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  1. Comparison of automated von Willebrand factor activity assays

    Timm, Annette; Hillarp, Andreas; Philips, Malou


    activity/antigen ratios in samples classified as having VWD (activity classification power might interfere with the interpretation......INTRODUCTION: Von Willebrand Disease (VWD) is the most common inherited bleeding disorder. Measurement of von Willebrand factor (VWF) activity in plasma is often based on platelet agglutination stimulated by the ristocetin cofactor activity. Novel assays, based on latex beads with recombinant...... glycoprotein Ib instead of platelets, have recently been developed but it is unclear whether these can improve the diagnostic capability for VWD. AIM: To compare four automated VWF activity methods in a mixed population of patients referred for evaluation of bleeding tendency. METHODS: The analytical...

  2. Active von Willebrand factor in thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura and malaria

    Groot, E.


    Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP) and malaria are two diseases of distinct origin. TTP is a rare disorder caused by a deficiency of the von Willebrand factor (VWF) cleaving protease ADAMTS13. Malaria is a poverty-related disease caused by protozoan parasites from the genus Plasmodium. TTP an

  3. Acquired von Willebrand Syndrome



    @@ Acquired von Willebrand syndrome (AvWS) is kind of bleeding disorder with laboratory findings similar to those in congenital yon Willebrand disease (vWD).AvWS doesn's have any personal or family history of bleeding, but is associated with certain diseases or abnormal conditions or drugs. Although AvWS is being stated as a rare disease, it has gained more and more attention during the past years. Not because of the severity of the disease, but it is more common than we thought and most patients don' t have a proper diagnosis.

  4. von Willebrand Disease (For Parents)

    ... to classify the type of von Willebrand disease platelet function tests, which determine how well the platelets work ... for pain or fever. These drugs interfere with platelet function and can increase the risk of bleeding. It ...

  5. Diurnal variation of von Willebrand factor in plasma

    Timm, Annette; Fahrenkrug, Jan; Jørgensen, Henrik L;


    BACKGROUND: Quantitation of von Willebrand factor (VWF) in plasma is a central element in assessing von Willebrand disease (VWD). VWF activity is known to vary, which has partly been ascribed to biological and preanalytical variation. However, a possible diurnal expression of VWF has not been tho...

  6. Evaluation of von Willebrand factor-cleaving protease activity in patients with thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura

    高维强; 苏健; 白霞; 王兆钺; 阮长耿


    Background Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP) is a rare thrombotic microangiopathy. In this study we investigated the von Willebrand factor-cleaving protease (vWF-cp) activity deficiency in patients with TTP.Methods The plasma or serum vWF-cp activity was measured using a sensitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) by detecting the residual collagen binding activity (R-CBA) of von Willebrand factor (vWF) before and after digestion by vWF-cp. Multimers of vWF in plasma of patients with TTP were also analyzed by SDS-agarose electrophoresis. Moreover, the serum vWF-cp activities were compared between the patients with TTP and those with tumors.Results The coefficient of variation for intra-batch and inter-batch of the assay were 3.60% and 8.35%. The plasma and serum vWF-cp activity in healthy individuals were (78.79±9.17)% (n=30) and (79.47±10.78)% (n=53), respectively, while the plasma vWF-cp activity in 5 patients with TTP was markedly decreased [(21.83±19.98)%, P<0.001]. The unusually large vWF multimers were observed in two plasma samples of the patients with TTP. Although the vWF-cp activities in patients with benign and malignant tumors were also decreased (P<0.03 and P<0.001, respectively), they were relatively high in comparison with that of TTP patients (P<0.001).Conclusion Measurement of the vWF-cp activity using R-CBA is a simple and rapid method for diagnosing TTP. The vWF-cp activity in patients with TTP was markedly lower than those of patients with tumors.

  7. Doença de von Willebrand e anestesia Enfermedad de von Willebrand y anestesia Von Willebrand's disease and anesthesia

    Fabiano Timbó Barbosa


    Full Text Available JUSTIFICATIVA E OBJETIVOS: A doença de von Willebrand ocorre devido à mutação no cromossomo 12 e é caracterizada por deficiência qualitativa ou quantitativa do fator de von Willebrand. A diversidade de mutações leva ao aparecimento das mais variadas manifestações clínicas possibilitando a divisão dos pacientes em vários tipos e subtipos clínicos. A coagulopatia se manifesta basicamente através da disfunção plaquetária associada à diminuição dos níveis séricos do fator VIII coagulante. O objetivo dessa revisão foi mostrar os cuidados relacionados aos pacientes portadores da doença de von Willebrand durante o período perioperatório. CONTEÚDO: Foram definidas as características da doença de von Willebrand quanto à fisiopatologia, à classificação, ao diagnóstico laboratorial, ao tratamento atual e aos cuidados com o manuseio do paciente no período perioperatório. CONCLUSÕES: A doença de von Willebrand é o distúrbio hemorrágico hereditário mais comum, porém ela é subdiagnosticada pela complexidade da própria doença. A correta classificação do paciente, o uso apropriado da desmopressina e a transfusão do fator de von Willebrand são medidas fundamentais para a realização do procedimento anestésico bem-sucedido.JUSTIFICATIVA Y OBJETIVOS: La enfermedad de von Willebrand ocurre debido a la mutación en el cromosoma 12 y se caracteriza por la deficiencia cualitativa o cuantitativa del factor de von Willebrand. La diversidad de mutaciones conlleva al aparecimiento de las más variadas manifestaciones clínicas posibilitando la división de los pacientes en varios tipos y subtipos clínicos. La coagulopatía se manifiesta básicamente a través de la disfunción plaquetaria asociada con la disminución de los niveles séricos del factor VIII coagulante. El objetivo de esa revisión fue mostrar los cuidados relacionados con las pacientes portadoras de la enfermedad de von Willebrand durante el per

  8. Diagnosis and classification of von Willebrand disease: a review of the differential utility of various functional von Willebrand factor assays.

    Favaloro, Emmanuel J


    von Willebrand disease (VWD) is considered to be the most common inherited bleeding disorder. VWD is diagnosed following a clinical and physical review, with personal and familial evidence of (primarily mucocutaneous) bleeding, and confirmed by laboratory testing. The latter typically entails initial plasma testing of factor VIII coagulant, von Willebrand factor (VWF) protein ('antigen') and VWF function which has classically been assessed using the ristocetin cofactor (VWF:RCo) assay. More recent attention has focussed on other functional VWF assays, such as collagen binding and so-called 'VWF activity' assays, as possible replacements to the VWF:RCo, or as supplementary tests of VWF 'function'. Additional laboratory testing can comprise a battery of confirmatory and VWD-type assisting assays, including VWF:multimer and von Willebrand factor VIII binding. This review aims to update knowledge of current VWD diagnostics with a particular emphasis on 'functional' VWF assays.

  9. Doença de von Willebrand e anestesia Enfermedad de von Willebrand y anestesia Von Willebrand's disease and anesthesia

    Fabiano Timbó Barbosa; Rafael Martins da Cunha; Luciano Timbó Barbosa


    JUSTIFICATIVA E OBJETIVOS: A doença de von Willebrand ocorre devido à mutação no cromossomo 12 e é caracterizada por deficiência qualitativa ou quantitativa do fator de von Willebrand. A diversidade de mutações leva ao aparecimento das mais variadas manifestações clínicas possibilitando a divisão dos pacientes em vários tipos e subtipos clínicos. A coagulopatia se manifesta basicamente através da disfunção plaquetária associada à diminuição dos níveis séricos do fator VIII coagulante. O objet...

  10. Significance of plasma von Willebrand factor level and von Willebrand factor-cleaving protease activity in patients with chronic renal diseases

    LU Guo-yuan; SHEN Lei; WANG Zhao-yue; GUO Xiao-fang; BAI Xia; SU Jian; RUAN Chang-geng


    Background yon Willebrand factor(vWF)mediates the initial capture of platelets to vascular subendothelium and is essential for platelet aggregation under high fluid shear stress as in arteriaI stenosis.On release frOm endothelial cells,vWF is rapidly cleaved by ADAMTSl 3/vWF-cleaving protease (vWF-CP).We investigated the clinical significance of changes in plasma vWF and vWF-CP activities in chronic renal disease.Methods Plasma vWF and vWF-CP activities were measured using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay(ELISA)and residual collagen binding assay respectively in patients with lupus nephritis(n=31),primary nephritic syndrome(n=25),diabetic nephropathy(n=45),chronic glomerulonephritis(n=38)and 40 normal controls.The reIation of their levels with pathological and renal status was analyzed.Results In all diseased patients the levels of vWF were significantly higher and vWF-CP activity significantly lower than the controls(both P<0.01).vWF in the four subgroups did not correlate with the stage of disease but correlated negatively with vWF-CP activity.vWF-CP activity was not changed two weeks after renal transplantation.Renal biopsy demonstrated that the vWF level in stage Ⅳ was higher than in stages Ⅱ and Ⅲ while vWF-CP activity was lower in patients with lupus nephritis.After eight-week treatment,the vWF level significantly decreased and the vWF-CP activity significantly increased in systemic lupus erythema,disease activity index<9,but not with index≥9.Even though the vWF-CP activity was significantly lower in membranous nephropathy than in minimal change disease,mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis or IgA glomerulonephritis,the vWF level was not significantly different.Conclusions The alterations of plasma vWF and vWF-CP activities were associated with different renal pathologies.Injury to endothelial cells and autoantibodies against vWF-CP activity may result in higher vWF Ievel and Iower vWF-CP activity in chronic renaI disease and thus a

  11. von Willebrand disease and aging : an evolving phenotype

    Sanders, Y. V.; Giezenaar, M. A.; Laros-van Gorkom, B. A. P.; Meijer, K.; van der Bom, J. G.; Cnossen, M. H.; Nijziel, M. R.; Ypma, P. F.; Fijnvandraat, K.; Eikenboom, J.; Mauser-Bunschoten, E. P.; Leebeek, F. W. G.


    Background: Because the number of elderly von Willebrand disease (VWD) patients is increasing, the pathophysiology of aging in VWD has become increasingly relevant. Objectives: To assess age-related changes in von Willebrand factor (VWF) and factor VIII (FVIII) levels and to compare age-related diff


    V. A. Elykomov


    Full Text Available Objective: to identify the possible factors of thrombogenic risk and ways of its prevention in patients with von Willebrand disease.Case description. Patient X., 42 years old, who suffers from von Willebrand disease type 3 with 5-years of age. Asked on reception to the traumatologist in the polyclinic of the Regional Hospital with pain in the left hip joint. Recommended planned operative treatment in the Altai Regional Clinical Hospital. Preoperative preparation included the infusion of concentrate of von Willebrand factor and coagulation factor VIII. Operation – cement total arthroplasty of the left hip joint. In the postoperative period analgesic treatment, elastic compression of the lower extremities, iron supplements, also conducted infusion of concentrate of von Willebrand factor and coagulation factor VIII for 20 days and thromboprophylactic with dabigatran. On the 3rd day after the operation the patient revealed deep vein thrombosis of the femoral segment (floating clot.Results. The patient was operated for emergency indications in the Department of endovascular surgery – installation of venous cava filter “Volan”. Dabigatran is cancelled, appointed clexane for 3 months. In our clinical example the patient lacked risk factors of pulmonary embolism as obesity, age, smoking, prolonged immobilization, estrogen therapy. Overdose of factor VIII were not observed – the level of factor did not exceed 135 % on transfusions. At the same time, the patient was found polymorphisms in the genes ITGA2, FGB, MTHFR, MTR – heterozygote, MTRR – mutant homozygote, which may indicate the genetic factors of thrombogenic risk. Also a significant risk factor was massive surgical intervention (total hip replacement. Despite preventive measures (elastic compression, thromboprophylactic dabigatran, early activation we cannot to avoid thrombotic complications.Conclusion. This article presents a case demonstrating a thrombotic complication in patients

  13. Weibel-Palade body size modulates the adhesive activity of its von Willebrand Factor cargo in cultured endothelial cells

    Ferraro, Francesco; Mafalda Lopes da, Silva; Grimes, William; Lee, Hwee Kuan; Ketteler, Robin; Kriston-Vizi, Janos; Cutler, Daniel F.


    Changes in the size of cellular organelles are often linked to modifications in their function. Endothelial cells store von Willebrand Factor (vWF), a glycoprotein essential to haemostasis in Weibel-Palade bodies (WPBs), cigar-shaped secretory granules that are generated in a wide range of sizes. We recently showed that forcing changes in the size of WPBs modifies the activity of this cargo. We now find that endothelial cells treated with statins produce shorter WPBs and that the vWF they release at exocytosis displays a reduced capability to recruit platelets to the endothelial cell surface. Investigating other functional consequences of size changes of WPBs, we also report that the endothelial surface-associated vWF formed at exocytosis recruits soluble plasma vWF and that this process is reduced by treatments that shorten WPBs, statins included. These results indicate that the post-exocytic adhesive activity of vWF towards platelets and plasma vWF at the endothelial surface reflects the size of their storage organelle. Our findings therefore show that changes in WPB size, by influencing the adhesive activity of its vWF cargo, may represent a novel mode of regulation of platelet aggregation at the vascular wall. PMID:27576551

  14. Weibel-Palade body size modulates the adhesive activity of its von Willebrand Factor cargo in cultured endothelial cells.

    Ferraro, Francesco; Mafalda Lopes da, Silva; Grimes, William; Lee, Hwee Kuan; Ketteler, Robin; Kriston-Vizi, Janos; Cutler, Daniel F


    Changes in the size of cellular organelles are often linked to modifications in their function. Endothelial cells store von Willebrand Factor (vWF), a glycoprotein essential to haemostasis in Weibel-Palade bodies (WPBs), cigar-shaped secretory granules that are generated in a wide range of sizes. We recently showed that forcing changes in the size of WPBs modifies the activity of this cargo. We now find that endothelial cells treated with statins produce shorter WPBs and that the vWF they release at exocytosis displays a reduced capability to recruit platelets to the endothelial cell surface. Investigating other functional consequences of size changes of WPBs, we also report that the endothelial surface-associated vWF formed at exocytosis recruits soluble plasma vWF and that this process is reduced by treatments that shorten WPBs, statins included. These results indicate that the post-exocytic adhesive activity of vWF towards platelets and plasma vWF at the endothelial surface reflects the size of their storage organelle. Our findings therefore show that changes in WPB size, by influencing the adhesive activity of its vWF cargo, may represent a novel mode of regulation of platelet aggregation at the vascular wall.

  15. Successful Aortic Aneurysm Repair in a Woman with Severe von Willebrand (Type 3 Disease

    Victoria Campbell


    Full Text Available von Willebrand disease type 3 (VWD3 is a rare but the most severe form of von Willebrand disease; it is due to almost complete lack of von Willebrand factor activity (VWF:RCo. It is inherited as autosomal recessive trait; whilst heterozygote carriers have mild, or no symptoms, patients with VWD3 show severe bleeding symptoms. In the laboratory, this is characterised by undetectable VWF:Ag, VWF:RCo, and reduced levels of factor VIII < 0.02 IU/dL. The bleeding is managed with von Willebrand/FVIII factor concentrate replacement therapy. In this rare but challenging case we report on the successful excision and repair of an ascending aortic aneurysm following adequate VWF/FVIII factor concentrate replacement using Haemate-P.

  16. Clinical and laboratory diagnosis of von Willebrand disease : A synopsis of the 2008 NHLBI/NIH guidelines

    Nichols, William L.; Rick, Margaret E.; Ortel, Thomas L.; Montgomery, Robert R.; Sadler, J. Evan; Yawn, Barbara P.; James, Andra H.; Hultin, Mae B.; Manco-Johnson, Marilyn J.; Weinstein, Mark


    Von Willebrand factor (VWF) mediates blood platelet adhesion and accumulation at sites of blood vessel injury, and also carries coagulation factor VIII (FVIII) that is important for generating procoagulant activity. Von Willebrand disease (VWD), the most common inherited bleeding disorder, affects m

  17. Factor VIII and von Willebrand factor changes during normal pregnancy and puerperium.

    Sánchez-Luceros, Analía; Meschengieser, Susana S; Marchese, Carlos; Votta, Roberto; Casais, Patricia; Woods, Adriana I; Nadal, María V; Salviú, María J; Lazzari, María A


    Gestation is a challenge to haemostasis and it is associated with significant haemostatic changes. Several studies have evaluated von Willebrand factor in normal pregnancy, but none considered the personal history of bleeding. We studied a group of healthy non-bleeding women (184 pregnant, 64 puerperium, 37 non-pregnant) to evaluate normal ranges and their relationship to blood group and parity. The von Willebrand factor increased markedly from non-pregnant values up to the end of early puerperium (P < 0.0001), while factor VIII only showed a slight increase. Factor VIII and von Willebrand factor activity remained within the normal range for non-pregnant women. The return to non-pregnant factor levels occurred in late puerperium, later than previously reported. Only factor VIII was significantly lower in the O blood group (P = 0.035). As regards parity, there were no differences in factor VIII, von Willebrand factor antigen and von Willebrand factor ristocetin cofactor between primigravidae and multigravidae for any period studied (P = 0.888, 0.999, and 0.237, respectively). Our results provide reference ranges that may help to design a study in von Willebrand factor disease in pregnancy.

  18. Subclinical Atherosclerosis in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Low Cardiovascular Risk: The Role of von Willebrand Factor Activity.

    Gorica G Ristić

    Full Text Available To evaluate association between von Willebrand factor (vWF activity, inflammation markers, disease activity, and subclinical atherosclerosis in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA and low cardiovascular risk.Above mentioned parameters were determined in blood samples of 74 non-diabetic, normotensive, female subjects, with no dyslipidemia(42 patients, 32 matched healthy controls, age 45.3±10.0 vs. 45.2±9.8 years. Intima-media thickness (IMT was measured bilaterally, at common carotid, bifurcation, and internal carotid arteries. Subclinical atherosclerosis was defined as IMT>IMTmean+2SD in controlsat each carotid level and atherosclerotic plaque as IMT>1.5 mm. Majority of RA patients were on methotrexate (83.3%, none on steroids >10 mg/day or biologic drugs. All findings were analysed in the entire study population and in RA group separately.RA patients with subclinical atherosclerosis had higher vWF activity than those without (133.5±69.3% vs. 95.3±36.8%, p<0.05. Predictive value of vWF activity for subclinical atherosclerosis was confirmed by logistic regression. vWF activity correlated significantly with erythrocyte sedimentation rate, fibrinogen, modified disease activity scores (mDAS28-ESR, mDAS28-CRP, modified Health Assessment Questionnaire (p<0.01 for all, duration of smoking, number of cigarettes/day, rheumatoid factor concentration (p<0.05 for all, and anti-CCP antibodies (p<0.01. In the entire study population, vWF activity was higher in participants with subclinical atherosclerosis (130±68% vs. 97±38%, p<0.05 or atherosclerotic plaques (123±57% vs. 99±45%, p<0.05 than in those without. Duration of smoking was significantly associated with vWF activity (β 0.026, p = 0.039.We demonstrated association of vWF activity and subclinical atherosclerosis in low-risk RA patients as well as its correlation with inflammation markers, all parameters of disease activity, and seropositivity. Therefore, vWF might be a valuable marker of

  19. Prophylaxis escalation in severe von Willebrand disease: A prospective study from the von Willebrand Disease Prophylaxis Network

    T.C. Abshire (Thomas Calvin); J. Cox-Gill; C.L. Kempton; F.W.G. Leebeek (Frank); M. Carcao (M.); P. Kouides (P.); S. Donfield (S.); E. Berntorp


    textabstractBackground: Treatment of mucosal bleeding (epistaxis, gastrointestinal bleeding, and menorrhagia) and joint bleeding remains problematic in clinically severe von Willebrand disease (VWD). Patients are often unresponsive to treatment (e.g. desmopressin or antifibrinolytic therapy) and may

  20. [Determination of von Willebrand factor multimers in Mexican population].

    Hernández-Zamora, Edgar; Zavala-Hernández, Cesar; Viveros-Sandoval, Martha Eva; Ochoa-Rico, Angeles; Martínez-Murillo, Carlos; Reyes-Maldonado, Elba


    Antecedentes: la enfermedad de von Willebrand es un padecimiento hereditario en el que la estructura, función y concentración del factor de von Willebrand están alteradas y, en consecuencia, también la interacción plaqueta-factor de von Willebrand-endotelio. En México no hay registros epidemiológicos de la enfermedad, sólo se han efectuado algunos estudios aislados desde el punto de vista clínico y hematológico. Material y métodos: estudio retrospectivo efectuado en 155 mexicanos mestizos, 75 de ellos con diagnóstico presuntivo de enfermedad de von Willebrand, 15 con sospecha de hemofilia A y 65 donadores sanos (testigos). Se realizaron pruebas: básicas de coagulación, especiales y de clasificación: análisis de la composición multimérica. Resultados: 15 pacientes se diagnosticaron con hemofilia A; de los 75 sujetos con sospecha de enfermedad de von Willebrand se diagnosticaron 50 de la manera siguiente: tipo 1 (62%), tipo 2 (22%) [subtipos: 2A (14%), 2B (2%) y 2N (6%)] y tipo 3 (16%). Conclusión: el análisis de los multímeros del factor de von Willebrand es un método que cumple con las características adecuadas para el diagnóstico de la enfermedad de von Willebrand, por lo que es necesario implementar esta metodología para su estudio y mejorar su diagnóstico específico.

  1. Acquired von Willebrand syndrome: A rare disorder of heterogeneous etiology

    P Kasatkar


    Full Text Available Context: Acquired von Willebrand syndrome (AVWS is a rare bleeding disorder that mimics the inherited form of von Willebrand disease (VWD in terms of laboratory findings and clinical presentation. Aims: To study the etiology of acquired VWD. Settings and Design: The patients referred from various hospitals in and out of Mumbai were included in the study. Materials and Methods: Six patients with AVWS diagnosed at this center over the last 10 years were analyzed against 171 patients with inherited VWD. The differential diagnosis of AVWS was made based on reduced levels of von Willebrand antigen and von Willebrand ristocetin cofactor, decrease in ristocetin induced platelet aggregation, absence of correction in mixing studies with no prior history of bleeding problems and a negative family history for bleeding disorders. Results: In three patients, the disease was associated with systematic lupus erythematosus, out of which one was also associated with Kikuchi lymphadenitis and second with autoimmune hemolytic anemia. Fourth case was associated with hypothyroidism and fifth was a case of dermatitis and vitiligo. The last patient was a case of hemophilia A with Burkitts lymphoma, who developed autoantibodies to von Willebrand factor. Except two patients, all other patients responded to immune suppressive therapy with corticosteroids, while the patient with hypothyroidism responded to oral thyroxine. Conclusion: AVWS is a rare condition and may often be missed or diagnosed as inherited disease associated with heterogeneous disease conditions.

  2. β3 Integrin Haplotype Influences Gene Regulation and Plasma von Willebrand Factor Activity

    Payne, Katie E; Bray, Paul F; Grant, Peter J; Carter, Angela M


    The Leu33Pro polymorphism of the gene encoding β3 integrin (ITGB3) is associated with acute coronary syndromes and influences platelet aggregation. Three common promoter polymorphisms have also been identified. The aims of this study were to (1) investigate the influence of the ITGB3 −400C/A, −425A/C and −468G/A promoter polymorphisms on reporter gene expression and nuclear protein binding and (2) determine genotype and haplotype associations with platelet αIIbβ3 receptor density. Promoter haplotypes were introduced into an ITGB3 promoter-pGL3 construct by site directed mutagenesis and luciferase reporter gene expression analysed in HEL and HMEC-1 cells. Binding of nuclear proteins was assessed by electrophoretic mobility shift assay. The association of ITGB3 haplotype with platelet αIIbβ3 receptor density was determined in 223 subjects. Species conserved motifs were identified in the ITGB3 promoter in the vicinity of the 3 polymorphisms. The GAA, GCC, AAC, AAA and ACC constructs induced ~50% increased luciferase expression relative to the GAC construct in both cell types. Haplotype analysis including Leu33Pro indicated 5 common haplotypes; no associations between ITGB3 haplotypes and receptor density were found. However, the GCC-Pro33 haplotype was associated with significantly higher vWF activity (128.6 [112.1–145.1]%) compared with all other haplotypes (107.1 [101.2–113.0]%, p=0.02). In conclusion, the GCC-Pro33 haplotype was associated with increased vWF activity but not with platelet αIIbβ3 receptor density, which may indicate ITGB3 haplotype influences endothelial function. PMID:18045606

  3. Weibel-Palade bodies: a window to von Willebrand disease.

    Valentijn, K M; Eikenboom, J


    Weibel-Palade bodies (WPBs) are the storage organelles for von Willebrand factor (VWF) in endothelial cells. VWF forms multimers that assemble into tubular structures in WPBs. Upon demand, VWF is secreted into the blood circulation, where it unfolds into strings that capture platelets during the onset of primary hemostasis. Numerous mutations affecting VWF lead to the bleeding disorder von Willebrand disease. This review reports the recent findings on the effects of VWF mutations on the biosynthetic pathway of VWF and its storage in WPBs. These new findings have deepened our understanding of VWF synthesis, storage, secretion, and function.

  4. No evidence for a direct effect of von Willebrand factor's ABH blood group antigens on von Willebrand factor clearance

    Groeneveld, D J; van Bekkum, T; Cheung, K L; Dirven, R J; Castaman, G; Reitsma, P H; van Vlijmen, B; Eikenboom, J


    BACKGROUND: One of the major determinants of von Willebrand factor (VWF) plasma levels is ABO blood group status, and individuals with blood group O have ~ 25% lower plasma levels. The exact mechanism behind this relationship remains unknown, although effects on clearance have been postulated. OBJEC

  5. Biogenesis of Weibel-Palade bodies in von Willebrand's disease variants with impaired von Willebrand factor intrachain or interchain disulfide bond formation

    Wang, Jiong-Wei; Groeneveld, Dafna J; Cosemans, Guy; Dirven, Richard J; Valentijn, Karine M; Voorberg, Jan; Reitsma, Pieter H; Eikenboom, Jeroen


    BACKGROUND: Mutations of cysteine residues in von Willebrand factor are known to reduce the storage and secretion of this factor, thus leading to reduced antigen levels. However, one cysteine mutation, p.Cys2773Ser, has been found in patients with type 2A(IID) von Willebrand's disease who have norma

  6. The effect of exercise on von Willebrand factor and ADAMTS-13 in individuals with type 1 and type 2B von Willebrand disease

    Stakiw, J.; Bowman, M.; Hegadorn, C.; Pruss, C.; Notley, C.; Groot, E.; Lenting, P. J.; Rapson, D.; Lillicrap, D.; James, P.


    Background: The effect of exercise on von Willebrand factor (VWF) and ADAMTS-13 levels in individuals with von Willebrand disease (VWD) has never been reported. Objectives: The aim was to quantify the effect of a standardized exercise protocol on individuals with type 1 and type 2B VWD. Patients/met

  7. Pseudo (Platelet-type von Willebrand disease in pregnancy: a case report

    Grover Neetu


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Pseudo (platelet-type-von Willebrand disease is a rare autosomal dominant bleeding disorder caused by an abnormal function of the glycoprotein lb protein; the receptor for von Willebrand factor. This leads to an increased removal of VWF multimers from the circulation as well as platelets and this results in a bleeding diathesis. Worldwide, less than 50 patients are reported with platelet type von Willebrand disease (PT-VWD. Case presentation We describe the management of platelet type von Willebrand disease in pregnancy of a 26 year old Caucasian primigravida. The initial diagnosis was made earlier following a significant haemorrhage post tonsillectomy several years prior to pregnancy. The patient was managed under a multidisciplinary team which included obstetricians, haematologists, anaesthetists and neonatologists. Care plans were made for the ante- natal, intra-partum and post-partum periods in partnership with the patient. The patient’s platelet count levels dropped significantly during the antenatal period. This necessitated the active exclusion of other causes of thrombocytopenia in pregnancy. A vaginal delivery was desired and plans were made for induction of labour at 38 weeks of gestation with platelet cover in view of the progressive fall of the platelet count. The patient however went into spontaneous labour on the day of induction. She was transfused two units of platelets before delivery. She had an unassisted vaginal delivery of a healthy baby. The successful antenatal counselling has encouraged the diagnosis of the same condition in her mother and sister. We found this to be a particularly interesting case as well as challenging to manage due to its rarity. Psuedo von Willebrand disease in pregnancy can be confused with a number of other differential diagnoses, such as gestational thrombocutopenia, idiopathatic thrombocytopenia, thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura and pre-eclampsia; all need consideration

  8. Marshall-Stickler phenotype associated with von Willebrand disease

    MacDonald, M.R.; Baker, K.S.; Schaefer, G.B. [Univ. of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE (United States)


    We report on 6 individuals from three different kindreds with Marshall-Stickler (MS) phenotype, with characteristic orofacial abnormalities, arthropathy, deafness, and eye findings, all of whom were discovered to have a mild bleeding diathesis and coagulation-study findings consistent with mild von Willebrand disease (vWD). MS syndrome has been linked in some cases to the type II procollagen gene (COL2A1) on chromosome 12q, and to the collagen XI gene (COL11A2) on chromosome 6. The von Willebrand factor (vWF) is encoded by a 180-Kb gene located on the short arm of chromosome 12. This is the first reported association of these two disorders. 26 refs., 5 figs., 1 tab.

  9. von Willebrand factor-cleaving protease (ADAMTS13) activity in normal non-pregnant women, pregnant and post-delivery women.

    Sánchez-Luceros, Analía; Farías, Cristina E; Amaral, María M; Kempfer, Ana C; Votta, Roberto; Marchese, Carlos; Salviú, María J; Woods, Adriana I; Meschengieser, Susana S; Lazzari, María A


    ADAMTS13 dysfunction has been involved in the pathogenesis of Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura. This disorder occurs more frequently in women and, in 13% of them, is associated with pregnancy. However, there is little information on the protease behaviour in normal pregnancy. We studied von Willebrand factor and ADAMTS13 activity changes in normal non-pregnant, pregnant and post-delivery women. Fifty-five non-pregnant women, normal blood bank donors, who were not taking contraceptive pills were included as controls. A prospective cross-sectional study of 270 normal pregnant and post-delivery women was carried out. ADAMTS13 activity decreased progressively as from the period of 12-16 weeks up to the end of early puerperium (mean 52%, range 22-89, p < 0.0001), to increase slightly thereafter. Nulliparous presented mildly lower levels of ADAMTS13 activity than parous women (65% vs. 83 %, p = 0.0003), and primigravidae than multigravidae between 6-11 weeks up to 17-23 weeks of pregnancy (69% vs. 80%, p = 0.005). Although in all women the protease levels were the same by blood groups, the O blood group non-pregnant women showed a higher mean of ADAMTS13 activity than those non-O (78% vs. 69%, p = 0.064). Our results suggest that the changing levels of protease activity during pregnancy and puerperium, induced by unidentified mechanisms, could render the peripartum time more vulnerable to developed thrombotic microangiopathies.

  10. Von Willebrand's Disease in Two Families of Doberman Pinschers

    Johnstone, I B; Crane, S


    The history, clinical symptoms and laboratory results in two families of Doberman pinschers with von Willebrand's disease are described. The affected animals illustrate the rather nonspecific bleeding problems that may be encountered in mild and moderate forms of this disease. In both families a bleeding diathesis was suspected when one member of the family underwent surgery with serious postoperative bleeding complications. These cases illustrate the importance of a thorough presurgical hist...

  11. Clumping factor A, von Willebrand factor-binding protein and von Willebrand factor anchor Staphylococcus aureus to the vessel wall.

    Claes, J; Liesenborghs, L; Peetermans, M; Veloso, T R; Missiakas, D; Schneewind, O; Mancini, S; Entenza, J M; Hoylaerts, M F; Heying, R; Verhamme, P; Vanassche, T


    Essentials Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) binds to endothelium via von Willebrand factor (VWF). Secreted VWF-binding protein (vWbp) mediates S. aureus adhesion to VWF under shear stress. vWbp interacts with VWF and the Sortase A-dependent surface protein Clumping factor A (ClfA). VWF-vWbp-ClfA anchor S. aureus to vascular endothelium under shear stress.

  12. Storage and secretion of naturally occurring von Willebrand factor A domain variants

    Groeneveld, Dafna J; Wang, Jiong-Wei; Mourik, Marjon J; Dirven, Richard J; Valentijn, Karine M; Voorberg, Jan; Reitsma, Pieter H; Eikenboom, Jeroen


    Von Willebrand disease (VWD) is a bleeding disorder characterized by reduced plasma von Willebrand factor (VWF) levels or functionally abnormal VWF. Low VWF plasma levels in VWD patients are the result of mutations in the VWF gene that lead to decreased synthesis, impaired secretion, increased clear

  13. Nordic Haemophilia Council's practical guidelines on diagnosis and management of von Willebrand disease

    Lassila, Riitta; Holme, Pål André; Landorph, Andrea;


    Von Willebrand disease (VWD) is the most common inherited bleeding disorder characterized by spontaneous or tissue injury-related, mostly mucocutaneous, bleeding events. VWD affects both males and females and is caused by quantitative or qualitative deficiency of Von Willebrand factor. The diagno...

  14. Human von Willebrand factor/factor VIII concentrates in the management of pediatric patients with von Willebrand disease/hemophilia A

    Castaman G; Linari S


    Giancarlo Castaman, Silvia Linari Department of Oncology, Center for Bleeding Disorders, Careggi University Hospital, Florence, ItalyAbstract: Several plasma-derived intermediate and high-purity concentrates containing von Willebrand factor (VWF) and factor VIII (FVIII) are currently available. The main role of these products in the management of pediatric the population is represented by the replacement therapy in patients with severe or intermediate forms of von Willebrand disease, in whom ...

  15. An ELISA for the quantitation of von Willebrand Factor

    Vinholt, Pernille Just; Overgaard, Martin; Diederichsen, Axel Cosmus Pyndt;


    with and without documented coronary calcification (total n=118). RESULTS AND CONCLUSIONS: The assay detected VWF:OPG complexes in human plasma, while no significant signal was observed when testing solutions containing VWF or recombinant OPG alone. Importantly, the ELISA assay was able to detect in vitro formed...... for measurement of von Willebrand factor-osteoprotegerin complex (VWF:OPG) in human plasma. Furthermore, the significance of VWF:OPG complex as a marker of cardiovascular disease (CVD) was evaluated. PATIENTS/METHODS: A sandwich ELISA for quantification of VWF:OPG was developed using a polyclonal rabbit anti...

  16. Evaluation of von Willebrand factor in COPD patients

    Thiago Prudente Bártholo


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: To compare the absolute serum von Willebrand factor (vWF levels and relative serum vWF activity in patients with clinically stable COPD, smokers without airway obstruction, and healthy never-smokers. METHODS: The study included 57 subjects, in three groups: COPD (n = 36; smoker (n = 12; and control (n = 9. During the selection phase, all participants underwent chest X-rays, spirometry, and blood testing. Absolute serum vWF levels and relative serum vWF activity were obtained by turbidimetry and ELISA, respectively. The modified Medical Research Council scale (cut-off score = 2 was used in order to classify COPD patients as symptomatic or mildly symptomatic/asymptomatic. RESULTS: Absolute vWF levels were significantly lower in the control group than in the smoker and COPD groups: 989 ± 436 pg/mL vs. 2,220 ± 746 pg/mL (p < 0.001 and 1,865 ± 592 pg/mL (p < 0.01. Relative serum vWF activity was significantly higher in the COPD group than in the smoker group (136.7 ± 46.0% vs. 92.8 ± 34.0%; p < 0.05, as well as being significantly higher in the symptomatic COPD subgroup than in the mildly symptomatic/asymptomatic COPD subgroup (154 ± 48% vs. 119 ± 8%; p < 0.05. In all three groups, there was a negative correlation between FEV1 (% of predicted and relative serum vWF activity (r2 = −0.13; p = 0.009. CONCLUSIONS: Our results suggest that increases in vWF levels and activity contribute to the persistence of systemic inflammation, as well as increasing cardiovascular risk, in COPD patients.

  17. Contemporary issues in the management of von Willebrand disease.

    Federici, Augusto B; Königs, Christoph; James, Andra H


    Von Willebrand disease (VWD) is the most common inherited bleeding disorder. Bleeding scores in VWD, focused in particular on mucosal bleeding, can be very useful in the diagnosis and validation of different types of treatment. The results of an extended prospective study with a large amount of information on clinical phenotype and implications in treatment are reviewed in this article. Treatment of mucosal and joint bleeding in severe VWD remains difficult in some patients. Due to the lack of data on the use of prophylaxis in these patients it is difficult to establish optimal treatment regimens. An overview of the literature, with a focus on the ongoing PRO.WILL study, is provided here. Furthermore, understanding the changes in von Willebrand factor (VWF) levels during pregnancy is very important for establishing the optimal management strategy for pregnancy and delivery in women with VWD. A recently published prospective observational cohort study in women with and without VWD during the postpartum period provides important data that should allow the improvement of postpartum treatment protocols.

  18. von Willebrand factor binds to the surface of dendritic cells and modulates peptide presentation of factor VIII.

    Sorvillo, Nicoletta; Hartholt, Robin B; Bloem, Esther; Sedek, Magdalena; ten Brinke, Anja; van der Zwaan, Carmen; van Alphen, Floris P; Meijer, Alexander B; Voorberg, Jan


    It has been proposed that von Willebrand factor might affect factor VIII immunogenicity by reducing factor VIII uptake by antigen presenting cells. Here we investigate the interaction of recombinant von Willebrand factor with immature monocyte-derived dendritic cells using flow cytometry and confocal microscopy. Surprisingly, von Willebrand factor was not internalized by immature dendritic cells, but remained bound to the cell surface. As von Willebrand factor reduces the uptake of factor VIII, we investigated the repertoire of factor VIII presented peptides when in complex with von Willebrand factor. Interestingly, factor VIII-derived peptides were still abundantly presented on major histocompatibility complex class II molecules, even though a reduction of factor VIII uptake by immature dendritic cells was observed. Inspection of peptide profiles from 5 different donors showed that different core factor VIII peptide sequences were presented upon incubation with factor VIII/von Willebrand factor complex when compared to factor VIII alone. No von Willebrand factor peptides were detected when immature dendritic cells were pulsed with different concentrations of von Willebrand factor, confirming lack of von Willebrand factor endocytosis. Several von Willebrand factor derived peptides were recovered when cells were pulsed with von Willebrand factor/factor VIII complex, suggesting that factor VIII promotes endocytosis of small amounts of von Willebrand factor by immature dendritic cells. Taken together, our results establish that von Willebrand factor is poorly internalized by immature dendritic cells. We also show that von Willebrand factor modulates the internalization and presentation of factor VIII-derived peptides on major histocompatibility complex class II.

  19. Surface-secreted von Willebrand factor mediates aggregation of ADP-activated platelets at moderate shear stress: facilitated by GPIb but controlled by GPIIb-IIIa.

    Frojmovic, M M; Kasirer-Friede, A; Goldsmith, H L; Brown, E A


    We previously showed that ADP activation of washed human platelets in plasma-free suspensions supports aggregation at moderate shear stress (0.4-1.6 Nm-2) in Poiseuille flow. Although most activated platelets expressed maximal fibrinogen-occupied GPIIb-IIIa receptors, aggregation appeared to be independent of bound fibrinogen, but blocked by the hexapeptide GRGDSP. Here, we tested the hypothesis that von Willebrand factor (vWF) secreted and expressed on activated platelets mediates aggregation at moderate shear rates from 300 to 1000 s-1 corresponding to shear stresses from 0.3 to 1.1 Nm-2. Relatively unactivated platelets (Flow cytometric measurements with monoclonal antibody (mAb) 2.2.9 reporting on surface-bound vWF, and with mAb S12 reporting on alpha-granule secreted P-selectin, showed that 65% and 80%, respectively, of all platelets were maximally activated with respect to maximal secretion and surface expression of these proteins. "Resting" washed platelets exhibited both surface-bound vWF and significant P-selectin secretion. We showed that mAbs 6D1 and NMC4, respectively blocking the adhesive domains on the GPIb receptor recognizing vWF, and on the vWF molecule recognizing the GPIb receptor, partially inhibited ADP-induced aggregation under shear in Couette flow, the degree of inhibition increasing with increasing shear stress. In contrast, mAb 10E5, blocking the vWF binding domain on GPIIb-IIIa, essentially blocked all aggregation at the shear rates tested. We conclude that vWF, expressed on ADP-activated platelets, is at least the predominant cross-bridging molecule mediating aggregation at moderate shear stress. There is an absolute requirement for free activated GPIIb-IIIa receptors, postulated to interact with platelet-secreted, surface bound vWF. The GPIb-vWF cross-bridging reaction plays a facilitative role becoming increasingly important with increasing shear stress. Since aurin tricarboxylic acid, which blocks the GPIb binding domain on vWF, was

  20. Assembly and activation of alternative complement components on endothelial cell-anchored ultra-large von Willebrand factor links complement and hemostasis-thrombosis.

    Nancy A Turner

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Vascular endothelial cells (ECs express and release protein components of the complement pathways, as well as secreting and anchoring ultra-large von Willebrand factor (ULVWF multimers in long string-like structures that initiate platelet adhesion during hemostasis and thrombosis. The alternative complement pathway (AP is an important non-antibody-requiring host defense system. Thrombotic microangiopathies can be associated with defective regulation of the AP (atypical hemolytic-uremic syndrome or with inadequate cleavage by ADAMTS-13 of ULVWF multimeric strings secreted by/anchored to ECs (thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura. Our goal was to determine if EC-anchored ULVWF strings caused the assembly and activation of AP components, thereby linking two essential defense mechanisms. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: We quantified gene expression of these complement components in cultured human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs by real-time PCR: C3 and C5; complement factor (CF B, CFD, CFP, CFH and CFI of the AP; and C4 of the classical and lectin (but not alternative complement pathways. We used fluorescent microscopy, monospecific antibodies against complement components, fluorescent secondary antibodies, and the analysis of >150 images to quantify the attachment of HUVEC-released complement proteins to ULVWF strings secreted by, and anchored to, the HUVECs (under conditions of ADAMTS-13 inhibition. We found that HUVEC-released C4 did not attach to ULVWF strings, ruling out activation of the classical and lectin pathways by the strings. In contrast, C3, FB, FD, FP and C5, FH and FI attached to ULVWF strings in quantitative patterns consistent with assembly of the AP components into active complexes. This was verified when non-functional FB blocked the formation of AP C3 convertase complexes (C3bBb on ULVWF strings. CONCLUSIONS/SIGNIFICANCE: AP components are assembled and activated on EC-secreted/anchored ULVWF multimeric

  1. Using genetic diagnostics in hemophilia and von Willebrand disease.

    Swystun, Laura L; James, Paula


    Most bleeding disorders encountered in clinical practice will be diagnosed, at least initially, by phenotypic assays. However, since the characterization of the genes that encode coagulation factors in the 1980s, significant progress has been made in translating this knowledge for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. For hemophilia A and B, molecular genetic testing to determine carrier status, prenatal diagnosis, and likelihood of inhibitor development or anaphylaxis to infused coagulation factor concentrates is an established component of comprehensive clinical management. In contrast, although significant recent advances in our understanding of the molecular genetic basis of von Willebrand disease (VWD) have allowed for the development of rational approaches to genetic diagnostics, questions remain about this complex genetic disorder and how to incorporate emerging knowledge into diagnostic strategies. This article will review the state-of-the-art for molecular diagnostics for both hemophilia and VWD.

  2. [A case of chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy concomitant with acquired von Willebrand syndrome].

    Ueda, Maki; Kawamura, Nobutoshi; Tateishi, Takahisa; Shigeto, Hiroshi; Ohyagi, Yasumasa; Kira, Jun-ichi


    We report a case of chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy (CIDP) concomitant with acquired von Willebrand syndrome. A 33-year-old man developed motor and sensory polyneuropathy with electrophysiological conduction slowing. At this time, M-protein was absent He was diagnosed with CIDP and received intravenous immunoglobulin and subsequent oral corticosteroids, which resulted in almost complete remission for over 10 years. At the age of 44, he presented with chronic anemia. Laboratory tests and colonoscopy revealed that he had acquired von Willebrand syndrome with monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (IgG lambda type) and colon cancer. Bleeding symptoms were.resolved with intravenous immunoglobulin, but not with supplementation of factor VIII. Shortly after successful excision of the cancer, CIDP and acquired von Willebrand syndrome simultaneously recurred. Intravenous immunoglobulin produced rapid improvement of both neurological and hematological abnormalities. Concurring CIDP and acquired von Willebrand syndrome in the present case may indicate that the conditions have a partly common immunological background including monoclonal gammopathy and a potential common autoantibody-mediated mechanism. Alternatively, dysfunction of von Willebrand factor may increase blood-nerve barrier permeability, inducing the recurrence of CIDP.

  3. Expression of von Willebrand factor Normandy: An autosomal mutation that mimics hemophilia A

    Tuley, E.A.; Worrall, N.K.; Sadler, J.E. (Washington Univ. School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO (United States)); Gaucher, C.; Jorieux, S.; Mazurier, C. (Centre Regional de Transfusion Sanguine, Lille (France))


    von Willebrand disease Normandy (vWD Normandy) is a recently described phenotype in which a mutant von Willebrand factor (VWF) appears structurally and functionally normal except that is does not bind to blood coagulation factor VIII. This interaction is required for normal survival of factor VIII in the circulation; consequently, vWD Normandy can present as apparent hemophilia A but with autosomal recessive rather than X chromosome-linked inheritance. AvWF missense mutation, Thr{sup 28} {r arrow} Met, was identified in the propositus in or near the factor VIII binding site. The corresponding mutant recombinant vWF(T28M) formed normal multimers and had normal ristocetin cofactor activity. However, vWF(T28M) exhibited the same defect in factor VIII binding as natural vWF Normandy, confirming that this mutation causes the vWD Normandy phenotype. The distinction between hemophilia A and vWD Normandy is clinically important and should be considered in families affected by apparent mild hemophilia A that fail to show strict X chromosome-linked inheritance and, particularly, in potential female carriers with low factor VIII levels attributed to extreme lyonization.

  4. Clinical phenotype in genetically confirmed von Willebrand disease type 2N patients reflects a haemophilia A phenotype

    Meegeren, M.E.R. van; Mancini, T.L.; Schoormans, S.C.M.; Haren, B.J.T. van; Duren, C. van; Diekstra, A.; Laros-van Gorkom, B.A.P.; Brons, P.P.; Simons, A.; Hoefsloot, L.H.; Heerde, W.L. van


    INTRODUCTION: Von Willebrand disease (VWD) type 2N is characterized by a defective binding of factor VIII (FVIII) to von Willebrand factor (VWF) resulting in diminished plasma FVIII levels and a clinical phenotype mimicking mild haemophilia A. Several mutations in the FVIII binding site of VWF have

  5. Differential localization of P-selectin and von Willebrand factor during megakaryocyte maturation

    Zingariello, M; Fabucci, M E; Bosco, D;


    An important step in megakaryocyte maturation is the appropriate assembly of at least two distinct subsets of alpha-granules. The mechanism that sorts the alpha-granule components into distinct structures and mediates their release in response to specific stimuli is now emerging. P-selectin and von...... Willebrand factor are two proteins present in the alpha-granules that recognize P-selectin glycoprotein ligand on neutrophils and collagen in the subendothelial matrix. These proteins may play an important role in determining the differential release of the alpha-granule contents in response to external...... stimuli. If P-selectin and von Willebrand factor are localized in the same or different alpha-granules is not known. To clarify this question, we analyzed by immunoelectron microscopy the localization of von Willebrand factor and P-selectin during the maturation of wild-type and Gata1(low) megakaryocytes...

  6. Von Willebrand Factor Gene Variants Associate with Herpes simplex Encephalitis.

    Abdelmagid, Nada; Bereczky-Veress, Biborka; Atanur, Santosh; Musilová, Alena; Zídek, Václav; Saba, Laura; Warnecke, Andreas; Khademi, Mohsen; Studahl, Marie; Aurelius, Elisabeth; Hjalmarsson, Anders; Garcia-Diaz, Ana; Denis, Cécile V; Bergström, Tomas; Sköldenberg, Birgit; Kockum, Ingrid; Aitman, Timothy; Hübner, Norbert; Olsson, Tomas; Pravenec, Michal; Diez, Margarita


    Herpes simplex encephalitis (HSE) is a rare complication of Herpes simplex virus type-1 infection. It results in severe parenchymal damage in the brain. Although viral latency in neurons is very common in the population, it remains unclear why certain individuals develop HSE. Here we explore potential host genetic variants predisposing to HSE. In order to investigate this we used a rat HSE model comparing the HSE susceptible SHR (Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats) with the asymptomatic infection of BN (Brown Norway). Notably, both strains have HSV-1 spread to the CNS at four days after infection. A genome wide linkage analysis of 29 infected HXB/BXH RILs (recombinant inbred lines-generated from the prior two strains), displayed variable susceptibility to HSE enabling the definition of a significant QTL (quantitative trait locus) named Hse6 towards the end of chromosome 4 (160.89-174Mb) containing the Vwf (von Willebrand factor) gene. This was the only gene in the QTL with both cis-regulation in the brain and included several non-synonymous SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphism). Intriguingly, in human chromosome 12 several SNPs within the intronic region between exon 43 and 44 of the VWF gene were associated with human HSE pathogenesis. In particular, rs917859 is nominally associated with an odds ratio of 1.5 (95% CI 1.11-2.02; p-value = 0.008) after genotyping in 115 HSE cases and 428 controls. Although there are possibly several genetic and environmental factors involved in development of HSE, our study identifies variants of the VWF gene as candidates for susceptibility in experimental and human HSE.

  7. Von Willebrand Factor Gene Variants Associate with Herpes simplex Encephalitis.

    Nada Abdelmagid

    Full Text Available Herpes simplex encephalitis (HSE is a rare complication of Herpes simplex virus type-1 infection. It results in severe parenchymal damage in the brain. Although viral latency in neurons is very common in the population, it remains unclear why certain individuals develop HSE. Here we explore potential host genetic variants predisposing to HSE. In order to investigate this we used a rat HSE model comparing the HSE susceptible SHR (Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats with the asymptomatic infection of BN (Brown Norway. Notably, both strains have HSV-1 spread to the CNS at four days after infection. A genome wide linkage analysis of 29 infected HXB/BXH RILs (recombinant inbred lines-generated from the prior two strains, displayed variable susceptibility to HSE enabling the definition of a significant QTL (quantitative trait locus named Hse6 towards the end of chromosome 4 (160.89-174Mb containing the Vwf (von Willebrand factor gene. This was the only gene in the QTL with both cis-regulation in the brain and included several non-synonymous SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphism. Intriguingly, in human chromosome 12 several SNPs within the intronic region between exon 43 and 44 of the VWF gene were associated with human HSE pathogenesis. In particular, rs917859 is nominally associated with an odds ratio of 1.5 (95% CI 1.11-2.02; p-value = 0.008 after genotyping in 115 HSE cases and 428 controls. Although there are possibly several genetic and environmental factors involved in development of HSE, our study identifies variants of the VWF gene as candidates for susceptibility in experimental and human HSE.

  8. Interference from lupus anticoagulant on von Willebrand factor measurement in splenic marginal zone lymphoma

    Vinholt, Pernille J; Nybo, Mads


    We present a case concerning a patient with splenic marginal zone lymphoma (SMZL) and isolated prolonged activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT) caused by lupus anticoagulant. Von Willebrand factor (VWF) activity and antigen were immeasurable by latex particle immunoturbidimetric assays......, and several coagulation factor levels were decreased. However, VWF activity and antigen were normal when analyzed by other methods. Also, coagulation factor levels were normal if an aPTT reagent with low lupus anticoagulant sensitivity or a chromogenic method was applied. Altogether, the initial findings were...... because of lupus anticoagulant interference and in fact, the patient had normal VWF activity and coagulation status. Interference of lupus anticoagulant in clot-based assays is well known but has not previously been described in VWF assays. This is furthermore the first report in which lupus anticoagulant...

  9. Severe dengue is associated with consumption of von Willebrand factor and its cleaving enzyme ADAMTS-13.

    Kis Djamiatun

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Thrombocytopenia, bleeding and plasma leakage are cardinal features of severe dengue. Endothelial cell activation with exocytosis of Weibel-Palade bodies (WPBs may play an etiological role in this condition. METHODS AND PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: In a cohort of 73 Indonesian children with dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF, of which 30 with dengue shock syndrome (DSS, we measured plasma levels of the WPB constituents von Willebrand factor antigen (VWF:Ag, VWF propeptide and osteoprotegerin (OPG, together with activity levels of the VWF-cleaving enzyme ADAMTS-13 and the amount of VWF in a platelet binding conformation (VWF activation factor. Compared with healthy controls (n = 17, children with DHF/DSS had significantly higher levels of VWF:Ag, VWF propeptide and OPG and decreased ADAMTS-13 activity. The VWF activation factor was also significantly higher in DHF/DSS and highest in children who died. There were significant differences in the kinetics of the various WPB constituents: VWF propeptide and OPG levels decreased toward discharge, while VWF:Ag levels were lower than expected at enrollment with plasma levels increasing toward discharge. Moreover, VWF propeptide levels correlated better with markers of disease severity (platelet count, liver enzymes, serum albumin and pleural effusion index than corresponding VWF levels. Together, these findings suggest that there is consumption of VWF in DHF/DSS. In 4 out of 15 selected children with low ADAMTS-13 levels on admission, we found a remarkable reduction in the large and intermediate VWF multimers in the discharge blood samples, consistent with an acquired von Willebrand disease. CONCLUSION: These findings suggest that severe dengue is associated with exocytosis of WPBs with increased circulating levels of VWF:Ag, VWF propeptide and OPG. High circulating levels of VWF in its active conformation, together with low ADAMTS-13 activity levels, are likely to contribute to the thrombocytopenia

  10. Atención odontológica a pacientes con enfermedad de Von Willebrand Odontologic attention for patients with von Willebrand Disease

    H.D. de Miranda Chaves Netto


    Full Text Available La enfermedad de Von Willebrand, coagulopatía causada por la deficiencia de un gen que modifica la capacidad del organismo de producir factores suficientes que genere la coagulación, tienen un protocolo de tratamiento poco difundido entre los cirujanos-dentistas. El profesional debe estar alerta en pacientes con hemorragias mucocutáneas repetidas, especialmente si son asociadas a un patrón familiar, e iniciar su tratamiento multidisciplinar con el hematólogo, quien debería programar la reposición de factores que el paciente necesita para el tratamiento odontológico. En este trabajo presentamos un caso clínico de un paciente con enfermedad de Von Willebrand y discutimos el manejo odontológico para este paciente.The von Willebrand disease is a coagulopathy caused by the deficiency of the gene that modifies the organism´s ability to produce sufficient factors that promotes coagulation. What is yet unknown by dental surgeons are the means to treat these patients. This patient has au functional abilities, but a coagulation disturbs is observed. It´s a normal patient, but he bleeds excessively. The dentist showed always be attentive to the patient´s familiar and pathological background, so he can initiate the dental treatment in synergy with the hematologist; who wile program the necessity or not of factor reposition that the patient might need during the treatment. In this article we present a clinical case of von Willebrand disease and we discuss the management odontological of this patient.

  11. Technological advances in diagnostic testing for von Willebrand disease: new approaches and challenges.

    Hayward, C P M; Moffat, K A; Graf, L


    Diagnostic tests for von Willebrand disease (VWD) are important for the assessment of VWD, which is a commonly encountered bleeding disorder worldwide. Technical innovations have been applied to improve the precision and lower limit of detection of von Willebrand factor (VWF) assays, including the ristocetin cofactor activity assay (VWF:RCo) that uses the antibiotic ristocetin to induce plasma VWF binding to glycoprotein (GP) IbIXV on target platelets. VWF-collagen-binding assays, depending on the type of collagen used, can improve the detection of forms of VWD with high molecular weight VWF multimer loss, although the best method is debatable. A number of innovations have been applied to VWF:RCo (which is commonly performed on an aggregometer), including replacing the target platelets with immobilized GPIbα, and quantification by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), immunoturbidimetric, or chemiluminescent end-point. Some common polymorphisms in the VWF gene that do not cause bleeding are associated with falsely low VWF activity by ristocetin-dependent methods. To overcome the need for ristocetin, some new VWF activity assays use gain-of-function GPIbα mutants that bind VWF without the need for ristocetin, with an improved precision and lower limit of detection than measuring VWF:RCo by aggregometry. ELISA of VWF binding to mutated GPIbα shows promise as a method to identify gain-of-function defects from type 2B VWD. The performance characteristics of many new VWF activity assays suggest that the detection of VWD, and monitoring of VWD therapy, by clinical laboratories could be improved through adopting newer generation VWF assays.

  12. Acquired von Willebrand syndrome in a patient with monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance.

    Puronen, Camille E; Josephson, Neil C; Broudy, Virginia C


    Acquired von Willebrand syndrome (AVWS) is a rare bleeding disorder that typically presents as mucocutaneous bleeding in individuals with no personal or family history of bleeding disorder. Here we present a case in which a patient presented with profound epistaxis and was found to have AVWS in the setting of monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS).

  13. A systematic review of the effects of hemophilia and von Willebrand disease on arterial trombosis

    Biere-Rafi, Sara; Zwiers, M.; Peters, Marjolein; Van Der Meer, Jan; Rosendaal, Frits R; Buller, Harry R; Kamphuisen, Pieter W


    Background: Patients with hemophilia and von Willebrand disease (VWD) may be protected against arterial thrombosis, through a hy-pocoagulable state or atherosclerosis. We performed a systematic review to assess the association between these clotting disorders, arterial thrombosis and the prevalence

  14. Structural studies on the von Willebrand factor A1 and A3 domains

    Romijn, R.A.P.


    Von Willebrand factor (VWF), a multimeric plasma glycoprotein, mediates platelet adhesion to sites of vascular damage. In this proces, the VWF-A3 domain binds to collagen in the vessel wall. This is followed by binding of the VWF-A1 domain to platelet receptor glycoprotein (Gp) Ibalpha. The investig

  15. Binding of von Willebrand factor and plasma proteins to the eggshell of Schistosoma mansoni

    Dewalick, Saskia; Hensbergen, Paul J; Bexkens, Michiel L; Grosserichter-Wagener, Christina; Hokke, Cornelis H; Deelder, André M; de Groot, Philip G; Tielens, Aloysius G M; van Hellemond, Jaap J


    Schistosoma mansoni eggs have to cross the endothelium and intestinal wall to leave the host and continue the life cycle. Mechanisms involved in this essential step are largely unknown. Here we describe direct binding to the S. mansoni eggshell of von Willebrand factor and other plasma proteins invo

  16. Leukocyte telomere length is inversely correlated with plasma Von Willebrand factor

    Hjelmborg, Jacob V B; Nzietchueng, Rosine; Kimura, Masayuki;


    INTRODUCTION: Leukocyte telomere length (LTL) is short, while the plasma level of Von Willebrand (VWF) is high in persons with atherosclerosis. Moreover, both short LTLs and high VWF levels are observed in individuals who display risks for atherosclerosis, including hypertension, obesity, insulin...

  17. Evaluation of laboratory methods to improve characterization of dogs with von Willebrand disease.

    Burgess, Hilary J; Woods, J Paul; Abrams-Ogg, Anthony C G; Wood, R Darren


    The objective of the study was to investigate the value of additional tests [platelet count, partial thromboplastin time (PTT), platelet function analysis using the PFA-100, Collagen binding assay (vWF:CBA), and Factor VIII activity], for use in conjunction with the von Willebrand factor antigen enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), as part of a newly developed diagnostic profile for improved characterization of patients with von Willebrand disease (vWD). The study population included 183 clinically healthy canines ranging in vWF:Ag concentration from 1% to 125%. The Asserachrom vWF:Ag ELISA assay was used as an external control for the determination of vWD status. Degree of association between the additional tests and vWF concentration was evaluated, and associations between the additional tests were also assessed, including their ability to distinguish dogs with vWD from those without vWD. In addition, a reference interval was determined for the PFA-100 platelet function analyzer. Strong associations were found between the PFA-100, vWF:CBA, and Asserachrom vWF:Ag assay, and a significant association was found between the PFA-100 and vWF:CBA. An association was detected between Factor VIII activity and the Asserachrom vWF:Ag assay, the vWF:CBA and the PFA-100; however, a corresponding pattern was not visually apparent in the raw data, making the association clinically irrelevant. The association between the platelet count and the PTT with the other additional tests was negligible. Based on our results, the vWF:CBA and PFA-100 would be valuable assets, in conjunction with a vWF:Ag assay, in a canine vWD diagnostic profile to further characterize patients with this disease.

  18. Determinación de los multímeros del factor von Willebrand en población mexicana

    Edgar Hernández-Zamora; César Zavala-Hernández; Martha Eva Viveros-Sandoval; Ángeles Ochoa-Rico; Carlos Martínez-Murillo; Elba Reyes-Maldonado


    Antecedentes: la enfermedad de von Willebrand es un padecimiento hereditario en el que la estructura, función y concentración del factor de von Willebrand están alteradas y, en consecuencia, también la interacción plaqueta-factor de von Willebrand-endotelio. En México no hay registros epidemiológicos de la enfermedad, sólo se han efectuado algunos estudios aislados desde el punto de vista clínico y hematológico. Material y métodos: estudio retrospectivo efectuado en 155 mexicanos mestizos, 75...

  19. Microsatellite (GT)(n) repeats and SNPs in the von Willebrand factor gene promoter do not influence circulating von Willebrand factor levels under normal conditions.

    Daidone, Viviana; Cattini, Maria Grazia; Pontara, Elena; Sartorello, Francesca; Gallinaro, Lisa; Marotti, Alberto; Scaroni, Carla; Pagnan, Antonio; Casonato, Alessandra


    Von Willebrand factor (VWF) levels vary considerably in normal individuals, influenced by inherited and acquired modulators. ABO blood group is the major inherited determinant of VWF levels, but a role has also been attributed to the VWF gene promoter, haplotype 1 (-3268G/-2709C/-2661A/-2527G) being associated with higher VWF levels than haplotype 2 (-3268C/-2709T/-2661G/-2527A), and the polymorphic locus (GT)(n) modulating the shear stress-induced activation of the VWF promoter. We characterized the (GT)(n) of the VWF promoter in 394 healthy individuals and assessed whether its variable length influenced VWF levels in normal conditions. (GT)(n) proved highly polymorphic, with alleles from 15 to 24 repeats long. (GT)(21) and (GT)(19) were the most common variants (37.4% and 34.4%, respectively). Short GT repeats (15-19) segregated mainly with haplotype 1, long GT repeats (20-24) with haplotype 2 (p < 0.0001). The number of GT repeats did not correlate with VWF levels, nor did such levels correlate with haplotypes 1 and 2, considered alone or in association with the (GT)(n) locus. We conclude that (GT)(n) and -3268/-2709/-2661/-2527 loci are in strong linkage disequilibrium. This polymorphic region of the VWF promoter does not affect VWF levels under normal conditions, though it might represent an environmentally activable VWF regulation site.

  20. Prevalence and spectrum of von Willebrand disease in Eastern Uttar Pradesh

    Kumar Sandip


    Full Text Available Context: Von Willebrand disease is the most common inherited bleeding disorder with a prevalence of ≈ 1% in the general population. Studies available from India are limited, showing a prevalence of ≈ 10% of vWD amongst inherited bleeding disorders. Aims: This study aims to know the prevalence and subtypes of vWD in patients presenting with various bleeding manifestations to university hospital. Settings and Design: We investigated 840 patients presenting with bleeding manifestations in the period from August 2004 to August 2008 for bleeding disorders. Materials and Methods: Tests performed for the diagnosis of vWD included platelet count, bleeding time (BT, prothrombin time (PT, activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT, Factor VIII:C assay, von Willebrand Factor Antigen assay and Ristocetin-induced platelet aggregation. Results: Amongst 840 patients, 230 (27.38% had inherited bleeding disorder. Out of these, 40 (17.39% patients were identified as vWD. Type 1 in 17 (42.5%, Type 2 in 11 (27.5% and Type 3 vWD was present in 12 (30.0% patients. Patients′ age ranged from five months to 45 years, with 17 males and 23 females. Positive family history was seen in 12 patients (30%. Muco-cutaneous bleeding was the most common presentation. Menorrhagia was present in 100% women of reproductive age group, and hemarthrosis was seen in two male patients. Conclusions: We felt that Type I vWD with infrequent and mild bleeding episodes remain undiagnosed either because of unawareness of the disease in society or due to paucity of diagnostic facilities available in our country. Therefore, an awareness program along with enhancement of diagnostic facilities for vWD is required in our country to identify these patients for proper management thus avoiding hemorrhagic complications.

  1. LIM kinase/cofilin dysregulation promotes macrothrombocytopenia in severe von Willebrand disease-type 2B

    Poirault-Chassac, Sonia; Adam, Frédéric; Muczynski, Vincent; Aymé, Gabriel; Casari, Caterina; Bordet, Jean-Claude; Soukaseum, Christelle; Rothschild, Chantal; Proulle, Valérie; Pietrzyk-Nivau, Audrey; Berrou, Eliane; Christophe, Olivier D.; Rosa, Jean-Philippe; Lenting, Peter J.; Bryckaert, Marijke; Baruch, Dominique


    von Willebrand disease type 2B (VWD-type 2B) is characterized by gain-of-function mutations of von Willebrand factor (vWF) that enhance its binding to platelet glycoprotein Ibα and alter the protein’s multimeric structure. Patients with VWD-type 2B display variable extents of bleeding associated with macrothrombocytopenia and sometimes with thrombopathy. Here, we addressed the molecular mechanism underlying the severe macrothrombocytopenia both in a knockin murine model for VWD-type 2B by introducing the p.V1316M mutation in the murine Vwf gene and in a patient bearing this mutation. We provide evidence of a profound defect in megakaryocyte (MK) function since: (a) the extent of proplatelet formation was drastically decreased in 2B MKs, with thick proplatelet extensions and large swellings; and (b) 2B MKs presented actin disorganization that was controlled by upregulation of the RhoA/LIM kinase (LIMK)/cofilin pathway. In vitro and in vivo inhibition of the LIMK/cofilin signaling pathway rescued actin turnover and restored normal proplatelet formation, platelet count, and platelet size. These data indicate, to our knowledge for the first time, that the severe macrothrombocytopenia in VWD-type 2B p.V1316M is due to an MK dysfunction that originates from a constitutive activation of the RhoA/LIMK/cofilin pathway and actin disorganization. This suggests a potentially new function of vWF during platelet formation that involves regulation of actin dynamics. PMID:27734030

  2. Atención odontológica a pacientes con enfermedad de Von Willebrand Odontologic attention for patients with von Willebrand Disease

    H.D. de Miranda Chaves Netto; F. Monteiro Aarestrup; S. Olate; J.R. de Albergaria-Barbosa; R. Mazzonetto; M.G.A. Miranda Chaves


    La enfermedad de Von Willebrand, coagulopatía causada por la deficiencia de un gen que modifica la capacidad del organismo de producir factores suficientes que genere la coagulación, tienen un protocolo de tratamiento poco difundido entre los cirujanos-dentistas. El profesional debe estar alerta en pacientes con hemorragias mucocutáneas repetidas, especialmente si son asociadas a un patrón familiar, e iniciar su tratamiento multidisciplinar con el hematólogo, quien debería programar la reposi...

  3. [A patient with coexistence of primary hyperparathyroidism, Marfan's syndrome and von Willebrand's disease].

    Bednarek-Tupikowska, Grazyna; Rakowska-Chort, Anna; Adamarczuk-Janczyszyn, Maria


    We presented a case of a 58 year old women suffering from three diseases: primary hyperparathyroidism, Marfan's syndrome and von Willebrand's disease. The coexistence of these diseases is not mentioned in medical literature. Because of the coexistence of Marfan's syndrome with primary hyperparathyroidism, the examinations of other endocrinopathy including multiple endocrine neoplasia (MEN). Their coexistence was not confirmed at the present time. In this paper the new views on both patogenesis and treatment of the mentioned diseases were included.

  4. Von Willebrand Factor Abnormalities Studied in the Mouse Model: What We Learned about VWF Functions

    Casari, Caterina; Lenting, Peter J.; Christophe, Olivier D.; Denis, Cécile V.


    Up until recently, von Willebrand Factor (VWF) structure-function relationships have only been studied through in vitro approaches. A powerful technique known as hydrodynamic gene transfer, which allows transient expression of a transgene by mouse hepatocytes, has led to an important shift in VWF research. Indeed this approach has now enabled us to transiently express a number of VWF mutants in VWF-deficient mice in order to test the relative importance of specific residues in different aspec...

