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  1. 26 CFR 49.4253-2 - Exemption for news services.


    ... collection of news for the public press or radio or television broadcasting or in the dissemination of news through the public press or by means of radio or television broadcasting; or (2) In the collection or..., press association, radio or television news broadcasting agency, or news ticker service, to any...

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    Belfast: On the next level above Galileo Wales: 2nd All Wales Physics Teachers Meeting England: Good afternoon Natural Philosphers... Communication: Posters win prizes Careers: Physics On Course 2004 Visits: Refreshing Physics Sport: Cheating at baseball Physics on Stage: Polish performance Space: Forces that affect GPS satellites New Zealand: It’s not All Black News these days New Initiatives: NOISE Physics on Stage 3: Lively stars heading for ESA

  3. News from the Library: Scientific Information Service - service interruption


    Techniques de l'Ingénieur has been part of the selection of databases offered by the Scientific Information Service for the last five years.   Unfortunately, as a consequence of budget reductions, and after careful consideration of all available options, we have to end this subscription. It will be still possible to purchase access to individual chapters via the Library services.  Furthermore, we are considering ending our subscriptions to Web of Science and Springer Materials (the Landolt-Börnstein database) during the course of 2015. We thank you for your understanding and welcome your feedback to

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    EPS AWARD WINNERS Award for outreach to Physics Education authors; TEACHER TRAINING Helping teachers specialize in physics; AAPT SUMMER MEETING The science of light; AAPT SUMMER MEETING Do you believe in skepticism?; E-LEARNING Massive investment in Swedish online learning; UK SCIENCE YEAR News from Science Year; 11-16 CURRICULUM Naming the energy parts; TEACHER TRAINING Electronic Discussion Group for Trainee Teachers; PUBLICATIONS Physics on Course 2002; WALES Physics in Powys; HIGHER EDUCATION HE solutions to the physics teacher shortage; SCOTLAND The 27th Scottish Stirling Meeting; NORTHERN IRELAND Belfast physics teachers' meeting; SCOTLAND Physics Summer School, Edinburgh 2001; AAPT SUMMER MEETING Physics education research: massive growth; AAPT SUMMER MEETING Just-In-Time Teaching;

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    Marina Tkacheva


    Full Text Available UIA NewsA Thinking Head and a Nursing CowThe Regular General Meeting of the Members of the Self-Regulatory Organization IndependentPartnership “The Baikal Association of Architects and Engineers” of March 23“BukhArt”: the Beginning of the Second Five-Year PeriodThe VIIth Forum of Architects-Skiers from Siberia and UralThe Second Landscape Conference in Krasnoyarsk“Geo-Decor”, so Simple and Unexpected254 Years and the 20th AnniversaryThe Book “Irkutsk Architects” Arkhangelsk Museum of Wooden Architecture «Malye Korely»The Valletta Principles for the Safeguarding and Management of Historic Cities, Towns and Urban AreasCreative Project in VologdaThe Nomad 2. Circles and Spirals

  6. NEWS


    The consumer clothing prices rose 3.3% in January February 9,National Bureau of Statistics data show that in January,the national consumer price level rose by 4.5% year-on-year,consumer prices rose by 5.5%,prices of services rose by 2.2%; national consumer price level rose 1.5% month-on-month,consumer prices rose by 1.8%, prices of services rose by 0.8%. It is estimated that among the 4.5% year-on-year increase of comsumer prices of January, there are approximately 3.0% caused by the price

  7. Introducing high performance distributed logging service for ACS

    Avarias, Jorge A.; López, Joao S.; Maureira, Cristián; Sommer, Heiko; Chiozzi, Gianluca


    The ALMA Common Software (ACS) is a software framework that provides the infrastructure for the Atacama Large Millimeter Array and other projects. ACS, based on CORBA, offers basic services and common design patterns for distributed software. Every properly built system needs to be able to log status and error information. Logging in a single computer scenario can be as easy as using fprintf statements. However, in a distributed system, it must provide a way to centralize all logging data in a single place without overloading the network nor complicating the applications. ACS provides a complete logging service infrastructure in which every log has an associated priority and timestamp, allowing filtering at different levels of the system (application, service and clients). Currently the ACS logging service uses an implementation of the CORBA Telecom Log Service in a customized way, using only a minimal subset of the features provided by the standard. The most relevant feature used by ACS is the ability to treat the logs as event data that gets distributed over the network in a publisher-subscriber paradigm. For this purpose the CORBA Notification Service, which is resource intensive, is used. On the other hand, the Data Distribution Service (DDS) provides an alternative standard for publisher-subscriber communication for real-time systems, offering better performance and featuring decentralized message processing. The current document describes how the new high performance logging service of ACS has been modeled and developed using DDS, replacing the Telecom Log Service. Benefits and drawbacks are analyzed. A benchmark is presented comparing the differences between the implementations.

  8. Ordinary people and emotional expression in Dutch public service news

    Pantti, M.; Husslage, K.


    In news broadcasts, there is a growing tendency to rely on the voices of ordinary people in comparison with offi cial voices, such as media professionals and experts. In our study, which is based on a quantitative and qualitative content analysis and interviews with journalists, we look at the vox p

  9. 26 CFR 31.3306(c)(15)-1 - Services in delivery or distribution of newspapers, shopping news, or magazines.


    ... newspapers, shopping news, or magazines. 31.3306(c)(15)-1 Section 31.3306(c)(15)-1 Internal Revenue INTERNAL..., shopping news, or magazines. (a) Services of individuals under age 18. Services performed by an employee... magazines to ultimate consumers under an arrangement under which the newspapers or magazines are to be...

  10. 26 CFR 31.3121(b)(14)-1 - Services in delivery or distribution of newspapers, shopping news, or magazines.


    ... newspapers, shopping news, or magazines. 31.3121(b)(14)-1 Section 31.3121(b)(14)-1 Internal Revenue INTERNAL... distribution of newspapers, shopping news, or magazines. (a) Services of individuals under age 18. Services... the time of, the sale of newspapers or magazines to ultimate consumers under an arrangement...

  11. Servicios Relacionados. 2nd Edicion. NICHCY News Digest (Related Services. 2nd Edition. NICHCY News Digest).

    Mattson, Beverly

    This publication, written in Spanish, examines the requirement under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) that mandates that all children with disabilities have available to them special education and related services designed to meet their unique needs and prepare them for employment and independent living. It investigates what…

  12. How Did the Meanings Constructed by Taiwanese Pre-Service Teachers from Educational News Media Affect Their Beliefs?

    Liu, Shih-Hsiung; Tsao, Shih-Chieh


    The study investigates how Taiwanese pre-service teachers make meaning after reading positive or negative news coverage of educational events and how they construct meaning impact their pedagogical beliefs. An experiment with a two-group pre-test-post-test design, consisting of a positive and negative news group, is conducted. Multimedia news…

  13. 26 CFR 31.3401(a)(10)-1 - Remuneration for services in delivery or distribution of newspapers, shopping news, or magazines.


    ... distribution of newspapers, shopping news, or magazines. 31.3401(a)(10)-1 Section 31.3401(a)(10)-1 Internal..., shopping news, or magazines. (a) Services of individuals under age 18. Remuneration for services performed... services performed by an employee in, and at the time of, the sale of newspapers or magazines to...

  14. News from the Library: Two new online services available at CERN: thank you for your feedback!

    CERN Library


    The Library has activated two different new online services, as a result of very successful trial periods and thanks to your positive feedback and strong support: PressDisplay and Nucleonica.   PressDisplay is an online portal where one can browse and read online articles from more than 1,900 newspapers from 95 countries, as soon as they are published. Le Monde, International Herald Tribune and many more titles are available in their original layout including text and images. Thanks to RSS feeds, users can directly receive news from their favorite newspapers, but articles can also be printed and sent via email. Based on the very positive feedback we got from the community, the CERN Library has activated a one-year subscription to PressDisplay, and a wealth of information is now available at everyone's fingertips at CERN. In addition to that, the latest Library news about Nucleonica, the nuclide and isotope database derived from the Karlsruhe Nuclide Chart, generated so much interest ...

  15. Supporting User Generated Content for Mobile News Services: A Case Study

    Christos K. Georgiadis


    Full Text Available Web 2.0 applications encourage users to contribute to the production of richer content. In this context, our work mainly focuses on providing mobile users the ability to share content and to support user generated content production. Specifically, in our case study, features both for a mobile Web and for a mobile native application are implemented, capable of providing news services enriched with indicative social networking elements. The results of our work are largely related to the understanding of the required proper solutions, based on the investigation of serious technical challenges: the XML‐RPC library for the Android platform is exploited, as well as a specific Backend Joomla! component is built (Rsstoa to handle consistently external content sources, such as feeds and multipart emails.

  16. Rehabilitation News.

    International Journal of Rehabilitation Research, 1987


    Rehabilitation news items include, among others: a midpoint review of the implementation of the World Programme of Action Concerning Disabled Persons, an international study on the impact of new technologies on employment of disabled people, and a U.S. project to investigate disability service provision and innovations in other countries. (JDD)

  17. Digital Takeover of News: Journalism as a Public Service in the Social Media Age

    Hauser, Jenny


    Research into the use of social media by news organisations to source information and user-generated content has shown substantial changes in the news production process. It is argued that these changes are resulting in increased access to established mainstream media for ordinary citizens, mainly through citizen-journalism. To date, the news industry has been fixated on how free information and visual content shared on social media platforms can be sourced and verified in such a way that ...

  18. News & Announcements


    News from Journal House National Chemistry Week (NCW) Celebrating Chemistry and Art is the theme of NCW 2001, to be held November 4-10, 2001. As you make plans for participating in the celebrations in your area, keep in mind that JCE is developing special materials on this theme, which will appear in our October issue: Classroom Activities, a comprehensive Illustrated Resource Paper, Report from Online, specially written brief articles illustrated in color, articles related to the theme, and CLIPs (Chemical Laboratory Information Profiles). Awards Announced Passer Award Passer Award recipients from the April 1 closing date are: George Bennett, Millikin University, Decatur, IL Daniel Berger, Bluffton College, Bluffton, OH Karen Dunlap, Sierra College, Rocklin, CA Myung-Hoon Kim, Georgia Perimeter College, Dunwoody, GA Cheryl Longfellow, Philadelphia University, Philadelphia, PA Jerry Maas, Oakton Community College, Des Plaines, IL Tim Royappa, University of West Florida, Pensacola, FL Visiting Scientist Award, Western Connecticut Section Diane Bunce, The Catholic University of America, has been selected as the 2001 Visiting Scientist of the Western Connecticut Section of the ACS. The award, presented annually since 1967, brings an outstanding chemical educator to visit high schools in Fairfield County, CT. In May, Bunce visited three high schools, Christian Heritage School, Fairfield High School, and Greenwich High School, where she interacted with teachers and students and presented lectures and demonstrations to several chemistry classes. She was also keynote speaker at the ACS local section's Education Night. The awardee is selected by a committee of university and high school teachers, industrial chemists, and the previous Visiting Scientist; there is an honorarium of 1500 plus expenses. Welch Award Roger D. Kornberg, a professor of structural biology at the Stanford University School of Medicine, received the 2001 Welch Award for his discovery of the nucleosome

  19. 75 FR 41522 - Novell, Inc., Including On-Site Leased Workers From Affiliated Computer Services, Inc., (ACS...


    ... Computer Services, Inc., (ACS), Provo, UT; Amended Certification Regarding Eligibility To Apply for Worker... reports that workers leased from Affiliated Computer Services, Inc., (ACS) were employed on-site at the...., (ACS) working on-site at the Provo, Utah location of Novell, Inc. The amended notice applicable to...

  20. Coordinated Control Scheme for Ancillary Services from Offshore Wind Power Plants to AC and DC Grids

    Sakamuri, Jayachandra N.; Altin, Müfit; Hansen, Anca Daniela;


    This paper proposes a new approach of providing ancillary services to AC and DC grids from offshore wind power plants (OWPPs), connected through multi-terminal HVDC network. A coordinated control scheme where OWPP’s AC grid frequency modulated according to DC grid voltage variations is used...... to detect and provide the ancillary service requirements of both AC and DC grids, is proposed in this paper. In particular, control strategies for onshore frequency control, fault ridethrough support in the onshore grid, and DC grid voltage control are considered. The proposed control scheme involves only...... local measurements and therefore avoids the need of communication infrastructure otherwise required for communication based control, and thus increases the reliability of the control system. The effectiveness of the proposed control scheme is demonstrated on a MTDC connected wind power system developed...

  1. 7 CFR 28.904 - Market news.


    ... 7 Agriculture 2 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Market news. 28.904 Section 28.904 Agriculture..., TESTING, AND STANDARDS Cotton Classification and Market News Service for Producers Classification and Market News Services § 28.904 Market news. The Director shall cause to be distributed to producers...

  2. 76 FR 4649 - ACS Energy Services, Inc.; Supplemental Notice That Initial Market-Based Rate Filing Includes...


    ... From the Federal Register Online via the Government Publishing Office DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ACS Energy Services, Inc.; Supplemental Notice That Initial Market-Based... supplemental notice in the above-referenced proceeding, ACS Energy Services, Inc.'s application for...

  3. What leads to readers’ satisfaction with the mobile news apps service? An investigation into the roles of content originality and user experience

    Wenjing; HE; Xiaoyu; CHEN; Yichen; LI; Yueyi; QIU


    Purpose: This study aims to explore whether content originality and user experience have positive effects on online news readers’ satisfaction with the mobile apps service.Design/methodology/approach: Data was collected via a Web-based survey. Data analysis of this study can be divided into two stages. In the first stage, a descriptive statistical analysis was conducted based on a sample of 612 respondents. In the second stage, the correlation among content originality, user experience and satisfaction was analyzed based on a sample of 377 mobile news apps users. Findings: Results of the first stage showed that social media and mobile news apps were the most important tools for users to access news, and different types of media were playing complementary roles in information transmission. Users held a positive attitude toward their mobile news reading experience and they described news they read on mobile apps with such words as "interesting", "instant", "positive", "profound", and "ironic". Results of the second stage confirmed our hypothesis that content originality and user experience both had positive impacts on user satisfaction.Research limitations: The questionnaires were distributed entirely online, so the sample may not be representative of the general population being studied and thus undermine the reliability and generalization of the findings to some extent. Moreover, this study adopted only one method(survey) and more methods such as interviews can be used to improve the accuracy of the results.Practical implications: The findings of this study can not only provide insights into a better understanding of users’ mobile reading behavior, but also help mobile information service providers attract more users.Originality/value: This is one of the first studies to explore the effects of content originality and user experience on online news readers’ satisfaction with the mobile apps service.

  4. Incorporating residential AC load control into ancillary service markets: Measurement and settlement

    Bode, Josh L.; Sullivan, Michael J.; Berghman, Dries; Eto, Joseph H.


    Many pre-existing air conditioner load control programs can provide valuable operational flexibility but have not been incorporated into electricity ancillary service markets or grid operations. Multiple demonstrations have shown that residential air conditioner (AC) response can deliver resources quickly and can provide contingency reserves. A key policy hurdle to be overcome before AC load control can be fully incorporated into markets is how to balance the accuracy, cost, and complexity of methods available for the settlement of load curtailment. Overcoming this hurdle requires a means for assessing the accuracy of shorter-term AC load control demand reduction estimation approaches in an unbiased manner. This paper applies such a method to compare the accuracy of approaches varying in cost and complexity ? including regression analysis, load matching and control group approaches ? using feeder data, household data and AC end-use data. We recommend a practical approach for settlement, relying on an annually updated set of tables, with pre-calculated reduction estimates. These tables allow users to look up the demand reduction per device based on daily maximum temperature, geographic region and hour of day, simplifying settlement and providing a solution to the policy problem presented in this paper.

  5. News and Features Updates from

    General Services Administration — Stay on top of important government news and information with the Updates: News and Features RSS feed. We'll update this feed when we add news and featured...

  6. News & Announcements


    . Works well. Activity:CD Light: An Introduction to Spectroscopy. J. Chem. Educ. 1998, 75, 1568A (December 1998). Workshop?yes Booth?yes, with colored plastic onlynot solutions Notes:Can be difficult to measure and cut cardboard for spectroscope. Pre-made spectroscopes and partially constructed ones to show method could be provided. Needs good light source to work well. Activity:Cleaning Up with Chemistry: Investigating the Action of Zeolite in Laundry Detergent. J. Chem. Educ. 1999, 76, 1461A (October 1999). Workshop?yes Booth?could demonstrate tubes of soapy water with and without zeolite Notes:Need access to water. Quick and easy. More information about JCE Classroom Activities is available on JCE Online at: Here you will find the notes described above and a list of all published Classroom Activities. The site is updated regularly. Awards Announced United Nations Environment Program The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) has selected Mario J. Molina, professor of earth, atmosphere, and planetary sciences at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as the winner of the 1999 UNEP Sasakawa Environment Prize. The prize, worth $200,000, is for his outstanding global contributions in the field of atmospheric chemistry. ACS Northeastern Section The Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society has awarded the Henry A. Hill Award to Morton Z. Hoffman, professor of chemistry at Boston University. The award is given annually to a member of the section for outstanding service. Award Deadlines Mettler-Toledo Thermal Analysis Education Grant Mettler-Toledo has established a grant to honor Edith A. Turi of the Polymer Research Institute, Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY, for her lifelong contribution to the cause of thermal analysis education. The grant will be awarded on an annual basis to not-for-profit organizations in North America that confer degrees up to the Ph. D. level and provide or intend to provide

  7. Sensing the News: User Experiences when Reading Locative News

    Kjetil Vaage Øie


    Full Text Available This article focuses on user experiences on reading location-aware news on the mobile platform and aims to explore what experiences this kind of locative journalism generates and how such experiences change the users’ social interaction with news. We produced a specially designed mobile application and tailored news stories specific to this project called LocaNews in order to explore participants’ relation to the content in this journalistic format. The result is generated through a field study and a questionnaire of 32 people to find out how they experience the news presented in this format. The user participants’ responses are analyzed based on their news experiences, contextualizing places and their social interaction with the news within this form of journalism. Results showed that the local, semi-local and non-local user approaches the locative news in a different manner, but that the average user found this kind of news more interesting and more informative than ordinary news. The participants also have a problem identifying this as journalism, rather than an information service.

  8. NEWS: Institute news


    Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leeds. Physics at Work Exhibition: 12-14 September, University of Cambridge The year 2000 Exhibition will be the 16th organized by Brenda Jennison. The exhibition will be held at the Cavendish Laboratory and further details can be obtained from Brenda at the University (tel: 01223 332888, fax: 01223 332894 or e-mail: News on GNVQ science The Institute of Physics and the Royal Society of Chemistry are currently financing the compilation of a directory of resources to assist teachers in identifying and selecting suitable materials for teaching the new GNVQ science specifications. Work on the first part of the directory will soon be completed and it is hoped to publish the material in both print and electronic forms before the end of the summer term. This first part covers resources - all evaluated by practising GNVQ teachers - supporting the teaching of the compulsory units for Advanced GNVQ Science. A small team comprising a physics teacher, a chemistry teacher and a biology teacher, all involved with GNVQ programmes and led by Dr Ken Gadd, has carried out the work. They have established a network of teachers around the country to help with the evaluation of curriculum materials. The next part of the project will be to examine the feasibility of providing a similar listing for the optional units at this level. Future development, depending on the availability of funds, will extend the project to Intermediate level programmes in science, including the Part One, once its structure has been agreed at QCA. Further information about the Directory and the next phase of development will be available in the autumn. Activities Physics on Stage The future of science, technology and the ensuing wealth creation potential for Britain will depend on the quality of science education in schools today. Yet the numbers studying physics, which underpins science and engineering, are falling. This problem is currently

  9. News & Announcements


    /TD/TDhome.html. This site also has links to JCE guidelines for prospective authors. Volunteers should contact Vitz by the medium of their preference: Ed Vitz, Editor, Tested Demonstrations, Journal of Chemical Education, Department of Chemistry, Kutztown University, Kutztown, PA 19530; phone: 610/683-4443; fax: 610/683-1352; email: Awards Announced ACS Regional Awards in High School Chemistry Teaching The American Chemical Society has announced winners of regional awards in high school chemistry teaching for 1999. Winners have demonstrated excellence in teaching, exceptional ability to challenge and inspire students, extracurricular work, and willingness to keep up to date in the field. The award consists of two certificates (one for the recipient, the other for display at the recipient's school) and a cash prize of 1,000. Thomas W. Adams, Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics & Humanities at Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana: Central Region Arthur J. Crumm, Barstow School, Kansas City, Missouri: Midwest Region Esther H. Freeman, Tabb High School, Yorktown, Virginia: Southeast Region Joan A. Laredo-Liddell, St. Barnabas High School, Bronx, New York: Middle Atlantic Region, 1998 David T. Lee, Mountain Lakes High School, Mountain Lakes, New Jersey: Middle Atlantic Region, 1999 Diane Coley McGann, Santa Ana High School, Santa Ana, California: Western Region William J. Pilotte, Newington High School, Newington, Connecticut: Northeast Region Judith C. Seydel, Idaho Falls High School, Idaho Falls, Idaho: Northwest Region Brenda A. Wolpa, Canyon Del Oro High School, Tucson, Arizona: Southwest/Rocky Mountain Region NSF Distinguished Public Service Award As a part of its celebration in 2000 of its half-century in existence, the National Science Foundation has announced the recipient of its Distinguished Public Service Award. Samuel P. Massie, U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland (Emeritus) 1999 Ford Foundation Fellowships The National Academies have announced the

  10. No news is good news?

    Peter Schmid

    I'm retired and living back home in Austria. But I am still excited about ATLAS and I try to follow the progress of the project as closely as I can. The ATLAS e-news are an excellent source of information. Appearing now every month they provide a broad, solid view of what is going on. But I'm greedy; I'd love to be "on-line". When the first End-Cap Toroid moved from hall 180 to the pit I was frustrated. I knew that it was happening but I could only get first pictures and reports a few days later. In the meantime the ECT was lowered into the cavern; no information on this available nowhere up to the this issue of the e-news. Here is my dream: an "ATLAS news ticker", i.e. a web page with the news appearing on the day they happen; just one line of information, possibly with a reference to a picture, a person or a report. My idea isn't new. On the ATLAS web-site for the public we have a window "latest news". But I was disappointed when, until a week ago, the latest news dated from December 2006 !!! Can't we do...

  11. Dow Jones News/Retrieval--An IndepthBxook.

    Dempsey, Tim


    This introduction to the nonbibliographic databases offered by the Dow Jones News/Retrieval Service describes file content and search strategies in four groups: Dow Jones Business and Economic News; Dow Jones Quotes (market prices for stocks and other securities); Financial and Investment Services; General News and Information Services. Examples…

  12. Young people’s news orientations and uses of traditional and new media for news

    van Cauwenberge, A.; d'Haenens, L.; Beentjes, H.


    This article reports on Flemish college students’ news orientations and their uses of traditional and new media for news within a public service media environment. We used five homogeneous focus groups that covered variation in news media use. The analysis of the focus groups revealed major differen

  13. CERN television news


    CERN events brought right to your desktop by the new video bulletin.   CERN now has its very own news broadcast , or rather 'webcast', with a host of special reports and even a star presenter. From today onwards, just go to the Bulletin's web page, click on the 'video news' link and sit back and enjoy the latest news about CERN, presented in images by Wendy Korda. The ten-minute newscast in both French and English, the Organization's two official languages, presents interviews, pictures of experiments and computer-generated graphics, bringing you right up to date with some of the Laboratory's latest stories. The show concludes with a selection of the best snapshots taken by the CERN Photo Lab. So every one or two months CERN's Audio-Video Service (ETT/DH) will be putting together a video news report that you can watch on your own desktop computer. Daniel Boileau, Patrick Gilbert de Vautibault and Jacques Fichet, the Service's three technicians, came up with the idea of producing this regular feat...


    reference to data availability and the decisions that might be made advertising promotions and product properties. Other uses and possible further...system for marketing new products. NEWS is designed to distinguish the variables and relations that are usually of interest for market -planning by

  15. The News China Can Use



    @@ Xinhua, China's biggest news wire service, began broadcasting English-language programs on its China Xinhua News Network Corp. (CNC) on July 1. CNC will soon go on to broadcast other programs in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Russian. CNC TV itself, now broadcasting 24 hours a day, was inaugurated in December 2009 amid much fanfare as "an important move for Xinhua to enrich the agency's business sectors and embrace the multimedia world," said Xinhua President Li Congjun during its launch.

  16. Good News is No News

    D.J.C. van Dijk (Dick)


    textabstractNews plays a crucial role in determining prices in financial markets. In an efficient market, current prices fully and correctly reflect all available information, such that only truly new information leads to price adjustment. This lecture shows that using high-frequency data makes it p

  17. New format for ATLAS e-news

    Pauline Gagnon

    ATLAS e-news got a new look! As of November 30, 2007, we have a new format for ATLAS e-news. Please go to: . ATLAS e-news will now be published on a weekly basis. If you are not an ATLAS colaboration member but still want to know how the ATLAS experiment is doing, we will soon have a version of ATLAS e-news intended for the general public. Information will be sent out in due time.

  18. Mixed News on Drug Abuse Among Lesbian, Gay Americans

    ... gov/news/fullstory_161477.html Mixed News on Drug Abuse Among Lesbian, Gay Americans This group is more ... said Kana Enomoto, deputy principal administrator at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). She spoke ...

  19. Crise dos serviços de saúde no cotidiano da mídia impressa The news about the health service crisis in the newspaper

    Vera Sonia Mincoff Menegon


    Full Text Available Apoiando-nos na perspectiva da Psicologia Social, acatamos o pressuposto de que a mídia é um importante espaço de difusão de informações, atuando como co-produtora de sentidos e de subjetividades no cotidiano das pessoas. Assim, a partir da análise de notícias, publicadas em jornais de Campo Grande, MS, tendo como tema serviços de saúde e, mais especificamente, notícias sobre um período de crise nesses serviços, problematizamos o posicionamento do hospital como lócus privilegiado no cuidado com a saúde e as formas verticais de negociação. A ruptura com essa associação e a abertura ao diálogo é um grande desafio para que o Sistema Único de Saúde (SUS se constitua em um sistema público, pautado pelos eixos da integralidade e da humanização na atenção à saúde que, no debate atual, formatam propostas defendidas pela Saúde Coletiva e outras áreas que atuam na saúde, entre eles a Psicologia.From the perspective of Social Psychology, we agree on the assumption that news media is an important space to propagate information, acting as a co-producer of meanings and of subjectivities in people's everyday lives. Therefore, based on the analysis of newspaper news, published in local newspapers of Campo Grande , MS, and having as their subject health service, more specifically news about the crisis in this kind of service, we critically consider the positioning of hospitals as the privileged locus for health care as well as the vertical forms of negotiation. The rupture with this association and the opening for dialogue conveys a great challenge for the Sistema Única de Sáude - SUS (Brazil's public health care system so that it can be constituted as a public system, based on universal health care and humanization of health care attention which, under current debate, forms the proposals defended by Collective Health and other fields of knowledge involved in health care, including Psychology.

  20. National Park Service - SRI - Soil Survey Geographic (SSURGO) for National Park Service Units (A-C TEST)

    National Park Service, Department of the Interior — This data set was developed in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and meets the standards and...

  1. Interpreting television news

    Schaap, G.J.


    Television news range among the most extensively investigated topics in communication studies. The book contributes to television news research by focusing on whether and how news viewers who watch the same news program form similar or different interpretations. The author develops a novel concept o

  2. Measuring News Media Literacy

    Maksl, Adam; Ashley, Seth; Craft, Stephanie


    News media literacy refers to the knowledge and motivations needed to identify and engage with journalism. This study measured levels of news media literacy among 500 teenagers using a new scale measure based on Potter's model of media literacy and adapted to news media specifically. The adapted model posits that news media literate individuals…

  3. Novae news


    As announced in the previous Bulletin, Novae has opened a new snack bar on the Flagstaff car park, just a few metres from CERN's reception area (Building 33).   Just a few metres from the CERN Reception, the new Novae snack point welcomes visitors and CERNois. Opening hours Currently: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. From September: Monday to Friday, 7:45 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. The snack bar selection includes breakfast, starting at 2.70 CHF, cold dishes from 5 CHF, and hot dishes from 6 CHF.   Novae has also installed a 24-hour-a-day food vending machine in the CERN hostel (Building 39) and in Building 13. You can buy pasta and cooked dishes for 6.50 CHF to 8 CHF. In addition, a groceries vending machine has been installed in the main building, just across from the news kiosk. Nearly 60 different items are available around the clock. Finally, Novae has introduced a new payment system in several buildings on the Meyrin site. It accepts credit ca...

  4. Physics News

    Gianotti, F.

    In spite of the fact that real data will only come in the year 2006, this is a very busy and interesting time for Physics-related activities. A very short overview of these activities is given in this issue of the ATLAS News Letter, while the various topics will be described in more detail in the next issues. The Physics and Combined Performance groups are working in four main areas: 1) Assess the ATLAS potential for physics, with emphasis on new channels and ideas. Recent examples are Extra-dimensions, invisible Higgs decays, heavy ion physics, the expected potential of a "Super-LHC" running at a luminosity of 10^35, etc.. 2) Improve the understanding of the detector performance and optimise the reconstruction algorithms. Examples of issues in the pipeline are: can we tag charm-jet ? What can we gain in the jet energy resolution by combining the calorimeter and tracker information to reconstruct the jet energy ? 3) Follow detector changes and detector-related issues and monitor the impact on the perform...

  5. News Bias in the 1972 Campaign: A Cross-Media Comparison. Journalism Monographs No. 58.

    Hofstetter, C. Richard

    The television networks nightly news coverage of the 1972 Presidential campaign was examined between July 10 and November 6, 1972 to assess the nature and impact of political bias in news coverage. The campaign news coverage of two newspapers and one wire service was also compared with respect to the content and length of each medium's news about…

  6. How well they retrieve fresh news items: News search engine perspective

    Mohammad Ubaidullah Bokhari


    Full Text Available People are nowadays opting news search engines for searching news instead of traditional web search engines as, number of specialized news search services have been developed. So it becomes necessary to evaluate these news search systems and help users to select the best one. Lots of work has been done to measure the traditional effectiveness of web search engines, major work has been done for relevance based evaluation using precision based measures, where topical relevance is often the main selection criteria, but less work has been done to measure the time-sensitive effectiveness of the news search systems where freshness matters. In this paper we used a scheme using mathematical statistics to measure the time-sensitive effectiveness of four news search systems, i.e., how well they retrieve the fresh documents. To our knowledge there is a lack of a good measure that combines both time-independent effectiveness and the relative freshness of news items so our scheme, using top ten results for 100 news queries on four news search engines with the basic idea to pull all the relevant results from the news search systems we want to compare together into a single ranked list based on their recency and analyse the relative positions of these results, will be useful in stuffing this gap.

  7. Novel field test design for acquisition of DC and AC parameters during service

    Thorsteinsson, Sune; Poulsen, Peter Behrensdorff; Schou, Jørgen;


    Being able to monitor early signs of PV module degradation, is needed to ensure stable power production throughout the service life of a PV installation. Recently, impedance spectroscopy is proven to be a useful tool for detection of the presence and location of significant errors, and may have p...

  8. SWMM news and notes

    Stormwater management modelers now have a new publication:Storm Water Management Modelling News and Notes. SWMM News and Notes features articles concerning new developments and research in the stormwater field, as well as new product reviews, dissertations, and books.

  9. News/Press Releases

    Office of Personnel Management — A press release, news release, media release, press statement is written communication directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing programs...

  10. Market News Price Dataset

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — Real-time price data collected by the Boston Market News Reporter. The NOAA Fisheries' "Fishery Market News" began operations in New York City on February 14, 1938....

  11. Health in the news: an analysis of magazines coverage of health issues in veterans and military service organizations.

    Jitnarin, Nattinee; Poston, Walker S C; Haddock, Christopher K; Jahnke, Sara


    The purpose of this study was to conduct a content analysis of Veterans and Military Service Organizations (VMSOs) magazines to determine what health-related topics VMSOs target and how they inform their constituencies about health issues. Health-related topics in 288 VMSOs' magazines from 21 VMSOs published in 2011 and 2012 were coded by trained raters using a standardized manual. The top three most addressed health topics were Health Services (Health care, Insurance), Disability and Disability benefits, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Topics least frequently covered were Tobacco and Smoking cessation, Illegal drugs, Alcohol, Gulf War Syndrome, and Weight and Body composition. VMSOs are concerned about the health and well-being of their members given the considerable amount of content devoted to certain health topics such as health insurance concerns, disability, and post-traumatic stress disorder. However, other health concerns that affect a considerable number of both current military personnel and veterans and cost both the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense millions annually, such as drug and alcohol problems, and tobacco use and smoking cessation, are infrequently covered. The results of this study improve our understanding of the health-related information that reaches the military and veteran populations through this important media outlet.

  12. News Media Industry


    transform the way Americans receive news and information. But Saul Hansell of the New York Times believes none of this is a surprise to the media elites...References Anderson, B. (2004). “News Flash: Journalism, Infotainment and the Bottom-Line Business of Broadcast News.” Jossey- Bass , pp

  13. "Off-line": the 2004 European parliamentary elections on television news in the enlarged Europe

    Vreese, de, Claes H.; Banducci, Susan A.; Semetko, Holli A.; Boomgaarden, Hajo G.


    We outline the competitive television news market in the enlarged European Union (EU) and demonstrate the continued importance of traditional media, in particular television, in the context of proliferation in choice of news sources, including on-line news services. Drawing upon a content analysis of the most widely watched evening television news programs in each of the EU countries, we find that on average, EU news in 2004 was more visible in the new member states than in the old member sta...

  14. Novel field test design for acquisition of DC and AC parameters during service

    Thorsteinsson, Sune; Poulsen, Peter Behrensdorff; Schou, Jørgen;


    potential for more. In this work we describe a field test design where the modules are operating at their maximum power point, and via relays is switched out one by one for acquisition of an IV curve and an impedance spectrum. Some of the modules involved will undergo stimuli to accelerate certain......Being able to monitor early signs of PV module degradation, is needed to ensure stable power production throughout the service life of a PV installation. Recently, impedance spectroscopy is proven to be a useful tool for detection of the presence and location of significant errors, and may have...

  15. News search, blogs and feeds a toolkit

    Vage, Lars


    This book is about news search and monitoring. Aimed at professionals with a strategic need of monitoring the surrounding world, users with a need to find the best news sources, monitoring services and news search strategies and techniques will benefit from reading this book. The main purpose is to present a practical handbook with an analysis of readily available tools, blending with passages of a theoretical nature. It is also useful for students at LIS programmes and related information programmes and for librarians and information professionals. The authors aim to aid the reader in reachin

  16. Personalized News Recommendation: A Review and an Experimental Investigation

    Lei Li; Ding-Ding Wang; Shun-Zhi Zhu; Tao Li


    Online news articles,as a new format of press releases,have sprung up on the Internet.With its convenience and recency,more and more people prefer to read news online instead of reading the paper-format press releases.However,a gigantic amount of news events might be released at a rate of hundreds,even thousands per hour.A challenging problem is how to efficiently select specific news articles from a large corpus of newly-published press releases to recommend to individual readers,where the selected news items should match the reader's reading preference as much as possible.This issue refers to personalized news recommendation.Recently,personalized news recommendation has become a promising research direction as the Internet provides fast access to real-time information from multiple sources around the world.Existing personalized news recommendation systems strive to adapt their services to individual users by virtue of both user and news content information.A variety of techniques have been proposed to tackle personalized news recommendation,including content-based,collaborative filtering systems and hybrid versions of these two.In this paper,we provide a comprehensive investigation of existing personalized news recommenders.We discuss several essential issues underlying the problem of personalized news recommendation,and explore possible solutions for performance improvement.Further,we provide an empirical study on a collection of news articles obtained from various news websites,and evaluate the effect of different factors for personalized news recommendation.We hope our discussion and exploration would provide insights for researchers who are interested in personalized news recommendation.

  17. Hot News Recommendation System from Heterogeneous Websites Based on Bayesian Model

    Zhengyou Xia


    Full Text Available The most current news recommendations are suitable for news which comes from a single news website, not for news from different heterogeneous news websites. Previous researches about news recommender systems based on different strategies have been proposed to provide news personalization services for online news readers. However, little research work has been reported on utilizing hundreds of heterogeneous news websites to provide top hot news services for group customers (e.g., government staffs. In this paper, we propose a hot news recommendation model based on Bayesian model, which is from hundreds of different news websites. In the model, we determine whether the news is hot news by calculating the joint probability of the news. We evaluate and compare our proposed recommendation model with the results of human experts on the real data sets. Experimental results demonstrate the reliability and effectiveness of our method. We also implement this model in hot news recommendation system of Hangzhou city government in year 2013, which achieves very good results.

