiple flight maneuvers. Images were captured at 100-200 Hz. Using software, certain body parts

  9. Eielson Air Force Base Infrastructure Development in Support of RED FLAG-Alaska Environmental Assessment (United States)


    MAAS Colonel, USAF Vice Commander Date EIELSON AIR FORCE BASE INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT IN SUPPORT OF RED FLAG-ALASKA...Name Address1 Address2 Address3 City State Zip Governor of Alaska Palin The Honorable Sarah 240 Main St., Ste. 300 Court Plaza Bldg. Juneau AK 99801


    Over 600 Cottonwood trees were planted over a shallow groundwater plume in an attempt to detoxify the trichloroethylene (TCE) in a groundwater plume at a former Air Force facility. Two planting techniques were used: rooted stock about two years old, and 18 inch cuttings were inst...

  11. The Impact of the Developmental Training Model on Staff Development in Air Force Child Development Programs (United States)

    Bird, Candace Maria Edmonds


    In an effort to standardize training delivery and to individualize staff development based on observation and reflective practice, the Air Force implemented the Developmental Training Model (DTM) in its Child Development Programs. The goal of the Developmental Training Model is to enhance high quality programs through improvements in the training…

  12. Summer Research Program - 1997 Summer Faculty Research Program Volume 6 Arnold Engineering Development Center United States Air Force Academy Air Logistics Centers (United States)


    Fracture Analysis of the F-5, 15%-Spar Bolt DR Devendra Kumar SAALC/LD 6- 16 CUNY-City College, New York, NY A Simple, Multiversion Concurrency Control...Program, University of Dayton, Dayton, OH. [3]AFGROW, Air Force Crack Propagation Analysis Program, Version 3.82 (1997) 15-8 A SIMPLE, MULTIVERSION ...Office of Scientific Research Boiling Air Force Base, DC and San Antonio Air Logistic Center August 1997 16-1 A SIMPLE, MULTIVERSION CONCURRENCY

  13. Surveillance of zoonotic and infectious diseases in Ecuador: implications for special operations forces medical operations, personnel, and canines. (United States)

    McCown, Michael; Monterroso, Victor H; Grzeszak, Benjamin


    Vector-borne diseases (VBD) make up a large number of emerging infectious and zoonotic diseases. Ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes are effective vectors parasitizing canines, making dogs adequate reservoirs for zoonoses. The U.S. military deploys personnel and government-owned animals around the world with possible risk of exposure to VBD. Canine VBD have veterinary and public health significance for the host nations as well as for the U.S. troops and its working animals deployed in the theater of operations. These factors make disease surveillance a great importance. The objective of this work was to survey canines from the cities of Manta and Guayaquil in Ecuador to determine prevalence of heartworm disease (D. immitis), ehrlichi os is (E. canis), Lyme disease (B. burgdorf eri), and anapl asmosis (A. phagocytophilum). Canine blood samples (1-3ml) collected from the cities of Manta (n=50) and Guayaquil (n=50) were tested on site using a SNAPR 4DxR Test Kit. Prevalence for single or multiple disease status was calculated for each city. In the city of Manta the overall prevalence of diseases was 78%; 52% for E. canis alone, and 26% for co-infection with E. canis and A. phagocytophilum. The overall prevalence for the city of Guayaquil was 88%; 40% for E. canis alone, 22% for A. phagocytophilum alone, and 26% for co-infection with E. canis and A. phagocytophilum. Neither heartworm disease nor Lyme disease was detected in any samp le. In conclusion, this study showed the extensive presence of E. canis and A. phagocytophilum in both cities in Ecuador, emphasizing the value of surveillance for zoonotic diseases to determine disease prevalence and risk assessments, as well as to implement control measures.

  14. Force Reconnaissance: A Key Enabler in the Marine Air Ground Task Force and Beyond (United States)


    Vietnam – Stingray /Keyhole………………………………………………..........13 MSPF – Direct Action/VBSS……………………………………………………15 OIF/OEF – Direct Action/VBSS/COIN...or “combat patrol.” Based on the leadership of General Lewis Walt (USMC), he led to the establishment of Keyhole and Stingray missions. General Walt...their mission. ( Stingray combat patrols were organized to make contact with enemy forces through ambush or supporting fire. Stingray patrols were

  15. Contact resonance atomic force microscopy imaging in air and water using photothermal excitation

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Kocun, Marta; Labuda, Aleksander; Gannepalli, Anil; Proksch, Roger, E-mail: [Asylum Research, an Oxford Instruments Company, Santa Barbara, California 93117 (United States)


    Contact Resonance Force Microscopy (CR-FM) is a leading atomic force microscopy technique for measuring viscoelastic nano-mechanical properties. Conventional piezo-excited CR-FM measurements have been limited to imaging in air, since the “forest of peaks” frequency response associated with acoustic excitation methods effectively masks the true cantilever resonance. Using photothermal excitation results in clean contact, resonance spectra that closely match the ideal frequency response of the cantilever, allowing unambiguous and simple resonance frequency and quality factor measurements in air and liquids alike. This extends the capabilities of CR-FM to biologically relevant and other soft samples in liquid environments. We demonstrate CR-FM in air and water on both stiff silicon/titanium samples and softer polystyrene-polyethylene-polypropylene polymer samples with the quantitative moduli having very good agreement between expected and measured values.

  16. Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho Geothermal Resource Assessment and Future Recommendations

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Joseph C. Armstrong; Robert P. Breckenridge; Dennis L. Nielson; John W. Shervais; Thomas R. Wood


    The U.S. Air Force is facing a number of challenges as it moves into the future, one of the biggest being how to provide safe and secure energy to support base operations. A team of scientists and engineers met at Mountain Home Air Force Base in early 2011 near Boise, Idaho, to discuss the possibility of exploring for geothermal resources under the base. The team identified that there was a reasonable potential for geothermal resources based on data from an existing well. In addition, a regional gravity map helped identify several possible locations for drilling a new well. The team identified several possible sources of funding for this well—the most logical being to use U.S. Department of Energy funds to drill the upper half of the well and U.S. Air Force funds to drill the bottom half of the well. The well was designed as a slimhole well in accordance with State of Idaho Department of Water Resources rules and regulations. Drilling operations commenced at the Mountain Home site in July of 2011 and were completed in January of 2012. Temperatures increased gradually, especially below a depth of 2000 ft. Temperatures increased more rapidly below a depth of 5500 ft. The bottom of the well is at 5976 ft, where a temperature of about 140°C was recorded. The well flowed artesian from a depth below 5600 ft, until it was plugged off with drilling mud. Core samples were collected from the well and are being analyzed to help understand permeability at depth. Additional tests using a televiewer system will be run to evaluate orientation and directions at fractures, especially in the production zone. A final report on the well exploitation will be forthcoming later this year. The Air Force will use it to evaluate the geothermal resource potential for future private development options at Mountain Home Air Force Base. In conclusion, Recommendation for follow-up efforts include the following:

  17. Cleansing orthodontic brackets with air-powder polishing: effects on frictional force and degree of debris (United States)

    Leite, Brisa dos Santos; Fagundes, Nathalia Carolina Fernandes; Aragón, Mônica Lídia Castro; Dias, Carmen Gilda Barroso Tavares; Normando, David


    ABSTRACT Introduction: Debris buildup on the bracket-wire interface can influence friction. Cleansing brackets with air-powder polishing can affect this process. Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate the frictional force and amount of debris remaining on orthodontic brackets subjected to prophylaxis with air-powder polishing. Methods: Frictional force and debris buildup on the surface of 28 premolar brackets were evaluated after orthodontic treatment. In one hemiarch, each bracket was subjected to air-powder polishing (n = 14) for five seconds, while the contralateral hemiarch (n = 14) served as control. Mechanical friction tests were performed and images of the polished bracket surfaces and control surfaces were examined. Wilcoxon test was applied for comparative analysis between hemiarches at p < 0.05. Results: Brackets that had been cleaned with air-powder polishing showed lower friction (median = 1.27 N) when compared to the control surfaces (median = 4.52 N) (p < 0.01). Image analysis showed that the control group exhibited greater debris buildup (median = 2.0) compared with the group that received prophylaxis with air-powder polishing (median = 0.5) (p < 0.05). Conclusion: Cleansing orthodontic brackets with air-powder polishing significantly reduces debris buildup on the bracket surface while decreasing friction levels observed during sliding mechanics. PMID:27653265

  18. Developing Empirical Lightning Cessation Forecast Guidance for the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and Kennedy Space Center (United States)

    Stano, Geoffrey T.; Fuelberg, Henry E.; Roeder, William P.


    This research addresses the 45th Weather Squadron's (45WS) need for improved guidance regarding lightning cessation at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and Kennedy Space Center (KSC). KSC's Lightning Detection and Ranging (LDAR) network was the primary observational tool to investigate both cloud-to-ground and intracloud lightning. Five statistical and empirical schemes were created from LDAR, sounding, and radar parameters derived from 116 storms. Four of the five schemes were unsuitable for operational use since lightning advisories would be canceled prematurely, leading to safety risks to personnel. These include a correlation and regression tree analysis, three variants of multiple linear regression, event time trending, and the time delay between the greatest height of the maximum dBZ value to the last flash. These schemes failed to adequately forecast the maximum interval, the greatest time between any two flashes in the storm. The majority of storms had a maximum interval less than 10 min, which biased the schemes toward small values. Success was achieved with the percentile method (PM) by separating the maximum interval into percentiles for the 100 dependent storms.