  5. Rinoplastia em paciente com doença de Von Willebrand: relato de caso Rinoplastia en paciente con enfermedad de Von Willebrand: relato de caso Rhinoplasty in a patient with Von Willebrand disease: case report

    Roberto Martins Matos Junior; Rogério da Costa Godoy; Mônica da Cunha Gobbo; João Lian Junior; Gilson Luis Duz


    JUSTIFICATIVA E OBJETIVOS: Os pacientes portadores da doença de von Willebrand apresentam sangramento anormal após ferimentos e procedimentos cirúrgicos, já que esta afeta a hemostasia primária e secundária devido à alteração do fator VIII. O objetivo deste relato é elucidar o manuseio pré-, peri- e pós-operatório de pacientes com tal doença. RELATO DO CASO: Paciente do sexo feminino, 42 anos, branca, 165 cm, 61 kg, ASA II, foi submetida à avaliação pré-anestésica para realização de rinoplast...

  6. von Willebrand Factor and Oxidative Stress Parameters in Acute Coronary Syndromes

    Zoran Koprivica


    Full Text Available Considering the role of von Willebrand factor (vWf in hemostasis, and the role of oxidative stress in the development of endothelial dysfunction and atherosclerotic disease, the aim of our study was to investigate the relationship between vWf, parameters of oxidative stress and different types of acute coronary syndromes (ACS. Levels of vWf activity (vWfAct, vWf antigen (vWfAg, nitric oxide (estimated through nitrites–NO2 −, superoxide anion radical (O2 −, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2, index of lipid peroxidation (estimated through thiobarbituric acid reactive substances–TBARS, superoxide dismutase (SOD and catalase (CAT activity of 115 patients were compared with those of 40 healthy controls. ACS patients had significantly higher vWfAct and vWfAg levels, as well as TBARS levels, while their levels of NO2 −, H2O2, SOD and CAT activities were lower than controls'. vWfAg showed high specificity and sensitivity as a test to reveal healthy or diseased subjects. Multivariant logistic regression marked only vWfAg and TBARS as parameters that were under independent effect of ACS type. The results of our study support the implementation of vWf in clinical rutine and into therapeutic targets, and suggest that ACS patients are in need of antioxidant supplementation to improve their impaired antioxidant defence.

  7. Von Willebrand factor and oxidative stress parameters in acute coronary syndromes.

    Koprivica, Zoran; Djordjevic, Dusica; Vuletic, Milena; Zivkovic, Vladimir; Barudzic, Nevena; Andjelkovic, Nebojsa; Djuric, Dragan; Iric-Cupic, Violeta; Krkeljic, Jelena; Jakovljevic, Vladimir


    Considering the role of von Willebrand factor (vWf) in hemostasis, and the role of oxidative stress in the development of endothelial dysfunction and atherosclerotic disease, the aim of our study was to investigate the relationship between vWf, parameters of oxidative stress and different types of acute coronary syndromes (ACS). Levels of vWf activity (vWfAct), vWf antigen (vWfAg), nitric oxide (estimated through nitrites-NO(2)-), superoxide anion radical (O(2)-), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), index of lipid peroxidation (estimated through thiobarbituric acid reactive substances-TBARS), superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase (CAT) activity of 115 patients were compared with those of 40 healthy controls. ACS patients had significantly higher vWfAct and vWfAg levels, as well as TBARS levels, while their levels of NO(2)-, H2O2, SOD and CAT activities were lower than controls'. vWfAg showed high specificity and sensitivity as a test to reveal healthy or diseased subjects. Multivariant logistic regression marked only vWfAg and TBARS as parameters that were under independent effect of ACS type. The results of our study support the implementation of vWf in clinical rutine and into therapeutic targets, and suggest that ACS patients are in need of antioxidant supplementation to improve their impaired antioxidant defence.

  8. Doença de von Willebrand e gestação

    Juliana Tannuri Hobeika


    Full Text Available A doença de von Willebrand (vWD é patologia autossômica dominante caracterizada por alterações da hemostasia. Dificulta a adesão das plaquetas ao endotélio lesado. Apresenta diferentes fenótipos clínicos, sendo o sangramento mucocutâneo o mais comum, principalmente epistaxe e menorragia¹. Sangramentos em outros locais, como no sistema gênito-urinário e aparelho digestivo, também ao relatados, embora menos freqüentemente. A prevalência da Doença é cerca de 1%. Classifica-se em três tipos, de acordo com o defeito do Fator de von Willebrand (vWF. Para diagnóstico e classificação da vWD, são relevantes os dados da história de sangramento pessoal e familiar, além da completa análise laboratorial que inclui: Tempo de Sangramento (TS, Tempo de Tromboplastina Parcial Ativada (TTPA, métodos de filtragem sob alta pressão (“high shear stress”, Dosagem do antígeno do Fator de von Willebrand (vWF:Ag, Atividade Cofatora da Ristocetina (vWF:RCo e padrão multimérico do vWF. Para o tratamento da deficiência do fator de von Willebrand pode-se utilizar a administração endovenosa tanto de desmopressina (DDAVP: 12/12h, com efeito restrito a duas a duas repetições como Concentrados de fator VIII (livres de contaminação virótica que elimina a necessidade de plasma fresco congelado ou crioprecipitado. Os estudos da associação doença de von Willebrand e ciclo gravídico-puerperal são escassos na literatura alienígena e menos ainda na nacional. Nessas pacientes muitos autores preconizam o parto por via vaginal com o intuito de evitar maior risco de sangramento que, normalmente, é maior na cesárea, entretanto, há relatos de partos bem sucedidos ultimados por cesárea por indicação obstétrica, quando tratados profilaticamente de maneira adequada com o fator VIII. Recentemente, desaconselha-se às pacientes portadoras da doença de von Willebrand que engravidem. Relataremos, neste artigo, um caso de gestação em

  9. Von Willebrand factor inhibits mature smooth muscle gene expression through impairment of Notch signaling.

    He Meng

    Full Text Available Von Willebrand factor (vWF, a hemostatic protein normally synthesized and stored by endothelial cells and platelets, has been localized beyond the endothelium in vascular disease states. Previous studies have implicated potential non-hemostatic functions of vWF, but signaling mechanisms underlying its effects are currently undefined. We present evidence that vWF breaches the endothelium and is expressed in a transmural distribution pattern in cerebral small vessel disease (SVD. To determine the potential molecular consequences of vWF permeation into the vessel wall, we also tested whether vWF impairs Notch regulation of key smooth muscle marker genes. In a co-culture system using Notch ligand expressing cells to stimulate Notch in A7R5 cells, vWF strongly inhibited both the Notch pathway and the activation of mature smooth muscle gene promoters. Similar repressive effects were observed in primary human cerebral vascular smooth muscle cells. Expression of the intracellular domain of NOTCH3 allowed cells to bypass the inhibitory effects of vWF. Moreover, vWF forms molecular complexes with all four mammalian Notch ectodomains, suggesting a novel function of vWF as an extracellular inhibitor of Notch signaling. In sum, these studies demonstrate vWF in the vessel wall as a common feature of cerebral SVD; furthermore, we provide a plausible mechanism by which non-hemostatic vWF may play a novel role in the promotion of vascular disease.

  10. Plasmatic ADAMTS-13 metalloprotease and von Willebrand factor in children with cyanotic congenital heart disease

    Soares, R.P.S. [Fundação Pró-Sangue Hemocentro de São Paulo, São Paulo, SP (Brazil); Bydlowski, S.P.; Nascimento, N.M. [Laboratório de Investigação Médica-31, Faculdade de Medicina, Universidade de São Paulo, São Paulo, SP (Brazil); Thomaz, A.M.; Bastos, E.N.M.; Lopes, A.A. [Faculdade de Medicina, Instituto do Coração, Universidade de São Paulo, São Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    Changes in plasma von Willebrand factor concentration (VWF:Ag) and ADAMTS-13 activity (the metalloprotease that cleaves VWF physiologically) have been reported in several cardiovascular disorders with prognostic implications. We therefore determined the level of these proteins in the plasma of children with cyanotic congenital heart disease (CCHD) undergoing surgical treatment. Forty-eight children were enrolled (age 0.83 to 7.58 years). Measurements were performed at baseline and 48 h after surgery. ELISA, collagen-binding assays and Western blotting were used to estimate antigenic and biological activities, and proteolysis of VWF multimers. Preoperatively, VWF:Ag and ADAMTS-13 activity were decreased (65 and 71% of normal levels considered as 113 (105-129) U/dL and 91 ± 24% respectively, P < 0.003) and correlated (r = 0.39, P = 0.0064). High molecular weight VWF multimers were not related, suggesting an interaction of VWF with cell membranes, followed by proteolytic cleavage. A low preoperative ADAMTS-13 activity, a longer activated partial thromboplastin time and the need for cardiopulmonary bypass correlated with postoperative bleeding (P < 0.05). Postoperatively, ADAMTS-13 activity increased but less extensively than VWF:Ag (respectively, 2.23 and 2.83 times baseline, P < 0.0001), resulting in an increased VWF:Ag/ADAMTS-13 activity ratio (1.20 to 1.54, respectively, pre- and postoperative median values, P = 0.0029). ADAMTS-13 consumption was further confirmed by decreased ADAMTS-13 antigenic concentration (0.91 ± 0.30 to 0.70 ± 0.25 µg/mL, P < 0.0001) and persistent proteolysis of VWF multimers. We conclude that, in pediatric CCHD, changes in circulating ADAMTS-13 suggest enzyme consumption, associated with abnormal structure and function of VWF.

  11. Enfermedad de von Willebrand como manifestación clínica inhabitual del hipotiroidismo primario: Caso clínico

    Concha N,Rodrigo; Borzone V,María Alejandra; Castillo N,Marcelo; Rossle S,Alberto; Quevedo L,Iván


    Patients with hypothyroidism may have a minor increase in their bleeding tendency, causing easy bruising and menorrhagia. There is a positive correlation between factor VIII coagulant activity and thyroxin serum levels. Thus, patients with hypothyroidism have an acquired coagulation defect that is reversible with thyroxin supplementation. We report two sisters, aged 13 and 11 years, who met the criteria for von Willebrand's disease at the age of eight. Both sisters had a primary hypothyroidis...

  12. Structural basis of type 2A von Willebrand disease investigated by molecular dynamics simulations and experiments.

    Gianluca Interlandi

    Full Text Available The hemostatic function of von Willebrand factor is downregulated by the metalloprotease ADAMTS13, which cleaves at a unique site normally buried in the A2 domain. Exposure of the proteolytic site is induced in the wild-type by shear stress as von Willebrand factor circulates in blood. Mutations in the A2 domain, which increase its susceptibility to cleavage, cause type 2A von Willebrand disease. In this study, molecular dynamics simulations suggest that the A2 domain unfolds under tensile force progressively through a series of steps. The simulation results also indicated that three type 2A mutations in the C-terminal half of the A2 domain, L1657I, I1628T and E1638K, destabilize the native state fold of the protein. Furthermore, all three type 2A mutations lowered in silico the tensile force necessary to undock the C-terminal helix α6 from the rest of the A2 domain, the first event in the unfolding pathway. The mutations F1520A, I1651A and A1661G were also predicted by simulations to destabilize the A2 domain and facilitate exposure of the cleavage site. Recombinant A2 domain proteins were expressed and cleavage assays were performed with the wild-type and single-point mutants. All three type 2A and two of the three predicted mutations exhibited increased rate of cleavage by ADAMTS13. These results confirm that destabilization of the helix α6 in the A2 domain facilitates exposure of the cleavage site and increases the rate of cleavage by ADAMTS13.

  13. Detection of heterozygotes in both parents of homozygous patients with Von Willebrand's disease.

    Sultan, Y; Simeon, J; Caen, J P


    Three patients with severe Von Willebrand's disease are shown to be homozygotes. They were born from unaffected parents. New techniques using a factor-VIII-related antigen assay by the Laurell method and a ristocetin-induced platelet aggregation assay demonstrated abnormalities in these two tests in both parents of the probands. Factor-VIII-related of heterogotes could not be differentiated from normal factor-VIII-related antigen by the immunodiffusion technique, crossed immunoelectrophoresis, and filtration on a sepharose 4b column. Images PMID:805164

  14. Cesariana em paciente com doença de von Willebrand associada à infecção pelo HIV: relato de caso Cesárea en paciente con enfermedad de von Willebrand asociada a la infección por el HIV: relato de caso Anesthesia for cesarean section in patient with von Willebrand's disease and HIV infection: case report

    Vanessa Rezende Balle; Sheila Braga Machado; Marcos Emanuel Wortmann Gomes; Florentino Fernandes Mendes


    JUSTIFICATIVA E OBJETIVOS: A doença de von Willebrand é a alteração inata da coagulação mais freqüente em mulheres jovens. A infecção por HIV tem mostrado incidência progressivamente maior em mulheres, constatando-se transmissão vertical em até 25% dos casos. O objetivo deste relato é mostrar o caso de uma paciente com doença de von Willebrand e HIV positivo submetida à cesariana. RELATO DO CASO: Paciente de 24 anos, portadora de anemia microcítica, doença de von Willebrand e HIV, chegou à em...

  15. Anestesia para septoplastia e turbinectomia em paciente portador de doença de von Willebrand: relato de caso Anestesia para septoplastia y turbinectomia en paciente portador de enfermedad de von Willebrand: relato de caso Anesthesia for septoplasty and turbinectomy in von Willebrand disease patient: case report

    Múcio Paranhos Abreu; André de Moraes Porto; Alexandre Leite Minari; Henrique Gonçalves Caseli


    JUSTIFICATIVA E OBJETIVOS: Embora a doença de von Willebrand seja o mais comum dos distúrbios hemorrágicos hereditários, as publicações nacionais, relacionando esta doença e a prática anestésica, são escassas. O objetivo deste relato é apresentar um caso de anestesia geral para septoplastia e turbinectomia em paciente portador de doença de von Willebrand - Tipo I, tratado profilaticamente com desmopressina (1-deamino-8-D-arginina vasopressina, DDAVP) nos períodos pré e pós-operatório. RELATO ...

  16. Fator von Willebrand e disfunção endotelial pulmonar. Implicações prognósticas von Willebrand factor and pulmonary vascular endothelial cell dysfunction. Prognostic implications

    Antonio Augusto B. Lopes


    Full Text Available OBJETIVO: Avaliar alterações quantitativas e estruturais do fator von Willebrand (fvW circulante em 40 pacientes com hipertensão pulmonar pré-capilar e verificar possíveis implicações prognósticas dos resultados iniciais, em um ano de seguimento. MÉTODOS: A atividade antigênica plasmática do fator von Willebrand (vWF:Ag foi analisada por imunoeletroforese. A concentração de multímeros de baixo peso molecular em relação ao total de multímeros do fvW (MBPM% e o grau de fragmentação de sua subunidade principal foram analisados por Western immunoblotting. RESULTADOS: Em 40 pacientes, observamos aumento significativo de vWF:Ag em relação aos controles (pPURPOSE: To analyze quantitative and structural changes in circulating von Willebrand factor (vWF in 40 precapillary pulmonary hypertensive patients, as an attempt to identify possible correlations between endothelial cell dysfunction and patient short-term (one year survival. METHODS: Plasma antigenic activity of vWF (vWF:Ag was analyzed by immunoelectrophoresis. The relative concentration of vWF low molecular weight multimers (LMWM% and the composition of vWF subunit were determined by densitometric analysis of Western blots. RESULTS: vWF:Ag was importantly increased in patients in comparison with normals (p<0.001. Patients also had increased LMWM% (p<0.001 and increased degradation of vWF main subunit (p<0.05. At the beginning of the study, nonsurvivors (N=11 had higher vWF:Ag (p<0.001 and LMWM% (p<0.005 values in comparison with survivors. LMWM% was selected by logistic regression analysis as a predictor of death during the first year of follow-up (p<0.05. CONCLUSION: Marked changes in circulating vWF likely reflect extensive pulmonary vascular endothelial cell dysfunction and are associated with poor short-term prognosis in pulmonary hypertension.

  17. Preoperative screening for von Willebrand disease type 1: low yield and limited ability to predict bleeding.

    Biron, C; Mahieu, B; Rochette, A; Capdevila, X; Castex, A; Amiral, J; D'Athis, F; Schved, J F


    Type 1 von Willebrand disease (vWd) is the most common hereditary bleeding disorder. The objective of this study was to measure the von Willebrand factor antigen (vWf:Ag) in a large cohort of patients who underwent surgery to assess the role of a new rapid immunoassay in a screening procedure for vWd in preoperative conditions. We studied 832 consecutive patients (540 children, 292 adults) referred to the surgical departments. For each patient we determined the vWf:Ag level with two different assays, an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)(Asserachrom vWf:Ag; Diagnostica Stago, France) and a rapid immunoassay (Liatest vWf:Ag; Diagnostica Stago). Using the reference test, we found 30 of 832 patients with a vWf:Ag value below the lower limits (21 U/dL to 46 U/dL). The coefficient of correlation between the two tests was 0.77 (P = .001). When receiver operating characteristic curves were used, the cutoff value calculated to detect vWf:Ag defect with the rapid assay was 68.5 U/dL, leading to 0.36% false negatives and 9.7% false positives. Thus the rapid immunoassay appears to be a useful and easy method that is adaptable to urgent situations. Among the 30 patients with low values in ELISA, 8 had personal or familial bleeding history. Repeat blood samples confirmed the diagnosis of vWd in 5 cases, leading to a prevalence of vWd type 1 of 0.6%. However, in our series the absence of severe bleeding complications raises the question of the screening and the management of patients bearing a type 1 Willebrand disease during surgery.

  18. Conventional rapid latex agglutination in estimation of von Willebrand factor: method revisited and potential clinical applications.

    Mahat, Marianor; Abdullah, Wan Zaidah; Hussin, Che Maraina Che


    Measurement of von Willebrand factor antigen (VWF : Ag) levels is usually performed in a specialised laboratory which limits its application in routine clinical practice. So far, no commercial rapid test kit is available for VWF : Ag estimation. This paper discusses the technical aspect of latex agglutination method which was established to suit the purpose of estimating von Willebrand factor (VWF) levels in the plasma sample. The latex agglutination test can be performed qualitatively and semiquantitatively. Reproducibility, stability, linearity, limit of detection, interference, and method comparison studies were conducted to evaluate the performance of this test. Semiquantitative latex agglutination test was strongly correlated with the reference immunoturbidimetric assay (Spearman's rho = 0.946, P agglutination test and the reference assay. Using the scoring system for the rapid latex test, no agglutination is with 0% VWF : Ag (control negative), 1+ reaction is equivalent to 150% VWF : Ag (when comparing with immunoturbidimetric assay). The findings from evaluation studies suggest that latex agglutination method is suitable to be used as a rapid test kit for the estimation of VWF : Ag levels in various clinical conditions associated with high levels and low levels of VWF : Ag.

  19. Tissue factor: A potent stimulator of Von Willebrand factor synthesis by human umbilical vein endothelial cells

    Meiring, Muriel; Allers, W.; Le Roux, E.


    Inflammation and dysfunction of endothelial cells are thought to be triggers for the secretion of Von Willebrand factor. The aim of this study was to examine the effects of the inflammatory cytokines interleukin-6 (IL-6), interleukin-8 (IL-8) and tumour necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) and the coagulation factors, tissue factor and thrombin on the release and cleavage potential of ultra-large von Willebrand factor (ULVWF) and its cleavage protease by cultured human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC). HUVEC were treated with IL-6, IL-8, and TNF-α, tissue factor (TF) and thrombin, and combinations thereof for 24 hours under static conditions. The cells were then exposed to shear stress after which the VWF-propeptide levels and the VWF cleavage protease, ADAMTS13 content were measured. All treatments and their combinations, excluding IL-6, significantly stimulated the secretion of VWF from HUVEC. The VWF secretion from the HUVEC was stimulated most by the combination of TF with TNF-α. Slightly lower levels of ADAMTS13 secretion were found with all treatments. This may explain the thrombogenicity of patients with inflammation where extremely high VWF levels and slightly lower ADAMTS13 levels are present.

  20. [Acute epidural hematoma of the posterior fossa in a case of von Willebrand's disease].

    Takenaka, N; Mine, T; Ikeda, E; Iwai, H; Kusano, S


    A rare case of acute epidural hematoma of the posterior fossa associated with von Willebrand's disease is reported. A 9-year-old boy fell down and hit his occipital region against a floor. Soon after he came home and slept, but three hours later he began to vomit and became drowsiness. He visited our hospital and his Glasgow Coma Scale showed 13 points. CT scan on admission showed acute epidural hematoma of left posterior fossa and contusional hematoma in the right temporal lobe. The bleeding time was over 18 minutes. He had been suspected to be suffering from von Willebrand's disease two years ago. Then fresh blood, fresh frozen plasma and anti-hemophilic globulin were prepared. Ten hours after injury, the operation was begun. Fresh epidural hematoma existed as a clot beyond transverse sinus. During the procedure of dural tenting suture, diffuse bleeding from bone, muscle, subcutaneous tissue and dura occurred and it was difficult to stop the bleeding. By using fresh blood and anti-hemophilic globulin, the bleeding was controlled, and then the operation was achieved. In the postoperative course a new epidural hematoma was found in the left temporal region and a new but asymptomatic retinal hemorrhage was found in his right eye. He was discharged without any neurological deficits 25 days after operation.

  1. Spontaneous hemarthrosis in combined Glanzmann thrombasthenia and type 2N von Willebrand disease.

    Pontara, Elena; Gresele, Paolo; Cattini, Maria Grazia; Daidone, Viviana; Barbon, Giovanni; Girolami, Antonio; Zanon, Ezio; Casonato, Alessandra


    Glanzmann thrombasthenia is a rare autosomal recessive inherited bleeding disorder characterized by the lack of platelet aggregation, caused by deficiencies and/or abnormalities of platelet GPIIb-IIIa receptor. We report a case of Glanzmann thrombasthenia combined with type 2N von Willebrand disease (VWD), a variant characterized by an impaired capacity of FVIII to bind von Willebrand factor (VWF), which results in an autosomally transmitted reduction in circulating FVIII levels. Glanzmann thrombasthenia stems from compound T1214C and G1234A mutations in the ITGA2B gene; the type 2N VWD is due to a heterozygous G2561A mutation in the VWF gene (R854Q). The haemostatic phenotype of a 48-year-old female patient was unusually characterized by a severe chronic arthropathy with loss of cartilage and the presence of subchondrial cysts involving both ankles. The arthropathy was quantified with the compatible MRI scoring system (currently used to assess arthropathy in haemophilia), reaching almost the highest score. These haemorrhagic complications are very rare in Glanzmann thrombasthenia and resemble those seen in severe haemophilia; for such, a reason we decided to explore the patient's FVIII and VWF parameters. Our findings suggest that the type 2N R854Q mutation, which is normally asymptomatic at the heterozygous level, may be expressed in the presence of a combined impairment of primary haemostasis.

  2. Characterization of Zebrafish von Willebrand Factor Reveals Conservation of Domain Structure, Multimerization, and Intracellular Storage

    Arunima Ghosh


    Full Text Available von Willebrand disease (VWD is the most common inherited human bleeding disorder and is caused by quantitative or qualitative defects in von Willebrand factor (VWF. VWF is a secreted glycoprotein that circulates as large multimers. While reduced VWF is associated with bleeding, elevations in overall level or multimer size are implicated in thrombosis. The zebrafish is a powerful genetic model in which the hemostatic system is well conserved with mammals. The ability of this organism to generate thousands of offspring and its optical transparency make it unique and complementary to mammalian models of hemostasis. Previously, partial clones of zebrafish vwf have been identified, and some functional conservation has been demonstrated. In this paper we clone the complete zebrafish vwf cDNA and show that there is conservation of domain structure. Recombinant zebrafish Vwf forms large multimers and pseudo-Weibel-Palade bodies (WPBs in cell culture. Larval expression is in the pharyngeal arches, yolk sac, and intestinal epithelium. These results provide a foundation for continued study of zebrafish Vwf that may further our understanding of the mechanisms of VWD.

  3. ADAMTS13 content in plasma-derived factor VIII/von Willebrand factor concentrates.

    Peyvandi, Flora; Mannucci, Pier M; Valsecchi, Carla; Pontiggia, Silvia; Farina, Claudio; Retzios, Anastassios D


    Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP) is a microangiopathy syndrome caused by a congenital or acquired deficiency of ADAMTS13, a plasma metalloprotease that cleaves von Willebrand factor (VWF) and thus prevents the formation of platelet-rich thrombi in the microcirculation. TTP can be fatal if not appropriately and timely treated with the infusion of fresh frozen plasma (FFP) or exchange plasmapheresis, that reverse the process of microangiopathy by removing anti-ADAMTS13 autoantibodies and replacing functional ADAMTS13. The treatment of TTP with FFP is not free from risks and must be administered in hospitals or clinics, owing to the substantial amount of plasma volume infused or exchanged and the frequent need of catheter application. Moreover, most FFPs are not subjected to treatments to remove or inactivate blood-borne infectious agents. A number of recent reports indicate that certain plasma-derived VWF-factor VIII (FVIII) concentrates are clinically effective in the treatment of congenital TTP. In this study, we measured ADAMTS13 levels in various plasma-derived VWF-FVIII concentrates, showing that Koate(®) -DVI (Grifols), contained relatively high amounts of ADAMTS13 and that Alphanate(®) (Grifols) was the closest other product in terms of protease content. Koate(®) -DVI contains, on average (five lots tested), 0.091 ± 0.007 Units of ADAMTS13 activity per IU of FVIII. On the basis of this analysis and other reports of VWF-FVIII concentrate utilization in congenital TTP, potential dosing, and future clinical developments are discussed.

  4. Von Willebrand Factor, ADAMTS13 and D-Dimer Are Correlated with Different Levels of Nephropathy in Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus.

    Caroline Pereira Domingueti

    Full Text Available We have investigated whether von Willebrand factor, ADAMTS13 (a disintegrin and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin type 1 motif, member 13, and D-Dimer were associated with different levels of renal function in patients with type 1 diabetes. Patients were classified according to level of renal function through estimated glomerular filtration rate: ≥90 and <130mL/min/1,73m2, n=52 (control group, ≥60 and <90mL/min/1,73m2, n=29 (mild renal dysfunction group, <60mL/min/1,73m2, n=28 (severe renal dysfunction group; and through urinary albumin excretion: normoalbuminuria, microalbuminuria and macroalbuminuria. Von Willebrand factor, ADAMTS13, and D-Dimer plasma levels were determined by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. ADAMTS13 activity was determined by fluorescence resonance energy transfer assay. Von Willebrand factor levels were increased in patients with mild (P=0.001 and severe (P<0.001 renal dysfunction as compared to the control group. ADAMTS13 levels were also increased in mild (P=0.029 and severe (P=0.002 renal dysfunction groups in comparison to the control group, while ADAMTS13 activity was increased only in the severe renal dysfunction group as compared to the control group (P=0.006. No significant differences were observed among the groups regarding von Willebrand factor/ADAMTS13 ratio. ADAMTS13 activity/ADAMTS13 levels ratio was reduced in patients with mild (P=0.013 and severe (P=0.015 renal dysfunction as compared to the control group. D-Dimer levels were increased in patients with mild (P=0.006 and severe (P<0.001 renal dysfunction as compared to the control group; it was also higher in patients with severe renal dysfunction as compared to the mild renal dysfunction group (P=0.019. Similar results were found for albuminuria classification. Increased von Willebrand factor, ADAMTS13, and D-Dimer levels and decreased ADAMTS13 activity/ADAMTS13 levels ratio are associated with renal dysfunction in patients with type 1 diabetes

  5. Bleeding spectrum in children with moderate or severe von Willebrand disease: Relevance of pediatric-specific bleeding

    Sanders, Yvonne V.; Fijnvandraat, Karin; Boender, Johan; Mauser-Bunschoten, Evelien P.; van der Bom, Johanna G.; de Meris, Joke; Smiers, Frans J.; Granzen, Bernd; Brons, Paul; Tamminga, Rienk Y J; Cnossen, Marjon H.; Leebeek, Frank W G


    The bleeding phenotype of children with von Willebrand disease (VWD) needs to be characterized in detail to facilitate diagnosis during childhood and aid in the planning and assessment of treatment strategies. The objective was to evaluate the occurrence, type, and severity of bleeding in a large co

  6. Bleeding spectrum in children with moderate or severe von Willebrand disease : Relevance of pediatric-specific bleeding

    Sanders, Yvonne V.; Fijnvandraat, Karin; Boender, Johan; Mauser-Bunschoten, Evelien P.; van der Bom, Johanna G.; de Meris, Joke; Smiers, Frans J.; Granzen, Bernd; Brons, Paul; Tamminga, Rienk Y J; Cnossen, Marjon H.; Leebeek, Frank W G


    The bleeding phenotype of children with von Willebrand disease (VWD) needs to be characterized in detail to facilitate diagnosis during childhood and aid in the planning and assessment of treatment strategies. The objective was to evaluate the occurrence, type, and severity of bleeding in a large co

  7. von Willebrand factor A1 domain can adequately substitute for A3 domain in recruitment of flowing platelets to collagen

    Bonnefoy, A.; Romijn, R. A.; Vandervoort, P. A. H.; Van Rompaey, I.; Vermylen, J.; Hoylaerts, M. F.


    Background: Binding of von Willebrand factor (VWF) to platelet GPIb alpha and to collagen is attributed to VWF A1 and A3 domains, respectively. Objectives: Using VWF, VWF lacking A1 (Delta A1-VWF) or A3 (Delta A3-VWF) and VWF with defective A3 (H1786A-VWF), in combination with recombinant A1 (residu

  8. Functional variation in the arginine vasopressin 2 receptor as a modifier of human plasma von Willebrand factor levels

    Nossent, Anne Yaël; Robben, J H; Deen, P M T;


    SUMMARY OBJECTIVES: Stimulation of arginine vasopressin 2 receptor (V2R) with arginine vasopressin (AVP) results in a rise in von Willebrand factor (VWF) and factor VIII plasma levels. We hypothesized that gain-of-function variations in the V2R gene (AVPR2) would lead to higher plasma levels of V...

  9. Acquired von Willebrand disease as a cause of recurrent mucocutaneous bleeding in primary thrombocythemia: Relationship with platelet count

    P.J.J. van Genderen (Perry); J.J. Michiels (Jan); S.C. van der Poel-van de Luytgaarde (Sonja); H.H.D.M. van Vliet (Huib)


    textabstractWe present a 4-year follow-up of a 42-year-old patient with primary thrombocythemia whose clinical course was complicated by two major mucocutaneous bleeding episodes. On both occasions an acquired functional von Willebrand factor deficiency was demonstrated. In contrast to what is repor

  10. Von Willebrand factor in patients on mechanical circulatory support – a double-edged sword between bleeding and thrombosis

    Kaczmarski, Jacek; Pacholewicz, Jerzy; Zakliczynski, Michal; Gasior, Mariusz; Zembala, Marian


    Mechanical circulatory support (MCS) is an umbrella term describing the various technologies used in both short- and long-term management of patients with either end-stage chronic heart failure (HF) or acute HF. Most often, MCS has emerged as a bridge to transplantation, but more recently it is also used as a destination therapy. Mechanical circulatory support includes left ventricular assist device (LVAD) or bi-ventricular assist device (Bi-VAD). Currently, 2- to 3-year survival in carefully selected patients is much better than with medical therapy. However, MCS therapy is hampered by sometimes life-threatening complications including bleeding and device thrombosis. Von Willebrand factor (vWF) has two major functions in haemostasis. First, it plays a crucial role in platelet-subendothelium adhesion and platelet-platelet interactions (aggregation). Second, it is the carrier of factor VIII (FVIII) in plasma. Von Willebrand factor prolongs FVIII half-time by protecting it from proteolytic degradation. It delivers FVIII to the site of vascular injury thus enhancing haemostatic process. On one hand, high plasma levels of vWF have been associated with an increased risk of thrombosis. On the other, defects or deficiencies of vWF underlie the inherited von Willebrand disease or acquired von Willebrand syndrome. Here we review the pathophysiology of thrombosis and bleeding associated with vWF. PMID:26702279

  11. Von Willebrand factor in patients on mechanical circulatory support - a double-edged sword between bleeding and thrombosis.

    Hudzik, Bartosz; Kaczmarski, Jacek; Pacholewicz, Jerzy; Zakliczynski, Michal; Gasior, Mariusz; Zembala, Marian


    Mechanical circulatory support (MCS) is an umbrella term describing the various technologies used in both short- and long-term management of patients with either end-stage chronic heart failure (HF) or acute HF. Most often, MCS has emerged as a bridge to transplantation, but more recently it is also used as a destination therapy. Mechanical circulatory support includes left ventricular assist device (LVAD) or bi-ventricular assist device (Bi-VAD). Currently, 2- to 3-year survival in carefully selected patients is much better than with medical therapy. However, MCS therapy is hampered by sometimes life-threatening complications including bleeding and device thrombosis. Von Willebrand factor (vWF) has two major functions in haemostasis. First, it plays a crucial role in platelet-subendothelium adhesion and platelet-platelet interactions (aggregation). Second, it is the carrier of factor VIII (FVIII) in plasma. Von Willebrand factor prolongs FVIII half-time by protecting it from proteolytic degradation. It delivers FVIII to the site of vascular injury thus enhancing haemostatic process. On one hand, high plasma levels of vWF have been associated with an increased risk of thrombosis. On the other, defects or deficiencies of vWF underlie the inherited von Willebrand disease or acquired von Willebrand syndrome. Here we review the pathophysiology of thrombosis and bleeding associated with vWF.

  12. Implications for collagen I chain registry from the structure of the collagen von Willebrand factor A3 domain complex

    Brondijk, T.H.C.; Bihan, D.; Farndale, R.W.; Huizinga, E.G.


    Fibrillar collagens, the most abundant proteins in the vertebrate body, are involved in a plethora of biological interactions. Plasma protein von Willebrand factor (VWF) mediates adhesion of blood platelets to fibrillar collagen types I, II, and III, which is essential for normal haemostasis. High a

  13. Rinoplastia em paciente com doença de Von Willebrand: relato de caso Rinoplastia en paciente con enfermedad de Von Willebrand: relato de caso Rhinoplasty in a patient with Von Willebrand disease: case report

    Roberto Martins Matos Junior


    Full Text Available JUSTIFICATIVA E OBJETIVOS: Os pacientes portadores da doença de von Willebrand apresentam sangramento anormal após ferimentos e procedimentos cirúrgicos, já que esta afeta a hemostasia primária e secundária devido à alteração do fator VIII. O objetivo deste relato é elucidar o manuseio pré-, peri- e pós-operatório de pacientes com tal doença. RELATO DO CASO: Paciente do sexo feminino, 42 anos, branca, 165 cm, 61 kg, ASA II, foi submetida à avaliação pré-anestésica para realização de rinoplastia, com diagnóstico prévio de doença de von Willebrand do tipo 1, sendo liberada para a intervenção cirúrgica após avaliação hematológica, com teste de DDAVP IN26 responsivo. No dia da operação, após medicação pré-anestésica e monitoração adequada, foi ofertado oxigênio por cateter nasal e infundida a solução de desmopressina (0,4 µ em 100 mL de NaCl a 0,9% por via venosa 30 minutos antes da operação. Em seguida, iniciou-se a indução anestésica com sufentanil (1 µ, propofol (4 e rocurônio (0,6 por via venosa. Em seqüência, realizou-se intubação traqueal seguida de ventilação controlada mecânica em sistema com absorção de CO2, mantida com O2, N2O e sevoflurano. O ato cirúrgico durou 90 minutos. No intra-operatório a paciente manteve-se hemodinamicamente estável, apresentando sangramento desprezível. Ao final da operação foi extubada e encaminhada à sala de recuperação pós-anestésica, onde permaneceu por 120 minutos. No pós-operatório foi prescrito ácido aminocapróico (500 mg por via oral a cada oito horas, por 48 horas, com alta hospitalar após 24 horas, sem apresentar nenhuma complicação pós-operatória. CONCLUSÕES: A infusão de crioprecipitado ou plasma, utilizado na profilaxia e no tratamento das complicações hemorrágicas, produz um pico de concentração máxima de fator VIII após 48 horas, e é sustentado por 72 horas; entretanto, mesmo

  14. Identification and Characterization of Novel Variations in Platelet G-Protein Coupled Receptor (GPCR Genes in Patients Historically Diagnosed with Type 1 von Willebrand Disease.

    Jacqueline Stockley

    Full Text Available The clinical expression of type 1 von Willebrand disease may be modified by co-inheritance of other mild bleeding diatheses. We previously showed that mutations in the platelet P2Y12 ADP receptor gene (P2RY12 could contribute to the bleeding phenotype in patients with type 1 von Willebrand disease. Here we investigated whether variations in platelet G protein-coupled receptor genes other than P2RY12 also contributed to the bleeding phenotype. Platelet G protein-coupled receptor genes P2RY1, F2R, F2RL3, TBXA2R and PTGIR were sequenced in 146 index cases with type 1 von Willebrand disease and the potential effects of identified single nucleotide variations were assessed using in silico methods and heterologous expression analysis. Seven heterozygous single nucleotide variations were identified in 8 index cases. Two single nucleotide variations were detected in F2R; a novel c.-67G>C transversion which reduced F2R transcriptional activity and a rare c.1063C>T transition predicting a p.L355F substitution which did not interfere with PAR1 expression or signalling. Two synonymous single nucleotide variations were identified in F2RL3 (c.402C>G, p.A134 =; c.1029 G>C p.V343 =, both of which introduced less commonly used codons and were predicted to be deleterious, though neither of them affected PAR4 receptor expression. A third single nucleotide variation in F2RL3 (c.65 C>A; p.T22N was co-inherited with a synonymous single nucleotide variation in TBXA2R (c.6680 C>T, p.S218 =. Expression and signalling of the p.T22N PAR4 variant was similar to wild-type, while the TBXA2R variation introduced a cryptic splice site that was predicted to cause premature termination of protein translation. The enrichment of single nucleotide variations in G protein-coupled receptor genes among type 1 von Willebrand disease patients supports the view of type 1 von Willebrand disease as a polygenic disorder.

  15. Polymorphisms in von Willebrand factor gene promoter influence the glucocorticoid-induced increase in von Willebrand factor: the lesson learned from Cushing syndrome.

    Casonato, Alessandra; Daidone, Viviana; Sartorello, Francesca; Albiger, Nora; Romualdi, Chiara; Mantero, Franco; Pagnan, Antonio; Scaroni, Carla


    Cushing syndrome (CS) features high-glucocorticoid secretion and an associated hypercoagulable state often involving an increase in von Willebrand factor (VWF). To identify any influence of VWF promoter on glucocorticoid haemostatic effects, four polymorphic positions (-3267, -2708, -2659 and -2525) segregating as haplotypes 1 (GCAG) or 2 (CTGA) were analysed in 50 CS patients with high VWF (group I) and normal VWF (group II) levels, divided by ABO group. Genotype distribution differed significantly between the two groups: in group I, 25.8% had genotype 1/1, 22.6% had 2/2 and 38.7% had 1/2; in group II, 0% had genotype 1/1, 57.9% had 2/2 and 31.6% had 1/2 (P = 0.03). Patients' genotypes also differed from those of controls (P = 0.003 for group I, P = 0.03 for group II). Haplotype 1 was prevalent in group I, haplotype 2 in group II (P = 0.002), both with frequencies differing from controls (P < 0.001 and P = 0.009). By odds ratio analysis, genotype 1/1 carried a 12 times greater risk of high-VWF levels than genotype 2/2, and haplotype 1 carried a five times greater risk than haplotype 2. Our findings suggest that VWF promoter haplotypes influence the corticosteroid-mediated increase in VWF.

  16. Platelet-type von Willebrand disease: new insights into the molecular pathophysiology of a unique platelet defect.

    Othman, Maha; Kaur, Harmanpreet; Emsley, Jonas


    Compared with coagulation factor defects, little attention is given to defects of platelet function as causes of rare bleeding disorders. Platelet-type von Willebrand disease (PT-VWD) is an autosomal dominant bleeding disorder and is unique among platelet disorders because it is characterized by platelet hyperresponsiveness rather than decreased function. The disease is caused by gain-of-function mutations in the platelet GP1BA gene, which codes for the platelet von Willebrand factor (VWF) receptor, GPIbα. Only five mutations (four missense and one deletion) have so far been reported. Affected patients suffer from mild to moderate mucocutaneous bleeding, low VWF activity compared with antigen, decreased high-molecular-weight VWF multimers, variable degree of thrombocytopenia and typically platelet aggregation in response to low concentrations of ristocetin. All reported PT-VWD missense mutations occur within the R-loop of GPIbα and it was speculated that the introduction of short branched chain mutations such as Val in PT-VWD stabilized the extended β-hairpin. Examination of this theory by surveying all the available GPIbα structures showed that a distinct conformation predominates for the R-loop when GPIbα is not bound to VWF-A1 and this provides the framework of a new hypothesis for the molecular basis of PT-VWD. Worldwide efforts to improve diagnosis of PT-VWD continue, and international systematic studies are required to further our understanding of the phenotype and the influence of the hyperresponsive GPIbα beyond hemostasis.

  17. Acute cerebrovascular accident in an 18-year-old male with von Willebrand disease.

    Novick, Andrew; McGrann, Sean; Lamfers, Randall


    Compared to the older populations, stroke is an infrequent occurrence in children, adolescents, and young adults. Furthermore, individuals who have hypocoagulability disorders, such as von Willebrand disease (vWD), appear to possess a degree of protection against thrombotic events. Here, we describe an 18-year-old male with a history of vWD who presented to the emergency department with left sided hemiparesis that occurred shortly after being placed in a headlock while wrestling. MRI revealed a right paramedian pontine stroke. The relationship between vWD and stroke is discussed as well as the role of neck trauma in vertebral artery injury. While vWD does appear to decrease the incidence of thrombotic events, such patients are still at risk, especially in the context of common inciting events such as neck trauma.

  18. In vivo gene transfer strategies to achieve partial correction of von Willebrand disease.

    Wang, Lan; Rosenberg, Jonathan B; De, Bishnu P; Ferris, Barbara; Wang, Rui; Rivella, Stefano; Kaminsky, Stephen M; Crystal, Ronald G


    von Willebrand disease (VWD), the most common hereditary coagulation disorder, results from mutations in the 52-exon gene for von Willebrand factor (VWF), which encodes an 8.4-kB cDNA. Studies with VWF cDNA plasmids have demonstrated that in vivo gene transfer to the liver will correct the coagulation dysfunction in VWF(-/-) mice, but the correction is transient. To develop gene therapy for VWF that would mediate long-term expression of the VWF cDNA in liver, we first evaluated segmental pre-mRNA trans-splicing (SPTS) with two adeno-associated virus (AAV) serotype 8 vectors, each delivering one-half of the VWF cDNA. However, although the two vectors functioned well to generate VWF multimers after infection of cells in vitro, the efficiency of SPTS was insufficient to correct the VWF(-/-) mouse in vivo. As an alternative, we assessed the ability of a lentiviral vector to transfer the intact murine VWF cDNA in vivo directly to the neonatal liver of VWF(-/-) mice, using generation of VWF multimers, bleeding time, and bleeding volume as efficacy parameters. The VWF lentivirus generated VWF multimers and partially or completely corrected the coagulation defect on a persistent basis in 33% of the treated VWF-deficient mice. On the basis of the concept that partial persistent correction with gene transfer could be beneficial in VWD patients, these observations suggest that lentiviral delivery of VWF cDNA should be explored as a candidate for gene therapy in patients with a severe form of VWD.

  19. Genetic heterogeneity in a large cohort of Indian type 3 von Willebrand disease patients.

    Priyanka Kasatkar

    Full Text Available Though von Willebrand disease (VWD is a common coagulation disorder, due to the complexity of the molecular analysis of von Willebrand factor gene (VWF, not many reports are available from this country. Large size of the gene, heterogeneous nature of mutations and presence of a highly homologous pseudogene region are the major impediments in the genetic diagnosis of VWD. The study is aimed at unravelling the molecular pathology in a large series of VWD patients from India using an effective strategy.We evaluated 85 unrelated Indian type 3 VWD families to identify the molecular defects using a combination of techniques i.e. PCR-RFLP, direct DNA sequencing and multiple ligation probe amplification (MLPA.Mutations could be characterized in 77 unrelated index cases (ICs. 59 different mutations i.e. nonsense 20 (33.9%, missense 13 (22%, splice site 4 (6.8%, gene conversions 6 (10.2%, insertions 2 (3.4%, duplication 1 (1.7%, small deletions 10 (17% and large deletions 3 (5.1% were identified, of which 34 were novel. Two common mutations i.e. p.R1779* and p.L970del were identified in our population with founder effect. Development of alloantibodies to VWF was seen in two patients, one with nonsense mutation (p.R2434* and the other had a large deletion spanning exons 16-52.The molecular pathology of a large cohort of Indian VWD patients could be identified using a combination of techniques. A wide heterogeneity was observed in the nature of mutations in Indian VWD patients.

  20. Binding of factor VIII to von willebrand factor is enabled by cleavage of the von Willebrand factor propeptide and enhanced by formation of disulfide-linked multimers.

    Bendetowicz, A V; Morris, J A; Wise, R J; Gilbert, G E; Kaufman, R J


    von Willebrand factor (vWF) is a multimeric adhesive glycoprotein with one factor VIII binding site/subunit. Prior reports suggest that posttranslational modifications of vWF, including formation of N-terminal intersubunit disulfide bonds and subsequent cleavage of the propeptide, influence availability and/or affinity of factor VIII binding sites. We found that deletion of the vWF propeptide produced a dimeric vWF molecule lacking N-terminal intersubunit disulfide bonds. This molecule bound fluorescein-labeled factor VIII with sixfold lower affinity than multimeric vWF in an equilibrium flow cytometry assay (approximate KDs, 5 nmol/L v 0.9 nmol/L). Coexpression of propeptide-deleted vWF with the vWF propeptide in trans yielded multimeric vWF that displayed increased affinity for factor VIII. Insertion of an alanine residue at the N-terminus of the mature vWF subunit destroyed binding to factor VIII, indicating that the native mature N-terminus is required for factor VIII binding. The requirement for vWF propeptide cleavage was shown by (1) a point mutation of the vWF propeptide cleavage site yielding pro-vWF that was defective in factor VIII binding and (2) correlation between efficiency of intracellular propeptide cleavage and factor VIII binding. Furthermore, in a cell-free system, addition of the propeptide-cleaving enzyme PACE/furin enabled factor VIII binding in parallel with propeptide cleavage. Our results indicate that high-affinity factor VIII binding sites are located on N-terminal disulfide-linked vWF subunits from which the propeptide has been cleaved.

  1. IgG kappa monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance presenting as acquired type III Von Willebrand syndrome.

    Howard, Christin R; Lin, Tara L; Cunningham, Mark T; Lipe, Brea C


    Acquired von Willebrand syndrome (AVWS) is a rare bleeding disorder associated with hematoproliferative disorders, autoimmune conditions, neoplasia and cardiovascular disorders that often present a diagnostic challenge. Monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS) is one of the most common causes of AVWS that typically presents later in life with mucocutaneous or postsurgical bleeding and multimers consistent with type I or II von Willebrand disease (VWD). Here, we present the case of a patient with a 32-year history of type III VWD that was ultimately found to be AVWS related to an IgG MGUS. In this case report, we highlight the diagnostic challenges of AVWS to ensure proper identification and potentially lifesaving treatment of this rare disorder.

  2. P-selectin can promote thrombus propagation independently of both von Willebrand factor and thrombospondin-1 in mice.

    Prakash, P; Nayak, M K; Chauhan, A K


    Essentials The main receptor for platelet glycoprotein (GP) Ibα is von Willebrand factor (VWF). P-selectin and thrombospondin-1 (TSP1) have been suggested as counter receptors for GPIbα. In a laser injury model, P-selectin promotes thrombus propagation independently of VWF and TSP1. In a laser injury model, thrombus persists in interleukin-4 receptor α/GPIbα-transgenic mice.

  3. Thalidomide for treatment of gastrointestinal bleedings due to angiodysplasia : a case report in acquired von Willebrand syndrome and review of the literature

    Engelen, E T; van Galen, K P M; Schutgens, R E G


    INTRODUCTION: Acquired von Willebrand syndrome is a rare bleeding disorder and treatment of the associated gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding due to angiodysplasia is challenging. AIM: The aim of this study was to present a new case on the successful use of thalidomide in a patient with acquired von Wil

  4. Outcomes in Patients With Hemophilia and von Willebrand Disease Undergoing Invasive or Surgical Procedures.

    Chapin, John; Bamme, Jaqueline; Hsu, Fraustina; Christos, Paul; DeSancho, Maria


    Adults with hemophilia A (HA), hemophilia B (HB), and von Willebrand disease (VWD) frequently require surgery and invasive procedures. However, there is variability in perioperative management guidelines. We describe our periprocedural outcomes in this setting. A retrospective chart review from January 2006 to December 2012 of patients with HA, HB, and VWD undergoing surgery or invasive procedures was conducted. Type of procedures, management including the use of continuous factor infusion, and administration of antifibrinolytics were reviewed. Adverse outcomes were defined as acute bleeding (patients with HA and HB. In all, 24 patients had severe hemophilia and 12 had mild/moderate hemophilia. Twelve patients had inhibitors. There were also 5 female carriers of HA and 6 patients with VWD. There were 34 major surgeries (26 orthopedic, 8 nonorthopedic) and 129 minor surgeries. Continuous infusion was used in 55.9% of major surgeries versus 8.5% of minor surgeries. Antifibrinolytics were administered in 14.7% of major surgeries versus 23.2% of minor surgeries. In all, 4 patients developed acute bleeding and 10 patients developed delayed bleeding. Delayed bleeding occurred in 28.6% of genitourinary procedures and in 16.1% of dental procedures. Five patients acquired an inhibitor and 2 had thrombosis. In conclusion, patients with HA, HB, or VWD had similar rates of adverse outcomes when undergoing minor surgeries or major surgeries. This finding underscores the importance of an interdisciplinary management and procedure-specific guidelines for patients with hemophilia and VWD prior to even minor invasive procedures.

  5. Actomyosin II contractility expels von Willebrand factor from Weibel-Palade bodies during exocytosis.

    Nightingale, Thomas D; White, Ian J; Doyle, Emily L; Turmaine, Mark; Harrison-Lavoie, Kimberly J; Webb, Kathleen F; Cramer, Louise P; Cutler, Daniel F


    The study of actin in regulated exocytosis has a long history with many different results in numerous systems. A major limitation on identifying precise mechanisms has been the paucity of experimental systems in which actin function has been directly assessed alongside granule content release at distinct steps of exocytosis of a single secretory organelle with sufficient spatiotemporal resolution. Using dual-color confocal microscopy and correlative electron microscopy in human endothelial cells, we visually distinguished two sequential steps of secretagogue-stimulated exocytosis: fusion of individual secretory granules (Weibel-Palade bodies [WPBs]) and subsequent expulsion of von Willebrand factor (VWF) content. Based on our observations, we conclude that for fusion, WPBs are released from cellular sites of actin anchorage. However, once fused, a dynamic ring of actin filaments and myosin II forms around the granule, and actomyosin II contractility squeezes VWF content out into the extracellular environment. This study therefore demonstrates how discrete actin cytoskeleton functions within a single cellular system explain actin filament-based prevention and promotion of specific exocytic steps during regulated secretion.

  6. Zyxin regulates endothelial von Willebrand factor secretion by reorganizing actin filaments around exocytic granules

    Han, Xiaofan; Li, Pin; Yang, Zhenghao; Huang, Xiaoshuai; Wei, Guoqin; Sun, Yujie; Kang, Xuya; Hu, Xueting; Deng, Qiuping; Chen, Liangyi; He, Aibin; Huo, Yingqing; Li, Dong; Betzig, Eric; Luo, Jincai


    Endothelial exocytosis of Weibel–Palade body (WPB) is one of the first lines of defence against vascular injury. However, the mechanisms that control WPB exocytosis in the final stages (including the docking, priming and fusion of granules) are poorly understood. Here we show that the focal adhesion protein zyxin is crucial in this process. Zyxin downregulation inhibits the secretion of von Willebrand factor (VWF), the most abundant cargo in WPBs, from human primary endothelial cells (ECs) induced by cAMP agonists. Zyxin-deficient mice exhibit impaired epinephrine-stimulated VWF release, prolonged bleeding time and thrombosis, largely due to defective endothelial secretion of VWF. Using live-cell super-resolution microscopy, we visualize previously unappreciated reorganization of pre-existing actin filaments around WPBs before fusion, dependent on zyxin and an interaction with the actin crosslinker α-actinin. Our findings identify zyxin as a physiological regulator of endothelial exocytosis through reorganizing local actin network in the final stage of exocytosis. PMID:28256511

  7. Characterization of conformation-sensitive antibodies to ADAMTS13, the von Willebrand cleavage protease.

    Zuben E Sauna

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: The zinc metalloprotease ADAMTS13 is a multidomain protein that cleaves von Willebrand Factor (VWF and is implicated in Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (TTP pathogenesis. Understanding the mechanism of this protein is an important goal. Conformation sensitive antibodies have been used to monitor protein conformation and to decipher the molecular mechanism of proteins as well as to distinguish functional and non-functional mutants. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: We have characterized several antibodies against ADAMTS13, both monoclonal and polyclonal. We have used flow cytometry to estimate the binding of these antibodies to ADAMTS13 and demonstrate that antibodies raised against the TSP and disintegrin domains detect conformation changes in the ADAMTS13. Thus for example, increased binding of these antibodies was detected in the presence of the substrate (VWF, mainly at 37 degrees C and not at 4 degrees C. These antibodies could also detect differences between wild-type ADAMTS13 and the catalytically deficient mutant (P475S. The flow cytometry approach also allows us to estimate the reactivity of the antibody as well as its apparent affinity. CONCLUSIONS/SIGNIFICANCE: Our results suggest that these antibodies may serve as useful reagents to distinguish functional and non-functional ADAMTS13 and analyze conformational transitions to understand the catalytic mechanism.

  8. The structure of the TFIIH p34 subunit reveals a von Willebrand factor A like fold.

    Dominik R Schmitt

    Full Text Available RNA polymerase II dependent transcription and nucleotide excision repair are mediated by a multifaceted interplay of subunits within the general transcription factor II H (TFIIH. A better understanding of the molecular structure of TFIIH is the key to unravel the mechanism of action of this versatile protein complex within these vital cellular processes. The importance of this complex becomes further evident in the context of severe diseases like xeroderma pigmentosum, Cockayne's syndrome and trichothiodystrophy, that arise from single point mutations in TFIIH subunits. Here we describe the structure of the p34 subunit of the TFIIH complex from the eukaryotic thermophilic fungus Chaetomium thermophilum. The structure revealed that p34 contains a von Willebrand Factor A (vWA like domain, a fold which is generally known to be involved in protein-protein interactions. Within TFIIH p34 strongly interacts with p44, a positive regulator of the helicase XPD. Putative protein-protein interfaces are analyzed and possible binding sites for the p34-p44 interaction suggested.


    Stefano Lancellotti


    Full Text Available ADAMTS13 is a 190 kDa zinc protease encoded by a gene located on chromosome 9q34.   This protease specifically hydrolyzes von Willebrand factor (VWF multimers, thus causing VWF size reduction. ADAMTS13 belongs to the A Disintegrin And Metalloprotease with ThromboSpondin type 1 repeats (ADAMTS family, involved in proteolytic processing of many matrix proteins. ADAMTS13 consists of numerous domains including a metalloprotease domain, a disintegrin domain, several thrombospondin type 1 (TSP1 repeats, a cysteine-rich domain, a spacer domain and 2 CUB (Complement c1r/c1s, sea Urchin epidermal growth factor, and Bone morphogenetic protein domains. ADAMTS13 cleaves a single peptide bond (Tyr1605-Met1606 in the central A2 domain of the VWF molecule. This proteolytic cleavage is essential to reduce the size of ultra-large VWF polymers, which, when exposed to high shear stress in the microcirculation, are prone to form with platelets clumps, which cause severe syndromes called thrombotic microangiopathies (TMAs. In this review, we a discuss the current knowledge of structure-function aspects of ADAMTS13 and its involvement in the pathogenesis of TMAs, b address the recent findings concerning proteolytic processing of VWF multimers by different proteases, such as the leukocyte-derived serine and metallo-proteases and c indicate the direction of future investigations

  10. Successful Ultrasound-Guided Femoral Nerve Blockade and Catheterization in a Patient with Von Willebrand Disease

    Youmna E. DiStefano


    Full Text Available Peripheral nerve blockade (PNB is superior to neuraxial anesthesia and/or opioid therapy for perioperative analgesia in total knee replacement (TKR. Evidence on the safety of PNB in patients with coagulopathy is lacking. We describe the first documented account of continuous femoral PNB for perioperative analgesia in a patient with Von Willebrand Disease (vWD. Given her history of opioid tolerance and after an informative discussion, a continuous femoral PNB was planned for in this 34-year-old female undergoing TKR. A Humate-P intravenous infusion was started and the patient was positioned supinely. Using sterile technique with ultrasound guidance, a Contiplex 18 Gauge Tuohy needle was advanced in plane through the fascia iliaca towards the femoral nerve. A nerve catheter was threaded through the needle and secured without complications. Postoperatively, a levobupivacaine femoral catheter infusion was maintained, and twice daily Humate-P intravenous infusions were administered for 48 hours; enoxaparin thromboprophylaxis was initiated thereafter. The patient was discharged uneventfully on postoperative day 4. Given documentation of delayed, unheralded bleeding from PNB in coagulopathic patients, we recommend individualized PNB in vWD patients. Multidisciplinary team involvement is required to guide factor supplementation and thromboprophylaxis, as is close follow-up to elicit signs of bleeding throughout the delayed postoperative period.

  11. Hypercortisolism and pregnancy upregulate von Willebrand factor through different mechanisms: report on a pregnant patient with Cushing's syndrome.

    Casonato, Alessandra; Daidone, Viviana; Pontara, Elena; Albiger, Nora; Cattini, Maria G; Scaroni, Carla


    Von Willebrand factor (VWF) is reportedly increased in pregnancy and Cushing's syndrome, inducing a hypercoagulable state. In Cushing's syndrome, VWF gene promoter polymorphisms modulate cortisol-dependent VWF upregulation, haplotype 1 (GCAG) and short GT-repeats (GT)(S) being the susceptible, and haplotype 2 (CTGA) and long GT-repeats (GT)(L) the protective pattern. We report on a Cushing's syndrome patient who became pregnant under hypercortisolism, in whom we monitored the evolution of her hypercoagulable state. During the active phase of Cushing's syndrome, the patient's VWF and factor VIII concentrations were normal, despite high urinary-free cortisol levels consistent with the presence of haplotype 2 and (GT)(L) alleles in the VWF gene promoter. VWF and factor VIII increased significantly and progressively after she became pregnant and peaked just before delivery, returning to normal 5 months later, while her hypercortisolism persisted. Our data indicate that two different mechanisms upregulate VWF under hypercortisolism and pregnancy, the latter being independent of the VWF promoter haplotypes sensitive to cortisol excess.

  12. The spider hemolymph clot proteome reveals high concentrations of hemocyanin and von Willebrand factor-like proteins.

    Sanggaard, Kristian W; Dyrlund, Thomas F; Bechsgaard, Jesper S; Scavenius, Carsten; Wang, Tobias; Bilde, Trine; Enghild, Jan J


    Arthropods include chelicerates, crustaceans, and insects that all have open circulation systems and thus require different properties of their coagulation system than vertebrates. Although the clotting reaction in the chelicerate horseshoe crab (Family: Limulidae) has been described in details, the overall protein composition of the resulting clot has not been analyzed for any of the chelicerates. The largest class among the chelicerates is the arachnids, which includes spiders, ticks, mites, and scorpions. Here, we use a mass spectrometry-based approach to characterize the spider hemolymph clot proteome from the Brazilian whiteknee tarantula, Acanthoscurria geniculata. We focused on the insoluble part of the clot and demonstrated high concentrations of proteins homologous to the hemostasis-related and multimerization-prone von Willebrand factor. These proteins, which include hemolectins and vitellogenin homologous, were previously identified as essential components of the hemolymph clot in crustaceans and insects. Their presence in the spider hemolymph clot suggests that the origin of these proteins' function in coagulation predates the split between chelicerates and mandibulata. The clot proteome reveals that the major proteinaceous component is the oxygen-transporting and phenoloxidase-displaying abundant hemolymph protein hemocyanin, suggesting that this protein also plays a role in clot biology. Furthermore, quantification of the peptidome after coagulation revealed the simultaneous activation of both the innate immune system and the coagulation system. In general, many of the identified clot-proteins are related to the innate immune system, and our results support the previously suggested crosstalk between immunity and coagulation in arthropods.

  13. Von Willebrand factor and coagulation factor VIII in Moyamoya disease associated with Graves' disease: A case report

    Ren, Shou-Chen; Gao, Bao-Qin; Yang, Wei-Li; Feng, Wei-Xin; Xu, Jian; Li, Shao-Wu; Wang, Yong-Jun


    The present study reported the case of a Chinese boy who was diagnosed with Moyamoya disease (MMD) associated with Graves' disease (GD). An overactivation of von Willebrand factor (vWF) and coagulation factor VIII (FVIII) was identified in the plasma of the patient. Thiamazole and metoprolol treatment was thus administrated. After 2 months of treatment, the patient's thyroid function returned to normal and the neurological symptoms improved gradually. At the same time, the activities of vWF and FVIII were depressed. During the 20-month follow-up, information regarding the neurological symptoms, cerebrovascular imaging, thyroid function, thyroid autoantibodies and coagulation parameters was collected. High levels of thyroid autoantibodies persisted throughout the follow-up period, while other coagulation parameters remained in the normal range. In conclusion, considering the vital role of vWF and FVIII in vascular diseases, it is hypothesized that these two factors may serve an important role in the occurrence of GD associated with MMD. PMID:27882137

  14. Establishment of an assay for active von Willebrand factor in plasma and its application%血浆活化血管性vWF测定方法的建立与应用

    韩纪举; 潘少东; 吴亚平; de GROOT Evelyn; de GROOT Philip G; 王云; 蔡洪信; 赵晓民; 夏作理


    机制提供重要依据.%Objective To establish an double-antibody sandwich method to detect the amount of active vWF in the plasma of healthy people and diabetic patients.Methods A double-antibody sandwich method has been established using llama-derived anti-active vWF antibody and horseradish peroxidaselabelled rabbit anti-human vWF polyclonal antibodies.The study randomly selected 66 healthy people,30 diabetic patients,10 cases of von Willebrand disease 2B(vWD-2B),5 cases of congenital thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura(TIP),13 cases of acquired TIPs and 13 cases of malaria.The activated vWF level were described as the ratio of absorbance value(A)representing activated vWF value using AU/vWFa-11 antibody-based ELISA method to the concentrations of vWF antigen.At the same time,the absorbance values representing the concentrations of active vWF were measured when the concentrations of vWF antigen were 62,125,250μg/L respectively.The data were analyzed with GraphPad Prism 4 software.Under the premise of reaching a good linear regression,plasma active vWF values were calculated as the slope ratio of the sample plasma to the standard plasma.Accordingly to the ratio evaluated the levels of active vWF in plasma.Results The coefficients of variation(CVs)for intra assays were 4.21%,4.98% and 6.32% respectively.The CVs for interassays were 6.34%,7.02% and 7.69% respectively.In healthy adults,the level of active vWF in plasma was 0.74±0.35.There was no significant difference of the vWF levels[male (7.29±5.15)×10~3μg/L,female(9.42±4.67)×10~3μg/L]and active vWF levels(male 0.74±0.34,female 0.73±0.35)between male and female in healthy people(t=1.35,0.04,P>0.05).The vWF levels of the group over 40 years old[(10.64±5.39)×10~3μg/L]were higher than these below 40 years old[(6.11 ±2.84)×10~3 μL)(t=8.24,P < 0.01)],but there was no significant difference of the active vWF levels difference between these groups(over 40 years old 0.70±0.38,under 40 years old 0.78 ± 0.29,t=1.02,P>0.05).The plasma

  15. Collagen-bound von Willebrand factor has reduced affinity for factor VIII.

    Bendetowicz, A V; Wise, R J; Gilbert, G E


    von Willebrand factor (vWf) is a multimeric adhesive glycoprotein that serves as a carrier for factor VIII in plasma. Although each vWf subunit displays a high affinity binding site for factor VIII in vitro, in plasma, only 2% of the vWf sites for factor VIII are occupied. We investigated whether interaction of plasma proteins with vWf or adhesion of vWf to collagen may alter the affinity or availability of factor VIII-binding sites on vWf. When vWf was immobilized on agarose-linked monoclonal antibody, factor VIII bound to vWf with high affinity, and neither the affinity nor binding site availability was influenced by the presence of 50% plasma. Therefore, plasma proteins do not alter the affinity or availability of factor VIII-binding sites. In contrast, when vWf was immobilized on agarose-linked collagen, its affinity for factor VIII was reduced 4-fold, with KD increasing from 0.9 to 3.8 nM. However, one factor VIII-binding site remained available on each vWf subunit. A comparable reduction in affinity for factor VIII was observed when vWf was a constituent of the subendothelial cell matrix and when it was bound to purified type VI collagen. In parallel with the decreased affinity for factor VIII, collagen-bound vWf displayed a 6-fold lower affinity for monoclonal antibody W5-6A, with an epitope composed of residues 78-96 within the factor VIII-binding motif of vWf. We conclude that collagen induces a conformational change within the factor VIII-binding motif of vWf that lowers the affinity for factor VIII.

  16. Multiple functions of the von Willebrand Factor A domain in matrilins: secretion, assembly, and proteolysis

    Kanbe Katsuaki


    Full Text Available Abstract The von Willebrand Factor A (vWF A domain is one of the most widely distributed structural modules in cell-matrix adhesive molecules such as intergrins and extracellular matrix proteins. Mutations in the vWF A domain of matrilin-3 cause multiple epiphyseal dysplasia (MED, however the pathological mechanism remains to be determined. Previously we showed that the vWF A domain in matrilin-1 mediates formation of a filamentous matrix network through metal-ion dependent adhesion sites in the domain. Here we show two new functions of the vWF A domain in cartilage-specific matrilins (1 and 3. First, vWF A domain regulates oligomerization of matrilins. Insertion of a vWF A domain into matrilin-3 converts the formation of a mixture of matrilin-3 tetramer, trimer, and dimer into a tetramer only, while deletion of a vWF A domain from matrilin-1 converts the formation of the native matrilin-1 trimer into a mixture of trimer and dimer. Second, the vWF A domain protects matrilin-1 from proteolysis. We identified a latent proteolytic site next to the vWF A2 domain in matrilin-1, which is sensitive to the inhibitors of matrix proteases. Deletion of the abutting vWF A domain results in degradation of matrilin-1, presumably by exposing the adjacent proteolytic site. In addition, we also confirmed the vWF A domain is vital for the secretion of matrilin-3. Secretion of the mutant matrilin-3 harbouring a point mutation within the vWF A domain, as occurred in MED patients, is markedly reduced and delayed, resulting from intracellular retention of the mutant matrilin-3. Taken together, our data suggest that different mutations/deletions of the vWF A domain in matrilins may lead to distinct pathological mechanisms due to the multiple functions of the vWF A domain.

  17. Effects of increased von Willebrand factor levels on primary hemostasis in thrombocytopenic patients with liver cirrhosis.

    Wannhoff, Andreas; Müller, Oliver J; Friedrich, Kilian; Rupp, Christian; Klöters-Plachky, Petra; Leopold, Yvonne; Brune, Maik; Senner, Mirja; Weiss, Karl-Heinz; Stremmel, Wolfgang; Schemmer, Peter; Katus, Hugo A; Gotthardt, Daniel N


    In patients with liver cirrhosis procoagulant and anticoagulant changes occur simultaneously. During primary hemostasis, platelets adhere to subendothelial structures, via von Willebrand factor (vWF). We aimed to investigate the influence of vWF on primary hemostasis in patients with liver cirrhosis. Therefore we assessed in-vitro bleeding time as marker of primary hemostasis in cirrhotic patients, measuring the Platelet Function Analyzer (PFA-100) closure times with collagen and epinephrine (Col-Epi, upper limit of normal ≤ 165 s) or collagen and ADP (Col-ADP, upper limit of normal ≤ 118 s). If Col-Epi and Col-ADP were prolonged, the PFA-100 was considered to be pathological. Effects of vWF on primary hemostasis in thrombocytopenic patients were analyzed and plasma vWF levels were modified by adding recombinant vWF or anti-vWF antibody. Of the 72 included cirrhotic patients, 32 (44.4%) showed a pathological result for the PFA-100. They had mean closure times (± SD) of 180 ± 62 s with Col-Epi and 160 ± 70 s with Col-ADP. Multivariate analysis revealed that hematocrit (P = 0.027) and vWF-antigen levels (P = 0.010) are the predictors of a pathological PFA-100 test in cirrhotic patients. In 21.4% of cirrhotic patients with platelet count ≥ 150/nL and hematocrit ≥ 27.0%, pathological PFA-100 results were found. In thrombocytopenic (hemostasis is impaired in cirrhotic patients. The effect of reduced platelet count in cirrhotic patients can at least be partly compensated by increased vWF levels. Recombinant vWF could be an alternative to platelet transfusions in the future.

