Sample records for advanced worker protection

  1. Advanced worker protection system

    Caldwell, B.; Duncan, P.; Myers, J.


    The Department of Energy (DOE) is in the process of defining the magnitude and diversity of Decontamination and Decommissioning (D&D) obligations at its numerous sites. The DOE believes that existing technologies are inadequate to solve many challenging problems such as how to decontaminate structures and equipment cost effectively, what to do with materials and wastes generated, and how to adequately protect workers and the environment. Preliminary estimates show a tremendous need for effective use of resources over a relatively long period (over 30 years). Several technologies are being investigated which can potentially reduce D&D costs while providing appropriate protection to DOE workers. The DOE recognizes that traditional methods used by the EPA in hazardous waste site clean up activities are insufficient to provide the needed protection and worker productivity demanded by DOE D&D programs. As a consequence, new clothing and equipment which can adequately protect workers while providing increases in worker productivity are being sought for implementation at DOE sites. This project will result in the development of an Advanced Worker Protection System (AWPS). The AWPS will be built around a life support backpack that uses liquid air to provide cooling as well as breathing gas to the worker. The backpack will be combined with advanced protective garments, advanced liquid cooling garment, respirator, communications, and support equipment to provide improved worker protection, simplified system maintenance, and dramatically improve worker productivity through longer duration work cycles. Phase I of the project has resulted in a full scale prototype Advanced Worker Protection Ensemble (AWPE, everything the worker will wear), with sub-scale support equipment, suitable for integrated testing and preliminary evaluation. Phase II will culminate in a full scale, certified, pre-production AWPS and a site demonstration.

  2. Advanced worker protection system

    Caldwell, B.; Duncan, P.; Myers, J. [Oceaneering Space Systems, Houston, TX (United States)


    The Department of Energy (DOE) is in the process of defining the magnitude and diversity of Decontamination and Decommissioning (D&D) obligations at its numerous sites. The DOE believes that existing technologies are inadequate to solve many challenging problems such as how to decontaminate structures and equipment cost effectively, what to do with materials and wastes generated, and how to adequately protect workers and the environment. Preliminary estimates show a tremendous need for effective use of resources over a relatively long period (over 30 years). Several technologies are being investigated which can potentially reduce D&D costs while providing appropriate protection to DOE workers. The DOE recognizes that traditional methods used by the EPA in hazardous waste site clean up activities are insufficient to provide the needed protection and worker productivity demanded by DOE D&D programs. As a consequence, new clothing and equipment which can adequately protect workers while providing increases in worker productivity are being sought for implementation at DOE sites. This project describes the development of an Advanced Worker Protection System (AWPS) which will include a life-support backpack with liquid air for cooling and as a supply of breathing gas, protective clothing, respirators, communications, and support equipment.


    Judson Hedgehock


    From 1993 to 2000, OSS worked under a cost share contract from the Department of Energy (DOE) to develop an Advanced Worker Protection System (AWPS). The AWPS is a protective ensemble that provides the user with both breathing air and cooling for a NIOSH-rated duration of two hours. The ensemble consists of a liquid air based backpack, a Liquid Cooling Garment (LCG), and an outer protective garment. The AWPS project was divided into two phases. During Phase 1, OSS developed and tested a full-scale prototype AWPS. The testing showed that workers using the AWPS could work twice as long as workers using a standard SCBA. The testing also provided performance data on the AWPS in different environments that was used during Phase 2 to optimize the design. During Phase 1, OSS also performed a life-cycle cost analysis on a representative clean up effort. The analysis indicated that the AWPS could save the DOE millions of dollars on D and D activities and improve the health and safety of their workers. During Phase 2, OSS worked to optimize the AWPS design to increase system reliability, to improve system performance and comfort, and to reduce the backpack weight and manufacturing costs. To support this design effort, OSS developed and tested several different generations of prototype units. Two separate successful evaluations of the ensemble were performed by the International Union of Operation Engineers (IUOE). The results of these evaluations were used to drive the design. During Phase 2, OSS also pursued certifying the AWPS with the applicable government agencies. The initial intent during Phase 2 was to finalize the design and then to certify the system. OSS and Scott Health and Safety Products teamed to optimize the AWPS design and then certify the system with the National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH). Unfortunately, technical and programmatic difficulties prevented us from obtaining NIOSH certification. Despite the inability of NIOSH to certify

  4. Advanced worker protection system. Topical report, Phase I

    Myers, J.


    The Department of Energy (DOE) is in the process of defining the magnitude and diversity of Decontamination and Decommissioning (D&D) obligations at its numerous sites. The DOE believes that existing technologies are inadequate to solve many challenging problems such as how to decontaminate structures and equipment cost effectively, what to do with materials and wastes generated, and how to adequately protect workers and the environment. Preliminary estimates show a tremendous need for effective use of resources over a relatively long period (over 30 years). Several technologies are being investigated which can potentially reduce D&D costs while providing appropriate protection to DOE workers. The DOE recognizes that traditional methods used by the EPA in hazardous waste site clean up activities are insufficient to provide the needed protection and worker productivity demanded by DOE D&D programs. As a consequence, new clothing and equipment which can adequately protect workers while providing increases in worker productivity are being sought for implementation at DOE sites. This project will result in the development of an Advanced Worker Protection System (AWPS). The AWPS will be built around a life support backpack that uses liquid air to provide cooling as well as breathing gas to the worker. The backpack will be combined with advanced protective garments, advanced liquid cooling garment, respirator, communications, and support equipment to provide improved worker protection, simplified system, maintenance, and dramatically improve worker productivity through longer duration work cycles.

  5. Performance/design criteria review advanced worker protection systems. Topical report



    The Department of Energy (DOE) is in the process of defining the magnitude and diversity of Decontamination and Decommissioning (D&D) obligations at its numerous sites. Several technologies are being investigated which can potentially reduce D&D costs while providing appropriate protection to DOE workers. The DOE recognizes that traditional methods used by the EPA in hazardous waste site clean up activities are insufficient to provide the needed protection and worker productivity demanded by DOE D&D programs. As a consequence, new clothing and equipment which can adequately protect workers while providing increases in worker productivity are being sought for implementation at DOE sites. This document describes an Advanced Worker Protection System (AWPS). The AWPS is built around a life support backpack that uses liquid air to provide cooling as well as breathing gas to the worker. The backpack will be combined with a variety of articles of protective clothing and support equipment.

  6. Brazilian union actions for workers' health protection

    Rodolpho Repullo Junior

    Full Text Available CONTEXT: Many authors have emphasized the importance of worker strength through unionized organizations, in relation to the improvement of working procedures, and have reported on the decisiveness of labor movement actions in achieving modifications within the field of work and health. OBJECTIVE: To describe the ways in which Brazilian unions have tried to intervene in health-illness and work processes, identifying the existence of commonality in union actions in this field. TYPE OF STUDY: Qualitative study. SETTING: Postgraduate Program, Environmental Health Department, Faculdade de Saúde Pública, Universidade de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil. METHODS: Union health advisers and directors were interviewed. Documents relating to union action towards protecting workers' health were collected and analyzed. RESULTS: Unions articulate actions regarding workers' health of a technical and political nature that involve many aspects and high complexity. These have been divided into thematic categories for better analysis. DISCUSSION: Union actions regarding workers' health in Brazil are restricted to some unions, located mainly in the southern, southeastern and northeastern regions of the country. Nonetheless, the unions undertaking such actions represent many professions of great economic and political importance. CONCLUSIONS: The recent changes in health and safety at work regulations, recognition of professional diseases, creation of workers' health services and programs within the unified health system, and operational improvements in companies' specialized safety and occupational medicine services, all basically result from union action. There is commonality of union action in this field in its seeking of technical and political strengthening for all workers and their general and local representation. This has the objective of benefiting collective bargaining between employers and workers. Inter-institutional action on behalf of workers' rights

  7. Protecting poultry workers from exposure to avian influenza viruses.

    MacMahon, Kathleen L; Delaney, Lisa J; Kullman, Greg; Gibbins, John D; Decker, John; Kiefer, Max J


    Emerging zoonotic diseases are of increasing regional and global importance. Preventing occupational exposure to zoonotic diseases protects workers as well as their families, communities, and the public health. Workers can be protected from zoonotic diseases most effectively by preventing and controlling diseases in animals, reducing workplace exposures, and educating workers. Certain avian influenza viruses are potential zoonotic disease agents that may be transmitted from infected birds to humans. Poultry workers are at risk of becoming infected with these viruses if they are exposed to infected birds or virus-contaminated materials or environments. Critical components of worker protection include educating employers and training poultry workers about occupational exposure to avian influenza viruses. Other recommendations for protecting poultry workers include the use of good hygiene and work practices, personal protective clothing and equipment, vaccination for seasonal influenza viruses, antiviral medication, and medical surveillance. Current recommendations for protecting poultry workers from exposure to avian influenza viruses are summarized in this article.

  8. Trade in labour services and migrant worker protection with special reference to East Asia.

    Stahl, C W


    This article discusses the migrant worker protection policy of the East Asian international labor market. The labor-exporting countries of East Asia provide an onerous proportion of low-skilled migrant workers to the region and are responding to the perceived edge of a policy of labor export. Conversely, the movement of highly skilled and professional workers is the result of globalization and internationalization of education, training and professions, rather than the result of explicit labor export of certain countries. In view of the need of international bilateral arrangements for the protection and facilitation of low-skilled workers, the labor-exporting countries have introduced a number of policies aimed at protecting and promoting the welfare of the overseas workers. Thus, various policy measures are suggested to advance the cause of migrant worker protection in East Asia.

  9. Outdoor Workers and Sun Protection: Knowledge and Behaviour

    Jane Cioffi


    Full Text Available Outdoor workers are at high risk of developing skin cancer. Primary prevention can potentiallyreduce the incidence of skin cancer in this group. This study aimed to determine theknowledge and sun protective behaviour of outdoor workers towards skin cancer. A shortquestionnaire was used to collect data from workers on construction sites during workinghours. Despite workers having knowledge of the risks of skin cancer their use of sun protectionwas less than satisfactory, particularly considering their cumulative exposure.Workplace health education programs for outdoor workers addressing sun protection areindicated, as is further research to increase understanding of issues workers have withsun protection in the workplace.

  10. Advanced Software Protection Now

    Bendersky, Diego; Notarfrancesco, Luciano; Sarraute, Carlos; Waissbein, Ariel


    Software digital rights management is a pressing need for the software development industry which remains, as no practical solutions have been acclamaimed succesful by the industry. We introduce a novel software-protection method, fully implemented with today's technologies, that provides traitor tracing and license enforcement and requires no additional hardware nor inter-connectivity. Our work benefits from the use of secure triggers, a cryptographic primitive that is secure assuming the existence of an ind-cpa secure block cipher. Using our framework, developers may insert license checks and fingerprints, and obfuscate the code using secure triggers. As a result, this rises the cost that software analysis tools have detect and modify protection mechanisms. Thus rising the complexity of cracking this system.

  11. Outdoor Workers' Use of Sun Protection at Work and Leisure

    Cheryl E. Peters


    Conclusion: This high-participation rate cohort helps characterize sun protection behaviors among outdoor workers. Workers practiced better sun protection at work than on weekends, suggesting that workplace policies supportive of sun protection could be useful for skin cancer prevention in the construction industry.

  12. The protection of migrant workers and international labour standards.

    Bohning, W R


    International labor standards take the form of Conventions and Recommendations that embody the agreements reached by a 2/3 majority of the representatives of Governments, Employers, and Workers of International Labour Office (ILO) member states. Originally designed to guard against the danger that 1 country or other would keep down wages and working conditions to gain competitive advantage and thereby undermine advances elsewhere, international labor standards have also been inspired by humanitarian concerns--the visible plight of workers and the physical dangers of industrialization and by the notion of social justice, which embraces wellbeing and dignity, security, and equality as well as a measure of participation in economic and social matters. ILO standards apply to workers generally and therefore also to migrant workers, irrespective of the fact that the general standards are complemented by standards especially for migrant workers. The social security protection of migrant workers has been dealt with in ILO instruments primarily from the angle of equality of treatment but also from that of the maintenance of acquired rights and rights in course of acquisition, including the payment of benefits to entitled persons resident abroad. The ILO Conventions on migrant workers and the Recommendations which supplement them deal with practically all aspects of the work and life of non-nationals such as recruitment matters, information to be made available, contract conditions, medical examination and attention, customs, exemption for personal effects, assistance in settling into their new environment, vocational training, promotion at work, job security and alternative employment, liberty of movement, participation in the cultural life of the state as well as maintenance of their own culture, transfer of earnings and savings, family reunification and visits, appeal against unjustified termination of employment or expulsion, and return assistance. ILO's supervisory

  13. Radiation protection and safety of workers

    Lindhe, J.C. [Swedish Radiation Protection Inst. (Sweden)


    This section briefly reviews the principles applicable to radiation protection and safety of workers, and methods that could be used to minimise occupational exposure in reclamation work. In considering the clean up of areas shortly after an accident, a decision would have to be made whether to implement clean-up actions early and thus cause higher occupational doses, or wait until short-lived isotopes have decayed and/or weathering has reduced the radiation levels. For example, the decision may be to stabilise the contamination using sprays to prevent re-suspension followed by a delay before actual clean-up starts. The timing of such actions would depend on many factors, including weather conditions, the area involved, equipment available and the competence of the work force. Means of reducing occupational exposure while carrying out the tasks should, as far as possible, be clearly defined in `work procedures`. In general, reductions in occupational exposure during operational tasks can be accomplished by the use of shielding and limiting the time that workers spend exposed to radiation. (au). 10 refs.

  14. 29 CFR 500.70 - Scope of worker protections.


    ...) General. The Act provides protections for migrant and seasonal agricultural workers irrespective of... property which is used as housing for any migrant agricultural workers must ensure that the facility or... of migrant or seasonal agricultural workers. As stated in these regulations, the...

  15. Factors affecting Thai workers' use of hearing protection.

    Tantranont, Kunlayanee; Srisuphan, Wichit; Kaewthummanukul, Thanee; Suthakorn, Weeraporn; Jormsri, Pantip; Salazar, Mary K


    This study used an ecological model to examine Thai workers' beliefs and attitudes toward using occupational hearing protection. Data collection involved focus group sessions with 28 noise-exposed workers at four factories in Chiang Mai Province and an interview with a safety officer at each organization. Detailed content analysis resulted in the identification of three types of factors influencing the use of hearing protection: intrapersonal, including preventing impaired hearing, noise annoyance, personal discomfort, and interference with communication; interpersonal, including coworker modeling, supervisor support, and supervisor modeling; and organizational, including organizational rules and regulations, provision of hearing protection devices, dissemination of knowledge and information, noise monitoring, and hearing testing. Effective hearing protection programs depend on knowledge of all of these factors. Strategies to promote workers' use of hearing protection should include the complete range of factors having the potential to affect workers' hearing.

  16. The workers radiation protection; La radioprotection des travailleurs

    Godet, J.L.; Lachaume, J.L.; Vidal, J.P.; Aguilar, J.; Calpena, St.; Forner, S.; Pasquier, J.L.; Gauzelin; Combrexelle, J.D.; Haranger, D.; Garcier, Y.; Radecki, J.J.; Fracas, P.; Fraboulet, P.; Roussille, F.; Helfer, N.; Vibert, M.L.; Surribas, H.; Revol, J.P.; Gouerne, R.; Menechal, P; David, C.; Briand Champlong, J.; Biau, A.; Crescini, D.; Rannou, A.; Collingwood, I.R.; Gilvin, P.J.; Tattersall, P.J.; Taylor, J.; Grolleau, N.; Guzman, O.; Labarta, T.; Montesinos, J.J.; Rosales, L.; Munoz, J.; Amor Calvo, I


    This file gathers contributions and points of view from different actors of the workers radiation protection, included two foreign contributions making reference to Spanish and British practices. (N.C.)

  17. Client Violence and Its Negative Impacts on Work Attitudes of Child Protection Workers Compared to Community Service Workers

    Shin, Junseob


    This study investigated the prevalence of client violence toward child protection workers and its negative impacts on the work attitudes of those workers compared with community service workers in South Korea. This study is based on the assumption that child protection workers are more vulnerable to violence than are community service workers…

  18. Examining Self-Protection Measures Guarding Adult Protective Services Social Workers against Compassion Fatigue

    Bourassa, Dara


    Little research has focused on the risk factors, effects, and experiences of compassion fatigue among gerontological social workers. This qualitative study explores the experiences and perspectives of nine Adult Protective Services (APS) social workers in relation to compassion fatigue. Results show that the APS social workers combined personal…

  19. Certifying personal protective technologies: improving worker safety

    Cohen, Howard J; Liverman, Catharyn T

    .... For personal protective technologies (PPT)--where the major purpose of the product is to protect the wearer against a hazard--a deficit in product effectiveness can mean injury, illness, or death...

  20. Tips to Protect Workers in Cold Environments

    ... sports-type drinks) and avoid drinks with caffeine (coffee, tea, sodas or hot chocolate) or alcohol. Eat warm, high-calorie foods such as hot pasta dishes. Remember, workers face increased risks when they take certain medications, are in poor ...

  1. Employment protection, technology choice, and worker allocation

    Bartelsman, E.J.; Gautier, P.A.; de Wind, J.


    We show empirically that high-risk innovative sectors are relatively small in countries with strict employment protection legislation (EPL). To understand the mechanism, we develop a two-sector matching model where firms endogenously choose between safe and risky technology. Simulations with our

  2. 7 CFR 765.203 - Protective advances.


    ... AGRICULTURE SPECIAL PROGRAMS DIRECT LOAN SERVICING-REGULAR Protecting the Agency's Security Interest § 765.203 Protective advances. When necessary to protect the Agency's security interest, costs incurred for the..., hazard, or flood insurance; (e) Pay harvesting costs; (f) Maintain Agency security instruments; (g)...

  3. Employment protection and the consequences for displaced workers

    Albæk, Karsten; van Audenrode, Marc; Browning, Martin

    We compare the wage and employment consequences of a job displacement in Belgium and Denmark. These two countries both have generous unemployment insurance schemes but job protection laws vary dramatically between the two. Using comparable data we find that the incidence of displacement...... and the consequences for wages are similar in the two countries. The consequences for employment are very different with Danish workers experiencing much less unemployment after a displacement...

  4. Do workplace and home protective practices protect farm workers? Findings from the For Healthy Kids Study

    Coronado, Gloria D.; Holte, Sarah E.; Vigoren, Eric M.; Griffith, William C; Barr, Dana B.; Faustman, Elaine M.; Thompson, Beti


    Objective To assess associations of protective workplace and home practices to pesticide exposure levels. Methods Using data from orchard workers in the Yakima Valley, Washington, we examined associations of workplace and home protective practices to (1) urinary metabolite concentrations of dimethylthiophosphate (DMTP) in adults and children aged 2–6; and (2) azinphos-methyl levels in house and vehicle dust. Results Data were from 95 orchard workers and 94 children. Contrary to expectation, adult farm workers who wore boots or washed hands using hand sanitizer had higher concentrations of DMTP than those who did not. Children who attended daycare had higher DMTP concentrations than children who did not. Conclusions Few workplace or home practices were associated with pesticide exposure levels; workers who used hand sanitizer had higher concentrations of DMTP, as did children who attended daycare. PMID:22772953




    Full Text Available Debating on the outsourcing existence in Law No.13 of 2003 regarding to Labor, is still continuing even though there has been a decision of Indonesia Constitutional Court (MK who stated the rules that the content of Article 65 paragraph (7 and Article 66 paragraph (2 has been outlawed. The problems of this research are: How is the outsourcing concept of regulating in the labor law and the regulation of the labor minister No. 19 of 2012; and What effort to keep the outsourcing arrangement can provide legal protection for workers? This research use juridical normative method. The research finds that some of the concept is in contradiction with the 1945 constitution and another Law which is related to the protection of labor, and even with the other articles that exists in the Labor Law itself so thats the norm contains contradictio adconceptio. Therefore, the system of outsourcing that will be regulated should consider the principles of goof outsourcing governance. They are: legal protection, non-discrimination, worker as the subject not as an object, benefit and welfare, sustainable working relation, and the shifting of protection to the labor.

  6. Learning and recall of Worker Protection Standard (WPS) training in vineyard workers.

    Anger, W Kent; Patterson, Lindsey; Fuchs, Martha; Will, Liliana L; Rohlman, Diane S


    Worker Protection Standard (WPS) training is one of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) primary methods for preventing pesticide exposure in agricultural workers. Retention of the knowledge from the training may occasionally be tested by state Occupational Safety and Health Administrations (state OSHAs) during a site visit, but anecdotal evidence suggests that there is no consistent testing of knowledge after WPS training. EPA's retraining requirements are at 5-year intervals, meaning the knowledge must be retained for that long. Vineyard workers completed a test of their baseline WPS knowledge, computer-based training on WPS, a post-test immediately after training and a re-test 5 months later. Pre-test performance suggested that there was a relatively high level of baseline knowledge of WPS information on two-answer multiple choice tests (74% to 75%) prior to training. Training increased the knowledge to 85% on the post-test with the same questions, a significant increase (p WPS information may be the most important impact of training.

  7. Behavioural interventions to promote workers' use of respiratory protective equipment.

    Luong Thanh, Bao Yen; Laopaiboon, Malinee; Koh, David; Sakunkoo, Pornpun; Moe, Hla


    Respiratory hazards are common in the workplace. Depending on the hazard and exposure, the health consequences may include: mild to life-threatening illnesses from infectious agents, acute effects ranging from respiratory irritation to chronic lung conditions, or even cancer from exposure to chemicals or toxins. Use of respiratory protective equipment (RPE) is an important preventive measure in many occupational settings. RPE only offers protection when worn properly, when removed safely and when it is either replaced or maintained regularly. The effectiveness of behavioural interventions either directed at employers or organisations or directed at individual workers to promote RPE use in workers remains an important unanswered question. To assess the effects of any behavioural intervention either directed at organisations or at individual workers on observed or self-reported RPE use in workers when compared to no intervention or an alternative intervention. We searched the Cochrane Work Group Specialised Register, the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL 2016, Issue 07), MEDLINE (1980 to 12 August 2016), EMBASE (1980 to 20 August 2016) and CINAHL (1980 to 12 August 2016). We included randomised controlled trials (RCTs), controlled before and after (CBA) studies and interrupted time-series (ITS) comparing behavioural interventions versus no intervention or any other behavioural intervention to promote RPE use in workers. Four authors independently selected relevant studies, assessed risk of bias and extracted data. We contacted investigators to clarify information. We pooled outcome data from included studies where the studies were sufficiently similar. We included 14 studies that evaluated the effect of training and education on RPE use, which involved 2052 participants. The included studies had been conducted with farm, healthcare, production line, office and coke oven workers as well as nursing students and people with mixed occupations. All

  8. Social workers' involvement in advance care planning: a systematic narrative review.

    Wang, Chong-Wen; Chan, Cecilia L W; Chow, Amy Y M


    Advance care planning is a process of discussion that enables competent adults to express their wishes about end-of-life care through periods of decisional incapacity. Although a number of studies have documented social workers' attitudes toward, knowledge about, and involvement in advance care planning, the information is fragmented. The purpose of this review was to provide a narrative synthesis of evidence on social workers' perspectives and experiences regarding implementation of advance care planning. Six databases were searched for peer-reviewed research papers from their respective inception through December 2016. All of the resulting studies relevant to both advance care planning and social worker were examined. The findings of relevant studies were synthesized thematically. Thirty-one articles met the eligibility criteria. Six research themes were identified: social workers' attitudes toward advance care planning; social workers' knowledge, education and training regarding advance care planning; social workers' involvement in advance care planning; social workers' perceptions of their roles; ethical issues relevant to advance care planning; and the effect of social work intervention on advance care planning engagement. The findings suggest that there is a consensus among social workers that advance care planning is their duty and responsibility and that social workers play an important role in promoting and implementing advance care planning through an array of activities. This study provides useful knowledge for implementing advance care planning through illustrating social workers' perspectives and experiences. Further studies are warranted to understand the complexity inherent in social workers' involvement in advance care planning for different life-limiting illnesses or within different socio-cultural contexts.

  9. Migrant farm workers' access to pesticide protection and information: Cultivando Buenos Habitos campaign development.

    Parrott, R; Wilson, K; Buttram, C; Jones, K; Steiner, C


    Formative evaluation of south Georgian migrant farm workers' access to information and products to promote pesticide protection and understanding of cancer risk associated with pesticide exposure was conducted using field observation, in-depth interviews of Georgia's Migrant Health Program's outreach workers, and structured face-to-face surveys of migrant farm workers. The data indicated that fewer than one-third of the pesticide products reviewed contained messages about pesticide use and exposure risk for humans. Risk information on products appeared in English only. Few protective devices were available for purchase. Migrant farm workers were aware in a very general sense of health risks posed by pesticides, but they were specifically unaware of the reach of pesticides sprayed, as illustrated by their field behaviors. Findings also demonstrated the need to educate outreach workers about migrant farm workers' cancer risk, so that they may act as migrant farm workers' health advocates to reduce the adverse effects associated with pesticide exposure.

  10. Industrial hygiene programs for workers' health protection in Italy.

    Cecchetti, G; Peruzzo, G F; Sordelli, D


    The recent Health and Safety Act devolves the management of workers' health protection to new local authorities named "Local Sanitary Units." The specific program is framed in the existing state regulations and is in agreement with European community politics regarding health risks arising from the industrial use of particular substances like lead, asbestos, benzene, PCBs and others. The rapid industrial growth during recent years put into evidence completely new and numerous risks with the result of both qualitative and quantitative modifications of occupational diseases which existed in the years preceding the second world war. This rapid and remarkable change required a general adjustment in the country, which involved universities, government and industry. At the same time, the need of new relationships between occupational risks and insurance management rose. Beginning in the seventies, the Italian Industrial Hygiene Association [Associazione Italiana Degli Igienisti Industriali (A.I.D.I.I.)] promoted the progress of industrial hygiene in Italy through national and international conferences, continuous educational activities and participation with government standard-setting committees. The trend in A.I.D.I.I. future activities embraces the development of standard evaluation and control procedures and the improvement of research following European guidelines in strict cooperation with correlated European and American organizations.

  11. Assessment in Child Protection : social workers' voices in England and Norway

    Vibeke Samsonsen


    Full Text Available Good quality assessment in Child Protection is crucial to ensure adequate protection and provision. This article explores social workers` experiences with two different Child Protection assessment models: the “professional judgment model”, exemplified by Norway, and the “structured assessment model”, exemplified by England. The aim is to explore the experiences of social workers who carry out assessments in England and Norway, and compare and discuss these experiences in light of “accountability” theory.

  12. [Bahaviour of Solenopsis invicta workers to protect pupae from infection by Metarhizium anisopliae].

    Qiu, Hua-Long; Lü, Li-Hua; Zhang, Chun-Yang; He, Yu-Rong


    Previous studies have focused on how ants deal with workers infected by pathogens but how pupae are protected from infection by fungi is not well understood. The behavioral mechanisms adopted by Solenopsis invicta (red imported fire ants, RIFA) adult workers to protect pupae against Metarhizium anisopliae infection were studied. We observed the behavioral changes of M. anisopliae infected adult workers in the brood chamber as well as the behavioral changes of healthy workers to fungus exposed pupae. The time of fungus infected workers spent in the pupal chamber reduced significantly from 103.4 s on the first day to 38.5 s on the third day. Moreover, the percentage of time spending on brood care in the pupal chamber reduced significantly from 13.6% on the first day to 3.5% on the third day. When pupae were infected by M. anisopliae, workers performed 5.3 times more grooming to fungus exposed pupae than controls, and the duration of each grooming bout to fungus exposed pupae was 5.2 times longer than controls. Grooming did remove many conidia on the surface of fungus exposed pupae. The mean numbers of conidia on the surface of pupae were 103.1, 51.6 and 31.3 when no workers, two workers and ten workers accompanied a pupa, respectively. The presence of workers resulted in a lower germination rate of conidia on the surface of pupae. The mean germination rates of conidia after 20 h of inoculation on the surface of pupae were 95.1%, 80.4% and 59.9%, in the treatments with no worker, two workers and ten workers respectively. There was a positive correlation between the emergence rate of pupae and the number of accompanying workers. RIFA protect their pupae from infection by M. anisopliae through social be- haviors which enable the sustainable development of their population.

  13. Occupational sun protection: workplace culture, equipment provision and outdoor workers' characteristics.

    Reeder, Anthony I; Gray, Andrew; McCool, Judith P


    The aim of this study was to describe outdoor workers' sun-protective practices, workplace sun-safety culture and sun-protective equipment provision; investigate the association of demographic, personal and occupational factors with sun-protective practices; and identify potential strategies for improving workers' sun protection. The present study used a clustered survey design with randomly identified employers in nine occupations. Employees provided questionnaire measures of demographics, personal characteristics (skin type, skin cancer risk perceptions, tanning attitudes, sun-exposure knowledge), personal occupational sun protection practices (exposure reduction, use of sun-protective clothing, sunscreen and shade), workplace sun-protective equipment provision and perceived workplace sun-safety culture. Summative scores were calculated for attitudes, knowledge, workplace provision and culture. A multivariable model was built with worker and workplace variables as plausible predictors of personal sun protection. In this study, 1,061 workers (69% participation) from 112 workplaces provided sufficient information for analysis. Sex, age, prioritized ethnicity, education and risk perception differed significantly between occupational groups (pworkplace sun-protection equipment provision and supportive culture. After adjustment, each one-point increase in Workplace Sun-safety Culture 2013Score (range 12 points) was associated with a 0.16 higher Personal Sun-Protection Score (pWorkplace Provision Score (range 4 points) was associated with a 0.14 higher score (pworkplace culture are promising components for the development of comprehensive programmes to improve outdoor workers' sun-protective practices.

  14. Regulatory approaches to worker protection in nanotechnology industry in the USA and European union.

    Murashov, Vladimir; Schulte, Paul; Geraci, Charles; Howard, John


    A number of reports have been published regarding the applicability of existing regulatory frameworks to protect consumers and the environment from potentially adverse effects related to introduction of nanomaterials into commerce in the United States and the European Union. However, a detailed comparison of the regulatory approaches to worker safety and health in the USA and in the EU is lacking. This report aims to fill this gap by reviewing regulatory frameworks designed to protect workers and their possible application to nanotechnology.

  15. Latently and uninfected healthcare workers exposed to TB make protective antibodies against Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

    Li, Hao; Wang, Xing-Xing; Wang, Bin; Fu, Lei; Liu, Guan; Lu, Yu; Cao, Min; Huang, Hairong; Javid, Babak


    The role of Igs in natural protection against infection by Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb), the causative agent of TB, is controversial. Although passive immunization with mAbs generated against mycobacterial antigens has shown protective efficacy in murine models of infection, studies in B cell-depleted animals only showed modest phenotypes. We do not know if humans make protective antibody responses. Here, we investigated whether healthcare workers in a Beijing TB hospital-who, although exposed to suprainfectious doses of pathogenic Mtb, remain healthy-make antibody responses that are effective in protecting against infection by Mtb. We tested antibodies isolated from 48 healthcare workers and compared these with 12 patients with active TB. We found that antibodies from 7 of 48 healthcare workers but none from active TB patients showed moderate protection against Mtb in an aerosol mouse challenge model. Intriguingly, three of seven healthcare workers who made protective antibody responses had no evidence of prior TB infection by IFN-γ release assay. There was also good correlation between protection observed in vivo and neutralization of Mtb in an in vitro human whole-blood assay. Antibodies mediating protection were directed against the surface of Mtb and depended on both immune complexes and CD4+ T cells for efficacy. Our results indicate that certain individuals make protective antibodies against Mtb and challenge paradigms about the nature of an effective immune response to TB.

  16. Radiation Protection Of Outside Workers: Implementation Of The EC Council Directive 90/641/EURATOM

    Jannsens, A.; Schnuer, K.; Naegele, J. [European Commission, DG Energy and Transport B. EUROFORUM, 4455, L-2920 (Luxembourg); Lefaure, C.; Vaillant, L. [Nuclear Protection Evaluation Centre (CEPN) Batiment Expansion 10000, 28 rue de la Redoute, 92263 Fontenay-aux- Roses (France)


    In the beginning of the 1980's, the problem of radiological protection of workers belonging to contracted companies (undertakings) within nuclear facilities was raised. In most of the nuclear facilities, the so-called outside workers received 80% (and even more) of the collective dose, and quite often higher individual doses than workers permanently employed by the nuclear operators. Since the outside workers radiation protection issue was not explicitly taken into account by the 1980 European Basic Safety Standards Directive, there was a need for an additional piece of European radiation protection legislation. In this context, the European Union adopted in 1990 the Council Directive 90/641/EURATOM on the radiological protection of outside workers. This Directive shall ensure at European Union level that the radiological protection situation for the outside workers is equivalent to that offered to those workers permanently employed by the operators of nuclear facilities. Since the adoption of the Directive in 1990 the geographical situation of the European Union has changed significantly. At the same time, an evolution took place in the industrial structures of the nuclear industry followed by changes of employment conditions. Furthermore, new European radiation protection requirements were issued considering scientific and technical developments in the radiological protection field and laid down in the new radiation Protection Basic Safety Standards Directive 96/29/EURATOM. Taking into account these aspects the Radiation Protection Unit of the European Commission Directorate General for Energy and Transport decided to investigate the current situation and the future status of the Outside Workers Directive 90/641/EURATOM. The European Commission Radiation Protection Unit thus awarded the CEPN with a contract in order to evaluate through a survey the level of regulatory, administrative and operational implementation of Directive 90/641/EURATOM into Member

  17. Radiation Protection in Medical Physics : Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Radiation Protection in Medical Physics Activities

    Lemoigne, Yves


    This book introduces the fundamental aspects of Radiation Protection in Medical Physics and covers three main themes: General Radiation Protection Principles; Radiobiology Principles; Radiation Protection in Hospital Medical Physics. Each of these topics is developed by analysing the underlying physics principles and their implementation, quality and safety aspects, clinical performance and recent advances in the field. Some issues specific to the individual techniques are also treated, e.g. calculation of patient dose as well as that of workers in hospital, optimisation of equipment used, shielding design of radiation facilities, radiation in oncology such as use of brachytherapy in gynecology or interventional procedures. All topics are presented with didactical language and style, making this book an appropriate reference for students and professionals seeking a comprehensive introduction to the field as well as a reliable overview of the most recent developments.

  18. Advances in hypersonic vehicle synthesis with application to studies of advanced thermal protection system

    Ardema, Mark D.


    This report summarizes the work entitled 'Advances in Hypersonic Vehicle Synthesis with Application to Studies of Advanced Thermal Protection Systems.' The effort was in two areas: (1) development of advanced methods of trajectory and propulsion system optimization; and (2) development of advanced methods of structural weight estimation. The majority of the effort was spent in the trajectory area.

  19. Fair law, unfair practices? Benefiting from protective legislation for pregnant workers in Italy and France.

    Romito, P; Saurel-Cubizolles, M J


    Protective Maternity Legislation (PML) for pregnant workers is well established in Italy and France, but little is known about the way it fulfils some of its aims, such as the protection of mothers' and babies' health and of the rights of women workers. In this paper, we present the results of two surveys, one carried out in Italy and the other in France, concerned with the implementation of these regulations. Results show that women who were regularly employed generally could benefit from PML, while non-eligible workers, most of them holding manual jobs, were not protected at all. Among eligible workers, inequalities existed: women with less qualified jobs and those employed in the private sector were less likely to benefit from the protective measures considered. A number of specific measures, such as the possibility of taking an early maternity leave for work reasons and of being moved to another job within the same firm were underused in both countries. Some limitations of PML are discussed, namely the fact it covers some but not all pregnant workers, that it ignores domestic work and the tendency to remove the pregnant worker rather than to modify her working conditions.

  20. Constructions of accountability in child protection workers decision-making processes

    Schrøder, Ida Marie


    in the Danish School of Social Work. The preliminary findings suggest that public and managerial accountability have a tendency to be enacted as integrated, and not in contrast to, professional accountability, when the child protection workers are involved in the process of developing management accounting......In order to meet public and political demands on more transparent and efficient public spending the Danish local governments have, as in many other European countries, implemented strict budget constraints and decision control. Within child protection work the aim has been to strengthen managerial...... accountability in the hopes that child protection workers would be motivated to take into account budget constraints, and public economy in general, when deciding on social interventions. Inspired by the sociological practice-oriented accounting literature, this paper explores child protection workers...

  1. Improving shift workers' health and tolerance to shiftwork: recent advances.

    Kogi, K


    Recent developments in research in relation to health and tolerance to shiftwork offer useful guidance for improving conditions of shiftwork. These developments were discussed by the papers of this special issue, presented at the Mini-symposium on improving shift workers' health and tolerance to shiftwork in the 24th International Congress on Occupational Health in Nice, France, in 1993. While there is evidence that shiftwork is regarded as a risk factor with respect to the health of shift workers, many shift workers are engaged in shift systems for years while coping with associated burdens in their working life. In order to improve shift workers' health and tolerance, recent research points to the importance of multifaceted measures addressing both the effects of disruptions in circadian rhythms, and the actual interferences with daily routines at work and in family and social life. Increasing attention is paid to changed working hours and shift systems, including more flexible shiftwork systems, as well as to supporting effective coping activities and occupational health services. As shown by the new ILO Convention on night work, a consensus is being built internationally that multifaceted actions are necessary for improving shiftworking conditions and that such actions should be based on participatory planning and implementation.

  2. Protective equipment of radiological protection and the worker wear; Equipamento de protecao radiologica e o desgaste do trabalhador

    Cassia, Flor Rita de; Huhn, Andrea, E-mail: [Instituto Federal de Educacao, Ciencia e Tecnologia de Santa Catarina (IFSC), Florianopolis, SC (Brazil); Lima, Gelbcke Francine, E-mail: [Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (PEN/UFSC), Florianopolis, SC (Brazil). Programa de Pos-Graduacao em Enfermagem


    This qualitative research with workers of seven hemodynamic service of Santa Catarina, Brazil aimed to analyze the use of radiological protection equipment (RPE), as well as wear to the health of workers who use these causes. The study was conducted between March 2010 and November 2010, totaling approximately 30 hours of observations. Results showed resistance to the use of RPE and also showed wear to workers' health, mainly due to the weight and discomfort they cause, as may weigh 7-9 pounds, depending on the model used. Evidenced also the absence of workers due herniated disc, back pain, and other musculo skeletal problems. These complaints, in addition to being related to the use of these protective gear also related with the time that workers remain standing for long periods on certain procedures, such as angioplasty. Given these results, the research recommended the use of these devices with materials, that are already being produced, making lighter aprons, thus avoiding fatigue and back pain and also provide greater comfort by reducing workers' resistance to its use and its adverse consequences.

  3. Industrial radiography in the State of Bahia, Brazil The health protection of workers

    Andrade, A E O D


    This study aimed to identify the Regulatory and Inspection Authority for actions developed by industrial radiography enterprises in the State of Bahia, Brazil, concerning health protection of workers exposed to ionizing radiation in industry. Institutions which legislate about this matter at international, national and State level were identified. These legislations were analysed according to recommendations by the Basic Safety Standards from the Atomic Energy International Agency. Medical Supervision is proposed as a factor to warrant protection to worker's health. This is a service evaluation study, encompassing results, processes and structural components. Emphasis is given to the process component which investigated the adequacy of which is performed by employees and workers. Five enterprises which provide industrial radiography services in the State of Bahia were identified, employing forty workers on a temporary basis. This study also observed: intense workforce, a complete process of contracting out in...

  4. Do workers' compensation laws protect industrial hygienists from lawsuits by injured workers?

    Stout, N C


    Workers' compensation laws provide injured employees with a swifter, more certain, and less litigious system of compensation than existed under the common law. Although workers' compensation is almost always an injured employee's exclusive remedy against the employer, the employee may bring a common-law tort action against a "third party" who may be liable in whole or in part for the employee's injury. This article investigates whether industrial hygienists are "third parties" and therefore subject to suit by injured employees who claim that industrial hygienists negligently caused their injuries. The author concludes that in most states, where the industrial hygienist and the injured worker are fellow employees, the industrial hygienist shares the employer's immunity from suit. As to the consultant who performs industrial hygiene services as an independent contractor, the author concludes that the employer's nondelegable duty to provide a safe workplace offers industrial hygiene consultants an argument that they share the employer's immunity from suit. Countervailing arguments, however, leave the industrial hygiene consultant vulnerable to negligence claims in many jurisdictions. There is a trend among the states to extend the employer's immunity to those who provide safety and health services to the employer.

  5. Advanced Protection & Service Restoration for FREEDM Systems

    Singh, Urvir

    A smart electric power distribution system (FREEDM system) that incorporates DERs (Distributed Energy Resources), SSTs (Solid State Transformers - that can limit the fault current to two times of the rated current) & RSC (Reliable & Secure Communication) capabilities has been studied in this work in order to develop its appropriate protection & service restoration techniques. First, a solution is proposed that can make conventional protective devices be able to provide effective protection for FREEDM systems. Results show that although this scheme can provide required protection but it can be quite slow. Using the FREEDM system's communication capabilities, a communication assisted Overcurrent (O/C) protection scheme is proposed & results show that by using communication (blocking signals) very fast operating times are achieved thereby, mitigating the problem of conventional O/C scheme. Using the FREEDM System's DGI (Distributed Grid Intelligence) capability, an automated FLISR (Fault Location, Isolation & Service Restoration) scheme is proposed that is based on the concept of 'software agents' & uses lesser data (than conventional centralized approaches). Test results illustrated that this scheme is able to provide a global optimal system reconfiguration for service restoration.

  6. Analysis of hepatitis B vaccination behavior and vaccination willingness among migrant workers from rural China based on protection motivation theory

    Liu, Rugang; Li, Youwei; Wangen, Knut R; Maitland, Elizabeth; Nicholas, Stephen; Wang, Jian


    ...: Using protection motivation theory (PMT), we developed and measured HB cognitive variables and analyze the factors affecting HB vaccination behavior and willingness to vaccinate by migrant workers...

  7. Newcomer Status as a Protective Factor among Hispanic Migrant Workers for HIV Risk

    H Virginia McCoy


    Full Text Available The HIV rate among U.S. migrant workers is ten times that of the national rate. Due to the highly unstable lifestyle of migrant workers, which places them at heightened vulnerability to sexually transmitted infections (STIs; hence, there is a need to investigate the attitudes and sexual risk factors that may play a protective role in the transmission of HIV in this population. This study examines the association between attitudes and HIV risk behaviors among Hispanic male and female migrant workers (N=255 and their length of stay (shorter length of stay as a protective factor in Immokalee, Florida. Pearson’s correlation and regression analyses were utilized to analyze the relationship between HIV risk behaviors (intention to use condoms and alcohol use with length of stay in Immokalee. Longer length of stay positively correlated with number of drinks (p<0.05 and frequency of drinks (p<0.01 and negatively correlated with ethnic identity search (p<0.05. Regression analysis showed that length of stay predicted both behavioral intention to use condoms (p<0.05 and alcohol consumption (p<0.05. The findings suggest that migrant workers who are new to Immokalee may have a higher likelihood of practicing protective HIV risk behaviors and having more favorable attitudes toward risk reduction than long-timers. This study might provide important new evidence on the drivers of multiple concurrent and potential protective factors against risky sexual behaviors among Hispanic migrant workers.

  8. Data Protection Issues in Higher Education with Technological Advancements

    McKelvey, Nigel


    Adhering to laws whilst working or studying in an educational establishment is often fraught with challenges. The Irish Data Protection Act 1988 (Amendment 2003) strives to protect the individual where their personal data is potentially being abused. The advancements in technologies have facilitated educational establishments by improving…

  9. Sociodemographic and Psychological Correlates of Sun Protection Behaviors among Outdoor Workers: A Review

    Vinayak K. Nahar


    Full Text Available Outdoor workers are at a higher risk for developing skin cancer due to their increased sun exposure. The primary objective of this review was to synthesize the current research literature that addresses sociodemographic and psychological factors related to sun protection behaviors in outdoor workers. Two additional purposes were to provide an overview of sun exposure and describe sun protection behaviors of outdoor workers. To identify the studies for this review, a methodical search was performed in the PubMed, PsycInfo, MEDLINE, and ERIC databases. Fifteen studies met the review criteria. Despite regular and prolonged sun exposure, many outdoor workers fail to engage in sufficient sun protection behaviors. Correlates of outdoor workers’ sun protection behaviors include being female, older age, being white, personal skin cancer history, time (hours/years spent at work, sun safety training, perceived prioritization of sun protection, concern about sun exposure, workplace support, families’ expectations, and familial information giving. However, limited attention is given to designing theoretically grounded studies to identify factors to inform future research. There is a need to conduct research based on solid theoretical foundations that explains the relationships among the factors in this domain.

  10. [Survey on individual occupational health protection behaviors of welding workers using theory of reasoned action].

    Xing, Ming-luan; Zhou, Xu-dong; Yuan, Wei-ming; Chen, Qing; Zhang, Mei-bian; Zou, Hua; Zhao, Hai-ying


    To apply theory of reasoned action at survey on welding workers occupational health protection behaviors and explore related influencing factors. nine companies were randomly selected from areas with many welding works in Zhejiang Province. All welding workers were surveyed using a questionnaire based on theory of reasoned action. 10.06%, 26.80% and 37.50% of the respondents never or seldom used eyeshade, mask and earplug, respectively. After controlling the socio-demographic factors, welding workers' behavioral belief was correlated with the behaviors of eyeshade-mask and earplug use (χ(2) = 31.88, 18.77 and 37.77, P Theory of reasoned action is suitable for welding worker occupational health related behaviors. It is useful to improve occupational health education, to effectively select health education objective and to tailor health education contents.

  11. Training for my Life: Lived Experiences of Dislocated Workers in an Advanced Manufacturing Training Program

    Marquita R. Walker


    Full Text Available This qualitative paper explores the lived experiences of one group of workers dislocated because of globalized trade policies who completed a hybrid Advanced Manufacturing Training Program (AMTP by taking advantage of Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA, a federally-funded program for retraining workers dislocated because of trade policies. The research questions focus on how satisfied these workers are with the services and programs provided by TAA. Focus groups and survey instrument results indicate these workers found TAA services and processes cumbersome and time- consuming and actually had the effect of discouraging their education, training, and self- employment. The consequences of their dislocation as it relates to TAA experiences are increased frustration and dissatisfaction with the TAA program. Serious consideration for TAA policy changes should be deemed of utmost importance.

  12. Social protection of migrant workers in Ukraine: striving towards European standards under crisis

    Nataliia FEDIRKO


    Full Text Available The article aims to analyse the state of social protection for migrant workers in Ukraine. We investigated the legal status of migrant workers in Ukraine and carried out a comparative analysis of national and European experience in the area of protection of migrant workers’ rights. The author provides grounded support for a set of administrative measures aimed to implement the rights of migrant workers as a part of Ukraine’s international and European commitments. The practical significance of the article lies in the evaluation of Ukraine’s readiness to ratify Article 19 of the European Social Charter (revised “The right of migrant workers and their families to protection and assistance”. The author analyses the influence of the socio-political and economic crisis in Ukraine on the processes of external and internal migration, and on the social protection policies in the area of forced migrants. Also, the study assesses the social assistance provided to internally displaced persons. Finally, it suggests complex measures designed to counteract the negative migration trend.

  13. Systematically Identifying Relevant Research: Case Study on Child Protection Social Workers' Resilience

    McFadden, Paula; Taylor, Brian J.; Campbell, Anne; McQuilkin, Janice


    Context: The development of a consolidated knowledge base for social work requires rigorous approaches to identifying relevant research. Method: The quality of 10 databases and a web search engine were appraised by systematically searching for research articles on resilience and burnout in child protection social workers. Results: Applied Social…

  14. Systematically Identifying Relevant Research: Case Study on Child Protection Social Workers' Resilience

    McFadden, Paula; Taylor, Brian J.; Campbell, Anne; McQuilkin, Janice


    Context: The development of a consolidated knowledge base for social work requires rigorous approaches to identifying relevant research. Method: The quality of 10 databases and a web search engine were appraised by systematically searching for research articles on resilience and burnout in child protection social workers. Results: Applied Social…

  15. Stress Responses and Decision Making in Child Protection Workers Faced with High Conflict Situations

    LeBlanc, Vicki R.; Regehr, Cheryl; Shlonsky, Aron; Bogo, Marion


    Introduction: The assessment of children at risk of abuse and neglect is a critical societal function performed by child protection workers in situations of acute stress and conflict. Despite efforts to improve the reliability of risk assessments through standardized measures, available tools continue to rely on subjective judgment. The goal of…

  16. Career Advancement for Low-Income Workers through Community College and Community-Based Organization Partnerships.

    Roberts, Brandon

    An increasing number of community colleges (CCs) and community-based organizations (CBOs) are now working in partnership to develop education and training programs enabling low-income workers to gain the education and skills necessary to obtain higher-wage jobs and develop a foundation for lifelong learning and career advancement. The following…

  17. Biologically Hazardous Agents at Work and Efforts to Protect Workers' Health: A Review of Recent Reports

    Kyung-Taek Rim


    Full Text Available Because information on biological agents in the workplace is lacking, biological hazard analyses at the workplace to securely recognize the harmful factors with biological basis are desperately needed. This review concentrates on literatures published after 2010 that attempted to detect biological hazards to humans, especially workers, and the efforts to protect them against these factors. It is important to improve the current understanding of the health hazards caused by biological factors at the workplace. In addition, this review briefly describes these factors and provides some examples of their adverse health effects. It also reviews risk assessments, protection with personal protective equipment, prevention with training of workers, regulations, as well as vaccinations.

  18. Advanced Communication System in Substation for Integrated Protection

    HE Jinghan; REN Yingli; BO Zhiqian; Klimek Adrew


    This paper proposes an advanced substation integrated protection communication sys- tem based on the latest development in power system. The integrated protection communication system within a substation comprises a number of major components such as the merging unit, communication network and integrated protection unit. The design and capability evaluation of the communication network based on IEC61850 are focused on. Results show that huge information from 4 merging units can be transmitted real-time via adopting 100 Mbit/s optical fiber in a sub-station, and the proposed communication network is able to achieve required performance.

  19. Identity of Social Workers Working with Immigrants with an International Protection in Slovakia

    Martina ZAKOVA


    Full Text Available Migration is an issue that concerns every country in the world. Slovakia, for a longer period of time, was a country whose people were leaving, mainly due to political persecution and lack of freedom of religion. After the change of political regime and the establishment of the Slovak Republic, that since 1993, Slovakia ranks among the countries to which inhabitants of other countries are coming and are looking for a new home, a new job or protection from persecution. In 1993 the first refugee camp was established in Slovakia and successively also other camps were opened. With the arrival of refugees to Slovakia social workers has begun to work with these clients. This paper focuses more on the immigrants who do not come to Slovakia voluntarily, i.e. refugees. In this paper, when we write about immigrants we think with persons granted asylum and also with persons with a subsidiary protection status. The aim of the study was to explore how social workers perceive themselves as workers with immigrants with international protection. In Slovakia, social workers working with these clientele are social workers who work for one of two nongovernmental organizations. We particularly focused on their professional identity, what is formed by the profession of social work. Another part of our interest was social workers’ motivation to work in this field of social work. Qualitative research strategy was used. Semi-structured interviews with social workers working with immigrants were conducted. All of the participants were graduated in social work, with at least a bachelor degree. Most of the Slovak social workers from this field took part in this research. The data were analyzed using the program Atlas.Ti. Findings describe how social workers working with immigrants identify themselves, what they consider the core of their profession and how this differs from other social work fields. This paper was prepared as a part of the project The Identity of Social

  20. Outdoor workers' acceptance of personal protective measures against solar ultraviolet radiation.

    Weber, Marko; Uller, Andreas; Schulmeister, Karl; Brusl, Helmut; Hann, Hans; Kindl, Peter


    The acceptance and usability of personal protection against solar UV radiation was evaluated in a field study with a group of tinsmiths in Austria. The personal protective measures (PPM) tested involved four categories: shirts, headwear, sunglasses and topically applied sunscreens; at least six different products per category were tested. Recommendations for the "ideal" shirt, headwear, pair of sunglasses and topical sunscreen are given based on data from questionnaires, i.e., from the point of view of the workers, independently from the actual physical level of protection (such as low transmittance or area of coverage) provided. It is argued that in practice it is important to consider the acceptance and usability of protective measures as well as the level of physical protection when providing PPM.

  1. Labour Rights Protection of Foreign Workers After Enactment of Law Number 6 of 2012 in Sidoarjo Regency

    Rifqi Ridlo Phahlevy


    Full Text Available Enactment of Law No. 6 of 2012 on the Ratification of the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families, is a manifestation of the government's efforts in human rights, and also the Indonesian government protection measures against the presence of migrant workers in overseas. However, with the passing of this Law, the Government also has an obligation to protect the Foreign Workers who are in Indonesia, to protect their rights as contained in the convention. Sidoarjo Regency is one of the districts with a population of Foreign Workers pretty much in East Java, so Sidoarjo considered to represent ideal conditions most of the local government in Indonesia in terms of a form of protection against TKA after the enactment of Law No. 6 of 2012. This normative law research was supported by primary data sourced from the Social Service Workers at Sidoarjo Regency. Based on research that has been done, founded the lack of regulations Sidoarjo district that specifically regulates the protection of the rights of foreign workers. How To Cite: Phahlevy, R., Multazam, M., & Mediawati, N. (2015. Labour Rights Protection of Foreign Workers After Enactment of Law Number 6 of 2012 in Sidoarjo Regency. Rechtsidee, 2(1, 21-52. doi:

  2. Living wages: Protection for or protection from low-wage workers?


    Living wage laws, which were introduced in the mid-1990s and have expanded rapidly since then, are typically touted as anti-poverty measures. Yet they frequently restrict coverage to employers with city contracts, and in such cases apply to a small fraction of workers. This apparent contradiction leads to the question of whether there are alternative motivations for various economic and political actors to seek passage of living wage laws. This paper considers the hypothesis that unions repre...

  3. Why nafta failed and what's needed to protect workers' health and safety in international trade treaties.

    Brown, Garrett


    Labor standards, including occupational health and safety regulations and enforcement, are being subjected to intense downward pressures as a result of fundamental shifts in the global economy. The 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was the first trade treaty that attempted to promote and protect workplace health and safety through a "labor side agreement." NAFTA failed to protect workers' health and safety due to the weaknesses of the side agreement's text; the political and diplomatic considerations limiting its implementation; and the failure to recognize and address the economic context, and political consequences of this context, in which the agreement was implemented. Subsequent trade treaties, both bilateral and regional, have not overcome the weaknesses of NAFTA. The treaty components needed to protect workers' health in future trade agreements are: 1) a minimum floor of occupational health and safety regulations; 2) an "upward harmonization" of regulatory standards and actual practice; 3) inclusion of employers so that they have formal responsibility and liability for violations of the standards; 4) effective enforcement of national regulations and international standards; 5) transparency and public participation; and 6) recognition of disparate economic conditions among trading partners and provision of financial and technical assistance to overcome economic disincentives and lack of resources. Also required are continued actions by non-governmental actors, including the workers themselves and civil society organizations.

  4. Integrating community health workers within Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act implementation.

    Islam, Nadia; Nadkarni, Smiti Kapadia; Zahn, Deborah; Skillman, Megan; Kwon, Simona C; Trinh-Shevrin, Chau


    The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act's (PPACA) emphasis on community-based initiatives affords a unique opportunity to disseminate and scale up evidence-based community health worker (CHW) models that integrate CHWs within health care delivery teams and programs. Community health workers have unique access and local knowledge that can inform program development and evaluation, improve service delivery and care coordination, and expand health care access. As a member of the PPACA-defined health care workforce, CHWs have the potential to positively impact numerous programs and reduce costs. This article discusses different strategies for integrating CHW models within PPACA implementation through facilitated enrollment strategies, patient-centered medical homes, coordination and expansion of health information technology (HIT) efforts, and also discusses payment options for such integration. Title V of the PPACA outlines a plan to improve access to and delivery of health care services for all individuals, particularly low-income, underserved, uninsured, minority, health disparity, and rural populations. Community health workers' role as trusted community leaders can facilitate accurate data collection, program enrollment, and provision of culturally and linguistically appropriate, patient- and family-centered care. Because CHWs already support disease management and care coordination services, they will be critical to delivering and expanding patient-centered medical homes and Health Home services, especially for communities that suffer disproportionately from multiple chronic diseases. Community health workers' unique expertise in conducting outreach make them well positioned to help enroll people in Medicaid or insurance offered by Health Benefit Exchanges. New payment models provide opportunities to fund and sustain CHWs. Community health workers can support the effective implementation of PPACA if the capacity and potential of CHWs to serve as cultural

  5. Outdoor workers and sun protection strategies: two case study examples in Queensland, Australia.

    Sendall, Marguerite C; Stoneham, Melissa; Crane, Phil; Fleming, MaryLou; Janda, Monika; Tenkate, Thomas; Youl, Philippa; Kimlin, Michael


    Outdoor workers are at risk of developing skin cancer because they are exposed to high levels of harmful ultraviolet radiation. The Outdoor Workers Sun Protection Project investigated sun protection strategies for high risk outdoor workers in rural and regional Australia. Fourteen workplaces (recruitment rate 37%) across four industries in rural and regional Queensland, Australia were recruited to the OWSPP. In 2011-2012, data were collected using pre- and post-intervention interviews and discussion groups. This article presents two workplaces as case study examples. The flat organisational structure of workplace 1 supported the implementation of the Sun Safety Action Plan (SSAP), whilst the hierarchical organisational nature of workplace 2 delayed implementation of the SSAP. Neither workplace had an existing sun protection policy but both workplaces adopted one. An effect related to the researchers' presence was seen in workplace 1 and to a lesser degree in workplace 2. Overt reciprocity was seen between management and workers in workplace 1 but this was not so evident in workplace 2. In both workplaces, the role of the workplace champion was pivotal to SSAP progression. These two case studies highlight a number of contextually bound workplace characteristics related to sun safety. These issues are (1) the structure of workplace, (2) policy, (3) an effect related to the researchers' presence, (4) the workplace champion and (5) reciprocity. There are several recommendations from this article. Workplace health promotion strategies for sun safety need to be contextualised to individual workplaces to take advantage of the strengths of the workplace and to build capacity.

  6. Job satisfaction and its relationship to Radiation Protection Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (RPKAP) of Iranian radiation workers.