  18. Hot news recommendation system from heterogeneous websites based on bayesian model.

    Xia, Zhengyou; Xu, Shengwu; Liu, Ningzhong; Zhao, Zhengkang


    The most current news recommendations are suitable for news which comes from a single news website, not for news from different heterogeneous news websites. Previous researches about news recommender systems based on different strategies have been proposed to provide news personalization services for online news readers. However, little research work has been reported on utilizing hundreds of heterogeneous news websites to provide top hot news services for group customers (e.g., government staffs). In this paper, we propose a hot news recommendation model based on Bayesian model, which is from hundreds of different news websites. In the model, we determine whether the news is hot news by calculating the joint probability of the news. We evaluate and compare our proposed recommendation model with the results of human experts on the real data sets. Experimental results demonstrate the reliability and effectiveness of our method. We also implement this model in hot news recommendation system of Hangzhou city government in year 2013, which achieves very good results.

  19. News Service Sales Research based on C & R tree%基于分类回归树的新闻服务营销研究



    数据挖掘技术中的分类和回归树(Classification And Regression Tree,CART)节点是一种基于树的分类预测方法,使用递归分区来将训练记录分割类似的输出字段值。文章将C&R树应用于市场营销研究,目标是寻找意愿接受互动新闻服务并购买的潜在客户。通过使用已有的客户数据作为训练样本,建立了一个分类回归模型,可以用于未来数据的预测,从而有助于企业更好地针对不同类型的客户进行不同的营销策略。%The Classification and Regression Tree node (Classification And Regression Tree,CART) in Data Mining techniques is a tree-based classification and prediction method that uses recursive partitioning to split the training records into segments with similar output field values. In this paper, it is applied to a marketing study which is to find the potential customers having the intentions to buy an online interactive news service. Through using the existing customer data as training samples, a classification and regression model is established, which can be used to predict future data and help the companies better carry out different marketing strategies for different types of customers.

  20. News & Announcements


    News from Journal House Perspective on JCE Online Recently a reader asked us for a perspective on JCE Onlinehow the chemical education community is receiving it and how the Journal staff itself views it. We share our responses below. Subscriber Numbers How many people subscribe to JCE Online+? As of June 1, 1999, our records show that 13% of individual JCE subscriptions in the USA include JCE Online+. This percentage has increased significantly during the past year- in June 1998 it was approximately 4% and December 1998 about 7%. Almost all subscribers to JCE Online subscribe to print as well. Since JCE Online has only very recently been made available to institutional subscribers, there are no numbers to report. There has been considerable interest in online from libraries. Given that JCE Online+ is a fairly recent subscriber option and that many subscribers have a wait-and-see approach to any new option, we feel that the numbers above are quite high. The steady growth is encouraging. Online Usage How many people visit our Web site? Statistics for the period January 1, 1999, through May 31, 1999, that may be of interest include: Total Pages Served 361,115 Total Visits 138,377 Total Unique Visitors 51,744 Total Repeat Visitors 11,536 Average Visit Length 03:05 Average Requests/Visit 10.8 Average Pages/Visit 2.6 Average Daily Visits 916 Online Rationale and Expectations JCE Online is a very important part of the whole Journal, but we do not expect it to supplant print: online and print are very different media. Usage of JCE Online is growing steadily; our subscribers are realizing what we have learned: it is not possible to deliver the Journal in the print medium alone- print is no longer adequate to accomplish our mission. Examples of things not possible in print include: ·JCE Index to all 76 years of Journal issues, available all the time with responses within seconds. ·Supplementary materials that are important to only a limited number of our subscribers

  1. Library news

    CERN Library


    The CERN Library has been providing electronic access to the "Techniques de l'Ingénieur" database for the past 8 months. As a reminder, this is a multidisciplinary database of over 4000 technical and scientific articles in French, covering a broad range of topics such as mechanical engineering, safety, electronics and the environment. In a few simple steps, you can create your own account, select the types of documents you are interested in and configure your settings so as to receive alerts when articles in your field of activity are published. You can now access this resource from outside CERN using the "remote access to electronic resources" service. Further information is available here. Direct access to the database. Remote access to electronic resources. If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact us at:

  2. News and social networks: audience behavior

    Masip, Pere; Guallar, Javier; Suau, Jaume; Ruiz-Caballero, Carlos; Peralta, Miquel


    Based on a quantitative approach, this paper presents some of the preliminary results of a research project focused on the analysis of the motivations that encourage citizens to actively participate in online news media, using the mechanisms provided by their websites, and through open social network platforms. The findings show that, although there is a widespread discourse of distrust in connection to journalists and the traditional media institutions, as well as general criticism of the ac...

  3. The news Engine

    Andersson, Ralf

    The News Engine How a new experiment in newsrooms can change process, product and people.   By Ralf Andersson   In fall 2012, the news department of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation,decided to implement a new workflow called ”The News Engine” - in order to workfaster, more freely, flexible...... for the story and to do live stand ups –on location. Teams feed footage (pictures, sound and interviews) with low-cost satelliteequipment to DR. Here, other reporters edit the material to stories for allplatforms. The workflow is split into several parts. This is a fundamental change with many implications...... platforms. It discusses challengesof new practices of news production, cross-media reporting and mediaconvergence, resulting from DR’s new experiment, the news engine – with differentaspects: Product: The main news program 6:30 has fewer stories, but each one has moreelements. It’s not just one single pre...

  4. ACS: ALMA Common Software

    Chiozzi, Gianluca; Šekoranja, Matej


    ALMA Common Software (ACS) provides a software infrastructure common to all ALMA partners and consists of a documented collection of common patterns and components which implement those patterns. The heart of ACS is based on a distributed Component-Container model, with ACS Components implemented as CORBA objects in any of the supported programming languages. ACS provides common CORBA-based services such as logging, error and alarm management, configuration database and lifecycle management. Although designed for ALMA, ACS can and is being used in other control systems and distributed software projects, since it implements proven design patterns using state of the art, reliable technology. It also allows, through the use of well-known standard constructs and components, that other team members whom are not authors of ACS easily understand the architecture of software modules, making maintenance affordable even on a very large project.

  5. News coverage of climate change in Nature News and ScienceNOW during 2007

    Nielsen, Kristian Hvidtfelt; Kjærgaard, Rikke Schmidt


    Climate change has become one of the most favored topics in mass media, political discourses, and scientific discussions during the past decade. By the end of 2007 the scientific journals Science and Nature both demonstrated the urgency of climate change by emphasizing the importance and necessity...... of appreciating climate change, its severe consequences, and its anthropogenic causes. During that year the two journals’ online news services Nature News and ScienceNOW framed climate change to fit particular agendas resulting in markedly different narratives. This article demonstrates that Nature News reported...

  6. With News Search Engines

    Gunn, Holly


    Although there are many news search engines on the Web, finding the news items one wants can be challenging. Choosing appropriate search terms is one of the biggest challenges. Unless one has seen the article that one is seeking, it is often difficult to select words that were used in the headline or text of the article. The limited archives of…

  7. Good And Bad News


    <正>A distinguished scientist was participating in a panel discussion on the results of the nation’s future water supply.“Gentlemen,” he said.“I have some good news and bad news for you,Our study shows that by the year 2010 everyone will be drinking recycled sewage from

  8. Good Friends, Bad News

    Hansen, Lars Kai; Arvidsson, Adam; Nielsen, Finn Årup

    . In this paper we explore the apparent paradox in a quantitative analysis of information diffusion on Twitter. Twitter is interesting in this context as it has been shown to present both the characteristics social and news media. The basic measure of virality in Twitter is the probability of retweet. Twitter...... is different from email in that retweeting does not depend on pre-existing social relations, but often occur among strangers, thus in this respect Twitter may be more similar to traditional news media. We therefore hypothesize that negative news content is more likely to be retweeted, while for non-news tweets...... the NY Times finds a strong link between positive affect and virality, and, based on psychological theories it is concluded that this relation is universally valid. The conclusion appears to be in contrast with classic theory of diffusion in news media emphasizing negative affect as promoting propagation...

  9. Swisster – a news website for Anglophones


    Employees of CERN can now sign up for a free account at, an English language website devoted to Swiss news and current affairs. « prev next » The website, which is aimed at English speakers in Switzerland, normally requires an annual subscription of 300 CHF, but has teamed up with sponsors to offer a free subscription for CERN employees. The service provides a daily newsletter containing the main news and other information sent to subscribers every working day. The Swisster website also offers a variety of services such as health, education and food forums called "corners", as well as weather & snow forecasts, blogs and even a TV guide for Anglophones. The editorial team of English-speaking journalists is based in Lausanne, Geneva, Zurich and Neuchatel and covers news for expatriates and English speakers living and working in Switzerland. also has a Saturday morning radio show from 08:30 to 09:30, on Radio Cit�...

  10. Education for a Culture of Peace: The Culture of Peace News Network as a Case Study

    Adams, David


    The Culture of Peace News Network, an internet news service, is analyzed in the framework of a general approach to education for a culture of peace. Its format reflects the eight program areas for a culture of peace as adopted by the UN General Assembly. Among its other operating principles are universality of news with all cultures and regions of…

  11. "Off-line": the 2004 European parliamentary elections on television news in the enlarged Europe

    Vreese, de Claes H.; Banducci, Susan A.; Semetko, Holli A.; Boomgaarden, Hajo G.


    We outline the competitive television news market in the enlarged European Union (EU) and demonstrate the continued importance of traditional media, in particular television, in the context of proliferation in choice of news sources, including on-line news services. Drawing upon a content analysis o

  12. 78 FR 32226 - Poultry Market News Reports; Request for Extension and Revision of the Currently Approved...


    ...; ] DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Agricultural Marketing Service Poultry Market News Reports; Request for Extension... Livestock, Poultry, Meat, Grain, and Their Related Products Used as Market News Information AGENCY... collection. AMS recently merged its Livestock and Grain Market News Division with the Poultry Market...

  13. Tweeting News Articles

    Marco Toledo Bastos


    Full Text Available In this article we investigate the impact of social media readership to the editorial profile of newspapers. We analyze tweets containing links to news articles from eight of the largest national newspapers in the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Brazil, and Germany. The data collection follows the first two weeks of October 2012 and includes 2,842,699 tweets with links to news articles. Twitter-shortened links were resolved using a three-pass routine and assigned to 1 of the 21 newspaper sections. We found the concentration of links to news articles posted by top users to be lower than reported in the literature and the strategy of relaying headlines on Twitter via automatic news aggregators (feeds to be inefficient. The results of this investigation show which sections of a newspaper are the most and least read by readers in different parts of the world, with German readers placing greater emphasis on Politics and Economy; Brazilians on Sports and Arts; Spaniards on Local and National news; Britons and Americans on Opinion and World news. We also found that German and Spanish readers are more likely to read multiple national newspapers, while British readers more often resort to foreign sources of news. The results confirm that feedback to news items from a large user base is pivotal for the replication of content and that newspapers and news items can be clustered according to the editorial profile and principles of newsworthiness inherited from legacy media. The results of this investigation shed light onto the networked architecture of journalism that increasingly depends on readership agency.

  14. Is Crime News Coverage Excessive?

    Graber, Doris A.


    Reports on the frequency and manner in which various crime and noncrime news topics were presented in selected newspapers and television newscasts in 1976. Examines news flow data to determine whether news output was inflexible, and whether crime news coverage distorted the amount of real-life crime. (PD)

  15. CCG - News & Events

    NCI's Center for Cancer Genomics (CCG) has been widely recognized for its research efforts to facilitiate advances in cancer genomic research and improve patient outcomes. Find the latest news about and events featuring CCG.

  16. Figuring Out Health News

    ... Put keywords from the news report into a search engine and see what comes up. The results will ... Privacy Policy & Terms of Use Visit the Nemours Web site. Note: All information on TeensHealth® is for ...

  17. Breaking News as Radicalisation

    Hartley, Jannie Møller

    The aim of the paper is to make explicit how the different categories are applied in the online newsroom and thus how new categories can be seen as positioning strategies in the form of radicalisations of already existing categories. Thus field theory provides us with tools to analyse how online...... journalists are using the categorisations to create hierarchies within the journalistic field in order to position themselves as specialists in what Tuchman has called developing news, aiming and striving for what today is know as breaking news and the “exclusive scoop,” as the trademark of online journalism...... provides us with the following two research questions: How does the category of breaking news fit into Tuchmans typology related to time, planning and technology? What types of stories are providing journalistic capital and how are online news stories categorised relatively within the journalistic field?...

  18. News aggregators influence on the quality of Internet-journalism

    Chernetsky Petr Petrovich


    Full Text Available The article is devoted to the news aggregators and their impact on the quality of journalism in the Internet. The paper gives a definition of “news aggregators”, details the most famous of them, and lists some of the major problems which news aggregators are facing today. In addition, the article proves the thesis that news aggregators have a negative impact on the quality of news online. This is primarily due to the writing of the text for robots, not people, with a focus not on the quality and depth of the study, but the speed. Another major problem - the “theft” of news by websites-competitors and each other, as well as rewriting messages of various news services with a focus on sensationalism. All this leads to a general decline in the quality of journalistic texts on the Internet - in an effort to attract additional traffic news websites often the quality of materials are put into the background. At the end of the article it is made a forecast on the future of news aggregators.

  19. Networks in the news media

    Bro, Peter

    When news reporters connect people in a single news story or in a series of coherent news stories they essentially construct networks in the news media. Networks through which social actors are aligned symbolically in written, visible or audible form. These socio-symbolic networks not only copy...... more formal types of social networks, but also complement or even substitute social networking elsewhere, and as such this particular type of social network offers people both inside and outside the news room new potentials - and problems. This article describe the basic vision of networks in the news...

  20. Googling the news

    Ørmen, Jacob


    case study, ways to work with the influence of endogenous factors (keywords, language settings, geo-location, Web history and clicking behaviour) and mitigate the effects of the exogenous factors (experimentation and randomisation) are suggested. Then, a new approach to studying search results is put......Search engines provide a window into the changing association between websites and keywords across cultures and countries and over time. As such, they offer journalism and news researchers an opportunity to study how search engines, in this case Google, mediate news events and stories online...... forward, which builds on purposeful sampling of real-world participants or constructed research profiles. Finally, perspectives for news and journalism scholars in studying algorithmically generated content in a broader context are offered....

  1. Do you want the good news or the bad news first? The nature and consequences of news order preferences.

    Legg, Angela M; Sweeny, Kate


    Information often comes as a mix of good and bad news, prompting the question, "Do you want the good news or the bad news first?" In such cases, news-givers and news-recipients differ in their concerns and considerations, thus creating an obstacle to ideal communication. In three studies, we examined order preferences of news-givers and news-recipients and the consequences of these preferences. Study 1 confirmed that news-givers and news-recipients differ in their news order preferences. Study 2 tested two solutions to close the preference gap between news-givers and recipients and found that both perspective-taking and priming emotion-protection goals shift news-givers' delivery patterns to the preferred order of news-recipients. Study 3 provided evidence that news order has consequences for recipients, such that opening with bad news (as recipients prefer) reduces worry, but this emotional benefit undermines motivation to change behavior.

  2. News | Division of Cancer Prevention

    News about scientific advances in cancer prevention, program activities, and new projects are included here in NCI press releases and fact sheets, articles from the NCI Cancer Bulletin, and Clinical Trial News from the NCI website.

  3. Googling the news

    Ørmen, Jacob


    Search engines provide a window into the changing association between websites and keywords across cultures and countries and over time. As such, they offer journalism and news researchers an opportunity to study how search engines, in this case Google, mediate news events and stories online....... However, search results are not straightforward to study. Since search results are made in the act of searching and will have to be retrieved from Google Search in real-time, there is a range of different ontological and methodological issues related to this data source. This paper addresses these issues...

  4. Political News and Political Consciousness

    Schertges, Claudia


    This article deals with mass media in modern democratic societies, using the example of Israeli news reports in German television (TV) news. Central to this interest are processes of mediating politics: political socialisation and education; that is to say, empowering citizens via TV news to participate in democratic processes. The article…

  5. Perplexity analysis of obesity news coverage.

    McFarlane, Delano J; Elhadad, Noémie; Kukafka, Rita


    An important task performed during the analysis of health news coverage is the identification of news articles that are related to a specific health topic (e.g. obesity). This is often done using a combination of keyword searching and manual encoding of news content. Statistical language models and their evaluation metric, perplexity, may help to automate this task. A perplexity study of obesity news was performed to evaluate perplexity as a measure of the similarity of news corpora to obesity news content. The results of this study showed that perplexity increased as news coverage became more general relative to obesity news (obesity news approximately 187, general health news approximately 278, general news approximately 378, general news across multiple publishers approximately 382). This indicates that language model perplexity can measure the similarity news content to obesity news coverage, and could be used as the basis for an automated health news classifier.

  6. Blended news delivery in healthcare: a framework for injecting good news into bad news conversations.

    Legg, Angela M; Sweeny, Kate


    Clinicians often inject good news into bad news delivery, and they do so for a variety of reasons. We present a framework that draws from research in the fields of health and social psychology to shed light on situations in which clinicians add superfluous good news into bad news conversations in an effort to ease the conversation or mitigate patients' distress, a broad strategy we refer to as blended news delivery. Our framework includes predictors of clinicians' use of blended news delivery, characteristics of blended news and outcomes of this strategy for both patients and clinicians. This framework addresses a common aspect of health communication and can direct future research on ideal strategies for and likely consequences of blended news delivery and communication more broadly.


    Hosseini, F.


    Full Text Available The present study aimed to compare discursive strategies employed by two international news agencies including Euro News and BBC. Van Dijk’s (2004 model of CDA was adopted. Thirty pieces of news about internal affairs of Iran together with their Persian translations were downloaded from the corresponding website, i.e. 30 pieces of English news and their corresponding Persian translations from the Euro News website and 30 pieces of English news with their corresponding translations from the BBC website. The frequency of lexical items was observed to not differ significantly. Two sets of translations were compared to their source texts based on four discursive strategies of hyperbole, polarization, vagueness and euphemism. An independent-samples t-test was conducted to compare the frequency of strategies applied by the two news agencies. Results revealed no significant difference between the two agencies except for the discursive strategy of vagueness.

  8. Science news release and its benefits to your research


    News release to the latest science findings is beneficial to both researchers and their served institutions as well as the public. It will help to set a bridge of communication between researchers, the public and media, and publishers, making the latest research findings well known to the public. World Journal of Gastroenterology has currently freely opened the News Release Service System (WJG-NRSS) for original articles with potential significance and novelty for news release to mass media to broaden the findings to the public.

  9. Making news about medicines

    Trigt, Anna Maria van


    People are very interested in information about health and illness. Studies show that they are more interested in new medical discoveries than in sport in the news. Mass media channels (e.g. newspapers, television) do pay attention to information about health and illness. Both patients, health profe

  10. The News, Fall 2002.

    Giles, Ray, Ed.


    This fall 2002 newsletter from the Community College League of California contains several articles, news stories, and the brochure from the 2002 Annual Convention, "Celebrating the Way California LEARNS." Articles include: (1) "Nursing Shortage Poses Dilemma for Colleges: Access vs. Efficiency," a discussion of the debate over…

  11. News of the Year.

    St. Lifer, Evan; Olson, Renee; Milliot, Jim; Bing, Jonathan


    Reviews library news for 1997. Highlights public library budgets, examined by number of patrons served; Internet filters and censorship; librarians and the media; private and government funding sources; outsourcing; expectations for growth in the publishing industry, emphasizing the Asian economic crisis; and new ideas from the next generation of…

  12. News and Views.

    Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, 1998


    The "News and Views" section of this journal contains reports and comments on various issues related to current aspects of black higher education. The topics reviewed include affirmative action, college admissions policies, faculty diversity, and black enrollment in professional schools. Profiles of some black educators are also…

  13. Spreading the News


    For all the progress in establishing a government news release system in China, the State Council Information Office acknowledges there is still much room for improvement Being a government spokesperson anywhere in the world is no easy job. It is particularly the case in China, where there is legislation in place on government information release. Cai Wu, Minister of the State Council Information Office,

  14. News Editing. Second Edition.

    Westley, Bruce H.

    A revision of the first edition of "News Editing," this is a textbook for the newspaper editor. The duties of the editor are detailed, as are those of other newspaper employees. Among the basic editing skills the author includes suggestions for sentence structure, word usage, and vocabulary. Examples are given of editing for objectivity, handling…

  15. Global news production

    Clausen, Lisbeth

    generators of national news, who manipulate presentations according to professional standards as well as local needs that are culturally based. This book explores how powerful political and economic agendas in the national media environment influence the production processes. It shows how the outcome...

  16. News from Academy Bay


    The 25th anniversary of the Galapagos National Park. Fire at the Darwin Research Station. The control of introduced mammals. Good news about the Hood tortoises. The endangered land iguanas. Penguins, cormorants and flamingos in 1984. A workshop on national parks. International conservation award to Secretary Ripley. Visits and events at the Charles Darwin Research Station.

  17. Who Makes The News?

    Jørndrup, Hanne; Bentsen, Martine

    As newsroom staff around the world went about their day on 25 March 2015, hundreds of volunteers located in over 100 countries gathered to monitor their news media as part of the Fifth Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP). The Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP) is the world’s longest-running...

  18. News media old and new

    Schrøder, Kim Christian


    This article presents and discusses three different approaches to the exploration of the cross-media challenges facing news audiences, as they seek access to, navigate in and make sense of the multitude of news sources across print, broadcasting, online and mobile media platforms. From a modernized...... consumption in pre-mobile 2008 is compared with replicating mappings carried out in 2011 and 2012, in a collaborative project between academics and news publishers. The analytical interest here focuses on the fluctuations between traditional news media and the surging digital news outlets of the internet...

  19. What's unusual in online disease outbreak news?

    Collier Nigel


    Full Text Available Abstract Background Accurate and timely detection of public health events of international concern is necessary to help support risk assessment and response and save lives. Novel event-based methods that use the World Wide Web as a signal source offer potential to extend health surveillance into areas where traditional indicator networks are lacking. In this paper we address the issue of systematically evaluating online health news to support automatic alerting using daily disease-country counts text mined from real world data using BioCaster. For 18 data sets produced by BioCaster, we compare 5 aberration detection algorithms (EARS C2, C3, W2, F-statistic and EWMA for performance against expert moderated ProMED-mail postings. Results We report sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value (PPV, negative predictive value (NPV, mean alerts/100 days and F1, at 95% confidence interval (CI for 287 ProMED-mail postings on 18 outbreaks across 14 countries over a 366 day period. Results indicate that W2 had the best F1 with a slight benefit for day of week effect over C2. In drill down analysis we indicate issues arising from the granular choice of country-level modeling, sudden drops in reporting due to day of week effects and reporting bias. Automatic alerting has been implemented in BioCaster available from Conclusions Online health news alerts have the potential to enhance manual analytical methods by increasing throughput, timeliness and detection rates. Systematic evaluation of health news aberrations is necessary to push forward our understanding of the complex relationship between news report volumes and case numbers and to select the best performing features and algorithms.

  20. NetWorking News

    Fritsch, Jonas; Iversen, Ole Sejer; Dindler, Christian

    For many years cooperative design was primarily concerned with the development of IT supported systems for professional users. However, the cooperative design approach can embrace other social practices such as children’s everyday life. At a methodological level there is no difference in designing...... the Networking News workshop, offers an opportunity to make first hand studies of children’s IT supported social activities in an informal classroom setting....

  1. Contact: Releasing the news

    Pinotti, Roberto

    The problem of mass behavior after man's future contacts with other intelligences in the universe is not only a challenge for social scientists and political leaders all over the world, but also a cultural time bomb as well. In fact, since the impact of CETI (Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence) on human civilization, with its different cultures, might cause a serious socio-anthropological shock, a common and predetermined worldwide strategy is necessary in releasing the news after the contact, in order to keep possible manifestations of fear, panic and hysteria under control. An analysis of past studies in this field and of parallel historical situations as analogs suggests a definite "authority crisis" in the public as a direct consequence of an unexpected release of the news, involving a devastating "chain reaction" process (from both the psychological and sociological viewpoints) of anomie and maybe the collapse of today's society. The only way to prevent all this is to prepare the world's public opinion concerning contact before releasing the news, and to develop a long-term strategy through the combined efforts of scientists, political leaders, intelligence agencies and the mass media, in order to create the cultural conditions in which a confrontation with ETI won't affect mankind in a traumatic way. Definite roles and tasks in this multi-level model are suggested.

  2. News and Announcements


    1998 ACS Meeting in Boston he suffered a serious fall following a stroke, from which he never recovered. One of his last photographs, taken the previous day at a Journal luncheon, appears on page 1360 of the November 1998 issue. His commentary on his long career in chemistry and education appears on page 1520 of the December 1998 issue. Seaborg was a Nobel laureate, discoverer of elements, scientific advisor to presidents, former chancellor of the University of California, former chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, chairman of the steering committee of the CHEM Study project, founder of Lawrence Hall of Science, , the list goes on and on. He was at the same time a passionate supporter of education. Seaborg published fourteen articles in the Journal between 1951 and 1998. He was interviewed in 1975 by David Ridgway as part of the Impact series (JCE 1975, 52, 70), and that interview is highly recommended reading (see supplement to this article). He received the 1994 ACS George C. Pimentel Award in Chemical Education; his award address was published in the ACS Division of Chemical Education's CHED Newsletter, Fall 1995. Memorial articles with details of his life and his scientific contributions have appeared in The New York Times (Saturday, February 27, 1999, page 1) and Chemical & Engineering News (March 8, 1999, page 29). But there is also the spirit of the man, what he believed in, what he tried to do, what he hoped he had accomplished. A sense of that can be gained from the excerpts that are reprinted below, taken first from the Impact interview and then from the award address. Ridgway: On reflection, now, out of your many contributions to chemistry, is there one that you feel has had more of an impact than others? Seaborg: The discovery of plutonium would answer that question. The impact there is probably nearly as great as any single chemical discovery. Ridgway: What was the state of the "art" in your field when you first decided to bend your energies in this

  3. Features of English News Headlines



    Nowadays Chinese people are attaching great importance to English news that not only offers worldwide information but gives a hand to English learners with their improvement in English. As is called the eyes of English news, headlines are partic-ularly important. Generally speaking, English news headlines are precise, brief and as attractive as possible. They have their own grammar features and vocabulary features while different devices are employed to make them expressive and striking.

  4. A special broadcast of CERN's Video news


    A special edition of CERN's video news giving a complete update on the LHC project is to be broadcast in the Main Auditorium. After your lunch make a small detour to the Main Auditorium, where you see the big picture. On 14, 15 and 16 May, between 12:30 and 14:00, a special edition of CERN's video news bulletin will be broadcast in the Main Auditorium. You will have the chance get up-to-date on the LHC project and its experiments. With four years to go before the first collisions in the LHC, the LHC Project Leader Lyn Evans will present a status report on the construction of the accelerator. The spokesmen of the five LHC experiments (ALICE, ATLAS, CMS, LHCb and TOTEM) will explain how the work is going and what the state of play will be in four years' time. This special video news broadcast is the result of collaboration between the CERN Audiovisual Service, the Photo Service and the External communication section. The broadcast will begin with a brand-new programme title sequence. And just as in the real c...

  5. News Discourse: The Paratextual Structure of News Texts.

    Frandsen, Finn

    This paper examines the paratextual structure of news texts, i.e., the headline system (superheadline, main headline, and subheadline) and the lead. In the first part of the paper T. A. van Dijk's interdisciplinary theory (1988) of "news in the press" is reviewed with special reference to the status and function assigned to the paratext.…

  6. CERN Video News


    From Monday you can see on the web the new edition of CERN's Video News. Thanks to a collaboration between the audiovisual teams at CERN and Fermilab, you can see a report made by the American laboratory. The clip concerns the LHC magnets that are being constructed at Fermilab. Also in the programme: the spectacular rotation of one of the ATLAS coils, the arrival at CERN of the first American magnet made at Brookhaven, the story of the discovery 20 years ago of the W and Z bosons at CERN. or Bulletin web page.

  7. News from the future

    Reinecke Hansen, Kenneth


    This article presents a corpus linguistic analysis of the development in future-oriented political journalism in four Danish newspapers in the period 1997–2013 (N = 2954 full articles = 1,553,038 word tokens). Keyword analysis and concordance analysis are applied within a framework of grammatical......-semantic theory of tense and modal verbs and semantic-pragmatic theory of time meaning, modality and speech acts. The results suggest, unexpectedly, that the newspapers – and news reports in particular – seem to have become less future-oriented in the period. At the same time, however, the articles...

  8. CERN Video News on line


    The latest CERN video news is on line. In this issue : an interview with the Director General and reports on the new home for the DELPHI barrel and the CERN firemen's spectacular training programme. There's also a vintage video news clip from 1954. See: or Bulletin web page

  9. A Commentary on News Translation



    News language is formal,especially the high register vocabulary it employed to deliver the message unveiled by culturally and politically stamped style which challenges the translator a lot.Nida's formal and dynamic equivalence theory,Bielsa and Bassnett news translation theories and other methods and strategies are introduced to cope with these challenges and get the message across without distortion.

  10. A Content Analysis of News Media Coverage of the Accident at Three Mile Island.

    Stephens, Mitchell; Edison, Nadyne G.

    A study was conducted for the President's Commission on the Accident at Three Mile Island to analyze coverage of the accident by ten news organizations: two wire services, three commercial television networks, and five daily newspapers. Copies of all stories and transcripts of news programs during the first week of the accident were examined from…

  11. Climate News Across Media Platforms

    Eskjær, Mikkel Fugl


    In a changing media landscape marked by technological, institutional and cultural convergence, comparative and cross-media content analysis represents a valuable analytical tool in mapping the diverse channels of climate change communication. This paper presents a comparative study of climate...... change news on five different media platforms: newspapers, television, radio, web-news and mobile news. It investigates the themes and actors represented in public climate change communication as well as the diverse possibilities of participating in public debates and information sharing. By combining...... quantitative and qualitative content analysis the paper documents and explores the extent and character of climate change news across different media platforms. The study aims at contributing to the on-going assessment of how news media are addressing climate change at a time when old and new media...

  12. Social Networks as News Sources in Croatia’s Most Viewed Television Newscast

    Marija Volarević


    Full Text Available Assuming that journalists use social networks when searching for news, this paper represents one of the first studies to explore how often television journalists use social networks as news sources in the main television newscasts. Using content analysis, this paper examines news reports that mention social networks from 1 March to 31 May 2013, in the main Daily News on public service Croatian Television (HTV and commercial national television channel Nova TV. The purpose of this paper is to explore the extent to which social media is used as a source for news by television journalists. The study shows that television journalists have started using social networks as news sources when searching for information and that they tend to use the information from the most popular social networks, Facebook and Twitter. The analysis points to substantial differences between HTV and Nova TV in reporting on events with information from social networks.

  13. Producing 'protocol news' in Kosovo's public broadcaster: Journalism in a transitional risk society

    Kenneth Andresen


    Full Text Available An ethnographic news production study conducted in Kosovo's public service broadcaster 'Radio Television Kosovo' (RTK shows how journalists produce 'protocol news' under multiple pressures, rapid change and risks. Risk theory is helpful in analysing how journalists and news organizations find pragmatic solutions in news production. News journalism in a fast-changing, highly politicized society, offers multiple challenges. Journalists and editors face constant demands of 'professionalism', national loyalty, and political pressure. There is a mutual scepticism and dependency between the journalists and their sources. At the same time, the close-knit, post-war society, there exist personal ties between workers in the 'social establishment' and the news media due to common war experience in the past.

  14. Investigating people’s news diets: how online news users use offline news

    Trilling, D.; Schoenbach, K.


    The question how offline media use is related to online media use has been heavily debated in the last decades. If they are functionally equivalent, then advantages like low costs, rapid publication cycles, and easy access to online news could lead to them displacing offline news. Data from a large-

  15. NetWorking News

    Fritsch, Jonas; Iversen, Ole Sejer; Dindler, Christian

    For many years cooperative design was primarily concerned with the development of IT supported systems for professional users. However, the cooperative design approach can embrace other social practices such as children’s everyday life. At a methodological level there is no difference in designin...... the Networking News workshop, offers an opportunity to make first hand studies of children’s IT supported social activities in an informal classroom setting.......For many years cooperative design was primarily concerned with the development of IT supported systems for professional users. However, the cooperative design approach can embrace other social practices such as children’s everyday life. At a methodological level there is no difference in designing...

  16. News comments: exploring, modeling, and online prediction

    Tsagkias, M.; Weerkamp, W.; de Rijke, M.


    Online news agents provide commenting facilities for their readers to express their opinions or sentiments with regards to news stories. The number of user supplied comments on a news article may be indicative of its importance, interestingness, or impact. We explore the news comments space, and com

  17. LATIN--Latin American Regional News Agency.

    Nichols, John Spicer

    The establishment of a regional news agency for Latin America to improve the balance of news flow and increase the transmission of news more applicable to regional problems has often been proposed. Despite wide acceptance of the concept, the birth of the Third World's first regional news agency, Agencia Latinoamericana de Informacion (LATIN), has…

  18. Cultural Knowledge in News Comprehension

    Mathieu, David


    This paper presents the main lines of the design and the findings of a reception study on news comprehension. This empirical study is a comparison of the comprehension processes of Danes and French Canadians over a set of news texts from both countries. Comprehension is explored from a cultural...... perspective, through the lens of cognition and pragmatics, revealing the role played by cultural knowledge in comprehension and the underlying relationship between a text and its intended audience. It is argued that recipients ‘problematise’ the news texts, a process by which the texts answer questions...... that take their roots in the cultural knowledge of the recipients....

  19. 7 CFR 1737.31 - Area Coverage Survey (ACS).


    ... 7 Agriculture 11 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Area Coverage Survey (ACS). 1737.31 Section 1737.31... Studies-Area Coverage Survey and Loan Design § 1737.31 Area Coverage Survey (ACS). (a) The Area Coverage Survey (ACS) is a market forecast of service requirements of subscribers in a proposed service area....

  20. Perplexity Analysis of Obesity News Coverage

    McFarlane, Delano J.; Elhadad, Noémie; Kukafka, Rita


    An important task performed during the analysis of health news coverage is the identification of news articles that are related to a specific health topic (e.g. obesity). This is often done using a combination of keyword searching and manual encoding of news content. Statistical language models and their evaluation metric, perplexity, may help to automate this task. A perplexity study of obesity news was performed to evaluate perplexity as a measure of the similarity of news corpora to obesit...

  1. A Contextual-Bandit Approach to Personalized News Article Recommendation

    Li, Lihong; Langford, John; Schapire, Robert E


    Personalized web services strive to adapt their services (advertisements, news articles, etc) to individual users by making use of both content and user information. Despite a few recent advances, this problem remains challenging for at least two reasons. First, web service is featured with dynamically changing pools of content, rendering traditional collaborative filtering methods inapplicable. Second, the scale of most web services of practical interest calls for solutions that are both fast in learning and computation. In this work, we model personalized recommendation of news articles as a contextual bandit problem, a principled approach in which a learning algorithm sequentially selects articles to serve users based on contextual information about the users and articles, while simultaneously adapting its article-selection strategy based on user-click feedback to maximize total user clicks. The contributions of this work are three-fold. First, we propose a new, general contextual bandit algorithm that is ...

  2. New Bulletin: Latest News


    The paper version of the CERN Bulletin will be published twice a month with effect from 18 April 2005. The electronic version will be updated weekly. This year will see many changes in the Bulletin, designed to make it more economical, more compact and more attractive. From 18 April the paper version of the Bulletin will be published twice monthly, so we shall have to stop calling it the "Weekly". The purpose of this change in publication frequency is to redistribute the resources of the Publications Section of the Communications Group so that it can produce new brochures for the general public. However, so as not to compromise on topicality and communication of information, the Official News and General Information sections, the Pension Fund and training announcements and the seminar schedule will continue to be updated weekly. If you have signed up to be informed of the updates, you will continue to receive a weekly e-mail reminding you that the electronic version of the Bulletin has been updated. Offici...