  18. Allelic associations of two polymorphic microsatellites in intron 40 of the human von Willebrand factor gene

    Pena, S.D.J.; De Souza, K.T. (Nucleo de Genetica Medica de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte (Brazil)); De Andrade, M.; Chakraborty, R. (Univ. of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Houston, TX (United States))


    At intron 40 of the von Willebrand factor (vWF) gene, two GATA-repeat polymorphic sites exist that are physically separated by 212 bp. At the first site (vWF1 locus), seven segregating repeat alleles were observed in a Brazilian Caucasian population, and at the second (vWF2 locus) there were eight alleles, detected through PCR amplifications of this DNA region. Haplotype analysis of individuals revealed 36 different haplotypes in a sample of 338 chromosomes examined. Allele frequencies between generations and gender at each locus were not significantly different, and the genotype frequencies were consistent with their Hardy-Weinberg expectations. Linkage disequilibrium between loci is highly significant with positive allele size association; that is, large alleles at the loci tend to occur together, and so do the same alleles. Variability at each locus appeared to have arisen in a stepwise fashion, suggesting replication slippage as a possible mechanism of production of new alleles. However, the authors observed an increased number of haplotypes, in contrast with the predictions of a stepwise production of variation in the entire region, suggesting some form of cooperative changes between loci that could be due to either gene conversion, or a common control mechanism of production of new variation at these repeat polymorphism sites. The high degree of polymorphism (gene diversity values of 72% and 78% at vWF1 and vWF2, respectively, and of 93% at the haplotype level) makes these markers informative for paternity testing, genetic counseling, and individual-identification purposes.

  19. Severe Plasmodium falciparum malaria is associated with circulating ultra-large von Willebrand multimers and ADAMTS13 inhibition.

    Larkin, Deirdre


    Plasmodium falciparum infection results in adhesion of infected erythrocytes to blood vessel endothelium, and acute endothelial cell activation, together with sequestration of platelets and leucocytes. We have previously shown that patients with severe infection or fulminant cerebral malaria have significantly increased circulatory levels of the adhesive glycoprotein von Willebrand factor (VWF) and its propeptide, both of which are indices of endothelial cell activation. In this prospective study of patients from Ghana with severe (n = 20) and cerebral (n = 13) P. falciparum malaria, we demonstrate that increased plasma VWF antigen (VWF:Ag) level is associated with disproportionately increased VWF function. VWF collagen binding (VWF:CB) was significantly increased in patients with cerebral malaria and severe malaria (medians 7.6 and 7.0 IU\\/ml versus 1.9 IU\\/ml; p<0.005). This increased VWF:CB correlated with the presence of abnormal ultra-large VWF multimers in patient rather than control plasmas. Concomitant with the increase in VWF:Ag and VWF:CB was a significant persistent reduction in the activity of the VWF-specific cleaving protease ADAMTS13 (approximately 55% of normal; p<0.005). Mixing studies were performed using P. falciparum patient plasma and normal pooled plasma, in the presence or absence of exogenous recombinant ADAMTS13. These studies demonstrated that in malarial plasma, ADAMTS13 function was persistently inhibited in a time-dependent manner. Furthermore, this inhibitory effect was not associated with the presence of known inhibitors of ADAMTS13 enzymatic function (interleukin-6, free haemoglobin, factor VIII or thrombospondin-1). These novel findings suggest that severe P. falciparum infection is associated with acute endothelial cell activation, abnormal circulating ULVWF multimers, and a significant reduction in plasma ADAMTS13 function which is mediated at least in part by an unidentified inhibitor.

  20. Severe Plasmodium falciparum malaria is associated with circulating ultra-large von Willebrand multimers and ADAMTS13 inhibition.

    Deirdre Larkin


    Full Text Available Plasmodium falciparum infection results in adhesion of infected erythrocytes to blood vessel endothelium, and acute endothelial cell activation, together with sequestration of platelets and leucocytes. We have previously shown that patients with severe infection or fulminant cerebral malaria have significantly increased circulatory levels of the adhesive glycoprotein von Willebrand factor (VWF and its propeptide, both of which are indices of endothelial cell activation. In this prospective study of patients from Ghana with severe (n = 20 and cerebral (n = 13 P. falciparum malaria, we demonstrate that increased plasma VWF antigen (VWF:Ag level is associated with disproportionately increased VWF function. VWF collagen binding (VWF:CB was significantly increased in patients with cerebral malaria and severe malaria (medians 7.6 and 7.0 IU/ml versus 1.9 IU/ml; p<0.005. This increased VWF:CB correlated with the presence of abnormal ultra-large VWF multimers in patient rather than control plasmas. Concomitant with the increase in VWF:Ag and VWF:CB was a significant persistent reduction in the activity of the VWF-specific cleaving protease ADAMTS13 (approximately 55% of normal; p<0.005. Mixing studies were performed using P. falciparum patient plasma and normal pooled plasma, in the presence or absence of exogenous recombinant ADAMTS13. These studies demonstrated that in malarial plasma, ADAMTS13 function was persistently inhibited in a time-dependent manner. Furthermore, this inhibitory effect was not associated with the presence of known inhibitors of ADAMTS13 enzymatic function (interleukin-6, free haemoglobin, factor VIII or thrombospondin-1. These novel findings suggest that severe P. falciparum infection is associated with acute endothelial cell activation, abnormal circulating ULVWF multimers, and a significant reduction in plasma ADAMTS13 function which is mediated at least in part by an unidentified inhibitor.

  1. Cesariana em paciente com doença de von Willebrand associada à infecção pelo HIV: relato de caso Cesárea en paciente con enfermedad de von Willebrand asociada a la infección por el HIV: relato de caso Anesthesia for cesarean section in patient with von Willebrand's disease and HIV infection: case report

    Vanessa Rezende Balle


    Full Text Available JUSTIFICATIVA E OBJETIVOS: A doença de von Willebrand é a alteração inata da coagulação mais freqüente em mulheres jovens. A infecção por HIV tem mostrado incidência progressivamente maior em mulheres, constatando-se transmissão vertical em até 25% dos casos. O objetivo deste relato é mostrar o caso de uma paciente com doença de von Willebrand e HIV positivo submetida à cesariana. RELATO DO CASO: Paciente de 24 anos, portadora de anemia microcítica, doença de von Willebrand e HIV, chegou à emergência obstétrica em início de trabalho de parto. Não realizou pré-natal. Foi indicada cesariana a fim de diminuir os riscos de transmissão vertical em paciente com carga viral de HIV desconhecida. Apresentava hematomas pelo corpo e história de hematoma de parede abdominal em cesariana anterior. Os testes de coagulação eram pouco alterados. Após infusão de concentrado de fator VIII foi realizada anestesia geral. Mãe e recém-nascido apresentaram evolução satisfatória. CONCLUSÕES: A avaliação de manifestações clínicas em pacientes com coagulopatia é fundamental na decisão do tipo de anestesia a ser indicada para cada paciente. A avaliação deve ser individualizada, considerando os riscos e benefícios da técnica escolhida. Nestas pacientes, deve-se sempre restringir ao máximo a indicação de interrupção da gestação por via alta, optando-se sempre pelos métodos menos invasivos. A terapia com concentrado de fator VIII é atualmente a melhor opção de tratamento, corrigindo a deficiência específica e diminuindo os riscos de transmissão viral.JUSTIFICATIVA Y OBJETIVOS: La enfermedad de von Willebrand es la alteración innata de la coagulación más frecuente en mujeres jóvenes. La infección por HIV ha mostrado incidencia progresivamente mayor en mujeres, constatandose transmisión vertical en hasta 25% de los casos. El objetivo de este relato es mostrar el caso de una paciente con Enfermedad de von

  2. Neutrophil Protease Cleavage of Von Willebrand Factor in Glomeruli - An Anti-thrombotic Mechanism in the Kidney.

    Tati, Ramesh; Kristoffersson, Ann-Charlotte; Manea Hedström, Minola; Mörgelin, Matthias; Wieslander, Jörgen; van Kooten, Cees; Karpman, Diana


    Adequate cleavage of von Willebrand factor (VWF) prevents formation of thrombi. ADAMTS13 is the main VWF-cleaving protease and its deficiency results in development of thrombotic microangiopathy. Besides ADAMTS13 other proteases may also possess VWF-cleaving activity, but their physiological importance in preventing thrombus formation is unknown. This study investigated if, and which, proteases could cleave VWF in the glomerulus. The content of the glomerular basement membrane (GBM) was studied as a reflection of processes occurring in the subendothelial glomerular space. VWF was incubated with human GBMs and VWF cleavage was assessed by multimer structure analysis, immunoblotting and mass spectrometry. VWF was cleaved into the smallest multimers by the GBM, which contained ADAMTS13 as well as neutrophil proteases, elastase, proteinase 3 (PR3), cathepsin-G and matrix-metalloproteinase 9. The most potent components of the GBM capable of VWF cleavage were in the serine protease or metalloprotease category, but not ADAMTS13. Neutralization of neutrophil serine proteases inhibited GBM-mediated VWF-cleaving activity, demonstrating a marked contribution of elastase and/or PR3. VWF-platelet strings formed on the surface of primary glomerular endothelial cells, in a perfusion system, were cleaved by both elastase and the GBM, a process blocked by elastase inhibitor. Ultramorphological studies of the human kidney demonstrated neutrophils releasing elastase into the GBM. Neutrophil proteases may contribute to VWF cleavage within the subendothelium, adjacent to the GBM, and thus regulate thrombus size. This anti-thrombotic mechanism would protect the normal kidney during inflammation and could also explain why most patients with ADAMTS13 deficiency do not develop severe kidney failure.

  3. Plasma von Willebrand factor as a predictor of survival in pulmonary arterial hypertension associated with congenital heart disease

    A.A. Lopes


    Full Text Available Biomarkers have been identified for pulmonary arterial hypertension, but are less well defined for specific etiologies such as congenital heart disease-associated pulmonary arterial hypertension (CHDPAH. We measured plasma levels of eight microvascular dysfunction markers in CHDPAH, and tested for associations with survival. A cohort of 46 inoperable CHDPAH patients (age 15.0 to 60.2 years, median 33.5 years, female:male 29:17 was prospectively followed for 0.7 to 4.0 years (median 3.6 years. Plasma levels of von Willebrand factor antigen (VWF:Ag, tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA and its inhibitor (PAI-1, P-selectin, reactive C-protein, tumor necrosis factor alpha, and interleukin-6 and -10 were measured at baseline, and at 30, 90, and 180 days in all subjects. Levels of six of the eight proteins were significantly increased in patients versus controls (13 to 106% increase, P < 0.003. Interleukin-10 level was 2.06 times normal (P = 0.0003; Th2 cytokine response. Increased levels of four proteins (t-PA, PAI-1, P-selectin, and interleukin-6 correlated with disease severity indices (P < 0.05. Seven patients died during follow-up. An average VWF:Ag (mean of four determinations above the level corresponding to the 95th percentile of controls (139 U/dL was independently associated with a high risk of death (hazard ratio = 6.56, 95%CI = 1.46 to 29.4, P = 0.014. Thus, in CHDPAH, microvascular dysfunction appears to involve Th2 inflammatory response. Of the biomarkers studied, plasma vWF:Ag was independently associated with survival.

  4. A subpopulation of large granular von Willebrand Ag negative and CD105 positive endothelial cells, isolated from abdominal aortic aneurysms, overexpress ICAM-1 and Fas antigen.

    Páez, Araceli; Archundia, Abel; Méndez Cruz, René; Rodríguez, Emma; López Marure, Rebeca; Masso, Felipe; Aceves, José Luis; Flores, Leopoldo; Montaño, Luis F


    The aim of this work was to determine whether there is a pre-established basal condition of the endothelial cells isolated from aortic abdominal aneurysm that might augment immune effector mechanisms and thus provide us an insight into the possible causes of aneurysm rupture. Endothelial cells isolated from saccular aortic aneurysm fragments were analyzed by cytofluorometry for the expression of different immune response-related molecules. Our results showed that there is a subpopulation of granule-rich, CD105 positive and von Willebrand antigen negative endothelial cells that have an enhanced basal expression of ICAM-1, and Fas antigen, but, interestingly, no apoptotic bodies were detected. Control endothelial cells derived from healthy areas of the same abdominal aortas did not show such enhanced expression. We conclude that in the endothelium that lines abdominal aorta aneurysms there is, at least, one endothelial cell subpopulation with an apparent inhibition of programmed cell death and in a proinflammatory activation status.

  5. An update on the von Willebrand factor collagen binding assay: 21 years of age and beyond adolescence but not yet a mature adult.

    Favaloro, Emmanuel J


    von Willebrand disease (VWD) is considered to be the most common inherited bleeding disorder. It is diagnosed after a clinical and physical review, with personal and familial evidence of (primarily mucocutaneous) bleeding, and confirmed by laboratory testing. The latter typically entails initial plasma testing of factor VIII coagulant (FVIII:C), von Willebrand factor (VWF) protein (antigen; VWF:Ag), and VWF function, which has classically been assessed using the ristocetin cofactor (VWF:RCo) assay. More recent attention has focused on another functional VWF assay, the collagen binding (VWF:CB) assay, as a possible replacement for the VWF:RCo assay or as a supplementary test of VWF adhesive "activity." Additional laboratory testing can comprise a battery of confirmatory and VWD subtype assisting assays, including assessment of VWF:multimers. This review updates our knowledge of VWD diagnostics with a particular emphasis on the VWF:CB assay. There is good evidence now in place that an optimized VWF:CB assay can significantly reduce the diagnostic error rate otherwise arising from the use of a test panel restricted to including the VWF:RCo assay as the sole functional VWF assay. Nevertheless, the VWF:CB assay should not be used to wholly replace the VWF:RCo assay in phenotypic testing but rather as a supplementary assay. However, with some thought and justification, the VWF:CB assay can be used to partly replace the VWF:RCo assay in some "screening" applications and can also be used to abrogate the need to perform routine VWF:multimers in most test cases.

  6. Crystallization and preliminary X-ray analysis of the complex of the first von Willebrand type C domain bound to bone morphogenetic protein 2

    Qiu, Li-yan; Zhang, Jin-li [Lehrstuhl für Physiologische Chemie II, Theodor-Boveri-Institut (Biozentrum) der Universität Würzburg, Am Hubland, D-97074 Würzburg (Germany); Kotzsch, Alexander [Lehrstuhl für Molekulare Pflanzenphysiologie und Biophysik, Julius-von-Sachs Institut der Universität Würzburg, Julius-von-Sachs Platz 2, D-97082 Würzburg (Germany); Sebald, Walter [Lehrstuhl für Physiologische Chemie II, Theodor-Boveri-Institut (Biozentrum) der Universität Würzburg, Am Hubland, D-97074 Würzburg (Germany); Rudolf-Virchow-Zentrum (DFG Forschungszentrum) der Universität Würzburg, Versbacher Strasse 9, D-97070 Würzburg (Germany); Mueller, Thomas D., E-mail: [Lehrstuhl für Molekulare Pflanzenphysiologie und Biophysik, Julius-von-Sachs Institut der Universität Würzburg, Julius-von-Sachs Platz 2, D-97082 Würzburg (Germany); Rudolf-Virchow-Zentrum (DFG Forschungszentrum) der Universität Würzburg, Versbacher Strasse 9, D-97070 Würzburg (Germany); Lehrstuhl für Physiologische Chemie II, Theodor-Boveri-Institut (Biozentrum) der Universität Würzburg, Am Hubland, D-97074 Würzburg (Germany)


    Crystals of the complex of the first von Willebrand type C domain (VWC1) of crossveinless 2 (CV2) bound to bone morphogenetic protein 2 (BMP2) exist in two tetragonal crystal forms belonging to either space group P4{sub 1}2{sub 1}2 or I4{sub 1}, with one complete BMP2 dimer and two CV2 VWC1 domains per asymmetric unit, and diffract to 2.6 Å resolution. Crossveinless 2 (CV2) is a member of the chordin family, a protein superfamily that modulates the activity of bone morphogenetic proteins such as BMP2. The BMPs represent a large group of secreted proteins that control many steps during embryonal development and in tissue and organ homeostasis in the adult organism. The gene encoding the first von Willebrand type C domain (VWC1) of CV2 was cloned, expressed in Escherichia coli and purified to homogeneity. The binary complex of CV2 VWC1 and BMP2 was purified and subjected to crystallization. Crystals of SeMet-labelled proteins were obtained in two different forms belonging to the tetragonal space groups P4{sub 1}2{sub 1}2 and I4{sub 1}, with unit-cell parameters a = b = 86.7, c = 139.2 Å and a = b = 83.7, c = 139.6 Å, respectively. Initial analysis suggests that a complete binary complex consisting of one BMP2 dimer bound to two CV2 VWC1 domains is present in the asymmetric unit.

  7. Subcutaneous palivizumab (Synagis® administration in an infant with congenital type 2B von Willebrand disease

    Karel Allegaert


    Full Text Available Intramuscular injections are contra-indicated in infants with either acquired or congenital bleeding disorders. In such patients, it is unlicensed practice to administer vaccines by subcutaneous route. However, there are no reports on subcutaneous administration of palivizumab (Synagis®. We report on the tolerance and effects of subcutaneous palivizumab administration in a former preterm girl with type 2B von Willebrand disease. Repeated subcutaneous injections of palivizumab were well tolerated with minor local reactions and no systemic side effects. Consequently, we suggest to consider the subcutaneous instead of the intramuscular route in a setting of a valid indication for palivizumab, but a contraindication for intramuscular administration. More importantly, off-label or unlicensed practices should be reported to share and improve pharmacotherapy or at least illustrate knowledge gaps.

  8. N-linked glycans within the A2 domain of von Willebrand factor modulate macrophage-mediated clearance.

    Chion, Alain; O'Sullivan, Jamie M; Drakeford, Clive; Bergsson, Gudmundur; Dalton, Niall; Aguila, Sonia; Ward, Soracha; Fallon, Padraic G; Brophy, Teresa M; Preston, Roger J S; Brady, Lauren; Sheils, Orla; Laffan, Michael; McKinnon, Thomas A J; O'Donnell, James S


    Enhanced von Willebrand factor (VWF) clearance is important in the etiology of von Willebrand disease. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying VWF clearance remain poorly understood. In this study, we investigated the role of VWF domains and specific glycan moieties in regulating in vivo clearance. Our findings demonstrate that the A1 domain of VWF contains a receptor-recognition site that plays a key role in regulating the interaction of VWF with macrophages. In A1-A2-A3 and full-length VWF, this macrophage-binding site is cryptic but becomes exposed following exposure to shear or ristocetin. Previous studies have demonstrated that the N-linked glycans within the A2 domain play an important role in modulating susceptibility to ADAMTS13 proteolysis. We further demonstrate that these glycans presented at N1515 and N1574 also play a critical role in protecting VWF against macrophage binding and clearance. Indeed, loss of the N-glycan at N1515 resulted in markedly enhanced VWF clearance that was significantly faster than that observed with any previously described VWF mutations. In addition, A1-A2-A3 fragments containing the N1515Q or N1574Q substitutions also demonstrated significantly enhanced clearance. Importantly, clodronate-induced macrophage depletion significantly attenuated the increased clearance observed with N1515Q and N1574Q in both full-length VWF and A1-A2-A3. Finally, we further demonstrate that loss of these N-linked glycans does not enhance clearance in VWF in the presence of a structurally constrained A2 domain. Collectively, these novel findings support the hypothesis that conformation of the VWF A domains plays a critical role in modulating macrophage-mediated clearance of VWF in vivo.

  9. Evaluation of von Willebrand factor phenotypes and genotypes in Hemophilia A patients with and without identified F8 mutations

    Boylan, Brian; Rice, Anne S.; De Staercke, Christine; Eyster, M. Elaine; Yaish, Hassan M.; Knoll, Christine M.; Bean, Christopher J.; Miller, Connie H.


    Summary Background Hemophilia A (HA) is an X-linked bleeding disorder caused by a deficiency in factor VIII (FVIII). von Willebrand disease (VWD) is characterized by a quantitative or qualitative defect in von Willebrand Factor (VWF). Patients with VWD with severely low VWF or VWD Type 2N (VWD2N), a VWD subtype distinguished by defective VWF binding to FVIII, may have reduced FVIII levels secondary to their VWD. These patients superficially resemble patients with HA, and pose a potential for misdiagnosis. Objectives Investigate the unexplained cause of bleeding in HA patients without known FVIII mutations by assessing plasma VWF antigen (VWF:Ag), FVIII binding capacities, and VWF genotypes. Patients/Methods Thirty-seven of 1027 patients with HA studied as part of the Hemophilia Inhibitor Research Study lacked identifiable F8 mutations. These patients (cases) and 73 patients with identified F8 mutations (controls) were evaluated for VWF:Ag, patient's VWF capacity to bind FVIII (VWF:FVIIIB), and VWF sequence. Results Four cases had VWF:Ag <3 IU/dL and VWF mutations consistent with Type3 VWD. Six cases and one control were heterozygous for mutations previously reported to cause Type1 VWD (VWD1) (n=5 cases and 1 control) or predicted to be deleterious by Polyphen2 and SIFT prediction tools (n=1 case). One control had VWF:Ag <30 IU/dl, and seven patients (4 cases and 3 controls), including two cases who were heterozygous for a known VWD2N mutation, had reduced VWF:FVIIIB. Conclusions These data emphasize that some patients diagnosed with HA require VWF assessments in order to achieve a comprehensive diagnosis and an optimal treatment strategy. PMID:25780857

  10. Performance related factors are the main determinants of the von Willebrand factor response to exhaustive physical exercise.

    Janine E van Loon

    Full Text Available Physical stress triggers the endothelium to release von Willebrand Factor (VWF from the Weibel Palade bodies. Since VWF is a risk factor for arterial thrombosis, it is of great interest to discover determinants of VWF response to physical stress. We aimed to determine the main mediators of the VWF increase by exhaustive physical exercise.105 healthy individuals (18-35 years were included in this study. Each participant performed an incremental exhaustive exercise test on a cycle ergometer. Respiratory gas exchange measurements were obtained while cardiac function was continuously monitored. Blood was collected at baseline and directly after exhaustion. VWF antigen (VWF:Ag levels, VWF collagen binding (VWF:CB levels, ADAMTS13 activity and common variations in Syntaxin Binding Protein-5 (STXBP5, rs1039084 and rs9399599, Syntaxin-2 (STX2, rs7978987 and VWF (promoter, rs7965413 were determined.The median VWF:Ag level at baseline was 0.94 IU/mL [IQR 0.8-1.1] and increased with 47% [IQR 25-73] after exhaustive exercise to a median maximum VWF:Ag of 1.38 IU/mL [IQR 1.1-1.8] (p<0.0001. VWF:CB levels and ADAMTS13 activity both also increased after exhaustive exercise (median increase 43% and 12%, both p<0.0001. The strongest determinants of the VWF:Ag level increase are performance related (p<0.0001. We observed a gender difference in VWF:Ag response to exercise (females 1.2 IU/mL; males 1.7 IU/mL, p = 0.001, which was associated by a difference in performance. Genetic variations in STXBP5, STX2 and the VWF promoter were not associated with VWF:Ag levels at baseline nor with the VWF:Ag increase.VWF:Ag levels strongly increase upon exhaustive exercise and this increase is strongly determined by physical fitness level and the intensity of the exercise, while there is no clear effect of genetic variation in STXBP5, STX2 and the VWF promoter.

  11. Function of von Willebrand factor in children with diarrhea-associated hemolytic-uremic syndrome (D+ HUS).

    Sutor, A H; Thomas, K B; Prüfer, F H; Grohmann, A; Brandis, M; Zimmerhackl, L B


    Reports on von Willebrand factor (vWF) in hemolytic-uremic syndrome (HUS) are not unequivocal. Because of potential pathogenic implications, we examined the ability of vWF to bind to collagen in vitro, which reflects its function. Plasma vWF antigen (vWF:Ag) and collagen-binding activity (vWF:CBA) were measured by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay in children with (1) diarrhea-associated (D+) HUS (n = 27), (2) chronic renal insufficiency (CRI) (n = 8), (3) gastroenteritis (GE) not associated with HUS (n = 15), (4) immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) (n = 40) and from controls (n = 35). Structural vWF was evaluated by multimer analysis. Children with D+ HUS had vWF:Ag of 2.53 and vWF:CBA of 1.98 U/mL. The corresponding values for patients with ITP were 1.35 and 1.82 U/mL, with CRI 1.55 and 1.55 U/mL, and with GE 1.68 and 2.10 U/mL; all values were higher than in controls (1.04 and 1.16 U/mL). The mean ratio of vWF:CBA to vWF:Ag ratio in controls was 1.13; only children with HUS had a dysfunctional vWF, as indicated by a low ratio of 0.78; the ratio was elevated in children with ITP (1.36) and GE (1.27) and was normal in those with CRI (1.06). No ultralarge molecular multimers of vWF were detected in any group, including HUS. The very high concentration of plasma vWF:Ag in HUS probably reflects endothelial cell damage or irritation. In contrast to all other groups, only children with HUS had a dysfunctional vWF, caused either by a primary (due to enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli) or secondary (due to consumption of functionally active vWF) process. This abnormality was not obvious as structural anomaly by multimer analysis.

  12. Specific inhibiting effects of Ilexonin A on von Willebrand factor-dependent platelet aggregation under high shear rate

    李敏; 吴伟康; 刘良; 廖福龙; 篠原幸人; 半田俊之介; 後藤信哉


    Background Ilexonin A (IA), purified from the Chinese herbal medicine Maodongqing (Ilex pubescens Hook, et Am) has been commonly used in south China to treat thrombotic disorders. In this study, we aimed to study the inhibiting effects and mechanism of lA on von Willebrand factor (vWF)-dependent high shear-induced platelet aggregation. Methods vWF-dependent high shear (10 800 s-1) induced aggregation of platelets obtained from normal donors in the presence or absence of lA was measured by a modified cone-plate viscometer and shear-induced vWF binding was measured by quantitative flowcytometry with monoclonal antibody known to bind exclusively to the C-terminal domain of vWF (LJ-C3) directly labeled with fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC). P-selectin surface expression was also measured by a similar method with FITC conjugated anti-P-selectin monoclonal antibody (WGA1).Results Shear-induced platelet aggregation was inhibited by IA in a dose-dependent manner. The extent of aggregation decreased from (78.6±4.6)% in the absence of lA to (36.5±2.1 )% in the presence of lA (3.3 mmol/L) (P<0.0001, n=9) with a high shear rate of 10800 s-1. vWF binding and P-selectin expression were also inhibited by lA in a dose dependent manner. The number of binding FITC-LJ-C3 molecules increased after exposure of platelet-rich plasma to a high shear rate of 10 800 s-1 for 6 minutes, but this shear-induced increased binding platelet surface vWF molecules and P-selectin expression can be decreased in the presence of IA.Conclusion vWF binding and vWF mediated platelet activation, aggregation occurring under high shear rate were inhibited by IA. lA may be a unique antithrombotic drug inhibiting the vWF-GP Ib α interaction, and may thus facilitate drug design targeting arterial thrombosis.

  13. Anestesia para septoplastia e turbinectomia em paciente portador de doença de von Willebrand: relato de caso Anestesia para septoplastia y turbinectomia en paciente portador de enfermedad de von Willebrand: relato de caso Anesthesia for septoplasty and turbinectomy in von Willebrand disease patient: case report

    Múcio Paranhos de Abreu


    Full Text Available JUSTIFICATIVA E OBJETIVOS: Embora a doença de von Willebrand seja o mais comum dos distúrbios hemorrágicos hereditários, as publicações nacionais, relacionando esta doença e a prática anestésica, são escassas. O objetivo deste relato é apresentar um caso de anestesia geral para septoplastia e turbinectomia em paciente portador de doença de von Willebrand - Tipo I, tratado profilaticamente com desmopressina (1-deamino-8-D-arginina vasopressina, DDAVP nos períodos pré e pós-operatório. RELATO DO CASO: Paciente com 19 anos, sexo feminino, 58 kg, portadora de hipotiroidismo, controlado com L-tiroxina (75 mg, e de doença de von Willebrand, que se manifestou há três anos, após extração dentária dos sisos, com sangramento persistente no período pós-operatório. Com o objetivo de se evitar novos episódios hemorrágicos nos períodos per e pós-operatório da cirurgia de septoplastia e turbinectomia a que foi submetida, a paciente foi tratada profilaticamente com desmopressina (0,3 µ A indução anestésica foi realizada com midazolam (2,5 mg, fentanil (150 µg, droperidol (2,5 mg, lidocaína (60 mg, atracúrio (30 mg e metoprolol (4 mg, seguida de intubação traqueal e ventilação sob pressão positiva intermitente. A manutenção da anestesia foi realizada com mistura de oxigênio e óxido nitroso a 50% e sevoflurano a 2%. Esta técnica proporcionou um bom controle da freqüência cardíaca e dos níveis pressóricos durante a cirurgia. A paciente permaneceu com tampão nasal por 24 horas e, quando este foi retirado, não houve sangramento. A paciente recebeu alta hospitalar no dia seguinte ao da cirurgia, sem intercorrências. Não houve episódio hemorrágico no período pós-operatório imediato ou tardio. CONCLUSÕES: O tratamento profilático com DDAVP associado à técnica anestésica utilizada nesse caso, mostrou-se eficaz no controle do sangramento per e pós-operatório.JUSTIFICATIVA Y OBJETIVOS: Aun cuando

  14. Severe transfuse related acute lung injury (TRALI) syndrome in a 14 years old girl with a history of type I von Willebrand disease.

    Arghir, Oana C; Ionescu, Florin C; Apostol, Adriana


    Von Willebrand disease (vWD) is the most common inherited bleeding disorder based on an autosomal abnormality of von Willebrand factor. Transfusion is a lifesaving medical intervention among patients with bleeding disorders. Patients with vWD are exposed to Transfuse Related Acute Lung Injury (TRALI) when they become recipients of multiple blood products and repeated transfusions. TRALI is a non-hemolytic transfusion reaction induced by infusions of intravenous immunoglobulin, platelets (suspended in plasma), whole blood, cryoprecipitates, and fresh frozen plasma (FFP). We report a 14 years old white girl, with a history of type 1 von Willebrand disease (vWd), recipient of 2 units' fresh-frozen plasma (FFP) and 1 unit whole blood transfusion who developed an acute respiratory distress with severe hypoxemia and bilateral pulmonary infiltrate on chest X-ray within 3 hours of the whole blood transfusion, completely reversible after mechanical ventilation. Concluding, patients with vWd who received recurrent transfusions have an increased risk of TRALI. Physicians must be familiar with it as a cause of white lung X-ray pattern.

  15. Nanomechanical Contribution of Collagen and von Willebrand Factor A in Marine Underwater Adhesion and Its Implication for Collagen Manipulation.

    Yoo, Hee Young; Huang, Jun; Li, Lin; Foo, Mathias; Zeng, Hongbo; Hwang, Dong Soo


    Recent works on mussel adhesion have identified a load bearing matrix protein (PTMP1) containing von Willebrand factor (vWF) with collagen binding capability that contributes to the mussel holdfast by manipulating mussel collagens. Using a surface forces apparatus, we investigate for the first time, the nanomechanical properties of vWF-collagen interaction using homologous proteins of mussel byssus, PTMP1 and preCollagens (preCols), as collagen. Mimicking conditions similar to mussel byssus secretion (pH < 5.0) and seawater condition (pH 8.0), PTMP1 and preCol interact weakly in the "positioning" phase based on vWF-collagen binding and strengthen in "locked" phase due to the combined effects of electrostatic attraction, metal binding, and mechanical shearing. The progressive enhancement of binding between PTMP1 with porcine collagen under the aforementioned conditions is also observed. The binding mechanisms of PTMP1-preCols provide insights into the molecular interaction of the mammalian collagen system and the development of an artificial extracellular matrix based on collagens.

  16. Expression of von Willebrand factor, pulmonary intravascular macrophages, and Toll-like receptors in lungs of septic foals

    Harrison, Jacqueline M. E.; Quanstrom, Leah M.; Robinson, Alex R.; Wobeser, Bruce; Anderson, Stacy L.


    Sepsis causes significant mortality in neonatal foals; however, there is little data describing the cellular and molecular pathways of lung inflammation in septic foals. This study was conducted to characterize lung inflammation in septic foals. Lung tissue sections from control (n = 6) and septic (n = 17) foals were compared using histology and immunohistology. Blinded pathologic scoring of hematoxylin and eosin stained samples revealed increased features of lung inflammation such as thickened alveolar septa and sequestered inflammatory cells in septic foals. Septic foal lungs showed increased expression of von Willebrand factor in blood vessels, demonstrating vascular inflammation. Use of MAC387 antibody to detect calprotectin as a reflection of mononuclear cell infiltration revealed a significant increase in their numbers in alveolar septa of lungs from septic foals compared to those from control foals. The mononuclear cells appeared to be mature macrophages and were located in the septal capillaries, suggesting they were pulmonary intravascular macrophages (PIMs). Finally, lungs from septic foals showed increased expression of Toll-like receptor 4 and 9 in mononuclear cells relative to the control. Taken together, this study is the first to show the expression of inflammatory molecules and an increase in PIMs in lungs from foals that died from sepsis. PMID:27297419

  17. Factor VIII alters tubular organization and functional properties of von Willebrand factor stored in Weibel-Palade bodies.

    Bouwens, Eveline A M; Mourik, Marjon J; van den Biggelaar, Maartje; Eikenboom, Jeroen C J; Voorberg, Jan; Valentijn, Karine M; Mertens, Koen


    In endothelial cells, von Willebrand factor (VWF) multimers are packaged into tubules that direct biogenesis of elongated Weibel-Palade bodies (WPBs). WPB release results in unfurling of VWF tubules and assembly into strings that serve to recruit platelets. By confocal microscopy, we have previously observed a rounded morphology of WPBs in blood outgrowth endothelial cells transduced to express factor VIII (FVIII). Using correlative light-electron microscopy and tomography, we now demonstrate that FVIII-containing WPBs have disorganized, short VWF tubules. Whereas normal FVIII and FVIII Y1680F interfered with formation of ultra-large VWF multimers, release of the WPBs resulted in VWF strings of equal length as those from nontransduced blood outgrowth endothelial cells. After release, both WPB-derived FVIII and FVIII Y1680F remained bound to VWF strings, which however had largely lost their ability to recruit platelets. Strings from nontransduced cells, however, were capable of simultaneously recruiting exogenous FVIII and platelets. These findings suggest that the interaction of FVIII with VWF during WPB formation is independent of Y1680, is maintained after WPB release in FVIII-covered VWF strings, and impairs recruitment of platelets. Apparently, intra-cellular and extracellular assembly of FVIII-VWF complex involves distinct mechanisms, which differ with regard to their implications for platelet binding to released VWF strings.

  18. Type II PI4-kinases control Weibel-Palade body biogenesis and von Willebrand factor structure in human endothelial cells.

    Lopes da Silva, Mafalda; O'Connor, Marie N; Kriston-Vizi, Janos; White, Ian J; Al-Shawi, Raya; Simons, J Paul; Mössinger, Julia; Haucke, Volker; Cutler, Daniel F


    Weibel-Palade bodies (WPBs) are endothelial storage organelles that mediate the release of molecules involved in thrombosis, inflammation and angiogenesis, including the pro-thrombotic glycoprotein von Willebrand factor (VWF). Although many protein components required for WPB formation and function have been identified, the role of lipids is almost unknown. We examined two key phosphatidylinositol kinases that control phosphatidylinositol 4-phosphate levels at the trans-Golgi network, the site of WPB biogenesis. RNA interference of the type II phosphatidylinositol 4-kinases PI4KIIα and PI4KIIβ in primary human endothelial cells leads to formation of an increased proportion of short WPB with perturbed packing of VWF, as exemplified by increased exposure of antibody-binding sites. When stimulated with histamine, these cells release normal levels of VWF yet, under flow, form very few platelet-catching VWF strings. In PI4KIIα-deficient mice, immuno-microscopy revealed that VWF packaging is also perturbed and these mice exhibit increased blood loss after tail cut compared to controls. This is the first demonstration that lipid kinases can control the biosynthesis of VWF and the formation of WPBs that are capable of full haemostatic function.

  19. New developments in lung endothelial heterogeneity: Von Willebrand factor, P-selectin, and the Weibel-Palade body.

    Ochoa, Cristhiaan D; Wu, Songwei; Stevens, Troy


    Quiescent pulmonary endothelium establishes an antithrombotic, anti-inflammatory surface that promotes blood flow. However, the endothelium rapidly responds to injury and inflammation by promoting thrombosis and enabling the directed transmigration of inflammatory cells, such as neutrophils, into the alveolar airspace. Although the endothelial cell signals responsible for establishing a prothrombotic surface are distinct from those responsible for recognizing circulating neutrophils, these processes are highly interrelated. Von Willebrand factor (VWF)-stimulated secretion plays an important role in thrombus formation, and P-selectin surface expression plays a key role in neutrophil binding necessary for transmigration. Both VWF and P-selectin are located within Weibel-Palade bodies in pulmonary arteries and arterioles, yet Weibel-Palade bodies are absent in capillaries. Despite the absence of the Weibel-Palade bodies, pulmonary capillaries express both VWF and P-selectin. The physiological and pathophysiological significance of these observations is unclear. In this review, we address some anatomical and physiological features that distinguish pulmonary artery, capillary, and vein endothelium. In addition, we review our current understanding regarding the stimulated secretion of VWF and P-selectin in pulmonary artery and capillary endothelium. This information is considered in the context of vasculitis and pneumonia, two pathophysiological processes to which the stimulated secretion of VWF and P-selectin contribute.

  20. [Applying uncertainty theory in caring for the family of a von Willebrand disease patient experiencing first time upper gastrointestinal bleeding].

    Chung, Ai-Lun; Shun, Shiow-Ching; Lin, Chih-Yu


    The purpose of this report was to describe the nursing experience in helping a primary caregiver cope with uncertainty as his mother experienced upper gastrointestinal (UGI) bleeding underlying von Willebrand disease and Scleromyxedema in an Emergency Department between 10 and 18 July 2008. Mishel's Uncertainty Theory was applied to assess the caregiver's uncertainty and patient disease progression. Data were collected through clinical observation, chart review, and interviews. The caregiver's nursing problems were identified as (1) uncertainty caused by symptoms of the rare disease and the probability of recurrent bleeding in the future; (2) uncertainty caused by lack of knowledge about the disease; (3) uncertainty caused by lack of confidence in home caring issues after UGI bleeding. During the nursing period, we provided clinical information related to the disease and offered psychological support to the caregiver based on our Mishel's Uncertainty Scale assessment. Successful strategies utilized by our intervention helped the caregiver reduce level of uncertainty, increase confidence to care for his mother, and improve the quality of further home care.

  1. Role of RNA splicing in mediating lineage-specific expression of the von Willebrand factor gene in the endothelium.

    Yuan, Lei; Janes, Lauren; Beeler, David; Spokes, Katherine C; Smith, Joshua; Li, Dan; Jaminet, Shou-Ching; Oettgen, Peter; Aird, William C


    We previously demonstrated that the first intron of the human von Willebrand factor (vWF) is required for gene expression in the endothelium of transgenic mice. Based on this finding, we hypothesized that RNA splicing plays a role in mediating vWF expression in the vasculature. To address this question, we used transient transfection assays in human endothelial cells and megakaryocytes with intron-containing and intronless human vWF promoter-luciferase constructs. Next, we generated knockin mice in which LacZ was targeted to the endogenous mouse vWF locus in the absence or presence of the native first intron or heterologous introns from the human β-globin, mouse Down syndrome critical region 1, or hagfish coagulation factor X genes. In both the in vitro assays and the knockin mice, the loss of the first intron of vWF resulted in a significant reduction of reporter gene expression in endothelial cells but not megakaryocytes. This effect was rescued to varying degrees by the introduction of a heterologous intron. Intron-mediated enhancement of expression was mediated at a posttranscriptional level. Together, these findings implicate a role for intronic splicing in mediating lineage-specific expression of vWF in the endothelium.

  2. Limited polymorphism in Plasmodium falciparum ookinete surface antigen, von Willebrand factor A domain-related protein from clinical isolates

    Eisen Damon P


    Full Text Available Abstract Background As malaria becomes increasingly drug resistant and more costly to treat, there is increasing urgency to develop effective vaccines. In comparison to other stages of the malaria lifecycle, sexual stage antigens are under less immune selection pressure and hence are likely to have limited antigenic diversity. Methods Clinical isolates from a wide range of geographical regions were collected. Direct sequencing of PCR products was then used to determine the extent of polymorphisms for the novel Plasmodium falciparum sexual stage antigen von Willebrand Factor A domain-related Protein (PfWARP. These isolates were also used to confirm the extent of diversity of sexual stage antigen Pfs28. Results PfWARP was shown to have non-synonymous substitutions at 3 positions and Pfs28 was confirmed to have a single non-synonymous substitution as previously described. Conclusion This study demonstrates the limited antigenic diversity of two prospective P. falciparum sexual stage antigens, PfWARP and Pfs28. This provides further encouragement for the proceeding with vaccine trials based on these antigens.

  3. Does von Willebrand factor improve the predictive ability of current risk stratification scores in patients with atrial fibrillation?

    García-Fernández, Amaya; Roldán, Vanessa; Rivera-Caravaca, José Miguel; Hernández-Romero, Diana; Valdés, Mariano; Vicente, Vicente; Lip, Gregory Y. H.; Marín, Francisco


    Von Willebrand factor (vWF) is a biomarker of endothelial dysfunction. We investigated its role on prognosis in anticoagulated atrial fibrillation (AF) patients and determined whether its addition to clinical risk stratification schemes improved event-risk prediction. Consecutive outpatients with non-valvular AF were recruited and rates of thrombotic/cardiovascular events, major bleeding and mortality were recorded. The effect of vWF on prognosis was calculated using a Cox regression model. Improvements in predictive accuracy over current scores were determined by calculating the integrated discrimination improvement (IDI), net reclassification improvement (NRI), comparison of receiver-operator characteristic (ROC) curves and Decision Curve Analysis (DCA). 1215 patients (49% males, age 76 (71–81) years) were included. Follow-up was almost 7 years. Significant associations were found between vWF and cardiovascular events, stroke, mortality and bleeding. Based on IDI and NRI, addition of vWF to CHA2DS2-VASc statistically improved its predictive value, but c-indexes were not significantly different. For major bleeding, the addition of vWF to HAS-BLED improved the c-index but not IDI or NRI. DCA showed minimal net benefit. vWF acts as a simple prognostic biomarker in AF and, whilst its addition to current scores statistically improves prediction for some endpoints, absolute changes and impact on clinical decision-making are marginal. PMID:28134282

  4. Storage of factor VIII variants with impaired von Willebrand factor binding in Weibel-Palade bodies in endothelial cells.

    Maartje van den Biggelaar

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Point mutations resulting in reduced factor VIII (FVIII binding to von Willebrand factor (VWF are an important cause of mild/moderate hemophilia A. Treatment includes desmopressin infusion, which concomitantly increases VWF and FVIII plasma levels, apparently from storage pools containing both proteins. The source of these VWF/FVIII co-storage pools and the mechanism of granule biogenesis are not fully understood. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: We studied intracellular trafficking of FVIII variants implicated in mild/moderate hemophilia A together with VWF in HEK293 cells and primary endothelial cells. The role of VWF binding was addressed using FVIII variants displaying reduced VWF interaction. Binding studies using purified FVIII proteins revealed moderate (Arg2150His, Del2201, Pro2300Ser to severe (Tyr1680Phe, Ser2119Tyr VWF binding defects. Expression studies in HEK293 cells and primary endothelial cells revealed that all FVIII variants were present within VWF-containing organelles. Quantitative studies showed that the relative amount of FVIII storage was independent of various mutations. Substantial amounts of FVIII variants are co-stored in VWF-containing storage organelles, presumably by virtue of their ability to interact with VWF at low pH. CONCLUSIONS: Our data suggest that the potential of FVIII co-storage with VWF is not affected in mild/moderate hemophilia A caused by reduced FVIII/VWF interaction in the circulation. These data support the hypothesis that Weibel-Palade bodies comprise the desmopressin-releasable FVIII storage pool in vivo.

  5. Insulin resistance is accompanied by increased von Willebrand factor levels in nondiabetic women: a study of offspring of type 2 diabetic subjects compared to offspring of nondiabetic subjects

    Foss, Anne-Catherine; Vestbo, Else; Frøland, Anders


    OBJECTIVES: To examine whether levels of von Willebrand factor (vWF), fibrinogen and fibronectin are related to a parental history of type 2 diabetes and to determine possible explanatory factors for high versus low vWF and fibrinogen. DESIGN: Cross-sectional study. SUBJECTS, MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES......: We compared vWF, fibrinogen and fibronectin in 88 nondiabetic offspring of type 2 diabetic subjects (relatives) and 103 offspring of nondiabetic subjects (controls). Other measurements included urinary albumin excretion rate, blood pressure, lipid profile and insulin resistance using homeostasis....... Odds ratio for high versus low insulin resistance was 18.39 (P index (BMI) (P

  6. A +220 GATA motif mediates basal but not endotoxin-repressible expression of the von Willebrand factor promoter in Hprt-targeted transgenic mice

    LIU, J.; KANKI, Y.; OKADA, Y.; JIN, E.; YANO, K.; SHIH, S.-C.; MINAMI, T.; AIRD, W. C.


    Summary Background The von Willebrand factor (VWF) gene is a marker for spatial and temporal heterogeneity of the endothelium. A GATA motif at +220 has been implicated in basal VWF expression in vitro. Other studies have shown that GATA3 and VWF are transcriptionally downregulated in response to inflammatory mediators. Objectives Our goal was to determine the importance of the +220 GATA motif in mediating expression of VWF promoter in vivo, and to elucidate whether the GATA element plays a role in spatial and/or temporal regulation of VWF expression. Methods ChIP and electrophoretic mobility shift assays were carried out in human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC). Reporter gene constructs containing 3.6 kb of the human VWF promoter with and without amutation of the +220 GATA element were transfected into cultured endothelial cells or targeted to the Hprt locus of mice. The Hprt-targeted mice were subjected to endotoxemia. Results In protein-DNA binding assays, the +220 GATA motif bound GATA-2, -3 and -6. Mutation of the GATA site resulted in reduced basal promoter activity in HUVEC. When targeted to the Hprt locus of mice, the GATA mutation resulted in a significant, proportionate reduction of promoter activity in LacZ expressing vascular beds. Systemic administration of lipopolysaccharide (LPS) resulted in a widespread reduction in VWF mRNA expression and promoter activity. LPS-mediated repression of the VWF promoter was unaffected by the GATA mutation. Conclusions A region of the VWF promoter between −2182 and the end of the first intron contains information for LPS-mediated gene repression. The +220 GATA motif is important for basal, but not LPS-repressible expression of the VWF gene. PMID:19496923

  7. Pif97, a von Willebrand and Peritrophin Biomineralization Protein, Organizes Mineral Nanoparticles and Creates Intracrystalline Nanochambers.

    Chang, Eric P; Evans, John Spencer


    The formation of the mollusk nacre layer involves the assembly and organization of mineral nanoparticles into fracture-toughened mesoscale-sized aragonite tablets that possess intracrystalline nanoporosities. At least one nacre protein family, known as the framework proteome, is strategically located as part of a macromolecular coating around each nacre tablet and is believed to participate in tablet formation. Here, we report new studies of a recombinant form (rPif97) of a unique Japanese pearl oyster (Pinctada fucata) nacre framework biomineralization protein, Pif97. This unique protein possesses both a von Willlebrand factor type A domain (vWA, F23-Y161) and a Peritrophin A chitin-binding domain (PAC, E234-D298). rPif97 self-associates or aggregates to form amorphous protein phases that organize both amorphous and single-crystal calcium carbonate nanoparticles in vitro. Further, in the presence of nucleating calcite crystals, rPif97 protein phases deposit onto these crystals and become occluded over time, forming nanochambers within the crystal interior. The formation of these mineral-modifying amorphous protein phases is linked to the presence of intrinsic disorder and amyloid-like cross-β-strand aggregation-prone regions, and three-dimensional modeling indicates that both the vWA and PAC domains are accessible for intermolecular interactions. Thus, the vWA- and PAC-containing Pif97 protein exhibits key functionalities that would allow its participation in mollusk nacre layer tablet assembly and porosity formation.

  8. Distinct roles of Ser-764 and Lys-773 at the N terminus of von Willebrand factor in complex assembly with coagulation factor VIII.

    Castro-Núñez, Lydia; Bloem, Esther; Boon-Spijker, Mariëtte G; van der Zwaan, Carmen; van den Biggelaar, Maartje; Mertens, Koen; Meijer, Alexander B


    Complex formation between coagulation factor VIII (FVIII) and von Willebrand factor (VWF) is of critical importance to protect FVIII from rapid in vivo clearance and degradation. We have now employed a chemical footprinting approach to identify regions on VWF involved in FVIII binding. To this end, lysine amino acid residues of VWF were chemically modified in the presence of FVIII or activated FVIII, which does not bind VWF. Nano-LC-MS analysis showed that the lysine residues of almost all identified VWF peptides were not differentially modified upon incubation of VWF with FVIII or activated FVIII. However, Lys-773 of peptide Ser-766-Leu-774 was protected from chemical modification in the presence of FVIII. In addition, peptide Ser-764-Arg-782, which comprises the first 19 amino acid residues of mature VWF, showed a differential modification of both Lys-773 and the α-amino group of Ser-764. To verify the role of Lys-773 and the N-terminal Ser-764 in FVIII binding, we employed VWF variants in which either Lys-773 or Ser-764 was replaced with Ala. Surface plasmon resonance analysis and competition studies revealed that VWF(K773A) exhibited reduced binding to FVIII and the FVIII light chain, which harbors the VWF-binding site. In contrast, VWF(S764A) revealed more effective binding to FVIII and the FVIII light chain compared with WT VWF. The results of our study show that the N terminus of VWF is critical for the interaction with FVIII and that Ser-764 and Lys-773 have opposite roles in the binding mechanism.

  9. Associations Between Diabetic Retinopathy and Plasma Levels of High-sensitive C-reactive Protein or Von Willebrand Factor in Long-term Type 1 Diabetic Patients

    Laursen, Jonas Vejvad Nørskov; Hoffmann, Stine Skovbo; Green, Anders


    a population-based cohort from Fyn County, Denmark. Plasma levels of hs-CRP and von Willebrand factor antigen were measured and related to the level of diabetic retinopathy (DR) as evaluated by dilated nine-field 45 degree monoscopic fundus photos captured by Topcon TRC-NWS6 and graded according to the Early...... Treatment Diabetic Retinopathy Study (ETDRS) adaptation of the modified Airlie House classification of DR. Results: Median age and duration of diabetes were 58.7 and 43 years, respectively. Median levels (10th-90th percentile) of hs-CRP and von Willebrand factor antigen were 1.31 mg/l (0.37-13.3 mg/l) and 1.......27 IU/ml (0.79-2.07 IU/ml), respectively. No or minimal DR (ETDRS-levels 10-20) was found in 16.4%, mild DR (ETDRS-level 35) in 19.4%, moderate DR (ETDRS-levels 43-47) in 11.0%, and 53.2% had proliferative diabetic retinopathy (PDR) corresponding to ETDRS-level 60 or more. In an age- and sex...

  10. [Deposition of von Willebrand factor in human endothelial cells HUVEC in the endoplasmic reticulum stress induced by an excess of homocysteine in vitro].

    Ignashkova, T I; Mesitov, M V; Rybakov, A S; Moskovtsev, A A; Sokolovskaia, A A; Kubatiev, A A


    Von Willebrand factor (vWF) is an adhesive glycoprotein synthesized and secreted by endothelial cells and megakaryocytes. Violation of vWF secretion by endothelial cells is a characteristic feature of endothelial dysfunction in hyperhomocysteinemia. In our study we examined to clarify the concentration-dependent effect of homocysteine (Hcy) on the expression of vWF. Our studies have shown that homocysteine excess induces changes in the intracellular deposition of von Willebrand factor in cultured human endothelial cells in vitro. Primary cultures of human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC) were incubated with the various concentrations of D,L-homocysteine (0.025 - 5 mM). Homocysteine at a concentration of 0.025 and 0.25 mM after 18 h incubation caused an increase in the intracellular fraction of vWF in HUVEC cells. High concentrations of homocysteine induced a dose-dependent decrease in the intracellular fraction of vWF. These dose-dependent variations may indicate the modulation by homocysteine of different mechanisms of the deposition, the constitutive secretion and the degradation of vWF in human endothelial cells. We proposed that Endoplasmic reticulum stress, in HUVEC cells by the action of an excess of homocysteine associated with increased intracellular levels of vWF at a relatively low concentration of the inducer. We found decline in intracellular vWF at the same duration but higher concentrations of inducer, which may be due to the ER-associated protein degradation.

  11. Protein replacement therapy and gene transfer in canine models of hemophilia A, hemophilia B, von willebrand disease, and factor VII deficiency.

    Nichols, Timothy C; Dillow, Aaron M; Franck, Helen W G; Merricks, Elizabeth P; Raymer, Robin A; Bellinger, Dwight A; Arruda, Valder R; High, Katherine A


    Dogs with hemophilia A, hemophilia B, von Willebrand disease (VWD), and factor VII deficiency faithfully recapitulate the severe bleeding phenotype that occurs in humans with these disorders. The first rational approach to diagnosing these bleeding disorders became possible with the development of reliable assays in the 1940s through research that used these dogs. For the next 60 years, treatment consisted of replacement of the associated missing or dysfunctional protein, first with plasma-derived products and subsequently with recombinant products. Research has consistently shown that replacement products that are safe and efficacious in these dogs prove to be safe and efficacious in humans. But these highly effective products require repeated administration and are limited in supply and expensive; in addition, plasma-derived products have transmitted bloodborne pathogens. Recombinant proteins have all but eliminated inadvertent transmission of bloodborne pathogens, but the other limitations persist. Thus, gene therapy is an attractive alternative strategy in these monogenic disorders and has been actively pursued since the early 1990s. To date, several modalities of gene transfer in canine hemophilia have proven to be safe, produced easily detectable levels of transgene products in plasma that have persisted for years in association with reduced bleeding, and correctly predicted the vector dose required in a human hemophilia B liver-based trial. Very recently, however, researchers have identified an immune response to adeno-associated viral gene transfer vector capsid proteins in a human liver-based trial that was not present in preclinical testing in rodents, dogs, or nonhuman primates. This article provides a review of the strengths and limitations of canine hemophilia, VWD, and factor VII deficiency models and of their historical and current role in the development of improved therapy for humans with these inherited bleeding disorders.

  12. Temperature-dependence of Weibel-Palade body exocytosis and cell surface dispersal of von Willebrand factor and its propolypeptide.

    Lindsay Hewlett

    Full Text Available BACKGROUND: Weibel-Palade bodies (WPB are endothelial cell (EC specific secretory organelles containing Von Willebrand factor (VWF. The temperature-dependence of Ca(2+-driven WPB exocytosis is not known, although indirect evidence suggests that WPB exocytosis may occur at very low temperatures. Here we quantitatively analyse the temperature-dependence of Ca(2+-driven WPB exocytosis and release of secreted VWF from the cell surface of ECs using fluorescence microscopy of cultured human ECs containing fluorescent WPBs. PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: Ca(2+-driven WPB exocytosis occurred at all temperatures studied (7-37°C. The kinetics and extent of WPB exocytosis were strongly temperature-dependent: Delays in exocytosis increased from 0.92 s at 37°C to 134.2 s at 7°C, the maximum rate of WPB fusion decreased from 10.0±2.2 s(-1 (37°C to 0.80±0.14 s(-1 (7°C and the fractional extent of degranulation of WPBs in each cell from 67±3% (37°C to 3.6±1.3% (7°C. A discrepancy was found between the reduction in Ca(2+-driven VWF secretion and WPB exocytosis at reduced temperature; at 17°C VWF secretion was reduced by 95% but WPB exocytosis by 75-80%. This discrepancy arises because VWF dispersal from sites of WPB exocytosis is largely prevented at low temperature. In contrast VWF-propolypeptide (proregion dispersal from WPBs, although slowed, was complete within 60-120 s. Novel antibodies to the cleaved and processed proregion were characterised and used to show that secreted proregion more accurately reports the secretion of WPBs at sub-physiological temperatures than assay of VWF itself. CONCLUSIONS: We report the first quantitative analysis of the temperature-dependence of WPB exocytosis. We provide evidence; by comparison of biochemical data for VWF or proregion secretion with direct analysis of WPB exocytosis at reduced temperature, that proregion is a more reliable marker for WPB exocytosis at reduced temperature, where VWF-EC adhesion is increased.

  13. Cuidados nos pacientes com hemofilia e doença de von Willebrand na cirurgia eletiva otorrinolaringológica

    Marques Marise P. C.


    Full Text Available FORMA DE ESTUDO Clínico prospectivo. MATERIAL E MÉTODO: Foi realizado um estudo prospectivo de 10 anos de 20 pacientes com hemofilias ou doença de von Willebrand (DvW com indicação de cirurgia otorrinolaringológica. Os pacientes foram submetidos a um total de 25 cirurgias otorrinolaringológicas eletivas. A idade média foi de 23,75 anos (2 a 62 anos. O grupo de estudo consistiu em 14 hemofílicos, 11 com hemofilia A grave (1 do sexo feminino, uma portadora com 30% de atividade de fator VIII (FVIII, um hemofílico B leve e uma com deficiência grave de fator X; 6 com DvW, 4 tinham o tipo 1 (3 mulheres, um o tipo 2A e um o tipo 3. Treze hemofílicos tinham síndrome de imunodeficiência adquirida. A duração média do procedimento foi de 1 hora e 37 minutos (15 minutos a 12 horas. O defeito da coagulação foi corrigido com desmopressina (DDAVP, com concentrado de FVIII de pureza intermediária 8Y, com criopreciptado ou com complexo protrombínico não ativado (PPSB, de acordo com os níveis plasmáticos do fator e da severidade da cirurgia. O ácido épsilon aminocapróico também foi usado em associação. Em 1 hemofílico A grave houve sangramento pós-operatório que se resolveu com a elevação do nível mínimo de FVIII para 80% e em 1 paciente com DvW do Tipo 3 houve sangramento pós-operatório pela dificuldade de identificação do melhor concentrado a ser reposto. Após o uso do concentrado de pureza intermediária 8Y, houve controle do sangramento. RESULTADO: Todos os outros pacientes apresentaram a hemostasia considerada normal ou excelente. CONCLUSÃO: Concluiu-se que pacientes com hemofilias ou DvW não apresentam um risco cirúrgico aumentado se for realizada uma terapia adequada.

  14. Le rôle du médecin anesthésiste-réanimateur dans la prise en charge de la femme enceinte porteuse de la maladie de Von Willebrand

    Baouahi, Hanane; Zerqouni, Yassine; Doumiri, Mouhcine; Oudghiri, Nezha; Saoud, Anas Tazi


    La maladie de Von Willebrand (VWD) est la maladie hémorragique constitutionnelle de l'hémostase la plus fréquente. Elle est liée à un déficit, soit quantitatif, soit qualitatif en facteur willebrand (VWF). Elle se caractérise par son extrême hétérogénéité sur les plans clinique, phénotypique et génotypique. La grossesse et surtout le péri-partum représente une période à risque hémorragique pour ces femmes. Nous rapportons le cas d'une parturiente présentant une maladie de Von Willebrand de type 1 documentée, la difficulté du choix du mode d'accouchement et de la technique anesthésique a été revue. PMID:26977242

  15. Characterization of bitiscetin-2, a second form of bitiscetin from the venom of Bitis arietans : comparison of its binding site with the collagen-binding site on the von Willebrand factor A3-domain

    Obert, B.; Romijn, R. A.; Houllier, A.; Huizinga, E. G.; Girma, J. P.


    Background: Bitiscetin, a heterodimeric snake venom protein purified from Bitis arietans, binds to the A1 domain of von Willebrand factor (VWF) and induces binding of this domain to platelet glycoprotein (GP) Ib. We previously purified a distinct form of dimeric bitiscetin (herein called bitiscetin-

  16. Severe Dengue Is Associated with Consumption of von Willebrand Factor and Its Cleaving Enzyme ADAMTS-13

    Djamiatun, Kis; van der Ven, Andre J. A. M.; de Groot, Philip G.; Faradz, Sultana M. H.; Hapsari, D.; Dolmans, Wil M. V.; Sebastian, Silvie; Fijnheer, Rob; de Mast, Quirijn


    Background: Thrombocytopenia, bleeding and plasma leakage are cardinal features of severe dengue. Endothelial cell activation with exocytosis of Weibel-Palade bodies (WPBs) may play an etiological role in this condition. Methods and Principal Findings: In a cohort of 73 Indonesian children with deng

  17. Severe dengue is associated with consumption of von Willebrand factor and its cleaving enzyme ADAMTS-13.

    Djamiatun, K.; Ven, A.J.A.M. van der; Groot, P.G. de; Faradz, S.M.H.; Hapsari, D.; Dolmans, W.M.V.; Sebastian, S.; Fijnheer, R.; Mast, Q. de


    BACKGROUND: Thrombocytopenia, bleeding and plasma leakage are cardinal features of severe dengue. Endothelial cell activation with exocytosis of Weibel-Palade bodies (WPBs) may play an etiological role in this condition. METHODS AND PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: In a cohort of 73 Indonesian children with deng

  18. von Willebrand Factor is elevated in HIV patients with a history of thrombosis

    Dries, L.W. van den; Gruters, R.A.; Hövels-van der Borden, S.B.C.; Kruip, M.J.; Maat, M.P. de; Gorp, E.C. van; Ende, M.E. van der


    BACKGROUND: Arterial and venous thrombotic events are more prevalent in HIV infected individuals compared to the general population, even in the era of combination antiretroviral therapy. Although the mechanism is not fully understood, recent evidence suggests a role for chronic immune activation. M


    Diana Carolina Polanía Villanueva


    Full Text Available El Factor von Willebrand circula en el plasma formando un complejo con el Factor VIII de coagulación por enlaces no covalentes. Esta interacción evita la degradación enzimática del Factor VIII y asegura su transporte al lugar de formación del coágulo de fibrina. Debido a su estrecha relación, la disminución de la actividad de un factor puede afectar la actividad del otro, lo que genera un diagnóstico clínico equivocado en cuanto a qué enfermedad se padece, si Hemofilia A o Enfermedad de von Willebrand. Este estudio reporta el caso de una familia colombiana que según diagnóstico clínico de su fenotipo, padecía las dos enfermedades. Sin embargo, dicha familia carecía de un estudio genético que permitiera verificar y contrastar el diagnóstico que hacen las entidades de salud. Por tal razón, se realizó un diagnóstico genético por pruebas moleculares que detectan mutaciones, como las inversiones en los intrones 1 y 22 por PCR de fragmentos largos y la secuenciación del gen del Factor VIII, esta última no aplicada y publicada en Colombia hasta el momento. Se encontraron dos mutaciones sinónimas en los exones 14 y 26 que no alteran la secuencia de aminoácidos en la proteína; por tanto, se descarta la presencia de Hemofilia A en la familia. Se plantea la posibilidad de un caso de Enfermedad de von Willebrand únicamente. El estudio demuestra la necesidad que hay en el país de ampliar las pruebas clínicas y de incluir el diagnóstico genético en casos de ambigüedad en el diagnóstico de estas coagulopatías.

  20. Endothelial markers in malignant vascular tumours of the liver: superiority of QB-END/10 over von Willebrand factor and Ulex europaeus agglutinin 1.

    Anthony, P P; Ramani, P


    A new monoclonal antibody, QB-END/10, raised against the CD34 antigen in human endothelial cell membranes and haemopoietic progenitor cells, was studied for its usefulness as a marker of neoplastic vascular cells in 21 angiosarcomas and seven malignant haemangioendotheliomas of the liver. QB-END/10 was both more sensitive and more specific than Von Willebrand factor (VWF) and Ulex europaeus 1 agglutinin (UEA-1) in labelling endothelial cells and it did not cross react with epithelia as UEA-1 often does. Staining was uniformly strong and clear in all histological variants of these two tumours. QB-END/10 should prove particularly useful in the differential diagnosis of malignant vascular tumours of the liver. Images PMID:1705261

  1. Common carotid intima-media thickness and von Willebrand factor serum levels in rheumatoid arthritis female patients without cardiovascular risk factors.

    Daza, Leonel; Aguirre, Martin; Jimenez, Martin; Herrera, Rafael; Bollain, J J


    High atherosclerosis prevalence was found in rheumatoid arthritis (RA), and the von Willebrand factor (vWF) was shown to be a marker for endothelial damage. The aim of this study was to evaluate the association of intima-media thickness of the left common carotid artery with vWF serum levels in rheumatoid arthritis patients without cardiovascular risk factors. We included 55 RA female patients, each with at least 5 years of duration of the disease, and 20 healthy female subjects as members of the control group. The vWF, cholesterol, triglycerides, and the immune variables-rheumatoid factor and reactive C protein-were evaluated. The media thickness and intima-media thickness (IMT) in patients and in the control subjects were assessed by Doppler ultrasound of the left common carotid artery. Although the ages for RA patients and healthy female controls were not different, the IMT of the left common carotid artery (IMT CCA) in rheumatoid arthritis patients was increased in comparison with healthy control measurements, the mean being 0.67 mm (SD 0.18) vs 0.58 mm (SD 0.10) with a p value 0.01. The vWF serum levels showed differences in RA patients from those in control patients, 145.6 (SD 30.08) vs 121.8 (SD 37.17), respectively, with p=0.007. A correlation was also found between vWF with IMT CCA in the RA patients: r=0.390 and p<0.05. We concluded that the measurements of the left common carotid artery intima-media thickness together with the von Willebrand factor serum levels could give valuable information about the artery status and the atherosclerosis process in early stages in patients with rheumatoid arthritis without cardiovascular risk factors.

  2. Sangramento uterino anormal pós operatório em paciente portadora de doença de Von Willebrand: relato de caso

    Eduardo Borges Coscia


    Full Text Available Introdução: O sangramento uterino anormal (S.U.A pode ser uma queixa presente em até 1/3 das consultas ginecológicas. A Doença de von Willebrand é a coagulopatia hereditária mais comum, cujo diagnóstico muitas vezes só é obtido à menarca, com constatação de sangramento abundante (menorragia, anemia e prejuízo na qualidade de vida. Relato de caso: S.G.M, 36 anos, parda, casada, nuligesta. Possui diagnóstico de Doença de von Willebrand (vWD há aproximadamnte 20 anos. Em uso de ácido tranexâmico e contraceptivo oral combinado com boa resposta terapêutica. Foi encaminhada ao ambulatório de patologia Trato genital inferior com diagnóstico de biópsia do colo uterino compatível com NIC III. O tratamento indicado foi a realização de excisão da zona de transformação do colo uterino através de cirurgia de alta frequência (CAF, com confirmação de NIC III e margens livres. Evoluiu com sangramento pós operatório abundante por 3 dias e necessitou infusão de fator VIII para controle hemostático. Discussão: A menorragia pode ser o único sintoma nas mulheres com DvW. O diagnóstico baseia-se na história pessoal e familiar de sangramento e nos exames laboratoriais que demonstrem defeito qualitativo e/ou quantitativo do fator de von Willebrad (FvW. Recomenda-se monitorar o fator VIII a cada 12 horas, no dia da cirurgia e diariamente a partir do primeiro dia pós-operatório.O tratamento inicial objetiva a elevação do FvW para níveis acima de 50% e da atividade do fator VIII à nível clinicamente aceitável.

  3. Gender and age peculiarities of content changes of protein C, von Willebrand factor, vascular cell adhesion molecules sVCAM-1 in patients with acute left ventricle Q-wave myocardial infarction

    S. M. Kyselov


    Full Text Available Markers of hemostasis have an influence on the state of postinfarction remodeling processes. Aim. In order to study the gender and age peculiarities, to determine the predictive value of the protein C, von Willebrand factor and vascular cell adhesion molecules sVCAM-1 concentration, we examined 76 patients with acute Q-wave myocardial infarction. Methods and results. On the 1st day of the disease, higher concentrations of protein C were detected in young women, vascular cell adhesion molecules sVCAM-1 - in men of any age. On the 10th day of the disease, both in men and women increase in the content of protein C, reducing the concentration of von Willebrand factor and vascular cell adhesion molecules sVCAM-1 were detected. Conclusion. Protein C has the highest prognostic potential in relation to the formation of heart aneurysm after Q-wave myocardial infarction in women of young age, and von Willebrand factor and vascular cell adhesion molecules sVCAM-1 - in older men.