    Alavi, S S; Dabbagh, S T; Abbasi, M; Mehrdad, R


    This study aimed to find the association between job satisfaction and radiation protection knowledge, attitude and practice of medical radiation workers occupationally exposed to ionizing radiation. In this crosssectional study, 530 radiation workers affiliated to Tehran University of Medical Sciences completed a knowledge, attitude and practice questionnaire on protecting themselves against radiation and Job Descriptive Index as a job satisfaction measure during May to November 2014. Opportunities for promotion (84.2%) and payment (91.5%) were the most important factors for dissatisfaction. Radiation workers who were married, had more positive attitudes toward protecting themselves against radiation, and had higher level of education accounted for 15.8% of the total variance in predicting job satisfaction. In conclusion, medical radiation workers with a more positive attitude toward self-protection against radiation were more satisfied with their jobs. In radiation environments, improving staff attitudes toward their safety may be considered as a key strategy to increase job satisfaction.

  7. Health care worker protection in mass casualty respiratory failure: infection control, decontamination, and personal protective equipment.

    Daugherty, Elizabeth L


    Maintenance of a safe and stable health care infrastructure is critical to an effective mass casualty disaster response. Both secondary contamination during chemical disasters and hospital-associated infections during epidemic illness can pose substantial threats to achieving this goal. Understanding basic principles of decontamination and infection control during responses to chemical and biologic disasters can help minimize the risks to patients and health care workers. Effective decontamination following toxic chemical exposure should include both removal of contaminated clothing and decontamination of the victim's skin. Wet decontamination is the most feasible strategy in a mass casualty situation and should be performed promptly by trained personnel. In the event of an epidemic, infection prevention and control measures are based on essential principles of hand hygiene and standard precautions. Expanded precautions should be instituted as needed to target contact, droplet, and airborne routes of infectious disease transmission. Specific equipment and measures for critical care delivery may serve to decrease risk to health care workers in the event of an epidemic. Their use should be considered in developing comprehensive disaster response plans.

  8. The Roles of Thai Labor Solidarity Committee and Alliances on the Movement for the Protection of Migrant Workers in Thailand

    Surawanna, Tassanee


    This qualitative research was aimed to study the movement of Thai Labor Solidarity Committee (TLSC) and its alliances on the protection of migrant workers in Thailand. In this research, TLSC's structure was examined as well as its strategies on the protection of migrant workers. There was the evaluation of those strategies in order to understand the impacts in different level. Data was collected from the in-dept interviews with 21 key representatives from the leading actors of TLSC, Thai work...

  9. Comparative Analysis of the Thermal Insulation of Traditional and Newly Designed Protective Clothing for Foundry Workers

    Iwona Frydrych


    Full Text Available An objective of the undertaken research was checking the applicability of aluminized basalt fabrics for the production of clothing for foundry workers. The results of flammability, the resistance to contact, convective and radiation heat, as well as the resistance to big molten metal splashes confirmed the thesis of applicability of the packages with the use of aluminized basalt fabric content for the assumed purpose; therefore, such protective clothing was produced. Thermal comfort of foundry workers is very important and related to many factors, i.e., the structure of the protective clothing package, the number of layers, their thickness, the distance between the body and appropriate underwear. In the paper, a comparison of the results of thermal insulation measurement of two kinds of protective clothing is presented: the traditional one made of aluminized glass fabrics and the new one made of aluminized basalt fabrics. Measurements of clothing thermal insulation were conducted using a thermal manikin dressed in the protective clothing and three kinds of underwear products covering the upper and lower part of the manikin.

  10. Efficient task assignment in spatial crowdsourcing with worker and task privacy protection

    Liu, An


    Spatial crowdsourcing (SC) outsources tasks to a set of workers who are required to physically move to specified locations and accomplish tasks. Recently, it is emerging as a promising tool for emergency management, as it enables efficient and cost-effective collection of critical information in emergency such as earthquakes, when search and rescue survivors in potential ares are required. However in current SC systems, task locations and worker locations are all exposed in public without any privacy protection. SC systems if attacked thus have penitential risk of privacy leakage. In this paper, we propose a protocol for protecting the privacy for both workers and task requesters while maintaining the functionality of SC systems. The proposed protocol is built on partially homomorphic encryption schemes, and can efficiently realize complex operations required during task assignment over encrypted data through a well-designed computation strategy. We prove that the proposed protocol is privacy-preserving against semi-honest adversaries. Simulation on two real-world datasets shows that the proposed protocol is more effective than existing solutions and can achieve mutual privacy-preserving with acceptable computation and communication cost.


    Chux G. Iwu


    Full Text Available Within the context of this paper, a migrant is defined as an asylum seeker, a refugee, a legal and or an illegal immigrant. Labour migration in South Africa has received little attention due to concerns with immigration, which are regarded as far more immediate and pressing. This consideration and others provide the impetus for this paper, which in the opinion of the authors adds to the growing concern over the issues of xenophobia and incidences of maltreatment of African immigrants in South Africa, especially against the background of the bold posture of South Africa’s constitution as the most promising constitution in the world. One must note that South Africa’s independence in 1994 and the prospects of a booming economy in a democratic setting unleashed a floodgate for immigration into the Republic from a variety of countries in Africa including Eastern Europe. This paper finds that despite narratives that tend to argue that migrant workers are deficiently protected in South Africa, evidence suggests that their rights within and outside of the workplace are indeed under the veil of protection by the legislation and the courts. Nonetheless, we are of the opinion that more interventions need to be in place, especially with regard to mitigating the levels of exploitation of migrant workers. This and many other recommendations have been put forward considering that migrant workers are susceptible to exploitation.

  12. Material Protection, Accounting, and Control Technologies (MPACT) Advanced Integration Roadmap

    Miller, Mike [Idaho National Lab. (INL), Idaho Falls, ID (United States); Cipiti, Ben [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Demuth, Scott Francis [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Durkee, Jr., Joe W. [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Fallgren, Andrew James [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Jarman, Ken [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Li, Shelly [Idaho National Lab. (INL), Idaho Falls, ID (United States); Meier, Dave [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Osburn, Laura Ann [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Pereira, Candido [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States); Dasari, Venkateswara Rao [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Ticknor, Lawrence O. [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Yoo, Tae-Sic [Idaho National Lab. (INL), Idaho Falls, ID (United States)


    The development of sustainable advanced nuclear fuel cycles is a long-term goal of the Office of Nuclear Energy’s (DOE-NE) Fuel Cycle Technologies program. The Material Protection, Accounting, and Control Technologies (MPACT) campaign is supporting research and development (R&D) of advanced instrumentation, analysis tools, and integration methodologies to meet this goal (Miller, 2015). This advanced R&D is intended to facilitate safeguards and security by design of fuel cycle facilities. The lab-scale demonstration of a virtual facility, distributed test bed, that connects the individual tools being developed at National Laboratories and university research establishments, is a key program milestone for 2020. These tools will consist of instrumentation and devices as well as computer software for modeling, simulation and integration.

  13. Material Protection, Accounting, and Control Technologies (MPACT) Advanced Integration Roadmap

    Durkee, Joe W. [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Cipiti, Ben [Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Demuth, Scott Francis [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Fallgren, Andrew James [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Jarman, Ken [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Li, Shelly [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States); Meier, Dave [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Miller, Mike [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States); Osburn, Laura Ann [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Pereira, Candido [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States); Dasari, Venkateswara Rao [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Ticknor, Lawrence O. [Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States); Yoo, Tae-Sic [Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States)


    The development of sustainable advanced nuclear fuel cycles is a long-term goal of the Office of Nuclear Energy’s (DOE-NE) Fuel Cycle Technologies program. The Material Protection, Accounting, and Control Technologies (MPACT) campaign is supporting research and development (R&D) of advanced instrumentation, analysis tools, and integration methodologies to meet this goal (Miller, 2015). This advanced R&D is intended to facilitate safeguards and security by design of fuel cycle facilities. The lab-scale demonstration of a virtual facility, distributed test bed, that connects the individual tools being developed at National Laboratories and university research establishments, is a key program milestone for 2020. These tools will consist of instrumentation and devices as well as computer software for modeling, simulation and integration.

  14. Reproductive Toxic Chemicals at Work and Efforts to Protect Workers' Health: A Literature Review

    Kyung-Taek Rim


    Full Text Available A huge number of chemicals are produced and used in the world, and some of them can have negative effects on the reproductive health of workers. To date, most chemicals and work environments have not been studied for their potential to have damaging effects on the workers' reproductive system. Because of the lack of information, many workers may not be aware that such problems can be related to occupational exposures. Newly industrialized countries such as Republic of Korea have rapidly amassed chemicals and other toxicants that pose health hazards, especially to the reproductive systems of workers. This literature review provides an overview of peer-reviewed literature regarding the teratogenic impact and need for safe handling of chemicals. Literature searches were performed using PubMed, Google Scholar, and ScienceDirect. Search strategies were narrowed based on author expertise and 100 articles were chosen for detailed analysis. A total of 47 articles met prespecified inclusion criteria. The majority of papers contained studies that were descriptive in nature with respect to the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH terms and keywords: “reproductive and heath or hazard and/or workplace or workers or occupations.” In the absence of complete information about the safe occupational handling of chemicals in Republic of Korea (other than a material safety data sheet, this review serves as a valuable reference for identifying and remedying potential gaps in relevant regulations. The review also proposes other public health actions including hazard surveillance and primary prevention activities such as reduction, substitution, ventilation, as well as protective equipment.

  15. Legal aspects of workers' health protection against asbestos in Poland in the light of the EU legal framework

    Beata Świątkowska


    Full Text Available Legal protection of human life and health against asbestos dust-related hazards is carried out in various dimensions of the European Union law mainly focused on health protection of employees and responsibilities of employers, as well as on environmental protection. The aim of this paper is to present the Community legal issues emphasizing the protection of workers against asbestos and discuss the current state of Polish law in this regard. An analysis of recent legal solutions provides a comprehensive look at the extensive steps currently taken to reduce the risk of exposure to asbestos dust. The legislation in the European Union, including Poland indicates sound foundations for assuring health and safety of workers still exposed to asbestos and those formerly employed in asbestos processing plants. It is only postulated to unify high standards of healthcare to provide all workers employed in asbestos exposure with equal and particular legal protection. Med Pr 2013;64(5:689–697

  16. The workers and public radiation protection; La radioprotection des travailleurs et du public

    Le Guen, B. [Electricite de France (EDF), Lab. d' Analyses Medicales et de Radiotoxicologie, SCAST, 93 - Saint-Denis (France); Roupioz, A. [Electricite de France (EDF Industrie), DPN, 93 - Saint-Denis (France); Rabu, B. [CEA Cadarache, Lab. de Transfert de Contamination, 13 - Saint Paul lez Durance (France)] [and others


    Six texts develop the question of the radiation protection of workers and public. Monitoring of the exposure risk to alpha emitters during the unit outage of nuclear power plant of Cattenom is the first one, the second article concerns the ALARA approach applied to the yard that controls the welding of vapor generators of the Phenix reactor. The third one treats the evaluation of impact in environment of tritium releases associated to a fusion reactor accident. Some systems of radiological detection are studied, the notion of dose constraint is discussed, and what about the cooperation around nuclear and non nuclear installations. (N.C.)

  17. [Use of individual protection equipment among nursing workers injured by puncture-cutting tools].

    Sarquis, L M; Felli, V E


    The present study analyzed work related accidents involving nursing personnel from a public hospital in the state of São Paulo. The study population comprised the entire nursing staff. The results obtained showed a high incidence of accidents with puncture-cutting instruments, particularly among the auxilliary nursing staff, which indicates that these workers don't often use individual protection equipment, even when it is made available at the work place. Due to the manipulation of sharp instruments, nursing personnel are especially vulnerable to suffer biological risks and serious diseases. These results indicate the need to prevent the occurrence of such accidents.

  18. Who strategies and action to protect and promote the health of workers

    Ivan Dimov Ivanov


    Full Text Available WHO's action on protecting and promoting the health of workers is mandated by the Constitution of the Organization and a number of resolutions of the World Health Assembly. Recognizing that occupational health is closely linked to public health and health systems development, WHO is addressing all determinants of workers' health, including risks for disease and injury in the occupational environment, social and individual factors, and access to health services. Furthermore, the workplace is being used as a setting for protecting and promoting the health of workers and their families. Concerned that despite the existence of effective interventions to prevent occupational diseases and injuries there are still major gaps in the health status of workers between and within countries, the 60th World Health Assembly in 2007 endorsed the Global Plan of Action on Workers' Health. This Plan provides a political framework for development of policies, infrastructure, technologies and partnerships for achieving a basic level of health protection in all workplaces throughout the world. The Health Assembly also urged the 193 Member States of WHO to develop national plans and strategies for implementing the Global Plan of Action and to work towards full coverage of all workers with essential interventions and basic services for prevention of occupational diseases and injuries. A large network of 65 collaborating centres provides support to WHO's action on workers' health. The priorities for global action in the coming ten years include policy instruments on workers' health, workplace health protection and promotion, occupational health services, evidence for action and practice, and workers' health in other policies. Thus, WHO action on workers' health contributes to the global health agenda with regards to health security, climate change and Millenium Development Goals.Las acciones de protección y promoción de la salud de los trabajadores se corresponde con

  19. Exploration of Nano-finished Non-wovens For Potential Use in Protective Clothing for Agricultural Workers in South Africa

    P.E. Zwane; S.A. Chapple and M.T. Masarirambi


    The global trade requirements have made protective clothing paramount in the agricultural sector. The aim of the study was to find the views of farmers on the use of protective garment for the agricultural sector in South Africa, and to measure the performance of nano-treated fabric structures, which can be utilized as an alternative disposable protective garment. A mini survey was done to gather current practices of farm workers and experiments were conducted on the application of different ...

  20. The noise exposed factory workers: the prevalence of sensori-neural hearing loss and their use of personal hearing protection devices.

    Maisarah, S Z; Said, H


    A total of 524 industrial workers were studied. They consisted of 442 noise exposed and 82 non-noise exposed workers. The purpose was to compare the prevalence of sensori-neural hearing loss among the noise exposed and the non-noise exposed workers, to study their knowledge on the hazard of noise to hearing and the workers' attitude towards the hearing protection devices. The prevalence of sensori-neural hearing loss was significantly higher among the noise exposed workers, i.e., 83% versus 31.7% (p workers, only 5.1% were wearing them regularly. The possibility of developing hearing loss due to exposure to excessive noise was only known by 35.5% of the noise exposed workers. This awareness was found to have a positive correlation with the workers' compliance to the hearing protection devices. Our findings highlight the need for workers to be educated on the hazards of excessive noise exposure to hearing.

  1. Development and Assessment of Advanced Reactor Core Protection System

    in, Wang-Kee; Park, Young-Ho; Baeg, Seung-Yeob

    An advanced core protection system for a pressurized water reactor, Reactor Core Protection System(RCOPS), was developed by adopting a high performance hardware platform and optimal system configuration. The functional algorithms of the core protection system were also improved to enhance the plant availability by reducing unnecessary reactor trips and increasing operational margin. The RCOPS consists of four independent safety channels providing a two-out-of-four trip logic. The reliability analysis using the reliability block diagram method showed the unavailability of the RCOPS to be lower than the conventional system. The failure mode and effects analysis demonstrated that the RCOPS does not lose its intended safety functions for most failures. New algorithms for the RCOPS functional design were implemented in order to avoid unnecessary reactor trips by providing auxiliary pre-trip alarms and signal validation logic for the control rod position. The new algorithms in the RCOPS were verified by comparing the RCOPS calculations with reference results. The new thermal margin algorithm for the RCOPS was expected to increase the operational margin to the limit for Departure from Nucleate Boiling Ratio (DNBR) by approximately 1%.

  2. Exploration of Nano-finished Non-wovens For Potential Use in Protective Clothing for Agricultural Workers in South Africa

    P.E. Zwane


    Full Text Available The global trade requirements have made protective clothing paramount in the agricultural sector. The aim of the study was to find the views of farmers on the use of protective garment for the agricultural sector in South Africa, and to measure the performance of nano-treated fabric structures, which can be utilized as an alternative disposable protective garment. A mini survey was done to gather current practices of farm workers and experiments were conducted on the application of different nano-finishes followed by performance testing of barrier and comfort properties of the selected fabric structures. Findings revealed that current garments of farm workers do not offer adequate protection and there was desire and need for an alternative protective garment. Furthermore, the viscose/flax non-woven fabric with the CNFP/NSAC finish had the highest values for water vapour transmission, oil and water repellency, and air permeability and was reported to be relatively more comfortable.

  3. Rethinking Compassion Fatigue Through the Lens of Professional Identity: The Case of Child-Protection Workers.

    Geoffrion, Steve; Morselli, Carlo; Guay, Stéphane


    Compassion fatigue is currently the dominant model in work-related stress studies that explain the consequences of caring for others on child-protection workers. Based on a deterministic approach, this model excludes the role of cognition a priori and a posteriori in the understanding of the impact of caregiving or providing social support. By integrating the notion of professional identity, this article adds a subjective perspective to the compassion fatigue model allowing for the consideration of positive outcomes and takes into account the influence of stress caused by accountability. Mainly, it is argued that meanings derived from identity and given to situations may protect or accelerate the development of compassion fatigue or compassion satisfaction. To arrive at this proposition, the notions of compassion fatigue and identity theory are first reviewed. These concepts are then articulated around four work-related stressors specific to child-protection work. In light of this exercise, it is argued that professional identity serves as a subjective interpretative framework that guides the understanding of work-related situations. Therefore, compassion fatigue is not only a simple reaction to external stimuli. It is influenced by meanings given to the situation. Furthermore, professional identity modulates the impact of compassion fatigue on psychological well-being. Practice, policy, and research implications in light of these findings are also discussed.

  4. The Recent Advances in Plant Protection Researches of China

    GuoYuyuan; LiangGemei


    There are eight examples briefly given in this paper, namely, (1) Polymyxa graminis and the cereal viruses it transmits; (2) the geographical types and facultative migration of cotton bollworm as well as the safety of Bt transgenic cotton; (3) development of crop near-isogenic lines with resistance to diseases; (4) molecular-biological researches induced resistance of rice by infection of blast fungus;(5) to use cytological and molecular-biological techniques for breeding wheat varieties resistant to barley yellow dwarf virus; (6) mass rearing and field releasing of Microplitis mediator for cotton bollworm control; (7) identification and recombination of insecticidal crystal genes of Bacillus thuringiensis; and (8) interplanting of diverse resistance rice varieties for sustainable control of blast disease; which reflect the general situation of recent advances in plant protection researches of China.




    Full Text Available For the improvement of APR1400 Diverse Protection System (DPS design, the Advanced DPS (ADPS has recently been developed to enhance the fault tolerance capability of the system. Major fault masking features of the ADPS compared with the APR1400 DPS are the changes to the channel configuration and reactor trip actuation equipment. To minimize the fault occurrences within the ADPS, and to mitigate the consequences of common-cause failures (CCF within the safety I&C systems, several fault avoidance design features have been applied in the ADPS. The fault avoidance design features include the changes to the system software classification, communication methods, equipment platform, MMI equipment, etc. In addition, the fault detection, location, containment, and recovery processes have been incorporated in the ADPS design. Therefore, it is expected that the ADPS can provide an enhanced fault tolerance capability against the possible faults within the system and its input/output equipment, and the CCF of safety systems.

  6. Radiation protection program for declared pregnant workers at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

    Clark, J Margo


    This article presents an overview of Los Alamos National Laboratory's (LANL) Fetal Radiation Protection Program (FRP) that satisfies the requirements set forth in 10 CFR 835 and LANL's Radiation Protection Program. At LANL, the FRP is one of three components of the larger Reproductive Health Hazards Program, which also includes Occupational Medicine and Industrial Hygiene. Although pregnant employees usually enter the program through Occupational Medicine, coordination with all three groups is achieved. The most important part of the FRP Program is performance of the workplace evaluation at the pregnant worker's workplace. At the meeting between the health physicist and the pregnant employee, the following topics are reviewed: risks to the embryo/fetus of working around sources of ionizing radiation; LANL's requirements and 10 CFR 835 regulations; her dose history; basic methods of radiation protection; and a detailed discussion of the work assignments/locations that enables the health physicist to complete an evaluation of the level of radiological hazards. Interface with her supervisor and the Operational Health Physics health physicist in charge of her work areas is essential in acquiring additional information. All of these data, including the radiation dose history and recommendations for possible work modifications or reassignment, are summarized in the workplace evaluation memo, which becomes part of the pregnant employee's medical file. Using input from LANL's legal staff, the author developed a document titled "Guidance to the Supervisors Regarding Fetal Radiation Protection and Reproductive Health Hazards," which instructs supervisors regarding the requirements and regulations, contact names for workplace evaluations, and, very importantly, how to avoid discriminatory behavior against pregnant employees.

  7. Social workers' roles in addressing the complex end-of-life care needs of elders with advanced chronic disease.

    Kramer, Betty J


    This study examined social workers' roles in caring for low-income elders with advanced chronic disease in an innovative, community-based managed care program, from the perspective of elders, family, team members, and social workers. The results are drawn from a larger longitudinal, multimethod case study. Sources of data include survey reports of needs addressed by social workers for 120 deceased elders, five focus groups with interdisciplinary team members, and in-depth interviews with 14 elders and 10 of their family caregivers. A thematic conceptual matrix was developed to detail 32 distinctive social work roles that address divergent needs of elders, family, and team members. Distinctive perceptions of social workers' roles were identified for the different stakeholder groups (i.e., elders, family caregivers, team members, and social workers). Findings from this study may inform supervisors and educators regarding training needs of those preparing to enter the rapidly growing workforce of gerontological social workers who may be called upon to care for elders at the end of life. Training is particularly warranted to help social workers gain the skills needed to more successfully treat symptom management, depression, anxiety, agitation, grief, funeral planning, and spiritual needs that are common to the end of life.

  8. Conundrums in the legal protection of migrant workers' health rights and relative resolutions: implications from the case of Tseng Hei-tao.

    Liu, Kai


    The deteriorating situation of migrant workers' health rights protection was once again highlighted in the case of Tseng Hei-tao. This case explicitly and implicitly showed that four conundrums--the Employment Restriction Conundrum, the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Legal Conundrum, the Morality Conundrum and the Identity Conundrum--are barriers to migrant workers' right protection. The health rights of migrant workers could be safeguarded by abolishing the outdated household registration system designed in the planned economy era, improving the rule of law, and strengthening administrative supervisions. This would fundamentally remove these barriers and thus contribute to migrant workers' health rights protection.

  9. Economics of Illegal Work and Illegal Workers (Immigrants: Are They Protected under South African Labour Law and the Constitution, 1996?

    Mashele Rapatsa


    Full Text Available This article analyses whether prostitution (illegal work and illegal immigrants have access to the protective ambits of statutory framework regulating employment relations. Its objective is to examine the scope of labour law, considerate of ever changing trends in the modern world of work. It utilizes the two notable precedents founded in Kylie v CCMA and Discovery Health v CCMA. This is considerate of inherent dynamics in contemporary labour relations where the majority of workers have been displaced into grey areas that offer little or no protection, thus rendering workers vulnerable to exploitation. The article highlights a rising tension arising out of exploitative labour practices and socio-economic factors, and the need for labour law to respond. It has been found that courts have creatively invented strategic methods that have successfully aided efforts of protecting vulnerable workers engaged in economic activities under precarious circumstances. This is to the extent that the Constitution, 1996 and the Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995 have been interpreted in a manner that enhances worker protection, which fulfils the purpose for which labour law was enacted.

  10. Exploration of nano-finished non-wovens for potential use in protective clothing for agricultural workers in South Africa

    Zwane, PE


    Full Text Available the performance of nano-treated fabric structures, which can be utilized as an alternative disposable protective garment. A mini survey was done to gather current practices of farm workers and experiments were conducted on the application of different nano...

  11. A Sizing Strategy for the Advanced Modular Multi-threat Protective Headwear System


    A sizing strategy for the Advanced Modular Multi-threat Protective Headwear System Pierre Meunier Defence R&D Canada Technical Memorandum DRDC...strategy for the Advanced Modular Multi-threat Protective Headwear System Pierre Meunier Defence R&D Canada – Toronto Technical Memorandum DRDC...The Advanced Modular Multi-threat Protective Headwear System Technical Demonstration Project (AMMPHS TDP) aims to “provide improved blast

  12. Drafting an International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Their Families.

    Hune, S


    The open-ended Working Group (WG) completed its 3rd session of the 2nd reading on the Elaboration of an International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Their Families during September 24-October 3, 1986 in New York. In this session, the WG elaborated a "dictionary" of terms related to the migrant worker and members of the family of the migrant worker that, when ratified, will be viewed as international standards. The WG also approved 8 articles primarily relating to civil and political rights. These included articles regarding the rights of migrant workers and their families to 1) leave any State, including their State of origin; 2) life; 3) be excluded from forced or compulsory labor except under specific conditions; 4) the freedom of thought, conscience, and religion; 5) hold opinions without interference and the freedom of expression, subject only to certain restrictions; and 6) liberty and security of person. The Convention's intention was to ensure the application of human rights to migrant workers. There were nearly 60 participating states in attendance, with 1/3 of them from African states. African and Arab states played a very active role in the discussions. The number of women delegates has increased with each session. Future issues include 1) economic and cultural rights, and 2) the additional rights of migrant workers and their families in a regular situation of lawful status.

  13. Joint force protection advanced security system (JFPASS) "the future of force protection: integrate and automate"

    Lama, Carlos E.; Fagan, Joe E.


    The United States Department of Defense (DoD) defines 'force protection' as "preventive measures taken to mitigate hostile actions against DoD personnel (to include family members), resources, facilities, and critical information." Advanced technologies enable significant improvements in automating and distributing situation awareness, optimizing operator time, and improving sustainability, which enhance protection and lower costs. The JFPASS Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD) demonstrates a force protection environment that combines physical security and Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive (CBRNE) defense through the application of integrated command and control and data fusion. The JFPASS JCTD provides a layered approach to force protection by integrating traditional sensors used in physical security, such as video cameras, battlefield surveillance radars, unmanned and unattended ground sensors. The optimization of human participation and automation of processes is achieved by employment of unmanned ground vehicles, along with remotely operated lethal and less-than-lethal weapon systems. These capabilities are integrated via a tailorable, user-defined common operational picture display through a data fusion engine operating in the background. The combined systems automate the screening of alarms, manage the information displays, and provide assessment and response measures. The data fusion engine links disparate sensors and systems, and applies tailored logic to focus the assessment of events. It enables timely responses by providing the user with automated and semi-automated decision support tools. The JFPASS JCTD uses standard communication/data exchange protocols, which allow the system to incorporate future sensor technologies or communication networks, while maintaining the ability to communicate with legacy or existing systems.

  14. Evaluating goals in worker health protection using a participatory design and an evaluation checklist.

    Ahonen, Emily Q; Zanoni, Joseph; Forst, Linda; Ochsner, Michele; Kimmel, Louis; Martino, Carmen; Ringholm, Elisa; Rodríguez, Eric; Kader, Adam; Sokas, Rosemary


    Spanish-speaking immigrant workers in construction are considered hard to reach and at high risk for work-related injury and fatality. This evaluation study describes the use of participatory methods and an evaluation checklist to consider a health and safety (H&S) training program for these workers. A previously developed training manual and model were disseminated to eight worker centers (WCs) through participatory research collaboration. It incorporated H&S training for workers while strengthening the role of WCs as sources for leadership development and worker empowerment. Design, delivery, reaction, application, and extension were assessed through individual interviews with participants, trained trainers, and center staff and through observation of training sessions and partner debriefs; pre- and post-training tests assessed participant learning. Results indicate moderate learning and application by participants and strong evidence for structural gains in and among WCs. We conclude that such partnerships and models are valuable tools for collaborating with hard-to-reach workers.

  15. Radiation protection of workers in medical practices. The analysis of the health condition of workers in nuclear medicine

    Milacic, Snezana; Kovacevic, Radomir; Jovicic, Dubravka [Belgrade Univ., Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Occupational Medicine and Radiological Protection Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro (Yugoslavia); Simic, Jadranko [South East Europe Consultants Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro (Yugoslavia)


    Aim: Nuclear medicine uses short living radio-nuclides which are relatively quickly excreted in urine. However, long-term work with open sources of ionizing irradiation causes numerous disorders because of the constant risk from internal contamination. When radionuclide reaches the organism it causes internal irradiation and the lesions may be long lasting in various tissues depending on its metabolism, and even remain after the radionuclide is excreted. Methodology: In this study were presented results of blood cells, chromosomes, by conventional methods, and results of measuring of urine radioactivity by gamma-spectrometric, in nuclear workers. Results: Most of them had urine contamination with J 131 (as a working-places contamination indicator, the values ranged from 0.1- 10 Bq/l.) and with Cs 137 (as an environmental contamination indicator, the values ranged from 0.5-0.7 Bq/l). Although those values did not exceed the yearly quota for professionally exposed individuals (meaning that the yearly absorbed dose was not higher that the allowed 20 mSv) they still had characteristically chromosome aberrations in peripheral blood lymphocytes. Alkaline phosphatases and myeloperoxidase activity were inhibited in the granulocytes. The neutrophilic granulocytes count was lower while the number of eosinophils was higher. The number of platelets was higher, too. Conclusion: In relation to the control group, the most prominent were changes of enzymes activity in the granulocytes (neutrophils and eosinophils), indicating maturation disorders at the bone marrow level and inhibition enzymes in peripheral blood cells. Enzymes in leukocytes will be used as bio markers of contamination with radionuclide in nuclear medicine workers. (authors)

  16. Predictors of Consistent Condom Use Among Chinese Female Sex Workers: An Application of the Protection Motivation Theory

    Zhang, Liying; Li, Xiaoming; Zhou, Yuejiao; Lin, Danhua; Su, Shaobing; Zhang, Chen; Stanton, Bonita


    We utilized the Protection Motivation Theory (PMT) to assess predictors of intention and behavior of consistent condom use among Chinese female sex workers (FSWs). A self-administered questionnaire was used in a cross-sectional survey among 700 FSWs in Guangxi, China. Multivariate logistic regression analysis indicated that extrinsic and intrinsic rewards, self-efficacy and response costs predicted consistent condom use intention and behavior among FSWs. STI/HIV prevention programs need to re...

  17. ‘Tied Visas’ and Inadequate Labour Protections: A formula for abuse and exploitation of migrant domestic workers in the United Kingdom

    Daphne Demetriou


    Full Text Available This article examines the link between restrictive immigration schemes, specifically ‘tied visas’ and the selective application of labour laws, with exploitation of workers. It focuses on the situation of migrant domestic workers, who accompany their employers to the United Kingdom (UK and are exposed to both an excessively restrictive visa regime, introduced in April 2012, and limited labour protections. The immigration status of these workers is currently tied to a named employer, a restriction that traps workers into exploitative conditions, often amounting to forced labour, servitude or slavery. Additionally, current UK labour laws are either not enforced or not applicable to domestic workers. The article concludes that unless the current immigration regime is abolished and comprehensive labour law protections are extended to migrant domestic workers, exploitation will continue.

  18. Survey Situation and Factors Affect on Hearing Protection Large Industry Workers of Hamadan City in 2001-2002

    F. Emami


    Full Text Available Noise induced hearing loss in adults is the most cause of sensory neural hearing loss after the presbycusis and industry workers severity affect by degenerative results of that. Three large works of Hamadan city which had more than 200 Workers were selected in this demonstrative quest . The mean of sound pressure level evaluated with sound level meter which amount to 82-95 dB. Total exposed workers with higher noise than 85 dB evaluated by pure tone audiometery and otoscopic evaluation and the means of hearing thresholds in four frequency :0.5,1,2,4 kHz balanced with previously . Method of concentration data was direct observation and questionnaire . 809 workers in local works exposed to invasive noise . 20.02% of them hadn’t any hearing protector and 79.98% had , which combinated of wax or dry cotton and fiber glass (76.20%, earplug (7.42%and earmuff(16.38%. The means of hearing thresholds workers with protector equal to 43.36 dB and without that was equal to 44.03 dB (t=0.29, Pv<0.05. Highest percentage quantity in two groups related to age –bracket 40-49 years old. Women with protection(9.43%were more than without protector(3.7% while the most percentage related to men without protector (96.3% in contrast to 90.57%.In totally highest percentage quantity of NIHL was in workers with past-working more than 15 years (67.54% with protector , 67.28%without protector. For awareness of degenerative results the noise in hearing large industry workers of Hamadan city 75% insignificant and 25% had efficient awareness . Not using of protectors by 20.2% of worker showing light awareness to degenerative results of noise on hearing system and poor educational healthing and noting difference in means of hearing loss at protected group on basis duration of using that, strikes the process of hearing conservation program is superficial.


    Asri Lasatu


    Full Text Available The purpose of the establishment of the Republic of Indonesia is to protect and realize the welfare of citizens. Therefore, the main responsibility of the government is to provide protection and guarantee to every citizen to get a job and a decent living for humanity. Limitations of domestic employment, as well as the public's desire to work overseas, should be responded positively by the government, by formulating regulations both at the central and regional levels. This study will examine the roles and responsibilities of local governments as an effort the law protection against Indonesian Migrant Worker working abroad.This research is a normative legal research with approach of legislation and concept approach and analyzed qualitatively to give perspective on legal issue to the object of this research study. The results show that the responsibility of local government, especially in the pre-placement, post-placement, and empowerment phase of placement of migrant workers, while the placement of migrant workers is the responsibility of the central government. Implementation of local government responsibilities should be supported by regulations established by local governments.

  20. The occupational effects of unconventional (custom-made hearing protection for platinum mine workers

    R. J. Steenkamp


    Full Text Available Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL is on the priority list of the World Health Organisation (WHO. Hearing loss due to industrial noise exposure is the most prevalent industrial disease. Noise (above 85 dB is not only a physical hazard, but also a psychological hazard that may create or exacerbate ergonomic or mechanical hazards. Conventional hearing protection devices (HPDs are widely applied but also misused in the mining sector. In this investigation ownership and general attitudes were measured by determining how unconventional hearing protectors (custom-made hearing protectors (CHPDs is experienced by the mine- workers. The results could indicate whether these protectors, which is perceived by management to be costly, sophisticated and difficult to implement on a large scale, are a viable alternative to conventional hearing protectors. The results indicated certain positive directions in terms of quality hearing conservation and confirmed that CHPDs (with its unique features do not only protect hearing but has several other occupational benefits. Opsomming Geraasdoofheid is op die prioriteitslys van die Wêreld Gesondheidsorganisasie (WHO. Gehoorverlies wat deur industriële geraasblootstelling veroorsaak word, word as die mees prominente beroepgesondheidsiekte beskou. Geraas (bo 85 dB is nie net ’n fisiese risiko nie, maar hou ook ook psigologiese gevare in, wat ander meganiese en ergonomiese risiko’s kan veroorsaak of vererger. Konvensionele geraasdempers word op grootskaal in die mynsektor gebruik, maar ook wanaangewend. In hierdie ondersoek is eienaarskap en die algemene gesindhede van gebruikers gemeet deur te bepaal hoe onkonvensionele gehoorbeskermers (doelgemaakte gehoorbeskermers deur die mynwerkers self ervaar word. Die resultate kan as ‘n aanduiding dien of hierdie beskermers, wat dikwels deur bestuur as duur, gesofistikeerd en moeilik op ‘n grootskaal implementeerbaar is, as ’n lewensvatbare alternatief tot konvensionele

  1. CHIMERA CBRN protective suit. Advanced embodiment design. Final report

    Bogerd, C.P.; Smit, B. de; Olarte, C.; Kane, G.; Bie, M. de; Megen, X. van; Schenk, J.; Hooop, J. de


    The Chimera project started of with the following design challenge: Designing a switchable CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear) protective suit for soldiers, one phase being a regular work state and the other phase being a protective state to enable the soldier to get away from the tox

  2. CHIMERA CBRN protective suit. Advanced embodiment design. Final report

    Bogerd, C.P.; Smit, B. de; Olarte, C.; Kane, G.; Bie, M. de; Megen, X. van; Schenk, J.; Hooop, J. de


    The Chimera project started of with the following design challenge: Designing a switchable CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear) protective suit for soldiers, one phase being a regular work state and the other phase being a protective state to enable the soldier to get away from the

  3. Migrant Workers Should Be Provided with More Job Training, Legal Protection and Social Security

    宗成峰; 朱启臻


    Drawing on the survey results and interview data of 897 rural migrant workers in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, the authors conduct an in-depth analysis of the background and current living conditions of rural migrant workers in the city; including their gender, age, educational background, vocation, length of employment, wage, work stability, work safety, housing conditions, medical treatment, leisure activities and life satisfaction. The findings indicate that migrant workers in Nanchang face difficult conditions and that the government and society must take measures to improve their situation.

  4. 77 FR 50323 - Railroad Workplace Safety; Roadway Worker Protection Miscellaneous Revisions (RRR)


    ... requirements, either to remedy perceived shortcomings in the railroads' rules to emphasize the importance of... Railroad Passengers (NARP); National Association of Railway Business Women;* National Conference of Firemen... Association (SMWIA); Tourist Railway Association, Inc.; Transport Canada;* Transport Workers Union of...

  5. The hepatitis B vaccine protects re-exposed health care workers, but does not provide sterilizing immunity.

    Werner, Jens M; Abdalla, Adil; Gara, Naveen; Ghany, Marc G; Rehermann, Barbara


    Infection with hepatitis B virus (HBV) can be prevented by vaccination with HB surface (HBs) antigen, which induces HBs-specific antibodies and T cells. However, the duration of vaccine-induced protective immunity is poorly defined for health care workers who were vaccinated as adults. We investigated the immune mechanisms (antibody and T-cell responses) of long-term protection by the HBV vaccine in 90 health care workers with or without occupational exposure to HBV, 10-28 years after vaccination. Fifty-nine of 90 health care workers (65%) had levels of antibodies to HBs antigen above the cut-off (>12 mIU/mL) and 30 of 90 (33%) had HBs-specific T cells that produced interferon-gamma. Titers of antibodies to HBs antigen correlated with numbers of HBs-specific interferon-gamma-producing T cells, but not with time after vaccination. Although occupational exposure to HBV after vaccination did not induce antibodies to the HBV core protein (HBcore), the standard biomarker for HBV infection, CD4(+) and CD8(+) T cells against HBcore and polymerase antigens were detected. Similar numbers of HBcore- and polymerase-specific CD4(+) and CD8(+) T cells were detected in health care workers with occupational exposure to HBV and in patients who acquired immunity via HBV infection. Most of the HBcore- and polymerase-specific T cells were CD45RO(+)CCR7(-)CD127(-) effector memory cells in exposed health care workers and in patients with acquired immunity. In contrast, most of the vaccine-induced HBs-specific T cells were CD45RO(-)CCR7(-)CD127(-) terminally differentiated cells. HBs antigen vaccine-induced immunity protects against future infection but does not provide sterilizing immunity, as evidenced by HBcore- and polymerase-specific CD8(+) T cells in vaccinated health care workers with occupational exposure to HBV. The presence of HBcore- and HBV polymerase-specific T-cell responses is a more sensitive indicator of HBV exposure than detection of HBcore-specific antibodies

  6. Advanced Radiation Protection (ARP): Thick GCR Shield Project

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — The Advanced Radiation Project to date has focused on SEP events.  For long duration missions outside Earth’s geomagnetic field, the galactic cosmic ray...

  7. Northwest Montana Wildlife Mitigation Habitat Protection : Advance Design : Final Report.

    Wood, Marilyn A.


    This report summarizes the habitat protection process developed to mitigate for certain wildlife and wildlife habitat losses due to construction of Hungry Horse and Libby dams in northwestern Montana.

  8. CISM Advanced School on Crashworthiness : Energy Management and Occupant Protection


    From the fundamentals of impact mechanics and biomechanics to modern analysis and design techniques in impact energy management and occupant protection this book provides an overview of the application of nonlinear finite elements, conceptual modeling and multibody procedures, impact biomechanics, injury mechanisms, occupant mathematical modeling, and human surrogates in crashworthiness.

  9. Advanced numerical design for economical cathodic protection for concrete structures

    Polder, R.B.; Peelen, W.H.A.


    Concrete structures under aggressive load may suffer chloride induced reinforcement corrosion, in particular with increasing age. Due to high monetary and societal cost (non-availability), replacement is often undesirable. Durable repair is necessary, e.g. by Cathodic Protection (CP). CP involves an

  10. Effectiveness of Personal Protective Equipment for Healthcare Workers Caring for Patients with Filovirus Disease: A Rapid Review.

    Mona Hersi

    Full Text Available A rapid review, guided by a protocol, was conducted to inform development of the World Health Organization's guideline on personal protective equipment in the context of the ongoing (2013-present Western African filovirus disease outbreak, with a focus on health care workers directly caring for patients with Ebola or Marburg virus diseases.Electronic databases and grey literature sources were searched. Eligibility criteria initially included comparative studies on Ebola and Marburg virus diseases reported in English or French, but criteria were expanded to studies on other viral hemorrhagic fevers and non-comparative designs due to the paucity of studies. After title and abstract screening (two people to exclude, full-text reports of potentially relevant articles were assessed in duplicate. Fifty-seven percent of extraction information was verified. The Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation framework was used to inform the quality of evidence assessments.Thirty non-comparative studies (8 related to Ebola virus disease were located, and 27 provided data on viral transmission. Reporting of personal protective equipment components and infection prevention and control protocols was generally poor.Insufficient evidence exists to draw conclusions regarding the comparative effectiveness of various types of personal protective equipment. Additional research is urgently needed to determine optimal PPE for health care workers caring for patients with filovirus.

  11. Community campaigns, supply chains, and protecting the health and well-being of workers.

    Quinlan, Michael; Sokas, Rosemary K


    The growth of contingent work (also known as precarious employment), the informal sector, and business practices that diffuse employer responsibility for worker health and safety (such as outsourcing and the development of extended national and international contracting networks [supply chains]) pose a serious threat to occupational health and safety that disproportionately affects low-wage, ethnic minority, and immigrant workers. Drawing on cases from the United States and Australia, we examine the role that community-based campaigns can play in meeting these challenges, including several successful campaigns that incorporate supply chain regulation.

  12. Protection of Advanced Copper Alloys With Lean Cu-Cr Coatings

    Greenbauer-Seng, L. (Technical Monitor); Thomas-Ogbuji, L.


    Advanced copper alloys are used as liners of rocket thrusters and nozzle ramps to ensure dissipation of the high thermal load generated during launch, and Cr-lean coatings are preferred for the protection of these liners from the aggressive ambient environment. It is shown that adequate protection can be achieved with thin Cu-Cr coatings containing as little as 17 percent Cr.

  13. Advanced Control and Protection system Design Methods for Modular HTGRs

    Ball, Sydney J [ORNL; Wilson Jr, Thomas L [ORNL; Wood, Richard Thomas [ORNL


    The project supported the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in identifying and evaluating the regulatory implications concerning the control and protection systems proposed for use in the Department of Energy's (DOE) Next-Generation Nuclear Plant (NGNP). The NGNP, using modular high-temperature gas-cooled reactor (HTGR) technology, is to provide commercial industries with electricity and high-temperature process heat for industrial processes such as hydrogen production. Process heat temperatures range from 700 to 950 C, and for the upper range of these operation temperatures, the modular HTGR is sometimes referred to as the Very High Temperature Reactor or VHTR. Initial NGNP designs are for operation in the lower temperature range. The defining safety characteristic of the modular HTGR is that its primary defense against serious accidents is to be achieved through its inherent properties of the fuel and core. Because of its strong negative temperature coefficient of reactivity and the capability of the fuel to withstand high temperatures, fast-acting active safety systems or prompt operator actions should not be required to prevent significant fuel failure and fission product release. The plant is designed such that its inherent features should provide adequate protection despite operational errors or equipment failure. Figure 1 shows an example modular HTGR layout (prismatic core version), where its inlet coolant enters the reactor vessel at the bottom, traversing up the sides to the top plenum, down-flow through an annular core, and exiting from the lower plenum (hot duct). This research provided NRC staff with (a) insights and knowledge about the control and protection systems for the NGNP and VHTR, (b) information on the technologies/approaches under consideration for use in the reactor and process heat applications, (c) guidelines for the design of highly integrated control rooms, (d) consideration for modeling of control and protection system designs

  14. Technology Evaluation for an Advanced Individual Protection System (AIPS)


    closed condition. Spirulina oscillatoria and Spirulina subsalsa are used in a liquid culture medium for food production and gas exchange (oxygen...becomes a liquid when cooled, and a solid when warmed. Other materials, classed as biopolymers, which exhibit this same behavior are collagen ...Advancements in laser communications could enable 87 .1. . . .. ... IV information to be transmitted to a soldier from halfway around the world via

  15. Predictors of consistent condom use among Chinese female sex workers: an application of the protection motivation theory.

    Zhang, Liying; Li, Xiaoming; Zhou, Yuejiao; Lin, Danhua; Su, Shaobing; Zhang, Chen; Stanton, Bonita


    We utilized Protection Motivation Theory to assess predictors of intention and behavior of consistent condom use among Chinese female sex workers (FSWs). A self-administered questionnaire was used in a cross-sectional survey among 700 FSWs in Guangxi, China. Multivariate logistic regression analysis indicated that extrinsic and intrinsic rewards, self-efficacy, and response costs predicted consistent condom use intention and behavior among FSWs. Sexually transmitted infection/ HIV prevention programs need to reduce FSWs' perceptions of positive extrinsic rewards and intrinsic rewards for engaging in consistent condom use, reduce FSWs' perception of response costs for using a condom, and increase condom use self-efficacy among FSWs.

  16. Advances in Protective Coatings and Their Application to Ageing Aircraft


    trend is away from the use of magnesium alloys on aircraft mainly because of its poor Titanium alloys anodising corrosion resistance. However many of...between the fastener and countersink and the second was the cracking of Titanium alloys are generally resistant to corrosion when the polyurethane finish... pickling or protection using coatings with improved flexibility to reduce anodising and then paint with an epoxy primer. When the risk of cracking

  17. International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families. [Excepts].


    This excerpt focuses on the laws concerning the protection of the rights of all migrant workers and members of their families. The excerpt takes into account the principles contained in the basic instruments of the UN about human rights; particularly, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights; the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination; the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women; and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Emphasized is the law stating that migrant workers and members of their families shall have the right to receive medical care that is required for the preservation of their life or the avoidance of irreparable harm to their health on the basis of equality of treatment, along with nationals. It also grants migrant workers equality of treatment, along with nationals, with regard to access to social and health services, provided that the requirements for participation in the respective schemes are met.

  18. Women violente network of protection: Advances and challenges

    Patricia Krieger Grossi


    Full Text Available In Brazil, violence in marital relations has been the object of an increase in police charges, as well as in the judiciary system and public institutions of social welfare, education and health. Domestic violence causes large psychosocial, economic and political repercussions in the individual and family sphere as well as in the woman’s social sphere. Given the complexity of the problem, surrounded by the prejudice and different types of discrimination, women who are victims of domestic violence suffer diverse changes, often drastic, in the environment they live and with whom they live as time passes by. This results in a complete process of fragilization in their belonging networks. The present article presents data based on two researches: “The Support Network for Women in Domestic Violence Situations: Limits and Possibilities”, and “From tears to Hope: The Process of Empowerment of Women in Domestic Violence Situation”, carried out in the Research Group on Violence – NEPEVI, Faculty of Social Work, Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS, Brazil. Our purpose was to provide theoretical and practical bases to contribute with the services and empowerment of women in domestic violence situations. This research consisted in the identification of the limits and possibilities of the network support for women in domestic violence situation in the municipalities of Porto Alegre, São Leopoldo and Novo Hamburgo, State of Rio Grande do Sul. Women who were service users of this network of support and professionals connected to this network, among them, social workers, psychologists, delegates, and others were interviewed. 

  19. The Impact of Solution-Focused Training on Professionals' Beliefs, Practices and Burnout of Child Protection Workers in Tenerife Island

    Medina, Antonio; Beyebach, Mark


    This paper presents the first results of a large-scale research project on the child protection services in Tenerife, Spain. In Study 1, the professional beliefs and practices of 152 child protection workers, as measured by a Professional Beliefs and Practices Questionnaire, were correlated with their scores on the Maslach Burnout Inventory.…

  20. The mental health of children of migrant workers in Beijing: the protective role of public school attendance.

    Gao, Qin; Li, Hong; Zou, Hong; Cross, Wendi; Bian, Ran; Liu, Yan


    The present study aims to understand the mental health status of an understudied group of migrant children - children of migrant workers in China. A total of 1,466 children from Beijing participated in the study that compared migrant children (n = 1,019) to their local peers (n = 447) in public and private school settings. Results showed that overall, migrant children reported more internalizing and externalizing mental health problems and lower life satisfaction than local peers. However, public school attendance served as a protective factor for migrant children's mental health. The mental health status of migrant children attending public schools, including externalizing problems as well as friend and school satisfaction, was not different from local children. In addition, our data indicates that the protective effect of public school attendance for migrant children may be even more salient among girls than boys, and for younger children than older children.

  1. Advancing the framework for considering the effects of climate change on worker safety and health

    Schulte, P.A.; Bhattacharya, A.; Butler, C.R.; Chun, H.K.; Jacklitsch, B.; Jacobs, T.; Kiefer, M.; Lincoln, J.; Pendergrass, S.; Shire, J.; Watson, J.; Wagner, G.R.


    ABSTRACT In 2009, a preliminary framework for how climate change could affect worker safety and health was described. That framework was based on a literature search from 1988–2008 that supported seven categories of climate-related occupational hazards: (1) increased ambient temperature; (2) air pollution; (3) ultraviolet radiation exposure; (4) extreme weather; (5) vector-borne diseases and expanded habitats; (6) industrial transitions and emerging industries; and (7) changes in the built environment. This article reviews the published literature from 2008–2014 in each of the seven categories. Additionally, three new topics related to occupational safety and health are considered: mental health effects, economic burden, and potential worker safety and health impacts associated with the nascent field of climate intervention (geoengineering). Beyond updating the literature, this article also identifies key priorities for action to better characterize and understand how occupational safety and health may be associated with climate change events and ensure that worker health and safety issues are anticipated, recognized, evaluated, and mitigated. These key priorities include research, surveillance, risk assessment, risk management, and policy development. Strong evidence indicates that climate change will continue to present occupational safety and health hazards, and this framework may be a useful tool for preventing adverse effects to workers. PMID:27115294

  2. Advanced Technology and Worker Alienation. Comments on the Blauner/Marxism Debate.

    Vallas, Steven Peter; Yarrow, Michael


    The authors critically examine the analysis by Hull, Friedman, and Roger finding that deskilling and heightened alienation are not necessarily the outcomes of increased technology. The authors suggest that the outcome of technological change be approached as an indeterminate process shaped by prevailing relations between workers and management.…

  3. Advanced Technology and Worker Alienation. Comments on the Blauner/Marxism Debate.

    Vallas, Steven Peter; Yarrow, Michael


    The authors critically examine the analysis by Hull, Friedman, and Roger finding that deskilling and heightened alienation are not necessarily the outcomes of increased technology. The authors suggest that the outcome of technological change be approached as an indeterminate process shaped by prevailing relations between workers and management.…

  4. Advancing the framework for considering the effects of climate change on worker safety and health.

    Schulte, P A; Bhattacharya, A; Butler, C R; Chun, H K; Jacklitsch, B; Jacobs, T; Kiefer, M; Lincoln, J; Pendergrass, S; Shire, J; Watson, J; Wagner, G R


    In 2009, a preliminary framework for how climate change could affect worker safety and health was described. That framework was based on a literature search from 1988-2008 that supported seven categories of climate-related occupational hazards: (1) increased ambient temperature; (2) air pollution; (3) ultraviolet radiation exposure; (4) extreme weather; (5) vector-borne diseases and expanded habitats; (6) industrial transitions and emerging industries; and (7) changes in the built environment. This article reviews the published literature from 2008-2014 in each of the seven categories. Additionally, three new topics related to occupational safety and health are considered: mental health effects, economic burden, and potential worker safety and health impacts associated with the nascent field of climate intervention (geoengineering). Beyond updating the literature, this article also identifies key priorities for action to better characterize and understand how occupational safety and health may be associated with climate change events and ensure that worker health and safety issues are anticipated, recognized, evaluated, and mitigated. These key priorities include research, surveillance, risk assessment, risk management, and policy development. Strong evidence indicates that climate change will continue to present occupational safety and health hazards, and this framework may be a useful tool for preventing adverse effects to workers.

  5. Contingent workers.

    Guerrina, Ryan T; Burns, Candace M; Conlon, Helen


    Contingent workers compose a large portion of the U.S. work force. Contingent workers include temporary employees, contracted employees, day laborers, and freelancers. The skill level and educational requirements for their jobs vary from basic to highly advanced. Construction, housekeeping, engineering, and nursing have such positions. U.S. contingent workers are more likely to engage in occupations associated with increased risk of injury, and a variety of factors increase their risk of work injuries, particularly those leading to death. This article focuses on select occupational health and safety issues affecting contingent workers and their implications for occupational health nurses. Copyright 2011, SLACK Incorporated.

  6. Knowledge of Radiation Hazards, Radiation Protection Practices and Clinical Profile of Health Workers in a Teaching Hospital in Northern Nigeria.

    Awosan, K J; Ibrahim, Mto; Saidu, S A; Ma'aji, S M; Danfulani, M; Yunusa, E U; Ikhuenbor, D B; Ige, T A


    Use of ionizing radiation in medical imaging for diagnostic and interventional purposes has risen dramatically in recent years with a concomitant increase in exposure of patients and health workers to radiation hazards. To assess the knowledge of radiation hazards, radiation protection practices and clinical profile of health workers in UDUTH, Sokoto, Nigeria. A cross-sectional study was conducted among 110 Radiology, Radiotherapy and Dentistry staff selected by universal sampling technique. The study comprised of administration of standardized semi-structured pre-tested questionnaire (to obtain information on socio-demographic characteristics, knowledge of radiation hazards, and radiation protection practices of participants), clinical assessment (comprising of chest X-ray, abdominal ultrasound and laboratory investigation on hematological parameters), and evaluation of radiation exposure of participants (extracted from existing hospital records on their radiation exposure status). The participants were aged 20 to 65 years (mean = 34.04 ± 8.83), most of them were males (67.3%) and married (65.7%). Sixty five (59.1%) had good knowledge of radiation hazards, 58 (52.7%) had good knowledge of Personal Protective Devices (PPDs), less than a third, 30 (27.3%) consistently wore dosimeter, and very few (10.9% and below) consistently wore the various PPDs at work. The average annual radiation exposure over a 4 year period ranged from 0.0475mSv to 1.8725mSv. Only 1 (1.2%) of 86 participants had abnormal chest X-ray findings, 8 (9.4%) of 85 participants had abnormal abdominal ultrasound findings; while 17 (15.5%) and 11 (10.0%) of 110 participants had anemia and leucopenia respectively. This study demonstrated poor radiation protection practices despite good knowledge of radiation hazards among the participants, but radiation exposure and prevalence of abnormal clinical conditions were found to be low. Periodic in-service training and monitoring on radiation safety was

  7. [Contribution of ISPESL (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Prevention) for protecting workers from exposure to avian influenza].

    D'Ovidio, M C; Vonesch, N; Signorini, S; Tomao, P; Sbardella, D; Iavicoli, S


    Influenza virus A/H5N1 occurs mainly in birds, in which is highly contagious and deadly, and does not usually infect people. Most of the cases occurred in humans resulted from people having direct or close contact with H5N1 infected poultry or contaminated surfaces. The circulation of influenza viruses in birds, humans and other hosts represents a public and animal health threat, with important economic consequences. Controlling avian influenza in poultry, in particular with biosecurity measures, is the primary method to reduce human risk from infection. Enhanced surveillance both in poultry and in wild birds proved effective for the early detection of the infection. Worldwide most countries developed strategic plans, guidelines and recommendations for effective disease prevention and control. Moreover documents were specifically prepared to keep specific categories of workers adequately informed on how to avoid or minimize exposure to the viruses. In accordance with the Italian Decree 626/94, recently amended by the Decree 81/08, regarding the protection of workers from risks related to exposure to biological agents at work, the Department of Occupational Medicine of ISPESL prepared one booklet directed to people working with poultry and, together with Corpo Nazionale Vigili del Fuoco, two booklets addressed to fire brigade who could be at various levels involved in outbreak disease control and eradication activities. In fact information and training are essential aspects of a global preventive and protective strategy.

  8. International collaboration to protect health workers from infectious diseases in Ecuador.

    Lavoie, Marie-Claude; Yassi, Annalee; Bryce, Elizabeth; Fujii, Ronaldo; Logronio, Milton; Tennassee, Maritza


    The Healthy Hospital Project, an international collaboration, aimed to strengthen Ecuador's capacity to promote healthier and safer hospitals by reducing occupational transmission of infectious diseases. Team members conducted a needs assessment to identify workplace hazards and health risks in three hospitals. A survey of health care workers' knowledge and practices of occupational health (OH) and infection control (IC) revealed positive practices such as a medical waste disposal program and widespread dissemination of health information. Challenges identified included a high frequency of recapping needles and limited resources for workers to apply consistent IC measures. The survey revealed underreporting of needlestick injuries and limited OH and safety (OHS) training. Therefore, project collaborators organized a training workshop for health care workers that aimed to overcome the identified obstacles by integrating interdisciplinary local, national, and international stakeholders to build capacity and institutionalize work-related infection prevention and control measures. The knowledge transferred and experience gained led to useful hospital-based projects and serves as a basis for implementation of other OHS projects nationwide. International interdisciplinary, interinstitutional collaboration in OHS and IC can build capacity to address OHS concerns in health care.

  9. Advances on human milk hormones and protection against obesity.

    Savino, F; Benetti, S; Liguori, S A; Sorrenti, M; Cordero Di Montezemolo, L


    Extensive research shows that breast milk could have positive health effects not limited to infancy, but extend into childhood and adulthood. Recently many studies have provided new evidence on the long—term positive effects of breastfeeding, in particular protection against obesity and type 2 diabetes, suggesting that breast milk may have a role in the programming of later metabolic diseases. The mechanism throughout breastfeeding that exerts these effects has been a major focus of interest for researchers and it is still not completely known. There are some hints for biological plausibility of beneficial effects of breastfeeding including macronutrient intake, hormonal and behavioural mechanisms related to breast milk composition. Breast milk biochemical components, such as protein quantity and quality, polyunsaturated fatty acids, oligosaccharides, cytokines and hormones, in particular leptin, adiponectin and resistin together with the breastfeeding practice itself can influence infants feeding behaviour and regulation of growth and appetite control later in life. Further research is needed to confirm the possibility that hormones present in breast milk exert a metabolic and beneficial effects.

  10. [The social and hygienic aspects in the protection of the health of forest industry workers].

