Sample records for adjusted functional principal

  1. Interpretable functional principal component analysis. (United States)

    Lin, Zhenhua; Wang, Liangliang; Cao, Jiguo


    Functional principal component analysis (FPCA) is a popular approach to explore major sources of variation in a sample of random curves. These major sources of variation are represented by functional principal components (FPCs). The intervals where the values of FPCs are significant are interpreted as where sample curves have major variations. However, these intervals are often hard for naïve users to identify, because of the vague definition of "significant values". In this article, we develop a novel penalty-based method to derive FPCs that are only nonzero precisely in the intervals where the values of FPCs are significant, whence the derived FPCs possess better interpretability than the FPCs derived from existing methods. To compute the proposed FPCs, we devise an efficient algorithm based on projection deflation techniques. We show that the proposed interpretable FPCs are strongly consistent and asymptotically normal under mild conditions. Simulation studies confirm that with a competitive performance in explaining variations of sample curves, the proposed FPCs are more interpretable than the traditional counterparts. This advantage is demonstrated by analyzing two real datasets, namely, electroencephalography data and Canadian weather data.

  2. Multilevel sparse functional principal component analysis. (United States)

    Di, Chongzhi; Crainiceanu, Ciprian M; Jank, Wolfgang S


    We consider analysis of sparsely sampled multilevel functional data, where the basic observational unit is a function and data have a natural hierarchy of basic units. An example is when functions are recorded at multiple visits for each subject. Multilevel functional principal component analysis (MFPCA; Di et al. 2009) was proposed for such data when functions are densely recorded. Here we consider the case when functions are sparsely sampled and may contain only a few observations per function. We exploit the multilevel structure of covariance operators and achieve data reduction by principal component decompositions at both between and within subject levels. We address inherent methodological differences in the sparse sampling context to: 1) estimate the covariance operators; 2) estimate the functional principal component scores; 3) predict the underlying curves. Through simulations the proposed method is able to discover dominating modes of variations and reconstruct underlying curves well even in sparse settings. Our approach is illustrated by two applications, the Sleep Heart Health Study and eBay auctions.

  3. Adjusting Population Risk for Functional Health Status. (United States)

    Fuller, Richard L; Hughes, John S; Goldfield, Norbert I


    Risk adjustment accounts for differences in population mix by reducing the likelihood of enrollee selection by managed care plans and providing a correction to otherwise biased reporting of provider or plan performance. Functional health status is not routinely included within risk-adjustment methods, but is believed by many to be a significant enhancement to risk adjustment for complex enrollees and patients. In this analysis a standardized measure of functional health was created using 3 different source functional assessment instruments submitted to the Medicare program on condition of payment. The authors use a 5% development sample of Medicare claims from 2006 and 2007, including functional health assessments, and develop a model of functional health classification comprising 9 groups defined by the interaction of self-care, mobility, incontinence, and cognitive impairment. The 9 functional groups were used to augment Clinical Risk Groups, a diagnosis-based patient classification system, and when using a validation set of 100% of Medicare data for 2010 and 2011, this study found the use of the functional health module to improve the fit of observed enrollee cost, measured by the R(2) statistic, by 5% across all Medicare enrollees. The authors observed complex nonlinear interactions across functional health domains when constructing the model and caution that functional health status needs careful handling when used for risk adjustment. The addition of functional health status within existing risk-adjustment models has the potential to improve equitable resource allocation in the financing of care costs for more complex enrollees if handled appropriately. (Population Health Management 2016;19:136-144).

  4. Longitudinal functional principal component modelling via Stochastic Approximation Monte Carlo

    KAUST Repository

    Martinez, Josue G.


    The authors consider the analysis of hierarchical longitudinal functional data based upon a functional principal components approach. In contrast to standard frequentist approaches to selecting the number of principal components, the authors do model averaging using a Bayesian formulation. A relatively straightforward reversible jump Markov Chain Monte Carlo formulation has poor mixing properties and in simulated data often becomes trapped at the wrong number of principal components. In order to overcome this, the authors show how to apply Stochastic Approximation Monte Carlo (SAMC) to this problem, a method that has the potential to explore the entire space and does not become trapped in local extrema. The combination of reversible jump methods and SAMC in hierarchical longitudinal functional data is simplified by a polar coordinate representation of the principal components. The approach is easy to implement and does well in simulated data in determining the distribution of the number of principal components, and in terms of its frequentist estimation properties. Empirical applications are also presented.

  5. Selecting the Number of Principal Components in Functional Data

    KAUST Repository

    Li, Yehua


    Functional principal component analysis (FPCA) has become the most widely used dimension reduction tool for functional data analysis. We consider functional data measured at random, subject-specific time points, contaminated with measurement error, allowing for both sparse and dense functional data, and propose novel information criteria to select the number of principal component in such data. We propose a Bayesian information criterion based on marginal modeling that can consistently select the number of principal components for both sparse and dense functional data. For dense functional data, we also develop an Akaike information criterion based on the expected Kullback-Leibler information under a Gaussian assumption. In connecting with the time series literature, we also consider a class of information criteria proposed for factor analysis of multivariate time series and show that they are still consistent for dense functional data, if a prescribed undersmoothing scheme is undertaken in the FPCA algorithm. We perform intensive simulation studies and show that the proposed information criteria vastly outperform existing methods for this type of data. Surprisingly, our empirical evidence shows that our information criteria proposed for dense functional data also perform well for sparse functional data. An empirical example using colon carcinogenesis data is also provided to illustrate the results. Supplementary materials for this article are available online. © 2013 American Statistical Association.

  6. A Filled Function with Adjustable Parameters for Unconstrained Global Optimization

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    SHANGYou-lin; LIXiao-yan


    A filled function with adjustable parameters is suggested in this paper for finding a global minimum point of a general class of nonlinear programming problems with a bounded and closed domain. This function has two adjustable parameters. We will discuss the properties of the proposed filled function. Conditions on this function and on the values of parameters are given so that the constructed function has the desired properties of traditional filled function.

  7. Lifestyle-Adjusted Function: Variation beyond BADL and IADL Competencies (United States)

    Albert, Steven M.; Bear-Lehman, Jane; Burkhardt, Ann


    Purpose: Using the Activity Card Sort (ACS), we derived a measure of lifestyle-adjusted function and examined the distribution of this measure and its correlates in a community sample of older adults at risk for disability transitions. Design and Methods: Participants in the Sources of Independence in the Elderly project (n = 375) completed the…

  8. Adjustable entropy function method for support vector machine

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Wu Qing; Liu Sanyang; Zhang Leyou


    Based on KKT complementary condition in optimization theory,an unconstrained non-differential optimization model for support vector machine is proposed.An adjustable entropy function method is given to deal with the proposed optimization problem and the Newton algorithm is used to figure out the optimal solution.The proposed method can find an optimal solution with a relatively small parameter p,which avoids the numerical overflow in the traditional entropy function methods.It is a new approach to solve support vector machine.The theoretical analysis and experimental results illustrate the feasibility and efficiency of the proposed algorithm.

  9. Exploring functional data analysis and wavelet principal component analysis on ecstasy (MDMA wastewater data

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Stefania Salvatore


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Wastewater-based epidemiology (WBE is a novel approach in drug use epidemiology which aims to monitor the extent of use of various drugs in a community. In this study, we investigate functional principal component analysis (FPCA as a tool for analysing WBE data and compare it to traditional principal component analysis (PCA and to wavelet principal component analysis (WPCA which is more flexible temporally. Methods We analysed temporal wastewater data from 42 European cities collected daily over one week in March 2013. The main temporal features of ecstasy (MDMA were extracted using FPCA using both Fourier and B-spline basis functions with three different smoothing parameters, along with PCA and WPCA with different mother wavelets and shrinkage rules. The stability of FPCA was explored through bootstrapping and analysis of sensitivity to missing data. Results The first three principal components (PCs, functional principal components (FPCs and wavelet principal components (WPCs explained 87.5-99.6 % of the temporal variation between cities, depending on the choice of basis and smoothing. The extracted temporal features from PCA, FPCA and WPCA were consistent. FPCA using Fourier basis and common-optimal smoothing was the most stable and least sensitive to missing data. Conclusion FPCA is a flexible and analytically tractable method for analysing temporal changes in wastewater data, and is robust to missing data. WPCA did not reveal any rapid temporal changes in the data not captured by FPCA. Overall the results suggest FPCA with Fourier basis functions and common-optimal smoothing parameter as the most accurate approach when analysing WBE data.

  10. Generalized multilevel function-on-scalar regression and principal component analysis. (United States)

    Goldsmith, Jeff; Zipunnikov, Vadim; Schrack, Jennifer


    This manuscript considers regression models for generalized, multilevel functional responses: functions are generalized in that they follow an exponential family distribution and multilevel in that they are clustered within groups or subjects. This data structure is increasingly common across scientific domains and is exemplified by our motivating example, in which binary curves indicating physical activity or inactivity are observed for nearly 600 subjects over 5 days. We use a generalized linear model to incorporate scalar covariates into the mean structure, and decompose subject-specific and subject-day-specific deviations using multilevel functional principal components analysis. Thus, functional fixed effects are estimated while accounting for within-function and within-subject correlations, and major directions of variability within and between subjects are identified. Fixed effect coefficient functions and principal component basis functions are estimated using penalized splines; model parameters are estimated in a Bayesian framework using Stan, a programming language that implements a Hamiltonian Monte Carlo sampler. Simulations designed to mimic the application have good estimation and inferential properties with reasonable computation times for moderate datasets, in both cross-sectional and multilevel scenarios; code is publicly available. In the application we identify effects of age and BMI on the time-specific change in probability of being active over a 24-hour period; in addition, the principal components analysis identifies the patterns of activity that distinguish subjects and days within subjects.

  11. Modeling and prediction of children’s growth data via functional principal component analysis

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    We use the functional principal component analysis(FPCA) to model and predict the weight growth in children.In particular,we examine how the approach can help discern growth patterns of underweight children relative to their normal counterparts,and whether a commonly used transformation to normality plays any constructive roles in a predictive model based on the FPCA.Our work supplements the conditional growth charts developed by Wei and He(2006) by constructing a predictive growth model based on a small number of principal components scores on individual’s past.

  12. Principal Component and Clustering Analysis of Functional Traits in Swiss Dairy Cattle


    Karacaören, Burak; Kadarmideen, Haja N.


    The objective of the research was to investigate the relationship among functional traits (body condition score (BCS), milk yield (MY), milking speed (MS), dry matter intake (DMI) and body weight (BW)). Data were from multiparous dairy cows (n = 55) of Chamau research farm of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland. Principal component analysis with correlation matrix was used to find the relationship among BCS, MY, MS, DMI, BW, and other fixed effects including breed, year at ...

  13. Fast adaptive principal component extraction based on a generalized energy function

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    欧阳缮; 保铮; 廖桂生


    By introducing an arbitrary diagonal matrix, a generalized energy function (GEF) is proposed for searching for the optimum weights of a two layer linear neural network. From the GEF, we derive a recur- sive least squares (RLS) algorithm to extract in parallel multiple principal components of the input covari-ance matrix without designing an asymmetrical circuit. The local stability of the GEF algorithm at the equilibrium is analytically verified. Simulation resultsshow that the GEF algorithm for parallel multiple principal components extraction exhibits the fast convergence and has the improved robustness resis- tance tothe eigenvalue spread of the input covariance matrix as compared to the well-known lateral inhi- bition model (APEX) and least mean square error reconstruction(LMSER) algorithms.

  14. Vulnerability of Quercus ilex facing increasing drought: which functional adjustments? (United States)

    Limousin, Jean-Marc; Rambal, Serge; Misson, Laurent; Ourcival, Jean-Marc; Rocheteau, Alain; Rodriguez, Raquel


    In the Mediterranean basin, precipitation is expected to decline as a consequence of climate change, and so will induce summer drought duration and intensity increase. The responses of a Quercus ilex coppice to such a decline in water availability were studied for several years within a throughfall exclusion experiment. This study focuses on the ecophysiological and morphological responses that modify transpiration and productivity. The main mechanisms regulating transpiration under decreasing water availability were assessed: stomatal control, twig and stem hydraulic conductance and leaf area adjustment. The decline of transpiration due to the reduced water availability was mainly driven by a reduced leaf area. In the meantime, other hydraulic traits were not significantly modified by the increased drought severity. The phenotypic plasticity of Quercus ilex leaves yielded some modifications of leaf traits, but with slight concurrent consequences on leaf photosynthesis. The decreased water availability reduced carbon assimilation and, in turn, the primary growth and the starch storage of trees. Finally, none of the several adjustments to the long-term experimentally increased drought was observed to reduce the individual vulnerability to water stress.

  15. Principal and independent component analysis of concomitant functional near infrared spectroscopy and magnetic resonance imaging data (United States)

    Schelkanova, Irina; Toronov, Vladislav


    Although near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) is now widely used both in emerging clinical techniques and in cognitive neuroscience, the development of the apparatuses and signal processing methods for these applications is still a hot research topic. The main unresolved problem in functional NIRS is the separation of functional signals from the contaminations by systemic and local physiological fluctuations. This problem was approached by using various signal processing methods, including blind signal separation techniques. In particular, principal component analysis (PCA) and independent component analysis (ICA) were applied to the data acquired at the same wavelength and at multiple sites on the human or animal heads during functional activation. These signal processing procedures resulted in a number of principal or independent components that could be attributed to functional activity but their physiological meaning remained unknown. On the other hand, the best physiological specificity is provided by broadband NIRS. Also, a comparison with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) allows determining the spatial origin of fNIRS signals. In this study we applied PCA and ICA to broadband NIRS data to distill the components correlating with the breath hold activation paradigm and compared them with the simultaneously acquired fMRI signals. Breath holding was used because it generates blood carbon dioxide (CO2) which increases the blood-oxygen-level-dependent (BOLD) signal as CO2 acts as a cerebral vasodilator. Vasodilation causes increased cerebral blood flow which washes deoxyhaemoglobin out of the cerebral capillary bed thus increasing both the cerebral blood volume and oxygenation. Although the original signals were quite diverse, we found very few different components which corresponded to fMRI signals at different locations in the brain and to different physiological chromophores.

  16. Functional Principal Component Analysis and Randomized Sparse Clustering Algorithm for Medical Image Analysis.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Nan Lin

    Full Text Available Due to the advancement in sensor technology, the growing large medical image data have the ability to visualize the anatomical changes in biological tissues. As a consequence, the medical images have the potential to enhance the diagnosis of disease, the prediction of clinical outcomes and the characterization of disease progression. But in the meantime, the growing data dimensions pose great methodological and computational challenges for the representation and selection of features in image cluster analysis. To address these challenges, we first extend the functional principal component analysis (FPCA from one dimension to two dimensions to fully capture the space variation of image the signals. The image signals contain a large number of redundant features which provide no additional information for clustering analysis. The widely used methods for removing the irrelevant features are sparse clustering algorithms using a lasso-type penalty to select the features. However, the accuracy of clustering using a lasso-type penalty depends on the selection of the penalty parameters and the threshold value. In practice, they are difficult to determine. Recently, randomized algorithms have received a great deal of attentions in big data analysis. This paper presents a randomized algorithm for accurate feature selection in image clustering analysis. The proposed method is applied to both the liver and kidney cancer histology image data from the TCGA database. The results demonstrate that the randomized feature selection method coupled with functional principal component analysis substantially outperforms the current sparse clustering algorithms in image cluster analysis.

  17. Functional Unfold Principal Component Regression Methodology for Analysis of Industrial Batch Process Data

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Mears, Lisa; Nørregaard, Rasmus; Sin, Gürkan;


    process operating at Novozymes A/S. Following the FUPCR methodology, the final product concentration could be predicted with an average prediction error of 7.4%. Multiple iterations of preprocessing were applied by implementing the methodology to identify the best data handling methods for the model....... It is shown that application of functional data analysis and the choice of variance scaling method have the greatest impact on the prediction accuracy. Considering the vast amount of batch process data continuously generated in industry, this methodology can potentially contribute as a tool to identify......This work proposes a methodology utilizing functional unfold principal component regression (FUPCR), for application to industrial batch process data as a process modeling and optimization tool. The methodology is applied to an industrial fermentation dataset, containing 30 batches of a production...

  18. 5 CFR 551.424 - Time spent adjusting grievances or performing representational functions. (United States)


    ... 5 Administrative Personnel 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Time spent adjusting grievances or performing representational functions. 551.424 Section 551.424 Administrative Personnel OFFICE OF PERSONNEL... Application of Principles in Relation to Other Activities § 551.424 Time spent adjusting grievances...

  19. Executive functions and theory of mind as predictors of social adjustment in childhood traumatic brain injury. (United States)

    Robinson, Kristen E; Fountain-Zaragoza, Stephanie; Dennis, Maureen; Taylor, H Gerry; Bigler, Erin D; Rubin, Kenneth; Vannatta, Kathryn; Gerhardt, Cynthia A; Stancin, Terry; Yeates, Keith Owen


    This study examined whether executive function and theory of mind mediate the effects of pediatric traumatic brain injury (TBI) on social adjustment, relative to children with orthopedic injury (OI). Participants included 19 children with severe TBI, 41 children with complicated mild/moderate TBI, and 57 children with OI. They completed measures of executive function, as well as cognitive, affective, and conative theory of mind. Parents provided ratings of children's social adjustment. Children with severe TBI performed more poorly than children with OI on executive function and theory of mind tasks and were rated by parents as having more behavioral symptoms and worse communication and social skills. Executive function and theory of mind were positively correlated with social skills and communication skills, and negatively correlated with behavioral symptoms. In multiple mediator models, theory of mind and executive function were not significant direct predictors of any measure of social adjustment, but mediated the association between injury and adjustment for children with severe TBI. Theory of mind was a significant independent mediator when predicting social skills, but executive function was not. TBI in children, particularly severe injury, is associated with poor social adjustment. The impact of TBI on children's social adjustment is likely mediated by its effects on executive function and theory of mind.

  20. Executive Functions and Theory of Mind as Predictors of Social Adjustment in Childhood Traumatic Brain Injury (United States)

    Fountain-Zaragoza, Stephanie; Dennis, Maureen; Taylor, H. Gerry; Bigler, Erin D.; Rubin, Kenneth; Vannatta, Kathryn; Gerhardt, Cynthia A.; Stancin, Terry; Yeates, Keith Owen


    Abstract This study examined whether executive function and theory of mind mediate the effects of pediatric traumatic brain injury (TBI) on social adjustment, relative to children with orthopedic injury (OI). Participants included 19 children with severe TBI, 41 children with complicated mild/moderate TBI, and 57 children with OI. They completed measures of executive function, as well as cognitive, affective, and conative theory of mind. Parents provided ratings of children's social adjustment. Children with severe TBI performed more poorly than children with OI on executive function and theory of mind tasks and were rated by parents as having more behavioral symptoms and worse communication and social skills. Executive function and theory of mind were positively correlated with social skills and communication skills, and negatively correlated with behavioral symptoms. In multiple mediator models, theory of mind and executive function were not significant direct predictors of any measure of social adjustment, but mediated the association between injury and adjustment for children with severe TBI. Theory of mind was a significant independent mediator when predicting social skills, but executive function was not. TBI in children, particularly severe injury, is associated with poor social adjustment. The impact of TBI on children's social adjustment is likely mediated by its effects on executive function and theory of mind. PMID:25003478

  1. Adjusted functional boxplots for spatio-temporal data visualization and outlier detection

    KAUST Repository

    Sun, Ying


    This article proposes a simulation-based method to adjust functional boxplots for correlations when visualizing functional and spatio-temporal data, as well as detecting outliers. We start by investigating the relationship between the spatio-temporal dependence and the 1.5 times the 50% central region empirical outlier detection rule. Then, we propose to simulate observations without outliers on the basis of a robust estimator of the covariance function of the data. We select the constant factor in the functional boxplot to control the probability of correctly detecting no outliers. Finally, we apply the selected factor to the functional boxplot of the original data. As applications, the factor selection procedure and the adjusted functional boxplots are demonstrated on sea surface temperatures, spatio-temporal precipitation and general circulation model (GCM) data. The outlier detection performance is also compared before and after the factor adjustment. © 2011 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  2. Neurologic music therapy improves executive function and emotional adjustment in traumatic brain injury rehabilitation. (United States)

    Thaut, Michael H; Gardiner, James C; Holmberg, Dawn; Horwitz, Javan; Kent, Luanne; Andrews, Garrett; Donelan, Beth; McIntosh, Gerald R


    This study examined the immediate effects of neurologic music therapy (NMT) on cognitive functioning and emotional adjustment with brain-injured persons. Four treatment sessions were held, during which participants were given a pre-test, participated in 30 min of NMT that focused on one aspect of rehabilitation (attention, memory, executive function, or emotional adjustment), which was followed by post-testing. Control participants engaged in a pre-test, 30 min of rest, and then a post-test. Treatment participants showed improvement in executive function and overall emotional adjustment, and lessening of depression, sensation seeking, and anxiety. Control participants improved in emotional adjustment and lessening of hostility, but showed decreases in measures of memory, positive affect, and sensation seeking.

  3. Development of Evaluation Methods for Lower Limb Function between Aged and Young Using Principal Component Analysis (United States)

    Nomoto, Yohei; Yamashita, Kazuhiko; Ohya, Tetsuya; Koyama, Hironori; Kawasumi, Masashi

    There is the increasing concern of the society to prevent the fall of the aged. The improvement in aged people's the muscular strength of the lower-limb, postural control and walking ability are important for quality of life and fall prevention. The aim of this study was to develop multiple evaluation methods in order to advise for improvement and maintenance of lower limb function between aged and young. The subjects were 16 healthy young volunteers (mean ± S.D: 19.9 ± 0.6 years) and 10 healthy aged volunteers (mean ± S.D: 80.6 ± 6.1 years). Measurement items related to lower limb function were selected from the items which we have ever used. Selected measurement items of function of lower are distance of extroversion of the toe, angle of flexion of the toe, maximum width of step, knee elevation, moving distance of greater trochanter, walking balance, toe-gap force and rotation range of ankle joint. Measurement items summarized by the principal component analysis into lower ability evaluation methods including walking ability and muscle strength of lower limb and flexibility of ankle. The young group demonstrated the factor of 1.6 greater the assessment score of walking ability compared with the aged group. The young group demonstrated the factor of 1.4 greater the assessment score of muscle strength of lower limb compared with the aged group. The young group demonstrated the factor of 1.2 greater the assessment score of flexibility of ankle compared with the aged group. The results suggested that it was possible to assess the lower limb function of aged and young numerically and to advise on their foot function.

  4. Enlightening discriminative network functional modules behind Principal Component Analysis separation in differential-omic science studies (United States)

    Ciucci, Sara; Ge, Yan; Durán, Claudio; Palladini, Alessandra; Jiménez-Jiménez, Víctor; Martínez-Sánchez, Luisa María; Wang, Yuting; Sales, Susanne; Shevchenko, Andrej; Poser, Steven W.; Herbig, Maik; Otto, Oliver; Androutsellis-Theotokis, Andreas; Guck, Jochen; Gerl, Mathias J.; Cannistraci, Carlo Vittorio


    Omic science is rapidly growing and one of the most employed techniques to explore differential patterns in omic datasets is principal component analysis (PCA). However, a method to enlighten the network of omic features that mostly contribute to the sample separation obtained by PCA is missing. An alternative is to build correlation networks between univariately-selected significant omic features, but this neglects the multivariate unsupervised feature compression responsible for the PCA sample segregation. Biologists and medical researchers often prefer effective methods that offer an immediate interpretation to complicated algorithms that in principle promise an improvement but in practice are difficult to be applied and interpreted. Here we present PC-corr: a simple algorithm that associates to any PCA segregation a discriminative network of features. Such network can be inspected in search of functional modules useful in the definition of combinatorial and multiscale biomarkers from multifaceted omic data in systems and precision biomedicine. We offer proofs of PC-corr efficacy on lipidomic, metagenomic, developmental genomic, population genetic, cancer promoteromic and cancer stem-cell mechanomic data. Finally, PC-corr is a general functional network inference approach that can be easily adopted for big data exploration in computer science and analysis of complex systems in physics. PMID:28287094

  5. Age-Related Differences in Gait Kinematics, Kinetics, and Muscle Function: A Principal Component Analysis. (United States)

    Schloemer, Sarah A; Thompson, Julie A; Silder, Amy; Thelen, Darryl G; Siston, Robert A


    Age-related increased hip extensor recruitment during gait is a proposed compensation strategy for reduced ankle power generation and may indicate a distal-to-proximal shift in muscle function with age. Extending beyond joint level analyses, identifying age-related changes at the muscle level could capture more closely the underlying mechanisms responsible for movement. The purpose of this study was to characterize and compare muscle forces and induced accelerations during gait in healthy older adults with those of young adults. Simulations of one gait cycle for ten older (73.9 ± 5.3 years) and six young (21.0 ± 2.1 years) adults walking at their self-selected speed were analyzed. Muscle force and induced acceleration waveforms, along with kinematic, kinetic, and muscle activation waveforms, were compared between age-groups using principal component analysis. Simulations of healthy older adults had greater gluteus maximus force and vertical support contribution, but smaller iliacus force, psoas force, and psoas vertical support contribution. There were no age-group differences in distal muscle force, contribution, or ankle torque magnitudes. Later peak dorsiflexion and peak ankle angular velocity in older adults may have contributed to their greater ankle power absorption during stance. These findings reveal the complex interplay between age-related changes in neuromuscular control, kinematics, and muscle function during gait.

  6. Principal Component Analysis reveals correlation of cavities evolution and functional motions in proteins. (United States)

    Desdouits, Nathan; Nilges, Michael; Blondel, Arnaud


    Protein conformation has been recognized as the key feature determining biological function, as it determines the position of the essential groups specifically interacting with substrates. Hence, the shape of the cavities or grooves at the protein surface appears to drive those functions. However, only a few studies describe the geometrical evolution of protein cavities during molecular dynamics simulations (MD), usually with a crude representation. To unveil the dynamics of cavity geometry evolution, we developed an approach combining cavity detection and Principal Component Analysis (PCA). This approach was applied to four systems subjected to MD (lysozyme, sperm whale myoglobin, Dengue envelope protein and EF-CaM complex). PCA on cavities allows us to perform efficient analysis and classification of the geometry diversity explored by a cavity. Additionally, it reveals correlations between the evolutions of the cavities and structures, and can even suggest how to modify the protein conformation to induce a given cavity geometry. It also helps to perform fast and consensual clustering of conformations according to cavity geometry. Finally, using this approach, we show that both carbon monoxide (CO) location and transfer among the different xenon sites of myoglobin are correlated with few cavity evolution modes of high amplitude. This correlation illustrates the link between ligand diffusion and the dynamic network of internal cavities.

  7. 论生产函数调整模型%Study on adjustable production function model

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Cobb-Douglas production function is a nonlinear model which is most frequently used and can beenchanged into linear model. There is no doubt for the reasonability of this logarithm linearization. Thispaper gives an new proposition on the basis of deeper analysis that there is a defect with this linearization,hence adjustable production function model is proposed to eliminate it.

  8. Steep and Adjustable Transfer Functions of Monolithic SOA-EA 2R-Regenerators

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Öhman, Filip; Kjær, Rasmus; Christiansen, Lotte Jin


    Measurements and numerical modeling of a reamplification and reshaping (2R) regenerator demonstrate a steep power transfer function with adjustable threshold. The threshold can be adjusted more than 6 dB by simple control of the reverse bias voltage of the absorber section. The device consists...... of a semiconductor waveguide with alternating amplifier and absorber sections using quantum-well active material. The steep nonlinearity of the transfer function is achieved by concatenating several sections. We identify the saturation properties of the absorbing media, as dictated by the band-filling and field...

  9. Pediatric cardiac MRI: automated left-ventricular volumes and function analysis and effects of manual adjustments

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Hammon, Matthias; Janka, Rolf; Dankerl, Peter; Kammerer, Ferdinand J.; Uder, Michael; Rompel, Oliver [University Hospital Erlangen, Department of Radiology, Erlangen (Germany); Gloeckler, Martin; Dittrich, Sven [University Hospital Erlangen, Department of Pediatric Cardiology, Erlangen (Germany)


    Cardiac MRI is an accurate and reproducible technique for the assessment of left ventricular volumes and function. The accuracy of automated segmentation and the effects of manual adjustments have not been determined in children. To evaluate automated segmentation and the effects of manual adjustments for left ventricular parameter quantification in pediatric cardiac MR images. Left ventricular parameters were evaluated in 45 children with suspected myocarditis (age 13.4 ± 3.5 years, range 4-17 years) who underwent cardiac MRI. Dedicated software was used to automatically segment and adjust the parameters. Results of end-diastolic volume, end-systolic volume, stroke volume, myocardial mass, and ejection fraction were documented before and after apex/base adjustment and after apex/base/myocardial contour adjustment. The software successfully detected the left ventricle in 42 of 45 (93.3%) children; failures occurred in the smallest and youngest children. Of those 42 children, automatically segmented end-diastolic volume (EDV) was 151 ± 47 ml, and after apex/base adjustment it was 146 ± 45 ml, after apex/base/myocardial contour adjustment 146 ± 45 ml. The corresponding results for end-systolic volume (ESV) were 66 ± 32 ml, 63 ± 29 ml and 64 ± 28 ml; for stroke volume (SV) they were 85 ± 25 ml, 83 ± 23 ml and 83 ± 23 ml; for ejection fracture (EF) they were 57 ± 10%, 58 ± 9% and 58 ± 9%, and for myocardial mass (MM) they were 104 ± 31 g, 95 ± 31 g and 94 ± 30 g. Statistically significant differences were found when comparing the EDV/ESV/MM results, the EF results after apex/base adjustment and after apex/base/myocardial contour adjustment and the SV results (except for comparing the SVs after apex/base adjustment and after apex/base/myocardial contour adjustment). Automated segmentation for the evaluation of left ventricular parameters in pediatric MR images proved to be feasible. Automated segmentation + apex/base adjustment provided clinically

  10. Executive function and psychosocial adjustment in healthy children and adolescents: A latent variable modelling investigation. (United States)

    Cassidy, Adam R


    The objective of this study was to establish latent executive function (EF) and psychosocial adjustment factor structure, to examine associations between EF and psychosocial adjustment, and to explore potential development differences in EF-psychosocial adjustment associations in healthy children and adolescents. Using data from the multisite National Institutes of Health (NIH) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) Study of Normal Brain Development, the current investigation examined latent associations between theoretically and empirically derived EF factors and emotional and behavioral adjustment measures in a large, nationally representative sample of children and adolescents (7-18 years old; N = 352). Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) was the primary method of data analysis. CFA results revealed that, in the whole sample, the proposed five-factor model (Working Memory, Shifting, Verbal Fluency, Externalizing, and Internalizing) provided a close fit to the data, χ(2)(66) = 114.48, p psychosocial adjustment associations. Findings indicate that childhood EF skills are best conceptualized as a constellation of interconnected yet distinguishable cognitive self-regulatory skills. Individual differences in certain domains of EF track meaningfully and in expected directions with emotional and behavioral adjustment indices. Externalizing behaviors, in particular, are associated with latent Working Memory and Verbal Fluency factors.

  11. Burn-Out among Israeli Arab School Principals as a Function of Professional Identity and Interpersonal Relationships with Teachers. (United States)

    Lya, Kremer-Hayon; Faraj, Hani; Wubbels, Theo


    Study of burnout among Israeli Arab school principals as a function of professional identity and interpersonal relationships with teachers. Finds, for example, a low extent of burnout, a high extent of professional identity, and a negative correlation between burnout and the positive elements of interpersonal relationships. (Contains 30…

  12. A Quality Function Deployment Analysis of Customer Needs for Meeting School Improvement Goals: The Voice of the School Principal. (United States)

    Kushner, Susan N.; And Others

    In providing leadership for school improvement teams, principals must employ group communication and decision-making skills. In this study, a planning procedure called Quality Function Deployment (QFD) was modified for use with school-based administrators. Teams of school leaders used QFD to generate the top priority needs of school customers…

  13. Course and Severity of Maternal Depression: Associations with Family Functioning and Child Adjustment (United States)

    Foster, Cynthia Ewell; Webster, Melissa C.; Weissman, Myrna M.; Pilowsky, Daniel J.; Wickramaratne, Priya J.; Rush, A. John; Hughes, Carroll W.; Garber, Judy; Malloy, Erin; Cerda, Gabrielle; Kornstein, Susan G.; Alpert, Jonathan E.; Wisniewski, Stephen R.; Trivedi, Madhukar H.; Fava, Maurizio; King, Cheryl A.


    Number of lifetime episodes, duration of current episode, and severity of maternal depression were investigated in relation to family functioning and child adjustment. Participants were the 151 mother-child pairs in the Sequenced Treatment Alternatives to Relieve Depression (STAR*D) child multi-site study. Mothers were diagnosed with Major…

  14. Youths with ADHD with and without Tic Disorders: Comorbid Psychopathology, Executive Function and Social Adjustment (United States)

    Lin, Yu-Ju; Lai, Meng-Chuan; Gau, Susan Shur-Fen


    Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and tic disorders (TD) commonly co-occur. Clarifying the psychiatric comorbidities, executive functions and social adjustment difficulties in children and adolescents of ADHD with and without TD is informative to understand the developmental psychopathology and to identify their specific clinical…

  15. Can Executive Functions Explain the Relationship between Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Social Adjustment? (United States)

    Huang-Pollock, Cynthia L.; Mikami, Amori Yee; Pfiffner, Linda; McBurnett, Keith


    This study examined the ability of executive functions (EF) to account for the relationship between Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) status and social adjustment as indexed by parent and teacher report and by performance on a standardized observational "chat room" task. Children with the Combined subtype (ADHD-C; n = 23), the…

  16. Sense of humor, childhood cancer stressors, and outcomes of psychosocial adjustment, immune function, and infection. (United States)

    Dowling, Jacqueline S; Hockenberry, Marilyn; Gregory, Richard L


    The diagnosis, treatment, and side effects of childhood cancer have been described as extremely stressful experiences in the life of a child. Anecdotally, children report that a sense of humor helps them cope with the daily experiences of living with cancer; however, no research has examined sense of humor and childhood cancer stressors. This study investigated the effect of sense of humor on the relationship between cancer stressors and children's psychosocial adjustment to cancer, immune function, and infection using Lazarus and Folkman's theory of stress, appraisal, and coping. A direct relationship was observed between sense of humor and psychosocial adjustment to cancer, such that children with a high sense of humor had greater psychological adjustment, regardless of the amount of cancer stressors. A moderating effect was observed for incidence of infection. As childhood cancer stressors increase, children with high coping humor scores reported fewer incidences of infection than low scorers.

  17. 基于主方向迭代校正的铁轨检测算法%An iterative principal orientation adjustment-based algorithm for railway track detection

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    居耀勇; 陈黎


    应用图像处理与识别技术,提出基于主方向迭代校正的铁轨检测算法.该算法基于梯度图像的Hough变换估计出路轨的主方向,设计出边缘检测算子,实现边缘增强、突出铁轨的位置信息.通过算法迭代得到最优边缘检测算子,利用主方向信息与路轨判定准则进行铁轨的定位.结果表明,该算法能准确有效地进行铁轨的检测与定位.%Making use of image processing and recognition technology, this paper presents an iterative principal orientation adjustment-based algorithm for railway track detection. This algorithm utilizes Hough transform of the gradient images to arrive at the principal orientation of the railway track, and designs the optimal edge detector to achieve edge enhancement and reveal the railway track in the images. The principal orientation of the railway track is corrected when the algorithm iterates several times, and the location of the railway track is determined on the basis of the principal orientation and the rule of railway track features. Experimental results have confirmed the robustness and effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.

  18. Experimental damage detection in a wind turbine blade model using principal components of response correlation functions (United States)

    Hoell, S.; Omenzetter, P.


    The utilization of vibration signals for structural damage detection (SDD) is appealing due to the strong theoretical foundation of such approaches, ease of data acquisition and processing efficiency. Different methods are available for defining damage sensitive features (DSFs) based on vibrations, such as modal analysis or time series methods. The present paper proposes the use of partial autocorrelation coefficients of acceleration responses as DSFs. Principal component (PC) analysis is used to transform the initial DSFs to scores. The resulting scores from the healthy and damaged states are used to select the PCs which are most sensitive to damage. These are then used for making decisions about the structural state by means of statistical hypothesis testing conducted on the scores. The approach is applied to experiments with a laboratory scale wind turbine blade (WTB) made of glass-fibre reinforced epoxy composite. Damage is non-destructively simulated by attaching small masses and the WTB is excited with the help of an electrodynamic shaker using band-limited white noise. The SDD results for the selected subsets of PCs show a clear improvement of the detectability of early damages compared to other DSF selections.

  19. Using Green's Functions to initialize and adjust a global, eddying ocean biogeochemistry general circulation model (United States)

    Brix, H.; Menemenlis, D.; Hill, C.; Dutkiewicz, S.; Jahn, O.; Wang, D.; Bowman, K.; Zhang, H.


    The NASA Carbon Monitoring System (CMS) Flux Project aims to attribute changes in the atmospheric accumulation of carbon dioxide to spatially resolved fluxes by utilizing the full suite of NASA data, models, and assimilation capabilities. For the oceanic part of this project, we introduce ECCO2-Darwin, a new ocean biogeochemistry general circulation model based on combining the following pre-existing components: (i) a full-depth, eddying, global-ocean configuration of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology general circulation model (MITgcm), (ii) an adjoint-method-based estimate of ocean circulation from the Estimating the Circulation and Climate of the Ocean, Phase II (ECCO2) project, (iii) the MIT ecosystem model "Darwin", and (iv) a marine carbon chemistry model. Air-sea gas exchange coefficients and initial conditions of dissolved inorganic carbon, alkalinity, and oxygen are adjusted using a Green's Functions approach in order to optimize modeled air-sea CO2 fluxes. Data constraints include observations of carbon dioxide partial pressure (pCO2) for 2009-2010, global air-sea CO2 flux estimates, and the seasonal cycle of the Takahashi et al. (2009) Atlas. The model sensitivity experiments (or Green's Functions) include simulations that start from different initial conditions as well as experiments that perturb air-sea gas exchange parameters and the ratio of particulate inorganic to organic carbon. The Green's Functions approach yields a linear combination of these sensitivity experiments that minimizes model-data differences. The resulting initial conditions and gas exchange coefficients are then used to integrate the ECCO2-Darwin model forward. Despite the small number (six) of control parameters, the adjusted simulation is significantly closer to the data constraints (37% cost function reduction, i.e., reduction in the model-data difference, relative to the baseline simulation) and to independent observations (e.g., alkalinity). The adjusted air-sea gas

  20. Covariate adjustment of cumulative incidence functions for competing risks data using inverse probability of treatment weighting. (United States)

    Neumann, Anke; Billionnet, Cécile


    In observational studies without random assignment of the treatment, the unadjusted comparison between treatment groups may be misleading due to confounding. One method to adjust for measured confounders is inverse probability of treatment weighting. This method can also be used in the analysis of time to event data with competing risks. Competing risks arise if for some individuals the event of interest is precluded by a different type of event occurring before, or if only the earliest of several times to event, corresponding to different event types, is observed or is of interest. In the presence of competing risks, time to event data are often characterized by cumulative incidence functions, one for each event type of interest. We describe the use of inverse probability of treatment weighting to create adjusted cumulative incidence functions. This method is equivalent to direct standardization when the weight model is saturated. No assumptions about the form of the cumulative incidence functions are required. The method allows studying associations between treatment and the different types of event under study, while focusing on the earliest event only. We present a SAS macro implementing this method and we provide a worked example.

  1. Functional connectivity in tactile object discrimination: a principal component analysis of an event related fMRI-Study.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Susanne Hartmann

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Tactile object discrimination is an essential human skill that relies on functional connectivity between the neural substrates of motor, somatosensory and supramodal areas. From a theoretical point of view, such distributed networks elude categorical analysis because subtraction methods are univariate. Thus, the aim of this study was to identify the neural networks involved in somatosensory object discrimination using a voxel-based principal component analysis (PCA of event-related functional magnetic resonance images. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: Seven healthy, right-handed subjects aged between 22 and 44 years were required to discriminate with their dominant hand the length differences between otherwise identical parallelepipeds in a two-alternative forced-choice paradigm. Of the 34 principal components retained for analysis according to the 'bootstrapped' Kaiser-Guttman criterion, t-tests applied to the subject-condition expression coefficients showed significant mean differences between the object presentation and inter-stimulus phases in PC 1, 3, 26 and 32. Specifically, PC 1 reflected object exploration or manipulation, PC 3 somatosensory and short-term memory processes. PC 26 evinced the perception that certain parallelepipeds could not be distinguished, while PC 32 emerged in those choices when they could be. Among the cerebral regions evident in the PCs are the left posterior parietal lobe and premotor cortex in PC 1, the left superior parietal lobule (SPL and the right cuneus in PC 3, the medial frontal and orbitofrontal cortex bilaterally in PC 26, and the right intraparietal sulcus, anterior SPL and dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in PC 32. CONCLUSIONS/SIGNIFICANCE: The analysis provides evidence for the concerted action of large-scale cortico-subcortical networks mediating tactile object discrimination. Parallel to activity in nodes processing object-related impulses we found activity in key cerebral regions

  2. Principal component analysis of persistent homology rank functions with case studies of spatial point patterns, sphere packing and colloids (United States)

    Robins, Vanessa; Turner, Katharine


    Persistent homology, while ostensibly measuring changes in topology, captures multiscale geometrical information. It is a natural tool for the analysis of point patterns. In this paper we explore the statistical power of the persistent homology rank functions. For a point pattern X we construct a filtration of spaces by taking the union of balls of radius a centred on points in X, Xa =∪x∈X B(x , a) . The rank function βk(X) : {(a , b) ∈R2 : a ≤ b } → R is then defined by βk(X) (a , b) = rank(ι∗ :Hk(Xa) →Hk(Xb)) where ι∗ is the induced map on homology from the inclusion map on spaces. We consider the rank functions as lying in a Hilbert space and show that under reasonable conditions the rank functions from multiple simulations or experiments will lie in an affine subspace. This enables us to perform functional principal component analysis which we apply to experimental data from colloids at different effective temperatures and to sphere packings with different volume fractions. We also investigate the potential of rank functions in providing a test of complete spatial randomness of 2D point patterns using the distances to an empirically computed mean rank function of binomial point patterns in the unit square.

  3. Detecting genomic regions associated with a disease using variability functions and Adjusted Rand Index

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Makarenkov Vladimir


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The identification of functional regions contained in a given multiple sequence alignment constitutes one of the major challenges of comparative genomics. Several studies have focused on the identification of conserved regions and motifs. However, most of existing methods ignore the relationship between the functional genomic regions and the external evidence associated with the considered group of species (e.g., carcinogenicity of Human Papilloma Virus. In the past, we have proposed a method that takes into account the prior knowledge on an external evidence (e.g., carcinogenicity or invasivity of the considered organisms and identifies genomic regions related to a specific disease. Results and conclusion We present a new algorithm for detecting genomic regions that may be associated with a disease. Two new variability functions and a bipartition optimization procedure are described. We validate and weigh our results using the Adjusted Rand Index (ARI, and thus assess to what extent the selected regions are related to carcinogenicity, invasivity, or any other species classification, given as input. The predictive power of different hit region detection functions was assessed on synthetic and real data. Our simulation results suggest that there is no a single function that provides the best results in all practical situations (e.g., monophyletic or polyphyletic evolution, and positive or negative selection, and that at least three different functions might be useful. The proposed hit region identification functions that do not benefit from the prior knowledge (i.e., carcinogenicity or invasivity of the involved organisms can provide equivalent results than the existing functions that take advantage of such a prior knowledge. Using the new algorithm, we examined the Neisseria meningitidis FrpB gene product for invasivity and immunologic activity, and human papilloma virus (HPV E6 oncoprotein for carcinogenicity, and confirmed

  4. Evaluation of sexual functions and marital adjustment of pregnant women in Turkey. (United States)

    Yanikkerem, E; Goker, A; Ustgorul, S; Karakus, A


    The aim of this study was to evaluate pregnant women's sexual function and marital adjustment. The sample of the study included 298 women, and it was evaluated using Golombok Rust Inventory of Sexual Satisfaction (GRISS) Scale and Marital Adjustment Scale. The most important reasons for decreasing the frequency of sexual intercourse included the fear of harming the fetus during intercourse (62.1%), fear of having miscarriage (47.8%) and decreased sexual desire (34.7%). It was found that women with sexual dysfunction had a significantly lower educational level, were living with three or more people in their home, were multiparious, had an unplanned pregnancy, reported pain during sexual intercourse and felt that their sexual life was very affected during pregnancy. The findings of the study showed that women had ⩾5 points for GRISS for the subscales as follows: infrequency (47.3%), non-communication (57.4%), dissatisfaction (15.4%), avoidance (6.4%), non-sensuality (19.1%), vaginismus (28.9%), anorgasmia (29.9%) and sexual dysfunction (17.4%). In conclusion, women who were living with three or more people at home, had lower income level, were smoking and had an unplanned pregnancy scored under 43.5 of MAS. It was found negative and there was a medium correlation between MAS score and total GRISS score.

  5. Can executive functions explain the relationship between Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and social adjustment? (United States)

    Huang-Pollock, Cynthia L; Mikami, Amori Yee; Pfiffner, Linda; McBurnett, Keith


    This study examined the ability of executive functions (EF) to account for the relationship between Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) status and social adjustment as indexed by parent and teacher report and by performance on a standardized observational "chat room" task. Children with the Combined subtype (ADHD-C; n = 23), the Primarily Inattentive Subtype (ADHD-I; n = 33), and non-ADHD controls (n = 36) participated. EF did not mediate the relationship between ADHD status and parent or teacher report of social adjustment. EF accounted for about 40-50% of the variance between ADHD status and the ability of children to detect subtle verbal cues as well as memory for the conversation in the chat room task, but did not mediate the relationship between ADHD and the number of prosocial, hostile, or on-topic statements that were made. Results are consistent with other recent reports, and suggest that the role of EF deficits in the production of social skill deficits in ADHD may not be as prominent as is typically assumed. The implications for the development of intervention programs designed to target core cognitive etiologic factors are discussed.