  3. News from Council


    With this message I would like to share with you some highlights of this week’s Council meetings.   A major topic was the approval of CERN’s Medium Term Plan (MTP) 2017-2021, along with the budget for 2017. In approving the document, Council expressed its very strong support for the research programme the MTP outlines for the coming years.  Another important topic this week was the formal approval of the High Luminosity LHC project, HL-LHC. This comes as extremely good news not only for CERN, but also for particle physics globally. HL-LHC is the top priority of the European Strategy for Particle Physics in its 2013 update, and is part of the 2016 roadmap of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures, ESFRI. It was also identified as a priority in the US P5 strategy process, and in Japan’s strategic vision for the field. It secures CERN’s future until 2035, and ensures that we will achieve the maximum scientific return on the investment...

  4. The Translation of English News Headlines

    Ma Xiaona


    News headline translation is one of the most important types of news translation. As news headline is strongly purposeful, the translation of it must be achieved by some special methods. The history of news headline translation is almost as long as that of newspapers, but it has not been attached enough attention to. In the last twenty years, Chinese scholars of this field have paid much greater attention to news headline translation. Concerned studies of principles of news headline translation have also been made remarkable progress.

  5. Translation Strategies on English Sports News

    张金柱; 冷冰冰


    With the improvement of people's life, sports has become an indispensable part of our life, which promotes sports news. Besides, sports news is one of the most significant way to promote cultural communication and enhance mutual understanding. Thus, sports news has an increasing role in the communication between China and outside world due to its unique advantages. Therefore, sports news translation has great practical and theoretical significance in today's society. with the analysis on the function and characteristics of the sports news, This thesis studies the sports news translation and proposes some practical translation skills.

  6. News and Announcements


    1999 EAS Awards The Eastern Analytical Symposium (EAS) announces the winners of their 1999 awards, which will be presented during their annual meeting, to be held November 14-19, 1999, at the Garden State Convention Center in Somerset, NJ. ACS Analytical Chemistry Division, Findeis Young Investigator Award David Clemmer, Indiana University EAS Award for Achievements in Separation Science Milton L. Lee, Brigham Young University EAS Award for Achievements in Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Phil Williams, Grain Research Laboratory, Winnipeg, Canada EAS Award for Achievements in Magnetic Resonance Frank A. L. Anet, University of California, Los Angeles (Emeritus) EAS Award for Outstanding Achievements in the Fields of Analytical Chemistry Catherine Fenselau, University of Maryland at College Park Galactic Industries Award for Achievements in Chemometrics Harald Martens, Norwegian University of Science and Technology Proposal Deadlines National Science Foundation Division of Undergraduate Education (DUE) Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement (CCLI) June 7, 1999 NSF Collaboratives for Excellence in Teacher Preparation (CETP) Preliminary proposals, Track 1 May 1, 1999 Formal proposals, Track 1 September 1, 1999 DUE online 1999 guidelines, NSF 99-53 available at For further information about NSF DUE programs consult the DUE Web site, Program deadlines are at . To contact the DUE Information Center, phone: 703/306-1666; email: The Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation, Inc. Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Awards Program: November 16, 1998 Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Awards Program: July 1, 1999 New Faculty Awards Program: May 14, 1999 Faculty Start-up Grants for Undergraduate Institutions: May 14, 1999 Scholar/Fellow Program for Undergraduate Institutions: July 1, 1999 Special Grant Program in the Chemical Sciences

  7. Mobile news - a review and model of journalism in an age of mobile media

    Westlund, Oscar


    The technological convergence of mobile “phones” and multimedia has been taking place since the 1990s, but it was not until the commercial birth of touchscreen-enabled mobile devices, offered with flat-rate subscriptions for mobile internet, that widespread production and use of news......-related content and services began to flourish. Accessing mobile news has gained traction in the everyday life of the public. In parallel, legacy news media have in recent years developed news provision, by repurposing or customising journalistic content published for mobile sites and/or applications....... This article explores the production of mobile news, by discussing and synthesising the findings of the contemporary literature found in the nexus of journalism and mobile media. It posits a model of journalism focusing on the roles of humans and technology in activities characterised by customising...

  8. NEWS: TRUMP resources

    Swinbank, Elizabeth


    Support for astronomy in A-level physics aslogo Help is at hand for teachers and students choosing astronomy as part of A-level physics. The Teaching Resources Unit for Modern Physics (TRUMP) has produced a resource package covering all the astronomical options in the Edexcel, OCR and AQA (NEAB) syllabuses. The forerunner to TRUMP was the project that produced the highly successful Particle Physics Pack, sponsored by the Institute of Physics, which was instrumental in introducing particle physics into A-level syllabuses. The TRUMP Astrophysics Resource Package fills a gap between the colourful stimulus of popular materials on the one hand, and professional texts on the other. But this is not just another A-level textbook; the six-part resource pack has a similar structure and purpose to the Particle Physics Pack. It provides over 400 pages of comprehensive information for teachers, building on their existing subject knowledge and bringing them up to date as well as giving suggestions for teaching and notes on syllabus coverage. The package includes nearly 40 photocopiable sheets for students. The emphasis is on the physics that underpins the astronomy. There are details of student activities requiring no specialist equipment beyond that normally found in A-level labs, exercises using authentic data, and plenty of questions (all with worked solutions). The development of the TRUMP Astrophysics Package was funded by the Nuffield Foundation, the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council, the Institute of Physics and York University. The package is available by mail order, price £48 (inc. UK p&p) from the TRUMP Project, Science Education Group, University of York, Heslington, York YO10 5DD. Some parts may be purchased separately; for details contact the project's director, Elizabeth Swinbank (tel: 01904 434537, fax: 01904 434078, e-mail: or consult the web page The BaBar experiment balogo In the spring of 1999

  9. Application of Economy Principle in News English



    The economy principle of language obtained full manifestation in news English. This paper presents major ways in which people make news English economic, i.e. using short words, abbreviations, affixes, compounds and words with extended meanings and conversions.

  10. The shifting cross-media news landscape

    Schrøder, Kim Christian; Steeg Larsen, Bent


    market, as a consequence of accelerating divisions between 'overview' and 'depth' news media (across print, broadcasting and the internet). The project is carried out in a partnership of university-based researchers and analysts from one of the major newspaper publishers in Denmark, and presents......The article offers new insights for democracy and for news producers by mapping the use and users of today’s cross-media news landscape, as the everyday consumption of news across the range of available news media and formats is shifting as a result of transformations of technology, culture......” of news media, a user-anchored concept which incorporates the different functionalities of the situational cross-media use of news by citizen/consumers in everyday life. Empirically the article presents the findings of a large-scale survey that traces the imminent challenges facing players in the news...

  11. Navigating cross-media news use

    Swart, Joëlle; Peters, Chris; Broersma, Marcel


    distinct news media repertoires are identified: 1) regionally-oriented 2) background-oriented 3) digital 4) laid-back and 5) nationally-oriented news use. Our findings indicate that users do not always use what they prefer, nor do they prefer what they use. Moreover, the boundaries they draw between news...... and other information are clearly shifting. Finally, our results show that in a world with a wide range of possibilities to consume news for free, paying for news can be considered an act of civic engagement. We argue that perceived news use and users’ appreciation of news should be studied in relation...... to each other to gain a fuller understanding of what news consumption entails in this rapidly changing media landscape....

  12. News on pediatric urology

    Giuseppe Masnata


    Full Text Available Pediatric urology is a pediatric speciality dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of congenital and acquired genitourinary tract diseases. It is a speciality that is rapidly changing, thanks to the technological development that has been emerging in recent years. There have been important diagnostic and therapeutic news.Congenital anomalies of the kidneys and urinary tract (CAKUT include various entities of structural malformations that result from defects in their morphogenesis. Clinical research and genetic studies on the origins of CAKUT are quickly evolving, with significant growth of high-quality research.Management goals of CAKUT include prevention of febrile urinary tract infections (UTIs in newborns and toddles and renal injury, while minimizing the morbidity of treatment and follow-up. Treatment options include observation with or without continuous antibiotic prophylaxis (CAP and surgical correction. Now, randomized controlled studies show that children with normal urinary tracts or low-grade vesicoureteral reflux (VUR do not benefit from prophylaxis.All children with known mechanical or functional obstructions of the urinary tract are considered to have UTI. Functional obstruction often results from lower urinary tract dysfunction (LUTD of either neurogenic or non-neurogenic origin and dilating VUR.The role of bladder and bowel dysfunction (BBD in children with UTI and the long-term risk of renal scarring have shed new light on treatment strategies. Often it is BBD, rather than reflux, that causes UTI in children older than 2 years.Pediatric urology has evolved in recent years, with a greater focus on bladder and renal function, minimally invasive treatment, evidence-based interventions, and guideline adherence. Other topics in pediatric urology include urinary incontinence in children with special needs and the use of robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery (RALS in children, with advantages over conventional laparoscopic surgery

  13. Perspectives of English Language News



    English is used more than any other languages, so all of us should get a good command of it in order to be more competitive in this society. There're many ways to master this language, but through reading English language newspaper, with which we have so much contact everyday, is obviously more convenient and interesting. English language newspaper contain several parts, the features of each of them will be analyzed in this thesis together with a specific piece of news. Furthermore, some effective methods of reading and understanding English language news will be proposed.

  14. 32 CFR 705.15 - Employment of Navy personnel as correspondents or staff members of civilian news media.


    ... or staff members of civilian news media. 705.15 Section 705.15 National Defense Department of Defense... REGULATIONS § 705.15 Employment of Navy personnel as correspondents or staff members of civilian news media... periodical or service, radio or TV station or network, or may work part-time for such an organization....

  15. Fight or flight: Affective news framing effects

    Feinholdt, A.


    This dissertation investigates how emotions shape and are shaped by news framing and how this interplay leads to a number of affective news framing effects. My work reveals that emotions do not only function as mechanisms but also as channels strengthening or weakening framing effects. In addition, I show that issue characteristics and the selected news frame can determine whether and how emotions are elicited. Further, I provide evidence that affective news framing effects can arise as the r...



    INTRODUCTION As English teachers, we have devoted a lot of time to the teaching of listening comprehension using radio broadcasts. We began by using VOA news in special English with freshmen and a mixture of news in special English and standard news broadcasts with sophomores. Later BBC news was used. We accumulated a considerable amount of experience and did some research into the design of listening comprehension exercises. This article discusses how listening ability may be improved by using such broadcasts.

  17. On Linguistic Features of News English



    This essay mainly studies the linguistic features of News English on stylistics.The study is made mainly on three aspects of News English.They are lexical features.sentence features and grammar features of News English.Through the study we find that News English,as a distinctive and new language.has its own lin-guistic features in words, sentences and grammar.

  18. AC 410 AC410 AC410 Unit 7 Homework Assignment



    AC 410 AC410 AC410 Unit 7 Homework Assignment Click Link Below To Buy:    Questions Requiring Analysis 14-30   Early in your first audit of Star Corporation, you notice that sales and year-end inventory are almost unchanged from the prior year. However, cost of goods sold is less than in the preceding year, and accounts payable also are down substantially. Gross profit has increased, but this increase has not c...

  19. Linking online news and social media

    Tsagkias, M.; de Rijke, M.; Weerkamp, W.


    Much of what is discussed in social media is inspired by events in the news and, vice versa, social media provide us with a handle on the impact of news events. We address the following linking task: given a news article, find social media utterances that implicitly reference it. We follow a three-s

  20. Daily Market News Sentiment and Stock Prices

    D.E. Allen (David); M.J. McAleer (Michael); A.K. Singh (Abhay)


    textabstractIn recent years there has been a tremendous growth in the influx of news related to traded assets in international financial markets. This financial news is now available via print media but also through real-time online sources such as internet news and social media sources. The increas

  1. Visualizing news: obstacles, challenges, and solutions

    Smit, Gerard; Haan, Yael de; Buijs, Laura; Bakker, Piet


    Depicting news graphically is considered an apt way to deal with challenges of modern journalism: to disclose big data, and present news attractively, visually, and fast to grasp. This study delves into reported obstacles and challenges for the production of news visualizations. It focuses on the qu

  2. Decoding the codes: A content analysis of the news coverage of genetic cloning by three online news sites and three national daily newspapers, 1996 through 1998

    Hyde, Jon E.

    This study compared news coverage of genetic cloning research in three online news sites (,, and and three national daily newspapers (The New York Times, The Washington Post, and USA Today). The study involved the analysis of 230 online and print news articles concerning genetic cloning published from 1996 through 1998. Articles were examined with respect to formats, sources, focus, tone, and assessments about the impact of cloning research. Findings indicated that while print news formats remained relatively constant for the duration of this study, online news formats changed significantly with respect to the kinds of media used to represent the news, the layouts used to represent cloning news, and the emphasis placed on audio-visual content. Online stories were as much as 20 to 70% shorter than print stories. More than 50% of the articles appearing online were composed by outside sources (wire services, guest columnists, etc.). By comparison, nearly 90% of the articles published by print newspapers were written "in-house" by science reporters. Online news sites cited fewer sources and cited a smaller variety of sources than the newspapers examined here. In both news outlets, however, the sources most frequently cited were those with vested interests in furthering cloning research. Both online and print news coverage of cloning tends to focus principally on the technical procedures and on the future benefits of cloning. More than 60% of the articles focused on the techniques and technologies of cloning. Less than 25% of the articles focused on social, ethical, or legal issues associated with cloning. Similarly, articles from all six sources (75%) tended to be both positive and future-oriented. Less than 5% of the total articles examined here had a strongly negative or critical tone. Moreover, both online and print news sources increasingly conveyed a strong sense of acceptance about the possibility of human cloning. Data from this study



    Tourism Incomein the First Quarter;Foreign Mountaineers to Climb Qomolangma;Tibet Mountodneers to Assaultthe last 8000-M Peak;Telephone Service Available to All Border Counties;New Members of the Camping Ground;More Farmers Drink Sanitary Water;

  4. News for analytical chemists

    Andersen, Jens Enevold Thaulov; Karlberg, Bo


    The EuCheMS Division of Analytical Chemistry (DAC) maintains a website with informations on groups of analytical chemistry at European universities (www.dac-euchems. org). Everyone may contribute to the database and contributors are responsible for an annual update of the information. The service...

  5. News of the Year.

    Albanese, Andrew R.; Oder, Norman; Rogers, Michael; St. Lifer, Evan; Jay, M. Ellen; Milliot, Jim


    Includes three articles that discuss the top stories from "Library Journal", including the demand for librarians, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, library education, database publishers, electronic research services, the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA), Internet filtering, and electronic reference; the school…

  6. ACS from development to operations

    Caproni, Alessandro; Colomer, Pau; Jeram, Bogdan; Sommer, Heiko; Chiozzi, Gianluca; Mañas, Miguel M.


    The ALMA Common Software (ACS), provides the infrastructure of the distributed software system of ALMA and other projects. ACS, built on top of CORBA and Data Distribution Service (DDS) middleware, is based on a Component- Container paradigm and hides the complexity of the middleware allowing the developer to focus on domain specific issues. The transition of the ALMA observatory from construction to operations brings with it that ACS effort focuses primarily on scalability, stability and robustness rather than on new features. The transition came together with a shorter release cycle and a more extensive testing. For scalability, the most problematic area has been the CORBA notification service, used to implement the publisher subscriber pattern because of the asynchronous nature of the paradigm: a lot of effort has been spent to improve its stability and recovery from run time errors. The original bulk data mechanism, implemented using the CORBA Audio/Video Streaming Service, showed its limitations and has been replaced with a more performant and scalable DDS implementation. Operational needs showed soon the difference between releases cycles for Online software (i.e. used during observations) and Offline software, which requires much more frequent releases. This paper attempts to describe the impact the transition from construction to operations had on ACS, the solution adopted so far and a look into future evolution.

  7. News and Announcements


    resource professionals to participate in a diverse, comprehensive, carefully focused program with many opportunities for interactive and one-on-one communication. The conference has five tracks with each track having five focus areas: technical infrastructure; planning and strategy; service delivery; applications and best practices; and management and organization. Speakers at the general session include Colin Powell, retired chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Rita Colwell, director of the National Science Foundation; and Barry Munitz, president of the J. Paul Getty Trust. For more information visit the conference WWW site at Proposal Deadlines National Science Foundation Division of Undergraduate Education (DUE) Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement (CCLI) June 7, 1999 NSF Collaboratives for Excellence in Teacher Preparation (CETP) Preliminary proposals, Track 1 May 1, 1999 Formal proposals, Track 1 September 1, 1999 DUE online 1999 guidelines, NSF 99-53 available at For further information about NSF DUE programs consult the DUE Web site at or contact the DUE Information Center; phone: 703/306-1666; email: The Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation, Inc. Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Awards Program: November 16, 1998 Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Awards Program: July 1, 1999 New Faculty Awards Program: May 14, 1999 Faculty Start-up Grants for Undergraduate Institutions: May 14, 1999 Scholar/Fellow Program for Undergraduate Institutions: July 1, 1999 Special Grant Program in the Chemical Sciences: July 15, 1999 Postdoctoral Program in Environmental Chemistry: February 26, 1999 Further information may be obtained from The Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation, Inc., 555 Madison Avenue, Suite 1305, New York, NY 10022; phone: 212/753-1760; email:; www: Research Corporation Cottrell

  8. Broadcast News: An Interdisciplinary Project.

    Nielsen, Carol; Sassi, Brenda

    Fourth graders in the Meroby School, Mexico, Maine, produce a weekly news program that is transmitted to all classrooms via closed circuit television. The classroom teacher is in charge of day-to-day preparation, working on the writing and the necessary skills with students. Teachers and students use their creativity to come up with new…

  9. School Violence and the News

    ... Talk to Your Child About the News How Media Use Affects Your Child Helping Kids Deal With Bullies Gun Safety Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Healthy Habits for TV, Video Games, and the Internet Word! Violence Disasters Gun Safety Terrorism Someone at School Has ...

  10. News from CHIS


    New contract between CERN and UNIQA Following a competitive call for tender, the consortium UNIQA Switzerland and UNIQA Austria has been awarded the contract for providing third-party administrative services for CERN’s Health Insurance Scheme. The contract will enter into force on 1 January 2015 for an initial period of five years, renewable by CERN for a further period of five years. This means that the Third-Party Administrator of the CHIS remains the same as before. While the services remain essentially the same, certain improvements are foreseen under this new contract.  Some of these will impact the members directly and positively, while others will improve the supervision of the Scheme by CERN’s administration. More details will be provided in the next CHIS Bulletin. Approved Hospitals in Geneva: new in 2014 In 2014, CERN has concluded new agreements with the following care providers in Geneva: ·     &a...

  11. News from the Library

    CERN Library


    The LHC Library to be merged with the Central Library. Not everyone knows that CERN Scientific Information Service currently counts three physical libraries on site. The Central Library is located in Building 52 and there are two satellite libraries located respectively in building 30 (the LHC Library) and in building 864 on Prévessin site (the SPS Library). Moreover, the Legal Service Library is located in Building 60. In the past, there have been at CERN up to 6 satellite libraries; they were essential at a time when information was only in paper form and having multiple copies of documents located in several places at CERN was useful to facilitate scientific research. Today, this need is less critical as most of our resources are online. That is why, following a SIPB (Scientific Information Policy Board) decision, the collections of the LHC Library will be merged this summer with the Central collection. This reorganization and centralization of resources will improve loan services. The SP...

  12. Semantic Analysis of FBI News Reports

    Nizamani, Sarwat; Memon, Nasrullah


    In this paper we present our work on semantic analysis of FBI News reports. In the paper we have considered the News which are of the immense significance for the analyst who want to analyze the News of specific area. With this definite analysis we are able to extract critical events or concepts...... described in News along with entities involved in the event. These entities include important actors of the event or concept, with location and temporal information. This information will help News analyzers to retrieve the information of interest efficiently....

  13. Agency and civic involvement in news production via Facebook commentary

    Eberholst, Mads Kæmsgaard; Hartley, Jannie Møller

    Social media services such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, where users create and share content, has become a large part of most peoples everyday digital life and equally media companies has realised that these services plays a great role in peoples news con-sumption pattern. On these services...... users can contribute to the publication process, in theory broadening the diversity of public debate. This paper explores user involvement on the Facebook pages of Danish mainstream online newspapers in November 2012 and investigate the hypothesises that user interactivity gives audiences greater power...

  14. News and Announcements


    University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, is up and running at bcce. Organizers of symposia and workshops as well as proposers of papers are invited to submit their ideas over the Web or in writing to the Program Chair, Brian Coppola; phone: 734/764-7329; email:, or to the Workshop Coordinator, Evelyn Jackson; phone: 517/355-9715 ext 204; email: For general information please contact Seyhan Ege, phone: 734/764-7340, email: ChemCareers Debuts on ChemCenter The ACS ChemCenter website has recently launched a moderated career forum where chemists, chemical engineers, scientists in related fields, students, and other interested persons pose their questions related to career development in the chemical sciences. At the site you can hear what your peers think about preparing for, launching, maintaining, and advancing a career in chemistry. You can bring questions, share experiences, or offer advice. The forum is moderated by ACS career consultants who offer their expert opinions as a part of the discussion. The address is Click on the "discussions" hypertext link under "Discover Chemistry." Green Chemistry The closing date for grant funding from the EPA/NSF Technologies for a Sustainable Environment Solicitation is July 26, 1999. For specific grant information, visit the Web site For general grant information about green chemistry, go to,, and; phone: 202/260-2659. Grad Resources Hotline A national crisis hotline sponsored by Grad Resources was set up effective April 1999. Graduate students who face overwhelming stress or despair may call 1/877-GRAD-HLP, toll-free, 24 hours a day, every day, to speak anonymously with a counselor specially trained in graduate issues. Grad Resources is a non-profit organization serving graduate students. For further references and

  15. News from the Library

    CERN Library


    Discover more literature and be aware of the most popular articles! For years particle physicists have  enjoyed monitoring the most cited articles thanks to the Spires system. This is obviously an important feature that is also carried forward by Inspire, a system currently available in its beta version. For colleagues based at CERN working in closely related disciplines or in technological areas, no system has been available to monitor the most cited articles within the various specific topics. As a result of the rapid changes in the information landscape, the Library is currently streamlining the set of databases CERN subscribes to. In this context the Library is now making  different services available for site-wide evaluation. Thomson Web of Knowledge is a platform that integrates over 100 years of scientific literature and citations, covering more than 256 disciplines. This tool offers various interesting features, including the citation report, which can be a good sourc...

  16. Move! Eat better: news


    Are you curious to know whether you’re doing enough daily exercise…? Test yourself with a pedometer!   Through the Move! Eat better campaign, launched in May 2012, the CERN medical service is aiming to improve the health of members of the personnel by encouraging them to prioritise physical activity in conjunction with a balanced diet. Various successful activities have already taken place: relay race/Nordic walk, Bike2work, Zumba and fitness workshops, two conferences (“Physical activity for health” and “Good nutrition every day”), events in the restaurants, as well as posters and a website. Although everyone has got the message from our various communications that physical activity is good for your health, there is still a relevant question being asked: “What is the minimum amount of exercise recommended?” 10,000 steps per day is the ideal figure, which has been demonstrated as beneficial by scientific studies ...

  17. News and Announcements


    News from Journal House Conceptual Questions and Challenge Problems Many readers are trying to modify the way they teach and in so doing are trying to write new types of questions and problems. The Journal has a new online resource, the JCE Internet Conceptual Questions and Challenge Problems Web site, . The site is a source of questions and problems that can be used in teaching and assessing conceptual understanding and problem solving in chemistry. Here you can find a library of free-response and multiple-choice conceptual questions and challenge problems, tips for writing these questions and problems, and a discussion of types of concept questions. This site is intended to be a means of sharing conceptual questions and challenge problems among chemical educators. It will be as inclusive as possible, and to achieve this readers need to share their questions and alert the authors to references or Web sites. The screen captures shown below should provide a feeling for what you will find when you visit the site. The authors, William R. Robinson and Susan C. Nurrenbern, welcome additions to the library of conceptual questions or other comments or suggestions. Contact them by email, fax, or regular mail. William R. Robinson and Susan C. Nurrenbern, Department of Chemistry, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907-1393. Bill: phone: 765/494-5453; fax: 765/494-0239; email: Sue: phone: 765/494-0823; fax: 765/494-0239; email: fax: 765/494-0239. 1998 Ford Foundation Fellowships The National Research Council has announced the recipients of the 1998 fellowships for minority scholars. Three categories of fellowships were awarded: 50 to beginning graduate students, 33 to students writing their dissertations, and 28 to recent Ph.D. recipients. There were about 1,000 applicants. For information about the next competition contact the Fellowship Office of the National

  18. News clippings for introductory astronomy

    Bobrowsky, Matthew


    Most students entering our introductory astronomy course for nonscience majors arrive not merely lacking scientific facts-they also have misconceptions about the nature of science, and many have a handicapping ``science anxiety'' (in addition to math anxiety). So I have added a ``current science'' requirement to our introductory course. Each student must compile a file of five astronomy news articles taken from readily available sources.

  19. The Changing Landscape of Science News

    Riordon, James


    Social media are revolutionizing the ways that people communicate and the ways they get their news. Traditional news outlets are in decline, and no subject area is declining faster than science news. Every day there are fewer professional science journalists working in traditional media. On the other hand, ever greater numbers of scientists, science enthusiasts, and online journalists are turning to blogs, podcasts, eBooks, twitter feeds, and social media sites like Facebook and Tumbler to spread news about science. I will present an overview of the state of science journalism and speculate on the likely directions it seems to be heading. I will also offer some general guidelines to help scientists understand what makes a good science news story, as well as suggesting ways that they can get their work in the news.

  20. Peltier ac calorimeter

    Jung, D. H.; Moon, I. K.; Jeong, Y. H.


    A new ac calorimeter, utilizing the Peltier effect of a thermocouple junction as an ac power source, is described. This Peltier ac calorimeter allows to measure the absolute value of heat capacity of small solid samples with sub-milligrams of mass. The calorimeter can also be used as a dynamic one with a dynamic range of several decades at low frequencies.

  1. Networked Intermedia Agenda Setting: The Geography of a Hyperlinked Scandinavian News Ecology

    Sjøvaag, Helle; Stavelin, Eirik; Karlsson, Michael

    is based on a big data hyperlink network analysis comprising all Scandinavian news outlets with an updated web news service, including 209 Swedish sites, 263 Danish sites and 244 Norwegian sites. The data consists of external hyperlinks collected using a custom written scraper, between 1 January 2016 and 1......How does agenda setting work within the hyperlinked Scandinavian news ecology? This paper investigates intermedia agenda setting within and between the local, regional, national and supra-national levels in Sweden, Denmark and Norway; analyses the center/periphery dimensions of hyperlink...... between news agendas in the three countries, and c) the connectedness enabled by size, resources and central location in the Scandinavian hyperlinked information structure. The network analysis provides new insights into the relationship between centralized political structures, media ownership dispersal...

  2. News media consumption among immigrants in Europe

    Christiansen, Connie Carøe


    demonstrates that diaspora as an analytic term is indeed relevant for immigrants, leaving room for questions of multiple belonging with implications for everyday life. According to recent data, people with migrant experience tend to seek news very broadly. Extensive news media consumption, desire for more...... international news than is currently the national television channels, are also part of the picture. A diaspora perspective transforms the prospect presented by observers and journalists, worried about integration processes, and prompts considerations that immigrants are also emigrants....

  3. Educating children's nurses for communicating bad news.

    Crawford, Doreen; Corkin, Doris; Coad, Jane; Hollis, Rachel


    Some parents are unhappy with the way news is broken to them. This article seeks to educate and inform the reflective practitioner on a series of communication strategies to enhance their skills. This is important because the way news is disclosed can affect the way news is accepted and the level of support the family will require. The importance of clarity, honesty and empathy is emphasised.

  4. CMMI (registered trademark): The Good News and Bad News about Supporting Maturity Concepts


    The Good News and Bad News about Supporting Maturity Concepts Suzanne Garcia, SEI ®CMM, CMMI, IDEAL, and Capability Maturity Model are registered by...AND SUBTITLE CMMI: The Good News and Bad News about Supporting Maturity Concepts 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER 5b. GRANT NUMBER 5c. PROGRAM ELEMENT NUMBER...Dimensional Assessment of Technology Maturity in Fairborn, OH on 9-11 May 2006. U.S. Government or Federal Rights License 14. ABSTRACT 15. SUBJECT TERMS

  5. The News Media as a Political Institution

    Ørsten, Mark; Allern, Sigurd


    On the basis of Scandinavian journalism research this article discusses the changing political roles of news organizations and journalists after the fall of the party press and the dissolution of broadcasting as a state-controlled monopoly. Given these institutional changes, we ask the following......: what new roles, if any, are news organizations and journalists playing in the political system? What are the characteristics of these new roles, and how do news organizations use their newfound political power? We address these questions in the context of an institutional approach to the news coupled...... with Hallin and Mancini's analysis of media systems....

  6. A Critical Discourse Analysis of News Discourse



    This paper aims to explore the underlying ideologies as well as the relationship between news discoutse and ideology by analyzing a news report on Saddam Hussei's capture in New York Times from the perspective of critical discourse analysis.While making the analysis,this paper studies the details of linguistic features,trausitivity,modality and themstic choice which are based on the three metafuoctions of language proposed by Halliday in systemic-functional grammar, so as to reveal how news discourse is used by powerful groups to reinforce dominant ideologies.and to gain profound insights about the stance and attitude maintained in news reports.

  7. News of the Year Top Ten News of China’s Textile Industry in 2009


    "As a calendar event, ‘China Textile’ Publishing House together with China Textile News appraised and selected the ten major news of China’s textile industry in 2009 as the news of the year according to the subscriptionon on a public poll basis ."

  8. News of the Year Top Ten News of China's Textile Industry in 2009


    @@ "As a calendar event,'China Textile' Publishing House together with China Textile News appraised and selected the ten major news of China's textile industry in 2009 as the news of the year according to the subscriptionon on a public poll basis ."

  9. News from the world; Echos du monde



    This article gathers pieces of news concerning nuclear industry worldwide from which the following ones. Areva invests in its plant of Creuzot in order to be able to produce in France all the parts of the EPR's (European Pressurized Reactor) reactor vessel. Edf and the China Guangdong Nuclear Power Holding Company (CGNPC) have signed an agreement concerning the construction and the operation of 2 EPRs at Taishan. The United-Kingdom government has launched the procedure for determining the sites that will home new nuclear power plants. The nuclear plant of Belene (Bulgaria) will have 2 VVER reactors and will begin producing electricity in 2013. Brazil plans to commission 60 reactor units in 50 years and South-Korea 10 units by 2030. In 2007 Canada was the first uranium extractor in the world with 9462 tonnes while Australia ranked second (8577 tonnes) and Kazakhstan ranked third (6654 tonnes). The construction of the second (in the world) AP1000 reactor has begun in China. The Kaliningrad nuclear power plant is planned to home 2 new reactor units (2*VVER-1200). The American NRC has received 2 demands, one for the construction of an EPR (at Callaway plant) and the other for the construction of 2 AP1000 in Florida. The work concerning the reinforcing of the sarcophagus around the unit 4 of the Chernobyl plant are completed, a system for the draining of rain water has been installed. The installation deep in the mediterranean sea of the Antares neutrino telescope, equipped with about 900 optical modules, was completed in June 2008. (A.C.)

  10. NEWS: Post-16 update

    Campbell, Peter


    sometimes hard-to-come-by information, insightful and occasionally witty comment and illustration. The fifth booklet, published in April this year, rounds off the series so far. For those who have not yet seen them, here are the questions that the booklets have explored: Making Physics Connect (editor: Peter Campbell). How can physics courses connect better with the learner and with other human activities and areas of knowledge? Physics in Mathematical Mood (editor: Simon Carson). How can we teach physics in an appropriately mathematical way, conveying the beauty and power of mathematical reasoning to students? Physics in Vocational Courses (editor: Ken Gadd). In the new National Qualifications Framework, what role should physics play in the `general vocational' and `vocational' pathways? The Study of Matter (editor: Claire Davis). What aspects of a wide and interdisciplinary subject should be included in courses at advanced level, and how can these best be taught? Revitalising Physics Education (editor: Andrew Morris). What can we learn from histories of physics and of education, or from curriculum development projects of the last thirty years? What can be said about teaching and learning physics beyond qualifications, or learned from international developments in physics education? These booklets should find their way into every physics department in the UK. They will be of immediate practical use in schools or colleges, informing teaching while also providing stimulus material for discussion among physics teachers. (The latter would rightly be called in-service training.) Student teachers will find them a good guide covering new terrain. Lecturers at higher education level will gain valuable insight into changes affecting their undergraduate intake. And the physics advisory committee of every Awarding Body will surely want to discuss issues raised in the booklets. The main message overall is that, to meet tomorrow's challenges, the many parties involved in physics

  11. Teaching Students to Report and Write the News

    Weaver, Gail Cohen


    Draws on resources in the ERIC system to discuss the following aspects of student journalism: recognizing and gathering the news; interviewing news sources; writing clear, concise, and accurate news stories; and understanding journalism law and ethics. (KS)

  12. NEWS: AAPT Summer Meeting

    Mellema, Steve


    The 2000 Summer Meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) was held from 28~July-2~August at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. Despite somewhat rainy weather throughout the week, the annual gathering was an enjoyable one, filled with interesting talks on the state of physics education in North America. Using a new scheduling format for the summer meeting, all of the paid workshops and tutorials were held on Saturday and Sunday 29-30 July. The invited and contributed papers for the main AAPT meeting were then presented on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. As had been done in 1999 in San Antonio, a two-day tandem meeting dedicated to Physics Education Research (PER) was held on Wednesday and Thursday 2-3 August, immediately after the main AAPT meeting. Over the three days of the main meeting, 60 sessions were held under the sponsorship of various AAPT committees. These included sessions (numbers in parentheses) organized by the committees on Apparatus (1), Astronomy Education (3), Awards (2), Computers (5), Graduate Education (2), High Schools (1), History and Philosophy (1), Instructional Media (3), International Education (1), Laboratories (2), Pre-High School Education (2), Programs (4), Professional Concerns (6), Research in Physics Education (8), Science Education for the Public (2), Two-Year Colleges (5), Undergraduate Education (7) and Women in Physics (4). Figure 1. Guelph Church of Our Lady. The main meeting opened on Sunday evening with an invited lecture by Dr John J Simpson from the host institution, the University of Guelph, describing the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory. At the ceremonial session that began the activities on Monday morning, recognition was given to Clifford Swartz for his almost 30 years of service as Editor of the AAPT journal, The Physics Teacher. This was followed by an invited talk by Jim Nelson from Seminole County Public School in Florida, who received the Excellence in Pre-College Teaching Award. The

  13. ACAC Converters for UPS

    Rusalin Lucian R. Păun


    Full Text Available This paper propose a new control technique forsingle – phase ACAC converters used for a on-line UPSwith a good dynamic response, a reduced-partscomponents, a good output characteristic, a good powerfactorcorrection(PFC. This converter no needs anisolation transformer. A power factor correction rectifierand an inverter with the proposed control scheme has beendesigned and simulated using Caspoc2007, validating theconcept.

  14. The Nation in the News

    Fabech, Sidsel Grøn

    and newsmagazines have long been said to hold the power to define and represent national culture and identity. With the increasing globalization of cultures and the following need to redefine and negotiate national identity, the function of media as carrier and creator of identity seems to be reinforced. It is my...... aim to discuss how news media establish themselves as representatives of a certain national identity and narrative and are positioned in the national media landscape according to this. This paper raises the questions: Do national identity constructions need their “own” national media in order...

  15. Understanding News Geography and Major Determinants of Global News Coverage of Disasters

    Kwak, Haewoon


    In this work, we reveal the structure of global news coverage of disasters and its determinants by using a large-scale news coverage dataset collected by the GDELT (Global Data on Events, Location, and Tone) project that monitors news media in over 100 languages from the whole world. Significant variables in our hierarchical (mixed-effect) regression model, such as the number of population, the political stability, the damage, and more, are well aligned with a series of previous research. Yet, strong regionalism we found in news geography highlights the necessity of the comprehensive dataset for the study of global news coverage.

  16. Data Exchanges in Mobile News Apps

    Kammer, Aske; Wallberg, Filip

    This paper maps the flows of data to and from third-party actors when users access content in mobile news apps. This way, it analyzes the strategic networks of collaboration and data exchange that news organizations engage in in the digital economy, expanding the traditional two-sided model...