    Akhmetzyanov, L M


    The study of social and hygiene aspects in the industry of forest exploitation permitted to point out the changes that occurred in the field of mechanization and automation of production processes, which radically influenced the working conditions and characteristics, as well as the health indices. The study approaches some economic, social and hygiene problems. Proposals are made regarding the improvement of medical care organization for workers, for example the drawing up of a complex programme of prophylaxis of diseases in the enterprises for wood industrialization and of utilization of the computation technique.

  11. New risk indicator approach for Operators, Workers, Bystanders and Residents for a sustainable use of plant protection products.

    Sacchettini, Gabriele; Calliera, Maura; Marchis, Alexandru; Glass, Richard; Ellis, Clare Butler; Machera, Kyriaki; Gerritsen-Ebben, Rianda; Spanoghe, Pieter; Capri, Ettore


    In 2009, the European Union adopted the Directive on Sustainable Use of pesticides (SUD, Directive 2009/128/EC) establishing a framework for achieving a sustainable use of Plant Protection Products (PPPs) through reducing the risks and impacts of PPP use on human health and the environment, promoting integrated pest management and stimulating effective non-chemical alternatives. The core idea of the SUD is that it is necessary to monitor the use of PPPs through the implementation of an appropriate set of risk indicators to monitor progress and trends in risk reduction within the Member States. To contribute to this direction, following a comprehensive analysis of the risk (including procedures of risk assessment and risk management) and involving stakeholders in the decision process, specific toolboxes of practical indirect risk indicators of exposure of Operators, Workers, Bystanders and Residents were developed and are now available to be used by Member States (MSs) based on their specific context.

  12. Where Are You? Targeting Marginal Workers and Partial Employment Protection Reform: Evidence from Spain

    Elias Moreno, Ferran


    quasi-experiment in Spain that decreased employment protection of new permanent hires who were younger than 31 between 2001 and 2006. Only firms with very low employment volatility could hire with lower levels of EP. Using an administrative dataset, we show that the reform had no effect on hirings, lay-offs...

  13. Labor Rights and Interests of Cenozoic Migrant Workers and Legal Protection%新生代农民工劳动权益及法律保护



    The current situation of labor rights and interests of Cenozoic migrant workers and reasons of infringement were summarized, moreover, the ways to protect labor rights and interests of Cenozoic migrant workers were proposed, including realize "fair flow" of Cenozoic migrant workers, improve comprehensive quality of migrant workers, set up correct attitude toward performance, perfect and mature labor laws and regulations and so on.%阐述了新生代农民工劳动权益现状及其劳动权益被侵害的原因,并提出通过实现农民工“公平流动”、提高农民工综合素质、树立正确的政绩观、健全和完善有关劳动法律法规等途径保护新生代劳民工劳动权益.

  14. Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Program: Building a Pipeline of Skilled Workers. Policy Brief

    American Youth Policy Forum, 2010


    In the Fall of 2008, the American Youth Policy Forum hosted a series of three Capitol Hill forums showcasing the Advanced Technological Education (ATE) program supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF). The goal of these forums was to educate national policymakers about the importance of: (1) improving the science and math competencies of…

  15. Polyvalent type IV sensitizations to multiple fragrances and a skin protection cream in a metal worker.

    Tanko, Zita; Shab, Arna; Diepgen, Thomas Ludwig; Weisshaar, Elke


    Fragrances are very common in everyday products. A metalworker with chronic hand eczema and previously diagnosed type IV sensitizations to epoxy resin, balsam of Peru, fragrance mix and fragrance mix II was diagnosed with additional type IV sensitizations to geraniol, hydroxycitronellal, lilial, tree moss, oak moss absolute, citral, citronellol, farnesol, Lyral, fragrance mix II and fragrance mix (with sorbitan sesquioleate). In addition, a type IV sensitization to the skin protection cream containing geraniol and citronellol used at the workplace was detected, and deemed occupationally relevant in this case. The patient could have had contact to fragrances through private use of cosmetics and detergents. On the other hand, the fragrance-containing skin protection cream supports occupational exposure. This case report demonstrates that fragrance contact allergy has to be searched for and clarified individually, which requires a thorough history and a detailed analysis of the work place.

  16. School Social Workers' Perceived Understanding of Inner City and Urban Community and Neighborhood Risk and Protective Factors and Effectiveness in Practice Tasks

    Teasley, Martell; Randolph, Karen; Cho, Hyunkag


    This is an exploratory study that makes use of survey research methods and a convenience sample (N = 222) to examine how urban school social workers' perceived knowledge of neighborhood and community risk and protective factors affect their levels of self-reported effectiveness in practice tasks. Using hierarchical multiple regression, the…

  17. Texas passes first law for safe patient handling in America: landmark legislation protects health-care workers and patients from injury related to manual patient lifting.

    Hudson, Mary Anne


    compensation costs. Because the health-care industry has relied on people to do the work of machines, nursing work remains the most dangerous occupation for disabling back injury. Back injury from patient lifting may be the single largest contributor to the nursing shortage, with perhaps 12% of nurses leaving or being terminated because of back injury. The US health-care industry has not kept pace with other industries, which provide mechanical lift equipment for lifting loads equivalent to the weight of patients, or with other countries, such as Australia and England, which are more advanced in their use of modern technology for patient lifting and with no-lifting practices in compliance with government regulations and nursing policies banning manual lifting. With Texas being the first state to succeed in passing legislation for safe patient handling, other states are working toward legislative protection against injury with manual patient lifting. California re-introduced safe patient handling legislation on February 17, 2005, with CA SB 363, Hospitals: Lift Teams, following the September 22, 2004, veto of CA AB 2532 by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who said he believes existing statutory protection and workplace safety standards are sufficient to protect health care workers from injury. Massachusetts HB 2662, Relating to Safe Patient Handling in Certain Health Facilities, was introduced December 1, 2004. Ohio HB 67, signed March 21, 2005 by Governor Bob Taft (R), creates a program for interest-free loans to nursing homes for implementation of a no-manual-lift program. New York companion bills AB 7641 and SB 4029 were introduced in April, 2005, calling for creation of a 2-year study to establish safe patient handling programs and collect data on nursing staff and patient injury with manual patient handling versus lift equipment, to determine best practices for improving health and safety of health-care workers and patients during patient handling. Washington State is

  18. Social Work Involvement in Advance Care Planning: Findings from a Large Survey of Social Workers in Hospice and Palliative Care Settings.

    Stein, Gary L; Cagle, John G; Christ, Grace H


    Few data are available describing the involvement and activities of social workers in advance care planning (ACP). We sought to provide data about (1) social worker involvement and leadership in ACP conversations with patients and families; and (2) the extent of functions and activities when these discussions occur. We conducted a large web-based survey of social workers employed in hospice, palliative care, and related settings to explore their role, participation, and self-rated competency in facilitating ACP discussions. Respondents were recruited through the Social Work Hospice and Palliative Care Network and the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. Descriptive analyses were conducted on the full sample of respondents (N = 641) and a subsample of clinical social workers (N = 456). Responses were analyzed to explore differences in ACP involvement by practice setting. Most clinical social workers (96%) reported that social workers in their department are conducting ACP discussions with patients/families. Majorities also participate in, and lead, ACP discussions (69% and 60%, respectively). Most respondents report that social workers are responsible for educating patients/families about ACP options (80%) and are the team members responsible for documenting ACP (68%). Compared with other settings, oncology and inpatient palliative care social workers were less likely to be responsible for ensuring that patients/families are informed of ACP options and documenting ACP preferences. Social workers are prominently involved in facilitating, leading, and documenting ACP discussions. Policy-makers, administrators, and providers should incorporate the vital contributions of social work professionals in policies and programs supporting ACP.

  19. Culturally-Attuned Mentoring for Graduating Latina/o Social Workers to Foster Career Advancement

    Nelly Rojas Schwan


    Full Text Available The underrepresentation of Latinas/os in the social work profession, especially in higher levels of administration, has been amply documented. Successful Latina/o professionals can address the need for Latina/o leadership in the field by mentoring new graduates and supporting their development and career planning as they enter the professional world. This article presents an innovative mentoring program for Latina/o social work professionals conceptualized and led by the Latina/o Network of the Latina/o Network of the Connecticut chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW. The program matches a Latina/o master’s in social work graduating student with a senior Latina/o social work professional. The model of the mentoring program incorporates a coordinator, a liaison to each mentor-mentee dyad, a mentor-mentee developmental relationship, and group gatherings. A key aspect of the model is the attention to and inclusion of Latino cultural values of familismo, personalismo, confianza, and colectivismo, to foster the development of a sense of community. Empirical and anecdotal data illustrate the outcomes of the program. The implementation of the program, the lessons learned, and its applicability to other professionals and cultural groups are discussed.

  20. Register of legislative and regulatory dispositions relative to the radiation protection of the population and workers against the dangers of ionizing radiations; Recueil des dispositions legislatives et reglementaires concernant la protection de la population et des travailleurs contre les dangers des rayonnements ionisants



    This collection of legislative arrangements concerns the protection of population and workers against the risks of ionizing radiations. Each chapter is divided in two parts: a legislative part and a statutory or regulation part. We find the different chapters in relation with protection of populations, protection of workers, public health and labour laws. (N.C.)

  1. 'Green-in-Three' IT Solutions Protecting Workers and the Environment - 12526

    Eckman, Todd [MSA Hanford, Richland, Washington 99354 (United States)


    The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Environmental Management (EM), DOE Richland Operations Office (RL), Mission Support Alliance (MSA), and Lockheed Martin Services, Inc. (LMSI), Information Technology partnered in an effort to reduce environmental impacts, energy use, and operating costs and improve worker safety through consolidation, centralization, and standardization of Information Technology (IT) assets on the Hanford Site. Green-in-Three is an IT Value strategy, which is moving Hanford from an inefficient, antiquated 20. Century IT architecture to a smart, green, flexible 21. Century IT architecture that delivers information anywhere at any time to Hanford Mission partners. The 'Green-in-three' efforts to date have had a significant impact on meeting and exceeding the overall IT Value Strategy to decrease IT maintenance and delivery costs and move Hanford into a smart, green, and flexible 21. Century IT architecture. Some of the results and impacts are as follows: - Thirteen data centers were reduced to two, freeing up approximately 279 m{sup 2} (3000 ft{sup 2})) of space; - Reduced data center energy use 50%, from 120,000 to 60,000 kW; - Excessed 9 metric tons (10 tons) of server equipment; - Removed and properly disposed of 2871 kg (6,300 lb) lead acid batteries; - Projects saved over $1 M in fiber and copper cable installation through 2011; - Developed or improved partnerships with local, state, and federal agencies, Tribes, and Site contractors; - Increased wireless coverage for improved access to remote areas. Moving forward to 2012, the impact of these accomplishments will be realized in the years to come. IT services will be delivered in days instead of months. Field personnel will have access to information at the point of performance, reducing travel time. Remote monitoring, telemetry, and/or video can be conducted using the wireless network; reducing travel time for field inspections. Emergency personnel have access to critical

  2. Recent advances in occupational and environmental health hazards of workers exposed to gasoline compounds

    Christopher E. Ekpenyong


    Full Text Available The impact of health and environmental hazards, associated with the constituents of gasoline, on occupationally exposed workers has been recorded over the past few decades. However, the scientific literature on their pathogenic potential remains incomplete, which could affect the current understanding of the associated health risks. This review provides current information based on recently improved research techniques to evaluate gasoline toxicity profiles for humans. Our current knowledge provides insight into the intricate mechanism of gasoline-induced adverse effects, including the formation of reactive metabolites via bio-activation and subsequent generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS and oxidative stress, which are involved in multiple mechanisms that are central to the aetiology of gasoline-induced toxicity. These mechanisms include covalent binding to deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA, leading to oxidative damage, tumor-suppression gene activity, and activation of pro-oncogenes. Furthermore, it results in induction of autoimmunity and local inflammatory responses, disruption of multiple neurotransmitters and immune cell function, derangement of various enzyme activities (e.g., sodiumpotassium adenosine triphosphate (Na+/K+/ATPase activity, cytochrome P450 (CYP450, nitric oxide synthase (NOS, antioxidant enzyme activities, etc., conjugation of bile, and non-specific cell membrane interaction, leading to damage of the membrane lipid bilayer and proteins. Available data suggests that exposure to gasoline or gasoline constituents have the potential to cause different types of illnesses. The data highlights the need to maintain safety measures via suitable research, medical surveillance, regulatory control, life style modification, early detection, and intervention to minimize exposure and manage suspected cases. They also present novel opportunities to design and develop effective therapeutic strategies against gasoline-induced detrimental

  3. Application of virtual reality procedures in radiation protection and dose estimation for workers

    Blunck, C.; Becker, F. [Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen (Germany). Inst. for Radiation Research; Urban, M. [WAK GmbH Wiederaufarbeitungsanlage Karlsruhe, Rueckbau- und Entsorgungs-GmbH, Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen (Germany)


    When people need to work in an environment where radiation fields are present, one has to think about the operation procedure in respect of radiation protection. This is valid for routine as well as for special work situations where radiation protection precautions are necessary. In order to give an advice about the safest way of operation and adequate shielding measures, it is necessary to analyse the radiation field and possible dose exposures at relevant positions in the working area. Since the field can be very inhomogeneous, extensive measurements could be needed for this purpose. In addition it is possible, that the field is not present before the time of work and a measurement could be troublesome or not possible at all. In this case, a simulation of the specific scenario could be an efficient way to analyse the radiation fields and determine possible exposures at different places. If an adequate phantom is used, it is even possible to determine personal doses like H{sub p}(10) or H{sub p}(0.07). However in most work situations, exposure is not a static scenario. The radiation field varies if the source or its surrounding objects change place. Furthermore people or parts of their bodies are usually in motion. Hence simulations of movements in inhomogeneous time and space variant radiation fields are desirable for dose assessment. In such a ''virtual reality'' working procedures could be trained or analysed without any exposure. We present an approach of simulating hand movements in inhomogeneous beta and photon radiation fields by means of an articulated hand phantom. As an example application, the hand phantom is used to simulate the handling of a Y-90 source. (orig.)

  4. Office of River Protection Advanced Low-Activity Waste Glass Research and Development Plan

    Kruger, A. A. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Peeler, D. K. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Kim, D. S. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Vienna, J. D. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Piepel, G. F. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Schweiger, M. J. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States)


    The U.S. Department of Energy Office of River Protection (ORP) has initiated and leads an integrated Advanced Waste Glass (AWG) program to increase the loading of Hanford tank wastes in glass while meeting melter lifetime expectancies and process, regulatory, and product performance requirements. The integrated ORP program is focused on providing a technical, science-based foundation for making key decisions regarding the successful operation of the Hanford Tank Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant (WTP) facilities in the context of an optimized River Protection Project (RPP) flowsheet. The fundamental data stemming from this program will support development of advanced glass formulations, key product performance and process control models, and tactical processing strategies to ensure safe and successful operations for both the low-activity waste (LAW) and high-level waste vitrification facilities. These activities will be conducted with the objective of improving the overall RPP mission by enhancing flexibility and reducing cost and schedule.

  5. Getting it right the first time: developing nanotechnology while protecting workers, public health, and the environment.

    Balbus, John M; Florini, Karen; Denison, Richard A; Walsh, Scott A


    Nanotechnology, the design and manipulation of materials at the atomic scale, may well revolutionize many of the ways our society manufactures products, produces energy, and treats diseases. Innovative nanotechnology products are already reaching the market in a wide variety of consumer products. Some of the observed properties of nanomaterials call into question the adequacy of current methods for determining hazard and exposure, and for controlling resulting risks. Given the limitations of existing regulatory tools and policies, two distinct kinds of initiatives are urgently needed: first, a major increase in the federal investment nanomaterial risk research, and second, rapid development and implementation of voluntary standards of care pending development of adequate regulatory safeguards. The U.S. government should increase federal funding for nanomaterial risk research under the National Nanotechnology Initiative to at least $100 million annually for the next several years. Several voluntary programs are currently at various stages of evolution, though the eventual outputs of each of these are still far from clear. Ultimately, effective regulatory safeguards, harmonized globally, are necessary to provide a level playing field for industry while adequately protecting human health and the environment.

  6. Flexicurity as a measuring leakage protection of workers: between "social pollution" and "total security".

    Calogero Massimo Cammalleri


    precarious and atypical jobs. Any form of employment is, therefore, considered in an nth community and every community is ordered from the least se­cure to the most se­cure, using as tertium comparationis standard employment, which is itself a point of bal­ance between flexibility and security, and it is therefore a community of flexicurity. In this way, each community expresses a degree of social participation in environmental pollution: from the max­imum produced by undeclared work to the minimum produced by labour standard. The adopted economic approach allows defining this pollution as a negative externality and, therefore, refer to its contrast in terms of internalization. Among the techniques of internalization, the preferred one is the Pigovian tax, because it can overcome the difficulties associated with the identification of taxable income in the un­declared work and in the informal sector. It has been observed, in fact, in an economic study on the ef­fects of social security contributions on the tax revenues (IRAP, that the insurance mechanism creates a re­gressive effect on the competitiveness of labour standards, making it less competitive in favour of precari­ous and atypical work and, thus, triggering a vicious cycle that increases social pollution. Developing from these economic studies, the paper proposes using an enforcement mechanism based on a social indirect tax on the output of the work, instead of a traditional insurance mechanism, such as that of flexinsur­ance, which is instead levied on the earnings of workers. Indeed, in the case of undeclared work these earnings are not reported and are not affected by the social security contributions. In this way, it is believed that on one hand you lose your interest in hiding most of the black job. On the other hand, a mechanism would be enforced that forces polluters to contribute to the financing of the security needed to address the pollution cre­ated. Because of the adopted ordering of communities

  7. Protection of Urban Lands: Advances in Medellin’s Public Policy

    Clara Inés Atehortúa-Arredondo


    Full Text Available The problem of land ownership protection in this country is an issue that must be faced by those who have as part of their responsibilities the recognition, the restitution and the reparation of victims of forced displacement. One of the points that must be analyzed is the protection of ownership of urban lands, a subject falling under municipal responsibility. The development of a public policy by the City of Medellín for the protection of such lands is a significant advance for the creation of protocols and for the return of rights to those who have adandoned their lands because of violence or who have been divested of their homes in urban areas.

  8. Advanced e-Infrastructures for Civil Protection applications: the CYCLOPS Project

    Mazzetti, P.; Nativi, S.; Verlato, M.; Ayral, P. A.; Fiorucci, P.; Pina, A.; Oliveira, J.; Sorani, R.


    During the full cycle of the emergency management, Civil Protection operative procedures involve many actors belonging to several institutions (civil protection agencies, public administrations, research centers, etc.) playing different roles (decision-makers, data and service providers, emergency squads, etc.). In this context the sharing of information is a vital requirement to make correct and effective decisions. Therefore a European-wide technological infrastructure providing a distributed and coordinated access to different kinds of resources (data, information, services, expertise, etc.) could enhance existing Civil Protection applications and even enable new ones. Such European Civil Protection e-Infrastructure should be designed taking into account the specific requirements of Civil Protection applications and the state-of-the-art in the scientific and technological disciplines which could make the emergency management more effective. In the recent years Grid technologies have reached a mature state providing a platform for secure and coordinated resource sharing between the participants collected in the so-called Virtual Organizations. Moreover the Earth and Space Sciences Informatics provide the conceptual tools for modeling the geospatial information shared in Civil Protection applications during its entire lifecycle. Therefore a European Civil Protection e-infrastructure might be based on a Grid platform enhanced with Earth Sciences services. In the context of the 6th Framework Programme the EU co-funded Project CYCLOPS (CYber-infrastructure for CiviL protection Operative ProcedureS), ended in December 2008, has addressed the problem of defining the requirements and identifying the research strategies and innovation guidelines towards an advanced e-Infrastructure for Civil Protection. Starting from the requirement analysis CYCLOPS has proposed an architectural framework for a European Civil Protection e-Infrastructure. This architectural framework has

  9. Radiation Protection Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (RP-KAP) as Predictors of Job Stress Among Radiation Workers in Tehran Province, Iran.

    Alavi, S Shohreh; Taghizadeh Dabbagh, Sima; Abbasi, Mahya; Mehrdad, Ramin


    In recent years, much attention has been paid to occupational stress, but relatively little or no research has been conducted on the influence of knowledge, attitude, and practice of radiation protection (RP-KAP) on job stress among radiation workers. This study aims to assess job stress among health care workers in Iran who are occupationally exposed to radiation in order to determine the effects of KAP on self-protection against radiation on their job stress. The population in this descriptive cross-sectional study comprised 670 healthcare workers, including 428 staff with a degree in radiology and 242 other medical personnel who were working in 16 hospitals affiliated with Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) in Tehran, Iran. The census method was used to sample the workers. In total, 264 staff with a degree in radiology and 149 other medical personnel completed the job content questionnaire (JCQ) and the RP-KAP questionnaire from May to November 2014. The prevalence rate of job stress was 22.5% based on calculation formulas and possible scores on the JCQ. Sex, RP-knowledge, attitude, practice, and in-service training predicted 41.8% of the variance in job stress. According to the results of the binary logistic regression, workers with higher scores on knowledge (OR = 0.82, 95% CI: 0.75 - 0.90), attitude (OR = 0.71, 95% CI: 0.63 - 0.82), and practice (OR = 0.78, 95% CI: 0.72 - 0.86) and those who had participated in training programs had significantly lower rates of job stress (OR = 0.51, 95% CI: 0.28 - 0.93). The effects of RP knowledge, attitude, and practice on job stress were significant. In order to reduce job stress in radiation environments, ongoing training programs related to self-care and protection principles are recommended.

  10. Collection of legislative and regulatory arrangements relative to radiation protection. Part 1: laws and decrees of the Public Health Code and Labour Code concerning the protection of populations, patients and workers against the risks of ionizing radiations; Recueil des dispositions legislatives et reglementaires relatives a la radioprotection. Partie 1: lois et decrets du code de la sante publique et du code du travail concernant la protection de la population, des patients et des travailleurs contre les dangers des rayonnements ionisants



    This collection concerns on one hand the protection of the population and on the other hand the protection of the workers against ionizing radiations. As regards the protection of the populations, there is a quality control of waters, a control of the medical devices for the protection of patients. For the protection of the workers it is the employment law which serves as reference. (N.C.)

  11. [Analysis of use of personal protective equipment among rural-to-urban migrant workers in small and medium enterprises in Zhongshan and Shenzhen, China].

    Zeng, Zhi; Lu, Liming; Rao, Zhanhong; Han, Lu; Shi, Jingrong; Ling, Li


    To investigate the current supply and use of personal protective equipment (PPE) among rural-to-urban migrant workers in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Zhongshan and Shenzhen, China and the influential factors for the use of PPE, and to provide a basis for better occupational health services and ensuring the health of migrant workers. Multi-stage sampling was used to select 856 migrant workers from 27 SMEs in Zhongshan and Shenzhen, and face-to-face questionnaire survey was conducted in these subjects. Statistical analysis was performed by one-way analysis of variance, chi-square test, and logistic regression. Of all migrant workers, 38.67%were supplied with free PPE by the factory, and this rate varied across industries (furniture industry: 45.81%; electronic industry: 31.46%) and SMEs (medium enterprises: 42.13%; small enterprises: 39.20%; micro enterprises: 22.16%); 22.43% insisted on the use of PPE. The logistic regression analysis showed that factors associated with the use of PPE included sex, age, awareness of occupational health knowledge, and the size of enterprise. The rates of supply and use of PPE among migrant workers are low. The larger the enterprise, the better the supply of PPE. Male gender, being elder, and high occupational health knowledge score were favorable factors for the use of PPE, while small enterprise size was the unfavorable factor for the use of PPE.

  12. 农民工劳动权益保护的诉讼困境%The Lawsuit Dilemma of Labor Rights Protection of Migrant Workers



    农民工群体由于缺乏稳定的经济基础和政治地位,法律维权意识普遍薄弱,在劳动市场上始终处于弱势,就业中劳动权益易被侵犯。而现行立法在保障农民工就业权益的诸多程序和实体设计上有不足之处,导致在劳动争议案件中,农民工一方经常陷入诉讼困境。相关立法应强调对农民工的劳动权益倾斜性保护,改变司法救济路径单一,救济成本高,胜诉难的现状。%Because of the lack of stable economic foundation and political status and generally weak awareness of legal rights , migrant workers are always the vulnerable group .In the labor market , labor rights can be easily infringed .The current legislation has deficiencies in the procedures and designs of protecting migrant workers 'employment rights .So migrant workers often get into litigation dilemma in the labor dispute cases .The relevant legislation should emphasize the protection of labor rights of migrant workers , change the situation of single remedy judicial relief path , high cost and difficulty to win .

  13. Vegetarianism as a protective factor for colorectal adenoma and advanced adenoma in Asians.

    Lee, Chang Geun; Hahn, Suk Jae; Song, Min Keun; Lee, Jun Kyu; Kim, Jae Hak; Lim, Yun Jeong; Koh, Moon-Soo; Lee, Jin Ho; Kang, Hyoun Woo


    Although epidemiologic and animal studies suggest a vegetarian diet protects against the development of colorectal cancer, the relationship between vegetarian diet and incidence of colorectal adenoma is not yet conclusive, especially for Asians. The purpose of this study was to examine the protective effect of a vegetarian diet against colorectal adenoma and advanced adenoma. This cross-sectional study compared the prevalence of colorectal adenoma among Buddhist priests, who are obligatory vegetarians, with that among age and sex-matched controls. All the subjects underwent health checkups in a health-promotion center in Korea. Colorectal adenoma and advanced adenoma were both more prevalent in the general population group than in the Buddhist priest group (25.2 vs. 17.9 %, 6.7 vs. 2.0 %). However, the prevalence of metabolic syndrome, high body mass index, and waist circumference were higher in the Buddhist priest group. According to univariate analysis, non-vegetarian diet (general population) significantly increased the prevalence of colorectal adenoma and advanced adenoma compared with a vegetarian diet (Buddhist priests) (OR 1.54, 95 % CI 1.08-2.21, P = 0.018; OR 3.60, 95 % CI 1.53-8.48, P = 0.003). In a conditional regression analysis model, non-vegetarian diet was also a significant risk factor for colorectal adenoma and advanced adenoma (OR 1.52, 95 % CI 0.75-2.07, P = 0.043; OR 2.94, CI 0.97-7.18, P = 0.036). Vegetarianism may be effective in preventing both colorectal adenoma and advanced adenoma in Asians.

  14. [A brief update on avian influenza and the protection of workers in view of the implementation of the new EU directive].

    D'Ovidio, Maria Concetta; Sbardella, Daniele; Iavicoli, Sergio


    Influenza virus A(H5N1), since its first appearance in Hong Kong in 1997 killing six people, has continuously recorder by 2003 both new cases and deaths between these. Although the media and social attention received in the years between 2006 and 2008, mainly in Italy is not currently present, the same is not true for the avian flu that still exists in some countries. At the regulatory level, at the beginning of 2006 the Ministry of Health indicated the measures to be taken in the national preparedness and response to a pandemic flu, and the national Legislative Decree 25 January 2010, n. 9 makes implementing the EU Directive 2005/94/CE on Community measures to combat avian flu. Moreover, an article published in June 2010 show a new route of transmission of avian viruses by birds. The topic on avian flu, especially aimed at the protection of workers potentially exposed, has been long the subject of studies, and in particular for operators belonging to the Corpo Nazionale dei Vigili del Fuoco (C.N.VV.F.). In particular, in the context of the measures taken to address any outbreak of avian flu, were carried out one manual addressed to operators by C.N.VV.F. and to so-called managers/operators of the emergency public service workers represented by the operators of the C.N.VVF. and of Police, Civil Protection, and Voluntary Organisations of rescue enclosed in Civil Protection Service. It is necessary to reiterate the importance of continued and growing of the preparation and information for workers, brought to the operators themselves useful about the adoption of preventive and protective measures by the workers belonging to groups at risk of potential exposure to avian influenza viruses.

  15. [The text of the Articles of the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Their Families which the Working Group Provisionally Agreed during the First Reading].


    This preamble documents the 91 Articles of the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrants and Their Families. This defines and covers the rights of all migrant workers and their families which can be ratified by as many countries as possible. The status and fundamental rights of migrant workers and their families have not been sufficiently recognized everywhere and therefore require appropriate international protection. The 8 parts are: 1) scope and definitions, 2) fundamental human rights of all migrant workers and members of their families, 3) additional rights of migrant workers and members of their families in a regular situation, 4) provisions applicable to particular categories of migrant workers and members of their families, 5) promotion of sound, equitable and humane conditions in connection with lawful international migration of workers and their families, 6) application of the Convention, 7) general provisions, and 8) final provisions.

  16. Social Workers in Combat: Application of Advanced Practice Competencies in Military Social Work and Implications for Social Work Education

    Brand, Michael W.; Weiss, Eugenia L.


    This article illustrates the types of situations that U.S. uniformed social workers have experienced in combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan with the purpose of preparing current and future social workers to effectively serve military and veteran clients in either military or civilian settings. Vignettes demonstrate the application of the…

  17. Proclaiming Migrants Rights. The New International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families. Churches' Committee for Migrants in Europe Briefing Papers No. 3.

    World Council of Churches, Geneva (Switzerland).

    In December 1990, the United Nations General Assembly approved the new International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families. This international agreement broadly defines the rights of migrant workers and their families and offers some means to review the compliance of nations in upholding…

  18. 农民工社会保障权的法律保护%The Legal Protection of Social Security Rights for Migrant Workers



    As a basic and independent human right,social security should be an institutional right to migrant workers.While,the group of migrant workers are placed on the edge of social security system,their legal rights is not secured due to lack of legal the specific rights protection system.Considering the current situation of Chinese migrant and the necessity to construct the new countryside,the rights of migrant workers should be well protected.The paper analyzes the implementation mechanism of legal protection to the rights of migrant workers.%社会保障权作为一项基本的、独立的人权,是农民工应当具有的宪法权利,然而在我国由于法律及具体的执法、司法方面的欠缺,以及一直以来传统做法所造成的障碍,农民工处于社会保障的边缘地带,社会保障权不尽如人意。因此在建立社会主义和谐社会的历史背景下,充分考量中国农民的现实特征,从法律运行全过程对其法律保护的实现机制进行分析和探讨,使他们的权利得到切实保护。

  19. Improving eye safety in citrus harvest crews through the acceptance of personal protective equipment, community-based participatory research, social marketing, and community health workers.

    Tovar-Aguilar, J Antonio; Monaghan, Paul F; Bryant, Carol A; Esposito, Andrew; Wade, Mark; Ruiz, Omar; McDermott, Robert J


    For the last 10 years, the Partnership for Citrus Workers Health (PCWH) has been an evidence-based intervention program that promotes the adoption of protective eye safety equipment among Spanish-speaking farmworkers of Florida. At the root of this program is the systematic use of community-based preventive marketing (CBPM) and the training of community health workers (CHWs) among citrus harvester using popular education. CBPM is a model that combines the organizational system of community-based participatory research (CBPR) and the strategies of social marketing. This particular program relied on formative research data using a mixed-methods approach and a multilevel stakeholder analysis that allowed for rapid dissemination, effective increase of personal protective equipment (PPE) usage, and a subsequent impact on adoptive workers and companies. Focus groups, face-to-face interviews, surveys, participant observation, Greco-Latin square, and quasi-experimental tests were implemented. A 20-hour popular education training produced CHWs that translated results of the formative research to potential adopters and also provided first aid skills for eye injuries. Reduction of injuries is not limited to the use of safety glasses, but also to the adoption of timely intervention and regular eye hygiene. Limitations include adoption in only large companies, rapid decline of eye safety glasses without consistent intervention, technological limitations of glasses, and thorough cost-benefit analysis.

  20. Office of River Protection Advanced Low-Activity Waste Glass Research and Development Plan

    Peeler, David K. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Kim, Dong-Sang [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Vienna, John D. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Schweiger, Michael J. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States); Piepel, Gregory F. [Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States)


    The U.S. Department of Energy Office of River Protection (ORP) has initiated and leads an integrated Advanced Waste Glass (AWG) program to increase the loading of Hanford tank wastes in glass while meeting melter lifetime expectancies and process, regulatory, and product performance requirements. The integrated ORP program is focused on providing a technical, science-based foundation for making key decisions regarding the successful operation of the Hanford Tank Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant (WTP) facilities in the context of an optimized River Protection Project (RPP) flowsheet. The fundamental data stemming from this program will support development of advanced glass formulations, key product performance and process control models, and tactical processing strategies to ensure safe and successful operations for both the low-activity waste (LAW) and high-level waste vitrification facilities. These activities will be conducted with the objective of improving the overall RPP mission by enhancing flexibility and reducing cost and schedule. The purpose of this advanced LAW glass research and development plan is to identify the near-term, mid-term, and longer-term research and development activities required to develop and validate advanced LAW glasses, property-composition models and their uncertainties, and an advanced glass algorithm to support WTP facility operations, including both Direct Feed LAW and full pretreatment flowsheets. Data are needed to develop, validate, and implement 1) new glass property-composition models and 2) a new glass formulation algorithm. Hence, this plan integrates specific studies associated with increasing the Na2O and SO3/halide concentrations in glass, because these components will ultimately dictate waste loadings for LAW vitrification. Of equal importance is the development of an efficient and economic strategy for 99Tc management. Specific and detailed studies are being implemented to understand the fate of Tc throughout

  1. Symbiotic bacteria on the cuticle of the leaf-cutting ant Acromyrmex subterraneus subterraneus protect workers from attack by entomopathogenic fungi.

    Mattoso, Thalles C; Moreira, Denise D O; Samuels, Richard I


    Although only discovered in 1999, the symbiotic filamentous actinobacteria present on the integument of certain species of leaf-cutting ants have been the subject of intense research. These bacteria have been shown to specifically suppress fungal garden parasites by secretion of antibiotics. However, more recently, a wider role for these bacteria has been suggested from research revealing their generalist anti-fungal activity. Here we show, for the first time, evidence for a role of these bacteria in the defence of young worker ants against a fungal entomopathogen. Experimental removal of the bacterial bio-film using an antibiotic resulted in a significant increase in susceptibility of worker ants to infection by the entomopathogenic fungus Metarhizium anisopliae. This is the first direct evidence for the advantage of maintaining a bacterial bio-film on the cuticle as a defensive strategy of the ants themselves and not exclusively for protection of the fungus garden.

  2. High-Temperature Structures, Adhesives, and Advanced Thermal Protection Materials for Next-Generation Aeroshell Design

    Collins, Timothy J.; Congdon, William M.; Smeltzer, Stanley S.; Whitley, Karen S.


    The next generation of planetary exploration vehicles will rely heavily on robust aero-assist technologies, especially those that include aerocapture. This paper provides an overview of an ongoing development program, led by NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) and aimed at introducing high-temperature structures, adhesives, and advanced thermal protection system (TPS) materials into the aeroshell design process. The purpose of this work is to demonstrate TPS materials that can withstand the higher heating rates of NASA's next generation planetary missions, and to validate high-temperature structures and adhesives that can reduce required TPS thickness and total aeroshell mass, thus allowing for larger science payloads. The effort described consists of parallel work in several advanced aeroshell technology areas. The areas of work include high-temperature adhesives, high-temperature composite materials, advanced ablator (TPS) materials, sub-scale demonstration test articles, and aeroshell modeling and analysis. The status of screening test results for a broad selection of available higher-temperature adhesives is presented. It appears that at least one (and perhaps a few) adhesives have working temperatures ranging from 315-400 C (600-750 F), and are suitable for TPS-to-structure bondline temperatures that are significantly above the traditional allowable of 250 C (482 F). The status of mechanical testing of advanced high-temperature composite materials is also summarized. To date, these tests indicate the potential for good material performance at temperatures of at least 600 F. Application of these materials and adhesives to aeroshell systems that incorporate advanced TPS materials may reduce aeroshell TPS mass by 15% - 30%. A brief outline is given of work scheduled for completion in 2006 that will include fabrication and testing of large panels and subscale aeroshell test articles at the Solar-Tower Test Facility located at Kirtland AFB and operated by Sandia

  3. 手术室护工职业暴露的危险因素及防护对策%Risk factors for occupational exposure to care workers in operating rooms and protective countermeasures



    目的 探讨手术室护工职业暴露的危险因素,针对性地制定对策,加强手术室护工的职业安全防护意识.方法 根据手术室护工职业暴露的危险因素,制定规范化的防护措施,对护工进行职业安全防护知识的培训,使其熟练应用防护技术.结果 进行防护教育后,手术室护工职业暴露自我防护意识和防护方法明显提高.结论 切实关注护工弱势群体,重视护工职业暴露防护,确保护工身心健康,防止医院感染的发生.%OBJECTIVE To discuss the risk factors for occupational exposure to the care workers in the operating rooms so as to develop countermeasures and strengthen the awareness of occupational safety protection of the care workers in the operating rooms. METHODS According to the risk factors for occupational exposures to the care workers in the operating rooms, the standardized measures of protection "were developed, the training of safety protection knowledge for the care workers was conducted to make the care workers skillfully use protection technologies. RESULTS After the care workers were educated, their self-protection awareness of occupational exposure and protection methods have been improved significantly. CONCLUSION To attach sufficient importance to vulnerable workers and the prevention of occupational exposure and ensure the physical and mental health of the care workers can prevent nosocomial infections.

  4. Application of Advanced Wide Area Early Warning Systems with Adaptive Protection

    Blumstein, Carl [Univ. of California, Berkeley, CA (United States); Cibulka, Lloyd [Univ. of California, Berkeley, CA (United States); Thorp, James [Virginia Polytechnic Inst. and State Univ. (Virginia Tech), Blacksburg, VA (United States); Centeno, Virgilio [Virginia Polytechnic Inst. and State Univ. (Virginia Tech), Blacksburg, VA (United States); King, Roger [Mississippi State Univ., Mississippi State, MS (United States); Reeves, Kari [Mississippi State Univ., Mississippi State, MS (United States); Ashrafi, Frank [Southern California Edison Co., Rosemead, CA (United States); Madani, Vahid [Pacific Gas & Electric Co., San Francisco, CA (United States)


    Recent blackouts of power systems in North America and throughout the world have shown how critical a reliable power system is to modern societies, and the enormous economic and societal damage a blackout can cause. It has been noted that unanticipated operation of protection systems can contribute to cascading phenomena and, ultimately, blackouts. This project developed and field-tested two methods of Adaptive Protection systems utilizing synchrophasor data. One method detects conditions of system stress that can lead to unintended relay operation, and initiates a supervisory signal to modify relay response in real time to avoid false trips. The second method detects the possibility of false trips of impedance relays as stable system swings “encroach” on the relays’ impedance zones, and produces an early warning so that relay engineers can re-evaluate relay settings. In addition, real-time synchrophasor data produced by this project was used to develop advanced visualization techniques for display of synchrophasor data to utility operators and engineers.

  5. Universal Resource Interface Module (URIM) for the Joint Force Protection Advanced Security System (JFPASS)

    Cutler, S. H.; Cruickshanks, J. R.; Barngrover, C. M.; Kramer, T. A.; Nans, A. F.


    The Joint Force Protection Advanced Security System (JPFASS) is a Department of Defense effort to improve conventional force protection. It is sponsored and managed by Joint Program Manager - Guardian (JPM-G). The main objective of JFPASS is to provide an integrated and layered base defense system, which includes data fusion, Command and Control (C2) nodes, Common Operation Picture (COP) nodes, and full integration of a selected range of robots, sensors, cameras, weapons, tracking systems, and other C2 systems. The URIM is the main integration tool for several sensors, cameras, and weapons in JFPASS. The Universal Resource Interface Module (URIM) is an extremely flexible framework for rapidly integrating new sensors into the JFPASS. Each sensor system has its own proprietary protocol, which makes integration high cost and risk. The URIM communicates directly with each sensor system though a protocol module and maintains a generic data object representation for each sensor. The URIM then performs a translation of the data into a single protocol, in this case Systems Engineering and Integration Working Group (SEIWG) ICD-0100. With this common protocol the data can be provided to a data server for publishing. Also, this allows for network control and management of all sensor systems via any C2 node connected to the data server.

  6. Immune status of health care workers to measles virus: evaluation of protective titers in four measles IgG EIAs

    Dorigo-Zetsma, J.W.; Hall, M.A.; Vreeswijk, J.; Vries, J.J. de; Vossen, A.C.; Hulscher, H.I. Ten; Kerkhof, J.; Smits, G.P.; Ruijs, W.L.M.; Koopmans, M.P.; Binnendijk, R.S. van


    BACKGROUND: Following the recognition of a measles case in a hospital in The Netherlands, health care workers (HCW) from the premises were screened by a commercial enzyme immunoassay (EIA) for measles IgG to identify persons at risk for measles. At least 10% of the HCW were tested measles

  7. Emergency Workers' Quality of Life: The Protective Role of Sense of Community, Efficacy Beliefs and Coping Strategies

    Cicognani, Elvira; Pietrantoni, Luca; Palestini, Luigi; Prati, Gabriele


    This study, involving a sample of 764 emergency workers, investigates dimensions of quality of life at work (Compassion fatigue, Burnout and Compassion satisfaction), and their relationships with Coping strategies and some psychosocial variables (Sense of Community, Collective Efficacy and Self-efficacy). Results indicate the usefulness of…

  8. Access to workers' compensation benefits and other legal protections for work-related mental health problems: a Canadian overview.

    Lippel, Katherine; Sikka, Anette


    This article reports on a study of the legal and policy framework governing access, in Canada, to workers' compensation benefits for workers who are work disabled because of mental health problems attributed to stressful working conditions and events. It also provides a brief description of legislation regulating psychological harassment in Quebec and Saskatchewan. Applying classic legal methodology, the article examines the legal situation in Canada, relying on federal and provincial legislation and case law. While many of the jurisdictions studied explicitly restrict compensability to the consequences of traumatic incidents, application of this legislation is very different from one province to the next. In some provinces, legal exclusions are applied emphatically, whereas in others the workers' compensation appeal tribunals interpret the legislative exclusions much more narrowly, allowing for some access to compensation despite the legislative exclusions. Other provinces have no such exclusions and accept claims for both acute and chronic stress, although access to compensation remains more difficult for claimants with mental health problems than for those who are physically injured, regardless of where they live. The article concludes by offering an analysis of the consequences of the current situation from a public policy and public health perspective, notably underlining the negative consequences, particularly for women, of current workers' compensation policy in most Canadian provinces.

  9. Immune status of health care workers to measles virus: evaluation of protective titers in four measles IgG EIAs

    Dorigo-Zetsma, J.W.; Hall, M.A.; Vreeswijk, J.; Vries, J.J. de; Vossen, A.C.; Hulscher, H.I. Ten; Kerkhof, J.; Smits, G.P.; Ruijs, W.L.M.; Koopmans, M.P.; Binnendijk, R.S. van


    BACKGROUND: Following the recognition of a measles case in a hospital in The Netherlands, health care workers (HCW) from the premises were screened by a commercial enzyme immunoassay (EIA) for measles IgG to identify persons at risk for measles. At least 10% of the HCW were tested measles IgG-negati

  10. Deformable adult human phantoms for radiation protection dosimetry: anthropometric data representing size distributions of adult worker populations and software algorithms

    Hum Na, Yong; Zhang, Binquan; Zhang, Juying; Caracappa, Peter F.; Xu, X. George


    Computational phantoms representing workers and patients are essential in estimating organ doses from various occupational radiation exposures and medical procedures. Nearly all existing phantoms, however, were purposely designed to match internal and external anatomical features of the Reference Man as defined by the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP). To reduce uncertainty in dose calculations caused by anatomical variations, a new generation of phantoms of varying organ and body sizes is needed. This paper presents detailed anatomical data in tables and graphs that are used to design such size-adjustable phantoms representing a range of adult individuals in terms of the body height, body weight and internal organ volume/mass. Two different sets of information are used to derive the phantom sets: (1) individual internal organ size and volume/mass distribution data derived from the recommendations of the ICRP in Publications 23 and 89 and (2) whole-body height and weight percentile data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES 1999-2002). The NHANES height and weight data for 19 year old males and females are used to estimate the distributions of individuals' size, which is unknown, that corresponds to the ICRP organ and tissue distributions. This paper then demonstrates the usage of these anthropometric data in the development of deformable anatomical phantoms. A pair of phantoms—modeled entirely in mesh surfaces—of the adult male and female, RPI-adult male (AM) and RPI-adult female (AF) are used as the base for size-adjustable phantoms. To create percentile-specific phantoms from these two base phantoms, organ surface boundaries are carefully altered according to the tabulated anthropometric data. Software algorithms are developed to automatically match the organ volumes and masses with desired values. Finally, these mesh-based, percentile-specific phantoms are converted into voxel-based phantoms for Monte

  11. Deformable adult human phantoms for radiation protection dosimetry: anthropometric data representing size distributions of adult worker populations and software algorithms

    Na, Yong Hum; Xu, X George [Biomedical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY 12180 (United States); Zhang Binquan; Zhang Juying; Caracappa, Peter F, E-mail: xug2@rpi.ed [Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY 12180 (United States)


    Computational phantoms representing workers and patients are essential in estimating organ doses from various occupational radiation exposures and medical procedures. Nearly all existing phantoms, however, were purposely designed to match internal and external anatomical features of the Reference Man as defined by the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP). To reduce uncertainty in dose calculations caused by anatomical variations, a new generation of phantoms of varying organ and body sizes is needed. This paper presents detailed anatomical data in tables and graphs that are used to design such size-adjustable phantoms representing a range of adult individuals in terms of the body height, body weight and internal organ volume/mass. Two different sets of information are used to derive the phantom sets: (1) individual internal organ size and volume/mass distribution data derived from the recommendations of the ICRP in Publications 23 and 89 and (2) whole-body height and weight percentile data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES 1999-2002). The NHANES height and weight data for 19 year old males and females are used to estimate the distributions of individuals' size, which is unknown, that corresponds to the ICRP organ and tissue distributions. This paper then demonstrates the usage of these anthropometric data in the development of deformable anatomical phantoms. A pair of phantoms-modeled entirely in mesh surfaces-of the adult male and female, RPI-adult male (AM) and RPI-adult female (AF) are used as the base for size-adjustable phantoms. To create percentile-specific phantoms from these two base phantoms, organ surface boundaries are carefully altered according to the tabulated anthropometric data. Software algorithms are developed to automatically match the organ volumes and masses with desired values. Finally, these mesh-based, percentile-specific phantoms are converted into voxel-based phantoms for Monte

  12. Conceptual Rapprochement and the Analysis of the Historical, Normative and Jurisprudential Treatment of the Rural Workers, as Regards the Need for Special Protection

    Ana María Arias-Pérez


    Full Text Available This article aims to present an approach to the issue of farm or rural zone workers, including a labour law study of agrarian legal decisions, so as to demonstrate their importance in respect to social, economic and cultural rights in Colombia. The study will serve to illustrate through the history, the applicable law and the jurisprudence, the different ways in which farmers have been treated from the time of the origin until the arrival of modern systems of industrialization. It calls into question the effectiveness of existing laws and the role of the courts, in spite of globalization, to maintain the minimum rights and guarantees of farm workers who are considered to be a vulnerable population. In conclusion, this study seeks to illustrate the current role of the Labor law and the National Health Service in the area of demonstrating of the existence or absence of mechanisms to protect workers in rural areas and the need to create some mechanisms that involve social justice given its prime importance in the Constitution of 1991.

  13. The Sub-directorate of Operational Radiological Protection is an area of the CSN that oversees the safety of the workers; La Subdireccion de Proteccion Radiologica Operacional, un area del CSN que vela por la Seguridad de los trabajadores

    Scialdone Garcia, A.


    The safety of radioactive facilities is an essential part of the radiological protection of the more than 100,000 workers who are professionally exposed to ionising radiations. The Sub-directorate of Operational Radiological Protection is in charge of this task and of authorising the more than 1,340 radioactive facilities that are distributed across the country and ensuring their safety. (Author)

  14. Abroad Concerning Practice of the Legal Protection of Migrant Workers' Rights and Its Enlightenment%农民工权益法律保护的国外相关做法及其启示



    The legal protection of migrant workers 'rights has the characteristics such as particularity, inevitability and urgency. Developed countries protect migrant workers 'rights by formulating complete regulations, playing the role of migrant worker organization, protecting substantive right of migrant workers, and formulating complete the procedural law, which enlighten our country to protect migrant workers 'rights by"labor law"and perfect the social security of system migrant workers.%农民工权益法律保护具有特殊性、必然性、迫切性等特性,国外发达国家制定完备的法规、发挥农民工组织的作用、保护农民工实体权利和制定完备的程序法等方面对农民工权益进行法律保护,启发我国通过健全《工会法》和完善农民工社会保障制度来保护农民工权益。

  15. Towards an advanced e-Infrastructure for Civil Protection applications: Research Strategies and Innovation Guidelines

    Mazzetti, P.; Nativi, S.; Verlato, M.; Angelini, V.


    In the context of the EU co-funded project CYCLOPS ( the problem of designing an advanced e-Infrastructure for Civil Protection (CP) applications has been addressed. As a preliminary step, some studies about European CP systems and operational applications were performed in order to define their specific system requirements. At a higher level it was verified that CP applications are usually conceived to map CP Business Processes involving different levels of processing including data access, data processing, and output visualization. At their core they usually run one or more Earth Science models for information extraction. The traditional approach based on the development of monolithic applications presents some limitations related to flexibility (e.g. the possibility of running the same models with different input data sources, or different models with the same data sources) and scalability (e.g. launching several runs for different scenarios, or implementing more accurate and computing-demanding models). Flexibility can be addressed adopting a modular design based on a SOA and standard services and models, such as OWS and ISO for geospatial services. Distributed computing and storage solutions could improve scalability. Basing on such considerations an architectural framework has been defined. It is made of a Web Service layer providing advanced services for CP applications (e.g. standard geospatial data sharing and processing services) working on the underlying Grid platform. This framework has been tested through the development of prototypes as proof-of-concept. These theoretical studies and proof-of-concept demonstrated that although Grid and geospatial technologies would be able to provide significant benefits to CP applications in terms of scalability and flexibility, current platforms are designed taking into account requirements different from CP. In particular CP applications have strict requirements in terms of: a) Real

  16. Health protection of health care workers from the prospective of ethics, science and good medical practice. Opinions from stakeholders in health care settings.

    Porru, S; Cannatelli, P; Cerioli, Beloyanna; Flor, L; Gramegna, Maria; Polato, R; Rodriguez, D


    Fitness for work (FFW) in health care workers poses multidisciplinary challenges because of management problems scientific and ethical implications and the implementation of preventive interventions in health care settings. All the relevant stakeholders, including the General Manager, Medical Director, worker's representative, the person responsible for prevention and protection, forensic medicine expert, the person responsible for prevention and health safety at public administration level, commented on: danger to third parties; FFW formulation; human resource management; stress; professional independence; role of the person responsible for prevention and protection and of the person responsible for prevention at public administration level; professional responsibilities. Opinions are reported regarding the main problems related to the role of the Occupational Physician in FFW formulation, such as the difficult balance between autonomy and independence, limited turnover and aging of workforce, need of confidentiality and respect for professional status of the HCW prevalence of susceptibility conditions, rights and duties of stakeholders. The most significant result was the request by the Lombardy Region for more quality in risk assessment and health surveillance; to maintain uniform conduct over all the local health authorities, to allow the board in charge of examining appeals against FFW to fully cooperate with the occupational physician; due attention to the person/worker; the opportunity to convene referral boards for complex FFW management; the challenge of stress management and the need for an observatory for psychological discomforts; the importance of the ICOH Code of Ethics and avoidance of conflicts of interests; the need for individual risk assessment and risk management; the concept of sharing responsibilities and of a real multidisciplinary approach.

  17. On Criminal law protection of the worker's core rights%论劳动者核心权利的刑法保护

    张铖; 解音音


    在由绝对法调整劳动关系的现代社会中,劳动者的劳动权利的核心权利,是参加工会的权力、集体谈判权力、产业行动权力和民主管理权。该核心权利所受一国法律保护的力度大与小,直接制约劳动者其他权利的行使。因此,劳动者的核心权利,特别需要作为“最后屏障”的刑法加以保护。%In the modern society where we adjust the labor relations by the absolute law , the core rights of workers’ rights are the rights to participate in trade unions , to join the collective bargaining negotiation , to par-ticipate in the industrial action and democratic management .The power of restriction from the national legal pro-tection for this right influences the workers ’ other rights directly .Therefore , the workers ’ core rights should be protected specially as a last barrier of criminal law .

  18. The Mental Health of Children of Migrant Workers in Beijing: The Protective Role of Public School Attendance

    Gao, Qin; Li, Hong; Zou, Hong; Cross, Wendi; Bian, Ran; Liu, Yan


    The present study aims to understand the mental health status of an understudied group of migrant children—children of migrant workers in China. A total of 1466 children from Beijing participated in the study that compared migrant children (n = 1019) to their local peers (n = 447) in public and private school settings. Results showed that overall, migrant children reported more internalizing and externalizing mental health problems and lower life satisfaction than local peers. However, public...

  19. 建筑业农民工就业与权益维护探析%Analysis of Employment of Migrant Workers and Protection of Rights and Interests of Construction Enterprises



    Aiming at the status quo the protection of the rights and interests of the employment of migrant workers of construction enterprises, countermeasures and suggestions were put forward to solve the problems of employment of migrant workers and the protection of rights, at the same time, it calls for joint efforts of government, civil society and migrant workers groups, so as to achieve win-win situation of enterprises and migrant workers groups.%  文章针对建筑企业农民工就业和权益保障的现状,提出解决农民工就业与权益维护问题的对策与建议,同时呼吁政府、社会团体和农民工群体共同努力,使企业和农民工群体实现共赢。

  20. Variability in PuO{sub 2} Intake by Inhalation: Implications for Worker Protection at the US Department of Energy

    Scott, B.R.; Fencl, A.F


    This paper describes the stochastic exposure (SE) paradigm where, at most, small numbers of airborne toxic particles are presented for inhalation. The focus is on alpha-emitting plutonium dioxide (PuO{sub 2}) particles that may be inhaled by Department of Energy (DOE) workers. Consideration of the SE paradigm is important because intake of only a few highly radioactive PuO{sub 2} particles such as {sup 238}PuO{sub 2}, could greatly exceed the annual limit on intake (ALI) used to control worker exposure. For the SE paradigm, credible intake distributions evaluated over the population at risk are needed, rather than unreliable point estimates of intake. Credible distributions of radiation doses and health risks are also needed. Because there are limited data on humans who inhaled PuO{sub 2}, these distributions must be calculated. Calculated distributions are presented that relate to the intake of radioactivity via inhaling polydisperse PuO{sub 2} particles. The results indicate that a large variability in radioactivity intake is expected when relatively small numbers of PuO{sub 2} particles are inhaled. For the SE paradigm, one cannot know how many PuO{sub 2} particles were inhaled by an individual involved in a given inhalation exposure scenario. Thus, rather than addressing questions such as 'Did the calculated worker's intake of {sup 238}PuO{sub 2} exceed the ALI?', it is better to address questions such as 'What is the probability that {sup 238}PuO{sub 2} intake by a given worker occurred and exceeded the ALI?' Mathematical tools for addressing the latter question are presented, and examples of their applications are provided, with emphasis on possible DOE worker exposures at the Rocky Flats facility near Denver, Colorado. The alpha-emitting isotopes {sup 238}Pu, {sup 239}Pu, {sup 240}Pu and {sup 242}Pu are found at Rocky Flats. Although {sup 238}Pu is thought to be present in relatively small amounts there, intake via inhalation of only

  1. APLICACIÓN DEL PROCEDIMIENTO DE TUTELA DE DERECHOS FUNDAMENTALES EN EL SUMINISTRO DE TRABAJADORES Application of the fundamental rights protection procedure in worker's supply

    L. Iván Díaz García


    Full Text Available La Ley No. 20.087 incorporó al Código del Trabajo, en el marco de una nueva regulación procesal laboral, el procedimiento de tutela destinado a amparar, entre otras situaciones, los derechos fundamentales en el ámbito laboral. Por su parte, la Ley No. 20. i23, también incorporada al Código del Trabajo, reguló las relaciones jurídicas entre las empresas de servicios transitorios, las empresas usuarias de los servicios de los trabajadores suministrados por aquéllas y los trabajadores suministrados para prestar servicios en estas últimas. En ese contexto, el presente trabajo intenta dilucidar si la empresa usuaria que vulnera los derechos fundamentales de los trabajadores que se le han suministrado, es sujeto pasivo del referido procedimiento de tutela. Para estos efectos se analizan, sucesivamente, cada uno de los tres requisitos de aplicación de dicho procedimiento, esto es, (i que en el contexto de la relación laboral (2 se vulneren los derechos fundamentales protegidos (3 como consecuencia del ejercicio de las facultades del empleador.Law No. 20.087 incorporated to the Labor Code, in the context of a new regulation of the labor procedure, the procedure for fundamental rights protection that seeks to protect, among other situations, fundamental rights in the labor environment. On the other hand, law No. 20.123, also incorporated to the Labor Code, regulated juridical relationships among Temporary Service Companies, the companies that use the services provided by the workers supplied by this companies and the workers themselves. In this context, this paper seeks to elucidate if the company that uses the services that violates the supplied worker's fundamental rights, is a passive subject of the above mentioned protection procedure. For this purpose we analyze each one of the three requirements for using this procedure, this is, (1 that in the context of a labor relationship (2 protected fundamental rights are violated (3 as a

  2. Charlotte Todes Stern, staff member of the Workers' Health Bureau: "we were in advance of our time".

    Baxandall, Rosalyn; Dunn, Mary Lee; Slatin, Craig


    Charlotte Todes Stern (5/5/1897-11/15/1996) was a radical activist for most her life, beginning with her introduction to YPSL (Young People's Socialist League) during her college years. In 1923, Todes Stern became a staff member of the Workers' Health Bureau (WHB), and two years later she became their Organizing Secretary. She traveled the United States organizing for the WHB until 1927. This is the third of seven interviews with Charlotte Todes Stern, conducted by Rosalyn Baxandall for the Feminist History Research Project. This interview focuses on the Workers' Health Bureau, its formation, early efforts with the Painters' union in New York, its accomplishments and efforts to obtain safer and healthier working conditions for workers throughout industry, and its organization of annual national conferences for occupational health and safety. Todes Stern discusses the conflicts with the American Federation of Labor and the demise of the Bureau. An interview with Grace Burnham McDonald appears on page 327 of this issue.