  6. Asymptotically adjusted self-consistent multiplicative parameter exchange-energy-functional method: Application to diatomic molecules (United States)

    Karasiev, Valentin V.; Ludeña, Eduardo V.


    An asymptotically adjusted self-consistent α (AASCα) method is advanced for the purpose of constructing an accurate orbital-dependent local exchange potential with correct asymptotic behavior. This local potential is made up of the Slater potential plus an additional term containing a multiplicative parameter αx (a self-consistently determined orbital functional) times a local response potential that is approximated using standard exchange-energy functionals. Applications of the AASCα functionals to diatomic molecules yield significantly improved total, exchange, and atomization energies that compare quite well, but at a much lower computational cost, with those obtained by the exact orbital-dependent exchange energy treatment [S. Ivanov, S. Hirata, and R. J. Bartlett, Phys. Rev. Lett. 83, 5455 (1999); A. Görling, Phys. Rev. Lett. 83, 5459 (1999)] (in fact, the present results are very close to the Hartree-Fock ones). Moreover, because in the AASCα method the exchange potential tends toward the correct (-1/r) asymptotic behavior, the ionization potentials approximated by the negative of the highest-occupied-orbital energy have a closer agreement with experimental values than those resulting from current approximate density functionals. Finally, we show that in the context of the present method it is possible to introduce some generalizations to the Gritsenko-van Leeuwen-van Lenthe-Baerends model [O. Gritsenko, R. van Leeuwen, E. van Lenthe, and E. J. Baerends, Phys. Rev. A 51, 1944 (1995)].

  7. Adjustment of Born-Oppenheimer electronic wave functions to simplify close coupling calculations. (United States)

    Buenker, Robert J; Liebermann, Heinz-Peter; Zhang, Yu; Wu, Yong; Yan, Lingling; Liu, Chunhua; Qu, Yizhi; Wang, Jianguo


    Technical problems connected with use of the Born-Oppenheimer clamped-nuclei approximation to generate electronic wave functions, potential energy surfaces (PES), and associated properties are discussed. A computational procedure for adjusting the phases of the wave functions, as well as their order when potential crossings occur, is presented which is based on the calculation of overlaps between sets of molecular orbitals and configuration interaction eigenfunctions obtained at neighboring nuclear conformations. This approach has significant advantages for theoretical treatments describing atomic collisions and photo-dissociation processes by means of ab initio PES, electronic transition moments, and nonadiabatic radial and rotational coupling matrix elements. It ensures that the electronic wave functions are continuous over the entire range of nuclear conformations considered, thereby greatly simplifying the process of obtaining the above quantities from the results of single-point Born-Oppenheimer calculations. The overlap results are also used to define a diabatic transformation of the wave functions obtained for conical intersections that greatly simplifies the computation of off-diagonal matrix elements by eliminating the need for complex phase factors.

  8. Principal determinants of species and functional diversity of carabid beetle assemblages during succession at post-industrial sites. (United States)

    Sipos, J; Hodecek, J; Kuras, T; Dolny, A


    Although ecological succession is one of the principal focuses of recent restoration ecology research, it is still unclear which factors drive this process and positively influence species richness and functional diversity. In this study we sought to elucidate how species traits and functional diversity change during forest succession, and to identify important factors that determine the species in the observed assemblages. We analyzed species richness and functional diversity of ground beetle assemblages in relation to succession on post-industrial localities after habitat deterioration caused by spoil deposition. We selected ground beetles as they are known to be sensitive to landscape changes (with a large range of responses), and their taxonomy and ecology are generally well-known. Ground beetles were sampled on the spoil heaps during the last 30 years when spontaneous succession occurred. To calculate functional diversity, we used traits related to habitat and trophic niche, i.e. food specialization, wing morphology, trophic level, and bio-indication value. Ground beetle species were found to be distributed non-randomly in the assemblages in the late phase of succession. Ordination analyses revealed that the ground beetle assemblage was significantly associated with the proportion of forested area. Environmental heterogeneity generated assemblages that contained over-dispersed species traits. Our findings indicated that environmental conditions at late successional stages supported less mobile carnivorous species. Overall, we conclude that the decline in species richness and functional diversity in the middle of the studied succession gradient indicated that the assemblages of open habitats had been replaced by species typical of forest ecosystems.

  9. Calculating the transfer function of noise removal by principal component analysis and application to AzTEC observations

    CERN Document Server

    Downes, Thomas Patrick; Scott, Kimberly; Austermann, Jason; Wilson, Grant W


    Instruments using arrays of many bolometers have become increasingly common in the past decade. The maps produced by such instruments typically include the filtering effects of the instrument as well as those from subsequent steps performed in the reduction of the data. Therefore interpretation of the maps is dependent upon accurately calculating the transfer function of the chosen reduction technique on the signal of interest. Many of these instruments use non-linear and iterative techniques to reduce their data because such methods can offer improved signal-to-noise over those that are purely linear, particularly for signals at scales comparable to that subtended by the array. We discuss a general approach for measuring the transfer function of principal component analysis (PCA) on point sources that are small compared to the spatial extent seen by any single bolometer within the array. The results are applied to previously released AzTEC catalogues of the COSMOS, Lockman Hole, Subaru XMM-Newton Deep Field,...

  10. Application of the principal fractional meta-trigonometric functions for the solution of linear commensurate-order time-invariant fractional differential equations. (United States)

    Lorenzo, C F; Hartley, T T; Malti, R


    A new and simplified method for the solution of linear constant coefficient fractional differential equations of any commensurate order is presented. The solutions are based on the R-function and on specialized Laplace transform pairs derived from the principal fractional meta-trigonometric functions. The new method simplifies the solution of such fractional differential equations and presents the solutions in the form of real functions as opposed to fractional complex exponential functions, and thus is directly applicable to real-world physics.

  11. Dynamics and spatio-temporal variability of environmental factors in Eastern Australia using functional principal component analysis (United States)

    Szabo, J.K.; Fedriani, E.M.; Segovia-Gonzalez, M. M.; Astheimer, L.B.; Hooper, M.J.


    This paper introduces a new technique in ecology to analyze spatial and temporal variability in environmental variables. By using simple statistics, we explore the relations between abiotic and biotic variables that influence animal distributions. However, spatial and temporal variability in rainfall, a key variable in ecological studies, can cause difficulties to any basic model including time evolution. The study was of a landscape scale (three million square kilometers in eastern Australia), mainly over the period of 19982004. We simultaneously considered qualitative spatial (soil and habitat types) and quantitative temporal (rainfall) variables in a Geographical Information System environment. In addition to some techniques commonly used in ecology, we applied a new method, Functional Principal Component Analysis, which proved to be very suitable for this case, as it explained more than 97% of the total variance of the rainfall data, providing us with substitute variables that are easier to manage and are even able to explain rainfall patterns. The main variable came from a habitat classification that showed strong correlations with rainfall values and soil types. ?? 2010 World Scientific Publishing Company.

  12. 26 CFR 1.985-5 - Adjustments required upon change in functional currency. (United States)


    ... (CONTINUED) INCOME TAX (CONTINUED) INCOME TAXES Export Trade Corporations § 1.985-5 Adjustments required upon... is different from the currency in which it had kept its books and records for United...

  13. Evaluation of ammonia volatilization losses by adjusted parameters of a logistic function

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Marcos Lima Campos do Vale


    Full Text Available The dynamics of N losses in fertilizer by ammonia volatilization is affected by several factors, making investigation of these dynamics more complex. Moreover, some features of the behavior of the variable can lead to deviation from normal distribution, making the main commonly adopted statistical strategies inadequate for data analysis. Thus, the purpose of this study was to evaluate the patterns of cumulative N losses from urea through ammonia volatilization in order to find a more adequate and detailed way of assessing the behavior of the variable. For that reason, changes in patterns of ammonia volatilization losses as a result of applying different combinations of two soil classes [Planossolo and Chernossolo (Typic Albaqualf and Vertic Argiaquolls] and different rates of urea (50, 100 and 150 kg ha-1 N, in the presence or absence of a urease inhibitor, were evaluated, adopting a 2 × 3 × 2 factorial design with four replications. Univariate and multivariate analysis of variance were performed using the adjusted parameter values of a logistic function as a response variable. The results obtained from multivariate analysis indicated a prominent effect of the soil class factor on the set of parameters, indicating greater relevance of soil adsorption potential on ammonia volatilization losses. Univariate analysis showed that the parameters related to total N losses and rate of volatilization were more affected by soil class and the rate of urea applied. The urease inhibitor affected only the rate and inflection point parameters, decreasing the rate of losses and delaying the beginning of the process, but had no effect on total ammonia losses. Patterns of ammonia volatilization losses provide details on behavior of the variable, details which can be used to develop and adopt more accurate techniques for more efficient use of urea.

  14. Psychosocial child adjustment and family functioning in families reached with an assertive outreach intervention. (United States)

    Rots-de Vries, Carin; van de Goor, Ien; Stronks, Karien; Garretsen, Henk


    Families who experience a chronic complex of socio-economic and psychosocial problems are hard to reach with mainstream care. Evidence exists that the core of this problem is a problematic interaction between this type of family and current systems of care and services. To improve access to problem families, an assertive outreach intervention was implemented into the field of preventive child health care, The Netherlands. The study aimed to provide a more detailed insight into characteristics of the target group. Although there is consensus about some general features of hard to reach problem families, little is known about their specific characteristics because empirical studies among this group are rarely conducted. Especially, the problems of the children is shed insufficient light on. The studied population consisted of families included in the assertive outreach intervention delivered during one year (N=116). To assess psychosocial adjustment of the children, the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire was filled in by the parents. Furthermore, a Dutch questionnaire on family functioning was completed by professional carers. Descriptive data were calculated. The findings show that by using the assertive outreach intervention, programme staff came into contact with families characterised by a considerably higher than average proportion of single parents and unemployed households receiving social benefits. The families faced a high level of risk and a wide range of severe and multiple difficulties, including a lack of basic child care, an inadequate social network and poor parenting. Children in these families were also facing a number of risks. The proportion of psychosocial problems was well above the (inter)national average. The findings reveal the problem areas of unreached families and a need to improve the access to care for these families.

  15. Toward a More Complex Understanding of Acculturation and Adjustment: Cultural Involvements and Psychosocial Functioning in Vietnamese Youth. (United States)

    Nguyen, Huong H.; Messe, Lawrence A.; Stollak, Gary E.


    Examines link between acculturation and adjustment in 182 Vietnamese youths living in an Anglo-American community. Results indicate involvement in U.S. culture predicts positive functioning on personal, interpersonal, and academic levels. Involvement in the Vietnamese culture predicts positive family relationships. (MMU)

  16. Primary and Secondary Control among Children Undergoing Medical Procedures: Adjustment as a Function of Coping Style. (United States)

    Weisz, John R.; And Others


    Obtained reports of coping and goals from 33 children being treated for leukemia. Coping strategies were classified as primary control coping (attempts to alter objective conditions), secondary control coping (attempts to adjust to objective conditions), or relinquished control (no attempt to cope). Secondary control coping was positively…

  17. Modeling and prediction of children's growth data via functional principal component analysis Dedicated to Professor Zhidong Bai on the occasion of his 65th birthday

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    HU Yu; HE XuMing; TAO Jian; SHI NingZhong


    We use the functional principal component analysis (FPCA) to model and predict the weight growth in children. In particular, we examine how the approach can help discern growth patterns of underweight children relative to their normal counterparts, and whether a commonly used transformation to normality plays any constructive roles in a predictive model based on the FPCA. Our work supplements the conditional growth charts developed by Wei and He (2006) by constructing a predictive growth model based on a small number of principal components scores on individual's past.

  18. The course of neurocognitive functioning in first-episode psychosis and its relation to premorbid adjustment, duration of untreated psychosis, and relapse. (United States)

    Rund, Bjørn Rishovd; Melle, Ingrid; Friis, Svein; Johannessen, Jan Olav; Larsen, Tor K; Midbøe, Liv Jaeger; Opjordsmoen, Stein; Simonsen, Erik; Vaglum, Per; McGlashan, Thomas


    The aim was to determine the post-onset longitudinal course of cognitive functioning in first-episode psychoses and to examine how premorbid adjustment, duration of untreated psychosis (DUP), and clinical variables such as relapse are associated with that course. Consecutive patients with a DSM-IV diagnosis of non-organic psychosis coming to their first treatment in the health care areas under study were included. Ultimately, 207 patients were assessed neuropsychologically at baseline, 138 were reassessed one year later, and 111 two years later. Five dimensions were identified through principal component analysis of eight neuropsychological (NP) test results: Working Memory (WM), Executive Function (EF), Verbal Learning (VL), Impulsivity (Im), and Motor Speed (MS). No major changes were found in the level of neurocognitive functioning from baseline to the 1-year and 2-year follow-ups. Patients with good initial levels of premorbid academic functioning had consistently better scores on WM at all three time points. No association was found between DUP and the longitudinal course of neurocognitive function. Significant associations occurred between better WM and VL at 1 and 2 years and fewer relapses during the first year, but not the second. Most NP deficits are in place by onset of psychosis and are stable over two years. Milder WM deficits are associated with higher premorbid academic functioning. More severe deficits in WM and VL are associated with more relapses during the first year. It is unclear whether NP deficits cause relapse, relapse causes NP deficits, or both are manifestations of a third deteriorative process.

  19. Alcohol use longitudinally predicts adjustment and impairment in college students with ADHD: The role of executive functions. (United States)

    Langberg, Joshua M; Dvorsky, Melissa R; Kipperman, Kristen L; Molitor, Stephen J; Eddy, Laura D


    The primary aim of this study was to evaluate whether alcohol consumption longitudinally predicts the adjustment, overall functioning, and grade point average (GPA) of college students with ADHD and to determine whether self-report of executive functioning (EF) mediates these relationships. Sixty-two college students comprehensively diagnosed with ADHD completed ratings at the beginning and end of the school year. Regression analyses revealed that alcohol consumption rated at the beginning of the year significantly predicted self-report of adjustment and overall impairment at the end of the year, above and beyond ADHD symptoms and baseline levels of adjustment/impairment but did not predict GPA. Exploratory multiple mediator analyses suggest that alcohol use impacts impairment primarily through EF deficits in self-motivation. EF deficits in the motivation to refrain from pursuing immediately rewarding behaviors in order to work toward long-term goals appear to be particularly important in understanding why college students with ADHD who consume alcohol have a higher likelihood of experiencing significant negative outcomes. The implications of these findings for the prevention of the negative functional outcomes often experienced by college students with ADHD are discussed. (PsycINFO Database Record

  20. The combined geodetic network adjusted on the reference ellipsoid - a comparison of three functional models for GNSS observations (United States)

    Kadaj, Roman


    The adjustment problem of the so-called combined (hybrid, integrated) network created with GNSS vectors and terrestrial observations has been the subject of many theoretical and applied works. The network adjustment in various mathematical spaces was considered: in the Cartesian geocentric system on a reference ellipsoid and on a mapping plane. For practical reasons, it often takes a geodetic coordinate system associated with the reference ellipsoid. In this case, the Cartesian GNSS vectors are converted, for example, into geodesic parameters (azimuth and length) on the ellipsoid, but the simple form of converted pseudo-observations are the direct differences of the geodetic coordinates. Unfortunately, such an approach may be essentially distorted by a systematic error resulting from the position error of the GNSS vector, before its projection on the ellipsoid surface. In this paper, an analysis of the impact of this error on the determined measures of geometric ellipsoid elements, including the differences of geodetic coordinates or geodesic parameters is presented. Assuming that the adjustment of a combined network on the ellipsoid shows that the optimal functional approach in relation to the satellite observation, is to create the observational equations directly for the original GNSS Cartesian vector components, writing them directly as a function of the geodetic coordinates (in numerical applications, we use the linearized forms of observational equations with explicitly specified coefficients). While retaining the original character of the Cartesian vector, one avoids any systematic errors that may occur in the conversion of the original GNSS vectors to ellipsoid elements, for example the vector of the geodesic parameters. The problem is theoretically developed and numerically tested. An example of the adjustment of a subnet loaded from the database of reference stations of the ASG-EUPOS system was considered for the preferred functional model of the GNSS

  1. The combined geodetic network adjusted on the reference ellipsoid – a comparison of three functional models for GNSS observations

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kadaj Roman


    Full Text Available The adjustment problem of the so-called combined (hybrid, integrated network created with GNSS vectors and terrestrial observations has been the subject of many theoretical and applied works. The network adjustment in various mathematical spaces was considered: in the Cartesian geocentric system on a reference ellipsoid and on a mapping plane. For practical reasons, it often takes a geodetic coordinate system associated with the reference ellipsoid. In this case, the Cartesian GNSS vectors are converted, for example, into geodesic parameters (azimuth and length on the ellipsoid, but the simple form of converted pseudo-observations are the direct differences of the geodetic coordinates. Unfortunately, such an approach may be essentially distorted by a systematic error resulting from the position error of the GNSS vector, before its projection on the ellipsoid surface. In this paper, an analysis of the impact of this error on the determined measures of geometric ellipsoid elements, including the differences of geodetic coordinates or geodesic parameters is presented. Assuming that the adjustment of a combined network on the ellipsoid shows that the optimal functional approach in relation to the satellite observation, is to create the observational equations directly for the original GNSS Cartesian vector components, writing them directly as a function of the geodetic coordinates (in numerical applications, we use the linearized forms of observational equations with explicitly specified coefficients. While retaining the original character of the Cartesian vector, one avoids any systematic errors that may occur in the conversion of the original GNSS vectors to ellipsoid elements, for example the vector of the geodesic parameters. The problem is theoretically developed and numerically tested. An example of the adjustment of a subnet loaded from the database of reference stations of the ASG-EUPOS system was considered for the preferred functional

  2. Análisis de componentes principales funcionales en series de tiempo económicas (Analysis of principal functional components in economic time series

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cristina O. Chávez Chong


    Full Text Available Spanis abstract. El análisis de datos funcionales ha cobrado gran relevancia en los últimos años, convirtiéndose en un importante campo de investigación en la Estadística. El primer método considerado para procesar este tipo de datos fue el de las componentes principales. En este trabajo se considera la extensión del método de las componentes principales clásicas (ACP al caso funcional (ACPF, algunas propiedades interesantes que aparecen y otras que se conservan al realizar dicha extensión, así como su aplicación el procesamiento de datos reales económicos y una breve explicación de algunas bibliotecas que realizan el análisis de componentes principales funcionales. English abstract. The functional data analysis has gained relevance over the last years becoming an important statistics investigation field. The first method used to process this data type was the principal components analysis (PCA. In this paper, an extension of the classical principal components analysis (PCA to the functional method (FPCA is considered, as well as some interesting properties that appear and others that remain with it. Furthermore, its application in the processing of real economic data and some previous work that analyze functional principal components are explained.

  3. Evaluation of adjustment functions in a heuristic algorithm; Evaluacion de funciones de ajuste en un algoritmo heuristico

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Perusquia del Cueto, R.; Montes T, J. L.; Ortiz S, J. J.; Castillo M, A., E-mail: [ININ, Carretera Mexico-Toluca s/n, 52750 Ocoyoacac, Estado de Mexico (Mexico)


    At present the techniques of evolution al computation receive an increasing attention in the scientific and technological areas. This situation is due to its enormous potential in the optimization applied to problems of discussed computational complexity. In the nuclear area these techniques are used in diverse problems of combinatory optimization related with designing cores of power reactors. A distinctive characteristic of the evolution al and/or meta-heuristic algorithms is that appeal in each one from their applications to an adjustment function, fitness or of quality. This function allows to discriminate or to evaluate potentials solutions of the problem to solve. The definition of this situation is very important since it allows following the search of the algorithm toward different regions of the search space. In this work the impact that has the election of this function in the quality of the found solution is shown. The optimization technique by ant colonies or Acs (ant colony system) was used applied to the radial design of fuel cells for a boiling water power reactor. The notable results of the Acs allowed to propose the adjustment method of the importance and with this to obtain adjustment functions that guide the search of solutions of collective algorithms efficiently, basic capacity to develop the proposal of emulation of the natural selection and to investigate the possibility that on order of specify goals, to obtain the corresponding decision variables. A variety of re tro-exit (re tro-out) complementary process of feedback (re tro-in) that opens extended application perspectives of be feasible. (Author)

  4. Individual Differences in Adolescents' Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Functioning Moderate Associations between Family Environment and Psychosocial Adjustment (United States)

    Diamond, Lisa M.; Fagundes, Christopher P.; Cribbet, Matthew R.


    The present study tested whether individual differences in autonomic nervous system functioning interact with environmental risk factors to predict adolescents' psychosocial functioning. The authors assessed skin conductance and respiratory sinus arrhythmia at rest and during laboratory stressors in 110 14-year-olds. Subsequently, adolescents and…

  5. [Migration to the state of Campeche: 1960-1990. Adjustment using the Rogers-Castro function]. (United States)

    Beltran Sanchez, H


    The value of the Rogers-Castro function in the analysis of migration to the Mexican state of Campeche between 1960 and 1990 is described. Using this mathematical function permits easier analysis of internal migration by age over time rather than restricting it to analysis of five-year age groups. (ANNOTATION)

  6. Adjusting the log-Pearson type III function to even-aged eucalyptus stands data

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Daniel Henrique Breda Binoti


    Full Text Available The objective of this study is to evaluate the efficiency of the log-Pearson tipo III function to describe the diameter structure of even-aged stands, and propose a diameter distribution model using the function. The modeling function performed by the log-Pearson tipo III was compared with the modeling performed with the Weibull function. For this we used data from permanent plots of eucalyptus, located in the Midwestern region of Minas Gerais. Adherence to the functions of the data was confirmed by applying the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test (KS. The diameter distribution models used were based on models proposed by Nogueira et al. (2005 and were evaluated in terms of RMSE (% and the correlation coefficient between estimated and observed values. All fitting to the data presented adherence by the KS test. All equations fitted for the recovery of the diameter distribution showed high correlation coefficients and can be used for modeling the diameter distribution of eucalyptus.

  7. The hippocampus of the eastern rock sengi: cytoarchitecture, markers of neuronal function, principal cell numbers and adult neurogenesis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Lutz eSlomianka


    Full Text Available The brains of sengis (elephant shrews, order Macroscelidae have long been known to contain a hippocampus that in terms of allometric progression indices is larger than that of most primates and equal in size to that of humans. In this report, we provide descriptions of hippocampal cytoarchitecture in the eastern rock sengi (Elephantulus myurus, of the distributions of hippocampal calretinin, calbindin, parvalbumin and somatostatin, of principal neuron numbers and of cell numbers related to proliferation and neuronal differentiation in adult hippocampal neurogenesis. Sengi hippocampal cytoarchitecture is an amalgamation of characters that are found in CA1 of, e.g., guinea pig and rabbits and in CA3 and dentate gyrus of primates. Correspondence analysis of total cell numbers and quantitative relations between principal cell populations relate this sengi to macaque monkeys and domestic pigs, and distinguish the sengi from distinct patterns of relations found in humans, dogs and murine rodents. Calretinin and calbindin are present in some cell populations that also express these proteins in other species, e.g., interneurons at the stratum oriens/alveus border or temporal hilar mossy cells, but neurons expressing these markers are often scarce or absent in other layers. The distributions of parvalbumin and somatostatin resemble those in other species. Normalized numbers of PCNA+ proliferating cells and doublecortin+ differentiating cells of neuronal lineage fall within the overall ranges of murid rodents, but differed from three murid species captured in the same habitat in that fewer doublecortin+ cells relative to PCNA+ were observed . The large and well-differentiated sengi hippocampus is not accompanied by correspondingly sized cortical and subcortical limbic areas that are the main hippocampal sources of afferents and targets of efferents. This points to intrinsic hippocampal information processing as the selective advantage of the large sengi

  8. A follow-up study of academic functioning and social adjustment in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jasmin Garg


    Full Text Available Background : Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD persists in a majority of adolescents. It has been reported that ADHD patients have poor social functioning and risk for developing co-morbid psychiatric illnesses. Aims: To determine the retention of diagnosis of ADHD and to assess social adjustment, academic functioning and co-morbidities at follow-up. Design: Retrospective cohort study. Materials and Methods: ADHD patients of 5-14 years of age who came to the out-patient department from 2005 to 2008 were contacted telephonically. Fifty one patients could be contacted. Parents of patients were interviewed using Vanderbilt ADHD Diagnostic Parent Rating Scale for diagnosing ADHD and co-morbidities. Social Adjustment Inventory for Children and Adolescent was administered for assessing their academic and social functioning. Chi square test, Mann-Whitney Test, Kruskal-Wallis Test, and Pearson′s product moment correlations were used for statistical analysis. Results: At current assessment, out of 51 patients, 38 were still fulfilling diagnosis of ADHD. Of these, 21 were of inattention type, 3 were hyperactive, and 14 were of combined type. Social functioning and academic functioning were significantly better in those who currently did not fulfill the criteria for ADHD ( N=13. Twelve patients developed features of oppositional defiant disorder (ODD/conduct disorder (CD at follow-up. Conclusions: ADHD persists in the majority of adolescents. Decline with age is seen more in hyperactive/impulsive symptoms than inattentive symptoms. Several adolescents also develop features of ODD/CD in addition to poorer functioning. Continuation of treatment is crucial to prevent such consequences.

  9. Development of adjustment functions to assess combined safety effects of multiple treatments on rural two-lane roadways. (United States)

    Park, Juneyoung; Abdel-Aty, Mohamed


    Numerous studies have attempted to evaluate the safety effectiveness of specific single treatment on roadways by estimating crash modification factors (CMFs). However, there is a need to also assess safety effects of multiple treatments since multiple treatments are usually simultaneously applied to roadways. Due to the lack of sufficient CMFs of multiple treatments, the Highway Safety Manual (HSM) provides combining method for multiple CMFs. However, it is cautioned in the HSM and related sources that combined safety effect of multiple CMFs may be over or under estimated. Moreover, the literature did not evaluate the accuracy of the combining method using CMFs obtained from the same study area. Thus, the main objectives of this research are: (1) to estimate CMFs and crash modification functions (CM Functions) for two single treatments (shoulder rumble strips, widening (1-9ft) shoulder width) and combination (installing shoulder rumble strips+widening shoulder width) using the observational before-after with empirical Bayes (EB) method and (2) to develop adjustment factors and functions to assess combined safety effects of multiple treatments based on the accuracy of the combined CMFs for multiple treatments estimated by the existing combining method. Data was collected for rural two-lane roadways in Florida and Florida-specific safety performance functions (SPFs) were estimated for different crash types and severities. The CM Functions and adjustment functions were developed using linear and nonlinear regression models. The results of before-after with EB method show that the two single treatments and combination are effective in reducing total and SVROR (single vehicle run-off roadway) crashes. The results indicate that the treatments were more safety effective for the roadway segments with narrower original shoulder width in the before period. It was found that although the CMFs for multiple treatments (i.e., combination of two single treatments) were generally

  10. Application of principal component-radial basis function neural networks (PC-RBFNN) for the detection of water-adulterated bayberry juice by near-infrared spectroscopy

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Li-juan XIE; Xing-qian YE; Dong-hong LIU; Yi-bin YING


    Near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy combined with chemometrics techniques was used to classify the pure bayberry juice and the one adulterated with 10% (w/w) and 20% (w/w) water. Principal component analysis (PCA) was applied to reduce the dimensions of spectral data, give information regarding a potential capability of separation of objects, and provide principal component (PC) scores for radial basis function neural networks (RBFNN). RBFNN was used to detect bayberry juice adulterant. Multiplicative scatter correction (MSC) and standard normal variate (SNV) transformation were used to preprocess spectra. The results demonstrate that PC-RBFNN with optimum parameters can separate pure bayberry juice samples from water-adulterated bayberry at a recognition rate of 97.62%, but cannot clearly detect water levels in the adulterated bayberry juice. We conclude that NIR technology can be successfully applied to detect water-adulterated bayberry juice.

  11. Parental Adjustment, Marital Relationship, and Family Function in Families of Children with Autism (United States)

    Gau, Susan Shur-Fen; Chou, Miao-Churn; Chiang, Huey-Ling; Lee, Ju-Chin; Wong, Ching-Ching; Chou, Wen-Jiun; Wu, Yu-Yu


    This study aimed to investigate the psychopathology, marital relationship, and family function in parents of children with autistic disorder (autism) as compared to parents of typically developing children. We also compared these measures between the mothers and the fathers. We assessed 151 families with at least one child with autistic disorder…

  12. Molecular clock is involved in predictive circadian adjustment of renal function. (United States)

    Zuber, Annie Mercier; Centeno, Gabriel; Pradervand, Sylvain; Nikolaeva, Svetlana; Maquelin, Lionel; Cardinaux, Léonard; Bonny, Olivier; Firsov, Dmitri


    Renal excretion of water and major electrolytes exhibits a significant circadian rhythm. This functional periodicity is believed to result, at least in part, from circadian changes in secretion/reabsorption capacities of the distal nephron and collecting ducts. Here, we studied the molecular mechanisms underlying circadian rhythms in the distal nephron segments, i.e., distal convoluted tubule (DCT) and connecting tubule (CNT) and the cortical collecting duct (CCD). Temporal expression analysis performed on microdissected mouse DCT/CNT or CCD revealed a marked circadian rhythmicity in the expression of a large number of genes crucially involved in various homeostatic functions of the kidney. This analysis also revealed that both DCT/CNT and CCD possess an intrinsic circadian timing system characterized by robust oscillations in the expression of circadian core clock genes (clock, bma11, npas2, per, cry, nr1d1) and clock-controlled Par bZip transcriptional factors dbp, hlf, and tef. The clock knockout mice or mice devoid of dbp/hlf/tef (triple knockout) exhibit significant changes in renal expression of several key regulators of water or sodium balance (vasopressin V2 receptor, aquaporin-2, aquaporin-4, alphaENaC). Functionally, the loss of clock leads to a complex phenotype characterized by partial diabetes insipidus, dysregulation of sodium excretion rhythms, and a significant decrease in blood pressure. Collectively, this study uncovers a major role of molecular clock in renal function.

  13. Physical activity and sedentary lifestyle in children as time-limited functions: usefulness of the principal component analysis method. (United States)

    Guinhouya, Comlavi B; Soubrier, Stephane; Vilhelm, Christian; Ravaux, Pierre; Lemdani, Mohamed; Durocher, Alain; Hubert, Hervé


    This study was designed to examine the hourly variation in and the interplay between physical activity and sedentary behavior (SB) in order to highlight key time periods for physical activity interventions for children. Data for physical activity and SB obtained with ActiGraph in 56 boys and 47 girls aged from 8 to 11 years. These data were divided into sixty minute-time samples for moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) and SB, and analyzed using a principal component analysis (PCA) and correlation statistics. The PCA provides 10 factors which account for 80.4% of the inertia. Only two of these factors did not display competition between MVPA and SB. Contrary to some reports, a coefficient of correlation of -.68 (p < 10(-4)) was found between daily time spent at MVPA and SB. Some salient traits of children's behaviors were shown through PCA. The results suggested that efficacy of interventions targeting the morning hours (07:00 AM-11:59 AM) and the afternoon period (02:00 PM-05:59 PM) warrants attention.

  14. Families in Crisis: What Principals Say. (United States)

    National Elementary Principal, 1979


    Of principals responding to a survey, 95 percent agreed that children show behavioral and academic problems when their parents are undergoing separation or divorce. Offered are specific suggestions to help one-parent families adjust. (Author/LD)


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    杨庆之; 杨德庄; 张敏洪


    In present paper, a modified maximum entropy method is proposedto solve minimax problem. This method is a generalization of well-known called maximum entropy method and attempts to overcome some drawbacks of former method.Some properties of new approximate function are presented first and then several numerical examples are given according to modified algorithm, which illustrates that our method is superior to former one.

  16. Adjustment of surface chemical and physical properties with functionalized polymers to control cell adhesion (United States)

    Zhou, Zhaoli

    Cell-surface interaction is crucial in many cellular functions such as movement, growth, differentiation, proliferation and survival. In the present work, we have developed several strategies to design and prepare synthetic polymeric materials with selected cues to control cell attachment. To promote neuronal cell adhesion on the surfaces, biocompatible, non-adhesive PEG-based materials were modified with neurotransmitter acetylcholine functionalities to produce hydrogels with a range of porous structures, swollen states, and mechanical strengths. Mice hippocampal cells cultured on the hydrogels showed differences in number, length of processes and exhibited different survival rates, thereby highlighting the importance of chemical composition and structure in biomaterials. Similar strategies were used to prepare polymer brushes to assess how topographical cues influence neuronal cell behaviors. The brushes were prepared using the "grown from" method through surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization (SI-ATRP) reactions and further patterned via UV photolithography. Protein absorption tests and hippocampal neuronal cell culture of the brush patterns showed that both protein and neuronal cells can adhere to the patterns and therefore can be guided by the patterns at certain length scales. We also prepared functional polymers to discourage attachment of undesirable cells on the surfaces. For example, we synthesized PEG-perfluorinated alkyl amphiphilic surfactants to modify polystyrene-block-poly(ethylene-ran-butylene)- block-polyisoprene (SEBI or K3) triblock copolymers for marine antifouling/fouling release surface coatings. Initial results showed that the polymer coated surfaces can facilitate removal of Ulva sporelings on the surfaces. In addition, we prepared both bioactive and dual functional biopassive/bioactive antimicrobial coatings based on SEBI polymers. Incubating the polymer coated surfaces with gram-positive bacteria (S. aureus), gram


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Tao Benzao


    In this paper, adjustment factors J and R put forward by professor Zhou Jiangwen are introduced and the nature of the adjustment factors and their role in evaluating adjustment structure is discussed and proved.

  18. Tipping points in adolescent adjustment: predicting social functioning from adolescents' conflict with parents and friends. (United States)

    Ehrlich, Katherine B; Dykas, Matthew J; Cassidy, Jude


    Despite widespread interest in examining the role of conflict for adolescent development, researchers only rarely have examined adolescents' experiences of conflict across relationships. The present study examined how adolescents' experiences of conflict with parents and friends were linked to their social functioning. Adolescents (n = 189) and their mothers and fathers participated in semistructured discussions about areas of parent-adolescent conflict in the laboratory. In addition, adolescents reported about conflict in their best friendships, and peers reported about adolescents' social acceptance and behavior in social settings. Parent-adolescent conflict was associated with peer-reported aggression and delinquency, and friendship conflict was associated with delinquency and prosocial behavior. In addition, significant Parent-Adolescent Conflict × Friend-Adolescent Conflict interactions revealed that parent-adolescent conflict was associated with poor social functioning only when conflict with best friends was also high. The findings suggest that consideration of conflict across relationships may yield insight into the specific contexts in which conflict is associated with negative outcomes for adolescents.

  19. Adjusting Spectral Indices for Spectral Response Function Differences of Very High Spatial Resolution Sensors Simulated from Field Spectra

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sharon L. Cundill


    Full Text Available The use of data from multiple sensors is often required to ensure data coverage and continuity, but differences in the spectral characteristics of sensors result in spectral index values being different. This study investigates spectral response function effects on 48 spectral indices for cultivated grasslands using simulated data of 10 very high spatial resolution sensors, convolved from field reflectance spectra of a grass covered dike (with varying vegetation condition. Index values for 48 indices were calculated for original narrow-band spectra and convolved data sets, and then compared. The indices Difference Vegetation Index (DVI, Global Environmental Monitoring Index (GEMI, Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI, Modified Soil-Adjusted Vegetation Index (MSAVI2 and Soil-Adjusted Vegetation Index (SAVI, which include the difference between the near-infrared and red bands, have values most similar to those of the original spectra across all 10 sensors (1:1 line mean 1:1R2 > 0.960 and linear trend mean ccR2 > 0.997. Additionally, relationships between the indices’ values and two quality indicators for grass covered dikes were compared to those of the original spectra. For the soil moisture indicator, indices that ratio bands performed better across sensors than those that difference bands, while for the dike cover quality indicator, both the choice of bands and their formulation are important.

  20. Executive functions, social information processing, and social adjustment in young children born with very low birth weight. (United States)

    Wolfe, Kelly R; Vannatta, Kathryn; Nelin, Mary Ann; Yeates, Keith Owen


    Children born with very low birth weight (VLBW) are at risk for neurocognitive and behavioral sequelae. Although VLBW infants are at higher risk for deficits in executive functions (EFs) and social functioning during school-age years, few studies have investigated those sequelae or their association in young children born VLBW. We examined the associations between EFs and social functioning in preterm, VLBW children age 4-6 years (n = 20) and matched, term-born, normal birth weight controls admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) after birth (n = 18). The groups did not differ significantly on measures of EFs, social information processing, or parent-reported social adjustment. The VLBW group had lower IQs than controls, though both group means were in the average range. Within the VLBW group, medical predictors of better EFs included older gestational age at birth and no history of bronchopulmonary dysplasia. Across groups, EFs and social information processing were positively correlated. Deficits in EFs and social functioning may emerge after the preschool years in VLBW children, or improved care of children born VLBW may be reducing the cognitive and psychosocial sequelae observed in earlier cohorts. Among children born VLBW, early EFs may be directly related to social information processing.

  1. RacGAP α2-Chimaerin Function in Development Adjusts Cognitive Ability in Adulthood

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ryohei Iwata


    Full Text Available A major concern in neuroscience is how cognitive ability in adulthood is affected and regulated by developmental mechanisms. The molecular bases of cognitive development are not well understood. We provide evidence for the involvement of the α2 isoform of Rac-specific guanosine triphosphatase (GTPase-activating protein (RacGAP α-chimaerin (chimerin in this process. We generated and analyzed mice with global and conditional knockouts of α-chimaerin and its isoforms (α1-chimaerin and α2-chimaerin and found that α-chimaerin plays a wide variety of roles in brain function and that the roles of α1-chimaerin and α2-chimaerin are distinct. Deletion of α2-chimaerin, but not α1-chimaerin, beginning during early development results in an increase in contextual fear learning in adult mice, whereas learning is not altered when α2-chimaerin is deleted only in adulthood. Our findings suggest that α2-chimaerin acts during development to establish normal cognitive ability in adulthood.

  2. Behavioral and emotional adjustment, family functioning, academic performance, and social relationships in children with selective mutism. (United States)

    Cunningham, Charles E; McHolm, Angela; Boyle, Michael H; Patel, Sejal


    This study addressed four questions which parents of children with selective mutism (SM) frequently ask: (1) Is SM associated with anxiety or oppositional behavior? (2) Is SM associated with parenting and family dysfunction? (3) Will my child fail at school? and (4) Will my child make friends or be teased and bullied? In comparison to a sample of 52 community controls, 52 children with SM were more anxious, obsessive, and prone to somatic complaints. In contrast, children with SM were less oppositional and evidenced fewer attentional difficulties at school. We found no group differences in family structure, economic resources, family functioning, maternal mood difficulties, recreational activities, or social networks. While parents reported no differences in parenting strategies, children with SM were described as less cooperative in disciplinary situations. The academic (e.g., reading and math) and classroom cooperative skills of children with SM did not differ from controls. Parents and teachers reported that children with SM had significant deficits in social skills. Though teachers and parents rated children with SM as less socially assertive, neither teachers nor parents reported that children with SM were victimized more frequently by peers.

  3. Comparative determination of phosphate and silicate using molybdenum blue by radial basis function and feed-forward neural networks assisted by principal component analysis. (United States)

    Afkhami, Abbas; Abbasi-Tarighat, Maryam


    In the present study, chemometric analysis of visible spectral data of phospho-and silico-molybdenum blue complexes was used to develop artificial neural networks (ANNs) for the simultaneous determination of the phosphate and silicate. Combinations of principal component analysis (PCA) with feed-forward neural networks (FFNNs) and radial basis function networks (RBFNs) were built and investigated. The structures of the models were simplified by using the corresponding important principal components as input instead of the original spectra. Number of inputs and hidden nodes, learning rate, transfer functions and number of epochs and SPREAD values were optimized. Performances of methods were tested with root mean square errors prediction (RMSEP, %), using synthetic solutions. The obtained satisfactory results indicate the applicability of this ANN approach based on PCA input selection for determination in highly spectral overlapping. The results obtained by FFNNs and by RBF networks were compared. The applicability of methods was investigated for synthetic samples, for detergent formulations, and for a river water sample.

  4. Function, Adjustment, Quality of Life and Symptoms (FAQS in Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT Survivors: A Study Protocol

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Krumlauf Michael


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The population of survivors following allogeneic HSCT continues to increase, and yet their experiences of recovery and long-term survivorship have not been fully characterized. This paper presents a study protocol examining over time the functional status, psychosocial adjustment, health-related quality of life, and symptom experience of survivors who have undergone allogeneic transplantation. The aims of the study are to: 1 explore the patterns of change in these health outcomes during the survivorship phase; 2 characterize subgroups of survivors experiencing adverse outcomes; and 3 examine relationships among outcomes and demographic and clinical factors (such as age, graft-versus-host disease (GVHD, and disease relapse. Methods In this longitudinal observational study, adults who survive a minimum of 3 years from date of allogeneic transplantation complete a series of questionnaires annually. Demographic and clinical data are collected along with a series of patient-reported outcome measures, specifically: 1 Medical Outcomes Study SF- 36; 2 Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Therapy (FACIT - General, 3 FACIT-Fatigue; 4 FACIT- Spiritual; 5 Psychosocial Adjustment to Illness Scale; 6 Rotterdam Symptom Checklist-Revised; and 7 Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index. Conclusions This study will provide multidimensional patient-reported outcomes data to expand the understanding of the survivorship experience across the trajectory of allogeneic transplantation recovery. There are a number of inherent challenges in recruiting and retaining a diverse and representative sample of long-term transplant survivors. Study results will contribute to an understanding of outcomes experienced by transplant survivors, including those with chronic GVHD, malignant disease relapse, and other late effects following allogeneic transplantation. Trial Registration NCT00128960

  5. A stock market forecasting model combining two-directional two-dimensional principal component analysis and radial basis function neural network. (United States)

    Guo, Zhiqiang; Wang, Huaiqing; Yang, Jie; Miller, David J


    In this paper, we propose and implement a hybrid model combining two-directional two-dimensional principal component analysis ((2D)2PCA) and a Radial Basis Function Neural Network (RBFNN) to forecast stock market behavior. First, 36 stock market technical variables are selected as the input features, and a sliding window is used to obtain the input data of the model. Next, (2D)2PCA is utilized to reduce the dimension of the data and extract its intrinsic features. Finally, an RBFNN accepts the data processed by (2D)2PCA to forecast the next day's stock price or movement. The proposed model is used on the Shanghai stock market index, and the experiments show that the model achieves a good level of fitness. The proposed model is then compared with one that uses the traditional dimension reduction method principal component analysis (PCA) and independent component analysis (ICA). The empirical results show that the proposed model outperforms the PCA-based model, as well as alternative models based on ICA and on the multilayer perceptron.

  6. A stock market forecasting model combining two-directional two-dimensional principal component analysis and radial basis function neural network.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Zhiqiang Guo

    Full Text Available In this paper, we propose and implement a hybrid model combining two-directional two-dimensional principal component analysis ((2D2PCA and a Radial Basis Function Neural Network (RBFNN to forecast stock market behavior. First, 36 stock market technical variables are selected as the input features, and a sliding window is used to obtain the input data of the model. Next, (2D2PCA is utilized to reduce the dimension of the data and extract its intrinsic features. Finally, an RBFNN accepts the data processed by (2D2PCA to forecast the next day's stock price or movement. The proposed model is used on the Shanghai stock market index, and the experiments show that the model achieves a good level of fitness. The proposed model is then compared with one that uses the traditional dimension reduction method principal component analysis (PCA and independent component analysis (ICA. The empirical results show that the proposed model outperforms the PCA-based model, as well as alternative models based on ICA and on the multilayer perceptron.

  7. The principal conductance in Giardia lamblia trophozoites possesses functional properties similar to the mammalian ClC-2 current. (United States)

    Moreno-Galindo, Eloy G; Rodríguez-Elías, Julio C; Ramírez-Herrera, Mario A; Sánchez-Chapula, José A; Navarro-Polanco, Ricardo A


    The human intestinal pathogen Giardia lamblia is a flagellated unicellular protozoan with pronounced medical and biological relevance. However, the basic physiology of Giardia trophozoites has been sparsely studied, especially the electrical and ionic properties of their cellular membrane which are virtually unknown. In this study, we were able to record and characterize the macroscopic ionic currents of Giardia trophozoite membrane by electrophysiological methods of the patch clamp technique. Giardia trophozoites showed a high current density (∼600 pA/pF at -140 mV) that was activated upon hyperpolarization. This current was carried by a chloride-selective channel (I Cl-G) and it was the most important determinant of the membrane potential in Giardia trophozoites. Moreover, this conductance was able to carry other halide anions and the sequence of permeability was Br(-) > Cl(-) ≈ I(-) ≫ F(-). Besides the voltage-dependent inward-rectifying nature of I Cl-G, its activation and deactivation kinetics were comparable to those observed in ClC-2 channels. Extracellular pH modified the voltage-dependent properties of I Cl-G, shifting the activation curve from a V 1/2 = -79 ± 1 mV (pH 7.4) to -93 ± 2 mV (pH 8.4) and -112 ± 2 mV (pH 5.4). Furthermore, the maximal amplitude of I Cl-G measured at -100 mV showed dependence to external pH in a bell-shaped fashion reported only for ClC-2 channels. Therefore, our results suggest that I Cl-G possesses several functional properties similar to the mammalian ClC-2 channels.