  17. Fight or flight: Affective news framing effects

    Feinholdt, A.


    This dissertation investigates how emotions shape and are shaped by news framing and how this interplay leads to a number of affective news framing effects. My work reveals that emotions do not only function as mechanisms but also as channels strengthening or weakening framing effects. In addition,

  18. Transmission of News in the Turkish Village.

    Haroldsen, Edwin O.; Blake, Reed H.

    In the traditional Turkish village, the coffee house acts as a modern-day parish pump in news transmission. Within the coffee house, there is evidence of a two-step flow of communication. The role of the influential person in this study is the same as that in other studies: as a mediator and interpreter of news. In social characteristics, however,…

  19. The Production and Teaching of Broadcast News.

    Wiley, Gale F.


    Presents description of local-area network of personal computers installed in the Broadcast News Laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin to help produce and teach broadcast news. Highlights include development and design of the system, software and hardware considerations, and the use of tutorials for writing and technical concepts. (LRW)

  20. Creating Reality: How TV News Distorts Events.

    Altheide, David L.

    A three-year research project, including more than one year in a network affiliate station, provided the material for an analysis of current practices in television news programming. Based on the thesis that the organization of news encourages the oversimplification of events, this analysis traces the foundation of the bias called the "news…

  1. Developing a News Media Literacy Scale

    Ashley, Seth; Maksl, Adam; Craft, Stephanie


    Using a framework previously applied to other areas of media literacy, this study developed and assessed a measurement scale focused specifically on critical news media literacy. Our scale appears to successfully measure news media literacy as we have conceptualized it based on previous research, demonstrated through assessments of content,…

  2. The Places and Spaces of News Audiences

    Historically, or so we would like to believe, the story of everyday life for many people included regular, definitive moments of news consumption. Journalism, in fact, was distributed around these routines: papers were delivered before breakfast, the evening news on TV buttressed the transition...

  3. Program Management Collection. "LINCS" Resource Collection News

    Literacy Information and Communication System, 2011


    This edition of "'LINCS' Resource Collection News" features the Program Management Collection, which covers the topics of Assessment, Learning Disabilities, and Program Improvement. Each month Collections News features one of the three "LINCS" (Literacy Information and Communication System) Resource Collections--Basic Skills, Program Management,…

  4. When Literature Language Meets News Language



    Literature language and News language are two different language type,while,for attracting readers,writers more likely apply Literature language in News reports.This paper presents some comments on this phenomenon and make analysis,using examples to understand and comment on it.

  5. When Literature Language Meets News Language



    Literature language and News language are two different language type, while, for attracting readers, writers more likely apply Literature language in News reports. This paper presents some comments on this phenomenon and make analysis, using examples to understand and comment on it.

  6. Detecting Terrorism Incidence Type from News Summary

    Nizamani, Sarwat; Memon, Nasrullah


    The paper presents the experiments to detect terrorism incidence type from news summary data. We have applied classification techniques on news summary data to analyze the incidence and detect the type of incidence. A number of experiments are conducted using various classification algorithms and...

  7. News Analytics for Financial Decision Support

    V. Milea (Viorel)


    textabstractThis PhD thesis contributes to the newly emerged, growing body of scientific work on the use of News Analytics in Finance. Regarded as the next significant development in Automated Trading, News Analytics extends trading algorithms to incorporate information extracted from textual messag

  8. Workforce Competitiveness Collection. "LINCS" Resource Collection News

    Literacy Information and Communication System, 2011


    This edition of "'LINCS' Resource Collection News" features the Workforce Competitiveness Collection, covering the topics of workforce education, English language acquisition, and technology. Each month Collections News features one of the three "LINCS" (Literacy Information and Communication System) Resource Collections--Basic…

  9. News from Council - September 2016


    I would like to inform you of the main news from the Council this week. First of all, the Council congratulated CERN and the Collaborations on the superb performance of the accelerator complex and experiments. It has been a great year so far, with important physics results across the whole spectrum of the CERN research programme.   Looking forward, one of the main accomplishments from this week’s meetings is that the Council has approved the opening of a credit facility with the European Investment Bank (EIB) to cover the cash shortage during the peak years of the High-Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC) construction. This is very good news since it will allow us to carry out the work necessary for the HL-LHC without compromising the rest of the Laboratory’s scientific programme. Turning to the scientific and geographical enlargement, the Council approved the admission of India as an Associate Member State, and I very much hope that the agreement can be signed in the near future so that Indi...

  10. The NEWS Water Cycle Climatology

    Rodell, Matthew; Beaudoing, Hiroko Kato; L'Ecuyer, Tristan; William, Olson


    NASA's Energy and Water Cycle Study (NEWS) program fosters collaborative research towards improved quantification and prediction of water and energy cycle consequences of climate change. In order to measure change, it is first necessary to describe current conditions. The goal of the first phase of the NEWS Water and Energy Cycle Climatology project was to develop "state of the global water cycle" and "state of the global energy cycle" assessments based on data from modern ground and space based observing systems and data integrating models. The project was a multi-institutional collaboration with more than 20 active contributors. This presentation will describe the results of the water cycle component of the first phase of the project, which include seasonal (monthly) climatologies of water fluxes over land, ocean, and atmosphere at continental and ocean basin scales. The requirement of closure of the water budget (i.e., mass conservation) at various scales was exploited to constrain the flux estimates via an optimization approach that will also be described. Further, error assessments were included with the input datasets, and we examine these in relation to inferred uncertainty in the optimized flux estimates in order to gauge our current ability to close the water budget within an expected uncertainty range.

  11. Stylistic Analysis on Online News Story Comments

    LI Pei


    This study examines stylistic features of the news story comments from major online news outlets and their possible ef-fects on the evolution of the English language. With a corpus composed of 34 examples drawn from renowned news sites such as The Washington Post, The Economist, Wall Street Journal, CNN and NBC, a detailed analysis on the stylistic features and effects of the news story comments has been conducted for the purpose of discovering possible links between a poster ’s linguistic behav-ior and his thought process. The result shows that interrogative, noun phrase and verb phrase are commonly used in news story comments by virtue of their slightly ostentatious nature. Rhetorical devices such as metaphor, simile and parataxis are frequently employed among comments. And the relationship between a poster’s educational background and his postings is also touched up-on at the end of this study.

  12. Exploring Digital News Publishing Business Models

    Lindskow, Kasper

    collaboration and competition strategies. In addition, a novel method is developed that can be used to collect and analyze very large amounts of data on the resource exchanges that take place between news publishers and their business partners. The method allows for systematic mapping of the flows of resources...... leading American news publishers use to design their production networks. In the analysis, the activities carried out by and resource flows between a total of 1,356 business partners and news publishers in the American digital news publishing ecology are identified and visualized. In addition......News publishers in the industrialized world are experiencing a fundamental challenge to their business models because of the changing modes of consumption, competition, and production of their offerings that are associated with the emergence of the networked information society. The erosion...

  13. NEWS


    <正>China’s Aluminium Processing Industry Profits Increased According to a report by China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association in the first quarter of this year, China’s aluminium processing industry realized some 40 per cent more profits compared that in the previous year, though the aluminium price increase has promoted the cost of production. This information is rather surprising to the industry analysts.

  14. News


    Chinese creativity blooms in Paris Following the event of"China in Paris·Unbounded Chinese Contemporary Creativity Night"show,which was listed in the official release schedule of Paris Fashion Week and held successfully in March

  15. NEWS


    <正> Cable Industry Expected toConsume 1.7 Million Tons ofCopperAccording to industry experts,total turn over ofChina’s wire and cable industry will exceedRMB 160 billion by 2005,and the totalconsumption of copper is estimated to reach 1.7million tons.In 2002,the total output value ofChina’s cable industry was RMB 123.6 billionwhile the total sales revenue of the industrywas RMB 114.3 billion.2002 also saw aconsumption of 1.4 million tons of copper byChina’s cable industry,accounting for about 60percent of the total consumption of copper inthe domestic market.

  16. NEWS


    "The twelfth ve-year plan" industrial transformation and upgrading plan released Textile industry was included in the key industries of reformRecently, the State Council officially released "industrial transformation and upgrading plan (2011-2015).

  17. News


    August PMI shows the shrinking of the export orders including textile industry The Purchasing Management Index of China (PMI) posted in September 1 shows that,the export orders index for August was 48.3%,dropped 2.1% from the previous month,which is the first time the figure fell (lower than 50%) since May 2009,

  18. News


    Textile & Clothes Orders Reach $4.56 Billon in Three Days Raw Material Prices Soaring Impact Canton Fair Leading by the cotton price, al-most all the textile and clothes raw material prices kept rising, which

  19. NEWS


    <正>Policy, standard, regulation China mulling fuel tax to replace road tolls China’s top economic planning body is working with other organizations to handle the feasibility of setting a new fuel pricing mechanism and introducing fuel taxes to replace road tolls and cut oil prices.

  20. NEWS


    <正>仪式·合作Ceremony&Cooperation海航集团捐赠中国公安民警英烈基金会和海地地震灾区HNA Donates to the Foundation for China Heroic Policeman Martyrs and Haiti Earthquake Disaster2010年1月18日10:00,海航集团向中国公安民警英烈基金会和海地地震灾区捐赠仪式在海航大厦四楼会议室举行。仪式开始前,全体人员起立默哀,向逝去的8名烈士和在地震中

  1. News


    Resources: Online schools video library GIREP Seminar: A seminar not a conference New Teaching Resource: Free living for teachers Space: NASA proposes MEER - Momentum Exchange Electrodynamic-Reboost Electronic Teaching Materials: Superconductivity motivates need for upper secondary curriculum subjects Gifted and Talented: Seminars seek challenges Space: Comet chasing Particle Physics: Playing with single electrons Physics on Stage: Teachers explore the meaning of life Physics on Stage: Greek national event Physics on Stage: Physics on the Slovak stage Physics on Stage: Clubbing in Germany Physics on Stage: The Sun's star performance Higher Education: Physics: so refreshing USA: Broadening the Base AAPT Summer Meeting: US teachers in good form Astronomy: High school astronomy in the Czech Republic Space: Express to Mars Particle Physics: Journey to the centre of the Earth? ASE 2004: Flight from the ASE Physics Songs: A powerful melody Teacher Training: European training looks for ideal model

  2. NEWS


    <正>Chalco Enters Agreement with Vietnam on Bauxite Project During a State visit to Vietnam headed by China’s President Hu Jintao, Xiao Yaqing, Chairman and CEO of China Aluminium Corp. (Chalco) signed an agreement with his Vietnamese counterpart on the development of a bauxite project in Vietnam. Top officials of the two countries attended the signing ceremony in Hanoi. This project is known to be the largest one between the two countries up to present and it is taken by leaders of both countries as an important progress in promoting the bilateral relations in economy and trade.

  3. NEWS


    摄影工作坊指导HIV感染者拍摄生活 南非摄影师Gideon Mendel从1993年开始追踪拍摄非洲的艾滋病患者,直到他觉得自己无法在这个题材上进行下去,难以举起相机。但是他对艾滋病的关注没有停止。

  4. NEWS


    <正>New Zinc Smelter Started Running Out of Improved Market On July 1st, Huludao Nonferrous Metals Group Corp. launched its zinc production at a new smelter, and meanwhile another line with 50,000 tons annual capacity also restarted after five years of idling. The group’s zinc smelting capacity was originally designed for 130,000

  5. NEWS


    Policy,standard,regulation China to enact a rule on inside car pollutants The first of its kind in China may come by the year end, an official at Beijing Municipal Labor Protection Research Institute said recently.

  6. News

    Davenhall, Clive


    Townsend Observatory destroyed; BAA Lunar Section archives; Astro-Cymru; Royal star identified; Formation of Johannes Kepler Working Group; Tycho Brahe exhumed; Ancient observatory discovered in Iran...; ... and in Mexico; Calling all ex-occupants of interplanetary craft.

  7. News


    The list of eliminating backward production capability published Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) declared enterprises’ list from 18 industries that to eliminate backward production

  8. News


    MOC Plans New Rule for Retail Business The access fee into supermarkets and department stores pushes flat prices and damage the interest of suppliers. Yao Jian, the spokenman of Ministry of Commerce said in a recent press conference that the MOC was drafting some rules to regulate this market

  9. News


    "12 five-year plan" Industrial Technology Innovation Plan released"12 five-year plan" Industrial Technology Innovation Plan was released by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on November 14,clearing the objec-tives and priorities of industrial

  10. News


    The nation started temporary store up policy of cotton Notice of the Preplan of on the Startup of the Temporary Store Policy of Cotton2011was jointly announced on September 7,by Economic and Commercial Department of National Development and

  11. NEWS


    Policy, standard, regulation Shanghai to enact local standards on small cars The technical condition document (DB31/T390-2007) takes effect on Dec 1, 2007. The standard is in fact a threshold for small cars sold in Shanghai.

  12. NEWS


    <正> BriefingThe Administration recently issued a notice to initiate a new round campaign against illegal retrofit of automobiles. The move is aiming at matching the efforts of the 7 government departments concerned to fight against truck over-load campaign. The notice is attached by a name list of the approved auto makers and those not on the list should be closed this time, the notice read. The Administration is determined to basically put illegal retrofit to an end within three years.

  13. News


    "Made in China" Ad Campaign Calls for Global CooperationA 30-second TV commercial re-mains a hot topic in China nearly two weeks after four Chinese indus-try associations launched a "Made in China" ad campaign on the CNN

  14. NEWS


    Textile industrial output value of the first 11 months increased27.5% The total production:from January to November,China’s35,900 large-scale(the main business income more than 20million Yuan)textile enterprises realized an industrial out-put value of4952.64billion Yuan,up27.5%,

  15. News


    Solar Eclipse: Total eclipse aficionados seek out the best observation spots Schools Lecture: Demonstration lectures: what can go wrong will go wrong… Germany: Bridging the education gap Bangladesh: Workshop on science education assists battle against poverty Australia: Teachers gather to share experiences Meeting: Give the examination boards a grilling US Workshops: Workshops demonstrate some excellent teaching apparatus World Year of Physics: WYP events and activities are a great success in New Zealand

  16. NEWS


    Policy, standard, regulation The NDRC sets 15 preconditions for new energy vehicles Administrative rules for the production entry have appeared on the website of the NDRC. Fail of any one of the 15 preconditions may lead to the elimination of the total project.

  17. NEWS


    Policy, standard, regulation The NDRC discontinues second-group failed passenger vehicle models The National Development and Reform Committee has recently announced the latest fuel consumption level data of passenger cars on its website.

  18. News


    PMI index down,the downward trend of economic growth continued China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing released November China’s Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index(PMI) on December1,which indicated that the

  19. News


    China to Raise Export Tax Rebates for Textile,Garment Products China is raising tax rebates for certain exports to help producers cope with smaller profit margins as a result of slacking market demand,the yuan’s appreciation and rising production costs.

  20. NEWS


    POLICY China set to restructure auto industry by mergers hina said it wanted to boost its auto industry by reducing the number of companies in the sector through mergers and promoting two or three carmakers to become the dominant players. The government's plans for auto industry reform were

  1. NEWS


    The 3rd Textile Entrepreneurs Survey:Economic Situation Turns to Better,Confidence Returns To follow the situation of textile enterprises, and learn the confidence of entrepreneurs on their business, China Textile Entrepreneur Association

  2. NEWS


    Policy, standard, regulationl Administration program for environmental protection during the 11th five-year collecting comments The State Environmental Protection Administration has recently issued the draft document for comments. The program is expected to form a framework and establish the policies for the period 2006-2010.

  3. NEWS


    <正>Policy,standard,regulation New energy car purchasers to be granted 20 billionyuan subsidiesBoth the producers and users will enjoy the subsidiesthrough direct allowance and taxation cut,a seniorofficial at the Ministry of Finance told a forum recently

  4. News


    <正>Policy,standard,regulation China says to raise tax on big cars China’s cabinet agreed in principle to raise the consumption tax on cars with large engines to help save energy,the government said recently.

  5. News


    Radioactivity: Olympic Games: dirty and decaying? Awards: SciCast rewards the best in scientific short films Conference: Teachers conference is big in Boston Workshop: Experts and teachers mingle in Mexico Awards: Olympiad holds lavish ceremony Cinema: Indiana Jones has a skull full of physics Conference: ESERA announces Turkish delight for 2009 Forthcoming Events

  6. News


    T300 Carbon Fiber Technique Made Breakthrough Zhongfu Shenying Carbon Fiber&Key Equipment Program Completed CNTAC organized a technology achievement appraisal meeting in Lianyungang for the program of R&D of Annu

  7. NEWS


    Policy, standard, regulationl China to formulate national standard for fuel cell powered vehiclesThe campaign has started in Shanghai where first two documents-vehicle term and safety requirement are expected to come in 2008.

  8. NEWS


    <正>Policy, standard, regulation Chongqing enacts China’s first local rule to govern the natural gas vehicle industry The administrative method is due to take effect on July 1, 2008. The legal process took the local authorities 3 years.

  9. News


    IRELAND New courses for high-tech Ireland; SCIENCE YEAR Science Year launched with a jump; THE NETHERLANDS School science teachers face uncertainty; KOREA Embedding physics in a cultural context; TEACHING RESOURCES Teacher, get your hook; ICT RESOURCES Stock-take of ICT progress; INTERNET Teachers to test-drive new physics gateway; NEW ZEALAND Physics is valued in New Zealand; JAPAN Advancing Physics in Japan; HIGHER EDUCATION Networking works in Cologne; INSTITUTE MATTERS IoP demands a better deal for physics teachers; AUSTRALIA Physics numbers decline: educators blame the low impact curriculum; SCIENCE FOR THE PUBLIC More than sixty seconds in Glasgow; INTERNET A gift selection of papers from IoP; TEACHING STYLES I know what you did last summer;

  10. NEWS


    Underwear Special Fund Established in China China’s f irst underwear technology fund, ZhengMintai China Knitting (Underwear) Fund is established re- cently. It is also the fi rst specail fund in the textile industry of China. This fund is supported by China

  11. NEWS


    <正>Zinc Smelter Ordered to Stop On River Contamination Hazard Zinc production at China’s Shaoguan Smelter is called for a halt recently due to an accident which has led to the serious pollution to a river in Guangdong province, South China. Based on a report by the environmental authorities, a recent checkup found that the water running in the smelter area has increased cadmium contamination. Initial studies showed that the cadmium content came from the waste water discharged by the smelter during a period of equipment maintenance. This water contamination case is considered by the environmental control authorities as a serious pollution case in the area for breaking the related environmental protection laws and regulations.

  12. NEWS


    Jack 8th China National Garment Brand Annual Awards announced March 25,Jack The 8th China National Garment Brand Annual Awards Presentation Ceremony held at the Beijing Century Theatre. 9 awards of Chinese clothing were unveiled,namely they are: brand style,innovation potential,quality,planning,marketing,public,value,achievements as well as other special awards such as: promote,support,clothing,manufacturing,commercial.

  13. News


    China Textile&Apparel Export Rebounds With the recovery of global economy,and the low base number of last year’s export,as well as the export product price rising droven by raw material price increase,the export of textile and apparel products turned to rebound in first half.

  14. News


    Textile Export Grew Fast, But Future Still Unclear According to the latest Customs data, the export of textile & garment kept stable growth from Jan. to May. The accumulated export in first five months

  15. NEWS


    <正>China’s Export of Fabricated Aluminium Kept Growing According to China customs statistics, China’s export of fabricated aluminium in 2004 grew by 57.3 per cent or 157,000 tons year on year to reach 431,000 tons. Among the total export, aluminium plates and belts were 82,000 tons, up by 56.7 per cent year on year. Export of aluminium foil grew by 63.1 per cent to 75,000 tons and export of aluminium profile and rods grew by 57 per cent to 244,300 tons.

  16. News


    Meeting: Brecon hosts 'alternative-style' Education Group Conference Meeting: Schools' Physics Group meeting delivers valuable teaching update Saturn Mission: PPARC’s Saturn school resource goes online Funding: Grant scheme supports Einstein Year activities Meeting: Liverpool Teachers’ Conference revives enthusiasm for physics Loan Scheme: Moon samples loaned to schools Awards: Schoolnet rewards good use of ICT in learning Funding: PPARC provides cash for science projects Workshop: Experts in physics education research share knowledge at international event Bulgaria: Transit of Venus comes to town Conference: CERN weekend provides lessons in particle physics Summer School: Teachers receive the summer-school treatment

  17. News


    Wales: Dataloggers network teachers 11-16 Science: Educational magazines with the fun bits left in! Institute of Physics: Public Awareness of Physics Awards Events: TeachSpace 2001 Australia: Chemistry and Physics in Tasmanian Agriculture Resources: From out of this world, into your lab Nobel Prize: Nobel Prize in Physics, 2001 China: Physics education for the 21st century: avoiding a crisis Resources: The Royal Astronomical Society Forthcoming Events

  18. News


    4762 Products Enjoy Zero-tariff Treatment in Chinese MarketIn Summit on the Millennium Development Goals of UN, Chinese Government promised the zero-tariff treatment for the underdeveloped countries. From July 1st of 2010, about 4762 products from Bengal and other 31 underdeveloped countries could enjoy the zero-tariff treatment in Chinese market.

  19. News


    Physics on Stage: Physics on Stage focuses on life Women in Physics: DNA posters highlight the role of women Physics on Stage: Not just fair but better than ever Physics on Stage: Food inspires teaching of physics Physics on Stage: Powerful performances dispel the myth of boring physics Physics Songs: Physics inspires some of our readers to sing Physics on Stage: Awards recognize achievements of science teachers in Europe Curriculum: Japan tests Advancing Physics UK Assessment System: Assessment overhaul is overdue Future Physicists: Ambassadors are bringing physics alive Physics at work: Physics at work still going strong Teaching Teachers: US coalition helps new teachers Forthcoming Events

  20. News


    High-tech Prop up National Flag in Tian’anmen Square During the 60th National Day Ceremony,thousands of national flags are going to fly over the streets.They are all manufactured by an exclusive producer,Beijing Red Flag Co.,Ltd.

  1. NEWS


    Cotton prices where to go after purchase and reserve end April,this year’s cotton purchasing and reserve work came to an end,the policy factors that support cotton prices weakened. For some time,how the cotton price will change has become the focus of widespread concern of the industry.

  2. News

    Celine; Yi


    China consumption in July hit 12-year high According to the statistics from National Bureau of Statistics of China, the retail sales of social consumer goods reached RMB 862.9 billion yuan in July,increased by 23.3% year on year and this is the highest record since February of 1996.Statistics

  3. NEWS


    <正>China and Cuba will Jointly Build up a Nickel Plant China’s Minmetals Corp. will jointly build up a nickel plant in Cuba with its Cuban partner. The new production facilities there is expected to largely increase Cuba’s present nickel production of 75,000 tons/year. According to the agreement, China will hold 49 per cent of the share with Cuba holding 51 per cent. In addi-

  4. NEWS


    Voices from Textile Industry Deputies in NPC,CPPCC Annual Sessions 2010:The Dream of Textile Giant Needs Policy Support National People’s Congress and National Committee of CPPCC Annual Sessions 2010 opened on March 3rd and March 5th respectively at the Great Hall of the

  5. News


    Cross-Straits trade deal benefits textile cooperation Chinese mainland and Taiwan negotiators signed the long-awaited Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) in Chongq-ing on June 29th, a move hailed by

  6. NEWS


    Six Textile Achievements Granted National Technology Award The National Technology Awards were released on Jan.11st in Beijing.Six textile achievements were acquired those awards."High Efficient Short-flow Embedded Composite Spinning Technology and Industrialization"by Shandong

  7. NEWS


    <正>A 1.2 Million Ton Alumina Project Started in Henan With RMB3 billion investment, a 1.2 million tons/year alumina project started construction recently in Dengfeng City, Henan province. The first phase of the project is expected to turn out 300,000 tons alumina/year, and with RMB1 billion investment for the first phase, production will begin in July next year. This project is invested jointly by Henan’s Wuzhou Aluminium Co. Ltd. and Dengdian Electricity Group Co.. The raw materials will all come from the low grade ores left by Chalco, and in Dengfeng there are some 70 million tons of such resources. Dengdian Group has 700,000 KW of electricity capacity and it will meet the project’s requirements for water, electricity, heat and other supplies.

  8. NEWS


    <正>China’s Aluminium Producers are Making Losses Due to Over Capacity According to a report from the State Development and Reform Commission. China’s aluminium production capacity is already as high as 10.3 million tons/year and the capacities staying idle is 2.6 million tons with over half of the aluminium producers making losses. Statistics shows that due to over capacity and the high alumina price, the price for electrolytic aluminium went down constantly and the aluminium producers are

  9. NEWS


    <正>Jiangxi Copper Co. Receives Additional Silver Export Quota Information from China’s Jiangxi Foreign Economy and Trade Bureau shows that Jiangxi Copper Co. recently received another 50 tons of silver export quota from the Ministry of Commerce. According to Jiangxi Copper Co., it intends to sell 370 tons of silver in 2005.

  10. NEWS


    <正>Jiangxi Copper Stays as China’s Top Gold and Silver Smelter Jiangxi Copper Group Co., China’s largest copper smelter, produced 12 tons of gold and 300 tons of silver in 2004, increasing by 20 per cent and 36 per cent respectively on the 2003 basis. In the recent two years, Jiangxi Copper improved the gold and silver production facilities with the gold recovery rates lifted from 76.54 per cent to 99.57 per cent, and the silver recovery rates was raised from 72.5 per cent to 98.96 per cent. The company remains as the largest gold and silver smelter in China.

  11. NEWS


    <正>A China Invested Zinc Mine in Mongolia will Start Operation A zinc mine invested by China Nonferrous Metals Construction Group Corp. Ltd. in Mongolia is expected to go into operation in August this year. Based on a report, this zinc mine is the first overseas project developed by the company and also the largest one invested by a Chinese company in Mongolia. The project is built through compensation trade with the mine products for paying back the cost of construction. China has acquired 51 per cent of the shares for this project.

  12. NEWS


    <正>Titanium Dioxide Plants Joined Hands for Overseas Supply Stimulated by the booming demand both in China and abroad in recent years, Guangxi titanium oxide producers have their annual production capacity exceeded 150,000 tons and their actual output is already over 120,000 tons/year. Although the province has become China’s top producer region in titanium dioxide production capacity and actual output, the development of the mines in the province has lacked behind. Presently, the province can only supply about 100,000 tons ferro-titanium concentrates, but the demand at full production capacities by the titanium dioxide producers there

  13. News


    2010~2011 most competitive textile enterprises unveiled China National Textile Industry Council announced recently the evaluation result of 2010~2011 most competitive textile enterprises. At the meanwhile

  14. NEWS


    <正>Metal Scrap Imports Reached 6.5 Million tons in 2005 Information from a forum held recently in Guangzhou showed that in 2005, China’s imports of scrap metals reached 6.5 million tons, accounting for about one third of the world scrap metals trade and China has become the largest importer country of scrap

  15. NEWS


    <正>China Faces the Shortage of Tungsten Resources Due to many years of mining and the lack of prospecting work, China is facing the shortage of tungsten resources. Tungsten ore supply is already getting tight presently. China is rich in tungsten resources with its known tungsten deposit accounting for over 60 per cent of the world, but over 80 per cent of the tungsten con-

  16. NEWS


    Consumer survey: local brands are favored 75.7 percent purchasers would choose locally owned brands, if they are able to buy one in the near future, according to a latest survey done by the Horizon Key, a professional survey company. The result echoes the

  17. NEWS


    <正>Policy, standard, regulation Shanghai to curb government car use to save energy Thousands of government vehicles in Shanghai will be taken off the roads for at least one day each week from the first day of November, the local government recently announced.

  18. News


    China Apparel Retail Sales Value+24.6%Y/Y in H1 The year-on-year growth of sales value remained stable According to the State Statistics Bureau,in the first half of 2011,the retail sales value of textile products including clothing,shoes,hats for

  19. News


    Textile & Garment Trading Volume Up 5.9% in Canton Fair Upon the closing of The 106th Canton Fair,the organizer reported 5.9% growth of the textile & garment trading volume.It is always regardes as a signal that the worst time for textile & garment industry has passed.Nevertheless, the break point might come at the mid of 2010 since the whole situation is still under recovery.

  20. News


    Textile Industry Sees Signs of an Easing Decline Under the interaction of global economic recession and easingdomestic macro environment,Chinese textile industry is also facingthe unstable drive of two markets,overseas and domestic.

  1. News


    Textile Exporters Report Profit Shrinking in First Four Monthse Ministry of Industry & Infor-mation Technology recently released China Industry Economic Operation Report 2011 Spring Edition, whichestimated the steady growth of con-sumer product industry in the future.From Jan. to Apr, the industrialadded value of statistics-worthy con-sumer product industry rose 14.2%;that’s 1.4 percentage points lowerfrom a year ago. Of which, the pace

  2. News


    Pofitable running of textile industry in the Jan.-Apr. period According to the latest figure released by the Statistics Center of China National Textile Industry Council,from January to April this year,the gross industrial output value

  3. News


    "蓝色"年代最新"Blue"车款潮流若以"Blue"为词根,衍生出频率最高的词组、语句会是什么?blue sky,blue sea,blueJazz,还是 blueberry?"Blue"通常寓意"蓝色"、"忧郁"、"蓝调",然而在汽车制造业,近年来却赋予了"Blue"一个新的意义:"环保"!各大厂商在争相推出"Blue"技术,如Bluetec、BlueMotion 之后,便开始了新的"环保战役"。

  4. News


    China Sees First Quarterly Trade Deficit in 6 Years, Textile & Clothes Trade Remains Surplus China saw a trade deficit of 1.02 billion U.S. dollars from January to March this year, the fir st quarterly trade

  5. NEWS


    East China Fair Revealed Encouraging Trading Volume The just closed 20th East China Fair revealed that the trading volume reached 2.733billion USD in the fi ve days session,up21.95% from same period last year.Both the trading volume and visitor numbers implied that the foreign trade was recovering.

  6. NEWS


    <正>Policy,standard,regulation Eco-friendly cars to get policy support in China Favorable policies that support the development of new energy vehicles are expected to come out this year,an insider from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers was quoted as saying.

  7. News


    Major Export Markets Going Up in Frist Four Months According to Customs Data,the export of textile and clothing accumulated to 70.255 billion USD in first four months,rising 27.05% from the same period last year.

  8. Online Current-Events Retrieval Services: Developments and Trends.

    Smith, Stephen C.


    Summary of developments that have occurred in the past year in online news-retrieval services highlights the demise of the New York Times Information Service, Information Access Corporation's database additions and enhancements, full-text services, specialized databases with current events content, and microcomputer access to news. Twelve…

  9. Control of Power Converters in AC Microgrids

    Rocabert, Joan; Luna, Alvaro; Blaabjerg, Frede;


    The enabling of ac microgrids in distribution networks allows delivering distributed power and providing grid support services during regular operation of the grid, as well as powering isolated islands in case of faults and contingencies, thus increasing the performance and reliability of the ele......The enabling of ac microgrids in distribution networks allows delivering distributed power and providing grid support services during regular operation of the grid, as well as powering isolated islands in case of faults and contingencies, thus increasing the performance and reliability...

  10. Organization of the News Industry

    Vang, Jan


    In this paper the two canonical theories of the firm - transaction costs economics and theknowledge-based view of the firm - predictions on `make-or-buy' are tested on the newsindustry. The news industry provides an interesting case on which to test the two theories sinceit is characterized...... by a high degree of urgency. Urgency refers to the need to catch and processinputs fast. A tendency that is becoming more widespread in other industries where theproduction cycle tends to be reduced. The test is don on original data on the newspaper industrycollected by the author. The conclusions drawn...... are that that newspapers are organized differentlythan is predicted from the knowledge-based view of the firm and transaction cost economics.The newspapers do no specialize in core competencies measured in terms of topics covered. Onthe contrary, a precondition for outsourcing is well-developed competencies in house...

  11. Breaking bad news in cancer patients

    Apostolos Konstantis


    Full Text Available Objective: In a regional hospital, many patients are newly diagnosed with cancer. Breaking the bad news in these patients and their relatives is a tough task. Many doctors are not experienced in talking to patients about death or death-related diseases. In recent years, there have been great efforts to change the current situation. The aim of this study was to investigate the experience and education of medical personnel in breaking bad news in a secondary hospital. Materials and Methods: 59 doctors from General Hospital of Komotini, Greece were included in the study. All the doctors were in clinical specialties that treated cancer patients. A brief questionnaire was developed based on current guidelines such as Baile/SPIKES framework and the ABCDE mnemonic. Results: Residents are involved in delivering bad news less frequently than specialists. Only 21 doctors (35.59% had specific training on breaking bad news. 20 doctors (33.90% were aware of the available techniques and protocols on breaking bad news. 47 doctors (79.66% had a consistent plan for breaking bad news. 57 (96.61% delivered bad news in a quiet place, 53 (89.83% ensured no interruptions and enough time, 53 (89.83% used simple words and 54 (91.53% checked for understanding and did not rush through the news. 46 doctors (77.97% allowed relatives to determine patient′s knowledge about the disease. Conclusions: There were low rates of specific training in breaking bad news. However, the selected location, the physician′s speech and their plan were according to current guidelines.

  12. Breaking Bad News in Cancer Patients

    Konstantis, Apostolos; Exiara, Triada


    Objective: In a regional hospital, many patients are newly diagnosed with cancer. Breaking the bad news in these patients and their relatives is a tough task. Many doctors are not experienced in talking to patients about death or death-related diseases. In recent years, there have been great efforts to change the current situation. The aim of this study was to investigate the experience and education of medical personnel in breaking bad news in a secondary hospital. Materials and Methods: 59 doctors from General Hospital of Komotini, Greece were included in the study. All the doctors were in clinical specialties that treated cancer patients. A brief questionnaire was developed based on current guidelines such as Baile/SPIKES framework and the ABCDE mnemonic. Results: Residents are involved in delivering bad news less frequently than specialists. Only 21 doctors (35.59%) had specific training on breaking bad news. 20 doctors (33.90%) were aware of the available techniques and protocols on breaking bad news. 47 doctors (79.66%) had a consistent plan for breaking bad news. 57 (96.61%) delivered bad news in a quiet place, 53 (89.83%) ensured no interruptions and enough time, 53 (89.83%) used simple words and 54 (91.53%) checked for understanding and did not rush through the news. 46 doctors (77.97%) allowed relatives to determine patient's knowledge about the disease. Conclusions: There were low rates of specific training in breaking bad news. However, the selected location, the physician's speech and their plan were according to current guidelines. PMID:25709183

  13. The Role of Audiovisual Mass Media News in Language Learning

    Bahrani, Taher; Sim, Tam Shu


    The present paper focuses on the role of audio/visual mass media news in language learning. In this regard, the two important issues regarding the selection and preparation of TV news for language learning are the content of the news and the linguistic difficulty. Content is described as whether the news is specialized or universal. Universal…

  14. The Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Digital News Audiences

    Peters, Chris


    of changing the socially-situated affordances of news use. Having sketched these contours, the chapter then highlights analytical challenges for understanding and conceptualizing the new interrelations between digital news content, production, and consumption, grounding this analysis with theoretical insights...... that emphasize the significance of spatiotemporal dynamics. The emphasis here is on the interrelations and mobilities of digital news audiences, based on a recognition of the productive impacts of media use while being careful to note the limitations of a paradigm shift that points solely to the possibilities...

  15. The news machine hacking, the untold story

    Hanning, James


    There is one mystery figure at the heart of ?Hackergate' ? Glenn Mulcaire, the News of the World's top private investigator. The former AFC Wimbledon footballer has never spoken publicly or in court about his work investigating and backing up front-page news stories (such as the News of the World's award-winning David Beckham scoop). Mulcaire's arrest in 2006 for intercepting royal-household phone messages barely registered at the time. Yet his work has continued to generate headlines and embarrassment for the establishment ? with a Prime Minister on the back foot after his former aide Andy

  16. The influence of news-events on health after disaster: a longitudinal study in general practice.

    Veen, P.M.H. ten; Morren, M.; Yzermans, C.J.


    This study investigates the influence of local and international news events on utilization of health services resources and health complaints as presented by victims of a fireworks depot disaster. It was hypothesized that victims (N = 2,854) will show more utilization and health complaints to their

  17. La crisis nuclear de Corea del Norte: Sky News o Fox News

    Pablo Rodríguez; Dimitrina Jivkova Semova


    En este artículo analizamos, desde la teoría del framing, la información ofre - cida por los dos canales de noticias 24 horas del grupo News Corporation, Sky News y Fox News, con relación a la crisis nuclear de Corea del Norte en el periodo 9 -23 de abril de 2013. Nos centramos en aspectos como la “foxificación”, la presencia de expertos militares en los bloques de noti - cias y los encuadres informativos. En el caso de Sky News, la información se ofrece desde el prisma de los sucesos a nivel...