  4. Successful immune tolerance induction consisting of high-dose factor VIII rich in von Willebrand factor and pulsed intravenous immunoglobulin: a case report

    Kubisz Peter


    Full Text Available Abstract Introduction The development of factor VIII inhibitors is a serious complication of replacement therapy in patients with congenital hemophilia A. Immune tolerance induction has been accepted as the only clinically proven treatment allowing antigen-specific tolerance to factor VIII. However, some of its issues, such as patient selection, timing, factor VIII dosing, use of immunosuppressive or immunomodulatory procedures, still remain the subject of debate. Case presentation A case of a 3-year-old Caucasian boy with severe congenital hemophilia A, intron 22 inversion of the F8 gene and high-titer inhibitor, who underwent an immune tolerance induction according to the modified Bonn regimen (high doses of plasma-derived factor VIII rich in von Willebrand factor and pulsed intravenous immunoglobulin is presented. The treatment lasted for 13 months and led to the eradication of inhibitor. Conclusion Addition of intravenous immunoglobulin did not negatively affect the course of immune tolerance induction and led to the rapid eradication of factor VIII inhibitor.

  5. Effect of Tongmai Jiangzhi Oral Liquid (通脉降脂口服液) on Serum P-selectin,von Willebrand Factors and D-Dimer in Patients with Atherosclerosis

    沈晓君; 史云菊; 王玲


    Objective: To explore the role of cytokines on the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis, and the lectins (Ps), von Willebrand (vWF), and D-dimer (D-D) in atherosclerosis (AS) patients. Methods: Sixtythree AS patients were randomly divided into the treated group ( n = 33, treated with TMJZ, 10 ml each time, three times a day) and the control group (n = 30, treated with Lovastatin, 10 mg, once daily). The levels of serum lipids (enzymatic methods), Ps, vWF, and D-D were measured before and after 8 weeks of treatment. Results: Serum total cholesterol (TC), triglyceride (TG), low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), apo-protein B-100 (apoB-100) were significantly decreased (P<0.05 or P< 0.01) and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) was significantly raised (P<0.05) after TM JZ treatment. Serum Ps,vWF, and D-D also declined (P<0.05) after treatment. There was no significant difference between the treated and the control groups in these parameters except serum HDL-C level. Conclusion: TMJZ has good therapeutic effect in regulating serum lipids, improving endothelial cell function, inhibiting activation of platelets, and preventing the disturbance of blood coagulation/fibrinolysis function in patients with AS.

  6. Von Willebrand Factor Antigen Predicts Response to Double Dose of Aspirin and Clopidogrel by PFA-100 in Patients Undergoing Primary Angioplasty for St Elevation Myocardial Infarction

    Jacopo Gianetti


    Full Text Available Von Willebrand factor (VWF is an emerging risk factor in acute coronary syndromes. Platelet Function Analyzer (PFA-100 with Collagen/Epinephrine (CEPI is sensitive to functional alterations of VWF and also identifies patients with high on-treatment platelet reactivity (HPR. The objective of this study was to verify the effect of double dose (DD of aspirin and clopidogrel on HPR detected by PFA-100 and its relation to VWF and to its regulatory metalloprotease ADAMTS-13. Between 2009 and 2011 we enrolled 116 consecutive patients with ST elevation myocardial infarction undergoing primary PCI with HPR at day 5 after PCI. Patients recruited were then randomized between a standard dose (SD, n=58 or DD of aspirin and clopidogrel (DD, n=58, maintained for 6 months follow-up. Blood samples for PFA-100, light transmittance aggregometry, and VWF/ADAMTS-13 analysis were collected after 5, 30, and 180 days (Times 0, 1, and 2. At Times 1 and 2 we observed a significantly higher CEPI closure times (CT in DD as compared to SD (P<0.001. Delta of CEPI-CT (T1-T0 was significantly related to VWF (P<0.001 and inversely related to ADAMTS-13 (0.01. Responders had a significantly higher level of VWF at T0. Finally, in a multivariate model analysis, VWF and ADAMTS-13 in resulted significant predictors of CEPI-CT response (P=0.02. HRP detected by PFA-100 in acute myocardial infarction is reversible by DD of aspirin and clopidogrel; the response is predicted by basal levels of VWF and ADAMTS-13. PFA-100 may be a useful tool to risk stratification in acute coronary syndromes given its sensitivity to VWF.

  7. Simplagrin, a platelet aggregation inhibitor from Simulium nigrimanum salivary glands specifically binds to the Von Willebrand factor receptor in collagen and inhibits carotid thrombus formation in vivo.

    Andrezza C Chagas


    Full Text Available Among the several challenges faced by bloodsucking arthropods, the vertebrate hemostatic response against blood loss represents an important barrier to efficient blood feeding. Here we report the first inhibitor of collagen-induced platelet aggregation derived from the salivary glands of a black fly (Simulium nigrimanum, named Simplagrin.Simplagrin was expressed in mammalian cells and purified by affinity-and size-exclusion chromatography. Light-scattering studies showed that Simplagrin has an elongated monomeric form with a hydrodynamic radius of 5.6 nm. Simplagrin binds to collagen (type I-VI with high affinity (2-15 nM, and this interaction does not involve any significant conformational change as determined by circular dichroism spectroscopy. Simplagrin-collagen interaction is both entropically and enthalpically driven with a large negative ΔG, indicating that this interaction is favorable and occurs spontaneously. Simplagrin specifically inhibits von Willebrand factor interaction with collagen type III and completely blocks platelet adhesion to collagen under flow conditions at high shear rates; however, Simplagrin failed to block glycoprotein VI and Iα2β1 interaction to collagen. Simplagrin binds to RGQOGVMGF peptide with an affinity (K(D 11 nM similar to that of Simplagrin for collagen. Furthermore, Simplagrin prevents laser-induced carotid thrombus formation in vivo without significant bleeding in mice and could be useful as an antithrombotic agent in thrombosis related disease.Our results support the orthology of the Aegyptin clade in bloodsucking Nematocera and the hypothesis of a faster evolutionary rate of salivary function of proteins from blood feeding arthropods.

  8. Collagen VI microfibril formation is abolished by an {alpha}2(VI) von Willebrand factor type A domain mutation in a patient with Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy.

    Tooley, Leona D; Zamurs, Laura K; Beecher, Nicola; Baker, Naomi L; Peat, Rachel A; Adams, Naomi E; Bateman, John F; North, Kathryn N; Baldock, Clair; Lamandé, Shireen R


    Collagen VI is an extracellular protein that most often contains the three genetically distinct polypeptide chains, α1(VI), α2(VI), and α3(VI), although three recently identified chains, α4(VI), α5(VI), and α6(VI), may replace α3(VI) in some situations. Each chain has a triple helix flanked by N- and C-terminal globular domains that share homology with the von Willebrand factor type A (VWA) domains. During biosynthesis, the three chains come together to form triple helical monomers, which then assemble into dimers and tetramers. Tetramers are secreted from the cell and align end-to-end to form microfibrils. The precise molecular mechanisms responsible for assembly are unclear. Mutations in the three collagen VI genes can disrupt collagen VI biosynthesis and matrix organization and are the cause of the inherited disorders Bethlem myopathy and Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy. We have identified a Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy patient with compound heterozygous mutations in α2(VI). The first mutation causes skipping of exon 24, and the mRNA is degraded by nonsense-mediated decay. The second mutation is a two-amino acid deletion in the C1 VWA domain. Recombinant C1 domains containing the deletion are insoluble and retained intracellularly, indicating that the mutation has detrimental effects on domain folding and structure. Despite this, mutant α2(VI) chains retain the ability to associate into monomers, dimers, and tetramers. However, we show that secreted mutant tetramers containing structurally abnormal C1 VWA domains are unable to associate further into microfibrils, directly demonstrating the critical importance of a correctly folded α2(VI) C1 domain in microfibril formation.

  9. Challenges of the management of severe hemophilia A with inhibitors: two case reports emphasizing the potential interest of a high-purity human Factor VIII/von Willebrand factor concentrate and individually tailored prophylaxis guided by thrombin-generation test.

    Mathieu, Sophie; Crampe, Carine; Dargaud, Yesim; Lavigne-Lissalde, Géraldine; Escuriola-Ettingshausen, Carmen; Tardy, Brigitte; Meley, Roland; Thouvenin, Sandrine; Stephan, Jean L; Berger, Claire


    Severe hemophilia A is an X-linked bleeding disorder. Immune tolerance induction (ITI) is the best strategy of treatment when patients develop inhibitors. The objective is to illustrate the benefit of a high-purity human factor VIII/von Willebrand factor (VWF) concentrate (Octanate) in the management of ITI. We also wanted to raise the potential interest of laboratory assays such as thrombin-generation test (TGT) and epitope mapping. Two patients were treated during ITI, first with a recombinant FVIII and then with plasma-derived factor VIII without success, and, finally, with Octanate. Bypassing agents were used based on the results of TGT. Epitope mapping was performed during ITI therapy. These observations suggest the potential contribution of Octanate in the management of ITI in difficult cases. The use of bypassing agents can be necessary in prophylaxis or to treat bleedings, and may be guided by TGT results. Epitope mapping is used to describe the inhibitor. This article shows a decrease of the inhibitor directed against the C2 domain after initiation of Octanate. A high-purity human factor VIII/von Willebrand factor concentrate (Octanate) may be a valuable therapeutical option for ITI therapy. TGT and epitope mapping could be of help in the management of ITI.

  10. Laboratory testing for von Willebrand's disease: an assessment of current diagnostic practice and efficacy by means of a multi-laboratory survey. RCPA Quality Assurance Program (QAP) in Haematology Haemostasis Scientific Advisory Panel.

    Favaloro, E J; Smith, J; Petinos, P; Hertzberg, M; Koutts, J


    We report an evaluation of current laboratory practice for the diagnosis of von Willebrand's disease (VWD) by means of a multilaboratory survey. This assessment was undertaken with the RCPA Quality Assurance Program (QAP) in Haematology, which covers a wide geographic area encompassing Australia, New Zealand and Asia. A total of 25 laboratories actively involved in testing for VWD were selected to participate in a sample testing assessment exercise. Samples comprised 10 plasmas: (i) a normal plasma pool (in duplicate), (ii) this pool diluted to 50% (in duplicate), (iii) a normal individual (X1), (iv) severe Type 1 VWD (X1), (v) Type 2B VWD (x2 unrelated donors), (vi) Type 3 VWD (x1), (vii) Type 2A VWD (x1). Laboratories were asked to perform all tests available to them in order to establish a laboratory diagnosis of VWD, and then to comment on the possibility or otherwise of VWD. Overall findings indicated a wide variation in test practice, in the effectiveness of various test procedures in detecting VWD, and in the ability of various composite test panels to identify type 2 VWD subtypes. Firstly, while all laboratories (n = 25) performed tests for FVIII:C activity, von Willebrand factor 'antigen' (VWF:Ag) and a functional VWF assay [using the ristocetin cofactor assay (VWF:RCo; n = 23) and/or the collagen binding assay (VWF:CBA; n = 12)], only three laboratories carried out VWF:Multimer analysis. Secondly, for the three quantitative VWF assays, 10/25 (40%) laboratories performed all three, whereas 15/25 (60%) performed only two [VWF:Ag and VWF:RCo (n = 13); VWF:Ag and VWF:CBA (n = 2)]. Thirdly, a variety of assay methodologies were evident for VWF:Ag [ELISA, electro-immuno diffusion (EID), latex immuno-assay (LIA), and VIDAS assay] and VWF:RCo (platelet agglutination/'aggregometry' and a 'functional VWF:RCo-alternative' ELISA assay). Between method analysis for the quantitative VWF assays showed that the VWF:RCo yielded the greatest degree of inter

  11. Plaur and Plat in vascular tissues induce von Willebrand factor release to promote deep venous thrombosis%血管组织中Plaur和Plat诱导血管性血友病因子释放促血栓形成

    胡继红; 吴雪梅; 李宏昆; 李兴国; 周如丹; 赵学凌; 王兵


    BACKGROUND: At present, the core control network, molecular etiology and mechanism of deep vein thrombosis is still not completely clear, furthermore, there is no ideal method for early diagnosis of deep venous thrombosis.OBJECTIVE: To observe the prothrombotic role of Plaur and Plat in the vein endothelial cells in rats with traumatic deep vein thrombosis.METHODS: Clamps plus lower limb immobilization with plaster spica were used to establish rat traumatic deep vein thrombosis models. Based on time points and whether thrombosis occurred, the experiment animals were divided into pre-thrombosis, thrombosis, and non-thrombosis groups, and then femoral vein endothelial cells were harvested at 2.5 and 25 hours after modeling.RESULTS AND CONCLUSION: Gene chip analysis and real-time PCR results showed that after trauma 2.5 hours, mRNA expressions of Plaur, Plau and von Willebrand factor in the femoral vein were raised. In the process of thrombosis, Plaur, Plau and Von Willebrand factor mRNA expressions were significantly increased. Signal path analysis showed that the Plaur and Plau were upstream regulation genes for von Willebrand factor, and von Willebrand factor was the key gene for triggering platelet adhesion, aggregation and thrombosis. These findings imply that Plaur and Plau can be raised by up-regulation of von Willebrand factor expression, further to cause platelet adhesion and aggregation, and to promote traumatic deep vein thrombosis in rats.%背景:目前,深静脉血栓形成的分子病因学机制及其形成的核心调控网络仍未完全阐明,对于深静脉血栓的早期诊断预测也无理想的方法.目的:观察创伤性深静脉血栓形成大鼠静脉内皮细胞中Plaur和Plat的促血栓形成作用.方法:采用股静脉钳夹联合下肢石膏制动构建大鼠创伤性深静脉血栓模型.依据取材时间及是否有血栓形成分为血栓形成前组、血栓形成组和血栓不形成组,分别于造模后2.5,25 h取大鼠股静

  12. ATZ11 recognizes not only Z-α1-antitrypsin-polymers and complexed forms of non-Z-α1-antitrypsin but also the von Willebrand factor.

    Diane Goltz

    Full Text Available AIMS: The ATZ11 antibody has been well established for the identification of α1-anti-trypsin (AAT molecule type PiZ (Z-AAT in blood samples and liver tissue. In this study, we systematically analyzed the antibody for additional binding sites in human tissue. METHODS AND RESULTS: Ultrastructural ATZ11 binding was investigated immunoelectron microscopically in human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs and in platelets of a healthy individual. Human embryonic kidney (HEK293 cells were transiently transfected with Von Willebrand factor (VWF and analyzed immunocytochemically using confocal microscopy and SDS-PAGE electrophoresis followed by western blotting (WB. Platelets and serum samples of VWF-competent and VWF-deficient patients were investigated using native PAGE and SDS-PAGE electrophoresis followed by WB. The specificity of the ATZ11 reaction was tested immunohistochemically by extensive antibody-mediated blocking of AAT- and VWF-antigens. ATZ11-positive epitopes could be detected in Weibel-Palade bodies (WPBs of HUVECs and α-granules of platelets. ATZ11 stains pseudo-WBP containing recombinant wild-type VWF (rVWF-WT in HEK293 cells. In SDS-PAGE electrophoresis followed by WB, anti-VWF and ATZ11 both identified rVWF-WT. However, neither rVWF-WT-multimers, human VWF-multimers, nor serum proteins of VWF-deficient patients were detected using ATZ11 by WB, whereas anti-VWF antibody (anti-VWF detected rVWF-WT-multimers as well as human VWF-multimers. In human tissue specimens, AAT-antigen blockade using anti-AAT antibody abolished ATZ11 staining of Z-AAT in a heterozygous AAT-deficient patient, whereas VWF-antigen blockade using anti-VWF abolished ATZ11 staining of endothelial cells and megakaryocytes. CONCLUSIONS: ATZ11 reacts with cellular bound and denatured rVWF-WT and human VWF as shown using immunocytochemistry and subsequent confocal imaging, immunoelectron microscopy, SDS-PAGE and WB, and immunohistology. These immunoreactions are

  13. High-Affinity DNA Aptamer Generation Targeting von Willebrand Factor A1-Domain by Genetic Alphabet Expansion for Systematic Evolution of Ligands by Exponential Enrichment Using Two Types of Libraries Composed of Five Different Bases.

    Matsunaga, Ken-Ichiro; Kimoto, Michiko; Hirao, Ichiro


    The novel evolutionary engineering method ExSELEX (genetic alphabet expansion for systematic evolution of ligands by exponential enrichment) provides high-affinity DNA aptamers that specifically bind to target molecules, by introducing an artificial hydrophobic base analogue as a fifth component into DNA aptamers. Here, we present a newer version of ExSELEX, using a library with completely randomized sequences consisting of five components: four natural bases and one unnatural hydrophobic base, 7-(2-thienyl)imidazo[4,5-b]pyridine (Ds). In contrast to the limited number of Ds-containing sequence combinations in our previous library, the increased complexity of the new randomized library could improve the success rates of high-affinity aptamer generation. To this end, we developed a sequencing method for each clone in the enriched library after several rounds of selection. Using the improved library, we generated a Ds-containing DNA aptamer targeting von Willebrand factor A1-domain (vWF) with significantly higher affinity (KD = 75 pM), relative to those generated by the initial version of ExSELEX, as well as that of the known DNA aptamer consisting of only the natural bases. In addition, the Ds-containing DNA aptamer was stabilized by introducing a mini-hairpin DNA resistant to nucleases, without any loss of affinity (KD = 61 pM). This new version is expected to consistently produce high-affinity DNA aptamers.

  14. Expressão imunoistoquímica da endoglina (CD105 e do fator de von Willebrand em carcinoma epidermoide oral e sua relação com parâmetros clinicopatológicos

    Rodrigo Porpino Mafra


    Full Text Available Resumo Contexto A angiogênese tem sido associada à progressão de neoplasias malignas e, embora haja estudos acerca de marcadores angiogênicos no carcinoma epidermoide oral (CEO, existem resultados conflitantes na literatura. Objetivos Avaliar a expressão imunoistoquímica do CD105 e do fator de von Willebrand (FvW em CEO e sua relação com parâmetros clínicos do tumor. Métodos A imunoexpressão dos referidos biomarcadores foi analisada em 30 casos de CEO e correlacionada a parâmetros clínicos do tumor (idade e sexo dos pacientes, localização anatômica e estadiamento clínico Tumor, Nodo e Metástase, TNM. Resultados A imunomarcação com o anticorpo anti-FvW foi mais efetiva que a do CD105 no CEO. No que concerne à localização anatômica, o assoalho bucal e a região retromolar apresentaram diferenças estatisticamente significativas quanto aos índices angiogênicos (p = 0,004, determinados pela técnica de contagem microvascular (MVC. Não houve relação estatisticamente significativa entre o estadiamento clínico TNM e os índices angiogênicos, com os dois biomarcadores. Conclusões Com base nos achados deste estudo, sugere-se um envolvimento da neoformação vascular na carcinogênese oral, embora não tenha sido evidenciada associação significativa com o estágio clínico da lesão.

  15. 血管性血友病因子抗原检测参考物质的研制与评价%Preparation and Evaluation of the Reference Materials for Plasma von Willebrand Factor Antigen Testing

    崔皓园; 李臣宾; 周文宾; 高倩; 彭明婷


    Objective To prepare and evaluate the reference materials for plasma von Willebrand Factor antigen testing with fresh frozen plasma.Methods The candidates were prepared by low temperature centrifugation in 5 different concentration levels.The homogeneity and stability of the preparation was evaluated according to the ISO Guide35 and CNAS-GL03.The comparability between STAGO and IL system was evaluated according to the WS/T 356-2011.Then the preparations were characterized by six laboratories with the Secondary Coagulation Standard established by NIBSC(SSCLOT4).Results Homogeneity evaluation of the preparation showed that there was no statistically significant difference between the groups (P >0.05),the F values of factor analysis of variance were 0.317~0.844,the uncertainty range was 1.01% ~2.06%.A linear regression based on stability evaluation indicated that the linear trend (within 24 weeks)was insignificant (P >0.05). The uncertainty range of long-term (within 24 weeks)stability was 0.79% ~ 1.20%.The results of the preparations on STAGO and IL system were comparable.The certificated values of the candidates were range from 12.2% to 138.9% with uncertainties were 0.06%~0.09%,respectively.The range of combined standard uncertainty was 0.03% ~ 0.16% while the expanded uncertainty was 2.2%~6.7%.Conclusion The reference materials for von Willebrand Factor antigen testing were stable and homogenous with comparability between STAGO and IL.The method of characterization was accurate and reliable.%目的:利用新鲜冰冻血浆制备血管性血友病因子(von willebrand factor,vWF)抗原检测参考物质并进行评价。方法采用低温离心法制备5个浓度水平的参考物质。按照 ISO Guide35及 CNAS-GL03的要求,评价参考物质的均匀性和稳定性;依据行业标准 WS/T 356-2011对参考物质在 STAGO 和 IL 检测系统的互通性进行评价;依据 ISO Guide 35的要求以 NIBSC 凝血标准品(SSCLOT4

  16. A comparison of nano-electrospray gas-phase electrophoretic mobility macromolecular analysis and matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization linear time-of-flight mass spectrometry for the characterization of the recombinant coagulation glycoprotein von Willebrand factor.

    Kemptner, Jasmin; Marchetti-Deschmann, Martina; Müller, Roland; Ivens, Andreas; Turecek, Peter; Schwarz, Hans Peter; Allmaier, Günter


    Von Willebrand factor (VWF), an adhesive glycoprotein with an approximate molecular weight (MW) of the monomer of 260 kDa, circulates in human blood plasma as a series of multimers ranging in size up to 20.000 kDa; thus the determination of the accurate MW of the monomer is of great importance and due to its high MW quite challenging. In this study accurate MW determination of intact recombinant VWF monomer (rVWF) was performed with GEMMA (gas-phase electrophoretic mobility macromolecular analysis) and MALDI TOF MS (matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization linear time-of-flight mass spectrometry). Three rVWF preparations with differing buffer systems and glycoprotein concentrations were analyzed. First investigations directed towards heterogeneity determination by means of capillary gel electrophoresis (CGE)-on-the-chip with a laser-induced fluorescence detector revealed two compounds (MW of 277 kDa (migration time 44.3 s) and 341 kDa (migration time 49.5 s)) present in each sample to varying extents, namely mature and pro-rVWF. MALDI MS analysis in the linear positive ion mode allowed the detection of mature rVWF with an exact MW of 256.1 kDa (+/-0.8%) and pro-rVWF with a MW of 349.8 kDa (+/-0.8%). Two samples containing pro-rVWF in very minor concentration resulted in GEMMA detection of the mature rVWF with a MW of 227.4 kDa (+/-2.5%), derived from the measured globular size of 10.9 nm. For one sample containing both rVWF species in almost equal concentrations no differentiation of the two species was possible with GEMMA. Due to its lower resolution only a peak representing a mixture of both species at 11.8 nm could be observed, yielding a MW of 298.8 kDa (+/-1.6%).

  17. 儿童肾病综合征患者血小板和血浆von Willebrand因子的变化%The changes of plasma von Willebrand factor and platelet count in children with nephrotic syndrome

    秦雪; 詹灵凌; 甘宝文


    目的:观察儿童肾病综合征患者血小板计数和血浆von Willebrand因子的变化.方法:采用ELISA法检测58例NS患儿血浆vWF及血小板计数,并与正常对照组进行比较.结果:NS患儿vwF水平及血小板计数均明显高于正常对照组,两组有显著性差异(P<0.01).结论:血浆vWF与血小板计数同步升高与NS患儿的高凝状态及血栓形成有一定关系.

  18. Dogs with hearth diseases causing turbulent high-velocity blood flow have changes in patelet function and von Willebrand factor multimer distribution

    Tarnow, Inge; Kristensen, Annemarie Thuri; Olsen, Lisbeth Høier


    and echocardiography were performed in all dogs. PFA100 closure times (the ability of platelets to occlude a hole in a membrane at high shear rates), platelet activation markers (plasma thromboxane B2 concentration, platelet surface P-selectin expression), platelet aggregation (in whole blood and platelet-rich plasma...

  19. A factor VIII-derived peptide enables von Willebrand factor (VWF)-binding of artificial platelet nanoconstructs without interfering with VWF-adhesion of natural platelets.

    Haji-Valizadeh, Hassan; Modery-Pawlowski, Christa L; Sen Gupta, Anirban


    There is substantial clinical interest in synthetic platelet analogs for potential application in transfusion medicine. To this end, our research is focused on self-assembled peptide-lipid nanoconstructs that can undergo injury site-selective adhesion and subsequently promote site-directed active platelet aggregation, thus mimicking platelet's primary hemostatic actions. For injury site-selective adhesion, we have utilized a coagulation factor FVIII-derived VWF-binding peptide (VBP). FVIII binds to VWF's D'-D3 domain while natural platelet GPIbα binds to VWF's A1 domain. Therefore, we hypothesized that the VBP-decorated nanoconstructs will adhere to VWF without mutual competition with natural platelets. We further hypothesized that the adherent VBP-decorated constructs can enhance platelet aggregation when co-decorated with a fibrinogen-mimetic peptide (FMP). To test these hypotheses, we used glycocalicin to selectively block VWF's A1 domain and, using fluorescence microscopy, studied the binding of fluorescently labeled VBP-decorated nanoconstructs versus platelets to ristocetin-treated VWF. Subsequently, we co-decorated the nanoconstructs with VBP and FMP and incubated them with human platelets to study construct-mediated enhancement of platelet aggregation. Decoration with VBP resulted in substantial construct adhesion to ristocetin-treated VWF even if the A1-domain was blocked by glycocalicin. In comparison, such A1-blocking resulted in significant reduction of platelet adhesion. Without A1-blocking, the VBP-decorated constructs and natural platelets could adhere to VWF concomitantly. Furthermore, the constructs co-decorated with VBP and FMP enhanced active platelet aggregation. The results indicate significant promise in utilizing the FVIII-derived VBP in developing synthetic platelet analogs that do not interfere with VWF-binding of natural platelets but allow site-directed enhancement of platelet aggregation when combined with FMP.

  20. How Is von Willebrand Disease Treated?

    ... may need treatment only if you have surgery, tooth extraction, or an accident. Medicines are used to: Increase ... mostly used to stop bleeding after minor surgery, tooth extraction, or an injury. These medicines may be used ...

  1. 血管性血友病因子及P-选择素对狼疮肾炎患者疾病严重程度的评估作用研究%Value of Von Willebrand Factor and P-selectin in Assessing Severity of Illness in Lupus Nephritis Patients

    杨军; 郭明好; 刘云; 张燕


    Objective To explore the value of von Willebrand Factor ( vWF ) and P - selectin in assessing severity of illness in lupus nephritis patients. Methods The level of vWF and P - selectin in 46 cases of lupus nephritis were determined. Disease activity index, renal histological activity index, and disease chronicity index were compared between the study group ( lupus nephritis patients ) and the control group ( 10 cases of health checkups ) . Results There were 5 cases of type Ⅱ lupus nephritis, 12 cases of type Ⅲ , 20 cases of type Ⅳ , and 9 cases of type V. Patients of type Ⅳ lupus nephritis had the highest disease activity index, renal histological activity index, and disease chronic index, while type Ⅱ had the lowest. The expression of vWF and P - selectin in type Ⅳ and V lupus nephritis patients were higher than that of type Ⅱ and type Ⅲ ( P < 0. 05 ) and that of the control group ( P <0. 05 ). Correlation analysis showed that vWF was positively correlated with renal histological activity index, and nearly correlated with disease activity index. P - selectin was positively correlated with disease activity index, renal histological activity index, and disease chronicity index. Conclusion The expression of vWF and P - selectin indicates disease activity and severity in lupus nephritis patients, therefore can be used as a marker to guide clinical therapy.%目的 研究血管性血友病因子(vWF)及P-选择素对狼疮肾炎患者疾病严重程度的评估作用.方法 检测我院46例狼疮肾炎患者vWF及P-选择素水平,测量疾病活动指数(SLEDAI)、肾组织活动指数、疾病慢性指数,并与健康体检者进行对比分析.结果 纳入狼疮肾炎患者Ⅱ型5例,Ⅲ型12例,Ⅳ型20例,Ⅴ型9例.不同分型的狼疮肾炎患者SLEDAI评分、肾组织活动指数均以Ⅳ型最高,Ⅱ型最低.vWF、P-选择素在Ⅳ及Ⅴ型狼疮肾炎患者中表达水平最高,且与其他两组患者相比差异有统计学意义(P<0

  2. Effect of exercise on platelet activation during aspirin or clopidogrel intake in healthy men

    Hjorth Madsen, Esben; Christiansen, Morten Krogh; Schmidt, Erik Berg;


    aggregometry. A significant increase in plasma von Willebrand Factor was also found in response to exercise. In conclusion, platelet activation occurs during exercise in healthy individuals. This activation is not prevented by use of aspirin or clopidogrel, and may partly be explained by an increase in plasma...

  3. An endothelial storage granule for tissue-type plasminogen activator

    Emeis, J.J.; Eijnden van den - Schrauwen, Y.; Hoogen, C.M. van den; Priester, W. de; Westmuckett, A.; Lupu, F.


    In previous studies we have shown that, after stimulation by a receptor ligand such as thrombin, tissue-type plasminogen activator (tPA) and von Willebrand factor (vW(f)) will be acutely released from human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC). However, the mechanisms involved in the secretion o

  4. Complement activation, endothelial dysfunction, insulin resistance and chronic heart failure

    Bjerre, M.; Kistorp, C.; Hansen, T.K.


    CRP), endothelial activation (soluble E-selectin, sEsel)), endothelial damage/dysfunction (von Willebrand factor, vWf) and insulin resistance (IR) and prognosis in CHF remains unknown. Design. We investigated the association(s) between plasma sMAC, hsCRP, sEsel, vWf and IR (assessed by homeostatic model assessment...

  5. Factor B structure provides insights into activation of the central protease of the complement system

    Milder, F.J.; Gomes, L.; Schouten, A.; Janssen, B.J.C.; Huizinga, E.G.; Romijn, R.A.; Hemrika, W.; Roos, A; Daha, M.R.; Gros, P.


    Factor B is the central protease of the complement system of immune defense. Here, we present the crystal structure of human factor B at 2.3-A° resolution, which reveals how the five-domain proenzyme is kept securely inactive. The canonical activation helix of the Von Willebrand factor A (VWA) domai

  6. Decreased plasma ADAMTS-13 activity as a predictor of postoperative bleeding in cyanotic congenital heart disease

    Rosangela P.S. Soares


    Full Text Available OBJECTIVE: To analyze the preoperative plasma antigenic concentration and activity of von Willebrand factor and its main cleaving protease ADAMTS-13 in pediatric patients with cyanotic congenital heart disease undergoing surgical treatment and investigate possible correlations with postoperative bleeding. METHODS: Plasma antigenic concentrations (von Willebrand factor:Ag and ADAMTS-13:Ag were measured using enzyme-linked immunoassays. Collagen-binding assays were developed to measure biological activities (von Willebrand factor:collagen binding and ADAMTS-13 activity. The multimeric structure of von Willebrand factor was analyzed using Western immunoblotting. Demographic, diagnostic, and general and specific laboratory data and surgery-related variables were subjected to univariate, bivariate, and multivariate analysis for the prediction of postoperative bleeding. RESULTS: Forty-eight patients were enrolled, with ages ranging from 9 months to 7.6 years (median 2.5 years. The plasma concentrations of von Willebrand factor:Ag and ADAMTS-13:Ag were decreased by 65 and 82%, respectively, in the patients compared with the controls (p<0.001. An increased density of low-molecular-weight fractions of von Willebrand factor, which are suggestive of proteolytic degradation (p = 0.0081, was associated with decreased ADAMTS-13 activity, which was likely due to ADAMTS-13 consumption (71% of controls, p = 0.0029 and decreased von Willebrand factor:collagen binding (76% of controls, p = 0.0004. Significant postoperative bleeding occurred in 13 patients. The preoperative ADAMTS-13 activity of <64.6% (mean level for the group, preoperative activated partial thromboplastin time, and the need for cardiopulmonary bypass were characterized as independent risk factors for postoperative bleeding, with respective hazard ratios of 22.35 (95% CI 1.69 to 294.79, 1.096 (95% CI 1.016 to 1.183, and 37.43 (95% CI 1.79 to 782.73. CONCLUSION: Low plasma ADAMTS-13

  7. 冠心病患者 PCI 治疗前后内皮素、血管性假血友病因子改变与早期并发症的关系%Correlation between Endothelin and the von Willebrand Factor Changes with the Presence of Complications in Patients with Coronary Heart Disease After the PCI Procedure



    Objective]To study the changes of endothelin (ET)and the von Willebrand factor (vWF)before and af-ter interventional therapy in patients with coronary heart disease and the use of the two variables in predicting the presence of postoperative complications.[Methods]Two hundred and seventy-three patients with coronary heart disease in our hos-pital from January 2014 to January 2010 were selected,and the levels of serum ET and vWF were carefully monitored at certain time intervals.Additionally,the presence of postoperative complications after one year were compared with the changes of serum ET and vWF to find any correlation.[Results]Serum ET and vWF levels in the Acute Myocardia Infarc-tion (AMI)group,Unstable Angina Pectoris (UAP)group,and Stable Angina Pectoris (SAP)group before surgery,30 minutes after,and 24 hours after surgery were all significantly higher than those of the control group.The difference was statistically significant (all P <0.05).The serum Et and vWF levels in the AMI,UAP,SAP groups before surgery,30 minutes after,24 hours after,and three days after surgery were presented first as increasing and then decreasing.,The serum ET level reached its peak 30 min after the surgery while the serum vWF level peaks at 24 hours after the surgery. Peak levels of serum ET and vWF in patients with complications were significantly higher than the peak levels in the pa-tients without complications (P <0.05).Logistic regression analysis of hypertension (RR = 1.752,P =0.033),diabe-tes (RR = 1.325,P =0.038),preoperative ET level (RR = 2.896,P =0.041),and preoperative vWF levels (RR =2.336,P =0.035)were statistically significant (P <0.05)in predicting PCI complications.[Conclusion]Endothelin and the von Willebrand factor can reflect the damage of endothelium to provide value for predicting the presence of postopera-tive complications in patients with coronary heart disease..%【目的】研究冠心病患者行经皮冠状动脉介入术(PCI)前后内皮素(ET)、血

  8. Active structural acoustic control of noise from power transformers; Aktive Laermdaemmung von Leistungstransformatoren mit Gegenlaerm

    Brungardt, K.; Vierengel, J.; Weissmann, K. [Quiet Power Systems Inc., New York, NY (United States); Schemel, G.; Lorin, P. [ABB Secheron SA, Genf (Switzerland)


    Population growth and tougher zoning regulations mean transformer noise is a growing problem for electric utilities. Transformer noise is dominanted by low frequency tones which are difficult to control by passive means, but are effectively attenuated by active noise control. This paper details a novel noise control system that actively attenuates transformer noise using a combination of structural actuators mounted on the radiating surface of the transformer tank, and specially designed resonant acoustic devices located just off the tank surface. An adaptive selfcalibrating, multi-channel controller is used to automatically respond to changes in noise level during transformer operation. Performance results have been proven at a number of field installations in utility substations, and an installation case study is provided here as an example. (orig.) [Deutsch] Beim Betrieb von Leistungstransformatoren entstehen Geraeusche, die besonders in der Naehe von Wohngebieten als stoerend empfunden werden. Zunehmend strengere Laermschutzverordnungen erfordern daher Massnahmen um die Geraeuschentwicklung von Transformatoren zu reduzieren. Die passive Daempfung dieses `Brummens` durch Bauten ist oft mit hohen Kosten verbunden und bereitet Schwierigkeiten bei der Umsetzung. Fuer Abhilfe sorgt ein neuartiges System, das den Transformatorenlaerm aktiv daempft. Dabei setzt man zur Reduktion des Transformatorenlaerms neuartige, durch adaptive Algorythmen gesteuerte Aktuatoren ein, die den stoerenden Laerm direkt am Transformator selbst daempfen. (orig.)

  9. Activation of pathways involved in HUVEC apoptosis and proliferation. Sex hormones agonist related. Effect of hormones on von Willebrand factor and ADAMTS 13 release

    Powazniak, Yanina


    El VWF es una glicoproteína adhesiva, sintetizada en las CE y megacariocitos. Se sintetiza en forma monomérica, luego se organiza en dímeros y se multimeriza. El VWF media la adhesión de plaquetas al subendotelio vascular dañado y lel transporte del factor FVIII. La ADAMTS13, proteasa que cliva al VWF, pertenece a la familia de metaloproteasas ADAMTS, llamadas así por la combinación característica de una desintegrina y una metaloproteasa con motivos trombospondina tipo 1. La ADAMTS13 es sinte...

  10. Patient with von Willebrand Disease for Gynaecologic Surgery - Perianaesthetic Concerns

    Rakesh Garg


    Patients with vWD do not carry an increased operative risk during elective procedures if appropriate prophylac-tic and corrective therapy is administered. Although the administration of cryoprecipitate and other blood products has traditionally been the cornerstone of treatment for vWD, the recent development of desmopressin(DDAVP for clinical use may provide an effective alternative to replacement therapy with blood products. Further laparaoscopic procedures, taking care during ryle′s tube and foley′s catheter insertion, in such patients are the safer alternative for all kind of gynecologic surgeries.

  11. 前肽缺失体vWF改善FⅧ基因断裂转移细胞的重链和活性分泌%Propeptide-deleted von Willebrand Factor Improves Heavy Chain Secretion and Bioactivity by Split FⅧ Gene Co-transfected Cells

    朱甫祥; 刘泽隆; 缪静; 屈慧鸽; 迟晓艳


    Dual-vector based FVIII gene split delivery has been developped as an altenative strategy to overcome the packaging limitation of adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors in hemophilia A gene therapy but the efficacy is undesired for the inefficient secretion of heavy chain. A propeptide-deleted mutant of von Willebrand factor (vWF-△Pro) , which functions as a carrier of FVIII was tested for its effect on dual - vector FVIII gene delivery. 48 hours post-transfection of HEK293 cell with vWF-△Pro, heavy and light chain genes of a B-domain deleted FVIII (BDD-FVIII) , a chain-specific ELISA showed high levels of heavy chain secretion of 142 ±29ng/ ml in the culture supernatant, greater than that of cell without vWF-APro co-transfection(87 + 15ng/ml). The heavy chain transfected cells showed a very low levels of heavy chain secretion in absence of vWF-△Pro although improved in presence of vWF-△Pro, but lower than that of heavy and light chain co-transfected cells indicating a pro-secretion effect of light chain on heavy chain in trans. The light chain showed higher efficient secretion in light chain gene transfection alone or co-transfection with heavy chain, which was not affected by vWF-△Pro. The Coatest assay showed an obviously higher bioactivity (0. 80 ±0. 15IU/ml) in supernatant of vWF-△Pro, heavy and light chain genes co-transfected cell, compared to vWF-APro-free co-transfection cell (0.41 ±0.08IU/ml). The supernatant from combined cells separately transfected with heavy and light chain displayed FVIII bioactivity of 0. 23 ±0. 09IU/ml in presence of vWF-APro, suggesting a function of vWF-△Pro in assembly of secreted heavy and light chain into a functional hetero-dimer. The data demonstrated that vWF-△Pro transfection could improve dual-vector mediated FVIII gene delivery forming a basis for ongoing in vivo study.%通过转von Willebrand因子(vWF)的前肽缺失突变体(vWF-△Pro)基因,探讨了vWF-△Pro对双载体转凝血Ⅷ因子(FⅧ)

  12. Regulation and control of thermally activated building systems (TABS); Regelung und Steuerung von thermoaktiven Bauteilsystemen (TABS)

    Toedtli, Juerg [Consulting Juerg Toedtli, Zuerich (Switzerland); Gwerder, Markus; Renggli, Franz; Guentensperger, Werner [Siemens Building Technologies, Zug (Switzerland); Lehmann, Beat; Dorer, Viktor [Empa, Abt. Building Technologies, Duebendorf (Switzerland); Hildebrand, Kurt [Hochschule Luzern - Technik and Architektur, Horw (Switzerland)


    Thermally activated building systems (TABS) are becoming increasingly important in terms of energy efficient cooling and heating of buildings. In practice, however, regulation and control of such systems often causes problems. Started five years ago with the aim of getting to grips with these problems, the TABS Control research project was completed in early 2009. The project yielded the following results: various models and simulation programs for TABS; performance-bound calculations for regulating zones; a range of zone regulation/control strategies for planners to choose from, including good solutions for automatic switching between heating and cooling, for pulsed operation of the zone pump and for room temperature control; the implementation of a subset of these strategies as standard solutions in a Siemens building automation system; laboratory tests on these strategies; a new procedure for the integrated planning of TABS and their regulation/control (referred to as UBB planning procedure - Unknown But Bounded); an Excel planning tool; guidelines on selecting the hydraulic switching topology; a method for operation optimization; the theoretical basis for the new integrated planning procedure and the new regulation/ control strategies; a patent application. [German] Thermoaktive Bauteilsysteme (TABS) haben eine zunehmende Bedeutung bei der energieeffizienten Kuehlung und Heizung von Gebaeuden, doch ihre Regelung/Steuerung fuehrt in der Praxis oft zu Problemen. Mit dem Ziel, diese Probleme in den Griff zu bekommen, wurde vor fuenf Jahren das Forschungsprojekt TABS-Control gestartet, das zu Beginnd des Jahres 2009 abgeschlossen wurde. Es wurden folgende wesentliche Resultate erarbeitet: Modelle und Simulationsprogramme fuer TABS; Performance-Bound-Berechnungen fuer die Zonenregelung; eine Auswahl von Regel-/ Steuer-Strategien fuer die Zonenregelung, u. a. mit Loesungen fuer das automatische Umschalten zwischen Heizen und Kuehlen, fuer den Taktbetrieb der

  13. Changes in Content of Von Willebrand Factor and Its Catenase in Placental-Abruption Preterm Infants Cord Blood and Maternal Blood%胎盘早剥早产儿脐血与产妇静脉血血管性血友病因子及其裂解酶水平的变化

    许靖; 李秋平; 孔祥永; 孔令凯; 陈冲; 杨璐; 周丽; 马兴娜; 封志纯


    目的 观察胎盘早剥新生儿脐血与产妇静脉血血管性血友病因子(VWF)及血管性血友病因子裂解酶(ADAMTS13)水平变化,探讨胎盘早剥新生儿凝血功能异常的病理机制.方法 北京军区总医院、北京妇产医院、北京市海淀医院产科2010年11月-2011年11月产科住院病人中,纳入发生胎盘早剥的产妇及新生儿作为胎盘早剥观察组(早剥组);非胎盘早剥观察组(非早剥组)为上述单位早剥组每例患者后2名产科入院患者,以办理入院登记时间为准.采集产妇的静脉血及新生儿脐静脉血、脐动脉血,并收集胎盘组织,用ELISA法检测其VWF、ADAMTS13水平.结果 早剥组共纳入58例,非早剥组共纳入116例.根据非早剥组检测值计算出单侧95%参考值.产妇静脉血:VWF< 857.80 U·L-1,ADAMTS13> 119.63 U·L-1;脐静脉血:VWF<852.71 U·L-1,ADAMTS13 >28.12 U·L-1;脐动脉血:VWF<1416.96 U·L-1,ADAMTS13> 147.90 U·L-1;胎盘组织VWF<760.66 U·L-1,ADAMTS13 >27.53 U·L-1.早剥组各项VWF高于非早剥组(Pa<0.05);早剥组产妇血及脐血ADAMTS13水平均低于非早剥组(Pa<0.05).结论 胎盘早剥孕妇/产妇及胎儿/新生儿体内ADAMTS13水平随VWF水平的升高而下降,VWF是胎盘早剥发生时母儿高凝状态的因素之一,ADAMTS13具有保护作用.%Objective To observe the changes in content of von willebrand factor( VWF) and its catenase(a disintegrin and metallopro-teinase with a thrombospondin type 1 motif, member 13, ADAMTS13) in the umbilical cord blood and maternal blood after placental abruption happening and to explore the pathophysiological mechanisms of the coagulation abnormalities of placental abruption. Methods The placental abruption group included the cases admitted to the General Hospital of Beijing Military Region, Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Beijing and Haidian Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Beijing from Nov. 2010 to Nov. 2011 ,and the 2 non

  14. The expression of von Willebrand factor and interleukin-8 in severe pulmonary contusion patients%严重肺挫伤患者冯·维勒布兰德因子,白介素8的动态变化及其意义

    钱进先; 陆骏灏; 陆士奇; 赵益明


    Objective To study the clinical changes of von Willebrand factor( vWF) and interleukin-8 (IL-8) in patients with severe pulmonary contusion. Methods Sixty-three patients with severe pulmonary contusion were divided into three different classifications for the sake of comparison in different respects, namely (1) severe pulmonary contusion with ARDS group and severe pulmonary contusion without ARDS group, (2) survival group and non-survival group, and (3) ISS score <20 group and ISS scored 20 group. In addition, the normal control group was set up. The levels of plasma vWF and serum IL-8 were respectively detected by double-antibody sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) within 24 hours of injury and 1,3,5 and 7days after injury. The regularity of their changes was observed and the correlation factors were analyzed from the data. Results Compared with normal controls, the concentrations of plasma vWF and serum IL-8 were significantly increased in patients with severe pulmonary contusion in all intervals of detection. The concentrations of plasma vWF escalated gradually in severe pulmonary contusion with ARDS, and reached significantly higher levels in 5 days and 7 days after injury compared with those without ARDS group (P <0. 05). The increase in concentrations of serum IL-8 peaked in 5day after injury, and then declined. The levels of serum IL-8 were higher in patients with severe pulmonary contusion with ARDS group than those in this kind of patients without ARDS group. The levels of plasma vWF and serum IL-8 were higher in non - survival group than those in survival group (P < 0.05). The increase in levels of plasma vWF and serum IL-8 peaked and then declined in 5 days in ISS score 3:20 group, whereas it peaked and declined in 3 days after injury in ISS score < 20 group. The level of plasma vWF was positively correlated with platelets and negatively correlated with oxygenation index. The levels of serum IL-8 was positively correlated with white blood

  15. Epididymal Cystadenomas in von Hippel-Lindau Disease Showing Increased Activity on 68Ga DOTATATE PET/CT.

    Papadakis, Georgios Z; Millo, Corina; Sadowski, Samira M; Bagci, Ulas; Patronas, Nicholas J


    von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) disease is a familial cancer syndrome characterized by the development of a variety of malignant and benign tumors, including epididymal cystadenomas. We report a case of a VHL patient with bilateral epididymal cystadenomas who was evaluated with Ga DOTATATE PET/CT, showing intensely increased activity (SUVmax, 21.6) associated with the epididymal cystadenomas, indicating cell-surface overexpression of somatostatin receptors. The presented case supports the usefulness of somatostatin receptor imaging using Ga DOTA-conjugated peptides for detection and follow-up of VHL manifestations, as well as surveillance of asymptomatic gene carriers.

  16. Prolonged activated prothromboplastin time and breed specific variation in haemostatic analytes in healthy adult Bernese Mountain dogs

    Nielsen, Lise; Wiinberg, Bo; Kjelgaard-Hansen, Mads;


    to be determined if breed specific RIs are necessary for haemostasis tests. Activated prothromboplastin time (aPTT), prothrombin time (PT), selected coagulation factors, D-dimers, fibrinogen, von Willebrand factor and thromboelastography (TEG) were analyzed in healthy Bernese Mountain dogs using the CLSI model....... Three analytes (aPTT, TEG [MA] and TEG [G]) were different according to the CLSI model. For aPTT the new RI was markedly different (0-100 s). Whereas the new intervals for TEG (MA) and TEG (G) may be due to breed related biological variation, the cause of the prolonged RI for aPTT is at present...

  17. Activity determination of radionuclides for diagnostic and therapy; Aktivitaetsbestimmung von Radionukliden fuer Diagnostik und Therapie

    Kossert, Karsten [Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), Braunschweig (Germany). Arbeitsgruppe ' Aktivitaetseinheit'


    The application of radionuclides plays in medicine an important role and requires reliable activity determination. The PTB provides for this activity normals and determines the activity of the presented sources. The article describes, how activity determinations in the PTB occur, and by which ways this can be used for nuclear medicine. Research and development works in the PTB are just so illuminated as the determination of nuclide data of some isotopes relevant for medicine.

  18. Heat recovery from the compressed air of activation tanks at Herdorf sewage plant. Final report; Waermerueckgewinnung aus der Druckluft von Belebungsanlagen am Beispiel der Verbandsklaeranlage Herdorf. Abschlussbericht

    Witte, H.; Strunkheide, J.; Eckhardt, R.


    Heat is removed from the compressed air of the activation tanks via a separate air cooler installed in the compressed-air line leading to the activation tank. The heat recovered will heat up the sludge in the digestion tank or will be fed into the heating system of the plant. The following goals are defined: Savings of heating oil; Saving of digestion gas as completely as possible; Power generation from the saved gas in a cogeneration unit; Power supply to the public grid. [German] Zielsetzung des Pilotprojektes ist die Nutzung der Druckluftwaerme von Belebungsanlagen als eine Moeglichkeit der Energieeinsparung auf Klaeranlagen. Die Nutzung der Verlustwaerme soll durch Abgriff der Waerme ueber einen separaten Luftkuehler erfolgen, der direkt in der Druckluftleitung zum Belebungsbecken installiert ist. Die auf diese Weise zurueckgewonnene Waerme soll zur Rohschlammaufheizung im Faulungsprozess dienen bzw. in das Betriebsheizungssystem eingespeist werden. Somit koennen folgende Ziele der Waermerueckgewinnungsanlage ins Auge gefasst werden: - Einsparung von Heizoel zu Heizzwecken in den Betriebsanlagen der Klaeranlage - Moeglichst komplette Einsparung von Faulgas im Heizkessel daraus folgend: - Mehrverstromung der im Heizkessel weniger verbrauchten Gasmengen im Blockheizkraftwerk (BHKW) mit dem Ergebnis: - Wirtschaftlicher Ertrag durch Einspeisung dieser Mehrmengen an Strom in das oeffentliche Versorgungsnetz. (orig.)

  19. Structural studies on B2-glycoprotein I and von Willebrand factor A3 domain

    Bouma, B.


    The integrity of blood circulation is a prerequisite for life; its malfunctioning is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in developed countries. For that reason the haemostatic system is a critical component of homeostasis. In Chapter I an overview is given of the biophysical and biochemical

  20. Transient von Willebrand factor-mediated platelet influx stimulates liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy in mice

    Kirschbaum, Marc; Jenne, Craig N; Veldhuis, Zwanida J; Sjollema, Klaas A; Lenting, Peter J; Giepmans, Ben N G; Porte, Robert J; Kubes, Paul; Denis, Cécile V; Lisman, Ton


    BACKGROUND & AIMS: In addition to their function in thrombosis and hemostasis, platelets play an important role in the stimulation of liver regeneration. It has been suggested that platelets deliver mitogenic cargo to the regenerating liver, and accumulation of platelets in the regenerating liver ha

  1. Cellular fibronectin and von Willebrand factor concentrations in plasma of rats treated with monocrotaline pyrrole

    Schultze, A.E.; Emeis, J.J.; Roth, R.A.


    The monocrotaline pyrrole (MCTP)-treated rat is a useful model for the study of certain chronic pulmonary vascular diseases. A single, i.v. administration of a low dose of MCTP causes pneumotoxicity, pulmonary vascular remodeling, sustained increases in pulmonary arterial pressure, and right ventric

  2. Von Willebrand factor, ADAMTS13 levels and prediction of venous thromboembolism in patients with cancer

    Pepin, M.; Kleinjan, A.; Hajage, D.; Büller, H.R.; DiNisio, M.; Kamphuisen, P.W.; Mahe, I.; Stepanian, A.


    Background: Cancer patients are at high risk for venous thromboembolism (VTE). However, thromboprophylaxis in these patients is associated with an increased hemorrhagic risk. The Khorana score is a risk scoring model for prediction of VTE that includes clinical and laboratory parameters. It has been

  3. Factor VIII and von Willebrand factor co-delivery by endothelial cells

    Bouwens, E.A.M.


    A defect in coagulation factor VIII (FVIII) results in the inherited bleeding disorder hemophilia A. Current treatment of hemophilia A is hampered by the need of frequent administration of costly FVIII products. Therefore gene therapy is an attractive alternative for protein replacement to treat hem

  4. Exercise induced hypercoagulability, increased von Willebrand factor and decreased thyroid hormone concentrations in sled dogs

    Krogh, Anne Kirstine Havnsøe; Legind, Pernille; Kjelgaard-Hansen, Mads;


    Sled dogs performing endurance races have been reported to have a high incidence of gastric erosions or ulcerations and an increased risk of gastro intestinal bleeding leading to death in some cases. In addition, these dogs also become hypothyroid during training and exercise. Canine hypothyroidi...

  5. von Willebrand Factor and Prekallikrein in Plasma Are Associated With Thrombus Volume in Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

    Ghulam, Qasam M; Bredahl, Kim K; Gram, Jørgen B;


    anticoagulant therapy, renal impairment, or nonappearance, thus leaving 30 patients for further analysis. All patients had computed tomography angiography, and intraluminal volume was quantified off-line by OsiriX 6.5. RESULTS: Median intraluminal thrombus volume was 42.7 mL. Spearman correlation analysis...

  6. Regulation and control of thermally activated building systems; Regelung und Steuerung von thermoaktiven Bauteilsystemen

    Toedtli, Juerg [Consulting Juerg Toedtli, Zuerich (Switzerland); Gwerder, Markus; Renggli, Franz; Guentensperger, Werner [Siemens Building Technologies, Zug (Switzerland); Lehmann, Beat; Dorer, Viktor [EMPA, Duebendorf (Switzerland). Abt. Building Technologies; Hildebrand, Kurt [Hochschule Luzern - Technik und Architektur, Horw (Switzerland)


    Thermally activated building systems (TABS) are becoming increasingly important in terms of energy efficient cooling and heating of buildings. In practice, however, regulation and control of such systems often causes problems. Started five years ago with the aim of getting to grips with these problems, the TABS Control research project was completed in early 2009. The project yielded the following results: various models and simulation programs for TABS; performance-bound calculations for regulating zones; a range of zone regulation/control strategies for planners to choose from, including good solutions for automatic switching between heating and cooling, for pulsed operation of the zone pump and for room temperature control; the implementation of a subset of these strategies as standard solutions in a Siemens building automation system; laboratory tests on these strategies; a new procedure for the integrated planning of TABS and their regulation/control (referred to as UBB planning procedure - Unknown But Bounded); an Excel planning tool; guidelines on selecting the hydraulic switching topology; a method for operation optimization; the theoretical basis for the new integrated planning procedure and the new regulation/ control strategies; a patent application.

  7. Cross-media assessment of environmental impacts caused by specific industrial activities; Medienuebergreifende Bewertung von Umweltbelastungen durch bestimmte industrielle Taetigkeiten

    Goetz, R.; Rippen, G.; Wiesert, P.; Fehrenbach, H.


    A method for the comparative, cross-media assessment of environmental impacts was developed. Central step of the proposed method - after an input/output balance for all techniques possible as alternatives - is the standardization of the emissions of the whole branch resp. the immissions (ambient concentrations) for a standardized plant (air, water, ground; location-independent). For the evaluation of upstream and downstream processes (energy supply, generation of operating materials and supplies, waste discharge) the cumulated energy demand (CED) is proposed as the representative value for the environmental impact. The evaluation of the technical alternatives is based on the differences of emissions and CED (of the whole branch), as well as the exhaustion of immission limit values (of the standardized plant) as a criterion. Thresholds are proposed for the criterias, in case of exceeding, the differences between compared techniques have to be considered as relevant. The method is tested and explained by using three case studies (flue gas cleaning systems for waste incineration plants; water-based and solvent-based ink systems for flexographic packaging printing; wastewater-generating and wastewater-free flue gas desulfurization of hard coal power plants). (orig.) [German] Es wurde eine Methode zur vergleichenden, medienuebergreifenden Bewertung von Umweltbelastungen entwickelt. Zentraler Schritt des vorgeschlagenen Konzepts ist - nach einer Sachbilanz fuer alle als Alternative in Betracht kommenden Techniken - die Normierung der Emissionen der gesamten Branche bzw. der Immissionen (Luft, Wasser, Boden) fuer eine typisierte Anlage (ortsunabhaengig). Fuer die Bewertung der vor- und nachgelagerten Prozesse fuer Energiebereitstellung, Erzeugung von Betriebs- und Hilfsstoffen sowie der Abfallentsorgung wird als Repraesentant der Umweltwirkungen der Kumulierte Energieaufwand (KEA) vorgeschlagen. Die Bewertung der technischen Alternativen erfolgt auf Basis der Differenzen

  8. Odonaten von Sumatra, gesammelt von Edward Jacobson

    Ris, F.


    Die folgende Bearbeitung sumatranischer Libellen schliesst sich an zwei frühere Aufsätze über Libellen von Java und von Simalur an, die mir Herr Jacobson anvertraute. Die hier beschriebene wesentlich grössere Sammlung aus den Jahren 1913—15 kam gegen Ende 1920 in meine Hände, sie hätte also längst e

  9. Kidney Tumor in a von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) Patient With Intensely Increased Activity on 68Ga-DOTA-TATE PET/CT.

    Papadakis, Georgios Z; Millo, Corina; Sadowski, Samira M; Bagci, Ulas; Patronas, Nicholas J


    Renal and pancreatic cysts and tumors are the most common visceral manifestations of von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) disease, a heritable multisystem cancer syndrome characterized by development of a variety of malignant and benign tumors. We report a case of a VHL patient with multiple renal cystic and complex cystic/solid lesions. The patient underwent Ga-DOTA-TATE-PET/CT showing intensely increased activity by a solid lesion which demonstrated enhancement on both CT and MRI scans, raising high suspicion for malignancy. The presented case indicates application of SSTR-imaging using Ga-DOTA-conjugated peptides in VHL-patients and emphasizes the need for cautious interpretation of renal parenchyma Ga-DOTATATE activity.

  10. Influence of increased pressure on the biocenose of activated sludge; Einfluss von erhoehtem Betriebsdruck auf die Biozoenose des Belebtschlammes

    Staab, K.F.; Wedekind, I.; Wedekind, P.


    In semi-technical experiments with pressure biology and membrane filtration for the separation of the liquid/solid system microscopic evaluations of the available biocenose were carried out. For these experiments over a period of one year, exclusively local effluent from the pre-settling tank of the teaching and research water treatment plant of the Institut fuer Siedlungswasserbau, Wasserguete- und Abfallwirtschaft of the Universitaet Stuttgart have been used. (orig.) [Deutsch] In halbtechnischen Versuchen mit Druckbiologie und Membranfiltration zur Trennung des Systems fluessig/fest wurden mikroskopische Beurteilungen der vorhandenen Biozoenose durchgefuehrt. Bei diesen Versuchen ueber einen Zeitraum von einem Jahr wurde ausschliesslich kommunales Abwasser aus dem Vorklaerbecken des Lehr- und Forschungsklaerwerks des Instituts fuer Siedlungswasserbau, Wasserguete- und Abfallwirtschaft der Universitaet Stuttgart verwendet. (orig.)

  11. Mechanical Activation of a Multimeric Adhesive Protein through Domain Conformational Change

    Wijeratne, Sithara S.; Botello, Eric; Yeh, Hui-Chun; Zhou, Zhou; Bergeron, Angela; Frey, Eric W.; Patel, Jay M.; Moake, Joel; Dong, Jing-fei; Kiang, Ching-Hwa


    The mechanical force-induced activation of the adhesive protein von Willebrand Factor (VWF), which experiences high hydrodynamic forces, is essential in initiating platelet adhesion. The importance of the mechanical force-induced functional change is manifested in the multimeric VWF’s crucial role in blood coagulation, when high fluid shear stress activates plasma VWF (pVWF) multimers to bind platelets. Here we showed that a pathological level of high shear stress exposure of pVWF multimers results in domain conformational changes, and the subsequent shifts in the unfolding force allow us to use force as a marker to track the dynamic states of multimeric VWF. We found that shear-activated pVWF multimers (spVWF) are more resistant to mechanical unfolding than non-sheared pVWF multimers, as indicated in the higher peak unfolding force. These results provide insight into the mechanism of shear-induced activation of pVWF multimers. PMID:23521301

  12. Planung von Hochschulbibliotheken - Tagungsbericht

    Felicitas Hundhausen


    Full Text Available Am 18. November 2014 veranstalteten das HIS-Institut für Hochschulentwicklung und die beiden Herausgeber des "Handbuchs Hochschulbibliothekssysteme", Konstanze Söllner und Wilfried Sühl-Strohmenger, in Hannover eine Tagung zum Thema "Planung von Hochschulbibliotheken". Hier ging es um ausgewählte Aspekte der Planung und Steuerung von Hochschulbibliotheken.

  13. Oligocaene Gastropoden von Buton

    Martin, K.


    Vor einiger Zeit besehrieb ich eine kleine, eigenartige Molluskenfauna aus tertiären Asphaltkalken von der unbedeutenden Insel Buton, im Südosten von Celebes¹). Seither empfing Herr Prof. Ir. Chr. K. Visser in Delft weitere Versteinerungen aus den Asphaltkalken des Eilands, die nach ihm wahrscheinli

  14. Von Triers kristendom

    Søndergaard, Leif


    Lars von Trier er i hans film Antichrist i sin negation af kristendommen stærkt bundet til kristendommens dualistiske verdensbillede. Samtidig er filmen kvindefjendsk. Udgivelsesdato: 2. september......Lars von Trier er i hans film Antichrist i sin negation af kristendommen stærkt bundet til kristendommens dualistiske verdensbillede. Samtidig er filmen kvindefjendsk. Udgivelsesdato: 2. september...

  15. Central 5-HT2A receptors modulate the vagal bradycardia in response to activation of the von Bezold-Jarisch reflex in anesthetized rats

    H.A. Futuro Neto


    Full Text Available Activation of 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT 5-HT1A, 5-HT2C, 5-HT3, and 5-HT7 receptors modulates the excitability of cardiac vagal motoneurones, but the precise role of 5-HT2A/2B receptors in these phenomena is unclear. We report here the effects of intracisternal (ic administration of selective 5-HT2A/2B antagonists on the vagal bradycardia elicited by activation of the von Bezold-Jarisch reflex with phenylbiguanide. The experiments were performed on urethane-anesthetized male Wistar rats (250-270 g, N = 7-9 per group. The animals were placed in a stereotaxic frame and their atlanto-occipital membrane was exposed to allow ic injections. The rats received atenolol (1 mg/kg, iv to block the sympathetic component of the reflex bradycardia; 20-min later, the cardiopulmonary reflex was induced with phenylbiguanide (15 µg/kg, iv injected at 15-min intervals until 3 similar bradycardias were obtained. Ten minutes after the last pre-drug bradycardia, R-96544 (a 5-HT2A antagonist; 0.1 µmol/kg, SB-204741 (a 5-HT2B antagonist; 0.1 µmol/kg or vehicle was injected ic. The subsequent iv injections of phenylbiguanide were administered 5, 20, 35, and 50 min after the ic injection. The selective 5-HT2A receptor antagonism attenuated the vagal bradycardia and hypotension, with maximal effect at 35 min after the antagonist (pre-drug = -200 ± 11 bpm and -42 ± 3 mmHg; at 35 min = -84 ± 10 bpm and -33 ± 2 mmHg; P < 0.05. Neither the 5-HT2B receptor antagonists nor the vehicle changed the reflex. These data suggest that central 5-HT2A receptors modulate the central pathways of the parasympathetic component of the von Bezold-Jarisch reflex.

  16. 可吸收镁合金支架植入后犬冠状动脉C-反应蛋白、基质金属蛋白酶9和血管性血友病因子的表达%Effect of absorbable magnesium alloy stenting on expression of C-reactive protein, matrix metalloproteinase-9 and von Willebrand factor in dogs

    王汝朋; 杨水祥


    BACKGROUND:Our previous study have verified the biosafety of absorbable magnesium aloy stents from a macro perspective. OBJECTIVE:To study the expressions of C-reactive protein, matrix metaloproteinase-9 and von Wilebrand factor in local vascular tissue after magnesium aloy stenting, and to explore the histocompatibility and safety of magnesium aloy stents at the molecular expression level. METHODS:Twenty-five absorbable magnesium aloy stents were implanted into the left anterior descending artery or circumflex artery of 25 epidemic prevention mongrel dogs. Five dogs with no stenting served as control group. Five dogs were sacrificed respectively at 24 hours, 3 days, 5 days, 1 week, 1 month after stenting, and vascular specimens were taken for preparation of pathological sections. The expressions of C-reactive protein, matrix metaloproteinase-9 and von Wilebrand factor within the coronary artery wal were determined by immunohistochemical staining method. RESULTS AND CONCLUSION: Compared with the control group, the number of cels positive for C-reactive protein, matrix metaloproteinase-9 and von Wilebrand factor was significantly increased at different times after stenting (P 0.01). The inflammatory reactions induced by absorbable magnesium aloy stents are slight and last for short time, which suggests that the absorbable magnesium aloy stents have good histocompatibility and safety.%背景:课题组前期研究从宏观角度验证了可吸收镁合金支架的生物安全性。目的:观察可吸收镁合金支架植入后局部血管组织C-反应蛋白、基质金属蛋白酶9及血管性血友病因子的表达情况,从分子表达水平深层次探讨镁合金支架的组织相容性及安全性。方法:将25枚可吸收镁合金支架植入25只防疫杂种犬冠状动脉前降支或左回旋支,未植入支架的5只犬冠状动脉作为正常对照组,支架植入后24 h、3 d、5 d、1周、1个月各处死动物5只,取支架植入后的

  17. The Influence of Field Marshal Colmar Von Der Goltz on Ottoman Military Effectiveness in Mesopotamia: December 1915 to April 1916


    the Ottoman Fifth Army was activated to defend the Dardanelles, and the Ottomans gave Limon von Sanders command. With Limon von Sanders’ move to...Fifth Army, von der Goltz took command of the First Army and the German military mission which were both previously commanded by Limon von Sanders.51

  18. Ellis Von Creveld Syndrome

    Afshar H


    Full Text Available One patient with Ellis Von Creveld syndrome contains: dwarfism, congenital heart"ndisease, ectodermal dysplasia, polyductyly, an abnormally wide labial frenum and maxillary"nmolars with single root.

  19. Lars von Triers film

    Nielsen, Lisbeth Overgaard


    Afhandlingen undersøger Lars von Triers filmæstetik, som den kommer til udtryk i spillefilmene fra perioden 1984-2007. Afhandlingen analyserer de enkelte films stil, virkningsstrategi og betydningsdannelse.......Afhandlingen undersøger Lars von Triers filmæstetik, som den kommer til udtryk i spillefilmene fra perioden 1984-2007. Afhandlingen analyserer de enkelte films stil, virkningsstrategi og betydningsdannelse....

  20. Classification of chemicals as endocrinally active compounds. Critical review of the classification of selected pesticides and industrial chemicals as endocrinally active chemicals; Einstufung von Schadstoffen als endokrin wirksame Substanzen. Kritische Ueberpruefung der Einstufung von ausgewaehlten Pestiziden und Industriechemikalien als endokrin wirksame Substanzen

    Bruhn, T.; Guelden, M.; Ludewig, S. [Kiel Univ. (Germany). Inst. fuer Toxikologie; Seibert, H.


    Different authors have published lists of chemicals, especially pesticides and industrial chemicals, reported to have 'reproductive and endocrine disrupting activities' or 'estrogenic/antiestrogenic' activities. The objective of this study was to examine what is the basis for and whether it is justified to classify chemical compounds as 'endocrine disrupters' that are contained in frequently cited overviews, but have not been discussed in a previous report (UBA-TEXTE 46/97). Depending on the level of evidence derived from literature data, substances are classified either as (i) endocrinally active or (ii) potentially endocrinally active or (iii) without sufficient data on endocrine activity. The criteria used for the classification are based on the definitions by US-EPA and the Weybridge conference. (orig.) [German] Von verschiedenen Autoren sind umfangreiche Listen mit Chemikalien, insbesondere Pestiziden und Industriechemikalien, veroeffentlicht worden, die als 'endokrin wirksam und reproduktionstoxisch' oder als 'oestrogen- bzw. 'antioestrogen wirksam' bezeichnet werden. Aufgabe der vorliegenden Studie ist es, zu untersuchen, auf welchen Grundlagen die Einstufung als 'endokrin wirksam' beruht, und zu ueberpruefen, ob sie gerechtfertigt ist. Je nach den Ergebnissen der Literaturrecherchen werden die Substanzen einer von drei Gruppen zugeordnet: 1. endokrin wirksam, 2. potentiell endokrin wirksam, 3. ohne ausreichende Hinweise auf endokrine Wirksamkeit. Die verwendeten Kritetien fuer die Zuordnung lehnen sich an die Definitionen der EPA und der Weybridge-Konferenz an. Schon in einem vorangegengenen Bericht (UBA-TEXTE 46/97) diskutierte Verbindungen werden nicht erneut behandelt. (orig.)