  8. Convexity Adjustments

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    M. Gaspar, Raquel; Murgoci, Agatha


    A convexity adjustment (or convexity correction) in fixed income markets arises when one uses prices of standard (plain vanilla) products plus an adjustment to price nonstandard products. We explain the basic and appealing idea behind the use of convexity adjustments and focus on the situations...

  9. A Functional Monomer Is Not Enough: Principal Component Analysis of the Influence of Template Complexation in Pre-Polymerization Mixtures on Imprinted Polymer Recognition and Morphology

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Kerstin Golker


    Full Text Available In this report, principal component analysis (PCA has been used to explore the influence of template complexation in the pre-polymerization phase on template molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP recognition and polymer morphology. A series of 16 bupivacaine MIPs were studied. The ethylene glycol dimethacrylate (EGDMA-crosslinked polymers had either methacrylic acid (MAA or methyl methacrylate (MMA as the functional monomer, and the stoichiometry between template, functional monomer and crosslinker was varied. The polymers were characterized using radioligand equilibrium binding experiments, gas sorption measurements, swelling studies and data extracted from molecular dynamics (MD simulations of all-component pre-polymerization mixtures. The molar fraction of the functional monomer in the MAA-polymers contributed to describing both the binding, surface area and pore volume. Interestingly, weak positive correlations between the swelling behavior and the rebinding characteristics of the MAA-MIPs were exposed. Polymers prepared with MMA as a functional monomer and a polymer prepared with only EGDMA were found to share the same characteristics, such as poor rebinding capacities, as well as similar surface area and pore volume, independent of the molar fraction MMA used in synthesis. The use of PCA for interpreting relationships between MD-derived descriptions of events in the pre-polymerization mixture, recognition properties and morphologies of the corresponding polymers illustrates the potential of PCA as a tool for better understanding these complex materials and for their rational design.

  10. Econometric estimation of investment utilization, adjustment costs, and technical efficiency in Danish pig farms using hyperbolic distance functions

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Henningsen, Arne; Fabricius, Ole; Olsen, Jakob Vesterlund


    Based on a theoretical microeconomic model, we econometrically estimate investment utilization, adjustment costs, and technical efficiency in Danish pig farms based on a large unbalanced panel dataset. As our theoretical model indicates that adjustment costs are caused both by increased inputs...

  11. Maternal depression across the first years of life compromises child psychosocial adjustment; relations to child HPA-axis functioning. (United States)

    Apter-Levi, Yael; Pratt, Maayan; Vakart, Adam; Feldman, Michal; Zagoory-Sharon, Orna; Feldman, Ruth


    Maternal depression across the first years of life negatively impacts children's development. One pathway of vulnerability may involve functioning of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis. We utilize a community cohort of 1983 women with no comorbid risk repeatedly assessed for depression from birth to six years to form two groups; chronically depressed (N=40) and non-depressed (N=91) women. At six years, mother and child underwent psychiatric diagnosis, child salivary cortisol (CT) was assessed three times during a home-visit, mother-child interaction was videotaped, and child empathy was coded from behavioral paradigms. Latent Growth curve Model using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) estimated the links between maternal depression and mother's negative parenting and three child outcomes; psychopathology, social withdrawal, and empathy as related to child CT baseline and variability. Depressed mothers displayed more negative parenting and their children showed more Axis-I psychopathology and social withdrawal. SEM analysis revealed that maternal depression was associated with reduced CT variability, which predicted higher child psychopathology and social withdrawal. Whereas all children exhibited similar initial levels of CT, children of controls reduced CT levels over time while children of depressed mothers maintained high, non-flexible levels. Mother negativity was related to lower initial CT levels, which predicted decreased empathy. Findings suggest that chronic maternal depression may compromise children's social-emotional adjustment by diminishing HPA-system flexibility as well as limiting the mother's capacity to provide attuned and predictable caregiving.

  12. Adjusting the Proportion of Electron-Withdrawing Groups in a Graft Functional Polymer for Multilevel Memory Performance. (United States)

    Wu, Linxin; Wang, Peng; Zhang, Chunyu; He, Jinghui; Chen, Dongyun; Jun, Jiang; Xu, Qingfeng; Lu, Jianmei


    A polymer containing aldehyde active groups (PVB) was synthesized by atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP), acting as a polymer precursor to graft a functional moiety via nucleophilic addition reaction. DHI (2-(1,5-dimethyl-hexyl)-6-hydrazino-benzo[de]isoquinoline-1,3-dione) and NPH (nitrophenyl hydrazine) groups, which contain naphthalimides that act as narrow traps and nitro groups that act as deep traps, were anchored onto the PVB at different ratios. A series of graft polymers were obtained and named PVB-DHI, PVB-DHI4 -NPH, PVB-DHI-NPH4 , and PVB-NPH. The chemical composition of the polymers was analyzed by (1) H-NMR spectroscopy and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). Memory devices were prepared from the polymers, and I-V characteristics were measured to determine the performance. By adjusting the ratio of different electron acceptors (DHI and NPH) to 4:1, ternary memory behavior was achieved. The relationship between memory behavior of PVB-DHIx NPHy and acceptor groups as well as their conduction mechanism were studied in detail.

  13. Disability and principal lifetime occupation in the elderly. (United States)

    Geroldi, C; Frisoni, G B; Rozzini, R; Trabucchi, M


    This study addresses the relationship of disability with principal lifetime occupation in the elderly. Daily function, cognitive, and physical health variables were assessed in an Italian population of 524 community-dwelling elders aged seventy and over. Farmers had 1.4 (95% C.I.: 0.6 to 2.2) instrumental daily functions lost higher than white-collar workers. Adjustment for age, education, and financial dissatisfaction with multiple linear regression analysis decreased the difference to a still significant figure of 0.9 (95% C.I.: 0.1 to 1.7). On the contrary, adjustment only for cognitive status resulted in complete disappearance of the association [0.2 functions lost (95% C.I.: -0.5 to 0.9)]. The data indicate that greater disability in the most disadvantaged occupational groups may be due to poorer cognition.

  14. The course of neurocognitive functioning in first-episode psychosis and its relation to premorbid adjustment, duration of untreated psychosis, and relapse

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Rund, Bjørn Rishovd; Melle, Ingrid; Friis, Svein


    The aim was to determine the post-onset longitudinal course of cognitive functioning in first-episode psychoses and to examine how premorbid adjustment, duration of untreated psychosis (DUP), and clinical variables such as relapse are associated with that course. Consecutive patients with a DSM...

  15. Elementary School Principal Effectiveness. (United States)

    Cross, Ray

    A review of research linking elementary principal "antecedents" (defined as traits), behaviors, school conditions, and student outcomes furnishes few supportable generalizations. The studies relating principal antecedents with behavior and principal antecedents with organizational variables reveals that the trait theory of leadership has…

  16. Is it normal to be a principal mindreader? Revising theories of social cognition on the basis of schizophrenia and high functioning autism-spectrum disorders. (United States)

    Froese, Tom; Stanghellini, Giovanni; Bertelli, Marco O


    Schizophrenia and high functioning autism-spectrum disorders (ASD) are neurodevelopmental conditions that mainly impair social competence, while general intelligence (IQ) is spared. Both disorders have a strong ancillary role in theoretical research on social cognition. Recently the debate has started to be inflected by embodied and phenomenological approaches, which claim that the standard portrayal of all social understanding as so-called 'mindreading', i.e. the attribution of mental states to others in the service of explaining and predicting their behavior, is misguided. Instead it is emphasized that we normally perceive others directly as conscious and goal-directed persons, without requiring any theorizing and/or simulation. This paper evaluates some of the implications of abnormal experiences reported by people with schizophrenia and ASD for the current debate in cognitive science. For these people the practice of explicit mindreading seems to be a compensatory strategy that ultimately fails to compensate for - and may even exacerbate - their impairment of intuitive and interactive social understanding. Phenomenological psychopathology thereby supports the emerging view that 'mindreading' is not the principal form of normal social understanding.

  17. Chiropractic Adjustment (United States)

    ... syndrome) A certain type of stroke (vertebral artery dissection) after neck manipulation Don't seek chiropractic adjustment ... Chiropractic treatment. Rochester, Minn.: Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research; 2015. Shekelle P, et al. Spinal ...

  18. Adjustment of Siblings of Children with Mental Health Problems: Behaviour, Self-Concept, Quality of Life and Family Functioning (United States)

    Barnett, R. A.; Hunter, M.


    This study examined the adjustment of siblings of children with mental health problems. The participants had brothers or sisters receiving treatment at a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service within the Hunter New England Health Service, New South Wales, Australia. Seventy-five siblings completed questionnaires on their self-concept, quality…

  19. A Filled Function with Adjustable Parameters for Unconstrained Global Optimization%无约束全局优化的一个可调参数的填充函数

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    尚有林; 李晓燕


    A filled function with adjustable parameters is suggested in this paper for finding a global minimum point of a general class of nonlinear programming problems with a bounded and closed domain. This function has two adjustable parameters. We will discuss the properties of the proposed filled function. Conditions on this function and on the values of parameters are given so that the constructed function has the desired properties of traditional filled function.

  20. Principal Ports and Facilities (United States)

    California Department of Resources — The Principal Port file contains USACE port codes, geographic locations (longitude, latitude), names, and commodity tonnage summaries (total tons, domestic, foreign,...

  1. Surface analysis the principal techniques

    CERN Document Server

    Vickerman, John C


    This completely updated and revised second edition of Surface Analysis: The Principal Techniques, deals with the characterisation and understanding of the outer layers of substrates, how they react, look and function which are all of interest to surface scientists. Within this comprehensive text, experts in each analysis area introduce the theory and practice of the principal techniques that have shown themselves to be effective in both basic research and in applied surface analysis. Examples of analysis are provided to facilitate the understanding of this topic and to show readers how they c

  2. Adjustment Criterion and Algorithm in Adjustment Model with Uncertain

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    SONG Yingchun


    Full Text Available Uncertainty often exists in the process of obtaining measurement data, which affects the reliability of parameter estimation. This paper establishes a new adjustment model in which uncertainty is incorporated into the function model as a parameter. A new adjustment criterion and its iterative algorithm are given based on uncertainty propagation law in the residual error, in which the maximum possible uncertainty is minimized. This paper also analyzes, with examples, the different adjustment criteria and features of optimal solutions about the least-squares adjustment, the uncertainty adjustment and total least-squares adjustment. Existing error theory is extended with new observational data processing method about uncertainty.

  3. A Study of Student Affairs: The Principal Student Affairs Officer, the Functions, the Organization at American Colleges and Universities 1967-1972. A Preliminary Summary Report. Technical Report No. 3. (United States)

    Crookston, Burns B.; Atkyns, Glenn C.

    This is a preliminary report of a major research project to study the changes in leadership, organization, and function that took place in the student affairs sector of American higher education during the period 1967-1972. The report is presented in summary fashion with emphasis on the survey, the principal student affairs officer, organizational…

  4. Principal Preparation Programs (United States)

    Butler, Kevin


    A school principal's job has never been tougher. The accountability movement--culminating with the federal No Child Left Behind law in 2001--has put pressure on principals to improve student performance, resulting in school leaders' transitioning from a more administrative role to becoming more heavily involved in assessment, instruction,…

  5. Principals from Hell (United States)

    Murphy, Lee Ann


    Some principals have personalities that can drive teachers around the bend and back again. Sure, most are wonderful bosses who support teachers in any way, but woe betide teachers if they are unlucky enough to run across one of the six dreaded "problem principals" identified in this article. Teachers do not have to be held hostage by difficult…

  6. Assessment of Supportive, Conflicted, and Controlling Dimensions of Family Functioning: A Principal Components Analysis of Family Environment Scale Subscales in a College Sample. (United States)

    Kronenberger, William G.; Thompson, Robert J., Jr.; Morrow, Catherine


    A principal components analysis of the Family Environment Scale (FES) (R. Moos and B. Moos, 1994) was performed using 113 undergraduates. Research supported 3 broad components encompassing the 10 FES subscales. These results supported previous research and the generalization of the FES to college samples. (SLD)

  7. Salary adjustments

    CERN Multimedia

    HR Department


    In accordance with decisions taken by the Finance Committee and Council in December 2007, salaries are adjusted with effect from 1 January 2008. Scale of basic salaries and scale of stipends paid to fellows (Annex R A 5 and R A 6 respectively): increased by 0.71% with effect from 1 January 2008. As a result of the stability of the Geneva consumer price index, the following elements do not increase: a)\tFamily Allowance, Child Allowance and Infant Allowance (Annex R A 3); b)\tReimbursement of education fees: maximum amounts of reimbursement (Annex R A 4.01) for the academic year 2007/2008. Related adjustments will be applied, wherever applicable, to Paid Associates and Students. As in the past, the actual percentage increase of each salary position may vary, due to the application of a constant step value and rounding effects. Human Resources Department Tel. 73566

  8. Salary adjustments

    CERN Multimedia

    HR Department


    In accordance with decisions taken by the Finance Committee and Council in December 2007, salaries are adjusted with effect from 1 January 2008. Scale of basic salaries and scale of stipends paid to fellows (Annex R A 5 and R A 6 respectively): increased by 0.71% with effect from 1 January 2008. As a result of the stability of the Geneva consumer price index, following elements do not increase: a) Family Allowance, Child Allowance and Infant Allowance (Annex R A 3). b) Reimbursement of education fees: maximum amounts of reimbursement (Annex R A 4.01) for the academic year 2007/2008. Related adjustments will be implemented, wherever applicable, to Paid Associates and Students. As in the past, the actual percentage increase of each salary position may vary, due to the application of a constant step value and the rounding effects. Human Resources Department Tel. 73566

  9. Econometric estimation of investment utilization, adjustment costs, and technical efficiency in Danish pig farms using hyperbolic distance functions

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Henningsen, Arne; Fabricius, Ole; Olsen, Jakob Vesterlund


    and by reduced outputs, we estimate hyperbolic distance functions that account for reduced technical efficiency both in terms of increased inputs and reduced outputs. We estimate these hyperbolic distance functions as “efficiency effect frontiers” with the Translog functional form and a dynamic specification...

  10. Principal noncommutative torus bundles

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Echterhoff, Siegfried; Nest, Ryszard; Oyono-Oyono, Herve


    In this paper we study continuous bundles of C*-algebras which are non-commutative analogues of principal torus bundles. We show that all such bundles, although in general being very far away from being locally trivial bundles, are at least locally trivial with respect to a suitable bundle version...... of bivariant K-theory (denoted RKK-theory) due to Kasparov. Using earlier results of Echterhoff and Williams, we shall give a complete classification of principal non-commutative torus bundles up to equivariant Morita equivalence. We then study these bundles as topological fibrations (forgetting the group...... action) and give necessary and sufficient conditions for any non-commutative principal torus bundle being RKK-equivalent to a commutative one. As an application of our methods we shall also give a K-theoretic characterization of those principal torus-bundles with H-flux, as studied by Mathai...

  11. Relationship of estimated dietary intake of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids from fish with peripheral nerve function after adjusting for mercury exposure (United States)

    Wang, Yi; Goodrich, Jaclyn M.; Werner, Robert; Gillespie, Brenda; Basu, Niladri; Franzblau, Alfred


    Background Some clinical studies have suggested that ingestion of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) has neuroprotective effects on peripheral nerve function. However, few epidemiological studies have examined the effect of dietary n-3 PUFA intake from fish consumption on peripheral nerve function, and none have controlled for co-occurrence of methylmercury exposure from fish consumption. Objectives We evaluated the effect of estimated dietary n-3 PUFA intake on peripheral nerve function after adjusting for biomarkers of methylmercury and elemental mercury in a convenience sample of 515 dental professionals. Methods We measured sensory nerve conduction (peak latency and amplitude) of the median, ulnar and sural nerves and total mercury concentrations in hair and urine samples. We estimated daily intake (mg/day) of the total n-3 PUFA, n-3 docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), and n-3 eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) based on a self-administrated fish consumption frequency questionnaire. We also collected information on mercury exposure, demographics and other covariates. Results The estimated median intakes of total n-3 PUFA, n-3 EPA, and n-3 DHA were 447, 105, and 179 mg/day, respectively. The mean mercury concentrations in urine (1.05μg/L) and hair (0.49μg/g) were not significantly different from the US general population. We found no consistent association between n-3 PUFA intake and sensory nerve conduction after adjusting for mercury concentrations in hair and urine although some positive associations were observed with the sural nerve. Conclusions In a convenience sample of dental professionals, we found little evidence suggesting that dietary intake of n-3 PUFAs from fish has any impact on peripheral nerve function after adjustment for methylmercury exposure from fish and elemental mercury exposure from dental amalgam. PMID:23538138

  12. Leading with Heart: Urban Elementary Principals as Advocates for Students (United States)

    Rodriguez, Mariela A.; Murakami-Ramalho, Elizabeth; Ruff, William G.


    Principals in urban settings serve elementary schools often densely populated with highly mobile, ethnically diverse, and economically disadvantaged students. Due to the changing landscape of increasing accountability issues required by the "No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB)" (2001), principals must adjust the mission of the school community to meet…

  13. Leading with Heart: Urban Elementary Principals as Advocates for Students (United States)

    Rodriguez, Mariela A.; Murakami-Ramalho, Elizabeth; Ruff, William G.


    Principals in urban settings serve elementary schools often densely populated with highly mobile, ethnically diverse, and economically disadvantaged students. Due to the changing landscape of increasing accountability issues required by the "No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB)" (2001), principals must adjust the mission of the school…

  14. Structural characteristics of surface-functionalized nitrogen-doped diamond-like carbon films and effective adjustment to cell attachment (United States)

    Liu, Ai-Ping; Liu, Min; Yu, Jian-Can; Qian, Guo-Dong; Tang, Wei-Hua


    Nitrogen-doped diamond-like carbon (DLC:N) films prepared by the filtered cathodic vacuum arc technology are functionalized with various chemical molecules including dopamine (DA), 3-Aminobenzeneboronic acid (APBA), and adenosine triphosphate (ATP), and the impacts of surface functionalities on the surface morphologies, compositions, microstructures, and cell compatibility of the DLC:N films are systematically investigated. We demonstrate that the surface groups of DLC:N have a significant effect on the surface and structural properties of the film. The activity of PC12 cells depends on the particular type of surface functional groups of DLC:N films regardless of surface roughness and wettability. Our research offers a novel way for designing functionalized carbon films as tailorable substrates for biosensors and biomedical engineering applications. Project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 51272237, 51272231, and 51010002) and the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (Grant Nos. 2012M520063, 2013T60587, and Bsh1201016).

  15. Principal chiral model on superspheres

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Mitev, V.; Schomerus, V. [Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY), Hamburg (Germany); Quella, T. [Amsterdam Univ. (Netherlands). Inst. for Theoretical Physics


    We investigate the spectrum of the principal chiral model (PCM) on odd-dimensional superspheres as a function of the curvature radius R. For volume-filling branes on S{sup 3} {sup vertical} {sup stroke} {sup 2}, we compute the exact boundary spectrum as a function of R. The extension to higher dimensional superspheres is discussed, but not carried out in detail. Our results provide very convincing evidence in favor of the strong-weak coupling duality between supersphere PCMs and OSP(2S+2 vertical stroke 2S) Gross-Neveu models that was recently conjectured by Candu and Saleur. (orig.)

  16. Auto Adjusting Astronomical Telescope

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Rohit R. Ghalsasi


    Full Text Available Astronomical telescope is powerful and basic tool for star or celestial observation. Here we proposed integrated system using Raspberry Pi for auto adjusting astronomical telescope. This integrated circuit helps to control stellar monitoring, stellar targeting, and tracking functions of telescope. Astro compass gives the direction of the celestial objects.

  17. Principal Leader Behaviour and Shared Decision Making. (United States)

    Moyle, Colin R. J.


    The leadership of the principal is a crucial factor in the functioning of the Instructional Improvement Committees (IICs) in the multiunit schools studies. IICs are representative cabinet-type leadership committees. (Author/IRT)

  18. Family function, Parenting Style and Broader Autism Phenotype as Predicting Factors of Psychological Adjustment in Typically Developing Siblings of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Mohammadreza Mohammadi


    Full Text Available Siblings of children with autism are at a greater risk of experiencing behavioral and social problems. Previous researches had focused on environmental variables such as family history of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs, behavior problems in the child with an ASD, parental mental health problems, stressful life events and "broader autism phenotype" (BAP, while variables like parenting style and family function that are shown to influence children's behavioral and psychosocial adjustment are overlooked. The aim of the present study was to reveal how parenting style and family function as well as BAP effect psychological adjustment of siblings of children with autism.The Participants included 65 parents who had one child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and one typically developing child. Of the children with ASDs, 40 were boys and 25 were girls; and they were diagnosed with ASDs by a psychiatrist based on DSM-IV-TR criteria and Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised (ADI-R. The Persian versions of the six scales were used to collect data from the families. Pearson's correlation test and regression analysis were used to determine which variables were related to the psychological adjustment of sibling of children with ASDs and which variables predicted it better.Significant relationships were found between Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ total difficulties, prosocial behaviors and ASDs symptoms severity, parenting styles and some aspects of family function. In addition, siblings who had more BAP characteristics had more behavior problems and less prosocial behavior. Behavioral problems increased and prosocial behavior decreased with permissive parenting style. Besides, both of authoritarian and authoritative parenting styles led to a decrease in behavioral problems and an increase in prosocial behaviors. Our findings revealed that some aspects of family function (affective responsiveness, roles, problem solving and behavior control were

  19. ADHD and autistic traits, family function, parenting style, and social adjustment for Internet addiction among children and adolescents in Taiwan: a longitudinal study. (United States)

    Chen, Yi-Lung; Chen, Sue-Huei; Gau, Susan Shur-Fen


    This longitudinal study investigated the prevalence, predictors, and related factors for Internet addiction among elementary and junior high school students in Taiwan. A convenient sample of grades 3, 5, and 8 students (n = 1153) was recruited from six elementary and one junior high schools. They were assessed during the beginning and the end of the spring semester of 2013. Internet addiction was examined by the Chen Internet Addiction Scale (CIAS). Other factors were screened using the Chinese version of the Autism Spectrum Quotient (AQ) for autistic trait, the Parental Bonding Instrument (PBI) for parenting, the Family APGAR for family support, the Social Adjustment Inventory for Children and Adolescents for social function, and the Swanson, Nolan, and Pelham, version IV scale (SNAP-IV) for ADHD symptoms. The prevalence of Internet addiction decreased from 11.4% to 10.6%. Male, low family support, poor social adjustment, and high ADHD-related symptoms were related to Internet addiction. However, there was an inverse relationship between autistic traits and Internet addiction. Further, its predictivity could be accounted by poor academic performance, male, and protective parenting style. Internet addiction is not uncommon among youths in Taiwan. The predictors identified in this study could be the specific measures for the development of a prevention program for Internet addiction in the youth population.

  20. Stable Principal Component Pursuit

    CERN Document Server

    Zhou, Zihan; Wright, John; Candes, Emmanuel; Ma, Yi


    In this paper, we study the problem of recovering a low-rank matrix (the principal components) from a high-dimensional data matrix despite both small entry-wise noise and gross sparse errors. Recently, it has been shown that a convex program, named Principal Component Pursuit (PCP), can recover the low-rank matrix when the data matrix is corrupted by gross sparse errors. We further prove that the solution to a related convex program (a relaxed PCP) gives an estimate of the low-rank matrix that is simultaneously stable to small entrywise noise and robust to gross sparse errors. More precisely, our result shows that the proposed convex program recovers the low-rank matrix even though a positive fraction of its entries are arbitrarily corrupted, with an error bound proportional to the noise level. We present simulation results to support our result and demonstrate that the new convex program accurately recovers the principal components (the low-rank matrix) under quite broad conditions. To our knowledge, this is...

  1. Robust Principal Component Analysis?

    CERN Document Server

    Candes, Emmanuel J; Ma, Yi; Wright, John


    This paper is about a curious phenomenon. Suppose we have a data matrix, which is the superposition of a low-rank component and a sparse component. Can we recover each component individually? We prove that under some suitable assumptions, it is possible to recover both the low-rank and the sparse components exactly by solving a very convenient convex program called Principal Component Pursuit; among all feasible decompositions, simply minimize a weighted combination of the nuclear norm and of the L1 norm. This suggests the possibility of a principled approach to robust principal component analysis since our methodology and results assert that one can recover the principal components of a data matrix even though a positive fraction of its entries are arbitrarily corrupted. This extends to the situation where a fraction of the entries are missing as well. We discuss an algorithm for solving this optimization problem, and present applications in the area of video surveillance, where our methodology allows for th...

  2. Effect of adjusting pulse durations of functional electrical stimulation cycling on energy expenditure and fatigue after spinal cord injury

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ashraf S. Gorgey, MPT, PhD, FACSM


    Full Text Available The purpose of the current study was to determine the effects of three different pulse durations (200, 350, and 500 microseconds [P200, P350, and P500, respectively] on oxygen uptake, cycling performance, and energy expenditure (EE percentage of fatigue of the knee extensor muscle group immediately and 48 to 72 h after cycling in persons with spinal cord injury (SCI. A convenience sample of 10 individuals with motor complete SCI participated in a repeated-measures design using a functional electrical stimulation (FES cycle ergometer over a 3 wk period. There was no difference among the three FES protocols on relative oxygen uptake or cycling EE. Delta EE between exercise and rest was 42% greater in both P500 and P350 than in P200 (p = 0.07, whereas recovery oxygen uptake was 23% greater in P350 than in P200 (p = 0.03. There was no difference in the outcomes of the three pulse durations on muscle fatigue. Knee extensor torque significantly decreased immediately after (p < 0.001 and 48 to 72 h after (p < 0.001 FES leg cycling. Lengthening pulse duration did not affect submaximal or relative oxygen uptake or EE, total EE, and time to fatigue. Greater recovery oxygen updake and delta EE were noted in P350 and P500 compared with P200. An acute bout of FES leg cycling resulted in torque reduction that did not fully recover 48 to 72 h after cycling.

  3. Transforming Principal Preparation. ERIC Digest. (United States)

    Lashway, Larry

    In the current climate of accountability, the responsibilities of principals have increased. The new role of principals requires new forms of training, and standards-based reform is generating major changes in principal-preparation programs. This digest examines some of those changes. First, it looks at the effectiveness of principal-preparation…

  4. Work Function Adjustment by Using Dipole Engineering for TaN-Al2O3-Si3N4-HfSiOx-Silicon Nonvolatile Memory

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Yu-Hsien Lin


    Full Text Available This paper presents a novel TaN-Al2O3-HfSiOx-SiO2-silicon (TAHOS nonvolatile memory (NVM design with dipole engineering at the HfSiOx/SiO2 interface. The threshold voltage shift achieved by using dipole engineering could enable work function adjustment for NVM devices. The dipole layer at the tunnel oxide–charge storage layer interface increases the programming speed and provides satisfactory retention. This NVM device has a high program/erase (P/E speed; a 2-V memory window can be achieved by applying 16 V for 10 μs. Regarding high-temperature retention characteristics, 62% of the initial memory window was maintained after 103 P/E-cycle stress in a 10-year simulation. This paper discusses the performance improvement enabled by using dipole layer engineering in the TAHOS NVM.

  5. Principal Contradictions and Changes

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Wang Zaibang


    @@ The September 11 terrorist attacks are the most notable events that occurred since the end of the Cold War. It is not only a logical outcome of world development post Cold War but is also an important variable influencing world development. In order to evaluate the influence of the development of the international relations in these five years, the international background after the Cold War must be taken into consideration and the characteristics and changes of the three principal contradictions described below need to be understood.

  6. Recursive principal components analysis. (United States)

    Voegtlin, Thomas


    A recurrent linear network can be trained with Oja's constrained Hebbian learning rule. As a result, the network learns to represent the temporal context associated to its input sequence. The operation performed by the network is a generalization of Principal Components Analysis (PCA) to time-series, called Recursive PCA. The representations learned by the network are adapted to the temporal statistics of the input. Moreover, sequences stored in the network may be retrieved explicitly, in the reverse order of presentation, thus providing a straight-forward neural implementation of a logical stack.

  7. Is It Normal to Be a Principal Mindreader? Revising Theories of Social Cognition on the Basis of Schizophrenia and High Functioning Autism-Spectrum Disorders (United States)

    Froese, Tom; Stanghellini, Giovanni; Bertelli, Marco O.


    Schizophrenia and high functioning autism-spectrum disorders (ASD) are neurodevelopmental conditions that mainly impair social competence, while general intelligence (IQ) is spared. Both disorders have a strong ancillary role in theoretical research on social cognition. Recently the debate has started to be inflected by embodied and…

  8. Tobacco smoking in treatment-resistant schizophrenia patients is associated with impaired cognitive functioning, more severe negative symptoms, and poorer social adjustment

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Iasevoli F


    Full Text Available Felice Iasevoli, Raffaele Balletta, Valentina Gilardi, Sara Giordano, Andrea de Bartolomeis Unit on Treatment Resistance in Psychiatry and Laboratory of Molecular and Translational Psychiatry, Section of Psychiatry, Department of Neuroscience, Reproductive Sciences and Odontostomatology, University School of Medicine ‘Federico II’, Naples, Italy Abstract: Tobacco smoking is common in schizophrenia patients. It has been reported that schizophrenia patients who are tobacco smokers have better cognitive performances compared to those who are nonsmokers. However, little is known on the effects of tobacco smoking in treatment-resistant schizophrenia (TRS patients. The aim of this study was to compare cognitive performances, psychotic symptoms, and social adjustment in tobacco smoker TRS patients compared to nonsmoker TRS patients. Smoker and nonsmoker TRS patients did not differ in demographics and in mean daily antipsychotic dose. Smoker TRS patients had significantly higher scores than nonsmoker patients on the positive and negative syndrome scale (PANSS and on the negative symptoms subscale. These patients also performed worse than nonsmoker patients on problem-solving cognitive domain. Social adjustment was not significantly different between the two groups. In both groups of patients, worse cognitive performances were mostly predicted by higher severity of negative symptoms. Worse performances on the verbal memory and problem-solving cognitive domains were correlated with social-functioning impairment in tobacco smoker TRS patients but not in nonsmoker ones. The results showed that tobacco smoking was not significantly associated with better cognitive performances in TRS patients, while it was significantly associated with higher negative symptoms. Even if a direct causative mechanism cannot be inferred and despite the fact that these patients may use tobacco to self-medicate, it could be speculated that these associations may, at least

  9. Resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging of the subthalamic microlesion and stimulation effects in Parkinson's disease: Indications of a principal role of the brainstem. (United States)

    Holiga, Štefan; Mueller, Karsten; Möller, Harald E; Urgošík, Dušan; Růžička, Evžen; Schroeter, Matthias L; Jech, Robert


    During implantation of deep-brain stimulation (DBS) electrodes in the target structure, neurosurgeons and neurologists commonly observe a "microlesion effect" (MLE), which occurs well before initiating subthalamic DBS. This phenomenon typically leads to a transitory improvement of motor symptoms of patients suffering from Parkinson's disease (PD). Mechanisms behind MLE remain poorly understood. In this work, we exploited the notion of ranking to assess spontaneous brain activity in PD patients examined by resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging in response to penetration of DBS electrodes in the subthalamic nucleus. In particular, we employed a hypothesis-free method, eigenvector centrality (EC), to reveal motor-communication-hubs of the highest rank and their reorganization following the surgery; providing a unique opportunity to evaluate the direct impact of disrupting the PD motor circuitry in vivo without prior assumptions. Penetration of electrodes was associated with increased EC of functional connectivity in the brainstem. Changes in connectivity were quantitatively related to motor improvement, which further emphasizes the clinical importance of the functional integrity of the brainstem. Surprisingly, MLE and DBS were associated with anatomically different EC maps despite their similar clinical benefit on motor functions. The DBS solely caused an increase in connectivity of the left premotor region suggesting separate pathophysiological mechanisms of both interventions. While the DBS acts at the cortical level suggesting compensatory activation of less affected motor regions, the MLE affects more fundamental circuitry as the dysfunctional brainstem predominates in the beginning of PD. These findings invigorate the overlooked brainstem perspective in the understanding of PD and support the current trend towards its early diagnosis.

  10. 上证指数的函数型主成分分析预测%Prediction for the Shanghai Stock Index Based on the Functional Principal Components Analysis Model

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    金融市场的交易是不间断的,价格始终高频的更新,在金融数据的研究中,经常遇到函数型数据。建立函数型主成分分析的预测模型,分析函数型数据在上证指数预测中的应用,根据函数型数据分析的原理及其求解主成分分析的方法,使用 Matlab 对上证指数进行预测。%Continuously trading in market always updates the price with high frequency.In the re-search of financial data,the functional data is often encountered.The functional principal components a-nalysis prediction model is established to forecast the Shanghai stock index.Based on the principal compo-nent analysis theory and calculation method,the Shanghai Composite Index is forecasted by Matlab.

  11. Convexity Adjustments for ATS Models

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Murgoci, Agatha; Gaspar, Raquel M.

    Practitioners are used to value a broad class of exotic interest rate derivatives simply by preforming for what is known as convexity adjustments (or convexity corrections). We start by exploiting the relations between various interest rate models and their connections to measure changes. As a re......Practitioners are used to value a broad class of exotic interest rate derivatives simply by preforming for what is known as convexity adjustments (or convexity corrections). We start by exploiting the relations between various interest rate models and their connections to measure changes....... As a result we classify convexity adjustments into forward adjustments and swaps adjustments. We, then, focus on affine term structure (ATS) models and, in this context, conjecture convexity adjustments should be related of affine functionals. In the case of forward adjustments, we show how to obtain exact...... formulas. Concretely for LIBOR in arrears (LIA) contracts, we derive the system of Riccatti ODE-s one needs to compute to obtain the exact adjustment. Based upon the ideas of Schrager and Pelsser (2006) we are also able to derive general swap adjustments useful, in particular, when dealing with constant...

  12. Metric adjusted skew information

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Hansen, Frank


    establish a connection between the geometrical formulation of quantum statistics as proposed by Chentsov and Morozova and measures of quantum information as introduced by Wigner and Yanase and extended in this article. We show that the set of normalized Morozova-Chentsov functions describing the possible...... quantum statistics is a Bauer simplex and determine its extreme points. We determine a particularly simple skew information, the "¿-skew information," parametrized by a ¿ ¿ (0, 1], and show that the convex cone this family generates coincides with the set of all metric adjusted skew informations.......We extend the concept of Wigner-Yanase-Dyson skew information to something we call "metric adjusted skew information" (of a state with respect to a conserved observable). This "skew information" is intended to be a non-negative quantity bounded by the variance (of an observable in a state...

  13. 无锡市水功能区划调整方案研究%Preliminary study on adjustment scheme of water function zone in Wuxi

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    罗慧萍; 逄勇; 徐凌云


    为了满足无锡市水资源开发利用、保护和水行政管理需要,在无锡市现有水功能区划的基础上,从水源地布局、社会经济发展布局以及排污控制区和过渡区设置规范等角度进行合理性分析,利用建立的无锡市水环境数学模型,分别计算排污控制区和过渡区的长度,最终提出无锡市水功能区划初步调整方案. 调整方案为:根据水源地布局增加4个饮用水水源保护区,调整1个水功能区范围;根据社会经济发展布局增加4个工业、农业、景观娱乐用水区,其中2个由其他功能区调整而来;根据过渡区要求增加10个过渡区;根据排污控制区要求增加13个排污控制区. 研究成果为无锡市水功能区管理提供新思路.%In order to meet the needs of development , utilization, protection, and water administration of water resources in Wuxi , the paper reasonably analyzed the water function zone from the layout water source area, social and economic development ,the install of sewage discharge control zone and transition zone norms based on the existing water function zoning of Wuxi .It used the mathematical model of water environment in Wuxi which was established before to calculate the lengths of sewage discharge control zone and transition zone .Finally ,it proposed an adjustment scheme of water function zones of Wuxi .The scheme includes that to increase four drinking water source protection zones and adjust scope of one water functional zone according to the water source area layout;to increase four industrial , agricultural , recrea-tional water zones according to the social and economic development layout , wherein the two zones comes from other functional zones;to increase ten transition zones according to the requiremenr of transition zone;to increase thirteen sewage discharge control zones according to transition zone setting norms .The results can provide new idea for management of water function zone in Wuxi .

  14. Deformation quantization of principal bundles

    CERN Document Server

    Aschieri, Paolo


    We outline how Drinfeld twist deformation techniques can be applied to the deformation quantization of principal bundles into noncommutative principal bundles, and more in general to the deformation of Hopf-Galois extensions. First we twist deform the structure group in a quantum group, and this leads to a deformation of the fibers of the principal bundle. Next we twist deform a subgroup of the group of authomorphisms of the principal bundle, and this leads to a noncommutative base space. Considering both deformations we obtain noncommutative principal bundles with noncommutative fiber and base space as well.

  15. 音乐对幼儿"自闭症"的心理调适功能%Psychological Adjustment Function of Music for Children with "Autism"

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Children"autism" is a psychological disease in clinical medicine in recent years, showing a growing trend. Music, as an au-ditory art, plays a psychological adjustment role for autistic children, even a therapeutic effect through its unique entertainment func-tion. This paper makes a discussion from the relationship between children autism and music, the growing environment of children with autism and the particularity of music itself, as well as the role and significance of music on autism.%幼儿"自闭症",是近年临床医学的心理性疾病,并呈现出日趋增长的态势. 音乐,作为一门听觉艺术,可以通过其专有的娱乐功能对幼儿"自闭症"心理上的孤僻起到一定的调适,进而达到治疗的效用. 本文从幼儿"自闭症"与音乐的关系,自闭症患儿成长的周围环境与音乐本身所具有的特殊性以及音乐对自闭症的作用和意义等多维度展开讨论.

  16. Application of (13)C ramp CPMAS NMR with phase-adjusted spinning sidebands (PASS) for the quantitative estimation of carbon functional groups in natural organic matter. (United States)

    Ikeya, Kosuke; Watanabe, Akira


    The composition of carbon (C) functional groups in natural organic matter (NOM), such as dissolved organic matter, soil organic matter, and humic substances, is frequently estimated using solid-state (13)C NMR techniques. A problem associated with quantitative analysis using general cross polarization/magic angle spinning (CPMAS) spectra is the appearance of spinning side bands (SSBs) split from the original center peaks of sp (2) hybridized C species (i.e., aromatic and carbonyl C). Ramp CP/phase-adjusted side band suppressing (PASS) is a pulse sequence that integrates SSBs separately and quantitatively recovers them into their inherent center peaks. In the present study, the applicability of ramp CP/PASS to NOM analysis was compared with direct polarization (DPMAS), another quantitative method but one that requires a long operation time, and/or a ramp CP/total suppression side band (ramp CP/TOSS) technique, a popular but non-quantitative method for deleting SSBs. The test materials were six soil humic acid samples with various known degrees of aromaticity and two fulvic acids. There were no significant differences in the relative abundance of alkyl C, O-alkyl C, and aromatic C between the ramp CP/PASS and DPMAS methods, while the signal intensities corresponding to aromatic C in the ramp CP/TOSS spectra were consistently less than the values obtained in the ramp CP/PASS spectra. These results indicate that ramp CP/PASS can be used to accurately estimate the C composition of NOM samples.

  17. Le principe roman

    CERN Document Server

    Ferrari, Jérôme


    Fasciné par la figure du physicien allemand Werner Heisenberg (1901-1976), fondateur de la mécanique quantique, inventeur du célèbre "principe d'incertitude" et Prix Nobel de physique en 1932, un jeune aspirant-philosophe désenchanté s'efforce, à l'aube du XXIe siècle, de considérer l'incomplétude de sa propre existence à l'aune des travaux et de la destinée de cet exceptionnel homme de sciences qui incarne pour lui la rencontre du langage scientifique et de la poésie, lesquels, chacun à leur manière, en ouvrant la voie au scandale de l'inédit, dessillent les yeux sur le monde pour en révéler la mystérieuse beauté que ne cessent de confisquer le matérialisme à l'œuvre dans l'Histoire des hommes.

  18. Visualizing the principal component of {sup 1}H,{sup 15}N-HSQC NMR spectral changes that reflect protein structural or functional properties: application to troponin C

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Robertson, Ian M.; Boyko, Robert F.; Sykes, Brian D., E-mail: [University of Alberta, Department of Biochemistry (Canada)


    Laboratories often repeatedly determine the structure of a given protein under a variety of conditions, mutations, modifications, or in a number of states. This approach can be cumbersome and tedious. Given then a database of structures, identifiers, and corresponding {sup 1}H,{sup 15}N-HSQC NMR spectra for homologous proteins, we investigated whether structural information could be ascertained for a new homolog solely from its {sup 1}H,{sup 15}N-HSQC NMR spectrum. We addressed this question with two different approaches. First, we used a semi-automated approach with the program, ORBplus. ORBplus looks for patterns in the chemical shifts and correlates these commonalities to the explicit property of interest. ORBplus ranks resonances based on consistency of the magnitude and direction of the chemical shifts within the database, and the chemical shift correlation of the unknown protein with the database. ORBplus visualizes the results by a histogram and a vector diagram, and provides residue specific predictions on structural similarities with the database. The second method we used was partial least squares (PLS), which is a multivariate statistical technique used to correlate response and predictor variables. We investigated the ability of these methods to predict the tertiary structure of the contractile regulatory protein troponin C. Troponin C undergoes a closed-to-open conformational change, which is coupled to its function in muscle. We found that both ORBplus and PLS were able to identify patterns in the {sup 1}H,{sup 15}N-HSQC NMR data from different states of troponin C that correlated to its conformation.

  19. Capital adjustment patterns on Dutch pig farms

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Gardebroek, C.


    This paper develops a generalised adjustment cost framework that explicitly accounts for zero investments on Dutch pig farms. A farm-specific flexible adjustment cost function is used to account for differences in adjustment costs between farms. Using the Generalised Method of Moments the Euler equa

  20. Principally Left Hereditary and Principally Left Strong Radicals

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    S. Tumurbat; R. Wiegandt


    A radical γ is normal if and only if γ is principally left hereditary and principally left strong (i.e., γ(L) = L e A and Lz ∈γ for all z ∈ L imply L γ(A)). Let a radical γ satisfy that A°∈γ and S° A° imply S°∈γ.Then γ is a hereditary normal radical if and only if γ is principally left strong and γ {A | (A, +,◇a) ∈γ a ∈ A}, where the multiplication ◇a is defined by x ◇a y = xay. The Behrens radical class B is the largest principally left hereditary subclass of the Brown-McCoy radical class G. Neither3 nor G is principally left strong.

  1. Burnout among Elementary School Principals (United States)

    Combs, Julie; Edmonson, Stacey L.; Jackson, Sherion H.


    As the understanding of burnout continues to be refined, studies that examine school principals and burnout will be helpful to those who provide support to school leaders and are concerned about principal attrition and pending shortages. The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between burnout and gender, age, and years experience…

  2. The Principal as Formative Coach (United States)

    Nidus, Gabrielle; Sadder, Maya


    Formative coaching, an approach that uses student work as the foundation for mentoring and professional development, can help principals become more effective instructional leaders. In formative coaching, teaches and coaches analyze student work to determine next steps for instruction. This article shows how a principal can use the steps of the…

  3. Innovation Management Perceptions of Principals (United States)

    Bakir, Asli Agiroglu


    This study is aimed to determine the perceptions of principals about innovation management and to investigate whether there is a significant difference in this perception according to various parameters. In the study, descriptive research model is used and universe is consisted from principals who participated in "Acquiring Formation Course…

  4. The Effective and Reflective Principal (United States)

    Ritchie, John M.


    For a "Kappan" issue focusing on the job of the principal, this is an essay from a retired, longtime principal and superintendent. "I have notebooks full of advice that I've collected over the years: tips, mantras, cautions, and quotations appropriate for any occasion," the author says. "I learned to focus less on…

  5. Great Principals at Scale: Toolkit (United States)

    Ikemoto, Gina; Taliaferro, Lori; Fenton, Benjamin; Davis, Jacquelyn


    School leaders are critical in the lives of students and to the development of their teachers. Unfortunately, in too many instances, principals are effective in spite of--rather than because of--district conditions. To truly improve student achievement for all students across the country, well-prepared principals need the tools, support, and…

  6. What Principals Think Motivates Teachers (United States)

    Diamantes, Thomas


    How did a graduate class of teachers and principals come to explore what was really important to teachers? They had an idea that they all shared the same values (both teachers and principals) and would agree on what rewards teachers prize. Would administrators rate the motivation rewards the same way the teachers would? To find out, five schools…

  7. Time Management for New Principals (United States)

    Ruder, Robert


    Becoming a principal is a milestone in an educator's professional life. The principalship is an opportunity to provide leadership that will afford students opportunities to thrive in a nurturing and supportive environment. Despite the continuously expanding demands of being a new principal, effective time management will enable an individual to be…

  8. We Need Principals Who Understand. (United States)

    Fineman, Sharon


    Describes the need for principals to have a greater understanding both of the needs of special education students and of effective ways of handling their problems. Special education survey courses and practical experiences for administrators might help close the gap between principals and special education teachers. (WD)

  9. 24 CFR 203.49 - Eligibility of adjustable rate mortgages. (United States)


    ... National Housing Act. (a) Types of mortgages insurable. The types of adjustable rate mortgages that are... payment, except that, for these types of mortgages, the first adjustment shall be no sooner or later than... secured by a principal dwelling under the Truth in Lending Act, 15 U.S.C. 1601 et seq. (h)...

  10. Annual Adjustment Factors (United States)

    Department of Housing and Urban Development — The Department of Housing and Urban Development establishes the rent adjustment factors - called Annual Adjustment Factors (AAFs) - on the basis of Consumer Price...