  18. The Research on English News Translation



    With the development of the whole world, news has become an essential part in our daily life. Therefore, it is very necessary to do some research on news. In view of the distinctive features of news itself and cultural differences between the West and the East, the thesis tries to discuss that to convey an accurate translation Nida ’s functional equivalence theory can be applied to compare the accuracy between the source language and the target language. A brief introduction of this theory is given at the beginning. The author puts more efforts to investigate how the theory is feasible to guide the news translation at lexical level in the next section.

  19. News Media Framing of Negative Campaigning

    Pedersen, Rasmus Tue


    that news coverage of negative campaigning does apply the strategic game frame to a significantly larger degree than articles covering positive campaigning. This finding has significant implications for campaigning politicians and for scholars studying campaign and media effects.......News media coverage of election campaigns is often characterized by use of the strategic game frame and a focus on politicians’ use of negative campaigning. However, the exact relationship between these two characteristics of news coverage is largely unexplored. This article theorizes that consumer...... demand and norms of journalistic independence might induce the news media outlets to cover negative campaigning with a strategic game frame. A comprehensive content analysis based on several newspaper types, several election campaigns, and several different measurements of media framing confirms...

  20. Spaces and Places of News Consumption

    Peters, Chris


    of contemporary media flows intersect with the everywhere ‘lived’ geographies of individuals, and how this changes as we move from an era of mass media consumption to digitalized media practices. It then outlines some key conceptual aspects to consider, from the spatial politics of news consumption, to questions......If we want to understand much of what makes news use meaningful for people, it is important to accentuate not only what they consume, how and when, but also where. Simply put, the places and spaces of news consumption matter, and matter significantly, for how people choose, interpret, and attend...... to the news. This chapter outlines the importance of space and place when it comes to audiences/users of journalism and the gradual recognition of this in digital journalism studies, with an eye to highlighting pertinent research trajectories. It first explores how the everyday digital geographies...

  1. The Electronic Archiving of Arab News Agencies

    Haifa Ayub Gigawy


    Full Text Available This Research aims to present the electronic archives of Arab news agency websites and their methods of searching for and retrieving information. Also, its aim is to examine all their methods in order to find out which are the best and most practically useful ones. The research refers to the news agencies and the Internet, through the methods that users encounter in these inquires and links which present information. It concentrates on practical ways of searching for news items in both texts and pictures. The research contains tables showing the results. It presents a brief summery for each of Arab news agencies.The research comes to the conclusion that there are many things which need to be considered, and also some suggestions as to how the search for and retrieval of information might be improved

  2. Anatomy of news consumption on Facebook

    Schmidt, Ana Lucía; Del Vicario, Michela; Quattrociocchi, Walter


    The advent of social media and microblogging platforms has radically changed the way we consume information and form opinions. In this paper, we explore the anatomy of the information space on Facebook by characterizing on a global scale the news consumption patterns of 376 million users over a time span of 6 y (January 2010 to December 2015). We find that users tend to focus on a limited set of pages, producing a sharp community structure among news outlets. We also find that the preferences of users and news providers differ. By tracking how Facebook pages “like” each other and examining their geolocation, we find that news providers are more geographically confined than users. We devise a simple model of selective exposure that reproduces the observed connectivity patterns. PMID:28265082

  3. On Neologism in Broadcast News Reporting



    Based on the neologism in the broadcast news reporting, this paper will introduce different kinds of the most frequently used words today, including the extended meanings of the conventional words and new words created by word formation.

  4. CERN Video News, 2nd edition


    This week you will be able to watch on the web the second edition of CERN's video news (see Bulletin n°45/2002, p.3). On this news reel: the ATRAP experiment's latest achievements, superconducting cable production for CMS, the CAST experiment and the European digital conferencing project InDiCo. Go to :, or Bulletin web page.

  5. Focal Points on Constructing News Stories

    Elena Yuryevna Ilyinova


    Full Text Available The issues stated in the article line with the current interest to pragmatic value of news releases in modern media. The news is thought to be a verbalized focal reflection of some event that was chosen by media professionals for setting the current information agenda. Having generated the opinions on the newsworthiness the authors present a set of values that may be used for measurement of relevance and clarity of an event reflection in the news content with frequency, clarity, predictability, unexpectedness, amplitude, cultural proximity, elite nations, elite people, personification, negativity among them. The novelty of the research is that the newsworthiness is checked with the focus to lexical (thematic representation of the news in a diachronic approach: the empirical base of the research was taken from the archives of UK national and local media sources (18–20th cent. and implied comparison of lexical means that reflected an event itself and some values of human interest potential in the news stories written in defined periods. The article states the trend for dynamics in the way the event is reflected in the news stories – the information core of the story is merged with detailed reporting parts, and their content is conditioned by social and moral values.


    Kalyani Joshi


    Full Text Available Efficient Market Hypothesis is the popular theory about stock prediction. With its failure much research has been carried in the area of prediction of stocks. This project is about taking non quantifiable data such as financial news articles about a company and predicting its future stock trend with news sentiment classification. Assuming that news articles have impact on stock market, this is an attempt to study relationship between news and stock trend. To show this, we created three different classification models which depict polarity of news articles being positive or negative. Observations show that RF and SVM perform well in all types of testing. Naïve Bayes gives good result but not compared to the other two. Experiments are conducted to evaluate various aspects of the proposed model and encouraging results are obtained in all of the experiments. The accuracy of the prediction model is more than 80% and in comparison with news random labelling with 50% of accuracy; the model has increased the accuracy by 30%.

  7. News from Online: Industrial Chemicals and Polymers

    Sweeney Judd, Carolyn


    of the American Chemical Society Divisions of Polymer Chemistry and Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering and General Electric Corporation. The POLYED site, http:/ /, is hosted by the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point. This National Center for Polymer Education is another good place to go for information. More education is available at the Ziegler Research Group Home Page at . Go to Metallocene as Olefin Polymerization Catalysis: An Introduction ( ) for historical accounts of metallocene and Ziegler-Natta catalysts. Movies are available here too. This Canadian site is well-documented and educational. Back at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, The Why Files site at helps bring important chemical and technology news to the public. Go to the archived files of October 1997 ( ) to find information about the importance of low-temperature metallocene catalysts. The Why Files received funding from the National Science Foundation. Go here for science information in an easy-to-read format. One of the driving forces toward better catalysis is the attempt to reach 100% product, combining efficiency with lowered pollution. Companies can look to the Environmental Protection Agency for information: Environsense at is pledged to offer "Common Sense Solutions to Environmental Problems". So where can we get these polymers? The American Chemical Society can help. Go to Chemcylopedia at for great information. Both purchasers and users of chemicals can benefit from this site. Searches can be made on the chemical or on the supplier. Information provided includes CAS Registry Numbers and special shipping requirements as well as potential applications. Do you remember that we started with paper? Let

  8. The Interaction of Production and Consumption in the News Media Social Space

    Graham, Gary; Kerrigan, Finola; Mehmood, Rashid; Rahman, Mustafizur

    Newspapers are operating in increasingly competitive and fragmented markets for audiences and advertising revenues, government media policy and changing audience requirements for news and the ways in which it is presented and delivered. A growing army of bloggers and amateur citizen journalists now delivers - but rarely edits - content for all media platforms, while new media technologies, combined with the changing structure of global news industries, are radically changing the ways in which newspapers and media business functions and struggles for profitability. Our research sought to answer the question of how the internet is impacting on producer/consumer value activities in the news media supply chain. To answer this question initial descriptive statistical analysis was performed on 51 newspapers. This was followed by a focus group undertaken with London-based news media organizations and bloggers. The findings showed that in spite of initial fear and rejection, the internet is now firmly embedded in news media supply chain operations. Firms are now using the internet as an operant resource and working proactively with consumers to develop various forms of relationship value. We highlight the role of consumers in the creation of news (editorial) content and consumer-driven moves toward a merged media platform of distribution (including television, online, mobile and printed forms). Regional news media organizations will probably continue to survive if they are able to supply a highly specialized and 'hyper local' community service. This will be in the form of 'hybrid' content: analysis, interpretation and investigative reporting in a print product that appears less than daily combined with constant updating and reader interaction on the web.

  9. Top medical news stories 2015

    Robbins RA


    Full Text Available No abstract available. Article truncated after 150 words. Here is our list of the top seven medical news stories for 2015 with special emphasis on the Southwest. 7. Wearable health devices: A wave of wearable computing devices such as Fitbit and UP wristbands have people keeping track of how much they sit, stand, walk, climb stairs and calories they consume (1. These fitness-tracking devices herald a series of devices that will detect and monitor serious diseases. However, these so-called medical-grade wearables require approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, a regulatory hurdle avoided by the fitness-tracking devices which will likely slow their introduction. 6. Caitlyn Jenner: Caitlyn Jenner became the most famous transgender woman in the world following an interview published in Vanity Fair (2. The Vanity Fair website saw 11.6 million visits curious about the former Olympic athlete. Though Jenner publicly shared her gender identity, many transgender Americans do not-12% of gender non-conforming adults said they ...

  10. A Goal Programming Model for Selection and Scheduling of Advertisements on Online News Media

    Manik, Prerna; Gupta, Anshu; Jha, P. C.


    Digital revolution has resulted in a paradigm shift in the field of marketing with online advertising becoming increasingly popular as it offers the reach, range, scale and interactivity to organizations to influence their target customers. Moreover, web advertisement is the primary revenue stream...... for several websites that provide free services to internet users. The website management team needs to do a lot of planning and optimally schedule various advertisements (ads) to maximize revenue, taking care of advertisers' needs under system constraints. In this paper, we have considered the case of news...... websites that provide news to its viewers for free with ads as the primary source of their revenue. The considered news website consists of many webpages with different banners for advertisement. Each banner consists of different number of partitions and cost per partition varies for different rectangular...

  11. AcEST: DK950971 [AcEST

    Full Text Available GN=... 37 0.66 tr|B1ACS4|B1ACS4_BALBO DMP1 (Fragment) OS=Balaenoptera borealis ... 37 0.66 tr|B1ACS3|B1ACS3...todon GN=DM... 37 1.1 tr|B1ACT4|B1ACT4_LISBO DMP1 (Fragment) OS=Lissodelphis borealis ... 37 1.1 tr|B1ACS2|B...SSSEEEIQSKNTEMESRRLTVDAY 160 >tr|B1ACS4|B1ACS4_BALBO DMP1 (Fragment) OS=Balaenoptera borealis GN=DMP1 PE=4 S

  12. News Magazine and Network Television News Coverage of the Munich Olympic Crisis, 1972


    Picard, "News Coverage as the Contagion of Terrorism: Dangerous Charged Backed by Dubious Science," Political Communication and Persuasion 3 (1986): 386...September 18, 1972): 34. Picard, Robert G. "News Coverage as the Contagion of Terrorism: Dangerous Charges Backed by Dubious Science." Political Communication and

  13. The Virtuous All-News Radio Journalist: Perceptions of News Directors.

    Wulfemeyer, K. Tim; McFadden, Lori L.

    To date, most of the scholarly research and critical articles about ethics in journalism have dealt with newspapers and television rather than with radio. To help fill this gap, a study surveyed a segment of the radio news community to determine some of the attitudes, values, and beliefs of news directors concerning ethics in their workplace.…

  14. Isolation of sequences flanking Ac insertion sites by Ac casting.

    Wang, Dafang; Peterson, Thomas


    Localizing Ac insertions is a fundamental task in studying Ac-induced mutation and chromosomal rearrangements involving Ac elements. Researchers may sometimes be faced with the situation in which the sequence flanking one side of an Ac/Ds element is known, but the other flank is unknown. Or, a researcher may have a small sequence surrounding the Ac/Ds insertion site and needs to obtain additional flanking genomic sequences. One way to rapidly clone unknown Ac/Ds flanking sequences is via a PCR-based method termed Ac casting. This approach utilizes the somatic transposition activity of Ac during plant development, and provides an efficient means for short-range genome walking. Here we describe the principle of Ac casting, and show how it can be applied to isolate Ac macrotransposon insertion sites.

  15. Measuring the Interestingness of News Articles

    Pon, R K; Cardenas, A F; Buttler, D J


    An explosive growth of online news has taken place. Users are inundated with thousands of news articles, only some of which are interesting. A system to filter out uninteresting articles would aid users that need to read and analyze many articles daily, such as financial analysts and government officials. The most obvious approach for reducing the amount of information overload is to learn keywords of interest for a user (Carreira et al., 2004). Although filtering articles based on keywords removes many irrelevant articles, there are still many uninteresting articles that are highly relevant to keyword searches. A relevant article may not be interesting for various reasons, such as the article's age or if it discusses an event that the user has already read about in other articles. Although it has been shown that collaborative filtering can aid in personalized recommendation systems (Wang et al., 2006), a large number of users is needed. In a limited user environment, such as a small group of analysts monitoring news events, collaborative filtering would be ineffective. The definition of what makes an article interesting--or its 'interestingness'--varies from user to user and is continually evolving, calling for adaptable user personalization. Furthermore, due to the nature of news, most articles are uninteresting since many are similar or report events outside the scope of an individual's concerns. There has been much work in news recommendation systems, but none have yet addressed the question of what makes an article interesting.

  16. Preference Based Personalized News Recommender System

    Mansi Sood


    Full Text Available News reading has changed from the traditional model of hardcopy newspapers to online news access. Thousands of news sources are available on internet each having millions of articles to choose from, leaving users tangled to find out a relevant article that matches their interests and liking. Recommender Systems can be used as a solution to this information overload problem by identifying the interest areas of a user by creating user profiles, maintaining those profiles to keep accommodating changing user interests and presenting a set of recent news articles formed as recommendations based on those user profiles. This paper presents an algorithm, which requests one time input from users (during the signup about their preference of news categories (like Sports, Entertainment etc., which they would like to subscribe and creates a personalized profile for each user. Subsequently, it requests an optional feedback on the recommended articles, to intelligently update user profiles, and recommend relevant articles to them, based on their changing interests. The paper also presents a simulation of the proposed algorithm on various use cases to depict the correctness and robustness of the algorithm. Also, it gives a brief idea about implementation details and challenges associated with the algorithm.

  17. Modeling news dissemination on nuclear issues

    Reis Junior, Jose S.B.; Barroso, Antonio C.O.; Menezes, Mario O., E-mail: jsbrj@ime.usp.b, E-mail: barroso@ipen.b, E-mail: mario@ipen.b [Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN/CNEN-SP), Sao Paulo, SP (Brazil)


    Using a modified epidemiological model, the dissemination of news by media agents after the occurrence of large scale disasters was studied. A modified compartmented model was developed in a previous paper presented at INAC 2007. There it used to study to the Chernobyl's nuclear accident (1986) and the Concorde airplane crash (2000). Now the model has been applied to a larger and more diverse group of events - nuclear, non-nuclear and naturally caused disasters. To be comprehensive, old and recent events from various regions of the world were selected. A more robust news repository was used, and improved search techniques were developed to ensure that the scripts would not count false positive news. The same model was used but with improved non-linear embedded simulation optimization algorithms to generate the parameters of interest for our model. Individual parameters and some specific combination of them allow some interesting perceptions on how the nature of the accident / disaster gives rise to different profiles of growth and decay of the news. In our studies events involving nuclear causes generate news repercussion with more explosive / robust surge profiles and longer decaying tails than those of other natures. As a consequence of these differences, public opinion and policy makers are also much more sensitive to some issues than to others. The model, through its epidemiological parameters, shows in quantitative manner how 'nervous' the media content generators are with respect to nuclear installations and how resilient this negative feelings about nuclear is. (author)

  18. News exposure predicts anti-Muslim prejudice

    Sibley, Chris G.; Osborne, Danny; Bulbulia, Joseph


    News coverage of Islamic extremism is reigniting debates about the media’s role in promoting prejudice toward Muslims. Psychological theories of media-induced prejudice date to the 1950’s, and find support from controlled experiments. However, national-scale studies of media effects on Muslim prejudice are lacking. Orthogonal research investigating media-induced prejudice toward immigrants has failed to establish any link. Moreover, it has been found that people interpret the news in ways that confirm pre-existing attitudes, suggesting that media induced Muslim prejudice in liberal democracies is unlikely. Here, we test the association between news exposure and anti-Muslim prejudice in a diverse national sample from one of the world’s most tolerant societies, where media effects are least likely to hold (N = 16,584, New Zealand). In support of media-induced Islamophobia, results show that greater news exposure is associated with both increased anger and reduced warmth toward Muslims. Additionally, the relationship between media exposure and anti-Muslim prejudice does not reliably vary with political ideology, supporting claims that it is widespread representations of Muslims in the news, rather than partisan media biases, that drives anti-Muslim prejudice. PMID:28362823

  19. News Portrayal of Cancer: Content Analysis of Threat and Efficacy by Cancer Type and Comparison with Incidence and Mortality in Korea


    How the news media cover cancer may have profound significance for cancer prevention and control; however, little is known about the actual content of cancer news coverage in Korea. This research thus aimed to examine news portrayal of specific cancer types with respect to threat and efficacy, and to investigate whether news portrayal corresponds to actual cancer statistics. A content analysis of 1,138 cancer news stories was conducted, using a representative sample from 23 news outlets (television, newspapers, and other news media) in Korea over a 5-year period from 2008 to 2012. Cancer incidence and mortality rates were obtained from the Korean Statistical Information Service. Results suggest that threat was most prominent in news stories on pancreatic cancer (with 87% of the articles containing threat information with specific details), followed by liver (80%) and lung cancers (70%), and least in stomach cancer (41%). Efficacy information with details was conveyed most often in articles on colorectal (54%), skin (54%), and liver (50%) cancers, and least in thyroid cancer (17%). In terms of discrepancies between news portrayal and actual statistics, the threat of pancreatic and liver cancers was overreported, whereas the threat of stomach and prostate cancers was underreported. Efficacy information regarding cervical and colorectal cancers was overrepresented in the news relative to cancer statistics; efficacy of lung and thyroid cancers was underreported. Findings provide important implications for medical professionals to understand news information about particular cancers as a basis for public (mis)perception, and to communicate effectively about cancer risk with the public and patients. PMID:27478333

  20. Effective Mechanism for Social Recommendation of News

    Wei, Dong; Cimini, Giulio; Wu, Pei; Liu, Weiping; Zhang, Yi-Cheng


    Recommendation systems represent an important tool for news distribution on the Internet. In this work we modify a recently proposed social recommendation model in order to deal with no explicit ratings of users on news. The model consists of a network of users which continually adapts in order to achieve an efficient news traffic. To optimize network's topology we propose different stochastic algorithms that are scalable with respect to the network's size. Agent-based simulations reveal the features and the performance of these algorithms. To overcome the resultant drawbacks of each method we introduce two improved algorithms and show that they can optimize network's topology almost as fast and effectively as other not-scalable methods that make use of much more information.

  1. AC-3 audio coder

    Todd, Craig


    AC-3 is a system for coding up to 5.1 channels of audio into a low bit-rate data stream. High quality may be obtained with compression ratios approaching 12-1 for multichannel audio programs. The high compression ratio is achieved by methods which do not increase decoder memory, and thus cost. The methods employed include: the transmission of a high frequency resolution spectral envelope; and a novel forward/backward adaptive bit allocation algorithm. In order to satisfy practical requirements of an emissions coder, the AC-3 syntax includes a number of features useful to broadcasters and consumers. These features include: loudness uniformity between programs; dynamic range control; and broadcaster control of downmix coefficients. The AC-3 coder has been formally selected for inclusion of the U.S. HDTV broadcast standard, and has been informally selected for several additional applications.

  2. Tipping news in information accumulation system

    Shin, J. K.


    As a continuous opinion dynamics model, the information accumulation system (IAS) includes three basic mechanisms of the news, the inheritance and the diffusion as contributing to the information accumulation process of a system. A system is composed of agents who diffuse information through internal interaction, while each of them has incomplete memory or inheritance rate. The news comes from external sources of information, such as mass media. Previously the model IAS was studied only for the small news problems. In this study, a tipping news problem is considered. A key question of the problem is: what is the minimum strength of advertisement that can tip the minority opinion to a majority one? Dynamics of the IAS is briefly revisited with a special interest on nonlinear behavior of the model. In particular, it is shown that a discrete map of the IAS for a single color problem can be transformed into a logistic map, from which the dynamics of the IAS can be better understood. To show the applicability of the IAS model, the result is applied to explain the concept of the critical population size, which claims that there is a minimum population size for a social knowledge system to be continuously inherited without being lost. And critical size of the tipping news is found analytically in terms of IAS parameters. Some of the key results from the present study are compared in detail with the results from the Brownian particle model, which is believed to be the most similar model to the IAS. The concept of tipping news is used to show that a traditional society can tip at an exceptionally low inter-community exposure. Finally, the result was applied to the language competition problem.

  3. A Critical Discourse Analysis of News Reports

    SHEN Ke-lin


    Critical discourse analysis studies the relations between discourse, power, dominance, etc. and the position of the analyst. News report, which is a sociopolitical and official discourse, is often greatly affected by power or dominant ideologies and it affects people’s ideologies and attitudes. The comparative study of two pieces of news report on the same event respectively from China Daily and Times New York shows that ideology and power relationship are hidden in the public discourses and serve their purpose of forming people’s ideology.

  4. News Framing in a Time of Terror

    Jørndrup, Hanne


    the attacks at the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris in January 2015. This article analyses how the Danish television channel DR1 framed the attacks in the newscast from the first shot at Krudttønden and for the following week. Furthermore, the analysis will discuss how the framing of the shooting as a “terror...... attack” transformed the news coverage into a “news media” media event, abandoning the journalistic norm of critical approach while the media instead became the scene of national mourning...

  5. News from the Biological Stain Commission

    Lyon, H O; Kiernan, J A


    of the International Standards Organization (ISO/TC 212) and its working groups, WG 1, WG 2 and WG 3. In this issue of News from the BSC, H.O. Lyon provides information from the annual meeting of ISO/TC 212 that took place June 2-4, 2008 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. In addition, under the heading......In the three earlier editions of News from the Biological Stain Commission (BSC), under the heading of "Regulatory affairs," the BSC's International Affairs Committee reported on the work of Technical Committee 212, Clinical Laboratory Testing and in Vitro Diagnostic Test Systems...

  6. News from the biological stain commission

    Kiernan, J.A.; Lyon, Hans Oluf


    of the International Standards Organization (ISO/TC 212) and its working groups, WG 1, WG 2 and WG 3. In this issue of News from the BSC, H.O. Lyon provides information from the annual meeting of ISO/TC 212 that took place June 2-4, 2008 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. In addition, under the heading......In the three earlier editions of News from the Biological Stain Commission (BSC), under the heading of "Regulatory affairs," the BSC's International Affairs Committee reported on the work of Technical Committee 212, Clinical Laboratory Testing and in Vitro Diagnostic Test Systems...

  7. 2006 Top 10 China RE Scientific News


    @@ Note:Hosted by China Rare Earth Information Center and National RE Information Net and sponsored by Chinese RE Society Information Specialty Committee,China RE Society Technology εt Economy Specialty Committee,Northern RE Industry Productivity Promotion Center,and principal medias in China RE industry such as publications "China RE Information" and "Chinese Rare Earths" and China RE Website,2006 Top 10 China Rare Earth Scientific News,which were selected from 100 pieces of candidate rare earth scientific news nationwide,were announced recently.

  8. A Blind Angle? News Sources, Gender and Ethnicity in Danish TV News

    Fiig, Christina

    The paper will present and discuss a framework for grasping some of the democratic consequences of biased TV news programs. In line with Jürgen Habermas, one can ask what consequences it has for a democratic public sphere that the national TV news landscape is biased in term of source diversity...... (gender and ethnicity). With Peter Dahlgren’s analysis of television as a space for civic identity and agency, the paper engages in a discussion of contributions and limitations of TV news framed by some of the dimensions of civic cultures (knowledge, values, trust, practices and identities)....

  9. On the Strategies for Translating English News Headlines

    Wang Chao


    A good headline can not only attract readers' attention and trigger their desire to read, but also help them grasp the main points. Thus, news headlines act as guides for readers to choose the information they need. Headlines play a peculiar and essential role in news reporting. In order to understand the headline well, it's better for us to know something about the features and translations of English news headlines. In this paper, the strategies of translation of English news headlines are introduced.

  10. From everyday communicative figurations to rigorous audience news repertoires

    Kobbernagel, Christian; Schrøder, Kim Christian


    repertoires from the ensemble of old and new media available. This article presents an innovative mixed-method approach with considerable explanatory power to the exploration of patterns of news media consumption. This approach tailors Q-methodology in the direction of a qualitative study of news consumption...... of six audience news repertoires in Denmark, also preserves the qualitative thickness of the participants’ verbal accounts of the communicative figurations of their day-in-the-life with the news media...

  11. A Comparative Study of News Sources in Sino-English News Reports Re-lated to Nobel Winner Mo Yan



    News, by no means a neutral vehicle, is in reality ideologically driven and controlled by news values to which the use of news sources is of great help. Geis once argued that the single most important power of the press is its capacity to say what the important issues are at any particular time and to determine whose voices will be heard on any given issue (Geis, 1987:10). News sources may tell readers something, but it may also mislead readers since people cannot think about and make sense out of news events without imposing a bias on the news. It is, therefore, worth our attention and effort to understand how news source works, how it affects readers' perceptions of news events, how it is produced, how it is shaped by values and ideology.

  12. Are news media substitutes? Gratifications, contents, and uses

    R. van der Wurff


    Internet is generally expected to have one of two effects on traditional news media: It displaces them, or it forces them into distinct market niches. A shared assumption underlying both expectations is that news media displacement, or substitution, is a function of the degree to which news media ar

  13. The Role of Geographic Information in News Consumption

    Gebremeskel, G.G.; Vries, A.P. de


    We investigate the role of geographic proximity in news consumption. Using a month-long log of user interactions with news items of ten information portals, we study the relationship between users' geographic locations and the geographic foci of information portals and local news categories. We find

  14. 7 CFR 500.9 - Photographs for news or advertising.


    ... 7 Agriculture 6 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false Photographs for news or advertising. 500.9 Section 500... for news or advertising. Photographs for news purposes may be taken at the USNA without prior permission. Photographs for advertising and other commercial purposes may be taken, but only with the...

  15. Affective priming during the processing of news articles

    Baumgartner, S.E.; Wirth, W.


    The present study investigates the role of affective priming during the processing of news articles. It is assumed that the valence of the affective response to a news article will influence the processing of subsequent news articles. More specifically, it is hypothesized that participants who read

  16. MEANTIME, the NewsReader Multilingual Event and Time Corpus

    Minard, A.-L.; Speranza, M; Urizar, R.; Altuna, B.; Erp, van M.G.J.; Schoen, A.M.; Son, van C.M.


    In this paper, we present the NewsReader MEANTIME corpus, a semantically annotated corpus of Wikinews articles. The corpus consists of 480 news articles, i.e. 120 English news articles and their translations in Spanish, Italian, and Dutch. MEANTIME contains annotations at different levels. The docum

  17. The Significance of Vague Language in Political News in



    Political News always reports the facts happening in the country's political life, which mainly including the guidelines, this paper aims to analyze the application of Vague Language in political news in magazine in details. In this way, to help the readers understand and appreciate the political news better.

  18. The E-C Translation of Vocabularies in Sports News



    In recent years, many world top level sports events take place in China. The exchange in sports field between China and international society adds more significance to the E-C translation of sports news. This paper analyses the lexical features of sports news and then explains some difficulties in the translation of the words of sports news.

  19. A Study of Metaphor Translation Strategies in News English



    With the metaphors in News English as data,this dissertation aims at making a breakthrough in news English translation.Based on the CIT which gives comprehensive and insightful explanation to the metaphors in news English,the author proposes two strategies applied in the metaphor translationin this area.

  20. A Study of Metaphor Translation Strategies in News English



    With the metaphors in News English as data, this dissertation aims at making a breakthrough in news English translation. Based on the CIT which gives comprehensive and insightful explanation to the metaphors in news English, the author proposes two strategies applied in the metaphor translation in this area.

  1. A Predictive Framework for Determining How Journalists Determine News.

    Gaudino, James L.

    To determine how to articulate a concrete definition of the substance of the journalist's occupation, this paper offers a propositional framework of news value based on Kurt Lewin's gatekeeper model. First, the paper follows the established suggestion that news decisions are best studied from a gatekeeping perspective or that "news is…

  2. 16 CFR 1012.6 - The news media.


    ... media attempts to influence any Agency employee on a substantial interest matter. ... 16 Commercial Practices 2 2010-01-01 2010-01-01 false The news media. 1012.6 Section 1012.6... PERSONNEL AND OUTSIDE PARTIES § 1012.6 The news media. The Agency recognizes that the news media occupy...

  3. Natural gas news; Gaz actualites



    This brochure is a compilation of practical information concerning the Gaz de France group: organization chart, daughter companies, services, economical activity, natural gas market, trade, regulations etc. A list of partners, directions, centres, groups, associations and other various organisms in relation with Gaz de France company is given. (J.S.)

  4. AC/RF Superconductivity

    Ciovati, Gianluigi [JLAB


    This contribution provides a brief introduction to AC/RF superconductivity, with an emphasis on application to accelerators. The topics covered include the surface impedance of normal conductors and superconductors, the residual resistance, the field dependence of the surface resistance, and the superheating field.

  5. Comparing local TV news with national TV news in cancer coverage: an exploratory content analysis.

    Lee, Chul-Joo; Long, Marilee; Slater, Michael D; Song, Wen


    The authors compared local TV news with national TV news in terms of cancer coverage using a nationally representative sample of local nightly TV and national network TV (i.e., ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN) cancer news stories that aired during 2002 and 2003. Compared with national TV news, local TV cancer stories were (a) much shorter in length, (b) less likely to report on cancer prevention (i.e., preventive behaviors and screening tests), and (c) less likely to reference national organizations (i.e., National Cancer Institute, American Cancer Society, National Institutes of Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Food and Drug Administration) that have made clear recommendations about ways to prevent cancer. The implications of these findings for health communication research and cancer education were discussed.

  6. Audiovisual infotainment in European news: a comparative content analysis of Dutch, Spanish and Irish television news programs

    Alencar, A.; Kruikemeier, S.


    This study investigates to what extent audiovisual infotainment features can be found in the narrative structure of television news in three European countries news. Content analysis included a sample of 639 news reports (or reporter packages) aired in the first three weeks of September 2013, in six

  7. Is the internet about to take over? How using online news is related to offline news consumption patterns

    Trilling, D.; Schönbach, K.


    In the ongoing debate on the role of the Internet in public discourse, it is often assumed that online news fundamentally changes mass communication. But is there a relationship between online news use and a differentiation in overall news consumption patterns? The results of a large-scale survey co

  8. Soviet Cybernetics: Recent News Items, Number Thirteen.

    Holland, Wade B.

    An issue of "Soviet Cybernetics: Recent News Items" consists of English translations of the leading recent Soviet contributions to the study of cybernetics. Articles deal with cybernetics in the 21st Century; the Soviet State Committee on Science and Technology; economic reforms in Rudnev's ministry; an interview with Rudnev; Dnepr-2; Dnepr-2…

  9. Analysis of textual Cohesion in News Report



    Cohesion embodies the non-structural resources in English discourse and indicates the latent continuity existing in the text.On the basis of cohesion theory,this paper analyzes textual cohesion of the selected news reports form BBC website,in order to explore the way of structuring the text and realizing the meaning of the text.

  10. Engaging and Disengaging with Political News

    Ørmen, Jacob; Linaa Jensen, Jakob

    level, we further investigate the differences between users that only consume political news and users that also talk about politics with others. And on the tertiary level, we identify the most widespread communicative practices (e.g. sharing content on social network sites, writing comments on blogs...

  11. Volume, Volatility and Public News Announcements

    Bollerslev, Tim; Li, Jia; Xue, Yuan

    We provide new empirical evidence for the way in which financial markets process information. Our results are based on high-frequency intraday data along with new econometric techniques for making inference on the relationship between trading intensity and spot volatility around public news...

  12. Implication for Media Convergence on News Learning

    Gumus, Agah; Ozad, Bahire


    Over the last decade, comparisons of the effects of the traditional news media and the Internet have been made in relation to comprehension and remembering. This study aims at assessing the effects of single and compound presentational elements, and making predictions for the future. One of the two main aims of this study is to measure…

  13. The Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Digital News Audiences

    Peters, Chris


    The changing patterns of news consumption in a digital era bring about new configurations between audiences, information, the devices upon which they consume it and the different (mobile) places and (shiftable) times where and when this is possible. This chapter highlights the need to consider th...... challenges the conventional routines and symbolic power of journalism as a place where, metaphorically, people can come together....

  14. The Best of Chem 13 News

    Thorsen, Kathy


    This column is designed to give JCE readers a few highlights from Chem 13 News, a monthly publication for chemistry educators from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, and provides annotations describing a particular activity or a variety of sources from which new and creative ideas can be extracted.

  15. Effects of popular exemplars in television news

    Lefevere, J.; De Swert, K.; Walgrave, S.


    Common people that are apparently randomly selected by journalists to illustrate a news story (popular exemplars) have a substantial effect on what the audience think about the issue. This effect may be partly due to the mere fact that popular exemplars attract attention and act as attention command

  16. Social News Sites as Democratic Media

    Szabo, András

    This thesis presents an empirical analysis and normative theoretical evaluation of Reddit, a social news website, focusing on its coverage of the 2012 US presidential election campaign. It explores the site's structural features and organization, and evaluates its coverage by standards derived from...

  17. Urban Stories : Producing news for urban youth

    Hermes, Joke; Graaf, Christa de


    This paper will query whether a dedicated news platform can attune to young people’s civic needs? That is to ask: can this be a space that follows a social media logic of conversation and ‘give and take’ – with producers and consumers changing roles or even losing the distinction? How could and woul

  18. Spaces and Places of News Consumption

    Peters, Chris


    to the news. This chapter outlines the importance of space and place when it comes to audiences/users of journalism and the gradual recognition of this in digital journalism studies, with an eye to highlighting pertinent research trajectories. It first explores how the everyday digital geographies...

  19. Macro News, Riskfree Rates, and the Intermediary

    Menkveld, Albert J.; Sarkar, Asani; Wel, van der Michel


    Signed customer order flow correlates with permanent price changes in equity and nonequity markets. We exploit macro news events in the 30Y treasury futures market to identify causality from customer flow to riskfree rates. We remove the positive feedback trading part and establish that, in the 15 m

  20. Triggering the News, Setting the Agenda

    Broersma, Marcel; Graham, Todd


    This paper both theoretically and empirically explores how people formerly known as sources use Twitter to strategically generate news coverage and to set the public agenda. Based on a large scale content analysis (2007-2013) of newspaper coverage in both tabloids and broadsheets in the UK and the N

  1. Political Ideology and News Organizational Control.

    Chan, Joseph Man; Lee, Chin-Chuan

    Reporters in Hong Kong who were working for 21 Chinese-language newspapers were mailed questionnaires to elicit information on the following: how news organizations in a highly politicized environment exercise control on recruitment, policy direction with regard to the coverage of conflicting issues, and the resolution of possible conflicts…

  2. Breaking bad news: a patient's perspective.

    Dias, Lauren; Chabner, Bruce A; Lynch, Thomas J; Penson, Richard T


    Shortly before his death in 1995, Kenneth B. Schwartz, a cancer patient at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), founded The Kenneth B. Schwartz Center at MGH. The Schwartz Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and advancing compassionate health care delivery that provides hope to the patient, support to caregivers, and encourages the healing process. The Center sponsors the Schwartz Center Rounds, a monthly multidisciplinary forum where caregivers reflect on important psychosocial issues faced by patients, their families, and their caregivers, and gain insight and support from fellow staff members. Clinicians in the field of oncology are unavoidably forced to break bad news. The Schwartz Center Rounds focuses on issues of communication between patients and their caregivers, one of the most difficult aspects of which is breaking bad news. The invited patient, a woman who had been living with a low-grade cancer for many years, spoke about her experiences both as a person living with cancer and as the daughter of a patient diagnosed with cancer. Her father's suicide, precipitated by being told his diagnosis, puts the horror of receiving bad news into stark relief. She provides a fascinating account of how she proactively adjusted to her diagnosis, and fought for optimal quality of life. This article discusses issues of support, abandonment, and how hope is conveyed, and reviews the literature that informs good clinical practice in breaking bad news.