  3. Advanced Emergency Braking Controller Design for Pedestrian Protection Oriented Automotive Collision Avoidance System

    Guo Lie


    Full Text Available Automotive collision avoidance system, which aims to enhance the active safety of the vehicle, has become a hot research topic in recent years. However, most of the current systems ignore the active protection of pedestrian and other vulnerable groups in the transportation system. An advanced emergency braking control system is studied by taking into account the pedestrians and the vehicles. Three typical braking scenarios are defined and the safety situations are assessed by comparing the current distance between the host vehicle and the obstacle with the critical braking distance. To reflect the nonlinear time-varying characteristics and control effect of the longitudinal dynamics, the vehicle longitudinal dynamics model is established in CarSim. Then the braking controller with the structure of upper and lower layers is designed based on sliding mode control and the single neuron PID control when confronting deceleration or emergency braking conditions. Cosimulations utilizing CarSim and Simulink are finally carried out on a CarSim intelligent vehicle model to explore the effectiveness of the proposed controller. Results display that the designed controller has a good response in preventing colliding with the front vehicle or pedestrian.

  4. Receptor for Advanced Glycation End Products (RAGE) Serves a Protective Role during Klebsiella pneumoniae - Induced Pneumonia.

    Achouiti, Ahmed; de Vos, Alex F; van 't Veer, Cornelis; Florquin, Sandrine; Tanck, Michael W; Nawroth, Peter P; Bierhaus, Angelika; van der Poll, Tom; van Zoelen, Marieke A D


    Klebsiella species is the second most commonly isolated gram-negative organism in sepsis and a frequent causative pathogen in pneumonia. The receptor for advanced glycation end products (RAGE) is expressed on different cell types and plays a key role in diverse inflammatory responses. We here aimed to investigate the role of RAGE in the host response to Klebsiella (K.) pneumoniae pneumonia and intransally inoculated rage gene deficient (RAGE-/-) and normal wild-type (Wt) mice with K. pneumoniae. Klebsiella pneumonia resulted in an increased pulmonary expression of RAGE. Furthermore, the high-affinity RAGE ligand high mobility group box-1 was upregulated during K. pneumoniae pneumonia. RAGE deficiency impaired host defense as reflected by a worsened survival, increased bacterial outgrowth and dissemination in RAGE-/- mice. RAGE-/- neutrophils showed a diminished phagocytosing capacity of live K. pneumoniae in vitro. Relative to Wt mice, RAGE-/- mice demonstrated similar lung inflammation, and slightly elevated-if any-cytokine and chemokine levels and unchanged hepatocellular injury. In addition, RAGE-/- mice displayed an unaltered response to intranasally instilled Klebsiella lipopolysaccharide (LPS) with respect to pulmonary cell recruitment and local release of cytokines and chemokines. These data suggest that (endogenous) RAGE protects against K. pneumoniae pneumonia. Also, they demonstrate that RAGE contributes to an effective antibacterial defense during K. pneumoniae pneumonia, at least partly via its participation in the phagocytic properties of professional granulocytes. Additionally, our results indicate that RAGE is not essential for the induction of a local and systemic inflammatory response to either intact Klebsiella or Klebsiella LPS.

  5. Protection effect of endomorphins on advanced glycation end products induced injury in endothelial cells.

    Liu, Jing; Yan, Liping; Niu, Ruilan; Tian, Limin; Zhang, Qi; Quan, Jinxing; Liu, Hua; Wei, Suhong; Guo, Qian


    Endomorphins (EMs) have a very important bridge-function in cardiovascular, endocrinological, and neurological systems. This study is to investigate the effects of EMs on the synthesis and secretion of vasoactive substances induced by advanced glycation end products in primary cultured human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs). Firstly, HUVECs were stimulated with AGEs-bovine serum albumin (AGEs-BSA), bovine serum albumin (BSA), or both AGEs-BSA and EMs together, respectively. Then, HUVEC survival rate was calculated by MTT assay, the levels of NO, endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS), and inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) were detected by colorimetric analysis, and the contents of endothelin-1 (ET-1) were detected by ELISA. The mRNA levels of eNOS and ET-1 were measured by RT-PCR. The expression of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase (p38 MAPK) was detected by immunofluorescence assay. The results showed that the mRNA expression and secretion of eNOS were significantly enhanced after incubation with EMs compared to those with AGEs-BSA, while the secretion of NO and iNOS, mRNA expression, and secretion of ET-1 had opposite changes. The fluorescence intensity of p38MAPK in nuclear was decreased after pretreatment with EMs compared to incubation with AGEs-BSA. Conclusion. The present study suggests that EMs have certain protection effect on AGEs-BSA-induced injury in HUVEC.

  6. Early Results from the Advanced Radiation Protection Thick GCR Shielding Project

    Norman, Ryan B.; Clowdsley, Martha; Slaba, Tony; Heilbronn, Lawrence; Zeitlin, Cary; Kenny, Sean; Crespo, Luis; Giesy, Daniel; Warner, James; McGirl, Natalie; hide


    The Advanced Radiation Protection Thick Galactic Cosmic Ray (GCR) Shielding Project leverages experimental and modeling approaches to validate a predicted minimum in the radiation exposure versus shielding depth curve. Preliminary results of space radiation models indicate that a minimum in the dose equivalent versus aluminum shielding thickness may exist in the 20-30 g/cm2 region. For greater shield thickness, dose equivalent increases due to secondary neutron and light particle production. This result goes against the long held belief in the space radiation shielding community that increasing shielding thickness will decrease risk to crew health. A comprehensive modeling effort was undertaken to verify the preliminary modeling results using multiple Monte Carlo and deterministic space radiation transport codes. These results verified the preliminary findings of a minimum and helped drive the design of the experimental component of the project. In first-of-their-kind experiments performed at the NASA Space Radiation Laboratory, neutrons and light ions were measured between large thicknesses of aluminum shielding. Both an upstream and a downstream shield were incorporated into the experiment to represent the radiation environment inside a spacecraft. These measurements are used to validate the Monte Carlo codes and derive uncertainty distributions for exposure estimates behind thick shielding similar to that provided by spacecraft on a Mars mission. Preliminary results for all aspects of the project will be presented.

  7. Thermal degradation study of silicon carbide threads developed for advanced flexible thermal protection systems

    Tran, Huy Kim; Sawko, Paul M.


    Silicon carbide (SiC) fiber is a material that may be used in advanced thermal protection systems (TPS) for future aerospace vehicles. SiC fiber's mechanical properties depend greatly on the presence or absence of sizing and its microstructure. In this research, silicon dioxide is found to be present on the surface of the fiber. Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis (ESCA) and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) show that a thin oxide layer (SiO2) exists on the as-received fibers, and the oxide thickness increases when the fibers are exposed to high temperature. ESCA also reveals no evidence of Si-C bonding on the fiber surface on both as-received and heat treated fibers. The silicon oxide layer is thought to signal the decomposition of SiC bonds and may be partially responsible for the degradation in the breaking strength observed at temperatures above 400 C. The variation in electrical resistivity of the fibers with increasing temperature indicates a transition to a higher band gap material at 350 to 600 C. This is consistent with a decomposition of SiC involving silicon oxide formation.

  8. Parametric Weight Comparison of Advanced Metallic, Ceramic Tile, and Ceramic Blanket Thermal Protection Systems

    Myers, David E.; Martin, Carl J.; Blosser, Max L.


    A parametric weight assessment of advanced metallic panel, ceramic blanket, and ceramic tile thermal protection systems (TPS) was conducted using an implicit, one-dimensional (I-D) finite element sizing code. This sizing code contained models to account for coatings fasteners, adhesives, and strain isolation pads. Atmospheric entry heating profiles for two vehicles, the Access to Space (ATS) vehicle and a proposed Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV), were used to ensure that the trends were not unique to a certain trajectory. Ten TPS concepts were compared for a range of applied heat loads and substructural heat capacities to identify general trends. This study found the blanket TPS concepts have the lightest weights over the majority of their applicable ranges, and current technology ceramic tiles and metallic TPS concepts have similar weights. A proposed, state-of-the-art metallic system which uses a higher temperature alloy and efficient multilayer insulation was predicted to be significantly lighter than the ceramic tile stems and approaches blanket TPS weights for higher integrated heat loads.

  9. Evaluation of Electrical Characteristics of Protective Equipment - a Prerequisite for Ensuring Safety and Health of Workers at Work

    Buică, G.; Beiu, C.; Antonov, A.; Dobra, R.; Păsculescu, D.


    The protecting electrical equipment in use are subject to various factors generated by the use, maintenance, storage and working environment, which may change the characteristics of protection against electric shock. The study presents the results of research on the behaviour over time of protective characteristics of insulating covers of material of work equipment in use, in order to determine the type and periodicity of safety tests. There were tested and evaluated safety equipment with plastic and insulating rubber covers used in operations of verifying functionality, safety and maintenance of machinery used in manufacturing industries and specific services from electric, energy and food sector.

  10. 我国海外劳工权利保护机制构建%On Protection Mechanism of Rights of Overseas Chinese Workers



    The rights protection of the overseas labors has been a new topic in our foreign economic and trade exchanges. China should take great advantage of the international institutional frameworks for the protection of labor rights of migrant workers, and build our own overseas labors’ rights protection mechanism with the establishment of risk management and control institution before the overseas labors leaving, the rights safeguard measures during their overseas employment and the placement institution after overseas labors’ returning.%海外劳工权利保护是新时期我国对外经贸交流中面临的一项新课题。我国应以国际移民劳工权利保护制度框架为基点,从海外劳工出境前的风险管控、海外就业中的权利维护和回国后的安置与保障三方面,构建我国海外劳工的权利保护机制。

  11. 经营者集中的类别与影响管窥%Legal Protection for Equal Rights of Migrant Workers



    Equality is a basic civil right endowed by law. However, because of the influence of the imperfect system of traditional hierar-chy, urban and rural household registration system, laws and regulations, the migrant workers were not treated fairly in political rights, the right of labor and employment, the right of education and social security. Therefore, to reform the household registration system, expand social security, strengthen legal education, improve the rights group, are important measure to protect migrant workers' equal rights.%经营者集中作为新的经济现象,对市场的发展运行既有积极影响,同时也带来挑战。因此,政府和企业管理人员应致力于发挥经营者集中的优势,控制其不良影响,促进产业的良好发展,提高我国经济建设的整体水平。

  12. The legal protection of migrant workers to vocational training%论农民工职业培训权的法律保护



    For making up the obstacles of legal oversight of migrant workers' right of vocational training,we have to overcome the legal insufficient,to enhance the rule level,to construct the supervision of law and perfect judicial relief system in order to effectively protect the right of the migrant workers in the implementation of vocational training.%要弥补造成农民工职业培训权实现障碍的法律上的疏漏,完善法律规定、提高规范层级、构建法律监督与救济制度,以切实保障农民工职业培训权的落实。

  13. BNFL's experience in preparing and implementing radiation protection programmes for the control of exposure to workers involved with the international transport of nuclear cargoes

    Billing, D. [Spent Fuel Services, British Nuclear Fuels plc, Warrington, Cheshire (United Kingdom)


    BNFL International Transport have successfully developed appropriate Radiation Protection Programmes for their business. The business supports BNFL's worldwide Nuclear Fuel Services with key customer bases in Europe, Japan and the UK, utilising marine, rail and road modal transports. Experience in the business spans over 4 decades. The preparation of RPP's for each aspect of its operations has been made relatively straight forward in that the key elements within the internationally recognised model RPP (by WNTI) were already in place in BNFL's procedures to satisfy current National UK and International Regulations. Arrangements are supported by Management systems which comply with International Standards for Quality Assurance. Exposure to key worker groups continues to be within Category 1 (less than 1mSv/y) of the IAEA Transport Regulations TS-R-1 (ST-1 revised).

  14. Receptor for Advanced Glycation End Products (RAGE Serves a Protective Role during Klebsiella pneumoniae - Induced Pneumonia.

    Ahmed Achouiti

    Full Text Available Klebsiella species is the second most commonly isolated gram-negative organism in sepsis and a frequent causative pathogen in pneumonia. The receptor for advanced glycation end products (RAGE is expressed on different cell types and plays a key role in diverse inflammatory responses. We here aimed to investigate the role of RAGE in the host response to Klebsiella (K. pneumoniae pneumonia and intransally inoculated rage gene deficient (RAGE-/- and normal wild-type (Wt mice with K. pneumoniae. Klebsiella pneumonia resulted in an increased pulmonary expression of RAGE. Furthermore, the high-affinity RAGE ligand high mobility group box-1 was upregulated during K. pneumoniae pneumonia. RAGE deficiency impaired host defense as reflected by a worsened survival, increased bacterial outgrowth and dissemination in RAGE-/- mice. RAGE-/- neutrophils showed a diminished phagocytosing capacity of live K. pneumoniae in vitro. Relative to Wt mice, RAGE-/- mice demonstrated similar lung inflammation, and slightly elevated-if any-cytokine and chemokine levels and unchanged hepatocellular injury. In addition, RAGE-/- mice displayed an unaltered response to intranasally instilled Klebsiella lipopolysaccharide (LPS with respect to pulmonary cell recruitment and local release of cytokines and chemokines. These data suggest that (endogenous RAGE protects against K. pneumoniae pneumonia. Also, they demonstrate that RAGE contributes to an effective antibacterial defense during K. pneumoniae pneumonia, at least partly via its participation in the phagocytic properties of professional granulocytes. Additionally, our results indicate that RAGE is not essential for the induction of a local and systemic inflammatory response to either intact Klebsiella or Klebsiella LPS.

  15. New risk indicator approach for Operators, Workers, Bystanders and Residents for a sustainable use of plant protection products

    Sacchettini, G.; Calliera, M.; Marchis, A.; Glass, R.; Ellis, C.B.; Machera, K.; Gerritsen-Ebben, R.; Spanoghe, P.; Capri, E.


    In 2009, the European Union adopted the Directive on Sustainable Use of pesticides (SUD, Directive 2009/128/EC) establishing a framework for achieving a sustainable use of Plant Protection Products (PPPs) through reducing the risks and impacts of PPP use on human health and the environment,

  16. Decree no. 2003-296 on the 31 of march 2003 relative to the workers protection against the ionizing radiations; Decret no. 2003-296 du 31 mars 2003 relatif a la protection des travailleurs contre les dangers des rayonnements ionisants



    The different conditions modifying the Labour code in relation with the radiation protection of workers are exposed in detail, from the occupational exposure in normal conditions, the organisation of radiation protection, the abnormal working conditions until the medical examinations and medical follow up. (N.C.)

  17. Linking social, ecological, and physical science to advance natural and nature-based protection for coastal communities.

    Arkema, Katie K; Griffin, Robert; Maldonado, Sergio; Silver, Jessica; Suckale, Jenny; Guerry, Anne D


    Interest in the role that ecosystems play in reducing the impacts of coastal hazards has grown dramatically. Yet the magnitude and nature of their effects are highly context dependent, making it difficult to know under what conditions coastal habitats, such as saltmarshes, reefs, and forests, are likely to be effective for saving lives and protecting property. We operationalize the concept of natural and nature-based solutions for coastal protection by adopting an ecosystem services framework that propagates the outcome of a management action through ecosystems to societal benefits. We review the literature on the basis of the steps in this framework, considering not only the supply of coastal protection provided by ecosystems but also the demand for protective services from beneficiaries. We recommend further attention to (1) biophysical processes beyond wave attenuation, (2) the combined effects of multiple habitat types (e.g., reefs, vegetation), (3) marginal values and expected damage functions, and, in particular, (4) community dependence on ecosystems for coastal protection and co-benefits. We apply our approach to two case studies to illustrate how estimates of multiple benefits and losses can inform restoration and development decisions. Finally, we discuss frontiers for linking social, ecological, and physical science to advance natural and nature-based solutions to coastal protection. © 2017 New York Academy of Sciences.

  18. Advanced Thermal Protection Systems (ATPS), Aerospace Grade Carbon Bonded Carbon Fiber Material Project

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Carbon bonded carbon fiber (CBCF) insulating material is the basis for several highly successful NASA developed thermal protection systems (TPS). Included among...

  19. Advanced Thermal Protection Systems (ATPS), Aerospace Grade Carbon Bonded Carbon Fiber Material Project

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Carbon bonded carbon fiber (CBCF) insulating material is the basis for several highly successful NASA developed thermal protection systems (TPS). Among the...

  20. New advances in protection against solar ultraviolet radiation in textiles for summer clothing.

    Aguilera, José; de Gálvez, María Victoria; Sánchez-Roldán, Cristina; Herrera-Ceballos, Enrique


    Clothing is considered one of the most important tools for photoprotection against harmful solar ultraviolet radiation (UVR). The standard for sun-protective clothing is based on erythema despite other biological effects of UVR on the skin. We analyzed the potential protection against UVR in fabrics destined for summer clothing based on several action spectra. We examined 50 garments classified by type of fabric composition, structure of the fiber yarn and color. The ultraviolet protection factor was calculated based on fabric ultraviolet transmittance corrected for erythema according to the EU standard E-13758 as well as the UVA transmittance of fabrics. UVR protection was also analyzed in base of different action spectra as for previtamin D3, nonmelanoma skin cancer, photoimmunosuppression and photoaging. Most knitted fabrics used for sports T-shirts offered excellent ratings for ultraviolet protection while normal shirts showed very low ratings, particularly against photoaging. The cover is the most influential variable in fabric photoprotection, having an exponential relationship with the UPF. The relation between cover and UVA protection was linearly negative. Information about ultraviolet protection in textiles used for summer clothing should be included in labeling as some types of fabrics, especially those used for shirts, offer very low UVR protection.

  1. Objectivized evaluation of surgeons exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields – In the context of exposure duration and polish and new international requirements regarding workers protection

    Jolanta Karpowicz


    Full Text Available Background: Use of electro surgery units (ESU in surgeries is linked with electromagnetic field emission, which is assessed according to the requirements of occupational health and safety legislation. Material and Methods: Surgeons' exposure characteristics was monitored during 11 surgeries (proctectomy, patency of artery, hepatectomy, cystectomy, tonsilectomy, laparoscopy by real time of monopolar ESU activity recorder. Investigations of root-mean-square value of electric and magnetic field strength was also performed at various modes of ESU operations during cutting (output power, 55-150 W; frequency, 330-445 kHz and coagulating (40-240 W, 335-770 kHz. Statistical parameters of distribution of ESU operation over any 6-min periods (according to international requirements regarding protection against adverse thermal effects of electromagnetic field were assessed. Results: Electric field strength, measured 10 cm from the cable supplying an active electrode was 147-675 V/m during cutting and 297-558 V/m during coagulating; magnetic field strength was less than 0.2 A/m in both modes. Monitoring of ESUs showed the following ranges of their operation during surgeries 5-66% of time over starting 3 min of surgery, 3-40% over starting 6 min, and the distribution of their use over any 6-min periods 0-12% (median / 7-43% (maximum value. Conclusions: The real operation time of ESUs wykoduring surgeries was significantly shorter than that declared by workers. The distance of at least 15 cm between cables, connecting electrodes with generator and workers meets the requirements of the Polish legislation on permissible exposure limits. The assessment of localized exposure of the hand needs a detailed analysis of the SAR ratio distribution and further studies are required. Med Pr 2013;64(4:487–501

  2. Evaluation of reported fatality data associated with workers using respiratory protection in the United States (1990-2012).

    Cowan, Dallas M; Benson, Stacey M; Cheng, Thales J; Hecht, Shelby; Boulos, Nancy M; Henshaw, John


    OSHA revised the 1971 respiratory protection standard in 1998 to add guidance for selecting and maintaining respirators. Fatality reports from 1990 to 2012 were used to characterize historical trends in fatalities associated with respirators. Industry- and time-specific trends were evaluated to determine the effect of the revision to the standard on respirator-related fatalities; 174 respirator-related deaths were reported. The majority of fatalities were associated with using an airline respirator (n = 34) or the absence of using a respirator in required spaces (n = 38). Overall, 79% of fatalities were associated with asphyxia. Fatalities were associated with improper employee use or lack of employer compliance. Reductions in fatality rates over time appeared to be associated with the revisions to the respirator standard, although other variables may influence rates (eg, controls). Recommendations for employers and employees regarding maintaining safe use of respirators are provided.

  3. Receptor for advanced glycation end products is protective during murine tuberculosis.

    Zoelen, M.A. van; Wieland, C.W.; Windt, G.J. van der; Florquin, S.; Nawroth, P.P.; Bierhaus, A.; Poll, T. van der


    The development of active tuberculosis after infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis is almost invariably associated with a persistent or transient state of relative immunodeficiency. The receptor for advanced glycation end products (RAGE) is a promiscuous receptor that is involved in pulmonary

  4. Legal content of the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families, adopted by the united nations general assembly by resolution 45/158 of 18 December 1990.

    Aurelia Álvarez Rodríguez


    Full Text Available The author makes a detailed analysis of the legal contents of the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of all Migrant workers and their Families, adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations in the Resolution 45/158 of December 1990. The objectives of the Convention, the personal spehere of application, the Human Rights of all migrant workers and their families wether they be regular of iregular are presented throughout the article. Finally, the practical effectiveness of the Convention is analyzed concluding with the importance of its ratification by the largest number of States possible.

  5. Uses of Advanced Ceramic Composites in the Thermal Protection Systems of Future Space Vehicles

    Rasky, Daniel J.


    Current ceramic composites being developed and characterized for use in the thermal protection systems (TPS) of future space vehicles are reviewed. The composites discussed include new tough, low density ceramic insulation's, both rigid and flexible; ultra-high temperature ceramic composites; nano-ceramics; as well as new hybrid ceramic/metallic and ceramic/organic systems. Application and advantage of these new composites to the thermal protection systems of future reusable access to space vehicles and small spacecraft is reviewed.

  6. On the Industry Labor Protection of Migrant Workers from the “Deadly Elevator”%从“夺命电梯”看建筑行业农民工劳动保护



    从事建筑业的农民工已经越来越多,然而他们劳动生存条件差,工作时间长,劳动保护用品得不到充足配备,从而劳动安全事故频发,这是由建筑业的用工方式、农民工安全生产知识缺少、用人单位缺少责任心和监管部门工作不力造成的。对建筑业农民工的安全保护,需要保证对农民工相应的投入,严格管理用工制度,提高农民工安全生产技能,把劳动保护监管落到实处。%In the construction industry,migrant workers face the problems of poor labor conditions,long working time and insufficient labor protection supplies,which result in labor safety accident.The construction industry labor protection problems have been caused by the construction industry employment system of migrant workers,migrant workers' lack of safety production knowledge,and regulatory authorities' lack of responsibility.The protection of migrant workers in the construction industry need to ensure the corresponding investment,strict management of the employment system,improve the safety knowledge of migrant workers,and implement the labor protection supervision.

  7. Construction of Protection Mechanisms of Interest Demands of Migrant Workers%农民工利益诉求保障机制的构建



    农民工利益诉求保障机制的构建是社会可持续发展的应有之义,也是加强和创新社会管理工作的重点。在人本法律观指导下完善统一立法,落实政府对农民工利益诉求的各项政策,疏通和拓宽利益表达渠道,司法保证对农民工利益缺失的救济等举措,是保障农民工合法权益的有效途径。%Construction of protection mechanisms of interest demands of migrant workers is not only the proper responsibility for sustainable development of society,but also the focus of work to enhance and innovate the social administration.Under the guidance of the concept of humanistic laws,it is effective way of guaranteeing migrant workers' legal rights and interests to improve and uniform legislation,implement various government's policies on migrant workers' interest demands,dredge and widen the channels for expression of interests,ensure the judicial relief on migrant workers' lack of interests,and so on.

  8. Receptor for advanced glycation end products is protective during murine tuberculosis.

    Zoelen, M.A. van; Wieland, C.W.; Windt, G.J. van der; Florquin, S.; Nawroth, P.P.; Bierhaus, A.; Poll, T. van der


    The development of active tuberculosis after infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis is almost invariably associated with a persistent or transient state of relative immunodeficiency. The receptor for advanced glycation end products (RAGE) is a promiscuous receptor that is involved in pulmonary in

  9. Advances in the synthesis mulitmetallic systems: hydroxyl group protection in aryldiamine platinum species

    Koten, G. van; Davies, P.J.; Grove, D.M.


    A multimetallic system containing three platinum atoms has been synthesized through use of an (aryldiamine)platinum complex with a protected hydroxyl group which, after deprotection, is coupled with the trisubstituted aryl molecule 1,3,5-tris(chlorocarbonyl)benzene that provides the core moiety. The

  10. Functional issues and environmental qualification of digital protection systems of advanced light-water nuclear reactors

    Korsah, K.; Clark, R.L.; Wood, R.T. [Oak Ridge National Lab., TN (United States)


    Issues of obsolescence and lack of infrastructural support in (analog) spare parts, coupled with the potential benefits of digital systems, are driving the nuclear industry to retrofit analog instrumentation and control (I&C) systems with digital and microprocessor-based systems. While these technologies have several advantages, their application to safety-related systems in nuclear power plants raises key issues relating to the systems` environmental qualification and functional reliability. To bound the problem of new I&C system functionality and qualification, the authors focused this study on protection systems proposed for use in ALWRs. Specifically, both functional and environmental qualification issues for ALWR protection system I&C were addressed by developing an environmental, functional, and aging data template for a protection division of each proposed ALWR design. By using information provided by manufacturers, environmental conditions and stressors to which I&C equipment in reactor protection divisions may be subjected were identified. The resulting data were then compared to a similar template for an instrument string typically found in an analog protection division of a present-day nuclear power plant. The authors also identified fiber-optic transmission systems as technologies that are relatively new to the nuclear power plant environment and examined the failure modes and age-related degradation mechanisms of fiber-optic components and systems. One reason for the exercise of caution in the introduction of software into safety-critical systems is the potential for common-cause failure due to the software. This study, however, approaches the functionality problem from a systems point of view. System malfunction scenarios are postulated to illustrate the fact that, when dealing with the performance of the overall integrated system, the real issues are functionality and fault tolerance, not hardware vs. software.

  11. Application of Advanced Materials Protecting from Influence of Free Space Environment

    Dotsenko, Oleg; Shovkoplyas, Yuriy


    High cost and low availability of the components certified for use in the space environment forces satellite designers to using industrial and even commercial items. Risks associated with insufficient knowledge about behavior of these components in radiation environment are parried, mainly, by careful radiating designing of a satellite where application of special protective materials with improved space radiation shielding characteristics is one of the most widely used practices. Another advantage of protective materials application appears when a satellite designer needs using equipment in more severe space environment conditions then it has been provided at the equipment development. In such cases only expensive repeated qualification of the equipment hardness can be alternative to protective materials application. But mostly this way is unacceptable for satellite developers, being within strong financial and temporal restrictions. To apply protective materials effectively, the developer should have possibility to answer the question: "Where inside a satellite shall I place these materials and what shall be their shape to meet the requirements on space radiation hardness with minimal mass and volume expenses?" At that, the minimum set of requirements on space radiation hardness include: ionizing dose, nonionizing dose, single events, and internal charging. The standard calculative models and experimental techniques, now in use for space radiation hardness assurance of a satellite are unsuitable for the problem solving in such formulation. The sector analysis methodology, widely used in satellite radiating designing, is applicable only for aluminium shielding and doesn't allow taking into account advantages of protective materials. The programs simulating transport of space radiations through a substance with the use of Monte-Carlo technique, such as GEANT4, FLUKA, HZETRN and others, are fully applicable in view of their capabilities; but time required for

  12. Enabling Technology to Advance Health-Protecting Individual Rights-Are We Walking the Talk?

    Sharp, Crystal; Gwadry-Sridhar, Femida

    The evolving structure and business of health care services and delivery need the functionality and capability offered by electronic health record (EHR) systems. By electronically diffusing the traditional patient record, however, this new model blurs the long-established medical data home, raising concerns about data ownership, confidentiality, access and individual rights. In 2008 the Lawson Health Research Institute began the process of instituting a robust health informatics and collaborative research infrastructure, now known as I-THINK Research. As data are migrated to the platform and policies are developed, we are forced to confront the complexity of issues around protection of individual rights. The paper presents, in a broader context, the main issues surrounding the privacy debate and the need for education, accountability and new legislation to help define and protect individual rights as new e-health business models emerge.


    Cinade Lucian Ovidiu


    Development of competitive policies and improvement of environment protection strategies are two basic trends of the development of the European Unique Market. Energy, also known as "industry bread", is basic product and strategic resource, where energy industry plays an obvious role in the economic and social development of any community. Traditional energy production is marred by three major drawbacks: it generates negative externalities by polluting; it is totally in the hands of the produ...

  14. Value-Driven Enterprise Architecture Evaluation for the Joint Force Protection Advanced Security System


    observed and reported – Lowest level of technology readiness TRL 2 Technology concept and/or application formulated invention begins TRL Figure 4.8. If the weight is set to any value between zero and one, a new ranking can be found by observing the order of alternatives. Locally...Joint Task List. Washington: Joint Staff. Jurk, D. M. (2002). Decision Analysis with Value-Focused Thinking as a Methology to Select Force Protection

  15. Technical advance in China's petroleum exploitation and production and its environmental protection

    Xingchun, Li; Wei, Fan; Jialin, Wang; Yong, Li


    China has gained great development in the fields of petroleum exploitation and production, and these achievements provide reservation for China's energy safety. Some of them may strengthen the environment protection from the source, while some of them may bring certain environmental pressure. This study analyses the opportunities and the challenges brought by the technology development and gives countermeasures for decrease the negative impact of technology development.

  16. Glucagon-like peptide-1 protects hippocampal neurons against advanced glycation end product-induced tau hyperphosphorylation.

    Chen, S; An, F-M; Yin, L; Liu, A-R; Yin, D-K; Yao, W-B; Gao, X-D


    We have previously demonstrated that glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonist ameliorated neurodegenerative changes in rat models of diabetes-related Alzheimer's disease (AD), and protected neurons from glucose toxicity in vitro. Herein, we investigated the effects of GLP-1 receptor mediates on cell toxicity and tau hyperphosphorylation induced by advanced glycation end products (AGEs), which are associated with glucose toxicity, and the molecular mechanism in PC12 cells and the primary hippocampal neurons. Our study demonstrated that the similar protection effects of GLP-1 existed in PC12 cells treated with glucose-bovine serum albumin (BSA) in hyperglycemic conditions or with glycoaldehyde-BSA alone. Additionally, glucose-BSA alone did not induce significant cytotoxicity in PC12 cells, but resulted in tau hyperphosphorylation in primary hippocampal neurons in 24h. And we found that GLP-1 could reduce cell tau phosphorylation induced by high glucose or glucose-BSA. Furthermore, our data in the present study suggested that GLP-1 regulated tau phosphorylation induced by AGEs through a signaling pathway involving glycogen synthase kinase 3β (GSK-3β), similarly to the GSK-3β inhibitor, lithium chloride. Our findings suggest that GLP-1 can protect neurons from diabetes-associated AGE insults in vitro, and provide new evidence for a potential therapeutic value of GLP-1 receptor agonist in the treatment of AD especially diabetes-related AD.

  17. Productive potentials or protected individuals? The concept of disability and mental illness in advanced welfare states

    Ringø, Pia; Høgsbro, Kjeld


    The chapter presents historical developments in the conception of disability and services for people with disability and mental illness. It identifies the social, political and technological movements, which have led to the epistemologies that exist in this field today. The diverse understandings...... of mental problems and vulnerability have all through history motivated different guidelines for social work practice when it comes to people with cognitive and mental deficits and in the final section of the chapter, we discuss how current sociological, neurological, and psychiatric perspectives...... in research as well as clinical experiences from advanced welfare services might support a new model for understanding mental vulnerability....

  18. Discussion on the Protection to Legitimate Rights and Interests of Migrant Rural Workers%农民工合法权益保护探讨



    Migrant rural workers are a special group emerged in the course of urbanization since Chinese reform and opening - up. Their legitimate rights and interests such as personal rights, right to get payment for labor, right to rest and leave, social assurance right and right to be taught are often violated due to cultural conflict, characteristics of social rank, system installation, law operation and other causes. At present, it is important content to really realize equal protection and build harmonious society by focusing on migrant rural worker' s living state, taking some effective measures of changing ideas, improving quality, reforming system and improving law to assure their legitimate rights and interests.%农民工是我国改革开放以来城市化进程中出现的特殊群体,由于文化冲突、阶层特性、制度设置和法律运行等原因,导致其人身权、劳动报酬权、休息休假权、社会保障权和受教育权等合法权益经常受到侵害。目前,关注农民工的生存状态,依法采取改变理念、提高素质、改革制度和完善法律等行之有效的措施保障其合法权益,是真正实现平等保护,构建和谐社会的重要内容。

  19. Using Computer Vision and Depth Sensing to Measure Healthcare Worker-Patient Contacts and Personal Protective Equipment Adherence Within Hospital Rooms.

    Chen, Junyang; Cremer, James F; Zarei, Kasra; Segre, Alberto M; Polgreen, Philip M


    Background.  We determined the feasibility of using computer vision and depth sensing to detect healthcare worker (HCW)-patient contacts to estimate both hand hygiene (HH) opportunities and personal protective equipment (PPE) adherence. Methods.  We used multiple Microsoft Kinects to track the 3-dimensional movement of HCWs and their hands within hospital rooms. We applied computer vision techniques to recognize and determine the position of fiducial markers attached to the patient's bed to determine the location of the HCW's hands with respect to the bed. To measure our system's ability to detect HCW-patient contacts, we counted each time a HCW's hands entered a virtual rectangular box aligned with a patient bed. To measure PPE adherence, we identified the hands, torso, and face of each HCW on room entry, determined the color of each body area, and compared it with the color of gloves, gowns, and face masks. We independently examined a ground truth video recording and compared it with our system's results. Results.  Overall, for touch detection, the sensitivity was 99.7%, with a positive predictive value of 98.7%. For gowned entrances, sensitivity was 100.0% and specificity was 98.15%. For masked entrances, sensitivity was 100.0% and specificity was 98.75%; for gloved entrances, the sensitivity was 86.21% and specificity was 98.28%. Conclusions.  Using computer vision and depth sensing, we can estimate potential HH opportunities at the bedside and also estimate adherence to PPE. Our fine-grained estimates of how and how often HCWs interact directly with patients can inform a wide range of patient-safety research.

  20. Northwest Montana Wildlife Mitigation Habitat Protection : Advance Design Appendices G, H, I, J : Final Report.

    Wood, Marilyn A.; Manley, Tim


    This research project was initiated in January 1989. Field work was completed by late summer. The purpose of this project was to identify reasons for the decline of the grouse population and determine the feasibility of maintaining grouse on the Tobacco Plains. Specific objectives of the project were: (1) To determine the existing and historic availability of sharp-tailed grouse habitat. (2) To document current and past grouse populations. (3) To determine the success or failure of past augmentation efforts. (4) To develop a list of potential sites to be included in a protection plan.

  1. Session 21.1 - Observations, Advances in LED Technology, and Dark Sky Protection

    Duriscoe, Dan M.


    The importance of dark sky protection, potential threats to further degradation from LED technology, the announcement of a new world atlas of artificial night sky brightness, and the use of color images from the orbiting International Space Station for monitoring potential sources of light pollution were discussed in the six talks of this session. It was clear from the presentations that the work of professional astronomy depends upon continued restraint in the use of outdoor lighting, especially new LED technology, which relies upon blue-rich sources to support the advantages of high luminous efficacy and resulting energy savings.

  2. Workers' Education and the ILO

    Guigui, Albert


    In its concern to eliminate the imbalance between social and economic development, the International Labour Organisation has two objectives in its workers' education activities: to help workers protect themselves against the harmful effects of our technological society; and to strengthen their ability to discharge their social responsibilities.…

  3. Estimate of radiation doses to workers in underground mines of coal and fluorite in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina and considerations on the optimisation of radiation protection

    Santos, Carlos Eduardo Lima dos; Vignol, Maria Lidia; Conceicao, Rommulo Vieira [Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Porto Alegre, RS (Brazil). Inst. de Geociencias], e-mail:; Xavier, Ana Maria; Gouvea, Vandir; Macacini, Jose Flavio [Comissao Nacional de Energia Nuclear (CNEN/RJ), Rio de Janeiro, RJ (Brazil)], e-mail:


    The inhalation of radon present in underground mines can imply in the deposition of its descendants in the lungs, which may cause harm to the lungs tissues and induce cancer. Concentrations of radon in the environment of underground mines above 1000 - 1500 Bq/m{sup 3} are internationally considered to require protective measures for the miners. The objectives of the present work were to determine the concentrations of radon in air, as well as the resulting doses due to the presence of this radionuclide in three underground mines of fluorite and three underground mines of coal in the State of Santa Catarina. The concentration of radon was measured employing two types of detectors of nuclear tracks (SSNTD), the LEXAN and the CR-39. This detection method consisted in counting, with the help of a microscope, tracks resulting from the interaction of alpha particles with the film, due to the penetration of Rn-222 in the interior of the detector chamber and its decaying process. The average dose to the workers of the coal mines was estimated as 0.7 mSv/a, value inferior to the limit of 1 mSv/a established by the Brazilian Nuclear Energy Commission (CNEN) for members of the public. On the other hand, the fluorite mines showed much higher concentrations of radon and superior to 1000 Bq/m{sup 3}. The inefficiency of the ventilation system and the liberation of radon during the various explosions may have contributed to the high concentrations of radon in these mines since the concentration of radium in the rocks (normal and weathered granites) and in the minerals (green and purple fluorides) that compose the mining environment are not high. The modification of the ventilation system of one of the fluorite mines was sufficient to reduce the radon concentration to levels of the order of 500 Bq/m{sup 3}. The weathered granite contributes more significantly to the increase of the concentration of Rn-222 in the air than the other rocks here studied, i.e. normal granite as well as

  4. Advanced Techniques for Seismic Protection of Historical Buildings: Experimental and Numerical Approach

    Mazzolani, Federico M.


    The seismic protection of historical and monumental buildings, namely dating back from the ancient age up to the 20th Century, is being looked at with greater and greater interest, above all in the Euro-Mediterranean area, its cultural heritage being strongly susceptible to undergo severe damage or even collapse due to earthquake. The cultural importance of historical and monumental constructions limits, in many cases, the possibility to upgrade them from the seismic point of view, due to the fear of using intervention techniques which could have detrimental effects on their cultural value. Consequently, a great interest is growing in the development of sustainable methodologies for the use of Reversible Mixed Technologies (RMTs) in the seismic protection of the existing constructions. RMTs, in fact, are conceived for exploiting the peculiarities of innovative materials and special devices, and they allow ease of removal when necessary. This paper deals with the experimental and numerical studies, framed within the EC PROHITECH research project, on the application of RMTs to the historical and monumental constructions mainly belonging to the cultural heritage of the Euro-Mediterranean area. The experimental tests and the numerical analyses are carried out at five different levels, namely full scale models, large scale models, sub-systems, devices, materials and elements.

  5. Recent Advances Toward Robust N-Protecting Groups for Glucosamine as Required for Glycosylation Strategies.

    Aly, Mohamed Ramadan El Sayed; El Ashry, El Sayed H


    2-Amino-2-deoxy-d-glucose (d-glucosamine) is among the most abundant monosaccharides found in natural products. This constituent, recognized for its ubiquity, is presented in most instances as its N-acetyl derivative 2-acetamido-2-deoxy-d-glucopyranose (N-acetylglucosamine, GlcNAc, NAG). It occurs as the β-linked pyranosyl group in polysaccharides and oligosaccharides, and sometimes as the monosaccharide itself, either in its native state or as a glycoconjugate. The compound's acylation profile and other aspects of its structure are important elements in determining the variety of reactivities and functions of the molecule as a whole. Methods elaborated to investigate these challenges have been intensively reviewed; however, a relatively more comprehensive reviewing of this subject is introduced here to cover some aspects that have not been sufficiently covered. This might enable those who are beginners in this field to be aware of the subject in a more comprehensive context. 2-Amino-2-deoxy-d-glucosylation strategies demand robust amino-protecting groups that survive under a variety of chemical conditions, yet provide groups that can be deprotected under relatively mild conditions. At the end of this review, a table that includes all the N-protecting groups that have been used for glucosamine is provided to introduce them at a glance to aid in constructing building blocks that will act as useful 2-amino-2-deoxy-d-glucosyl donors. © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  6. Setting norms in the United Nations system: the draft convention on the protection of the rights of all migrant workers and their families in relation to ILO in standards on migrant workers.

    Hasenau, M


    The author reviews the U.N.'s draft proposal concerning the rights of migrant workers and their families. "This article examines the nature and scope of obligations under the United Nations Convention and contrasts them with existing international standards. In the light of the elaboration of the U.N. Convention, the conditions of future normative activities to limit negative consequences of a proliferation of instruments and supervisory mechanisms are outlined." Consideration is given to human and trade union rights, employment, social security, living and working conditions, workers' families, expulsion, and conditions of international migration. (SUMMARY IN FRE AND SPA)

  7. A novel dentifrice technology for advanced oral health protection: A review of technical and clinical data.

    Baig, Arif; He, Tao


    Throughout the world, dentifrices have played a key role in the practice of good oral hygiene and promotion of better oral health. In addition to providing general dental cleaning, toothpastes also have served as an excellent vehicle for the introduction of new agents that deliver therapeutic and cosmetic benefits. Key examples of using dentifrices to provide added benefits include the introduction in 1955 of the first fluoridated toothpaste clinically proven to fight caries (Crest Cavity Protection) and the launch of the first tartar-control dentifrice (Crest Tartar Control) in the mid-1980s. To continue expanding the health and esthetic benefits offered by a single dentifrice, a multitude of agents have been investigated over the past 3 decades. The focus of these investigations has been in the multibenefit segment, the most widely used among US consumers.


    Cinade Lucian Ovidiu


    Full Text Available Development of competitive policies and improvement of environment protection strategies are two basic trends of the development of the European Unique Market. Energy, also known as 'industry bread', is basic product and strategic resource, where energy industry plays an obvious role in the economic and social development of any community. Traditional energy production is marred by three major drawbacks: it generates negative externalities by polluting; it is totally in the hands of the producers; hence, prices rise at their will, of fossil fuels such as oil and gas. Present study focuses on electric energy industry, yet bearing over the whole length of the chain producer-to-end-consumer, thus revealed as particularly complex. The question is do alternative energy sources meet the prerequisite of market being competitive meanwhile environment protection being highly observed. We identify limits in point, of the energy market; effects of market liberalization; entry barriers; interchangeability level of energy sources; active forces on the energy market. Competitive rivalry has been expressed as per market micro-economic analysis, based on Michael Porter's 5-forces model. It will thus be noticed that, morphologically, competition evolution depends firstly on the market type. For the time being, the consumer on the energy market stays captive, for various reasons such as: legislation; limits of energy transfer infrastructure; scarcity of resources; resources availability imbalance; no integrative strategy available, of renewable energy resources usage. Energy availability is vital for human society to function. Comparative advantages of renewable energy resources are twofold, as manifested: in terms of economics, i.e. improving competition by substitute products entered at the same time as new producers enter market; and in terms of ecology, by reducing CO2 emissions. As to energy production technology and transfer, the complementary nature will

  9. The health care system for female workers and its current status in Japan.

    Nohara, M; Kagawa, J


    In this paper we describe female workers' health care, the women's and maternal protection system within the Japanese legal system, the current status of female workers in Japan, and problems regarding methods of advancing health care and the women's or maternal protection system. Motherhood is respected in the workplace in Japan, and in order to provide an environment in which women can work and still bear and rear children with a sense of security, laws concerning maternal protection of female workers, and revisions in terms of the system have been made, and a new system has been in effect since the fiscal year of 1998. Nevertheless, gender discrimination against women and the disparagement of women, rooted in gender role stereotypes concerning the division of labor, remain firmly planted in the social environment and in long-established custom.

  10. Protective

    Wessam M. Abdel-Wahab


    Full Text Available Many active ingredients extracted from herbal and medicinal plants are extensively studied for their beneficial effects. Antioxidant activity and free radical scavenging properties of thymoquinone (TQ have been reported. The present study evaluated the possible protective effects of TQ against the toxicity and oxidative stress of sodium fluoride (NaF in the liver of rats. Rats were divided into four groups, the first group served as the control group and was administered distilled water whereas the NaF group received NaF orally at a dose of 10 mg/kg for 4 weeks, TQ group was administered TQ orally at a dose of 10 mg/kg for 5 weeks, and the NaF-TQ group was first given TQ for 1 week and was secondly administered 10 mg/kg/day NaF in association with 10 mg/kg TQ for 4 weeks. Rats intoxicated with NaF showed a significant increase in lipid peroxidation whereas the level of reduced glutathione (GSH and the activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD, catalase (CAT, glutathione S-transferase (GST and glutathione peroxidase (GPx were reduced in hepatic tissues. The proper functioning of the liver was also disrupted as indicated by alterations in the measured liver function indices and biochemical parameters. TQ supplementation counteracted the NaF-induced hepatotoxicity probably due to its strong antioxidant activity. In conclusion, the results obtained clearly indicated the role of oxidative stress in the induction of NaF toxicity and suggested hepatoprotective effects of TQ against the toxicity of fluoride compounds.

  11. An action agenda for HIV and sex workers.

    Beyrer, Chris; Crago, Anna-Louise; Bekker, Linda-Gail; Butler, Jenny; Shannon, Kate; Kerrigan, Deanna; Decker, Michele R; Baral, Stefan D; Poteat, Tonia; Wirtz, Andrea L; Weir, Brian W; Barré-Sinoussi, Françoise; Kazatchkine, Michel; Sidibé, Michel; Dehne, Karl-Lorenz; Boily, Marie-Claude; Strathdee, Steffanie A


    The women, men, and transgender people who sell sex globally have disproportionate risks and burdens of HIV in countries of low, middle, and high income, and in concentrated and generalised epidemic contexts. The greatest HIV burdens continue to be in African female sex workers. Worldwide, sex workers still face reduced access to needed HIV prevention, treatment, and care services. Legal environments, policies, police practices, absence of funding for research and HIV programmes, human rights violations, and stigma and discrimination continue to challenge sex workers' abilities to protect themselves, their families, and their sexual partners from HIV. These realities must change to realise the benefits of advances in HIV prevention and treatment and to achieve global control of the HIV pandemic. Effective combination prevention and treatment approaches are feasible, can be tailored for cultural competence, can be cost-saving, and can help to address the unmet needs of sex workers and their communities in ways that uphold their human rights. To address HIV in sex workers will need sustained community engagement and empowerment, continued research, political will, structural and policy reform, and innovative programmes. But such actions can and must be achieved for sex worker communities everywhere. Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  12. Blockade of PKC-beta protects HUVEC from advanced glycation end products induced inflammation.

    Xu, Youhua; Wang, Shanshan; Feng, Liang; Zhu, Quan; Xiang, Ping; He, Bao


    Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) have been recognized as a pivotal inducer in diabetes and kinds of aging-related vasculopathy. Endothelial dysfunction and inflammatory cells adhesion to endothelium have been regarded as important and early factors in the pathogenesis of vascular complications in diabetic patients. Owing to the key role of PKC-beta in AGEs-induced vascular dysfunction, we investigated effects of blocking PKC-beta by LY333531 on macrophage adhesion to HUVEC and the related mechanism. Transwell HUVEC-macrophage co-culture system was established to evaluate macrophage migration and adhesion ability. Immunocytochemistry was applied to examine TGF-beta1, ICAM-1 and RAGE protein expressions by SABC or SABC-AP method; mRNA expression of TGF-beta1, ICAM-1 and RAGE was determined by real-time RT-PCR. SOD and MDA levels in culture supernatant were detected. We found that LY333531 significantly reduced AGEs-induced macrophage adhesion to HUVEC. Blockade of PKC-beta strikingly decreased HUVEC TGF-beta1 and ICAM-1 expression in both protein and mRNA levels, RAGE protein level was also down-regulated. Furthermore, the anti-oxidative stress index, SOD/MDA was dramatically elevated on LY333531 application. Therefore we conclude that LY333531 can reduce AGEs-induced macrophage adhesion to endothelial cells and relieve the local inflammation, this was realized by its effect on decreasing inflammatory cytokines' expression and increasing cell anti-oxidative ability.

  13. Informal Workers in Thailand: Occupational Health and Social Security Disparities.

    Kongtip, Pornpimol; Nankongnab, Noppanun; Chaikittiporn, Chalermchai; Laohaudomchok, Wisanti; Woskie, Susan; Slatin, Craig


    Informal workers in Thailand lack employee status as defined under the Labor Protection Act (LPA). Typically, they do not work at an employer's premise; they work at home and may be self-employed or temporary workers. They account for 62.6 percent of the Thai workforce and have a workplace accident rate ten times higher than formal workers. Most Thai Labor laws apply only to formal workers, but some protect informal workers in the domestic, home work, and agricultural sectors. Laws that protect informal workers lack practical enforcement mechanisms and are generally ineffective because informal workers lack employment contracts and awareness of their legal rights. Thai social security laws fail to provide informal workers with treatment of work-related accidents, diseases, and injuries; unemployment and retirement insurance; and workers' compensation. The article summarizes the differences in protections available for formal and informal sector workers and measures needed to decrease these disparities in coverage.

  14. Advances in induced resistance by natural compounds: towards new options for woody crop protection

    Eugenio Llorens

    Full Text Available ABSTRACT: The activation of defensive responses of plants is a promising tool for controlling pests in conventional agriculture. Over the last few years, several compounds have been studied to protect crops from pests, without displaying direct toxicity for pathogenic organisms. These compounds have the ability to induce a priming state on the plants that results in resistance (or tolerance against subsequent infection by a pathogen. In terms of molecular response, induced plant defense involves a broad number of physical and biochemical changes such as callose deposition or phenolic compounds, activation of salicylic and/or jasmonic acid pathways or synthesis of defense-related enzymes. Despite the large number of studies performed to ascertain the physiological and biochemical basis of induced resistance, only a few resistance-activating compounds have been studied as a real alternative to classic means of control and the studies geared towards incorporating induced resistance into disease management programs are relatively rare. The incorporation of natural resistance inducer in pest management programs of woody crops, alone or in combination with classical methods, could be a reliable method for reducing the amount of chemical residues in the environment. In this review, we discuss the current knowledge of induced resistance in woody crops, focusing on the mode of action of compounds authorized for conventional agriculture. We conclude by discussing the environmental and economic advantages of applying resistance inducers to conventional agriculture with special emphasis on natural compounds.

  15. Nanosatellites in LEO and beyond: Advanced Radiation protection techniques for COTS-based spacecraft

    Selčan, David; Kirbiš, Gregor; Kramberger, Iztok


    This paper presents an approach for implementing radiation protection FDIR (Fault Detection, Isolation and Recovery) techniques designed especially for nanosatellites, capable of ensuring reliable operation in harsh orbits using COTS (Commercial off the Shelf) components. The radiation environment, as encountered by nanosatellites utilizing Flash-based FPGAs in orbits higher than Low Earth Orbit, is analyzed, primarily focusing on SEE (Single Event Effects). In order to assure reliable operation, the FDIR policy is split into two levels: the Low Level FDIR which ensures that no permanent damage occurs to the satellite's electronics, which then allows the use of a High Level FDIR tasked with maintaining high availability. A hierarchical approach, consisting of three types of current limiters in combination with watchdog timers and fault tolerant logic implemented inside a flash-based FPGA is proposed for the Low Level FDIR. The impacts of various radiation-induced faults are analyzed with respect to how the FDIR techniques mitigate them. The proposed current limiters and watchdog timers have been implemented and evaluated for suitability of use with the hierarchical FDIR policy. In order to decrease the impacts on the size and weight footprints, the current limiters were implemented as stacked 3D modules.

  16. Protective effect of Flt3L on organ structure during advanced multiorgan dysfunction syndrome in mice



    The present study aimed to examine whether fms-related tyrosine kinase 3 ligand (Flt3L) protects the organs of mice with multiorgan dysfunction syndrome (MODS). Male C57BL/6 mice were randomly assigned to normal control, MODS and Flt3L treatment groups. The mouse models of MODS were established using intraperitoneal zymosan injections, followed by normal saline injections. The treatment group received 5 μg/kg Flt3L for seven days, beginning on day five following zymosan injection. On day 12, the mortality rates of the Flt3L treatment and the MODS groups were 7 and 18%, respectively. Marked pathological changes were observed in the liver, lungs, kidneys and heart of the mice with MODS, including degeneration and focal necrosis of parenchyma cells. Mild pathological changes were observed in different organs of the Flt3L-treated mice. In the MODS group, the number of CD4+ T lymphocytes was significantly reduced, whereas the number of CD8+ T lymphocytes was significantly increased compared with that in the normal control group; thus, the CD4+/CD8+ ratio was reduced. In the Flt3L treatment group, the average number of CD4+ T lymphocytes was not significantly different to the average number of CD4+ T lymphocytes in the normal group. In conclusion, Flt3L administration improved the immune status and alleviated the organ damage in mice with late-phase MODS. PMID:25672780

  17. Emerging tools for continuous nutrient monitoring networks: Sensors advancing science and water resources protection

    Pellerin, Brian; Stauffer, Beth A; Young, Dwane A; Sullivan, Daniel J.; Bricker, Suzanne B.; Walbridge, Mark R; Clyde, Gerard A; Shaw, Denice M


    Sensors and enabling technologies are becoming increasingly important tools for water quality monitoring and associated water resource management decisions. In particular, nutrient sensors are of interest because of the well-known adverse effects of nutrient enrichment on coastal hypoxia, harmful algal blooms, and impacts to human health. Accurate and timely information on nutrient concentrations and loads is integral to strategies designed to minimize risk to humans and manage the underlying drivers of water quality impairment. Using nitrate sensors as an example, we highlight the types of applications in freshwater and coastal environments that are likely to benefit from continuous, real-time nutrient data. The concurrent emergence of new tools to integrate, manage and share large data sets is critical to the successful use of nutrient sensors and has made it possible for the field of continuous nutrient monitoring to rapidly move forward. We highlight several near-term opportunities for Federal agencies, as well as the broader scientific and management community, that will help accelerate sensor development, build and leverage sites within a national network, and develop open data standards and data management protocols that are key to realizing the benefits of a large-scale, integrated monitoring network. Investing in these opportunities will provide new information to guide management and policies designed to protect and restore our nation’s water resources.

  18. Regularización laboral de trabajadores de la salud pagados con recursos del Seguro Popular en México Labor regularization of health workers paid with funds from the Mexican System for Social Protection in Health

    Gustavo Nigenda


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Describir y analizar el proceso de regularización del personal de salud pagado por el Sistema de Protección Social en Salud de México. MATERIAL Y MÉTODOS: Se utilizan datos primarios y secundarios provenientes de la evaluación del Sistema de Protección Social en Salud en 2009. RESULTADOS: La regularización mejora las condiciones laborales de los trabajadores pero sus implicaciones para el conjunto del sistema no son necesariamente positivas. CONCLUSIONES: Se requiere considerar la necesidad de que este tipo de inversiones beneficien a todos los actores interesados, principalmente la población asegurada por el sistema.OBJECTIVE: The process of regularization of workers paid by the Social Protection Health System of Mexico is described and analyzed. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Primary and secondary data collected by the external evaluation of the Mexican System for Social Protection in Health in 2009 were used. RESULTS: The regularization clearly improved the labor conditions of workers contracted by the system but a broader systemic implication of regularization does not seem to be necessarily positive. CONCLUSION: It is important to consider the need to guarantee that this type of changes in the contractual conditions of workers benefit all actors, particularly the insured population.

  19. Dysfunctional protection against advanced glycation due to thiamine metabolism abnormalities in gestational diabetes.

    Bartáková, Vendula; Pleskačová, Anna; Kuricová, Katarína; Pácal, Lukáš; Dvořáková, Veronika; Bělobrádková, Jana; Tomandlová, Marie; Tomandl, Josef; Kaňková, Kateřina


    While the pathogenic role of dicarbonyl stress and accelerated formation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) to glucose intolerance and to the development of diabetic complications is well established, little is known about these processes in gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), a condition pathogenically quite similar to type 2 diabetes. The aims of the present study were (i) to determine plasma thiamine and erythrocyte thiamine diphosphate (TDP) and transketolase (TKT) activity in pregnant women with and without GDM, (ii) to assess relationships between thiamine metabolism parameters and selected clinical, biochemical and anthropometric characteristics and, finally, (iii) to analyse relationship between variability in the genes involved in the regulation of transmembrane thiamine transport (i.e. SLC19A2 and SLC19A3) and relevant parameters of thiamine metabolism. We found significantly lower plasma BMI adjusted thiamine in women with GDM (P = 0.002, Mann-Whitney) while levels of erythrocyte TDP (an active TKT cofactor) in mid-trimester were significantly higher in GDM compared to controls (P = 0.04, Mann-Whitney). However, mid-gestational TKT activity - reflecting pentose phosphate pathway activity - did not differ between the two groups (P > 0.05, Mann-Whitney). Furthermore, we ascertained significant associations of postpartum TKT activity with SNPs SLC19A2 rs6656822 and SLC19A3 rs7567984 (P = 0.03 and P = 0.007, resp., Kruskal-Wallis). Our findings of increased thiamine delivery to the cells without concomitant increase of TKT activity in women with GDM therefore indicate possible pathogenic role of thiamine mishandling in GDM. Further studies are needed to determine its contribution to maternal and/or neonatal morbidity.

  20. Acute Cerebrovascular Radiation Syndrome: Radiation Neurotoxicity , mechanisms of CNS radiation injury, advanced countermeasures for Radiation Protection of Central Nervous System.

    Popov, Dmitri; Jones, Jeffrey; Maliev, Slava

    Key words: Cerebrovascular Acute Radiation Syndrome (Cv ARS), Radiation Neurotoxins (RNT), Neurotransmitters, Radiation Countermeasures, Antiradiation Vaccine (ArV), Antiradiation Blocking Antibodies, Antiradiation Antidote. Psychoneuroimmunology, Neurotoxicity. ABSTRACT: To review the role of Radiation Neurotoxins in triggering, developing of radiation induced central nervous system injury. Radiation Neurotoxins - rapidly acting blood toxic lethal agent, which activated after irradiation and concentrated, circulated in interstitial fluid, lymph, blood with interactions with cell membranes, receptors and cell compartments. Radiation Neurotoxins - biological molecules with high enzymatic activity and/or specific lipids and activated or modified after irradiation. The Radiation Neurotoxins induce increased permeability of blood vessels, disruption of the blood-brain barrier, blood-cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) barrier and developing severe disorder of blood macro- and micro-circulation. Principles of Radiation Psychoneuro-immunology and Psychoneuro-allergology were applied for determination of pathological processes developed after irradiation or selective administration of Radiation Neurotoxins to radiation naïve mammals. Effects of radiation and exposure to radiation can develop severe irreversible abnormalities of Central Nervous System, brain structures and functions. Antiradiation Vaccine - most effective, advanced methods of protection, prevention, mitigation and treatment and was used for of Acute Radiation Syndromes and elaboration of new technology for immune-prophylaxis and immune-protection against ϒ, Heavy Ion, Neutron irradiation. Results of experiments suggested that blocking, antitoxic, antiradiation antibodies can significantly reduce toxicity of Radiation Toxins. New advanced technology include active immune-prophylaxis with Antiradiation Vaccine and Antiradiation therapy that included specific blocking antibodies to Radiation Neurotoxins

  1. 77 FR 25859 - Workers Memorial Day, 2012


    ... advocates, we secured that basic right over 40 years ago, helping protect Americans from death or injury... rededicate ourselves to protecting the health, safety, and dignity of every worker. NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK...