  11. Principal -bundles on Nodal Curves

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Usha N Bhosle


    Let be a connected semisimple affine algebraic group defined over . We study the relation between stable, semistable -bundles on a nodal curve and representations of the fundamental group of . This study is done by extending the notion of (generalized) parabolic vector bundles to principal -bundles on the desingularization of and using the correspondence between them and principal -bundles on . We give an isomorphism of the stack of generalized parabolic bundles on with a quotient stack associated to loop groups. We show that if is simple and simply connected then the Picard group of the stack of principal -bundles on is isomorphic to ⊕ , being the number of components of .

  12. Reprint of: Enantiomeric separation of functionalized ethano-bridged Tröger bases using macrocyclic cyclofructan and cyclodextrin chiral selectors in high-performance liquid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis with application of principal component analysis. (United States)

    Weatherly, Choyce A; Na, Yun-Cheol; Nanayakkara, Yasith S; Woods, Ross M; Sharma, Ankit; Lacour, Jérôme; Armstrong, Daniel W


    The enantiomeric separation of a series of racemic functionalized ethano-bridged Tröger base compounds was examined by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and capillary electrophoresis (CE). Using HPLC and CE the entire set of 14 derivatives was separated by chiral stationary phases (CSPs) and chiral additives composed of cyclodextrin (native and derivatized) and cyclofructan (derivatized). Baseline separations (Rs ≥ 1.5) in HPLC were achieved for 13 of the 14 compounds with resolution values as high as 5.0. CE produced 2 baseline separations. The separations on the cyclodextrin CSPs showed optimum results in the reversed phase mode, and the LARIHC cyclofructan CSPs separations showed optimum results in the normal phase mode. HPLC separation data of the compounds was analyzed using principal component analysis (PCA). The PCA biplot analysis showed that retention is governed by the size of the R1 substituent in the case of derivatized cyclofructan and cyclodextrin CSPs, and enantiomeric resolution closely correlated with the size of the R2 group in the case of non-derivatized γ-cyclodextrin CSP. It is clearly shown that chromatographic retention is necessary but not sufficient for the enantiomeric separations of these compounds.

  13. Enantiomeric separation of functionalized ethano-bridged Tröger bases using macrocyclic cyclofructan and cyclodextrin chiral selectors in high-performance liquid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis with application of principal component analysis. (United States)

    Weatherly, Choyce A; Na, Yun-Cheol; Nanayakkara, Yasith S; Woods, Ross M; Sharma, Ankit; Lacour, Jérôme; Armstrong, Daniel W


    The enantiomeric separation of a series of racemic functionalized ethano-bridged Tröger base compounds was examined by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and capillary electrophoresis (CE). Using HPLC and CE the entire set of 14 derivatives was separated by chiral stationary phases (CSPs) and chiral additives composed of cyclodextrin (native and derivatized) and cyclofructan (derivatized). Baseline separations (Rs≥1.5) in HPLC were achieved for 13 of the 14 compounds with resolution values as high as 5.0. CE produced 2 baseline separations. The separations on the cyclodextrin CSPs showed optimum results in the reversed phase mode, and the LARIHC™ cyclofructan CSPs separations showed optimum results in the normal phase mode. HPLC separation data of the compounds was analyzed using principal component analysis (PCA). The PCA biplot analysis showed that retention is governed by the size of the R1 substituent in the case of derivatized cyclofructan and cyclodextrin CSPs, and enantiomeric resolution closely correlated with the size of the R2 group in the case of non-derivatized γ-cyclodextrin CSP. It is clearly shown that chromatographic retention is necessary but not sufficient for the enantiomeric separations of these compounds.

  14. Asignación de primas en el seguro del automóvil utilizando el Análisis en ComponentesPrincipales Funcionales = Premium allocation in the car insurance by using Functional Principal Component Analysis.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Herranz Peinado, C. Patricia


    Full Text Available El estudio de las primas de riesgo en el seguro del automóvil es de suma importancia, debido a la gran competitividad existente en el mercado asegurador. En este artículo se pretende proponer un sistema de bonificación-penalización de las primas de riesgo utilizando el Análisis Funcional en Componentes Principales. En concreto, se realiza un estudio empírico con los datos reales de una compañía aseguradora con cobertura nacional. Aplicando el sistema propuesto de bonificación-penalización a los perfiles de comportamiento de los asegurados, se obtienen las primas de riesgo para cada uno de los perfiles considerados y tramos de edad. = The study of the premium risk in the car insurance is really important because the insurance market is very competitive. In this article we show a bonus-malus method of risk premiums. To do this, we use the Functional Principal Component Analysis. More precisely, we explain an empirical study with the real data of an insurance company. By applying the bonus-malus method that we have given, we are able to obtain the premium risk for different profiles and age ranges.

  15. Principal Fibrations from Noncommutative Spheres (United States)

    Landi, Giovanni; Suijlekom, Walter Van


    We construct noncommutative principal fibrations Sθ7→Sθ4 which are deformations of the classical SU(2) Hopf fibration over the four sphere. We realize the noncommutative vector bundles associated to the irreducible representations of SU(2) as modules of coequivariant maps and construct corresponding projections. The index of Dirac operators with coefficients in the associated bundles is computed with the Connes-Moscovici local index formula. "The algebra inclusion is an example of a not-trivial quantum principal bundle."

  16. COPD phenotype description using principal components analysis

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Roy, Kay; Smith, Jacky; Kolsum, Umme


    BACKGROUND: Airway inflammation in COPD can be measured using biomarkers such as induced sputum and Fe(NO). This study set out to explore the heterogeneity of COPD using biomarkers of airway and systemic inflammation and pulmonary function by principal components analysis (PCA). SUBJECTS...... AND METHODS: In 127 COPD patients (mean FEV1 61%), pulmonary function, Fe(NO), plasma CRP and TNF-alpha, sputum differential cell counts and sputum IL8 (pg/ml) were measured. Principal components analysis as well as multivariate analysis was performed. RESULTS: PCA identified four main components (% variance...... associations between the variables within components 1 and 2. CONCLUSION: COPD is a multi dimensional disease. Unrelated components of disease were identified, including neutrophilic airway inflammation which was associated with systemic inflammation, and sputum eosinophils which were related to increased Fe...

  17. Attracting Principals to the Superintendency

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Aimee Howley


    Full Text Available Responding to a perceived shortage of school superintendents in Ohio as well as elsewhere in the nation, this study examined the conditions of the job that make it attractive or unattractive as a career move for principals. The researchers surveyed a random sample of Ohio principals, receiving usable responses from 508 of these administrators. Analysis of the data revealed that principals perceived the ability to make a difference and the extrinsic motivators (e.g., salary and benefits associated with the superintendency as conditions salient to the decision to pursue such a job. Furthermore, they viewed the difficulties associated with the superintendency as extremely important. Among these difficulties, the most troubling were: (1 increased burden of responsibility for local, state, and federal mandates; (2 need to be accountable for outcomes that are beyond an educator’s control; (3 low levels of board support, and (4 excessive pressure to perform. The researchers also explored the personal and contextual characteristics that predisposed principals to see certain conditions of the superintendency as particularly attractive or particularly troublesome. Only two such characteristics, however, proved to be predictive: (1 principals with fewer years of teaching experience were more likely than their more experienced counterparts to rate the difficulty of the job as important to the decision to pursue a position as superintendent, and (2 principals who held cosmopolitan commitments were more likely than those who did not hold such commitments to view the salary and benefits associated with the superintendency as important. Findings from the study provided some guidance to those policy makers who are looking for ways to make the superintendency more attractive as a career move for principals. In particular, the study suggested that policy makers should work to design incentives that address school leaders’ interest in making a difference at the

  18. MCCB warm adjustment testing concept (United States)

    Erdei, Z.; Horgos, M.; Grib, A.; Preradović, D. M.; Rodic, V.


    This paper presents an experimental investigation in to operating of thermal protection device behavior from an MCCB (Molded Case Circuit Breaker). One of the main functions of the circuit breaker is to assure protection for the circuits where mounted in for possible overloads of the circuit. The tripping mechanism for the overload protection is based on a bimetal movement during a specific time frame. This movement needs to be controlled and as a solution to control this movement we choose the warm adjustment concept. This concept is meant to improve process capability control and final output. The warm adjustment device design will create a unique adjustment of the bimetal position for each individual breaker, determined when the testing current will flow thru a phase which needs to trip in a certain amount of time. This time is predetermined due to scientific calculation for all standard types of amperages and complies with the IEC 60497 standard requirements.

  19. Adjusting to Chronic Health Conditions. (United States)

    Helgeson, Vicki S; Zajdel, Melissa


    Research on adjustment to chronic disease is critical in today's world, in which people are living longer lives, but lives are increasingly likely to be characterized by one or more chronic illnesses. Chronic illnesses may deteriorate, enter remission, or fluctuate, but their defining characteristic is that they persist. In this review, we first examine the effects of chronic disease on one's sense of self. Then we review categories of factors that influence how one adjusts to chronic illness, with particular emphasis on the impact of these factors on functional status and psychosocial adjustment. We begin with contextual factors, including demographic variables such as sex and race, as well as illness dimensions such as stigma and illness identity. We then examine a set of dispositional factors that influence chronic illness adjustment, organizing these into resilience and vulnerability factors. Resilience factors include cognitive adaptation indicators, personality variables, and benefit-finding. Vulnerability factors include a pessimistic attributional style, negative gender-related traits, and rumination. We then turn to social environmental variables, including both supportive and unsupportive interactions. Finally, we review chronic illness adjustment within the context of dyadic coping. We conclude by examining potential interactions among these classes of variables and outlining a set of directions for future research.

  20. Principal bundles the classical case

    CERN Document Server

    Sontz, Stephen Bruce


    This introductory graduate level text provides a relatively quick path to a special topic in classical differential geometry: principal bundles.  While the topic of principal bundles in differential geometry has become classic, even standard, material in the modern graduate mathematics curriculum, the unique approach taken in this text presents the material in a way that is intuitive for both students of mathematics and of physics. The goal of this book is to present important, modern geometric ideas in a form readily accessible to students and researchers in both the physics and mathematics communities, providing each with an understanding and appreciation of the language and ideas of the other.

  1. How Principals Support Teacher Effectiveness (United States)

    Gallagher, Michael


    The current standards and accountability regime describes effective teaching as the ability to increase student achievement on standardized tests. This narrow definition of effectiveness can lead principals to create school cultures myopically focused on student achievement data. A "laser-like focus on academic achievement," if employed too…

  2. School Uniforms: Guidelines for Principals. (United States)

    Essex, Nathan L.


    Principals desiring to develop a school-uniform policy should involve parents, teachers, community leaders, and student representatives; beware restrictions on religious and political expression; provide flexibility and assistance for low-income families; implement a pilot program; align the policy with school-safety issues; and consider legal…

  3. Benchmarking judgmentally adjusted forecasts

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Ph.H.B.F. Franses (Philip Hans); L.P. de Bruijn (Bert)


    markdownabstractMany publicly available macroeconomic forecasts are judgmentally-adjusted model-based forecasts. In practice usually only a single final forecast is available, and not the underlying econometric model, nor are the size and reason for adjustment known. Hence, the relative weights give


    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)


    An adjustable microchip holder for holding a microchip is provided having a plurality of displaceable interconnection pads for connecting the connection holes of a microchip with one or more external devices or equipment. The adjustable microchip holder can fit different sizes of microchips...

  5. Suggested Guidelines for the Participation of High School Principals in Collective Negotiations for Teachers. (United States)

    Piazza, Charles


    Each of the guidelines pertains to a specific function of the principal in collective bargaining as the process is generally practiced throughout the country. Included is a listing of the advantages and disadvantages of the principal's participation. (Author/IRT)

  6. Principal component analysis for authorship attribution

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Amir Jamak


    Full Text Available Background: To recognize the authors of the texts by the use of statistical tools, one first needs to decide about the features to be used as author characteristics, and then extract these features from texts. The features extracted from texts are mostly the counts of so called function words. Objectives: The data extracted are processed further to compress as a data with less number of features, such a way that the compressed data still has the power of effective discriminators. In this case feature space has less dimensionality then the text itself. Methods/Approach: In this paper, the data collected by counting words and characters in around a thousand paragraphs of each sample book, underwent a principal component analysis performed using neural networks. Once the analysis was complete, the first of the principal components is used to distinguish the books authored by a certain author. Results: The achieved results show that every author leaves a unique signature in written text that can be discovered by analyzing counts of short words per paragraph. Conclusions: In this article we have demonstrated that based on analyzing counts of short words per paragraph authorship could be traced using principal component analysis. Methodology could be used for other purposes, like fraud detection in auditing.

  7. Development of Cognitive Bias Modification (CBM) Tools to Promote Adjustment During Reintegration Following Deployment (United States)


    Modification (CBM) Tools to Promote Adjustment during Reintegration following Deployment PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Professor Yair Bar-Haim...Tools to Promote Adjustment during Reintegration following Deployment 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER W81XWH-13-2- 0001 5c...military performance and psychological adjustment both in theatre and upon reintegration back to civilian environments. The overarching goal of the

  8. Income Gap Adjusting Function of Individual Income Tax and Its Optimization%个人所得税的收入差距调节功能及其优化

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    One of the basic functions of individual income tax is to adjust the personal income gap. The modification of individual income tax law cannot enhance the function of personal income gap adjustment. The low proportion of individual income tax, the classified income tax system, the narrow scale of tax subject, and the uncritical punishing implementation all tax limits the function of individual income tax to adjust the personal income gap. We should transform the classified income tax system to comprehensive income tax system, establish a fair and scientific expense deduction system and comb the individual income tax preference policy comprehensively.%调节个人收入差距是个人所得税的基本功能之一。我国的《个人所得税法》历经数次修改,其收入分配调节功能在逐步增强。但由于对税制模式等问题没有进行大的改革,其收入分配调节功能仍有一定局限性。个人所得税收入比重过低、分类所得税制、征税对象范围狭窄、税法执行力度等问题都影响了个人所得税收入差距调节功能的发挥。为完善个人所得税制,应当改分类所得税制为综合所得税制,建立科学合理的费用扣除制度,全面梳理个人所得税税收优惠政策。

  9. Family Adjustment to Aphasia (United States)

    ... Public / Speech, Language and Swallowing / Disorders and Diseases Family Adjustment to Aphasia Richard S. was a senior manager ... It also presents a great challenge to the family. There may be tension among family members and ...

  10. Remotely Adjustable Hydraulic Pump (United States)

    Kouns, H. H.; Gardner, L. D.


    Outlet pressure adjusted to match varying loads. Electrohydraulic servo has positioned sleeve in leftmost position, adjusting outlet pressure to maximum value. Sleeve in equilibrium position, with control land covering control port. For lowest pressure setting, sleeve shifted toward right by increased pressure on sleeve shoulder from servovalve. Pump used in aircraft and robots, where hydraulic actuators repeatedly turned on and off, changing pump load frequently and over wide range.

  11. Using Telecommunications for Principals' Professional Development. (United States)

    Long, Claudia A.; Terry, Patricia D.

    This paper describes the development, operations, and effectiveness of the Principals' Computer Network (PCN)--an experimental program created (1) to allow principals to use their schools' microcomputers to access other principals' solutions to common instructional management problems; (2) to enable principals to request suggestions from their…

  12. Three Principals Who Make a Difference. (United States)

    Sagor, Richard D.


    Principals who are transformative leaders consistently use three building blocks to promote school success: a clear, unified purpose; a common cultural perspective; and a constant push for improvement. In one study, an opinionated, assertive middle school principal; a nurturing, supportive principal; and a high-energy, charismatic principal all…

  13. Weighted triangulation adjustment (United States)

    Anderson, Walter L.


    The variation of coordinates method is employed to perform a weighted least squares adjustment of horizontal survey networks. Geodetic coordinates are required for each fixed and adjustable station. A preliminary inverse geodetic position computation is made for each observed line. Weights associated with each observed equation for direction, azimuth, and distance are applied in the formation of the normal equations in-the least squares adjustment. The number of normal equations that may be solved is twice the number of new stations and less than 150. When the normal equations are solved, shifts are produced at adjustable stations. Previously computed correction factors are applied to the shifts and a most probable geodetic position is found for each adjustable station. Pinal azimuths and distances are computed. These may be written onto magnetic tape for subsequent computation of state plane or grid coordinates. Input consists of punch cards containing project identification, program options, and position and observation information. Results listed include preliminary and final positions, residuals, observation equations, solution of the normal equations showing magnitudes of shifts, and a plot of each adjusted and fixed station. During processing, data sets containing irrecoverable errors are rejected and the type of error is listed. The computer resumes processing of additional data sets.. Other conditions cause warning-errors to be issued, and processing continues with the current data set.

  14. Development of Adjustable Grazing Incidence Optics (United States)

    Reid, Paul B.; Davis, W.; Schwartz, D. A.; Trolier-McKinstry, S.; Wilke, R. H. T.


    We report on the development of adjustable grazing incidence optics. We are developing bimorph mirrors for high resolution (sub-arc second) imaging. Bimorph mirrors consist of a thin layer of piezo-electric material deposited on the back surface of a thin (material localizes the strain to the particular piezo "pixel.” Mirror figure errors are corrected (on-orbit) via induced localized deformations. We have successfully deposited a 1-micrometer thick layer of the piezo-electric material lead-zirconate-titanate (PZT) on thin glass mirrors. We report on the electrical and mechanical properties of the bimorph mirrors, and mirror requirements. We discuss finite element modeling of bimorph mirrors. In particular, we focus on how a difference in mirror mounting affects the influence functions ( the induced deformations). We are also developing the use of electrostrictive adjusters for moderate resolution (a few arc second) imaging. Electroplated nickel/cobalt full shells are mounted together using the adjusters. The adjusters are arrayed axially and tangentially between shells, with their adjustable dimension in the radial direction. Each shell is adjusted and fixed in place during mirror assembly, starting with the innermost shell. We review finite element modeling of the adjustable optics and the application of the adjustment system to correct manufacturing errors. We discuss initial tests using electrostrictive adjusters to change the shape of flat mirror segments. This work is supported by NASA Contract NNX09AE87G and a grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available La aprobación de la Ley 16/2007, de reforma y adaptación de la legislación mercantil en materia contable en España, así como del Plan General de Contabilidad, y del Plan General de Contabilidad para Pequeñas y Medianas Empresas, han permitido la incorporación de los nuevos criterios contables recogidos en la Normas Internacionales de Información Financiera (NIIF para dar respuesta al objetivo marcado desde la Unión Europa de favorecer la comparación de los estados contables elaborados en los distintos estados miembros, para contribuir así a incrementar la transparencia de los mercados en un entorno económico cada vez más global e internacional. No obstante, en el caso de las sociedades cooperativas, todavía está pendiente de publicación la correspondiente norma sectorial. Por ello, a lo largo de este trabajo se pretende analizar las implicaciones que tienen en las sociedades cooperativas tanto las novedades contables ya publicadas como los aspectos que deben ser fijados en la citada regulación sectorial atendiendo a sus características especiales. /The Law 16/2007, of reform and adjustment of the mercantile legislation about accounting in Spain, as well as of the General Plan of Accounting, and of the General Plan of Accounting for Small and Medium Companies, they have allowed the incorporation of the new accounting criteria gathered in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS to give response to the aim marked from the European Union of favouring the comparison of the accounting forms elaborated in the different member states, to help to increase this way the transparency of the markets in an economic environment increasingly globally and internationally. Nevertheless, in case of the cooperative societies, the sectorial normative has not been published. This work centres on the analysis of the implications that have in the cooperative societies so much the accounting innovations already published as the aspects that

  16. Cardiac MRI in children and adolescents who have undergone surgical repair of right-sided congenital heart disease. Automated left ventricular volumes and function analysis and effects of different manual adjustments

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Rompel, O.; Janka, R.; May, M.S.; Lell, M.M.; Uder, M.; Hammon, M. [University Hospital Erlangen (Germany). Dept. of Radiology; Gloeckler, M.; Dittrich, S. [University Hospital Erlangen (Germany). Dept. of Pediatric Cardiology; Cesnjevar, R. [University Hospital Erlangen (Germany). Dept. of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery


    To evaluate automated segmentation and the effects of different manual adjustments regarding left ventricular parameter quantification in cardiac magnetic resonance (MR) data on children and adolescents who have undergone surgical repair of right-sided congenital heart disease (CHD). Dedicated software (syngo.via, Siemens AG) was used to automatically segment and/or manually adjust the end-diastolic volume (EDV), end-systolic volume (ESV), stroke volume (SV), myocardial mass (MM) and ejection fraction (EF) before/after manual apex/base adjustment (ADJ-step 1) and after manual apex/base/myocardial contour adjustment (ADJ-step 2; reference standard). MR data of 40 patients (13.1 ± 3.1y, 4-17y) with repaired CHD with decreased pulmonary blood flow (CHD-DPBF) were evaluated. Intra- and inter-rater reliability was determined for 10 randomly selected patients. The software correctly detected the left ventricle in 38/40 (95 %) patients. EDV after automated segmentation: 119.1 ± 44.0ml; after ADJ-step 1: 115.8 ± 39.5 ml; after ADJ-step 2: 116.2 ± 39.4 ml. The corresponding results for ESV were 52.0 ± 18.5/49.6 ± 16.9/49.7 ± 16.4 ml; for SV 67.1 ± 28.5/66.2 ± 25.4/66.5 ± 25.5 ml; for EF 55.5 ± 7.3/56.7 ± 6.6/56.7 ± 6.3%; for MM 83.7 ± 35.9/76.2 ± 28.3/74.6 ± 27.2 g. Significant differences were found for ESV/MM/EF comparing the automated segmentation results with these after ADJ-step 1 and ADJ-step 2. No significant differences were found when comparing all results of ADJ-step 1 and ADJ-step 2 or when comparing EDV/SV results. Intra- and inter-rater reliability was excellent. The mean time effort was 63.4 ± 6.9 s for the automated segmentation, 74.2 ± 8.9 s for ADJ-step 1 and 269.5 ± 39.4 s for ADJ-step 2. Automated left ventricular volumes and function analysis in children and adolescents with surgically treated CHD proved to be feasible with excellent intra- and inter-rater reliability. Automated segmentation with manual apex/base adjustment provided

  17. Development of Flexible and Odorless Interior Wall Putty with Temperature Adjustment, Humidity Controlling and Anti-bacteria Function%调温调湿抗菌净味柔性内墙腻子的研制

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    刘成楼; 唐国军


    以零VOC弹性乳液为成膜物,硅藻土为主要填料,定型相变储能材料为功能填料,配用负离子抗菌添加剂、抗裂剂、多种助剂,制备成调温调湿抗菌净味柔性腻子。该腻子具有保温隔热、调温控温、吸湿放湿、抗菌防霉、释放负离子、清新空气等功能。%A flexible and odorless interior wall putty with temperature adjustment, humidity controlling and antibacteria was prepared by use of zero-VOC elastic emulsion as a film former, diatomaceous earth as main filler, phase change material as a functional filler, and combination with anionic antimicrobial additives, anticracking agent and various additives. The putty had thermal insulation, temperature adjustment, antibacteria and antimildew,anion releasing, air-refreshing et al functions.

  18. Fast Steerable Principal Component Analysis


    Zhao, Zhizhen; Shkolnisky, Yoel; Singer, Amit


    Cryo-electron microscopy nowadays often requires the analysis of hundreds of thousands of 2D images as large as a few hundred pixels in each direction. Here we introduce an algorithm that efficiently and accurately performs principal component analysis (PCA) for a large set of two-dimensional images, and, for each image, the set of its uniform rotations in the plane and their reflections. For a dataset consisting of $n$ images of size $L \\times L$ pixels, the computational complexity of our a...

  19. Hormone adjustment based quantum-inspired immune clone algorithm for function optimization%基于激素调节的量子免疫克隆函数优化算法

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王毅; 孔晓琳; 牛奕龙; 齐敏; 樊养余


    Based on the adjustment regulation of endocrine hormone, a novel algorithm, called the hormone adjustment based quantum-inspired immune clone algorithm (HAQICA), is proposed to improve the accuracy and stability of quantum-inspired immune clone algorithm (QICA) on global optimization. In HAQICA, the clone size is calculated according to the individual fitness of the current generation and the average fitness of the previous generation, and is adjusted adaptively in terms of the population diversity and the rise law of Hill function that is the basic model of endocrine networks. HAQICA also increases the clone number of better individuals and decreases the clone number of worse individuals. Standard test functions are used to verify the algorithm, and the results of 50 random independent experiments show that the convergence speed of HAQICA is comparative with that of QICA and HAQICA is more efficient in global optimization according to the mean and variance values of optimal solutions.%为了提高量子免疫克隆算法(quantum-inspired immune clone algorithm,QICA)对函数全局寻优的精确性和稳定性,引入了内分泌激素的调节规律,根据当前个体适应度值和上一代种群的平均适应度值重新设计克隆规模,按照种群多样性和Hill函数的上升规律对其进行自适应调整,使进化各代中优秀个体的克隆得到扩增,同时减少不良个体的规模,从而提出了一种基于内分泌激素调节的量子免疫克隆算法(hormone adjustment based QICA,HAQICA).利用标准测试函数对算法进行了验证,50次随机独立实验结果表明,HAQICA算法的收敛速度与QICA算法相当,最优解的均值与方差等数据,证明了HAQICA算法在提高函数全局寻优性能上的有效性.

  20. Adjustment and prediction of primary behavior of some reservoirs in the Cinco Presidentes field (Mexico)

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Zamora, F.C.P.; Mendoza, J.S.


    The primary behavior of some reservoirs of the Cinco Presidentes field is analyzed. These are reservoirs in the final stage of exploitation, in which a great decline of pressure and of production has been observed. The principal aspect of the study consists in having carried out, in spite of the scarcity of information, an adjustment that permitted a prediction of behavior. Because of the small amount of bottom-hole pressure information available, the adjustment is basically made as a function of the production data, especially studying the variation of cumulative production of gas with respect to that of oil. This article shows that many times, because of the insufficiency of data, reservoir behavior is evaluated within a very small probability range, and sets out a foundation for insisting on obtaining information, short-and long-term, in reservoir engineering.

  1. Management of Critical Asset and Adjustment of Government Functions%关键资产管理与政府职能新定位

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Government functioning in society and economy has been a fundamental and controversial problem.In this article the author gives a solution to it from the perspective of critical asset.Critical asset is a kind of asset that can not be substituted for in maintaining a nation's critical social welfare such as subsistence,safety,health and sustainability.Critical asset is different from but overlaps with state-owned asset.The "criticalities" of critical asset together with its position in a nation's total asset makes its management the fundamental functions of government.The initiatives of government's performing these functions are propagating,accounting,legislating for and establishing a dynamic control system of its national critical asset.%政府在经济和社会管理中的职能定位历来是公共管理中基本的但又争议未决的问题。本文从关键资产的角度提出一种分析和解决思路。关键资产是对人类的生存、安全和健康等关键福利具有不可替代性的自然、人造、人力和社会资产,关键资产管理是政府的基本职能。政府管理关键资产的当务之急是强化关键资产意识,做好关键资产核算,健全关键资产法规,建立科学管理机制。

  2. Great Assistant Principals and the (Great) Principals Who Mentor Them: A Practical Guide (United States)

    Goodman, Carole C.; Berry, Christopher S.


    Written for principals and assistant principals to read and reflect on together, this book describes the most common challenges facing today's assistant principals--and provides practical solutions. Authors Carole Goodman and Christopher Berry examine how principals and assistant principals can develop the kinds of relationships that serve to meet…

  3. Female Traditional Principals and Co-Principals: Experiences of Role Conflict and Job Satisfaction (United States)

    Eckman, Ellen Wexler; Kelber, Sheryl Talcott


    This paper presents a secondary analysis of survey data focusing on role conflict and job satisfaction of 102 female principals. Data were collected from 51 female traditional principals and 51 female co-principals. By examining the traditional and co-principal leadership models as experienced by female principals, this paper addresses the impact…

  4. Fast Steerable Principal Component Analysis. (United States)

    Zhao, Zhizhen; Shkolnisky, Yoel; Singer, Amit


    Cryo-electron microscopy nowadays often requires the analysis of hundreds of thousands of 2-D images as large as a few hundred pixels in each direction. Here, we introduce an algorithm that efficiently and accurately performs principal component analysis (PCA) for a large set of 2-D images, and, for each image, the set of its uniform rotations in the plane and their reflections. For a dataset consisting of n images of size L × L pixels, the computational complexity of our algorithm is O(nL(3) + L(4)), while existing algorithms take O(nL(4)). The new algorithm computes the expansion coefficients of the images in a Fourier-Bessel basis efficiently using the nonuniform fast Fourier transform. We compare the accuracy and efficiency of the new algorithm with traditional PCA and existing algorithms for steerable PCA.

  5. Magellan: Principal Venus science findings (United States)

    Saunders, R. Stephen


    This is a brief summary of the science findings of the Magellan mission, principally based on data from the radar system. Future plans for Magellan include acquisition of high resolution gravity data from a nearly circular orbit and atmospheric drag and occultation experiments. The Magellan science results represent the combined effort of more than 100 Magellan investigators and their students and colleagues. More extensive discussions can be found in the August and October, 1992 issues of the Journal of Geophysical Research, Planets. The Magellan mission's scientific objectives were to provide a global characterization of landforms and tectonic features; to distinguish and understand impact processes; to define and explain erosion, deposition, and chemical processes; and to model the interior density distribution. All but the last objective, which requires new global gravity data, have been accomplished, or we have acquired the data that are required to accomplish them.

  6. Principal Power of the CMB

    CERN Document Server

    Hu, W; Hu, Wayne; Okamoto, Takemi


    We study the physical limitations placed on CMB temperature and polarization measurements of the initial power spectrum by geometric projection, acoustic physics, gravitational lensing and the joint fitting of cosmological parameters. Detailed information on the spectrum is greatly assisted by polarization information and localized to the acoustic regime k = 0.02-0.2 Mpc^{-1} with a fundamental resolution of Delta k/k>0.05. From this study we construct principal component based statistics, which are orthogonal to cosmological parameters including the initial amplitude and tilt of the spectrum, that best probe deviations from scale-free initial conditions. These statistics resemble Fourier modes confined to the acoustic regime and ultimately can yield ~50 independent measurements of the power spectrum features to percent level precision. They are straightforwardly related to more traditional parameterizations such as the the running of the tilt and in the future can provide many statistically independent measu...

  7. Psychological Adjustment and Homosexuality. (United States)

    Gonsiorek, John C.

    In this paper, the diverse literature bearing on the topic of homosexuality and psychological adjustment is critically reviewed and synthesized. The first chapter discusses the most crucial methodological issue in this area, the problem of sampling. The kinds of samples used to date are critically examined, and some suggestions for improved…

  8. Sustainable urban regime adjustments

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Quitzau, Maj-Britt; Jensen, Jens Stissing; Elle, Morten;


    The endogenous agency that urban governments increasingly portray by making conscious and planned efforts to adjust the regimes they operate within is currently not well captured in transition studies. There is a need to acknowledge the ambiguity of regime enactment at the urban scale. This direc...

  9. Recursos psicológicos e ajustamento pessoal frente à incapacidade funcional na velhice Psychological resources and personal adjustment for functional incapacity in aging

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Dóris Firmino Rabelo


    Full Text Available Diante do aumento da prevalência de condições crônicas na população idosa, crescente atenção é dada à identificação dos fatores psicológicos e sociais que podem afetar o bem-estar e a qualidade de vida de indivíduos mais velhos com incapacidades. Os recursos psicológicos e sociais de que o indivíduo dispõe são um caminho na determinação das implicações da incapacidade funcional na vida das pessoas afetadas. Esta revisão tem como objetivo apresentar algumas maneiras pelas quais os indivíduos enfrentam suas perdas em funções físicas e papéis sociais e a extensão em que os recursos psicológicos e sociais operam sobre os efeitos negativos das condições crônicas na qualidade de vida dos idosos. Entre as variáveis explanatórias apresentadas estão o suporte social, as crenças e estados emocionais positivos, a regulação afetiva, o mecanismo de comparação social, o senso de auto-eficácia percebida, o mecanismo de seleção-otimização-compensação e mecanismos de coping.Considering the increase of chronic conditions in the elderly people, more attention has been given to the identification of the psychological and social factors that can affect the well-being and the quality of life of individuals with incapacities. The psychological and social resources that the individual disposes are clues to determine the implications of the functional incapacity in the life of affected people. This review has the objective to present some ways which the individuals face their losses in physical functions and social roles, and in which extension the psychological and social resources operate over the negative effects of the chronic conditions in the elderly quality of life. Among the explainable variables presented there is the social support, the positive emotional states and beliefs, the affectionate regulation, the mechanism of social comparison, the sense of self-sufficiency, the selection

  10. New Principal Coaching as a Safety Net (United States)

    Celoria, Davide; Roberson, Ingrid


    This study examines new principal coaching as an induction process and explores the emotional dimensions of educational leadership. Twelve principal coaches and new principals--six of each--participated in this qualitative study that employed emergent coding (Creswell, 2008; Denzin, 2005; Glaser & Strauss, 1998; Spradley, 1979). The major…

  11. Teacher Supervision Practices and Principals' Characteristics (United States)

    April, Daniel; Bouchamma, Yamina


    A questionnaire was used to determine the individual and collective teacher supervision practices of school principals and vice-principals in Québec (n = 39) who participated in a research-action study on pedagogical supervision. These practices were then analyzed in terms of the principals' sociodemographic and socioprofessional characteristics…

  12. A principal-agent model of corruption

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Groenendijk, Nico


    One of the new avenues in the study of political corruption is that of neo-institutional economics, of which the principal-agent theory is a part. In this article a principal-agent model of corruption is presented, in which there are two principals (one of which is corrupting), and one agent (who is

  13. 12 CFR 561.39 - Principal office. (United States)


    ... 12 Banks and Banking 5 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Principal office. 561.39 Section 561.39 Banks and Banking OFFICE OF THRIFT SUPERVISION, DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY DEFINITIONS FOR REGULATIONS AFFECTING ALL SAVINGS ASSOCIATIONS § 561.39 Principal office. The term principal office means the...

  14. Integrating Data Transformation in Principal Components Analysis

    KAUST Repository

    Maadooliat, Mehdi


    Principal component analysis (PCA) is a popular dimension reduction method to reduce the complexity and obtain the informative aspects of high-dimensional datasets. When the data distribution is skewed, data transformation is commonly used prior to applying PCA. Such transformation is usually obtained from previous studies, prior knowledge, or trial-and-error. In this work, we develop a model-based method that integrates data transformation in PCA and finds an appropriate data transformation using the maximum profile likelihood. Extensions of the method to handle functional data and missing values are also developed. Several numerical algorithms are provided for efficient computation. The proposed method is illustrated using simulated and real-world data examples.

  15. Nonlinear Principal Component Analysis Using Strong Tracking Filter

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    The paper analyzes the problem of blind source separation (BSS) based on the nonlinear principal component analysis (NPCA) criterion. An adaptive strong tracking filter (STF) based algorithm was developed, which is immune to system model mismatches. Simulations demonstrate that the algorithm converges quickly and has satisfactory steady-state accuracy. The Kalman filtering algorithm and the recursive leastsquares type algorithm are shown to be special cases of the STF algorithm. Since the forgetting factor is adaptively updated by adjustment of the Kalman gain, the STF scheme provides more powerful tracking capability than the Kalman filtering algorithm and recursive least-squares algorithm.

  16. Principal component regression analysis with SPSS. (United States)

    Liu, R X; Kuang, J; Gong, Q; Hou, X L


    The paper introduces all indices of multicollinearity diagnoses, the basic principle of principal component regression and determination of 'best' equation method. The paper uses an example to describe how to do principal component regression analysis with SPSS 10.0: including all calculating processes of the principal component regression and all operations of linear regression, factor analysis, descriptives, compute variable and bivariate correlations procedures in SPSS 10.0. The principal component regression analysis can be used to overcome disturbance of the multicollinearity. The simplified, speeded up and accurate statistical effect is reached through the principal component regression analysis with SPSS.

  17. Fiscal adjustment in Brazil

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fabiana Rocha


    Full Text Available Two questions are addressed in this paper. The first one is the determination of periods of fiscal consolidation and fiscal stimulus. The second one is the importance of the composition of fiscal adjustments for their success, defined as a declining debt to GDP ratio. We, characterize 1994 and 1999 as points of fiscal consolidation. The 1994 consolidation can not be considered successful since after that period the debt to GDP ratio has grown continuously. The adjustment can be characterized as a type 2 adjustment (Alesina and Perotti (1997 in the sense that cuts were made mainly in public investment, while government wages and transfers remained almost unchanged. This type of adjustment usually has a low likelihood of being a success.Duas questões são tratadas neste artigo. A primeira é a determinação dos períodos de consolidação fiscal e estímulo fiscal. A segunda questão é a importância da composição dos ajustamentos fiscais para o seu sucesso, definido como um declínio na razo dívida/PIB. Nós, caracterizamos 1994 e 1999 como pontos de consolidação fiscal. A consolidação de 1994 não pode ser considerada um sucesso pois nos anos seguintes a razão dívida/PIB cresceu continuamente. O ajustamento pode ser considerado como um ajustamento do tipo 2 (Alesina and Perotti, 1997 no sentido de que foram feitos cortes principalmente no investimento público, enquanto os salários e transferências permaneceram praticamente inalterados. Este tipo de ajustamento geralmente tem uma baixa probabilidade de sucesso.

  18. Design of Double Keyboard Acquisition Module with Brightness Adjustment Function%一种具有亮度调节功能的双键盘采集模块设计

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    姚毅; 雷凌毅


    针对某型显控终端设计一种具有亮度调节和记忆功能的双键盘采集模块,该模块综合PWM输出和EEPROM记忆功能,将双键盘采集和显示屏亮度控制集成到一个模块中;通过虚拟PS/2键盘和CPU键盘控制器,实现用一个PS/2键盘接口同时响应两种类型键盘的按键输入,WINDOWS系统下PS/2键盘的即插即用,独立的显示屏亮度控制和亮度记忆功能。%We designed a double keyboard acquisition module with brightness adjustment and brightness memory functions for a certain type of display and control terminal.The module synthesized PWM output and EEPROM memory function to integrate double keyboard acquisition and display brightness control into one module.Through the virtual PS/2 keyboard and CPU keyboard controller,we could achieve three goals:first,to respond two types of input keyboard through one PS/2 keyboard interface at the same time;second,to allow for plug and play of the PS/2 keyboard under the WINDOWS system;third,independent screen brightness control and brightness memory function.

  19. Couples' patterns of adjustment to colon cancer. (United States)

    Northouse, L L; Mood, D; Templin, T; Mellon, S; George, T


    The objectives for this longitudinal study were to: (a) compare colon cancer patients' and their spouses' appraisal of illness, resources, concurrent stress, and adjustment during the first year following surgery; (b) examine the influence of gender (male vs female) and role (patient vs spouse caregiver) on study variables; (c) assess the degree of correlation between patients' and spouses' adjustments; and (d) identify factors that affect adjustment to the illness. Fifty-six couples were interviewed at one week post diagnosis, and at 60 days and one year post surgery. Based on a cognitive-appraisal model of stress, the Smilkstein Stress Scale was used to measure concurrent stress; the Family APGAR, Social Support Questionnaire, and Dyadic Adjustment Scale were used to measure social resources; the Beck Hopelessness Scale and Mishel Uncertainty in Illness Scales were used to measure appraisal of illness; and the Brief Symptom Inventory and Psychosocial Adjustment to Illness Scale were used to measure psychosocial adjustment. Repeated Measures Analysis of Variance indicated that spouses reported significantly more emotional distress and less social support than patients. Gender differences were found, with women reporting more distress, more role problems, and less marital satisfaction, regardless of whether they were patient or spouse. Both patients and spouses reported decreases in their family functioning and social support, but also decreases in emotional distress over time. Moderately high autocorrelations and modest intercorrelations were found among and between patients' and spouses' adjustment scores over time. The strongest predictors of patients' role adjustment problems were hopelessness and spouses' role problems. The strongest predictors of spouses' role problems were spouses' own baseline role problems and level of marital satisfaction. Interventions need to start early in the course of illness, be family-focused, and identify the couples at risk of

  20. Jordan Adjusted Human Development


    Ababsa, Myriam


    Jordan Human Development Index (HDI) and Adjusted Human Development Index (IHDI) In 1990, the United Nations Development Programme designed a Human Development Index composed of life expectancy at birth, level of education and gross domestic product (GDP) per capita. In 2011, the UNDP ranked Jordan 95th out of 187 countries with a human development index of 0.698, up from 0.591 in 1990, making it the leading medium-range country for human development (fig. VIII.1). In 2010, the inequality adj...

  1. Adjustable Reeds For Weaving (United States)

    Farley, Gary L.


    Local characteristics of fabrics varied to suit special applications. Adjustable reed machinery proposed for use in weaving fabrics in various net shapes, widths, yarn spacings, and yarn angles. Locations of edges of fabric and configuration of warp and filling yarns varied along fabric to obtain specified properties. In machinery, reed wires mounted in groups on sliders, mounted on lengthwise rails in reed frame. Mechanisms incorporated to move sliders lengthwise, parallel to warp yarns, by sliding them along rails; move sliders crosswise by translating reed frame rails perpendicular to warp yarns; and crosswise by spreading reed rails within group. Profile of reed wires in group on each slider changed.

  2. A New Principal for Tchikobou High School: Resistance to Change (United States)

    Boncana, Mohomodou; Crow, Gary M.


    This case study explains the functional or practical difficulties that many organizations face when they change their leaders. By describing the experiences of the two principals, two distinct styles of leadership are displayed, each of which provides the reader with the opportunity to understand some aspects of frames in organizations:…

  3. Sparse Principal Component Analysis with missing observations

    CERN Document Server

    Lounici, Karim


    In this paper, we study the problem of sparse Principal Component Analysis (PCA) in the high-dimensional setting with missing observations. Our goal is to estimate the first principal component when we only have access to partial observations. Existing estimation techniques are usually derived for fully observed data sets and require a prior knowledge of the sparsity of the first principal component in order to achieve good statistical guarantees. Our contributions is threefold. First, we establish the first information-theoretic lower bound for the sparse PCA problem with missing observations. Second, we propose a simple procedure that does not require any prior knowledge on the sparsity of the unknown first principal component or any imputation of the missing observations, adapts to the unknown sparsity of the first principal component and achieves the optimal rate of estimation up to a logarithmic factor. Third, if the covariance matrix of interest admits a sparse first principal component and is in additi...

  4. Continuously adjustable Pulfrich spectacles (United States)

    Jacobs, Ken; Karpf, Ron


    A number of Pulfrich 3-D movies and TV shows have been produced, but the standard implementation has inherent drawbacks. The movie and TV industries have correctly concluded that the standard Pulfrich 3-D implementation is not a useful 3-D technique. Continuously Adjustable Pulfrich Spectacles (CAPS) is a new implementation of the Pulfrich effect that allows any scene containing movement in a standard 2-D movie, which are most scenes, to be optionally viewed in 3-D using inexpensive viewing specs. Recent scientific results in the fields of human perception, optoelectronics, video compression and video format conversion are translated into a new implementation of Pulfrich 3- D. CAPS uses these results to continuously adjust to the movie so that the viewing spectacles always conform to the optical density that optimizes the Pulfrich stereoscopic illusion. CAPS instantly provides 3-D immersion to any moving scene in any 2-D movie. Without the glasses, the movie will appear as a normal 2-D image. CAPS work on any viewing device, and with any distribution medium. CAPS is appropriate for viewing Internet streamed movies in 3-D.