  19. The impact of diurnal variations of air traffic on contrail radiative forcing

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    N. Stuber


    Full Text Available We combined high resolution aircraft flight data from the EU Fifth Framework Programme project AERO2k with analysis data from the ECMWF's integrated forecast system to calculate diurnally resolved 3-D contrail cover. We scaled the contrail cover in order to match observational data for the Bakan area (eastern-Atlantic/western-Europe.

    We found that less than 40% of the global distance travelled by aircraft is due to flights during local night time. Yet, due to the cancellation of shortwave and longwave effects during daytime, night time flights contribute a disproportional 60% to the global annual mean forcing. Under clear sky conditions the night flights contribute even more disproportionally at 76%. There are pronounced regional variations in night flying and the associated radiative forcing. Over parts of the North Atlantic flight corridor 75% of air traffic and 84% of the forcing occurs during local night, whereas only 35% of flights are during local night in South-East Asia, yet these contribute 68% of the radiative forcing. In general, regions with a significant local contrail radiative forcing are also regions for which night time flights amount to less than half of the daily total of flights. Therefore, neglecting diurnal variations in air traffic/contrail cover by assuming a diurnal mean contrail cover can over-estimate the global mean radiative forcing by up to 30%.

  20. 33 CFR 334.640 - Gulf of Mexico south of Apalachee Bay, Fla.; Air Force rocket firing range. (United States)


    ... 33 Navigation and Navigable Waters 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Gulf of Mexico south of Apalachee Bay, Fla.; Air Force rocket firing range. 334.640 Section 334.640 Navigation and Navigable Waters... REGULATIONS § 334.640 Gulf of Mexico south of Apalachee Bay, Fla.; Air Force rocket firing range. (a)...

  1. 33 CFR 334.595 - Atlantic Ocean off Cape Canaveral; 45th Space Wing, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, FL... (United States)


    ...; 45th Space Wing, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, FL; restricted area. 334.595 Section 334.595.... The regulations in this section shall be enforced by the Commander, 45th Space Wing, Patrick Air Force... AND RESTRICTED AREA REGULATIONS § 334.595 Atlantic Ocean off Cape Canaveral; 45th Space Wing,...

  2. Barriers and Facilitators to Use of Air Force Family Support Centers (FSCs): Lessons for Civilian and Military Sectors. (United States)

    Albano, Sondra

    This study focused on non-use of Air Force Family Support Centers (FSCs), a global network of programs and services designed to facilitate family adaptation to the mobile military lifestyle and to help commanders and supervisors respond to family needs. The study used the 1993 Air Force Needs Assessment Survey to investigate what factors…

  3. A Validity Study on Predictors of Success in Resident Master’s Degree Programs at the Air Force Institute of Technology. (United States)


    1. 0% DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE *AIR UNIVERSITY AIR FORCE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio I Dzsnm ION SATE A I A edfor ... k 6 or more examinees is a useful and valid measurement i.e., within reliability limits (10:3). The GRE and the GMAT are divided into various

  4. Black Hats and White Hats: The Effect of Organizational Culture and Institutional Identity on the Twenty-third Air Force (United States)


    attention.”42 Similarly, AFSOF personnel tend to identify both with their mission and their aircraft. For example, Col Billy Napier , USAF, retired, a...affiliation. When the 20th was restarted in late 1975, it was populated with guys who flew together in Super Jollies and Knives and all partici...and Johnson, Airpower. 80. Napier , “Air Commandos in Vietnam,” p. 140. According to Napier , air commandos used C-47 and C-123 transports to initially

  5. A Historical Analysis of Basic Air Force Doctrine Education within the United States States Air Force Air Command and Staff College, 1947-1987. (United States)


    Doctrinal Education. 2. dow tne uality of Air University Students Influences Doctrinal Educaion . 3. iow Air iniversity Commanders Have Influenced...AIin i.i .Iz: 0o 1 Lac, ani AFB, T>xas. Aft-2r Zmfl5Oli i , Janiu~rv .18;, -ie itce nu,_i_ Trdnsoorctation Otf iLzer scnooL at 31,,. pa r J A :a, ras

  6. An Integrated Survey System for Addressing Abuse and Misconduct Toward Air Force Trainees During Basic Military Training (United States)


    appropriate for BMT, because they focus on populations that are too young ( elementary and middle school ) or include 61 behaviors that are not fully...Force Modernization and Employment; Manpower, Personnel, and Training; Resource Management ; and Strategy and Doctrine. The research reported here was...We recommend that the trainee survey be administered to trainees through individual computer stations within a BMT classroom , although

  7. Numerical Investigation on Aerodynamic Force of Streamlined Box Girder with Uniform Air Suction

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Tang Ke


    Full Text Available In the present study, the flow around a streamlined box girder with uniform air suction has been investigated numerically. Two-dimensional incompressible unsteady Reynolds averaged Navier-Stokes (URANS equations are solved in conjunction with the SST k −ω turbulence model in simulations. Taking the Great Belt Bridge girder as an example, cases of different suction positions on the girder section were discussed. The effect of the suction ratio and the angle of attack (AOA of wind also were investigated. The result showed that the aerodynamic drag force was influenced by the uniform suction through either upper surface or lower surface of the box girder. The larger the suction ratio was, the more the drag-reducing could be. The suction position and AOA had a comprehensive effect on the drag force. The vortex shedding frequency was also affected by air suction. For the aerodynamic lift force and moment, air suction showed no obvious influence. If necessary, using a combined suction scheme to reduce the aerodynamic drag force or to control the flow wake would be more efficient in engineering design.

  8. Management by Objective in the Air Force Tactical Air Command Telecommunication Environment. (United States)


    operation of MBO may be compared with playing a football game. The football goal posts are in clear view of the individual players. This is analogous...Mn....:. Z s-n ~ 25 .0 ucilmil mo.,_ Wing 907tn ?,ni-Iu Air Col~ inq 224 rsa ,v.i 0,1,-g Sting f t i. F7,..1Af 161. 0rntct’i tgn - ~in a :.,a A93

  9. The Emerging Shield. The Air Force and the Evolution of Continental Air Defense 1945-1960 (United States)


    pp 219-29. 36. Cuthbertson, Canadian Military 24. For the decision to equip the Independence, pp 50-51. Arrow with the most up - todate missile and...of war is not a simple shield, but a shield made up of well-directed blows." Also, after meeting an attack, Clausewitz ad- vocated that a military...Waggonfabrik. The more advanced models, as fast as contemporary pursuit planes, could remain in the air up to 6 hours. Armed with 3 defensive

  10. Contribution of the Mission in Afghanistan to the Burden of Past-Year Mental Disorders in Canadian Armed Forces Personnel, 2013 (United States)

    Zamorski, Mark A.


    Objective: The purpose of this study was to estimate the contribution of the mission in Afghanistan to the burden of mental health problems in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). Methods: Data were obtained from the 2013 Canadian Forces Mental Health Survey, which assessed mental disorders using the World Health Organization’s Composite International Diagnostic Interview. The sample consisted of 6696 Regular Force (RegF) personnel, 3384 of whom had deployed in support of the mission. We estimated the association of past-year mental health problems with Afghanistan deployment status, adjusting for covariates using logistic regression; population attributable fractions (PAFs) were also calculated. Results: Indication of a past-year mental disorder was identified in 18.4% (95% confidence interval [CI], 17.0% to 19.7%) of Afghanistan deployers compared with 14.6% (95% CI, 13.3% to 15.8%) in others. Afghanistan-related deployments contributed to the burden of a past-year disorder (PAF = 8.7%; 95% CI, 3.0% to 14.2%), with the highest PAFs being seen for panic disorder (34.7%) and posttraumatic stress disorder (32.1%). The PAFs for individual alcohol use disorders and suicide ideation were not different from zero. Child abuse, however, had a much greater PAF for any past-year disorder (28.7%; 95% CI, 23.4% to 33.7%) than did the Afghanistan mission. Conclusions: The mission in Afghanistan contributed significantly to the burden of mental disorders in the CAF RegF in 2013. However, the much stronger contribution of child abuse highlights the need for strong military mental health systems, even in peacetime, and the need to target the full range of determinants of mental health in prevention and control efforts. PMID:27270744

  11. 2017 Annual Terrestrial Sampling Plan for Sandia National Laboratories/New Mexico on Kirtland Air Force Base

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Griffith, Stacy R. [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States)


    The 2017 Annual Terrestrial Sampling Plan for Sandia National Laboratories/New Mexico on Kirtland Air Force Base has been prepared in accordance with the “Letter of Agreement Between Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration, Sandia Field Office (DOE/NNSA/SFO) and 377th Air Base Wing (ABW), Kirtland Air Force Base (KAFB) for Terrestrial Sampling” (signed January 2017), Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico (SNL/NM). The Letter of Agreement requires submittal of an annual terrestrial sampling plan.