  2. Talking about Protection of Migrant Workers the Right to Education%试论农民工教育权利的保障



    Advocacy of migrant workers the fight to education, to improve the educational level of migrant workers, ac- celerating the urbanization process, educational equity and social harmony and development plays an important practical sig- nificance. If the education of migrant workers fights are not guaranteed, it is bound to hinder the process of urbanization in China. However, the education problems of migrant workers has become a stronger labor economy, and promote the urba- nization of the bottleneck. Therefore, we should advocate for the diversified development of vocational education to meet the needs of culture, skills, rights of migrant workers.%倡导农民工受教育权,提高农民工受教育水平,对于加速城市化进程、我国教育公平及社会和谐发展有着举足轻重的现实意义。如果农民工教育权利得不到保障,势必妨碍我国城市化的进程。然而,农民工的教育问题已成为做强劳务经济、推进城市化的瓶颈。因此,我们应倡导职业教育多元化发展,满足农民工的文化、技能、维权等方面的需求。

  3. 农民工权益及其保障的法治探析%On Migrant Workers' Rights and the Protection Law



    Migrant workers are a special group. Based on their vulnerable situation, the paper focuses on the connotation of migrant workers' rights and the law system of safeguard, which has an important guiding significance for the maintenance of migrant workers' legitimate rights and the construction of a harmonious society.%基于农民工特殊群体及其弱势处境的具体状况,着重探析农民工权益的内涵及其保障的法治化机制,对维护农民工合法权益以及建设和谐社会具有重要的指导意义。

  4. Advances in environmental radiation protection: re-thinking animal-environment interaction modelling for wildlife dose assessment

    Wood, Michael D. [School of Environment and Life Sciences, University of Salford, Manchester, M4 4WT (United Kingdom); Beresford, Nicholas A. [School of Environment and Life Sciences, University of Salford, Manchester, M4 4WT (United Kingdom); Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Bailrigg, Lancaster, LA1 4AP (United Kingdom); Bradshaw, Clare [Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences, Stockholm University, 10691 Stockholm (Sweden); Gashchak, Sergey [Chornobyl Centre for Nuclear Safety, Radioactive Waste and Radioecology, 07100 Slavutych (Ukraine); Hinton, Thomas G. [Institut de Radioprotection et de Surete Nucleaire (IRSN), Centre de Cadarache, 13115 Saint Paul-lez-Durance (France)


    Current wildlife dose assessment models adopt simplistic approaches to the representation of animal-environment interaction. The simplest approaches are to assume either that environmental media (e.g. soil, sediment or water) are uniformly contaminated or relating organism exposure to activity concentrations in media collected at the point of sampling of the animal. The external exposure of a reference organism is then estimated by defining the geometric relationship between the organism and the medium. For example, a reference organism within the soil would have a 4p exposure geometry and a reference organism on the soil would have a 2p exposure geometry. At best, the current modelling approaches recognise differences in media activity concentrations by calculating exposure for different areas of contamination and then estimating the fraction of time that an organism spends in each area. In other fields of pollution ecology, for example wildlife risk assessment for chemical pollution, more advanced approaches are being implemented to model animal-environment interaction and estimate exposure. These approaches include individual-based movement modelling and random walk modelling and a variety of software tools have been developed to facilitate the implementation of these models. Although there are more advanced animal-environment interaction modelling approaches that are available, it is questionable whether these should be adopted for use in environmental radiation protection. Would their adoption significantly reduce uncertainty within the assessment process and, if so, by how much? These questions are being addressed within the new TREE (TRansfer - Exposure - Effects) research programme funded by the United Kingdom Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and within Working Group (WG) 8 of the International Atomic Energy Agency's MODARIA programme. MODARIA WG8 is reviewing some of the alternative approaches that have been developed for animal

  5. Manufacturing of Protected Lithium Electrodes for Advanced Lithium-Air, Lithium-Water & Lithium-Sulfur Batteries

    Visco, Steven J


    The global demand for rechargeable batteries is large and growing rapidly. Assuming the adoption of electric vehicles continues to increase, the need for smaller, lighter, and less expensive batteries will become even more pressing. In this vein, PolyPlus Battery Company has developed ultra-light high performance batteries based on its proprietary protected lithium electrode (PLE) technology. The Company’s Lithium-Air and Lithium-Seawater batteries have already demonstrated world record performance (verified by third party testing), and we are developing advanced lithium-sulfur batteries which have the potential deliver high performance at low cost. In this program PolyPlus Battery Company teamed with Corning Incorporated to transition the PLE technology from bench top fabrication using manual tooling to a pre- commercial semi-automated pilot line. At the inception of this program PolyPlus worked with a Tier 1 battery manufacturing engineering firm to design and build the first-of-its-kind pilot line for PLE production. The pilot line was shipped and installed in Berkeley, California several months after the start of the program. PolyPlus spent the next two years working with and optimizing the pilot line and now produces all of its PLEs on this line. The optimization process successfully increased the yield, throughput, and quality of PLEs produced on the pilot line. The Corning team focused on fabrication and scale-up of the ceramic membranes that are key to the PLE technology. PolyPlus next demonstrated that it could take Corning membranes through the pilot line process to produce state-of-the-art protected lithium electrodes. In the latter part of the program the Corning team developed alternative membranes targeted for the large rechargeable battery market. PolyPlus is now in discussions with several potential customers for its advanced PLE-enabled batteries, and is building relationships and infrastructure for the transition into manufacturing. It is likely

  6. 粉尘作业者呼吸防护用品现场使用情况评价方法构建%Construction of Evaluation in Dust Exposed Workers With Respiratory Protective Equipment Use of Site



    Objective To investigate the dust exposed workers with respiratory protective equipment use of the site and construction of evaluation.Methods Investigation of respiratory protective equipment for 246 dust exposed workers in an enterprise in three workshop use case,the site and the form of questionnaire survey,on-site construction workers through the analysis of dust comprehensive evaluation of respiratory protective equipment using the method product. Results The respiratory protection plans of the enterprise fails to make the choice,three types of dust workshop operators of respiratory protective equipment,the average monthly payment number change and the success rate of the rate of wear rates were significantly different (P < 0.05),the whole enterprise breath basic protection of the qualified rate was 19.65%,the unqualified rate was 80.35%,the difference was statistical y significant(P<0.05). High KV chest radiograph revealed pneumoconiosis respiratory protective or observation object group qualified rate was significantly lower than control group(P<0.05). Conclusion By constructing a comprehensive evaluation of dust exposed workers respiratory protection products and use method develop respiratory protection plan,effectively regulate the use of respiratory protective equipment,to prevent the occurrence of pneumoconiosis.%目的:探讨粉尘作业者呼吸防护用品现场使用情况且构建评价方法。方法对于某企业3个车间的246名粉尘作业者的呼吸防护用品使用情况进行调查,采用现场及问卷调查的形式,通过构建粉尘作业者呼吸防护用品使用的综合评价方法品进行现场分析。结果显示该企业未制定的呼吸保护计划,3个车间的粉尘作业者呼吸防护用品的选择类型、月均发放数更换达标率及佩戴率的达标率均具有差异(P<0.05);全企业呼吸防护基本合格率为19.65%,不合格率为80.35%,差异具有统计学意义(P<0.05);高

  7. Pivotal importance of STAT3 in protecting the heart from acute and chronic stress: new advancement and unresolved issues

    Foaud A. Zouein


    Full Text Available The transcription factor Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription 3 (STAT3 has been implicated in protecting the heart from acute ischemic injury under both basal conditions and as a crucial component of pre- and post-conditioning protocols. A number of anti-oxidant and antiapoptotic genes are upregulated by STAT3 via canonical means involving phosphorylation on Y705 and S727, although other incompletely defined posttranslational modifications are involved. In addition, STAT3 is now known to be present in cardiac mitochondria and to exert actions that regulate the electron transport chain, reactive oxygen species (ROS production, and mitochondrial permeability transition pore (mPTP opening. These non-canonical actions of STAT3 are enhanced by S727 phosphorylation. The molecular basis for the mitochondrial actions of STAT3 are poorly understood, but STAT3 is known to interact with a critical subunit of complex I and to regulate complex I function. Dysfunctional complex I has been implicated in ischemic injury, heart failure, and the aging process. Evidence also indicates that STAT3 is protective to the heart under chronic stress conditions, including hypertension, pregnancy, and advanced age. Paradoxically, the accumulation of unphosphorylated STAT3 (U-STAT3 in the nucleus has been suggested to drive pathological cardiac hypertrophy and inflammation via noncanonical gene expression, perhaps involving a distinct acetylation profile. U-STAT3 may also regulate chromatin stability. Our understanding of how the noncanonical genomic and mitochondrial actions of STAT3 in the heart are regulated and coordinated with the canonical actions of STAT3 is rudimentary. Here we present an overview of what is currently known about the pleotropic actions of STAT3 in the heart in order to highlight controversies and unresolved issues.

  8. An analysis of the awareness and performance of radiation workers' radiation/radioactivity protection in medical institutions : Focused on Busan regional medical institutions

    Park, Cheol Koo [Dept. of Radiological Science, Graduate School of Catholic University of Pusan, Busan (Korea, Republic of); Hwang, Chul Hwan [Dept. of Radiation Oncology, Pusan National University Hospital, Busan (Korea, Republic of); Kim, Dong Hyun [Dept. of Radiological Science, College of Health Sciences, Catholic University of Pusan, Busan (Korea, Republic of)


    The purpose of this study was to investigate safety management awareness and behavioral investigation of radiation/radioactivity performance defenses of radiation workers' in medical institutions. Data collection consisted of 267 radiation workers working in medical institutions using structured questionnaires. As a result, it was analyzed that radiation safety management awareness and performance were high in 40s, 50s group and higher education group. The analysis according to the radiation safety management knowledge was analyzed that the 'Know very well' group had higher scores on awareness and performance scores. The analysis according to the degree of safety management effort showed the high awareness scale and the performance scale in the group 'Receiving various education or studying the safety management contents through book'. The correlations between the sub-factors showed the highest positive correlation between perceived practician and personal perspective and perceived by patient and patient's caretaker perspective. Therefore, radiation safety management for workers, patients, and patient's caretaker should be conducted through continuous education of radiation safety management through various routes of radiation workers working at medical institutions.

  9. 农民工劳动合同的缺失及其权益保护%The Deletion of the Migrant workers' Labor Contract and the Rights and Interests Protection



    According to the National Bureau of Statistics survey on migrant workers over these years, among the huge number of migrant workers, the proportion of those have signed the labor contract is relatively low, which leads to the related interests is out of safeguard. Based on the pattern of strong capital and weak labor, we should set out from government and labor, to build strong restrain mechanism to balance the labor and capital sides, then to establish and improve the migrant workers rights and interests protection system.%根据国家统计局历年的农民工统计监测调查,我国数量庞大的农民工群体签订劳动合同比例较低,导致其相关权益得不到保障。基于强资本弱劳工的格局,必须从政府和劳动者两方面出发,构建强有力的牵制机制来平衡劳资双方的力量对比,从而建立起完善的农民工权益保护体系。

  10. Advances in Protection.

    Szczerba, Peter


    Explains how integrating information technology can extend the capabilities of school security systems far beyond traditional card access. Use of biometric identification technologies and digitized event recording are explored. (GR)

  11. Studing on the right to working conditionds of rural migrant workers and legal protection%农民工工作环境权及其法律保护探析



    Working conditions concerns life and health of workers. The foundation of right to working conditions is the labour' rights of life and health. Right to working conditions is a basical right to rural migrant worker being labours, which is the embodimant of rural migrant worker'rights of life and health in field of labour relation and is the basical right to workof rural migrant workers. It includes right of acquiring an occupational safety conditions and protective articles, right of participation, right of learing the truth, right of the education training and right of refusing to work in danger. The right to working conditions of rural migrant workers was analyzed practicaly:lack of necessary work safety and hygienic conditions and appliance of labor protection, work safety and hygienic conditions deficiency of safeguard in safety inspection of enterprise at regular intervals, 60% rural migrant worker had not received education of work safety and hygienic conditions, 50% rural migrant workerwomen had not been protected while being preguancy. On the basis of lack of right to working conditions, Some suggestions on the right to working conditions of rural migrant worker were proposed, in terms of legislation's guiding ideology, intergration of legislation, uniform of law enforcement agency and making law selectable.%工作环境事关劳动者的身体健康和生命安全.工作环境权的基础足劳动者的生命健康权.工作环境权是农民工作为劳动者应当享有的一项基本权利,是农民上生命健康权在劳动关系领域的体现,是农民工最基本的劳动权利.农民工工作环境权主要包括获得必要的安全卫生条件和防护用品权、安全卫生方面的决策参与权、知情权、接受培训权和拒绝危险工作权.从实证角度对农民工工作环境权进行了分析:欠缺必要的劳动安全卫生条件和劳动保护用品;职业安全卫生工作条件缺乏企业定期安伞检查的保障;

  12. 40 CFR 170.130 - Pesticide safety training for workers.


    ... (iii) Have completed a pesticide safety train-the-trainer program approved by a State, Federal, or... 40 Protection of Environment 23 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Pesticide safety training for workers...) PESTICIDE PROGRAMS WORKER PROTECTION STANDARD Standard for Workers § 170.130 Pesticide safety training...

  13. Establishment of Rights Protection Image and Public Space of Rights and Interests of New Generation of Migrant Workers%新生代农民工维权形象与权益公共空间的构建



    新生代农民工权益受侵正由“显”到“隐”,维权形象和能力不容乐观,其维权方式的失效同城乡移动所带来的“权益共同体”的中断密切相关。乡民在乡村受到乡村“权益共同体”的保护,走入城市意味着乡村“权益共同体”的失效,而城市又没有为其提供相应的维权方式对接,从而造成维权效果低下。以互联网为平台,以地方性权益空间建设为基础,以国家法律法规等体制为依据,以新生代农民工人大代表和权益领袖为主体,通过“事件化”社会舆论监督机制建设社会诚信空间,最终构建新生代农民工权益公共空间。%The rights and interests of new generation of migrant workers have been infringed from the“obvious” to the “hidden”, and their rights image and ability are not optimistic. The failure of the rights protection is closely related to the interrupt of the “rights and interests community” formed by urban and rural migration. Villagers are protected by the “rights and interests community” in their rural villages, but when they move to the city, the rural “rights and interests community” has lost its effect while the city has no way to provide the appropriate rights for them, resulting in the low effect of the rights protection. By taking the Internet as a platform and the construction of local public space as the base, national laws and regulations as the basis, worker representatives and leaders of new generation of migrant workers as the main body and by building social credit space through the “events”-based social media supervision, the construction of public space of rights and interests of new generation of the migrant workers can be estab-lished eventually.

  14. Clandestine migrant workers in Japan.

    Nagayama, T


    The author assesses the problem of illegal labor migration to Japan. "Labor policies, regulations, types of immigration violations, and the role of the recruitment industry are described. Most of the estimated 200,000 illegal workers are employed in small and medium sized enterprises, especially construction and manufacturing, which pay them wages well below the normal rate. A key issue is the infringement of human rights of these illegal workers, who lack the protection of labor laws and the social security system."

  15. Globalization and workers' health.

    Kawachi, Ichiro


    The global integration of economies worldwide has led to increased pressure for "labor flexibility". A notable aspect of this trend has been the rise in non-standard work arrangements, which include part-time work, temporary agency-based work, fixed-term contingent work, and independent contracting. Although non-standard work arrangements are convenient for employers, they are often associated with poor pay, absence of pension and health benefits, as well as lack of protection from unions and labor laws. Studies have begun to address the question of whether these "precarious" jobs pose a health hazard for workers. The challenge for causal inference is that precarious workers are likely to differ from non-precarious workers in a variety of characteristics that also influence health outcomes, i.e. there is confounding and selection bias. However, even after taking account of these biases--through propensity score-matched analysis--there is evidence to suggest that non-standard work may be damaging to workers' health. Policies modeled after the European Union's Directive on Part-Time Work may help to mitigate some of the health hazards associated with precarious work.

  16. The protective functions of relationships, social support and self-esteem in the life satisfaction of children of migrant workers in Shanghai, China.

    Wong, Daniel Fu Keung; Chang, Yingli; He, Xuesong; Wu, Qiaobing


    At present, China has approximately 20 million migrant school-aged children accompanying their parents in relocating to the cities. However, very little is known about them. Using a resilience framework, the present study attempted to examine the psychosocial factors affecting their life satisfaction in Shanghai, China. A total of 625 migrant children were recruited from 10 schools in Shanghai through a cross-sectional survey design using multi-stage cluster sampling method. The questionnaire included measures of life satisfaction, self-esteem, social support, relationships at school and the parent-child and peer relationships. Hierarchical regression analysis was performed to explore the relative effects of different relationship domains, self-esteem and social support on the life satisfaction of migrant children. The results suggested that parent-child and peer relationships significantly influenced the life satisfaction of children of migrant workers. Relationships in school did not exert such effect. Both social support and self-esteem had significant effects on the life satisfaction of migrant children. Relationship factors, social support and self-esteem are critical factors affecting the life satisfaction of migrant children. The findings and implications were discussed in relation to developmental and migration-related issues and the social contexts of the lives of children of migrant workers in Shanghai, China.

  17. 基层口腔医务人员职业暴露防护现况调查%Survey of occupational exposure protection among health care workers in grass-roots oral health care institutions

    宋红艳; 崔金环; 徐颖; 王瑜; 王琛; 何冰冰; 陈萍; 崔月


    目的:探讨基层口腔医务人员职业暴露情况,制定有效的干预措施。方法应用分层随机整群方法抽取商丘市县级以下口腔医疗机构临床一线工作人员385名进行统一问卷调查,调查内容包括一般情况、口腔职业暴露的相关知识、防护行为,防护管理措施。结果374名基层口腔医护人员职业暴露基础知识认知,知晓率在20.9%~72.7%,平均得分(5.1±1.1)分;职业暴露防护行为认知,知晓率在9.4%~98.4%,平均得分(6.7±1.2)分;职业暴露防护行为不同职称间比较差异有统计学意义(P<0.05);手机一人一用一灭菌,县、乡两级医院与口腔诊所比较差异有统计学意义(P<0.05);医师在使用手机前后踩脚闸情况,县级医院与口腔诊所比较差异有统计学意义(P<0.05);手机采样监控乡级医院与口腔诊所之间差异有统计学意义(P<0.05)。结论基层口腔医务人员职业暴露相关知识严重缺乏,职业暴露的防护行为不规范,基层医院口腔职业暴露安全防护措施管理存在问题,应加强基层口腔医务人员的持续培训,对诊疗过程中的防护行为进行规范、督导,建立基层医院安全防护机制。%OBJECTIVE To explore the status of occupational exposure among the health care workers in grass-roots stomatology departments and put forward effective intervention measures .METHODS By means of the stratified random cluster method ,a total of 385 frontline health care workers were extracted from the oral health care insti-tutions below the country level of Shangqiu ,then uniform questionnaire survey was conducted ,and the survey contents involved the general condition ,related knowledge of occupational exposure ,protection behaviors ,and prevention measures .RESULTS As for the awareness of the baseline knowledge of occupational exposure among the 374 health care

  18. Older workers

    Ybema,J.F.; Giesen, F.


    Due to an ageing population and global economic competition, there is a societal need for people to extend their working lives while maintaining high work productivity. This article presents an overview of the labour participation, job performance, and job characteristics of older workers in the Eur

  19. Thinking about Migrant Workers Rights Protection Channels- Caused by Liu Shuang-yun Arson Case%关于农民工维权渠道的思考--由“刘双云纵火案”引发



      本文以“刘双云纵火案”为切入点,分析了当前诸多如“裸体讨薪”、“模仿新闻发布会讨薪”甚至由讨薪未成而演变为暴力性犯罪事件背后隐藏的深层次问题。阐述了当前“农民工维权难”的现状,分析了“农民工维权难”的原因,提出了解决“农民工维权难”的对策,以期引起社会对农民工基本权利和生存状态的关注,避免农民工流血、流汗又流泪现象的发生。%  Taking “Liu Shuang yun arson case” as the breakthrough point, this paper analyzes the current asking for payment cases by such as“naked”,“ news conference” even evolve into violent crime, the hidden deep seat-ed problems behind the cases. The paper described the current situation of“difficult to protect the rights of migrant workers”, gives analysis on “the difficult reason of migrant workers rights protection”, proposed the countermeas-ures to solve the problem to cause the social attention on the basic rights and living conditions of the migrant work-ers, avoiding phenomenon in which migrant workers give blood, sweat and tears at the same time.

  20. 公民权视域下保障农民工体育权利的路径选择%Protection of Sports Right of Migrant Workers:From the Perspective of Citizenship Rights



    As an important content of citizenship rights,sports right is a basic right related closely to rights of life, health,culture,and education.Realization of sports right of migrant workers has great significance for lifting their happy life standard and promoting self-development and constructing harmonious society.This study,from the perspective of citizenship,analyzes the nature of the sports right of migrant workers,the position of sports right,re-alization of the sports right,and institutional arrangements for the protection of the sports right of migrant workers through the path of achieving full citizenship.%体育权利是公民权的重要内容之一,是与生命权、健康权、文化和教育权利密切相关的一项基本权利。保障农民工体育权利对于提升农民工幸福生活水平、促进其自身发展和构建和谐社会意义重大。本研究从公民权的视角分析农民工体育权利的性质、体育权利在权利体系中的地位、体育权利实现的困境,并从实现完全公民权的思路提出农民工体育权利保障的制度安排。




    Full Text Available This paper aims to highlight the main stages of development within the financial accounting system for the protection of the personnel engaged in Romania and at the same time, to compare it with the one of other European countries. The importance of the work consists in identifying forms of social protection through the legislative framework in order to achieve a diagnosis of Romanian social welfare. As a research model used in a particular study, the methodology includes information accompanying theoretical basis and methods for it. This paper contains a positivist tinge and it's constructive, going with the research's mainstream. Of course, one aspect is not left out: the critical approaches to the accounting referential standard concerning the protection of the staff in Romania as well as in Europe. The foundation of the research is represented by the last decades economic reality. The work tries to find answers to the question: How did the Romanian social protection develop and which was its legal framework? The research type is a deductive one which means that the there's a way crossed from the general to the particular, starting from a theory which has as purpose applying the prediction itself and, at the same time, assuring a wider range of knowledge and being more operative. Information gathering was done through various methods such as quantitative and qualitative research and the pieces of information presented in this paper were collected from various sources such as published articles, books, legal documents, all from the economical field. Afterwards, the collection of the pieces of information was followed by data analysis. Having this as purpose, the following research methods and techniques have been applied: cross-section (analysis protection staff at a time and longitudinal (protection of staff development in Romania, survey (protection of staff is described, compared and explained in Romania and the European context, non

  2. Contingent workers: Workers' compensation data analysis strategies and limitations.

    Foley, Michael; Ruser, John; Shor, Glenn; Shuford, Harry; Sygnatur, Eric


    The growth of the contingent workforce presents many challenges in the occupational safety and health arena. State and federal laws impose obligations and rights on employees and employers, but contingent work raises issues regarding responsibilities to maintain a safe workplace and difficulties in collecting and reporting data on injuries and illnesses. Contingent work may involve uncertainty about the length of employment, control over the labor process, degree of regulatory, or statutory protections, and access to benefits under workers' compensation. The paper highlights differences in regulatory protections and benefits among various types of contingent workers and how these different arrangements affect safety incentives. It discusses challenges caused by contingent work for accurate data reporting in existing injury and illness surveillance and benefit programs, differences between categories of contingent work in their coverage in various data sources, and opportunities for overcoming obstacles to effectively using workers' compensation data. © 2014 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

  3. Dermatoses in cement workers in southern Taiwan.

    Guo, Y L; Wang, B J; Yeh, K C; Wang, J C; Kao, H H; Wang, M T; Shih, H C; Chen, C J


    Construction workers are known to have occupational dermatoses. The prevalence of such dermatoses was unknown in Taiwanese construction workers. The objective of this study was to determine the work exposure, prevalence of skin manifestations, and sensitivity to common contact allergens in cement workers of southern Taiwan. A total of 1147 current regular cement workers were telephone-interviewed about skin problems during the past 12 months, work exposure, and personal protection. Among those interviewed, 166 were examined and patch tested with common contact allergens. A high % of cement workers reported skin problems in the past 12 months. More men (13.9%) reported skin problems possibly related to work than women (5.4%). Prevalence was associated with lower use of gloves, duration of work as cement worker, and more time in jobs involving direct manual handling of cement, especially tiling. A high % of dermatitis was noted in the 166 workers examined, which correlated with reported skin problems. On patch testing, construction workers had a high frequency of sensitivity to chromate. Sensitivity to chromate or cobalt was associated with reported skin problems, or dorsal hand dermatitis on examination. These workers' dermatitis was under-diagnosed and inadequately managed. It is concluded that cement workers in southern Taiwan had a high prevalence of skin problems related to cement use. Protective measures, work practice, and physician education should be improved to prevent or manage such problems.

  4. Optimization of the workers radiation protection in the electro nuclear, industrial and medical fields; Optimisation de la radioprotection des travailleurs dans les domaines electronucleaire, industriel et medical



    This conference is devoted to the radiation protection and the best way to optimize it. It reviews each area of the nuclear industry, and explores also the medical sector. Dosimetry, ALARA principle and new regulation are important points of this meeting. (N.C.)

  5. Perception of Occupational Risks and Practices of Self-protection from Infectious Diseases Among Workers in Contact with International Migrants at Hungary’s Border

    Szilard, Istvan; Katz, Zoltan; Berenyi, Karoly; Csepregi, Peter; Huszar, Andras; Barath, Arpad; Marek, Erika


    Objective: The purpose of the present study was to investigate employees’ self-assessments of their occupational risks and health awareness as well as their perception of preventive methods. We also aimed to collect data on employees’ perception of some selected alarming signs and symptoms that may encourage them to take further actions (such as separation and calling an ambulance). Participants and methods: Between April and June 2013, an anonymous questionnaire survey was conducted with the participation of 70 employees working with migrants (both health-care and non-health-care staff) in 10 Hungarian settlements: 4 border crossing points along the eastern Schengen borderline, 3 asylum detention centers and 3 reception centers. Results: Our results demonstrated an increased perception of certain biological and mental health hazards at work among those working with migrants: 63.7% of the health-care workers and even 37.3% of the non-health-care staff come into contact with human secretions (feces, urine, saliva) “frequently” or “sometimes”. Self-assessed awareness of the signs and symptoms of infectious diseases was poor: only 12.8% of participants evaluated their awareness as “good” or “very good”. Threat of verbal violence may be considered a common mental risk at work for participants: 35% “sometimes” or “frequently” and 5% “always” face verbal violence during their work. The most commonly used preventive measures against infectious diseases included the use of gloves, masks and disinfectants; these were generally available to 70 to 80% of the workers and properly applied. Conclusions: Our results indicate considerable deficiencies in the participants’ preparedness in respect to their occupational health-related issues. Since it is essential for those having daily physical contact with migrants during their work to be properly informed about the occupational health hazards and consequences that may be associated with

  6. Percutaneous Hemodynamic Support (Impella) in Patients with Advanced Heart Failure and/or Cardiogenic Shock Not Eligible to PROTECT II Trial.

    Liu, Wei; Mukku, Venkata Kishore; Gilani, Syed; Fujise, Ken; Barbagelata, Alejandro


    PROTECT I and II trials have tested the efficacy of Impella in patents with high-risk percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). However, patients with severe hemodynamic instability such as cardiac arrest, ST-segment elevated myocardial infarction (STEMI), or cardiogenic shock were excluded. The objective was to investigate the efficacy of Impella in sicker patient population who were not included in PROTECT trials. These patients merit high-risk PCI who had cardiogenic shock and unstable or decompensated heart failure (HF). From December 2010 to March 2012, 10 consecutive patients with extremely high surgical risk and hemodynamic instability underwent urgent PCI with Impella 2.5 support (Abiomed Inc., Danvers, MA). These patients were presented with advance HF and/or cardiogenic shock. Among the 10 included patients, 3 patients were with cardiac arrest and 1 patient was with acute myocardial infarction. All patients had successful Impella implantation and remained hemodynamically stable during high-risk PCI. Among the 10 patients 2 patients (20%) died within 1 month and 1 patient developed limb ischemia. In high-risk population nonrandomizable to PROTECT trials with advance HF/cardiogenic shock, Impella could be an important tool for hemodynamic support to PCI or could be a bridge to left ventricle assist device to achieve good recovery. Larger studies need to be conducted on this high-risk population.

  7. Advances in Remote Sensing Approaches for Hazard Mitigation and Natural Resource Protection in Pacific Latin America: A Workshop for Advanced Graduate Students, Post- Doctoral Researchers, and Junior Faculty

    Gierke, J. S.; Rose, W. I.; Waite, G. P.; Palma, J. L.; Gross, E. L.


    Though much of the developing world has the potential to gain significantly from remote sensing techniques in terms of public health and safety, they often lack resources for advancing the development and practice of remote sensing. All countries share a mutual interest in furthering remote sensing capabilities for natural hazard mitigation and resource development. With National Science Foundation support from the Partnerships in International Research and Education program, we are developing a new educational system of applied research and engineering for advancing collaborative linkages among agencies and institutions in Pacific Latin American countries (to date: Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and Ecuador) in the development of remote sensing tools for hazard mitigation and water resources management. The project aims to prepare students for careers in science and engineering through their efforts to solve suites of problems needing creative solutions: collaboration with foreign agencies; living abroad immersed in different cultures; and adapting their academic training to contend with potentially difficult field conditions and limited resources. The ultimate goal of integrating research with education is to encourage cross-disciplinary, creative, and critical thinking in problem solving and foster the ability to deal with uncertainty in analyzing problems and designing appropriate solutions. In addition to traditional approaches for graduate and undergraduate research, we have built new educational systems of applied research and engineering: (1) the Peace Corp/Master's International program in Natural Hazards which features a 2-year field assignment during service in the U.S. Peace Corps, (2) the Michigan Tech Enterprise program for undergraduates, which gives teams of students from different disciplines the opportunity to work for three years in a business-like setting to solve real-world problems, and (3) a unique university exchange

  8. Pulmonary function in automobile repair workers

    Chattopadhyay O


    Full Text Available Background : Automobile repair shop is a place where workers are exposed to harmful chemicals and toxic substances. Objective : To study the occurrence of obstructive and restrictive pulmonary impairment among automobile garage workers. Methods : A cross sectional study involving 151 automobile garage workers from 14 randomly selected garages of urban Kolkata. The study variables were Forced Expiratory Volume in 1 second (FEV 1 , Forced Vital Capacity (FVC, Peak Expiratory Flow Rate (PE FR, age, smoking habit, duration of work, type of work, and respiratory symptoms. The study was analysed using Regression equations, and Chi-square test. Results : All the workers were male. Obstructive impairment was seen in 25.83% of the workers whereas restrictive impairment was seen in 21.19% of the workers. Mixed obstructive and restrictive impairment was seen in 10.6% of the workers. The frequency of obstructive impairment was higher in older workers. In the age group of less than 20 years, 13.6% of the workers had obstructive impairment while 42.86% of workers above 40 years of age had obstructive impairment. Obstructive impairment was more frequently observed in battery repair workers (58.33% and spray painters (37.5% while 16.67% of the body repair workers and 30.19% of the engine mechanics had obstructive impairment. Obstructive impairment was more frequently observed in smokers (53.1 % as compared to ex-smokers (33.3% and non-smokers (6.4%. Obstructive impairment was more frequently observed in workers who had been working for a longer duration. Conclusion: Nearly 36.4% of the automobile garage workers had some form of pulmonary function impairment; obstructive and/or restrictive. The use of personal protective equipment, worker education, and discontinuation of the use of paints containing toxic pigments are recommended.

  9. International migration from non-endemic settings as a protective factor for HIV/STI risk among female sex workers in Vancouver, Canada.

    Goldenberg, Shira M; Liu, Vivian; Nguyen, Paul; Chettiar, Jill; Shannon, Kate


    Given heterogeneous evidence regarding the impacts of migration on HIV/sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among female sex workers (FSWs), we explored factors associated with international migration among FSWs in Vancouver, Canada. We draw on baseline questionnaire and HIV/STI testing data from a community-based cohort, AESHA, from 2010-2012. Logistic regression identified correlates of international migration. Of 650 FSWs, 163 (25.1%) were international migrants, who primarily worked in formal indoor establishments. HIV/STI prevalence was lower among migrants than Canadian-born women (5.5 vs. 25.9%). In multivariate analysis, international migration was positively associated with completing high school, supporting dependents, and paying a third party, and negatively associated with HIV, injecting drugs and inconsistent condom use with clients. Although migrants experience lower workplace harms and HIV risk than Canadian-born women, they face concerning levels of violence, police harassment, and HIV/STIs. Research exploring structural and socio-cultural factors shaping risk mitigation and migrants' access to support remains needed.

  10. An exploration of the knowledge base used by Irish and U.S. child protection social workers in the assessment of intimate partner violence.

    Forgey, Mary Ann; Allen, Mary; Hansen, Johna


    Child welfare practitioners in many countries now have increased responsibility for assessing intimate partner violence (IPV) as part of their child risk assessment process. Much research-based knowledge has accumulated about IPV and its impact on children that can inform this process. This exploratory study examined the extent to which research-based knowledge in IPV is influencing what child welfare practitioners explore in relation to IPV during their assessment process. Using a focus group format, two cohorts of child welfare practitioners, one located in Dublin County, Ireland, and one from the New York City metropolitan area, were asked what information they deem critical to explore about IPV, why they explore this content, and how they explore it. Results indicated that a wide range of information about IPV was reported as gathered by both groups, however, explicit research knowledge was not identified as a major influence for exploring these areas. Standardized IPV risk assessment instruments were also not reported as used by any of the participants. Other influences, such as practice experience, social work education, and legal or regulatory directives, had a much greater influence on the social worker's information gathering process in relation to IPV than research.

  11. ["Cataract of metallurgists" in workers of the oxygen-converter production].

    Dorozhkin, A V


    The condition of the lens was studied in 1210 workers of steel industry: in 455 workers of an open-hearth shop (OHS) and in 755 workers of oxygen-converter shops (OCS). The intensity of infra-red irradiation was measured at working places in both shops by non-selective radiometer ARGUS-03. A higher level of automation and more advanced technological processes in the OCS ensure a better protection of the organ of vision of the OCS workers from the impact of infrared irradiation. Thus, the OCS workers had a lower occurrence of cataract development and a less intensity in changes of the lens as compared to the similar parameters registered in the OHS workers. The cataract development was proven to be directly dependant on a labor record length: changes in the posterior capsule and opacifications of the lens posterior cortical segments (stages I and II) were observed in those, whose labor record ranged from 10 to 15 years; brown changes in the nucleus and dystrophic changes in the anterior capsule (degree III) were found in those, whose labor record exceeded 15 years.

  12. Medical surveillance of occupationally exposed workers


    The guide covers medical surveillance of workers engaged in radiation work and their fitness for this work, protection of the foetus and infant during the worker's pregnancy or breastfeeding, and medical surveillance measures to be taken when the dose limit has been exceeded. The guide also covers recognition of practitioners responsible for medical surveillance of category A workers, medical certificates to be issued to workers, and preservation and transfer of medical records. The medical surveillance requirements specified in this Guide cover the use of radiation and nuclear energy. The guide also applies to exposure to natural radiation in accordance with section 28 of the Finnish Radiation Decree

  13. Health and safety in the dental clinic - Hygiene regulations for use of elemental mercury in the protection of rights, safety and well-being of the patients, workers and the environment.

    Ngim, Chunhan; Ngim, Allister Daquan


    The rules governing the use of metallic mercury, a toxic and hazardous chemical, is in most jurisdictions identical to widely accepted standards and practices for handling the same chemical in industry for the protection of humans and their work environment. There cannot be exceptions solely for the practitioner dentists and their patients. Any workplace must be safe for both workers and visitors. The latter being dental patients waiting in the dentist's work environment. We reviewed the literature for toxic health effects of elemental mercury upon humans and present information about the Minimata Convention convened by the United Nations Environment Programme. A study conducted among dentists in Singapore and their personal work environment almost 30 years ago contributed to the workplace standard for elemental mercury, which was reduced, and is still currently enforced as a global standard. We recommend that dentists, with a large alternative battery of restorative materials today, make selection of a restorative material a more seriously considered choice, and not to make use of amalgam without the proper use of personal protective equipment for themselves (members of the dental operating team) and their patients, (amalgam traps and judicious monitoring of their workplace air quality). Mercury is ubiquitous in our presence due to human activities; any reduction in the dentists' workplace contributes to a global reduction. © 2013 Published by Elsevier (Singapore) Pte Ltd.

  14. An innovative approach to enhance dermatology competencies for advanced practice nurses: service–learning with a migrant farm worker health clinic.

    Downes, Elizabeth A; Connor, Ann; Howett, Maeve


    The purpose of this article is to describe a novel service–learning opportunity for graduate nursing students that promotes competency in dermatology. A hybrid service–learning course with online didactic content is described, along with tools for evaluation of dermatology competencies. Student evaluation of the course is discussed, and selected research articles are reviewed. Advanced practice nursing and medical education frequently does not adequately prepare primary care providers to be competent in the assessment and management of dermatologic conditions. Embedding dermatology content in a service–learning program can optimize the provision of care, strengthen competencies in dermatology and inter-professional care, and allow students to gain a deeper understanding of the population with which they work. The innovative service–learning program presented is a model for advanced practice nursing education. Tools for evaluating clinical competency and courses often need validation. Copyright 2014, SLACK Incorporated.

  15. A New Way of Doing Business: Reusable Launch Vehicle Advanced Thermal Protection Systems Technology Development: NASA Ames and Rockwell International Partnership

    Carroll, Carol W.; Fleming, Mary; Hogenson, Pete; Green, Michael J.; Rasky, Daniel J. (Technical Monitor)


    NASA Ames Research Center and Rockwell International are partners in a Cooperative Agreement (CA) for the development of Thermal Protection Systems (TPS) for the Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) Technology Program. This Cooperative Agreement is a 30 month effort focused on transferring NASA innovations to Rockwell and working as partners to advance the state-of-the-art in several TPS areas. The use of a Cooperative Agreement is a new way of doing business for NASA and Industry which eliminates the traditional customer/contractor relationship and replaces it with a NASA/Industry partnership.

  16. Advancing children's rights to be heard and protected: The model representation of children in abuse, neglect, and custody proceedings act.

    Lehrmann, Debra H


    Litigation surrounding family matters can have a significant impact on children well into their adult years. Because their interests may differ from those of their parents or other caretakers, it is crucial that the legal system provide a mechanism to ensure that children's interests are both protected by and appropriately communicated to the family court. The legal community has not reached a consensus regarding how children's interests can best be protected--or the appropriate role for attorneys involved in such cases. In fact, a number of professional organizations have proposed standards that impose differing obligations upon attorneys. In this article, the strengths and limitations of various practice standards are compared and contrasted, with the focus being on how children's interests can best communicated to, and protected by, the court. Copyright 2010 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  17. Unitizing worker expertise and maximizing the brain reward centers

    Martinez, Anthony Bert [Los Alamos National Laboratory


    People are experts when it comes to the work they do; unfortunately their expertise is not utilized as frequently as it could be. More opportunities need to be provided that allow people to participate in the design of their work including: accident investigations, job planning, and process improvements. Many employers use some form of job hazard analysis process to identify and document hazards and controls, but the front line worker is rarely involved. This presentation will show the core principles supporting employee involvement, provide examples where workers had brilliant ideas but no one listened, and provide examples where workers were given the opportunity to use their expertise to improve occupational safety. According to Abraham Maslow's Hierarch of Needs model, one essential human need is to be innovative and solve problems. Advances in brain science have proven, through functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) studies, the brain reward pathway is activated when people are recognized for their intellectual contributions. As people contribute their expertise to improve occupational safety more frequently they will feel a sense of gratification. In addition, safety professionals will have more time to spend on strategic planning of emerging occupational safety issues. One effect of the current global recession is that SH&E professionals are asked to do more with less. Therefore, to be successful it is essential that SH&E professionals incorporate worker expertise in job planning. This will be illustrated in the presentation through an example where a worker had the answer to a difficult decision on appropriate personal protective equipment for a job but no one asked the worker for his idea during the job planning phase. Fortunately the worker was eventually consulted and his recommendation for the appropriate personal protective equipment for the job was implemented before work began. The goal of this presentation is to expand the awareness and

  18. Ocular injuries in industrial technical workers in Delta State, Nigeria

    O.T.Edema; A.E.Omoti; F.B.Akinsola; P.A.Aigbotsua


    Objective: To identify the types and causes of eye injury in industrial workers. Methods: A cross sectional study of the pattern of ocular injuries in Delta state of Nigeria was carried out over 3 months. Five hundred workers were interviewed and examined using the Snellen's chart, pen-torch, direct ophthalmoscope, magnifying loupe and the Perkin's hand-held applanation tonometer. Results: All the 500 workers were males. One hundred and twenty-three workers (24.6%) reported a history of ocular injury at work. The most common causative agents were sand dust, 53 workers (25.1%); cake dust, 27 workers (12.8%) and chemicals, 32 workers (15.1%). The main types of ocular injury were corneal/ conjunctival foreign bodies, 79 workers (64.2%); burns, 35 workers (28.5%) and blunt injury, 9 workers (7.3%). Only 36 (7.2%) workers used protective eye devices at work. Thirteen workers (2.6%) developed monocular blindness from ocular injury. Conclusion: Ocular injury at work is common and few workers wear protective devices at work in industries in Delta state, Nigeria. Industrial workers should have regular eye services and wear eye safety devices at work.

  19. [Ethics as a scientific basis for animal protection - on the advancement and amendment of the Codex Veterinarius].

    Kuhlmann, Ingrid; Luy, Joerg


    Seven years ago, the veterinary association for animal protection (Tieraerztliche Vereinigung fuer Tierschutz e.V., TVT) in Germany first published an orientation guide on the ethics of animal protection aimed at the entire veterinary profession: the "Codex Veterinarius - ethical guiding principles on veterinary action for the good and the protection of animals". The dilemmas of the veterinary profession have not changed since then, but as the principle that "nothing can be so good that it cannot be improved" also applies to the Codex, the two authors have attempted to optimise the few weak spots of the Codex. Joerg Luy sees the task of the Codex in surpassing the animal protection law in two respects: on the one hand regarding moral aspects that cannot be regulated (e.g. respect for the "intrinsic value" of the animal, which is greater than its "utilitarian value") and on the other hand in cases where the law does not live up to its own goals (e.g. regarding the inconsistent regulation on causing "longer term or repeated grave pain or suffering").

  20. Advances in nuclear particle dosimetry for radiation protection and medicine - Ninth Symposium on Neutron Dosimetry (Editorial Material, English)

    Zoetelief, J; Bos, A J.; Schuhmacher, H; McDonald, Joseph C.; Schultz, F W.; Pihet, P


    The Ninth Symposium on Neutron Dosimetry has been expanded to cover not only neutron radiation but heavy charged particle dosimetry as well. The applications are found in such fields as radiation protection, aircrew dosimetry, medicine, nuclear power and accelerator health physics. Scientists from many countries from around the world presented their work, and described the latest developments in techniques and instrumentation.

  1. Advanced oxidation to eliminate growth inhibition and to degrade plant protection products in a recirculating nutrient solution in Rose cultivation

    Os, van E.A.; Maas, van der A.A.; Meijer, R.J.M.; Khodabaks, M.R.; Blok, C.; Enthoven, N.L.M.


    The EU Water Framework Directive demands a sound ecological and chemical basis for ground and surface waters. This has motivated the Dutch greenhouse industry to seek more sustainable water management procedures which will enable a zero-emission of nutrients and plant protection products (PPP) in th

  2. The Worker Center Movement and Traditional Labor Laws:

    Naduris-Weissman, Eli


    A new crop of worker advocacy organizations has grown up in the last decade, and has coalesced into an organizational form known as the “worker center.” Just as worker centers have tended to shy away from utilizing NLRB processes to protect worker rights, the status of worker centers under the NLRA has remained cloudy and subject to debate. Specifically, the NLRB and the courts have not addressed whether organizations like worker centers, which seek to improve the lot of employees in margin...

  3. Interleukin-28B rs12979860 C allele: Protective against advanced fibrosis in chronic hepatitis C genotype 1 infection.

    Kitson, Matthew T; George, Jacob; Dore, Gregory J; Leung, Reynold; Button, Peter; McCaughan, Geoffrey W; Grawford, Darrell H G; Siebert, William; Weltman, Martin D; Cheng, Wendy S C; Roberts, Stuart K


    Background and Aim: While genetic polymorphisms upstream of the interleukin-28B(IL28B) gene are associated with necroinflammatory activity grade in chronic hepatitis C virus genotype 1 (HCV-1) infection, any association with fibrosis is less definitive. Pretreatment liver biopsies in a cohort of treatment-naïve patients with HCV-1 were analyzed to evaluate associations between liver histology, and the rs12979860 and rs8099917 IL28B single nucleotide polymorphisms.Methods: Two hundred sixty-six patients with HCV-1 infection and pretreatment liver biopsy were tested for the rs12979860 and rs8099917 single nucleotide polymorphisms.Predictors of advanced fibrosis (METAVIR F3/4) and high activity grade (A2/3) were identified using multivariable logistic regression analysis.Results: Forty-four patients (16.5%) had advanced fibrosis and 141 patients (53.0%) high activity grade. Prevalence of rs12979860 IL28B genotype was: CC 45.7%, CT 42.7%, and TT 11.6%. Prevalence of advanced fibrosis was lower in those with IL28B CC genotype compared with those without (11.0% vs 21.3%; P = 0.03), with an increasing number of Talleles associated with a higher frequency of advanced fibrosis: CC 11.0%, CT 18.0%, TT33.3% (P = 0.01). Predictors of advanced fibrosis on multivariate analysis were platelet count (odds ratio [OR] 0.98, 95% confidence interval [CI] 0.97–0.99; P < 0.0001), high activity grade (OR 5.68, 95% CI% 1.86–17.32; P = 0.002), IL28B rs12979860 CC genotype(OR 0.36, 95% CI 0.14–0.93; P = 0.03), and aspartate aminotransferase (OR 1.02,95% CI 1.00–1.03; P = 0.046). No association was found between rs8099917 IL28B genotype and liver histology.Conclusions: IL28B rs12979860 CC genotype appears to be independently associated with a lower prevalence of advanced fibrosis stage in HCV-1 infection. This association warrants further evaluation.

  4. How Does China's New Labor Contract Law Affect Floating Workers?

    Richard B. Freeman; Xiaoying Li


    China's new Labor Contract Law took effect on January 2008 and required firms to give migrant workers written contracts, strengthened labor protections for workers and contained penalties for firms that did not follow the labor code. This paper uses survey data of migrant workers in the Pearl River Delta before and after the law and a retrospective question on when workers received their first labor contract to assess the effects of the law on labor outcomes. The evidence shows that the new l...

  5. 75 FR 21367 - Advanced Electronics, Inc.; Boston, MA; Notice of Negative Determination on Remand


    ... Employment and Training Administration Advanced Electronics, Inc.; Boston, MA; Notice of Negative... Department of Labor (Department) for further investigation Former Employees of Advanced Electronics, Inc. v... Adjustment Assistance (ATAA) applicable to workers and former workers of Advanced Electronics, Inc.,...

  6. Investigation of occupational hazards of ultraviolet radiation and protective measures for workers in electric welding%电焊紫外辐射对工人危害及防护措施现况调查

    徐岩; 王如刚; 宫曼漫; 王姣; 何丽华; 王生; 杜巍巍; 张龙连; 林森; 董雪梅


    触紫外辐射时间.%Objective:To investigate and analyze the occupational hazards of ultraviolet radiation, protective measures and related factors for typical symptoms among workers in electric welding, and to provide basic information for revision of the occupational standards of UV. Methods: Questionnaires and physical examinations were used in this investigation. A total of 828 workers from four vehicle manufacturers in Beijing and Guangdong Province were selected. Corresponding analyses were conducted with SPSS 16.0 statistic software. Results;The top three injuries of faces and hands were burning tingling (48.7% &41.3%), itch of skin (39% &34.9%) and pigmentation (31.9% & 24.5% ). The major injuries of eyes were ophthalmodynia (61.5% ) , photophobia and tearing (61.4% ) , and blurred vision (50.2% ). The incidences of facial and hands burning tingling, hands flushing, hands macula and papula were significantly different between the welders and auxiliary workers (P <0.05). The differences of facial and hands burning tingling, flushing, facial disesthesia and anaesthesia, symptoms and signs of eyes were significant in different working years groups ( P < 0. 05). The top three usages of protective measures were welding masks (87.2% ), gloves (84.3% ) and glasses (65.9% ). Except for UV cut cream, the usages of other protective equipments in the auxiliary workers were significantly lower than those in the welders (P<0. 05). The logistic regression analysis showed that prolonged exposure to arc welding, using argon arc welding and CO2 gas shielded arc welding, not wearing welding masks, and not using UV cut cream was significantly associated with the increased risk of face burning tingling, and the ORs were 3.894 (6 h to 8 h), 2.665 (4 h to 6 h), 2.052, 1.765, 1. 759, 1. 833, respectively; working years might be a protective factor, and the OR was 0.440, respectively. Conclusion: The study suggested that the UV radiation produced during welding operations not only caused harm to welders, but also to the

  7. 端粒保护蛋白1(POT1)的研究进展%Advances of The Protection of Telomeres 1

    程凌利; 朱大柱; 黄迪南; 侯敢


    端粒保护蛋白1(protection of telomeres 1,POT1)几乎存在于所有真核生物中,是一种高度保守表达的蛋白质,它与一系列相关的端粒结合蛋白共同参与保护端粒的结构和功能.随着近年来研究的深入,POT1与端粒的结合特点以及保护端粒的机制有了进一步的完善.此外,POT1对端粒长度的调节方式以及与肿瘤的发生、发展和细胞凋亡等关系也呈现出多样化.结合近几年的研究文献,对POT1的功能以及与其它相关蛋白的作用加以综述.%POT1 (protection of telomere 1) was found in unicellular organisms by Baumann in 2001, which have been identified and expressed highly conserved in a wide range of eukaryotes. It plays pivotal roles in protection of chromosome end and regulation of telomere length with other telomeric binding proteins. With the advances of POT1, the mechanisms have being gradually completed due to the new founds in the DNA binding feature of POT1 and chromosome end protection. Furthermore, the ways in which POT1 regulates telomere length has been found being more complex; and how POT1 allows the cell immortalization and promotes tumor progression and induces cell apoptosis have been more clear. As reference recent journals, the article summarizes the functions of POT1 proteins and discusses the interaction with other related proteins.

  8. The Investigation and Analysis on Present Situation of Legal Protection of Migrant Workers' Rights and Interests in Our Country---Taking the Yueyang as an Example%我国农民工权益法律保护现状的调查分析--以岳阳地区为例



    我国农民工权益法律保护现状问题主要包括农民工签订劳动合同、工资薪酬保护、工伤赔偿及保险、社会保障制度、遭受不法侵害以及法律援助等方面。该文以岳阳地区为例,从三个视角进行调查分析:一是基于需求层面的农民工权益法律保护现状调查;二是基于供给层面的农民工权益法律保护现状调查;三是基于现实层面的农民工权益法律保护现状调查,主要从立法层面分析农民工权益的法律保护。%The investigation of the present situation of legal protection of migrant workers rights and interests in China from three aspects:first, the current situation of legal protection of migrant workers rights and interests is based on the investigation of the demand level. Second, the current situation of legal protection of theirs is based on the survey of supply level. Third, the analysis on the present situation of legal protection for peasant workers' is based on the realistic level. This paper mainly analyzes legal protection for the rights of migrant workers based on legislative level.

  9. The role of habitat-selection in restricting invasive blue mussel advancement to protect native populations in San Francisco Bay

    Mittal, N.; Saarman, N. P.; Pogson, G.


    Introduced species contribute to decline of biodiversity and ecosystem services. Introduced species threaten native species by increasing competition for space and resources, changing their habitat, and disrupting species interactions. Protecting native species is crucial to preserving ecosystem services (i.e. medicinal, agricultural, ecological, and cultural benefits) for future generations. In marine communities, the number of invasive species is dramatically increasing every year, further magnifying the negative impact on native species. This research determines if habitat-specific selection can protect native species from their invasive relatives, and could allow targeted habitat restoration for native species to maintain high levels of biodiversity. Blue mussels provide an ideal system for studying the impact of an invasive species (Mytilus galloprovincialis) on native mussels (M. trossulus), because M. galloprovincialis is marked as one of the world's 100 worst invasive species. Hybridization between M. galloprovincialis and M. trossulus occurs wherever their distributions overlap (i.e. Japan, Puget Sound, and central California). In central California, hybrids form in a broad variety of habitats ever since M. galloprovincialis was introduced about 100 years ago. The current level of threat posed to native mussels in central California is unknown. When population growth rate of an invasive species is higher than the native within a hybrid zone, the invader's genes become more prominent in the hybrids than the native species' genes. This uneven mix of genes and decrease of pure native mussels threatens to drive M. trossulus to extinction. Therefore, it is important to research which environment fosters highest success of pure native species. We conducted a field experiment in San Francisco Bay where mussels were reared in different habitats. We then collected samples and extracted DNA from each treatment, and genotyped them by a next-generation sequencing

  10. Protectants against microwave irradiation: research advances%微波辐射防护药物的研究进展

    王亚男; 周喆; 王升启


    微波辐射可致机体发生氧化应激,使氧化产物增多和抗氧化酶活性降低,甚至引起机体组织病理学改变.药物防护可以减轻微波辐射导致的氧化应激损伤,并对微波辐射所致组织病理学改变有所改善.近年来研究的抗微波辐射药物主要有卡尼汀、褪黑激素、咖啡酸苯乙酯、绿茶及其提取物、银杏叶提取物、阿的平,以及中成药芩丹扶正胶囊和安多霖等.本文综述了微波辐射对机体的氧化损伤机制,以及微波辐射防护药物的研究现状.%Microwave radiation can lead to oxidative stress, which may increase oxidation products, reduce activity of antioxi-dant enzymes and even cause pathological changes. Protectants against microwave irradiation can reverse these injuries and alleviate the pathological changes, which include carnitine, melatonin, caffeic acid phenethyl ester, green tea and its extract, Ginkgo biloba extract, quinacrine, and traditional Chinese formulae such as Qindanfuzheng and Anduolin, etc. In this paper, the mechanism of oxidative injury induced by microwave radiation and research progress in protectants are reviewed.

  11. Worker participation - the Netherlands

    Kwantes, J.H.


    Worker participation relates to the involvement of workers in the management decision-making processes. In this article attention is focused on worker participation related to occupational safety and health in the Netherlands. Worker participation can refer either to direct or indirect participation

  12. Contact Dermatitis In Automobile Repair workers

    Joshi M P


    Full Text Available Automobile repair workers are at risk of developing skin morbidity including occupational dermatoses because of their exposure to mineral oils, petroleum products and its derivatives and lubricating oil. This cross- sectional study was carried out at Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation workshops in Nagpur city to investigate prevalence of skin morbidity including contact dermatitis in automobile repair workers. The study included 288 (49.9% automobile repair workers 180 (31.3% workshop office staff and 109 (18.8% divisional office employees. Dermatitis was the commonest skin morbidity in all the study subjects and it was significantly more prevalent in automobile repair workers. Folliculitis was detected in 13.2% of auto â€" repair workers and was not seen in the other two groups. Increasing trend of skin morbidity was correlated with the length of service of employees. Proper protective measures along with suitable washing facilities should be provided

  13. Protection of Conductive and Non-conductive Advanced Polymer-based Paints from Highly Aggressive Oxidative Environments

    Gudimenko, Y.; Ng, R.; Iskanderova, Z.; Kleiman, J.; Grigorevsky, A.; Kiseleva, L.; Finckenor, M.; Edwards, D.


    Research has been continued to further improve the space durability of conductive and non-conductive polymer-based paints and of conductive thermal control paints for space applications. Efforts have been made to enhance the space durability and stability of functional Characteristics in ground-based space environment imitating conditions, using specially developed surface modification treatment. The results of surface modification of new conductive paints, including the ground-based testing in aggressive oxidative environments, such as atomic oxygen/UV and oxygen plasma, and performance evaluation are presented. Functional properties and performance characteristics, such as thermal optical properties (differential solar absorptance and thermal emittance representing the thermal optical performance of thermal control paints) and surface resistivity characteristics of pristine, surface modified, and tested materials were verified. Extensive surface analysis studies have been performed using complementary surface analyses including SEM/EDS and XPS. Test results revealed that the successfully treated materials exhibit reduced mass loss and no surface morphology change, thus indicating good protection from the severe oxidative environment. It was demonstrated that the developed surface modification treatment could be applied successfully to charge dissipative and conductive paints.

  14. 农民工劳动权益保护法律问题及对策探析%Research on Problems and Solutions to Labor Rights and Interests Protection of Migrant Workers



    With the industrialization, urbanization and modernization in China, the migrant workers have be-come a newly merged group of new labors,and they have made the great contribution to China′s reform and opening-up and modernization.However,due to many reasons,such as the traditional urban-rural dual sys-tem management system,the inadequate legal norms and government supervision and their low quality,the mi-grant workers′rights have been violated to some degree,especially their labor right,which has caused the in-stability of society.Therefore,there are several necessary measures to ensure the harmony development of ur-ban and rural economy and social development,which are promoting the reform of urban and rural household registration,improving the protection laws and regulation of migrant workers, strengthening the regulatory function of government, further the training and education of migrant workers, raising their human rights awareness and advocacy,strengthening the cultivation and assessment of corporates′social responsibility.%农民工是中国工业化、城镇化和现代化快速发展阶段涌现出的一支新型劳动大军,为我国改革开放和现代化建设作出了重大贡献,但由于受传统城乡二元制管理体制、法律规范不够健全、政府监管不力及农民工自身素质等因素影响,其平等就业权、报酬权、休息权、职业安全及劳动保障等劳动权益受到不同程度侵害,很大程度上损害了农民工的切身利益和社会的稳定。农民工劳动权益是农民工权益保护中最重要内容。必须加快推进城乡户籍改革,不断完善农民工权益保护法律法规,进一步强化政府监管功能,加强农民工的培训与教育,提高维权意识和维权能力,强化企业社会责任心的培育和考核。只有这样,才能实现城乡经济和社会的和谐发展。

  15. Microstructure characterization of advanced protective Cr/CrN+a-C:H/a-C:H:Cr multilayer coatings on carbon fibre composite (CFC).