  5. SWAT模型基于不同坡度林地径流调节作用的实现与应用%Application of SWAT model and realization of hydrological adjusting function of forests on different slopes

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    魏冲; 胡彩虹; 陈杰; 宋轩


    在国内外许多地区,SWAT模型广泛应用于表征土地利用变化的水文效应.但鲜有学者考虑模型对土地利用模拟方法的改进.SWAT模型概化了土地利用类型的坡度和空间差异,降低了结果的精确性.文章以提高SWAT模型对土地利用(尤其是林地)改变的敏感性和径流模拟能力为目标,考虑土地利用类型CN值随不同坡度变化以及林地对径流汇流的调节作用,对SWAT模型进行改进.研究以老灌河上游流域为实验区,将流域划分为4个坡度带,以子流域为单位分别计算各土地利用类型的CN值,提高模型对土地利用空间变化的敏感性;在此基础上改进模型汇流模块,实现各坡度带下林地对汇入径流的调节功能,并与原始模型进行比较.结果表明,改进后的SWAT模型在月、日径流模拟高于原SWAT模型精度,尤其对汛期产汇流过程的模拟效果有明显提高.考虑了不同坡度林地径流调节作用的模型可以更为准确地刻画研究区的水文特征,为模型模拟水文过程以及因气候变化和土地利用变化引起的水文响应提供更为准确、有效的工具.%SWAT model has been widely used in simulating the effects of land use change on hydrology,but its application to assessment of the impacts of major shifts in land use needs further enhancement.The accuracy of this model is reduced by homogenizing the slope and spatial difference of land use.SWAT model has been modified in this study considering the CN value of land use type (especially the forest) to different slopes and the forest hydrological adjusting function,to improve its sensitivity to changes in land use and its runoff simulation.The area of Lao Guanhe watershed was selected in a case study by dividing each of its sub-basins into four slope grades,and the CN value was calculated for each land use type in different slope grades; and the SWAT model was modified to achieve the forest hydrological adjusting function

  6. Effect of Adding McKenzie Syndrome, Centralization, Directional Preference, and Psychosocial Classification Variables to a Risk-Adjusted Model Predicting Functional Status Outcomes for Patients With Lumbar Impairments. (United States)

    Werneke, Mark W; Edmond, Susan; Deutscher, Daniel; Ward, Jason; Grigsby, David; Young, Michelle; McGill, Troy; McClenahan, Brian; Weinberg, Jon; Davidow, Amy L


    Study Design Retrospective cohort. Background Patient-classification subgroupings may be important prognostic factors explaining outcomes. Objectives To determine effects of adding classification variables (McKenzie syndrome and pain patterns, including centralization and directional preference; Symptom Checklist Back Pain Prediction Model [SCL BPPM]; and the Fear-Avoidance Beliefs Questionnaire subscales of work and physical activity) to a baseline risk-adjusted model predicting functional status (FS) outcomes. Methods Consecutive patients completed a battery of questionnaires that gathered information on 11 risk-adjustment variables. Physical therapists trained in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy methods classified each patient by McKenzie syndromes and pain pattern. Functional status was assessed at discharge by patient-reported outcomes. Only patients with complete data were included. Risk of selection bias was assessed. Prediction of discharge FS was assessed using linear stepwise regression models, allowing 13 variables to enter the model. Significant variables were retained in subsequent models. Model power (R(2)) and beta coefficients for model variables were estimated. Results Two thousand sixty-six patients with lumbar impairments were evaluated. Of those, 994 (48%), 10 (variables to the baseline model did not result in significant increases in R(2). McKenzie syndrome or pain pattern explained 2.8% and 3.0% of the variance, respectively. When pain pattern and SCL BPPM were added simultaneously, overall model R(2) increased to 0.44. Although none of these increases in R(2) were significant, some classification variables were stronger predictors compared with some other variables included in the baseline model. Conclusion The small added prognostic capabilities identified when combining McKenzie or pain-pattern classifications with the SCL BPPM classification did not significantly improve prediction of FS outcomes in this study. Additional research is

  7. Premorbid adjustment and previous personality in schizophrenic patients

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    José Juan Rodríguez Solano


    Full Text Available Psychosocial adjustment and premorbid personality are two factors that are frequently studied in order to elucidate the etiopathogenesis of schizophrenia. Premorbid adjustment alterations and personality disorders (principally those of the schizophrenia spectrum have been considered vulnerability elements or have been linked with the early manifestations of a disease that is still underdeveloped (hypothesis of neurodevelopment. In this paper we review the literature. We also studied the relationship between premorbid adjustment (PAS scale and previous personality disorders (SCID-II in a sample of 40 patients with schizophrenia (DSM-III-R, DSM-IV, CIE-10, and statistically correlated them. The results show that premorbid adjustment correlates with avoidant, schizotypal and schizoid personality disorders: the more personality pathology found, the poorer is the premorbid psychosocial adjustment. Premorbid adjustment positively correlates with histrionic personality traits. The pathological traits of schizotypal and schizoid personalities account for up to 77% of the variance of the total premorbid adjustment in schizophrenic patients. Conclusion: The degrees of premorbid adjustment in schizophrenia are related to the different premorbid personality disorders of schizophrenic patients, which are mainly those most genetically related with schizophrenia, that is, the spectrum of the schizophrenia.

  8. Principal Succession and the Micropolitics of Educators in Schools: Some Incidental Results from a Larger Study (United States)

    Meyer, Matthew J.; Macmillan, Robert B.


    Principal turnover has the potential to impact seriously school morale and values as teachers attempt to adjust to new administrators and their possible shifts in focus. In an era of mandated school improvement, teachers in schools with new administrators have to deal not only with changes in district, state and/or provincial policies, but also…

  9. Adolescent Mothers' Adjustment to Parenting. (United States)

    Samuels, Valerie Jarvis; And Others


    Examined adolescent mothers' adjustment to parenting, self-esteem, social support, and perceptions of baby. Subjects (n=52) responded to questionnaires at two time periods approximately six months apart. Mothers with higher self-esteem at Time 1 had better adjustment at Time 2. Adjustment was predicted by Time 2 variables; contact with baby's…

  10. Adjusting to the Emergent

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Revsbæk, Line

    In her doctoral thesis Line Revsbaek explores newcomer innovation related to organizational entry processes in a changing organization. She introduces process philosophy and complexity theory to research on organizational socialization and newcomer innovation. The study challenges assumptions...... in standardized induction programs where newcomers are cast in roles as insecure novices needing to be “taught the ropes” of the organizational culture. Linked with this, it is suggested that the prevailing dichotomy of ‘newcomer assimilation’ versus ‘organizational accommodation’ is replaced with a notion...... of ‘adjusting to the emergent’. Newcomer innovation is portrayed as carrying a variety of possible significations, such as unintentional innovation effects of newcomer’s proactive self-socializing behavior; an inspirational basis for designing innovation-generating employee induction; ‘resonant instances...

  11. Sparse logistic principal components analysis for binary data

    KAUST Repository

    Lee, Seokho


    We develop a new principal components analysis (PCA) type dimension reduction method for binary data. Different from the standard PCA which is defined on the observed data, the proposed PCA is defined on the logit transform of the success probabilities of the binary observations. Sparsity is introduced to the principal component (PC) loading vectors for enhanced interpretability and more stable extraction of the principal components. Our sparse PCA is formulated as solving an optimization problem with a criterion function motivated from a penalized Bernoulli likelihood. A Majorization-Minimization algorithm is developed to efficiently solve the optimization problem. The effectiveness of the proposed sparse logistic PCA method is illustrated by application to a single nucleotide polymorphism data set and a simulation study. © Institute ol Mathematical Statistics, 2010.

  12. Women Principals Leading Learning at "Poverty's Edge" (United States)

    Lyman, Linda L.


    The author profiles two women principals of color who have successfully enhanced student learning in high-poverty schools. In their leadership narratives, the principals address how the complexity of poverty affects their work, how they affirm the worth and dignity of all, how they influence beliefs and attitudes of staff, why they think their…

  13. Assistant Principals and Reform: A Socialization Paradox? (United States)

    Best, Marguerita L.


    Framed in the critical race theory of structuration (CRTS), this sequential explanatory mixed methods study seeks to identify the socialization practices by examining the realities of practices of assistant principals and the ways in which they impact the disciplinary actions of assistant principals at middle and high schools. The mixed methods…

  14. Superintendents' Perceptions of the Principal Shortage (United States)

    Pijanowski, John C.; Hewitt, Paul M.; Brady, Kevin P.


    The research literature on the principal shortage is inconsistent regarding the actual scope of the shortage and a clear articulation of factors contributing to the successful recruitment and retention of today's school leaders. Often, critical data related to the principal shortage are ignored, including the number of younger principals…

  15. Permutation Tests in Principal Component Analysis. (United States)

    Pohlmann, John T.; Perkins, Kyle; Brutten, Shelia

    Structural changes in an English as a Second Language (ESL) 30-item reading comprehension test were examined through principal components analysis on a small sample (n=31) of students. Tests were administered on three occasions during intensive ESL training. Principal components analysis of the items was performed for each test occasion.…

  16. Micropolitics: Empowering Principals to Accomplish Goals. (United States)

    Cilo, Daniel C.


    Examines how principals manage in situations that defy conventional administrative authority and methods. Fully 80% of the 30 Pennsylvania high school principals interviewed admitted using at least 1 micropolitical strategy, such as exchange theory, divide and conquer, information control, cooptation, displacement, and discretionary behavior. Most…

  17. Exploring Principals' Perceptions of Supervised Agricultural Experience (United States)

    Rayfield, John; Wilson, Elizabeth


    This study explored the perceptions of principals at high schools with agricultural education programs in regard to Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE). There is evidence that suggests that high school principals' attitudes may both directly and indirectly affect factors that influence school climate and student achievement. In this study,…

  18. Untapped Resources: Assistant Principals as Instructional Leaders (United States)

    Bartholomew, Selma K.; Melendez-Delaney, Genis; Orta, Awilda; White, Sharon


    Assistant principals are often overlooked as a resource for creating, advancing, and sustaining a compelling vision for mathematics. The Math Collaborative Project developed in New York City examined the process of developing and implementing programs designed to help assistant principals network and strengthen their instructional leadership…

  19. Instructional or Managerial Leadership: The Principal Role! (United States)

    Jazzar, Michael


    "Instructional Or Managerial Leadership: The Principal Role" is a case study written to challenge the beliefs of graduate students preparing for educational leadership roles and educational leaders already in these positions as to the importance of the principal as an instructional leader. This case explores communication between superintendents…

  20. A Latina Principal Leading for Social Justice (United States)

    Hernandez, Frank; Murakami, Elizabeth T.; Cerecer, Patricia Quijada


    In this study, the role that racial identity plays among Latina school principals is examined through a case study of a principal in a K-3 elementary school. Based on a Latina/o critical race framework and a phenomenological research approach, the study explores the degree to which having a strong understanding of one's racial identity…

  1. Instructional Leadership: Are Women Principals Better? (United States)

    Andrews, Richard L.; Basom, Margaret R.


    A 1984 study found that female elementary school principals spent 38.4 percent of their time on instructional leadership activities, while their male counterparts spent only 21.8 percent. A 1989 follow-up study found that women principals were more likely to be seen by their staffs as instructional leaders. A sidebar examines sex discrimination in…

  2. Social Media Strategies for School Principals (United States)

    Cox, Dan; McLeod, Scott


    The purpose of this qualitative study was to describe, analyze, and interpret the experiences of school principals who use multiple social media tools with stakeholders as part of their comprehensive communications practices. Additionally, it examined why school principals have chosen to communicate with their stakeholders through social media.…

  3. Principals: Human Capital Managers at Every School (United States)

    Kimball, Steven M.


    Being a principal is more than just being an instructional leader. Principals also must manage their schools' teaching talent in a strategic way so that it is linked to school instructional improvement strategies, to the competencies needed to enact the strategies, and to success in boosting student learning. Teacher acquisition and performance…

  4. New Principals' Perspectives of Their Multifaceted Roles (United States)

    Gentilucci, James L.; Denti, Lou; Guaglianone, Curtis L.


    This study utilizes Symbolic Interactionism to explore perspectives of neophyte principals. Findings explain how these perspectives are modified through complex interactions throughout the school year, and they also suggest preparation programs can help new principals most effectively by teaching "soft" skills such as active listening…

  5. Estimating Principal Effectiveness. Working Paper 32 (United States)

    Branch, Gregory; Hanushek, Eric; Rivkin, Steven


    Much has been written about the importance of school leadership, but there is surprisingly little systematic evidence on this topic. This paper presents preliminary estimates of key elements of the market for school principals, employing rich panel data on principals from Texas State. The consideration of teacher movements across schools suggests…

  6. Principals' Perceptions of School Public Relations (United States)

    Morris, Robert C.; Chan, Tak Cheung; Patterson, Judith


    This study was designed to investigate school principals' perceptions on school public relations in five areas: community demographics, parental involvement, internal and external communications, school council issues, and community resources. Findings indicated that principals' concerns were as follows: rapid population growth, change of…

  7. Investigating Roles of Online School Principals (United States)

    Quilici, Sarah B.; Joki, Russell


    This study explores the instructional leadership skills required from online principals, as defined by one state's (Idaho) adaptation of the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) standards (1996) as a requirement for professional certification. Specifically, this qualitative study examined six sets of paired online principals and…

  8. Should Principals Know More about Law? (United States)

    Doctor, Tyrus L.


    Educational law is a critical piece of the education conundrum. Principals reference law books on a daily basis in order to address the wide range of complex problems in the school system. A principal's knowledge of law issues and legal decision-making are essential to provide effective feedback for a successful school.

  9. Principals as Maverick Leaders: Rethinking Democratic Schools (United States)

    Walker, Sharron Goldman; Chirichello, Michael


    After her school wins the coveted United States National Secondary Education Award, a school principal embarks upon an educational odyssey. The principal discovers that the reasons for winning the award are a sham! As her school falls apart, she begins to reflect on the stagnant school organization and the ineffective prescriptions for…

  10. Effect of cover adjustment on binocular vision function in children with anisometropic amblyopia%屈光参差性弱视患儿遮盖调节对双眼视功能的影响

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Abstract• AIM: To explore and study the effect of cover adjustment on binocular visual function in children with anisometropic amblyopia.•METHODS: Forty -five children with anisometropic amblyopia of our hospital from July 2014 to April 2015 were as the study group, and treated by cover adjustment. Then 40 cases of healthy volunteers were selected as the blank control group.The binocular visual function of the subjects was observed.• RESULTS: Before treatments, at 1 and 3mo after treatments, the positive rates of binocular fusion were respectively 62%, 76% and 87%, which at 3mo after treatments was significantly higher than that before treatments ( P 0.05 ) .Before treatments, at 1 and 3mo after treatments the numbers of children whose stereo visions were 3000 "~801"were respectively 26,13 and 2, and the numbers of children whose stereo visions were 800 "~401"were respectively 12,13 and 6;the numbers of children whose stereo visions were 400 "~101"were respectively 7,15 and 25 ;the numbers of children whose stereo visions were≤100"were respectively 0,4 and 12. Far apart from the point of rupture and the convergence function in the study group after treatments were improved and significantly higher than those in the control group ( both P0.05 ) . After cover adjustment treatment, the lag of binocular regulation significantly decreased than that before treatments ( P 0.05 ) .In the study group ( 45 cases with 90 eyes) 52 eyes were cured, 24 eyes improved, 14 eyes ineffective;the total effective rate was 84%.• CONCLUSION: Cover adjustment has some improvement effect on binocular visual function in children with anisometropic amblyopia.%目的:探讨屈光参差性弱视患儿遮盖调节对双眼视功能的影响。方法:选取2014-07/2015-04在我院医治的屈光参差性弱视患儿45例作为研究组,应用遮盖治疗,同期选取40例志愿健康者作为空白对照组,观察受试者的双眼视功能情况。结

  11. 一种联动可调的行为化战略控制系统构建方法研究%Research on the Construction Method with Ganged and of a Behavioral Strategic Control System Adjustable Function

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    罗彪; 王猛


    企业战略控制能力决定了战略执行的效率与效果。传统战略控制理论侧重于对控制方法的系统性研究,却对控制系统本身的执行效率问题缺乏关注。基于控制论的基本原理,在回顾传统战略控制理论的基础上,指出其在控制效度和控制载体上存在的问题,并根据三类经典控制工具,提出了一种具备联动可调功能的战略控制系统。通过嵌套使用平衡计分卡、财务模型与计划甘特图,企业的战略规划可不断转化为战略行动计划,并在实施过程中实现联动性调整。%The capability of enterprises' strategic control determines the efficiency and effects of strategy implemen- tation. The traditional strategic control theories placed great emphasis on the systematic research on the control meth- ods, however, little attention was paid to the issues about the execution efficiency of control system. Based on the basic principles of cybernetic system, this paper points out the problems existed in control validity and control carri- er of strategic control system on the basis of reviewing traditional strategic control theories, puts forward a strategic control system with ganged and adjustable function in combination with three kinds of classical control tools. Through the nested use of the balanced score card, financial model and planning Gantt chart, enterprises' strategy planning can be transformed into strategic action plans continuously and be able to achieve linkage adjustment in the process of implementation.

  12. Generalized Principal Component Analysis (GPCA)

    CERN Document Server

    Vidal, Rene; Sastry, Shankar


    This paper presents an algebro-geometric solution to the problem of segmenting an unknown number of subspaces of unknown and varying dimensions from sample data points. We represent the subspaces with a set of homogeneous polynomials whose degree is the number of subspaces and whose derivatives at a data point give normal vectors to the subspace passing through the point. When the number of subspaces is known, we show that these polynomials can be estimated linearly from data; hence, subspace segmentation is reduced to classifying one point per subspace. We select these points optimally from the data set by minimizing certain distance function, thus dealing automatically with moderate noise in the data. A basis for the complement of each subspace is then recovered by applying standard PCA to the collection of derivatives (normal vectors). Extensions of GPCA that deal with data in a high- dimensional space and with an unknown number of subspaces are also presented. Our experiments on low-dimensional data show ...

  13. The Rookie's Playbook: Insights and Dirt for New Principals. (United States)

    Tooms, Autumn


    Principal shares lessons and insights with beginning principals. Discusses differences between principals and assistant principals, staff relationships, competition for resources, giving and receiving loyalty, identifying and following a moral compass. (PKP)

  14. Principals and Blogs: In What Ways Does Blogging Support the Practices of School Principals? (United States)

    Engebritson, Reggie Marie


    This study paper explores the factors that motivate school principals to blog and the effectiveness of those blogs in terms of instructional and technology leadership. Participants were school principals who blog and were sent a web-based survey. Fifty responded. Results indicate that principals blog to communicate to others, including parents,…

  15. What Is a "Good" Principal? Perspectives of Aspiring Principals in Singapore (United States)

    Ng, Pak Tee


    This paper presents the findings of an exploratory research project that examines what aspiring principals in Singapore think a good principal is, based on a framework of personal, interpersonal, and organizational dimensions of school leadership. According to the findings, a good principal has a moral purpose centered on personal values, a humble…

  16. Principal Self-Efficacy and Work Engagement: Assessing a Norwegian Principal Self-Efficacy Scale (United States)

    Federici, Roger A.; Skaalvik, Einar M.


    One purpose of the present study was to develop and test the factor structure of a multidimensional and hierarchical Norwegian Principal Self-Efficacy Scale (NPSES). Another purpose of the study was to investigate the relationship between principal self-efficacy and work engagement. Principal self-efficacy was measured by the 22-item NPSES. Work…

  17. Principal Time Management Skills: Explaining Patterns in Principals' Time Use, Job Stress, and Perceived Effectiveness (United States)

    Grissom, Jason A.; Loeb, Susanna; Mitani, Hajime


    Purpose: Time demands faced by school principals make principals' work increasingly difficult. Research outside education suggests that effective time management skills may help principals meet job demands, reduce job stress, and improve their performance. The purpose of this paper is to investigate these hypotheses. Design/methodology/approach:…

  18. Principal modes in multimode fibers: exploring the crossover from weak to strong mode coupling

    CERN Document Server

    Xiong, Wen; Bromberg, Yaron; Redding, Brandon; Rotter, Stefan; Cao, Hui


    We present experimental and numerical studies on principal modes in a multimode fiber with mode coupling. By applying external stress to the fiber and gradually adjusting the stress, we have realized a transition from weak to strong mode coupling, which corresponds to the transition from single scattering to multiple scattering in mode space. Our experiments show that principal modes have distinct spatial and spectral characteristic in the weak and strong mode coupling regimes. We also investigate the bandwidth of the principal modes, in particular, the dependence of the bandwidth on the delay time, and the effects of the mode-dependent loss. By analyzing the path-length distributions, we discover two distinct mechanisms that are responsible for the bandwidth of principal modes in weak and strong mode coupling regimes. Taking into account the mode-dependent loss in the fiber, our numerical results are in good agreement with our experimental observations. Our study paves the way for exploring potential applica...

  19. Metric-adjusted skew information

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Liang, Cai; Hansen, Frank


    We give a truly elementary proof of the convexity of metric-adjusted skew information following an idea of Effros. We extend earlier results of weak forms of superadditivity to general metric-adjusted skew information. Recently, Luo and Zhang introduced the notion of semi-quantum states...... on a bipartite system and proved superadditivity of the Wigner-Yanase-Dyson skew informations for such states. We extend this result to the general metric-adjusted skew information. We finally show that a recently introduced extension to parameter values 1 information is a special case...... of (unbounded) metric-adjusted skew information....

  20. Adjustment computations spatial data analysis

    CERN Document Server

    Ghilani, Charles D


    the complete guide to adjusting for measurement error-expanded and updated no measurement is ever exact. Adjustment Computations updates a classic, definitive text on surveying with the latest methodologies and tools for analyzing and adjusting errors with a focus on least squares adjustments, the most rigorous methodology available and the one on which accuracy standards for surveys are based. This extensively updated Fifth Edition shares new information on advances in modern software and GNSS-acquired data. Expanded sections offer a greater amount of computable problems and their worked solu

  1. Paranoia: Perceptions of Public School Principals. (United States)

    Salmon, Daniel A.


    Examines forces which are undermining the principal's leadership role and ability to effectively administer the school: teachers and unions; the competency movement; political and community interest groups; and media pundits. (SJL)

  2. Check List: Are You a Gifted Principal? (United States)

    Taylor, Vicki L.


    An 18-item check list is provided for principals to evaluate themselves relative to encouraging gifts and talents of their most able students. Suggestions are given in the areas of educational needs, specialized materials, and counseling. (MC)

  3. Principal Hawaiian Islands Geoid Heights (GEOID96) (United States)

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — This 2' geoid height grid for the Principal Hawaiian Islands is distributed as a GEOID96 model. The computation used 61,000 terrestrial and marine gravity data held...

  4. Noncommutative principal bundles through twist deformation

    CERN Document Server

    Aschieri, Paolo; Pagani, Chiara; Schenkel, Alexander


    We construct noncommutative principal bundles deforming principal bundles with a Drinfeld twist (2-cocycle). If the twist is associated with the structure group then we have a deformation of the fibers. If the twist is associated with the automorphism group of the principal bundle, then we obtain noncommutative deformations of the base space as well. Combining the two twist deformations we obtain noncommutative principal bundles with both noncommutative fibers and base space. More in general, the natural isomorphisms proving the equivalence of a closed monoidal category of modules and its twist related one are used to obtain new Hopf-Galois extensions as twists of Hopf-Galois extensions. A sheaf approach is also considered, and examples presented.

  5. A Comparative Study of Principals' Administrative Behaviour. (United States)

    Chung, Kyung Ae


    Compared are the managerial behaviors and beliefs of Korean and American secondary school principals. Generalizations are proposed in the areas of work hours, work pace, communication skills, organizational style, instructional leadership, and other managerial behaviors. (16 references) (SI)

  6. Adjusting to change: linking family structure transitions with parenting and boys' adjustment. (United States)

    Martinez, Charles R; Forgatch, Marion S


    This study examined links between family structure transitions and children's academic, behavioral, and emotional outcomes in a sample of 238 divorcing mothers and their sons in Grades 1-3. Multiple methods and agents were used in assessing family process variables and child outcomes. Findings suggest that greater accumulations of family transitions were associated with poorer academic functioning, greater acting-out behavior, and worse emotional adjustment for boys. However, in all three cases, these relationships were mediated by parenting practices: Parental academic skill encouragement mediated the relationship between transitions and academic functioning, and a factor of more general effective parenting practices mediated the relationships between transitions and acting out and emotional adjustment.

  7. General frame structures on quantum principal bundles

    CERN Document Server

    Durdevic, M


    A noncommutative-geometric generalization of the classical formalism of frame bundles is developed, incorporating into the theory of quantum principal bundles the concept of the Levi-Civita connection. The construction of a natural differential calculus on quantum principal frame bundles is presented, including the construction of the associated differential calculus on the structure group. General torsion operators are defined and analyzed. Illustrative examples are presented.

  8. A Geometric Approach to Noncommutative Principal Bundles

    CERN Document Server

    Wagner, Stefan


    From a geometrical point of view it is, so far, not sufficiently well understood what should be a "noncommutative principal bundle". Still, there is a well-developed abstract algebraic approach using the theory of Hopf algebras. An important handicap of this approach is the ignorance of topological and geometrical aspects. The aim of this thesis is to develop a geometrically oriented approach to the noncommutative geometry of principal bundles based on dynamical systems and the representation theory of the corresponding transformation group.

  9. Immorally obtained principal increases investors’ risk preference (United States)

    Chen, Jiaxin; He, Guibing


    Capital derived from immoral sources is increasingly circulated in today’s financial markets. The moral associations of capital are important, although their impact on investment remains unknown. This research aims to explore the influence of principal source morality on investors’ risk preferences. Three studies were conducted in this regard. Study 1 finds that investors are more risk-seeking when their principal is earned immorally (through lying), whereas their risk preferences do not change when they invest money earned from neutral sources after engaging in immoral behavior. Study 2 reveals that guilt fully mediates the relationship between principal source morality and investors’ risk preferences. Studies 3a and 3b introduce a new immoral principal source and a new manipulation method to improve external validity. Guilt is shown to the decrease the subjective value of morally flawed principal, leading to higher risk preference. The findings show the influence of morality-related features of principal on people’s investment behavior and further support mental account theory. The results also predict the potential threats of “grey principal” to market stability. PMID:28369117

  10. Distribution of the residual roots in principal components analysis.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. M. Kshirsagar


    Full Text Available The latent of distribution of latent roots of the covariance martix of normal variables, when a hypothetical linear function of the variables is eliminated, is derived in this paper. The relation between original roots and the residual roots- after elimination of, is also derived by an analytical method. An exact test for the goodness of fit of a single nonisotropic hypothetical principal components, using the residual roots, is then obtained.

  11. The Structure of Adjustment Costs in Information Technology Investment


    Hyunbae Chun; Sung-Bae Mun


    We examine the pattern of information technology (IT) capital adjustment using data from U.S. industries. Using the gap between actual and desired IT capital stocks, we estimate the shape of the adjustment cost function in IT investment. Both ordinary least squares and nonparametric regression estimates support irreversibility in IT investment.

  12. Individual and Marital Adjustment in Spouse Pairs Subsequent to Mastectomy. (United States)

    Carter, Ross E.; Carter, Charlene A.


    Explored effects of mastectomy for breast cancer on individual and marital adjustment among 20 spouse pairs in which wife had single mastectomy. Results indicated that both husbands and wives had adapted to mastectomy and were functioning well as individuals. Measures of marital adjustment, however, indicated serious problems with extremes of…

  13. Principal Leadership Style and Teacher Commitment among a Sample of Secondary School Teachers in Barbados

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ian Alwyn Marshall


    Full Text Available In Barbados, the issue of principal leadership and teacher productivity has occupied the attention of teacher unions and educational authorities alike.  The teachers have been calling for principals to be removed while the principals have been arguing for greater autonomy to discipline teachers. This state of affairs has, understandably, adversely impacted teacher commitment levels.  In the literature there is a clear correlation between principal leadership style and teacher commitment, however, it is important to know whether or not the relationship holds true in the context of Barbadian schools. This author is of the view that if teacher commitment levels are to return to those in evidence in effective schools, then attention must be given to the way in which principals exercise their leadership functions. This study was therefore designed to examine in greater detail the relationship between principal leadership style and teacher commitment.  The author employed purposive sampling to survey a cohort of ninety (90 teachers and eleven (11 principals drawn from eleven secondary schools. Results confirmed the relationship between principal leadership style and teacher commitment, and a statistically significant difference in the level of commitment reported by teachers at newer secondary schools and teachers at older secondary schools. Results also indicated that biographical variables moderated the relationship between principal leadership style and teacher commitment. Additionally, the regression model indicated that the principal leadership style sub-variables, in combination, accounted for some variance in the commitment demonstrated by teachers.

  14. Spousal Adjustment to Myocardial Infarction. (United States)

    Ziglar, Elisa J.

    This paper reviews the literature on the stresses and coping strategies of spouses of patients with myocardial infarction (MI). It attempts to identify specific problem areas of adjustment for the spouse and to explore the effects of spousal adjustment on patient recovery. Chapter one provides an overview of the importance in examining the…

  15. Mood Adjustment via Mass Communication. (United States)

    Knobloch, Silvia


    Proposes and experimentally tests mood adjustment approach, complementing mood management theory. Discusses how results regarding self-exposure across time show that patterns of popular music listening among a group of undergraduate students differ with initial mood and anticipation, lending support to mood adjustment hypotheses. Describes how…

  16. A complete generalized adjustment criterion

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Perković, Emilija; Textor, Johannes; Kalisch, Markus; Maathuis, Marloes H.


    Covariate adjustment is a widely used approach to estimate total causal effects from observational data. Several graphical criteria have been developed in recent years to identify valid covariates for adjustment from graphical causal models. These criteria can handle multiple causes, latent confound

  17. Bayes linear covariance matrix adjustment

    CERN Document Server

    Wilkinson, Darren J


    In this thesis, a Bayes linear methodology for the adjustment of covariance matrices is presented and discussed. A geometric framework for quantifying uncertainties about covariance matrices is set up, and an inner-product for spaces of random matrices is motivated and constructed. The inner-product on this space captures aspects of our beliefs about the relationship between covariance matrices of interest to us, providing a structure rich enough for us to adjust beliefs about unknown matrices in the light of data such as sample covariance matrices, exploiting second-order exchangeability and related specifications to obtain representations allowing analysis. Adjustment is associated with orthogonal projection, and illustrated with examples of adjustments for some common problems. The problem of adjusting the covariance matrices underlying exchangeable random vectors is tackled and discussed. Learning about the covariance matrices associated with multivariate time series dynamic linear models is shown to be a...

  18. Parental Divorce and Children's Adjustment. (United States)

    Lansford, Jennifer E


    This article reviews the research literature on links between parental divorce and children's short-term and long-term adjustment. First, I consider evidence regarding how divorce relates to children's externalizing behaviors, internalizing problems, academic achievement, and social relationships. Second, I examine timing of the divorce, demographic characteristics, children's adjustment prior to the divorce, and stigmatization as moderators of the links between divorce and children's adjustment. Third, I examine income, interparental conflict, parenting, and parents well-being as mediators of relations between divorce and children's adjustment. Fourth, I note the caveats and limitations of the research literature. Finally, I consider notable policies related to grounds for divorce, child support, and child custody in light of how they might affect children s adjustment to their parents divorce.

  19. Control of Adjustable Compliant Actuators

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Berno J.E. Misgeld


    Full Text Available Adjustable compliance or variable stiffness actuators comprise an additional element to elastically decouple the actuator from the load and are increasingly applied to human-centered robotic systems. The advantages of such actuators are of paramount importance in rehabilitation robotics, where requirements demand safe interaction between the therapy system and the patient. Compliant actuator systems enable the minimization of large contact forces arising, for example, from muscular spasticity and have the ability to periodically store and release energy in cyclic movements. In order to overcome the loss of bandwidth introduced by the elastic element and to guarantee a higher range in force/torque generation, new actuator designs consider variable or nonlinear stiffness elements, respectively. These components cannot only be adapted to the walking speed or the patient condition, but also entail additional challenges for feedback control. This paper introduces a novel design method for an impedance-based controller that fulfills the control objectives and compares the performance and robustness to a classical cascaded control approach. The new procedure is developed using a non-standard positive-real Η2 controller design and is applied to a loop-shaping approach. Robust norm optimal controllers are designed with regard to the passivity of the actuator load-impedance transfer function and the servo control problem. Classical cascaded and positive-real Η2 controller designs are validated and compared in simulations and in a test bench using a passive elastic element of varying stiffness.

  20. Principal component regression for crop yield estimation

    CERN Document Server

    Suryanarayana, T M V


    This book highlights the estimation of crop yield in Central Gujarat, especially with regard to the development of Multiple Regression Models and Principal Component Regression (PCR) models using climatological parameters as independent variables and crop yield as a dependent variable. It subsequently compares the multiple linear regression (MLR) and PCR results, and discusses the significance of PCR for crop yield estimation. In this context, the book also covers Principal Component Analysis (PCA), a statistical procedure used to reduce a number of correlated variables into a smaller number of uncorrelated variables called principal components (PC). This book will be helpful to the students and researchers, starting their works on climate and agriculture, mainly focussing on estimation models. The flow of chapters takes the readers in a smooth path, in understanding climate and weather and impact of climate change, and gradually proceeds towards downscaling techniques and then finally towards development of ...

  1. Choreographies with Secure Boxes and Compromised Principals

    CERN Document Server

    Carbone, Marco; 10.4204/EPTCS.12.1


    We equip choreography-level session descriptions with a simple abstraction of a security infrastructure. Message components may be enclosed within (possibly nested) "boxes" annotated with the intended source and destination of those components. The boxes are to be implemented with cryptography. Strand spaces provide a semantics for these choreographies, in which some roles may be played by compromised principals. A skeleton is a partially ordered structure containing local behaviors (strands) executed by regular (non-compromised) principals. A skeleton is realized if it contains enough regular strands so that it could actually occur, in combination with any possible activity of compromised principals. It is delivery guaranteed (DG) realized if, in addition, every message transmitted to a regular participant is also delivered. We define a novel transition system on skeletons, in which the steps add regular strands. These steps solve tests, i.e. parts of the skeleton that could not occur without additional regu...

  2. Choreographies with Secure Boxes and Compromised Principals

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Carbone, Marco; Guttman, Joshua


      We equip choreography-level session descriptions with a simple abstraction of a security infrastruc- ture. Message components may be enclosed within (possibly nested) ”boxes” annotated with the intended source and destination of those components. The boxes are to be implemented with cryp......- tography. Strand spaces provide a semantics for these choreographies, in which some roles may be played by compromised principals. A skeleton is a partially ordered structure containing local behaviors (strands) executed by regular (non-compromised) principals. A skeleton is realized if it contains enough...... it embeds. Second, if no step is possible from a skeleton A, then A is DG realized. Finally, if a DG realized A′ is accessible from A, then A′ is minimal. Thus, the transition system provides a systematic way to construct the possible behaviors of the choreography, in the presence of compromised principals.  ...

  3. Managing psychosocial adjustment to aphasia. (United States)

    Müller, D


    This article argues for incorporating psychosocial adjustment into treatment plans for people with aphasia. It proposes that rehabilitation is a social rather than a medical construct and that by adopting a broad range of intervention strategies, more effective approaches to reintegration can be adopted. Outcome measures relating to self-esteem are judged to be central to evaluating the efficacy of treatment. The role of social factors in managing psychosocial adjustment are considered alongside individual and family approaches to counseling. It is concluded that clinicians need to broaden their treatment program to include psychosocial adjustment in rehabilitation.

  4. Outlier Mining Based on Principal Component Estimation

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Hu Yang; Ting Yang


    Outlier mining is an important aspect in data mining and the outlier mining based on Cook distance is most commonly used. But we know that when the data have multicollinearity, the traditional Cook method is no longer effective. Considering the excellence of the principal component estimation, we use it to substitute the least squares estimation, and then give the Cook distance measurement based on principal component estimation, which can be used in outlier mining. At the same time, we have done some research on related theories and application problems.

  5. Principal Component Analysis in ECG Signal Processing

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Andreas Bollmann


    Full Text Available This paper reviews the current status of principal component analysis in the area of ECG signal processing. The fundamentals of PCA are briefly described and the relationship between PCA and Karhunen-Loève transform is explained. Aspects on PCA related to data with temporal and spatial correlations are considered as adaptive estimation of principal components is. Several ECG applications are reviewed where PCA techniques have been successfully employed, including data compression, ST-T segment analysis for the detection of myocardial ischemia and abnormalities in ventricular repolarization, extraction of atrial fibrillatory waves for detailed characterization of atrial fibrillation, and analysis of body surface potential maps.

  6. The Principals and Practice of Distributed High Throughput Computing

    CERN Document Server

    CERN. Geneva


    The potential of Distributed Processing Systems to deliver computing capabilities with qualities ranging from high availability and reliability to easy expansion in functionality and capacity were recognized and formalized in the 1970’s. For more three decade these principals Distributed Computing guided the development of the HTCondor resource and job management system. The widely adopted suite of software tools offered by HTCondor are based on novel distributed computing technologies and are driven by the evolving needs of High Throughput scientific applications. We will review the principals that underpin our work, the distributed computing frameworks and technologies we developed and the lessons we learned from delivering effective and dependable software tools in an ever changing landscape computing technologies and needs that range today from a desktop computer to tens of thousands of cores offered by commercial clouds. About the speaker Miron Livny received a B.Sc. degree in Physics and Mat...

  7. Yuan Exchange Rate 'Properly Adjusted'

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


      The currency exchange rate was "properly adjusted" this year and takes into account effects on the country's neighbors and the world, Premier Wen Jiabao said at a regional meeting in Malaysia.……

  8. Adjustable Induction-Heating Coil (United States)

    Ellis, Rod; Bartolotta, Paul


    Improved design for induction-heating work coil facilitates optimization of heating in different metal specimens. Three segments adjusted independently to obtain desired distribution of temperature. Reduces time needed to achieve required temperature profiles.

  9. Adjustable chain trees for proteins

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Winter, Pawel; Fonseca, Rasmus


    A chain tree is a data structure for changing protein conformations. It enables very fast detection of clashes and free energy potential calculations. A modified version of chain trees that adjust themselves to the changing conformations of folding proteins is introduced. This results in much...... tighter bounding volume hierarchies and therefore fewer intersection checks. Computational results indicate that the efficiency of the adjustable chain trees is significantly improved compared to the traditional chain trees....

  10. Does Restructuring Make a Difference for the Principal? Role Conceptions of Principals in Restructuring Schools. (United States)

    Talbot, Danny; Crow, Gary M.

    Researchers who have focused on issues of interpersonal communication in organizations have concluded that it is an essential component of organizational life. This paper presents findings of a study that examined the role conceptions of principals in the Centenial Schools Program (CSP) and those of principals in non-CSP schools. Communicator…

  11. Great Principals at Scale: Creating District Conditions That Enable All Principals to Be Effective (United States)

    Ikemoto, Gina; Taliaferro, Lori; Fenton, Benjamin; Davis, Jacquelyn


    School leaders are critical in the lives of students and to the development of their teachers. Unfortunately, in too many instances, principals are effective in spite of--rather than because of--district conditions. To truly improve student achievement for all students across the country, well-prepared principals need the tools, support, and…

  12. Principal Performance and the ISLLC Standards: Implications for Principal Selection and Professional Development (United States)

    Knuth, Richard K.


    Probably no effort has been more successful than the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) in capturing the current complexity of the principal's role and in providing direction for the professional development and selection of principals. As more states require universities to restructure training programs to align with the ISLLC…

  13. Principal Self-Efficacy, Teacher Perceptions of Principal Performance, and Teacher Job Satisfaction (United States)

    Evans, Molly Lynn


    In public schools, the principal's role is of paramount importance in influencing teachers to excel and to keep their job satisfaction high. The self-efficacy of leaders is an important characteristic of leadership, but this issue has not been extensively explored in school principals. Using internet-based questionnaires, this study obtained…

  14. Quantum principal bundles and corresponding gauge theories

    CERN Document Server

    Durdevic, M


    A generalization of classical gauge theory is presented, in the framework of a noncommutative-geometric formalism of quantum principal bundles over smooth manifolds. Quantum counterparts of classical gauge bundles, and classical gauge transformations, are introduced and investigated. A natural differential calculus on quantum gauge bundles is constructed and analyzed. Kinematical and dynamical properties of corresponding gauge theories are discussed.

  15. Transformational Leadership Behaviors in Elementary School Principals (United States)

    Ergle, Barbara


    School leaders face high expectations from society for leadership effectiveness. While it is commonly accepted that leadership practices contribute to school excellence, specific behaviors of effective elementary principals in the local context were not well understood. The purpose of this mixed methods study was to investigate self-reported…

  16. An Exploration of Principal Instructional Technology Leadership (United States)

    Townsend, LaTricia Walker


    Nationwide the demand for schools to incorporate technology into their educational programs is great. In response, North Carolina developed the IMPACT model in 2003 to provide a comprehensive model for technology integration in the state. The model is aligned to national educational technology standards for teachers, students, and principals.…

  17. Principal component analysis of symmetric fuzzy data

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Giordani, Paolo; Kiers, Henk A.L.


    Principal Component Analysis (PCA) is a well-known tool often used for the exploratory analysis of a numerical data set. Here an extension of classical PCA is proposed, which deals with fuzzy data (in short PCAF), where the elementary datum cannot be recognized exactly by a specific number but by a

  18. The Principal's Mind-Set for Data (United States)

    Fox, Dennis


    Is there a school leader anywhere who hasn't been directed, or at least encouraged, to "analyze the data" and practice what has been termed "data-driven decision-making"? Today's principal is expected to be able to skillfully collect, organize, analyze, interpret and use a variety of data in order to improve instruction, services and programs for…

  19. Managerial Leadership and the Effective Principal. (United States)

    Yukl, Gary

    To help relate management ideas and knowledge to educational administration, the author reviews the major theories and findings from the last 20 years on managerial leadership and discusses their relevance for school principals. He first summarizes findings from three approaches: the traits approach, emphasizing managerial motivation and skills;…

  20. The Principal's Playbook: Tackling School Improvement (United States)

    Protheroe, Nancy


    "The Principal's Playbook: Tackling School Improvement" brings together the best thinking on successful schools and classrooms to help school administrators engage their faculty in discussion about effective school improvement strategies. Designed to support both school improvement efforts and professional development, each chapter includes…

  1. Principal component analysis of psoriasis lesions images

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Maletti, Gabriela Mariel; Ersbøll, Bjarne Kjær


    A set of RGB images of psoriasis lesions is used. By visual examination of these images, there seem to be no common pattern that could be used to find and align the lesions within and between sessions. It is expected that the principal components of the original images could be useful during future...

  2. Probabilistic Principal Component Analysis for Metabolomic Data.

    LENUS (Irish Health Repository)

    Nyamundanda, Gift


    Abstract Background Data from metabolomic studies are typically complex and high-dimensional. Principal component analysis (PCA) is currently the most widely used statistical technique for analyzing metabolomic data. However, PCA is limited by the fact that it is not based on a statistical model. Results Here, probabilistic principal component analysis (PPCA) which addresses some of the limitations of PCA, is reviewed and extended. A novel extension of PPCA, called probabilistic principal component and covariates analysis (PPCCA), is introduced which provides a flexible approach to jointly model metabolomic data and additional covariate information. The use of a mixture of PPCA models for discovering the number of inherent groups in metabolomic data is demonstrated. The jackknife technique is employed to construct confidence intervals for estimated model parameters throughout. The optimal number of principal components is determined through the use of the Bayesian Information Criterion model selection tool, which is modified to address the high dimensionality of the data. Conclusions The methods presented are illustrated through an application to metabolomic data sets. Jointly modeling metabolomic data and covariates was successfully achieved and has the potential to provide deeper insight to the underlying data structure. Examination of confidence intervals for the model parameters, such as loadings, allows for principled and clear interpretation of the underlying data structure. A software package called MetabolAnalyze, freely available through the R statistical software, has been developed to facilitate implementation of the presented methods in the metabolomics field.

  3. The Principal as Chief Executive Officer. (United States)

    Dubin, Andrew E., Ed.

    This book was predicated on the idea that an effective principal must be proactive in decision making and have available appropriate information sources to make good decisions. Each chapter analyzes decision making from the perspective of different professionals in education and business management. Through the use of personal accounts and case…

  4. Burnout And Lifestyle Of Principals And Entrepreneurs

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jasna Lavrenčič


    Full Text Available Research Question (RQ: What kind of lifestyle do the principals and entrepreneurs lead? Does the lifestyle of principals and entrepreneurs influence burnout? Purpose: To find out, based on the results of a questionnaire, what kind of lifestyle both researched groups lead. Does lifestyle have an influence on the occurrence of the phenomenon of burnout. Method: We used the method of data collection by questionnaire. Acquired data were analyzed using SPSS, descriptive and inference statistics. Results: Results showed, that both groups lead a similar lifestyle and that lifestyle influences burnout with principals, as well as entrepreneurs. Organization: School principals and entrepreneurs are the heads of individual organizations or companies, the goal of which is success. To be successful in their work, they must adapt their lifestyle, which can be healthy or unhealthy. If their lifestyle is unhealthy, it can lead to burnout. Society: With results of the questionnaire we would like to answer the question about the lifestyle of both groups and its influence on the occurrence of burnout. Originality: The study of lifestyle and the occurrence of burnout in these two groups is the first study in this area. Limitations/Future Research: In continuation, research groups could be submitted to the research fields of effort physiology and tracking of certain haematological parameters, such as cholesterol, blood sugar and stress hormones - adrenaline, noradrenalin, cortisol. Thus, we could carry out an even more in depth research of the connection between lifestyle and burnout.

  5. Elementary Teachers' Perceptions of Elementary Principals' Effectiveness (United States)

    Fridenvalds, Kriss R.


    This dissertation examined the beliefs of elementary teachers to determine if their perceptions of effective principal leadership align to transformational leadership theory vis-a-vis the Educational Leadership Policy Standards (ELPS). A phenomenological, single-case study approach was utilized by means of a mixed-methodological, Web-based survey,…

  6. Autocrats, Bureaucrats, and Buffoons: Images of Principals. (United States)

    Glanz, Jerry


    A content analysis of over 35 American motion pictures and television sitcoms since the 1950s showed principals most often portrayed as autocrats, bureaucrats, or buffoons. Sometimes, as in the TV movie "Kidz in the Woods," a single show depicts all three characteristics. Promoting instructional leadership and an ethic of caring among…

  7. Principal normal indicatrices of closed space curves

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Røgen, Peter


    A theorem due to J. Weiner, which is also proven by B. Solomon, implies that a principal normal indicatrix of a closed space curve with nonvanishing curvature has integrated geodesic curvature zero and contains no subarc with integrated geodesic curvature pi. We prove that the inverse problem alw...

  8. Principal Connection / Amazon and the Whole Teacher (United States)

    Hoerr, Thomas R.


    A recent controversy over Amazon's culture has strong implications for the whole child approach, and it offers powerful lessons for principals. A significant difference between the culture of so many businesses today and the culture at good schools is that in good schools, the welfare of the employees is very important. Student success is the…

  9. Real-Time Principal-Component Analysis (United States)

    Duong, Vu; Duong, Tuan


    A recently written computer program implements dominant-element-based gradient descent and dynamic initial learning rate (DOGEDYN), which was described in Method of Real-Time Principal-Component Analysis (NPO-40034) NASA Tech Briefs, Vol. 29, No. 1 (January 2005), page 59. To recapitulate: DOGEDYN is a method of sequential principal-component analysis (PCA) suitable for such applications as data compression and extraction of features from sets of data. In DOGEDYN, input data are represented as a sequence of vectors acquired at sampling times. The learning algorithm in DOGEDYN involves sequential extraction of principal vectors by means of a gradient descent in which only the dominant element is used at each iteration. Each iteration includes updating of elements of a weight matrix by amounts proportional to a dynamic initial learning rate chosen to increase the rate of convergence by compensating for the energy lost through the previous extraction of principal components. In comparison with a prior method of gradient-descent-based sequential PCA, DOGEDYN involves less computation and offers a greater rate of learning convergence. The sequential DOGEDYN computations require less memory than would parallel computations for the same purpose. The DOGEDYN software can be executed on a personal computer.