  12. The Joint Force Air Component Commander and the Integration of Offensive Cyberspace Effects: Power Projection through Cyberspace (United States)


    86 | Air & Space Power Journal The Joint Force Air Component Commander and the Integration of Offensive Cyberspace Effects Power Projection through...and Space Power Journal requests a courtesy line. Cyberspace can provide great opportunities to assist the joint force air compo-nent commander ( theory. Offensive cyberspace operations have the potential to provide these types of power - projecting effects in the battlespace, but how can

  13. Influence of forced air volume on water evaporation during sewage sludge bio-drying. (United States)

    Cai, Lu; Chen, Tong-Bin; Gao, Ding; Zheng, Guo-Di; Liu, Hong-Tao; Pan, Tian-Hao


    Mechanical aeration is critical to sewage sludge bio-drying, and the actual water loss caused by aeration can be better understood from investigations of the relationship between aeration and water evaporation from the sewage sludge bio-drying pile based on in situ measurements. This study was conducted to investigate the effects of forced air volume on the evaporation of water from a sewage sludge bio-drying pile. Dewatered sewage sludge was bio-dried using control technology for bio-drying, during which time the temperature, superficial air velocity and water evaporation were measured and calculated. The results indicated that the peak air velocity and water evaporation occurred in the thermophilic phase and second temperature-increasing phase, with the highest values of 0.063 ± 0.027 m s(-1) and 28.9 kg ton(-1) matrix d(-1), respectively, being observed on day 4. Air velocity above the pile during aeration was 43-100% higher than when there was no aeration, and there was a significantly positive correlation between air volume and water evaporation from day 1 to 15. The order of daily means of water evaporation was thermophilic phase > second temperature-increasing phase > temperature-increasing phase > cooling phase. Forced aeration controlled the pile temperature and improved evaporation, making it the key factor influencing water loss during the process of sewage sludge bio-drying.

  14. Natural and forced air temperature variability in the Labrador region of Canada during the past century (United States)

    Way, Robert G.; Viau, Andre E.


    Evaluation of Labrador air temperatures over the past century (1881-2011) shows multi-scale climate variability and strong linkages with ocean-atmospheric modes of variability and external forcings. The Arctic Oscillation, Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation, and El Nino Southern Oscillation are shown to be the dominant seasonal and interannual drivers of regional air temperature variability for most of the past century. Several global climate models show disagreement with observations on the rate of recent warming which suggests that models are currently unable to reproduce regional climate variability in Labrador air temperature. Using a combination of empirical statistical modeling and global climate models, we show that 33 % of the variability in annual Labrador air temperatures over the period 1881-2011 can be explained by natural factors alone; however, the inclusion of anthropogenic forcing increases the explained variance to 65 %. Rapid warming over the past 17 years is shown to be linked to both natural and anthropogenic factors with several anomalously warm years being primarily linked to recent anomalies in the Arctic Oscillation and North Atlantic sea surface temperatures. Evidence is also presented that both empirical statistical models and global climate models underestimate the regional air temperature response to ocean salinity anomalies and volcanic eruptions. These results provide important insight into the predictability of future regional climate impacts for the Labrador region.

  15. Air microjet system for non-contact force application and the actuation of micro-structures (United States)

    Khare, S. M.; Venkataraman, V.


    We demonstrate a non-contact technique to apply calibrated and localized forces in the micro-Newton to milli-Newton range using an air microjet. An electromagnetically actuated diaphragm controlled by a signal generator is used to generate the air microjet. With a nozzle diameter of 150 μm, the microjet diameter was maintained to a maximum of 1 mm at a distance of 5 mm from the nozzle. The force generated by the microjet was measured using a commercial force sensor to determine the velocity profile of the jet. Axial flow velocities of up to 25 m s-1 were obtained at distances as long as 6 mm. The microjet exerted a force up to 1 μN on a poly dimethyl siloxane (PDMS) micropillar (50 μm in diameter, 157 μm in height) and 415 μN on a PDMS membrane (3 mm in diameter, 28 μm thick). We also demonstrate that from a distance of 6 mm our microjet can exert a peak pressure of 187 Pa with a total force of about 84 μN on a flat surface with 8 V operating voltage. Out of the cleanroom fabrication and robust design make this system cost effective and durable.

  16. Forced Convective Air Cooling from Electronic Component Arrays in a Parallel Plate Channel

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    D.Y.Cai; Y.P.Gan; 等


    This paper discusses air forced convection heat transfer from inline protruding elements arranged in eight rows.The streamwise and spanwise spacings between elements were varied using a splitter plate that can be positioned at three different modular configurations.A set of empirical formulas was presented to correlate the experimental data for the design of air cooling systems.Arrays of componets with one odd-size module have been tested also.Experimental results show that blocks near the entrance and behind the odd-size module have improved performance compared with uniform arrangements.Accordingly,temperature sensitive components are suggested to be arranged in these locations.

  17. (Environmental investigation of ground water contamination at Wright- Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    This Health and Safety Plan (HSP) was developed for the Environmental Investigation of Ground-water Contamination Investigation at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio, based on the projected scope of work for the Phase 1, Task 4 Field Investigation. The HSP describes hazards that may be encountered during the investigation, assesses the hazards, and indicates what type of personal protective equipment is to be used for each task performed. The HSP also addresses the medical monitoring program, decontamination procedures, air monitoring, training, site control, accident prevention, and emergency response.

  18. Air Force Support of Army Ground Operations Lessons Learned during World War II, Korea, and Vietnam (United States)


    Th ;e 8epre--cdin this paper .rv thoe. of ’:ceauhor IDep 2rtmt-nt of Diefense rayo t gr: s hsPcC % FOC, O P 0- C GOUND OP!-txA’TONS ’A NS tTAI.D 11...NOTE S T edder, Preudice: The War Memoirs . - y Air Force. Lord Tedaer. rr- 40-43. 2.".~ : X :"~ , M~.c, ’ = A r Power in Three Wars WW 7:, Kora...that FEAF assume operational control over land based Marine air units and over bjdsed aviation operating over Korea effective as soon as X

  19. Search and Rescue in the High North: An Air Force Mission? (United States)


    at the strange new things in the land of the midnight sun. What wouldn’t surprise him are the things that never change: six months of darkness ...8-98) Prescribed by ANSI Std Z39-18 November–December 2013 Air & Space Power Journal | 5 Conway Search and Rescue in the High North Feature tourism ...command if any SAR request from that heavily traveled region came to the Department of Defense.44 Further, the Air Force must form a strong partnership

  20. Environmental Assessment: Construction of Consolidated Fuel Overhaul and Repair Facility at Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma (United States)


    Historic Preservation Officer MH:bh Oklahoma Archeological Survey March 23, 2007 Trudi Logan Department of the Air Force 72 Air Base Wing (AFMC...Fox Larry Ci’l AETC CONS/LGCK; McKee John M Civ OC-ALC/FMA; King Thelma J Civ OC-ALC/FMC; Powell Paul A Civ 72 ABW/CECED; Powell Paul A Civ 72 ABW...L CIV OC-ALC/FMC Grimes Jim D Civ OC-ALC/FMC; Tomlinson Deborah L Civ OC-ALC/FMC; Fox Larry Civ AETC CONS/LGCK; McKee John M Civ OC-ALC/FMA; King

  1. The Twelfth US Air Force. Tactical and Operational Innovations in the Mediterranean Theater of Operations, 1943-1944 (United States)


    Husky was a strategic success, contributing to the resignation of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini on 25 July 1943, and the 30 OPERATION HUSKY AND... Mussolini and the surrender of Italy. The Italian capitulation forced the Germans to defend Italy alone with overstretched forces. The Twelfth Air Force

  2. Citizen Airmen. A History of the Air Force Reserve 1946-1994 (United States)


    J. McKenna , Ch, Pers Div, to Ofc of Info, Ofc of AF Res, subj: Draft Monograph-Air Force Reserve and Southeast Asia, Aug 1, 1979; hists, 514th...Memo, B. A. Bridgewater, Jr., Assoc Dir, Guard and Reserve in the Total Force Study Group, to Terence E. McClary, Asst SecDef (Compt), subj: Total...Change for the 915th MAGP, XPP, 2219552 Jul71, as doc 86 in hist, AFRES, FY 1972. 21. Ltr, Terence St. Louis, AFRES histo- rian, to DCSPlans [Simmons

  3. Unplanned pregnancy among active duty servicewomen, U.S. Air Force, 2001. (United States)

    Robbins, Anthony S; Chao, Susan Y; Frost, Lucinda Z; Fonseca, Vincent P


    Unplanned pregnancy is a major public health problem in the United States. Although the U.S. Air Force has the highest proportion of active duty women of any of the U.S. military services, there are no published data on the occurrence of unplanned pregnancy among active duty Air Force (ADAF) women. Civilian female interviewers conducted telephone interviews with a random sample of 2,348 ADAF women during early 2002, using questions that were closely based on the 1995 National Survey of Family Growth. During 2001, approximately 12% of ADAF women had one or more pregnancies. By National Survey of Family Growth criteria, approximately 54% of these pregnancies were unplanned. Thus, approximately 7% of ADAF women had one or more unplanned pregnancies during 2001. Roughly one-half of unplanned pregnancies represented contraceptive nonuse and the other half represented contraceptive failure or misuse. Unplanned pregnancy is a serious and frequently occurring problem among ADAF women, with many opportunities for prevention.

  4. Radar Scan Strategies for the Patrick Air Force Base Weather Surveillance Radar, Model-74C, Replacement (United States)

    Short, David


    The 45th Weather Squadron (45 WS) is replacing the Weather Surveillance Radar, Model 74C (WSR-74C) at Patrick Air Force Base (PAFB), with a Doppler, dual polarization radar, the Radtec 43/250. A new scan strategy is needed for the Radtec 43/250, to provide high vertical resolution data over the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS) launch pads, while taking advantage of the new radar's advanced capabilities for detecting severe weather phenomena associated with convection within the 45 WS area of responsibility. The Applied Meteorology Unit (AMU) developed several scan strategies customized for the operational needs of the 45 WS. The AMU also developed a plan for evaluating the scan strategies in the period prior to operational acceptance, currently scheduled for November 2008.