  1. Energetisches Verhalten von Doppelfassaden


    Durch die Forderung nach einer natürlichen Lüftung von Bürogebäuden und einem effektiven Sonnenschutz in Hochhäusern haben Doppelfassaden einen hohen Stellenwert erreicht. Das energetische Verhalten von Doppelfassaden ist Gegenstand zahlreicher Veröffentlichungen. Bisher liegen jedoch nur wenige Messungen in ausgeführten Gebäuden vor.Im Rahmen dieser Arbeit wurden drei Gebäude mit Doppelfassaden detailliert vermessen. Die Langzeitmessungen erfassten über mindestens ein Jahr unter anderem die ...

  2. Study of ionization-chamber measurement systems for activity determination; Untersuchung von Ionisationskammer-Messsystemen fuer Aktivitaetsbestimmungen

    Niedergesaess, Christiane; Schrader, Heinrich; Kossert, Karsten


    The present report describes the performance and results of a common project of the company MED Nuklear-Medizintechnik Dresden GmbH and the Working Group 6.11 ''Activity Unit'' of the Physikalisch-Technischen Bundesanstalt (PTB) in Braunschweig with the subject ''Activity measurements with radionuclide calibrators (activity meters) for nuclear medicine and metrology''. In the frame of this project, the company MED provided three ionization chamber measuring systems, whereas the PTB adjoined the necessary personal, technical support and the radioactive sources and standards for the calibration in terms of activity. The goal of the project was a systematic study of the performance of the ionization chambers for activity measurements. This covers the subject of determination of various radionuclide efficiencies (calibration factors) necessary for activity determinations in practice. Using two of the ionization chambers of identical construction, a comparison of the reproducibility within exemplars was made using common calibration results. Furthermore, the instrument stability during a period of about two years and the system linearity for activity values within a range of about four orders of magnitude were studied. In addition, the energy-dependent efficiency curves were determined, which allowed the calculation of calibration factors for the three ionization chamber measuring systems using emission probabilities of the corresponding radionuclide. The uncertainties of the involved measurands, particularly for the activity values to be determined, were calculated using the rules of the ''Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement'' (GUM, JCGM, 2008). (orig.)

  3. Energetische Verwertung von Biomasse

    Zahoransky, Richard; Allelein, Hans-Josef; Bollin, Elmar; Oehler, Helmut; Schelling, Udo

    Etwa 0,1% der Solarenergie wandeln sich durch Photosynthese aus dem Kohlendioxid der Luft in Biomasse um. Die Biomassen sind als Festbrennstoff nutzbar oder zu gasförmigen Brennstoffen weiterverarbeitbar. Zwei Arten von Biomassen sind zu unterscheiden: Anfallende Biomasse

  4. Rhizostomeen von Manila

    Stiasny, G.


    Die hier beschriebene kleine Scyphomedusen-Sammlung wurde von Herrn Director P. B. Sivickis, Dept. of Zoology, University of Philippines, Manila, dem Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie in Leiden überwiesen. Das Material wurde im December 1922 in Manila-bay gefischt und befindet sich in bestem Erha

  5. Von Willebrand factor in patients on mechanical circulatory support – a double-edged sword between bleeding and thrombosis

    Hudzik, Bartosz; Kaczmarski, Jacek; Pacholewicz, Jerzy; Zakliczynski, Michal; Gasior, Mariusz; Zembala, Marian


    Mechanical circulatory support (MCS) is an umbrella term describing the various technologies used in both short- and long-term management of patients with either end-stage chronic heart failure (HF) or acute HF. Most often, MCS has emerged as a bridge to transplantation, but more recently it is also used as a destination therapy. Mechanical circulatory support includes left ventricular assist device (LVAD) or bi-ventricular assist device (Bi-VAD). Currently, 2- to 3-year survival in carefully...

  6. Increased von Willebrand factor, P-selectin and fibrin content in occlusive thrombus resistant to lytic therapy.

    Sambola, Antonia; García Del Blanco, Bruno; Ruiz-Meana, Marisol; Francisco, Jaume; Barrabés, José A; Figueras, Jaume; Bañeras, Jordi; Otaegui, Imanol; Rojas, Angeles; Vilardosa, Úrsula; Montaner, Joan; García-Dorado, David


    Therapeutic fibrinolysis is ineffective in 40 % of ST-segment elevation acute myocardial infarction (STEMI) patients, but understanding of the mechanisms is incomplete. It was our aim to compare the composition of coronary thrombus in lysis-resistant STEMI patients with that of lysis-sensitive patients. Intracoronary thrombi (n=64) were obtained by aspiration in consecutive STEMI patients. Of them, 20 had received fibrinolysis and underwent rescue percutaneous coronary intervention (r-PCI, lysis-resistant patients) and 44 underwent primary PCI (p-PCI). Lysis-sensitivity was determined in vitro by clot permeability measurements and turbidimetric lysis in plasma of 44 patients undergoing p-PCI and 20 healthy donors. Clot-lysis sensitivity was defined as a clot-lysis time not greater than 1 SD over the mean of healthy donors. Coronary thrombus composition in 20 lysis-resistant and in 20 lysis-sensitive patients was analysed by immunofluorescence with confocal microscopy. Plasma biomarkers (P-selectin, VWF, PAI-1, t-PA, D-dimer, TF pathway markers, plasmin and CD34+) were measured simultaneously on peripheral blood. Lysis-resistant clots had higher levels of fibrin (p=0.02), P-selectin (p=0.03) and VWF (p=0.01) than lysis-sensitive clots. Among thrombi obtained ≤ 6 hours after onset of symptoms, those from lysis-resistant patients showed a higher content in fibrin than those from p-PCI patients (p=0.01). Plasma PAI-1 (p=0.02) and D-dimer levels were significantly higher (p=0.003) in lysis-resistant patients, whereas plasmin levels were lower (p=0.03). Multivariate analysis showed the content of fibrin and VWF within thrombus as predictors of thrombolysis resistance. In conclusion, coronary thrombi in STEMI patients resistant to fibrinolysis are characterised by higher fibrin, P-selectin and VWF content than lysis-sensitive thrombi.

  7. Primary postpartum haemorrhage in women with von Willebrand disease or carriership of haemophilia despite specialised care: a retrospective survey.

    Stoof, S C M; van Steenbergen, H W; Zwagemaker, A; Sanders, Y V; Cannegieter, S C; Duvekot, J J; Leebeek, F W G; Peters, M; Kruip, M J H A; Eikenboom, J


    Pregnant women with bleeding disorders require specialised peripartum care to prevent postpartum haemorrhage (PPH). If third trimester coagulation factor levels are complicated by PPH. We found an increased PPH risk in deliveries given prophylactic treatment compared with deliveries without (OR 2.7, 95% CI 1.2-6.3). In conclusion, PPH incidence was highest in deliveries with the lowest factor levels in the third trimester. Currently, delivery outcome in women with bleeding disorders is unsatisfactory, given the high PPH incidence despite specialised care. Future studies are required to optimise management of deliveries in this patient population.

  8. Abschied von Ingeborg Pomp

    Hänsel, Rosemarie


    Am 4. Juni 2007 erhielten wir die traurige Nachricht, dass Ingeborg Barbara Pomp, Leiterin i. R. der Stenografischen Sammlung von 1996 bis 2006 nach kurzer schwerer Krankheit verstorben ist. Die Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter der Sächsischen Landesbibliothek – Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek trauern um eine liebenswerte Kollegin, die sich immer mit einem Höchstmaß an persönlichem Einsatz für die Weiterentwicklung der Stenografischen Sammlung engagiert hat.

  9. Calpain Activator Dibucaine Induces Platelet Apoptosis

    Jun Liu


    Full Text Available Calcium-dependent calpains are a family of cysteine proteases that have been demonstrated to play key roles in both platelet glycoprotein Ibα shedding and platelet activation and altered calpain activity is associated with thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura. Calpain activators induce apoptosis in several types of nucleated cells. However, it is not clear whether calpain activators induce platelet apoptosis. Here we show that the calpain activator dibucaine induced several platelet apoptotic events including depolarization of the mitochondrial inner transmembrane potential, up-regulation of Bax and Bak, down-regulation of Bcl-2 and Bcl-XL, caspase-3 activation and phosphatidylserine exposure. Platelet apoptosis elicited by dibucaine was not affected by the broad spectrum metalloproteinase inhibitor GM6001. Furthermore, dibucaine did not induce platelet activation as detected by P-selectin expression and PAC-1 binding. However, platelet aggregation induced by ristocetin or α-thrombin, platelet adhesion and spreading on von Willebrand factor were significantly inhibited in platelets treated with dibucaine. Taken together, these data indicate that dibucaine induces platelet apoptosis and platelet dysfunction.

  10. Nutzerorientiertes Management von materiellen und immateriellen Informationsobjekten

    Hübsch, Chris


    Schaffung einer stabilen, erweiterbaren und skalierbaren Infrastruktur für die Bereitstellung von Diensten im Umfeld von Bibliotheken und ähnlichen wissensanbietenden Einrichtungen unter Verwendung von XML-RPC und Python.

  11. Theodore von Karman


    Dr. Theodore von Karman, co-founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Pasadena, California was an aeronautical theoretician. His contributions in the fields of aerodynamics and aeronautical engineering are well documented and well known to every aerospace engineer. He was the first winner of the prestigious U.S. Medal of Science presented to him by President John F. Kennedy. As well as being co-founder of JPL, he also was principal founder of a major rocket propulsion firm (Aerojet-General Corp.), the top science advisor to the U.S. Air Force during its transition to jet propulsion aircraft and the top science advisor to NATO. He was, during much of this time, the fountainhead of aerodynamic thought as head of the Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology (GALCIT) in Pasadena, California. In the May 1956 issue of the Journal of Aeronautical Sciences, it was said of him that 'No other man has had so great an impact on the development of aeronautical science in this country. Hundreds of young men became his students and scientific collaborators and were inspired to greater effort.' Dr. William H. Pickering, then director of JPL said in 1960 'We wouldn't have an aeronautical science as we know it today, if it weren't for Dr. Thoedore von Karman.' Under his guidance, Caltech's 10 foot wind tunnel was designed, built and operated. Industry firms such as Douglas, Northrop, Hughes, Lockheed, North American, Vultee and Consolidated all tested new aeronautical designs and concepts in GALCIT's tunnel. Even Boeing's own high-speed wind tunnel was heavily influenced by suggestions from von Karman. The National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) became so concerned about GALCIT's growing influence over West coast aviation, it erected the Ames Laboratory in Sunnyvale, California in part to deter an ever widening aeronautical gap that had formed between NACA and GALCIT. From 1936 to 1940, Caltech stood alone as the only university

  12. Struktur von ABCE1

    Karcher, Annette


    ABCE1 ist ein Mitglied der ATP Binding Cassette (ABC) Superfamilie. ABC Proteine binden und hydrolysieren ATP und verändern dabei ihre Konformation. Dadurch können sie mechanochemische Arbeit leisten. Durch drei zusätzliche Domänen unterscheidet sich ABCE1 von allen bislang bekannten und charakterisierten Mitgliedern dieser Familie. Neben den ATP-bindenden Regionen enthält ABCE1 eine cysteinreiche, N-terminale Domäne, welche zwei Eisen-Schwefel-Cluster bindet. Diese Domäne hat hohe s...

  13. Aspectos ultra-sonográficos dos hamartomas dos ductos biliares (complexo de von Meyenburg: resultado de uma busca ativa de oito anos Ultrasonography findings in patients with bile duct hamartomas (von Meyenburg complex: result of an active search of eight years

    Márcio Martins Machado


    Full Text Available A correta identificação de tumores hepáticos benignos é importante, pois a maioria não necessita de conduta intervencionista. Os autores relatam os aspectos ultra-sonográficos dos hamartomas de ductos biliares (complexo de von Meyenburg em 16 pacientes estudados prospectivamente, resultados de uma busca ativa de oito anos. Em 14 pacientes foram identificadas múltiplas lesões menores ou iguais a 0,8 cm, e em dois, apenas duas lesões em cada (medindo de 0,4 cm a 1,3 cm. O aspecto ultra-sonográfico que predominou foi o de múltiplas pequenas imagens hiperecogênicas com ou sem reverberação sonora posterior e margens irregulares (14 pacientes. Menos comumente, foi encontrado o aspecto "em alvo", com centro com maior ecogenicidade que a periferia (dois pacientes com duas lesões cada e margens bem definidas.The recognition and identification of benign liver tumors is important since most of these tumors do not require any intervention. The authors report the ultrasonography findings in 16 patients with bile duct hamartomas (von Meyenburg complex that were evaluated prospectively by an active search of eight years. Multiple lesions with size equal or less than 0.8 cm were identified in 14 patients. Two other patients had only two lesions measuring 0.4 cm to 1.3 cm. The most common ultrasonographic pattern was that of multiple small hyperechogenic lesions (with or without posterior acoustic reverberation with irregular margins (14 patients. A less common finding (two patients with two lesions each was the "target" pattern with echogenic center and well defined limits.

  14. The active bioindication method based on the fertility rate of collembola possibility and chance to diagnose soil conditions and the degree of soil burden; Die aktive Bioindikationsmethode mit Collembolen. Moeglichkeit der Diagnose von Bodenzustand und -belastung

    Kopeszki, H. [Wien Univ. (Austria). Zoologisches Inst.


    Fertility, population growth and population dynamics of the collembolan species Folsomia candida and Heteromurus nitidus in exposed microcontainers are the zoological criteria of the active bioindication method discussed in this paper. With these criteria, it is easy to diagnose respective soil conditions and the degree of soil burden with pollutants. The zoological criteria are a direct indication for the degree of pollutant deposition and soil water contamination. The more a soil ecosystem is contaminated by acids, heavy metals, fertilizers or pesticides, the less successful is the breeding of the springtails in the exposed microcontainers. Thus population dynamics and abundance function as a good measure for the pollution stress of soil ecosystems. (orig.) [German] Bei der hier vorgestellten aktiven Bioindikationsmethode sind Fortpflanzungsrate, Populationsgroesse (Jahresmittelwert) und Populationsentwicklung der Collembolenarten Folsomia candida und Heteromurus nitidus in exponierten Mikrocontainern zoologische Kriterien, an Hand derer der Bodenzustand und Ausmass einer moeglichen Bodenbelastung klar diagnostiziert werden koennen. Diese zoologischen Parameter sind unmittelbare Indizien fuer das Ausmass von Schadstoffdepositionen und Bodenwasserkontaminationen mit Schadstoffen. Je staerker ein Bodenoekosystem mit Saeuren, Schwermetallen, Duengern oder Pestiziden verunreinigt ist, umso geringer sind die Zuchterfolge mit den Collembolen in exponierten Mikrocontainern. So werden Populationsdynamik und Abundanz zu Messeinheiten fuer den Belastungsstress von Bodenoekosystemen. (orig.)

  15. Development and comparison of membrane methods for improving the performance of municipal waster water purification by combination of activation biology and microfiltration and construction and optimisation of an experimental plant; Entwicklung und Vergleich von Membranverfahren zur Leistungssteigerung der kommunalen Abwasserreinigung durch die Kombination von Belebungsbiologie und Mikrofiltration sowie Bau und Optimierung einer technischen Versuchsanlage

    Finner, M.


    The goal of the present project was to develop a membrane-based activation method, optimise it on an experimental plant and operate this plant alongside a conventional municipal water treatment plant over a one-year period. An important part of the project consisted in making a technical comparison between conventional water purification and the membrane-based activation method. The goal was to optimise the membrane-based activation method to a point where its use in place of conventional methods based on activation biology could be considered promising also in economic terms. [German] In dem Projekt war es vorgesehen, ein Membranbelebungsverfahren zu entwickeln, durch den Betrieb einer technischen Anlage zu optimieren und diese parallel zu einer konventionellen kommunalen Klaeranlage ueber einen Zeitraum von einem Jahr zu betreiben. Ein wesentlicher Projektbestandteil war der technische Vergleich der konventionellen Abwasserreinigung mit dem Membranbelebungsverfahren. Ziel war es, das Membranbelebungsverfahren technisch soweit zu optimieren, dass sein Einsatz als Alternative zu konventionellen Belebungsbiologien kuenftig auch unter wirtschaftlichen Bedingungen als erfolgversprechend gelten kann. (orig.)

  16. Alejandro Von Humboldt

    Gerardo Paz Otero


    Full Text Available Diverso fue y sigue siéndolo, el destino de los dos hermanos Humboldt, Guillermo y Alejandro. Sino que se inicia con el nacimiento: Guillermo, el mayor, nace el 22 de junio de 1767 en Potsdam, residencia de los emperadores prusianos, la ciudad de los palacios imperiales, el imperio del militarismo germano; su cuna se meció cerca al palacete de Sans-Soussi, donde Federico el Grande forja ba el poderío de Prusia, cultivaba las ciencias y las artes, anfitrionaba a los intelectuales de Europa, y era "vasallo espiritual de Volta ire", según la aguda frase de Goethe. Alejandro viene al mundo dos años después (14 de septiembre de 1769 en Berlín, en la casa burguesa de la Jagerstrasse (calle del cazador que su madre Elizabeth von Humboldt heredara de su primer esposo.

  17. Mikrochirurgische Entfernung von Hirnstammkavernomen

    Pfisterer W


    Full Text Available Der Anteil der Kavernome an allen intrakraniellen vaskulären Malformationen beträgt 14 %. Davon liegen etwa 20 % im Hirnstamm. Bei einer Rezidivblutungsrate von 21 % jährlich ist auch eine Exstirpation im Hirnstamm indiziert. Wir berichten über 3 Patienten mit Hirnstammkavernomen, die in mikrochirurgischer Technik bei geringer Morbidität und ohne Mortalität an unserer Abteilung total exstirpiert wurden. Wir halten die subakute Phase für den besten Zeitpunkt zur Entfernung des Kavernoms, wenn dies der klinisch-neurologische Zustand des Patienten erlaubt. Die mikrochirurgische Exstirpation wurde durch Elektrophysiologie (akustisch und somatosensorisch evozierte Potentiale, Endoskopie und Neuronavigation unterstützt.

  18. Theorie und Praxis von Hochschulrankings

    Hornbostel, Stefan


    Der Beitrag gibt einen Überblick über die theoretische Grundlage von Hochschulrankings, welche in der qualitativ stark differenzierten Hochschullandschaft in Deutschland entscheidend für öffentliche Reputationsurteile sein können. Ausgehend von einem formal gleichrangigen Institutionengefüge der Hochschullandschaft in Deutschland haben die Stichworte Profilbildung, Exzellenz und Wettbewerb in den letzten Jahren zunehmend an Bedeutung gewonnen. Der daraus resultierende große Informationsbedarf...

  19. Planung und Bewertung von Montagesystemen

    Hartel, Marko; Lotter, Bruno

    Die Gestaltung von Montagesystemen ist eine wesentliche Aufgabenstellung an die planenden Bereiche eines Unternehmens. Anhand von Praxis-beispielen werden Planungssystematiken and Bewertungsverfahren — sei es fur die Effizienzsteigerung einer bestehenden Montage oder die Entscheidung zwischen Varianten eines geplanten Montagesystems — aufzeigt. Die folgende Planungssystematik nach REFA wird für Produktionssysteme im Allgemeinen angewandt; die Planungssystematik nach Lotter ist speziell auf Montagesysteme ausgelegt.

  20. Contested Inclusions: Pitfalls of NGO Peace-Building Activities in Liberia Umstrittene Inklusion: Fallstricke bei peace-building-Aktivitäten von NRO in Liberia

    Veronika Fuest


    Full Text Available In post-war situations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs feature highly in peace-building processes in their (perceived capacities as both representatives of civil society and as grassroots agents to be employed in the reconstruction and transformation of society. As elsewhere, in Liberia, peace-building approaches include, first, international blueprints of representation that intend to empower groups generally perceived to be socially subordinate and, second, supporting traditional institutions considered social capital in reconciliation. Using the example of Liberia, this paper explores how in local conflict arenas, NGO workshops – the most popular mode of participatory intervention – are interpreted and appropriated by local actors; it highlights some fallacies and unintended consequences of inclusive procedures in practice and questions the support furnished to heads of gendered secret societies. Nichtregierungsorganisationen (NRO wird in Nachkriegsphasen hohe Kompetenz in Bezug auf peace-building-Prozesse zugesprochen, denn sie repräsentieren die civil society und stellen gleichzeitig Akteure, die an der Basis zum Wiederaufbau und zur gesellschaftlichen Transformation beitragen können. Auch in Liberia schließen peace-building-Konzepte an erster Stelle international erarbeitete Zielvorgaben zur Repräsentanz ein und sehen erstens eine Beteiligung von Gruppen mit niedrigem sozialen Status vor und zweitens die Unterstützung traditioneller Institutionen, die als soziales Kapital im Aussöhnungsprozess angesehen werden. Die Autorin untersucht am Beispiel Liberia, inwieweit NRO-workshops – die beliebteste Form der partizipativen Intervention – in Konfliktzonen von lokalen Akteuren interpretiert und für eigene Ziele genutzt werden; sie verweist auf irrtümliche Annahmen und unbeabsichtigte Konsequenzen der praktischen Anwendung inklusiver Verfahren und stellt die Unterstützung in Frage, die Oberhäuptern geschlechtsspezifischer

  1. Echicetin coated polystyrene beads: a novel tool to investigate GPIb-specific platelet activation and aggregation.

    Navdaev, Alexey; Subramanian, Hariharan; Petunin, Alexey; Clemetson, Kenneth J; Gambaryan, Stepan; Walter, Ulrich


    von Willebrand factor/ristocetin (vWF/R) induces GPIb-dependent platelet agglutination and activation of αIIbβ3 integrin, which also binds vWF. These conditions make it difficult to investigate GPIb-specific signaling pathways in washed platelets. Here, we investigated the specific mechanisms of GPIb signaling using echicetin-coated polystyrene beads, which specifically activate GPIb. We compared platelet activation induced by echicetin beads to vWF/R. Human platelets were stimulated with polystyrene beads coated with increasing amounts of echicetin and platelet activation by echicetin beads was then investigated to reveal GPIb specific signaling. Echicetin beads induced αIIbβ3-dependent aggregation of washed platelets, while under the same conditions vWF/R treatment led only to αIIbβ3-independent platelet agglutination. The average distance between the echicetin molecules on the polystyrene beads must be less than 7 nm for full platelet activation, while the total amount of echicetin used for activation is not critical. Echicetin beads induced strong phosphorylation of several proteins including p38, ERK and PKB. Synergistic signaling via P2Y12 and thromboxane receptor through secreted ADP and TxA2, respectively, were important for echicetin bead triggered platelet activation. Activation of PKG by the NO/sGC/cGMP pathway inhibited echicetin bead-induced platelet aggregation. Echicetin-coated beads are powerful and reliable tools to study signaling in human platelets activated solely via GPIb and GPIb-triggered pathways.

  2. Vergleich von simulierten und reellen Schleppkurven von Landmaschinen

    Steffen Hürter


    Full Text Available An das landwirtschaftliche Wegenetz werden durch die kontinuierliche Größenentwicklung von Landmaschinen neue Anforderungen gestellt. Die Maschinen werden breiter und länger und besitzen mehr Achsen und komplexere Lenksysteme als in der Vergangenheit. Beim landwirtschaftlichen Wegebau hat dies insbesondere Auswirkungen auf die Planung der Kurven. In der Untersuchung wurden die Schleppkurven aktueller Landmaschinen aufgenommen und es wurde geprüft, ob sie mithilfe einer Software simuliert werden können. Dabei zeigt sich, dass die verwendete Simulationssoftware für die Bestimmung von Schleppkurven für Landmaschinen mit komplexen Lenksystemen hinreichend genau ist.

  3. Ethnographische Filme und die Darstellung von Frauen

    Judith Keilbach


    Full Text Available In dieser Filmographie werden ethnographische und koloniale Filme aus dem Bestand des Nederlands Filmmuseum kommentiert, die für die Frage nach der Darstellung von Frauen und Geschlechterverhältnissen von Interesse sind.

  4. Diskriminierung von Enantiomeren mit chiralen Selektoren

    Würthner, Stefan


    Die vorliegende Dissertation befasst sich mit der systematischen Aufklärung von zwischenmolekularen Wirt-Gast-Wechselwirkungen von Arzneistoffen mit Cyclodextrinen. In einem sich trichterförmig verengenden Erkenntnisprozeß wird im ersten Schritt eine breite Datenbasis von Kapillarelektrophorese-Daten von 86 chiralen Arzneistoffen mit 3 nativen CDs (alpha, beta und gamma) sowie 11 CD-Derivaten gewonnen. Sowohl die Trennfaktoren der Enantiomeren (alpha_m) als auch die Retardierungsfaktoren (R_m...

  5. An Invitation from Lars von Trier

    Skadhauge, Troels; Tønder, Lars


    Translation of Martin Krasnik interview with Lars von Trier broadcast on DR2, January 12, 2015. The following is an interview of Lars von Trier (LvT) by the Danish journalist Martin Krasnik (MK). The interview took place in Lars von Trier’s home in Brede, a small town just outside Copenhagen...

  6. [Pheochromocytoma and von Recklinghausen's disease].

    Rabii, R; Fekak, H; Moufid, K; Joual, A; Bennani, S; el Mrini, M; Benjelloun, S


    The association between von Recklinghausen's disease and pheochromocytoma is present about 10% of cases. We report a case of 49 years old women who presented with elevated blood pressure and von Recklinghausen's neurofibromatosis. Laboratory examination showed a marked level in the urinary excretion of cathecholamine. The computed tomography showed a right adrenal tumor suggesting a pheochromocytoma. The adrenalectomy was realised by transabdominal approach and the histological examination confirmed a benign pheochromocytoma. The authors discuss the pathogenetic hypothesis of this rare pathological association, the diagnostic methods and the therapeutic procedure.

  7. Homopteren von Java, gesammelt von Herrn Edw. Jacobson

    Melichar, L.


    Herr Edw. Jacobson hat auf Java in den Jahren 1908— 1910 Homopteren gesammelt und mir die Bearbeitung des gesammelten Materiales übertragen. Die Jacobson’sche Ausbeute ist insoferne bemerkenswert, als dieselbe viele Mikrohomopteren enthält, welche von nichtfachkundigen Sammlern gewöhnlich nicht beac

  8. Integration von Erkennung und Interpretation von gesprochener Sprache

    Fink, Gernot A.; Kummert, Franz; Sagerer, Gerhard; Kunze, Jürgen


    Die Mehrzahl der heutigen sprachverstehenden Systeme sind aus zwei sehr unterschiedlichen Verarbeitungskomponenten aufgebaut, einer meist statistischen Spracherkennungskomponente und einer in der Regel wissensbasiert arbeitenden Komponente zur Interpretation. Die Kommunikation zwischen diesen Verarbeitungseinheiten ist stark eingeschränkt. In der Regel werden von der Spracherkennung nur Worthypothesenmengen berechnet und an die Interpretationskomponente weitergereicht ohne weitere Interaktion...

  9. Zur Soziologie von Ctenidium molluscum

    Zijlstra, Gea


    Bei einer Untersuchung in einer Anzahl von niederländischen „blauwgraslanden“ (d. h. „blaue Wiesen“, Cirsio-Molinietum, Junco-Molinion) wurde Ctenidium molluscum angetroffen, eine Art, welche in den Niederlanden mehr oder weniger zum Mesobromion gerechnet wird. Untersuchungen an altem Herbarmaterial

  10. Lewis-acid and redox-active zeolite catalysts for the activation of methane and lower hydrocarbons in the selective catalytic reduction of NO{sub x}. Subproject: structural characterization and kinetic modelling. Final report; Lewis-acide und redox-aktive Zeolith-Katalysatoren fuer die Aktivierung von Methan und Fluessiggas-Kohlenwasserstoffen in der SCR von NO{sub x}. Teilprojekt: Strukturelle Katalysatorcharakterisierung und Modellierung der Reaktionskinetik. Abschlussbericht

    Gruenert, W. [Bochum Univ. (Germany). Technische Chemie; Sowade, T.; Schmidt, C.; Stroeder, U. [Heraeus (W.C.) GmbH, Hanau (Germany)


    Zeolites (in particular ZSM-5) modified by indium and additionally promoted by ceria have been studied as catalysts for selective reduction of NO by methane. The structural properties of the catalysts have been investigated by XRD, FTIR, EXAFS, electron microscopy and XPS. The ceria promotor may be added to In-ZSM-5 by precipitation onto the external zeolite surface or by physically admixing a high surface-area powder. The preparation of the basic In-ZSM-5 system has a large influence on the properties of the catalyst. Preparation by aqueous exchange leads in most cases to a coexistence of a small amount of intra-zeolite indium species and extra-zeolite indium phases. Only at low pH, exclusively intra-zeolite indium is formed to a low extent (<10% exchange degree). Intrazeolite indium can be also obtained by dry preparations using InCl{sub 3} (solid-state ion exchange, sublimation, transport reaction). The In species formed carry Cl ligands, the stability of which depends on the indium content: after washing and calcination steps, Cl ligands could no longer be detected only in samples with low In content. Reductive solid-state ion exchange is a further method to prepare intra-zeolite In species. In mixtures containing excess indium, oligometric intra-zeolite In species are formed via this route. Intra-zeolite Cl-free In species exhibit significant SCR activity while Cl-containing In-species activate methane with low SCR selectivity. In ceria-promoted systems, the ceria provides full NO{sub 2} supply by catalysing the NO oxidation. With sufficient NO{sub 2} supply, the even Cl-containing In sites provide high SCR activities. Since the relevance of acidic sites was established e.g. by poisoning experiments, the reaction mechanism can by visualised by proceeding via methane activation over In sites, reaction of activated methane with NO{sub 2} to a volatile intermediate (e.g. nitromethane), which is then decomposed over the acidic sites. The reaction kinetics of the

  11. [Friedrich Ludwig von Maydelli pildid Baltimaade ajaloost = Friedrich Ludwig von Maydells Baltische Geschichte in Bildern = Friedrich Ludwig von Maydell ́s Baltic history in images] / Ulrike Plath

    Plath, Ulrike, 1972-


    Arvustus: Friedrich Ludwig von Maydelli pildid Baltimaade ajaloost = Friedrich Ludwig von Maydells Baltische Geschichte in Bildern = Friedrich Ludwig von Maydell ́s Baltic history in images. Eesti kunstimuuseum, Kadrioru kunstimuuseum. Tallinn 2013

  12. Concentration changes during venous occlusion of proteins with affinity for extracellular matrix in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus A sign of vascular damage in patients with diabetic nephropathy?

    Myrup, B.; Rossing, P.; Jensen, T.; Gram, J.; Kluft, C.; Jespersen, J.


    Objective: To investigate protein concentration changes during venous occlusion of proteins with reported affinity for extracellular matrix (plasminogen activator inhibitor type 1, antithrombin III, fibronectin and von Willebrand factor) in comparison with proteins with no reported affinity (albumin

  13. Development of active barriers for removing heavy metals from mine water: Freiberg colliery, Sachsen; Entwicklung aktiver Barrieren fuer die Entfernung von Schwermetallen aus Grubenwaessern am Beispiel der Freiberger Grube, Sachsen

    Zoumis, T.


    Mine water treatment is costly, difficult, and requires extensive surface installations. The author explains the development of geochemical ('active') barriers of low-cost materials. The materials investigated were industrial residues (red sludge, fly ash, tinder residues, porous concrete residues), natural materials (bark, zeolite, bentonite, hydroxyl apatite), and commercial products (GEH, Ratio Pur MF-S). Investigations focused on density, specific surface, grain size, and acid neutralization capacity. In the final stage, experiments were made on heavy metal removal from a model water. [German] Einen grossen Anteil an der Schwermetallbelastung in Fluessen haben toxische Abwaesser aus Bergbaugebieten (Grubenwaesser). Die Moeglichkeit der Behandlung sind sehr aufwendig, kostenintensiv und nur 'ueber Tage' durchfuehrbar. Die vorliegende Arbeit erlaeutert die Behandlung von Grubenwaessern mit geochemischen ('aktiven') Barrieren. Es werden aktive Barrieren entwickelt, die in einen Schacht eingebracht werden koennen, um eine Schwermetallausbreitung zu unterbinden. In diesem Zusammenhang werden kostenguenstige Materialien untersucht, die Schadstoffe durch chemische und/oder physikalische Mechanismen aus Wasser entfernen koennen. Untersucht wurden industrielle Reststoffe (Rotschlamm, Flugasche, Zunderrueckstaende, Porenbetonabfall), natuerliche Materialien (Baumrinde, Zeolith, Bentonit, Hydroxylapatit) und kommerzielle Produkte (GEH, Ratio Pur MF-S). Die Materialien werden hinsichtlich der Dichte, der spezifischen Oberflaeche, der Korngroesse und der Saeureneutralisationskapazitaet charakterisiert. Anschliessend wurden Versuche zur Schwermetallentfernung aus einem Modellwasser durchgefuehrt. (orig.)

  14. Schätzung von Vegetationsparametern aus multispektralen Fernerkundungsdaten


    In der vorliegenden Arbeit wird ein Verfahren zur Schätzung von Vegetationsparametern aus multispektralen Fernerkundungsdaten unter Verwendung von physikalischen Strahlungstransfer-Modellen und einer geringen Anzahl von Bodenmessungen vorgestellt. Dieses Verfahren wurde über einen Zeitraum von zwei Jahren exemplarisch an verschiedenen Winterweizenfeldern getestet, die mit einem Daedalus ATM Multispektralscanner aufgenommen wurden. Von besonderem Interesse sind hierbei die Schwankungen der Veg...

  15. Shock, diaschisis and von Monakow

    Eliasz Engelhardt


    Full Text Available The concept of shock apparently emerged in the middle of the 18th century (Whyett as an occurrence observed experimentally after spinal cord transection, and identified as "shock" phenomenon one century later (Hall. The concept was extended (Brown-Séquard and it was suggested that brain lesions caused functional rupture in regions distant from the injured one ("action à distance". The term "diaschisis" (von Monakow, proposed as a new modality of shock, had its concept broadened, underpinned by observations of patients, aiming at distinguishing between symptoms of focal brain lesions and transitory effects they produced, attributable to depression of distant parts of the brain connected to the injured area. Presently, diaschisis is related mainly to cerebrovascular lesions and classified according to the connection fibers involved, as proposed by von Monakow. Depression of metabolism and blood flow in regions anatomically separated, but related by connections with the lesion, allows observing diaschisis with neuroimaging.

  16. Moose von Inselbergen in Benin

    Frahm, Jan-Peter; Porembski, Stefan


    Acht Leber- und zehn Laubmoosarten werden von Inselbergen aus Benin angegeben. Fünf der Lebermoose (Acrolejeunea emergens, Riccia atropurpurea, R. congoana, R. discolor, R. moenkemeyeri) und alle Laubmoose (Archidium ohioense, Brachymenium acuminatum, B. exile, Bryum arachnoideum, B. argenteum, Bryum deperssum, Garckea moenkemeyeri, Hyophila involuta, Philonotis mniobryoides und Weissia cf. edentula) werden neu für Benin angegeben. Eight liverworts and ten mosses are reported from inselber...

  17. Didaktische Konzeption von Serious Games: Zur Verknüpfung von Spiel- und Lernangeboten

    Michael Kerres


    Full Text Available Serious Games versuchen Spielen mit Lernen zu verbinden. Der Beitrag problematisiert die Machbarkeit einer solchen Verknüpfung in digitalen Welten und diskutiert verschiedene didaktische Konzepte einer Nutzbarmachung digitaler Spiele für das Lernen und Lehren. Ausgehend von einer Analyse des Erlernens von Spielen werden drei didaktische Konzepte von Serious Games im Hinblick auf ihre didaktischen Potenziale untersucht: (1 der unmittelbare Transfer von Wissen, das im Spiel erworben wird (keine zusätzliche Didaktisierung, (2 Didaktisierung durch Einbettung des Spiels in einer Lernsituation oder (3 Didaktisierung durch Einbettung von Lernaufgaben in ein Spiel. Ergebnisse zur Nutzung von Spielen, bei denen Lernaufgaben in eine Spielwelt eingebettet sind, zeigen, dass Personen die Aufnahme von Wissen in einem expliziten Lernmodus eher zu reduzieren versuchen, um möglichst zügig wieder in den Spielmodus zu wechseln. Diskutiert werden die Konsequenzen dieser Problematik für die didaktische Konzeption von Serious Games.

  18. Dr. von Braun Briefing Walt Disney


    Dr. von Braun began his association with Walt Disney in the 1950s when the rocket scientist appeared in three Disney television productions related to the exploration of space. Years later, Dr. von Braun invited Disney and his associates to tour the Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) in Huntsville, Alabama. This photograph is dated April 13, 1965. From left are R.J. Schwinghamer from the MSFC, Disney, B.J. Bernight, and Dr. von Braun.

  19. Pathogen recognition by Toll-like receptor 2 activates Weibel-Palade body exocytosis in human aortic endothelial cells.

    Into, Takeshi; Kanno, Yosuke; Dohkan, Jun-ichi; Nakashima, Misako; Inomata, Megumi; Shibata, Ken-ichiro; Lowenstein, Charles J; Matsushita, Kenji


    The endothelial cell-specific granule Weibel-Palade body releases vasoactive substances capable of modulating vascular inflammation. Although innate recognition of pathogens by Toll-like receptors (TLRs) is thought to play a crucial role in promotion of inflammatory responses, the molecular basis for early-phase responses of endothelial cells to bacterial pathogens has not fully been understood. We here report that human aortic endothelial cells respond to bacterial lipoteichoic acid (LTA) and synthetic bacterial lipopeptides, but not lipopolysaccharide or peptidoglycan, to induce Weibel-Palade body exocytosis, accompanied by release or externalization of the storage components von Willebrand factor and P-selectin. LTA could activate rapid Weibel-Palade body exocytosis through a TLR2- and MyD88-dependent mechanism without de novo protein synthesis. This process was at least mediated through MyD88-dependent phosphorylation and activation of phospholipase Cgamma. Moreover, LTA activated interleukin-1 receptor-associated kinase-1-dependent delayed exocytosis with de novo protein synthesis and phospholipase Cgamma-dependent activation of the NF-kappaB pathway. Increased TLR2 expression by transfection or interferon-gamma treatment increased TLR2-mediated Weibel-Palade body exocytosis, whereas reduced TLR2 expression under laminar flow decreased the response. Thus, we propose a novel role for TLR2 in induction of a primary proinflammatory event in aortic endothelial cells through Weibel-Palade body exocytosis, which may be an important step for linking innate recognition of bacterial pathogens to vascular inflammation.

  20. Analysis and planning of dose-finding studies with active control; Auswertung und Planung von Dosis-Findungsstudien mit aktiver Kontrolle

    Helms, Hans-Joachim


    In the clinical development of radiopharmaceuticals the dose finding plays an important role. The contribution is focused on the evaluation and planning of dose finding studies with active control. It is of primary interest to find the lowest dose that yields the same efficacy as the active control. Besides the target dose confidence intervals are of importance to describe the quality of the target dose estimation. The calculation of case numbers and the determination of the dose steps to be studied are challenging under practical conditions. The contribution covers the demonstration of the statistical model the parameter estimation and the asymptotic properties based on maximum likelihood theory, the spline-based evaluation of nonlinear dose finding studies with active control and the planning of design and number of cases.

  1. Reflexionseigenschaften von Windenergieanlagen im Funkfeld von Funknavigations- und Radarsystemen

    Sandmann, S.; Divanbeigi, S.; Garbe, H.


    Die hier behandelte Untersuchung befasst sich mit den Störungen des elektrischen Feldes einer Doppler Very High Frequency Omnidirectional Radio Range Navigationsanlage (DVOR) in der Gegenwart von Windenergieanlagen (WEA). Hierfür wird die Feldstärke auf 25 konzentrischen Kreisbahnen, sog. Orbit Flights verschiedener Höhen und mit verschiedenen Radien rund um die DVOR-Anlage numerisch simuliert. Insbesondere werden die Einflüsse diverser Parameter der WEA wie deren Anzahl, Position, Rotorwinkel, Turmhöhe und Rotordurchmesser auf die Feldverteilung herausgestellt, sowie die Anwendbarkeit der Simulationsmethode Physical Optics (PO) durch Vergleich der Simulationsergebnisse mit denen der Multi Level Fast Multipol Method (MLFMM) untersucht.

  2. Walt Disney and Dr. Wernher von Braun


    Dr. Werhner von Braun, then Chief, Guided Missile Development Operation Division at Army Ballistic Missile Agency (ABMA) in Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, was visited by Walt Disney in 1954. In the 1950's, von Braun worked with Disney Studio as a technical director, making three films about space exploration for television. A model of the V-2 rocket is in background.

  3. Ludwig von Mises: An Annotated Bibliography.

    Gordon, David

    A 117-item annotated bibliography of books, articles, essays, lectures, and reviews by economist Ludwig von Mises is presented. The bibliography is arranged chronologicaly, and is followed by an alphabetical listing of the citations, excluding books. An index and information on the Ludwig von Mises Institute at Auburn University (Alabama) are…

  4. Von Neumann Was Not a Quantum Bayesian

    Stacey, Blake C


    Wikipedia has claimed for over two years now that John von Neumann was the "first quantum Bayesian." In context, this reads as stating that von Neumann inaugurated QBism, the approach to quantum theory promoted by Fuchs, Mermin and Schack. This essay explores how such a claim is, historically speaking, unsupported.

  5. Utilization of activated carbon loaded with sulphur for sulphur fertilization in agriculture; Verwertung von mit Schwefel beladener Aktivkohle als Schwefelduenger in der Landwirtschaft

    Kirfel, Kristina; Hoffmann, Heide [Humboldt Univ. Berlin (Germany). AG Agraroekologie und Oekologischer Landbau


    Due to the decrease of atmospheric sulphur deposition, sulphur fertilization has gained significance for agriculture in recent years. Carbon-sulphur-pellets (CSP), activated carbon pellets loaded with sulphur, previously used for desulphurization in biogas plants, are up to now disposed of as waste. In this context the question arises if CSP could be of use for sulphur fertilization of agricultural crops. The objective of this study was to test sulphur release and plant availability from, and plant tolerance towards CSP. A pot experiment using Zea mays with different shares of CSP was carried out. Leaf green intensity of vital plants, indicating plants' current nutritional status, was measured and differences in plant development were documented regularly. At the end of the trial period biomass and elemental contents of the test plants, as well as electrical conductivity and pH-value of the substrate-CSP-mixtures were determined. Amendments of 0.2 m.-% to 1.0 m.-% had a positive effect on plants' dry mass yield; higher shares led to considerable yield losses. By addition of CSP, sulphur content in the plant dry mass increased compared to the control without sulphur fertilization. This result indicates that sulphur adsorbed to activated carbon becomes plant available when applicated to cultural substrate. (orig.)

  6. Factors Associated with Early Platelet Activation in Obese Children

    García, Anel Gómez; Núñez, Guillermina García; Sandoval, Martha Eva Viveros; Castellanos, Sergio Gutierrez; Aguilar, Cleto Alvarez


    Objective To investigate the factors associated with platelet activation in obese children. Design Cross-sectional study. Setting Department of Pediatrics of Regional Hospital N∘ 1 of Mexican Institute of Social Security in Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico. Participants 79 obese and 64 non-obese children between the ages of 5 and 10 years. Main Outcomes Measures Obese children (body mass index [BMI] >85 in growth curves for Centers for Disease Control/National Center for Health Statistics), and the control group of 64 non-obese children (percentile <85), % body fat, platelet activation was assessed by sP-selectin. Other measures were leptin, uric acid (UA), von Willebrand Factor (vWF), plasminogen activator inhibitor (PAI-1), lipid profile, and glucose. Results Obese children displayed higher plasma sP-selectin, leptin, PAI-1, and vWF than non-obese children. In the univariate logistic regression analysis, leptin, vWF, UA, and high density lipoprotein (HDL), but not with PAI-1, were factors associated with platelet activation. By stepwise linear regression analysis adjusted by sex and age, the best predictor variables for platelet activation were leptin (β:0.381; t:4.665; P=0.0001), vWF (β:0.211; t:2.926; P=0.004), UA (β:0.166; t:2.146; P=0.034), and HDL (β:−0.215; t:−2.819; P=0.006). Conclusions Obese children have a higher risk of developing early platelet activation. Factors associated with platelet activation were Leptin, vWF, UA, and HDL. Further studies involving larger numbers of patients over a longer duration are needed to understand the possible molecular mechanism underlying the association between leptin, vWF, and UA and endothelial activation and/or endothelial damage/dysfunction in obese children and its influence in cardiovascular disease in adults. PMID:24415745

  7. Mini tunneling machine with activated discs up to 2,500 mm in diameter; Konstruktion von Microtunnelingmaschinen mit aktivierten Disken mit Durchmessern bis zu 2500 mm

    Kotwica, K.; Gospodarczyk, P. [TU Berg- und Huettenakademie, Krakau (Poland). Lehrstuhl fuer Bergbau-, Aufbereitungs- und Transportmaschinen


    The paper describes a new type of cutting head with activated cutter discs, which has been designed for tunnelling in hard rock. The prototype version of the cutting head was designed and developed in Poland at the Krakow Technical University for Mining and Metallurgy (Department of Mining, Mineral Preparation and Transport Machines) in collaboration with the Katowice-based company REMAG. Presents the results of field trials that were carried out at REMAG's test site and examines how the cutting head could be used on a modular mini tunnelling machine for hard rock conditions. The technical features, mode of operation and nominal specifications of the new design are presented by way of models and diagrams. (orig.)

  8. Severely impaired von Willebrand factor-dependent platelet aggregation in patients with a continuous-flow left ventricular assist device (HeartMate II)

    Klovaite, Jolanta; Gustafsson, Finn; Mortensen, Svend A


    OBJECTIVES: This study investigated the influence of the mechanical blood pump HeartMate II (HMII) (Thoratec Corporation, Pleasanton, California) on blood coagulation and platelet function. BACKGROUND: HMII is an implantable left ventricular assist device used for the treatment of heart failure...

  9. Regulation of archaella expression by the FHA and von Willebrand domain-containing proteins ArnA and ArnB in Sulfolobus acidocaldarius.

    Reimann, Julia; Lassak, Kerstin; Khadouma, Sunia; Ettema, Thijs J G; Yang, Nuan; Driessen, Arnold J M; Klingl, Andreas; Albers, Sonja-Verena


    The ability of microorganisms to sense and respond to sudden changes in their environment is often based on regulatory systems comprising reversible protein phosphorylation. The archaellum (former: archaeal flagellum) is used for motility in Archaea and therefore functionally analogous to the bacterial flagellum. In contrast with archaellum-mediated movement in certain members of the Euryarchaeota, this process, including its regulation, remains poorly studied in crenarchaeal organisms like Sulfolobus species. Recently, it was shown in Sulfolobus acidocaldarius that tryptone limiting conditions led to the induction of archaella expression and assembly. Here we have identified two proteins, the FHA domain-containing protein ArnA and the vWA domain-containing protein ArnB that are involved in regulating archaella expression in S. acidocaldarius. Both proteins are phosphorylated by protein kinases in vitro and interact strongly in vivo. Phenotypic analyses revealed that these two proteins are repressors of archaella expression. These results represent the first step in understanding the networks that underlie regulation of cellular motility in Crenarchaeota and emphasize the importance of protein phosphorylation in the regulation of cellular processes in the Archaea.

  10. Regulation of archaella expression by the FHA and von Willebrand domain-containing proteins ArnA and ArnB in Sulfolobus acidocaldarius

    Reimann, Julia; Lassak, Kerstin; Khadouma, Sunia; Ettema, Thijs J. G.; Yang, Nuan; Driessen, Arnold J. M.; Klingl, Andreas; Albers, Sonja-Verena


    The ability of microorganisms to sense and respond to sudden changes in their environment is often based on regulatory systems comprising reversible protein phosphorylation. The archaellum (former: archaeal flagellum) is used for motility in Archaea and therefore functionally analogous to the bacter

  11. Distribution of von Willebrand factor levels in young women with and without bleeding symptoms: influence of ABO blood group and promoter haplotypes

    Lethagen, S.; Hillarp, A.; Ekholm, C.;


    . It was the objective of the present study to evaluate the distribution of VWF levels in young females with or without bleeding symptoms in this population, and the influence of ABO blood group and promoter haplotypes on VWF levels and to identify a possible increased prevalence of VWD in females with bleeding symptoms.......4%) (p = 0.017). Blood group O was found in 14/18 girls with low VWF:RCo. There was a highly significant correlation between VWF:RCo and blood group O and non-O genotypes. Two common VWF promoter haplotypes did not contribute to the VWF:RCo variation. VWF levels did not correlate with time during...... menstrual cycle, or the use of oral contraceptives. No case fulfilled the diagnostic criteria for VWD. In conclusion, low VWF:RCo was significantly more frequent in females with bleeding symptoms. However, we found no case fulfilling strict diagnostic criteria for VWD. The ABO blood group was a strong...

  12. Influence of atrial fibrillation on plasma von Willebrand factor, soluble E-selectin, and N-terminal pro B-type natriuretic peptide levels in systolic heart failure

    Freestone, B.; Gustasson, F.; Chong, A.Y.;


    Background: Endothelial dysfunction is present in patients with heart failure (HF) due to left ventricular systolic dysfunction, as well as in patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) who have normal cardiac function. it is unknown whether AF influences the degree of endothelial dysfunction in pati...

  13. Influence of glycated low density lipoprotein on the proliferation,expression of intercellular adhesion molecule-1,von Willebrand factor of human umbilical endothelial cells

    LU Jun; LIU Hui-ying; ZHANG Xiu-zhen; LEI Tao


    @@ Diabetes mellitus known as its macro-and microangiopathy has caused thousands of mortality per year.Recent researches showed that hyperglycemia,advanced glycation end products(AGEs)and some other factors acted on the process of atherogenesis.AGEs can combine with receptors of AGEs(RAGEs),which exist on the vascular endothelium,smooth muscle cells,macrophage,lymphocyte and so on.

  14. Establishment of reference intervals for von Willebrand factor antigen and eight coagulation factors in a Korean population following the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute guidelines.

    Jang, Ja-Hyun; Seo, Ja-Young; Bang, Sung-Hwan; Park, In-Ae; Kim, Hee-Jin; Kim, Sun-Hee


    Establishment of reference intervals for coagulation molecules is important but is costly and sometimes not feasible. Since reference intervals from manufacturers or the literature are mostly out of date or involved Western populations, the authors determined reference intervals for VWF: Ag and eight factors in a Korean population. VWF: Ag, factor VIII (FVIII), FII, FV, FVII, FIX, FX, FXI, and FXII were determined in Korean individuals visiting for routine checkup following the CLSI (Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute) guidelines. Reagents by Diagnostica Stago were used on the STA Compact Analyzer (Diagnostica Stago). Exclusion criteria were medical history or laboratory findings that could affect the factor levels. Influence of demographic factors was analyzed. Mean +/- 2 x SD or central 95 percentile was used, as appropriate. We obtained data from 266 adults for VWF: Ag, 371 adults for FVIII, and minimum 136 adults for the rest. Reference interval for VWF was 51-176% (52-155% in blood group O and 71-186% for non-O). Reference interval for FVIII was 64-197% (55-150% in O and 77-205% in non-O). Reference interval for FII was 77-121%, FV 81-160%, FVII 68-149%, FIX 67-154%, FX 69-126%, FXI 59-138%, and FXII 48-177%. The medians of VWF: Ag, FVIII, and FIX were significantly higher in the elderly group (> or =60 years). We established local reference intervals for VWF: Ag and eight coagulation factors in a Korean population according to the CLSI guidelines. Significantly, different reference intervals were obtained in blood group O vs. non-O for VWF: Ag and FVIII. The reference intervals obtained in this study could be adopted in other clinical laboratories after appropriate validation.

  15. Jacob Stael von Holstein ja palladionism eesti arhitektuuris / Ants Hein

    Hein, Ants, 1952-


    Sõjaväeinsenerist ja arhitektist Jacob Stael von Holsteinist (1628, Pärnu-1679), tema kavandatud hoonetest ja rollist 17. sajandi II poole arhitektuuris. Fabian von Ferseni Toompeal Lossiplatsil asunud elamust (lammutati 1894) ja Maardu mõisahoonest, Hans von Ferseni Mäo mõisahoonest Järvamaal, Otto Wilhelm von Ferseni majast Toompeal, Axel von Roseni majast Tallinnas Pikk t. 28 (1670-74), Otto Reinhold von Taube majast Tartus (hävinud), J. S. von Holsteini enda hoonetest: majast Tallinnas Toompea 1, Anija mõisahoonest, elamust Riias jm. Bibliograafia lk. 452

  16. Sodium-dependent vitamin C transporter 2 (SVCT2 expression and activity in brain capillary endothelial cells after transient ischemia in mice.

    Burkhard Gess

    Full Text Available Expression and transport activity of Sodium-dependent Vitamin C Transporter 2 (SVCT2 was shown in various tissues and organs. Vitamin C was shown to be cerebroprotective in several animal models of stroke. Data on expression, localization and transport activity of SVCT2 after cerebral ischemia, however, has been scarce so far. Thus, we studied the expression of SVCT2 after middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO in mice by immunohistochemistry. We found an upregulation of SVCT2 after stroke. Co-stainings with Occludin, Von-Willebrand Factor and CD34 demonstrated localization of SVCT2 in brain capillary endothelial cells in the ischemic area after stroke. Time-course analyses of SVCT2 expression by immunohistochemistry and western blots showed upregulation in the subacute phase of 2-5 days. Radioactive uptake assays using (14C-labelled ascorbic acid showed a significant increase of ascorbic acid uptake into the brain after stroke. Taken together, these results provide evidence for the expression and transport activity of SVCT2 in brain capillary endothelial cells after transient ischemia in mice. These results may lead to the development of novel neuroprotective strategies in stroke therapy.

  17. Neues über das Tertiär von Java und die mesozoischen Schichten von West-Borneo

    Martin, K.


    Die Monographie, welche unter dem Titel Die Fossilien von Java herausgegeben wird ¹), ist so weit fortgeschritten, dass sich aus den in ihr beschriebenen Gastropoden bereits eine Anzahl von Schlussfolgerungen ableiten lässt, welche für die in Bearbeitung begriffene, geologische Karte von Java von Be

  18. Renaturierung und Management von Heiden

    Härdtle, Werner; Assmann, Thorsten; van Diggelen, Rudy; von Oheimb, Goddert

    Heiden zählen zu den ältesten und besonders reizvollen Kulturlandschaften Nordwesteuropas. Sie sind bezeichnend für nährstoffarme Böden in wintermilden Gebieten mit hohen Sommerniederschlägen. Während Heiden vor wenigen Jahrhunderten noch weit verbreitet und für manche Landschaften sogar prägend waren, hat sich ihr Areal heute auf wenige, meist in Naturschutzgebieten gelegene Restbestände verkleinert. Zu diesem Rückgang haben maßgeblich Änderungen der Landnutzung, aber auch Nährstoffeinträge aus umgebenden Agrarflächen und atmogene Depositionen beigetragen. In den meisten Ländern der Europäischen Union sind Heiden heute gesetzlich geschützte Ökosysteme, da diese, neben ihrem Erholungswert für den Menschen, Pflanzen- und Tierarten beherbergen, die außerhalb von Heiden nicht oder kaum überlebensfähig sind.

  19. [Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome].

    Reich, H; Hollwich, F


    The von Hippel-Lindau syndrome is an autosomal dominant condition that comprises, apart from angiomas of the retina, the cerebellum, the spinal cord, and the cerebrum, also cystic and blastomatous dysplasias resulting from maldevelopment, namely cystic kidney and pancreas, hypernephroma, and pheochromocytoma. Early observers of the syndrome were the English neurologist John Hughlings Jackson (1872) and the German ophthalmologist Hugo Magnus (1874). The typical association of angiomas of the retina with the cerebellum was first described in 1905 by the Prague ophthalmologist Wilhelm Czermak, long before Lindau (1926). The fact that hypernephromas and pheochromocytomas may form parts of it characterizes the syndrome as a polyneoplastic hereditary disease and the sufferers as members of families at risk. Since the ophthalmologist is often the first to recognize this disease by direct inspection of the fundi, he is responsible for ensuring proper medical care for the affected person and his or her entire family.

  20. Charakterisierung von Radiolyseprodukten in gammabestrahlten Polyamiden Thermodesorption-Gaschromatographie Massenspekroskopie

    Selmi, Hany


    Der Verbrauch von Polyamiden in allen technischen Bereichen, darunter im Bereich der Verpackung von Lebensmitteln sowie im Bereich der Herstellung von medizinischen Artikeln und Geräten steigt stetig an. Dies beruht auf ihren Eigenschaften wie hohe Festigkeit, ausgezeichnete Thermoformbarkeit, hohe Wärmeformbeständigkeit, Sterilisierbarkeit und sehr gute Barriereeigenschaften gegen Gase, insbesondere gegenüber Sauerstoff und Aromen. Die Anwendung von Gammastrahlen zur Sterilisation von Verpac...

  1. Einfluss der Koordination von Spurenelementen in Silikatschmelzen auf Verteilungsprozesse

    Sebastian Simon


    Das Wissen um die lokale Struktur von Seltenen Erden Elementen (SEE) in silikatischen und aluminosilikatischen Schmelzen ist von fundamentalem Interesse für die Geochemie der magmatischen Prozesse, speziell wenn es um ein umfassendes Verständnis der Verteilungsprozesse von SEE in magmatischen Systemen geht. Es ist allgemein akzeptiert, dass die SEE-Verteilungsprozesse von Temperatur, Druck, Sauerstofffugazität (im Fall von polyvalenten Kationen) und der Kristallchemie kontrolliert werden. All...

  2. Arbeit von Frauen in Zeiten der Globalisierung

    D. Grunow


    Hohe Erwerbsquote, Dienstleistungsberufe und Minijobs: Die weibliche Erwerbstätigkeit hat sich in den letzten Jahrzehnten in Deutschland stark verändert. Wie hängen die Prozesse zusammen mit der Globalisierung von Wirtschaft und Arbeit?

  3. Von Laue's theorem and its applications

    Wang, Changbiao


    Von Laue's theorem is strictly proved in detail to clarify confusions in textbook and literature. This theorem is used to analyze the classical electron and the static electric field confined in a finite region of space.

  4. 50th birthday of Christian von Ferber


    Full Text Available On May 15, 2011 Christian von Ferber - member of the Editorial Board of "Condensed Matter Physics" and renowned expert in the fields of soft matter physics and complex systems - celebrated his 50th birthday. The Editorial board of CMP, colleagues and friends warmy congratulate Christian von Ferber and wish him and his family continuing good health and to enjoy many adventures and discoveries in his future scientific travels!

  5. Titanisierung von Implantatoberflächen

    Zimmermann, Hanngörg; Heinlein, Markus; Guldner, Norbert W.

    Titan gilt seit Jahrzehnten als einer der wichtigsten Implantatwerkstoffe in der Medizin. Neben den guten mechanischen Eigenschaften (Leichtigkeit, hohe Festigkeit etc.), besitzen Titanimplantate vor allem eine hervorragende Körperverträglichkeit, so dass die Implantate optimal in den humanen Organismus integriert werden [1]. Ist jedoch aufgrund der Anforderungen an das Implantat eine hohe Flexibilität und/ oder Elastizität gefragt, so scheidet der Werkstoff Titan aufgrund seiner spröden und unflexiblen Materialeigenschaften aus. Die Folge ist der Einsatz von Implantatmaterialien, sowohl künstlichen als auch biologischen Ursprungs, welche nicht selten eine unzureichende Biokompatibilität aufweisen und somit zu Fremdköper- und immunologischen Reaktionen und Einkapselung des Implantates führen können. Die Erhöhung der Körperverträglichkeit, eine Adaption an das biologische Umfeld und eine hohe Biokompatibilität sind demzufolge die wichtigsten Eigenschaften bei der bedarfsgerechten Herstellung von Implantaten und Implantatoberflächen. Zur Gestaltung von innovativen, biokompatiblen Oberflächen stehen unterschiedliche technische Lösungsansätze zur Verfügung. Zum einen besteht die Möglichkeit, geeignete Oberflächeneigenschaften aus dem Grundmaterial selbst zu optimieren. Dies geschieht unter anderem durch Modifikation der Werkstoffoberflächen in Form von Texturierungen und Oberflächenrauhigkeiten. Zum anderen können die Oberflächeneigenschaften unabhängig von denen des Trägermaterials gestaltet werden. Durch Funktionalisierung der Oberflächen mit geeigneten Beschichtungen oder der Zugabe von Medikamenten (Drug Eluting) werden die Kunststoffimplantate dahingehend verändert, dass eine Steigerung der Körperakzeptanz erreicht wird. Die Titanbeschichtung von Implantatoberflächen kombiniert die positiven Materialeigenschaften von Titan und Polymer.

  6. Charakterisierung von Wechselwirkungsprozessen in sensitiven Schichten

    Rathgeb, Frank


    Die vorliegende Arbeit soll verschiedene Strategien aufzeigen, um eine selektive Anreicherung gasförmiger Analytmoleküle in sensitiven Schichten zu erzielen. Im Mittelpunkt des Interesses lagen hierbei pH-responsive Polymere, mikroporöse Schichten und Cyclohexapeptide. Mit den pH-responsiven Polymeren konnte eine selektive und sensitive Detektion von Ammoniak mit Nachweisgrenzen von 150 ppb erreicht werden. Die Stabilität der sensitiven Schicht konnte im Vergleich zu farbstoffdotie...

  7. Beschichtung von Kohlenstofffasern durch Chemische Gasphasenabscheidung (CVD)

    Schmidt, Stephan


    Der Einsatz faserverstärkter Verbundwerkstoffe mit metallischer und keramischer Matrix bietet den Vorteil von Kombination und optimaler Ausnutzung verschiedenster Werkstoffeigenschaften. Die Verwendung einer durch Kohlenstofffasern verstärkten keramischen Matrix erlangte dabei in der kürzeren Vergangenheit vermehrtes Interesse. Grundlegend für den erfolgreichen Einsatz von Faserverbundwerkstoffen ist dabei ein optimiertes Faser-Matrix-Interface, also eine "optimale" Haftung der Fasern innerha...

  8. Hullud päevad von Krahlis


    Von Krahli Teatris mängitakse neil päevi neli korda Peeter Jalaka lavastuses Tõnu Kõrvitsa kammeroopereid "Tuliaed" ja "Mu luiged, mu mõtted", mille aluseks on luuletaja Marie Heibergi saatus. Libreto autor on Maarja Kangro. Kammerooperid tulevad lavale Von Krahli Teatri ja Nargen Opera koostöös. Esitavad Kädy Plaas, Helen Lokuta, Nargen Opera koor ja Tallinna Kammerorkester, dirigent Tõnu Kaljuste

  9. Studien zur didaktischen Nutzung von Concept Maps

    Jüngst, Karl Ludwig


    In einer ersten Studie wurde geprüft, ob elaborierendes Durcharbeiten von Concept Maps lerneffektiver ist als elaborierendes Durcharbeiten von analogen Texten. Es wurden 13 Exemplare in unterschiedlichen Schulfächern im Sekundarschulwesen durchgeführt. Die Versuchs- Klassen arbeiten Concept Maps zu einem bestimmten Begriff durch, die Kontrollklassen analoge Texte. Die Behaltensleistung auf einfacherem Anforderungsniveau war in den Klassen mit Concept Maps besser als in den Klassen mit Texten....

  10. Echicetin coated polystyrene beads: a novel tool to investigate GPIb-specific platelet activation and aggregation.

    Alexey Navdaev

    Full Text Available von Willebrand factor/ristocetin (vWF/R induces GPIb-dependent platelet agglutination and activation of αIIbβ3 integrin, which also binds vWF. These conditions make it difficult to investigate GPIb-specific signaling pathways in washed platelets. Here, we investigated the specific mechanisms of GPIb signaling using echicetin-coated polystyrene beads, which specifically activate GPIb. We compared platelet activation induced by echicetin beads to vWF/R. Human platelets were stimulated with polystyrene beads coated with increasing amounts of echicetin and platelet activation by echicetin beads was then investigated to reveal GPIb specific signaling. Echicetin beads induced αIIbβ3-dependent aggregation of washed platelets, while under the same conditions vWF/R treatment led only to αIIbβ3-independent platelet agglutination. The average distance between the echicetin molecules on the polystyrene beads must be less than 7 nm for full platelet activation, while the total amount of echicetin used for activation is not critical. Echicetin beads induced strong phosphorylation of several proteins including p38, ERK and PKB. Synergistic signaling via P2Y12 and thromboxane receptor through secreted ADP and TxA2, respectively, were important for echicetin bead triggered platelet activation. Activation of PKG by the NO/sGC/cGMP pathway inhibited echicetin bead-induced platelet aggregation. Echicetin-coated beads are powerful and reliable tools to study signaling in human platelets activated solely via GPIb and GPIb-triggered pathways.

  11. Echicetin Coated Polystyrene Beads: A Novel Tool to Investigate GPIb-Specific Platelet Activation and Aggregation

    Petunin, Alexey; Clemetson, Kenneth J.; Gambaryan, Stepan; Walter, Ulrich


    von Willebrand factor/ristocetin (vWF/R) induces GPIb-dependent platelet agglutination and activation of αIIbβ3 integrin, which also binds vWF. These conditions make it difficult to investigate GPIb-specific signaling pathways in washed platelets. Here, we investigated the specific mechanisms of GPIb signaling using echicetin-coated polystyrene beads, which specifically activate GPIb. We compared platelet activation induced by echicetin beads to vWF/R. Human platelets were stimulated with polystyrene beads coated with increasing amounts of echicetin and platelet activation by echicetin beads was then investigated to reveal GPIb specific signaling. Echicetin beads induced αIIbβ3-dependent aggregation of washed platelets, while under the same conditions vWF/R treatment led only to αIIbβ3-independent platelet agglutination. The average distance between the echicetin molecules on the polystyrene beads must be less than 7 nm for full platelet activation, while the total amount of echicetin used for activation is not critical. Echicetin beads induced strong phosphorylation of several proteins including p38, ERK and PKB. Synergistic signaling via P2Y12 and thromboxane receptor through secreted ADP and TxA2, respectively, were important for echicetin bead triggered platelet activation. Activation of PKG by the NO/sGC/cGMP pathway inhibited echicetin bead-induced platelet aggregation. Echicetin-coated beads are powerful and reliable tools to study signaling in human platelets activated solely via GPIb and GPIb-triggered pathways. PMID:24705415

  12. Renaturierung von Tagebaufolgeflächen

    Tischew, Sabine

    Der Abbau von Rohstoffen im Tagebauverfahren bedingt einen tief greifenden Landschafts- und Strukturwandel in den betroffenen Regionen. In der Abbauphase hat vor allem der Braunkohleabbau mit den tagebauübergreifenden Grundwasserabsenkungstrichtern, der Zerstörung oder Beeinträchtigung von ausgedehnten naturnahen Auenökosystemen sowie Wäldern und Elementen der Kulturlandschaft aus der Sicht des Naturschutzes überwiegend negative landschaftsökologische Folgen. Vor allem der Eingriff in Ökosysteme mit langen Entwicklungszeiten (alte Wälder, Moore) oder in die Dynamik von Auensystemen ist nicht oder nur in sehr langen Zeiträumen wieder ausgleichbar. Für letztere ist auch langfristig die Durchgängigkeit für viele Tierarten (Arten der Fließgewässer) nicht wieder vollständig herstellbar. Oft ist es zudem schwierig, traditionelle Landnutzungen (z. B. Wanderschäferei, Nutzung von Streuobstwiesen) nach der langen Abbauphase wieder aufzugreifen. Es ist deshalb eine wichtige Aufgabe, nach dem Abbauprozess auf der Grundlage der vorhandenen Potenziale eine nachhaltige Entwicklung der Bergbaufolgelandschaft zu unterstützen und von den Betreibern des Abbaus und von den Sanierungsgesellschaften auch einzufordern (z. B. Bauer 1998).