  3. News "Speed Dating" for Scientists and Journalists: Conveying geoscience news in haiku-short form

    Dybas, C. L.


    As Rachel Carson wrote in her 1956 book, The Sense of Wonder, it's important for everyone to develop an appreciation of "land, sea and sky." One of the best ways of getting the word out to the public about these realms is through the media. How do scientists capture the interest of the press in a society with a seemingly shorter and shorter attention span? Studies show that as the amount of scientific jargon and number of complex concepts in a news story increase, "filter-feeding" by the public of that news declines. When scientific jargon/complex concepts are few, the public "consumes" much more news. These results also apply to news story headlines: shorter headlines get the most interest. Based on these findings, one organization has started an experiment in "scientific speed dating": giving presenters three minutes to discuss results. They may have discovered something: news coverage of the research has been excellent. In today's world, conveying news about the geosciences in haiku-short form may be the best way of relating the wonders of land, sea and sky.

  4. News regarding Mobility at CERN


    CERN Bikes CERN owns a fleet of more than 500 bikes, managed by the Mobility Centre (bdg. 6167). Members of CERN personnel (MPE and MPA) can use these free of charge during work-related activities at CERN (a security deposit is requested). Between 1st of June to 30th September anyone, except Summer Students, who wish to benefit from this service shall pay 1 CHF per day. As from the 1st of August, the CERN bike rental requests are done via the Service Now (SNOW) Portal. For more information, please consult:   CERN Cars More than 60 vehicles are available for rent by members of personnel (MPE and MPA) at the Mobility Center (bdg. 6167). As from the 5th of September you can submit reservation requests via the new EDH Car Rental Request document. As a reminder, the Terms of Use are the following: Operational Circular n° 4 (rev.1), governing the use of CERN vehicles;   Any use of the service must be authorised by the concerned Head of Department or Team Leader...

  5. Analysis of English News from the Perspective of Transitivity

    PU Jiang-ting


    As an important component of experiential function in systemic functional grammar proposed by M.A.K Halliday, transitivity is a major tool of describing and analyzing clause or discourse. The paper will mainly make a detailed analysis to news discourse based on transitivity. By discussing the features of news and the application of transitivity in news discourse, the paper aims to reveal the regularity and characteristics of news discourse on the distribution of process types and provide a new function-al perspective for analysis of news discourse.

  6. A Study of English News from the Perspective of Transitivity



    News is closely related with people’s lives and has the function of describing facts and conveying messages to the pub⁃lic. News is required to be true, swift and accurate and has formed its own language system. Based on the experiential function theory of functional grammar and its main device—transitivity, this thesis analyzes the transitivity processes in the two disaster news samples and two celebrity news samples from New York Times. It will further prove the applicability and operability of transi⁃tivity theory in news analysis.

  7. Theme-rheme Analysis of English News Headlines



    As a special type of writing, news report has attracted more and more attention in different countries. Many people have developed an interest in reading English news, which provides them with timely information about important happenings around the world. Under the frame work of Systemic-Functional Grammar, based on English news headlines, the theme-rheme structure of English headlines is systemically analyzed in this thesis. Some detailed researches are made to investigate the influence of the Theme-rheme Structure in English news headlines. Then the news headline as well as its contents could be understood and enjoyed while reading newspaper.

  8. A website for astronomical news in Spanish

    Ortiz-Gil, A.


    Noticias del Cosmos is a collection of web pages within the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Valencia's website where we publish short daily summaries of astronomical press releases. Most, if not all of, the releases are originally written in English, and often Spanish readers may find them difficult to understand because not many people are familiar with the scientific language employed in these releases. Noticias del Cosmos has two principal aims. First, we want to communicate the latest astronomical news on a daily basis to a wide Spanish-speaking public who would otherwise not be able to read them because of the language barrier. Second, daily news can be used as a tool to introduce the astronomical topics of the school curriculum in a more immediate and relevant way. Most of the students at school have not yet reached a good enough level in their knowledge of English to fully understand a press release, and Noticias del Cosmos offers them and their teachers this news in their mother tongue. During the regular programme of school visits at the Observatory we use the news as a means of showing that there is still a lot to be discovered. So far the visits to the website have been growing steadily. Between June 2003 and June 2007 we had more than 30,000 visits (excluding 2006). More than 50% of the visits come from Spain, followed by visitors from South and Central America. The feedback we have received from teachers so far has been very positive, showing the usefulness of news items in the classroom when teaching astronomy.

  9. News from the Library: PressDisplay on mobile devices!

    CERN Library


    You are probably already using PressDisplay to read newspapers online, but for those of you who are not yet aware of this service, PressDisplay is an online portal where you can browse and read online articles from more than 1,900 newspapers from 95 countries, as soon as they are published.   Whether you are an experienced user or a beginner, we have good news concerning PressDisplay: our license now permits you to download complete newspaper issues to your mobile devices and read them offline wherever you like. To do that, you have to use the mobile app PressReader. Instructions on how to install the PressReader app are available here: For Ipad For Android smartphone For Android tablet For Windows 8 devices For BlackBerry Playbook For Android eReader Your feedback is welcome! Please contact us by e-mail.

  10. Exploring the Interactions of Storylines from Informative News Events

    胡珀; 黄民烈; 朱小燕


    Today’s news readers can be easily overwhelmed by the numerous news articles online. To cope with information overload, online news media publishes timelines for continuously developing news topics. However, the timeline summary does not show the relationship of storylines, and is not intuitive for readers to comprehend the development of a complex news topic. In this paper, we study a novel problem of exploring the interactions of storylines in a news topic. An interaction of two storylines is signified by informative news events that play a key role in both storylines. Storyline interactions can indicate key phases of a news topic, and reveal the latent connections among various aspects of the story. We address the coherence between news articles which is not considered in traditional similarity-based methods, and discover salient storyline interactions to form a clear, global picture of the news topic. User preference can be naturally integrated into our method to generate query-specific results. Comprehensive experiments on ten news topics show the effectiveness of our method over alternative approaches.

  11. Automatic indexing of news video for content-based retrieval

    Yang, Myung-Sup; Yoo, Cheol-Jung; Chang, Ok-Bae


    Since it is impossible to automatically parse a general video, we investigated an integrated solution for the content-based news video indexing and the retrieval. Thus, a specific structural video such as news video is parsed, because it is included both temporal and spatial characteristics that the news event with an anchor-person is iteratively appeared, a news icon and a caption are involved in some frame, respectively. To extract automatically the key frames by using the structured knowledge of news, the model used in this paper is consisted of the news event segmentation, caption recognition and search browser module. The following are three main modules represented in this paper: (1) The news event segmentation module (NESM) for both the recognition and the division of an anchor-person shot. (2) The caption recognition module (CRM) for the detection of the caption-frames in a news event, the extraction of their caption region in the frame by using split-merge method, and the recognition of the region as a text with OCR software. 3) The search browser module (SBM) for the display of the list of news events and news captions, which are included in selected news event. However, the SBM can be caused various searching mechanisms.

  12. [Delivering bad news in a Swiss internal medicine ward: a medical and nurse partnership].

    Castioni, J; Teike Lüthi, F; Boretti, S Moser; Vollenweider, P


    Delivering bad news to a patient has a major impact for patients, their relatives and caregivers. The way this information is delivered can affect the way the patient sees his disease and potentially how he adheres to its treatment. To improve this communication with the patient the service of internal medicine at the Swiss university hospital of Lausanne set up a process including the coordination between all involved caregivers, and to break the bad news in a setting including a medical and nurse partnership. It also underscores that the resident in charge of the patient remains the coordinator of delivering new information. Moreover, the service provides communication tools to the caregivers to improve the communication skills.

  13. Cohesiveness in financial news and its relation to market volatility.

    Piškorec, Matija; Antulov-Fantulin, Nino; Novak, Petra Kralj; Mozetič, Igor; Grčar, Miha; Vodenska, Irena; Smuc, Tomislav


    Motivated by recent financial crises, significant research efforts have been put into studying contagion effects and herding behaviour in financial markets. Much less has been said regarding the influence of financial news on financial markets. We propose a novel measure of collective behaviour based on financial news on the Web, the News Cohesiveness Index (NCI), and we demonstrate that the index can be used as a financial market volatility indicator. We evaluate the NCI using financial documents from large Web news sources on a daily basis from October 2011 to July 2013 and analyse the interplay between financial markets and finance-related news. We hypothesise that strong cohesion in financial news reflects movements in the financial markets. Our results indicate that cohesiveness in financial news is highly correlated with and driven by volatility in financial markets.

  14. On the Cohesion of English Entertainment News Discourse

    XU Wen


    With the rapid development of entertainment news, entertainment news has gained more and more attention in recent years. While previous studies have been mainly conducted from the perspective of journalism, the present study focuses on the co-hesion strategies of the selected news discourse from the linguistic point of view. Cohesion is an important linguistic concept pro-posed by Halliday. This paper will analyze the news discourse from China Daily quantitatively and qualitatively. It is found that in the entertainment news discourse grammatical cohesive devices are commonly used. The present study attempts to analyze the co-hesive features of English entertainment news, so as to help readers improve the efficiency in English news reading.

  15. Tobacco in the news: associations between news coverage, news recall and smoking-related outcomes in a sample of Australian smokers and recent quitters.

    Dunlop, Sally M; Cotter, Trish; Perez, Donna; Chapman, Simon


    This paper aims to track smokers' and recent quitters' recall of tobacco news, compare patterns of recall with patterns of news coverage and assess associations between news recall and smoking-related cognitions and behaviours, by using a quantitative analysis. The Cancer Institute New South Wales (NSW)'s Tobacco Tracking Survey, a continuous tracking telephone survey of adult smokers and recent quitters, was used to monitor recall of tobacco news and smoking-related cognitions and behaviours from January to September 2010 (approximately 50 interviews per week; n = 1952). Thirty per cent of respondents reported semi-prompted recall of tobacco news with patterns of recall closely following peaks in news coverage. Television was the most frequently cited source of tobacco news. Multivariate logistic regression analyses indicated that, controlling for individual characteristics, smokers with high levels of tobacco news recall were significantly more likely to have strong beliefs about harms from smoking [odds ratio (OR) = 1.38] and frequent thoughts about quitting (OR = 1.32). The results show that the news media are an important source of information for smokers, with the potential to influence beliefs and to put or keep quitting on the smokers' agenda. Media advocacy remains an important component of tobacco control.

  16. Adaptation Strategies of Translating English News Lead——From the Perspective of Discourse Differences



    Despite the common ground of outlining the news story and attracting reader's attention,the English News lead differs largely from the Chinese counterpart in terms of the news structures and news elements.Based on Eugene Nida's Functional Equivalence Theory and the analysis of the discourse differences between English and Chinese,three corresponding adaptation strategies of news translation can be summarized--omitting news elements,restructuring news information,and rearranging the attributions.

  17. Content-Based Hierarchical Analysis of News Video Using Audio and Visual Information


    A schema for content-based analysis of broadcast news video is presented. First, we separate commercials from news using audiovisual features. Then, we automatically organize news programs into a content hierarchy at various levels of abstraction via effective integration of video, audio, and text data available from the news programs. Based on these news video structure and content analysis technologies, a TV news video Library is generated, from which users can retrieve definite news story according to their demands.

  18. Science versus News: On the Cutting Edge

    Kinney, A. L.; French, V.; Villard, R.; Maran, S. P.


    This session is to aid communication between scientists and journalists, to motivate astronomers to be active in communicating their science to the public via the press, and to help both astronomers and journalists to understand the constraints under which the other group is operating. The session consists of two talks of about 20 minutes, followed by a panel discussion. The first talk is "What Makes a Topic News?" This segment, by Miles O'Brien of CNN News, takes the AAS audiences behind the scenes in the world of producing science news stories. --- What drives selection of assignments? How does the science reporter convince their editor to cover a story? What factors about television producing help and also hurt getting science subjects across to the public? The second talk is "Public Knowledge on Science: The Growing Gap Between Scientists and the Taxpayer." This presentation by Jon Miller, a public opinion expert will emphasize the problems scientists and society, face in communicating to the public. --- What does the public know about science and scientific method? How much translation is required to communicate with the public to engage their interest without unacceptable compromise of scientific accuracy? The final segment is a panel of both science journalists and astronomers moderated by Steve Maran. Together they will tackle a question that gets to the heart of the Science-Vs-News controversies, "When Should Results Go Public?" Published too soon, science is called "hype"; Published too late, it is no longer "news." Should all results be peer reviewed first, and is that a satisfactory prerequisite? Do scientists take self-serving advantage of the public interest by making announcements before results appear in journals? How do we address the public desire to experience science unfolding and to see real-time data such as planetary science missions? The panelists are Dr. David Helfand, from Columbia University, Dr. Bruce Margon, from the University of

  19. Stem cells news update: a personal perspective.

    Wong, Sc


    This article is a follow-up to a previous Commentary published in 2011. It updates some of the events mentioned in that Commentary and continues with more interesting and exciting news on stem cell research and the emerging field of Regenerative Medicine. Some of the news includes: 1) the 2012 Nobel Prize for Medicine awarded to John B. Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka; 2) the cloning of human embryonic stem cells; 3) the continued search for truly pluripotent adult stem cells via in vitro and in vivo protocols; 4) the breakthrough in organ replacements; 5) the global stem cell race; 6) the global stem cell cryo-preservation business; 7) the worldwide stem cell donor registries, and 8) the issue of government regulation on stem cell therapy.

  20. President Ilves gives interview to Russian Interfax news service


    President Toomas Hendrik Ilvese intervjuust Venemaa agentuurile Interfax. Küsimused puudutasid Eesti-Vene suhteid, piirilepingut, venelaste olukorda Eestis, Tallinnas asuva Teise maailmasõja mälestusmärgi teisaldamise võimalust

  1. Women in Television News: Analysis of Primetime News on HTV, RTL and Nova TV

    Svjetlana Knežević


    Full Text Available This article assesses the particularly low level of women represented on national primetime television newscasts in Croatia. In doing so, it presents the results of a content analysis covering a random,stratified sample of HTV, Nova TV, and RTL primetime news broadcasts over the years 2009 and 2010. According to these results, women are significantly underrepresented as main characters, experts, or even persons relevant to news stories concerning issues or problems. In particular, the results are most apparent on the primetime newscast Dnevnik, broadcasted daily on Croatia’s main public television station. Ideally, this news broadcast should rank among the best in terms of gender equality, given the principles of equality stipulated throughout Croatian law (and especially where it concerns programming legislation. Concerning the analyzed content, when women serve as the main characters in a news story, their emotional response to an issue appears to be almost obligatory. Further, women are often portrayed as victims, or as a figure to galvanize a rather black and white response, i.e. they are to be praised or blamed. Adding to this gender discrepancy, statistics show that more women than men have earned BA and MA degrees, which not only highlights the unbalanced representation of women on television news, but also distorts the actual level of female participation in society, particularly where it regards sociopolitical fields.

  2. La crisis nuclear de Corea del Norte: Sky News o Fox News

    Pablo Rodríguez


    Full Text Available En este artículo analizamos, desde la teoría del framing, la información ofre - cida por los dos canales de noticias 24 horas del grupo News Corporation, Sky News y Fox News, con relación a la crisis nuclear de Corea del Norte en el periodo 9 -23 de abril de 2013. Nos centramos en aspectos como la “foxificación”, la presencia de expertos militares en los bloques de noti - cias y los encuadres informativos. En el caso de Sky News, la información se ofrece desde el prisma de los sucesos a nivel nacional debido al tiempo dedicado a la polémica con el documental del programa “Panorama” de la BBC. El tratamiento de la crisis nuclear en Fox News se traduce en constantes críticas a las políticas militares llevadas a cabo por Corea, la exalta - ción patriótica de los Estados Unidos poniendo el acento sobre el sistema defensivo y todo ello rodeado de una crítica feroz a la Administración Oba - ma por no promover una intervención militar en el conflicto.

  3. Arctic Warming as News - Perils and Possibilities

    Revkin, A. C.


    A science journalist in his 30th year covering human-driven climate change, including on three Arctic reporting trips, reflects on successes and setbacks as news media, environmentalists and Arctic communities have tried to convey the significance of polar change to a public for which the ends of the Earth will always largely be a place of the imagination.Novel challenges are arising in the 24/7 online media environment, as when a paper by a veteran climate scientist proposing a mechanism for abrupt sea-level rise became a big news story before it was accepted by the open-review journal to which it had been submitted. New science is digging in on possible connections between changing Arctic sea ice and snow conditions and disruptive winter weather in more temperate northern latitudes, offering a potential link between this distant region and the lives of ordinary citizens. As cutting-edge research, such work gets substantial media attention. But, as with all new areas of inquiry, uncertainty dominates - creating the potential for distracting the public and policymakers from the many aspects of anthropogenic climate change that are firmly established - but, in a way, boring because of that.With the challenges, there are unprecedented opportunities for conveying Arctic science. In some cases, researchers on expeditions are partnering with media, offering both scientists and news outlets fresh ways to convey the story of Arctic change in an era of resource constraints.Innovative uses of crittercams, webcams, and satellite observations offer educators and interested citizens a way to track and appreciate Arctic change. But more can be done to engage the public directly without the news media as an intermediary, particularly if polar scientists or their institutions test some of the established practices honed by more experienced communicators at NASA.

  4. Social News Sites as Democratic Media

    Szabo, András

    This thesis presents an empirical analysis and normative theoretical evaluation of Reddit, a social news website, focusing on its coverage of the 2012 US presidential election campaign. It explores the site's structural features and organization, and evaluates its coverage by standards derived from...... three different ideal concepts of democracy. In all three theoretical settings, the study finds Reddit's performance lacking, while also identifying praiseworthy aspects of the site's operation. The thesis concludes by putting the mostly disappointing results into broader historical and technological...

  5. There is nothing new about Old News

    Jacob; Fabricius


    There are 4,000 holes in the road in Blackburn,Lancashire,or one twenty-sixth of a hole per person,according to a council survey.If Blackburn is typical,there are two million holes in Britains roads,and 300,000 in London. This was what John Lennon read in Daily Mails Far and Near column on 17 January 1967.Lennon transformed the news into the last verse of the song A Day In A Life,

  6. Live Blogging Science News: The Rosetta Mission

    Clark, S.


    When one of the world's most popular online news websites decides to cover a space science event live, you know that something big is brewing. Stuart Clark reports on how live blogging can be used for science reporting and how an idea that was triggered by his observations during the Rosetta flyby of the asteroid Lutetia and the landing of the Curiosity rover on Mars led to him live blogging two of Rosetta's most memorable occasions for The Guardian newspaper.

  7. Breaking Bad News to Togolese Patients.

    Kpanake, Lonzozou; Sorum, Paul Clay; Mullet, Etienne


    The aim of this study was to map Togolese people's positions regarding the breaking of bad news to elderly patients. Two hundred eleven participants who had in the past received bad medical news were presented with 72 vignettes depicting communication of bad news to elderly female patients and asked to indicate the acceptability of the physician's conduct in each case. The vignettes were all combinations of five factors: (a) the severity of the disease, (b) the patient's wishes about disclosure, (c) the level of social support during hospitalization, (d) the patient's psychological robustness, and (e) the physician's decision about how to communicate the bad news. Five qualitatively different positions were found. Two percent of the participants preferred that the physician always tell the full truth to both the patient and her relatives, 8% preferred that the truth be told depending on the physician's perception of the situation, 15% preferred that the physician tell the truth but understood that in some cases nondisclosure to the patient was not inappropriate, 33% preferred that the physician tell the full truth to the relatives but not as much information to the patient, and 42% preferred that the physician tell the full truth to the relatives only. These findings present a challenge to European physicians taking care of African patients living in Europe or working in African hospitals, and to African physicians trained in Europe and now working in their home countries. If these physicians respect the imperative of always telling the truth directly to their patients, their behavior may trigger anger and considerable misunderstanding among African patients and their families.


    Cătălina COMĂNECI


    Full Text Available In a world marked by communication and conflict, mass media tends to minimize the essential role of translation in facilitating linguistic and cultural exchanges on the international scene. This paper purports to present and explain the situations in which translators have to fill up the gap existing between translation and media projects, as well as to examine the ways in which geographic, socio-cultural and linguistic coordinates may influence the process of editing (and sometimes transediting of the global news. The methods used for highlighting cultural differences are both quantitative (based on a selection of articles from the British, French and Romanian press; for example, Romania’s 2009 presidential elections and its echoes in the British and French press and qualitative (particularly documentary, based on the latest research in the field. The inductive methods consist in identifying the textual and extra-textual strategies involved in the translation process and in exemplifying the editorial conventions applicable to the news coming from a different socio-cultural context. The expected outcomes of this paper are to highlight the causes of the refractions undergone by source information and to emphasize the translator’s overlooked role as, for most of the times, (she remains invisible in order to guarantee the quality of the translation and to respect the work and vision of the person producing the news. Last but not least, when it comes to news translation, the word translation itself gains new meanings, different from its traditional ones, as readers are totally unaware of the translational operations the articles they are reading have been through.

  9. The BBC Arabic Service: changing political mediascapes

    el Issawi, F.; Baumann, G.


    Launched in 1938 as the BBC's first foreign language radio service, 80 years later, in 2008, the BBC Arabic Service also became the first tri-media platform at the World Service offering news and current affairs not only on radio and on online, but also via a fully fledged TV Channel in Arabic. This

  10. Latest news from the Tiles

    Costanzo, D

    The Tile hadronic calorimeter will be installed in the central region of ATLAS with an inner radius of 2.28 m, an outer radius of 4.25 m, a total length of about 12 m and a weight of about 2300 tons. The calorimeter is mechanically divided in one central barrel and two extended barrels, with a gap in between for the services of the internal part of ATLAS. The construction of the calorimeter is advanced, and installation in the ATLAS pit is foreseen to start in December 2003. After mechanical assembly the modules are instrumented with all the optical components. Scintillating tiles are inserted into the slots, and the read-out Wave Length Shifting fibers are coupled to scintillators and bundled to achieve the quasi-projective cell geometry of the calorimeter. The final modules are stored in bldg 185, shown in the first photo, and in bldg 175 at CERN. The barrel modules are mechanically assembled in Dubna and then transported to CERN to be optically instrumented, while the extended barrels are constructed in t...

  11. High performance AC drives

    Ahmad, Mukhtar


    This book presents a comprehensive view of high performance ac drives. It may be considered as both a text book for graduate students and as an up-to-date monograph. It may also be used by R & D professionals involved in the improvement of performance of drives in the industries. The book will also be beneficial to the researchers pursuing work on multiphase drives as well as sensorless and direct torque control of electric drives since up-to date references in these topics are provided. It will also provide few examples of modeling, analysis and control of electric drives using MATLAB/SIMULIN

  12. A Cognitive Study of Metaphor Chunks in News English

    栗蔷薇; 吕丽静


    This paper aims to demonstrate the pervasiveness of metaphor chunks in News English and introduce effective ways of understanding themcorrectly from the perspective of cognitive linguistics.Considering the difficulty in making out the accurate meaning of metaphor chunks in News Eng-lish,some translation strategies have also been proposed in hopes that it will benefit readers in their understanding and appreciation of News English.

  13. AC Optimal Power Flow


    In this work, we have implemented and developed the simulation software to implement the mathematical model of an AC Optimal Power Flow (OPF) problem. The objective function is to minimize the total cost of generation subject to constraints of node power balance (both real and reactive) and line power flow limits (MW, MVAr, and MVA). We have currently implemented the polar coordinate version of the problem. In the present work, we have used the optimization solver, Knitro (proprietary and not included in this software) to solve the problem and we have kept option for both the native numerical derivative evaluation (working satisfactorily now) as well as for analytical formulas corresponding to the derivatives being provided to Knitro (currently, in the debugging stage). Since the AC OPF is a highly non-convex optimization problem, we have also kept the option for a multistart solution. All of these can be decided by the user during run-time in an interactive manner. The software has been developed in C++ programming language, running with GCC compiler on a Linux machine. We have tested for satisfactory results against Matpower for the IEEE 14 bus system.

  14. Language use depending on news frame and immigrant origin.

    Fernández, Itziar; Igartua, Juan-José; Moral, Félix; Palacios, Elena; Acosta, Tania; Muñoz, Dolores


    The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of the media on individuals' specific language use in relation to a news story on immigration: the influence of the news frame and group cue. Abstraction, complexity of language use, and negative affective language were evaluated. The 523 participants were randomly distributed to each of the four experimental conditions: news frame (crime versus economic contribution) by group cue (geographical origin of the immigrants involved: Moroccans versus Latin Americans). Through content analysis of the ideas and reflections that arose after the participants read the different news stories, using the Linguistic Category Model (LCM; Semin & Fiedler, 1991) to measure abstract language and the Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC; Pennebaker, Booth, & Francis, 2007) to analyze complex language and negative affective language, it emerged that abstract language and negative affective language were more frequent in the participants assigned to the news frame on crime. Complex language was more commonly used when the news frame referred to the economic contribution of immigrants. Regression analyses showed the mediating role of attitude to immigration in the effects of news frame on negative affective language. The bootstrap method was used to assess the magnitude of the indirect effect. A significant mediator effect was also found through structural equation modeling. Analyses of covariance showed one interaction between news frame and group cue: Among those who read the news story in a frame linking immigration to crime and Moroccan origin, abstract language was more characteristic. The results are discussed from the theoretical perspective of framing.

  15. A Study of Rhetorical Features of English News Headlines

    CHEN Jin-yan


    As is known to all, headlines serve as a summary and advertisement for the main idea of the news so as to make the reader have a better understanding. Therefore, to some degree, we can say that the headline is the soul of a news report. Rheto-ric, in all kinds of writing in all kinds of languages, can be applied and make an efficient effect. As for an English news headline, it is usually formed with certain rhetorical device to embody its soul and to appeal to more readers. This paper is to introduce and discuss the rhetorical features of the news headlines with examples and analysis.

  16. Phosphor-in-glass for high-powered remote-type white AC-LED.

    Lin, Hang; Wang, Bo; Xu, Ju; Zhang, Rui; Chen, Hui; Yu, Yunlong; Wang, Yuansheng


    The high-powered alternating current (AC) light-emitting diode (LED) (AC-LED), featuring low cost, high energy utilization efficiency, and long service life, will become a new economic growth point in the field of semiconductor lighting. However, flicker of AC-LED in the AC cycles is not healthy for human eyes, and therefore need to be restrained. Herein we report an innovation of persistent "phosphor-in-glass" (PiG) for the remote-type AC-LED, whose afterglow can be efficiently activated by the blue light. It is experimentally demonstrated that the afterglow decay of PiG in the microsecond range can partly compensate the AC time gap. Moreover, the substitution of inorganic glass for organic resins or silicones as the encapsulants would bring out several technological benefits to AC-LED, such as good heat-dissipation, low glare, and excellent physical/chemical stability.

  17. Single-Phase Direct AC-AC Boost Converter

    LUCANU, M.


    Full Text Available The paper presents a single-phase direct AC-AC boost converter. The circuit of the converter is simple and it has good performances, irrespective of the load nature. The adequate functioning and high performance of the circuit (the efficiency and waveform of the absorbed input current were tested both by simulation and experimentally.

  18. And Now, The Rest of the News: Volatility and Firm Specific News Arrival

    Engle, Robert F.; Hansen, Martin Klint; Lunde, Asger

    Starting with the advent of the event study methodology, the puzzle of how public information relates to changes in asset prices has unraveled gradually. Using a sample of 28 large US companies, we investigate how more than 3 million firm specific news items are related to firm specific stock ret...

  19. Spread the news: The impact of news on the European sovereign bond markets during the crisis

    Beetsma, R.; Giuliodori, M.; de Jong, F.; Widijanto, D.


    We investigate how "news" affected domestic interest spreads vis-à-vis Germany and how it propagated to other countries during the recent crisis period, thereby distinguishing between the so-called GIIPS countries and other European countries. We make original use of the Eurointelligence newsflash t

  20. Amateur Sources Breaking the News, Meta Sources Authorizing the News of Gaddafi's Death

    Mortensen, Mette; Kristensen, Nete Nørgaard


    of interplay between elite and non-elite sources as well as media professionals and amateur sources. On account of their proximity to unfolding events, amateur sources often break the news by means of raw and fragmented bits of visual and verbal information. Elite sources rarely possess the same exclusive...

  1. APOLLO 13: A News Bulletin from ABC


    APOLLO 13: ABC breaks the news of a mishap aboard the spacecraft From the film documentary 'APOLLO 13: 'Houston, We've got a problem'', part of a documentary series on the APOLLO missions made in the early '70's and narrated by Burgess Meredith. APOLO 13 : Third manned lunar landing attempt with James A. Lovell, Jr., John L. Swigert, Jr., and Fred W. Haise, Jr. Pressure lost in SM oxygen system; mission aborted; LM used for life support. Mission Duration 142hrs 54mins 41sec

  2. Displaying fairness while delivering bad news: Testing the effectiveness of organizational bad news training in the layoff context.

    Richter, Manuela; König, Cornelius J; Koppermann, Christopher; Schilling, Michael


    Although giving bad news at work is a stressful experience, managers are often underprepared for this challenging task. As a solution, we introduce organizational bad news training that integrates (a) principles of delivering bad news from the context of health care (i.e., bad news delivery component), and (b) principles of organizational justice theory (i.e., fairness component). We argue that both the formal and fair delivery of bad news at work can be enhanced with the help of training to mitigate distress both for the messenger and the recipient. We tested the effectiveness of training for the delivery of a layoff as a typical bad news event at work. In 2 studies, we compared the performance of a training group (receiving both components of training) with that of a control group (Study 1, Study 2) and a basics group (receiving the bad news delivery component only; Study 2) during a simulated dismissal notification meeting. In general, the results supported our hypotheses: Training improved the formal delivery of bad news and predicted indicators of procedural fairness during the conversation in both studies. In Study 2, we also considered layoff victims' negativity after the layoff and found that training significantly reduced negative responses. This relationship was fully mediated by layoff victims' fairness perceptions. Despite preparation, however, giving bad news remained a challenging task in both studies. In summary, we recommend that organizations provide managers with organizational bad news training in order to promote professional and fair bad news conversations at work. (PsycINFO Database Record

  3. Different Visions of Framing Violence in International Press News

    Ramirez, Jacobo

    Mass media can play an important role in capturing the dynamic between social groups and institutional environments. This paper presents a quantitative content analysis of international news to determine and analyze the themes covered by the international news press in relation to violence...

  4. The quality of political news in a changing media environment

    C.A. Jacobi


    What do ongoing changes in the media environment, notably the perceived popularization of news and the shift towards individualized online media, mean for political news quality, both in terms of what it is, as well as how we measure it? This dissertation firstly argues, based on a literature review

  5. Determining Citizens’ Opinions About Stories in the News Media

    Timo Wandhöfer


    Full Text Available We describe a method whereby a governmental policy maker can discover citizens’ reaction to news stories. This is particularly relevant in the political world, where governments’ policy statements are reported by the news media and discussed by citizens. The work here addresses two main questions: whereabouts are citizens discussing a news story, and what are they saying? Our strategy to answer the first question is to find news articles pertaining to the policy statements, then perform internet searches for references to the news articles’ headlines and URLs. We have created a software tool that schedules repeating Google searches for the news articles and collects the results in a database, enabling the user to aggregate and analyse them to produce ranked tables of sites that reference the news articles. Using data mining techniques we can analyse data so that resultant ranking reflects an overall aggregate score, taking into account multiple datasets, and this shows the most relevant places on the internet where the story is discussed. To answer the second question, we introduce the WeGov toolbox as a tool for analysing citizens’ comments and behaviour pertaining to news stories.  We first use the tool for identifying social network discussions, using different strategies for Facebook and Twitter. We apply different analysis components to analyse the data to distil the essence of the social network users’ comments, to determine influential users and identify important comments.

  6. Product News versus Advertising: An Exploration within a Student Population.

    Hallahan, Kirk

    An exploratory survey (part of a larger study) examined the relative effectiveness of news versus advertising as sources of product information. Subjects, 140 undergraduate students enrolled in an introductory public speaking course or a course in visual communication, completed a 5-page media interest survey. Results indicated that news rates…

  7. Polarized Discourse in the Egyptian News: Critical Discourse Analysis Perspective

    Eissa, Mohammed Mahmoud


    The aim of this study is to investigate ideological structures of polarized discourse coded in the reports of two online news websites: egyptindependent and ikwanweb. The study focuses on online news reports relating to three interrelated events: the issuing of a constitutional declaration by Egyptian president, the aftermath clashes outside…

  8. A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Measuring News Media Literacy

    Vraga, Emily; Tully, Melissa; Kotcher, John E.; Smithson, Anne-Bennett; Broeckelman-Post, Melissa


    Measuring news media literacy is important in order for it to thrive in a variety of educational and civic contexts. This research builds on existing measures of news media literacy and two new scales are presented that measure self-perceived media literacy (SPML) and perceptions of the value of media literacy (VML). Research with a larger sample…

  9. Segmenting Broadcast News Audiences in the New Media Environment.

    Wicks, Robert H.


    Examines the "benefit segmentation model," a marketing strategy for local news media which is capable of sorting consumers into discrete segments interested in similar salient product attributes or benefits. Concludes that benefit segmentation may provide a means by which news programmers may respond to their audience. (RS)

  10. Investigating the News Seeking Behavior of Young Adults

    Qayyum, M. Asim; Williamson, Kirsty; Liu, Ying-Hsang; Hider, Philip


    This study investigated the news-seeking and browsing behaviours of young adults, partly in the context of everyday life information seeking (ELIS), in order to explore their perceptions of and attitudes towards print and online news media. The study is significant because traditional print newspapers face a steady decline in their readership with…

  11. Automated Detection of Financial Events in News Text

    F.P. Hogenboom (Frederik)


    markdownabstractToday’s financial markets are inextricably linked with financial events like acquisitions, profit announcements, or product launches. Information extracted from news messages that report on such events could hence be beneficial for financial decision making. The ubiquity of news, how

  12. Have we lost the ability to listen to bad news?

    van Oorschot, Kim.E.; van Wassenhove, Luk; Sengupta, Kishore; Akkermans, Henk


    Research shows that project managers continuously prioritised good vibes (positive, but subjective signals) over bad news (negative, but objective signals), which resulted in decisions of poor quality. Without understanding the root causes that generate the bad news and the good vibes, managers coul

  13. Attitudes of International Students toward the Western News Model.

    Harbor, Kingsley O.

    A study employed Q-methodology to determine the attitudinal structure of international (Third World) students in regard to the western news model (defined as the criteria for news evaluation and selection adopted by the western democracies). Thirty-two respondents were purposively selected, eight each from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the…

  14. Measurement and Effects of Attention to Media News.

    Chaffee, Steven H.; Schleuder, Joan

    Noting that attention, or increased mental effort, has long been recognized as an important variable in the processing of mass communication messages, this paper examines both methodological and theoretical issues associated with the measurement of attention, particularly to the news and public affairs content in the news media. After a brief…

  15. A School News Bureau: PR Training at High School Level

    Sullivan, Dolores P.


    Describes how a high school journalism teacher established a student news bureau to channel information about schools in the school system to the local media; lists advantages of the news bureau to its staff members and to the school system. (GW)

  16. Examining Readers' Evaluations of Objectivity and Bias in News Discourse

    Cramer, Peter; Eisenhart, Christopher


    Readers' objectivity and bias evaluations of news texts were investigated in order to better understand the process by which readers make these kinds of judgments and the evidence on which they base them. Readers were primed to evaluate news texts for objectivity and bias, and their selections and metacommentary were analyzed. Readers detected…

  17. Positive Organizational Behavior: A Buffer for Bad News

    French, Sandra L.; Holden, Tracey Quigley


    Most communication research on bad news messages focuses on crisis communication, where attention is often limited to image repair strategies. The authors argue that a key indicator of an organization's effectiveness in communicating "bad news" messages is its organizational culture. Developing an organizational culture that values positive…

  18. Roper Revisited: News Media Preferences from a Statewide Poll.

    Rimmer, Tony; Bergen, Lori

    A secondary analysis of data from two Indiana Polls, the first carried out in January 1983 and the second in November and December 1983, was conducted to compare respondents' reports of their viewing of network television news and local television news, and their reading of local newspapers. The intent was to use respondents' preferred source for…

  19. Bing-SF-IDF+: Semantics-driven news recommendation

    F.P. Hogenboom (Frederik); M. Capelle (Michel); M. Moerland (Marnix); F. Frasincar (Flavius)


    textabstractContent-based news recommendation is traditionally performed using the cosine similarity and TF-IDF weighting scheme for terms occurring in news messages and user pro- files. Semantics-driven variants such as SF-IDF additionally take into account term meaning by exploiting synsets from s

  20. Teaching the Scientific Method Using Current News Articles

    Palmer, Laura K.; Mahan, Carolyn G.


