Sample records for aerophagy

  1. Choice and technique of negative contrast in double contrast roentgenography of the stomach

    International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

    Pomakov, P.; Tomov, A.; Popsavov, P.; Tirolska, M.


    A comparative study of 8 negative contrast media is performed in 720 patients undergoing double-contrast abdominal biomedical radiography. The following preparations and methods are compared: Unibarit (Roelm, Pharma), CO 2 granulate (Nicholas), Sandosten Calcium + Calcium gluconicum (Sandoz, Pharmachim), Kalinor (Nordmark), dust variation of p. Rivieri, conducted aerophagy, stomach-tube, 'Echo'-lemonade. The average size of the gas bubble of the fornix (cm 2 ), the average volume of the gas collection (ml) and the relationship between the area of the negative contrast image (cm 2 ) and the volume of the gas (ml) is given. Some possibilities for production of domestic negative contrast media are also discussed. 2 tabs., 18 refs. (orig.)