  5. Air Force KC-X Tanker Aircraft Program: Background and Issues for Congress (United States)


    Air Force is expected late next month.... Sen. Richard Shelby, R- Ala ., a Northrop supporter, and Rep. Norman Dicks, D-Wash., a Boeing supporter...from $2.1 billion per year to $3 billion per year by 2040 due to increasing depot maintenance and forecasted modernization programs in avionics and...China avionics access doors Source: Teal Group Note: Commercial variants of both aircraft types are powered by engines manufactured by either

  6. F/EF-111 Basing at Cannon Air Force Base, Curry County, New Mexico (United States)


    in environmental impact assessment. W.M. Willis Ph.D., Marine Ecology, Old Contractor Project Dominion University; M.S., Manager, Biologica ...martial cases. Therefore, for me, it’s a welcome diversion from the criminal trial arena to preside over an Environmental Impact Hearing such as this. I...Travis Air Force Base, California, and I cover five Western states normally. It is a welcome diversion for me to be away from the criminal trial arena to

  7. Fulcrum of Power: Essays on the United States Air Force and National Security (United States)


    attacking Teller for “factual error and emotionalism,” eight scientists (Jay Orear, William F. Schreiber, Gerald Holton , Salvadore E. Luria, Edwin E...upon national security affairs and diplomacy. I have included essays on Generals James H. Doolittle and George C. Kenney in order to add some spice to...develop- ment of air forces have assumed greater urgency and significance. In 1934, James H. “Jimmy” Doolittle noted that “the future security of our

  8. Environmental Assessment for Multiple Projects at Laughlin Air Forc Base, TX (United States)


    accomplishment. 20 Outside the range’s designated safety berms is evidence of ricochet debris, the result of having used full-21 metal- jacket ...Fault Zone, but no recent seismic activity has occurred in the area 16 FINAL - Environmental Assessment for Multiple Projects Laughlin Air Force Base...resources, such as top soils, mineral 32 reserves, seismic activity, or unique or important land forms. The potential for large, uncontrolled 33

  9. United States Air Force Research Initiation Program for 1987. Volume 2 (United States)


    Jacqueline Paver (1986) Duke University Specialty: Biomechanical Engineering ARNOLD ENGINEERING DEVELOPMENT CENTER (Arnold Air Force Systems) Dr...Photo 6. Assembling the stator windings while the inner sphere was pressurized. Soccer ball and football were both used so one could be removed and pumped...Computational methods for turbulent, transonic and viscous flow ( Springer Verlag, NY 1983). M. D. Love and D. C. Leslie - Studies in subgrid. modeling

  10. Preserving Range and Airspace Access for the Air Force Mission: Striving for a Strategic Vantage Point (United States)


    Dee Butler; Danny Douglas , 98 OSS/ ADO; and Lt Col Tim Straz helped us walk through the range scheduling process. At Headquarters Air Force Materiel...Indiana 55,280 AnG Army McGregor holloman AFB, new Mexico 10,000 ACC Army McMullen Texas 1,200 AnG navy Oklahoma eielson AFB, Alaska 51,200 PACAF Army

  11. Environmental Assessment: Construct Airfield Lighting Vault and Demolish Building 531 at Grand Forks Air Force Base (United States)


    in the grasses and legumes vegetation species are tall wheat grass, brome grass, Kentucky bluegrass, sweet clover, and alfalfa. Herbaceous plants...gramma, buffalo grass, and many native wildflower species. The Grand Forks AFB Natural Resources Manager and volunteers installed a butterfly garden in...Bioserve biological inventory update for Grand Forks Air Force Base. Two rare orchid species are known to exist on Grand Forks AFB, the Large and

  12. Environmental Assessment: Construct a CDC Main Entry Addition at Grand Forks Air Force Base (United States)


    Included in the grasses and legumes vegetation species are tall wheat grass, brome grass, Kentucky bluegrass, sweet clover, and alfalfa. Herbaceous...gramma, buffalo grass, and many native wildflower species. The Grand Forks AFB Natural Resources Manager and volunteers installed a butterfly garden...Bioserve biological inventory update for Grand Forks Air Force Base. Two rare orchid species are known to exist on Grand Forks AFB, the Large and

  13. Ideas as Institutions: Explaining the Air Force’s Struggle With Its Aerospace Concept (United States)


    necessitate, prepare and maintain plans, in consonance with the latest information to provide for destruction of the decisive units of the key...soldier goes where his leaders point, and with little question. Thus, the subtle signs of dissonance between airmen and the aerospace concept that...occasionally to adopt language more consonant with the language framing the national discourse. This subtle perspective shift of Air Force

  14. Final Environmental Assessment for the California Space Center at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California (United States)


    Cultural Resources Inventory, Vandenberg Air Force Base, Santa Barbara County, California Hodges et al. (2000) 2000-04 Archaeological Survey of the...VAFB Nick Pelster, Technical Director, California Space Authority Roger Root, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Ventura Field Office Chris Ryan...Heritage Program. California Department of Fish and Game, Sacramento. Hodges , C.M., C.G. Lebow, and R.L. McKim. 2000. Archaeological Survey of the

  15. Environmental Assessment for the California Space Center at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California (United States)


    Cultural Resources Inventory, Vandenberg Air Force Base, Santa Barbara County, California Hodges et al. (2000) 2000-04 Archaeological Survey of the...Review Laura Ornelaz, Attorney Advisor, 30 SW/JA, VAFB Nick Pelster, Technical Director, California Space Authority Roger Root, U.S. Fish and Wildlife...the terrestrial natural communities of California. Nongame Heritage Program. California Department of Fish and Game, Sacramento. Hodges , C.M., C.G

  16. An Analysis of Retaining or Replacing Air Force Command and Control Aircraft (United States)


    control aircraft perform, as well as the importance of maintaining the capability. Current command and control aircraft , as well as potential aircraft that...can replace the existing command and control aircraft , were researched to determine the cost and performance specifications. The current and...completed product identifies if the Air Force should retain or replace command and control aircraft . Additional areas for further research were listed

  17. Acute Pain Management Services: What Does the Air Force Have to Offer? (United States)


    Unrelieved pain due to this nociception , after surgery or trauma is often unhealthy, but it is preventable or controllable in a majority of cases...DC 20503. 1. AGENCY USE ONLY (Leaveblank) 2. REPORT DATE 26-Sep-97 3. REPORT TYPE AND DATES COVERED 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE ACUTE PAIN MANAGEMENT...Prescribed by ANSI Std. 239.18 Designed using Perform Pro, WHS/DIOR. Oct 94 ACUTE PAIN MANAGEMENT SERVICES: WHAT DOES THE AIR FORCE HAVE TO OFFER

  18. The Role of Organizational Culture in the Leadership of United States Air Force Services Squadrons (United States)


    The purpose of this monograph is to examine the role organizational culture plays in the leadership of United States Air Force (USAF) Services...squadrons. While some might argue that the study of organizational culture is a somewhat vague notion, there is significant theory and findings to show...determine the link between organizational culture and financial performance as indicated by Standard and Poor’s financial ratios. In summarizing his

  19. Environmental Assessment for Mill Creek Restoration Project, Eglin Air Force Base, FL (United States)


    Persons Contacted Mr. Chris Metcalf , U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Mr Bob Miller, 96 CEG/CEVSN, Endangered Species Biologist Mr Mike Nunley, 96 CEG...currents into the center of the channel, and preventing back eddy erosion. In addition, these structures provide excellent fish habitat, protection and limit any back eddy erosion. 05/06 Biological Assessment Page A-13 for Mill Creek Restoration Project Eglin Air Force Base

  20. United States Air Force Summary, Amended FY 1990/1991 Biennial Budget. Fifteenth Edition (United States)


    SPECIAL INVESTIGATIONS(AFOSI). Constituted as Air Force Office of Special Investigations arrl activated as a Separate Operating Agency, 31 December 1971...reservists on active duty to provide unit arrl augrren.tation su~rt to the Ready Reserve. e. INACTIVEIJUI’Y TRAININ3. Training perfonred by a USAFR :rrerrber...product; improvement, testing, technical data and handbooks procured with end item equiprrents. (AFR173-13/Atch 1/1 Feb 82) APPROPRIATION3300

  1. The Current Practices in Injury Prevention and Safety Helmet Use in an Air Force Medical Center (United States)


    Clinic at Malcom Grow Medical Center, Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland. Preventive counseling Preventing the occurrence of both mental and physical ...of their care. The primary care provider assumes ongoing responsibility for health maintenance and therapy for illness, including consultation with...PA) or a Medical Doctor (M.D.). Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.), or Registered Nurse (R.N.). Safety helmet For the purpose of this study, the safety

  2. Estimates of Pertussis Vaccine Effectiveness in United States Air Force Pediatric Dependents (United States)


    Stefani Ruiz 5d. PROJECT NUMBER 5e. TASK NUMBER 5f. WORK UNIT NUMBER 7. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION NAME( S ) AND ADDRESS(ES) USAF School of Aerospace...greater than or equal to 14 days [19] before the date of pertussis lab test . Children who received the recommended number of vaccine doses for their... Article 3. DATES COVERED (From – To) Jan 2014 – Jun 2015 4. TITLE AND SUBTITLE Estimates of pertussis vaccine effectiveness in United States Air Force