    Major, L; Janusz, M; Lackner, J M; Kot, M; Major, B


    Studies of advanced protective chromium-based coatings on the carbon fibre composite (CFC) were performed. Multidisciplinary examinations were carried out comprising: microstructure transmission electron microscopy (TEM, HREM) studies, micromechanical analysis and wear resistance. Coatings were prepared using a magnetron sputtering technique with application of high-purity chromium and carbon (graphite) targets deposited on the CFC substrate. Selection of the CFC for surface modification in respect to irregularities on the surface making the CFC surface more smooth was performed. Deposited coatings consisted of two parts. The inner part was responsible for the residual stress compensation and cracking initiation as well as resistance at elevated temperatures occurring namely during surgical tools sterilization process. The outer part was responsible for wear resistance properties and biocompatibility. Experimental studies revealed that irregularities on the substrate surface had a negative influence on the crystallites growth direction. Chromium implanted into the a-C:H structure reacted with carbon forming the cubic nanocrystal chromium carbides of the Cr23 C6 type. The cracking was initiated at the coating/substrate interface and the energy of brittle cracking was reduced because of the plastic deformation at each Cr interlayer interface. The wear mechanism and cracking process was described in micro- and nanoscale by means of transmission electron microscope studies. Examined materials of coated CFC type would find applications in advanced surgical tools.

  16. Far-infrared protects vascular endothelial cells from advanced glycation end products-induced injury via PLZF-mediated autophagy in diabetic mice

    Chen, Cheng-Hsien; Chen, Tso-Hsiao; Wu, Mei-Yi; Chou, Tz-Chong; Chen, Jia-Rung; Wei, Meng-Jun; Lee, San-Liang; Hong, Li-Yu; Zheng, Cai-Mei; Chiu, I-Jen; Lin, Yuh-Feng; Hsu, Ching-Min; Hsu, Yung-Ho


    The accumulation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) in diabetic patients induces vascular endothelial injury. Promyelocytic leukemia zinc finger protein (PLZF) is a transcription factor that can be activated by low-temperature far-infrared (FIR) irradiation to exert beneficial effects on the vascular endothelium. In the present study, we investigated the influence of FIR-induced PLZF activation on AGE-induced endothelial injury both in vitro and in vivo. FIR irradiation inhibited AGE-induced apoptosis in human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs). PLZF activation increased the expression of phosphatidylinositol-3 kinases (PI3K), which are important kinases in the autophagic signaling pathway. FIR-induced PLZF activation led to autophagy in HUVEC, which was mediated through the upregulation of PI3K. Immunofluorescence staining showed that AGEs were engulfed by HUVECs and localized to lysosomes. FIR-induced autophagy promoted AGEs degradation in HUVECs. In nicotinamide/streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice, FIR therapy reduced serum AGEs and AGEs deposition at the vascular endothelium. FIR therapy also reduced diabetes-induced inflammatory markers in the vascular endothelium and improved vascular endothelial function. These protective effects of FIR therapy were not found in PLZF-knockout mice. Our data suggest that FIR-induced PLZF activation in vascular endothelial cells protects the vascular endothelium in diabetic mice from AGE-induced injury. PMID:28071754

  17. Implementation guide for use with suspect/counterfeit items: Requirements of DOE O 440.1, worker protection management; 10 CFR 830.120; and DOE 5700.6C, quality assurance



    Department of Energy (DOE) Order (O) 440.1, Worker Protection Management For DOE Federal and Contractors Employees, [7] sets forth requirements for DOE and its contractors to implement suspect and counterfeit items (S/CI) controls as part of the quality assurance (QA) programs required by 10 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 830.120 [8] or DOE 5700.6C, Quality Assurance [9]. DOE G-830.120, Implementation Guide for Use with 10 CFR Part 830.120, Quality Assurance, [10] provides additional guidance on establishing and implementing effective QA processes to control S/CIs. DOE O 232.1, Occurrence Reporting and Processing of Operations, [11] specifies requirements for reporting S/CIs under the DOE Occurrence Reporting and Processing System (ORPS). DOE promulgated the requirements and guidance to control or eliminate the hazards posed by S/CIs, which can lead to unexpected equipment failures and undue risks to the DOE mission, the environment, and personnel. This Guide is a compendium of information contained in the referenced DOE directives and other documents concerning S/CI controls. It incorporates, updates, and supersedes earlier guidance issued in Plan for the Suspect/Counterfeit Products Issue in the Department of Energy, dated October 1993, [4] and in memoranda issued by Defense Programs (DP) [12-16] and other DOE program offices. This guidance was developed to strengthen the procurement process, identify and eliminate S/CIs, and improve the reporting of S/CIs. The information in this Guide, when implemented by DOE and its contractors, will satisfy the S/CI requirements contained in the referenced DOE directives.

  18. Recent Advances in High-Resolution Regional Climate Modeling at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

    Alapaty, Kiran; Bullock, O. Russell; Herwehe, Jerold; Spero, Tanya; Nolte, Christopher; Mallard, Megan


    The Regional Climate Modeling Team at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has been improving the quality of regional climate fields generated by the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model. Active areas of research include improving core physics within the WRF model and adapting the physics for regional climate applications, improving the representation of inland lakes that are unresolved by the driving fields, evaluating nudging strategies, and devising techniques to demonstrate value added by dynamical downscaling. These research efforts have been conducted using reanalysis data as driving fields, and then their results have been applied to downscale data from global climate models. The goals of this work are to equip environmental managers and policy/decision makers in the U.S. with science, tools, and data to inform decisions related to adapting to and mitigating the potential impacts of climate change on air quality, ecosystems, and human health. Our presentation will focus mainly on one area of the Team's research: Development and testing of a seamless convection parameterization scheme. For the continental U.S., one of the impediments to high-resolution (~3 to 15 km) climate modeling is related to the lack of a seamless convection parameterization that works across many scales. Since many convection schemes are not developed to work at those "gray scales", they often lead to excessive precipitation during warm periods (e.g., summer). The Kain-Fritsch (KF) convection parameterization in the WRF model has been updated such that it can be used seamlessly across spatial scales down to ~1 km grid spacing. First, we introduced subgrid-scale cloud and radiation interactions that had not been previously considered in the KF scheme. Then, a scaling parameter was developed to introduce scale-dependency in the KF scheme for use with various processes. In addition, we developed new formulations for: (1) convective adjustment timescale; (2) entrainment of

  19. Fibroblast growth factor 21 protects mouse brain against D-galactose induced aging via suppression of oxidative stress response and advanced glycation end products formation.

    Yu, Yinhang; Bai, Fuliang; Wang, Wenfei; Liu, Yaonan; Yuan, Qingyan; Qu, Susu; Zhang, Tong; Tian, Guiyou; Li, Siming; Li, Deshan; Ren, Guiping


    Fibroblast growth factor 21 (FGF21) is a hormone secreted predominantly in the liver, pancreas and adipose tissue. Recently, it has been reported that FGF21-Transgenic mice can extend their lifespan compared with wild type counterparts. Thus, we hypothesize that FGF21 may play some roles in aging of organisms. In this study d-galactose (d-gal)-induced aging mice were used to study the mechanism that FGF21 protects mice from aging. The three-month-old Kunming mice were subcutaneously injected with d-gal (180mg·kg(-1)·d(-1)) for 8weeks and administered simultaneously with FGF21 (1, 2 or 5mg·kg(-1)·d(-1)). Our results showed that administration of FGF21 significantly improved behavioral performance of d-gal-treated mice in water maze task and step-down test, reduced brain cell damage in the hippocampus, and attenuated the d-gal-induced production of MDA, ROS and advanced glycation end products (AGEs). At the same time, FGF21 also markedly renewed the activities of superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase (CAT), glutathione peroxidase (GPx) and total anti-oxidation capability (T-AOC), and decreased the enhanced total cholinesterase (TChE) activity in the brain of d-gal-treated mice. The expression of aldose reductase (AR), sorbitol dehydrogenase (SDH) and member-anchored receptor for AGEs (RAGE) declined significantly after FGF21 treatment. Furthermore, FGF21 suppressed inflamm-aging by inhibiting IκBα degradation and NF-κB p65 nuclear translocation. The expression levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines, such as TNF-α and IL-6, decreased significantly. In conclusion, these results suggest that FGF21 protects the aging mice brain from d-gal-induced injury by attenuating oxidative stress damage and decreasing AGE formation.

  20. Coal worker's pneumoconiosis

    ... this page: // Coal worker's pneumoconiosis To use the sharing features on this page, please enable JavaScript. Coal worker's pneumoconiosis is a lung disease that results ...

  1. Advanced Radiation Protection (ARP): Advanced Radiation Protection Project

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — The project is building the first prototype integrated system to mitigate solar event risk through probabilistic modeling, forecasting, and dose projection. This new...

  2. Advances and results of the educative project: Implementation of the career of 'Technician in Radiological protection'; Avances y resultados del proyecto educativo: Implementacion de la carrera de 'Tecnico en Proteccion radiologica'

    Vizuet G, J.; Suarez, G.; Sanchez C, M. [ININ, 52045 Ocoyoacac, Estado de Mexico (Mexico)


    In this work the obtained advances and achievements during the impartment of the technician career in radiological protection are presented. This is carried out in the 'Justo Sierra' Technological High School Center of San Mateo Atenco, Estado de Mexico, and has for objective the formation of professional-technicians. (Author)

  3. Mothers, domestic violence, and child protection.

    Douglas, Heather; Walsh, Tamara


    This article explores the relationship between understandings of domestic violence and the child protection response drawing on material gathered in focus groups with workers who support mothers dealing with both domestic violence and child protection issues. The interviewees expressed concern that the dynamics of domestic violence are often misunderstood and inappropriately responded to by child protection workers. This article critically examines the interviewees' concerns and concludes that to properly protect children, it is crucial that child protection workers have a clear understanding of the dynamics of and issues related to domestic violence.

  4. Job Stress and Coping in Army Casualty Operations Workers


    organizations in the United States, including policemen ( Maslach and Jackson , 1979), general human services (Cherniss, 1980), child protective workers...Harrison, 1980), public service -workers ( Maslach , 1982), doctors (Mawardi, 1983), public contact workers ( Maslach and Jackson , 1984), female human...Hall. Maslach , C. & Jackson , S.E. (1979). Burned-out cops and their families. Psychology T y, 1Z, 59-62. ----------------------- (1984, Fall). Patterns

  5. Protecting Yourself from Heat Stress

    Fast Facts Protecting Yourself from He at Stress Heat stress, from exertion or hot environments, places workers at risk for illnesses such as heat stroke, heat exhaustion, or heat cramps. Heat Stroke ...

  6. The Effects of Automation on Occupations and Workers in Pennsylvania.

    Pennsylvania State Employment Service, Harrisburg. Automation Manpower Services Section.

    To provide information on the relationship of automation to changing occupational patterns and related worker displacements, examples of automation and technological change in industry are given. Some summary findings are: (1) Technological advancements cause some jobs to disappear and also cause some new jobs to appear, (2) Many workers dispaced…

  7. Contact dermatitis in cement workers in Isfahan

    Iraji Fariba


    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Due to recent industrialization and inadequately protected workers or in other words poor supervision on constructive workers habits in our large city of Isfahan cement contact dermatitis is relatively high especially among cement factory workers and constructive personnel. PURPOSES: To investigate the prevalence rate of cement contact dermatitis in cement factory workers in Isfahan. METHODS: A case-control clinical study was carried out by randomly selecing 150 factory workders and 150 official clerks in a cement factory in Isfahan in 2001. After a complete physical examination, data was recorded in observational checklists. FINDINGS: The percentages of contact dermatitis prevalences in the first and the second groups were 22% and 5.3% respectively. About 60% of cement workers with contact dermatitis were between 30-40 years of age. There was a direct relationship with age in both groups of the workers. In the high-exposure group, the hand eczema along was 70% but in the other group the percentage of involvement was the same in exposed and unexposed anatomical areas. CONCLUSIONS: There was a direct relationship between occurrence and the severity of involvement and duration of contact in the first group. Cent percent of cement workers had contact dermatitis after 10 or less years, but the percentage among the other group was 35%. LIMITATION: Irritant contact dermatitis to cement has not been detected.

  8. Declining job security level and workers' perfomance in selected ...

    AFRICAN JOURNALS ONLINE (AJOL) · Journals · Advanced Search ... for questionnaire administration and 15 workers for In-depth Interviews (IDIs) ... as Stanbic-IBTC Bank reported (51.4%), Wema Bank (70%), and First Bank (51.4%).

  9. Confined mobilities: following Indonesian migrant workers on their way home

    Kloppenburg, S.; Peters, P.


    This paper examines the return journeys of Indonesian migrant domestic workers to their home towns. When migrant workers return home, the Indonesian government sets them apart from other travellers in order to protect the migrants from extortion in the airport environment, and assist them during the

  10. 48 CFR 923.7002 - Worker safety and health.


    ... 48 Federal Acquisition Regulations System 5 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Worker safety and health... and health. (a)(1) Except when the clause prescribed at 970.1504-8(c) is used, the clauses entitled... Information and Protection of Worker Safety and Health” or “952.223-77, Conditional Payment of Fee or...

  11. Assembling Webs of Support: Child Domestic Workers in India

    Wasiuzzaman, Shaziah; Wells, Karen


    This paper uses ethnographic and qualitative interview data with Muslim child domestic workers, their families and employers to investigate the social ties between young workers and their employers. Our analysis shows that working-class families use children's domestic work with middle-class families as part of a web of resources to protect them…

  12. Protective effect of hydrogen on the lung of sanitation workers exposed to haze%氢气对环卫工人雾霾暴露肺保护性作用的研究

    龚志晶; 关继涛; 任雪珠; 孟德杨; 张会然; 王伯丽; 阎锡新


    目的 探讨氢气吸入对环卫工人雾霾暴露的肺保护性作用.方法 2016年1—2月选取石家庄市中心城区96名健康不吸烟环卫工人为研究对象,采用随机、对照、双盲的方法,将研究对象分为试验组(50名)及对照组(46名).试验组给予吸入氢氧混合气(67%/33%)治疗,对照组给予吸入氮氧混合气(67%/33%)治疗,1 h/次,1次/d,为期30 d.分别在试验前1天(第0天)、试验开始第8、15及30天留取血样、诱导痰液、测定肺功能及呼出气一氧化氮(FeNO),问卷调查及随访受试对象自觉症状改善情况.结果 (1)第8天试验组FeNO测定值为(16±5)×109,明显低于对照组的(21±14)×109(F=6.94,P0.05);(4)血清中,试验组第8、15、30天IL-2与SOD3低于对照组,IL-10高于对照组,第30天MMP-12低于对照组(均P0.05);(5)试验组结束治疗后咳嗽等呼吸系统症状得到明显改善.结论 氢气吸入治疗有助于降低气道氧化应激损伤相关炎性水平,对全身炎症反应可能也有一定抑制效果,同时能够改善环卫工人咳嗽等呼吸系统症状.%Objective To study the protective effect of hydrogen inhalation on the lungs of sanitation workers exposed to haze .Methods In this randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trial, 96 sanitation workers living in Shijiazhuang urban area were recruited during January to February , 2016.All enrolled participants were randomized to 2 groups; the treatment group inhaled H 2:O2 mixture (66.67%:33.33%) 1 hour per day for 30 days, while the control group inhaled N 2 :O2 mixture (66.67%:33.33%) 1 hour per day for 30 days.Respiratory symptoms were evaluated and fractional exhaled nitric oxide(FeNO), biochemical indexes, lung function were measured at baseline (the 0th day) and during treatment ( the 8th day, 15th day, and 30th day ) .Results ( 1 ) The FeNO levels of the treatment group (16 ±5) ×109 were lower than those of the control group (21 ±14) ×109 on 8th day of treatment

  13. Analysis and Protection of Sharp Instrument Injury among Medical Workers of Basic Hospital%某基层医院医务人员锐器伤的分析与防护

    朱艳槐; 欧阳育琪; 李松林


    ), and the constituent ratio of sharp instrument injury in operating room( department of anesthesiology) was 39.29%, the constituent ratio of sharp instrument injury in novice medical worker was 51.19%. Frequent reasons of sharp instrument injury were appliance unscrambling(29.76% ), wound suture(25.00% ), puncture wound by themselves( 22.62% ). The highest constituent ratio (51.19% ) of sharp instrument was pinhead of injection syringe (including scalp acupuncture) which result in a sharp instrument injury, followed by sewing needle of operation (23.81% ).62. 07% injuries had certain pollution sources, among which contamination of HBV occupied 50.57%. none of 84 samples with sharp instrument injury had infection after occupation exposure through 8 months follow-up. [ Conclusion ] In order to degrade the probability of sharp instrument injury, effective and suitable protection countermeasure must be developed according to the risk factor features of sharp instrument injury. It is necessary to raise the awareness of security, to expert and standardize manipulation, to increase necessary equipment, to avoid and decrease the medical sharp instrument injury

  14. Health promoting behaviors in industrial workers

    Gulay Yilmazel


    CONCLUSIONS: Health promoting behaviors were found to be in moderate level among cement factory workers. In our country, health protection and development programs at the national level would be useful to standardize for employees in the industrial sector. [TAF Prev Med Bull 2015; 14(2.000: 153-162

  15. Labor Laws Affecting Private Household Workers.

    Women's Bureau (DOL), Washington, DC.

    Wages and working conditions for private household workers have not kept pace with other occupations, partly because of lack of coverage by labor laws. This pamphlet describes the protection available to domestics under both federal and state laws. Not only wages and hours, but also coverage by Unemployment Compensation, Workmen's Compensation,…

  16. On the Process of Peasant Workers' Transformation to Urban Residents

    Liu Chuanjiang; Dong Yanfang; Wang Jing


    The unique two-stage "Chinese path" of China's ru ral-urban migration,which cannot be fully explained by classical theories of economic development,makes us to give peasant workers' transformation to urban residents a top priority.On the basis of fully explaining peasant workers' transformation to urban residents,a method for measuring its process has been advanced and then confirmed with the data of March in 2005 from surveys to peasant workers in Wuhan.Finally,the suggestions of acceler ating peasant workers' transformation to urban residents to pro mote the construction of a harmonious society have been drawn from the analysis.

  17. Analysis of Migrant Workers' Welfare Rights Protection take Henan Migrant Workers as an Example%农民工群体福利权益保障问题的分析——以河南籍农民工为例



    在当代中国社会转型与变迁过程中,社会流动中的农民工群体一直是一个受到各方关注的特殊群体。从社会保障的视角出发,对农民工群体福利意识、福利获得现状、福利缺失对其心理和生活的影响等进行探讨,期望有助于建立一个更加公平的福利体系,引导农民工群体更好地发展。%in Contemporary Chinese social transformation and changes in the process, groups of migrant workers in social mobility has been a widely concerned special groups. From the perspective of social security, welfare of migrant workers groups around new dis cussion, including migrant workers'welfare consciousness, status, welfare, welfare loss on its life and psychological influence. Based on the foundation, countermeasures and suggestions are put forward to improve the welfare and rights guarantee of the migrant workers in an effort to help build a more equitable welfare system, and promote the development of the migrant workers groups.

  18. Necessary Skills for Entry-Level Workers in Service Industries: An Exploratory Study.

    Boyle, Mike; Sanford, Barry; Rude-Parkins, Carolyn; Boswell, James


    Interviews with 13 service industry representatives identified the skills needed for employment in entry-level jobs. Employers wanted workers who would be on time, get along with co-workers, work effectively with customers, and were willing to follow company policies. Few advancement opportunities exist for entry workers because very few have the…

  19. Prenatal care disparities and the migrant farm worker community.

    Bircher, Heidi


    The pregnant migrant farm worker faces many barriers to accessing healthcare in the United States due to poverty, language/literacy issues, transportation difficulties, and geographic isolation. The advanced practice nurse has the opportunity to contribute solutions to the problems of lack of adequate prenatal care among the migrant farm worker community, if he/she is aware of the need and can institute novel models of care. This article describes the problem of migrant farm worker health and suggests ways that advanced practice nurses can provide cost effective, competent professional care to reduce or eliminate the obstacles to care for this population.

  20. Motivating Workers in Construction

    Jason E. Barg


    Full Text Available The study of the motivation of construction workers is limited to a relatively small body of knowledge. Although there is considerable research available regarding motivation and productivity, few researchers have provided a comprehensive analysis on the motivation of construction workers. The research stated that productivity in construction has not improved compared to other industry sectors such as manufacturing. This trend has been echoed in publications throughout the past five decades, and suggested that motivation is one of the key factors impacting productivity. This paper offers a comprehensive review of the published work that directly links the key words—construction and motivation. The findings have been presented in five themes, that is, motivation models, environment and culture, incentives and empowerment, and worker management. This paper concludes with two methods suggested by previous researchers to improve motivation of construction workers: (1 relevant worker incentives (intrinsic or extrinsic and (2 improved management practices, specifically regarding communication with workers.

  1. Order of the 8 december 2003 fixing the modalities of implementing of the ionizing radiation protection for workers working in aircraft in flight; Arrete du 8 decembre 2003 fixant les modalites de mise en oeuvre de la protection contre les rayonnements ionisants des travailleurs affectes a l'execution de taches a bord d'aeronefs en vol



    This order concerns the cosmic radiation exposure for workers working in aircraft in flight. The individual exposure of any workers to an effective dose of more than 1 mSv per year, have to be evaluated. (A.L.B.)

  2. A multimedia - virtual reality based- tool for training in radiological protection

    Salve, R.; Castro, A. [DTN, Madrid (Spain); Antonio, A. de; Herrero, P. [UPM Facultad de Informatica, Madrid (Spain); Diaz, F.; Massana, F [Central Nuclear Vandellos 2, Tarragona (Spain)


    This paper presents the work that has been carried out under the frame of the project PRVIR, promoted by DTN in co-operation with the UPM and Vandellos II NPP, as the pilot plant. The aim of the project is to make use of computer-based training in nuclear plants, taking advantage of multimedia resources and advanced computer graphics. The area that has been selected for this first training program is radiological protection fundamentals, and the end users of the program will be professionally exposed workers. The software can also be used for radiological protection concepts dissemination purposes. (author)

  3. Mortality among rubber workers: V. processing workers.

    Delzell, E; Monson, R R


    Cause-specific mortality was evaluated among 2,666 men employed in the processing division of a rubber manufacturing plant. The division was divided into two sections: front processing (compounding, mixing and milling operations) and back processing (extrusion, calendering, cement mixing and rubberized fabrics operations). Mortality rates for all processing workers combined and for men in each section were compared with rates for U.S. White males or for workers employed in other divisions of the same plant. Compared with either referent group, men in the processing division had increased mortality from leukemia, emphysema, and cancers of the stomach, large intestine, and biliary passages and liver. An excess number of deaths from stomach and larger intestine cancer was found predominantly among men in the front processing section (33 observed vs. 17.7 expected deaths, based on rates in nonprocessing workers). Increased mortality from leukemia (14 observed vs. 7.3 expected) and from emphysema (22 observed vs. 11.0 expected) was present among men employed in the back processing section. Examination of mortality from these causes according to age and the year starting work, duration of employment, and years since starting work in the relevant sections of the processing division suggested that observed excesses of stomach cancer, large intestine cancer, leukemia, and emphysema among processing workers are related to occupational exposures. These results are consistent with the findings of studies of other groups of rubber workers.

  4. Analysis on Social Influencing Factors on the Employment Arrangement of Migrant Workers%农民工就业安排的社会影响因素研究



    农民工是推动经济发展和社会进步的重要力量。农民工的就业安排是社会普遍热切关注的问题,具备很强的社会性和现实性。影响农民工就业安排的社会因素较多,应根据这些社会影响因素提出相应的解决对策,以巩固农民工的社会地位,保护农民工的合法权益。%Migrant workers are an important force to promote economic development and social advancement.However,migrant worker structure is still vague,and we need to clarify it;we also need to reiterate migrant workers characteristics,which enable the society to have deeper understanding of migrant workers.Of course,the employment arrangement of migrant workers is generally the focus of the society,with a strong sociality and practicality.There are many social factors impacting migrant workers employment arrangement,so countermeasures should be implemented in allusion to these factors,so as to consolidate the social status of migrant workers,and pro-tect their legitimate rights and interests.

  5. Migrant workers: victims of war in Gulf.


    The Persian Gulf War forced millions of migrant workers in the region to return home, causing hardship not only on the workers but also on their home countries. Prior to the war, the region's oil wealth had attracted migrants from around the world. By 1990, some 3 million resided in Iraq and Kuwait alone. Many more worked in other Gulf countries. But only 2 months after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, over 2 million workers had fled the region or had been returned home. Yemenis and Egyptians alone accounted for 750,000 and 1/2 million workers, respectively. There were also an estimated 600,000 Asians. Although many of the migrants were unskilled laborers, many also were skilled laborers and professionals. Jordanians and Palestinians made up much of the Kuwaiti civil service. As the war unfolded, it became clear that the migrant workers lacked any of the legal rights and protection granted to other citizens. Many workers were not allowed to return home because of their importance to the economy. Others, like some 35,000 Sri Lankan housemaids in Kuwait, were stranded in the war zone, lacking the money and means to return home. In most cases, the workers also suffered from frozen bank accounts, unpaid wages and benefits, and property loss. Their return home also created problems for their countries. Jordan's population increased by 10% in 1990 due to the returning population. Yemen's unemployment increased from 10% to 25%. As a result of the Gulf war experience, the UN General Assembly adopted the International Convention on the Rights of Migrant Workers and their Families, which must now be ratified by 20 nations before implementation begins.

  6. Lead exposure among lead-acid battery workers in Jamaica.

    Matte, T D; Figueroa, J P; Burr, G; Flesch, J P; Keenlyside, R A; Baker, E L


    To assess lead exposure in the Jamaican lead-acid battery industry, we surveyed three battery manufacturers (including 46 production workers) and 10 battery repair shops (including 23 battery repair workers). Engineering controls and respiratory protection were judged to be inadequate at battery manufacturers and battery repair shops. At manufacturers, 38 of 42 air samples for lead exceeded a work-shift time-weighted average concentration of 0.050 mg/m3 (range 0.030-5.3 mg/m3), and nine samples exceeded 0.50 mg/m3. Only one of seven air samples at repair shops exceeded 0.050 mg/m3 (range 0.003-0.066 mg/m3). Repair shop workers, however, had higher blood lead levels than manufacturing workers (65% vs. 28% with blood lead levels above 60 micrograms/dl, respectively). Manufacturing workers had a higher prevalence of safe hygienic practices and a recent interval of minimal production had occurred at one of the battery manufacturers. Workers with blood lead levels above 60 micrograms/dl tended to have higher prevalences of most symptoms of lead toxicity than did workers with lower blood lead levels, but this finding was not consistent or statistically significant. The relationship between zinc protoporphyrin concentrations and increasing blood lead concentrations was consistent with that described among workers in developed countries. The high risk of lead toxicity among Jamaican battery workers is consistent with studies of battery workers in other developing countries.

  7. Migrant Farm Workers.

    Slesinger, Doris P.; Pfeffer, Max J.

    This paper documents migrant farm workers as being among the most persistently underprivileged groups in American society. Migrant farm workers typically receive low wages from irregular employment and live in poverty with access to only substandard housing and inadequate health care. The lack of economic improvement stems from a number of…

  8. Workers' Education in Palestine

    Elayassa, Wajih


    Due to the political context and the restrictions placed on general freedoms and trade union activities, workers' education in Palestine remained informal and largely reliant on oral memory until the early 1990s. For decades, it was an integral part of political education. Workers' education only became a stand-alone field after the establishment…

  9. 北京市顺义区外来农民工麻疹防控知信行调查%Investigation on KAP protect against of measles among migrant workers in Shunyi District of Beijing

    王凤双; 肖雷; 吴殚


    Objective To understand the measles related knowledge level of migrant workers in Beijing, and provide evidence and recommendations for the strategy of prevention and control of measles among migrant workers. Methods 921 of migrant workers to undergo questionnaire survey by multi-stage cluster sampling. Results The awareness rate of measles related prevention knowledge in all migrant workers was less than 80%. The awareness rate of measles prevention policy in all migrant workers was less than 60%. Their awareness rates about prevention knowledge and policy were significant differences among different types of enterprises ( P < 0. 01). 80% of subjects agreed with the current preventive measures against measles. 20% of subjects did not have correct preventive behavior. Conclusion The promulgation and health education for measles prevention should be strengthened in migrant population according to the characteristics of migrants, and the improve the measles-related knowledge and policy awareness.%目的 了解北京市外来农民工麻疹防控知信行情况,对外来农民工麻疹预防控制策略进行探讨并提出建议.方法 采用分阶段整群抽样方法,抽取外来农民工921人进行问卷调查.结果 外来农民工麻疹预防知识知晓率均低于80%;预防政策知晓率低于60%;不同类型企业人群对麻疹知识政策知晓率间差异有统计学意义(P<0.01);80%的调查对象认同目前麻疹预防措施;20%的调查对象没有形成正确的预防麻疹行为.结论 应根据流动人口的特点有针对性的加大宣传力度,提高麻疹相关知识和政策的知晓率.

  10. Telangiectasia in aluminium workers: a follow up.

    Thériault, G; Gingras, S; Provencher, S


    A five step investigation was carried out to gain a better understanding of the morbidity that accompanied the development of telangiectasia on aluminium workers and to find its cause. Fifty workers with multiple telangiectasia when matched with normal controls showed the same amount of illness except that evidence of ischaemia on the ECG was found in nine cases and one control. The cases did not show an excess of abnormal biochemical tests. The basic histopathological lesion affected the surrounding tissue rather than the vessels themselves. Working in the current environment and wearing masks seems to protect young workers from developing the lesions. The Soderberg and not the prebake process was associated with the lesions; the causative agent is probably a gas that contains both hydrocarbons and fluoride components emitted from the electrolytic reactors.

  11. Lung function in Pakistani wood workers.

    Meo, Sultan A


    The lung function impairment is the most common respiratory problem in industrial plants and their vicinity. Therefore, the purpose was to study the affects of wood dust and its duration of exposure on lung function. This was a matched cross-sectional study of Spirometry in 46 non-smoking wood workers with age range 20 - 60 years, who worked without the benefit of wood dust control ventilation or respiratory protective devices. Pulmonary function test was performed by using an electronic Spirometer. Significant reduction was observed in the mean values of Forced Vital Capacity (FVC), Forced Expiratory Volume in one second (FEV1), and Maximum Voluntary Ventilation (MVV) in wood workers relative to their matched controls. This impairment was increased with the duration of exposure to wood industries. It is concluded that lung function in wood workers is impaired and stratification of results shows a dose-response effect of years of wood dust exposure on lung function.

  12. Community Health Worker Professional Advocacy: Voices of Action from the 2014 National Community Health Worker Advocacy Survey.

    Sabo, Samantha; Wennerstrom, Ashley; Phillips, David; Haywoord, Catherine; Redondo, Floribella; Bell, Melanie L; Ingram, Maia


    This mixed-methods study explores community health worker (CHW) engagement in professional advocacy. Data from the National Community Health Worker Advocacy Survey (n = 1661) assessed the relationship between CHW professional advocacy and CHW demographics, and work characteristics. Qualitative data articulated the quality of professional advocacy efforts. Approximately, 30% of CHW respondents advocated for professional advancement or collaborated with other CHWs to advance the workforce. Advocacy was more prevalent among CHWs affiliated with a professional network. CHW advocacy targeted recognition of the field, appropriate training and compensation, and sustainable funding. CHW professional advocacy is imperative to advancement of the field.

  13. Asthma among mink workers

    Grøntved, Berit; Carstensen, Ole; Petersen, Rolf


    We report two cases of asthma among mink workers. The first case is about a mink farmer who had asthma that was difficult to treat. In the medical history there was no clear relation to work, and no conclusive work relation with peak flow monitoring. He had a positive histamine release test to mink...... urine. The second case is about a mink farm worker, who had an asthma attack when handling mink furs. Peak flow monitoring showed a clear relation to this work, but there were no signs of allergy. We conclude that these two cases suggest an increased risk of asthma among mink workers....

  14. [Indian workers in Oman].

    Longuenesse, E


    Until recently Oman was a country of emigration, but by 1980 an estimated 200,000 foreign workers were in the country due to the petroleum boom. Almost 1/3 of the estimated 300,000 Indian workers in the Gulf states were in Oman, a country whose colonial heritage was closely tied to that of India and many of whose inhabitants still speak Urdu. The number of work permits granted to Indians working in the private sector in Oman increased from 47,928 in 1976 to 80,787 in 1980. An estimated 110,000 Indians were working in Oman in 1982, the great majority in the construction and public works sector. A few hundred Indian women were employed by the government of Oman, as domestics, or in other capacities. No accurate data is available on the qualifications of Indian workers in Oman, but a 1979 survey suggested a relatively low illiteracy rate among them. 60-75% of Indians in Oman are from the state of Kerala, followed by workers from the Punjab and the southern states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh and Bombay. Indian workers are recruited by specialized agencies or by friends or relatives already employed in Oman. Employers in Oman prefer to recruit through agencies because the preselection process minimizes hiring of workers unqualified for their posts. Officially, expenses of transportation, visas, and other needs are shared by the worker and the employer, but the demand for jobs is so strong that the workers are obliged to pay commissions which amount to considerable sums for stable and well paying jobs. Wages in Oman are however 2 to 5 times the level in India. Numerous abuses have been reported in recruitment practices and in failure of employers in Oman to pay the promised wages, but Indian workers have little recourse. At the same level of qualifications, Indians are paid less then non-Omani Arabs, who in turn receive less than Oman nationals. Indians who remain in Oman long enough nevertheless are able to support families at home and to accumulate considerable

  15. Information and training for outside radiation workers at Krsko NPP

    Breznik, Borut [Krsko Nuclear Power Plant, SI-8270 (Slovenia)


    According to the basic safety standards the undertaking shall inform exposed workers about the health risks involved in their work, general radiation protection procedures and precautions to be taken in the controlled area. Using available information and knowledge based on international recommendations related to radiation protection, nuclear energy and specific plant design and procedures, the topics of interest have been selected and prepared for computer presentation or film. The paper presents the requirements, suggestions and facts included in this information, such as radiation protection practice in general and nuclear power plant specific information. The presentation will provide a useful example on how to inform and train periodically radiation workers from outside undertakings. (author)

  16. 低糖果脯护色技术研究进展%Advanced Study on the Color Protecting Technology of the Low Sugar Preserved Fruit

    宋彦显; 闵玉涛; 李靖靖


    This article reviewed the color-protecting technology of low sugar preserved fruit from the sul-fide color-protecting technology and sulfur-free color-protecting technology . And finally predicted the application prospects of the low sugar preserved fruit in the future.%从硫化护色和无硫护色两个方面对低糖果脯加工中的护色技术研究进展进行详细综述,并展望了低糖果脯护色技术的发展方向.

  17. 中原经济区背景下农民工教育培训权保护的法理思考%Some Legal Theoretical Thoughts about the Protection for the Educational Right of Migrant Workers under the Circumstances of Zhongyuan Economic Area

    曹纪元; 李梦菲


    随着中原经济区建设步伐的加快,河南省面临着由"劳务输出大省"向"劳务用工大省"的转变。因此,加强农民工教育培训权的保护,将有利于农民工自身劳动技能的提高,有助于促进中原经济区的建设。应从完善法律法规保护、建立健全培训体系、完善培训资金投入、优化现有培训项目及注重新生代农民工特点等方面,来落实对农民工教育培训权的保护。%With the speeding up of the construction of zhongyuan economic area,Henan Province will face the change from"labor-exporting province"to"labor-employing province".Therefore,to strengthen the protection of the rights that migrant workers get education and training,will be beneficial to the improvement of migrant workers′ own skills,will contribute to the construction of zhongyuan economic area.This paper aims to discuss the protection of the rights that migrant workers get education and training from the perspective of jurisprudence,the construction of a complete training system,increasing of training fund,and improvement of training program,to protect the migrant workers′rights of being educated and trained.

  18. Worker exposure standard for phosphine gas.

    Pepelko, Bill; Seckar, Joel; Harp, Paul R; Kim, James H; Gray, David; Anderson, Elizabeth L


    The 1998 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP) re-registration eligibility decision (RED) for phosphine fumigants has generated much interest in defining safe levels of exposure for workers and worker bystanders. This report summarizes the pertinent literature on phosphine toxicity, including animal inhalation studies and human epidemiology studies, and also describes a margin-of-exposure (MOE) analysis based on available worker exposure data. In addition, a safe occupational exposure limit is estimated using typical OPP assumptions, after determination of appropriate uncertainty factors, based on quality of data in the principal study and pharmacokinetic considerations. While a conservative 8-hour time-weighted average (TWA) of 0.1 ppm was calculated, the overall weight of evidence, from a risk-management perspective, supports a conclusion that an occupational TWA of 0.3 ppm provides adequate health protection. In addition, a 15-minute short-term exposure limit (STEL) of 3 ppm was estimated. Finally, in contrast to the MOE analysis described in the OPP's phosphine RED, the MOE analysis described herein does not indicate that fumigation workers are currently being exposed to unacceptable levels of phosphine. Collectively, these findings support the occupational exposure limits of 0.3 ppm (8-hour TWA) and 1 ppm (STEL) established in the updated applicator's manuals for phosphine-generating products, which recently received approval from OPP.

  19. 山东省进城务工人员宅基地权益保障研究%Research on Protecting the Rights and Interests of Migrant Workers in Shandong Province

    李琳; 鞠彬


    Through investigation and discussion, using condition of the homestead owned by the migrant workers who have obtained long-time stable occupation and income in cities have been analyzed. It can be studied in four i?tems:problems of rural homestead rights of migrant workers. Four targeting suggestions have been put forward:en?couraging "exit rural homestead and enter the town"and"exchange rural homestead for rooms", establishing rural homestead reserve and trade mechanism, establishing the implementation mechanism of the interests of the rural homestead property rights, and improving the mechanism of the relevant supplementary measures. Its aims to guar?antee the homestead rights of rural migrant workers in Shandong province.%通过调查研究与座谈,分析了在城市有长期稳定职业与收入的进城务工人员宅基地使用情况,总结了4个现状,在此基础上,探讨了进城务工人员宅基地权益存在的问题,有针对性的提出了鼓励"退宅进城"和"以宅换房"、建立宅基地储备交易机制、建立宅基地物权利益实现机制、完善相关配套机制等4方面措施,以期山东省进城务工人员宅基地权益得到保障.

  20. HIV/AIDS and Croatian migrant workers.

    Stulhofer, Aleksandar; Brouillard, Pamela; Nikolić, Nebojga; Greiner, Nina


    Due to their geographical mobility and long periods of separation from intimate partners, migrant workers are at increased risk for a variety of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV/AIDS. This study sought to investigate patterns in HIV/AIDS related knowledge, attitudes and sexual behaviour in migrant workers in Croatia. In 2003, 566 male migrant workers were recruited during regular required medical examinations and surveyed at seven locations throughout the country. Each participant was asked to complete a self-administered KABP (sexual knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and practices) questionnaire. The average age of respondents was 38.2 years and the majority worked as seafarers (77.3%) and construction workers (20.5%). Only 18.5% of respondents were able to correctly answer all 13 questions assessing knowledge of HIV/AIDS. Seafarers reported higher levels of knowledge than did construction workers. The average respondent reported having had two sexual partners in the last 12 months, with slightly over half of the respondents (55.3%) reporting condom use at their last intercourse with a casual partner. One fifth of the respondents (20.3%) who reported having had intercourse with a sex worker during the last year reported not using condoms at last intercourse. The number of sexual partners was correlated with age, marital status, faith in God, and personal HIV risk assessment. Attitudes toward condom use, co-workers' HIV/AIDS concerns and the duration of migrant status (within the last two years) were shown to be significant correlates of condom use at last intercourse with a casual partner. The effect of HIV/AIDS related knowledge on analyzed behaviors did not reach statistical significance. Inadequate patterns of migrant workers' condom use, gaps in knowledge about HIV transmission and modes of protection, as well as widespread ignorance regarding available anonymous HIV testing found by this study suggest a critical need for expert intervention to

  1. The protection effect of garlic on biological membrane and on cellular immunity in workers exposed to coke oven volatiles%大蒜对锅炉工生物膜和细胞免疫的保护作用


    @@ The workers exposed to coke oven volatile are the risk population of occupational lung cancer than genera population. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs),a component of coke oven volatile (COE), are the species considered to be the responsible for this high risk of occupational lung cancer. One of most important mechanism of occupational lung cancer induced by PAHs is believed to be due to the accumulation of free radicals associated with COV and subsequent biological member injury caused by free radical reaction as well as decrease in cell immunity. Garlic is the consumed vegetable with a variety of medical functions.

  2. Protective effects of pioglitazone and/or liraglutide on pancreatic β-cells in db/db mice: Comparison of their effects between in an early and advanced stage of diabetes.

    Kimura, Tomohiko; Kaneto, Hideaki; Shimoda, Masashi; Hirukawa, Hidenori; Okauchi, Seizo; Kohara, Kenji; Hamamoto, Sumiko; Tawaramoto, Kazuhito; Hashiramoto, Mitsuru; Kaku, Kohei


    The aim was to compare the protective effects of pioglitazone (PIO) and/or liraglutide (LIRA) on β-cells with the progression of diabetes. Male db/db mice were treated with PIO and/or LIRA for 2 weeks in an early and advanced stage. In an early stage insulin biosynthesis and secretion were markedly increased by PIO and LIRA which was not observed in an advanced stage. In concomitant with such phenomena, expression levels of various β-cell-related factors were up-regulated by PIO and LIRA only in an early stage. Furthermore, β-cell mass was also increased by the treatment only in an early stage. Although there was no difference in apoptosis ratio between the two stages, β-cell proliferation was augmented by the treatment only in an early stage. In conclusion, protective effects of pioglitazone and/or liraglutide on β-cells were more powerful in an early stage of diabetes compared to an advanced stage.

  3. Tobacco Workers in 1916


    I looked at the women in the photo carefully,judging theirage from the style of their hair and clothes,and guessingtheir mood at the time when the photo was taken. On this photo there are about 50 workers from theNanyang Brothers Tobacco Company,who are sitting in thefactory working.It seems they are married women, for allwear their hair in buns.Behind them stand two men in white;they may be the foremen. Women tobacco workers were one branch of Chinesewomen workrs in modern industry.At the end of the 1900’s,the reeling.cotton spinning,match and cigarette trades usedwomen workers extensively.They were mainly employed inenterprises with more than 500 workers,chiefly in cotton,silkand weaving mills.They also amassed in the tobacco trade,

  4. Migrant Workers Fight Back



    Zhao, aged 33, is a migrant worker in a shoe factory in Shenzhen, the prosperous southern Chinese city. He arrived there hve years ago from his home village in north Jiangsu province, a notoriously poverty struck region of China.

  5. Telecommuting: The Wired Worker.

    Nilles, Jack M.


    Examines the use of home computers and how they allow the worker to work at home rather than commuting. Discusses the growing trend of telecommuting, cost of operation, how it will affect company structure, and productivity. (CT)

  6. Telecommuting: The Wired Worker.

    Nilles, Jack M.


    Examines the use of home computers and how they allow the worker to work at home rather than commuting. Discusses the growing trend of telecommuting, cost of operation, how it will affect company structure, and productivity. (CT)

  7. Workers Compensation Claim Data -

    Department of Transportation — This data set contains DOT employee workers compensation claim data for current and past DOT employees. Types of data include claim data consisting of PII data (SSN,...

  8. Stress in Humanitarian Workers


    In emerging countries, the consequences of stress remain undervalued. Stress ... hazards reducing workers' satisfaction and productivity,. 1-3 ... organizations and NGOs (renewable one-year contract) ... Job Related Stress Among Physicians.

  9. Dependency and Worker Flirting

    Konecki, Krzysztof


    The present paper concentrates on 'worker flirting' as one of the forms of interactional ritual in the culture of an organization. It is thus only an illustration of the interactional dimension of the culture of an organization. The paper deals with interactional ritual in an industrial organization and is based on an empirical study carried out in a radio-electrical plant, "Z," which employs 1,500 workers. The author carried out a period of three-months covert participant observation and...

  10. 实验动物从业人员职业伤害和自我防护与其焦虑、抑郁水平的相关性%The Relationship among Laboratory Animal Workers'Occupational Injury, Self-protection and Anxiety,Depression

    马小琴; 徐鋆娴


    Objective:To investigate occupational injury , self-protection and anxiety , depression a-mong laboratory animal workers and analyze their relationship ,thus providing direction for self -protection and occupational health guidance .Methods:237 laboratory animal workers from Hangzhou , Wenzhou , Shanghai by cluster sampling ,were investigated with Self -rating Anxiety Scale ( SAS ) , Self-rating De-pression Scale(SDS)and self-made questionnaire.Results:The score of laboratory animal workers'anxi-ety and depression were higher than the national norm ,and laboratory animal workers who both had anxie-ty and depression emotional state accounted for 24 .9%.Their occupational injuries mainly came from physical (dust exposure and bites or scratches of rats ),chemical(direct contact with chemical sanitizer or reagent),biological(contact with laboratory animals of unknown bacterial and pathogens and laboratory animal allergy) .The most ignored protective measures were serum antibody level monitoring and vaccina -tion.Their anxiety and depression were positively correlated with occupational injury ,but were negatively correlated with self-protection.Conclusion:Laboratory animal management should put emphasis on psy-chological situation ,and provide mental therapy if necessary ,in order to further improve their self -pro-tection and reduce the threat of occupational .%目的:探讨实验动物从业人员职业伤害和自我防护及焦虑、抑郁状况,并分析它们间的相关性,为其职业自我防护和心理健康提供指导。方法:采用整群抽样法,使用自制职业伤害及自我防护问卷、Zung焦虑自评量表( SAS)和Zung抑郁自评量表( SDS)对237名实验动物从业人员的职业伤害和自我防护现状与焦虑、抑郁水平进行调查。结果:实验动物从业人员焦虑、抑郁均高于常模水平,且抑郁和焦虑状态并存的实验动物从业人员占24.9%。他们职业伤害的主要来源为

  11. The Future of the Migrant Workers: the Issue of Pensioning of the Retired Migrant Workers

    Boxia Liu


    Full Text Available The first generation migrant workers contributed a lot to the construction of the cities with the lowest wages and the hardest work. On the other hand, due to flaws in the current social insurance systems, unclear responsibility of enterprises, insufficient understanding of the migrant workers themselves, there appear the dilemma that the cities refuse to care for migrant workers while the countryside cannot undertake the task and the traditional family and land-supporting model also fails to do so. And this has become an urgent problem faced the whole society. This paper, by analyzing the predicament and the issues of the care service of the retired migrant workers, presents solutions such as bettering the insurance system, quickening the law making, and popularizing the idea of responsibilities and consciousness of the enterprises and the farmer workers. It also calls for a power financial support from the government, and a way to unite the transitional system of the insurance policies, with strict supervision and management to protect the lawful interest of the migrant workers.

  12. On Protection of Migrant Workers' Rights in the Construction of Harmonious Society%和谐社会构建中农民工权益保障问题思考

    陈文辉; 吴林


    The number of migrant workers has increased along with the urbanization and the development of the countryside. Migrant workers have and made an indelible contribution to the city construction and have had positive effect on the Chinese society. But their justified rights and interests are not guaranteed and pro- tected well. This depends on the whole society' s effort, and it is also the requirement of constructing a har- monious and stable society.%随着城市化及农村的发展,农民工数量逐步增加,为城市建设作出了不可磨灭的贡献。但是,当前农民工权益得不到有力保障,这加剧了城乡差异,而这种城乡不和谐与当前构建社会主义和谐社会是格格不入的。因此,要进一步完善社会主义劳动法律体系,健全工会组织,搞好农民工文化工作,建立城乡统一的户口登记管理制度,建立完善农民工社会权益保障制度,多管齐下维护农民工合法权益。

  13. "One country, two systems": Sociopolitical implications for female migrant sex workers in Hong Kong

    Griffiths Sian


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Under the "two countries, one system" policy implemented by China to manage the return of Hong Kong's sovereignty, Hong Kong has maintained a comparatively prosperous economy within the Asian region. This has resulted in an environment which fosters migration from the mainland to Hong Kong, due largely to proximity, higher earning potential, common language, and a relaxing of border control measures. However not all mainland China citizens are equally able to access these new migration schemes and indeed a number of women such as sex workers are either migrating and/or working illegally and without occupational, legal and health protection within Hong Kong. Discussion Female migrant sex workers are exposed to a number of significant threats to their health, however their illegal status contributes to even greater vulnerability. The prevailing discourses which view these women as either "trafficked women" or as "illegal immigrants" do not adequately account for the complex situations which result in such women's employment in Hong Kong's sex industry. Rather, their position can best be understood within the broader frameworks provided by migration literature and the concept of "structural violence". This allows for a greater understanding of the socio-political issues which are systematically denying migrant sex workers adequate access to health care and other opportunities for social advancement. When these issues are taken into account, it becomes clear that the current relevant legislation regarding both immigration and sex work is perpetuating the marginalised and vulnerable status of migrant sex workers. Unless changes are made, structural barriers will remain in place which impede the ability of migrant sex workers to manage their own health needs and status. Conclusion Female migrant sex workers in Hong Kong are extremely vulnerable to a number of occupational health and safety hazards which have significantly

  14. Radiological protection in veterinary practice

    Konishi, Emiko; Tabara, Takashi (Tokyo Univ. (Japan). Research Center for Nuclear Engineering and Technology); Kusama, Tomoko


    To propose measures for radiological protection of veterinary workers in Japan, X-ray exposure of workers in typical conditions in veterinary clinics was assessed. Dose rates of useful beam and scattered radiation, worker exposure doses at different stations, and effectiveness of protective clothing were determined using TLD and ion chambers. As precausions against radiation, the following practices are important: (1) use of suitable and properly maintained X-ray equipment, (2) proper selection of safe working stations, (3) use of protective clothing. Regulations are necessary to restrict the use of X-rays in the veterinary field. Because the use of X-rays in the veterinary field is not currently controlled by law, the above precautions are essential for minimizing exposure of veterinary staff. (author).

  15. Discussion on How to Protect Legal Rights of Migrant Workers Suffered from Occupational Disease after Signing Unfair Work-related Injury Compensation Agreements%签署不当工伤赔偿协议后农民工维权问题刍议

    王祖兵; 胡训军; 徐纪良; 李思惠


    Two iPhone production line companies of Apple Inc. in China were suspected to force employees who had been poisoned by n-hexane into signing the work-related injury compensation agreements, which included some illegal clauses such as "first quit and then compensation". It disclosed the difficulties in identifying occupational disease and acquiring legal rights through legal process for the migrant workers in China. This paper discussed on the causes of such event, the validity of such work-related injury compensation agreements, and how to protect own rights after signing work-related injury compensation agreements reluctantly for the migrant workers suffered from occupational disease; and tried to give useful advices for helping such migrant workers.%毒苹果事件中,苹果股份有限公司(Apple Inc.)的两家供应商公司被质疑强迫正已烷中毒员工签署先离职后赔偿的霸王条款,暴露了我国大陆农民工职业病维权难的问题.故特从农民工维权难的原因、不当工伤赔偿协议的有效性评价及签订协议后如何维权等几方面进行探讨,以供广大农民工及职业卫生与安全相关工作人员参考.

  16. Advanced Manufacturing Training: Mobile Learning Labs

    Vukich, John C.; Ackerman, Amanda A.


    Across Colorado, manufacturing employers forecast an on-going need not only for workers who are interested in career opportunities but who are prepared to enter the advanced manufacturing industry with the necessary high-tech skills. Additionally, employers report concerns about replacing retiring workers that take with them decades of…

  17. Advanced Manufacturing Training: Mobile Learning Labs

    Vukich, John C.; Ackerman, Amanda A.


    Across Colorado, manufacturing employers forecast an on-going need not only for workers who are interested in career opportunities but who are prepared to enter the advanced manufacturing industry with the necessary high-tech skills. Additionally, employers report concerns about replacing retiring workers that take with them decades of…

  18. Advance of the National Program of Radiological Protection and Safety for medical diagnostic with X-rays; Avance del Programa Nacional de Proteccion y Seguridad Radiologica para diagnostico medico con rayos X

    Verdejo S, M. [Direccion de Riesgos Radiologicos, Direccion General de Salud Ambiental (Mexico)


    The National Program of Radiological Protection and Safety for medical diagnostic with X-ray (Programa Nacional de Proteccion y Seguridad Radiologica para diagnostico medico con rayos X) was initiated in the General Direction of Environmental Health (Direccion General de Salud Ambiental) in 1995. Task coordinated with different dependences of the Public Sector in collaboration between the Secretary of Health (Secretaria de Salud), the National Commission of Nuclear Safety and Safeguards (Comision Nacional de Seguridad Nuclear y Salvaguardias) and, the National Institute of Nuclear Research (Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares). The surveillance to the fulfilment of the standardization in matter of Radiological Protection and Safety in the medical diagnostic with X-rays has been obtained for an important advance in the Public sector and it has been arousing interest in the Private sector. (Author)

  19. Cage Versus Noncage Laying-Hen Housings: Worker Respiratory Health.

    Mitchell, Diane; Arteaga, Veronica; Armitage, Tracey; Mitloehner, Frank; Tancredi, Daniel; Kenyon, Nicholas; Schenker, Marc


    The objective of this study was to compare respiratory health of poultry workers in conventional cage, enriched cage and aviary layer housing on a single commercial facility, motivated by changing requirements for humane housing of hens. Three workers were randomly assigned daily, one to each of conventional cage, enriched cage, and aviary housing in a crossover repeated-measures design for three observation periods (for a total of 123 worker-days, eight different workers). Workers' exposure to particles were assessed (Arteaga et al. J Agromedicine. 2015;20:this issue) and spirometry, exhaled nitric oxide, respiratory symptoms, and questionnaires were conducted pre- and post-shift. Personal exposures to particles and endotoxin were significantly higher in the aviary than the other housings (Arteaga et al., 2015). The use of respiratory protection was high; the median usage was 70% of the shift. Mixed-effects multivariate regression models of respiratory cross-shift changes were marginally significant, but the aviary system consistently posted the highest decrements for forced expiratory volume in 1 and 6 seconds (FEV1 and FEV6) compared with the enriched or conventional housing. The adjusted mean difference in FEV1 aviary - enriched cage housing was -47 mL/s, 95% confidence interval (CI): (-99 to 4.9), P = .07. Similarly, for FEV6, aviary - conventional housing adjusted mean difference was -52.9 mL/6 s, 95% CI: (-108 to 2.4), P = .06. Workers adopting greater than median use of respiratory protection were less likely to exhibit negative cross-shift pulmonary function changes. Although aviary housing exposed workers to significantly higher respiratory exposures, cross-shift pulmonary function changes did not differ significantly between houses. Higher levels of mask use were protective; poultry workers should wear respiratory protection as appropriate to avoid health decrements.

  20. 29 CFR 500.122 - Adjustments in insurance requirements when workers' compensation coverage is provided under State...


    ... (Continued) WAGE AND HOUR DIVISION, DEPARTMENT OF LABOR REGULATIONS MIGRANT AND SEASONAL AGRICULTURAL WORKER PROTECTION Motor Vehicle Safety and Insurance for Transportation of Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Workers, Housing Safety and Health for Migrant Workers Insurance § 500.122 Adjustments in insurance...

  1. Leveraging the World Cup: Mega Sporting Events, Human Rights Risk, and Worker Welfare Reform in Qatar

    Sarath Ganji


    Full Text Available Qatar will realize its decades-long drive to host a mega sporting event when, in 2022, the opening ceremony of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA World Cup commences. By that time, the Qatari government will have invested at least $200 billion in real estate and development projects, employing anywhere between 500,000 and 1.5 million foreign workers to do so. The scale of these preparations is staggering — and not necessarily positive. Between 2010 and 2013, more than 1,200 labor migrants working in Qatar’s construction sector died, with another 4,000 deaths projected by the start of the event. Foreign workers are subject to conditions of forced labor, human trafficking, and indefinite detention. Advocacy groups cite deplorable living and working conditions, coupled with lax legal protections for workers, as the main culprits. Absent significant improvements in worker welfare, Qatar’s World Cup will be remembered as a human rights tragedy.This article examines whether it is possible for Qatar’s World Cup to forge a different legacy, as an agent of change on behalf of worker welfare reform. In examining the issue, the article takes a two-fold approach. First, it locates the policy problem of worker welfare abuses in the context of the migration life cycle. The migration life cycle represents the range of activities that mediate the relationship between an individual migrant and the labor migration system — from the time the migrant first considers working overseas to his employment abroad to his eventual return to the home country. An understanding of worker welfare abuses in Qatar does not begin or end with reports of migrant deaths. A much broader pattern of abuse exists that, if ignored, will undermine effective policy responses.Second, the article frames worker welfare as a matter that lies at the intersection of business and human rights. Mega events are large-scale, internationally recognized activities

  2. International Human Rights Treaties in Central American Jurisdictions: Interpretative Guidelines and Principles for the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families

    Alfonso Chacón Mata


    Full Text Available As part of the Institute for Latin American Studies (IDELA project on Current Migration Trends in Latin America, an analysis of the regional regulations on human rights is conducted in this paper in order to highlight efforts for an interpretative harmonization, and to ulteriorly study the possibilities of building regional regulations. The scope of the international human rights law is reviewed, since the international treaties protecting such rights include the protection of migrants as a vulnerable social group within this perspective

  3. Protection using telecommunications



    Deregulation in both the telecommunication and electric power industry, together with new telecommunication network technologies and advances in numerical protection, has resulted in the need to reconsider traditional methods of delivering tele-protection schemes and their associated bearer services. Fibre-optic technology is commonly deployed in new telecommunication networks for inter-station communication and utility-owned and public telecommunication networks from third parties are available for protection purposes. (author)

  4. Advances in Clinical Stratergies of Lung Protective Ventilation%肺保护性通气策略临床应用进展

    郑康; 郑亚安


    In patients with ALI/ARDS, mechanical ventilation with lung protective ventilation strategies results in decreased mortality and enhances the number of days without ventilator use. While guidelines now strongly advise using lung protective ventilation in ALI/ARDS patients, there are presently no widely agreed - upon guidelines for the use of ventilation with lung protective ventilation strategies in patients who with non - ALI/ARDS conditions. Literatures concerning animal and clinical studies on lung protective mechanical ventilation in patients with non - ALI/ARDS conditions were searched out, and aspects including post ventilation oxygenation indices, cytokine levels, and lung histology were reviewed. The inconsistent results from different trials, however, do not definitely support the use of lung protective mechanical ventilation. Nevertheless, more prospective studies are needed to establish the optimal ventilator management strategies for patients with non - ALI/ARDS conditions.%机械通气时采取肺保护性通气策略有利于急性肺损伤/急性呼吸窘迫综合征(ALI/ARDS)患者缩短机械通气时间,降低病死率,在临床中已广泛应用.但是对于非ALI/ARDS的患者是否也采取肺保护性通气策略意见并不一致.现综述近年来的研究情况,包括机械通气后氧合指标、细胞因子水平和肺组织结构等方面的变化.目前对于肺保护性通气策略是否有利于避免非ALI/ARDS患者肺损伤的发生,研究结果并不一致,尚无明确结论.