  13. A prothrombin activator from Bothrops erythromelas (jararaca-da-seca) snake venom: characterization and molecular cloning.

    Silva, Márcia B; Schattner, Mirta; Ramos, Celso R R; Junqueira-de-Azevedo, Inácio L M; Guarnieri, Míriam C; Lazzari, María A; Sampaio, Claudio A M; Pozner, Roberto G; Ventura, Janaina S; Ho, Paulo L; Chudzinski-Tavassi, Ana M


    A novel prothrombin activator enzyme, which we have named 'berythractivase', was isolated from Bothrops erythromelas (jararaca-da-seca) snake venom. Berythractivase was purified by a single cation-exchange-chromatography step on a Resource S (Amersham Biosciences) column. The overall purification (31-fold) indicates that berythractivase comprises about 5% of the crude venom. It is a single-chain protein with a molecular mass of 78 kDa. SDS/PAGE of prothrombin after activation by berythractivase showed fragment patterns similar to those generated by group A prothrombin activators, which convert prothrombin into meizothrombin, independent of the prothrombinase complex. Chelating agents, such as EDTA and o -phenanthroline, rapidly inhibited the enzymic activity of berythractivase, like a typical metalloproteinase. Human fibrinogen A alpha-chain was slowly digested only after longer incubation with berythractivase, and no effect on the beta- or gamma-chains was observed. Berythractivase was also capable of triggering endothelial proinflammatory and procoagulant cell responses. von Willebrand factor was released, and the surface expression of both intracellular adhesion molecule-1 and E-selectin was up-regulated by berythractivase in cultured human umbilical-vein endothelial cells. The complete berythractivase cDNA was cloned from a B. erythromelas venom-gland cDNA library. The cDNA sequence possesses 2330 bp and encodes a preproprotein with significant sequence similarity to many other mature metalloproteinases reported from snake venoms. Berythractivase contains metalloproteinase, desintegrin-like and cysteine-rich domains. However, berythractivase did not elicit any haemorrhagic response. These results show that, although the primary structure of berythractivase is related to that of snake-venom haemorrhagic metalloproteinases and functionally similar to group A prothrombin activators, it is a prothrombin activator devoid of haemorrhagic activity. This is a feature

  14. Blood coagulation parameters and activity indices in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

    A. A. Arshinov


    Full Text Available Objective. To assess coagulation parameters and activity indices in pts with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE. Material and methods . 86 pts with SLE (83 female and 3 male were examined. 12 of them had antiphospholipid syndrome. Mean age was 35,9±1,5 years (from 18 to 58 years, mean disease duration was 9,8+1,4 years. Control group consisted of 60 healthy volunteers with mean age 37,1+4,1 years. SLE activity assessment was performed with SLAM, SLEDAI and ECLAM indices. Results. SLE pts showed 5-fold (p<0,01 increase of spontaneous platelets aggregation and more than 3-fold increase of factor von Willebrand antigen (FWA concentration. Platelet activation in pts was accompanied by decrease of platelet aggregation with collagen (on 27%, p<0,01. Characteristic sign of coagulation hemostasis activation was significant increase of soluble fibrin-monomer complexes (SFMC concentration on 81 % (p<0,01 so as increase D-dimers level in 53,3% of pts. Fibrinogen concentration was increased on 29%, spontaneous fibrinolysis parameters were decreased on 20%, antithrombin (AT 111 - on 21% in comparison with control. Direct correlation between activity indiccs and SFMC(ECLAM, r=0,5, fibrinogen concentration (SLAM, r=0,34, D- dimers level (ECLAM, r=0,5, spontaneous platelet aggregation (ECLAM, r=0,5 so as inverse correlation with AT III activity (SLEDAI, r-0,73 was revealed. Conclusion. Changes of hemostasis parameters in SLE may serve as predictors of thrombotic disorders development and indication to drug correction of blood coagulation disorders. Direct correlation between blood coagulation system activity and indices of SLE activity.

  15. Positive Effekte von NSAR auf den Gastrointestinaltrakt

    Lang M


    Full Text Available Ein protektiver Effekt von nichtsteroidalen Antirheumatika (NSAR auf die Tumorentstehung im Kolon wird in diversen präklinischen, epidemiologischen und auch randomisierten Arbeiten postuliert. Der Hauptwirkungsmechanismus von NSAR wird der Hemmung der Prostaglandinsynthese über die Cyclooxygenasen (COX zugeschrieben. Es existieren aber auch COX-unabhängige Mechanismen. Hier wollen wir einen Überblick über die Studienlage mit Aspirin, Sulindac und COX-2-Hemmern im Hinblick auf die Entstehung von Adenomen und Kolorektalkarzinomen geben. Die Wirkung dieser Substanzen ist besonders für Patienten mit familiärer Disposition relevant, aber auch für Patienten, die NSAR oder Aspirin aufgrund anderer Indikationen einnehmen. Es bestehen Abhängigkeiten von Dosis und Zeit sowie Interaktionen mit speziellen Mutationen (BRAF, PI3K und der zellulären COX-2-Expression. Beim Lynch-Syndrom ist die Wirksamkeit von Aspirin letztlich nicht sicher und eine multinationale klinische Studie mit 5-Aminosalizylsäure (Mesalazin wurde vom europäischen TRANSCAN-Programm gefördert.

  16. An MRI Von Economo - Koskinas atlas.

    Scholtens, Lianne H; de Reus, Marcel A; de Lange, Siemon C; Schmidt, Ruben; van den Heuvel, Martijn P


    The cerebral cortex displays substantial variation in cellular architecture, a regional patterning that has been of great interest to anatomists for centuries. In 1925, Constantin von Economo and George Koskinas published a detailed atlas of the human cerebral cortex, describing a cytoarchitectonic division of the cortical mantle into over 40 distinct areas. Von Economo and Koskinas accompanied their seminal work with large photomicrographic plates of their histological slides, together with tables containing for each described region detailed morphological layer-specific information on neuronal count, neuron size and thickness of the cortical mantle. Here, we aimed to make this legacy data accessible and relatable to in vivo neuroimaging data by constructing a digital Von Economo - Koskinas atlas compatible with the widely used FreeSurfer software suite. In this technical note we describe the procedures used for manual segmentation of the Von Economo - Koskinas atlas onto individual T1 scans and the subsequent construction of the digital atlas. We provide the files needed to run the atlas on new FreeSurfer data, together with some simple code of how to apply the atlas to T1 scans within the FreeSurfer software suite. The digital Von Economo - Koskinas atlas is easily applicable to modern day anatomical MRI data and is made publicly available online.

  17. Kerttu Wagner. Die historischen romane von Jaan Kross / Wolfgang Drechsler

    Drechsler, Wolfgang, 1963-


    Arvustus: Wagner, Kerttu. Die historischen Romane von Jaan Kross : am Beispiel einer Untersuchung der deutschen und englischen Übersetzungen von "Professor Martensi ärasõit" (1984). Frankfurt am Main [etc.] : P. Lang, 2001.

  18. Gemeinsam hilfreich oder einsam lästig? Beurteilung von praktikumsbegleitenden Weblogs von angehenden Lehrpersonen

    Nives Egger


    Full Text Available Weblogs werden an Hochschulen vermehrt zur Unterstützung von Lern- und Reflexionsprozessen eingesetzt, in der Lehrer/innenbildung auch zunehmend während der berufspraktischen Ausbildung. Die Studierenden beurteilen den Einsatz von Weblogs jedoch unterschiedlich. Dabei ist wenig bekannt, welchen Einfluss die Vergabe und das Erhalten von Peerfeedback auf den Beurteilungsprozess von praktikumsbegleitenden Weblogs sowie auf den Umfang von Blogpostings haben. Im folgenden Beitrag wird dieser Frage mittels einer Befragung von 74 angehenden Lehrpersonen nachgegangen, die praktikumsbegleitende Weblogs mit oder ohne Peerfeedback nutzten, um über herausfordernde Ereignisse im Praktikum zu reflektieren. Die Ergebnisse zeigen, dass Studierende, die Peerfeedback erhielten und andere Blogbeiträge kommentierten, den Weblogeinsatz nützlicher einschätzen sowie eine höhere Motivation und positivere Einstellung gegenüber den Einsatz von Weblogs aufweisen als Studierende, die ohne Peerfeedback bloggen. Keinen Einfluss hat Peerfeedback auf den Umfang der Blogbeiträge und auf die dafür aufgewendete Zeit.

  19. High levels of soluble VEGF receptor 1 early after trauma are associated with shock, sympathoadrenal activation, glycocalyx degradation and inflammation in severely injured patients: a prospective study

    Ostrowski Sisse R


    Full Text Available Abstract Background The level of soluble vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 1 (sVEGFR1 is increased in sepsis and strongly associated with disease severity and mortality. Endothelial activation and damage contribute to both sepsis and trauma pathology. Therefore, this study measured sVEGFR1 levels in trauma patients upon hospital admission hypothesizing that sVEGFR1 would increase with higher injury severity and predict a poor outcome. Methods Prospective observational study of 80 trauma patients admitted to a Level I Trauma Centre. Data on demography, biochemistry, Injury Severity Score (ISS, transfusions and 30-day mortality were recorded and plasma/serum (sampled a median of 68 min (IQR 48-88 post-injury was analyzed for sVEGFR1 and biomarkers reflecting sympathoadrenal activation (adrenaline, noradrenaline, tissue injury (histone-complexed DNA fragments, hcDNA, endothelial activation and damage (von Willebrand Factor Antigen, Angiopoietin-2, soluble endothelial protein C receptor, syndecan-1, soluble thrombomodulin (sTM, coagulation activation/inhibition and fibrinolysis (prothrombinfragment 1 + 2, protein C, activated Protein C, tissue-type plasminogen activator, plasminogen activator inhibitor-1, D-dimer and inflammation (interleukin-6. Spearman correlations and regression analyses to identify variables associated with sVEGFR1 and its predictive value. Results Circulating sVEGFR1 correlated with injury severity (ISS, rho = 0.46, shock (SBE, rho = -0.38; adrenaline, rho = 0.47, tissue injury (hcDNA, rho = 0.44 and inflammation (IL-6, rho = 0.54 (all p Conclusions sVEGFR1 increased with increasing injury severity, shock and inflammation early after trauma but only sympathoadrenal activation, hypoperfusion, and inflammation were independent predictors of sVEGFR1 levels. sVEGFR1 correlated strongly with other biomarkers of endothelial activation and damage and with RBC transfusion requirements. Sympathoadrenal activation, shock and

  20. Liouville-von Neumann molecular dynamics

    Jakowski, Jacek; Morokuma, Keiji


    We present a novel first principles molecular dynamics scheme, called Liouville-von Neumann molecular dynamics, based on Liouville-von Neumann equation for density matrices propagation and Magnus expansion of the time-evolution operator. The scheme combines formally accurate quantum propagation of electrons represented via density matrices and a classical propagation of nuclei. The method requires a few iterations per each time step where the Fock operator is formed and von Neumann equation is integrated. The algorithm (a) is free of constraint and fictitious parameters, (b) avoids diagonalization of the Fock operator, and (c) can be used in the case of fractional occupation as in metallic systems. The algorithm is very stable, and has a very good conservation of energy even in cases when a good quality conventional Born-Oppenheimer molecular dynamics trajectories is difficult to obtain. Test simulations include initial phase of fullerene formation from gaseous C2 and retinal system.

  1. Gasification of liquid manure; Vergasung von Guelle

    Gudenau, H.W.; Hoberg, H.; Hirsch, U. [Technische Hochschule Aachen (Germany). Inst. fuer Eisenhuettenkunde


    The potential of thermal use of liquid manure is investigated. It is recommended to separate the liquid and solid fraction. While the liquid fraction can be used as fertilizer, the solid fraction can be used for generating a fuel gas for combined heat and power generation. (orig) [Deutsch] Die Untersuchungen haben ergeben, dass in der thermischen Verwertung von Guelle ein bisher nur wenig genutztes Potential vorliegt. Die zum Anbau von Getreide notwendige Duengung kann durch Separation von Guelle in Fest- und Duennfraktion effektiver und kostenguenstiger durchgefuehrt werden. Der Naehrstoffgehalt des Guellefeststoffs sollte durch thermische Aufbereitung aufkonzentriert werden, so dass eine Vermarktung auch mit laengeren Transpoertwegen darstellbar ist. Die bei der thermischen Behandlung gewonnene Waerme kann prozessintern genutzt und ueberschuessige Waerme an Abnehmer in der naeheren Umgebung geliefert werden. Genauso besteht die Moeglichkeit, ein Brenngas zu erzeugen und die Energie mit Kraft-Waerme-Kopplung zu nutzen. (orig)

  2. Multivariate Herkunftsanalyse von Marmor auf petrographischer und geochemischer Basis

    Cramer, Thomas


    Am Beispiel von aus Kleinasien stammenden Grabungsfunden in der Antikensammlung Berlin wird die Methodik der Herkunftsanalyse von Marmoren, d.h. der Zuordnung zu ihren Lagerstätten, weiterentwickelt und erprobt. Dazu wird der aktuelle Forschungsstand kritisch gewürdigt, die Voraussetzungen, Bedingungen und Grenzen der Provenienzbestimmung werden systematisiert und von den zahlreichen Gesteinsmerkmalen und Untersuchungsmethoden die geeignetsten ausgewählt. Marmore von 38 Sammlungsobjekten, die...

  3. Regulation of Matrix Metalloproteinase-2 Activity by COX-2-PGE2-pAKT Axis Promotes Angiogenesis in Endometriosis

    Ray, Amlan K.; DasMahapatra, Pramathes; Swarnakar, Snehasikta


    Endometriosis is characterized by the ectopic development of the endometrium which relies on angiogenesis. Although studies have identified the involvement of different matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) in endometriosis, no study has yet investigated the role of MMP-2 in endometriosis-associated angiogenesis. The present study aims to understand the regulation of MMP-2 activity in endothelial cells and on angiogenesis during progression of ovarian endometriosis. Histological and biochemical data showed increased expressions of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), VEGF receptor-2, cycloxygenase (COX)-2, von Willebrand factor along with angiogenesis during endometriosis progression. Women with endometriosis showed decreased MMP-2 activity in eutopic endometrium as compared to women without endometriosis. However, ectopic ovarian endometrioma showed significantly elevated MMP-2 activity with disease severity. In addition, increased MT1MMP and decreased tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases (TIMP)-2 expressions were found in the late stages of endometriosis indicating more MMP-2 activation with disease progression. In vitro study using human endothelial cells showed that prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) significantly increased MMP-2 activity as well as tube formation. Inhibition of COX-2 and/or phosphorylated AKT suppressed MMP-2 activity and endothelial tube formation suggesting involvement of PGE2 in regulation of MMP-2 activity during angiogenesis. Moreover, specific inhibition of MMP-2 by chemical inhibitor significantly reduced cellular migration, invasion and tube formation. In ovo assay showed decreased angiogenic branching upon MMP-2 inhibition. Furthermore, a significant reduction of lesion numbers was observed upon inhibition of MMP-2 and COX-2 in mouse model of endometriosis. In conclusion, our study establishes the involvement of MMP-2 activity via COX-2-PGE2-pAKT axis in promoting angiogenesis during endometriosis progression. PMID:27695098

  4. Die Retentionskraft von drei Befestigungszementen in Abhängigkeit von der Testmethode

    Schafhausen, Michael


    Der Erfolg einer festsitzenden Restauration ist in entscheidenem Maße von der dauerhaften Retention der Einsetzzemente abhängig. Da die Retention von vielen Faktoren beeinträchtigt wird, die ihrerseits nur zum Teil vom Behandler zu beeinflussen sind, ist es wünschenswert, dass ein Zement vorhanden ist, der auch unter ungünstigen klinischen Bedingungen eine dauerhaft hohe Haftkraft aufweist. Ziel der vorliegenden In-Vitro Studie war es somit, die Retentionskraft von individuell gegossenen K...

  5. [Anja Wilhelmi. Lebensweltlen von Frauen der deutschen Oberschicht im Baltikum (1800-1939). Eine Untersuchung anhand von Autobiographien] / Alexander Ewig

    Ewig, Alexander, 1980-


    Arvustus: Wilhelmi, Anja. Lebenswelten von Frauen der deutschen Oberschicht im Baltikum (1800-1939). Eine Untersuchung anhand von Autobiographien. (Veröffentlichungen des Nordost-Instituts, 10.) (Wiesbaden : HArrassowitz 2008)

  6. Approximate equivalence in von Neumann algebras

    DING; Huiru; Don; Hadwin


    One formulation of D. Voiculescu's theorem on approximate unitary equivalence is that two unital representations π and ρ of a separable C*-algebra are approximately unitarily equivalent if and only if rank o π = rank o ρ. We study the analog when the ranges of π and ρ are contained in a von Neumann algebra R, the unitaries inducing the approximate equivalence must come from R, and "rank" is replaced with "R-rank" (defined as the Murray-von Neumann equivalence of the range projection).

  7. Verwertung von Prozessbieren in der Brauerei

    Schneeberger, Mark


    Die betriebsinterne Verwertung von Prozessbieren (PB) zur Minimierung des Bierschwandes stellt den Kern der Arbeit dar. Als mengenmäßig bedeutsamste PB haben sich Hefebiere (HB), Vor-, Zwischen- und Nachläufe (VZNL) aus der Filtration, Biere aus unterfüllten bzw. falsch etikettierten Flaschen aus der Abfüllung sowie Rückbiere herausgestellt. Verschiedene Indikatoren in Hefezellen und im HB wurden zur Kontrolle von Hefebierrückgewinnungsanlagen ermittelt. Um eine hohe Qualität der wiedergewinn...

  8. Von Mumien, Cyborgs und Röntgenbildern

    Regina Schleicher


    Full Text Available Unter dem Titel Techniken der Reproduktion liegt ein Sammelband vor, der die Beiträge einer Tagung an der Universität Paderborn vom Dezember 2001 enthält. In enger Verknüpfung verschiedener disziplinärer Perspektiven werden Schlaglichter auf eine Vielzahl von Themen geworfen, die sich mit dem Begriff „Reproduktion“ verbinden. Dabei wird deutlich, wie eng die Geschichte der Medien und die Entwicklung von Technologien der biologischen Fortpflanzung miteinander verzahnt sind.

  9. Die Verteilung und Eigenschaften von Bodenformen in der Deutschen Bucht, eine Rekonstruktion der Karten von Ulrich (1973)

    Winter, Christian; Lefebvre, Alice; Benninghoff, Markus


    Entstehung, Gestalt und Dynamik von Bodenformen in vergleichsweise kleinen Untersuchungsgebieten ist die Arbeit von ULRICH (1973) über die Verteilung von Bodenformen in der Deutschen Bucht bis heute die einzige verfügbare zusammenhängende Darstellung für die deutsche Nordseeküste. Die analogen Karten und die...

  10. Herstellung von Bio-Fleisch- und Wurstwaren ohne Einsatz von Pökelstoffen


    Bei der ökologischen Herstellung von Fleisch- und Wurstwaren werden vielfach auf die in der konventionellen Wurstherstellung verwendeten Konservierungsstoffe E 250 (Natriumnitrit) bzw. E 252 (Kaliumnitrat) verzichtet oder reduzierte Zugabemengen der Zusatzstoffe verwendet.

  11. Untersuchungen zur Trockenentschwefelung von Brenngasen durch Partialoxidation von H2S an Herdofenkoks

    Bauersfeld, Dirk


    Die vorliegende Arbeit befasst sich mit Untersuchungen zur Trockenentschwefelung von Brenngasen durch Partialoxidation von H2S an Herdofenkoks. Hierzu wurden Versuche in der Technikumsanlage VTE 2004 mit einem simulierten PHTW Gas durchgeführt. Es zeigte sich, dass der COS-Abbau nicht wie bisher angenommen durch die COS-Partialoxidation sondern durch die COS-Hydrolyse erfolgt. Die COS-Hydrolyse gewinnt dabei mit abnehmender Raumbelastung an Bedeutung. Der Entschwefelungsgrad erhöht sich mit s...

  12. Synthese von grenzflächenaktiven Monomeren zur Herstellung von funktionalen Metall-Chalkogenid/Polymer-Hybridnanopartikeln

    Fischer, V.


    In dieser Arbeit wurde gezeigt, wie oberflächenfunktionalisierte Polystyrolnanopartikel zur Herstellung von Metallchalkogenid/Polymer-Hybridnanopartikeln eingesetzt werden können. Dazu wurden zunächst phosphonsäure- und phosphorsäurefunktionalisierte Surfmere synthetisiert, die anschließend bei der Miniemulsionspolymerisation von Styrol verwendet wurden. Die Surfmere dienten dabei zugleich zur Stabilisierung und als Comonomer. Die oberflächenfunktionalisierten Polystyrolnanopartikel wurden an...

  13. Untersuchung der Rolle von Rhodopsin 7 und Cryptochrom im Sehprozess von Drosophila melanogaster

    Grebler, Rudi


    Ausgangspunkt für die Detektion von Licht ist im gesamten Tierreich die Absorption von Photonen durch photorezeptive Proteine, die sogenannten Opsine und in geringerem Ausmaß die Typ 1 Cryptochrome. Die Taufliege Drosophila melanogaster besitzt sechs eingehend charakterisierte, auch als Rhodopsine bezeichnete Opsine (Rh1-Rh6) und ein Cryptochrom (CRY). Neben den Ocellen und den Hofbauer-Buchner Äuglein werden die Rhodopsine in erster Linie in den Photorezeptorzellen der Komplexaugen, den Haup...

  14. Dentinhaftung von Zementen. Der Haftverbund von Zementen mit Dentin in Kombination mit verschiedenen indirekten Restaurationsmaterialien

    Peutzfeldt, Anne; Sahafi, Alireza; Flury, Simon


    Einleitung: Die Anzahl zahnärztlicher Zemente sowie Restaurationsmaterialien steigt stetig. Die richtige Zementwahl für einen zuverlässigen Haftverbund zwischen Restaurationsmaterial und Zahnsubstanz ist von Interesse für den Kliniker. Ziel der vorliegenden in vitro-Studie war es daher, den Dentinhaftverbund von verschiedenen Zementen in Kombination mit verschiedenen indirekten Restaurationsmaterialien zu untersuchen. Material und Methoden: Zylindrische Probekörper aus sechs Restaurations...

  15. Spin torque oscillator neuroanalog of von Neumann's microwave computer.

    Hoppensteadt, Frank


    Frequency and phase of neural activity play important roles in the behaving brain. The emerging understanding of these roles has been informed by the design of analog devices that have been important to neuroscience, among them the neuroanalog computer developed by O. Schmitt and A. Hodgkin in the 1930s. Later J. von Neumann, in a search for high performance computing using microwaves, invented a logic machine based on crystal diodes that can perform logic functions including binary arithmetic. Described here is an embodiment of his machine using nano-magnetics. Electrical currents through point contacts on a ferromagnetic thin film can create oscillations in the magnetization of the film. Under natural conditions these properties of a ferromagnetic thin film may be described by a nonlinear Schrödinger equation for the film's magnetization. Radiating solutions of this system are referred to as spin waves, and communication within the film may be by spin waves or by directed graphs of electrical connections. It is shown here how to formulate a STO logic machine, and by computer simulation how this machine can perform several computations simultaneously using multiplexing of inputs, that this system can evaluate iterated logic functions, and that spin waves may communicate frequency, phase and binary information. Neural tissue and the Schmitt-Hodgkin, von Neumann and STO devices share a common bifurcation structure, although these systems operate on vastly different space and time scales; namely, all may exhibit Andronov-Hopf bifurcations. This suggests that neural circuits may be capable of the computational functionality as described by von Neumann.

  16. Soolopartiid Von Krahli katuse all / Kristi Eberhart

    Eberhart, Kristi


    Von Krahli Teatri kolmest lavastusest: "Erki ja Tiina" (lavastaja Mart Kangro, tantsivad Erki Laur ja Tiina Tauraite), "Faust" (J. W. Goethe ainetel tekst ja lavastus Taavi Eelmaa, muusika ja laulud Chalice, osades Jarek Kasar ja Rein Pakk), "Hamletid" (William Shakespeare'i ainetel kontseptsiooni, lavastuse, koreograafia, kujunduse, valguse autor Sasha Pepeljajev, video- ja helikunstnik Taavet Jansen. Esitaja Juhan Ulfsak)

  17. Ueber eine Anomalie von Acromitus flagellatus (Stiasny)

    Stiasny, G.


    Bei erneuter Durchsicht des reichhaltigen Materiales von Acromitus flagellatus (Stiasny) in der Scyphomedusen-Sammlung des Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie in Leiden (vergl. meine Mitteilungen daruber, 1920, Uebersichtstabelle III und 1921, p. 131/136) fand ich ein Exemplar, das eine bemerkenswe

  18. Zustandsschätzung von aktiven Fahrwerkregelsystemen

    Leenen, R.; Maurice, J.P.


    Eine Weiterentwicklung von Fahrdynamikregelung, Überroll- und Seitenaufprallschutz sowie Pre-Crash-Funktionen und Kollisionsminderung verspricht TNO. Mit einem System zur Beobachtung des aktuellen Fahrzeugzustands (Vehicle State Estimator – VSE) bietet der niederländische Zulieferer ein zentrales Mo

  19. Ueberreste vorweltlicher Proboscidier von Java und Banka

    Martin, K.


    Junghuhn führte in seinem Werke über Java nur einen einzigen Wirbelthierrest, Carcharias megalodon, an (7, IV, pag. 97); es war ihm nicht gelungen bei seinem ersten Aufenthalte auf der Insel Reste von Säugethieren zu finden, so eifrig er auch darnach in den Höhlen des Tertiaergebirges suchte (7, IV,

  20. Von Kalifornien nach Taxham / Katri Soe

    Soe, Katri, 1971-


    Neljas osa magistritööst "Von Kalifornien nach Taxham: Formen und Strukturen der Kommunikation in Peter Handkes Romanen "Der kurze Brief zum langen Abschied" und "In einer dunklen Nacht ging ich aus meinem stillen Haus"" (Tartu, 2000. Juhendaja: Claus Sommerhage)

  1. Entendendo a entropia de von Neumann

    Maziero, Jonas


    Revisamos os postulados da mecânica quântica necessários para discutir a entropia de von Neumann, que é introduzida como uma generalização da entropia de Shannon e propomos um jogo simples que facilita o entendimento do seu significado físico.

  2. [The Costantin Von Economo's lethargic encefalitis

    Pistacchio, E.


    Starting from the Constantin Von Economo's description of a "new" disease, the lethargic encephalitis, the author delineates the history of an infectious sleeping sickness that caused epidemics in Europe from 1917 to 1928 and led to create, in Italy, the "Institutes for Encephalitis".

  3. Ueber zwei neue Vogelarten von Java

    Finsch, O.


    Die beiden nachstehend beschriebenen Vögel wurden mir von Herrn Max Bartels als muthmasslich neu zugesandt. Die genaue Untersuchung hat dies bestätigt. Ich freue mich daher eine der Arten zu Ehren des Entdeckers benennen zu können. Seit einigen Jahren als Leiter der Plantage Pangerango bei Pasir Dat

  4. Drei neue Chelonarium-Arten von Sumatra

    Reitter, Edm.


    Die Arten dieser Gattung kommen vorherschend in Central- und Süd-Amerika vor, doch sind in neuerer Zeit auch drei Arten: Ch. orientale Reitt. 1), conspersum Reitt. 2) und adspersum Chevrl.3) von den grossen Sunda-Inseln und Malakka bekannt geworden, zu denen nun weitere 3 Arten treten, die ich nachf

  5. Das Haarkleid eines Fetus von Schimpanse

    Bolk, L.


    In seiner ausführlichen Arbeit über die Richtung der Haare bei den Affenembryonen nebst allgemeinen Erörterungen über die Ursachen der Haarrichtungen, hat Schwalbe eine Fülle von Tatsachen und eine wertvolle kritische Betrachtung über das Problem der Haarrichtungen geliefert. Leider war der Autor ni

  6. Disease: H00219 [KEGG MEDICUS

    Full Text Available H00219 Hemophilia, including: Hemophilia A (HEMA); Hemophilia B (HEMB); von Willebr...and disease (VWD); von Willebrand disease, platelet-type Hemophilia A and B are X-linked recessive disorders

  7. Prostaglandin E2 promotes endothelial differentiation from bone marrow-derived cells through AMPK activation.

    Zhenjiu Zhu

    Full Text Available Prostaglandin E2 (PGE2 has been reported to modulate angiogenesis, the process of new blood vessel formation, by promoting proliferation, migration and tube formation of endothelial cells. Endothelial progenitor cells are known as a subset of circulating bone marrow mononuclear cells that have the capacity to differentiate into endothelial cells. However, the mechanism underlying the stimulatory effects of PGE2 and its specific receptors on bone marrow-derived cells (BMCs in angiogenesis has not been fully characterized. Treatment with PGE2 significantly increased the differentiation and migration of BMCs. Also, the markers of differentiation to endothelial cells, CD31 and von Willebrand factor, and the genes associated with migration, matrix metalloproteinases 2 and 9, were significantly upregulated. This upregulation was abolished by dominant-negative AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK and AMPK inhibitor but not protein kinase, a inhibitor. As a functional consequence of differentiation and migration, the tube formation of BMCs was reinforced. Along with altered BMCs functions, phosphorylation and activation of AMPK and endothelial nitric oxide synthase, the target of activated AMPK, were both increased which could be blocked by EP4 blocking peptide and simulated by the agonist of EP4 but not EP1, EP2 or EP3. The pro-angiogenic role of PGE2 could be repressed by EP4 blocking peptide and retarded in EP4(+/- mice. Therefore, by promoting the differentiation and migration of BMCs, PGE2 reinforced their neovascularization by binding to the receptor of EP4 in an AMPK-dependent manner. PGE2 may have clinical value in ischemic heart disease.

  8. Evolution equations of von Karman type

    Cherrier, Pascal


    In these notes we consider two kinds of nonlinear evolution problems of von Karman type on Euclidean spaces of arbitrary even dimension. Each of these problems consists of a system that results from the coupling of two highly nonlinear partial differential equations, one hyperbolic or parabolic and the other elliptic. These systems take their name from a formal analogy with the von Karman equations in the theory of elasticity in two dimensional space. We establish local (respectively global) results for strong (resp., weak) solutions of these problems and corresponding well-posedness results in the Hadamard sense. Results are found by obtaining regularity estimates on solutions which are limits of a suitable Galerkin approximation scheme. The book is intended as a pedagogical introduction to a number of meaningful application of classical methods in nonlinear Partial Differential Equations of Evolution. The material is self-contained and most proofs are given in full detail. The interested reader will gain a ...

  9. Integrales Lernen in und von Organisationen

    Wendelin Kupers


    Full Text Available Bezogen auf das integrale Models von Ken Wilber untersucht der Beitrag die Bedeutung des Lernens in und von Organisationen. Nach einer Darstellung der Relevanz und des Grundverständnisses des Lernens im Organisationskontext, werden integrale Dimensionen des Lernens dargestellt. Im Einzelnen werden die verschiedenen Sphären eines inneren-subjektiven und äusseren-„objektiven“ Lernens des Einzelnen als auch ein gemeinschaftliches Lernen und Lernen im System auf der kollektiven Ebene dargestellt sowie deren interrelationaler Zusammenhang diskutiert. Schließlich beschreibt der Beitrag noch integrale Lernprozesse sowie integrale Gestaltungsfelder zur Förderung des Lernens in den verschiedenen Bereichen. Abschließend spricht der Artikel noch Schwierigkeiten und Probleme an sowie nimmt im Fazit ein perspektivischen Ausblick vor.

  10. Von Neumann's Quantization of General Relativity

    Arbuzov, A B; Cirilo-Lombardo, D J; Nazmitdinov, R G; Han, Nguyen Suan; Pavlov, A E; Pervushin, V N; Zakharov, A F


    Von Neumann's procedure is applied for quantization of General Relativity. We quantize the initial data of dynamical variables at the Planck epoch, where the Hubble parameter coincides with the Planck mass. These initial data are defined via the Fock simplex in the tangent Minkowskian space-time, the Dirac conformal interval. The Einstein cosmological principle is applied for the average of the spatial metric determinant logarithm over the spatial volume of the visible Universe. We derive the splitting of the general coordinate transformations into the diffeomorphisms (as the object of the second Noether theorem) and the initial data transformations (as objects of the first Noether theorem). Following von Neumann, we suppose that the vacuum state is a quantum ensemble. The vacuum state is degenerated with respect to quantum numbers of non-vacuum states with the distribution function that yields the Casimir effect in gravidynamics in analogy to the one in electrodynamics. The generation functional of the pertu...


    Fr. Markgraf


    Full Text Available Diese Varietat, die ich friiher nach unvollstandigem Material zu G. diminutum gerechnet habe, besitzt in beiden Geschlechtern verzweigte Blutenstande. Dieses Merkmal kommt in der Gruppe mit sitzenden Fruch-ten (Subsection Sessiles nur bei G. leptostachyum, vor, zu dem auch die Friichte der neuen Varietat gut passen. Sie ist eine Nebelwaldpflanze grosserer Hohen und hat bei reduzierten Massen der Blatter und Bliitenstande die schmalen, kurzen mannlichen Katzchen der Tieflands-Varietat leptostachyum mit den kurzgliedrigen, grossfriichtigen weiblichen Bluten-standen der Tieflands-Varietat robustum vereinigt. In Indochina und Siam lebt eine zweite Berg-Varietat — entsprechend der weiteren Ent-fernung vom Aquator in etwas geringeren Hohen die umgekehrt die dicken mannlichen Katzchen von der Varietat robustum mit den lang-gliedrigen weiblichen Bliitenstanden von der Varietat leptostachyum vereinigt. In beiden Fallen sind die Verkiirzungs- und Verlangerungs-Tenden-zen bei den Berg-Varietaten starker als bei denen des Tieflandes.

  12. Wir zeigen andere Bilder von Frauen ...

    Bettina Rulofs


    Full Text Available Der vorliegende Beitrag beleuchtet die Bedeutung der Geschlechterordnung im Prozess der sportmedialen Kommunikation. Im Kern geht es um die Frage, inwiefern im Prozess der medialen Vermittlung von Sport traditionelle Geschlechterstereotype aufrechterhalten werden oder Möglichkeiten der Irritation solcher Stereotype bestehen. Dazu werden verschiedene Ebenen des massenmedialen Kommunikationsprozesses in den Blick genommen: die Medienprodukte, die Öffentlichkeitsarbeit und Selbst-Präsentation der Sportler/innen, die Medienrezeption und die Herstellungsprozesse von Medien in den Sportredaktionen. This article illustrates the relevance of gender in processes of sports media communication. The question in focus is in what way traditional gender stereotypes are perpetuated in the process of media communication in sport and how such stereotypes can be irritated. Therefore different levels of mass media communication are considered: the media products, the public relations of athletes and the presentation of themselves as athletes, the media-reception and the production processes in sport departments of media institutions.

  13. Von Medien, Übertragungen und Automaten

    Alessandro Barberi


    Full Text Available Im Zuge der Debatten zum Medialen Habitus wurde vielfach betont, dass die >Theorie der Praxispraxeologischen Medientheorie< des Medialen Habitus avant la lettre gesprochen werden kann. Dieser Artikel untersucht – ausgehend von den Debatten zur "Medienkompetenz" – wie Bourdieu Sprache, Sprechen und Diskurs, sowie Akteure, Felder und Habitus als Medien begreift und betont dabei die Nützlichkeit der Bourdieuschen Bildungssoziologie im Rahmen einer sozialwissenschaftlichen Grundlegung der Medienpädagogik.

  14. Optimierung von Mehrkörpersystemen

    Theis, Winfried; Räbiger, Klaus


    Auf Grund der ständig steigenden Anforderungen während der Entwicklung neuartiger Produkte ist es oftmals schwierig einen optimalen Entwurf zu finden. Die vorliegende Arbeit soll deshalb einen Einblick in die Welt der mathematischen Optimierung geben und anhand von ausgewählten Beispielen aus der Mehrkörperdynamik die nötigen Schritte einer Optimierungsrechnung genauer erklären. Spezielle Aufmerksamkeit wird hierbei der Ermittlung der Bewegungsgleichungen, der Formulierung der Optimierungsauf...

  15. Bettina von Zwehl: Made up Love Song

    Brown, Camilla


    This article considers an exhibition of work made whilst the artist Bettina von Zwehl was on a residency at the Victoria and Albert Museum London. Influenced by their miniature collection she made a new series of work and for the first time made one longer series of work with the same person. This essay considers how this development evolved from the artist's previous practice over a period of 10 years.

  16. La Medea de Lars von Trier

    Iratxe Fresneda Delgado


    Full Text Available El presente artículo analiza el modo en el que Lars von Trier recrea para el cine el estereotipo de Medea. Mediante el análisis fílmico de la película y apoyándose en los estudios culturales, el texto se interroga acerca de la importancia y el poder potencial del cine a la hora recuperar el antiguo mito y demostrar su vigencia. El análisis amplía horizontes para la compresión de los mecanismos que articulan el entramado de significados de la película, donde Von Trier aporta una nueva visión del arquetipo de Medea uniéndola, a la tradición pictórica del Romanticismo. Una influencia que habita en las posteriores obras del director danés, donde el paisaje, la naturaleza, se erige en elemento catalizador de las pulsiones humanas, en su cómplice y testigo.This paper explores the way that Lars von Trier’s film recreates the stereotype of Medea. Using film analysis and based on cultural studies the article asks about the importance and potential power of cinema to recover the ancient myth and show their effects. The analysis expands horizons for the understanding of the mechanisms that link the network of meanings of the film, where the author offers a new vision of Medea's archetype attaching it to the pictorial tradition tied to the Romanticism. An influence that can be seen in the later works of Lars von Trier, where the landscape, the nature, stands as a catalyst of human drives, as his accomplice and witness.

  17. Metabolisierung von Lebensmittelinhaltsstoffen im simulierten Verdauungsmodell

    Hageböck, Martin


    Mit Hilfe eines in vitro Modells, basierend auf 4 hintereinander geschalteten Bioreaktoren, war es möglich, komplexe Vorgänge der Verdauung modellhaft nachzustellen. Somit konnte die stufenweise Metabolisierung von ausgewählten Lebensmittelinhaltsstoffen unter definierten physikochemischen, enzymatischen und mikrobiellen Bedingungen der einzelnen Verdauungsstufen verfolgt werden. Beim Einsatz der polyphenolischen Reinsubstanzen wurden zunächst charakteristische Abbaureaktionen wie Hydrolyse v...

  18. Katheterablation von Vorhofflimmern - Neue Technologien und Strategien

    Rolf S


    Full Text Available Die Katheterablation von symptomatischem Vorhofflimmern hat sich zu einem Therapieverfahren mit reproduzierbaren Erfolgsraten und überschaubarem Risiko bei selektierten Patientenkollektiven entwickelt. Hinsichtlich der Effektivität ist sie der Antiarrhythmika-Therapie schon heute überlegen. Die Verfahrenstechnik wird stetig weiterentwickelt, um die langfristige Erfolgsrate zu erhöhen, die Rate an Re-Interventionen zu reduzieren, die Komplikationsraten zu senken, die Prozedur selber zu vereinfachen und die Prozedurzeit zu verkürzen. Beispiele für solche Neuerungen sind die zielorientierte CT-Integration in elektro-anatomische Mappingsysteme, die optimierte Schaffung und Validierung linearer Läsionen mit der Pace-and-Ablate-Strategie, der effizientere Energietransfer ins Gewebe durch Verwendung steuerbarer transseptaler Schleusen und Berücksichtigung des elektrischen Kontaktes, sowie die strategische Planung von Linienkonzepten bei atrialen Makro-Reentry-Tachykardien durch Erstellung farbkodierter Entrainment- Maps. Diese Behandlungsinnovationen haben sich als wirkungsvoll erwiesen und in den vergangenen Jahren Einzug in den klinischen Alltag der Katheterablation von Vorhofflimmern im Herzzentrum Leipzig gefunde

  19. Influence of S, P, C on grain boundary diffusion and creep properties of Alloy 800; Einfluss von S, P, C auf die Korngrenzendiffusion und Kriecheigenschaften von Alloy 800

    Lindemann, J.; Hannesen, K.; Mast, R.; Viefhaus, H. [Max-Planck-Institut fuer Eisenforschung GmbH, Duesseldorf (Germany); Grabke, H.J.


    The paper reports examinations of Alloy 800 and specific commercially available variants known under the names of 800H, 800HT, and 800LC, differing in their concentrations of C, Al, and Ti. In addition, melts also containing phosphorus (0.09 wt-%) or sulfur (0.04 wt-%) as additional alloying materials have been prepared for the experiments. The volume diffusion and the grain boundary diffusion of {sup 59}Fe in those alloys was measured at temperatures between 800 and 1000 C by means of a radioactive tracer method combined with residual activity measurements. It was found that accompanying elements like phosphorus and sulfur increase the activation energy of the grain boundary diffusion of the iron and thus delay the grain boundary self-diffusion in Alloy 800. Creep curves were measured of the same materials after age-hardening treatment for 100 hours at 800 C, measurements performed at constant temperature but at three different, constant creep stress loads. The results showed that addition of phosphorus markedly increases the lifetime of Alloy 800, and reduces the creep rupture strain. The minimum strain rate in Alloy 800 containing 0.09 wt-% of phosphorus was found to be lower by a factor of 100, as compared to the other Alloy 800 materials used. (orig./CB) [Deutsch] Alloy 800 ist ein austenitischer Fe-Ni-Cr Stahl, der relativ geringe, aber wichtige Konzentrationen von Kohlenstoff, Aluminium und Titan enthaelt. Besondere Varianten von Alloy 800, bekannt als 800H, 800HT und 800LC, unterscheiden sich in den Konzentrationen dieser Elemente. Diese kommerziellen Legierungen wurden untersucht, und zusaetzlich wurden Schmelzen mit zulegiertem Phosphor (0,09 Gew-%) bzw. Schwefel (0,04 Gew-%) hergestellt. Mittels einer radioaktiven Tracermethode in Verbindung mit Restaktivitaetsmessungen wurde die Volumen- und Korngrenzendiffusion von {sup 59}Fe in diesen Legierungen im Temperaturbereich 800-1000 C gemessen. Es wurde gefunden, dass Begleitelemente wie Phosphor und

  20. Portrait of Dr. Von Braun with Walt Disney, 1954.


    Marshall Center Director Dr. Wernher Von Braun is pictured with Walt Disney during a visit to the Marshall Space Flight Center in 1954. In the 1950s, Dr. Von Braun while working in California on the Saturn project, also worked with Disney studios as a technical director in making three films about Space Exploration for television. Disney's tour of Marshall in 1965 was Von Braun's hope for a renewed public interest in the future of the Space Program at NASA.

  1. Saage tuttavaks : Elisabeth ja Karl von Hoerschelmann / Mai Levin

    Levin, Mai, 1942-


    Kuraator M. Levin kuni 10. X 2004 Adamson-Ericu muuseumis avatud näitusest "Tuntud ja tundmatud Elisabeth von Rosendorff-Hoerschelmann ja Karl von Hoerschelmann". Enamik töid on kunstnike laste Konstantin Hoerschelmanni ja Anna Röder-Hoerschelmanni omand. Elisabeth Rosendorff (1898-1984) sündis Virumaal Maidlas eesti perekonnas, Karl von Hoerschelmann (1899-1951) Sevastoopolis saksa perekonnas

  2. Preiswettbewerb im deutschen Lebensmitteleinzelhandel: Empirische Analysen anhand von Scannerdaten

    Hoffmann, Angela


    Der deutsche Lebensmitteinzelhandel ist durch eine hohe Konzentration und einen intensiven Preiswettbewerb gekennzeichnet. Ziel dieser Arbeit ist es, die Preissetzung von Discountern, Super- und Verbrauchermärkten unter Beachtung von Sonderangeboten und den daraus resultierenden Preiswettbewerb zu analysieren. Vier empirische Studien anhand von Scannerdaten werden durchgeführt. Es zeigt sich, dass das Ausmaß der Preissynchronisation bei Milchprodukten im deutschen Handel deutlich größer i...

  3. Thomas-Fermi-von Weizsaecker theory of atoms and molecules

    Benguria, R.; Brezis, H.; Lieb, E.H.


    We place the Thomas-Fermi-von Weizsaecker model of atoms on a firm mathematical footing. We prove existence and uniqueness of solutions of the Thomas-Fermi-von Weizsaecker equation as well as the fact that they minimize the Thomas-Fermi-von Weizsaecker energy functional. Moreover, we prove the existence of bindings for two very dissimilar atoms in the frame of this model.

  4. Studien zur Kinetik der Fehlfaltung un Aggregation von Proteinen

    Modler, Andreas Johannes


    Diese Arbeit befasst sich mit der Kinetik der Fehlfaltung und Aggregation von Proteinen. Anhand dreier Beispiele, der Phosphoglyceratkinase (PGK) aus Hefe, einer Variante von Barstar und des Prion-Proteins des Syrischen Hamsters (SHaPrP(90-232)) wurde insbesondere die Kinetik der Bildung von Amyloidfibrillen und deren kinetischer Vorläuferstrukturen mittels dynamischer und statischer Lichtstreuung, Circulardichroismus, Infrarotspektroskopie, Elektronenmikroskopie und teilweise analytischer Ch...

  5. Ex vivo effects of low-dose rivaroxaban on specific coagulation assays and coagulation factor activities in patients under real life conditions.

    Mani, Helen; Hesse, Christian; Stratmann, Gertrud; Lindhoff-Last, Edelgard


    Global coagulation assays display variable effects at different concentrations of rivaroxaban. The aim of this study is to quantify the ex vivo effects of low-dose rivaroxaban on thrombophilia screening assays and coagulation factor activities based on the administration time, and to show how to mask possible interferences. Plasma samples from 40 patients receiving rivaroxaban 10 mg daily were investigated to measure activities of clotting factor II, V, VII, VIII, IX, XI, XII and XIII; protein C- and protein S-levels; lupus anticoagulants; anticardiolipin IgG and IgM; D-dimer, heparin-platelet factor 4 (HPF4) antibodies and screening tests for von Willebrand disease (VWD). Two hours after rivaroxaban administration, the activities of clotting factors were significantly decreased to different extents, except for factor XIII. Dilution of plasma samples resulted in neutralisation of these interferences. The chromogenic protein C activity assay was not affected by rivaroxaban. Depending on the timing of tablet intake in relation to blood sampling protein S activity was measured falsely high when a clotting assay was used. False-positive results for lupus anticoagulants were observed depending on the assay system used and the administration time of rivaroxaban. ELISA-based assays such as anticardiolipin IgG and IgM, D-dimer, HPF4-antibodies and the turbidimetric assays for VWD were not affected by rivaroxaban. Specific haemostasis clotting tests should be performed directly prior to rivaroxaban intake. Assay optimisation in the presence of rivaroxaban can be achieved by plasma dilution. Immunologic assays are not influenced by rivaroxaban, while chromogenic assays can be used, when they do not depend on factor Xa.

  6. Enhanced P-selectin expression on platelet-a marker of platelet activation, in young patients with angiographically proven coronary artery disease.

    George, Reema; Bhatt, Anugya; Narayani, Jayakumari; Thulaseedharan, Jissa Vinoda; Sivadasanpillai, Harikrishnan; Tharakan, Jaganmohan A


    P-selectin (CD62p) exposure is an established marker for platelet activation. P-selectin exposure can trigger variety of thrombotic and inflammatory reactions. In patients with coronary artery disease (CAD), platelets are activated, and hence, there is increased P-selectin exposure. The role of P-selectin exposure in patients on treatment with statins and anti-platelets is conflicting. A case-control study was performed to determine P-selectin exposure in consecutively recruited 142 patients (age ≤ 55 years) with angiographically proven CAD on treatment and 92 asymptomatic controls. P-selectin exposure was determined by flow cytometry. Data on conventional risk factors were obtained along with estimation of levels of thrombotic [fibrinogen, lipoprotein (a), tissue plasminogen activator, plasminogen activator inhibitor-1, homocysteine and von Willebrand factor] and anti-thrombotic factors (antithrombin III). The P-selectin exposure was compared among patient groups who had different modes of presentation of CAD and categories of CAD disease severity. The patients were followed up for a period of 26 months. The results indicate that P-selectin exposure was significantly elevated in patients (mean ± SD 9.24 ± 11.81) compared to controls (mean ± SD 1.48 ± 2.85) with p P-selectin exposure showed significant negative correlation with antithrombin III levels. P-selectin exposure was higher in patients who presented with acute coronary syndromes than those who presented with effort angina. Cardiovascular event rate was 6 % on follow-up. The study establishes that thrombotic-inflammatory pathways enhancing P-selectin exposure unrelated to treatment might be activated in patients, while the event rate remained lowered, and hence, treatment strategies should be inclusive to control these factors.

  7. Solares Recyceln von Aluminium in einem direkt bestrahlten Drehrohrofen

    Neises-von Puttkamer, Martina; Roeb, Martin; Beyer, T.; Reinhold, Jan Philipp; Willsch, Christian; Thelen, Martin; Raeder, Christian; Oliveira,Lamark de; TESCARI, Stefania; Breuer, Stefan; Sattler, Christian


    Das Aufschmelzen von Metallen ist ein energieintensiver Prozess, da hier hohe Temperaturen benötigt werden. Konventionell wird diese Energie mit fossilen Energieträgern zur Verfügung gestellt. Mit einem solaren Schmelzverfahren von Metallen können der Ausstoß von CO2 und die Energiekosten der Gießereien erheblich gesenkt werden. Insbesondere Länder mit hoher direkter Solarstrahlung wie Südafrika, können ein solches Verfahren zum Schmelzen und Wiederverwerten von Metallschrott einsetzten. ...

  8. Diagnostik von Dekubitusrisiko und Dekubitus

    Kottner, Jan


    Pressure ulcers are serious health problems and they develop in every healthcare setting. Pressure ulcer risk scales aim to support practitioners in determining individual pressure ulcer risk and in starting preventive activities. Study results indicate validity problems inherent in pressure ulcer risk scale scores. Since risk scores are too imprecise for individual clinical decision making, it is questionable whether the standardized pressure ulcer risk assessments improve resident and patie...



    Der Beitrag untersucht das Nachfrageverhalten der deutschen Privathaushalte anhand von Daten zweier Haushaltspanels der Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung. Es wird ein Almost Ideal Demand System (AIDS) mit 13 Lebensmittelgruppen für den Zeitraum von 2004 bis 2008 geschätzt. Der Fokus der Analyse liegt auf den geschätzten Eigenpreis- und Ausga-benelastizitäten und deren Einordnung in die Literatur. Mit Ausnahme von Kaffee und Eiern zeigt sich die Nachfrage in allen Lebensmittelgruppen, darunter ...

  10. Produktion von pharmakologischen Sekundärmetabolite - Am Beispiel von mikrobiellen β-Lactam-Antibiotika und pflanzlichen Triterpenen

    Ludwig, Benjamin


    Durch das Entstehen von neuen Infektionskrankheiten und das Auftreten von Resistenzen können bisher verwendete Medikamente ihren pharmazeutischen Nutzen verlieren. Daher ist eine konstante Weiterentwicklung von bioaktiven Pharmazeutika lebensrettend. Viele pflanzli-che und mikrobielle Sekundärmetabolite besitzen gesundheitsfördernde Wirkungen und kön-nen als Ressourcen für die Entwicklung neuer Arzneimittel herangezogen werden. Da Pflan-zen und Mikroorganismen ein sehr umfangreiches Repertoir...

  11. Model remediation of contaminated sites as illustrated by the example of the TNT-remediation project Stadtallendorf, Hessen, Germany. Part 1: Final report; Part 2: Documentation and balancing of the measures; Part 3: Documentation of citizens' participation and public relations activities in Stadtallendorf; Modellhafte Sanierung von Altlasten am Beispiel des TNT-Sanierungsprojektes Stadtallendorf/Hessen. T. 1: Abschlussbericht. T. 2: Dokumentation und Bilanzierung von Auswirkungen der Sanierung. T. 3: Dokumentation der Buergerbeteiligung und Oeffentlichkeitsarbeit in Stadtallendorf



    The project comprised the following stages: 1. Development of a technology for purification of soils contaminated with explosives. The process comprised soil washing, hot steam treatment, and thermal treatment of residues; 2. Projecting, construction and two years of operation of a soil purification plant with a rated throughput of 20 t/h and a total throughput of 130,000 t; 3. Remediation of two representative sites on DAG terrain (TNT production chain and filling stations); 4. Verification of the findings in an accompanying scientific programme. The site under investigation was formerly occupied by the Dynamit AG (DAG) Stadtallendorf, where TNT, contaminated waste water and acids were produced, and contamination levels were high in several areas. Today, the area is a residential area. In addition to the investigations described here, the waste water discharge system of the DAG was modernized. [German] Das FuE-Vorhaben Stadtallendorf wurde mit folgender Zielsetzung begonnen: (1) Entwicklung einer geeigneten und moeglichst umweltvertraeglichen Technik zur Reinigung von Boeden mit sprengstoffspezifischen Kontaminationen; hierzu wurde in Anlehnung an die Ausschreibung des Bundes ein kombiniertes Bodenbehandlungsverfahren vorgesehen, das aus folgenden Komponenten bestand: - Bodenwaesche, - Heissdampfbehandlung, - Thermische Reststoffbehandlung. (2) Planung, Bau und zweijaehriger Betrieb einer entsprechenden grosstechnischen Bodenreinigungsanlage (Nenndurchsatz von 20 t/Stunde; Gesamtdurchsatz 130.000 t). (3) Bodensanierung von zwei repraesentativen Arealen im DAG-Gelaende (TNT-Produktionskette und Fuellstellenbetrieb). (4) Absicherung der Ergebnisse in einem wissenschaftlichen Begleitprogramm. Gegenstand der Phase 2 des Vorhabens war der vollstaendige Prozess der Planung und Umsetzung der Sanierung eines (Teils eines) Planungsraumes des Ruestungsaltstandortes Dynamit AG (DAG) Stadtallendorf. Es handelte sich dabei um einen Bereich, der als Standort fuer TNT

  12. Philologie im Horizont der Geschichtlichkeit von Sprache und Text: zum Tagungsband von Wulf Oesterreicher und Maria Selig

    Olaf Müller


    Full Text Available Wulf Oesterreicher und Maria Selig, Hrsg., Geschichtlichkeit von Sprache und Text: Philologien – Disziplingenese – Wissenschaftshistoriographie (Paderborn: Wilhelm Fink, 2014, 332 S.

  13. Unterschiedliche beta-blockierende Wirkungen von Carvedilol, Metoprolol und Bisoprolol

    Stoschitzky K


    Full Text Available Metoprolol und Bisoprolol sind beta1-selektive Beta-Blocker, Carvedilol ist ein nicht-selektiver Beta-Blocker mit zusätzlicher alpha1-blockierender Wirkung. Wir verglichen die Wirkungen von klinisch empfohlenen Dosen von Carvedilol (25, 50 und 100 mg, Metoprolol (50, 100 und 200 mg und Bisoprolol (2,5, 5 und 10 mg mit Placebo in einer randomisierten, überkreuzten, placebokontrollierten Doppelblind-Studie an 12 gesunden männlichen Freiwilligen. Zwei Stunden (Bisoprolol: drei Stunden nach oraler Applikation der jeweiligen Substanzen wurden arterieller Blutdruck und Herzfrequenz in Ruhe, nach 10 Minuten Belastung und nach weiteren 15 Minuten Erholung gemessen. Verglichen mit Placebo führten ansteigende Dosen von Metoprolol und Bisoprolol in Ruhe zu ansteigenden Wirkungen auf die Herzfrequenz (jeweils -13 %, -15 % und -18 % während ansteigende Dosen von Carvedilol abfallende Wirkungen zeigten (-13 %, -7 % und -3 %. Die Herzfrequenz unter Belastung wurde von Metoprolol (-21 %, -25 % und -24 %, Bisoprolol (-17 %, -21 % und -25 % und Carvedilol gesenkt (-16 %, -16 % und -18 %, die Wirkung von Metoprolol erschien dabei etwas ausgeprägter als jene von Carvedilol. Der systolische Blutdruck wurde sowohl von Metoprolol (-9 %, -16 %, -16 % unter Belastung und -7 %, -7 %, -9 % nach 15 min Erholung, Bisoprolol (-8 %, -12 %, -15 % unter Belastung als auch von Carvedilol (-7 %, -17 %, -20 % unter Belastung und -8 %, -11 %, -14 % nach 15 min Erholung deutlich gesenkt. Auf den diastolischen Blutdruck zeigten die Substanzen (mit Ausnahme von 50 und 100 mg Carvedilol in Ruhe jedoch keine signifikanten Wirkungen. Wir schließen aus unseren Ergebnissen, daß klinisch empfohlene Dosen von Carvedilol bei gesunden Freiwilligen klinisch relevante beta-blockierende Wirkungen nur unter Belastung zeigen, während die von Carvedilol bewirkte Beta-Blockade in Ruhe bestenfalls als schwach zu bezeichnen ist. Auf der anderen Seite zeigen Metoprolol und Bisoprolol sowohl in

  14. Von den Liven von Oesel / August Ludwig Schlözer

    Schlözer, August Ludwig


    Avaldatud Eberhard Winkleri initsiatiivil A. L. Schlözeri teose põhjal: Gesammelte Nachrichten von den Ueberresten der Liven, in Livland und Kurland. (1770), mis moodustab osa teosest: Schlözer, August Ludwig. M. Johann Joseph Haigold's Beylagen zum Neuveränderten Russland. Zweiter Theil. Riga und Leipzig, 1770

  15. Ööklubi Club von Überlingen = Club von Überlingen


    Ööklubi Club von Überlingen (Madara 22A, Tallinn) sisekujundusest. Sisearhitekt: Taavi Aunre ( OÜ). Taavi Aunrest, tema tähtsamad tööd. I-II korruse plaan, 11 värv. vaadet, foto T. Aunrest

  16. Aino Lepik von Wiren / Aino Lepik von Wiren ; interv. Kadi Alatalu

    Lepik von Wirén, Aino, 1961-


    Heinrich Marga eksiilvalitsuse (20.06.1990-7.10.1992) kohtuminister Aino Lepik von Wiren pagulaslapse elust Rootsis, haridusest ja elukutse valikust, tööst eksiilvalitsuses, tööleasumisest Eestisse 1992. aastal, seadusandlikust tegevusest ning aluse panekust välismaalaste- ja kodakondsuspoliitikale, naiste võimalustest poliitilisse tippu tõusmiseks, kodu- ja väliseestlaste vastandamisest

  17. Renaturierung von Waldökosystemen

    Zerbe, Stefan

    Wälder sind neben der Landwirtschaft und den urban-industriellen Siedlungsflächen flächenmäßig die Hauptnutzungstypen in Mitteleuropa und stellen heute multifunktionale ökosysteme dar. Zusätzlich zur Holzproduktion kommt ihnen eine Regulations-(z.B.Wasserhaushalt), Schutz (z.B. von Biodiversität und gegen Erosion, Lawinen, Immissionen und Lärm) und Erholungsfunktion zu. Zudem haben Wälder als Kohlenstoffsenken auch eine besondere Bedeutung für den Klimaschutz.

  18. Key contributors: Ernst von Glasersfeld's radical constructivism

    Tobin, Kenneth


    This article reviews the significance of the contributions of Ernst von Glasersfeld to research in science education, especially through his theoretical contributions on radical constructivism. As a field shaper, Glasersfeld's subversive ideas catalyzed debate in the science education community and fuelled transformation of many facets including research methods, ways of thinking about teaching and learning, curriculum, and science teacher education. Perturbations emanating from the debates on constructivism forged new pathways that led to the development and use of many of the sociocultural frameworks employed by authors in Cultural Studies of Science Education.

  19. Authentifizierung von Bio-Milch im Labor


    In Deutschland ist die Nachfrage nach Bio-Lebensmitteln in den letzten Jahren stetig gestiegen. So erhöhte sich der Absatz von Bio-Trinkmilch in 2007 im Vergleich zum Vorjahr erneut kräftig um 34 Prozent (ZMP, Bonn) und der Bio-Anteil beträgt inzwischen bei Frischmilch knapp elf Prozent. Aufgrund sporadisch resultierender Lieferengpässe bei Bio-Milch sowie der vorhandenen Handelspreisdifferenz besteht zunehmend ein potenzielles Risiko der Falschdeklaration konventionell erzeugter Milch als Bi...

  20. Die Felsfassadengräber von Kyrene

    Greve, Anika


    Die griechische Kolonie Kyrene wurde im letzten Drittel des 7. Jhs. v. Chr. einige Kilometer vom Mittelmeer entfernt im libyschen Innenland gegründet. Die Siedler waren dorische Griechen aus Thera im Süden der Kykladen. Nicht nur die erhaltenen innerstädtischen Gebäude zeugen von einem einstigen Wohlstand, auch die Nekropole nahm im Laufe der Zeit gewaltige Ausmaße mit aufwendig gestalteten Grabanlagen an, die sich rund um die urbane Bebauung entlang der Ausfallstraßen ausbreitete. Viele Ruhe...

  1. Synthese und Applikation von magnetisch verformbaren Hydrogelkompositen

    Bolle, Jens


    Als „intelligent“ bezeichnete Materialien sind in der Lage, mit steuerbaren Form- oder Eigenschaftsänderungen auf Zielreize zu reagieren, ohne dafür einen zusätzlichen Sensor zu benötigen. Man bezeichnet sie daher auch als Sensor-Aktor-Systeme. Da sie ohne äußere Sensorsysteme auskommen, können diese Werkstoffe als kleine, einfach anwendbare und preisgünstige Bauteile für eine Vielzahl von Applikationen dienen. Ihre Entwicklung gestattet sowohl die fortschreitende Miniaturisierung tech-nische...

  2. Calpain-controlled detachment of major glycoproteins from the cytoskeleton regulates adhesive properties of activated phosphatidylserine-positive platelets.

    Artemenko, Elena O; Yakimenko, Alena O; Pichugin, Alexey V; Ataullakhanov, Fazly I; Panteleev, Mikhail A


    In resting platelets, adhesive membrane glycoproteins are attached to the cytoskeleton. On strong activation, phosphatidylserine(PS)-positive and -negative platelet subpopulations are formed. Platelet activation is accompanied by cytoskeletal rearrangement, although the glycoprotein attachment status in these two subpopulations is not clear. We developed a new, flow cytometry-based, single-cell approach to investigate attachment of membrane glycoproteins to the cytoskeleton in cell subpopulations. In PS-negative platelets, adhesive glycoproteins integrin αIIbβ3, glycoprotein Ib and, as shown for the first time, P-selectin were associated with the cytoskeleton. In contrast, this attachment was disrupted in PS-positive platelets; it was retained to some extent only in the small convex regions or 'caps'. It correlated with the degradation of talin and filamin observed only in PS-positive platelets. Calpain inhibitors essentially prevented the disruption of membrane glycoprotein attachment in PS-positive platelets, as well as talin and filamin degradation. With the suggestion that detachment of glycoproteins from the cytoskeleton may affect platelet adhesive properties, we investigated the ability of PS-positive platelets to resist shear-induced breakaway from the immobilized fibrinogen. Shear rates of 500/s caused PS-positive platelet breakaway, but their adhesion stability increased more than 10-fold after pretreatment of the platelets with calpain inhibitor. In contrast, the ability of PS-positive platelets to adhere to immobilized von Willebrand's factor at 100/s was low, but this was not affected by the preincubation of platelets with a calpain inhibitor. Our data suggest that calpain-controlled detachment of membrane glycoproteins is a new mechanism that is responsible for the loss of ability of the procoagulant platelets to resist detachment from thrombi by high shear stress.

  3. Von Stryk : halb oli nii aadlikel kui talupoegadel / Margus Haav

    Haav, Margus, 1969-


    Rets. rmt.: Stryk, Wolf Dietmar von. Morsel-Podrigel, das Stammhaus der familie von Stryk in Livland/Estland 1562-1919-2003. : die Geschichte eines Gutes im Wandel der Zeiten der Jahrhunderte bis zur Gegenwart. Viljandi : W. Stryk, 2006. Artikkel ilmunud ka: Valgamaalane, 3. märts 2007, lk 4

  4. Erfahrungen an der Schnittstelle von Medienarbeit und Praxisforschung

    Peter Holzwarth


    Full Text Available Der Beitrag reflektiert die Verbindung von praktischer Medienarbeit und Forschung am Beispiel eines internationalen EU-Forschungsprojekts zum Thema Medien und Migration. Neben didaktischen Prinzipien und Konzepten für die aktive Medienarbeit im Forschungskontext geht es um die Kooperation von medienpädagogischer Begleitung (MB und wissenschaftlicher Begleitung (WB sowie um deren spezifische Kompetenzen.

  5. Entwicklung eines amperometrischen Biosensors zur Erfassung von Polyphenolen


    In der durchgeführten Arbeit wurden neue Immobilisierungsstrategien zur Etablierung eines amperometrischen Biosensors, welcher Polyphenole erfasst, untersucht. Ziel war es eine „Handheld-Unit“ unter Verwendung einer Dickschichtelektrode (Thick-Film Technology, TFT) zu entwickeln. Zur Erfassung von Polyphenolen wurde das Enzym Laccase ausgewählt, welche die Oxidation von Phenolen zu Chinonen katalysiert. Dabei wurden in dieser Arbe...

  6. Von Krahli teatris etenduvad Tõnu Kõrvitsa kammerooperid / Esme Kassak

    Kassak, Esme


    20. apr. esietenduvad Von Krahli Teatris Peeter Jalaka lavastuses Tõnu Kõrvitsa uued kammerooperid "Tuleaed" ja "Mu luiged, mu mõtted", mille aluseks on luuletaja Marie Heibergi saatus. Libretode autor on Maarja Kangro. Kammerooperid tulevad lavale Von Krahli Teatri ja Nargen Opera koostöös. Esitavad Kädy Plaas, Helen Lokuta, Nargen Opera koor ja Tallinna Kammerorkester, dirigent Tõnu Kaljuste

  7. Von Krahli teater mängib Kõrvitsa kammeroopereid


    20. apr. esietenduvad Von Krahli Teatris Peeter Jalaka lavastuses Tõnu Kõrvitsa uued kammerooperid "Tuleaed" ja "Mu luiged, mu mõtted", mille aluseks on luuletaja Marie Heibergi saatus. Libretode autor on Maarja Kangro. Kammerooperid tulevad lavale Von Krahli Teatri ja Nargen Opera koostöös. Esitavad Kädy Plaas, Helen Lokuta, Nargen Opera koor ja Tallinna Kammerorkester, dirigent Tõnu Kaljuste

  8. Victor or Villain? Wernher von Braun and the Space Race

    O'Brien, Jason L.; Sears, Christine E.


    Set during the Cold War and space race, this historical role-play focuses on Wernher von Braun's involvement in and culpability for the use of slave laborers to produce V-2 rockets for Nazi Germany. Students will grapple with two central questions. Should von Braun have been allowed to emigrate to the United States given his affiliation with the…

  9. Von Krahli Teater hakkab koolitama näitlejaid


    Von Krahli Teater hakkab osalema järgmisel sügisel TÜ Viljandi Kultuuriakadeemia teatrikunsti erialale õppima asuvate tudengite koolitamises. Tudengeid hakkavad juhendama Von Krahli juht Peeter Jalakas, näitlejad Taavi Eelmaa ja Juhan Ulfsak, vene tantsija ja koreograaf Sasha Pepeljajev ning soome lavastaja Kristian Smeds

  10. Die baltischen Kapitulationen von 1710 : Kontext, Wirkungen, Interpretationen / Marten Seppel

    Seppel, Marten, 1979-


    Arvustus: Die baltischen Kapitulationen von 1710 : Kontext, Wirkungen, Interpretationen, hrsg. von Karsten Brüggemann, Mati Laur und Pärtel Piirimäe, Queleln und Studien zur baltischen Geschichte, Bd 23 (Köln u.a: Böhlau Verlag, 2014)

  11. Auf den Schultern von Riesen und Zwergen Einsteins unvollendete Revolution

    Renn, Jürgen


    Dies ist die Geschichte von Einsteins unvollendeter Revolution, einer tiefgreifenden Veränderung unserer Begriffe von Raum, Zeit, Materie und Strahlung. Diese Revolution begann in Einsteins Wunderjahr 1905, wurde durch seine allgemeine Relativitätstheorie aus dem Jahre 1915 fortgesetzt und wirkt in den heutigen Versuchen der Wissenschaft, die Entstehung und das Schicksal des Universums zu verstehen, weiter. Vor dem Hintergrund einer historischen Theorie des wissenschaftlichen Fortschritts wird Einsteins bis heute nicht abgeschlossene Revolution als das Ergebnis einer langfristigen Entwicklung des Wissens verständlich. Anhand der spannenden Geschichte von Einsteins Entdeckungen wird nachvollziehbar, warum große Denker wie Einstein weiter gesehen haben als ihre Vorgänger. Sie standen nicht nur auf den Schultern von Riesen, also den wissenschaftlichen Leistungen einzelner großer Vorgänger wie Newton, sondern auch auf den Schultern von "Zwergen", dem wissenschaftlichen Wissen, dem technischen Wissen, und d...