  3. Blue Moon Rising? Air Force Institutional Challenges to Producing Senior Joint Leaders (United States)


    and Geoffrey Parker , “The Post-War World,” in The Cambridge History of Warfare, ed. Geoffrey Parker (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2005...the Air Force does not specifically identify any C-NAF or other general officer billets as warfighting billets; Lieutenant Colonel Charlie ...1983. Murray, Williamson A., and Geoffrey Parker . "The Post-War World." In The Cambridge History of Warfare, edited by Geoffrey Parker , 362-412

  4. United States Air Force Summer Research Program -- 1993. Volume 7. Armstrong Laboratory (United States)


    Data Gluck, Kevin Field: Psychology BS Laboratory: AL/HR Psychology Trinity University Vol-Page No: 7-19 San Antonio, TX 78212-0000 Gottlob , Lawrence...R. GOTTLOB Arizona State University Tempe, AZ 85287 Final Report for: Graduate Student Research Program Armstrong Laboratory Sponsored by: Air Force...VERSUS SWITCHING ATTENTION Lawrence R. Gottlob Arizona State University Tempe, AZ 85287 Abstract A location-precuing experiment was conducted that

  5. Activity-based Calculation Models for the Brazilian Air Force Cellular Unit of Intendancy (United States)


    readiness (Operations “Aghata” and “Cruzex”), humanitarian missions (support to combat dengue in the city of Rio de Janeiro ; support of the military...disinfection, sanitary and barber shop; u) water supply ; v) water treatment; x) providing electrical power. 1.8 Organization This research will be...recreation, and water and electricity supply . 2.1.1 Cellular Unit of Intendancy. The CUI provides the Air Force with the necessary mobility to

  6. The Office of the Secretary of the Air Force 1947-1965 (United States)


    accommodate an atomic bomb. The evolution of the B-36 is covered fully in Marcelle Size Knaack’s Encyclopedia of U.S. Air Force Aircraft and Missile...tion, Gilpatric contacted Frances Perkins, his mother’s college roommate and President Roosevelt’s former Secretary of Labor, and Jim Farley ...rate areas representing the Protestant, Catholic , and Jewish faiths. Leaders of these faiths were consulted and gave the chapel’s design their

  7. Air Force Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of NATO Round Robin Propellant Testing for Development of AOP-4717 (United States)


    Round Robin Propellant Testing for Development of AOP-4717 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER 6. AUTHOR(S...area code) N/A Standard Form 298 (Rev. 8-98) Prescribed by ANSI Std. 239.18 0 Air Force Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of NATO Round Robin ...the clamps are tight at the coldest temperature. • Long tests such as the frequency sweep sequences prescribed in this round robin may be

  8. Air Mobility Command’s Total Force Integration: A Critical Analysis (United States)


    norms] because they justify the past and are the source of their pride and self - esteem .”16 Fortunately, Schein provides a model (beyond the scope of... self is an Air Force core value. But Airmen are encouraged and expected to become technical experts in their specialty field. And in some instances...organization makeup between the AD and ANG members; it is not uncommon to have more AC members assigned to a particular work section than ANG technicians

  9. Ideas, Concepts, Doctrine: Basic Thinking in the United States Air Force, 1961-1984. Volume 2 (United States)


    possible development of a long endurance aircraft-called the Dromedary -which might serve as a mobile platform for certain types of missiles and which...interesting to McNamara, the Ferguson group carefully examined a plane that was variously called "Camel," " Dromedary ," or the "multi-purpose, long...Air Forces : 476 Drew, Dennis M . : 743 " Dromedary " : 97 long-endurance aircraft : 55 Drysdale, Taylor : 161-62 study grpups : 161 Dual basing: 475

  10. Geothermal exploration program, Hill Air Force Base, Davis and Weber Counties, Utah

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Glenn, W.E.; Chapman, D.S.; Foley, D.; Capuano, R.M.; Cole, D.; Sibbett, B.; Ward, S.H.


    Results obtained from a program designed to locate a low- or moderate-temperature geothermal resource that might exist beneath Hill Air Force Base (AFB), Ogden, Utah are discussed. A phased exploration program was conducted at Hill AFB. Published geological, geochemical, and geophysical reports on the area were examined, regional exploration was conducted, and two thermal gradient holes were drilled. This program demonstrated that thermal waters are not present in the shallow subsurface at this site. (MHR)

  11. United States Air Force Summer Faculty Research Program. Program Technical Report. 1990. Volume 3 (United States)


    pore. It is argued by Kafka and Dussan [121, that an imprecise treatment of this near contact line region affects only slightly the flow and pressure...disappearence of the Franz -Keldysh oscillation. Suggestions for future experiments are made. 96-2 Acknowledgements I wish to thank the Air cap the doped GaAs 4 . Photoreflectance is a sensitive tool in determining surface electric field in bulk materials 5. For Jarge fields, Franz

  12. Infrastructure Asset Management Modeling through an Analysis of the Air Force Strategic Vision and Goals (United States)


    D.C.: Office of the Air Force Civil Engineer, 2008. [17] Robinson , C. Paul, Joan B. Woodard, and Samuel G. Varnado. Critical Infrastructure...interconnectedness of infrastructure links assets into a complex system of interrelated elements ( Robinson , Woodard, and Varnado, 1998:61). This concept of...interrelated elements ( Robinson , Woodard, and Varnado, 1998). This concept of infrastructure coupling correlates the state of one infrastructure asset to the

  13. Installation Restoration Program Records Search for March Air Force Base, California (United States)


    which is bounded by the Jacinto Fault on the east and the Elsinore Fault on the west. Ground surface elevations within the March AFB bound- Z aries...approx- imately one mile south of the base. Lake Mathews, located approximately 10 miles west of the baze, is the terminal reservoir of this aqueduct...State Project water is brought into the Perris Valley via the California Aqueduct, which runs north and east of March Air Force Base. Lake Perris

  14. United States Air Force Research Initiation Program for 1988. Volume 1 (United States)


    D. R., and Golovin , M. N., "Enhanced Energy Coupling Phenomena: A State-of-the-Art Survey and Assessment," Air Force Armament Laboratory, Eglin AFB...PPM) (PPM) (PPM) 1-6 9380 8755 625 625 100% 2-1 3000 200 2800 5700 49% 2-6 3090 270 2820 7350 38% 2-11 1940 370 1570 6940 23% 1-10 2830 1250 1580 6020

  15. Cultural Resources Management in the United States Air Force: Development of a Planning Primer. (United States)


    1991a:11-5). The 1870’s and 1880’s saw significant efforts to preserve battlefields from the Civil War and also the Revolutionary War. The Casa Grande...directive requires each Air Force insallation to prelpe and adopt a Cultura Resources Management Plan. This plan will incude an inventoy of all cultual...geophysical components of the Legacy program. Specific to cultura resources, the task areas were developed as a general program for improving management of all

  16. Empowerment: Dimensions and Strategies in the U.S Air Force (United States)


    he or she has no authority to change. Authority is granted to people who are trusted and competent ( Maccoby , 1992:50). Authority must include...include: 1. Restructure the organization, if necessary. Maccoby in his article, Creating an Empowered Organization, recognizes fear of responsibility...Logistics, Air Force Institute of Technology (AU), Wright Patterson AFB OH, September 1989 (AD-A215372). Maccoby , Michael. "Creating an Empowered

  17. Non-Rated Air Force Line Officer Attrition Rates Using Survival Analysis (United States)


    required and expected . Additionally, the experience they gather throughout their careers is invaluable to the success of the Air Force and cannot be...The service commitments and career paths tend to be relatively equal within this group, so the attrition behavior was expected to be approximately the... females , given that they are in the same yeargroup, career field, etc. Although the actual reason cannot be determined based on this data, one can attribute

  18. Final Environmental Assessment Addressing New Construction and Demolition at Beale Air Force Base, California (United States)


    S. Capra , P.E., LEED AP Deputy Base Civil Engineer Department of the Air Force Headquarters 9th Mission Support Group (ACC) 6601 B Street Beale... Capra : Thank you for your letter dated August 15, 2013, requesting my review and comment with regard to the proposed undertaking to construct a...In reply refer to: USAF_2014_0224_002 Gregory S. Capra , P.E., LEED AP Deputy Base Civil

  19. Installation Restoration Program Records Search for Dobbins Air Force Base, Georgia (United States)


    Combat Support Group, Air Force Reserve, is 3 currently the host unit at Dobbins AFB. I 3 II - 1 CC ~L/LLI 1’ 1/ LULLI (~~s’ c * .00 I 3- Lockheed...Services Center (AFESC), Engineering-Science (ES) and CH2 M Hill. The basis for this model was a system developed for EPA by JB Associates of MLean

  20. Forced-Air Warming Provides Better Control of Body Temperature in Porcine Surgical Patients

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Brian T. Dent


    Full Text Available Background: Maintaining normothermia during porcine surgery is critical in ensuring subject welfare and recovery, reducing the risk of immune system compromise and surgical-site infection that can result from hypothermia. In humans, various methods of patient heating have been demonstrated to be useful, but less evaluation has been performed in techniques to prevent hypothermia perioperatively in pigs. Methods: We compared body temperature regulation during surgery before and after modification of the ambient temperature of the operating laboratories. Three different methods of heating were then compared; a standard circulating water mattress, a resistive fabric blanket, and a forced hot air system. The primary measure was percentage of temperature readings outside a specification range of 36.7–40.0 °C. Results: Tighter control of the ambient temperature while using a circulating water mattress reduced the occurrence of out-of-specification body temperature readings from 20.8% to 5.0%, with most of these the result of hypothermia. Use of a resistive fabric blanket further reduced out-of-specification readings to 1.5%, with a slight increase in the occurrence of hyperthermia. Use of a forced air system reduced out-of-specification readings to less 0.1%. Conclusions: Maintenance of normothermia perioperatively in pig can be improved by tightly controlling ambient temperatures. Use of a resistive blanket or a forced air system can lead to better control than a circulating water mattress, with the forced air system providing a faster response to temperature variations and less chance of hyperthermia.