  5. Arsenic burden survey among refuse incinerator workers

    Chao Chung-Liang


    Full Text Available Background: Incinerator workers are not considered to have arsenic overexposure although they have the risk of overexposure to other heavy metals. Aim: To examine the relationship between arsenic burden and risk of occupational exposure in employees working at a municipal refuse incinerator by determining the concentrations of arsenic in the blood and urine. Settings and Design: The workers were divided into three groups based on their probability of contact with combustion-generated residues, namely Group 1: indirect contact, Group 2: direct contact and Group 3: no contact. Healthy age- and sex-matched residents living in the vicinity were enrolled as the control group. Materials and Methods: Heavy metal concentrations were measured by atomic absorption spectrophotometer. Downstream rivers and drinking water of the residents were examined for environmental arsenic pollution. A questionnaire survey concerning the contact history of arsenic was simultaneously conducted. Statistical analysis: Non-parametric tests, cross-tabulation and multinomial logistic regression. Results: This study recruited 122 incinerator workers. The urine and blood arsenic concentrations as well as incidences of overexposure were significantly higher in the workers than in control subjects. The workers who had indirect or no contact with combustion-generated residues had significantly higher blood arsenic level. Arsenic contact history could not explain the difference. Airborne and waterborne arsenic pollution were not detected. Conclusion: Incinerator workers run the risk of being exposed to arsenic pollution, especially those who have incomplete protection in the workplace even though they only have indirect or no contact with combustion-generated pollutants.

  6. Evolution of worker policing.

    Olejarz, Jason W; Allen, Benjamin; Veller, Carl; Gadagkar, Raghavendra; Nowak, Martin A


    Workers in insect societies are sometimes observed to kill male eggs of other workers, a phenomenon known as worker policing. We perform a mathematical analysis of the evolutionary dynamics of policing. We investigate the selective forces behind policing for both dominant and recessive mutations for different numbers of matings of the queen. The traditional, relatedness-based argument suggests that policing evolves if the queen mates with more than two males, but does not evolve if the queen mates with a single male. We derive precise conditions for the invasion and stability of policing alleles. We find that the relatedness-based argument is not robust with respect to small changes in colony efficiency caused by policing. We also calculate evolutionarily singular strategies and determine when they are evolutionarily stable. We use a population genetics approach that applies to dominant or recessive mutations of any effect size. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  7. Migration of health workers.

    Buchan, James


    The discussion and debate stimulated by these papers focused across a range of issues but there were four main areas of questioning: "measuring" and monitoring migration (issues related to comparability, completeness and accuracy of data sets on human resources); the impact of migration of health workers on health systems; the motivations of individual health workers to migrate (the "push" and "pull" factors) and the effect of policies designed either to reduce migration (e.g "self ufficiency") or to stimulate it (e.g active international recruitment). It was recognised that there was a critical need to examine migratory flows within the broader context of all health care labour market dynamics within a country, that increasing migration of health workers was an inevitable consequence of globalisation, and that there was a critical need to improve monitoring so as to better inform policy formulation and policy testing in this area.

  8. Front-line worker engagement: greening health care, improving worker and patient health, and building better jobs.

    Chenven, Laura; Copeland, Danielle


    Frontline workers have a great deal to contribute to improving environmental sustainability of their employers and the health of workers and patients. This article discusses a national project of the Healthcare Career Advancement Program, funded by the U.S. Department of Labor to support green jobs development. Implementation was accomplished through a labor/management collaboration between union locals and 11 employers in four regions throughout the United States. The project developed and implemented a model of training and education for environmental service workers and other frontline health-care workers in hospital settings that supported systems change and built new roles for these workers. It empowered them to contribute to triple bottom line outcomes in support of People (patients, workers, the community), Planet (environmental sustainability and a lower carbon footprint), and Profit (cost savings for the institutions). In the process workers more clearly articulated their important role as a part of the healthcare team and learned how they could contribute to improved patient and worker health and safety.

  9. Do sanitary ceramic workers have a worse presentation of chest radiographs or pulmonary function tests than other ceramic workers?

    Tsao, Yu-Chung; Liu, Su-Hsun; Tzeng, I-Shiang; Hsieh, Tsung-Han; Chen, Jau-Yuan; Luo, Jiin-Chyuan John


    Silicosis remains the most prevalent occupational disease worldwide. There have been no specific studies focusing on the association between exposure settings at work and the clinical severity in silicosis patients. In this study, we describe and compare the clinical characteristics and silicosis-associated exposure history at work among workers from several types of ceramic production facilities in Taiwan. We reviewed the medical records of 221 patients who were first diagnosed with silicosis at the Occupational Medicine Clinic of Northern Taiwan in 2012. For each patient, we collected data on demographic characteristics, smoking habits, working history, duration of exposure, and years on the first relevant job. We also retrieved clinical reports of the pulmonary function test and the baseline chest radiography used for silicosis staging. As compared to other ceramic workers, sanitary ceramic workers had a worse X-ray type (p=0.044), more advanced age (pceramic workers showed a comparable risk for worse X-ray findings to other ceramic workers (adjusted odds ratio=1.18, p=0.704). Results of multivariable regression models on individual lung function parameter also suggested comparably impaired lung function tests between sanitary and other ceramic workers (p>0.05). In this study, we found that sanitary ceramic workers were at a similar risk to other ceramic workers for moderate to severe silicosis when older age and longer working duration were accounted for. Copyright © 2016. Published by Elsevier B.V.

  10. Weighing obligations to home care workers and Medicaid recipients.

    Treacy, Paul C; MacKay, Douglas


    In June 2016, a US Department of Labor rule extending minimum wage and overtime pay protections to home care workers such as certified nursing assistants and home health aides survived its final legal challenge and became effective. However, Medicaid officials in certain states reported that during the intervening decades when these protections were not in place, their states had developed a range of innovative services and programs providing home care to people with disabilities-services and programs that would be at risk if workers were newly owed minimum wage and overtime pay. In this article, we examine whether the Department of Labor was right to extend these wage protections to home care workers even at the risk of a reduction in these home care services to people with disabilities. We argue that it was right to do so. Home care workers are entitled to these protections, and, although it is permissible under certain conditions for government to infringe workers' occupational rights and entitlements, these conditions are not satisfied in this case.

  11. The road to GHS: worker right-to-know in the 21st century.

    Karstadt, Myra L


    Of the three communications standards discussed, HI is definitely the outlier, as it emphasizes worker control of the process of identifying hazard and deemphasizes employer control of identification of hazards and dissemination of hazard information. GHS may not be as protective of American workers as HazCom is, but for workers in less-developed countries, where regulation of workplace health and safety is less strong than in the United States, Canada, many countries in Europe, and Japan, GHS--if adequately enforced-will likely represent an improvement in information on chemical hazards in the workplace. American workers may well see a decline in workplace protection against chemical hazards while protection may improve for workers in less-developed countries. This trade-off is part of the ongoing debate about globalization, of which worker protection from chemical hazards should be an important aspect. The next paper in this series will compare the proposed and final versions of GHS, and will discuss possible improvements to GHS to better serve American workers. As OSHA moves forward with the GHS rule, people and organizations concerned with worker right-to-know should consider possible improvements to GHS to better serve workers in the United States and worldwide.

  12. The older worker.

    Fulks, J S; Fallon, L F


    About one person in eight remains employed past 65, the average age for retirement in the U.S. These persons tend to be highly reliable. They can adapt and learn new technology, but may require extra time to do so. Older workers have particular needs in the workplace due to physiological changes that accompany aging. They may require more lighting, and they may have decreased mobility, physical strength, and dexterity. These factors often have no impact on their ability to accomplish job duties. This chapter underscores the significant contributions that older workers often provide, and also addresses retirement planning.

  13. Advancement of the climate dual strategy. New concepts for a globally effective climate protection; Weiterentwicklung der baden-wuerttembergischen Klimadoppelstrategie. Neue Konzepte fuer einen global wirksamen Klimaschutz



    The Baden-Wuerttemberg Council on Sustainable Development (Stuttgart, Federal Republic of Germany) presents a climate expert report with new concepts for a globally effective climate protection. First of all, the development of the global emissions of carbon dioxide since 1990 is described. The development of the global emissions of carbon dioxide up to 2050 is forecasted. Four general criteria (effectiveness, efficiency, fairness and acceptance) for a comparative evaluation of climate protection concepts are introduced. A proposal for solution on the basis of a globally effective cap-and-trade system as well as an identical scenario as an alternative with respect to the implementation are described. This alternative scenario is based on a cap-and-trade system but it develops on the basis of national self-commitment in accordance with an incentive and sanctionative system. Both implementation proposals are compared. Recommendations of the national government Baden-Wuerttemberg are given.

  14. Advanced Zinc Phosphate Conversion and Pre-Ceramic Polymetallosiloxane Coatings for Corrosion Protection of Steel and Aluminum, and Characteristics of Polyphenyletheretherketone-Based Materials


    Finally, the most effective organosilane for use in the fabrica - tion of PTS coatings leading to good corrosion protection was N-[3-(tri...89. References !. T.St;OAMA. L. E KUKACKAimd N. CARC \\ELLO. Froy. Ory. Coat. 10(1990) 173. 2. H w EICH N ER and W. E. SCHOWALTER. Forest...wt % HC1 and 14-17 wt % water. 14. A method for preparing a solution for the fabrica - tion of polymetallicsiloxane coatings which comprises the

  15. Protecting Pregnant Workers while Fighting Sexism: Work-Pregnancy Balance and Pregnant Nurses' Resistance in Québec HospitalsProtéger les travailleuses enceintes en luttant contre le sexisme: équilibre travail-grossesse et résistance d'infirmières enceintes dans des hôpitaux québécois.

    Gravel, Anne Renée; Riel, Jessica; Messing, Karen


    Women's workplaces should guarantee healthy pregnancies while supporting pregnant women as workers. In Québec (Canada), a pregnant worker exposed to a "danger" for herself or her fetus may ask her employer to be reassigned to other work appropriate to her skills. This approach differs from other regulatory contexts in North America in that protection of fetal and maternal health is embedded in the health and safety legislation. The advantage is that the pregnant worker is guaranteed access to her full salary, but some may question whether specific provisions for pregnant women single out such women and produce risks for their careers or, conversely, pregnancy should receive even more special consideration. These questions are discussed using the results of a qualitative analysis of interviews with pregnant nurses, their supervisors, and their union representatives in ten hospitals in Québec. We think that the management of pregnancy under this legislation generally protects health, but that, in the absence of true employer commitment to the health of all workers, undue burdens may be placed upon other members of the work team. Résumé Les lieux de travail des femmes devraient garantir des grossesses saines tout en soutenant les femmes enceintes en tant que travailleurs. Au Québec (Canada), une travailleuse enceinte exposée à un danger pour elle-même ou son fœtus peut demander à son employeur d'être réaffectée à d'autres tãches sans danger et adaptéches à ses compétences. Cette approche diffère des autres contextes réglementaires en Amérique du Nord en ce sens que la protection de la santé foetale et maternelle est intégrée dans la législation sur la santé et la sécurité. Certains peuvent se demander si des dispositions spécifiques pour les femmes enceintes singularisent ces travailleuses et contribuent à la précarisation de leur emploi. Ou, à l'inverse, si la grossesse devrait recevoir une considération encore plus spéciale. Ces

  16. Infectious disease risk in asbestos abatement workers

    Lange John H


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The current literature reports increased infectious disease occurrence in various construction occupations, as an important contributor to morbidity and mortality arising from employment. These observations should be expanded to asbestos abatement workers, as the abatement can create an environment favorable for bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Discussion Asbestos abatement work employs activities resulting in cuts, blisters and abrasions to the skin, work in a dirty environment and exposure to dust, mists and fumes. Furthermore, this population exhibits a high smoking rate which increases the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and respiratory infections. In addition, these workers also commonly employ respirators, which can accumulate dirt and debris magnifying exposure to microbes. Use of respirators and related types of personal protective equipment, especially if shared and in the close environment experienced by workers, may enhance communicability of these agents, including viruses. Summary Abatement workers need to be provided with information on hazards and targeted by appropriate health education to reduce the infection risk. Epidemiological studies to investigate this risk in asbestos removers are recommended.

  17. Perceived heat stress and health effects on construction workers

    Priya Dutta


    Full Text Available Introduction: Increasing heat waves-particularly in urban areas where construction is most prevalent, highlight a need for heat exposure assessment of construction workers. This study aims to characterize the effects of heat on construction workers from a site in Gandhinagar. Materials and Methods: This study involved a mixed methods approach consisting of a cross sectional survey with anthropometric measurements (n = 219 and four focus groups with construction workers, as well as environmental measurements of heat stress exposure at a construction site. Survey data was collected in two seasons i.e., summer and winter months, and heat illness and symptoms were compared between the two time periods. Thematic coding of focus group data was used to identify vulnerability factors and coping mechanisms of the workers. Heat stress, recorded using a wet bulb globe temperature monitor, was compared to international safety standards. Results: The survey findings suggest that heat-related symptoms increased in summer; 59% of all reports in summer were positive for symptoms (from Mild to Severe as compared to 41% in winter. Focus groups revealed four dominant themes: (1 Non-occupational stressors compound work stressors; (2 workers were particularly attuned to the impact of heat on their health; (3 workers were aware of heat-related preventive measures; and (4 few resources were currently available to protect workers from heat stress. Working conditions often exceed international heat stress safety thresholds. Female workers and new employees might be at increased risk of illness or injury. Conclusion: This study suggests significant health impacts on construction workers from heat stress exposure in the workplace, showed that heat stress levels were higher than those prescribed by international standards and highlights the need for revision of work practices, increased protective measures, and possible development of indigenous work safety standards for

  18. Health and safety concerns os migrant workers: the experience of tunisian workers in modena, Italy

    Faïçal Daly


    Full Text Available This paper examines the relatively under-researched field of healthand safety of migrant workers, with special reference to Tunisian construction workers in the city of Modena in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna. The empirical material comes from questionnaires and interviews with Tunisian migrants, plus smaller numbers of interviews with employers and trade union representatives in Modena. The paper starts by critically reviewing the scattered literature onthe health and safety of minority workers, most of which refers to the United States and the United Kingdom. The discussion then moves to a consideration of migrant health and safety questions in the contexts of racism, discrimination, social class, working conditions, labour market segmentation and (non- regulation. Specialattention is given to the failed role of trade unions in defending the rights of minority workers, in advanced countries generally and in Italy in particular. A case study is then made of the construction sector in Italy, enriched by personal accounts of the experiences of Tunisian migrant workers in Modena. Employer and tradeunion interviews reveal a lack of concern and ability to tackle the relevant issues. Barriers to health and safety awareness training are outlined. In the conclusion, recommendations are made for policy initiatives in this area.

  19. Extending the two-process model of burnout in child protection workers: The role of resilience in mediating burnout via organizational factors of control, values, fairness, reward, workload, and community relationships.

    McFadden, Paula; Mallett, John; Leiter, Michael


    Burnout has been disproportionally reported in child protection social work. This paper presents data from 162 child protection staff in Northern Ireland, assessed for burnout using the Maslach Burnout Inventory. Path models were estimated, based on an extension of the two-process demands and values model (Leiter, ) to include additional measures of resilience using the Resilience Scale-14, as well as perceived rewards and sense of community from the Areas of Work Life Scale (Leiter, ). Optimal model fit was achieved by modelling resilience as a mediator of the relationship between organizational factors of control and value congruence and burnout. Resilience also directly predicted emotional exhaustion (β = -.23, p resilience is modelled as both an outcome of some organizational factors whilst also making a unique direct contribution to explaining burnout alongside other organizational factors. Other pathways and mediating relationships are reported and further research directions discussed. Copyright © 2017 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  20. 旋毛虫成虫抗原的免疫保护性研究进展%Advances in study on protective immunity of Trichinella spiralis adult worm antigen

    马鸣旺; 申丽洁


    The advances in study on protective immunity of Trichinella spiralis adult WOlln antigen were reviewed in this paper.Acording to the comparison of the three antigens of Trichinella spiralis,adult worm anti-gens can produce stronger protective immunity, which may serve as an important candidate of the vaccine a-gainst trichinellosis.With DNA recombination technology to clone the gene of the strong protective antigens of a-duh worm and to express them in vitro are important ways to get the vaccine against trichinellosis.%该文介绍了旋毛虫成虫抗原免疫保护性研究的进展.通过比较三期抗原的免疫保护性,表明旋毛虫成虫抗原具有较强的免疫保护作用,该抗原可能是研制旋毛虫病疫苗的重要候选抗原.利用DNA重组技术将保护性强的成虫抗原的基因克隆并在体外表达,将是获得旋毛虫病疫苗抗原的重要方法.

  1. Battling for Workers


    China’s labor pool is not running dry, but migrant workers are expecting more from cities For most of China’s 240 million farmers who leave their hometowns for manualobs in cities, the only opportunity for family reunion is the Spring Festival,or Lunar New

  2. Chinese Workers' Real Demand

    Li Zhen


    @@ A new generation different from their elders Cheap labor has built Chinas economic miracle.As China's economy has bounced back,wages have followed suit.But,for the new generation of Chinese migrant workers,wages are not enough to meet their needs.



    The recent cases of U.S. fast-food giants McDonald’s and KFC, accused of underpaying and exploiting part-time workers in their Chinese branches, have put labor relations under the spotlight. With deepening market-oriented economic reforms and an increasi

  4. Immigrants and Native Workers

    Foged, Mette; Peri, Giovanni

    Using a database that includes the universe of individuals and establishments in Denmark over the period 1991-2008 we analyze the effect of a large inflow of non-European (EU) immigrants on Danish workers. We first identify a sharp and sustained supply-driven increase in the inflow of non...


    Sri Turatmiyah; Annalisa Y


    Many offences to domestic workers’ rights. The research on the legal protection of women as domestic workers (PRT) in Indonesian positive law is intended to allow the legitimacy of women’s rights recognition and protection as domestic workers especially in Employment Act which is being revised/amended at this time. The research was carried out by normative juridical approach. The results showed that the recognition of the rights of women as domestic workers has not specifically stipulated in ...


    Telemtaev Marat Makhmetovich


    Full Text Available The main purpose of this work is the creation of model of knowledge of the worker of the enterprise and the concept of the market of knowledge of the enterprise and the market of knowledge of a society of knowledge. To purpose achievement it is applied complete-approach of Telemtaev M.M. The contradiction between the market in environment of the enterprise and absence of the market in the internal environment of the enterprise is shown. The role of capitalization of knowledge is shown. A number of new results is received. The general model of knowledge of the worker of the enterprise, and three private models of knowledge of the worker entering into it are developed. The Principle of complete-thinking and practice of the worker and the Principle of the organic replenishments of knowledge of the worker are formulated. It is established that a kernel of complete model of knowledge of the worker is set «ability and skill». The concept of technology of the market of knowledge of the enterprise is developed. As a methodological basis of technology of the market of knowledge the Law of industrialization of knowledge, the Law of mechanization of knowledge, the Law technologization knowledge, the Principle of enrichment of knowledge are formulated. Conditions of interaction of the worker and knowledge - PMK-literacy of the worker and FPI-availability of knowledge are established. The received results are sufficient for construction of base models of knowledge of workers and the concept of the market of knowledge of the concrete enterprise that allows the enterprise to create strategy of effective application of knowledge of workers and to develop advancing strategy of occurrence in the market of a society of knowledge.

  7. Theory of vibration protection

    Karnovsky, Igor A


    This text is an advancement of the theory of vibration protection of mechanical systems with lumped and distributed parameters. The book offers various concepts and methods of solving vibration protection problems, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of different methods, and the fields of their effective applications. Fundamental approaches of vibration protection, which are considered in this book, are the passive, parametric and optimal active vibration protection. The passive vibration protection is based on vibration isolation, vibration damping and dynamic absorbers. Parametric vibration protection theory is based on the Shchipanov-Luzin invariance principle. Optimal active vibration protection theory is based on the Pontryagin principle and the Krein moment method. The book also contains special topics such as suppression of vibrations at the source of their occurrence and the harmful influence of vibrations on humans. Numerous examples, which illustrate the theoretical ideas of each chapter, ar...

  8. Radiation Protection

    ... EPA United States Environmental Protection Agency Search Search Radiation Protection Share Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Contact Us Radiation Protection Document Library View and download EPA radiation ...

  9. Workers' marginal costs of commuting

    van Ommeren, Jos; Fosgerau, Mogens


    This paper applies a dynamic search model to estimate workers' marginal costs of commuting, including monetary and time costs. Using data on workers' job search activity as well as moving behaviour, for the Netherlands, we provide evidence that, on average, workers' marginal costs of one hour...

  10. Globalization and Protection of Employment

    Fischer, Justina AV; Somogyi, Frank


    Unionists and politicians frequently claim that globalization lowers employment protection of workers. This paper tests this hypothesis in a panel of 28 OECD countries from 1985 to 2003, differentiating between three dimensions of globalization and two labor market segments. While overall globalization is shown to loosen protection of the regularly employed, it increases regulation in the segment of limited-term contracts. We find economic and political globalization to drive deregulation for...

  11. Violations of pesticide use and worker safety regulations in North Carolina.

    Buhler, W G; Langley, R L; Luginbuhl, R C; Jones, J P; Burnette, J W


    In North Carolina, responsibility for providing training and enforcing various regulations related to pesticide use and agricultural worker safety rests with three state agencies. This article summarizes an 11-year history of enforcement procedures concerning agricultural pesticide use, the Worker Protection Standard, the Hazard Communication Standard, the Migrant Housing Act of North Carolina, and field sanitation standards. The difficulty of linking specific types of violations with worker safety is discussed.

  12. Protect Yourself from Heat Stress


    Heat stress can be a major concern for indoor and outdoor workers, especially during the hot summer months. Learn how to identify the symptoms and protect yourself from heat stress.  Created: 7/19/2016 by National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).   Date Released: 7/19/2016.

  13. Degarelix monotherapy compared with luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) agonists plus anti-androgen flare protection in advanced prostate cancer

    Iversen, Peter; Damber, Jan-Erik; Malmberg, Anders


    hazards regression model and a conditional logistic regression model was used for a case-control analysis of odds ratios (ORs). RESULTS: Patients received degarelix monotherapy (n = 972) or LHRH agonist (n = 483) of whom 57 also received AA. Overall, prostate-specific antigen progression-free survival....../ml in the LHRH agonist + AA group, a case-control analysis using a conditional logistic regression model was utilized. This resulted in an OR for PSA PFS of 0.42 (95% CI 0.20-0.89; p = 0.023) in the overall population, and 0.35 (95% CI 0.13-0.96; p = 0.042) in patients with PSA >50 ng/ml at baseline, when...... protection therapy in patients with prostate cancer when a case-control analysis was used to compensate for differences between treatment groups....

  14. Violence against women migrant workers in Thailand.

    Chaiyanukij, Charnchao


    A paper on "Violence against Women Migrant Workers in Thailand" will show the situation of women migrant workers in Thailand, why they have to come to Thailand, what kind of job they do, how they are abused and exploited by employer in many types of violence and how the Thai government manages to solve the problems and assist them. The term or definition of "violence against women-VAW" and "discrimination against women" is provided and based on the definition stated in the Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). Readers will see that violence against women is a form of discrimination committed on a basis of sex. In other words, VAW is a clear violation of women's inherent human rights including the rights to life, liberty, and security of person, equality, equal protection under the law and freedom from all forms of discrimination. More than one hundred thousands of women illegal migrant workers work in Thailand. They come from countries in the Mekong Sub-region namely Myanmar Lao PDR, Cambodia, Vietnam and China (Yunnan province). As they come illegally and have low level of education and working skills, they are vulnerable to exploitation, abuse or face violence. In general, they work in small factories, domestic work and restaurant. They are forced begging, forced prostitution or work in a slavery-like condition. Root causes of illegal migration and VAW are interrelated and occur in both sending and receiving countries of migrant workers. Poverty, demand and supply sides of labor, level of education, no knowledge of their own rights, impact of capitalism and gender issues, are mentioned as original factors of migration and VAW. The Thai government has national policy, plan, instrument and measures to cope with in- migration of illegal workers. Not only government agencies are active to solve the problems and assist the women migrant workers, but also non

  15. Scopoletin Protects against Methylglyoxal-Induced Hyperglycemia and Insulin Resistance Mediated by Suppression of Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGEs Generation and Anti-Glycation

    Wen-Chang Chang


    Full Text Available Recently, several types of foods and drinks, including coffee, cream, and cake, have been found to result in high methylglyoxal (MG levels in the plasma, thus causing both nutritional and health concerns. MG can be metabolized by phase-II enzymes in liver through the positive regulation of nuclear factor-erythroid 2-related factor 2 (Nrf2. In this study, we investigated the ability of scopoletin (SP to protect against MG-induced hyperglycemia and insulin resistance. Recently, SP was shown to be a peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-γ activator to elevate insulin sensitivity. We investigated the effects of oral administration of SP on the metabolic, biochemical, and molecular abnormalities characteristic of type 2 diabetes in MG-treated Wistar rats to understand the potential mechanism of scopoletin for diabetes protection. Our results suggested that SP activated Nrf2 by Ser40 phosphorylation, resulting in the metabolism of MG into d-lactic acid and the inhibition of AGEs generation, which reduced the accumulation of AGEs in the livers of MG-induced rats. In this manner, SP improved the results of the oral glucose tolerance test and dyslipidemia. Moreover, SP also increased the plasma translocation of glucose transporter-2 and promoted Akt phosphorylation caused by insulin treatment in MG-treated FL83B hepatocytes. In contrast, SP effectively suppressed protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B (PTP1B expression, thereby alleviating insulin resistance. These findings suggest that SP acts as an anti-glycation and anti-diabetic agent, and thus has therapeutic potential for the prevention of diabetes.

  16. 75 FR 3928 - Notice of Determinations Regarding Eligibility To Apply for Worker Adjustment Assistance


    ...-71,427; Modern Industries, Inc., Machining Division, Leased Workers Adecco Technical, Advanced... Packaging, A Business Unit of International Paper, Springfield, OR. TA-W-70,346; Nabors Drilling USA,...

  17. 10 CFR Appendix A to Part 851 - Worker Safety and Health Functional Areas


    ... reference, see § 851.27); (vii) B31.8S—2001—Managing System Integrity of Gas Pipelines (incorporated by... team meetings and committees; (4) Contractors must provide occupational medicine providers access to... (2) Participate in worker protection teams to build and maintain necessary partnerships among workers...

  18. Retention of health workers in Malawi: perspectives of health workers and district management

    MacLachlan Malcolm


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Shortage of human resources is a major problem facing Malawi, where more than 50% of the population lives in rural areas. Most of the district health services are provided by clinical health officers specially trained to provide services that would normally be provided by fully qualified doctors or specialists. As this cadre and the cadre of enrolled nurses are the mainstay of the Malawian health service at the district level, it is important that they are supported and motivated to deliver a good standard of service to the population. This study explores how these cadres are managed and motivated and the impact this has on their performance. Methods A quantitative survey measured health workers' job satisfaction, perceptions of the work environment and sense of justice in the workplace, and was reported elsewhere. It emerged that health workers were particularly dissatisfied with what they perceived as unfair access to continuous education and career advancement opportunities, as well as inadequate supervision. These issues and their contribution to demotivation, from the perspective of both management and health workers, were further explored by means of qualitative techniques. Focus group discussions were held with health workers, and key-informant interviews were conducted with members of district health management teams and human resource officers in the Ministry of Health. The focus groups used convenience sampling that included all the different cadres of health workers available and willing to participate on the day the research team visited the health facility. The interviews targeted district health management teams in three districts and the human resources personnel in the Ministry of Health, also sampling those who were available and agreed to participate. Results The results showed that health workers consider continuous education and career progression strategies to be inadequate. Standard human resource

  19. Immigrants and Native Workers

    Foged, Mette; Peri, Giovanni

    Using a database that includes the universe of individuals and establishments in Denmark over the period 1991-2008 we analyze the effect of a large inflow of non-European (EU) immigrants on Danish workers. We first identify a sharp and sustained supply-driven increase in the inflow of non......-EU immigrants in Denmark, beginning in 1995 and driven by a sequence of international events such as the Bosnian, Somalian and Iraqi crises. We then look at the response of occupational complexity, job upgrading and downgrading, wage and employment of natives in the short and long run. We find...... that the increased supply of non-EU low skilled immigrants pushed native workers to pursue more complex occupations. This reallocation happened mainly through movement across firms. Immigration increased mobility of natives across firms and across municipalities but it did not increase their probability...

  20. Respiratory Health in Waste Collection and Disposal Workers.

    Vimercati, Luigi; Baldassarre, Antonio; Gatti, Maria Franca; De Maria, Luigi; Caputi, Antonio; Dirodi, Angelica A; Cuccaro, Francesco; Bellino, Raffaello Maria


    Waste management, namely, collection, transport, sorting and processing, and disposal, is an issue of social concern owing to its environmental impact and effects on public health. In fact, waste management activities are carried out according to procedures that can have various negative effects on the environment and, potentially, on human health. The aim of our study was to assess the potential effects on respiratory health of this exposure in workers in the waste management and disposal field, as compared with a group of workers with no occupational exposure to outdoor pollutants. The sample consisted of a total of 124 subjects, 63 waste collectors, and 61 office clerks. Informed consent was obtained from all subjects before inclusion in the study. The entire study population underwent pulmonary function assessments with spirometry and completed two validated questionnaires for the diagnosis of rhinitis and chronic bronchitis. Statistical analyses were performed using STATA 13. Spirometry showed a statistically significant reduction in the mean Tiffenau Index values in the exposed workers, as compared with the controls, after adjusting for the confounding factors of age, BMI, and smoking habit. Similarly, the mean FEV1 values were lower in the exposed workers than in the controls, this difference being again statistically significant. The FVC differences measured in the two groups were not found to be statistically significant. We ran a cross-sectional study to investigate the respiratory health of a group of workers in the solid waste collection and disposal field as compared with a group of office workers. In agreement with most of the data in the literature, our findings support the existence of a prevalence of respiratory deficits in waste disposal workers. Our data suggest the importance of adopting preventive measures, such as wearing specific individual protection devices, to protect this particular category of workers from adverse effects on respiratory

  1. Retired Worker Writes Novel


    SUN Junxian, a retired worker from the Huanghe Machine Building Company in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, spent nearly 15 years writing her autobiographical novel White Snow. With the publication of this novel, Sun has won widespread praise throughout Xi’an. Readers think the novel is effective and true to life. The China Television Play Production Center plans to adapt the novel for a TV series and present it during the

  2. Exposure scenarios for workers.

    Marquart, Hans; Northage, Christine; Money, Chris


    The new European chemicals legislation REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals) requires the development of Exposure Scenarios describing the conditions and risk management measures needed for the safe use of chemicals. Such Exposure Scenarios should integrate considerations of both human health and the environment. Specific aspects are relevant for worker exposure. Gathering information on the uses of the chemical is an important step in developing an Exposure Scenario. In-house information at manufacturers is an important source. Downstream users can contribute information through direct contact or through their associations. Relatively simple approaches (Tier 1 tools, such as the ECETOC Targeted Risk Assessment and the model EASE) can be used to develop broad Exposure Scenarios that cover many use situations. These approaches rely on the categorisation of just a few determinants, including only a small number of risk management measures. Such approaches have a limited discriminatory power and are rather conservative. When the hazard of the substance or the complexity of the exposure situation require a more in-depth approach, further development of the Exposure Scenarios with Tier 2 approaches is needed. Measured data sets of worker exposure are very valuable in a Tier 2 approach. Some downstream user associations have attempted to build Exposure Scenarios based on measured data sets. Generic Tier 2 tools for developing Exposure Scenarios do not exist yet. To enable efficient development of the worker exposure part of Exposure Scenarios a further development of Tier 1 and Tier 2 tools is needed. Special attention should be given to user friendliness and to the validity (boundaries) of the approaches. The development of standard worker exposure descriptions or full Exposure Scenarios by downstream user branches in cooperation with manufacturers and importers is recommended.

  3. [Nursing workers' perceptions regarding the handling of hazardous chemical waste].

    Costa, Taiza Florêncio; Felli, Vanda Elisa Andres; Baptista, Patrícia Campos Pavan


    The objectives of this study were to identify the perceptions of nursing workers regarding the handling of hazardous chemical waste at the University of São Paulo University Hospital (HU-USP), and develop a proposal to improve safety measures. This study used a qualitative approach and a convenience sample consisting of eighteen nursing workers. Data collection was performed through focal groups. Thematic analysis revealed four categories that gave evidence of training deficiencies in terms of the stages of handling waste. Difficulties that emerged included a lack of knowledge regarding exposure and its impact, the utilization of personal protective equipment versus collective protection, and suggestions regarding measures to be taken by the institution and workers for the safe handling of hazardous chemical waste. The present data allowed for recommending proposals regarding the safe management of hazardous chemical waste by the nursing staff.

  4. Research on Criminal Legal Aids for Migrant Workers in China

    Jianfeng XU


    With the acceleration of industrialization,urbanization,as well as the reform and opening-up,the amount of migrant workers is increasing sharply. However,the specialty of criminal cases is ignored,rights of migrant farmers and legal aids for them are neglected,making them commit crimes for lack of basic knowledge of laws and failing to be treated with fairness. The aim of enjoying human rights is a failure.Based on the legal aids for migrant workers,the paper discusses how to protect legal rights of migrant workers in criminal cases and make them enjoy fairness of laws,making laws play a true part in criminal cases and fulfill the aim of human rights protection.

  5. Innovation and Improvement of the Personal Safety Protective Equipment of the Coalmine Worker%煤矿工人个体安全防护装备的创新与改进

    王志勇; 赵洁阳; 康静


    Combining with the characteristics of the mine environment, the paper discuss how to improve from the mine personal safety equipment based on existing equipment, to improve safety factor at work, to protect the health of the underground staff, as well to play a better ambulance role when the accident happened.%本文从井下工作人员所需穿戴的安全防护装备入手,结合矿井环境特点.探讨如何在现有装备的基础上进行改进,以提高工作时的安全系数,更好保护井下工作人员的身体健康.以及在事故发生时起到更好的救护作用。

  6. Employment protection in Dutch collective labour agreements

    T. Schils


    The Dutch system of employment protection is often perceived as too strict for workers on permanent contracts, because of the large procedural inconveniences, difficulty of dismissal and high severance pay. It is suggested that the system of employment protection lowers labour market flexibility by

  7. Minimum income protection in the Netherlands

    van Peijpe, T.


    This article offers an overview of the Dutch legal system of minimum income protection through collective bargaining, social security, and statutory minimum wages. In addition to collective agreements, the Dutch statutory minimum wage offers income protection to a small number of workers. Its effect

  8. Protective effects of a novel niacin-bound chromium complex and a grape seed proanthocyanidin extract on advancing age and various aspects of syndrome X.

    Preuss, Harry G; Bagchi, Debasis; Bagchi, Manashi


    Aging is the progressive accumulation of changes with time that are responsible for the ever-increasing likelihood of disease and death. The precise cascade of pathological events mainly responsible for aging are still not clearly understood, but enhanced production of free radicals and its deleterious effects on proteins, nucleic acids, and fats, as well as enhanced glycosylation of proteins and DNA are prevalent during aging. Insulin resistance may be a common etiology, at least in part, behind the pathobiological alterations of advancing age. Prevalent age-related disorders such as cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and cancer have been associated with impaired glucose/insulin metabolism and its consequences. This leads to future strategies to combat the aging process and chronic disorders such as the components of syndrome X associated with aging. Increasing the intake of antioxidants and/or substances recognized to enhance insulin sensitivity is a natural means of combatting the glucose/insulin perturbations and free radical damage. Accordingly, ingestion of niacin-bound chromium and natural antioxidants such as grape seed proanthocyanidin extract has been demonstrated to improve insulin sensitivity and/or ameliorate free radical formation and reduce the signs/symptoms of chronic age-related disorders including syndrome X. These natural strategies possess a highly favorable risk/benefit ratio.

  9. Morroniside and loganin extracted from Cornus officinalis have protective effects on rat mesangial cell proliferation exposed to advanced glycation end products by preventing oxidative stress.

    Xu, Huiqin; Shen, Jian; Liu, Hong; Shi, Yan; Li, Lihua; Wei, Min


    Advanced glycation end products (AGE) are involved in the alterations of renal mesangial cell (MCs) growth, a feature of early stages of diabetic nephropathy (DN). We postulate that morroniside and loganin, 2 components extracted from Cornus officinalis, may ameliorate the detrimental effects of AGE-induced MCs proliferation by preventing oxidative stress. Rat MCs cultured in AGE milieu were treated with morroniside and loganin. Results showed that morroniside and loganin inhibited AGE-induced MC proliferation as measured by 3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide (MTT) method. Fluorescence microscopy revealed that the morroniside and loganin improved the morphological changes of MCs. Flow cytometric analysis showed that morroniside and loganin inhibited the cell cycle of rat MCs. Furthermore, the level of reactive oxygen species was significantly reduced, and the activities of superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase were markedly increased, whereas the level of malondialdehyde was not significantly reduced. These results suggest that morroniside and loganin regulate MC growth by preventing oxidative stress. Thus, this study provides a molecular basis for the use of morroniside and loganin in the early stages of DN.

  10. Labour Rights Protection in Industrial Relations Issues

    Eko Adi Susanto


    Full Text Available Many violations of the terms of employment at Surabaya, employment protection  and working conditions for workers who are not provided by employers to the maximum, according to the legislation in force, while the legal protection for workers constrained because of the weakness in the system of employment law, both the substance and the culture built by governments and companies. How To Cite: Susanto, E. (2015. Labour Rights Protection in Industrial Relations Issues. Rechtsidee, 2(2, 109-120. doi:

  11. Workers Rights from Europe:The Impact of Brexit

    Ford, Michael D.


    A detailed advice for the TUC on the impact of Brexit on workers' rights. It considers the rights derived from EU law, the likely targets for repeal in the event of Brexit, the mechanics for repeal, the protection of rights under domestic law, and how EU law would apply post-Brexit

  12. Latex allergy in Bozyaka Social Security Hospital workers, Turkey

    Kose Sukran; MandIraclo(g)glu Aliye


    @@ Latex glove used in healthcare settings has risen dramatically since around 1987. The increased threat of contracting HIV, hepatitis B, and other infectious agents during the course of delivering health care to patients has created the need for barrier protection. 1 Studies have estimated that the prevalence of latex allergy in healthcare workers ranged from 2.9% up to 17%.2

  13. Psychosocial Predictors for Cancer Prevention Behaviors in Workplace Using Protection Motivation Theory

    Zare Sakhvidi, Mohammad Javad; Zare, Maryam; Mostaghaci, Mehrdad; Mehrparvar, Amir Houshang; Morowatisharifabad, Mohammad Ali; Naghshineh, Elham


    Backgrounds. The aim of this study was to describe the preventive behaviors of industrial workers and factors influencing occupational cancer prevention behaviors using protection motivation theory. Methods...

  14. Integrating The Non-Electrical Worker Into The Electrical Safety Program

    Mills, T. David; McAlhaney, John H.


    The intent of this paper is to demonstrate an electrical safety program that incorporates all workers into the program, not just the electrical workers. It is largely in response to a paper presented at the 2012 ESW by Lanny Floyd entitled "Facilitating Application of Electrical Safety Best Practices to "Other" Workers" which requested all attendees to review their electrical safety program to assure that non-electrical workers were protected as well as electrical workers. The referenced paper indicated that roughly 50% of electrical incidents involve workers whose primary function is not electrical in nature. It also encouraged all to "address electrical safety for all workers and not just workers whose job responsibilities involve working on or near energized electrical circuits." In this paper, a program which includes specific briefings to non-electrical workers as well as to workers who may need to perform their normal activities in proximity to energized electrical conductors is presented. The program uses a targeted approach to specific areas such as welding, excavating, rigging, chart reading, switching, cord and plug equipment and several other general areas to point out hazards that may exist and how to avoid them. NFPA 70E-2004 was incorporated into the program several years ago and with it the need to include the "other" workers became apparent. The site experience over the years supports the assertion that about half of the electrical incidents involve non-electrical workers and this prompted us to develop specific briefings to enhance the knowledge of the non-electrical worker regarding safe electrical practices. The promotion of "May is Electrical Safety Month" and the development of informative presentations which are delivered to the general site population as well as electrical workers have greatly improved the hazards awareness status of the general worker on site.

  15. The radiation protection of workers. I.R.S.N.activities in 2005 in the field of radiation protection management; La radioprotection des travailleurs. Activites de l'IRSN en 2005 dans le domaine de la gestion de la radioprotection

    Rannou, A.; Ameon, R.; Boisson, P.; Clairand, I.; Couasnon, O.; Franck, D.; Scanff, P.; Rehel, J.L.; Thevenet, M


    This report presents the main work carried out by the Institute of radiation protection and nuclear safety (I.R.S.N.) in the year 2005 for the management of occupational radiological protection. it draws up an assessment for this same year of the occupational external exposures to ionizing radiation in France on the basis of passive dosimetry data transmitted to the I.R.S.N. by the approved dosimetry laboratories. (authors)

  16. The radiation protection of workers I.R.S.N. activity in 2005 in the field of the radiation protection management; La radioprotection des travailleurs Activite de l'IRSN en 2005 dans le domaine de la gestion de la radioprotection

    Rannou, A.; Ameon, R.; Boisson, P.; Clairand, I.; Couasnon, O.; Franck, D.; Scanff, P.; Rehel, J.L.; Thevenet, M


    This report presents the main work carried out by the Institute of Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (I.R.S.N.) in the year 2005 for the management of occupational radiological protection. It draws up an assessment for this same year of the occupational external exposures to ionizing radiation in France on the basis of passive dosimetry data transmitted to the I.R.S.N. by the approved dosimetric laboratories. (author)

  17. Noise, Worker Perception, and Worker Concentration in Timber Harvesting Activity

    Efi Yuliati Yovi; Suryaningsih Suryaningsih


    Timber harvesting activities are unquestionably related with high risk of work accidents and health disorders.Such activities were not only burdened the workers with heavy physical workloads due to uneasy workingenvironment, and massive work materials and tools, but also physiopsychologically burdened workers as theywere imposed with both mechanical and acoustic vibrations (noise) produced by the chainsaw. However,  it is acommon practice that most of the workers still ignored the importance ...

  18. Advancing Land-Sea Conservation Planning: Integrating Modelling of Catchments, Land-Use Change, and River Plumes to Prioritise Catchment Management and Protection.

    Álvarez-Romero, Jorge G; Pressey, Robert L; Ban, Natalie C; Brodie, Jon


    Human-induced changes to river loads of nutrients and sediments pose a significant threat to marine ecosystems. Ongoing land-use change can further increase these loads, and amplify the impacts of land-based threats on vulnerable marine ecosystems. Consequently, there is a need to assess these threats and prioritise actions to mitigate their impacts. A key question regarding prioritisation is whether actions in catchments to maintain coastal-marine water quality can be spatially congruent with actions for other management objectives, such as conserving terrestrial biodiversity. In selected catchments draining into the Gulf of California, Mexico, we employed Land Change Modeller to assess the vulnerability of areas with native vegetation to conversion into crops, pasture, and urban areas. We then used SedNet, a catchment modelling tool, to map the sources and estimate pollutant loads delivered to the Gulf by these catchments. Following these analyses, we used modelled river plumes to identify marine areas likely influenced by land-based pollutants. Finally, we prioritised areas for catchment management based on objectives for conservation of terrestrial biodiversity and objectives for water quality that recognised links between pollutant sources and affected marine areas. Our objectives for coastal-marine water quality were to reduce sediment and nutrient discharges from anthropic areas, and minimise future increases in coastal sedimentation and eutrophication. Our objectives for protection of terrestrial biodiversity covered species of vertebrates. We used Marxan, a conservation planning tool, to prioritise interventions and explore spatial differences in priorities for both objectives. Notable differences in the distributions of land values for terrestrial biodiversity and coastal-marine water quality indicated the likely need for trade-offs between catchment management objectives. However, there were priority areas that contributed to both sets of objectives. Our

  19. Preventing heat-related illness among agricultural workers.

    Jackson, Larry L; Rosenberg, Howard R


    Hyperthermia from exertion and environmental conditions during agricultural work manifests itself by various symptoms and may lead to death. From 1992 through 2006, 68 workers employed in crop production and related services died from heat-related illness. The crop worker fatality rate averaged 4 heat-related deaths per one million workers per year-20 times higher than the 0.2 rate for US civilian workers overall. Many of the agricultural workers who died were foreign-born. Foreign-born workers tend to have limited English language skills and often are not acclimatized to exertion in hot weather when beginning seasonal jobs. Increased recognition of heat hazards to agricultural workers, in particular, has stimulated concern among employers, workers, and public policy makers. California and Washington have led the nation in adopting workplace safety standards designed to prevent heat-related illnesses. These state regulations include new specific requirements for employer provision of drinking water, shade for rest or other sufficient means to recover from heat, worker and supervisor training, and written heat safety plans. Agricultural employers face practical challenges in fulfilling the purpose and complying with these standards. By their very nature the standards impose generic requirements in a broad range of circumstances and may not be equally protective in all agricultural work settings. It is vital that employers and supervisors have a thorough knowledge of heat illness prevention to devise and implement safety measures that suit local conditions. Ongoing risk-based assessment of current heat conditions by employers is important to this safety effort. Workers need training to avoid heat illness and recognize the symptoms in themselves and coworkers. Innovative management practices are joining time-honored approaches to controlling heat stress and strain. Research targeted to answer questions about heat accumulation and dissipation during agricultural work

  20. The Future Knowledge Worker: an Intercultural Perspective

    Ramona-Diana LEON


    Full Text Available The paper aims to provide empirical evidence regarding the influence of cultural specificity on the capacity of the European higher education institutions of developing the future knowledge workers. Therefore, an exploratory research is employed and the qualitative approach is combined with the qualitative one. The focus is on the European business faculties since they are the main provider of the advanced economies workforce. 24 units of analysis are selected based on five criteria: university’s number of students, research level, experience on the market, presence on QS Worlds University Ranking, position occupied in national ranking and access to information; for each of them, a content analysis is applied. Then, a logistic regression analysis is employed in order to determine whether cultural dimensions (independent variables influence the use of a specific teaching activity, the development of certain skills and faculties’ capacity of developing the future knowledge workers (dependent variables. The results show that power distance and uncertainty avoidance may decrease the odds of developing the future European knowledge worker while the long term orientation may increase these odds. All five clasical dimensions of Hofstede influence the development of graduates’ skills but only four of them have an impact on the teaching and evaluating activities, namely: power distance, individualism, masculinity and uncertainty avoidance; the second one influences academics’ attitude towards increasing the use of practical activities within the courses while the other ones have an impact on the theoretical activities.

  1. Workers' compensation law: an overview.

    Yorker, B


    1. The workers' compensation system provides benefits to workers who are injured or made ill in the course of employment or their dependents regardless of fault. 2. The current workers' compensation laws benefit both the employer and the employee; however, workers' compensation is an exclusive remedy which bars recovery through a negligence lawsuit. 3. Workers' compensation regulations interact with other federal statutes such as the Americans With Disabilities Act and the Family Medical Leave Act. 4. Workers' compensation covers occupational injuries and occupational diseases, which may include cumulative trauma and mental stress claims. Nurses may be instrumental in evaluating and planning for an injured employee's return to work and occasionally in detecting fraudulent claims.

  2. Arrangements for Radiation Protection of Remediation Workers in Off-site Contaminated Areas at the Fukushima Daiichi NPP%福岛核事故场外污染整治中工作人员的辐射防护应对



    An overview of Ordinance on Prevention of Ionizing Radiation Hazards at Works to Decontaminate Soil and Wastes Contaminated by Radioactive Materials Resulting from the Great East Japan Earthquake and Related Works presented ,along with the relevant guidelines .Their implementation in Fukushima Prefecture in the year of 2013 is also summarized .It seems that efforts of Japan to cope with radiation protection of remedi-ation workers in contaminated areas off-site are far from having been turned into good practices .%简要介绍了《东日本大地震致放射性污染土壤与废物清理及相关作业中电离辐射危害防止条例》和相关导则,以及2013年间福岛县的相应监管状况,粗略呈现出福岛核事故后日本在应对场外污染整治工作人员辐射防护之需求方面的努力,亦说明今后更多地需要在整治作业实践中予以落实。

  3. Advanced Neutron Source radiological design criteria

    Westbrook, J.L.


    The operation of the proposed Advanced Neutron Source (ANS) facility will present a variety of radiological protection problems. Because it is desired to design and operate the ANS according to the applicable licensing standards of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), it must be demonstrated that the ANS radiological design basis is consistent not only with state and Department of Energy (DOE) and other usual federal regulations, but also, so far as is practicable, with NRC regulations and with recommendations of such organizations as the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). Also, the ANS radiological design basis is in general to be consistent with the recommendations of authoritative professional and scientific organizations, specifically the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) and the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP). As regards radiological protection, the principal goals of DOE regulations and guidance are to keep occupational doses ALARA [as low as (is) reasonably achievable], given the current state of technology, costs, and operations requirements; to control and monitor contained and released radioactivity during normal operation to keep public doses and releases to the environment ALARA; and to limit doses to workers and the public during accident conditions. Meeting these general design objectives requires that principles of dose reduction and of radioactivity control by employed in the design, operation, modification, and decommissioning of the ANS. The purpose of this document is to provide basic radiological criteria for incorporating these principles into the design of the ANS. Operations, modification, and decommissioning will be covered only as they are affected by design.

  4. Radiological worker training



    This Handbook describes an implementation process for core training as recommended in Implementation Guide G441.12, Radiation Safety Training, and as outlined in the DOE Radiological Control Standard (RCS). The Handbook is meant to assist those individuals within the Department of Energy, Managing and Operating contractors, and Managing and Integrating contractors identified as having responsibility for implementing core training recommended by the RCS. This training is intended for radiological workers to assist in meeting their job-specific training requirements of 10 CFR 835. While this Handbook addresses many requirements of 10 CFR 835 Subpart J, it must be supplemented with facility-specific information to achieve full compliance.

  5. China's Migrant Workers' Social Security

    Zhang Sifeng; Zhang Wenxue; Wang Lijian; Zhang Li


    Based on the definition of migrant workers and migrant workers'social security,systems,policies and regulations and status quo of specific safeguard project of social security have been analyzed.Authors draw following conclusions: China's social security systems of migrant workers show diversification and differentiation trend; national-level policies take on diversification and local-level regulations take on differentiation; social welfare and social assistance have deficiency; coverage rate of social insurance items is extremely low.

  6. Worker health is good for the economy: union density and psychosocial safety climate as determinants of country differences in worker health and productivity in 31 European countries.

    Dollard, Maureen F; Neser, Daniel Y


    Work stress is recognized globally as a social determinant of worker health. Therefore we explored whether work stress related factors explained national differences in health and productivity (gross domestic product (GDP)). We proposed a national worker health productivity model whereby macro market power factors (i.e. union density), influence national worker health and GDP via work psychosocial factors and income inequality. We combined five different data sets canvasing 31 wealthy European countries. Aggregated worker self-reported health accounted for 13 per cent of the variance in national life expectancy and in national gross domestic product (GDP). The most important factors explaining worker self-reported health and GDP between nations were two levels of labor protection, macro-level (union density), and organizational-level (psychosocial safety climate, PSC, i.e. the extent of management concern for worker psychological health). The majority of countries with the highest levels of union density and PSC (i.e., workplace protections) were Social Democratic in nature (i.e., Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway). Results support a type of society explanation that social and economic factors (e.g., welfare regimes, work related policies) in concert with political power agents at a national level explain in part national differences in workplace protection (PSC) that are important for worker health and productivity. Attention should be given across all countries, to national policies to improve worker health, by bolstering national and local democratic processes and representation to address and implement policies for psychosocial risk factors for work stress, bullying and violence. Results suggest worker health is good for the economy, and should be considered in national health and productivity accounting. Eroding unionism may not be good for worker health or the economy either.

  7. Hearing impairment among mill workers in small scale enterprises in southwest Nigeria.

    Omokhodion, Folashade O; Adeosun, A A; Fajola, A A


    This cross-sectional study was conducted among mill workers in a large market in Ibadan, southwest Nigeria. These workers are engaged in small scale businesses with little or no regulation of work exposures. Questionnaires administered to mill workers sought information on personal characteristics, length of time engaged in the job, type of milling done and symptoms of hearing impairment. Noise exposure and hearing impairment were assessed among 85 mill workers. Audiometry was done on mill workers and 45 controls with no known exposure to noise and no history of aural disease. Noise levels at work stations ranged from 88-90dB for small mills and 101-105 for larger mills. None of the workers used hearing protection. Analysis based on total number of ears showed that 56% of the workers had hearing impairment ranging from mild (49%) moderate (6.4%) to severe (0.6%) whilst 33% of the controls had hearing impairment which was mild (26%), moderate (7%) and no severe losses, P = 0.001. There was no association between age and hearing impairment but prevalence of hearing impairment was highest among those who had been engaged in the trade for more than 20 years. There is a need for regulation of small scale enterprises to protect the health of workers. Health education and provision of low cost ear plugs will reduce the occurrence and severity of hearing impairment among these low income workers.

  8. Ethical issues in worker productivity.

    Forst, Linda; Levenstein, Charles


    Occupational health has always operated at the intersection of corporate economic concerns and worker health. Conflicting demands on the loyalty of occupational health professionals by the interests of labor and industry have made negotiating this minefield an essential part of the practice of occupational medicine. In recent years, occupational health professionals have found themselves increasingly required to rationalize worker health measures with economic arguments. This has led to physician engagement in the realm of defining and measuring worker productivity. Ethical guidelines that hold worker health as a top priority are critical in preserving the responsibility of occupational physicians to their patients.

  9. The impact of tobacco use and secondhand smoke on hospitality workers.

    Siegel, Michael; Barbeau, Elizabeth M; Osinubi, Omowunmi Y


    Tobacco use has a substantial impact on hospitality industry employees because of the disproportionate prevalence of smoking among these workers and because of the high levels of secondhand smoke to which they are exposed. The severity of this impact is evidenced by the high mortality rates observed among hospitality industry workers from diseases related to tobacco smoke exposure. Several states and localities have begun to enact laws to protect these workers from secondhand smoke exposure. Such policies seem to be effective in reducing exposure and improving health among these workers without causing any adverse impact on business. Occupational clinicians can play a significant role in protecting the health of hospitality workers by supporting laws to create smoke-free workplaces, including bars and restaurants, and promoting smoking cessation in these worksites.

  10. The thyroid: medical surveillance of exposed workers

    Virgili, M. [Radiation Protection ASL Frosinone (Italy); Strambi, E. [Board for the new Technologies, the Energy and the Environment (ENEA), Rome (Italy); Trenta, G. [National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) Frascati, Roma (Italy)


    In this paper the authors, on the basis of a prevalence study of thyroid diseases on a group of 234 radiation workers observed over a ten-years (1989-1999): discuss the issues and suggest an up-to-date approach to diagnosis and management of nodular thyroid diseases in the medical surveillance of radiation protection; identify and discuss, specific clinical situations, which, representing special problems, deserve a more restrictive judgement of fitness; intend to demonstrate that the diagnostic protocol used conciliates with due economy but with the right balance, the real requirements of medical surveillance reducing as far as possible undesirable effects such as damage from excessive protection and patient/physician delay, which is extremely dangerous in the early diagnosis of tumours. (author)

  11. Protective measures for personnel

    Nickson, J.J.


    This document addresses radiation protection concerns for workers in the experimental laboratories and production plants where nuclear fission piles are being used. A broad in-depth discussion is provided based with the experiences gained in the Manhattan Project and being applied to contemporary activities. Discussion is thorough and encompasses control of external irradiations including alpha, beta, gamma, and neutron radiations; and control of radioactivity within the body by control of inhalation, ingestion, and entrance through skin or wounds. General measures for the control of radiation hazards is addressed by provision of clothing and waste disposal. An Appendix 1 is entitled General Rules and Procedures Concerning Activity Hazards.

  12. [Factors associated with influenza immunization in primary care health workers].

    Montserrat-Capdevila, Josep; Godoy, Pere; Marsal, Josep Ramon; Barbé-Illa, Ferran


    To identify the influenza vaccination coverage in healthcare workers in primary care and to determine the factors associated with vaccination (2013-2014 season). A cross-sectional study was carried out among 287 healthcare workers who completed a questionnaire that included questions about knowledge, beliefs and attitudes to influenza and vaccination. We estimated the vaccine coverage and identified the variables associated with vaccination of healthcare workers by using non-conditional logistic regression models. The participation rate was 47.2%. Vaccination coverage was 60.3% and was higher in workers older than 55 years, women and pediatricians. The factors associated with healthcare worker vaccination were the perception that vaccination confers protection (aOR: 11.1; 95%CI: 3.41-35.9) and the perception that it is effective (aOR: 7.5; 95%CI: 0.9-59.3). No association was found between receiving the vaccine and knowledge of influenza or vaccination. However, an association was found with prescribing vaccination to pregnant women, to persons older than 65 years, and to immunosuppressed individuals. Strategies should be designed to increase coverage, based on changing negative attitudes of healthcare workers to vaccination. Copyright © 2014 SESPAS. Published by Elsevier Espana. All rights reserved.