  10. The Role of Principals in Politics. (United States)

    Yingling, Walter S.

    This talk uses humor to draw attention to the principal's responsibility and potential in promoting adequate education legislation. Knowledge of the issues in current legislation, contact with legislators, and organized action by administrators' associations are among the topics commented on. (PGD)

  11. What Principals Should Know About Food Allergies. (United States)

    Munoz-Furlong, Anne


    Describes what principals should know about recent research findings on food allergies (peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, soy, wheat) that can produce severe or life-threatening reactions in children. Asserts that every school should have trained staff and written procedures for reacting quickly to allergic reactions. (PKP)

  12. Principals' Leadership Styles and Student Achievement (United States)

    Harnish, David Alan


    Many schools struggle to meet No Child Left Behind's stringent adequate yearly progress standards, although the benchmark has stimulated national creativity and reform. The purpose of this study was to explore teacher perceptions of principals' leadership styles, curriculum reform, and student achievement to ascertain possible factors to improve…

  13. Sex Education: The Principle and the Principal. (United States)

    Wayne, Joseph E.


    The school principal is in a propitious position to offer leadership in developing a sex education program. His position of leadership and respect can facilitate the development of a Citizens Advisory Committee which, in turn, can ensure cooperation and leadership in setting the goals for developing a sex education program. (Author/CM)

  14. Principals in Partnership with Math Coaches (United States)

    Grant, Catherine Miles; Davenport, Linda Ruiz


    One of the most promising developments in math education is the fact that many districts are hiring math coaches--also called math resource teachers, math facilitators, math lead teachers, or math specialists--to assist elementary-level teachers with math instruction. What must not be lost, however, is that principals play an essential role in…

  15. Principal Bundles on the Projective Line

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    V B Mehta; S Subramanian


    We classify principal -bundles on the projective line over an arbitrary field of characteristic ≠ 2 or 3, where is a reductive group. If such a bundle is trivial at a -rational point, then the structure group can be reduced to a maximal torus.

  16. Conceptualizing Social Justice: Interviews with Principals (United States)

    Wang, Fei


    Purpose: Today, as the understanding of diversity is further expanded, the meaning of social justice becomes even more complicated, if not confusing. The purpose of this paper is to explore how school principals with social justice commitment understand and perceive social justice in their leadership practices. Design/methodology/approach: A…

  17. Teachers' Perceptions Regarding School Principals' Coaching Skills (United States)

    Yirci, Ramazan; Özdemir, Tuncay Yavuz; Kartal, Seçil Eda; Kocabas, Ibrahim


    The purpose of this study was to find out teachers' perceptions about school principals' coaching skills. The study was carried out within qualitative research methods. The study group included 76 teachers in Elazig and 73 teachers in Kahramanmaras provinces of Turkey. All the data were processed using Nvivo 9 software. The results indicate that…

  18. Principals and the Power of Recommending Students

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Attending one of China’s most prestigious institutions of higher learning, Peking University (PKU), is a dream for the vast majority of China’s middle school graduates. On November 16, the university released a list of 39 senior middle schools across the country whose principals have been

  19. Technology Leadership Conditions among Nebraska School Principals (United States)

    Curnyn, Molly A.


    As visionary leaders, school administrators are responsible for leading their schools into the 21st century by integrating technology to enhance learning and teaching. As technology leaders, principals must apply rigorous thought into the overall role that technology plays in the enhancement of student learning. Leveraging technology will assist…

  20. California Testing: How Principals Choose Priorities. (United States)

    Bushman, James; Goodman, Greg; Brown-Welty, Sharon; Dorn, Shelly


    The Central Valley (California) Educational Research Consortium asked 118 area principals what they were doing to improve their lowest achieving students' education. Respondents are focusing on individualizing instruction, aligning curricula to standards, advocating teaching to standards and tests, promoting new curriculum methodologies, and…

  1. Bias Adjusted Precipitation Threat Scores

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    F. Mesinger


    Full Text Available Among the wide variety of performance measures available for the assessment of skill of deterministic precipitation forecasts, the equitable threat score (ETS might well be the one used most frequently. It is typically used in conjunction with the bias score. However, apart from its mathematical definition the meaning of the ETS is not clear. It has been pointed out (Mason, 1989; Hamill, 1999 that forecasts with a larger bias tend to have a higher ETS. Even so, the present author has not seen this having been accounted for in any of numerous papers that in recent years have used the ETS along with bias "as a measure of forecast accuracy".

    A method to adjust the threat score (TS or the ETS so as to arrive at their values that correspond to unit bias in order to show the model's or forecaster's accuracy in extit{placing} precipitation has been proposed earlier by the present author (Mesinger and Brill, the so-called dH/dF method. A serious deficiency however has since been noted with the dH/dF method in that the hypothetical function that it arrives at to interpolate or extrapolate the observed value of hits to unit bias can have values of hits greater than forecast when the forecast area tends to zero. Another method is proposed here based on the assumption that the increase in hits per unit increase in false alarms is proportional to the yet unhit area. This new method removes the deficiency of the dH/dF method. Examples of its performance for 12 months of forecasts by three NCEP operational models are given.

  2. Unexpected Learning by Neophyte Principals: Factors Related to Success of First Year Principals in Schools

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Keith Walker


    Full Text Available This paper reports the findings related to the International Beginning Principals study, which examined factors perceived by first year principals to both complicate, and account for, first year principalship successes in rural jurisdictions. Specifically, for this paper we deal with factors seen as significant in establishing oneself as a first time principal in a rural Canadian school. The general findings from this study centred on training and experience related to administration of schools. Many first time principals in rural schools had limited specific preparation for the principalship, or other related administrative roles such as the vice principalship. Such findings have taken on more importance in the last several years as school districts find it increasingly difficult to recruit principals for smaller rural schools.

  3. Stochastic convex sparse principal component analysis. (United States)

    Baytas, Inci M; Lin, Kaixiang; Wang, Fei; Jain, Anil K; Zhou, Jiayu


    Principal component analysis (PCA) is a dimensionality reduction and data analysis tool commonly used in many areas. The main idea of PCA is to represent high-dimensional data with a few representative components that capture most of the variance present in the data. However, there is an obvious disadvantage of traditional PCA when it is applied to analyze data where interpretability is important. In applications, where the features have some physical meanings, we lose the ability to interpret the principal components extracted by conventional PCA because each principal component is a linear combination of all the original features. For this reason, sparse PCA has been proposed to improve the interpretability of traditional PCA by introducing sparsity to the loading vectors of principal components. The sparse PCA can be formulated as an ℓ1 regularized optimization problem, which can be solved by proximal gradient methods. However, these methods do not scale well because computation of the exact gradient is generally required at each iteration. Stochastic gradient framework addresses this challenge by computing an expected gradient at each iteration. Nevertheless, stochastic approaches typically have low convergence rates due to the high variance. In this paper, we propose a convex sparse principal component analysis (Cvx-SPCA), which leverages a proximal variance reduced stochastic scheme to achieve a geometric convergence rate. We further show that the convergence analysis can be significantly simplified by using a weak condition which allows a broader class of objectives to be applied. The efficiency and effectiveness of the proposed method are demonstrated on a large-scale electronic medical record cohort.

  4. Relative level of occurrence of the principal heuristics in Nigeria property valuation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Iroham C.O.,


    Full Text Available The neglect of the other principal heuristics namely avaialability, representative and positivity in real estate behaviourial property research as against the exclusive focus on anchoring and adjustment heuristics invariably results to a lopsided research. This work studied the four principal heuristics in property behaviourial property valutaion in a bid to discovering its relative level of occurrence. The study adopted a cross-sectional questionnaire survey approach of 159 of the 270 Head Offices of Estate Surveying and Valuation firms in Lagos Metropolis, while 29 and 30 questionnaire were distributed to the Head Offices of the entire Estate Surveying and Valuation Firms in Abuja and Port-Harcourt respectively. The data gotten was analyzed with the aid of Statistical Package for the Social Sciences first using frequency distributions/means and the data so analyzed was further analyzed using maximum and minimum values, means/standard deviations and ultimately ranking of such means. The result revealed that respondents use the various principal heuristics in this decreasing order of magnitude: availability heuristics (26.77%, anchoring and adjustment heuristics (18.62%; representative heuristics (15.63% and least of all positivity heuristics (10.41%. The authors thereby opined that emphasis be placed more on availability heuristics research particularly as usage of heuristcis (anchoring and adjustment has been seen to influence valuation inconsistency/accuracy

  5. [Psychological adjustment following lower limb amputation]. (United States)

    Panyi, Lilla Krisztina; Lábadi, Beatrix


    Rehabilitation of lower limb amputees and the fitting of their prosthesis depend highly on the psychological adjustment process and motivational state of the patient. The loss of a limb is extremely challenging and can cause various physical and psychological problems. Depression, anxiety, decreased well-being and quality of life, body image dissatisfaction and changes in self-concept and identity are frequent after lower limb amputation. In the interest of adjustment patients have to cope with the emerging changes and difficulties in their lifes as well as the problems in psychological functioning. It is important for them to accept the alterations in their body and identity, and integrate them in a new self-concept in which process motivation is a fundamental issue. The aim of this article is to review the literature on psychological consequences of lower limb amputation, and to propose an integrative way of rehabilitation for lower limb amputees.

  6. Psychological distress, personality, and adjustment among nursing students. (United States)

    Warbah, L; Sathiyaseelan, M; Vijayakumar, C; Vasantharaj, B; Russell, S; Jacob, K S


    Psychological distress and poor adjustment among a significant number of nursing students is an important issue facing nursing education. The concerns need to be studied in detail and solutions need to be built into the nursing course in order to help students with such difficulty. This study used a cross-sectional survey design to study psychological distress, personality and adjustment among nursing students attending the College of Nursing, Christian Medical College, Vellore, India. One hundred and forty five nursing students were assessed using the General Health Questionnaire 12, the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire, and the Bell's Adjustment Inventory to investigate psychological distress, personality profile and adjustment, respectively. Thirty participants (20.7%) of the 145 students assessed reported high scores on the General Health Questionnaire. Psychological distress was significantly associated with having neurotic personality and adjustment difficulties in different areas of functioning.

  7. Principals' transformational leadership and teachers' collective efficacy. (United States)

    Dussault, Marc; Payette, Daniel; Leroux, Mathieu


    The study was designed to test the relationship of principals' transformational, transactional, and laissez-faire leadership with teachers' collective efficacy. Bandura's theory of efficacy applied to the group and Bass's transformational leadership theory were used as the theoretical framework. Participants included 487 French Canadian teachers from 40 public high schools. As expected, there were positive and significant correlations between principals' transformational and transactional leadership and teachers' collective efficacy. Also, there was a negative and significant correlation between laissez-faire leadership and teachers' collective efficacy. Moreover, regression analysis showed transformational leadership significantly enhanced the predictive capabilities of transactional leadership on teachers' collective efficacy. These results confirm the importance of leadership to predict collective efficacy and, by doing so, strengthen Bass's theory of leadership.

  8. Quantum principal bundles and their characteristic classes

    CERN Document Server

    Durdevic, M


    A brief exposition of the general theory of characteristic classes of quantum principal bundles is given. The theory of quantum characteristic classes incorporates ideas of classical Weil theory into the conceptual framework of non-commutative differential geometry. A purely cohomological interpretation of the Weil homomorphism is given, together with a standard geometrical interpretation via quantum invariant polynomials. A natural spectral sequence is described. Some quantum phenomena appearing in the formalism are discussed.

  9. Principal normal indicatrices of closed space curves

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Røgen, Peter


    A theorem due to J. Weiner, which also is proven by B. Solomon, implies that a principal normal indicatrix of a closed space curve with non-vanishing curvature has integrated geodesic curvature zero and contains no sub arc with integrated geodesic curvature Pi. We prove that the inverse problem a...... to the negative.Keywords: An inverse to Jacobi's theorem, differential geometry of closed space curves, Frenet ApparatusAMS-classification (1991): 53A04...

  10. Tax Adjusted for Imported Equipment

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    @@ Ministry of Finance, Central Administration of Customs, and State Administration of Taxation of P.R. of China jointly issued a "Notice on the Lists Related to the Interim Provisions on the Adjustment of Import Tax Policy on Major Technical Equipment" (the Notice) on April 13rd to adjust the list of equipment catalog and merchandise attached to the "Interim Provisions on the Import Tax Policy on Major Technical Equipment", as well as the preferential scope and extent of the import tax on a number of major technical equipment.

  11. Precision Adjustable Liquid Regulator (ALR) (United States)

    Meinhold, R.; Parker, M.


    A passive mechanical regulator has been developed for the control of fuel or oxidizer flow to a 450N class bipropellant engine for use on commercial and interplanetary spacecraft. There are several potential benefits to the propulsion system, depending on mission requirements and spacecraft design. This system design enables more precise control of main engine mixture ratio and inlet pressure, and simplifies the pressurization system by transferring the function of main engine flow rate control from the pressurization/propellant tank assemblies, to a single component, the ALR. This design can also reduce the thermal control requirements on the propellant tanks, avoid costly Qualification testing of biprop engines for missions with more stringent requirements, and reduce the overall propulsion system mass and power usage. In order to realize these benefits, the ALR must meet stringent design requirements. The main advantage of this regulator over other units available in the market is that it can regulate about its nominal set point to within +/-0.85%, and change its regulation set point in flight +/-4% about that nominal point. The set point change is handled actively via a stepper motor driven actuator, which converts rotary into linear motion to affect the spring preload acting on the regulator. Once adjusted to a particular set point, the actuator remains in its final position unpowered, and the regulator passively maintains outlet pressure. The very precise outlet regulation pressure is possible due to new technology developed by Moog, Inc. which reduces typical regulator mechanical hysteresis to near zero. The ALR requirements specified an outlet pressure set point range from 225 to 255 psi, and equivalent water flow rates required were in the 0.17 lb/sec range. The regulation output pressure is maintained at +/-2 psi about the set point from a P (delta or differential pressure) of 20 to over 100 psid. Maximum upstream system pressure was specified at 320 psi

  12. Anglo-American views of Gavrilo Princip

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Markovich Slobodan G.


    Full Text Available The paper deals with Western (Anglo-American views on the Sarajevo assassination/attentat and Gavrilo Princip. Articles on the assassination and Princip in two leading quality dailies (The Times and The New York Times have particularly been analysed as well as the views of leading historians and journalists who covered the subject including: R. G. D. Laffan, R. W. Seton-Watson, Winston Churchill, Sidney Fay, Bernadotte Schmitt, Rebecca West, A. J. P. Taylor, Vladimir Dedijer, Christopher Clark and Tim Butcher. In the West, the original general condemnation of the assassination and its main culprits was challenged when Rebecca West published her famous travelogue on Yugoslavia in 1941. Another Brit, the remarkable historian A. J. P. Taylor, had a much more positive view on the Sarajevo conspirators and blamed Germany and Austria-Hungary for the outbreak of the Great War. A turning point in Anglo-American perceptions was the publication of Vladimir Dedijer’s monumental book The Road to Sarajevo (1966, which humanised the main conspirators, a process initiated by R. West. Dedijer’s book was translated from English into all major Western languages and had an immediate impact on the understanding of the Sarajevo assassination. The rise of national antagonisms in Bosnia gradually alienated Princip from Bosnian Muslims and Croats, a process that began in the 1980s and was completed during the wars of the Yugoslav succession. Although all available sources clearly show that Princip, an ethnic Serb, gradually developed a broader Serbo-Croat and Yugoslav identity, he was ethnified and seen exclusively as a Serb by Bosnian Croats and Bosniaks and Western journalists in the 1990s. In the past century imagining Princip in Serbia and the West involved a whole spectrum of views. In interwar Anglo-American perceptions he was a fanatic and lunatic. He became humanised by Rebecca West (1941, A. J. P. Taylor showed understanding for his act (1956, he was fully

  13. The Teaching Principal: An Untenable Position or a Promising Model? (United States)

    Newton, Paul M.; Wallin, Dawn


    This paper reports on an interpretive study that examined the role of the teaching principal, particularly as it relates to principals' moral and legal requirement to work as instructional leaders for student learning. A teaching principal is defined as a principal who has a "double load" or dual roles in teaching and administration…

  14. 19 CFR 113.33 - Corporations as principals. (United States)


    ... 19 Customs Duties 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Corporations as principals. 113.33 Section 113.33... TREASURY CUSTOMS BONDS Principals and Sureties § 113.33 Corporations as principals. (a) Name of corporation on the bonds. The name of a corporation executing a Customs bond as a principal, may be printed...

  15. Principal Role Changes and Implications for Principalship Candidates. (United States)

    Whitaker, Kathryn S.


    A principal who exchanged jobs with a university professor explores changing principal roles, using a case-study approach. Principals' working world is characterized by overwhelming responsibilities, information perplexity, and emotional anxiety. Principals would appreciate intrinsic and extrinsic rewards, support networks, university-school…

  16. Adult Attachment and Dyadic Adjustment: The Mediating Role of Shame. (United States)

    Martins, Teresa C; Canavarro, Maria Cristina; Moreira, Helena


    Although it is widely recognized that adult attachment is associated with romantic relationship quality, the mechanisms involved remain poorly understood. This study aimed to investigate the mediating role of external and internal shame on the association between attachment and dyadic adjustment. A battery of self-report measures was completed by 228 Portuguese participants and a serial multiple mediation model was tested. Data showed that, in the population under study, attachment dimensions were associated with worse dyadic adjustment through high external and internal shame. Internal shame alone also mediated the association between attachment avoidance and dyadic adjustment. This study identifies a new putative mechanism linking adult attachment and intimate relationship functioning that may be targeted in couples therapy to promote a better dyadic adjustment and relationship functioning.

  17. An adjustable contracted CI method

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    王育彬; 甘正汀; 苏克和; 文振翼


    A new contracted CI scheme——adjustable contracted CI scheme——is presented and programed. The efficiency of this scheme is tested by some example calculations. The result shows that the application of the new scheme is flexible and the correlation energy loss is lower than that of the original externally contracted CI method.

  18. Adjustment or updating of models

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    D J Ewins


    In this paper, first a review of the terminology used in the model adjustment or updating is presented. This is followed by an outline of the major updating algorithms cuurently available, together with a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of each, and the current state-of-the-art of this important application and part of optimum design technology.

  19. Principal Component Analysis on Semen Quality among Chinese Young Men

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Jun-qing WU; Er-sheng GAO; Jian-guo TAO; Cui-ling LIANG; Wenying LI; Qiu-ying YANG; Kang-shou YAO; Wei-qun LU; Lu CHEN


    Objective To understand the current semen quality status among Chinese young men and influential factors in China and to explore its evaluation index. Methods A total of 562 healthy male volunteers were recruited during their premarital examinations in seven provincials and municipal regions' MCH centers; descriptive and principal component analyses were used to analyze data.Results The findings show that semen volume (2.61±1.10 mL), sperm density (64.47±34.59×106/mL), percentage of sperm forward progression (59.89%±17.11%), percentage of sperm viability (77.19%±11.87%), and percentage of normal sperm morphology (78.23%±9.15%). The first principal component function is Z1=-8.512 54 + 0.001 36X1' +0.031 92X2'+0.043 52X3'+ 0.039 84X4', which is closely related to percentage of sperm viability (X3), percentage of sperm forward progression (X2), and percentage of normal sperm morphology (X4);The second principal component function is: Z2=0.491 92+ 0.080 80X1- 0.000 58X2 - 0.005 10X3 - 0.018 07X4, which depends on the total sperm count (X1). Conclusion Only 42.3% subjects meet all the common WHO standard of semen quality. The multiple analysis of Z1 showed that the highest Z1 are among subjects from Guizhou, workers, or town residents. Multiple analysis of Z2 showed that the older age when the subjects had the first sexual impulse, the longer period of sexual abstinence and more quantity of sperm they had; the more sexual activity subjects had, the less amount of sperm they had.

  20. On Self-adjustment of Social Conventions to Small Perturbations

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    JIANG Yi-Chuan


    @@ We present a model for self-adjustment of social conventions to small perturbations, and investigate how pertur-bations can influence the convergence of social convention in different situations.The experimental results show that the sensitivity of social conventions is determined by not only the perturbations themselves but also the agent adjustment functions for the perturbations; and social conventions are more sensitive to the outlier agent number than to the strategy fluctuation magnitudes and localities of perturbations.

  1. Trust Me, Principal, or Burn Out! The Relationship between Principals' Burnout and Trust in Students and Parents (United States)

    Ozer, Niyazi


    The purpose of this study was to determine the primary school principals' views on trust in students and parents and also, to explore the relationships between principals' levels of professional burnout and their trust in students and parents. To this end, Principal Trust Survey and Friedman Principal Burnout scales were administered on…

  2. Simultaneous dimension reduction and adjustment for confounding variation. (United States)

    Lin, Zhixiang; Yang, Can; Zhu, Ying; Duchi, John; Fu, Yao; Wang, Yong; Jiang, Bai; Zamanighomi, Mahdi; Xu, Xuming; Li, Mingfeng; Sestan, Nenad; Zhao, Hongyu; Wong, Wing Hung


    Dimension reduction methods are commonly applied to high-throughput biological datasets. However, the results can be hindered by confounding factors, either biological or technical in origin. In this study, we extend principal component analysis (PCA) to propose AC-PCA for simultaneous dimension reduction and adjustment for confounding (AC) variation. We show that AC-PCA can adjust for (i) variations across individual donors present in a human brain exon array dataset and (ii) variations of different species in a model organism ENCODE RNA sequencing dataset. Our approach is able to recover the anatomical structure of neocortical regions and to capture the shared variation among species during embryonic development. For gene selection purposes, we extend AC-PCA with sparsity constraints and propose and implement an efficient algorithm. The methods developed in this paper can also be applied to more general settings. The R package and MATLAB source code are available at

  3. Enhancing stability of industrial turbines using adjustable partial arc bearings (United States)

    Chasalevris, Athanasios; Dohnal, Fadi


    The paper presents the principal of operation, the simulation and the characteristics of two partial-arc journal bearings of variable geometry and adjustable/controllable stiffness and damping properties. The proposed journals are supposed to consist of a scheme that enables the periodical variation of bearing properties. Recent achievements of suppressing rotor vibrations using plain circular journal bearings of variable geometry motivate the further extension of the principle to bearings of applicable geometry for industrial turbines. The paper describes the application of a partial-arc journal bearing to enhance stability of high speed industrial turbines. The proposed partial-arc bearings with adjustable/controllable properties enhance stability and they introduce stable margins in speeds much higher than the 1st critical.

  4. Principal symbol of Euler-Lagrange operators (United States)

    Fatibene, L.; Garruto, S.


    We shall introduce the principal symbol for quite a general class of (quasi linear) Euler-Lagrange operators and use them to characterise well-posed initial value problems in gauge covariant field theories. We shall clarify how constraints can arise in covariant Lagrangian theories by extending the standard treatment in GR and without resorting to Hamiltonian formalism. Finally as an example of application, we sketch a quantisation procedure based on what is done in LQG by framing it in a more general context which applies to general gauge covariant field theories.

  5. Radar fall detection using principal component analysis (United States)

    Jokanovic, Branka; Amin, Moeness; Ahmad, Fauzia; Boashash, Boualem


    Falls are a major cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries in people aged 65 years and older. Radar has the potential to become one of the leading technologies for fall detection, thereby enabling the elderly to live independently. Existing techniques for fall detection using radar are based on manual feature extraction and require significant parameter tuning in order to provide successful detections. In this paper, we employ principal component analysis for fall detection, wherein eigen images of observed motions are employed for classification. Using real data, we demonstrate that the PCA based technique provides performance improvement over the conventional feature extraction methods.

  6. Principal $G$-bundles over elliptic curves

    CERN Document Server

    Friedman, R; Witten, Edward; Friedman, Robert; Morgan, John W.; Witten, Edward


    Let $G$ be a simple and simply connected complex Lie group. We discuss the moduli space of holomorphic semistable principal $G$-bundles over an elliptic curve $E$. In particular, we give a new proof of a theorem of Looijenga and Bernshtein-Shvartsman, that the moduli space is a weighted projective space. The method of proof is to study the deformations of certain unstable bundles coming from special maximal parabolic subgroups of $G$. We also discuss the associated automorphism sheaves and universal bundles, as well as the relation between various universal bundles and spectral covers.

  7. 8 CFR 245.23 - Adjustment of aliens in T nonimmigrant classification. (United States)


    ... 8 Aliens and Nationality 1 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Adjustment of aliens in T nonimmigrant classification. 245.23 Section 245.23 Aliens and Nationality DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY IMMIGRATION... aliens in T nonimmigrant classification. (a) Eligibility of principal T-1 applicants. Except as...

  8. Adjustable wheelchair and method for adjusting said adjustable wheelchair, and wheelchair assembly

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Oosterhuis, D.S.


    The invention relates to an adjustable wheelchair comprising: -a carriage; -two rear wheels; -at least one front wheel; -at least one footrest; -a sub-frame; -a seat; and -a backrest; wherein the two rear wheels, the at least one front wheel and the at least one footrest are mounted to the carriage,

  9. Boosting Principal Component Analysis by Genetic Algorithm

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Divya Somvanshi


    Full Text Available This paper presents a new method of feature extraction by combining principal component analysis and genetic algorithm. Use of multiple pre-processors in combination with principal component analysis generates alternate feature spaces for data representation. The present method works out the fusion of these multiple spaces to create higher dimensionality feature vectors. The fused feature vectors are given chromosome representation by taking feature components to be genes. Then these feature vectors are allowed to undergo genetic evolution individually. For genetic algorithm, initial population is created by calculating probability distance matrix, and by applying a probability distance metric such that all the genes which lie farther than a defined threshold are tripped to zero. The genetic evolution of fused feature vector brings out most significant feature components (genes as survivours. A measure of significance is adapted on the basis of frequency of occurrence of the surviving genes in the current population. Finally, the feature vector is obtained by weighting the original feature components in proportion to their significance. The present algorithm is validated in combination with a neural network classifier based on error backpropagation algorithm, and by analysing a number of benchmark datasets available in the open sources.Defence Science Journal, 2010, 60(4, pp.392-398, DOI:

  10. Optical properties of alpha spodumene: Orientation of its principal optical axes

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Souza, S O; Lima, A F [Universidade Federal de Sergipe, Departamento de Fisica, PO Box 353, 49100-000 Sao Cristovao - SE (Brazil); Lalic, M V, E-mail: mlalic@fisica.ufs.b


    We studied the orientation of the three orthogonal principal optical axes of the alpha spodumene crystal. This orientation is determined relative to the crystallographic axes, and expressed as function of the incident radiation wavelength in ultraviolent region. The calculations were performed by density functional theory based, full potential augmented plane wave method.

  11. Optimization of the principal eigenvalue of the one-dimensional Schrodinger operator

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ryan I. Fernandes


    Full Text Available In this paper we consider two optimization problems related to the principal eigenvalue of the one dimensional Schrodinger operator. These optimization problems are formulated relative to the rearrangement of a fixed function. We show that both problems have unique solutions, and each of these solutions is a fixed point of an appropriate function.

  12. Behavioral modeling of Digitally Adjustable Current Amplifier

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Josef Polak


    Full Text Available This article presents the digitally adjustable current amplifier (DACA and its analog behavioral model (ABM, which is suitable for both ideal and advanced analyses of the function block using DACA as active element. There are four levels of this model, each being suitable for simulation of a certain degree of electronic circuits design (e.g. filters, oscillators, generators. Each model is presented through a schematic wiring in the simulation program OrCAD, including a description of equations representing specific functions in the given level of the simulation model. The design of individual levels is always verified using PSpice simulations. The ABM model has been developed based on practically measured values of a number of DACA amplifier samples. The simulation results for proposed levels of the ABM model are shown and compared with the results of the real easurements of the active element DACA.

  13. Sliding Adjustment for 3D Video Representation

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Galpin Franck


    Full Text Available This paper deals with video coding of static scenes viewed by a moving camera. We propose an automatic way to encode such video sequences using several 3D models. Contrary to prior art in model-based coding where 3D models have to be known, the 3D models are automatically computed from the original video sequence. We show that several independent 3D models provide the same functionalities as one single 3D model, and avoid some drawbacks of the previous approaches. To achieve this goal we propose a novel algorithm of sliding adjustment, which ensures consistency of successive 3D models. The paper presents a method to automatically extract the set of 3D models and associate camera positions. The obtained representation can be used for reconstructing the original sequence, or virtual ones. It also enables 3D functionalities such as synthetic object insertion, lightning modification, or stereoscopic visualization. Results on real video sequences are presented.

  14. A globally and universally stable price adjustment process

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Herings, J.J.


    Starting with Walras, economists have been interested in adjustment processes that find for a given economy and an arbitrarily specified starting price vector a Walrasian equilibrium. Mathematically, the problem is equivalent to finding a fixed point of a function under the conditions of the Brouwer Fixed Point Theorem when starting with an arbitrary initial point. In the paper it is proved that an adjustment process, originally proposed by Van der Laan and Talman, converges for almost every economy, given any starting price vector, under standard assumptions. It is possible to obtain additional results in case the excess demand function satisfies the condition of gross substitutability. In this special case it can be shown that the qualitative behaviour of the process is similar to the one of the well-known Walrasian tatonnement process. Since there is a close relationship between the existence of always converging adjustment processes and the Brouwer Fixed Point Theorem it is not a surprise that there is a relation between adjustment processes and simplicial pivoting algorithms to compute fixed points. The adjustment process considered in this paper is related to a variable dimension fixed point algorithm of Doup, Van der Laan, and Talman. The path generated by the adjustment process can be followed arbitrarily close by their algorithm. Therefore the paper also yields a contribution to the understanding of the limit behaviour of simplicial pivoting algorithms.

  15. Lifetime principal occupation and risk of cognitive impairment among the elderly. (United States)

    Li, Chung-Yi; Wu, Shwu Chong; Sung, Fung-Chang


    We used a nested case-control design with study participants sampled from two cohorts, for a total of 2,198 elderly people 65 years or older and completed cognitive tests between 1993 and 1997, to assess the association between an individual's lifetime principal occupation and the subsequent risk of cognitive impairment. Cases consisted of 290 older adults with impaired cognitive functioning. For each case, two controls with comparable age (within 5 years) and sex frequencies were randomly sampled from the seniors free of cognitive impairment. Occupational data were collected through interviews. Individual's job content was coded into one of the occupational categories or the occupation-based social classes. Compared to those who were former legislators, government administrators, or business executives and managers, a significantly elevated risk of cognitive impairment was estimated for those who were employed as agriculture/animal husbandry/forestry/fishing workers (odds ratio (OR)=3.2), craft and related trades workers (OR=2.2), plant and machine operators and assemblers (OR=14.7), workers of elementary occupations (OR=3.2), or housekeepers (OR=2.6). We also observed health inequalities in the risk of cognitive impairment across social classes with a significant dose-response trend in which unskilled blue-collar workers had the highest risk. After adjustment for education, we still observed an inverse relationship between risk of cognitive impairment and occupational class. This may mean that lifetime longest-held occupation is more intimately involved in the causal pathways leading to cognitive impairment. Further studies that collect information on specific work hazards would help make specific interpretations of the observed effect of lifetime longest-held occupation in early adulthood on risk of cognitive decline in late life.

  16. Face Recognition Based on Principal Component Analysis

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ali Javed


    Full Text Available The purpose of the proposed research work is to develop a computer system that can recognize a person by comparing the characteristics of face to those of known individuals. The main focus is on frontal two dimensional images that are taken in a controlled environment i.e. the illumination and the background will be constant. All the other methods of person’s identification and verification like iris scan or finger print scan require high quality and costly equipment’s but in face recognition we only require a normal camera giving us a 2-D frontal image of the person that will be used for the process of the person’s recognition. Principal Component Analysis technique has been used in the proposed system of face recognition. The purpose is to compare the results of the technique under the different conditions and to find the most efficient approach for developing a facial recognition system

  17. Principal Component Pursuit with Reduced Linear Measurements

    CERN Document Server

    Ganesh, Arvind; Wright, John; Ma, Yi


    In this paper, we study the problem of decomposing a superposition of a low-rank matrix and a sparse matrix when a relatively few linear measurements are available. This problem arises in many data processing tasks such as aligning multiple images or rectifying regular texture, where the goal is to recover a low-rank matrix with a large fraction of corrupted entries in the presence of nonlinear domain transformation. We consider a natural convex heuristic to this problem which is a variant to the recently proposed Principal Component Pursuit. We prove that under suitable conditions, this convex program guarantees to recover the correct low-rank and sparse components despite reduced measurements. Our analysis covers both random and deterministic measurement models.

  18. Principal Components Analysis In Medical Imaging (United States)

    Weaver, J. B.; Huddleston, A. L.


    Principal components analysis, PCA, is basically a data reduction technique. PCA has been used in several problems in diagnostic radiology: processing radioisotope brain scans (Ref.1), automatic alignment of radionuclide images (Ref. 2), processing MRI images (Ref. 3,4), analyzing first-pass cardiac studies (Ref. 5) correcting for attenuation in bone mineral measurements (Ref. 6) and in dual energy x-ray imaging (Ref. 6,7). This paper will progress as follows; a brief introduction to the mathematics of PCA will be followed by two brief examples of how PCA has been used in the literature. Finally my own experience with PCA in dual-energy x-ray imaging will be given.

  19. Principal aspects of the Ordovician biotic radiation

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    The Ordovician radiation is among the major bioevents in earth history that have drawn great attention from geologists all over the world, and there have been hundreds of publications treating various aspects of this radiation. The study of the event involves a broad spectrum of research fields and concerns many scientific questions. Many opinions and hypotheses have been proposed on the triggering and controlling factors of the radiation. Herein the authors critically review the study of the Ordovician radiation and dissect four principal aspects by synthesizing the studies over the past years: (1) relationships of the radiation to fossil clades, ecotypes, and environments, such as water depth, latitude, and climate; (2) the ecological structure and food webs of Ordovician marine organisms; (3) fossil records and true biodiversities; and (4) likely triggering and controlling factors of the Ordovician radiation. The authors also recommend approaches to furthering studies of these aspects.

  20. Regional principal color based saliency detection.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jing Lou

    Full Text Available Saliency detection is widely used in many visual applications like image segmentation, object recognition and classification. In this paper, we will introduce a new method to detect salient objects in natural images. The approach is based on a regional principal color contrast modal, which incorporates low-level and medium-level visual cues. The method allows a simple computation of color features and two categories of spatial relationships to a saliency map, achieving higher F-measure rates. At the same time, we present an interpolation approach to evaluate resulting curves, and analyze parameters selection. Our method enables the effective computation of arbitrary resolution images. Experimental results on a saliency database show that our approach produces high quality saliency maps and performs favorably against ten saliency detection algorithms.

  1. Nonlinear principal component analysis and its applications

    CERN Document Server

    Mori, Yuichi; Makino, Naomichi


    This book expounds the principle and related applications of nonlinear principal component analysis (PCA), which is useful method to analyze mixed measurement levels data. In the part dealing with the principle, after a brief introduction of ordinary PCA, a PCA for categorical data (nominal and ordinal) is introduced as nonlinear PCA, in which an optimal scaling technique is used to quantify the categorical variables. The alternating least squares (ALS) is the main algorithm in the method. Multiple correspondence analysis (MCA), a special case of nonlinear PCA, is also introduced. All formulations in these methods are integrated in the same manner as matrix operations. Because any measurement levels data can be treated consistently as numerical data and ALS is a very powerful tool for estimations, the methods can be utilized in a variety of fields such as biometrics, econometrics, psychometrics, and sociology. In the applications part of the book, four applications are introduced: variable selection for mixed...

  2. School Autonomy and District Support: How Principals Respond to a Tiered Autonomy Initiative in Philadelphia Public Schools (United States)

    Steinberg, Matthew P.; Cox, Amanda Barrett


    A tiered autonomy policy was recently implemented in Philadelphia, where select principals were granted autonomy to manage school operations while others were promised greater district support to improve school functioning. This article provides evidence on how principals used their autonomy and the extent of district support for non-autonomous…

  3. Tensorial Kernel Principal Component Analysis for Action Recognition

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Cong Liu


    Full Text Available We propose the Tensorial Kernel Principal Component Analysis (TKPCA for dimensionality reduction and feature extraction from tensor objects, which extends the conventional Principal Component Analysis (PCA in two perspectives: working directly with multidimensional data (tensors in their native state and generalizing an existing linear technique to its nonlinear version by applying the kernel trick. Our method aims to remedy the shortcomings of multilinear subspace learning (tensorial PCA developed recently in modelling the nonlinear manifold of tensor objects and brings together the desirable properties of kernel methods and tensor decompositions for significant performance gain when the data are multidimensional and nonlinear dependencies do exist. Our approach begins by formulating TKPCA as an optimization problem. Then, we develop a kernel function based on Grassmann Manifold that can directly take tensorial representation as parameters instead of traditional vectorized representation. Furthermore, a TKPCA-based tensor object recognition is also proposed for application of the action recognition. Experiments with real action datasets show that the proposed method is insensitive to both noise and occlusion and performs well compared with state-of-the-art algorithms.

  4. A Preliminary Examination of the Impact of a Structured Principal Network on Principal Burnout (United States)

    Tillery, Denise Artus


    This study examined the extent to which participation in a formal network has on a principal's personal perception of burnout as measured by the Maslach Burnout Inventory for Educators (MBI-E). The MBI-E consists of 22 questions with responses indicated on a 7 point Likert scale ranging from 0-6. It measures three constructs of emotional…

  5. Principals' and Teachers' Views of Spirituality in Principal Leadership in Three Primary Schools (United States)

    Gibson, Alaster


    This article discusses key findings from my doctoral research involving a qualitative case study inquiring into the lived experiences of spirituality in principal leadership and its influence on teachers and their teaching within three public primary school contexts in New Zealand. Spirituality is understood in this article as a complex and…

  6. A Preliminary Examination of the Impact of a Structured Principal Network on Principal Burnout (United States)

    Tillery, Denise Artus


    This study examined the extent to which participation in a formal network has on a principal's personal perception of burnout as measured by the Maslach Burnout Inventory for Educators (MBI-E). The MBI-E consists of 22 questions with responses indicated on a 7 point Likert scale ranging from 0-6. It measures three constructs of emotional…

  7. Quality M.Ed. Principal Licensure Degrees + Conscientious Students = Leader Principals (United States)

    Guillaume, Cindy; Vitucci, Alanna


    Effective educational leadership at the principal level positively correlates with quality classroom teachers and improved student achievement (Portin et al., 2009). It also fosters a caring, supportive and inter-connected environment that inspires students and engages teachers (Seashore et al., 2010). Preparing competent, effective, and caring…

  8. Francis Bacon’s Qualification As A Principal Empiricist Philosopher



    The purpose of this paper is to determine if there is any basis for regarding FrancisBacon as a principal empiricist philosopher. This involves effort to determine whatconstitutes, in essence, the qualities of a principal empiricist philosopher. Are thereany criteria that qualify one as a principal empiricist philosopher? Proceeding with thisinquiry, our paper examines, on the one hand, the views of those who argue in defenceof Bacon’s qualification as a principal empiricist philosopher. Here...

  9. Francis Bacons Qualification As A Principal Empiricist Philosopher



    The purpose of this paper is to determine if there is any basis for regarding Francis Bacon as a principal empiricist philosopher. This involves effort to determine what constitutes, in essence, the qualities of a principal empiricist philosopher. Are there any criteria that qualify one as a principal empiricist philosopher? Proceeding with this inquiry, our paper examines, on the one hand, the views of those who argue in defence of Bacon’s qualification as a principal empiricist philosopher....

  10. What It Takes to Be an Empowering Principal. (United States)

    Peel, Henry A.; Walker, Bradford L.


    An ongoing cooperative research project in North Carolina provides some revealing data on principals who have successfully introduced school-based management. The project tracks 26 principals committed to teacher empowerment. The most supportive principals were strongly committed to school improvement, unafraid of risks or open communication lines…

  11. Principal Socialization in One Virginia School District: A Phenomenological Investigation (United States)

    Joppy, Dalphine A.


    This phenomenological investigation examines the lived experiences of school principals to discover how principals hired from within their school division perceive and make meaning of their organizational socialization experiences--their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, values, and assumptive worlds. Nineteen public school principals participated in…

  12. Professional Isolation and Performance at Work of School Principals. (United States)

    Dussault, Marc; Thibodeau, Stephane


    Investigates the relationship between school principals' professional isolation and their performance at work. Suburban Quebec principals were administered French versions of the UCLA Loneliness Scale and the Self-Appraisal Instrument for Community College Administrators. Principals' professional isolation was negatively and significantly…

  13. Is School Value Added Indicative of Principal Quality? (United States)

    Chiang, Hanley; Lipscomb, Stephen; Gill, Brian


    States across the country are developing systems for evaluating school principals on the basis of student achievement growth. A common approach is to hold principals accountable for the value added of their schools--that is, schools' contributions to student achievement growth. In theory, school value added can reflect not only principals'…

  14. Principals' Perceptions of Instructional Stages Based on Felt Teaching Characteristics. (United States)

    DeMoulin, Donald F.; Guyton, John W.

    Whether principals could identify teaching traits and categorize these consistently as descriptors of instructional stages was studied by asking 145 randomly selected principals in public schools throughout Illinois and Indiana to characterize teacher behavior based on experience. Principals were asked to list instructional stages, yielding 161…

  15. Assessing Multiple Stakeholders' Perceptions of an Effective Principal Evaluation System (United States)

    Tran, Henry; Bon, Susan C.


    Existing principal evaluation research has failed to include the perspectives of multiple stakeholders. The present research study used focus group interviews to gather data about designing a principal evaluation process that includes these perspectives. Focus groups were conducted with principals, parents, certificated staff, and classified…

  16. Suicide in Middle Level Schools: Implications for Principals. (United States)

    Toepfer, Conrad F., Jr.


    Prevention of teenage suicide and coping with it when it occurs is an increasing concern for middle-level principals. This article focuses on specific implications of the youth suicide problem for middle-level principals with considerations for other principals as well. (Author/TE)

  17. Consejeria de los directores (Principal Mentoring). ERIC Digest. (United States)

    Malone, Robert J.

    To help new principals succeed, school districts are capitalizing on senior administrators' expertise by adding mentor programs to the practical training programs for beginning principals. This ERIC Digest in Spanish examines the nature of mentorships and discusses how they can prepare principals for the next stage of their careers. Although…

  18. District Leadership for Effective Principal Evaluation and Support (United States)

    Kimball, Steven M.; Arrigoni, Jessica; Clifford, Matthew; Yoder, Maureen; Milanowski, Anthony


    Research demonstrating principals' impact on student learning outcomes has fueled the shift from principals as facilities managers to an emphasis on instructional leadership (Hallinger & Heck, 1996; Leithwood, Louis, Anderson, & Wahlstrom, 2004; Marzano, Waters, & McNulty, 2005). Principals are under increasing pressure to carry out…

  19. Contemporary Challenges and Changes: Principals' Leadership Practices in Malaysia (United States)

    Jones, Michelle; Adams, Donnie; Joo, Mabel Tan Hwee; Muniandy, Vasu; Perera, Corinne Jaqueline; Harris, Alma


    This article outlines the findings from a contemporary study of principals' leadership practices in Malaysia as part of the 7 System Leadership Study. Recent policy developments within Malaysia have increased principals' accountability and have underlined the importance of the role of the principals in transforming school performance and student…

  20. Principal component regression and linear mixed model in association analysis of structured samples: competitors or complements? (United States)

    Zhang, Yiwei; Pan, Wei


    Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have been established as a major tool to identify genetic variants associated with complex traits, such as common diseases. However, GWAS may suffer from false positives and false negatives due to confounding population structures, including known or unknown relatedness. Another important issue is unmeasured environmental risk factors. Among many methods for adjusting for population structures, two approaches stand out: one is principal component regression (PCR) based on principal component analysis, which is perhaps the most popular due to its early appearance, simplicity, and general effectiveness; the other is based on a linear mixed model (LMM) that has emerged recently as perhaps the most flexible and effective, especially for samples with complex structures as in model organisms. As shown previously, the PCR approach can be regarded as an approximation to an LMM; such an approximation depends on the number of the top principal components (PCs) used, the choice of which is often difficult in practice. Hence, in the presence of population structure, the LMM appears to outperform the PCR method. However, due to the different treatments of fixed vs. random effects in the two approaches, we show an advantage of PCR over LMM: in the presence of an unknown but spatially confined environmental confounder (e.g., environmental pollution or lifestyle), the PCs may be able to implicitly and effectively adjust for the confounder whereas the LMM cannot. Accordingly, to adjust for both population structures and nongenetic confounders, we propose a hybrid method combining the use and, thus, strengths of PCR and LMM. We use real genotype data and simulated phenotypes to confirm the above points, and establish the superior performance of the hybrid method across all scenarios.

  1. Robust Principal Component Test in Gross Error Detection and Identification

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Principle component analysis (PCA) based chi-square test is more sensitive to subtle gross errors and has greater power to correctly detect gross errors than classical chi-square test. However, classical principal component test (PCT) is non-robust and can be very sensitive to one or more outliers. In this paper, a Huber function liked robust weight factor was added in the collective chi-square test to eliminate the influence of gross errors on the PCT. Meanwhile, robust chi-square test was applied to modified simultaneous estimation of gross error (MSEGE) strategy to detect and identify multiple gross errors. Simulation results show that the proposed robust test can reduce the possibility of type Ⅱ errors effectively. Adding robust chi-square test into MSEGE does not obviously improve the power of multiple gross error identification, the proposed approach considers the influence of outliers on hypothesis statistic test and is more reasonable.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    In the industrial process situation, principal component analysis (PCA) is a general method in data reconciliation.However, PCA sometime is unfeasible to nonlinear feature analysis and limited in application to nonlinear industrial process.Kernel PCA (KPCA) is extension of PCA and can be used for nonlinear feature analysis.A nonlinear data reconciliation method based on KPCA is proposed.The basic idea of this method is that firstly original data are mapped to high dimensional feature space by nonlinear function, and PCA is implemented in the feature space.Then nonlinear feature analysis is implemented and data are reconstructed by using the kernel.The data reconciliation method based on KPCA is applied to ternary distillation column.Simulation results show that this method can filter the noise in measurements of nonlinear process and reconciliated data can represent the true information of nonlinear process.