  1. F-22A Beddown Environmental Assessment Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska (United States)


    operation of Air Force ranges. The overall purpose of range management is to balance the military’s need to accomplish realistic testing and training...N Churches, auditoria , and concert halls .................. Y 25 30 N N N Government services ............................................. Y Y 25...Damage to outside walls Existing cracks in stucco extended. Bric-a-brac Those carefully balanced or on edges can fall; fine glass, such as large

  2. The New Logic of Hypertext: Electronic Documents, Literary Theory, and Air Force Publications (United States)


    University Press, 1991. 80 McLuhan , Marshall . The Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of Typographic Man. Toronto: The University of Toronto Press, 1962. Michalak...organizational dependence on) paper-based information systems (Levy and Marshall , 1995). The Air Force is certainly no exception to this wide-spread trend...outside that interpretive framework and examine it ( McLuhan , 1962). We often fail to recognize, therefore, that many of our most cherished assumptions

  3. Modernization of the Indian Air Force: Security Implications for South Asia (United States)


    democratic institutions in this country since its partition with India in 1947.15 The most contentious issue between both countries is the status...nascent air force. After the partition of Pakistan from India, threat perceptions, elite interests and strategic ideas drove the process of conflict...1950s between Pakistan and the United States was mutually beneficial. The founder and leader of Pakistan at the time, M.A. Jinnah , sought a U.S

  4. Identification of Decision Support Concepts for the Planning of Air Force Immediate Contingencies Operations (United States)


    Identification of Decision Support Concepts for the Planning of Air Force Immediate Contingencies Operations 1 March 2010 Anet Greenley , Sylvain...K2K 3G7 Project Manager: Anet Greenley , 613-290-0751 Contract number (in full): W7701-054996/009/QCL (W7701-8-3522NP) Contract Scientific...Operations 1 March 2010 Anet Greenley , Sylvain Pronovost, Dennis Kelleher, John Graham, Peter Race and Patrick Lachance. CAE Professional Services 1135

  5. Future Capabilities and Technologies for the Air Force in 2030. Executive Summary (United States)


    as a foil to evaluate future systems and technologies, to deter- mine the optimum path forward for Air Force investment. These senior officers each...attacks are being designed to degrade adversary command and control and early- warning capabilities. Finally, submarines, destroyers, aircraft, mines ...Paralysis in Military Operations Jan S. Breemer, December 2000 20 Using Lasers in Space: Laser Orbital Debris Removal and Asteroid Deflection Jonathon

  6. Catalog of Audiovisual Productions. Volume 3. Air Force and Miscellaneous DoD Productions (United States)



  7. Clinging to the Past: The Air Force’s War on Dual-Career Families (United States)


    Further, some people stereotype the widely varied demographic of the military spouse, further exacerbating this tension. This study will explore these...interviews. It also caused some spouses to carefully measure their words (and sometimes lie) so as not to advertise that their spouse was military or that...As a result, the Air Force should evaluate these programs, as suggested in recommendation #2C, and if they are adequate, advertise and reconnect

  8. Transforming America’s Military: Integrating Unconventional Ground Forces into Combat Air Operations (United States)


    the Vietnam War, Operation Desert One (the failed Iranian hostage rescue attempt), and Operation Urgent Fury (the disjointed Grenada operation) was...airpower could have in the upcoming operation to liberate Kuwait. The former commander of JSOC , Army General (Ret.) Wayne Downing, believed that “no...Operations Air Component Commander JSOC —Joint Special Operations Command JSOTF—Joint Special Operations Task Force 22 JSTARS—Joint Surveillance Target

  9. High Performance Polymer Film Dielectrics for Air Force Wide-Temperature Power Electronics Applications (Preprint) (United States)


    perform, display, or disclose the work. 14. ABSTRACT Air Force currently has a strong need for the development of compact capacitors which are... capacitors typically use polycarbonate (PC) dielectric films in wound capacitors for operation from -55 ºC to 125 ºC, future power electronic systems would...such as fluorinated polybenzoxazoles (6F-PBO) and fluorenyl polyesters incorporating diamond-like hydrocarbon units (FDAPE). The discussion will be

  10. Environmental Assessment for Cantonment Areas at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida (United States)


    the federally endangered flatwoods salamander (Ambystoma bishopi) exists on or near some cantonment areas. Reptile species of concern that may occur...Acoustical Society of America , Vol 98, No 2, pp 1025–1033. Finegold, L. S., C. S. Harris, and H. E. vonGlerke, 1994. Community annoyance and sleep...Fidell, 1995. Predicting noise-induced sleep disturbance. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America , Vol 97, No 1, pp 331–338. U.S. Air Force

  11. High Flight: History of the U.S. Air Force Academy (United States)


    of Sunshine , Colorado Springs, Colorado. Colorado Springs, CO: Chamber of Commerce. (F 784 .C7 C68 Spec Coll) Curtin, Dave and Rob Lynde. Colorado...1984. (R 154 .W2995 C57 1984) Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce. City of Sunshine , Colorado Springs, Colorado. Colorado Springs, CO: Chamber...Zielinski, Constantine. " Eternal Faith in a World of Change." Air Force Magazine 42.6 (1959): 91-92.     XXIX. RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY AT

  12. Exploration and Resource Assessment at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho Using an Integrated Team Approach

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Joseph C. Armstrong; Robert P. Breckenridge; Dennis L. Nielson; John W. Shervais; Thomas R. Wood


    The U.S. Air Force is facing a number of challenges as it moves into the future, one of the biggest being how to provide safe and secure energy to support base operations. A team of scientists and engineers met at Mountain Home Air Force Base near Boise, Idaho, to discuss the possibility of exploring for geothermal resources under the base. The team identified that there was a reasonable potential for geothermal resources based on data from an existing well. In addition, a regional gravity map helped identify several possible locations for drilling a new well. The team identified several possible sources of funding for this well—the most logical being to use U.S. Department of Energy funds to drill the upper half of the well and U.S. Air Force funds to drill the bottom half of the well. The well was designed as a slimhole well in accordance with State of Idaho Department of Water Resources rules and regulations. Drilling operations commenced at the Mountain Home site in July of 2011 and were completed in January of 2012. Temperatures increased gradually, especially below a depth of 2000 ft. Temperatures increased more rapidly below a depth of 5500 ft. The bottom of the well is at 5976 ft, where a temperature of about 140°C was recorded. The well flowed artesian from a depth below 5600 ft, until it was plugged off with drilling mud. Core samples were collected from the well and are being analyzed to help understand permeability at depth. Additional tests using a televiewer system will be run to evaluate orientation and directions at fractures, especially in the production zone. A final report on the well exploitation will be forthcoming later this year. The Air Force will use it to evaluate the geothermal resource potential for future private development options at Mountain Home AFB.

  13. Environmental Assessment:Security and Safety Upgrades to Entry Control Facilities Vandenberg Air Force Base, California (United States)


    Security and Safety Upgrades to Entry Control Facilities 1-1 Vandenberg Air Force Base, California Chapter 1. Introduction : Purpose of and Need for the...woodland/Burton Mesa chaparral community. Dominant scrub species include California sagebrush and black sage (Salvia mellifera). The non-native...Grant, Campbell 1978a Chumash: Introduction . In California , edited by Robert F. Heizer, pp. 505–508. Handbook of North American Indians, vol. 8

  14. Effect of volumetric electromagnetic forces on shock wave structure of hypersonic air flow near plate (United States)

    Fomichev, Vladislav; Yadrenkin, Mikhail; Shipko, Evgeny


    Summarizing of experimental studies results of the local MHD-interaction at hypersonic air flow near the plate is presented. Pulsed and radiofrequency discharge have been used for the flow ionization. It is shown that MHD-effect on the shock-wave structure of the flow is significant at test conditions. Using of MHD-interaction parameter enabled to defining characteristic modes of MHD-interaction by the force effect: weak, moderate and strong.

  15. Potentiometric surfaces of the Arnold Engineering Development Complex Area, Arnold Air Force Base, Tennessee, May and September 2011 (United States)

    Haugh, Connor J.; Robinson, John A.