  12. ["Living with the bomb" - Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker's path from physics to politics].

    Walker, Mark


    Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker spanned a spectrum from physics to politics, with philosophy in-between. This chapter surveys the most controversial part of his career, including his work on nuclear weapons and participation in cultural propaganda during the Second World War, his subsequent active political engagement during the postwar Federal German Republic, in particular the role of nuclear weapons, and his participation in myths surrounding Hitler's Bomb".

  13. [Heinz von zur Mühlen. Das Bürgertum Fordert Blut. Ein Bolschewistiches Flugblatt von 1918] / Paul Kaegbein

    Kaegbein, Paul


    Arvustus: Heinz von zur Mühlen. Das Bürgertum Fordert Blut. Ein Bolschewistiches Flugblatt von 1918. In : Ostseeprovinzen, baltische Staaten und das Nationale. Münster : LIT, 2005, lk. 403-414. 1918. aastast pärit lendlehest, mille käekirja järgi otsustades on kirjutanud Viktor Kingissepp

  14. Approximate von Neumann entropy for directed graphs.

    Ye, Cheng; Wilson, Richard C; Comin, César H; Costa, Luciano da F; Hancock, Edwin R


    In this paper, we develop an entropy measure for assessing the structural complexity of directed graphs. Although there are many existing alternative measures for quantifying the structural properties of undirected graphs, there are relatively few corresponding measures for directed graphs. To fill this gap in the literature, we explore an alternative technique that is applicable to directed graphs. We commence by using Chung's generalization of the Laplacian of a directed graph to extend the computation of von Neumann entropy from undirected to directed graphs. We provide a simplified form of the entropy which can be expressed in terms of simple node in-degree and out-degree statistics. Moreover, we find approximate forms of the von Neumann entropy that apply to both weakly and strongly directed graphs, and that can be used to characterize network structure. We illustrate the usefulness of these simplified entropy forms defined in this paper on both artificial and real-world data sets, including structures from protein databases and high energy physics theory citation networks.

  15. Integrales Lernen in und von Organisationen

    Wendelin Küpers


    Full Text Available Bezogen auf das integrale Models von Ken Wilber untersucht der Beitrag die Bedeutung des Lernens in und von Organisationen. Nach einer Darstellung der Relevanz und des Grundverständnisses des Lernens im Organisationskontext, werden integrale Dimensionen des Lernens dargestellt. Im Einzelnen werden die verschiedenen Sphären eines inneren-subjektiven und äusseren-„objektiven“ Lernens des Einzelnen als auch ein gemeinschaftliches Lernen und Lernen im System auf der kollektiven Ebene dargestellt sowie deren interrelationaler Zusammenhang diskutiert. Schließlich beschreibt der Beitrag noch integrale Lernprozesse sowie integrale Gestaltungsfelder zur Förderung des Lernens in den verschiedenen Bereichen. Abschließend spricht der Artikel noch Schwierigkeiten und Probleme an sowie nimmt im Fazit ein perspektivischen Ausblick vor. Abstract: Related to the integral model of Ken Wilber, this paper investigates the role of learning in and of organisations. After describing the relevance and basic understanding of learning in the context of organisations, integral dimensions of learning will be outlined. In particular learning in the sphere of an inner-subjective and exterior-objective learning of the individual and a communal learning and learning within a system on the collective level as well as its interrelations will be discussed. Afterwards integral learning processes and various measurements for enhancing integral learning in the different sphere will be discussed. Finally, difficulties and problems will be addressed and in conclusion some perspectives and implications are presented.

  16. Guy von Dardel 1919-2009


    Guy von Dardel, a well-known figure at CERN and in the international particle physics community, passed away on 28 August. Guy von Dardel came to CERN when it was founded in 1954 and was a full-time staff member until 1964, performing several experiments and working on technical developments. These included the first measurement of the neutral pion’s life-time. Called to Lund University in 1964, he became professor there in 1965 and director of the 1.2 GeV electron accelerator. In the late 1960s, he performed an experiment at CERN’s PS that measured the decays of the Λ. Then, in the early 1970s, he involved the Lund group in a series of experiments at the Intersecting Storage Rings (ISR), where he measured the production of various types of particles. In particular, he participated in a series of experiments that observed the production of a high abundance of particles with large transverse momenta. This required an explanation...

  17. Katheterablation von supraventrikulären Tachykardien

    Strohmer S


    Full Text Available Supraventrikuläre Tachykardien (SVT spielen in der klinischen Praxis aufgrund ihrer Häufigkeit und Symptomatik eine große Rolle. Obwohl diese Arrhythmien im Allgemeinen nicht lebensbedrohlich sind, führen sie aufgrund ihres unvorhersehbaren Auftretens zu einer beträchtlichen Unsicherheit und Einschränkung der Lebensqualität. Die elektrophysiologische Untersuchung inklusive Katheterablation hat sich in den vergangenen 20 Jahren als kurative und sichere Erstlinientherapie für Patienten mit hochsymptomatischen bzw. wiederholten Anfällen etabliert. Heutzutage liegen die Erfolgsraten für die Radiofrequenzablation der regulären SVT über 95 % bei einer sehr niedrigen Rezidivrate von weniger als 5 %. Eine antiarrhythmische Therapie für das Langzeitmanagement ist aufgrund der geringen Effektivität und Gefahr von ernsthaften Nebenwirkungen weitgehend obsolet und nur in Ausnahmefällen erforderlich. Der folgende Artikel gibt eine aktuelle Übersicht über die häufigsten rhythmischen Schmalkomplextachykardien, die verschiedenen Mechanismen und moderne nicht-pharmakologische Therapieansätze.

  18. Kontextualisierung von Queer Theory Contextualizing Queer Theory

    Anna Voigt


    Full Text Available Christine M. Klapeer legt in diesem Einführungsband dar, aus welchen politischen und theoretischen Kontexten heraus sich ‚queer‘ zu einem Begriff mit besonderem politischem und theoretischem Gehalt entwickelt hat. Wesentlich zielt sie dabei auf eine kritische Kontextualisierung von „queer theory”. Die Autorin geht zunächst auf das Gay Liberation Movement ein, grenzt die Queer Theory vom Poststrukturalismus, von feministischen Theorien und den Lesbian and Gay Studies ab, beleuchtet Eckpunkte queeren Denkens und zeichnet schließlich die Entwicklungen in Österreich sowohl politisch-rechtlich als auch bewegungsgeschichtlich und in der Wissenschaftslandschaft nach.Christine M. Klapeer’s introductory volume demonstrates the manner in which ‘queer’ grew out of various political and theoretical contexts to become a term with special political and theoretical content. She focuses primarily on a critical contextualization of “queer theory.” The author begins by approaching the Gay Liberation Movement and then distinguishes Queer Theory from poststructuralism, from feminist theories, and from Lesbian and Gay Studies. She continues on to illuminate the key aspects of queer thought and concludes by sketching the development in Austria in terms of politics and the law, the history of movements, and within the landscape of knowledge.

  19. Suitability of tracers; Eignung von Tracern

    Klotz, D. [GSF - Forschungszentrum fuer Umwelt und Gesundheit GmbH, Neuherberg (Germany). Inst. fuer Hydrologie


    Hydrological tracer techniques are a means of making statements on the direction and speed of underground water. One of the simpler tasks is to find out whether there is hydrological communication between two given points. This requires a determination of the direction of flow, which places less exacting demands on the properties of the tracer than does the task of determining the flow velocity of underground water. Tracer methods can serve to infer from flow velocity the distance (flow) velocity, which is defined as the ratio between the distance between two points located in flow direction and the actual time it takes water to flow from one to the other. [Deutsch] Mit Hilfe der hydrologischen Markierungstechniken koennen Aussagen ueber die Richtung und die Geschwindigkeit von Bewegungen des unterirdischen Wassers gemacht werden. Der einfachere Fall liegt vor, wenn festgestellt werden soll, ob zwischen zwei Punkten eine hydrologische Verbindung besteht. Bei dieser Fliessrichtungsbestimmung sind die Forderungen an die Eigenschaften der einzusetzenden Tracer geringer als bei der Bestimmung der Geschwindigkeit des unterirdischen Wassers. Von den Geschwindigkeiten des unterirdischen Wassers ist die Abstands-(Fliess)geschwindigkeit, die definiert ist durch das Verhaeltnis aus dem Abstand und der wahren Fliesszeit zwischen zwei in Bewegungsrichtung gelegenen Punkten, durch Tracermethoden zu bestimmen. (orig.)

  20. Die Krakauer Kirche von Karmeliten und Karmelitaninnen

    Józef Szymon Wronski


    Full Text Available 1. Die Klosterkirche der unbeschuhten Karmelitinnen Zum Heiligen Josef. Ein glücklicher Auftakt und somit die charakteristische Einführung in das 20. Jh. für den Kirchenbau von Krakau war die Errichtung der Karmeliterinnen St. Josephs-Kirche an der Lobzowska-Straße 40, in der die Architekten (Tadeusz Stryjeński (1849-1943 - Projektant der Kirche und Franciszek Mączyński (1874-1947 - Ausführer des Bauprojektes mit eigenen Verbesserungen die historisch- eklektizistischen Formen d.h. die mittelalterlichen Formen vor allem des sog. Übergangsstils vereinfachten. Die Kirche, die in den Jahren 1903-1905 errichtet wurde, steht inmitten vom Baukomplex des Klosters, dessen Grundriss das Quadrat ist49. Der Kirchenbau ist ein dem Gesamtbau des Klosters eingefügter Längsraum. Hinter dem Chor liegt das Oratorium des Konvents. Das Material Backstein (mit Verwendung von Stein erinnert an die Baukunst eines der besten Architekten jener Zeit, nämlich Teodor Talowskis (1857-1910, der viele Kirchen in Südpolen, aber auch viele Bürgerhäuser nicht nur in Krakau im ausgehenden 19. Jh. baute. Die Architektur der Karmeliterinnen St. Josephs-Kirche ist immer noch im Malerischen begriffen. Aber die Vereinfachung der historischen Formen führt zu ihrer „Beruhigung” und dadurch zur Wuchtigkeit des Ausdrucks. Bemerkenswert ist die in dieser Zeit (in der Anlage noch seltene ausgewogene Proportionierung des Baukörpers. Das methodische Prinzip jener Zeit ist der Kontrast. Im Kontrast zu den gedrungenen und wuchtigen Formen des Baukörpers stehen z.B. die sich verjüngenden obeliskenförmigen und pylonenartigen Türmchen, die nicht nur die Eingangsfassade der Kirche flankieren, sondern auch an den Ecken des Querhauses der Kirche stehen. Die ingravierten weißen Steine an der Fassade in der Zahl von Zehn erinnern an das Gebot des Karmelterinnenordens: Bete täglich den Rosenkranz und sind zugleich ein Vanitativmotiv. 2. Die Klosterkirche der unbeschuhten

  1. Alexander von Humboldt in Daniel Kehlmanns Welt

    Ottmar Ette


    Full Text Available Zusammenfassung Wie stark sich im Verlauf des zurückliegenden Vierteljahrhunderts der Bekanntheitsgrad Alexander von Humboldts in der deutschsprachigen Öffentlichkeit verändert hat, zeigen nicht nur Fernsehumfragen zu den berühmtesten Deutschen, in denen Alexander von Humboldt mittlerweile figuriert, oder Fernsehserien, die über aktuelle Expeditionen berichten und auf Humboldts Namen zurückgreifen. Am deutlichsten vielleicht belegt dies der enorme Erfolg von Daniel Kehlmanns Roman Die Vermessung der Welt, der ohne die zuvor skizzierte Entwicklung nicht denkbar gewesen wäre. Es ist vor diesem Hintergrund nicht nur reizvoll, sondern aufschlußreich, sich mit dem großen Erfolg dieses kleinen Romans zu beschäftigen. Worum geht es in Die Vermessung der Welt? Und wie läßt sich das „Phänomen Kehlmann“ aus etwas größerer Distanz erklären? Abstract In the last 25 years, Alexander von Humboldt‘s popularity has radically changed in the german-speaking public opinion. Proof of this are not only television surveys about the most famous germans - in which Alexander von Humboldt now regularly figures - or television series about contemporary expeditions, which constantly refer to Humboldt‘s name; perhaps what most clearly verifies this change is the great success of Daniel Kehlmann‘s novel Die Vermessung der Welt. Without the recent developments outlined above, this novel‘s degree of impact would have been unimaginable. To study the great success of this text against this backdrop is not only attractive, but also revealing. What is Die Vermessung der Welt really about? And how can we explain the „Kehlmann phenomenon“ from a greater distance? Resumen La popularidad de Alejandro de Humboldt ha cambiado profundamente dentro del último cuarto de siglo en la opinión pública de habla alemana. Prueba de esto son no sólo las encuestas televisivas sobre los alemanes más famosos, dentro de las cuales figura en estos momentos Alejandro

  2. The effect of protein and energy levels in diet on the antioxidant activity of juvenile redclaw Cherax quadricarinatus (von Martens, 1868 Efecto del nivel de proteína y energía en la actividad antioxidante de juveniles de langosta de agua dulce Cherax quadricarinatus (von Martens, 1868

    Edilmar Cortés-Jacinto


    Full Text Available This study determined the influence of dietary crude protein and energy levels on growth, survival, and antioxidant response of superoxide dismutase (SOD in juvenile redclaw Cherax quadricarinatus. Six practical diets containing three crude protein (CP levels (28, 35, and 40% and two energy levels (~18 and 20 kJ · g-1 were tested. The control group was fed a commercial shrimp diet. The highest SOD activity (34.8 U·mg-1 protein occurred in the diet with 35% CP and 18 kJ g-1. Soluble protein in tissue of redclaw fed 28 and 35% CP increased, compared to the control. The best mean final weight (9.23 g, weight gain (788%, and the lowest feed conversion ratio (1.3 occurred with the 35% CP diet. We conclude that a dietary CP content of 35% and 18 kJ · g-1 is recommended for production and best immune responses in redclaw.Se realizó un estudio para evaluar el efecto de los niveles de proteína y energía sobre el crecimiento, supervivencia y la respuesta antioxidante de la enzima superóxido dismutasa (SOD en juveniles de Cherax quadricarinatus. El experimento incluyó seis dietas prácticas con tres niveles de proteína cruda (28, 35 y 40% y dos niveles de energía (~18 y 20 kJ·g-1. El grupo control fue alimentado con alimento comercial para camarón. La actividad SOD más alta (34.8 U·mg-1 prot. se presentó en juveniles alimentados con 35% de proteína cruda (PC y 18 kJ·g-1. La proteína soluble en tejido de langosta de agua dulce alimentada con 28 y 35% de PC fue superior con respecto a los acociles del grupo control. El mejor peso final promedio (9.23 g, la mejor ganancia en peso (788% y el factor de conversión alimenticia mas bajo (1.3 se presentó en acociles alimentados con 35% de PC. Se concluye que una dieta conteniendo 35% de PC y 18 kJg-1 de energía es recomendada para la producción y además incrementa la respuesta inmune de los acociles en su fase de juvenil.

  3. Evaluation and clinical application of a new method for detecting ADAMTS13 activity

    WANG An-you; DONG Ning-zheng; MA Zhen-ni; ZHANG Jing-yu; SU Jian; RUAN Chang-geng


    Background A severe deficiency of ADAMTS13 activity contributes to the pathogenesis of thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP). Measuring the activity of ADAMTS13 is helpful for the diagnosis of TTP and the prognostic monitor in TTP patients. Most available assays are cumbersome and costly, so not easily adapted to routine laboratories. ADAMTS13 cleaves von Willebrand factor (VWF) within the domain A2., located between domains A1 and A3. Therefore, specific assays for ADAMTS13 activity could be based on the different structures of VWF before and after the cleavage. Using this hypothesis we try to establish a new and simple method to determine ADAMTS13 activity.Methods First, plasma samples were exposed in denaturing condition to allow cleavage of VWF by ADAMTS13. Then, the ADAMTS13 activity was measured with two novel monoclonal antibodies, SZ-129 and SZ-125, which specifically recognize the VWF A1 and A3 domains by using a two-site sandwich ELISA. Compared with a residual-collagen binding assay (R-CBA), plasma ADAMTS13 activities in 161 samples were assessed, and the inhibitory activities of ADAMTS13 autoantibody in 24 TTP patients were determined. The relationship of these two assays was analyzed by linear correlation, and the sensitivity and specificity of the new assay was also evaluated.Results Plasma ADAMTS13 activities in normal people and TTP, acute myocardial infarction (AMI), and idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) patients determined by the new assay were (89.75±7.93)%, (17.63±18.71)%,(68.55±18.08)%, (85.83±9.84)%, respectively. Results were consistent with those of R-CBA, the squared correlation factor was 0.9183 of the two assays. The new assay can easily discriminate a TTP plasma sample from a non-TTP plasma sample (P <0.01), and the coefficient of variation for the new assay was 6.17%. In 23 idiopathic TTP patients, the inhibitor activity of ADAMTS13 autoantibody ranged from 12% to 100%, while no inhibitory activity was detected in one

  4. Alfred Von Tirpitz and Construction of the Navy in the German Empire in 1865–1916

    Lesya L. Goncharenko


    Full Text Available This article deals with the main activities of A. von Tirpitz in the Imperial German Navy related to its technical re-equipment, the development of the new line of battle and the principles of the squadron organization. As part of implementation of the German Empire colonial policy the admiral founded the imperial outpost, a naval defense base in Qingdao, in the south-east Asia. Much attention is given to the role of A. von Tirpitz in the adoption by Reichstag of naval bills that later became the legislative framework for the modern navy with new ships – dreadnoughts as the basic force. Due to this Germany became equal in naval weapons with England.

  5. Neurochirurgische Therapie von atypischen neuropathischen Gesichtsschmerzen und Clusterkopfschmerz mit Darstellung von Kernaspekten neurochirurgischer Schmerztherapie

    Eisner W


    Full Text Available Die primäre Behandlung von Schmerzen jeglicher Art erfolgt pharmakologisch, physikalisch-medizinisch oder verhaltenstherapeutisch. Wenn diese konservativen Therapiemaßnahmen versagen, geraten Therapeuten und Patienten schnell in große Not; Alternativmethoden werden herangezogen. Solange geholfen wird und eine Schmerzerleichterung erkennbar ist, ist nichts dagegen einzuwenden. Versagen auch diese Methoden, sucht der Patient erneut Spezialisten auf, denen die schwere Aufgabe zukommt, dem Patienten weitere therapeutische Möglichkeiten zu ermöglichen oder ihn seinem Schicksal zu ü Die vorliegende Arbeit über atypische Gesichtsschmerzen möchte über neurochirurgische Behandlungsmöglichkeiten informieren. Die Komplexität dieser Erkrankungen benötigt die Interdisziplinarität von Neurologen, Schmerztherapeuten sowie Psychologen und nicht Beisätze wie „Vorsicht, Chirurgen, die schneiden überall rein und dann erst …“.

  6. Update: SPECT in der Diagnostik von Parkinson-Syndromen

    Pirker W


    Full Text Available Die Diagnose des Morbus Parkinson fußt primär auf Anamnese und klinischer Untersuchung. Die Abgrenzung von milden Bewegungsstörungen bei ansonsten gesunden älteren Personen, von medikamenteninduzierten und vaskulären Parkinson-Syndromen sowie von Tremor-Syndromen kann jedoch schwierig sein. Die Differenzierung zwischen M. Parkinson und atypischen Parkinson-Erkrankungen wie der Multisystematrophie (MSA und der progressiven supranukleären Paralyse (PSP ist im Frühstadium häufig unmöglich und kann auch in fortgeschrittenen Stadien Probleme bereiten. Die SPECT-Untersuchung mit Dopamin-Transporter- (DAT- Liganden wie 123I-FP-CIT erlaubt mit wenigen Ausnahmen bereits im Frühstadium eine Dokumentation der dopaminergen Degeneration beim M. Parkinson und atypischen Parkinson- Erkrankungen und damit meist eine Abgrenzung von nichtdegenerativen Parkinson- und Tremor-Syndromen. Sie kann die einzelnen degenerativen Parkinson-Syndrome jedoch nicht voneinander unterscheiden. Die Untersuchung postsynaptischer Dopamin- D2-Rezeptoren mit der 123I-IBZM-SPECT kann zur Differenzierung von M. Parkinson und MSA bzw. PSP beitragen. Neueren Untersuchungen zufolge dürften die Untersuchung des zerebralen Glukosemetabolismus mittels 18F-FDG-PET sowie moderne MRT-basierte Methoden in dieser Fragestellung jedoch eine höhere Sensitivität und Spezifität haben. Während Medikamente die diagnostische Aussagekraft von DAT-SPECT-Untersuchungen selten beeinflussen, kann das Ergebnis der IBZM-SPECT sowohl durch dopaminerge Substanzen als auch durch Dopaminantagonisten stark verfälscht werden. Die richtige Interpretation von SPECT-Daten setzt darüber hinaus die Kenntnis der individuellen strukturellen bildgebenden Befunde voraus. Eine MRT- oder CCTUntersuchung sollte zum Ausschluss von läsionellen Parkinson-Syndromen und zur Dokumentation von Kopathologien immer Bestandteil der Parkinson-Abklärung sein.

  7. Sucralfate for the treatment of radiation induced mucositis; Einsatz von Sucralfat in der Radioonkologie

    Belka, C. [Univ. Tuebingen (Germany). Abt. fuer Strahlentherapie; Hoffmann, W. [Univ. Tuebingen (Germany). Abt. fuer Strahlentherapie; Paulsen, F. [Univ. Tuebingen (Germany). Abt. fuer Strahlentherapie; Bamberg, M. [Univ. Tuebingen (Germany). Abt. fuer Strahlentherapie


    Purpose: Radiotherapy, a cornerstone in the management of head and neck cancer, pelvic cancer, and esophageal cancer is associated with a marked mucosal toxicity. Pain, malnutrition and diarrhea are the most prevalent clinical symptoms of radiation induced mucosal damage. Because there is no known way to obviate radiation mucositis all efforts to prevent aggravation and accelerate healing of mucosal changes are of great importance. Numerous agents including antimicrobials, local and systemic analgesics, antiinflammatory drugs, antidiarrheal drugs, in combination with intensive dietetic care are used to relieve symptoms. Recently coating agents like the polyaluminum-sucrose complex sucralfate were suggested for the prevention and treatment of mucosal reactions. Since sucralfate protects ulcerated epithelium by coating, liberates protective prostaglandins and increases the local availability of protective factors this drug might directly interact with the pathogenesis of mucositis. Patients and Method: The results of available studies are analysed and discussed. Results: The results of several studies indicate that sucralfate treatment especially during radiotherapy for pelvic cancer leads to a significant amelioration of clinical symptoms and morphological changes. An application of sucralfate during radiotherapy of head and neck cancer reveals only limited benefits in most studies performed. Conclusion: Nevertheless sucralfate is a save, cheap and active drug for the prevention and treatment of radiation mucositis especially in patients with pelvic irradiation. (orig.) [Deutsch] Hintergrund: Schleimhautreaktionen stellen eine wesentliche akute und chronische Nebenwirkung radioonkologischer Therapieverfahren dar. Klinisch im Vordergrund stehen Schmerzen, Ernaeherungsprobleme und Durchfaelle. Da bislang keine kausalen Therapie- oder Prophylaxemassnahmen bekannt sind, erfolgt die Behandlung symptomorientiert. Hierbei kommen insbesondere lokale und systemische

  8. Über die Ethoxylierung von Octanol im Mikrostrukturreaktor


    Die basisch katalysierte ringöffnende Polymerisation von Ethylenoxid mit Octanol (Ethoxylierung) wurde in einem kontinuierlich betriebenen Mikrostrukturreaktor untersucht. Es wurde die Kinetik dieser Reaktion unter intensivierten Bedingungen ermittelt. Die Reaktion wurde homogen in der Flüssigphase durchgeführt, bei Drücken bis 100 bar und Temperaturen im Bereich von 130 °C bis 240 °C. Für die Propagationsreaktion eine Aktivierungsenergie von 73 kJ/mol gefunden. Es wurde gezeigt, dass die Pro...

  9. Emotionales Erleben von Lehrkräften beim Unterrichten

    Frenzel, Anne C.; Götz, Thomas


    Ziel dieser Studie war es, das Ausmaß an Variabilität des Erlebens von Freude, Angst und Ärger bei Lehrkräften zu ermitteln, das auf ihre Persönlichkeit, das Unterrichtsfach (hier: Mathematik vs. Physik) und die jeweils unterrichtete Klasse zurückzuführen ist. Zudem wurde der Einfluss von Person- und Kontextmerkmalen auf das emotionale Erleben beim Unterrichten untersucht. 59 Gymnasiallehrkräfte (9 weiblich) gaben anhand von einem Fragebogen sowie einem Tagebuch Auskunft über ihre Unterrichts...

  10. Valence bond and von Neumann entanglement entropy in Heisenberg ladders.

    Kallin, Ann B; González, Iván; Hastings, Matthew B; Melko, Roger G


    We present a direct comparison of the recently proposed valence bond entanglement entropy and the von Neumann entanglement entropy on spin-1/2 Heisenberg systems using quantum Monte Carlo and density-matrix renormalization group simulations. For one-dimensional chains we show that the valence bond entropy can be either less or greater than the von Neumann entropy; hence, it cannot provide a bound on the latter. On ladder geometries, simulations with up to seven legs are sufficient to indicate that the von Neumann entropy in two dimensions obeys an area law, even though the valence bond entanglement entropy has a multiplicative logarithmic correction.

  11. Bioaktivitäten von Wertstoffen aus Saccharomyces Hefen

    Jährig, Silke Christiane


    In der vorliegenden Arbeit wurden die antioxidative Aktivität sowie die immunmodulierende Kapazität von Zellwänden und Zellwandbestandteilen der Bierhefe Saccharomyces cerevisiae untersucht. Die Zellwände von Saccharomyces-Hefen bestehen aus (1→3),(1→6)-β-D-Glucan, Mannanen, Proteinen und Lipiden. Als potentieller Immunmodulator ist vor allem das (1→3),(1→6)-β-D-Glucan von Interesse. Vor kurzem konnte für dieses Glucan zusätzlich eine antioxidative Wirkung nachgewiesen werden [KOGAN et al., 2...

  12. Sorption reactions in groundwater: various aspects to modelling the transport behaviour of zinc; Sorptionsreaktionen im Grundwasser: Unterschiedliche Aspekte bei der Modellierung des Transportverhaltens von Zink

    Hadeler, A.


    The dispersal of trace substance in groundwater may be limited by dissolution and precipitation and, of particular interest in this paper, by sorption and desorption processes. These surface-active processes, which have a decisive influence on groundwater quality, depend on the concomitant geochemical conditions prevailing in the water, the constituents of the aquifer and on the surface properties of the solids. Taking the geochemical conditions prevailing naturally in brown coal mining areas as a point of departure this study was aimed at examining the influence of acidification processes on the transport behaviour inorganic pollutants for the example of zinc. For this purpose oxic column trials were carried out on sandy aquifer material. The data were supplemented by a detailed characterisation of the solid surfaces and modelled on the basis of a transport-reaction model as well as mechanistically with due regard to surface complexing. [German] Die Ausbreitung von Spurenstoffen im Grundwasser wird ausser durch Loesungs- und Faellungsprozesse vor allem durch Sorptions- bzw. Desorptionsvorgaenge limitiert. Diese fuer die Grundwasserqualitaet entscheidenden oberflaechenaktiven Prozesse sind von den variablen geochemischen Randbedingungen im Wasser, vom Stoffbestand des Aquifers und von den Oberflaecheneigenschaften der Feststoffe abhaengig. In Anlehnung an die natuerlichen im Bereich von Braunkohle-Abbaugebieten herrschenden geochemischen Bedingungen wurde der Einfluss von Versauerungsprozessen auf das Transportverhalten von anorganischen Schadstoffen, am Beispiel von Zink, auf der Basis von oxischen Saeulenversuchen an sandigem Aquifermaterial untersucht. Die Daten wurden durch eine detaillierte Charakterisierung der Feststoff-Oberflaechen ergaenzt und sowohl mit Hilfe eines Transport-Reaktionsmodells als auch mechanistisch unter Einbeziehung der Oberflaechenkomplexierung modelliert. (orig.)

  13. Wirksame Alternativen zur Behandlung von klimakterischen Beschwerden

    Stute P


    Full Text Available Vasomotorische Beschwerden (VMS werden von 75 % der postmenopausalen Frauen angegeben. Neben der konventionellen Hormontherapie stehen verschiedene Behandlungsmöglichkeiten aus dem Bereich der Alternativ- und Komplementärmedizin (CAM zur Verfügung. Soja Isoflavone und Traubensilberkerze können bei jüngeren peri- und frühen postmenopausalen Frauen mit leichten bis moderaten VMS hilfreich sein. Die Studienlage zur CMA ist jedoch insgesamt unzureichend. In Zukunft wäre es wünschenswert, nicht nur das Wirkungsvermögen, sondern auch die Effizienz einer Behandlung in randomisiert-kontrollierten Studien zu untersuchen. Hierfür bietet sich die ICF Klassifikation der WHO an.

  14. Modernisation of ventilation systems; Modernisierung von Lueftungsanlagen

    Richter, W. [Technische Univ. Dresden (Germany). Inst. fuer Thermodynamik und Technische Gebaeudeausruestung


    When redeveloping buildings it is common to use window constructions with air-tight rabbets which obviate the inflow of fresh air almost entirely. This leads to the well-known structural-physics and hygienic consequences. As an added effect, the distinctly enhanced thermal insulation results in changes in dynamic heat loss. The paper focuses on the issues of how to safeguard the inflow of fresh air, and the heating capacity of radiators. (MSK) [Deutsch] Da die bei Gebaeudesanierungen eingesetzten fugendichten Fensterkonstruktionen die Nachstroemmoeglichkeiten fuer die Zuluft fast ganz unterbinden, fuehrt das zu den bekannten bauphysikalischen und hygienischen Konsequenzen. Dazu kommen veraenderte dynamische Waermverlustverhaeltnisse aufgrund der deutlich verbesserten Waermedaemmung. Im Folgenden wird schwerpunktmaessig auf die Probleme Zuluftsicherung und Waermeleistung von Heizkoerpern eingegangen.

  15. Hermann von Helmholtz and the empiricist vision.

    Turner, R S


    The philosophical convictions of Hermann von Helmholtz and the empiricist psychology he developed have been extensively discussed in historical literature. This literature has not usually emphasized the tacti assumptions about human physiology that underlaid these convictions nor the way in which Helmholtz's epistemology served as a methodological directive in his research. Helmholtz assumed nerve transmission between sense organs and the mind to be a passive process. Distortion in stimulus patterns occurs physically in the sense organs, which can therefore be treated through mechanical analogies. Stimuli become converted to the perceptions of consciousness through mental processes that are essentially analogous to conscious, inductive inference and that are therefore susceptible, in principle, to introspective investigation. This view of mental function reflected Helmholtz's intellectual debt to German idealism, especially to the philosophical views of J.G. Fichte.

  16. Hepatische Effekte von Wachstumshormon auf den Glukosestoffwechsel

    Rufinatscha K


    Full Text Available Untherapierter Wachstumshormonmangel im Erwachsenenalter (AGHD ist mit viszeraler Adipositas, Dyslipidämie, Insulinresistenz und Fettleber verbunden. Interessanterweise finden sich viele der AGHD-Merkmale auch bei Patienten mit metabolischem Syndrom. Die nichtalkoholische Fettlebererkrankung (NAFLD gilt als hepatische Manifestation des metabolischen Syndroms. In einigen Studien wurden bei Patienten mit NAFLD verminderte Konzentrationen von zirkulierendem IGF-1, dessen Synthese zu einem großen Teil durch Wachstumshormon (GH reguliert wird, beschrieben. Mäuse, welche eine hepatische Wachstumshormondefizienz aufweisen, zeigen zahlreiche phänotypische Charakteristika des metabolischen Syndroms, unter anderen auch eine Fettlebererkrankung. Dies legt einen Zusammenhang zwischen dem Wachstumshormon und der Entstehung einer NAFLD nahe. Ziel unserer Studie ist es, in einem Zellkulturmodell die Effekte des Wachstumshormons auf den intrazellulären Glukosestoffwechsel näher zu untersuchen. Im Detail sollen Auswirkungen einer verminderten Wachstumshormonrezeptorexpression auf den Insulinsignaltransduktionsweg, den Glykogengehalt und auf Schlüsselenzyme der Glukoneogenese untersucht werden. Präliminäre Daten zeigen, dass eine verminderte Wachstumshormonrezeptorexpression mit intrazellulären Veränderungen des hepatischen Glukosestoffwechsels verbunden ist. Die verminderte Insulinsensitivität könnte auf Alterationen im Insulinsignaltransduktionsweg und Änderungen der Glukoneogenese zurückzuführen sein. Diese präliminären Daten weisen darauf hin, dass Wachstumshormon einen direkten Einfluss auf den Glukosestoffwechsel in der Leber hat. Zudem legen sie nahe, dass Veränderungen im Wachstumshormonstoffwechsel einen wichtigen pathophysiologischen Mechanismus in der Entstehung der Fettlebererkrankung bei Patienten mit metabolischem Syndrom darstellen könnten. Der folgende Artikel soll einen kurzen Überblick über die Effekte von Wachstumshormon

  17. SYNTHESIS AND ANTIMICROBIAL ACTIVITY OF NOVEL SUBSTITUTED BENZO[d] ISOXAZOL-3-OL DERIVATIVES SYNTHESIS und antimikrobielle Aktivität von neuen substituierten Benzo [d] isoxazol-3-ol-Derivate

    G. Surendra Reddy, A. Babul Reddy, G. Ramachandra Reddy, P. Raveendra Reddy


    Full Text Available A novel 5/6/7-substitited benzo[d]isoxazol-3-ol derivatives 4a-j obtained by the reaction of substituted salicylic acid 1 with thionyl chloride to get 2, which on treatment with hydroxyl amine hydrochloride to yield 3. The subsequent reaction with carbonyldiimidazole to results title compounds 4a-k with good yields and the structures of these compounds were confirmed by IR, 1 H NMR and Mass spectral analysis. The newly synthesized compounds were evaluated for antimicrobial activity against variety of bacterial and fungal strains some of these compounds have shown significant antibacterial and antifungal activities.

  18. CFD-Simulation von Mehrkomponentenadsorption in einem Festbett


    von Clemens Gößnitzer Arbeit an der Bibliothek noch nicht eingelangt - Daten nicht geprueft Abweichender Titel nach Übersetzung der Verfasserin/des Verfassers Technische Universität Wien, Univ., Diplomarbeit, 2016

  19. Von Krahli Teater viis Helsingisse kaks menulavastust / Andres Laasik

    Laasik, Andres, 1960-2016


    Von Krahli Teater esineb 29. nov. Helsingis "Baltic Circle" festivalil lavastustega "Luikede järv" ja "Taksojuhid". Tutvustatakse lühidalt ka paari olulisemat soome lavastust ("Puksiirabi" ja "Hamlet"), mis tulevad festivalil esitamisele

  20. Magnus Georg von Paucker (1787-1855) / Eckhard Spring

    Spring, Eckhard


    Eestis sündinud ja Tartu Ülikoolis õppinud silmapaistvast baltisaksa teadlasest ja tema lapselapsest Alexandrine Pauckerist. 23. novembril 2012 Jelgavas/Mitaus toimunud Magnus Georg von Pauckerile pühendatud teaduskonverentsist

  1. Von Krahli Teatri lavastus pääses tippfestivalile


    Von Krahli Teatri uuendatud lavastus "Eesti mängud. Pulm" esietendub festivalil Theater Der Welt Berliinis. Peeter Jalaka multimeediaetendus Eesti ajaloost ja traditsioonidest osaleb ka suveteatrite festivalil Hamburgis, seejärel antakse kuus etendust Amsterdamis

  2. History and Pre-History of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

    D. Platikanov


    Full Text Available In this paper a short review of the history of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Bonn - Bad Godesberg, Germany, on the occasion of its 60th anniversary is presented. This outstanding German foundation is actually the third one with the same name. Earlier two other Alexander von Humboldt Foundations consequently existed and they consist its pre-history, which is also shortly reviewed. The establishment of the present Foundation in 1953, its development and growth, its activities, information about the six presidents and five executive directors, as well as the main features, principles and guidelines are considered. During the last 60 years the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation became an important institution for the promotion of international research cooperation, which significantly influences the world science. It supported more than 27700 Humboldt fellows to carry out scientific research in Germany, and they form a large Humboldt family: a world-wide network. Large number Bulgarian Humboldt fellows are among the best scientists in Bulgaria.

  3. Quality assurance for photovoltaic energy supply. Final report; Qualitaetssicherung von photovoltaischen Energieversorgungssystemen. Abschlussbericht

    Bopp, G.; Gabler, H.; Hille, G.; Puls, G.; Rehm, M.; Sauer, U.; Schulz, M.; Schweizer-Ries, P.


    The availability of isolated PV systems was to be improved by an inspection agreement between operators, users and inspection organisations. The systems were to be inspected and serviced once a year. In all, 22 systems were inspected regularly between 1996 and 1999, and a failure statistics was drawn up on the basis of the records. On average, there were three failures per system and per year, one of which was caused by research activities. In a second detailed analysis after termination of the project, the failure rate had decreased to one every two years, i. e. a reduction by a factor of 6. [German] Ziel des Projektes war die Erhoehung der Betriebssicherheit und der Lebensdauer netzunabhaengiger Photovoltaikanlagen (Inselanlagen) durch Ermittlung und Reduzierung des Wartungsbedarfs sowie durch Komponentenoptimierung. Zu Projektbeginn war der technische und finanzielle Umfang von Wartungsarbeiten und somit den Betriebskosten dieser Anlagen nur sehr lueckenhaft bekannt und vorhersehbar. Um belastbare Erkenntnisse ueber den Wartungsbedarf und -kosten zu erhalten, fuehrten ortsansaessige Firmen mit Hilfe von Wartungshandbuechern auf Kosten der Betreiber in 22 ausgewaehlten Inselanlagen 4 Jahre lang 1 mal jaehrlich eine Fruehjahrskontrolle und eine Herbstinspektion durch. Das Fraunhofer ISE erstellte eine Fehlerstatistik, analysierte die Fehler und den Optimierungsbedarf. Durch die einmal jaehrliche Inspektion und durch den Einsatz optimierter Komponenten liess sich die anfaengliche Fehlerrate von 3 Fehlern pro Jahr und Anlage auf 1 Fehler innerhalb von 2 Jahren reduzieren. Die Anlagenfehler wurden ueberwiegend durch alterungsbedingte Bauteildefekte in Komponenten verursacht. Zusammen mit Herstellern wurde an Komponenten, wie Ladereglern und Wechselrichtern, Optimierungen durchgefuehrt. Die Optimierung der Anlagenbetriebsfuehrung erhoehte deutlich die Zufriedenheit des Nutzers und die Batterielebensdauer. Die Stromgestehungskosten in optimierten und regelmaessig

  4. Untersuchungen zum enzymatisch-physikalischen Aufschluss von Apfeltrester



    Apfeltrester fallen in großen Mengen als Reststoffe bei der industriellen Fruchtsaftproduktion an. Neben der Pektinherstellung können Apfeltrester u. a. für die Alkoholerzeugung genutzt werden. Im Gegensatz zur Produktion von technischem Alkohol werden bei der Trinkalkoholherstellung jedoch höhere Anforderungen an die chemische Zusammensetzung und die sensorischen Eigenschaften der erzeugten Destillate gestellt. Apfeltrester besitzen eine Trockensubstanz von ca. 25 %, die sich zum größten Tei...

  5. Numerical Analysis Of Buckling Of Von Mises Planar Truss

    Kalina Martin


    Full Text Available A computational algorithm of a discrete model of von Mises planar steel truss is presented. The structure deformation is evaluated by seeking the minimal potential energy. The critical force invented by mathematical solution was compared with solution by computer algorithm. Symmetric and asymmetric effects of initial shape of geometric imperfection of axis of struts are used in model. The shapes of buckling of von Mises planar truss of selected vertical displacement of top joint are shown.

  6. Modellbasierte Merkmalsplanung zur objektbezogenen laserscannerbasierten Navigation von Fahrzeugen

    Stahn, Roland


    In dieser Dissertation wird ein neues System zur modellbasierten Merkmalsplanung für die objektbezogene laserscannerbasierte Navigation von Fahrzeugen vorgestellt. Die robuste Orientierung und Bewegung in natürlichen Umgebungen ist eine zentrale Problemstellung der mobilen Robotik. Die präzise Navigation relativ zu Objekten der Umgebung bildet ein Teilgebiet, welches speziell für die Realisierung von zukünftigen Assistenz- und Autonomiefunktionen bei Fahrzeugen, fahrerlosen Transportsystemen ...

  7. Wie vergleichbar sind Ergebnisse von Rechtschreib-und Lesetests?

    Steinhauser, Susanne


    Eine umschriebene Lese-Rechtschreibstörung (ICD-10: F81) ist durch eine Diskrepanz zwischen den allgemeinen kognitiven Fähigkeiten eines Kindes und dessen Lese-Rechtschreibleistungen gekennzeichnet. Für die Diagnostik steht eine Vielzahl von Lese- und Rechtschreibtests zur Verfügung. In der Studie wurde untersucht, ob die Diagnosestellung von der Wahl des Testverfahrens abhängt. Es wurden Kinder mit mehreren Rechtschreib- und Lesetests untersucht. Die allgemeinen kognitiven Fähigkeiten wur...

  8. Kooperation mit der Industrie bei der Ausbildung von Softwareingenieuren


    Vor allem in Regionen, in denen der Personalbedarf der Unternehmen nicht durch Absolventen gedeckt werden kann, sollte sich die Hochschulausbildung auch an den Anforderungen der Industrie orientieren. In diesem Beitrag werden diese Anforderungen für Softwareingenieure für den Standort Görlitz spezifiziert und es werden Kooperationsmöglichkeiten von Hochschule und lokalen Unternehmen aufgezeigt. Dabei wird auf die praxisorientierte Ausbildung, auf die Übernahme von Ausbildungsverantwortung dur...

  9. Neuronale Wirkung von Ketamin : Pharmakologische Untersuchung an spinalen Hinterhornneuronen

    Schnöbel, Rose


    Es ist seit langem erwiesen, dass Ketamin die Schmerzweiterleitung behindern kann. Im Rahmen einer rückenmarksnahen Applikation kommt es zu einer Beeinflussung von sensorischen Hinterhornneuronen. Das Verhalten von Ketamin auf die Natrium- und Kalium-Kanäle spinaler Hinterhornneurone wurde mit Hilfe einer Kombination aus der Whole-Cell-Patch-Clamp-Technik und der Methode der Soma-Isolierung (Safronov et al., 1997, J. Physiol 503: 371-385) untersucht. Die Hinterhornneurone stammten aus den ...

  10. Hans von Hattingberg (1879-1944) Leben und Werk

    Keifenheim, Katharina Eva


    Hans von Hattingberg, geboren am 18.11.1879 in Wien, wird heute vor allem mit dem Deutschen Institut für Psychologische Forschung und Psychotherapie („Göring-Institut“) in Verbindung gebracht, wo er sich mit der „Neuen Deutschen Seelenheilkunde“ und der Erarbeitung von „Thesen zur Neurosenlehre“ befasste. Interessanterweise war Hattingberg bis 1932 eher eine Randfigur in der Psychotherapeutenszene und galt vielen als unbelehrbarer Querulant. Viele seiner Arbeiten wurden nie veröffentlicht, u...

  11. Nash y von Neumann: mundos posibles y juegos de lenguaje

    Salazar , Boris


    Full Text Available Este ensayo emplea las nociones de juego de lenguaje y de equivalencia entre juegos para examinar la decisión de John Nash de no jugar el juego coalicional que propuso John von Neumann. El argumento central es que Nash concibió una clase de mundos posibles incompatible con la de von Neumann, y que en el origen de esa divergencia estarían sus distintas nociones de racionalidad.

  12. Identifizierung und Charakterisierung eines Sdr-Proteins von Staphylococcus saprophyticus

    Sakinç, Türkân


    Gegenstand der vorliegenden Arbeit war es, das Oberflächenprotein Ssp zu klonieren und zu charakterisieren. Stattdessen wurde ein neues Zellwand-assoziertes Protein, das SdrI, ein MSCRAMM, kloniert. Dies sollte zur Klärung der Uropathogenität von Staphylococcus saprophyticus weiterhelfen. Die Voraussetzungen zur Untersuchung der Funktion des SdrI Protein von Staphylococcus saprophyticus wurde durch die Konstruktion einer isogenen Mutante geschaffen. Die Bedeutung der SdrI-Protein ...

  13. Geschlechterstereotype - Qualifikationsbarrieren von Frauen in der Fußballtrainerausbildung?

    Weigelt-Schlesinger, Yvonne


    Eines der letzten fast vollständig männlichen dominierten Reservoirs des Sports ist der Trainerbereich. Vor dem Hintergrund dieser Einsicht setzt sich die Arbeit mit der Frage auseinander, weshalb Frauen erst gar keine Ausbildung zur Trainerin beginnen oder die begonnene Ausbildung wieder abbrechen. Dabei interessiert insbesondere die Bedeutung von Geschlechtsstereotypen bei der Ausgrenzung von Frauen aus oder der Benachteiligung während der Trainerausbildung. So fragt die Autorin danach,...

  14. Politische Bildung im Kontext von Regierung, Unterricht und Zucht

    Thomas Rucker


    Full Text Available Johann Friedrich Herbart (1776-1841 gilt als der Begründer der wissenschaftlichen Pädagogik. In diesem Beitrag wird zu zeigen versucht, dass Herbart die Unterstützung politischer Bildung als eine Aufgabe von Regierung, Unterricht und Zucht bestimmt und in seinem Werk wichtige „Bausteine“ für eine Theorie der politischen Bildung unter den Bedingungen von Erziehung vorlegt hat. Nach Herbart ist das politische Selbst- und Weltverhältnis auf Sachverhalte bezogen, die nicht nur die Lebensführung einzelner Menschen, sondern die Lebensführung einer Mehrzahl von Menschen betreffen. Nicht das Zusammenleben von Menschen generell ist jedoch Orientierungsgesichtspunkt des politischen Selbst- und Weltverhältnisses, sondern nur das problematisch gewordene Zusammenleben. Politik ergibt sich nach Herbart aus einem Konflikt hinsichtlich der Frage, wie das Zusammenleben von Menschen geregelt sein sollte. Während die Regierung lediglich mittelbar einen Beitrag zur politischen Bildung leistet, indem sie die Voraussetzungen für Unterricht und Zucht bereitstellt, fungieren die beiden zuletzt genannten Formen von Erziehung als die eigentlichen Medien, in denen die politische Bildung im Sinne Herbarts ihren Ort hat.

  15. Synthesis and characterisation of iron, cobalt and gallium complexes wit the redox-active amide ligand systems pyridinocarboxiamidobenzene and hydroxy phenyl oxamide; Synthese und Charakterisierung von Eisen-, Cobalt- und Galliumkomplexen mit den redoxaktiven Amidligandsystemen Pyridincarboxamidobenzol und Hydroxyphenyloxamid

    Beckmann, U.


    The interactions of the redox-active ligand systems piridinocarboxamidobenzene and hydroxy phenyl oxamide with the metals iron, cobalt and gallium were investigated. It was found that metal complexes with ligands of the pyridinocarboxamidobenzene and hydroxy phenyl oxamide type can be redox-active in the sense of a ligand-centered reaction. This may provide a better understanding of natural catalysis mechanisms and redox processes. [German] In dieser Arbeit wurde die Wechselwirkung der redoxaktiven Ligandsysteme Pyridincarboxamidobenzol und Hydroxyphenyloxamid mit den Metallen Eisen, Cobalt und Gallium untersucht. Es konnte gezeigt werden, dass Metallkomplexe mit Liganden vom Typ Pyridincarboxamidobenzol und Hydroxyphenyloxamid auch im Sinne einer ligandzentrierten Reaktion redoxaktiv sein koennen. Dies kann dazu beitragen, Katalysemechanismen und Redoxprozesse in der Natur besser zu verstehen. (orig.)

  16. The effect of sports activities in children and adolescents on the calcaneus - an investigation with quantitative ultrasound; Einfluss sportlicher Aktivitaet von Kindern und Jugendlichen auf den Kalkaneus - Eine Untersuchung mit quantitativem Ultraschall

    Mentzel, H.J.; Malich, A.; Boettcher, J.; Vogt, S.; Kaiser, W.A. [Inst. fuer Diagnostische und Interventionelle Radiologie, Klinikum der Friedrich-Schiller-Univ., Jena (Germany); Wuensche, K. [Rontgenavdelingen, HNT Sykehuset Namsos (Norway)


    Purpose: To determine whether quantitative ultrasound (QUS) parameters speed of sound (SOS) and broadband ultrasound attenuation (BUA) on the calcaneus are different between athletic children and a reference population. Patients and Methods: From a college of physical education, 177 children and adolescents (121 boys and 56 girls, age range from 11 to 18 years) were included in this study. QUS was performed on the calcaneus using the Sahara trademark device (Hologic, USA). SOS and BUA were estimated. Regional reference values of 3299 children were used to determine significant differences between athletes and reference population. The influence of activity level, age, height, and weight was estimated using correlation analysis. Results: Sportsmen showed significant (p<0.05) higher values of the QUS parameters (SOS 1581.1 m/s; BUA 69.7 dB/MHz) compared to the reference data (SOS 1563.9 m/s; BUA 64.2 dB/MHz). Significant correlation was observed between BUA and the level of activity, age, weight, and height (p<0.01) and between SOS and weight and height (p<0.05). In the group of soccer players and athletes, significant correlation was found between BUA vs. age and BUA vs. weight (p<0.05). Furthermore, significant correlation was observed between BUA vs. age and weight in Judokas and Wrestlers. For the level of activity, a significant correlation to BUA was only found in the group of Judokas and Wrestlers (p<0.01). Conclusion: An increase in quantitative ultrasound parameters on the calcaneus occurs in children and adolescents with increased physical activity. (orig.)

  17. Electronic Resource Management System. Vernetzung von Lizenzinformationen

    Michaela Selbach


    Full Text Available In den letzten zehn Jahren spielen elektronische Ressourcen im Bereich der Erwerbung eine zunehmend wichtige Rolle: Eindeutig lässt sich hier ein Wandel in den Bibliotheken (fort vom reinen Printbestand zu immer größeren E-Only-Beständen feststellen. Die stetig wachsende Menge an E-Ressourcen und deren Heterogenität stellt Bibliotheken vor die Herausforderung, die E-Ressourcen effizient zu verwalten. Nicht nur Bibliotheken, sondern auch verhandlungsführende Institutionen von Konsortial- und Allianzlizenzen benötigen ein geeignetes Instrument zur Verwaltung von Lizenzinformationen, welches den komplexen Anforderungen moderner E-Ressourcen gerecht wird. Die Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG unterstützt ein Projekt des Hochschulbibliothekszentrums des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen (hbz, der Universitätsbibliothek Freiburg, der Verbundzentrale des Gemeinsamen Bibliotheksverbundes (GBV und der Universitätsbibliothek Frankfurt, in dem ein bundesweit verfügbares Electronic Ressource Managementsystem (ERMS aufgebaut werden soll. Ein solches ERMS soll auf Basis einer zentralen Knowledge Base eine einheitliche Nutzung von Daten zur Lizenzverwaltung elektronischer Ressourcen auf lokaler, regionaler und nationaler Ebene ermöglichen. Statistische Auswertungen, Rechteverwaltung für alle angeschlossenen Bibliotheken, kooperative Datenpflege sowie ein über standardisierte Schnittstellen geführter Datenaustausch stehen bei der Erarbeitung der Anforderungen ebenso im Fokus wie die Entwicklung eines Daten- und Funktionsmodells. In the last few years the importance of electronic resources in library acquisitions has increased significantly. There has been a shift from mere print holdings to both e- and print combinations and even e-only subscriptions. This shift poses a double challenge for libraries: On the one hand they have to provide their e-resource collections to library users in an appealing way, on the other hand they have to manage these

  18. Von Roll RCP method - first experiences; Von Roll RCP - Verfahren. Erste Erfahrungen

    Capitaine, P.; Engweiler, J. [Roll Umwelttechnik AG, Zuerich (Switzerland)


    The RCP method was designed as a residue-optimised alternative to the thermally optimised grate firing of residual wastes. Its technical realisation and development to market maturity took no more than 5 years. In the first process stage the waste is converted to high-carbon pyrolysis charcoal and high-rank gas in the absence of oxygen. In the second stage these substances are oxidised by addition of oxygen. The resulting temperature causes the non-combustible constituents of the slag to melt. In a third, optional, stage this molten slag can be liberated of (heavy) metals to such an extent that it can subsequently be used directly as additive for grinding. Further exhaust gas treatment is facilitated by the use of a circulatory fluidised-bed secondary combustion chamber. Despite the reduced flue gas volume and resultant higher pollutant concentrations in the crude gas, overall emissions are lower than in conventional plants. [Deutsch] Das reststoffoptimierte RCP Verfahren ist als Alternative zur thermisch optimierten Rostverbrennung von Restabfaellen konzipiert. In nur fuenf Jahren wurde das Verfahren technisch umgesetzt und zur Marktreife entwickelt. In einer ersten Stufe des Verfahrens wird der Abfall unter Luftabschluss in einen kohlenstoffreichen Pyrolysekoks und eine heizwertreiches Gas umgesetzt. Im zweiten Schritt werden diese Stoffe unter Zugabe von Sauerstoff oxidiert. Dabei treten Temperaturen auf, bei denen die nichtbrennbaren Bestandteile der Schlacke schmelzen. Optional wird diese Schmelzschlacke in einem dritten Schritt derart von (Schwer-) Metallen befreit, dass sie anschliessend direkt als Zement-Zumahlstoff eingesetzt werden kann. Die Nutzung der zirkulierenden Wirbelschicht - Nachbrennkammer zur Abgasbehandlung vereinfacht die weitergehende Abgasbehandlung. Trotz verringertem Rauchgasvolumen und damit hoeheren Schadstoffkonzentrationen im Rohgas werden die Gesamtemissionen gegenueber konventionellen Anlagen verringert. (orig./SR)

  19. Entstehungsbedingungen von Übergängen von der Schule in den Beruf aus qualitativer und quantitativer Perspektive

    Nora Gaupp


    Full Text Available Methodenintegration wird in den Sozialwissenschaften mit dem Argument sich ergänzender Erkenntnismöglichkeiten häufig gefordert. Die vorliegende Analyse zu Übergangswegen von der Schule in Ausbildung und Arbeit von Jugendlichen mit Hauptschulbildung beruht auf Daten einer quantitativen Panelstudie und einer qualitativen Ergänzungsstudie. Aus quantitativer und qualitativer Perspektive wird jeweils ein Einzelfall betrachtet sowie im Rahmen einer Modellbildung eine Verallgemeinerung auf Aggregatebene vorgenommen. Über ein logistisches Regressionsmodell wird die Bedeutung von zentralen individuellen, sozialen und strukturellen Merkmalen wie Schulleistungen, beruflichen Plänen, individuellen Problembelastungen, Migrationshintergrund und Arbeitslosigkeit der Eltern sowie regionaler Arbeitsmarktsituation für den Verlauf von Übergangswegen (Direkteinstieg in Ausbildung, Umweg in Ausbildung über schulische oder berufsvorbereitende Zwischenschritte, fortgesetzter mehrjähriger Schulbesuch und prekäre Wege in Ausbildungslosigkeit untersucht. Über das qualitative Paradigma konnten vier für den Verlauf von Übergängen zentrale Dimensionen identifiziert werden: Agency, Motivation, kritische biografische Ereignisse und soziale Interaktionen. Der Schritt der Modellbildung integriert die vier Erfahrungsebenen und zeigt ihre Bedeutung für Übergänge von der Schule in den Beruf. Die Diskussion fragt nach Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Erkenntnisentwicklung der beiden Forschungszugänge. URN:

  20. Diskriminierung in der 'longue durée' : von der Notwendigkeit der Kontextualisierung von Strukturproblemen


    "Diskriminierung auf der Grundlage von Rasse, Ethnie, Geschlecht, Herkunft, körperlicher Verfassung oder Bildungsniveau ist ein Kennzeichen der westlichen Moderne. Das für moderne Nationalstaaten charakteristische Gewaltmonopol übte nicht nur eine Schutzfunktion in Bezug auf das Leben und Eigentum der Staatsbürger aus, sondern verfügte darüber hinaus über die Definitionsmacht, die Kriterien der Zugehörigkeit zur nationalen Gemeinschaft festlegte und dabei Gewalt gegenüber Nicht-Staatsbürgern ...

  1. Computer-controlled precipitation of alkaline lead sulfates. A basis for the observation of phase conversion processes in active masses for lead batteries. Computergesteuerte Faellung basischer Bleisulfate. Eine Grundlage fuer die Betrachtung von Phasenumwandlungen in Aktivmassen fuer den Bleiakkumulator

    Schaumberg, G.


    In the present study, precipitations of basic lead sulphates from hydrous solutions were effected with constant pH values and at constant temperatures. The aim was to determine the dependence of product formation on precipitation pH values within the ranges of 9 and 11.5, and on temperatures between 20 and 95{sup 0}C. For the preparation of the products, a microcomputer-controlled precipitation apparatus was used which ensured reproducibility. The tribasic lead sulphate (3PbOxPbSO{sub 4}) and the tetrabasic lead sulphate (4PbOxPbSO{sub 4}) were successfully represented. An extremely narrow range of existence was found for the tetrabasic lead sulphate. Appropriate methods and model reactions were sought with respect to the possibility of applying the results obtained to the technical process of active mass production for the lead-acid accumulator. In this connection, the conversion of barton oxide (a primary product of the active mass) with various species containing sulphate in water-rich suspensions proved to be particularly appropriate. In this case, the dependence of phase changes on reaction conditions could be tested rapidly and reproducibly. (orig./MM).

  2. Empathy and identification in Von Donnersmarck's The Lives of Others.

    Diamond, Diana


    Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck's The Lives of Others, set in the German Democratic Republic in 1984, five years before the fall of the Berlin Wall, has been called the first accurate depiction of the psychological terror wielded by the Stasi, the East German secret police, who safeguarded the dictatorship of the proletariat. The film is about the psychological and political transformation of a Stasi officer, Wiesler, who undertakes the surveillance of a prominent playwright and his actress lover. The mechanisms through which Wiesler comes to empathize and identify with the subjects of his investigation, as he observes and listens in on the rich blend of passion, poetry, and politics that characterizes their lives, are explored in depth. Wiesler's transformation is based in part on the capacity to form implicit models of the behavior and experiences of others, based on the mirror neuron system, that Gallese and his colleagues call "embodied simulation." Underpinning the processes of empathy and identification so central to this film, embodied simulation is an unconscious and prereflexive mechanism through which the actions, emotions, and sensations we observe activate internal representations of the bodily and mental states of the other. Embodied simulation also expands our understanding of the power of the primal scene, which has long been identified as a major organizer of unconscious fantasies and conflicts throughout life, and which forms the central metaphor of the film. Embodied simulation scaffolds our aesthetic response to art, music, and literature, underlies the dynamics of spectatorship, and potentially catalyzes resistance to totalitarian mass movements.

  3. Eine Frau in der Kultur, die Kultur einer Frau: Caroline von Humboldt. A woman in the culture, the culture of a woman: Caroline von Humboldt

    Elžbieta M. Kowalska


    Full Text Available The subject of this presentation is Wilhelm von Humboldt’s wife, Alexander von Humboldt’s sisterin-law, a close female friend of Lotte Schiller and of her sister, Caroline von Wolzogen, held in high regard by Goethe, admired by Schiller, the former Fräulein von Dacheröden from Erfurt, the future Caroline von Humboldt. She was the ancestress of one of the most respected and best German noble families, a mother of eight children, an intellectually gifted woman, in which the German ideals of femininity were fulfilled, who knew to lead the salons and to talk about arts and literature.

  4. Geschichte der Natur bei Alexander von Humboldt

    Christian Helmreich


    Full Text Available Article in German, Abstracts in English, German and French.This article analyses the importance of an historical view of nature in the works of Alexander von Humboldt. In several of his first writings, Humboldt seems to outline the importance of what one may call history of nature. But even before his famous American travel, his position changed and he became reluctant to accept the seriousness of historical enquiry in the area of natural sciences: if we want to reconstruct the past state of nature, we cannot rely on empirical proofs; and history of nature is therefore necessarily based on uncertain hypotheses. Humboldt kept his sceptical attitude in the first decades of the 19th century, despite the positive results of the palaeontological researches of his scientific colleagues. However, he gradually convinced himself of the scientific interest of historical investigations in the natural sciences. The Cosmos paradoxally displays two apparently conflicting points of view: in his methodological remarks, Humboldt maintains that precise accounts of the past state of nature are out of reach of human knowledge, yet elsewhere in the same Cosmos he gives broad and rather vivid descriptions of the eventful history of nature.

  5. Richard von Volkmann: surgeon and Renaissance man.

    Willy, Christian; Schneider, Peter; Engelhardt, Michael; Hargens, Alan R; Mubarak, Scott J


    Richard von Volkmann (1830-1889), one of the most important surgeons of the 19(th) century, is regarded as one of the fathers of orthopaedic surgery. He was a contemporary of Langenbeck, Esmarch, Lister, Billroth, Kocher, and Trendelenburg. He was head of the Department of Surgery at the University of Halle, Germany (1867-1889). His popularity attracted doctors and patients from all over the world. He was the lead physician for the German military during two wars. From this experience, he compared the mortality of civilian and war injuries and investigated the general poor hygienic conditions in civilian hospitals. This led him to introduce the "antiseptic technique" to Germany that was developed by Lister. His powers of observation and creativity led him to findings and achievements that to this day bear his name: Volkmann's contracture and the Hueter-Volkmann law. Additionally, he was a gifted writer; he published not only scientific literature but also books of children's fairy tales and poems under the pen name of Richard Leander, assuring him a permanent place in the world of literature as well as orthopaedics.

  6. Zur Struktur und Funktion von Synonymen

    Marina Zorman


    Full Text Available Der Artikel behandelt die Synonyme im Licht der funktionell-strukturellen Sprachtheorie Coserius. 1 Die Wahl der theoretischen Grundsätze wurde durch die Festellung diktiert, daß die bisherigen Erkenntnisse über die Synonymie widersprüchlich sind und daß auch schon über alle Feststellungen berechtigte Einsprüche erhoben wurden. Deshalb wird in dieser Arbeit auf der genannten theoretischen Grundlage, die verschiedene Gesichtspunkte des Problems verbindet, anstatt sie zu trennen (s. Punkt 2, ein Modell für die Analyse von Synonymen vorgestellt (3, das die klassischen Schwächen der Semantikforschung (zu geringe Menge tatsächlicher Daten, Subjektivität und Introspektion durch eine empirische Untersuchung in einem Textkorpus zu ersetzen versucht. In die Analyse sind drei Inhaltsebenen einbezogen (Bezeichnung, Bedeutung und Sinn und ihnen sind jeweils entsprechende Untersuchungsmethoden zugeordnet. Im Sinne des Modells wurden in der Arbeit Zorman 1997 zwei slowenische Synonympaare (kuverta - ovojnica und borba - boj analysiert, die als Beispiele reiner (und totaler Synonymie gelten können. Die Analyse wird aus Platzgründen an dieser Stelle nicht detailliert dargestellt,2 veranschaulicht werden nur ihre Tragweite und die Ergebnisse (4. Im letzten Teil (5 werden die Leistungen der vorgeschlagenen Methode bewertet und einige Annahmen dargestellt, die der weiteren Erforschung der Synonyme dienen könnten. Die objektive Behandlung der Synonymie unter unterschiedlichen Gesichtspunkten scheint einige Dogmen über Synonyme in Frage zu  stellen.

  7. Modellbasierte Steuerung, Regelung und Diagnose von Brennstoffzellenantrieben

    Bußhardt, Joachim; Baaser, Bernhard; Formanski, Volker; Schäfer, Sascha; Sinsel, Stefan

    Steigende Bevölkerungszahlen und damit zunehmender Energiebedarf stellen eine große Herausforderung für Menschheit und Umwelt dar. Mit steigendem Wohlstand ist auch ein stärkeres Bedürfnis nach Mobilität und damit ein höherer Energieverbrauch verbunden. Die derzeitigen enormen Steigerungen des Bruttoinlandsproduktes in China und Indien - zwei Ländern, die zusammen mehr als ein Drittel der Weltbevölkerung stellen - lassen auch zukünftig ungebrochene Steigerungen des Weltenergieverbrauches erwarten. Dies gilt für alle Bereiche, besonders aber für den Verkehrssektor. Letzterer stellt mit seinem signifikanten Anteil am Energieverbrauch sowie den damit einhergehenden Emissionen und seinem hohen Wachstumspotenzial ein besonderes Handlungsfeld dar. Insbesondere wegen der in diesem Sektor zu erwartenden ansteigenden CO2-Emissionen stehen Effizienzverbesserungen und die Entwicklung alternativer Antriebe im Vordergrund. Dabei spielt die Brennstoffzelle als Fahrzeugantrieb eine entscheidende Rolle, da sie einen hohen Systemwirkungsgrad mit fehlenden CO2- und Schadstoffemissionen verbindet. Wegen der hohen Komplexität sind dabei moderne Steuerungs-, Regelungs- und Diagnoseverfahren von besonderer Bedeutung, auf die in diesem Beitrag näher eingegangen wird. Neben einigen grundlegenden Konzepten wird an Hand zweier Beispiele das Potenzial modellgestützter Methoden aufgezeigt.

  8. Sondierungen im Spannungsfeld von Medienaktivismus und handlungsorientierter Medienpädagogik

    Theo Hug


    Full Text Available In historisch variierenden Medienkonstellationen wurden unterschiedliche Formen des Medienaktivismus, der (Medien-Bildung und des mediengestützten Lernens entwickelt. Einerseits lassen sich unterschiedliche Formen des Medienaktivismus rekonstruieren, angefangen von Graffiti, politischen Aktivitäten von Radiobastlern und der Community-TV-Bewegung über visuellen Aktivismus und "taktische Medien" (Garcia & Lovink 1997 bis hin zu Medieninterventionen im Lichte aktueller biopolitischer Entwicklungen (vgl. Da Costa & Philip 2008. Andererseits ist die Ausdifferenzierung medienpädagogischer Diskurse und Debatten über Medienkompetenz, Medienbildung und Medienliteralität unübersehbar geworden. Sowohl in medienaktivistischen als auch medienpädagogischen Diskurszusammenhängen spielen verschiedene Konzepte der Handlungsorientierung sowie der Medien- und Gesellschaftskritik eine Rolle. Allerdings ist bislang kaum ein Austausch beider Diskurstraditionen auszumachen. Der Beitrag zielt auf die Sondierung von Herausforderungen für die Medienpädagogik und relevanten Anknüpfungspunkten und Schnittstellen der Thematik. In historically, culturally, and technically variable media constellations various forms of media activism, media education and learning design have been developed. As to media activism, there is broad spectrum including graffiti, radio activism, community media, visual activism, tactical media (Garcia & Lovink 1997, and more recently, media interventions questioning the workings of biopower (Da Costa & Philip 2008. On the other hand, debates on media competency and media literacy have been going on for a few decades. Although media have also been conceptualized as media of resistance or critique in informal contexts as well as in formal education, lively exchanges of concepts and ideas are comparatively seldom in respective traditions. The paper aims at exploring challenges for media education and interfaces between both fields.

  9. SAFIRA. Sub-project B 1.3: Development of coupled in-situ reactors and optimisation of the geochemical processes in the discharge of different in situ reactor sytems. Final report; SAFIRA. Teilprojekt B 1.3: Entwicklung von gekoppelten in situ-Reaktoren und Optimierung der geochemischen Prozesse im Abstrom von verschiedenen in situ-Reaktor-Systemen. Abschlussbericht

    Dahmke, A.; Schaefer, D.; Koeber, R.; Plagentz, V.