    We describe a short (less than 50 minutes) activity using news articles from sources such as "Science Daily" to teach students the steps of the scientific method and the difference between primary and secondary literature sources. The flexibility in choosing news articles to examine allowed us to tailor the activity to the specific interests of…

  1. Defragmenting the effect of major news announcements on financial markets

    Ikhlaas Gurrib


    Full Text Available The issue of High Frequency Trading (HFT and its impact on financial markets is hitting the headlines hard nowadays. This paper looks at the effects of three major news announcements on two major currency pairs namely the Australian dollar against the US dollar and the Euro against the US dollar. The three major news announcements are the cash rate from the Reserve Bank of Australia, the minimum bid rate from European Central Bank (ECB and the official bank rate from the Bank of England.  A one minute data interval analysis is used over a time period of four years.  Findings suggest the effects of the specific news under analysis to be insignificant for a trader to benefit from the fluctuations in the two major currency markets. The use of other macroeconomic news or higher frequency data is warranted to defragment the effects of major news announcements further.

  2. [Breaking bad news in oncology: the Belgian experience].

    Delevallez, F; Lienard, A; Gibon, A-S; Razavi, D


    Breaking bad news is a complex and frequent clinical task for physicians working in oncology. It can have a negative impact on patients and their relatives who are often present during breaking bad news consultations. Many factors influence how the delivery of bad news will be experienced especially the communication skills used by physicians. A three-phase process (post-delivery phase, delivery phase, pre-delivery phase) has been developed to help physician to handle this task more effectively. Communication skills and specific breaking bad news training programs are both necessary and effective. A recent study conducted in Belgium has shown their impact on the time allocated to each of the three phases of this process, on the communication skills used, on the inclusion of the relative in the consultation and on physicians' physiological arousal. These results underscore the importance of promoting intensive communication skills and breaking bad news training programs for health care professionals.

  3. Foreign Nationals as Offenders and Victims in Malaysian Crime News

    Misman Norealyna


    Full Text Available Foreign nationals in Malaysia come from all corners of the world. They are here as migrant labour, highly skilled and professional migrants (expatriates, illegal migrants, refugees, asylum-seekers (Burmese asylum seekers with UNHCR card, forced migrants (human trafficking victims, students, and tourists. The influx of foreign nationals residing in Malaysia coincides with greater number of crime news featuring foreign nationals. This study explores the social construction of foreign nationals as the ‘other’ in the local crime news published by Malaysian newspapers. 94 news headlines and lead sentences of local crime news involving foreign nationals were identified and analysed for this study. Findings suggest that Malaysian newspapers magnify foreign nationals’ migration status in each crime news.

  4. On the Application of News Grammatical Cohesion in Discourse%On the Application of News Grammatical Cohesion in Discourse



    A discourse is the combination of various sentences. These sentences are supposed to be not only cohesive in construction, but coherent in semantics. With the theory of cohesion this paper analyzes how they are applied in a news discourse in order to help readers and learners gain deeper understanding of a news discourse.

  5. Audiovisual infotainment in European news: A comparative content analysis of Dutch, Spanish, and Irish television news programs

    A. Paz Alencar (Amanda); S. Kruikemeier (Sanne)


    markdownabstractThis study investigates to what extent audiovisual infotainment features can be found in the narrative structure of television news in three European countries. Content analysis included a sample of 639 news reports aired in the first 3 weeks of September 2013, in six prime-time TV n

  6. Student Teachers' Changes in Perspective on Education News Reports: A Framework for Reading, Dialogue, and Reflection on Education News

    Liu, Shih-Hsiung


    This study examines the changing perspectives of Taiwanese student teachers toward the news coverage of educational events by proposing a framework of reading, dialogue, and reflection on education-related news report. In this study, we enrolled 28 student teachers to participate in the framework, being practiced seven times. To validate the…

  7. There is no news like bad news: women are more remembering and stress reactive after reading real negative news than men.

    Marie-France Marin

    Full Text Available With the advent of specialized television channels offering 24-hour coverage, Internet and smart phones, the possibility to be constantly in contact with the media has increased dramatically in the last decades. Despite this higher access to knowledge, the impact media exposure has on healthy individuals remains poorly studied. Given that most information conveyed in the media is negative and that upon perception of threat, the brain activates the stress system, which leads to cortisol secretion, we decided to determine how healthy individuals react to media information. Accordingly, we investigated whether reading real negative news (1 is physiologically stressful, (2 modulates one's propensity to be stress reactive to a subsequent stressor and (3 modulates remembrance for these news. Sixty participants (30 women, 30 men were randomly assigned to either twenty-four real neutral news excerpts or to twenty-four real negative excerpts for 10 minutes. They were then all exposed to a well-validated psychosocial stressor, the Trier Social Stress Test (TSST, which consists of an anticipation phase of 10 minutes and a test phase of 10 minutes. A total of eight salivary cortisol samples were collected, at 10-minutes intervals, throughout the experimental procedure. One day later, a free recall of the news was performed. Results showed that although reading negative news did not lead to change in cortisol levels (p>0.05, it led to a significant increase in cortisol to a subsequent stressor in women only (p<0.001. Also, women in the negative news condition experienced better memory for these news excerpts compared to men (p<0.01. These results suggest a potential mechanism by which media exposure could increase stress reactivity and memory for negative news in women.

  8. ACS CCD Stability Monitor

    Grogin, Norman


    A moderately crowded stellar field in the cluster 47 Tuc {6 arcmin West of the cluster core} is observed every four months with the WFC. The first visit exercises the full suite of broad and narrow band imaging filters and sub-array modes; following visits observe with only the six most popular Cycle 18 filters in full-frame mode. The positions and magnitudes of objects will be used to monitor local and large scale variations in the plate scale and the sensitivity of the detectors and to derive an independent measure of the detector CTE. One exposure in each sub-array mode with the WFC will allow us to verify that photometry obtained in full-frame and in sub-array modes are repeatable to better than 1%. This test is important for the ACS Photometric Cross-Calibration program, which uses sub-array exposures. This program may receive additional orbits to investigate ORIENT-dependent geometric distortion, which motivates the ORIENT and BETWEEN requirement on the first visit.

  9. There is no news like bad news: women are more remembering and stress reactive after reading real negative news than men.

    Marin, Marie-France; Morin-Major, Julie-Katia; Schramek, Tania E; Beaupré, Annick; Perna, Andrea; Juster, Robert-Paul; Lupien, Sonia J


    With the advent of specialized television channels offering 24-hour coverage, Internet and smart phones, the possibility to be constantly in contact with the media has increased dramatically in the last decades. Despite this higher access to knowledge, the impact media exposure has on healthy individuals remains poorly studied. Given that most information conveyed in the media is negative and that upon perception of threat, the brain activates the stress system, which leads to cortisol secretion, we decided to determine how healthy individuals react to media information. Accordingly, we investigated whether reading real negative news (1) is physiologically stressful, (2) modulates one's propensity to be stress reactive to a subsequent stressor and (3) modulates remembrance for these news. Sixty participants (30 women, 30 men) were randomly assigned to either twenty-four real neutral news excerpts or to twenty-four real negative excerpts for 10 minutes. They were then all exposed to a well-validated psychosocial stressor, the Trier Social Stress Test (TSST), which consists of an anticipation phase of 10 minutes and a test phase of 10 minutes. A total of eight salivary cortisol samples were collected, at 10-minutes intervals, throughout the experimental procedure. One day later, a free recall of the news was performed. Results showed that although reading negative news did not lead to change in cortisol levels (p>0.05), it led to a significant increase in cortisol to a subsequent stressor in women only (pmedia exposure could increase stress reactivity and memory for negative news in women.

  10. Using AC Motors in Robotics

    Hosein Marzi


    Full Text Available It has been proven that fuzzy controllers are capable of controlling non-linear systems where it is cumbersome to develop conventional controllers based on mathematical modeling. This paper describes designing fuzzy controllers for an AC motor run mechanism. It also compares performance of two controllers designed based on Mamdani and Takagi-Sugeno with the conventional control scheme in a short track length, following a high disturbance. Fine and rapid control of AC motors have been a challenge and the main obstacle in gaining popularity in use of AC motors in robots actuators. This chapter reviews how use of intelligent control scheme can help to solve this problem.

  11. Interpretation of Results of Studies Evaluating an Intervention Highlighted in Google Health News: A Cross-Sectional Study of News.

    Romana Haneef

    Full Text Available Mass media through the Internet is a powerful means of disseminating medical research. We aimed to determine whether and how the interpretation of research results is misrepresented by the use of "spin" in the health section of Google News. Spin was defined as specific way of reporting, from whatever motive (intentional or unintentional, to emphasize that the beneficial effect of the intervention is greater than that shown by the results.We conducted a cross-sectional study of news highlighted in the health section of US, UK and Canada editions of Google News between July 2013 and January 2014. We searched for news items for 3 days a week (i.e., Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during 6 months and selected a sample of 130 news items reporting a scientific article evaluating the effect of an intervention on human health.In total, 78% of the news did not provide a full reference or electronic link to the scientific article. We found at least one spin in 114 (88% news items and 18 different types of spin in news. These spin were mainly related to misleading reporting (59% such as not reporting adverse events that were reported in the scientific article (25%, misleading interpretation (69% such as claiming a causal effect despite non-randomized study design (49% and overgeneralization/misleading extrapolation (41% of the results such as extrapolating a beneficial effect from an animal study to humans (21%. We also identified some new types of spin such as highlighting a single patient experience for the success of a new treatment instead of focusing on the group results.Interpretation of research results was frequently misrepresented in the health section of Google News. However, we do not know whether these spin were from the scientific articles themselves or added in the news.

  12. Coverage of Alzheimer's disease from 1984 to 2008 in television news and information talk shows in the United States: an analysis of news framing.

    Kang, Seok; Gearhart, Sherice; Bae, Hyuhn-Suhck


    This study examined 1371 TV news transcripts on Alzheimer's disease (AD) from 6 TV news networks during a 25-year period (1984-2008) employing the news framing perspective. Issues, sources, and episodic-thematic news about AD derived from the news framing perspective were analyzed. Results revealed that AD issues, such as treatments, personal stories, celebrities, and policy increased over time, whereas other issues including facts, causes, signs, and diagnosis received relatively limited news attention. Correlation analyses among episodic-thematic frames, issues, and sources found that episodic-thematic frames were positively linked with such issues as personal stories and policy and sources, including patients and politicians. The results suggest that although TV news covers episodic frames more than thematic ones, both frames can interact with each other to influence personal and social news about AD. Particularly, the role of celebrity affecting AD news at both individual and social levels is salient.

  13. Internet Exercises as a Means of Integrating Late-breaking Astronomy News Into the Introductory Course

    English, T.


    Astronomy is a dynamic science, a point that is sometimes lost on students who slog through the standard treatment of the introductory astronomy course. By integrating the easy access to current research information afforded by the internet and other media, it is possible to tailor the introductory course so that students gain a greater appreciation of the ever-changing landscape of scientific knowledge. For the rest of their lives, the students now taking our courses will be informed of astronomical discoveries through the mass media, which increasingly includes the internet. Through design of assignments that ask students to confront the presentation of late-breaking astronomy news, the introductory astronomy course can help students to be able to process such information long after they have graduated. Caton has taken this idea to an extreme, developing a nonlinear, topics-driven approach to teaching the introductory course (Mercury, 25.6, p.29). Some may be unwilling to suspend the traditional course structure to take such an approach, but there are alternatives. The internet provides easy access to a wider range of breaking astronomy news. Several science news services are available, and many astronomy-related sites offer regular updates. Direct sources for press releases are also easily found. With such access, students can follow stories as they develop. The key to achieving this is through design of assignments that force the students to look for the latest information online. Several variations have been tried at Gardner-Webb, mostly involving student construction of web browser documents that profile particular stories. These assignments build student skills in online research, and communicate that astronomy is an evolving science. Hopefully, they also instill a confidence that allows individual analysis of astronomy (and indeed all science) stories in the news for years to come - well after the specific details of the astronomy course are forgotten.

  14. Economic Citizenship in Online Financial News: Affect and Argumentation in Eurocrisis News Coverage

    Tuunanen, Yrjö


    This paper evaluates the practices of online news media in representing citizens in the midst of the Eurozone crisis from the perspective of civic participation. Our special focus is on the interplay of argumentation and affect as crucial sources of political action. The empirical analysis examines affective and argumentative framing in two multimodal story types, captioned photo galleries and video reviews, and evaluates their capacity facilitating or hindering political ag...

  15. Partial AC-coupling minigrids

    Moix, Pierre-Olivier; Ruchet, Claude [Studer Innotec, Sion (Switzerland)


    Partial AC-coupling: - It is feasible to make AC-coupling of some compatible elements without V/f droops. Standard elements available on the market were tested. - Optimum design for efficiency is a share of the solar modules between DC-coupling with a solar charger and AC-coupling with a grid inverter according to the load profile. - Partial AC-coupling is better in term of robustness; it is more reliable to have at least a part of the solar production connected directly to DC, or even only DC coupling. The presented concepts are not only theoretical but were implemented and tested on real products available on the market. Many tests have been done to find out the limits and problems that can occur with the use of grid connected and stand alone inverter together. Many combinations were tested and it was found robust enough to be used in the field with the precautions mentioned about microcycling. (orig.)

  16. Using Multimedia to Bring Science News to the Public

    O'Riordan, C.; Stein, B.; Lorditch, E. M.


    Creative partnerships between scientists and journalists open new opportunities to bring the excitement of scientific discoveries to wider audiences. Research tells us that the majority of the general public now gets more science and technology news from the Internet than from TV sources (2014 NSF Science and Engineering Indicators). In order to reach these audiences news organizations must embrace multiple forms of multimedia. We will review recent research on how the new multimedia landscape is changing the way that science news is consumed and how news organizations are changing the way they deliver news. News programs like Inside Science, and other examples of new partnerships that deliver research news to journalists, teachers, students, and the general public will be examined. We will describe examples of successful collaborations including an article by a former Newsweek science reporter entitled "My 1975 'Cooling World' Story Doesn't Make Today's Climate Scientists Wrong," which got reprinted in Slate, RealClearScience, and mentioned in and USA Today.

  17. The Impact of Power on Translation of News Stories

    Javad Azodi


    Full Text Available Translation has always undergone the impact of various metalinguistic factors which impose their impact during the process of translation and rendering its final linguistic product. News stories or better to say political discourses are among those linguistic materials that more than other textual materials undergo the impact of factors such as ideology. Not being aware of such discursive practices leads the so-called translator to suffice to linguistic substitutions without observing imbedded intentions. For the purpose of this study through a qualitative type of research and based on critical discourse analysis (CDA approach for textual analysis and following Tymoczko’s concept of power (2002 in translation this study aimed to scrutinize the impact of power on Persian translations of different pieces of news stories in English in 2012. The corpus consists of some pieces of English news stories in worldwide news agencies (namely, Reuters, Washington Post, New York Post, and Forbes about Iran’s nuclear program. Results of the study showed that ideology is the very important stimulus which can control and direct the purpose of the news stories being translated from English to Persian and reveal its impact in a desired way as news stories for target audience. Keywords: Power, Translation, Political Discourse, News Translation

  18. Breaking bad news: issues relating to nursing practice.

    Warnock, Clare


    The breaking of bad news was traditionally regarded to be the time when a doctor and nurse sat down with a patient and family members to provide information about, for example, a life-limiting diagnosis or a poor prognosis. However, breaking bad news is now generally accepted as a process, not a one-off event, and is considered to refer to any bad, sad or difficult information that alters patients' perceptions of their present and future. Nurses have an important role in the process of providing information and helping patients prepare for, receive, understand and cope with the bad news they have been given. This article aims to help nurses understand the process of breaking bad news and discuss the challenges and difficulties that nurses can face when they are involved with patients who have been given bad news. It also provides guidance with regard to preparing for breaking bad news, giving difficult information, responding to possible reactions, and supporting patients and their relatives after they have received bad news.

  19. Stealth Advertising: The Commercialization of Television News Broadcasts in Canada

    Gennadiy Chernov


    Full Text Available This two-phase study deals with the phenomenon of “stealth advertising” in Canada. This concept refers to the encroachment of commercially tinted messages into broadcast news segments. Different theories of commercial speech were used as a theoretical framework. The study combined mixed methods, content analysis and in-depth interviews. The first phase concentrated on the frequency and actual time spent airing commercially influenced messages in television newscast segments. The sample consisted of eight randomly selected English-language markets across Canada including news stations affiliated with CBC, CTV and Global. Seventy-five newscasts were recorded and content-analyzed. The analysis demonstrated that private television stations used more explicit and aggressive stealth advertising than publicly owned ones. In subsequent interviews, the news directors and sales managers of some of these stations denied that they yield to outside commercial pressures but admitted they may include messages with commercial content if these have public interest value. In the second phase thirty-nine newscasts of a news station affiliated with Global were recorded and content-analyzed, showing high numbers of commercially influenced messages and corroborating previous research findings. Subsequent interviews showed some news decision-makers accept the inclusion of commercially tinted news segments, thus eroding the divide between editorial and commercial contents. This study is intended to contribute to the empirical basis for pursuing the question of corruption of news by surreptitious commercial content.

  20. Aislamiento acústico

    Tobío, J. M.


    Full Text Available This is a very specific subject in the field of architectural acoustics, namely, insulation'. Emphasis is placed on the theoretical foundations of this phenomenon, and the most simple formula are developed to calculate easily the transmission losses of a material or the constructional insulating arrangements. The practical aspect of insulation can be considered by means of several graphs and charts, without the use of mathematics, and utilising common materials, that will not substantially increase the cost of the project. Finally this papers offers a critical discussion of building codes, and their reference to the acoustical insulation of dwellings, and data is included on the new regulations of the Madrid Municipality.Se trata un tema muy concreto de la Acústica Arquitectónica, el aislamiento, haciendo hincapié en los fundamentos teóricos del fenómeno y estableciendo las fórmulas más sencillas que permiten calcular fácilmente las pérdidas de transmisión de un material o disposición constructiva aislante. Varias gráficas y abacos permiten abordar, sin ningún tratamiento matemático, el problema práctico del aislamiento, aprovechando los materiales comunes y sin ocasionar gastos que graven sustancialmente el importe del proyecto. Por último, se hace un estudio crítico de las normas y su incidencia en los problemas del aislamiento de viviendas, incluyendo datos referentes a la nueva Ordenanza del Ayuntamiento de Madrid.

  1. Social Media Guidelines and the News Paradigm

    Blumell, Lindsey; Hellmueller, Lea; Etter, Michael

    Social network use continues to increase in the majority of regions around the world, with a global increase of 17.6% in 2012, and another projected 12.6% in 2014 (, 2014). Social media have also been incorporated into daily routines of American journalists, with 53.8% reporting...... that they use microblogs like Twitter on a regular basis to both gather and disseminate information (Willnat & Weaver, 2014). The aim of this study is to investigate how social media, more specifically, social media guidelines, implemented at the organizational level intercede with journalism practices...... and if these guidelines challenge the news paradigm. While using social media have been a “loop-hole” of sorts to disseminating political information in countries that have strong censorship (the Arab Spring being a premiere example, Eltantawy & Wiest, 2011; Lotan, Graeff, Ananny, Gaffney, & Pearce, 2011), journalists...

  2. A tale of two news reports

    Robbins RA


    Full Text Available No abstract available. Article truncated at 150 words. On Wednesday, February 25, 2015 two new stories aired, one on National Public Radio (NPR that I heard riding home that afternoon and the other later in the evening on the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley. Both stories were on the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA but I was struck by the contrasting style of the two reports. The first story was an NPR report on back injuries in nurses (1. According to the report nurses suffer more back injuries than almost any other occupation — and they get those injuries mainly from doing the everyday tasks of lifting and moving patients. The report stated that the VA has invested over $200 million in protecting nurses predominately by providing lifts and other devices for moving patients. VA hospitals across the country have reduced nursing injuries from moving patients by an average of 40 percent since the program started. The reduction ...

  3. e-News v1.0

    Filippi, José Luis


    Full Text Available Una de las actividades que identifica a la sociedad actual radica en estar permanentemente conectados a Internet, tarea que se efectúa especialmente a través de los dispositivos móviles de última generación. Posibilidad que beneficia al usuario que dispone de una red de datos de altas prestaciones, donde la separación entre una red hogareña y los entornos móviles es cada vez más difusa. Aprovechando la disponibilidad tecnológica omnipresente es posible cumplir con el objetivo propuesto, brindar información a los diferentes actores que conforman las instituciones en general, y en este caso particular las instituciones educativas. Se propone una aplicación que efectúa la tarea en forma autónoma, sin intervención del interesado. e-News es una aplicación que le permite a una institución o persona, acceder a noticias que se difunden a través de Blogs, de forma rápida y sencilla. Es una solución que combina el uso de dos sistemas: el primero basado en la web, un software de gestión de blogs desarrollado por Google, el popular, y el segundo, la aplicación móvil e-News, objeto de este artículo, desarrollado para dispositivos inteligentes basados en Android. Es una aplicación móvil implementada en la Facultad de Ingeniería de la UNLPam por el grupo de investigación de ambientes ubicuos.

  4. Peace Journalism and the news production process

    Burkhard Bläsi


    Full Text Available In recent years various models of „peace journalism“ or „constructive conflict coverage“ have been proposed. These models suggest alternative ways of conflict reporting in order to contribute to processes of de-escalation, peacebuilding and reconciliation instead of escalating, exaggerating or neglecting conflicts. However, these models will remain irrelevant for the practical work of journalists unless they are connected to the reality of today’s media. Therefore it is of great importance to also direct our attention to the news production process. At the same time, studying the factors that influence the production of journalistic reporting in times of conflict and war means learning about the actual preconditions for any effort of constructive conflict coverage. Based on qualitative expert interviews with German journalists, this paper presents a model of the production process of conflict coverage. According to this model, the production process can be described as a complex interaction of six factors: (1 structural aspects of the media, (2 conflict situation on-site, (3 personal features of the individual journalist, (4 the political climate, (5 lobbies, (6 the audience. After presenting the general model and the discussion of its limitations and possible benefits, the influence of the „political climate“ factor is explored in more detail and illustrated with the experience of German journalists in the aftermath of 9/11. The author argues that peace journalism can only attract the critical number of journalists needed for a noticeable change in conflict coverage, if there are realizable suggestions for how to meet the obstacles journalists face in their daily work. The model of influencing factors affecting conflict coverage could be a good starting point for this undertaking, as it enables us, on the one hand, to systematize and specify attempts to implement peace journalism and, on the other hand, to develop a more

  5. Approach for Developing Scientific News Aggregators Using ATOM Feeds

    Farha Shaikh


    Full Text Available Scientists want to stay connected with everything that is new and innovative in the world, so they constantly read and analyze several online scientific resources such as magazines and journals. A user needs to do a lot of searching through on the web to locate the articles which are important to their interest. The idea of a news aggregator is not new to scientific world. A news aggregator is a software application, which periodically reads several sources and displays them on a separate page such as Google news. The information is stored in XML format. A scientific news aggregator helps in structuring online resources into useful contents. These contents are automatically fetched from several online resources available on the Internet and categorized on a separate page. Mostly, RSS feeds are used to done this job. Atom feeds are more detailed and having advance feature than RSS feeds, helps to improve the performance of scientific news aggregator by giving more updated information. A modern view of an aggregator offers a friendly user interface for users by merging the news content. We are working on an interesting approach for the design and implementation of news aggregators which will collect and aggregate data from the web to acquire unstructured information and transform it into data that could be understood and dynamically processed. The proposed approach will combine various mechanisms in order to connect to the data sources specified, identify the categories of articles, extract the corresponding pieces of news and automatically place them into the knowledge database and automatically extract the new pieces of information in the knowledge base and display them on the Science News section

  6. On the Differences between Chinese and English News Leads and Its Translation



    This paper starts with the differences between Chinese and English news leads in details form three aspects: the length of the lead, grammar and the position of the news sources. Then the author emphasizes on Chinese and English news leads translation strategies and puts forward three translation methods: splitting and integration, restructuring of information and adjusting of the position of the news sources.

  7. Off Balance: Youth, Race & Crime in the News. Building Blocks for Youth.

    Dorfman, Lori; Schiraldi, Vincent

    This report assesses findings from content analyses on crime news, investigating whether news coverage reflects actual crime trends; how news coverage depicts minorities and crime; and whether news coverage disproportionately depicts minority youth as perpetrators. Data came from searches of criminal justice and communications databases, which…

  8. A Comparison of Career Attitudes of News-Editorial and Ad-PR Students.

    Smith, Ron F.


    Assesses the attitudes that news-editorial students have toward careers in public relations and advertising and the attitudes that public relations-advertising students have toward news careers. Finds that news-ed students saw careers in public relations as being less useful to society and having less prestige in the community than their careers.…

  9. A Critical Discourse Analysis of English News Reports

    PI Ya-xin


    Critical discourse analysis (CDA) can help people better understand the subjective view and the hidden ideology in a news discourse. Based on M.A.K. Halliday’s theory of transitivity and classification, this essay analyzes 3 reports from The New York Times and finds that despite how news reports may seem objective, every report contains the author’s own opinion he/she tries to convince the readers. Special attention needs to be paid when we come across news discourse and we shouldn’t let the hidden ideology in the reports manipulate our own viewpoint toward this world.

  10. NEWS: the near-infrared Echelle for wideband spectroscopy

    Veyette, Mark; Hall, Zachary; Taylor, Brian; Ye, Jimmy


    We present an updated optical and mechanical design of NEWS: the Near-infrared Echelle for Wide-band Spectroscopy (formerly called HiJaK: the High-resolution J, H and K spectrometer), a compact, high-resolution, near-infrared spectrometer for 5-meter class telescopes. NEWS provides a spectral resolution of 60,000 and covers the full 0.8-2.5 micron range in 5 modes. We adopt a compact, lightweight, monolithic design and developed NEWS to be mounted to the instrument cube at the Cassegrain focus of the the new 4.3-meter Discovery Channel Telescope.

  11. Understanding the role of the news media in HPV vaccine uptake in the United States: Synthesis and commentary.

    Gollust, Sarah E; LoRusso, Susan M; Nagler, Rebekah H; Fowler, Erika Franklin


    Vaccination rates for the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine fall below targets and only 2 states and the District of Columbia require the vaccine for middle school-age children. Messages conveyed through news media-to parents, providers, policymakers, and the general public-may contribute to sluggish vaccination rates and policy action. In this commentary, we review the findings from 13 published studies of news media coverage of the HPV vaccine in the United States since FDA licensure in 2006. We find 2 important themes in news coverage: a rising focus on political controversy and a consistent emphasis on the vaccine as for girls, even beyond the point when the vaccine was recommended for boys. These political and gendered messages have consequences for public understanding of the vaccine. Future research should continue to monitor news media depictions of the HPV vaccine to assess whether political controversy will remain a pronounced theme of coverage or whether the media ultimately depict the vaccine as a routine public health service.

  12. Politeness Strategies in Good-news Business Letters

    毕争; 李纳


    This paper analyzes the presentation of politeness in good-news business letters at the lexical,syntactic,and discourse levels based on Leech's Politeness Principle and Brown and Levinson's Face-saving Theory.

  13. Breaking bad news: structured training for family medicine residents.

    Ungar, Lea; Alperin, Mordechai; Amiel, Gilad E; Beharier, Zvi; Reis, Shmuel


    Previous research has shown that physicians experience incompetence and difficulty in dealing with patients' feelings after they have broken bad news to them. During the past 10 years, we have implemented a longitudinal training program targeting these issues. The present article describes this training and discusses its contribution to doctors' skills at approaching distressed patients. In order to cope with breaking bad news to patients and their families, physicians should be skilled at crisis intervention and communication techniques. They should also be aware of their personal attitudes and emotional reactions when breaking bad news. Each session encompassed these areas, as well as the most prominent issues arising when breaking bad news. In a 1-5 Likert scale, the course received an overall score of 4.47 (S.D. 0.51). Participants noted that they had gained relevant communication skills for future patient encounters.

  14. A Cognitive Study on Conceptual Metaphors in English News Headlines

    QIU Ju


    The headline plays an important role in news report, which is a guide for readers to have a quick understanding the in⁃formation of news. The headline is the“eye”of the news and it often has a lot of metaphors. The traditional theory of metaphor holds that as a rhetorical means, metaphor is mainly employed in literary works, while the theory of cognitive metaphor holds that metaphor is pervasive in our thought, action and language. The paper will discuss and analyze the characteristics of metaphors in headlines by analyzing a large number of English news examples. From the perspective of cognitive linguistics, this paper at⁃tempts to help readers to better understand the use of metaphors in headlines.

  15. News Media Consumption and Political Behavior in Latin America

    Ryan Salzman


    Full Text Available News media are an important factor in any democratic society. Research focused on developed democracies has paved the way for analysis in the context of less well-developed democracies. The project endeavors to continue that investigation into whether and how news media consumption affects democratic behavior among individuals in a region comprised of developing democracies: Latin America. Employing rich survey data available from the 2008 Latin American Public Opinion Project, traditional analyses are used to test one of the most basic questions for political communication researchers: Does news media consumption motivate or depress political participation? The results indicate that, on average, news media mobilize political participation, albeit to different degrees per medium and participation type. This seems to happen because those media socialize Latin Americans to value political participation.

  16. Quantifying the relationship between financial news and the stock market.

    Alanyali, Merve; Moat, Helen Susannah; Preis, Tobias


    The complex behavior of financial markets emerges from decisions made by many traders. Here, we exploit a large corpus of daily print issues of the Financial Times from 2(nd) January 2007 until 31(st) December 2012 to quantify the relationship between decisions taken in financial markets and developments in financial news. We find a positive correlation between the daily number of mentions of a company in the Financial Times and the daily transaction volume of a company's stock both on the day before the news is released, and on the same day as the news is released. Our results provide quantitative support for the suggestion that movements in financial markets and movements in financial news are intrinsically interlinked.

  17. Breaking bad news: A communication competency for ophthalmology training programs.

    Hilkert, Sarah M; Cebulla, Colleen M; Jain, Shelly Gupta; Pfeil, Sheryl A; Benes, Susan C; Robbins, Shira L

    As the ophthalmology accreditation system undergoes major changes, training programs must evaluate residents in the 6 core competencies, including appropriately communicating bad news. Although the literature is replete with recommendations for breaking bad news across various non-ophthalmology specialties, no formal training programs exist for ophthalmology. There are many valuable lessons to be learned from our colleagues regarding this important skill. We examine the historic basis for breaking bad news, explore current recommendations among other specialties, and then evaluate a pilot study in breaking bad news for ophthalmology residents. The results of this study are limited by a small number of residents at a single academic center. Future studies from multiple training programs should be conducted to further evaluate the need and efficacy of formal communication skills training in this area, as well as the generalizability of our pilot training program. If validated, this work could serve as a template for future ophthalmology resident training and evaluation in this core competency.

  18. Pluralism and political parallelism in Spanish television news programmes

    ML Humanes


    Full Text Available Introduction: This article has two main objectives. Firstly, it attempts to determine whether the news content of the mainstream Spanish television channels is governed by external pluralism which is a distinguishing feature of the polarised-pluralist media system, as exposed by Hallin and Mancini. The second objective is to address the relation that exists between pluralism and political parallelism. Methods: The study is based on the content analysis of a sample of 3,134 news items broadcast by the prime time news programmes of six national television networks: TVE1, Antena 3, Telecinco, La Sexta, Cuatro and Intereconomía. Results: The Spanish model of television is hybrid and combines different degrees of internal and external pluralism depending on the network’s profile and the media group’s business strategy. The news programmes produced by the public television channels exhibit the highest levels of internal pluralism.

  19. Research News: Are VLSI Microcircuits Too Hard to Design?

    Robinson, Arthur L.


    This research news article on microelectronics discusses the scientific challenge the integrated circuit industry will have in the next decade, for designing the complicated microcircuits made possible by advancing miniaturization technology. (HM)

  20. Essays on the stock market's reaction to macroeconomic news

    Cenesizoglu, Tolga


    There are probably only few other questions as central to economics as the question "How do market prices react to news?". The reaction of prices to new information has interested and puzzled economists since the early years of the field. This thesis addresses several dimensions of this basic question for the specific case of the stock market. This thesis develops new theoretical models about the reaction of stock prices to macroeconomic news using new mathematical tools and techniques and te...

  1. Polarized Discourse in the Egyptian News: Critical Discourse Analysis Perspective


    The aim of this study is to investigate ideological structures of polarized discourse coded in the reports of two online news websites: egyptindependent and ikwanweb . The study focuses on online news reports relating to three interrelated events: the issuing of a constitutional declaration by Egyptian president, the aftermath clashes outside presidential palace and the issuing of the Egyptian draft constitution. The analysis of these reports is conducted within the framework of Critical Disc...

  2. Warning: safety risk with some Apple AC Wall Plug Adapters

    CERN IT department


    Dear Mac and iOS Users, Apple has determined that some of its two prong Apple AC wall plug adapters may break and create a risk of electrical shock.   CERN users can now exchange their affected Apple wall plug adapters at the Service Desk. To find out if your adapter is affected and for any further information concerning the procedure to follow to exchange it, please check the following URL:

  3. 17 CFR 242.505 - Exclusion for news media.


    ...) REGULATIONS M, SHO, ATS, AC, AND NMS AND CUSTOMER MARGIN REQUIREMENTS FOR SECURITY FUTURES Regulation Ac... registered with the Commission as a broker or dealer or investment adviser. Regulation NMS—Regulation of...

  4. Britishness and Community Cohesion in Muslim News Online

    Hassen ZRIBA


    Full Text Available The issues of British national identity and social cohesion have become pressing concerns within the multicultural fabric of contemporary British society. The increasing number of immigrants and their offspring, along with the maintenance of their cultural roots, seem to represent a serious defiance to social cohesion and the alleged “purity” of Britishness. A number of race related reports were produced by the official authorities to churn out the necessary steps to be followed by the British (immigrants and host community in order to keep social stability and community cohesion. Thus, the politics of community cohesion came to the fore as the neologism of contemporary British political discourse. Such new discourse of governance has been digested and processed differently by different mass media. It has been decoded, for instance, preferably by mainstream news agencies like BBC News Online. However, arguably, it is read appositionally or at best negotiatedly by ethnicity-related news agencies such as Muslim News Online. In this article, attempt has been made to adopt media discourse analysis tools to decipher the ways Muslim News Online decoded and then encoded the hegemonic official discourses of Britishness and community cohesion. A critical and interpretative approach is used to accomplish such study. The corpus of this study is primarily extracted from the website of the Muslim News Online.

  5. Hopping models and ac universality

    Dyre, Jeppe; Schrøder, Thomas


    Some general relations for hopping models are established. We proceed to discuss the universality of the ac conductivity which arises in the extreme disorder limit of the random barrier model. It is shown that the relevant dimension entering into the diffusion cluster approximation (DCA) is the h......Some general relations for hopping models are established. We proceed to discuss the universality of the ac conductivity which arises in the extreme disorder limit of the random barrier model. It is shown that the relevant dimension entering into the diffusion cluster approximation (DCA......) is the harmonic (fracton) dimension of the diffusion cluster. The temperature scaling of the dimensionless frequency entering into the DCA is discussed. Finally, some open problems regarding ac universality are listed....

  6. A Theoretical Framework: News Sources, Gender and Majority-Minority in Danish TV News Programs

    Fiig, Christina


    The general theme of this research paper is the relationship between democracy, gender/ethnicity (here characterized as majority/ minority status) and media. The media are among our most powerful agents of entertainment, information, and socialization. Media can also be considered a vital political...... arena in the shaping of politics, democracy and of our perceptions of ethnicity, gender, and power. Investigating news sources in a gender and ethnicity perspective is relevant, but rare in Danish and Nordic research. This particular project is framed by a discussion of demo-cratic theory and democratic...... considerations in relation to the empirical investigation....