    Arnold Air Force Base occupies about 40,000 acres in Coffee and Franklin Counties, Tennessee. The primary mission of Arnold Air Force Base is to provide risk-reduction information in the development of aerospace products through test and evaluation. This mission is achieved in part through test facilities at Arnold Engineering Development Complex (AEDC), which occupies about 4,000 acres in the center of Arnold Air Force Base. Arnold Air Force Base is underlain by gravel and limestone aquifers, the most productive of which is the Manchester aquifer. Several volatile organic compounds, primarily chlorinated solvents, have been identified in the groundwater at Arnold Air Force Base. In 2011, the U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the U.S. Air Force, Arnold Air Force Base, completed a study of groundwater flow focused on the Arnold Engineering Development Complex area. The Arnold Engineering Development Complex area is of particular concern because within this area (1) chlorinated solvents have been identified in the groundwater, (2) the aquifers are dewatered around below-grade test facilities, and (3) there is a regional groundwater divide.

  16. Innovative pollution prevention program at Air Force owned Raytheon operated facility incorporating Russian technology

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Stallings, J.H.; Cepeda-Calderon, S.


    Air Force Plant 44 in Tucson, Arizona is owned by the Air Force and operated by Raytheon Missile Systems Company. A joint Air Force/Raytheon Pollution Prevention Team operates at AFP 44 with the ultimate goal to minimize or eliminate the use of hazardous substances. The team works together to uncover new technologies and methods that will replace chemicals used in the plant's missile manufacturing facilities. The program maximizes pollution prevention by first eliminating hazardous material use, then chemical recycling, next hazardous waste reduction and finally wastewater treatment and recycling. From fiscal years 1994 through 1997, nine pollution prevention projects have been implemented, totaling $2.6 million, with a payback averaging less than two years. A unique wastewater treatment method has been demonstrated as part of this program. This is electroflotation, a Russian technology which removes dispersed particles from liquid with gas bubbles obtained during water electrolysis. A unit was built in the US which successfully removed organic emulsions from wastewater. Operational units are planned for the removal of waste from waterfall paint booths. The pollution prevention joint team continues to be very active with two projects underway in FY 98 and two more funded for FY 99.

  17. Cancer in US Air Force veterans not involved with spraying herbicides during the Vietnam War

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Pavuk, M. [SpecPro, Inc. (United States); Michalek, J.; Ketchum, N. [Air Force Research Laboratory, San Antonio, TX (United States); Akhtar, F. [The START Center, San Antonio, TX (United States)


    The Air Force Health Study is a 20-year prospective study examining the health, mortality and reproductive outcomes in US Air Force veterans of Operation Ranch Hand who sprayed herbicides in Vietnam from 1962 to 1971. Comparison veterans flew or serviced C-130 transport aircraft in Southeast Asia (SEA) during the same time period but did not spray herbicides. They were stationed mostly in Taiwan, the Philippines, Guam, Japan, and Thailand and spent on average less than 30% of their SEA service in Vietnam. Comparison veterans also spent approximately 30% more time in SEA than Ranch Hand veterans. No increases in Ranch Hand cancer mortality and morbidity were found in earlier investigations, but a recent study contrasting cancer rates in Air Force veterans and in the general US (white male) population reported increases in cancer at all SEER sites, prostate cancer and melanoma in Ranch Hand veterans and cancer at all SEER sites and prostate cancer in Comparison veterans. Associations between dioxin exposure category and cancer were found after restriction to Ranch Hand veterans who served in SEA no more than 2 years and to those who spent all of their SEA service in Vietnam. Overall cancer incidence in the general population in countries of SEA is about half of that in the United States, but cancers of the oral cavity/nasopharynx and liver are more prevalent in this region. Here we examine in more detail whether years served in SEA had any effect on the risk of cancer among Comparison veterans.

  18. Imaging and force measurement of LDL and HDL by AFM in air and liquid. (United States)

    Gan, Chaoye; Ao, Meiying; Liu, Zhanghua; Chen, Yong


    The size and biomechanical properties of lipoproteins are tightly correlated with their structures/functions. While atomic force microscopy (AFM) has been used to image lipoproteins the force measurement of these nano-sized particles is missing. We detected that the sizes of LDL and HDL in liquid are close to the commonly known values. The Young's modulus of LDL or HDL is ∼0.4 GPa which is similar to that of some viral capsids or nanovesicles but greatly larger than that of various liposomes. The adhesive force of LDL or HDL is small (∼200 pN). The comparison of AFM detection in air and liquid was also performed which is currently lacking. Our data may provide useful information for better understanding and AFM detection of lipoproteins.

  19. CFD model of air movement in ventilated façade: comparison between natural and forced air flow

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Miguel Mora Pérez, Gonzalo López Patiño, P. Amparo López Jiménez


    Full Text Available This study describes computational fluid dynamics (CFD modeling of ventilated façade. Ventilated façades are normal façade but it has an extra channel between the concrete wall and the (double skin façade. Several studies found in the literature are carried out with CFD simulations about the behavior of the thermodynamic phenomena of the double skin façades systems. These studies conclude that the presence of the air gap in the ventilated façade affects the temperature in the building skin, causing a cooling effect, at least in low-rise buildings. One of the most important factors affecting the thermal effects of ventilated façades is the wind velocity. In this contribution, a CFD analysis applied on two different velocity assumptions for air movement in the air gap of a ventilated façade is presented. A comparison is proposed considering natural wind induced velocity with forced fan induced velocity in the gap. Finally, comparing temperatures in the building skin, the differences between both solutions are described determining that, related to the considered boundary conditions, there is a maximum height in which the thermal effect of the induced flow is significantly observed.

  20. Source evaluation report phase 2 investigation: Limited field investigation. Final report: United States Air Force Environmental Restoration Program, Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    This report describes the limited field investigation work done to address issues and answer unresolved questions regarding a collection of potential contaminant sources at Eielson Air Force Base (AFB), near Fairbanks, Alaska. These sources were listed in the Eielson AFB Federal Facility Agreement supporting the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) cleanup of the base. The limited field investigation began in 1993 to resolve all remaining technical issues and provide the data and analysis required to evaluate the environmental hazard associated with these sites. The objective of the limited field investigation was to allow the remedial project managers to sort each site into one of three categories: requiring remedial investigation/feasibility study, requiring interim removal action, or requiring no further remedial action.

  1. Birth Outcomes Among Military Personnel Following Exposure to Documented Open-Air Burn Pits Before and During Pregnancy (United States)


    CM codes in the range of 740.x to 760.x.18 Registry data are routinely validated by review of a sample of birth defect cases with criteria established...mitosis, meiosis , differentiation, and maturation, is believed to be highly susceptible to environmental insults.12 It seems likely that if burn pit...Howel D. Particulate air pollution and fetal health: a systematic review of the epidemiologic evidence. Epidemiology. 2004;15:36–45. 7. Sram RJ, Binkova B

  2. Analysts and discussion of air force medical and health novelty.%空军医药卫生科技查新工作分析与探讨

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张向阳; 张凌; 刘延; 刘君; 孙玮


    目的 探讨空军医药卫生科技查新工作的现状、存在的问题与发展对策.方法 通过对空军医药卫生科技查新站20年工作进行总结,对信息资源建设、查新队伍建设及查新档案的管理进行分析.结果 查新工作中还存在着查准率欠佳、查新报告书写不规范、查新人与咨询专家脱节等问题.结论 空军医药卫生查新工作有待进一步的提高,从加大对查新人员的、业务素养的培训、充分利用网上信息资源及在查新人员中开展互查等方法来进一步提高查新质量.%Objective To discuss air force medical and health noveity of status, problems and development of countermeasures. Methods Air force medical and health novelty, information resources, novelty team building and novelty file management during 20 years were analyzed. Results The precision rate of novelty was still low, novelty writing was not standardized, and novelty issues were out of touch with the cortsultant. Conclusion Air force medical and health novelty remains to be further improved. Novelty staff should make full use of the internet in search of new personnel to carry out peer review and other methods to further improve the quality of novelty.

  3. Environmental Assessment for Demolition and Construction of Military Personnel Support Facilities Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico (United States)


    Astragalus feensis SS P wild hollyhock Iliamna gradiflora SR P Animals Texas horned lizard Phrynosoma cornutum FSC P Texas long-nosed snake...Environmental Scientist/Planner Michelle Rau B.S. Ecology , MBA 13 years Environmental Planner Hong Zhuang M.S. Environmental Science and Engineering 13...for small boilers less than 100 million British thermal units per hour (MMBTU/hour). Emissions from emergency engines were not quantified in this

  4. Proposal for a Study of the Incidence and Occupational Distribution of Testicular Neoplasms in United States Air Force Personnel (United States)


    neoplasms and can be classified into their variants: (1) benign cystic ( dermoid ) teratoma, (2) mature (differentiated) solid teratoma which may be benign...male children had a significantly higher incidence of epididymal cysts , hypoplastic testis and induration of the testicular capsule when compared to

  5. Major Cost Drivers of Motor Vehicle Crashes Involving Air Force Military Personnel and the Influence of the Military Environment (United States)


    coefficients can be inflated so much that they look like they are not statistically significant. The Variance Inflation Factor ( VIF ) is a statistical tool... VIF , and any score more than five indicates negative effects of multicollinearity (Newbolt et al, 2010). Furthermore, data points that over...Multicollinearity is when the independent variables are correlated. The Variance Inflation Factor ( VIF ) is used to test the correlation among the predictors, and

  6. Effects of a New Cooling Technology on Physical Performance in U.S Air Force Military Personnel (United States)


    mental health aspects of sports , exercise, and recreation. Chicago (IL): American Medical Association; 1976:131-166. 8 Distribution A...high-intensity physical activity. Twelve trained (≥ 80th percentile for aerobic fitness according to the American College of Sports Medicine, ≥ 90...which collectively result in physical and mental exhaustion [1-4]. 1 Distribution A: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. Case