  3. Suppressing Background Radiation Using Poisson Principal Component Analysis

    CERN Document Server

    Tandon, P; Dubrawski, A; Labov, S; Nelson, K


    Performance of nuclear threat detection systems based on gamma-ray spectrometry often strongly depends on the ability to identify the part of measured signal that can be attributed to background radiation. We have successfully applied a method based on Principal Component Analysis (PCA) to obtain a compact null-space model of background spectra using PCA projection residuals to derive a source detection score. We have shown the method's utility in a threat detection system using mobile spectrometers in urban scenes (Tandon et al 2012). While it is commonly assumed that measured photon counts follow a Poisson process, standard PCA makes a Gaussian assumption about the data distribution, which may be a poor approximation when photon counts are low. This paper studies whether and in what conditions PCA with a Poisson-based loss function (Poisson PCA) can outperform standard Gaussian PCA in modeling background radiation to enable more sensitive and specific nuclear threat detection.

  4. 8 CFR 1245.9 - Adjustment of status of certain nationals of the People's Republic of China under Public Law 102... (United States)


    ... of the People's Republic of China under Public Law 102-404. 1245.9 Section 1245.9 Aliens and... nationals of the People's Republic of China under Public Law 102-404. (a) Principal applicant status. All... adjustment. An alien is eligible to apply for adjustment of status under the provisions of Public Law...

  5. Stepper motor control that adjusts to motor loading (United States)

    Howard, David E. (Inventor); Nola, Frank J. (Inventor)


    A system and method are provided for controlling a stepper motor having a rotor and a multi-phase stator. Sinusoidal command signals define a commanded position of the motor's rotor. An actual position of the rotor is sensed as a function of an electrical angle between the actual position and the commanded position. The actual position is defined by sinusoidal position signals. An adjustment signal is generated using the sinusoidal command signals and sinusoidal position signals. The adjustment signal is defined as a function of the cosine of the electrical angle. The adjustment signal is multiplied by each sinusoidal command signal to generate a corresponding set of excitation signals, each of which is applied to a corresponding phase of the multi-phase stator.

  6. First Year Adjustment in the Secondary School. (United States)

    Loosemore, Jean Ann


    This study investigated the relationship between adjustment to secondary school and 17 cognitive and noncognitive variables, including intelligence (verbal and nonverbal reasoning), academic achievement, extraversion-introversion, stable/unstable, social adjustment, endeavor, age, sex, and school form. (CP)

  7. Theory of Work Adjustment Personality Constructs. (United States)

    Lawson, Loralie


    To measure Theory of Work Adjustment personality and adjustment style dimensions, content-based scales were analyzed for homogeneity and successively reanalyzed for reliability improvement. Three sound scales were developed: inflexibility, activeness, and reactiveness. (SK)

  8. Research Design in Marital Adjustment Studies. (United States)

    Croake, James W.; Lyon, Rebecca S.


    The numerous marital adjustment studies which exist in the literature are confounded by basic design problems. Marital stability should be the baseline for data. It is then possible to discuss "happiness,""success,""adjustment," and "satisfaction." (Author)

  9. Implementing a Cross-District Principal Mentoring Program: A Human Resources Approach to Developing Midcareer Principals' Leadership Capacities (United States)

    Della Sala, Matthew R.; Klar, Hans W.; Lindle, Jane Clark; Reese, Kenyae L.; Knoeppel, Robert C.; Campbell, Michael; Buskey, Frederick C.


    Despite the key role that principals play in leading schoolwide change, districts' efforts to support principals are often limited, particularly in rural settings. In this article, we report the preliminary findings of a cross-district mentoring program for nine midcareer rural school principals. The collaboratively developed human resource…

  10. Implementing a Cross-District Principal Mentoring Program: A Human Resources Approach to Developing Midcareer Principals' Leadership Capacities (United States)

    Della Sala, Matthew R.; Klar, Hans W.; Lindle, Jane Clark; Reese, Kenyae L.; Knoeppel, Robert C.; Campbell, Michael; Buskey, Frederick C.


    Despite the key role that principals play in leading schoolwide change, districts' efforts to support principals are often limited, particularly in rural settings. In this article, we report the preliminary findings of a cross-district mentoring program for nine midcareer rural school principals. The collaboratively developed human resource…

  11. Principal components analysis of population admixture.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jianzhong Ma

    Full Text Available With the availability of high-density genotype information, principal components analysis (PCA is now routinely used to detect and quantify the genetic structure of populations in both population genetics and genetic epidemiology. An important issue is how to make appropriate and correct inferences about population relationships from the results of PCA, especially when admixed individuals are included in the analysis. We extend our recently developed theoretical formulation of PCA to allow for admixed populations. Because the sampled individuals are treated as features, our generalized formulation of PCA directly relates the pattern of the scatter plot of the top eigenvectors to the admixture proportions and parameters reflecting the population relationships, and thus can provide valuable guidance on how to properly interpret the results of PCA in practice. Using our formulation, we theoretically justify the diagnostic of two-way admixture. More importantly, our theoretical investigations based on the proposed formulation yield a diagnostic of multi-way admixture. For instance, we found that admixed individuals with three parental populations are distributed inside the triangle formed by their parental populations and divide the triangle into three smaller triangles whose areas have the same proportions in the big triangle as the corresponding admixture proportions. We tested and illustrated these findings using simulated data and data from HapMap III and the Human Genome Diversity Project.

  12. The Optimal Solution of the Model with Physical and Human Capital Adjustment Costs

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    RAO Lan-lan; CAI Dong-han


    We prove that the model with physical and human capital adjustment costs has optimal solution when the production function is increasing return and the structure of vetor fields of the model changes substantially when the prodution function from decreasing return turns to increasing return.And it is shown that the economy is improved when the coefficients of adjustment costs become small.

  13. [From crisis to adjustment disorder: a medicalization of a concept?]. (United States)

    Gil, Tsvi


    This review aimed to compare two concepts in the psychiatric literature: crisis and adjustment disorder. The two concepts stem from different theoretical perspectives, rely upon different (though relatively loose) bodies of data, and may serve different purposes. The concept of crisis originated from an approach that could be considered psychodynamic, humanistic, and community oriented. Treatment, according to this approach, is known as crisis intervention and is characterized as being principally psychological, social, humanistic, and systemic. The generic approach to crisis calls for immediate aid rather than for a diagnosis and regular appointments, as is customary in psychiatric practice. The concept of adjustment disorder, on the other hand, is a rather medical nosological approach, which strives to achieve a phenomenological and objective description of the patient, and which may lead to ordinary psychiatric treatment, such as pharmacotherapy. Herein we present a review of literature on both approaches, with an emphasis on theoretical and empirical data. The findings appear to provide rather weak empirical support for both concepts. Some theoretical resolutions are proposed in an attempt to link the two concepts, such as a continuum of severity. We conclude that practitioners should decide for themselves, according to one's own theoretical framework and purpose of usage. Nonetheless, as formal psychiatric diagnosis demands more extensive scientific support and bears further implications (such as stigma), the current use of the diagnosis of adjustment disorder may seems less justified.

  14. Adjustment of geochemical background by robust multivariate statistics (United States)

    Zhou, D.


    Conventional analyses of exploration geochemical data assume that the background is a constant or slowly changing value, equivalent to a plane or a smoothly curved surface. However, it is better to regard the geochemical background as a rugged surface, varying with changes in geology and environment. This rugged surface can be estimated from observed geological, geochemical and environmental properties by using multivariate statistics. A method of background adjustment was developed and applied to groundwater and stream sediment reconnaissance data collected from the Hot Springs Quadrangle, South Dakota, as part of the National Uranium Resource Evaluation (NURE) program. Source-rock lithology appears to be a dominant factor controlling the chemical composition of groundwater or stream sediments. The most efficacious adjustment procedure is to regress uranium concentration on selected geochemical and environmental variables for each lithologic unit, and then to delineate anomalies by a common threshold set as a multiple of the standard deviation of the combined residuals. Robust versions of regression and RQ-mode principal components analysis techniques were used rather than ordinary techniques to guard against distortion caused by outliers Anomalies delineated by this background adjustment procedure correspond with uranium prospects much better than do anomalies delineated by conventional procedures. The procedure should be applicable to geochemical exploration at different scales for other metals. ?? 1985.

  15. An exploration into the applicability of school principals' training on the principals' leadership practices in Finland


    Kakon Montua Ajua, Shantal


    Quality leadership preparation has been shown to have positive influences on leadership practices of graduates. With five formal categories of leadership training programmes in the decentralized Finnish educational system, little is known about the leadership practices of graduates. This study explored the applicability of training on principals’ self-assessed leadership practices in Central Finland. Eight semi-structured individual interviews were conducted with principals from schools i...

  16. Remote sensing retrieval model of forest carbon storage based on principal components analysis and radial basis function neural network%基于PCA-RBF神经网络的森林碳储量遥感反演模型研究

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    张超; 彭道黎


    Aiming at the problem of multicollinearity and low precision predictions by the regression prediction model of carbon storage, this study used forest resource inventory data and SPOT5 image to retrieve the aboveground forest carbon storage of Populus forests in Yanqing County. Firstly, 10 factors were analyzed by principal components analysis. Then this paper introduced a method based on PCA and radial basis function (RBF) neural network for predicting forest carbon storage. The research results show that forest resource inventory data combined SPOT5 image is very useful for retrieving study of carbon storage of Populus forests~ the fitting precision of the PCA-RBF neural network model was 99.90% ,and the average prediction reached 96.71%. The model has a good retrieval accuracy, which can be well used for retrieval of regional aboveground forest carbon storage.%针对碳储量回归预测模型存在共线性和精度较低的问题,利用森林资源二类调查数据和SPOT5影像数据对北京市延庆县的杨树林进行碳储量反演研究。先对选取的10个指标进行主成分分析,在此基础上采用径向基函数(RBF)神经网络方法构建碳储量反演模型,用预留测试样本验证,并与实测值进行比较。研究结果表明:SPOT5数据和二类数据可以很好地结合起来用于森林地上碳储量反演研究;PCA-RBF神经网络森林碳储量遥感反演模型拟合精度为99.90%,平均预测精度达到96.71%,预估效果较理想;模型训练完成后,可以应用于延庆县森林地上碳储量反演。

  17. Discuss on the Significance of Acupoints in Qiao Meridian Adjusts Balance Function in Human%浅谈跷脉腧穴对人体平衡功能的调整意义

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    田辉; 卞镝; 隋月皎; 刘玉丽


    At present, the mechanism of generation, classification and regulation of balance has been widely studied;the Chinese medicine, especial-ly the regulative effect of acupuncture therapy on motor function of human has been verified, but the studies on the mechanism of its regulative effect on motor function of human is still rare. Start with the related acpoints of Qiao meridian, which is one of the eight extra channels, this article would investigate the internal connection between Qiao meridian and balance function of human, in order to provide a new approach for patients with bal-ance disorder.%关于平衡的产生机制、分类及调节机制,目前已得到广泛研究;中医学,尤其针灸疗法对人体运动功能的调整作用已经得到验证,但其对人体平衡功能调整作用的机制研究目前并不多见。本文将从奇经八脉中的跷脉相关腧穴着手,探讨其与人体平衡功能的内在联系,为平衡障碍患者提供新的治疗思路和方法。

  18. A Longitudinal Study of Children's Social Adjustment during Elementary School. (United States)

    Battistich, Victor; Solomon, Daniel

    A 7-year, longitudinal study of children's social development from kindergarten through sixth grade was designed to identify unusually prosocial children and characteristics that differentiated them from average and antisocial peers. Another objective was to identify functional socioemotional predictors of changes in children's social adjustment.…

  19. The Deinstitutionalized Citizen: Adjustment and Quality of Life (United States)

    McDevitt, Susan Corominas; And Others


    Data gathered from interviews with 18 persons leaving a residential institution for the mentally retarded and entering independent living indicated such levels of adjustment and functioning as the following: the majority were fully employed as middle-income working persons, all were adept at using public transportation, and almost all would rather…

  20. A unified self-stabilizing neural network algorithm for principal and minor components extraction. (United States)

    Kong, Xiangyu; Hu, Changhua; Ma, Hongguang; Han, Chongzhao


    Recently, many unified learning algorithms have been developed for principal component analysis and minor component analysis. These unified algorithms can be used to extract principal components and, if altered simply by the sign, can also serve as a minor component extractor. This is of practical significance in the implementations of algorithms. This paper proposes a unified self-stabilizing neural network learning algorithm for principal and minor components extraction, and studies the stability of the proposed unified algorithm via the fixed-point analysis method. The proposed unified self-stabilizing algorithm for principal and minor components extraction is extended for tracking the principal subspace (PS) and minor subspace (MS). The averaging differential equation and the energy function associated with the unified algorithm for tracking PS and MS are given. It is shown that the averaging differential equation will globally asymptotically converge to an invariance set, and the corresponding energy function exhibit a unique global minimum attained if and only if its state matrices span the PS or MS of the autocorrelation matrix of a vector data stream. It is concluded that the proposed unified algorithm for tracking PS and MS can efficiently track an orthonormal basis of the PS or MS. Simulations are carried out to further illustrate the theoretical results achieved.

  1. Religious commitment, adult attachment, and marital adjustment in newly married couples. (United States)

    Lopez, Jamie L; Riggs, Shelley A; Pollard, Sara E; Hook, Joshua N


    Existing literature on the role of religiosity in marital functioning is often difficult to interpret due to the frequent use of convenience samples, statistical approaches inadequate for interdependent dyadic data, and the lack of a theoretical framework. The current study examined the effects of religious commitment and insecure attachment on marital adjustment. Newly married couples who did not have children (N = 92 couples, 184 individuals) completed measures of religious commitment, adult attachment, and marital functioning. There was a small positive association between religious commitment and marital adjustment. Religious commitment buffered the negative association between attachment avoidance and marital adjustment, but exacerbated the negative association between attachment anxiety and marital adjustment.

  2. School-based management: implications for the new roles of principals and teachers

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    M.J. Mosoge


    Full Text Available Recent reform policy in education rests on the implementation of school-based management. This policy implies new roles and responsibilities for the principal and teachers in the management of schools. Consequently, this paper explores school-based management with regard to the devolution of authority, leadership styles, decentralization of school functions and teacher participation.

  3. The Adjustment Variation Character in Female 400 Meter Sportsman's Respiratory Function%女子400m运动员肺通气机能的适应性变化特征

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    高新友; 强大平; 段文杰; 王改绒


    By making comparative researches on the respiratory function variation character in elite female 400 meter runner and ordinary college student's in incremental workload exercise.The result shows:in working stage,the experimental group's respiratory function mobilization velocity is faster than that of the control group,in bigger workload process respiratory type of experimental group presents depth variation,while the control group shows a frequency variation;RR's increasing speed is the interior mechanism of TV's inhibition variation in control group.In incremental exercise process,experimental group's TV increasing velocity is always bigger than that of the control group.%通过对优秀女子400m运动员和普通女子大学生递增负荷运动过程中肺通气机能变化特征的比较研究,结果表明:进入工作状态阶段,实验组肺通气机能动员速度快于对照组;大负荷运动过程中,实验组呼吸类型呈深度性变化,而对照组则呈频率性变化,对照组RR快速增加是其TV抑制性变化的内在机制;递增负荷运动过程中,实验组TV增长速度始终大于对照组。

  4. Psychosocial adjustment to recurrent cancer. (United States)

    Mahon, S M; Cella, D F; Donovan, M I


    This descriptive study of the perceptions and needs of people with recurrent malignancies asks three questions: How do patients describe the meaning of a recurrence of cancer? Do individuals perceive the diagnosis of recurrence and the initial diagnosis of cancer differently? What are the key psychosocial problems associated with recurrent cancer? The theoretical framework was based on Lazarus and Folkman's theory of stress, appraisal, and coping. Subjects completed the Impact of Event Scale (IES), the Psychosocial Adjustment to Illness Scale--Self-Report (PAIS), and a semistructured qualitative interview. The interview elicited perceptions of the event of recurrence and differences between the diagnosis of recurrence and the initial diagnosis. The convenience sample included 40 patients diagnosed with recurrent cancer within the last 30 days. Many subjects (78%) reported that the recurrence was more upsetting than the initial diagnosis. Scores on both the IES and the PAIS were high when compared to normative samples of patients with cancer suggesting that this sample of patients experienced a lot of psychological distress as well as problems at home, work, and in their social lives. These concerns often were unknown to caregivers. Although more research is needed, the authors propose that, with more accurate assessment, more effective intervention could be implemented and the quality of life improved for patients with recurrent cancer.

  5. Principal succession: The socialisation of a primary school principal in South Africa

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gertruida M. Steyn


    Full Text Available This study focussed on the socialisation of a new principal in a South African primary school with a strong Christian culture. He was appointed when the predecessor retired after more than two decades. The conceptual framework focuses on the three phases of socialisation: professional socialisation, organisational socialisation and occupational identity, which are used to interpret the study. A qualitative study, which occurred during two phases, investigated the phenomenon, principal succession, in the particular school. The data collection methods included a number of interviews with the principal, a focus group interview with staff members who experienced the previous principal’s leadership practice, and individual interviews with staff members. The following categories emerged from the data analysis: Recalling the previous principal: ‘One sees Mr X [the predecessor] everywhere’; Entry and orientation: ‘I found it intimidating initially’; and Immersion and reshaping: ‘Reins that previously were a bit slack, he is now pulling tight’.Die sosialisering van ’n primêre skoolhoof in Suid-Afrika. Hierdie studie het gefokus op die sosialisering van ’n nuwe skoolhoof in ’n Suid-Afrikaanse primêre skool met ’n sterk Christelike kultuur. Hy is aangestel toe sy voorganger ná meer as twee dekades afgetree het. Die konseptuele raamwerk, wat gebruik is om die bevindinge te interpreteer, het op die drie fases van sosialisering gefokus, naamlik professionele sosialisering, organisatoriese sosialisering en beroepsidentiteit. ’n Kwalitatiewe ondersoek na die skoolhoofopvolgingverskynsel in die bepaalde skool is in twee fases gedoen. Die data-insamelingsmetodes het ’n aantal onderhoude met die skoolhoof, ’n fokusgroeponderhoud met personeellede wat ook onder leierskap van die vorige skoolhoof gewerk het en individuele onderhoude met personeellede ingesluit. Tydens die data-analise het die volgende kategorieë na vore gekom

  6. Proactive and reactive sibling aggression and adjustment in adolescence. (United States)

    Tucker, Corinna Jenkins; Van Gundy, Karen T; Wiesen-Martin, Desireé; Hiley Sharp, Erin; Rebellon, Cesar J; Stracuzzi, Nena F


    Existing research on aggression tends to narrowly focus on peers; less is known about sibling aggression, most likely due to its historical acceptance. Aggression is characterized by its forms (i.e., physical vs. social or relational aggression) and its functions (i.e., the motivations behind the aggressive act and categorized as proactive vs. reactive aggression). We use data from a two-wave study of middle (n = 197; M age = 12.63 years at Wave 1) and older (n = 159; M age = 16.50 years at Wave 1) adolescents to assess the extent to which proactive and reactive functions of sibling aggression make unique or conditional contributions to adolescent adjustment (i.e., depression, delinquency, and substance use). We find that proactive sibling aggression increases risk for problem substance use and delinquent behavior, reactive sibling aggression increases risk for depressed mood and delinquent behavior, and such results are observed even with statistical adjustments for sociodemographic and family variables, stressful life events, and prior adjustment. Few conditional effects of proactive or reactive sibling aggression by sex or grade are observed; yet, for all three outcomes, the harmful effects of reactive sibling aggression are strongest among adolescents who report low levels of proactive sibling aggression. The results speak to the importance of understanding the proactive and reactive functions of sibling aggressive behaviors for adolescent adjustment.

  7. Evaluation of an adjustable epidemiologic information system.

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Jiunn-Shyan Julian Wu

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: In order to facilitate public health response and to achieve early control of infectious disease epidemics, an adjustable epidemiologic information system (AEIS was established in the Taiwan public health network in February 2006. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: The performance of AEIS for the period 2006 through 2008 was evaluated based on a number of response times (RT and the public health impact. After implementation of the system, the apparent overall shortened RT was mainly due to the shortening of personnel response time (PRT and the time needed to draft a new questionnaire that incurred as personnel-system interface (PSI; PRT dropped from a fluctuating range of 9.8 ∼28.8 days in the first four months to <10 days in the following months and remained low till 2008 (0.88±1.52 days. The PSIs for newly emerged infectious diseases were 2.6 and 3.4 person-hours for H5N1 in 2007 and chikungunya in 2008, respectively, a much improvement from 1142.5 person-hours for SARS in 2003. The duration of each rubella epidemic cluster was evaluated as public health impact and showed a shortening trend (p = 0.019 that concurred with the shortening of PRT from 64.8±47.3 to 25.2±38.2 hours per cluster (p<0.0001. CONCLUSIONS/SIGNIFICANCE: The first evaluation of the novel instrument AEIS that had been used to assist Taiwan's multi-level government for infectious diseases control demonstrated that it was well integrated into the existing public health infrastructure. It provided flexible tools and computer algorithms with friendly interface for timely data collection, integration, and analysis; as a result, it shortened RTs, filled in gaps of personnel lacking sufficient experiences, created a more efficient flow of response, and identified asymptomatic/mild cases early to minimize further spreading. With further development, AEIS is anticipated to be useful in the application of other acute public health events needing immediate

  8. 中药0708对溃疡性结肠炎大鼠肠道菌群失调及免疫功能低下的调整作用%0708 Chinese medicine for ulcerative colitis rat intestinal dysbacteriosis and low immune function of adjustment func-tion

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    罗振立; 白引苗; 王茉琳; 李立秋; 杨景云


    Objective To investigate the influence of Chinese medicine mixture on microecological imbalance and immune function in experimental rat colitis .To explore Chinese medicine agent for the treatment of ulcerative colitis .Methods Acetic acid-induced colitis model in rats were respectively given beneficial traditional Chinese medicines ,bifidobiogen ,or the two-drug combination therapy .Then we harvested intestinal contents and colon with lesion in batches .After culture ,changes in intestinal flora were observed .Meanwhile ,we observed the in-testinal mucosal injury ,recovery of the intestinal mucosa after treatment ,and determined the number of T lym-phocyte subsets in each group.Results Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)0708 can foster the intestinal normal flora growth ,improve the intestinal mucosa damage and control the intestinal bacterial translocation .Compared with natural recovery group ,the indicators were of significant difference ( P <0 .05) .Conclusion The group of normal Chinese traditional medicine can foster the intestinal normal flora growth ,adjust intestinal microecological imbalance ,repair of the intestinal mucosa damage and enhance the immune function .%目的:探讨中药合剂对实验性大鼠结肠炎的微生态失调、免疫功能的影响,寻找治疗溃疡性结肠炎的中药合剂。方法用乙酸诱发大鼠实验性结肠炎模型,筛选具有免疫增强作用的补益类中药制成的常态中药,分别于第7天,第10天,第14天分批剖腹取肠道内容物及结肠病变肠段,培养后观察肠道双歧杆菌、乳酸杆菌、肠杆菌、肠球菌4种正常菌群变化,肉眼及苏木素-伊红(H E )染色后观察肠黏膜损伤及治疗组的修复情况,同时用免疫组织化学法测定各组T细胞亚群的数量。结果中药0708能扶植肠道正常菌群生长,促进肠黏膜损伤修复,控制肠道菌易位,各项指标与自然恢复组比较差异有统计学意义( P <0.05

  9. Principal leadership in new teacher induction: Becoming agents of change

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)



    Full Text Available This small-scale pilot study investigated the role of school principals in the induction of new teachers in Ontario, Canada. Building upon the theoretical framework of Bolman and Deal (2002, as well as interviews, document analysis, and review of extant literature, the following findings were established: (a Principals expressed that the educative mentorship of novices requires the engagement of the entireschool community; and (b Principals, veterans, and novices saw teaching as an intellectual, moral, and political endeavor that required their collective involvement. We suggest that principals employ the notion of “communities of practice” to instill a culture of support for new teacher induction.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Principal Component Analysis (PCA) is one of the most important feature extraction methods, and Kernel Principal Component Analysis (KPCA) is a nonlinear extension of PCA based on kernel methods. In real world, each input data may not be fully assigned to one class and it may partially belong to other classes. Based on the theory of fuzzy sets, this paper presents Fuzzy Principal Component Analysis (FPCA) and its nonlinear extension model, i.e., Kernel-based Fuzzy Principal Component Analysis (KFPCA). The experimental results indicate that the proposed algorithms have good performances.

  11. Incremental Tensor Principal Component Analysis for Handwritten Digit Recognition

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Chang Liu


    Full Text Available To overcome the shortcomings of traditional dimensionality reduction algorithms, incremental tensor principal component analysis (ITPCA based on updated-SVD technique algorithm is proposed in this paper. This paper proves the relationship between PCA, 2DPCA, MPCA, and the graph embedding framework theoretically and derives the incremental learning procedure to add single sample and multiple samples in detail. The experiments on handwritten digit recognition have demonstrated that ITPCA has achieved better recognition performance than that of vector-based principal component analysis (PCA, incremental principal component analysis (IPCA, and multilinear principal component analysis (MPCA algorithms. At the same time, ITPCA also has lower time and space complexity.

  12. Do Qualification, Experience and Age Matter for Principals Leadership Styles?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Muhammad Javed Sawati


    Full Text Available The main focus of present study was to find out the prevalent leadership styles of principals in government schools of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and to find relationship of leadership styles with qualifications, age and experience of the principals. On the basis of analyzed data, four major leadership styles of the principals were identified as Eclectic, Democratic, Autocratic, and Free-rein. However, a small proportion of the principal had no dominant leadership style. This study shows that principals’ leadership styles have no significant correlation with age, experience and qualification.

  13. Can quiet standing posture predict compensatory postural adjustment?

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gabriel Bueno Lahóz Moya


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to analyze whether quiet standing posture is related to compensatory postural adjustment. INTRODUCTION: The latest data in clinical practice suggests that static posture may play a significant role in musculoskeletal function, even in dynamic activities. However, no evidence exists regarding whether static posture during quiet standing is related to postural adjustment. METHODS: Twenty healthy participants standing on a movable surface underwent unexpected, standardized backward and forward postural perturbations while kinematic data were acquired; ankle, knee, pelvis and trunk positions were then calculated. An initial and a final video frame representing quiet standing posture and the end of the postural perturbation were selected in such a way that postural adjustments had occurred between these frames. The positions of the body segments were calculated in these initial and final frames, together with the displacement of body segments during postural adjustments between the initial and final frames. The relationship between the positions of body segments in the initial and final frames and their displacements over this time period was analyzed using multiple regressions with a significance level of p < 0.05. RESULTS: We failed to identify a relationship between the position of the body segments in the initial and final frames and the associated displacement of the body segments. DISCUSSION: The motion pattern during compensatory postural adjustment is not related to quiet standing posture or to the final posture of compensatory postural adjustment. This fact should be considered when treating balance disturbances and musculoskeletal abnormalities. CONCLUSION: Static posture cannot predict how body segments will behave during compensatory postural adjustment.

  14. A Consistent Semantics of Self-Adjusting Computation

    CERN Document Server

    Acar, Umut A; Donham, Jacob


    This paper presents a semantics of self-adjusting computation and proves that the semantics are correct and consistent. The semantics integrate change propagation with the classic idea of memoization to enable reuse of computations under mutation to memory. During evaluation, reuse of a computation via memoization triggers a change propagation that adjusts the reused computation to reflect the mutated memory. Since the semantics integrate memoization and change-propagation, it involves both non-determinism (due to memoization) and mutation (due to change propagation). Our consistency theorem states that the non-determinism is not harmful: any two evaluations of the same program starting at the same state yield the same result. Our correctness theorem states that mutation is not harmful: self-adjusting programs are consistent with purely functional programming. We formalize the semantics and their meta-theory in the LF logical framework and machine check our proofs using Twelf.

  15. 基于肾功能状况调整顺铂剂量的研究进展%Progress of Cisplatin Dose Adjustment Based on the Renal Function

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    朱妍蒨; 于锋; 葛卫红


    To investigate the effect of edaravone on chronic cerebral ischemia and expression of MDA and SOD in rats. Methods: A chronic cerebral ischemic model was established by ligation of bilateral carotid arteries in rats. Edaravone was peritoneally injected at 3 mg·kg-1 3 weeks after operation. The neural function impairment was evaluated by the stroke index and neurological symptom score. The positive expression of MDA and SOD in different portion was observed through visible spectrophotometry. Results: The neurological disfunction in edaravone group was significantly lighter than that in control group or cerebrolysin vial group 4 weeks after cerebral ischemia. The level of MDA was significantly lower, the activity of SOD was significantly higher than those in the other two groups 4 weeks after operation, respectively (P<0.01). The positive expression was highest during 4~12 weeks. The most obvious expression of MDA was in frontal lobe and the secondary in hippocampus; the most obvious expression of SOD was in hippocampus and the secondary in frontal lobe. Conclusion: Edaravone can protect neural tissue against ischemic injury in rats. The mechanisms include up-regulation of SOD, elimination of free radical and inhibition of lipid peroxidation.%顺铂化疗对肾功能的损害已有共识.目前,国外根据肌酐清除率调整顺铂剂量,而国内对顺铂化疗剂量的选择与调整缺乏规范与标准,无法为肿瘤患者提供优质的个体化治疗.通过查阅国内外文献,全面介绍肿瘤患者肾功能的评估指标,总结化疗药物剂量调整原则及方式,综述国外顺铂剂量选择与调整的现状.

  16. Principal leadership style, school performance, and principal effectiveness in Dubai schools

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Ibrahim, Ali S.


    Full Text Available This study investigated whether a correlation exists between the principal’s leadership style and both a performance level and b the principal’s effectiveness in schools in Dubai. It also investigated whether the correlations change according to the principal’s gender, years of experience, and the level of the school (primary, intermediate, and secondary. Data on principals’ leadership styles and effectiveness were collected through Avolio and Bass’ (1995 Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ completed by teachers in 34 government schools. Data on school performance were obtained from the 2010 Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau report. The study found that the transformational leadership style was most frequently employed, followed by the transactional style, and then the passive or avoidant style. The study found a positive correlation between the principal leadership style and his/her effectiveness, but found no correlation with school performance. Finally, principal style and effectiveness differed according to the principal’s gender and the level of the school, but not according to the principal’s years of experience. Findings of this study open a new area of research on school principalship, performance, and effectiveness in the UAE.

  17. The Effect of School Supervisors Competence and School Principals Competence on Work Motivation and Performance of Junior High School Teachers in Maros Regency, Indonesia (United States)

    Arman; Thalib, Syamsul Bachri; Manda, Darman


    This study aims at analyzing the effect of the competence of school supervisors and school principals on work motivation and performance of Junior High School teachers in Maros Regency. This research was a quantitative research by using survey approach. This approach was used because it is adjusted to the nature and assumptions of the study in…

  18. Recent Progress in Adjustable X-ray Optics for Astronomy (United States)

    Reid, Paul B.; Allured, Ryan; Cotroneo, Vincenzo; McMuldroch, Stuart; Marquez, Vanessa; Schwartz, Daniel A.; Vikhlinin, Alexey; ODell, Stephen L.; Ramsey, Brian; Trolier-McKinstry, Susan; Johnson-Wilke, Raegan; Wilke, Rudeger H.


    Two adjustable X-ray optics approaches are being developed for thin grazing incidence optics for astronomy. The first approach employs thin film piezoelectric material sputter deposited as a continuous layer on the back of thin, lightweight Wolter-I mirror segments. The piezoelectric material is used to correct mirror figure errors from fabrication, mounting/alignment, and any ground to orbit changes. The goal of this technology is to produce Wolter mirror segment pairs corrected to 0.5 arc sec image resolution. With the combination of high angular resolution and lightweight, this mirror technology is suitable for the Square Meter Arc Second Resolution Telescope for X-rays (SMART-X) mission concept.. The second approach makes use of electrostrictive adjusters and full shell nickel/cobalt electroplated replication mirrors. An array of radial adjusters is used to deform the full shells to correct the lowest order axial and azimuthal errors, improving imaging performance from the 10 - 15 arc sec level to 5 arc sec. We report on recent developments in both technologies. In particular, we discuss the use of insitu strain gauges on the thin piezo film mirrors for use as feedback on piezoelectric adjuster functionality, including their use for on-orbit figure correction. We also report on the first tests of full shell nickel/cobalt mirror correction with radial adjusters.

  19. Ergonomic evaluation of the Apple Adjustable Keyboard

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Tittiranonda, P.; Burastero, S.; Shih, M. [Lawrence Livermore National Lab., CA (United States); Rempel, D. [University of California Berkeley/San Francisco (United States). Ergonomics Laboratory


    This study presents an evaluation of the Apple Adjustable Keyboard based on subjective preference and observed joint angles during typing. Thirty five keyboard users were asked to use the Apple adjustable keyboard for 7--14 days and rate the various characteristics of the keyboard. Our findings suggest that the most preferred opening angles range from 11--20{degree}. The mean ulnar deviation on the Apple Adjustable keyboard is 11{degree}, compared to 16{degree} on the standard keyboard. The mean extension was decreased from 24{degree} to 16{degree} when using the adjustable keyboard. When asked to subjectively rate the adjustable keyboard in comparison to the standard, the average subject felt that the Apple Adjustable Keyboard was more comfortable and easier to use than the standard flat keyboard.

  20. Efficient Adjustable Reflectivity Smart Window

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    D. Morgan Tench


    This project addressed the key technical issues for development of an efficient smart window based on reversible electrochemical transfer of silver between a mirror electrode and a localized counter electrode. Effort to provide uniform switching over large areas focused on use of a resistive transparent electrode innerlayer to increase the interelectrode resistance. An effective edge seal was developed in collaboration with adhesive suppliers and an electrochromic device manufacturer. Work to provide a manufacturable counter electrode focused on fabricating a dot matrix electrode without photolithography by electrodeposition of Pt nuclei on inherent active sites on a transparent oxide conductor. An alternative counter electrode based on a conducting polymer and an ionic liquid electrolyte was also investigated. Work in all of these areas was successful. Sputtered large-bandgap oxide innerlayers sandwiched between conductive indium tin oxide (ITO) layers were shown to provide sufficient cross-layer resistance (>300 ohm/cm{sup 2}) without significantly affecting the electrochemical properties of the ITO overlayer. Two edge seal epoxies, one procured from an epoxy manufacturer and one provided by an electrochromic device manufacturer in finished seals, were shown to be effective barriers against oxygen intrusion up to 80 C. The optimum density of nuclei for the dot matrix counter electrode was attained without use of photolithography by electrodeposition from a commercial alkaline platinum plating bath. Silver loss issues for cells with dot matrix electrodes were successfully addressed by purifying the electrolyte and adjusting the cell cycling parameters. More than 30K cycles were demonstrated for a REM cell (30-cm square) with a dot matrix counter electrode. Larger cells (30-cm square) were successfully fabricated but could not be cycled since the nucleation layers (provided by an outside supplier) were defective so that mirror deposits could not be produced.

  1. Functional

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Fedoua Gandia


    Full Text Available The study was carried out to investigate the effects of inhaled Mg alone and associated with F in the treatment of bronchial hyperresponsiveness. 43 male Wistar rats were randomly divided into four groups and exposed to inhaled NaCl 0.9%, MeCh, MgSO4 and MgF2. Pulmonary changes were assessed by means of functional tests and quantitative histological examination of lungs and trachea. Results revealed that delivery of inhaled Mg associated with F led to a significant decrease of total lung resistance better than inhaled Mg alone (p < 0.05. Histological examinations illustrated that inhaled Mg associated with F markedly suppressed muscular hypertrophy (p = 0.034 and bronchoconstriction (p = 0.006 in MeCh treated rats better than inhaled Mg alone. No histological changes were found in the trachea. This study showed that inhaled Mg associated with F attenuated the main principle of the central components of changes in MeCh provoked experimental asthma better than inhaled Mg alone, potentially providing a new therapeutic approach against asthma.

  2. The organization of anticipatory postural adjustments


    Aruin Alexander S.


    Central control of posture is expressed through anticipatory and compensatory postural adjustments. Anticipatory postural adjustments (APAs) precede planned postural perturbations and minimize them with anticipatory corrections, while compensatory postural adjustments deal with actual perturbations of balance that occur as a result of suboptimal efficiency of anticipatory corrections. The process of generation of APAs is affected by three major factors: expected magnitude and direction of the...

  3. Principal Shapes and Squeezed Limits in the Effective Field Theory of Large Scale Structure

    CERN Document Server

    Bertolini, Daniele


    We apply an orthogonalization procedure on the effective field theory of large scale structure (EFT of LSS) shapes, relevant for the angle-averaged bispectrum and non-Gaussian covariance of the matter power spectrum at one loop. Assuming natural-sized EFT parameters, this identifies a linear combination of EFT shapes - referred to as the principal shape - that gives the dominant contribution for the whole kinematic plane, with subdominant combinations suppressed by a few orders of magnitude. For the covariance, our orthogonal transformation is in excellent agreement with a principal component analysis applied to available data. Additionally we find that, for both observables, the coefficients of the principal shapes are well approximated by the EFT coefficients appearing in the squeezed limit, and are thus measurable from power spectrum response functions. Employing data from N-body simulations for the growth-only response, we measure the single EFT coefficient describing the angle-averaged bispectrum with $\\...

  4. Optimized principal component analysis on coronagraphic images of the fomalhaut system

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Meshkat, Tiffany; Kenworthy, Matthew A. [Sterrewacht Leiden, P.O. Box 9513, Niels Bohrweg 2, 2300-RA Leiden (Netherlands); Quanz, Sascha P.; Amara, Adam [Institute for Astronomy, ETH Zurich, Wolfgang-Pauli-Strasse 27, 8093-CH Zurich (Switzerland)


    We present the results of a study to optimize the principal component analysis (PCA) algorithm for planet detection, a new algorithm complementing angular differential imaging and locally optimized combination of images (LOCI) for increasing the contrast achievable next to a bright star. The stellar point spread function (PSF) is constructed by removing linear combinations of principal components, allowing the flux from an extrasolar planet to shine through. The number of principal components used determines how well the stellar PSF is globally modeled. Using more principal components may decrease the number of speckles in the final image, but also increases the background noise. We apply PCA to Fomalhaut Very Large Telescope NaCo images acquired at 4.05 μm with an apodized phase plate. We do not detect any companions, with a model dependent upper mass limit of 13-18 M {sub Jup} from 4-10 AU. PCA achieves greater sensitivity than the LOCI algorithm for the Fomalhaut coronagraphic data by up to 1 mag. We make several adaptations to the PCA code and determine which of these prove the most effective at maximizing the signal-to-noise from a planet very close to its parent star. We demonstrate that optimizing the number of principal components used in PCA proves most effective for pulling out a planet signal.

  5. Corporal Punishment and Child Adjustment (United States)

    Aucoin, Katherine J.; Frick, Paul J.; Bodin, S. Doug


    The association between corporal punishment and children's emotional and behavioral functioning was studied in a sample of 98 non-referred children with a mean age of 12.35 (SD=1.72) recruited from two school systems in the southeastern United States. Children were divided into those who had experienced no corporal punishment over approximately a…



    Kahle, Jason T.; Klenow, Tyler D.; Highsmith, M. Jason


    The socket-limb interface is vital for functionality and provides stability and mobility for the amputee. Volume fluctuation can lead to compromised fit and function. Current socket technology does not accommodate for volume fluctuation. An adjustable interface may improve function and comfort by filling this technology gap. The purpose of this study was to compare the effectiveness of the standard of care (SOC) ischial ramus containment to an adjustable transfemoral prosthetic interface sock...

  7. Principal Component Analysis In Radar Polarimetry

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    A. Danklmayer


    Full Text Available Second order moments of multivariate (often Gaussian joint probability density functions can be described by the covariance or normalised correlation matrices or by the Kennaugh matrix (Kronecker matrix. In Radar Polarimetry the application of the covariance matrix is known as target decomposition theory, which is a special application of the extremely versatile Principle Component Analysis (PCA. The basic idea of PCA is to convert a data set, consisting of correlated random variables into a new set of uncorrelated variables and order the new variables according to the value of their variances. It is important to stress that uncorrelatedness does not necessarily mean independent which is used in the much stronger concept of Independent Component Analysis (ICA. Both concepts agree for multivariate Gaussian distribution functions, representing the most random and least structured distribution. In this contribution, we propose a new approach in applying the concept of PCA to Radar Polarimetry. Therefore, new uncorrelated random variables will be introduced by means of linear transformations with well determined loading coefficients. This in turn, will allow the decomposition of the original random backscattering target variables into three point targets with new random uncorrelated variables whose variances agree with the eigenvalues of the covariance matrix. This allows a new interpretation of existing decomposition theorems.

  8. Subjective performance evaluations and reciprocity in principal-agent relations

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Sebald, Alexander Christopher; Walzl, Markus


    . In contrast to existing models of reciprocity, we find that agents tend to sanction whenever the feedback of principals is below their subjective self-evaluations even if agents' pay-offs are independent of it. In turn, principals provide more positive feedback (relative to their actual performance assessment...

  9. 3D face recognition with asymptotic cones based principal curvatures

    KAUST Repository

    Tang, Yinhang


    The classical curvatures of smooth surfaces (Gaussian, mean and principal curvatures) have been widely used in 3D face recognition (FR). However, facial surfaces resulting from 3D sensors are discrete meshes. In this paper, we present a general framework and define three principal curvatures on discrete surfaces for the purpose of 3D FR. These principal curvatures are derived from the construction of asymptotic cones associated to any Borel subset of the discrete surface. They describe the local geometry of the underlying mesh. First two of them correspond to the classical principal curvatures in the smooth case. We isolate the third principal curvature that carries out meaningful geometric shape information. The three principal curvatures in different Borel subsets scales give multi-scale local facial surface descriptors. We combine the proposed principal curvatures with the LNP-based facial descriptor and SRC for recognition. The identification and verification experiments demonstrate the practicability and accuracy of the third principal curvature and the fusion of multi-scale Borel subset descriptors on 3D face from FRGC v2.0.

  10. The Relationship of Principal Conflict Management Style and School Climate (United States)

    Boucher, Miriam Miley


    Using a mixed-methods design, this study examined conflict management styles of elementary school principals in South Carolina and the relationship of conflict management style and school climate. The Rahim Organizational Conflict Inventory-II, Form B, which identifies five styles of managing conflict, was used to determine principal conflict…

  11. Principals' Evidence-Based Practice--Findings from German Schools (United States)

    Demski, Denise; Racherbäumer, Kathrin


    Purpose: In Germany, principals' working environments are data-rich for school improvement purposes in a rather low-stakes test-regime. An effective use of externally as well as internally generated data, also known as data wise leadership, is considered to be a key competence of successful principals. The purpose of this paper is to describe data…

  12. Existential fulfillment and burnout among principals and teachers

    NARCIS (Netherlands)

    Tomic, W.; Tomic, E. N.


    Abstract The aim of the current study was to determine the prevalence of burnout in primary education teachers and primary school principals and to explore the relationship of existential fulfillment to self-reported burnout scores. Random samples of 215 teachers and 514 principals participated in a

  13. Dress Codes in the Public Schools: Principals, Policies, and Precepts. (United States)

    DeMitchell, Todd A.; Fossey, Richard; Cobb, Casey


    Responses from 157 principals (65 percent of a national sample) showed strong support for dress codes. Research focuses on the perception of school principals regarding dress codes, analyzes dress codes for common features, and proposes a constitutional standard of review for contested dress codes. (58 footnotes) (MLF)

  14. High School Principals as Leaders: Styles and Sources of Power (United States)

    Brinia, Vasiliki; Papantoniou, Eva


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to present the characteristics of leadership (style adopted, sources of power exercised and factors affecting leadership) of high school principals in Greece. Design/Methodology/Approach: In total, 235 school principals were surveyed using questionnaires. These questionnaires assessed how often they adopted…

  15. Ecstasy of Emptiness? Reflections of a Retired School Principal. (United States)

    Azzara, Judith R.


    A retired elementary principal who was actively tied to her community for decades explains how to put a positive spin on retirement. New retirees should treasure their gifts and talents, develop new ones, take advantage of travel opportunities, mentor a new principal, and/or go back to college. (MLH)

  16. Alignment between Principal and Teacher Beliefs about Technology Use (United States)

    Alghamdi, Abdulmajeed; Prestridge, Sarah


    This paper explores the link between principals' and teachers' beliefs regarding technology use in teaching and learning. Principals who have a clear vision for carrying out the pedagogical requirements for technological change in teaching and learning approaches can direct the use of technology to enhance the school learning environment.…

  17. Recruiting and Selecting Principals. ERIC Digest Series Number EA27. (United States)

    Klauke, Amy

    This ERIC Digest is an overview of the process of recruiting and selecting principals. Criteria for selecting a principal should include problem analysis, organizational ability, decisiveness, effective communication skills, and stress tolerance, along with personal qualities such as dedication, creativity, and enthusiasm. Innovative steps that…

  18. Measuring the Learning-Centered Leadership Expertise of School Principals (United States)

    Goldring, Ellen; Huff, Jason; Spillane, James P.; Barnes, Carol


    We as a field believe that school principals can acquire new expertise by participating in principal preparation and professional development programs; however, we have few methodologies to measure leadership expertise, especially expertise that links leadership to improved student learning. In this article, we present the results of a study that…

  19. Are Teacher and Principal Candidates Prepared to Address Student Cyberbullying? (United States)

    Styron, Ronald A., Jr.; Bonner, Jessica L.; Styron, Jennifer L.; Bridgeforth, James; Martin, Cecelia


    The purpose of this study was to examine the preparation of teacher and principal candidates to address problems created in K-12 settings as a result of cyberbullying. Participants included teacher and principal preparation students. Findings indicated that respondents were familiar with the most common forms of cyberbullying and its impact on…

  20. Relationship between Personality Traits and Performance among School Principals (United States)

    Ali, Siadat Sayyed; Azizollah, Arbabisarjou; Zaman, Azhdari; Zahra, Amiri; Mohtaram, Abooeimehrizi


    This research seeks to explore the relationship between personality traits and performance among school principals. The main objective of this research is to analyze the relationship between principals' personality traits such as introversion, extroversion neuroticism and emotional stability between several performance dimensions. A descriptive…


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    Kinematics of a 3-RPS parallel pyramid manipulator are investigated by principal screw. Firstly, the principal screws are identified by quadric degeneration. The planar conics representing the relations between the pitches and the three linear inputs are described, and the three-dimensional distribution of the axes of all the twists is illustrated. Finally, a numerical example is given successfully.