    The Bitterfeld ground water is contaminated with many different pollutants over a large area. Long-term measures like reactive barriers for purification are required. However, groundwater contaminated with multiple contaminants cannot be purified by a single reactive material; for this reason, the effectivity of combinations of different reactive materials was investigated. Of the combinations investigated, reducing iron and activated carbon connected in series was the most effective: The iron will remove the reducible chlorinated hydrocarbons, while the rest of the contaminants are adsorbed to the activated carbon. Iron and ORC was another interesting option, but the combination of iron and activated carbon was found to be the most favourable option. Until a better method is available, it is recommended to connect iron and activated carbon in parallel for removing contaminant mixtures. Directly behind reactive iron barriers (also when combined with activated carbon), the limiting values of the Freshwater Ordinance for Fe(II) and pH are exceeded. Directly behind ORC reactors, the limiting values for Mg and pH are exceeded. Investigations in the outflow of these reactive materials showed that the high pH values are buffered by contact with the aquifer material to values typical of aquifers, which usually are below the limiting values of the Freshwater Ordinance. However, as the buffer capacity of the soil is exhausted, a zone with a higher pH starts to grow in the aquifer. The growth of this zone depends on the pH and on the aquifer material. Especially in soils as found at Bitterfeld, with a high concentration of organic matter, we find long-term desorption of pollutants from the aquifer materials which will burden the purified water leaving the water treatment system and prohibit its utilization. [German] Der Grundwasserleiter im Raum Bitterfeld ist grossraeumig mit vielen verschiedenen Substanzen kontaminiert. Aufgrund der grossraeumigen Erstreckung kommen nur

  10. SAFIRA. Sub-project B 1.3: Development of coupled in-situ reactors and optimisation of the geochemical processes in the discharge of different in situ reactor sytems. Final report; SAFIRA. Teilprojekt B 1.3: Entwicklung von gekoppelten in situ-Reaktoren und Optimierung der geochemischen Prozesse im Abstrom von verschiedenen in situ-Reaktor-Systemen. Abschlussbericht

    Dahmke, A.; Schaefer, D.; Koeber, R.; Plagentz, V.


    The Bitterfeld ground water is contaminated with many different pollutants over a large area. Long-term measures like reactive barriers for purification are required. However, groundwater contaminated with multiple contaminants cannot be purified by a single reactive material; for this reason, the effectivity of combinations of different reactive materials was investigated. Of the combinations investigated, reducing iron and activated carbon connected in series was the most effective: The iron will remove the reducible chlorinated hydrocarbons, while the rest of the contaminants are adsorbed to the activated carbon. Iron and ORC was another interesting option, but the combination of iron and activated carbon was found to be the most favourable option. Until a better method is available, it is recommended to connect iron and activated carbon in parallel for removing contaminant mixtures. Directly behind reactive iron barriers (also when combined with activated carbon), the limiting values of the Freshwater Ordinance for Fe(II) and pH are exceeded. Directly behind ORC reactors, the limiting values for Mg and pH are exceeded. Investigations in the outflow of these reactive materials showed that the high pH values are buffered by contact with the aquifer material to values typical of aquifers, which usually are below the limiting values of the Freshwater Ordinance. However, as the buffer capacity of the soil is exhausted, a zone with a higher pH starts to grow in the aquifer. The growth of this zone depends on the pH and on the aquifer material. Especially in soils as found at Bitterfeld, with a high concentration of organic matter, we find long-term desorption of pollutants from the aquifer materials which will burden the purified water leaving the water treatment system and prohibit its utilization. [German] Der Grundwasserleiter im Raum Bitterfeld ist grossraeumig mit vielen verschiedenen Substanzen kontaminiert. Aufgrund der grossraeumigen Erstreckung kommen nur

  11. The VITRO Score (Von Willebrand Factor Antigen/Thrombocyte Ratio as a New Marker for Clinically Significant Portal Hypertension in Comparison to Other Non-Invasive Parameters of Fibrosis Including ELF Test.

    Stephanie Hametner

    Full Text Available Clinically significant portal hypertension (CSPH, defined as hepatic venous pressure gradient (HVPG ≥10 mmHg, causes major complications. HVPG is not always available, so a non-invasive tool to diagnose CSPH would be useful. VWF-Ag can be used to diagnose. Using the VITRO score (the VWF-Ag/platelet ratio instead of VWF-Ag itself improves the diagnostic accuracy of detecting cirrhosis/ fibrosis in HCV patients.This study tested the diagnostic accuracy of VITRO score detecting CSPH compared to HVPG measurement.All patients underwent HVPG testing and were categorised as CSPH or no CSPH. The following patient data were determined: CPS, D'Amico stage, VITRO score, APRI and transient elastography (TE.The analysis included 236 patients; 170 (72% were male, and the median age was 57.9 (35.2-76.3; 95% CI. Disease aetiology included ALD (39.4%, HCV (23.4%, NASH (12.3%, other (8.1% and unknown (11.9%. The CPS showed 140 patients (59.3% with CPS A; 56 (23.7% with CPS B; and 18 (7.6% with CPS C. 136 patients (57.6% had compensated and 100 (42.4% had decompensated cirrhosis; 83.9% had HVPG ≥10 mmHg. The VWF-Ag and the VITRO score increased significantly with worsening HVPG categories (P<0.0001. ROC analysis was performed for the detection of CSPH and showed AUC values of 0.92 for TE, 0.86 for VITRO score, 0.79 for VWF-Ag, 0.68 for ELF and 0.62 for APRI.The VITRO score is an easy way to diagnose CSPH independently of CPS in routine clinical work and may improve the management of patients with cirrhosis.

  12. The Pathogenesis of Traumatic Coagulopathy


    leads to endothelial cell acti- vation (ECA). Tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA) and Weibel –Palade body contents are released from the endothelium...after stimulation by vaso- pressin. Weibel –Palade bodies anneal with the endothelial wall releasing von Willebrand factor and exposing P-selectin

  13. Role of Fibrinogen in Trauma Induced Coagulopathy


    von Willebrand factor have also been reported. Hydroxyethyl starch (HES) solutions may increase haemor- rhagic tendency, particularly solutions with a...coagulation include impaired enzyme activity, depleted fibrinogen levels and platelet counts, prolonged clotting time, and increased bleeding time.16...decreased fibrinogen syn- thesis, with no effects on fibrinogen degradation (Fig. 1). Fibrinogen synthesis and degradation are regulated via different

  14. Locally Compact Quantum Groups. A von Neumann Algebra Approach

    Van Daele, Alfons


    In this paper, we give an alternative approach to the theory of locally compact quantum groups, as developed by Kustermans and Vaes. We start with a von Neumann algebra and a comultiplication on this von Neumann algebra. We assume that there exist faithful left and right Haar weights. Then we develop the theory within this von Neumann algebra setting. In [Math. Scand. 92 (2003), 68-92] locally compact quantum groups are also studied in the von Neumann algebraic context. This approach is independent of the original C^*-algebraic approach in the sense that the earlier results are not used. However, this paper is not really independent because for many proofs, the reader is referred to the original paper where the C^*-version is developed. In this paper, we give a completely self-contained approach. Moreover, at various points, we do things differently. We have a different treatment of the antipode. It is similar to the original treatment in [Ann. Sci. & #201;cole Norm. Sup. (4) 33 (2000), 837-934]. But together with the fact that we work in the von Neumann algebra framework, it allows us to use an idea from [Rev. Roumaine Math. Pures Appl. 21 (1976), 1411-1449] to obtain the uniqueness of the Haar weights in an early stage. We take advantage of this fact when deriving the other main results in the theory. We also give a slightly different approach to duality. Finally, we collect, in a systematic way, several important formulas. In an appendix, we indicate very briefly how the C^*-approach and the von Neumann algebra approach eventually yield the same objects. The passage from the von Neumann algebra setting to the C^*-algebra setting is more or less standard. For the other direction, we use a new method. It is based on the observation that the Haar weights on the C^*-algebra extend to weights on the double dual with central support and that all these supports are the same. Of course, we get the von Neumann algebra by cutting down the double dual with this unique

  15. Versuche zur Gewinnung von katalytischen Antikörpern zur Hydrolyse von Arylcarbamaten und Arylharnstoffen. (English Title: Attempts to produce catalytic antibodies for hydrolysis of arylcarbamates and arylureas)

    Werner, Deljana


    Im Rahmen dieser Arbeit gelang es, katalytische Antikörper zur Hydrolyse von Benzylphenylcarbamaten sowie zahlreiche monoklonale Antikörper gegen Haptene herzustellen. Es wurden verschiedene Hapten-Protein-Konjugate unter Verwendung unterschiedlicher Kopplungsmethoden hergestellt und charakterisiert. Zur Generierung der hydrolytisch aktiven Antikörper wurden Inzuchtmäuse mit KLH-Konjugaten von 4 Übergangszustandsanaloga (ÜZA) immunisiert. Mit Hilfe der Hybridomtechnik wurden verschiedene monoklonale Antikörper gegen diese ÜZA gewonnen. Dabei wurden sowohl verschiedene Immunisierungsschemata als auch verschiedene Inzuchtmausstämme und Fusionstechniken verwendet. Insgesamt wurden 32 monoklonale Antikörper gegen die verwendeten ÜZA selektiert. Diese Antikörper wurden in groen Mengen hergestellt und gereinigt. Zum Nachweis der Antikörper-vermittelten Katalyse wurden verschiedene Methoden entwickelt und eingesetzt, darunter immunologische Nachweismethoden mit Anti-Substrat- und Anti-Produkt-Antikörpern und eine photometrische Methode mit Dimethylaminozimtaldehyd. Der Nachweis der hydrolytischen Aktivität gelang mit Hilfe eines Enzymsensors, basierend auf immobilisierter Tyrosinase. Die Antikörper N1-BC1-D11, N1-FA7-C4, N1-FA7-D12 und R3-LG2-F9 hydrolysierten die Benzylphenylcarbamate POCc18, POCc19 und Substanz 27. Der Nachweis der hydrolytischen Aktivität dieser Antikörper gelang auch mit Hilfe der HPLC. Der katalytische Antikörper N1-BC1-D11 wurde kinetisch und thermodynamisch untersucht. Es wurde eine Michaelis-Menten-Kinetik mit Km von 210 µM, vmax von 3 mM/min und kcat von 222 min-1 beobachtet. Diese Werte korrelieren mit den Werten der wenigen bekannten Diphenylcarbamat-spaltenden Abzyme. Die Beschleunigungsrate des Antikörpers N1-BC1-D11 betrug 10. Das ÜZA Hei3 hemmte die hydrolytische Aktivität. Dies beweist, dass die Hydrolyse in der Antigenbindungsstelle stattfindet. Weiter wurde zwischen der Antikörperkonzentration und der

  16. Entwicklungsperspektiven von Social Software und dem Web 2.0

    Raabe, Alexander

    Der Artikel beschäftigt sich zunächst mit dem derzeitigen und zukünftigen Einsatz von Social Software in Unternehmen. Nach dem großen Erfolg von Social Software im Web beginnen viele Unternehmen eigene Social Software-Initiativen zu entwickeln. Der Artikel zeigt die derzeit wahrgenommenen Einsatzmöglichkeiten von Social Software im Unternehmen auf, erörtert Erfolgsfaktoren für die Einführung und präsentiert mögliche Wege für die Zukunft. Nach der Diskussion des Spezialfalles Social Software in Unternehmen werden anschließend die globalen Trends und Zukunftsperspektiven des Web 2.0 in ihren technischen, wirtschaftlichen und sozialen Dimensionen dargestellt. Wie aus den besprochenen Haupttrends hervorgeht, wird die Masse an digital im Web verfügbaren Informationen stetig weiterwachsen. So stellt sich die Frage, wie es in Zukunft möglich sein wird, die Qualität der Informationssuche und der Wissensgenerierung zu verbessern. Mit dem Einsatz von semantischen Technologien im Web wird hier eine revolutionäre Möglichkeit geboten, Informationen zu filtern und intelligente, gewissermaßen verstehende" Anwendungen zu entwerfen. Auf dem Weg zu einem intelligenten Web werden sich das Semantic Web und Social Software annähern: Anwendungen wie Semantic Wikis, Semantic Weblogs, lightweight Semantic Web-Sprachen wie Microformats oder auch kommerzielle Angebote wie Freebase von Metaweb werden die ersten Vorzeichen einer dritten Generation des Webs sein.

  17. Applikation von fermentierter Soja bei Krebspatienten zur Verminderung von Kachexie und Erhöhung der Apoptose - eine prospektive Pilotstudie

    Jacob U


    Full Text Available Kachexie ist eine Begleiterkrankung von Krebs, Aids oder rheumatoider Arthritis. Andere Symptome dieser Erkrankungen sind Depression sowie chronische Erschöpfung. Für alle diese Begleiterkrankungen, die die Lebensqualität der schwererkrankten Patienten negativ beeinflussen, wird eine Erhöhung von Entzündungsmediatoren (z.B. IL-6 und TNF-α verantwortlich gemacht. Für Krebs wird eine Erniedrigung der Apoptose, ausgelöst durch eine Erhöhung von NFκB verantwortlich gemacht. Eine Gabe eines fermentierten Soja-Produktes, das in den USA seit 10 Jahren zur Verbesserung der Lebensqualität von Krebspatienten eingesetzt wird, wurde in einer prospektiven Studie untersucht: Für je 5 Patienten, die unter Prostata-, Ovar- oder Brustkrebs litten, konnte eine signifikante Verminderung von Kachexie, Stress und Depression festgestellt werden. Gleichzeitig konnte man für Prostata- und Ovarkrebs-Patienten eine Erhöhung der Genexpression apoptotischer Marker disseminierter Tumorzellen feststellen. Zusätzlich wurde eine starke Erhöhung der Genexpression des Tumorsuppressorgens p21 festgestellt. Auch wenn die prospektive Studie präliminär ist und die Anzahl der untersuchten Patienten zu klein, so widerspricht sie nicht unserer Annahme, dass es einen direkten Zusammenhang zwischen Krebs und Begleiterkrankungen, besonders der Kachexie, gibt.

  18. Proof of pipeline strength based on measurements of inspection pigs; Festigkeitsnachweis von Pipelines aufgrund der Messergebnisse von Pruefmolchen

    De la Camp, H.J.; Feser, G.; Hofmann, A.; Wolf, B.; Schmidt, H. [TUeV Sueddeutschland Bau und Betrieb GmbH, Muenchen (Germany); Herforth, H.E.; Juengling, K.H.; Schmidt, W. [TUeV Anlagentechnik GmbH, Berlin-Schoeneberg (Germany). Unternehmensgruppe TUeV Rheinland/Berlin-Brandenburg


    The report is aimed at collecting and documenting the state of the art and the extensive know how of experts and pipeline operators with regard to judging the structural integrity of pipelines. In order to assess the actual mechanical strength of pipelines based on measurement results obtained by inspection pigs, guidance is given for future processing, which eventually can be used as a basis for an industry standard. A literature study of the commercially available types of inspection pigs describes and synoptically lists the respective pros and cons. In essence the report comprises besides check lists of operating data for the pipeline and the pig runs mainly the evaluation of defects and respective calculating procedures. Included are recommendations regarding maintenance planning, verification of defects as well as repetition of pig runs. (orig.) [German] Ziel des Berichtes ist die Erfassung und Dokumentation zum derzeitigen Stand der Technik und des vorhandenen umfangreichen Know-how von Sachverstaendigen und Pipelinebetreibern auf dem Gebiet der sicherheitstechnischen Beurteilung von Pipelines. Fuer den Festigkeitsnachweis von Pipelines aufgrund der Messergebnisse von Pruefmolchen wurde ein Leitfaden als Basis fuer die zukuenftige Vorgehensweise erstellt, der eventuell die Grundlage eines normativen Regelwerkes bilden kann. In einer Literaturstudie wurden die auf dem Markt befindlichen Pruefmolchtypen zusammenfassend beschrieben und ihre Vor- und Nachteile tabellarisch gegenuebergestellt und bewertet. Neben der Erstellung von Checklisten fuer notwendige Daten zum Betrieb der Pipeline und der Molchlaeufe bildet die Fehlerbewertung mit entsprechenden Berechnungsverfahren den Hauptteil dieses Berichtes. Hinweise zur Instandhaltungsplanung (Fehlerverifikation und Molchlaufwiederholung) werden gegeben. (orig.)

  19. Renaturierung von subalpinen und alpinen Ökosystemen

    Krautzer, B.; Klug, Brigitte

    Die große Vielfalt an alpinen und subalpinen Ökosystemen auf waldfreien Standorten stellt besonders hohe Anforderungen an Planung und Durchführung von Renaturierungsmaßnahmen. Zunehmende Meereshöhe, starke Hangneigungen und extreme klimatische Verhältnisse im Gebirge bedingen zudem seit jeher natürliche Erosionsprozesse. Die zahllosen menschlichen Aktivitäten der letzten Jahrzehnte, gepaart mit unzureichenden Begrünungsmaßnahmen, erhöhen dieses Risiko noch um ein Vielfaches: Geländekorrekturen im Zuge von Skipistenbauten, Almrevitalisierungen, Forst- und Almwegebauten, Maßnahmen zur Verbesserung der touristischen Infrastruktur oder Wildbach- und Lawinenverbauungen. Nur durch Verwendung von hochwertigem, dem Standort angepasstem Pflanzen-oder Saatgutmaterial in Kombination mit der passenden Begrünungstechnik kann dieser Bedrohung dauerhaft entgegengewirkt werden. Dabei sind folgende limitierende Faktoren besonders zu beachten.

  20. Asymptotic structure of free product von Neumann algebras

    Houdayer, Cyril; Ueda, Yoshimichi


    Let $(M, \\varphi) = (M_1, \\varphi_1) \\ast (M_2, \\varphi_2)$ be the free product of any $\\sigma$-finite von Neumann algebras endowed with any faithful normal states. We show that whenever $Q \\subset M$ is a von Neumann subalgebra with separable predual such that both $Q$ and $Q \\cap M_1$ are the ranges of faithful normal conditional expectations and such that both the intersection $Q \\cap M_1$ and the central sequence algebra $Q' \\cap M^\\omega$ are diffuse (e.g. $Q$ is amenable), then $Q$ must sit inside $M_1$. This result generalizes the previous results of the first named author in [Ho14] and moreover completely settles the questions of maximal amenability and maximal property Gamma of the inclusion $M_1 \\subset M$ in arbitrary free product von Neumann algebras.

  1. Zur Relevanz von sozialer Ungleichheit im Kontext der Mediensozialisationsforschung

    Ingrid Paus-Hasebrink


    Full Text Available Ziel des vorliegenden Beitrags ist es, deutlich zu machen, dass Mediensozialisations­forschung nicht ohne den Blick auf die Lebenswelt Heranwachsender auskommen kann; diese wird geprägt vom sozialen Milieu (einer Manifestation des je spezifischen Zusammenhangs von sozialer Lage und Lebensentwurf der agierenden Personen, in dessen Rahmen sich das Aufwachsen von Kindern und Jugendlichen vollzieht. Seine spezifischen Konstellationen, zu denen auch die Medienumgangsweisen gehören, müssen daher in die Forschung miteinbezogen werden. Um die Bedeutung, die Mediensymbolik im Alltag von Heranwachsenden einnimmt, im Kontext untersuchen zu können, erscheint eine integrative sowie interdisziplinäre Forschung notwendig. Als Beispiel dafür wird eine Panelstudie zur (Medien-Sozialisation bei sozial benachteiligten Kindern in Österreich in ihrer theoretischen und methodologischen Anlage vorgestellt.

  2. Handgeführter Endeffektor für die automatisierte Handhabung von textilen Zuschnitten

    Braun, Georg; Buchheim, Andreas; Gerngroß, Tobias


    Ein typischer Herstellungsprozess von CFK-Bauteilen erfordert die präzise und wiederholbare Handhabung von trockenen, textilen Halbzeugen, was derzeit vorwiegend durch manuelle Prozesse erfolgt. Für die Automatisierung dieser Arbeitsschritte wurden am Zentrum für Leichtbauproduktionstechnologie in Augsburg zwei Generationen von Endeffektoren entwickelt. Anwendungsszenarien stellten die Ablage von Textilien für einfach und doppelt gekrümmte Bauteilgeometrien dar. Diese Arbeit be...

  3. Flexibilitätsbasierte Gestaltung der logistischen Auftragsabwicklung – Anwendung am Beispiel von Produktionsdienstleistern

    Teich, Enrico


    Zur Bewältigung von Belastungsschwankungen in der industriellen Produktion – der systematischen Regelung von Kapazitätsangebot und -bedarf – existieren Methoden in der logistischen Auftragsabwicklung, deren Anwendungserfolg von den im Produktionsbereich vorhandenen Kapazitäts- und Belastungsflexibilitätsmaß abhängig ist. Die Entwicklung geeigneter Verfahren zur Messung dieser Flexibilitätstypen als auch von Ansätzen zur Nutzung der Messwerte bei der Gestaltung der logistischen Auftragsabwickl...

  4. Eine einfache Synthese von a-Styrylenolethern und Arylacetaldehyden aus Benzylalkoholen


    Die Umsetzung von Benzylalkohol in Dimethylsulfoxid mit Kaliumhydroxid unter Bildung von (E)--(Benzyloxy)styrol (1a) wird beschrieben. Für diese Reaktion wird ein Mechanismus vorgeschlagen, der durch Isotopenmarkierung und Einsatz von Zwischenstufen belegt wird. Die Reaktion wird zu einer präparativen Methode für die Homologisierung aromatischer Aldehyde zu Aryl-acetaldehyden bzw. ihren Enolethern ausgebaut.

  5. Die grossen Physiker und ihre Entdeckungen von den fallenden Körpern zu den Quarks

    Segrè, Emilio


    Von Galileo Galilei bis zu Richard Feynman und Murray Gell-Mann - von den fallenden Körpern zu den Quarks: Der Physiknobelpreisträger Emilio Segre hat seine ganz persönliche Geschichte der Physik geschrieben. Er erzählt von den großen Gestalten und deren wichtigen Entdeckungen mit großer Anschaulichkeit und Lebendigkeit.

  6. Muuga / Mary von Grünewaldt ; tõlk. Mati Sirkel

    Grünewaldt, Mary von


    Leo Zoegelt ostetud Muuga mõisahoone korrastamisest ja uue hoone ehitamisest C. T. von Neffi kunstikogu paigutamise tarbeks. Tütre mälestused. Tõlgitud raamatust: Skizzen und Bilder aus dem Leben Carl Timoleon von Neff / Mary von Grünewaldt. Darmstadt, 1887

  7. Dr. Space the life of Wernher von Braun

    Ward, Bob


    Written by veteran aerospace journalist Bob Ward, who spent years investigating his subject, this biography presents a revealing but even-handed portrait of the father of modern rocketry. As he chronicles Wernher von Braun's life, Ward explodes many myths and misconceptions about the controversial genius who was a hero to some, a villain to others. The picture of von Braun that emerges is of a brilliant scientist with limitless curiosity and a drive to achieve his goals at almost any price from, developing the world's first ballistic missile used against the Allies in World War II to help

  8. Unterstützung von Lerngemeinschaften in verteilten intelligenten Lehrsystemen

    Harrer, Andreas Georg


    Intelligente Lehrsysteme (ILS) ermöglichen einzelnen Lernern einen dem individuellen Kenntnisstand und Eigenschaften angepassten rechnergestützten Unterricht. Lernen in Gruppen bietet zusätzlich die Möglichkeit zur Einübung sozialer Fähigkeiten und zur flexiblen Gestaltung von Lernformen. Bisherige Ansätze von Gruppenlernsystemen stellen eine verteilte Lernumgebung zur Verfügung, durch die eine Zusammenarbeit räumlich oder zeitlich verteilter Studenten ermöglicht wird, ohne jedoch die charakt...

  9. Moyal's Characteristic Function, the Density Matrix and von Neumann's Idempotent

    Hiley, Basil J.


    In the Wigner-Moyal approach to quantum mechanics, we show that Moyal's starting point, the characteristic function $M(\\tau,\\theta)=\\int \\psi^{*}(x)e^{i(\\tau {\\hat p}+\\theta{\\hat x})}\\psi(x)dx$, is essentially the primitive idempotent used by von Neumann in his classic paper "Die Eindeutigkeit der Schr\\"odingerschen Operatoren". This paper provides the original proof of the Stone-von Neumann equation. Thus the mathematical structure Moyal develops is simply a re-expression of what is at the h...

  10. Renaturierung von Fließgewässern

    Lüderitz, Volker; Jüpner, Robert

    Beim Umgang mit den Gewässern wurde der wasserbaulichen Durchsetzung bestimmter Nutzungsansprüche, vor allem der Landwirtschaft, dem Hochwasserschutz, der Wassergewinnung, der Schifffahrt und der Energiegewinnung über Jahrhunderte absoluter Vorrang vor den Belangen des ökologischen Zustandes der Gewässer selbst und damit auch ihrer multifunktionalen Nutzbarkeit eingeräumt. Die daraus resultierenden Umweltauswirkungen wurden oft billigend in Kauf genommen. Gezielte Verbesserungen der ökologischen Situation von Gewässern bzw. Gewässerabschnitten, wie z.B. der Einsatz ingenieurbiologischer Bauweisen oder der Einbau von Fischwanderhilfen an Mühlenstauen, blieben auf Ausnahmen beschränkt.

  11. Politische Bildung im Kontext von Regierung, Unterricht und Zucht

    Thomas Rucker


    Johann Friedrich Herbart (1776-1841) gilt als der Begründer der wissenschaftlichen Pädagogik. In diesem Beitrag wird zu zeigen versucht, dass Herbart die Unterstützung politischer Bildung als eine Aufgabe von Regierung, Unterricht und Zucht bestimmt und in seinem Werk wichtige „Bausteine“ für eine Theorie der politischen Bildung unter den Bedingungen von Erziehung vorlegt hat. Nach Herbart ist das politische Selbst- und Weltverhältnis auf Sachverhalte bezogen, die nicht nur die Lebensführung ...

  12. The smooth entropy formalism for von Neumann algebras

    Berta, Mario, E-mail: [Institute for Quantum Information and Matter, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California 91125 (United States); Furrer, Fabian, E-mail: [Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan and Institute for Theoretical Physics, Leibniz University Hanover, Hanover (Germany); Scholz, Volkher B., E-mail: [Institute for Theoretical Physics, ETH Zurich, Zurich (Switzerland)


    We discuss information-theoretic concepts on infinite-dimensional quantum systems. In particular, we lift the smooth entropy formalism as introduced by Renner and collaborators for finite-dimensional systems to von Neumann algebras. For the smooth conditional min- and max-entropy, we recover similar characterizing properties and information-theoretic operational interpretations as in the finite-dimensional case. We generalize the entropic uncertainty relation with quantum side information of Tomamichel and Renner and discuss applications to quantum cryptography. In particular, we prove the possibility to perform privacy amplification and classical data compression with quantum side information modeled by a von Neumann algebra.

  13. KK -theory and spectral flow in von Neumann algebras

    Kaad, Jens; Nest, Ryszard; Rennie, Adam


    We present a definition of spectral flow for any norm closed ideal J in any von Neumann algebra N. Given a path of selfadjoint operators in N which are invertible in N/J, the spectral flow produces a class in Ko (J). Given a semifinite spectral triple (A, H, D) relative to (N, t) with A separable......, we construct a class [D] ¿ KK1 (A, K(N)). For a unitary u ¿ A, the von Neumann spectral flow between D and u*Du is equal to the Kasparov product [u] A[D], and is simply related to the numerical spectral flow, and a refined C* -spectral flow....

  14. Kryoballon-Pulmonalvenenisolation zur Behandlung von paroxysmalem Vorhofflimmern

    Fürnkranz A


    Full Text Available Die vollständige elektrische Isolation der Pulmonalvenen vom Vorhofmyokard mittels Katheterablation wird mit weltweit zunehmender Häufigkeit zur Behandlung von Vorhofflimmern eingesetzt. Die vorherrschende Ablationsstrategie besteht in der Anlage zirkumferenzieller Läsionen um die rechten und linken Pulmonalvenenostien unter Verwendung von Hochfrequenzstrom. Aufgrund der hohen technischen Ansprüche, welche diese Prozedur an den interventionellen Rhythmologen stellt, wurde mit der Kryoballon-Technologie ein Verfahren entwickelt, welches die Pulmonalvenenisolation mit einer oder wenigen Energie-Applikationen ermöglicht. Vor- und Nachteile dieser relativ jungen Technologie werden in dieser Übersicht im Vergleich zum Standardverfahren dargestellt.

  15. Bildnisse mit Berg: Goethe und Alexander von Humboldt

    Renato Giuseppe Mazzolini


    Full Text Available Article in German, translated by Wolfgang Böker, Abstracts in English and GermanBoth Alexander von Humboldt and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe have been portrayed in their later years anachronistically before the background of a mountain that had been of high significance in their earlier biography and carreer. For Goethe this was the Vesuvio, and for Humboldt the Chimborazo. This paper examines the numerous conceptual and formal parallels between the two paintings which make it probable that the Goethe portrait served as a blueprint for the portrait of Humboldt.

  16. A Buffer Model Account of Behavioral and ERP Patterns in the Von Restorff Paradigm

    Siri-Maria Kamp


    Full Text Available We combined a mechanistic model of episodic encoding with theories on the functional significance of two event-related potential (ERP components to develop an integrated account for the Von Restorff effect, which refers to the enhanced recall probability for an item that deviates in some feature from other items in its study list. The buffer model of Lehman and Malmberg (2009, 2013 can account for this effect such that items encountered during encoding enter an episodic buffer where they are actively rehearsed. When a deviant item is encountered, in order to re-allocate encoding resources towards this item the buffer is emptied from its prior content, a process labeled “compartmentalization”. Based on theories on their functional significance, the P300 component of the ERP may co-occur with this hypothesized compartmentalization process, while the frontal slow wave may index rehearsal. We derived predictions from this integrated model for output patterns in free recall, systematic variance in ERP components, as well as associations between the two types of measures in a dataset of 45 participants who studied and freely recalled lists of the Von Restorff type. Our major predictions were confirmed and the behavioral and physiological results were consistent with the predictions derived from the model. These findings demonstrate that constraining mechanistic models of episodic memory with brain activity patterns and generating predictions for relationships between brain activity and behavior can lead to novel insights into the relationship between the brain, the mind, and behavior.

  17. Innovative lightweight construction, a key activity of the BMBF outline concept ''Research for tomorrow's production''; Innovativer Leichtbau - eine vordringliche Aktion des BMBF zum Rahmenkonzept ''Forschung fuer die Produktion von morgen''

    Schmidt, A. [Hannover Univ. (Germany). Inst. fuer Fertigungstechnik und Spanende Werkzeugmaschinen


    Unresolved problems in lightweight construction were to be identified, and recommendations for further research were to be derived. Concrete problem solutions were not attempted. Karlsruhe Research Center (FZK) was the project managing organization in the field of production and fabrication technology. The paper presented the methodology, discussed the state of the art, obstacles and research requirements in lightweight engineering. [German] Wesentliches Anliegen der Vordringlichen Aktion Innovativer Leichtbau war es, bislang ungeloeste Probleme der Industrie in Hinblick auf den Einsatz von Leichtbau aufzuzeigen und hieraus die derzeit vordringlichen Forschungsschwerpunkte abzuleiten. Hervorzuheben ist an dieser Stelle, dass die Vordringlichen Aktionen als Vorbereitung des neuen Rahmenkonzeptes Forschung fuer die Produktion von morgen zu sehen sind. Es sollten keine konkreten Problemloesungen erarbeitet werden. Abgeleitet aus den Arbeiten der sogenannten Vordringliche Aktionen (VA) wurde eine Ausschreibung vom BMBF bekanntgegeben, in der zur Einreichung konkreter Projektideen aufgerufen wurde. Der Innovative Leichtbau ist als eine VA aus dieser Fokussierung hervorgegangen. Dem Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe (FZK) oblag innerhalb der Sparte Produktion und Fertigungstechnologie (PFT) die Projekttraegerschaft. Der Vortrag gliedert sich wie folgt: 1. Darstellung der Vorgehensweise VA Innovativer Leichtbau 2. Stand von Wissenschaft und Technik 3. Hemmnisse im Bereich Leichtbau 4. Forschungsbedarf bezueglich Leichtbau. (orig./AKF)

  18. Anaerobic degradation of tetrachloroethylene; Anaerober Abbau von Tetrachlorethylen

    Diekert, G. [Stuttgart Univ. (Germany). Inst. fuer Mikrobiologie; Scholz-Muramatsu, H. [Stuttgart Univ. (Germany). Inst. fuer Siedlungswasserbau


    Dehalospirillum multivorans, a tetrachloroethylene-dechlorinating bacterium, was isolated in activated sludge. This organism is able to grow on a defined medium with hydrogen and tetrachloroethylene (PCE) as its only energy source. The organism was characterised and the physiology of dechlorination was studied. In this process PCE is dechlorinated to cis-1,2-dichloroethene (DCE) via trichloroethene (TCE). A fluidized-bed reactor which reduces PCE to DCE at a high rate (15 nmol/min/mg of protein at 5 {mu}M PCE) was inoculated with the bacterium. Meanwhile a reactor inoculated with D. multivorans and a fully dechlorinating mixed culture has become available which catalyses the complete dechlorination of PCE to ethene at just as high rates. Tetrachloroethene dehalogenase was purified from D. multivorans (unpublished results) and characterised. (orig./SR) [Deutsch] Aus Belebtschlamm wurde ein Tetrachlorethen-dechlorierendes Bakterium, Dehalospirillum multivorans, isoliert. Der Organismus waechst auf definiertem Medium mit Wasserstoff und Tetrachlorethen (PCE) als einziger Energiequelle. Der Organismus wurde charakterisiert und die Physiologie der Dechlorierung wurde untersucht. PCE wird dabei ueber Trichlorethen (TCE) bis zum cis-1,2-Dichlorethen (DCE) dechloriert. Mit diesem Bakterium wurde ein Wirbelschichtreaktor inokuliert, der mit hohen Raten (15 nmol/min/mg Protein bei 5 {mu}M PCE) PCE zu DCE reduziert. Inzwischen steht ein Reaktor zur Verfuegung, der mit D. multivorans und einer voellig dechlorierenden Mischkultur inokuliert wurde und der mit ebenso hohen Raten eine vollstaendige Dechlorierung von PCE bis zum Ethen katalysiert. Aus D. multivorans wurde die Tetrachlorethen-Dehalogenase gereinigt (unveroeffentlichte Ergebnisse) und charakterisiert. (orig./SR)

  19. Der gespielte Ernst des Lebens: Bestandsaufnahme und Potenziale von Serius Games (for Health

    Claudia Lampert


    Full Text Available Serious Games werden aktuell im Zusammenhang mit den positiven Potenzialen von Computerspielen in verschiedenen Kontexten diskutiert. Im vorliegenden Beitrag werden die Entwicklung und der Forschungsstand des relativ neuen Konzeptes skizziert und gegenüber anderen Lernkonzepten wie Edutainment, Digital Game-Based Learning und E-learning abgegrenzt. Das Spektrum von Serious Games wird am Beispiel von zwei Spielen aus dem Gesundheitsbereich (Re-Mission und Fatworld dargestellt und die Potenziale und Grenzen von Serious Games (for Health erörtert. Da bislang nur wenige empirische Befunde zur Wirkung von Serious Games vorliegen, plädieren die Autoren für eine umfassende Grundlagen- und Wirkungsforschung.

  20. Forming technologies for manufacturing and processing of lightweight structures; Umformverfahren zur Herstellung und Weiterverarbeitung von Leichtbaustrukturen

    Kopp, R.; Ebert, A.; Hohmeier, P.; Schulz, J. [Technische Hochschule Aachen (Germany). Inst. fuer Bildsame Formgebung


    Besides Air- and Space-technology, a growing demand for lightweight structures has developed during the last years in fields such as car manufacture. This paper presents the activities in the field of lightweight construction carried out at the Institute of Metal forming of Aachen University of Technology. Examples for developed lightweight structures are Tailor Rolled Blanks and Grid Sheets. In both cases the potential for weight reduction as well as formability is pointed out. Furthermore the Shot Peen Forming process is presented which enables the production of large spacecraft parts with three-dimensional curvatures. By means of two sided peening this process can be optimised regarding part properties and productivity. First results of Finite-Element Simulations of the two sided process are presented. (orig.) [German] In den vergangenen Jahren hat die Entwicklung und der Einsatz von Leichtbaustrukturen in der Automobilindustrie zunehmend an Bedeutung gewonnen und gehoert heute ohne Zweifel zu einem der Forschungsschwerpunkte in dieser Branche. Besondere Impulse entstanden durch die Selbstverpflichtung der Automobilindustrie, die CO{sub 2} Emissionen neu zugelassener Fahrzeuge von heute 186 g/km bis zum Jahre 2008 auf 140 g/km zu reduzieren. Neben der Automobilindustrie gewinnt der Leichtbau aber auch in anderen Branchen an 'Gewicht'. Beispielhaft sei hier der Maschinenbau genannt, wo das Bestreben zu einer Reduktion der Nebenzeiten zu immer hoeheren Verfahrgeschwindigkeiten der Werkzeuge fuehrt. Hierdurch werden die mit den Beschleunigungen verbundenen Massenkraefte immer oefter groesser als die eigentlichen Prozesskraefte. Eine Reduzierung von Beschleunigungskraeften bei gleichzeitiger Verbesserung der Dynamik erfordert eine Reduzierung der Massen und damit Leichtbau. Anhand ausgewaehlter Beispiele sollen im Folgenden die Taetigkeiten des Instituts fuer Bildsame Formgebung (IBF) auf dem Gebiet der Leichtbauforschung und -entwicklung dargestellt und

  1. Mollusken aus posttertiären Schichten von Celebes

    Schepman, M.M.


    Die im Folgenden behandelten Mollusken stammen aus der Nähe von Kajoe ragi auf Celebes, woselbst sie durch R. FENNEMA aus denselben Schichten ausgelesen wurden, aus denen früher durch J. G. DE MAN einige brachyure Krebse beschrieben sind. Es darf deswegen betreffs näherer Angaben über die Herkunft d

  2. KK-theory and Spectral Flow in von Neumann Algebras

    Kaad, Jens; Nest, Ryszard; Rennie, Adam


    We present a definition of spectral flow relative to any norm closed ideal J in any von Neumann algebra N. Given a path D(t) of selfadjoint operators in N which are invertible in N/J, the spectral flow produces a class in K_0(J). In the case when N is semifinite, the numerical spectral flow...

  3. Gorgonaria von Konakry, Liberia, Goldküste und Angola

    Stiasny, G.


    Ich berichte hier über die Ergebnisse der Untersuchung einiger westafrikanischer Gorgonaria aus dem Äquatorialgebiet. In den Sammlungen des Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie, Leiden, befinden sich zahlreichie Exemplare von Liberia, der Goldküste und Angola. Angeschlossen wird eine kurze Beschreib

  4. Manuelle Montage von Großgeräten

    Lotter, Bruno

    Die manuelle Montage von Großgeräten — wie. z. B. Maschinen, Traktoren, Haushaltsgeräte, PKW-Motoren, LKW-Achsen, Schaltschränke usw. — wird in ihrer Montagestruktur vorrangig durch das Produktgewicht, die Produktabmessung und die Produktionsrate bestimmt.

  5. Sakslased tulevad! Ärevad ajad Tallinnas Von Krahli Teatris


    Von Krahli Teater ja Showcase Beat Le Mot valmistuvad oma esimeseks koostööprojektiks - lavastuseks "Pirates", kus osalevad mõlema teatri näitlejad ja tehnikud. Ühisprojekti toetavad Goethe Instituut, Hamburgi Linnavalitsus ja Eesti Kultuurkapital

  6. Renaturierung von Sandökosystemen im Binnenland

    Schwabe-Kratochwil, Angelika; Kratochwil, Anselm

    Das Vorkommen von Sandökosystemen im Binnenland (Flugsand- und Decksandfelder, Dünen) ist vor allem an Sand-Akkumulationen der vorletzten Eiszeit (in Nordeuropa: Saaleeiszeit und Sand-Ablagerungen an größeren Flüssen gebunden. So finden wir die Verbreitungsschwerpunkte von binnenländischen Sandökosystemen in Mitteleuropa einerseits vor allem im Bereich der flächenhaften saalezeitlichen Ablagerungen in den Niederlanden und in Norddeutschland (Castel et al. 1989), andererseits kommen Sandökosysteme des Binnenlandes linear in den Flussgebieten z.B. von Maas, Rhein, Ems, Elbe, Oder und Regnitz vor. In Niederösterreich fanden sich einst großflächige Dünen- und Flugsandgebiete im Marchfeld östlich von Wien (Wiesbauer et al. 1997). Die Flugsandbildung setzte bereits im Spätglazial ca. 11000 v. Chr. ein, als eine den Sand fixierende Vegetation noch fehlte. Es bildeten sich im norddeutschen Raum aus den leicht verwehbaren Talsanden bereits um 9000 v. Chr.

  7. Subklinische Hyperthyreose - eine vernachlässigte Ursache von Vorhofflimmern

    Scheibner P


    Full Text Available Die manifeste Hyperthyreose ist eine der häufigsten und wichtigsten extrakardialen Ursachen für Vorhofflimmern, wobei die Inzidenz von Vorhofflimmern bei manifester Hyperthyreose etwa 15-20 % erreicht. Demgegenüber ist eine klare Assoziation zwischen latenter Hyperthyreose und Vorhofflimmern weniger etabliert. Allgemein akzeptierte Richtlinien für eine Therapie der latenten Hyperthyreose, vor allem im Hinblick auf ihre mögliche arrhythmogene Potenz, liegen gegenwärtig nicht vor. Unsere Daten zeigen klar, daß die Prävalenz von Vorhofflimmern durch das Vorliegen einer subklinischen Hyperthyreose in ähnlichem Ausmaß erhöht wird wie durch manifeste Hyperthyreose. Es ist daher zu fordern, daß auch nach einer latenten Hyperthyreose als Ursache von Vorhofflimmern gefahndet wird. Beim Nachweis einer subklinischen Schilddrüsenüberfunktion sollte diese, insbesondere bei älteren Patienten, konsequent therapiert werden, um das hyperthyreoseinduzierte Auftreten von Vorhofflimmern und seiner Komplikationen zu vermeiden.

  8. Treasure in the Library Attic: Von Ranke at Syracuse.

    Coville, Bruce


    Traces history of private library of German scholar, Leopold von Ranke, which was purchased by Syracuse University in 1888. Efforts of librarian Charles W. Bennett in 1870s and Professor James Powell beginning in late 1960s, and restoration and cataloging of collection are highlighted. Items from the collection are noted. (EJS)

  9. On prime non-primitive von Neumann regular algebras

    Abrams, Gene; Rangaswamy, Kulumani M


    Let $E$ be any directed graph, and $K$ any field. We classify those graphs $E$ for which the Leavitt path algebra $L_K(E)$ is primitive. As a consequence, we obtain classes of examples of von Neumann regular prime rings which are not primitive.

  10. The education of Ehrenfried Walther von Tschirnhaus (1651-1708).

    Adler, Jacob


    Ehrenfried Walther von Tschirnhaus, mathematician, inventor, and correspondent of Spinoza, is often thought to have studied medicine at Leiden, though documentation of this fact has been lacking. Tschirnhaus' medical education is here documented, along with the nature of his medical practice.

  11. Rezension: Kafka von David Zane Mairowitz u. Robert Crumb

    Johanna Lenhart


    Full Text Available Die inzwischen schon fast als Klassiker gehandelte Comicadaption von Franz Kafkas Leben und Werk wird zwanzig Jahre nach Erscheinen neu aufgelegt. Johanna Lenhart rezensierte für die MEDIENIMPULSE die visuelle Einführung des Autorenduos Crumb/Mairowitz in Kafkas Welt.

  12. Enfermedad de Von Gierke: Reporte de tres casos

    Echeverri O.


    Full Text Available La enfermedad de Von Gierke es un defecto en la glucosa 6 fosfatasa, degrada el glucógeno en el hígado, riñón e intestino. Asociada con hipoglicemia, acidosis láctica e hiperuricemia.

  13. C. J. Ebhardi ja Balthasar von Campenhauseni projektid / Toivo Meikar

    Meikar, Toivo, 1947-


    Lisatud: C. J. Ebhardi Eesti- ja Liivimaa metsa- ja jahiseaduse projekt (valmis hiljemalt aastaks 1770), lk. 199-222 ; Härra maanõuniku parun von Campenhauseni ettepanekud kõikide metsade nõuetekohaseks korralduseks (4. juuli 1778), lk. 223-233

  14. Bemerkungen zu Alexander von Humboldts Russland-Tagebuch

    Petra Werner


    Full Text Available Article in German, Abstracts in English and GermanIn this study the fragment of Alexander von Humboldt’s Siberian personal diary of 1829 is introduced. The evaluation is focussed on Humboldt’s remarks about mineral resources, especially gold and diamonds. Also mentioned are results which Humboldt recorded about geographical, botanical, meteorological, zoological and ethnological questions.

  15. Alexander von Humboldt als astronomischer Arbeiter, Diskussionspartner und Ideengeber

    Oliver Schwarz


    Full Text Available Auf welche Weise sich unsere Einschätzung des wissenschaftlichen Wirkens Alexander von Humboldts auf Grundlage der beständig voranschreitenden Erschließung seiner Handschriften verändern konnte und welche aktuellen wissenschaftshistorischen Fragestellungen dadurch aufgeworfen wurden, verdeutlicht Oliver Schwarz an Beispielen aus der Astronomie.

  16. Ernst von Glasersfeld's Radical Constructivism and Truth as Disclosure

    Joldersma, Clarence W.


    In this essay Clarence Joldersma explores radical constructivism through the work of its most well-known advocate, Ernst von Glasersfeld, who combines a sophisticated philosophical discussion of knowledge and truth with educational practices. Joldersma uses Joseph Rouse's work in philosophy of science to criticize the antirealism inherent in…

  17. Characterizing ξ-Lie Multiplicative Isomorphisms on Von Neumann Algebras

    Yamin Song


    Full Text Available Let ℳ and be von Neumann algebras without central summands of type I1. Assume that ξ∈ℂ with ξ≠1. In this paper, all maps Φ:ℳ→ satisfying ΦAB-ξBA=ΦAΦB-ξΦBΦ(A are characterized.



    Die Grundlagen des Attischen Seebundes wurden zwischen Herbst 478 und Frühjahr 477 v. Chr. gelegt, als zwischen den attischen und ionischen St?dtevereinigungen zum Zwecke der Verteidigung gegen die von den Persern geführten Angriffe ein Bündnisvertrag

  19. Wernher von Braun: Reflections on His Contributions to Space Exploration

    Goldman, Arthur E.


    In 1950, Dr. Wernher von Braun and approximately 100 of his team members came to Huntsville, Alabama, to begin work with the Army on what would later become America's historic space program. He would later serve as the first director of the Marshall Space Flight Center and led the development of the Saturn V launch vehicle that launched seven crewed American mission to the moon, as well as America s first space station, Skylab. Von Braun is best known for his team s technical achievements. He realized his dream of exploring outer space by helping place humans on the moon. His engineering and managerial talent during the Apollo era had contributed to a technological revolution. He was by all accounts a good engineer, but he was only one among many. What set Von Braun apart were his charisma, his vision, and his leadership skills. He inspired loyalty and dedication in the people around him. He understood the importance of communicating his vision to his team, to political and business leaders and the public. Today, the Marshall Center continues his vision by pursuing engineering and scientific projects that will continue to open space to exploration. This presentation will discuss Von Braun's impact on Huntsville, the Marshall Center, the nation and the world and look at his contributions in context of where world space exploration is today.

  20. von Braun Examines Bendix Mobility Test Article (MTA)


    Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) director, Wernher von Braun, and a visitor, examine one concept of a possible Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV) built by the Bendix Corporation. The data provided by the MTA helped in designing the LRV, developed under the direction of MSFC. The LRV was designed to allow Apollo astronauts a greater range of mobility during lunar exploration missions.

  1. Lars von Triers fornyelse af filmen 1984-2014

    Thomsen, Bodil Marie Stavning

    Bogen undersøger Lars von Triers affektskabende og etisk involverende stil med udgangspunkt i hans værker over en 30-årig periode (1984-2014). Centralt i bogens læsninger står væsentlige analytiske begreber som det haptiske, det affektive, det diagrammatiske og det signaletiske materiale, der med...

  2. Krahv Alexander von Keyserling / Sirje Kivimäe

    Kivimäe, Sirje, 1947-


    Alexander Friedrich Michael Lebrecht Arthur Nicolaus James von Keyserlingi (1815-1891) elust ja teaduslikest ekspeditsioonidest Venemaal ning tegevusest Eestis Raikküla mõisnikuna, loodusteadlasena, Eestimaa rüütelkonna peamehena, eesti talupoegade olukorra parandajana, Tartu õpperingkonna kuraatorina, maanõunikuna, tema pereelust ja lastest

  3. Models for settlement prediction of structures in opencast dumps; Modelle zur Setzungsprognose von Bauwerken auf Tagebaukippen

    Birle, E.; Vogt, S. [Technische Univ. Muenchen (Germany). Zentrum Geotechnik


    For construction projects at opencast dumps e.g. for planning of traffic routes or individual buildings a prognosis of dump subsicence after the establishment of the structures is required. It should be noted that on dump surfaces time-dependent subsidence are observed which can change by construction activities at the dump surface. As tools for describing the dump subsidence phenomenological models that have been developed based on the evaluation of dump characteristic subsidence and allow a one-dimensional analysis of creep deformation and visco-elastoplastic material models within the finite element method for analyzing complex geometric boundary conditions. [German] Fuer Baumassnahmen auf Tagebaukippen beispielsweise zur Planung von Verkehrswegen oder einzelnen Bauwerken ist eine Prognose der Kippensetzungen nach Errichtung der Bauwerke erforderlich. Dabei ist zu beachten, dass auf Kippenoberflaechen ausgepraegte zeitabhaengige Setzungen beobachtet werden, die sich durch Baumassnahmen an der Kippenoberflaeche aendern koennen. Als Werkzeuge zur Beschreibung der Kippensetzungen stehen prinzipiell phaenomenologische Modelle, die auf Basis der Auswertung von Kippeneigensetzungen entwickelt wurden und die eine ein-dimensionale Analyse der Kriechverformungen zulassen sowie visko-elastoplastische Stoffmodelle im Rahmen der FiniteElemente- Methode zur Analyse komplexer geometrischer Randbedingungen zur Verfuegung. In Abhaengigkeit vom Randwertproblem ist zu entscheiden, welches der Modelle zur Beschreibung der Kippensetzungen heranzuziehen ist. Mit phaenomenologischen Kriechmodellen und einer ein-dimensionalen Analyse der Verformungen koennen die sich nach Ende der Verkippung einstellenden Kippensetzungen in der Regel genuegend genau beschrieben werden, sofern an der Kippenoberflaeche keine signifikanten Spannungsaenderungen infolge von Baumassnahmen eingetragen werden. Kommt es dagegen zu Spannungsaenderungen, beispielsweise durch die Errichtung eines hohen

  4. Otto von Habsburg : III maailmasõda on läbi / Otto von Habsburg ; interv. Marianne Mikko

    Habsburg, Otto von, 1912-2011


    Otto von Habsburg vastab küsimustele, mis puudutavad Euroopa konvendi presidendi teadet, et Türgi koht ei ole EL-is, Iraagi võimalikku ründamist, Hiina ja Venemaa suhteid, Tšetšeeniat, tshetsheene ja terrorismi, Venemaa, EL-i ja USA suhteid, III maailmasõda, Eesti Vabariigi tulevikku

  5. Zum 215. Gebutstag von Admiral Ferdinand Baron von Wrangell : (29. Dezember 1797 - 25. 25. Mai 1870) / Peter Krienitz

    Krienitz, Peter


    Admiral Ferdinand Baron von Wrangellist tema 215. sünniaastapäeva puhul. Silmapaistavast Kirde-Siberi uurijast. Tema poliitilisest tegevusest ja elust Roela mõisas. Ferdinand Baroni poolt seatud viisil tähistati jõulusid Roelas kuni 1944. aasta lõpuni.

  6. Sufficient Condition under Which Von Neumann Paradox Appears%Von Neumann Paradox发生的充分条件



    通过对激波曲线的分析,研究了Euler方程组的激波反射结构,给出了Euler方程组激波反射现象中发生冯·诺依曼矛盾(Von Neumann Paradox)的一个充分条件,该条件是非必要的。结果表明,当给定绝热指数时,是否发生Von Neumann Paradox依赖于入射激波的马赫数和入射角。研究结果为激波反射分类和弱激波反射的研究提供一定依据。%This paper study the shock wave reflection configuration based on the theory of shock polar, and gives a sufficient condition under which von Neumann paradox appears for Euler equations. This condition is not a necessary condition though. It is proposed that, given the adiabatic exponent, Mach number of the incident shock determines the existence of von Neumann paradox. The results provide a numerical basis for the study of shock reflection classification and weak shock wave reflection.

  7. Soil ecological investigations into the effect and distribution of organic groups of compounds (PAHs, PCBs) in ecosystems typical of agglomerations.. Joint final report; Bodenoekologische Untersuchungen zur Wirkung und Verteilung von organischen Stoffgruppen (PAK, PCB) in ballungsraumtypischen Oekosystemen. Gemeinsamer Abschlussbericht

    Frost, M.; Klementz, D.; Reese-Staehler, G.; Luedersdorf, M. [Biologische Bundesanstalt fuer Land- und Forstwirtschaft, Berlin (Germany); Achazi, R.; Kratz, W.; Heck, M.; Beylich, A.; Neumeister, H.; Hesse, M.; Quader, S. [Freie Univ. Berlin (Germany); Metz, R.; Dorn, J. [Humboldt-Universitaet, Berlin (Germany); Schuphan, I.; Maier-Gaipl, S.; Herlitz, E. [Technische Hochschule Aachen (Germany); Wilke, B.M.; Koch, C.; Marschner, B.; Brose, A.; Doering, U.; Peters, M.; Pieper, S.; Baschien, C. [Technische Univ. Berlin (Germany)


    In this interdisciplinary complex of matched field and laboratory experiments, the effects of defined pollutant loads were analysed by means of suitable representatives of different groups of soil organisms (soil fauna and soil micro-organisms) and by means of soil processes depending on them (for instance, enzyme activities, degradation of litter, nitrification, feeding damage). Similarly, the influence of selected organic pollutants, part of them in combination with heavy metals, on the soil-plant system was studied in selected herbaceous and ligneous types of plants in different development stages. Further, the possibility of developing a test battery was investigated which would indicate the toxicity of soil by means of watery and organic extracts. (orig.) [Deutsch] In diesem interdisziplinaeren Verbund von abgestimmten Freiland- und Laborversuchen wurde anhand repraesentativer Vertreter verschiedener Bodenorganismengruppen (Bodenfauna und Bodenmikroorganismen) und von durch sie bestimmten Bodenprozessen (z.B. Enzymaktivitaeten, Streuabbau, Nitrifikation, Frass) die Wirkungen von definierten Schadstoffbelastungen analysiert. In der gleichen Weise wurde der Einfluss von ausgewaehlten organischen Schadstoffen, z.T. in Kombination mit Schwermetallen auf das System Boden-Pflanze an ausgewaehlten krautigen und holzigen Pflanzenarten in unterschiedlichen Entwicklungsstadien untersucht. Darueberhinaus wurde ueberprueft ob sich eine Testbatterie entwickeln laesst, die die Toxizitaet von Boeden aufgrund von waessrigen und organischen Extrakten anzeigt. (orig.)



    1991年,Holger Jung和Jean—Remy在德国汉堡成立了他们的广告代理所。今天,15年过去了,当初的代理所已发展成为控股公司,在讲德语国家拥有12个分支机构(8个广告公司,4个专卖店)和600名员工。2005年,其在汉堡、斯图加特、柏林、科隆、苏黎士、维也纳和斯德哥尔摩各地公司的营业总额达到3.99亿欧元,这就是Jung von Matt——德国第二大自主经营的本土广告公司。

  9. Targeted therapy for genetic cancer syndromes: Von Hippel-Lindau disease, Cowden syndrome, and Proteus syndrome.

    Agarwal, Rishi; Liebe, Sarah; Turski, Michelle L; Vidwans, Smruti J; Janku, Filip; Garrido-Laguna, Ignacio; Munoz, Javier; Schwab, Richard; Rodon, Jordi; Kurzrock, Razelle; Subbiah, Vivek


    Von Hippel-Lindau disease, Cowden syndrome, and Proteus syndrome are cancer syndromes which affect multiple organs and lead to significant decline in quality of life in affected patients. These syndromes are rare and typically affect the adolescent and young adult population, resulting in greater cumulative years of life lost. Improved understanding of the underpinnings of the genetic pathways underlying these syndromes and the rapid evolution of targeted therapies in general have made it possible to develop therapeutic options for these patients and other genetic cancer syndromes. Targeted therapies especially antiangiogenics and inhibitors of the PIK3CA/AKT/mTOR signaling pathway have shown activity in selected group of patients affected by these syndromes or in patients harboring specific sporadic mutations which are otherwise characteristic of these syndromes. Unfortunately due to the rare nature, patients with these syndromes are not the focus of clinical trials and unique results seen in these patients can easily go unnoticed. Most of the data suggesting benefits of targeted therapies are either case reports or small case series. Thus, a literature review was indicated. In this review we explore the use of molecularly targeted therapy options in Von Hippel-Lindau disease, Cowden syndrome, and Proteus syndrome.

  10. Nervous system involvement in von Hippel-Lindau disease: pathology and mechanisms.

    Vortmeyer, Alexander O; Falke, Eric A; Gläsker, Sven; Li, Jie; Oldfield, Edward H


    Patients with von Hippel-Lindau disease carry a germline mutation of the Von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) tumor-suppressor gene. We discuss the molecular consequences of loss of VHL gene function and their impact on the nervous system. Dysfunction of the VHL protein causes accumulation and activation of hypoxia inducible factor (HIF) which can be demonstrated in earliest stages of tumorigenesis and is followed by expression of VEGF, erythropoietin, nitric oxide synthase and glucose transporter 1 in VHL-deficient tumor cells. HIF-independent functions of VHL, epigenetic inactivation of VHL, pVHL proteostasis, and links between loss of VHL function and developmental arrest are also described. A most intriguing feature in VHL disease is the occurrence of primary hemangioblastic tumors in the nervous system, the origin of which has not yet been entirely clarified, and current hypotheses are discussed. Endolymphatic sac tumors may extend into the brain, but originally arise from proliferation of endolymphatic duct/sac epithelium; the exact nature of the proliferating epithelial cell, however, also has remained unclear, as well as the question why tumors almost consistently develop in the intraosseous portion of the endolymphatic sac/duct only. The epitheloid clear cell morphology of both advanced hemangioblastoma and renal clear cell carcinoma can make the differential diagnosis challenging, recent developments in immunohistochemical differentiation are discussed. Finally, metastasis to brain may not only be caused by renal carcinoma, but may derive from VHL disease-associated pheochromocytoma/paraganglioma, or pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor.

  11. Identität und Differenz Goethes Faust und Alexander von Humboldt

    Heinz Krumpel


    Full Text Available Article in German, Abstracts in English, Spanish and GermanIn the article “Identity and difference between Goethe`s Faust and Alexander von Humboldt” the issue of how much Faust is contained in Humboldt and in which way Goethe`s Faust has to be related to Alexander von Humboldt is discussed. Here the connection of activity, knowledge and vision as well as the relationship between humans and nature are central to the examination. Goethe and Humboldt were greatly influenced by the enlightenment. Their ideas and visions show us today that modernity is an incomplete project. In Goethe`s Faust the question of the essence of mankind is posed because there is a hint of Faust and Mephisto in each human. With Humboldt those principles acted among other things as a driving force for greater productitivity and the extraction of knowledge. Even though Faust did not fail in his bet with Mephisto, on the other hand he also did not win. Humboldt, however, would have won the bet. Considering the global ecological crisis and regional conflicts today the idea of the relation of Goethe´s Faust and Humboldt has an astonishing relevance.

  12. Symmetries and solutions of the non-autonomous von Bertalanffy equation

    Edwards, Maureen P.; Anderssen, Robert S.


    For growth in a closed environment, which is indicative of the situation in laboratory experiments, autonomous ODE models do not necessarily capture the dynamics under investigation. The importance and impact of a closed environment arise when the question under examination relates, for example, to the number of the surviving microbes, such as in a study of the spoilage and contamination of food, the gene silencing activity of fungi or the production of a chemical compound by bacteria or fungi. Autonomous ODE models are inappropriate as they assume that only the current size of the population controls the growth-decay dynamics. This is reflected in the fact that, asymptotically, their solutions can only grow or decay monotonically or asymptote. Non-autonomous ODE models are not so constrained. A natural strategy for the choice of non-autonomous ODEs is to take appropriate autonomous ones and change them to be non-autonomous through the introduction of relevant non-autonomous terms. This is the approach in this paper with the focus being the von Bertalanffy equation. Since this equation has independent importance in relation to practical applications in growth modelling, it is natural to explore the deeper relationships between the introduced non-autonomous terms through a symmetry analysis, which is the purpose and goal of the current paper. Infinitesimals are derived which allow particular forms of the non-autonomous von Bertalanffy equation to be transformed into autonomous forms for which some new analytic solutions have been found.

  13. [Die baltischen Kapitulationen von 1710. Kontext - Wirkungen - Interpretationen. Hrsg. von Karsten Brüggemann, Mati Laur und Pärtel Piirimäe] / Maretn Seppel

    Seppel, Marten, 1979-


    Arvustus: Die baltischen Kapitulationen von 1710. Kontext - Wirkungen - Interpretationen. Hrsg. von Karsten Brüggemann, Mati Laur und Pärtel Piirimäe. (Quellen und Studien zur baltischen Geschichte. Bd. 23). Köln [etc.] : Böhlau, 2014

  14. Jakob von Uexküll : tuleb hakata taas koos oma planeediga elama / Jakob von Uexküll ; interv. Andris Feldmanis

    Uexküll, Jakob von


    Jakob von Uexküll vastab küsimustele, mis puudutavad postkapitalismi, kapitalismi vajakajäämisi, praegust kapitalismi, postkapitalismi n.-ö. filosoofilist süsteemi, samuti kohtumist president Toomas Hendrik Ilvesega. J. von Uexküll esitles Eesti presidendile Maailma Tuleviku Nõukogu (World Future Council) projekti

  15. Rezension von: Gabriele Dietze: Weiße Frauen in Bewegung. Genealogien und Konkurrenzen von Race- und Genderpolitiken. Bielefeld: transcript Verlag 2013.

    Philipp Dorestal


    Full Text Available Gabriele Dietze zeichnet das Verhältnis der Kategorien Race und Gender innerhalb der US-amerikanischen Geschichte von der Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts bis zur Präsidentschaftswahl von Barack Obama nach. Dabei demonstriert sie anhand von zentralen Figuren der weißen Frauenbewegung deren ambivalente Positionen, die oftmals für progressive Inhalte wie das Eintreten für Frauenrechte stehen, gleichzeitig aber dann Anliegen von African Americans nicht artikulieren oder gar zum Schweigen bringen. Ebenso zeigt Dietze mithilfe von Texten einiger schwarzer Autor_innen sowie anhand berühmter Gerichtsprozesse, dass schwarze Emanzipation nicht notwendigerweise mit feministischen Positionen einhergehen musste, sondern sich vielmehr eine Konkurrenzsituation zwischen Race und Gender entspann.

  16. Multifunctionality of PV shells; Multifunktionalitaet von PV-Fassaden

    Erban, C. [Saint-Gobain Glass Solar, Aachen (Germany)


    Integrated PV systems have come a long way since the construciton of the first solar building shell eight years ago. All technical problems have be solved, and a multitude of solar wall elements are now available that enable architects and planners to design their own customised solar building. [German] Der Einsatz von gebaeudeintegrierter Photovoltaik hat in den nunmehr acht Jahren seit dem Bau der ersten Solarfassade erhebliche Fortschritte gemacht. In technischer Hinsicht ist heute nahezu alles moeglich. Der Umsetzung der einstigen Vision 'Jedem Gebaeude seine Solaranlage' steht heute nichts mehr entgegen, zumal zahlreiche Foerdermoeglichkeiten existieren. Die Vielzahl der Einsatz- und Kombinationsmoeglichkeiten von Solar-Fassadenelementen versetzen Planer und Architekten in die Lage, ihrer individuellen Idee einer gebaeudeintegrierten Solaranlage Gestalt zu geben. (orig.)

  17. Ambulante Therapie von Sexualstraftätern im Zwangskontext

    Rudel A


    Full Text Available Die ambulante Therapie von Sexualstraftätern auf der Basis einer gerichtlichen Weisung erlangt seit 1998 in Deutschland zunehmende Bedeutung. Dennoch gibt es zu wenig Behandlungsangebote. Das Ziel der Senkung der Rückfallraten kann durch spezifische Verfahren erreicht werden, wie jüngere Metaanalysen zeigten. So genannte Rückfallpräventionsprogramme allein reichen dazu nicht aus, wesentlich ist die Beachtung des Risk-, Need- und Responsivity- Prinzips unter Einbeziehung motivationsfördernder Maßnahmen sowie die Auseinandersetzung mit paraphilen Neigungen. Einzelne Programme werden skizziert. Der Umgang mit Therapie im Spannungsfeld von Gesellschaft und Justiz erfordert ein ständiges Abwägen der Balance zwischen dem Schutzraum der therapeutischen Beziehung und Kontrollaspekten unter Einbeziehung Dritter. Möglichkeiten, dieser Problematik konstruktiv zu begegnen, werden unter Berücksichtigung eigener Erfahrungen dargestellt.

  18. Katheterablation von Vorhofflimmern: Pulmonalvenen-Anatomie und interventionelle Implikation

    Lickfett L


    Full Text Available Die Ablationstherapie der Pulmonalvenen (PV hat nicht nur die Behandlungsoptionen von Vorhofflimmern, sondern auch das pathophysiologische Verständnis dieser überaus wichtigen Herzrhythmusstörung wesentlich erweitert. Die morphologische Erforschung der PV in vivo wurde erst durch moderne Bildgebungstechniken wie Magnetresonanztomographie und Computertomographie ermöglicht. Mit diesen Methoden wurden die normale Anatomie der PV definiert und ihre Varianten wie zusätzliche rechtsseitige mittlere PV, gemeinsames Ostium der linksseitigen PV, rechtsseitige Spitzen-PV und gemeinsames Ostium der inferioren PV beschrieben. Weitere Informationen mit wichtigen Implikationen für die Katheterablation von Vorhofflimmern betreffen die Unterschiede in Form, Größe und Verästelungsmuster der 4 PV.

  19. Alexander von Humboldt and the Beginning of the Environmental Movement

    Engelhard Weigl


    Full Text Available Article in English, Abstracts in English and German.In the middle of the 19th century the question whether expanding civilization and industrialization had an effect on climate was discussed intensely worldwide. It was feared that increasing deforestation would lead to continuous decrease in rainfall. This first scientific discussion about climate change as the result of human intervention was strongly influenced by the research Alexander von Humboldt and Jean-Baptiste Boussingault had undertaken when they investigated the falling water levels of Lake Valencia in Venezuela. This essay aims to clarify the question whether Alexander von Humboldt can be counted among the leading figures of modern environmentalism on account of this research as is being claimed by Richard H. Grove in his influential book Green Imperialism. Colonial Expansion, Tropical Island Edens and Origins of Environmentalism, 1600-1860 (1995.

  20. Up-to-date der Betreuung von Chorionkarzinompatientinnen - ein Fallbeispiel

    Söhnchen N


    Full Text Available Das Chorionkarzinom tritt in Europa bei einer von 30.000 Schwangerschaften auf. Betroffen sind vor allem junge und ältere Mütter sowie Patientinnen mit einer positiven Anamnese für Trophoblasterkrankungen. Kardinalsymptome sind persistierende vaginale Blutungen nach der Geburt. Bei Diagnosestellung liegen häufig bereits pulmonale Metastasen vor. In der Behandlung spielt die Chirurgie nur eine untergeordnete Rolle. Der rasche und ununterbrochene Beginn einer Chemotherapie ist hingegen entscheidend. Oft reicht eine Monochemotherapie aus. Hochrisikopatienten werden hingegen mit einer Kombinationschemotherapie (EMA/CO behandelt. Das Ansprechen auf diese Therapie ist ausgesprochen gut. Wichtig sind die weiteren Kontrollen der Patientinnen mithilfe von biochemischen Markern und radiologischer Diagnostik. Kinder betroffener Frauen sollten ebenfalls kontrolliert werden, da es auch bei ihnen zu einer intrauterinen Metastasierung gekommen sein kann. Wir stellen das diagnostische und therapeutische Vorgehen anhand eines aktuellen Fallbeispiels aus unserer Klinik dar.