  7. An Epidemiologic Investigation of Health Effects in Air Force Personnel Following Exposure to Herbicides: Mortality Update - 1986. (United States)


    dioxin exposure . This report summary statistics only for cumulative deaths occurring up to 31 Dec 1985. These data were not statistically analyzed since the 4 Ranch Hand and 27 Comparison deaths since the last report would not alter the results of the last analysis. As of 31 Dec 1985, 59 Ranch Hand and 312 comparison subjects had died. The small number of deaths since the last analysis suggests that the findings of the last report are still valid: there are no overall statistically significant

  8. An Epidemiologic Investigation of Health Effects in Air Force Personnel Following Exposure to Herbicides. Mortality Update - 1989 (United States)


    demonstrated health effects which can be conclusively attributed, to herbicide or dioxin exposure . (Continued) A, :iST.I18TION1AVAILA8ILITY OF ABSTRACT...for use in the mortality phase. The effect of dioxin exposure on Ranch Hand mortality was assessed within the Ranch Hand group via loglinear analysis...with levels of dioxin exposure within the Ranch Hands. The loglinear analysis included rank (Officer, Enlisted), tour (early, late), exposure (low

  9. Final Environmental Assessment for Continued Personnel Recovery Training Operations Within the Gulf of Mexico WTA Moody Air Force Base, Georgia (United States)


    and lack of a hard shell), their attraction to gelatinous organisms and algae that collect on buoys and buoy lines at or near the discharges is known to stimulate plankton blooms in closed or semi-closed estuarine systems. The effects on larger embayments are unknown

  10. A Study to Quantify the Physical Demands Placed upon Personnel Assigned to an Air Force Maintenance Specialty. (United States)


    Netter , John and others. Fundamental Statistics for. Business and Economics. 4th ed. Boston: Allyn and Bacon , Inc . , 1973. 19. Phaffenberger...Workers, and Work Measurement. Morning— side Heights, New York: Columbia University Press , 1956. Astrand , P. 0., and K. Rodahl. Work Physiology ...Psychology of Production. New York: The Ronald Press Company , 1947. Simonson , E. Physiology of Work Capacity and Fatigue. (ed) Springfield

  11. An Epidemiologic Investigation of Health Effects in Air Force Personnel Following Exposure to Herbicides. Volume 2. First Followup Examination Results. (United States)



  12. Review & Analysis: Technological Impact on Future Air Force Personnel & Training: Distributed Collaborative Decision-Making, Volume 1 (United States)


    over time, expert decision-makers build complex associations between situational cue patterns and appropriate strategies/responses • teamwork skills...the visual scene, for example, when members of a group are not located together. More computer and other hardware resources may be available when a... teamwork skills are separate from work skills and they require, and benefit from, dedicated training. What is it that teams can learn to do? After

  13. Environmental Assessment for the Routine and Recurring Realignment of Units and Personnel at Edwards Air Force Base, California (United States)


    Universal wastes include televisions, computers and other electronic devices as well as batteries, fluorescent lamps, mercury thermostats, and system. e . 40 CFR 761, Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) Manufacturing, Processing, Distribution in Commerce , and Use Prohibitions. AFB, CA 93524 ( 661) 277-8707 412tw J S E . JUDKINS, NH-IV Base Civil Engineer Date FINAL TABLE OF CONTENTS Section Title


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nikodem SZLĄZAK


    Full Text Available Mining progress in underground mines cause the ongoing movement of working areas. Consequently, it becomes neces-sary to adapt the ventilation network of a mine to direct airflow into newly-opened districts. For economic reasons, opening new fields is often achieved via underground workings. Length of primary intake and return routes increases and also increases the total resistance of a complex ventilation network. The development of a subsurface structure can make it necessary to change the air distribution in a ventilation network. Increasing airflow into newly-opened districts is necessary. In mines where extraction does not entail gas-related hazards, there is possibility of implementing a push-pull ventilation system in order to supplement airflows to newly developed mining fields. This is achieved by installing sub-surface fan stations with forcing fans at the bottom of downcast shaft. In push-pull systems with multiple main fans, it is vital to select forcing fans with characteristic curves matching those of the existing exhaust fans to prevent undesirable mutual interaction. In complex ventilation networks it is necessary to calculate distribution of airflow (especially in net-works with a large number of installed fans. In the article the influence of applying additional forcing fans for the air distribution in ventilation network for underground mine were considered. There are also analysed the extent of over-pressure caused by the additional forcing fan in branches of the ventilation network (the operating range of additional forcing fan. Possibilities of increasing airflow rate in working areas were conducted.

  15. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Federal Energy Management Program Technical Assistance Project 224 Altus Air Force Base Solar Technologies

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Russo, Bryan J.


    The principal goal of this project was to evaluate altus Air Force Base for building integrated silicon or thin film module photovoltaic opportunities. This report documents PNNL's efforts and documents study conclusions.

  16. 75 FR 33587 - Local Redevelopment Authority and Available Surplus Buildings and Land at Air Force Research Labs... (United States)


    ... Street, McClellan, CA 95652-1003, telephone (916) 643-6420, ext 100, or Ms. Debra Bahr, Realty Specialist, Air Force Real Property Agency, 2261 Hughes Ave, Ste. 121, Lackland AFB, TX 78236, telephone (210)...

  17. Publications and Presentations of the Ophthalmology Branch, U.S. Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine, 2006-2010 (United States)


    AFRL-SA-WP-SR-2013-0015 Publications and Presentations of the Ophthalmology Branch, U.S. Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine, 2006...Aerospace Medicine Aerospace Medicine Department Ophthalmology Branch 2510 Fifth St. Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433-7913 Distribution A: Approved... Ophthalmology Branch, U.S. Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine, 2006-2010 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER

  18. Traumatic events, other operational stressors and physical and mental health reported by Australian Defence Force personnel following peacekeeping and war-like deployments

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Waller Michael


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The association between stressful events on warlike deployments and subsequent mental health problems has been established. Less is known about the effects of stressful events on peacekeeping deployments. Methods Two cross sectional studies of the Australian Defence Force were used to contrast the prevalence of exposures reported by a group deployed on a peacekeeping operation (Bougainville, n = 1704 and those reported by a group deployed on operations which included warlike and non-warlike exposures (East Timor, n = 1333. A principal components analysis was used to identify groupings of non-traumatic exposures on deployment. Multiple regression models were used to assess the association between self-reported objective and subjective exposures, stressors on deployment and subsequent physical and mental health outcomes. Results The principal components analysis produced four groups of non-traumatic stressors which were consistent between the peacekeeping and more warlike deployments. These were labelled ‘separation’, ‘different culture’, ‘other people’ and ‘work frustration’. Higher levels of traumatic and non-traumatic exposures were reported by veterans of East Timor compared to Bougainville. Higher levels of subjective traumatic exposures were associated with increased rates of PTSD in East Timor veterans and more physical and psychological health symptoms in both deployed groups. In Bougainville and East Timor veterans some non-traumatic deployment stressors were also associated with worse health outcomes. Conclusion Strategies to best prepare, identify and treat those exposed to traumatic events and other stressors on deployment should be considered for Defence personnel deployed on both warlike and peacekeeping operations.

  19. Annotated Bibliography of the Personnel Research Division Reports (1973-1975). (United States)

    Magness, P. J., Ed.

    An annotated bibliography of 60 technical reports and publications on research conducted by the Personnel Research Division of the Air Force Human Resources Laboratory (AFHRL) is presented. Research covers the identification and measurement of individual aptitude, motivation, morale, attitude, and environment factors. Keyword and personal author…

  20. Influence of future air pollution mitigation strategies on total aerosol radiative forcing

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    S. Kloster


    Full Text Available We apply different aerosol and aerosol precursor emission scenarios reflecting possible future control strategies for air pollution in the ECHAM5-HAM model, and simulate the resulting effect on the Earth's radiation budget. We use two opposing future mitigation strategies for the year 2030: one in which emission reduction legislation decided in countries throughout the world are effectively implemented (current legislation; CLE 2030 and one in which all technical options for emission reductions are being implemented independent of their cost (maximum feasible reduction; MFR 2030.

    We consider the direct, semi-direct and indirect radiative effects of aerosols. The total anthropogenic aerosol radiative forcing defined as the difference in the top-of-the-atmosphere radiation between 2000 and pre-industrial times amounts to −2.00 W/m2. In the future this negative global annual mean aerosol radiative forcing will only slightly change (+0.02 W/m2 under the "current legislation" scenario. Regionally, the effects are much larger: e.g. over Eastern Europe radiative forcing would increase by +1.50 W/m2 because of successful aerosol reduction policies, whereas over South Asia it would decrease by −1.10 W/m2 because of further growth of emissions. A "maximum feasible reduction" of aerosols and their precursors would lead to an increase of the global annual mean aerosol radiative forcing by +1.13 W/m2. Hence, in the latter case, the present day negative anthropogenic aerosol forcing could be more than halved by 2030 because of aerosol reduction policies and climate change thereafter will be to a larger extent be controlled by greenhouse gas emissions.

    We combined these two opposing future mitigation strategies for a number of experiments focusing on different sectors and regions. In addition, we performed sensitivity studies to estimate the importance of future changes in