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  1. Tax effects of AFUDC: financial accounting aspects. [Allowance for funds used during construction

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Bunch, C.R.


    The use of generally accepted accounting principles in financial statements of regulated utilities requires the recognition of the utility's revenues and expenses for financial-reporting purposes in a manner that is temporally consistent with their recognition for ratemaking purposes. The achievement of this temporal consistency between financial and ratemaking accounting can be confusing, particularly in the area of income taxes. This study examines the possible treatment of the tax effects of capitalized interest for ratemaking and financial-reporting purposes. Various strategies are available to utilities seeking to maximize their financial-accounting return as well as their cash flow.

  2. 77 FR 59348 - Revisions to Page 700 of FERC Form No. 6 (United States)


    ... (line 1), Depreciation Expense (line 2), AFUDC Depreciation (line 3), Amortization of Deferred Earnings..., and any suggested methods for minimizing the respondent's burden, including the use of automated... Impact Statement for any action that may have a significant adverse effect on the human...

  3. Technical data. Final technical report, November 1980-May 1982. [Proposed WyCoalGas project, Converse County, Wyoming

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)



    This volume includes a description of the railway to transport the coal; possible unbalance in the electrical power supply is considered in detail, as well as communications, signalling, etc. The railway will also be used to transport ashes and sludges for waste disposal. Coal fines in the coal supply will be burned to generate power. A very brief description of the coal gasification plant and its components is accompanied by a printout of the dates final engineering is to be completed. Permit applications are listed and socio-economic factors are discussed. The financing plan is discussed in some detail: basically, a loan guarantee from the Synthetic Fuels Corporation; equity provided by investment tax credit, deferred taxes, AFUDC and the sponsors; price support; and gas purchase agreement (this whole section includes several legal details.). (LTN)

  4. National Utility Financial Statement model (NUFS). Volume I of III: Model overview and description. Final report

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)


    The National Utility Financial Statement (NUFS) model which takes the output for the electric utility sector from the Midterm Energy Forecasting System (MEFS) model and forecasts electric utility financial statements is described. NUFS forecasts separately for public and investor owned utilities, the following tables for each region on an annual basis: income statement; balance sheet; sources and uses of funds; development of revenue requirement on an annual basis; reconciliation of tax expenses, current taxes and income taxes at a 46% statutory rate; interest coverage; external financing as a percent of total uses of funds; AFUDC as a percentage of total uses of funds; book value and market to book rate; dividends per share; and actual return on equity. In addition, NUFS has been designed to supply inputs to the MEFS iterative solution process. The first such input is the fixed charge rates for each plant type. This quantity is used to form the objective function for the MEFS electric utility model. The second set of inputs are for the existing MEFS electricity price forecasting module. These inputs are referred to as pricing coefficients and old money revenue requirements.