  13. Knowledge, attitude, and practice of dyeing and printing workers

    Paramasivam Parimalam


    Full Text Available Background: Millions of workers are occupationally exposed to dyes in the world, but little is known about their knowledge and attitudes toward the effects of dye on their health. Objectives: The aim of this study was to assess the fabric dyers′ and fabric printers′ knowledge, attitude, and practice toward the health hazard of dyes. Materials and Methods: The present study was taken up in the Madurai district which is situated in the Southern Tamil Nadu, India. One hundred and forty-two workers employed in small-scale dyeing and printing units participated in a face-to-face confidential interview . Results: The mean age of fabric dyers and fabric printers was 42 years (΁10.7. When enquired about whether dyes affect body organ(s, all the workers agreed that dye(s will affect skin, but they were not aware that dyes could affect other parts of the body. All the workers believed that safe methods of handling of dyes and disposal of contaminated packaging used for dyes need to be considered. It was found that 34% of the workers were using personal protective equipment (PPE such as rubber hand gloves during work. Conclusion: The workers had knowledge regarding the occupational hazards, and their attitudinal approach toward the betterment of the work environment is positive.

  14. Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Pain in Construction Workers in Saudi Arabia

    Ahmad Alghadir


    Full Text Available The objective of this study was to find out the prevalence, characteristics, and distribution of musculoskeletal pain among construction workers in Saudi Arabia. A questionnaire about musculoskeletal pain in different parts of the body was completed by 165 construction workers from the construction industries in Dammam and Riyadh cities. The descriptive data were analyzed using chi-square test. The level of statistical significance was set at P<0.05. Eighty (48.5% of the responding workers had pain in neck, shoulders, lower back, hand, knee, or ankle. The majority of respondents had low back pain (50% followed by knee pain (20%. The average intensity of pain at all sites during activity and rest was 6.65 and 3.59, respectively. Thirty-four (42.5% respondents had dull aching pain and 24 (30% had cramping pain. There was an association between years of experience, duration of break during work, and use of protective equipment with the prevalence of musculoskeletal pain in construction workers (P<0.05. Most of the workers complaining of pain got medical treatment (62.5% and only 25% received physical therapy. It can be concluded from this study that the prevalence of musculoskeletal pain among construction workers in Saudi Arabia is high.

  15. Posttraumatic stress symptomatology among emergency department workers following workplace aggression.

    Gillespie, Gordon Lee; Bresler, Scott; Gates, Donna M; Succop, Paul


    Workplace aggression has the potential to adversely affect the psychological health of emergency department (ED) workers. The purpose of this study was to compare posttraumatic stress symptomatology based on verbal and verbal plus physical aggression. A descriptive cross-sectional design was used with a convenience sample (n = 208) of ED workers who completed a three-component survey. Descriptive statistics were computed to compare traumatic stress scores based on type of aggression. Two-way analysis of variance statistics were computed to determine if scores differed on the demographic variables. Fewer than half of the ED workers reported traumatic stress symptomatology; however, workplace aggression has the potential to adversely affect the mental health of ED workers. Occupational health nurses can establish or maintain a nurturing and protective environment open to discussing the personal thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of ED workers related to their experiences of workplace aggression. This open and more positive work environment may aid in reducing the negative impact of posttraumatic stress symptoms among those ED workers who have been victimized.

  16. [Tuberculosis in healthcare workers].

    Nienhaus, A


    Perception and knowledge of the TB-infection risk in healthcare workers (HCWs) changed profoundly in Germany during the past few years. Molecular-epidemiological studies and a comprehensive review of the existing evidence concerning the infection risk for HCWs lead to the conclusion that TB in HCWs is often caused by infection at the workplace. In the Hamburg Fingerprint Study, 80 % of the TB cases in HCWs were caused by infections at the workplace. In a similar Dutch study 43 % of all cases were work-related. Besides of the well-known risks in TB wards and laboratories, an increased risk for infection should be assumed for paramedics, in emergency rooms, for HCWs caring for the elderly or for workers with close contact to high-risk groups (homeless people, i. v. drug users, migrants from high-incidence countries). TB in a HCW working in these fields can be recognised as an occupational disease (OD) without identifying a particular source of infection. For all other HCWs, the German occupational disease law requires the identification of a source case before TB in an HCW can be accepted as an OD. Even though the proportion of work-related TB in HCWs is higher than was assumed before previously, the prevalence of latent TB infection (LTBI) is lower than expected. In an ongoing evaluation study of the interferon-gamma release assay (IGRA) LTBI prevalence in HCWs is 10 %. Prevention strategies in Germany should be reconsidered in the light of these new findings.

  17. Labor Capacity,Subjective Well-being and the Protection for the Weak Groups of the Young Migrant Labors---Lack of Protection Mechanism in Cities for the Vulnerable Generation of Migrant Workers%劳动能力、主观幸福感与新生代农民工弱势保护*--城市缺乏对弱势新生代农民工的保护机制

    董明媛; 胡宏伟; 路红红


    伴随我国城市化进程加快,新生代农民工生活水平提高的同时幸福感问题凸显。调查分析发现,劳动能力较差者的主观幸福感较低,二者呈负相关,回归分析表明健康状况对其心理问题具有显著、稳健的负向影响,这进一步说明劳动能力较差是降低主观幸福感的重要原因。针对这一结论,立足弱势新生代农民工保护机制的构建,在劳动就业与社会保障等环节增加对这个群体的关怀以助于提升其劳动能力,进而增强其主观幸福感。%With the rapid urbanization in China,the living standard of the young migrant workers is improving while the happiness problem is prominent. Data analysis found that the young migrant labors with poorer labor ability have lower subjective well-being. There is a significant negative correlation between the two aspects and the regression analysis found that their healthy state has significant, steady and negative influence on the psychological problems. This further explained that poorer labor ability is the important reason for their low subjective well-being. Based on the weak protection mechanism,more attention should be paid to the young migrant labors on some aspects such as employment and social security in order to improve their labor ability. And then,this can contribute to improving their subjective well-being.

  18. A Comparison of Workers Employed in Hazardous Jobs in Terms of Job Satisfaction, Perceived Job Risk and Stress: Turkish Jean Sandblasting Workers, Dock Workers, Factory Workers and Miners

    Sunal, Ayda Buyuksahin; Sunal, Onur; Yasin, Fatma


    The purpose of this study is to compare job satisfaction, perception of job risk, stress symptoms and vulnerability to stress of miners, dock workers, jean sandblasting workers and factory workers. A job satisfaction scale and stress audit scale were applied to 220 workers. Results revealed that dock and jean sandblasting workers perceived their…

  19. A Comparison of Workers Employed in Hazardous Jobs in Terms of Job Satisfaction, Perceived Job Risk and Stress: Turkish Jean Sandblasting Workers, Dock Workers, Factory Workers and Miners

    Sunal, Ayda Buyuksahin; Sunal, Onur; Yasin, Fatma


    The purpose of this study is to compare job satisfaction, perception of job risk, stress symptoms and vulnerability to stress of miners, dock workers, jean sandblasting workers and factory workers. A job satisfaction scale and stress audit scale were applied to 220 workers. Results revealed that dock and jean sandblasting workers perceived their…

  20. Mobile Applications for Knowledge Workers and Field Workers

    Stefan Stieglitz


    Full Text Available In recent years, the diffusion of mobile applications (mobile apps has risen significantly. Nowadays, mobile business apps are strongly emerging in business, enhancing productivity and employees’ satisfaction, whilst the usage of customized individual enterprise apps is still an exception. Standardized business apps enable basic functionalities, for example, mobile data storage and exchange (e.g., Dropbox, communication (e.g., Skype, and other routine processes, which support mobile workers. In addition, mobile apps can, for example, increase the flexibility of mobile workers by easing the access to firm’s information from outside the enterprise and by enabling ubiquitous collaboration. Hence, mobile apps can generate competitive advantages and can increase work efficiency on a broad scale. But mobile workers form no coherent group. Our research reveals, based on two case studies, that they can be clustered into two groups: knowledge workers and field workers. Knowledge workers and field workers fulfill different tasks and work in different environments. Hence, they have different requirements for mobile support. In this paper we conclude that standardized mobile business apps cannot meet the different requirements of various groups of mobile workers. Task- and firm-specific (individualized requirements determine the specification, implementation, and application of mobile apps.

  1. Remuneration Difference between Migrant Workers and Non-migrant Workers

    Changlin; DUAN; Huawei; LUO


    Through the survey of direct economic remuneration, indirect economic remuneration and non-economic remuneration of employees in flat panel furniture enterprises in Chengdu City, we conduct a comparative analysis of the problems and causes of remuneration difference between migrant workers and non-migrant workers. The results show that the wage difference between migrant workers and non-migrant workers is the biggest, and there is little difference in terms of interests safeguarding and non-economic factors. The reason for the above results lies in the difference of education level; gender, region, household registration and other issues have little impact on the above results. The following recommendations are put forward to improve the remuneration of migrant workers: increasing government’s policy advocacy efforts and eliminating subjective offense; establishing the administrative oversight bodies and effectively safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers; strengthening vocational training for migrant workers, so that workers have more choices on positions; improving the working environment and developing good working atmosphere.

  2. Occupational hearing loss of market mill workers in the city of Accra, Ghana

    Emmanuel D Kitcher


    Full Text Available Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL is an irreversible sensorineural hearing loss associated with exposure to high levels of excessive noise. Prevention measures are not well established in developing countries. This comparative cross sectional study aims to determine the prevalence of hearing loss in both a group of high risk workers and a control group and to assess their knowledge of the effects of noise on hearing health. A total of 101 market mill workers and 103 controls employed within markets in the city of Accra, Ghana, were evaluated using a structured questionnaire and pure tone audiometry. The questionnaire assessed factors including self-reported hearing loss, tinnitus, knowledge on the effects of noise on hearing health and the use of hearing protective devices. Pure tone audiometric testing was conducted for both mill workers and controls. Noise levels at the work premises of the mill workers and controls were measured. Symptoms of hearing loss were reported by 24 (23.76% and 8 (7.7% mill workers and controls respectively. Fifty-five (54.5% and fifty-four (52.37% mill workers and controls exhibited knowledge of the effects of noise on hearing health. Five (5.0% mill workers used hearing protective devices. There was significant sensorineural hearing loss and the presence of a 4 kHz audiometric notch among mill workers when compared with controls for the mean thresholds of 2 kHz, 3 kHz and 4 kHz (P = 0. 001. The prevalence of hearing loss in the better hearing ears of the mill workers and controls was 24.8% and 4.8% respectively (P < 0.5. The prevalence of hearing loss, which may be characteristic of NIHL in the better hearing ears of the mill workers and controls was 24.8% and 4.8% respectively. The majority of mill workers did not use hearing protection.

  3. Occupational hearing loss of market mill workers in the city of Accra, Ghana.

    Kitcher, Emmanuel D; Ocansey, Grace; Abaidoo, Benjamin; Atule, Alidu


    Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) is an irreversible sensorineural hearing loss associated with exposure to high levels of excessive noise. Prevention measures are not well established in developing countries. This comparative cross sectional study aims to determine the prevalence of hearing loss in both a group of high risk workers and a control group and to assess their knowledge of the effects of noise on hearing health. A total of 101 market mill workers and 103 controls employed within markets in the city of Accra, Ghana, were evaluated using a structured questionnaire and pure tone audiometry. The questionnaire assessed factors including self-reported hearing loss, tinnitus, knowledge on the effects of noise on hearing health and the use of hearing protective devices. Pure tone audiometric testing was conducted for both mill workers and controls. Noise levels at the work premises of the mill workers and controls were measured. Symptoms of hearing loss were reported by 24 (23.76%) and 8 (7.7%) mill workers and controls respectively. Fifty-five (54.5%) and fifty-four (52.37%) mill workers and controls exhibited knowledge of the effects of noise on hearing health. Five (5.0%) mill workers used hearing protective devices. There was significant sensorineural hearing loss and the presence of a 4 kHz audiometric notch among mill workers when compared with controls for the mean thresholds of 2 kHz, 3 kHz and 4 kHz (P = 0. 001). The prevalence of hearing loss in the better hearing ears of the mill workers and controls was 24.8% and 4.8% respectively (P mill workers and controls was 24.8% and 4.8% respectively. The majority of mill workers did not use hearing protection.

  4. Why healthcare workers are sick of TB

    Arne von Delft


    Full Text Available Dr Thato Mosidi never expected to be diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB, despite widely prevalent exposure and very limited infection control measures. The life-threatening diagnosis of primary extensively drug-resistant TB (XDR-TB came as an even greater shock. The inconvenient truth is that, rather than being protected, Dr Mosidi and thousands of her healthcare colleagues are at an increased risk of TB and especially drug-resistant TB. In this viewpoint paper we debunk the widely held false belief that healthcare workers are somehow immune to TB disease (TB-proof and explore some of the key factors contributing to the pervasive stigmatization and subsequent non-disclosure of occupational TB. Our front-line workers are some of the first to suffer the consequences of a progressively more resistant and fatal TB epidemic, and urgent interventions are needed to ensure the safety and continued availability of these precious healthcare resources. These include the rapid development and scale-up of improved diagnostic and treatment options, strengthened infection control measures, and focused interventions to tackle stigma and discrimination in all its forms. We call our colleagues to action to protect themselves and those they care for.

  5. [Use of respiratory masks in healthcare workers].

    Ciotti, C; Bouvet, E; Abiteboul, D


    Two different types of filtering respiratory masks are available in healthcare settings. The first ones are used to protect patients from droplets coming from the mouth of healthcare workers (HCW) and the second ones are protective masks. For the moment, we lack information regarding application of Ministry of Health recommendations and on adherence of HCW to mask use. Geres, the HCW exposure risk study group, and the INRS, are now conducting a survey in several hospitals in France to evaluate the use of respiratory masks in healthcare settings. Two phases are planned. Phase I is a self survey using a questionnaire for occupational doctors and hygienists and phase II includes three steps on HCW behavior: evaluation of knowledge and practice concerning respiratory masks, evaluation of respiratory mask use, evaluation of wear and fit test in a context of airborne isolation with a FFP1 and FFP2 respiratory mask. Phase I is finished and phase II is beginning. The first phase I data show that the Ministry's recommendations are observed: respiratory masks are available, written recommendations are present; information and training are organized for healthcare workers. Phase II results are not available yet.

  6. Advances on oxidative stress injury of aircrew and protective measures%飞行人员的氧化应激损伤与防护措施研究进展



    Objective To review the research advances related to oxidative stress injury of aircrew and the protective measures.Literature resource and selection Relevant articles and monographs published in China and abroad.Literature quotation One hundred and eight published references (ninety-nine papers,seven monographs,one report and one dissertation) were cited.Literature synthesis The research advances related to oxidative stress injury of aircrew and the protective measures were reviewed.The main oxidative stress inducing factors in flight occupation are arranged as follows:hypobaric hypoxia and inhalation of oxygen,positive acceleration stress (+Gz),electromagnetic radiation,chemical toxics,psychological stress,sleep biorhythm disorder,flight fatigue,etc.Based on the epidemic investigation of the unhealthy living style related to oxidative stress,and induced diseases or syndromes,as well as the detection of antioxidative ability,results indicate the obvious oxidative stress injury on aircrew.At present,comprehensive measures have been adopted to reduce oxidative stress injury of aircrew,such as protective equipment,aviation physiological training,healthy recuperation,rational dietary system and taking nutrient supplements,rational use of Chinese herbal medicine with the pharmacological effects of antioxidative ability and so on.Conclusions Many professional stress factors can induce oxidative stress injury of aircrew.The regular monitoring of oxidative stress status and comprehensive medical protective measures should be adopted for enhancing aircrew's antioxidave ability,promoting their working capacity and maintaining health.%目的 综述有关飞行人员的氧化应激损伤与卫生防护措施的相关研究进展. 资料来源与选择 国内外该领域的相关文献资料. 资料引用 引用公开发表的文献资料108篇,其中期刊论文99篇,学术专著7部,技术报告1篇,学位论文1篇. 资料综合 回顾了有关飞行人员的氧化应激

  7. Collection of regulatory texts relative to radiation protection. Part 2: orders and decisions taken in application of the Public Health Code and Labour Code concerning the protection of populations, patients and workers against the risks of ionizing radiations; Recueil de textes reglementaires relatifs a la radioprotection. Partie 2: arretes et decisions pris en application du Code de Sante Publique et du Code du Travail concernant la protection de la population, des patients et des travailleurs contre les dangers des rayonnements ionisants



    This collection of texts includes the general measures of population protection, exposure to natural radiations, general system of authorizations and statements, protection of persons exposed to ionizing radiations for medical purpose, situations of radiological emergency and long exposure to ionizing radiations, penal dispositions, application of the Public Health code and application of the Labour code. Chronological contents by date of publication is given. (N.C.)

  8. Workers' Education Methods and Techniques for Rural Workers and Their Organisations: Summary of Views Expressed

    Labour Education, 1975


    Several issues concerning rural workers' organizations and workers' education are discussed: motivation for self-organization, workers' education needs of rural workers, workers' education methods and techniques, training institutions and training personnel, financial resources, and the role of the International Labor Organization workers'…

  9. Workers' Education Methods and Techniques for Rural Workers and Their Organisations: Summary of Views Expressed

    Labour Education, 1975


    Several issues concerning rural workers' organizations and workers' education are discussed: motivation for self-organization, workers' education needs of rural workers, workers' education methods and techniques, training institutions and training personnel, financial resources, and the role of the International Labor Organization workers'…

  10. Economic Globalization and Workers: introduction

    E-J. Visser (Evert-Jan); M.P. van Dijk (Meine Pieter)


    textabstractThis dossier deals with the impact of economic globalisation on workers, especially in developing nations: their employment opportunities, wage income, job security and other aspects of decent work (ILO 1999, 2002). This is a highly relevant theme. Not only do workers in the EU, the Unit

  11. Stricter Employment Protection and Firms' Incentives to Sponsor Training

    Messe, Pierre-Jean; Rouland, Bénédicte


    This paper uses a difference-in-differences approach, combined with propensity score matching, to identify the effect of older workers employment protection on French firms' incentives to sponsor training. Between 1987 and 2008, French firms laying off workers aged over 50 had to pay a tax...

  12. Assessing the protection of the nanomaterial workforce.

    Schulte, Paul A; Iavicoli, Ivo; Rantanen, Jorma H; Dahmann, Dirk; Iavicoli, Sergio; Pipke, Rüdiger; Guseva Canu, Irina; Boccuni, Fabio; Ricci, Maximo; Polci, Maria Letizia; Sabbioni, Enrico; Pietroiusti, Antonio; Mantovani, Elvio


    Responsible development of any technology, including nanotechnology, requires protecting workers, the first people to be exposed to the products of the technology. In the case of nanotechnology, this is difficult to achieve because in spite of early evidence raising health and safety concerns, there are uncertainties about hazards and risks. The global response to these concerns has been the issuance by authoritative agencies of precautionary guidance to strictly control exposures to engineered nanomaterials (ENMs). This commentary summarizes discussions at the "Symposium on the Health Protection of Nanomaterial Workers" held in Rome (25 and 26 February 2015). There scientists and practitioners from 11 countries took stock of what is known about hazards and risks resulting from exposure to ENMs, confirmed that uncertainties still exist, and deliberated on what it would take to conduct a global assessment of how well workers are being protected from potentially harmful exposures.

  13. Contact dermatitis in Alstroemeria workers.

    van der Mei, I A; de Boer, E M; Bruynzeel, D P


    Hand dermatitis is common in workers in the horticultural industry. This study determined the prevalence of hand dermatitis in workers of Alstroemeria cultivation, investigated how many workers had been sensitized by tulipalin A (the allergen in Alstroemeria) and took stock of a wide range of determinants of hand dermatitis. The 12-month period prevalence of major hand dermatitis amounted to 29.5% whereas 7.4% had minor dermatitis. Of these workers, 52.1% were sensitized for tulipalin A. Several personal and work-related determinants played a role in the multifactorial aetiology of hand dermatitis. Factors which showed a significant relationship with major hand dermatitis were: female sex, atopic dermatitis, chapped hands and the frequency of washing hands. It may be concluded that the Alstroemeria workers are a population at risk of developing contact dermatitis and it might be useful to carry out an educational campaign to lower the high prevalence.

  14. Chromosome aberrations in workers of ignalina nuclear power plant

    Griciene, B.; Januskeviciute, I.; Mierauskiene, J.; Slapsyte, G. [Vilnius Univ. (Lithuania)


    Full text of publication follows: The Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (I.N.P.P.) workers and outside workers including visitors constitute the largest occupational group exposed to low doses of ionizing radiation in Lithuania. In 2004, the annual collective dose to these workers (4392 persons) was 6,83 man Sv. The maximum annual individual dose of I.N.P.P. workers was 19,16 mSv, and of outside workers was 29,41 mSv. However, according to calculations performed by the Lithuanian Radiation Protection Centre, the decommissioning of I.N.P.P. (the I.N.P.P. is to be shut down by 2009) will result in collective dose of 35 man Sv. Therefore, a special attention should be given to implementation of radiation protection programme. The importance of cytogenetic studies in the medical surveillance of radiation-exposed persons is generally acknowledged. The aim of the present study was to analyse chromosome aberration frequencies in lymphocytes of I.N.P.P. workers. The blood sampling of 27 male workers was performed in October 2004, after planned outage of I.N.P.P.. It was estimated that outages of I.N.P.P. Units contributed 84% to all annual occupational collective dose. Average cumulative dose of 18 workers was 290,7 mSv (group A), and of 9 workers - 71,7 mSv (group B). The mean annual doses averaged over the three-year-period were 15,2 mSv and 0,76 mSv, respectively. None of the exposed workers had ever exceeded the permissible dose limit. The average age of group A workers was 45,2 years, and group B 48,2 years. A questionnaire form with details on age, occupational history, smoking habit and alcohol intake, medication, history of recent illness was completed for each person at the time of blood collection. 64 non-exposed male donors approximately matched by age were used as controls (group C). Heparinized venous blood samples were taken and cultures were initiated within 24 h according to the standard procedures. At least 500 first cycle metaphases were analysed from each

  15. Pinocembrin protects against β-amyloid-induced toxicity in neurons through inhibiting receptor for advanced glycation end products (RAGE-independent signaling pathways and regulating mitochondrion-mediated apoptosis

    Liu Rui


    Full Text Available Abstract Background It is known that amyloid-β peptide (Aβ plays a pivotal role in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease (AD. Interaction between Aβ and the receptor for advanced glycation end products (RAGE has been implicated in neuronal degeneration associated with this disease. Pinocembrin, a flavonoid abundant in propolis, has been reported to possess numerous biological activities beneficial to health. Our previous studies have demonstrated that pinocembrin has neuroprotective effects on ischemic and vascular dementia in animal models. It has been approved by the State Food and Drug Administration of China for clinical use in stroke patients. Against this background, we investigated the effects of pinocembrin on cognitive function and neuronal protection against Aβ-induced toxicity and explored its potential mechanism. Methods Mice received an intracerebroventricular fusion of Aβ25-35. Pinocembrin was administrated orally at 20 mg/kg/day and 40 mg/kg/day for 8 days. Behavioral performance, cerebral cortex neuropil ultrastructure, neuronal degeneration and RAGE expression were assessed. Further, a RAGE-overexpressing cell model and an AD cell model were used for investigating the mechanisms of pinocembrin. The mechanisms underlying the efficacy of pinocembrin were conducted on target action, mitochondrial function and potential signal transduction using fluorescence-based multiparametric technologies on a high-content analysis platform. Results Our results showed that oral administration of pinocembrin improved cognitive function, preserved the ultrastructural neuropil and decreased neurodegeneration of the cerebral cortex in Aβ25-35-treated mice. Pinocembrin did not have a significant effect on inhibiting Aβ1-42 production and scavenging intracellular reactive oxygen species (ROS. However, pinocembrin significantly inhibited the upregulation of RAGE transcripts and protein expression both in vivo and in vitro, and also markedly

  16. Pinocembrin protects against β-amyloid-induced toxicity in neurons through inhibiting receptor for advanced glycation end products (RAGE)-independent signaling pathways and regulating mitochondrion-mediated apoptosis.

    Liu, Rui; Wu, Cai-Xia; Zhou, Dan; Yang, Fan; Tian, Shuo; Zhang, Li; Zhang, Tian-Tai; Du, Guan-Hua


    It is known that amyloid-β peptide (Aβ) plays a pivotal role in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease (AD). Interaction between Aβ and the receptor for advanced glycation end products (RAGE) has been implicated in neuronal degeneration associated with this disease. Pinocembrin, a flavonoid abundant in propolis, has been reported to possess numerous biological activities beneficial to health. Our previous studies have demonstrated that pinocembrin has neuroprotective effects on ischemic and vascular dementia in animal models. It has been approved by the State Food and Drug Administration of China for clinical use in stroke patients. Against this background, we investigated the effects of pinocembrin on cognitive function and neuronal protection against Aβ-induced toxicity and explored its potential mechanism. Mice received an intracerebroventricular fusion of Aβ25-35. Pinocembrin was administrated orally at 20 mg/kg/day and 40 mg/kg/day for 8 days. Behavioral performance, cerebral cortex neuropil ultrastructure, neuronal degeneration and RAGE expression were assessed. Further, a RAGE-overexpressing cell model and an AD cell model were used for investigating the mechanisms of pinocembrin. The mechanisms underlying the efficacy of pinocembrin were conducted on target action, mitochondrial function and potential signal transduction using fluorescence-based multiparametric technologies on a high-content analysis platform. Our results showed that oral administration of pinocembrin improved cognitive function, preserved the ultrastructural neuropil and decreased neurodegeneration of the cerebral cortex in Aβ25-35-treated mice. Pinocembrin did not have a significant effect on inhibiting Aβ1-42 production and scavenging intracellular reactive oxygen species (ROS). However, pinocembrin significantly inhibited the upregulation of RAGE transcripts and protein expression both in vivo and in vitro, and also markedly depressed the activation of p38 mitogen

  17. 健康医疗可穿戴设备数据安全与隐私研究进展%Advances in data security and privacy protection of wearable health and medical devices

    何晓琳; 钱庆; 吴思竹; 张泽; 孙小康


    广泛应用于健康医疗领域的可穿戴技术,已成为智慧健康、智慧医疗的重要组成部分,但健康医疗可穿戴设备的数据隐私安全问题一直备受关注,且亟待解决。为了解健康医疗可穿戴设备数据安全与隐私保护的发展情况,分析了健康医疗可穿戴设备数据、数据隐私特点,并与传统医疗数据隐私的特点进行对比,总结了国内外的相关研究及部分法律,对国内外研究经验和不足进展、进行了对比分析,以期为构建健康医疗可穿戴设备数据安全与隐私保护的机制提供参考。%Wearable technology, widely applied in health and medical field, has become an important part of in-telligent healthcare and medicare. However, the data security and privacy protection of wearable health and medi-cal devices are greatly concerned and need to be solved. The characteristics of data security and privacy protection of wearable health and medical devices were thus analyzed and compared with those of traditional health and medi-cal devices. The related studies and laws on domestic and foreign wearable health and medical devices were summa-rized, and the advances, experiences and problems in domestic and foreign wearable health and medical devices were analyzed and compared in order to provide reference for establishing the mechanisms underlying their data se-curity and privacy protection.

  18. Incentive Effects of Workers' Compensation Insurance

    Krueger, Alan B.


    This paper uses Current Population Survey data on a large sample of workers to estimate the determinants of participation in state workers' compensation programs in the United States. The principal finding is Chat higher workers' compensation benefits are associated with greater participation in the workers' compensation program, after accounting for worker characteristics, state fixed effects, and other aspects of the workers' compensation law. Moreover, this result holds for both manufactur...

  19. Tractors and rollover protection in the United States.

    Murphy, Dennis J; Myers, John; McKenzie, E A; Cavaletto, Richard; May, John; Sorensen, Julie


    There are approximately 4.2 million tractors on farms and ranches across the United States. The average age of tractors is over 25 years and some of the oldest models are the most popular. Older tractors are less safe than newer tractors, and many older tractors are operated by individuals with increased risk of being injured or killed on a tractor. A key tractor safety device, a rollover protective structure (ROPS), is missing from most tractors manufactured before 1985. Data from the US Department of Labor's Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI) suggest that the production agriculture sector accounts for approximately 70.3% of the 3299 work deaths in the Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing industry between 2003 and 2007. Nearly 900 of these incidents involve farm tractors and of these, approximately 43% were from tractor overturns. Efforts to reduce both the number of tractor overturn fatalities and injuries have been underway for years. These efforts primarily encompass worker education/training programs and activities, ROPS design and engineering applications, and research on more effective ways of encouraging tractor owners to retrofit their older tractors with ROPS. This paper reviews various approaches available to reduce the fatalities, serious injuries, and economic burden associated with tractor overturns. Past and current efforts to promote ROPS in the United States and in other countries, current safe tractor operations education and training programs, and ROPS-related safety engineering projects are discussed. Recommendations for advancing safe tractor operation and the number of tractors protected by ROPS are given. This review was prepared for the Agricultural Safety and Health Council of America/National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health conference, "Be Safe, Be Profitable: Protecting Workers in Agriculture," January 2010.

  20. Research advances in protective action of the active constituents of traditional Chinese medicines against renal fibrosis%中药有效成分抗肾纤维化的研究进展

    曾君南; 窦艳侬; 戴岳


      Renal fibrosis, characterized by excessive extracelular matrix deposition in renal interstitial, is destructive to kidney tissue and its function. Yet, there is no satisfactory drugs available. It is urgent to find a good drug treat renal fibrosis. Many active constituents of traditional Chinese medicines were reported to protect kidney from fibrosis in recent years. In this paper, we reviewed research advances of active constituents of traditional Chinese medicines for treating renal fibrosis.%  肾纤维化是一种以破坏性的肾间质组织紊乱、胞外基质过度沉积为特征的疾病,严重危害人类的健康,目前尚无理想的治疗手段,寻找防治肾纤维化的药物具有十分重要的意义。近年来文献报道了许多天然产物具有抗肾纤维化的作用,本文对中药有效成分治疗肾纤维化的研究进展进行综述。

  1. Innovative Technology For Testing Of Protective Gloves Specific Performances

    Păun, Florin Adrian; Părăian, Mihaela; Jurca, Adrian; Lupu, Leonard; Berzan, Muntean Florina


    Presence of hazards along carrying on the work tasks by operators require making use of personal protective equipment, adequate from ensuring protection standpoint. Protecting workers against hazards implies the personal protective equipment to fulfill certain constructional and safety requirements which are very important for the level of protection that should be ensured. This paperwork aims at identifying the constructional and safety requirements for hand protection equipment, as well as the applicable test methods whose results would allow their farther characterization regarding the protection ensured. Innovative solutions are presented, regarding the test stand for determining the blade cut resistance of protective gloves.

  2. Workers without Power

    Vanhuysse, Pieter


    of expression. Pointing to past developments across a number of advanced and developing democracies, I place post-communist labour decline within a larger comparative and historical context. Lastly, I indicate how the erosion of labour power has influenced the particular models of democracy and the varieties...

  3. Frequency and quality of radiation monitoring of construction workers at two gaseous diffusion plants.

    Bingham, Eula; Ringen, Knut; Dement, John; Cameron, Wilfrid; McGowan, William; Welch, Laura; Quinn, Patricia


    Construction workers were and are considered temporary workers at many construction sites. Since World War II, large numbers of construction workers were employed at U.S. Department of Energy nuclear weapons sites for periods ranging from a few days to over 30 years. These workers performed tasks during new construction and maintenance, repair, renovation, and demolition of existing facilities. Such tasks may involve emergency situations, and may entail opportunities for significant radiation exposures. This paper provides data from interviews with more than 750 construction workers at two gaseous diffusion plants (GDPs) at Paducah, Kentucky, and Portsmouth, Ohio regarding radiation monitoring practices. The aim was to determine the extent to which workers believed they were monitored during tasks involving potential radiation exposures. The adequacy of monitoring practices is important for two reasons: (a) Protecting workers from exposures: Construction workers were employed by sub-contractors, and may frequently been excluded from safety and health programs provided to permanent employees; and (b) Supporting claims for compensation: The Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA) requires dose reconstruction of radiation exposures for most workers who file a claim regarding cancer. The use of monitoring data for radiation to qualify a worker means that there should be valid and complete monitoring during the work time at the various nuclear plants or workers may be unfairly denied compensation. The worker interviews from Paducah and Portsmouth were considered especially useful because these sites were designated as Special Exposure Cohorts (SECs) and the workers did not have to have a dose reconstruction to qualify for compensation for most cancers. Therefore, their responses were less likely to be affected by compensation concerns. Interview questions included asking for information regarding whether monitoring was performed, how

  4. Hukou and Health Insurance Coverage for Migrant Workers

    Armin Müller


    Full Text Available Most migrant workers in mainland China are officially covered by the New Rural Cooperative Medical System (NRCMS, a rural health insurance system that operates in their home communities. The NRCMS and the system of household registration (户口, hukou are tightly linked and systemically interdependent institutions. Migrant workers have difficulties benefitting from this social protection because it remains spatially separated from them. Only a minority have access to urban health insurance systems. This paper sheds light on the institutional origins of the coverage problem of migrant workers and examines crucial policy initiatives that attempt to solve it. In the context of the ongoing hukou reforms, these policies aim to partially dissolve the systemic interdependence of hukou and health insurance. While the policies provide feasible, yet conflict-prone, solutions in short-distance and concentrated bilateral migration systems, covering migrants who cross provincial boundaries remains a challenge.

  5. Chromosome aberrations in pesticide-exposed greenhouse workers

    Lander, B F; Knudsen, Lisbeth E.; Gamborg, M O


    OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to investigate the possibility of subtoxic exposure to pesticides causing chromosome aberrations in greenhouse workers. METHODS: In a cross-sectional and prospective study design chromosome aberration frequencies in cultured lymphocytes were examined for 116 ...... pesticide exposure. In general, the findings indicate the importance of personal protection, during high-exposure re-entry activities, in preventing pesticide uptake and genetic damage.......OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to investigate the possibility of subtoxic exposure to pesticides causing chromosome aberrations in greenhouse workers. METHODS: In a cross-sectional and prospective study design chromosome aberration frequencies in cultured lymphocytes were examined for 116...... workers when they were compared with the referents. After a summer season of pesticide spraying in the greenhouses, the total frequencies of cells with chromosome aberrations were significantly higher than in the preseason samples (P=0.02) and also higher than for the referents (P=0.05). This finding...

  6. [Occupational risks of a shoe industry from the workers' perspective].

    Luz, Fernanda Reinher da; Loro, Marli Maria; Zeitoune, Regina Célia Gollner; Kolankiewicz, Adriane Cristina Bernat; Rosanelli, Cleci Schmidt Piovesan


    This is a qualitative and descriptive study, which aimed to identify the occupational risks of a shoe industry, as well as the preventive measures taken against those risks, from the workers' perspective. The sample consisted of fifteen workers. Data were collected through semi-structured interviews and analyzed according to content analysis. The ethical aspects were respected and the research was approved by the Committee of Ethics in Research of the Northwest Regional University of Rio Grande do Sul. The results showed that the workers are aware of the risks of their work process, made use of safety measures for personal protection, and the company offers safety devices, informing and performing periodical visits to the sectors, aiming to develop educational actions.

  7. Exposure to organophosphate (OP) pesticides and health conditions in agricultural and non-agricultural workers from Maule, Chile.

    Muñoz-Quezada, María Teresa; Lucero, Boris; Iglesias, Verónica; Levy, Karen; Muñoz, María Pía; Achú, Eduardo; Cornejo, Claudia; Concha, Carlos; Brito, Ana María; Villalobos, Marcos


    The objective was to evaluate the characteristics of exposure to OP pesticides and health status in Chilean farm workers from the Maule Region. An occupational health questionnaire was administered in 207 agricultural and non-agricultural workers. For the group of agricultural workers, we asked about specific occupational exposure history and symptoms of OP pesticide poisoning. The main health problem of the exposed group was previous OP pesticide poisoning (p < 0.001). Fifty-six percent of agricultural workers reported symptoms consistent with acute OP pesticide poisoning. The use of respiratory personal protective equipment and younger age were protective against these symptoms, and number of years of OP pesticide exposure was positively associated with reporting symptoms of poisoning. Of the pesticide applicators 47 % reported using chlorpyrifos. The regulations regarding use and application of pesticides should be strengthened, as should training and intervention with workers to improve the use of personal protective equipment.

  8. Motivating the Knowledge Worker


    Herzberg . The Two - factor Theory asserts that motivators and de-motivators are mutually exclusive sets of factors . This research supports...various theories of motivation and the data collected from this effort, the author developed a two -dimensional model of the factors that motivate... Theory X/ Theory Y Two - factor Theory Cognitive Evaluation Theory Operant Conditioning Protection Motivation Theory

  9. Application of ALARP to extremity doses for hospital workers

    Martin, C J; Whitby, M [Health Physics Service, Divisional Offices (West), Western Infirmary, Glasgow G11 6NT (United Kingdom)


    The implementation of ALARP for hospital workers is considered in relation to extremity doses. Criteria are proposed which could provide guidance in determining strategies for both implementing radiation protection measures and dose monitoring for the extremities. Two groups of hospital workers have been studied, namely interventional radiologists/cardiologists, and radionuclide staff preparing and administering radiopharmaceuticals. The radiology procedures can give high doses to both the hands and legs. Those to the legs can be reduced by the use of lead rubber shields. Study of the distribution of dose across radiologists' hands has identified the ring position on the little finger as the appropriate position for dose monitoring. The variations in dose across the hands of radionuclide workers are greater, with the tip likely to receive the highest dose. The protection strategy will need to be determined for each department, because of the wide range in techniques used in handling radiopharmaceuticals. It is hoped that the criteria could aid balanced decision-making about the appropriate protection strategy and ensure that protection measures are in place where they are required, but avoid their introduction where they are unnecessary.

  10. Medical Surveillance for Former Workers

    Tim Takaro


    The Former Hanford Worker Medical Monitoring Program, directed by the Occupational and Environmental Medicine Program at the University of Washington, served former production and other non-construction workers who were potentially exposed to workplace hazards while working for the USDOE or its contractors at Hanford. The USDOE Former Workers Program arose from Congressional action in the Defense Authorization of 1993 (Public Law 102). Section 3162 stated that, “The Secretary shall establish and carry out a program for the identification and ongoing medical evaluation of current and former Department of Energy employees who are subject to significant health risks as a result of exposure of such employees to hazardous or radioactive substances during such employment.” (This also covers former employees of USDOE contractors and subcontractors.) The key objective has been to provide these former workers with medical evaluations in order to determine whether workers have experienced significant risk due to workplace exposure to hazards. Exposures to asbestos, beryllium, and noise can produce specific medical conditions: asbestosis, berylliosis, and noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). Each of these conditions can be identified by specific, non-invasive screening tests, which are widely available. Treatments are also available for individuals affected by these conditions. This project involved two phases. Phase I involved a needs and risk assessment, characterizing the nature and extent of workplace health hazards which may have increased the risk for long-term health effects. We categorized jobs and tasks by likelihood of exposures to specific workplace health hazards; and located and established contact with former Hanford workers. Phase II involved implementation of medical monitoring programs for former workers whose individual work history indicated significant risk for adverse health effects. We identified 118,000 former workers, employed from 1943 to 1997

  11. Psychosocial Predictors for Cancer Prevention Behaviors in Workplace Using Protection Motivation Theory

    Mohammad Javad Zare Sakhvidi; Maryam Zare; Mehrdad Mostaghaci; Amir Houshang Mehrparvar; Mohammad Ali Morowatisharifabad; Elham Naghshineh


    Backgrounds. The aim of this study was to describe the preventive behaviors of industrial workers and factors influencing occupational cancer prevention behaviors using protection motivation theory. Methods. A self-administered questionnaire was completed by 161 petrochemical workers in Iran in 2014 which consisted of three sections: background information, protection motivation theory measures, and occupational cancers preventive behaviors. Results. A statistically significant positive corre...

  12. Sensitisation to common allergens and respiratory symptoms in endotoxin exposed workers: a pooled analysis

    Basinas, Ioannis; Schlünssen, Vivi; Heederik, Dick


    , and levels above 100 EU/m3 significantly increased the risk of chronic bronchitis (p.... Heterogeneity was primarily present for biofuel workers. Conclusions Occupational endotoxin exposure has a protective effect on allergic sensitisation and hay fever but increases the risk for organic dust toxic syndrome and chronic bronchitis. Endotoxin's protective effects are most clearly observed among...

  13. How to develop a program to increase influenza vaccine uptake among workers in health care settings?

    Looijmans-van den Akker, I.; Hulscher, M.E.; Verheij, T.J.M.; Riphagen-Dalhuisen, J.; van Delden, J.J.M.; Hak, E.


    Background: Apart from direct protection and reduced productivity loss during epidemics, the main reason to immunize healthcare workers (HCWs) against influenza is to provide indirect protection of frail patients through reduced transmission in healthcare settings. Because the vaccine uptake among H

  14. How to develop a program to increase influenza vaccine uptake among workers in health care settings?

    Looijmans-van den Akker, I.; Hulscher, M.E.J.L.; Verheij, T.J.; Riphagen-Dalhuisen, J.; Delden, J.J.M. van; Hak, E.


    BACKGROUND: Apart from direct protection and reduced productivity loss during epidemics, the main reason to immunize healthcare workers (HCWs) against influenza is to provide indirect protection of frail patients through reduced transmission in healthcare settings. Because the vaccine uptake among H

  15. Characterization of the audiologic thresholds in workers of funeral urns

    Pereira, José Roberto


    Full Text Available Introduction: The industrial technological advance has brought benefits and a series of implications that may commit the worker's health and life quality. The exposure to physical, chemical agents and organizational stressors contribute for the increase of work accidents risks. The noise, taken as the most frequent physical agent in the work environment, may cause auditory alterations called Noise-Induced Hearing Loss that affect the communication and life quality of the workers. Objective: To research the auditory health of employees in a funeral urns factory. Method: 90 workers took part in this study, aged between 16 and 52 years, exposed to sound pressure levels equal or higher than 85 dBNPS, vibration and/or chemical agents in the work environment. We carried out a specific interview and Threshold Tonal Audiometry. Results: This study identified altered audiometry results in 13.33% the right ear and 16.67% in the left ear and the age also influenced these auditory thresholds. Conclusion: The accomplishment of a workers' health surveillance program with all people involved is critical and will contribute for the human resources formation, in the management to proceed with actions as well as those by the proper workers being careful of their health.

  16. The Functions of Social Support in the Mental Health of Male and Female Migrant Workers in China

    Wong, Daniel Fu Keung; Leung, Grace


    The study reported herein adopted a stress and coping framework to examine the functions of social support in protecting the mental health of migrant workers who experience migration stress during settlement in Shanghai, China. A total of 475 migrant workers from four major districts in Shanghai were recruited for a survey through multistage…

  17. Pesticide use, alternatives and workers' health in Cuba.

    Alexander, R; Anderson, P K


    Cuba provides a unique example of a country that is actively implementing a program to reduce its dependence on pesticides. This paper addresses Cuba's current efforts to develop and implement alternatives to pesticides and legislation to limit exposure and protect workers in the interim. In 1980 Cuba embarked on a national program to utilize alternatives to chemical pest control. This three-part program includes expansion of knowledge of Cuban agro-ecology in order to implement cultural control practices; research and implementation on biological control of pests; and research on plant resistance and development of resistant crop varieties. To date, the program has enabled Cuba to reduce pesticide usage in sugar cane, citrus, tobacco, corn, and vegetable crops, among others. While alternatives to chemical pest control are being developed, the Cubans are paying special attention to regulating pesticide use and the safety of workers and members of the public exposed to toxic chemicals. In addition to the Resolution on Health and Safety (1967) and the Safety and Health Law (1978) which cover all workers, including Cuba's 250,000 agricultural workers, the Ministry of Public Health promulgated Resolution 335 in 1967. This resolution addresses requirements and administration of structural pest control, production, importation, transport and storage of pesticides, as well as requirements for worker contact with pesticides, pesticides for domestic use, aerial application of pesticides, and violations of the regulations. The paper concludes with a description of how the system works on the provincial level, as exemplified by Villa Clara, and the steps that have been taken to eliminate worker exposure to pesticides, to utilize pesticides which pose less of a hazard to workers, and to assure early detection of ill effects.

  18. Respiratory Diseases in Agate Grinding Workers in Iran

    E Rafeemanesh


    Full Text Available Background: Agate is a hard silica stone with bands of various colors, which is used in jewelry. The agate grinding workers are exposed to silica dust.Objective: To determine the prevalence of respiratory diseases in agate grinding workers and the associated factors.Methods: In this cross-sectional study, 170 agate grinding workers from Mashhad, northeastern Iran, were examined. Medical and occupational history for respiratory illnesses was taken using respiratory questionnaire of the national program of silicosis control, lung examination, spirometry and chest radiography. Chest x-rays were interpreted according to the International Labor Office (ILO classification system, 2000.Results: The mean±SD of age and work duration of the participants were 31.2±10.1 and 13±8.2 years, respectively. The prevalence of silicosis among agate workers was 12.9% (95% CI: 7.9%–18.0%; 18 workers had simple and 4 had complicated silicosis. There was a significant (p<0.05 relationship between contracting silicosis and exposure duration. 20 (11.7% workers had symptoms consistent with chronic bronchitis and 8 (4.7% showed asthma and asthma-like symptoms. The most frequent disorder observed in spirometry was the restrictive pattern (n=43, 30%. In the agate grinders, clinical and spirometry findings did not match with radiological findings.Conclusion: Agate grinding workers are at increased risk for respiratory diseases, specifically for silicosis and chronic bronchitis. The disease is related to silica dust exposure, poor ventilation and inappropriate personal protection.

  19. Job strain among Malaysian office workers of a multinational company.

    Maizura, H; Retneswari, M; Moe, H; Hoe, V C W; Bulgiba, A


    Information on job strain exposure among Malaysian workers in multinational companies is limited. To investigate the prevalence and factors associated with high job strain among office workers of a multinational company in Malaysia. A cross-sectional study was conducted in November 2007 among 470 eligible workers. Respondents self-administered the Job Content Questionnaire downloaded from the company's intranet. A median-split procedure was applied to create four groups according to the Job Demand-Control Model: active, passive, high and low job strain. Logistic regression models were used to investigate the associations between socio-demographic, occupational and psychosocial factors and high job strain. A total of 356 questionnaires were received (response rate 76%). Twenty-one per cent of respondents were in the high job strain group, 35% were in the passive group, whereas 26% and 17% of workers were in the low strain and active groups, respectively. After controlling for confounders, three factors were found to be associated with high job strain: male workers (adjusted OR 1.94, 95% CI 1.04-3.64), working >48 h per week (adjusted OR 2.51, 95% CI 1.44-4.39) and job insecurity (adjusted OR 1.14, 95% CI 1.02-1.27). One protective factor for high job strain was the scale 'created skill', which is part of skill discretion (adjusted OR 0.70, 95% CI 0.57-0.86). About one in five workers in this study experience high job strain. Work improvement measures include reducing long working hours and job insecurity and giving workers the opportunity to learn, use creativity and develop abilities.

  20. WORKER PROTECTION: Federal Contractors and Violations of Labor Law


    24CA06335) Sheiwin-Williams Co. 59 (32CA12396) Simplex Wire & Cable Co. 59 (Tyco International Ltd .) (01CA29899) Simpson Paper Co. 59 (Simpson...25CA22608) Windsor Castle Health Care Facilities, Inc. (34CA06259) (34CA04597) Woolworth , F.W. Co. (19CA21256) Wylie Construction Co., C.E. (21CA25857...Incident occurred at a facility in Emeryville, California. Simplex Wire & Cable Co. (Tyco International Ltd .) (01CA29899) Contracts with the

  1. The worker profile autocontrolled

    Jairo Omar Delgado Mora


    Full Text Available This document is part of two deliveries. In this first paper is to make an approach to the concept of self-control from the very beginning with Sakichi Toyoda, founder of what the industry Toyota Motor Company, additionally taking some excerpts of the concept issued by teachers and the psychologist Henry Murray, a professor at the university Harvard precursor test TAT personality test creator, pen applied world wide by psychologists David McCllelan, also a psychologist and a pioneer in the study of human needs and the concept of competence; Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer of Stanford University organizational behavior and theory, Frederick Hertzberg, Psychologist and strong influential in business management, Kronfly Cruz, lawyer and investigator of social and administrative sciences, Charles Perrow, a sociologist at Yale University and Stanford , who studies the impact of large organizations in society, among others. The study reflects the need to meet organizational objectives related to the physicochemical characteristics of the finished product in a plant of the company’s main beers in the country. In this paper, we intend to make an approximation of worker self -controlled, which when compared with the powers, generic, specific and technical area established by the brewery, will allow generating a methodology to adjust these competencies and to obtain the target profile drawn. This comparison and development of the methodology proposed is the subject of the second work planned.

  2. Interviewing media workers

    Heike Graf


    Full Text Available The focus of this article is on the use of Niklas Luhmann’s systems theoretical approach in order to analyse interviews conducted with media workers concerning their experiences of ethnic diversity in newsrooms. Applying systems theory means constructing the interview as a social system and seeing the “data” as observations produced by the observer and not as representations of a reality. The first part of the article describes the interview methodology and the second part provides examples, from the current study, of how systems theory can be applied in order to analyse interviews. Using a difference-theoretical approach means looking at the distinctions the informants make when talking about their experiences. These main guiding distinctions can be summarised as immigrant background/competence as well as advantage/competence. Using the guiding distinction of inclusion/exclusion when interpreting the interviewees’ statements, the interdependencies of mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion in newsrooms related to ethnic background can be examined.

  3. Sun protection

    ... surfaces that reflect light, such as water, sand, concrete, snow, and areas that are painted white. DO ... protect the ears or sides of the face. Special clothing that protects the skin by absorbing UV ...

  4. Negotiating Protection

    Bille, Mikkel

    strategies are entangled in cultural, religious, and national identities. Using ethnographic methods, I investigate protection against selected risks: harm from evil eyes, violation of domestic sanctity, and cultural heritage dilapidation. Protection against these risks is examined through studies...

  5. Sun Protection

    ... 100% UV ray protection (look for models that advertise both UVB and UVA protection). Use a broad- ... feeds Follow FDA on Twitter Follow FDA on Facebook View FDA videos on YouTube View FDA photos ...

  6. The ILO and Workers' Education

    Guigui, Albert


    The International Labour Organization is concerned with three types of education: vocational training, management training, and workers' education. The last, which is the focus of the article, is concerned solely with social matters. (MS)

  7. Outplacement for Underserved Women Workers.

    Freeman, Suzanne C.; Haring-Hidore, Marilyn


    Describes an outplacement program for hourly women workers that assisted participants in identifying skills, interests, and values; identified community resources; taught job hunting skills; and encouraged participation in a support group. (JOW)

  8. NGO field workers in Pakistan

    Muhammad Haroon SIDDIQUE


    Full Text Available NGOs came into the society in their present form after World War II and more precisely in 1960s. Before that also different forms of philanthropy existed. Like elsewhere in the world, in Pakistan also state and the market were the two sectors catering for different needs of the people. When foreign funding started coming into the poor countries, the channel of NGOs was considered more appropriate including the fact they had roots in the society and the benefit could reach the far flung areas. NGO field workers are the real actors in the NGOs’ activities but sadly the NGOs those raise the slogans of working for the destitute do not bother to facilitate the NGO field workers. Eventually the NGO field workers are facing problems of job insecurity, poor salary structure, unhealthy working environment and even harassment especially in case of women NGO field workers in Pakistan

  9. Dermatoses among floral shop workers.

    Thiboutot, D M; Hamory, B H; Marks, J G


    Concern about the increasing incidence of hand dermatitis in floral shop workers in the United States and its possible association to the plant Alstroemeria, a flower that has become popular since its introduction in 1981, prompted investigation of the prevalence and cause of hand dermatitis in a sample of floral workers. Fifty-seven floral workers were surveyed, and 15 (26%) reported hand dermatitis within the previous 12 months. Sixteen floral workers (eight with dermatitis) volunteered to be patch tested to the North American Contact Dermatitis Group Standard and Perfume Trays, a series of eight pesticides and 20 plant allergens. Of four of seven floral designers and arrangers who reported hand dermatitis, three reacted positively to patch tests to tuliposide A, the allergen in Alstroemeria. Patch test readings for all other plant extracts were negative. A positive reading for a test to one pesticide, difolatan (Captafol), was noted, the relevance of which is unknown.

  10. Contingent Faculty as Nonideal Workers

    Kezar, Adrianna; Bernstein-Sierra, Samantha


    This chapter explores how contingent faculty address the issue of work and family and demonstrates the importance of understanding the diversity of contingent faculty experiences and of underemployment rather than notions of the ideal worker to explain their work lives.

  11. Outplacement for Underserved Women Workers.

    Freeman, Suzanne C.; Haring-Hidore, Marilyn


    Describes an outplacement program for hourly women workers that assisted participants in identifying skills, interests, and values; identified community resources; taught job hunting skills; and encouraged participation in a support group. (JOW)

  12. Do Firms Obey the Law when they Fire Workers?

    Jahn, Elke


    Employment protection legislation defines social criteria according to which firms can dismiss workers. Otherwise the dismissal is considered to be unfair. If firms evade the law, then negotiation for severance payments begins. Bargaining ex-ante about severance payments is complicated and often...... creates uncertainty. To reduce legal and financial uncertainty, the German government reformed the dismissal procedure in 2004. This paper answers the following questions: Does the law indeed affect the decision of the firm whom to dismiss? Who receives severance payments? What are the factors determining...... the amount of severance payments? The paper shows that workers protected by law have the lowest probability of being dismissed. The expected severance payment and firm size increase the probability of receiving compensation while having found a new job decreases the compensation probability. The amount...

  13. Product Quality and Worker Quality

    John M. Abowd; Kramarz, Francis


    We study the relation between product quality and worker quality using an economic model that, under certain conditions, provides a direct link between product price, product quality and work-force quality. Our measures of product quality are the evolution in the detailed product price relative to its product group, and the level of the product price relative to this group. Our worker quality measures are the firm's average person effect and personal characteristics effect from individual wag...

  14. Product Quality and Worker Quality

    John M. Abowd; Françis KRAMARZ; Moreau, Antoine


    We study the relation between product quality and worker quality using an economic model that, under certain conditions, provides a direct link between product price, product quality and work force quality. Our measures of product quality are the evolution in the detailed product price relative to its product group and the level of the product price relative to this group. Our worker quality measures are the firm's average person effect and personal characteristics effect from individual wage...

  15. Occupational safety and health status of sanitation workers in urban areas: a pilot study from Wuhan, China.

    Gong, Yanhong; Yu, Jincong; Zhang, Xiaochang; Liang, Yuan


    Sanitation workers' workload increases quickly with rapid urbanization, but there is almost no evidence or policy recommendations for their management in developing countries. This study describes the health status and occupational protection of sanitation workers; it also explores risk factors related to their health status in Wuhan City, China. Three hundred and eighty-five sanitation workers from 54 streets of Wuhan were surveyed. Their prevalence of 2-week illness and arthritis was relatively higher than in the general population in China. Findings related to occupational protection showed that both sanitation workers (users) and their managers (providers) neglected the role of low-cost protection measures, especially masks, soap/hand sanitizer and prejob training (use rate of 7.27%, 26.75% and 43.64%, respectively). High-intensity workload was an important risk factor for 2-week illness, and prejob training was an important protective factor against arthritis.

  16. 29 CFR 779.409 - Handicapped workers.


    ... 29 Labor 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Handicapped workers. 779.409 Section 779.409 Labor... Students, Learners, and Handicapped Workers § 779.409 Handicapped workers. Regulations have been issued... handicapped workers at wages lower than the minimum wage applicable under section 6 of the Act....

  17. Why do Worker-Firm Matches Dissolve?

    Gielen, A. C.; van Ours, J.C.


    In a dynamic labor market worker-firm matches dissolve frequently causing workers to separate and firms to look for replacements.A separation may be initiated by the worker (a quit) or the firm (a layoff), or may result from a joint decision.A dissolution of a worker-firm match may be ineffcient if

  18. Byssinosis among jute mill workers.

    Chattopadhyay, Bhaskar P; Saiyed, Habibullah N; Mukherjee, Ashit K


    Although byssinosis in jute mill workers remains controversial, studies in a few jute mills in West-Bengal, India, revealed typical byssinotic syndrome associated with acute changes in FEV1 on the first working day after rest. The present study on 148 jute mill workers is reported to confirm the occurrence of byssinosis in jute mill workers. Work related respiratory symptoms; acute and chronic pulmonary function changes among exposed workers were studied on the basis of standard questionnaire and spirometric method along with dust level, particle mass size distributions and gram-negative bacterial endotoxins. The pulmonary function test (PFT) changes were defined as per the recommendation of World Health Organization and of Bouhys et al. Total dust in jute mill air were monitored by high volume sampling, technique (Staplex, USA), Andersen cascade impactor was used for particle size distribution and personal exposure level was determined by personal sampler (Casella, London). Endotoxin in airborne jute dust was analysed by Lymulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) "Gel Clot" technique. Batching is the dustiest process in the mill. Size distribution showed that about 70-80% dust in diameter of jute mill workers are also suffering from byssinosis as observed in cotton, flask and hemp workers.

  19. Protective and Catching Safety Systems In Construction

    Kuzhin Marat


    Full Text Available In the article is described application of protective and catching systems in construction. Classification of similar systems, their types and purpose are listed. Dangerous zones on construction site and events to for limiting their influence or protection from the factors. Protective and catching systems is one of the most effective technical equipment, applied in recent time. Protective fences and catching systems are important part in the problem solution. Protective fences protect workers from falling from height. Protective and catching systems allows avoid injuries by workers, also catch debris, fallen from constructing buildings. In regard with continuing development in technical and technological solutions, protective and catching systems require adaptation to a new requirements of construction industry and requirements of normative documents. Technical regulations in the appliance sphere of protective and catching systems requires actualization and aligning with modern normatives. Important role should be given to developing organizational and technological documentation for application of the systems. Scientific studying of technical parameters of fences and protective catching nets also has great interest.

  20. The role of the professional worker with unaccompanied refugee minors

    Justin, Sara


    The diploma thesis reflects current situation of international migrations. It deals with inadequately arranged legal field of unaccompanied minor refugees and the roles of professional workers dealing with this extremely vulnerable group. The theoretical part is an attempt to reflect the events during the so-called European refugee crisis. In the first part, it outlines the »Western Balkan migration route«, presents the legal framework of international refugee protection and also the changes ...