  2. From Redistribution to Recognition: How School Principals Perceive Social Justice (United States)

    Wang, Fei


    Where there are people, there is social in/justice. Using Nancy Fraser's framework, this qualitative research examines how school principals perceive social justice in schools. Twenty-one elementary and secondary school principals were interviewed in the Greater Toronto Area. The study provides some empirical evidence on the ways social…

  3. Principals' Management Behavior, Personality Types and Physiological Stress. (United States)

    Cooper, Bruce S.; And Others


    Data from portable heart-rate monitors and work diaries were used to relate Mintzberg's "nature of managerial work" to physiological stress in small number of working principals over three complete work days. Principals found to be working under extreme stress for long hours, and certain activities were more stressful than others.…

  4. Discretion in Student Discipline: Insight into Elementary Principals' Decision Making (United States)

    Findlay, Nora M.


    Little research exists that examines the exercise of discretion by principals in their disciplinary decision making. This study sought to understand the application of values by principals as they engage in student disciplinary decision making within legally fixed parameters of their administrative discretion. This qualitative methodology used…

  5. The Forgotten Aspect of Communication: Principals' Listening Skills (United States)

    Woods, Jerry; Shoho, Alan R.


    This study investigated principals' self-perceptions and teachers' perceptions of principals' listening skills. An instrument measuring perception of listening skills was developed on the basis of four listening factors: attending, empathy, response, and trustworthiness. Factor analysis confirmed the structure of the new listening instrument, and…

  6. Principal Preservice Education for Leadership in Inclusive Schools (United States)

    Lyons, Wanda


    Principal leadership has been identified as the key to successful implementation of inclusive education for students with disabilities. Prospective principals require knowledge, skills, and dispositions to equip them to work with key stakeholders to initiate and sustain inclusive practices within their schools. The purpose of this action research…

  7. Examining Teachers' Motivation Level According to School Principals' Humor Styles (United States)

    Recepoglu, Ergun; Kilinc, Ali Cagatay; Cepni, Osman


    The purpose of this research is to examine the motivation level of teachers according to school principals' humor styles. The humor styles survey and job motivation scale were used to gather data from 305 randomly selected teachers employed in primary schools in Karabuk. Results indicated that 141 of the teachers claimed school principal had…

  8. 20 CFR 362.10 - Principal types of claims allowable. (United States)


    ... which the loss or damage occurred: (1) In a common or natural disaster; (2) When the property was... 20 Employees' Benefits 1 2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false Principal types of claims allowable. 362.10... PROCEDURES EMPLOYEES' PERSONAL PROPERTY CLAIMS § 362.10 Principal types of claims allowable. (a) In...

  9. Principals' Perception regarding Factors Affecting the Performance of Teachers (United States)

    Akram, Muhammad Javaid; Raza, Syed Ahmad; Khaleeq, Abdur Rehman; Atika, Samrana


    This study investigated the perception of principals on how the factors of subject mastery, teaching methodology, personal characteristics, and attitude toward students affect the performance of teachers at higher secondary level in the Punjab. All principals of higher secondary level in the Punjab were part of the population of the study. From…

  10. Principals' Leadership Styles and ESL Teachers' Job Satisfaction (United States)

    Jackson, K. A'jaydin


    The purpose of this research study was to examine principals' leadership styles and how and what extent it impacted teachers' job satisfaction. Principals' leadership styles were examined by middle and high school teachers' perceptions. This study drew from 10 middle and 10 high schools in a large school district located in Texas. Participants…

  11. Comments: Should Principal Stratification Be Used to Study Mediational Processes? (United States)

    VanderWeele, Tyler J.


    Principal stratification provides an approach to study the effect of an exposure on an outcome within strata defined by the effect of the exposure on some third, posttreatment, variable (Frangakis & Rubin, 2002). There has been more recent interest in using principal stratification to study the extent to which the effect of an exposure on an…

  12. The Principal's Guide to Instructional Improvement: Theory to Practice (United States)

    Krajewski, Robert


    Beginning with an abridged history of administrative and clinical supervision, "The Principal's Guide to Instructional Improvement" offers principals both background information, as well as comprehensive models and examples, to analyze and improve teacher instruction. Based on the principle of teacher growth, rather than teacher evaluation, this…

  13. Calibrating One's Moral Compass: How Principal Preparation Shapes School Leaders (United States)

    Larsen, Donald E.; Derrington, Mary Lynne


    No textbook that an aspiring principal encounters in preparing for the role of school leader discusses what steps to follow when a member--or members--of the school staff challenge standards of professional judgment and moral rectitude. Instead, the most reliable guide at the principal's disposal may be the "moral compass" upon which the…

  14. A Phenomenological Narrative Study: Elementary Charter School Principals' Managerial Roles (United States)

    Cetinkaya, Ahmet


    This study was a phenomenological narrative research investigating the managerial roles of elementary charter school principals. Managerial leadership practices were investigated under three categories personnel management, student management, and finance management. Elementary charter school principals provided positive feedback for having small…

  15. Career Paths in Educational Leadership: Examining Principals' Narratives (United States)

    Parylo, Oksana; Zepeda, Sally J.; Bengtson, Ed


    This qualitative study analyzes the career path narratives of active principals. Structural narrative analysis was supplemented with sociolinguistic theory and thematic narrative analysis to discern the similarities and differences, as well as the patterns in the language used by participating principals. Thematic analysis found four major themes…

  16. Latina/o School Principals: Identity, Leadership and Advocacy (United States)

    Murakami, Elizabeth T.; Hernandez, Frank; Mendez-Morse, Sylvia; Byrne-Jimenez, Monica


    This study sought to further define and inform about the influence of Latina/o principals in schools as an alternative to traditional forms of leadership. The principals' Latina/o identity, their leadership styles and advocacy towards the improvement of student achievement were examined. This research focused on three questions: (a) How did…

  17. Principals' Perceptions and Practices of School Bullying Prevention Activities (United States)

    Dake, Joseph A.; Price, James H.; Telljohann, Susan K.; Funk, Jeanne B.


    The purpose of this study was to examine principals' perceptions and practices regarding bullying prevention. A survey instrument was developed to assess principals' stages of change and perceived barriers regarding selected bullying prevention activities as well as the effectiveness of bullying prevention activities. Of a national random sample…

  18. Challenges Facing Principals in the First Year at Their Schools (United States)

    Bayar, Adem


    The aim of this study is to identify key challenges of practice that principals face. In line with this purpose, the researcher has employed a qualitative research methodology, interviewing principals working in Amasya district, over and above doing document analysis to collect detailed information concerning leadership and administration…

  19. The Job Realities of Beginning and Experienced Assistant Principals (United States)

    Barnett, Bruce G.; Shoho, Alan R.; Oleszewski, Ashley M.


    This study examined the perceptions of a cross section of new and experienced assistant principals regarding the realities of their jobs. Findings indicated that their challenges pertain to workload and task management, conflicts with adults and students, and curriculum and instruction issues. Novice and experienced assistant principals' responses…

  20. Instructional Leadership Potential among School Principals in Pakistan (United States)

    Niqab, Muhammad; Sharma, Sailesh; Wei, Leong Mei; Maulod, Shafinaz Bt A.


    This study highlights the pivotal role of the school principal in relation to organizational commitment and expected student outcomes in schools in Pakistan. By critically examining the available literature, and by evaluating relevant data, this study will draw attention to how successful principals manage their schools, by providing an…

  1. Leadership for Successful Inclusive Schools: A Study of Principal Behaviours. (United States)

    Guzman, Nadyne


    Describes a multiple case analysis of six elementary school principals considered to be successful leaders of inclusive schools. Each principal established an open communication system, was actively involved in developing individualized educational plans, personally conversed with parents of disabled students, collaborated with staff on inclusion…

  2. Leadership Behaviours of Principals in Inclusive Educational Settings. (United States)

    Ingram, Patreese D.


    A recent study explored whether the leadership behavior of principals working in inclusive schools tended to be more transformational or transactional, based on 44 teachers' responses on the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire. Principals were judged as exhibiting more transformational than transactional behaviors. Also, teachers were more highly…

  3. How Mentor Principals Interpret the Mentoring Process Using Metaphors (United States)

    Schechter, Chen; Firuz, Florit


    The study focused on how principal mentors perceived the mentoring process by means of the metaphors they used to represent it. Semi-structured in-depth interviews were conducted with 18 principal mentors. Findings were analysed qualitatively, generating themes as an inductive process, grounded in the various metaphors articulated by participants.…

  4. A Study of the Leadership Dimensions of National Distinguished Principals (United States)

    McCollum, Judith


    The identification and recruitment of effective school principals who can transform schools in the midst of today's chaotic economic, social, and global environments require a thorough understanding of the research on effective leadership. Current research indicates that principals who exhibit transformational leadership and, most recently,…

  5. School Principals' Authentic Leadership and Teachers' Psychological Capital: Teachers' Perspectives (United States)

    Feng, Feng-I


    This study examined teachers' perceptions of principals' authentic leadership and the relationship of authentic leadership to teachers' psychological capital in Taiwan. A total of 1,429 elementary and secondary school teachers were surveyed. The results showed that teachers perceived their principals' authentic leadership as moderate and that the…

  6. Primary School Principals' Job Satisfaction and Occupational Stress (United States)

    Darmody, Merike; Smyth, Emer


    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to explore the factors associated with occupational stress and job satisfaction among Irish primary school principals. A principal's job has become increasingly demanding and complex in recent decades. However, there is little current research into their levels of stress and job satisfaction, particularly…

  7. Principals' Management Behavior, Personality Types and Physiological Stress. (United States)

    Cooper, Bruce S.; And Others


    Data from portable heart-rate monitors and work diaries were used to relate Mintzberg's "nature of managerial work" to physiological stress in small number of working principals over three complete work days. Principals found to be working under extreme stress for long hours, and certain activities were more stressful than others. Implications are…

  8. Principal's Perceptions of Effective Professional Development in Schools (United States)

    Brown, Crystal; Militello, Matthew


    Purpose: Principals play a pivotal role in teachers' professional growth, which impacts student outcomes. The purpose of this paper is to understand the perceptions principals have about effective elements of professional development (PD) and the role they play in facilitating the growth of teachers, and how this affects student learning.…

  9. A geometric approach to noncommutative principal torus bundles

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Wagner, Stefan


    for noncommutative algebras and say that a dynamical system (A, 핋n,α) is called a noncommutative principal 핋n-bundle, if localization leads to a trivial noncommutative principal 핋n-bundle. We prove that this approach extends the classical theory of principal torus bundles and present a bunch of (nontrivial......A (smooth) dynamical system with transformation group 핋n is a triple (A, 핋n,α), consisting of a unital locally convex algebra A, the n-torus 핋n and a group homomorphism α:핋n→Aut(A), which induces a (smooth) continuous action of 핋n on A. In this paper, we present a new, geometrically oriented...... approach to the noncommutative geometry of principal torus bundles based on such dynamical systems. Our approach is inspired by the classical setting: In fact, after recalling the definition of a trivial noncommutative principal torus bundle, we introduce a convenient (smooth) localization method...

  10. A principal component analysis of transmission spectra of wine distillates (United States)

    Rogovaya, M. V.; Sinitsyn, G. V.; Khodasevich, M. A.


    A chemometric method of decomposing multidimensional data into a small-sized space, the principal component method, has been applied to the transmission spectra of vintage Moldovan wine distillates. A sample of 42 distillates aged from four to 7 years from six producers has been used to show the possibility of identifying a producer in a two-dimensional space of principal components describing 94.5% of the data-matrix dispersion. Analysis of the loads into the first two principal components has shown that, in order to measure the optical characteristics of the samples under study using only two wavelengths, it is necessary to select 380 and 540 nm, instead of the standard 420 and 520 nm, to describe the variability of the distillates by one principal component or 370 and 520 nm to describe the variability by two principal components.

  11. The Leadership Roles of a Principal in Improving School Effectiveness

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Burhanuddin Burhanuddin


    Full Text Available The purpose of this study was to investigate the leadership roles and practices of the principal in improving school effectiveness. This descriptive study involved the principal , counselor, and 11 teachers from the Tonsley Park Primary School in South Australia. The findings showed that all respondents generally regarded team leader as the most important role, while supervisor was rated as the least important. Of the 20 tasks observed, generally revealed that a principal should work cooperatively with staff to ensure more effective use of their skills. While, the task of a principal in making decisions on staff development programs was not necessarily expected by the practicing teachers. All respondents considered organization coordination as the most important area within which a principal should provide more leadership, while curriculum or instructional improvement and innovation was regarded as the least important

  12. Female Principals in Education: Breaking the Glass Ceiling in Spain

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Enrique Javier Diez Gutierrez

    Full Text Available Abstract Spanish schools are characterised by having a high proportion of female staff. However, statistics show that a proportionately higher number of men hold leadership positions. The aim of this study was to analyse the reasons why this is so, and to determine the motivations and barriers that women encounter in attaining and exercising these positions of greater responsibility and power. Questionnaires were administered to 2,022 female teachers, 430 female principals and 322 male principals. In addition, semi-structured interviews were held with 60 female principals, 14 focus group discussions were held with female principals and 16 autobiographical narratives were compiled with female principals and school inspectors. The reasons identified were related to structural aspects linked to the patriarchal worldview that is still dominant in our society and culture. Nevertheless, we also found motivations among women for attaining and exercising leadership roles.

  13. The principal and application of gene chips

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    @@Today we are living in an information era. Everyone can see what a tremendously change has been brought by the using of the computers. The advent of the computer chip let us embed our smarts in everything from satellite to greeting cards to internet.   People said that the human genome project is the second "Apollo". Human Genome Project, the international effort that is expected to unravel the structures of all 30 000 to 35 000 or so human genes by 2003. But deconstructing the genome is only the first step-like learning to pick out words in a foreign language before grappling with their meanings. Realizing the gene revolution's potential will require understanding how genes collaborate to cement memories in our brains, say, or how they malfunction to change a healthy adult into one dying of cancer. That's the goal of the second phase of the revolution, functional genomics.

  14. Septicemia: The Principal Killer of Burns Patients

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    B. R. Sharma


    Full Text Available Burn injury is a major problem in many areas of the world and it has been estimated that 75% of all deaths following burns are related to infection. Burns impair the skin’s normal barrier function thus allowing microbial colonization of the burn wounds and even with the use of topical antimicrobial agents, contamination is almost unavoidable. It is therefore essential for every burn institution to determine its specific pattern of burn wound microbial colonization, time related changes in predominant flora and antimicrobial resistance profiles. This would allow early management of septic episodes with proper empirical systemic antibiotics before the results of microbiologic culture becomes available, thus improving the overall infection-related morbidity and mortality. We attempted to examine the factors affecting risk of infection; strategies for infection control and prevention in burn victims.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Adrian BUDALĂ


    Full Text Available The paper deals with constructive and functional elements of an adjustable coupling with friction shoes and adjustable driving. Also, the paper shows few stages of the design process, some advantages of the using CAD software and some comparative results prototype vs. CAD model.

  16. Sensitivity of adjustment to parameter correlations and to response-parameter correlations

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wagschal, J.J. [Racah Inst. of Physics, Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem, Edmond J. Safra Campus, Jerusalem, 91904 (Israel)


    The adjusted parameters and response, and their respective posterior uncertainties and correlations, are presented explicitly as functions of all relevant prior correlations for the two parameters, one response case. The dependence of these adjusted entities on the various prior correlations is analyzed and portrayed graphically for various valid correlation combinations on a simple criticality problem. (authors)

  17. 76 FR 42140 - Rate Adjustment Remand (United States)


    ... the plain meaning of the words ``due to'' in section 3622(d)(1)(E) requires a causal relationship... causal relationship between the amount of a requested adjustment and the exigent circumstances' impact on...'' phrase does not adequately express how close the relationship between the proposed adjustment and...

  18. 38 CFR 18.444 - Academic adjustments. (United States)


    ... 38 Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief 2 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Academic adjustments. 18.444 Section 18.444 Pensions, Bonuses, and Veterans' Relief DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS (CONTINUED....444 Academic adjustments. (a) Academic requirements. A recipient shall make necessary modifications...

  19. Cultural Distance Asymmetry in Expatriate Adjustment

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Selmer, Jan; Chiu, Randy K.; Shenkar, Oded


    Purpose - The current literature implicitly assumes a symmetric impact of cultural distance (CD) on expatriate adjustment. By using distance as a predictor of adjustment, the literature has rendered the direction of the flow irrelevant: a US expatriate in Germany is presumed to face the same hurd...

  20. Adjusting to Retirement: Considerations for Counselors. (United States)

    LaBauve, Bill J.; Robinson, Chester R.


    Examines retirement, while focusing on issues older adults face in adjusting to retirement, and suggests implications for counseling people who are making this transition. Discusses adjustment to retirement in terms of role, disengagement, activity, continuity, crisis, and compromise/negotiation theories. (Author/MKA)

  1. Ergonomically Adjustable School Furniture for Male Students (United States)

    Al-Saleh, Khalid S.; Ramadan, Mohamed Z.; Al-Ashaikh, Riyad A.


    The need for adjustability in school furniture, in order to accommodate the variation in anthropometric measures of different genders, cultures and ages is becoming increasingly important. Four chair-table combinations, different in dimensions, with adjustable chair seating heights and table heights were designed, manufactured and distributed to…

  2. 24 CFR 886.112 - Rent adjustments. (United States)


    ... Adjustment Factor most recently published by HUD in the Federal Register in accordance with 24 CFR part 888... unassisted housing in the area to ensure that adjustments in the Contract Rents shall not result in material differences between the rents charged for assisted and comparable unassisted units. Contract Rents may...

  3. 7 CFR 1744.64 - Budget adjustment. (United States)


    ... another source, requests a deficiency loan, or scales back the project. (b) RUS may make a budget... AGRICULTURE POST-LOAN POLICIES AND PROCEDURES COMMON TO GUARANTEED AND INSURED TELEPHONE LOANS Advance and... description of how the adjustment will affect loan purposes. RUS will not approve a budget adjustment...

  4. Macroeconomic shocks and firms' labor adjustment

    DEFF Research Database (Denmark)

    Eriksson, Tor


    , but a brief discussion of cross-country differences and similarities in firmlevel labor adjustment is also provided. For Denmark, remarkable long-term stability in firms’ labor adjustment technologies is observed and the cross-country comparisons reveal striking similarities between countries with very...... diverse labor market institutions....

  5. Adjustment of the Internal Tax Scale

    CERN Multimedia


    In application of Article R V 2.03 of the Staff Regulations, the internal tax scale has been adjusted with effect on 1 January 2012. The new scale may be consulted via the CERN Admin e-guide.  The notification of internal annual tax certificate for the financial year 2012 takes into account this adjustment. HR Department (Tel. 73907)

  6. Research on Adjust Time of Premium

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)


    By considering economic strength and economic profit of insurance company, this paper presents a concept-contact point, and gives premium expectation adjust time model which provides more practical significance for insurance company to make rational adjustment of premium. Finally, an illustration is given to show their application.

  7. Divorcing Parents: Guidelines for Promoting Children's Adjustment. (United States)

    Freeman, Kurt A.; Adams, Christina D; Drabman, Ronald S.


    There are measures that parents can take to help their children through the often distressing process of parental divorce. Describes the empirical literature regarding issues and factors relevant to children's adjustment to divorce. Provides practical guidelines and suggestions likely to help parents enhance their children's adjustment.…

  8. Religiousity, Spirituality and Adolescents' Self-Adjustment (United States)

    Japar, Muhammad; Purwati


    Religiuosity, spirituality, and adolescents' self-adjustment. The objective of this study is to test the correlation among religiosity, spirituality and adolescents' self-adjustment. A quantitative approach was employed in this study. Data were collected from 476 junior high schools students of 13 State Junior High Schools and one Junior High…

  9. The Roles and Responsibilities of the Principal as Perceived by Illinois K-8 Principals Who Belong to Generation X (United States)

    Westman, Keith


    The roles and responsibilities of the school principal have changed throughout the years, and, with that, the face of the principalship has changed, too. The average age of principals in the United States is 57 with a significant portion of those individuals retiring within the next ten years (United States Department of Labor, 2008). As these…

  10. The kidney is the principal organ mediating klotho effects. (United States)

    Lindberg, Karolina; Amin, Risul; Moe, Orson W; Hu, Ming-Chang; Erben, Reinhold G; Östman Wernerson, Annika; Lanske, Beate; Olauson, Hannes; Larsson, Tobias E


    Klotho was discovered as an antiaging gene, and α-Klotho (Klotho) is expressed in multiple tissues with a broad set of biologic functions. Membrane-bound Klotho binds fibroblast growth factor 23 (FGF23), but a soluble form of Klotho is also produced by alternative splicing or cleavage of the extracellular domain of the membrane-bound protein. The relative organ-specific contributions to the levels and effects of circulating Klotho remain unknown. We explored these issues by generating a novel mouse strain with Klotho deleted throughout the nephron (Six2-KL(-/-)). Klotho shedding from Six2-KL(-/-) kidney explants was undetectable and the serum Klotho level was reduced by approximately 80% in Six2-KL(-/-) mice compared with wild-type littermates. Six2-KL(-/-) mice exhibited severe growth retardation, kyphosis, and premature death, closely resembling the phenotype of systemic Klotho knockout mice. Notable biochemical changes included hyperphosphatemia, hypercalcemia, hyperaldosteronism, and elevated levels of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D and Fgf23, consistent with disrupted renal Fgf23 signaling. Kidney histology demonstrated interstitial fibrosis and nephrocalcinosis in addition to absent dimorphic tubules. A direct comparative analysis between Six2-KL(-/-) and systemic Klotho knockout mice supports extensive, yet indistinguishable, extrarenal organ manifestations. Thus, our data reveal the kidney as the principal contributor of circulating Klotho and Klotho-induced antiaging traits.

  11. Implementing Technology for Science Classrooms in Sao Tome and Principe (United States)

    Jardim, Maria Dolores Rodrigues

    This qualitative bounded case study was designed to understand how technology integration in schools could be addressed in a first-wave country. The integration of educational technology in Sao Tome and Principe (STP), a first-wave agricultural civilization, can narrow the divide between STP and third-wave information age societies. The conceptual framework was based on theories of change, learning, and context. Toffler's wave theory described how societies changed while Fullan's change theory examined how the people might change. Roger's diffusion of innovations addressed how processes change. Bandura, Vygotsky, and Siemen provided the framework for the learning within the model of change. Finally, the context theories of Tessmer and Richey's instructional design, Lave and Wenger's situated learning, and Sticht's functional context theory were applied. Twenty five individuals from 5 schools, including teachers, school directors, key educational stakeholders, and the minister of education were involved in a pilot project to integrate technology into the science curriculum. The data were collected via interviews, reflective summaries, and confidential narratives. The resulting data were analyzed to find emerging patterns. The results of this analysis showed that a first-wave civilization can adopt a third-wave civilization's features in terms of technology integration, when there is the support of opinion leaders and most of the necessary contextual requirements are in place. The study contributes to social change by providing access to knowledge through technology integration, which empowers both teachers and students.

  12. Principal component analysis using neural network

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    杨建刚; 孙斌强


    The authors present their analysis of the differential equation dX ( t )/dt = AX ( t ) - XT( t ) BX( t)X( t), where A is an unsymmetrical real matrix, B is a positive definite symmetric real matrix,X E Rn ; showing that the equation characterizes a class of continuous type full-feedback artificial neural network; We give the analytic expression of the solution; discuss its asymptotic behavior; and finally present the result showing that, in almost all cases, one and only one of following eases is true. 1. For any initial value X0∈Rn, the solution approximates asymptotically to zero vector. In thin cane, the real part of each eigenvalue of A is non-positive. 2. For any initial value X0 outside a proper subspace of Rn,the solution approximates asymptoticaUy to a nontrivial constant vector Y( X0 ). In this cane, the eigenvalue of A with maximal real part is the positive number λ=Ⅱ Y (X0)ⅡB2 and Y (X0) is the corre-sponding eigenvector. 3. For any initial value X0 outsidea proper subspace of Rn, the solution approximates asymptotically to a non-constant periodic function Y( X0 , t ). Then the eigenvalues of A with maximal real part is a pair of conjugate complex numbers which can be computed.

  13. Principal component analysis using neural network

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    杨建刚; 孙斌强


    The authors present their analysis of the differential equation dX(t)/dt=AX(t)-XT(t)BX(t)X(t), where A is an unsymmetrical real matrix, B is a positive definite symmetric real matrix, X∈Rn; showing that the equation characterizes a class of continuous type full-feedback artificial neural network; We give the analytic expression of the solution; discuss its asymptotic behavior; and finally present the result showing that, in almost all cases, one and only one of following cases is true. 1. For any initial value X0∈Rn, the solution approximates asymptotically to zero vector. In this case, the real part of each eigenvalue of A is non-positive. 2. For any initial value X0 outside a proper subspace of Rn, the solution approximates asymptotically to a nontrivial constant vector (X0). In this case, the eigenvalue of A with maximal real part is the positive number λ=‖(X0)‖2B and (X0) is the corresponding eigenvector. 3. For any initial value X0 outside a proper subspace of Rn, the solution approximates asymptotically to a non-constant periodic function (X0,t). Then the eigenvalues of A with maximal real part is a pair of conjugate complex numbers which can be computed.


    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Gökmen DAĞLI


    Full Text Available This research aims to determine the manner of school principals regarding knowledge managementin primary school education. The research is a subjective one conducted in general scanning method. Personal informationform and five-likert scale are the main means in which data was collected. During the data collection stage, school principalswere requested to provide information about the way in which they obtain, share, process, evaluate knowledge, take decisionand analyze problems within the scope of knowledge management. In the virtue of the data acquired, the research shows that;the school principals obtain knowledge by attending meetings with teachers, making personal observation, their personalexperience and online resources. Regarding the sharing of knowledge, the research shows the principals always shareknowledge with their assistant principals and teachers; in using of knowledge, decision making and analyzing problemsresearch also shows that principals take decisions in co-operation with assistant principals and teachers. Last but not least,research shows that in storing the knowledge principals mainly use computers and traditional filing techniques. Seminarsshould be organized periodically by specialists with respect to acquiring, sharing, using and also filling knowledge followingdecision-making in order for school administrators to keep abreast of the latest developments in knowledge management

  15. Factors promoting psychological adjustment to childhood atopic eczema. (United States)

    Dennis, Hannah; Rostill, Helen; Reed, Julie; Gill, Steve


    Research has found that children with atopic eczema are more likely to experience psychosocial difficulties than would be expected within the general population. This article aims to explore the relationship between child, parent and family factors in promoting positive adjustment to atopic eczema. Children aged five to 11 years with atopic eczema and their parents were identified from a specialist children's dermatology clinic. Seventy-four respondents completed questionnaires assessing child behaviour, parental well-being and family functioning. Parental psychological health, a supportive family environment and low impact of atopic eczema on family functioning were found to predict lower levels of internalizing behaviour (anxiety, depression and social withdrawal). These findings emphasize the importance of family and parental psychological processes rather than biomedical variables in promoting positive adjustment to atopic eczema.

  16. Principal Dynamic Mode Analysis of the Hodgkin–Huxley Equations (United States)

    Eikenberry, Steffen E.; Marmarelis, Vasilis Z.


    We develop an autoregressive model framework based on the concept of Principal Dynamic Modes (PDMs) for the process of action potential (AP) generation in the excitable neuronal membrane described by the Hodgkin–Huxley (H–H) equations. The model's exogenous input is injected current, and whenever the membrane potential output exceeds a specified threshold, it is fed back as a second input. The PDMs are estimated from the previously developed Nonlinear Autoregressive Volterra (NARV) model, and represent an efficient functional basis for Volterra kernel expansion. The PDM-based model admits a modular representation, consisting of the forward and feedback PDM bases as linear filterbanks for the exogenous and autoregressive inputs, respectively, whose outputs are then fed to a static nonlinearity composed of polynomials operating on the PDM outputs and cross-terms of pair-products of PDM outputs. A two-step procedure for model reduction is performed: first, influential subsets of the forward and feedback PDM bases are identified and selected as the reduced PDM bases. Second, the terms of the static nonlinearity are pruned. The first step reduces model complexity from a total of 65 coefficients to 27, while the second further reduces the model coefficients to only eight. It is demonstrated that the performance cost of model reduction in terms of out-of-sample prediction accuracy is minimal. Unlike the full model, the eight coefficient pruned model can be easily visualized to reveal the essential system components, and thus the data-derived PDM model can yield insight into the underlying system structure and function. PMID:25630480

  17. Principal dynamic mode analysis of the Hodgkin-Huxley equations. (United States)

    Eikenberry, Steffen E; Marmarelis, Vasilis Z


    We develop an autoregressive model framework based on the concept of Principal Dynamic Modes (PDMs) for the process of action potential (AP) generation in the excitable neuronal membrane described by the Hodgkin-Huxley (H-H) equations. The model's exogenous input is injected current, and whenever the membrane potential output exceeds a specified threshold, it is fed back as a second input. The PDMs are estimated from the previously developed Nonlinear Autoregressive Volterra (NARV) model, and represent an efficient functional basis for Volterra kernel expansion. The PDM-based model admits a modular representation, consisting of the forward and feedback PDM bases as linear filterbanks for the exogenous and autoregressive inputs, respectively, whose outputs are then fed to a static nonlinearity composed of polynomials operating on the PDM outputs and cross-terms of pair-products of PDM outputs. A two-step procedure for model reduction is performed: first, influential subsets of the forward and feedback PDM bases are identified and selected as the reduced PDM bases. Second, the terms of the static nonlinearity are pruned. The first step reduces model complexity from a total of 65 coefficients to 27, while the second further reduces the model coefficients to only eight. It is demonstrated that the performance cost of model reduction in terms of out-of-sample prediction accuracy is minimal. Unlike the full model, the eight coefficient pruned model can be easily visualized to reveal the essential system components, and thus the data-derived PDM model can yield insight into the underlying system structure and function.

  18. The Interactive Effects of Gender and Leadership Style on Post Internship Concerns about Becoming a Principal (United States)

    Hines, Mack T., III


    The principal preparation internship is designed to prepare aspiring principals for the principalship. Principals are expected to lead this initiative through activities that develop aspiring principals' understanding of school leadership. However, no research has determined if principals' involvement influences preservice principals' concerns…

  19. Role of Osmotic Adjustment in Plant Productivity

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Gebre, G.M.


    Successful implementation of short rotation woody crops requires that the selected species and clones be productive, drought tolerant, and pest resistant. Since water is one of the major limiting factors in poplar (Populus sp.) growth, there is little debate for the need of drought tolerant clones, except on the wettest of sites (e.g., lower Columbia River delta). Whether drought tolerance is compatible with productivity remains a debatable issue. Among the many mechanisms of drought tolerance, dehydration postponement involves the maintenance of high leaf water potential due to, for example, an adequate root system. This trait is compatible with productivity, but requires available soil moisture. When the plant leaf water potential and soil water content decline, the plant must be able to survive drought through dehydration tolerance mechanisms, such as low osmotic potential or osmotic adjustment. Osmotic adjustment and low osmotic potential are considered compatible with growth and yield because they aid in the maintenance of leaf turgor. However, it has been shown that turgor alone does not regulate cell expansion or stomatal conductance and, therefore, the role of osmotic adjustment is debated. Despite this finding, osmotic adjustment has been correlated with grain yield in agronomic crop species, and gene markers responsible for osmotic adjustment are being investigated to improve drought tolerance in productive progenies. Although osmotic adjustment and low osmotic potentials have been investigated in several forest tree species, few studies have investigated the relationship between osmotic adjustment and growth. Most of these studies have been limited to greenhouse or container-grown plants. Osmotic adjustment and rapid growth have been specifically associated in Populus and black spruce (Picea mariuna (Mill.) B.S.P.) progenies. We tested whether these relationships held under field conditions using several poplar clones. In a study of two hybrid poplar

  20. Adjustment and mental health problem in prisoners

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Sudhinta Sinha


    Full Text Available Background : "Crime" is increasing day by day in our society not only in India but also all over the world. In turn, the number of prisoners is also increasing at the same rate. They remain imprisoned for a long duration or in some cases for the whole life. Living in a prison for long time becomes difficult for all inmates. So they often face adjustment and mental health problems. Recent findings suggest that mental illness rate in prison is three times higher than in the general population. Objective: The aim of the present study was to investigate the adjustment and the mental health problem and its relation in the prisoners. Materials and Methods : In the present study, 37 male prisoners of district jail of Dhanbad District of Jharkhand were selected on purposive sampling basis. Each prisoner was given specially designed Performa - Personal Data Sheet, General Health Questionnaire-12 and Bell Adjustment Inventory. Appropriate statistical tools were used to analyze the data. Results: The results obtained showed poor adjustment in social and emotional areas on the adjustment scale. The study also revealed a significant association between adjustment and mental health problem in the prisoners. Conclusion: The prisoners were found to have poor social and emotional adjustment which has strong association with their mental health.

  1. Obesity, metabolic syndrome, impaired fasting glucose, and microvascular dysfunction: a principal component analysis approach

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Panazzolo Diogo G


    Full Text Available Abstract Background We aimed to evaluate the multivariate association between functional microvascular variables and clinical-laboratorial-anthropometrical measurements. Methods Data from 189 female subjects (34.0±15.5 years, 30.5±7.1 kg/m2, who were non-smokers, non-regular drug users, without a history of diabetes and/or hypertension, were analyzed by principal component analysis (PCA. PCA is a classical multivariate exploratory tool because it highlights common variation between variables allowing inferences about possible biological meaning of associations between them, without pre-establishing cause-effect relationships. In total, 15 variables were used for PCA: body mass index (BMI, waist circumference, systolic and diastolic blood pressure (BP, fasting plasma glucose, levels of total cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-c, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-c, triglycerides (TG, insulin, C-reactive protein (CRP, and functional microvascular variables measured by nailfold videocapillaroscopy. Nailfold videocapillaroscopy was used for direct visualization of nutritive capillaries, assessing functional capillary density, red blood cell velocity (RBCV at rest and peak after 1 min of arterial occlusion (RBCVmax, and the time taken to reach RBCVmax (TRBCVmax. Results A total of 35% of subjects had metabolic syndrome, 77% were overweight/obese, and 9.5% had impaired fasting glucose. PCA was able to recognize that functional microvascular variables and clinical-laboratorial-anthropometrical measurements had a similar variation. The first five principal components explained most of the intrinsic variation of the data. For example, principal component 1 was associated with BMI, waist circumference, systolic BP, diastolic BP, insulin, TG, CRP, and TRBCVmax varying in the same way. Principal component 1 also showed a strong association among HDL-c, RBCV, and RBCVmax, but in the opposite way. Principal component 3 was

  2. Poor adjustment to college life mediates the relationship between drinking motives and alcohol consequences: a look at college adjustment, drinking motives, and drinking outcomes. (United States)

    LaBrie, Joseph W; Ehret, Phillip J; Hummer, Justin F; Prenovost, Katherine


    The current study examined whether the relationship between drinking motives and alcohol-related outcomes was mediated by college adjustment. Participants (N=253) completed an online survey that assessed drinking motives, degree of both positive and negative college adjustment, typical weekly drinking, and past month negative alcohol-related consequences. Structural equation modeling examined negative alcohol consequences as a function of college adjustment, drinking motives, and weekly drinking behavior in college students. Negative college adjustment mediated the relationship between coping drinking motives and drinking consequences. Positive college adjustment was not related to alcohol consumption or consequences. Positive reinforcement drinking motives (i.e. social and enhancement) not only directly predicted consequences, but were partially mediated by weekly drinking and degree of negative college adjustment. Gender specific models revealed that males exhibited more variability in drinking and their positive reinforcement drinking motives were more strongly associated with weekly drinking. Uniquely for females, coping motives were directly and indirectly (via negative adjustment) related to consequences. These findings suggest that interventions which seek to decrease alcohol-related risk may wish to incorporate discussions about strategies for decreasing stress and increasing other factors associated with better college adjustment.

  3. Structural Adjustment of Oasis Agriculture in Xinjiang

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    Lei Jun; Zhang Xiaolei


    Xinjiang's oasis agriculture has made enormous strides over past decades. Structural adjustment of oasis agriculture sector has promoted production diversification. Xinjiang's oasis agriculture sector is entering a new era. The era means more adjustments in oasis agricultural and rural economic structure so as to realize the sustainable development of agriculture. By summing and analyzing the main problems in Xinjinag's oasis agricultural structure,such as raising farmer's income, industry structure within agriculture, rural urbanization, pressure coming from market, agricultural environment degradation,puts forward the thinking, director and countermeasures to adjust oasis agricultural structure.

  4. A note on how to iterate adjustment

    Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB)

    Wagschal, Jehudah J.; Yeivin, Yehuda [Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Racah Institute of Physics, Jerusalem (Israel)


    We study the elementary problem of adjusting a given parameter library by one measured response so that calculating the response with the adjusted library reproduces the measured value. We formulate the problem of the least-squares adjustment for non-linear responses, and offer a reasoned iteration scheme to solve it. A numerical example illustrates the success of the proposed procedure. Our scheme is identical to that suggested by Perey, and thus adds insight, offers justification, and also serves as a formal proof of the latter. (author)

  5. A Tannakian approach to dimensional reduction of principal bundles

    CERN Document Server

    Álvarez-Cónsul, Luis; García-Prada, Oscar


    Let $P$ be a parabolic subgroup of a connected simply connected complex semisimple Lie group $G$. Given a compact K\\"ahler manifold $X$, the dimensional reduction of $G$-equivariant holomorphic vector bundles over $X\\times G/P$ was carried out by the first and third authors. This raises the question of dimensional reduction of holomorphic principal bundles over $X\\times G/P$. The method used for equivariant vector bundles does not generalize to principal bundles. In this paper, we adapt to equivariant principal bundles the Tannakian approach of Nori, to describe the dimensional reduction of $G$-equivariant principal bundles over $X\\times G/P$, and to establish a Hitchin--Kobayashi type correspondence. In order to be able to apply the Tannakian theory, we need to assume that $X$ is a complex projective manifold.

  6. Hydrogeologic Areas of the Southwest Principal Aquifer (SWPA) study (United States)

    U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior — This raster dataset represents the boundaries of the hydrogeologic areas of the Southwest Principal Aquifer (SWPA) study of the National Water Quality Assessment...

  7. Praise and Challenge Help Keep Principals at Their Peak. (United States)

    Gmelch, Walt; Sharratt, Gene


    Superintendents have a vested interest in helping principals regain their professional enthusiasm. Some effective strategies include boosting financial support (for workshops, journal subscriptions, or cash prizes for schools), recognizing contributions, providing professional support, and offering new responsibilities and challenges. (MLH)

  8. On Harder–Narasimhan Reductions for Higgs Principal Bundles

    Indian Academy of Sciences (India)

    Arijit Dey; R Parthasarathi


    The existence and uniqueness of – reduction for the Higgs principal bundles over nonsingular projective variety is shown. We also extend the notion of – reduction for (, )-bundles and ramified -bundles over a smooth curve.

  9. Principal Component-Discrimination Model and Its Application

    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)

    韩天锡; 魏雪丽; 蒋淳; 张玉琍


    Having researched for many years, seismologists in China presented about 80 earthquake prediction factors which reflected omen information of earthquake. How to concentrate the information that the 80 earthquake prediction factors have and how to choose the main factors to predict earthquakes precisely have become one of the topics in seismology. The model of principal component-discrimination consists of principal component analysis, correlation analysis, weighted method of principal factor coefficients and Mahalanobis distance discrimination analysis. This model combines the method of maximization earthquake prediction factor information with the weighted method of principal factor coefficients and correlation analysis to choose earthquake prediction variables, applying Mahalanobis distance discrimination to establishing earthquake prediction discrimination model. This model was applied to analyzing the earthquake data of Northern China area and obtained good prediction results.

  10. Controversy and Apprehension among Principals Nearly Killed the Toledo Plan. (United States)

    Lawrence, Dal


    A union leader relates his experience with the Toledo, Ohio, plan for identifying and dismissing incompetent teachers. Principals and supervisors resisted the peer review system at first, but later changed their minds because of its success. (TE)

  11. Weighted principal component analysis: a weighted covariance eigendecomposition approach

    CERN Document Server

    Delchambre, Ludovic


    We present a new straightforward principal component analysis (PCA) method based on the diagonalization of the weighted variance-covariance matrix through two spectral decomposition methods: power iteration and Rayleigh quotient iteration. This method allows one to retrieve a given number of orthogonal principal components amongst the most meaningful ones for the case of problems with weighted and/or missing data. Principal coefficients are then retrieved by fitting principal components to the data while providing the final decomposition. Tests performed on real and simulated cases show that our method is optimal in the identification of the most significant patterns within data sets. We illustrate the usefulness of this method by assessing its quality on the extrapolation of Sloan Digital Sky Survey quasar spectra from measured wavelengths to shorter and longer wavelengths. Our new algorithm also benefits from a fast and flexible implementation.

  12. The Principal Parameters of Unstudied Open Clusters with NIR Observations

    CERN Document Server

    Tadross, A L


    We studied the principal parameters of some previously unstudied open star clusters using the JHK Near-IR photometry (2MASS survey). These clusters have been selected from the updated Catalogs of Dais and Webda. Based on the 2MASS database and the DSS visual images, some homogeneous methods and algorithms have been applied. The astrometry and photometric principal parameters are determined for the first time.


    Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (English)



    Judice and Pires developed in recent years principal pivoting methods for the solving ofthe so-called box linear complementarity problems (BLCPs) where the constraint matrices are restrictedly supposed to be of P-matrices. This paper aims at presenting a new principal pivoting scheme for BLCPs where the constraint matrices are loosely supposed to be row sufficient. This scheme can be applied to the solving of convex quadratic programs subject to linear constraints and arbitrary upper and lower bound constraints on variables.

  14. Balancing managerial and professional demands : school principals as evaluation brokers


    Hult, Agneta; Lundström, Ulf; Edström, Charlotta


    The evaluation trend in the global education field implies new professional challenges for school principals. The purpose of this article is to describe and analyse Swedish school principals’ experiences of prevailing evaluations and the implications for the profession. Specifically, we examine: a) how principals respond to evaluations and their consequences in their schools; and b) the implications of the evaluations for the profession in light of professional responsibility and accountabili...

  15. Learning Leadership Behaviour of General High School Principals


    DAĞLI, Abidin


    Abstract The aim of this research is to determine the perception of general high school teachers about "their own principals on learning leadership behaviour" in public high schools. Therefore, a questionnaire was administered to 518 teachers who were working at the city center of Diyarbakır, Batman, Malatya and Kilis. As a result of data analysing process, as a whole, it was established that the principals indicated the learning leadership behaviours at the level of "sometimes" according...

  16. Principal Turnover: Are There Different Types of Principals Who Move from or Leave Their Schools? A Latent Class Analysis of the 2007-2008 Schools and Staffing Survey and the 2008-2009 Principal Follow-Up Survey (United States)

    Boyce, Jared; Bowers, Alex J.


    The purpose of this study is to investigate the extent to which there is a typology of principals who depart from their schools in the U.S. using the 2007-2008 Schools and Staffing Survey and the 2008-2009 Principal Follow-up Survey. Prior principal retention research has focused on identifying factors that predict principal turnover; however,…

  17. Annual adjustments to 2016 financial benefits

    CERN Multimedia

    HR Department


    In accordance with recommendations made by the Finance Committee and decisions taken by the Council in December 2015, no adjustments have been made to basic salaries and stipends, subsistence allowances or family benefits as at 1 January 2016.  

  18. Annual adjustments to 2014 financial benefits

    CERN Multimedia


    In accordance with recommendations made by the Finance Committee and decisions taken by Council in December 2013, no adjustments have been made to basic salaries and stipends, subsistence allowances or family benefits as at 1 January 2014. HR Department

  19. Annual adjustments to 2015 financial benefits

    CERN Multimedia

    HR Department


    In accordance with recommendations made by the Finance Committee and decisions taken by Council in December 2014, no adjustments have been made to basic salaries and stipends, subsistence allowances or family benefits as at 1 January 2015.

  20. Speed of adjustment: Evidence from Borsa Istanbul

    Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden)

    Emrah Arioglu


    Full Text Available In this study, we investigate the speed of adjustment for leverage ratios of firms listed on Borsa Istanbul, in order to investigate the prediction of the trade-off theory, regarding capital structure rebalancing. For this purpose, we estimate the speed of adjustment by using Generalized Method of Moments system estimation technique. The results of this estimation suggest the speed of adjustment as approximately 29%. This significant speed of adjustment is consistent with the prediction of trade-off theory, which suggests that firms follow target capital structures and when the firms' leverage ratios deviate from these targets; they make financial decisions with the goal of closing the gap between the previous year's leverage and target leverage of the current period.