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  1. Gasdynamics

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Emanuel, G.


    This presentation of traditional and new material moves from an introductory discussion of compressible flow to graduate/practitioner level background on transonic or hypersonic flow and on computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Applications include steady and unsteady flows with shock waves, minimum length nozzles, aerowindows, and waveriders. The contents are: Introduction; Thermodynamics; One dimensional conservation equations; steady streamtube flow; Normal and oblique shock waves; Prandtl-Meyer Flow and shock-expansion theory; Nozzle and diffuser flow; Ducts with area change, heat transfer, and friction; Unsteady, one-dimensional flow; Applications of unsteady, one-dimensional flow; Governing equations; Shock waves; Transformation of the conservation equations; Definitions and theorems; Exact solutions of steady homentropic flow of a perfect gas; Theory of characteristics; Minimum length nozzles; Aerodynamic window; Flows with shock waves; and Waverider aerodynamics