  7. Amateur Sources Breaking the News, Meta Sources Authorizing the News of Gaddafi's Death

    Mortensen, Mette; Kristensen, Nete Nørgaard


    This article takes its point of departure in the thesis that today’s global, digitalized and conver- gent media environment has promoted new patterns of information gathering and dissemina- tion within journalism, and war journalism in particular, which involve changing forms and various degrees...... of interplay between elite and non-elite sources as well as media professionals and amateur sources. On account of their proximity to unfolding events, amateur sources often break the news by means of raw and fragmented bits of visual and verbal information. Elite sources rarely possess the same exclusive...

  8. Speed Control of DC Motor using AC/AC/DC Converter Based on Intelligent Techniques

    Rakan Kh Antar


    Full Text Available    This paper describes the application of ac/ac/dc and ac/dc converters to control the speed of a separately excited DC motor. Artificial neural network and PI controller are trained to select the desired values of firing angles for triggering thyristors of the ac/ac/dc and ac/dc bridge converters in order to control the speed of the dc motor at a desired value with constant and different load torques in order to obtain the best speed response. Simulation results show that the rising time for ac/dc and ac/ac/dc converters at 250rpm are reduced about 79% and 89% respectively, while delay time it reduced about 69% and 64% respectively. Therefore, speed response of the dc motor is more efficient for closed loop system compared with open loop also the response of ac/ac/dc converter is better than ac/dc converter.

  9. Analyzing the Appropriateness of Internet-Based School News Programs for Social Studies Classrooms: "CNN Student News" as a Case Study

    Journell, Wayne


    This article describes a research study on the appropriateness for social studies classrooms of "CNN Student News," a free online news program specifically aimed at middle and high school students. The author conducted a content analysis of "CNN Student News" during October 2012 and evaluated the program's content for…

  10. News media coverage of a women's health contraversy: how newspapers and TV outlets covered a recent debate over screening mammography.

    Steele, Whitney Randolph; Mebane, Felicia; Viswanath, K; Solomon, Janice


    Over the past decade, there have been several highly visible debates about mammography that have captured professional, public and media attention. This paper looks at newspaper and television news coverage of a controversial research letter in The Lancet by Gøtzsche and Olsen (2001) that concluded that screening mammography did not prevent deaths from breast cancer. The news pieces examined for this project were published between October 2001 and March 2002 in one of eight U.S. newspapers or aired on one of six national or cable news networks. The six-month period was divided into one-week segments; the numbers of articles published or stories aired in each week were graphed to examine patterns. Each newspaper article and television transcript was then reviewed to identify its main content area and the amount of coverage for each major event was quantified. The highest number of newspaper articles appeared to result from several events during the end of January through the beginning of February. These events included the publication of another meta-analysis of mammography that disputed the original letter's conclusion and a full-page New York Times advertisement paid for by major medical organizations stating their continued support for mammography. The greatest amount of television news coverage was devoted to the announcement of the official federal guidelines by the Secretary of Health and Human Services in late February. We conclude by discussing how the flow of news coverage of medical controversies can potentially impact the actions and reactions of the public, the medical community and health policy makers.

  11. What does the news tell us?


    With strong evidence of a new particle with a mass around 125-126 GeV, will our interpretation of the Universe change? In an interview with the Bulletin, CERN theorist Ignatios Antoniadis explains.   The Main CERN Auditorium this morning, Wednesday 4 July. Is today’s news an answer or the first of a new set of questions about Nature? Ignatios Antoniadis: Based on the current data, this new particle looks like the long awaited Higgs boson. In this respect, the result is an important answer. However, the properties of the new particle have not been fully studied yet and therefore a final label will only come after further investigations. The next step will be looking into the new particle’s decay rates. Together with mass, decay rates characterize particles. If we find that this new particle decays in the ways expected and with the rates expected from the Standard Model, we will be able to really identify it with the particle responsible for the electroweak symmetry break...

  12. Geoscience in the news - sharing stories

    Redfern, Simon


    Schemes such as the British Science Association media fellowships and the AGU mass media fellowships offer an opportunity for active researchers to sit side by side with journalists at the news desk. Each can learn from the other, and the mutual benefits are often unexpected. Here, I reflect on my own experiences as a media fellow at the BBC, and consider how this opportunity has altered my own views on communicated my, and others', science. Geosciences have a particular advantage in such translation to a general audience. Interest in the natural environment, the origins of life, the planetary science of the Solar System as a whole, as well as topics in resource, energy, climate and geohazards is high among the public. There are advantages in being willing to act as a "translator" of discovery and an "interpreter" of natural events that, it could be argued, should be grasped to keep the relevance of our science high in the perceptions of tax payers and policy makers. By exercising these types of communications skills, new perspectives on one's own research may be attained.

  13. e-EPS News: Light for Development



    e-EPS News is a monthly addition to the CERN Bulletin line-up, showcasing articles by the e-EPS – the European Physical Society newsletter – as part of a collaboration between the two publications.   A central goal of the EPS International Year of Light project will be to promote optical technologies and optics education to improve the quality of life in the developing world – under the theme of ‘Light for Development’. Light plays a central role in human activities in science, technology and culture. On a fundamental scientific level, light is necessary for the existence of life itself, whilst on a more technical level, light-based technologies will underpin the future development of human society. The systematic study of the physics of light and electromagnetic waves has been central to the evolution of modern science and – in the 20th century alone – there have been many fundamental ...

  14. Hot news from home and abroad


    The heatwave affecting many parts of Europe has been often in the news this summer, but we’ve also had plenty of “hot news” at CERN, in particular regarding the LHC and the experiments.   There’s been great excitement everywhere about the restart of the LHC. However, we should not forget just how much work was done during the long shutdown, and that in many ways it’s like starting up a new machine, with all the surprises that can bring. This year, the LHC has already run at the record-breaking collision energy of 13 TeV and now we’re seeing the careful, step-by-step procedure to increase the beam intensity. The aim, as it always was, is to have the collider up to its full performance by the end of the year, so that we can then embark on three years full of physics. Nevertheless, the LHC experiments already have 100 times more data than they did at around the same time after the machine first started up at a collision energy of 7 TeV...

  15. Transitivity Analysis in English Sports News



    Transitivity is a semantic system expressing the experiential metafunction. It specifies the different types of process that are recognized in the language, and the structures by which they are expressed. This thesis will analyze transitivity in English sports news to find out material, relational and verbal processes are the linguistic reason to describe the events and to arouse the readers’interest.%及物性(transitivity)是“表现概念功能的一个语义系统,其作用在于人们在现实生活中的所见所闻,所作所为分成若干过程,并说明各种过程有关的参与者和环境成分。”本文通过对英语体育新闻进行及物性分析发现,物质过程,关系过程和行为过程是文章作者讲述事实,吸引读者的语言学原因。

  16. What's unusual in online disease outbreak news?

    Collier, Nigel


    Background: Accurate and timely detection of public health events of international concern is necessary to help support risk assessment and response and save lives. Novel event-based methods that use the World Wide Web as a signal source offer potential to extend health surveillance into areas where traditional indicator networks are lacking. In this paper we address the issue of systematically evaluating online health news to support automatic alerting using daily disease-country counts text mined from real world data using BioCaster. For 18 data sets produced by BioCaster, we compare 5 aberration detection algorithms (EARS C2, C3, W2, F-statistic and EWMA) for performance against expert moderated ProMED-mail postings. Results: We report sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value (PPV), negative predictive value (NPV), mean alerts/100 days and F1, at 95% confidence interval (CI) for 287 ProMED-mail postings on 18 outbreaks across 14 countries over a 366 day period. Results indicate that W2 had the b...

  17. AC410 Unit 9 Assignment



     AC410 Unit 9 Assignment Click Link Below To Buy:   18–29. The CPA firm of Carson & Boggs LLP is performing an internal control audit in accordance with PCAOB Standard No. 5. The partner in charge of the engagement has asked you to explain the process of determining which controls to test. Describe the process, presenting each of the links in this process and a short summary of how the auditors approach each of them. v ...

  18. Nuclear structure of $^{231}$Ac

    Boutami, R; Mach, H; Kurcewicz, W; Fraile, L M; Gulda, K; Aas, A J; García-Raffi, L M; Løvhøiden, G; Martínez, T; Rubio, B; Taín, J L; Tengblad, O


    The low-energy structure of 231Ac has been investigated by means of gamma ray spectroscopy following the beta-decay of 231Ra. Multipolarities of 28 transitions have been established by measuring conversion electrons with a mini-orange electron spectrometer. The decay scheme of 231Ra --> 231Ac has been constructed for the first time. The Advanced Time Delayed beta-gamma-gamma(t) method has been used to measure the half-lives of five levels. The moderately fast B(E1) transition rates derived suggest that the octupole effects, albeit weak, are still present in this exotic nucleus.

  19. AcEST: DK961189 [AcEST

    Full Text Available OS=A... 127 7e-29 sp|Q94B08|GCP1_ARATH Germination-specific cysteine protease 1 OS... 125 2e-28 sp|P00785|AC...IRNSWGLNWGDSGYVKLQRNIDDPFGKCGIAMMPSYP 347 >sp|Q94B08|GCP1_ARATH Germination-specific cysteine protease 1 OS=

  20. AcEST: BP917259 [AcEST

    Full Text Available Q96AC6|KIFC2_HUMAN Kinesin-like protein KIFC2 OS=Homo sapiens... 30 9.0 sp|O88737|BSN_MOUSE Protein bassoon ... WGQPG AAGS + PG Sbjct: 748 SSSPTEWVKWSWGQPG-------AAGSRAPPG 772 >sp|O88737|BSN_MOUSE Protein bassoon

  1. AcEST: BP921446 [AcEST

    Full Text Available 34 2e-30 tr|A4VIU1|A4VIU1_PSEU5 Putative uncharacterized protein OS=Pseud... 129 1e-28 tr|Q11HF6|Q11HF6_MESSB...EHTHLMLDSKAGWVEPHIQAGDRCFAEYPDESLAQWHERLGL 159 >tr|Q11HF6|Q11HF6_MESSB Glutathione-dependent formaldehyde-ac

  2. AcEST: DK943932 [AcEST

    Full Text Available rella paten... 145 2e-33 tr|B6T2L2|B6T2L2_MAIZE Sedoheptulose-1,7-bisphosphatase ...EAL++SHVCK+AC Sbjct: 67 ATACVNTFGDEQLAVDMLADKLLFEALRHSHVCKYAC 103 >tr|B6T2L2|B6T2L2_MAIZE Sedoheptulose-1,7-

  3. AcEST: DK963222 [AcEST

    Full Text Available sp|P81919|OR46A_DROME Odorant receptor 46a, isoform A OS=Drosoph... 32 2.8 sp|Q5MJ68|SPDYC_HUMAN Speed...FCFKA 181 CS +T + AV S L + +YV + AC Q FI C+ A Sbjct: 262 CSVLVLTANFYAIAVLSDERLELFKYVTYQACMLIQIFILCYYA 305 >sp|Q5MJ68|SPDYC_HUMAN Spee

  4. AcEST: DK953266 [AcEST

    Full Text Available 34 0.49 sp|A5VSF3|ACSA_BRUO2 Acetyl-coenzyme A synthetase OS=Brucella ov... 34 0.49 sp|Q8YJ48|ACSA_BRUME Ac... K++ + NK L+ R G WG GR++ Sbjct: 180 FVITADEGVRGGKPVALKENTDTAIDIAAKQYVMVNKVLVVRRTGGKVSWGRGRDL 235 >sp|A5VSF3|ACSA_BRUO2

  5. AC Cable: Yokohama Project

    Masuda, Takato

    High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) cables can transmit large amounts of electricity in a compact size with minimal losses. Therefore, they are expected to save the construction cost of underground lines in urban areas and decrease transmission losses. Several HTS cables have recently been demonstrated in networks around the world, and full-scale commercialization is expected in the near future. In Japan, the development of compact HTS cables suitable for urban deployment has been underway since the early 1990s. In 2007, a national project was started to verify their operational performance and long-term reliability in the grid. An HTS cable 240 m long was installed at the Asahi substation of the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) in Yokohama; then a joint, terminations and cooling system was constructed in 2011. After successful performance tests, the cable was connected to the grid for the first time in Japan, and started to deliver electricity to 70,000 households in October 2012. This trouble-free in-grid service continued for over a year. We can conclude that the HTS cable system performs well and has the stability required for long-term in-grid operations.

  6. How to Break Bad News: Physicians’ and Nurses’ Attitudes

    Ali-Akbar Nejatisafa


    Full Text Available "nObjective: Bad news disclosure is one of the most complex tasks of physicians. Recent evidences indicate that patients' and physicians' attitude toward breaking bad news has been changed since few years ago. The evidence of breaking bad news is different across cultures. The aim of this study is to evaluate the attitude of medical staff toward breaking bad news to provide a clinical guideline in Iran."nMethods: A descriptive study was conducted during 2008-2009 on a sample of 100 medical staff (50 physicians and 50 nurses at Cancer Institute of Imam Khomeini hospital. The subjects' demographic characteristics and their attitudes toward the manner of revealing the diagnosis were registered in a questionnaire."nResults: The majority of the physicians (86%, n=43 and nurses (74%, n=37 , mostly the older and more experienced, tended to reveal the diagnosis to patients . Only a few physicians (8%, n=4 had been trained how to disclose bad news, which discloused diagnosis more than non trained ones."nPhysicians and nurses preferred to inform the patients about the diagnosis when either the patients were alone or in the presence of their spouse respectively .Only a few physicians (14% and nurses (24% agreed to explain life expectancy to patients."nConclusion: Compared to past, physicians and nurses are more willing to share cancer diagnosis with patients. However, lack of adequate communication skills in caregivers, and their concerns about managing patients' emotional reactions reduce their tendency to disclose bad news to the patients. Therefore, training physicians and nurses to expose bad news to the patients seems to be necessary.

  7. Analysis of the Capacity of Google Trends to Measure Interest in Conservation Topics and the Role of Online News.

    Nghiem, Le T P; Papworth, Sarah K; Lim, Felix K S; Carrasco, Luis R


    With the continuous growth of internet usage, Google Trends has emerged as a source of information to investigate how social trends evolve over time. Knowing how the level of interest in conservation topics--approximated using Google search volume--varies over time can help support targeted conservation science communication. However, the evolution of search volume over time and the mechanisms that drive peaks in searches are poorly understood. We conducted time series analyses on Google search data from 2004 to 2013 to investigate: (i) whether interests in selected conservation topics have declined and (ii) the effect of news reporting and academic publishing on search volume. Although trends were sensitive to the term used as benchmark, we did not find that public interest towards conservation topics such as climate change, ecosystem services, deforestation, orangutan, invasive species and habitat loss was declining. We found, however, a robust downward trend for endangered species and an upward trend for ecosystem services. The quantity of news articles was related to patterns in Google search volume, whereas the number of research articles was not a good predictor but lagged behind Google search volume, indicating the role of news in the transfer of conservation science to the public.

  8. Micro Agenda Setters: The Effect of Social Media on Young Adults’ Exposure to and Attitude Toward News

    Donghee Yvette Wohn


    Full Text Available Social media services like Facebook and Twitter are playing an increasingly large role as sources of news. This article investigates the ways the composition of social media networks affects people’s exposure to and attitude toward news. Focus groups (N = 31 and in-depth interviews (N = 15 with young adults of varying ethnicity and country of origin showed that people’s networks on social media function as micro agenda setters. The characteristics of people in one’s network can facilitate negative effects such as echo chambers and spirals of silence but can also unfold new perspectives and create awareness of topics not covered by legacy media.

  9. News from the world; Echos du Monde



    This document gathers information of the nuclear industry throughout the world. The most relevant are the following. In France, in 2010 9 reactors will be stopped for about 100 days for their decennial inspection. Switzerland has launched a bid to tender for the construction of 2 reactors (1450 MW each) at Beznau and Muehleberg. The first concretes have been cast for a CPR-1000 reactor on the Yangjiang site (China), for a CNP-600 reactor on the Changjiang site (China), and for 2 PHWR-type reactor on the Kakrapar site (India). Russia will build 2 new reactors on the Tianwan site (China). The new enrichment plant of Areva was inaugurated in December 2010 on the Tricastin site. This plant called 'Georges Besse II' will use the centrifuge technology and will have a capacity of 7.5 millions UTS that could be extended to 11 millions UTS if necessary. (A.C.)

  10. Types of Journalistic News Selection or Media Tracks



    Full Text Available This article aims to answer to the following question: How do the TV news and the online media platforms reflect reality from Romania and from outside of Romania? The subjective response to this question will be given based on an audiovisual and online monitoring conducted in the week 2-8 May 2011. The main core of our analysis consists of data obtained through monitoring of programs at four local Romanian TV stations (TVR 2, B1TV, Realitatea TV and Antena 3 for one week at the beginning of May, 2011. We also used information provided by two news websites: and research starts from two assumptions: 1. The news presented by all four TV networks will focus on events in the proximity, on the one hand and on human interest, on the other hand. 2. Online news websites will be more interested in political and social news, both in the region and in more distant areas. From the methodological point of view, the analysis of documents (the audiovisual tracks and the online ones is based on the communicational approach and on hermeneutic analysis.

  11. 78 FR 10611 - Service Contract Inventory for Fiscal Year (FY) 2012


    .../servicecontractinventory.html . A service contract inventory is a tool for assisting an agency in better understanding how.../news/fedregister . To use PDF you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available free at this...

  12. 76 FR 5567 - Service Contract Inventory for Fiscal Year (FY) 2010


    .../servicecontractinventory.html . A service contract inventory is a tool for assisting an agency in better understanding . To use PDF you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available free...

  13. AcEST: DK954361 [AcEST

    Full Text Available nin T, cardiac muscle OS=Homo sapiens... 35 0.27 sp|P98193|DMP1_RAT Dentin matrix...86TM6|SYVN1_HUMAN E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase synoviolin OS=... 33 1.4 sp|O55188|DMP1_MOUSE Dentin matrix ac...EEDAEAEAETEETRAEEDEEEEEAKEAEDG 68 Query: 329 PADQETP 349 P ++ P Sbjct: 69 PMEESKP 75 >sp|P98193|DMP1_RAT Dentin

  14. AcEST: DK956827 [AcEST

    Full Text Available n, cytoplasmic 1 OS=Salmo salar GN=AC... 389 e-107 tr|B3TH90|B3TH90_POERE Beta-actin OS=Poecilia reticulata ...PE=2 SV=1 389 e-107 tr|B3TH89|B3TH89_POERE Beta-actin OS=Poecilia reticulata PE=4 SV=1 389 e-107 tr|B3GLI4|B

  15. AcEST: DK943965 [AcEST

    Full Text Available FKBP-type OS=Cya... 55 2e-06 tr|B8EIG1|B8EIG1_METSI Peptidylprolyl isomerase FKBP-type OS=Met... 53 9e-06 t... type OS=Ac... 51 4e-05 tr|B8I9L2|B8I9L2_METNO Peptidylprolyl isomerase FKBP-type OS=Met.

  16. Announcement of 2008 Top Ten News of China's Paper Industry


    @@ [Editor's Note] The activity of "Top ten news selection for China's paper industry" has been carried out for 9 years without being noticed. This activity has been gained much support from leaders, experts and readers, is gaining ground in the industry, and its authority got much affirmation. After recommending by the leaders and experts from part of the local associations of Paper Industry Association and Technical Association of Paper Industry of the provinces, universities, institutions and companies, the final selection meeting was held on Dec 17, 2008 in Beijing and finally top ten news of China's paper industry in 2008 were selected. The activity of this year's top ten news selection has been firstly taken the form of interaction with our readers, which has met with the enthusiastic response of readers in less than a month's time.

  17. Polarized Discourse in the Egyptian News: Critical Discourse Analysis Perspective

    Mohammed Mahmoud Issa


    Full Text Available The aim of this study is to investigate ideological structures of polarized discourse coded in the reports of two online news websites: egyptindependent and ikwanweb . The study focuses on online news reports relating to three interrelated events: the issuing of a constitutional declaration by Egyptian president, the aftermath clashes outside presidential palace and the issuing of the Egyptian draft constitution. The analysis of these reports is conducted within the framework of Critical Discourse Analysis. The features of the ideologies of polarized discourse are traced through: Quotation patterns and Labeling. The study concludes with a discussion of how both websites establish a dichotomy of we versus them. In addition, the reports of each website marginalize the other through what is termed as ' Absent News'.

  18. The Pulse of News in Social Media: Forecasting Popularity

    Bandari, Roja; Huberman, Bernardo A


    News articles are extremely time sensitive by nature. There is also intense competition among news items to propagate as widely as possible. Hence, the task of predicting the popularity of news items on the social web is both interesting and challenging. Prior research has dealt with predicting eventual online popularity based on early popularity. It is most desirable, however, to predict the popularity of items prior to their release, fostering the possibility of appropriate decision making to modify an article and the manner of its publication. In this paper, we construct a multi-dimensional feature space derived from properties of an article and evaluate the efficacy of these features to serve as predictors of online popularity. We examine both regression and classification algorithms and demonstrate that despite randomness in human behavior, it is possible to predict ranges of popularity on twitter with an overall 84% accuracy. Our study also serves to illustrate the differences between traditionally prom...

  19. Uncover the Ideology Behind News Reports Through Transitivity Analysis



    When people read the reports relating to Occupy Central from different news papers, they get completely different feelings towards the event. To find out how this phenomenon happened, this paper is going to apply transitivity analysis to the news reports. The reports are selected from China Daily, CNN and BBC respectively. To have a deep application of this method, only verbal process wil be taken into consideration. This paper wil discuss the proportion of verbal process from the two sides (Occupy Central people as one side and people against them as the other), the message delivered by the verbal process, the sequence and the transformation of verbal process. The purpose is to uncover the ideology hidden behind the seemingly objective news reports through transitivity analysis.

  20. Overlaid caption extraction in news video based on SVM

    Liu, Manman; Su, Yuting; Ji, Zhong


    Overlaid caption in news video often carries condensed semantic information which is key cues for content-based video indexing and retrieval. However, it is still a challenging work to extract caption from video because of its complex background and low resolution. In this paper, we propose an effective overlaid caption extraction approach for news video. We first scan the video key frames using a small window, and then classify the blocks into the text and non-text ones via support vector machine (SVM), with statistical features extracted from the gray level co-occurrence matrices, the LH and HL sub-bands wavelet coefficients and the orientated edge intensity ratios. Finally morphological filtering and projection profile analysis are employed to localize and refine the candidate caption regions. Experiments show its high performance on four 30-minute news video programs.

  1. Philosophy as news: bioethics, journalism and public policy.

    Goodman, K W


    News media accounts of issues in bioethics gain significance to the extent that the media influence public policy and inform personal decision making. The increasingly frequent appearance of bioethics in the news thus imposes responsibilities on journalists and their sources. These responsibilities are identified and discussed, as is (i) the concept of "news-worthiness" as applied to bioethics, (ii) the variable quality of bioethics reportage and (iii) journalists' reliance on ethicists to pass judgment. Because of the potential social and other benefits of high quality reporting on ethical issues, it is argued that journalists and their bioethics sources should explore and accommodate more productive relationships. An optimal journalism-ethics relationship will be one characterized by "para-ethics," in which journalistic constraints are noted but also in which issues and arguments are presented without oversimplification and credible disagreement is given appropriate attention.

  2. A Critical Discourse Analysis of News Reports Concerning Huang Yan Island Dispute



    To find out different discourse features of these two different news reports and different ideologies reflected in the these two news reporting, Fairclough’s three-dimensional model of critical discourse analysis is adopted as the basic theoretical framework. And a contrastive analysis of news reports concerned with Huang Yan Island dispute from Reuters and Xinhua is car⁃ried out. The data of this article is collected from the official website of Reuters and Xinhua respectively, including one news re⁃port on Huang Yan island dispute from Reuters and two news reports from Xinhua. By comparing and analyzing the news re⁃sources reporting mode, the hidden political, historical and cultural ideologies behind the news discourse can be exposed. And Fairclough’s three-dimensional model of critical discourse analysis is an useful tool for interpreting the news reports to explore the hidden ideology.

  3. Making sense of a crucial interface: corporate communication and the news media

    J.P. Cornelissen; C. Carroll; W.J.L. Elving


    In this chapter, we provide an overview of how news organizations work and develop a theoretical account of communicative interactions between corporate communication professionals representing commercial companies and journalists working for news organizations. This account conceptualizes these int

  4. ACS after SM4: On-orbit Verification of the HST Advanced Camera for Surveys Repair

    Golimowski, David A.; Cheng, E. S.; Loose, M.; Sirianni, M.; Lupie, O. L.; Smith, L. J.; Arslanian, S.; Boyce, K. R.; Chapman, G.; Chiaberge, M.; Desjardins, T.; Dye, D.; Ellis, T.; Grogin, N. A.; Lim, P.; Lucas, R. A.; Maybhate, A.; Mil, K. J.; Mutchler, M.; Ricardo, R.; Scott, B.; Serrano, B.; Suchkov, A.; Waczynski, A.; Welty, A. D.; Wheeler, T.; Wilson, E.


    The newly replaced CCD electronics box (CEB-R) of the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) features a programmable SIDECAR ASIC manufactured by Teledyne. The CEB-R not only restores the functionality of the ACS Wide Field Camera (WFC), but it allows optimization of the WFC's imaging performance via on-orbit adjustment of CCD bias and clock voltages and serial-data transmission timing. We describe the strategy, preparation, execution, and results of the ACS Optimization Campaign, an unprecedented on-orbit extension of ground-based integration and testing that was conducted during the HST Servicing Mission Observatory Verification period.

  5. AC dynamometer; Koryu dinamo meter



    Fuji Electric Co., Ltd., developed an AC dynamometer for testing automobiles, and the product was delivered to Hokkaido Automotive Engineering College via Safety Automobile Company. The device is used for testing 1,300cc-class automobiles. It is similar to the conventional type in that its force of reaction to an imposed load is measured by load cells. It is a variable speed motor driven by an inverter (FRENIC5000VG5), whose specifications and features are mentioned below. It is a totally-enclosed self-cooled oscillating AC dynamometer that outputs 75kW, revolves at 1500/2868rpm, and operates for 30min. Since it is rated for a short time operation, the external fan is dispensed with, and this reduces noise. A number of parts for the standard type (R90 series) are utilized for reduction in the cost, and the time required for its delivery was short. (NEDO)

  6. News from Online: A Spectrum of Color

    Sweeney Judd, Carolyn


    an experiment that is suitable for older students, Circles of Light--The Mathematics of Rainbows at Frederick J. Wicklin and Paul Edelman of the University of Minnesota note that this comprehensive lab is based on a module developed by Steven Janke. Go back to About Rainbows to link to a Java applet, allowing you to change the incident angle and color of light striking a water droplet. This great teaching device is from Fu-Kwun Hwang of the National Taiwan Normal University at /Rainbow/rainbow.html. And while you are here in this site (choose English or Chinese), look at the more than 30 Java applets created by F.-K. Hwang at The interactive applet on Shadow/Image and Color is great fun, ( /shadow.html). From mixing colors, we can go to Thomas Chasteen's fine work at for an animation (and movie also) of how to separate colors using a tuneable monochromator ( This colorful graphic, showing incoming parallel white light, is clipped from that monochromator animation. While you are here at this site at Sam Houston State University, look at the other great animations and movies, including a movie showing solution-phase chemiluminescence at So now that we have explored the breaking down of light into its component colors, we need to also look at another process--polarizing light. Let's go to Science Media's comprehensive site ( to examine polarized light ( Of course, most sunglasses polarize light--bringing us back to the question of the rainbow again. Explore here for a while

  7. Improved Tribological Performance of Amorphous Carbon (a-C Coating by ZrO2 Nanoparticles

    Jinzhu Tang


    Full Text Available Nanomaterials, such as Graphene, h-BN nanoparticles and MoS2 nanotubes, have shown their ability in improving the tribological performance of amorphous carbon (a-C coatings. In the current study, the effectiveness of ZrO2 nanoparticles (ZrO2-NPs in lubricating the self-mated nonhydrogenated a-C contacts was investigated in boundary lubrication regime. The results showed that 13% less friction and 50% less wear compared to the base oil were achieved by employing ZrO2-NPs in the base oil in self-mated a-C contacts. Via analyzing the ZrO2-NPs and the worn a-C surface after tests, it was found that the improved lubrication by ZrO2-NPs was based on “polishing effects”, which is a new phenomenon observed between a-C and nanoparticles. Under the “polishing effect”, micro-plateaus with extremely smooth surface and uniform height were produced on the analyzed a-C surface. The resulting topography of the a-C coating is suitable for ZrO2-NPs to act as nano-bearings between rubbing surfaces. Especially, the ZrO2-NPs exhibited excellent mechanical and chemical stability, even under the severe service condition, suggesting that the combination of nonhydrogenated a-C coating with ZrO2-NPs is an effective, long lasting and environment-friendly lubrication solution.

  8. Dividend growth, cash flow, and discount rate news

    Garrett, Ian; Priestley, Richard


    Using a new variable based on a model of dividend smoothing, we find that dividend growth is highly predictable and that cash flow news contributes importantly to return variability. Cash flow betas derived from this predictability are central to explaining the size effect in the cross section of returns. However, they do not explain the value effect; this is explained by noise betas. We also find that the relative importance of cash flow news in explaining recent stock price run-ups and subs...

  9. The interaction between experts and journalists in news journalism

    Albæk, Erik


    The article investigates why journalists choose to use experts as sources in their news coverage and the nature of the interaction of experts and journalists. During a month-long period in 2003, both journalists and experts were contacted on the day a news article appearing in one of the three la...... and journalists, whereby the expert generally provides background knowledge and serves as a sparring partner for the journalist in the attempts of the latter to interpret a given event or course of events on the public agenda....

  10. Repositioning news and public connection in everyday life

    Swart, Joëlle; Peters, Chris; Broersma, Marcel


    academic discussions surrounding these shifts are often explored in terms of normative ideals ascribed to political systems or civic cultures, we propose to reposition the debate by departing from the practices and preferences of the news user instead. Therefore, we deconstruct and translate the concept...... of public connection into four dimensions that emphasize people’s lived experiences: inclusiveness, engagement, relevance, and constructiveness. Situating these in an everyday life framework, this article advances a user-based perspective that considers the role of news for people in digital societies...

  11. Performance of AC/graphite capacitors at high weight ratios of AC/graphite

    Wang, Hongyu [IM and T Ltd., Advanced Research Center, Saga University, 1341 Yoga-machi, Saga 840-0047 (Japan); Yoshio, Masaki [Advanced Research Center, Department of Applied Chemistry, Saga University, 1341 Yoga-machi, Saga 840-0047 (Japan)


    The effect of negative to positive electrode materials' weight ratio on the electrochemical performance of both activated carbon (AC)/AC and AC/graphite capacitors has been investigated, especially in the terms of capacity and cycle-ability. The limited capacity charge mode has been proposed to improve the cycle performance of AC/graphite capacitors at high weight ratios of AC/graphite. (author)

  12. Naval Medical R and D News Special Edition: 2016 MHSRS Conference


    NAVAL MEDICAL R& D NEWS SPECIAL EDITION: 2016 MHSRS Conference CO’s Message Photo Gallery Scientist from NMSRL Awarded for Outstanding Research...either tissue or functional deficits, or both. Full Article R& D News Special Edition: MHSRS 2016 NMR& D News is a publication of the Naval Medical...Research Center, 503 Robert Grant Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland, 20910. NMR& D E-News is published by the NMRC Public Affairs Office 301-319-9378

  13. An overview of the ALMA Common Software (ACS) .

    Di Marcantonio, P.; Cirami, R.; Caproni, A.; Chiozzi, G.; Jeram, B.; Sommer, H.; Harrington, S.; Zagar, K.; Plesko, M.; Sekoranja, M.

    The ALMA Common Software (ACS) is an application framework designed to provide a common and homogeneous software architecture and infrastructure, spanning the end to end needs of an Astronomical observatory, from the Telescope Control system to high-level data flow management. ACS offers, at the lower level, several basic services needed for object-oriented distributed computing like transparent remote object invocation, object deployment and location, distributed error, alarm handling, logging and events. On top of this it provides an application architecture based on the Component/Container paradigm that fosters sharing and reusing of software components. Although developed for the ALMA project, ACS is now used by several other projects worldwide, among which the Italian Sardinia Radio Telescope (SRT). Besides, there is an active community that shares ideas, concepts and actual software components. Major drivers for this diffusion were the choice of adopting the LGPL public license and the adoption of CORBA, a free but reliable and widely used middleware software. In this paper we present an overview of the main features of ACS, emphasizing in particular the role of INAF-OAT in this project.

  14. Container-component model and XML in ALMA ACS

    Sommer, Heiko; Chiozzi, Gianluca; Zagar, Klemen; Voelter, Markus


    ALMA software, from high-level data flow applications down to instrument control, is built using the ACS framework. To meet the challenges of developing distributed software in distributed teams, ACS offers a container/component model that integrates the use of XML transfer objects. ACS containers are built on top of CORBA and are available for C++, Java, and Python, so that ALMA software can be written as components in any of these languages. The containers perform technical aspects of the software system, while components can focus on the implementation of functional requirements. Like Web services, components can use XML to exchange structured data by value. For Java components, the container seamlessly integrates the use of XML binding classes, which are Java classes that encapsulate access to XML data through type-safe methods. Binding classes are generated from XML schemas, allowing the Java compiler to enforce compliance of application code with the XML schemas. This presentation will explain the capabilities of the ACS container/component model, and how it relates to other middleware technologies that are popular in industry.

  15. A Critical Examination of Chinese Language Media’s Normative Goals and News Decisions

    Xiaoping Li


    Full Text Available Ethnic media are an integral part of a multicultural communication infrastructure benefiting all Canadians, as they provide services pivotal to immigrants’ settlement, integration, and participation in Canadian society, yet numerous studies of ethnic media reveal deficiencies in their performance. This analysis informed by interview data examines Chinese language media’s normative goals in relation to news decision-making. Outlet news workers convey commendable goals, and those who stress citizen building dedicate themselves to journalistic roles despite unfavourable circumstances. Meanwhile, Chinese language media outlets operate according to norms of social responsibility divergent from mainstream media. Narrow definitions of social responsibility, audience tastes, and perceived community needs influence content and boundaries in and for Chinese language reportage on Canada. Market competition and profit concerns also shape reporting quality, with normative goals trumped by commercial aims. New Canadians with language barriers require informational help if they are to truly become part of Canadian society, exercise their rights, and live up to their responsibilities as citizens. Improvements include professional training for ethnic media workers, inclusion of minority narratives into mainstream media, and publically funded multilingual communications.

  16. Challenging selective exposure: do online news users choose sites that match their interests and preferences?

    D. Trilling; K. Schoenbach


    Today’s online news environment has made it easy to select outlets covering the topics one is interested in and the political viewpoints one shares. Previous research often examined either the diversity of news content or the audience’s choices. This study of online news use in Austria does both to

  17. Foreign nation visibility in U.S. news coverage: a longitudinal analysis (1950-2006)

    Jones, T.M.; Van Aelst, P.; Vliegenthart, R.


    Previous scholarship has neglected to fully explore the dynamic nature of international news flow over time. This study uses content analysis to track foreign nation visibility on a yearly basis in two major U.S. news outlets: the New York Times (1950-2006) and NBC Nightly News (1968-2006). Time-ser

  18. Biased News in the 1972 Campaign: A Multi-Media Analysis.

    Hofstetter, C. Richard

    The purpose of this study is to present systematic findings concerning bias in TV news coverage of the 1972 presidential campaign and to describe the kinds of coverage that the candidates and parties received during the campaign. News about the election was analyzed from weekday network evening news programs, AP day and night wire coverage, a…

  19. 31 CFR 700.9 - Photographs for news, advertising, or commercial purposes.


    ... Photographs for news, advertising, or commercial purposes. Photographs for news, advertising, or commercial... 31 Money and Finance: Treasury 3 2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Photographs for news, advertising, or commercial purposes. 700.9 Section 700.9 Money and Finance: Treasury Regulations Relating to Money...

  20. 46 CFR 386.17 - Photographs for news, advertising, or commercial purposes.


    ... § 386.17 Photographs for news, advertising, or commercial purposes. Such photographs for news, advertising or commercial purposes may be taken on Academy premises only with the written consent of the... 46 Shipping 8 2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false Photographs for news, advertising, or...